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and even for the WHOLE EARTH:

Mu fights



Zintan ghost-page official:


Before the War, the USA sold to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, military Equipment.
The U.S. government was doing Miliary sales business with the Great Jamahiriya, on an increasing scale, by approving a 58.43€ million dollar deal to deliver at least 50 refurbished armored troop carriers to the Jamahiriya Military.

In late February 2011, all military exports to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, all previously fully paid for, were suspended. The U.S. State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls informed Capitol Hill that the deal (though full paid for), had been frozen without action — effectively off the table, according to U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the deal’s sensitive details.

U.S.State Department spokesman Mark C. Toner, said, the license was suspended along with the rest of “what limited defense trade we had with the Great Jamahiriya.”

The Great Jamahiriya‘s desire to upgrade its troop carriers was so intense that a Libyan official told U.S. diplomats in Tripoli, that in 2009, Khamis and Saif, both were demanding swift action. They expressed a “personal interest” in modernizing the armored transports, according to a December 2009 diplomatic message.

Very Urgent

— The arrival of a number of Apache helicopters to the modern Libyan army – and the arrival of the spread.

Three hundred tank and this was an arms deal, signed by Libya with Russia and the United States, days which, after the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and al-Qathafi, was frozen.

The “Revolution” which cost three billion dollars, has been paid. The frozen assets from the days of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, have been released now, upon the request of the President of the LIBYAN House of Representatives.

States contracted with a manufacturer represented in (16 Apache helicopter) and (30 aircraft Sejoy) and (Three hundred tank) and # platforms for air defense and # 3 gunboats in addition to spare parts and ammunition.

The following comes from a report by JUSTIN ELLIOTT, and DOUG MATACONIS, on 23/24 MARCH 2011:

Millions of dollars in American arms sales were approved for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in the years
just prior to the CIA/ NATO led “uprising”.

American manufacturers sold to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, military equipment.
State Department figures show that the sale of millions of dollars worth of aircraft parts to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, was approved in the years.prior to the WAR on Libya.

When John McCain visited Tripoli in the summer of 2009, al-Qathafi’s son Muatassim (Dr. Billah) pressed a receptive McCain on getting military supplies. McCain, according to a diplomatic cable describing the meeting, spoke of the cooperation between the two militaries:

[McCain] encouraged Muatassim (Dr. Billah) to keep in mind the long-term perspective of bilateral security engagement and to remember that small obstacles will emerge from time to time that can be overcome,” the cable says. “He described the bilateral military relationship as strong and pointed to Jamahiriya officer training at U.S. Command, Staff, and War colleges as some of the best programs for Jamahiriya military participation.“

It’s not clear how many Jamahiriya officers have taken part in training at American war colleges. But in fiscal 2009 (the year beginning in October 2008), the most recent period for which the government has released data, the U.S.Defense Department spent about 22,765.21€ training two of the Jamahiriya in the Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program. An annual report on foreign military training talks about increasing spending for fiscal 2010, including a U.S. State Department program to teach English to Jamahiriya officers. The report praises the Great Jamahiriya as “an important partner in counterterrorism and regional stability,” and makes the case for future training.

“[S]uch training and language capability will improve the Great Jamahiriya‘s military’s interoperability with U.S. forces, facilitate interaction in potential future contingency operations such as joint CT and Peacekeeping Operations, and prepare Libyan military personnel for increased training opportunities,” the report says.

In September 2009, three senior Jamahiriya military officers visited headquarters of the U.S. Africa Command in Germany to receive “in-depth briefings on the command, how it functions and works with African militaries,” according to a DOD report.

Earlier that year, in March, “Jamahiriya naval officers spent a day aboard the USS Eisenhower in the Mediterranean Sea to speak with crew members and watch flight deck operations,” according to the same report. That followed the January 2009 signing of a “memorandum of understanding” between the U.S. and the Great Jamahiriya, on military cooperation.


There’s also evidence that the Great Jamahiriya had purchased American weapons. More than 11.38€ million in arms sales from U.S. manufacturers to Libya were authorized by the government in fiscal 2009 alone, according to the State Department. (Only 303,536.2€ of that was delivered that year; presumably the rest was to be delivered in later years, for which data is not yet available.) That sum was mostly authorized in the category of “aircraft and associated equipment.” That year more than 20,000 components and parts of aircraft were authorized for sale to the Great Jamahiriya. In 2008, 34.91€ million in military sales were approved by the government.

In late February 2011, the U.S. State Department suspended all arms export licenses for the Great Jamahiriya, and froze the money which the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA had fully paid the USA for these armaments.

شبح الزنتان-صفحة رسميه

ﻋﺎﺟﻞ ﺟﺪﺍ

— ﻭﺻﻮﻝ ﻋﺪﺩ ﻣﻦ ﻃﺎﺋﺮﺍﺕ ﺍﻷﺑﺎﺗﺸﻰ ﺍﻟﺤﺪﻳﺜﻪ ﺍﻟﻰ ﺍﻟﺠﻴﺶ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ — ﻭﺃﻧﺘﻀﺎﺭ ﻭﺻﻮﻝ
ﺛﻼﺛﺔ ﻣﺎﺋﺔ ﺩﺑﺎﺑﻪ ﻭﻛﺎﻧﺖ ﻫﺬﻩ ﺻﻔﻘﺔ ﺃﺳﻠﺤﻪ ﻭﻗﻌﺖ ﻋﻨﻬﺎ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻣﻊ ﺭﻭﺳﻴﺎ ﻭﺃﻣﺮﻳﻜﺎ ﺃﻳﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﻘﺬﺍﻓﻰ ﻭﺗﻢ ﺗﺠﻤﻴﺪﻫﺎ ﺑﻌﺪ
ﺍﻟﺜﻮﺭﻩ ﻭﻛﻠﻔﺖ ﺛﻼﺛﺔ ﻣﻠﻴﺎﺭ ﺩﻭﻻﺭ ﺗﻢ ﺩﻓﻌﻬﺎ ﻛﻠﻬﺎ ﺃﻳﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﻘﺬﺍﻓﻰ ﻭﺗﻢ ﺍﻷﻓﺮﺍﺝ ﻋﻨﻬﺎ ﺍﻷﻥ ﺑﻌﺪ ﻃﻠﺐ ﺭﺋﻴﺲ ﺍﻟﺒﺮﻟﻤﺎﻥ
ﻟﻠﺪﻭﻝ ﺍﻟﻤﺼﻨﻌﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﺘﻌﺎﻗﺪ ﻣﻌﻬﺎ ﻭﻫﻰ ﺗﺘﻤﺜﻞ ﻓﻰ ( 16 ﻃﺎﺋﺮﻩ ﺃﺑﺎﺗﺸﻰ ) ﻭ ( 30 ﻃﺎﺋﺮﻩ ﺳﻴﺨﻮﻯ ) ﻭ
( ﺛﻼﺛﻤﺎﺋﺔ ﺩﺑﺎﺑﻪ ) ﻭ #ﻣﻨﺼﺎﺕ ﻟﻠﺪﻓﺎﻉ ﺍﻟﺠﻮﻯ ﻭ 3 #ﺯﻭﺍﺭﻕ ﺣﺮﺑﻴﻪ ﺃﺿﺎﻓﺔ ﺍﻟﻰ ﻗﻄﻊ ﺍﻟﻐﻴﺎﺭ ﻭﺍﻟﺬﺧﻴﺮﻩ


Operations room Zintan
# Science

Army is ready and ready to execute the orders of the General Staff and the Libyan House of Representatives; and very soon you will see with your own eyes, that there is no need for concern

and we promise that the battle will be crucial, God willing ..

# To ا_مكان_للمشككين_والمتخادلين_بيننا


“MUSICIAN” writes:
= You have the right to dream as they wish but it is not your right to compel others to the conviction of your dreams.
= Celebrations Libya yesterday gave evidence that what prevents the return of the millions marches Green is the only lead blocker and this will not be long.
= Zintan Brigades, waiting for orders from Nazawra, who responded revenge Nazawra, need to avenge his son’s first, (WHAT a response?.)

= Mufti will not return to Libya because the offender does not return to the crime scene after it becomes required.

= “February supporters” have nothing to celebrate birthdays Valkhianat not have.

= We did not we require one that raises the green flag because of honor does not impose.
= There is no need to drill for mistakes.

Muammar al-Qathafi today’s biggest mistake in his life is not worth an hour in Zmenkm chaotic.
= Say that al-Qathafi spoil the health, education and the economy and they did not go beyond

the forty-year-old Ya see from Hola and who told them that? ..

= User criminals are now printed in the UN, back the clock backwards.

= Misurata hatred sown by the harvested blood for many years.

= We want Muammar al-Qathafi and has a thousand reasons for what he wants from you, and what are your reasons? Dialogue stops here.

= Prestige Libyan citizen was sourced Muammar al-Qathafi. His public absence is not surprised about you in the absence of source.
{And still continues playing the lead, musician}

= من حقـك ان تحلم كما تشاء لكن ليس من حقك ان تجبر الاخرين على الاقتناع بأحلامـك.
= احتفالات ليبيا البارحـة اعطت دليل ان ما يحول بين عودة المسيرات المليونية الخضراء هو الرصـاص فقـط وهذا مانـع لن يطول.
= كتائب الزنتان تنتظر الاوامر من الناظوري لرد ثأرها الناظوري بحاجة الى رد ثأر ابنـه اولاً.
= لن يعود المفتي الى ليبيا لان المجرم لا يعود الى ساحة الجريمة بعد ان يصبح مطلوباً.
= انصار فبراير ليس لديهم شيء يدعو للاحتفال فالخيانات لا اعياد لها .
= نحن لم نشترط على احد ان يرفع الراية الخضراء لان الشرف لا يفرض.
= لا داعي للتنقيب عن اخطاء معمر القذافي اليوم فأكبر خطأ في حياته لا يساوي ساعة في زمنـكم الفوضوي.
= يقولون ان القذافي افسد الصحة والتعليم والاقتصاد وهم لم يتجاوزا الاربعين عاما يا ترى من هولاء ومن قال لهم ذلك ؟..
= قوائم المجرمون تطبع الان في الامم المتحـدة عقارب الساعة تعود للوراء .
= مصراته زرعت الكراهيـة عليها ان تحصـد الدماء سنين طويلـة.
= ما يعجبني في كلام ليلى عبد اللطيف انها تنبأت بمفاجأة كبرى فعلا نحن بحاجة ماسة لذلك.
= هو يريد معمر القذافي ولديه الف سبب وسبب لذلك انت من تريد وما هي اسبابـك ؟ هنا يتوقف الحوار.
= هيبة المواطن الليبي كان مصدرها معمر القذافي ، لهذا لا تستغرب غيابها عنك في ظل غياب مصـدرها .
ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار }


Zintan ghost-page official:

In the name of God the Merciful
Prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah
As yet ..
We are the sons of the Libyan Army advance this statement to the beloved sons of our people
That the sons of your army hero on the outskirts of Tripoli and do not separate us, but hours except a few in the process of the volcano for the Liberation of the capital Tripoli, and we will not become complacent with these terrorists religion OPGW in the ground and been killed and Srko people’s property and the property of the state and that our land and sea and air ready to enter the capital We have enough strength for the Liberation of Libya b entirety
We ask our people who live in the vicinity of the clashes to stay away as much as possible so as not to Tstkhaddmokm these terrorists as human shields
And ask the officers and non-commissioned officers in the Ministry of the Interior to prepare to meet the call for your army to secure the capital after its liberation from terrorists.

«Our Lord emptied Sabra and we proved our feet and give us victory over the disbelievers»
# Baan_aljeic_alliba


Operations room Zintan:


A tribute to the men of Zintan.

A tribute to the men of Cyrenaica.

Tribute to Raja al-Djaafarh and Rahal Shakshuk Bedouins and men and men Sorman.

A tribute to the men and Alnoaúl department in Ajeelat.

A tribute to the men and Riyaana Aghannaama mother Jersan and turkeys apparently.

A salute to the men Rahibat Arabs and Arabs banditry and men Rullish

A tribute to the men and Rafla.

A tribute to the men al-Osabah.

A tribute to the men of the Tuareg and Tabou.

A tribute to the men and Rishvana.

A tribute to the men al-Rajaban.

Tribute to tribesmen Chiaan.

men and heroes of the Libyan tribes loyal to the land of half






“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:

Dabbashi Responds to say Enroute and summoned by Abu Nuri Bushmin arrows.


He replied: There is a need in Libya, the name Abu Nuri Bushmin.

The dawn of the future of the dummy to Bushmin.


Operations room Zintan:
# Coordinating _ lallharb _ to _ capital
# تنسيقية_لاللحرب_علي_العاصمة

# Baan_1

We call upon all the sons of neighborhoods west of Tripoli vigil in Mtlt 10th Street next Friday at 5 pm in protest against the storming neighborhoods with heavy weapons and intimidate families and burning houses and arresting identity and reaffirm our rejection of war mounted on the capital safe and we reject the very presence of any Militia armed inside will not Police admit only real national army and ..

# Of N_isttiawa_askat_alhak

Coordinating no to war on the capital


The Brotherhood, and her nerotic offspring, are destroying TRIPOLI and Benghazi..

and really all of LIBYA. STAND UP

and say “NO, you will not..”

to these psychotic maniacs on Friday, o5 SEPTEMBER 2014, 17:00.

Spokesman for the General Conference for the youth of the tribes and the Libyan cities, Khaled Ramadan Abu Dean Buamad, will deliver a speech shortly after the voice channel tribes,

Hedda has a new name

Channel name: sout al-Kabael
Channel frequency: 10815 horizontal 27500
Note: Teeth channel on the same frequency channel Great Jamahiriya
Thank you


غرفة عمليات الزنتان



ندعوا كل أبناء أحياء غرب طرابلس لوقفة إحتجاجية في متلت شارع 10 يوم الجمعة القادم عند الساعة 5 عصرا وذلك أحتجاجا علي إقتحام أحياء سكنية بأسلحة ثقيلة وترهيب العائلات وحرق المنازل والقبض علي الهوية ولنؤكد رفضنا للحرب التي شنت علي العاصمة الآمنة ورفضنا الشديد لتواجد أي مليشية مسلحة داخلها ولن نعترف إلا بشرطة حقيقية و جيش وطني..


تنسيقية لا للحرب علي العاصمة

URGENT: Resolution # Al-Qdhae_al-Adarei Egyptian Nilesat company

is required to stop Al-Jazeera.

al-Jazeera is pro-‘LIBYA DAWN’, she lies and supports the Brotherhood




Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar“:

Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister accuses Europe of funding terrorists,
Accuses them for the mess in Libya.

The Libyan oil minister and his French is given this is the life.

Build their lives on the bodies and skulls peoples ..
But with God’s help and brought Nhitkm you Aznapkm traitors.


“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, reveals to us, from

The newspaper “British newspaper The Independent

The main reason of the visit to England of the Grand Mufti Libyan al-Sadak Gharyiani, was for the purpose of vacation honeymoon where

after his marriage by student Libyan in at the age of 24 years studying the sources of student Libya in London reported that Gharyiani is the reason for sending the student at the expense of the Libyan government,

which from behind a resolution to send an individual her to Britain for the purpose of the study,

noted that authorities Jawazat and sexual al-Braitania, refused to grant Gharyiani right to legal residency (for Gharyiani being an accompanist for his wife as a freshman), especially after the change the course of things in the international arena,

and high frequency sounds claim to arrest him for being one of the targeted by the Security Council resolution which targets warlords actual; and instigators of discord in Libya and the violation of human rights internationally banned.

Then Gharyani left to Turkey with his wife via Doha, QATAR (where he stayed for one day), to leave for Turkey, after he changed the yard as for his young bride to study there… as well as for the stability of security Turkey can afford him.

 BTW: GHARYIANI runs a prostitution Ring (ESCORT SERVICE) in Doha-

Gharyiani’s bride not Muslim:

Of parts to meet sincere Gharyiani! Difficult to abdak peace, after the judgment.

His young wife says: ” that I’m not from the people of Islam” !

الصادف الغرياني






Presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan National Army and Brigade Qaqaa:

Ihderon population (Qasr Ben Ghashir – Airport Road – wildlife – Crown Street – a plateau – Abu Salim – Sawani – a trait al-Forjan)

Stay away from areas immediately Madkorh because the Libyan army forces initiated the move in the direction of Tripoli b

Situation is very important, please Doakm News and Publishing and Please Your brothers to stay away !






Far from the heart of the event hope Publishing
Rats entering Tripoli and stationed where his gospel.

“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, reports:

Now shelling the area gospel Bgrad.

(The Lightning Brigades and the Tabou were guarding this area prior.)




Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar, reports:

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl very (plane coming from Pakistan shortly after landing in Mitigua Mtnha on more than two hundred KHARIJITES from Pakistan and Afghanistan coming as fighters for the so-called Brotherhood’s “Dawn LIBYA” Anzmam.

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, reports:
Entry into a MB military convoy coming from Sabha and al-Jufrah and loaded with mustard gastanks and gear al-Dkhirh .ually their heads (Suleiman Khalifa Tamami) ,,,
Hadi Aldkhirh and the mustard gastanks were in the stores Jufrah .………


Operations room Zintan

# Reminder

God willing, the army will advance to the capital to be cleaned from muggers and insurrectionists and deployed on the families and the people to stay away as much as possible sites for the concentration of scoundrels

and those who ask when we tell him that the progress of this one the most important military secrets and that until we Analmha However, a chief of staff only.
غرفة عمليات ثوار الزنتان

Operations room Zintan



Zintan ghost-page official
Been monitoring a convoy of heavy weapons in a well vector sheep back to the corner

dependence of strength moving and traitors

تم رصد رتل من الأسلحة الثقيلة في بئر غنم متجه إلي الزاوية تعود تبعيتهم للقوة المتحركة والخونة

The burning of homes in the area and mil Tuibih Borcfanah by militia Abu Obaida al-Zoaa (ZUAI):

مليشيات ابوعبيده الزواي

Abu Obeida Al-zuai militias

Abu Obaida al-Zoaa (ZUAI) Hamid, alias Firas Dadoush:


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

Tribal forces advancing on the coastal road to victory …. God lute


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

In the name of God the Merciful
I opened the groundbreaking indicating you
We have embarked forces conquest outlined God’s blessing crawls toward Tripoli to declare a war of liberation and the cleansing of the filth and al-Angas and Kharijites.

and it asked to immediately direct the population to stay away from places of military operations and take caution was identified a number of sites, namely: -

Airport Road … Qasr Ben wild … Street Crown …. al-Hzbh project …. Abu Salim … al-Soany..khalh al-Forjan ..

Allah helps that you do not often.
Forward Forward



How many people in Tripoli awaiting Zero hour for the Liberation of the capital from the terrorist gangs,

by the Libyan army, led by Maj. Gen. Abdel Razek Nadouri?

They saw ground Thistle

In the name of God the merciful
Prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allaah either..

We are the sons of the Libyan army extend this statement to our people the sweethearts of the hero on the outskirts of Tripoli, the army is only hours away from investing in pools of capital

that we will not tolerate terrorists in the Earth and Bago religion killed wesrko people’s property and State property and land forces, Navy and air force on standby to enter the capital. 

We strong enough to free Libya b kamlhaontlb of our people living in the areas near the clashes as far away as possible to.

These terrorists are not tstkhedmokm beshrihontalb shields of officers and non-commissioned officers in the Ministry of the Interior to meet the call of your army for securing the capital after it was liberated from terrorists

“we emptied our Lord Sabra and found our feet and done by the folk unbelievers…”

# Statement _ army _ Libya
# (Operations Room ZINTAN)

ورشفانة ارض الشوك

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الصلاة والسلام على رسول الله اما بعد ..

نحن ابناء الجيش الليبي نتقدم بهذا البيان الي ابناء شعبنا الحبيبأن ابناء جيشكم البطل علي مشارف طرابلس ولا تفصلنا الا ساعات علي البداء في عملية البركـان لتحرير العاصمه طرابلس واننا لن نتهاون مع هؤلاء الارهابيين الدين بغو في الارض و قتلو وسرقو ممتلكات الشعب و ممتلكات الدوله وان قواتنا البريه و البحريه و الجويه علي اهبة الاستعداد لـ دخول العاصمه ولدينـا القوه الكافيه لتحرير ليبيا بـ كاملهاونطلب من اهالينا الذين يقطنون في المناطق القريبه من الاشتباكات الابتعاد قدر الامكان كي لا تستخدموكم هؤلاء الارهابيين دروع بشريهونطلب من ضباط وضباط صف في وزارة الداخليه الاستعداد لتلبية نداء جيشكم لـ تأمين العاصمه بعد تحريرها من الارهابيين« رَبَّنَآ أَفْرِغْ عَلَيْنَا صَبْراً وَثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَنَا وَانْصُرْنَا عَلَى الْقَوْمِ الْكَافِرِين

#غرفة عمليات الزنتان



Gel / news about the return of a battalion headquarters Sowaihili  to “Plateau Military college for girls”

(formerly they occupied the island Tuesday Market Tripoli), and the clashes now there is for this reason.

Voices of clashes and explosions near the compound of college girls Omar al-Mukhtar Street, formerly the center of the capital Tripoli.

 Showing “Palestinian” Hashem Humans and Haitham Tagouris


Killed Adel Al-ajili aka Felipe field commander in the MB militia of the so-called “Knights of janzour”:

Earthen berms under the bridge disabled, Janzour:

Earthen berms under the bridge disabled, Janzour

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

الرجااااااااااااااااااااااااااء Altameyeeyeeyeeyeeyeiem
Concentration of manatees in Janzour Cimafro turf .

and the concentration of gangs erupted in Libya by side Almthelt first field yellow …

known in the region.
And the concentration of Kdlk gangs erupted in Libya four streets Boukhari ...
And the concentration of gangs erupted in Libya headquarters of the Lightning victory in the midst of a heavy weapon condominium turf of lobster and 106.




Zintan ghost-page official

Statement combines the Libyan army
Zintan TV channel


بيان تجمع الجيش الليبي
على قناة الزنتان الفضائية



Zintan channel on Nilesat frequency number (10873 27500 // vertical)
قناة الزنتان على النايل سات تردد رقم (10873//27500 عمودي)13



Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, sadly reports:

I hope Publishing:
Was liquidated: Batal Ahmed Saleh Jweideh, a tribe and Rishvana, by dogs Brotherhood corner

after his arrest in the way of Tekut by dogs Nalut.

He was wounded; and they do not care for wounded prisoners. I am God and we return to God ……

God and yes, the agent


Operations room Zintan:


Operations room, Zintan warrior




Heavy shelling of the three axes of the cities and villages and Rishvana and progress on the ground forces brigade and Rishvana in all axes; and cowards fleeing mice.

Conferred Yazawah mind and Jack Khala Aazoarh and Janzour is the signal ..

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

Heavy shelling on areas of the globe and Tina and Kerkozh .. Balrajmat and guns by BROTHERHOOD militias,

“the dawn of Libya”.



“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, tells us:

Shura Council and the immortality of the Rishvana honest. Live hours a historical glorious stems from Arab Identity authentic and our love for the homeland and honest sons, Sevikhr us our children and these difficult days and perpetuate the history of the Arab tribes thoroughbreds.

It is our duty towards our religion and our homeland and our history and our land, we will do, will not bequeath to our children humiliation and Almudallh they know and Rishvana Mujahid.

Everyone sons and Rishvana that doing his duty toward his country and his family, Anina proud of you, O sons of Champions Alsnaded grandsons honorable mujahideen. In the name of God the Merciful (people who told them that people had collected Fajcohm Vzadehm you said enough faith and God and yes, the agent {173} Vangbawa the grace of God and preferred not Amesshm ill and followed the pleasure of Allah, and Allah is great virtue.



Massacre horribly perpetrated by a few bands blew Libya by the shelling indiscriminate area and Rishvana and turf with heavy weapons and wounding the homes of civilians casualties directly led to the horrific massacres and you pictures to describe to you the size of the disaster amid the silence of local and international to the breach of the cease-fire, O God, O God

The killing of an entire family in his Gospel located in Rishvana due to indiscriminate shelling by the Brotherhood.

News about the killing of three members of one family, following the fall of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood shelling upon their house

in Busaq pressures in Rishvana.



They saw ground Thistle

After more than two months a suffocating siege and shelling continued on the towns and villages they saw by war criminals and militants of terrorism facing the region, severe shortages of medical supplies and baby milk and diabetes medication, pressure and severe shortages of medicines in al-Zahra hospital and health centres call on civil society organizations and humanitarian organizations do humanitarian duty.


Wershvani (tribes) free and each Lion of black Kabylie (LAND OF THORNS).


al-Zahra hospital:



Municipal Council # Gharyan warns citizens through the use of Valley neighborhood and Rishvana
Leach had me play a Niloli St. fire
ﺍﻟﻤﺠﻠﺲ ﺍﻟﺒﻠﺪﻱ #ﻏﺮﻳﺎﻥ ﻳﺤﺬﺭ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺍﻃﻨﻴﻦ ﻣﻦ ﺍﺳﺘﻌﻤﺎﻝ ﻃﺮﻳﻖ ﻭﺍﺩﻱ ﺍﻟﺤﻲ ﻭ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﺔ
كان فرعتك نيلولي ش تعلب بي نار





GREAT JAMAHIRIYA POLITICAL-prisoners are now being kept in MISURATA !

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar, reports:

It was ascertained that the “dawn of Libya militias armed”, transferred their GREAT JAMAHIRIYA prisoners, which they they had in the prison of the Tripoli plateau, to the City of Misurata (for fear of a massive military operation), which led to the presidency of the General Staff of the city of Tripoli, being taken from their hands.



Central Bank of Libya warns of freezing Libyan assets once again in the event of continuing political ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and Kharijite chaos in the country.

PICTURE: Bank unit of Misratah Central Bank financial institution (where all of Libya‘s money has been going for the past 2 months):


“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, presents us with a

Statement of the sons of the noble Arab tribes Misrata Middle Libyan:

In the name of God the Merciful and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet

But after
We are the sons of the Arab tribes Liberal Middle Libyan honest and rooted for the areas west of the Libyan city of Misurata, where the sons of the tribes we note the following: -
Tribesman Ma’daan
Tribesman Edkiran
Tribesman Smorh
Tribesman Mahajip
Tribesman bluest eyes
Tribesman turbans
Tribesman Alkuafa
Tribesman Abu scaffold
Tribesman Abaao

Despite calling the tribes in the city of Misurata us since the beginning of the events so far, we share in the destruction of the Great Jamahiriya at the hands of NATO Jardan of the sons of Libyan east and west and south of the NATO allies and the Crusaders …

But the Charter thick that we had with Mujahid Mu’ammar al-Qathafi to stop us from cutting allegiance to him and Alankhrt with traitors and agents
We have tried repeatedly to show that there are dishonest tribes of tribes, which extends to the city of Misratah Jdorha but the insistence of the Liberal noble tribes west of the Libyan tribes labeling as on the face of the circular terms are not unfounded.

And that’s where it worsened to the extent of the split between the Liberals, and the establishment of consultations between NATO criminals from the tribes of the East and the West, some noble tribes and the Union of grade Mabinhm …

Nevertheless, we have tried to show that not all tribes belonging to the City of Misurata, both Libyan and Middle Western allied with Jardan NATO and its clients,

and it’s on its principle Revolutionary …
However, the recent strife issued by the tribes of the east and the pro-declaring war on the sons of those tribes and noble roots extended to Misurata and regrettably, with the blessing of the noble tribes of Libya and the West, which we think and not long ago they were our brothers and our allies in the legal legitimacy of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

We deplore what was issued by the sons of the tribe Albrasp Pudong white owners spark sedition and treason of an attack on the sons of those tribes shops ..

We declare full Jahazeetna of gear and kit, and if the evolution of this matter, we will defend ourselves and Ncolha war does not know where the good from evil; nor good from the bad, both west of the Libyan or east to fight all tempted to prejudice the livelihoods of traditional and property of those tribes honest, and in If post noble sons of the tribes in the war against us with Jardan NATO ..

It Mbda Union with shields criminals and supporters of the law is a legitimate right for us to union with criminals and others Jardan NATO

This is to give us the last tribes to the east and the Libyan and most importantly Fbaúl West.


General Coordinator of the leaders of the Arab tribes of Misratah Alhariqh
Middle Libyan

Maj / Saifuddin al-Maadana

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

بيان ابناء قبائل مصراتة العربية الشريفة بالشرق الليبي

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم والصلاة والسلام على رسولنا الكريم

اما بعد
نحن ابناء الاحرار من القبائل العربية الشريفة بالشرق الليبي والتي تمتد جذورها لمناطق الغرب الليبي مدينة مصراته ، حيث ننوه نحن ابناء القبائل الاتية :-
ابناء قبيلة معدان
ابناء قبيلة ادكيران
ابناء قبيلة زموره
ابناء قبيلة المحاجيب
ابناء قبيلة زرقة عيون
ابناء قبيلة العمائم
ابناء قبيلة الكوافي
ابناء قبيلة ابو شعاله
ابناء قبيلة ابعيو

رغم مناداة القبائل الموجوده في مدينة مصراته لنا منذ بدايه الاحداث حتى الان نشترك في خراب الجماهيرية العظمى على ايدي جردان الناتو من ابناء الشرق الليبي وغربه وجنوب حلفاء الناتو والصليبيين …
الا ان الميثاق الغليظ الذي عقدناه مع المجاهد معمر القذافي منعنا من قطع البيعة له والانخرط مع الخونه والعملاء
وقد حاولنا مرارا وتكرارا ان نبين ان هناك قبائل شريفة من القبائل التي تمتد جدورها الي مدينه مصراته الا ان اصرار الاحرار بالقبائل الشريفة بالغرب الليبي بنعت قبائلنا على وجه التعميم بمصطلحات ليست لها اساس من الصحة .
وحيث ان الامر تفاقم ووصل الى حد الانقسام مابين الاحرار ،، وقيام مشاورات مابين مجرمي الناتو من قبائل الشرق وبعض القبائل الشريفة بالغرب واتحاد الصف مابينهم …
رغم ذلك حاولنا ان نبين ان ليس كل القبائل المنتمية لمدينه مصراته سواء بالشرق الليبي والغربي متحالفه مع جردان الناتو وعملائه وانها على مبداها الثوري …
الا ان النعرات الاخيره الصادره من قبائل الشرق والمنادية باعلان الحرب على ابناء تلك القبائل الشريفة والممتده جذورها لمصراته وللاسف الشديد بمباركة القبائل الشريفة بالغرب الليبي والتي كنا نعتقد ولوقت ليس بالبعيد بانهم اخوتنا وحلفائنا في الشرعية شرعية العقيد معمر القذافي

واننا نستنكر ما صدر عن ابناء قبيلة البراعصة بمدينه البيضاء اصحاب شراره الفتنة والخيانه من هجوم على محلات ابناء تلك القبائل ..

واننا نعلن على كامل جاهزيتنا من العتاد والعده و اذا تطور هذا الامر فإننا سوف ندافع عن انفسنا ونشعلها حربا لا يعرف فيها الخير من الشر ولا الطيب من الخبيث سواء بالغرب الليبي او شرقة لمحاربه كل من تسول له نفسه المساس بارزاق وممتلكات تلك القبائل الشريفة ،، وفي حال مشاركة ابناء القبائل الشريفة في الحرب ضدنا مع جردان الناتو ..
فإنه مبداء الاتحاد مع مجرمي الدروع وانصار الشريعة حق مشروع لنا لاتحاد غيرنا مع مجرمي وجردان الناتو

وهذا انذارنا الاخير لقبائل الشرق الليبي ومن والاهم من فبائل الغرب

منسق عام قيادات قبائل مصراته العربية الشريقة
بالشرق الليبي

الرائد / سيف الدين المعداني








Been targeted “camp 02 March”, and hit the pool Kharijites who are based in it for fear of circumventing them

were targeted “camp Daash 17 February”.
6 missiles and the center of the camp injuries.

Preliminary statistical names of some terrorists who were killed

# Gu died in clashes fought against the National Army, in
Benghazi today,

and they are:

_1 Hamad Hassan Shaary \ tuber
_2 Ahmed Shaary \ tuber
_3 Nouri Bouzid Hassoun \ tuber
_4 Nagy Faraj
_5 Hameed Burzizh \ tuber
_6 Lance whale \ Benghazi
_7 Hamza Sabra Almiar \ Rulrhh
_8 Mahmoud Louhichi \ Benghazi \ recently returned from Iraq \ leading role in organizing “Ansar-al-Sharia”
_9 Mounir Ben Hamadi \ tuber
_10 Asamaaltageory \ tuber
_11 Imad El Tagoury \ tuber
_12 Good Shalawi \ tuber
_13hamedhassan Shaary \ tuber
_14 Farouk Mohammed \ tuber
_15 Sharif Lamama \ Sirte



 Heavy shelling on the positions of evil supporters of Benghazi now ….

al-Mqji fancier in a convoy and that God Misurata Mesh Akeouh him fairly ..

oalan al-Miar battalion stormed the headquarters of al-Mqji.



Violent clashes since the morning so far between the forces Hfter and Ansar al-Sharia Bmtgueta Boatni and “HAVE BUILT” airport center.



The Board of Directors announces the continuation of Jamah_Benghazi # # Taliq_

al-Drash all faculties of the university indefinitely.







‘Bending’ of a scheme to form a government crisis of 10 or 15 Minister

There will come the United Nations envoy into Tobruk immediately after the announcement of the new government.

Presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army to remain in the formats, continuing to build a Libyan army forces Vaalambhatt Egyptian and Russian, and also after the French finally given index Ajaby of the Libyan army and the extension of the control of the Libyan land.

Statements by Western leaders of all the extremists are on the list of international Ganaiyat them, al-Qaid Libi, and Abu Ubaida, and Abdul Hakim Belhaj, and sincere Gharyiani, and Salah Badi, and Abdul Rahman Sowahilli, and Sam bin Humaid, and Sufian binQmo and Khaled al-Sharif and others

Each end overthrew Wayne rested.

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

خلاف حاد يحدث بين العصابات ﻷرهابية فى طرابلس

فاملشيات مصراتة يوم أول ﻷمس تفاجأت ببيان من مايسمى مجلس شورى ثوار طرابلس ..برعاية الجماغة الليبية المقاتلة ” عبد الحكبم بالحاج “

مما جعل إنزعاج من مصراتة بسبب كل من مات منا و مضحينا كلها من اجل عبد الحكيم بالحاج يريد تكوين إمارة

ايضا مجلس شوراى بنغازى لايعترف بامجلس شورى طرابلس بسبب إختلاف ايدلوجى

و كان من وعود قادة فجر ليبيا للملشياتهم عند توقف ﻷشتباك فى طرابلس سوف ترجع السفيرة ﻷميريكيا لطرابلس و ﻷمور تمام

بس تفأجأء بأشياء اخرة واحداث جديدة

وظهرة برنامج الحوار الوطنى ……. هذا اعطى نوع من ﻷبتسامة لفجر ليبيا برعاية إنجليزية مالطية و بحضور ديبورا

لكن حوار برعاية انجليزية شروطه لا سلاح يعنى الملشيات لا تستطيع دخول الحوار بسلاح ومن الشروط رجوع كافة المهجرين فى المدن و البلدات الليبية

ومجلس النواب هو الممثل الشرعى و الوحيد لليبيا

من مخطط#الثنى تشكيل حكومة ازمة من 10 او 15 وزير

وسوف يكون مبعوث اﻷمم المتحدة فى طبرق فور ﻷعلان عن الحكومة الجديدة .

رئاسة ﻷركان العامة للجيش الليبي لزالت فى التنسيقات المستمرة من اجل بناء جيش ليبي قوى فاالمبحاتث المصرية وايضا بعدها الروسية و اخيرا الفرنسية تعطى مؤشر إجابى للجيش الليبي وبسط السيطرة على ﻷرض الليبية

حسب التصريحات الغربية كل قادة المتطرفين هما فى قائمة الجنائيات الدولية منهم القايد و ابو عبيدة و عبد الحكيم بالحاج و الصادق الغريانى وصلاح بادى و عبد الرحمن السويخلى و وسام بن حميد و بن قمو و خالد الشريف و غيرهما

وكل حد طاح وين استراح .

Ambassador England in Tobruk

I am pleased to return to Libya. Met and Special Envoy of the Prime Minister,

Jonathan Martin Powell in Tobruk with House Speaker

 Lord Powell, Jonathan’s brother, was chairman of a company that was building hotels in Libya

while the country was stll the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

London: Do not intervene militarily in Libya

He said the Special Envoy of the Prime Minister of Britain to Libya Jonathan Martin,

“it is not wise to intervene militarily in Libya, stressing that the Libyan House of Representatives did not ask for military intervention from the international community, but only asked to intervene to resolve the crisis.”







Urgent Sabha

Now archery-sufficient in Dar Muammar Street
Ruba saves honorable





Maj. Gen. Abdel Razek Nadouri meets w Egyptian Military Chief of Staff

اللواء عبد الرازق الناظوري:


Maj. Gen. Abdel Razek Nadouri meets w Egyptian Military Chief of Staff


Cairo arrived …

the Chief of Staff of the Razek Nazawra on the head of a delegation coming from # Tobruk

in the two-day visit in his second visit in a week.




“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, reports:

Norway: # # al-Sultat_al-Qtria

The network _ international _ rights _ and development is accused of abducting their employees in Libya; and is holding them responsible for their safety.

Global Network for Rights and Development



al-Fateh 2014

Muammar like Napoléonè

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

There are celebrations of the great conqueror inside and outside Libya.

And we will try to quote you some of them if we can do that …


‘lil and Big Soldiers !





“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reporting:

A little of 30km and weaken #

Melian top of the mountain cloud disturb nearby ……. torrent Msenat autumn racking.

Ali Borkikh


(Mohammed Justice)

ﺷﻮﻳﺔ ﻣﻦ 30km ﻭ ‫#‏ﺍﺿﻌﺎﻓﻪ‬

ﺭﺍﺱ ﺍﻟﺠﺒﻞ ﻣﻠﻴﺎﻥ ﻏﻴﻢ ﺗﻜﺪﺭ ……. ﻗﺮﻳﺐ ﺳﻴﻞ ﻣﺰﻧﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﺨﺮﻳﻒ ﻳﺤﺪﺭ
ﻋﻠﻲ ﺑﻮﺭﻗﻴﻘﺔ

ﻣﻊ ﺗﺤﻴﺎﺗﻲ ﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﻝ




There Haaam News says that the carrion (MB) Ghaida Touati was killed and found

Jtaatha through the valley in the market Tuesday was transferred to me Ospty green.

Ghaida Touati

Watch the video «Ghaida Touati» uploaded by Ghaida on Dailymotion.


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

Find the source of the Criminal killed RAT-BITCH Ghaida Touati praise Skype

and her body is the Green Hospital in Tripoli.



The American Embassy in TRIPOLI



Thousands continue to flee Tripoli fighting

By Ashraf Abdul-Wahab.

Tripoli, 21 August 2014:

The number of Tripoli residents fleeing the fighting in the city continues to rise.

Although Tripoli Local Council’s Crisis Committee earlier this week estimated that some 45,000 people (some 7,500 families) had been displaced by the fighting there are no precise figures, mainly because many people are taking refuge with relatives elsewhere.

The real figure is believed to be far higher. Residential areas, such as west Janzour, have seen large number of residents leave. In Hay Akwakh by the Airport Road, currently scene of intense fighting between MISRATAN WAHABI-MB, MB Armor Shields, and KHARIJITE forces,  and anti-Brotherhood / Kharijite forces led by the Libyan Tribes, RISHVANA and Zintan. Virtually all the residents have fled Abu Salim and the neighborhood of Cottages / Huts.

Across the west of the country, towns have been organising accommodation for the capital’s refugees. Announcements are being made almost on a daily basis of new families being received. Yesterday the municipal council in Hawamid, 200 kilometres south east of Tripoli, in the Jebel Nafusa, announced that it had so far taken in 148 families and called on locals and civil organisations to help. One hundred and seventy kilometres south east of Tripoli, Bani Walid said it was preparing to host 700 families while Nalut last week said that in just two daysaid it had taken in 120 families.

Meanwhile, according the UNHCR, 12,000 people from Tripoli have sought refuge in Zawia, to which it has sent a convoy of aid.

In Sirte, a Local Council official today told the Libya Herald, 450 families from had been accommodated, mainly from Tripoli, but some too from Benghazi.   Just fourteen days ago, the figure was 120 families.

The official, Mohamed Al-Amyel, said that the refugees were being provided with some cash from the council “to put food on the table” and that the council was doing its best but that its resource were extremely stretched. It already had 1,400 refugees, mainly from Tawergha.

Problems were compounded by the fact that there was now a shortage of cash in the town, he said, resulting in a run on the banks. LD 5 million had been transferred from the Wahda Bank in Misrata to the Wahda Bank in Sirte last week but it had all been withdrawn “in two days” by the WAHABI MB leaders, he stated.

There were also serious shortages of medicines at the town’s clinics and hospital, he said.

Further afield, Ajdabiya said that it had provided accommodation for 250 families from Tripoli as well as Benghazi.

Many other residents in the capital have preferred to leave the country altogether.  According to a Tunisan official , more than 150,00 Libyans have crossed the border over the past month to escape the clashes. Earlier it was reported that 6,000 people were crossing the border daily, most of them Libyans.

Other Libyans have gone to Turkey (if they were MB), and Egypt (if they were anti-MB), although the latter is all but closed with flights from Libya into the country which now has  all but ended, with the land crossing at Musaid again closed.


“Brigade operations Qaqaa, Lightning, & 32nd Civil Enhanced”, reports

# Today

Storm the main post-office on the street corner by an armed group calling itself the

“Victory of Truth” and threaten staff in the building …


al-Fateh University:

By the Grace of God and the virtues of the network to provide high-speed Internet # inside the University of Tripoli, colleges and libraries and centers, departments and share each student equal to approximately 2 GB monthly share.






Rishvana land of thorns and a partagé la vidéo de room operations and Rishvana.

Fighter in the land and among his family, Feltkhrs your tongues, O liars.


ﺍﻟﻤﻨﺎﺿﻞ ﻓﻲ أﺭﺿﻪ ﻭﺑﻴﻦ أﻫﻠﻪ , ﻓﻠﺘﺨﺮﺱ ﺍﻟﺴﻨﺘﻜﻢ أﻳﻬﺎ ﺍﻟﻜﺎﺫﺑﻮﻥ

Lire la vidéo

what happened with the evil Brotherhood AXIS in Rishvana on 13 July 2014:

Rishvana steadfastness:




Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

Zliten honorable people celebrate the occasion of Eid holidays forward

احتفال أهل زليتن الشرفاء بمناسبة عيد الأعياد الي الامام

Lire la vidéo0:52









Celebtations of al-Fateh ’69:



Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

Urgent # Sirte ///
Car armed Ansar al-Sharia based in front of the gate of Homeland Security.


A top Dignity commander injured in Benghazi clashes

By Noora Ibrahim.

Ashraf Al-Mayar pictured in June (Photo: Libya Herald)

Benghazi, 22 August 2014:

Salafist preacher and Operation Dignity Commander Ashraf Al-Mayar has received treatment at a Benghazi medical facility after he was shot during clashes with Ansar Al-Sharia.

Mayar was wounded in the early hours of yesterday morning during fighting in the Benghazi district of Boatni which has raged over the past week. The leader of Operation Dignity’s air forces, Air Force Brigadier-General Saqr Adam Jaroushi, told the Libya Herald that Mayar was in a stable condition and was expected to make a full recovery.

Despite their ideological similarities there has been no love lost between Ansar Al-Sharia and Benghazi’s Salafists. Mayar was himself one of the founders of the “17 February Brigade” which is now bitterly opposed to Operation Dignity. Mayar made the announcement of his surprise move to Operation Dignity in June, declaring his intention of helping fight terrorists in Benghazi. He has formed a new unit under the name of Sariet Al-Agha and has claimed it includes all those who quit 17 February Brigade with him.

Last month Ansar Al-Sharia was heavily implicated in a series of assassinations which targeted Salafist preachers. Three Imam’s connected to mosques in the Sidi Hussein area of Benghazi were killed in three days.


Libyan Air Force Brigadier-General Saqr Adam Jaroushi:


Fighting in Benghazi’s Boatni district continued yesterday. There were rumours that armoured brigades from Operation Dignity had spread out in South East Benghazi from Tobruk. However this information was denied by Dignity sources who said they had not deployed and further troops in the city.

Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, 32nd civil enhanced:

URGENT: Air strikes launched by the minute Libyan air force hit the armored vehicles and tanks belonging to the terrorists

who are trying to progress towards Mtar_bennina Airport# Benghazi …



Killed, “Omar Baao” son of the leader Mohammed Baao, of the Libyan Fighting Group, led by Abdulhakim Belhadj. He is  one of the biggest instigators to kill the sons of the army in Benghazi. He is fighting in the ranks of al-Qaida against the forces of the Libyan National Army, under Hftar and the Thunderbolt.


Mohammed Baao with MB Abdul-Rahman Sowaihilli:

 “Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, reports:

The killing of radical # Hamzh_baao cousin Member fighter named Mohammed Baao this night in clashes in Benghazi

and that less than a week after the killing of his son and is fighting in the ranks of the terrorist organization Ansar al-Sharia.








Libya against terrorism, yes to the army and police:

URGENT | International channel sources: # Abdallah_iina won the confidenceof the House of Representatives majority.

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, informs us of the
Expectations of the new government:

-1 Saleh Saeed, Computer and Minister of Local Government

-2 Transport Minister Abdul Kadir

-3 Favor impasse Captain Rabo Barasi, as Interior Minister

-4 Mohammed Attia al-Obeidi, Minister of Labour

-5 Mohammed Abdul Aziz, foreign minister (remains the same as prior)

-6 Habib Muhammad, secretary of Information and Culture

-7 al-Raeid Muhammad, as Minister of Economy and Industry

-8 Pacific Hinhir, Minister of Water

-9 Salem Juha, Defense Minister

-10 Aref Nayed Wazzvla, Oil Minister

-11 Salah al-Mirghani, Deputy Prime Minister (???????????)

-12 Suleiman, coastal Education

-13 Noureddine Doghman, Minister of Health (ech, again ???)

-14 Amradja Ghaith, financial planning

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

ﺗﻮﻗﻌﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﺤﻜﻮﻣﺔ ﺍﻟﺠﺪﻳﺪﺓ :

-1 ﺻﺎﻟﺢ ﺳﻌﻴﺪ ﺍﻟﺤﺎﺳﻲ ﻭﺯﻳﺮ ﺍﻟﺤﻜﻢ ﺍﻟﻤﺤﻠﻲ

-2 ﻋﺒﺪﺍﻟﻘﺎﺩﺭ ﻭﺯﻳﺮ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺍﺻﻼﺕ

-3 ﺻﺎﻟﺢ ﻣﺎﺯﻕ ﺍﻟﺒﺮﻋﺼﻲ ﻭﺯﻳﺮ ﺍﻟﺪﺍﺧﻠﻴﺔ

-4 ﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﻋﻄﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﻌﺒﻴﺪﻱ ﻭﺯﻳﺮ ﺍﻟﻌﻤﻞ

-5 ﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﻋﺒﺪﺍﻟﻌﺰﻳﺰ ﺍﻟﺨﺎﺭﺟﻴﺔ

-6 ﺍﻟﺤﺒﻴﺐ ﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﺍﻻﻣﻴﻦ ﺍﻻﻋﻼﻡ ﻭﺍﻟﺜﻘﺎﻓﺔ

-7 ﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﺍﻟﺮﻋﻴﺾ ﻭﺯﻳﺮ ﺍﻻﻗﺘﺼﺎﺩ ﻭﺍﻟﺼﻨﺎﻋﺔ

-8 ﺍﻟﻬﺎﺩﻱ ﺍﻟﻬﻨﺸﻴﺮ ﻭﺯﻳﺮ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺎﺓ

-9 ﺳﺎﻟﻢ ﺟﺤﺎ ﻭﺯﻳﺮ ﺍﻟﺪﻓﺎﻉ

-10 ﻋﺎﺭﻑ ﺍﻟﻨﺎﻳﺾ ﺍﻟﻮﺯﻓﻠﻲ ﻭﺯﻳﺮ ﺍﻟﻨﻔﻂ

-11 ﺻﻼﺡ ﺍﻟﻤﺮﻏﻨﻲ ﻧﺎﺋﺐ ﺭﺋﻴﺲ ﻣﺠﻠﺲ ﺍﻟﻮﺯﺭﺍﺀ

-12 ﺳﻠﻴﻤﺎﻥ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﺣﻠﻲ ﺍﻟﺘﻌﻠﻴﻢ

-13 ﻧﻮﺭﺍﻟﺪﻳﻦ ﺩﻏﻤﺎﻥ ﻭﺯﻳﺮ ﺍﻟﺼﺤﺔ

-14 ﺍﻣﺮﺍﺟﻊ ﻏﻴﺚ ﺍﻟﺘﺨﻄﻴﻂ ﺍﻟﻤﺎﻟﻴﺔ

And the land of thorns Rishvana, reports:

The House of Representatives condemned the Libyan attacks that took place in the capital of Tripoli “from the killing and arrests on identity and which affected civilians and their property and camps Tawergha” zones, the farmer and the Rishvana, as well as the assault on the headquarters of the American Embassy and the headquarters of diplomatic missions by what he described as “militias outside the law.”

The Council stressed in a statement, that the hand of the law will reach the perpetrators of these crimes and will be brought to justice, referring to the commitment of its decision No. 3 on the cease-fire, as well as the maintenance of security and protection of civilians, and the Attorney General’s investigation into these crimes.

On the other hand, the House of Representatives tasked Abdullah bending to form a new government on Monday.

He was bending prime minister since last March but faced a challenge from a parallel parliament refuses to recognize the elected council.


House of Representatives calls for the puppet MB Libyan mufti Sadeq Gharyiani the country for questioning.

Gharyiani on a River of Blood

Libya Herald….

NATO’s MB WAHABI-Grand Mufti again backs “Libya Dawn”

operation, calls Zintani and allies “traitors”

By Ajnadin Mustafa. 

Sadak Gharyiani epitomy of Evil

Tripoli, 21 August 2014:

The NATO MB-Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadik Al-Gharyiani, has again come out firmly in favour of “Operation Dawn LIBYA” in Tripoli and WAHABI-MB Islamists in Benghazi, stating that no one should take a neutral position between them.

The Zintani Qaaqaa and Sawaq brigades and their allies in Tripoli and the Operation Dignity forces of retired General Khalifa Hfter in Benghazi were remnants of the Qaddafi regime and enemies of the revolution, he claimed. They were thieves who were responsible for all Libya’s miseries, he declared.

By contrast, the revolutionaries in Tripoli and the Revolutionaries Shoura Council of Benghazi (the umbrella organisation linking Ansar Al-Sharia, the 17 February Brigade and other Wahabi-Islamist bodies) were to be supported.  The media and politicians had to stop taking an impartial line when speaking about the two sides, he insisted. They had to  defend the “revolutionaries” and WAHABI- BROTHERHOOD Islamists.

Gharyiani who has spent the last three months in London, ostensibly ‘for medical treatment’, has roused fury among many Libyans who accuse him of inciting violence with his support for one side in the current crisis rather than promoting reconciliation. Some have gone so far as to suggest that he should be arrested and put on trial.

Several members of the House of Representatives as well as a number of religious scholars are meanwhile demanding he be sacked and a new Dar Al-Ifta be established which would be allowed to issue fatwas only if agreed by at least three out of a five member council, rather than by one man.

It is reported that the House will discuss Gharyiani and a new fatwa body shortly. For his part, Gharyiani has dismissed the House as “illegitimate”.


And the land of thorns Rishvana, reporting:

A member of the House of Representatives, Issa Oraibi, in a phone call with the «middle gate» on Monday, that the House of Representatives tasked Abdullah discourage the formation of a new government today, Monday.

Said Oraibi: «The Council approved by a large majority on assigning the crease, although the new government will be a government crisis, a small number of ministerial portfolios», also confirmed Oraibi, the Board approved a large majority in the morning session today, Monday to call Mufti Libyan sincere Gharyiani and the Governor of the Bank of Libya Central great friend, and Monday are still outside the Libyan territory.

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

As a case sincere Gharyiani Mufti of Libya to the ICC by the Security Council sanctions committee

and Mufti leaves Britain on the run to Turkey for fear of arrest.

 The following was written by:

It is believed Gharyiani directed the Islamist insurgency using an internet TV station owned by a relative in Exeter. Photograph: Mahmud Turkia/AFP/Getty Images
Wahabi-Islamic-Libya’s most senior religious “authority”, the grand mufti Sheikh Sadak al-Gharyiani, is believed to have fled Britain, after it emerged that he was helping to direct the Islamist takeover of Tripoli from the UK.

Gharyiani left the UK for Qatar, as Home Office officials began examining broadcasts he had made to Islamist groups using an internet television station owned by a relative in Devon.

The radical cleric used the website Tanasuh to celebrate the violent capture of Tripoli by an MISURATAN WAHABI- MB Islamist militia force, “Libya Dawn”, and to call for a widening of the rebellion.

The Arabic-language website, which is viewed thousands of times a day in Libya, is registered to a close relative

at a white-washed terraced house near Exeter city centre.

The Foreign Office confirmed on Friday that Gharyiani was in Britain. They said he had come in a private capacity and was not invited by ministers or officials. The cleric is understood to have left the country of his own volition rather than being excluded by the Home Office on the grounds of national security or “unacceptable behaviour”.

“If he’s gone, it’s of his own free will. It’s quite possible he’s gone because of the increased interest in his activities,” said a Whitehall source.

A former Libyan lawmaker said Gharyiani had left the UK: “He flew to Qatar and then, it seems, immediately to Turkey. He will be comfortable in either place.”

The Devon home linked to Gharyiani‘s relative, Sohayl El-Gharyiani, is close to a laundrette, a letting agency and a pub. There was no reply at the house on Sunday.

Neighbours said there had been a stream of visitors to the house. “There are lots of comings and goings there,” said one neighbour, who asked not to be named. “I don’t get involved. I don’t like to know what is going on. I often see them bringing food in boxes. I’m not sure what to think.”

None of the neighbours said they recognised a picture of Gharyiani. The house is just a few minutes’ walk from the Giraffe restaurant in the Princesshay shopping centre, which was the scene of a failed suicide bombing in May 2008.

A Muslim convert from Plymouth, Mohammed Rashid Saeed-Alim – formerly Nicky Reilly – was attempting to put together homemade bombs in the toilet when one blew up in his hands. The 22-year-old was the only person hurt and later pleaded guilty to terrorism offences.

In Gharyiani’s most recent broadcast, he urged “Libya Dawn”, which has installed a Misuratan Wahabi MB-Islamist guerrilla commander ( SALAH BADI) as leader, to “use a firm hand to consolidate the victory that they gained on the battlefield,” and to oppose “those who are enemies of this victory”.

Libya’s government has protested that his comments have inflamed the situation in the capital. The country’s House of Representatives, has been set-up in the eastern city of Tobruk, and is expected to debate whether to sack him, later this week.

Until recently, the Wahabi-Gharyiani, who completed a PhD at Exeter University, enjoyed good relations with British diplomats. Women’s groups complained when Britain’s ambassador, Michael Aron, met him last April, shortly after Gharyiani condemned as “menacing” a UN report on global levels of violence against women and girls.

Aron tweeted of the meeting: “Called on grand mufti of Libya today. Interesting (private) discussion about constitution, women’s rights and marriage to foreigners. He was charming. He studied at Exeter Uni – my home town.”

Women’s groups said that this was sending the wrong signal, after Ghariyani had earlier backed a law to allow Libyan husbands to take a second wife without seeking permission from the first, and banned foreigners from marrying Libyan women. (HAH, HAH, Brits are sympathetic to their NATO appointed ‘Mufti’.)






Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar, reports:

Oh Ahvd youth Manshiyya clashes Akaddadfh my tribe and other middle al-Husawneh

after killing a young man Ishtaiwi Abraham and knead by the takeover was Akaddadfh youth camp al-Husawneh-




Brigade operations Qaqaa, Lightning, and 32nd Civil Enhanced:

Dr. “Abu Bakr camel,” a member of the House of Representatives today … that the list of names of wanted will be ready al-Atinin today, and will be issued by the United Nations Security Council today to be prosecuted wanted them ..



Eid of the Great “al-Fateh Revolution of ’69”

45 years since al-Fateh '69


Regina della Libia’s al-Fateh salute:

Regina della Libia's al-Fateh salute



Communiqué Read By Muammar Al-Qadhafi Over Libyan Radio, 7 AM, 01 September  1969
Council of the Revolution Command Council 19 Jumada Al-Akhir 1389 H. 01 September 1969

In answer to your free will, fulfilling your dearest wishes, welcoming your constant requests for change and eruption as well as your desire for action and enterprise, listening to your calls to revolt, your armed forces have undertaken to overthrow the reactionary and corrupted regime whose stench suffocated and whose vision horrified us.

In a single blow, your valiant army has upset the idols and smashed their effigies. In a single stroke, it has illuminated the dark night in which succeeded one another, first the Turkish and Italian domination, then finally, that of a reactionary and rotten regime where reigned concussion, fractions, felony and treachery. From now on, Libya is a free and sovereign republic, named the Libyan Arab Republic which, by the grace of God is setting herself to work. She will go forward on the path of freedom, union and social justice, guaranteeing each of her sons/daughters the right to equality, and opening before them the door of honest work, from which shall be banished injustice and exploitation, and where no one shall be either master or servant, where everyone shall be free brothers, within a society where shall prosperity and quality, by the grace of God.Give us your hands, open your hearts to us, forget all adversities and make front moulded in a single block against the enemy of the Arab nation, the enemy of Islam, the enemy of humanity, who set our sanctuaries afire, and flouted our honour.

Thus shall we build our glory, revive our inheritance, vindicate our ravaged dignity and the rights we were deprived of. Oh! You, who witnessed the sacred struggle of our hero Omar Al Mukthar for Libya, for Arabism and for Islam Oh! You, who fought alongside Ahmed Al-Sherif for a just ideal; you sons of the desert; you sons of our ancient cities; you sons of our green countryside; you sons of our beautiful villages; the time for work has arrived. Let us go forward! At this juncture, I am pleased to tell our foreign friends that they must fear neither for their properties nor for their lives.

They are under the protection of the armed forces. Moreover, I wish they would rest assured that our present undertaking is directed neither against nor against any acknowledged international treaty of international law. This is an exclusively domestic affair concerning Libya and her endemic problems. Forward then, and peace be with you.

The Army is prepared.


Dogs Kharijites and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their tails
Want to finish our …

Look who’s estimated to run from and contributed to the defense of your place in Libya,

even if your “voice is not heard”..

جيش القبائل الليبية الشريفة

الفزعة الفزعة يا شرفاء ..
كلاب الخوارج والاخوان وذيولهم
يريدون اقفال صفحتنا …

شوف اللي تقدر تديره من الصورة وساهم من مكانك في الدفاع عن ليبيا ولو بصوتك ..

Jamahiriya Forces unseen:



“Army Libyan tribes honest”

They are always Mrtahun and can not afford confrontation
Because they are not men nor the people of the war ..
• When they fail to progress to the resort weapon of cowards
Arms blind man who does not differentiate between those fights, or women and children ..

•’s say you are continuing and at the time of editing and cleaning Libya you are staying ..
And teach them to the extremist groups and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the remnants of the

grandsons of the Turks and Italians
Capsized will turn any ..

Allah is the greatest over Kidd aggressor.






Zintan ghost-page official:

The International Criminal Court has issued a list of some battalion commanders
And wanted and those involved in the attack on Tripoli International Airport and they are: -

1 Abdul-Hakim Belhadj.
2 Ali ‘hardness’ Salabi
3 Salah Badi
4 Ghani Alkkla. (13)
5 Naji Guenida
6 Shaaban gift
7 Salah al-Baraka
8 Salah al-Mirghani
9 Abdal Raouf ‘hater’
10 Haitham Tagouris
11 Said Qoigil
12 Hassan skeptical about. al-haratne / GNEOH (4)
14 Hashim humans
15.Khald al-Sharif
16 Fathi Bashaga
17 Abdul Rahman Sowaihili
18 Sadiq Gharyani
19 Sohail Sadiq Gharyani
20 Mahmoud Abdulaziz
21 Sam bin Humaid
22 Mohammed Zahawi
23 Sufian Ben Qmo
24 Solomon Fortaa Bashir,
25 Ahmed Sowaihili Maitik
26 Ahmed Zoubih (ZUBI)
27 Abdul Wahab Qaid
28 Mohmmed Sawan

List includes the top 250 name mentioned memorandum will be issued against them formally Interpol international

and next Wednesday will hit a collective list of names.

and do not they know by now that Giani Akkla Gneoh is the same person as Mahdi al-Haratine ? (N° 4 &13)

picure of GNEOH/ al-Haratine, inaugerated as Mayor of Tripoli by Ali Malgrief:

Zintan ghost-page official, informs us, that:
Malta froze the account sincere Sadak Gharyiani worth nine million euros,

and emigrated Commander Abu Nuri Bushman arrows 7.5 million euros,

Dr. Mahmoud Abdulaziz (who comes from ABU SALIM) worth 21 million euros…/%D8%AF-%D9…/123204337785569

التغيير و الاصلاح تحت قوة القانون .. آدمن : د. محمود الورفلي + عادل.

TRAITOR in the Midst of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, even on the 24 NOV. 2008 !!!

Libyan Writer Sulaiman Awad al-Faitouri
Written by Libyan lawyer Suleiman Awad Ahmed
Monday, 24 November 2008

“Shukri Ghanem enters history, take your law!”

Suleiman Awad Ahmed:

And thanks of the first command in the Great Jamahiriya, understand the greats of acquisition and assumption of permanence, which they exchange chairs once occupied, and ask what they are doing, and in tails swimming, (yzork instance the whale as nhakrh even a veteran), of Summit diplomacy, landed to protect the environment, and so they are on.

Change characteristic and address location, treat when soothsayers, from ancient times, this was disinformation to evil spirits.

The economy and trade, the Prime Minister, and then making the Foundation the sources of oil, after the match is friendly, with the Secretary of culture, alhalmntishet, Lola whistle, for rolled out from under the feet of Earth.
But my qualifications made him the winner, and was brilliant in the historical land of vodka, drink monopoly power to the Kremlin and is at his home aged wine when the Italians.
To improve relations, conferences, and decisions, to import such drinks, the convergence of people, reduce stress, and including of sins.

But the sins in the company (almasoudi) to create a railroad, and partnered with the Korean company, a popular housing, like skyscrapers, and the difference between us is we have difficulty with dog meat.
The news saying: (that Koreans are producers) even answered (a and b) in the first contest of the hard questions: the Korean company which we built the Kaaba.

Either bring the oil exploration company, the passports do not give them visas and remain underground for generations, perhaps God changed course, we don’t need the money, and it is true: If the son of Adam and religions of black gold for the third spent it wished, without breaking it.

It has been said the day extract: the problem in how to spend, and in verse:
(That man to drown out that saw him axed).
And perched on his oil Secretary entered the history of the larger pipe.

It was brilliant, Abdel Rahman shalgham (Secretary of State), is like the onion in all-purpose diplomatic qualifications (alghoblset) as his press: from the compensation allokrbet, voluntary leadership of Libyan business treatment in Tunisia, he said (not resolving madder):

Their sense of values, demonstrate the material situation, ignoring the cause of their ailments: local politics million poor, and one hundred thousand old maid, and Lula astray ariak, RAC Freebird how Arabs uttered late (boshkomh) Conference in Ajdabiya.

The theme of the Bulgarians, with the old article entitled: (Libya Goblet drum) with the rhythm of late (boznokh).
And the relationship with the Russians they wish us, the reproduction of these Trustees for collaboration and communication, and a booming economy and trade, and must be insured from somewhat envious eyes and the smell of gasoline.

And there is nothing wrong with reminding Shukri Ghanim floating decision that says: (the transparency international she classified us one of the first States to widespread corruption and calls for a debate on the issue in a serious and effective preparation of substantive proposals to end and radical solutions to address the phenomenon of subversion).
Below is a portion of a message and to whom it may concern by mail, secret and urgent, in reply to his letter to Justice Secretary Mustafa Abdel Jalil, comment on the regular reader, and oh my history:

This letter your brother (thanks) on 24/2/2007 Secretary of the Management Committee of the NOC to the Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Justice, stating:

Oil companies face a myriad of issues until it reached 771 against SOC, exasperating the speed of action and reports from experts, and that they spent 696 claiming seven million and 942 Dinara, for additional hours (like hours Jinx) and hoped that urgent intervention by a law or decision to confer in public money to his companies احتماءا article 87 civilians, any reservation it may not.

Or a law barring the access provisions of accelerated coverage against public companies.

* Start by reviewing the response of Justice say where Director address the Minister in not permitted by law, because laws issued by the Conference, and that setback and detract from economic policy, contrary to belief, to what we know, and not to the Club while his assumption of the Presidency of the General People’s 
Only be modified in the hack to undermine stability, and the management of it and find out why leading up to then by other similar to mine, to disturb public security, destabilize the system and circumvent the provisions.

Either of these industrious, understanding the nameless soldiers, sought refuge in the belief that their rights flouted, the era of time, did not make them an administrator, not a partner, but forced labour, forced after hours and during holidays, my legal guarantee disarmed, rather than carry out them wages, before it dries their race, These charges of criminal law,
And thanks to them, not him, the legal awareness and confidence in the Libyan judiciary did not raise their demands at the International Federation, did not strike or demonstrate or burnt but persevered and won.

* This position is against policy and in the interest of the oil company, the eligibility Director ignored, and the value of seven million, and in the administrative control of this ingratitude which offend, if Mister (Hummer) is a Director, for fears God, not to stop wheel work to crawl it and dropping it on the coat and then overnight absences corruption of legal traditions and skeptical about the integrity of the judiciary, and his aides, the speed of the chapter, not disparaging appreciated, the legislator wisely to make urgent, which expeditiously, even during the holiday.

* Either the oil revenue fund of the State Treasury, is irrational, they threaten to cut salaries equal bankruptcy, searched in futility, and tampering with the Justice Secretary of the General People’s oriented on 31/5/2007, by adopting a weaker product involved, proposing a legislative amendment excluding them from coverage judged accelerated access to pending appeal promptly, and the legislature omitted it, and the Bill was attached to it.

In any case the Director thanks to which is better, the amendment will make it winner, if their arms but will morale plummeted as fuck unless drawn proposals that distort purity of revolution, and the scales of Justice, and do not find them useful, they have not resolved without recourse to the judiciary, as long as there are ungrateful, but contribute to the accumulation of issues vexing for the courts, and procrastination kind of injustice.

* If the citizen’s guarantee for the implementation of the judicial decision, that harbinger of looming collapse.
The seizure of property of the debtor, including all his money for the right to access to court.
Either State it is full, not imagined their reservation, and match the level of imprisonment and isolation to refrain from execution.

It only applies to the public service, while the Director of the company is governed by the labour code, article 7 of law No. 74/72 sought him in prison to carry out the obligation.

* Assault on the legislation more than previous Director, while his general people’s Congress, as the Financial Secretary responded by amending the list of accounts and stores on 3/12/1968 by resolution No. 84 of 2004, to make administrative authorities are responsible for dispensing awards, while the text required Treasury to exchange all amounts due pursuant to the legal provisions.

This amendment implies, if not payment appropriations cover not the crime before a deserter probably lack coverage. It also issued decision No. 17/2005 amending Law No. 16/84, upon presentation of your company, usurping power against Supreme Court Justice which emphasized the competence of the Conference
Promised provisions implemented as the official first and then made for the trade magazine volume 3, no longer on him (old dishonoured upon God to tell what you are doing).

* Amendment to standard for the scales of Justice undermined the principle of equality between the companies, thanks to, for example, between (a) the famous bike-hyperbolic in Benghazi, but between equality and between yesterday and today.
The day after the revolution, there was a detailed one Cypriot and posted to the end of his stay, he left a country leaving all of his time in the Libyan judiciary, and the address of the Bank, and may point to convert monetary monitor condemned him (700 d. l), was worth more than 1,517.68€ and praised the Libyan judiciary is the newspaper predicted the victory of this revolution is working with justice garrison.

* Development of the economy, is in the plan of Nehru, and Mahathir Mohamad, who governed the award, accepted by millennia Corporation plan that raised wages for upgrading and increasing purchasing power, and granted loans and built housing association and stability and established institutes, it has made progress and profits are an example.

* The sin committed by the Justice Secretary to comply with the (thanks) for shell by eliminating circular No. 2 of 2007 heads of courts of first instance about the provisions of the warranty to loose balance between the parties to the litigation, and assuming the difference in interpretation of the text, the Court is the chapter on that.

And lest this publication is blatant interference to guide courts, appeal to her simply as jurisprudential view, does not amount to the inspection guidance and no violation of any blame, either correct the code of ancient meet to make justice justice, article 183 provide recourse in the week to look quickly
And do not imagine any sane person taxi operator where serious harm, and is continued, and the cancellation of permits to recover payment.

* This Khalifa Shukri, comply to the Secretary of tourism, issued a decision dwarfs resolutions (84/2004 (f) 17/2005), no. 560/2007 on the management of towns (historic), circumvention of the principle of legality, (for the management of historic cities, exclusive, real estate Affairs under law No. 4/78, and in particular the purchase and compensation and ownership and rent and eviction and demolition, construction, and real estate properties! and conclude contracts and collect the corresponding Wu) to chaos and corruption openly, officially, no telegraphs In good faith, and is accountable to the people’s congresses. Longer for bank savings, investment, real estate which, under resolution 674/91 on and not in the interest of public property (with swing) and not authentic to the land registry, and not the urban planning, the basis of the old city (foundling), for the violation of property, rents and opportunistic burning land registry, and a historic city to legitimize corruption before and enlarge the historical perversions.
Thus (if everything for what it is, would end ignorance).



Libyan Writer Sulaiman Awad al-Faitouri

الكاتب الليبي المحامي سليمان عوض الفيتوري

الأثنين 24 نوفمبر 2008

شكري غانم يدخل التاريخ، وانتهاك القانون!

المحامي سليمان عوض الفيتوري

وشكري من أولي الأمر في الجماهيرية العظمى ، فهم عظماء افتراضاً، وأمناء اكتساباً، ومن هنا تبوأوا كراسي الديمومة، يتبادلونها، ولا يسألون عما يفعلون، وفي فلكهم يسبحون، (يزورق مثيل الحوت ما نحكره حتى وهو قدامي) فمن قمة الدبلوماسية ، يهبط إلى حماية البيئة، وهكذا هم دواليك .
وتغيير الصفة والعنوان والمكان، علاج عند الكهّان، من قديم الزمان، تضليلاً للأرواح الشريرة .
فمن الاقتصاد والتجارة، إلى رئاسة الوزارة، ثم التربّع على مؤسسة منابع النفط، بعد مباراة غير ودية، مع أمين الثقافة، الحلمنتيشية ، لولا صفارة الحكم ، لتدحرجت من تحت أرجلهم الكرة الأرضية.
لكن مؤهلات شكري جعلته غانماً، وقد حظي بالمعيّة التاريخية، في بلاد الفودكا، المشروب الذي تحتكره سلطة الكرملين، وهو بمنزلة النبيذ المعتق عند الإيطاليين .
ولتحسين العلاقات، على المؤتمرات، واتخاذ القرارات، لاستيراد هذه المشروبات، لتقارب الشعوب، وتخفيف الكروب، وما في ذلك من ذنوب .
إنما الذنوب في التعاقد مع شركة (المصدّي) لإنشاء السكة الحديد، كما تعاقدنا من قبل مع شركة كورية، على مساكن شعبية، وكأنها ناطحات السحاب، والفرق بيننا أننا لا نستسيغ لحم الكلاب.
وشاعت مقولة : (إن الكوريين هم المنتجون) حتى أجاب (شبّـوب) في مسابقة الأوائل عن الأسئلة الصعبة: إن الشركة الكورية هي التي بنت لنا الكعبة.
أما جلب شركة التنقيب على البترول، فعلى الجوازات عدم إعطائهم تأشيرة دخول وليبقى في جوف الأرض للأجيال، لعل الله يغير الحال ، فلسنا بحاجة إلى المال، وقد صحّ القول : لو كان لابن آدم واديان من الذهب الأسود لتمنى الثالث لينفق منه، دون حجر عليه .
وقد قيل يوم استخراجه : إن المشكل الليبي في كيفية إنفاقه، وفي الآية :
(إن الإنسان ليطغى أن رآه استغنى) .
وليتربّع أمين النفط على مؤسسته فقد دخل التاريخ من أوسع الأنابيب.
كما حظي بالمعية، عبد الرحمن شلقم (أمين الخارجية) ، فهو كالبصل في كل طبخة دبلوماسية، للمؤهلات (الغوبلسية) كتصريحاته الصحفية: من أن التعويضات اللوكربية، تبرعات رجالات الأعمال الليبية، وعن العلاج في تونس، قال (لا فض فوه) :
معناها عندهم فلوس، تدل على حالتهم المادية، متجاهلاً أن سبب أمراضهم :السياسة المحلية مليون فقير، ومائة ألف عانس، ولولا ضلال إرياك، راك رايقة كيف العرب قالها المرحوم (بوشقمة) في مؤتمر اجدابيا .
أما موضوع البلغاريات، ينسجم مع مقالة قديمة بعنوان: (ليبيا دربوكة) مع إيقاع المرحوم (بوزنّوكة) .
والعلاقة مع الروس تجعلهم يتمنّون علينا ، استنساخ هؤلاء الأمناء للتعاون والاتصال الدولي ، وازدهار الاقتصاد والتجارة، ولابد من التأمين عليهم من أعين الحاسدين ومن رائحة البنزين .
ولا بأس من تذكير الشكري الغانم بقراره العائم الذي يقول: (إن منظمة الشفافية العالمية صنّفتنا من أوائل الدول التي استشرى فيها الفساد، ويدعو إلى مناقشة الموضوع بشكل جاد ، وفاعل وإعداد مقترحات موضوعية لوضع حد وحلول جذرية لمعالجة هذه الظاهرة الهدّامة).
وفيما يلي جزء من رسالة إليه وإلى من يهمّه الأمر بالبريد، سري وعاجل، رداً على رسالته إلى أمين العدل مصطفى عبد الجليل ، والتعليق على القارئ الاعتيادي ، وسجّل يا تاريخ بلادي :
فهذه رسالة أخوكم (شكري) في 24/2/2007 أمين لجنة إدارة المؤسسة الوطنية للنفط الموجهة إلى أمين اللجنة الشعبية العامة للعدل ، تفيد :
أن شركات النفط تواجه الكم الهائل من القضايا حتى بلغت 771 ضد شركة سرت، ساخطاً من سرعة البت فيها ومن تقارير خبراء المحاكم ، وأن 696 مدعياً قضي لهم بسبعة ملايين و 942 ديناراً ، مقابل ساعات إضافية (كأنها ساعات نحس) ويأمل التدخل العاجل باستصدار قانون أو قرار ليضفي صفة المال العام على شركاته احتماءاً بالمادة 87 مدني ، أي الذي لا يجوز الحجز عليه .
أو استصدار قانون يمنع شمول الأحكام بالنفاذ المعجل ضد الشركات العامة .
* وبداية قبل استعراض رد العدل أقول من أين للمدير مخاطبة الوزير، في ما لا يجيزه القانون، لأن القوانين تصدرها المؤتمرات، ولأن ذلك يعد انتكاساً وانتقاصاً من سياسة الاقتصاد، تخالف معتقده، على ما نعرفه، وإلا لنادى بذلك حين توليه رئاسة الشعبية العامة،
إلا أن يكون تعديل القوانين في إطار الاختراق لنسف الاستقرار، وكان عليه تدبر الأمر ومعرفة السبب المؤدي إلى مؤاخذته قبل غيره مما يشبه زرع الألغام ، للإخلال بالأمن العام، وزعزعة النظام ، والالتفاف على الأحكام .
أما هؤلاء الكادحون ، فهم الجنود المجهولون، التجأوا إلى القضاء إيماناً بحقوقهم المهضومة، حقبة من الزمن، فلم يجعل منهم المدير، شركاء، ولا أجراء ، وإنما سخرة، مجبرين بعد الدوام وخلال العطلات، ويود تجريدهم من الضمانة القانونية، بدل أن يوفيهم أجورهم، قبل أن يجف عرقهم ، فهذه تهمة مجرمة بمقتضى القانون،
وشكري لهم، لا له، على الوعي القانوني ، والثقة في القضاء الليبي، فلم يثيروا مطالبهم في الاتحاد الدولي ، ولم يضربوا، أو يتظاهروا أو يحرقوا بل صبروا وظفروا .
* وهذا الموقف المعادي للسياسة العامة ولمصلحة شركة النفط، لتجاهل المدير الأحقية، وما قيمة السبعة ملايين، وأين الرقابة الإدارية من هذا الجحود الذي لا يرتضيه، لو كان المستر (همر) هو المدير، لاتقى الله فيهم، كي لا يتوقف دولاب العمل بالزحف عليه، وإسقاطه في غيابات الجب ثم يلاحقهم إفساداً للأعراف القانونية وتشكيكاً في نزاهة القضاء ، وأعوانه ، فسرعة الفصل موضع تقدير، لا تحقير، فالمشرع لحكمة جعل المستعجل، والذي على وجه السرعة حتى أثناء العطلة .
* أما أن عوائد النفط تمول خزانة الدولة ، عبارة بلا منطق ، فالتهديد بقطع الرواتب يساوي الإفلاس ، عبث في عبث ، ومن العبث رد أمين العدل الموجّه إلى الشعبية العامة في 31/5/2007 ، بتبني أضعف الإثمين ، مقترحاً التعديل القانوني باستبعاد تلك الشركات من شمول الحكم عليها بالنفاذ المعجل ، على أن يتم الفصل في الطعن على وجه السرعة ، وكأن المشرّع أغفل ذلك ، وقد أرفق مشروع القانون بذلك .
وكيفما كان الأمر على المدير شكري أن يدفع بالتي هي أحسن فالتعديل لن يجعله غانماً ، إذا ما هبطت معنويات سواعده بل ستحل عليه اللعنة مالم يسحب اقتراحاته التي تشوه نقاوة الثورة ، وتخل بميزان العدالة ، ولا تجديه نفعاً ، لأنها لم تحل دون اللجوء إلى القضاء ، مادام هناك جحود ، بل سيساهم في تراكم القضايا إرباكاً للمحاكم ، والمماطلة نوع من الظلم .
* وإذا ما فقد المواطن الضمانة لتنفيذ الحكم القضائي ، فذلك نذير الانهيار الذي يلوح في الأفق .
فالحجز على ممتلكات المدين تشمل كل أمواله ، لقاء أخذ الحق نفاذاً للحكم القضائي .
وأما الدولة فهي مليئة ، لا يتصور الحجز على أموالها ، ونظير ذلك رتّب القانون الحبس والعزل على الامتناع عن تنفيذ الأحكام .
وهو أمر لا يطال سوى الوظيفة العمومية ، في حين مدير الشركة يحكمه قانون العمل، غير أن المادة السابعة من القانون رقم 74/72 تلاحقه بالحبس إلى أن يوفي بالالتزام .
* والاعتداء على التشريع للمدير أكثر من سابقة ، حين رئاسته للشعبية العامة ، إذ استجاب لأمين المالية بتعديل لائحة الحسابات والمخازن الصادرة في 3/12/1968 بالقرار رقم 84 لسنة 2004 ، بأن جعل الجهات الإدارية هي المسئولة عن صرف المبالغ المحكوم بها عليها ، في حين كان النص يلزم الخزانة العامة دون غيرها بصرف جميع المبالغ المستحقة تنفيذاً للأحكام القضائية .
ومؤدى هذا التعديل ، إذا لم تغط المخصصات فلا سداد وبالتالي لا تقوم الجريمة قبل الممتنع لعلة انعدام التغطية . كما أنه قد أصدر القرار رقم 17/2005 بتعديل القانون رقم 16/84 ، بناءً على عرض مدير شركة البريد ، مغتصباً السلطة مخالفاً قضاء المحكمة العليا الذي أكد على اختصاص المؤتمرات ،
أما الأحكام التي وعد بتنفيذها بصفته آنذاك المسئول الأول والتي صرّح بها لمجلة التجارة العدد الثالث فلم تعد لها شأن عنده (كبر مقتاً عند الله أن تقولوا ما لا تفعلون) .
* والتعديل بجعل مكيالين لميزان العدالة يطيح بمبدأ المساواة بين شركات ، شكري ، مثلاً وبين (شركة) محمد الزائدي صاحب الدراجة الشهيرة في بنغازي ، بل بين المساواة وبين الأمس واليوم .
فغداة قيام الثورة ، كان هناك عامل قبرصي فصلته إحدى الشركات وترحيله لانتهاء إقامته ، فغادر البلاد تاركاً ثـقته في القضاء الليبي ، وعنوان مصرفه ، وقد أشر مراقب النقد على تحويل المحكوم له به (700 د.ل) ، كانت تساوي أكثر من ألفي دولار وأشادت صحيفة هناك بالقضاء الليبي وتنبأت بانتصار هذه الثورة حامية العامل محققة العدالة .
* أما تنمية الاقتصاد ، فهي في خطة نهرو ، ومن بعده مهاتير محمد ، الذي منحناه الجائزة ، وقبلهما في خطة شركة الفيات التي رفعت الأجور لرفع المستوى ولزيادة القوة الشرائية ، ومنحت القروض وبنت المساكن للارتباط بها والاستقرار وأنشأت المعاهد ، فحققت التقدم والأرباح فهي مثلاً يحتذى .
* والإثم الذي اقترفه أمين العدل بالانصياع إلى (شكري) لشل يد القضاء بالمنشور رقم (2) لسنة 2007 إلى رؤساء المحاكم الابتدائية حول الأحكام الطليقة من الكفالة للموازنة بين طرفي الخصومة ، وبافتراض الاختلاف في تفسير النص ، فإن المحكمة هي صاحبة الفصل في ذلك .
ولئلا يعد هذا المنشور تدخلاً سافراً لتوجيه المحاكم ، أهيب بصاحبه اعتباره مجرد رأي فقهي ، لا يرقى إلى مرتبة توجيهات التفتيش و لا يترتب على مخالفته أية مؤاخذة ، أما الصحيح فإن في قانون المرافعات العريق ما يفي بجعل العدالة عدالة ، والمادة 381 تعطي التظلم في أسبوع لنظره على وجه السرعة ،
ولا يتصور عاقل أن أجرة عامل فيها ضرر جسيم ، خاصة وهو تابع ، والحكم بالإلغاء يجيز استرداد المدفوع .
* وهذا خليفة شكري ، ينصاع إلى أمين السياحة ، فيصدر قراراً يتضاءل أمامه القراران (84/2004) و(17/2005) برقم 560/2007 ، في شأن إدارة المدن (التاريخية) ، التفافاً على مبدأ الشرعية ، (ليتولى جهاز إدارة المدن التاريخية ، دون غيره ، شئون العقارات الخاضعة للقانون رقم 4/78 وعلى الخصوص شراء وتعويض وتمليك وإيجار وإخلاء وهدم وبناء ، والتصرف في عقارات الخواص ! وإبرام العقود وتحصيل المقابل وو) مدعاة للفوضى وزرع الفساد رسمياً ، وعلانية ، لا ينبئ عن حسن نية ، وهو موضع مساءلة أمام المؤتمرات الشعبية . إذ لم يعد لمصرف الادخار والاستثمار ، العقارات التي آلت إليه ، بمقتضى القرار 674/91 شأن ولا لمصلحة الأملاك العامة (المكلفة بالبديل) ولا حجية للسجل العقاري ، ولا رأي للتخطيط العمراني ، وأساس لجنة المدينة القديمة (لقيطة) ، لما حل بالملكية من استباحة الريع، وانتهازية إحراق السجل العقاري، وقرار جهاز المدينة التاريخية ليضفي الشرعية على الفساد السابق، ويوسع دائرة الإفساد التاريخية .
وهكذا (إذا قدم كل شئ على حقيقته فسينتهي الجهل).

“Zintan ghost-page official”, gives us this
SEVERE WARNING !! coming from al-O-RISHVANA:


Caution regarding this person, Awad el-Faitouri, please publishing widely Iaalahrar

Now the breach of the “House of Representatives” are the same gang that had infiltrated the National Conference ...

Awad el-Faitouri a businessman and owner of the largest companies in diameter and resides and personal friend of the family, Sheikh Hamad al-Thani of Qatar, to Libya director of the Office of the President of the National Congress.

General Mohammed Maqrief imposed his administration, but only known him receives all the distinguished guests and attend all meetings and secret meetings with ambassadors, especially Arab Emirates, and especially the ambassador of Qatar, America and after taking Abu Nuri Bushmin presidency of the conference, switchboard of the job and what are the only days he traveled to Qatar, and returned in the same position and stronger than De before. !!

Like was the president of Congress and wanders with the president at home and abroad salary 25 000 Libyan dinars and received 2 car model Audi, Mercedes and staying pavilion Baraksus from the first day until after the decision of Abu Nuri Bushmin arrows exit of all professionals, and others from the hotels.

The only one who has been exempted and has discretion everything without reference to the President of the Conference and after the recent problems that got Bushmin with nostalgia and the scandal is of the Atkhadd decisions and then return Abu Nuri Bushmin from Turkey. Then traveled this client to Qatar; and then immediately return to Tobruk …and the same position that he is known for his client and the man Qatar Diwan of the conference, and now the House of Representatives !!!

He took the same job Director of the Office of the President of the House of Representatives and by the Chief of Staff Abdullah Masri, who with the image and the former head of the Office of Conference

and came through Muhammad Maqrief.

can not Egyptian do anything without reference to the client instead of Faitouri and all the staff at the Emiri know very well what the extent of movement of this client, as well as can convert and transfer any employee from one place to another, as well as appoint of their embassies abroad.

We are closer to the scene and it is not heard as one who saw I was watching this guy how it was recorded and knows every nook and cranny and is trying to enlist the largest number with him; and already he recruited a person named on the Shami owner of a bowl and “addicted”.

However, unfortunately the same master of ceremonies with the President of the Conference and to now as well, and he recruited a second person, camel named Rafe, who works as the same photographer and personal photographer of the President of the Conference and are now on the same job with the parliament speaker !!

Responded to us via inbox credibility ..


Nader Saltan, writes correctly:
The people of Tobruk should immediately expel Sulaiman Awad al-Faitouri from the “House of Representatives” !

Zintan ghost-page official
Been banned Suleiman Ali al-Harida..besbb lack of respect for the members of the “House”.

It will soon come to pass, that the Libyan people will re-awaken to remember and institute “Popular Congresses” and “People’s Committees” again; and will have no “representatives”, but only themselves.

قريبا سوف يأتي لتمرير، أن الشعب الليبي سوف توقظ إعادة تذكر ومعهد مؤتمراتشعبية و اللجان الشعبية مرة أخرى؛ وسوف يكون لا “الممثلين”، لكن فقط أنفسهم.


بوسهمين راكب في طيارة وكاتب هدا من فضل ربي . . !

شنو مالا رزق امك مالا ولا معقبتهولك حنين … !

وفوق منها حصلة في الري
منقول من صفحة #بالتريس



Zintan ghost-page official:

“Militias for the bombing of Libya” to announce what it called ‘cleansing operations ministries and affiliated companies
State-of-Mufsudain.qtaa communications of the first
Sectors that will be intercepted by “the militias for the bombing of Libya” !


announced a few months ago, was the Brotherhood’s plan to demolish the “GADDAFI TOWERS” among the first on the list of these militias, to rid Libya of any traces of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi !!!!

the MB AGENDA LIST of what they think must be bombed and demolished:



Zintan ghost-page official:

MISURATA “Libya dawn militia” MB radicals, stormed the headquarters of the American Embassy in Tripoli at dawn.

And you can see a person standing higher angle of the surface of the building wearing a

Yashmagh and Ghuttra Gulf (QATARI):
Serving in the embassy nor al-Amarkia and CCCP from Twar.

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:

Libyan resonances

Must remind you that the story of the Tunisian diplomats and Sheikh Arousi who were released on 29
Last June … in Tunisia and then thanked for Abdel-Hakim Belhaj to assist in the release of

Hostages are good people …. Tunisians …
Last Thursday, Bernardino Leon arrived in a private yacht from Malta to Misurata guard the barge

American war “Elroy Gunman” …. and a meeting with the two important from Misrata and asked them
Arrange a meeting with Abdel-Rahman Sowaihili ….

Abdul Rahman Sowaihili surprise the demand and asked the caller Shani Libby …

Replies the other party had reasons for the meeting is about UN Security Council Resolution 2174 who was released yesterday … intended
Wednesday August 27 ….

Coordination has been working dinner between the UN official and Sowaihili …
In short Bernardino Libby About Abdul Hakim Belhaj and the extent of his involvement in the recent attacks on

Airport and the war in Tripoli …. because it’s before the month of Ramadan and Haj outside Libya (Turkey of course) Bash

Shows that the war in which I do not Khash ….
Of course he baseman was caged when Americans understand the whole atmosphere ….

Sowaihili Bakhala said his group who bombed two reservoirs and the road to the airport …

and Akkla Gneoh (al-Mahdi al-Haratine) and al-Baraka
And Guenida and Kilani Itbaulh directly …

Eonardino Vakec for everything and you said your name in the list … Sowaihili shook Ctavh and said I Malish
Relationship not Baksorh not dawn Libya ….

Mrkdh Sowaihili same night to make sure that he was wanted for international crimes ….
And sat thinking about how to run a bash need Liban he served in the Americans …. The mind tends his name … or is acquitted
Because someone collaborator ….

Today morning attacked a large group at the American embassy and broke sprayer al-Roashen and Nqzoa in the basin
Swimming … and take a video of the process and Ahtoh in Facebook and Twitter …. and contacted Breuetr and that Golhm
The attack ….

Americans and their intelligence and foreign moved quickly …. and contacted the group in Tripoli ….

And then connects the Ambassador Deborah Jones with Sowaihili in Malta … and I Qallaha Satkvl remove the group and protect

Embassy from now on and just stemmed escorts a group led by Moses Boezkih a consequential and Chairman
Hrasati own

Sowaihili said Boezkih pocket for foreign journalists and income Embassy and Quellahm take Imagery and everything
Under the protection of Misrata ….

Contact Sowaihili b Deborah Jones Galha that everything is fully in the embassy and succulent end ….
Deborah contacted the State Department and became woven launched … and then Bashoah …. wrote on its front page that things are very According to the embassy in pictures Covthm who has not been breached from the inside …..
Beautiful story …. right?

# But ….

Elly Miarafash Sowaihili that Americans Qsqsoa video intrusion, and Talat whole group of Misrata

Even Boezkih with them …. and the Americans laugh Bahi who entered the Libyan embassy Lech Makhc and only coming to
But for Sataiwat

Just Ae O Sowaihili, You Petkhlha Amatha ….

{{Ayamat but the news and hear the sweet}}

ﺍﻷﺻﺪﺍﺀ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ

ﻳﺠﺐ ﺍﻥ ﻧﺬﻛﺮﻛﻢ ﺑﻘﺼﺔ ﺍﻟﺪﺑﻠﻮﻣﺎﺳﻴﻴﻦ ﺍﻟﺘﻮﻧﺴﻴﻴﻦ ﺑﺎﻟﺸﻴﺦ ﻭﺍﻟﻌﺮﻭﺳﻲ ﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﺗﻢ ﺍﻃﻼﻕ ﺳﺮﺍﺣﻬﻢ ﻳﻮﻡ 29
ﻳﻮﻧﻴﻮ ﺍﻟﻤﺎﺿﻲ … ﻓﻲ ﺣﻴﻨﻬﺎ ﺗﻮﻧﺲ ﻭﺟﻬﺖ ﺍﻟﺸﻜﺮ ﻟﻌﺒﺪ ﺍﻟﺤﻜﻴﻢ ﺑﺎﻟﺤﺎﺝ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻣﺴﺎﻋﺪﺗﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻃﻼﻕ ﺳﺮﺍﺡ

ﺍﻟﺮﻫﺎﺋﻦ …. ﻧﺎﺱ ﻃﻴﺒﻴﻦ ﺍﻟﺘﻮﺍﻧﺴﺔ …
ﻳﻮﻡ ﺍﻟﺨﻤﻴﺲ ﺍﻟﻤﺎﺿﻲ ﻭﺻﻞ ﺑﻴﺮﻧﺎﺭﺩﻳﻨﻮ ﻟﻴﻮﻥ ﻓﻲ ﻳﺨﺖ ﺧﺎﺹ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎﻟﻄﺎ ﺍﻟﻰ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﻓﻲ ﺣﺮﺍﺳﺔ ﺍﻟﺒﺎﺭﺟﺔ

ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺑﻴﺔ ﺍﻻﻣﺮﻳﻜﻴﺔ ” ﺇﻟﺮﻭﻱ ﻏﻮﻧﻤﺎﻥ ” …. ﻭﻋﻘﺪ ﺍﺟﺘﻤﺎﻉ ﻣﻊ ﺷﺨﺼﻴﻦ ﻣﻬﻤﻴﻦ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﻭﻃﻠﺐ ﻣﻨﻬﻢ
ﺗﺮﺗﻴﺐ ﺍﺟﺘﻤﺎﻉ ﻣﻊ ﻋﺒﺪ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻤﻦ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ….

ﻋﺒﺪ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻤﻦ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﺗﻔﺎﺟﺊ ﺑﺎﻟﻄﻠﺐ ﻭﺳﺄﻝ ﺍﻟﻤﺘﺼﻞ ﺑﻪ ﺷﻨﻲ ﻳﺒﻲ …

ﺭﺩ ﺍﻟﻄﺮﻑ ﺍﻻﺧﺮ ﻛﺎﻥ ﺃﺳﺒﺎﺏ ﺍﻻﺟﺘﻤﺎﻉ ﻫﻮ ﺣﻮﻝ ﻗﺮﺍﺭ ﻣﺠﻠﺲ ﺍﻻﻣﻦ 2174 ﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﺻﺪﺭ ﺍﻣﺲ … ﻳﻘﺼﺪ
ﺍﻷﺭﺑﻌﺎﺀ 27 ﺍﻏﺴﻄﺲ ….

ﺗﻢ ﺗﻨﺴﻴﻖ ﻋﺸﺎﺀ ﻋﻤﻞ ﺑﻴﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺆﻭﻝ ﺍﻷﻣﻤﻲ ﻭﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ …
ﺑﺎﺧﺘﺼﺎﺭ ﺑﻴﺮﻧﺎﺭﺩﻳﻨﻮ ﻳﺒﻲ ﻣﻌﻠﻮﻣﺎﺕ ﻋﻦ ﻋﺒﺪ ﺍﻟﺤﻜﻴﻢ ﺑﺎﻟﺤﺎﺝ ﻭﻣﺪﻯ ﺗﻮﺭﻃﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻬﺠﻤﺎﺕ ﺍﻻﺧﻴﺮﺓ ﻋﻠﻰ

ﺍﻟﻤﻄﺎﺭ ﻭﺍﻟﺤﺮﺏ ﻓﻲ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ …. ﻻﻧﻪ ﻣﻦ ﻗﺒﻞ ﺷﻬﺮ ﺭﻣﻀﺎﻥ ﻭﺑﺎﻟﺤﺎﺝ ﺧﺎﺭﺝ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ( ﺗﺮﻛﻴﺎ ﻃﺒﻌﺎ ) ﺑﺎﺵ

ﻳﺒﻴﻦ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺏ ﻣﺶ ﺧﺎﺵ ﻓﻴﻬﺎ ….
ﻃﺒﻌﺎ ﻫﻮ ﺭﺟﻞ ﻗﺎﻋﺪﺓ ﻭﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﺤﺒﻮﺱ ﻋﻨﺪ ﺍﻷﻣﺮﻳﻜﺎﻥ ﻓﺎﻫﻢ ﺍﻟﺠﻮ ﻛﻠﻪ ….

ﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﺑﻘﻬﺎﻟﻪ ﻭﻗﺎﻝ ﺟﻤﺎﻋﺘﻪ ﻫﻤﺎ ﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻗﺼﻔﻮﺍ ﺍﻟﺨﺰﺍﻧﺎﺕ ﻭﻃﺮﻳﻖ ﺍﻟﻤﻄﺎﺭ … ﻭﺍﻏﻨﻴﻮﻩ ﻭﺍﻟﺒﺮﻛﻲ
ﻭﻗﻨﻴﺪﻱ ﻭﺍﻟﻜﻴﻼﻧﻲ ﻳﺘﺒﻌﻮﻟﻪ ﻣﺒﺎﺷﺮﺓ …

ﻟﻴﻮﻧﺎﺭﺩﻳﻨﻮ ﻓﻘﺶ ﻛﻞ ﺷﻲ ﻭﻗﺎﻟﻪ ﺍﻧﺖ ﺍﺳﻤﻚ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﺋﻤﺔ … ﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﻫﺰ ﻛﺘﺎﻓﻪ ﻭﻗﺎﻟﻪ ﺍﻧﺎ ﻣﺎﻟﻴﺶ
ﻋﻼﻗﺔ ﻻ ﺑﻘﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﻭﻻ ﻓﺠﺮ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ….

ﺍﻟﻠﻴﻠﺔ ﻧﻔﺴﻬﺎ ﻣﺮﻗﺪﺵ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﻻﻧﻪ ﺗﺄﻛﺪ ﺍﻧﻪ ﻣﻄﻠﻮﺏ ﻟﻠﺠﻨﺎﻳﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﺪﻭﻟﻴﺔ ….
ﻭﻗﻌﺪ ﻳﻔﻜﺮ ﻛﻴﻒ ﻳﺪﻳﺮ ﺣﺎﺟﺔ ﺑﺎﺵ ﻳﺒﺎﻥ ﺍﻧﻪ ﻳﺨﺪﻡ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻷﻣﺮﻳﻜﺎﻥ …. ﻭﺑﺎﻟﻚ ﻳﻨﺤﻮ ﺍﺳﻤﻪ … ﺍﻭ ﻳﺘﻢ ﺗﺒﺮﺋﺘﻪ
ﻻﻧﻪ ﺷﺨﺺ ﻣﺘﻌﺎﻭﻥ ….
ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﺍﻟﺼﺒﺢ ﻫﺠﻤﺖ ﻣﺠﻤﻮﻋﺔ ﻛﺒﻴﺮﺓ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺴﻔﺎﺭﺓ ﺍﻻﻣﺮﻳﻜﻴﺔ ﻭﻛﺴﺮﻭﺍ ﻣﺮﺵ ﺍﻟﺮﻭﺍﺷﻦ ﻭﻧﻘﺰﻭﺍ ﻓﻲ ﺣﻮﺽ
ﺍﻟﺴﺒﺎﺣﺔ … ﻭﺧﺬﻭﺍ ﻓﻴﺪﻳﻮ ﻟﻠﻌﻤﻠﻴﺔ ﻭﺣﻄﻮﻩ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻔﻴﺲ ﺑﻮﻙ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﻮﻳﺘﺮ …. ﻭﺍﺗﺼﻠﻮﺍ ﺑﺮﻭﻳﺘﺮ ﻭﺣﻜﻮﻟﻬﻢ ﺍﻥ
ﻓﻴﻪ ﻫﺠﻮﻡ ….

ﺍﻷﻣﺮﻳﻜﺎﻥ ﻭﺍﻟﺨﺎﺭﺟﻴﺔ ﻭﺍﺳﺘﺨﺒﺎﺭﺍﺗﻬﻢ ﺗﺤﺮﻛﺖ ﺑﺴﺮﻋﺔ …. ﻭﺍﺗﺼﻠﻮﺍ ﺑﺎﻟﺠﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﻓﻲ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ….

ﻭﺑﻌﺪﻫﺎ ﻳﺘﺼﻞ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﺑﺎﻟﺴﻔﻴﺮﺓ ﺩﻳﺒﻮﺭﺍ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺎﻟﻄﺎ … ﻭﻗﺎﻟﻠﻬﺎ ﺍﻧﺎ ﺳﺄﺗﻜﻔﻞ ﺑﺈﺧﺮﺍﺝ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﻤﻮﻋﺔ ﻭﺣﻤﺎﻳﺔ

ﺳﻔﺎﺭﺗﻜﻢ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻻﻥ ﻓﺼﺎﻋﺪﺍ ﻭﺗﻮﺍ ﻧﺒﻌﺖ ﻣﺠﻤﻮﻋﺔ ﺣﺮﺍﺳﺎﺕ ﻳﻘﻮﺩﻫﺎ ﻣﻮﺳﻰ ﺑﻮﺯﻗﻴﺔ ﻭﻫﻮ ﺗﺒﻌﻲ ﻭﺭﺋﻴﺲ
ﺣﺮﺍﺳﺎﺗﻲ ﺍﻟﺨﺎﺻﺔ

ﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﻗﺎﻝ ﻟﺒﻮﺯﻗﻴﺔ ﺟﻴﺐ ﺻﺤﻔﻴﻴﻦ ﺍﺟﺎﻧﺐ ﻭﺩﺧﻠﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﺴﻔﺎﺭﺓ ﻭﻗﻮﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﻳﺄﺧﺬﻭﺍ ﺗﺼﺎﻭﻳﺮ ﻭﺍﻥ ﻛﻞ ﺷﻲ
ﺗﺤﺖ ﺣﻤﺎﻳﺔ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ….

ﺍﺗﺼﻞ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﺑـ ﺩﻳﺒﻮﺭﺍ ﻭﺣﻜﺎﻟﻬﺎ ﺍﻥ ﻛﻞ ﺷﻲ ﺗﻤﺎﻡ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻔﺎﺭﺓ ﻭﻣﺎ ﻧﻀﺮ ﺣﺪ ….
ﺩﻳﺒﻮﺭﺍ ﺍﺗﺼﻠﺖ ﺑﺎﻟﺨﺎﺭﺟﻴﺔ ﻭﺣﻜﺖ ﺷﻦ ﺻﺎﺭ … ﻭﺑﻌﺪﻫﺎ ﺑﺸﻮﻳﺔ …. ﻛﺘﺒﺖ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺻﻔﺤﺘﻬﺎ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻷﻣﻮﺭ ﺗﻤﺎﻡ
ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻔﺎﺭﺓ ﺣﺴﺐ ﺍﻟﺼﻮﺭ ﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﺷﺎﻓﺘﻬﻢ ﻭﻟﻢ ﻳﺘﻢ ﺍﻗﺘﺤﺎﻣﻬﺎ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﺪﺍﺧﻞ …..
ﺟﻤﻴﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﻘﺼﺔ …. ﺻﺢ ؟

#ﻭﻟﻜﻦ ….

ﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻣﺎﻳﻌﺮﻓﺎﺵ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻷﻣﺮﻳﻜﺎﻥ ﻗﺼﻘﺼﻮﺍ ﻓﻴﺪﻳﻮ ﺍﻻﻗﺘﺤﺎﻡ ﻭﻃﻠﻌﺖ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﻤﻮﻋﺔ ﻛﻠﻬﺎ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ

ﻭﺣﺘﻰ ﺑﻮﺯﻗﻴﺔ ﻣﻌﺎﻫﻢ …. ﻭﺍﻷﻣﺮﻳﻜﺎﻥ ﻳﻀﺤﻜﻮﺍ ﺑﺎﻫﻲ ﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻳﺒﻲ ﻳﻘﺘﺤﻢ ﺳﻔﺎﺭﺓ ﻟﻴﺶ ﻣﺎﺧﺶ ﻭﺍﻻ ﺟﺎﻳﻴﻦ
ﻟﻠﺴﺎﻟﻄﻮﺍﺕ ﺑﺲ

ﺗﻮﺍ ﻳﺒﺎﻟﻚ ﻳﺎ ﺳﻮﻳﺤﻠﻲ ﺍﻧﺖ ﺑﺘﻜﺤﻠﻬﺎ ﻋﻤﻴﺘﻬﺎ ….

{{ﺍﻳﺎﻣﺎﺕ ﺑﺲ ﻭﺗﺴﻤﻌﻮﺍ ﺍﻻﺧﺒﺎﺭ ﺍﻟﺤﻠﻮﺓ}}


Please do not name Decker

There is a prison in the MITIGUA air-base,
Iatgulw youth, in Tripoli
Aadbo and follows them all together dignity
Being God and the agent.


“Army Libyan tribes honest”, posts:

Please publishing broadest ::

A compilation of the mechanics at the headquarters of the criminal Haitham Tagouris Bhanb formerly the headquarters of security and processing of break-ins

and Rishvana under the name of the process of full liberalization.

Come Tlqohna Mjhazeenlkm even Indian meal lunch…


MAYA area 27 of the COASTAL ROAD:

“Army Libyan tribes honest”, reports:


Army brigade noble tribes and Rishvana Iedkon now sites for Abu Obeida gangs and militias and armor Western corner

of locust and mortars and sites located in the mil and Godaúm and ostrich farm in the corner.

God and flee Cal …………..
And has successfully completed many ambushes, fishing and Veer ..
Semiconductor men followers of the terrorist Abu Ubaida now aware of fighting

Abu Mahmoud Shaw .. (Orteurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrepett)


Haaaaaam and our response now :: ::

Maya behind Sahara Bank area Bakkar, where snipers above the monsters and the Jewish Abdullah Mohammed shelter and home Khar, the day of the waxing Talaaohm Hyachehem force and stationed snipers in them. Definite information from a phone call from Maya.


Abu Mahmoud Shaw .. (Orteurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrepett):

Maya area of the 27 were drilled from the coastal road before I hit the region’s youth militia Abu Obaida angular

incitements by bombing the area which is stationed in the jungle Godaúm.



and Rishvana:

Golo God guys:

Was the praise of God defeat dogs Abu Obeida and militias corner and shield Western and God dead Vaqo twenty dead and wounded dozens, Aaarb corner nights Tboso in your children for Heretic Abu Obeida (are in) Amco Hospital corner and Emczu for Sports pleasures corner and Hawko helicopter Kdah DART route to Mitiga ..
Allah is the greatest victory of God apron.

Firas Dadoush, aka Abu Obeida Hamid and gang fighting in TRIPOLI CORNER

Has been confirmed from the corner to fall between 125 killed and wounded in the ranks of the MB armor in today’s clashes between the army and the tribes in Rishvana against the Brotherhood armor and criminal.

A little while ago:
Warplanes bombed Abu Obeida militias and gangs in the corner Godaúm areas and the coastal road and sounds of explosions and smoke plumes in their positions ..
Two-stroke in the head Eugau Aaclab Qatar and Turkey.









This did Kharijites even the house of God did not deliver them ….

These are some pictures of the missiles, which fall indiscriminately on towns and villages

in the tribe and Rishvana ((easy Ajafarh)).

“Zintan ghost-page official”:
News and Rishvana today to just Bahi thankfully, once time Manoucat light weapons,

shooting from afar, for the bombing (by MISURATA MB MILITIAS) currently standing.

Continuation heavy shelling all the cities and villages and Rishvana especially globe and Kerkozh Ameria and Azizia.

God, if Tqadowo Tqcefo full year in their black and ambushes ready and earth mounds, everything fully.

Remember that you will come to more than 25 cities, villages and fields, forests and farms and I know that the inside is missing and abroad births.


Brigade and Rishvana military and the battle fronts 6

Rishvana tribe and fought a fierce battle in January for a period of 2014-
Full month without stopping to 6 axes and fronts against militias
Regional and malevolent Brotherhood and the permission of the government agents were imported.

Killed more than 160 militants and captured 46 of them.

And fell dead 25 civilians and 5 fighters from the tribe as a result, in Rishvana,
of Indiscriminate shelling Bassoreich locusts by militias Brotherhood.

First front:

RISHVANA Kerkozh – the globe – corner Bakiedh Khanb.
Field Mohammed paste (was captured) and Ali paste (was killed)

Second Front:

turf Bakiedh brothers Abdul criminals Alroav Carr
(Fugitive from justice) and Mohammad hater (the killers were in the land of thorns).

Forehead Aiith:

Janzour – hunter Bakiedh Naji Guenida (fugitive)
Ahmed and Toby (was killed in the land of thorns)

Fourth front:

easy-Alghaba – Bakiedh Khanb field

Sifao Boudia (was killed in the land of thorns) and Gneoh Alkkla/Mahdi Haratine (Farr of

The front five:

Sawani – Creamy Bakiedh Khanb field

Haitham Tagouris (fugitive from justice) and Hashim humans (fugitive from justice)

Forehead sixth:

the area of ​​the 27 -

al-Hachan led the criminal Abu Ubaida
Angular (fugitive) and the traitor field Salah Valley (Farr of
Where it is stated that the youth and Rishvana fighter on the battlefield Talibowo

Militias Bafath Jabha seventh to complete the epic seven drums

(# al-O-Rishvana)

شبح الزنتان-صفحة رسميه

ﻟﻮﺍﺀ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﺔ ﺍﻟﻌﺴﻜﺮﻱ ﻭﻣﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﺍﻝ 6 ﺟﺒﻬﺎﺕ
ﺧﺎﺿﺖ ﻗﺒﻴﻠﺔ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﺔ ﻣﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﺷﺮﺳﺔ ﻓﻲ ﺷﻬﺮ ﻳﻨﺎﻳﺮ 2014- ﻭﻟﻤﺪﺓ
ﺷﻬﺮ ﻛﺎﻣﻞ ﺑﺪﻭﻥ ﺗﻮﻗﻒ ﻋﻠﻲ 6 ﻣﺤﺎﻭﺭ ﻭﺟﺒﻬﺎﺕ ﺿﺪ ﻣﻠﻴﺸﻴﺎﺕ
ﺍﻻﺧﻮﺍﻧﻴﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﺠﻬﻮﻳﺔ ﺍﻟﺤﺎﻗﺪﺓ ﻭﺑﺄﺫﻥ ﻣﻦ ﻋﻤﻼﺀ ﺍﻟﺤﻜﻮﻣﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺘﻮﺭﺩﺓ ﻭﺗﻢ
ﻗﺘﻞ ﺃﻛﺜﺮ ﻣﻦ 160 ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﻠﻴﺸﻴﺎﺕ ﻭﺃﺳﺮ 46 ﻣﻨﻬﻢ.
ﻭﺳﻘﻂ 25 ﻗﺘﻴﻞ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﻧﻴﻴﻦ ﻭ 5 ﻣﻘﺎﺗﻠﻴﻦ ﻣﻦ ﻗﺒﻴﻠﺔ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﺔ ﺟﺮﺍﺀ
ﺍﻟﻘﺼﻒ ﺍﻟﻌﺸﻮﺍﺋﻲ ﺑﺎﺻﻮﺭﺍﻳﺦ ﺍﻟﺠﺮﺍﺩ ﻣﻦ ﻗﺒﻞ ﺍﻟﻤﻠﻴﺸﻴﺎﺕ ﺍﻻﺧﻮﺍﻧﻴﺔ
ﺍﻟﺠﺒﻬﻪ ﺍﻻﻭﻟﻲ : ﻗﺮﻗﻮﺯﺓ – ﺍﻟﻤﻌﻤﻮﺭﺓ – ﺍﻟﺰﺍﻭﻳﺔ ﺑﺎﻗﻴﺎﺩﺓ ﺍﻟﺨﺎﻧﺐ
ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺪﺍﻧﻲ ﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﻋﺠﻴﻨﺔ ( ﺗﻢ ﺃﺳﺮﻩ ) ﻭ ﻋﻠﻲ ﻋﺠﻴﻨﺔ ( ﺗﻢ ﻗﺘﻠﻪ )
ﺍﻟﺠﺒﻬﻪ ﺍﻟﺜﺎﻧﻴﺔ : ﺍﻟﻨﺠﻴﻠﺔ ﺑﺎﻗﻴﺎﺩﺓ ﺍﻻﺧﻮﻳﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﺮﻣﻴﻦ ﻋﺒﺪ ﺍﻟﺮﻭﺅﻑ ﻛﺎﺭ
( ﻓﺎﺭ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﺍﻟﺔ ) ﻭﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﻛﺎﺭﻩ ( ﺗﻢ ﻗﺘﻠﺔ ﻓﻲ ﺃﺭﺽ ﺍﻟﺸﻮﻙ )
ﺍﻟﺠﺒﻬﻪ ﺍﻟﺜﺎﻟﺘﺔ : ﺟﻨﺰﻭﺭ – ﺻﻴﺎﺩ ﺑﺎﻗﻴﺎﺩﺓ ﻧﺎﺟﻲ ﻗﻨﻴﺪﻱ ( ﻓﺎﺭ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﺍﻟﺔ )
ﻭﺃﺣﻤﺪ ﻃﻮﺑﻲ ( ﺗﻢ ﻗﺘﻠﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺃﺭﺽ ﺍﻟﺸﻮﻙ )
ﺍﻟﺠﺒﻬﻪ ﺍﻟﺮﺍﺑﻌﺔ : ﺍﻟﻠﻐﺒﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻬﻠﻪ – ﺑﺎﻗﻴﺎﺩﺓ ﺍﻟﺨﺎﻧﺐ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺪﺍﻧﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻴﻔﺎﻭ
ﺑﻮﺩﻳﺔ ( ﺗﻢ ﻗﺘﻠﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺍﺭﺽ ﺍﻟﺸﻮﻙ ) ﻭ ﻏﻨﻴﻮﻩ ﺍﻟﻜﻜﻠﻲ ( ﻓﺎﺭ ﻣﻦ
ﺍﻟﻌﺪﺍﻟﺔ )
ﺍﻟﺠﺒﻬﻪ ﺍﻟﺨﺎﻣﺴﺔ : ﺍﻟﺴﻮﺍﻧﻲ – ﺍﻟﻜﺮﻳﻤﻴﺔ ﺑﺎﻗﻴﺎﺩﺓ ﺍﻟﺨﺎﻧﺐ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺪﺍﻧﻲ ﻫﻴﺜﻢ
ﺍﻟﺘﺎﺟﻮﺭﻱ ( ﻓﺎﺭ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﺍﻟﺔ ) ﻭﻫﺎﺷﻢ ﺑﺸﺮ ( ﻓﺎﺭ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﺍﻟﺔ )
ﺍﻟﺠﺒﻬﻪ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﺩﺳﺔ : ﻣﻨﻄﻘﺔ ﺍﻝ 27 – ﺍﻟﺤﺸﺎﻥ ﺑﻘﻴﺎﺩﺓ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﺮﻡ ﺃﺑﻮ ﻋﺒﻴﺪﺓ
ﺍﻟﺰﺍﻭﻱ ( ﻓﺎﺭ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﺍﻟﺔ ) ﻭﺍﻟﺨﺎﺋﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺪﺍﻧﻲ ﺻﻼﺡ ﻭﺍﺩﻱ (ﻓﺎﺭ ﻣﻦ
ﺍﻟﻌﺪﺍﻟﺔ ).
ﺣﻴﺚ ﻳﺬﻛﺮ ﺍﻥ ﺷﺒﺎﺏ ﻭﺭﺷﻔﺎﻧﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﻘﺎﺗﻞ ﻓﻲ ﺳﺎﺣﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﻃﺎﻟﺒﻮﻭﻭ
ﺍﻟﻤﻠﻴﺸﻴﺎﺕ ﺑﺎﻓﺘﺢ ﺟﺒﻬﻪ ﺳﺎﺑﻌﺔ ﻟﻜﻲ ﺗﻜﺘﻤﻞ ﻣﻠﺤﻤﺔ ﺍﻟﺴﺒﻊ ﻃﺒﻮﻝ




The clashes in the Market of the city of Mslath,

Among the youth of the city against the Brotherhood militias ‘trace Shield’.






Gunmen stormed the city of Misratah Dafuri camp, inhabited by farmers, who are of the displaced Tawergha, Thursday morning, which resulted in killing one person and injuring others.

اقتحم مسلحين من مدينة مصراته مخيم الفلاح الذى يسكنه نازحى تاورغاء صباح اليوم والذي أسفر عن قتل شخص وجرح اخرين



Remember the Third Universal Theory

Mu, the on-going challege to implement the Third Universal Theory


The WAHABI (BROTHERHOOD) are a world -wide vermin, destroying everything, even that which is holy and sacred.

They have demolished mosques and shrines all over Libya. They announce to destroy the Holy Kaaba in Mecca as well.



Mu and Hajj original Mu at the Holy Hajj 3 enhanced

JUMA prayers always….

and Libya will be blessed again…


(one month ago)

 Ihmed Trebelsi, hero:

Zintan-page official

Air Force targeted a bulldozer loaded with ammunition near Azwaitina coming from Misrata to support terrorist groups
Allah is the greatest

And subordinate units of the Libyan army military maneuvers southwest of Tripoli, ready to enter Tripoli and positioning within


Ehna Bedouin nomads including runner-hawks high Mainzlo on carrion

احنا بدو والبدو فيهم صيفة صقور عالية ماينزلو على الجيفة

Army Libyan tribes honest

Our address all Libyans, without exception, all political orientations ..
Everyone should know that our goal is to clean Libya of heretics and the Kharijites
And extremist groups and Brotherhood bankrupt ..

Rotating them and Hantehroa Njusthm of the country ..


Channel Great Jamahiriya

Silks brothers, sisters Liberals 45 years of stepping up and dignity Portal will continue to march sir leader,

and we will celebrate “Eid Al Fateh” with pride and stepping up to Athtamoa to provoke any traitor or Fberaara. Flaém place of celebration Otrivh celebration of the most important, are the people revelers and their sense of celebration ..

O world, we exist and we will celebrate; and I will challenge everyone.

and we will celebrate Bokhalsna and steadfastness on the principle Snbehr the world our love for Muammar al-Qathafi.

Be assured Sir, Commander, that your daughters and your sons Liberal, will celebrate the distant light, even in the simplest way.

It is important as the number and truer sense. . We defied the world and proved your presence, O beloved leader

and we have equipped your photos and videos Ahtdakm to Tnscheroha through your pages and pages Resistance Fbachroa processing,

to prove your presence from now until the promised day Otz in Tykes and lengthwise crosswise ferry writing words sound on Paltalk pictures, leaflets singing the simplest ways, and Bosabha on the ground, on the Internet within the country, or outside, or even in the Mars.

It is important, that we are on the hearts and a thorn in the Helloukkm Thbtona, and will never give up ..

Therefore, O Vlchhd world, we will celebrate “Eid Al Fateh” with dignity and glory; because, we are free and supervision of the ‘ousted al-Qathafi’ and proud ¤¤¤

¤¤ and live as state Cronies
(¤¤¤ lawyer leader)







Libya needs help to defeat WAHABI-Islamist militias, says foreign


Foreign minister Mohamed Abdel Aziz warns against a co-alition of inter-global WAHABI-Islamic-factions ‘who are now stronger than any one government itself’

Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdel Aziz at the fourth Ministerial Meeting for the Neighbouring Countries of Libya in Cairo. Photograph: REUTERS

Libya needs foreign help to defeat an alliance of inter-global WAHABI-Islamist militias who seized Tripoli on Sunday, announcing a breakaway regime (calling themseves the ‘salvation of Libya’ or “LIBYA DAWN”), and who are “now stronger than any one government itself”, the country’s foreign minister has told the Guardian.

Mohamed Abdel Aziz stressed he was not calling for direct foreign military intervention. But he said Libya’s government, which has fled east to Tobruk, is now unable to safeguard key state institutions by itself, and called for “arms and any other equipment … that could ensure the possibility of protecting our strategic sites, our oilfields, our airports” against militias “stronger than the government itself, and who now possess arms even more sophisticated than the government”.

Abdel Aziz’s call came as the new WAHABI BROTHERHOOD militia leadership in Tripoli appointed a former guerrilla commander as head of a reconvened WAHABI BROTHERHOOD Islamist-led parliament, formally breaking with the country’s elected government. Omar al-Hasi, a former commander with the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group, which fought against Muammar al-Qathafi, was announced as “prime minister” of the officially defunct general national congress by Islamist leaders meeting in a city hotel.

The move came amid a wave of attacks across Tripoli the day after it was captured on Sunday by Libya Dawn, an alliance of WAHABI-Islamist militias and their allies from Misrata. Gangs of armed men ransacked and burned homes of government supporters and residents from tribes sympathetic to the government. Misratan militias captured Tripoli international airport and set it ablaze. Vigilante patrols swept the streets demanding to see identity documents, and many people feared to leave their homes. Several reported being chased by WAHABI-BROTHERHOOD militiamen. “They have now started burning houses and property belonging to people from Zintan, Warshafana, Warhafal and the east,” one resident tweeted. “Street fighting in different places, not safe.”

Speaking to the Guardian in Cairo, Abdel Aziz ruled out requesting foreign air strikes against the insurgents in the short term – but hinted that they might be needed if negotiations with the rebels fail. “Once we cannot achieve a serious or meaningful dialogue among all the factions, perhaps we can resort to other means afterwards,” said Abdel Aziz, who was at a conference for regional foreign ministers about the future of Libya.

But he said immediate foreign assistance was essential to the future of the country. “Without this protection, without the expertise to enable the government to be able to deliver goods to the people, it will be difficult to talk about smooth transition from the false ’17 Geharr revolution’,  to building a state with a rule of law and viable government.”

On Monday the rule of law had all but collapsed in Tripoli. A government official claimed tens of thousands had fled the capital. A BBC correspondent in the city, Rana Jawad, tweeted: “In past 48 hrs many – if not majority – of apartments of Hay el Zohour compound on airport road have been ransacked acc to witnesses.”

Journalists have also been singled out. There were attacks on the nationalist TV station, Al Asima, while the home of a correspondent for TV channel Al Arabiya was set ablaze. Villas of government officials were set alight and gunfire erupted in several districts of the city. Wahabi-Islamists have replaced the editors of the two state TV stations, with the government responding by blocking their satellite signal.

A resident tweeted: “Tripoli is only safe if you are ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood or Misratan. If anyone speaks out they will  lose home and possibly life.”

In Benghazi, another WAHABI-Islamist militia, Ansar al Sharia, called for Libya’s WAHABI-Islamists to form a united front with the KHARIJITES:

“Proclaim that your struggle is for the Islamic-Caliphate and not democratic legitimacy, so the world unites under the same banner.”


Libya’s legitimate parliament, the House of Representatives, met in the eastern city of Tobruk and appointed a new chief of staff. It denounced the attacks:

“The groups acting under the names of “Fajr [Dawn] Libya” and “Ansar al Sharia” are terrorist groups and outlaws.”



‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and terrorist groups make OMAR HASSI their new Prime Minister of Libya !

Libya’s defunct outgoing Allaotunai Conference of the (MB) General National Congress (GNC), has appointed a new prime minister in a move set to deepen the country’s political split as warring factions vie for control of the country.
The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood dominated GNC, “reconvened” on Monday in Tripoli and elected Islamist-backed terrorist, Omar al-Hassi, a lecturer in political science at the University of Benghazi, as their “new” prime minister…

picture: the defunct MB General National Congress:

The image, created specially for the “West” to see:

The closing statement of the ministerial meeting came as the WAHABI Brotherhood Islamists, who seized Tripoli airport from the Zintan Airport Security teams on Sunday, doubled down on their opposition to the new assembly.

The WAHABI BROTHERHOOD Islamist-leaning former interim parliament — whose term of office expired in February — held a session in Tripoli, reportedly at the behest of the triumphant WAHABI Brotherhood Islamist militias, and elected university professor Omar al-Hassi to head a “national salvation government”. Libyan news site quoted General National Congress spokesman Omar Humeidan as saying the assembly had ordered a state of emergency and general mobilization.

The Criminal coalition of WAHABI Brotherhood Islamist militias and forces from the mid-western city of Misurata, known as “Libya’s Dawn”, meanwhile undertook a campaign of “arrests” (which really are illegal ABDUCTIONS) in the capital, “al-Wasat” reported quoting witnesses.

Libyans to Omar Hassi (who commissioned the work of the government in Tripoli coup) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

LANA, quoting TV network al-Nabaa, on Wednesday said the ministers of industry (Suleiman al Taif) , labor, planning, education and water resources, and the state minister for the affairs of the wounded, have submitted their resignations along with Abdullah “bending” al-Thani.

The evil WAHABI MB dares to ride again in LIBYA

Unexpected sanctions against members of the House of Representatives absent.



Gulf Co-operation Council recognizes the House of Representatives, representing the lonely Libya
Qatari minister leaves the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) meeting:

Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid bin Mohammed al-Attiyah, left, arrives to attend a meeting of Gulf foreign ministers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saturday 30 Aug. 2014.

The meeting of Gulf foreign ministers ended on Saturday without a clear way out of a monthslong diplomatic spat with Qatar, although some envoys signaled that progress had been made.

Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in March in an unprecedented public protest largely believed to be spurred by the tiny nation’s support for Islamist groups in Egypt, Libya, the Gaza Strip and elsewhere.

Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid bin Mohammed al-Attiyah, left, arrives to attend a meeting of Gulf foreign ministers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saturday Aug. 30, 2014. The meeting of Gulf foreign ministers ended on Saturday without a clear way out of a monthslong diplomatic spat with Qatar, although some envoys signaled that progress had been made. Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in March in an unprecedented public protest largely believed to be spurred by the tiny nation's support for Islamist groups in Egypt, Libya, the Gaza Strip and elsewhere. (AP Photo/Saudi Press Agency)

(AP Photo/Saudi Press Agency) The Associated Press

good work against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:


Zintan ghost-page official:


Some of the leaks to some sources, the names of war criminals debt will be referred

To the International Criminal Court

0.1 Salah Badi
0.2 Abdul-hakim Belhadj
0.3 sincere Sadak Gharyiani
0.4 Akilla Giani Gneoh aka al-Mahdi Abdul al-Haratne,
0.5 Abdel Raouf “hater”.
0.6 Interface Language Group
0.7 Salah al-Baraka
0.8 Haitham Tagouris.

And other criminals



Salah al-Baraka “Tung”, faced an assassination attempt during his entrance to the town of Tarhunah on Friday


Salah Badi and some men of his DAWN LIBYA ‘Paddy’ militia:


Haitham Tagouris and his gang of fighters:



LIBYAN WAHABI's showing Mohammed Sawan w mustache and goatee

A prominent MB WAHABI-Islamist leader, Mohammed Sawan, blamed the House of Representatives for the current crisis (!!), saying that its “dangerous and provocative decisions” had led ‘many Libyans’ to reject it. (HAH, HAH)

“The new parliament is recognized as having electoral legitimacy, but at the same time its decisions are ‘not recognized by a wide segment of the Libyan people’,” Mohammed Sawan, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked ‘Construction and Development Party’, told dpa.

The MB WAHABI-Islamist leader justified the recall of the General National Congress, saying the ‘new parliament ‘ (HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES)  had not complied with constitutional requirements as to how it should take office or where it should meet.

As for Libya’s Dawn,

Sawan said, it came about because

“ ‘revolutionaries’ (ChMMMM!!) saw that certain armed groups were ‘dominating’ the state, with the airport and the oil ports and energy sources (LIAR!!!). …

In light of the government’s silence and incapacity, the revolutionaries acted to recover these key state resources.” (LIES!!)

Violence in Libya escalated in May when General Khalifa Hftar and his loyalist militias launched a military campaign against various hardline MB WAHABI-Islamist militias in Benghazi.

Among his prime targets was Ansar al-Sharia.

Army commanders and local tribes have backed Major-General Hftar’s drive since May. His MB WAHABI-critics have accused him of seeking power, a charge he has repeatedly denied.

Major-General Hftar’s forces with the Special Forces “THUNDERBOLT”,  have seen some of their bases in Benghazi

being overrun by the MB WAHABI-Islamists.

The House of Representatives has been meeting in the smaller eastern city of Tobruk, which has remained stable.

Mohammed Sawan of muslim-brotherhood-in-libya

 Mohammed Hadia spokesman for the MB WAHABI Islamist Fajr Libya operation ‘Dawn of Libya’, gave a press conference in Tripoli on 23 August 2014

Mohammed Hadia spokesman for the MB WAHABI Islamist Fajr Libya operation 'Dawn of Libya', gave a press conference in Tripoli on 23 August 2014


against Zintan and Zintani Media:




A MB Battalion from # Nalut participated in the destruction of Tripoli, along with forces aspiring “the dawn of Libya” leave Tripoli

after a disagreement over a site that was held by the Libyan army and some other “booty”.

# Massadr_libia_tthdt


كان في مطـــــــــــــــــار !! :D
الى ماشفش فيديو هذا فاته جو كله


Lire la vidéo0:45

شبح الزنتان-صفحة رسميه


Zintan ghost-page official

MB Central Libyan “Shield” .. Comb Saadawi battalion headquarters in the eye of the Ministry.
Note that the battalion participated with MISURATA Saadawi and Akkla Gneoh (alias al-Mahdi Abdul al-Haratne) in front Neighborhood Huts/ Cottages.

Cottage neighborhood Cafe in Sunrise was torn down by the MB al-MISURATI
Sunrise Cafe district of shacks were torn down by Militias of Misurata Saadawi with GNEOH MILITIAS (ABU SALIM):



“Amir Libya”, says:
Please caution Hey liberals and Rishvana because the corner is equipping fierce attack and four axes and have 3 days Ikmoa processing full Aslaha cars and meat for cars and now it is the heart of the corner of the emergence of cars Specials has the Itzhlh and potential attack will dawn with Misurata from the opposite side ……. surrender to the enemy …

The terrorists the victory they admit to planning and execution of the attack upon Tripoli…

Terrorist Youssef said Firas Dadoush, aka Abu Obeida Hamid on Syrian TV aired confessions yesterday: “I was born in Damascus and I hold a degree in English…”

The man nicknamed “Abu Obeida angular» faces charges including belonging to a terrorist group and Al-Qaeda“, noting that it was one of the leaders of Al Qaeda in Libya, and there is suspicion also in contact with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt, the Egyptian Government has classified the group as a “terrorist organization”.

Egypt says:

“we condemn terrorism in any place». Egyptian authoriies said that the Flash drive is the so-called «rebel» room, noting that the Government is of the bear, and the incident reflects the lack of Libya to the State, saying that the militias are ruling Libya now. And «gift», background he was in Yemen and Sudan and known as Islamic Fighting Group.

Egyptian security sources said that the authorities arrested «gift», nicknamed “Abu Obeida angular», on the North-West Coast in Egypt, after monitoring of secret meetings between him and members of the brotherhood in Egypt to arrange for terrorist operations in Egypt during the celebrations of the third anniversary of January 25. Egyptian authorities arrested «gift» specially prepared an ambush in an area between the provinces of Matrouh and Alexandria.

The sources added that «angular» is one of the leaders of the Libyan Islamic fighting group founded early 1990s in Afghanistan before heading to work on Libyan territory against the rule of the late Colonel moamer kadhafi. The “angular” seen some in Libya as the right-hand man of Abu Anas liby» one large temples to organize.

The «Libya» rebel operations room one of the militia with thousands of militants and the State depend on insurance operations in the country, which lacks a strong army. Seen by some as “armed arm of the brotherhood in Libya.”

“Benghazi has everyone…” by Mariam Al-ajili
Posted on: 26 Jan. 2014 by management al-Aamhla

“Army Libyan tribes honest”
(Important for publication and circular))

The owners of these names are the ones who are fighting under the banner of al-Qaeda under the leadership of Shaaban gift terrorist nicknamed (Abu Obeida) my father was training in Afghanistan, along with Abdul Hakim Belhadj :

1-2-AlKhadrawi Mohammed Hussein Ali Mohamed Samir Hadi Abousribe 3 Khlav 4 and 5 Khlav Walid Hadi Ali Mohamed bin Rajab, a gas plant and oxygen 6 Sami Arab Eagle assistant Mohammed Abu Obeida Khlav 7 8 9 Dra Arab Salah Mohamed Mukhtar Dra10- Mohammed cosmic AlKhadrawi 11 Shibani Tahir Emhemed Shibani 12 Kelany Idriss Kelany 13 Omar Mahmoud Abul Qasim wold 14 to 15 Amer Syrian woodcutter woodcutter on the Syrian 16.-Tayeb Hussein Salem Lumberjack 17 Mansour Mohammed Shibani aka Jerusalem 18. Juma Mohammed Shibani aka Jerusalem 19. Sam Mohammed Shibani aka Jerusalem 20. Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Qlauz 21. Hadi Abdul Rahim al-Ghoul 22. Mohammed Ibrahim Omar Little Lumberjack 23. Majdoub 24. Hamza small Majdoub 25. Hamid Omar Latif 26. on Tahir Albuaiche 27. Ramzy Pacific Chaouch 28. Adel Ramadan reus 29. Magdy Ramadan Abdulaziz Chaouch

30. Khaled on Arab individual 31. Abdulhakim on Syrian woodcutter 32. Pacific Ibrahpm woodcutter 33. Akram Hussein Mashat 34. Takhr Abdullah Ahmed Shibani 35. birth Syrian 36. Nasser Al-Tayeb Hussein woodcutter 37. on cosmic woodcutter 38. Abdul Karim light woodcutter 39. Mamedabousribe 40. Salah Mohammed Saghir Hangari 41. Marwan Abdullah Mashat 42. Sami Abul Qasim wilderness 43. Abdalbagi reus 44. Hussein Mohammed Saleh al-Sharif 45. Imad Amer Radwan Shin 46. on the individual 47. tenter Hussein Abu Bakar Bashir 48. Shoukry drowsiness 49. Ramadan Khalifa woodcutter woodcutter 50. Sami on 51. Jamal Khalifa Abdullah Al Khalifa 52. Abdulsalam Abdullah Hamza 53. Sunni Tahar Ben Hussein Abdul Ghani 54. Hussein Taher Mohammed Abdul Salam 55. Almoktov Qlauz 56. on Omar Latif 57. Badr al-Din Shaaban Ibrahim Shibani 58. alive reus 59. Fathi cosmic woodcutter -

60 Azhar Sadiq Mohammed Abdel-Moneim 61. on Baichy 62.-Tahir Ahmed Amer Mamedalkady 63. Khmaj 64 Abojeelh Hangari 65. Tariq Mohammed Khalifa Amory 66. Musab al-Durra Abul Qasim 67. hostile Ledra 68. Abul Qasim Abdul Karim Hadi Chaouch 69. Abdel Basset al-Hadi Ahmed Chaouch 70. Arab Albraihani 71. SE Salem drowsiness 72. Fadel Abdalroav injectables 73. Mohamed Abdel Alroav Aazruq 74. Marwan Hadi injectables 75. Nafi Abdul Ghani Ledra 76 in favor of Mahfouz Mahfouz 77. Emhemed Imran Sabir 78. Tawfik 79.-Saadi Ahmed Mohamed Nouri Alvetora 80. mage 81. Osama Omar Mukhtar Mukhtar Eagle 82. Rashid Masood Qadir Eagle 83. successful 84. Shukri Osman Mqadsh 85 – Abdul Hakim Othman Amqadsh 86. Fahmi Salem Eagle 87. Mohamed Mahmoud Ramadan Ledra 88. Dra 89.-Tahir Akram Abdul Ghani Sassi Taboucheh 90. Mohammed Mustafa Abdel Gawad

91. Abdul Bari Sassi Tbush 92. Abdulmutallab key Eagle 93. Hesham Mohamed Larbi Albraihani 94. Abdulhakim on Ghwell 95. Walid Salem Ghwell 96. Fathi Taher Nasrat 97. F Shabani. Titled Aldanby 100. Mahdi Taher Abdel Fattah Chaouch 101 Ajili Da’ak 102. Mohamed Fathy and 103 to 104 Pshinh Hatem Mohammed Bashir Abuaoppe 105. Imad al-Bashir Abuaoppe -106 Imad Sassi spouses 107.-Bashir Qadri Hrath 108. Hisham Hussein Sheikh Hani 109. Fathi doubt 110. Fadi Ammar Greyhound 111. Atman Miloud hip 112. Mohammed Abdul Karim to restrain 113.-Taher Khalifa Almqoz 114. Abdulrahman Omar Jamal Mukhtar Almqoz 115. doubt 116. Abdul Khaliq Mukhtar doubt 117. Abdul Karim Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Hassan Ibrahim 118. 119 – Almoktov 121.-Mukhtar Hassan Hamza al-Mukhtar Hassan Hussein Taher Alsoiei 122.-123 Abdul Wahid Faraj gift 124. Shaaban Masoud Khalifa gift 125. Mustaa Shaibani Zockari 126. on behalf of Sheikh Hussein.

جيش القبائل الليبية الشريفة

( هام للنشر والتعميم))
اصحاب هذه الاسماء هم الذين يقاتلون تحت راية تنظيم القاعدة تحت قيادة شعبان هدية الارهابى الملقب ب(ابوعبيده) الدى كان يتدرب في أفغانستان الى جانب عبد الحكيم بلحاج

1- محمد حسين الخضراوي 2- علي محمد ابوزريبه 3- سمير الهادي كشلاف 4- وليد الهادي كشلاف 5- علي محمد بن رجب صاحب مصنع غاز واكسجين 6- سامي العربي النسر مساعد ابوعبيده 7- محمد كشلاف 8- صلاح العربي دراء 9- محمد المختار درا 10- محمد الكوني الخضراوي 11- الشيبانى الطاهر امحمد الشيبانى 12- الكيلانى ادريس الكيلانى 13- عمر ابوالقاسم القفر 14- محمود على السورى الحطاب 15- عامر على السورى الحطاب 16- سالم الطيب حسين الحطاب 17- منصور محمد الشيبانى الملقب بالقدس 18- جمعه محمد الشيبانى الملقب بالقدس 19- وسام محمد الشيبانى الملقب بالقدس 20- محمود عبد السلام قلعوز 21- عبدالرحيم الهادى الغول 22- محمد ابراهيم الحطاب 23- عمر الصغير المجدوب 24- حمزه الصغير المجدوب 25- حامد على عمر عبداللطيف 26- على على الطاهر البوعيشي 27- رمزى الهادى الشاوش 28- عادل رمضان الجرمى 29- مجدى رمضان عبدالعزيز الشاوش 30- خالد على العربى الفرد 31- عبدالحكيم على السورى الحطاب 32- الهادى ابراهبم الحطاب 33- اكرم حسين المشاط 34- عبدالله الطاخر الشيبانى 35- احمد ميلاد السورى 36- ناصر الطيب حسين الحطاب 37- على الكونى الحطاب 38- عبد الكريم بنور الحطاب 39- صلاح محمدابوزريبه 40- محمد الصغير الهنقارى 41- مروان عبدالله المشاط 42- سامى ابوالقاسم القفر 43- عبدالباقى حسين الجرمى 44- محمد صالح الشريف 45- عماد عامر الشين 46- رضوان على الفرد 47- باسط حسين ابوبكر 48- شكرى البشير النعاس 49- رمضان خليفه الحطاب 50- سامى على الحطاب 51- جمال خليفه عبدالله 52- عبدالسلام خليفه عبدالله 53- حمزة السنى الطاهر بن حسين 54- عبدالغنى حسين الطاهر 55- محمد عبدالسلام المقطوف قلعوز 56- على عمر عبداللطيف 57- بدر الدين شعبان الشيبانى 58- حيين ابراهيم الجرمى 59- فتحى الكونى الحطاب 60- الازهر الصادق محمد 61- عبدالمنعم على البعيشى 62- الطاهر محمدالقاضى 63- احمد عامر خماج 64- طارق ابوعجيله الهنقارى 65- محمد خليفه العمورى 66- مصعب ابوالقاسم درا 67- معاد ابوالقاسم درا 68- عبد الكريم الهادي الشاوش 69- عبد الباسط الهادي الشاوش 70- احمد العربي البريشني 71- سراج سالم النعاس 72- فاضل عبدالروؤف الزروق 73- محمد عبد الروؤف اازروق 74- مروان الهادي الزروق 75- نافع عبد الغني درا 76- محفوظ صالح محفوظ 77- امحمد عمران صابر 78- توفيق على السعدي 79- احمد محمد الفتوري 80- نوري عمر بركه 81- اسامه المختار النسر 82- رشيد المختار النسر 83- عبدالقادر مسعود الناجح 84- شكري عثمان مقيدش 85- عبد الحكيم عثمان امقيدش 86- فهمي سالم النسر 87- محمد محمود رمضان درا 88- اكرم الطاهر دراء 89- عبد الغني ساسي طبوشه 90- محمد مصطفي عبد الجواد 91- عبد الباري ساسي طبوسه 92- عبد المطلب مفتاح النسر 93- هشام محمد العربي البريشني 94- عبدالحكيم على الغويل 95- وليد سالم الغويل 96- الطاهر فتحى نصرات 97- جمعة الشبانى. ملقب الدانبى 100- المهدى على الطاهر الشاوش 101- عبدالفتاح العجيلى الدعيك 102- محمد فتحى والى 103- حاتم بشينه 104- محمد البشير ابوعوبه 105- عماد البشير ابوعوبه 106- عماد ساسي قرينات 107- قدري البشير شراطه 108- هشام حسين الشيخ 109- هاني فتحي الشك 110- فادي عمار السلوقي 111- عتمان ميلود الهب 112- محمد عبدالكريم ﻻبح 113- الطاهر خليفه المقوز 114- عبدالرحمن عمر المقوز 115- جمال المختار الشك 116- عبد الخالق المختار الشك 117- عبد الكريم محمد حسن 118- ابراهيم محمد حسن 119- المقطوف المختار حسن 121- حمزة المختار حسن 122- حسين الطاهر الصويعي 123- عبد الواحد فرج هديه 124- شعبان مسعود خليفة هدية 125- مصطعي الشيباني الزوكاري 126- باسم حسين الشيخ .



“Zero hour”, on FB WARNS us:

Please discernible caution
There is a gate in the hand Abouhmirh children on the outskirts of the corner of stealing cars from passing all of them being robbed






Army Libyan tribes honest:

And deluded dreamers and including can not ..

• militias, the so-called dawn Libya Alangas foundlings
Descendants of the Turks and the Italians are planning to attack the zone

and Rishvana Mujahid dawn today from 4 axes ..

Let’s tell them you will not find in us a coward ..
And Snalmkm meaning of manhood O Tdonha ..

Allah is the greatest over Kidd aggressor

Kharijites and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the remnants of the descendants

of the Turks and Italians and Jews
Sivhlon from the horror of what they will see ..

And God is my witness
And Allah is the greatest over Kidd aggressor ..

Army Libyan tribes honest:

A tribute to the men and heroes and Rishvana army and tribes for their steadfastness

under rocket locusts blind Ikcefha militias terrorist Abu Ubaida and his followers from them to the Brotherhood ..

Steadfastness and not to kill them .. our attack them Mduchhm ..
And waited surprises ..

 Homeland news |

military preparations and facilities within the area and Rishvana and to respond to the MB armed groups

that are bombing residential neighborhoods missiles “locusts,” and many of the fears transfer to this strife

within the areas of the capital Tripoli again.



“Zero hour”, on FB comments:
“Ate more than pray for our people in the steadfast and Rishvana and Zionist shelling them from three sides”




The Zintan Brigades with the Tribes of Libya


The Zintan Brigades with the Tribes of Libya:

Zintan ghost-page official:

Full denial of rumors broadcast by the appointed site for news about Libya asking for reconciliation with the International Community and recognizing the Brotherhood’s re-appearance in the GNC CONGRESS !

It was a good omen for us not to do so, because of our history of their torture upon our domestic sovereign home; and how they abused our bodies. Therefore, please do not moieties such lies, and do not take them into account.

Thank you.

ننفي كامل الأشاعات التي يبثها موقع عين ليبيا الأخباري عن طلبنا للصلح و تسليمنا للأسري بل كانت بادرة خير منا للأن ليس من صفاتنا تعذيب الأسري والتنكيل بجثثهم و نرجو عدم الأنصاف لمثل هذه الأكاذيب والأخذ بها بعين الأعتبار

و شكراً




“Brigade operations Qaqaa, Lightning, & civil 32 enhanced”:

Some tails Misurata regions (Gado – Kklh – Gharyan – Kapaau – Zuwarah) they are pillaging, burning and looting of homes and properties of Zintan and Al-Rajaban and Rishvana.

These traitors, in doing so, demonstrate the extent of hatred trove of free zones that stood against their projects phantom; and disaster large will replace them,

That most of them are residents of the mountain and passing through Rishvana (Yala misery luck), just Tnfkm that city by unjust people.

Thank God that everyone appeared on the reality; and that tomorrow is in sight, and justice is nearby …


Lire la vidéo

Zintan ghost-page official:

# In the footsteps of ancestors
# # Numerous reasons .. and one Sowaihaili
Date # Misurata two pages .. cached page where the country .. and the Italians have a page allegiance to Qatar ..

# Book Misurata Aain Mashvt ZEW book .. # virility where two lines and all the rest Khiab ..

#على خطى الأجداد
#تعددت الأسباب .. #والسويحلي واحد
#تاريخ مصراته صفحتين .. صفحة باعو فيها البلاد للطليان .. وصفحة بيعتهم لها لقطر ..#كتاب مصراته ياعين ماشفت زيو كتاب .. #الرجوله فيه سطرين والباقي كله خياب ..








Army Libyan tribes honest

Of paramount importance .. (Channel Libyan tribes)

Through the pages of social networking and through a lot of contacts
Incoming us from a lot of areas on the Libyan Conference
Libyan tribes, which will be held in Bani Walid during the days
Coming from there and said that the schedule next Monday.
In a telephone conversation with President of the Council for Social tribes
Dr. Saleh and Rafla Mayouf.
He stated that this meeting is not a conference, and will be limited to
The presidency of the Supreme Council of the Libyan tribes and cities and attendance

Number of targets (30) delegates representing tribal people
The Libyan cities in the western region and the eastern and southern
Representing (10) persons from each region.
And it will discuss the situation in Libya and provide a vision and proposals
God willing, will contribute in Libya out of this dark tunnel
And untrue news of goal in the presence of all the tribes of all
Throughout Libya

(This is for information and publishing and we hope to generalize the importance there-of)





Hftar is helping to secure security in Libya by eliminating terrorists

Hftar is helping to secure security in Libya by eliminating terrorists





# Picture of one explosion gas lines, a subsidiary of Sirte Balbrivh ..

blast occurred near the area of ​​South Brega Achilles due to an increase in pressure on the tube ..

Fire trucks and headed for the safety section of the company to the place immediately to put out the fire …





افعال يهود مزراطة فى طرابلس

Lire la vidéo







Violent clashes between the dignity forces of Hftar (with Thunderbolt), and Ansar al-Sharia in area of Boatni


After the fall of the warplane bombed sites Brass Crescent and during the return landed near the city of Casablanca

for technical reasons and the driver survived.

la vidéo de ‎قناة الجماهيرية العظمى‎.

17 min ·
“Channel Great Jamahiriya:
There is a great struggle and a big difference between (Aoroba.asaudih .alamarat) ..

and the other party (Amrakia.qtr .trkiya):

On the issue of the last team, is in support of terrorism and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood,

and Azdouhah Calibrator Turn regional and international issues and the Arab world ……

Misrata militias and a group of Gypsies Ibia.fa Mnfd Ras Igdir Arkpo system, are in the wanted lists of the ICC, along with Kabdan Ali’s 3 people.
The same enemy, the enemy terrorist murderer sons of the Libyan army, who Atalegto by the name of al-Qathafi when Kanu wounded in a hospital in Tripoli, where # Abu Salim been killed in cold blood, as they lay in sickbeds in 2011,
today kills the sons of the Libyan people today, just like yesterday …
(Son of the Conqueror)


قناة الجماهيرية العظمى

نفس العدو، العدو الارهابي قاتله ابناء الجيش الليبي الذي اطلقتو عليه اسم كتائب القذافي عندما كانو جرحى في مستشفى ابوسليم ‫#‏بطرابلس‬ حيث قتلو بدم بارد وهم فراش المرض في عام 2011 اليوم يقتل ابناء الشعب الليبي ما اشبه اليوم بالأمس…‫#‏ليبيا‬

ابن الفاتح

Channel Great Jamahiriya

After the fall of the warplane bombed sites Brass Crescent and during the return landed near the city of Casablanca

for technical reasons and the driver survived.

Hedda pilot “Ibrahim Abed Rabbo exile”, says: My father was killed in a plane crash in warlike CASABLANCA today … which is one of my father’s people, who participated in the convoy of the Libyan army that was hit, as it was coming to cleanse the city of Benghazi # of terrorists on 19-3-2011 …

Zintan ghost-page official

Information may not be known to many people willing to martyr
God Colonel Ibrahim Abed Rabbo is exiled from Aoukm
With most of the bombing sorties against the Kharijites and supporters of evil
Especially in Benghazi possible 70% of
Rickety aircraft overflights scapegoat for the homeland!
God rest his soul.


(Son of the Conqueror)

 Channel Great Jamahiriya
Martyrs armed people, we will not forget you ……

شهداء الشعب المسلح ……لن ننساكم

Lire la vidéo



airforce bombed sites in Derna in eastern Libya-




 Libya against terrorism, yes to the army and police:

URGENT | International channel sources: # Abdallah_iina won the confidence

of the House of Representatives majority.

 Abdullah Hussein Al-Lafi. Member of the House from the corner:



Abduction Haj Saleh Alfrujy Gaddafi Bsabha by militias # boys Solomon (SULEIMAN)

PICTURE: ‘Sons of Guns’ same as MB terrorist gangs ‘Sons of Suleiman':




Urgent: Dubai Police at the request of Interpol invited billionaire ALI al-DABAIBA (‫#‏علي_ادبيبة_المـُصراتي‬) stops required to Interpol on charges of robbery and theft and looting public funds and placed under house arrest at his luxury Jumeirah coast area of Dubai,

Ali al-Dabaiba is the former “head of projects and the development of cities and facilities” under the GNC Allaotunai Conference, until his person being named and linked to the financing of Islamic groups and armed militias inside, and by the Interpol reports said earlier.


Urgent international trumpet:
Police emirate of Dubai and at the request of Interpol, the international stop billionaire named Ali_adbebh_al-Musrati required Interpol on charges of theft and embezzlement and looting of public money and put under house arrest at his palace in the luxurious area of the coast of Jumeirah in Dubai, The al-Dbebh is the former head of the projects and the development of cities and utilities in under the puppet GNC regime, until his name was called and the machine has to do with the financing of Islamist groups and armed militias internal and according to what reports said Interpol earlier.


Zintan ghost-page official:

News about the arrest of Libyans in the UAE to support the process, “the dawn of Libya”.

There were reports of a campaign of arrests launched by their security services.

Allah is the greatest !




Gulf Cooperation Council

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A meeting of Gulf foreign ministers ended on Saturday without a clear way out of a monthslong diplomatic spat with Qatar, although some envoys signaled that progress had been made.

Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in March in an unprecedented public protest largely believed to be spurred by the tiny nation’s support for WAHABI-Islamist groups in Egypt, Libya, the Gaza Strip and elsewhere. They accused Qatar of interfering in their domestic affairs and failing to uphold a security pact drawn up last year.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia have little tolerance for ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood-linked activity and perceive the WAHABI-Islamist group as a threat to their political systems.

Despite weeks of secretive talks, the statement by the ministers on Saturday made no mention of a resolution with Qatar.

Instead, the group’s lengthy statement addressed a wide range of regional issues, starting with the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council’s condemnation of terrorism and support for international efforts to combat the financing of the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

The GCC statement also said ministers discussed relations with Iran, the Israel-Hamas cease-fire in Gaza, protests in Yemen and the fighting in Libya — issues where there are sharp policy differences among the Gulf countries.

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”: reports that

Qatari minister to leave the GCC meeting Ba # Jeddah

Do you know why he left?!

Because the Gulf Cooperation Council will issue a statement that acknowledges Bamcil House of Representatives is the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

News says hikes awarded to the Gulf Cooperation Council put pressure on Qatar to intervene in the stoppage of the internal affairs of the Gulf states and the Arab States

It will go back to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council expelled from Qatar and lock the land borders and airspace for air and sever relations if it continues in Altand.

“The victory comes only from God”

IMAM MAHDI, Mu'Ammar Gadhafi, mystic Mu mystic

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, in his State-visit-to-Italy, on the second-day, initiates a new convert to Islam, and hands to her new copies of the Green Book and Holy Quran.

Mu in-state-visit-to-italy--second-day initiates a new convert to Islam and hands  Green Book and Holy Quran

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi:

“The victory comes only from God”


Omar Ali:


“Greetings from the heart to the Champions al-Zintani and al-Rajabaaan of Khotkm and Rishvana Khotna you and God and you, our people and Manradwa Haaajh and lived bonding and brotherhood among us who forever.”


Muhammad Ali:

Oh say Amin:

Oh Mark Towers District of huts and Natihat cloud

Oh Mark Hotels International Airport Road and Palaces hospitality

Oh Mark Tripoli International Airport one of the best airports in the world and the existence Ziah

Oh Mark Theratih downtown museums and buildings instead of towers overhead Ntaha

Oh God, make the Koran the spring of our hearts and renege on a mosque in every place

And Mark Mmermoma and superficial way and free of discarded drilling Rimamh

Oh, and Mark Coti tourist resorts and deserts purity

Oh, and open the door to every young man living in the land of Libya pure nor deny durable

Amar and this nation and Akhalafh succession and Mark every inch of the place Mstraha

Mark and to the security and prosperity of the Diarra

Mark army and the army does not void nor a liar

Mark and sustainable development in each patch of the country always durable

And Mark boon to Aslam always Azaúlh and not falsely nor a liar

Say Amin

# Muhammad Ali

لواء القعقاع الزنتان


محمد على

اللهم قول أمين :

اللهم إجعل حى ﻷكواخ ابراج وناطيحات سحابه

اللهم إجعل طريق المطار فنادق دولية وقصور ضيافة

اللهم إجعل مطار طرابلس الدولى من افضل مطارات العالم جوده وضياه

اللهم إجعل وسط المدينة متاحف ثراتية وبدل العمارات ابراج علوية نطاحه

اللهم إجعل القران ربيع قلوبنا واخلف مسجد فى كل مكانه

و اجعل الطريق مرمومة وسطحية وخالية من الحفر المرمية ريمامه

واللهم إجعل الشوطئ منتجعات سياحية و الصحارى نقاءه

واللهم افتح باب الرزق على كل شاب فى ارض ليبيا الزكية ولا تحرمهم دواما

واعمر هذا الوطن واخلفه خلافة وإجعل كل شبر فيه مكان مستراحه

وإجعل ﻷمن فيه ديارا ورخاءه

وإجعل الجيش جيشا لا باطل ولا كذابه

و إجعل تنمية مستدامة فى كل رقعة من البلد دائما دواما

وإجعل نعمة ﻷسلام دائما لازائلة و لا زورا ولا كذابا

قول امين

#محمد على


if you love your country .. 2014
Rusaifa 2014 artist Qadeer Mohammed Hassan in his new song speaks of patriotism and his health is fine and well-being. Page five Hlha …


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:
Army needed every individual Libby Kakhaddma national under Libyan armed forces

After the liberation of the capital Tripoli and Benghazi

Re all displaced with the application of item disarmament and Otfaqat for civil

and tribal provisions for social security and for

We know the former Kabadarh of notables Zintan was returned compatriots Rabaana Western

Must be returned from areas displaced people’s (Tripoli _ Tawergha _ Alawyneh _ Rullish _Mizdah _Zahawia pulses _duahy Tripoli region _ tribes and Rishvana _Benghazi    Sirte)

God and gone to reconcile.

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

يلزم الجيش وكل فرد ليبي كاخدمة وطنية تحت القوات المسلحة الليبية

بعد تحرير العاصمة طرابلس و بنغازى

إعادة كافة المهجرين مع تطبيق بند نزع السلاح وﻷتفاقيت ﻷهلية و القبائلية بنصوص ﻷجتماعية و ﻷمنية

ونعلم فى سابق كابادارة من اعيان الزنتان تم إرجاع اهالى الرباينة الغربية

يجب ان يتم إرجاع الأهالى من المناطق المهجرة ( طرابلس _ تاورغاء _ العوينية _ القواليش _مزدة _زاوية البقول _ضواحى طرابلس _ منطقة قبائل ورشفانة _بنغازى_سرت)

والله ولى التوفيق

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reminices
From about a year ago, when someone asked Abdel-Rahim al-Keeb: ‘Why Akeclt your government ?’

He responded (totally forgetting Allah) by saying:

“There is no authority over the higher authority of the government!”



لاتنس ذكر الله

The Libyan news agency

“Libyan army on the outskirts of the Libyan capital of Tripoli”

Military units urges the presidency to General Staff of the Army for the Liberation of massing Libyan capital, and the elimination of terrorism.

All officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers in Tripoli to be connected to the General Staff, headed by the Libyan army and thanks.

Majeed Tringa, reports on FB:

Tarafo launched on 30 kilometers.? Miarafh me, I say 30 kilo Manha least 3000 to 4000 cars and vans Mdjjat all kinds of weapons and not less than 30,000 to the 40,000 foot soldiers … this topic may be force under air cover when offered. Means Army unit. Army of Libya ….


united forces to defeat the Kharijites and Brotherhood:






“And will teach those who unjustly attacked.”
“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

D. Moses Qrifah, writes
What is happening in Tripoli loss of the battle humanitarian and moral and social breakdown …. and my values terrible
Medway and the concept of culture and urban capital of the homeland … and trust …. Be sure to burn the house when the Prime Minister.

The minister and the media and the military officer and …. and .. and .. and … and the house of Libyan human simple matter
Exceed the systematic war crimes …
and become the cause and sacrifice for the sake of national principles and values of trading
Peaceful power and building Dolhaldstor and …
law, citizenship and justice ….. patience … patience … loss
No loss of homes and home ….. home ….. in our house all possible rebuilding of the most beautiful homes … but if
What collapsed home can not be restored …
and if they burn it difficult to extinguish the home
Harika … patience … patience …

{and will teach those who unjustly attacked Almighty God}

PICTURE: The Evil Black Flag is destroying the World

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:

Commander of the military zone of Tobruk new -:
Osman Abdullah Saleh (Saleh Boabboudh)
Born – Bab olive Tobruk – 1954
Nicknamed the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Ppoevl Wavell) commander in World War England
-ho Chief of staff, border guards
– The head of the military court – Tobruk
– In 1977 he graduated from the Police College
– And moved to the army after one year
– Served in the college, specialty infantry for 10 years and graduated on hand many of the officers of Tobruk in college
– And was among the first batch trained in Libya
– The youngest commander of the camp in the history of the army, where he was ordered “28 March camp” from 1989 to 1998
He majors.
– Moved in 1998 to the Sidi Khalifa, Benghazi, to NCO school was ordered for a period of 5 Years.
– Returned in 2003 for military operations led by the region of Tobruk.
– In 2006, he served as commander of the military zone of Tobruk to take delivery of it, Major General Suleiman Mahmoud in
-ho Chief of staff of the border guards of the Year 2012
– Experience – Packages – discipline are things that distinguish it
– In addition to being the first paid.
– Completed several courses including cycle “Thunderbolt” and umbrellas 1990.
– Was one of the candidates for the presidency of the Chiefs in front of the House of Representatives in the previous days.
– Science: Chad participated in the war, a lieutenant and was timely communicate with any specialization
* In February
– Was among the officers who did NOT Anhqo Atzhzho their whereabouts
In operations with Major General Suleiman Mahmoud
The testimony of Major General
* Position of dignity
– Confirmed his statement dated 05/19/2014 corresponding Saturday in Libya first – declaring join Guard
Border of dignity.
–in Addition to his active participation in the operations room of dignity
-osaddagueth Personal Brigade Hfter
– And contributed in sending troops to the heap
* Socially
As an illustration, the verse: and made you into nations and tribes so that the sight of God
Is from the tribe of tribes among its __ Bani Salim
In addition to that one of the elders of his tribe.
I hope that I have succeeded in collecting information and apologized for any failure.
(Zidane Zidane)

Commander of the military zone of Tobruk new, Osman Abdullah Saleh Boabboudh

French President François Hollande:

sending a Libyan delegation there with Vena military capabilities to help you in to eliminate terrorism and to impose authority in the state.

Mohammed Elgorj, reports:

 The threat to burn the lion port terry! …

Franciscan Aagqua them Ajnabhm .. François Hollande said the Libyan government will resume help in extending
Control in order not to spread terrorism in the region

Clear and Aaadh words Hollande.

French President: Hollande:

“if we do not act in Libya will spread to terrorism in the region

should the United Nations support for the Libyan authorities to restore order and stability in Libya ?

 for Vena and effective military means to eliminate terrorism.”




Zintan brigade Qaqaa

Moscow, Russia

Major-General Valerie Aqrasimov, the Russian Chief of Staff, calls Major-General Nazawra, our new Libyan chief of staff, to visit Moscow, urgently

To discuss ways of military cooperation…


When I saw Twar Musrath-o-jamaah lion stabbing the new chief of staff Abdel Razek Nazawry,

It is as if I was seeing al-Qathafi himself, attacked by the evils of MISURATA…

Increasingly skeptical certainty – that of a martyr – was assassinated
The days between us

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

ﻋﻨﺪﻣﺎ ﺷﺎﻫﺪﺕ ﺗﻮﺍﺭ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔﻭﺟﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﻳﻄﻌﻨﻮﻥ ﻓﻰ ﺭﺋﻴﺲ ﺍﻻﺭﻛﺎﻥ ﺍﻟﺠﺪﻳﺪ ﻋﺒﺪﺍﻟﺮﺍﺯﻕ ﺍﻟﻨﺎﻇﻮﺭﻯ
ﻭﻫﻮ ﻣﻦ ﺣﺎﺭﺏ القذافى ﺣﺘﻰ ﻓﻰ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﻧﻔﺴﻬﺎ -
ﺗﺰﺩﺍﺩ ﺷﻜﻮﻛﻰ ﻳﻘﻴﻨﺎً – ﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﺸﻬﻴﺪ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺣﺪﻭﺙ – ﺗﻢ ﺍﻏﺘﻴﺎﻟﺔ
ﻭﺍﻻﻳﺎﻡ ﺑﻴﻨﻨﺎ


Libyan interim government headed by Abdullah bending Thani submit his resignation to “House of Representatives”.

The interim government said in a statement posted on its own, carrying the date 27 August,

“that according to the declaration of the constitutional government submitted its resignation to the House of Representatives of the Libyan and is placing itself at his disposal, they are confident that the Council, God willing, will succeed to choose a new government representative of all classes of people Libyan without exclusion and achieve their hopes and aspirations in the security, stability and build a state of law and institutions. “


(Perhaps now we can have Popular Congresses and Peoples Committees —THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES— as the administrative directors of the Libyan peoples, instead of a PM.)

picture below: “bending” meets with Ibrahim al-Jdharan







Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News
Motionless on terrorism: Mufti war criminal, and Qatar as being a state sponsor of terrorism
29 Aug 2014

Tripoli – Africa news portal
Was motionless called himself (not motionless for terrorism .. not Brotherhood) appeal from the Libyan capital Tripoli (“Save our people – Tripoli occupied”) described the control of militia assault on the city by Misratah fascist and what was done by “war crimes against humanity.” ..

And student mobility in his elected Council of Representatives to declare Qatar state sponsor of terrorism and cut diplomatic and economic relations with it ..

As a student movement to sack the Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Sadiq Gharyiani which she described the war criminal and accused him of inciting murder and civil war, in addition to demanding the declaration of organiziations of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the LIFG, as terrorist organizations, banned and dragging and dropping membership for members of the House of Representatives, whom Palmtkhazlin and lead the war on parliament and support the coup against the will of the people.




Lucius Septimius Severus, reporting:

Abstract # convoy length of 30 kilometers, 30 kilometers from the capital, and will move on 30th of this month ..



The armed caravan is progressing !
الرفال تتقدم !


Mohammed # Garag breeds of the “Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, informs us:

Who wants to understand the situation reads

{Scheming and trap}

Forces blew Libya rebels # lion, caught in the trap is very large, and trap dimensions and wide not Istoaboh,

They were to Ajtbnoa trap set for them # GEWEILI simply that if there are retreating to the Elders of the process but the lion
Rush was a murderer, for more clarification if the rebels after seizing lion formalism in the media on the capital

Tripoli Tmhluwa slightly and sent deputies to the parliament elected by them, and pressured him and confessed to him
The supplier on the legitimacy of the process of the body of a legitimate, and when they were in a standoff with the international community, which
Their class with the terrorists, but in the early hours to enter the Tripoli airport and appeared Photos flammable
In the fire of the fuel tanks and then after the emergence of # Humaydan to call for the convening of the national conference
Outgoing, the form of this threat to the Libyan parliament, which was soon to criminalize the process of dawn for Libya, describing them Balanqlabeyen,

After it began to appear to face the media and temperament (Hyena) for the lion, took advantage of the
Victory in the formal liquidation of revenge and old problems and conflicts and revenge FSH Gul versed hearts,
The kidnapping of identity and burning homes and that everyone knows that the lion does not have one of them Alstirh
Only the media during the period of the war, not princes nor recognized leaders on the ground, an army that consists
During the battle of the rebels listen to the voice of higher regardless of being, and take the battle to end

Each of them his teachings, whether in abstinence or robbery or murder or kidnapping, leaders recognized as leaders
To provide food and ammunition, neither more nor less, but they cut off the heads of the dried veins, on the other hand

To get back to the subject of intrigue that did not show results until the military personnel who did not like the idea
Withdrawal from

# Tripoli despite survive for 45 days and ordered the attack, waiting for the wind to come, including ships and do not crave it comes
Withdrawal and the soldier on the ground, the last to know, where the armor and mechanisms, ammunition and weapons have all been
### (Withdrawn from the field during the 48 hours) before the withdrawal, which was a surprise to many, and that’s what increased ire
The rebel group of lion did not find anything they eat it only on the identity of some of the houses and burn
Leadership group homes for the army, which they stoked public opinion, after the destruction of the remaining of the property instead of

Secured and filming maintained as before the rebels in Zintan, 2011, and this was calculated for Xanthan
Ktaktit strategic for the current phase of this period, the ordinary citizen does not understand the media war
That have had a role before ending the process blew Libya, Revolutionaries were counted fight a battle against the ousted
System against killings and kidnappings in the airport road and against the Zintan militia, but after the first hour
To control all axes were announced by the Government and the Congress, and this did not like a lot of fighters

((Young lion, where they found themselves fighting and died of died of the wound and drag for power and the provision does not
For a just cause, a Mullen Italoh, and this caused a dispute over the land where a large number Anhsp and returned
To Misrata and neighboring towns who voluntarily participated in the battle, where they were exploiting the dawn of Libya to burn
The killing and destruction, revenge and power by individuals not help in the process only to speak or support
Logistical one of them did not die, either the rest of the wounded and the rebels of Misurata and parents who have lost a loved one or a
Dearly they saw that devolved power to incompetent people did not liked them, and military strategy here.

Minister for Political and former # JUWEILI, where took advantage of these facts in the second round because the situation
Political will is settled and the religious side, which identified that the second category is the capital of Tripoli occupies
The military side of the rebels lion unstable and lost a lot of their troops, because the truth has become a phenomenon
Visible, and win over public opinion in favor of the army, after he saw revenge lion, and returned with his army for organizing fear
That gets him the same thing Faalb public opinion against him, here differed one thing disqualification # JUWEILI.

Of the reins and replaced with two leaders also experienced in military ground, where it has ended its role
# Strategic blueprint and win his battle to obtain international support and internal and public opinion
And legitimate, religious, and to make society aware of the fact that within Tripoli that defeated terrorism. Leaders
The new, battle begin terrorizing the second party process (30 kilometers) from which hundreds of brook
# Expectations have caused bewilderment among the very leaders of the rebel lion that hit central Aldedah.

The ranks of the force of fighters, where he was the sudden withdrawal of the army without affected morale and without
# Receive any blows, as usually happens when the withdrawal of armies and the rapid organization who went by the defendant
For concern, especially those who were in the land of the battle of forces lion has been known to force their opponents throughout the month
And a half months, without achieving any progress on the ground despite the heavy use of various weapons and fortified in
Civilians and the media war, and well-known leaders of the lion that victory was only a formality without victory.

The presence of little resistance from forces have killed 25 rebels from Misrata by the young man coverage on withdrawal
# Army without opening the actual Front, the political situation changed completely and the military and things changed completely during the period

# Next we will see a sudden change another as I expect.

Peace be upon you ..

Followed, God willing …
(Mohammed # Garag breeds)

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

من يريد فهم ﻷوضاع يقرأ

{ﻣﻜﻴﺪﺓ ﻭﻣﺼﻴﺪﺓ}

ﻗﻮﺍﺕ ﻓﺠﺮ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻭﺛﻮﺍﺭ # ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ، ﻭﻗﻌﻮﺍ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺼﻴﺪﺓ ﻛﺒﻴﺮﺓ ﺟﺪﺍً ، ﻭﻓﺦ ﺫﻭ ﺃﺑﻌﺎﺩ ﻭﺍﺳﻌﺔ ﻟﻢ ﻳﺴﺘﻮﻋﺒﻮﻩ ،

ﻛﺎﻧﻮﺍ ﻟﻴﺠﺘﺒﻨﻮﺍ ﺍﻟﻔﺦ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻧﺼﺒﻪ ﻟﻬﻢ #ﺟﻮﻳﻠﻲ ﺑﺒﺴﺎﻃﺔ ﻟﻮ ﺃﻥ ﻫﻨﺎﻙ ﻣﺪﺑﺮﻳﻦ ﺣﻜﻤﺎﺀ ﻟﻌﻤﻠﻴﺔ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﻟﻜﻦ
ﺍﻟﺘﺴﺮﻉ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻗﺎﺗﻞ ، ﻟﻠﺘﻮﺿﻴﺢ ﺍﻛﺜﺮ ﻟﻮ ﺍﻥ ﺛﻮﺍﺭ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﺑﻌﺪ ﺳﻴﻄﺮﺗﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﺸﻜﻠﻴﺔ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻹﻋﻼﻡ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﺻﻤﺔ

ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ﺗﻤﻬﻠﻮﺍ ﻗﻠﻴﻼً ﻭﺃﺭﺳﻠﻮﺍ ﺍﻟﻨﻮﺍﺏ ﺍﻟﻤﻨﺘﺨﺒﻴﻦ ﻟﻠﺒﺮﻟﻤﺎﻥ ﻣﻦ ﻃﺮﻓﻬﻢ ، ﻭﺿﻐﻄﻮﺍ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺍﻋﺘﺮﻓﻮﺍ ﺑﻪ
ﻟﺘﺤﺼﻠﻮﺍ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺷﺮﻋﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﻌﻤﻠﻴﺔ ﻣﻦ ﺟﺴﺪ ﺷﺮﻋﻲ ، ﻭﻟﻤﺎ ﻛﺎﻧﻮﺍ ﻓﻲ ﻣﻮﺍﺟﻬﺔ ﻣﻊ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﺘﻤﻊ ﺍﻟﺪﻭﻟﻲ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ
ﺻﻨﻔﻬﻢ ﻣﻊ ﺍﻹﺭﻫﺎﺑﻴﻴﻦ ، ﻭﻟﻜﻦ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﻋﺎﺕ ﺍﻷﻭﻟﻰ ﻟﺪﺧﻮﻝ ﻣﻄﺎﺭ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ﻭﻇﻬﺮﺕ ﺻﻮﺭ ﺇﺷﺘﻌﺎﻝ
ﺍﻟﻨﻴﺮﺍﻥ ﻓﻴﻪ ﻭﻓﻲ ﺧﺰﺍﻧﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻮﻗﻮﺩ ﻣﻦ ﺑﻌﺪﻩ ﺛﻢ ﻇﻬﻮﺭ #ﺣﻤﻴﺪﺍﻥ ﻟﻴﺪﻋﻮﺍ ﻟﻌﻘﺪ ﺍﻟﻤﺆﺗﻤﺮ ﺍﻟﻮﻃﻨﻲ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ
ﺍﻧﺘﻬﺖ ﻭﻻﻳﺘﻪ ، ﺷﻜﻞ ﻫﺬﺍ ﺧﻄﺮ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺒﺮﻟﻤﺎﻥ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻟﻢ ﻳﻠﺒﺚ ﻟﻴﺠﺮﻡ ﻋﻤﻠﻴﺔ ﻓﺠﺮ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻭﻭﺻﻔﻬﻢ

، ﻣﻦ ﺑﻌﺪ ﺫﻟﻚ ﺑﺪﺃﺕ ﺗﻈﻬﺮ ﻟﻺﻋﻼﻡ ﺍﻟﻮﺟﻪ ﻭﻃﺒﺎﻉ ( ﺍﻟﻀﺒﻊ ) ﻟﻘﺴﻮﺭﺓ ، ﻣﻦ ﻣﻦ ﺍﺳﺘﻐﻞ
ﺍﻻﻧﺘﺼﺎﺭ ﺍﻟﺸﻜﻠﻲ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻻﻧﺘﻘﺎﻡ ﻭﺗﺼﻔﻴﺔ ﻣﺸﺎﻛﻞ ﻗﺪﻳﻤﺔ ﻭﻧﺰﺍﻋﺎﺕ ﻭﺍﻧﺘﻘﺎﻡ ﻭﻓﺶ ﻏﻞ ﻣﺘﻤﻜﻦ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻘﻠﻮﺏ ،
ﻭﺍﻟﺨﻄﻒ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻬﻮﻳﺔ ﻭﺍﺣﺮﺍﻕ ﺍﻟﻤﻨﺎﺯﻝ ﻭﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻳﻌﺮﻓﻪ ﺍﻟﺠﻤﻴﻊ ﺍﻥ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﻻ ﻳﻤﻠﻚ ﺍﺣﺪ ﺍﻟﺴﻄﻴﺮﺓ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﺎ
ﺳﻮﻯ ﺇﻋﻼﻣﻴﺎً ﺧﻼﻝ ﻓﺘﺮﺓ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺏ ، ﻓﻼ ﺍﻣﺮﺍﺀ ﻭﻻ ﻗﺎﺩﺓ ﻣﻌﺘﺮﻑ ﺑﻬﻢ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻷﺭﺽ ، ﻓﺎﻟﺠﻴﺶ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻳﺘﻜﻮﻥ
ﻣﻦ ﺛﻮﺍﺭ ﺧﻼﻝ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﻳﺴﺘﻤﻌﻮﻥ ﻻﻋﻠﻰ ﺻﻮﺕ ﺑﻐﺾ ﺍﻟﻨﻈﺮ ﻋﻦ ﻣﻦ ﻳﻜﻮﻥ ، ﻭﻣﺎ ﺍﻥ ﺗﻨﺘﻬﻲ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﻳﺎﺧﺬ

ﻛﻞ ﻣﻨﻬﻢ ﺑﺘﻌﺎﻟﻴﻤﻪ ، ﺳﻮﺍﺀ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺘﻌﻔﻒ ﺍﻭ ﺍﻟﺴﺮﻗﺔ ﺍﻭ ﺍﻟﻘﺘﻞ ﺍﻭ ﺍﻟﺨﻄﻒ ، ﺍﻟﻘﺎﺩﺓ ﻣﻌﺘﺮﻑ ﺑﻬﻢ ﻛﻘﺎﺩﺓ
ﻟﺘﻮﻓﻴﺮ ﺍﻟﻄﻌﺎﻡ ﻭﺍﻟﺬﺧﻴﺮﺓ ﻻ ﺍﻛﺜﺮ ﻭﻻ ﺍﻗﻞ ، ﻟﻜﻨﻬﻢ ﺭﺅﻭﺱ ﺇﻥ ﻗﻄﻌﻮﺍ ﺟﻔﺖ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﻭﻕ ، ﻣﻦ ﻧﺎﺣﻴﺔ ﺍﺧﺮﻯ

ﻟﻨﻌﻮﺩ ﻟﻤﻮﺿﻮﻉ ﺍﻟﻤﻜﻴﺪﺓ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﻟﻢ ﺗﻈﻬﺮ ﻧﺘﺎﺋﺠﻬﺎ ﺣﺘﻰ ﻷﻓﺮﺍﺩ ﺍﻟﺠﻴﺶ ﻣﻤﻦ ﻟﻢ ﺗﻌﺠﺒﻪ ﻓﻜﺮﺓ
ﺍﻹﻧﺴﺤﺎﺏ ﻣﻦ

#ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ﺭﻏﻢ ﺍﻟﺼﻤﻮﺩ ﻟـ 45 ﻳﻮﻡ ﻭﺍﻧﺘﻈﺎﺭ ﺍﻣﺮ ﺍﻟﻬﺠﻮﻡ ﻟﺘﺄﺗﻲ ﺍﻟﺮﻳﺎﺡ ﺑﻤﺎ ﻻ ﺗﺸﺘﻬﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﻔﻦ ﻭﻳﺎﺗﻲ ﺍﻷﻣﺮ
ﺑﺎﻹﻧﺴﺤﺎﺏ ﻭﺍﻟﺠﻨﺪﻱ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻷﺭﺽ ﺍﺧﺮ ﻣﻦ ﻳﻌﻠﻢ ، ﺣﻴﺚ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﺭﻋﺎﺕ ﻭﺍﻷﻟﻴﺎﺕ ﻭﺍﻟﺬﺧﺎﺋﺮ ﻭﺍﻷﺳﻠﺤﺔ ﻛﻠﻬﺎ ﺗﻢ
###(ﺳﺤﺒﻬﺎ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺪﺍﻥ ﺧﻼﻝ 48 ﺳﺎﻋﺔ )ﻗﺒﻞ ﺍﻻﻧﺴﺤﺎﺏ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﻔﺎﺟﺊ ﻟﻠﻜﺜﻴﺮﻳﻦ ، ﻭﻫﺬﺍ ﻣﺎ ﺯﺍﺩ ﺣﻨﻖ
ﺍﻟﺜﻮﺍﺭ ﻣﻦ ﺟﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﻓﻠﻢ ﻳﺠﺪﻭﺍ ﺍﻱ ﺷﻴﺊ ﻳﻘﺘﺎﺗﻮﻥ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﺳﻮﻯ ﺑﻌﺾ ﺍﻟﻤﻨﺎﺯﻝ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻬﻮﻳﺔ ﻭﺣﺮﻕ
ﻣﻨﺎﺯﻝ ﺍﻟﻘﻴﺎﺩﺍﺕ ﻟﺠﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﺍﻟﺠﻴﺶ ، ﻣﻤﺎ ﺍﺟﺞ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﺮﺍﻱ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻡ ، ﺑﻌﺪ ﺍﺗﻼﻑ ﻣﺎﺗﺒﻘﻰ ﻣﻦ ﻣﻤﺘﻠﻜﺎﺕ ﺑﺪﻝ

ﺗﺎﻣﻴﻨﻬﺎ ﻭﺗﺼﻮﻳﺮ ﺍﻟﻤﺤﺎﻓﻈﺔ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﺎ ﻛﻤﺎ ﺣﺪﺙ ﻣﻦ ﻗﺒﻞ ﺛﻮﺍﺭ ﺍﻟﺰﻧﺘﺎﻥ ﻓﻲ 2011 ، ﻭﻫﺬﻩ ﺣﺴﺒﺖ ﻟﻠﺰﻧﺘﺎﻥ
ﻛﺘﺨﻄﻴﻂ ﺍﺳﺘﺮﺍﺗﻴﺠﻲ ﻟﻠﻤﺮﺣﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﺤﺎﻟﻴﺔ ﻣﻦ ﺗﻠﻚ ﺍﻟﻔﺘﺮﺓ ، ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺍﻃﻦ ﺍﻟﺒﺴﻴﻂ ﻻ ﻳﺴﺘﻮﻋﺐ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺏ ﺍﻹﻋﻼﻣﻴﺔ
ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻟﻬﺎ ﺩﻭﺭ ﻗﺒﻞ ﺍﻥ ﺗﻨﺘﻬﻲ ﻋﻤﻠﻴﺔ ﻓﺠﺮ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ، ﻓﺎﻟﺜﻮﺍﺭ ﻛﺎﻧﻮﺍ ﻳﺤﺴﺒﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﻣﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﺿﺪ ﺍﺯﻻﻡ
ﺍﻟﻨﻈﺎﻡ ﻭﺿﺪ ﺍﻟﻘﺘﻞ ﻭﺍﻟﺨﻄﻒ ﻓﻲ ﻃﺮﻳﻖ ﺍﻟﻤﻄﺎﺭ ﻭﺿﺪ ﻣﻠﻴﺸﻴﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﺰﻧﺘﺎﻥ ، ﻟﻜﻦ ﺑﻌﺪ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﻋﺔ ﺍﻷﻭﻟﻰ
ﻟﻠﺴﻴﻄﺮﺓ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺟﻤﻴﻊ ﺍﻟﻤﺤﺎﻭﺭ ﺗﻢ ﺍﻹﻋﻼﻥ ﻋﻦ ﺣﻜﻮﻣﺔ ﻭﻣﺆﺗﻤﺮ ، ﻭﻫﺬﺍ ﻟﻢ ﻳﻌﺠﺐ ﺍﻟﻜﺜﻴﺮ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﻘﺎﺗﻠﻴﻦ ﻣﻦ

((ﺷﺒﺎﺏ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﺣﻴﺚ ﻭﺟﺪﻭﺍ ﺍﻧﻔﺴﻬﻢ ﻳﺤﺎﺭﺑﻮﻥ ﻭﻣﺎﺕ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺎﺕ ﻭﺟﺮﺡ ﻣﻦ ﺟﺮ ﻣﻦ ﺍﺟﻞ ﺍﻟﺴﻠﻄﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﺤﻜﻢ ﻻ
ﻣﻦ ﺍﺟﻞ ﻗﻀﻴﺔ ﻋﺎﺩﻟﺔ ﻭﻫﻮ ﻣﺎﻟﻦ ﻳﻄﺎﻟﻮﻩ ، ﻭﻫﺬﺍ ﺳﺒﺐ ﺧﻼﻑ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻷﺭﺽ ﺣﻴﺚ ﺍﻧﺤﺴﺐ ﻋﺪﺩ ﻛﺒﻴﺮ ﻭﺭﺟﻊ
ﻟﻤﺼﺮﺍﺗﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺪﻥ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺗﺠﺎﻭﺭﻫﺎ ﻣﻤﻦ ﺷﺎﺭﻙ ﻃﻮﺍﻋﻴﺔ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺮﻛﺔ ، ﺣﻴﺚ ﺗﻢ ﺍﺳﺘﻐﻼﻝ ﻓﺠﺮ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻟﻠﺤﺮﻕ
ﻭﺍﻟﻘﺘﻞ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﺪﻣﻴﺮ ﻭﺍﻻﻧﺘﻘﺎﻡ ﻭﺍﻟﺴﻠﻄﺔ ﻣﻦ ﻗﺒﻞ ﺃﻓﺮﺍﺩ ﻟﻢ ﻳﺴﺎﻋﺪﻭﺍ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻌﻤﻠﻴﺔ ﺳﻮﻯ ﺑﺎﻟﻜﻼﻡ ﺍﻭ ﺍﻟﺪﻋﻢ
ﺍﻟﻠﻮﺟﺴﺘﻲ ﻭﻟﻢ ﻳﻤﺖ ﻣﻨﻬﻢ ﺍﺣﺪ ، ﺍﻣﺎ ﺑﻘﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﺠﺮﺣﻰ ﻭ ﺍﻟﺜﻮﺍﺭ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﻪ ﻭﺍﻷﻫﺎﻟﻲ ﻣﻤﻦ ﻓﻘﺪ ﺣﺒﻴﺒﺎً ﺍﻭ
ﻏﺎﻟﻴﺎً ﻭﺟﻮﺩﻭﺍ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﺴﻠﻄﺔ ﺁﻟﺖ ﻻﺷﺨﺎﺹ ﻏﻴﺮ ﻛﻔﻮﺋﻴﻦ ﻭﻟﻢ ﻳﺮﺿﻮﺍ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﻢ ، ﻭﻫﻨﺎ ﺍﻻﺳﺘﺮﺍﺗﻴﺠﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺑﻴﺔ
ﻭﺍﻟﺴﻴﺎﺳﻴﺔ ﻟﻠﻮﺯﻳﺮ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﺑﻖ #ﺟﻮﻳﻠﻲ ، ﺣﻴﺚ ﺍﺳﺘﻐﻞ ﻫﺬﻩ ﺍﻟﺤﻘﺎﺋﻖ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺠﻮﻟﺔ ﺍﻟﺜﺎﻧﻴﺔ ﻹﻥ ﺍﻟﻮﺿﻊ
ﺍﻟﺴﻴﺎﺳﻲ ﺳﻴﻜﻮﻥ ﻣﺤﺴﻮﻡ ﻭﺍﻟﺠﺎﻧﺐ ﺍﻟﺪﻳﻨﻲ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺣﺪﺩ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﻔﺌﺔ ﺍﻟﺜﺎﻧﻴﺔ ﻫﻲ ﻣﻦ ﺗﺤﺘﻞ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﺻﻤﺔ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ
ﻭﺍﻟﺠﺎﻧﺐ ﺍﻟﻌﺴﻜﺮﻱ ﻟﺜﻮﺍﺭ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﻏﻴﺮ ﻣﺴﺘﻘﺮ ﻭﻓﻘﺪﻭﺍ ﺍﻟﻜﺜﻴﺮ ﻣﻦ ﻗﻮﺍﺗﻬﻢ ﻻﻥ ﺍﻟﺤﻘﻴﻘﺔ ﺑﺎﺗﺖ ﻇﺎﻫﺮﺓ
ﻟﻠﻌﻴﺎﻥ ، ﻭﻛﺴﺐ ﺍﻟﺮﺍﻱ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﻤﺆﻳﺪ ﻟﻠﺠﻴﺶ ﺑﻌﺪ ﺃﻥ ﺭﺃﻯ ﺍﻧﺘﻘﺎﻡ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ، ﻭﺭﺟﻊ ﺑﺠﻴﺸﻪ ﻟﺘﻨﻈﻴﻤﻪ ﺧﻮﻓﺎً
ﻣﻦ ﺃﻥ ﻳﺤﺼﻞ ﻣﻌﻪ ﻧﻔﺲ ﺍﻟﺸﻴﺊ ﻓﻴﺆﻟﺐ ﺍﻟﺮﺃﻱ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻡ ﺿﺪﻩ ، ﻫﻨﺎ ﺍﺧﺘﻠﻒ ﺷﻴﺊ ﻭﺍﺣﺪ ﻭﻫﻮ ﺗﻨﺤﻴﺔ #ﺟﻮﻳﻠﻲ
ﻣﻦ ﺯﻣﺎﻡ ﺍﻻﻣﻮﺭ ﻭﺍﺳﺘﺒﺪﺍﻟﻪ ﺑﺈﺛﻨﻴﻦ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﺩﺓ ﺍﻟﻤﺤﻨﻜﻴﻦ ﺃﻳﻀﺎً ﻓﻲ ﺍﻷﺭﺽ ﺍﻟﻌﺴﻜﺮﻳﺔ ، ﺣﻴﺚ ﺍﻧﺘﻬﻰ ﺩﻭﺭﻩ
#ﻛﻤﺨﻄﻂ ﺍﺳﺘﺮﺍﺗﻴﺠﻲ ﻭﻛﺴﺐ ﻣﻌﺮﻛﺘﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺤﺼﻮﻝ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺪﻋﻢ ﺍﻟﺪﻭﻟﻲ ﻭﺍﻟﺪﺍﺧﻠﻲ ﻭﺍﻟﺮﺍﻱ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻡ
ﻭﺍﻟﺸﺮﻋﻲ ﻭﺍﻟﺪﻳﻨﻲ ﻭﺟﻌﻞ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﺘﻤﻊ ﺩﺍﺧﻞ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ﻳﺪﺭﻙ ﺣﻘﻴﻘﺔ ﺍﻹﺭﻫﺎﺏ ﺇﻥ ﺍﻧﺘﺼﺮ . ﺍﻟﻘﻴﺎﺩﻳﻴﻦ
ﺍﻟﺠﺪﻳﺪﺍﻥ ، ﻳﺒﺪﺅﻭﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﺑﺈﺭﻫﺎﺏ ﺍﻟﻄﺮﻑ ﺍﻟﺜﺎﻧﻲ ﺑﻌﻤﻠﻴﺔ ( 30 ﻛﻴﻠﻮ ﻣﺘﺮ ) ﺍﻟﻠﺘﻲ ﺗﺤﺘﻤﻞ ﻣﺌﺎﺕ ﻣﻦ
#ﺍﻟﺘﻮﻗﻌﺎﺕ ﻭﻗﺪ ﺳﺒﺒﺖ ﺭﺑﻜﺔ ﺷﺪﻳﺪﺓ ﻓﻲ ﺻﻔﻮﻑ ﺍﻟﻘﻴﺎﺩﺍﺕ ﻟﺜﻮﺍﺭ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﻭﺳﻂ ﺍﻟﻀﻌﻀﻌﺔ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺍﺻﺎﺑﺖ
ﺻﻔﻮﻑ ﺍﻟﻘﻮﺓ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﻘﺎﺗﻠﻴﻦ ، ﺣﻴﺚ ﻛﺎﻥ ﺍﻻﻧﺴﺤﺎﺏ ﺍﻟﻤﻔﺎﺟﺊ ﻟﻘﻮﺍﺕ ﺍﻟﺠﻴﺶ ﺩﻭﻥ ﺗﺄﺛﺮ ﻣﻌﻨﻮﻳﺎﺗﻪ ﻭﺩﻭﻥ
#ﺗﻠﻘﻲ ﺃﻱ ﺿﺮﺑﺎﺕ ﻛﻤﺎ ﻳﺤﺪﺙ ﻋﺎﺩﺓ ﻋﻨﺪ ﺍﻧﺴﺤﺎﺏ ﺍﻟﺠﻴﻮﺵ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﻨﻈﻴﻢ ﺍﻟﺴﺮﻳﻊ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺧﺮﺝ ﺑﻪ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﺪﻋﻰ
ﻟﻠﻘﻠﻖ ﺧﺼﻮﺻﺎً ﻣﻤﻦ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻓﻲ ﺍﺭﺽ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﻣﻦ ﻗﻮﺍﺕ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﻓﻘﺪ ﻋﺮﻑ ﻗﻮﺓ ﺧﺼﻮﻣﻬﻢ ﻃﻴﻠﺔ ﺷﻬﺮ
ﻭﻧﺼﻒ ﺍﻟﺸﻬﺮ ، ﺩﻭﻥ ﺗﺤﻘﻴﻖ ﺃﻱ ﺗﻘﺪﻡ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻷﺭﺽ ﺭﻏﻢ ﺍﺳﺘﻌﻤﺎﻝ ﻣﺨﺘﻠﻒ ﺍﻻﺳﻠﺤﺔ ﺍﻟﺜﻘﻴﻠﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﺤﺼﻦ ﻓﻲ
ﺍﻟﻤﺪﻧﻴﻦ ﻭﺍﻟﺤﺮﺏ ﺍﻹﻋﻼﻣﻴﺔ ، ﻭﻳﻌﺮﻑ ﻗﻴﺎﺩﺍﺕ ﻗﺴﻮﺭﺓ ﺟﻴﺪﺍً ﺇﻥ ﺍﻻﻧﺘﺼﺎﺭ ﻛﺎﻥ ﺍﻧﺘﺼﺎﺭ ﺷﻜﻠﻲ ﻓﻘﻂ ﺩﻭﻥ
ﻭﺟﻮﺩ ﻣﻘﺎﻭﻣﺔ ﺗﺬﻛﺮ ﺳﻘﻂ ﺧﻼﻟﻬﺎ ﻣﻦ ﻗﻮﺍﺕ ﺍﻟﺜﻮﺍﺭ 25 ﺷﺎﺏ ﻣﻦ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﻪ ﺟﺮﺍﺀ ﺍﻟﺘﻐﻄﻴﺔ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻧﺴﺤﺎﺏ
#ﺍﻟﺠﻴﺶ ﺩﻭﻥ ﻓﺘﺢ ﺟﺒﻬﺔ ﻓﻌﻠﻴﺔ ، ﺍﻟﻮﺿﻊ ﺍﻟﺴﻴﺎﺳﻲ ﺗﻐﻴﺮ ﻛﻠﻴﺎً ﻭﺍﻟﻌﺴﻜﺮﻱ ﺗﻐﻴﺮ ﻛﻠﻴﺎً ﻭﺍﻻﻣﻮﺭ ﺧﻼﻝ ﺍﻟﻔﺘﺮﺓ

#ﺍﻟﻘﺎﺩﻣﺔ ﺳﻨﺸﻬﺪ ﺗﻐﻴﺮ ﻓﺠﺎﺋﻲ ﺍﺧﺮ ﺣﺴﺒﻤﺎ ﺍﺗﻮﻗﻊ .

ﻭﺍﻟﺴﻼﻡ ﻋﻠﻴﻜﻢ ..

ﻳﺘﺒﻊ ﺇﻥ ﺷﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﻠـــﻪ …
ﻣﺤﻤﺪ #ﺍﻟﻘﺮﺝ

PICTURE: Oussama Salah Juweili



Chief of staff of the Air Force Air force libyan:

Warplanes have bombed sites of the “MB shield Libya militias of terrorism” in the area of Qasr Ben Ghashir.

Qaser Bin Ghashir,3



Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Ot Ot Hband Hpind
Oasabat to the terrorist Nasratih the Batfrig.

cargo in their tails in order to gain the spoils of the port.
on Friday, they will clash with Baatqil Nalut; and we will have them expelled from Tripoli.
{This is a terrorist gang does not have the best}

The most important thing I have integrity “the Hawks # Fashloum” in those terms and the rest of the Aihmuny.


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

# URGENT: Martyrdom need # Khiria_said_qrba accompanied by her granddaughter and claims # Artaj_ahmad_alsoiei, 6 years old and her sister # Saberan_ahmad_alsoiei, 4 years after the fall of the missile on their house shortly before. There occurred the bombing of their home by remote artillery howitzers and locusts and mortars, launched by gangs coup of militias of Misurata and gangs excommunicating Interface Language angular.

Ali Rishvana troops, backed-off   MB followers in the areas of the Friday Market and Janzour and Sabratha and Zlitan and Zuwarah and Gharyan and Kklh.
(Libya’s international channel)


fuel tanks:

Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Terrorist gangs targeted the tank IX LAST NIGHT !





Department media company General Electric (GELCO)

Announces General Electric Company from conducting emergency maintenance on lines 220 kV voltage link between stations al-Zara south of Tripoli and 220 kV

and effort to secure the work site on the lines Aalmzkorh which would entail a separate power supply for the entire area of the turf,

which the company will be forced to feed the region of alternative source, and will be distributed programming process manually put loads on the grass area for up to 5 hours and throughout the day Friday, 08/29/2014 m starting at eight in the morning.

So we hope gentlemen of the citizens and residents of the area mentioned taking science and thus the necessary precautions.






 Now BROTHERHOOD tanks shelling the globe again !

Massacres committed against civilians and Rishvana shelling with heavy weapons with the media blackout unfortunately.


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Born pepper [name of this creature was bombed areas of locust and Rishvana of # Joudaim,

and in the process of quality Was to sneak into the place

# Tmrkzh and is captured and another person with him and just {Abanlh pepper on assets}













Special forces THUNDERBOLT: sporadic fighting in Sidi fredj and

land bairp

Benghazi-«Center» Portal-clarke101 | Friday, 29 August  2014, 3: 38 AM



The Libyan army Sidi fredj (archival)

A high-level military source said the special forces for «gate» not mean casualties among the special forces and support forces on their axes battles Thursday in the city of Benghazi.

The source said that the fighting was confined to areas Mr. Faraj and land bairp, almhshhsh junction, where there was an offensive and defensive lines to the axes as the source of the firing line.

The forces that participated in battles Thursday with special forces battalion 123 and 133 and rapid intervention battalion, artillery battalions and the Libyan air force launched several morning and evening air strikes on terrorist groups holed up in several locations in the city of Benghazi.

The source pointed out that the situation on the ground in cautious and expectation during these hours, airport and air base built under the control of the Libyan army.

The President customarily «thanks Chris» order inquiries, with special forces for «gate», the center of the Libyan army battalion and a battalion of the ancestral consolidation and Brigade Prairie, they combed through bohadi and Sidi Mansour to protect the air base built.

James said that the marine battalion special forces and military intelligence battalion 21 lightning battalion Prairie, have quality operations in Sidi fredj, a number of mechanisms and ghanmwa munitions.

The Benghazi security tension and massive military operations between troops of the Libyan army, and other supporters of Sharia organization and several battalions of rebels of the Benghazi rolled under Shura revolutionaries Benghazi.




Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

UAE detains 5 businessmen from the city of Misratah residents in Dubai on charges stand against the Libyan army

 channel of the Great Jamahiriya
The Magic turned on Sager ………
charges of support for the militias al-Mtajunin and stand against the Libyan army,
The names of the traders Libyans who held the United Arab Emirates are:
1-Bashir Al-Sabah
2 Kamal Aldharat
3 Mohammed al-Fiqi
4 – friend Alkkla
5 – Mahmoud Ben Gharbia

 Mohammed al-Zerat (elected from Misurata), reports:

“Now the Liberal confirms the news of the arrest of 5 and businessmen Icolo they think they are planning for something Cano water in the United Arab Emirates.




Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News
New York -

The UN Security Council counted 250 Libyan militant people, who will be warrented by “Libya sanctions”.
(Africa News Portal)

It is expected that the Committee will meet Libyan sanctions the UN Security Council, early next week to count the individuals who would be subject to penalties as confirmed by Britain’s permanent representative to the Alommaltdh Mark Lyall Grant, the current president of the Security Council.

The sanctions includeagainst 250 militant WAHABI people of Libya, who will become now the hunted from the International Criminal Court, on charges of committing war crimes in Libya, as sanctions include confiscation of foreign accounts.

The Security Council said the sanctions will target persons or entities that commit or assist in committing “acts threatening the peace or stability or security in Libya or that hinder or undermine the political transition».

The text of the resolution demonstrates that the international order means, especially those responsible for human rights violations and attacks on critical infrastructure such as airports, seaports or foreign diplomatic premises in Libya.

This is revealed by diplomatic sources in the Tunisian capital for “gate Africa News” The sanctions announced by the Security Council today include leaders of the MB Militias that carried out “the dawn of Libya” which participated in the intimidation of civilians, and warlords who led military operations against civilians and populated areas and assaulted institutions State.

sources added that the ball in the net has become the legitimate Libyan authorities to provide complete lists of war criminals and militia leaders.


Zintan ghost-page official:
Security Council vows to pursue militias and waving the seventh item:

Security Council expanded the international system of international sanctions targeting Libya to include leaders and members of militias committed abuses against civilians and Humiclkathm and infrastructure such as airports, seaports or foreign diplomatic premises in Libya.
And will identify the individuals or groups concerned by a specialized committee trace of the Security Council. Under the text of the resolution 2174 which was adopted unanimously by the members of the Security Council 15, and will be prosecuted these lists internationally through the International Police and under Chapter VII in decisions on Libya, and the sanctions will also target persons or entities that commit or assist in committing “acts threatening the peace or stability or security in Libya or that hinder or undermine the political transition. “

The decision includes individuals or entities that support armed groups or organized crime through the illegal exploitation of the country’s oil resources.

On the other hand text of the resolution on “the necessity of obtaining the approval of the Committee (in charge of the management of the sanctions) to carry out supply, sale or transfer of weapons or ammunition to Libya.” And it was not until the issuance of the resolution needs only to inform the Libyan government Bmstraeadtha of arms.




Libya: Libyan officials cry out and Egyptian ports are the only lifeline

of the country.. Tobruk area safe for Egyptian goods in.

We import 70% of our needs of Egypt. .. Face the unknown destiny

owing to lack of food commodities

Thursday 28 August 2014-06: 57 pm

Realization: NHA Radwan

Libya needed urgent relief from Egypt, especially in food commodities, we face the unknown destiny owing to the shortage of goods, especially dairy, beans, tuna, canned goods, cheese, coinciding with the school year approaching, said Ibrahim jirari President Egyptian-Libyan joint Economic Chamber Chamber of Commerce btabrk.

Jirari said: “we need fruits and vegetables in different quantities, the food commodities are all low in Libyan provinces”, we count 70 percent on the import of foodstuffs from Egypt, then Libya imported from Egypt by at least 140 million pounds per month food and different goods required to open the land border and to supply Libya with those articles.

He said food shortages had led to rising prices by at least 70%, for fast relief of the Libyan people of the Egyptian side, especially with the closure of our sister States of the ports involved with Libya, the only port open to Libya Saloum road.

Single crossing
He explained that Egypt helped Libya during Libyan Revolution, and we need it now, and to supply Libya with foodstuffs; whereas the land of Egypt is the only feeder to Libya, adding that ports and land crossings between Libya and other countries have been closed due to the smuggling of arms and people from several States to Libya, and Libya but had no land and is fed only by Libya, seaports are but slightly.

He noted that they have addressed all the Egyptian authorities responsible to solve the problem of the entry of goods from Egypt to Libya, especially goods from foreign countries via Egypt to Libya, which adversely affected including Egypt through smuggling and counterfeit cigarettes tramadol pills carcinogens and are prohibited from Libya to Egypt.

He said that Turkey is now in Libya Egypt contention by providing facilities for the acquisition of the share of Egyptian goods, and import from Turkey, and that the problem facing the Libyan businessmen to enter Egypt, is the lack of Egyptian Embassy in Libya, and travel to other States to get a visa, saying the failure to facilitate the entry of Libyan businessmen to Egypt will import to Turkey.

The truck drivers called for exporting goods to Libya, the Chamber of Commerce btabrk-and for him personally-if there are any problems they face, Tobruk area safe and there is no risk to drivers, but the problem they face is the abundance of counterfeit goods.

The exchange of information
Called jirari held agreement between “room of Tobruk and the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce for information exchange between parties, to prevent smuggling along the border, adding that he sent a letter to the head of customs, asking him not to allow the entry of goods exported from Egypt only after passing on the Chambers of Commerce or the certification of the identity of the source, to find out who is the real trader getaway.

Investment opportunities
And the investment opportunities available to the Egyptians in Libya, said: he’s been jirari held several meetings to provide the greatest opportunity for Egyptian companies to Libya, already has signed a contract for an Egyptian company operating in the field, to the implementation of the infrastructure of the port of Tobruk, with 23 million Libyan dinars.

He is negotiating with Egyptian companies to sign a contract to create the infrastructure for the entire city of Tobruk by billion, and that one of the terms of the agreement with Egyptian companies is how to enter the Egyptian workers to Libya again, with import tools and construction kits from Egypt, demanding the return of Egyptian manpower to help in the reconstruction of Libya, said “Libya will not outlive only Egyptian hands.”

Said Abdul Razzaq instead of economic adviser to the Libyan Embassy in Egypt, and the Libyans have affiliation and love of Egypt, many Libyan students who received university education in Cairo, until the master’s and PhD holders, they are a fantastic investment for Egypt.

He wishes to be advertising and promotion of Egyptian products in the fields of Libya, and Libya is the third market for import from Egypt, still an open market for Egyptian products.

Abdul Razzaq, the Egyptian working simple estimator, appraiser when Libyans more than any other nationality, so you must pay attention to the business side, to provide a favourable climate for increased trade between the two countries.

Assistant to Tobruk
The Economic Adviser to the Libyan Embassy to speed rescue and supply Libyan provinces needed food commodities, of Egypt, and in order to ensure the safety of Egyptian drivers, moved the receipt of goods from Assistant to Tobruk on the Libyan border, the area’s Assistant with no possibilities to receive goods, Tobruk was chosen for two reasons, first the existence of regulatory bodies on food commodities and goods, and the second safe area, the Egyptian drivers who transport goods only to Tobruk, and then the Chamber of Commerce moved to other provinces of Libya.

Not qualified
The unqualified now shipping in the transport of goods and goods between the two countries, but the continuing road transport through the port land Salloum, he can solve the problem of road transport by cargo from Egypt to Tobruk by Egyptian trucks, then moved into the provinces of Libya by Libyan trucks.

Taleb Awad with special procedures in obtaining visas to Libyan businessmen to enter Egypt, the Egyptian Office in Libya to facilitate this, noting they to enter Egypt get visas from embassies of Egypt in Tunisia and Jordan and Turkey.



Hossam Sweilem, a military expert: Egypt will support the Libyan army in three ways
28 Aug 2014

The newspaper quoted the delegation Egyptian military expert Major General (Hossam Sweilem) as saying:

Egypt‘s cooperation with the Libyan army will be on three fronts, the first of which will be the cooperation of security information and the second will be through the work of the Egyptian army on the compilation of the regular forces of Libya with the forces of Gen. Khalifa Hfter all the forces National and Libyan tribes in the front and in the face of the unified national Brotherhood terrorists in Libya, and the third front is to provide the needs of the Libyan army weapons, missiles and a private aircraft to deal with terrorists on the eastern border with vigor and speed “

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

Sisi: security plan Egyptian-Libyan court to eliminate terrorism in the two countries when the world give up on Libya. Egypt will not abandon Libya “
So are the men hum interests of the country.
And thankfully in continuous progress and steps Atqh and fixed..

Tribal Perspectives and Good reasons for Optimism



Mu y


Regina della Libia via ‎الحركة القذافية العالمية Al-Qaddafi global movement


Regina della Libia via Alqmafah global movement Al-Qathafi global movement

Right to work my weapon modest Per Liberals

Greeting me love living martyr commander RdL on the occasion of Eid Al Fateh Ali Doors,

and I hope to God that informs us shown him the victory.
A tribute to my father’s spiritual leader Muammar al-Qathafi and all the Liberals and resisters and we are with you hand in hand to support Libya to achieve mass glue.
And also my friends greeting me each and every loyal Liberal who knows me and all the members of the movement Aharkjon Alqmafah global Al-Qathafi global movement
And also to all members and visitors to the page hand in hand to Libya tomorrow Mano a mano verso libia domani
And to the cities of triangle department in Ajeelat heroes. And Tripoli, which I hope to God that removes her anguish and sadness and occupation and greet all Libyan cities noble Free proud.
And a special greeting to my friend Alia Ali and Ndeilha recovery and when doing ghusl? Between us, because I miss you so much.

My gun right R.d.L
Right to work my weapon modest greeting me each Liberals love living martyr commander RdL on the occasion of Eid Al Fateh,

Ali Doors, and I hope to God that informs us shown him the victory. Greetings …

Ajoutée le 26 août 2014


And also to all members and visitors to the page hand in hand to Libya tomorrow Mano a mano verso libia domani
And to the cities of triangle department in Ajeelat heroes. And Tripoli, which I hope to God that removes her anguish and sadness and occupation and greet all Libyan cities noble Free proud.

And a special greeting to my friend Alia Ali and Ndeilha recovery and when doing ghusl?

Between us, because I miss you so much.

الحق سلاحي عمل متواضع لكل الأحرار
تحية مني الشهيدة الحية مُحبة القائد R.d.L بمناسبة عيد الفاتح علي الابواب ، وأدعوا الله أن يبلغنا إياه بالنصر المبين .
تحية إلى أبي الروحي الزعيم معمر القذافي وكل الأحرار والمقاومين ونحن معكم يدً بيد لنصرة ليبيا ولتحقيق الجماهيرية الغراء .
وأيضاً تحية مني لكل أصقائي الأوفياء الأحرار وكل من يعرفني وكل الأعضاء الحركيون بالحركة القذافية العالمية Al-Qaddafi global movement
وأيضا لكل أعضاء وزوار صفحة يد بيد لليبيا الغد Mano a mano verso libia domani
وإلى مدينتي مثلث الأبطال العجيلات . وإلى طرابلس التي أتمنى من الله أن يزيل عنها الكرب والإحتلال والحزن وتحية كل المدن الليبية الشريفة الحرة الأبية .
وتحية خاصة لصديقتي Alia Ali وندعيلها بالشفاء وترجعي بيننا لأني أفتقدك كثيراً.

الحق سلاحي عمل متواضع لكل الأحرار

تحية مني الشهيدة الحية مُحبة القائد R.d.L بمناسبة عيد الفاتح علي الابواب ، وأدعوا الله أن يبلغنا إياه بالنصر المبين .

تحية إلى أبي الروحي الزعيم معمر القذافي وكل الأحرار والمقاومين ونحن معكم يدً بيد لنصرة ليبيا ولتحقيق الجماهيرية الغراء .

وأيضاً تحية مني لكل أصدقائي الأوفياء الأحرار وكل من يعرفني وكل الأعضاء الحركيون بالحركة القذافية العالمية Al-Qaddafi global movement

وأيضا لكل أعضاء وزوار صفحة يد بيد لليبيا الغد Mano a mano verso libia domani

وإلى مدينتي مثلث الأبطال العجيلات . وإلى طرابلس التي أتمنى من الله أن يزيل عنها الكرب والإحتلال والحزن وتحية كل المدن الليبية الشريفة الحرة الأبية .

وتحية خاصة لصديقتي Alia Ali وندعيلها بالشفاء وترجعي بيننا لأني أفتقدك كثيراً.

الحق سلاحي R.d.L

الحق سلاحي عمل متواضع لكل الأحرار تحية مني الشهيدة الحية مُحبة القائد R.d.L بمناسبة عيد الفاتح علي الابواب ، وأدعوا الله أن يبلغنا إياه بالنصر المبين . تحية …




Leader of the World Revolution

21 OCOBER 2011

Alexandra Valiente
Libya 360°

NATO’s Mighty Wurlitzer has been churning at a furious pace the past few days. Recent news of the death of the Revolutionary Brother Leader is part of a wider and far-reaching psychological operation underway and the reason I have abstained from posting any news from the Resistance.

Beware of any news pertaining to “capture”. This, I can assure you, will never happen.

The photographs and film footage provided as evidence that the Brother Leader has fallen, are fake. These images were released months ago and at that time, the official Libyan Government warned us not to be deceived by them.

There are numerous theories surrounding the timing of this release. It is no coincidence that this follows Hillary Clinton’s latest visit to Libya and her renewed call for the capture and murder of the Brother Leader. The rest is speculation. When I can offer you detailed, factual and verified information, I will. For now…

Let the words of the al-Qathafi family be the message to the world and a warning to imperialists everywhere!

In August, Aisha Gaddafi stated;

Even if my father and my brothers are martyred, I will continue my fight against Islamic terrorists in Libya…Let the West and their mercenaries take note; Aisha Kadhafi will never surrender to their conspiracy of evil.

I carry the blood of a heroic father in my veins and I have never known the idea of surrender.

NATO and Western assassins killed my husband and my child. But they must know by now that Aisha Kadhafi is a soldier. Even at the cost of my own life, I will free my country from the clutches of Islamic terrorists and Al Qaeda.

In September she announced to the world;

I will not tell you that victory is approaching, but that we live victorious every day…

…And the Libyan people are still resilient and fighting. I commend these heroes and I congratulate all of the Libyan people, along with your Great Leader, whom I bring relief to you and inform you is currently well. He is well Thank God, and is also faithful to God and remains in high spirits. He bears a weapon and is fighting on the battlefield with his sons, side by side with the Libyan fighters. This is Muammar Gaddafi, putting himself forward to become a fighter and a martyr with his sons. This gives you (the Libyans) the right to be proud of your leader!

I call on the lions of Tripoli, the lions of Tarhouna, the eagles of Wershifanna, and the lions of Assabia and Mashaseeya and Arshaydat and Ajaylat and Awayell to the Lions of the Ancient city of Sabha to the lions of Sirte, Abusleem and El-Hadhba (All tribes within Libya) and all of the heroes of Tripoli, the resilient. And to all Libyan fighters from the West to the South.

I call on you and I call on you, I call on you, I call on you!

I would like to quote my brother, who when I asked him to be careful and look after himself on the front line with his brothers …. I will never forget his words:


To the heroes of Libya, do not disappoint our martyrs. Avenge them, avenge them, avenge them!

In September, General Khamis Gaddafi’s message to his Russian friend was released, from which this excerpt is taken;

Thank you to all my classmates and teachers who have given me a winning spirit, and have taught to adequately assess a combat situation and who have given me valuable combat experience and skills. I am honored that I had such teachers; time will show I made them proud.

Thanks to all our supporters from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, especially to the brave souls who are fighting shoulder to shoulder with us to defend my country against the aggression.

We will win or die; no one will give up or run away. To die fighting side by side with warriors is the dream of anyone who defends their country.

Libya has always been ours and will always be ours, even if we die.

Many things have changed in the world. Who would have thought that everything would turn out this way? But remember this is what we studied and prepared ourselves for. We will endure this trial with valor.

I want to make sure that Libya, which is now a river flowing with blood, will be seen by the world, so the world finally sees what the United Nations and the so-called “civilized West” are about.

Our blood is not cheap. None of the traitors will sleep peacefully until the end of my days, I swear by God and by the honor of the Libyan Army Officers.

Mu’tasim (Dr. BILLAH) Gaddafi, on the eve of the October 14th uprising, called for a World Revolution; and the final overthrow the global elite. An excerpt follows, but please read the stirring appeal in its entirety.

People of the world!

These words come to you from those who struggle to survive under NATO’s massive criminal bombardments.

Our plight is not covered by Western corporate media.

We are simple people who chose principles over fear.

We have suffered crimes and sanctions, mass murder and looting, which we consider the true weapons of mass destruction.

We have endured weeks and months of agony and despair, while the condemned UN traded with our oil revenues in the name of ‘protecting civilians’.

Over 60,000 innocents have died while waiting for a light at the end of a tunnel that has no end, save for the colonization of our country and the theft of our resources.

After the crimes of the administrations of France and Britain in Libya, we have chosen our future.

It is the future of every resistance struggle in the history of humankind.

It is our duty as well as our right to fight back against the forces of colonization and to hold their nations morally and economically responsible for what their elected governments have destroyed and stolen from our land.

It is ironic that the Libyans are to bear the full burden of this immense and ever-deepening conflict on behalf of the rest of this sleeping world!

We ask you to form a worldwide front against war and NATO. A front that is governed by the wise. A front that will bring reform and order and new institutions that would replace the now corrupt. Put an end to them before they destroy the entire world.

Educate those in doubt of the true nature of this conflict.

The sooner a global revolutionary movement is born, the sooner their fall.

Finally, I invite you to read once again the message from the Brother Leader, given over ArraiTV on October 6th, 2011.

Take it deeply to heart.

He has absolute faith in the Libyan people.

He has faith in the Great Tribes and the global Green Resistance.

He has faith in Africa and the vision of a sovereign, united continent.

He has faith that the people of the world are ready and capable of liberating themselves from all forms of tyranny and subjugation.

Although the world abandoned him, he has not given up on you!

The battle is far from over.

Be who you were born to be.

You do not know the idea of surrender.

Revolutionary blood flows in your veins and the courage of every revolutionary that ever lived, beats within your heart, driving you forward to the glorious goal.

Give the imperialists and their minions hell!

Make it an absolute hell for them everywhere so that they find no sanctuary, no safe haven where they can hide from the consequences of their treachery and the sheer enormity of their crimes against humanity and the planet.

Be bold and resolute!

Forward! To Victory! ~A.V.

The great tribes of Bani Walid, Sirte, Warshfana and Nawhi are strong and well armed. They will never be defeated because honorable people cannot and will never be subjugated!

The people of Libya, the true Libyans, will never accept invasion and colonization.

We will fight for our freedom and are prepared for much sacrifice. The traitors, the colonizers and NATO’s armies will all be defeated!

The traitors have lost trust and confidence between themselves and their masters. They cannot continue because they are divided and intrinsically vulnerable.

The NTC, who gave them legitimacy?

How did they obtain legitimacy?

Did the Libyan people elect them?

Did the Libyan people appoint them?

And if only the power of NATO bombs and fleets grant legitimacy, then let all the rulers in the

Third World beware for the same fate awaits you!

To those who recognize this council as legitimate, beware!

There will be transitional councils created everywhere and imposed upon you and one by one, you shall all fall!

I urge all Libyan people to go out and march in the millions in every square, in every city, village and oases.

Go peacefully with all boldness.

Be courageous.

Rise up!

Go forth! Forward!

Raise our proud Green flag to the skies!

Even if there comes a time when you do not hear my voice, do not give up. Do not despair. Do not stop fighting for your freedom until you have victory!

© Copyright 2011 by Libya 360°



protect the leader and his accomplishments...

“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”:

Green fluttering above the fishes great raised you light my great conqueror

Mbdak … Aaazmy
{Antے Azmے Rbے Smaaک right Amaaک..taichے ۆihaboک Aaadaک Antے Azmے}


THERE WAS STABILITY, Prosperity & WEALTH, UNDER THE GREAT JAMAMHIRIYA, and Allah’s goodness even in the earlier years of the Republic:
Khalil Akra, writes us:

Aabasit of the day today writing in history in letters of light and al-Qathafi cheek from Libya 42 years and income to the treasury of hundreds of billions not House Education and untrue and Neutral and led us out Altalm and oppression and destitution and day out on the injustice of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

and the fighter and the Ansar and tomorrow we will come out to all of the wrongs of Libya.

Zintani were always with the right, and Hedda of preferred Lord our history Strna ……

Omasal write Bdma Hatrna Nhanaansar right Wayne Madrna ……. Ali injustice grow and Lkhq Nzina.



“The road is hard and long and will fall all of the revolutionary claims and no longer be in the field,

but the real revolutionaries who believed in the principles of the revolution and ideology …”



(Leader of the Revolution 09/01/1969)



“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, optimisticly comments:

All of the objectives have been achieved and eyes Aalibia lost properties

House of Representatives recognized internationally and struggle Akulaimaa_ 45 Days

Government operate at full capacity without Giwd_bkivah 45 Days

Presidency to receive the reins of Army Staff of the struggle _ 45 Days

Thwart the scheme Qatar in Libya

Because in the final phase of the military control of all Libyan soil and editing areas to terrorize

Allah is the greatest.

(then “Zintan brigade Qaqaa” procedes to give us a summery of the past two months events)

This is what happened to them from Misrata and terrorism:

Like what is happening at the end of the game I’ve Khosrow Fabda cracking and burning in Tripoli Maeval team like the loser without morality Sports

# The plan was to take over the airport and Tripoli before the date of announcement of the final results for the election of members of the
Parliament before any … on July 21 …

# Remember the slogans of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their tails on their pages for the Liberation of Tripoli on 20 Ramadan favorites …

# This was agreed on July 18 ….

Yeboah was occupy Tripoli and Ansar al-Sharia and MB shields occupies Benghazi … oh bash either Aogeloa announcement of the results, or

Alquha or manipulate them ….

Delayed victory and alleged the results were announced and promised to international bodies that give them commands that the conference

Will be held in Benghazi and Qalolhm they know how to behave with him like what became the Rixos Conference.

Elly heart conditions and Mcanc into account, not even in their tails and dreamlike Brotherhood is an agreement by the members of parliament
Meeting in Tobruk ....

# Tried in every way to hold a hearing receipt and delivery in the Tibesti hotel in Benghazi …. The insistence on
The session of the delivery and receipt reason to doubt and suspicion, and the news that they were lipo blow up the hotel and charged

# Hfter and say that he wants to work coup against legitimacy …
Their plan was to receive the highest ruling council of the rebels after the bombing for fear of a political vacuum displays the rule
Home at risk … they have everything ready so the data …

# Parliament convened on Aug. 4 and elected Chairman and his deputies ….
And went Prime Minister Abdullah bending to attend the Summit of the African American

And American governments recognized, Italy, France, Britain and Germany Libyan parliament
And one week later acknowledged Turkey’s parliament ended a plan to seize Tripoli and Benghazi and the elimination of
Parliament and the plan fell announcement of the Supreme Council for the rebels ….

Forces enter Libya dawn of the airport just throwing dust in the eyes of those who sacrificed their lives in order to stay
Government Brotherhood and the declaration of the state of obscurantism …

# Qaqaa withdrawal of a brigade from the airport to thwart the planned part of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and stop the killing and destruction in
# Tripoli … a real political victory for Qaqaa Brigade and other forces that participated in the defense of
Airport ….

# Has promised Parliament forces brigade material and financial support and military power and the formation of the first units of it
# Libyan army forces …. While the “dawn of Libya” will stop them support and lose financially; but, on the contrary will be
Trial all the military commanders who participated in the attack on the airport … and the list almost ready

Because the reorganization Bakiedh General Staff of the Libyan army.


“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, on FB,
writes a tribute to Dr. BILLAH al-Qathafi and Our Martyrs:

And on the ground, the men swore and promised Allah … and Believe Testament ..

Remains in life and shimmer of hope .. we Sanntsr Snhya safely in one day ..

Even after a while ..

Mercy and eternity to our innocent martyrs ..

And patience and victory for Aasodna heroes along the homeland.

As long as the souls in heaven Ahbbnaha .. let us ..

طالما في السماء ارواح احببناها .. تدعوا لنا ..

وعلى الارض رجال اقسموا وعاهدوا الله … و صدقوا العهد..

يبقى في الحياة وميض أمل .. بأننا سأننتصر سنحيا بأمان في يوم من الايام ..

ولو بعد حين ..

الرحمة والخلود لشهدائنا الابرار ..

والصبر و النصر لااسودنا الابطال على امتداد ارض الوطن .

Noble Army of the Libyan Tribes


Abdulaziz Libyan

“Between the ages of and Muammar”

Stand upside down does not remove the headaches, but increases the size of the suffering in the rotor and Aldokhh..vtobeiria “put points on the letters” I think from my point of view based Jewish idea came from in order to distort some of the words contained in the Holy Koran, because the words of the verses of the Koran was revealed to master of creation without Tnqat..

olan article does not bear not primarily exposed Vsaterc you yourself disclosed that Erdtm..olma In this publication will put lines under words instead Anakat..vfa true that the “Green Book” is of the Libyan tribes,

but does not correspond with the films and fabricated scenarios for the purpose of Drawing amazement on the faces of the onlookers, but harmony does not necessarily mean absolute ratification, including the merits of the films came from tournaments false attributed to the heroes of the movie business usually ..

Amral-mokhtar screenplay and dialogues of the Helms attributed to Mr. Omar is really not to H..ola are girls Avkarh..ola old uttered, not between him and himself, not even in front of the handsome Boumtara,

but all of what took place in the events of the film dialogues referred to him and that taught the representative Italian Anthony Quinn and uttered the words of Sheikh martyrs are the words of an honest and holy inspired, and are in fact the reality of the struggle of the Leader of the Revolution, written by himself,

and penned the spirit of national, and prepared for his day Orient in the neighborhood number two, which are words revolutionary Noria luminosity attributed to him fully and testimony Akkad same outlet artwork Aldkhm..

lo really believe that the phrase “generations will come after me, but I Tqatlkm my life is not going to be longer than the life of Hanga” ..

I say if we assume that the previous statement is Sir Omar dunums, we are familiar with us and we may Nkonowa caliph Omar Lying in a circle does not Sameh Allah..

lan simply generations that came after him any after Omar Mukhtar is generations fought with the Italians and the Franciscan did not fight them, including his son’s life Mamed..

oan Hanekaya became the longest of his life even extended their longevity because their feet and stepped unclean land of Cyrenaica again at the invitation to dinner from the elders of the tribes exile themselves

and who represent a slice of future generations by belief and claimed those who ascribe those words to Amr..bthagh high too is overstated, all the words contained in the text of the ferry missed is the right said intellectual property and militant belonging to Muammar al-Qathafi alone,

without other evidence that the generations that came after him after a master horsehair Muammar fought the enemy and Oznabh..

lm Tstzlm..lm Tba..lm betray, including the sons of the Leader of the Revolution, and Mutassim, Khamis..kma life that Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is already become longer than the life of His proposed assassins, ascending to the evidence in the hearts of millions of fans over the lives of human beings, with Sarkozy scandal, corruption, and the unfortunate seal Berlusconi scandal Okhalaqah (made to frame him) because he withdrew his support of NATO at the end..

hl Takdtoa his life now that the screenplay is actually a biography written by our Leader himself, and for himself to leave the days of the shows, and discovered tapes between Dar al-Khialh..

rpma I dedicate for some people, but I can assure you it’s really specific, at least for me.


Council of Libyan Tribes and Cities

Jamahiriya News Agency

Urgent: Clarification as to Who is the Only Legitimate Spokesperson for the Libyan Tribes
Jamahiriya News Agency

According to “the Council of the Libyan tribes and cities” that Professor Khaled Ramadan Abu-brigad Aosm is the new official spokesman of the “Council and the Conference of the Libyan tribes and cities” will not be considered any statement issued by any other person or effort was.

Tribal Council and the Libyan cities
History 26/08/2014
# Of Oa_o Rishvana_alaskara

(picture 1 BELOW)
All Libyan tribes spokesman Khaled Ramadan Abu Dean, The spokesman of the Libyan tribes. Conference Centre:

Khalid Ibrahim Abubrigad:

Spokesman for the Libyan tribes noble “Khaled Abu Dean”:


“Morale hugging clouds and increased our alliances and our troops on the ground and

our men determined to victory.”



picture 2:
Ojaili Abdulsalam Albrenne, former spokesman for the Libyan tribes:




Libya Trbuls … # news about the return of near bank governor # Libya Central great friend to the capital

# Tripoli in the coming days to direct his duties:

Farhat Bengadara, Original Governor of Libya’s Central Bank

ليبيا #طربلس … أنباء عن قرب عودة محافظ مصرف #ليبيا المركزى الصديق الكبير الي العاصمة #طرابلس خلال الأيام القادمة لمباشرة مهام عمله


Zintan brigade Qaqaa

Asks of the army units that track the room dignity

Inform you been closed room dignity and convert all officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers

and recruits to the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army












 USA did not like the airstrikes at all–They are accusing the UAE and Egypt-–they will not admit the truth of the Jamahiriya airforce.. They (ofcourse) are working with and helping to supply the Brotherhood, through Turkey and Qatar, who in turn give it to the Wahabi MB in Libya (particularly in MISURATA). It is an occult Cabal—more than people realise…

It has Satanic origins, and Obama is their leader…People think he is just a puppet—

Little do they know the full truth of it all—

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:

It is not merely “moderate” (they say), “political-Islam” as the Yankees are trying to describe it to unaware populace…

You will notice, from the little that is covered by the MSM press, they purposely decribe the conflict as a “civil-war” between ‘Islamic factions” and other militias…

They will never reveal the truth, that it is a war against very evil forces who are trying to impose by force, their will upon a basicly good people. They always describe the Zintani as a militant militia seeking a coup…same for “rogue” Hftar…They will never say that these good people are trying to defend Libya from the Satanic and very murderous and evil ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and her various al-Qaeda (as they term it) offspring—

It is all ONE WAHABI BROTHERHOOD with many branches; but all seek the same goal of a WAHABI ISLAMIC CALIPHATE…and will crush and destroy anything or all things that get in their way of their goal and agenda—which is NOT political, nor is it religious, it is anti-religious, it is SATANIC..



“And the land of thorns Rishvana”, informs us of the

Stop the broadcast on Libyan satellite channels “Nilesat” at the request of the interim government announced that the company’s management, the Egyptian satellite Nilesat it had suspended broadcast channels at the request of the Libyan official responded to the Libyan interim government.

The list, which was stopped Alphenoat broadcast, Libya National 1,


2 and Libya Sports 1 and 2,


3 Libya, and Libya official children and Libya, Libya educational guidance and youth.

It was agreed to negotiate a repayment schedule of style debt of these channels due to the conditions experienced by Libya currently.




And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath, reports:

Message (to stop the broadcast channels imperialist false “Jamahiriya”), which belong to what is known as the institution of government, which was dominated by militias, corrupt..

This station had all western programing, sexy commercials, and was mostly in English..

TOTAL WESTERN PROPAGANDA STATION calling itself “Jamahiriya” since 2011 when the GNC puppets

took over the real Jamahiriya station of the Great Jamahiriya.


The Libyan Ministry of electricity theft and sabotage Announces


Tripoli-(a) announced the Ministry of electricity and renewable energy on Wednesday, the Libyan official page of social networking, the Ministry headquarters to process x-TeX paper crepe.

The Misurata ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood vandalism included most of the offices and meetings, in addition to steal content and most of the car service.

The Ministry said the attackers dropped missiles and shells at the building, causing extensive material damage, inside and outside the Ministry building.

The Ministry published photographs of the size of the devastation afflicting the building, did not mention whether there were any casualties from the attack.

Tripoli has referred to these days as a wave of vandalism, robbery and theft against State facilities and houses, and organized by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood militants, taking advantage of the fragile security situation and the chaos of weapons proliferation in the country.



“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, reports:

Long live the State of Tykes
Jardan corrupt state of their origin and the corruption of morals and honor
Was chosen Rat Rotten Ali F Aalghemati and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Libya’s Western, The Rat F Aalghemati holds British citizenship, was kidnapped by Jardan (RATS) and filmed naked.

Long live the State of the tykes

Corrupt corruption State of rats, their origin and their morals, honour

Rotten rat Juma was chosen exactly as Foreign Minister of the Government of western Libya

The rat Juma include British nationality was kidnapped by rats and filmed improperly

It’s the Government of debauchery

It’s a government debauchery.

PICTURE: Ali F Aalghemati ‘Juma’, w Canteloupe:

وزارة الخارجية و التعاون الدولي – ليبيا

الصفحة الرسمية لوزارة الخارجية و التعاون الدولي بالحكومة الليبية المؤقتة . لمراسلتنا

And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath, posts

Denier (BELHADJ):
Equip the convoy 30 kilometers in length for the ‘Liberation of Tripoli’, he said.
I have an old TV repair Libby Wayne, Anaguibh you in Tobruk, and Egypt,

نجهز رتل طوله 30 كيلو متر لتحرير طرابلس علي حد قوله.
عندي تلفزيون قديم يبي التصليح وين انجيبه لك في طبرق والا مصر


“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”: 

African farm guard was kidnapped from a farm inventory Jmah_alasita director of channel capital

and was found handcuffed and bound with ropes and shot dead and thrown into the sea.


Notes about the code of honor to Fbaúl Libyan Middle are:

1-the absence of a paragraph calling for a national dialogue between all shades, tribes and Libyan cities and components of the Libyan people, to go out to dissolve consensual between Libyans a political vision of the political system and the system of governance and the flag and the national anthem,…

2 noted that the Libyan people, split since 2011 into a pro to “17 February”, and rejecting her as she Event killings, displacement and displacement, displacement and invasion of cities and prosecutions and chases and looting and fighting, even within the party one, the latest events taking place in Benghazi and what happened and is happening in Tripoli and there is no harmony and intercourse at “17 February”. Awobaltala insist on referring to it without the other, especially in light of insulation and Maes like the one mentioned in paragraph 4 of the Charter.

it must be re-repealed or amended to include all shades of the Libyan people and was supposed to in the Charter to submit proposals by the process include the disbanding and the collection of arms and the return of the army and police and the return of displaced persons and displaced at home and abroad and displaced two million displaced people,

and to hold both committed a crime from 1969 even to now, and the treatment of victims gather parties justly.

جيش القبائل الليبية الشريفة‎ a ajouté 4 nouvelles photos.

وردنا الان ::
الملاحظات عن ميثاق الشرف لفبائل الليبية بالشرق هي:1-غياب فقرة الدعوه لحوار وطني بين كل الاطياف والقبائل والمدن الليبية ومكونات الشعب الليبي للخروج بحل توافقي بين الليبين يقدم رؤية سياسية للنظام السياسي ونظام الحكم والعلم والنشيد على ان تتولى هيئة الدستور اعداد الدستور في ضل مايتفق عليه الليبين 2- الاشارة الى ان الشعب الليبي انقسم منذ عام 2011م الى مؤيد الى 17فبراير ورافضا لها حيث حدث القتل والتشريد والتهجير والنزوح وغزو المدن وملاحقات ومطاردات ونهب وسلب واقتتال حتى داخل الطرف الواحد وكان اخرها مايجري في بنغازي وماجرى ويجري في طرابلس وليس هناك وفاق وجماع على 17 فبراير اووبالتالي الاصرار على الاشارة اليها دون غيرها وخاصة في ظل العزل ومايس كالذي ورد في الفقرة 4 من الميثاق عليه يجب اعادة الغائها او تعديلها ليشمل كافة اطياف الشعب الليبي وكان يفترض في الميثاق تقديم مقترحات بحلول عملية تشمل حل المليشيات وجمع السلاح وعودة الجيش والشرطة وعودة المهجرين والنازحين بالداخل والخارج 2مليون مهجر ونازح ومحاسبة كل من اجرم من عام 1969 الى الان ومعاملة ضحايا جمع الاطراف بالعدل

Photo de ‎جيش القبائل الليبية الشريفة‎.
Photo de ‎جيش القبائل الليبية الشريفة‎.
Photo de ‎جيش القبائل الليبية الشريفة‎.
Photo de ‎جيش القبائل الليبية الشريفة‎.




Recovered more than 100 bodies of illegal immigrants near the beaches east of Tripoli

picture: the shore of QARA BOLLE:







‘Muslim’ Brotherhood militias Mzrath sons stateless original Sacred, honor and morality a bastard streets
Burn Scientific Library Association and the Islamic Dawa, which contained a large collection of rare books and manuscripts.

Another irreplacable Islamic Library burned with all her treasures, by the Wahabi:

Zintan ghost-page official
URGENT: # Militia_mtpartyh stir up shortly before the fire at # Mketbh_da’oh_alasalamah, burning This library disaster in every sense of the word it contains the largest library Islamist in Libya and contains multiple copies of each title and thousands of photographers and original copies of the manuscripts, which is hundreds of years old and # Nuadr_almtbuaat and a huge digital archive, in addition to the archive Islamic Museum, wrote about moderation and for Salafist and history have been burned at the hands of extremists!





“Army Libyan tribes honest”:
Wounded gazelle historic statue in Tripoli occupied Bamadat Aviation 14,5 last night by “gangs of Roma Libya extreme”

in an attempt to destroy it.








MISURATA MB Kidnapping 4 people in the house Bamntqh Got Alshall

Amalomat to the people, but they were from the city of Sabha:

Martyrdom of young Haider Mohammed Al-Mlhov, where he was physically liquidated

after being abducted by MB gunmen from Janzour.


Mlisheat_alsadeg_ahlgreana Musrath_asos of gangs trying to break into the family home

and burn MP Musab al-Abed in the neighborhood of Andalus and neighbors clash and expel them from the region.

ورشفانة ارض الشوك

عاجل : #مليـِـشيات_الصادق_الغريانــي من عصابات #مصراتة_اللصوص يحاولون اقتحام و حرق منزل عائلة النائب مصعب العابد في حي الاندلس و الجيران يشتبكون معهم و يطردونهم من المنطقة .




“Libya call out to you all. God save the unified Libya.”



(Abdullah Hussein Al-Lafi, Member of the House from the corner. )


Zintan ghost-page official:
Air strikes infect a large number (more than 17 site) points in the capital Tripoli military sites forces blew Libya?

Zintan ghost-page official:

Aerial bombardment on a number of sites belonging to militias in MB Libya Shield






The Shura Council and elders in Azizia carries Transitional Council and  the Interior Ministry, deplore outright

the MB killing the family of Ramadan Abu Humaid:






And R پa RAFLA workshops saves and Rishvana and her family from Go



Rishvana land of thorns and a partagé la vidéo de brigade and military Rishvana.
Look at Libya …
The scholar Dr Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Raslan, may God protect him


Zintan ghost-page official
# Ademo this page .. ghost .. Zintan military mail has been left idle for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood;

and is now trying to return again …

# Ademoha we are all in a row against terrorism
Zintan ghost-page official


Zintan ghost-page official
Tell Salah Badi (Paddy) walks suckle yogurt …..

Zintan strength and power of the Lord Senthanah fire Tsba







MISURATA Brotherhood trouble again for BANI WALID

“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, posts another warning, this time for BANI WALID:
31 armed vehicles near a factory al-Alfah heading toward Bani Walid unknown dependency
I hope so discernible science








the crimes of Misurata in LIBYA


“Brigade operations Qaqaa lightning civil 32″:

The invasion of Tripoli achieve its goals ,,,
Process has successfully captured the favorites and take them to the Misurata …!

What happened in the capital during the past few days, is the largest looting and theft in modern history … (the idea of ​​them coming to the Abaiqdoa Cronies and Bihrroa airport) .. !!!!!!

Suddenly disappeared to talk to (ABU NURI BUSHMAN arrows) who on coming to Khatarham and seemed Ago on government and a new conference hehehehe and God only problem foolish dreams … (7 photos)





This photo shows trucks heavy-loaden with stolen booty, heading back to MISURATA…

These were the so-called “liberators” of Tripoli.”LIBYA DAWN” (as they called their groups)

They are nothing  but THEIVES, murderers, and destroyers all–with not a spec of religion or morality—.


“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, comments:

And continues MISURATA sons in the Grand theft Arzak people
The continued looting and pillaging at the hands of gangs of Jews MISURATA

_asos and followed Alancksharien right in the city of Tripoli al-Mstbahp and her family,

cooking utensils and even kids games and toilets are robbed and stolen.

To you, God cursed Iamsarat and your origin and your honor Aasrac Aaeidima corrupt

morals and original Yakom Lot Aagayt streets and come Sacred (4 photos)



These filthy Misurata murdering criminals tried to use Zintan as their scapegoat for

Misrath treachery and burglary.


 prior, before emptying the truck of the rocket-laucher:

Picture of the “honest and Noble Tribes fighting Misurata”:







“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”:


Log in convoys of Jews Mzrath Sacred bastard sons to the streets of Sirte and there Mntoma in gate 50

(The Wahabi think they control and own Sirte..and have in the past months executed all who

they think do not obey them in Sirte.)

# Please Publishing

Yesterday was Zjul five cars from .german Mzrath MB  so-called “shield” to the city of Sirte and the p background catch with employees of the MB “shield” in the city of Sirte.

me not joining me rats Mzrath war in Tripoli must be taken it caution and warned them as possible Aljio to catch p free light car type Cameri ruler Issue 2 and Toyota and Toyota Poh armored monster number 2 Alon white and black Chevrolet.

Lord bless you

#الرجاء النشر

يوم أمس تم ذخول خمسة سيارات من .جرذان مزراته ما يسمي الدرع الي مدينة سرت وذلك ع خلفية قبض ع منتسبي الدرع في مدينة سرت لي عدم ألتحاقهم بي جرذان مزراته في حرب طرابلس فيجب أخد الحيطه وحذر منهم ممكن يلجئو للقبض ع أحرار الفاتح وسيارات نوع كاميري مسطره العدد 2 و تويوتا لبوه مصفحه وتويوتا وحش عدد2 الون أبيض و شفرليت سوداء ربي يحفظكم




And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath

Long live the State of Tykes
State Jardan savages stateless ethics and honor the original
The presence of the body of a young man, ritually slain, in the way of the project Benghazi
So are the monthly Aajerdan Iaafrouh Sacred.


Tgyev terrorist al-Mqml Shuhaibi Hussein‘s supporters for evil (ANSAR al-SHARIA) in yesterday’s battles

against the forces of General Hftar of BIAR/BYAR






“And the land of thorns Rishvana”, reports:

The European Union supports the House of Representatives and asking him to form a government

urgently to establish security and national reconciliation.

Foreign Minister of Malta warns West of military intervention and said:

“We count on the discussions that will occur in the coming days the Security Council.

Added,” We recognize the government of Abdullah bending and the House of Representatives Btabriq only. “.






“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, posts a

dire WARNING for TABOU !!

Ham and Khtirjadda
Yesterday evening and in the program without restrictions on channel Libya first and was the guest of a program called Tawfiq Shuhaibi,  Alaotunai member of the old defunct General National Congress from the city of Tobruk.

This user refused to attend meetings of the Conference in the presence of donkeys ended mandate. Spoke bravely about the secrets of the rat Conference and the Brotherhood; said they had delivered to them from Libya to this case. He also said there are plots hatched on Tabou

and I am responsible to my words, there are contacts between the two rat tribes children of Solomon and the tribe Zawya and with the leaders of the city of Misrata and have promised to Zawya and sons of Solomon that stand with them to fight the Tabou and displace them from their areas, after the win in their invasion of the capital.

When Sal Broadcaster home this talk seriously say that the displacement of an entire tribe said that’s what his plan Hola invaders and I’m not saying this talk of my head I have the evidence and proofs and All Tabou must take caution.






Stan Sabha, reports:

Found dead inside the trunk of a car in Sabha
The body of Walid Mohammed Qnon benign on Tuesday near the club «Crescent» in the neighborhood of high school in the city of Sabha, two days after his disappearance.

The source said that the police station Gardah patrol went to the scene after the arrival of communication about the presence of a foul odor emanating from the trunk of a car, and after the opening of the type of Hyundai car, and found the body in a state of decomposition.

It is noteworthy that the deceased was only at the age of 21 years old, and lived in the neighborhood of the stones in the city of Sabha.








Libyan Arab Airlines

Tunisian authorities to prevent any plane from Airports Mitigua and Misurata and Sirte landing in Tunisian airports or transit in the atmosphere of Tunisia and also the Moroccan authorities the return of civilian aircraft lines Libyan coming from Mitigua to Casablanca and also prevented the Egyptian authorities receive any Libyan plane at Cairo airport .






for you Yanks:




Satellite Sentinel Project,

Time to choke: THE NEW WORLD ORDER is monitoring, by Satellite, world over Nations to “prevent Wars” !!

Satellite Sentinel Project: Protecting Civilians
04 min 40 sec Add to Profile
Nathaniel Raymond, director of human rights documentation at the Satellite Sentinel Project, discusses civilian lifesaving capabilities with the emerging satellite imagery project. The project provides real-time surveillance of nations in conflict to help prevent war and genocide.

Advancing the New Machine: Mapping and Geospatial Tools

Geospatial tools have emerged as a powerful resource to document, analyze and display the geographic context, location and extent of human rights abuses. Geospa






Doctors: Rasmussen clinically dead

Image: Rasmussen in St. Petersburg from CC BY 3.0

We have a drama about the long-standing NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. He was admitted yesterday to a Brussels hospital, suspected of having a stroke. Unfortunately, the worst fears were confirmed. Rasmussen today is lying in intensive care, after having fallen into a coma. He could still speak, but only nonsense talk, which according to the doctors, any remaining brain activity can be largely excluded. Yet, the physician is stumped with this mystery.

“The stroke did not just yesterday occur,” said chief physician Dr. Ruger Eugene Bauer, “It must have been a long time ago! Untreated stroke, usually takes only a few days, before the brain’s functions give out. Still, Rasmussen has appeared for years at conferences! He gave speeches there, although he was already brain dead, and somehow, no one  noticed!”

According to the closest circles around him, Rasmussen had never shown any abnormalities. His Secretary said he was “as always”. The stroke was discovered then purely coincidental, when Rasmussen spoke to a homeless man in a pedestrian zone. “I thought he was a junkie,” says Vincent Bossut, “who has ate a bit too much crystal meth, because he spoke  to me, saying “fuck Putin“. Also, his face was so disfigured, as one knows it of Crystal Meth users here. Because of this, I had them call an ambulance as a precaution.”

In the hospital, the doctors randomly recognized the signs of stroke.

Rasmussen was especially noticed, when he suspected a conspiracy between Greenpeace and Russia against fracking . At that time, there were rumors about Rasmussen’s possible use of drugs. That came up already; but It turns out now, that everything is quite different.

For doctors, the question arises now how long Rasmussen should remain connected to his oppressive language systems, which deter him constantly to speak nonsense.

His wife had no advance suspicions concerning her husband. The time, according to his own statements, checks whether possibly one of his friends had noticed anything unusual. The search may not last. Except for Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and a few Polish officials, Rasmussen did not speak seriously long to anyone any more.



The Libyan Jihad on Terrorism admidst the Downfall of TRIPOLI

After what occured this morning, MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI, OUR MAHDI, is still our hope.

We will see a Green LIBYA , yet…

Mu 29 JULY 2012 Supreme Commander decision

Son of the Great, writes:

You are the force that invincible determination which ..antm to Atlin ..antm Shoumoukh who Aingena
Ye spirits that Attias .. you from making history and epics and Glory Brigade ..antm
Which can not be him to fall ..

How do ye sons Alabtal..kev not ye sons
History of struggle Almcharf..kev not ye sons of leaders that prides itself out of millions
How do you and Khricha School Shoumoukh, dignity, and the challenge of school
Italy knelt down and make them accept a humiliated hands submissively …………………..

Raise the inspirations, the defeat did not know her way to the souls of made glory and honor
Raise the inspirations that men Garat Alobabil birds and ground fleets demons
The puppets are able to resolve the conflict in their favor strongly faith and patience and determination
Raise the inspirations you said Yamen Tz looked down at the time you and others in which the heads of cowardice and Radwha
And comply ..

Raise the inspirations of my grandsons smart enough feet chanting welcome paradise
Jet declined swear that victory had written on Ajabinkm and you are moving for him
Lift up your inspirations, my brothers and sons of Muammar Gaddafi glory ..muammr Gaddafi Challenge
Muammar Gaddafi manhood and parents and Shoumoukh .. Yamen Tnadeetm to contest the verge epics is retreating Kabdan on hot coals is indifferent determined to Neil.

The certificate is not hesitant … I swear will not do this, but men sons of men
By God, God will not let down some people believed that life pause honor and pride … Farfawa inspirations
And Afajroa yourselves and your fathers and your sons, the history of Aarahm

Great son

Steadfast … steadfast … and with God’s help victors!


by al-Zaim Muammar
al_hor 32

God and Muammar and Libya, for another the same ups

الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس لاأخر نفس


انتم القوة التي لاتقهر ..انتم العزيمة التي لاتلين ..انتم الشموخ الذي لاينجني
انتم الارواح التي لاتيأس .. انتم من صنع التاريخ والملاحم والمجد ..انتم اللواء
الذي لايمكن له ان يسقط .. كيف لا وانتم ابناء الابطال..كيف لا وانتم ابناء
التاريخ النضالي المشرف..كيف لا وانتم ابناء القادة التي تفخر بها الملايين
كيف لا وانتم خريخي مدرسة الشموخ والكرامة والتحدي مدرسة من
ركع ايطاليا وجعلها تقبل الايادي وهي ذليلة صاغرة …………………..
ارفعـوا الهامات فان الهزيمة لا تعرف طريقها لارواح من صنعوا المجد والشرف
ارفعوا الهامات فالرجال التي قارعات طيور الابابيل واساطيل شياطين الارض
ودماهم قادرة على حسم الصراع لصالحها بقوة الايمان والصبر والعزيمة
ارفعوا الهامات يامن قلتم طز في زمن طأطأت فيه رؤوس غيركم جبنا ورضوحا
وانصياع .. ارفعوا الهامات يا احفاد من عقلوا ارجلهم وهم يهتفون مرحب بالجنة
جت تدنى فوالله ان النصر قد كتب على جبينكم وانكم اليه لسائرون
ارفعوا الهامات يا اخوة وابناء معمر القذافي المجد ..معمر القذافي التحدي
معمر القذافي الرجولة والاباء والشموخ.. يامن تناديتم لخوض الملاحم مقبلين غير مدبرين قابضين على الجمر غير أبهين مصممين على نيل
الشهادة غير مترددين… فوالله لن يفعل هذا الا الرجال ابناء الرجال
ووالله لن يخذل الله قوما امنوا بان الحياة وقفة عز وشرف… فارفعوا الهامات
وافخروا بأنفسكم وأبائكم وأبناءكم فان التاريخ لايرحــــــــــــــــــــم

ابن العظمــــــــــــــــــــى

صامدون … ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون


Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

A joint statement from the banner of “32 civil”, and “Lightning”, and “Qaqaa”, followed by a few words from Ibrahim Madani-gel, on his brother, the martyr Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani:

The name of God the Merciful
And peace and blessings be upon His Messengers
“Books you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you, and Allah knows and you know not” Almighty God.

To the Libyan people, has been imposed on us unwillingly fighting against the terrorist gangs of the Kharijites and the remnants of Alancksharien, rogue beyond the legitimacy of the state and implemented agendas of partisan and regional and foreign, who launched aggression left on the city of Tripoli in the holy month of Ramadan, and used heavy weapons, indiscriminate shelling against unarmed civilians and targeted public utilities and fuel tanks, power plants.

okadd Astbsl fighters organizers in the legitimacy of the national army to defend the gains of the Libyan people and the protection of destinies and secure civilians, and was based on the aggressors to the campaigns of lies and distortion to the fatwas of clerics have no religion,

and we knew they were but turn against the will of the Libyan people who drop them sought refuge in

the elections to force to maintain their influence and their earnings.

The forces carried the banner of ’32 Enhanced Civil’ and ‘Qaqaa’ and ‘Lightning’ withdrawals tactical and strategy in order to preserve the lives of civilians, and to uncover the truth of the Raiders Tripoli, and their goals for the Libyan people and the world; and showed those withdrawals, and the subsequent looting and destruction of property of private and public enterprise, the goals of the so-called falsely ‘process dawn Tripoli’, and what they are destroying Tripoli, showed the following:


That leads and executes # Amlah_gzo_tarabuls did not participate in the February Revolution departure against injustice and corruption, but power was important to them and do not care about the nation, and proved their intention to burn the green and the ground in order to reach their goals.

Secondly -

That burn # Mtar_tarabuls_alaalmi and destroy aircraft parked, revealed that he was not among the goals of the invaders to return the airport to the state from the hands of the militias, as they claim; but rather destroy it and tinker with, which confirms their goals Regional interested destroying Tripoli and facilities for the establishment of other capital are only in their imaginations sick.

Thirdly -

The destruction of # Khozanat_alocod and power plants reveal the identity of those mercenaries associated with foreign agendas targeting the Libyan people and the structure of Libya infrastructure.

Fourthly -

The destruction of homes and the displacement of people and arrest Ali identity revealed malice Dvina carried them to the Alancksharien on the Libyan people in all tribes.

And it proclaims the banner of 32nd cCivil and Qaqaa, and Lightning, to the Libyan people, the following:

1 that the morale of the employees of the National Army fighters who defend the legitimacy of institutions and protecting the Libyan Libya against the Kharijites and terrorist militias, high and they are determined to eliminate terrorism in Libya and the liberation of all Libyan cities from the grip of those bands.

2 that the tribe Zintan, which involves a number of her sons within these formations legitimacy is the tribe of the Libyan Arab are always part of National Defense on Libya, and it stands with the Libyan tribes noble ranks against gangs Kharijites and terrorists, and that this historic battle has established its own Boabed ties that link with the noble tribes against the owners of agendas and the remnants # # al-Ancksharien and Turks.

3 that the battle is not over yet, but would now start to cleanse Libya of these groups obscurantism corrupt and corrupting, based on the legitimacy of the Libyan tribes noble, and the decisions of the House of Representatives, which settled the matter about the legitimacy of terrorist formations regional and religious.

4-bear personal responsibility for the leaders of terrorist militias all material damage caused to public property and material and moral damages suffered by the citizens as a result of the brutal aggression on Tripoli, and reassure the Libyan people that those Christspon account difficult for the crimes they committed against the Libyan people and

will be punished fair.

Finally, we reiterate to our people and our tribes noble Aahdona as we are staying on the National Pact for the sake of Libya supreme and we will build together in Libya free, independent and sovereign.


بيان مشترك من لواء المدني والصواعق والقعقاع تلاه قبل قليل #ابراهيم_المــدنـيْنجل الشيخ الشهيد محمد المدني :

باسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والصلاة والسلام علي اشرف المرسلين

“كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ الْقِتَالُ وَهُوَ كُرْهٌ لَّكُمْ وَعَسَى أَن تَكْرَهُواْ شَيْئاً وَهُوَ خَيْرٌ لَّكُمْ وَعَسَى أَن تُحِبُّواْ شَيْئاً وَهُوَ شَرٌّ لَّكُمْ وَاللّهُ يَعْلَمُ وَأَنتُمْ لاَ تَعْلَمُونَ” صدق الله العظيم

الي الشعب الليبي ، لقد فرض علينا كرها القتال ضد العصابات الارهابية من الخوارج و بقايا الانكشاريين ، المارقة الخارجة عن شرعية الدولة والتي تنفذ اجندات حزبية وجهوية وخارجية ، الذين شنوا عدوانا غادرا علي مدينة طرابلس في شهر رمضان المبارك ، واستخدموا الاسلحة الثقيلة بقصف عشوائي ضد المدنيين العزل واستهدفوا المرافق العامة وخزانات الوقود ومحطات الكهرباء .ولقد استبسل المقاتلون المنظمون في شرعية الجيش الوطني في الدفاع على مكتسبات الشعب الليبي وحماية مقدراته وتامين المدنيين ،ولقد استند المعتدون الي حملات اكاذيب وتشويه والي فتاوي من رجال دين لا دين لهم ، وكنا نعلم انهم انما ينقلبون على ارادة الشعب الليبي الذي اسقطهم في الانتخابات فلجأوا الي القوة للحفاظ على نفوذهم ومكتسباتهم .

ولقد نفذت قوات لواء المدني والقعقاع والصواعق انسحابات تكتيكية واستراتيجية حفاظا على ارواح المدنيين ،ولكشف حقيقة غزاة طرابلس واهدافهم للشعب الليبي والعالم ، وبينت تلك الانسحابات وما تلاها من عمليات نهب وتدمير للاملاك الخاصة والمنشاة العامة، اهداف ما سمي زورا عملية فجر طرابلس وحقيقتها تدمير طرابلس ، بينت الاتي ،

ان من يقود وينفذ #عملية_غزوُ_طرابلس لم يشاركوا في ثورة فبراير خروجا ضد الظلم والفساد ،بل كانت تهمهم السلطة ولا يهمهم الوطن ، واثبتوا عزمهم علي حرق الاخضر واليابس في سبيل الوصول الي غاياتهم.
ثانيا –

ان حرق #مطار_طرابلس_العالمــي وتدمير الطائرات الجاثمة، كشفت انه لم يكن من بين اهداف الغزاة ارجاع المطار للدولة من ايدي المليشيات كما كانوا يدعون، بل تدميره والعبث به مما يؤكد اهدافهم الجهوية التي يهمها تدمير طرابلس ومرافقها لإقامة عاصمة اخري هي فقط في مخيلتهم المريضة .
ثالثا –

ان تدمير #خزانات_الوقوُد ومحطات الكهرباء تكشف هوية اولئك المرتزقة المرتبطون بأجندات اجنبية تستهدف الشعب الليبي وبنية ليبيا التحتية .
رابعا –

ان عمليات تدمير المنازل وتهجير الناس والاعتقال علي الهوية كشفت حقد دفينا يحمله الخوارج والانكشاريين على الشعب الليبي بكل قبائله.

وعليه يعلن لواء المدني والقعقاع والصواعق الي الشعب الليبي الاتي :
1- ان الروح المعنوية للمقاتلين منتسبي الجيش الوطني الذين يدافعون على شرعية المؤسسات الليبية ويحمون ليبيا ضد الخوارج والمليشيات الارهابية ، عالية وهم مصممون علي القضاء علي الارهاب في ليبيا وتحرير كل المدن الليبية من قبضة تلك العصابات

2- ان قبيلة الزنتان التي ينطوي عدد من ابنائها ضمن هذه التشكيلات الشرعية هي قبيلة ليبية عربية تقوم دائما بدورها الوطني في الدفاع على ليبيا ،وانها تقف مع القبائل الليبية الشريفة صفا واحدا ضد عصابات الخوارج والارهابيين ، وان هذه المعركة التاريخية رسخت قناعاتها بوثوق الروابط التي تربطها مع القبائل الشريفة ضد اصحاب الاجندات وبقايا #الانكشـــاريين و #الاتـراك .

3- ان المعركة لم تنتهي بعد ، بل ستبدأ الان لتطهير ليبيا من تلك المجموعات الظلامية الفاسدة والمفسدة ،استنادا الي شرعية القبائل الليبية الشريفة، وقرارات مجلس النواب الذي حسم الامر بخصوص شرعية التشكيلات الارهابية الجهوية والدينية .

4-نحمل المسؤولية الشخصية لقادة المليشيات الإرهابية عن كافة الاضرار المادية التي لحقت بالممتلكات العامة والاضرار المادية والمعنوية التي لحقت بالمواطنين من جراء العدوان الغاشم على طرابلس ، ونطمئن الشعب الليبي الي ان اولئك سيحسبون حسابا عسيرا على الجرائم التي اقترفوها في حق الشعب الليبي وسينالون عقابهم العادل .

واخيرا نجدد التأكيد لشعبنا ولقبائلنا الشريفة اننا كما عاهدونا باقون على العهد الوطني من اجل مصلحة ليبيا العليا وسنمضي معا في بناء ليبيا حرة مستقلة ذات سيادة .


“Zero hour” on FB, reports:

If all Elly Mtabaaan page Aisalo Khalstin two by God after the Asr prayer and Morocco, before and after the prayer, praising speech Yakhar Avenge Misurata and the Liberal Victory (supporters of the leader) 200 times Baden God will win and Hedda and Baden except God.

لو كل اللى متابعيين الصفحة يصلو ركعتين خالصتين لله بعد صلاة العصر وقبل المغرب وبعد الصلاة يسبحون بكلمة ياقهار اقهر مصراته وانصر الاحرار (انصار القائد) 200 مرة بادن الله سننتصر وهدا وعدا بادن الله

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

Our Commander before uttered,



“… we drive the historic battle against tyranny, and against imperialism.

We will defeat you, even if the pains are unbearable, we will defeat you;

and even if our long pains are not shortened, we will defeat you.”

القائد قالها من قبل نحن نقود المعركه التاريخيه ضد الطغيان ضد الامبرياليه وقال سنهزمكم بي اي طريقه كانت ادا كان على المداء القصير سنهزمكم ادا كان على المداء الطويل سنهزمكم







Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi:


“The real battle began from now ..”



Why not mark all ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD as terrorists ???

Libyan Chief of Staff “Abdul Razzaq Nazawra”, in a speech to the House of Representatives after his performance section says:

“With your permission, and this moment # declared war on terrorists Oppressive al-Tcfhirien.
House of Representatives: “the dawn of Libya” and “Sharia” terrorist organizations
in Video — by Jamal Falahat — 24August 2014

Libyan conference after the announcement of the outgoing hand over power in response to the militia, “the dawn of Libya,” Dan the House of Representatives of Libyan forensic step, considering both the militia, “the dawn of Libya” and “Ansar al-Sharia” terrorist organizations.

This comes to political escalation creates two parliaments in Libya, amid deteriorating security represents a serious battle in Tripoli International Airport.
The sources had said the channel “Arab” that the House of Representatives appointed Libyan Abdul Razzaq Nazawra Chief of Staff of the Army, at the time, a spokesman for the National Conference of the Libyan Almthah his assuming power in the country.
The spokesman said Omar Humaidan to local television that “the General National Congress will hold a special meeting in Tripoli to ensure the sovereignty of the state.”
For his part, announced an official source in the House of Representatives that the Libyan three candidates competing in the Council meeting on Sunday night to win the post of Chief of General Staff of the Libyan Army Brigade, succeeding Gen. Abdul Salam Jadallah al-Obeidi, who intends to board his dismissal.

Said Mohammed Toumi Information Officer in the Office of the House of Representatives, told AFP that both “Colonel Abdul Razzaq Nazawra from the city of Prairie (1100 kilometers east of Tripoli), and Brigadier General Massoud Erhomh from the city Alrajaban in the Nafusa Mountain (180 km south-east), and Brigadier General Ramadan Barasi of white city (east) currently competing on Neil chairman of the General Staff of the Libyan army. ”

Translation: Nebras Al-Dasouqi
Picture: Libyan Chief Abdel Razek Nadouri immediately announced his election and congratulate him by some deputies.

(ofcourse, the MB shield rats refuse this, as they are MB and still go with their de-ranked Jaddailah

and they support the war on Tripoli…They put out this statement, and consider themselves the

“legitimate” government of Libya):

Chief of General Staff # Alloa_abdalrazk_nazawra declares war on terrorism and Oppressive immediately after his performance of the Department of Constitutional as chief of staff shortly before …

كلمة رئيس الاركان بعد اداء اليمين الدستوري اللواء عبدالرزاق الناضوري يعلن فيها الحرب علي الارهاب

Lire la vidéo



Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi
The real battle began from now ..







BROTHERHOOD burning the house of Abdullah “bending” al-Thani.

(Last week they burned the house of Col. Nice Bouchmaidth !)


the famous b Abyss, says the BROTHERHOOD in LIBYA will be issuing critical decisions during the next few hours!




Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

Manotm base like and what was not revealed ..

We Manuyaaaatna above the sky and everything is going according to what was prepared for him and of course there will be zero hour

or so there will be hell and fire Hamra eat everything without warning may not be the weapon Ali land

or air may be a volcano erupts from invoking and remember what I said Barakaaaan.

Grown-up guys and devoid Tguetkm God first and then your army men and heroes.
God is great and thankfully.






MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD / WAHABI fighters on Sunday after capturing the Tripoli international airport.

Credit: Mahmud Turkia/Agence France-PresseGetty Images



BREAKING: Variouis WAHABI /MB Islamists overrun international airport. Media reports.



Welcome to international airport. Aftermath of clashes.

 MB-WAHABI- MISRATAN militias say they have taken Tripoli


A tank belonging to the MB WAHABI-Western Shield, a branch of the Libya Shield WAHABI MB-forces, fires during a clash with anti-‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD / anti-KHARIJITE BRIGADES around the former Libyan army camp, Camp 27uk camp, Spring Vally, in the 27 route, west of Tripoli, 22 August 2014. (Reuters)

Libyan MISURATAN MB WAHABI-Islamist militias said on Saturday they claimed control over Tripoli international airport after 10 days of clashes with nationalist army men.

“Fajr Dawn Libya” announces that it totally controls Tripoli international airport,” a statement shown on screen on An-Nabaa television, regarded as close to the Wahabi- MISURATAN MB-Islamists, quoted the fighters in the Fajr Libya (Libyan Dawn) coalition as saying.

The strategic site 30 kilometers (20 miles) south of the Libyan capital, has been shut since July 13 amid skirmishes between the  MISURATAN MB- WAHABI-Islamists and nationalist fighters from Zintan Security personel west of Tripoli, who had held the airport during the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and since the 2011 fall of Muammar al-Qathafi.

Death toll

Meanwhile, two airstrikes targeting the Wahabi-Islamist militias positions in Tripoli, killed 15 fighters and wounded 30, the Associated Press reported a senior WAHABI-Islamist militia leader and a militia spokesman as saying.

The WAHABI ‘Shield of Libya’ militia leader said the warplanes targeted the Interior Ministry and several militia positions, setting fire to a warehouse. He said two sons of the head of the military council of Misrata militias, Ibrahim Bin Rajab, were among the wounded. He spoke on condition of anonymity as he wasn’t authorized to speak to journalists.

Mohammed al-Gharyiani, the militia spokesman, said more than 30 fighters were wounded in the airstrikes but that the militia had not abandoned its positions, including the Interior Ministry, the army headquarters and the military police headquarters.

al-Gharyiani said militia fighters from other areas and towns were joining the Misrata forces and “our response will be severe.”

Khalifa Hftar’s forces

The air force of Libya’s renegade general Khalifa Hftar on Saturday attacked positions of the militias in Tripoli for the second time in less than a week, Reuters reported one of his commanders as saying.

The faction under attack, Operation Dawn mainly from the town of Misurata, said the raids had killed 10 people and wounded dozens.

Hftar launched a campaign against Wahabi-Islamists in the eastern city of Benghazi in May. He threw his weight behind fighters from the western region of Zintan who are battling MB WAHABI-militia from the town of Misrata, east of Tripoli.

The 2011 NATO-backed campaign to oust the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Muammar al-Qathafi, used WAHABI  MB fighters of Misurata.

Residents heard loud explosions early in the morning near the main airport where the two groups have been fighting for control for more than a month, in the worst fighting since the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and al-Qathafi.

Misratan spokesman Giharyani also said buildings of state oil firm al-Waha near the airport road were hit and the chief of staff headquarters under control of his forces.

Hftar’s air defense commander, Sager al-Geuroushi, told Reuters that the general’s forces were responsible for the attack. Hftar’s forces also claimed responsibility for air raids on the Misuratan WAHABI-Operation Dawn Libya positions in Tripoli on Monday.

Who is behind the attacks?

After those raids Libyan TV channels speculated that the country’s neighbors might be behind the attacks.

Western countries and Egypt, worried about Libya becoming a failed state and safe haven for MB Wahabi-Islamist militants, have denied any involvement. The so-called  ‘Libyan government’ has said it does not know who is responsible for the air attacks.

The North African oil producer has been in chaos as the weak ‘government’ is unable to control former WAHABI- rebel factions which helped topple the Great Jamahiriya and al-Qathafi.

Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani called on Egypt and Tunisia to open its airspace again for flights to western Libya. Both countries had cancelled most flights to Libya for security reasons after the air strikes, cutting off a vital link to the outside for Libyans and foreigners fleeing fighting.

“This has a negative impact on movements of Libyan citizens and puts an additional burden on all people,” Libya’s embassy in Cairo said in an statement.

Libya has used the small Mitigua airport in Tripoli for civilian traffic since the main airport was turned into a battlefield last month. The tower, runway and at least 20 aircraft have been damaged, officials have said.

When flying into Mitigua, passengers can sometimes see smoke rising from battles in and around the main airport.

The violence has prompted the United Nations and foreign embassies in Libya to evacuate their staff and citizens,

and foreign airlines largely stopped flying to Libya.

Tripoli has largely slipped out of control of the government, with senior officials working from Tobruk in the far east, where the new HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES has based itself to escape the violence in Tripoli and Benghazi.

Libya’s ‘central government’ lacks a functioning national army and relied upon Zintani Security Brigades for public security. But while these get state salaries and wear uniforms, they report in practice to their own commanders in Zintan.


(BTW: they did this immediately after the Zintani security-forces withdrew

and handed the airport over to the army!)

The Brotherhood snuck-in and torched the terminal.



Channel Zintan on Facebook:

(Allah is the greatest …Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar )


We left when it was skunk God we had a martyr ….
We have stated is clear, we are against the unjust though it was our people, and against injustice, even if from our brothers, and against infringement

Had released from our children, and we have God sergeant.
We thought that some people in this country holds us concerns of the nation, and that Tohemena drawl words of Justice and
Honesty and defending the oppressed and the oppressor is taking honest in saying and must help him and seek him and support
Had the word ..
With the intensification of the crisis of the airport, despite the belief that the target of the attack was not a liberation of the airport but was captured for the homeland,
And the seizure of wealth and its potential to be used in favor of the category of unfair and misguided Tlhvt dressed religion and Tmantguet
Belt force unjust and Tamah dreaming softening and the return of the rule of authority al-Pashoah, gathered delusion and greed
Kuna and the front and one at the front of the airport met and found a solid metal front and if they cast a centuries
Bsber iron and then emptied them in diameter, did not succeed Al-Ajoj and al-Majoj open any gap in the dam airport
Impregnable despite hoes and flames poured it over 45 days and Bleilha Nharha When Astaos al-Aajoj
And al-Majoj and knew that the dam at that point will not be opened until the Day of Resurrection crowded circumvention Fajtrkoa machine.

Their destruction of the tin shacks and the stables of horses, and withstood the heroes in all the sites in defense of the homeland newborn.

BUT ONE THING ONLY: The wounded attackers did not succeed in aborting the parliament chosen by the Libyans and which defended them on behalf of the heroes.

Libyans even heard him raise his voice, and for the whole world, and he called the Libyans and Balahrar, only then realized heroes:
That their role has ended and that the role now on all Libyans in the east and west and north and south, and the defense of
Capital is everyone’s responsibility, pride Vkvahm legendary steadfastness.

They are few secure in the face of Gog
And Magog and Daash and tremulous, was compelled to leave the sites of destruction which was sustained her decision is theirs…
And their hands are the only certainty Vonsahbua after announcing that Gog and Magog terrorist groups voice Cilgel.

Words you hear everyone Libyans and Arabs, Agama … only then packs up and the Mujahideen in all their weapons
Quietly and without any inconvenience and left the sites

that has eluded the attackers to enter it and Ieithoa havoc
And destroy the machine unless Ttalh destruction of the aggressors before …. And when they left in ruins on the ruins and destruction of the Jamahiriya, declared their intentions and have declared Mknnounam and tried to return the wheel back taken out of their grave Allaotunai Conference…

The new “House of Represetatives” (Parliament) toppled from its pedestal and stabbed in the people and the pride …

Now what they have emerged and the fact that the objective of
Aggression on the bridge of centuries and plots and plotted God and God is the best of planners.

Here ye, Libyans had stripped and stealth that appeared false claim Brotherhood, national and rant false
Democracy and pluralism, to be replaced by the real face of the blatant problem of the origin of the basis, and since we are out
On the day of February 16, 2011 AD and exit on Feb. 20 was mixed and different goals,

Phase required to participate in the road and our intention was honest to God, then to the homeland and only became clear to us now that they
The blurred eyesight did not discern which of the fact that their intentions are embedded Vdanha events of the airport. I
Been alerted of friends and enemies, some of whom you know {right} knowledge that those who were with us in 2011,

Some of them are liars hot-on treason and treachery and harboring evil in them and should not take us the euphoria of victory
False vision Malate things they have, but we dealt with everyone including Jbelt our souls and it Repettna.
Our environment and our faith and Oaruffina.

Thankfully we discovered most of those now before it is too late FRP disguise …
And that God had spent says otherwise ..
Finally …. O aggressors

What happened between yesterday and today to our people and their property is not the end of the war, and will not be, but that is not the boss.
Others do not Lallah else that you have done that has awakened from its slumber giant, and attributed the description of his family, and lost his path between
Made known to us to reveal Hakiktkm ..

Therefore, we say … In the name of God be done and anchor …..
Newbie and just chiming, and who bears what Dar need Leger, and bears the committed hands.
Brothers, national, love and good treatment to those who set aside covenants and bucking Shara and we ended assaulted

No one should think that we say this is a transient reaction, or letting off steam Gul fancy, or in the words of Elvis and will go with
Time ..

Those who read these words .. Judhuha Least phrases

War receipts and tours, the Lord of Glory and Majesty of us to see something never seen him, and will continue to witness history
On the past and a testament to what came,

And will teach those who unjustly attacked.

ﻗﻨﺎﺓ ﺍﻟﺰﻧﺘﺎﻥ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻔﻴﺲ ﺑﻮﻙ

ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻛﺒﺮ ,,, ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻛﺒﺮ ,,, ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻛﺒﺮ

ﺗﺮﻛﻨﺎﻫﺎ ﺣﻴﻦ ﻛﺎﻧﺖ ﻣﻨﺘﻨﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻋﻠﻴﻨﺎ ﺷﻬﻴﺪﺍ ….
ﺃﻋﻠﻨّﺎﻫﺎ ﻭﺍﺿﺤﺔ ﺟﻠﻴّﺔ ﺃﻧﻨﺎ ﺿﺪ ﺍﻟﻈﺎﻟﻢ ﻭﻟﻮ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﻦ ﺃﻫﻠﻨﺎ , ﻭﺿﺪ ﺍﻟﻈﻠﻢ ﻭﻟﻮ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﻦ ﺃﺧﻮﺗﻨﺎ , ﻭﺿﺪ ﺍﻟﺘﻌﺪّﻱ

ﻭﻟﻮ ﺻﺪﺭ ﻣﻦ ﺃﺑﻨﺎﺋﻨﺎ , ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻨﺎ ﺭﻗﻴﺐ .
ﻇﻨﻨﺎ ﺃﻥ ﺍﻟﺒﻌﺾ ﻓﻲ ﻫﺬﺍ ﺍﻟﻮﻃﻦ ﻳﺤﻤﻞ ﻣﻌﻨﺎ ﻫﻤﻮﻡ ﺍﻟﻮﻃﻦ , ﻭﺗﻮﻫﻤﻨﺎ ﺃﻥ ﻣﻦ ﺗﺸﺪّﻕ ﺑﻜﻠﻤﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﻝ ﻭ
ﺍﻟﺼﺪﻕ ﻭ ﻧﺼﺮﺓ ﺍﻟﻤﻈﻠﻮﻡ ﻭﺍﻻﺧﺬ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻈﺎﻟﻢ ﻫﻮ ﺻﺎﺩﻕ ﻓﻲ ﻗﻮﻟﻪ ﻭ ﻳﺠﺐ ﺍﻋﺎﻧﺘﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﺴﻌﻲ ﻣﻌﻪ ﻭﺗﺄﻳﻴﺪﻩ
ﻭﻟﻮ ﺑﺎﻟﻜﻠﻤﺔ ..
ﻭﻣﻊ ﺍﺷﺘﺪﺍﺩ ﺃﺯﻣﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﻄﺎﺭ ﻭﺭﻏﻢ ﻳﻘﻴﻨﻨﺎ ﺑﺄﻥ ﻫﺪﻑ ﺍﻟﻬﺠﻮﻡ ﻟﻢ ﻳﻜﻦ ﺗﺤﺮﻳﺮﺍ ﻟﻠﻤﻄﺎﺭ ﺑﻞ ﻛﺎﻥ ﺃﺳﺮﺍ ﻟﻠﻮﻃﻦ،
ﻭﺍﻻﺳﺘﻴﻼﺀ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺛﺮﻭﺍﺗﻪ ﻭﻣﻘﺪﺭﺍﺗﻪ ﻻﺳﺘﻌﻤﺎﻟﻬﺎ ﻓﻲ ﺻﺎﻟﺢ ﻓﺌﺔ ﻇﺎﻟﻤﺔ ﻭﺿﺎﻟﺔ ﺗﻠﺤﻔﺖ ﺑﻠﺒﺎﺱ ﺍﻟﺪﻳﻦ ﻭﺗﻤﻨﻄﻘﺖ
ﺑﺤﺰﺍﻡ ﻗﻮﺓ ﻇﺎﻟﻤﺔ ﻭﻃﺎﻣﻌﺔ ﺗﺤﻠﻢ ﺑﻌﻮﺩﺓ ﺣﻜﻢ ﺍﻻﻧﻜﺸﺎﺭﻳﺔ ﻭﺑﺴﻠﻄﺎﻥ ﺍﻟﺒﺎﺷﻮﻳﺔ، ﻓﺎﺟﺘﻤﻊ ﺍﻟﻀﻼﻝ ﻭﺍﻟﻄﻤﻊ
ﻭﻛﻮﻧﺎ ﺟﺒﻬﺔ ﻭﺍﺣﺪﺓ ﺍﺟﺘﻤﻌﺖ ﻓﻲ ﺟﺒﻬﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﻄﺎﺭ ﻓﻮﺟﺪﺗﻬﺎ ﺟﺒﻬﺔ ﺣﺪﻳﺪﻳﺔ ﺻﻠﺒﺔ ﻭﻛﺄﻥ ﺫﺍ ﺍﻟﻘﺮﻧﻴﻦ ﺻﺒﻬﺎ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﻢ
ﺑﺰﺑﺮ ﺍﻟﺤﺪﻳﺪ ﻭﺃﻓﺮﻍ ﺑﻌﺪ ﺫﻟﻚ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﺎ ﻗﻄﺮﺍ، ﻓﻠﻢ ﻳﻔﻠﺢ ﺍﻟﻴﺎﺟﻮﺝ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺎﺟﻮﺝ ﺑﻔﺘﺢ ﺃﻱ ﺛﻐﺮﺓ ﻓﻲ ﺳﺪ ﺍﻟﻤﻄﺎﺭ
ﺍﻟﻤﻨﻴﻊ ﺭﻏﻢ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺎﻭﻝ ﻭﺍﻟﻨﻴﺮﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺻﺒﺖ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻃﻴﻠﺔ 45 ﻳﻮﻣﺎ ﺑﻠﻴﻠﻬﺎ ﻭﻧﻬﺎﺭﻫﺎ ﻭﻋﻨﺪﻣﺎ ﺍﺳﺘﻴﺄﺱ ﺍﻟﻴﺎﺟﻮﺝ
ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺎﺟﻮﺝ ﻭﻋﺮﻓﻮﺍ ﺃﻥ ﺫﻟﻚ ﺍﻟﺴﺪ ﻓﻲ ﺗﻠﻚ ﺍﻟﻨﻘﻄﺔ ﻟﻦ ﻳﻔﺘﺢ ﺍﻻ ﻳﻮﻡ ﺍﻟﻘﻴﺎﻣﺔ ﺍﻟﺘﻔﻮﺍ ﺍﻟﺘﻔﺎﻓﺎ ﻓﺎﺧﺘﺮﻗﻮﺍ ﺑﺂﻟﺔ
ﺩﻣﺎﺭﻫﻢ ﺃﻛﻮﺍﺥ ﺍﻟﺼﻔﻴﺢ ﻭﺍﺻﻄﺒﻼﺕ ﺍﻟﺨﻴﻮﻝ، ﻭﺻﻤﺪ ﺍﻷﺑﻄﺎﻝ ﻓﻲ ﻛﻞ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺍﻗﻊ ﺩﻓﺎﻋﺎ ﻋﻦ ﺍﻟﻮﻃﻦ ﺍﻟﻮﻟﻴﺪ
ﺍﻟﺠﺮﻳﺢ ﻭﻟﻢ ﻳﻔﻠﺢ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺘﺪﻭﻥ ﻓﻲ ﺍﺟﻬﺎﺽ ﺍﻟﺒﺮﻟﻤﺎﻥ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺍﺧﺘﺎﺭﻩ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻮﻥ ﻭﺩﺍﻓﻊ ﻋﻨﻪ ﺍﻻﺑﻄﺎﻝ ﻧﻴﺎﺑﺔ ﻋﻦ
ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻴﻦ ﺣﺘﻰ ﺭﻓﻊ ﺻﻮﺗﻪ ﻭﺃﺳﻤﻌﻪ ﻟﻠﻌﺎﻟﻢ ﺃﺟﻤﻊ ﻭﺍﺳﺘﻨﺠﺪ ﺑﺎﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻴﻦ ﻭﺑﺎﻻﺣﺮﺍﺭ، ﻋﻨﺪﻫﺎ ﻓﻘﻂ ﺃﻳﻘﻦ ﺍﻷﺑﻄﺎﻝ
ﺃﻥ ﺩﻭﺭﻫﻢ ﻗﺪ ﺍﻧﺘﻬﻰ ﻭﺃﻥ ﺍﻟﺪﻭﺭ ﺍﻵﻥ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻛﻞ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻴﻦ ﺷﺮﻗﺎ ﻭﻏﺮﺑﺎ ﻭﺷﻤﺎﻻ ﻭﺟﻨﻮﺑﺎ ﻭﺃﻥ ﺍﻟﺪﻓﺎﻉ ﻋﻦ
ﺍﻟﻌﺎﺻﻤﺔ ﻣﺴﺆﻭﻟﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﺠﻤﻴﻊ، ﻓﻜﻔﺎﻫﻢ ﻓﺨﺮﺍ ﺻﻤﻮﺩﻫﻢ ﺍﻻﺳﻄﻮﺭﻱ ﻭﻫﻢ ﻗﻠﺔ ﻣﺆﻣﻨﺔ ﻓﻲ ﻣﻮﺍﺟﻬﺔ ﻳﺎﺟﻮﺝ
ﻭﻣﺎﺟﻮﺝ ﻭﺩﺍﻋﺶ ﻭﺭﺍﻋﺶ، ﻓﻜﺎﻥ ﻟﺰﺍﻣﺎ ﺗﺮﻙ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺍﻗﻊ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺣﻔﻈﻮﻫﺎ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﺪﻣﺎﺭ ﻓﻜﺎﻥ ﺍﻟﻘﺮﺍﺭ ﻗﺮﺍﺭﻫﻢ
ﻭﺑﻴﺪﻫﻢ ﻫﻢ ﻓﻘﻂ، ﻓﺄﻧﺴﺤﺒﻮﺍ ﺑﻌﺪ ﻳﻘﻴﻨﻬﻢ ﺑﺎﻻﻋﻼﻥ ﺃﻥ ﻳﺎﺟﻮﺝ ﻭﻣﺎﺟﻮﺝ ﺟﻤﺎﻋﺎﺕ ﺍﺭﻫﺎﺑﻴﺔ ﺑﺼﻮﺕ ﻣﺠﻠﺠﻞ
ﺍﺳﻤﻌﺖ ﻋﺒﺎﺭﺍﺗﻪ ﺍﻟﺠﻤﻴﻊ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﻴﻦ ﻭﻋﺮﺑﺎ ﻭﻋﺠﻤﺎ … ﻋﻨﺪﻫﺎ ﻓﻘﻂ ﺣﺰﻡ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﺎﻫﺪﻭﻥ ﺍﻣﺘﻌﺘﻬﻢ ﻭﺃﺳﻠﺤﺘﻬﻢ ﺑﻜﻞ
ﻫﺪﻭﺀ ﻭﺑﺪﻭﻥ ﺃﻱ ﺍﺯﻋﺎﺝ ﻭﺗﺮﻛﻮﺍ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺍﻗﻊ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺍﺳﺘﻌﺼﺖ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺘﺪﻳﻦ ﻟﻴﺪﺧﻠﻮﻫﺎ ﻭﻳﻌﻴﺜﻮﺍ ﻓﻴﻬﺎ ﻓﺴﺎﺩﺍ
ﻭﻳﺪﻣﺮﻭﺍ ﻣﺎ ﻟﻢ ﺗﻄﻠﻪ ﺁﻟﺔ ﺩﻣﺎﺭ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺘﺪﻳﻦ ﻣﻦ ﻗﺒﻞ …. ﻭﻋﻨﺪﻣﺎ ﺗﺮﻛﻮﻫﺎ ﺃﻃﻼﻻ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺃﻃﻼﻝ ﻭﺩﻣﺎﺭﺍ ﻋﻠﻰ
ﺩﻣﺎﺭ ﺃﻋﻠﻨﻮﺍ ﻧﻮﺍﻳﺎﻫﻢ ﻭﺍﻓﺼﺤﻮﺍ ﻋﻦ ﻣﻜﻨﻮﻧﻬﻢ ﻭﺣﺎﻭﻟﻮﺍ ﺇﺭﺟﺎﻉ ﺍﻟﻌﺠﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﻰ ﺍﻟﻮﺭﺍﺀ ﻓﺄﺧﺮﺟﻮﺍ ﻣﺆﺗﻤﺮﺍ ﻣﻦ ﻗﺒﺮﻩ
ﻭﺃﻃﺎﺣﻮﺍ ﺑﺒﺮﻟﻤﺎﻥ ﻣﻦ ﻋﻠﻴﺎﺋﻪ ﻭﻃﻌﻨﻮﺍ ﻓﻲ ﺷﻌﺐ ﻭﻛﺒﺮﻳﺎﺋﻪ … ﻓﺎﻵﻥ ﻇﻬﺮﺕ ﺣﻘﻴﻘﺘﻬﻢ ﻭﺣﻘﻴﻘﺔ ﺍﻟﻬﺪﻑ ﻣﻦ
ﻋﺪﻭﺍﻧﻬﻢ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺳﺪ ﺫﻱ ﺍﻟﻘﺮﻧﻴﻦ ﻭﻳﻤﻜﺮﻭﻥ ﻭﻳﻤﻜﺮ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺧﻴﺮ ﺍﻟﻤﺎﻛﺮﻳﻦ .
ﺃﻳﻬﺎ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻮﻥ ,, ﻫﺎﻫﻮ ﺍﻟﺸﺒﺢ ﻗﺪ ﺗﻌﺮّﻯ ﻭﺑﺎﻥ ﻭﻇﻬﺮ ﺍﻻﺩﻋﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﺰﺍﺋﻒ ﺑﺎﻻﺧﻮﺓ ﻭﺍﻟﻮﻃﻨﻴﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﺸﺪﻕ ﺍﻟﻜﺎﺫﺏ
ﺑﺎﻟﺪﻳﻤﻘﺮﺍﻃﻴﺔ ﻭ ﺍﻟﺘﻌﺪﺩﻳﺔ ﻟﻴﺤﻞ ﻣﺤﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﻮﺟﻪ ﺍﻟﺤﻘﻴﻘﻲ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﻓﺮ ﻷﺻﻞ ﺍﻟﻤﺸﻜﻠﺔ ﻣﻦ ﺃﺳﺎﺳﻬﺎ , ﻭﻣﻨﺬ ﺧﺮﻭﺟﻨﺎ
ﻓﻲ ﻳﻮﻡ 16 ﻓﺒﺮﺍﻳﺮ 2011 ﻡ ﻭﺧﺮﻭﺟﻬﻢ ﻳﻮﻡ 20 ﻓﺒﺮﺍﻳﺮ ﻛﺎﻧﺖ ﺍﻻﻫﺪﺍﻑ ﻣﺘﺒﺎﻳﻨﺔ ﻭﻣﺨﺘﻠﻔﺔ , ﻭﻟﻜﻦ
ﺍﻟﻤﺮﺣﻠﺔ ﺗﻄﻠﺒﺖ ﺍﻻﺷﺘﺮﺍﻙ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻄﺮﻳﻖ ﻭﻛﺎﻧﺖ ﻧﻴﺘﻨﺎ ﺻﺎﺩﻗﺔ ﻟﻠﻪ ﺛﻢ ﻟﻠﻮﻃﻦ ﻓﻘﻂ ﻭﺍﺗﻀﺤﺖ ﻟﻨﺎ ﺍﻵﻥ ﺃﻧﻬﺎ
ﻛﺎﻧﺖ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺒﺼﺮ ﻏﺸﺎﻭﺓ ﻟﻢ ﻧﺘﺒﻴﻦ ﻣﻦ ﺧﻼﻟﻬﺎ ﺣﻘﻴﻘﺔ ﻧﻮﺍﻳﺎﻫﻢ ﺍﻟﻤﺒﻴﺘﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﻓﻀﺤﺘﻬﺎ ﺍﺣﺪﺍﺙ ﺍﻟﻤﻄﺎﺭ . ﻟﻘﺪ
ﺗﻢ ﺗﻨﺒﻴﻬﻨﺎ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻻﺻﺪﻗﺎﺀ ﻭﺍﻻﻋﺪﺍﺀ {ﻭﺑﻌﻀﻬﻢ ﺗﻌﺮﻓﻮﻧﻬﻢ ﺣﻖ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺮﻓﺔ } ﺑﺄﻥ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻛﺎﻧﻮﺍ ﻣﻌﻨﺎ ﻓﻲ 2011

ﺑﻌﻀﻬﻢ ﻛﺬﺍﺑﻮﻥ ﺟُﺒﻠﻮﺍ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺨﻴﺎﻧﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻐﺪﺭ ﻭﺇﺿﻤﺎﺭ ﺍﻟﺸﺮ ﻓﻲ ﻧﻔﻮﺳﻬﻢ ﻭﻳﺠﺐ ﺃﻻ ﺗﺄﺧﺬﻧﺎ ﻧﺸﻮﺓ ﺍﻻﻧﺘﺼﺎﺭ
ﺍﻟﺰﺍﺋﻒ ﻋﻦ ﺭﺅﻳﺔ ﻣﺂﻻﺕ ﺍﻻﻣﻮﺭ ﻟﺪﻳﻬﻢ، ﻭﻟﻜﻨﻨﺎ ﺗﻌﺎﻣﻠﻨﺎ ﻣﻊ ﺍﻟﺠﻤﻴﻊ ﺑﻤﺎ ﺟَﺒُﻠﺖ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻧﻔﻮﺳﻨﺎ ﻭﺭﺑﺘﻨﺎ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ
ﺑﻴﺌﺘﻨﺎ ﻭﻋﻘﻴﺪﺗﻨﺎ ﻭﺃﻋﺮﺍﻓﻨﺎ . ﻭﺍﻟﺤﻤﺪ ﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻛﺘﺸﻔﻨﺎ ﻣﻌﻈﻢ ﻫﺆﻻﺀ ﺍﻵﻥ ﻭﻗﺒﻞ ﻓﻮﺍﺕ ﺍﻷﻭﺍﻥ ﻓﺮُﺏَّ ﺿﺎﺭﺓ ﻧﺎﻓﻌﺔ …
ﻭﺃﻥ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻗﺪ ﻗﻀﻰ ﺃﻣﺮﺍ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﻔﻌﻮﻻ ..
ﺃﺧﻴﺮﺍ …. ﺃﻳﻬﺎ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺘﺪﻭﻥ

ﺇﻥ ﻣﺎ ﺣﺪﺙ ﺑﻴﻦ ﺍﻷﻣﺲ ﻭﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻷﻫﻠﻨﺎ ﻭﻣﻤﺘﻠﻜﺎﺗﻬﻢ ﻟﻴﺲ ﻫﻮ ﻧﻬﺎﻳﺔ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺏ , ﻭﻟﻦ ﻳﻜﻮﻥ ,, ﺑﻞ ﻭﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻻ ﺭﺏ
ﻏﻴﺮﻩ ﻭﻻ ﺍﻻﻩ ﺳﻮﺍﻩ ﺇﻥ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻓﻌﻠﺘﻤﻮﻩ ﻗﺪ ﺃﻳﻘﻆ ﻣﺎﺭﺩﺍ ﻣﻦ ﺳﺒﺎﺗﻪ , ﻭﺃﺭﺟﻊ ﺻﻔﺎ ﻻﻫﻠﻪ , ﻭﺑﻴﻦ ﻟﺘﺎﺋﻪ ﺩﺭﺑﻪ
ﻭﻗﺪﻡ ﻣﻌﺮﻭﻓﺎ ﻟﻨﺎ ﺑﻜﺸﻒ ﺣﻘﻴﻘﺘﻜﻢ ..

ﻟﺬﻟﻚ ﻧﻘﻮﻝ … ﺑﺴﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻣﺠﺮﺍﻫﺎ ﻭﻣﺮﺳﺎﻫﺎ …..
ﻭﺗﻮﺍ ﺑﻴﺒﺪﺃ ﺍﻟﺪﻕ , ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﺩﺍﺭ ﺣﺎﺟﺔ ﻳﺘﺤﻤﻞ ﻣﺎ ﻳﺠﻴﻪ، ﻭﻳﺘﺤﻤﻞ ﻣﺎ ﺍﻗﺘﺮﻓﺖ ﻳﺪﺍﻩ .
ﺍﻻﺧﻮﺓ ﻭﺍﻟﻮﻃﻨﻴﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺤﺒﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﻌﺎﻣﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﻄﻴﺒﺔ ﻟﻤﻦ ﻧﻘﺾ ﺍﻟﻌﻬﻮﺩ ﻭﺧﺎﻟﻒ ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻉ ﻭﺍﻋﺘﺪﻯ ﻋﻠﻴﻨﺎ ﺍﻧﺘﻬﻰ
ﻭﻗﺘﻬﺎ .

ﻭﻻ ﻳﻈﻨﻦ ﺃﺣﺪٌ ﺍﻥ ﻗﻮﻟﻨﺎ ﻫﺬﺍ ﻫﻮ ﺭﺩﺓ ﻓﻌﻞ ﻋﺎﺑﺮﺓ , ﺃﻭ ﻓﺸﺔ ﻏﻞ ﻓﺎﺋﺮﺓ , ﺃﻭ ﻛﻼﻡ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻔﻴﺲ ﻭﺳﻴﺬﻫﺐ ﻣﻊ
ﺍﻟﻮﻗﺖ ..

ﻟﻤﻦ ﻳﻘﺮﺃ ﻫﺬﻩ ﺍﻟﻜﻠﻤﺎﺕ .. ﺧﻮﺫﻭﻫﺎ ﺑﺄﻗﻞ ﺍﻟﻌﺒﺎﺭﺍﺕ

ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺏ ﺻﻮﻻﺕ ﻭﺟﻮﻻﺕ , ﻭﺭﺏ ﺍﻟﻌﺰﺓ ﻭﺍﻟﺠﻼﻟﺔ ﻟﺘﺮﻭُﻥّ ﻣﻨﺎ ﺷﻴﺌﺎ ﻣﺎ ﺭﺃﻳﺘﻤﻮﻩ ﻗﻂ , ﻭﺳﻴﺒﻘﻰ ﺍﻟﺘﺎﺭﻳﺦ ﺷﺎﻫﺪﺍ
ﻋﻠﻰ ﻣﺎ ﻣﻀﻰ ﻭﺷﺎﻫﺪﺍ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻣﺎ ﺃﺗﻰ،

ﻭﺳﻴﻌﻠﻢ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻇﻠﻤﻮﺍ ﺃﻱ ﻣﻨﻘﻠﺐ ﻳﻨﻘﻠﺒﻮﻥ


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Soliman Yousif, says:

Libya dawn”  terrorist ..alkthavh Allneranyh not useful except in the demolition ..

al-Zkhirh come from the airport and the sea but will not get you nowhere (legally) earned hating Alepien

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, says:


‘Good’ morning

Re-positioning and re-spread is one of the necessities of the goals coming

The battle will be primitive, and as he says

Make ready for them all you can of power, including steeds terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others
Without them you know not God teaches them what you spend nothing in the way of Allah provide you
And you do not do wrong

Will the primitive process of eliminating terrorism at the level of Libya led by the Libyan army uniform

He says

Combining defeat and attach anal

(NOW) Liberation of Tripoli (THE GOAL)

صباح الخير

إعادة التمركز وإعادة ﻷنتشار هى من ضرورات ﻷهداف القادمة

المعركة سوف تبداء وكما قال تعالى

ﻭَﺃَﻋِﺪُّﻭﺍ ﻟَﻬُﻢْ ﻣَﺎ ﺍﺳْﺘَﻄَﻌْﺘُﻢْ ﻣِﻦْ ﻗُﻮَّﺓٍ ﻭَﻣِﻦْ ﺭِﺑَﺎﻁِ ﺍﻟْﺨَﻴْﻞِ ﺗُﺮْﻫِﺒُﻮﻥَ ﺑِﻪِ ﻋَﺪُﻭَّ ﺍﻟﻠَّﻪِ ﻭَﻋَﺪُﻭَّﻛُﻢْ ﻭَﺁﺧَﺮِﻳﻦَ
ﻣِﻦْ ﺩُﻭﻧِﻬِﻢْ ﻟَﺎ ﺗَﻌْﻠَﻤُﻮﻧَﻬُﻢُ ﺍﻟﻠَّﻪُ ﻳَﻌْﻠَﻤُﻬُﻢْ ۚ ﻭَﻣَﺎ ﺗُﻨْﻔِﻘُﻮﺍ ﻣِﻦْ ﺷَﻲْﺀٍ ﻓِﻲ ﺳَﺒِﻴﻞِ ﺍﻟﻠَّﻪِ ﻳُﻮَﻑَّ ﺇِﻟَﻴْﻜُﻢْ
ﻭَﺃَﻧْﺘُﻢْ ﻟَﺎ ﺗُﻈْﻠَﻤُﻮﻥ

سوف تبداء عملية القضاء على ﻷرهاب على مستوى ليبيا بقيادة موحدة لجيش الليبي

وقال تعالى

ﺳَﻴُﻬْﺰَﻡُ ﺍﻟْﺠَﻤْﻊُ ﻭَﻳُﻮَﻟُّﻮﻥَ ﺍﻟﺪُّﺑُﺮ

تحرير طرابلس




The raid of Gneoh Akkla (terrorist al-Mahdi Abdul al-Haratne and his militia) upon the holy forces of al-Rajaban in Gurgi,

and clashes Saarh far behind sanatorium Paradise ..

Heavy fire area Gurgi and raids of homes by the militias of Misurata.


PICTURE: Gneoh Akkla (terrorist al-Mahdi Abdul al-Haratne and his militia) gang:


Back in coverage and Qasr Ben Ghashir Back Taatdriga for displaced families, including
عودة التغطية في قصر بن غشير و رجوع تتدريجي للعائلات النازحين منها



“Zero hour”:

This child was found in the area Got Alshall yesterday morning and handed over to the Security Directorate Tripoli Bafrenaj afternoon .. the child mentally weak and does not know his area and not his name.
I hope Publishing and Circular


هذا الطفل وجد في منطقة غوط الشعال صباح الامس وتم تسليمه الى مديرية الامن طرابلس بالفرناج ظهر اليوم.. الطفل ضعيف ذهنيا و لا يعرف منطقته و لا اسمه.
ارجوا النشر والتعميم


“Zero hour”, reports:

# Urgent:
Fighting brigade and Rishvana military clashes in the area mil and the surrounding area in 27 gangs with Abu Obeida, armor and Qatar.

MISURATA Militias bombing civilian neighborhoods in TRIPOLI:




Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

After intensive contacts categorically deny the news circulating in the Facebook pages of the existence of a murdered girl attributed to the city of Zintan, which is just false rumors, the soon ………..Here was the FALSE REPORT from “ZERO HOUR”:

The death of a girl from Zintan tribe living in the Muslim Quarter after she was kidnapped by

militia process the so-called Gypsies LIBYA.


 Here is the accurate report:

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, informs us, that

Maznb Faiza Masood al-Zentani and her family. People .. and overriding Eskino in the Muslim Quarter ...

kidnap and kill the entire family Vairh 27 years and God knows what he did …

and Bheaa aimed on the road in the trait al-Fornaj .. just because they are from Zintan ...

God in any religion in the world is this Aahionat God Ltona in everything God’s curse upon you today …

and Rah Dop Aamasrath.

God and smothered to Sayre and people are still watching and silent and satisfied is important sinned against my head and cut … There is no power but from God.

ماذنب فايزة مسعود الزنتاني وعائلتها . ناس غلابه.. ويسكنو في الحي الاسلامي … تخطف العائلة بالكامل وتقتل فايرة 27 سنة والله اعلم ماذا فعل بيهااا … وترمي علي الطريق في خلة الفرناج .. فقط لانهم من الزنتان … بالله في اي دين في العالم يسير هذا ياحيونات والله كرهتونا في كل شئ لعنة الله عليكم … اليوم وراه غدوة يامصراته . والله مخنوق من الي ساير والناس مازال تتفرج وساكته وراضيه المهم اخطئ راسي وقص … لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله .


“ZERO HOUR” on FB, says:

Violent clashes in the region of 27.
Your prayers for the National Army brigade and military Rishvana.




“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, posts:

Bani Walid tomorrow will be deposited into the media and the press and radio
The fighter insured justice of their cause. Amradja Botabl
Mosque scholars Saadat will be the memorial and farewell after
Asr prayer Burial will be on Monday and his body was buried Tahir
Telmat cemetery in the plains where it will be when God Azaajoh
We call on the Almighty God to grant the deceased Bmghafrth and mercy and makes the rest
Paradise and the help of the righteous in the Gardens of Paradise.
I pray to him for mercy and forgiveness and Eachota Joati
(In the spirit of the Fatiha)

ورفلة الشرفاء ضد ذيول مزراطه

بني وليد غداً ســــــــتودع الإعلامي والصحفي والإذاعي
والمناضل المؤمن بعدالة قضيته . امراجع بوطبل
من مسجد الفقهاء السعادات سيكون التأبين والوداع عقب
صلاة العصر غداً الاثنين وســـــيوارى جثمانه الطاهر الثرى
في مقبرة سهول تلمات حيث ســـــــيكون مرقده عند الله
تعالى .
ندعوا الله عز وجل أن يتغمد الفقيد بمغفرته ورحمته ويجـــــعل مثواه
الجنة ويلحقه بالصالحين في جنات الفردوس .
أدعوا له بالرحمة والمغفرة ياخوتي وخواتي
( وعلى روحه الفاتحة )








ZLITEN falcon and Mosque 2




 dirty MISURATA:


Jen Muammar, reporting:

Very very urgent !! …

Today has been a meeting of the leaders of the militia headed by Salah Badi accept developments
Field and the victory that has been achieved to enter the airport, and said now we have to accelerate
The implementation phase (b) of the lion and the process that includes the elimination of pockets,

Resistance in Azizia, without disrupting and moving at full speed to besiege the forces Zintan, which pulled to Zintan before they reorganize their ranks, and pledged Salah Badi in front of everyone to bring all the leadership of Zintan to ‘justice’ and that their weapons Bmasratp will be offered in Tripoli Street in order to survive through it for those who ride roughshod over the rebels Misrata ..

And there are certainly a group of Misurati holding secret contacts since several Days with some regions and tribes that have a feud with the Zintan tribe in order to assist in the attack upon Zintan, saluting a plan which includes trapping all of Zintan
Trends with the use of firearms and the numerical density.


 SALAH BADI making evil “pow-wow” !




Representative of the African Union to Libya Dalita Mohammed announces deal only with the House of Representatives and the government officially does not deal with the defunct conference of the previous year.

ALGERIA sends message that Kibyan people should support the new HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES in TOBRUK.


Part of the press conference, the President of the Council of Representatives and the

President of the Government business said they were leaving !







Libya first channel:

Gunmen break into Western station to generate electricity, which led to power outages Sabha.









al-Ajmi al-ATEIRI claims Saif is safe in Egypt




Agency Seven drums News

Egypt denies its soldiers were captured in Libya.
Egypt denied what he described as “allegations and false claims and false”, which deliberated on the families of soldiers and pilots Egyptians in Libya, pointing out that the news transmitted in this regard is not unfounded altogether. While Egypt renewed denials that the Egyptian military aircraft bombed sites in Libya.

(The bombing was done by the Jamahiriya air force)

Picture: Egyptian military close to the border