Publishing and circular :::
Important Message from Khokm Mujahid, on the interpretation of a message from my brother, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim:

Dr Moussa Ibrahim said the Resistance is present in the field, but
Not under unified command in the field,

There are forces of resistance to Help Track
And other forces for Khamis, and other forces which follow the Libyan tribes and small groups
which were formed without the knowledge of the Leadership.

# # Dr Moussa Ibrahim says there need not be limited resistance to one solution only:

But the military must form a body political and media to deliver Rsalhlahrar (their message to the Public), for the military and the legal defense of prisoners, as in the case of my rights, to publish the crimes of the Jardan.

# # Finally, I emphasize that all the leading corner points that have been talked about by my brother Moussa Ibrahim, is currently under implementation; and he has been ordered to communicate with all groups of the Resistance and to all the tribes, to form the Council of secret military uniform and a Kayani political.

My rights, and the praise of God.

ﻟﻠﻨﺸﺮ ﻭﺍﻟﺘﻌﻤﻴﻢ :::
ﻫﺎﻡ :::ﺭﺳﺎﻟﺔ ﻣﻦ ﺧﻮﻛﻢ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﺎﻫﺪ 01 ) ﺗﻔﺴﻴﺮ ﺭﺳﺎﻟﺔ ﺃﺧﻰ ﺍﻟﺪﻛﺘﻮﺭ ﻣﻮﺳﻰ
ﺇﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ( ::
## ﻳﺆﻛﺪ ﺍﻟﺪﻛﺘﻮﺭ ﻣﻮﺳﻰ ﺇﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﻘﺎﻭﻣﺔ ﻣﻮﺟﻮﺩﺓ ﻓﻰ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺪﺍﻥ ﻭﻟﻜﻨﻬﺎ
ﻟﻴﺴﺖ ﺗﺤﺖ ﻗﻴﺎﺩﺓ ﻣﻮﺣﺪﺓ ﻓﻰ ﺍﻟﻤﻴﺪﺍﻥ ﻓﻬﻨﺎﻙ ﻗﻮﺍﺕ ﻟﻠﻤﻘﺎﻭﻣﺔ ﺗﺘﺒﻊ ﻟﻠﺴﺎﻋﺪﻯ
ﻭﻗﻮﺍﺕ ﺃﺧﺮﻯ ﻟﺨﻤﻴﺲ ﻭﻗﻮﺍﺕ ﺃﺧﺮﻯ ﺗﺘﺒﻊ ﻟﻠﻘﺒﺎﺋﻞ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ ﻭﻣﺠﻤﻮﻋﺎﺕ ﺻﻐﻴﺮﺓ
ﺷﻜﻠﺖ ﺑﺪﻭﻥ ﻋﻠﻢ ﺍﻟﻘﻴﺎﺩﺓ .
## ﻳﺆﻛﺪ ﺍﻟﺪﻛﺘﻮﺭ ﻣﻮﺳﻰ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺿﺮﻭﺭﺓ ﺃﻻ ﺗﻘﺘﺼﺮ ﺍﻟﻤﻘﺎﻭﻣﺔ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺤﻞ
ﺍﻟﻌﺴﻜﺮﻯ ﻓﻘﻂ ﺑﻞ ﻳﺠﺐ ﺗﺸﻜﻴﻞ ﺟﺴﻢ ﺳﻴﺎﺳﻰ ﻭﺇﻋﻼﻣﻰ ﻹﻳﺼﺎﻝ ﺭﺳﺎﻟﺔﺍﻻﺣﺮﺍﺭ
ﻭﻋﺴﻜﺮﻯ ﻭﻗﺎﻧﻮﻧﻰ ﻟﻠﺪﻓﺎﻉ ﻋﻦ ﺍﻻﺳﺮﻯ ﻭﺍﻟﻘﻀﻴﺔ ﻭﺣﻘﻮﻗﻰ ﻟﻨﺸﺮ ﺟﺮﺍﺋﻢ
ﺍﻟﺠﺮﺩﺍﻥ .
## ﻭﺃﺧﻴﺮﺍً ﺃﺅﻛﺪ ﺃﻧﺎ ﺍﻟﺮﺍﺋﺪ ﺭﻛﻦ ﺃﻥ ﻛﻞ ﺍﻟﻨﻘﺎﻁ ﺍﻟﺘﻰ ﺗﺤﺪﺙ ﻋﻨﻬﺎ ﺃﺧﻰ ﻣﻮﺳﻰ
ﺇﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﺟﺎﺭﻯ ﺗﻨﻔﻴﺬﻫﺎ ﻓﻠﻘﺪ ﺻﺪﺭﺕ ﺍﻻﻭﺍﻣﺮ ﺑﺎﻟﺘﻮﺍﺻﻞ ﻣﻊ ﻛﺎﻓﺔ ﻣﺠﻤﻮﻋﺎﺕ
ﺍﻟﻤﻘﺎﻭﻣﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻘﺒﺎﺋﻞ ﻟﺘﺸﻜﻴﻞ ﻣﺠﻠﺲ ﻋﺴﻜﺮﻯ ﺳﺮﻯ ﻣﻮﺣﺪ ﻭﻛﻴﺎﻧﻰ ﺳﻴﺎﺳﻰ
ﻭﺣﻘﻮﻗﻰ ﺑﺤﻤﺪ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ .

“Zero hour” on FB publishes a

“Free machine message from everyone”

I hope to publish a wider range of
“Seeing God in you because I Michmt” on FB:

In memory of 19/3:

What’s the dirtiest traitors and Ohakarham .. boast about today and through the broadcasts of treason in Benghazi Pthafahm with the Crusaders and joyful deaths of the sons of Libya’s great ..

and if they express the extent of Onahtathm in front of the world and they were saying we are the most despicable human beings time villainy and shame, shame .. that this date will be the anniversary of lie and betrayal global Gentlemen and brazenly .. That’s where the people decided to be decadent in this day of the year 2011 (the year of the Nakba).

History has recorded in this day coup dingy at a high level on the moral values ​​and humanity, the celestial and terrestrial and distortion of Principles Semitism and deviation dangerous concepts of struggle and jihadist against the occupier and occupied, and the rapist ..

The history log also Sakh people lie down to the occupation without that there is no justification for this lie .. It has reached the degree of filth to beg in order to occupy the enemy and raping the land and presentation.

Dear Libyan people Alfberaary Believe me you (Drtoa shame) and Stendmon on this black history .. not now but later after that Tghosoa more in resolving employment and treason more .. will bless history will not be able to Tgmiloa this history important Kzbtamoa and Zortm and Ochtlguetm excuses ..

and will write History also ink of gold that someone named Muammar al-Qathafi of a line honorable history of his family and his people Liberal who supported him without having any links, yet link dignity, pride and glory.

Finally, aspects of this word for Mtablin and Almzmaren and liars and forgers and imposters and traitors and agents and lackeys of colonialism, from my family in Benghazi (Habiba commander), the capital of filth, employment and lie:

I am of you, but I Olkm hate does not know him, but the Lord of the Worlds .. and will not profit you never Nfaqkm and Kzpkm and Tzoarkm of the facts .. and you now reap what Zratm .. and my Lord what you Oigb scourge.

((And seeing God in you because I Michmt)).
ساعة الصفر

رساله من حر الة الجميع ارجوا نشرها على اوسع نطاق
نشهـــــــــد بالله أنى متشمت فيكم

فى ذكرى 19/3 :

ما أقذر الخونة وما أحقرهم .. يتفاخرون اليوم وعبر أذاعات الخيانة فى بنغازي بتحالفهم مع الصليبيين وفرحين بمقتل أبناء ليبيا العظماء .. وكأنهم يعبرون عن مدى أنحطاطهم أمام العالم ولسان حالهم يقول نحن أحقر بنى البشر فى زمن النذالة وخزي والعار .. ان هذا التاريخ سيكون ذكرى الانبطاح والخيانة العالمى بأمتياز وبكل وقاحة .. حيث ان شعب قرر ان يكون منحط فى مثل هذا اليوم من عام 2011 ( عام النكبة ) .

لقد سجل التاريخ فى مثل هذا اليوم أنقلاباً حقيراً على مستوى عال على القيم الاخلاقية والانسانية السماوية والارضية وتشويه المبادى السامية وأنحرافاً خطير على المفاهيم النضالية والجهادية ضد المستعمر والمحتل والمغتصب .. وسجل التاريخ أيضاً وساخة شعب أنبطح للاحتلال دون أن يكون هنالك أى مبرر لهذا الانبطاح .. بل وصلت درجة القذارة الى أستجداء العدو لكى يحتل ويغتصب الارض والعرض .

أيها الشعب الليبي الفبرايرى صدقونى أنكم ( درتوا العار ) وستندمون على هذا التاريخ الاسود .. ليس الان ولكن فيما بعد بعد أن تغوصوا أكثر فى وحل العمالة والخيانة أكثر .. ولن يرحمكم التاريخ ولن تستطيعوا ان تجملوا هذا التاريخ مهما كذبتموا وزورتم وأختلقتم الاعذار .. وسيكتب التاريخ أيضا وبمداد من ذهب أن شخصاً أسمه معمر القذافى سطر تاريخ مشرف له ولأسرته ولأبناء شعبه الاحرار الذين ساندوه دون أن يكون لهم أى صلات به الا صلة الكرامة والعزة والمجد .

وأخيراً اوجه هذه الكلمة للمطبلين والمزمرين والكذابين والمزورين والدجالين والخونة والعملاء وأذناب الاستعمار من أهلى فى بنغازي ( حبيبة القائد ) عاصمة القذارة والعمالة والانبطاح : أنني منكم ولكنى أكرهكم كره لا يعلم به الا رب العالمين .. ولن ينفعكم أبدا نفاقكم وكذبكم وتزويركم للحقائق .. وأنتم الان تحصدون ما زرعتم .. وربي ما أيغيب عليكم بلاء .
(( ونشهد بالله أنى متشمت فيكم )) .

Mu interview w Oriana Fallaci

The Wahhabi sect (who call themselves “Salafis”) experts Falsifying Books [Part 1]

The Messenger of Allah said من غشنا فليس منا which means:

He who deceives us is not ours.

As promised, in this article we will see that the Wahhabis parasites are forgers, liars, concealers of truth and disruptive. It is so to speak, their habit of publishing books known scholars while removing some passages by one, and there when disturbed. Indeed, when they are in the book, words that blame, that counter their false belief or that mention as a deviated from the Sunna group: they withdraw and change them often modulate their convenience. Do not be shocked, it is one of their signature: distort the true spread false!

Remember, in the previous article ” a Pharaoh references Ibn Taymiyya (part 2) “Wetook as a medium books of Sheikh As-Sawi” hachiyatou Have Sawi “to show that Pharaoh was deluded into thinking that Allah is in heaven, and we have the same opportunity to a scanner passes This same book declaring Ibn Taymiyya as a stray who lost. From there, we emphasized that the book from which the scans were made, was published by a publishing funded Wahhabis called l-Kutub al Darou ‘ilmiyyahouses. Strange, they propagate books that warn against their source!

But in reality, if they had seen this passage, they would necessarily removed as they were not used to delete the citation as the calling party chaytan!


The unadulterated version of Sheikh As-Sawi is in our possession, and we publish the passage denouncing the Wahhabis of the printed version of the publishing house:Darou ihya’ou t-Tourath al-’Arabi and then same part of the book after the “Wahhabi” version. With your own eyes you will inevitably find the truth of our words to know people from the pseudo-Salafi sect are true professionals falsification. But al Hamdulillah Allah has revealed.

Allah says in Sura Al Israa / 81 which means:

“And say: Truth has occurred and false was defeated, although the false does not persist. 

Scans of the unadulterated version of

Look at page 307 and 308:


Whose meaning is:

It has been said, this verse was revealed about the Khawarij who falsify interpretation (ta’wil) of the Book and the Sunnah and who go by that allowed the blood of Muslims and their property, as we are now seeing in their behavior they are a group of hijaz [called nowadays Saudi Arabia] who are called Wahhabis who think they are the truth then those are the liars, the chaytan had control over them and has made them forget the remembrance of Allah, indeed they are the party of chaytan and certainly the party chaytan are losers and we ask Allah to exterminate to the last.

End quote from Tafseer Surah Fatir verse 6 which is the meaning in French:

While the devil is an enemy for you then take it as an enemy. He calls his followers so that they become people among those of hell 

By his word “who think they are the truth …” until the end of the sentence, Sheikh As-Sawi is the Wahhabis, he speaks of the Wahhabi sect is against them that are intended blame and development guard.

In 2011, The so-called “new-puppet-government” and MB of LIBYA, covescated and burned all the prints of the Holy Quran as published by the “THE WORLD ISLAMIC CALL SOCIETY” founded by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi. By 2012/13 the only copies to be found in LIBYA were the distorted version of WAHABISTS, who flooded all homes and sheves with the faulty versions of the “Koran”…no longer can be called the HOLY Quran. To own the “Wold Islamic Call Society” editions was an outlawable Offense.

THE WEST & SALAFISTS burned thousands of copies of the HOLY QURAN under the pretext of “the line of al-Qathafi” and the Libyan Ministry of Religious Endowments and the ‘Mufti’ of silent!!
Will we see the destroying of the mosques and shrines on the grounds that “it was built on the orders of leader Muammar al-Qathafi”. (27 JULY 2012)

Scans Book falsified (version Wahhabi)


“It has been said, this verse was revealed about the Khawarij who falsify interpretation (ta’wil) of the Book and the Sunnah and who go by that allowed the blood of Muslims and their property they **** believe to be the truth then those are the liars, the chaytan took hold on them that made ​​them forget the dhikr of Allah, indeed they are the party of chaytan and certainly the party chaytan are losers and we ask Allah that He exterminated to the last. 

Passage was removed: ****

“As we are now seeing in their behavior are a group of those who are called hijaz Wahabbites”

And here in Arabic. (Feel free to read the page that was scanned)

كما هو مشاهد الآن في نظائرهم, وهم فرقة بأرض الحجاز يقال لهم الوهابية يحسبون أنهم على شىء ألا انهم هم الكاذون

So you see that the Wahhabis are falsifiers! They rework the texts and words of scholars to give them words that are not theirs. They deny their reality and conceal their unveiling.They have the heart closed due to devotion qu’ill wear their sect and its gurus.

Watch childish technique they used here: all the characteristics of a cult! They removed the passage clearly states their name; passage in which Sheikh Have Sawiicompared to Kharawij (another branch deflected claiming Islam) because they join this group there in their takfir of Muslims as well as their approach to non-explicit verses according to their apparent meaning. So they rigged this passage to try to make people believe that the blame and the warning uttered against them would be for the Khawarij.Lies! Sheikh As-Sawii has blamed them: the Wahhabis! He has blamed severely as did other Muslims of his time.

What a shame! What disgrace! What weakness! What a lack of intelligence and how evil!

Perform! They remove passages that warn against them and then tell people to take reference Sheikh who has disowned and revealed, when they know that this sheikh in question does not have the same belief they!

What weakness, what lack of sincerity in seeking the truth, why publish this book, since the base they are supposed to reject it? In one volume of this book, two glaring enormities! (Plus those who have escaped us).

1 - They published a book that says Ibn Taymiyya, the chosen of their heart as a stray who lost. (But let us never see him again in their next issue …)

2 - The unveiling came on the fact that they have cleared the passage likens the Khawarij known for their deviance.

This shows clearly that they laugh and they do not care about the truth (as they claim), we then ask what is their real purpose?

You should also know that the brains of Wahhabism endorse, approve and encourage methods used to conceal the replicas on and hide the truth. In other words, they teach and allow cheating. Some of their gurus, that is to say, Ibn Baz, Al Albani, Al Fawzan, Uthaymeen, and the whole gang, have denied it until death for the simple reason that they are all behind, since themselves falsify! And some of them will even make them weak hadith reported in Sahih Bukhari, known as the safest book after Qouran [ see article ].

Because they dared to weaken the most authentic book after the Qouran, what about the books of the scholars? A wonder if they do not have a training system for accessing a contest falsifiers confirmed in their propaganda? Do not forget, distort the truth and spread the false is a trademark home, and Help Allah we will show later, other books they have forged. Many of these books!

In case this “detail” you escaped notice on the book cover they still made the praise of Sheikh As-Sawii and have qualified in any relaxation of “scholar”. They call “learned” and someone who blames who considered supporters of the devil, that is to say disbelievers.What error manifest! How can we be more clear?

Sheikh As-Sawii was right: they are the party of chaytan! Otherwise what other party could they belong to?

In their behavior – ie cheat and falsify – they still differentiate once more with Muslims!Indeed, it is not the habit of Muslims to trade and distort the books to support the belief of the Prophet alayhi salam-s. It is not their habit of cheating to counter evil, but rather act as scientists component replicas that contain verses, hadiths and sayings of scholars [not tampered]. And of course, if it happens that they are subject to being deemed “lost” by the enemies of Islam, they do not argue taking their books by removing passages that speak for themselves, for then edit (once processed)! But in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet - alayhi s-salam - they warn using evidence from texts and without the use of slander, cheating and forgery.

Note: For those who seek to verify the authenticity of our words, know that the manuscript written by OWN HANDS Sheikh As-Sawi is always available in Cairo, Egypt!

After destroying the millions of beautiful editions of the HOLY QURAN printed by the World Islamic Call Society (Institutionalised by Muammar al-Qathafi), NATO and CIA have released a version of the “Quran” completely distorted: it’s a shame the distribution of 156,000 copies of their first edition of the “Koran Libya” full of perversion of the word of God Almighty Surat verse 56 floors, replaced by what word “permanent” in verse the word “guide.”
We are not surprised by these actions of the people who killed their brothers under the microscope to NATO aircraft unfaithful.


Wahhabis, they forged this book for people who want to read are not the truth? The thing they have done to spread a tampered book [which costs four times less] and exclude the orignal from the market; and then in a few years, claiming that the original book would be falsified, as they have already done ?


And we ask Allah pleases Him and that He may guide our actions by those that are victims of the evil of the Wahhabi sect, they realize that their leaders are supporters chaytan.


For more information about the Wahhabi sect we invite you to click on this Article:

How to Recognize the Wahhabis (Pseudo-Salafis)

How to Recognize the Wahhabis (Pseudo-Salafis)

Bismi Lahi-r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds Allah honors student and more in our master degree Muhammad al-Amin and He preserves his community what he fears for it.

“Shirk, Bid’ah, Haram”

Here are the words that characterize the Wahhabis

Wahhabis (Pseudo-Salafi) CONTINUOUSLY tell you they follow the Qur’an and Sunnah but in reality, those that follow are ONLY: Ibn Taymiyya, Ibn al-Qayyim, Muhammad Ibn Abde l-Wahhab, Ben Baz, Al Albani, Ibn Uthaymeen, Abu Bakr Al Djazairi, Fawzan and others. When the HUNDREDS of scientists from different countries and different eras count for NOTHING according to them, or are highly LOST according to their theories. Among their obvious aberrations that are known to characterize them, is that they have to outrageous and abominable belief that God would be a great spot above the heavens, sitting or body established on the Throne (Al Arch), that He might organs such as the hands, eyes, face, feet, fingers and among other things that in reality are specific creatures. In this article the focus is on the fact that the Wahhabis claim suivrent Scholars of the Salaf (ie those of the first three centuries of the Hegira) while they are in total opposition with them, with their Aqeedah (belief) and how they abborder non-explicit texts.

However, before seeing their ugly beliefs about Allahu Subhanahu wa ta’ala, here is a list showing some examples of their corrupt belief, hérises or lies that characterize According Wahhabis. This, which then allows to identify in a short time, instantly!

And there are some others. This is not an exhaustive list! We also invite you to click on these links which explain the particular history of their appearance:


The story about the people of Ta’if and that they suffered from the Wahhabis

Clarification of Najd Hadith

Note that to support their anthropomorphic belief (which is therefore to make it look like Allah to His creatures, so that nothing is like Him), the Wahhabis will tell you not to do the Ta’wil (interpretation) Texts ( Verses of the Qur’an and Hadith). They are given to rule not interpret moutachabih texts (non-explicit) indicate that in the first direction (the one that commonly comes to mind) that Allah is in heaven or above the heavens and believe in what sense apparent even if it contradicts what is clear and explicit in the Book and the Sunnah.

For example Wahhabi leader behavior, you can see how Abu Bakr Al-Djazairifalsely attributed to the Sahaba (companions of the Prophet alayhi salam), successors and Imams of the four major Sunni schools, believing in apparent meaning of the verses nin-explanatory. To defend this law they were invented, they do not hesitate to lie. See section here ==> Abu Bakr Al-Djazairi and Ta’wil.


Now look at one of the major references Wahhabis, those who claim to follow the Salaf and who call themselves Salafis: Fawzan. Here’s his book and he said: (click to enlarge)

img136 Fawzan

Fawzan says in the third chapter are:

the Ach ‘arites and Matouridites deny the attributes of Allah and declared lost by those who interpret the Ta’wil.

By this rule (they are self-imposed baseless from the authentic Sunnah) Wahhabis have made ​​lawful to déclarler the Salaf and Khalaf (those who come after the Salaf until the end of time) as being lost. Indeed, given that Imam Bukhari was born at the end of the 2nd century AH, his global benchmark Muslims, the grand imam specialist Hadith, the famous author of SAHIH BOUKHARI (the book most safe after Al Qur’an) has interpreted the term “Wajh” explaining that it is “Mulk”.

Imam Bukhari would be as Wahhabis statements “lost” for doing taw’il.(The proof is about Al Albany Wahhabi ==) click here! )

As Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal, the founder of Hanbalite school, one of the greatest scholars of our community, one where there ‘s no doubt about his piety and high degree of science, who is a true Salafi since he was born in the year 164 of the Hegira, also played a non-explicit text. Why? Because this is not allowed forbid BUT contrary to what the Wahhabis try to believe. Wahhabis have made ​​so lost Imam Ahmad for doing so. They did not directly admit to the people, yet it is the implications of their education!

Religion they innnové makes apostate Imam Ahmad for his taw’il!


Wahhabis are they then insist on correct or make a disbeliever Founder of the four schools?

  • What the NAJD?

This is the region of the Arabian Peninsula whose capital is Riyadh, located east of Medina.

When it was mentioned to the Prophet region   NAJD for him to make invocations of blessing for this region, the Prophet did not give satisfaction to those who asked him, but he said the contrary, it means: “It’s there that appear spearhead of the devil ”  [Reported by Al-Bukh has riyy]. And in another version, he said which means: “The fitnah will come from the east.”

    Among men originally from NAJD precisely, and that caused a lot of fitnah there this manMuhammad Ibn ‘l-abdi Wahhab (1111 – 1206), he founded the extremist Wahhabi current.But when Muslims denounce it, in accordance with the orders of the Prophet sallallaahu the Lahou ‘alayhi wa sallam indicated by his word which means: “Until when will you avoid mentioning the perverse; quote it by what is in it for that people are wary of him, “

Wahhabis, abjectly to try to exonerate their guru say:

“This is not the region of Najd which is referred to in the Hadith, but Iraq”

Do not they know when their oldest reference that they call wrongly Chaykhou Islam Ibn Taymiyyah l-confirms precisely the region which appear dissension as the Prophet taught is indeed that the NAJD is located east of Medina in Saudi?

Ibn Taymiyyah confirms that fitnah will come from Najd

Here are his words present in his book “al-Bayan Bayan Talbees Jahmiyya” Volume 1 on page 17 and 23:
Ibn Taymiyyah says in his book that fitnah will come from Najd Ibn Taymiyyah book
Translation of the passage highlighted:

It has been reported recurrently “tawatur” that the Prophet informed that the source of discord and infidelity come from the east that is to say, Eastern Medina as the region of Najd and what is eastern Najd

Then he said:

Ibn Taymiyyah: "The fitnah will come from the East"

Translation of the passage highlighted:

And there is no doubt that this is one of them that occurred apostasy and other kinds of disbelief, of Mouçaylimah al-Kadh dhab (liar) and those who followed of Toulayhah al-Açadiyy and those who followed him and “Sajah” and those who followed.

This shows unmistakably that it is Ibn Taymiyyah of NAJD which is known since he speaks of Muslims Mouçaylimah Al-Kadh dhab (liar) and al-Toulayhah Açadiy   appeared to the east of Medina, specifically Najd (the Arabian Peninsula) and not Iraq!

Similarly, the founder of Wahhabism (Muhammad Ibn Abdi l-Wahhab) appeared in this region called the NAJD, and the people of knowledge, losrqu’ils speak of him, citing various hadith of the Prophet explaining that corruption, dissent , confusion, error and deviation of NAJD arise.Here that Ibn Taymiyyah himself warns against marginalized movements apparaîront this region.

Wahhabis, face their reality, will they still oppose their earliest reference (Ibn Taymiyyah)saying that it is not the goal, but that is NAJD Iraq?

While it is known and easily noticeable that the Wahhabi s (pseudo-Salafi) have no reference, and no chain of transmission going back to the salaf salih, but many times and in many other points, they also contradict men they claim, the people they claim to follow those they call absurdemment “Chaykhou l-Islam”. Strange …. and radically out of the Prophetic Tradition!

We thank Allah for having guided us on the right path and that Allah preserve us from error and misunderstanding.

Allahumma thabbit Qouloubana ‘ala l-dini Islam.

the Maliki school: (MALIKITE-ISLAM)

it was founded by Malik Ibn Anas ( 93-179 AH) ( Savant Medina as predicted by the Prophet peace and salvation upon him) . Appeared in Medina, this school focuses on the advice of the Prophet’s companions and the practice of Medina ( ‘amal ahl al madina ) , the latter being the descendants of the Prophet’s companions . It also gives an important place to the customs of society if they do not contradict the divine law and the establishment of legal norms from the general interest of society, called al masâlih mursala al .

Maliki doctrine

The authenticity of Ijtihad

Usul al-Fiqh

Imam Malik and his school

Details of some tools specific to Ijtihad Maliki

Geographical presence of the Maliki school

The authenticity of Ijtihad

The Prophet (peace and salvation upon him) Mu’adh ibn Jabal taught (dubbed the most familiar of Halaal and Haram) before sending in Yemen as a messenger of good values ​​of Islam: “According to what wilt you when the need presents itself – According to the Book of God, replied Mu’adh. – And if you can not find (explicit solution) in the Book of God – then I will judge according to the Hadith of the Messenger of God replied Mu’adh. – And if you can not find (explicit solution) in the Hadith of the Messenger of God – then I do not fail to make an effort of reflection (ijtihad) to formulate my opinion, had responded Mu’adh. “Whereupon the Prophet had expressed its approval in these words: “Praise be to God who has guided the messenger of the Messenger of God to this qu’agrée the Messenger of God.”
Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud, see A’lam ul-muwaqqi’în, Volume 1 p. 49-50.The Prophet (peace and salvation upon him) said: “when the judge made an effort (Legal) (ijtahada) and reached the truth, he has two rewards, and he made an effort (legal) and s is wrong, he has a single reward. “
Narrated by Al-Bukhari: Hadith No: 6805: chapter “Al-Kitab al-i’tisâm bi wa as-Sunnah”It also cites the evidence for the authenticity of Ijtihad, the Ijtihad of great companions such as Sidna Omar (may Allah be pleased with him) when temporarily lifted sanctions against theft during the famine (although this sanction is recorded in the Qur’an), or the compilation of the Qur’an made under the orders of Abu Bakr and Sidna one made under the orders of Sidna Othman (may God approve). All this for the sake of Islam and Muslims.
That Sidna Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) instituted (centralized) after Tarawih prayers prayer ‘Isha (during Ramadan) groups in mosques saying: “What a good innovation this! . “These words of Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) is reported by Al-Bukhari in his Sahih and Imam Malik in Al-Mouwattaa (Book 6: supererogatory prayers in Ramadan Chapter II Hadith 252): it was on the occasion of the establishment (centralization) Tarawih prayers led by an Imam in the nights of Ramadan.
Tarawih prayers are an act of worship and not an act of everyday life (‘addt) …

* Mention is also useful as well, adding a call to prayer (Azan) by the third Caliph Sidna ‘Uthman Ibn’ Affan on Friday when the Muslim population has increased (to alert, inform and remind even better believers in the capital prayer): it was narrated by al-Bukhari in his Sahih:
As Yazid Ibn Sahib (may Allah be pleased with him) reported: “The call to prayer (Azan) for Friday prayers began as a single call when the Imam sat on the Minbar was the case at the time of the Prophet (peace and salvation upon him) and Abu Bakr and Omar, but at the time of Uthman (may Allah be pleased with him) people have become many and he added a third call (Azan ) … “
Al-Bukhari (912)
حديث السائب بن يزيد رضي الله عنه قال
كان النداء يوم الجمعة أوله إذا جلس الإمام على المنبر على عهد النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وأبي بكر وعمر رضي الله عنهما فلما كان عثمان رضي الله عنه وكثر الناس زاد النداء الثالث على الزوراء ‘قال أبو عبد الله الزوراء موضع بالسوق بالمدينة
رواه البخاري 912
Sidna Uthman (which is Mujtahid as Sidna Omar and as great companions connoisseurs) has added an act of devotion (Al-Azan) (this is still applied in all the mosques of Sunni world) because it is useful for the community and because it does not go against either the Koran or the Sunnah, rather it is consistent with the noble purpose of religion.

That said, it is important and useful to note that Ijtihad (legal effort) and issuing Fatwas are reserved exclusively for Mujtahid scholars who have mastered the rules of Islamic law, otherwise it’s anarchy, and Fitna misguidance.
Ijtihad can not be that one who has attained the degree of savant “Mujtahid”.

Usul al-Fiqh

This term refers to the basis of Islamic law, that is to say all the texts and tools that have enabled scholars to issue a legal opinion (fatwa) about various topics in question.
The first two sources of Usul Al-Fiqh – the four Sunni schools recognized by the Muslim Community, are the Qur’an and Sunnah.
It is not given to anyone to interpret the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Whoever interprets these sacred texts without the necessary science that allows to deduce judgments, this one follows his passion, wanders astray with him and those who follow.
It was stated in the “Conditions of Fatwa and interpretation” some rules related to the understanding and interpretation of sacred texts.For questions and new topics that have not been treated by traditional texts, the four schools have resorted to what is called the tools of Ijtihad-effort legally.
Mention may be made among these tools:
* Analogy (or approximation compared to the traditional text) “al-qiyas”
* Consensus “al-ijma ‘” (based on the famous saying of the Prophet (peace and salvation upon him): “My community can not have a false consensus (misplaced) [1]“
* The interest of “Al-al-masâlih mursala community,”
* Personal preference for the good “istihsan”
* Personal “Ar-ra’y” (specialty of the Hanafi school) opinion based on interpretation “ta’wil”.
* Prevention of inconvenience “Sadd Darai ad-’.’
We will return to these tools further.

Imam Malik and his school

The Maliki school of Medina is the oldest school of Qur’anic exegesis. It was founded by Malik Ibn Anas Imam [93 H/716 AD. BC - 179 AD H./795. J.-C] who  took his science among other things: Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri, Abu Az-ZANNAD Ibn Hourmuz, Rabi’a Ibn ‘Abd ar-Rahman, Nafi’ the freedman Abdellah great companion Ibn ‘Umar ( God be pleased with him) and Al-Yahya ibn Sa’id Ansari (d. 143 H) son of a supporter of the Prophet (peace and salvation upon him). 
Imam Malik was a direct disciple of the Successors of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him Divine Grace and Peace. He also studied with Ja’far as-Sadiq and Abu Hanifah knew.According to An-Nawawi, Malik had 900 teachers including 300 Successors, the others being Successors Successors.Al-Qadi ‘Iyad Ceuta (author of Shifa) said in his al-Tartib madârik “scholars in traditional narratives have said:” The guide of conscience after’ Umar Ibn Al-Khattab Zayd ibn Thabit was, and after him, ‘Abd Allah Ibn’ Umar. Twenty-one received their transmitters science Zayd, which they then sent to three men: Ibn Shihab, Bukayr Ibn ‘Abd Allah and Abu Az-ZANNAD, finally Malik Ibn Anas achieve.’ “

His life and science were in Medina, the city of the Prophet. Malik began teaching at the age of 17 years. He chose the Prophet’s Mosque to take his circle of science. More specifically, he chooses in the mosque of Medina, where stood the Caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. This is where sat the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him).

For another detailed report on the life of Imam Malik exposed (may Allah be pleased with him): click here.
The qubba on the tomb of Imam Malik was destroyed by the Wahabbis in 1800. 

Legal sources of the school Malik are of course primarily the Holy Qur’an  and scholarly consensus (ijma ‘), then the Medinan customs (‘ AMALU ahli al-Madina) (as Medina “descendants of Companions of the Prophet (peace and salvation upon him) “knew better than anyone the Sunna), the effort of personal interpretation (Ijtihad), personal opinion (ra’y) resulting from reflection (Fikr) (in the absence of the sacred text), personal preference for the good (istihsan) and reasoning by analogy (qiyas), and prevention of disadvantage (Sadd al-ddarâi ‘). It also relies on the “Al-Al-mursala masâlih” general interest that the school fully meets the events related to the changing times and needs of the community on the right. This diversity of methods and legal rules is probably the secret of wealth and strength of this school. And although it is quite scrupulous in terms of religious practice (including five fundamental pillars of Islam), the school is also with the Hanafi school, the more open and more flexible in adapting to different local and temporal realities and changing world. It is therefore better able to understand the need for a flexible and effective adaptations. Especially this school, after its founder, humble and scrupulous man, has a fundamental maturation, and intention (niyya) primarily directed towards the preservation of the unity of the Umma, preferring to cultivate what brings that search legal solutions that could divide.

Share the wealth of tools and possibilities it reveals new legal notice may be issued by those who have the legal expertise to best meet away from fanaticism or religious extremism, the needs of Muslims without denying the general foundations of Islam and its love, unity, understanding and peace values.

Imam Malik   is considered one of the best in the field and more reliable (Al-Bukhari himself later confirmed the high reliability of its channels). Reference books of the Maliki school are, among others, the Muwatta ‘(thepath made ​​easy) (first Fiqh in Islam) of Imam Malik and Mudawanna Al-Kubra a collection of reviews What legal Malik compiled his student Ibn Said Sahnun Has tanûkhî.

Abu Zahra in his book on Imam Malik’s life, his time, his opinions and his Fiqh says on Muwattaa:
“History knows no collection of Hadith and Fiqh al-Muwatta oldest … No writer before Malik was to know the reputation of the latter with his Muwatta ‘, which has survived as was written by the author. This is why we say that he is the first collection of Hadith and Fiqh to be composed “

Imam Ash-Shafi’i said of Imam Malik and his Muwattaa: “The most authentic book after the Book of God is Mouwattaa Malik.” (The Imam Ash-Shafi’i said that since he lived before the emergence of two authentic books Al-Bukhari and Muslim).
Al-Bukhari has called the chain of transmission mentioned in the Muwatttaa: the gold chain (to emphasize its great authenticity): this is Malik from Nafi ‘from Ibn omar … also cites as chain highly Authentic Muwattaaa: Az-zuharî from Salim from Ibn ‘Umar …

The Imam Malik gathered (written) his book Al-Muwattaa in forty years.
Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr reports by Al-Awzaa’ee: were exposed to Imam Malik in his Muwattaa forty days and he said: “this book that I wrote in forty years, you take forty days you lack understanding of this book! “

Al-Qadi ‘Iyad Ceuta relates in his book Al-Madârik (2/73) for the circumstances of the writing Muwattaa:
“The Caliph Abu Jaafar Al-Mansour Al-Abbasi – first Caliph Dynasty Abbasites-said to Imam Malik:” O Abu ‘Abdullah! Together this science and write a book:’re avoiding the peculiarities in this book (the Extreme) (shawâddh) Ibn Masoud, difficult things (shadâid) Ibn ‘Umar and Ibn Abbas waivers, and instead seeks a balance in all things and what makes unanimity among the Companions and Imams of this science and make a unified science “

Many ancient and contemporary scholars have focused on the interpretation of Muwattaa and comment. The Muwattaa was translated into several languages.

See here on this link, the words of wisdom of Imam Malik and details on its Muwattaa.

The Mudawanna (Al-Kubrâ) (also called the mother), is the first reference of our Maliki school’s right: this is a huge compendium of all legal opinions of Imam Malik (and his teachers)  that has compiled his student Ibn Said Sahnun Has tanûkhî.
Sahnun reported the contents of his Mudawwana Ibn al-Qasim who reported Malik
The Mudawwana has 30200 topics.

Abu Said ibn Said ibn Habib Sahnoun Ibn Rabia AL Tanoukhi Imam SOUHNOUN born in Kairouan in 777 (160 H). In 804 he traveled for three years in the East’s knowledge.Return to Kairouan it involves spreading the doctrine of Imam Malik throughout the Muslim West. His masterpiece ‘moudawwana the’ y contributed greatly Named Cadi (Judge) of Kairouan in 849 (234 H) he held this office until his death in 855 (240 H).

The second reference our Maliki on the right is Al-wâdiha fî did Sunan wa al-FiqhAbdel Malik Ibn Habib (it has been particularly enhanced by the Andalusian Maliki)

The third reference is our school Al-Ahmad Ibn Muhammad mustakhraja Al-Atabi al-Andalus: known as Al-’Utbiyya Ibn Rushd referred to this item.

The fourth reference our school is Al-Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim muwâziya Al-Iskandarî known as Ibn Al-Muwâz: it is a question of the book the most authentic and most complete according to many scholars.

Maliki school details some specific tools to Ijtihad [2]

In addition to the traditional tools of ijtihad which are common between the four Sunni schools such as analogy (qiyas) or consensus (ijma ‘), mention a few tools that specifically characterize the Maliki school:Amal ahl al madina:The Maliki school focuses on the advice of the Prophet’s companions and the Medinan practice (‘amal ahl al madina), the latter being the descendants of the Prophet’s companions. See here for details on the concept of practices Medina

The peculiarity of the fiqh of Imam Malik is that it considers the opinion of the scholars of Medina as one of the sources of law and the consensus of the scholars as a source of law before any other opinion.

Malik philosophy is: Medina is the city that hosted the Prophet – the Blessing and Peace be upon him – where the closest Companions of the Prophet lived (Umar, Ali, Uthman, Talha, Zubayr, Sa’d Zayd ibn Thabit, etc..) and where sects appeared last.

For Imam Malik, it is impossible that the consensus of the people of Medina who comes from the teaching of the Companions is a source of error, since once the inhabitants of Medina practiced Islam in the most pure way and more consistent with the source.

Where the word of Malik: “I prefer the transmission of thousands by thousands more than one person by another.” He means by this that the practice of the People of Madina is a transmission of mutawatir ‘( a large number of reliable people) and is therefore more than one hadith transmitted only by a person (reliable) to another (reliable) (ahad hadith).

The Maliki school also gives an important place to the customs of society if they do not contradict God’s law.

Al-masâlih al mursala: الاستصلاح و المصالح المرسلة

The establishment of legal norms from the general interest of society, called al masâlih al mursala is valued in the school of Malik.
The principle of al-al-masalih mursala matches all benefits not related to a text of the Qur’an or sunnah accurate.
الاستصلاح عبارة عن تشريع حكم في واقعة لا نص فيها ولا إجماع, بناء على مراعاة مصلحة مرسلة مطلقة

The concept of masalih al mursala is often very similar to that of al-istihsan. Imam Shatibi wrote that the difference lies in the nature of the rule, al-istihsan is a deviation from an established rule while al-al-masalih mursala is not conditioned.

Companions – may Allah be pleased – have compiled the Qur’an in the form of paper, then subsequent generations have added vocalization, summary, index, etc. Cut parts. because there was an interest to do so; like minarets, schools … that did not exist at the time of the Prophet – the Blessing and Peace be upon him -.

In doubtful cases where no clear solution can not be derived from sources (Qur’an and Sunnah), the court must make its decision taking into account the greater public good rather than personal opinion.


Ibn al-Qacim reported that Imam Malik used to say that al-istihsan knowledge was 9/10th of knowledge.

al-istihsan can be translated as’ preferred choice ‘or’ legal preference.
This principle is used as an exception to a rule or temporary special way when a benefit is sought (or to avoid nuisance).

There are two types of al-istihsan:

Al-istihsan based on an analogy:
Imam Shatibi wrote: “Al-istihsan is used when it is necessary to prefer a reinforced analogy deduction. One that uses al-ishtisan refers not only to the tilt and personal taste but it refers to the intention of the legislator that emerges from similar cases. However, a question settled by analogy (simple) could cause nuisance. “
The objective of al-istihsan is precisely to prevent this nuisance.
Shaykh Muhammad Abu Zahra gives as an example, in his book on the Maliki School, the case of a couple where the woman dies, leaving behind a husband, two children of the couple and two children from the wife of first marriage.
The strict application of the principle of analogy would be to give half of the inheritance to the husband, the sixth couple girls and the third son of the couple. Their half-brothers and half-sisters would receive nothing. Faced with this problem, Sayyiduna Umar ibn al-Khattab – may Allah be pleased – considered by the use of al-istihsan, they should also inherit the sixth and third.

Al-istihsan based on need:
For example, al-istihsan is used when a person needs (medical necessity) to be examined by a doctor, showing naked before him, while the general rule forbidden to show naked in front of a stranger.
Sayyiduna Umar ibn al-Khattab – may Allah be pleased – also suspended the application of the legal punishment (hadd) during a famine because some people were pushed by necessity to fly.

Sadd ad Darai ‘:

‘Sadd al-ddarai is prevention means which may cause a nuisance.
The general principle is that which leads to illegal is illegal (and which leads to the recommended is recommended to non-desirable, desirable non-etc.).

For example, scientists believe that it is forbidden to keep wine even if the goal is to make vinegar, because the temptation is always possible.

Other examples:

Digging wells is a good thing but if it is done in the middle of a road not (because there is the risk that people will fall) …

Use a licensed drug intoxication seen it provides is prohibited.

Waste yourself in things lawful, but it depends on the material of the person concerned and the nature of the expense report: example a person who has a family to support or debts does not have to give all his money alms!
في المال منكران; أحدهما: الإضاعة. والآخر: الإسراف.
فالإضاعة: تفويت مال بلا فائدة يعتد بها كإحراق الثوب وتمزيقه, وهدم البناء من غير غرض. وإلقاء المال في البحر, وفي معناه صرف المال إلى النائحة والمطرب, وفي أنواع الفساد لأنها فوائد محرمة شرعا فصارت كالمعدومة.
وأما الإسراف: فقد يطلق لإرادة صرف المال إلى النائحة والمنكرات, وقد يطلق على الصرف إلى المباحات في جنسها ولكن مع المبالغة.
والمبالغة تختلف بالإضافة إلى الأحوال فنقول: من لم يملك إلا مائة دينار مثلا ومعه عياله وأولاده ولا معيشة لهم سواه فأنفق الجميع في وليمة فهو مسرف يجب منعه قال تعالى: “ولا تبسطها كل البسط فتقعد ملوما محسورا” نزل هذا في رجل بالمدينة قسم جميع ماله ولم يبق شيئا لعياله فطولب بالنفقة فلم يقدر على شيء وقال تعالى: “ولا تبذر تبذيرا إن المبذرين كانوا إخوان الشياطين” وكذلك قال عز وجل “والذين إذا أنفقوا لم يسرفوا ولم يقتروا” فمن يسرف هذا الإسراف ينكر عليه ويجب على القاضي أن يحجر عليه; إلا إذا كان الرجل وحده وكان له قوة في التوكل صادقة; فله أن ينفق جميع ماله في أبواب البر. ومن له عيال أو كان عاجزا عن التوكل فليس له أن يتصدق بجميع ماله. وكذلك لو صرف جميع ماله إلى نقوش حيطانه; وتزيين بنيانه فهو أيضا إسراف محرم, وفعل ذلك له ممن له مال كثير ليس بحرام لأن التزيين من الأغراض الصحيحة, ولم تزل المساجد تزين وتنقش أبوابها وسقوفها مع أن نقش الباب والسقف لا فائدة فيه إلا مجرد الزينة, فكذا الدور, وكذلك القول في التجمل بالثياب والأطعمة فذلك مباح في جنسه, ويصير إسرافا باعتبار حال الرجل وثروته.

It is forbidden to be in a place or a situation that could result in the occurrence of something illicit: place where alcohol or drugs consumed, place of debauchery etc..

Insult the idols or other religious symbols:
Allah says in the Qur’an: “Do not revile (Do not insult) not those whom they call upon besides Allah, because by they wrongfully revile Allah in their ignorance.Similarly, we embellished (the eyes) of each people its own doings. Then unto their Lord is their return, and He will inform them of what they did. “Sura 6, verse 108.
So in this verse Allah forbids the Prophet (peace and salvation upon him) and the Muslims to insult the idols of stone that the polytheists worshiped besides Allah: for indeed the polytheists will then insult Allah …
Commentators on this verse: including scholar Ibn Al-Hasani Ajiba in his Tafsir: “Al-Bahr al-tafsir al Madid fo-Quran al-Majid,” Al-Al-Qurtubi and Bidawi in their Tafsir also inform us:
The Maliki uses this verse to justify principle (legal) known in this school under the name of “preventing harm” ‘ad-Sadd Darai’ ie prevention means which may cause nuisance.
They add: There is a need to move away from obedience (to Allah) (ta’a) will cause certain sin (ma’asiyya Rajiha). Which leads to a wrong is wrong.

Al-Qurtubi added: “This verse [is still valid] and its status is and is not repealed, as the miscreant is strong and it is feared that insult Islam or the Prophet or God; it is forbidden for a Muslim to insult their crosses or their religion or churches (or their symbols) as this will lead to sin [disorder]. Insult the idols that the disbelievers will leak of Islam and increase their disbelief.
This verse is also evidence that even one who is right and law, may refrain from asking the right if it causes an evil religion. The second Caliph Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said in this regard: “Do not judge between people of the same family (who kinship between them) lest [cause] break,” Ibn Al-’Arabi said: “If this law is due him (wajib) it will in all cases, but if that right is irrelevant (Jaiz) (authorized) this is what it was about in what been said »»

Warning: there are situations where this principle no longer applies: we do not prevent for example, planting grapes for fear that we make wine and will not prohibit either in homes neighborhood between people who are not close relatives even though it may possibly cause adultery!

Law (Shari’a) of our predecessors (Shar’u ma qablanâ)
repealed except by our Shari’a or one that contradicts.

Last Prophet (peace and salvation upon him) and his community are charged by the revelation of the law practice of those who have preceded us, ie what our Shari’a states as part of their legislation, but states that neither it is law for us or it is not as if the Quran mentions that it is for the taking into account, as stated in the verse: “There was certainly in their stories a lesson for gifted people thinking “and the benefit of reflection is the practice.Another verse states: “It is those whom Allah has guided, so their guidance take an example.”
While it is stipulated that law is also for us, then there is no difference regarding the obligation to practice as qisas (retribution) – for example, that God mentioned as part of the law of our predecessors through the Qur’anic verse: “And We ordained therein against them: for life life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth, and wounds retaliation “, and he also mentioned as part of our legislation through the Qur’anic verse:” O you who believe! , retaliation (qisas) has been prescribed for murder. ” But there are things that are part of their legislation without being ours, as the word of Moses speaking to his people, as the following verse relates: “repent to your Creator and put you to death! “we are forbidden to us Muslims to give us death, our legislation has spared us the difficulties and burdens, as stated in the following verse:” that the discharge weights and chains that were on them. “

We can deduct certain Shafiites due to vouch for the return of a person, which is known as the home of the examples of our practice of law predecessors include KAFALA , the story of Jacob (of peace him) and his children, reported in the following verse “I did not send him with you until you shall not swear by God to bring him back, unless it identifies you from all sides” deduction Hanbali of the validity of a long rental service (Ijara) the word of the Most High recounting the story of Moses (peace be upon him) with Shu’ayb (peace be upon him) said: “I want to give you as the wife One of my two daughters here “to his word:” and if you complete ten years, free to you “Maliki deducting the obligation to the i’dhâr , which is to tell the pleading: “You still there an argument?”, the story of Solomon (Sulayman) (peace be upon him), with the crest in the Qur’anic verse: “I will punish severely or kill, unless I present an explicit justification “, or deduct the permission of ja’ala (payment for the completion of work) the word of the Most High, “who will bring me loading a camel, I vouch “and learned that the deduction of wonders (extraordinary things) are possible saints speech of the Most High tells the story of Mary (Maryam) (peace be upon her),” he said: O Mary, where did you get this? She said: Allah’s home “(she had the fruits of summer in winter and winter fruits in summer and God bestows His elect as He wills.)
(Al ourf) Habit (‘Adah ) as is the custom (‘Ourf) in its linguistic and terminological sense. This is a concept spread among people, which may be specific to individual countries or groups (or periods).
be judged based on it as it does not contradict God’s law . Among which is based on the ‘Ourf (custom), there is the period of time considered long for issues to be forgotten in prayer, the amount of expenditure due to maintenance of wife and children and formulas (formulations) of oaths and contracts …The origin of the inclusion of ‘Ourf in Islamic jurisprudence is the word of Allah in the Qur’an “good custom orders” and His word. “wives should be the same as what is their responsibility to their husbands as usual” . Ref “Poetry (and commentary) in the science of the foundations of Islamic law after Al-Waraqât of ‘Imam al Harameyn al Juwayni “, published The 4 Sources by Abdellah Al-Al-thaparro Faransî, Paris, December 2010. (In Arabic and French).
Murâ’t Al-khilaf: Consider the divergence and evidence of the scientist who is divergent with our main opinion: eg Imam Malik used the argument of those who differ with his opinion on the status of marriage said Chighâr and who believe that this type of marriage is not zero, to say that the legacy remains between two people (if one of them dies), although the marriage is void.

Footnotes page:

[1] See al-Daarimi (1/29) and ” Jam’a al-jawâmi ‘”Imam as-Suyuti (4641): this is one of the three things that God has promised His Messenger Sidna Muhammad (peace and salvation upon him) that his community will not consensus on the fake. The consensus here is considered Mujtahid scholars of Fiqh.
[2] absence of an explicit and firm text in authentic sources Holy Qur’an.

GREAT SON writes:

Customers and clients now want to again implicate the Resistance in the happenings tragic in Benghazi,

and the oil crisis by fabricating false confessions of Major-General Saadi ! (These are all lies and fake !)

Now, through formal employment, say they they will spread “part of the confessions of Al-Saadi” at 10PM

at night to try to impute the charge, since Saadi is free again …

It is the game of SATAN ! The Brothers are implicated in fact, and bewary of them:
They take note of one,

Inside, there is something going on in secret with the Resistance … … ….

أبن العظمى
هام … العملاء وفي رقصة اخـرى من رقصاتهم الان يريدون توريط الاحرار في المأسي التي تحدث في بنغازي وايضا أزمـة حقـول النفط وذلك بتلفيق اعترافات خطيرة للواء الساعدي كما يكذبون ..الان وعبر قناة العمالة الرسمية يقولون بأنهم سيذيعون جزء من اعترافات الساعدي عند الساعة العاشرة ليلا في محاولة لالصاق التهمة بالاحرار مرة اخـرى …انها لعبة حقيـرة يقومون بها مجموعة الشيطان وليسوا الاخـوان …فانتبهوا وإحـذروا أخواني خصوصاً المقاومة بالداخل هناك شي يدور في الخفاء ………..

“ZERO HOUR” on FB comments:General KHAMIS in Bani Walid with Moussa Ibrahim, Saif al-Islam in Asabah Herboh, Zintan.

Using Riyaana.
And just.

Saadi with Al-Jdharan cause a crisis in the oil ports and arrows involved in the story.

Janas O rats. Hey honest Hadi schemes Misurata itself. Repeated scenarios and Aaaadhh.

Lipo pretext to invade the Middle naive only Maischof Halhi.

P style apologized following uttered but this Allowaaaqa: This follows Sayer.

خميس في بني وليد موسى إبراهيم في الاصابعة سيف الإسلام هربوه الزنتان. عن طريق الرياينة.

الساعدي مع الجضران يسبب في ازمة موانئ النفط و الأزلام متورطين في القصة.

ياناس يا جرذان. يا شرفاء هادي مخططات مصراته نفسها. تتكرر السيناريوات وااااضحة.

يبو ذريعة لإجتياح الشرق الساذج فقط مايشوف هالشئ.

اعتذر ع الاسلوب يلي تكلمت به لكن هذا الواااقع هذا يلي صاير



0:41 dangerous upstart Nazim Tayyari and “confessions” Saadi Gaddafi !
de Rusaifa news il ya 11 heures341 vues serious climber Nazim Tayyari and “confessions” Saadi Gaddafi !



“Sky News Arabia”
European Options “limited” to punishment Libya
When European Union leaders meet on Thursday to discuss making an appropriate response Haalalanfelat security in Libya,
there would be many options available to them, both in terms of taking economic sanctions, or even expand sanctions targeted
at a group of Libyan personalities. And with both comes a military intervention.

Thea West, writes:

“The UNO played a central role in creating the situation we see today in Libya when it embraced the lies about al-Qathafi killing his own people, when it refused to send observers that al-Qathafi requested. However, notice how quickly the UNO was scrambling to send uninvited observers to Crimea. The UNO is corrupt, as al-Qathafi had indicated in his last address to that body. It is no better than the League of Nations. It is an enabler and sanctioner of wars prosecuted by the US, Britain and France.”

Charles Dornach writes:
Described in a book “River”, here is a summary of the Strategy of the shock of Naomi Klein who will inform more than one on American imperialism, which is so hard since more than one century and makes of USA the bigest predator on Earth, despite its nations and its peoples.
In the mind of American Governments, nothing beats a good disaster to open new territories.
This strategy is driven by large-scale profit and greed, and is responsible for major socio-economic genocides of the planet.

This strategy consists of several phases:

-The overthrow of a sovereign State :

To get your hands on a country, the USA fomenting false revolutions by funding opposition groups which try to destabilize the Government by organising events, under pretext of subtract a nation oppressed in the brutality of a necessarily dictatorial regime and to bring democracy !

The second step, if the first fails, is to try to involve the army in the coup d’état, to finance his helping hand, and train it in guerrilla warfare techniques and to torture.

If the army remains faithful and the Government resists, mercenaries are trained and sent to the country, in an attempt to take power by weapons. If infiltration also fails, the last solution is the invasion of the country by the U.S. armed forces.

Once the Government overturned the coup opponents are captured, imprisoned, tortured, to sow terror and collapse them all attempts of resistance. Even independent police brigades of the army are trained independent of the national police, whose funding is provided by American multinationals and whose impunity is responsible for all the overflows, population lived in all the countries reversed.

Torture is used to extract the most information on resistance, and then as a therapy, to make men Virgin Lands ready to accept the new ideology than the USA want to impose.

The rapt of mass is used to create terror in the population and the family are ransomed to be able to retrieve their parent living, their corpse, or the cessation of torture.
Unscrupulous, the need to go through it, a part of the population is massacred as to the Chili during the 1970s.

For the other part of the population which was favourable to this reversal, a big part gives broad powers to those who claim to rescuing the country from the chaos caused by the coup.

Culture and political expression are censored, for the benefit of the ideology that USA wants to impose and they have the nerve to call democracy !

A dictatorship is therefore in place at the expense of all a nation traumatized and weakened, or even disoriented by the shock treatment that she has just undergone.

-The plundering of the country !

It is not enough to overthrow a country, but to have persuaded some opponents of economic theories that the US will impose on the targeted countries.
Young economists are trained in the theories of Milton Friedmann, a Jewish Zionist, and sent on the spot, to implement this theory preposterous and devastating, the goal is to get your hands on the wealth of the country and its raw materials (oil, water), on the economy of the country without any compensation and install bases American, in order to increase the grip of the American empire on the world.

Even if this theory becomes unpopular, destroying the economy of the target country, it is imposed by force, but in general shock and horror that resulted in the overthrow of the country is enough to suppress any resistance from the population.

Companies American conquistador, sent after the military conquest of the country, loote with the same determination and relentless energy, States treated as colonial Territories, or tirelessly seek new profit sources in the public domain.

The looting phase can also be cut into several times:

Privatize the country

To get : all State enterprises are privatised mass selling them to American multinationals with peanuts, and under the pretext that their sale is essential to the recovery of the country. This racket is organized with the protection of the U.S. Government.

Most of the employees are dismissed for supposedly to increase their competitiveness.

Competitors are excluded. Thus a whole pan of this country’s economy is set to bag so peaceful and democratic.

The grip on oil is the first objective: long contracts are signed and most of the profits are confiscated, depriving the population of the benefits of this windfall.

These multinationals are also hand on local markets easily in the middle of the field of battle became the country.

Not resistant to this unfair competition, many national companies close their door.

Sovereign functions are outsourced to the private sector at the price the market, but without greater efficiency and results, or even by increasing waste.

Therefore the State merely to supervise contracts with very private companies often more or less well client of the US Government.

An army of bankers make the tour of brokerage companies and banks hoping to acquire them for a pittance.

To facilitate the invasion of the country by American companies, the control of the movement of capital is removed.

Of course these privatizations lead to mass unemployment as Aboriginal employees are replaced by foreigners. They also cause waves of suicides.

Everyone is affected: officials, farmers, entrepreneurs, Trade Union, or any person who not successfully back up the devastating wave. Many come growing slums.

The reconstruction of the destroyed country is for friendly companies by the U.S. Government and no industry in the country is located.

Even the American State suffers from this policy: a private administration ghost was created using public funds leading the country in the fiscal crisis, both the accumulated deficit has coarses the US debt.

The citizens, who have funded this parallel economy, don’t even have their word to say !

Deregulate the economy of the country

A slate of the past being performed, the second step is to move from dictatorship to the economic war: all social laws and regulations are removed :Abolition of the minimum wage, collective agreements, imposition of a hard a economic model that makes life hard for a majority of people: on one side a public sector weak, poorly funded and ineffective; another a private structure parallel and handsomely funded.

U.S. companies are allowed to own entire share of the assets of the societies of the invaded countries.

Environmental laws are abolished, opening the door to a wild capitalism.

Borders, on behalf of free trade, are open to wild competition of mainly U.S. companies and its allies and the corporate income tax is removed.

A franchise known as green box appears every time the military-industrial complex descends upon the country, digging a ditch between its privileged: U.S. and marginalized Aboriginal people.

Also, unable to withstand the competition from imported products, many companies in the country are closing their doors.

The State invaded and the not-for-profit sector, are considered as competitors encroaching on the private market.

Even the leaders of the USA benefit from the cataclysm that they have raised in realizing profits thanks to the disaster were, like Rumsfled and Bush during the war in Iraq.

Expenditure reduction

All social spending in the region, the country invades are compressed to the maximum, or even deleted. The budget deficit is eliminated by taxing small taxpayers.

Of course, it follows an upsurge in unemployment, poverty and suicide.
Even Americans suffer from this strategy: when it is to pay contractors who colonized the country, there is no limit, however when it is necessary to fund the essential functions of the State, the coffers are empty.

The Government of the US closes its eyes on waste, mismanagement, overbilling of these companies, repeated errors in any same kind, the important thing is that they contribute to its election fund and provide volunteers for his next campaign.

Entrepreneurs are grotesquely overpaid, while the base which provides the work is underpaid.

To compensate the paid billion, the federal budget, it is social, is drastically reduced.

-Ethnic and cultural cleansing

Having destroyed and looted the country or taking advantage of its destruction by a natural disaster, the Americans did not hesitate to hunt or do hunt part of the population of villages and land, if it becomes an obstacle to reconstruction made in US under the pretext of a rapid recovery of the economy as in Sri Lanka, when recovery of whole families of fishermen were driven from the beaches, after the Tsunami.

People conquered in a State of shock, and has therefore become very vulnerable, is especially concerned for its physical survival. Therefore it’s remove the nation strong, deeply rooted in the territory and let it invade by of other ethnic groups by opening the borders and by replacing its culture by the American model: the way of American life.

To do so : it begin to remain the ancient culture, the example of the Iraq is quite examplary.

Finally, to give the coup de grace, it fuels the confrontation between communities, their division ending with completely disrupt the nation.

-Democracy confiscated

The overthrown Government is replaced by U.S. officials or by local representatives designated by the US.

As long as the USA keep control of the country, promises of elections and drafting of a new constitution are shifted.

-The countries by debt bondage

After years of occupation, once that the invaded people has succeeded in expelling the dictatorship that oppressed him or by replacing the shocks of invasion, destruction, looting and occupation, the USA reduce peoples to poverty, in order to keep them in a State of dependence and submission.

How? : The technique is to put into slavery by debt people: on behalf of liberalism, the State has been obliged to borrow from banks (more in its Central Bank), i.e. with Anglo-Saxon banks and their cronies: the IMF, the World Bank.
Over time, debt increases and taxes are no longer used only to repay the interest of this debt, and the State is no longer able to repay the debt it even, so it become unbearable!

Another technique is to trade accounts of a State and to declare bankruptcy, in order to impose the economic component of the strategy of the shock with the help of the IMF and the World Bank.

This neo-liberal crusade does never bring prosperity and peace, but poverty, insecurity, inequality, corruption, increase the degradation of the environment. It exacts a country for all its riches for the benefit of the USA.

Between 25% and 65% of the population is being scrapped because of this criminal and predatory imperialism.

The countries that have been victim of this strategy of shock are: LIBYA, Argentina, the Chile, the Uruguay, the Bolivia, Ecuador, the Guatemala, the Venezuela, the Thailand, the Korea, the Malaysia, the Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Brazil, the Iran, the Iraq, the Afghanistan, South Africa, the Poland, and now Russia.

Today, it is the turn of the European countries, the Syria and agaon the Iran, but countries having understood this strategy, unite to fight: the Russia. Venezuela, China, the Argentina.

Yankee Imperialism using the ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) BROTHERHOOD:

“Zero hour” gives us some relevent information:Highly confidential information:

Abdel Basset Kotaite threatens the national security of the Algerian and Egyptian Ka Chairman of Libya.

Rfran agreement with the former first minister under Jacques Chirac has sent to Algeria for his support for the OK to take control of Libya.
But Algeria did not agree because of the recent visit me Nabil Fahmy, Egyptian Foreign Minister Bala_khasos because Egypt is now at war with terrorism,

and Egypt wants to uproot the agreement signed with the British, in connection with the fight against terrorism, after a session of the UNO Security Council in connection with the killing of a British citizen and his wife in western Libya;

and confirm U.S. State supporters the “Ansar al-Sharia” organization and the inclusion of an international terrorist organization’s leaders in Libya, on the terrorism list Sufyan bin Qmoa and Abuchtalh Abuaaad within Tunisia.

And Russia’s support for the agreement after the bombing, which was Wara supporters of “Ansar al-Sharia” in Russia, backed by Saudi Arabia, which confirmed that Russia rejected me support Alkotait as head of Libya,

because of an agreement with the ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood in Libya, their supporters before and so by the mother, who was from the LIFG and the Americans, because his wife has Relatives who are rivals of John Kerry and Obama,

and his Special Adviser, Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, who currently configures the strong lobby to control the country, paid a visit to Tunisia to request approval from the MB Renaissance Party to coordinate with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, provided that they are “Ansar al-Sharia”, the military wing has not yet been agreed by the refusal of the security establishment in Tunisia,

because the military wing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya, where “Ansar al-Sharia” is prepared by terrorist organizations.

His personal protection consists of 10 Americans and Canadians.
The conference is being put on by the “Geneva 2 new map of the world” who strongly rejects Russia;

and Britain in terms of risk in North Africa, is spreading al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, a new name for “Ansar al-Sharia”.

America is still strongly supported by the Zionist lobby.—
The events are accelerating the dismissal of Zaidane for his nomination and presidential elections early on not to be directly chosen by the President Almutmr.The retrieval of the Korean oil tanker by the U.S. Navy, was at the request of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood. The intervention Basset Kotaite purchased a global company specializing in the field of satellites, to follow the tanker, to polish and improve his image with the Libyan street-people.معلومات سرية للغاية
عبد الباسط قطيط يهدد الأمن القومي الجزائري والمصري كا رئيس لليبيا
اتفاق مع رفران وزير اول سابق في عهد جاك شيراك قام بارساله الي الجزائر للموافق على دعمه للسيطرة على ليبيا.
ولكن الجزائر لم توافق بسبب الزيارة الاخيرة لي نبيل فهمي وزير الخارجية المصرية بالاخصوص لان مصر الان في حرب مع الارهاب وتريد تجفيف منابعه والاتفاقية التي وقعتها مع بريطاني بخصوص مكافحة الارهاب بعد بعقد جلسة مجلس الأمن بخصوص مقتل المواطن البريطاني وزوجته في غرب ليبيا وتاكيد الخارجية الامريكية ان انصار الشريعة تنظيم دولي ارهابي وادراج قادة التنظيم في ليبيا في قائمة الارهاب سفيان بن قموا وابوختالة وابوعياض التونسي.
ودعم روسيا للتفاقية بعد التفجير الذي كان واره انصار الشريعة في روسيا المدعوم من السعودية مما اكدت روسيا رفضها لي دعم القطيط رئيس لليبيا بسبب اتفاقية مع الاخوان المسلمين في ليبيا الداعمين له من قبل وذلك من قبل والدة الذي كان من الجماعة الليبية المقاتلة و الامريكان لان زوجته من اقرباء جون كيري منافس اوباما، ومستشاره الخاص توني بلير رئيس الوزراء البريطاني السابق حاليا يقوم بتكوين لوبي قوي للسيطرة علي البلاد قام بزيارة لتونس لطلب الموافقة من النهضة بتنسيق مع الاخوان بشرط ان تكون انصار الشريعة الجناح العسكري ولم يتم الاتفاق بعد بسبب رفض المؤسسة الأمنية في تونس لان الجناح العسكري للإخوان في ليبيا هو أنصار الشريعة حيث تعده تنظيم إرهابي .
الحماية الشخصية له تتكون من 10 أمريكان وكنديين .
ويجري طرحه في مؤتمر جينيف 2 حسب خارطة العالم الجديدة ولكن روسيا ترفض بشدة هي وبريطانيا من حيث الخطر في شمال أفريقيا وانتشار القاعدة في بلاد المغرب العربي باسم جديد وهو أنصار الشريعة . ولاتزال امريكا تدعمه بقوة هي واللوبي الصهيوني .
واحداث إقالة زيدان هي تسريع لترشيحة وإجراء انتخابات الرئاسة مبكرة على أن لأ تكون مباسرة يتم اختيار الرئيس من قبل الموتمر.
واسترجاع ناقلة النفط من قبل البحرية الأمريكية بناء على طلب الإخوان المسلمين. وتدخل عبدالباسط قطيط بشراء شركة عالمية متخصصة في مجال الأقمار الصناعية لمتابعة الناقلة لتلميعه .وتحسين صورته لدى الشارع اللي


A major disaster and exporters from inside the corridors and offices of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank
Serious economic indicators for the following reasons:

1 – cancel the benefits accrued from previous years where after the study was a failure of banks to cover expenses and pay dues at a rate of 7 billion and 500 million for each bank and the reason behind the lack of transfer of the image of the citizen is the fear of the loss of confidence of citizens in banks and tried to central bank raised the value of the issuance of a checkbook and deposit and withdrawal. etc. .. to postpone the collapse in the banking sector.

2 – for the import sector cause a major disaster, a flow of money to the outside (with the knowledge that recent versions of all classes are not supported with gold at the World Bank when they are printed and in order to be adopted to be delivered the old version of it)

for this reason gave the impetus for third parties to accept payment in hard currency such as the euro and the dollar … with the knowledge that the Securities Anakveh which is in possession of the citizen is not only leaves just do not express not have a value for that advice Aptt about new releases, though it must save money in the form of dollars or euros or any other currency because the degree of confidence is almost non-existent.

3 – The sector revenue consisting of customs duties and taxes and irregularities and sources of state revenue has witnessed a serious fallen to where Ankhvzt overall revenues recorded by the public treasury in 2010 by about 13 billion in the past 2011.2012.2013 not exceed the total of two billion.

4 – As for the oil sector (Lesson annotated) Douro No. Aljdharan Agalkm launched Darrow oil Gzma Conference.

5 – the electricity company and the other companies nationalized state news شييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييين…….

6 – Khalakm of money looted and stolen and spent over glossy sectors

Bishara and the first slave to God Salary lack of 432 dinars and who certified Mesh ask any honest person in the Ministry of Finance or the public treasury or central bank, but be patient and just show eyes ******

Who have confidence in my advise, have him change currency, savings eBay, deems appropriate and advise that the currency of China is the best in our global economy.

(this talk and advice, but algae and moss mesh, who tell him what extent is free Nchofo… combing launched its consequences??)

من بريـــــــــــــــــــد الصفحة

السلام عليكم
فيه كارثة كبيرة ومصدري من داخل اروقة ومكاتب وزارة المالية ووزارة الاقتصاد والمصرف المركزي
مؤشرات خطيرة اقتصاديا للاسباب الاتية
1-الغاء الفوائد المستحقة عن السنوات السابقة حيث بعد الدراسة ظهر عجز المصارف في تغطية النفقات وسداد المستحقات بمعدل 7مليار و500مليون عن كل مصرف والسبب وراء عدم نقل الصورة للمواطن هو التخوف من فقدان ثقة المواطن في المصارف وحاول المصرف المركزي برفع قيمة اصدار دفتر الصكوك والايداع والسحب …الخ لتأجيل الانهيار في القطاع المصرفي.
2- بالنسبة لقطاع الاستيراد سبب كارثة كبيرة وهي تدفق النقود للخارج (مع العلم ان الاصدارات الاخيرة من جميع الفئات غير مدعومة برصيد الذهب في البنك الدولي عند طباعتها ولكي يتم اعتمادها لابد من تسليم الاصدار القديم منها ) هذا السبب اعطى دافعا للجهات الخارجية لقبول السداد بالعملات الصعبة كاليورو والدولار…مع العلم ان الاوراق النقذية التي هي بحوزة المواطن ليست الا اوراق فقط لا تعبر ولا تملك قيمة لذلك نصيحة ابتعدو عن الاصدارات الجديدة وان كان لا بد قم بحفظ اموالك على هيئة دولار او يورو او اي عملة اخرى لان درجة الثقة تكاد تكون معدومة .
3- اما قطاع الايرادات المتكون من الرسوم الجمركية والمخالفات والضرائب ومصادر ايرادات الدولة فقد شهد سقوطا خطيرا حيث انخفظت الايرادات العامة التي سجلتها الخزانة العامة سنة 2010 بحوالي 13مليار ففي السنوات 2011.2012.2013 لم تتعدى اجمالا ال2مليار .
4- اما قطاع النفط (الدرس مشروح) دورو رقم الجضران يحكيلكم شن دارو بالنفط الحكزمة والمؤتمر.
5-شركة الكهرباء والشركات الاخرى المؤممة للدولة خبر شييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييين…….
6-خليكم من الاموال المنهوبة والمسروقة والتي انفقت عبر ميع القطاعات
واول بشارة العبد لله الراتب نقص 432دينار واللي مش مصدق يسأل أي شخص صادق في وزارة المالية او الخزانة العامة او المصرف المركزي والا اصبر توا تشوف بعينك******
اللي عنده في كلامي ثقة ننصحه قم بتغيير مدخراتك باي عملة تراها مناسبة وننصح بعملة الصين باعتبارها افضل اقتصاد عالميا (هذا الكلام والنصيحة بس للطحالب واللي مش طحلب ما حد يخبره خلوه نشوفو التمشيط شن عواقبه؟؟)

The author forgot the biggest reason: bribes and wild spending…and the feeding of the ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) BROTHERHOOD.

US has no more Gold in her vaults. That’s the real reason french-israeli DSK was brought down. Next are Sarkozy and Merkel, all of them israeli puppets, which tells you that real chaos is ruling the West and that Israelis firsters in the West are preparing the collapse of the US and the rise of Israel’s banksters as the new masters of the world. According to Muslim intelligence networks in New York, France is to be stormed this Automn by Goldman Sucks and JP Morgan in an ‘Irish fashion’. French government is deliberately pushed by Zionists in London and New York to the collapse in Libya and North Africa, Sarkozy nor his advisers have the intellectual faculty and the brain to evaluate the situation. He will be seen as the puppet who brought down France !
Upon Strauss-Kahn raising his concerns with American government officials close to President Obama he was ‘contacted’ by ‘rogue elements’ within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who provided him ‘firm evidence’ that all of the gold reported to be held by the US ‘was gone’.”

All US Gold Gone? Russia says IMF Chief Jailed for Discovery.
“According to this FSB secret report, Strauss-Kahn had become “increasingly concerned” earlier this month after the United States began “stalling” its pledged delivery to the IMF of 191.3 tons of gold agreed to under the Second Amendment of the Articles of Agreement signed by the Executive Board in April 1978 that were to be sold to fund what are called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as an alternative to what are called reserve currencies.”

“In an astounding move puzzling many in Moscow, Putin after reading this secret FSB report today ordered posted to the Kremlin’s official website a defense of Strauss-Khan becoming the first world leader to state that the former IMF chief was a victim of a US conspiracy. Putin further stated, “It’s hard for me to evaluate the hidden political motives but I cannot believe that it looks the way it was initially introduced. It doesn’t sit right in my head.”
Stacy update: While it is very likely, indeed, that the U.S. either has no gold or, if it does, never had any intention of handing it over to the IMF to sell to India or Bangladesh, the claim that ‘rogue agents’ would contact DSK with this information sounds extremely improbable. The rest of the story, however, has mainstream, ‘legitimate’ (to some) backup. So here are a few links for those that like their headlines from the mainstream media, in particular, below are two very connected uber offshore bank account kind of elite guys and their media outlets reporting on the story (the only bit missing, of course, is the gold angle that this guy above seems to have added/made up):
Rupert Murdoch’s NY Post – Putin says Strauss-Kahn may have been set up
Barclays brothers The Daily Telegraph – Vladimir Putin hints at Dominique Strauss-Kahn conspiracy: Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, has hinted that Dominique Strauss-Kahn may be the victim of a conspiracy to force him from the head of the IMF
Posted by Abu-Suleyman at 12:29 PM

Posted by Abu-Suleyman at 12:29 PM

LIBYA’s MB ambassador to Egypt, Mohammed Jibril, pedophile, rapist and murderer:

Aaaaaajl too (as of yesterday 20/03/2014 in Nasr City in the Egyptian capital Cairo has Ghalia Abed Awad filed a complaint with the Brotherhood’s ambassador to Libya, Mohammed Jibril, 

the winner being tried infringement on one of her daughters during the reluctance him at the embassy to review the bill for treatment of her son Mohammed, who handles the Tabarak Hospital in Cairo after being fired on the city of Benghazi

and concerned mother of one who has been liquidated by the terrorist groups in Benghazi.

Mend a month ago, according to concerned to question asked her to leave her daughter with him alone to complete the procedures and then request the title inhabited and at night attended them drunk and request entry .

and when it, He expelled her child to die 

and one dinar will not pay Embassy,,)).



News of the closure by the 27 by militias and criminal traitor Salah Valley.


The roads are still closed

National Commercial Bank City Branch, exposure of workers to attack and shooting outside the bank during
the scramble to buy dollars.
Militant groups threaten the published data by targeting government offices in Tripoli after the government
asked the customer to use the West to crack down on extremists.


(“Battalion Tigers Libya”, “Mutassim battalion”)

We apologize for the delay publication for the safety of Silks:

Was the praise of God on Wednesday, 19/03/2014 editing a group of affiliated Hraerna Guard

popular inside one of my Misrata prisons with the help of a group of free Misurata Alachaouc and reassure the Liberal they were okay to communicate with their relatives praise of God.
We apologize for the mail and the rest of the details for the safety of the Liberal ..




Why the visit of a delegation to the tribes of Awlad ?

He became media Tripoli two days ago in all liquid media outrage of the Delegation of the tribes “Awlad on” and which extends from the plateau Salloum to the angle of Sidi Abdelkader ..

not talking here about the accusations and media Tripoli everything in the eyes of Tripoli towards our region of Cyrenaica classified in angle infidelity (federal Betrayal, betrayal Independence Constitution, the rights of the province demands Betrayal, F save Benghazi Betrayal … etc.) lack familiarity with the media Tripoli humanitarian factors and the geographical and historical among the tribes of the children and the province of Cyrenaica can be easily monitored by arrogant statements. .,

and what should come by the provincial youth Brguetan tenderly: “Burqa major” and “minor Cyrenaica” * gently major and is stretching from the Red Valley and specifically from the Saffron Palace “Palace Alatyosh” angle to Sidi Abdelkader about 60 kilometers by province Alexandria, Egypt, and Mr. “Omar ultra Hanib” time Lamar gently director of Salloum and that extends to the area of Sidi Barrany

• The micro tenderly: they patch the current, which wrestle with Tripoli and ending at the port and border Amsaad Jnoaa to the Chadian border and an area of 800 000 square kilometers

• tribes and the tribes of the children Jawazi and herds and Mneef etc. .. Who are in Cyrenaica and major population of about 15 million are an integral part of the fabric Barqawi but as a result of the plots that were woven from both the Turkish authorities in Tripoli, about 400 years ago, and as a result of the demarcation border, and split into two parts to Cyrenaica, which led to the separation of these tribes.

• tribes of the children and the herds and Mneef in Cyrenaica big is the biggest supporter of the Jihad movement in the province of Cyrenaica and directory barbed wire set by the Italian colonizers between Albriqtin

The word Awlad on and the tribes of the region in Cyrenaica major and briefly came against the backdrop of threats from Tripoli west to the province of Cyrenaica and Advantaged message “Awlad on” Any attack on the tribes of Cyrenaica from outside the region, or plot from within the region, will be ready to respond, and will not separate us on the province Cyrenaica, but hours

(Osama Gard)

عن سبب زيارة وفد قبائل اولاد على

استشاط اعلام طرابلس الغرب قبل يومين فى كل وسائلة الاعلامية غضبا من كلمة وفد قبائل “اولاد على” و التى تمتد من هضبة السلوم الى زاوية سيدى عبدالقادر .. و لن نتحدث هنا عن اتهامات وسائل اعلام طرابلس فكل شيء فى نظر طرابلس تجاة اقليم برقة يصنف فى زاوية الخيانه ( الفدرالية خيانه , دستور الاستقلال خيانة , المطالب بحقوق الاقليم خيانه, جمعة انقاذ بنغازى خيانه …الخ ) فعدم المام اعلام طرابلس الغرب بالعوامل الانسانية و الجغرافية و التاريخية بين قبائل اولاد على و اقليم برقة يمكن رصدها بسهوله من خلال التصريحات المتعجرفة .. و ما يتوجب معرفتها من قبل شباب الاقليم ان برقة برقتان : “برقة الكبرى” و “برقة الصغرى” * برقة الكبرى و هى التى تمتد من الوادى الاحمر و تحديدا من قصر الزعفرانية ” قصر الاطيوش ” الى زاوية سيدى عبدالقادر حوالى 60 كيلو قبل محافظة الاسكندرية بجمهورية مصر العربية و كان السيد ” عمر فائق شنيب ” زمن امار برقة مديرا للسلوم و التى تمتد حتى منطقة سيدى البرانى

• اما برقة الصغرى : فهى الرقعة الحالية التى نتصارع فيها مع طرابلس و تنتهى عند منفذ امساعد الحدودى و جنويا الى الحدود التشادية و مساحتها 800 الف كيلو متر مربع

• قبائل اولاد على و قبائل الجوازى و القطعان و المنيف ..الخ الموجودون فى برقة الكبرى و عددهم حوالى 15 مليون هم جزء لا يتجزء من النسيج البرقاوى لكن نتيجة للمؤامرات التى كانت تحبك سواء من السلطات التركية فى طرابلس الغرب قبل حوالى 400 سنة و نتيجة ترسيم الحدود و تقسيم برقة الى شطرين الى التى ادت الى الفصل بين هذة القبائل

• قبائل اولاد على و القطعان و المنيف فى برقة الكبرى هى اكبر داعم لحركة الجهاد فى اقليم برقة و الدليل الاسلاك الشائكة التى وضعها المستعمر الايطالى بين البرقتين

كلمة اولاد على و قبائل الاقليم فى برقة الكبرى و باختصار جاءت على خلفية تهديدات من طرابلس الغرب لاقليم برقة و مفاد رسالة ” اولاد على ” ان اى اعتداء على قبائل برقة من خارج الاقليم او حبك مؤامرة من داخل الاقليم سنكون جاهزين للرد و لن تفصلنا على اقليم برقة الا ساعات

(اسامة الجارد)

Head of the Political Bureau announces that not true about the news circulating
On the agreement with the central government or shield Misrata and asks
Of all the inhabitants of Cyrenaica to prepare for any possible confrontation.



Military source confirmed in a statement that the outlaws
Sabri district of trying to provoke the police station elements
Sabri, who are exposed to indiscriminate shooting all the time, they
Bermaah bag “trunk” behind the center and did not result in explosion
Human losses and material does not remember.
Injuring a little girl with a bullet in her head spacious area, where the girl was with her father in
the car and the problem occurred in the same place and there was a random shooting, hit the track child
witnessed the tenter Fakhiri, where at the age of 7 years and has been Asaaffha to Benghazi Medical Center.
Najat “Khalifa al-Obeidi,” an assassination attempt, where he was shot outside his home in Benghazi.
Tiger assassination of Talal, who at the age of 24 years a member of the Security Directorate Benaazi
on his way back from Benghazi to Sellouk.


Explosion in the tourist village of Garyounis in Benghazi targeted two cars for broadcast
and external transport channel owned by Libya Tv.



Car explosion in Derna owned by “Ahmad cuneiform”
Last night near the beach Tower Building, and confirmed that a source familiar with the blast caused

no casualties and material losses resulting from the tuber.





Armed clashes between Tabu and the children of intact.



Vladimir Putin hints at Dominique Strauss-Kahn conspiracy

Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, has hinted that Dominique Strauss-Kahn may be the victim of a conspiracy to force him from the head of the IMF.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, has hinted that Dominique Strauss-Kahn may be the victim of a conspiracy to force him from the head of the IMF.

Mr Strauss-Kahn was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a hotel chambermaid Photo: AP

By Andrew Osborn, Moscow

5:42PM BST 29 May 2011

Comments98 Comments

Mr Putin said that he finds it hard to believe that the sex charges against the Frenchman are true and that he may have fallen victim to a shadowy plot to discredit him.

“It is hard for me to evaluate the real political underlying reasons and I do not even want to get into that subject, but I cannot believe that everything is as it seems and how it was initially presented,” he said. “It does not sit right in my head.”

Mr Strauss-Kahn was arrested at JFK airport in New York on May 14 for allegedly sexually assaulting a hotel chambermaid.

Mr Putin’s public support for Mr Strauss-Kahn comes days after a French politician alleged that the former IMF chief had said before his arrest that he thought Mr Putin was actively plotting his downfall.

The politician, Claude Bartolone, said: “He said the Russians and notably Putin had allied themselves with France to try to have him fired from the IMF to stop him running for (French) president.”

The Russian prime minister’s support for the embattled former IMF head is likely to be seized upon by his critics who suspect that he is a male chauvinist, a claim Mr Putin denies.

He sparked uproar in 2006 however when he was overheard joking about rape allegations against then Israeli President Moshe Katsav. Mr. Putin was quoted as saying: “What a mighty man he turns out to be! He raped 10 women – I would never have expected this from him. He surprised us all – we all envy him!” His spokesman said the sense of the controversial joke had been lost in translation. Mr Katsav was later convicted of rape and is now serving out a seven-year prison sentence.

1969 nimeiry_nasser_and_al-Qathafi

a few more days and Victory for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA !

Mu at his best
An IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the “Political Council of Popular Forces”:

Responding to messages honorable ::: about conflicts that occur between now militias … (colloquially to reach to everyone)
That what is happening between the West and the Middle militia … is the result of Misurata running out ….

They are now reaping Mazraoh …
They now have depleted their strength .. and the two will not retreat from their goals … There will be no reconciliation between them … and even that happened will fail … and the reason is the differing ambitions of their agenda and their masters and conflicts of interest ..

Win, and the Middle Ali Almsarit .. that would be the end of Almsarit .. Once that drive them even Heisha or sealer .. Veselthak their thousands of Libyans Maldém ancient feuds … and they are many.

And overcome Almsarit Ali Cheraga (and this is what many people do not want) will become Benghazi and the east part of the aggrieved Misurata .. like Tawergha and Sirte and Ben Walid and many others??

Earner and loser of them all …
The gainers are the most honest people who are committed to their homes … because this conflict does not represent us and does not serve our cause ..

And served .. if Astglina Zaafna that conflict and efforts to collect arms and ammunition and equipment … and work away from their sights .. even hour comes the real work .. to cleanse Libya of all these militias and the Muslim Brotherhood …

And eliminate anyone who is trying to wrest legitimacy for himself or his agenda or the countries supporting him …

without permission from Mhaúkhana and Aianna and Ugeaúna from all tribes and regions of the honest ….

(Political Council of Popular Forces)

REMEMBER, today is the day that Pagan FRANCE made her first strike with NATO upon LIBYA, 19 MARCH 2011–MINERVA GODDESS OF WAR:


To Dr. Moussa Ibrahim from “Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”:

The awareness stage and gravity are the characteristics and functions of activists who stood pause Shoumoukh and pause pride and honor overall ambitions of Zionism and the American administration and Arabized and their customers from the traitors and liars

and walked Bdrihm to undermine our beloved Libya and our fans fighter hero, that we stick to the conscious our principles and defend and strongly stiffness and the will not budge is the decision taken by the Resistance from supporters of the leader Mujahid hero ..

we live sorrows of our fans and we live suffering and feeling the Bmrartha has Tanas other and Nest by the spirit of treachery and selfishness that fell arms of the killers of our people and shed our blood does not have a patron saint in the world

and analyzes the slaughter of the sons of the nation will be judged tomorrow; because, our fans refused, and still refuses, to policy lies and deception as adopted by some reconciliation to pass to get to their destination and goals.

We say to hula advocates of reconciliation and peaceful advocates of political and national movements peaceful …

Any reconciliation advocated by some people die and kill, and any “national movement” peaceful Taatbd revenge and retribution demanded by some of the operations of marginalization and treachery going on in full swing, and any reconciliation wants some tragedies necrosis of the rest of the body home Ripper, and any reconciliation want other and activists watered various kinds of torture in the darkness of prisons militia terrorist, and any reconciliation desired by some, and prosecutions of pro-leader Mujahid, contributed by the Who was calculated on the honorable supporters of the leader Mujahid hero,

any peaceful you want and your hands shake hands with murderers, thugs and criminals….
Any reconciliation and a “national movement” peaceful far from the fighting and Jihad want ..

The fighters stationed in the homeland proud of its principles as proud of their principles and their march culminated in a struggle without any compromise, both the interests of our fans or the interest of the nation and the homeland;

and trading demands of the masses would be unacceptable …

Letters vague given by some Without a clear action wraps around the Libyan people: these letters make us wonder whether some of the coup was claiming fidelity to the leader and warrior for the people and the nation, will put aside the rhetoric of the owners was
Drumming and cheering for the leader and his sons. ,,,

And whether he asked the owners of the rhetoric about the position of the traitors and agents of the two, reacting to sit down and be challenged by them for “national reconciliation”, as they call it, and the Libyans are imprisoned, tortured and killed and violate sanctities and honor,

and whether he asked the owners of rhetoric when our troops were fighting on all fronts and moving from trench combat to another carrier concerns of the nation, you ever wondered where it was do you respond to sit with them who were traveling to and from the finest hotels brothel Bljalehm red in the streets of London and Paris like a lost dog.

Wondered whether the owners of the rhetoric km from Shahid Libby fell because of treason and Tkhazlhm; or, we ask, but is there of you, O Mujibur owners rhetoric that left the matter to the legitimate owner of the truth and Tensahbua best and safest for you.

The victory and the pride and the Summit of “The People’s Armed Resistance”:

The Glory and eternity to our innocent martyrs !

All the pride and appreciation for “The Armed Popular Resistance”.

The victory, but from God and God is great !

Death to the invaders
With all the pride and appreciation to the Leaders of “the People’s Armed Resistance”
Saadi and Muammar al-Qathafi Eboumnyar.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

الى( د. موسى ابراهيم)
ان وعي المرحلة وخطورتها هي من خصائص ومهمات المناضلين اللذين وقفوا وقفة الشموخ ووقفة العزة والشرف بوجه المطامع الصهيونية والإدارة الامريكية والمستعربة وعملائهم من الخونة والكذابين ومن سار بدربهم للنيل من وطننا الحبيب ليبيا وجماهيرنا المناضل البطل , ان تمسكنا الواعي بمبادئنا والدفاع عنها و بقوة وصلابة وبإرادة لا تتزحزح هو القرار الذي اتخذه المقاومين من انصار القائد المجاهد البطل ..اننا نعيش احزان جماهيرنا ونعيش معاناتها ونتحسس بمرارتها فقد تناس البعض ومن عششت به روح الغدر والأنانية أن من سقط بأحضان قتلة شعبنا وسفكت دمه ليس له شفيع في الدنيا ومن يحلل ذبح ابناء الوطن سيحاسب غدا لان جماهيرنا رفضت ولازالت ترفض سياسة الكذب والخداع والذي اعتمد عليها البعض لتمرير المصالحة للوصول الى غايتهم وأهدافهم
فنقول لهولا دعاة المصالحة والسلمية ودعاة السياسة والحركات الوطنية السلمية … أية مصالحة ينادي بها البعض والشعب يموت ويقتل, وأية حركة وطنية سلمية تتبد الثأر والقصاص يطالب بها البعض وعمليات التهميش والغدر جارية على قدم وساق ,وأية مصالحة يريدها البعض والمآسي تنخر ما تبقى من جسد الوطن الممزق ,وأية مصالحة يريدها البعض والمناضلين يسقون شتى انواع التعذيب في ظلمات سجون الميلشيات الارهابية ,وأية مصالحة يرغبها البعض وملاحقات المؤيدين للقائد المجاهد يساهم بها من كان محسوبا على الشرفاء من انصار القائد المجاهد البطل ,أية سلمية تريدونها وأيديكم تصافح القتله والسفاحين والمجرمين
أية مصالحة وحركة وطنية سلمية بعيده عن القتال والجهاد تريدون..إن المقاومين المرابطين على ارض الوطن يعتزون بمبادئهم كما تعتز بهم المبادئ ومسيرتهم تكللت بالنضال دون أية مساومة سواء على مصالح جماهيرنا أو مصلحة الامة والوطن والمتاجرة بمطالب الجماهير أمرا مرفوضا …خطابات مبهمة يلقيها البعض وبدون عمل واضح يلتف حوله الشعب الليبي هذه الخطابات تجعلنا نتساءل هل انقلاب بعض من كان يدعي الاخلاص للقائد المجاهد و للشعب والوطن ,فهل تناسى أصحاب الخطب الرنانة من كان
يطبل ويهلل للقائد وأبناءه . ,,, وهل تساءل اصحاب الخطب الرنانة عن موقف الخونة والعملاء من اللذين يردون الجلوس والتقوض معهم من اجل المصالحة الوطنية كما يسمونها والليبيون يسجنون ويعذبون ويقتلون وتنتهك حرماتهم وإعراضهم ,وهل تساءل أصحاب الخطب الرنانة عندما كانت قواتنا تحارب على جميع الجبهات وتتنقل من خندق قتالي الى آخر حاملة هموم الامة هل تساءل اين كان من تردون الجلوس معهم كانوا يتنقلون من والى افخر الفنادق دعارة بلياليهم الحمراء في شوارع لندن وباريس اشبه بالكلاب الضائعة.
وهل تساءل اصحاب الخطب الرنانة كم من شهيد ليبي سقط بسبب الخيانة وتخاذلهم أم نحن نسأل ولكن هل هناك من مجيب عليكم يا اصحاب الخطابات الرنانة ان تركوا الامر الى صاحب الشرعية الحقيقة وتنسحبوا افضل لكم واسلم
والنصر والفخر والقمة للمقاومة الشعبية المسلحة
والمجد والخلود لشهدائنا الابرار
كل الاعتزاز والتقدير لمقاومتنا الشعبية المسلحة
وما النصر الا من عند الله والله اكبر والموت للغزاة
ومع كل الاعتزاز والتقدير لقائد المقاومة الشعبية المسلحة
الساعدي معمر ابومنيار القذافي

أَيَّامٌ حُسومٌ وليالٍ سَمُومٌ : انْقَطَعَ خَيْرُهَا وعَمّ شَرُّها
تِلْكَ هِيَ أيّامُ مَا سُمِّي وسُمِّمَ وصُمِّمَ رَبيعَا للْعَرَبِ على وزْنِ:
“ربيعِ براغ 1968″ و”ربيع بيكين 1989 “وربيع أوروبا الشّرقية”
من إخراج وإنتاج الغرب الإمبريالي الصّليبي الصّهيوني الأطلسي وعملاءِه الأنْذالِ الأنْجاس…
سُمِّيَ وسُمِّمَ فكان بَشِعا قَذِرا مُقْرفا مُقَزِّزا مُدَمِّرا لِلأوْطان ومُهْلِكا لِلحَرْث وللنّسْل ومُمَزِّقا للأفْئِدة فَطَمَسَ الحقَّ وسَفَّهَ العُقُولَ وأَعَمَّ الخرابَ واليأسَ…
وهذه أقل من 20 دقيقةً صامتةً تَنْزِفُ عَنْ أيّامِ الحُسُومِ على العربِ و على الإسلامِ وعلى مُعَمِّر القذافي وعلى القوميّة العربيّة وعلى الجماهيريّة وعلى الرِّباط الأماميّ سِرْت إنّه الحقدُ الصّليبيّ الشّعوبيّ الصّهيونيّ…لَنْ يدومَ…
نحن مُسْتَمِرُّون في المقاومة…لنْ نَخْضعْ. لنْ نَسْتسْلمْ…ذلك واجِبُنا …الصّبرُ والثّباتُ…والنّصْرُ بمشيئةِ الله وبإذنهِ…نحنُ صَبَرْنا ولمْ نَهْتَزّ ولمْ نُنْخدَعْ أيامَ كانَتِ الخديعةُ والتّضليلُ والرُّعْبُ والارتباكُ يَعْصِفُ بِها أفْواجًا أفواجَا … لَنْ نَفْقِدَ التّصميمَ الآن وَقَدْ وَقَفَ حِمَارُ شَيْخِهِمْ في العَقبةِ وقد تجلّتْ آثامُهُمْ وقد ظَهَرَتْ حقيقةُ الحُسُومِ السَّمُومِ التي أَطْلَقُوها وقد انْكَشَفَ رَاعِيهِمْ وتَعَرّتِ الجَرِيمةُ سَافِرَةً وقد أَصْبَحَ القَاصِي والدَّانِي يَعْرفُ لِمَصْلَحَةِ مَنْ ارْتُكِبَتِ الجَرِيمَةُ؟…
فإِلى الأمَامِ…والكِفاحُ مُسْتَمِرٌّ…


“Lioness fierce predators” a publié sur “Hamza Abuchnger on FB”:
posted on 19 mars 2014
On this day 19-3-2011 answered the master code and magnanimity of Dr. Billah Gaddafi and his comrades call Benghazi and Hraúrha that were moaning and screaming from the futility of criminal gangs,

And along the way he gives instructions to his soldiers we want to edit Benghazi
And east of the Libyan these gangs and do not want blood, I pray for them a way out to escape

Dr. Billah when someone asked him about the situation he said: (predominance of NATO are not called predominance))

Reached our armed forces on the outskirts of Benghazi in order to prevent what experienced Benghazi day of the killing and bombing and the rule of the dark forces, but the forces of global arrogance Acetkbert on Libya and Benghazi on the freedom and security they enjoyed during the past decades,

Faqamt pounding our brave troops and landed a large number of our martyrs
And if the amount of these forces to reach achieve its mission was to enjoy the security of Benghazi today
And safety

Condolences betrayed him in the homeland of our people, it is destroyed Libya’s first and least are the children who were affiliated with the Libyan people -

Salt them from snitching on him the same home!!!!

Salt and some of them have the same snitching to send the coordinates to the destruction of his homeland!!!

Some of them founded the “National Movement” of the fat cats and insist on reconciliation with those who have destroyed the country and killed our men and our young people and our children.

Some of them left and betrayed Gen. al-Saadi Gaddafi and rallied around Hftar the first CIA client of the Libyan Jaen.

And the disaster that some people affiliated with the Ansar eluted Mnama insight and turn a blind eye on the movement of the fat cats, especially those who belong to the tribe of each client complicit in the first movement on the blood of its martyrs and collaborating on the nation and the master of the homeland.
Yesterday we heard the horn of the fat cats
Some welcomed and applauded uniforms Hubal
Of course, the Liberals and the light fighters loyal even refused to hear his speech or allow the non Btensl his speech on the pages of resistance.

But when we see the enormous sacrifices made by the people Allbey Sharif, in 19-3-2011
In all the battles in cities Allepieh and our men who are in captivity.

We feel the greatness of these men and we did not offer anything to the nation toward the sacrifices which exceeded the carrying mountains

For these sacrifices ….

And for the leader and his family, Mr. precious

And for our prisoners and Aseeratna dear ….

And for Major General Al-Saadi,

In order to Director captive Abdullah Sanusi,

To order Falcon Bouzid Dorda,

In order to Ahmed Ibrahim,

In order to Dmat our mothers bereaved

And for the men in the desert

In order to conquer our men prisoners in the prisons of the Jews of Libya

In order to become darlings under dirt and Andfnoa in exile,

We will resist and resist and resist until victory and advancing our flag banner … Khadra Mohammed’s religion. Or Neil Certificate.

Martyrs convoy Ezz God bless your souls pure

Think not of those who were killed for the sake of Allah dead, but alive with their Lord

Almighty God

اللبوة الشرسة المفترسةa publié surحمزه ابوخنجر
19 mars
في مثل هذا اليوم 19-3-2011 لبى رمز وسيد الشهامة الدكتور المعتصم بالله معمر القذافي و رفاقه نداء بنغازي و حرائرها التي كانت تئن و تصرخ من عبث العصابات الإجرامية،

و كان على طول الطريق يعطي التعليمات لجنوده نحن نريد تحرير بنغازي
والشرق الليبي من هذه العصابات و لا نريد الدم فاجعلوا لهم مخرج للهروب

الدكتور المعتصم بالله عندما سأله احدهم عن الوضع قال: ( غلبة الناتو لا تسمى غلبة))

وصلت قواتنا المسلحة على مشارف بنغازي لكي يمنع ما تعيشه بنغازي اليوم من قتل و تفجير و حكم قوى الظلام ، لكن قوى استكبار العالمي استكبرت على ليبيا و على بنغازي الحرية و الأمن الذي نعمت به خلال العقود الماضية ،

فقامت بقصف قواتنا الباسلة و سقطت عدد كبير من شهداءنا الابرار
و لو قدر هذه القوات ان تصل الى تحقيق مهمتها لكانت بنغازي اليوم تنعم بأمن

عزائنا في وطن غدر به شعبنا فمن دمر ليبيا اولاً و آخراً هم ابناء كانوا محسوبين على شعبنا الليبي -

منهم من سوّلت له نفسه الوشاية على وطنه !!!!

و منهم من سوّلت له نفسه الوشاية لارسال الاحداثيات لتدمير وطنه !!!

ومنهم من اسس حركة القطط السمان ويصرون على المصالحة مع الذين دمروا الوطن وقتلوا رجالنا وشبابنا واطفالنا

ومنهم من تركوا وخذلوا اللواء الساعدي معمر القذافي والتفوا حول احفيتر اول عميل وخاين للجماهيرية

والكارثة ان بعض شعبنا المحسوب على الانصار مزال منعمي البصيرة ويغض النظر عن حركة القطط السمان وخاصة الذين ينتمون الى قبيلة كل من في الحركة العميلة المتواطئة اولا على دم شهدائها والمتواطئة على الوطن وسيد الوطن
وبالامس سمعنا بوق من القطط السمان
البعض رحب وصفق زي الهبل
وطبعا الاحرار واوفياء الفاتح والمناضلين رفضوا حتى ان يسمعوا كلمته او يسمحوا للغير بتنزل كلمته على صفحات المقاومة

و لكن عندما نرى التضحيات الجسام التى قدمها أبناء الشعب اللبيى الشريف ، في 19-3-2011
وفي كل المعارك في المدن الليبيية ورجالنا الذين في الاسر

نشعر بعظمة هؤلاء الرجال و بأننا لم نقدم شيئا للوطن تجاه تضحيات التى فاقت حمل الجبال

لأجل هذة التضحيات ….

و لأجل سيدي القائد واسرته الكريمة

ولأجل اسرانا واسيراتنا الاعزاء….

و لأجل اللواء الساعدي

ولأجل المدير الاسير عبدالله السنوسي

ولاجل الصقر بوزيد دورده

ولأجل منصور ضو

ولأجل احمد ابراهيم

ولأجل دمعات امهاتنا الثكالى

ولأجل رجالنا في الصحراء

ولأجل قهر رجالنا الاسرى في سجون يهود ليبيا

ولأجل اعزاء صاروا تحت التراب واندفنوا في الغربة

سنقاوم و نقاوم و نقاوم حتى النصر المبين واعلاء رايتنا الخضرا … راية دين محمد. او نيل الشهادة

شهداء رتل العز قدس الله ارواحكم الطاهرة

وَلَا تَحْسَبَنَّ الَّذِينَ قُتِلُوا فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ أَمْوَاتًا بَلْ أَحْيَاءٌ عِنْدَ رَبِّهِمْ يُرْزَقُونَ

صدق الله العظيم

“Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)” on FB, commentary:
19 MARCH 2011-19 MARCH 2014
West took the decision to destroy Libya ..

and took the traitors and treason, and the customer’s decision to walk on the blood of the sons of the homeland towards authority, and took a walk like donkeys idiots behind these traitors Musfiqin cheering for the Crusader NATO planes and is the country’s overthrow and kill their brothers ..

People who have left this life, raising the slogan of martyrdom for the nation ..

heading heeded the call a lot of people from the free people in the Middle of the salvation of a handful of traitors and extremist groups who robbed the country unlawfully ..

but the donkey did not realize at the time the size of the plot, which came to overthrow Libya, were not less the ferocity of the fighter planes of their fellow crusader alliance ..
and now here they are paying the price today ..

Perhaps the price that they paid within three years ago it was liable to wake up ..
perhaps the best punishment for them! God waits but does not neglect ..

Vfberaar Today 90% of them regret their leaders not excluded from this ratio and are looking for any way take them out of the dark tunnel, which brought the country and its people ..

Because I do not want to talk too much in the past .. because many, many became his major concern is writing and talking about the past, without giving to write about the future or the development of new solutions to get out of the current impasse!

Only a few of the owners minds percolating, as Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, who unfortunately did not realize his words a lot!

Martyr Gibran Warfali .. (going to cleanse Libya of Heretics). TODAY IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF HIS MARTYRDOM in 2011.

The foundation of the plot and the basis of the plight of “17 February” and Asestmrarha are conducted by ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood, starting from criminals and ending with al-Qaeda in various forms and Msmyate ..

The finished (the basis of the plot) invalidated the plot! There will be room for everyone accounting of traitors and customers ..
What politicians in “17 February”, are but pawns driven organizations Almtaslma by force and threat .. They do not have their heads something.

Gneoh militias and also Raouf hater of the organizations Almtaslma received some news that most of their ingredients are from the reconstruction of 17 years to 20 years!!

Will these boys realize what they are doing! Or are they just odds and ends, and with the current power regardless of being a terrorist!
The fact that the Great Satan is in Libya is clear to all, and is no longer secret to anyone .. it is the hands of the West to the hidden dirty mess in the country .. They are thieves who tampered with the wealth of Libya through 40 years ago, more than 400 billion.
War priorities and levels .. the first of what goes west to root out their hands and frivolous in the country!

19 3 2011 – 19 3 2014

اتخذ الغرب قرار تدمير ليبيا .. واتخذ الخونة و العملاء قرار الخيانة و السير على دماء ابناء الوطن نحو السلطة ,, و اتخذ الاغبياء السير كالحمير وراء هؤلاء الخونة مصفقين مهللين لطائرات الحلف الصليبي و هي تطيح بالبلاد و تقتل اخوانهم ..
اناس تركوا الحياة الدنيا رافعين شعار الاستشهاد من اجل الوطن .. متجهين ملبين نداء الكثير من ابناء الشعب الحر بالشرق لخلاصهم من شرذمة الخونة و التكفيريين الذين سطو على البلاد دون وجه حق .. ولكن الحمير لم يدركوا انذاك حجم المؤامرة التي اتت لتطيح بليبيا فلم يكونوا اقل شراسة في مقاتلة اخوانهم من طائرات الحلف الصليبي .. و ها هم يدفعون الثمن اليوم ..
لعل الثمن الذي دفعوه خلال ثلاثة سنوات مضت كان كفيل بأن يستفيقوا .. لعله خير عقاب لهم ! فالله يمهل ولا يهمل ..
ففبراير اليوم 90% منهم نادمون ولا استثنى قياداتهم من هذه النسبة ويبحثون عن اي سبيل يخرجهم من النفق المظلم الذي ادخلوا فيه البلاد و العباد ..
ولأني لا اريد الحديث في الماضي كثيرا .. لان الكثير الكثير اصبح شغله الشاغل هو الكتابة و الحديث عن الماضي دون ان يتطرق للكتابة عن المستقبل او وضع حلول جديدة للخروج من المأزق الحالي !
الا القليل من اصحاب العقول الراشحة كالدكتور موسى ابراهيم الذي وللاسف لم يدرك كلامه الكثير !
الشهيد جبران الورفلي .. (ذاهبون لتطهير ليبيا من الزنادقة)
فأساس المؤامرة و اساس نكبة فبراير و اسستمرارها هم المتأسلمون بدءا من الاخوان المجرمون و انتهاءا بتنظيم القاعدة بمختلف اشكاله ومسمياته ..
فإن انتهى (اساس المؤامرة) بطلت المؤامرة ! وسوف يكون هناك مجال لمحاسبة الجميع من الخونة و العملاء ..
فما ساسة فبراير الا بيادق تحركها التنظيمات المتأسلمة بفعل القوة و التهديد .. فهم لا يملكون من امرهم شيئا .
مليشيات غنيوة و كاره ايضا التابعة للتنظيمات المتأسلمة وردني خبر ان اغلب عناصرهم هم من اعمار 17 عاما الى 20 عاما !!
فهل هؤلاء الفتية يدركون ما يفعلون ! ام انهم مجرد مغيبون و مع السلطة الحالية بغض النظر عن كونها ارهابية !
الشيطان الاكبر في ليبيا واضح للجميع ولم يعد يخفى على احد .. فهو ايدي الغرب الخفية القذرة الى تعبث بالبلاد .. وهم السارقون الذين عبثوا بثروات ليبيا خلال 40 عاما مضت وهو ما يزيد عن 400 مليار .
الحرب اولويات و مستويات .. اولها ما يقطع دابر الغرب و ايديهم العابثة في البلاد !


And I liked what I read ..

In such hours we share our communications to insure the case of the sons of the Libyan army and people of the areas by the MRO … and we hear about the joy of their population having sawed them peace of mind and ensure-feed them “oven-baked” ..
And suddenly came to me in a sad voice tells me touch that soldiers bombed and that a very large number of martyrs .. I refused to believe the trauma and stayed with my hope not occur Libyan channels that you Otabaha on the subject …
After a time I saw the photos and videos are shameful what did NATO planes infidel bodies of the sons of the homeland … and completed by the mob from the east of Libya from the imaging side of body parts and storytelling illogical drag and insult surviving and soaked in his blood groaning from the pain of injuries he sustained ….
What a day and what a betrayal and what a pain image accompanied me whenever I remembered this today or turned frightening picture ….
I ask God’s mercy to them and Gaderan penalty of sex work ..

مما قرأت وأعجبني ..

في مثل هذه الساعات كنا نتبادل الاتصالات لنطمئن على حال أبناء الجيش الليبي وابناء المناطق التي مرو بها … وكنا نسمع عن فرح سكانها بهم بعد ان اعادوا لهم راحة البال ومنهم من تكفل باطعامهم “خبز التنور” ..
وفجأة أتاني اتصال بصوت حزين يخبرني ان الجنود قصفوا وان عدد الشهداء كبير جدا ..فرفضت أن اصدق من هول الصدمة وبقي عندي امل مع عدم تحدث القنوات الليبية التي كنت اتابعها عن الموضوع…
وبعد زمن رأيت من الصور والفيديوات ما يندى له الجبين لما فعلته طائرات الحلف الكافر باجساد ابناء الوطن…وما اكمله الرعاع من الشرق الليبي من التصوير بجانب الاشلاء وسرد القصص الغير منطقية وجر واهانة من بقي حيا وغارقا في دمائه يئن من ألم الاصابات التي المت به ….
ياله من يوم ويالها من خيانة وياله من الم يصاحبني كلما تذكرت هذا اليوم او قلبت صوره المخيفة….
أسال الله لهم الرحمة وللغادرين جزاء من جنس العمل ..

Since 2011, 650 Thousand decent, green, true soldiers have been senselessly murdered beginning on this anniversary day. Soldiers whose desire was only for the good of LIBYA…
THIS PROVES that NATO is totally criminal and on SATAN’s driveway…and nowhere’s near the good they lyingly proclaim. They are al-Qaeda and MB..They work with them and really created them…since the days of Eisenhower in the 1950′s…NEVER LET THEM FOOL YOU…especially today on the anniversay of their attack on LIBYA: MINERVA, the GODDESS of WAR DAY 19 MARCH 2011.

“ZERO HOUR” comments:

“Dogs Burka Adfo collapsed blood per day for each drop of blood flowed from the Champions Libyan army anger and punishment of the Lord of the Worlds, a day in the streets of their bodies Milohat cheaper than the remains of dogs, Zdhm O O O Zdhm Zdhm Agt and converts them.

كلاب برقه يدفعو انهار دم يوميا ثمن كل قطرة دم سالت من ابطال الجيش الليبي غضباً وعقاباً من رب العالمين ، يوميا جثثهم ملوحات في شوارع ارخص من اشلاء الكلاب ،، اللهم زدهم اللهم زدهم اللهم زدهم واغث المهتدين منهم




The Libyan government has announced that it will announce the proxy war on terrorism, accusing for the first time, publicly, “terrorist groups” of being behind dozens of attacks and assassinations against security forces and Westerners in the east of the country.
The government said proxy in a statement posted on its website: “There will be no place for terrorism in Libya, and it must be the Libyans are willing to will impose such a battle for the hand of caution and alertness and sacrifices,” student support of the international community in order to “eradicate terrorism from Libyan cities.”




Battalion lightning” (of ZINTAN) arrest an air-bus without plates transporting important” documents of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Evacuated the headquarters of the General Staff of the airport road area (bridge equestrian) of all important papers and archives, everything official in anticipation of an expected attack may occur tonight from an unknown destination.

“Nigerian” fake Prime Minister Abdullah bending, has decided to transfer flights to international

and domestic airport MITIGUA, and to lock the International airport in Tripoli until the end, to get out;

and he took control of what he described as militias outside the law against him.


Shooting in Arada and so far unknown reasons.

The armed group broke into the headquarters of a militia Shaheen’s chief of staff on the plateau, and donkeys

are stealing weapons and military vehicles. (SAADI is free.)

Armed robbery at the National Bank in the commercial city of Tripoli.



Now may become a danger threatens Schools Tripoli bombings.
Today was find the number three grenades with a girl in the seventh grade in Madrazh “martyr Omar Mukhtar”

in the region Got Alshall.
Reasons unknown.

The kidnapping of a member of the militia, the Criminal Investigation Department in the capital, Tripoli.


News about closing the refinery.


Forces shields of the western Nafusa mountain, denies its troops went to Sirte.
Telephone Company Libya announced Wednesday afternoon interruption fiber optic cable Tripoli airport, as a result of actions undertaken by the company Almnfdh to fence the airport road. The company explained in a press release that the maintenance teams, a subsidiary of Telephone Libya turned immediately to place holidays .. pointing out that he was alert Almnfdh company several times in the past about the company informed.The company reported that transit traffic and wireless phone has stopped area connections Gharyan Sawani, as well as the movement of Libyana all of Gharyan and Nalut and Zintan. With the presence of breaks in communication ground station Thursday Market Achristl due to interruption of fiber optic cable capacity of 144 fiber is 700.11 km direction of the airport.


and the Algerian Border:

The newspaper El Khabar that the five members of the armed groups Libyan killed in an operation carried out by Algerian security forces in the southwest municipality Aldbdab.

Newspaper quoted local sources on Wednesday as saying that the operation was on Tuesday came after surveillance units belonging to the Air Force Algerian two vehicles, four-wheel drive Type of Toyota may Tzllta were on the same day of the first Valley city of Ghadames in Libya

before the ambush them and added that the bodies of the militants were transferred to the headquarters of the military sector in the town Aldbdab to be subjected to DNA tests. It was also during the process of recovery of heavy machine type 7/12, and four Kalashnikov-type weapons.



Very important: Please publishA person named Abdul Salam lamp Uwaydat Abdelhafid, seller of tribe alziyadat, a Bani Walid resident, near Al Faiha, has as his nephew the Belaid detection and Abdel Moneim, whom revealed that this person is leaking information of the free movement of people in Bani Walid,and the inventory of his uncle, Colonel Belaid, detectitive at the Interior Ministry, daily sends the reports to the city of Bani Walid Ministry of the Interior, resiliance division.
The free people of Bani Walid for taking care and discernible precaution and steep than upon these Alandal fake religion, home of a bunch of money shame on metal these against citizens.________________________


BASTARD UNO DECISION AGAINST CYRENAICA, after they promised al-JDHARAN, they negate on their false promise, and enact the evil following, declaration against the Libyan people, in favor of the MB RAT “Allaotunai Congress”:
International channel Libya Libya International Channel

Urgent: UN Security Council adopts a resolution unanimously just before and on the export of Libyan oil came in the following clauses:

1 – The Council underlines the international support for Libya’s sovereignty over its land, resources and condemns attempts to export Libyan oil illegally

2 – The Council calls on Libya to inform the sanctions committee of the Council of Bay Ships carrying Libyan oil source “illegally”

3 – The resolution obliges countries that carry their flag vessels to prevent ships from loading oil or transferred or discharged them without guidance from the concerned Libyan

4 – authorized to UN members that inspect ships involved in the high seas
And take appropriate action to restore the oil to Libya in coordination with the “Libyan government”.

5 – The resolution obliges states to prevent ships from entering its ports specified or provide services to them and prevent their citizens, entities and individuals in its territory from engaging in financial transactions related to Libyan oil on ships identified by the Sanctions Committee.

6 – this decision is valid for one year subject to renewal.

Quoting “logic”:
Repeated government Cyrenaica today warned the U.S. government of the consequences of handing Thelat Libyan nationals of the population of the province of CYRENAICA, as they said to the Libyan government of the National Council in Tripoli and these three citizens of Kano on board the oil tanker known as “pride of the morning” or MORNING GLORY  as registered to North Korea, which was intercepted by the U.S. Navy in international waters adjacent to Cyprus and young people are:
1} Majid Al Abdali
2} Salah Achuiqy
3} Salem Dawwas

Thea West, writes:

“The UNO played a central role in creating the situation we see today in Libya when it embraced the lies about al-Qathafi killing his own people, when it refused to send observers that al-Qathafi requested. However, notice how quickly the UNO was scrambling to send uninvited observers to Crimea. The UNO is corrupt, as al-Qathafi had indicated in his last address to that body. It is no better than the League of Nations. It is an enabler and sanctioner of wars prosecuted by the US, Britain and France.”


Stealing two cars Camry new type of Sirte University today
Said “pole”:
# Tribe _ Moroccans postpone its meeting scheduled to be held today at  Alnovljeh until the withdrawal of
troops # shield _ Central west of Sirte,
and # Alotyosh says that the goal is to reject the military option and increase the pressure even open oil ports,
and social pressures mounting to withdraw # forces _ Bushmin of Sirte,
and open by  Al-jdharan the oil ports.
and a meeting in Ahraoh yesterday between the leaders of the valley _ and the Red Shield Central lead
to defuse the tension between the two parties…..hmmmm ?


Murder of three police officers for so-called diplomatic security support Benghazi ..
by unknown assailants.


“Workers Unity Bank” branches Jadu, Zintan, Riyaana, and Ifrane organize a protest to condemn
and denounce the assassination of two of their colleagues in the tuber.
Staff Wahda Bank branch Zliten went on strike Tuesday, lasted for several hours, in protest against the robberies cars transfer of funds between commercial banks operating in the country and the killings, which affected a number of their colleagues during the performance of their duties and demanded during the vigil in front of the bank building Bzletn, the interim government and security agencies to put an end to such criminal acts, threatening to expand the strike.
العاملون بفروع مصرف الوحدة جادو ، الزنتان ، الرياينة ، ويفرن ينظمون وقفة إحتجاجية تنديدا واستنكارا لاغتيال اثنين من زملائهم بمدينة درنةبنت الوادي

UNITED NATIONS – Hypocritical, Imperialist Global SHAM

Issued by the International Coordinating Committee,
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
21 September 2011

THE International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) denounces as a complete sham and grand deception the UN call for the celebration of September 21 as an “International Day of Peace”. The UN Secretary General describes this as “a day on which armed conflicts is meant to be stilled… a day on which we appeal to combatants to observe a ceasefire… a day on which we reaffirm commitment to non-violence and the peaceful resolution of disputes.”

Nothing can be more hypocritical on a global scale than for the UN to appeal for non-violence and peace. The United Nations Organization was established in 1945 after the Second World War supposedly in response to the global aspiration to preserve peace and prevent war. But through its sixty-six years as an international agency purportedly with a mission to keep and ensure global peace, the UN has had its hands dripping with the blood and tears of millions of victims of imperialist aggression, to which it had either turned a blind eye if not supported and even vested with a cloak of legitimacy.

In November 1947, only two years after its establishment, the UN General Assembly passed Resolution 181 (II), creating the state of Israel by “partitioning” Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state. Pushed by the US, the partition resolution gave the larger and choice portion to the minority Jews, and the smaller one to the majority Palestinians. Instead of putting an end to the armed conflict, the resolution immediately caused its escalation and intensification, eventually resulting in the ruthless, violent expulsion of the Palestinians from their homeland.

It also set off a series of Arab-Israeli wars ostensibly over the existence of the state of Israel vis-à-vis the rights of the Palestinians to their homeland. But behind all the conflict was the aim of US imperialism to secure a foothold in the Middle East and ensure their control of oil and other resources in the region. Since then, Israel has zealously served the US as junior partner and hatchetman in the Middle East. The UN has condoned and supported Zionist Israel’s violent oppression and persecution of the Palestinians, and its military transgressions on neighboring Arab states such as Lebanon and Syria.

The UN also served US imperialist interests when the US attacked North Korea in 1950 and began the war of aggression against Korea. The UN endorsed the US aggression and further sent troops under the guise of “peace keeping” to fight alongside the US and South Korean armies against the North Koreans and the Chinese volunteers. It ultimately enforced the permanent division of the Korean nation through the establishment of the so-called Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) at the 38th parallel.

In 1960-61, a UN peace-enforcement contingent was sent to the Congo where its first Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba, faced a US- and Belgian-backed rebellion in the Congolese province of Katanga. Lumumba appealed for UN and even US intervention, but the UN refused while the US continued to support the rebellion. US official documents declassified years later reveal that then US President Eisenhower ordered the CIA to “eliminate” Lumumba, after several attempts to poison him failed. The Katanga rebels eventually captured Lumumba with the help of CIA and Belgian police officers. Lumumba again appealed to the UN to intervene, but all the UN Secretary General Dag Hammarksjold did was to lamely appeal to the Katangans to treat Lumumba according to the due process of law.

The UN did not act when US-NATO took advantage of ethnic conflict and intervened in the Kosovo war, subjecting Serbia to intense bombing in Serbia in March 1999. Instead, UN Security Council Resolution 1244 dated June 10, 1999 provided the pretext for US-NATO occupation of Kosovo under the guise of a UN mission to enforce a peace agreement. The resolution in effect legitimized the US-NATO bombings of Serbia and paved the way for the separation of Kosovo from Serbia.

Kosovo is now a US-NATO colony, with the biggest US Army base in the Balkans, Camp Bondsteel, also serving as the headquarters of the NATO Kosovo Force Multinational Brigade East. It was the first time the UN invoked “humanitarian” reasons to legitimize aggression and occupation by imperialist forces. Camp Bondsteel is reportedly being used as a secret detention center, with one European Council observer describing it as “a small version of Guantanamo”.

Like Kosovo, Sudan is another country coveted by US imperialism, being rich in still untapped oil, copper and other natural resources, where the entry of a UN peacekeeping mission served US imperialist interest rather than that of the Sudanese. The US had instigated and taken advantage of ethnic differences as one way of destabilizing the Sudanese government and preventing Sudan’s extraction of its natural resources with the help of China. The US brokered the Darfur Peace Agreement between the Sudanese government and the rebels it has backed, with provisions for the presence of US troops under a UN peacekeeping force.

The UN again sat idly by while the US and its “coalition of the willing” allies invaded and occupied Afghanistan and then Iraq on false claims of countering terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. When the US found itself saddled with rising costs of occupation and many of its allies withdrew from the coalition, the UN was called upon to set up a “Peacebuilding Commission” to provide a politically acceptable mechanism for overseeing the occupation and sharing the financial burden.

The Peacebuilding Commission, which includes all the permanent members of the Security Council at its core, primarily brings together international donors, and financial institutions, national governments, troop contributing countries; marshals resources and advises on and proposes integrated strategies for post-conflict peacebuilding and recovery. A Peacebuilding Fund was also provided for in the UN resolutions establishing the Peace Commission.

The most recent and most blatant example so far of how the UN is being used to legitimize and deodorize naked imperialist aggression under the guise of “humanitarian intervention” is the March 2011 UN Security Council Resolution 1973 (2011) ordering a “No-Fly-Zone over Libya” and air strikes against Muammar al-Qathafi “to ensure the protection of civilians”. Thinking that a few bombings for a few days would bring about the downfall of al-Qathafi, the US and its NATO allies were at first careful to point out that the intervention precludes hitting non-military targets, deploying ground forces or arming the so-called Libyan rebels. 


But as the months wore on the targets became more visibly non-military, and the presence of foreign ground troops and the arming of the rebels became an open secret. The bombings have been extremely barbaric and resulted in a full blown invasion, tens of thousands of civilian casualties (at least 250,000 according to the NATO rebels themselves) and untold destruction of social infrastructure and civilian structures. No end is in sight for the violence unleashed and further generated by the UN and NATO. 

By acts of commission and omission, the UN has been wantonly violating the provisions in its own Charter upholding the norms of international law especially on respecting national sovereignty and defining the parameters for the use of armed force. In September 2008, UN Secretary General Ban Ki -Moon and NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer signed a declaration of cooperation which reportedly included cooperation in “maintaining international security on the basis of the UN Charter and certain international directives”. But the text of the declaration has been kept secret even to Security Council members, eliciting suspicion as to its contents.

It is not surprising that the UN hardly enforces resolutions, such as those passed by the General Assembly, that are not attuned to imperialist interests, while those that serve imperialist interests are the ones that are enforced. It is in the General Assembly where issues are discussed openly and voted upon democratically, each member countries being represented and having equally one vote. But it has no implementing power and thus its resolutions have only the power of moral suasion, no matter that these are democratically arrived at.

The real power to decide and implement lies in the Security Council, which has only fifteen members, ten of whom are temporary and on rotation basis. The remaining five permanent members, all victors in the Second World War, each has a veto power over the fourteen others. Additionally, the US is undisputedly “the first among equals”, being the biggest donor contributing up to 22 percent of the UNO’s finances aside from having the mightiest military machine.

The pretense at maintaining global peace and security is as deceitful as the related myth of promoting development and progress. The UN plays lip service to the need for global and economic justice especially for the third world countries, if there is to be an enduring peace. But its programs and policies, such as the Millennium Development Goals, are designed to serve the corporate agenda of imperialist globalization instead of instituting structural and policy reforms such as national industrialization, the cancellation of onerous debts and the reversal of WTO trade regimes and neoliberal reforms imposed by the IMF-WB. The perpetuation of these policies daily inflict the slow but severe violence through poverty and social injustice that afflicts the majority of peoples all over the world.

It is thus totally pathetic and disgusting for the UN to continue the pretense at being the champions of world peace. Its calls for an international day of peace, ceasefire and non-violence ring hollow amid the cacophony of injustice, murder and genocide that it has been a willing party to. The UN, especially its Security Council and the office of the Secretary General, has been a tool of the US and its imperialist allies and reactionary puppets for waging wars of aggression against sovereign states as well as for armed counterrevolution against the people and their revolutionary forces.

The ILPS calls on all its member organizations and allies to totally expose and oppose the UN for being a front and tool of imperialist plunder and war, not an international agency for promoting peace and development. Only the solidarity of the people and all those who resist and struggle against imperialism can pave the way to a world with genuine peace and development.###

(Reprinted with permission from Mr. Jose Maria Sison)



The Saudii’s Jedda Airport:This picture on one of the walls of Jeddah airport ….
One writer Aalehit Misrata steadfastness came Elly line after it wrote Cyrenaica. Are you Mahien Umrah and only Mahien Front for Valley Rouge??
هذه الصورة على احد حيطان مطار جده ….
واحد كاتب عالحيط مصراته الصمود جاء اللى بعده خط عليها وكتب برقه
هو انتم ماشيين عمرة والا ماشيين جبهة الوادى لحمر ؟

Wheels are rolling

“Loyal bodyguard” a publié sur “Hamza Abuchnger”

“Thank God for your safety …. and given you health and wellness ….

and the ability to work for the good of the Libyan masses and all humanity ….”

سعيد سعديa publié surحمزه ابوخنجر

حمدا لله على سلامتك….واعطاك الصحة والعافية….والقدرة على العمل لما فيه خير الجماهير الليبية وكل الانسانية….

Muammar al-Qathafi  is telling us NOT TO BELIEVE that the BENGHAZI attack at the Military graduation was done by the “Green Resistance”, as some sites have attributed “the Resistance” to these despicable acts (WHICH IS A TOTAL UNTRUTH !). The RESISTANCE had nothing to do with this tragedy instigated by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI:

Peace, mercy and blessings of God …..

Good afternoon all the best ….

Salutations and reverence and respect for the men of Libya and its women Alsaberon Mahzbon who did not contribute to the destruction of their country and did not Isoqgua the country into the abyss of division and rivalry did not participate in the murder of their countrymen planes enemy enemy God and religion and humanity and history …

suffice you honor that history Sivkirkm in the most poignant pages honorable ….

that these criminals who Aaraon in believers only and Azma and Aikhavon God and or sentences Tubby

and I know will end up and go to the trash bin of history …

and we will remain the homeland, our homeland honorable nation be glory and great.

We’ll see how God avenges them, because they have taken to themselves the unbelievers [which is against Allah's commandment], and killed believers and violated the sanctities, and desecrated homes and homeland ..

and another crime, is to kill innocent soldiers. To turn them suffering and in Benghazi, which has become their families wake up on murder and branded the bombings and sadness which hangs over every family there …

to Athnoa and Athznoa and Ataatrajawa and Eimskm humiliation that God tested Vasberoa faithful, and obedient and endured in God, is better Nasireen. Thus we are assured that God Christrgahm who hired them, and they Asulthm Flatadhaa the blood of Muslims in the Lord …

الدكتور حمزة التهاميالسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته …..اسعد الله مساءكم بكل خير …. التحيه والاجلال والاحترام لرجال ليبيا ونساءها الصابرون المحتسبون الذين لم يساهموا في دمار بلدهم ولم يسوقوا البلاد الى هاوية التقسيم والتناحر ولم يشاركوا في جريمة قتل ابناء بلدهم بطائرات العدو عدو الله والدين والانسانيه والتاريخ …يكفيكم شرفا ان التاريخ سيذكركم في انصع صفحاته المشرفه ….ان هؤلاء المجرمين الذين لايراعون في المؤمنين الا ولاذمة ولايخافون الله ولايعترفون بدين ولاعرف سينتهون وسيذهبون الى قمامة التاريخ وسيبقى الوطن وطن الشرفاء وطن الامجاد العظيمه وسنرى كيف ينتقم الله منهم لانهم اتخذوا الكافرين اولياء وقتلوا المؤمنين وانتهكوا الحرمات ودنسوا الوطن ..واخر جرائمهم قتلهم لجنود ابرياء لاحول لهم ولاقوه في بنغازي التي اصبحت عائلاتها تصحوا على القتل وتمسي على التفجيرات والحزن يخيم على كل اسرة فيها …لاتهنوا ولاتحزنوا ولاتتراجعوا ولايمسكم الهوان ان الله تعالى يمتحن المؤمنين فاصبروا وصابروا واستعينوا بالله تعالى فهو خير الناصرين وتاكدوا ان الله تعالى سيحرقهم بمن استعانوا بهم ويسلطهم عليهم فلاتضيع دماء المسلمين عند ربهم …

Abdulaziz Elahwal, says:

Thank God for your safety and the Lord protect you.

عبدالعزيز الاحول

         الحمد لله علي سلامتك وربي يحفظك
Great for honest Ajwad, writes:
Lord Ihfezk Doctor Hamza and Baden God Sabiroon and Thabtot on principle and covenant will not abandon
the country and the leader and victorious Baden one God Sunday.

the leadership of the Popular Resistance armed,
Brigade Corner war Operations

(NOTE: THIS VIDEO WAS MADE ON 16 MARCH 2014; since then, SAADI has been freed..)

“Soma Muammar Conqueror Conqueror” a publié sur “Hamza Abuchnger”

سوما معمر الفاتح الفاتحa publié surحمزه ابوخنجر  FB

Praise be to Allah, O p Safety Canutorna dear Lord protect you
Mujahid O Lord, dampers and lengthens your age, my Gaaaala – heureuse.

new photo shot of Muammar al-Qathafi MARCH 2014:

Muammar al-Qathafi  MARCH 2014

Moussa Ibrahim on Sound cloud voice message from dr. Moussa Ibrahim for free on the third anniversary of the invasion of NATO of  The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
I listen to the entire message before or discussed Abdad opinion on theses. With full appreciation.

To Dr. Moussa Ibrahim from “Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”:

The awareness stage and gravity are the characteristics and functions of activists who stood pause Shoumoukh and pause pride and honor overall ambitions of Zionism and the American administration and Arabized and their customers from the traitors and liars

and walked Bdrihm to undermine our beloved Libya and our fans fighter hero, that we stick to the conscious our principles and defend and strongly stiffness and the will not budge is the decision taken by the Resistance from supporters of the leader Mujahid hero ..

we live sorrows of our fans and we live suffering and feeling the Bmrartha has Tanas other and Nest by the spirit of treachery and selfishness that fell arms of the killers of our people and shed our blood does not have a patron saint in the world

and analyzes the slaughter of the sons of the nation will be judged tomorrow; because, our fans refused, and still refuses, to policy lies and deception as adopted by some reconciliation to pass to get to their destination and goals.

We say to hula advocates of reconciliation and peaceful advocates of political and national movements peaceful …

Any reconciliation advocated by some people die and kill, and any “national movement” peaceful Taatbd revenge and retribution demanded by some of the operations of marginalization and treachery going on in full swing, and any reconciliation wants some tragedies necrosis of the rest of the body home Ripper, and any reconciliation want other and activists watered various kinds of torture in the darkness of prisons militia terrorist, and any reconciliation desired by some, and prosecutions of pro-leader Mujahid, contributed by the Who was calculated on the honorable supporters of the leader Mujahid hero,

any peaceful you want and your hands shake hands with murderers, thugs and criminals….
Any reconciliation and a “national movement” peaceful far from the fighting and Jihad want ..

The fighters stationed in the homeland proud of its principles as proud of their principles and their march culminated in a struggle without any compromise, both the interests of our fans or the interest of the nation and the homeland;

and trading demands of the masses would be unacceptable …

Letters vague given by some Without a clear action wraps around the Libyan people: these letters make us wonder whether some of the coup was claiming fidelity to the leader and warrior for the people and the nation, will put aside the rhetoric of the owners was
Drumming and cheering for the leader and his sons. ,,,

And whether he asked the owners of the rhetoric about the position of the traitors and agents of the two, reacting to sit down and be challenged by them for “national reconciliation”, as they call it, and the Libyans are imprisoned, tortured and killed and violate sanctities and honor,

and whether he asked the owners of rhetoric when our troops were fighting on all fronts and moving from trench combat to another carrier concerns of the nation, you ever wondered where it was do you respond to sit with them who were traveling to and from the finest hotels brothel Bljalehm red in the streets of London and Paris like a lost dog.

Wondered whether the owners of the rhetoric km from Shahid Libby fell because of treason and Tkhazlhm; or, we ask, but is there of you, O Mujibur owners rhetoric that left the matter to the legitimate owner of the truth and Tensahbua best and safest for you.

The victory and the pride and the Summit of “The People’s Armed Resistance”:

The Glory and eternity to our innocent martyrs !

All the pride and appreciation for “The Armed Popular Resistance”.

The victory, but from God and God is great !

Death to the invaders
With all the pride and appreciation to the Leaders of “the People’s Armed Resistance”
Saadi and Muammar al-Qathafi Eboumnyar.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

الى( د. موسى ابراهيم)
ان وعي المرحلة وخطورتها هي من خصائص ومهمات المناضلين اللذين وقفوا وقفة الشموخ ووقفة العزة والشرف بوجه المطامع الصهيونية والإدارة الامريكية والمستعربة وعملائهم من الخونة والكذابين ومن سار بدربهم للنيل من وطننا الحبيب ليبيا وجماهيرنا المناضل البطل , ان تمسكنا الواعي بمبادئنا والدفاع عنها و بقوة وصلابة وبإرادة لا تتزحزح هو القرار الذي اتخذه المقاومين من انصار القائد المجاهد البطل ..اننا نعيش احزان جماهيرنا ونعيش معاناتها ونتحسس بمرارتها فقد تناس البعض ومن عششت به روح الغدر والأنانية أن من سقط بأحضان قتلة شعبنا وسفكت دمه ليس له شفيع في الدنيا ومن يحلل ذبح ابناء الوطن سيحاسب غدا لان جماهيرنا رفضت ولازالت ترفض سياسة الكذب والخداع والذي اعتمد عليها البعض لتمرير المصالحة للوصول الى غايتهم وأهدافهم
فنقول لهولا دعاة المصالحة والسلمية ودعاة السياسة والحركات الوطنية السلمية … أية مصالحة ينادي بها البعض والشعب يموت ويقتل, وأية حركة وطنية سلمية تتبد الثأر والقصاص يطالب بها البعض وعمليات التهميش والغدر جارية على قدم وساق ,وأية مصالحة يريدها البعض والمآسي تنخر ما تبقى من جسد الوطن الممزق ,وأية مصالحة يريدها البعض والمناضلين يسقون شتى انواع التعذيب في ظلمات سجون الميلشيات الارهابية ,وأية مصالحة يرغبها البعض وملاحقات المؤيدين للقائد المجاهد يساهم بها من كان محسوبا على الشرفاء من انصار القائد المجاهد البطل ,أية سلمية تريدونها وأيديكم تصافح القتله والسفاحين والمجرمين
أية مصالحة وحركة وطنية سلمية بعيده عن القتال والجهاد تريدون..إن المقاومين المرابطين على ارض الوطن يعتزون بمبادئهم كما تعتز بهم المبادئ ومسيرتهم تكللت بالنضال دون أية مساومة سواء على مصالح جماهيرنا أو مصلحة الامة والوطن والمتاجرة بمطالب الجماهير أمرا مرفوضا …خطابات مبهمة يلقيها البعض وبدون عمل واضح يلتف حوله الشعب الليبي هذه الخطابات تجعلنا نتساءل هل انقلاب بعض من كان يدعي الاخلاص للقائد المجاهد و للشعب والوطن ,فهل تناسى أصحاب الخطب الرنانة من كان
يطبل ويهلل للقائد وأبناءه . ,,, وهل تساءل اصحاب الخطب الرنانة عن موقف الخونة والعملاء من اللذين يردون الجلوس والتقوض معهم من اجل المصالحة الوطنية كما يسمونها والليبيون يسجنون ويعذبون ويقتلون وتنتهك حرماتهم وإعراضهم ,وهل تساءل أصحاب الخطب الرنانة عندما كانت قواتنا تحارب على جميع الجبهات وتتنقل من خندق قتالي الى آخر حاملة هموم الامة هل تساءل اين كان من تردون الجلوس معهم كانوا يتنقلون من والى افخر الفنادق دعارة بلياليهم الحمراء في شوارع لندن وباريس اشبه بالكلاب الضائعة.
وهل تساءل اصحاب الخطب الرنانة كم من شهيد ليبي سقط بسبب الخيانة وتخاذلهم أم نحن نسأل ولكن هل هناك من مجيب عليكم يا اصحاب الخطابات الرنانة ان تركوا الامر الى صاحب الشرعية الحقيقة وتنسحبوا افضل لكم واسلم
والنصر والفخر والقمة للمقاومة الشعبية المسلحة
والمجد والخلود لشهدائنا الابرار
كل الاعتزاز والتقدير لمقاومتنا الشعبية المسلحة
وما النصر الا من عند الله والله اكبر والموت للغزاة
ومع كل الاعتزاز والتقدير لقائد المقاومة الشعبية المسلحة
الساعدي معمر ابومنيار القذافي

رسالة صوتية من د. موسى إبراهيم للأحرار في الذكرى الثالثة لغزو الناتو لليبيا
أرجو الاستماع لكامل الرسالة قبل مناقشتها أو إبداد الرأي حول أطروحاتها. مع كامل التقدير

 la vidéo de ‎حرية الاعلام‎.
la vidéo de media freedom.God protect you, my voice rightPart of the intervention, Dr. Hamza Thami in a “room leader Muammar al-Qathafi 17″.
Part of the intervention, Dr. Hamza Thami in a room leader Muammar al-Qathafi Aalbaltok. …
Due to the weakness of the net has not completed his intervention ..
However we published so Nsf collaborators and traitors, and especially the terrorist  (LIAR, rapist, murderer) Khalid al-Sharif
who claimed falsely that Dr. detainees have ..
God protect you, Doctor, you and all the Liberals and the silks of Kid Customers.
جزء من مداخلة الدكتور حمزة التهامي في غرفة القائد معمر القذافي عالبالتوك ونظراً لضعف النت لديه لم تكتمل مداخلته .. ومع هذا نشرناها كي نصفع العملاء والخونة وخصوصاً الارهابي خالد الشريف الذين ادعوا كذباً بان الدكتور معتقل لديهم .. ربي يحميك يادكتور انت وكل الاحرار والحرائر من كيد العملاء


Muammar al-Qathafi has always told us that the pilgrimage of the Kabbah, first Holy House of Allah,

is for all true believers throughout the world of GOOD WILL…not restricted…AND IS A COMMANDMENT.

Muammar al-Qathafi salutes the KABBAH of ALLAH:

الارادة القويه


Gen. Golden (T Muammar Gaddafi),,,
Last rank: Pioneer Corner
Full name Khamis Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi
Libyan nationality
He served in the Libyan army
Date of Birth 27 May 1983
Place of Birth Tripoli
Date of the first reported so-called false “death” on 29 August 2011 during service…
code name “T” (as Thursady is KHAMIS in Arabic). KHAMIS is the sixth son of Muammar al-Qathafi.

Khamis graduated from the Military Academy in Libya in 2002, after which he traveled to Russia to complete his studies, and then returned to establish Battalion No. 32, one of the special units.
He became the commander of the special forces unit «Battalion 32» known as the «Brigade T», a brigade trained in Russia. The commander qualifies him to lead the «military African Common» in the future.

Khamis Gaddafi spent about about 4 weeks in the United States as part of a training agreement with the company «AECOM» specializing in infrastructure, which has a wide business in Libya before the sparkling affluent; and when this was cut off, on 17 February, al-Qathafi’s son returned to Libya, where the spark of strife (initiated by the CIA) erupted in the country.
The character of Khamis is wanted even more by the Americans, than his father.

It is the most personal aversion for the USA. In Libya, and perhaps the world, because it shows the following points:

1 – Americans want Khamis Gaddafi killed because he was trained at the School of Russian military science, and received a Russian military commander’s title and is calculated on the eastern camp.

2 – because the Americans, had all their missions, during the course of the 2011battles, testing the extent of this training.

3 – He is a Hero, because the Americans put several test methods, of course, at the expense of the blood from Libyan traitors, in methods not to be beyond the wars. Yet he has seiously been in fighter training… and his was the start of a gradual methods of training, from the easiest to hardest.

4 – the Americans desired to kill Khamis Gaddafi because all the parties discovered the extent to which the conduct of battles were shot in manner of the Agazawa Russians, but Khamis displayed the drive of courage and was a piece of steadfastness with his mini battalions against 40 countries dispite bombs, missiles and all the traitors.
5 – because to the Americans, Khamis was the most important figure, he must be disposed of …after it’s all over and not his father,
Because they do not bear that man “Leroy Arabic” could be a brave professional soldier outside their control !
Like his father, in the years before opening up to the West Almham.

Features military with Gen. Golden Khamis:

Seasoned officer with experience in training and fighting.
Refused promotions without conducting the necessary actions to get upgrade,
despite nowing that it is the right of the children of “presidents” to accept promotions.

A last thanih: when visiting heads of state to another, from Libya and does so not to raise the children of the Shan presidents, but Donna is about his brothers and others.
He said:
“I’ll stay in the Army, ranging promotions like any other Libyan army officer.”

He made himself a role model for all the younger leaders and military. He
oversees, and has overcome the difficulties of living an total military life.

The phase of the administrative work and technical supervision of his unit and making it an independent army:

Non-strategy of field work and daily units under his guidence.

Phase of the organizational structure of the brigade; so, that it one not worth the brigade if one does not support or justify the material for his units of the Army, even during times peace or war.
Humans must bestrictly peaceful, and bloodless, and benevolent, accepting political dialogue
As is acceptable to the other party (or its spokesman); but
At the same time, there is a loving monopoly on his military life:

He has had no relationship to a civilian life; not from near or far, but only with his family has he had human relations.
Commander of the best sons of this in my view is far from the high ethics suspiciously attributed to him. Reports were not of people of lying; and there is nolie and forgery received, no deceptive lie inAlsqoha for this Hero—whose Noted professionalism excludes lies and forgery.
Golden Gen. Khamis Muammar Gaddafi displays
Courage and valor, as a gift from the Lord of the Worlds, and has manifested these qualities in times of stress and adversity… and pictures of this courage is what he has done Khamis Gaddafi and battalions of valor and Resistance in Tripoli, is pie in the face of battalions of customers that have entered the city of Tripoli, after its fall by the hands of rats,

after “an easy traitor” amongst the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA forces (Sneak forms):

A Customer Login to Tripoli, after his betrayal, and the courage of Khamis Gaddafi, who are in the leadership of the Resistance inside the city and fight bravely, with beautiful images, showing that courage, when he was able to decipher the families of his brother Mohammed.. after he was captured and detained in his home with his family and was surround the house with hundreds of clients militants.
But Khamis Gaddafi was able to break the siege, and storming the house of his brother, and his brother and family was recovered from households.

Word newspaper «morning» in the issue dated on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012, an article titled “The Libyans are in amazement: the emergence of Khamis Gaddafi in an attempt to smuggle Saif al-Islam,”

said the article that,
“the morning I learned from its own sources that the reality of the situation area of the western mountain, specifically Zintan, which was not was caused by tribal conflict (primarily as Raj finally throughout and various media), but are caused by the presence of Khamis Gaddafi being alive.
The paper said that witnesses from the tribe of epiphyseal, who were interrogated, revealed in sudden loud which stunned everyone, that “Khamis Gaddafi was still alive; and, that he planned to smuggle his brother Saif al-Islam from the detention camp in Zintan, by digging tunnels, like tunnels stretching between Pakistan and Afghanistan. “
The newspaper also reported that these tunnels were excavated according to a systematic and deliberate plan leading to the whereabouts of Saif, who was being guarded until his trial.

The “morning” that was initiated already in the implementation of the scheme with the participation of a group of officers and members of his battalion, was preceded by several meetings to implement this project in an Arab country; but not betrayed citizen or time or people is an act of celebration…But, someone who lacked all signs of ethics and was jealous, enabled the rats to detect this scheme, which was in its beginning stages before completion.

32 Enhanced Brigade (Brigade T):
Fewer everyone that this brigade the name attributed to the (Golden al-MAJOR) which is incorrect naming Gen., as due to his uncle, he was named Commander Khamis Abu Minyar Gaddafi.

The Brigade 32 booster, was the most important military formations in the Libyan army. It has begun the development of these forces and the assignment of reconnaissance missions, and functions of search and evacuation of combat and security of key sites, which have and aretargeting the constructors hostile intrusion and destruction, as given by some missions, in targeting convoys of military vehicles and has hampered their progress, cutting their supply lines and communications and so equipped and trained, that they are able to operate behind enemy lines for long periods without any logistical support.

Under the direction of Khamis, thinking these forces a special role in the conviction of modern warfare, and the training of its troops, they were armed with machine guns, either medium, or anti-tank missiles and Land Cruisers…
So Armored, which been developed for tasks of intrusion and of whom are prepared physically and psychologically, through special training, which is very unlike the other branches of the Libyan army. Required, must be enrolled in fitness and physical enamena high, as they are subject to test the entire duration of the training Tabaa
(Al-MAJOR Golden) being cited 5 times and thus (sofar) has “lived” four times:

Media sources said again that Khamis Gaddafi, son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi “died” on Sunday, 20 March died from burns suffered when he attacked one of Libyan pilots Bmqatlth T hideout in Bab al-Aziziya in the capital Tripoli.
The newspaper “Libya Today”, opposition in Monday’s edition of the news of the “death of al-Qathafi’s son Khamis”, quoting the page “lighthouse” on “Facebook.”
Rumors circulated at the beginning of the conspiracy against Libya, stating that was killed Khamis in an airstrike carried out by a Libyan pilot, announced while U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on March 23 (March) last year, that it had received information that Gaddafi’s son was killed in an air strike carried out by the international coalition.
Subsequently Khamis appeared on state television, who picked up his pictures wearing a military uniform, and inspecting (visiting) the wounded and injured in Zliten Hospital from the survivors of the raid by NATO on the region.

And once again there were reports about the killing of Khamis at Bab al-Aziziya, following an attack by international coalition forces on the objectives and military sites of Gaddafi in Tripoli on August 5, but then spokemen for the GREAT JAMHIRIYA denied the news.
As he “returned”, Khamis reappeared in uniform amid crowds of supporters.
Khamis is cited in Tarhounah after entering the customer/occupied Tripoli.
When his car was agin supposedly hit by NATO

Khamis again reappeared in the assassination of the spying U.S. ambassador in Benghazi…
Finally back within the bloody events by Co-commanding and overseeing the defense of Bani Walid in OCTOBER 2012.
OurSabak hero Golden a Puzzle unable to be resolve by everyone; but not to the uncertainty of his death or survival, is yet alive
and his prowess and courage, are symbols of gold and diamonds unable even compared to Champollion the jaw.
The peace and mercy of God on your soul pure Dear Hero !
O was he the face of innocence in the most beautiful forms; and Chbst manhood and chivalry in his actions.
Perchance he gains a share, and his name will be retained by heroism, as you will continue to seek thee Pfgerh greenness and vigor Bashmesh !
O Hero

الارادة القويه

الجنــرال الذهبـــى (خميـــس معمـــر القــــدافي ) ،،،

آخر رتبة : رائد ركن
الاسم الكامل خميس معمر محمد أبو منيار القذافي
الجنسية ليبي
خدم في الجيش الليبي
تاريخ الميلاد 27 مايو 1983
مكان الميلاد طرابلس
تاريخ اول استشهاد 29 أغسطس 2011أثناء الخدمة (ولقد استشهد 5 مرات)
سنوات الخدمة 2000 – 2011
خميس هو الابن الأصغر للعقيد الليبي معمر القذافي. وهو من مواليد 27 مايو (أيار) 1983 في طرابلس. تخرج في الكليه العسكريه في ليبيا عام 2002، وبعدها سافر إلى روسيا لاستكمال دراسته، ثم عاد ليؤسس الكتيبة رقم 32، وهي من الوحدات الخاصة.
أصبح قائد وحدة للقوات الخاصة «الكتيبة 32» المعروفة باسم «لواء خميس»، وهو لواء تدرب في روسيا. وكان القائد يؤهله لقيادة «الجيش الأفريقي المشترك» في المستقبل.
وقضى خميس القذافي نحو 4 أسابيع في الولايات المتحدة كجزء من اتفاق تدريب مع شركة «أيكوم» المتخصصة في البنية التحتية، التي لها أعمال واسعة في ليبيا قبل فوارة المترفين ، وقطع نجل القذافي زيارته في 17 فبراير وعاد إلى ليبيا؛ حيث كانت شرارة الفتنة قد اندلعت فى البلاد. ويعتبر خميس، النجل السادس للقذافي

) شخصية مطلوبة لامريكيا أكثر من والده
ان شخصية خميس هى الشخصية الاكثر كره لدى امريكيا من والده
فى ليبيا وربما بالعالم والنقاط التالية توضح ذلك :ـ
لان الامريكان قتلوا خميس القذافي لأنه تدرب في كلية عسكرية روسية وتلقى العلوم العسكرية الروسية ويعتبر قائد محسوب على المعسكر الشرقى
2- لان الامريكان كان كل مهمتهم أثناء سير المعارك اختبار ما مدي تدريب هذا البطل
3- لان الامريكان وضع عدة أساليب اختبار طبعا على حساب الخونة ودم الليبيين أساليب لا يتجاوزها ألا مقاتل مدرب تدريب حربي خطير وكان الأساليب بدء تدريجي من الأسهل إلى الأصعب
4- لان الامريكان أردوا أن يغيظوا الروس بقتل خميس القذافي لان كل الطرفين اكتشف مدى قدرة على سير المعارك وزد على ذالك شجاعة وصمود ة الكتائب البسيطة ضد 40دولة سلاحها القنابل والصواريخ والخونة

5- لان الامريكان كان خميس اهم شخصية يجب التخلص منها بعد ما ينتهي كل شيء وليس أبيه لأنهم لا يتحملوا أن يرو رجل عربي شجاع عسكري محترف خارج سيطرتهم
كوالده في سنوات ما قبل الانفتاح المشؤم على الغرب

السمات العسكرية لدى خميس الجنرال الذهبى
ـ ضابط محنك ذو خبرة عالية فى التدريب والقتال
رفض الترقيات بدون أجراء الإجراءات اللازمة للوصول الترقية
مع العلم بان من حق أولاد الرؤساء أن يقبلوا الترقيات الاستثانية عند زيارة رئيس دولة أخر إلى ليبيا ويقوم بذلك للرفع من شان أولاد الرؤساء ولكن هو دونا عن اخوته الاخرين وقال سوف أبقى فى تتدرج الترقيات الجيش مثله مثل اى ضابط بالجيش الليبي
ـ جعل نفسه قدوة لجميع القيادات الصغرى والعسكريين
ـ يشرف ويذلل جميع الصعوبات المعيشية للعسكري
ـ طور من العمل الإداري والتقني بوحدته المشرف عليها وجعل منه جيش مستقل
ـ غير من إستراتجية العمل الميداني واليومي بالوحدات التابعة له
ـ طور من الهيكل التنظيمى للواء بحيث أصبح اللواء لا يستحق الدعم لا المادي ولا اللجوستى من اى وحدات من الجيش اثناء السلم او الحرب

انسان صارم ومسالم وغير دموي محب للخير سياسي في التحاور
ومقبول من الطرف الآخر (اى المتحدث)
بنفس الوقت يحتكر الحياة العسكرية ويعشقها
لا تربطه اى علاقة بالحياة المدنية لا من قريب او بعيد إلا من خلال أسرته والعلاقات الإنسانية
من أفضل أبناء القائد هذا من وجهة نظري أخلاق عالية بعيد عن الشبهات ولم ينسب له أهل الكذب وآلافك والتزوير ولم يحصلوا علي اي كذبة يلصقوها بهذا البطل رقم احترافهم الكذب والتزوير

الجنرال الذهبى خميس معمر القذافى r)
ـ الشجاعه والبسالة هبة من رب العالمين وتتجلى هذه الصفات في أوقات الشدة والمحن ومن صور هذه الشجاعة هو ما قام به خميس القذافي وكتائبه من بسالة ومقاومة في طرابلس في مواجهة كتائب العملاء التي دخلت مدينة طرابلس بعد سقوطها في أيدي الجرذان وذلك بعد أن سهل قائد قوات القذافي (الخائن اشكال) دخول العملاء الى طرابلس بعد خيانته ،أما شجاعة خميس القذافي فهي في قيادة المقاومة داخل المدينه وقتاله بشجاعة فائقة وأجمل صور تلك الشجاعة هي استطاعته فك أسر أخيه محمد بعد أن تم أسره واحتجازه في منزلة مع أسرته وتم تطويق المنزل بمئات العملاء المسلحين ولكن خميس القذافي استطاع فك الحصار عن أخيه واقتحام المنزل وانتشال أخيه من الأسر
ـ ورد بصحيفة «الصباح» في عددها الصادر يوم الثلاثاء 26 يونيو 2012، مقال تحت عنوان “الليبيون في ذهول : ظهور خميس القذافي ومحاولة تهريب سيف الإسلام ” وجاء في المقال أنّ “الصباح علمت من مصادرها الخاصة بانّ حقيقة الوضع بمنطقة الجبل الغربي تحديدا الزنتان لم يكن سببها الصراع القبلي بالأساس كما راج أخيرا وتداولته مختلف وسائل الإعلام وإنّما مردها وجود خميس القذافي على قيد الحياة.

وأكّدت الصحيفة أنّ شهود عيان من قبيلة المشاشية، الذين تمّ استنطاقهم كشفوا عن مفاجئة مدوية أذهلت الجميع مفادها أنّ خميس القذافي مازال على قيد الحياة وهو الذي كان يخطّط لتهريب شقيقه سيف الإسلام من معتقله في الزيتان، من خلال حفر أنفاق شبيهة بالأنفاق الممتدة بين الباكستان وأفغانستان “

وورد بالصحيفة أيضا أنّ هذه الأنفاق تمّ حفرها وفق خطّة مدروسة وممنهجة تؤدي إلى مكان تواجد سيف الذي يخضع لحراسة مشدّدة إلى غاية محاكمته.
وأكّدت “الصباح” أنّه تمّ الشروع فعلا في تنفيذ هذا المخطط بمشاركة مجموعة من الضباط و افراد من كتيبته سبقتها عديد اللقاءات لتنفيذ هذا المشروع بدولة عربية لكن ليس للخيانة مواطن او زمان او اشخاص هو فعل شاذ يقوم به كل من تنقصه الاخلاق والغيرة مكن الجرذان من كشف هذا المخطط وهو في بداية مراحل انجازه.

اللواء المعزز 32(لواء خميس) : ـ
يضن الجميع بان هذا اللواء جاءت تسميته نسبتا إلى (المايجر الذهبي ) وهو غير صحيح تسمية اللواء ترجع إلى عم القائد وهو كان اسمه خميس أبو منيار القذافي
واللواء 32 معزز ، كان من أهم التشكيلات العسكرية في الجيش الليبي وقد بدأ تطوير هذه القوات وإسناد مهام الاستطلاع، ومهام البحث والإخلاء القتالي وامن المواقع الرئيسية لها واستهداف المنشئات المعادية والاقتحام والتدمير كما أعطيت بها بعض مهمات استهداف الارتال العسكرية المدرعة وأعاقه تقدمها وقطع خطوط أمدادها واتصالاتها وجهزت ودربت بحيث تكون قادرة على العمل خلف خطوط العدو لفترات طويلة بدون اي إسناد لوجستي. ومع اتجاه خميس بالتفكير بهذه القوات ا الخاصة والاقتناع بدورها في الحروب الحديثة، وتدريب قواتها وتم تسليحها اما برشاشات متوسطة أو بصواريخ مضادة للدروع وسيارات لاند كروزر
مدرعه تم تطويرها لمهمات الاقتحام يتم إعدادها جسمانيا ونفسيا عن طريق تدريبات خاصة جدا خلافا لباقي فروع الجيش الليبي.و كان يشترط في الملتحق لياقة بدنية وجسمانية عالية، كما أنه يخضع لاختبار طبيي مدة التدريب بالكامل
(المياجر الذهبى )استشهد 5 مرات وعاش 4 مرات: ـ
ـ ذكرت مصادر إعلامية ان خميس القذافي نجل العقيد الليبي معمر القذافي توفي يوم الاحد 20 مارس/آذار، متأثرا بحروق أصيب بها عندما هاجم احد الطيارين الليبيين بمقاتلته مخبأ خميس في باب العزيزية بالعاصمة طرابلس.

ونشرت صحيفة “ليبيا اليوم” المعارضة في عددها الصادر يوم الاثنين نبأ مقتل خميس نجل القذافي نقلا عن صفحة “المنارة” على “فيسبوك”.
ـ وانتشرت شائعات في بداية المؤامرة على ليبيا تفيد بأن خميس قُتل بضربة جوية نفذها طيار ليبي، بينما أعلنت وزيرة الخارجية الأميركية هيلاري كلينتون في 23 مارس (آذار) الماضي أنها تلقت معلومات تفيد بأن نجل القذافي قتل في ضربة جوية نفذها الائتلاف الدولي.

وعقب ذلك ظهر خميس في التلفزيون الحكومي، الذي التقط له صورا وهو يرتدي زيا عسكريا، ويتفقد الجرحى والمصابين في مستشفى زليتن من الناجين من غارة للناتو على المنطقة.
ـ و ترددت أنباء مرة أخرى حول مقتل خميس في باب العزيزية إثر هجوم شنته قوات التحالف الدولي على أهداف ومواقع عسكرية للقذافي في طرابلس يوم 5 أغسطس ، لكن الحكومة نفت الخبر.

وعاد خميس ليظهر من جديد بالزي العسكري وسط حشود من المؤيدين
ـ وذكر ان خميس استشهد فى ترهونة بعد دخول العملاء لطرابلس
عند ضرب سيارته من قبل حلف الناتو
ـ ظهر من جديد خميس فى اغتيال السفير الامريكى ببنغازي
ـ وأخيرا ظهر في الإحداث الدامية ودفاع الإشراف على بنى وليد

سيبق بطلنا الذهبى لغز يعجز عن حله الجميع ليس لعدم التيقن من استشهاده او بقاءه على قيد الحياة ولكن لبسالته وشجاعته رموز من ذهب وماس يعجز حتى شامبليون ان يفكها فسلام ورحمه من الله على روحك الطاهرة ايها البطل يا من تمثلت فى وجهه البراءه فى اجمل صورها وتشبست الرجولة والفروسيه فى افعاله لعلها تنال نصيبها ويلتصق اسمها بأسمه , ستظل انت من يسعى اليك الاخضرار بفجره والعنفوان بشمسه
يا أيها البطل

The first newsletter for the green channel:

اول نشرة اخبارية لقناة الخضراء



MB POW-WOW AT Radisson Blu, w Ali Hardness, etc.18 MARCH 2014
“Lioness fierce predators” a publié sur “Hamza Abuchnger” FB, reporting:

COOKED uncertain Redsun ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Blue:?!!!!

Yesterday at Mahari Hotel (“Radisson Blu”) almost at about 4 text arrived 5 (Ali hardness) with a bodyguard and was urgent and rode to the role of the 15 businessmen.

A few minutes later arrived Almilishawi (Salah Badi) Member Conference pagan Allaotunai previously rode for the same role.

Then Bashoah arrived (Mohammed Khalil injectables) a member of Congress from Benghazi and a member of the MB “Justice and construction”, who sing his love for the homeland and Benghazi and rode for the same role.

Then arrived (Rached Ghannouchi), the leader of the Brotherhood bankrupt in Tunisia.

Unfortunately, then came another member of Benghazi but Manarafh named, continued the meeting can be for more than two hours ..

Question for Mohammed Khalil Salah injectables and Paddy who resigned Ôäć they animate with Ali hardness and Ghannouchi?

Only one missing is Barack Obama !

Bernard-Henri Levy acknowledges: Israel was behind the “Arab revolutions”
And witness of their parents! Here is the Zionist Bernard-Henri Levy say it openly and brazenly:
Bmkhabradtha Israel and its army was behind the so-called “Arab Spring” and this refutes …

Rayman Sowhailli:



Dog Inventory Salem key Akaddar aka Bchocana Bazh now infected with AIDS, which deals

with Jordan that God waits but does not neglect:

“Conference Allaotunai” outgoing heading towards the extension of the mandate of the Nigerian Chairman-designate Abdullah Allaovernmh bending and approval to pay extra budget to him.

“Conference Allaotunai” seeks to pull the task of preparing an election law committee of ’17 February’, and granted to the legislative conference committee and controlled by Fidelity, where members of the group this topic bloc Libyan fighter branch of al-Qaeda in Libya. 

(REMEMBER, as Muammar al-Qathafi has taught us, NO ONE CAN “REPRESENT” YOU!; and why PAY someone to supposely do so ?)

ONLY the direct Democracy of the GREAT JAMAMIRIYA  can cure this problem. (There is NO SUBSTITUTE !)

Representative “democracy” compared to DIRECT dempcracy which all Libyans had before NATO’s FORCED interruption:

The so-called Ministry of Economy says ::
- Nearly 9 million national number gets on a basket of goods ration
- Overalls economy may find itself forced to take austerity policy




Voices in the lead through the airport and about Mitigua airbase.

Killing bank manager unit Makhal Library Street “first September”.

Interruption of electricity to the city of Tripoli:


Militia Ain Zara Prison inmates are Balrmih on protesters to bad conditions, and reports of injuries ..



The assassination of Dr. Edison in the city of Sirte this morning, an Iraqi national, was killed at the hands of

al-Qaeda in front of the Faculty of Medicine in Sirte with a barrage of bullets because he was Christian.

Urgent Sirte / / access the body of a girl in her twenties was found in the area east of Sirte forty Shati beside the sea

and is now inside the refrigerator Almutyomen has information on this girl to come to Alospyoallah not wasted wages of the best pursuant.



31 AUGUST 2013

Reasonable “Elhoudran with elders gently” (CYRENAICA) say to you this talk :

Trahmo Ali martyrs heroes:


The murdering, raping, thieving MB MISURATA RATS called “SONS of Sowhailli” MUST GO !
أبناء المجاهد السويحلي


“Zero hour” give us
a RAT REPORT which, I hope هاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااام Publishing
Steep O our people in Cyrenaica:

Phone call leaked by the F Vintage from his Libyan with a person named Ghassan phone number English as the first request from the second stop the search for the consulting firm and the consulting firm Israeli enough now, but you should be looking to us for a private security firm English to be sent for the Eastern District of working with men who are there to be able to filter from causing us unrest in the eastern region
and the “criminals” (HAH !) who control the oil fields and we will send a private jet to them to bring them to Misurata directly and that the people of Misratah and our followers in the eastern region are working Kassar their best and they Tmknu control over a lot of the people of the Middle whether the threat or tempting them money,

and they CONTACT me today and they said to me that they will send them in the prevalence of them and facilitate their entry and will be deployed to the areas to be terminated subject and we can control the situation as soon as possible,

but must act quickly because time is running out. Mlahoudh (mentioned second was a repeat of the first as a father, it may be the son of the first son or his brother or his brother or blade they used them meant something specific).”

Warn our brothers in the eastern region to the planned Misurata for Arkaa the east of Libya and control of oil resources and ownership, so we call all the inhabitants of Cyrenaica and Thoarha men and women need to taken it caution and speed of dealing with dogs Misurata traitors and agents who are in the east and Ntgdy them before Atasho Us.

I hope publishing the widest.

هاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااام ارجو النشر
الحدر يا اهلنا في برقهمكالمة هاتفية مسربة أجراها جمعة عتيقة من هاتفه الليبي مع شخص يدعى غسان على رقم هاتف إنجليزي حيث طلب الأول من الثاني إيقاف البحث عن الشركة الإستشارية وأن الشركة الإستشارية الإسرائيلية تكفي حاليًا ولكن يجب أن تبحث لنا عن شركة أمنية خاصة إنجليزية ليتم إرسالها للمنطقة الشرقية لتعمل مع رجالنا الموجودين هناك لنتمكن من تصفية من يسببون لنا القلاقل في المنطقة الشرقية والمجرمين الذين يسيطرون على الحقول النفطية وسيتم إرسال طائرة خاصة لهم لإحضارهم الى مصراته مباشرة وأن أبناء مصراته وأتباعنا في المنطقة الشرقية يعملون قصار جهدهم وأنهم تمكنو من السيطرة على الكثير من أهل الشرق سواء بالتهديد أو بإغرائهم بالمال، وأنهم اتصلو بي اليوم وقالو لي أنهم في انتضار من سنرسلهم لهم وسيتم تسهيل دخولهم وتوزيعهم على المناطق ليتم إنهاء الموضوع ولنتمكن من السيطرة على الموقف بأسرع وقت ولكن لابد من العمل بسرعة لأن الوقت يدركنا. ملاحضة(المذكور الثاني كان يردد للأول على أنه والده فقد يكون إبن للأول أو إبن أخيه أو صهره أو أنها شفرة تستعمل بينهم يقصد بها شيء معين). ننبه إخواننا في المنطقة الشرقية إلى ما تخطط له مصراته من أجل اركاع الشرق الليبي والسيطرة على مصادر النفط وامتلاكها، لذا نطالب كل سكان برقه وثوارها رجالها ونسائها ضرورة أخد الحيطة والحذر وسرعة التعامل مع كلاب مصراته الخونه والعملاء المتواجدين في الشرق وأن نتغدى بهم قبل أن يتعشو بنا.
ارجو النشر علي اوسع نطاق


Unidentified gunmen assassinated a Jermana army recruits Tuesday, shooting him turf area and fled, and the source

said that the victim and called him “Nizar Solomon effective”.


MUAMMAR al-Qathafi’s Convoy has just passed through BENGHAZI !!

They said al-Qathafi’s convoy beeped and the people of Benghazi screamed-out “Hallelujah”

“ZERO HOUR” comments:
——after three years!! and a quarter of the population of Benghazi has been killed in a reign of terror!

On this day, thousands of officers in Benghazi renew allegiance to the leader Muammar al-Qathafi.
في مثل هذا اليوم آلاف الضباط في بنغازي يجددون البيعة للقائد معمر القذافي



“Lioness fierce predators” a publié sur “Hamza Abuchnger”:

Elly beyond
And Dora’s Hamra hell and good riddance.
Sweeter when news of the opening page.

” علي الدريوي “
Found dead, “Ali Aldriue” calculated on the current hardline Salafist in Drnstan and a close associate of Sufyan (Heretic) binQmo (former leader of al Qaeda), was found shot dead near a power plant steam east tuber.





Reported attack Tabu Ola booklet Knight now in Sabha. Tabu battalion attack on the Knight

and the seizure of three cars SUV and the seizure of ammunition from one of the stores.

Jardan Thdin by side with great force and tank Altanueh Eskero on the streets ..


Created by the Brotherhood, OBAMA does all their dirtywork:
هادا الخاين والحقير ما شبع خيانة وعمالة. يترجى في اوباما يضرب ليبيا. فاكر روحه ان الشرق ملكه . يلعنبوك جدك الخاين يا اتفه الرجال والاعلاميين .انت بوق للصهيونية والعماله بامتياز يا غراب

Yankee arrogance!

Allah and the Guardian Angels form a web of protection about Our Supreme Commander, as they guide him into Saving Libya and the entire World

A letter to the soldiers right al-Fattah Revolution soldiers, and soldiers of the Great Bo Minyar !
God’s peace be upon you, O men of God of peace, ye brave men:
Home safety and peace to you.
For you who have maintained and remained steadfast on the ground and supply.

With you our own hands and your blood, you will be cleansed, freed and

the liberation of the country from colonialism.

Aankm God, cities and Soldiers of supply, you have to crush the slaves falsehood.

Resistance to all the men of preparedness, and general alarm (for there wil be editing).
Therefore, be ready to fight the battle of liberation, in any moment;
Any moment, or more accurate, it will be the zero hour,

and the nation prepares for the same employment to dust off from its body
the vile infestation (which has so covered our sacred land).

God is great and above Kid aggressors.

(((للنشر والتعميم الفوري )))
رساله الى جنود الحق جنود ثورة الفتاح العظيم وجنود بو منيار
سلام الله عليكم يا رجال الله سلام يا اشاوس الوطن سلام لكم يا من تحافظون على الارض والعرض
بايديكم ودمائكم سيكون تحرير الوطن وتطهيره من ادناب الاستعمار
اعانكم الله ومدنا ومدكم بجند من عنده لسحق عبيد الباطل
على كل رجال المقاومه التأهب والنفير العام
لخوض معركة التحرير في اي لحظه
اي لحظه او دقيقه حتكون ساعه صفر والوطن يستعد لنفض العماله عن جسده
والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدين

For lovers Hero commander of Libyan leader Muammar al-QathafiPLEASE to support this topic Page Resistance and posted on the scope of Awia
.Hand in hand to Libya tomorrow Mano nella mano verso la Libia domani:
Demonstrate that Libya is not up for grabs in front of greedy and Mottagrznin and tell them that their free Libya honorable Resistance

برهنة أن ليبيا ليس لقمة سائغة أمام الطامعين و متجرذنين واقول لهم ان ليبيا بها أحرار شرفاء مقاومين

Organisme communautaire : 7 104 personnes aiment

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB says:

Sheikh Abdul Salam & boys are ready to brown yard for the liberation of the country from traitors and agents of NATO.

Abashro victory near!

Oh Giap pride of the nation time of distress,
to the rescue returned to your proud home.
Praise be to God for your safety, Major General Sir!

The hand-to-sworn committed on the Book of God, what Anwatoha !
As you told God for our alliance

and the largest over Kidd aggressor Hanrduha
And Rusk, O Almighty dampers Hanrduha

God is greatest above the aggressor Kid
Mesh Qllkm in sweet thing this news.
يا جياب الفخر للوطن وقت الشده .
الحمد لله على سلامتكم …سيدي اللواء
واليد الي حلفنا بيها على كتاب الله ما انواطوها
وقولت الله واكبر فوق كيد المعتدي حنردوها
وراسك يا عز التريس حنردوها

الله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي
مش قلتلكم في خبر حلو

ابشرو بالنصر القريب

SAADI bannar

Chamber of The operations room of the popular forces

Completion of administrative equipment (fuel needs) to point No. 6 Tripoli …

of the People’s Armed Forces ….

hand everywhere .. on time .. Snzerb strongly …

We will turn the table upon all these militias

that expropriated our land and the supply and awarded the sovereignty of Libya which violates a prize of whom Shaddad prospects and the imperialist forces for the laity in the world ….

We are coming back! We are returning to you. We will shed our blood and so Hadhanon Yamen Sensvk our blood for you, auntil we are satisfied Aalibia …

and we are now stronger than before, because of our leadership in the field with us ..
(Chamber of “The operations room of the popular forces”)

استكمال التجهيزات الادارية ( احتياجات الوقود ) للنقطه رقم 6 طرابلس …التابعة للقوات الشعبية المسلحة ….يدنا في كل مكان ..وفي الوقت المحدد ..سنظرب وبقوة …سنقلب الطاولة بكل هذه المليشيات التي استباحت الارض والعرض ومنحت السيادة الليبية كجائزة ينتهكها من يشاء من شداد الافاق والقوات الامبرياليه والعلمانيين في العالم ….نحن عائدون ولكي حاضنون يامن اجلك سنسفك دمائنا ونحن راضون ياليبيا … ونحن الان اقوى من قبل لان قيادتنا في الميدان معنا..
غرفة عمليات القوات الشعبية

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB says:
We are still your children and still Aaazmy Oshidad Azaymana ~

devoid Manotm high in the sky ~ We are confident of victory over the traitors and agents ~

we will win in this historical battle.


“ZERO HOUR” writes:
We say and we say: -
Your children who die in vain pressures
Are not the most expensive of our children
Are not more expensive than Billah mother generosity and Mahmoud immortal sword and Arabs and all our martyrs heroes
How many times Daonakm to whether the word?
How many times have you applied block the enemies?

How many times have you accepted their Masters we just because we thought you Libyan?
How many times Rjonakm be together against enemies and have allegiance to the homeland?

Each time Tgabon Berhal
And Oceftamona Baabda tyrant

Now we are at the top
And ye shall die in vain pressures

(Your religion the religion of the Crown)
قلنا ونقول :-
ابنائكم الذين يموتون في غوط الباطل
ليسوا بأغلى من ابنائنا
ليسوا أغلى من المعتصم بالله وأم الجود ومحمود وخالدة وسيف العرب وكل شهدائنا الابطال
كم من المرات دعوناكم الى كلمة سواء ؟
كم من المرات طلبا منكم قطع الطريق على الاعداء ؟
كم من المرات قبلنا بكم اسياداً علينا فقط لاننا كنا نظن انكم ليبيين ؟
كم من المرات رجوناكم ان نكون معاً ضد الاعداء ويكون ولائنا للوطن ؟

وفي كل مرة تجيبون بأرحل
ووصفتمونا بعبدة الطاغية

الان نحن في القمة
وانتم تموتون في غوط الباطل

( لكم دينكم ولي دين )



“Zero hour” warns and informs us:For information only;;

Should know that the “Libyan” Abdel Basset A-Kotaite has now purchased the Korean oil tanker with the help of Americaand the pawn chess-piece A-Kotaite is all over campaigning along with John Kerry, and the aid of members of the U.S. Congress.

With their Yankee money, A-Kotaite has returned to Libya, in order for A-Kotaite  to masque as “described patriot”.Caris and elected ministers twill have him be the next puppet Interim president.

Surprise .. a member of al-Qaeda based Army excommunicating Brotherhood in Libya
Sunday, 16 March 2014 23:12عالمى/عرب-وعالم/389748-مفاجأة-عضو-بالقاعدة-يؤسس-لجيش-الإخوان-التكفيري-بليبيا?fb_action_ids=674537569276250&fb_action_types=og.likes&"og.likes"]&action_ref_map
Matrouh – Mahrous Khatib, reports:
Sources opposition Muslim Brotherhood in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, that a member of al-Qaeda and responsible for military action JI fighter Khaled al-Sharif, known as “Abu Hazim” took the file and the Libyan Ministry of Defense.
The source added that “Abu Hazim” is responsible for the recruitment of the army, which is now building a penitential Army continued to Belhadj and Fighter and the Muslim Brotherhood, and is designed to control all the positions, however, the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.
Activists and disseminating images of Libyans, “Abu Hazim” during an interview for the group’s leaders, including jihadi fighter “Dawadi, Khalid al-Sharif, Sami al-Saadi.
And “Abu Hazim,” a supporter of the infidels in Libya is to bring the 2000 bomb magnetic planted under the car, as the release of Fazzani excommunicating, having allowed Zahavi and Magbari visit him in prison reform in which there are leaders of the former regime, one of the smuggling excommunicating Fazzani, who admitted on the killing of the police and army.
Sources opposition Muslim Brotherhood in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, that a member of al-Qaeda and responsible for military action JI fighter Khaled al-Sharif, known as “Abu Hazim” took the file and the Libyan Ministry of Defense.

The source added that “Abu Hazim” is responsible for the recruitment of the army, which is now building a penitential Army continued to Belhadj and Fighter and the ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood, and is designed to control all the positions, however, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.

Activists and disseminating images of Libyans, “Abu Hazim” during an interview for the group’s leaders, including jihadi fighter “Dawadi, Khalid al-Sharif, Sami al-Saadi.

And “Abu Hazim,” a supporter of the infidels in Libya is to bring the 2000 bomb magnetic planted under the car,

as the release of Fazzani excommunicating, having allowed Zahavi and Magbari visit him in prison reform in which there are leaders of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, one of the smuggling ex-communicating Fazzani, who admitted on the killing/ assassinations of the police and army…عالمى/عرب-وعالم/389748-مفاجأة-عضو-بالقاعدة-يؤسس-لجيش-الإخوان-التكفيري-بليبيا?fb_action_ids=674537569276250&fb_action_types=og.likes&

Surprise .. a member of al-Qaeda based Army excommunicating Brotherhood in Libya
Sources opposition 'Muslim (WAHABI) Brotherhood in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, that a member of al-Qaeda and responsible for military action JI fighter Khaled al-Sharif, known as "Abu Hazim", who took the file from the Libyan Ministry of Defense.
PICTURE: Real al-Qaeda RAT rapist KHALID SHARIFF, curator of Tripoli Plateu prison, center,  w MB:



Killed in his car, after being Shooting anonymous, by the lounge near Noor Huda, through the Arboretum Tripoli ..



Shooting near a mosque  toward the rest of the region because of Fashloum murder.


News of the closing of the Ministry of Defense by Zintan and an attack on Tripoli military accounts.

KHAMIS and the QaaQa Batallions of Zintan:

Nrkdoa returned ~ Vote now hear heavy weapons in the skies of the capital Tripoli



Clashes in the city between five and Almzarat of five young people on the basis of an elegant attacking

Port-five armored cars to steal from him.



KANGAROO Court Misurata control sentenced 7 years in prison and a fine of 500 dinars on the REAL MUFTI of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Mujahid Sheikh Mohammed civil Alchuirv of ZLITEN....

God and yes, the agent...

"Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar on FB", writes:

We will not forget our prisoners will not forget our martyrs and abuse Bjtthm not forget to break into our homes and burned will not forget the demolition of the shrine found Sheikh Abdulsalam brown Eachona Aajerman ~

This speech is directed to the tribe parents ~ will not forget revenge ~ will not be long ~

Commencement date Nhitkm soon, God willing, O traitors, O clients NATO.


Sheikh Mohammed civil Alchuirv of ZLITEN:

It is known that Sheikh and tried against the backdrop of his heart against this outburst of "17 February 2011".

It is known that Dell illegal court ruling came from a position of rejection of the aggression against Libya.

Faraj Allah agony and Hun Musaúbh it.


"Born tent" has published on "Hamza Abuchnger FB":

Liberals and Silks sons Zliten before you, the situation our sheikh and our teacher and you Íaasedka who Qari under his hand Sheikh Bona dear Lech Mataathrkosh and Run the solution for the people of this handful of cowards and traitors to launch greedy the age of ninety years imprisoned in it for seven years

and backs a solution to people such as appetizers are cowards and traitors greedy when he launched the ninety years imprisoned in seven years and the Prophet this launch the salvation message, a section of his Majesty and dignity, violates everything chunk of human Majesty.

Rahman and pride you Aajerman time thing this elephant and rice o Farrukh yogurt as you breeze product dogs in  Zliten draw up weknain yogurt under  subdueing our youth with appetizers Farroukh for  Zliten Tbah

and Knayan yogurt under Toaha appetizers Farrukh Agmokm honored (barru) pulled chick dog Misrati this Tel Aviv Aamqml Sqa Ali Aktovk .
Our beloved sheikh, who in his enclosure mount removed from us already moved from Omar almost four years, and its humans nor his family nor his sons and his wife died grieving, moved its God damn someone accepts you yaihod yaangas Qatar traitors dogs through you rats.

They foist into shame your daughters in Qatar and their raiser false dog trouble maker TALIANI  (NATO MUFTI SADAK GHARYIANI) live God neighborhood Sheikh yahakraa hell with all the world and God.

Dr. Ayesha Zafar best as appetizers five million

Hzeimh as appetizers Farroukh dishonor lhalshkal God and bless you!

Whereas, God's curse upon you Aaehud Íaanjaas Qatar traitors dogs, rats you Dsoa shame daughters in Qatar and Rafhen trouble maker.

Our Guide is alive and God Sheikh Aahakra to hell in every the world and God's fingernail of Dr. Aisha is better than five millions Hzima appetizers appetizers Farrukh Halchkal (MISURATA YOGART).

Shame you are to God and yes, the agent (SATAN) is in you.

الأحرار وحراير أبناء زليتن قدامكم الوضع شيخنا ومعلمنا وإنتم ياأصدقاء اللي قاري تحت يده الشيخ بونا الغالي ليش ماتتحركوش واديروا حل للناس هذه كمشة جبناء وخونة شن طامعين فيه عمره تسعين سنة تسجن فيه سبع سنوات والنبي هذا شن ماعاد في حشم أو شن خلاص انتها كل شي قسما بجلالة الرحمن وعزته إنتم ياجرذان وقت الشي هذا وحنعاوده ياجماعة الرز وياجماعة الفيل والترفاس ويا فروخ زبادي النسيم وإنتم كلاب زليتن تباعة وكناين الزبادي تحت طوعها كمشة فروخ يحكموكم بروا شدوا فرخ كلب مصراتي هذه تل أبيب يامقمل صقع علي اكتوفك لكن والله نحن حندردوها ونحنا اللي بنطلعوا شيخنا وانحطوه في حوشه شن مزاله من عمر ليه أربع سنوات ماشاف حوشه ولاناسه ولا أهله ولا أولاده توفت زوجته وماخلوه يتحرك يقبل العزي فيها لعنة الله عليكم يايهود ياأنجاس قطر خونة كلاب جرذان إنتم دسوا عار بناتكم في قطر ورافعهن المفتن الكلب الكاذب الطلياني حي حي والله شيخ ياحقراء طز في كل العالم والله ظفر الدكتوره عائشة خير من كمشة خمس ملاين هذيمه كمشة فروخ خزي لهالشكال حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فيكم
ناصر عليa publié surحمزه ابوخنجر
Seven years Aazlam!!!!!!!!!!Any prescribed any law you are going to do the honorable Sheikh Mohammed civil Alchuirv. Is it because he said no to NATO?
Or because he said no to the insurgency legitimacy and out it in a secure and stable? Or because he said no to the
plight of Arafha Bernard Levy French Jewish?

Did you take so old that exceeded the 80-year-old ... any man you any spend Qdhaakm this and any law you are going
to any crime committed by this Cbouk ...God curse you, O traitors, O of Batwa land supply and Adeeetm raping your daughters and sisters of the sons of the armed
people unjustly while Kdmtamohm.In fact, the Qatari, French and others from your masters who enter the room your sleep nor can 't tell them do not like
what you said, sir leader Muammar al-Qathafi ...but Naahidk Dear Sheikh and all our prisoners and Oseeratna all our martyrs, we Snter to you, God willing, and Snguets
of collaborators and traitors follow NATO and will teach those whodo wrong, and that any return overturn tomorrow to sight a close victory and only from God.
(Nasser Ali),,,,,,
سبع سنوات ياظلاّم !!!!!!!!!!
بأي شرع وأي قانون حكمتم به على الشيخ الجليل محمد المدني الشويرف هل لأنه قال لا لحلف الناتو ؟ ام لأنه قال لا للتمرد على الشرعية والخروج عنها في دولة آمنة ومستقرة ؟ أو لأنه قال لا لنكبة عرّافها برنارد ليفي اليهودي الفرنسي ؟ ولم تراعوا حتى عمره الذي تجاوز 80 عاما ... أي بشر أنتم وأي قضاء قضاؤكم هذا وبأي قانون حكمتم وأي جريمة ارتكبها هذا الشبخ ... لعنكم الله ايها الخونة يا من بعتوا الارض والعرض وادعيتم باغتصاب بناتكم واخواتكم من ابناء الشعب المسلح ظلما وبهتانا بينما قدمتموهم في الحقيقة الى القطريين والفرنسيين وغيرهم من اسيادكم الذين يدخلون الى غرف نومكم ولا تستطيعوا ان تقولوا لهم لا مثل ما قال سيدي القائد معمر القذافي ... لكن نعاهدك ايها الشيخ وكل اسرانا وأسيراتنا وكل شهدائنا الأبرار أننا سنثأر لكم بإذن الله وسنقتص من العملاء والخونة اتباع الناتو وسيعلم الذين ظلموا أي منقلب ينقلبون وإن غدا لناظره قريب وما النصر إلاّ من عند الله .
ناصــــــر علـــــــي ,,,,,,


Alash oh oh Hakra dogs???
Does he refuse to deal with your master, Levi!!!
Is it what Khan his country nor religion nor the law of God!!!

Does he stop with the right against falsehood!!!
Does he not agree to the destruction and looting of his country!!!

Did not respect the old age
Not knowing????

But God is with him
Every honest with him
Greetings to you, O our sheikh Galilee knower of God and His laws right
Faithful who did not accept to be like Mufti Algahaar pawns of Moza and Bglha and Bhimha

You, O God our sheikh Galilee

O fire be coolness and peace on honorable Sheikh Mohammed civil Alchuirv

Ignite Alnieran in prison,  Aldavnip of the Jews, out of Misrata and a large number of family.The killing of three prisoners on fire, which broke out in the prison Aldavnip and is believed to be fabricated from Jews Misurata.

مقتل ثلاثة سجناء جرا الحريق الذى نشب فى سجن الدافنية ويعتقد انه مفتعل من يهود مصراته



Attempted kidnapping Victor Ramadan Allmata from his home city of Sirte after MB Libyan Shield militia

attacked his home where his children and neighbors repelled militias and complete closure of the entrances

to the neighborhood in Sirte No. 2.




Celebrations masses of the people's congresses arrival of Great Manmade River water to the city of Ajdabiya,

after more than 3 months without Fresh water because RATS neglected to fix  the power station!.

15 FEBR. 2014

1:35 arrival Great Manmade River water to the city of Ajdabiya.


The RAT third column of Jardan from Prairie
 go to the Valley Rouge to join the  MB LIBYAN SHIELD MIDDLE MISURATA forces stationed there .

الرتل الثالث من الجردان المرجللذهاب الي الوادي الاحمر للأنضمام للقوات الجردان المرابطه هناك


Another explosion in Benghazi now beside Brega.


Young people in the city of Benghazi, who burned tires and shut down the road at # Island _

quivers in protest against the deteriorating situation of the city in the city.

The kidnapping of two Egyptian workers in the area, Mr. Younis  by an armed group..

Sources confirm: that the explosion the car in front of the secondary technical path of the project Rulrhh during congestion gate,

which led to the death of many of the victims, the source added that the graduation day yesterday from high school and military

were coming today to receive graduation certificates and the explosion occurred, and there are many casualties.

The arrival of many of the corpses and wounded in an explosion near the technical secondary

to the Benghazi Medical Center.

Revealed the names of the 1,200 wounded, a hospital in Benghazi at the moment when a car Mfajkhhamam camp
secondary technical and injured were aged from 20-28 years.
Critical cases, a room operations:
1 – Ahmed Abdullah
2 – Magdi F
3 – Spring Hassan
4 – Ahmed Nouri Boubacar
5 – someone who has not been identified so far identified.
The names of the wounded:
1 – Congratulations auspicious Solomon
2 – Mohammed Naji Mahmoud
3 – Osman Khalifa Boubacar
4 – Said Hameed
5 – Mohammed Ibrahim, hoping
6 – to **** (is not recognized on the full identity)
7 – Mohammed Saleh
8 – Mohammad Naji
9 – Mohammed Hamad
10 – Happy ***** (not recognized the full identity)
كشف باسماء الجرحى بمستشفى ال1200 ببنغازي حتى هذه اللحظة اثر انفجار سيارة مفخخةامام معسكر الثانوية الفنية وتتراوح اعمار الجرحى من 20 الي 28 سنة .
الحالات الحرجة وهي بغرفة العمليات :
1- احمد عبدالله
2- مجدي جمعة
3- ربيع حسن
4- احمد نوري بوبكر
5- شخص لم يتم التعرف علي هويته حتى الان .اسماء الجرحى :
1- مبروك الميمون سليمان
2- محمد ناجي محمود
3- عثمان بوبكر خليفة
4- سعيد عبدالحميد
5- ابراهيم عسى محمد
6- على **** ( لم يتم التعرف علي هويته كاملة )
7- محمد صالح
8- ناجي محمد
9- محمد حمد
10- سعيد ***** ( لم يتم التعرف علي هويته كاملة )

This is the remaining shreds of Aljtt left by the explosion of Benghazi today.
God’s curse on 17 February“, and on the island (so-called “government”), and Bernard Levy.Each Masouk chanted and marched behind contributed to temptation.Suffice God and yes, the agent.

هذا ماتبقي من أشلاء الجتث التي خلفها أنفجار بنغازي هذا اليوم .لعنة الله على فبراير . وعلى الجزيرة . وعلى برناردليفي . وعلى كل ماسوق وهتف وساهم وسار خلف فتنتهم . وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
Today in Benghazi, Libyan Um … was waiting for her son’s graduation attire arrived ….
But the remains in a box—
The resignation of a member of Congress Allaotunai (Amina Amoirbe)
from the membership of the Conference on the city of Benghazi.
Arrived at the Benghazi Medical Center yesterday two bodies have become accustomed to Africans
were shot dead and Moktuaa hands, and have not been identified yet.



A large explosion shakes the pool area. The death of the citizen “Murad Boezkih”

after being targeted by an explosive adhesive in the pool area in Benghazi.

Hammadi Baby informs us:
Hey Khoi name Maher Bozekaya son Dean Faraj was Bozekaya holder box of Homeland Security by the court, Li Li at Sea.

The assassination of Colonel Pilot Mohammed Akila Barasi detonated his car near Al Ahly Club Zaytuna in Benghazi.


Armed clash gate gypsum by Sawani accounts around the headquarters of the military.

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

Did not see the urgency of the fatwa Mufti (Gharyiani honest) about the criminal act of terrorism and my father

killed more than 10 people today in the Libyan city of Benghazi ….
When it came to the oil, the world and did not loose and came out the fatwa and statements and prohibition

and criminalization (Is oil has become more precious than the blood of the Libyan).
Hedda became the person issued fatwas on temperament or under Dgz and Adjustments Qatar ?




USA is provoking everywhere, WWIII !

U.S. battleship controls the oil tanker that came out of Port Sidra the past few days ..

Atlese Alfrjani informs us:
Where America from Rajmath base oil tanker Sahlh.

U.S. troops ascend the tanker escaped from the Libyan port controlled by Emtemrdn
Mon 17 March 2014 10:03 am GMT

(Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) The Special Forces Navy sailed high on Sunday night and took control of the oil tanker ran away earlier this month from the Libyan port under the leadership of armed men.

A press spokesman for the Pentagon, John Kirby It did not hurt in a process approved by the U.S. President Barack Obama at the request of the PUPPET-governments of Libya and Cyprus signed in international waters south-east of Cyprus.

The spokesman said in a statement that the tanker “Morning Glory, carrying oil-owned National Oil Corporation of the (PUPPET-) Libyan government.” The statement added that the tanker and the cargo was to control them ‘illegally’ “from the Libyan port of Sidra.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus if the tanker is now moving west in the Mediterranean, accompanied by U.S. troops. The carrier stands 29 kilometers south-east of Cyprus, while her accession process occurred near midnight Cyprus.

Woe to the nation laughed ignorance of Nations!!!!
Who have just benefited from Libyan oil is of American imperialism
It Vakrh soul-Hakim Libya
Were it not for tykes who Andg them the name of freedom and seek help from NATO.
What we Reina shed prestige Libya at the hands of the Americans today.
During the 42 years, Tstamrna America, did not even allow them to invest in the Libyan albeit
open shops Alhardez’s and KFC.
Misratah, Libya’s Jews became that lets Farhana
Halclab accustomed to from Istamarham and treat them as slaves
Money is important to ring in Jepthm
Had Anaant prestige home
Dollar for the most important matter of home.
Washington, United States of America (CNN) – issued a U.S. Department of Defense issued a statement revealed that the military units have intercepted the oil tanker “Morning Glory.” It Okhaddatha their control after monitored in international waters south of the island of Cyprus.
A spokesman for the ministry, Gen. John Kirby: “at the request of Libya, Cyprus intercepted American troops tanker Morning Glory, a ship does not follow any state, and the subject since the beginning of this month to control three armed Libyans, in the process did not lead to injuries.”
Kirby added: “The operation took place with the approval of President Barack Obama, in international waters south-east of Cyprus, and carried out by a group of special forces Marine belonging to the Special Operations Command in Europe.” It also pointed out that the group naval forces “worked from the USS Roosevelt, which also provided air support through helicopters.”
According to Kirby, the oil tanker was carrying a cargo of oil from the “government-owned” Libyan campaign “illegally” from the Libyan port of Sidra, adding that the tanker, carrying a team of American sailors, Boutraiqam to a Libyan ports.
North Korea has entered a crisis line carrier emphasized that the vessel flying their flag in fact managed by an Egyptian company, but the company responded in a statement received by CNN Arabic copy of it by saying that the role does not exceed the management paperwork
CNN Arabic – American forces controlled the oil tanker caused a political crisis and security in Libya
Refinance the debt of billion owed by Dubai to Abu Dhabi and the Central Bank

{Big celebrations taking place in the city of Misurata now raise the American flag joy to arrest the oil tanker and want slogans (Misurata Aacherq powerful are given the right with the Navy) (Misurata crusher Alkhhom Loya Benghazi Derry centuries) and is distributed sweets and juices in the streets of Misurata now}


“ZERO HOUR” writes:
‘Muslim’ (WAHABI)Brotherhood Hashim humans:

“America is our friend !..”

“America is our friend”, uttered one of the leaders of militias Brotherhood Alnatoyh named Hashim humans,

who thanked the Ambassador of the United States to restore the country to ship oil.

He asked Korean students to help them to crush what he called the rebellion “gently (CYRENAICA) ..

I mean hired Americanised and NATO to eliminate al-Qathafi, and now are getting help from them to eliminate CYRENAICA !
(The problem they pretend angry when accused of being agents of NATO and the rebels ..)
And all under magnification ..

Regime Change: First Ukraine, then Venezuela, then Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil . .

. China?

15 March  2014 at 9:21 AM

Now that US Secretary of State John Kerry has issued an ultimatum to Russia, telling Putin that he has until Monday to follow Washington’s orders or else, hopefully everyone can see the repeat of the March of Folly that produced World War 1.

In my last column, “Merkel Whores For Washington,” I mistakenly attributed to Khrushchev all transfers of Russian territory to Ukraine.  The first gifts of Russian territories to Ukraine were made by Lenin, and the last was Sevastopol in the early 1990s.

I have posted today Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s account of how Russian territory was given to Ukraine.  In the meantime, Washington’s puppet regime in Kiev has sent in thugs to commit violence against protesting Russians in eastern Ukraine who want nothing to do with Washington’s stooges in Kiev, prompting Russia to issue another warning that the Russian military will protect Russians. Clearly, Washington is doing everything it can to provoke Putin into sending the Russian Army into eastern Ukraine.  Now that Merkel has sold out Europe, the course of Ukrainian events seems clear, which provides an opportunity for me to address Washington’s coup-in-the-making against Venezuela.

Venezuela Also Is Being Overthrown By The Criminal Regime In Washington

The Washington orchestrated coup in Ukraine has kept Venezuela out of the headlines.

A confrontation with nuclear armed Russia is more dangerous than with Venezuela.  But the violence that Washington has unleashed on Venezuela almost simultaneously with Ukraine is testimony to Washington’s stark criminality.

South America has always consisted of a tiny Spanish elite with all the money and power ruling over large majority populations of indigenous peoples who have not had political representation.  In Venezuela, Chavez broke this pattern. An indigenous president was elected who represented the people and worked in their behalf instead of looting the country. Chavez became a role model, and indigenous presidents were elected in Ecuador and Bolivia.

Chavez was hated by Washington and demonized by American presstitutes.  When Chavez died of cancer, Washington celebrated.

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, was inclined in favor of granting asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Consequently, Washington ordered its European puppet states to deny overflight permission to President Morales’ airplane on its return to Bolivia from Russia. Morales’ airplane, in violation of every diplomatic protocol, was forced down and searched.  Morales has since suffered other indignities at the hands of the Washington criminals.

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, made himself a target of Washington by granting political asylum to Julian Assange.  On Washington’s orders, Washington’s  British puppet state has refused to grant free passage to Assange, and Assange is spending his life in the London Embassy of Ecuador, just as Cardinal Mindszenty spent his life in the US Embassy in Communist Hungary.

With Chavez’s death, indigenous Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro became president. Maduro does not have Chavez’s charisma, which makes him an easier target for the tiny Spanish elite that owns the media.

Washington began the attack on Maduro by attacking the Venezuelan currency and driving down its value in currency markets.  Then university students, many of whom are the children of the rich Spanish elites, were sent out to protest.  The falling Venezuelan currency raised prices and spread dissatisfaction among Maduro’s poor indigenous base.  To put down the rioting, property damage, and unrest that Washington is using to launch a coup, Maduro had to turn to the police. Secretary of State John Kerry has labeled the government’s effort to reestablish public order and forestall a coup a “terror campaign against its own citizens.”

Having orchestrated the protests and plotted a coup, Kerry blamed Maduro for the violence that Kerry unleashed and called on Maduro “to respect human rights.”

For Washington, it is always the same script. Commit a crime and blame the victim.

If Washington can overthrow Maduro, the next target will be Correa.  If Washington can get rid of Correa and re-empower a puppet government of rich Spanish elites, Washington can have the Ecuadoran government revoke the political asylum that Correa granted to Julian Assange.  The Ecuadoran Embassy in London will be ordered to kick Assange out into the waiting arms of the British police who will send him to Sweden who will send him to Washington to be tortured until he confesses to whatever Washington demands.

The poor gullible dupes demonstrating in Venezuelan streets have no more idea of the damage they are doing to themselves and others than their counterparts in Ukraine had. Venezuelans have already forgotten what life for them was like under the rule of the Spanish elites. It appears that Venezuelans are determined to help Washington to return them to their servitude.

If Washington reconquers Venezuela and Ecuador, Bolivia will be next. Then Brazil.

Washington has its sights on Brazil, because the country is a member of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), and Washington intends to destroy this organization before the countries can establish a trading bloc that does not use the US dollar.

Not long ago a US official said that as soon as we (Washington) get Russia in a bind, we will deal with the upstarts in South America.

The program is on schedule.

Barack Obama, the Evil Leader of this world:

MUAMMAR al- Qathafi fights those forces of Evil.
Allah and the Guardian Angels form a web of protection about Our Supreme Commander, as they guide him into Saving Libya and the entire World:

Mu w his invisable aura about him 2

Sassy Sunday!


“ZERO HOUR” proclaims


“Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation”:

The beginning of the rain drop and this drop down and embraced Libyan soil.

This will be the beginning of great news of the triumph & victory of the people’s will against the forces of reaction and imperial colonialism.

(The human patient)
We, as we promised you, we would be still victorious !
We possess High-caliber Effectiveness ; and within days, will be the beginning of the victory of the liberation.

Yes, God willing, liberation.

God is great and above Kid aggressors
(“Media Committee of the battalion men in the current situation”)

ساعة الصفر

اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
ان بداية الغيث قطره وان هده القطره سقطت وعانقت تراب الجماهيريه الليبيه .وهناك اخبار ستكون بداية لانتصار ارادة الشعب على قوى الرجعيه وادناب الاستعمار
( وبشر الصابرين ) نحن كما عاهدناكم كنا ولا زلنا وسنكون
نبشركم بخبر من العيار الثقيل خلال ايام سيكون بداية لانتصار التحرير انشالله
والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدين
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي

Mu cloud of Victory

Why are there similarities in thought of Muammar al-Qathafi and Napoléoné Bonaparté ?

“Did Napoléoné convert to Islam ?”

by Pippa Bartolotti

There are one or two references to the conversion to Islam by Napoleon Bonaparte. The official French newspaper of the time –1798 — carried an account of Napoleon’s conversion and mentions his Muslim name, “Aly Napoleon Bonaparte”. Napoleon is also quoted (in Christian Cherfils: “Bonaparte et Islam” *) as saying that he would like to establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Quran. [A more recent reference is in the book "Satanic Voices" by David Pidcock.]

Napoleon traveled widely and was well read. As the Emperor of France he was continually searching for ways in which he could strengthen his country, and had a deep knowledge of Shari’ah Law….

In 1807, February 9, Napoleon issued a rabbinical Fatwa prohibiting usury (the charging of interest). Upon being shown a table of interest charges, he reflected for a while and made the following comment:

“The deadly facts herein revealed, lead me to wonder that this monster, interest, has not devoured the whole human race. It would have done so long ago if bankruptcy and revolutions had not acted as counter poisons.” (Lincoln: Money Martyred; Omni Publications 1935).
In the build up to the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 on June 18, western bankers were pitched against Napoleon; if he won, they would be out of business. If Britain lost, the value of English coinage would plummet. If Britain was victorious, the value of the currency would increase.

The prosperity of the Rothschilds rested upon backing the right horse in the Napoleonic wars and developing close relations with one or more of the warring governments involved. In January 1814 the Rothschilds contracted to supply the Duke of Wellington with the monthly hundred thousand pounds sterling in ready cash to continue paying his armies to wage war against Napoleon. They became the disburser of subsidies to the German, Austrian, Belgian, and Russian allies.

The four Rothschild brothers developed a network of agents, shippers, and couriers to transport gold — and information — criss-crossing the frontiers of Europe buying, selling, and transporting millions of coins.

The private intelligence service so gathered enabled Nathan Rothschild to receive the news of Wellington’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo a full day ahead of the British government’s official messengers. At the London Stock Exchange, Rothschild dumped hundreds of thousands of British guineas on the market. Guessing that he had prior knowledge of a Wellington defeat at Waterloo, other investors were in a panic to sell. At its lowest price, and shortly before the official news about Wellington’s victory arrived in London, Rothschild bought the currency he had just sold, and the value of the guinea skyrocketed. His fortune multiplied twenty times on that one day.

Nathan gained so much that by 1825–6 he was able to supply enough coin to the Bank of England to enable it to avert a liquidity crisis.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act created a consortium of privately held associated banks called the Federal Reserve Bank. The largest shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank were Rothschild’s of London holding 57% of the stock not available for public trading. It is difficult to track the exact ownership of these banks, however, the Rothschilds may have assets in the trillions.

What would have happened had Napoleon not converted to Islam, or at the very least, not prescribed Islamic and non-usurious banking practices for France? Would the Rothschild family not have been so interested in the outcome of Waterloo? And what might have happened if Napoleon had won? (An unlikely event considering the entire European aristocracy and most of the banking families were pitted against him.)

Would we now be living in a world whereby money could be borrowed without interest? We would not be facing a national debt which allows the bankers their huge bonuses and the ordinary people the bill for it all.

Some aspects of Shariah Law still exist in the French constitution based on the Code Napoleone.
Excerpts only from: “Napoleon, an admirer of Islam and its Prophet”
By Paul-Eric Blanrue
Napoleon, an admirer of Islam and its Prophet
By Paul-Eric Blanrue

The truth and the reality of the conversion to Islam by Napoleoné Bonaparté… here are some excerpts from the authentic thought of the Emperor on spirituality.

Napoleon wrote: “That which is superior in Mahomet, is that in ten years he conquered half the globe, while nearly three hundred years of Christianity to establish.”

In his correspondence, in the chapter “Observations on the tragedy of Mahomet,” Napoleon wrote: “He has destroyed the false gods, overthrew the temple idols in half the world, spread more than anyone the knowledge of one God in the universe … Muhammad was a great man, fearless soldier …. Great captain, eloquent, statesman, he created his homeland and regeneration in the middle of the deserts of Arabia a new people and a new power. “

Count Las Cases Memorial in St. Helena, tells an interesting anecdote: “At dinner, the Emperor said curious things about Egypt, touching one of the chapters, he had dictated the religion, customs etc.. (…) “There are spirtual rewards among faithful Muslims: the hours with blue eyes, smiling groves, rivers of milk and hence he concluded, in between the two religions, that one could say that one was a threat, she [Christianity as we know it today] appears later as the religion of fear; the other [Islam in its Malakite purified state, as Muamar al-Qathafi tries to expound upon], on the contrary, was a promise, and became the religion of the attractions. “

“The ‘confessions’ of Napoleon Bonaparte on Islam”
Published 03 September 2012 by Chuck
Napoleon Bonaparte lot speechifying on major issues in his life, particularly when it forced on the island of St. Helena exile. The caged lion for example presented its opinions and beliefs vis-à-vis religion, or rather religions. Islam, whom he met during his expedition in Egypt, is obviously the one he felt most closely.

Napoleon Bonaparte really comes into contact for the first time with Islam in 1798, during the Egyptian campaign (1798-1801). Upon his arrival, he shows himself intrigued by the culture of the country and especially in the Muslim tradition, the call to prayer and Koranic teachings.

Bonaparte is actually fascinated by the person of Mohammed and touched by religious fervor. In a letter dated 28 August 1798, he confided to Sheikh El-Messiri: “General Kleber reports to me your ways, and I am satisfied. (…) I hope that is not the time where I can meet all the wise and educated men of the country soon and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Al-Quran, which are the only true and that can only be enjoyed by men. “(Letter to Sheikh El-Messiri (11 Fructidor VI), Correspondence of Napoleon, Napoleon Bonaparte, ed. H. Plon, 1861, vol. 4, Part Part No. 3148, p. 420).

Confessions of St. Helena

Bonaparte, Napoleon became the first, gives back to Catholicism a true place in society. Not by conviction as evidenced by his violent attitude example with Pope Pius VII, but interest. In a letter, he says in effect that “A society without religion is like a ship without a compass.” (ONE MUST NOTE THAT MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI HAS STATED THE SAME THING.)

Islam seems to disappear from his remarks during his reign, but also re-appeared during his exile on the island of Saint Helena (1815-1821).

There, he has the time to go back on his life and philosophy on a variety of topics. During a match, present in the Journal de Sainte Hélène, he speaks of the three monotheisms. Firstly, it considers that the Jews were wrong to want to keep the message of Moses to confine their “race to elect of God. ” In addition, he admires Jesus but regrets that Christianity was recovered by “a group of politicians Rome” to control the people, and has distorted the oneness of God: “Then they gave to God partners . They were now three in one “.

At the end of its reasoning, the deposed emperor comes to Islam, which he describes as such: “And finally, at some point in history, there appeared a man named Muhammad. And this man said the same thing that Moses, Jesus, and other prophets:

“there is only One God. That was the message of Islam. Islam is the true religion. More people will read and become smarter, they become familiar with the logic and reasoning. They abandon the idols, or rituals that support polytheism, and they recognize that there is only One God. And therefore, I hope that the time will soon where Islam predominates in the world. “
(Correspondence of Napoleon 1 -. Unpublished Diary of Saint Helena, 1815-1818 (Gal Baron Gourgaud), Napoleon Bonaparte, ed Comon et cie, 1847, t 5, Religious Affairs, p 518.). Earlier in the even “Journal of Saint Helena dictated to General Gouraud”, it is even possible to read “I prefer the religion of Muhammad….”
(Diary of St. Helena from 1815 to 1818, Napoleon Bonaparte, ed. Flammarion, 1947, vol. 2, Part 28 August 1817, p. 226).

Napoleon Bonaparte and Islam …
This small section has its place and in this study, and in this phase of conclusion, despite your astonishment. You’ll quickly understand why. When I was young, in school, that I would be interested to know the views of the Emperor of France on Islam. It would have been interesting to know that he took the time, several times during his Egyptian campaign and especially during his
final visit to St Helena, to write and to write his views on the religion of Islam.

On this rock in the middle of the Atlantic, Napoleon then had no interest to reveal their preferences for the Muslim religion, and yet he did. Historians did not discuss this aspect of the personality of this icon of the French nation. Why?

“The sources of napoleon code and the civil code”

Jean Joseph Delsol. 1867. “Elementary Explanation of the Code Napoleon.” Paris: Librairie Council of State, 12.
He will return to the Civil Code thereafter to be slightly modified in order to achieve its modern and current form:

The French Civil Code Napoleon seems to be heavily inspired by Sharia, says Christian Cherfils*:
“The influence of the Arabic-Islamic thought on European thought, was not limited to philosophy, poetry or methodology, but it is also found in European legislation. Thinkers argue that the NAPOLEONIC CODE was inspired by the N. African Malikite doctrines (just as is Muammar al-Qathafi’s total thinking), by saying, ‘Malakite Doctrine calls us , because of the nature of the relationship we do with the Arabs of Africa.
Therefore, the French government awarded Dr. Peyron, care to translate: ‘The Abstract Fiqh’, its original author being al-Khalil Isaak bin Yakoub, who died in 1442.”

(This book is very well known in academic and religious circles within the Magreb…)

During the campaign of the Napoleonic army in Egypt, the French emperor knew almost the Islamic Shariah. We refer here to the work of Christian Cherfils entitled “Bonaparte and Islam”* which contains details in this direction.

Corsican born Emperor of France (1769-1821)
“Islam attack especially idolaters there is no other god but God , and Muhammad is his prophet, is the foundation of Islam , it was the most important point : spend the great truth announced Moses and confirmed by Jesus. (…) There is no god but God and Muhammad is his prophet.
(…) I am, and Muslim unit ( that ) I glorify the Prophet . (…) I hope that the time will soon when I can unite all the wise and educated men of the country and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Koran ( Islam – nes ) , which are only true and which alone can make men happy . “
( Excerpts from ” Correspondence of Napoleoné Volume V Part No. 4287 of 17/7/1799 : profession of faith , see also Exhibit No. 3148 , and the work of Christian Cherfils ” Bonaparté and Islam ” – Pedone Ed – Paris – 1914 – p 81 – . 127)

Napoléoné added that “more people will read and become smarter, they become familiar with the logic and reasoning. They abandon the idols, or rituals that support polytheism, and they recognize that there is that One God. And therefore I hope that the
time will not be long when Islam will dominate the world, because the world ….. it will prevail.”

Thus spoke the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Ref. Concept: – Correspondence of Napoleon 1:
Volume V, P518. Correspondence of Napoleon 1: Part No. 3148 novel Diary of Saint Helena, 1815-1818 (Gal Baron Gourgaud) Additional references: see bibliography at the end.

These are specific sources, verifiable, assessment of Islam by Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France.

His predictions are held today before our eyes. That is why we are interested in here.

In Annex I states that in “Correspondence of Napoleon 1″, Volume V, P518 “Correspondence and Memory on the internal administration from 1798 to 1799″, the part No. 4287 of 17 July 1799,
Napoleon Bonaparte also officially pronounce its declaration of faith in Islam. And the same
information also appears in another work (Nakoula): his profession
faith in Arabic (I have the photostat), translated and published by Mr. Desgranges senior official secretary and interpreter,

and printed in 1839 at the Royal Printing - p130 and 131.

God possesses the secrets of the soul, says the Holy Quran.
Bonaparte should be considered Muslim, since he has said and written!

Christian Cherfils (Author), James Gibb-Stuart (Translator) (Editor), Brigitte Farncoise Bresson (Editor)

Christian Cherfils entitled “Bonaparte and Islam”*
*:Then these historic National Archives of War, we never will see make the headlines! If not here, in this book,

you will have little chance to read it. My references are all verifiable and official yet!

Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar/أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر :

I have news of a bomb & O Conqueror free ~ Gary emphasis Paso & (FALSE RUMOR!)

& I apologize to our followers to spread the news of a bomb shortly after the confirmation and Gary ~

news is smuggled out of prison, Major General Al-Saadi of ~

confirmed the news and the news came just a rumor Vis ~ apologize to you, my free light ~

Lord bless you and Samehohna

& Morning of victory and challenge and steadfastness morning ~

~ pride and dignity and your enemy Nharkm Congratulations Mhloc ~
Lord bless you, O & free Conqueror.&عندي خبر قنبله يا أحرار الفاتح~جاري التأكيد بس&&صباح النصر والتحدي والصمود~صباح العزه والكرامه~نهاركم مبروك وعدوكم مهلوك~ربي يحفظكم يا أحرار الفاتح&


Lioness fierce predators
a publié sur
Hamza Abuchnger

Hada Elly minus O rugged men
You Win Jatk audacity and Ttgbd name Sirte

Sirte is the biggest you Asiak O Khit

Hear me, O vile Zain
Libyan Mnrduha
Khadra our flag and banner

The commander, Sir & Sons are the only ones who lead Libyan Resistance.

And the capital of Libya are: Sirte withstand challenge

And presently teaches Algaab.
اللبوة الشرسة المفترسةa publié sur‎حمزه ابوخنجر

هادا اللي ناقص يا عرة الرجال
انت وين جاتك الجراة وتتجبد اسم سرت

سرت اكبر منك ومن اسياك يا خيث

اسمعني زين يا حقير
الجماهيرية منردوها
والراية الخضرا رايتنا

وسيدي القائد واولاده هم بس اللي يحكموا ليبيا

وعاصمة الجماهيرية العظمى هي : سرت الصمود والتحدي

والحاضر يعلم الغايب


From 9:22 dared say? This is not reasonable?
de Elhoudra green

21 FEBR. 2014

1:39 redemption Libya of what Tris Attiyna

12 FEBR. 2014
de Elhoudra Green


قريب فرج ربي
Prime Wikileaks:
Muammar al-Qathafi spoiled Israel from joining the project of the European Union (sysem).06/15/2013 threatened the head of WikiLeaks Julian Assange EU for not standing with him against the United States and Britain.Assange said in a statement that “the project al-Qathafi” spoiled Israel from joining the European system, of which the sending of aid ship Ankara, and make Israel get bogged down and lose the stability of the flag of the European Union.And that the reason for the war in Libya, was the demand upon the European Union, of al-Qathafi demandin gold-for-oil, not currency.He added that the filaments game “Aloivz children are to take out al-Qathafi from Africa”.He said that Britain holds 90 billion pounds of funds reap Libya.
And that Britain banned the Egyptian army from helping al-Qathafi.With regard to Turkey, NATO said bargained on the European Common Market to participate in the war in Libya. He explained that Qatar paid 50 million dollars for a steal against the leadership system of the Libyan army.And that the UAE condemns Libya with 47 billion dollars of Libyan investments.He added that Switzerland Ioroa 9 million stolen from Libyan bank accounts and 37 others and helped people belonging to the system and split the money after dividing Atina Libyan crisis to join the new regime in Libya and was appointed ambassador in Belgium.He said that Mussa Kusa, without doubt, was the murderer of Imam Mussa al-Sadr in agreement between Lebanon and the United Kingdom ..

And that Muammar al-Qathafi had nothing to do with Mussa al-Sadr’s death (only metal element sudden everyone).

Tell A car and ceremonies for Bakaddafa were sold in Italy for 11.16€ million euros and former friend of the buyer and seller of a coastal city near Tripoli.

With regard to Russia, said Russia sent Andar, (Chad secret as Stqcefha) aircraft if it continues to enter the south of Libya, an area of Russian influence. la traduction


رئيس ويكيليكس :القدافي افسد مشروع انضمام اسرائيل للمنظومة الأوروبية2013-06-15 هدد رئيس منظمة ويكيليكس جوليان آسانج الأتحاد الاوروبي لعدم وقوفهم معه ضد الولايات المتحدة الامريكية و بريطانياوقال اسانج في تصريحات إن القدافي افسد مشروع انضمام اسرائيل للمنظومة الأوروبية وهو من قام بارسال سفينة مساعدات انقرة وجعل اسرائيل تتورط وتخسر علم الأستقرار من الأتحاد الاوروبي .وان سبب حرب ليبيا هي مطالبة القدافي للأتحاد الاوروبي ذهب مقابل النفط وليس عملة .واضاف ان خيوط لعبة اطفال الأيذز هي من اجل اخراج القدافي من افريقيا .وقال ان بريطانيا تملك 90 مليار جني استرليني من اموال ليبيا .
وان بريطانيا منعت الجيش المصري من مساعدة القدافي .وبخصوص تركيا , قال ساومت الحلف الاطلسي على السوق الاوروبية المشتركة للأشتراك في حرب ليبيا . واوضح ان قطر دفعت 50 مليون دولار لأحد القيادات مقابل سرقة منظومة الجيش الليبي .وان دولة الأمارات تدين لليبيا بـــ47 مليار دولار استثمارات ليبية .واضاف ان سويسرا سرقت 9 مليون يوروا من الحسابات البنكية الليبية و37 أخرين وساعدها شخص تابع للنظام وانشق بعد قسمة الاموال اتناء الازمة الليبية ليلتحق بالنظام الجديد في ليبيا وعين سفير في بلجيكا .وقال ان موسى كوسى هو منفذ جريمة القتل للامام موسى الصدر بأتفاق بين لبنان وبريطانيا ..

وليس للقدافي اي علاقة بمقتله سوى عنصر المفاجئة متل الجميع .

واخبر ان سيارة المراسم الخاصه بالقدافي تم بيعها في ايطاليا بمبلغ 15.5 مليون يورو والمشتري صديق سابق له والبائع من مدينة ساحلية قرب طرابلس .

وبخصوص روسيا قال ان روسيا وجهت اندار لتشاد سريا بأنها ستقصفها بالطائرات اذا استمرت بالدخول للجنوب الليبي وهي منطقة نفوذ روسية



Closing port Ras Jedir border crossing between Libya and Tunisia again.




ZINTANI plan on cleaning out MITIGUA Airbase, and stopping the flow of Illegal Arms to the Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and all the RATS:

Mitigua base has become a base for the export of arms and reception at the level of Arab States and the World
Weapons from Qatar, Turkey and other … and to waste the blood of the Libyans at the behest of Qatar.


former Wheelus-AB now MITIGUA

vow to stop this from being!)


Spread patrols and gates belonging to the Zintan fighters and military vehicles bearing the

logo of battalions 303 and 306 in the Airport Road neighborhood cottages. Urgent & ~

Outlaw Ignaoh bomb in the neighborhood of cottages Braszmat rockets now.


An armed group stormed the office Attiya Mohammed al-Obeidi agent is called the Ministry of Labour,

and expel him from his office after receiving the decision of exempting him from his job by the Minister of Labor,

Mohammad Soualem.

Attack on the building of what is known as prime minister by a group of protesters have been subjected to damage

to the building, was then break up the demonstrators by force.

The closure of the main gate of the company “Libyana Mobile Phone” in Tripoli, for fear of Zintani gunmen

who seized control, after the decision to disband their militias and taking them out of the capital.


URGENT: cars belonging to the rats near the college girls stopped cars and inspect Tripoli.


9 officers were freed from inside the “house Gaddaf-dam Howitzer blood in Andalus district”

[which was converted into a make-shift prison by the RATS]..

greet me the news and top Çáĺăĺ sure sure sure sure, rats night full Ataito in wireless Mavhmu Shi …..

God is greatest above the aggressor Kid ..



Hedda Hua Imiolh Iaahrar Zliten then you have it.

From Khanb sought to sell meat of donkeys to people on the basis of flesh Apple to the officer and the boat and

horses minimum Lacey this Hua dog, Munir Cthati,who stole all the contents of the university Alasamarah which estimated price tag in the millions, and the story is not millions Iaajuta STORY is in history and Wu????
من خانب سعي الي بيع لحم الحمير للناس علي أساس لحم أبل الي ضابط ولبوات وخيل دنيا يسي هذا هوا الكلب منير الشطشاطي من سرق جميع محتويات الجامعه الاسمريه والتي يقدر سعرها بالملايين والقصه ليست الملايين يااخوتي القصه هي في التاريخ وووو????

 Lord, forgive and have mercy and you’re good & merciful
& ~ Urgent hearing voices wailing and Ayat in the homes of rats in the city of Zlitan after hearing the death
of 53 of the city of Zliten rats who died in battle in the fields of oil.
Rusaifa news message Abdullah Nakrala City Zliten 03/16/2014
de Rusaifa NEWS:
Urgent Rat & ~ Ahmed Futaisi ordered RAT militia Martyrs Zliten subjected to severe beatings of members of the militias of Misrata in Sirte, where ~ broke his hand and is now one of the clinics in Misrata receives treatment ~ page source voice & CYRENAICA.




Militias body armor (Misrata MB so-named “LIBYAN SHIELD” militias) based on a car robbery citizen, including the sums of up to 7,000 Libyan dinars on the island of saffron in Sirte.

And the “bookseller Saadi” also burned the headquarters of the “martyrs brigade and battalion corner Taqrvat”

a-Bohadi in the area.

News about the delivery of Sirte airport meantime airport staff Alkarzabip
And the RAT local council of Sirte, by Misurata MB Shield Central Tmsheeth after burning parts of it.
Withdrawal of militias from Misurata a-Bohadi in Sirte under the blows of the forces Cyrenaica.

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”  informs us:
~ Urgent withdrawal of militias rats tribe Zliten parents and their followers in  Sirte ~ Source Channel International


My father was the number of soldiers at the airport in Sirte ride down more than 500 soldiers to fight with

Almzarat against Middle. The descent of Turkish soldiers and Italians at the airport in Sirte.

Urgent international channel Libya:
The withdrawal of some of the Zliten “RAT Brigade Shield Central” area of ​​Sirte. 

[see al-JUFRA below]



A tribute to the men and Rafla Liberal add today, Russia’s ambassador who recognises the state of Cyrenaica.

Cyrenaica will have nothing todo with a government that is headed and run by hard-core criminals, and operated by the ‘Muslim’ (Wahabi) Brotherhood. To permit these criminals the control of the natural resources, is funding terrorism.

“Rebellious Cyrenaica, Cyrenaica rebel”, Osama Gard writes truthfully:
“Let go unity in sixty artful it is Mosova
Surprised at some of the gullible in the province who are still talking to the “national, and national unity, and the country is a red line, and Libya read with two sides,” and other banalities pain tell them enough about what happened to the Torgah? Pain enough about what happened to the tribes and Rafla in decision RFM 7? Pain enough about what happened in the Rishvana? Pain enough about what happened in Sirte? Pain enough about their attempts to enter the region? ..
And how long you Tercadwa behind the mirage and illusion?”

Urgent (Defence Force Cyrenaica):

Southern fields under the influence of a full “defense forces Cyrenaica”.

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” informs us:

Ham & ~ head Hamad located in the Valley Rouge, and does not, as is rumored now,  sit in Misurata ~
guide for the West and the Middle tightens.

and Almlacah in Ras Al Hamad ~

(Publishing & Circulate)

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, says:
Valley Rouge, and I’m sure my words and who has pretty much ask him.
Libyan national,  writes:
Hamad, the head of the baton to the area between the ninetieth


Sam bin Humaid was sent to Ajdabiya to be an assassin for the “new” Allaotunai Congress….

He has already made two attemps on Rabo Barrasi !

al-Jdharan, who is considered by the West and the “new” government as an “outlaw” (with a bounty posted) is the major target:

WisSam bin Humaid fugitive killer of 53 youths of Benghazi, along with Alumblyxiaoa racial Salah Badi, are two sides of the same coin. The first deputy chairman of the Chamber of terrorist revolutionaries Brotherhood and the second, thanks to the corrupt Congress expired and Vaaha daughter became head of military intelligence, and now Defense Minister under Nigerioan Abdullah bending, in the “new 17 February Libya”.

وسام بن حميد المجرم الهارب قاتل شباب بنغازي ومعه المليشياوي العنصري صلاح بادي وجهان لعملة واحدة الاول نائب رئيس غرفة ثوار الاخوان الارهابية والثاني بفضل المؤتمر الفاسد المنتهية صلاحيته وفايحه بنته اصبح رئيس الاستخبارات العسكرية في ليبيا الجديدة
منورين فبراير والله

(picture of Sam and Badi)

Cyrenaica will have nothing todo with a government that is headed and run by hard-core criminals, and operated by the ‘Muslim’ (Wahabi) Brotherhood. To permit these criminals the control of the natural resources, is funding terrorism.


The explosion of the gas pipeline vector of Ras Lanuf to the steel factory near Misrata area east of the city of Sirte baton.



Finding the bodies of unidentified area Qnfodh was transferred to Benghazi hospital medical.

The Director of the Office of Information Galaa hospital in Benghazi on Sunday Fadia Albergthe

“closure of the hospital as a result of storming Saturday night, by an armed group”.

Najat Hassan Mohamed, wife of pilot Buaqilh Barasi, in an assassination attempt after his car improvised explosion

adhesives planted in his car near the Children’s Hospital in Benghazi, which continued for air defense.



European oil tanker is preparing to enter the port of Tobruk, oil, and preparations are

underway for the tanker load of crude oil.

Bird flu cases began to appear in Tobruk..
reminder: This was the largest office of so-called UNO humanitarian “vacinations” given out this year…

somehing “buggy” put into the vacines?



Slip – al-Jufra
Images of the control of the “third force MB shield Libya” on a field in the Ghanaian slip,,,,,,
upon which Cyrenaica forces ease their way through unnoticed, after seeing the “rebel forces”,
without any gunfire of resistance.

Slip in the field

14 .. 2 car armed rocket launchers .. 2 .. 106 cannon large number of ammunition .. a large number of light weapons.

(Defence Force Cyrenaica)

Regain strength Cyrenaica oil fields in the slip and grab the 19 car belonging to the armed militias of Misrata
and capturing its members fully.

“19 March” carrying a black memory between Cyrenaica and Tripoli ..
Moroccan Salah:

Where the mufti of the 53 who have been killed in the fields of slip, militias Brotherhood fooled them and paid for them,

is not one of the motives is a fatwa Mufti testimony of defense force fights tenderly (CYRENAICA)!!?

We want a response from the Mufti and the people of Zlitan to Iktso of the Antichrist Gharyiani.

[see SIRTE, above]





Lioness fierce predators
a publié sur
Hamza Abuchnger:Almgarhh tribe mourns her children:
Atman Ferjany Bobbar and Osama Saleh Hadi
Osman died because of the late Kadifah Aalmenzl and the late Osama in the street
what Samao Bakaddifah enemy Bashovo they become Rmap.
Osama note of activists and Atman Born cited protection money days of the war.
Lord have mercy Arahmhma and mess-upXXXGirls Solomon
Photos de ‎اللبوة الشرسة المفترسة‎
De ‎اللبوة الشرسة المفترسة‎
تنعي قبيلة المقارحة اولادها : عتمان الفرجاني بوبيصر واسامة صالح الهاديالمرحوم عثمان توفى بسبب قديفة عالمنزل والمرحوم اسامة في الشارع لما سمعو بالقديفة عدو بشوفو صارت عليهم رمابعلما اسامة من المناضلين وعتمان ولد خوه استشهد ايام حرب الجنوبربي يرحمهما برحمته الواسعة واللعنة على بنات سليمان
Sabha _ Alqmazvh …
1_ met sheikhs Alqmazgah and Tabu with a group of tribes in the Fatih district, was agreed on a deadline for the expiry of the time limit if the conditions are not .. Execution
2_ for armed clashes over the past three days between the sons of Alqvev and armed militias etc was attacked last night by militias Girls Boucif …
3_ killed .. (Nasrhalifa lamp Gaddafi) .. and injury .. (Ghaith Al-Shaibani) … and kidnapping (Saad Alsgiraldakulai Hocn Gaddafi and Saddam and Gaddafi Yunus Ismail) .. reciprocating in the property of the people of the tribe residents of the neighborhood
4_ our prisoners of 2 Girls dog ..
5_ are untrue to the news that the tribe sheikhs delivery because of the death of young people on the circular Mahdia … because of the killing is not known.
6_ kill civilians are sons Asheira .. a .. person .. Kaidi and killed by a member of the Egyptian labor .. and killed 2 of Magherha.


Clasps spark oil field
Closed Sunday evening gunmen spark field, which is located in the south-west of the country and resulted in the
stoppage of oil in the western region and fully experiencing the meantime, the city of Tripoli from lack of fuel,
and there is congestion at petrol stations.


Zaidi Otgy O statelet of Qatar
Support the terrorists and extremist groups Almtaslim

And conspiratorial against Islam and Muslims and countries Resistance
But God will not erase We have raised

Snsamad every thought and we will fight terror
Sheikh and all Glamorous

Oh revenge big banana and Farrakha Abhiyan and her husband, deposed Mule
The account became big among us
Arhali we told you about our land and Smona
Ante and determined to Americanize us

We are ready for you

Media sources revealed, unveiled on information that confirms hosting the “Center for the Study of Islamic law and ethics Doha”, on Saturday, a conference of the organization of the international ‘Muslim (WAHABI) Brotherhood, over two days, the conference will include a number of international figures belonging to the group, including active Brotherhood Karman, the former general manager of network Al Jazeera Wadah Khanfar, in addition to the deputy director of the center of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leader Tariq Ramadan, who will deliver the closing speech.

It is noteworthy site “Global Muslim Brother Hood Watch” American, that Wadah Khanfar, in addition to his previously on the island, “has links to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, especially Hamas,” as a member of the governing body of the group, “the International Crisis”, an association of American works former official for the Middle East and North Africa Robert Malley, who was appointed recently in the U.S. National Security Council.

The Karman, Vivid site specialist to monitor the affairs of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, it is the relationship with the “Reform Party” Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood, while highlighting an article in the magazine “Foreign Policy” which describes the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi isolated as “Mandela the Arab world,” and appeals to “the need to stand by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in their fight for ‘democracy’ (UGH!!).”

And the site is that the “Center for the Study of Islamic law and ethics,” which was established in January (January 2012) and is headed by “a leader in the international regulation of Brothers” (Ramadan) is a “Meet the distinguished between the latter and another leader in the international regulation is Yusuf al-Qaradawi, especially since Ramadan on Balkarzawi close relationship through the World Association of Muslim Scholars. “

It describes the site that the establishment of the center was one of a series of research centers established by the college Qatar Islamic Studies, and the celebration of the launch of the center, according to the site, ran organized in collaboration with five American universities, including Georgetown University, and the two associations belonging to Al-Qaradawi and the “Global Center for Renewal and Guidance” British a specialist in Islamic education, which is headed by Abdullah Omar Nassef, the latter, according to a site, is headed in the same time, “the World Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief” in Egypt, which is an umbrella for 86 Muslim organization, most of them linked to the Brotherhood, and is sponsored by Hamas financially , it also supports al-Qaeda.

Qatar hosts a conference today for the organization of the International Brotherhood
Media sources revealed, unveiled on information that confirms hosting ‘Center for the Study of Islamic law and ethics Doha’, on Saturday, a conference of the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, over two days, the conference will include a number of prominent …

زيدي اطغي يا دويلة قطر
وادعمي الارهابيين التكفيريين المتأسلمين

وتآمري على الاسلام والمسلمين والدول المقاومة
لكن والله لن تمحي اثرنا

سنصمد وسنقاتل كل فكر ارهابي
وكل شيخ فتان

ثارنا كبيرة يا موزة وفرخها البهيم وزوجها المخلوع البغل
والحساب صار كبير بيننا
قلنا لك ارحلي عن سمنا وارضنا
وانتي مصرة على تآمرك علينا

ونحن لك بالمرصاد


كشفت مصادر إعلامية، النقاب حول معلومات تؤكد استضافة “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق الدوحة”، اليوم السبت مؤتمرا للتنظيم الدولى للإخوان المسلمين، على مدى يومين، ويضم المؤتمر عددا من الشخصيات الدولية المنتمية للجماعة، من بينهم الناشطة الإخوانية توكل كرمان، والمدير العام السابق لشبكة الجزيرة وضاح خنفر، إضافة إلى نائب مدير المركز القيادي الإخواني طارق رمضان الذي سيلقي الكلمة الختامية.

ويذكر موقع “جلوبل مسلم براذر هود ووتش” الأمريكي، أن وضاح خنفر، إلى جانب عمله سابقًا في الجزيرة، “لديه صلات بالإخوان المسلمين، ولاسيما بحركة حماس”، كما أنه عضو في الهيئة الإدارية لمجموعة “الأزمات الدولية”، وهي جمعية أمريكية يعمل بها المسئول السابق عن برنامج الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا روبرت مالي، والذي تم تعيينه حديثًا في مجلس الأمن الوطني الأمريكي.

أما توكل كرمان، فيفيد الموقع المتخصص برصد شئون الإخوان، أنها على علاقة مع “حزب الإصلاح” اليمني الإخواني، في حين يسلط الضوء على مقال لها في مجلة “فورين بوليسي” الذي تصف فيه الرئيس المصري المعزول محمد مرسي بـ”مانديلا العالم العربي”، وتناشد بـ”ضرورة الوقوف إلى جانب الإخوان في معركتهم من أجل الديمقراطية”.

ويعتبر الموقع أن “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق” الذي تأسس في يناير (كانون الثاني) 2012 ويترأسه “القيادي في التنظيم الدولي للإخوان” (رمضان) يشكل “لقاء مميزًا بين هذا الأخير وقيادي آخر في التنظيم الدولي هو يوسف القرضاوي، لاسيما وأن رمضان على علاقة وثيقة بالقرضاوي من خلال الاتحاد العالمي للعلماء المسلمين”.

ويصف الموقع بأن إنشاء المركز كان واحدًا من سلسلة مراكز أبحاث أنشأتها الكلية القطرية للدراسات الإسلامية، أما الاحتفال بانطلاق المركز، بحسب الموقع، فجرى تنظيمه بالتعاون مع 5 جامعات أمريكية، من بينها جامعة جورج تاون، وجمعيتان تابعتان للقرضاوي و”المركز العالمي للتجديد والترشيد” البريطاني المتخصص في التربية الإسلامية والذي يترأسه عبد الله عمر ناصف، وهذا الأخير، بحسب ما جاء في الموقع، يترأس في الوقت نفسه “المجلس الإسلامي العالمي للدعوة والإغاثة” في مصر، الذي يعتبر بمثابة مظلة لـ86 منظمة إسلامية، غالبيتها مرتبطة بالإخوان، وتقوم برعاية حماس ماديا، كما أنها تدعم تنظيم القاعدة.

قطر تستضيف اليوم مؤتمرًا للتنظيم الدولي للإخوان
كشفت مصادر إعلامية، النقاب حول معلومات تؤكد استضافة ‘مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق الدوحة’، اليوم السبت مؤتمرا للتنظيم الدولى للإخوان المسلمين، على مدى يومين، ويضم المؤتمر عددا من الشخصيات …

Lioness fierce predators a publié sur Hamza Abuchnger:

Another picture taken from the video gathered a team of extremists going to the State of Qatar

to receive the exact sciences in homeland sabotage and betrayal.

صورة اخرى مأخوذة من فيديو تجمع فريق من المتطرفين ذاهبين الى دولة قطر الشقيقة لتلقى العلوم الدقيقة في تخريب الاوطان و الخيانة


(see above so-called “meeting”!)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel very very dangerous (expressed delegate UNESCO with the Libyan state in a statement to the channel France 24 Mend moments that the organization’s office received information about the militia armed broke into the museum Saraya red central city of Tripoli,

the Libyan dawn on 03/13/2014 and stole pieces of historical relics,

mainly nymphs: The three that have been Astradjaha from Italy Mend years where they were transported through the airport Mitigua, Tripoli to the State of Qatar by the commander of one militant groups Libyan named Abdul Hakim Belhadj, who accompanied them on the methane plane that came from Qatar for this purpose,

according to the organization’s information to more than fifteen gunman broke into the museum led by Hashim humans and Haitham Tagouris. They transported cutting effects on methane Astjlapt truck for this purpose under the pretext of restoration of cracks obtained by machining the archaeological museum guards briefing mentioned))

(PLEASE NOTE that neiher Haitham Tagouris nor WasSam Bin Humaid are dead as was earlier reported.)
زيدي اطغي يا دويلة قطر
وادعمي الارهابيين التكفيريين المتأسلمينوتآمري على الاسلام والمسلمين والدول المقاومة
لكن والله لن تمحي اثرناسنصمد وسنقاتل كل فكر ارهابي
وكل شيخ فتانثارنا كبيرة يا موزة وفرخها البهيم وزوجها المخلوع البغل
والحساب صار كبير بيننا
قلنا لك ارحلي عن سمنا وارضنا
وانتي مصرة على تآمرك عليناونحن لك بالمرصاد….كشفت مصادر إعلامية، النقاب حول معلومات تؤكد استضافة “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق الدوحة”، اليوم السبت مؤتمرا للتنظيم الدولى للإخوان المسلمين، على مدى يومين، ويضم المؤتمر عددا من الشخصيات الدولية المنتمية للجماعة، من بينهم الناشطة الإخوانية توكل كرمان، والمدير العام السابق لشبكة الجزيرة وضاح خنفر، إضافة إلى نائب مدير المركز القيادي الإخواني طارق رمضان الذي سيلقي الكلمة الختامية.ويذكر موقع “جلوبل مسلم براذر هود ووتش” الأمريكي، أن وضاح خنفر، إلى جانب عمله سابقًا في الجزيرة، “لديه صلات بالإخوان المسلمين، ولاسيما بحركة حماس”، كما أنه عضو في الهيئة الإدارية لمجموعة “الأزمات الدولية”، وهي جمعية أمريكية يعمل بها المسئول السابق عن برنامج الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا روبرت مالي، والذي تم تعيينه حديثًا في مجلس الأمن الوطني الأمريكي.أما توكل كرمان، فيفيد الموقع المتخصص برصد شئون الإخوان، أنها على علاقة مع “حزب الإصلاح” اليمني الإخواني، في حين يسلط الضوء على مقال لها في مجلة “فورين بوليسي” الذي تصف فيه الرئيس المصري المعزول محمد مرسي بـ”مانديلا العالم العربي”، وتناشد بـ”ضرورة الوقوف إلى جانب الإخوان في معركتهم من أجل الديمقراطية”.ويعتبر الموقع أن “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق” الذي تأسس في يناير (كانون الثاني) 2012 ويترأسه “القيادي في التنظيم الدولي للإخوان” (رمضان) يشكل “لقاء مميزًا بين هذا الأخير وقيادي آخر في التنظيم الدولي هو يوسف القرضاوي، لاسيما وأن رمضان على علاقة وثيقة بالقرضاوي من خلال الاتحاد العالمي للعلماء المسلمين”.

ويصف الموقع بأن إنشاء المركز كان واحدًا من سلسلة مراكز أبحاث أنشأتها الكلية القطرية للدراسات الإسلامية، أما الاحتفال بانطلاق المركز، بحسب الموقع، فجرى تنظيمه بالتعاون مع 5 جامعات أمريكية، من بينها جامعة جورج تاون، وجمعيتان تابعتان للقرضاوي و”المركز العالمي للتجديد والترشيد” البريطاني المتخصص في التربية الإسلامية والذي يترأسه عبد الله عمر ناصف، وهذا الأخير، بحسب ما جاء في الموقع، يترأس في الوقت نفسه “المجلس الإسلامي العالمي للدعوة والإغاثة” في مصر، الذي يعتبر بمثابة مظلة لـ86 منظمة إسلامية، غالبيتها مرتبطة بالإخوان، وتقوم برعاية حماس ماديا، كما أنها تدعم تنظيم القاعدة.
قطر تستضيف اليوم مؤتمرًا للتنظيم الدولي للإخوان
كشفت مصادر إعلامية، النقاب حول معلومات تؤكد استضافة ‘مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق الدوحة’، اليوم السبت مؤتمرا للتنظيم الدولى للإخوان المسلمين، على مدى يومين، ويضم المؤتمر عددا من الشخصيات …

علم قطر

Qatar hosts a conference today for the organization of the “International Brotherhood”
Qatar hosts a conference today for the organization of the International Brotherhood
www.vetogate.comMedia sources revealed, unveiled on information that confirms hosting the “Center for the Study of Islamic law and ethics Doha”, on Saturday, a conference of the organization of the international Muslim Brotherhood, over two days, the conference will include a number of international figures belonging to the group, including active Brotherhood Karman, the former general manager of network Al Jazeera Wadah Khanfar, in addition to the deputy director of the center of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Tariq Ramadan, who will deliver the closing speech.
It is noteworthy site “Global Muslim Brother Hood Watch” American, that Wadah Khanfar, in addition to his previously on the island, “has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, especially Hamas,” as a member of the governing body of the group, “the International Crisis”, an association of American works former official for the Middle East and North Africa Robert Malley, who was appointed recently in the U.S. National Security Council.
The Karman, Vivid site specialist to monitor the affairs of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is the relationship with the “Reform Party” Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood, while highlighting an article in the magazine “Foreign Policy” which describes the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi isolated as “Mandela the Arab world,” and appeals to “the need to stand by the Muslim Brotherhood in their fight for democracy.”
And the site is that the “Center for the Study of Islamic law and ethics,” which was established in January (January 2012) and is headed by “a leader in the international regulation of Brothers” (Ramadan) is a “Meet the distinguished between the latter and another leader in the international regulation is Yusuf al-Qaradawi, especially since Ramadan on Balkarzawi close relationship through the World Association of Muslim Scholars. “
It describes the site that the establishment of the center was one of a series of research centers established by the college Qatar Islamic Studies, and the celebration of the launch of the center, according to the site, ran organized in collaboration with five American universities, including Georgetown University, and the two associations belonging to Al-Qaradawi and the “Global Center for Renewal and Guidance” British a specialist in Islamic education, which is headed by Abdullah Omar Nassef, the latter, according to a site, is headed in the same time, “the World Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief” in Egypt, which is an umbrella for 86 Muslim organization, most of them linked to the Brotherhood, and is sponsored by Hamas financially , it also supports al-Qaeda.
A copy of the manual Tabaahalrabott.
كشفت مصادر إعلامية، النقاب حول معلومات تؤكد استضافة “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق الدوحة”، اليوم السبت مؤتمرا للتنظيم الدولى للإخوان المسلمين، على مدى يومين، ويضم المؤتمر عددا من الشخصيات الدولية المنتمية للجماعة، من بينهم الناشطة الإخوانية توكل كرمان، والمدير العام السابق لشبكة الجزيرة وضاح خنفر، إضافة إلى نائب مدير المركز القيادي الإخواني طارق رمضان الذي سيلقي الكلمة الختامية.
ويذكر موقع “جلوبل مسلم براذر هود ووتش” الأمريكي، أن وضاح خنفر، إلى جانب عمله سابقًا في الجزيرة، “لديه صلات بالإخوان المسلمين، ولاسيما بحركة حماس”، كما أنه عضو في الهيئة الإدارية لمجموعة “الأزمات الدولية”، وهي جمعية أمريكية يعمل بها المسئول السابق عن برنامج الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا روبرت مالي، والذي تم تعيينه حديثًا في مجلس الأمن الوطني الأمريكي.
أما توكل كرمان، فيفيد الموقع المتخصص برصد شئون الإخوان، أنها على علاقة مع “حزب الإصلاح” اليمني الإخواني، في حين يسلط الضوء على مقال لها في مجلة “فورين بوليسي” الذي تصف فيه الرئيس المصري المعزول محمد مرسي بـ”مانديلا العالم العربي”، وتناشد بـ”ضرورة الوقوف إلى جانب الإخوان في معركتهم من أجل الديمقراطية”.
ويعتبر الموقع أن “مركز دراسات التشريع الإسلامي والأخلاق” الذي تأسس في يناير (كانون الثاني) 2012 ويترأسه “القيادي في التنظيم الدولي للإخوان” (رمضان) يشكل “لقاء مميزًا بين هذا الأخير وقيادي آخر في التنظيم الدولي هو يوسف القرضاوي، لاسيما وأن رمضان على علاقة وثيقة بالقرضاوي من خلال الاتحاد العالمي للعلماء المسلمين”.
ويصف الموقع بأن إنشاء المركز كان واحدًا من سلسلة مراكز أبحاث أنشأتها الكلية القطرية للدراسات الإسلامية، أما الاحتفال بانطلاق المركز، بحسب الموقع، فجرى تنظيمه بالتعاون مع 5 جامعات أمريكية، من بينها جامعة جورج تاون، وجمعيتان تابعتان للقرضاوي و”المركز العالمي للتجديد والترشيد” البريطاني المتخصص في التربية الإسلامية والذي يترأسه عبد الله عمر ناصف، وهذا الأخير، بحسب ما جاء في الموقع، يترأس في الوقت نفسه “المجلس الإسلامي العالمي للدعوة والإغاثة” في مصر، الذي يعتبر بمثابة مظلة لـ86 منظمة إسلامية، غالبيتها مرتبطة بالإخوان، وتقوم برعاية حماس ماديا، كما أنها تدعم تنظيم القاعدة.


Algerian army announce the elimination of “terrorists” two east of the capital, and suspected they came from Libya.



Muhammad Jibril is no longer ambassador from Libya to the Arab Republic of Egypt. He was sacked!

DAYS of Terror

Peace, mercy and blessings of God are free and silks Great Jamahiriya:

Mu all in Green




12 MARCH 2014
We wonder if there a wondrous!

Something strange! Muslim to an infidel Bitab!

Wonder if we told?
عجب لو قلنا أهناك عجيب! وشي غريب! المسلم للكافر بيطيب! عجب لو قلنا؟


Urgent I received far Terms “gently” (CYRENAICA) to open fields first delivery killers to been killed five soldiers in Sirte for the Elimination of Benghazi and return the stolen goods to our people in Sirte and compensation formation Dar Issuing Fatwas uniform of three provinces

investigation with sincere Gharyiani freeze parties and the disqualification of the conference Allaotunai and its members expired.

and interrogated Balijanam and their parties delivery Gen. Hamdi Sowaihili to eliminate in Benghazi to investigate the decision to “No. 7 in the invasion of the tribe of Bani Walid by militias

and delivery killers and emitters in Hedda decision to eliminate and compensate our people in Bani Walid and the release of their children, recover money stolen money of the Libyan people.

from the Aldbebh capture Sowaihili and Paddy and the Order of bin Humaid and Joseph carved.

several issues investigation of the four billion dollars that were given to the terrorists in Egypt to change the governor Central Bank of Libya and the investment manager Libyan Foreign interrogated and open investigation of the oil before it closed by the province of Cyrenaica.

to investigate the cause of the killing of General Abdel Fattah and people died after the armor Benghazi or Gharghour and investigation with the Transitional Council and the Cape and their government, and Ali Zaidane,

shutting down the Qatari Embassy Balibia and the UAE and Turkish for a year to leave the Libyan army chief of staff, to choose for himself, according to laws and regulations and legislation.

عاجل وصلتني الان شروط برقة لفتح الحقول اولا تسليم القتلة الي قتلو الخمسة عسكريين بسرت للقضاء ببنغازي وارجاع المسروقات لاهلنا بسرت وتعويضهم تكوين دار افتاء موحدة من الاقاليم الثلاثة التحقيق مع الصادق الغرياني تجميد الاحزاب وتنحية المؤتمر اللاوطني واعضائه المنتهية الصلاحية والتحقيق معهم بلجانهم واحزابهم تسليم اللواء حمدي السويحلي للقضاء في بنغازي التحقيق في قرار رقم 7 في اجتياح قبيلة بني وليد من قبل المليشيات وتسليم القتلة والمسببين في هدا القرار للقضاء وتعويض اهالينا في بني وليد واطلاق سراح ابنائهم استرجاع الاموال المسروقة اموال الشعب الليبي من ال الدبيبه والقبض على السويحلي وبادي ووسام بن حميد ويوسف المنقوش بعدة قضايا التحقيق في اربعة مليارات دولار التي اعطيت للارهابين بمصر تغيير محافظ مصرف ليبيا المركزي ومدير الاستثمارات الليبية الخارجية والتحقيق معهم وفتح التحقيق في البترول قبل اغلاقه من قبل اقليم برقة التحقيق بقضية قتل اللواء عبد الفتاح والناس الي ماتت بعده في دروع بنغازي او غرغور والتحقيق مع المجلس الانتقالي والكيب وحكومتهم وعلي زيدان واغلاق السفارة القطرية باليبيا والاماراتية والتركية لمدة عام ترك الجيش الليبي ان يختار رئيس اركانه لنفسه حسب النظم والقوانين والتشريعات

Rebellious Cyrenaica Cyrenaica rebel:

Aness Nuri:
Of the biggest mistakes of the Barquaouion, little knowing after the recent escalation is that they have made the village such as Misurata Nada territory sprawling such as Cyrenaica, which honor does not deserve Misurata (Brothers Stan) village rogue must discipline not their negotiations as if they own the territory of Tripoli and governed as you like.

Rebellious Cyrenaica برقة المتمردة

Aness Nuri:
من اكبر الاخطاء التي وقع فيها البرقاويون دون ان يدروا بعد التصعيد الاخير هو انهم جعلوا من قرية مثل مصراته ندا لإقليم مترامي الاطراف مثل برقة وهو شرف لا يستحقونه مصراته ( إخوان ستان ) قرية مارقة يجب تاديبها لا مفاوضتها وكانها تملك إقليم طرابلس وتحكمه كما تشاء


Son of the Great Conquerer


مرحبتين مراحب بأبناء الفاتح ابناء العظمى
“Green confident in God Fazzani a publié sur Hamza Abuchnger” informs us:Did you know that the Libyan passport was the first globally
Libyan passport first in the world:
Did you know that the Libyan passport travel
Was exempt from visa 71 countries around the
The world comes after passport
Followed by the British and the U.S.,,,
This is all thanks to the lord commander who
Raise the value of Libyans around the world, and Bdil
Our dignity and its relationship to the International, which was
Going in and everyone steps Tapth
al-Qathafi upon satisfaction:ﻫﻞ ﺗﻌﻠﻢ ﺍﻥ ﺟﻮﺍﺯ ﺍﻟﺴﻔﺮ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ ﻛﺎﻥ ﺍﻻﻭﻝ ﻋﺎﻟﻤﻴﺎ
ﺟﻮﺍﺯ ﺍﻟﺴﻔﺮ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ ﺍﻷﻭﻝ ﻋﺎﻟﻤﻴﺂ :
ﻫﻞ ﺗﻌﻠﻤﻮﻥ ﺃﻥ ﺍﻟﺠﻮﺍﺯ ﺍﻟﺴﻔﺮ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ
ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﻌﻔﻲ ﻣﻦ ﺗﺄﺷﻴﺮﺓ 71 ﺩﻭﻟﺔ ﺣﻮﻝ
ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ ﻭﻳﺄﺗﻲ ﺑﻌﺪﻩ ﺟﻮﺍﺯ ﺍﻟﺴﻔﺮ
ﺍﻟﺒﺮﻳﻄﺎﻧﻲ ﻭﻳﻠﻴﻪ ﺍﻷﻣﺮﻳﻜﻲ,,,
ﻭﻫﺬﺍ ﻛﻠﻪ ﺑﻔﻀﻞ ﺳﻴﺪﻱ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﺋﺪ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ
ﺭﻓﻊ ﻗﻴﻤﺔ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻦ ﺣﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ ,,, ﻭﺑﻀﻞ
ﻟﻜﺮﺍﻣﺘﻨﺎ ﻭﻋﻼﻗﺘﻪ ﺍﻟﺪﻭﻟﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﺘﻰ ﻛﺎﻧﺖ
ﺗﺴﻴﺮ ﻓﻲ ﺧﻄﻮﺍﺕ ﺗﺎﺑﺘﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﺠﻤﻴﻊ

Evening the brave men and black activists and hawks
Evening light wherever they are loyal
Evening our prisoners and prisoners Ghawali
Evening wounded brave
Each evening Libby stainless …. still adheres to the resistance
And a believer that the country not only liberated Balbmquaoma and rifle and unity of ranks
Evening mass of the righteous martyrs
What’s the greatest sacrifices of our martyrs bones Endowed who Khaddbwa land and they told their blood to remain pure and withstand the mass of them in order to complete their noble mission
Vanbett pure land of the remains of their bodies scattered throughout Libya cubs Ahaous and boat Chersat ..
They made these bones from their bodies pure solid bridge to cross the transients of our people steadfast great loyal to the banner of Khadra towards victory and glory and empowerment in spite of all the haters and Almtychrin and the fat cats and Almtkhazlihn organ Ear, malice statelet of Qatar Almqmlh and terrorist ideology, including the so-called Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood Almtaslim
Brave men shove you, my tribute to the sacrifices Champions light wherever you are
We are with you and complements remain firm and draw the resolve and patience of your insistence on the legitimacy and retrieve the flag Khadra.
God and Muammar and Libya and resistance ups.

مساء رجالنا البواسل الاسود والمناضلين والصقورمساء اوفياء الفاتح اينما كانوامساء اسرانا والاسيرات الغواليمساء الجرحى البواسلمساء كل ليبي صامد …. ما زال متمسك بالمقاومة
ومؤمن بان البلاد لا تتحرر الا بالبمقاومة وبالبندقية وبوحدة الصفمساء شهداء الجماهيرية الابرارما أعظم تضحيات شهداءنا الأبرار العظام الأفذاذ الذين خضبوا الأرض ورووها بدمائهم الزكية حتى تبقى وتصمد الجماهيرية من بعدهم كي نكمل رسالتهم النبيلةفأنبتت الأرض الطاهرة من أشلاء أجسادهم المتناثرة في كل أرجاء ليبيا اشبال اشاووس ولبوات شرسات..

وجعلوا هؤلاء العظام من أجسادهم الطاهرة جسراً متيناً لعبور العابرين من أبناء شعبنا الصامد العظيم الوفي للراية الخضرا نحو النصر والمجد والتمكين رغم انف كل الحاقدين والمتىكرين والقطط السمان والمتخاذليهن ورغن انف وحقد دويلة قطر المقملة والفكر الارهابي بما يسمى القاعدة والاخوان المتأسلمين

رجالنا الاشاوس ننحي لكم اجلالا لتضحياتكم يا ابطال الفاتح اينما كنتم
ونحن معكم ويكم نصمد ونستمد الصبر من عزيمتكم واصراركم على استرداد الشرعية والراية الخضرا

الله ومعمر وليبيا والمقاومة وبس

Even Russia today acknowledged Pei PDF !



Abdul Wahab Al Qaid,  aka Abu Yahya al-Libi,
member of Congress pagan Stud donkeys et Heretic driver of Osama bin Laden in his journey to swear allegiance to a banana hanger-wood-bra (greeting firewood) on board private jets (aboard a private aircraft restoration) . Angnk bull (faker) oh eye Wacker soul sitting in Almrbuah.
 Abu Yahya al-Libi

Shin Abdul wahab Qaid since few channel at the bad guys. One of the problems in the culture of the people of Libya. Elly hear you say Hnhalmthagaf genius IPT. You are a pawn and punishment and a heretic to eye, however, Qatar.

اللبوة الشرسة المفترسةحمزه ابوخنجر
الشين عبدالوهاب القايد منذ قليل عل قناة الاشرار. احد المشاكل في ليبيا ثقافة الناس. اللي يسمعك يقول شنهالمثقف وعبقرية زمانك. وانت عقاب بيدق وزنديق لعين بيد قطر

اللبوة الشرسة المفترسةa publié surحمزه ابوخنجر
عبدالوهاب القايد عضو المؤتمر الوثني مربط الحمير واخ الزنديق سائق اسامة بن لادن في رحلته لمبايعة موزة حمالة الحطب علي متن احى الطائرات الخاصة. انقنك ثور يا لعين فاكر روحة قاعد في المربوعة
 Report taken from Suliman Ali Zway:Abdel Wahab Mohamed Qaid, was the first to become an Islamist militant. He is now a member of Libya’s Allaotunai Conference GNC “Government”.Abu Yahya was captured in Pakistan and imprisoned without trial at Bagram.When he finally escaped in 2005, picking a prison lock and evading his guards, Abu Yahya, originally known as Mohamed Hassan Qaid, was reborn as the leading theologian, propagandist and battlefield commander of an Islamic holy war against the West that left little room for local concerns like the struggle for Libyan “democracy” (UGH!).
The older Mr. Qaid, who is 45, says that the the vast majority of young armed Salafi, now feel warmly toward America for its support. Some are now playing prominent roles in Libya. He was a medical student at the University of Benghazi. Mr. Qaid and his brother had both been militants, part of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group…with Belhadj..
By 1989, Mr. Qaid had fled to Tunisia, Pakistan, and elsewhere in international Islamist circles, and Abu Yahya, two years younger, followed in his footsteps two years later.In 1995, Mr. Qaid crossed into Libya on a mission for the group when he was captured by Colonel Qaddafi’s agents. At 28, he was sentenced to death but ultimately spent the next 16 years in the notorious Abu Salim prison in Tripoli.
“I grew up in prison,” he said. When Saif helped free Mr. Qaid along with other political prisoners, the next day he raced across the southern border, through Sudan and Egypt, and back into eastern Libya to join the fight. But when Abu Yahya returned to Libya, he found his Libyan comrades were almost all gone.He settled among a circle of Islamist exiles from Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Abu Yahya’s poetry and other writings, “it was all Libya all the time,” Mr. Brachman said.As young men, Mr. Qaid said, he and his fellow Islamists had sometimes been overconfident in their “righteousness” and too ready to impose it on others, and they did not listen to the debates among older Muslim scholars.
He said he considered secular Turkey the best model for an Islamist government in Libya; and today the Turkish government aids and supports the “new” Libyan “government”….

Ali Zaidane (Jardan former prime minister), calls for NATO offer Mufti, sincere Gharyiani, a physician for mental health.

Zaidane says since few: -

Gharyiani embarrassed Athpftwah.
Hua repulsive between Libyans and became head of a political party situated.
The offended to Odevth Mufti and mentally defective it detects


Lioness fierce predators a publié sur Hamza Abuchnger
seemed Vzaiham aspiration
I wish you saying everything ya Zizou
Vdvd spoke and speak and speak your Vzaih All of the rats

To God, Libya … Aptliti Bahakr men and Agbahm
Abdeen for money and authority

And what is best for you, O Zizou told him poof
Otherwise, you’re just Weah of the same brand
After Majtvuk and became the name Zizou.

Former Prime Minister on Zaidane on “Canal Libya baddies”:

Grand Mufti Sadiq Gharyiani man repulsive intervene in ministries and government and became like a minister ….

Grand Mufti Ahrzina a lot and he should be the last one to talk to familiar issues, decrees and then build on Shara …..

But it raises the temptation and a novel, decrees that they bring to him who is the head of sedition and offended to the post of Mufti much.

And must be submitted to a medical committee to make sure of his mental health.

هههههههههههههههههههههههههه بدت فضايحهم تطلع
يا ريت اتقول كل شي يا زيزو
تكلم وفضفض بالكلام وخبرنا عن فضايح الكل من الجرذان

لكي الله يا ليبيا… ابتليتي باحقر الرجال واغباهم
عابدين للمال وللسلطة

وخيرك يا زيزو ما قلت عنه لوطي
والا توا انت وياه من نفس الماركة
بعد ماخطفوك وصار اسمك زيزو

رئيس الوزراء الاسبق على زيدان على قناة ليبيا الاشرار

سماحة المفتى الصادق الغريانى رجل مثير للفتنة يتدخل فى الوزارات والحكومة اصبح و كانه وزير ….

سماحة المفتى احرجنا كثيرا وكان يجب ان يكون اخر من يتحدث ليلم بالقضايا ثم يفتى بناء على الشرع …..

ولكنه يثير فى الفتن ويفتى بشكل الرواية التى يقدمونها له وهو رأس الفتنة واساء الى منصب المفتى كثيرا

ويجب تقديمه الى لجنة طبية للتاكد من صحته العقلية

INFORMATION form “The lioness fierce predators” on FB:

Savages and the Government of the State of debauchery and immorality and

Conference donkeys Allaotunai mercenaries and agents of Zionism:

The client traitor (Ibrahim Dabbashi)

in a telephone call through the channel of Libya shortly before the bad guys:

- A shipment of weapons will be up to Libya on 18, 19 and 20 of this month, and without the knowledge of some officials.
- Libya threatened occupying for being considered a terrorist state for export of weapons is a threat to the international community.

- Brotherhood stupid smuggle arms and went to Lebanon and Central Africa and this is probably the secret of Libyans and do not teach him some Almsúln but open to the international community.

- The international community is suffering for being there is no institution in Libya can dialogue with the Ministry of Defence until just a name in the absence of institutions.

- Libyans perceive the seriousness of the situation, whether people or officials, despite the fact that officials in Libya do not count on them a lot and their first National Congress, which has members involved in the smuggling operation.




“Zero Hour” says:

Elly Libyan freedom, security and safety take Aslaha and keep from monsters and secure his hometown.

Civil war began
And Cetktoa by all tribes sleeper.

Entry to the airport armed convoy Alkarzabip coming from Sirte by Jafra.

The aspiration of the people who Houchenha Airport Road in Wayne Mahien?
Lech Slmtwa your weapons and rats?

Each of his weapon handed to bear the responsibility of the same rats
State Slankm fully
Elly and excessive abandon his weapon in his honor.

Now it was the turn of arms and who sold Aslaha not handed to bear the responsibility of the same rats
Weapon was to defend your homes and your honor against armed gangs.

Helena in Abu Salim and the plateau:

Protect your brethren in the neighborhood of cottages.


Close by the airport in the city of # Tripoli by armed RAT groups !!


Imed Trabelsi named commander of the militia “Lightning” threatens anyone who tries to take out their militias doing life-saving work for TRIPOLI.
RATS denounced named Imed Trabelsi and his l”Lightning brigade” even though they possess a permit to maintain Airport Seurity by the local military council for Tripoli.

And said Imad Ali Altarabuls, I am my father’s threat made by the President of the Council. It is unacceptable and there will be forces to respond to it in the coming days.

Saluting said named Imed Trabelsi, Ali said brigade lightning Hua battalion belonging to the state and the number of its members, 10 000 professional soldiers. Saluting, told Ali, that all the members of the brigade have been trained United Arab Emirates. training is similar to training U.S. soldiers: One agrees tactically and brigade possesses of defensive and offensive large so being able to engage in a war for six months without the need to supply in Aldkhirh.

Said Imad Altarabuls in a statement in the dial on channel Libya to the “International battalion lightning” which owns half the stock of Libya’s weapons and Jertomih.

And, that the LIBYAN present illegal state owns a huge pile mustard gas from QATAR and Turkey, which was brought under control Atina during the crusader war on Libya. It is presently under the protection of the battalion;

and also reported that Major has more than 1500 military vehicles of armored vehicles, tanks and long-range Qadvat and two Amodatn.

And racked Trabelsi even think about entering into a confrontation with Major because of anything, and you will be entering Tripoli into a war defiled which that will destroy everything everywhere !! Everything will Isttna, even where if one will be within an aircraft, including civilians!! Such targets of illegitimacy we wish not to be targets for our weapons.
Wada wanted to Tripoli Brigades our response…

Recent scandals client Zaidane on Libyan territory!!!!
Incident takeover inventory Imad Alzentani (aka Baltarabulsi) on the presidential armored cars allocated to the Prime Minister for the night flight of ousted Zaidane,
When the client decides deposed Zaidane flee for his life, based on the
Battalion Lightning (THUNDERBOLT of ZINTAN), and specifically about them Al-zentani inventory Imed Trabelsi, and immediately leave the plane and return the convoy accompanying the client about
4 armored cars Bouah
+ Private car Camry
+ Weapons for 12 element armed with automatic weapons
+6 Drivers, mostly with pistols
Stopped Inventory Imed Trabelsi and after stopping the group in the way of the airport and the seizure of all that was with the convoy of cars and weapons, pistols, and released the crew receivership after that stripped them of everything, and threatened that if they opened any record or communication Vsicom beheaded immediately …!
Persisting in the threat of a strike by the guards of the client Zaidane Guard
Presidential called m. Q. GS butts arms and insulted insult eloquent!!
Claiming to be the oldest on this work (the seizure of weapons and armored cars) on the basis of coordination with the “customer” Zaidane!!

المدعو عماد الطرابلسي آمر ميليشيا الصواعق يهدد كل من يحاول اخراج ميليشياته من طرابلس.

ندد المدعو عماد الطرابلسي امر لواء الصواعق عن تصريح المجلس العسكري والمحلي لطرابلس.

وافاد عماد الطرابلس علي انا التهديد الدي تقدم به رئيس المجلس غير مقبول وسوف يكون الرد عليه قوى في الايام المقبلة.

حيت افاد المدعو عماد الطرابلسي علي ان لواء الصواعق هوا كتيبة تابعة للدولة ويبلغ عدد افرادها 10 الاف جندي محترف حيت صرح علي ان جميع اعضاء اللواء قد تم تدريبهم دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة تدريب يشبه تدريب الجندي الامريكي ويوافقه من الناحية التكتيكية وان اللواء يتملك قدره دفاعية وهجومية كبيره جدا تمكنه في الدخول في حرب لمدة سته اشهر دون الحاجة الي امدادات في الدخيره.

وصرح عماد الطرابلس في تصريح خاص في الاتصال الهاتفي علي قناة ليبيا الدولية ان كتيبة الصواعق تمتلك نصف مخزون ليبيا من المواد الكيماوية والاسلحة الجرتومية وغاز الخردل التي تمت السيطره عليه اتناء الحرب الصليبية على ليبيا وهو في حماية الكتيبة وافاد ايضا ان اللواء يمتلك ما يفوق 1500 الية عسكرية من مدرعات ودبابات وقادفات بعيدة المدى وطائرتين عموديتن.

وحدر الطرابلسي من حتى التفكير في الدخول في مواجهه مع اللواء لان سوف يدخل طرابلس في حرب سوف يستباح فيها كل شي ويدمر فيها كل شي ولن يستتنا فيها احد وسوف تكون حتى الطائرات والاهداف المدنية اهدافا مشروعة لاسلحتنا ادا ارادت كتائب طرابلس مواجهتنا

ﺁﺧﺮ ﻓﻀﺎﺋﺢ العميل ﺯﻳﺪﺍﻥ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻷﺭﺍﺿﻲ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ !!!!

ﺣﺎﺩﺛﺔ ﺍﺳﺘﻴﻼﺀ الجرد ﻋﻤﺎﺩ الزنتـــاني (الملقب بالطرابلسي) ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺴﻴﺎﺭﺍﺕ ﺍﻟﻤﺼﻔﺤﺔ ﺍﻟﺮﺋﺎﺳﻴﺔ اﻟﻤﺨﺼﺼﺔ ﻟﺮﺋﻴﺲ ﺍﻟﻮﺯﺭﺍﺀ ﻟﻴﻠﺔ هروب المخلوع زيدان ،

ﺣﻴﻦ ﻗﺮّﺭ العميل المخلوع ﺯﻳﺪﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﻔﺮﺍﺭ ﺑﺠﻠﺪﻩ، مستندا على
ﻜﺘﻴﺒﺔ ﺍﻟﺼﻮﺍﻋﻖ ، ﻭﺗﺤﺪﻳﺪﺍ ﺑﺂﻣـﺮﻫﺎ الجرد ﻋﻤﺎﺩ ﺍﻟﻄﺮﺍﺑﻠﺴﻲ ﺍﻟﺰﻧﺘﺎﻧﻲ، ﻭﻓﻮﺭ ﻣـﻐﺎﺩﺭﺓ ﺍﻟـﻄﺎﺋﺮﺓ ﻭﺭﺟﻮﻉ ﺍﻟﺮﺗﻞ ﺍﻟﻤﺮﺍﻓﻖ للعميل ﺑﺤﻮﺍﻟﻲ
4 ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺍﺕ ﻟﺒﻮﺍة ﻣﺼﻔﺤﺔ
+ ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺗﻴﻦ ﻛﺎﻣﺮﻱ ﺧﺎﺻﺔ
+ ﺃﺳﻠﺤﺔ ﻟﻌﺪﺩ 12 ﻋﻨﺼﺮ ﻣﺴﻠﺤﻴﻦ ﺑﺄﺳﻠﺤﺔ ﺭﺷﺎﺷﺔ
+ 6 ﺳﺎﺋﻘﻴﻦ ﻣﻌﻈﻤﻬﻢ ﻳﺤﻤﻠﻮﻥ ﻣﺴﺪﺳﺎﺕ

ﺃﻭﻗﻔﻬﻢ ﺍﻟجرد ﻋﻤﺎﺩ ﺍﻟﻄﺮﺍﺑﻠﺴﻲ ﻭﺑﻌﺪ ﺇﻳﻘﺎﻑ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﻤﻮﻋﺔ ﻓﻲ ﻃﺮﻳﻖ ﺍﻟﻤﻄـﺎﺭ ﻭﻗﺎﻡ ﺑﺎﻻﺳﺘﻴـﻼﺀ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻛـﻞ ﻣﺎ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﻊ ﺍﻟﺮﺗﻞ ﻣﻦ ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺍﺕ ﻭﺃﺳﻠﺤﺔ ﻭﻣﺴﺪﺳﺎﺕ، ﻭﺃﻃﻠﻖ ﺳﺮﺍﺡ ﻃﺎﻗﻢ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺍﺳﺔ ﺑﻌﺪ ﺃﻥ ﺟﺮﺩﻫﻢ ﻣﻦ ﻛﻞ ﺷﻲﺀ، ﻭﻫﺪﺩﻫﻢ ﺑﺄﻧﻬﻢ ﺇﻥ ﻓﺘﺤﻮا ﺃﻱ ﻣﺤﻀﺮ ﺍﻭ ﺑﻼﻍ ﻓﺴﻴﻘﻮﻡ ﺑﻘﻄﻊ ﺭﺅﻭﺳﻬﻢ ﻓﻮﺭﺍ …!

ﻭﺇﻣﻌﺎﻧﺎ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺘﻬﺪﻳﺪ ﻗﺎﻡ ﺑﻀـﺮﺏ ﺃﺣﺪ ﻣﺮﺍﻓﻘﻲ العميل ﺯﻳﺪﺍﻥ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺱ
ﺍﻟﺮﺋﺎﺳﻲ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﻋﻮ ﻡ . ﺱ . ﻉ ﺑﺄﺧﻤﺺ ﺍﻟﺴﻼﺡ ﻭأﻫﺎﻧﻪ ﺇﻫﺎﻧﺔ ﺑﻠﻴﻐﺔ !!

ﻣﺪّﻋﻴﺎً ﺑﺄﻧﻪ ﺃﻗـﺪﻡ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻫﺬﺍ ﺍﻟﻌﻤـﻞ (ﺍﻻﺳﺘﻴﻼﺀ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺴﻴﺎﺭﺍﺕ ﺍﻟﻤﺼﻔﺤﺔ ﻭﺍﻷﺳﻠﺤﺔ ) بناء ﻋﻠﻰ ﺗﻨﺴﻴﻖ مع “العميل ” ﺯﻳﺪﺍﻥ !!


1:05 gunfights area of ​​Abu Salim 16/03/2014
de Rusaifa News

Some shops in the market by Abu Salim, Agaflo and unlocked in the direction of the headquarters Gneoh;

and expectations for QaaQa and lightning attack on Gneoh. 

Zintan attacks on the headquarters of Gneoh !   military convoy belonging to the Zintan brigades moves toward traffic signal at Airport Road, hedges and security to militias in Tripoli and the island of Abu Saleem Bab al-Aziziya.

SUPER RAT Inventory Gneoh is blocking the roads in and out of  Abu Salim, and Alpine Abu arrows (BUSHMIN) there.

Abu Salim a little while ago ….



Video shows the attack carried out by the Zintan QaaQa militia camp on the so-called Infantry Brigade

in the area  Qasr Ben Ghashir on the morning of Friday, 03.14.2014

فديو يوضح الهجوم الذي قامت به مليشيات الزنتان على معسكر مايسمى اللواء مشاه التاني في منطقة قصر بن غشير صباح يوم الجمعة 2014/03/14
تابعونا على اخبار المقاومة الليبية(كتيبة اللواء الاخضر الاكتروني )الادمن الرئيسى
  Battle of Zintan against Gneoh in Tripoli Abu SALEM“Lhalboss and marina” the biggest battalions of militia from Misurata hand, the amount and type ofweapons priming itself for entry into the capital, Tripoli, supposedly after the Zintan militias.armed MB militias opened fire on refugees next Al-Rixos Campo, and the presence of armed MB men place.–



Hospital street corner announcing the arrival of an infected belonging to the militia, the First Brigade Infantry, was wounded in the way of Sidra by unknown assailants on a dark car.


3 dead collar of force in the capital, was shot dead by MB unidentified area Alnofleeyen.

Congestion gasoline in Victory Street.





Zliten ~ resisted forces rats 7 months ~

free Zliten fought beside their brethren in the Bani Walid against the rats in the first war, led by the martyr Abuaklan ~

free Zliten supported their brothers again in Bani Walid in War Resolution No. 7 unjust ~

23 ~ 8 ~ 2012 free Zliten fighting alone against the biggest battalions rats and al ~

free Zliten uprising in the front line Sabha recent testimony rats channel Fezzan ~ and still deny Maflth this city?
زليتن~قاومت قوات الجرذان 7 أشهر~أحرار زليتن قاتلوا بجانب إخوتهم في بن وليد ضد الجرذان في الحرب الأولي بقيادة الشهيد أبوعقلين~أحرار زليتن ساندوا إخوتهم مرة أخري في بن وليد في حرب القرار رقم 7 الظالم~23~8~2012 أحرار زليتن يقاتلون لوحدهم ضد أكبر كتائب الجرذان وتنظيم القاعده~أحرار زليتن في الجبهة الأمامية إنتفاضة سبها الأخيرة بشهادة جرذان قناة فزان~ومازالوا ينكرون مافعلته هذه المدينة؟

now Misurata militia will return only 31 of the prisoners from Zliten out of 41 that were kidnapped from prison last month from Mager Prison.




Jewish Solomon Al-Fortah shortly before the local channel Misurata:

“I walked part of the Central Region Mtlha metal Jufrah and Sabha and its capital, Misratah and oil fields will Btamnyha. Rebel and Sam bin Humaid Al-qzae is sent after the ‘robber’ Ibrahim al-Jdharan.”

اليهودي سليمان الفورتيه قبل قليل على قناة مصراته المحلية

سرت جزء من إقليم الوسط متلها متل الجفره وسبها وعاصمته مصراته والحقول النفطية سيقوم بتأمنيها الثائر وسام بن حميد بعد القظاء على السارق ابراهيم جضران

“Lhalboss and marina” the biggest battalions of militia from Misurata hand, the amount and type

of weapons priming itself for entry into the capital, Tripoli, supposedly after the Zintan militias.


Popular armed resistance, continuous
All young people in the city of Sirte resistance
Astphar start in its range fighter
And our audit in military operations against the boutiques Misurata
** Battalion witnessed yesterday Sirte fighter control over many of the Aldkhirh.

3 cars and a number of armed militias of Misrata.

Jews in Misurata Shell Ajaj in Sirte. MISURATA MB Militia  takes over Shell Ajaj Gas station in Sirte:

Clashes between MB militias Shield average after killing someone in a fight over the ownership of a

stolen bus Sirte airport and attempts to calm sheikhs of Misrata in Sirte.

and sudden withdrawal of militias, the MB shield LIBYAN militia that were in the city of Sirte.
اشتباكات بين مليشيات درع الوسطي بعد مقتل احدهم في شجار علي ملكية حافلة مسروقة من مطار سرت ومحاولات التهدئة من مشائخ مصراته في سرت وانسحاب مفاجئ لميلشيات الدرع من مدينة سرت .


Alcolmands Sudanese forces of up to airport Alkarzabip indicators on impact of Sirte to Misurata militias,

of course, in addition to the Qatari and Turkish mercenaries and Egyptians and Algerians and Tunisians and Yemenis .

even Jaboha actually zoom in, and the revolution has achieved its goals.

Shield of SATAN


Now the militias Misurata in a-Bohadi assault on homes and shooting pal m i Anti Aviation housing ..

and Toukom assault on homes in Alqmazfah Division bin Sartah …..

Please publishing and circular … on the widest …
Aladinm main …

MB RAT “Shields Libya militias” roam in the residential area for the rule Abohadi air

and fired in the air to intimidate citizens.

The militias # armor robbed homes sons Abdul Hadi bin Sartah in the area between  Sirte & a-Bohadi.

اللبوة الشرسة المفترسةحمزه ابوخنجر /

Muftrshhamzh fierce lioness Abuchnger  reports:

The actions of the Zionist gangs in Sirte steadfast

Zionist gangs of Misurata in collaboration with members of Sirte in an e-Almzarat.

Do Baadaav service net and Ahianna dismissal,

So the people of Sirte,  they can not transfer news and Matqom Zionist gangs Almzratih of looting and attacks on privacy and houses.

تصرفات العصابات الصهيونية في سرت الصامدة

العصابات الصهيونية من مزراته بالتعاون مع افراد في بريد سرت من المزاريت . بالقيام بااضعاف خدمة النت واحياننا بالفصل

وذلك حتى لايستطيعون اهل سرت بنقل الاخبار وماتقوم به العصابات الصهيونية المزراطيه من نهب وسلب والاعتداء على الحرمات ومنازل المواطنين


Quoting from page Cyrenaica, just Almsarit forces advancing toward the valley Rouge.

3 is equipped field hospitals between Brega and Ras Lanuf.(Story much metaphor) O Evil Misurata 

by Osama Gard …
It is not coincidence that comes from Tripoli, a special resolution to invade the province of Cyrenaica and this decision carries the number “42″ ..
and No. 42, which is the period in which Tripoli perched on our hearts ….
It is also no coincidence that also declares “Abusshmin” On March 12 warning for the region and for a week, and agree that March 19 is a day of remembrance and the invasion of the region by the forces of occupation Trabelsi brutal in 2011 …
It is also no coincidence that the length of the period also clashes Shield Forces Central (alliance Brigades Misurata) with forces of the region (Cyrenaica defense) did not record a single case of the assassination of the provincial capital, Benghazi ..
means that the killer was busy in another war.–
The more time passes tell about some of the sheikhs and the wise men in the province of Cyrenaica Sistfikoa from their coma first and learn a lesson from their predecessors or be a lesson and an example to Ahakém but as usual do not wake up until it was too late! …
Paper sages and wise men and sheikhs in the region of Cyrenaica used by the government and From driven in secret whenever she wants, when was the launch of the Commission on the good offices of the province of Cyrenaica and is the Committee consisting of all tribes and social structures in the region and was an effort Committee heal the rift before the issuance of Resolution No. “7″and because the paper wise men and sheikhs undesirable at that time have been suspended for the committee of wise men tenderly on 10/28/2012 at the Gate “or Rishrash” near Bani Walid by the militias of Misrata and Prof. “Fathi Bogheib” coordinator of the delegation that you remember, and I quote:
“The attack on us in the gate Um Rishrash been cordoned off and after a convoy of humanitarian aid and its members have been attacking us and a delegation of sheikhs Cyrenaica and we received them from the words and sense of locality obscene words ……… etc. “Today, a group of so-called notables from Misrata and what Captain lawyers called Misurata and nicknamed “Balkish” talking about the role of the sheikhs of the region in order to calm and peaceful and open wells to that of what Vzlkh not fools …


only one logic and norms accepted that the Elders of Misurata or priests or Hakhamadtha I do not know why they call them there are apologizing for the province of Cyrenaica this Aelchenah and started it darker …

Bottom line: if he could “Misurata” to fool the people some of the time you will not be able chunks of deception all the people all the time … We are now in the region do not recognize and do not welcome any role by the wise men in the liquefied petroleum Moanre .. Vagme not you hold an engine and Ttafanh whenever Chaay and what time you would like to.

Why the assassination of the men of the army and security in the province of Cyrenaica?

There are reasons you should not stay away from the systematic mentioned in the discharge of military personnel and security in the “province of Cyrenaica” without other provinces of what was formerly known in Libya ..

and especially military leaders and security, which are efficient and jaggery in the military and security work in the province, as ..
we can not fail referrals to retire for some competencies military and security in the region and characterized by professionalism and security expertise ..

and bring instead of them the power of “evil” decisions of the supreme been promoted some of the suspects “KoSam bin Humaid” from “non-rank” to the rank of “colonel” ?? ..

What specifically who gets and who is the beneficiary of that ..?? That what is happening in the province of Cyrenaica in the current period is only the implementation of the scheme of demonic scheming from within the country and in the hands of regional ..?! ,

The move notable for the Eagles atmosphere in Tobruk and have built and help commandos in storming battalion holy and other evidence on the role of the military security overthrow the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of our Colonel Qathafi in the CIA-led ” 17 February Revolution”. The province of Cyrenaica is still fresh in the mind of the new force ..

Had assassinations for the military, for example, in all parts of what was known in Libya previously, we would say, “There are outside parties pave the way for the occupation of the country ..”

Or is it that it was the assassinations in the province of Cyrenaica exclusively, as noted in advance means there is a force regionalization are behind this dump cadres in preparation for the invasion of the region ?..

and the decisions made, such as “RESOLUTION N° 42″, to invade your territory, and pave only the beginning of the aggression, after discharge from the military and security expertise ?

(Osama Gard)
Rebellious Cyrenaica برقة المتمردة

ليس من باب الصدف ان يصدر عن طرابلس الغرب قرار خاص باجتياح اقليم برقة و يحمل هذا القرار رقم ” 42 ” ..و رقم 42 هى المدة التى جثمت فيها طرابلس على قلوبنا …. كما ليس من باب الصدفة ايضا ان يعلن ” ابوسهمين ” يوم 12 مارس انذار للاقليم و لمدة اسبوع , و التى توافق 19 مارس و هو يوم ذكرى اجتياح الاقليم من قبل القوات الاحتلال الطرابلسي الغاشم عام 2011 … كما ليس من باب الصدف ايضا ان طول فترة اشتباكات قوات درع الوسطى ( تحالف كتائب مصراته ) مع قوات الاقليم ( دفاع برقة ) لم تسجل حالة اغتيال واحدة فى عاصمة الاقليم بنغازى .. ما يعنى ان القاتل كان مشغولا فى حرب اخرى

(اسامة الجارد)

( الحكاية موش بالمجاز ) يا مصراته… لـ اسامة الجارد

كلما مر الوقت اقول عن بعض المشائخ و الحكماء فى اقليم برقة سيستفيقوا من غيبوبتهم الاولى و يتعلموا الدرس من سابقيهم أو يكونوا عبرةً ومثلاً للاحقيهم لكن كعادتهم لا يستفيقوا الا بعد فوات الاوان!… ورقة الحكماء و العقلاء و المشائخ فى اقليم برقة تستخدمها الحكومة و من يسيرها فى الخفاء متى شاءت ، فعندما تم انطلاق للجنة المساعى الحميدة من اقليم برقة و هى للجنة مكونه من كل قبائل و التركيبات الاجتماعية فى الاقليم و كان مسعى اللجنة راب الصدع قبل صدور القرار رقم ” 7 ” و لان ورقة الحكماء و المشائخ غير مرغوب فيها فى ذلك الوقت تم ايقاف للجنة حكماء برقة يوم 28 / 10 / 2012 فى بوابة “ام الرشراش” بالقرب من بنى وليد من قبل مليشيات مصراته و ذكر الاستاذ “فتحي بولغيب ” منسق الوفد ان كنتم تتذكرون و بالحرف الواحد : ” تم الاعتداء علينا في بوابة ام الرشراش و بعدها تم تطويق قافلة المساعدات الانسانية و تم التهجم على اعضاءها و معنا وفد من مشائخ برقة و قوبلنا من قبلهم بكلمات شوارعية و الفاظ بذيئة ………الخ ” اليوم مجموعة من ما يسمى وجهاء مصراته و من ما يسمى نقيب المحاميين مصراته و يلقب ” بالكيسة ” يتحدثون عن دور لمشائخ الاقليم من اجل التهدئة و فتح الابار سلميا و ما الى ذلك من فذلكة لا تنطلى على احد … فحسب المنطق و الاعراف المتعارف عليها ان حكماء مصراته او كهنتها او حاخاماتها لا ادري ماذا يسمونهم هناك هم من يعتذرون لاقليم برقة على هذة الشنعة و الباديء اظلم …الخلاصة : ان كان بمقدور ” مصراته ” أن نخدع الناس لبعض الوقت فلن يتمكنوا قطعا من خديعة كل الناس كل الوقت… نحن الان فى الاقليم لا نعترف و لا نرحب باي دور عن طريق الحكماء فى مسال الموانرء النفطية .. فالحكماء ليس محركا تشغلونه و تطفؤنه وقتما تشاؤى و وقت ما رغبتم

(اسامة الجارد)

لماذا الاغتيال لرجالات الامن و الجيش فى اقليم برقة ؟

هناك أسباب لا يجب الإبتعاد عن ذكرها فى التفريغ الممنهج لرجال الجيش و الامن فى “اقليم برقة ” دون سواها من اقاليم ما كان يعرف بليبيا سابقا ..و خصوصا ألقيادات العسكرية و الامنية التي تتمتع بالكفاءه والحرفيه في العمل الامنى و العسكري فى الاقليم .. كما لا يفوتنا إحالات على التقاعد لبعض الكفاءات العسكرية و الامنية فى الاقليم و التي تمتاز بالحرفيه الأمنيه والخبره الفنيه ..و احلال بدل منها قوة ” الشر ” بقرارات عليا لترقيت بعض المشبوة فيهم ” كوسام بن حميد ” من ” اللا رتبة ” الى رتبة ” عقيد “؟؟.. فما الذى يحصل تحديدا و من المستفيد من ذلك ..؟؟ أن ما يحدث في اقليم برقة فى الفترة الراهنة ما هو إلا تنفيذ لمخطط شيطاني يدبر من داخل هذا البلد و بايدى جهوية..؟! فالتحرك الملحوظ لنسور الجو فى طبرق و بنينا و مساعدة قوات الصاعقة فى اقتحام كتيبة الفضيل و غيرها من الشواهد على الدور العسكري الامنى بإطاحة حكم العقيد فى ثورة فبراير باقليم برقة مازال ماثلا فى ذهنية القوة الجديدة.. فلو كانت الاغتيالات للعسكريين مثلا فى كل ارجاء ما كان يعرف بليبيا سابقا لقلنا ” ان هناك اطراف خارجية تمهد لاحتلال البلاد ..” ام ان كان الاغتيال فى اقليم برقة دون سواها كما اشرنا سلفا يعنى هناك قوة جهوية هى من تقف وراء تفريغ هذة الكوادر تمهيدا لغزوة الاقليم.. و ما القرارات التى صدرت كالقرار رقم 42 الخاص باجتياح الاقليم الا بداية وتمهيد للعدوان بعد تفريغة من الخبرات العسكرية و الامنية

(اسامة الجارد)


Mighty are the men of CYRENAICA, LOYAL of LIBYA and only to the people (MASS):


Abd al-Basit Akotait says that Britain stands ready to protect the territorial waters of Libya

and intercept any ships could enter Libyan waters.


(Now, who is Britain protecting ? Do they think this will squash CYRENAICA????)

picture of ZIONISTA Abd al-Basit, favorite of the NATO NATIONS:

The failure of mediation between the political bureau of the province of Cyrenaica and militia leaders Brotherhood

and near the end of the deadline set by the Alamatmr.



Hahahaha one said on Al-Libya Muammar First Martyr and the announcer said ..

“Martyr Muammar fully recognized ‘sweet to be recognized human truth,’ “.

The caller’s name Jibril of Tobruk !





Announced that the National Oil Corporation re-declaration of a state of force majeure

in the oil Port of Hariga starting on Friday.


RT Arabic
Pdf in Benghazi frustrate the attempt to destroy the gas pipeline:
Burning piles of garbage near a gas pipeline in the city of Benghazi, a
Connected from the city of Derna even though Brega continued explode gas pipeline
And cause a major disaster.
حرق اكوام من القمامة بالقرب من خط غاز في مدينة بنغازى وهي
موصلة من مدينة درنة حتى البريقة ولو استمرت ستنفجر انابيب الغاز
وتسبب كارثة كبيرة




“Green confident in God Fazzani a publié sur Hamza Abuchnger” telles us:

Sabha, weapons Altqilh clashes in Sabha and the news of the fall of the clashes kill him outside ..

and random shooting and injuries many of them civilians.
Source “connection of Sabha
ﻋﺎﺟﻞ ***
ﺳﺒﻬﺎ ,,ﺍﺷﺘﺒﻜﺎﺕ ﺑﺄﺳﻠﺤﻪ ﺍﻟﺘﻘﻴﻠﻪ ﺑﻤﺪﻳﻨﺔ ﺳﺒﻬﺎ ﻭﺃﻧﺒﺎﺀ ﻋﻦ ﺳﻘﻮﻁ ﻗﺘﻠﻪ ﺧﺎﺭﺝ ﺍﻻﺷﺘﺒﻜﺎﺕ .. ﻭﺭﻣﺎﻳﺔ ﻋﺸﻮﺍﺋﻴﺔ ﻭﺍﺻﺎﺑﺎﺕ ﻋﺪﻳﺪﺓ ﻣﻦ ﺑﻴﻨﻬﻢ ﻣﺪﻧﻴﻦ ::
ﺍﻟﻤﺼﺪﺭ ﺑﺎﺗﺼﺎﻝ ﻣﻦ ﺳﺒﻬﺎ



Yes, Its Really Happening. This Woman Just Married A Dog
Whether they will ever receive the same level of legitimacy that our culture has afforded same-sex ‘marriage’ is unclear.



(God DOES NOT bless you and do not Paschkalk O pawn and a dwarf with a small state of Qatar Almqmlh
You are the first to Chmlk Alalana O enemy of God and an enemy of Islam and home Jaen.):



The death of Muhammad Yunus Dusan young man born ’93 killed when see from Tunisia to Libya. 

The head is worth: Book pistol and 50 bullets at a Tunisian citizen returning from Libya.


Mu authoratative

Mu al-Fateh Mural

Muammar al-ups to the last breath ….


Falcon Jaykm Aawahmon:

peace be upon you from all the people struggling and including pages of known Resistance:

Saadi colostrum appeal there were traitors and customers how splitter on Ali Ahmed Kilani and Ahmad al-Gaddaf-a dam and others…

Mother fights the South wasn’t fighting Saadi and nothing balsaadi in his last two decades

and He who is driving the war is the Supreme Commander of the Armed forces of the people (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) and the Golden General (Khamis).


“I, who is leading the War, am the Supreme Commander of troops Armed people with Gen. golden. Your Lion of the Desert is struggling along with other forces, the popular and battles from now fighting the war long-term is here to say to all the families of Libya, Great Jamahiriya returns and will be green again.

And your brother Michael was one of the individuals zayukom in Wahoo km channel Hebrew I Saadi I with chieftaincy and we have forgotten the blood of the martyrs. He did not say that ‘I am the Commander of the resistance or wait for me’, or other mesmit Paltalk and Paltalk with respect are behind some.”


There are grounds to arrest Saadi Kadhafi, the son of master alsbib.

God and Muammar and Libya alone!
Your brother gaikm yawahmon Falcon fighter.

الصقر جايكم ياواهمون: سلام عليكم من المناضل لكل الشعب وبم فيهم الصفحات المقاومة المعروفه

الساعدي لبا نداء وكان هناك الخونه والعملاء كم الخائن علي الكيلاني واحمد قذافي وغيرهم
ام عن معارك الجنوب لم تكن معارك الساعدي ولا علاقة بالساعدي بتحركة الاخيرى وانا من يقود الحرب هو القائد الاعلى القوات الشعب المسلح والجنرال الذهبي و اسد الصحراء والمجاهد 01 وغيرهم من القوات الشعبي وان المعارك من الان معارك الحرب طويلة المدى ومن هنا نقول لكل العائلات الجماهيرية ان ليبيا راح ترجع وراح تكون خضراء
وان اخوكم الساعدي كان احدى الافراد زيكم واهو كم قال في قناة العبرية انى الساعدي وانى مع مشايخ القبائل ونحن لنا نسى دم شهداء ولم يقول انى قائد مقاومة او انتظروني او غيرها من مسميت البالتوك وكل من هم وراء البالتوك مع احترمي البعض فهناك من هم سبب في القبض على الساعدي القذافي ابن سيد السبيب

الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس
اخوكم المناضل الصقر جايكم ياواهمون

What’s the coolest of the commander said

Cheer O shows the work of a new musical artist Prof. Mujahid resistance titled ….. briefed along by force …..
Lyrics and melodies and vocals artist Resistance
Greeting to the tribes of the south, and the department in Ajeelat Rishvana and to the rest of the noble tribes ..
For your information was recorded Hedda lyrical work on the outskirts of the Libyan border, the possibilities of my non-existent …
But praise be to Allah from Allla Shi thing we do in preparation for the liberalization

Consider the length of the resistance force * artist * Victory Road part

New songs are ready Khaldalzruq Falcon Jaykm Aawahmon


جديد أغنية جاهزات خالدالزروق الصقر جايكم ياواهمون

Print this began in the HOLY QURAN on Monday 27 of April 1390 another year of death of the Prophet, according to the local calendar, corresponding to Libya
The second of the month of March 1982.

Roy agrees on what a novel Imam Hanif wholesome civil and draw Uthmanic is chosen by Hafiz Abu Amr proximal. And of the Holy Quran by Mohammed bin Harun known as Abu Ncbt.

This reads the the Holy Quran and this novel is usually in the Maghreb countries, especially Libya, which has prepared and supervised the preparation. Participated in the preparation of a committee composed of a group of elders and specialists peacekeepers them:

Secretary of the Committee: Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Ahmed Mishari Mustafa Ahmed Akecakec Deputy Secretary General,
He has written Sheikh Abu Bakr Sassi Moroccan and others
He was under the supervision of the / / /

Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi personally wrote a letter in which Walker

Way split

Section to the parties and quarters and eighths of it is a party and the party of sixty four quarters and quarter four division the last two eighths and then a price. Among the prostrations:

Eleven prostration placements sporadic him. Took the work of the planning and preparation for the writing and review under the supervision of “the Holy Quran Radio” and sponsored by the
“World Islamic Call Society” about three years and Neva, and ended in much of the night of the month of Ramadan 1983. The completed print
In 0.1987.

Sheikh “Abu Bakr Sassi Moroccan” (modern editor of the Holy Quran)

It is from the people of Tripoli, and creators in writing calligraphy, where he was born in 1917, a foreigner, began his academic Bektatib the city, including a book-Faqih Mokhtar Alguenor, inside angle C Attia old city, then moved to Egypt to seek knowledge, and his Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in 1935 syphilis He then went to teach calligraphy, school improvement Royal Air in Egypt, at the hands of a group of calligraphers, including, calligrapher Najib Alhoaona, and calligrapher Mr. Ibrahim, and calligrapher Mohammed Hosni, and calligrapher Mohammed Ibrahim, and calligrapher Ali Badawi, and calligrapher Ali Mohammed Ali irons, and calligrapher Abdul Aziz Rifai .. where you get a diploma this school in 1943, syphilis, and then returned to his own country, and engaged in wire teaching, a substance Calligraphy Institute teachers, and secondary schools where,

and besides this was Sheikh interested in perfecting the Holy Quran, where he devoted himself reader on the radio Libyan, then took over the presidency of “the Department of the Holy Quran” in which the year 1966 syphilis, and when the Institute was founded son eyeball Arabic calligraphy took over its management in 1976, foreign, spent after Sheikh Abu Bakr Sassi, for four years, in his book, “the Holy Quran and the Great Jamahiriya (mass)”, which is one of Holy Quran’s good , at the level of Arab and Islamic worlds, writing and implementation.

صقر العالمa publié surحمزه ابوخنجر

مصحف الجماهيرية – مصحف ليبيا
بدأت طباعة هذا المصحف الشريف في يوم الاثنين 27 من ربيع الاخر سنة 1390 من وفاة الرسول بحسب التقويم المحلي لليبيا الموافق
الثاني من شهر مارس 1982.

روي على ما يوافق رواية الإمام قالون عن نافع المدني ورُسم بالرسم العثماني على ما اختاره الحافظ أبو عمرو الداني. و المصحف من طريق محمد بن هارون المعروف بأبي نشبط. يقرأ بهذا المصحف وهذه الرواية عادة في دول المغرب العربي وخاصة ليبيا التي أعدته وأشرفت على إعداده. شارك في إعداده لجنة مكونة من نخبة من المشايخ والحفظة المتخصصين منهم :
أمين اللجنة : الشيخ محمد أحمد مشاري والشيخ مصطفى أحمد قشقش أمينا مساعدا,
وقد قام بكتابته الشيح أبوبكر ساسي المغربي وغيرهم
وكان تحت اشراف من /// العقيد معمر القذافى شخصيا وهو من كتب اكر حرف فيه

طريقة تقسيمه

قُسم إلى أحزاب وأرباع وأثمان فهو ستين حزبا والحزب أربعة أرباع والربع أربعة ثمنان ثم التقسيم الأخير وهو ثمن. جملة السجدات فيه
إحدى عشرة سجدة بمواضع متفرقة منه. استغرقت أعمال اللجنة لإعداده تخطيطا وكتابة ومراجعة بإشراف إذاعة القرآن الكريم وبرعاية
جمعية الدعوة الإسلامية العالمية حوالي ثلاث سنوات ونيفا، وانتهت في ليلة القدر من شهر رمضان عام 1983 م. واكتملت طباعته

الشيخ “أبوبكر ساسي المغربي” (كاتب المصحف)

وهو من أهالي طرابلس، ومن مبدعيها في كتابة الخط العربي، ولد فيها سنة 1917 إفرنجي، بدأ حياته الدراسية بكتاتيب المدينة، ومنها كتاب الفقيه مختار القنور، بداخل زاوية سي عطية بالمدينة القديمة، ثم رحل إلى مصر لطلب العلم، فدخل الأزهر الشريف سنة 1935 إفرنجي ثم توجه إلى تعليم الخط العربي، بمدرسة تحسين الخطوط الملكية بمصر، على يد نخبة من الخطاطين، من بينهم، الخطاط نجيب الهواوني، والخطاط السيد إبراهيم، والخطاط محمد حسني، والخطاط محمد إبراهيم، والخطاط علي بدوي، والخطاط علي محمد علي مكاوي، والخطاط عبد العزيز الرفاعي.. حيث تحصل على دبلوم هذه المدرسة في سنة 1943 إفرنجي، ثم رجع إلى بلده، وانخرط في سلك التدريس، لمادة الخط العربي بمعهد المعلمين، والمدارس الثانوية فيها، وإلى جانب ذلك كان هذا الشيخ من المهتمين بتجويد القرآن الكريم، حيث كرس نفسه قارئاً في الإذاعة الليبية، ثم تولى رئاسة قسم القرآن الكريم فيها سنة 1966 إفرنجي، وعندما تأسس معهد ابن مقلة للخط العربي تولى إدارته سنة 1976 إفرنجي، قضى بعدها الشيخ أبو بكر ساسي، مدة أربع سنوات، في كتابه مصحف الجماهيرية، الذي يعتبر من المصاحف الجيدة، على مستوى العالمين الإسلامي والعربي، كتابةً وتنفيذاً.

Mu knapping

THIS COMES DIRECTLY from “The information Office of the Popular Resistance/PRC”

Peace, mercy and blessings of God!

From the leadership of the Resistance.

Very important to all lovers leader Muammar al-Qathafi and the green flag lovers.

I hope you do not post or attend or participate  in any demonstrations or marches, whatever their goals,

even if it was green and Baalaalam Pictures and Photos commander Saif al-Islam

There is a scheme of traitors and lurking to implicate supporters of leader Muammar al-Qathafi,

and to beat them Baljuan; and Ansar al-Sharia are beneficiaries of the Satanic plan.

We warn you all: not to participate and to remain silent and the patience to hear the statement,

while general appeal of popular resistance and is crawling on the traitors and Almqji and repayment prospects.

I hope to take it up full attention and accountability.

And God willing, victory is coming
(Information Office of the Popular Resistance/PRC)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

من قيادة المقاومه

هام جدا الى كل محبي القائد معمر القدافي وعاشقي الرايه الخضراء

ارجو منكم عدم القيام بااي مشاركه في أي مظاهرات او مسيرات مهما كانت اهدافه حتي لو كانت باالاعلام الخضراء وصور القائد وصور سيف الاسلام

هناك مخطط من الخونه والمندسين لتوريط انصار القائد معمر القدافي لضربهم بالااخوان وانصار الشريعه وهم المستفدين من المخطط الشيطاني

عليه نحذر بعدم المشاركه والتزام الصمت والصبر الى حين سماع بيان النداء العام للمقاومه الشعبيه وامر الزحف على الخونه والمقملين وشداد الافاق

ارجو اخذ هذا الامر بكامل الاهتمام والمسؤليه

والنصر قادم بااذن الله

مكتب المعلومات للمقاومه الشعبيه

Mu an early prayer in color 2


(and miracles do occur)….

Pray with Our Supreme Commander.

A tribute to the artist on the creativity and resistance on Trepett who sang on the wound and sang along Balbtalan Ladd and RBI leader FAFSA and their families to help them, and Lord ……………………. . tribute to the artist Resistance

Voir la traduction
God God brood Colonel artist * Resistance * Nasr Rd 49
New work of Professor artist resistance titled God … God Help You brood — Colonel Muammar and Saif al-Islam … by Victory Part 49 melodies and singing the words of the artist resistance .. the poet …

عمل جديد للأستاذ فنان المقاومة بعنوان … الله الله ياأولاد العقيد— ساعدي معمر وسيف الإسلام…طريق النصر الجزء 49 ألحان وغناء فنان المقاومة ..كلمات شاعر ال…
SAADI at Prayer meeting:
SAADI at prayer meeting

Stop Internet service (ADSL & WiMax) on Thursday,  13 March 2014 from 20:30 pm until the next morning in the following cities:
- Five
- Mslath
- Zliten
- Misrata
- Bani Walid
- Sirte
- Hoon
- Dan
- Sukna
- Ajdabiya
- Sabha
- Ubari
- Murzuq
As well as the slow service in eastern Libya from the city of Ras Lanuf and even Amsaad.
Because, interruption in the fiber optic cable between the cities and the five Alqrbully.

LIBYANA TELECOM Urgent interruption of coverage throughout Zliten.



The Hashem humans family story
Hashim humans, Head of Supreme Security Committee
first, why he is referred to as “Palestinian”:

The newspaper La stamba Italian critical report on the activities of the Mossad, the Israeli in Libya by clients circles in the state and private security institutions

and the content of the report and literally prepared by security expert Italian Franco Remo

(some families Filstunaip sloping from the city of Ramallah during the 1949 adopted the principle of dealing with the Israeli authorities after promised Davor and Atkhaddt of intelligence activity and a way to gain the material where they provide the IDF with information about the activity of groups Velstunaih pursued resistance against Israel

was a family {Ali preached}
Among these families, where he was loyal to Israel appreciated the authorities Military Israely for its roles described Paljbarh in the dismantling of cells to armed groups Velstunaih

ÎŘíŃĺ has discovered factions Velstunaih process of communicating those between Family mentioned Ajhzat military intelligence causing do those groups to liquidate some members of that family, headed by a man Mossad strong {“healthy humans”} and became a family Ali preached a prime target for retaliation groups Filstunaip

making the Israeli authorities to allow for {Ali preached} during 1952 to immigrate to the Kingdom of Libya under the auspices of the etymology and the protection of British forces, Saudi,

now appeared on the surface of the leaders with strong security of Libya after the events of 2013 that toppled the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, a son of that family, a {Hashim Ali preached humans} at the head of intelligence establishment Libyan security,

which he referred to Israeli journalist French nationality Bernardleafa in his recent memoirs that men loyal to Israel as well as his father and mother, raising questions about the extent of penetration of Mossad, inside the Libyan state by his customers were Mend everlasting profession this profession, said Bernard Levy said men and women of this family have appreciated the Jewish people and their great credit in the detection of terrorist plans were intended factions Velstunaih

beginning refer to the Promised Land was to Qatar, which supported the Libyan people in their 17 FEBRUARY (CIA-led ) “UPRISING”
having an important role in Ngll customers to Israel Islamists in institutions Libyan government headed by {Hashim humans}

which Libby became after his family granted Libyan nationality during 1961, this case Ttafoa far from the surface Libyan arena and give a picture of the real situation of the Mossad activity in Libya and its role in the activities of assassinations, illegal immigration and increased Terth recently in Libya).
(So they are behind the Benghazi assassinations of the old military???)
نشرت صحيفة La stamba الايطاليه تقرير خطير عن انشطه للموساد الاسرائيلي في ليبيا عن طريق عملاء بمفاصل الدوله وخاصة المؤسسات الامنيه وفحوى التقرير حرفياً والذي اعده الخبير الامني الايطالي فرانكو ريمو ( بعض العائلات الفلسطنيه المنحدره من مدينة رام الله خلال سنة 1949 انتهجت مبدأ التعامل مع السلطات الاسرائيله بعد وعد دافور واتخدت من النشاط الاستخباري وسيله للكسب المادي حيث كانت تزود قوات الجيش الاسرائيلي بمعلومات عن نشاط جماعات فلسطنية انتهجت مقاومة اسرائيل وكانت عائلة { علي بشر } من بين هذه العائلات حيث كان ولائها لاسرائيل محل تقدير السلطات العسكريه الاسرائيله لما قامت به من ادوار وصفت بالجباره في تفكيك خلايا لجماعات مسلحة فلسطنيه خطيره وقد اكتشفت فصائل فلسطنيه عملية التخابر تلك بين العائله المذكورة واجهزت الاستخبارات العسكريه مما تسبب في قيام تلك الجماعات بتصفية بعض افراد تلك العائله وعلى رأسها رجل الموساد القوي { سليم بشر } واصبحت عائلة علي بشر هدف رئيسي لانتقام الجماعات الفلسطنيه مما جعل السلطات الاسرائيله تسمح ل { علي بشر } خلال سنة 1952 بالهجرة الي المملكة الليبية تحت رعاية انجليزيه وحماية قوات بريطانية بالمملكه ،، الان ظهر على سطح القيادات الامنية القوية الليبية بعد احداث سنة 2013 التي اطاحت بنظام القذافي احد ابناء تلك العائله وهو { هاشم علي بشر } على رأس المؤسسه الاستخباراتيه الامنيه الليبية والذي اشار اليه الصحفي الاسرائيلي الفرنسي الجنسيه برناردليفي في مذكراته الاخيره بأنه الرجل الوفي لاسرائيل وكذلك والده ووالدته مما يثير تساؤلات عن مدى تغلغل جهاز الموساد داخل الدوله الليبية عن طريق عملاء له كانوا مند الازل يمتهنون هذه المهنه ، واشار برنارد ليفي ان نساء ورجال هذه العائله يتمتعون بتقدير الشعب اليهودي ولهم فضل كبير في كشف خطط ارهابيه كانت معده من فصائل فلسطنيه بداية الرجوع لارض الميعاد وكان لقطر التي ساندت الشعب الليبي في ثورته دور هام في تغلل عملاء لاسرائيل اسلاميين في مؤسسات الحكومة الليبية على رأسهم { هاشم بشر } الذي اصبح ليبي بعد منح اسرته الجنسية الليبية خلال سنة 1961 ،، هذه الحاله تطفوا الان عن السطح بالساحه الليبية وتعطي صورة عن الوضع الحقيقي لنشاط الموساد بليبيا ودوره في انشطة اغتيالات وهجره غير شرعيه ارتفعت وثيرته اخيراً بليبيا ) .




The Interior Ministry confirmed that 70 Egyptians detained for not possessing identity papers, despite their presence on Libyan territory.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement her that “Egyptian authorities are pursuing intensively and closely preliminary information available, which refers to the creation of groups of uniformed military and private arrest number 70 Egyptian in the areas of Ain Zara, Salahuddin and Friday Market in Tripoli and taken to the center of the fight against crime in plateau region in Tripoli.

 la vidéo de ‎سبها الأن | Sebha Now‎.
Video beginning of the clashes in Al Furjan trait at the break of dawn
Video for the second trait Furjan clashes in the early morning hours 
فيديو الثاني لـ اشتباكات خلة الفرجان في ساعات الفجر #طرابلس#ليبيا


Hamza Abuchnger | 03/13/2014

The final say a publié sur Hamza Abuchnger

Dr Hamza hit the right compass of God and his pitch

34 de plus wounded Libyan a publié sur Hamza Abuchnger.

Urgent & ~ Close Tripoli International Airport ~ and QaaQa and lightning (THUNDERBOLT ZINTAN)

are heading for the Liberation of the base and the port of Tripoli Mitigua Marine.

Reports of explosions at the base of Mitigua:

  • “Sam called Egyptian” Hakim Belhadj, a boys and signed a contract with the company “Airbus”
  • In the Dubai Airshow worth a billion and three hundred thousand euros for the purchase of aircraft for the Wings of Qatar Finance,It also obtained the Tsélat and large sums of money from their partner in the robbery “great friend” of Libyan funds in the Central Bank ..Now that the foundations of this boy Brigades and Saraya of the Commission on Higher Security Tripoli dominated by which the lands and houses and Mrzaa Flansar light and forced them to “sell” and now resides on some of them new buildings ….Now inciting bloodshed in Tripoli and trying to push ideological groups that follow them to pay Tripoli and its people in the civil war, they live in mansions and billions OWN …
    And finally …. We will include articles and other evidence and documents for bringing weapons and silencers through airport Mitigua under the supervision of the Qatari and Turkish intelligence assassinated by honest people in all across Libya.

Voices of clashes now


There is a bridge stationed above the oil tanks on Airport Road and cars were written the Ministry of the Interior.

Shut Dzisah Bab al-Aziziya and the road leading to the airport and through the door of bin Ghashir. 


Gathering mechanisms of the RAT Second Brigade militia infantry company of militia belonging to the mechanics of the joint force in a trait Ben Aoun – Qasr Bin Ghashir, in a move to retrieve their vehicles after the Zintan militia attack on the headquarters of the RAT Second Brigade and (sweep) a number of mechanisms at their Headquarters this morning.


Zintan militia, QaaQa, attack on the headquarters of the RAT Second Brigade at “Qasr Ben Ghashir headquarters”.

They have burned and hijack dozens of their armored cars. reports say that they have kidnapped a group of soldiers.

This is now the island’s Bab al-Aziziya heady pleasures of Jeht through the airport and door bin Ghashir:

The armed group is composed of more than 50 armed vehicles Bmhajmt infantry brigade headquarters careful

Palace bin Ghashir and some military vehicles were stolen and burned dozens of cars and is said Maj. Gen.

careful that the armed group was tracked to nearby cities of Tripoli ..

Now the voices of lead and a strong burst of artillery now on the island of Bab al-Aziziya …


Targeting a home inventory (Abdul Razzaq comforters) one of the leaders bulls Tajourah, Bakazv (R. Me. G) at dawn today ..

Military vehicles tracking militia operations room Libya rebels shut down the roads leading to the Rixos Hotel

where hospitality and palaces hiding Chairman and members of Congress Allaotunai.

to find the body of a person near the seaside – Sinbad in Tripoli.

burning vehicle belonging to the military police in the way of the coast when the traffic signal “arsenal” in the capital.

Tripoli at night on Coastal Road



Policy Misurata: “one hit and one fear ..”
City Mzisurata Bmlishyatea terrorist and the so-called Bgmaúha and Aklaúha sides of the same coin racist one …

It is within the policy softening divided the city into two Misuratas to serve in the same policy orientation and “one hit and one fear ..”

First Team: is a mixture of extremist groups and jihadi groups and remaining battalions battalion so-called

“Halboss” and “Sowaihili” and “Tiger” etc. ..

and generally not without Misurata in the house of an individual is engaged these battalions and battalions are working on

the aforementioned where all forms of extortion and threatening punishment of kidnapping and murder and bullying unless

doing well and well ..or expect to set up a well and well.

Second team: and they are the so-called “elders and wise”, Misratah, and generally the second grade Radi complete satisfaction

for all the actions of the first team, who extort money but an hour defeat of the first team, as happened in Tripoli Fbma known massacre ego interfere with the second party and calls her watch to arbitration the mind

and the Magistrate and the primacy of public interest over private interests and suggestions of naive gently in front of you and the story of how a dignified state and Hadith and Ikhtaatmha:


“These do not represent Misurata” …

Vhmary any of you tell us in the future, that these do not represent Misurata.



Serious and immediate::::::

Misrata Libyan militias are holding more than 100 Egyptian for use as human shields
A source Libby in a statement to “veto” the militias of Misrata has compiled the Egyptians who are in the

street Egyptian city of Sirte and taken to an unknown location, and believed that they would be used as human shields …

It is worth mentioning that the militias of Misrata oversees them, a famous person named Abdul Rahman Sowaihili,

calculated on the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya.

عبد الرحمن السويحليABDUL RAHMAN SOWAILLI

This did not specify the number of Egyptian detainees were at the hands of the MB Misrata militias, calculated to end now; but, preliminary estimates, according to witnesses, cede their number to be in excess of 100.

These FILTHY RATS been looted all the mechanisms of public services company in Sirte,

as well as water and sanitation,

and Alaih international airport of Sirte too !!!.

Sirte airport over run



Hallelujah day Al faza’a whole unit and gently guide at Cyrenaica in Ajdabiya the elders today, involving five elders from the tribe I frown him knowing the two of them were thrown against the Federal statement in October!!!

Tribute to wise tribe alzawya lights …

سبحان الله يوم الفزعه برقه كلها يد وحده و الدليل بيان مشايخ برقه فى أجدابيا اليوم حضروه خمســـة مشايخ من قبيله أزويه مع العلم أثنين منهم هم من ألقوا بيان ضد الفيدراليه فى شهر أكتوبر الماضي !!!تحية الى عقلاء قبيلة الزوية المجاهدة …
 Valley Rouge GATE  this morning, irreversibility line position p … Alkachik right ready to cliff road at any moment.
Entering the fifth column of the Alhauser Valley Rouge.
Violent clashes south of Sirte now ~ ~ River Road between the militias of Misrata and forces Cyrenaica.
SS & now graduated from Benghazi in convoys and go to defeat the militias of Misrata in Sirte.
Urgent withdrawal of militias from Misurata now in Sirte.
Cyrenaica forces now advancing to liberate the city of Sirte from armed militias belonging to the Misurata. 
Peace to all observers are free, thank God, the Lord of the Worlds !


Stole a car “is a battalion Thunderbolt 21″ and reported that sources that the car is in Misurata now.


Assassination “Essam Mohamed Saleh Aujali” Director of the Office inspection

and follow-up in the Ministry of Health in Benghazi “was assassinated in the Al-Sabri” .


Voices Shooting dense near the island of peace and District Land Shebnah.

Explosion third floor apartment downtown Benghazi behind the North Benghazi Court.




Other oil tanker is preparing to enter the port of Sidra, to load the shipment of oil while studying the Executive Office of Cyrenaica, download this vessel from the  port of Tobruk … Hariga …. 

This Masran its sources, which confirmed the determination of the Executive Office of Cyrenaica continue to export oil away from the “government” In Tripoli.



Close spark oil field three days after the start of production

Agency Africa News
Libyan protesters came back to close the spark oil field (800 km south of Tripoli) in full, on Thursday evening.



RAT Sulieman/Solomon boys militias in Sabha to join Almzarat and there is information that they sent a total of fighting with them,

(Against fighters of CYRENAICA) in an attempt to get closer to the news ….. Almzarat sure.



Important for honest …
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you …

to all the free honorable sons and grandsons and supporters of Sidi Leader Muammar al-Qathafi, wherever they are …

I salute you and salute you, high morale in Hedda blessed day Thursday, 13/03/2014

assure you I am in good health, and the issue of abducted by customers not so quaint …

God forbid been kidnapped, and there are millions in the ongoing liberalization of the hands of the Great Jamahiriya,
bastards because the Resistance is not dependent on people, but heroes of religion to Azalo the Covenant and the promise ..

and as long as long as you never light up victory with God’s help ….

and thanks plugged into each free asked me with my greetings to all ……

forward with God’s help … on behalf of the SOL.

هـــام للشــــرفـــاء …
السـلام عليكـم ورحمـة اللــه وبـركــاتـه … الـى كــل الأحــرار الشــرفـاء أبنـاء وأحفـاد وأنصــار سيــدى القــائـد مـعـمـر القــدافـى أينمـا كــانــوا … أحييكـم وأحيـي فيكـم الــروح المعنــويـة العــاليـة فـى هــدا اليــوم المبــارك الخميـس 13 / 3 / 2014 نـؤكــد لكـم أننـى بصحـة جيـدة ومسـألـة أختطـافـى مـن قبــل العمـلاء ليسـت بـالغــريبـة … حتـى لا قـدر اللــه تـم خطفـى فهنــاك المــلاييـن المستمـريـن فـى تحـريـر الجمـاهيـريـة العظمـى مـن أيـدى الأوبـاش لأن المقـاومـة ليسـت متـوقفـة علـى أشخــاص بـل بالابطــال الـديـن لازالــو علـى العهــد والــوعــد .. دمتـم ودام الفـاتـح أبـدا حتـى النصـر بعــون اللــه …. و الشكـر مــوصــول لكــل حــر ســأل عنـى مــع تحيــاتـى للجميــع …… الـى الأمــام بعــون اللــه … بـاســم الصــول

Aaaaaajaaaaal …. from an Official Source, said … for those who are skeptical and question?
The first question to Gen. Mujahid Sheikh Saadi Gaddafi Brigade:
Q – What’s the story coming?????
C _ and GREEN FORCES are actually coming and their Leader is Baaaata (Muammar al-Qathafi)


عاااااجااااال …. من مصدر رسمي … للذين يشككون ؟؟
أول سؤال الي المجاهد الشيخ اللواء الساعدي معمر القذافي
س – ما قصة القادمون ؟؟؟؟؟
ج _ قادمون فعلا وموجودون وقااائدهم هو بااااتي ( معمر القذافي

Steadfast Steadfast .. Gifts of Dr. Saif al-Islam and Al-Saadi Brigade
Steadfast Steadfast .. courtesy of the girl to Dr. Fatih.
Saif al-Islam and Al-Saadi Brigades.Steadfast Steadfast We do not fear death are not afraid of adversity
Steadfast in the face of all the enemies of the homeland
Blood and our souls we give dowry for your security
Our children for the pain our wives tell them we cannot afford the owner.
We are a scapegoat /sacrifice for the country
Injustice to those who will not be silent, even if we die in the fighting against all enemies the repatriation.Will we cut the shadow pm even though the Board in the shroud agricultural science.
Steadfast Steadfast
We do not fear death are not afraid of adversity
Steadfast in Face enemies every home.
Your weapons does not terrify our hearts, as your dogs are not nurtured by as well as Dan. Even though your graves have been desecrated, our borders by our soldiers will secure you from trampling on us.if we are brave Matt Gelna
For the sake of you, we continue to piece your security statute and our Lord will not bow
we cut you. It’s about how much security and our report is related asVomenkm instinct and edit our ordinance.
صامدون صامدون .. اهداء من بنت الفاتح للدكتور سيف الإسلام معمرالقذافي وللواء الساعدي معمرالقذافيصـامدون صـامدون لا نهـاب المـوت لا نخشـى المحـن
صـامدون في وجـه كلّ أعـداء الوطـن
أرواحنـا دمـاؤنـا لأمـنكم نعطيهـا مهـر
للألـم أبنـاؤنـا نسـاؤنـا قولوا لهـم نحن لا ننكـث القسـم
نحن فداء للوطـن
لن نسـكت لمـن ظلـم حتّـى لو متنـا في القتـال كفّنـونـا بالعلـم
صـامدون صـامدون لا نهـاب الموت لا نخـشى المحـن
صـامدون في وجه كلّ أعـداء الوطـن .
سلاحكـم لا يرعـب قلوبنـا كلابكـم لا ترعـب أسـودنـا
حتــى وإن دنستــــم حدودنـا قبوركـم تحفرهـا جنودنـا
يـا شعبنـا لا تخـف فإنّـنا بواسـل حتّـى لو مـات جلّـنا
لأجلكم نواصـل فنحن منكم قطعـة وأمنكم فريضـة وربّـنا لن ننحني
فأمنـكم غـريـزة وتحــــرير وطننــــــا فريضـــــــة
Mazel your children, my Supreme CommanderLibyan Arab Jamahiriya
Great Socialist JAMAHIRIYA ((Sun Evriva))
Madame cohabitation, we Green go forward my grandsons, Great Commander o descendant of commander Ali Nasr, the Great delightand victory soon and big joyNew artist, Gina:We’re still your children, O Supreme Commander
Libya occupied rats, O O O sons of the Sacred Hiraokha.
مازل اولادك يا عظمى
الجماهيرية العربية الليبيه الشعيبه الاشتراكية العظمى
((شمس افريفا))
منعرفو الخوانه مدام دمنا اخضر الى الامام يا احفاد القائد على مبداكم ونصر قريب وفرحه الكبيره

جديد الفنانة العنود: مازلنا أولادك يا عظمي
ليبيا محتلة يا جرذان يا هراوكة يا أبناء الحرام



4:52 Ali Zaidane does not recognize the decision to isolate me from the presidency of the Libyan government and attacking XXX

19:32 press conference of Libyan’s so-called “Prime Minister-designate” Abdullah bending of  Nigeria

12/03/2014 de Rusaifa News

Decision to appoint Almilishawi Outlaw (Salah Badi Almzrati) military intelligence by the Nigerian Minister (Abdullah bending) was rejected by the officers of the reform of the Libyan army.

(picture of WiSam bin Humaid and Salah Badi)

Called fair Elhasy on Channel InternationalSpokesman for the operating room the presidency of the General Staff statement declares
Issued orders to arrest the head of the National Congress ended its mandate.
In the same statement called for the battalions Thunderbolt and QaaQa to close the airport.
An arrest warrant on members of Congress for not fleeing.Operations room spokesman in Tripoli, the Libyan army.
We have issued arrest warrants for Abdullah Nuri Bushmin and bending and declare a state of the horn in Tripoli.—من الجردان منقول…….المتحدث باسم غرفة عمليات الجيش الليبي بطرابلس .
اصدرنا أوامر بالقبض على نوري بوسهمين و عبدالله الثني واعلان حالة النفير بمدينة طرابلس.
صامده من اجل دمائكمالمدعو منصف الحاسي على قناة الدوليةالناطق بإسم غرفة العمليات رئاسة الاركان العامة يصرح ببيان
اصدر الاوامر بالقبض على رئيس المؤتمر الوطني العام المنتهي ولايته .
وفي نفس التصريح طالب لكتيبة الصواعق والقعقاع بإغلاق المطار .
امر قبض على أعضاء المؤتمر لعدم فرارهم .

Now the channel Libya Aladolah
Moncef Elhasy:
denies arrest of Nuri Abu arrows and figs (just their luggagewas taken)  and said they had fled, but will not be able to escape because

Toguena all entrances and exits of Tripoli airport.

Reported the arrest of two shares and Bo figs luggage.

6:43 statement Spokesperson operations room chief of staff to catch Ali Nouri Abu …
de Rusaifa News

I had previously told Antdharoa some hours yesterday, and now we are saying is McKenna and Hua Mdkrt

arrested members of Congress, and now the Brotherhood are trapped between the East and the West and Nziedkm

of Hair House Antdharoa more after ………………. ….???

Shortly after the client Hftar will deliver a speech in A-Byar.

Hftar in Byar now directs the call to arrest the leaders of the ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood.

“Zero hour” comments:
Hey guys Sirte Mujahid
Akharjo measures are in order to ensure that the country will not be made totally a broiler by those

who controlled the country (and destroyed and steal and burn) …
And you say Lada necessary use force…
Us on the right guidance of our land and Ogba Jihad for it ……
Hey guys walked free arms Sober.



“Zero hour” informs us:
All Brigades Brotherhood, gangs and al Qaeda! Now trapped!! Between Tripoli and Misrata between the

“defense force tenderly” of Cyrenaica and the blessed Zintani forces with the army, which has closed Tripoli!!

Idiots signed a trap!! Now would be the attack of the three-point Tripoli and Cyrenaica hand bin Walid and Zlitan and Tarhunah.

Do not forget to hurricane and earthquake, Rishvana, department in Ajeelat coming Aahfrh blood is inevitable, but the sea of ​​Jardan!

Muammar al-Qathafi is a superb strategest!
جميع كتائب الاخوان والعصابات والقاعدة ! الان محاصرين !! بين طرابلس و مصراته بين قوة دفاع برقة وقوات الزنتان والجيش الذى اغلق طرابلس !!الاغبياء وقعوا بالفخ !! الان سيكون الهجوم ثلاثي من جهة طرابلس ومن جهة برقة ومن بن وليد وزليتن وترهونه ولا تنسو اعصار ورشفانة وزلزال العجيلات قادمون ياحفرة الدم لا مفر لجردان الا البحر

IN FRONT OF ALL AT THE SO-called “ALLAOTUNAI CONGRESS” the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD so-called “JUSTICE & CONSTRUCTION” RULERS cut off the head of a female member of the “CONGRESS” !!!

Zainab Altargi member of the National Conference | |
After the withdrawal from yesterday’s session and our objection to circumvent that occurred in the vote on the committee in February we were to verbal abuse and verbal abuse by members of political Islam Conference and headed Fawzia Crown and Ahmed Balajhr and the Svona that we women shameless and we are traitors and conspirators also suffered Member Amina Amoirbe the explicit threat of one of the members in front of everyone and cut off her head.
Challenge the presidency of the conference that the broadcast recording session yesterday to the Libyan people.
(Peace, my homeland)

Urgent and important ((((Libyan II)))))

‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood and the militant group fully controlled
The joints of the Libyan state and steal the Libyan revolution …

Attorney General continued to Brothers
Chief of Staff continued for Brothers
President of the Central Bank of Libya belonging to the Brothers
Defense Minister continued for Brothers
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense continued to fighter
Intelligence chief continued for Brothers
Deputy head of intelligence continued to fighter
Dar Al-Ifta belonging to the Brothers and Fighter
Oil Ministry belonging to Brothers
Chairman of Oil Corporation subsidiaries of Brothers
The Ministry of Awqaf belonging to the Brothers
National Congress continued to Brothers and Fighter
Chamber of rebels belonging to the Brothers and Fighter

All aspects of the state in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda fighter and
And kill everyone expelled Zaidane fraud and rigging will
Elections, the United States and followed Qatar and Turkey supporting the Muslim Brotherhood
(The Fighter for the people rule of Libya)

(المقاومة الجردان حتي النهاية/ RESISTANCE UNTIL THE END)
عــــــــــاجـــــل وهـــــــام (((( الجمــــاهيريـــة الثـــانيـــــة )))))

الاخــــوان المسلميـــن والجمــاعه المقــاتلــه تسيطــر بالكــامل
على مفـــاصــل الـــدولـــه الليبيـــة وتســـرق ثــورة الليبيــــن …

النائب العام تابع للاخوان
رئيس الاركان تابع للاخوان
رئيس مصرف ليبيا المركزي تابع للاخوان
وزير الدفاع تابع للاخوان
وكيل وزارة الدفاع تابع للمقاتله
رئيس المخابرات تابع للاخوان
نائب رئيس المخابرات تابع للمقاتله
دار الافتاء تابعه للاخوان والمقاتله
وزارة النفط تابعه للاخوان
رئيس مؤسسة النفط تابعه للاخوان
وزارة الاوقاف تابعه للاخوان
المؤتمر الوطنى تابع للاخوان والمقاتله
غرفة الثوار تابعه للاخوان والمقاتله

كـــل مفاصل الدولــه فى يــد الاخــوان والقــاعده والمقـاتله
وسيقتلــون الجميع طردوا زيـــدان بالتزويــر وسيقومون بتزوير
الانتخــابات ، امريكــا واتباعها قطر وتركيا يدعمون الاخوان
والمقاتله لحكــم ليبيــــا ..

Airport Road

firing shots toward the gate of the ministry of Tripoli- 
From their pages …. Libya from the heart of the event

Battalions lightning and QaaQa control the road to the airport to block anyone who tries to escape out of the country from the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood corrupt and most sensitive places in Tripoli would be under control within hours.
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and thankfully ….


Action scary movie night … fun to watch for all.



Shooting strong in the Ain Zara and Jardan Aatlpon patrols Aldhab not to hit in there.

In Fernaj – from wireless Jardan News



Stationing of military vehicles in front of Bab al-Aziziya.
Peace, my homeland
تمركز لأليات عسكريه امام باب العزيزيه
سلام يا وطن




Department in Ajeelat

been arrested Ali Ali Salem home, and Albashae booklet, by Mahmoud Abu-Rite last night.


The “Zintan local council” deciided to reject the “new” President (ABDULLAH BENDING) of the Conference’s order for the formation of a military force to end the siege on the oil ports. 

ZINTANI elders and military consider that this decision will cause a civil war ..and will NOT participate with the “new” government’s decision…
Instead they have totally rejected it and are outraged that their “brothers in the East” should be subjugated to such ill treatment.

Transport Minister Abdul Qader Al-Zentani submit his resignation to the President in charge of customer Abdullah bending.

ZINTANI being slaughtered in TRIPOLI by GNEOH and MB Militias !!

Targeting both belong to the tribe of Zintan in Tripoli by militias and Gneoh cart and driven to the families of Zintan !

Very urgent.
.. The orders of Misurata crowds armed militias in Tripoli is preparing for an attack on Zintan Brigades concentrated in the airport in Tripoli and its environs tonight.

From their pages …. Libya from the heart of the event

Battalions lightning and QaaQa control the road to the airport to block anyone who tries to escape out of the country from the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood corrupt and most sensitive places in Tripoli would be under control within hours.
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and thankfully ….

Action scary movie night … fun to watch for all.

عاجل جدا .
.. باوامر من مليشيات مصراته حشود مسلحة في طرابلس تتأهب للهجوم على كتائب الزنتان المتركزة في مطار طرابلس وضواحيه هذه الليلة .



Clash was falling inevitably that .. not today .. In the coming days, the battle of being the biggest battle of the ports ..

battle battle rule .. whom will accrue .. indications point about a mile outweigh Misrata. No strength nor the courage ..

but America is one of the resolved scales and sentenced on the tip of her statement last Balkhsran Cyrenaica.
الصدام كان سيقع لا محالة.. ان ليس اليوم ففي قادم الايام.. المعركة اكبر من كونها معركة مواني.. المعركة معركة حكم.. فلمن ستؤول.. المؤشرات تشير نحو ميل كفة مصراتة. ليس لقوتها ولا لشجاعتها.. ولكن امريكا هي من حسمت الموازين وحكمت على طرف برقة بالخسران ببيانها الاخير.

Was captured a large number of militias of MB Misurata in the desert by Tabu who erected them perfect ambush

and has been getting their cars loaded Pal 14.5 and 23 and the number of launchers.

Violent clashes are now circulating in the basin fields and gently slip between Misrata militias.

United Almoflh British issued orders to stop the “LIBYAN Conference Allaotunai” ‘s

“military action to lift the siege on the oil-Port of Sidra”.

British Embassy denies interference London to stop the siege on the oil ports.

قناة مصر الاولى ////

المملكله المتحدة البريطانيه تصدر أوامر للمؤتمر اللاوطني الليبي بأيقاف العمل العسكري لفك الحصار عن المواني النفطيه .


The BENGHAZI Battalion 21 Thunderbolt is now heading to Sirte after Mgdoraha buried in Benghazi Hawari Cemetary,
the three soldiers who who were burned Hrguethm (Fahma) by Misurata militias.

Violent clashes taking place in the twenty-east of Sirte between MB “militias Shield Central” and “defense forces Cyrenaica”.

WONDER WHERE all that money went?:

After the killing ….

Aldroaa named Hassan, who was a student plaza French before “17 February”, a member of the Transitional Council for Sirte, Wokal and the “Ministry of Industry of the Government Zaidane”, after Hassan’s death, turned out to be his personal account in the amount of 54 million dinars, it was discovered after a dispute broke out between his family on the estate, now …

went one Ashagah these days to France to complete the procedures in hard currency assets and real estate and property belonging to the dead man in France and some European countries!!! All this wealth collected this student only after “17 February”.

HASSAN of LIBYA’s MAFIA stole millions and millions

Now in the city of Sirte and logic Bohadi stolen houses and violations, car theft and stolen university and horror in schools and severe congestion in the region ….. All these actions performed by Akhut raped Almzarat.

Loud explosions are now in the vicinity of the city of Sirte and near the neighborhood of the 700 also.

Aldkhirh store, which was blown up in # Sirte:

Army CYRENAICA arrived to the area east of Sirte Bozahia now 25 k.

Martyrs Dhanana Mato what they said and NATO O Link:

EVIL Ali Almzarat attack from several axes
East of Sirte axis
South axis of Sirte.


Cyrenaica‘s “Gently defense forces” began advancing and controls the gate 50 east of Sirte.

Gulf of Sirte:
Gate pretty busy Mavera not Sharqawy not Misrati Jew …

Shortly after the client Hftar will deliver a speech in A-byar.

Ibrahim Aljdharan Forces in Cyrenaica have completed Readiness and are prepared to defend tenderly

(CYRENAICA) from Libya’s imposed MB STATE-MISURATA enemy militias. 

SURELY, This is not only the issue of control of oil and we are waiting for his move on tenterhooks ..

التشادي ابراهيم الجضران
قوات برقة فى اتم الجاهزية و الاستعداد للدفاع عن برقة العدو ليس له قضية الا السيطرة على النفط ونحن ننتظر تحركه على احر من الجمر..

AS has been tread Jewish militias Misrata field Ghanaian sheep and their cars and families

and a group of them flee the rest.

تم دعس ع مليشيات مصراتة اليهوديه بحقل الغاني و غنم سياراتهم و اسر منهم مجموعة و فرار الباقي

Of pages Fberaara Ptghaza:

Urgent: – I swear by Almighty God from the scene …

Hundreds of military vehicles desert up to the port of Benghazi
Scheduled from Tripoli and the movement of carts transport and place unknown!!!
Is this the support of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the militias of Misrata Fighter
In Benghazi??
Are you actually two weeks is the time to move from the Brotherhood militias
Benghazi and Cyrenaica besieging forces from the east and cut off the supplies of AJDABIYA
These cars come from? The State spent billions on supporting ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood armor and militias to kill Libyans,

and the protection of the rule of the Brothers.
Belhadj and … must act folks Sellouk and Qmins and Biar and Amnau
All Out any forces from Benghazi to go against the forces of Cyrenaica.

من صفحات فبرايري بتغازي

عـــــــاجـــل :- اقسم بالله العظيم من عين المكان …

مئــات السيـارات العسكرية الصحراوية تصل الى مينـاء بنغــازى
قادمه من طرابلس وتنقل بعربات النقل والمكان غير معلــوم !!!
هل هذا دعم من الاخــوان والمقاتله الى مليشيات مصراته
فى بنغــازى ؟؟
هل فعلا الاسبوعين هى وقت لتتحرك مليشيات الاخــوان من
بنغــازى وتحاصر قوات برقة من الشـرق وتقطع ألامدادات من
اجدابيا !!!
هذه السيارات قادمه لمن ؟؟ الدوله تصرف فى مليارات على
دعم الدروع والمليشيات لقتل الليبين وحماية حكم الاخوان
وبلحاج … يجب ان يتحرك اهل سلوق وقمينس والابيار ويمنعو
خروج اى قوات من بنغازى ضد قوات بــرقــة

Violent clashes near the eastern gate of the city of Sirte between the “Defence Force MB shields of Libya”
and the “militia tenderly”.


“One hand builds Lloyd bear arms” on FB reports Mohammed  al:
RATS called self-styled “battalion of martyrs on the corner” of Libya says the Liberal …

9 dead and the bodies disappeared from Ibn Sina Hospital and had captured 12 element of the battalion

and took them to Misrata, and now there are bodies in the camp and the bodies dumped in Bohadi.


Farrukh said the commander of Libya’s second power Ajdabiya, Nasser al-Drissi:

“They are in the process of reshaping the martyr battalion Nuri Aspaq again to go to the Red Canyon area

to prevent any military force progress toward the eastern region.”

Valey Rouge and Canyon in Libya

Map of the Red Valley areas of Battle 12 MARCH 2014

Map ofthe Red Valley areas of Battle 12 MARCH 2014

Armed militias of the Amazigh, the mountain west, have joined up withthe TABU, and attacking MB RATS, field bed, slip basin and the strength of the army is moving gently slip basin, according to the correspondent of the agency where the “Red Valley defense force” is stationed there in Cyrenaica.
Thursday, 13 March 2014 AD.




The assassination of the Director of the Office of Inspection and Continue affiliated to the Ministry of Health in Benghazi …
Was assassinated Thursday evening, “Essam Mohamed Saleh AujaliDirector of the Office inspections and follow-up of the Ministry of Health in the Eastern Province, after being subjected to lead area Garyounis in Benghazi, and the source confirmed medical hospital Galaa in a statement that “Aujali” arrived alive and his last breath while trying to save him to evacuate after that was shot near the heart, and the same source explained that the victim of the population of the area by Sabri.

Hospital announces 1200 (MORTUARY):
The arrival of an Egyptian named Muhammad Tariq slain in Boukrtoh Shebnah Valleil yesterday after trying to steal.



Why Qatar supports terrorism?

Abdul Latif Manaawi

Missed by many when they thought that a change of regime in Qatar will change his strategy of governance in the country is small, and that the departure of Prince father and his prime minister and foreign means that the Little Prince is coming with a new strategy in dealing with the Middle East, and the system of the Muslim Brotherhood, which supported his father for many years. But the truth is discovered by everyone months after the change «formal» rule in Qatar did not change anything on the ground, and that the strategy pursued by the diameter of the anti-Arab States continues to support terrorism, represented by the Muslim Brotherhood or even terrorist groups, such as organizing Daash in Syria, or Al-Qaeda.

This means one of two things: either that the change did not happen and that the Father Amir – as it is called – is still governed, or that it is larger than the diameter itself, which has lost all around because of its support for the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism, until it lost the closest to it, namely Saudi Arabia and Bahrain The UAE, which has recently withdraw their ambassadors from Doha, which did not deter Qatar also change its strategy, which jeopardize the security of the Gulf – according to the statement said the three countries.

Certain is that Qatar has become a state sponsor of terrorism in the region, they are still receiving and includes and supports the Muslim Brotherhood, announced by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, a terrorist group, and gives its members nationality, and make mosques platforms for them to exercise through which terrorize, and certainly also the Brotherhood penetrated into the fabric national, A few days ago also sentenced to Qatari Muslim Brotherhood Mahmoud good, in the United Arab Emirates, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for forming an illegal organization, which also reveals the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood within the fabric of the country and society to allow them to take control of institutions, including the media.

But the policy of Qatar does not support the Brotherhood only, it supports everything that is extreme, they do not stop feeding the unrest in Yemen, and also supports the Shiites in Bahrain, demonstrations, and supports the unrest in the east of Saudi Arabia, and supports the organization Daash in Syria and Iraq (organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), and Front victory, which is the local branch of the base, and is sent fighters and arms them through the channels of smuggling have been used in the past to smuggle weapons to Hamas from Syria, and using the same smugglers Syrians affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, all of this at a time converge in which politically with Iran, it seems like they do not support the Sunni extremists, representatives in Daash and the Muslim Brotherhood, but also supports the Shiite unrest in the region, like recharging the presence of a volatile region, based on the religious conflict between Sunnis and Shiites.

It depends not only on the Gulf region, it is known that Qatar funded armed rebels in Libya, Somalia, and the recent events in Mali pointed to the involvement of Qatar in training and arming terrorist organizations, and information is the most dangerous is published by the magazine if Canar Anxin French, and relate to the fact that Qatar funded and supported armed groups such as Ansar al-Din and Azaouad and Jihad in West Africa, and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, independence and equality, in addition to the Qatar trained fighters specific group, Ansar al-Din, a group representing the local branches of the base.

Who looks at what has happened must be wondering, is not about the relationship between Qatar Brotherhood, but also its relationship to terrorism in the entire region.

ساعة الصفر

لماذا تدعم قطر الإرهاب؟
عبد اللطيف المناويأخطأ الكثيرون عندما ظنوا أن تغيير نظام الحكم فى قطر ستتغير معه استراتيجية الحكم فى الدولة الصغيرة، وأن رحيل الأمير الأب ورئيس وزرائه وخارجيته يعنى أن الأمير الصغير قادم باستراتيجية جديدة فى التعامل مع منطقة الشرق الأوسط، ونظام الإخوان المسلمين، الذى دعمه والده لسنوات طوال. لكن الحقيقة التى اكتشفها الجميع بعد مرور أشهر على التغيير «الشكلى» للحكم فى قطر لم تغير شيئاً على أرض الواقع، وأن الاستراتيجية التى تتبعها قطر لمعاداة الدول العربية مستمرة فى دعم الإرهاب، ممثلاً فى الإخوان أو حتى الجماعات الإرهابية، كتنظيم داعش فى سوريا، أو تنظيم القاعدة.
هذا الأمر يعنى أحد شيئين: إما أن تغييراً لم يحدث وأن الأمير الوالد- كما يطلق عليه- مازال يحكم، أو أن الأمر أكبر من قطر ذاتها، التى خسرت جميع من حولها بسبب دعمها للإخوان والإرهاب، حتى إنها خسرت أقرب الدول إليها، وهى السعودية والبحرين والإمارات، التى قامت مؤخراً بسحب سفرائها من الدوحة، وهو ما لم يثن قطر أيضاً عن تغيير استراتيجيتها التى تضر بأمن الخليج- بحسب ما قال بيان الدول الثلاث.
الأكيد هو أن قطر أصبحت دولة داعمة للإرهاب فى المنطقة، فهى مازالت تستقبل وتضم وتدعم جماعة الإخوان المسلمين، التى أعلنتها مصر والسعودية جماعة إرهابية، وتمنح أعضاءها الجنسية، وتجعل مساجدها منابر لهم لكى يمارسوا من خلالها إرهابهم، والأكيد أيضاً أن الإخوان تغلغلوا داخل النسيج القطرى، فقبل أيام أيضاً حكم بالسجن على الإخوانى القطرى محمود الجيدة، فى الإمارات، بالسجن 7 سنوات بتهمة تشكيل تنظيم محظور، وهو ما يكشف أيضاً عن تغلغل الإخوان داخل نسيج المجتمع القطرى والسماح لهم بالسيطرة على المؤسسات بما فيها الإعلام.
لكن سياسة قطر لا تدعم الإخوان فقط، فهى تدعم كل ما هو متطرف، فهى لا تكف عن تغذية الاضطرابات فى اليمن  وأيضاً تدعم الشيعة فى البحرين ومظاهراتهم، وتدعم اضطرابات فى شرق السعودية، وتدعم تنظيم داعش فى سوريا والعراق (تنظيم الدولة الإسلامية فى العراق والشام)، وجبهة النصرة، التى تعتبر فرعاً محلياً للقاعدة، ويتم إرسال المقاتلين والسلاح لها عبر قنوات تهريب كانت تستخدم فى السابق لتهريب الأسلحة إلى حركة حماس من سوريا، وباستخدام نفس المهربين السوريين المحسوبين على جماعة الإخوان، هذا كله فى الوقت الذى تتقارب فيه سياسياً مع إيران، ليبدو الأمر وكأنها لا تدعم المتطرفين السنة، ممثلين فى داعش والإخوان، بل تدعم الاضطرابات الشيعية فى المنطقة، وكأنها تغذى وجود منطقة مضطربة، تقوم على صراع دينى ما بين السنة والشيعة.
الأمر لا يتوقف فقط على منطقة الخليج، فمن المعروف أن قطر تمول المسلحين من المتمردين فى ليبيا والصومال، كما أن الأحداث الأخيرة فى مالى أشارت إلى تورط قطر فى تدريب وتسليح التنظيمات الإرهابية، والمعلومات الأكثر خطورة هى التى نشرتها مجلة لو كنار انشين الفرنسية، وتتعلق بقيام قطر بتمويل الجماعات المسلحة ودعمها مثل أنصار الدين وأزواد والجهاد فى غرب أفريقيا، والقاعدة فى المغرب الإسلامى والاستقلال والمساواة، إضافة إلى قيام قطر بتدريب مقاتلى مجموعة محددة، وهى مجموعة أنصار الدين التى تمثل فرعاً محلياً للقاعدة.
من ينظر إلى ما فات يجب أن يتساءل، ليس عن علاقة قطر بالإخوان فحسب، بل عن علاقتها بالإرهاب فى المنطقة كلها.

(PICTURE: Qatari poet Mohamed Rachid al- Ajami condemned to 15 years in prison.):





Marines to land on the Tunisian-Libyan border Bank:

Allowed the Tunisian authorities lowered the U.S. military in the south near the eastern border of Algeria where he stated the official spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Tunisian Tawfiq Rahmouni, that the forces of the Marines presence in Tunisia as part of the training of military and security Tunisians to confront “terrorist groups” ..

And renewed the newspaper “Le Figaro” the French emphasis recently, the U.S. Department of Defense is working to develop a military base in southern Tunisia neglected to follow up SALAFIST operations in neighboring Libya ..



al-Qaeda‘s author, Ali Ibrahim, arrival in Libya:
In the eighties encouraged the CIA Awad al-Zawawi to create a laboratory in Libya to recruit fighters and sending them to fight in Afghanistan against the Soviets. Since 1986, has been training Libyan fighters in Libyan camps Salman the Persian (Pakistan)
under the authority of anti-communist billionaire bin Laden.
When transporting bin Laden to Sudan, Libyan fighters followed him. Been assembled in the compound of their own.
In 1994, sent by Osama bin Laden, his  Libyan fighters went to their country to kill our great Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi.
Follow-up reading…

الكاتب علي ابراهيم وصول القاعدة في ليبيا

في الثمانيات شجعت وكالة المخابرات الأمريكية عوض الزواوي لإنشاء مختبر في ليبيا لتجنيد مقاتلون وإرسالهم للجهاد في أفغانستان ضد السوفيات. منذ 1986 تم تدريب المقاتلون الليبيون في مخيمات سلمان الفارسي الليبي (باكستان) تحت السلطة المعادية للشيوعية الملياردير بن لادن.

عندما تنقل بن لادن إلى السودان أتبعه المقاتلون الليبيون . تم تجميعهم في مجمع خاص بهم. في عام 1994 أرسل أسامة بن لادن مقاتلون ليبيون لبلادهم لقتل الزعيم الليبي معمر القذافي وا…
متابعة القراءة

Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden died in 2001.

When Osama Bin Ladin
Was ‘Tim Osman’
Michael Riconosciuto & Ted Gunderson’s 1986 Meeting with
‘Tim Osman’ (Osama bin Laden)

By J. Orlin Grabbe
The Laissez Faire City Times
08 Nov.2001

The two men headed to the Hilton Hotel in Sherman Oaks, California in the late Spring of 1986 were on their way to meet representatives of the mujahadeen, the Afghan fighters resisting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

One of the two, Ted Gunderson, had had a distinguished career in the FBI, serving as some sort of supervisor over Special Agents in the early 60s, as head of the Dallas field office from 1973-75, and as head of the Los Angeles field office from 1977-1979. He retired to become an investigator for, among others, well-known attorney F. Lee Bailey. And all along the way, Gunderson, whether or not actually a CIA contract agent, had been around to provide services to various CIA and National Security Council operations, as he was doing now.

In more recent years Gunderson was to become controversial for his investigations into child prostitution rings, after he became convinced of the innocence of an Army medical doctor named Jeffrey McDonald, who had been convicted of the murder of his wife and three young children in the 1970s. This has led to various attempts by the patrons and operators of the child prostitution industry to smear Gunderson’s reputation.

Michael Riconosciuto was there to discuss assisting the mujahadeen with MANPADs,-Man Portable Air Defense Systems. Stinger missiles were one possibility. If the U.S. would permit their export, Riconosciuto could modify the Stinger’s electronics, so the guided missile would still be effective against Soviet aircraft, but would not be a threat to U.S. or NATO forces.

But Riconosciuto had another idea. Through his connections with the Chinese industrial and military group, Norinco (, he could obtain the basic components for the unassembled Chinese 107 MM rocket system. These could be reconfigured into a man-portable, shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft guided missile sytem, and produced in Pakistan at a facility called the Pakistan Ordinance Works. The mujahadeen would then have a lethal weapon against Soviet helicopter, observation, and transport aircraft.

Riconosciuto was more than just an expert on missile electronics; he was also an expert on electronic computers and associated subjects such as cryptology (see my ” Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption” < <>)

Riconosciuto was a prodigy who had grown up in the spook community. The Riconosciuto family had once run Hercules, California, as a company town. In the early days (1861) a company called California Powder Works had been established in Santa Cruz, CA. It later purchased land on San Pablo Bay, and in 1881 started producing dynamite, locating buildings in gullies and ravines for safety purposes. A particularly potent type of black powder was named “Hercules Powder”, which gave the name to the town of Hercules, formally incorporated in 1900. In World War I, Hercules became the largest producer of TNT in the U.S. Hercules, however, had gotten out of the explosives business by 1940 when an anhydrous ammonia plant was constructed. In 1959 Hercules began a new manufacturing facility to produce methanol, formaldehyde, and urea formaldehyde. In 1966 the plant was sold to Valley Nitrogen Producers. Labor problems led to a plant closure in 1977. In 1979 the plant and site was purchased by a group of investors calling themselves Hercules Properties, Ltd.

However, Michael and his father Marshall Riconosciuto, a friend of Richard Nixon, continued to run the Hercules Research Corporation. In the early 1980s Michael also served as the Director of Research for a joint venture between the Wackenhut Corporation of Coral Gables, Florida, and the Cabazon Band of Indians in Indio, California (

Riconosciuto’s talents were much in demand. He had created the a-neutronic bomb (or “Electro-Hydrodynamic Gaseous Fuel Device”), which sank the ground level of the Nevada test site by 30 feet when a prototype was tested. Samuel Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb, said of Riconosciuto: “I’ve spoken to Michael Riconosciuto (the inventor of the a-neutronic bomb) and he’s an extraordinarily bright guy. I also have a hunch, which I can’t prove, that they both (Riconosciuto and Lavos, his partner) indirectly work for the CIA.”

Riconosciuto’s bomb made suitcase nukes obsolete, because it achieved near-atomic explosive yields, but could be more easily minaturized. You could have a suitcase a-neutronic bomb, or a briefcase a-neutronic bomb, or simply a lady’s purse a-neutronic bomb. Or just pull out your wallet for identification and… The Meridian Arms Corporation, as well as the Universities of California and Chicago owned a piece of the technology.

But there was more than explosives in the portfolios of the CIA agents who surrounded Riconosciuto like moths around a candle. Both Robert Booth Nichols, the shady head of Meridian Arms Corporation (with both CIA and organized crime conections), and Dr. John Phillip Nichols, the manager of the Cabazon reservation, were involved in bio-warfare work-the first in trying to sell bio-warfare products to the army through Wackenhut, the second in giving tribal permission for research to take place at Cabazon. According to Riconosciuto, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was in charge of the classified contracts for biological warfare research. Riconosciuto would later testify under oath that Stormont Laboratories ( ) was involved in the DARPA-Wackenhut-Cabazon project. Jonathan Littman, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle would relate: “Cabazons and Wackenhut appeared to be acting as middlemen between the Pentagon’s DARPA and Stormont Laboratories, a small facility in Woodland near Sacramento.”

The Race Weapon

Riconosciuto would make additional claims about Bio-Rad corporation ( ) medical supplier which had gradually taken over Hercules, California. They were also, Riconosciuto would say, covertly engaged in bio-warfare research – producing some of the deadliest toxins known to man. The focus of Bio-Rad’s research was said to be bio-active elements that could be tailored to attack those with certain types of DNA. Weapons could thus be produced that were specifically designed to wipe out specific races or genetic classes of human beings. (Alternatively, particular DNA types could be immunized against a deadly biological agent; the agent could then be released, and everyone else would die.)

A couple of years later, Meridian International Logistics, the parent company of Meridian Arms, was to farm similar research out to the Japanese. This included (according to minutes of a corporate meeting dated Aug. 26, 1988) methods for “induction and activation of cytotoxic T-lymphocytes”. Associated with Meridian’s Robert Booth Nichols in a Middle Eastern operation called FIDCO, a company that ran arms into and heroin out of Lebanon’s Beqaa (Bekaa) Valley, was Harold Okimoto, a high-ranking member of the Yakuza. Okimoto had long worked under Frank Carlucci (who served as Secretary of Defense and Deputy Director of the CIA before becoming Chairman of The Carlyle Group ( Okimoto owned food concessions in casinos around the world – Las Vega, Reno, Macao, and the Middle East. (Free drinks and anthrax while you play blackjack, anyone?)

Meeting Riconosciuto and Gunderson at the hotel were two representatives of the mujahadeen, waiting to discuss their armament needs. One of the two was named “Ralph Olberg.” The other one was called Tim Osman (or Ossman).

“Ralph Olberg” was an American businesman who was leading the procurement of American weapons and technology on behalf of the Afghan rebels. He worked through the Afghan desk at the U.S. State Department, as well as through Senator Hubert Humphrey’s office. Olberg looked after the Afghanis through a curious front called MSH – Management Sciences for Health.

The other man, dressed in Docker’s clothing, was not a native Afghan any more than Olberg was. He was a 28-year-old Saudi. Tim Osman (Ossman) has recently become better known as Osama Bin Ladin. “Tim Osman” was the name assigned to him by the CIA for his tour of the U.S. and U.S. military bases, in search of political support and armaments.

Gunderson and Riconosciuto were not on an altruistic mission. They had some conditions for their help. And they had some bad news to deliver. The mujahadeen needed to be willing to test new weapons in the field and to return a research report, complete with photos. The bad news was that some factions of the CIA didn’t feel that Oldberg and Osman’s group were the real representatives of the Afghans. Upon hearing this both Tim and Ralph were indignant. They wanted to mount a full-court press. Round up other members of their group and do a congressional and White House lobbying effort in Washington, D.C.

“Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.”
-The Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil

Did the lobbying effort take place? I don’t know. There is some evidence that Tim Osman and Ralph Oldberg visited the While House. There is certainty that Tim Osman toured some U.S. military bases, even receiving special demonstrations of the latest equipment. Why hasn’t this been reported in the major media?

One week after giving an affidavit to Inslaw regarding the PROMIS software in 1991, Riconosciuto was arrested on trumped-up drug charges. The Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case attempted to cover up Riconosciuto’s intelligence background by claiming to the jury he was “delusional.” A TV station came and pointed a camera out at the desert at Cabazon and said, “Riconosciuto says he modified the PROMIS software here.” Of course Riconosciuto didn’t modify the software out between the cacti and yucca. Sand isn’t good for computers. He did the modifications in offices in nearby Indio, California. The AUSA [assistant U.S. attorney] told reporters Riconosciuto had been diagnosed with a mental condition, the implication being “he’s making all this stuff up”.

Yes, there had been a mental evaluation of Riconosciuto. I have a copy of the report. The diagnosis? Here it is: NO MENTAL DISORDER. The Department of Justice consistently and maliciously lied to the jury, just as had been threatened by Justice Department official Peter Viednicks if Riconosciuto cooperated with the congressional investigation of PROMIS.

If the war against Osama Bin Ladin (Tim Osman) is not a total fraud, then what is Michael Riconosciuto doing in prison? Why doesn’t he have an office next to Colin Powell so he can give realistic advice on Bin Ladin’s thinking? And where is Ralph Olberg?

Thirty-four days before the East African embassy bombings of August 7, 1998, Riconosciuto notified the FBI in Miami that the bombings were going to take place. Two days prior to the bombings he requested of BOP (Bureau of Prisons) officials at the Federal Corrections Institution (FCI) in Coleman, FL., that he be allowed to call <> ECOMOG security headquarters to warn African officials. The BOP denied the request. Riconosciuto was mystified at being ignored by the relevant government authorities. I’m not mystified. I suspect the reason Riconosciuto was ignored was that the relevant parties, including especially the Miami FBI office, knew all along the bombings would take place. And they wanted them to happen.

The same is true with respect to the recent plane bombings of the WTC. It wasn’t an intelligence “failure”. The terrorist acts were deliberately allowed to happen. The actors may have been foreign. But the stage directors appear to have been all along here in the U.S. Cui bono?

Isn’t it time to let Michael Riconosciuto out of prison, and wipe the slate clean of the trumped-up drug charges, and let him be a national security advisor – at least with respect to the government’s pursuit of Osama Bin Ladin? Isn’t it time to quit pretending Osama Bin Ladin came out of nowhere?

This is not an academic argument. Sources say three dozen MANPADs have been imported into Quebec, Canada, from Colombia (where they arrived from Eastern Europe). The missile shipments followed the “northern” drug route – from Colombia into Canada. The missiles involved are Russian Strellas and Iglas. These will serve just fine to take down commercial airline flights. Just like TWA 800. Which group of terrorists has the missiles? Meanwhile, how many biological warfare agents are in the hands of organized crime? Maybe you should ask Riconosciuto about all this. Michael Riconosciuto is now incarcerated at the FCI Allenwood, PA. You know where to find him.

Osama bin Laden Traveled many times to the US Under the Alias Tim Osman

by “tnn administrator”:

In my opinion, the above illustrates just how easy it would have been for bin Laden to travel without fear and without appearing suspicious in the US even after the 9/11 events. But, my composite image is meant to show what he may have looked like in the years before 9/11.

Did he live in the San Diego area, as some have reported? If so, would you have been suspicious of the man shown above if you had been in line behind him at the super-market? Does this alternate image cause you to reconsider your impressions of the terrorist, the myth, the legend, the man?

Most people are aware of the connections between George H. W. Bush and the bin Laden family, that they were close family friends and that pappa Bush even stayed as a guest of the bin Ladens on a few trips to Saudi Arabia. If this is all new to you, then you might want to splash some cold water in your face and get ready to get real. Most of what I’ll be writing about here is well-documented knowledge if not to the general public, certainly within the intelligence and geopolitical communities.

The Afghan Soviet Conflict

In the late 1970s, the United States engaged in covert funding of Afghan insurgents who fought with a faction of Afghans that sought to topple the ruling power of Afghanistan and repel invading Soviet forces. To make a very long story short, this group of insurgents took control of Afghanistan and eventually discouraged the Soviet Union from further egress.

As this fighting raged through the late 1970s into the mid 1980s, many volunteer fighters joined forces with the native Afghan forces. Most were Muslim and many were Arab. One volunteer of note was a wealthy Saudi by the name of Usama bin Laden. He contributed millions of his own and others to the effort. Numerous reports from the time and more recently indicate that bin Laden was working with the CIA or at minimum bought weapons from the CIA.

What may surprise even those informed of the general US/Afghanistan matters is that bin Laden may have been in direct communication with US officials right up until September 11, 2001. A short time after 9/11, FBI translator Sibel Edmonds was silenced by a slew of gag orders when she began telling her story about the connections to bin Laden, the Taliban and even Al-Qaeda. The FBI had previously fired her for reporting communications intercepts that indicated these connections.

Enter Tim Osman

To corroborate a number of accounts involving an alias being used for bin Laden, an intelligence cable surfaced that I can’t verify the authenticity of. None the less, the cable includes very authentic details from what my research has revealed.

Tim Osman Intelligence Cable

In the above cable, it describes a visit to the Department of State Afghan Desk by two gentlemen named, Tim Osman and Ralph Olberg. The cable later, additionally identifies Osman as being “USAMA/OSAMA BIN LADEN/OBL.” It’s also noted in hand-writing located in the margin “A & OBL room in Hilton Hotel Sherman Oaks?” This is posed as a question, but it leaves little doubt that the possibility existed that bin Laden was an overnight visitor in the US. What’s not easily derived from the cable is that this visit is reported to have been sometime in July, 2001, roughly 2 months before the 9/11 events.

The Many Faces of Osama Bin Laden

The person, the legend, the bogey-man known to the world as Osama bin Laden was almost certainly tailored to suit. For instance, when bin Laden delivered a letter to the press shortly after 9/11 offering his condolences and denying any connection to the event whatsoever, the US press ignored it. When it was followed up, a week or two later with a video in which bin Laden again denied having anything to do with 9/11, the US media aired it with incorrect translation or edited versions that omitted bin Laden’s denial. That video has since been stricken from the Internet, based on my many years of searching for it.

A short time after bin Laden’s letter and video, a video was said to have been recovered by US forces in an Afghanistan residence that contained footage of bin Laden and his Lieutenants. In this video, a healthy looking, squatter, more jovial than usual bin Laden with much less grey hair makes statements that implicate himself in the 9/11 events and praises the individuals involved. Some members of the independent media cried fowl almost instantly with cries that the video was clearly a fake. But, their cries were silenced. Opposition to the video and audio messages purported to be of bin Laden that emerged since that time has diminished more and more, as the message became clear nobody wanted to hear it. It seemed at the time and still does in my opinion that the American public doesn’t want to learn of the possibility that their impression of bin Laden may be partly based on fabrication.

CIA agent Tim Osman met at the white house with President Reagan and became Osama Bin Laden who later died after 9/11 from diabetes under CIA care in late 2001.

There is certainty that Tim Osman toured U.S. Military bases, even receiving special demonstrations of the latest equipment.

I had a picture of Tim Osman, in the USA, shopping with his many siblings, when he was a teen living in the Western USA. I cannot find it now, strange, for some unknown reason; but when I find it, I will post it here.


Mu morning

Morning feisty morning withstand morning victory sons Leader Muammar al-Qathafi, O sons of the generation of anger.

Gaddafi Sniper•الرائد ركن حرب الآسد• 

صبـــــــاح المعنويــــــات العاليـــــة صبـــــــاح الصمـود صباح النصر ابناء القائد معمر القدافي يا ابناء جيل الغضب .

Muammar al-Qathafi achieves with Thaer rebelled against him and forgive him

A rare video published for the first time Muammar al-Qathafi and face-to-face with one of the rebels arrested ... See
Written khmeis

Muammar al-Qathafi achieves with Thaer rebelled against him and forgive him.


In the name of God the merciful
To all lovers of the Commander and the Commander and the legitimate sons of truth

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

We have had today to be among you to be warned about certain things that maybe your approach for an admin in a way not accepted you God and leader Muammar Abu minyar al-Qathafi Mujahid.

My brothers.Today we are on the threshold of victory which will impress the whole world because this victory not as like him victory, God willing, it will make the people of Libya have reached global status of any people before or after for reasons that will remind them of you soon, God willing,
My brothers.

From today these watches specifically will show a countdown of the last deduction and hours remain in the Rouge Valley, only stone.

The wise guidance since I want the historic battle that led him and removed a larger NATO-led-against Zionist infidel Hftar.
The face of the Earth is bastratget based on well-researched scientific basis in order to reach the goal.

These goals national Muslim elites secretion is the main objective in life is to build a typical Muslim civilized free of traitors, agents and the weak and cowardly, climbers and thieves and liars and sell me the kindest and lovers of money and power:

This will be never, except in one case only, and is.

Experience and involvement in crises and difficult situations and harsh examination amounting to sale and purchase accounts vs.Money altala and luxurious life and other decorative life which cannot pray qiyaam, but human common God believer the hard right to loving God and his country and his religion the dignity, honour and also strong resistance can only be patient and calculation.

Bisher Chester which if you hit them right they said to God and to him we return ito Him.

Ya son national high in the East and in the South and West of prudence and caution of the exam who Tiger doing today what is seen today in the Libyan East in particular is a test for all of you I calculated Sabrine ya lovers home religion that does some behind traitors, thieves and vulnerable souls. The inevitable will battle for the black gold (oil) is inevitable and will sooner or later between two were presidential in the cause of hadit and urged today in Libya.

It will be a formidable rival for power tools, and diary because the machine has the country today and its collapse and they destroy her are the inevitable battle wood God (hit the oppressors with the oppressors).

We have seen today and seeing the public number of cheerleaders and climbers and the trembling and stakeholders and poor souls from affiliates of the legitimacy of the Mujahid leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

And they convert people so that they cohere with the Khan of traitors who betrayed God and the Messenger when they put the hands were in the hands of the West, unjust to destroy our nation and his historical Yup they honored us back from our people and tribes uttered hufter LV client support for his side to up the power in the name of eliminating Al-Qaida and criminal militias.

And rid the world of injustice and darkness would titillate the Libyan people by planting poison in honey:
Therefore, our beloved you must defy the lies and illusion and you must be able to relief will not come at the hands of a traitor and agent.

Keep yourselves to come before the decisive battle which will be led by the dazzling world view and firewood to the fire demons,

terrifying answer you to be tools of battle does not know its a battle led by the traitor thriving employment history client and betrayal ….

The honorable citizens endure and bindings in your regions and stayed away from both combatants, their kidneys.

Welcome to falsehood and landscape (built on falsehood is false).
My family and my compatriots….
Ye Stone Canyon and not hitch it so you’re taken by the waters of the flood.

With a pen.(Rafik, Commander in the struggle)

من بريد الصفحة

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الى كل محبي القائد وأبناء القائد والشرعية الحقيقة
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
كان لابد علينا اليوم بان نكون بينكم لكى ننبهكم عن بعض الامور التى ربما توجهكم للمسير في طريق غير التى ارتضاها لكم الله عز وجل ومن تم القائد المجاهد معمر ابو منيار القذافي .
أخوتى ..ان اليوم اصبحنا على مشارف النصر المبين الدى سوف يبهر العالم بأكمله لان هذا النصر ليس كمتله نصر بإذن الله فهو سوف يجعل لشعب الليبي مكانه عالمية لم يصل لها اى شعب من الشعوب قبلة ولا بعده وذلك لأسباب سوف نذكرها لكم قريبا بإذن الله
أخوتى ..من اليوم ومن هذه الساعات بالتحديد سوف يبدى العد التنازلي لساعات الحسم الاخيرة و لن يبقى في الوادي إلا حجارة
فقد كانت قيادتكم الحكيمة مند بدى المعركة التاريخية التى قادته ومزالة تقودها ضد اكبر حلف صهيونى كافر متغطرس
على وجه البسيطة تعمل بإستراتجية مبنية على اسس علمية مدروسة جيدا لكى تصل الى الهدف المنشود
ومن هذه الاهداف افراز نخب وطنية مسلمة يكون هدفها الاساسى في الحياة العمل من اجل بناء دولة نموذجية مسلمة متحضرا خاليا من الخونة والعملاء والمتخاذلين والمتسلقين والجبناء والسراق والكذابين وبيعى الذمم ومحبى المال والسلطة
وهذا لن يتأتى ابدا ألا في حاله واحدة فقط , وهى ..
التجربة والانخراط في الازمات والمواقف الصعبة والامتحانات القاسية التى تصل الى حد بيع الوطن وشراء الذمم مقابل ..الاموال الطالة والحياة المترفة وغيرها من زينة الحياة الدنيا التى لا يستطيع ان يقومها إلا الانسان المؤمن الموحد بالله الثابت على الحق المحب لربة و وطنه ودينه المحافظ على كرامته وشرفه وعرضه وأيضا لن يستطيع مقومتها إلا القوى بالصبر والاحتساب….
وبشر الصابرين اللذين اذا اصبتهم مصيبة قالو ان لله وان اليه راجعون
عليه .. يا أبنا وطنى الغالى في الشرق الليبي وفي جنوبه وغربه الحذر ثم الحذر من الامتحان الدى نمر به اليوم فان ما نره اليوم من احداث في الشرق اليبى بالذات ما هو إلا امتحان لصابرين المحتسبين فارجوا منكم اجمعين يا محبي الوطن والدين ان لا تنقادوا خلف الخونة والعملاء والسراق وضعاف النفوس .. ان هذه المعركة الحتمية التى سوف تقوم من اجل الذهب الاسود (النفط) هى معركة حتمية وسوف تقوم عاجلا ام اجلا بين طرفين كانوا سببا رئاسيين في ما حديت ويحث اليوم في ليبيا
وسوف يكون هولا المتنازعين على السلطة ادوات الاجندة الخارجية و سبب ما الة له البلاد اليوم وانهيارها وتدمراها هم حطب هذه المعركة الحتمية بإذن الله (ضرب الظالمين بالظالمين)
وقد شاهدنا اليوم ونشاهد على العلن عدد من المطبلين والمتسلقين والمرتجفين وأصحاب المصالح وضعف النفوس من المحسوبين على شرعية القائد المجاهد معمر القذافي ..وهم يحولون دفع الناس لكى يلتحموا بخان من الخونة اللذين خانوا الله والرسول عندما وضعوا ايدهم في ايدى الغرب الظالم من اجل تدمير وطننا وقيادته التاريخية نعم يردون من اهلنا وشرفانا من القبائل المجاهده دعم العميل حفتر والوقف لجنبه لكى يصل لسلطة بسم القضاء على تنظيم القاعدة والمليشيات الاجرامية
وتخليص الوطن من الظلم والظلام يردون دغدغة مشاعر الشعب الليبي بزرع السم في العسل
عليه يا ابناء شعبنا الحبيب يجب عليكم ان تتصدوا لهذا الكذب والترويج والوهم ويجب عليكم ان تتيقنوا بان الفرج لن يأتى على يد خائن وعميل
حافظوا على انفسكم الى ان يأتى موعد المعركة الحاسمة التى سوف تكون تحت قيادة مبهر العالم ومنظره ولا تكون حطب لنار الشياطين فهولا يردون منكم ان تكونوا ادوات لمعركة لا يعرفوا نتاجها معركة تحت قيادة خائن عميل تاريخه مزدهر بالعمالة والخيانة …. فيا ابناء الوطن الشرفاء اصبروا ورابطو في مناطقكم وابتعدوا عن كلا الطرفين المتقاتلين فكلاهم ..اهلاً للباطل ومنظر له (ما بني على باطل فهو باطل)
اهلى ويا ابناء وطنى
كونوا انتم حجر الوادي ولا تكونوا متطفلين علية حتى لا تجرفكم مياه من شدة الطوفان
بقلم ..(رفيق القائد في النضال)

al-HAJI writes:And horrid cover ya ambemkh!!There are a lot of people don’t know them directly through the media or through their jobs and their majestic terrible were individuals they believe evil own and believe them they deserved these positions by merit and competence, thus they make someone believe us,,
But when absent big red cloak covered by and conceal their flaws panwa and appeared on their bad breath, and when the time came the exam failed in both roles, unfortunately even in the second, third, fourth,
One of my friends told me that kadhafi was mantle Gulf jacket to the Libyans, because they did a striptease after her absence and undeserving, Pant,Actually I’ve missed the berm and the hidden,

We see them they ROAR weitnavkhon and bid and show off but what what they were doing,,
Squirt squirt to the survivors and their firm Covenant martyrs and prisoners and displaced wematazon did not back down one iota from the start and are on the trail of the leader and the nation are,,
Sattaar names of God and are not satisfied with the Ministry or the assignor or interlocutors for falsehood or flirting,,
And detection of God through their actions and through their pages, they write, and draw letters of the humiliation they are servile,,

God have mercy martyrs, doctor Abdul Kadir and Ibrahim, walhenshiri, and many, like you,
And may God and your families, Ahmed Snoussi, walbghday, Mansour, and like their cells were filled with men and Sabrin,,
And gave you the God yahamsh and hurry God with your return and you and millions of displaced persons and refugees,

And actually, horrid Cap o ambemkh, and sharing your face and your and your hidden,,
That was a beautiful afternoon, a Liberal, albeit ugly dispraised emerged,,

Now we are gullible masses tayyibi survivors God’s Covenant and the Charter reflected the truth and will not give us the ball and not make they take advantage of someone’s inattention us and certainly laugh at our minds and our chins,,
You vanished and you be effaced when time came the emergence and occurrence, and you bent and you courted customers,,
The oh shit you are the future of honest you us gullible masses truthful, and the second founding Jamahiriya system,


وأنزاح الغطاء يا امبمكه !!

هناك ناس كثيرون لا نعرفهم مباشرة إلا من خلال الاعلام او من خلال وظائفهم ومناصبهم المهيبه الرهيبه التي كانوا يتقلدونها وكانوا يصدّقون شر انفسهم ونصدّقهم انهم استحقوا هذه المناصب بجدارتهم وكفاءتهم او هكذا اوهمونا ,,
ولكن عندما غابت العباءه الحمراء الكبيرة التي كانت تغطيهم وتخفي عيوبهم بانوا وظهروا على حقيقتهم الكريهه ,, وعندما جاء وقت الامتحان رسبوا في كل الادوار وللاسف حتى في امتحان الدور الثاني والثالث والرابع ,,,
قال لي احد اصدقائي الخليجيين ان عباءة القذافي كانت سترة لليبيين جميعاً , لأنهم تعرّوا بعد غيابها وبانت حقيقتهم ,,

فعلاً لقد غاب الساتر وبان المستور ,,

كنا نراهم يزمجرون ويتنافخون ويزايدون ويتفاخرون ولكن بئس ما كانوا يفعلون ,,
وبخٍ بخٍ لمن بقوا على العهد ثابتون وهم شهداء واسرى ومشردون ومعتازون ولم يتراجعوا عن المبدأ قيد أنملة ابداً وهم على درب القائد والوطن سائرون ,,
ابتلاهم الله وهم راضين لا مشككين او متنازلين او محاورين للباطل أو مغازلين ,,
وكشفهم الله من خلال افعالهم ومن خلال صفحاتهم وهم يكتبون ,, ويرسمون حروف الذلة وهم صاغرون ,,

رحمكم الله شهداء ,يا دكتور عبدالقادر والهنشيري وابراهيم ,, وامثالكم كثيرين ,,
وحفظكم الله وفك اسركم يا احمد والسنوسي والبغداي ويا منصور ,, وكيفكم رجالاً امتلأت الزنزانات بهم وهم صابرين ,,
وسلمك الله ياحمزه و بعجّل الله برجوعكم و معك الملايين المشرّدين والمهجّرين ,,

وفعلاً ,انزاح الغطاء يا أمبمكه , , , وظهرت تقاسيم وجهك وبان لبك ومكنونك ,,
إن كان سمحاً جميلاً ظهر ,, وإن كان ذميماً قبيحاً برز ,,

الآن نحن جموع البسطاء الطيبيين الباقين على عهد الله وميثاقه تجلّت امامنا الحقيقه ولن نعيد الكره ولن نجعلكم تستغفلوننا وتضحكون على عقولنا وذقوننا ,,
تلاشيتم واندثرتم حين جاء وقت الظهور والبروز ,, و أنحنيتم وغازلتم العملاء ,,
فسحقاً لكم لا مستقبل شريفاً لكم بيننا نحن الجموع البسطاء الصادقين ,, , ولنظام الجماهيريه الثانيه مؤسسين ,,,


George Neil writes:

هذه ترجمة مختصرة للمقطع من فضلك لايك ليصل الخبر لغير المتحدثين بالعربية

Translation for those who don’t understand Arabic:

This man is the guard of Prophet Muhammad’s grave, and he is a descendant from the lineage of Aasim bin Omar bin Alkhattab, and he is currently living in the house of Omar as well. He is taking pride in his guard of the grave and he provides a detailed description of the room where the grave is located. Main points are
1- There are three graves for Muhammad (PBUH), Abu Baker, and Omar. THe head of Abu Baker is at the prophet’s feet, and the head of Omar is at Abu Baker’s feet.
2- No grave in Fatima’s room, Fatima (daughter of Muhammad) is buried in Albaqee3. He entered her room where he found a small box of her own stuff and a bed, all these belongings have been taken by the Turks.

He said he used to sit at a one-meter range away from the prophet’s grave and he is talking to the prophet in person as if the prophet is talking back to him. It was only for one time, and he said: I stood up and my body was shaken, and felt that the room has angels.
He said “I kept all these pictures because I wanted my family to take pride in my work, and I passed my whole life serving the prophet.”
He has retired now, and he said “I had a question for you, Sheik, I had fell over and been rushed to the hospital for a heart attack, and it was two days before Ramadan, the doctor said to me: you must not fast Ramadan. I didn’t fast the whole month at the doctor’s prescription. He said “Now it is a new Ramadan coming, and I didn’t make up for the last Ramadan, and I feel sorry I still couldn’t make up for it till now, bursting into tears”. The sheik pacified him telling him he has to listen to the doctor and not fast, and God accepts thankfulness from an old person as he accepts fasting from a young person. The sheik then read some Quran putting his hand on his heart.

Sheik then had to leave for the prayer.

End of the story.

11:07 guard the tomb of the Apostle:

Aisha entered the room and sat cross-legged at the head of the Messenger of Allah Ventvd my body like electricity …
Afess Green
حارس قبر الرسول-دخلت حجرة عائشة وجلست متربعاً عند…
de لن نهدئ
حارس قبر الرسول : دخلت حجرة عائشة وجلست متربعاً عند رأس رسول الله فنتفض جسمي كالكهرباء …

Minutes of your time to pray Read this!!!!!!!!!!!! Prayer transforms your life into a paradise ….. God willing. . . ……. * There is no god but Allah Halim Karim ** no God but Allah Almighty ** … there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord of the Great Throne ** I ask an increase in the debt ** and ** pool at the age and health of the body * * The capacity of livelihood ** and repentance before death, ** and a certificate at death ** and forgiveness after death ** and pardoned when the account ** and safer than doom ** and a share of paradise ** and grant us to look at your face Holy ** Oh God, have mercy on our dead and the dead Muslims and heal our patients and sick Muslims ** God forgive for Muslims and Muslim believers, men and women living and dead ** Oh God, grant us a good ending ** Oh God livelihood death and we bowing down to you, O Most Merciful ** God proved when asked kings ** Oh God, make Cyprna gardens of Paradise does not make a hole fire pits ** Oh God, we seek refuge in You from the temptations of this world ** Oh God, that we seek refuge in you from the temptations of this world ** Oh God, that we seek refuge in you from the temptations of this world ** faith in God, a strong and united our word victory over the enemies and the enemies of religion ** O dispersed respondents and make them circle * * unless we insist our Muslim brothers everywhere ** God be merciful to our fathers and our mothers and forgive them * and exceeded all Saiathma and brought them roomy Jnatk ** and blessed God, the Prophet Muhammad may Allah bless him and each handed *

This supplication for all groups to each of you read this du’aa ‘ is King and you like it says ‘ can’t the angels finished writing of deeds.


Allah Akbar # # # # over Kidd # aggressor

Urgent ::: # ICC # Tbremajahd Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

Of the charges against him and do not mind unfounded.

And demanded that the Libyan authorities to release him immediately and as a

political prisoner and identity did not commit an offense than his pedigree.

#الله #اكبر #فوق #كيد #المعتدي

#عـــــــــــاجـــــل ::: الجنايات الدولية #تبريءالمجاهد سيف الأسلام القذافي

من التهم الموجهة له وأعتبارها لا أساس لها من الصحة .

وطالبت السلطات الليبية بأطلاق سراحه فوراً وأعتباره سجين سياسي وعلى الهوية ولم يرتكب جرما مما نسب له .



According to this document,  PM Abdullah “bending” al-Thani is NIGERIAN:

Sources for the Arab channel event to remember that Ali Zaidane arrived in Germany.



Tripoli local councils request to vacate the critical locations of the armed formations.

4:25 Rusaifa news statement:

Tripoli RAT “Military Council and the local Council”, concerning the “ZINTANI “ occupation

of the International Airport, and Almaskara …

de Rusaifa News

What is known of RATS “House of Tripoli” demanding military and local airport SECURITY militias from Zintani,

out by the International airport, and hand over their weapons.


The attempted assassination of Dr. Ayoub Omar blasted in Tripoli 
Sources news about the attempted blasted assassination of Dr. Ayoub Omar. Surgeon general Tripoli Medical Center by unidentified gunmen Tuesday evening as he was returning from his office to his home in Tripoli is in poor health and suffering severe brain bleeding.

And our response to the voices now …. Shooting strong in the occupied capital Tripoli.

Violent clashes medium weapons near the Bab al-Aziziya in the capital Tripoli. Correct

the news shortly before the publication of my father about the clashes near the

Bab al-Aziziya not clashes, but intimidating to people because Aktar Jardan Dhbwa

to support Misyrata; and Tripoli does not have only a few of them and out of fear of

the people they Arhipn including the votes of weapons.

Not a random shooting, but clashes to intimidate and terrorize the general public.

Observed signs of congestion on refueling stations, against the backdrop of political events taking place in Libya

between yesterday and today, it was observed that the congestion within the city.


Llaakid Jamal Al-Zahawi’s battalion at Giev corner. 

Now on Channel News

“Today is the second break-in to battalion headquarters by rats, Misratah and we are dealing with them.

I have 5 dead, 2 injured at the hands of the Misrata militias so-called “martyrs of the corner”. And what is flowing now, is a sectarian war ocreated by Misrata. 

Fiona Francis sits by topic oil.

للاعقيد جمال الزهاوي آمر كتيبة جييف الزاوية .. اﻵن على قناة النبأاليوم تم اﻹقتحام الثاني لمقر الكتيبة من قبل جردان مصراتة وتم التعامل معهم وقتل 5 من جنود شهداء الزاوية .. ومايجري الآن هي حرب طائفية من مصراتة , معش قعد الموضوع موضوع نفط , عندي 5 قتلى و2 جرحى على يد مليشيات مصراتة ..





The death of the citizen (Haji Naji Khweldi) was shot dead in his home by an armed gang at dawn today

in the landfill area department in Ajeelat .. slain car dealer known and has a good reputation.


“Dr. Aisha, the daughter of the martyr sister men” FB GROUP:

God is greatest over Kidd aggressor and God for the good supporters Mdilom

The so-called rebels of Zintan, Bdio Batsalathm youth Zintan, honor the “al-Fateh Revolution” . We are glorified, now after the tribe was expelled by the TNC, because we honor the Great Commander and the people.

They want tribes honorable Liberal Belloukov for them, for the nation and the response of some of the young people has come from the tribe of Zintan.

We stood with the nation and the Leader, repayment Almwamrh, as we experienced today our tribe Zintan against the accidental (MISURATA MILITIAS) on our tribe: 

We are one without dialogue or debate with you Vhibl Assad, but exist in captivity. We gave Saif safety and Kono

him in the ranks of the Libyan fighting. We will return victorious, as they were tall and Baden God Maacol martyr …

“د. عائشة أبنة الشهيد اخت الرجال
الله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي والله للمضلوم خير مؤيدي

بما يسمى ثوار الزنتان بدئو باتصالاتهم لشباب الزنتان المويديين لثورة الفاتح بعد ماتم طردهم من القبيلة لانهم مويدين للقائد والشعب .ويريدون قبائل الشرفاء الاحرار بلوقوف معهم من اجل الوطن وكان رد بعض من الشباب من قبيلة الزنتان نحن وقفا مع الوطن والقائد ضدد الموامرة التي تعيشها اليوم قبيلتنا الزنتان وقالو لهم بلحرف الواحد بدون حوار او نقاش فشبل الاسد موجود عندكم في الاسر اعطوه الامان وكونو معه في صفوف القتال سترجع الجماهيرية شامخة منتصرة كما كانت بادن والله على مااقول شهيد …



A word to the people of Cyrenaica ….

this free witness to the history of Libya before and after 1969


كلمة الي اهالي برقة….هذا الحر شاهد علي تاريخ ليبيا قبل وبعد1969

MISURATA Rat Nuri Bushmin arrows extend the deadline for an attack on the east to two weeks !!

(Bahi and Elly Sayer just call it Chennai)

Culture Minister:
Oil convoy, which left Cyrenaica located off the coast of Marsa Matrouh.
(“ZERO HOUR” comments:
“God wage income of culture in oil ? Who knows? “)


And our response now from inside the rats Misurata withstand Hehehehe ….

retreat Alkragleh rats Jews of Libya for the attack on the Cyrenaica, why Tkhadl the rest of the rats and other militias and negotiate the division of federal and condition that leads Misurata, province of Fezzan and field Sidra and Jafra but Aqaba them now Sirte ….

Oh .. How was Misurata broke Khcomkm tenderly (CYRENAICA); nor Qatar and Turkey pulled you, O Mquaob
وردنا الان من داخل جرذان مزراته الصمود ههههههه ….تراجع الكراغلية جرذان يهود ليبيا عن الهجوم علي برقة والسبب تخادل باقي الجرذان والمليشيات الاخري والتفاوض علي التقسيم والفيدرالية بشرط ان تقود مزراته اقليم فزان و حقل السدرة والجفرة ولكن العقبة لهم الان سرت ……كيف صار يا مزراته كسروا خشومكم برقة ولا قطر وتركيا سحبت عليكم يا مقاوب

Car armed flagged Amazigh occupies 50 east gate of Sirte and the region is spreading.

Amazigh civil disobedience

GOOD News of the control by the “defense force gently” on the base Karzabih Sirte after their former withdrawal of them in the hours of the night.

RATS Statement of the so-called “martyrs battalion” concerning the attack on the corner of Central shield “Misrata”.
- Said after the agreement gave them safety
- Joint Chiefs of Staff does not respond to the phone
- 5 dead as a result of “treacherous” attack.

Araftwa Oh rats Lech Nahbua our leader and Nqatloa for is because of ….

Because he sat brighter for the last drop of blood … and he sat Knight brighter for the last bullet …

because he fought for it and we fought for him and for Libya …. because he footmen.

Oh Germankm not like rats each and every one in which there Achenb share and the first plane and prevents.


Ordered the “battalion self-styled martyrs Bohlaiqah Sirte team” to “battalion MB shield middle”,

but there are soldiers from the same battalion and REFUSED to do so !

There are clashes between them, and another group in the same “battalion” present within the VALLEY ROUGE.

They have decided to withdraw from the “battalion self-styled martyrs Bohlaiqah” and join with the Army of Cyrenaica ! (see picture)

— super bien.

The arrival of a force of about 500 cars from theTabu, and not less than 1400 armed Taboui . They are stationed near the area of the “desert Eats her wanted” in order to prevent any of the MB militias arrival, with wrap body armor, coming from Jewish Misurata.

Beyond this, is still the strength of 1,600 Cyrenaican people, who are preparing themselves since last night, and will be in the Valley Rouge (Wadi-al-Hamra), God willing, to defend Cyrenaica ..

Joanne Moriarty writes:
…ringing all of this to a head is the sale of Oil from the E Sidra port in the East of Libya. The Libyan people in the East have taken back their country and their oil production from the RATS (post rebel terrorists and traitors), criminal militias and radical Islamists groups. They refuse to allow the West (Tripoli) to sell any more oil as all the proceeds are given to Al Qaeda and other radical militia groups to keep the people terrorized so that they can hold on to their power.

The oil was loaded successfully and the Morning Glory has left the port without incident and is on the high seas. There are more ships standing in line to load oil from the East and they will be loaded. All the fluff in the media about The LIBYAN RAT “GOVERNMENT” stopping the sale of Libyan oil by the Libyans was just fluff, nothing happened with the exception of a weak attempt by some Misurata militias to stop the tanker with 2 small tug boats. The boats were taken and the people arrested.

This morning the Misurata militias attempted an attack on the East by coming through the city of Sirte. The Eastern tribes are well armed and ready to stand and fight. The MB Misurata militias are made up of psychopathic killers, terrorists and thieves. They are used to having the support of the US, they are not used to fighting a battle against real warriors and people fighting for their land and their lives.

It is all slipping away from these puppet criminals, they have lost all of the South and East of Libya now. The only piece they maintain (by force) is the West and that soon will be gone too, thanks to the great Libyan patriots that fight to free their country from the scourge left behind by NATO , Obama and Clinton.

Today in and around Tripoli there is declared war between the Zintani and and the controlling MB militias…. The road to the airport in Tripoli has been closed and other areas cordoned off waiting for the rat MB Militias to fight them.
For 3 years now, this is the anarchy and mess the people of Libya have had to live with, before the US war against Libya there was no fighting in the entire country. All radical Islamists (all 3% of them) were forbidden in Libya, the Libyan borders were secure, people were free and happy, oil flowed and the revenues were shared with the people via homes, education, medicine , etc.. The crimes against Libya committed by NATO, UN, US, France, UK and Qatar will be brought to the eyes of the world soon and there will be retribution.

Time Altanip Taatmht “Sirte”

Time Alawlh did not see them as they steal one learn why?
Heroes because they have either killed or captured.
Um stolen day in February in the Champions Sirte revive and filming and shouting P Yes heroes you’d Hama Sirte after 20-10-2011

للمرة التانية تتمشط “سرت “

فـــي المرة الأوله لم يراهم احد وهم يسرقون أتعلم لماذا ؟
لان الأبطال اما ان يكونوا قد استشهدوا او في الأسر .
ام سرقت اليوم فـ ابطال فبراير في سرت احياء ويصورون ويهتفون فــ نعم الأبطال انتم يا حماة سرت بعد 20-10-2011

Now after orders were issued from the RAT “military council”, the Poli Bureau forces of the Cyrenaican People’s are raising the level of alert and their readiness to the hilt ….
Roar roar Assad Assad …
(Chamber of Popular Forces)

Combing and sabotage Sirte International Airport by MB Misrata militias:


News about the arrival of groups and The battalion called “Omar Mukhtar Brigade”. They have come from Ajdabiya to Tobruk, across the desert road Tobruk / Ajdabiya, and are armed with heavy and medium weapons, to join the “Defense Forces Tenderly” (CYRENAICA)
KHAMIS is with us still, Mamchaaaash, and joined us.
God is great ^ ^
وردنـــــــا …

انباء عن وصول مجموعات من كتيبة تسمي (عمر المختار) طبرق الي اجدابيا ، عبر الطريق الصحراوي طبرق/ أجدابيا، مدججين بالأسلحة الثقيلة والمتوسطة للأنضمام الي مايسمي قوات دفاع برقة … تي مني مازال مامشااااش وانضم ليهم الله أكبر ^ـ^

ادمووونة 1

God Tgina messages Hellbe to regret … the same these days .. in the end you Nicollhm Libyans and our people and anyone involved in the blood of the mesh Libyans Welcome Baynetna it .. thankfully finally Araftwa right Rdjatwa to embrace Khotkm Libyans

JH regretful for each word on the plight of February and returning to the arms of Libyans.

6 found the bodies of the elements of the battalion Thunderbolt in southern gate of the city of Sirte,

4 of them burned:

The names of the soldiers who were burning their bodies by
Misrata who stormed the battalion in
1) Ibrahim Mahgoub housing Alrowasate

2) Abdel-Aziz

3) Abdel Mawla key,

4) Louhichi of Sidi Hussein of Benghazi

Oh God smite Aldhalim Baldhalim and led us out of them safely !

Hawari cemetery is the burial of the bodies of soldiers belonging to “the battalion of martyrs”

who were burned by the CORNER militias of  Misurata, in  Sirte yesterday.


Now Defence Force tenderly (CYRENAICA) receive Benina airport fully.

The smuggling of 42  Egyptians  by an armed group has been halted at the
“We built  airport”  in Benghazi:

The kidnapping of Mohamed Abdel-Karim Mahfouz son of Colonel Abdul Karim Mahfouz,
who was assassinated last few days at his ranch.
Place kidnapping parks.



Urgent … alienated large in the city of Tobruk because of the militias of Misrata and hit houses and shops Almsarit in Tobruk with weapons and threatened with displacement to Misratah, if not adhered to, Misratah and militias and respects to CYRENAICA .. .

TOBRUK invites Khalifa Hftar to help repulse MISURATA.

Beating today on Hftar in the area Abraq celebration after the end of the play ….

Allowahm receipt of the airport and was beaten by the young slaves because they discovered he was trying to drag sons of the tribe in a war between Libyans and is now in Alawaklh protect the house and asked him not to dwell in the blood of Libyans and Elly …..

mesh certified and has telegraphed to some extent in relation to cell Beah and just ask him.
الاعتداء بالضرب اليوم على حفتر في منطقه الابرق بعد إنتهاء مسرحية إحتفاله الواهم باستلام المطار …. و تم ضربه من قبل شباب العبيدات وذلك بسبب انهم أكتشفوا انه يحاول الزج بابناء القبيله في حرب بين الليبيين وهو الان في حمايه بيت العواكله و طلبوا منه عدم الخوض في دماء الليبيين ….. و اللى مش مصدق و عنده حد فى لابرق خليه يتصل بيه توا و يسأله

News Petklyev client Hftar his head Chiefs of Staff.





I am God and to Him we return, go to the mercy of God,

Joseph Agherirh Amaikl impact injury in the recent events that took place in Sabha,

by militias after a struggle with pain and more than two operations have been carried him.


Several girls are subjected to rape, and torture by MISURATA MB militias “Libyan shield”.

They were Rmn in a valley, and MISURATA MB “militias shield” pretended innocence.

I did it, and the public anger and the flight of some of the MB MISURATA “Libyan Shield militias” within the region …

I do not know the people and the tribes to wage Tstny Paso T Tqo in your honor God in your right big disadvantage

defect and shame Age pause Ezz Libyan Aalqubaúl.



Protests erupted in Tunisia on Tuesday evening, in the area of ​​”Ben Guerdane,”

the far south-east of the country, due to the continued closure of the border crossing,

the head is worth between Tunisia and Libya.



Why Zaidane fled from Libya to Malta and went first.
Zaidane has sold the last months .. and the wealth of the Libyan President of the Government of Malta confirms this and says,”we have achieved in five months Maadzna to achieve in the previous 25 years”
Maltese Prime Minister said the past months to the local media that the transactions entered into with Zaidane, has made them what they failed the previous administrations for 25 years, including the sale of oil and gas fields in the sea, which was a huge dispute between Libya and Malta.
Malta site today


Muscat confident on Libyan MOU despite oil crisis

Prime Minister says Labour discarded temporary power station conversion to diesel after ‘experts said it would not be easily converted’.

Miriam Dalli
06 September 2013, 12:00am

Joseph Muscat said Labour “discarded” an immediate conversion to diesel before the elections.

A Libyan oil procurement deal that is expected to follow a memorandum of understanding signed with the Maltese government this week, will come into force once Libya increases its oil production, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said today.

Despite the oil crisis affecting Libya, with the North African government currently losing control over 90% of its oil infrastructure, Muscat said it was “safe to say the memorandum of understanding is an important step.”

“We have achieved in five months what the previous administration failed to achieved in 25 years,” he insisted.

Libya’s current oil production is at 60,000 barrels day, but to reach sustainable production levels it must increase to 1.7 million barrels by the end of the year.

‘The agreement will come into force once Libya increases its production. The ex-Libyan Prime Minister ZAIDANE gave us indication of a timeframe but I won’t speculate on this,” Muscat said when asked over guarantees on the implementation of the MOU.

Asked whether Malta could expect the agreement to come into place next year, Muscat said households “can expect to see their utility bills reduced by next March”, referring instead to budgetary cuts in energy prices that will be announced later this year.

Muscat paid tribute to ex-Libyan prime minister Ali Zaidane, saying his government was delivering on its pomises to Malta and that it had come back with this deal.

Questioned by the press over the extension of a permit for the use of heavy fuel oil at the Delimara power station, when the Labour Party had previously said it would instantly convert the plant to gas, Muscat reiterated that the government was against the use of HFO.

“Our energy is focused on converting the power station to gas. It is not feasible to convert the power station to temporarily run on diesel. We originally had that idea, but after speaking to experts it transpired it could not be as easily switched as believed.

“We in fact discarded this idea completely when we presented the public with our energy plan.”

Turning on to the issue of out-of-stock medicines, Muscat said he was dissatisfied with the system being employed. “It is not at alarming levels, in the sense that people should not be alarmed. But the system is not satisfactory and the way the POYC (pharmacy of your choice) system works is untenable,” Muscat said.

He expressed hope that by the time the budget for 2014 is presented in parliament, the government together with social partners would have a concrete strategy to change the system.

Africa’s Oil And Gas Corruption In The Spotlight

By Richard L. Cassin | Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 3:28AM

The NGO Global Witness has published a new report that says governments in Africa are awarding concessions and production contracts to shell companies that may have ties to government officials.

“Rigged: The Scramble for Africa’s Oil, Gas and Minerals” describes how joint ventures between international oil and gas firms and shell companies may be hiding corruption and helping fund crooked regimes.

Global Witness said its research revealed two major problems in the allocation of oil contracts:

  • Governments aren’t making clear the grounds for why a particular company is given a contract. In certain cases, companies with no real asset base or expertice appear to receive special or preferential access to oil licences, leading to doubts about the integrity of the process.
  • And governments are awarding production rights to companies whose beneficial owners remain undisclosed. In some cases, there are grounds to suspect the shell companies may be owned or controlled by government officials or their private sector proxies.

Global Witness said oil and gas deals in Libya, Angola and Nigeria, among others, are complex and potentially corrupt.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, it expressed ‘major concerns over opaque sales of mining assets’ to offshore companies.

The 44-page report is available here.

“Zero hour” says:
Zaidane has fled to the dustbin of history and will be inflicted by the rest of the customers ..

who will Tlfezhm this pure land which Smayora grandparents pure blood.

Attorney General: We will ask Interpol to bring Zaidane named Ali to Libya.

Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ fired and held the bird and Rah.



SISI, General of Egypt


MU the flame of the Desert

“Soon will lock the door acceptance on penitents that were deceived.

Their expiration date will not be later than “the month of the bird” (APRIL):
either in water systems (as the Great Man-made River will be closed)…

and then they will regret every drop of water lost; as every drop, is a drop of blood (life) lost.”

قريبآ سيقفل باب قبول النادمون لأنه تاريخ انتهاء صلاحية مغرر بهم لا يتجاوز شهر الطير اما في شهر الماء ستقفل منضومة النهر العظيم وتندمون على كل قطرة ماء زهقت من اجلها قطرة دم .



The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and its Offshoots
by Omar Ashour
The history of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya
dates back to 1949, when a number of Egyptian
Brotherhood members fled a crackdown in Cairo
and took refuge in Benghazi, where they were
hosted by Prince Idris al-Senussi.

some of the Libyans who had participated in the
first Arab-Israeli war of 1948 returned home to
spread Brotherhood teachings in the country.

first clear organizational structure was established
in 1968 when the Brotherhood of Tripoli and Benghazi developed a hierarchy based around “leadership committees.”

In reaction to the 1969 coup
of Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi, the group froze
most of its activities to avoid repression. In 1974,
Qadhafi warned that if the Brotherhood wanted to
initiate da‘wa(or “call for Islam”), they should do
so outside of Libya.

Several Brotherhood figures
were asked to leave the country, and many emigrated to Europe and the United States.

In the United States, the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood was reborn.
Members established the “Islamic Group – Libya” in 1980 and published a magazine entitled The Muslim. In 1982, many of the
Brotherhood figures studying in the United States
returned to Libya to re-establish the organization.

Some leading figures, however, co-founded and joined the National Front for the Salvation of Libya
(NFSL), an ideologically diverse nationalist front
seeking regime change. This move caused a split
within the Brotherhood’s ranks between those who
believed the group should maintain its ideological
peculiarities and organizational independence and
others who wanted to work under a broad-based political umbrella. Regardless, the NFSL’s attempts to
overthrow the regime by force ended in failure, beginning with the “Bab al-Aziziya Battle” in 1984,

and followed by the U.S.-backed “Project Algeria”
in 1985 and “Project Chad” between 1986 and 1990.
The Islamic Rally Movement (IRM) is another
group with historic links to the Libyan Brotherhood.
Many of its senior members left the Brotherhood to
establish the IRM in 1992.

As with the NFSL, the
IRM sought direct regime change via Islamist political and armed activism. The movement suffered
a blow, however, when it lost many of its leading
figures in the Abu Selim Prison massacre of 1996.

The Brotherhood and its affiliates continued to
suffer a brutal and sustained campaign of repression throughout the 1980s and 1990s, especially during the armed insurgency of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (1995-1998).

In the two
years after the insurgency, more than 150 Brotherhood members were arrested, including the head of
the organization and his deputy. In 1999, dialogue
with the regime began.
It was bolstered in 2005
and 2006 by Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi’s initiatives,
which aimed to co-opt and neutralize opposition
groups, with a particular focus on the Islamists.
In 2009, Soliman Abd al-Qadir, the former General Observer of the Libyan Brotherhood, estimated
the group had a few thousand members in Libya,
mainly concentrated in the professional and student
sectors, with a further 200 figures in exile.

cadres have been critical for the movement, both
during the Libyan revolution of February 2011 and
in its aftermath.
The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and the
Jihadi Movement
Established in 1990, the Libyan Islamic Fighting
Group (LIFG) was modeled along the lines of the Egyptian organization, al-Jihad: secretive, elitist, exclusively paramilitary, and aiming to topple
the regime.

After being uncovered by the Libyan
authorities, the movement was forced to publically declare its existence for the first time on October 18, 1995. A brutal crackdown followed, and the
LIFG led a three-year low-level insurgency based
mainly in eastern Libya. The group attempted to
assassinate Qadhafi on three occasions. According to regime estimates, 165 Libyan officials, officers, and soldiers – mainly from the intelligence
and security apparatuses – were killed during the

The LIFG lost 177 members, including its top commander in Libya and four Consultative Council members.

By 1998, the Consultative Council decided to impose a three-year
ceasefire, to be reviewed in 2001. The events of
September 11, however, altered these calculations.
According to the LIFG leaders and members interviewed in Tripoli, a dialogue with the Libyan
regime began in 2005. By 2006, six members of
the Consultative Council were involved in these
talks. At the end of 2010, the group published a
book, titled Corrective Studies in Understandings of Jihad, Enforcement of Morality, and Judgment of People, forbidding armed insurgency and
advocating tolerance of other ideologies and religions.
In March 2010, Saif al-Islam announced
the release of the LIFG commanders and praised
their book in a public conference attended by
Western diplomats, academics, and journalists.
Like the Brotherhood and its offshoots, the LIFG
and the Jihadi trend supported the “17 February 2011″
CIA-led uprising, and played a significant role in the removal of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
The movement brought a wealth of paramilitary know-how to the
relatively inexperienced Libyan revolutionaries.
Members of the movement had been heavily involved in multiple armed conflicts, including in Afghanistan, Algeria, and Chechnya. The group later
changed its name, becoming the Libyan Islamic
Movement for Change (LIMC). Many of its members now form part of the Tripoli Military Council (TMC) under Abdullah Hakim BelHadj.

Wahabi-Salafi played a decisive role in the Libyan “17 FEBRUARY” FAKE-revolution against Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi,

and his GREAT JAMAHIRIYA society. The extent of their influence in the new Libya is enormous.

Where public prosecutor’s decision to arrest the perpetrators of crime Alkwyfah which claimed the lives of 40 young people from Benghazi in front of the shield??
Where public prosecutor’s decision to arrest the perpetrators of the massacre Gharghour that killed 50 young people from Tripoli??
Where public prosecutor’s decision to arrest the kidnappers of the Egyptian diplomats??
Where public prosecutor’s decision to arrest the thieves funds of the Libyan people in Sirte 53 million??

The truth is that the ‘Muslim (WAHABI) Brotherhood and the fighter and Qatar Satro on the joints of the State
Intelligence chief – Chief of Staff – Ministry of Defense – Chairman of the Central Bank of Libya
Chairman of Oil Corporation – the Attorney General – Dar Al-Ifta – Oil Minister
Now the head of the new “government”.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

أين قرار النائب العام للقبض علي مرتكبي جريمة الكويفية التي راح ضحيتها 40 شاب من بنغازي أمام الدرع ؟؟
أين قرار النائب العام للقبض علي مرتكبي مجزرة غرغور التي راح ضحيتها 50 شاب من طرابلس ؟؟
أين قرار النائب العام للقبض علي خاطفي رئيس الوزراء زيدان والدبلوماسيين المصريين ؟؟
أين قرار النائب العام للقبض علي سارقي أموال الشعب الليبي في سرت 53 مليون ؟؟

الحقيقه هى ان الاخوان والمقاتله وقطر سيطرو على مفاصل الدوله
رئيس المخابرات – رئيس الاركان – وزارة الدفاع – رئيس مصرف ليبيا المركزي
رئيس مؤسسة النفط – النائب العام – دار الافتاء – وزير النفط
والان رئيس الحكومه الجديده

Unconfirmed reports about the forced resignation of “Prime Minister” NATO client Ali Zaidane,

so the WEST can impose another puppet upon LIBYA.  Force heading to the airport road to besiege the presidential plane, and again to the former “prime minister”.

Congress ended the legitimacy and the golden opportunity

Even if the story ended tanker mesh Haskt letters and statements sessions, threats, and None None, Balvsih got Dskh Time is very distracting omitted this street on the subject of the extension and rejected a proposal to the Commission in February and passing the point of election of the president from within their parties, and the people Hilh Torrent and Ezgrt.
المؤتمر المنتهي الشرعية والفرصة الذهبيهحتي لو أنتهت قصة الناقلة مش حيسكت خطابات تصريحات وجلسات وتهديدات وبلا بلا , بالفصيح حصل دسكة فالوقت هذا بالذات يلهي بيها الشارع عن موضوع التمديد ورفض مقترح لجنة فبراير وتمرير نقطة انتخاب الرئيس من داخل احزابهم , والشعب شايله السيل ويزغرط–
Office of the Attorney General Alfberaara issuing an arrest warrant for Ali Zaidane 
alleged involvement in corruption.   The most important thing Mtkhaloshi escape Almuammh worms literally said I Mmarsch corruption Tu Ae Amuammh!!FB AUDIO:

Attorney General issued a decree banning Ali Zaidane from leaving the country.

According to news sources for the issuance of the Attorney General’s decision to prevent deposed Prime Minister Ali Zaidane of travel and to leave the country …premises on the background investigation report of the Audit Bureau and also in respect of financial instruments to make bribes for al-Jdharan to quit and free, for the GNC, the ports. This was the news sources reported on the departure of Ali Zaidane hours before now Tripoli International Airport was on board of a private plane, but did not allow for site news, Rusaifa, to confirm the news from an independent source.

Attorney general

–The joy of a member conference Amina governor’s dismissal of the Brotherhood Party Zaidane ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ and income Aajmaat Woe:Voted on Dstert Tamazight language of the pre-conference Allaotunai.


before the oath as prime minister, is active “PRIME-MINISTER” interim.

 Last September, Secretary Hagel and Minister al-Thani expressed their appreciation for both countries’ commitment to deepening the U.S.-Libyan relationship, and agreed to continue efforts to strengthen military cooperation.
 Zaidane and the sacked government mandated the Minister of Defense operates the government for two weeks
News sources reported that the National Congress voted to dismiss the government Zaidane with 124 votes, the source added for assigning Defense Minister Abdullah bending the conduct of the government for two weeks.
Dismissal of Abdul Salam Jadallah al-Obeidi, and the appointment of a new Chief of Staff, Major General Ibrahim key Alkrgla, and science Hedda Mzati dog and a supporter of the attack on Cyrenaica.

If it took control of the oil port of Misurata Ali Fastta…

O Libyans to change the name to the “Misratan Republic of Libya” !!!!



Urgent & ~ ~ and our response now sounds heavy weapons in Tripoli Airport Road & Now.

pit blood Melcaat presence of all kinds of weapons in front of Bab al-Aziziya:

Former headquarters of the historic GREAT JAMAHIRIYA al-Qathafi leadership compound.

Libya revolution - the road to Tripoli

Attempt to break into the headquarters of the General Conference Allaotunai at a hotel in the Libyan capital Tripoli skills ..



Venus is now shut down at the ZAHRA bridge by the Champions Rishvana.
Saqr African writes:
Long and Rishvana splendor.
Caution and steep duty Íaahrav.


Mahmoud Libby:
People of Bequest the commandment of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar Faitouri guide for the West
and the Middle tightens (intensifies)
Mahmoud Libby son bills – Zliten
God Save our people in the Middle.
  • محمود ليبي

    ياجماعه ارجعو لوصية الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر الفيتوري الغرب يهد والشرق يشد محمود ليبي ابن الفواتير-زليتن
 Rats Zliten Farrukh parents followed Misurata Palmzarat latch on to fight our brothers in Cyrenaica !!!
& Rats tribe people in Zliten Bertalea go to support the militias of Misrata in its war against
the people of Cyrenaica.
A tribute to the heroes of Arabism and Damascus assets:


Mslath rats and five starts for jihad against Cyrenaica
hahaha Aaalak unchanged T & Khst each brood.


Gulf of Sidra:

PressTV: North Korean ship slips away from Libyan military

Posted on 12 March 2014  by 
كوريا الشمالية: ناقلة النفط الليبي المهرب تدار من قبل شركة مصرية

File photo of an oil tanker resembling the North Korean Morning Glory vessel

File photo of an oil tanker resembling the North Korean Morning Glory vessel

A North Korean-flagged oil tanker loaded with crude oil from a rebel-held port in eastern Libya has escaped the Libyan military forces to the open sea, officials say.

Libya’s small navy vessels could not prevent the giant oil tanker, named the Morning Glory, from taking advantage of the inclement weather and escaping out into the Mediterranean on Tuesday, members of the General National Congress (GNC) stated.

“The oil tanker took advantage of poor weather conditions to head for the open sea. The ships that were surrounding it were not in a position to follow,” an unidentified GNC member said.

The small-sized navy warships – consisting only of fast patrol boats – were forced to sail close to the coast because of the bad weather, whereby “the tanker then took advantage of the gap to head for the open sea,” Abdelkader Houili, the member of the GNC’s energy committee, told Libya’s privately-owned al-Nabaa television.

The ship had loaded at the al-Sidra port on Saturday despite earlier threats by the Libyan government to bomb the ship.

RAT brother Bashir Sowaihili, says:

“Fighting is now in Sirte is between two parties: between Libya rebels brave (UGH!!!) against the remnants of the battalion Bohlaiqah cronies (MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI’s men of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) and follow Al-jdharan and “robbers” with them gently (CYRENAICA) and allied tribes in Sirte and Rafla !!!
But the victory will be for Osodna and our heroes against all those Acharazm ! “


God Mavi only a handful thou, O bastard lizard:
God, it launched her to return the bugger???


Appeal to the honorable people of Sirte ….
Based on the instructions and sheikhs city not to be in the places fighting .. and take caution ..
from Muftnin who want to exploit the current situation ..
and not to participate in any form with any facial conflicting lock revive and protect the streets of any militia
trying to penetrate the homes or property .. .
Sheikhs and notables of Sirte tribes ..
Issued in Sirte on Tuesday .. on 11-3-2-2014

Martyrs Battalion, under the command of Colonel Jamal corner Zahawi, abandon the base after storming Alkarzabip by forces Misurata which received the base and dip gently to the defense forces around the Valley Rouge Tih under heavy artillery fire.

Mohamed Abdalaziz reports:
Jardan MISURATA MB Shield Central Gnmo tanks and a battalion of locusts Bohlaiqah.

Also: Urgent & ~ “so-called “Shield forces in Libya ” average minivan battalion Lhalboss and most members of this battalion mercenaries from Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl and dangerous Jaddaaaaaaaaaa and our response now from the source in Misrata:
From the military planning for the rules of engagement for the militias of Misrata (Shields Central) is now in Sirte people, foreigners do not know the source of any nationality … use in car type Toyota lioness Mcefhtan color black with the slogan shields on their rear lines to areas of fighting, and there are their two cars beeper via satellite and they have computers and they have detailed maps of Libya, and with them people of Misrata for the purpose of translating the instructions issued to them forces shields over the radio ……

Violent clashes are now circulating within the base Alkarzaibh tanks in Sirte

The arrival of the first wounded to the Ibn Sina hospital following the clashes in Sirte base Alkarzabip now.
Urgent …. four people and wounded dozens of Almzarat have arrived in the Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte.
Chkchka Aalibia and tells you there is nothing earth mercenaries:
The kidnapping of the young Gaddafi (tribal youth) at bin Sinai Hospital.
Aaaaaaaajl :::
A witness from Ras Lanuf:
witness said the city of Ras Lanuf and the arrival of four ambulances from the city of Sirte on board, the number of people …
and stressed that ambulances usually to Sirte to bring many of the injured.

Today Wayne from Kano Atpacon screens immorality media condemning al-Qathafi and Owoowoowoo in 2011.
Where here now the dogs traitors customers, today’s militias Mzrath, are pounding in our brothers in the east ???

and no one speaks Wayne-subscribers alleged false Nasabh mankind Wayne Almichdeghin where are they today?????????? ????

اليوم اين من كانو يتباكون علي شاشات العهر الاعلامي القدافي ووووووووووو اين هم الكلاب الخونه العملاء هاهي اليوم مليشيات مزراطه تقصف في اخوتنا في الشرق ولا احد يتكلم اين المنضمات المزعومه الكاذبه النصابه علي البشريه اين المتشدقين اين هم اليوم ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

WICKED Almzarat was controlled airport Sirte Azhaboha Sahlh Lacey.

المزاريط تمت السيطره علي مطار سرت يسحابوها ساهله ي
RATS Gharyan militia on their way to support the militias of Misrata to support.
Access RAT militias Friday Market and Tajourah to their masters in MISURATA now to support them in the city of Sirte:
Libya first channel:
Urgent: Chief of General Staff Almelcaat entered in Sirte do not follow the General Staff, new Chief of Staff, Major General Ibrahim key Alkrgla. Oh Msarit became Army uniforms army storming Bani Walid, Ha :)) Misrata to lie its story etc.
The need to understand God Maad.
Track Almzarat plane crash near Sirte.



FILE convoy of heavily armed and Hua outside of Misurata eastward to kill our brothers in CYRENAICA.

Proves that the war GS Cheraga not to liberate the oil ports
P is the right of any infringement GS camp Martyrs corner!!! To complete the infidelity was giving orders from the
General Staff of the Martyrs Battalion Zahavi is the angle after the move surprised and armor to enter the infidelity of their headquarters!!
Booklet Hhadaa angle tracking army battalion either Ansar al-Sharia does not follow the Army did not exceed one by
Scenario clear Hey folks Cyrenaica, God bless ya Bohlaiqah if Ayesh Mcnch ran out of words Chiefs of Staff of Qatar.
“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB writes:”Misrata is planning for a long time by focusing on Alaghtylat the officers in the Air Force and built a special of certain tribes because they know they will align to gently and aviation is the one who determines the victor,
Today he is known and confirmed the incident Elly killing Salah Buhelaiqah was the mastermind.”

Sadak Gharyiani

SADAK GHARYIANI and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood MISURATA HERETICS!!  issue the following
shortly before over “Channel Misurata”,  and now declared by the MISURATA MB member of Congress,

Abdul Rahman Sowaihili, 2

Abdul Rahman Sowaihili:

“Gangs Burka overwhelmed and Tgbert and practiced banditry on Arzak Libyans Inevitably stopped and crushed;

so as not exposed and territorial integrity of Libya at risk and the revolution of the collapse,
not Misurata only that is geared to redeem and retrieve Arzak Libyans from the hands of criminal gangs and theft,
but all Libya rebels .
We Nnfd decision the National Congress of His sovereignty, legitimacy and our reference fatwa religious establishment
and the honorable Sheikh Sadaq Gharyiani and God willing we killed in this war that was imposed on us martyrs in
paradise and their dead fuel for the fire, and she lived to Libya a free father.”




Armed clashes between troops of Central (Misrata) and armor gently (of Cyrenaica),  in the region of 50 # Sirte

The withdrawal of the militia of the martyrs of the corner of the base Alkarzabip and

delivered to Misratan militias backed by Turkish special forces amid heavy artillery shelling on militants Burka.


News Jerdana:

Urgent Information Office of the Defence Force Burqa

Misratan militias are defeated coming in the direction of the gate session and destroying three armored vehicles

and escape and dispersion of the queue after blown Balsoreich heat of the sand dunes nearby. A convoy carrying flags tenderly (CYRENAICA),

composed of 16 and 24 lobster wagon Toyota armed by 23 and 14.5 and 6 ambulances now entered Bin Jawad coming from the turf and Byar.

call to duty!

“Radio Burka” calls on all young people, especially the Eastern region of Cyrenaica, that possession of any piece Balathak weapon,

to fight against the occupational forces of the ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood coming in especially from MISURATA right at this moment.

Urgent ……… Per honest …. Cyrenaica province declares Bureau chief executive of the province of Cyrenaica

that there is a state of utmost horn on the outskirts of the city of Sirte and the man that meets all call home and call of honor …
I’ve sounded the drums of war ……



Channel capital reports: …..
Defence Force tenderly establish large west gate strongly Qmins to cut the road.

Tidings, O Arabs Cyrenaica,

decision 42 and 7-(like decision on the people of Bani Walid) this Motmrkm

and your puppet “government” and your so-alled “revolution glorious”

end to your argument:

Preparations for militias corner and Zuwarah, went from Misrata to Sirte was to lift the embargo on the oil ports.
(Picture of Port ZUWARAH in the West)

From their pages ::

News out of Misurata convoy heading to the oil fields; and the defense force tenderly (CYRENAIACA POLI BUREAU)

calling al-Jdhardan to engage in battle against them in the valley of the Red (VALLEY ROUGE in the area of the GREEN MOUNTAIN in the CENTRAL-EAST)..

Qaadin Adher:  news in 100 / / / / / 400 armed car.

WAR PLANES manned by ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD, are taking off from MITIGUA AIR BASE, HEADED FOR SIRTE AND CYRENAICA—headquarters of POLI BUREAU at AJDABIYA, to wipe out the people of Cyrenaica, as they tried formerly to BANI WALID!

Mohamed Salem informs us:
Guide for the West and the Middle tightens and Mulki in Ras al-Ahmad/ Hamad:

the head of a small area of the valley is situated Belkrb Red flag.

استعدادات ل مليشيات الزاوية و زوارة لتوجة لمصراتة تم لسرت لفك الحصار علي الموانئ النفطية .
من صفحاتهم ::

انباء خروج رتل من مزراطة متوجه الى حقول النفطية و قوة الدفاع برقة تنادي الجردان للإنضمام إليها في الوادي الآحمر ..

Rally for military convoys belonging to the “MB militia shield, MISURATA, Libya”, west of the city of Sirte:

Channel Vision Libyan:
Senior sheikhs and Rafla in Cyrenaica consider compromising the limits of historic Cyrenaica red line and rally young
people to defend Eastern Libya.
Statement sheikhs and notables province of Cyrenaica shortly before:

Video statement sheikhs and notables province of Cyrenaica 11/03/2014 Ajdabiya

عاجلبيان مشائخ واعيان اقليم برقة قبل قليل
The death of the first soldier from the state of Cyrenaica in the battle.
Allahu Akbar
“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB writes us:

During the war, the Bani Walid speech was directed that those forces belonging to the national army and that entered those forces until he was the first the procedure for lifting the image Sowaihili city center / / of The War on Cyrenaica is basicly by Misurata and says otherwise it is passed to that city rogue criminality and announce openings her advance.
Stud 42 donkeys a decision to kill our brothers in Cyrenaica also been killed our brothers in Bani Walid decision unjust No. 7 and No. Rkazho Aaalm the decision taken 42??????????

هام ،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،
اثناء الحرب على بني وليد كان الخطاب يوجه على ان تلك القوات تابعة للجيش الوطني وما ان دخلت تلك القوات حتى كان اول اجراءتها رفع صورة السويحلي وسط المدينة // من يتولى الحرب على برقة هي مصراته ومن يقول غير ذلك فهو يمرر لتلك المدينة المارقة اجرامها ويعلن عمالته لها مقدما
مربط الحمير يصدر قرار 42 لقتل إخوتنا في برقه كما قتلو إخوتنا في بن وليد بالقرار الجائر رقم7 وركزو ياعالم علي رقم القرار الذي اتخذ 42؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟


مربط الحمير يصدر قرار 42 لقتل إخوتنا في برقه كما قتلو إخوتنا في بن وليد بالقرار الجائر رقم7 وركزو ياعالم علي رقم القرار الذي اتخذ 42؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟



The death of Colonel military police “Hatem Saleh Djibril Oraibi,” died of his wounds after being targeted

Mend a two improvised explosive device in the city of Benghazi.

The death of a military police officer died of his wounds after the assassination
According to official media the officer Hatem Saleh Djibril of Hawari was transported to the General Hospital Hani Oraibi were he was announced dead his wounds after being subjected to the assassination yesterday Rulrhh area of ​​the city of Benghazi by gunmen.

Benina airport refuses to leave or receive overflights and landing of planes follow Aagovernm proxy.



Major General Hftar announces new leadership of the army base and the headquarters of Tobruk:






Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaam and urgent

All citizens Bsabhaalent operations room revolutionaries Tabu

The history of 13 \ 3 \ 2014 deadline

deadline to confirm the evacuation deadline of “camp so called Sixth Brigade affiliated tribal militias Olahdeslaman” (all its members) ..
She “operations room rebels” that they would not recognize any negotiations or justification Badhma date.
al-Qaeda of forearmed and the apparent darker………………………………………..


Manbosh to comment, but Sher if possible to know all the residents Sabha friend and foe, and I mean on 13 mesh and the ousted Chadian Tcolo and Aldskh Almkhbashh.

هااااااااااااااام وعاجل

لكل المواطنين بسبهاأعلنت غرفة عمليات الثـــــوار التبــــــــو ان تاريخ 13\3\2014 أخر موعد المهلة لتأكيد أخلاء نهائيا من معسكر مايسمى بـــ اللواء السادس تابعة مليشيات قبليـــة أولادسليمان كل افرادها..وأكدت غرفة عمليات الثوار أنها لن تعتــــرف باى مفاوضات او مبررات بعدهذا مــــوعد .قداعذر من أنذر والبادى أظلم………………………………………………………………….مانبوش تعليقات حتي بس شير اذا ممكن ليعلم جميع سكان سبها الصديق والعدو و قصدي مش يوم 13 تقولو ازلام وتشادية والدسكة المخبشة .

Tmanhunt people congregate to expel the militias of Misrata after the abduction of the girl and rape her and throw it in front of a fork … Tmanhunt fury now.



Kidnapping officers Bjmark assistant port causes the truck congestion Egyptian




Libya S.O.S. – war diary 2011/12

29 JUNE  2012

#LYelec: Who is the man who standing behind Abdul Hakim Belhadj

Is he Colonel / Abdullah Hamad Al-Marri Fetais – Special Forces of Qatar?
من هو الرجل الواقف خلف المُلا : عبدالحكيم بلحاح – الحاكم باسم قطر في ليبيا-؟
هو : العقيد الركن/ حمد عبدالله فطيس المري – القوات الخاصة القطرية .
What Qatari “Colonel” doing in Libya?
He is  bringing  democracy in Libya? Why he dont do the same in Qatar?

Was he still protects  Belhadj or He will   have  to complement the role created for him – a ruling in the  name of Qatar through political party?