The Majlis in TOBRUK has its day

Mu 330


Have a GREAT JUMA…and do not forget Our Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, who, through Allah, has revealed and given us so very much…

Bless him and our wonderful soldiers who risked (and some gave) their lives, to clean-up Libya (“Zenga, Zenga”…).
Mu’ammar was, and is, always RIGHT.

 Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is very Special;
and we must pray for the Success, TRIUMPH and Victory of Mu’ammar and his PDF Army, tomorrow in TRIPOLI, 01 NOVEMBER 2014.


 “ZERO HOUR” on FB, posts:

Times and difficult days are terrible and Znaih on 02/17/2011 at the country Libyans
Libya was illegally entered. Arguments and legal and international agreements Ochtrko

And Ahtmo humanity and advertising to complete
Colonial crusade against Islam and Arabs in particular,

and Libya’s driving popular Democracy-revolutionary symbols (GREEN BOOK / FLAG) were the first targeted, because the Jamahiriya and ITS UNUSAL STAND, which fought Colonialism in all its political methods.

Did not defeat the moment and this testimony, of British Prime-Minister Tony Blair who with flags,

Mu w BLAIR 25 MARCH 2004

told the media that Muammar al-Qathafi did not present anything during 25 MARCH 2004 policy details.

Even for this reason cited hagmo us in 2011 with the barbarians and mad and their strong, they failed to believe was dropping the Libyan leadership

And Libya, upsetting people, askad, and was breaking the social fabric in order to ultimise the potential of the nation and its bounty.

And also drop the Libyan citizen brave great magilla worldwide…

And his past Administration was not strange; and in the present they knew of the Libyan people, their descriptions and character and graeth;

World Asagad Libya and corrupting its people and to destroy the social fabric Astolo on the nation’s resources or wealth
And also bring down the Libyan citizen tall  (such a “big brave world Musharraf) and his past,

and it is not strange at present they know who are the Libyan people Bosaf; and his character and Gerith Aelovesah… and the same, when this is what they did, and Aariqlhm Angeho to spend with these black men to Libya, from the past until now, accomplished something unusual, and did’t know ‘the impossible’.

War on Libya was catastrophic, and unprecedented in human history. Everything of all classes, of ruin and corruption of obsequious even down a corrupt on Earth hashakm, and dkoha my frustrated war levels of war and destruction, and where planted terrorist colonies, and Kono district installed a ‘puppet government’ and entered into more policy and kshavo than the world ever before accomplished about their canine tooth !

My frustration is justified, in that these ‘others’ were deliberately, immoral.
It is not personal, then astmero in the affected months and years passed (until God revealed their masks before the

People) and broad llagma that Libya reigns over NATO and her collaborators.


Italo and including the demro and people bent and anharvo of God openly in front of people; and here’s now the people waking-up.

And Libya Announces smashing mirarha upon the  injustice wrought upon her, and oppression.

Libya is now united and says in her speech “we will not genuflect to the tails of NATO, who are the enemies of God.

We will have mercy on the affect of it. We, with the Popular Resistance my totals and will win.  

I’m with my PRC totals and will sanitise those who are against God;  and will recover the blood of the taer martyrs and return the right of displaced persons, and edit those who sashark Sun right on the oppressed,

and continue my complete Libyan Revolution. My true  revolution which will put onthe  festivals of commemoration of our legendary Libyan, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.


Come meet us, on 01 November 2014; and come on showing that the Great Jamahiriya is preserved in me and all sensible Libyans, who are moving in the right path and will not betray the covenant,

 …and on this day, we will lead a dissolute life.

The volcano PDF (The PEOPLE’s DEFENSE FORCE, under Mu’ammar al-Qathafi).


The great uprising day

and may Allah grant us victory.

God is above kid aggressor.


مرة الأيام الصعبه و رهيبه و ذنيئه من يوم 17/2/2011 على بلاد الليبيين
ليبيا دخلوها بحجج غير شرعيه و قانوني و أخترقو الاتفاقات الدوليه
و حطمو الانسانيه و اعلان على اكمال
المستعمره الصليبيه ضد الاسلام و العرب بالأخص و كانت ليبيا و رموز القياده الثوريه الشعبيه هم اول هدف لأن الدوله وحيده التي حاربة
الاستعمار بجميع الأساليب السياسيه
ولم تهزم لحظه و هذه بشهادة الوزير البريطاني طوني بلير قالها ع الأعلام بأن معمر قذافي لم يخصر اي شي في تفاصيل السياسه
حتى استشهد لهذا السبب هاجمو علينا في سنة2011 بهمج و جنون و ما لديهم من قوى فاشله كان يؤمنون بهدف اسقاط القياده الليبيه
العالميه و اسقاد ليبيا بأفساد شعبها و تحطيم نسيجهم الاجتماعي لكي يستولو على مقدرات الوطن او خيراته
و ايضا اسقاط المواطن الليبي الشامخ الشجاع الكبير في العالم
و صاحب ماضي مشرف و ليس غريب عليه في حاضر هم يعرفون
من هو الشعب الليبي بأوصافه و شخصيته و جرئته و بذات عند الفزعه هم هذا ما يعرقلهم و لم ينجحو في قضاء ع هؤلاء الأسود رجال ليبيا من الماضي حتى الان ولم يمسكو شيئ معتاد ع ليبيين لأن الليبين يصنعون في اشياء غريبه و لا يعرفون المستحيل

الحرب على ليبيا كانت فاجعه و لم يشهدها التاريخ الأنساني كانت من جميع اصناف الخراب و فساد من اكبر دنئ حتى اسفل فاسد على وجه الأرض حشاكم و دكوها بي احبط حرب في مستويات الحروب و كونو فيها مستعمرات ارهابيه و حكومه عميله و دخلو في سياسه اكبر منهم و كشفو للعالم عن انيابهم بي تلك السياسه المحبطه الغير مدروسه ولا أخلاقيه ولا شخصيه و بعدها استمرو في هذه السياسه المنكوبه اشهر و سنين حتى ربي كشف عن اقنعتهم امام الشعب و وضح للأجمع ان ليبيا يحكمونا اذيال الناتو و اعوانه

عطلو البلاد وما فيها و دمرو العباد وما ليها و انحرفو عن شرع الله بشكل مكشوف امام الناس و هاهي ليبيا بشعبها تستيقظ و تعلن عن تحطيم ميرارها و غبنها و قهرها الأن ليبيا اتحدت و قالت كلمتها لن اركع لذيول الناتو اعداء الله ولن ارحم من تطاول عليه فأنا مع المقاومه الشعبية بي مجاميعها و سأنتصر بحق الله و استرد تأئر الشهداء و ارجع حق المهجرين و أحرر المعتقلين و سأشرق شمس الحق ع مظلومين و سنستمر بي اكمال ثورة الليبيين ثورة الفاتح و سأضع تذكاره للأسطوره الليبيه معمر القذافي حان موعدنا و حان وقتنى سنكون يوم 1/11/2014 في طريق الحق سائرون و عهدا لن نخون و في هذا اليوم سنفجر البركان الشعبي

يوم الانتفاضه الكبرى و ربي ينصرنا
الله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي

ساعة الصفر

Researcher Libby: Libyan army and honorable liberate the country from terrorists, insurgents
Dialogue with the researcher in strategic affairs and the risks surrounding Arab Professor Ramadan on the latest developments of the situation in Libya.

PDF FORCES in the Quaries

readying for Saturday:

Pray, and It will happen !




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شباب ورشفانة الصمود على الفيس بوك

News about the arrest of the offender Salah BADI

(Aukd news)

عندما يحكم المجرمين تكون هكذا الصورة
صلاح زبادي والحرب الأهلية










The arrival of 12 people today to a hospital corner of the ‘militia of the Abu Obaida angular Roma Libya militias

and terrorist chaos’ in the hospital, and the fire in the yard of the hospital.


Today was stepping in front corner of the Roma gangs and dogs Abu Obeida, where more than 25, including four Mkhanb field,

led by Omar Azaaloc Assistant who buried, in the frozen strawberries, the killer Mohammed Kilani.
The second week and look for males in the CORNER.

Killing 17 and injuring 30 of the Brotherhood militia of South Shields

at their headquarters. 

Brotherhood Misurata Militias shields accidentally activate the gate leading to their arrest in the corner of the city identity.


We should point out the existing gate Shakshuk down on the coastline that they searched the car and pulling the fuel?
Without people walking in the same or will be shooting them and strongly !!!!!!








“Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”
gives us the results of the “Battles of the Western Region”:

Libyan army VS Misurata militias who go with militias Nawasi and Belhadj and Aharati and terrorist Abu Obeida.

Clashes forces chief of staff in the letter T # corner and the fall of the quadrennial kill from dawn until now Libya:

1. Ahmed Salman.
2. Abdarahman Romaih
3. oled
4. uabduluahd Syrian Mohammed bin Saleh Asaabh
5. Rahim Ahmed Ramadan al-Achkm.

Congratulations Tahir puerperal today in front.


–PICTURE: the terrorist (deceased) Abu Obeida’s militias

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

“Mercy on the martyrs in Benghazi and the Western Region battles

We ask God’s mercy and forgiveness for them

‘I will not forget you.’ “



3 belonging to destroy the militia, “the dawn of Libya,” Ali Hleyona the river and the surrounding region, APA tank.

بقايا عجر ليبيا اليوم في محور الرابطة يدكون امام ضربات الجيش او زيدو صدقو قناة النبح.

Young army hero Aqaibdhm:

A set of mechanisms and tank weapons and is the sum of the spoils for the day yesterday in the axis of gangs Association.



Remnants of  Brotherhood militias shields

محور بوشيبة هربو لغريان وخلو البازين يا خسارة ما تعبو وطيبو الحرائر

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 Gr remnants of Libya today in front of the axis of the Association Iedkon military strikes or Zeido Sedko channel yapping.

(BELOW) The remnants of the axis of tie:






“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reporting:

Recent developments on the scene al-Midnyh progress militias from Misurata and Gharyan in the axis of the Association to try to open the way for WAHABI-extremists and criminal gangs at the top of Mount KKLH (al-KWASSA).

The area north of the city to leave Roma online Kikla them out without a weapon in a safe corridor for the city and the castle, is no truth to this.

The blockade is complete and was only stopping Roma supply of arms and ammunition, and for this reason have not been there Roma. To sweep of the door of mercy is not an option for them anymore ..

Blessings received ..

PICTURE: Look-out Asqa in Kikla

These were repulsed al-Melcaat and destroying 3 tanks and Tkebedhm losses in lives and mechanisms;

 PICTURE: Logo for the ‘MB Martyrs Brigade WAHABI RAT MILITIA of Kikla

But the character that axis or aspiring ‘Bamhor Ansar al-Sharia’ of Sabratha, and Saraya Abu Obeida Angular, provide the Libyan army, in this axis, and the decline al-Melcaat Mitigua Hlgodh.

The ‘axis crushers’ eluted concentration at the sites; and axes did not provide any orders Taúty

 Kikla was called in the old Klklh to the large number of people in the vernacular language derived from al-Klcal, meaning: a chest in everything which is released. This is within the Nafusa mountains after the passage of time …

a village near the front line in the Jebel Nafusa, Kikla appears deserted at first glance, but there within are homes of women and children, amongst WAHABI hiding (aerial view):

Kklh al-Amorien.olad Omar:

Palace /Castle al-Mzaúdh, at Kikla

(where the WAHABI were hiding):

Allah is great !  God is great …..


 first happened yesterday al-Thelata, Rullish problem of the LIBYAN ARMY forces between the town of Gharyan,

which lies on the west about 30 km, and the town of Kikla, located about 150 kilometers southwest of the capital Tripoli following the town Rullish:

 Ambulance for the BROTHERHOOD of KIKLH:

  Airs Kikla Spring 2014 / Hleyona stunning mountainous nature of the Amorites with flag of ‘independence’

“Zintan room operations”, tells us how the Army is eating.
(our food):
After al-Asban and couscous and Bazin, enters the field of a new type of oven El-Zimzakh bread crumbs

and Rabbi Pizza Hahahahahahahaha


“Brigade Qaqaa civil Lightning 2 operations”, writes:

Of course in the first was a speech Elly Aketbo where p meals prompt to their fighters and Idaolhm victory and Arfo in morale decadent, but after Malqohm Ahrbu and devoid even in Mclthm speech Elly p Alojbaat prompt Army hehehehe seemed mean Bedouins with certainty that the army Baiqra speech Hahaha Aawallah Roma Libya

Justice Mohammed ………………..




Violent clashes in Azizia axis and offers a large tribal forces and progress in the axis through the corner,

despite the intensity of the bombing of the Kharijites on the army

and untrue news that benefit the military to enter al-Zahra.

Violent clashes are now far from the axis of Azizia and Zayat

al-Zawah al-Jnobih

Violent clashes near the village of Nasser. temperatures in the region exactly “al-Dkhalah” Roma Libya feared side of the farms in the mosque and people came up and strike Balthagal direction represented Thursday evergreen market and the direction of al-Azizia.



لحظة دخول قوات الجيش الليبي لمنطقة #الحميضه وسط أستقبال وفرحة عارمة لأهالي المنطقة #بنغازي .


Clashes between West # Azizia Libyan army and MB  militias, “the dawn of Libya.”

“Zero hour” on FB, reports:

Now the heaviest fighting in every village of Al-Azizia and Nasser and the withdrawal of militias Roma Libya from terrorist Azizia center and pinned down in ‘Koshera farms’ and the ‘market near the junction’....

evacuation Korbh al-Ugana.

Oh Allah, that your victory and promised !




 Libyan army forces in the axis Iboshibh:



“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:

‘Fair’ Daab’s group has been banned from Gharyan.

Gharyan and Hashh folks, are very honorable:
The Army Enrollment Advisor Group says that a large group of young people

from Gharyan have joined the Army.





Volcano – a process led by the National Army

# Gharb al-Libya
Military men stationed in front within  Ada al-Ehi.

رجآل الجيش المرابطين في جبهة ‫#‏وادي_الحي‬ .



MB Faitouri leader Omar killed in Gjrlibia;  and Associate Kilani in clashes BIR AYAD today.


Quality of the operation against the BROTHERHOOD  militia stationed under the bridge Zahra has been targeting the gate Bagoazv RPG and machine guns and injuries were directly and the withdrawal of combat units to safe places.

Quality process hit BROTHERHOOD ‘Roma militias’ in Libya, killed at  al-Zahra Bridge (where an unknown number were killed and wounded).

They were bombed stationing them Bakoazv Arbeja.

A report issued by the Council of Schori and sages and Rishvana revealed that BROTHERHOOD armed operations perpetrated against the civilian population in and Rishvana revealed deterioration of the humanitarian situation and the collapse of the health sector and the state of paralysis in the provision of health services to citizens as a result of the bombing and the siege and the war carried out by the BROTHERHOOD armed formations on the people and residents of the area and Rishvana.

According to a report that the military operations have caused poor security situation resulting from the actions of the MB armed groups that surrounded and swept the region in the region, and is the statistics and indicators of tangible reality quotient disastrous, according to Helms in the report.


A military source :: declares that he has been training young people and without their knowledge so Rishvana.
So, if he says he noted that in Rishvana there was a war or two every year
He added that 50% of young people and Rishvana Asubho field commanders and that 70% of the
Youth and Rishvana knows how to deal with weapons and those of more people.

Leadership on the streets of war as evidenced by the young people and in all Rishvana.
al-Jbahat and specifically mentioning the front Benghazi ..


And the land of thorns Rishvana:

Our reached 9,000 and ask God more and ask God to help us in the transfer of the right story

and ask God to Ahakz Libya from all evil and saves Rishvana brings us back to our land and all peace.





# News

The most important thing came in the words of Colonel Idriss material ….

// ordered room Libyan army operations in the Western Region on the audio channel Zintan.

Colonel said that the army losses in battles of today there are no zero for any losses incurred while Army militia heavy losses in lives and materiel

And also alerted the Col. material, on all Libyans legitimacy of thinking with the world and with those who communicate with those who coordinates of ((recognized))

And also stressed that the capacity of the presidency of the General Staff and equipment every day on the rise
Supported by the world of the Libyan army

Secondly, the renunciation of all regions of the rumors that the army wants to break into some areas and Owoo …. But if the army was forced to piece and there will be advance warning Liberation Army goal of the capital and the piece will be, God willing,

Said Colonel material, that planes used by the Brotherhood militias to try to bombard Zintan area or some military gatherings, are training aircraft* from an old model called ((template)),

and its goals are not accurate at all and said Colonel that this topic Brotherhood Misurata militias crossed all red lines; and the response will be harsh and strongly.

Wi-base off of which aircraft which Tzodt where fuel is a legitimate aim of the Libyan army, and also to the presidency of the General Staff has all the information so that the names of technicians who tested the aircraft.

(# Amilit al-Jeic al-Libya)

PICTURE *: Airforce Academy in Misurata





“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, make a plea:

Aaaaaaaaaajl for publication and Circular: -

Call the National Commission for Human Rights on the humanitarian situation of the prisoners remaining

(who were not already executed) of the military quietly Misurata prison ..

National Human Rights Commission directed the call is very urgent in which international human rights organizations and the United Nations and the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya and the Office of Human Rights in the mission appeals to immediately intervene to save the lives of the remaining prisoners detained in the Air Force Academy prison Misrata,

lifting from harm them; and the investigation into the alleged crimes those responsible for these prisons, including:
“Abu Bakr Zabti,
Salem al-Faqih,
Hamad Manath

That amount to crimes against humanity and war crimes.

| National Human Rights Commission reported in its appeal to a speedy process of systematic

torture in prison Misurata Air Force Academy, which has caused serious cases, including the
“Khalil al-Faraj bin Zliten,
Kamal Said-Tripoli,
Waleed Khoja-Gurji Tripoli,
Mohammed Najib puppy-corner,
Abdullah Adwebi-Zliten,
Mohammed Adwebi-Zliten,
Nasser Al-Dehom Zliten,
Hamza Aldhadih-Zliten,
Mohammed fixed-Tawergha of Thoargae,
Salem worthy,
Bashir Juma,
Salah Bozakrh,
Abdulkarim al-Tair,
Moroccan key
And other medium
Hamza Khashram,
Bahlul-Gurji Tripoli,
Akram al-Dada-Tripoli,
Issa al-Ghadamsy,
Ismail Lafi .

Also referred to the transfer, “Mr. Nasser,” and with him fifty prisoners were tortured, to solitary confinement,

after the brutal torture they suffered.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

عاااااااااجل للنشـــــــــر والتعميم :-

نداء اللجنة الوطنية لحقوق الانسان بشان الوضع الانساني لسجناء سجن السكت العسكري بمصراته ..

اللجنة الوطنية لحقوق الإنسان تتوجه بنداء عاجل جدا تناشد فيها المنظمات الدولية المعنية بحقوق الإنسان ومنظمة الأمم المتحدة وبعثة الأمم المتحدة للدعم في ليبيا ومكتب حقوق الإنسان في البعثة بالتدخل العاجل لإنقاذ أرواح ماتبقى من سجناء المعتقلين في سجن الكلية الجوية مصراتة، ورفع الأذى عنهم والتحقيق في الجرائم المنسوبة للمسؤولين عن هذه السجون، ومنهم
“ابوبكر الظابطي،
سالم الفقيه،
حمد مانيطه”
التي ترقى إلى جرائم ضد الإنسانية وجرائم حرب
| أفادت اللجنة الوطنية لحقوق الإنسان في ندائها العاجل إلى حدوث عملية تعذيب ممنهج في سجن الكلية الجوية بمصراتة، الذي تسبب في حالات خطيرة ومنها
“فرج بن خليل-زليتن،
كمال سعيد-طرابلس،
وليد الخوجة-قرجي طرابلس،
محمد نجيب الجرو-الزاوية،
عبدالله الدويبي-زليتن،
محمد الدويبي-زليتن،
ناصر ديهوم-زليتن،
حمزة الدحيديح-زليتن،
محمد ثابت-تاورغاء،
سالم جديرة،
بشير جمعة،
صلاح بوزكرة،
عبدالكريم التير،
مفتاح المغربي”
، وأخرى متوسطة
“حمزة خشرم،
البهلول-قرجي طرابلس،
اكرم الدادي-طرابلس،
عيسى الغدامسي،
إسماعيل اللافي”
، كما أشارت إلى نقل “ناصر السيد” ومعه خمسون سجينا تم تعذيبهم ، إلى زنزانات إنفرادية بعد التعذيب الوحشي الذي تعرضوا له


Sheikh of Misratah right pronunciation actually Vhar Libya

 On the issue of rape valuable Misurata
-ganh Of the Transitional Council and is a member Mustafa Abdul Jalil
-othakik Of great men of Misurata in Libya and Thaorgae
-ml_khas Result of the investigation
-aaterv Misurata notables to raise the issue of rape and amplified
Kahn is intended to mobilize the youth of the revolution and the war
-olkn Established in the case of all the people of Misurata dyes


بخصوص قضية الاغتصابات قي مصراته
-لجنة من المجلس الانتقالي وعضو فيها مصطفى عبد الجليل
-وتحقيق كبير من رجالات ليبيا في مصراته وتاورغا
-ملخص نتيجة التحقيق
-اعترف اعيان مصراته ان اثارة قضية الاغتصاب وتضخيمها
-كان المقصود منه حشد الشباب للثورة والحرب
-ولكن القضية ترسخت في ادهان جميع اهل مصراته

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Gate city of Sirte are now available in the road leading to the area between Abohadi

and this gate operates with fully auto inspection, we hope the Liberal discernible precaution and steep.



A suicide bombing targeting a guard gate facilities east Ajdabiya city.


2) Today:

Arrest of Egyptian nationality driving a car bomb was on his way to target the western city of Ajdabiya camp.

 3) Arrest the named Walid Aalghemati, who is a prominent leader of the organization of “Ansar al-Sharia”,

with his wife and his sons, at gate Ajlideh, in east Ajdabiya.



Operation Dignity – led by the National Army

Image expressive worker hygiene at the ‘University of Omar al-Mukhtar’ in CASABLANCA.

We have a great virtue and your reward is great Andallah remove the harm from the road.

A suicide attack aimed at a point east of the city of CASABLANCA, in Pigeon (the desert road gate Mechili)

lead to the death of the soldier Mohammed al-Zarkon.





Army over a new military reinforcements to  Benghazi, and because control has become

all the entrances and exits of the city.

“Volcano – a process led by the National Army”:

# Summary

The arrival of Battalion 148 Infantry, led by Colonel # Bozverh to Benghazi and pinned down B. al-Qguarhh, and

Operation Dignity – led by the National Army

Libyan army convoys enter the city of Benghazi, now # of all axes and heavily all kinds of weapons

National Army forces came from the east and areas # Special Forces “Thunderbolt” of  Benghazi intervention now under the command of Colonel nice Bouchmadh, and a very large convoy of an estimated 250 cars have successfully entered Benghazi on 3-axis.
Source: ‘Qusay cabled’

Changed the name “Qatar neighborhood” to the neighborhood, “Tawfiq bin Saud” by the people of the region.

Colonel “Nice” Bouchmadh arrives in Benghazi and sends reinforcements from the ‘Thunderbolt forces’ to tighten the field to control the of the city, and forces of the army up to the heart of the city and roll into their neighborhoods.

Home and stun demanding citizens B. al-Mkthot their homes and stay away from places clashes. The military spokesman talking about # ‘zero hour’ and spokesman for the General Staff Colonel “Ahmed cuneiform” calls for Arab and international local media channels for the transfer of the fact that the control of the military forces on the city of Benghazi #; and Benghazi calling for demonstrations for a Juma decisive victory.

‘Zero hour’ has come to resolve in the city of Benghazi.



Laithi when the pasta factory testifies # streets with arms and heavy war between youth, and

al-Lecioansar evil under the loss of many of the shells.

Masked guards in Benghazi’s Laithe district


“ZERO HOUR” on FB, reports:
Misama now in Benghazi.

a few clashes come as a result of the entry of three of Hftar forces into ‘Ben Younes axes, going to ‘the new Milkfish latex of the people’ of these areas al-Aptdaad. They are ready for tidying up. They tell the people to not go out into the streets as of yet (to avoid injury shot from remaining snipers).


Blood parents battalion  “loyal to process dignity” are burning a number of houses elements of the organization« Ansar al-Sharia » Milkfish area in the city of Benghazi.


Operation Dignity – led by the National Army

Look to wrinkle his face every line of these wrinkles simulates a history of struggle and the struggle for the nation and # al-Massh al-Askarah this hero is Colonel # “key Hqlov” the military commander of the largest hubs in the region Have Built # combatant may God protect him and patronized the brave men of our army.

Major Mohammed al-Hassy (al-Hijazi) fighting in the streets of a Benghazi.

Operation Dignity – led by the National Army, salutes:

“Health Health O el-Hassy (Hijazi) “

Operation Dignity – led by the National Army

Major Mohammed el-Hassy near the island of colors in Benghazi.:


Allah is the greatest triumphs # Benghazi.



Operation Dignity – led by the National Army
# Massadr_askarah: -

Army troops in full control of the street and the regions of twenty al-Majora.

Parents and there is a great delight.


“Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”:

Special Forces Thunderbolt inside the main camp in Boatni now
# Akram Bouchmadh, son of Colonel Nice Bouchmadh from inside the school was born ‘Cheetah Stun’.






“Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”, says:

Haley Tobruk, who shot down the statue of the Green Book and code their message to all the people of Tripoli ?…

We will not be divided. The Brotherhood and their followers are the traitors.


Tobruk today  in mass demonstrations in support of the army in Benghazi and to support the process of dignity

and legitimacy of the MAJLIS and the renunciation of terrorism and the Kharijites.



“Operation Dignity – led by the National Army”, reports:

Libyan army in Tobruk # targeting the two cars were trying to infiltrate the city and the smuggling of weapons

and al-Dkhaúr after not responding to orders army to stop #. 2 MB carloads of explosives between CASABLANCA and Tobruk, has been blown-up on 29 OCT. 2014 by the Libyan Army.




“Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”:

Chairman of the MAJLIS (House of Representatives) will meet a delegation from Zintan

Mr. Speaker adviser met “in favor of Akila Saleh Issa” on Thursday at the headquarters of the Office of the Interim Board of the city of Tobruk, a delegation from Zintan tribe.

During this meeting, they discussed the situation in the western region and ways to resolve disputes arising where, as well as support the legitimate institutions of the army and police in their efforts to spread security and law enforcement.

The new delegation during this meeting to confirm the legitimacy of the people of Zintan with the MAJLIS (the House of Representatives /Majlis al-Nuwaab ) and the government and their adherence to pop the MAJLIS out as the sole voice of the Libyan people, (who were chosen through the ballot box in free and fair elections) testifies to the integrity of the whole world ..
M-p / Tobruk, 30 October 2014 AD

تنسيق شباب طريق السور مع عمليه البركان

رئيس مجلس النواب يلتقي وفدا من الزنتان
التقى السيد رئيس مجلس النواب المستشار “عقيله صالح عيسى” اليوم الخميس بمقر ديوان المجلس المؤقت بمدينة طبرق وفدا من قبيلة الزنتان.
وتم خلال هذا اللقاء مناقشة الأوضاع في المنطقة الغربية وسبل حل الخلافات الناشئة فيها ، وكذلك دعم المؤسسات الشرعية من الجيش والشرطة في جهودهم لنشر الأمن وإنفاذ القوانين.
وجدد الوفد خلال هذا اللقاء تأكيد أهالي الزنتان شرعية مجلس النواب والحكومة المنبثقة منه وتمسكهم بها كممثل وحيد للشعب الليبي الذي اختارهم عبر صناديق الاقتراع في انتخابات حرة ونزيهة يشهد العالم كله على نزاهتها ..
م-ع/ طبرق 30 اكتوبر 2014م


 Invitation of the Chairperson of the Majlis al-Nuwaab (President of the House of Representatives) to guard

oil facilities director crescent oil Mr. Ibrahim Jdharan debate in the Arab sat on the latest situation and

developments in the arena and to the security situation in the region.

Ibrahim al-JDHARAN with Reyes, ‘wife’ of Majlis deputies (Leader of the HOUSE “COUNCIL OF DEPUTIES” at TOBRUK)


Local Consultative al-KUFRA Group (SOUTH EAST LIBYA) and affirm their support for the Majlis al-Nuwaab  are calling for the Electoral Commission to expedite the completion of setting a date for the election of deputy members of the city council

He called the two chambers in a statement Osdrah last Tuesday after a joint meeting Tdarsa the situation in the city and the need to complete the elections for the city, asking the Electoral Commission to expedite the setting a date for the completion of the election of deputies of the city in the Majlis al-Nuwaab  as well as the election of the deputy members of the Municipal Council of the city, asserting that the Kufra city on the readiness of fully to elect their deputies in the Council.

The statement noted philanthropists of the work accomplished by the sons of the city and the stability of the common understanding between the various components of society in the city contributes to building a state of law and institutions that have looked all Libyans.

It is noteworthy that al-KUFRA city has not been able to elect their deputy members of the Majlis al-Nuwaab for  technical and security reasons, the date fixed for the election of the Council, has been able to leaders and members of the local council and their Council of Elders and the Shura Council to overcome all difficulties and obstacles M-p / Tobruk, 30 October 2014 AD





The ‘Young tuber of Islam’, Caliphate state under the regulation of ‘DAASH':

“The Young tuber of Islam”

and forearm ‘battalion’ will announce next Friday formally pledge of homage to state regulation “Daash” !!
Mandate of the tuber ,, call # # General and all.

Hawks atmosphere in the sky tuber O shot thrown,

Swear allegiance to al-Baghdadi Mafsh Xi Brani.


Targeting the arena in which the so-called rally where “Shura youth of Islam” to sell it in the city of al-Baghdadi,

“tuber”, improvised explosive device by one of the city’s residents yesterday ..




News Center Libyan Council of Deputies
29 octobre 2014 · Modifié
Chairman of the Libyan Majlis al-Nuwaab, in favor of  Akila and Saleh Issa visiting Ubari to oversee the Magistrate between tribes Tuareg and Tabou.

Visited on Wednesday 29/10/2014 Majlis’ deputy Speaker Mr. Saleh Issa, accompanied Akila second MP Dr. Hamid Houmt and together with a delegation of elders and chieftains of Eastern and Western region, the city of Ubari Libyan south;

and met upon arrival was at the forefront of Mstqublém elders and dignitaries of the tribe of the Tuareg, headed by Mr. “Boubacar Feki” where he had planned to hold a reconciliatory meeting between the tribes Tuareg and Toubou. As a result of the security situation unstable has not been able Tabu delegation to attend on the date and time specified.

Established tribe Tuareg reception for Mr. Chancellor, “Akila  Saleh,” Issa, Deputy Speaker of the Majlis, and members traveling with him and a delegation sheikhs and dignitaries;

and assured him, they are with the legitimate from the moment of the election of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, because it is a democratic body must not be compromised,

and they expressed their satisfaction with the presence of deputies of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, as their leader and his deputy, the second remade his recognition of being the voice on behalf of Libya,

considering that the Council of the Libyan Majlis al-Nuwaabt is the only compliant to the Libyan people, he said:

- “Boubacar Feki” ! We and Tabu are brothers; but this sedition, God willing, will expire and we are still working to withstand this sedition and which was injected into the blood of brothers.

The ‘party’ also met earlier with the elders and wise men from the East region and South, and Kuna commission crisis existed; but,  violated the truce which  did not last.

As we renew, welcoming dialogue and reconciliation with our brothers in the homeland, “Tabu”, and also that our demand for the construction of Libya, as we are not the people of war.

Always we have our hands outstretched for reunion and reconciliation; and also want to join up for the legislative and the executive side of the image transfer situation that ails the Ubari area and sons Ubari and south zone.

It is expected that efforts will continue in order to meet the two tribes, where the Chairperson of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, expressed the importance of reconciliation, especially between the Tuareg and Tabou tribes (who together will constitute civilized coexistence)  together embodying the depth of Libya values.

(Media Management Council)

And the land of thorns Rishvana

Tuareg admit that the MAJLIS (House of Representatives) is the sole voice for Libya in a harsh blow to Misurata in the south, after the “Majlis al-Nuwaab” that Zno Tuareg heroes will have tails like several tribes in the south.

مركز أخبار مجلس النوَّاب الليبي‎ a ajouté 4 nouvelles photos.

29 octobre, 17:00 ·

رئيس مجلس النواب الليبي عقيلة صالح يزور أوباري للإشراف على الصلح بين قبيلتي الطوارق والتبو

زار اليوم الأربعاء 29-10-2014 رئيس مجلس النواب السيد عقيلة صالح بصحبة النائب الثاني د. حميد حومة وبمعية وفد من أعيان ومشايخ المنطقة الشرقية والغربية ، مدينة أوباري بالجنوب الليبي والتقى وعند وصولهم كان في مقدمة مستقبليهم شيوخ ووجهاء قبيلة الطوارق وعلى رأسهم السيد ” بوبكر الفقي ” حيث كان مزمع عقد اجتماع تصالحي بين قبيلتي الطوارق والتبو ونتيجة للأوضاع الأمنية الغير مستقرة لم يتمكن وفد قبيلة التبو من الحضور في الموعد والزمان المحددين.
أقامت قبيلة الطوارق حفل استقبال للسيد المستشار “عقيلة صالح ” رئيس مجلس النواب و الأعضاء المرافقين له ووفد المشايخ و الأعيان وأكدوا له ، أنهم مع الشرعية منذ لحظة انتخاب البرلمان لأنه جسم ديمقراطي لا يجب التفريط فيه ، وابدوا ارتياحهم لوجود البرلمان ممثلا في رئيسه ونائبه الثاني مجدد له الاعتراف بالتمثيل نيابة عن ليبيا معتبرين ان مجلس النواب الليبي هو الممتثل الوحيد للشعب الليبي كما قال :- “بوبكر الفقي” نحن و التبو أخوة ولكن هذه فتنه بإذن الله سوف تنتهي ولازلنا نعمل من اجل ان تقف هذه الفتنه و ان تحقن دماء الأخوة من الطرفين ، كما اجتمعنا سابقاً مع المشايخ و الحكماء من المنطقة الشرقية و الجنوبية، وكونا لجنه أزمة وكانت موجودة ولكن خرقت الهدنة ولم تستمر ، كما نجدد الترحيب بالحوار و المصالحة مع أخوتنا في الوطن “التبو” وكما ان مطلبنا بناء ليبيا ، ونحن لسنا أهل حرب نحن دائماً أيدينا ممدودة للم الشمل و المصالحة ،وكما أيضاً نريد ان يصل صوتنا للجهة التشريعية و التنفيذية لنقل صورة الوضع الذي تعانيه منطقه أوباري و أبناء منطقة أوباري والجنوب .
ومن المنتظر ان تستمر المساعي من اجل لقاء الطرفيين حيث أعرب السيد رئيس البرلمان على أهمية المصالحة خصوصا بين قبيلتي الطوارق والتبو الذين يشكلان معا قيم التعايش والعمق الحضاري لليبيا .

إدارة الإعلام بالمجلس

Sheikh “Abu Bakr al-Faqih Akdzn” Sheikh Tuareg Libyan south in a handshake with the Chairperson (President) of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, Mr. “Akila Saleh Issa,” during a meeting with elders Tuareg in Ubari area on Wednesday, was Sheikh “Akdzn” emphasized in this meeting to support the Tuareg Libyans are strong for the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab (House of Representatives); and standing with legitimacy, represented in this council as the sole legitimacy for Libya ..

He is coming…

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami dated 10/21/2014 of leader Muammar al-Qathafi on the Paltalk room

كلمة الدكتور حمزه التهامي بتاريخ 21/10/2014 من غرفة القائد معمر القذافي علي البالتوك

al-Qathafi Pal-took room

day prior:

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on 10/20/2014 transfer leader Muammar al-Qathafi on the Paltalk room
de Zenguetna Zenguetna



“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, comments:

God biggest anthem …
Green and Ensign our flag ….
The Revolution .. Mdina.

Muammar al-Qathafi, our living-leader ..

Good morning continuing against collaborators and traitors resistance …

Good morning all-

God … the largest green anthem and our flag and the flag …. Revolution Mdina ..


Our leader Muammar al-Qathafi, good-morning to you, and thanks for continuous

resistance against collaborators and traitors …

Good morning all !

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, a statement of the ‘national movement‘ on Saturday 25 \ 10 \ 2014,

as Dkrfaita points illustrate the direction of the movement and its goals …. .

Direct broadcast commander / Muammar al-Qathafi room ….

  FIRST: it is not a statement Moussa Ibrahim is the Libyan People’s ‘National Movement’ Statement !

Moussa IBRAHIM is clearly not the same as he was prior to his ‘exile’.
“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, explains:

 Moussa Ibrahim came out today at a news conference in his capacity as president of the so-called ‘People’s National Movement’.

al-Qoira: That Moussa Ibrahim dealt with the “bankrupt” GNC to release his uncle, has become clear.

Danger Ali Moussa Ibrahim told Les recumbent or three years just told the deal with the Brotherhood

protection money in exchange for the release of Ahmed Ibrahim and shuffle papers came.

Chairman of the media age al-Qoira interim government said that there was a deal between Moussa Ibrahim, Former ‘spokesman’
With the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and “the group Bankruptcy”, to release his uncle, Ahmed Ibrahim, referring to the group of al-Qoira division of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, calls without al-Qoira

and added that the deal centered about the exiting of Moussa Ibrahim from his duties until the liberation of Libya from the terrorism and extremist militias incitements, along with some of his comrades who have announced their of support and loyalty to the Libyan Army.

and say that “Great Jamahiriya”, in exchange for the release of his uncle, supports the Libyan Army in a move aimed at mixing
Securities and lessening confusion, especially in the east of the country; and seal al-Qoira that the Libyan Army will not be deterred by these conspiracies and intrigues.

And the rat Army, was described as ‘the Army of March 2011′, which cost him his “Leader” in their so-called ‘liberation of Benghazi’, he claimed.

ﺍﻟﻘﻮﻳﺮﻱ : ﺻﻔﻘﺔ ﻣﻮﺳﻲ ﺇﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﻣﻊ ” ﺍﻟﻤﻔﻠﺴﻴﻦ ” ﻹﻃﻼﻕ ﺳﺮﺍﺡ ﺷﻘﻴﻘﻪ ﺑﺎﺗﺖ ﻭﺍﺿﺤﺔ .
ﻗﺎﻝ ﻋﻤﺮ ﺍﻟﻘﻮﻳﺮﻱ ﺭﺋﻴﺲ ﻫﻴﺌﺔ ﺍﻻﻋﻼﻡ ﺑﺎﻟﺤﻜﻮﻣﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﺆﻗﺘﺔ ﺍﻥ ﻫﻨﺎﻙ ﺻﻔﻘﺔ ﺑﻴﻦ ﻣﻮﺳﻲ ﺍﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﺍﻟﻨﺎﻃﻖ ﺑﺈﺳﻢ
ﺍﻟﻨﻈﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﺑﻖ ﻣﻊ ” ﺟﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﺍﻻﻓﻼﺱ ” ﻻﻃﻼﻕ ﺳﺮﺍﺡ ﺷﻘﻴﻘﻪ ﺍﺣﻤﺪ ﺍﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﻓﻲ ﺍﺷﺎﺭﺓ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻘﻮﻳﺮﻱ ﻟﺠﻤﺎﻋﺔ
ﺍﻻﺧﻮﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﻠﻤﻴﻦ ﺩﻭﻥ ﺍﻥ ﻳﺴﻤﻴﻬﺎ .
ﻭ ﺃﺿﺎﻑ ﺍﻟﻘﻮﻳﺮﻱ ﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﺼﻔﻘﺔ ﺗﺘﻤﺤﻮﺭ ﺑﺨﺮﻭﺝ ﻣﻮﺳﻲ ﺍﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﻭ ﺑﻌﺾ ﺭﻓﺎﻗﻪ ﻭ ﺍﻋﻼﻧﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﺘﺄﻳﻴﺪ ﻭ ﺍﻟﻮﻻﺀ ﻟﻠﺠﻴﺶ
ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ ﻭ ﺍﻟﻘﻮﻝ ﺑﺄﻧﻪ ﺟﻴﺶ ” ﺍﻟﺠﻤﺎﻫﻴﺮﻳﺔ ﺍﻟﻌﻈﻤﻲ ” ﻣﻘﺎﺑﻞ ﺍﻃﻼﻕ ﺳﺮﺍﺡ ﺷﻘﻴﻘﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺧﻄﻮﺓ ﺗﻬﺪﻑ ﺍﻟﻲ ﺧﻠﻂ
ﺍﻻﻭﺭﺍﻕ ﻭ ﺍﻟﺒﻠﺒﻠﺔ ﺧﺼﻮﺻﺎ ﻓﻲ ﺷﺮﻗﻲ ﺍﻟﺒﻼﺩ ﻭ ﺧﺘﻢ ﻗﻮﻳﺮﻱ ﺑﺄﻥ ﺍﻟﺠﻴﺶ ﻟﻦ ﺗﺜﻨﻴﻪ ﻫﺬﻩ ﺍﻟﻤﺆﺍﻣﺮﺍﺕ ﻭ ﺍﻟﺪﺳﺎﺋﺲ
ﻋﻦ ﻣﻬﺎﻣﻪ ﺣﺘﻰ ﺗﺤﺮﻳﺮ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻻﺭﻫﺎﺏ ﻭ ﺍﻟﻤﻠﻴﺸﻴﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﺘﻜﻔﻴﺮﻳﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﺘﻄﺮﻓﺔ .
ﻳﺬﻛﺮ ﺍﻥ ﻣﻮﺳﻲ ﺍﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﺧﺮﺝ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺆﺗﻤﺮ ﺻﺤﻔﻲ ﺑﺼﻔﺘﻪ ﺭﺋﻴﺴﺎ ﻟﻤﺎ ﻳﺴﻤﻲ ﺑـ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﻛﺔ ﺍﻟﻮﻃﻨﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﺸﻌﺒﻴﺔ
ﻭ ﻭﺻﻒ ﺍﻟﺠﻴﺶ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ ﺑﺄﻧﻪ ﺟﻴﺶ 19 ﻣﺎﺭﺱ 2011 ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻛﻠﻔﻪ ” ﺍﻟﻘﺎﺋﺪ ” ﺑﺘﺤﺮﻳﺮ ﺑﻨﻐﺎﺯﻱ ﻋﻠﻲ ﺣﺪ ﺯﻋﻤﻪ .


Response of the ‘House of Representatives’ to Moussa Ibrahim‘s remarks:

Hamza Alibye avec Abdullah Ayb et Haitem El Jaier, comment:

# # Moussa Ibrahim dignity and the dignity of the # Qmav_dam .. !!
- Salute the Libyan army, which these days continue the fight against terrorism (# Haftar Army), which works on the return of security after the attack imperialism in 2011.

- Bending Popular Movement (# Awakening), which docked with the vanguard of the army and security services (Homeland Security and the Revolutionary Committees), which are the same forces that came to Benghazi three years ago (who attacked the convoy on the Benghazi),

but this year, the youth returned to Benghazi consciousness and conspiracy Xchowoa February (February 17 revolution, which sacrificed all for it) and they took the right position in the home row (GREAT JAMAHIRIYA mass) and # al-Fateh Revolution will not die .. !!


“Zero hour”, cries-out on FB:

To illustrate my fraternal for popular uprising on 1/11/2014, this uprising without any real bidding.

A class desperately miserable want to incapacitate the green movement and we say, we date with decisiveness

in order to prepare Ahrarna and none of his fraternal Ilmh Oh no calls and bad Ikhzkm Indemkm day clock.


Arad believes that it is free and does not want to believe their own thing Shi.

But you people are hopeless and crash- It’s not fair, and you have no right to govern with something before it gets;

because you do not own this world alone. Bviader knows what God is doing.

No calls drove Aothero hope in you. Do not call cowards who are afraid and do not call Abiokm

arrogantly pretending that the best pro-Fateh Revolution and beautifying p Liberals;

and Aovem caution. Champions O O sons of Muammar al-Qathafi.

And then, in other toxins lurking here, need to intercept the Popular Resistance and distort

our appointment in the official discount.

Tarafo launched Acolo Rahe these brothers made this ?? laughed and mow and others ??

Htoula expectations in Baihe Mahdodt thought that ousted illusion of them where possible ??

Hallelujah, my brother, my beloved from Zloc and Vic Grasso bad ideas !
If you do not like, there is no need to have people like you. If you’re frustrated, there is no need

to have the despair of people like you and others.


I mean in the logical things you, my brother, if Libya chaotic, you do not like all the hours and days

and months and years being poor, did not satisfy you?

How afraid are you of a cleansing war; and Nhiy and hope for the country (as if you afraid of losing your living).

Everyday, uniforms, gasoline has neither gas nor fils; and others you had originally. Even when enjoyed Behm says the war of liberation harm us; and so, do not want it to be fought.

This fear ??

You will not prolong.
Haley coward, what we need and Haley overly cautious.

What we need and Haley weak thought; and the concept of what we need
And Ahdhiro of lurking…

And Haley Bashrva in an uprising! Welcome Haley and what keeps it honorably RBI.
ساعة الصفر

لتوضيح يا أخوى عن انتفاضة الشعبية يوم1/11/2014 هذه الانتفاضه حقيقيه بدون اي مزايدات
هناك فئه يائسه بائسه تريد تعجيز الحركه الخضراء و نحن قولنا ع موعد الحسم لكي يستعد احرارنا و من له شيئ يلمه يا أخوى لا تدعو السوء يخذكم و يندمكم يوم الساعه
من اراد ان يصدق فهو حر و من لا يريد ان يصدق شي يخصه

اما انت ميئوس و تحطم الناس هذا ليس عدلا وليس لديك حق ان تحكم ع شيئ قبل ان يحصل لأنك لا تعلم بقادير الدنيا وحدك فالله هو عليم بما تفعلون

لا تدعو فقاد الأمل يأثرو فيكم لا تدعو الجبناء الذين يخافون و يخبئوكم لا تدعو يتظاهر بغرور بأنه افضل مناصر لثورة الفاتح و يتجمل ع الأحرار و يأذيهم الحذر يا ابطال يا ابناء معمر قذافي

و بعدين في حاجه أخرى هنا سموم تترصد لأعتراض المقاومه الشعبيه و يشوهون موعدنا الرسمي في الحسم تعرفو شن اقولو راهي هذه خطت أخوان؟؟هذه ضحك و جز بالأخرين؟؟و حطولي في توقعات بايخه محدودت الفكر بأن ازلام يتوهمون من اين لهم الاستطاعه؟؟ سبحان الله يا أخي الحبيب يا من ظلوك و غرسو فيك افكار السوء اذا لم يعجبك فلا داعي ان يكون الناس مثلك أذا كنت محبط فلا داعي ان تيأس الناس مثلك و غيره.

قصدي في أشياء منطقيه انت يا أخي حال ليبيا الفوضوي لم يعجبك كل ساعه و ايام و أشهر و سنين في سوء لم يرضيك فكيف تخاف من حرب تطهير و نهضى و أمل للبلاد كانك خايف من فقدان معيشتك اليوميه زي بنزينه ولا غاز ولا فلوس ولا غيرها انت اصلا متى استمتعت بيهم حتى تقول حرب التحرير تضرنا لا نريد خوضها
هذا خوف؟؟

لن اطيل عليكم
هلي جبان ما يلزمنا و هلي حذر بشكل مبالغ ما يلزمنا و هلي ضعيف الفكر و مفهوم ما يلزمنا
و احذرو من المندسين

و هلي بشرفنا في انتفاضه اهلا و سهلا و هلي ما بشرف ربي يحفظه








Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar, reporting:

# Grfah_al-Amilit |

news of the uprising in the city of Tripoli by Ali “militias Roma” to Ibiayum Thursday 10/30/2014

(copycats must do terror 2 Days before the angelic forces of the PDF, under Mu’ammar al-Qathafi,‘s arrìval !)

Evil is always lurking to stab the good in the back !

(ROMA LIBYA plans a day of terror on Thursday “WALPURGISNACHT”, while Muammar’s forces planned a clean-up uprising on Saturday ! )

Pray that ‘Roma Libya’ fizzles-out completely.

PLEASE pray, study your Holy Quran, and give holy supplication to Allah, for the success of the PDF and the Great Jamahiriya forces before the Great Happening on 01 November 2014.

الشر يكمن دائماً طعن حسن في الظهر!
(الغجر ليبيا خطط الإرهاب يوم الخميس “WALPURGISNACHT”، بينما قوات معمر القذافي في المخطط تنظيف الانتفاضة يوم السبت)!
نصلي من أجل أن ‘ليبيا الغجر’ يخفق خارج تماما.
الرجاء الصلاة ودراسة “القرآن الكريم” الخاصة بك، وإعطاء الكريم الدعاء لله، لنجاح قوات الدفاع الشعبي وقوات “الجماهيرية العظمى” قبل “يحدث عظيمة” في 1 نوفمبر 2014.

Libya future page
Libyan Army’s Chief General Nazawra: Sudanese militants are trained on leadership helicopters.

General Nazawra confirmed that there are more than 6 thousand foreigners fighting in Derna and Benghazi and Tripoli.

The Libyan army chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Abdul Razzaq Nazawra, says that the design of the Armed Forces, is to purge Libya of WAHABI-extremists, despite the abandonment of the international community to provide the necessary assistance to the Army.

Nazawra confirmed in his quest to bring stability and security to the people. He revealed that the city of Derna, the self-proclaimed principality belonging to what is known as the «Daash», includes fighters belong to this organization.

As reported, by the existence of assurances from the Sudanese officers trained by a group of gunmen, also by Misurata on helicopters. He added that

«the number of foreign fighters in all of Derna and Benghazi and Tripoli up to more than 6 thousand, and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya, is the responsible party leading all the Wahabi-extremists and groups, and those WAHABI which they freed from their prisons (particularly in MISURATA, and on the TRIPOLI Plateau).




The Libyan government and the House of Representatives are based change ambassador to Libya,

the one who: Trkiya_ Onga_ Russia


Dismissal of Former Libya’s ambassador to Russia
Cairo – the center | Monday, 27 October 2014

Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Dayri.

Foreign Minister Mohamed al-Dayri reported sacking Libya’s FORMER ambassador to the Russian Federation, Ibrahim Suleiman al-Dharat from his duties on Monday.
al-Dayri told the Libyan News Agency, on Monday, that al-Dharat no longer represents Libya.

“The event Rishvana Libya”, reports:
Libya stops the work of its ambassador to Russia

Agencies announced Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Dayri agency «Novosti”, today in Libya, stops the FORMER MB Libyan ambassador to Russia, Solomon al-Dharat, from his working for Libya, on the background of dealing with the illegal government in Tripoli,

and lack of responsiveness to the Government of Abdullah bending, now internationally recognized.

The Dairi:

“We have to sack Ambassador Ibrahim al-Dharat about his work as an ambassador of Libya to Russia, who does not represent the Libyan state now.”

Asked about the reason for his dismissal, Dairi replied that move came against the backdrop of al-Dharat not dealing with bending, the internationally recognized government, and recognising the Brotherhood (under Belhadj) in Tripoli.

“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, reports:

USA is feeding MISURATA:

As a result of investigations into corruption at the Libyan Embassy in Washington File:
* Number 9 attaches Askaran and from the city of Misrata, one post headed by the brother of so-called “Suleiman Forté” and named Ibrahim al-Fortah.
* Salaries reached last September to only 1.1 million of those countries military attaches from Misrata.
* 700 0€ expenses do not know its destination under other financial expenses in the embassy’s military extension embassy.
* Exchange rent instead of military attachés 9 82 000 worth of monthly countries, with the knowledge that these military attaches residing in the second round in the Libyan architecture in Washington and of the Libyan state.
* 4 Apartments District sophisticated in Washington, DC, follow the Libyan state has become a free for all hotels Musrati coming from Misrata.
* Bo Zaacoc and Aradi and Kawan were received in these apartments before Almsarit there.
* 6 armored cars to follow the ceremony used by those in the movement Mahgayn brass in Washington.
Ziad al-Issawi:
“The House” and the government about the important entitlement, a review of all the embassies of the Libyan state files in parts of the world that have been mapped and commissioning of works based on Mhassat between revolutionaries who claim, falsely, in the era of the fallen Conference morally and legally.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

نتيجة التحقيقات في ملف الفساد بالسفارة الليبية في واشنطن:
*عدد 9 ملحقين عسكرين و من مدينة مصراتة بوظيفة واحدة على راسهم شقيق المدعو ” سليمان الفورتيه” و يدعى ابراهيم الفورتيه.
* رواتب وصلت في شهر سبتمبر الماضي فقط الي مليون و 100 الف دولا لهؤلاء الملحقين العسكريين من مصراتة.
* 700 الف دولار مصاريف لا تعرف وجهتها تحت بند مصاريف اخرى في مالية السفارة للملحق العسكري بالسفارة.
* صرف بدلا ايجار للملحقين العسكريين الــ 9 بقيمة 82 الف دولا شهريا, مع العلم ان هؤلاء الملحقين العسكريين يقيمون في الدور الثاني في العمارة الليبية بواشنطن و التابعة للدولة الليبية.
* 4 شقق بحى راقي في العاصمة واشنطن تتبع الدولة الليبية اصبحت فنادق مجانية لكل مصراتي قادم من مصراتة.
* بو زعكوك و العرادي و كعوان تم استقبالهم في هذه الشقق من قبل المصاريت هناك.
* 6 سيارات مصفحة تتبع للمراسم يستخدمها هؤلاء المحلقين العسكرين في تنقلاتهم في واشنطن.
زياد العيساوي:
البرلمان والحكومة إزاء استحقاق مهم، وهو مراجعة ملفات كل سفارات الدولة الليبية في أصقاع العالم التي تم تعيينها وتكليف من يعمل بها بناء على محاصصات بين من يدعون ثوارا ،زورا وبهتانا، في عهد المؤتمر الساقط أخلاقيا وشرعيا.

Libyan Embassy in Washington, DC run by ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood from MISURATA

This topic, that they want freedom:

Large Convoy with foreign reporters heading for meeting in al-JUFRAH:


“Zero hour”, on FB, says:


“Which of you saw a convoy of the traveler or Raleigh and pay the bulk of his car passed through quaternary MISURATA four days ago, and passed through the gate and bridge sealer tended to al-Jufrah… and then did not know where to Dahab Hedda big convoy ?

Strangely, in the country, in the case of a security breakdown, and war in the east and the west and south, and followed a convoy of travelers,
and determine through Libya, where the convoy entered Hedda … .. !!!!!

ساعة الصفر

من منكم شاهد رتل لرحاله او رالي و جل سيارته دفع رابعي مرت عبر مزراتة قبل اربعة ايام و مرت عبر بوابة كوبري السداده و اتجهت الى الجفرة و ثم لم نعرف الى اين دهب هدا الرتل الكبير
الغريب في الأمر البلاد في حاله انفلات أمني و حرب في شرق و غرب و جنوب و من يتبع رتل الرحاله و تحديد عبر ليبيا من اين دخل هدا الرتل…..!!!!!

Friendly flower Abouhger, answers:

“Column Mchae me Ozo race car image and yesterday’s response to Misurata markets convoy from Misurata and to them foreigners and foreign photographers news source of military action in Sirte gathering in al-Jufrah.”

Harouj Mobilem reports:

“The convoy was spotted two days ago in the city of scholars and said that he went towards the black Harouj.”



MB terrorist “Black Tigers and Nsor..alkh” (RAT ARMY) whose commander is aldulter prolific, Nuri Abu Arrows Bushman !

Nuri Bushmin sends his troops to attack BANI WALID, first 2011:

Nouri ABU Bousahmein Arrows

in SUDAN 11 SEPT 2014

Bousahmein, BUSHMIN with Qatari:

first spy ao’d Lovena mosad agent and second pilot # Khalid doctor # Chief of Protocol in the national leadership conference with Nouri ABU SAHMAYN Bushmin:

Nuri Abu Bushmin meets with his rat Army and intelligence officers:







Tunisian elections according to preliminary screening process a decisive blow to the parties of ‘political’ (terrorist WAHABI) Islam Ennahda Brotherhood and its allies, and the decline in the proportion to vote!
Wishing our Lord

PICTURE: Ghannouchi and the Ennahda Brotherhood







Shufu Khozablathm against judiciary

(BROTHERHOOD SCARE TACTICS against Judicial members of the Libyan Court)




“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, reports:

The publication and dissemination of and our response now

From the center of one of the national Mitigua there ((two hours since the plane, landed Sudaniya Mtnha, on more than two hundred people of African nationalities, as skin dressed camouflaged Convicts. Akhaddthm bus to the headquarters of the former Martial Women’s college on the Plateau, which is now the Prison under the authority of Khalid Sharif !!

information is very uncertain and buses now returned To Mitigua. It seems that there is coming off another trip to the same side !!!

Sudaniya Minha Jet transports at MITIGUA:

للنشر وتعميم وردنا الان

من وسط امعتيقه من احد الوطنيين هناك (( مند ساعتين حطت طائرة سودانيه على مثنها اكثر من مائتان شخص من جنسيات افريقيا حسب لون البشره يرتدون ملابس مموهه عسكريه اخدتهم حافلات الي مقر الكليه العسكريه الهضبه التي تحت سلطة خالد الشريف !! المعلومات مؤكده جداً والحافلات الان رجعت لمعتيقه ويبدوا ان هناك رحله اخرى قادمه لنفس الجهة !!!

Sudan has used modified Antonov An-26 transports, also disguised in U.N. livery and wearing fake registry numbers, …

Shootings at the al-Fateh University of Tripoli, Faculty of Human Medicine:

Ali background abduction of a student.







Libyan Army intercepts MB militia ‘Dawn Libya’ s distress calls in North Azizia,

and tears into their computers with heavy weapons ….

# (Tarabuls al-Haddt)





4:17 Social Council statement tribes Warfalla
de Zenguetna Zenguetna 67


‘Statement Social Council of the Warfalla tribes’ regarding disturbance of the security situation in Bani Walid

announced 10/21/2014 Bani Walid decided to establishing a military battalion

with military experience and belonging LMA










The event Rishvana Libya

The appointment of Mahmoud Ferjany director Libyan News Agency
Cairo – «middle» | Monday, 27October 2014 Gateway,

Public Authority for Culture and Media journalist Mahmoud Ferjany announced the appointment of a director Libyan News Agency.

He, Ferjany for «middle gate», said will exercise his position in CASABLANCA temporarily, and will not be broadcasting from the website of the Agency, which is presently airing news from Tripoli.

The Director General of the Public Authority for Culture and Media of the interim government, Omar al-Qoira, announced the official Libyan news site on the Internet from Tripoli, is coming outside of the control of the government,

and what presently is coming out of Tripoli, does not represents the Libyan governmnet or people. It only exists for “Dawn Libya”.

It has been observed, that since the control by forces «dawn Libya» of Tripoli, that the agency has become a broadcast news agency solely for «dawn Libya» National; and propagandises for the General Conference of the outgoing fraudalent Government of Omar Hassi. It totally emanaties from “Dawn-LIBYA”, since the station was stormed by Wahabi-Brotherhood militants (as the Brotherhood then accused the director and staff of siding with the legitimate government).


Mahmoud Ferjany, new director Libyan News Agency in CASABLANCA




Columns of the MB militia known as “Ansar al Sharia” graduated from Sirte and Nofaliya and Zueitina,

heading to Benghazi to support the Brotherhood and Kharijite fighters there,

and Libyan warplanes bombed the ANSAR al-SHARIA convoys (which contained in them cluster bombs

and 1200 rocket war-heads from Turkey).

Libyan National Army:

internet spyware disconnected in Benghazi from Ansar al-Sharia:

Some spyware and communications systems that have been dismantled VII Benghazi.

la vidéo de Abuscabh Biraghannm and now the project.

A spokesman for the Libyan National Army Major Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi)
In a statement shortly before the channel Libya dignity concerning the dismantling of spyware wireless network connections.

internet spyware disconnected in Benghazi from Ansar al-Sharia



HAVE-BUILT resumes traffic through the airport in 3-5 Weeks.

Benghazi – the center gate | Sunday, 26 October 2014,

PIO Airways announced that the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that the airport HAVE-Built from three to five weeks to resume the activity of civil air traffic.

The bureau said in a statement released through his page on Facebook, Sunday, that the passenger terminal sound has suffered only minor damage, while the rest of the equipment and machinery inside the airport has been maintained in full.

The National Army built a ladder Airport on Saturday to the Civil Aviation Authority after secured and confirmed free of any dangerous objects.



el-Messallati demolish a house in the land of the Quraish, a member of the Kharijites.


Group Qaswarah honor equal to the honor of Bernard Levy wife, and the wife of Bernard Levy represented in pornographic films.

new photot of Bernard Levi in Benghazi with the Army:

ZIONIST Levy in Benghazi Ferbuary 2011:


Renewed fierce fighting in Benghazi and the death toll rises to 130.




Ongoing fighting in al-Sabri district in Benghazi.

The arrest of a sniper, one of the members of the MB militia armor in al-Sabri district.


le statut de “Libya in Libya”
Photo # exclusive underground tank full of ammunition belonging to the Ansar al-evil found him Libyan military personnel area Bodrish # today ..



God is great and thankfully ..


Hftar troops to enter al-Salmani now:

Authentic Police are back working in Benghazi:

“The event Rishvana Libya”, reporting:

Police stations back to work in Benghazi for the first time in over a year.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Some police stations have returned to work for the first time in the city of Benghazi, after a hiatus of nearly a year.
A security official told the newspaper «Middle East» that Arabism district police station Louhichi returned to work.

He pointed out that they were preparing to open al-Foahat police station, in addition to the establishment of a police Laithi, in a new neighborhood adjacent to the old neighborhood of Laithi, where live  some of the leaders of ‘Ansar al-Sharia’, in Benghazi.

While the army is optimistic about the possibility of advertising full edit of Benghazi soon, security sources and local residents in the city expressed their fears that Wahabi extremists can resort to an escalation of terrorism, to avenge the army and the forces of the population, through the implementation of a series of new suicide bombings.

Great Wrishvana, reporting:

Revolutionaries “beheadings in Benghazi behead police officer +18

Monday – أكتوبر 27 2014 10
Libya got on the international channel in a very awful images of the slaughter process and

the policeman, “Mohammed Yacoub Lamama” beheaded

and turned from the police profession to profession of a taxi driver on his own car crashes after police work and thus their salaries interruption in Benghazi.

According Lamama family it came out at noon on Wednesday approved October 22 from his home to the Hawari area to pick up a Filipina nurse nurses residence Balhuara to Benghazi Medical Center before being interrupted and exposed to the news of the arrest yesterday found the first body was beheaded.

Security sources said that the international Lamama was arrested in an al-Ansar al-Sharia terrorist at the crossroads of the Directorate-Hawari gate area before being inspected and extract the definition of police cards and central support was personal Bmahfezth and also was the cause of the slaughter in the vein to vein.

Lamama and is the father of four children, and they are: – (a rare – Maram – Meyer – Ahmed) killed slaughtered solely because a security officer and an unemployed employee to work with wire, police and had emptied to find a living for his children, but the killers did not Imaloh even back priceless taxi car undervaluation to feed his children of the poor.

This is a simple sample for his designated by the Mufti of Muslims and his Brotherhood and their supporters and of Ewalehm rebels and calling for their support and funding and support, yes they are rebels, they are revolutionaries and pioneers cut the heads of Muslims, Facility 3 harsh images of crime, “rebel mufti” heinous cut the head of an innocent man.

The Terrorist organizational structure of what is called “the Supreme Council for the Revolutionaries”


(# Of Abba)


“Great Wrishvana”, on FB, reports
Gharyan spirit stayed after “dawn Libya” to Walk Assouro in Benghazi in Part II









The arrival of 21 MiG aircraft type to the Tobruk Air Base

and there news of the arrival of MI28 helicopters  from RUSSIA too, close to other forces of Libyan Air Force.








Social Council of the ‘tribes al-Qmazfah (Znabil iron) Fezzan’ announce to all public and private agencies and councils of social tribes as the sole representative of the ‘tribe Alqmazfah (Znabil iron) Fezzan’ and headed by al-Haji Ahmed al-Fruja.

al-Qmazfah tribe (Znabil iron)







Nigerian police have surrounded the Libyan embassy building in the State of Nigeria in order to expel ‘Hradm and gang’ (EA al-Qreis) my father’s ambassador has and works Hedda came earners at the request of the House of Tobruk after he refused invitee (EA Alqreis) request of the Board of Tobruk fact about money and al-Osttmarat State where…

ساعة الصفر

الشرطة النيجيرية تحاصر مبنى السفاره الليبية في دولة نيجريا من أجل طرد شرادم و عصابة (عصام القطوس) الدي يعمل سفير لديها و جاء هدا الأجراء بناء على طلب من مايسمى مجلس النواب طبرق بعدما رفض المدعو (عصام القطوس )طلب مجلس طبرق تقصي عن الاموال و الأستتمارات الدولة فيها

Picture: GNC RAT Ambassador of LIBYA with Nigeria’s Desmond Akawor.






Arab newspaper: Algerian border guards to stop the Libyan armed !!!!
# Algeria

# Of Abba

Algerian border guards stop Libyan gunmen
Band of the Border Guard Illizi state able to arrest two Libyan nationality carrying two people and retrieval mechanism of the type and quantity of the Kalashnikov rifle ammunition.

Arabs Array [published on 27 OCTOBER 2014]

Algeria – Algerian announced that the Department of Defense, on Sunday, that border guard patrols arrested two militants of Libyan nationality, carrying Kalashnikov rifles which were recovered. They have “illegally been in possession of a weapon on the border” between the two countries.

A ministry statement said, posted on its official website, “The border guards saw the armed band which managed to illegally enter the state of Algeria, following an inspection by tape border patrols. They arrested two of Libyan nationality carrying retrievalammunition and mechanisms of the type and quantity of the Kalashnikov rifle .”

The source did not provide more details about the operation and whether they came through infiltration from the Libyan side of the process, towards Algeria.

On the other hand, the statement cited “another band of border guards on Sunday, in the Ticlatyn Bjant area of Illizi Province, managed to arrest 7 persons within a four-wheel drive vehicle (and its contents), carrying seven financial monetary smugglers, four Algerians, a Sudanese, and other nationalities.”

He continued, “as a third force to guard the border in the same area managed this evening, at Kom Tin Bjant (border area with Libya) in arresting  a truck which carried on board (925) liters of fuel, destined for smuggling.”




Gadhafi with Ramadan Kareem


“Gargaresh with lightning and Qaqaa and civil”, comments:

Significant progress in all axes of the Libyan army.

and the forces of the Roma Libya are  in full collapse.

We are close our capital’s liberalization, impelling Allah

Allah is great / God is great, and thankfully





PICTURE: a Very young Kalifa Hftar:

No one is lying to you the current situation of the country from a political and military vacuum and security require that there be a military council is the highest guarantor of any democratic process that the sons of the Libyan army’s Liberation Army. Are the lifeline of al-Tcfhirien creature Qatar and Zionism type today;

and quite frankly, I am with the commander of the ground forces of the Libyan Army initiative in transit war and defend the nation of Arab and Islamic Juma. The Supreme Military Council, deligated the NATIONAL ARMY, led by Major General Khalifa Haftar.

This is a picture of Libya’s sons, who were at the time to stand in front of the Zionist tide.
Khalifa Haftar receives star jumper. The first tank Arab Islamic express line Zionist Brleaf.

It’s your honor Iaahvad chosen.

See MU’ammar al-Qathafi and Jabba Baker Younis in the far Background !

لا يكذب عليكم احد الاوضاع الحاليه للبلاد من فراغ سياسى وعسكرى وامنى تتطلب ان يكون هناك مجلس عسكرى اعلى هو الضامن لآى عمليه ديمقراطيه ان ابناء الجيش الليبى جيش التحرير . هم طوق النجاة من التكفيريين صنيعة قطر والصهيونيه اكتب اليوم وبكل صراحه انى مع مبادرة قائد القوات البريه للجيش الليبى فى حرب العبور و الذود عن الامه ا لعربيه والاسلاميه انها جمعة تفويض المجلس العسكري الأعلى بقيادة اللواء خليفه حفتر . 
وهذه صورة ابناء ليبيا الذين كانوا في الموعد للوقوف امام المد الصهيوني 
خليفه حفتر يستلم نجمة العبور . اول دبابه عربيه اسلاميه تعبر خط برليف الصهيوني انه شرف لكم يااحفاد المختار .


Brigade Qaqaa civil Lightning 2 operations
23 octobre ·

Remember the last night that overcast rain and wind ..
These are not orphaned or at the door of God and not those who are begging need at the rich, not individuals under the rescue was first aid .. They are members of the National your army who sacrificed Balgali and Nafees who abandoned sleep and warmth and comfort and endowed to the rescue of the nation and support the right .. God is alive and men who no matter what we said right there Novém, and history and future generations will see you.

So, Life pause Izz either to live above ground with dignity and pride and glory or bury in Btanha.

He oversaw us to live in humiliation and indignity of this doctrine of your army after loyalty to God and the homeland.

عمليات لواء القعقاع الصواعق المدني 2
23 octobre 2014·

ﺍﺗﺬﻛﺮﻭﻥ ﻟﻴﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﺒﺎﺭﺣﺔ ﺗﻠﻚ ﺍﻟﻤﻠﺒﺪﺓ ﺑﺎﻻﻣﻄﺎﺭ ﻭﺍﻟﺮﻳﺎﺡ ..
ﻫﺆﻻﺀ ﻟﻴﺴﻮا ﻳﺘﺎﻣﻰ ﺍﻭ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺑﺎﺏ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻭ ﻟﻴﺴﻮا ﻣﻤﻦ ﻳﺘﺴﻮﻟﻮﻥ ﺣﺎﺟﺔ ﻋﻨﺪ ﺍﻻﻏﻨﻴﺎﺀ ﻭﻟﻴﺴﻮا ﺍﻓﺮﺍﺩﺍ ﺗﺤﺖ ﺍﻻﻧﻘﺎﺫ ﺗﻢ ﺍﺳﻌﺎﻓﻬﻢ .. ﺍﻧﻬﻢ ﺍﻓﺮﺍﺩ ﺟﻴﺸﻜﻢ ﺍﻟﻮﻃﻨﻰ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ضحوا بالغالي و النفيس الذين هجروا النوم و الدفء و الراحه و هبوا لنجدة ﺍﻟﻮﻃﻦ و نصرة الحق .. ﺣﻴﺎ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺮﺟﺎﻝ الذين مهما قلنا في حقهم فلا نوفيهم و التاريخ و الاجيال القادمة ستشهد لكم بذلك فالحياة وقفة عز أما أن نعيش فوق الارض بكرامة و عزة و شموخ أو ندفن في بطانها فهو أشرف لنا من العيش في ذل و مهانه هذه عقيدة جيشكم بعد الولاء الله ثم الوطن .




“Zero hour”, on FB, exclaims:

Now time for action ….
I have to all the supporters of the revolution right al-‘Muammar’ion Revolution ..

touhad image has been switched ..yum anger … and so knows Natoyon ..alive. (MU’AMMAR IS ALIVE !)

Brotherhood and the world is watching Libya now … we are the owners of the land … we are the owners of the right … all united in sites and areas …. they should know that our anger … burn all who stand in front of him …. and realize that the only Casablanca Athurh Revolution …

everyone must unify the image profile … and invite friends to unify the image now …

… now time for action is now far ….. Nlthm ground and electronically in all areas …

to prove to the world that we are … and al-Fberareyon …. heart and blood … and the spirit of one ….

God then then Libya Muammar ups
Family LIVING ‘martyr’ Muammar al-Qathafi, the
Commander and General of the Popular Resistance.

(Popular forces operations room
Libyan tribes and cities Council)

الان وقت العمل ….
يجب علي جميع المعمريون انصار ثورة الحق ثورة الفاتح ..توحيد صورة بروفايلهم ..يوم الغضب…كي يعلم الناتويون والاخوان والعالم ..الذي يراقب ليبيا الان …باننا نحن اصحاب الارض …اصحاب الحق…متحدين في كل المواقع والمجالات .…يجب ان يعلموا بان غضبنا …سيحرق كل من يقف امامه ….ويدركون ان لاثورة الا ثورة الفاتح البيضاء …يجب علي الجميع توحيد صورة البروفايل …ودعوة اصدقائه لتوحيد الصورة …الان الان …وقت العمل الان الان …..نلتحم ميدانيا والكترونيا وفي كافة المجالات …لنثبت للعالم والفبراريوون …باننا قلب ….ودم…وروح ….واحده
الله ثم معمر ثم ليبيا وبس …
عائلة الشهيد الحي معمر القذافي
القياده العامه للمقاومة الشعبية
غرفه عمليات القوات الشعبية
مجلس القبائل والمدن الليبية

Witham say how to identify known for the war on !!!! Say ye sons Tzjohn State to death !!!

They say a lot of talk about the armed uprising Among speak treason and stabbed and cast doubt on the intentions and goals, and both said to be the excuse of defeatists.

Armed uprising is not a classic war of Witham by opacity and surrounded by secrecy and have a password and the Commander (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) of fighters armed uprising. Come out of millions of Maaada Leader to the streets and the expulsion of criminals who Atto in the state of corruption and been killed and Saginaw and Azbo of Liberal lots uprising.

Come break the silence and break the fetters which Kplna them for years to restore the dignity of the state and re-displaced our people and restore freedom to the oppressed prisoners uprising is not to tip the honest portrayed as Laggards to Altqaas for doing your duty and justify Escape.

Come armed uprising by the hurry Commander Vtkhazlna years ago, and we are now laying waste the country Daúaan.

Here Come Benghazi announced the uprising and rose up and expelled terrorists.
What is lacking, the rest of the Libyans to Antfdo the traitors and criminals Wallis honorable million or decreasing the number of years.

After this Is not there cities as a whole says that the mother of al-Maaydin speech generating dust in the eyes..
State will not cry, but Agatha loyal sons and the first of November, will determine that there was in the state. and still are, honest

otherwise, there are only speakers.

يقولون كيف يثم تحديد يوم معلوم للحرب!!!! يقولون انتم تزجون بابناء الدولة الى الموت!!! يقولون كلام كثير عن الانتفاضة المسلحة ومن ضمن الكلام تخوين و طعن و تشكيك في النوايا والاهداف وكلا قال عذره ليكون من المتخاذلين
الانتفاضة المسلحة ليست حرب كلاسيكية ليثم عليها التعتيم وتحاط بالسرية ويكون لها كلمة سر وقائد ومقاتلين الانتفاضة المسلحة هيا خروج الملايين من مؤايدي الزعيم الى الشوارع وطرد المجرمين الذين عاتو في الدولة فساد وقتلو وسجنو وعذبو من الاحرار الكثير الانتفاضة هيا كسر حاجز الصمت وتحطيم الاغلال التي كبلنا بها لسنين لنعيد للدولة كرامتها ونعيد اهلنا المشردين ونعيد الحرية للسجناء المقهورين الانتفاضة ليست بزج للشرفاء كما يصورها المتخاذلون من اجل التقاعص عن القيام بالواجب وتبرير الهروب
الانتفاضة المسلحة هيا ما امرنا بها القائد قبل سنين فتخاذلنا فضاعت الدولة واصبحنا ضائعين
ها هيا بنغازي اعلنت عن الانتفاضة وانتفضت وطردت الارهابيين فماذا ينقص باقي الليبين لينتفضو على الخونة والمجرمين اليس الشرفاء ملايين ام ان عددهم تناقص بعد هذه السنين اليست هناك مدن بكاملها تقول بانها من المؤايدين ام ان الكلام لدر الرماد في العيون
الدولة تستغيث ولن يغيثها الا ابنائها المخلصين والاول من نوفمبر سيحدد ان كان هناك في الدولة لايزال شرفاء ام هناك فقط متكلمين

Zero hour, posts this UPRISING VIDEO:

Militia leaders affiliated to “MB armor-shield al-Oeschy MISURATA”, are threatening the people of Tripoli,

in the case of the people going out against “Roma Libya militias”. They say, as he put it (the guy seen in Tripoli video), threatening.

As the people of Tripoli are preparing for an armed uprising comprehensive on 11/01/2014


ساعة الصفر‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

أحد قادة مليشيات درع الوسخى التابعة الى مزراتة يتوعد أهل طرابلس فى حالة الخروج ضد مليشيات غجر ليبيا ويقول حسب تعبيره ( الراجل يطلع فى طرابلس ) متوعدا .
حيث أن أهل طرابلس يعدون العدة الى أنتفاضة مسلحة شاملة يوم 1-11-2014

هل يقبل شباب طرابلس التحدى ؟



Zintan revolutionaries operations room:

(MISURATA family of criminals tried entering a Fashloum ambulance!)

A family “dawn Libya” Misurata wanted to enter inside my Fashloum ambulance. Thery were in possession of weapons of some of them are now arrested youth, including mutual Fashloum after shooting

at Fashloum spark

(Operations room of Zintan rebels)






Killing field Khanb terrorist Salah Maeoff, of what is called a ‘militia Tripoli rebels’ who headed the ‘criminal Haitham Kabylie aka Baltajor battalion commanders’.
The adjective ‘Maeoff militia’ was killed during the battles unaffected surgery in Bir al-Ghanam area, with the armed forces.

It is noted that he was one of the criminals who downloaded an attack on all of  Bani Walid, and Rishvana, and the killing and burning of some prisoners, and burning houses and stealing.

Otaajabun justice of God …. that Justice for Igor.






Libya in the early 1900 (Part 2)
1940 Garian, Libya (The market)
1914 Italian soldiers in Tobruk, Libya
1913 Benghazi Libya prophet Mohamed’s birthday celebration (ASHURA)
1911 Italian – Turkish war in Libya
Early 1900 Tripoli family
1940 Tripoli Libya at sunset
Libya in the early 1900
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 Statement of the Ministry of Defense, the General Presidency of the Libyan army, room Libyan army operations in the Western Region




RAS al-IF:

Very strong clashes between BROTHERHOOD MISURATA Shield-armor militias and Zintan Brigades,  in Ras Allf and quarries and the use of guns and al-Hauser al-Orgomat in shelling Zintan Brigades sites to break the siege of the Association.


QaQaa, Lightning and enhanced Civil 32 ZINTANI BRIGADES:





Zintan brigade Qaqaa a partagé la vidéo de Ahmed Elesawi.

# كن_رجلا_للوطن_ولاتكن_عبدا_لقطر
Zintan city airport at nine at night praying pilgrims to the city’s airport with all peace God save Libya from terrorism



مطار مدينة الزنتان الساعة التاسعة ليلا يصلون حجاج المدينة الي المطار بكل سلام حفظ الله ليبيا من الإرهاب

 On Saturday / 25/10/2014
Zintan airport bombing
Shelling Zintan airport by so-called “dawn of Libya” terrorist forces on Saturday, 10/25/2014

la vidéo de Zintan TV channel.

la vidéo de ‎قناة الزنتان الفضائية‎.

# Second Bombardment by MB MISURATA, on the city of Zintan’s civilian al-Arahpah Airport, which is about the city of Zintan “158” kilometers, by a plane which departed from Mitigua (MB affiliated organizations).
On Saturday / 25/10/2014


Zintan brigade Qaqaa

Information about the pilot traitor army and the nation
And Zintan, which targeted area and KKLHon 10/25/2014 m
“The first day of the Islamic New Year.”

Name: Salem Abdul Samad Mhammed al-Raeid (from the city of Misrata) …

Mother / Eve Ahmed Idris name
Date of Birth: 12/05/1958 AD / Misratah
Tribe males
Housing: locality Arabism
ID: 142 128 / Misratah
Military Number: 7887
Rank: Colonel pilot
Batch: 21
Marital status: Married
Specialization: fighter pilot
Graduation Year: 1980 Yugoslavia Air Force Academy
Revolutionary forums: Forum April 7, 1977 Mmeltqi the students abroad in 1981


Brigade Qaqaa civil Lightning 2 operations

For the stupid attempt to bomb Zintan airport ..

The morning at 7:45 the plane Tdrbeh throwing three shells in the vicinity of Zintan airport without hitting any target and did not cause any damage which occurred away from the airport site and preliminary information indicates that the plane went out yesterday from Misrata airport and landed in Mitiga Airport refueling and stayed the night al-Bareh at the airport, where took off in the morning in an attempt to hit the runway Zintan airport // so we emphasize that this attempt stupid and failed did not cause anything noteworthy, but raised the mettle and determination of the Libyan army, which strongly would respond to this attempt miserable forces …

and you will see respond in their own homes, God willing …

The pilot and turn Aaandhm Iajmap walker similarly: eye Haha your balance

We reserve the right to respond to the failed attempt to bomb Zintan airport.

“The event Rishvana Libya”, reports:

Army spokesman Ahmed Cuneiform:

we came to the name of the pilot who tried to bombard Zintan airstrip:
Abdulaziz Rawwaf .

Saturday, 25 October  2014,
The official spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colonel Ahmed cuneiform, said that what was published today on the target port and airport of Misrata was not the source of the Libyan presidency of the General Staff of the Army, but was released from the operating room in the Western Region.

He’s cuneiform «middle gate» in particular to clarify his statement that was issued after the targeted power plant that feeds Rullish and KKLH and Zintan airport runway area, by the dawn of the so-called Libya forces.

And went to the room and the military operations in the western region to respond to the vows of targeting vital targets in the western region, bombed airports and ports used by the MB  «militia DAWN Libya», he says.

Cuneiform and stressed that the Libyan army intelligence findings to know the pilot who led the training plane that tried to bomb planes name airstrip Zintan, is from the city of Misratah.



Significant progress on the tribal forces central to west Ogana Azizia area near Nasiriyah beauty ..
(Joint operations room).

Progress of the Libyan army in the West. and the losses in the MB ranks of the “dawn of Libya.”
Saturday, 25 October 2014

Abdabasit Ben Hamel, reporting:

Said a source familiar with for “Africa Gateway News”, that the terrorist militia Brotherhood “dawn Libya”,  retreated from the Libyan Army forces in Ras Allf and Ugana front-

As I heard the voices of the zoom to raise the morale, the MB  militia  was spotted preparing to run away from the battlefield, with a Show Ambulances Transfiguration of the wounded and the dead, according to the source tower.

In the same context, the source, who declined to be named for security reasons, pointed out that the pace of the clashes on Saturday intensified since this morning, one of the areas west of Azizia and Rishvana (between the army and the Brothehood militias ‘dawn Libya’.تقدم-للجيش-الليبي-فى-الغرب-وخسائر-فى-صفوف-فجر-ليبيا




This topic corpses left Roma # Libya yesterday behind in the battle for # Ada-zrat and each of which is:
Mustafa Ramadan Hribe …. # KKLH
Ezzedine Ramadan Hribe …. KKLH
Ahmed Omar Majeed …. KKLH
Ayman Youssef Abosudairh…. Friday market, TRIPOLI 
Ryan Ali Belkacem Alkkla …. KKLH
The day will be delivered to the Red Crescent # Gharyan

Photo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎.
Photo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎.
Photo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎.
Photo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎.






Another car bomb explosion in the industrial area of ​​the neighborhood next

to the central support in CASABLANCA.









FB VIDEO of the Libya International Channel.

URGENT: Colonel Amahdi al-Bergthe, Commander of the “# 204 tank battalion”, speaks in front of “Walker militia called expiatory 17 February”, CAMP 17 FEBRUARY which was overcome and destroyed by the LIBYAN Army.

and he sends a letter to the “dawn Libya” in general and especially of Misurata:





“The event Rishvana Libya”, reports:

Humanitarian convoy to support the Libyan Army in the Have-built
Sunday, 25 October  2014
Cert areas east of Benghazi humanitarian aid convoy dubbed (convoy ears goodness) consisted of 60 cars containing foodstuffs and cleaning products, blankets and clothes to support the national army elements of the army and the people in the region who are affected by the clashes there.

(TO NOTE: The ‘Sanbl goodness’ is tenth convoy operating in these Cyrenaican areas: Prairie, Tocra, and Barss, Bogerar, Ahamdh.)

The Convoy was greeted by a number Mnaaaan and sheikhs of Have-Built mosque, and by leaders of the Libyan National Army

Photo : ‎من البريد..</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>سؤال اريد معرفته من هده الناس …</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>ماداسيقولون لأولادهم واحفادهم عندما يكبرون ونظرون الى ابأهم او اجدادهم وهم يقومون بما يقومو به النساء …او انهم لا يأتى على باله ان العار اطول من العمر ويطلع بلأخير مقولة هدا الشبل من داك الأسد يعنى الأجداد والأباء والأولاد والأحفاد …كانو هكدا وهى مجرد زيجات تتوارث من عهد الأستعمار.‎” /><br />
<a href=قافلة-إنسانية-لدعم-الجيش-الليبي-في-بنينا

Libyan army controls 90% of Benghazi
«middle» | Sunday, 26 October 2014 Gateway,

The extension of the Libyan army control over 90% of the city of Benghazi, which have been in large parts of them to the MB control of the «Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries», according to a spokesman confirmed dignity Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi) process on Saturday.

In a telephone conversation with «Sky News» Arabic, Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi) said:

«The MB  gunmen holed up in the city center and some of the other areas, suburbs, and they are surrounded by the National Army».

On the other hand, reported «Sky News» sources, that the violent clashes between the Libyan Army and the group «Ansar al-Sharia» militant in Ras Obeida area, which lies between the western Milkfish and Sidi Hussein and street twenty central Benghazi.

The Libyan army took control on Friday, one of the largest strongholds of armed groups in Benghazi, a day after government forces promote progress in the city, located east of the country.

During the past few days, 120 people were killed, at least. in the fighting in Benghazi.

In parallel, the battles between government forces and insurgents continued in other areas, where sources reported that the army helicopters carried out raids on strongholds «Ansar al-Sharia» in Hawari.




Ongoing fighting in al-Sabri district in Benghazi.

 Violent clashes and war streets with all kinds of weapons in both of these areas, al-lthamh -al-Sabera –

Buildings (1015) – Chribich – vegetable market “hotel”




Mu’ammar al-Qathafi in SW LIBYA





Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar
Hey Libyan south in danger


3 vehicles carrying 5 personalities Britain and French intelligence and 2 of them Moroccans tribe

and Tervgahm 5 cars for TPU armed roam between the diameter and the Murzuq and Am and

rabbits and exiting places to take the unknown period of time and due to the Murzuq.





Self-styled third force regional affiliate of Misrata # Badem extremists in the Ubari

and on top of the “chosen Balmokhtar” group and the Bafan brotherhood between the Tuareg and Tabou


al-MISURATI .. Alice where the man Rasheed?! :

A week ago and a waterfall of blood and displacement in constant Ubari between the Tuareg and Toubou, when he told him the official spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on one of the silverware last night that it happens at the instigation of Central Shield (Misurata).

Did not ratify easy, but when one of notables and chieftains Sabha named Omar Boughrara he said, a neutral mediator, said today explicitly on one of the channels, the Tuareg fighting Tabu instigation of Misratah, for daring to go their deputies to the House of Representatives Btabriq and attend its meetings

..oukal that when to reconcile the two parties committed by Tabu, while prejudice Tuareg under incitement Misurata …

make sure that what was announced two days ago, went for the so-called MB third force of the Central Shield (Misurata) to Ubari! ..

The purpose … is known. TPU already in Kufra complaint from a position of Misurata militias biased in their conflict with another tribe a year ago … and said Ziad macrophage specifically name ..

Conclusion .. Alice in Misrata man Rasheed Rein in militias leaders of igniting wars between the Libyans fire fever everywhere …

in Bani Walid, In Rishvana, In the west of the mountain, and in the Kufra, In Ubari, and Tahedadhakol oil and its main port in Cyrenaica ..

Finally .. today only means of communication boast that their planes warships bombarded Zintan ! (HAH)

… and today also threatened to intervene in Benghazi directly and openly against the army .. Fletqgua God in themselves .. As for Bouapa it may the Lord protects it does not imitate those who said, including the Lord of Glory (whenever they lit a fire for war, it was extinguished by God, and seek amok and God does not like spoilers) …
(Khotna Tuareg Antbho) …


المزاريط.. أليس فيها رجل رشيد ؟! :
منذ أسبوع وشلال الدم والتهجير فى أوباري مستمر بين التبو والطوارق ، عندما قال عنه الناطق الرسمى باسم رئاسة الآركان ، على احدى الفضيات ليلة البارحة ـ أن ذلك يحدث بتحريض درع الوسطى ( مصراته) . لم يكن التصديق سهلا ، ولكن عندما قال أحد أعيان ومشايخ سبها واسمه عمر بوغراره وهو أحد الوسطاء المحايدين ، قال اليوم صراحة على احدى القنوات ، أن الطوارق يحاربون التبو بتحريض من مصراته ، عقابا لهم على ذهاب نوابهم للبرلمان بطبرق وحضور جلساته ..وقال أنه عندما يتم التوفيق بين الطرفيين يلتزم التبو به ، فى حين يخل الطوارق تحت وطأة تحريض مصراته … تأكد هذا بما تم اعلانه قبل يومين عن توجه ما يسمى بالقوة الثالثة من درع الوسطى ( مصراته ) إلى أوباري !.. والغرض بات معروفا … . سبق للتبو فى الكفرة الشكوى من موقف مليشيات مصراته المنحاز فى نزاعهم مع قبيلة أخرى قبل عام … وذكروا اسم زياد بلعم تحديدا ..
والخلاصة .. أليس فى مصراته رجل رشيد يكبح جماح قادة مليشياتهم من حمى اشعال نيران الحروب بين الليبيين فى كل مكان … فى بنى وليد وفى ورشفانه وفى الجبل الغربي وفى الكفرة وفى أوبارى وتهديدحقول النفط وموانيه فى برقة .. وأخيرا .. اليوم فقط على وسائل الاتصال يتفاخرون أن طائراتهم الحربية قصفت الزنتان … واليوم أيضا هددوا بالتدخل فى بنغازى مباشرة وعلانية ضد الجيش .. فليتقوا الله فى أنفسهم .. أما لببيا فلها رب يحميها ـ ولا يتشبهوا بمن قال فيهم رب العزة ( كلما أوقدوا نارا للحرب أطفأها الله ويسعون في الأرض فسادا والله لا يحب المفسدين)… خوتنا الطوارق انتبهو …

Fighting between rival Sabha and Tibu militias erupted again in Libya







El Khabar:

Algeria decided to adopt a new defense policy on the border with Libya, rely create tribal

and political alliances with local tribal elders and southern areas of the West # Libya



Abo Sahde Sahde, tells us:

This topic conspiracy French Burka, a British annexation supplement Godless Bsabha to Ubari to complete Fezzan and eliminate the presence of Tuareg tribal and separates CMOS control the area and aided Jdharan Isa Abdul Majeed
Miokd this topic and information positions Jdharan Balvedalih which adheres to and fear of the army was able to control Benghazi and the lack of support for him and the leaders of Jdharan Almidnyh that belong to Ansar al-Sharia.
Abo Sahde Sahde
هده مؤامره فرنسيه بريطانيه لضم برقه وتكملة الكفره بسبها الى اوباري حتى تكتمل فزان وتقضى على وجود الطوارق وتفصل المكمل القبلي لتسيطر على المنطقه بمساعده جضران وعيسى عبدالمجيد
ومايأكد هده المعلومات مواقف جضران التى تتمسك بالفيداليه وخوفه من تمكن الجيش من السيطره على بنغازي وعدم دعمه له وقيادات جضران الميدنيه التى تنتمى لانصار الشريعه







Besadf on 26 October 1911 on the day of mourning for thousands of exiled Libyans outside the country at the hands of the colonial fascist Italian ships in shipping animals and forcing them to fight in Eritrea and forcing others to forced labor in Italy ..
Many of them died as a result of the disease in prisons fascist Italian and others died in the vessels as a result of congestion and suffocation.
They were unanimous in detention and inhumane whips fascist bites their bodies ….
And the duty we have to remember this day, and not erase from the collective memory of the nation .. and that Libyans to unite around these historic days ..
I hope that the national Facebook turns today and visual media to mention epoch of fascism and black history blackness.

بصادف اليوم 26 اكتوبر يوم الحداد على نفي لآلاف الليبيين خارج الوطن على ايدي المستعمر الفاشي الايطالي في بواخر شحن الحيوانات و إجبار بعضهم على القتال في إريتريا و إجبار آخرين على أعمال السخرة في إيطاليا ..
مات العديد منهم نتيجة المرض في معتقلات الفاشي الإيطالي و آخرون ماتوا في البواخر نتيجة إلازدحام و الاختناق.
كانوا يُجمعون في معتقلات لا انسانية و سياط الفاشي تلسع أجسادهم ….
واجب علينا أن نتذكر هذا اليوم و الا يمحي من الذاكرة الجماعية للوطن .. و أن يتوحد الليبيون حول هذه الأيام التاريخية ..
أتمنى أن يتحول الفيسبوك الوطني اليوم و الإعلام المرئي إلى سواد يذكر بالحقبة الفاشية و تاريخها الأسود

Italian Libya (Italian: Libia Italiana; Arabic: ليبيا الإيطالية Libiya Al-Italiyyah) was a unified colony of Italian North Africa (Africa Settentrionale Italiana, or ASI) established in 1934 in what represents present-day Libya. Italian Libya was formed from the colonies of Cyrenaica and Tripolitania which were taken by Italy from the Ottoman Empire in 1912 after the Italo-Turkish War of 1911 to 1912

Algerian genocide by france the terror state – YouTube

Laurent Fabius Denial of Algerian Genocide – YouTube

Algerian Genocide Committed By France – French Colonial Period in Algeria – Setif Massacre – Independence of Algeria – World War II – Corsican Nationalists Fighting For Full Independence For Corsica – Vendee Massacre During French Revolution – TÜRK – YouTube


The History of Libya as an Italian colony started in 1911 and was characterized initially by a major struggle with Muslim native Libyans that lasted until 1931. During this period, the Italian government controlled only the coastal areas of the colony
After the Italian Empire’s conquest of Ottoman Libya in the 1911–1912 Italo-Turkish War, much of the early colonial period had Italy waging a war of subjugation against Libya’s population. Ottoman Turkey surrendered its control of Libya in the 1912 Treaty of Lausanne, but fierce resistance to the Italians continued from the Senussi political-religious order, a strongly nationalistic group of Sunni Muslims. This group, first under the leadership of Omar Al Mukhtar and centered in the Jebel Akhdar Mountains of Cyrenaica, lead the Libyan resistance movement against Italian settlement in Libya. Italian forces under the Generals Pietro Badoglio and Rodolfo Graziani waged punitive pacification campaigns which turned into brutal and bloody acts of repression. Resistance leaders were executed or escaped into exile. The forced migration of more than 100,000 Cyrenaican people ended inItalian concentration camps. After two decades, Italy predominated

In the 1930s, the policy of Italian Fascism toward Libya began to change, and both Cyrenaica and Tripolitania, along with Fezzan, were merged into Italian Libya in 1934
Attitudes and behaviour towards the Libyan indigenous population
Inmates at the El Agheila concentration camp during the Pacification of Libya. The camp was recorded as having a population of 10,900 people

With the Pacification of Libya initiated in response to a major rebellion by indigenous Libyans against Italian colonial rule, there were mass deaths of the indigenous people in Cyrenaica – one quarter of Cyrenaica’s population of 225,000 people died during the conflict.[6] Italy committed major war crimes during the conflict; including the use of illegal chemical weapons, episodes of refusing to take prisoners of war and instead executing surrendering combatants, and mass executions of civilians.[7] Italian authorities committed ethnic cleansing by forcibly expelling 100,000 Bedouin Cyrenaicans, almost half the population of Cyrenaica, from their settlements that was slated to be given to Italian settlers.[8][9]

From 1930 to 1931 during the Pacification 12,000 Cyrenaicans were executed and all the nomadic peoples of northern Cyrenaica were forcefully removed from the region and relocated to huge concentration camps in the Cyrenaican lowlands. Propaganda by the Fascist regime declared the camps to be oases of modern civilization that were hygienic and efficiently run – however in reality the camps had poor sanitary conditions as the camps had an average of about 20,000 Beduoins together with their camels and other animals, crowded into an area of one square kilometre The camps held only rudimentary medical services, with the camps of Soluch and Sisi Ahmed el Magrun with an estimated 33,000 internees having only one doctor between them. Typhus and other diseases spread rapidly in the camps as the people were physically weakened by meagre food rations provided to them andforced labour. By the time the camps closed in September 1933, 40,000 of the 100,000 total internees had died in the camps

In December 1934, individual freedom, inviolability of home and property, the right to join the military or civil administrations, and the right to freely pursue a career or employment were guaranteed to Libyans

King Victor Emmanuel III in Benghazi

In a famous trip by Mussolini to Libya in 1937, a propaganda event was created where Mussolini met with Muslim Arab dignitaries, who gave him an honorary sword (that had actually been made in Florence) which was to symbolize Mussolini as a protector of the Muslim Arab peoples there


In January 1939, Italy annexed territories in Libya that it considered Italy’s Fourth Shore, with Libya’s four coastal provinces of Tripoli, Misurata, Benghazi, and Derna becoming an integral part of metropolitan Italy. At the same time indigenous Libyans were granted “Special Italian Citizenship” which required such people to be literate and confined this type of citizenship to be valid in Libya only
In 1939, laws were passed that allowed Muslims to be permitted to join the National Fascist Party and in particular the Muslim Association of the Lictor (Associazione Musulmana del Littorio). This allowed the creation of Libyan military units within the Italian army. In March 1940, two divisions of Libyan colonial troops (for a total of 30,090 native Muslim soldiers) were created and in summer 1940 the first and second Divisions of Fanteria Libica (Libyan infantry) participated in the Italian offensive against British Empire‘s Egypt: 1 Libyan Division Sibelle and 2 Libyan Division Pescatori

Zero hour, tells us:

Defunct monarchy’s position in Libya from the Arab national issues:
The monarchy has been linked in Libya relations of dependency and alliance with the Western countries, particularly America and Britain, where he was the system of client regimes in the Arab region, and has been a revolution necessity in itself to the position of the system of pan-Arab issues, notably:

1.moagaf this system of the Egyptian revolution: where the accused Egypt Abdel Nasser, he was allowed to Britain using these rules against Egypt in 1956, as well as in 1967 was Alasraúleon officers trained in the bombing of sites similar to Egyptian sites in Howells Field base, in addition to the logistical support provided by the US American United for Israel in the 1967 war.

2. The position of this system in the League of Arab States, where Libya did not join the League of Arab States, but in February 1953, under the popular pester while joined the United Nations in December 1951 AD.

3.moagaf this system of real Arab revolutions: I did not recognize the Iraqi revolution rather strange that the two were not Taterva revolution of 14 July are Libya and Israel only.

4. monarchy: Eisenhower‘s approval of the project (US project) colonial New Arab region to fill the void and the face of the former Soviet Union and the expulsion of Arabs from the conflict with Israel.
(NIXON is seen in this picture, who was Einsehower’s VP at that time. Nixon goes to congradulate King Idress 1957 )


The Big Victory is yet to Come

RATS are still calling Our Supreme Commander Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, “a TYRANT” !!!

Salah Salah, comments today:



“I heard from Tripoli Ma’lec Auld Habboo Aallippin yourselves and God and God Qato Mazg Nhspoh

tyrant Muammar limp legs

and feet of you and God.  I am one of the biggest Tawar Fashloum and God Anadm Ali Torre Khaltna

costume Jews.”

Tarek Enbia, posts:
“Valiant tribes of Lee’s army and God says Muammar tttttttttoowoo or
من بواسل جيش قبائل لى يقول الله ومعمرطططططططططووووو او من


And the land of thorns Rishvana:

“Each year, you are okay and that, God willing, this year of good over all Libyans.”


Statement of the General Conference of Youth Libyan tribes and cities about the uprising on 11/01/2014


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

God’s mercy on the martyrs of the righteous, who shed their blood for the day yesterday in battles

with rogue Kharijites:

3 from the corner City

2 of the city of Zintan

Zintan room operations:

1 and one martyr of Gharyan


Martyr, God willing, Abdul Rahim Ghiryani ..

Quote today with Libyan army, was fighting the Kharijites and

the terrorist and the terrorist Abu Obaida Omar Mukhtar. He did not take tribal skunk

and choose only the homeland of Libya ..

God’s mercy on you, O lion of Gharyan, Libya

(Operations room of Zintan rebels)

(Armed Forces of the Libyan army)

Zintan room operations:

“We will give the martyr after martyr and to die for our country and win the nation ..

Overcome the blood of our martyrs and the tears of our mothers and sisters and widows ..

Overcome the displaced women and Libya who Zlmn in Weird lonesome do not have to come for them ..

We will win without a homeland do not have anything in this life.”








Demanding that Tunisian Minister Ghannouchi  stop interfering «naked» in # Libya.

The head of the Tunisian Renaissance Movement, Rached Ghannouchi, meddling and intervention in Libyan affairs, has been described as “treachery”. The movement of the Tunisian Renaissance led by Rachid Ghannouchi, has issued a statement condemning the “use of arms in Libya to express their opinion or political position, describing the current situation in Libya, the coup attempt on the legitimacy” .. claim the need to inject the Libyan bloodshed and to provide the terms of calm, stability and immediate initiation of a national dialogue brings together the parties, without exclusion and lead to a comprehensive national reconciliation.

Saturday «on the occasion of the constant interference of Ghannouchi in Libya affairs without an invitation or permission of the Libyan government or the Libyan Parliament, I ask the Tunisian government and the institutions of the Tunisian state generally; governmental and non-governmental, to ask themselves:

What would be your response in the event of what he had some Libyan officials, to intervene in this form blatant in Tunisian affairs? ». “We respect neighborly relations and respect the will of the Tunisian people, and we reject any party that exploits these good relations to promote propaganda serve a party or a special interest at the expense of the two peoples.”

News # Tunisia!




Summer Sunny, reporting:
Ras worth and Trustees crossing and flew Zorh not under international Satrh Libyan ..

controls the two cliques of human trafficking, alcohol and gasoline in very large quantities to Malta …..

all members of this band were in prison tightly Jnaih longitudinal …

this band is not loyalty her to Libya and flagged al-Amaziga and …



Steadfast Steadfast Libyan army
Together for a strong Libyan army

Posted date is very obviously wrong..This had to be posted past July 2014 for General Nazourawi replacing

the evil MB Jaddallah, and both ZINTAN and Gen. Hftar are honored–which the MB RAT GNC ARMY hated

and put warrants out for their arrest.




Army units and supporting young army Padakhl beloved corner preparing for docking with the

units next to the pillars of the axis of the letter T and Hlgodh.


Commander of the field to the corner cliques.
Atman flame in al-Vaaiqa care to some extent now, and Hua in critical condition:

Allah is the greatest.

The killing of dozens of ANSAR al-SHARIA al-Mtkhaddan # Sabratha area beloved

Walker them at the center of the corner has been dealing with them.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa

From the operating room ..

Youth movements # Tripoli and start all his area and approached the hour pounce
# 10 Kellow corner and enter the army
Calls across Laselky militia Gsorh Abu servants ambulance and losses do not count and you can be sure of the people
Angle Batsalatkm
Complete control areas and Kikla # # # Association and quarries and cut all roads to support the militias
Ubiquitous in the mountain

Bir Sheep 14 armed car Martyrs Battalion # corner and Tkebedhm heavy losses
# Hlgodh under control
T-under complete control
There is news, we will announce it after another, to give the presidency Chiefs ear Booze.

“Zintan room operations”, reporting

Today battles ..

Today Paws group Hslohm Roma Libya in protected and T-junction corner

and through the Association and crushers Oh you praise.

Operations room of Zintan rebels:

14 dead from gang and ‘fair’ Daab and  Gneoh (MAHDI HARATINE)  fleeing into the arms

of the axis Mzrath Association visited ..

23 dead from Abu Obeida gangs and Kilani Almrdom ‘day of their young seducer’ corner of the city

at the center of the village of Honey Beer Hlgodh Nasser ..

Roma Libya forces after Hlbouch yesterday in the way of the corner who Rahu,

in which more than 18 people dead and 40 wounded; and Khosrow battalion headquarters complete

Anjnoa And aspirations plane Agricultural and Rkpo where drums explosive and Bedouins Armo…

6 martyrs of the Libyan army3 from the corner 2 of Zintan and martyr of Gharyan ..


Your prayers for the Army is now engaged in the fiercest battles
And end at the corner Kelmo Hospital Mitigua is not just Icololkm Shani aid Allahu Akbar thankfully.

LIBYA ROMA ran and left even their sandals:


room operations Zintan rebels:

This conversation with one of the members of the previous conference and honorable Anziedkm of the House of Poetry …

The arrival of two Qatari TRANSPORTS, huge Shipping now Mitigua airport carrying ammunition and weapons ..

“Zintan room operations”, reporting:

Where Dhyat Ali MISURATA just landed from Qatar.. ??

فيه دحيات علي مزراطة توا نزلوا .. من ايأكد ؟؟

2 Qatari air transports land at MITIGUA carrying ammo and heavy weaponry:

“Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists”:
For you, O God, and Khositm Jews Libya Misurata mean steep then caution today or rather just before

opening the gate in the area and they al-Kremiah Bastiagaf youth

and searched and searched their personal inspection ..
Have you reached that you abjection to Tatdo Ali personal property.
God Qubgm prep section Mafltm pride, even if we will not forget after a while.
Please circular.
# To D_al-Cdoh.


“Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists”
Of course, as usual interrupted Internet service to most of the mountain areas and deliberately

PICTURE: MISURATA destroys the Internet

Thus, if Hua fuel, cooking gas and supply of medicines and salaries of ordinary citizens
The problem is most people Aicolo corner Alach Jay army has launched a corner where ????
To Okintu and Qveto front Haala bands that want to enter the war to the center of your city, believe me impossible Touselkm war in your country …
The problem affected Hua simple citizen who does not have in this war is elegant and beautiful just as everyone knows that the army has a stockpile enough long-term continuous war will not affect the fuel interruption, and so will be designed to liberate the corner refinery and secured and yesterday there was a significant progress towards the refinery and are only instabilmente days only …



Recur in the robbery Janzour today ,,, then robbery at a car in front of Naseeruddin Optical Institute

in the same place and the same gang and MB group Knights nobody listened …..
Auto burglary gangs began graduated from New question lies Hnaaaaa






Progress of the army on the central to west Ogana Azizia area Juman.




 # Operations | very excellent offer today to the axis of the Libyan army forces # Gharyan city after violent clashes

with the extremist militias that were trying to progress this morning-

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, tells us:

“Praise God Boislna album written in terms epics and you release the Association, “the bottom of Gharyan

progress in the region and the axis of the corner and the Kharijites are  inflicted with heavy losses in lives and materiel.”




High morale and high and bombing today proved that the militia stationed randomly

within the city # KKLH (al-Kwassa) on the verge of total collapse.

Libyan armed forces operations – Western Brigade |

 Saturday / 25.aktopr - Mohammed Garag breeds, reports:

Decline forces chief of staff half Kilwa meters from the last incursion into the mountain village Kklh (al-Kwassa) last night to change the offensive Strategies in battle, where one of the field commanders in the Hub reported that the front there Akhaddt more time than it should because the support was constant and is the region supplying fighters and ammunition on the length of the period in which where was the attack, has been cut off and the supply from the bottom of the mountain but the ammunition and weapons are still up from the castle area along minor roads.

Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists:

Narrowed them down to the ground and headed to aerial bombardment
The morning dedicated training aircraft at the airport trying to bombard Zintan

But, thank God, did not hit the target this is due to it without radar plane
Or also called the military vocabulary (blind plane)
Then I headed east to KKLH (al-KWASSA) even bombed the National Army

But as usual, thank God, this plane did not hit the target:
It hit a power plant and when it was answered fled southwards
Summary News: – (tried Ktaúbhm and guns and alliances what Nfosh, persecuted in the mountain and on the basis of it Arab war and Amazigh Radwa Manfosh,

landed Kikla in Tajin

In the first on the basis of support in Misrata and Gharyan and Tripoli, and the castle and Gado mobile power Radwa what Nfosh, it is important just Sabwa, KKLH (al-Kawassa), The castle,

and Gharyan to their fate and Ansahbu camp Salahuddin)
(# Analyzes)


Also this morning hit sites Forces Staff of the aerial bombardment in KKLH (al-Kwassa) by plane area dropped explosive drums, nor details of the explosive type, or the type of aircraft, and detailed information about the existence of material losses and there is no human losses.


“Zintan room operations”, posts

The effects of the bombing on the area surrounding the runway of Zintan Airport; and to confirm,

that it is too far on the runway ..

آثار القصف علي المنطقة المحيطة بمهبط الزنتان و لتأكيد أنه بعيد جدا علي المهبط..

تصوير محمد درديرة

Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.

In the same context, the airstrip civilian Zintan am today, subjected to aerial bombardment [also Beramil explosive]
There were no reports of damage or injuries at this time.
# Bages an al-Hakikh
(Mohammed Garag breeds)

(Portray Muhammad Drderh)

Drag planting and pilot a plane and squint Raeid .. al-Tsalfik just Hovoa Hey guys.



After the publication of the picture in the previous thread …

# Tarabuls_al-Haddt
E: Khoi God bless you with the deployment of image and God have mercy on the boy and the boy have

boarded Khatuwenh Cavalry Regiment in al-Riviath Talegoh and tortured Poor whole Hedda p risked it

and Rishvanaورشفانه-العظيمة-Great-Wrishvana/330227510489701 and Rishvana Alazimh–Great-Wrishvana / 330227510489701



The second part of the massacre and took immobilization Budzirh youth and killed at

Sam bin Humaid headquarters by an hour before entering the halfway only God and yes, the agent.

الجزء الثاني من مجزره استيقاف بودزيره واخذ الشباب وقتلهم في مقر وسام بن حميد قبل دخول الجبش بساعه فقط حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

Lire la vidéo






Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists:

Finally. . . .

Air Force chief of staff announces columns Roma Libya targets in Misratah airport and port project and stores. . . .

allah Biggest

Misurata airstrips and Mitiga Airbase and Zuwarah

Will be a targets for us

# Grfah al-Amilit |

Libyan Air Force vows transgressing Misurata militias and extremist Balshak dens of corruption within the central city of MISURATA, after they failed bombing attempt airstrip al-Zintan and obstruct the National Army which crushed the remaining remnants of the militia in # KKLH (al-Kwassa) bombing them and also attempt ended in failure.

Today,  Roma Libya militias have used warplanes to bomb Libyan military forces and our men in KKLH (al-Kwassa).

They have also been trying to bombard Zintan aviation airport, and Thank God was not damaged,

They used to fly yesterday. The evil were defeated in the fighting axes ...

Here and after confirmation that the port of Misurata receives arms and ammunition external financing.*

Chiefs of Staff will announce that he will be targeting all the weapons stores in Misurata #
Tflho will not stop the advance of the Libyan Armed Forces and will be Ttherkm O Khawaj era ….

Libyan air force headquarters declares “dawn Libya” in Misrata military targets
Saturday 25 October 2014
Africa Gateway News
Announced that the military operations in the Western Region Libyan room, in her circulating on Saturday, and the port and airport of what is known as “dawn Libya” from the city of Misrata, as military targets.

 Air Force aircraft housings, will perform Bakcefha on Libyan warplanes, for air raids on the pool forces Dawn Libya; particularly will target their ammunition stores south of the village of Zintan.

Meanwhile, military sources reported that the army has achieved field advancement through the axis of “front head Allf and Ugana”.

*: MISURATA receives shipment by sea of WMD from TURKEY:


بالصور .. براميل متفجرة و عبوات ناسفة تصل الي مصراتة بحرا



From identical sources learned Libya international channel that shipments of explosive barrels and improvised explosive devices and bombs arrived via ship believed to be coming from Turkey through one of the eastern European countries to the port of Misrata and had been discharged in a headquarters of the militia in the site is located on the sea north-west of the city.
According to sources, the charge is an approximately 100 barrels of explosive used in the aerial bombardment or by placing it on a truck bomb in addition to a number of bombs, an estimated 70 bomb aerial bombardment and a number of ground-air missiles.
According to the pictures, which he slipped one Misurata militia leaders threatened his opponents to settle their cities and their headquarters flattened the shipment has arrived and been stored at dawn on Oct. 20,

and some of them have been temporaraly buried in the dirt in the militia headquarters, located on the shore of the sea

علمت قناة ليبيا الدولية من مصادر متطابقة بأن شحنات من البراميل المتفجرة و العبوات الناسفة و القنابل وصلت عبر سفينة يعتقد بأنها قادمة من تركيا عبر احدي دول اوروبا الشرقية الي ميناء مصراتة و قد تم تفريغها في أحد مقار المليشيات في موقع يقع علي البحر شمال غرب المدينة .

و بحسب المصادر فأن الشحنة هي عبارة عن حوالي  100 برميل متفجر يستخدم في القصف الجوي او بوضعه علي شاحنة مفخخة  بالاضافة الي عدد من القنابل يقدر بـ 70 قنبلة للقصف الجوي و عدد من صواريخ أرض جو .

و بحسب الصور التي قام بتسريبها احد قادة مليشيات مصراتة مهددا خصومه بتسوية مدنهم و مقارهم بالارض فأن الشحنة قد وصلت و تم تخزينها فجر يوم 20 اكتوبر الماضي و دفن بعض منها في التراب في مقر المليشيا الواقعة علي شاطئ البحر

التصنيف: الاخبار, ليبيا

Pictures .. explosive barrels and improvised explosive devices up to Misrata by sea
I learned from several sources Libya international channel, that shipments of explosive barrels

and improvised explosive devices and bombs is …









Important information

The information that you Miarafhaash Hellbhh area Kikla was Kharijites Ejehzoo Fahaa bash be the emirate Mtahm In the West, along the lines of the tuber

and the reason for their choice of Kikla: because there are difficult mountainous terrain and the presence of the ancient caves Fahaaa Fahaa Baidaa (al-BAYDA).

actual picture of some of those KHARIJITES:

Present Kharijites now re-occupy those ancient caves:
These are they, whom Mu’ammar al-Qathafi called “the wildmen of the Caves”.

Aviation and control of the region’s leaders means under their heads, but thankfully the army entering the ruined Kikla.

Many of the plans for the matter and in some Khcchehem …………

(Justice Mohammed)

A. Congratulations to the residents of Kikla and to all the inhabitants of the mountain to smell and to all Libyans,

we did not Nkhaddlkm and maintain the stability of the homeland.

The Victorious Blessed Forces of the Green Mountain…

Brigadier # Faragh Barasa, commander of the Army Green Mountain progresses toward Benghazi

and in control of the entire east coast.


Praise God Kikla been safer to thwart their plan in Kikla ……

and God’s mercy on the martyrs of Abrar (al-BRYER)


شباب طرابلس معا شباب بنغازي يوم 15 ضد الخوارج والارهابيين‎ a partagé la vidéo de Nizar Elannabi.

 la vidéo de Nizar Elannabi.

Libyan army in an urgent appeal. He has done for the night guardians and elders

الجيش الليبي في نداء عاجل قام به الليلة لاولياء الامر و شيوخ القبائل


The General Staff of the Libyan army: declares curfew in Benghazi from 19:00 to 7:00

and, “Placed checkpoints at the entrances and exits of Benghazi to prevent the infiltration of extremists into it.


A raid on the terrorists Peace Walker neighborhood. Moment trampling


ليبيا الثورة‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

مداهمة لوكر للأرهابيين بحي السلام . لحظة الدعس


Celebrations of the people of Benghazi over a group of special forces, accompanied by Colonel Nice Bouchmadeh.

احتفالات اهالي بنغازي بمرور مجموعة للقوات الخاصة برفقة العقيد ونيس بوخماده .

Lire la vidéo

Blood parents battalion Al-Majora area ..
The burning of the house of leading ANSAR al-Sharia, Abdullah called Bozekaya.




la vidéo de Colonel Ashraf Mayar of the Salafi Command, terrifying Kharijites.
# Now
National Army troops from inside the area in front of Benghazi al-Sabri Center
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar thankfully.

la vidéo de ‎اشرف الميار السلفي مرعب الخوارج‎.

قوات الجيش الوطني من داخل بنغـازي منطقة الصـابري امام المركز

الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد

PICTURED HERE with General Jeroshi and General Hftar is Col. Ashraf al-Miar (of the Salafi), who is terrifying the Kharijites.

For those who may be confused, THERE ARE “good” ‘SALAFI’ leading and in the LIBYAN NATIONAL ARMY ! Many of their religious leaders have been assasinated by the KHARIJITES & BROTHERHOOD.
“Chiaan with dignity and army”, explains

Salafi note
Not Kaltkvera

Salafi not Kaltkvera
But brought together some of the manifestations

The bulk of the gaze:
{Ovendjal Muslim criminals
How do you judge Malcolm}.


✅ Salafi

Believed that the Muslims were weak but it is because of their sins and the greatest polytheism. So whose only concern is to call for the unification of the Prophet and follow ..


Believed that the Muslims were weak but it is because the rulers shed so Ikvrunhm and whose only concern is their fight and dislodge them from power ..

✅ Salafi

The security agents
The Army Bro Muslims
Calls them well and guidance ..


The security agents and army
Kfar apostates from the religion of Islam ..

✅ Salafi

Noor on his face, always
Smiling and delivers on the
Knew and did not know ..


His eyes in the darkness, always frown
Do not hasten peace and if delivered
He pointed with his head ..

✅ Salafi

If your event you hear it said
God told the Prophet said advances
Inveterate good ..


If your event you hear him
Said bin Laden, al-Zawahri said ..

✅ Salafi

If he wants to call people wrought
For unification and its divisions and then gave him a book or tapes in doctrine
For senior scholars unswerving ..


If you wanted to invite people for jihad wrought then gave him the tapes of songs and exercises in the mountains of Afghanistan and bombings in Iraq ..

?????? We ask of God
Safety and wellness ??????


(The word predecessor differentiate between Salafists
The creator and this feature …)

❃ We do not collect people we
Invite them to approach advances ❃

Shaykh mark
Dr. sober parent /

Saleh bin Fawzan Al Fawzan
– God save -

الصيعان مع الكرامة والجيش

إنــتــبــه السّـلـفـي
لـيــس كـالـتـكـفـيـري

لـيـس السلفـي كـالتكفيـري
إنمـا تجمعهـم بعـض المظاهـر

قـال جــلَّ فــي عُـــلاه :
{ أفنجعـل المسلميـن كالمجرميـن
مالكـم كيـف تحكـمـون }.


✅ الــســلــفـــي

يعتقـد أن ضعـف المسلميـن إنمـا هـو بسبـب ذنوبهـم وأعظمهـا الشـرك بالله لـذا همـه الوحيـد هـو الدعـوة للتوحيـد وإتبـاع الرسـول ..


يعتقـد أن ضعـف المسلميـن إنمـا هـو بسبـب تسلـط الحكـام لـذا يكفرونهـم وهمـه الوحيـد قتالهـم وإزاحتهـم مـن الحكـم ..

✅ الــسـلــفـــي

يعتـبر أعـوان الأمـن
والجيـش إخوانـه مسلميـن
يدعـو لهـم بالخيـر والهدايـة ..


يعتـبر أعـوان الأمـن والجيـش
كفـار مرتديـن عـن ديـن الإسـلام ..

✅ الــســلــفـــي

علـى وجهـه نـور ، دائمـا
يبتسـم ويسلـم علـى مـن
عـرف ومن لـم يعـرف ..


فـي عينيـه ظلمـة ، دائمـا عبـوس
لا يبـادر بالسـلام وإذا سلمـت
عليـه أشـار برأسـه ..

✅ الـسـلـفــي

إذا حدثـك تسمـع منـه قـال
الله قـال الرسـول قـال الـسـلـف
الـصـالـح الـراسـخـيـن ..


إذا حدثـك تسمـع منـه
قـال بـن لادن قـال الظواهـري ..

✅ الــســلــفـــي

إذا أراد أن يدعـو شخصـا يحدثـه
عـن التوحيـد وأقسامـه ثـم أعطـاه كتابـا أو أشرطـة فـي العقيـدة
لكبـار أهـل العلـم الراسخِـيـن ..


إذا أراد أن يدعـو شخصـا يحدثـه عـن الجهـاد ثـم أعطـاه أشرطـة فيهـا أناشيـد وتدريبـات فـي جبـال أفغانستـان وتفجيـرات فـي العـراق ..

نـسـأل مـن الـلــه
الــسـلامـة والـعـافـيـة


( لفظة سلفي تفرق بين السلفيين
والمبتدعة و هذه ميزة … )

❃ ونحن لا نجمع الناس نحن
ندعوهم لمنهج السلف ❃

لفضيلـة الشيـخ العلامـة
الوالـد الدكتــور الـوقـور/

صـالـح بـن فـوُزان آل فـوُزان
– حـفـظـهُ الـلـه تـعـالـى -



The Libyan army marks-out Turkish mercenary Bnchal Jtaat snipers on rooftops of Camp February 17



Violent clashes between army troops and MB terrorist militias within  20  Street and Beirut # Benghazi


“Great Rishvana / Great Wrishvana”, comments:

“Terrorism in the # # Libya and Tunisia and Egypt #, and Sea Shepherd compartment in pigs # Qatar grandsons! al-Amehdod and their evil support for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and terrorism!

Who are you ?”

al-Sadek al-Gharyiani Mufti of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, calls for Libyans to horn in Benghazi,

groups and individuals to support their Brotherhood ‘revolution’ and the victory for (a twisted form-of) Islam;

and says that what  is happening in Benghazi,  the army has not done so to the Jews, he claimed!!

(Ohh, the WAHABI are being ‘persecuted’ and ‘exterminated'; and this is a form of ‘genocide’—according to Gharyiani !!)


25/10/2014 The first day will take off from the airport trip HAVE-Built without passengers

in preparation for the Re-opening of the airport




“Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists”, reports:
Benghazi today
Preparing for the reception of the “House of Representative” leaving TOBRUK  to hold meetings

at their new Garyounes headquarters;

and processing Benina Airport to greet them, O Benghazi.


dean of the University of Benghazi, the new study will begin in the university on 11.11.2014

and will be secured by the army is Tkpeyeearerrrr >>>









And the land of thorns Rishvana, reports:

Explode oil wells in the leg 10 of the company’s oil operations Harouj oases south of the city area Awjila due to close for a long time.

According to preliminary information, the explosion behind a gas leak and oil pollution and environmental surroundings station. Reported that a private security firm and Safety Section Harouj declared a state of alert to address the situation as soon as possible sources.




Self-styled third force regional affiliate of Misurata # Badem extremists in the Ubari and on top of the “chosen Balmokhtar” group and the Bafan Brotherhood between the Tuareg and Toubou.

In January 2014, Libyans began to fight against a Western-backed ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood “puppet government” with ties to Al-Qaeda; and charged that Qatar was paying Sudanese pilots to bomb their positions in the South. The Libya Herald newspaper reported that a large contingent of al-Qathafi-led fighters were scattered near Ajeelat in the Mountainous West; and they also tried to aid other al-Qathafi-loyalists in Sabha (in the South). On 24 January, nine ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Shield-armor militia were killed, and 27 injured, near Tripoli, in clashes with pro-Great Jamahiriya loyalists. The report claimed that the events were part of a co-ordinated movement.

General Hftar’s anti-Islamist coalition in May, accused the UN of being biased in favour of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood. On 18 May 2014, the GNC hotel building was reported to have been stormed by troops loyal to General Khalifa Hftar, reportedly including the Zintan Brigades and Rishvana.

In respose to a insane Jihad call from ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leader al-Qaradawi (and more locally, by Sadak Gharyiani) for all Islamic-Wahabi to join Commander Belhadj in Tripoli, and in-state the Islamic-Caliphate over Tripoli, in July, forces loyal to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, led initially by Salah Badi, calling themselves “Dawn Libya”, attacked sites all over Tripoli, and in particular, the Tripoli International Airport. Their militias and gangs blew destruction all over Tripoli. Their terror and chaos was immense; and they finally they took over the airport, after making a false cease-fire treaty-agreement (given to the Zintani Airport Security Forces and the Tobruk “House”), which was immediately broken.

Muhammad Sawan, the President of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood connected ‘Justice and Construction Party’, declared that the military operations occurring around Tripoli’s airport were a legitimate !
The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice & Construction Party, Mohammed Sawan, has conceded that collaboration with Mahmoud Jibril’s National Forces Alliance may be inevitable if his party is not to be relegated to opposing the “House of Representatives” (presently in Tobruk).
Asked if he still believed the Justice & Construction party could form a government without the NFA, Sawan told the Libya Herald earlier today that “theoretically it’s possible, but we are not looking to do that in practice… It is a tight race for us in the south,” added Sawan, a former political prisoner and member of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood, which launched the party.

12 September, |17:41| ‪#‎UBARI‬
Strange movements, found in the guilt of MISURATA . They sent to UBARI, 40 vehicles of weapons. An agent followed the vehicles of the Misrati. There were meetings clandestine with the Sons of Solomon in a hotel for more than two months; and the Misurata / Brotherhood is providing them (the Sons of Solomon) with arms waldkhaer, by trucks of wetlagat, carrying fruit and vegetables! And it is continuing! The Brotherhood, through the Sons of Solomon, plan to control the oil fields.
The leader of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, Bashir Al-Katabi, says that it appears that the two major political blocs—the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Justice and Construction Party and Mahmoud Jibril’s National Forces Alliance (NFA)—agreed to merge. Given the fragmented, multi-polarity that characterizes Libyan politics today, however, the proposed solution collapsed after its rejection by, most notably, the al-Wafa Islamist bloc led by Abdulwahab al-Qaid (al-Qaeda client).

Never before have Mohammed Sawan and Mamoud Jibril, who commanded the two largest political groupings under the puppet GNC, have worked so thoroughly. Jabril will joyfully employ a more cohesive NFA that works with the Brotherhood and Islamists, for the sake of the Zionista, USA and the UNO.

Brotherhood leaders leave Qatar for Libya: report
GCC panel preparing plan to be implemented by Doha before envoys are reinstated
Gulf News Report
Published: 16:05 April 25, 2014 Gulf News

Dubai: Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood leaders reportedly deported by Qatar have arrived in Libya, a London-based daily said.
The leaders have landed at Mitigua international airport (in the Libyan capital over three days, Libyan political, military and security sources told Al Arab newspaper).
They were ferried away to unidentified places in cars waiting at the Mitigua airport (located around 11km west of Tripoli) and dominated by an armed MB Islamist groups, the sources added.
Qatar’s meddling in their domestic affairs and its backing of the Islamist movement:
The GCC wants Qatar not to allow religious preachers to use mosques or media to attack other GCC countries and to cancel all forums by organisations seen by the GCC as having links with terrorism.
They also insist that Qatar must shut down research centres directed by Saudi nationals who had been given the Qatari citizenship.

Now, in OCTOBER, MISURATA militias created a convoy of 120 armed cars, manned by the MISURATA MB armored Shield miliias and the children of Solomon; and they are now preparing also, to fly into the oil fields, taking the fields from the control of the Tabu (at base Tmanhunt).
(Jamal al-Kafali, reporting)


Obama backing Mohammad Sawan and Libya’s ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Obama has given billions (THIS IS NOT A FIGURE OF SPEECH, BUT A REALITY) in support of the Brotherhood.

al-Qaradawi called for all world ISLAMIC-WAHABI forces to converge and fight in TRIPOLI under the Command of Abdul-Hakim Belhadj, to incorporate Tripoli as an Islamic Caliphate:


Evil, one-eyed SADAK GHARYIANI: called for support of WAHABI FORCES in Tripoli and Benghazi, and against the “House” in Tobruk…


140 MISURATA MB armor-shields CONVOY heads South:

Gigi Ben Achour:
Good Morning Post Aadinm God there came a convoy of 150 cars Misratah where various weapons and al-Atadat out on the basis of Misurata to follow in the south of Largo circumvent Circular Publishing Aadinm likelihood Whitrbu Libyan army from behind Largo Publishing

Belhadj, supposedly Emir of the Islamic Caliphate of the (whole) SAHEL and North Africa.






“Great Wrishvana”, reports from

al-Matsamh Allah Muhammad: 

al-Gahoyen ..
The term frequency with the beginnings of what BROTHERHOOD RATS called “the dawn of Libya” Oksorh ..

I have noticed his presence in many of the writings of the likes of symbols Ghaida Touati, Wissam bin Humaid,

Ali SALABI and all Ali pages belonging to Misurata ..

The make-floor Oalmustlh know Maalmqsod from behind ..

Profile is intended only analytical Balgahoyen here not only Zintan ..

(picture of al-Altieri, head military of ZINTAN, a prome example of a fair/ light-brown-skinned Caucasian of the Nafusa.)

but all the Arab tribes which returns inherent in the lineage to the semi-al-Dzerh-arabh and to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) proportions …

Most members of these tribes is characterized by skin that often Bosamarar Maatmal to light brown.

al-Mqsod here is Apadhhma sex ethnicity Arab Muslim from all Onhlibia

.otms Arab and Islamic identity ..

and bring the white race mixed with many of the most appropriate non-Arab misplaced;

and if they can not exterminate all of that sex ..
it will be their plan to control and governance Ali al-Gahoyen (as they call us) and invincible and enslaved and robbed all their property and bounties their country ..

Dear Vontbhoa al-Gaholln ..
And which of them I am of the conspiracy hatched against us and against the size ..

Arabism and existence.

المعتصمة بالله محمد
القهويين ..
مصطلح تردد مع بدايات مايسمي فجر ليبيا أوقسورة .. وقد لاحظت وجوده في العديد من كتابات رموزهم أمثال غيداء التواتي ووسام بن حميد وصفحات تخص أل مصراته ..
المتمعن في الكلمة أوالمصطلح سيعرف ماالمقصود من وراءها ..
فحسب تحليلي الشخصي المقصود بالقهويين هنا ليس الزنتان فقط.. بل كل القبائل العربية الأصيلة والتي ترجع في نسبها إلي شبه الجزيرةالعربية وإلي نسب الرسول محمد عليه السلام … فأغلب هذه القبائل يتميز أفرادها بأسمرار البشرة التي غالباً ماتميل إلي اللون البني الفاتح .المقصود هنا هو إبادةهذا الجنس أوالعرق العربي المسلم من كل أنحاءليبيا .وطمس الهوية العربية والأسلامية .. وإحلال الجنس الأبيض المختلط بالعديد من الأنسب الغير عربية محله وإذا لم يتمكنوا من إبادة كل ذلك الجنس .. فسيكون مخططهم السيطرة والحكم علي القهويين كما يطلقون علينا وقهرهم وأستعبادهم وسلب كل خيراتهم وخيرات بلادهم ..
فأنتبهوا إيها القهويون ..
والذي أنا منهم من حجم المؤامرة التي تحاك ضدنا .. وضد عروبتنا ووجودنا

Return, scheduled 01 NOVEMBER 2014



And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath

Oh you are honest and are free Libya will write you the coolest history epics tournament Strtamoha Besmodkm and Anvwankm

and your desire to preserve the dignity of your home.

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

# Important
The government statement on temporary entry to Tripoli, the Libyan army
Please importance of publishing.
# Tarabuls_gariba God willing
God is great and thankfully

(Process volcano – led by the National Army)


Victory yet for the Great Jamahiriya:

01 NOVEMBER 2014

And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, posts:

By / Salah Albornawi
First of November you will have  a date with history.

Is the green flag will come out of millions to fill the streets and squares you will move the crowd after this long silence, which has lasted for four years.

First of November, you will carry with him to the wedding which removes the suffering of the people. You will meet the true Libyans called ‘honorable’. We must move without delay.

The first of November, you will meet all institutes including Ahed Will we see claimants applying revenge battles.

The first day of November will be the honorable day of the Liberal supporters of Our Commander.

Will we see the tribal society in the squares calling for jihad alive.

 Our Commander is Alive, to cleanse the country or wonder, will return the data to wait a bit demanding for the abandonment of duties.

First of November, there will be exit; or, as mentioned in the statement, would be an abandonment present to end all hopes.

First of November there will  no longer be excuses to abandon homes.

The first call from November is a response that revenge does come out of of Justice, re-calling.

First of November puts the dividing line; and end all controversy. It Is there for all the honest in the state, (or is it just ‘talk’ ?)

 reportedly becomes the First of November, an armed uprising led by each who says  “I’m Liberal, I’m honest, I’m from the tribe of Jihad Commander Mu’ammar. I’m not from the ground floor of shame.

First of Novbmr appeals to the millions of green families of martyrs; and it will respond to the call to be present at the time of the liberation of the country from the hands of cowards.

First of November Feltbda preparations from now with those who want to regain their home.




“Be a man of the nation .. and do not be a slave to Qatar ..
The choice is yours ..”


And the land of thorns Rishvana

Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Forum for the first leaders of the Libyan tribes ‘just Faydi’

Said Adel Qayedi Committee Chairman community dialogue Libyan, that tribes and found unlimited support of the Egyptian state its various institutions, pointing out that Cairo has the political forces that can affect in Libya, and to support the political process by harnessing those political forces for anything you need Tripoli.

The Qayedi in a special statement for the seventh day on the sidelines of a meeting Libyan Ambassador in Cairo with a delegation Libyan tribes that parties to many external messing national security of Libya, and seeks to chaos and armed conflict in the country, pointing out that Qatar, Sudan and Turkey are supporting militias armed country with money and weapons for fueling conflict in the country in order to support a particular party the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Egypt’s denying any military operation in Libya. He explained that the future of the political process in Libya depends on what you would be doing this Committee of procedures that will allow tribes to Libya to hold a comprehensive dialogue with all the tribes to unite national country to confront violent terrorist organizations armed, and which seeks to push the country to the brink of the abyss.

He described the dialogue, who called him Algeria about the Libyan crisis b «suspicious», pointing out that the Libyan tribes have not been invited yet to participate in dialogue,

stressing rejection of the tribes participating in the dialogue Algeria even if they have been invited to participate in it because there are strong calls for dialogue Algeria and is honest in It offers its intentions to support a parties to the conflict in Libya and calls for dialogue between Libyans.

He praised the movements of President Abdel Fattah Sisi to support the stability and unity and security of the Libyan state,

praising his meeting last with Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who presented to the nation in Libya and confirmation of the two countries to support the legitimacy and refused to enter any country in the affairs of Libya and calling on the warring parties to lay down their arms and engage in dialogue to resolve the crisis in the country.

He stressed that Libya does not there are any institutions that the government and the current “House” only have papers and seals only,

pointing out that the Libyan tribes all is the nucleus of the Army of the Libyan National who called him Abdul Salam Nazawry chief of staff, explaining his belief in the idea of working under the banner and a single command, a Libyan army. The rejection of the idea of various armies of separate tribes.

Like understanding Aduch:

O wire victory for our army, Allah forced up their wounds and strong weakness and hit a throw and sent down tranquility on their hearts and proved their feet Oh Allah, what the respondents, and united described the victory Bjend from Thee, Oh Allah, Oh God, cords save them and protect them from the cunning and Kid enemies, You are over all things Ya Rehman O Rahim. ..
Oh Okhosv enemies of religion supporters of terrorism, armor and make masterminding the destruction and Shell Arcanhm and come down terror in their hearts and earthquake ground from under their feet, Allah will break their power, and scattered the respondents, except teams ranks, and destroyed their crowds, O Erna those days of your days as a day returned and Thamood and sodomites, O blind insight and make guile in Nharham, Lord, you are all things .. “

تحب تفهم ادوخ
اللهم أسالك النصر لجيشنا ، اللهم اجبر كسرهم وقوي ضعفهم وسدد رميهم وأنزل الطمأنينة على قلوبهم وثبت أقدامهم اللهم لما شملهم ، ووحد صفهم ونصرهم بجند من عندك يا الله ، اللهم أسالك حفظهم وحمايتهم من مكر وكيد أعدائهم ، إِنَّكَ على كل شيء قدير يا رحمن يا رحيم …
اللهم أخسف بأعداء الدين انصار الارهاب والدروع وأجعل تدبيرهم تدميرهم و شل اركانهم وانزل الرعب في قلوبهم وزلزل الارض من تحت أقدامهم ، اللهم أكسر قوتهم ، وشتت شملهم ، اللهم فرق صفوفهم ، ودمر جموعهم ، اللهم إرنا فيهم يوماً من أيامك كيوم عاد وثمود وقوم لوط ، اللهم أعمي بصيرتهم وجعل كيدهم في نحرهم ، يارب أنك على كل شيء قدير ..”

FAKE, false clerics (SERVANTS of SATAN):

“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, posts:

Is there a man, a believer in God and the afterlife today listen and believe these bastards tykes in

what they say and what Bark of mesmerized
Elders of sedition

Allah says in the Holy Book
((Will look only time that has come upon them suddenly came portents How then came to them if their memory))
The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him:
“Comes in the last decade folk: Haddthae teeth,
Foolish dreams, say good words from the wild, kill the people of Islam and call people
Idols, (Gxiro beard), failing dresses, capes Mahgayn, proficient gossip and abuse
Verb, to claim the Book of God and not from him in something.
The Messenger of Allah (PBUH)
And who hold him in these qualities:
Read the Holy Qu’ran* does not exceed their throats, pass through of
Islam also Imrq the arrow from the bow, wherever the Qeetmohm Vaguetlohm, the kill fee
Those who kill, the Day of Resurrection. The Prophet, peace be upon him: I caught up to the Oguetlnhm
Killed returned.

“MUSICIAN” comments:

= خالد الشريف يطلق على نفسه أسم ابوحازم وعبدالحكيم بلحاج يطلق على نفسه اسم ابوعبدالله الصادق وسامي الساعدي يطلق على نفسه اسم ابومنذر ، كيف تبحثون عن الحقيقة مع اشخاص اسمائهم اصلا مزورة.

= الشجـرة الملعونة في القرآن موجودة اليوم في ليبيا.

= Khalid Sharif called himself Abouhazem and Abdul Hakim Belhadj, called himself Bruce sincere, and Sami al-Saadi called himself Eboumndhir, how are you looking for the truth with people originally forged their names.

*:= Tree cursed in the Holy Qur’an exists today in Libya.

Sincere’ Gharyiani calls once again, his MB militias ‘Dawn Libya’, for more fighting!

= الصادق الغرياني يدعو في كل مرة مليشيات فجر ليبيا للمزيد من القتال ، ليس هناك فجر في هذه الدنيا يستـدعيه غراب.

There is no ‘dawn’ in this world summoned by a crow.


17 FEBR.

posted 17 Febr. 2014

Harabn Badr every injustice has a limit and balance

Harabn Badr poem entitled Every injustice has a limit and balance, the conditions of Libya in its third year after the catastrophe of February



 ZERO HOUR, on FB, comments:

Libyan government in the era of Italian occupation in decisions issued arrest warrants for the Champions (Omar Mukhtar) ,,, Mtelma issued National Congress and the occupation government in the country today warrants on men or the issuance of decisions such as the decision to storm the cities number seven.

The same thing Mangar Xi, employment and Alandalh are the same, but was traded from father to son to grandson.

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:

The government said in a statement that called and called Bushmin # # Hassi and all of them will be brought complicity
For trial on charges of coup against the legitimate authority and Sinaloa their reward according to the law

01 NOVEMBER 2014

And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, posts:

By / Salah Albornawi
First of Novbemberr you will have  a date with history.

Is the green flag will come out of millions to fill the streets and squares you will move the crowd after this long silence, which has lasted for four years.

First of November, you will carry with him to the wedding which removes the suffering of the people. You will meet the true Libyans called ‘honorable’. We must move without delay.

The first of November, you will meet all institutes including Ahed Will we see claimants applying revenge battles.

The first day of November will be the honorable day of the Liberal supporters of Our Commander.

Will we see the tribal society in the squares calling for jihad alive.

 Our Commander is Alive, to cleanse the country or wonder, will return the data to wait a bit demanding for the abandonment of duties.

First of November, there will be exit; o,r as mentioned in the statement, would be an abandonment present to end all hopes.

First of November there will  no longer be excuses to abandon homes.

The first call from November is a response that revenge does come out of of Justice, re-calling.

First of November puts the dividing line; and end all controversy. It Is there for all the honest in the state, (or is it just ‘talk’ ?)

 reportedly becomes the First of November, an armed uprising led by each who says  “I’m Liberal, I’m honest, I’m from the tribe of Jihad Commander Mu’ammar. I’m not from the ground floor of shame.

First of Novbmr appeals to the millions of green families of martyrs; and it will respond to the call to be present at the time of the liberation of the country from the hands of cowards.

First of November Feltbda preparations from now with those who want to regain their home.




Allah is the GREATEST


Free Libya is a Green Great Jamahiriya

Rafla fighting Misurata



Belhadj kidnapped

Denier mesh kidnapped and does not represent himself and his party.




Video shows the degeneration Akhlaqkhm intellectual and naïveté and lies ..
Liar al-Manatahi
Sneak actually only creates for himself a million excuse to convince himself that he was right.

فيديو يوضح انحطاط اخلاقكهم الفكري وسذاجتهم وكذبهم ..

صوت المقاومة‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo : ‎فيديو يوضح انحطاط اخلاقكهم الفكري وسذاجتهم وكذبهم ..

الكذاب المناطحي
فيديو يوضح انحطاط اخلاقكهم الفكري وسذاجتهم وكذبهم ..

فعلاً الخائن فقـــــط يخلق لنفسه مليون عذر لكي يقنع نفسه انه على صواب .


SALAH BADI is still in LIBYA:

Walking near where Paddy dog today and is a fugitive from Borchadh.


SALEM DERBY (al-Qaeda operative)

And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath
Dogs Gahaúr muggers fleeing
Reported that the dog of dogs Gahaúr despicable commander so-called «Martyrs of Abu Salim» seek political asylum to Turkey
The source of the Libyan embassy in Istanbul, said that Salem Derby served as the administrator for a file wounded donkeys embassy commissioned by Matmrahumair Wati General outgoing without any time his official embassy.

The source added that the Turkish government has ignored asylum application did not respond to it.

It is noteworthy that the corrupt and contemptible Salem Derby, one of the leaders militant groups in the city of Derna, was the fact that during the outburst of debauchery battalion dubbed «Martyrs of Abu Salim», declared solved formally Baidsagot Libya in a cliff in October 2011, but the battalion continued to train young people and send most of them to join the fight in Syria within militant groups.


MITIGUA Ali asked “Broadcaster France 24″: -

Why was the burning of the airport in Tripoli and attack and destroy and murder in Rishvana

and looting of homes and the displacement of people and the attempted attack on the Zintan now?

Originally contained … Hfter to sow dissension in every family !!!!

al-Qaeda keeper of the Plateau prison and GNC “defense minister”,  KHALED SHARIF hating General HFTAR:




“Zero hour” on FB, gives us a warning about phony-currency circulating:

Generalizable and Publishing

Very large sums of money have been rigged from the Libyan currency of Class 10, 20 and 50 dinars … and now cranking markets .. was done Benghazi and Ajdabiya … note that the amount of estimated three million on its way to Tripoli … all Libyans take caution.

ساعة الصفر

للتعميم والنشر

مبالغ مالية كبيرة جداً تم تزويرها من العملة الليبية من فئة 10 و 20 و 50 دينار … واﻻن تضخ باﻻسواق .. تم ذلك ببنغازى و اجدابيا … علماً بأن مبلغ يقدر بثﻻثة مليون د في طريقها الي طرابلس … على كل الليبيين أخذ الحيطه والحذر .








Theft of heritage ….
Today has been arrested at the airport in Malta on a gang that smuggled ancient editions of the Holy Qu’ran and manuscripts from Libya, is believed to have been smuggled after looting suffered by the ancient mosques in the city of TRIPOLI, since the beginning of this month.
Moved from the Heritage Foundation Trabelsi



Yesterday, was attacked by a group belonging to the Roma Libya another house in the neighborhood Gharghour back to the family from the city of Sirte orphan Father was this group and on the lips of someone within the gunmen who came out after the massacre of the neighborhood in October last year, where the members of the group seized the taxi belonging to displaced families from City Kklh share the house with his friends and smashing Collectibles House and the second incident this week Halal exposed residents of the neighborhood where the identity Mazaigh order to displace them ..





Votes Shooting now in the Ain-Zahra area ….



This morning 10/21/2014 and camp in front of itinerant Tawergha in Tripoli ...

(in reference al-Doibh Airport Road) have been arrested brothers / Salj Matouk and Asaad key Qrlh

was being taken to the camp of Yarmouk, and efforts are underway for their release by members of the local council Tawergha ..


Presented by Dr. Nuri Dr. Gregorian, Faculty of Medicine of the death threat by force of arms in his office

in the past few days by someone .. and why so and so either succeed or kill you …


MB militias ‘Libya Roma’ puts-out a number of tanks and mortars in some streets of the capital Tripoli and residential neighborhoods.

PICTURE: The 170 TANKS sold to MISURATA by FRANCE, NOV. 2013



mechanisms armed in front of the Union Club and Cimafroa street corner and in front of Hotel Alrksus.


“ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa”, reports:

But at the center of the corner to provide brave Hlgodh and on to the factory for diapers on the corner, but Aabad kilometers where there are extremist groups “Interface Language” (Libyan supporters of al-Qaeda)

and groups coming from Sabratha # enlarge

Mth-day youth and graduated Order of the Phoenix to expel extremist gangs and help units al-Ehih inside corner of eliminating them.

God is great God is great ……

Government bending issued orders to its troops to enter the capital # Tripoli and control over all government offices there.
Oh God, smite the oppressors and oppressors Akhrzinha them unharmed:

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

# Important
The government statement on temporary entry to Tripoli, the Libyan army
Please importance of publishing.
# Tarabuls_gariba God willing
God is great and thankfully

(Process volcano – led by the national army)



Zintan brigade Qaqaa.

Libyan interim government gives orders to the Libyan army forces under the command of the General Staff’s progress towards
To liberate Tripoli, and at the same time ask the youth al-Mmelthmin Tripoli with Libyan army not to do any reprisals (no revenge).


Sites bombed by Libyan warplanes in Tripoli and its suburbs last night

1_ Creamy

2_ Airport Road

3_ Spring Valley


sports writer and media Faisal Zkth from within the walls of the club al-Ahli Tripoli.




Name .. Abdulaziz F, Al-Nami
Born in 1984 ..
Been kidnapped on 10.19.2014 … Allotfh area in Spring Valley


The militias and militias of Raouf ‘hater’ Roma Libya Cameras installed in many of the streets in the city of Tripoli. streets are ::
- Street Emhemed Maqrif;
- Street Mazran;
- Valley Street;
- Grand Hotel;
- Green Square;
- Omar Mukhtar Street;
- By rail in full;
And place of observation in the street Municipal Bureau of Human Rights


Abdullah ‘bending’ al-Thani, temporary PM, calls the residents all across the TRIPOLI region,


Announcement of civil disobedience across the capital Tripoli






“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:

Peace be upon you

Good morning and mercy and forgiveness on Hhdina to Oerar morning victory and omens that progress in multiaxial for the day to yesterday access to the outskirts of Gharyan strongholds Melcaat shields and “the gang just Daab”, which has terrorized the people of Gharyan of mandated and destruction, killing and looting of the citizens residing within the city’s residents that the Libyan army is determined to cleanse the Gharyan of this gangs.

PICTURE: ‘Fair’ DAAB, MB gang-leader


Operations room Zintan:

Congestion in Gharyan and the growing calls for the right to save the neighbor and the city of Gharyan not belonging to someone like Daab boy, SALAH BADI and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Gharyan tell her.




“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reporting:

Complete control of the Brigades the military council and units of the presidency of the General Staff of the Army of the Libyan village Kklh and escape the remnants of the extremists and the remnants of the gang mobile power inside the village # castle and fear for our people and the inhabitants of the castle of these groups have been besieging the castle of 4 axes and ask the people of the region to cooperate fully with the Libyan army .

_ (Libyan army)




And the land of thorns RISHVANA:ورشفانة-ارض-الشوك/202825839916998



al-Agami Ali el-Ethazy, military leader of Zintan, neutralised 169 land bombs planted by Misurata around Zintan:


(Honest and honable ZINTAN)

And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath

Admission of guilt is a virtue Thank you for honest Zintan !




your support for “free-free al-Zintani against (LYING) Ali campaign communications of the the MB ‘Roma Libya’ “الخـــال-الزنتــانـي/175596025836399

Khal Al-Zintani
Newsletter – Tqaver – religious – Sports – Mayhem every Libyan citizen



Operations room Zintan:

Media shame to lie every day and inventing a lie bombed airstrip Zintan and they know it is a lie,

and after a few pictures we get back from the runway to confirm our words.

Airstrip is lying Rdoh Airport.

the earlier LIE, of a similar untrue venir:

4 Mirage Jets out of MISURATA AIRPORT to BOMB ZINTANI, 20 JULY 2014

Saharan, comments
February is the plight of fruit lie in a lie of the day —

Magallowa Fashloum aircraft bombed realized it Nakba and the Libyan people Maamrah.

The lie emmanates from “al-Jazeera”.

King Adgjmptw:
The airport is becoming Batla say Qcefo Bedier Zee channel Al Jazeera Port Mizdah
هو يصير مطار وبعتلي قول قصفو بدير زي قناة الجزيره ميناء مزده

GANG  MB ‘Roma Libya’ Ttalaq-surface missiles on  ZINTAN.





Kklh some of the remnants of the spoils for the gangs Gsorh Army tribes.

‫#‏ككلة‬ بعض من بقايا وغنائم عصابات غسوره لصالح جيش القبائل .

Photo de ‎صوت المقاومة‎.
Photo de ‎صوت المقاومة‎.
Photo de ‎صوت المقاومة‎.
Photo de ‎صوت المقاومة‎.

Operations room Zintan:

The killing of one of the field commanders of the terrorist gangs Gsorh and is called “Ramadan hyena” Ngrna of the area and will be buried today afternoon there.

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood member on the Hyena and the elder brother of Ramadan Hyena killed Kahlaoui Abu Bakr, all from the village of al-Nghamish of Dar es Salaam in Sohag province.


The killing of   Corner-Inventory” Mustafa Hlvouh in today’s battles in the BIR SHEEP (sheep well).






Abdul Salam Al-Asmar Bin Sulayem Faitouri Hassani Idrissi. Is one of the most important scientists and advocates of Islam in the tenth century,

it Maalikis from the scholars and the world in the doctrine of the Sunnis and the community, is the most prominent sheikhs education and behavior on the approach imams mysticism.

One of the most important pillars of the scientific and advocacy movement in the Islamic Maghreb.

Ensure systematize the lawsuit and reformist attention to the various strata of society were not confined to the educated class, which made him a spiritual leader and a cornerstone for the footing of Islam in the Islamic Maghreb, and after five centuries after his death, the impact is still evident and influential at both the scientific and social .

عبد السلام الأسمر بن سليم الفيتوري الإدريسي الحسني. يعدّ من أهم علماء ودعاة الإسلام في القرن العاشر الهجري، فهو من فقهاء المالكية وعالم في عقيدة أهل السنة والجماعة، ومن أبرز مشائخ التربية والسلوك على منهج أئمة التصوف. وأحد أهم ركائز الحركة العلمية والدعوية في المغرب الإسلامي. تضمّن منهجه الدعوي والإصلاحي الاهتمام بمختلف طبقات المجتمع ولم ينحصر في الطبقة المتعلمة، الأمر الذي جعله قائداً روحياً وبمثابة حجر زاوية لرسوخ الإسلام في المغرب الإسلامي، وبعد مضي خمسة قرون على وفاته فإن أثره لا يزال واضحاً ومؤثراً على الصعيدين العلمي والاجتماع ].









Çanakkale Dard News
German news agency “DPA”:

witnesses inside the prison quietly assured the National Commission for Human Rights, that the prisoners were liquidated who are military personnel who have been arrested since the 2011 prison quietly reality in Misurata.










And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath

Supporters of evil al-Mqji in al-Novljeh planning to attack the head and nose, backed by a group of supporters of evil dogs fire in Sirte

Decomposed body found yesterday on the back area west of the city of Sirte # in one of the farms have

been transferred to the Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte city.



City of CASABLANCA, Libya

A car bomb explosion near the central support in CASABLANCA and does not record the human damage.



Found an unidentified body in the town of Prairie and Anaguetl deliberately unclear.

The body is now present in a hospital Prairie






in hours dissolute al-Aolh:

The occurrence of fire in the management of Man-made River Project area Hawari.

a new Fire Department building at the Great Manmade River in the region of Hawari…
Hallelujah ! the original building was, at the beginning of the events,  the room  of NATO operations.

In March of 2011, when Operation Zero Footprint began, the Tactical Operations Command building (TOC) was added and it looked like this:



Rockets at Hawari hospital in the district and Houcan master Aisha.



Three bodies were found in the area Qnfodh which is due to: -

- Secretary Ojaili;
- Mohammed Ojaili;
- Saleh Ojaili;

They are residents of the eastern region of milkfish versus Pharmacy people after he was abducted from in front of Hawari General Hospital and Red Crescent transported them to the Benghazi Medical Center!

Abdel Nasser Jeroshiokdt human rights activist Nevin researcher from «the Libyan international human rights»

Today, Wednesday assistant public prosecutor Court south of Benghazi Nasser Ali Saeed Jeroshi disappeared in mysterious circumstances, and that the last contact with him was Monday, October 20th at being fully ten pm.

It also confirmed the researcher’s «middle gate» that the last place he found it Jeroshi is the Arab Medical University, and was told his family that he would return to the House before his disappearance.
And works Jeroshi-old 33-year-old assistant public prosecutor Court of South Benghazi, and because of the suspension of the Court moved to the investigations in the room shared security in Benghazi, also did not find his car type «Hyundai Accent» Model 2013.



Mukd ::

After joining a group of military policemen Buhedama areas with youth group calculated on the Ansar al-Sharia militants attacked the prison by military police in the region to try to smuggle prisoners from inside the headquarters.

All were kidnapped prisoners detained in the prison of the military police Buhedama area last night by gangs of Ansar al-Sharia after clashes in the region and the prison is now empty and there are no luggage and only the needs of prisoners and unknown until now to where they were transferred. Search underway by honest Benghazi traced and locate them, and conflicting statements some of them say were transferred to the city of Ajdabiya and other farm to the martyr Abu Bakr Younis Jaber in Benghazi.







KHARIJITES reassemble and ARM:

The arrival of the second batch of the people of Hell Dogs Kharijites Farouk battalion convoy of supporters of evil (ANSAR al-SHARIA) to the gate Rulrhh consisting of 23 car and is considered armed Farouq Battalion were stationed in the city of Sirte and the majority were in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria .


Balsoh and uncertain entering the so-called terrorist Farouk Battalion and was stationed in Sirte to Benghazi full materiel to fight in the ranks of supporters of Sharia in Hawari ..’s when the island:



# Musdr Askara, reports:

Hussein Jawafa battalion, of CASABLANCA # Libyan army, seized control of entire regions of the Sidi Khalifa and Derianh # east of Benghazi, after clashes with groups «Al-Qaeda» taken from the two farms have forts.

A suicide bombing with the first hours of dawn today, targeting Gate forces affiliated to the Thunderbolt lead to the

injury of two people injured in the area Drianh in # Benghazi

A suicide bombing at the gate of Sidi Xueqr and killing one of the sons of the family al-Hqaaby and another in serious condition.

This Matbaki of the suicide bomber who blew up his spirit yesterday in buba sir Xueqr in Derianh Mazzika revolution blessing …..

 The army landed at # Deriana. 

Battalion Hussein Jawafa (an organization for the  Dignity) controlled Derianh Ali and Sidi Khalifa full.






Army in Sir Hussein

Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

News sporadic important for Benghazi! ?
1-29 dead in the ranks of the terrorists, including 6 from the city of Derna during the last 24 hours in Benghazi.

2 – killing, “Ibrahim Abdullah al-Mato” a member of the organization’s supporters Evil (nature) ANSAR al-SHARIA, area Garyounes a resident of Drianh.

3 – the killing of a young Tunisian extremist believed that he belonged to Ansar al-Sharia, in a suicide attack in Benghazi.
According to the Tunisian press and called the young man (Bilal Saadi) (24 years old) from the state, according to one of Kairouan
Tunisian newspapers when he traveled to Libya was in herewith 5 of young radicals.!

4 – the most dangerous terrorist injured in the head and is called A.Obeidh (Fawzi Mohammed Warfali) and the title of his family Trabelsi !!!
A direct hit by shrapnel in the head and shoulder in the bombing was carried out by Eagles atmosphere today ..

and now his condition is very critical. To Aistta travel for treatment.
Yet science is Amir Fawzi total evacuation.!

5 – cited (Abdel Bari Atwan) – editor in chief of Al-Quds newspaper in an interview with Channel 24 France: 
Area Have-built, in the success of the Libyan resistance, Kharijites and extremists when he was talking about the city.
Kobanî Kurdish Daash and try to control them, he said to the people (Kobanî) to emulate Have-built area.

Libyan Army, which managed to repel the attack of extremists valiantly impressive.!

(Sporadic important news about Benghazi!)


My violent clashes and heavy weapons battalion between 204 tanks and 17 militia Gahaúr Belkrb of Camp.

اشتباكات عنيفه و بي الاسلحه الثقيله بين كتيبة 204 دبابات و مليشيات 17 قهائر بلقرب من معسكر 204 دبابات

“DAASH” presents formally their successor to the defunct “Bajaddabaa black” of BENGHAZI’s Brotherhood ‘Shura Council’ !

Jardan want Libya such as Dubai
Majaúkm tidings of good Aa-Jerdan (RATS)
Base _mqatlh | _ansar Cher_ Brothers demons _daash_cil shura _ and finally

regulate the succession and the dogs are all corrupt from the dogs and the fire was convicted of ethics

and an asset to them bastard from the streets to Anarov them out.

Statement to regulate the succession of “Bajaddabaa black”!
For further cutting the throats of Libyans
Monthly is even Aa-Jerdan (RATS) Iaafruch Sacred Iaafruch sixty dog
Father Abu curse on your origin and your honor rotten.

This is the “DAASH” (IS) STATEMENT:



Damage to the area A-Humaidh after the car bombing


الأضرار التي لحقت بمنطقة الحميضة بعد تفجير السيارة المفخخة

Photo de ‎صوت المقاومة‎.
Photo de ‎صوت المقاومة‎.
Photo de ‎صوت المقاومة‎.
Photo de ‎صوت المقاومة‎.



Forms of terrorist stinking Anwar Saeed Ansari, a leader, murdered in his home

after the entry of the Army .. it.

Hell to abide therein…


Mounting for thick black smoke as a result of a direct hit to the whereabouts of

militia supporters of evil (ANSAR al-SHARIA) on River Road region by warplanes:

Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

“” “Hallelujah great” “”

He knew planes bombed Egyptian Nights of the second does not ‘Dawn’ Thalt

And two years, and the text of the assassination and over 500 Maarafosh of killing officer

and attained against unknown!



what remains of the home of

Mohammed Boca Orabai, in Sidi Khalifa:

استهداف منزل المدعو بوكا العريبي من قبل الجردان


استهداف منزل المدعو بوكا العريبي من قبل الجردان ..
وقد جعل الله كيدهم في نحورهم من افعالهم ..

Lire la vidéo


Libyan army in Sidi Khalifa... … Allahu Akbar:

Battalion Hussein Jawafa (an organization for the  Dignity) controlled Derianh Ali and Sidi Khalifa full.


Khal al-Zintani, reporting:

Major Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi) and correspondent channel dignity of Khalifa al-Obeidi,

and prostration of gratitude to God on the island of al-Salam neighborhood of Benghazi since few .

 They said the army to apostate ** Khc to Benghazi and prostrated

Maj # Mohammed el-Hassy (Mamed al-hijazi) and soldiers prostrate with joy the moment

they enter the city of Benghazi.



Explosion of a very large pool area and hear the sounds of bullets and heavy Witnesses say the blast

in the university clinic to smoke them out now! And others say a car bomb explosion next to the clinic.


Fire camp today at 7:00 am p .. in the residence of the number of displaced two families (trailers) and that the impact of electric ..

and seek the praise of God did not catch any one of the displaced and the damage was only material:

Now has shooting two people inside the car Hyundai lens leaden color when the region of Sidi Younes

was shooting at them from a car in Mjhlon Toyota Fjah
And b sought refuge to escape.



The assassination of the so-called zone of Sidi Ahmed Al-Haddad Younis ...


The prosecutor called the assassination of Sheikh said, “Mahmoud Madi al-Akora One of the members of the so-called Committee for the crisis and injuring his wife ..
Has received several threats and is the rest of the members of the Committee for the crisis! And is a member of Ansar al-Sharia!





Daash from Syria to Daash # tuber
# And terrorism
The so-called “police affiliated to the Islamic terrorist organization Daash” roam the streets of the city of Derna # # Libya



“DAASH” in contol




Ali was arrested terrorist “Tawfiq Makhlouf Hijazi” by the youth Tokrh;

later he was killed inside the city circle of Benghazi.




The killing of the so-called “Joseph al-Miar” A field commanders Lama called Battalion (Martyrs Salim),

one of the strongest and biggest battalions in the city of Derna # # in clashes in the city of Benghazi.

Battalion «Martyrs of Abu Salim» mourns one of its commanders | Gateway center
al-Miar Battalion of Martyrs of Abu Salim in the tuber (photo:)








Number of at least two MISURATA MB tanks and armed vehicles at the intersection Workshop Omar Hamad ..

please pay attention and prepare Aahlna Akaddadfh (Al-Qmazvh) .

Then the arrival of the force of the Thabo which were stationed in F. Law, which lies 120 kilometers from the area al-Qtron

and destination to # Sabha and positioning Sahara by the false.

The occurrence of an armed clash a little while ago near the island city of Sabha mother al-Mthabh.

Long live the State of Tykes

State Jardan muggers Almkhanb
An armed group to hijack an amount of 500,000 thousand dinars were transferred from

Sabha to the bank branch deserts seawall.


And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath


Misurata orders militia to spread in the south and in the region of full alert
Hoon to Sabha.



Shortly before the 3 armored MISURATA MB vehicles escorted by BMB 3 cars coming from the circular Gardah stationed at the

intersection of Omar Hamad has Baatalaq The air fire and then entered the center Mansheya …







Threw British police arrested three sons of Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Embassy in

# Libya # London … on charges of possessing weapons and drugs ..






Islam Against Extremism: Terrorism and the Tribulation of

the Kharijites

Today’s terrorists are yesterday’s Khawarij! They are a group of misguided youth who has wrong understanding of Islam.

Kharijites (Arabicخوارج‎ Khawārij, literally “those who went out”; singular, Khārijī ).This definition of Al- Khawarij, which is taken from Islamic terminology, has become a trademark for the twelve thousand Muslims who rebelled against Caliph Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, and this includes all the groups that followed their way of understanding the religion.  These groups have since been known as “Al-Khawarij” even though they carried different names. From their essentially political position, the Kharijites developed extreme doctrines that further set them apart from both mainstream Sunni and Shiʿa Muslims. The Kharijites were particularly noted for adopting a radical approach to Takfir, whereby they declared other Muslims to be unbelievers and therefore deemed them worthy of death.

Al-Khawarij are the people whom the Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings be upon him) mentioned when he said, what translated means, ” Nearing Qiyamah there will be a Group of people who will recite the Holy Quran but it will not go below their throats. They will leave the true Religion of Islam as fast as an arrow leaves the bow. They will be recognized by the shavings of their entire head and they will move in Groups and their last Group will emerge with Dajjal (Anti-Christ).   When you meet them you will discover their nature and character, the worst of its kind. (Mishkat p. 309).  

Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) has forewarned us from the above eventuality. He prophesied that certain individuals and Sects will rise in his Umma who will cause dissension, mischief and tribulation, particularly in the last centuries before Qiyamah.  (see here for details).

The Khawarij are not limited to the time of the first century of Islam. Many Ahadith indicate that people who have these characteristics will arise time and again throughout the life of this Ummah. Some Muslims find the blood of other Muslims lawful these days too, and either target Muslims with their  deviant thinking and weapons directly, or facilitate the non-Muslims in their war against Muslims. Present day Khawarij have set bounties on the heads of Muslims, and on top of that boast about their capture! Astaghfirullah.

The majority of Muslims (Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah) do not subscribe to extremist ideologies and theological perversions, which is why extremists find themselves constantly challenged, striving in every era to increase their small number and expand on their fringe positioning. Consequently, extremists have always tended to overtly gather to protect and pass their distorted views to the next generation built on youth. Today the khawarij still exist despite appearing under different names. Like their elders, they pass group-blasphemy to all those outside their sects. They continue to assault, to shed blood and to extort the properties of all those who defy them, the same way their elders did with the sons of the companions of the Prophet. Except today their threat is greater especially when they are not being faced with a unified and prompt ideological counter-offensive. Clearly, these and the killing of the innocent are attempts to destroy the reputation of Islam and Muslims.


Today, the threat of extremists is escalating and reaching new fronts beyond Middle East, South East Asia and New York. They kill unjustly on one hand and call themselves ‘the Salafi Group’ on the other hand. But, no two concepts can be more polarised. They hide behind the banner of Jihad and martyrdom and under the veil of Islam. The fact of the matter remains that Islam is against them and against their evil acts. Refuting them is an Islamic obligation and diffusing them should be a way of life for the true Muslim.

The khawarij of today follow the same concepts of their elders resulting in copycat acts of terror shedding the blood of the rulers; peoples of states; Imams; contractors; journalists; ambassadors; engineers; doctors; farmers; craftsman, and old and young males and females.


They are Khawarij (Kharijites). If anybody wants to eliminate terrorism and militancy from the world, then you have to eliminate Khawarij (Kharijites) and not support them. There cannot be dual standards, by providing them funds and then ask to eliminate terrorism. Terrorism and militancy is nowhere but in Khawarij (Kharijites).

You can look into the ideologies/beliefs (Aqaid) of all the terrorist organisations (who kill or sponsor terrorism) from the east to the west and you will find that none but Khawarij (Kharijites) are the terrorist organisations.

-Sheikh ul Islam Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri.

“Verily, the ideology of the Khawaarij which is exemplified in declaring the Islamic societies to be disbelieving (societies) has not ceased to spread, and it has its callers and those who organise for it to be spread. It is spread using these means by way of the Internet and the callers (to this ideology) spread it amongst the youth (in order) to employ their religious zeal.

This is done by spreading what they claim to be miracles of the mujaahideen, and this is amongst the ways of stirring up the youth and using their zeal. It is for this reason that they approach them from the avenue of their religion, and there has come in a hadeeth of Abu Bakr for a hadeeth of `Alee bin Abee Taalib (radiyAllaahu `anhu) in description of the Khawaarij – and Ibn Hajr has related it in the explanation of the hadeeth – “Then Satan will come to them from the avenue of their religion”.

And this is happening today, because what is spread on the World Wide Web is from unknown (unidentified) people, not known for knowledge and nor for religion.

-Shaikh Alee Naasir al-Faqeehee

They are a group of misguided youth who has wrong understanding of Islam. The Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) warned us from them. He told us that they kill Muslims and they are the worst people on earth. You look down at your prayers and other forms of worship when you compare it with theirs. He also told us that they recite the Quran a lot yet they leave the fold of Islam. The Prophet ordered us to kill them wherever we find them. Such people are a menace to humanity. They are the worst publicity to Islam. Due to their rebellious ideology, some immature Muslims may become impressed with them and subsequently follow them. Such ignorance is fatal. That is why it is important for scholars of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’ah (Majority Muslims) to be visible and available so that the youth can find a point of reference when in doubt. European and American Islamic centers must condense the number of Islamic lectures and family gatherings so that they can prevent the youth from falling into the wrong hands of the promoters of hate, violence and ignorance.

-Assim Alhakeem

The crimes and activities of Khawaij distort the true image of Islam. And this is in reality oppression. Oppression to Islam and the Muslims, because the people now, at this point, if it is said to them that these bombings are from Islam, then it will result in the people hating Islam. And they will hate the Muslims. And they will run away from Islaam. And they will have a feeling towards Islaam of enmity and rancour. Likewise these crimes involve lying upon Allaah and lying upon the Messenger.

It is obligatory upon the Muslims, all of them, that they honour their agreements, and they honour their contracts, and that they speak truthfully when they speak. The true Muslim is not treacherous, and he is not deceitful, and he does not lie, and he does not oppress. This is what Islaam teaches and this is something this is clear from the religion. As for those activities such as bombing and what is similar, they distort the true religion of Islaam and they ascribe to Islam which in reality is not from it. Because verily the true Muslims, those who understand the reality of the religion of Islam, in every place, they hate and reject and they criticise these criminal acts and they warn against them. And they warn against those people who call to these acts.

Far away and distant from extremism and far away from fanaticism, the true religion of Islaam is a religion of mercy, a religion of justice and a religion that commands that the contracts be fulfilled and kept. The religion of Islaam is not a religion that allows lies, it is not a religion that is barbaric and it is not a religion of treachery.

JIHAD: Profoundly misunderstood in today’s world, both by Non-Muslims and Deviant Sects in Islam.

According to Scholars, there are three levels of jihad:

  • Personal Jihad: The most excellent jihad is that of the soul. This jihad, called the Jihadun-Nafs, is the intimate struggle to purify the soul of satanic influence–both subtle and overt. It is the struggle to cleanse one’s spirit of sin. This is the most important level of jihad.

  • Verbal Jihad: On another occasion, the Prophet said, “The most excellent jihad is the speaking of truth in the face of a tyrant.” He encouraged raising one’s voice in the name of Allah on behalf of justice.

  • Physical Jihad: This is combat waged in defense of Muslims against oppression and transgression by the enemies of Allah, Islam and Muslims. We are commanded by Allah to lead peaceful lives and not transgress against anyone, but also to defend ourselves against oppression by “fighting against those who fight against us.” This “jihad with the hand” is the aspect of jihad that has been so profoundly misunderstood in today’s world.

(See here for details: Article 1 ,  Article 2  and Article 3)

No-one would be happy with these occurrences except one who is severely ignorant. The one who is ignorant of the true understanding of Islaam, he is the only one who would be pleased with the likes of these activities. Allaah does not like oppression and the Messenger Muhammad did not like oppression. Likewise the believers from the Muslims, they hate any type of oppression and they do not rejoice when it appears. The one who is happy at the like of this occurrence either they are extremely ignorant or they are people who love transgression are oppression. And they love barbaric acts. And we ask Allaah that he guides them and he rectifies their state. And Allah knows best.

So fear God, and do not be like he who is beguiled by them, and support their corrupt sect and worthless opinion, and their state of misguidance which was explicitly described by the Prophet (upon whom be blessings and peace), who characterized them as the ‘Dogs of the Fire‘ [kilab al-nar], and informed us that they are the ‘worst of all who dwell beneath the sky‘, and that they ‘swerve from the religion as an arrow swerves away from its target,’ and that they mouth among the best of sayings in the form of their prattlings about Tawhid, and implementing the Sunnah, and combating bid’as – and yet, by Allah, they are drowning in bid’a; in fact, there is no bid’a worse than theirs, which causes them to ‘swerve from the religion as an arrow swerves away from its target’, in spite of their superficial efforts in worship and adherence to the religion.

Additional Notes: Contrary to myth being fabricatedIslam does not pose a threat to the West. Rather, Islamic “terrorist” organizations have been created to serve Western imperialistic objectives. (Read: HERE)

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The extremist fanatics are doomed.” Although extremism is not a new phenomenon, the rebel exacerbations witnessed today requires prompt action and a strong resolve. The global extremist movement driving this form of anarchy is manifested in groups known by a multitude of names hiding behind Islam to roam among the Islamic communities without drawing suspicion. Extremism does exist. Admitting this and recognizing it as a dangerous force we can better plan to weed it from society. Islamic practice is a true following of the rules of Islam and extremism is a perverted view that deviates from the meanings of the merciful and the true meaning of Islamic shari`ah as exemplified by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, and practiced by the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Death is an absolute certainty. Fifty years from now many of us will not be living in this world. Our salvation and normal living in the ‘World after Death’ depends entirely on our Correct Islamic beliefs in this life.

On the Day of Judgment when Allah (SWT) will question the people ‘were not you warned about the danger of following your Sect’s beliefs when you were clearly told by the Prophet (SAWS) that out of 73 main sects and there many sub groups your chances of being on the right path will be less than 1%. On what basis you followed the founders of these sects?

People may probably reply that, O’ Our Lord, the preachers of these sects approached and convinced us repeatedly in groups, through television, through religious speeches / Qutbas in Juma prayers in mosques, through books, newspapers, and other media. They offered us financial assistance, jobs and made us believe their wrong faith by their oratory skills, from their religious pious looking dresses, long beards, mis-intepretations of Quran and Ahadith and exceptional photo finish memory and religious arguments and debates. We were innocent, we were not in a position to identify these disguised Robers of our faith. O’our Lord, we were innocent Muslims, we became victims of their political, organizational and financial network. Kindly forgive us.

Allah (SWT) will say that the time to ask forgiveness is over. The exam is over and today is the day of result. Today, justice will be done to every one.

Today mercy will be showered only on true believers and they will be rewarded more than their expectations.

It is Quran – That day people will return to their Lord being in different ways so that they may be shown their deeds. Then whosoever has done good of a weight of an atom shall see it. Whosoever has done evil of a weight of an atom shall see it. (Al-Zalzalah – 6-8).

Then Allah (SWT) may tell the followers of these sects, go to hell along with your founders/preachers/leaders. The Angels of torment will drag all those who were following these sects and throw them into Hell fire.

STAY AWAY from deviant sects – command of Prophet ﷺ.

It is has become common that we hear people say ‘we must put our differences to aside and unite with all other sects‘, these people [knowingly or unknowingly] are doing more damage than good.

“He who deviates from the largest group of Muslims, even as much as a hand span, has himself cut off his connection with Islam”. [Abu Dawud]

Do we want to be thrown into the Hell-Fire? No! Then why unite with those who have deviated with from the main group of Muslims? Unity can only be achieved if those who have deviated come back to the correct path.


Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) has forewarned us from the above eventuality. He prophesied that certain individuals and Sects will rise in his Umma who will cause dissension, mischief and tribulation, particularly in the last centuries before Qiyamah.

Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) made particular reference to a place called “Najd” in Eastern Arabian Peninsula and explained the characteristics of the evil people/ groups who will rise from there.

We are providing below the fore warnings of Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ) in this context.PROPHET’S (ﷺ) WARNINGS




SAIF, SAADI and MU’AMMAR in 2010:

Cleaning-up Libya


 “Zero hour”, on FB, posts:
These are the confessions of the West and the approval of the heads of their intelligence “conspiracy” which Ahict masterminded and carried out by them on our countries and which he calls the customer and ‘gullible revolutions’ of the ‘Arab Spring’.

Confessions of the CIA, unrepentive:

Confessions of the CIA, unrepentive




FALSE MUFTI destined for HELL

la vidéo de Tatannaki Hassan – Hassan Tatanaki.

Again confirms the Fatwa of (FAKE) SADAK GHARYIANI on it has become a formal institution to take care of terrorism in Libya and transmit the strife and discord between the people of one nation,

not a religious institution with a recipe reference in jurisprudence and transactions as it should be, Vtsaas Fatwa has led to let the NATO Mufti of ‘ending validity’ poking his nose in all projects that Libyans trying to heal the rift through which their state and the promotion of development and reconstruction.

Recently .. Fatwa issued a statement calling for the rejection of the dialogue led by the United Nations to end the political chaos in the country and the establishment of security and the return of state institutions to work.

The continuation of the Fatwa in incitement to violence and amputation projects dialogue and national reconciliation act of sabotage deliberately designed to thwart Libyan broadcast more discord among their ranks, and this work presents traffickers accountable legal and criminal accountability,

especially since the NATO MB Mufti has consistently been impersonated this capacity to cling to his position hostile for the stability of society and to reassure the people and state-building, but he accuses others of lying, and claims the right thing for himself,

what is right in kaafir to others, and any right in his boil fatwas whim, and any right in Astadaúh party over another, and any right in bias for the group engaged in terrorism, and destroy institutions State, and kill innocent people, and bombed the homes of citizens, and openly refusing and failing to recognize the democratically elected House of Representatives of the People.

Will not dwell upon you .. attached video shows you a small part of the truth of this! MB NATO Mufti. – ÀLibye


حسن طاطاناكي – Hassan Tatanaki‎ à Libye

مرة أخرى تؤكد دار الإفتاء على أنها باتت مؤسسة رسمية لرعاية الإرهاب في ليبيا وبث الفتنة والشقاق بين أبناء الوطن الواحد، وليست مؤسسة دينية ذات صفة مرجعية في الفقه والمعاملات كما يجب أن تكون، فتسييس دار الإفتاء أدى إلى السماح للمفتي المنتهي الصلاحية بدسّ أنفه في جميع المشاريع التي يحاول الليبيون من خلالها رأبَ الصدع والنهوض بدولتهم وتنميتها وإعمارها.
ومؤخراً.. أصدرت دار الإفتاء بياناً تدعو فيه إلى رفض الحوار الذي تقوده الأمم المتحدة من أجل إنهاء الفوضى السياسية في البلاد واستتباب الأمن وعودة مؤسسات الدولة إلى عملها.
إن استمرار دار الإفتاء في التحريض على العنف وبتر مشاريع الحوار والمصالحة الوطنية عملٌ تخريبي متعمّد يهدف إلى إحباط الليبيين وبث المزيد من الفتنة بين صفوفهم، وهذا العمل يعرّض القائمين به للمساءلة القانونية والمحاسبة الجنائية، خاصة وأن المفتي قد دأب منذ انتحاله هذه الصفة على التشبث بموقفه المعادي لاستقرار المجتمع وطمأنة الشعب وبناء الدولة، بل إنه يتهم الآخرين بالكذب، ويدّعي الصواب لنفسه، فأي صواب في تكفيره للآخرين، وأي صواب في قيامه بسلق الفتاوى على هواه، وأي صواب في استعدائه طرفاً على آخر، وأي صواب في انحيازه لجماعة تمارس الإرهاب، وتدمر مؤسسات الدولة، وتقتل الأبرياء، وتقصف بيوت المواطنين، وتجاهر برفضها وعدم اعترافها بمجلس النواب المنتخب ديمقراطياً من الشعب.
لن أطيل عليكم.. الفيديو المرفق يوضح لكم جزءا يسيراً من حقيقة هذا المفتي!!.


Chiaan with dignity and army, reports:

(Apparently the Kharijites/’Muslim’ Brotherhood think they have a god-given right to kill and destroy !!)
The ‘dawn of Libya’ and the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in Libya applying a complaint to the United Nations because of international support for the Libyan army in the heap, despite the ban resolutions issued by the UN Security Council, where assisted by the Libyan army satellite, the French, Hftar, 1 and submarine British, Mohammed el-Hassy(Hejazi), addition to the aircraft carrier USS Sagar, in the attack on the sites ‘rebels’ (which they call themselves !) in Libya and particularly in Benghazi.

 Ohh their right to kill and destroy is being ‘infringed’ upon !!

ANASAR al-Sharia weapons coming from Qatar:

 “Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, presents us with the
Video Dahr which called Hathem Tagouris Dirt when Meskuh the first time at the airport in Tripoli


أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

فيديو يضهر فيه المدعو هيتم التاجوري الوسخ عندما مسكوه المرة الأولي في مطار طرابلس

Générer une vidéo appelée Swapna eltagoury saleté lorsqu’ils lui a tenu tout d’abord à l’aéroport de Tripoli

Chiaan with dignity and army, reports:
Mesh all areas because the Kharijites and the army stationed wrapped Advanced Baden God

Intervention by Dr. Masood Qrifah about current events.

Children of SALAH BADI:








In case of our troops being attacked (by mongrels of the Brotherhood/Kharijites):

Libyan army forces controlled the area # Nasiriyah and the road leading to Zahra and currently Thhidat near the city of # Zahra.

Ali militias

We are going to attack the offender, “Abu Obeida angular” and of Hafaha.
The militias also put sand barriers in the world for fear of any attack on them.


(Process volcano – led by the national army)


Kharijite attack


Each youth and Rishvana online and in the areas of Bani Walid and Tarhouna market Sunday and respects

the four immediately move towards their areas for the purpose of securing Libya from the gangs

that wreaked havoc in the land.





Statement from the Operations Room,Chiefs of Staff concerning our MARTYRS:

Operations room of the Libyan army in the Western Region
This room is formed by decision of the chief of staff of the Libyan army,

Major General Abdel-Razek Nazawra and are tracking the presidency of the General Staff directly.
Organisme gouvernemental…/غرفة-عمليات…/1544718649073958

غرفة عمليات الجيش الليبي بالمنطقة الغربية

la vidéo de operations room of the Libyan army in the western region.
Statement is an operations room of the Libyan army in the western region on current events

Lire la vidéo





The evil Militias have now gone ‘home’, wagging their tails behind them.
le statut de operations room of the capital – the Libyan National Army.


Col. Idriss material deny the news circulating on the channel news, and says that the army is dominated Ali Abu Shaybah has control over Borchadh and through association and Azizia,

Gary combing areas and Rishvana to pre-Zahra and forearm and confirms that the militias of Misrata have pulled out of Tripoli and some of them withdrew to Misurata and confirms that in all axes things under control and the best okay.

forced Misurata MB Shield Militias retreat from Tripoli:



14.5 in the road to the airport in threshing Got al-Shall sporadic shooting.

Shen Sayer nights Tsknu Gadi.


3 dead and 21 wounded in the ranks of the militia shields Brotherhood “dawn of Abba”

to arrive in Tripoli’s Abu Salim Hospital Accident.



The remnants of the Roma Libya today in the quarries after Qouattalqubaúl control it ..

Fled and left their group ,,, God and yes agent in each of these tricked young:

ساعة الصفر‎ a ajouté 4 nouvelles photos.

بقايا غجر ليبيا اليوم في الكسارات بعد سيطرة قواتالقبائل عليها ..

هربوا و تركوا جماعتهم ،،،حسبنا الله ونعم والوكيل في كل من غرر بهؤلاء الشباب

Photo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎.
Photo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎.
Photo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎.
Photo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎.


Each youth and Rishvana online and in the areas of Bani Walid and Tarhouna market Sunday and respects

the four immediately move towards their areas for the purpose of securing Libya from the gangs that wreaked havoc in the land.






picture of prisoners captured by the Army, in KKLH:

one of the captured, is a Yankee:


This section to a member of the national power in the animated # Kklh was trying concentration in one of the places

to snipe Libyan army men Guetm Guens.


1 130 vues

اصداء ليبية‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

هذا المقطع لاحد افراد القوة الوطنية المتحركة فى ‫#‏ككلة‬ كان يحاول التمركز فى احد الاماكن لقنص رجال الجيش الليبى قتم قنصه.




Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

Libyan army forces controlled the area # Azizia fell militias, “the dawn of Libya” beyond # forearm.

(Process volcano – led by the national army)




The escape of all forces in the road from the ZAHRA bridge to Azizia except for Force 10 which was composed of four mechanics, who were found in the streets of Sidra, left of the road leading to the Mosque of the children.

Mosque of the Children in AZIZIA

Attia is locked barricades awareness trace the traitor Mustafa Abuschjoh and al-Saya Ghalib Atwi ..
Where to Flee Aakhunh will Tnfkm Soaturkm .


Battles in Azizia between the Libyan army and militias, “the dawn of Libya”
Friday October 17, 2014
Tripoli -abdabasit Ben Hamel:

Renewed clashes since the early hours of Friday morning west Azizia area and Ugana and head Allf and beauty between the Libyan army against the militias, self-styled “dawn of Libya”, which does not recognise the House of Representatives, and is Svenha terrorist.

Dawn Libya in AZIZIA

According to eyewitnesses, the “gate Africa news,” observed yesterday evening five until the late hours of the night, large numbers of cars ambulance heading towards Tripoli in addition to jet ambulance, which refers to the casualties in the ranks of the “MB militia of Dawn Libya”, which discreetly has not counted on the numbers of dead and wounded, according to witnesses .معارك-فى-العزيزية-بين-الجيش-الليبي-و-ميلشيات-فجر-ليبيا

battles in AZIZIA



page Blake
Page \\ page in favor of boys and Rishvana
Praise be to God a thousand goodصفحة-أولاد-صالح-ورشفانة/659059337534644



Page boys favor and Rishvana
Children are in favor of the drum in the fourth drums and Rishvana and place in the primary area of forearm.



Criminal gang Talah Valley to withdraw the globe and Tagaflha barricades after the advancing forces of the tribes.


Now offers National Army for the Liberation of the area and Rishvana

Operating room

News of the Libyan army to enter the area and Rishvana
Friday, 17 October 2014
Tripoli -mtaavat

According to local sources, on Friday, boosted the Libyan National Army from entering the area and Rishvana southwest of the capital Tripoli controlled by MB militias belonging to Ansar al-Sharia forces ‘Dawn Libya’ al-Musnaftin among terrorist groups.
The sources said that the army entered the region from the south, especially in the area of ​​Nasiriyah (40 km south west of Tripoli). There was no official statement from the Libyan army to confirm the news, while there was no denial from the MB ‘rebel’ militias.

On the other hand, the higher the death toll from fighting between the Libyan army and the MB militant group Ansar al-Sharia, in the area al-Majora eastern city of Benghazi, Libya, to 14 people, has renewed clashes Friday morning, while Libyan warplanes stepped up raids on several locations of the Brotherhood gunmen.

The Libyan army announced that he has achieved, on Thursday, progress in the city of Benghazi, in the framework of decisive battle initiated, to purge the city of insurgents. The army said that the Libyan circumference of Benghazi, the second largest city in Libya, it is safe, pointing out that the military operation “will continue until the expulsion of the militants.”أنباء-عن-دخول-الجيش-الليبي-لمنطقة-ورشفانة

PAGE: “The event Rishvana Libya”, summerises

The last news of Benghazi at dawn on Friday to noon.
al-Majora area barricaded streets and prevent the Kharijites of entry and exit and knead them surrounded the houses follow the Kharijites, also enable the youth of the area al-Majora, arrested two of them, added to the killing of a member of the Kharijites, after trying to enter the area Bmadrah Natdr.

Now, young people encircling home al-Krishna area al-Majora

to the presence of one of ANSAR al-SHARIA in the
Louhichi area.

and excelled Adehlt all areas in Benghazi Bsatrchbab Louhichi full Ali also asked for their area of ​​the police station in the scope of Arabism actually open their circle center and the willingness of young people to protect it.

continued to be the headquarters of the Interior and for adopting legal measures to catch the Kharijites.

Hawari and Garyounes and Laithi and Qguarhh clashes between Battalion 204 and 21 Bmsandt young people against the Kharijites.

el-Sabri explosions and we have no confirmed reports about the source.

The city center and market complete with whale chill hear the blasts from afar.

The warplanes were patrolling and then hear the voices of the explosions.

Unless we insist Benghazi youthful and brave army said the debt of the world is not terrorism in

Benghazi Fbnghaza Stdil bacillus Ali oppressors

and you, from al-Qathafi, have learned a lesson.

To emphasize what you deploy Review page to see the photos.






News about the people of Gharyan negotiate with tribal forces after the escape of most of the Roma gangs Libya ..

le statut de operations room of the capital – the Libyan National Army.

Residents of Gharyan honorable now Atfawdo together the military and news says that the people of Gharyan Trdo offender just Daab and Atalibo him out of the area and the lack of involvement in the battles

together the law of the state does not respond to their area of destruction, such as what happened to the city of Kklh after Majrog cliques Roma Libya and Ansahbu to Tripoli and left them on their own battle (Guenalkm From the first, but your neighbors Malakmh Masamatosh speech)

Nugeo appeal to all the tribes of the mountain that Aouhdo ranks together their families and their people together and Abako mountain tribes under the law of the state is not.

Gharyan under the eyes # al-Jeic_al-Libya.




Mohamed Libya, comments:
“Leaders and media Misurata Misurata Misurata pages and playing on sedition in the Nafusa Mountains

between Amazigh and Arabs in order to achieve their purpose, which Vchlo and will fail to achieve.
Misrata has become like apple Alkhamra wherever you go bedeviled.”
la photo de “Tripoli together young youth Benghazi on 15 against them to the terrorists”:

Channel Misurata that follow Sowaihili calls his militia and the need to ask their own axes to join immediately and it seems they are in the case of horror …. # Tarabuls_alhaddt


la vidéo de Zintan TV channel.
Statement of members of the courts of appeal courts Alqdaúaahibntaq, Benghazi,

Casablanca, and Green Mountain

قناة الزنتان الفضائية‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

بيان أعضاء الهيئات القضائيةبنطاق محاكم إستئناف محاكم بنغازي البيضاء الجبل الأخضر



Visit of the Libyan Parliament Speaker (Parliament) Saleh blasted, on Thursday, the Libyan interim government’s

headquarters in Casablanca, where he met with Abdullah bending, the Libyan

interim prime minister and his deputies and some ministers



الأخبار الليبية من بوابة افريقيا الاخبارية‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

زيارة رئيس مجلس النواب الليبي (البرلمان) ،عقيلة صالح قويدر ،الخميس ،مقر الحكومة الليبية المؤقتة بمدينة البيضاء ،أين التقى خلالها عبد الله الثني رئيس الحكومة الليبية المؤقتة ونوابه وبعض الوزراء.






Tawergha Camp….

le statut de “Geraúm_fjr_Libya”

Are these the actions of Muslims ? and people who are calling for the application of Sharia !!!! ??????????????????????

Thus ANSAR al-SHARIA converged in their evil; and burned the Garyounes camp of displaced Tawergha _gareonc

Abandon the people of Tawergha new basic principle of the camp they are displaced

# Cefhh_geraúm_fjr_Libya



Ansar al-Sharia burn Taurigha Camp in Garyounes, 2Ansar al-Sharia burn Taurigha Camp in Garyounes, 2

@ ANSAR al-Sharia:

‘Have you forgotten Allah?… Even if you have, He has not forgotten you.’ -Mussa
(due reward from Allah is coming)


truce, so the Evil forces can regroup !

The UNO is requesting a 4 Day truce;

Counting defeat, ‘forces Dawn Libya’ and retreating ..
UN envoy announces by entering into a truce
For 4 days in the western region, Li insert aid
To Kklh ..
And Rishvana surveyed survey for 40 days and did not move
United Nations, Qcefo fuel tanks and almost get
Disaster in Tripoli, and destroyed the airport and the UN
Ambassador Jones watching.

And Alan after the collapse of the militia Brotherhood
They want a truce until the siege and the smuggling of weapons to Gharyan.

Unfortunately, the influence of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is very clear and the support of the American and Western
of Her, is quite clear. To customers and they are from Western intelligence Snathm.

Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists”, is questioning this rightfully:

United Nations Mission in Libya, UNSMIL propose a humanitarian truce in the west of the country for a period of 4 begins at the middle of the night.
Why not ask the United Nations in Libya humanitarian truce when it was bombed and Rishvana and the displacement of people, and why at this particular time in the light of progress and the withdrawal of the army battalions Misrata and semi-collapse of the militia forces Dawn Libya?
Ahdro Aajishna hero of Mac you resist until victory
Please al-Haddr al-Haddr al-Haddr

شباب طرابلس معا شباب بنغازي يوم 15 ضد الخوارج والارهابيين
بعثة الأمم المتحدة في ليبيا UNSMIL تقترح هدنة إنسانية في غرب البلاد لمدة 4 تبدأ عند منتصف الليلة.
التعليق :
لماذا لم تطلب الأمم المتحدة في ليبيا هدنة إنسانية عندما تم قصف ورشفانة وتهجير أهلها ، ولماذا في هذا التوقيت بالذات في ظل تقدم الجيش وإنسحاب كتائب مصراتة وشبه إنهيار قوات مليشيات فجر ليبيا ؟
احدرو ياجيشنا البطل من الهدنه عليكم بمقاومه حتى النصر
الرجاء الحدر الحدر الحدر

This is what was requested and happend in the UKRAINE in September…and we witnessed the terrible consequences…

This is an insane philosophy: “IF THE United States and its allies (UNO / NATO) want to combat the Islamic State jihadists (IS, formerly known as Isis) successfully, they should arrange a ceasefire.”

perhaps this is exactly what the West / UNO wants; so the WAHABI militias can regroup and go forward with their terror in numbers and retake TRIPOLI and Benghazi.

Hftar to the Youth of Benghazi

Major General Khalifa Hftar directs the message to the young people of Benghazi
Friday 17 October 2014
Benghazi -bwabh Africa News
The face of Major General Commander Operation Dignity, Khalifa Hftar, on Friday, a message to the young city of Benghazi, eastern Libya, in which Reverent anf Holy forces Libyan National Army in what is known in the media as the “uprising of October 15,” aiming to purge the city from WAHABI-terrorist groups,

not to prejudice the social fabric for the city, “remark on our young people not to carry out any acts of sabotage or revenge would impact on the social fabric coherent in the city.”

And praised Hftar in a statement to Channel Libya dignity, role of youth city of Benghazi in securing the city, “I greet all of our young people in the areas of the city of Benghazi and tougher on your hands in support and the support of the national army in its military operations, and eliminate or keep the terrorists from the city,” expressing his satisfaction preliminary results achieved by the army, calling for more young people to Benghazi rally around the national army and imitate his instructions.

Hftar and called in the same context, young city of Benghazi to deliver those arrested to the nearest concentration of the national army units, so that in the future to bring them to justice, and concluded by saying “victory is near, God willing.”اللواء-خليفة-حفتر-يوجّه-رسالة-إلى-شباب-بنغازي

Now violent clashes between the forces of the national army, and elements

# Tnzim_al-Hadh in each of al-Majora, Garyounes, Sabri, Buhedama, and Quiche.

Progress of the Libyan National Army in Benghazi
Friday 17 October 2014
Benghazi -bwabh Africa News *

Achieved the Libyan National Army, on Thursday, progress in the city of Benghazi, east of the country, within the framework of decisive battle initiated, to purge the city of insurgents.

The army announced that the Libyan air force bombed several sites for the gunmen, pointing out that the perimeter of Benghazi is safe, and that the military operation will continue until the expulsion of the militants, after violent clashes broke out in several axes, which resulted in the deaths of the two parties. He succeeded the Libyan army, the first on Wednesday, in control of the sites of armed militias in Benghazi after clashes involving residents of the city by government forces seeking to defeat the groups “terrorist.”

After the commander vowed “Operation Dignity”, Major General Khalifa Hfter, to “liberate” Benghazi, the military launched intense attacks in conjunction with the cover of the Air Force, which enabled the government forces from entering the city east of the country.

In this context, the President of the Libyan government, Abdullah bending, for “Sky News Arabia” that the army has succeeded in controlling several sites belonging to the armed militias in Benghazi, forcing the troops, “Shura Council” to flee.

He welcomed as “any armed group want to fight under the umbrella of the army,” adding that “the youth of Benghazi” rails erected at the entrances to the city for “cracking down on armed groups, to make it easier for the Army to fight in areas away from civilians.”

Not only the residents of Benghazi to support the Army to participate in the fight against the groups classified by the Parliament terrorist, but activists staged protests in the streets of the city against the Wahabi-militias, which includes the Ansar al-Sharia.

This has resulted in armed clashes, killed more than 12 ten people, mostly ANSAR al-SHARIA, according to military spokesman for the Libyan army, which also confirmed that the airforce carried out raids on several locations infested by Ansar al-Sharia.

In conjunction with the Battle of Benghazi, spoke of some of the sources, concerning the outbreak of clashes between the army and militias, “the dawn of Libya” in the capital, Tripoli, and within the city of Gharyan, where government forces are on the verge of swab-editing collections of WAHABI. progress-Army-National-Libyan-in-Benghazi


Killed, “Walid Ashour” in the cast blew up his car a shot, one of the members of the militia,

the so-called Ansar al-Sharia # Benghazi


la vidéo de Canal Libya dignity.

# Guenah_libya_al-Kramh
General Command of the Libyan National Army on the afternoon of Thursday, 16OCTOBER 2014,

in the area of Have-Built.


قناة ليبيا الكرامة‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.


القيادة العامة للجيش الوطني الليبي عصر يوم الخميس الموافق 16-10-2014 في منطقة بنينا .

Warplanes bombed WAHABI-militant positions in Benghazi
Friday, 17 October 2014

Benghazi -ocalat

Libyan warplanes stepped up late on Thursday of raids on sites belonging to the group “Ansar al-Sharia” in the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya.

This comes just hours after the aircraft belonging to the Libyan air force bombed several sites for the gunmen, while clashes erupted in several axes, which led to casualties on both sides, and declared the Libyan army that he has achieved, on Thursday, progress in the city of Benghazi, in the framework of decisive battle initiated, to purge the city of WAHABI-insurgents.

And killed at least 25 people during the 24 hours since Wednesday morning, in this new offensive launched by the Libyan army on the city controlled by armed MB WAHABI terrorist groups.

According to an official in the Ministry of Health, the Libyan “bomber died Thursday as he was preparing to carry out a suicide attack near a military barracks in the city.”

Participating youth groups are helping the armed forces of the army to restore the city of Benghazi, which fell into the hands of WAHABI “extremists” last July, including militants from the group “Ansar al-Sharia.”





While the Libyan army announced that it seized the headquarters of the battalion, “February 17,” which is controlled by the MB militia, said a military source told “AFP” the army was “later forced to withdraw from this base located at the western entrance of Benghazi.

Call a truce
In the meantime, I drew the Libyan Red Crescent Society appeal, on Thursday, for a cease-fire in the city of Benghazi to allow the evacuation of stranded families. The closed banks, government offices and shops opened in the second largest city in the country for a second day of clashes, where warplanes bombed sites of the BROTHERHOOD Wahabi-armed militias.

The Red Crescent branch in Benghazi, in a statement, urged all parties to a cease-fire, even for one hour, to allow the evacuation of families from their homes. He said in his Facebook that he had received dozens of letters from citizens asking for the evacuation of their families.…/الطيران-الحربي-يقصف-مواقع…


le statut de
“Rebellious Cyrenaica Cyrenaica rebel”

Libyan army Eastern region ....

Forces stormed the Libyan army advanced from Mahmor Boatni to one farmer al-Misurata pay off

these were Farm was a weapons store for Taatkvran and Kharijites and when progress army fled

he was a Turcot behind their weapons and ammunition ..

God is great, God is great and God grant victory to the army on these Kharijites ..
(30 photos)

Rebellious Cyrenaica برقة المتمردة‎ a ajouté 30 nouvelles photos.

مداهمة قوات الجيش الليبي المتقدمه من محمور بوعطني لاحدى مزارع المصاريت تؤتي اكلها فقد كانت هذه المزرعه عبارة عن مخزن سلاح للتتكفرين و الخوارج وعندما تقدم الجيش فر من كان فيها وتركو ورائهم اسلحتهم وذخائرهم .. الله اكبر الله اكبر وربي ينصر الجيش على هؤلاء الخوارج ..

Photo de ‎Rebellious Cyrenaica برقة المتمردة‎.
Photo de ‎Rebellious Cyrenaica برقة المتمردة‎.
Photo de ‎Rebellious Cyrenaica برقة المتمردة‎.
Photo de ‎Rebellious Cyrenaica برقة المتمردة‎.

Weapons and ammunition found in one of the stores Ansar al-Sharia,

which was dominated by the National Army area Boatni

أسلحة وذخائر وجدت بإحدى مخازن أنصار الشريعة والتى سيطر عليها الجيش الوطنى بمنطقة بوعطنى ..

Photo de ‎ناصر الهوارى‎.
Photo de ‎ناصر الهوارى‎.
Photo de ‎ناصر الهوارى‎.
Photo de ‎ناصر الهوارى‎.
Photo de ‎ناصر الهوارى‎.


la vidéo de ‎Afrigatenews\libiya-الأخبار الليبية من بوابة افريقيا الاخبارية‎.

la vidéo de Libyan military establishment.

Shortly before the Libyan army forces in the streets of Benghazi

قبل قليل قوات الجيش الليبي في شوارع بنغازي

Lire la vidéo

la vidéo de Afrigatenews \ Libya- News of the Libyan African news portal.
Libyan Army advance in # Benghazi
Analysis of the journalist Mahmoud Masrati channel Sky News Arabia


Afrigatenews\libiya-الأخبار الليبية من بوابة افريقيا الاخبارية‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

الجيش الليبي يتقدم في ‫#‏بنغازي‬

تحليل الصحفي محمود المصراتي على قناة سكاي نيوز عربية


.The arrival of the Thunderbolt Battalion 21 to the neighborhood in the city of Benghazi al-Majora

la vidéo de The great Rishvana / Great Wrishvana:

Gangs of supporters of evil (ANSAR al-SHARIA) detain a young man from Benghazi District al-Majora and steadfast adherence to brutally. Where, O ye of Islam Kharijites your battle with the Libyans now become either kill them all and judge yourselves either Siktsoa you all

- Libya will be the end of extremism which will spend on terror and Jujh

عصابات انصار الشر تعتقل شاب من بنغازى حى الماجورى الصامد وتقيده بكل وحشيه اين انتم من الاسلام يا خوارج معركتكم الان اصبحت مع الليبين اما تقتلوهم جميعا وتحكموا انفسكم اما سيقتصوا منكم جميعا
– ليبيا ستكون نهاية التطرف وهى من سيقضى على الارهاب وخوارجه

Lire la vidéo


:Areas under the control of the youth of Benghazi and the Libyan army


Buhedama – al-Kwyfah – Budzirh – HAVE-built – Boatni – Salam neighborhood


Louhichi – families are – Shabana – neighborhood of the dollar – the land of Quraish – guard


Housing – Land Zwaoh – Mr. Yunus – Fatih district – al-Haddaig


al-Majora – Zeitoun neighborhood – the pond – Sbalh – Quiche – Tablino


Pepsi Street – Alfoahat – Rahba Street – Venice – Tablino


Blon Street – Dubai – al-Jamal Street – twenty – Beirut Street


Mr. Hussein – Ahumaizh – neighborhood thieves

 .Camp 204 tanks – Camp 21 Thunderbolt 70% under the control of the army and the youth of Benghazi




War in the streets of Benghazi and now heavy losses in the ranks of “supporters of evil” (ANSAR al-SHARIA) and the Council of bulls (SHURA COUNCIL) traitors and heretics still ongoing bombing sites in QNFODH


«21 Thunderbolt

.parents demanding the expulsion of militants from on their farmlands, the evening before Mzrall

Benghazi – «Gateway center» Salem al-Obeidi | Friday, 17 October  2014

Demanded battalion «21 Thunderbolt» Martyrs corner, in a statement on Friday, the people of the West Qnfodh city of Benghazi, and the area Garyounes in the way of the valley, to expel the Brotherhood Militias and Kharijites who are targeting the camps «21 Thunderbolt» and «204 tanks» from their farms.

She Battalion, in its statement, which summarized its «Gateway center», that the Libyan army has instructions to target the sources of fire by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but the presence of civilians to prevent them from responding to the source of fire.

The statement warned parents who put Bmzarahm rocket launchers, targeting military camps that have until nine o’clock on Friday evening, and will be answered on the sources of fire Similarly afterwards.




clashes are still continuing in the Ubari
(Zintan team was sent to reconcile tribes in UBARI, 27 SEPT. 2014)

DAASH, ISIS Islamic State map of their intended Caliphate
(!Corsica and Sardinia seem to have sunken into the sea of oblivion)





    “Corner with the army and police against terrorist militias Brothers Misrata”, posts

Sunday .. Egyptian army starts biggest maneuver since the 18-year-old
Saturday 18 October 2014
Cairo – Anatolia
Egyptian army said it would start, on Sunday, the largest military maneuver him 18 years ago.

He announced Brigadier General Mohammad Samir military spokesman, in a press conference held today, Saturday, for “the decision to the General Command of the Armed Forces, the establishment of the maneuver (Bader 2014) came, after the restoration of the police for the position and functions of the full and the improved security situation in the country”, did not clarify the date of the end of the maneuver begins on Sunday.

Samir said: “This maneuver is the largest, at the level of all tactical formations and the main branches of the armed forces, since 1996, as part of the tactical planning for the year 2014 combat.”

He explained that the maneuver is more sophisticated maneuvers in terms of planning, training and the size of the forces involved, pointing out that the size of the forces involved in the maneuver, “Badr” weak forces that participated in the maneuver in 1996, without mentioning the number of troops participating in the maneuvers.

The maneuver after nearly four years of the descent of the Egyptian army into the streets to support the police in restoring security and the protection of the home front after the revolution of January 25, 2011, its owner claims in some political circles in the Egyptian army to return to barracks to maintain the efficiency of combat.

In what was seen military spokesman, that the aim of the maneuver “to emphasize the combat efficiency of the leaders and officers, in defense of the homeland by land, sea and air with constant readiness to secure the home front.”

For his part, saw a military expert Safwat El Zayat that the maneuver as a “message, trying to confirm the readiness of the armed forces and the removal of uncertainty about the impact of its preoccupation home front four years ago on the performance of combat.”

Said Zayat, a former dean of the Egyptian army, told Anatolia that the timing of the maneuver “routine,” noting that the armed forces are usually evaluated maneuvers in the month of October called “Fall strategic maneuver.”

He attributed Zayat described as “the greatest” to the desire of the armed forces in directing a message confirming their readiness and combat readiness despite concern over the past four home front.
Some have questioned the decline of the combat capabilities of the Egyptian army because of preoccupation with the home front, which is trying to exile from the armed forces during the maneuver described as the largest, according to a military expert.

And about the possibility of a link between the maneuver and the regional situation in objective seriousness of the “organization” Daash, said military expert told Anatolia: “maneuver does not mean anything for what is going on around us, conventional military power is no longer a role as it was in the past.”

Zayat explained by saying that “conventional wars over from history, the evidence is that America has not so far made on the use of ground force in organizing Daash hit.”

The Egyptian army in the 2013 maneuvers with live ammunition fired by the “Badr -2013″ in Suez, north-east of Egypt, said al-Sisi, who served as defense minister then said that “the real powers of the Egyptian army (lies in) continue training and maintaining his efficiency hostilities”, He was quoted by the official page of the wearer’s military spokesman, Col. Ahmed Mohammed Ali.الأحد-الجيش-المصري-يبدأ-أكبر-مناورة-منذ-18عاما

Egyptian Army

Egypt and Sudan agreement

Sisi: Egypt and Sudan support the legitimacy and the Libyan army
Cairo – «Gateway center» | Sunday, October 19th, 2014,
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi summit that Egyptian – Sudanese, which was held yesterday in the Egyptian capital (Cairo), dealt with cooperation in various political and economic fields, in addition to discussing the situation in Libya.

He said al-Sisi, through the floor shared by her and President Omar al-Bashir at the conclusion of their talks on Sunday, during the meeting, it was agreed to coordinate efforts to stabilize and support the free choices of the Libyan people and its legitimate institutions at the forefront of the national army.

The parties (the Egyptian and Sudanese) prior to the meeting, they agreed to raise the level of the Supreme Committee Egyptian – Sudanese from the ministerial level to the Presidential.

Sisi stressed that the visit of Sudanese President to Egypt comes at a crucial time to unite the political will and popular between the two countries, to achieve an unprecedented boom in their bilateral relations.



Bending to visit enemy territory–a major supplier of arms, planes, and manpower to the KHARIJITES /’MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD

Libyan Prime Minister to visit Khartoum October 28
As stated by the Sudanese Minister of Information
Friday, 17 October 2014
Khartoum -ocalat

Detection and Sudanese Information Minister Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman, the Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah bending, will pay a visit to the Sudanese capital (Khartoum) in the twenty-eighth of the month of October.

It is noteworthy that Abdullah bending the Prime Minister received an invitation from Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan to visit a few days ago.

The before and then bending the invitation to visit Sudan.


PICTURE: Mu’ammar al-Qathafi in SUDAN 2005


al-Qathafi billboard

Posted on “ZINTAN BRIGADE QaaQa” from an active good soldier:

The information I receive, and beyond, is the feast of victory;

and the brave will rupture all Ojnan to terrorize.

and I am the first participant in the solder processes

Soldier # 001


Mu victorious


Progress of the Libyan army in the Design of some security reasons stated prevents sites

Valiant pray for your army

# And Haddh_almalomat

 (preparing for Victory):



the vanguards of the national armed forces




Confirmed the PIO’s # militias, “the dawn of Libya” in a statement to them through their page on the official

social networking site “Facebook” because they refuse to # dialogue, and cling to b # military solution.


Operations room Zintan
Will not Tfltoa of punishment ..

Hola terrorists followed the Jewish Brotherhood militias from Misrata # Medinh_al-Kuhms they participated in the process of burning and bombing of the airport in Tripoli, District Capitol, and at the instigation of the criminal # Gamal-parvad:



Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

repeated PLEA:

al-Veus general warning to the page not to publish any military movements or any preparations for the Libyan army! I am not aware of anything Post!

But avatar warning al-Chukoh we receive from management operations.

Ruba and reconciles all ground units and air and marine.

 The victory is near Jaddaa……

شكوة عامة وتحذير لصفحة بعدم نشر اى تحركات عسكرية أو اى إستعدادات للجيش الليبي ! للعلم انا لم انشر اى شى !! بس تحذير والشكوة تصلنا من إدارة العمليات .

وربى يوفق كل الوحدات البرية والجوية و البحرية

والنصر قريب جداا






Men zone # 4 al-Eneuvliyn arresting MB militia gunmen of Misurata and holding their cars because of the attempt to control the headquarters of the local council and men al-Eneuvliyn region blocking the streets ..
God neighborhood men




Zintan brigade Qaqaa

“The voice of the street”, by Imed Trabelsi:

Today and tomorrow we go out in the pages and channels Misrata and gangs ‘Roma Libya’, says:

“Tripoli safer
Tripoli has the shops open
There Bakeries
Citizen can get out of the street
And ways to open.”

Aashlaaftyh you’ve degeneration and you stupid political and intellectual!

Do let us know, until the day, Tgot “Muammar al-Qathafi” was no security?  there was bread and we can go out to the street Magdad. BUT, after the “February” demands that Libya is dat sovereignty.

and to dismantle all restrictions, since July there has been nothing but tyranny;

and tyranny and terrorism.

Arai did not Onzl of Misurata and dogs who hear Nbaham each period!

What is this stupidity of this class reached for judging iron and fire!

‘Roma Libya’ in the dust-bin of history.


صوت الشارع الطرابلسى :

اليوم وغدا تخرج علينا فى صفحات وقنوات مصراتة وعصابات غجر ليبيا وتقول

طرابلس أمنا
طرابلس يوجد بها محلات مفتوحة
يوجد مخابز
المواطن يستطيع الخروج لشارع
وطرق مفتوحة

ياشلافطية أنتم قمت ﻷنحطاط وقمت الغباء السياسي و الفكرى !

هل تعلمونا حتى ايام الطغوت “معمرالقذافى ” كان يوجد أمن كان يوجد خبز ونستطيع الخروج لشارع ماجديد بعد “فبراير” المطالب أن تكون ليبيا هى دات السيادة و أن تفكك كل قيود الجبروت والطغيان و ﻷرهاب

لم أراى أنذل من مصراتة وكلابها الذى نسمع نباحهم كل فترة !

ماهذا الغباء لهذه الدرجة وصلت من أجل حكمنا بالحديد والنار !!

غجر ليبيا فى مزبلة التاريخ

Abu Moataz Hassi, writes:
Now clashes and moves in Iboshibh and Herh and Ras Allf, crushers and military control of the situation and “MB Roma gangs” bombed randomly and of course this is evidence of their weakness they are in significant decline.


Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

We are ON The road to Tripoli ...


Urgent Event assassination attempt of a citizen Imad birthday al-Tarhouna residents Gharghour;

and has led him to his death immediately in the same place,
in front of a house belonging to a fair Mouldi aka spark

and exposure even Hua serious injuries transfer down to the sanatorium oil and is currently in intensive care with the launch of their lead from CHEVROLET Mosmh black car and fled,

and doubts about the process of Revenge of the militia, which was in the area of ​​Gharghour, and expelled them with a peaceful demonstration in Nofber past.

and doubts revolve around them for roaming frequent car Mosmh in Gharghour. This incident was this morning at 11:30 am on Wednesday, 01/10/2014


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

The best of God Almighty up shortly before the vehicle BMB and 3 mechanics Behm was 14.5 caliber machine guns

Gnhm of gangs just

(Adeab Gheriani)










Valiant provides the Libyan army to the outskirts of the city of Al-Azizia and order

came from the chief of staff of the army, while Batuagaf to make an order.

(# # Information Unit)


Clashes strong South Azizia area required or for centuries now:

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

Libyan army operations room – Western Region

Operations room Zintan

Libyan army operations room – Western Region

al-Achaabakat now within the area of ​​Umm al-Azizia in the centuries between the Libyan army and MB terrorist gangs.

Now clashes between the army and militias, “the dawn of Libya” in the vicinity.

of the camp or the centuries inside Azizia

and the army was

preparing to control the camp.

Now al-Achaabakat inside # Azizia in the area or the centuries between the Libyan army and the MB  militias, “the dawn of Libya.”

And units of the national army is now up to # clashes area to support troops in the region and the remarkable progress of the army P axis # Azizia towards Tripoli.

RAS ALIF (Corner & crossroads):

Violent clashes between army troops and MB militias:” the dawn of Libya” “b

# Ras Allf corner and crossroads.

Brotherhood Militias at a flux:




29 SEPTEMBER 2014:

“The better you that Tantvadwa on this topic from Aouselkm to war on behalf of the party they are traitors these ‘Brotherhood’.

Hedda Party Azkhal Misurata to go to war on his behalf because he is there ordination of many party leaders ‘Brotherhood’ sneaks City of Misurata:
And, Misurata involved in this topic Fortt war flags misleading the rest of the cities of the truth

and become a Friday Market area  Balohaah Alcadba Faqalo lie to them that Zintan want to attack you, and who attaches Gteke On that night, the night of dialogue, they said, and I quote:

‘Abdul Raouf hater does not want to deliver the airport Mitiga must Nahjm it together and get it out by force, but I am my father replied I told them that we want to attack on Abdel Raouf hater Nicoloha in the face will not Ngdrh treachery and you Tdhbwa to Abdalroov Tcolo Pinhjmoa on Zintan and then Tcolo of Xanthan Pinhjmoa on Abdalroov hater Hedda hand market Friday.

The Alash Khst in the misguided war
Amazigh: Why Dkhalo this topic in the war; because, they said, ‘they are from Zintan and stood against Constitutionalizing Amazigh language and stood against Amendment 30 decision in the Constitutional Declaration’,

Janzour entered in this topic because the war was to buy some Damm (DRUGS) but lost young people with no income by
WHDH war in which they have no part nor a camel, but the battalion commanders accepted the money, and brought in their youth in the war.

Nook sandwiched in the war because their leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the rest of the young fighter Vaqahmo this topic in the war in which they have no part nor sentences Qadathm beneficiaries, but only because their heads out of the country and the youth died died. I do not have a problem.

Sons of Solomon Dkhalo this topic in terms of war
Because they have problems with Tabu; and Misratah stood with the sons of Solomon.

The Tabu respect Zintan and Xi Ikdrunhm not the right word, but of course, by nature of Zintan in the right order and that the SEA Saagafoa with Suleiman and Misurata process Fjrlibia.

Kklh stood with the dawn of Libya because Zintan prevented them from entering in the previous Asabah.

Gharyan stood with the dawn of Libya the same thing for Tmaha in power and because Zintan prevented from entering Asabah in the previous period.

In addition to Abdul Hakim Belhaj official supporter of this topic process and destroy the social fabric. And Khaled al-Sharif and the ‘hardness’.

To Ahoudoa that all murders and assassination and destruction of all Qadathm City. Misratah and some criminals in the prisons of religion Kano Kadhafi, who fought for them, Li Saif Gaddafi to get them out of prison !

As the ordination of Misurata against what is happening now, and all areas Dkrt, there is against what is happening; but not helpless, as I uttered Lee Solomon al-Fortah:

‘we are afraid to Misurata Aktar you and ownership in 2012 and actually had Rto Misrata and placed them in Karth not Khurj think of them may be easy; but Wada and Agafo professedly against them in front of the world and expelled them, or handing them over to justice.’

There ordination of the things that stood out without bloodshed, but the ungodly, but Abu bloodshed Libyans.

Next time will recount the story of reconciliation between Rishvana market Friday al-Mtemtlh in Mr. Khalid Abuamad of Rishvana and Mr. Hashim ‘humans’ from the Friday Market; and there was harmony between the big parties will Asrdha later.

Regret very untidy, because the speech in detail, but will be in the loop for nearby Baden God.

InshaAllah, and make the people of the Lord, in part because there is a chance Dahabia Li familiar things from war to peace and reconciliation,

but a condition that does not have warlords (who are now in the picture), in any form,  and Hbda to be in the hands of justice, Li soon.

It was narrated from a psychological war against the Khawarij. Duty will not retract them. How then announced in the day that the Lord ÔÇÁÇááĺ Ifkina Suhm and taken it Eachdhm Aziz competent ?

It is also on the whole that the review itself, before it is too late, and that stands pause Ezz homeland.

and no one else Fahda opportunity may avoid civil war, long-term; and that percentage varied 85% (but pray and step back and reflect on the nation). Just might fall this topic ratio to be to 0%

Hedda time is tight and very, very please to remedy what is happening with all speed.”


ابراهيم المدني:

الأحسن لكم ان تنتفضوا على من اوصلكم الى هده الحرب نيابة عنه وهم حزب الاخوان الخونه
هدا الحزب اذخل مصراته لتخوض الحرب نيابة عنه لانه هناك الكتير من قادة حزب الاخوان الخونه من مدينه مصراته
ومصراته تورطت فى هده الحرب فورطت باقى المدن بأعلامهم المضلل للحقيقة وغدت منطقة سوق الجمعه بالأشاعة الكادبه فقالو لهم ان الزنتان تريد الهجوم عليكم وغدوهم بالإحقاد وفى تلك الليلة ليلة الحوار قالو بالحرف الواحد
ان عبد الرؤوف كاره لا يريد تسليم مطار معيتيقة ويجب ان نهجم عليه معا ونخرجه بالقوة ولكن انا الدى رد عليهم قلت لهم ان كنا نريد الهجوم على عبد الرؤوف كاره نقولوها فى وجهه لن نغدره غدر وأنتم تدهبوا الى عبدالرووف تقولو بنهجموا على الزنتان وبعدها تقولو للزنتان بنهجموا على عبدالرووف كاره هدا من ناحية سوق الجمعه
وعلاش خشت فى الحرب المضللة
الأمازيغ لماذا دخلو فى هده الحرب قالو لان الزنتان هى من وقفت ضد دسترة اللغة الامازيغيه ووقفت ضد تعديل قرار 30 فى الإعلان الدستوري
جنزور دخلت فى هده الحرب لان تم شراء بعض الدمم ولكن ضاع الشباب فيما لا دخل لهم به
وهده الحرب لا ناقة لهم فيها ولا جمل الا قادة الكتائب قبلوا بالمال وادخلوا شبابهم فى الحرب
الزوايه أقحمت فى الحرب لان قياداتهم من الاخوان والمقاتله فاقحمو باقى الشباب فى هده الحرب التى لا ناقة لهم فيها ولا جمل ولكن قاداتهم مستفيدين فقط لان رؤوسهم خارج الوطن والشباب مات مات مش مشكلة عندهم
اولاد سليمان دخلو هده الحرب من ناحيه
لان لديهم مشاكل مع التبو ومصراته وقفت مع اولاد سليمان
والتبو يحترمون الزنتان ويقدرونهم لا لشى الا كلمة الحق التى قالتها الزنتان فى حقهم فطبيعة الامر ان ولااد سليمان سيقفوا مع مصراته وعمليه فجرليبيا
ككلة وقفت مع فجر ليبيا لان الزنتان منعتهم من دخول الاصابعه فى السابق
وغريان وقفت مع فجر ليبيا نفس الشى لطمعها فى السلطة ولان الزنتان منعتها من دخول الاصابعه فى فترة سابقة
بالاضافة لعبد الحكيم بالحاج الداعم الرسمى لهده العمليه وتدمير النسيج الاجتماعي. وخالد الشريف وعلى الصلابى
لاحضوا ان كل جرائم القتل والاغتيال والتدمير كل قاداتهم من مدينه مصراته وبعض المجرمين الدين كانو فى سجون القدافى الذي حارب من اجلهم سيف القدافى لى إخراجهم من السجن
كما ان الكتير من مصراته ضد ما يحدث الان وكل المناطق التى دكرت هناك من هو ضد ما يحدث ولكن لا حول لهم ولا قوة كما انى قلتها لى سليمان الفورتيه اننا نخاف على مصراته اكتر منك ومن امتالك فى سنة 2012 وفعلا قد ورطو مصراته ووضعوها فى كارته لا اعتقد الخورج منها قد يكون سهلا الا ادا وقفو ضدهم علانيه امام العالم وطردوهم او تسليمهم الى العدالة
وهناك الكتير من الامور التى وقفت عليها دون سفك للدماء ولكن الفجار ابو الا سفك دماء الليبيين
فى المرة القادمة سوف اسرد قصة المصالحة بين ورشفانه وسوق الجمعه المتمتله فى السيد خالد ابوعميد من ورشفانه والسيد هاشم بشر من سوق الجمعه وكان هناك وفاق كبير بين الطرفين سوف اسردها لاحقا
أتأسف جداً لان الكلام غير مرتب بالتفصيل ولكن سوف يكون فى حلقة عن قريب بادن الله
وان شاءالله ربك يلم الشعب لبعضه لان هناك فرصة دهبيه لى لملمة الامور من حرب الى سلم ووفاق ولكن شرط ان لا يكون قادة الحرب الموجودين الان فى الصورة بأى شكل من الأشكال وحبدا ان يكونوا فى يد العدالة لى اقرب وقت
فعن نفسى الحرب ضد الخوارج واجبه لن أتراجع عنها فأنى أعلنها فى النهار وان شاءالله ربك يفكنا سوهم وياخدهم أخد عزيز مقتدر
كما انه على الكل ان يراجع نفسه قبل فوات الأوان وان يقف وقفة عز للوطن دون سواه فهده الفرصة قد تجنب حرب اهليه طويلة المدى والتى نسبتها تفاوتت 85 % ولكن بالدعاء والتراجع والتفكير فى الوطن فقط قد تتراجع هده النسبة لتكون الى 0%
وهدا الوقت ضيق جداً جداً فأرجو تدارك ما يحدث بكل سرعة


Explaining the Meeting between some elders of Zintan and

Misrata in Sabratha, by al-Fateh ’69:

Make no mistake these people who are a couple of 100 people are a partial tribe of the Zintan and are NOT with the other part of the Tribes of Zintan who have Saif al Islam Qaddafi.

The western media, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Sharaia, LIFG or as they are called now Daash and Libya Dawn(shits) are using the face book and Twitter social media so that they can misinform the public and all Libyans who have sworn allegiance with the Honorable Tribes its distasteful to try to destroy the image or the conquests of the Honorable Tribes.

This meeting that took place in Sabratha the so-called elders of Zintan are Muslim Brotherhood and Ansar Sharaia very extreme which suits of course the above mentioned terrorist groups together with the USA Deborah Jones ambassador.  (According to the media center the meeting done in Sabratha included  partial elders of Zintan and Misrata who tried to sponsor an initiative of the Municipal Council the leaders of the rebels Sabratha boat house Tallil, in an attempt to heal the rift between the two cities.)

Here are the photos taken by Ruseifa news:


As you can see from the photo they do look like the Takfirs we know


Wahabis, extremists you name it, its shown in this picture.


When the Jalabia is shorter it means you are a Wahabi, beards which are not taken care (bushy, uncut etc) are extremists

al Zintan General Hospital in Libya
posted by butalak N.
Several CGI’s were produced to support and present a concept architectural project

for a hospital in Libya.
The images had to show the building in a sunny and green environment.

Architecture: Shafik Alsbei
Modeling: Shafik Alsbei, Ivan Kunchev
Visualizations: Ivan Kunchev


ZINTAN under major threat by dirty MISURATA:

KHARIJITES working with the MB will cut the GMMR sources to the ZINTAN mountain

Misrata rejects truce and cease-fire in its war with the Zintan ..

…….. and threats to cut off the water resources for the city of Zintan ….

PICTURE:  Jabal Nafusa vista Zintan wheelertweets

Brotherhood militias will attempt to damage a power generator and the electric pumps on the town’s main water well, and the pumps used for the water well. Zintan has many water wells; but the MB Shields will burn the water wells with petroleum, and this will also kill sheep.”

 How will prevent fuel and spare electrical connections to the city !! ?

many houses in Zintan have been destroyed by Brotherhood Shield militias and KHARIJITES:

al-Muammrah Empire (Empire that the sun never sets)

Saif al-Islam and Zintan

 27 SEPTEMBER 2014

Saif al-Islam has succeeded in communicating to the language of dialogue and understanding together his brothers in Zintan Aodzm he is now capable of directing their strength in the correct form


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

According to the plan as “coordinator of the operating room” before,

you see will move and extensive operations in the next few days.


(# # Information Unit)




Brave of the Libyan army Ikmona Bamtardh

remnants of the gang just Daab in Abuscabh project is located in the northwest of Gharyan

and Iqmon the arrest of three individuals, weapons and vehicles.

Air Force bombed and led Heera northwest Gheryan

# And Haddh_almalomat








UN SPONSORED WESTERN INTERFERING TERRORIST NATIONS And MB CONFERENCE on “the future of Libya” (HA! Who are they to ‘control’ LIBYA’s ‘future’ ???)

Roma Libya fail politically Bazhrb overwhelmingly from all over the world and the countries of the region and even the United Nations!

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

غجر ليبيا تفشل سياسيا باظربات ساحقة من كل العالم ودول ﻷقليم وﻷمم المتحدة !

GHARYIANI makes another satanic Fatwa at the Ghadames Conference against the House

Dialogue session Ghadames cut Bamr of sincere Gharyiani the name of a house for a fatwa

Where the order was issued from Gharyiani Bagta sincere dialogue from the dawn of the party made a statement not only a military solution against the House of Representatives and the Libyan army, although the dialogue with the House of Representatives is haram.

The House of Representatives is set before us says we dialogue with the terrorist groups to justify in front of the international community and to detect and resolve the problem of the rift with unarmed!

We say from this point on every Libyan army stand with Aalaba and starting to battlefields of the Canal and not far only place to end the crisis and eliminate them.

PICTURE: ‘Muslim’ Brothers, Ghannoushi with Libyan NATO Mufti Sheikh Sadek Al Gharyiani





24 SEPTEMBER 2014:

MARTYRED: 180 NATIONAL ARMY soldiers under the command of Kalifa Hftar, were killed by ANSAR al-SHARIA and other KHARIJUTES.

Sources said that 10 of those killed were from al-Zintan and most of the others were from South Libya tribes of Tabu and Tauriga.

PICTURE: sad report given to Hftar



Assassination this morning, “Mohammad al-Zlaoa” families


The assassination of the retired officer, “Taher Abdullah Sadat” Hawari area






Process volcano – led by the national army

The so-called # Dar_al-Avta_al-Libah (so-called ‘Mufti’ SADAK GHARYIANI) deprive dialogue with the “House of Representatives” and says that he is not religiously permissible and in reference to atone, the Council calls for # pervertion of the fundamentals of religion and the homeland.
RDO him and Ogahro # Alex-royen











Grad rocket landed near a hospital Sabha:





The killing of excommunicating terrorist hack “Abed Abokr Almiasa Slimani” ordered “gang al-Lafarouk” Sulaymaniyah Bsabha of the militia armor as a result of the attack that today’s leaders with tanks on some neighborhoods Mansheya Bsabha which inhabited the tribe al-Qmazfah, radicle mentioning that heretic terrorist Abed Abu Bakr participated He and his militia Sulaymaniyah in the attack on Tripoli airport last month with gangs and Almzarat Almtajunin


Shelling by tanks in the neighborhood of the city of Sabha Mansheya and killing citizens, “Ali Khuytr Gaddafi” at his home after a shell landed him | killing both, “Shaaban Abdel Qader satisfaction” and “Khaled Abdulsalam Aballah profiteers” in the city of Sabha Manshiyeh quarter as a result of the ongoing clashes in the city.**

Aaaaaaagel before Achoy ,,,,,,
The death of the young man (Nafi lamp Sanusi Qahsa) ,,,
The impact of indiscriminate shooting area Mansheya, RBI fit al-Haaaal and Khalaaaaaas

Now .aaaaaaagel ,,,,,
The death of Brother (Mohammed Masood Iboualemgayer Warfali) ,,,,
Impact Sagowot mortar shell on his home area Mansheya ,,,,,
No Howol no power but from God Almighty.


The killing of the so-called “Abed Almiasa” Farouk battalion commander of the militia # Misrata in violent clashes witnessed Manshiyeh quarter in # Sabha.

Allah is the greatest over the aggressor, Kid
Inventory great worshiper killed in Zraab Mansheya steadfastness and bent Rosanna slug ,,,
Withstand withstand forward Qmazvh oh oh Znabil iron,


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

. God and yes agent.

.qcef Affects the civilian neighborhoods of the tribe and Al-Qmazvh Orvlh and destruction of property for reasons of race and ideological forces of militia from the tribe of the children of Solomon who follow the leadership of the Brotherhood Misurata.


Convoy militias Brotherhood Shield armor up to Tmanhunt base south of Libya


# Sepah:

Burning and destroying the homes of both:
1 home Majeed Mohammed Shaibani Gaddafi
2 Emhemed Mohammed Shaibani Gaddafi
3 Shaibani Mohammed Shaibani Gaddafi
4 Ibrahim Amer Emhemed Gaddafi
5-Sharif Abdul Wahid Baba

Gangs dead sons of Solomon unjust criminal:

**1. Abubakar Hamad milkfish
2. excommunicating Abed Abu Bakr Slimani, commander Mlisheh Altcfhirien terrorists
3.atahir Abraham Wolf Slimani
4.haban Abdul Qadir Satisfaction


And the wounding of both:
1.mamed Abdul Salam Achtaywi milkfish
2..altkvera Massoud serious Slimani, one warlord militias children of Solomon





and another is heading to the city of Ubari to control the oil fields




List of  some names which the NATO puppet GNC convescated  property

and all material wealth of:


funds and property of the people and their number 330 and offer some of these names and companies
(((((((((((Of course not limited to))))))))))))

1. Muammar al-Qathafi Mohammad bomniar
2. Khamis Muammar Qaddafi,
3. sword of the Arabs Muammar Gaddafi
4. Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi
5. Daniel Muammar Gaddafi (Moutassem Billah Gaddafi)
6. Al Saadi Gaddafi
7. Saif al-Islam Muammar al-Gaddafi
8. Mohammed mu’ammar al-Gaddafi
9. Aisha Gaddafi
10. Hana ‘ Muammar Qaddafi
11. Safia Mohammed Farkash
12. Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al-Gaddafi
13. Pregny Khalifa abrini
14 ehtewish
15. Ahmed Ibrahim Mansour al-Gaddafi
16. Ahmed Kilani kadhafi
17. Ibrahim alhavian
18. asabia to asabia
19. Abu Bakr Mansuri carp
20. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Uwaydat
21. Nikki Ministerial
22. Idris Abdullah Gaith
23. Ahmed Ramadan alasibei
24. Ahmad Mahmoudi
25. Department of revolutionary orientation
26. Ibrahim a. Ibrahim
27. Ibrahim Abdel Rahman find
28. Ibrahim aboukhozam Al-hasnawi lamp
29. Dr. Ibrahim to this confession
30. Abu Bakar Taib NET exile
31. Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim al-Gaddafi
32. Ismail alkarami
33. Ahmed Khalifa Al-Gaddafi
34. Ahmed Mohamed Sayed-blood
35. hopes Abdullah Nuri yolk
36. Ibrahim Bakkar
37. Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Fiqh
38. Zeid Omar Dorda
39. Ahmed Adel carp lamp
40. Mohammed Touhami Ahmed Khaled
41. Al-Baghdadi Ali al-mahmudi
42. good net-exile
43. Al zinati Asena
44. senussi Solomon Ministerial
45. Mohamed Gaddafi carp
46. Mahdi mbiresh key
47. Hadi Tahir Emberesh
48. TOUATI Mahdi Mansour al-Gaddafi
49. Carp Ibrahim shaban Al-Megrahi
50. Mejdoub Gaddafi
51. al-Tahir Al-Hadi aljuhaimy
52. Al-ajili abrini
53. El Arab
54. alhiblwa Nasr al-Gaddafi
55. the rural mount.
Some companies:
1. immortal home contracting & investment contribution
2. the company and EMC Consulting international,
3. Africa for trade and investment,
4. future advertising, print and broadcast,
5. company Ecevit for artistic production and media,
6. Babel company shipping agencies contribute,
7. company Marilyn land transport co., Ltd.,
8. a challenge of building and construction,
9. a development administrative centres,
10. a facilities previously.






CONFERENCE with Libyan parties:

“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, asks on FB:

Who are you ?
Occur in the last two days .. someone named Flint ..ola know of Flint is this .. because we are in the era of nobodies ..

Commenting, on the conference, which Algeria is seeking to contract for Libyans .. in order to heal the Sdahm ..

Flint said this .. “they Ailtqon with supporters of al-Qathafi ..

walven he likes that designated favorites ..”

I say it from you? Who accept to meet people or to Atqubloa …

It is said that the Libyans Aqublonkm .. or accept meeting you ..

I’ve received dozens of letters from Libyan Liberal ..ihdhironna meeting of traitors ..
and .. and follow the NATO mercenaries Jewish Bernard Levy Afa..

oaattabron meet with them for free to insult. And homeland ..

but .. the blood of martyrs and the date of the meeting, it was ..oan respect for Algeria revolution giant ..

and noble position of Libya and Libyans ..vmn Aassoan until you authorize meet or Ateltaki..otakd thou and clique.

Will not Thenoa homeland .. and for those Liberal Garawa NATO eight months .. you lookout ..ln Atrkkm Mstgarin..tal time or palace …

the solution is on the table. Or via MISURATA ...

30 / 9/2014
D. al-Akecat

من انتم
تحدث في اليومين الماضيين .. شخص يدعى صوان ..ولا ادري من هو صوان هذا .. اذ نحن في عصر النكرات.. معلقا على المؤتمر الذي تسعى الجزائر لعقده لليبيين .. من اجل رأب صدعهم ..
قال صوان هذا .. انهم لايلتقون مع انصار القذافي ..والذين يحلو له ان يسميهم الازلام ..
فاقول له من انتم ؟ الذين تقبلوا بلقاء الناس او لاتقبلوا …
ومن قال ان الليبيين يقبلونكم .. او يقبلون اللقاء بكم ..
لقد وصلتني عشرات الرسائل من الليبيين الاحرار ..يحذروننا من اللقاء بالخونه .. واتباع الناتو .. ومرتزقة اليهودي برنار ليفي..ويعتبرون اللقاء بهم اهانة للاحرار . وللوطن .. ولدماء الشهداء .. وللتاريخ ..وان تم اللقاء فهو احترام لثورة الجزائر العملاقه .. وموقفها النبيل من ليبيا والليبيين ..فمن انت ياصوان حتى تصرح تلتقي او لاتلتقي..وتأكد انك انت وزمرتك . لن تهنأوا بالوطن .. والاحرار للذين قارعوا الناتو ثمانية اشهر .. لكم بالمرصاد ..لن يتركوكم مستقرين..طال الزمن او قصر …تم الحل على الطاولة . او عبر الماسورات …
————————————————-30 / 9 / 2014

د القشاط