Mu victory on 44th

Mu a marvel

Young and Victorious Mu 2

Mu work in holiness

Still finding cleansed —–
Vmend plight of February, and we say that 90% of the Libyan people, are pro-leader Muammar al-Qathafi,

and against the plight of February

and today professes inventory Mohammed Kilani, a member of the so-called Conference Allaotunai, who admits as
Election of Chairman of the People at this time , one needs to think about this; because, of the rebellious cities in Libya,

the numbers are small and few in number of the rebels.

and , if the election were directly by the people, would mean that the regime leader Muammar al-Qathafi, will return.

(mass trauma)

لازالت الحقائق تطهر —–
فمند نكبة فبراير ونحن نقول انه 90% من الشعب الليبي مؤيد لقائد معمر القذافي وضد نكبة فبراير واليوم يصرح الجرد محمد الكيلاني عضو ما يسمي المؤتمر الوتني ويعترف
انتخاب الرئيس من الشعب في هذا الوقت يحتاج الي تفكير لأن المدن الثائرة في ليبيا عددها قليل و الثوار عددهم قليل و اذا تم الانتخاب مباشرة من الشعب فهذا معناه بأن النظام القائد معمر القذافي سيعود
جرح الجماهيرية

جداااااااااااااااااااااااا an urgent appeal to all the pages and pages of resistance rights to all pages of the splendor and glory and resilience
I hope Publishing all pages in all sites until it reaches our voice for all

Let one hand

In the name of God the Merciful and prayers and peace be upon the Prophet, peace Huda Muhammad and his family and companions and loyal and most importantly to the day of judgment and consequence for the cautious either:

Yamashr Libyans Liberals:

Let one hand and the doctrine of the body and one wide one and I hope that the Nfrq between one and one and Anterc field to enter the traitors among us and Alamle.

Each of us offers for his part, according to its capabilities and will not leave Libya lost more than they lost to unite our discourse to unite the message, a homecoming and recovery of the hands of criminals, abusers Vksma there will be no state without her children and there will be a life filled with happiness and comfort without the Patriots faithful all of us to show the sons of light and sons Great Britain and is one piece of Aamthelna our flag and banner Ezz green flag only.

My appeal to all pages to unite and we exchange thread until it reaches our voice for all home and abroad, we are all one hand is the motto stage to rise from Spatna.

It is our differences and leave it aside and announce that we are one hand against the invader and occupier against traitors and Alamle Fajtamha death either today or tomorrow.

And God is reconciled to reconcile God and of the intent behind.

نداء عاجل جداااااااااااااااااااااااا لجميع صفحات المقاومة والصفحات الحقوقية لجميع صفحات العز والمجد والصمود
ارجو النشر على جميع الصفحات وفي جميع المواقع حتى يصل صوتنا للجميع

لنكن يد واحده

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم والصلاة والسلام على نبي الهدى والسلام محمد وعلى آله وصحبه المخلصين ومن والاهم الى يوم الدين والعاقبه للمتقين أما بعد:
يامعشر الليبين الأحرار لنكن يد واحده وعقيده وجسم واحد ويد واحدة وارجو ان لانفرق بين احد وأحد ولانترك مجال لدخول الخونة والعملااء بيننا
فكل منا يقدم من ناحيته وبحسب امكانياته ولن نترك ليبيا تضيع اكثر مما ضاعت لنوحد الخطاب لنوحد الرسالة وهي العودة للوطن وإستعادته من ايادي المجرمين العابثين فقسما لن تكون هناك دولة من دون ابنائها ولن تكون هناك حياة ملؤها السعادة والراحة من دون الوطنيين المخلصين فكلنا ليبين ابناء الفاتح وابناء العظمى وغير ذالك لايمثلنا احد ورايتنا راية العز الراية الخضراء فقط
ندائي لجميع الصفحات ان نتوحد ونقوم بتبادل الصفحات حتى يصل صوتنا للجميع بالداخل والخارج فكلنا يد واحدة هو شعار المرحلة لننهض من سباتنا ومن خلافاتنا ونتركها جانبا ونعلن اننا يد واحدة ضد الغازي والمحتل ضد الخونة والعملااء فختامها موت سواءا اليوم او غدا
والله ولي التوفيق التوفيق والله من وراء القصد


8:39 ÚÇÇÇĚá Mujahid Shakir  defends al-Saadi 09 March 2014
de Mr.Karimkarim99

In an interview with the Voice of Russia on 03.09.2014, said Mujahid Shakir he was not surprised when they “handed  al-Saadi”, because rats are working for some time on this issue (the receipt Saadi) and the move began to extradite Abdullah Mansour and the reason behind receiving Saadi (and the Liberals and the leaders of Libya of course) is to export the problems that floats by Libya to the outside (the distraction of the Libyan people and divert their attention from the core issues)

Mujahid said Shakir said the delivery was under the deal, and we monitor and exposing details

In answer to a question about the leaks of the deal, said Mujahid Shakir had been leaking a lot of information, including that:

- The deal was between the Foreign Minister and the President of Niger intelligence rats Salem Elhasy

- Was negotiated in the deal on the 10 billion in the deal and Astafrt 5 billion

- Faced the deal, forming two grounds, namely lack of trust between the parties and how to receive the money was agreed to open an account Askero Laconte account opens a one-time order of the Libyan people did not know anything about the money

- The account was opened in the State of Nigeria

- Now the problems between the State of Nigeria and Niger on the money in the coming days Sttafoa many secrets Nigeria because of the desire to take their share of the money

When asked about the importance of receiving a private Saadi and it’s a professional football player and practicing acts of free and not included on the list of Interpol, said Mujahid said Shakir al-Saadi is included on the list and rats since the fall of Libya routinely include an incredible number 95, which required a red newsletter

Saadi accused that he was behind the events of the south and the fact that al-Saadi nothing to do with the events of the south, either closely or from afar, and this must be known far and wide for being the events of the south was a peg rats to export their problems and claim also do not forget that Saadi was a refugee politician

President Alngera said famously (if the sheep touched Muammar Gaddafi will not Aslmha to Libya), but the conflict between Prime Ngeria and his foreign minister and head of intelligence on the one hand and fear Niger pitting Libya to extremist groups hastened to hand over al-Saadi, but this political stupidity and shake Niger in the coming days, several events by these extremist groups and our days

Received Mahmoudi Al Baghdadi Will founded the state?’ve Received Abdullah Sanusi Will founded the state?’ve Received Abdullah Mansour Will founded the state? Both, all of that is throwing dust in the eyes in order to show themselves as they were victorious, but In fact, this trafficking in human beings and this Aaqublh not mind not religion

It was better for their receipt of Musa Kusa in a list of Interpol was better for their demanding it from a friendly country and helped them in their revolt, a Qatar

Asked about the government’s investment Jermanah to the issue of the receipt of Assad al-Saadi, said Mujahid Shakir Yes invested issue has allocated special coverage, but most of the citizens have said the government and Congress can go to hell, we want to eliminate the murder, rape and theft

In the last question about the Rome conference, said Shakir in fact that this conference is a dialogue among rats, Vmahmoud Jibril tried to play with the failure of some regional powers, and now an alliance with Europe and the Brotherhood in order to take his share of the judgment and prolong the rule of Zidane.
The aim of this conference is to liberate the Libyan money frozen for the purchase of receivables and payment transactions required.
Was more worthy of the Rome Conference Almelcaat solution in Libya, especially as it is included in the list of terrorism and crimes against the West and its citizens and the bottom line is that the Rome conference Hubea and Bznssh money for Libya and its resources …
عااااااجل المجاهد شاكير يدافع عن الاسد الساعدي

في مقابلة مع صوت روسيا يوم 9-3-2014,قال المجاهد شاكير انه لم يتفاجأ حينما سلم الاسد الساعدي,لان الجرذان يشتغلون منذ مدة على هذه القضية(استلام الساعدي) والخطوة بدأت بتسليم عبد الله منصور والسبب من وراء استلام الساعدي (والاحرار والقيادات الليبية طبعا) هو تصدير المشاكل التي تعوم فيها ليبيا الى الخارج(الهاء الشعب الليبي وصرف انظارهم عن القضايا الاساسية)

قال المجاهد شاكير ان التسليم تم بموجب صفقة ونحن نرصد خفاياها وتفاصيلها

وفي اجابة عن سؤال حول التسريبات عن الصفقة,قال المجاهد شاكير انه تم تسريب معلومات كثيرة من بينها ان :

-الصفقة تمت بين وزير خارجية النيجر ورئيس مخابرات الجرذان سالم الحاسي

-تم التفاوض في الصفقة على 10 مليار واستفرت الصفقة في 5 مليار

-واجهت الصفقة مشكلين اساسين وهما عدم الثقة بين الطرفين وكيفية تلقي الاموال فتم الاتفاق على فتح حساب اسكرو اكونت وهو حساب يفتح لمرة واحدة لكي لا يعلم الشعب الليبي اي شيء بشأن هذه الاموال

-تم فتح الحساب في دولة نيجيريا

-الان مشاكل بين دولة نيجيريا والنيجر حول هذه الاموال وفي الايام المقبلة ستطفوا العديد من الاسرار بسبب رغبة نيجيريا اخذ حصتها من الاموال

وعن سؤال حول اهمية استلام الساعدي خاصة وانه لاعب كرة محترف ويمارس اعمال حرة وغير مدرج على قائمة الانتربول ,قال المجاهد شاكير ان الساعدي مدرج على القائمة والجرذان منذ سقوط ليبيا دأبوا على ادراج عدد لا يصدق وهو 95 مطلوبا على النشرية الحمراء

الساعدي اتهم انه كان وراء احداث الجنوب والحقيقة ان الساعدي لا علاقة له بأحداث الجنوب لا من قريب ولا من بعيد وهذا يجب ان يعرفه القاصي والداني واتهامه باحداث الجنوب كانت شماعة الجرذان لتصدير مشاكلهم والمطالبة به ايضا ولا تنسى ان الساعدي كان لاجيء سياسي

الرئيس النجري قال مقولة مشهورة(لو ان شاة مسها معمر القذافي فسوف لن اسلمها لليبيا) الا ان الصراعات بين رئيس نجيريا ووزير خارجيته ورئيس مخابراته من جهة وخوف النيجر من تأليب ليبيا للجماعات المتطرفة عجلت بتسليم الساعدي,لكن هذا غباء سياسي وستهز النيجر في الايام القادمة عدة احداث من طرف هذه الجماعات المتطرفة والايام بيننا

لقد استلموا محمودي البغدادي فهل اسسوا دولة؟لقد استلموا عبد الله السنوسي فهل اسسوا دولة؟لقد استلموا عبد الله منصور فهل اسسوا دولة؟كلا,فكل هذا ذر للرماد في العيون من اجل اظهار انفسهم على انهم انتصروا ولكن في الحقيقة هذه اتجار بالبشر وهذا لايقبله لا عقل ولا دين

كان من الاجدر بهم استلام موسى كوسا وهو في لاءحة الانتربول كان الاجدر بهم مطالبتهم به من دولة صديقة وساعدتهم في ثورتهم وهي قطر

وحول سؤال عن استثمار الحكومة الجرذانية لقضية استلام الاسد الساعدي,قال المجاهد شاكير نعم القضية استثمرت وقد خصصت تغطية خاصة ولكن اغلب المواطنين قالوا فلتذهب الحكومة والمؤتمر الى الجحيم,نحن نريد القضاء على القتل والاغتصاب والسرقات

في سؤال اخير حول مؤتمر روما,قال شاكير في الحقيقة ان هذا المؤتمر هو حوار فيما بين الجرذان,فمحمود جبريل حاول اللعب مع بعض القوى الاقليمية ففشل والان تحالف مع اوروبا والاخوان من اجل اخذ نصيبه من الحكم واطالة حكم زيدان.
الهدف من هذا المؤتمر هو تحرير الاموال الليبية المجمدة من اجل شراء الذمم ودفع صفقات المطلوبين.
كان الاجدى لمؤتمر روما حل الملشيات الموجودة في ليبيا وخاصة وانها ادرجت في قائمة الارهاب وقامت بجرائم في حق الغرب ومواطنيها وخلاصة القول ان مؤتمر روما هوبيع وبزنسسة لاموال ليبيا وخيراتها…

For the second day in a row, blackouts on most areas in Libya: an average of two hours a day.



Abduction of satisfaction and prestige Alorchwena director of the Customs Department

in control in Tripoli today by Raouf hater and Hashim humans.

Power outages due to fuel shortages:

The Director of Technical Affairs Department public electricity company:

“The cause of power outages on the city of Tripoli is due to the fluctuation in the supply of liquid fuels

and natural gas for power stations, pointing out that the operational process linked to the size of the supply.
And seeing different parts of the city of Tripoli interruptions in electricity amounted to 6 hours in the area of ​​Tajourah.”


Dozens of students from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tripoli, demonstrating in front of the college building,

demanding the release of their colleague Imad Aburawi student who disappeared since last Wednesday evening.


In the corner now .. violent clashes between Jardan paralysis in some .. God smite oppressors oppressors.



The death of the young man (Muammar Alnaaja) reaches the age of 22 years under torture by armed extremist groups

in Tarhounah in one of foreign companies in the city.





Media Khalil Syrian Alorchwena Rishvana sons and one of the sons Embarak
Khalil defies the impossible
On this day 03/09/2011 .. and history testifies:

We asked the certificate .. but not Talpana .. God what I’m saying martyr ..
When he went to a city west of Tripoli at the beginning of the events in 2011, I and my colleague Iman Abu Zeid .. and we entered the first reporters entering the heart of the event at the scene of new media not seen Libyan media before .. and when we conducted interviews with families retained Sadftna a family of seven girls and a young man only Madlkhana them .. first .. Osubho screaming Libyan Jamahiriya ..!!

I told them yes .. was the elder sister scream and say Muammar Muammar Bona Bona .. and Andhant correspondence Iman Abu Zeid .. and crying .. and the other has become a voice of joy .. Taataly and youth were armed people say out loud we do not Matkhafush ăÚÇßă Mtkhafush ..!!

We’re still standing in the rest home and if its sniper’s bullet came over my head completely .. and Nbtahna ground .. He was a young volunteer to protect us .. stand up and say we do not be afraid nothing will be done .. and brought us out of the house safely after what we encounter .. and made us reassurance in the hearts of the family .. we have divided the faith I am and messaging for each one place ..

Here, as I was with one of the soldiers by sending armed people .. They opened fire on us .. But Anbtahna ground .. and here Wenta me who this guy is me in the picture .. Matakafsh Matakafsh .. I Wenta media Zec ..

I have a production company, but new media .. sat what Faththash .. and God willing Nbek serve brightest was Lord gave me life .. and Wenta I decide Sgara and Aillete Bach protect my .. “Hovoa spontaneous speech How came it .. It is the center of his mind and his heart,” and sat laughing and do not think of something .. I am God The Lord is witnessing high Manevkr in myself think about the faith Bouzid media have been ăÚÇí Ôäć Sayer in. .. because Talaat ăÚÇí channel public and Majberth her mother faint say it does not Maatmhih .. and the right, I was the first reporter of war during the events, I called my mother Akhaddat satisfaction ..

and I told her that the letter ” William I Walker city west of Tripoli and Nsouroa with the army and people of Gadi “.. Aletly ..” There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God “..” with I predicted say no Maatmhih nor spirit nor need uniforms Bob “, but Tfajoh wholesale Hadi .. and another thing and Talaana above the fly and I my colleague Iman Abu Zeid and conveyed the fact that the people’s army armed who they gave us the best received with dates and milk ..

and families were related straws of hope and Rfnalhm morale .. and we have taken the news of the Liberation Army of Libya to the city by 90% and Ntfaji after the second day out marches joy of victory ..

The day will come .. We will announce the liberation of our country once again ..
Media Khalil Syrian ..
Thanks for the sons and Rishvana always two races ..

الإعلامي خليل السوري الورشفاني احد أبناء ورشفانة من ولاد امبارك
خليل يتحدى المستحيل
في مثل هذا اليوم 9 -3-2011 .. والتاريخ يشهد
طلبنا الشهادة .. ولكن لم تلبينا .. والله على ما أقوله شهيد ..
عندما ذهب إلى مدينة غرب مدينة طرابلس في بداية الاحداث في 2011 أنا وزميلتي إيمان أبوزيد .. ودخلنا كأول مراسلين يدخلون قلب الحدث في مشهد اعلامي جديد لم يشهده الاعلام الليبي من قبل .. وعندما قمنا بإجراء لقاءات مع العائلات المحتجزة صادفتني عائلة من 7 بنات وشاب فقط .. أول مادلخنا إليهم .. أصبحو يصرخون الجماهيرية الجماهيرية .. !! فقلت لهم نعم .. فكانت الاخت الكبرى تصرخ وتقول معمر بونا معمر بونا .. وحتضنت المراسلة ايمان ابوزيد .. وقامت تبكي .. والاخرى اصبحت تتعلى بصوت الزغاريد .. وكانوا شباب الشعب المسلح يقولون بصوت عالي لا ماتخافوش نحن معاكم متخافوش ..!!
ونحن لازلنا واقفين في استراحة البيت وإذا به رصاصة قناص تأتي فوق رأسي تماما .. ونبطحنا أرضا .. وكان أحد الشباب المتطوع لحمايتنا .. يقف ويقول لنا لا تخافوا لن يفعل شيء .. واخرجنا من البيت بسلام بعدما ما أجرينا اللقاء .. وجعلنا الطمأنينة في قلوب الأسرة .. وانقسمنا انا والمراسلة ايمان لكل واحد مكان ..
وهنا وانا اقوم بمراسلة مع احد جنود الشعب المسلح .. قاموا بالرمي علينا .. ولكن وانبطحنا أرضا .. وهنا قالي لي هذا الراجل اللي معي في الصورة .. ماتخافش ماتخافش .. قالي انا اعلامي زيك .. عندي شركة انتاج اعلامي .. بس جديدة قعد ما فتحتهاش .. وبأذن الله نبيك تخدم معانا كان ربي اعطاني عمر.. وقالي اني سيبت صغاري وعيلتي بش نحمي بلادي .. “شوفوا العفوية والكلام كيف طلع منه .. ومن وسط خاطره وقلبه ” وقعد يضحك ولا فكر في شي.. واني والله وربي يشهد عليا مانفكر في نفسي نفكر في إيمان بوزيد الاعلامية لكانت معاي شنو صاير فيها .. لأن طلعت معاي من قناة الجماهيرية وماخبرتش امها خافت تقولها لا ماتمشيش .. والحق اني كانت اول مراسلة حرب اثناء الاحداث فإتصلت بأمي اخديت رضاها .. وقلت لها بالحرف “يام اني ماشي مدينة غرب طرابلس ونصوروا مع الجيش والناس لغادي” .. قالتلي .. “لا إله إلا الله ومحمد رسول الله “.. “مع اني توقعتها تقولي لا ماتمشيش ولا روح ولا حاجة زي هادي ” بس تفاجأة بالجملة هادي .. واخر شي وطلعنا فوق الذبابة أنا وزميلتي ايمان ابوزيد ونقلنا حقيقة جيش الشعب المسلح اللي استقبلونا احسن استقبل بالتمر والحليب .. والعائلات لكانت متعلقة بقشة امل ورفعنالهم معنوياتهم .. ونقلنا خبر تحرير الجيش الليبي لهذه المدينة بنسبة 90% ونتفاجئ بعدها في اليوم الثاني خروج مسيرات الفرحة بالانتصار ..
سيأتي اليوم الذي .. سنعلن فيه تحرير وطننا مرة أخرة ..
الإعلامي خليل السوري ..
شكرا لأبناء ورشفانة دائما سباقين ..



Rabid dogs on the money and power!
MISURATA vessel to help incite WAR
الكلاب المسعوره علي المال والسلطه

After Sdawa Jews Misurata our heads that they took control of the tanker …

now say the tanker was able to escape because of either weather.
بعد ان صدعوا يهود مصراته رؤوسنا بانهم سيطروا على الناقلة … الان يقولون ان الناقلة استطاعت الهرب بسبب سواء الاحوال الجوية

Abduction of Colonel Khalid Abdul Nabi Dawadi officers Alorchwena a so-called fourth brigade of infantry City hunter

by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and al-Qaida militants based in the coastal road from Misurata.



Youth Caucus Sirte withstand.
Lord Us Now ..
The kidnapping of a young city of Sirte ‬ ‫ # now …

Shooting, which happened shortly before it was between supporters of the fry … and the so-called Martyrs Battalion corner.

So I tried the so-called Martyrs Battalion corner entry to the city of Sirte, but prevented them fry battalion supporters ..



Non-stop assassinations:



QUOTE of their LIE:

“Are untrue tanker oil in Gansbaai Sidra and untrue to the news of the export of oil but a cover for the project next war, because the tanker carrying a weapon support for Khalifa Haftar and Army Burka. Arabia has stocked Haftar with arms and tanker leased from Korea because Medm arms Korean and he also Saudi Arabia will support countries of the Arab Spring to topple Governments and crushing the Brotherhood also supported Egypt will hold hearings in the Arab League and the Arab Summit Declaration of War Ola Brotherhood, Arab support.”


Office of the President Altive province of Cyrenaica

warns any party whatsoever of prejudice to any carrier or a piece intervention territorial waters of Cyrenaica

and that the response of the defense force and Cyrenaica Guard facilities and the rebels

IT will be crucial and it will be tantamount to a declaration of war.

North Korean embassy in Tripoli, Libya bear the responsibility for the safety of the ship’s crew Korean anchored

near the port of Sidra in the east of the country.
After threats launched by the Prime Minister called Ali Zaidane.



“Discount and the use of force would be master of the situation with the territory of Cyrenaica.”

Zaidane’s GNC forces blow up latest tanker in Gulf of Sidra:

(al-JDHARAN and Rabo BARASI said it would be an act of WAR if any ship was blown-up in

Cyrenaica‘s waters as defined by Muammar’s 40° line in 1981.)

URGENT: Defence Force gently in a statement that the oil tanker Korean “Moning Glory” treacherous port

in the early morning hours and the same source said in a statement last treacherous as the cosine four o’clock dawn # Sidra ..

عاجل : قوة الدفاع برقة في تصريح خاص بأن الناقلة النفط الكورية ” مونينغ غلوري ” غادرة ميناء في ساعات الصبــاح الآولـى و قال نفس المصدر في تصريح اخر بأنها غادرة على التمام الساعة الرابعة فجر #السدرة ..

Channel FOX NEWS

For the Executive Office of the Cyrenaica province in the east Libyan claims it has preliminary approval

from the United Nations to allow it to sell oil.

Intercept the tanker before the rebels from the sea (the collection of Thor) will spark the contact between the west and Cyrenaica.

“Buchet Head” writes:
Infect saying God loves Ras luggage Muammar costume before.,,,

And pictures of him in the head and he likes Muammar Halkalp.

قوله يعدي يحب راس الاله متاعه معمر زي قبل.,,,وفي صور له وهو يحب ف راس معمر هالكلب

War between Tripoli and Cyrenaica greatest day .. opposing parties is the”government of the Republic of Tripoli” that

you think or imagine themselves as “Libyan government” .. and gently revealed themselves and their boards ..

if we review the mobility demands of autonomy in the province of Cyrenaica during the past years and How evolution ..

then we will realize that the next state is gently if continued debate on what it is and Bahma ado and parity,

and especially after the defection of the Government of Cyrenaica from Tripoli with respect to the sale process

for the benefit of Cyrenaica and the whole of Libya.


Libya’s international channel:
Clashes between locals and “Militia February 17″ in the city of Casablanca after the killing of a young man from the city works

to search criminal in mysterious circumstances in front of battalion headquarters yesterday.

The death of Akram Khairallah Elhasy in front of the headquarters of Militia Tawfiq Cowboys, where he was hit by a bullet in the neck while passing in front of the headquarters of the armed Militia, the self-styled Bobaqr Bawhita.

Exclusive photos of (white) CASABLANCA people to enter the GS battalion belonging to the armor that killed one of her sons last night.

Killed and wounded four in clashes in the city of Casablanca:

The arrival of the number of casualties to 27 the number of dead and wounded in clashes CASABLANCA shortly before.

Now called “Farhat Jawafa Barasi” an eyewitness says of CASABLANCA:
The army and the forces of Hftar and Thunderbolt dominated and took over the “February 17 terrorist camp” in Casablanca.

Many were killed after a number of residents have been arrested and now even their battalion commander was killed

and killed also a number of policemen… and wounding many and now the situation is under control again.



The kidnapping of support in favor of so-called Yassin al-Obeidi, a resident of the area Laithi

was kidnapped and thrown in Benghazi today near a hospital Galaa.


Killed a woman and her husband inside their home area Alkorashh Benghazi
The killing of citizenship “Hana Abdul Salam gift” and her husband “Khaled Abdulsalam
Belkacem Gaose “Sunday morning Alkorashh area in Benghazi
And military source confirmed the security room in a statement that the room
Sent an ambulance to transport the bodies to the Benghazi Medical Center, and
He added that the crime was inside their home shortly before, and did not know the reasons for
Crime Up to this moment, and said a medical source Benghazi Medical Center
That by the victim at the age of “32″ years old, was killed by three bullets, and
By the victim at the age of “45″ years old, was killed by four bullets.




Special source from inside the port in the city of Tobruk Harika inform me that the port

is now preparing for another Receive an oil tanker in favor of the

political council of the Cyrenaica province.





Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Muhammad‘s death Inventory great Abuscabh Masrati who killed 3 of youth
and Rafla killed in the city of Sabha.

Another weekend where CYRENAICA TRIUMPHS


In the name of God the Merciful
And prayers and peace be upon Ashraf senders
Statement faction “resistance Basmno”

To the Libyan people, free and resistant to liberate Libya


We are staying even Nva all of us and our grandchildren until victory or martyrdom

and forward and light and never

Revolutionary Struggle faction constant
(“resistance Basmno”) ….

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والصلاة والسلام على اشرف المرسلين
بيان فصيل المقاومة بسمنو

إلى الشعب الليبي الحر والمقاوم لتحرير ليبيا إننا على العهد باقون ولو نفنا جميعا نحن واحفادنا حتى النصر او الاستشهاد والى الامام والفاتح ابدا والكفاح الثوري مستمر فصيل المقاومة بسمنو….

Mu is so very loved
اخبار المقاومة الليبية المسلحة /News Libyan armed Resistance

Era is loyal and all the people that we Allliba Sharif Ali moving onto the path of  liberation until it is completely the land of the Great Jamahiriya, totally  cleared of filth and Alangas. We will see the sincerity of days return;
and we will teach those who have done wrong, and anything they overturned, will be restored ..
Go Forward, and the Revolutionary Struggle  is constant.
عهد الاوفياء هو وكافة الشعب اللليبي الشريف باننا علي الدرب سائرون الي اكتمال تحرير ارض الجماهيرية العظمي ، وتطهيرها من الدنس والانجاس ، وستشهد الايام صدق وعدنا ، وسيعلم الذين ظلموا اي منقلب ينقلبون .. والي الامام ، والكفاح الثوري مستمر

Saadi “received” does not have details, because Hanna mass inside, NOT OUTSIDE.( We wonder why we have not received any details of Al-Saadi to Hanna in the Jamahiriya on the inside !)

One call to an alkburdat and “phantom evidence” (PROBABALY FAKE) then being !
Walken this promise me o rats

Word to one group and Kabjordat ‘evidence phantom Vkona’:

Let the tresses remain intact and serve…

For me, my room operations Maidrnha French and American intelligence, being under Bab al-Aziziya and the instructions of Arafanha Tgium of Gadi

God, everything is known Mesh Mesh Nqgualkm war with them

Together foreign troops and al-Qaida and abandonment and atonement and foreigners

Patience, patience, patience Paso.

تسلم الساعدي لايوجد التفاصيل لدينا لان حنا داخل الجماهيرية ليس خارجها

الكلمة واحدة الي جماعة الكبيوردات و البينات الوهمية فكونا

خلي تريس باقية تخدم و علي حالها

الكن هدا وعد مني يا جردان

العين بالعين والسن بالسن وبادي اظالم

بالنسبة لي غرفة عمليات لي مايدرنها المخابرات الفرنسية و امريكية لي تحت باب العزيزية عرفينها و تعلميات تجيكم من غادي

والله كل شي معروف مش نقوالكم الحرب مش معهم

معا القوات الاجنبية و تنظيم القاعدة و الهجر و التكفير و الاجانب

الصبر الصبر الصبر بس

MUSICIAN writes:

Women in the Thought of Muammar al-Qathafi

Women were not in time leader Muammar al-Qathafi need day celebrated as a feast, because her days were all holidays, a woman was one of the pillars of the thought of Muammar al-Qathafi and was present strongly in all state institutions, civil and military, even legislation governing the rights of women were issued the rights of her privilege to avoid all the grievances of the community, which was imposed on the mirror.

At that time Budaiya not imprison women, torture or kill whatever intellectually with the doctrines of the system, the Great Revolution made men for the sake of Libya and the rights of all the oppressed and the woman was at the forefront of the concerns of men of the revolution and its ideology, but today there is no existence of women’s rights, it tortures and violates displayed in prisons at the hands of militias and mercenaries, and they want to have that celebrating is really the tragedy.

Riqptna religion in national liberation and the return of happiness and joy to our mothers and sisters and wives and every woman feel a burning sensation of oppression and injustice, God willing, a date will not Nkhalafh to come back as a woman’s life were all holidays.

And still continues playing the lead


المرأة في فكر معمر القذافي

لم تكن المرأة في زمن القائد معمر القذافي بحاجة الى يوم تحتفل به كعيد لان ايامها كانت كلها اعياد ، فالمرأة كانت من مرتكزات فكر معمر القذافي وكانت موجودة بقوة في كل مؤسسات الدولة المدنية منها والعسكرية ، حتى التشريعات المنظمة لحقوق المرأة كانت تصدر بحقوق امتياز لها حتى تتجنب كل مظالم المجتمع التي كانت تفرض على المرآة .

في ذلك الزمن البديع لم تسجن المرأة او تعذب او تقتـل مهما اختلفت فكرياً مع عقائـد النظام ، ثورة الفاتح العظيم صنعها الرجال من اجل ليبيا وحقوق كل المظلومين والمرأة كانت في صدارة اهتمامات رجال الثورة وفكرها ، اما اليوم فلا وجود لحقوق المرأة فهي تعذب وينتهك عرضها في السجون على يد المليشيات والمرتزقة ويريدون لها ان تحتفل بعيد هو في الحقيقة قمـة المأساة .

في رقبتنا دين تحرير الوطن وعودة البهجة والفرح الي امهاتنا وأخواتنا وزوجاتنا وكل امرأة تشعر بحرقة القهر والظلم وهو موعد بأذن الله لن نخلفه لتعود حياة المرأة كما كانت كلها اعيـاد .

ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار }

women feel at ease around Muammar

Mujahid fighter, Hamza Thami, okay, thank God!
In a telephone conversation with “Page Tech burn everything” a little while ago ..confirmed that mujahid fighter, Hamza Thami, is fine and in good health and in safety,and health to broadcast propaganda machine Jardan in particular,
and is only part of a media campaign cheaply waged these days. Jardan, in an attempt to
discredit the determination of the free, and their desire to foil morale …
‫ # girl _ Conqueror ‬

God’s curse on the Almqji traitors Hedda. Mahdr him compassionate Father Habib millions Muammar al-Qathafi:


لعنة الله علي المقملين الخونه هدا ماحدر منه الاب الحنون حبيب الملايين معمر القدافي
Greeting to members of the armed people
Greetings dear to our prisoners in the prisons of the oppressors of the Jews of Libya
Salute to the martyrs of the flag Khadra
Salute to supporters and loyal leader Muammar al-Qathafi

“God inspired the safe Khansa descriptive patience.”
Iaaaaaaaaarb Aalim,,,,,

“اللهم ألهم امنا الخنساء صفية الصبر”
يااااااااارب يالعالمين،،،،،

"اللهم ألهم امنا الخنساء صفية الصبر"<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
يااااااااارب يالعالمين،،،،،<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
》شام《” src=”<a href=https://scontent-a-cdg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/t1/p200x200/397511_1429870340590402_964717939_n.jpg&#8221; width=”200″ height=”400″ />
SAADI al-Qathafi long shot

Very important and we hope to generalize :::
please circulate:::

Niger trades her guests and deals with a Government of terrorism!!!.

My, what she has  now done!

Niger’s recently degeneration (and demeaner), has handed the son of leader Muammar al-Qathafi, who has a history of humanitarian positions,

and indignation  towards  illegal profiling….

Interpol dropped all charges on Gen. Saadi al-Gaddafi

Human rights condemns extradition and delivery of Gen. al-Saadi to State criminals in Libya,

and considered it a personal vendetta and hatred of the people of Kano yesterday.
And several Arab sites, including the Egyptian and Tunisian, confirm that Libya is not a state but it is a horror scene

of manslaughter without mercy, and torture for the human body.

Captive General al-Saadi al-Gaddafi of great Kiffa delivery controversy on Syrian and Arab positions on how to deliver major General after 3 years.

Russian Analyst accuses Niger Playe trade in human beings and that Niger is rated, and  has been classified by the delivery of Saadi, as a state to deal with terrorism; and Niger paid sums of money to deliver humanitarian refugees to the judgement of her State of Law .

He also expressed some artists and Amordan in twitter and YouTube for watching videos, suggesting that it helped Muammar al-Qathafi; and accused NATO of personal vehemence against the Gaddafi Family, to not take revenge and hatred on the family of leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

This world view bless ya rats, we launched the clients we senior as you please refer to yourself under foot!

SAADI interview

النيجر تتاجر بضيوفها وتتعامل مع حكومة الإرهاب !!!..

لقد أتار ما فعلته دولة النيجر مؤخراً من انحطاط ودناءة بتسليم ابن القائد معمر القذافي الذي يشهد له التاريخ مواقفه الإنسانية تجاهها سخط العالم وشخصياته الاعتبارية ..

هــــــــام جدا ونرجو التعميم:::
الانتربول اسقط كل التهم المتعقله باللواء الساعدي معمر القدافيومنطمات حقوق االانسان تدين تسليم اللواء الساعدي الى دولة الاجرام في ليبيا المحتلة وتعتبر انه ثار وحقد شخصي من اشخاص كانو بالامس لاشي واصبحو في السلطه
وعدة مواقع عربيه منها مصريه وتونسيه تؤكد ان ليبيا ليست دوله انمــا مسرح رعب يتم فيه القتل بدون رحمه والتعذيب للجسد البشري..الاسير اللواء الساعدي معمر القدافي اتار جدلا كبير على مواقع سوريه وعربيه على كيفة تسليم اللواء بعد 3سنوات
ومحلل روسي يتهم النيجر بتجــارة البشر وتم تصنيف النيجر لبفعل تسليم الساعدي على انها دوله تتعامل مع الارهاب و انها مقابل مبالغ من المال عملت على تسليم لاجئ انساني لدوله لايحكمها قانونكما عبر بعض الفنانين والمغردين في التويتر واليوتيوب عن مشاهدة الفيديو الذي يشتم فيه الساعدي معمر القدافي واتهموا بما ثوار الناتو يالمرضى الحاقدين وانه ليس لهم هدف الا الثار والحقــد على عائلة القائد معمر القذافيهذا راي العالم فيكم يا جرذان يا عملاء شن دخلنا كان نحنا كبار وانتم تشوفوا في نفسكم تحت الاقدام!!

An exclusive interview with Russia Today on behalf of the SOL
The Liberals Alhaddat about delivery abroad illegally under the auspices of a French country ..

and Bdkh money Balumblyart uncontrollably ..

and conferences overseas customers (ROME CONFERENCE 05 MARCH 2014 +) use the name of the Libyan

people for the benefit of foreign agendas seeking to divide Libya ….

scheduling an interview the next day Al-thelata ..

Oh heartbreak at the time, the time was commander of a request from the President of Niger walks delivers his soul to the military police at Abu Salim Raho came without debate.

GPC basic Elvis Bucky free:
SADISTIC Zaidane malicious and spiteful and adores the devastation and destruction.




Urgent on the official channel:
Closure of the coastal road leading to the Domani Angle Janzour.


(TAJOURAH at nightime, photo taken 14 DEC 2012)

Find 3 bodies were burned near factory truck north of the Tajourah in Tripoli and were not identified.

There is no power but from God.

FOLLOWING is from 2011:




GPC basic Elvis Bucky free on FB:

Zintan are exporting truffles because of marginalization ..

Balkhch Mosque in north ZINTAN.



God is great … brings the voice of right now calling for evening prayers local time for the city of # Sirte and its environs …

Greeting to Sirte expensive
Youth Caucus Sirte withstand
Falcon Garah a partagé une statut de Youth Caucus Sirte withstand.
Newsflash ‫# Sirte


Back young Nasr Mohamed Mahmoud Alomla Gaddafi
My father then kidnapped by the so-called Battalion 136 Infantry “Galt”
And charged me suspicious charges and baseless !
Hspena God and yes, the agent ….

Now a fire in a car on the junction Alsoaoh, and devoured the car on fire in the city of Sirte Blcaml.

Greeting to Sirte expensive
Youth Caucus Sirte withstand © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Please caution: The militias now from the tribe of Al Furjan in the city of Sirte on the arrest of the

Liberal tribe Alqmazfah and this news certainly please caution Iaaaaaaa youth tribe Alqmazfah

and it is important and in Gaaaaaaah Hello Khokm al-Qathafi lofty.

An official source:

the Political Bureau of the Cyrenaica province now controlled on the basis of Sirte flights.




Chairman of the National Congress asks Prime Minister Ali Zaidane address the group so-called “Friends of Libya” to impose a naval blockade on the Crescent Almaana oil in the oil.

Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ Qahreinn Almzarat:

Libya – part of the celebration, “Executive Office of the province of Cyrenaica” on the occasion of the start of oil exports.
Good morning libya news /LibyaGood Morning Libya is part of the celebration of “The Office ...

Pages came from the province of Tahabuls developed:

al-Qathafi was intended Shido Al-jdharan .. Mesh Shido rats!

.. Some people in the heart of the heart, O Church

And Salemli Aalsahh Khadra and love names were ^ ^ (Colonel)

صفحات اقليم طحابُلس خرجت عن طورها:القذافي كان يقصد شدو الجضران .. مش شدو الجرذان !بع .. اللي في القلب في القلب يا كنيسةوسلملي عالساحة الخضرا و الحب الأولاني ^^ ( الأخ العقيد)

Publiée le 22 sept. 2013

Publiée le 22 sept. 2013
The most prominent Aljdharan fact bribery millions provided by the State to lift the siege on the oil fields that

are stolen from the Government and co-chaired Zaidane and chairman of the National Energy Conference.

ابرز الجضران حقيقة الرشوه بالملايين التي قدمتها الدوله لفك الحصار علي حقول النفط التي يتم سرقتها من الحكومه وعلي رئسها زيدان ورئيس لجنة الطاقة بالمؤتمر الوطني

 Hahahaha Al-jdharan exposes Zaidane and exposes insisted h pile corrupt

Matmrellmketb political province of Cyrenaica about the bribery scandal that pops

‘WAHABI’ Brotherhood and Zaidane:
The most prominent Al-jdharan fact bribery millions provided by the State to lift the siege on the oil fields that are stolen from the Government and …

هههههههه الجضران يفضح زيدان ويفضح الحhكومه الفاسده

مؤتمرللمكتب السياسي للاقليم برقة حول فضيحة الرشوة التي دفعها الاخوان وزيدان
ابرز الجضران حقيقة الرشوه بالملايين التي قدمتها الدوله لفك الحصار علي حقول النفط التي يتم سرقتها من الحكومه وعلي…

Jdharan announce publicly exported oil and ports open for foreign companies to buy oil.

“Zero hour” well comments:
God willing, is al-Jdharan composite counters at the port, at least what we Boshdouk laughs and Eachd barrels increase.

Defense Minister in the Office Exec tenderly confirms that the

missile system Alfolqa that have been installed in the Crescent oil, is capable of

shooting down a military plane trying to bombard Bakharc oil entering Almaana oil.

Al-jdharan and the Poli Bureau of Cyrenaica celebrates on the air directly,  their  first sale  oil shipment.
The deal has Talaat ship from the port of Sidra >>> flew bathroom and Sfiqi O tonsil. Oil tanker safely

out of the port of Sidra after packaged oil.
Senate Cyrenaica and members of the Executive Office and the Political Bureau and the beginning of the

celebration of the export of the first shipment of oil from the port of Sidra.

The puppet mouthpieces of Tripoli sing that the shipment breach of the rule of Libyan …

Anto Khalato where the rule after three years, my Mtaaan arena Khadra!

(picture taken at Ras Lanauf landing)
Port of Sidra:
Port of Sidra 08 MARCH 2014
A shell landed near the ship dock Korean port of Sidra in eastern Libya.
A group of bulldozers and on the prevention of armed Mtnha Korean tanker out of which still exist within the port of Sidra.
Still steamship Korean header in the Port of Ras noses receives in oil cargo million barrels to meet tomorrow morning
until full cargo of crude oil:
Sources for “Arab”:
Steamboat oil left the North Korean port of Sidra Libyan loaded with oil ....


Sam Bin-Humaid blamed for terrorist foil!!!

There is information that the Bulls February Avsdo deal for the sale of oil tanker carrying North Korean flag:
We have arrived from reliable sources that Ben and Sam bin-Humaid (supposedly deceased from former reports!) and Boca Arab and Abdullah denier (ABDULLAH hakim BELHADJ), Freight carried out the wrapping on a tanker at sea.

Where Abdullah denier (ABDULLAH hakim BELHADJ) and Sam bin Humaid considered as a mechanical conveyor, drives and disable the Boca West considered as a technical change oils, empty motor oil, and Abdallah denier (ABDULLAH hakim BELHADJ) considered as a technical electrons jamming radar own supertanker.

Thus disrupted tanker and spoiled the deal. The conviction of the Foreign Ministry of North Korea is that this was a deliberate attack on their oil tanker. The investigation is still underway in Thread

هناك معلومات تفيد بأن ثيران فبراير أفسدو صفقة بيع النفط للناقلة التى تحمل علم كوريا الشمالية
فقد وصلنا من مصادر موثوقه أن وسام بن حمبد وبوكا العربى وعبدالله ناكر قاموا بعملية إلتفاف بحرى على الناقلة وهى فى عرض البحر . حيث قام وسام بن حميد بإعتباره ميكانيكى بتعطيل محركات الناقلة وقام بوكا الغربى بإعتباره فنى تغيير زيوت بإفراغ زيوت المحركات وقام عبدالله ناكر بإعتباره فنى إلكترونات بالتشويش على اجهزة الرادار الخاصة بالناقلة . وهكذا تعطلت الناقلة وفسدت الصفقه . وقد أدانة وزارة خارجية كوريا الشمالية هذا الهجوم المتعمد على ناقلتها . ومازال التحقيق جارى فى الموضوع

Benina air base and the base of Tobruk and Sirte base Alkarzabip refuses to implement the orders of the General Staff of sorties
to warn Korean oil tanker moored in the port of Sidra.

Moments in this topic are installed hoses to pump oil from the ship to North Korea is exporting oil port of Ras Lanuf.
The slaughter of four camels in the enamel export for the benefit of Cyrenaica. Bhbhawwa Aallippin Jaykm good.
Minister of Staff said the rats do not have the possibility to hit the tanker … and the official Navy Tlfonh locked and air bases ..
The Middle refuses to implement the orders. Talaat vessel safety Mobeih oil and Zaidane is still going on in the chief of staff, his telephone is locked do not know is the chief of staff or taxi drivers.
الباخرة طلعت بالسلامة معبية نفط وزيدان مازال يدور في رئيس الاركان تليفونه مقفل مش عارف هو رئيس اركان ولا سواق تاكسي .
Crescent oil in Cyrenaica and tanks surrounded Balhauser.

Number 75 tanks and 40 artillery Hauser encircle the crescent oil. 
Mazzika room pizza cost the rebels surrounded the tanker Korean sea.


An armed group near the gate of the seizure of the Alkorashh 6 Police cars were heading to the Security Directorate of the coast. Libyan puppet-”government” threatens military response steamer wants Dissident gunmen Middle export of oil on board. Vice Chairman of the Committee for the Defense General Conference Alaotunai client Belkacem Dberz Gary dealing with the North Korean port of tanker Sidra militarily by the Air Force and Navy.
Zaidane prudery says that chief of staff tracking room Libya rebels and a bunch of martyrs in the conference and this is responsible for the failure in the bombing of a steamer in the oil port of Sidra.

Of refusing to sell oil
FHWA refuses to leave the guardianship of CSF.

Boshdouk message to Zaidane after threatening to bomb the tanker, which is another Jake O Muammh survey.

_빼。 、총 ~배, )훈_묘 밴
팬틈 훅씨°틈、、폐/표흠흩
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^: ' 、 、 뚫꽈 뇽l덮빠ll
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Hftar was defeated in the Valley of Doom, will he win in the Rouge Valley ?



Murder of a retired colonel in the internal security in Benghazi claims Muhammad Talobh.



Decline in military aviation bears the number 3669717 and the state of deadlock
Now on Saturday at five am local time

Plane landed southwest of Tobruk area lies about 128 miles

And you Coordinates

N 30 214822
E 22 27 4157

هبوط طيران عسكري يحمل رقم 3669717 وبحالة توقف تام
الان بتاريخ اليوم السبت الساعة الخامسة صباحا بالتوقيت المحليهبطت طائرة جنوب غرب منطقة طبرق تبعد بحوالي 128 ميلواليكم الاحداثياتN 30 214822
E 22 27 4157


Tim's photo on Libya story in Pravda:




In a trifecta of Banking Cartel victories, the US is still bombing innocent people, and torturing others, while destroying their production of food, clean water, and electrical power, along with poisoning environments for billions of years with depleting uranium – all now fronted by Mr. Barack Obama.

In a world where news means propaganda, transparency means secrecy, liberation means slavery, sustainability means death, terrorist means patriot, democracy means imperialism, change means more of the same, and promises mean lies, Mr. Obama must feel right at home.

The indiscriminate and brutal American terror bombings in Libya’s civilian areas are but one example of Obama’s dark intentions to deceive all those who have believed his lies.

Supported by the Banking Cartel’s media, Libya’s Muammar al-Qathafi was portrayed as a mad tyrant and

bloody dictator who had to be removed from life.

A former thorn in the side of the Luciferian Banking Cartel.

On closer inspection, however, we discover that Muammar al-Qathafi’s main “crime” was to operate his country independent of the tight financial orbit owned and rigorously controlled by the International Banking/Monetary Cartel.

The government of Libya had its own wholly owned central bank that issued loans to its people free of interest, as riba (usury) was not permitted in Libya.

Beyond the nomadic Bedouin and Tuareg tribes, most Libyan families owned both a house and a car.

Before the fifty-two daily bombings began, The Great Jamahiriya gave free health care and education to its people, and enjoyed a literacy rate of over 80 percent.

Prior to the continual US/NATO bombings of Libya, life expectancy there was seventy-five years, the highest in Africa, and about 10 percent above the world average.

Preceding the US-led air attacks, there was little to no unemployment in Libya. It was a nation that had the highest gross domestic product in Africa, with less than 5% of its population classified as poor.

The Axis of Prey.

Libya, a hot, dry, dusty country, under the  leadership of Muammar al-Qathafi, completed what was known as the largest infrastructure project in the world. A man-made, underground river was created that provided drinking water to 70 percent of the Libyan people and held the potential of turning wastelands into farmlands – that is, until US/NATO bombs destroyed its pumping stations.

Back in 1991, at the gala opening of the Great Man-made River project, Muammar al-Qathafi said to the invited

dignitaries and assembled crowd,

“After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double. The United States will make excuses, [but] the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed.”

His words were prophetic.

Then after laying waste to the nation’s water and electricity, US/NATO forces went after Libya’s largest food supply – its camels.

For many decades, beginning in the summer, thousands of camels made a three-month journey from the grasslands of Libya to metropolitan markets, where the animals were sold for food.

These camel migrations were bombed into bloody chunks of meat and bone amid the screams of painfully dying animals.

This wanton slaughter of thousands of camels in the deserts, where the food rotted, denied the Libyan people their major food source.

The excuse offered by the Cartel’s Western media for this barbarity?

“The camels were carrying weaponry to support those loyal to Muammer al-Qathafi.”

This absurd lie is easy to see through when one realizes that the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA‘s Libyan army troops could

transport weapons all over their country in a matter of days, not months, with airplanes and vehicles, not camels.

Death and destruction of all life forms are the hallmarks of the US/NATO military forces that are imperiously controlled

led by the Luciferian International Monetary/Banking Cartel.

Now, with the awful destruction of not only Libya but Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Gaza, all once free and independent countries, it will take decades to come close to the affluence those countries once prospered with, prior to our atomic bombing of them with deadly depleting uranium.

In fact, the long-term prospects for the entire Middle East do not bode well as the whole region has been turned into a radioactive hot-land and will remain so for billions of years. For no tactical or strategic reasons, DU (depleting uranium) has been employed in the US/NATO and Israeli bombings throughout the Middle East.

Clearly, Mr. Obama is guilty of war crimes. Even Jay Leno said, “The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. We agree … and think 25 to life would be appropriate.”

But still, the Western corporate press calls our insane international crimes against humanity   “humanitarian interventions.”

In response, surely the Arabs of the Middle East  are saying, “Do us a favor, Mr. Obama, do us no more favors.”

If our government has derived its powers from the consent of the governed, then the governed are as insane and amoral as those who lead our country.

Many Americans, however, are rising from their sickbeds of fear and ignorance and riding the noble horses of truth and enlightenment.

A Rasmussen poll tells us that a mere 17 percent of US voters believe the federal government has the consent of the governed – a basic precept in any democracy. Not only have Americans lost their sacred republic, now we don’t even have a democracy.

And in such an upside down world, President Obama is allowed to keep his Nobel Peace Prize. Can someone please explain that to me? Is it because Obama has brought “peace” to so many people by killing them?

President John F. Kennedy said, “Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.”

Americans have the right to demand of a president who has won the Nobel Peace Prize that he end our unholy wars, not expand them.

Peace, without war or domination, is a child, delicate and precious – one we should not deceive or abuse.

The US-led butchery in the Middle East has been so savage that no American can any longer be proud of their country or its pathologically lying president.

While most Americans continue to search for their disappearing bling-bling, they are unaware of our awful bomb-bang bombs we have inflicted and still are inflicting on millions of people.

Observe the atrocities committed on the edges of empire, as these crimes against humanity will migrate to the center of the empire.

When a president engages in unilateral wars of foreign aggression, he admits his inadequacy in diplomacy.

According to the Pulitzer Prize winning PolitiFact, President Obama has already broken over nineteen of his campaign promises. Was the man merely ignorant of what a president can actually accomplish, or is Obama simply a congenital liar? The evidence seems to point to the fact that Mr. Obama is a serial liar – perhaps something he cannot help but be.

French workmen in the 1800s protested against their working conditions by throwing their wooden shoes, called “sabots,” into machinery. From the French word sabots has come the English words sabotage and saboteur.

A saboteur is a person who commits or practices underhanded interference in a plant, factory, or nation, especially during war.

Under the above definition, little George Bush and the mendacious Barack Obama both qualify as secret saboteurs of the American

tradition of fair play, while both have pretended to protect our security, with their torture of human life.

Of all the US crimes committed during the Bush/Obama administrations, the torture of human life is the most shockingly hideous –

the most difficult to forgive.

Obama does seem to be the most effective purveyor of evil with his smile and charming ways.

The great French author, Alex de Tocqueville traveled extensively throughout America during the first third of the nineteenth century. He wrote: “America is great because she is good, and if she ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”

Since World War II, the US military has been guilty of torturing noncombatants with the strategically unnecessary bombings of civilians and their infrastructures. But the wanton killing and wounding of innocents, or the denial of their essentials and services, such as food, water, fuel, electrical, and plumbing facilities, do not begin to compare with the brutal, personalized, one-on-one tortures now practiced by the United States of America.

The corporate media tries to convince us that “enhanced interrogations” are not torture and the destruction of countries brings them democracy.

American soldiers and airmen who believe they are bringing democracy to Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan should be told what Voltaire said on the subject: “Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

The rudest awakening to the real Barack Obama may be his continuation and advancement of the heinous torture policies of his predecessor – the demonic little George Bush, the Lesser.

The promises of Obama to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp and to respect the restrictions of the Geneva Convention (while he reviewed American torture techniques) have all come to nothing other than more broken promises.

 The Obama Era: When Hope Became Despair

Amy Goodman, on her “Democracy Now!” Internet show, interviewed political investigator Jeremy Scahill. He reported that during the first Obama administration, the US began using a notorious military police unit that regularly brutalized unarmed prisoners, including the “gang beating” of them, breaking their bones, gouging their eyes and dousing them with toxic chemicals.

Even Harper’s magazine writer Scott Horton states that he has obtained specific corroboration (from a highly credible military officer with firsthand knowledge) of Iraqi men, women and children being raped, sodomized, and boiled alive by our sons, our US soldiers in Abu Ghraib; and of Libyans  in the MISURATA counterpart prison of Abu Ghraib (built with Yankee assistance).

Keep in mind that the above tortures took place in front of witnesses. But, as reported in the Washington Post, there seem to be a number of secret prisons where special torture techniques are carried out by the CIA, with nary a witness allowed.

And by Special Order of President Bush, and not repealed by President Obama, the CIA does not have to reveal to anyone who these prisoners are or what happens to them behind the heavy impenetrable walls of roughly 170 US prisons around the world. Not satisfied with torturing detainees, US officials also seem to want to leave relatives and friends of the detainees in a state of perpetual worry and misery, wondering what happened to their loved ones.

Abu Ghraib sections off men from their wives and children, and children from their mothers, except when children are being tortured in front of their parents. Same for the prisons in Misurata, Libya,  and  the horrible one on Tripoli’s plateau (once a Libyan Army training camp, converted now into a POLITICAL PRISON) led by terrorist Khaled Shariff (a known  rapist and pediphiler).

Is there a dark ghost of evil that haunts Mr. Obama’s every presidential action?

Give us some answers, Mr. Obama. Insist that your teleprompter writers print your messages in large letters, making it easy for you to read your answers to us.

The International Monetary/Banking Cartel that politically controls our government has long practiced incrementalism. Each tyrannical step of the Cartel builds on the last, cumulatively, and each step appears logical to those who are unable to think beyond what they have been told by the authorities and the Cartel’s corporate media.

Torture was a crucial issue while Bush was president, but it is now not much discussed in polite company, lest one be called a racist by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for even criticizing a black president. The SPLC claims to hate hate, but it obviously loves the torture of human life.

Are we to close off our minds to the thousands of constant screams of agony from around the world? Will we continue to take refuge in such nebulous terms as Enhanced Interrogations, Harsh Interrogations, Rough Interrogations, or an Alternate Set of Procedures?

The Kafkaesque nightmare of the endless enhanced interrogations practiced by our US intelligence agents on defenseless human beings cannot easily be imagined; therefore, some of us are completely convinced that savage, inhuman, American-torture practices do not exist.

The US cruelties on what must be called political prisoners – the “scientific” experiments in torture, the wholesale executions – tax the credulity of most Americans. But to do anything about reversing this shameful, ignoble situation, we must first know of its existence.

The aims of sadistic governmental torturers and their propagandists in the media are completely irreconcilable with those of us who are horrified by torture. There must be no compromise with our demands to completely end the evil practice of torturing human life, as the torture of any sentient being, or any justification of it, is the lowest from of human depravity.

Nothing begins to compare with Obama’s role in expanding the utterly psychopathic practice of torturing human life, something we should not do to dogs or any of God’s creatures.

Now after all the years of our fraudulent war on terror and its attendant war crimes, Americans find themselves in an expanding police state, one that shows no signs of contracting.

Being a Cartel puppet may prevent you from being able to end such tyranny, with its torture practices, but outrageous indulgences do not become you or our nation. In good taste, Mr. Obama, you should probably reconsider all those many dinner parties, laden with Wagyu steaks (at 144.79€ per serving), with the best wines and aperitifs, all on the heels of America’s most expensive inaugural celebration in history.

(OBAMA), You campaigned on shutting down the torture-prison of Guantanamo before being elected in November of 2008, but as president, you never did so. In your National Defense University speech, you claimed your efforts to shut-down Gitmo were stopped by powers greater than yourself.

Regarding torture, you stated, “In some cases, I think we compromised our values by using  torture to interrogate our enemies and detaining individuals in a way that ran counter to the rule of law.”

With respect to your use of domestic drones, you stated, “For the record, I do not believe it would be constitutional for the government to target and kill any US citizen – with a drone, or with a shotgun –  without due process, nor should any President deploy armed drones over US soil.”

I also want to thank you for telling us how we have lost so many of our freedoms here at home, when you said,

“We must define the nature and scope of this struggle or else it will define us. We have to be mindful of James Madison’s warning that no nation could preserve its freedoms in the mist of continual warfare.”

We need real men of substance…not puppets of their hidden and dark masters.



British Intelligence Advisor: Obama Born In Kenya In 1960

Publiée le 26 févr. 2014

British Intelligence Advisor Barrister Michael Shrimpton reported Obama’s purported mom was not pregnant in 1961 and that Obama was born in Kenya in 1960. He said Kenya was under British intelligence files and that Obama’s father ran guns for the Mau Mau. He then dropped a bombshell claiming the CIA did covert DNA testing on Obama at a fundraising dinner and the test came back with no match to the claimed grandparents. Shrimpton said Rudy Giuliani’s people knew and sat on the intelligence and further stated he spoke with Hillary Clinton’s people and that they were quite interested.

NO SURPRISE on Russian Television from SABHA!

Mu outlook

“News resistance People’s Libyan Free” on FB:

After that we’ve seen flapping in several towns and villages in the grace of God fluttering aloft;; soon and very soon, and so will we see the sky hugging Whisk all the pride and the pride and glory in the sky and the river Mermaid Tripoli and the rest of the beloved homeland.

“The globe today” on FB:
We wish a speedy recovery for the struggling companion, Dr. Youssef Amin Shakir
نتمنى الشفاء العاجل للرفيق المناضل الدكتور يوسف امين شاكيرالمعـــــــــــــــــموره اليــــــــــــــــــــوم




News resistance People’s Libyan Free
Matthew Authorized U.S. mercenary rebels fought with NATO

(If NATO soldiers Joe H Akhco homes
And appreciates what you say not one footmen liters)
اخبار المقاومة الليبية الشعبية الحرة

ﻣﺎﺛﻴﻮ ﻓﺎﻧﺪﻳﻚ مرتزق امريكي قاتل مع ثوار الناتو

(ﺍﺫﺍ ﺟﻨﻮﺩ ﺍﻟﻨﺎﺗﻮ ﺟﻮ ﺡ ﻳﺨﺸﻮ ﺑﻴﻮﺗﻜﻢ
ﻭ ﻣﺎ ﺗﻘﺪﺭ ﺗﻘﻮﻟﻪ ﻻ ﺗﺮﺍ ﻭﺍﺣﺪ ﺭﺍﺟﻞ)

Sow correspondent in Libya: arrest warrants for 30 officers accused of involvement in the planning of the “coup”.

Prison for anyone who criticises the General National Congress |
News Cyrenaica
In a striking development issued the RAT National Conference of the outgoing year,

a law which now triggers controversy and considered by some as an unwarranted blow to human rights.

National Congress determines the names of the special committee in February

to conduct elections for the constitutional amendment. |

News Cyrenaica:
Select the General National Congress names committee in February to conduct a constitutional amendment for the presidential and parliamentary elections, the Committee shall consist of fifteen members, six of whom are members of Congress who are “Abdulsalam Safrani and equitable Huwail and Ahmad …

National Congress determines the names of the special committee in February to conduct elections for the constitutional amendment

Select the General National Congress names committee in February to conduct a constitutional amendment for the presidential and parliamentary elections, the Committee shall consist of fifteen members, six members of them from the conference they “Abdulsalam Safrani and equitable Huwail and Ahmed pure and Mohammed Abdullah Toumi and Saleh Younis and Mohammed Salameh Ghiryani”, and nine from outside the illusion, “Essam Maoist Mohammed Jarbou and cosmic Abouda and Abdul Wahab Bseka and Mansour birth and pride oppressed and Venosh Younis and Mohammad Ahmad warming and short. “

Date of publication:

2014-02-12 02:50 am


General Conference discusses Exchange 2014 budget and the amount required is 69 billion,

but the amount available is now 60 billion deficit means the first in the history of Libya worth 9 billion,
Customers also discussed the amount spent in 2013 and which is 67 billion ..!!!!!


Leaks – 3
Very dangerous ..
Of standing against the building of the Libyan army?
Here, in this video game is evident and clear
From the stands and all the power is seen against
the construction of the Libyan army.
Please who Osamua our ears that the Salafi movement is
Hinder the building of the army to prove that what they call
Support of army building and respond Sweeper convinced
And carry on the principles of what has been said in this tape ..
The only claim what Ikdroush Azalo Qaidam and Ingsoa
Upon his stay in comfortable hotels in the UAE?
Is .. Vinegary Narafoa some bidders for what they are ..

Ana Libyتسريبات – 3

خطير جدا ..

من يقف ضد بناء الجيش الليبي ؟

هنا و في هذا الفيديو تتضح اللعبة و يتضح
من يقف و ينظر بكل قوة ضد بناء الجيش الليبي .


نرجوا ممن أصموا آذاننا بأن التيار الاسلامي هو
من يعرقل بناء الجيش ان يثبتوا على ما يدعونه
من مساندة بناء الجيش و يردوا كناس مقتنعة
و تحمل مبادئ على ماقيل في هذا الشريط ..

والا زعم ما يقدروش يزعلوا قايدهم و ينغصوا
عليه اقامته المريحة في فنادق الامارات ؟

هي .. خلي نعرفوا بعض المزايدين علي حقيقتهم ..

Ana Liby


Urgent and important …………
The German Foreign Ministry yesterday to address the European Commission’s speech expressed the need to generalize to all countries of the European Union, not to deal with citizens Libyans from the campaign passport with a blue color, (after it was discovered the German experts his lack of minimum technical specifications required security and also note him lately from people suspected of having ties Antmot and system of terrorism in the world )…..It is noteworthy that the Government of customers in Tripoli had been in Dkrt Speaking about its largest and most powerful.

She had prepared a new passport with international standards and that a German company had been contracted to accomplish this!
As part of that is expected to circulate the EU something written on its relation to this matter.

Deputy Prime Minister Abdulsalam Al Gadi displaying Libya’s new biometric passport back in February (2013) this past year

(Photo: Sami Zaptia).:


Please urgently quickly Publishing

Entered the market because of the ignorance of fishermen
Panic in coastal states because of the rabbit fish killer
Carrying deadly toxins capable of killing the consumer in a matter of one day
Leaflets in mosques, schools and cafes to warn of fish

. Quickly Publishing Please Please indicative of good as actors…

Tripoli, 10 May 2013:

Now the breeding season has started for the Rabbitfish, a poisonous non-native species of fish found in Libyan waters, the government is stepping up its campaign to alert the public to the dangers of eating the sea creature.

Rabbitfish contain a poison that, when ingested, lowers the blood pressure and can result in paralysis or even death within a matter of five hours. “There are certain times of the year you can eat it,” a researcher for the Libya Association for Marine Science, Daw Haddoud, told the Libya Herald, “but it is at its most poisonous during its breeding season.”

The fish will mate until the end of June. During this time, said Haddoud, his association, along with the Ministry of Agriculture, is taking an awareness-raising campaign to all settlements along the length of the coast.

The rabbitfish, so called because of its large rabbit-like front teeth, was first spotted in Libyan waters in 2008. A spokesman for the Department of Marine Resources, Ali Aljurnazi, told the Libya Herald that the fish is believed to have been brought to the country’s coast in the wake of boats from the Red Sea.

At first it was only a problem in the east of the country but, he explained, because it has bred successfully in Libyan waters, it is increasingly being spotted along the length if the coast.

“Four months ago it reached Zuwara and there have also been a few sightings in Tunisia,” said Haddoud.

A previous poster and leaflet campaign alerted fishermen in the east to the dangers of the fish but now the Department of Marine Resources, part of the Ministry of Agriculture, has stepped up its campaign. Under the motto: “Beware this fish: don’t sell it, don’t buy it,” it is now targeting fish sellers and consumers as well as fishermen along the coast of Libya.

“Some Libyan fishermen in the west of the country don’t even know about this fish,” Habboud said, “they don’t know that it is poisonous.”

As yet, no-one appears to have been affected, although there have been several false alarms over suspected cases of poisoning. “Some were reported in Derna so we went there and checked,” Aljurnazi said, “but we didn’t find any confirmed cases of poisoning.”

Possible cases have also been reported in Zuitina and Ajdabiya but, according to Haddoud, these too proved to be false alarms.



The arrival of a group of criminals across Syria to Tripoli Mitigua airport occupier and they are now living in one of the villas in the market Friday and have a meeting this evening with the leaders of al-Qaida in Tripoli to prepare a plan for the extension of the control Tripoli fully Almqji.

Stop the attack on the capital and channel congestion of a large army and police are still billowing smoke from the use of number of 3-propelled grenade launchers and heard
The sound of an ambulance …

of the channel, DC 11/02/20146:46 stills initial armed attack on the headquarters de libya196900


From my point of view ..
Hallelujah wondering Muckle the courage and heroism of Channel Capital continues to broadcast just hours after the bombing, and the beautiful thing is that he was not subjected to any broadcaster for any harm it conceivable that the hearts of the armed gangs that have bombing compassionate to such a degree that makes them fear for the safety of people inside the channel they are the same gangs that kill innocent people in a day ..
I also wonder Has Channel team take all the equipment and cameras to their homes and returned a few hours after their broadcast or that those devices to guard against explosions inguinal LG it really been bombing the capital to channel or that channel Capital flare rumors of something in the same Jacob
To be honest, I Athag in everything Fberaara All their money and lied rumors are not unfounded …

ساعة الصفر

من وجهة نظري ..
سبحان الله اتسائل ماكل هذه الشجاعة والبطولة لقناة العاصمه تواصل بثها بعد ساعات فقط من التفجير والجميل في الأمر أنه لم يتعرض أي مذيع لأي أذى فهل يعقل أن تكون قلوب العصابات المسلحه التي قامت بالتفجير رحيمة إلى هذه الدرجه التي تجعلهم يخافون على سلامة الاشخاص داخل القناة وهم نفس العصابات التي تقتل في الأبرياء يوميا..
كما اتسائل هل قام فريق القناة بأخذ جميع المعدات والكاميرات إلى بيوتهم وبعد ساعات أعادوا بها البث أم أن تلك الاجهزه مضاده لتفجيرات الاربي جي فهل حقا تعرضت قناة العاصمه لتفجير ام أن قناة العاصمه تفجر الاشاعات لشئ ما في نفس يعقوب
بصراحه انا لاأثق في كل ماهو فبرايري فكل مالهم كذب واشاعات لا اساس لها من الصحه …


Channel stopped broadcasting after the bombing of the capital of ‘militias room Libya rebels armed’ wing

of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood movement in Libya last night.

God Tafrjo to channel capital Jerdanih
 Some of the crew channel capital Jerdanih accuse Lapua arrows and room Tiran Libya attack on the Canal.
Reported dead in clashes in the Libyan capital Tripoli.


Reported clashes between “room Jardan Libya” and Zintani in the road to the airport …


FALSE news that Zintani want to cut the Electriy going to TRIPOLI !.

Electricity crisis cut back strongly to the capital Tripoli without knowing the reasons




Urgent message from the “Youth Resistance Tarhounah”

Traitor to the client Hftar We know very well, and you Matvolh Mgayth now in Tarhounah, with leaders who think they are Tarhounah!

Do you expect that Salem bin Ali and the like of Istttaaon Matrade, you do? and the most important, but they do not even represent themselves.

As for the Military, who act now with Hftar, and lie to them and say:

“I am green and Bnrdo Brigade 32 and the green flag, and now Ejehzo in Btaqatlzbat and individuals me with them”,

we say to them that Hedda fabricator does not have but a lie; and try to drag them into what he wants.

and finally we are “Young Resistance Tarhounah” who say that the masses of Tarhounah (with the will of the Libyan people), are with a retrieval of the “Great Jamahiriya”

and are the “Youth Resistance Tarhunah”!

We are watching what is happening with books now and we can respond and Struon our response very soon …

(Of Youth Resistance Tarhounah)
شعبية ترهونة العظمى……..منقول
عاجل رساله من شباب المقاومه ترهونه

الى الخائن العميل حفتر نحن نعلم جيدا ماتفعله انت وملقيطه الان فى ترهونه مع من تعتقد انهم قيادات ترهونه هل تتوقع ان سالم بن علي ومن على شاكلتهم يستطتعيون فعل ماتريد فأنت واهم هم لايمثلون الا انفسهم.
اما بالنسبه الي العسكريه الذىن يتحركوا الان مع حفتر ويكذب عليهم ويقول انى اخضر وبنردو اللواء 32 والرايه الخضراء والان يجهزو في بطاقاتللظباط والافراد لي معاهم فنقول لهم ان هدا المفتري ليس عنده الا الكذب والمحاولة الي جرهم الي ما يريد ,واخيرا نحن شباب المقاومه ترهونه نقول بان جماهير ترهونه مع ارادة الشعب الليبي وهى استرجاع الجماهيريه العظمى ونحن شباب المقاومه ترهونه نراقب بكتب مايجري الان ونستطيع الرد وستروون ردنا قريبا جدا…




General Electric Company in Libya says that electricity was cut off due to suspension Event
western mountain gas station to generate electricity (Ruwais) service currently due to interruption
of natural gas supplies for the station..
From our correspondent in the western mountain station Ruwais stop gas station to generate electricity (Ruwais)
service currently due to suspension of gas supplies Aaldy came from field to fulfill.



Armed militia belonging to MB LIBYAN “shield” in the Central Valley region of attacking Big B

and the Balrmih housing randomly and terrorize residents.


Armed attack suffered by Sultan Gate area east of the city of Ajdabiya dawn by unknown leads to
The death of one guard and wounding another and killing one of the attackers …
[PICTURED is ZAIDANE's MISURATA MB MILITIA on their way to destroy "GENTLY" (the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica) headquarters in AJDABIYA.]


 Explosion market garden shop in Benghazi. Blast market garden shop in Benghazi because of personal differences Tugod no casualties.  

An eyewitness market garden city of Benghazi, that was
Targeting one of the shops in the market and set it off for personal reasons
Between the shop owner and a customer, and the witness said in a statement
Private citizens and merchants that came out of hard-earned place
After the outbreak of an armed clash within the market.


Urgent deployment of Benghazi
There’s internal security headquarters in Benghazi, a former blood bank Hobjawar room diagonal to eavesdrop on what is going on which is a villa in the neighborhood Fwyhat also by teams of bad faith in the operations and give demonstrations in cycles of sabotage and kidnapping of activists.
To knead hope Circular

News heroic Libyan resistance (GROUP ON FB):

Loss of contact by helicopter coming from the direction of Benghazi to Sabha since the morning, and news
Fall near the slip




Chadian President Idriss Deby agreed to the deployment of a French aircraft in northern Chad to monitor

the “bad conditions” in the south of Libya!!




2:5136 ad, Tabu and interruption of food and milk for children in the city of Kufra:

And continue the indiscriminate mortar shelling heavily on reviving Tabu in Kufra

and the death toll for two days and there are some of them under the rubble, according to what was stated …

And knead by militias Azwaip or the so-called Front for the Liberation of South fighter also fired upon …



With the evening was released in favor of citizenship Mabrouka Qrifah
The previously Ncana story that captured by Jardan in Sabha and is the science of Tawergha displaced
and resident in Sabha .
Thank God for her safety and ćÚŢČÇá the release of her brother.
SEBHA airport

Airport Director popular # Sabha: the control of “armed non-State” (HAH!) on several parts of the airport.

Urgent Sabha / / /

Sabha hear the sounds of French military aircraft over the skies of the city

Today warplanes dense city.


Cololna Egina who launched a beating in the Fatih district.

Sabhaaa now ……..

Armed militias of Boucif boys and girl Rulad and sound are now pounding Fatih district Mahdia

(Armo Besoarichkm Tlqo will not only defeat stronger than we are, rockets) ….


The fall of the shells is an elegant-sufficient District Altanueh.


The bombing of civilians in the houses (neighborhood Akaddadfah)

by militias inventory Baharuddin calculated on the military Jirdani.

The death of Mohammed Arhovernm Abokhozam Hasnawi Bkadifah mortar wounds sustained

in his home district of Nasiriyah in front of a battalion Knight ..The death of the citizen population

of Nasiriyah Mohammed Arhovernm Abokhozam Hasnawi wounds sustained mortar Bkadifah.
Fell on his home ..

I am God and to him we shall return.

Continued uninterrupted online on the city of Bani Walid and Sabha Barak seawall and…


Post from a free zone Smono Sabha
Peace and mercy of God
Today Tuesday, 2014 \ 2 \ 11, specifically in the area Smono been arrested three Africans
(Nigerians) by members Misurata. On the way the driver was quickly caught and suddenly brake the car she miscarried.
One of the individuals arrested and killed him and then the gang lowered the retail side of the deceased and ordered them.
How wait Shufu work possible work only Jew
Nsil God and that God is misguided and Ahdan to the right ..
Corps of Hell Nasr
Message to the Awlad Suleiman tribe:
Arzak stole the championship in people??? Tournament in the murder of the innocent???
Betrayal in the tournament live, salt, ratios and friendship???? Wake up and without falsifying the facts …
there Hradm distorted the tribe Awlad Asilyman and dragged most of the tribe behind them …
and I fell into the trap of this topic Tribe family Seif treacherous as the old-new dream: to rule the south,
Is Matt a question one of the family of Saif Al-Nasr this topic in recent battles non-binding?????
Estmarat abroad and banks ….. Push Ya tribe means the price …
and they are in bliss and, unfortunately, this topic is the bitter reality …
and Hedda real speech, not sedition, as promoted by the owners of this topic Almassalj Tribe.


With God’s help live broadcast of the spark City Alawli Sabha ÚáĆ opened at a quarter past five pm EST mass

Alazmi channel Russia Today on the Panorama program, on behalf of the SOL.


Hftar arrested and Illigitimate Conference still rules

Mu disguised as a Taureg

(MU’AMMAR al-Qathafi disguised as a Taureg)

Oh God, give us victory, O Lord of the Worlds ..

God and Muammar and Libya ups everywhere.

Revolutionary Struggle continuously until victory, God willing.

Approached the hour of decision …!! Historical hour, God willing,

Rotating in Heretics .. No mercy and no pity with them.


News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO:
Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Tuareg in Libya:
We will meet before the 20th of February, to determine the current position.

News Libyan armed resistance on FB / SUN WILL LOSE MASS:
Generalizable …………………
Began the process of controlling the coup on the headquarters of the conference pagan and this means
that there is no government, and therefore the military government is in control of the Libyan arena in the coming hours,
Differences between militias among themselves and between the army Allaotunai will cause Ochaabakat
between Triple Almtnahr at the level of the capital to control the institutions and facilities; and,
control means control over Tripoli, Libya.
As for Cyrenaica, we are waiting impatiently for these clashes to declare secession from Libya, but not as a region or Kaamarh Kingdom.
As for the south, there will be cohesion between all Tabu and Touareg to form an army capable of protecting its wealth (oil).
As for the free and honorable green flag, there will be a great surprise in this month, not only for you but for the entire world.
Patience and public awareness is the only way for the return of the Libyan masses (Libya).
ــــــــــــــ شمــس الجمــاهيرية لن تغيب ــــــــــــــ SUN WILL LOSE MASS.

“32 Enhanced Brigade” has an obsession to eliminate the criminal militias in Libya.

“Zero hour” on FB, comments:

“If you are not eligible to say a word because the light is not taking her conqueror and Mbda sacrifice, patience and glory and prestige and victory ….. On behalf of the SOL.

Our patience and a lot more Snsber that preaches us God promised victory .. God Almighty said
(And human patient):
Will not surrender and will not give up the more we signed increases our determination to promote and for each Maashnah will remain steadfast and confident and will not back down no matter what happens and will not accept a fait accompli imposed on us and can not in any way waive victory Vnasrna is our dignity
And for the moral dignity of our lives is not without dignity of life is lived without dignity of life is worthy of our love and self-esteem and pride perfected addicted Shoumoukh will not kneel Alavi our prayers ….”



(pictured are ALI Sour Plant & Misurata NURI arrows in interview together)

see Zaidane’s breakfast with outlaw MISURATA “al-Nassem” dairy products ?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel too ((the text of a leaked ‘phone call today)) from one of the national intelligence service, between the two shares:
Nuri Abu Bushmin arrows and Ali Zaidane :: 
Nuri Abusshmin: 
my brother Ali, how are you? I liked your revolution on the pawns in Benghazi and God does not maibwa red eye, but you Alj-love :::
How are you Professor Nuri ? Aarajl received punishment moldy smell uniforms sweepings speak and antagonize, which I can not run a bath.

ratified Hola Meboa non Gal-Qathafi knows their medicine because their uniforms and Look Zintan from the sale of truffles Yeboah become. Government Is muggers, but the religious and worship Mankhalém go back to selling truffles and housing drilling; and just the boy who in Abu Salim, Ghani, has videos Mskhm of when Xanthan were arrested in Abu Salim of how many months.
I spoke to Hashem (TAGOURIS) and told him Khalha down in the net and Avdhohm; and spoke to a room lenses conference. I told them: “Spread attack Mliqth the hotel and Avdhohm in the street.”
and God refund my servants others Are dogs ::

best Madert I Necip O professor Nouri. Paso Kotaite footmen what the next phase Hovoa fairly acceptable :::

just Mesh Is Aldoh time and more importantly thwart moves Haftar and Zintan, and who then becomes Horn.

any benefits ::: :::

Professor Abu arrows: 
long as a brother and a friend and ask about you all.

((ended with the caller ..))
on Bushmin or Zaidane Akzban this caller, and then we will publish an audio CD ::

I challenge them to discredit it and I’ll wait for them on the hottest coals. …

عااااااااااااجل جداً (( نص مكالمة هاتفيه مسربه اليوم من احد الوطنيين بجهاز المخابرات بين نوري ابو سهمين وعلي زيدان :: نوري ابوسهمين كيف حالك اخي علي عجبتني ثورتك على البيادق في بنغازي والله مايبوا الا العين الحمراء هل الجلوف ::: زيدان كيف حالك استاذ نوري ياراجل تلقى عقاب معفن رائحته زي الكناسه يتكلم ويخاصم وهو مش قادر يدير حمام ،، ابوسهمين صدقت هولاء مايبوا غير القذافي يعرف طبهم لانه زيهم وشوف الزنتان من بيع الترفاس يبوا يصبحوا حكومه هل السراق بس وديني وما نعبد مانخليهم يرجعوا لبيع الترفاس وسكن الحفر وتوا الولد اللي في بوسليم عبدالغني عنده مقاطع فيديو مسكهم عند زنتان قبض عليهم في بوسليم من كم شهر كلمت هاشم وقلت له خلها تنزل في النت وافضحوهم وكلمت غرفة عدسات المؤتمر قلت لهم انشروا تهجم مليقطه على الفندق وافضحوهم في الشارع والله معاد عندي خدمه غيرهم هل الكلاب :: زيدان احسن مادرت وانا بنسيب يا استاذ نوري بس قطيط ما راجل المرحله المقبله شوفوا حد مقبول ::: ابوسهمين توا مش وقت هل الدوه والاهم افشال تحركات حفتر والزنتان وبعدها اللي تبيه يصير ::: زيدان اي استحقاقات استاذ ::: ابو سهمين دمت اخ وصديق ونسأل عنك فقط … انتهت المكالمه )) على بوسهمين او زيدان ان يكذبان هذه المكالمه وعندها سوف ننشر السي دي صوتي :: اتحداهم تكذيب ذلك وانا انتظر منهم ذلك على احر من جمر ..



All channels in February, leaders and analysts are talking about the word coup ::

Here shall clarification ::

Is there a state originally to be a coup
Are there government originally to be a coup

All the Libyans know that the ruling is apparent militias and armed gangs that impose decisions by force of arms. And threatening of Balricksos and Taktafhm and Tbtzhm and their perception and Thenhm and forcing them to walk according to the agenda at and interests. They are just pawns They can not even protect their clothes and their children.

But the Libyans also know that even these militias are not the actual ruler. Because everyone knows that it is managed by Western embassies and Qatar Airways and Emirates .. They issued orders to move these militias or calm, or even whether or not the permit. To see this, despite all the chaos in the country,

but the U.S. ambassador and the British ambassador and the French move easily and wandering in all areas and holding meetings, agreements and without the knowledge of anyone Fberaaria. And only those militias task of protection only. We saw how the U.S. aircraft flying without knowing anyone. We saw how are arrested on any citizen of the center of the capital to protest without any one.

We saw how I could say Khrti Qatar collect weapons if you want it. We saw Kiev were released boob Zidane immediately after the intervention of Western embassies.

We saw how ISO Al-jdharan Britain after the closure of fields to receive instructions.

And therefore does not have a name Shi coup if only the real power that runs things today which external control over the country. But other than that, it is not not change roles according to a scenario prepared in advance of the player and the real ruler of Western embassies located in the capital and intelligence offices scattered across the country.

Intelligence report up since a few of the Conference Allaotunai.

Officers Bakdon group meeting now “Hall of the People in Tripoli” earlier for processing what the report

called the seizure of power.

Urgent .. A MISURATA convoy consisting of three hundred military vehicles from heavy weapons and medium-Track Misrata Military Council reach area Alqrbula waiting for orders to enter Tripoli from Tajourah axis and the axis of Spring Valley.
Defense Minister on his way now to the National Congress held an emergency session.
Columns of the rebel brigades from all the surrounding cities in Tripoli raise the degree of willingness to maximum score.

Strangely Today’s meeting was scheduled to review the alternatives of Zaidane, whatever approach the Zaidane calamity will occur.

Issued by NURI BUSHMIN “so-named” ‘Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces’.

The defense minister has orders to arrest any people gathered in the hall if there is movement.

The so-called room Libya rebels arrest Tamer Ali, Major General Haftar, charges the military coup and seize power.

7:31 Abdullah bending process reveals coup Khalifa Haftar


Tripoli, Libya
Military police refused to arrest Major General Khalifa Haftar processing charges to a so-called military “coup”.

Security source confirmed to the Agency that the military police had received an order of the National Congress

to arrest Major General Khalifa Haftar accused of presiding over a so-called military “coup” attempt in Libya ..
However, the arrest warrants dismissed from the military police on the grounds that the National Congress

lacks constitutional legitimacy since 07 February 2014 AD, according to the interim Constitutional Declaration
Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 AD. Edit. Mohammed Shafi.

And clear the game Mukhtar Fernana al-Akhdar Green, who is the head of the Zintani military police. Hua.

Partner in planning the so-called “Coup” !

The Rat Minister of Defense, the so-called “Abdullah bending”, will deliver a statement shortly afterwards:

B self-styled Libya International
URGENT: “National Congress” ended his tenure discusses the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister and confer in alternative names may be more puppet-candidates to succeed puppet Zaidane.
Leaks list of rat candidates for prime minister, succeeding inventory Ali Zaidane:
Omar Ben Younes
Kotaite extender.
Mohammed Poker
Alhaji hopes
Ahmed Al Abbar
Omar Hassi
Ashour Hoael
Gaiblkm AHLA news from ratsA dernalhm ya baby:’Operations room Libya rebels’ “Official Page”
Statement rebel RATs eastern region.We learned this morning from reliable sources, the determination of a group of officers and politicians who are in contact with the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, as Lennon announced a statement against the legitimacy of the Libyan state and the National Congress,which embraced the Libyan people to be represented by him regardless of the position of the National Congress,we declare to those in conflict with the “will of the nation” that we will protect to the “Libyan 17 FEBRUARY Revolution and our legitimacy ” (HAH, hah!)
and those that protector them stand bdamaena!and our spirits warn all who are tempted to compromise “the security of Libya” (HAh, hah!), that we rebels are ready to protect the (17 FEBRUARY) “revolution” and its gains and the “maintaining the peaceful transition of power.”
Libya .. RATS Supreme Court sets February 24 to consider the constitutionality of “the law of political isolation” .._____(THESE so-called “rebels” are truly dillusional!!!!)

“Zero hour” writes:
Alaagmh who Tahristin where members of Congress and the ventral two years, is very natural that contribute to Tmddhm.
Video shows one seducer Behm by militias cart and humans and Behm involvement in battles against tribes ..
فيديو يوضح احد المغرر بيهم من قبل مليشيات كارة وبشر والزج بيهم في معارك ضد القبائل ..

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

Criminals, prisoners of Abu Salim (Ajdbea) receive money in return for a while. Imprisoned
And the people of Tawergha honorable living homeless nor plasmon you Lord cream Aataaorghae

wounded and Hspena God and yes, the agent.

Belhaj and Sami al-Saadi and hardness in the Office of Intelligence
and  Aaddoumon loyalty and obedience to Saif Gaddafi.
Traitors to Kano Athompshon on the eve of their masters !God’s curse on them and this Alvedioa of Alamle at debunking and slag each of its business Ali hardness and Abdul Hakim Belhadj.
بالحاج و الصلابي وسامي الساعدي في مكتب المخابرات و الولاء و الطاعة لسيف القذافي.الخونة لما كانو يتمسحون على اعتاب اسيادهملعنة الله عليهم وهذا الفيديوا من عند العملااء يكشف زيف وخبث ااعمالة لكل من الصلابي وعبد الحكيم بلحاج
(MY OCR refuses to give me a clear translation of the frames written. This is what it gave me!) :
Refine the spring. Solution
Henahma voluntarily for every n 0 k hurry to Haa to the bottom of the pre Jkloh
Iiaalia Amos Lalla
For folks. In general. Yale. Alive
Hah, followed by all
Mind of the king Ingaho hee 2 face Luke. What about you Qlabak unrest
Mmah for each of Qallla
Both players do not Ngilo
You right. BBs. DBS Au minimum altitude Lang. Per each
Iohlljkl to Antabh all at the Keck Pir Takla for Wa.
They Berrah n «T. feed 0.0 g – Aaakul – h—-For Hnella to make
0 of Ah Roma to carry mussels. Tirelessly to Hlqk
Melllqa to ta 2 Te.
Iksa catch of 0 Rtnelllqa ». Barr s for DBS.
—KC resolve each. Aa
Per exempt
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At. Login ml. Instrument.
–Aatk by each pilgrimage. Yen for meat 0.0 taper BmlqtalFor the mind to work does not point to n 0 Ag Look Iqaaa to make it
Ka Bel 0
Makes for Allhaaa to make both She enjoys Iilhal–Ke a Ldi you navigate all yourĹÚ 0CJK Akkar to Ihll hampered
Haq 0 Gelaq. Attached to each.

0 comment because Qubhmanha Air Ra not receive Amsj
Ah Nhah k for Adjala Knit
Table Macllqa for not saluting both 0
Each. Terre for 20 Klaj Nquierj Kllh
For Mhauhelm.

History will not forget and will not Showing videos Stmli world one can erase them … those who provide Jardan loyalty and obedience to the engineer today and climb and rode Gahaar believe that history Sensi Fliscahid Jardan Amalguethm Kano where and what to say …
al-Qathafi’s Sirte Trchana.


Strong sandstorm hit Tripoli now.

ALLAH is making nature to work for us!

The disappearance of the editor of “Tripoli LIBYAN NEWS AGENCY”

Atmosphere of the country” – Abdulsalam customary, reporter:

The head of the “Steering Committee for the ‘Libyan News Agency’ (‘and’)” those that are friendly Basset,

“kidnapped” the editor of the “Tripoli LIBYAN NEWS AGENCY”, Younes Ali Younes, by persons unknown,

on Monday evening, from a cafe adjacent to the Mahari Hotel in Tripoli.

He added that the journalist known as “friendly Younis” is one of the journalists belonging to the TRIPOLI division

of the” Libyan News Agency, in addition to being editor of the head of the “Tripoli Local Council”.

Boudia assured that the process of “kidnapping” was near the Mahari Hotel, by a white car with five men,

who had escorted the reporter Younis to an unknown location.

It is noteworthy that Tripoli is witnessing these days Anflata security and an increase in kidnappings.

Top Secret …
More than twenty members of the Whitney and the leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood are reviewing Clinic psychologist specializing in large Libyan capital Tripoli after their discovery that supporters of al-Qathafi were better for my country they are the victors on the plight of February …
The saree has degenerated Dalk doubt in my fingers in his eyes. On behalf of the SOL.
It is strange Almayorl ….
To see a drug addict and a thief and a rapist and a client and a traitor and a spy Athdt his love and loyalty to the homeland ………
On behalf of the SOL

Hello my brother and my friend Libby blood Helena, O Canal honorable Resistance and legitimacy ..

Warning Ooerjae our people in the area street corner. Tripoli

And silks Tripoli Medical Hospital of puppet Mendsh.

Theraia Ibrahim bin Tahir. Place Alacamth street corner ..

Maken and his office of quality in the Tripoli Medical Center ..

It is the customer relationship Pei oversaw Alnami Msaal the Ayn Zara Prison and logged Mclamat

honorable and the numbers on the lists of honest Madvin hospital and medical area resident it ..
God is the greatest above the aggressor Kid.

The total of the tribe Awlad Boucif headed called on Hamid shop owner Auto Glass Whalley on the ring against the Fateh district were from two envoys to Tripoli to receive a dozen cars from the (Ministry of Defense) course commissioned by the brothers new) and Q (and after receiving their cars cut the distance up to Alchuirv Jahm is no traffic on the Alchuirv fear of targeting cars or burglarythem with them expert from invited Ayat income Behm Hamada and then, I grew up in their heads and headed
for the mountains of blacks on the grounds that they were hunting trip. got them militias Misurata unscrewed them cars and weapons saree with them rifles, pistols, ammunition and even Tlfonathm own and beat them and Bala Imarh with them one Qallahm bent boys Boucif Qalolh quieted best thing Nqtalk Alsank and Atohm forty dinars of their money confiscated and Talegohm close to the roadJabhm one bus Marawah to Sabha and since then Msktin on the news and compass in the end walked to Msarit speak to them and Sarilhm split in Bazhm and Taarqua girl Suleiman Qalolhm how SEND civilians bent Qlnalkm walk, including the military and became the lead ..
Oh God, smite the oppressors and oppressors brought us out of them safely.




Zintan military council asks all battalions to go to the camps brigade and QaaQa battalion,

Thunderbolt and Xanthan military police. Happening now.



News of the MISURATA attack on the prison Mager dawn and taken away by force,

the number of prisoners to the city of Misratah ! Misrata militias are kidnapping 65 inmates

from a prison Mager Bzletn last night and were rushed to the city
Misurata …




The Criminal destroyers of the GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER announced today that the GMMR is only able
to provide fresh water to Benghazi for one month.

A powerful explosion heard in Benghazi and initial news reports targeting military convoy followed militia Omar Mukhtar field
heading to the agricultural bed.
Street shut again behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi
by the people of the area:
Who blow assassinated in Benghazi and acted them financial compensation for the delay to the time of their crimes.
A group of people in front of the hospital Galaa they are “cut” iron outer wall of the hospital ….




M kidnapping journalists rats channel Libya national branch Sabha. Rats were kidnapped media channel Libya national branch Sabha.
Yesterday was stolen Extensive Library of owner Kdafa person after it has been stealing World Library last few days …
Being God in you, and yes, the agent got shy
(Aamajanb Aajerdan) …
Urgent Najat student during an exchange of fire between the two Faculty of Science, University of Sabha..
Buried a number of unidentified bodies in Sabha.
News of the kidnapping of Mohammed Ferjani Ahoudera by militias Awlad Suleiman. It has been decoding the families of the kidnapped..
Both were abducted …
1 – Ahmed Saleh Qrifa and is displaced from Tawergha
2 – Mabrouka favor Qrifah and are displaced from Tawergha
And knead by self-styled battalion deterrence and is a subsidiary of Awlad Suleiman tribe
We ask God Almighty to two safety and speedy return …
Misurata access 7 Jardan coming from Sabha to Misurata from wounds of different aviation.
All are free to the attention of the first spark Sabha …There is a list of names of wanted GREEN men prepared by Gardah rats which were delivered to the Jews of Misrata taking
cover under the alias of “the battalion Shield Libya” and the National Guard and political security they are:1 – Ali Ibrahim Ali Deeb (ordered Legion fighter during events),2 – Guensoa Hussein Massoud (ordered Legion fighter during events),3 – Ahmed Abuscabh Taboni (Director, Center for Green Book) and the record against the Revolution,4 – Imran Saad al-Megrahi (former officer) and inducible against the revolution and
commander of the Legion of Almgarhh official of arming tribes,5 – Mohammed Abdulsalam Diheby coordinator of the Revolutionary Committees Movement,6 – Abdullah Saqr Meudon security officer and a member of an external filter,7 – Ali Abdullah Eshtewi fighter in front of Brega,8 – Mohamed Omar Khuyt fighter in front of Brega (appeared on the screen) in the field,9 – Saad Ahmid Warfali instigator against rebels,10 – Ali Salem Al Suwaidi (Assistant Masoud Abdel Hafiz) and is responsible for mercenaries,11 – Mohammed Abubakar Bilal officer salaries volunteers,12 – Mohammed Ashanibo for financial management official of Massoud Hafeez,13 – Mohammed cleats Treasury official running Massoud Hafeez,14 – Matouk Aljtalawi fighters against rebels,15 – Moussa Salem Akhchibh Officer patrols Sabha,

16 – Farhat Masood (officer and is responsible for recruiting volunteers),

17 – Hussein Faraj Ferjany (Draa Hafiz Masood).

These will will be kidnapped or filtered (who are upon this list).
Be prepared in knowing of both Mohammed Busafa, and Mohammed Sanusi Aahmoudh-Massoud.

انتباه الى جميع احرار الشرارة الاولى سبها …

توجد قائمة باسماء المطلوبين اعدها جرذان القرضة وتم تسليمها الى يهود مصراتة المتسترين باسم كتيبة درع ليبيا والحرس الوطني والامن السياسي وهم

1 – علي ابراهيم علي الديب (امر جحفل مقاتل اثناء الاحداث )
2 – حسين قنصوا مسعود (امر جحفل مقاتل اثناء الاحداث)
3- احمد ابوشيبة الطابوني (مدير مركز الكتاب الاخضر) ومحضر ضد الثورة
4 – عمران سعد المقرحي (ضابط سابق )ومحرض ضد الثورة آمر جحفل المقارحة ومسؤل تسليح قبائل
5 – محمد عبدالسلام الدهيبي منسق حركة اللجان الثورية
6 – صقر عبدالله ميدون ضابط امن خارجي وعضو تصفية
7 – علي اشتيوي عبدالله مقاتل في جبهة البريقة
8 – محمد عمر خويط مقاتل في جبهة البريقة (ظهر على الشاشة ) في الميدان
9 – سعد احميد الورفلي محرض ضد الثوار
10 – علي سالم السويدي (مساعد مسعود عبدالحفيظ) ومسؤول عن المرتزقة
11 – محمد ابوبكر بلال ضابط رواتب المتطوعين
12 – محمد اشنيبو مسؤل عن المالية بادارة مسعود عبدالحفيظ
13 – محمد المرابط مسؤول الخزينة بادارة مسعود عبدالحفيظ
14 – معتوق الجطلاوي مقاتل ضد الثوار
15 – موسى سالم اخشيبة مسوؤل دوريات سبها
16 – مسعود فرحات (ضابط ومسؤول عن تجنيد المتطوعين)
17 – حسين فرج الفرجاني (دراع مسعود عبدالحفيظ)

سوف يتم خطف او تصفية هذه القائمة .. اعدت بمعرفة كلا من …
محمد البوسيفي _ محمد احمودة _ السنوسي مسعود ..



Godless / / / /

And continue the indiscriminate mortar shelling heavily on reviving Tabu in Kufra and the death toll for
two days and there are some of them under the rubble, according to what was stated …
And knead by militias Azwaip or the so-called Front for the Liberation of South fighter also fired upon …


Malta “warns” of extremism in Libya. (HAH!)
(Picture shows Maltese Armed Forces men)
Really—peanut nation of Hoodlums!!!
Foreign Minister of Malta calls for the European Union to intervene militarily in Libya to eliminate al-Qaeda and terrorism. (HA!)
(LIARS! They party with them and are supplying MISURATA.)


Libyan students in the state of Tennessee, U.S. Grant outage conditions forced him to work in the “Rabash” Cars:
Story sari ..!!
The United States sent in July 1801 a fleet of war consisted of two destroyers processes known in my name and Ledge «President» and «Philadelphia», each with four and forty cannons accompanied by warships and thirty two guns .. The U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson, to issue orders to the fleet in the Mediterranean blockade on the port of Tripoli in 1803 and the bombing of the city of Tripoli with guns.On October 31, 1803 from the Libyan navy had captured the frigate (destroyer) and Philadelphia sailors navigated by the Libyans to the port of Tripoli and 308 sailors on board, the Americans surrendered all of its leader and led by Captain Bainbridge Bainbridge .. And when the inability of Americans to recover from this ship slipped her and blasting them so they do not become a trophy in the hands of the Libyans. The shape of the ship incident Philadelphia powerful incentive for the United States to the attention of the establishment of freedom of speech has taken a strong Tripoli anthem echoed her soldiers every morning ..(“FROM THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA TO THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI…we will fight our country’s battles whether on land or the sea”…)And called this war a war four years and the reason for this war, that the Libyan navy at the time was controlled on the Mediterranean and attacked in the cities of others under her Kskulaih and Genoa and other cities Italian and French while she was staying excellent relationships with other cities and was Kvenesea those cities not to be subject to them attacking Libyan forces and change them to be asked for help from America and what happened happened, and all of this was in the era of the Ottoman Empire ….And still valid devastated “Philadelphia” exist over Castle Saraya red in Tripoli until the present day.
Philadelphia pole still stands in Tripoli.On the night of 16 February 1804, Decatur led a covert team of American sailors into Tripoli Harbor and destroyed the captured Philadelphia.In August of that year, Decatur led an attack on Tripoli Harbor, during which he boarded enemy gunboats, and rescued several American captives from imprisonment. During the battle, his brother James Decatur was killed and a wounded sailor named Reuben James saved Decatur’s life by inserting himself between his captain and a Libyan sword. James survived the attack.How we greats and was Ikhava world …!
 President Thomas Jefferson decided to use force to ensure American “safety in the Mediterrannean”.

As secretary of state in the years prior, Jefferson had long taken a hard line against the Tripoli early resistance to Western Colonialism. In March 1801, Jefferson ordered a squadron led by Commodore Richard Dale to blockade Tripoli and to attack any interfering Tripoli ship.
Captain William Eaton led the conflict’s most daring raid. Eaton, the former consul of Tunis, established an alliance between the United States and the former Bashaw of Tripoli Hamet Karamanli, who had been deposed by his brother Yusuf Karamanli (Jusef Caramanli). In the Spring of 1805, Eaton and Hamet marched an army of 400 Arab and Greek mercenaries  across Libya, and attacked Tripoli’s second city of Derna.
They easily captured the city with the help of three American ships led by Captain Isaac Hull. Before the force could continue on to Tripoli, General Consul Tobias Lear and the Danish Consul Nicholas C. Nissen, reached a peace settlement with the Bashaw. The agreement stipulated that after paying a 44,381.98€ ransom, the United States no longer needed to offer tributes to Tripoli.


Production and Western nerve…ZAIDANE CALLS IN THE YANKS!

Mu young Imam 2

Word of the Brother Leader of the Revolution Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi in “18 months Hannibal syphilis in 1982″, at the Second Conference of the World Islamic Call Society, at Tripoli.

“The nation’s spirit and body, which embrace nationalism and ignoring Islam, this excess and indicates ignorance. Said in an analytical and as is the fact that any nation is the spirit and the body of such a creature, and like any living organism is the spirit and the body. Flesh is nationalism and the soul is religion and if you will allow me to speak to the Arab nation, the Arab nation body and soul of Arab nationalism and Islam can not be separated, and if we decided to kill them if it has this object. If you leave Islam if I took the body without the spirit of nationalism and if left if I took Spirit and left the body and then if we want to keep this object that must Yahya alive the spirit and the body of the twin and not separated and divorced if this organism is dead. “

“الامة روح و جسد الذي تبني القومية و تجاهل الاسلام هذا شطط و يدل علي الجهل. ان في تحليلي و كما هو واقع ان اي امة هي روح و جسد مثل اي مخلوق و مثل اي كائن حي هو روح و جسد. الجسد هو القومية والروح هي الدين و اذا سمحتم لي ان اتكلم علي الامة العربية, فالامة العربية جسدها القومية العربية و روحها الاسلام و لا يمكن الفصل بينهما و اذا فصلنا بينهما اذا فقد قتلنا هذا الكائن.اذا تركت الاسلام اذا انا اخذت جسد بلا روح و اذا تركت القومية اذا انا اخذت الروح و تركت الجسد و من ثم اذا اردنا لهذا الكائن ان يبقي حيا يجب ان يحي بروح و جسد متلازمين و غير منفصلين و اذا انفصلا مات هذا الكائن الحي”.

*من كلمة الاخ قائد الثورة العقيد معمر القذافي في 18 شهر هانيبال 1982 إفرنجي في المؤتمر الثاني لجمعية الدعوة الاسلامية العالمية طرابلس .




Presence in Morocco … tell the story of Sheikh Sidi Abdel-Salam El Asmar …
—————— —————– Mhajah death appeared in the Sunni Ochow safe in Libya Alebado,
Obiq heart releases I cry but our Lord as much as the Rada and the right of God who create toxic death.

Omatarhh uniforms Jerado trimming Daw increased supplemented water and harvested them

cannon harvest and Maarafnash wage is bending Shi Li Ki Light jihad and told you sitting down
is Alenci city of Ajdabiya and Ben horse Alash corner Onhrguet Ohba and Zaid Misurata in the end Alexado Logo.

Are you saying to Zuwarah war art in Zintan.

Khalahm ashes and Rhett Alcor how to call plonk and injustice to inspire Deccan blacker Lugar Bambassl

Dsat Aaghanna and the rest of the fire Hrguetlh benefited
—————— Mhajah ——- ——-

Every day evolve exceeding In every street Mtbzaa blood and accumulated people.

His men maliciousness responded with one another Lech Ghashm said conspiracy Tree-from afar

and said striped needed completed and Manrdash governing new Manrdash switch science and Alenci
and powdering workers Aghareed
seemed Oakhcoa in the center of meat and sausages.

Tema cry in his heart Kamid follow the Taatabie necessary Oaazb it

and punishment severe and intensify them intensify Alglm and acquaint themselves with them Vchkaar

semolina u Bicol how RBC rule and hits them with fire and iron Oakarz them Tqarb Algelm.

This Mathm claim martyr Mullah people how to call split and Rhett today to Frguen two and Rhett time

how to call Onberm Halt and another fire Hnhi who benefit ÇäÔÇááĺ Otarb and Tabat Aalsagm

—————— Mhajah —————

been beating Valleil and day Libya was Otercb qualitative Aamolaa Ki torch fire Otrd Revenge

people are weak and the matter soon Volhm and destruction sang

guy named Elly shell rock and most important their reaction works shame the lack of origin and religion weak

seemed Oakhcoa in the center of home and was Oaaathm works plume and people still Vst orbit above the embers in Kubba summer

and Rhett How Khalat after Amar.

Bergolha government and the sword seemed Harbin Khashin infidels, said residents of rural Otfdiloa ÇäÔÇááĺ Oqsar are your days,

and extended judgment Oichomk Yasif

Let them get together and are rated Osgar Anicol of Dhanoh Ojoifah.

* Interpret the tone for this Hadra brothers Bbadih Morocco.





Mu reception



“Tarhounah Mujahid – young Tarhounah loyal” writes us on FACEBOOK:

Oh Helena throughout Libya beloved
Per rugged than the western opposition Spring SINS
In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Sudan and Bahrain armed opposition and peaceful, but did not abandon outside home.

As for those outside the western scarp of spring, such as Turkey, Greece and other opposition and even America, but did but abandon the people,

Dear Alfberarion, Dawaanevskm place supporters of Muammar al-Qathafi and the green flag,, ((Sbtmbrion))
Do you guarantee the support of the international community over the life of you and kill you and Mhazeltkm Achteraqatkm human rights ?
Certainly not. There is no guarantee you of the international community,
And it will face the fate may be trickier than where we are today.

Does this mean that you do not belong to the nation, to Libya, as charged, the day of the supporters of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Azltohm homeland, and Tusbandounam treason and unpatriotic, and you are trying hard to eliminate them either imprisoned pro or killed and forever, Valley when this injustice and darkness.

The country does not belong to one, and we are partners in it, does not take your pride in unrighteousness.

Yo arrived on the wings of NATO aircraft, and Vredkm on the ground,
The change of strategy, and overtaken, Fastfikoa and return to its senses, and stayed away from political farce experienced by inform you and Mahleljkm and Nashtikm Jurists.

Let Mardakm freely dialogue and talk, to get this country the wounded to safety, Feltatoa Mardakm space in Guenuatcm space ,
Three years ago, we did not hear that there are those who spoke about the return of the displaced unconditionally, of what significance is it ?

The only sign of, is that who governs Libya today, is not of the sons of the homeland,
If they were patriots, for Andhanoa everyone and created a solution M diaspora homeland, even Fatwa implemented in the agendas country.
The purpose and goal of them, creating hotbeds of tension will last a lifetime, for those agendas, and hose who took control are of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ and their militias are ideologically against Libya.

The only solution
,, Is that all of the holds Libyan nationality has the right to citizenship and to participate and contribute to nation-building,

We knew independence (PEOPLE’s POWER) flap on Libya 18 years, and the green flag Rfert on Libya 42 years (al-FATEH REVOLUTION),
It is time for the weft national, at the invitation of the tribes of ancient.

Those who are supporters of February, and there supporters Spettmr within each tribe, would allow the division and fragmentation and discord even within the tribe, which are more than three million pro-September, which represents half of the Libyan people,

We will not allow or permit to be marginalized, but Tstikadwa of all those illusions that Taichoha Hey Al February.
Otherwise, continue to dispute and conflict, and every category you want to control and imposing presence, even by force of arms:
The arms means more death, and pain,
Astfikoa of your dreams pink and slogans for a free Libya,

and on the wings of false democracy Alnatwa and employment.

To build a home away from foreign agendas,
Fbmgarna is simple:
Libya today where every citizen has the greatest need for the sake of Libya,
Astfikoa O Helena
Oh and Slmtwa Helena…

(picture entitled “LIBYA UNDER THE YOLKE“)



يا هلنا في ربوع ليبيا الحبيبة
لكل عورة من عورات الربيع الغربي معارضة
في تونس و مصر و اليمن وسوريا و السودان والبحرين معارضة مسلحة وسلمية ولكن لم يهجروا خارج الوطن
واما من هم خارج عورة الربيع الغربي مثل تركيا واليونان وغيرها وحتى امريكا معارضة ولكن لم يهجر الشعب ,,
ايها الفبراريون ,, ضعواانفسكم مكان المؤيدين لمعمر القذافي والراية الخضراء ,, (( السبتمبريون ))
هل تضمنون تأييد المجتمع الدولي لكم مدى الحياة لمهزلتكم وقتلكم واختراقاتكم لحقوق الانسان ,,بالتأكيد لا , فلا ضمانة لكم للمجتمع الدولي ,,
و عليه ستواجهون مصير قد يكون اصعب مما نحن فيه اليوم ,
فهل هذا يعني انكم لا تنتمون للوطن ,, لليبيا ,, مثلما توجه التهم اليوم لمؤيدي النظام السابق وعزلتوهم عن الوطن ,, وتواجهونهم بالخيانة وعدم الوطنية ,, وتحاولون جاهدين القضاء عليهم اما بسجنهم مؤيد او قتلهم والي الابد ,, فالي متى هذا الظلم والظلام
الوطن ليس ملك لأحد ,,ونحن شركاء فيه ,,ولا تأخذكم العزة بالاثم ,,
انتم جئتم على اجنحة طائرات الناتو ,,وفرضكم على الارض ,,
وقد يغير من استراتيجيته , وتنقلب الموازين ,,فاستفيقوا وعودوا الي رشدكم ,, وابتعدوا عن المهزلة السياسية التي يعيشها اعلامكم ومحليليكم وناشطيكم الحقوقيين ,, اسمحوا لمعارضيكم بحرية الحوار والحديث ,,لنصل بهذا الوطن الجريح الي بر الامان ,,فلتعطوا معارضيكم مساحة في قنواتكم الفضائية ,,
ثلاث اعوام ,, لم نسمع ان هناك من تكلم عن عودة المهجرين دون قيد او شرط ,,فما دلالة ذلك ,,
ان الدلالة الوحيدة ,, هي ان من يحكم ليبيا اليوم ,,ليس من ابناء الوطن ,,
فلو كانوا وطنيون ,,لحتضنوا الجميع واوجدوا الحلول للم شتات الوطن ,, فحتى دار الافتاء تنفذ في اجندات قطرية ,, الغاية والهدف منها ,,خلق بؤر توتر تستمر مدى الحياة , من أجل تلك الاجندات وسيطرت الاخوان وميليشياتهم المؤدلجة على ليبيا
فالحل الوحيد
,,هو أن كل من يحمل الجنسية الليبية له حق المواطنة والمشاركة والمساهمة في بناء الوطن ,, فعلم الاستقلال رفرف على ليبيا 18 عام ,, والراية الخضراء رفرت على ليبيا 42 عام ,,
فقد آن الاوان للحمة الوطنية ,, بدعوة من قبائلنا العريقة ,,فهناك المؤيدين لفبراير وهناك المؤيدين لسبتمر داخل كل قبيلة ,,فهل نسمح للتقسيم والتجزئة والفتنة حتى داخل القبيلة ,,اكثر من ثلاث مليون مؤيد لسبتمبر ,,وهو يمثل نصف الشعب الليبي , لن يسمحوا ولن نسمح بتهميشهم ,, الا تستيقضوا من كل تلك الاوهام التي تعيشوها يا آل فبراير ,,
وخلاف ذلك ,, سيستمر النزاع والصراع , وكل فئة تريد السيطرة وفرض وجودها ولو بقوة السلاح ,
والسلاح يعني المزيد من الموت ,,والالم ,,
استفيقوا من احلامكم الوردية وشعارات ليبيا حرة ,,والديمقراطية الكاذبة على اجنحة الناتوا والعمالة ,,لنبني وطن بعيدا عن اجندات اجنبية ,,
فبمقارنة بسيطة
ليبيا اليوم احوج لكل مواطن فيها من اجل ليبيا ,,
استفيقوا يا هلنا
وسلمتوا يا هلنا










Played Zaidane is true on the national and Salemoly oh ..!!!!!!

Shri win to numb the minds of the gullible and rejoice and absorbs anger and abstain it out on 7 \ 2

and drop the conference and the Government of Zaidane .. Greens told you of indignation win Jardan ..

Why did not the prisoners boarded rejoice Aadeah national and especially women, but this their home,

but they and their joy and what Leach said in an amnesty by the way, and turn ya refugees to your country ..

And Lech Lech Lech many benefits on February Salemoly the national God’s.



Tarhounah Mujahid – young Tarhounah loyal” write:

The coming days will both

Hola two of the killings and bring sedition, murder and colonize

1. Haftar
2. Collected tourist
3. Mahmoud Jibril
4. Atman Amliqth

Tajourah and some battalions Jermana in Tripoli military coup and control of Tripoli,

and the war will be between them, the rats of the Corner, Zionista RATS Misratah….and the scapegoat Amazigh.

So say you that anyone who considers himself pro-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA system legitimate for the Libyan people (we the owners of green flags)

We owners have the right to not interfere in this matter!!!

Pottery Wicker some of you are.

الأيام القادمه سيقوم كلاً من

هولاء هما من قتل وجلب الفتنه والقتل ولاستعمار

2.جمعه السائح
3.محمود جبريل
4.عتمان امليقطه
وجرذان تاجوراء وبعض الكتائب الجرذانيه في طرابلس بإنقلاب عسكري وسيطرة على طرابلس والحرب ستكون بينهم وبين جرذان الزاويه ومصراته والأمازيغ لذلك نقول لكم اي شخص يعتبر نفسه موالي للنظام الشرعي للشعب الليبي ومن اصحاب الرايات الخضراء اصحاب الثأر اصحاب الحق لا يتدخل في هذا الموضوع فخار يكر بعضه


Jardan for idiots Mdayrin groups on the net to cast doubt on our ability to expose their stupidity but their transgression because he received his soul named Abdo Altarhuni – Mohammed Warfali – Osama al-Megrahi – the Kadhafi – Muhannad Alsoiei.

(Jardan funny!)

Ali ZAIDANE’s response: BRING IN THE YANKS, full ground forces!

Libya occupied: Almazkra Zaidane and Minister Aldlaa gave the green light for U.S. troops to be in Libya.
Zdwa celebrated Khrawat

Oh shame on the traitors and agents of Libya occupied:

Almazkra Zaidane and Minister Aldlaa gave the green light for U.S. troops to be in Libya

Master, NATO speaks,

AND you answered the call rats ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

سيدكم الناتو يكلم فيكم يا جرذان لبوا النداء هههههههههههه









DIRTY Brigades Misurata rebels ask the Minister of Culture beloved secretary supervisor Supply campaign

“liberation of the south” not to provide any financial rewards to Zintan rebels for not participating in

the fighting forces and the Chadian Tabu cronies.




The price of Poti to the Mayflower in the city to 70 dinars, after the price was three days from 30 dinars,

and possibly up to 100 dinars coming days because of pure water scarcity in the city.












Freemasonry and the destruction of the world to the new

world order .. Project Blue Beam

Tuesday, 13 March 2013 , Last challenged 00:42- Panorama Middle East

Engineer Michelle Clagasi


Freemasonry and the destruction of the world to the new world order ..  Project Blue Beam

The Project Blue Beam is the idea of ​​Zionism Freemasonry for the elimination of the Christian religion and Muslim alike and for the global system in order to control an atheist in the world. Where the framers believed that if you did not unite the world without religion, new age, the possibility of the success of the new world order will be impossible.

The idea of ​​the project to create a strange phenomena, pictures, and short waves, sounds and audios directed to the inside of your brain that are not available to others to look like a certain truth. Thus, the work on the two areas first produces pictures in the air while the other produces pictures in your mind, where they were to use this project (as a weapon) in Iraq during Desert Storm The images three-dimensional tanks and war machines appeared to Iraqis in the desert has led them to fear and thus surrender seemed as if it is actually real. He says specialize in Network Information Free Press World (an international news agency independent) that our mission is to make people realize that the agenda of the new world order is not just a dream wild or theory barbaric exciting to panic a little bit, it is a project demonic real is happening at the present time. It was necessary for them to carry the success of the new world order of cancellation of religions (Christian and Muslim) in order to Istbdloha to a global one, through the abolition of all national identity and all Miabr for national pride in order to emerge a global identity and pride worldwide.

As well as the abolition of the concept of the family in which we live today a group of individuals working for the glory of a world government and a new one. And the destruction of artistic creativity and scientific application to the individual’s point of view one-world government. The Organization of the United Nations after it has been controlled by the Zionist Masonic global work to serve the achievement of this system through the abolition of national constitutions and establish a trade agreement new to all peoples of the world so that the organization strongly backed military and police multiple and the Ministry of Justice around the world and an international court.The Blue Beam Project began in 1983 and officially announced in 1990, where they supporting new technology and innovations in equipment and various software space science.

All this in the service of the new world order, which defined its objectives, including the following: 1 abolition of all religions and replace them with a unified global system.

2 abolition of national identity and replace it with a unified global identity.

3 dismantling of communities and families and replace them with the concept of total service to the new world order.

4 the development of advanced electronic currency for all the world.

5 create a unified, global Army and the Ministry of Justice and one belonging to the United Nations.

6 create one culture to the whole world so that it Atbermj All.

It will be for the new world order system of government, “the center”, which will be a global political system will replace the new spiritual system that we live under it now. It seems they are planning to get rid of all the people who believe in God, where will be replaced by holidays and religious festivals of the new era and will threaten the most important sanctities of Muslims: the Grand Mosque, the Kaaba, the Holy Mosque, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and the destruction of the concept of church and symbols such as the cross and considered outlaws and illegitimate . And remove associations and sanctuaries that pose a threat to their survival after a single application of the global system and a one world government (where anthropomorphic put their alleged temple Place Dome of the Rock), also working for the abolition of all national currencies and trade diversion to electronic cash through the electronic network. Must enter the new era in the system to give people for their own beliefs, and to maintain them seem impossible to beat.

The draft NASA Blue Beam on four steps: The first step depends on the preparation for earthquakes fabricated synthetically using a weapon runaway (harp) on specific sites carefully around the planet and it is assumed that the new discoveries then will people wrong all the major religious denominations that offended the understanding and interpretation of the centuries and will appear archaeological discoveries that follow the proof on the size of the mistakes of the Muslims and Christians in the understanding of their religions.

The second step: a space containing a very large dimensions of the triple-outs includes visual and audio, photos and laser show to different parts of the world, each one received a different picture, in accordance with the prevailing religious doctrine nationally and regionally. And mechanisms and computer systems contain languages ​​and cultures of human beings by allocating electronic wavelengths for every person and every society and culture.This mechanism will explain how the holy books had been misunderstood and interpreted is responsible for the coup, brother against brother, and nation against nation, therefore, must be canceled to make way for the new age of the system, the new world and using waves VIF ELF electromagnetic influence in their brains and manipulate the mind. Step Three: dependence on feeding thinking industrially via satellite then seems possible occlusion mental control on the entire planet, the only resistance for individuals will be constantly question the motivation behind their thoughts, which do not agree with their thoughts private religious and moral, this concept seems to TV of the most important tools. Step Four: include different orientations. By making the human race believes that the occupation of strangers from another world outside is imminent in every city landmark on the ground making every nation a prominent exasperating to use nuclear weapons to respond attack, whereupon the Court of United Nations disarmament when it appears that the invasion was false. The adoption of an electronic mechanism through complex fiber optic penetrates every person and pay it to the edge of hysteria and madness to drown him in a wave of suicide, murder and psychological disorders. It seems we have reached an advanced stage of implementation of this project, said that the economic crisis experienced by the major powers will be transformed into an economic catastrophe will result and through the stages to end the paper currencies that will disappear out of existence and will be concluded to adopt a cash-mail and so can not be for a war funding of any kind as they put mechanisms to prevent States or any members of their independence and the new world order.

Loved ones they’re putting plans Satanic serve their beliefs and achieve their goals, while sinking our ignorance and embryogenesis and chaos, and we see ourselves rush more and more towards the abyss that will Sagotna where (in our hands) much easier than think that we stayed so, that the rush by some toward Ahdanam of some Arab rulers and other easy task . Flanstikz and open our eyes and see what is being plotted for us and we begin to fortify ourselves and our children and our country, it is not all Maiktton his duty to investigate we can stand on our feet and firmly armed with our faith felicitously Ali Holy adhering to his teachings holy Muslim and Christian protestors faith in God is scattered and departing from our originality and our morality as a people Arabic tradition towards a society “much better , where hard work is sincere and hardworking” (BULL !).








Nut .. And .. Tonsil (8) – Sisi throat in the history of Mahrosa

Sunday 02 February  2014 , Last challenged 17:04- Panorama Middle East

Nut ..  And ..  Tonsil (8) Sisi throat in the history of Mahrosa

Mahmoud Kamel Komy

Tonsil ……. :

And divided the Sykes-Picot, Omassarna Arab occupation between British and French troops, and that was a prelude to the loss of Palestine and robbed by gangs Alhjnah Zionism.

Queen (Asinawight):

The rest of my nation always Fatih Atenksr and Atlin, and wake up again to the beat of the Arab nation’s leadership a new leader of the world-class unique.

It Tgrha royal order the sovereign of the time, the nut shows how the body footsteps of Gamal Abdel Nasser in the struggle and lead the nation into the sky.

Nut ….. :

After being shaken meant dust battles in Palestine, the revolutions in July 1952, has been restored to the people of the Arab and Egyptian spirit again, and became the Arab nation flag flapping in a world fraught with the risk of conflict between East and West, and it was for his mother, led by Nasser leader Guo and leadership of the third world New – and they see me strategy has revealed Mkhatrtamr Brotherhood with British intelligence on Egypt and the Arab nation, he judged people on plotting and bring them out of context, and Gamt Gharbanhm hovering in the distance, and God protect Egypt from the conspiracy of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and the aborted plot on the countries of the Arab nation – and when I left the world of life to the afterlife of eternal, Chitnt crows brothers and became hovering from nearby, even elapsed after the revolution of the people of the referee, who committed to Camp David and made him the way, has been grafted band of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood with the intelligence of Uncle Sam, and committed to the eastern East New Israeli-led, and Sal saliva on what Aohmha by Americans of its disagreement on the ruins of Egypt and Syria, and was a ruin and destruction is their way to Syria, and almost the conspiracy that is going to come home to roost implicate Egyptian army there.

Tonsil …………:

But Egypt Mahrosa carefully God, and it remained on the covenant as a shield for the Arab nation and there were mollified by the Egyptian people on the terrorist gangs of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nut .. :

And out of the Three Mahrosa and reared commander, side to the people with his army National unique, warned the birth of a new leader is (Abdel Fattah Sisi) who Boagafth and his plan for the road, became on the trail and road abort the plot cosmic on Egypt, Syria and the Arab nation, to stop the planned American colonial Zionist Muslim Brotherhood financier diagonally The Saudis, the scheme, which melt the countries of the Arab nation in the Middle East, a new Israeli-led – and on it (Valsssa) Boagafth majestic with the revolution of the people and established Bouktah calculated and careless, has saved Egypt from the ruins of the brothers who carried it out in Syria, where its succession accused of doing, but on now judge.

Queen (Asinawight):

And on the land of pilgrimage Muslims and the tomb of the messengers, came Wahhabism, destroying graves and portend doom and Altheuer and foolish things of glorifying and maximizes the place of the Prophet in his grave lighted by light, which did not deliver his grave from being hurt, and started on her hands era of atonement for all small and large Aacyr logic and Asratha Allamstakim.

Tonsil .. :

Wahhabism is the Arab nation suffers corruption terrorist groups and militant fundamentalism those funded by and went out of her cloak Daash rule and regulations and every other Maosam Islam with terrorism, abuse, cruelty and aversion, and Islam all that innocent.

Hazelnut and almond:

In the similarity of the drift and consistency in the phrases Agrdan of Tgarhama Bassam, “the people united behind him now, and paid for everyone who wants to question the articles traps and phrases perilous Balgl, hatred and anger from the site of Egypt and its status and its leaders, and Altcol leadership (Sisi) and the uncertainty in the national leadership – therefore, acts No words are what make Sisi Knight of Egypt, which unites her and raise her, and stepping out towards the leadership of Egypt sacrifice him to a leadership position again.

And Henaaaaaaaaaaaaaa realized hazelnut and almond morning, Vomrthm Queen Asinawight silence to speak patency

Waiting for the morning of rising new Mahrosa its Leader (Field Marshal Sisi) into the sky.

Writer and lawyer – Egyptian


Picture here shows the great al-Asmar brown mosque in ZLITEN, which suffered huge damage on 27 AUGUST 2012

by SALAFI MB Kharijites.:



Sisi and Muammar al-Qathafi (above)


Gamal Abdul Nassar memorial in Benghazi, destroyed by Kharijite vandals in 2011:








Muammar al-Qathafi, Guide of many faces

LE MONDE | 22.08.2011 at 2:52 p.m. • Updated 10/17/2013 at 12:15 |By Jean Gueyras and Gilles Paris

Mouammar Kadhafi, qui se veut le chantre du nationalisme arabe, dénonce le soutien américain à Israël en brandissant un pamplemousse "Jaffa", à Tripoli, le 25 mai 1973.

Mouammar Kadhafi, qui se veut le chantre du nationalisme arabe, dénonce le soutien américain à Israël

en brandissant un pamplemousse “Jaffa”, à Tripoli,
Muammar Qathafi, who wants to be the champion of Arab nationalism, denounced American support for Israel

brandishing a grapefruit “Jaffa” in Tripoli
le 25 mai 1973. | ABBAS/MAGNUM PHOTOS

Born around 1942 in a goatskin tent somewhere in the desert of Sirte, Muammar al-Qathafi could stay longer confined to his village like so many Libyans. By the influence of his family , who had taken part in the long struggle against the Italian colonial powers, he had dreams and plans to overtake the imposed colonial monarchy. He collected a circle of friends, who, at the instigation of the young al-Qathafi, were to lead an ascetic life: their days are devoted to the study and prayer. They deprived themselves of alcohol , of tobacco , of drugs, do not go to nightclubs, and totally refrain from having pre-marital sex.

In 1965, al-Qathafi completed his studies at the Military Academy. He was sent the following year in England, where he attended a training period of six months at the Military Academy Sandhurst. Back in Libya, he devoted himself entirely to his military activities, while pursuing a clandestine sapping. The Arab defeat of June 1967 to face Israel pushes to accelerate its preparations. The decision to overthrow the regime of King Idriss is taken. 01 September  1969, the “al-Fateh Revolution” is a resounding success.

He quickly takes the upper hand over its peers. His emaciated face, with regular features, its black and voluntary eye, his smile quickly become tense legendary.“The Libyan revolution of Light is an aspect of Arab nationalism that you advocate, and now of whom you are the leader.”

It is in these terms that the young Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi is for the President Gamal Abdel Nasser, merely ten days after the overthrow of the colonial monarchy Senoussi.



Le colonel Mouammar Kadhafi à Colombo, au Sri Lanka, pendant le sommet des non-alignés de 1976.


His concern to imitate the Egyptian model borders on obsession. The offset is however clear between the Nasser regime, chastened by its many setbacks, and Colonel impetuous, impatient to achieve the objectives that Cairo has long held illusory. After Nasser’s death, 28 September 1970, the height of the oil resources of his country, he considers best qualified to take up the banner of pan-Arabism, but a draft “federation soft links” involving Libya the Egyptand Syria in jeopardy soon. Quickly scrambled or cold with most Arab countries, al-Qathafi is marginalized. This isolation will increase after the October 1973 war, for which he was not consulted.

al-Qathafi landed by parachute over the Suez Canal front inflamed: -

In the October War of 1973, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and the leader Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, jumping by umbrellas above boycotted the Suez Canal front, was  to participate in the fighting along the Egyptian forces, this is a great topic and a long and full details, written in the records of the proceedings of Diary of Staff General Egyptian in time of war ..

This is partly to break the reluctance of Libyans fed by these poor results, al-Qathafi launched the same year, his “cultural revolution”. It is necessary, he said to his people, “to mentally burn books that contain ideas imported from capitalist reaction or Jewish Communism. “ He says that the only authorized ideology that is from the book of God, the Holy Qur’an, and invites “free citizens” to take in hand the institutions, key services public and to take control of command posts. “Hunting the enemies of the revolution ” was built under. But it headlong.

To be facing a nascent opposition, al-Qathafi has the support of the poorest segments of the population (Bedouins, urban workers, youth). He adopted his ideas of “direct popular democratic power” to establish a system of government which in his view

“the first real democracy from Athens.”

Based on the “third Universal Theory”, exhibited in the famous Green Book of the Libyan leader – whose first issue appeared in 1976 – the new form of “government of the people” is exercised through the “Basic people’s congresses”  (which every citizen automatically belongs),” Basic popular committees ” (which are the executive bodies) and trade unions and professional associations: the base of a pyramid on top of which the General People’s Congress is, become the supreme authority of Libya, now called the Great Jamahiriya (“state of the masses”).

As for al-Qathafi, he became the Secretary of the General People’s Congress. For him, socialism advocated direct result of Islam , which is “the eternal message, the revolution continues, a new mother and theories ideology.” Consider themselves strong enough, it is run in April 1977, for the first time, some thirty opponents. They will not be the last.
Better able to devote to the “revolutionary action” Colonel al-Qathafi in September 1978 discharge of all his official duties.


« al-Qathafi’s comments about the people of Egypt with his speech Wednesday, March 2, 2011
al-Qathafi: Egypt became a ruin and the army does not work and play on the tank and sweep the streets and working in the sewers |
speech al-Qathafi on Wednesday, 02 March 2011 al-Qathafi renews his commitment to fight to the last man
and called the protests of the people plot to control oil Libya and the Libyan ground |
Recent News Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi, Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi’s remarks:
“I shall give of trampling
on Shoe at the red lines will not go to Jeddah or Sharm el-Sheikh »


al-Qathafi’s speech on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

al-Qathafi renews his commitment to

fight to the last man and the so-called people’s demonstrations conspiracy to control

Libyan oil and the Libyan ground

Arab News and World



02 MARCH 2011:

Hordes Bomenaar:

Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi spoke of his commitment to fight ” until the last man ” against what he called a conspiracy to control Libyan oil

and the Libyan soil,  denying that he has any position to resign from. He also denied that there were any “peaceful” demonstrations against him in parts of Libya, or the existence of any political prisoners. He threw the responsibility of what is happening on the he called sleeper cells

of al-Qaeda base ; and hecalled for the formation of an international fact-finding committee .

al-Qathafi  warned  within his speech today (before a ceremony held in a closed hall in the capital Tripoli on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the proclamation of the so-called of much bloodshed happened if the intervention by the U.S. or foreign powers .

He said that the Libyans would not accept to be slaves ,

“and will run in a bloody war in which thousands die is composed of Libyans If  the United States or NATO entered the country.”


al-Qathhafi also repeated, at the ceremony – which was attended by foreign diplomats – , what he said in a speech earlier:

that he does not assume any official position or authority to abandon from; and he considered himself just a reference code

domesticated by the people.

al-Qathafi said that the officers of the revolution no longer have ” any connection to power in Libya at all”

after which was completed the liberation of the people from reactionary colonialism .

al-Qathafi says that The people became,  since then in charge of all powers in Libya:


” it is not the system in Libya, a government system or a class .  I challenge anyone who claims otherwise.

I withstand, and ask him who believes elsewise, to come to Libya and find out the truth from the people directly .”

He pointed out that what he called the power of the people of the General People’s Congress and the People’s Committees , asking him to intervene sometimes using what he described as his influence literary and the use of revolutionary legitimacy to encourage people to exercise their own power.

deny the accusation and ready
He denied al-Qathafi and the existence of any demonstrations in his country, saying that the people of the whole is supported by, and attributed what is happening in Libya to what he described as cells sleeper al-Qaeda infiltrated the territory of Libya and attacked the battalions of security and took control of some cities, but at the same time expressed his willingness for dialogue with anyone from al-Qaeda adding, “But the rule does not discuss nor the demands of her.”

“It is seen as an appearance in Libya understood that the protesters want al-Qathafi to step down, from what steps down al-Qathafi? there are small cells dormant Qaeda received orders from abroad gradually, there are some Libyans living abroad, in Afghanistan and Iraq. “

and continued, “Some members of these cells are not Libyans. and went out suddenly and betrayed the Covenant, and these cells are dormant in very small groups. group in Benghazi and the other in the corner, the infiltration of some of them from abroad and Acetkanwa in these areas in the form of sleeper cells. “

explained “The terrorists seized the weapons stores. there is no demonstration was launched never in Benghazi or white and there are no demonstrations. suddenly, came groups of underground and under the barracks became kill people. Ntrahm on our children who were killed and the children who deceived them.”

demands an investigation
and wondered, “How shall the Security Council and the United Nations resolutions on the basis of reports and news agencies?”, questioning the number of dead declared, pointing out that the death toll between 150 and two hundred, half of them security officers and other insurgents “terrorists”, but the number according to those agencies amounted to thousands.

in this context called al-Qathafi the United Nations and NATO to send a fact-finding committee to investigate the truth of what happened in Libya, pointing out that most of the dead in the cities of Benghazi and the white of the security men were killed in front of the headquarters of Ktaúbhm after an attack of what he called armed gangs.

Though So said al-Qathafi, his GREAT JAMAHIRIYA has yet to decide fight what he called armed gangs, despite their control of cities such as Benghazi and Derna and white, pointing out that the people of those cities are subjected to a curfew by these militants.

justify joining
also join the leaders in the military and diplomats abroad resulting from a threat those by gunmen attacked their wives as al-Qathafi said.

considered al-Qathafi that armed groups trapping in place, and can be eliminated, citing what did the Israeli army in Gaza, saying he is fighting insurgents, or the killing of NATO to a hundred people in Afghanistan as militants, saying that kill the insurgents permissible if he decides to fight. was the commemoration of “handing over power to the people” began with the national anthem of Libya and tried to al-Qathafi repeatedly delay his speech a few minutes to give the opportunity to slogans supporting him to appear, and I heard his instructions repeated his aides to focus lights cameras on the owners of these chants before that there is silence and starts Speaking at the ceremony…


Oh God, smite the oppressors and oppressors brought us out of them safely ..


(Sister Ezz men)


The Kharijites and the West know only death and destruction: to cause MISERY

Leader of the Revolution

News resistance People’s Libyan Free

Like it docked in the timeless battle Alkarzabip, will dock in the Libyan tribes one battle to purge Libya inch
Inch of these traitors clients who came on board warships and aircraft of the Atlantic and Atoa havoc in the country ..
Libya resisted the might of Italy and crashed Juhavlha above ground the Libyan situation will not continue this any form of
Shapes ..
Can not take some of our words this seriously but trust in God Almighty and in our people who know
History Supervisor Ian period during the Italian occupation and holy war in 2011 – from us we
Libyans have no or very Mujahid martyr erect his pure soul on the path of pride and dignity colonial period
Italian obnoxious?
We are the sons of the homeland believers thought of our leader Muammar al-Qathafi as Aragorn II of wise leadership of the Resistance.

O Allah, open the doors to the mujahideen, and remove them odds … Spend them and Kidd wolves, and all hypocrite and a liar .. O Collect hearts around them and necks … Your power, O Lord, and Hap .. O Link on their hearts and proven
Their feet … And hit and throw them towards their minds and make them tight respite from all … Amen (O house of the book, and the creator of the clouds, Serba account, Hazm parties, ADRA in the throats of your enemies, and your Ocetkvy
Fashio Ä Ham, Vsikveckhm the umbrella of God, or no power but from God Almighty, God palms as bad as you want and how you want what you want omnipotent, God, you do not matter, they Aadzonk, nor about
No power but from God Almighty)) (O earthquake ground from under their feet and take a horror in their hearts and the Victory of Islam and Muslims and the Mujahideen brothers Liberal)
In the name of God the Merciful
(172 people who told them that people had collected Fajcohm Vzadehm you said enough faith and God and yes, the agent 173 Vangbawa the grace of God and preferred not
Amesshm bad and evil, God bless and God is great virtue but 174 Such is the devil intimidate close friends do not fear them, and if you are believers Khavon 175 nor saddens who rush in disbelief that they would not harm the God thing
God wants not make them good for them in the afterlife and a great torment 176) Surah Al-Imran
Being God and God is enough yes, the agent and the agent Being God and God is enough yes, the agent and the agent.
ﻣﺜﻞ ﻣﺎ ﺍﻟﺘﺤﻤﺖ ﻓﻲ ﻣﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﺍﻟﻘﺮﺿﺎﺑﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﺨﺎﻟﺪﺓ ،ﺳﺘﻠﺘﺤﻢ ﺍﻟﻘﺒﺎﺋﻞ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ ﻓﻲ ﻣﻌﺮﻛﺔ ﻭﺍﺣﺪﺓ ﻟﺘﻄﻬﻴﺮ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﺷﺒﺮ
ﺷﺒﺮ ﻣﻦ ﻫﺆﻻﺀ ﺍﻟﺨﻮﻧﺔ ﺍﻟﻌﻤﻼﺀ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﺟﺎﺀﻭﺍ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻣﺘﻦ ﺑﻮﺍﺭﺝ ﻭﻃﺎﺋﺮﺍﺕ ﺍﻻﻃﻠﺴﻲ ﻭﻋﺎﺗﻮﺍ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺒﻼﺩ ﻓﺴﺎﺩﺍً ..
ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻗﺎﻭﻣﺖ ﺟﺒﺮﻭﺕ ﺍﻳﻄﺎﻟﻴﺎ ﻭﺗﺤﻄﻤﺖ ﺟﺤﺎﻓﻠﻬﺎ ﻓﻮﻕ ﺍﻻﺭﺽ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ ﻭﻟﻦ ﻳﺴﺘﻤﺮ ﻫﺬﺍ ﺍﻟﻮﺿﻊ ﺑﺂﻱ ﺷﻜﻞ ﻣﻦ
ﺍﻻﺷﻜﺎﻝ ..
ﻳﻤﻜﻦ ﺍﻥ ﻻ ﻳﺂﺧﺬ ﺍﻟﺒﻌﺾ ﻛﻼﻣﻨﺎ ﻫﺬﺍ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻣﺤﻤﻞ ﺍﻟﺠﺪ ﻟﻜﻦ ﺍﻟﺜﻘﺔ ﺑﺎﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﺰ ﻭﺟﻞ ﻭﻓﻲ ﺍﻫﻠﻨﺎ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻧﻌﺮﻑ
ﺗﺎﺭﻳﺨﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﻤﺸﺮﻑ ﺍﻳﺎﻥ ﻓﺘﺮﺓ ﺍﻻﺣﺘﻼﻝ ﺍﻻﻳﻄﺎﻟﻲ ﻭﺧﻼﻝ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺏ ﺍﻟﻤﻘﺪﺳﺔ ﺳﻨﺔ 2011 – ﻣﻦ ﻣﻨّﺎ ﻧﺤﻦ
ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻴﻦ ﻟﻴﺲ ﻟﻪ ﺟﺪ ﻣﺠﺎﻫﺪ ﺍﻭ ﺷﻬﻴﺪ ﺍﻧﺘﺼﺒﺖ ﺭﻭﺣﻪ ﺍﻟﻄﺎﻫﺮﺓ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺩﺭﺏ ﺍﻟﻌﺰﺓ ﻭﺍﻟﻜﺮﺍﻣﺔ ﻓﺘﺮﺓ ﺍﻻﺳﺘﻌﻤﺎﺭ
ﺍﻻﻳﻄﺎﻟﻲ ﺍﻟﺒﻐﻴﺾ ؟
ﻧﺤﻦ ﺍﺑﻨﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﻮﻃﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺆﻣﻨﻮﻥ ﺑﻔﻜﺮ ﻗﺎﺋﺪﻧﺎ ﻣﻌﻤﺮ ﺍﻟﻘﺬﺍﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻮﺍﺛﻘﻮﻥ ﻣﻦ ﻗﻴﺎﺩﺓ ﻣﻘﺎﻭﻣﺘﻨﺎ ﺍﻟﺤﻜﻴﻤﻪ

ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﺍﻓﺘﺢ ﻟﻠﻤﺠﺎﻫﺪﻳﻦ ﺍﻷﺑﻮﺍﺏ، ﻭﺃﺯﻝ ﻋﻨﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﺼﻌﺎﺏ … ﻭﺍﺻﺮﻑ ﻋﻨﻬﻢ ﻛﻴﺪ ﺍﻟﺬﺋﺎﺏ، ﻭﻛﻞ ﻣﻨﺎﻓﻖٍ ﻭﻛﺬﺍﺏ .. ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﺍﺟﻤﻊ ﺣﻮﻟﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﻘﻠﻮﺏ ﻭﺍﻟﺮﻗﺎﺏ … ﺑﻘﻮﺗﻚ ﻳﺎ ﺭﺏ ﻳﺎ ﻭﻫﺎﺏ .. ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﺍﺭﺑﻂ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻗﻠﻮﺑﻬﻢ ﻭﺛﺒﺖ
ﺃﻗﺪﺍﻣﻬﻢ … ﻭﺳﺪﺩ ﺭﻣﻴﻬﻢ ﻭﺻﻮﺏ ﺭﺃﻳﻬﻢ ﻭﺍﺟﻌﻞ ﻟﻬﻢ ﻣﻦ ﻛﻞ ﺿﻴﻖ ﻓﺮﺟﺎ … ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﺁﻣﻴﻦ (ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﻣﻨﺰﻝ ﺍﻟﻜﺘﺎﺏ ، ﻭﻣﻨﺸﻰﺀ ﺍﻟﺴﺤﺎﺏ ، ﺳﺮﺑﻊ ﺍﻟﺤﺴﺎﺏ ، ﻫﺎﺯﻡ ﺍﻷﺣﺰﺍﺏ ، ﺃﺩﺭﺃ ﺑﻚ ﻓﻰ ﻧﺤﻮﺭ ﺍﻷﻋﺪﺍﺀ ، ﻭﺃﺳﺘﻜﻔﻰ ﺑﻚ
ﺍﻟﺒﻼ ﺀ ﺣﻢ ، ﻓﺴﻴﻜﻔﻴﻜﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻭﻫﻮ ﺍﻟﺴﻤﻴﻊ ﺍﻟﻌﻠﻴﻢ ، ﻭﻻ ﺣﻮﻝ ﻭﻻ ﻗﻮﺓ ﺍﻻ ﺑﺎﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﻌﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻌﻈﻴﻢ ، ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﺍﻛﻔﻨﺎ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﺀ ﺑﻤﺎ ﺷﺌﺖ ﻭﻛﻴﻒ ﺷﺌﺖ ﺍﻧﻚ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻣﺎ ﺗﺸﺎﺀ ﻗﺪﻳﺮ ، ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﻋﻠﻴﻚ ﻳﻬﻢ ﻓﺎﻧﻬﻢ ﻻ ﻳﻌﺠﺰﻭﻧﻚ ، ﻭﻻ ﺣﻮﻝ
ﻭﻻ ﻗﻮﺓ ﺍﻻ ﺑﺎﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﻌﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻌﻈﻴﻢ )ً ) ( ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﺯﻟﺰﻝ ﺍﻷﺭﺽ ﻣﻦ ﺗﺤﺖ ﺃﻗﺪﺍﻣﻬﻢ ﻭﺃﻟﻖ ﺍﻟﺮﻋﺐ ﻓﻰ ﻗﻠﻮﺑﻬﻢ ﻭﺍﻧﺼﺮ ﺍﻻﺳﻼﻡ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺴﻠﻤﻴﻦ ﻭﺍﺧﻮﺗﻨﺎ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﺎﻫﺪﻳﻦ ﺍﻻﺣﺮﺍﺭ )

ﺑﺴﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻤﻦ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻴﻢ

(172 ﺍﻟَّﺬِﻳﻦَ ﻗَﺎﻝَ ﻟَﻬُﻢُ ﺍﻟﻨَّﺎﺱُ ﺇِﻥَّ ﺍﻟﻨَّﺎﺱَ ﻗَﺪْ ﺟَﻤَﻌُﻮﺍْ ﻟَﻜُﻢْ ﻓَﺎﺧْﺸَﻮْﻫُﻢْ ﻓَﺰَﺍﺩَﻫُﻢْ ﺇِﻳﻤَﺎﻧﺎً ﻭَﻗَﺎﻟُﻮﺍْ ﺣَﺴْﺒُﻨَﺎ ﺍﻟﻠّﻪُ ﻭَﻧِﻌْﻢَ ﺍﻟْﻮَﻛِﻴﻞُ 173ﻓَﺎﻧﻘَﻠَﺒُﻮﺍْ ﺑِﻨِﻌْﻤَﺔٍ ﻣِّﻦَ ﺍﻟﻠّﻪِ ﻭَﻓَﻀْﻞٍ ﻟَّﻢْ
ﻳَﻤْﺴَﺴْﻬُﻢْ ﺳُﻮﺀٌ ﻭَﺍﺗَّﺒَﻌُﻮﺍْ ﺭِﺿْﻮَﺍﻥَ ﺍﻟﻠّﻪِ ﻭَﺍﻟﻠّﻪُ ﺫُﻭ ﻓَﻀْﻞٍ ﻋَﻈِﻴﻢٍ 174 ﺇِﻧَّﻤَﺎ ﺫَﻟِﻜُﻢُ ﺍﻟﺸَّﻴْﻄَﺎﻥُ ﻳُﺨَﻮِّﻑُ ﺃَﻭْﻟِﻴَﺎﺀﻩُ ﻓَﻼَ ﺗَﺨَﺎﻓُﻮﻫُﻢْ ﻭَﺧَﺎﻓُﻮﻥِ ﺇِﻥ ﻛُﻨﺘُﻢ ﻣُّﺆْﻣِﻨِﻴﻦَ 175ﻭَﻻَ ﻳَﺤْﺰُﻧﻚَ ﺍﻟَّﺬِﻳﻦَ ﻳُﺴَﺎﺭِﻋُﻮﻥَ ﻓِﻲ ﺍﻟْﻜُﻔْﺮِ ﺇِﻧَّﻬُﻢْ ﻟَﻦ ﻳَﻀُﺮُّﻭﺍْ ﺍﻟﻠّﻪَ ﺷَﻴْﺌﺎً
ﻳُﺮِﻳﺪُ ﺍﻟﻠّﻪُ ﺃَﻻَّ ﻳَﺠْﻌَﻞَ ﻟَﻬُﻢْ ﺣَﻈًّﺎ ﻓِﻲ ﺍﻵﺧِﺮَﺓِ ﻭَﻟَﻬُﻢْ ﻋَﺬَﺍﺏٌ ﻋَﻈِﻴﻢٌ 176 )ﺳﻮﺭﺓ ﺁﻝ ﻋﻤﺮﺍﻥ

ﺣَﺴْﺒُﻨَﺎ ﺍﻟﻠّﻪُ ﻭَﻧِﻌْﻢَ ﺍﻟْﻮَﻛِﻴﻞُ ﺣَﺴْﺒُﻨَﺎ ﺍﻟﻠّﻪُ ﻭَﻧِﻌْﻢَ ﺍﻟْﻮَﻛِﻴﻞُ ﺣَﺴْﺒُﻨَﺎ ﺍﻟﻠّﻪُ ﻭَﻧِﻌْﻢَ ﺍﻟْﻮَﻛِﻴﻞُ ﺣَﺴْﺒُﻨَﺎ ﺍﻟﻠّﻪُ ﻭَﻧِﻌْﻢَ ﺍﻟْﻮَﻛِﻴﻞ

Nuran Quranic:

Amen, Lord of the Worlds.

Network call Libya / / / sincere promise:

Cm of God the Merciful
{Defeated combination and paying back passage, but time and time Muadhm worse and ordered}
I swear to God that the agency but is tenter ground and Rafe sky without deliberately Victory is just around the corner and the south affairs fully cosine and Atsedkoa channels Lie and prostitution Media and devoid trust in Allah and His Messenger, and a preliminary God’s righteous Lobby Mujahideen heroes Aaahrar Íaansar right set forth Raise Manotm Vowoouk and Matkhalosh doubt enters the hearts Lee moment and the great God will Tzhlon of sudden and following the victory that is achieved on the ground and fighting prowess of the Mujahideen
On the ground and led by the leader of the nation’s leader Muammar Gaddafi unified in God Oksofm in God that everything is under control and as planned completely devoid brethren military matters for the owners and you continue in your struggle against Wake mail Lie
My brothers and I promised I would not tell you but honesty and Hannah bring you good news of victory and near will you see with your own eyes and Elly skeptical and Mikdb Ahajiny my words so kind and wherever met argumentation In other Iaajuty Secretariat Okatroa you pray, pray, pray.

شبكة نداء ليبيا network appeal for libya

شبكة نداء ليبيا /// الوعد الصادق

سم الله الرحمن الرحيم
{ سيهزم الجمع ويولون الدبر بل الساعة موعدهم والساعة أدهى وأمر }
أقسم بالله الذي ﻻأله إلا هو باسط اﻻرض ورافع السماء بدون عمد إن النصر قاب قوسين أو أدنى والجنوب أموره تمام التمام وﻻتصدقوا قنوات الكدب والعهر اﻻعﻻمى وخلو ثقتكم بالله ورسوله وأوليا الله الصالحين وبى المجاهدين اﻻبطال ياأحرار ياأنصار الحق المبين أرفعوا معنوياتكم فووووق وماتخلوش الشك يدخل إلي قلوبكم لى لحظة والله العظيم سوف تذهلون من ألمفاجئة اﻻتية والنصر الذي يتحقق على اﻻرض وبسالة قتال المجاهدين
على اﻻرض وبقيادة زعيم اﻻمة الزعيم الموحد بالله معمر القدافي أقسملكم بالله إن كل شئ تحت السيطرة وكما هو مخطط له تماما أخوتى خلو اﻷمور العسكرية ﻷصحابها وانتم استمروا فى نضالكم اﻻلكترونى ضد صحات الكدب
أخوانى أنا وعدتكم أن ﻻ أقول إﻹ الصدق لكم وهأنا أبشركم بالنصر القريب وسوف تشاهدونه بأم أعينكم واللى مشكك و

Greeting to all friends Liberals supervision .. Forward until victory, God willing.
اهداء الى كل الأصدقاء الأحرار الأشراف .. الى الأمام حتى النصر ان شاء الله .

“Zero hour” decisively  writes us:

Prudence means the arrangement, coordination, coordination means victory and the victory means the return of Libya’s green …
In the name of God the Merciful

It is no secret to anyone what is happening in Libya now from the killing and displacement and harassment, rape, and the demolition of homes, and, Many, many others…
The inability to provide a helping hand and the victory and relief for our people in Libya and our inability to help them,,,

so God raises us and can help us with this scourge to the oppressors the aggressors,

Claimed all the honorable men and women and young children to campaign (charity, forgiveness prayer ..)

Structure is distracting the enemy from within and outside the structure of autism in our class and most importantly faith Bnasrna God alone has no partner, and the structure of reform after victory.

There is less of supplication. The charity structure victory .. God is the only thing that is just,

We resort to strong solid Merciful Almighty, who has harbored the very corner du’aa ‘prayer and charity until victory campaign are:

1) pray in every prostration unless we insist our brothers Libya and hastily lift the injustice their O you them, they do not Aadzonk and so on of this Blessings

2) the allocation of hours of the night the structure supporting our people in Libya with the multiplication of supplication in prostration.

3) multiplication of supplication in times that answered the supplication (such as between the ears and accommodation., Cave the other night and time of magic.,

Masterminded the obligatory prayers., At dawn., Before the Maghrib prayer., Before going to sleep., When the call for prayers started., hours of the night …. etc.)

4) the multiplication of seeking forgiveness

5) charity and advise my brothers not to despair of the mercy of God, God Almighty (waits but does not neglect) and victory is near, God willing, and would beat the combination and paying back passage understanding of God in dire need of prayers, but their first invocation of prayers for ourselves hand in hand until victory.

When God we are seeking forgiveness and charity campaigns daily ..

We Resistance our heart and we did and this is not Bshi easy it is one of the strongest weapons that gave us, O God Almighty we are Muslims,

Both him pay with the difference in the degree they rely on the goodwill and exclusive to God alone, regardless of whether resistor his heart or pray or word, but did not know Alnoaa only God alone even slave himself as much as he is trying his best to be a pure work of God alone, without a doubt.

We are all invited to this without Astina whether supporters or the heart or the word pray or deeds of any kind, for Arjua Sanasrna God we are with God alone resisters.

ساعة الصفر

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
لا يخفى على احد ما يحدث في ليبيا الآن من قتل وتشريد وتنكيل واغتصاب وهدم للبيوت ، و.غيره الكثير والكثير
فإن عجزنا عن تقديم يد العون والنصرة والإغاثة لأهلنا في ليبيا وعجزنا عن مساعدتهم ,,,حتي يرفع عنا الله هذا البلاء وينصرنا علي الظالمين المعتدين ،
ادعوا جميع الشرفاء من رجال ونساء شباب واطفال لحملة )صدقة ,,أستغفار ..دعاء)
بنية تشتيت امر العدو من الداخل والخارج وبنية التوحد في صفنا والاهم النية بنصرنا لله وحده لاشريك له وبنية الاصلاح بعد النصر
،، فلا أقل من الدعاء . والصدقة بنية النصر.. والله ليس بقليل فمن التجأ إلى القوي المتين الرحمن الرحيم جل وعلا فقد آوى إلى ركن شديد فالدعاء الدعاء والصدقة حتي النصر حملتنا هي : ا) الدعاء في كل سجود اللهم انصر اخواننا ليبيا وعجل في رفع الظلم عنهم اللهم عليك بهم فإنهم لا يعجزونك والى اخره من هذه الادعية
2)تخصيص ساعة من قيام الليل بنية نصرة اهلنا في ليبيا مع الاكثار من الدعاء في السجود
3) الاكثار من الدعاء في الاوقات التي يستجاب فيها الدعاء مثل (بين الأذان والإقامة. ,جوف الليل الآخر ووقت السحر. ,دبر الصلوات المكتوبة. , عند بزوغ الفجر. ,قبل صلاة المغرب. ,قبل النوم. ,عند النداء للصلوات المكتوبة. ,ساعة من الليل. … الخ )
4) الاكثار من الاستغفار 5) الصدقة وانصح اخواني بعدم القنوط من رحمة الله فالله سبحانه وتعالى (يمهل ولا يهمل) والنصر قريب بإذن الله وسيهزم الجمع ويولون الدبر فهم والله في أمس الحاجة لدعائنا، بل هم أولى بالدعاء من دعائنا لأنفسنا يد بيد حتي النصر من عند الله نقوم بحملات أستغفار وصدقة يومية .. علينا المقاومة بقلبنا وفعلنا وهذا ليس بشي الهين بل هو من اقوى الاسلحة التي اعطانا ايها الله عز وجل نحن المسلمين , فكلا له الاجر مع الفرق في الدرجة فهي تعتمد على النية الصادقة والخالصة لله وحده سواء من كان المقاوم بقلبه أو بالدعاء أو بالكلمة ولكن لايعلم النواي الا الله وحده حتى العبد نفسه فهو يحاول بقدر جهده أن يكون العمل خالصا لله وحده دون شك
كلنا مدعون لذلك بدون استناء سواء المؤيدين بالقلب او بالدعاء أو بالكلمة أو بالافعال مهما كان نوعها , لارجوع سينصرنا الله فنحن لله وحده مقاومين



The news agency Solidarity – Jalal Alshahuba
Said the legal office of the ruling ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD “Justice and Construction PARTY” on Wednesday, that he was going to file a lawsuit against a member of the National Congress General F Sayeh. Explained the legal office of the party’s “news agency Solidarity” that “the party proceeded to take all the legal procedures regarding the lawsuit against a member of Congress F Sayeh after statements made by means of the media, accusing the ruling ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD  “Justice and construction PARTY” involvement in some recent security incidents experienced by some Libyan cities. “

GREAT SON writes to WARN US:

Beware of these organizations and movements, which was founded in the name of the resistance and the consent of the Arab and Western, and specifically a Saudi and Emirati …
Beware of some political Rmozakm who you read their essays and extraordinary rendition by the admirable, carrying with it all under submission and surrender and alienate all the covenants and conventions …… Beware of those who behind your backs wielding stabs you in the name of resistance to the success of their political agenda, and this show crimes under the pretext of militias …
in fact they want to secure their return in any form and way … And Asourn you that that was Agmkm Alqmazvh are just so Ahaonkm to accept their proposals and their agreements with countries that allowed them to establish their movements and their organizations this …. …
Beware of waived their legitimacy and constants and are trying to convince you that the nation’s largest public interest is greater than the flag and anthem tool rule
Beware Hola brothers and sisters Vawallah they more dangerous than the rats themselves because they have the money and transact on your behalf and in the name of homeland …
And I swear by God that you will Ttfajion names you think it is one of the leaders of the resistance, politics, and the truth is they are the positions of traders and politicians are adept at dodging hypocrisy and lying under the name of the political game ….
and the public interest of the nation …
Oh God, Oh God, I have reached Fa Witness
We’ve endured the steadfastness of men … And here we are winning the Champions victory….




30 JAN 2014:

Gneoh militia raids of homes of innocent people in the area of ​​Abu Salim in the early morning hours has been arrested and comb with shooting a group of young people from the center of their parents.


International channel Libya Libya International Channel

Operations room militias Libya: 3 armed vehicles and thousands 10 thousands of militia fighters shield Libya centrist forces and militias non-effectives of the armor will go to the city of Tripoli.

assassination attempt Altanip within one day to the Minister of the Interior
The home of Interior Minister bombed Pettmanah rocket-propelled grenades, which sought refuge in the fire place, there is no record of casualties in lives, which is the headquarters for meetings emergency exists followed by the Ministry of the Interior outside official working hours, which places one of the Libyan security authorities
Killing at least two of the perpetrators in the case Otina exchange with shooting a police patrol on the public highway
The interior minister apologizes for the people of the region and its neighbors, which cause them to panic because of this and that he intended Alhazt of this crime and the only Almsthzv and he regrets what happened and regrets of everyone.
Ministry of Interior / Tripoli




Photos and news from Rishvana
30 JAN 2014
Fire broke out at the headquarters of the Social Security Balsoana result of the use of

fireworks during celebrations candidacy for the final squad for the African local.
The residents Sawani extinguished the blaze without any interference from the competent.



Urgent Benghazi declare a state of general alarm inside Benghazi and call for all soldiers and officers,
and military personnel, and reservists, and every associate of the police, to join the special forces in the fight to the terrorists.
The return of the power supply to the city after a break of complete languages ​​for the city
lasted for several days because of the recent events in the region.
“Atmosphere of the country”
The Executive Director of the National Center for Translation Bdrna Bouchiha Abdulsalam Bouchiha
that the bombing targeted the building at dawn today, the latest damage to the front courtyard of the building, causing no casualties

Special Forces Thunderbolt, re-open the hospital kidney
One of its divisions closed due to lack of water.
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” yesterday Wednesday, transfer
Water to kidney Benghazi hospital to re-open its doors to
Kidney patients, and military source confirmed that the special forces
This gesture came after hearing that a kidney closed sections
Due to lack of water, and the source explained in a statement that the
Therapy is considered the most basic human Libyan citizen and has to be supplied
Especially for kidney patients who have to take care of permanent Athajohn Unlike
Other patients.

Tendmon day will not work remorse news report on exposure of a doctor beaten inside
Tendmon will not work on remorse
News report on exposure doctor beaten inside a hospital in Benghazi



سوف تندمون يوم لا ينفع الندم
تقرير النبأ عن تعرض طبيب للضرب داخل مستشفى في بنغازي
The return of calm to the area of ​​Garyounis in Benghazi after fierce clashes capacity in the vicinity of Camp 17 Gahaar
Image now for the road leading to the University of Benghazi, where the clashes took place shortly before the # Libya.


Clashes take place now in the area with heavy weapons Garyounes between commandos

and some members of “Ansar al-Sharia battalion”.

Flying the skies above the city of Benghazi # Garyounes:

Fierce fighting is very close to the area Rulrhh Benghazi clashes between Jardan Thunderbolt and supporters fry accused of kidnapping son Inventory Colonel Nice Bouchmadh .
There are helicopters flying over the area Rulrhh and clashes now with weapons Althaglah between the parties
and it seems that this night hot night taking place in the city of Benghazi.

Battalion Rav God Alshata Jerdanih launching anti-aircraft toward the helicopter MI 35 fighter air force in order to bring it down.


News about the presence of Ayman al-Zawahiri in the 17 battalion Gahaar # Libya # Benghazi

Jardan now rallying to stun the camp in front of Boatni.

And spread to Aaasa Jardan Thunderbolt in the streets of Benghazi and stationed in certain areas

with heavy weapons inside the city.

Highway Island National Club:

Our own sources: the final outcome of the clashes that took place this evening in Benghazi killed and two wounded Jardan Thunderbolt.

Aviation Battalion camp bombing RAT Libyans “17 February”.

Salem al-Obeidi announces:
Demonstration in Benghazi under the title of “resolving the political chaos
In Libya “will be launched Square Quiche and ends sit open.

Declared the youth of the city of Benghazi on the open-ended sit on Thursday
Rally will begin at four o’clock pm, and will travel
Demonstrators to the square opposite the hospital in Benghazi, 07 FEBRUARY 2014
And there will be open-ended sit, and confirmed that he would be a young
There is a statement and a press conference and open-ended sit until further notice
And he also said in a statement that highlighted the demands not to extend Conference
National public and other demands will be announced at a later date.

Inventory Colonel Nice Bouchmadh “denies health news circulating about the death of his son and his body

was found thrown upon his front lawn….



A huge explosion shakes the city of Derna last night, and columns of smoke rising higher port Almudbna.






The REPORT as to why Resistance withdraws from SABHA:

Jardan, by ZAIDANE’s orders, were preparing to use aerial Sarin gas thick throughout Sabha fully.

Lada eluded them entry after this topic News,

and the Resistance, to keep the souls of the innocent, meant that the Resistance is to withdraw:

BUT now is “Execution Plan B” (SO DO NOT DESPAIR)…

and God is greatest over the victim…

AFTER the RESISTANCE withdrew, ZAIDANE’s mercenaries /KHARIJITES proceded to rape women and children; and then pillaged Sabha, murdering innocents on the street. Then they broke into homes arresting civilians and women too—some children were left orphans there on the spot, and families were forced to move with just the clothes on their backs…

Scum rats who entered Sabha yesterday did not find a PDF, which pulled out the orders of the leadership before entering ……. but they could not do anything Suai attacks on the homes of innocent people and steal their contents and encroachment on the population of beatings and arrests …….
They say they arrested Gaddafi ousted and killed ….. Stop falsely Dear Kharijites and get out of the safe Sabha and called its inhabitants live safely ………. and many Atafrhawwa Death is coming …….. and war trick .. And you ………..

dumbest creatures and the most despicable creatures of the earth.

ÚÇÇÇĚá Jaddaaa Sabha ….
Rats armed militias raided the house of Mohammed’s departure .. And kidnapped their son ...

Then returned to the District and the voice of the zoom and shooting at houses Alqmazvh Bmokhtlq Weapon

The fire in the house of Abdul-Aziz Mansour blindness .. To the extent Hzm moment and archery list ..

They Jardan NATO Bsabha to enter into the house of Abdullah Owaidat Alkhatri Gaddafi and

two cars were burned and they break down and vandalized the house.


News resistance People’s Libyan Free:

Sabha now:

Stbak armed with Cherdma Aljpayr of girl sound Dairi Mansheya because of the kidnapping of
Abdul Salam Abdul Salam Gaddafi‘s departure ..
Astt Lai Chi and UMNO your region Aahla Wi-end homes Taamilo with him nearly dead.
# (The hour of victory)

An armed attack from militia jerky girls sound Blaslha heavy on houses Abdulsalam Alkhatri Gaddafi‘s departure, but Cano Black Akaddadfh them Observatory where Qaibdohm Hsaúr toll tribute to iron Znabil.
The Champions Alqmazfah release Abdulsalam Gaddafi‘s departure after the attack on rats Aljpayr ..

Sabha today was to enter the apartment T Atiq Qahsy Gaddafi for burglary and theft …
Vandalism and looting. Shops were burned in the quality of the sons Gardah Akaddadfh by rats Sabha.



Astgataat young man was tortured by militias in the Awlad Suleiman Sabha:

News of the death of one rat that tried Mdahmt Alqmazvh homes and shooting them after responding to them …..

Armed militias bombard the city of Sabha area Mansheya using medium weapons.

Message to the south of the Libyan people:

as if the bombing of Tmanhunt base and Geont Money with B61-11 atomics was not already more than

enough, they threatened poison gas!!!

If this strategy of ZAIDANE does not mimic HITLER, then nothing does!!!!

But Muammar is wiser then they are, and has a back-up plan—wait for the surprise!

PHOTO: This undated file photo released by the British Ministry of Defense shows the destruction of 122mm rockets containing the chemical nerve agent Sarin.

Luhabe Hamal writes:
Janas Avhmu what pulled the resistance of the base Tmanhunt not leave Rhea no trace, not even Dharv empty and did not leave give and Rahm him, not even a car damaged and Symbol testimony Hoael who said we do not have a prisoner, not even corpse Vgmo Is scent strength adherent and going handwriting and the withdrawal of the tactic battle or Vaudha and your understanding enough

This is nin CONTRAST as to when RATS leave, everything is in turmoil and a mess and signs of torture and all filthe.

Urgent We have successfully re-open the green channel at the frequency 10815

The whole whole hours in the Hills
Beware of disinformation Iaahrar:


Asaad Aboqilh:
Newsflash / exodus of senior supporters of Gaddafi Sabha towards the desert of Chad and Niger, for fear of reprisals from the rebels and the national army commandment Gaddafi supporters migrated to Africa where the kings of Aazlmon and green paradise million Libyans are preparing for migration / informed sources that the national army and rebel forces are war, genocide and the killing of Ali identity and ethnic cleansing in the city of Sabha against supporters of Gaddafi supporters state public and issued a room Libya rebels several official statements pledging the elimination of supporters of Gaddafi and crushed all over Libya and said Mr. Ali Zaidane officially over Motmr press Moved Ali channels in February the official Libyan need to use force against supporters of Gaddafi there are battalions of rebels north and reached the Sabha to support the rebels south and the national Army for the Elimination of Ali ‘s supporters thought the green from the other side see the city of Sabha exodus of senior supporters of Gaddafi towards the desert of Chad , Niger, Sudan and demonstrates Hmae massive displacement of Sabha on the application of the commandment of Gaddafi and you’ve published the news of a former knead Put the details in the Google / commandment Gaddafi supporters migrated to Africa where the kings of Aazlmon and green paradise / Asaad Ambia Lying Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent.

اسعد ابوقيلة
خبر عاجل / نزوح كبير لانصار القذافي من سبها نحو صحراء تشاد والنيجر خوفأ من انتقام الثوار والجيش الوطني وصية القذافي لانصاره هاجروا الي افريقيا فيها ملوك لايظلمون وجنة خضراء مليون ليبي يستعدون للهجرة / مصادر مطلعة تفيد بأن الجيش الوطني وقوات الثوار تقوم بحرب ابادة جماعية وقتل علي الهوية وتطهير عرقي في مدينة سبها ضد انصار القذافي انصار دولة الجماهيرية واصدرت غرفة ثوار ليبيا عدة بيانات رسمية تتعهد فيها بالقضاء علي انصار القذافي وسحقهم في كل انحاء ليبيا و اعلن السيد علي زيدان رسميأ عبر موتمر صحافي منقول علي قنوات فبراير الرسمية الليبية بضرورة استعمال القوة ضد انصار القذافي وهناك كتائب من ثوار الشمال وصلت الي سبها لدعم ثوار الجنوب والجيش الوطني للقضاء علي انصار الفكر الاخضر من جانب اخر تشهد مدينة سبها نزوح كبير لانصار القذافي نحو صحراء تشاد والنيجر والسودان ويدل هذاء النزوح الكبير من سبها علي تطبيق وصية القذافي وكنت قد نشرت خبر سابق عن دلك لتفاصيل ضع في قوقل / وصية القذافي لانصارة هاجروا الي افريقيا فيها ملوك لايظلمون و جنة خضراء / اسعد امبيه ابوقيله صحفي وكاتب ليبي مستقل

The kidnapping of the son of inventory and Nice Abu extinguished.


A tribute to the heroes and the leadership of the Provisional People’s operations in the south

War science and profession and the field of military plans and military men are not mercenaries Eachona home … (Gorilla War) / / / /

تحيه لابطال وقيادة العمليات الشعبية المؤقتة بالجنوب
الحرب علوم ومهنة ميدان وخطط عسكريه و رجالنا عسكريين ليسوا مرتزقه ياخونة الوطن … ( حرب الغوريلا ) ////



FAKE “technicians” from Tunisia
come to Kill Liberal Libyans, as hired by ALI ZAIDANE:

Alert to all Liberal

There are foreign mercenaries in all the gates of Ras Igdir to reach Tripoli from Syria and Palestinian nationalities

and Ardoeh, Tunisian and with them lists of names of the Liberals and they are reviewing their muscles

on the Libyan families.

A control on the phones and to identify their owners and presence raided hired as the puppet government,

to systems and technology Mahdsa foreigners ….?


EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s high school pot dealer who he thanked for the ‘good times’ was beaten to death with a hammer by his gay lover

  • Raymond Boyer was known as ‘Gay Ray’ to Obama and his marijuana smoking ‘Choom Gang’ of privately-educated kids at Hawaiian high school
  • Ray was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in 1986, seven years after he supplied the future president and his friends with drugs
  • Lover Andrew Devere, a male prostitute, gave police a variety of reasons for the murder
  • He said surfer Boyer put him down constantly and broke wind in his face
  • Court documents uncovered for the first time by MailOnline
  • Choom is island slang for pot smoking and group went on excursions to countryside to get high and party, sometimes in Ray’s surf van
  • Devere is now living on the mainland after serving his life sentence
  • Obama last week said marijuana was no more dangerous than alcohol
  • Devere’s new wife Elizabeth told MailOnline doing drugs is fine if you are rich and ‘have the tools to deal with it’ but not if you are poor with problems


PUBLISHED: 14:17 GMT, 29 January 2014 | UPDATED: 19:45 GMT, 29 January 2014

President Obama’s high school pot dealer who he thanked in his yearbook for the ‘good times’ was beaten to death by his lover after a series of fights over flatulence and drugs, MailOnline can reveal today.

Raymond Boyer, known as ‘Gay Ray’ to Obama and his marijuana smoking ‘Choom Gang’, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer seven years after he sold the future president and his friends drugs.

His lover Andrew Devere, a male prostitute, gave police a laundry list of reasons for the killing, including that Boyer, a surfer and unemployed chef, constantly put him down, made him beg for drugs and had a habit of breaking wind in his face.

Good times: Obama thanked Ray in his high school yearbook alongside his family and his Choom Gang buddies


Good times: Obama thanked Ray in his high school yearbook alongside his family and his Choom Gang buddies

Pot head: Obama and his 'Choom Gang' of privately-educated friends used to score drugs off Ray. Ray was murdered seven years after the gang left school by his lover for a myriad of bizarre and frankly petty reasons


Pot head: Obama and his ‘Choom Gang’ of privately-educated friends used to score drugs off Ray. Ray was murdered seven years after the gang left school by his lover for a myriad of bizarre and frankly petty reasons

The sordid end to the life of Boyer at 37 was in direct contrast to the young men he supplied drugs to who all went on to lead successful and productive lives.

Since getting high with Obama and his private school educated friends he lost his job as the manager of a local pizzeria and ended up on welfare living above a car repair shop.

The full extent of Ray’s grisly end and the bizarre reasons for it were set out in mitigation by Devere, who was jailed for life for the murder.

Appeal court documents from 1991, uncovered for the first time by MailOnline, reveal Devere killed Boyer on New Year’s Day 1986 because: Boyer was killing a friend of his by supplying that friend with drugs; Boyer embarrassed Devere and put him down in front of other people; Boyer had developed a habit of farting in Devere’s face; Boyer once attacked Devere with a knife, slicing Devere’s finger;Boyer made Devere beg for drugs.

Finally, the documents say the last straw came on the morning that Devere killed Boyer when the victim had refused to give Devere money to buy medication to soothe the murderer’s sore throat.

Obama has never hidden his drug taking youth and recently put on record that he felt that marijuana was no worse than alcohol.

Killer: Andrew Devere, pictured in a variety of mugshots over the years, was sentenced to life for the grisly crime. He said he killed Boyer because he broke wind in his face, was killing a friend by selling him drugs, didn't pick up his medicine for a sore throat and insulted him in public. Devere is now free and living on the mainland

Killer: Andrew Devere, pictured in a variety of mugshots over the years, was sentenced to life for the grisly crime. He said he killed Boyer because he broke wind in his face, was killing a friend by selling him drugs, didn't pick up his medicine for a sore throat and insulted him in public. Devere is now free and living on the mainland


Killer: Andrew Devere, pictured in a variety of mugshots over the years, was sentenced to life for the grisly crime. He said he killed Boyer because he broke wind in his face, was killing a friend by selling him drugs, didn’t pick up his medicine for a sore throat and insulted him in public. Devere is now free and living on the mainland

Party bus: Obama and the Choom Gang used to go to parties in the hills in Ray's surf van (file photo) and get high. Weed was rife in Hawaii during the counter-culture years of the 1970s and often smoked openly


Party bus: Obama and the Choom Gang used to go to parties in the hills in Ray’s surf van (file photo) and get high. Weed was rife in Hawaii during the counter-culture years of the 1970s and often smoked openly

He mentioned in his own autobiography that he took drugs. And David Maraniss’s book ‘Barack Obama: The Story’ revealed the existence of the Choom Gang (Choom is slang for smoking pot) and their dealer ‘Ray’.

It was even known that ‘Ray’ had been murdered but only now can the MailOnline can reveal the full tragic story of his life.

Raymond Boyer, originally from California, was an athletic surfer who earned a living as the day manager of a pizza restaurant near the private school where Obama and his teenage friends were taught in Hawaii.

Mama Mia Pizza restaurant, which also had a bar, was at the centre of a thriving university scene in Honolulu during the counter culture days of 1979.

At the time, marijuana – or pakalolo as it was known locally – was flourishing on the island. It was grown in the hills and sold and smoked openly on the streets and beaches.

Boyer, 30 at the time, lived the archetypal hippy existence, sleeping in an old bus with two pet monkeys, and enjoying in full the promiscuous and hedonistic lifestyle of the gay community on the Pacific island.

He also dealt drugs to friends  – and it was through supplying marijuana that he came into contact with the young Obama, known as Barry, who was attending Punahou school nearby.

Obama, 18, who was only just beginning to explore his black roots – having been brought up by his white grandparents – was a leading member of a group called the Choom Gang.

Choom is island slang for pot smoking and the group went on excursions to the countryside where they would get high and party, sometimes in Ray’s surf van.

Experiments: Obama, 18, who was only just beginning to explore his black roots ¿ having been brought up by his white grandparents ¿ was a leading member of a group called the Choom Gang


Experiments: Obama, 18, who was only just beginning to explore his black roots – having been brought up by his white grandparents – was a leading member of a group called the Choom Gang

Choom: The gang, whose other passions were beer and basketball, even made up rules about the smoking of 'bud'. Obama was particularly fond of the 'interception' and 'roof hits', according to a biography


Choom: The gang, whose other passions were beer and basketball, even made up rules about the smoking of ‘bud’. Obama was particularly fond of the ‘interception’ and ‘roof hits’, according to a biography

The gang, whose other passions were beer and basketball, even made up rules about the smoking of ‘bud’.

One of them was that you skipped a turn if you did not inhale properly and the other, a favorite of Obama, was that you could grab an extra drag of a joint if you elbowed in and shouted ‘intercepted’.

The young Obama popularized the concept of ‘roof hits’, when all the windows of a car were rolled up so you could suck up the last bit of smoke from the ceiling.

‘Wasting good bud smoke was not tolerated,’ Tom Topolinski, one member of the Choom Gang, told Maraniss.

‘Barry also had a knack for interceptions. When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted “Intercepted!”, and took an extra hit. No one seemed to mind.’

Ray, although older, was an integral part of the gang, known for his ability to ‘score good bud’ and drive them up nearby Mount Tantalus to party.

He even got a mention in Obama’s school yearbook as the teenager wrote his thanks to: ‘Tut [his grandmother], Gramps, Choom Gang, and Ray for all the good times.’

While the other members of the gang went onto university and careers as lawyers, writers and businessmen, Ray’s wild life was just beginning to unravel.

He lost his job at Mama Mia’s and lived above a car repair shop in a rundown area of downtown Honolulu.

His relationships became ever more sordid and he ended up sleeping with a gay prostitute drug addict called Andrew Devere, 17 years his junior.

This was to be his undoing.

As he slept on New Year’s Day 1986, Devere, upset with Ray’s treatment of him, took a claw hammer and literally beat his brains out. His body was not found until eight days later.

Devere said that he had meant to shoot Boyer but could not get a gun and was planning to kill him at night but he fell asleep. He finally bludgeoned him to death the next morning.

Formative: It emerged last week that Obama believes that marijuana is no more dangerous than booze

Formative: It emerged last week that Obama believes that marijuana is no more dangerous than booze


Formative: It emerged last week that Obama believes that marijuana is no more dangerous than booze

Privileged: Devere's current wife Elizabeth suggested that rich people have 'the right tools' to deal with taking drugs, but those like Devere, a former male prostitute, didn't and they 'subtract from the good'


Privileged: Devere’s current wife Elizabeth suggested that rich people have ‘the right tools’ to deal with taking drugs, but those like Devere, a former male prostitute, didn’t and they ‘subtract from the good’

He said: ‘I wasn’t mad at him at the time that I did it…. But I knew I had to do it because…. later on … I knew that I would, you know, I would forget about how he treated me’.

Devere, who jailed for life for the murder but released in 2007, has since moved to the mainland.

He now has a wife and although has since been convicted of minor drug offenses holds down a job.

He is too traumatized to talk about his old life but his wife, Elizabeth, told MailOnline that the gruesome episode was a warning to anyone.

‘He is embarrassed about it but I told him that you cannot run from it,’ she said. ‘Drugs always alter your mind. I have a past myself. Because of the drugs and his lifestyle it was a really tough environment to survive in.

‘He survived by being a prostitute. I think drugs affect people in different ways. It depends how you are brought up.

‘If you have the right tools to deal with them then it’s okay. But if not they definitely subtract from the good.’


 Mu in France 05 DEC. 2007



Mu laughing with Mubarek

Muammar al-Qthafi laughing with Hasani Mubarak (ABOVE)


90 minutes: an exclusive interview with Ahmad Gadaf-a-dam Howitzer blood after his release from prison provide:

Riham Sahli Guest: Ahmad Gadaff-a-dam Howitzer blood axis # # # channel _ axis program _90_ minutes

Reham Sahli Ahh …
13 DEC 2013

Why is al-Qathafi for Ahmed Gaddafi Blood ?
Date Libya ·

al-Qathafi alive in the hearts of millions and does not need a certificate from me or from someone else
and for this reason are still smear campaigns and lying to him when the day.
Western conspiracy hatched against Libya years of distortion campaigns against al-Qathafi in February Tbaya we see today, “Bernard Levy,” and writes them to the data decisions
If al-Qathafi interventions in the power of the people because he was Aralla of Trustees of the provinces, but has not appointed by al-Qathafi.
Muammar al-Qathafi’s rejection of all the haggling out and who fought with Muammar al-Qathafi against the West are not only the Gaddafi family, but they were all Libyan tribes.
Muammar al-Qathafi was the commander of the liberation movements in the world and was in the ranks of the struggle, “Nelson Mandela”, which he called a terrorist yesterday, the Western world and the Western world today Epkih crocodile tears.
Nelson Mandela gave al-Qathafi the highest decoration in South Africa, an expression of his support for al-Qathafi
in the liberation of South Africa.
al-qathafi was considered the defense of Africa in defense of Libya and has contributed in spreading Islam in many
African countries and the things that bother France and the West.
 de LIBYABOOK20 527 vues 18:05 exclusive interview with Mr Gadaffi blood and secrets of Muammar al-Qathafi
de hreeb gate164 254 vues 13:30 report green channel for Ahmad Gadaffi blood

More abhorent tales, BUT also a Bright Star rising from the Resistance

Mu cool

“O Asagna Ghaith beneficial to us and open the doors of the Holy sustenance and victory over the enemies of the homeland and religion ياااااااااااااااااااااااااا Lord of the Worlds ..”

(QUOTED from أخبار المقاومة الليبية الباسلة)

 News heroic Libyan resistance  coop mass AshHere is the year 2013 in his final hours, we passed this year, like any year Bhloh times and joy and sadness and cruelty clemency, 0.2013 them are people who took us in our hearts and gave us great prestige and brought us who did not expect to meet them one day …Despite the intense sorrow GS parting like us and eagerness to meet our brothers and displaced prisoners did not steal from us this year and hope not optimistic implants disappointment and frustration in our souls …We thank God for every moment we lived and we’re not oppressed and darkness to create Allah, we praise Him at every moment we passed and we are optimistic and satisfied by virtue of God …

And ask the One that supports all the oppressed and gracious every prisoner under any circumstances and that can help us Asberna and traitors to the nation by his enemies who used the enemies of religion,

and that the 2014-year-old wedding Jamahiriya to raise the banner of liberation and uphold the right to pay tribute to commend God is great above the aggressor Kid ..

قنــ♥الجماهيرية♥ـاصة / ♥ ♥ coop mass Ashها هو العام 2013 في ساعاته الأخيرة،، مر علينا هذا العام مثل أي عام بحلوه ومره بفرحه وحزنه بحنانه وقسوته،، 2013 أخذت منا أناس لهم في قلوبنا مكانة كبيرة وأعطتنا وجمعتنا بمن لم نتوقع لقائهم يوما…
رغم حزننا الشديد ع فراق أحبتنا وشوقنا للقاء إخواننا المهجرين والأسرى لم يسرق منا هذا العام أملنا وتفاءلنا لم يزرع خيبة الأمل والإحباط في نفوسنا…
نحمد الله على كل لحظة عشناها ونحن مظلومين ولسنا بظٌلام لخلق الله،، نحمده على كل لحظة مرت علينا ونحن متفائلين وراضين بحكم الله…
ونسأله الواحد الأحد أن ينصر كل مظلوم وأن يرأف بحال كل أسير وأن يصبرنا وينصرنا على خونة الوطن الذين استعانوا بأعدائه أعداء الدين،، وأن يكون العام 2014 عاما لعرس جماهيريتنا العظمى برفع راية التحرير وإعلاء نشيد الحق نشيد الله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدي..

Sources talking about the mysterious movements in Tripoli has aimed to bring the case of a security vacuum pave the way for a coup against Zaidane, and has recounted strings between groups of conspiring during a joint meeting was held the day before yesterday in a single headquarters in Tripoli.
It is well known that the September coup carried out after the lifting of state of emergency in the ranks of the army and police Hivak.

from “Today the globe” (out of RISHVANA on FACEBOOK)
Mu w the Libyan Tribes
Muammar al-Qathafi with all the LIBYAN tribes of honor:

O great Libyan people !

O precious groundless Honorable tribes, and of good courage !
O sons of the grandsons of the Mujahideen heroes brave !

At the time my father, Ntzrfait, will be oncoming advent days of pride and glory, and we are preparing for the battle of honor and dignity with the enemies of religion and the UN-backed who have sold the land of our country into the ground …

know that the coming days will be a day of joy and Sruroapthaj.

The victory described my father will be achieved by the will of God.

that the coming days will be the wedding of all free Sharif in every town and village and OASIS

and already thus say will be accompanied by an iron hand for each of the Salt of him who has the same controls over the necks of the people of Libya, and take away our
wealth and spoils, and loot our weapons of defense in order to publish and spread their murder and looting thereby throwing down the sons of the Honorable people; by casting them into detention camps and secret prisons and shed blood and destroy our country.

Vacharfa:  The honest people have taken upon themselves to pledge before God and wise leadership that the Libyan people live in freedom and happiness of reality without blood.

I have taken it upon myself to form a covenant before God, with the elders of the Tribes of LIBYA and their wise leadership, to make reality the Libyan people’s need to live in freedom and happiness without blood or the killing of our identity, and do away with the hatred and looting and hypocrisy and quackery that the sons of Libyan tribes noble so hate: all the injustice and Lies, forgery, abuse and dependence on the West, unjust vindictive upon the Libyan peoples…

and the Arab Islam is Viaabina Libyan tribes noble proud pure.

Forget Ahakadkm and Bring hands to be one hand ye Libyan brothers, the sons of one blood and Alfbalh one and your enemy, and one your land one Fastta wedding big and festivals that will be in every place in every tribe inspiration and street of our cities,

the good pure beautiful you are on a date to raise the banner of victory banner of pride soon

and Baden God without any resistance from anyone except my Father (in Heaven) malice on the Libyan people and Atminon: that all honorable within our cities fighting for the right to be the moment of announcement:

launching the first spark to start the battle will be ready and are doing their job of Dadtha, sons of Libyan tribes noble.

Centfezon at zero hour in order to be freed from the reality of Dishonored and medal Azakmt smelled noses and Aqhart of vision features the body…

and Baden God powerful blow from Libyan tribes honest will end all unjust and Sikt each client a traitor and apostate.

Day crawl and we can not now say each religion tricked Behm during the declaration process crawl sacred and the start of the zero hour that the Libyan people to be able to being treated with a treatment respectable and according to the law.

stay the houses, and all who come out by the opposite of the will of the holy-crawl, will be crushed mercilessly and all that followed it with him and all his possessions; and will not have any impact above the ground.

It so be the will of the people, Walibi crushing, and crushing the relentless enemies of the people; as the poet said:

If people wanted to-day life, we must respond equally.
Must be the night that settles for being, and must be broken.
It is not embraced longing faces life in evaporation and Perish.
The forward and victory is near Baden God.
(The noble sons of Libyan tribes)

  • نداء
    يا ابناء الشعب الليبى العظيم
    يا ايناء القبائل الليبيية الشريفه الكريمه الطيبة الشجاعة
    يا ابناء احفاد المجاهدين الابطال الاشاوس
    فى الوقت الدى نتظرفيه قدوم ايام العزة والمجد ونحن نستعد لمعركة الشرف والكرامة مع الاعداء الدين باعوا الوطن وفرطوا فى الارض والعرض اعلموا بان الايام القادمه ستكون ايام فرح وسروروابتهاج بالنصر المبين والدى سيتحقق بارادة الله ان الايام القادمة ستكون اعراس لكل حر شريف بكل مدينة وقرية وواحة وسيقترن القول بالفعل وسنظرب بيد من حديد لكل من سولت له نفسه ان يتحكم فى رقاب ابناء الشعب الليبي ويستحود على ثروتهم وينهب اسلحتهم لكى ينشر جريمة القتل والتعديب والسلب والنهب ويرمى بابناء الشرفاء فى المعتقلات والسجون السرية ويسفك الدماء ويدمر بلادنا فالشرفاء لقد اخدوا على عاتقهم عهدا امام الله وقيادتهم الحكيمة بضرورة ان يعيش الشعب الليبى فى حرية وسعادة حقيقة دون دماء او قتل على الهوية وحقد وسلب ونهب ونفاق و دجل ان ابناء القبائل الليبية الشريفة يبغضون الظلم والكدب والتزييف والعسف والتبعية للغرب الظالم الحاقد على الشعب الليبى وعلى العرب فالاسلام فياابناء القبائل الليبية الشريفة الابية الطاهرة انسوا احقادكم وهاتوا ايديكم لتكون يدا واحده فانتم ليبيون اخوة ابناء الدم الواحد والفبيلة الواحدة وعدوكم واحد وارضكم واحده فاستعدوا للعرس الكبير والمهرجانات التى ستكون فى كل مكان فى كل قبيلة وحى وشارع من مدننا الطيبة الطاهرة الجميلة انتم على موعدا لرفع راية النصر راية العزة قريبا وبادن الله دون اى مقاومة من احد الا الدى يحقد على الشعب الليبى واطمئنون بان كل الشرفاء بمدننا المقاتلة من اجل الحق ستكون لحظة اعلان انطلاق الشرارة الاولى لبدء المعركة ستكون جاهزة وتقوم بواجبها من داتها ابناء القبائل الليبية الشريفة سينتفظون فى ساعة الصفر لكى يتحررون من واقع مخزى ومدل ازكمت رائحته الانوف واقشعرت من روؤية معالمه الابدان وبادن الله بضربة قوية من القبائل الليبية الشريفة سينتهى كل ظالم وسيقط كل عميل خائن ومرتد يوم الزحف ولانستطيع الان ان نقول لكل الدين غرر بيهم اثناء اعلان عمليه الزحف المقدس وبدء ساعة الصفر ان الشعب الليبى لكى يتمكن من معاملتكم المعاملة المحترمه ووفق القانون الزموا بيوتكم وكل من يخرج لمواجه الزحف المقدس سوف يسحق بلا هواده هو ومن يتبعه ومن معه وكل ما يملك ولن يكون له اى اثر فوق الارض انها ارادة الشعب اليبي السحق السحق وبلا هواده لاعداء الشعب وقال الشاعر
    إذا الشعــب يومــا أراد الحيــاة فلا بـــد أن يستجيب القــدر
    ولا بـــد لليــــل أن ينجلـــي ولابـــــد للقيـــــد أن ينكســـــر
    ومن لم يعانقــه شــوق الحيــاة تبخــر فــي جوهــا واندثـــر
    والى الامام والنصر قريب بادن الله
    ابناء القبائل الليبية الشريفة

    Voice Alqmazfah:

    “Mansour Muammar Muammar Post and circulated to all Liberal and light silks

    1 – Provision of foodstuffs and medicines and gasoline

    2 – Stay away from sites and gatherings Jardan

    3 – Every father and mother back to her son’s house

    4 – across from the children and youth organizers to Jardan gates in the immediate withdrawal of which from now

    5 – not to Nswal Street Aoalehi conditions were important in order to purge from Jardan

    6 – Tauferaalam green and images Martyrs and the leader and the writing on the wall and marches to support the resistance of the people and the armed forces in the field and the Liberal

    7 – Aldkhirh and provide arms to the armed forces, people need Anda

    8 – You Ba targeting any inventory or any other gate is continued armed forces of the people now

    9 – Be careful and cautious customers and traitors and secret I am

    10 – to pray for the people armed forces heroes

    Post immediately and circulated to all pages and the Liberals and silks marrow “
    Since today …. coming days are very crucial
    (Capt. 314)

    “منصور معمر معمر تعميم و انشر علي جميع الاحرار و حرائر الفاتح1- توفير المواد الغدائية و الادوية و البنزينة2- ابتعد عن مواقع و تجمعات الجردان3- كل اب وام ارجع ابنها الي بيت4- ارجاء من الاطفال وشباب منظمين الي الجردان في البوابات انسحاب منها فورا من الان

    5- عدم نزوال الي شارع اوالحي مهم كانت ظروف حتي يتم تطهير من الجردان

    6- توفيراعلام الخضراء و الصور شهداء والقائد وكتابة علي حائط و مسيرات للدعم مقاومة و قوات الشعب المسلح و الاحرار في ميدان

    7- توفير الدخيرة و السلاح للقوات الشعب المسلح عندا حاجة

    8- عليكم با استهداف اي جرد او اي البوابة غير تابع قوات الشعب المسلح من الان

    9- احذر و الحذر من العملاء و الخونة و السرية تام

    10- الدعاء الي الابطال قوات الشعب المسلح

    تعميم وانشر فورا علي جميع الصفحات و الاحرار وحرائر العظمي”
    منذ اليوم ….فالايام القادمه حاسمة جدا

    For the defense of  the Freedom for the Libyan peoples and all  honest within the world:

    The blood of the Martyrs  will not be in vain.


Manifesto of the Libyan Tribal Council
While NATO and its supporters envisage an endgame in Libya, they would do well to revisit some of the excerpts from the Libyan Tribal Council manifesto which was issued on 26 July 2011.


Speaking for Libya’s 2000 tribes, the Council issued a Proclamation signed by scores of tribal leaders from eastern Libya.

“By this letter to the extraordinary African Summit, convening in Addis Ababa, the notables of the Eastern tribes of the Great Jamahiriya confirm their complete rejection of what is called the Transitional Council in Benghazi which hasn’t been nominated nor elected by Tribal representatives but rather imposed by NATO.”

“What is called the Transitional Council in Benghazi was imposed by NATO on us and we completely reject it. Is it democracy to impose people with armed power on the people of Benghazi, many of whose leaders are not even Libyan or from Libyan tribes but come from Tunisia and other countries ? ”

“The Trial Council assures its continuing cooperation with the African Union in its suggestions aimed at helping to prevent the aggression on the Libyan people”.…

The Tribal Council condemns the crusader aggression on the Great Jamahiriya executed by the NATO and the Arabic regressive forces which is a grave threat to Libyan civilians as it continues to kill them as NATO bombs civilian targets.”…

“We do not and will not accept any authority other than the authority that we chose with our free will which is the People’s Congress and Peoples Committees, and the popular social leadership, and will oppose with all available means, the NATO rebels and their slaughter, violence and maiming of cadavers. We intend to oppose with all the means available to us the NATO crusader aggressors and their appointed lackeys”.

According to one representative of the Libyan Supreme Tribal Council, :

“The tribes of Libya have until today not fully joined in repelling the NATO aggressors.

As we do, we serve notice to NATO that we shall not desist until they have left our country

and we will ensure that they never return.”

al-Qathafi refuses to surrender, vows to fight until end

08 JUNE -2011 18:44 BJT Special Report:

Int’l Intervention in Libya |


We first turn to Libya, where loud explosions rocked Tripoli early on Wednesday. This is the heaviest bombing by

NATO in the Libyan capital since air strikes began in March.

Nevertheless, Muammar al-Qathafi refuses to surrender and has vowed to fight to the end.

Tripoli is shaking.

With 10 explosions early on Wednesday and 40 thunderous daylight attacks on Tuesday,

NATO  is increasing the scope and intensity of their air campaign.

Still image taken from footage broadcasted by Libyan state TV shows Muammar al-Qathafi
meeting tribal leaders in an unknown location 07 June 2011. The Libyan leader,
wearing dark glasses and traditional robes, was greeting the leaders in a small
room without windows. The news anchor said the meeting had taken place on Tuesday.
(Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

Moussa Ibrahim, Libyan government spokesman, said, “There is no justification to attack Tripoli with 60 rockets, kill more people, and injure more people under the pretext of protecting civilians in Libya.”

Meanwhile, in an audio address from al-Qathafi released by Libya’s state television broadcaster, al-Qathafi denounced NATO and the hideous, unruly and Kharjite mercenary-”rebels” they used to take-over Libya.

Muammar al-Qathafi said,

“We will not give up. We have only one choice which is to stay in Libya and either live or die. We will not surrender.”

A surrender eagerly wanted by NATO.
In a two-day meeting of alliance defense ministers beginning Wednesday at NATO’s Brussels headquarters, the alliance’s secretary general called for more support from allies in the escalating mission to force the end of the Great Jamahiriya.
(picture of Muammar al-Qathafi with a Taureg warrior 07 JUNE 2011)

Photo from Abdulaziz Fadel showing Muammar al-Qathafi before his monument at Bab AZAZIYA against USA aggression from 1986.

photo from Abdulaziz Fadel




Commission roadmapNational Congress announces roadmap and says that it provides for the
formation of a presidential body is composed of 13 member of the National Congress of year!!!!
Assume the functions of head of state and the legislation until the completion of writing a permanent
constitution and parliamentary elections and presidential elections under this Constitution is approved.

Judgment against the convicted: Jamal al-Haji sentenced to 8 months and 100 thousand compensation

for each of the leaders of the coalition who invents them and try to work out their image distortion.!
Media satisfaction

City Court commits “Jamal al-Haji” civilians pay the amount of 100 000 Libyan dinars for each of the plaintiffs’ four (Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdel Aziz, d. Mahmoud Jibril, Abdul Majeed Almliqth, F USTA) in compensation to them for what they have suffered damage morale with the force of governance and without and to compel the plaintiff to ensure expenses.

National Oil Corporation denies the existence of a fuel crisis

He denied the spokesman of the National Oil Corporation, “Mohammed warming” that there will be a fuel crisis in the capital Tripoli, stressing that the congestion on the gas stations that we see from time to time is the result of panic is not justified by the other.
According to the “heat” that the National Oil Corporation and Brega Oil Marketing keen on saving fuel and fuel for all regions of Libya, which Tapetr essential items necessary for people’s lives.
He assured that the thermal Street Allepie reserves of all types of fuel available and meet the demand of all citizens and public bodies all areas of Libya.
He also pointed to the institution Tugeaat each of Brega and other distribution companies to provide generators for all stations, in order to ensure the continuation of the process of refueling all the goodwill and pleased.

a significant amount of cards lacking in Tripoli:
News of the disappearance of Tam’s cards Libyana of Tripoli…

and strange that lots of cards were distributed by Libyana youth in the tuber!!

Abdel Moez Bannon:
Been reached an agreement with the protesters in the two Libyana and the LTT
and staff salaries will be spent in a timely manner on a regular basis …

Propane Gas safety:

Alert these cylinders Chinese non-state-accredited
Please caution and publishing widely for the safety of our homes and our families:



International channel Libya Libya International Channel

Sources of international:

Khalifa Hftar survived an assassination attempt after being shot outside his home in the capital Tripoli.

The unidentified car Balrmih on the home in corner.
Brigade / Khalifa Haftar capital Tripoli yesterday and he was inside the house and the exchange of gunfire

between the house and the car Hrsat unknown. No one was hurt.

Agency urgently Libya / Ajdabiya (special) – Correspondent
Bribes issue plaguing the city of the sun for the second time in a row
Was launched shortly before the city of Ajdabiya, more than 400 military “unarmed” belonging to the artillery battalion Ajdabiya toward the city of Tripoli, in order to engage in a peaceful sit-in in front of the open accounts in Tripoli to demand the military regardless of their salaries stalled months ago.
Col. Abdul Majeed pilot sweeping Agency correspondent urgent Libya that delayed payment of salaries was due to extortion suffered by the Brigades of Ajdabiya by the authorities of the Central Military in Tripoli.
He stressed that the overwhelming military accounts department in Tripoli asked more than once “bribe” in exchange of payment of salaries Artillery Battalion of the General Staff, was rejected by the princes of the Phalange Bagdabia, and led to the suspension of payment of salaries for three months.
The issue of bribery involving officials of the central government to know Tripoli, is considered the second in the city of Ajdabiya, after the bribery case Naji Mokhtar member National Conference presented by the Salem Jdharan versus open oil ports.

 GPC basic Elvis Bucky free :The so-called Chamber of Libya rebels “Alzenazqh” preparing themselves and put their plans to take control
of the capital Tripoli as soon topple the government of Zaidane.
  • مايسمي بغرفة ثوار ليبيا ” الزناذقة ” يجهزون انفسهم ويضعون خططهم للسيطرة على العاصمة طرابلس فور اسقاط حكومة زيدان .

    Options News Libyan resistance valiant ·

    Tripoli stricken
    Mobilization of the military college in Tripoli

  • and the tension and the proliferation of security gates armed center of the capital Tripoli.
  • The proliferation of armed inside the gates of the capital.
  • News of the Libyan revolution urgent:
    Makhal mobilization of the Military College of Tripoli, the spectrum of the battle may be crucial.
  • Fashloum Tripoli:
    A meeting of the leaders of extremist groups in Libya are now held in the former headquarters
  • of the Military College of the National Guard is responsible for the leadership of the LIFG Khalid Sharif.
    We bring you new developments shortly after.

    • طرابلس المنكوبه
      إستنفار داخل الكلية العسكرية طرابلس وتوتر امني وانتشار للبوابات المسلحه وسط العاصمه طرابلس


Please circular ……
I arrived yesterday with the dawn of day regiments are estimated in the hundreds of so-called “Ansar al-Sharia “

Jardan to the city of Tripoli coming from the city of Derna …….

Atkhaddoa The object of the camp missiles based in Tajourah them ….

Our source also reported that there are reliable quantities Huge light and heavy weapons had arrived with them …

has been Tchounha inside the camp and parents are available by the amounts of the types of weapons multipurpose ……

and this source told us that the movement has just begun Hola visible and can be seen saluting Amthely mosque next door camp for their suspicious movement and notes in the entry and exit of the camp and follow-through, which shows the presence of large numbers of foreign terrorist elements, including

Soon will start a wave of assassinations in Tripoli …??!!!!!!
Ansar al-Sharia with the Muslim Brotherhood in the (Tripoli): - reached yesterday with the dawn of day regiments are estimated in the hundreds of Ansar al-Sharia to the city (Tripoli) coming from the city (tuber) were taken from the camp (rocket object in Tajourah) are based.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaam and Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel and Khtearerrrrrrrrrr / / /
Asked first of all the free work on the news to all the sites of various kinds of paramount importance.
I arrived yesterday with the dawn of day regiments are estimated in the hundreds of so-called
Ansar al-Sharia Jardan to the city of Tripoli coming from the city of Derna Atkhaddoa, 
The object of the camp missiles based in them ….
Our source also said that there are reliable huge amounts of light and heavy weapons had arrived with them has been Tchounha inside the camp and parents are available by the amounts of the types of weapons multipurpose ……
The source told us a moment ago that the movement began Hola visible and can be seen saluting Amthely mosque adjacent to the camp of their notes in the suspicious movement in and out of the camp and follow-through, which shows the presence of large numbers of foreign terrorist elements, including ……
We would also like to implementation of the matter is that it means Hola heretics finally to have reached a common agenda, including primarily necessitates the liquidation of a number of different segments of the Liberal and contributing to the storming of Tripoli for the implementation of their goals in the colonial master to satisfy the American and his tools on the ground.
# (Born Leader)
# Gate _ Libya

Ansar al-Sharia logo tunis al-ansar al-Sharia


نرجو التعميم……
وصلت البارحه مع فجر اليوم أفواج تقدر بالمئات من جردان مايسمى بأنصار الشريعة الى مدينة طرابلس قادمة من مدينة درنة …….وقد اتخدوا من معسكر الصواريخ الكائن في تاجوراء مقرا لهم ….كما أفاد مصدرنا ـ الموثوق ـ إن هناك كميات ضخمة من الأسلحة الخفيفة والثقيلة قد وصلت معهم …وقد تم تشوينها داخل المعسكر والدى تتوفر به من قبل كميات لأنواع من الأسلحة متعددة الأغراض ……هذا وأفادنا المصدر منذ قليل إن حركة هولاء بدأت ظاهرة للعيان وبالأمكان مشاهدتها حيت يمثلى الجامع المجاور للمعسكر بهم وتلاحظ حركتهم المريبة في الدخول والخروج للمعسكر والتى من خلال المتابعه تبين وجود اعداد كبيرة من العناصر الأرهابية الأجنبية بينهم


Revolutionaries and youth angle Dahmani them from contributing to lock the door of the main radio and sit …
The same young people after the discovery of that invited them to sit their goals this personal interests and not bring down the government or other
The young people sit unzip and open the doors of radio and remove concrete from the front gate Actual …
As a student revolutionaries Dahmani angle from the rest of the protesters in other places Bhdhuhm suit ..
(Operations room Mermaid)

“A truck toppled over in quick good bridge and caused the university in Traffic.”
Libby, who Eachd seen by a second save his time and convenience for other tasks.

Why lock the highway bridge at the university is the cause of a traffic accident in a coup a tractor truck.

We ask Allah safety.

In connection with the shooting, which heard in the vicinity of Al-Rashid Street and vicinity.
Problematic among young people unconscious (pills).
And flew patrols are under the subordination of the military to arrest the Libyan people.
(Operations room Mermaid)



al-Wattayah base is the headquarters of terrorist groups are fighting the training of volunteers and transported to Syria.


city of Sabratha

The presence of a convoy of more than 16 cars equipped with heavy materiel coastal road north of the area of ​​Ras Joseph

and I personally contacted Sabratha and steady that they have the information Fanfoa dependency this armed group them …..

Muammar Army Green

And still so far unidentified.




Now department in Ajeelat

Taher killed in the military accused of murder and armed robbery was found dead in his car,

a gray Chevrolet type, accompanied by another person killed has not been identified Jtaath.

Disclaimer department in Ajeelat and going to the people of  Tripoli. Youth as they harcha
To stop the youth department in Ajeelat and detention of their cars on the back of a car

grub harcha in the department in Ajeelat by saying.

(Media Mokhtar perdition)
King Mohi say redeployed from Haney O addicted! If allowed each passing department in Ajeelat and say Frasin Thanked:





Photos and news from Rishvana:
Sound suspicious plane now and again in the globe and Mageorha.

Statement of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana lock on public roads.

In the name of God the Merciful

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and companions and allies, and after
He says: (It is out of date and fix his reward to God that he does not like the oppressors) (Shura verse 140), and the right that the people of Quba battled until Tramoa stones, Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: (go us fix them) (Al-Bukhari No. 2693)


follow the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana events taking place in the country is aware of tampering with the systematic and intentional targeting the sons of this nation from threats affecting the entity Libyan state and affect the Citizen Services and we are now in Libya at the moment of complex history of the nation, for the moment we live in pain and hope and dream and nightmare, and Revolution tyranny and realize that public roads are owned by the Libyan people has no right to the one that closes for the demands of the zonal Augeoah but Manchahdh today is that the interim government Cherant lock public roads, oil and gas and even water and

became the government respond to the demands as a result of these actions and that in the absence of a full prestige of the state and the weakness in impose security and stability Vagafl roads is tamper clowning out of Libya for compatibility line to line as the chaos that these businesses pay a push to divide the country, not even the federal If this continues humor.

To hide the one that area and Rishvana and Mageorha longer loin strategy for the capital Tripoli, where the population, lunch and require the attention of a security and military special and is one of the suburban home of the capital, where he lives with people from all over the country as a region-getter of the population because of the economic resources.

The synchronization lock the road link between Tripoli and the western mountain through Balzizih (center Rishvana) with the groups of the morning Sunday, 29/12/2013 closure of the entrance to the prime minister and the ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the oil and finance, transportation, justice and the Supreme Court and the Central Bank of Libya and Mnau employees from entering the premises of their work and to engage in their actions and these actions impede the building of the state.

Based on the meeting, which was Nasiriyah area and Rishvana on 09.07.2013, which was the formation of a joint committee between the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana and the Shura Council Nafusa Mountains, headed by the Minister of Transportation and Vice Minister of Planning and construction of the second meeting, which was held Balmih area and Rishvana on 10/18/2013 who confirmed the activation of what has been agreed upon on the basis of the third meeting, which was held for local councils and the councils and the wise men of the Western Region in Asabah on 10/23/2013 which stressed the activation of the Joint Committee between the Shura Council and Rishvana and Shura Council Jebel Nafusa, which was formed on the protection of the public highway link Tripoli Jebel Nafusa as a region and Rishvana incubator for each Libyan tribes and include with their children all the components of Libya’s social and cities and tribes

and they need to support the security institutions where for the region’s stability and security, it touches all the Libyans, and based on the frequent meetings held with the head of the interim government, and his deputy, and Interior Minister and his agent and the Minister Defense on the support of our demands and Security Directorate Aljafarah gates military area and Rishvana.

As we extend the hand of help and charity of the interim government and our people in the western mountains to avoid hurling building in conflict lose the home and in the light of these events, we emphasize the following: -
1 – We support and endorse the demands of our people in the western mountain Rishvana and in that way be safe Yamen where the citizen on his soul and his money.

2 – warn of the Interim Government of the risks carried by the lock on the public roads for the safety of citizens transiting through the year and we ask it to possess tools that contribute to the stability of the security.

3 – gates erected in the way of the mountain Azizia, but he may have been assaulted by these transients from the road as a result of taking up arms were burning military vehicles and civilian, which resulted in the death of many young people in order to secure this way and protect our people in the mountain.

4 – We asked the interim government and the Ministry of the Interior to establish security gates and support Security Directorate, but the possibilities that provided simple Latvian purpose as a result of the vast scope of the terms of reference for the Security Directorate.

5 – We call for activating the joint committee between the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana and the Shura Council Nafusa Mountains and open public road in order to facilitate the process of movement of the crossing.

6 – The interim government did not come to protect the road and intercepted by the people and Rishvana but we asked the interim government to provide possibilities for the Security Directorate.

7 – The area of each incubator Rishvana Libyan tribes has got Achterqat by individuals belonging to different areas of the outside and Rishvana been arrested and we have a lecturer at the police stations and the public prosecutor and some of them have been smuggled out of the public prosecutor.

8 – The protection of the public highway is a genuine competence of the Ministry of the Interior and can not for the tribe and Rishvana that play the role of the state or pay it a royalty in order to protect the road and we embark on building a state of law and institutions.

9 – go to our brothers in the western mountain for restraint in recognition of the long centuries of peaceful coexistence and constructive relations and brotherly and Companionship, and invite them to understand the reality of the situation in Libya and the fact that our feelings toward each blood dripped in Libya every spirit lost on home soil.

Libya according to God all that is good, and the fittest and parish pastors.
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

(Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana)
Balzizih released on Monday, the twenty-seventh of the month of Safar 1435 AH
Thirty of the corresponding month of December 2013 AD.
(Information Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana)

Ham …
Today morning, the gang robbed a car in the coastal road – harcha corner
(Photos and news from Rishvana)


Lock was the oil pipeline linking the field and meet the complex Mellitah by a group of guards oil
installations of the city of Nalut and that Bcesp non-payment of their salaries.
Field Mellita #
Closing field line before the fulfillment of “Amazigh” which
Up to “Mellita”.


Amazigh of Ghadames area of Nafusa Mountains

Announced that the National Oil Corporation today Tuesday, 12.31.2013 AD that the consortium Sonatrach, the Algerian oil branch of Libya (the operator) and the Andean Oil and Oil India to achieve the discovery of new gas production capacity is estimated at 29 million cubic feet per day.
The new discovery has been achieved after the drilling of exploration well (1-96/1 b) Contract Area 95/96 in Ghadames Basin,
which is located about 650 km southwest of Tripoli and 70 kilometers south field meet.


Agency urgently Libya / arrest police cars and robberies by Misrata:
(Agency urgently Libya) Private Misrata
Presented last night procession of police cars to arrest and confiscation of some of his car when it passed the city of Misrata on his way back from an official mission in the city of Sirte to the city of Tripoli.
He informed sources told Urgent Libya that the procession was arrested at 2:30 at night by armed militias were among Gharghour.
The sources added in her statement, toldUrgent Libya that armed men robbed nearly 20 police vehicles and about 60 pieces of weapons AFP that Klashen what appeared to be (retaliation) of what happened to them in Gharghour, while allowed five cars just leave. (EXCUSE ME!! MISURATA MILITIAS murdered and tortured innocents  numbering more than 53 and maimed more than 450 in those clashes in Ghargour in October,…not counting the filthe and secret prisons and mass graves uncoverd from them!)In answer to the question of agency urgently to Libya on the role of official bodies in the city of Misrata, sources said it is in a state of division between the supporters of this work outside the law and shows Aajer do anything and spectators indifferent about it at all.
Our sources confirmed that a number of officers and police are in Misurata in an attempt to retrieve stolen cars and weapons.


Closing the Faculty of Law of Bani Walid and the entry of students in an open sit-in until their demands were met.

le statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.

# Çanakkale Dard _ News
Declares Students Union College of Law in Bani Walid and employees for civil disobedience

and open it up to meet their demands.

National Security Directorate Bani Walid receive number ten police cars by the Ministry of the Interior:



Daily News, Inc., Mellitah Oil and Gas” reports:

Militias Almatsamh Brega oil fields led Madawa Jdharan assert that they Saagaflon

gas line connecting the city to the five day at 12:00 and will claim that to escape the electricity back on most of the cities of Libya.”

Hotel holy “Benghazi”
Today there was a meeting at a hotel in the holy systems between sheikhs
Tribes by some rebel leaders to their mandate by sheikhs
To lift the siege or open ports in the oil and oil Crescent
But some of the sheikhs and rejected this proposal in toto
The majority of the audience came out of the meeting did not reach a solution.
Atef Clmana


Summery of some news from Ajdabiya:

1 – the arrest of illegal immigrants in the city of Ajdbea afternoon and after investigation
it turns out they were coming through the area Rbeana, mostly citizens of Chad and 4 of them were infected by hepatitis epidemic …
2 – Find the girl hijacked Fatima Al-Atwa 17 year old Palestinian nationality.
3 – were arrested Idris Nur Gedi escaped prisoners from one prison judicial Ajdabiya on
Friday as the number of those arrested so far, 19 out of 38 …
The number of Almqdo them from prison to the judicial
19 people out of 38 and the day I was arrested
Called “Idris Nur Gedi” and still search underway
The rest ..
(Atef Clmana)


GNC ARMY headed on their way to destroy The people’s “POLITICAL BUREAU of CYRENAICA”:

Mutassim Faitouri messages us:

Sources confirm to me that an armed convoy of 50 vehicles heavily armed and an average income

of the city of Ajdabiya now coming from the east and to the Walker ROUGE VALLEY of the Green Mountain..

وكالــــة وادي دينار الإخبـــــــــــارية . Valley Agency Dinar News
عاجل ::::::::

مصادر تؤكد لي بأن رتل مسلح من 50 سياره مسلحه بأسلحه ثقيله ومتوسطه دخل مدينة اجدابيــــا الآن قادم من الشرق وماشي الي الوادي الاحمر .

اين انتم مما يحدث في بنغازي ؟؟؟؟؟؟
المعتصم الفيتوري .

(PICTURE Today shows the image of the western ring road in front of the Turkish company Ajdabiya as this column vectors toward the valley Rouge.)




Image of Quiche explosion last night

Now is to blow up a car for the Qathafi family pieced by the spectrum due to the launch
The release of their son, who fought on 19/3, accompanied by a convoy of al-Qathafi received this reaction in region,,,,,

For his nation of Knight insurance be okay

(Ene Bomenaar)

Center was outstanding Benghazi at dawn on Monday on 12.30.2013 AD for theft and armed robbery,
the faceless people, and was intended to acts of sabotage.
(Information Office of the outstanding center of Benghazi)

After confirmation of the research group and the Criminal Division and commandos and police explosive ordnance disposal and newborn with them for the blast area since few Pepsi, the explosion is ::::

The explosion of a bag of explosives near a nursery Abdali, which targeted the bombing of before and also find a bag the other is ready for an explosion in the same place, and the Department of explosive ordnance disposal and police and stun and search are going to be dismantled and control of the situation and there were no casualties from the explosion, is nothing but a material losses only …..
We thank these men.

(Mutassim Faitouri)


SS says that we we have captured the car at an intersection Balrmih Libya ((fork Laithi and neighborhood dollar))

and this car has Balrmih us ….
And no additional information about the type of car and those who do not follow the security measures …..


Atef Shelmani:
Kidnapping “Ayman Salem syphilis” from the b abduction
Toyota car in front of his home near Musorati
Scheherazade b milkfish..
1 – Mr. Nasser Almqsba who tried to Igtlwah Blams good condition and thankfully this morning and traveled to Tunisia for treatment abroad; but the electrical firm he works for will not pay him a cent in compensation…All the expense is his own  (unlike under the Great Jamahiriya where everything, even abroad was paid for)… His fellow workers protested this and had a sit-in at GE.
2 – the attack on the center excelling in Benghazi by unknown and they break down the center and cracking surveillance cameras and cracking offices and also puncturing securities are very important …
3 – were found on a bag of explosives Street area at the crossroads of twenty JVC 6 kilo weight of the bag and thankfully have been dismantled, but when our attempts to dismantle crossed the type of car and the Hyundai began firing indiscriminately and thankfully no one was hurt …

Atef Shelmani
Finding a bag of explosives at the present time
And explosives experts on the way to it to be dismantled.

4 – the explosion of a bag of explosives near a nursery Abdali bombing that targeted by …

Pepsi Street when a car in front of the nursery Abdali and more details Antzerona …....
5 – quarrel between family Lamama and family Shaibani area Almajora which resulted in this melee injured two people from a family Lamama and someone from the family of Al-Shaibani and were transported to the hospital one person who was a distinguished there by throwing Geortinh arena adjacent to the clinic Almjor and there is no damage .. .
6 – find a player Ali Bishari ((player Ahli Benghazi previously)) lapsed on the ground and was regaining consciousness at the hospital and is now caring, and expect that the reason for the fall is the loss of consciousness ((dizziness)) and unknown reasons ……





Cutting Libyana network since yesterday in tuber to this moment and still cut off communications …….

Abdel Moez Bannon:
Big salute to youth Libyana who sat yesterday to serve Akabat night bash Rimutla do recharge cards and make up

for the shortage in the market who Sayer,,, and today or Dop Pttozaa many cards in shops, God willing,,,,,

no consolation for Brokers and Exploited.




Sebha serves as a natural base for travelling in the Fezzan area, with all of its service possibilities. Within reach of Sebha you (with a 4WD) can get across the Ramlat Dawada area, with 11 lakes. In the very middle of Sahara. The setting of the lakes is striking. The sand out here is almost red, and it’s real sandy, too. There are many strange things to these lakes, they aren’t only beautiful. One of them has the quality of actually changing its colour, between green, red and blue, probably due to algae. Another is salt as the Dead Sea, but just outside it, you get fresh water coming up when digging in the sand. People from this area has been despised by Libyans in general, as they eat worms from the lakes. It’s not worms of course, but a kind of prawns.
Sebha’s own main attraction must be its connection to al-Qathafi. Here you find the school he attended. It’s said that it’s here his political awakening started. Even if the school now is in normal use, looking in from outside, will give you the glimpses you need.
Clashes which claimed the lives of Embarek Attaybe occurred at the gate of a militia right, inside a building battalion Knight
It is said that the deceased went there to solve the problem of Mahawah signed between his brother Ahmad and head of the military commander Mansour Black Mlisheh right.
The clashes resulted in the death of Embarek two Hrsat gate and a third injured.

The death of “Muhammad Embarak M’hamed Attaybe” wounds sustained at noon
today in the clash that occurred between the sixth and the brigade led by Mansour Mlisheh right black.
I am God and I shall return to him
Al-Sabha Free:Our country and if we are in the battalion commander alive will not allow entry of these Battalion martyr Omar Saleh …
and the name of the battalion was formerly Knight ..
After the war Martyrs Brigade Libya Al-Ahrar. .
Tabu and after the war and the children of Solomon fire fire. .
Then the sixth Infantry Brigade …..
We wish that someone Aklfo Kaidi away from tribalism. Mesh Mansour nor Ahmid
The death of “Muhammad Embarak Emhemed Attaybe” wounds sustained yesterday
in armed clashes took place between militias in Sabha.
Accident happened near Owaynat led to the death of three young Sabha are: Hamza Baba, Lutfi Zidane, Ahmed Creusot
While they were heading to the area to attend the festival languages ​​languages ​​Tourism,
Lutfi Zidane one accident victims:
Sit-staff General Electric Company in front of the headquarters of the Departments of distribution and accounts southern Sabha. Assured us as witnesses of the sit-in
The sit-in came after Allampelah that convictions of Director of Distribution Salem Crvet Blasthza of staff when he was told that one of their colleagues wounded station near the Mosque of al-Ramla.
(Picture of Sabha with the turets of the Mosaue de al-Ramla visable.)
And replied sarcastically launched a problem much the first person to become infected, thus affecting the ire of staff and other claims put a radical solution to the system of salaries and health insurance for employees Bacharkho the most prominent face that supported these claims
1 – Abdullah Qattawi
2 – Joseph Nomad
3 – Yousef Hamad
The news of the nomination of both
Engineer: Aslam Hussain Falah
Eng: Hussein Aboushoh


Summery of recent events:
1 – exposed the University of Benghazi branch of the infidels to the process of stealing a big hit on the track many offices for operations theft, including the Office of Quality and office coordinators college and the cafeteria and some breaks faculty members by individuals and groups outside the law and indicated that the University of Kufra closed for more than 5 days on the back of unfortunate events witnessed by the city.


Corrupt ERDOGEN converts a lot of his money to Swiss banks after the corruption scandal
at the end of the financial Mibdoa Brothers Turkey.(Picture shows Erdogen and Obama: 2 Corrupt demons on 11 JUNE 2013 in Ankara.jpeg


Mu and the Holy Quran

Friday Juma blessings on all the Liberals. We ask you to pray for victory.
(The main Aladinm)

This is our victory


Please circulate ..

Of all the honorable …

Libyan Resistance request you inform all deluded by their families and friends and by all available means,
not to take up arms in the face of Resistance coming to liberate Libya from the traitors, agents and their religion which permitted the desercration of
Libyan sanctities and violated our sacred Libyan territory.
According to the Libyan (GREEN) Resistance, that the time has approached, after OUR SUPREME COMMANDER (by his study of the conditions and the situation) to purge Libya of foreign troops first

and not to the misguided ambition to condone (the foreign troops) or accept their existance.
We will face the Libyan militants only if they try to get in the way of the Resistance, performing /invoking acts against the preservation of our blood and national and social cohesion (which is the basis of Libya’s sons building something up in honorable families and loyal tribes) requiring our freedom and fighting with the Resistance,

which Taahidkm after he promised God, that the ruling Libya is an option for all Libyans to choose for themselves in judgment (just as you want after the liberation) and the stability of security (which was stolen by the Qatari religion) is restored to the dignity of Libya,

which was stolen by the Qatari country and their religion which now roams the land of the dearly honorable; and has humiliated Libyans by their rule
which is insulting to us Libyans.

Bgmanm them Libya! for Libyans are honorable; and in the shame of traitors customers, we must get ready to zero hour, as you would expect .

And God is greatest above the kid who abuses you (OVER THE AGGRESSORS)

O thou Maulana Vanasrna Aaalqom oppressors. (I am sharing with you that I am well.)

(Torrent Green)

The names of Allah

Mu 23JULY 2005 dialogue

Mu 03 JULY 2009 AU Summit ends ICC



An important statement from the Ministry of Finance interim government
Ministry denies financial Libyan government temporary altogether as stated in some media about the withdrawal of the interim government funds from the state reserve or the intention of the government borrowing from the World Bank confirms that this news completely naked on health and calls upon the ministry to citizens and the media for accuracy and to make sure of the news before it is published.

al-Qaeda in Libya

News correspondent says that now ..

In connection with the Director of the Office of vital targets, weapons: that the army does not equal not enough ..

The ANSAR al-SHARIA have weapons given to them by Turkey, USA and Qatar which far outweigh the weapons of the army.

(BELOW when Nuri Bushmin was in Kuwait):

Bushmin in Kuwait

Announced the Information Office of the National Conference year,
that Jordan had agreed to the release of the Libyan prisoner in Jordan, “Mohammed Saeed Hamad al-Drissi.”
And showed the king of Jordan – according to the Information Office of the National Conference –
agreed to request the President of the National Congress General Nuri Abushmin
and instructed the immediate release of the prisoner and enable it to return to Libya.
According to the Information Office of the “National Congress leader General Nuri Abushmin reviewed
with Jordan’s King Abdullah II, the subject of Libyan prisoners in Jordan, which led to the approval
of the king of Jordan, the release of the Libyan prisoner in question.”
meeting also dealt with the cooperation relations between Libya and Jordan
and ways to ensure the promotion and development in all fields,
and on the sidelines of the Arab-African Summit, which recently hosted the State of Kuwait.

Puppet ZAIDANE playing with UNO & NATO:

Libya Al-Mostakbal Libya future
Since minutes ..
A delegation from the UN Security Council to visit Libya early next January
Said the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said a delegation from the UN Security Council will visit Libya early next January to see the situation more closely. And expressed Ban Ki-moon, the UN is keen to pass Libya phase successfully and achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people in a democratic state sedentary life and to achieve development and stability.
It was agreed that Ban Ki-moon with Prime Minister Ali Zaidane during a meeting in the line from Paris, on Friday, to prepare the files relating to the situation so that the delegation to make decisions in the interest of the Libyan people and the Libyan state.




Tripoli ::: against Al Ittihad happened today …

A protest against the killing of people in the region.

Young people who burned tires and lock the way for Al Ittihad now,,,

they said they found people of a family killed in the meridional trait near the Yarmouk camp.


URGENT / / / temporary closing Tripoli Mitigua airport: just before the finish in front of airport Mitigua air traffic due to the exit plane airline of oil type Embraer 170 from the path of runway 29 at the airport … Praise be to Allah, and no human infections as well as the plane did not inflict any damage. The process is now taking out of the place where the plane landed it and drag it to the yard stopped the aircraft at the airport. Thank God for the safety of everyone.

Libyan Airlines

Exit aircraft carrier oil of the type Embraer 170 for runway 29 Airport Mitiga International nor casualties, as well as the plane did not inflict any damage to the effect that the Civil Aviation Libyan closure of the airport in the face of the ANC until done to derail the plane of the place, which docked in it and drag it to the yard stop the aircraft at the airport.

(BTW: THE YANKS NEVER FORGOT “WHEELUS AIR BASE” which they consider their property! They said they will do everything in their power to regain what is now MITIGUA International airport!)

Petrol crisis in Tripoli getting worse every day ..
Drivers sit-ins
Electrical outages
And other reasons that may not teach.


Libya civilian casualties in coalition raids

Writing Radionet -

Thursday, 24 March 2011 9:20 


The raids of the international coalition on the eastern outskirts of Tripoli last night, “targeted a residential area, making a large number of civilian deaths,” reported the official news agency Jana Jamahiriya.

“The bombing of the colonialist crusader aggressor in the region Tajourah in Tripoli have targeted a residential area, making a large number of civilian casualties,” the agency said citing a military source.

The agency said a “third coalition bombing had targeted rescuers who had to work to remove the dead and injured after the first two raids on a residential area Tajourah.”

Media Bureau local council Tajourah :::

Btajurae Shura Council condemns the blatant assault on the home of Mr. Mustafa arrival former member of the Shura Council, asking God’s praise and his safety and his family and calls for the competent authorities to investigate and expose the culprits and retribution

whom God save Libya and its people.


Jump to the mercy of God and the young Shadi Walid, one of the victims of criminals
Gharghour, having been in intensive care since his injury on 15 November
“I am God and to Him we return”


The death of 6 people and damaged 400 homes due to flooding in the Corner:

Sources of Social Affairs Branch in the corner that hit the city since last night until Friday morning to heavy rains followed by flooding in a number of districts of the city and caused the death of citizens of the population. The head of the branch of Social Affairs corner “Imad Faitouri” told the Libyan news that more than one district, the city’s exposure to flooding caused by heavy rainfall due to the lack of validity of the sewers, which caused the entry of rain water and sewage to the number of homes saluting reached high water in the streets to a meter and a half and inside homes to 80 cm.
He explained, “Faitouri” that the failure to provide possibilities exacerbated the problem and fully damaged about 400 houses in addition to a Angeravat in the streets and farms and a number of schools, mosques and public Almússat. The face of Mr. “Faitouri” appeal to the competent National Congress and the government to immediately intervene and provide the city with the necessary potential to address this problem. … (And)


New Libya ::: parents of students Antbho for your children from school canteens …. contributed publishing.
Colonel Ismail Akjh .. The head of the municipal guard / Tripoli
We carried on school canteens and we catch them from selling food such as biscuits and Moaz juices expired.
But the unfortunate incident .. In the past few days we’ve got a complaint from one of the schools reports the appearance of symptoms of the pupil after eating something from the school cafeteria and after the disclosure and verification show that based on the canteen gave the pupil (wine goblet) instead of a bowl of water.
ۈlڈ ڝۈlٻہ

Short circuit serving the whole family consists of 5 members of the father and

mother and three children last night the family of Hafiz Saeed fully Gulab housing

harcha South Gate harcha by Ben Youssef.

(Libya just)


Abu Salim Tripoli :::
Heard the sound of bombing in the area of ​​Abu Salim …



Confidential support and backing 42

Was arrested on a group in Spring Valley fill gasoline tanks in the large-capacity almost 3,000 liters,

strange thing they are entering into the gas station when it closed at night and Iqmon Ba Altaibh…



Rahibat ::: western mountain

Interruption of gas and fuel in the city two days and Mend Aasbb unknown …?
Channel Rahibat

Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Dawn today been arrested four young gunmen in the area stupid “turf” farms and Kano in possession

of grenades and Qadf “RPG” and light weapons on board a black car type Samsung.

After the surprise of residents of the area and asked about the reason for their presence among

the farms and in the narrow road!
Turns out they were from the village of Jebel Nafusa Kklh incident.

Has strayed heading to Tripoli, residents of the area Aldrebe returning from the mountain!!
It was handed over to the military police and the national army gate 27 west of Tripoli.


The great Rishvana / Great Warfalla Rishvana
Very Urgent,, regarding the gas cut

Youth and Rishvana ask Amazigh rude sit immediately, and not the destiny of barley

Alaabt Libyan sit sever an artery or arteries from everyday life with him

And, but,,,, will be cut by roads and Almnavd under the control of tribes and Rishvana

and the most prominent is the (gate 27, through Azizia, by Zahra, by Asabieh, by Qasr Ben Ghashir)

And this will not Istia one that passes from Tripoli to the corner and what is behind to Tunisia
Istia and not one that passes from Tripoli to the mountain and the trail to the south and Libya

In this statement, do not bear the tribes and Rishvana any excesses may occur as a result of

Jabali me any malice some Libyans them now because of the policies of arm-twisting who use them now

Fezo sit and not Tantzero wrath of the capital and the surrounding tribes,
Thsdo the subjects nor the anger and hatred of Anna will not come to you,

but trouble and problems, because we are brothers and we do not want strife

and do not want to cause trouble Číßă

Page and bear great Rishvana / Great Warfalla Rishvana
Full responsibility for this statement, which informed the Bay
Heads of local councils for most areas


The great Rishvana / Great WRishvana
27 novembre ·

Visit of a delegation from the tribe and Rishvana Council Local Tripoli and interview Sadat Badri and confirm the parking people and tribe Rishvana with the demands of the people of Tripoli
And from the door of the brothers and Takeda on national cohesion attended the Shura Council and the wise and institutions of civil society area and Rishvana delegation city of Tripoli, who went to the city of Benghazi in advance and condolences in the sons of the nation who Antgulw to the mercy of God in the tragic events in the city of Benghazi on 11/25/2013
This may be the delegation of the Shura Council and the wise Libya and civil society institutions and the Libyan non-governmental organizations and the Committee for National Dialogue, was like Rishvana in this delegation, Mr. Mohamed Mansour tourist and Mr. Salah benign Abokadirh Mr. Osman Lafi Sowaidan, was welcomed by the people of Benghazi
Dear participation of this delegation, which cross the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity has shed tears from the eyes as a result of this event great tragedy of the brothers as brothers across Benghazi folks on this visit a good gesture from the people of Tripoli Sbaqon understand and thank them for their condolences.
(Information Office of the Shura Council and Rishvana 26/11/2013)
delivery of Camp 27 to the Libyan army and the military police 22 NOVEMBER 2013:
Sameh Aziz in his book, the Ottoman Turks in North Africa
What did he say about the rebels in battle and Rishvana Gargaresh?
I’ve mentioned Sameh Aziz in his book The Ottoman Turks in North Africa in surprise Dhul Hijja 1268 AH …………..
came the new governor Mustafa Nuri Asha and ordered the arrest of emitters in passing mentioned jamming and isolate director Mansheya. ……. In the year 1271 AH Ghuma came to Tunisia after exiled to Constantinople and sent the governor appointed to the job, but he did not respond to his request …… Ghuma incline of Gharyan to the corner where parents enrolled him is that objects loyal to the state and the members of the council gathered in one of the houses did not Imknoh reach them …. It went to the corner and Rishvana and janzour located just three hours from Tripoli and was told that he join them to the recipe and it’s ready to march on Tripoli …
The parents and Rishvana janzour did not wait for the arrival of Ghuma but they have progressed even Gargaresh and what they were attacked by Asaker withdrew to janzour about the evening before sunset two hours joined them Ghuma and gave them valuable assistance, but they suffered huge losses withdrew Ghuma and his aides to the place named mil to object to two hours after janzour When stopped in Ghuma mil to the number of his aides Anov about twenty thousand …. Attacked Asaker village mil also long fighting days ended Banhzam Ghuma and his aides heading to the mountain in this recently sacked Mustafa Nuri Basha On 20 February 1272 came Osman Pasha replaced by the new governor, summoned Qasim Pasha, who was at Ghuma and form an army of regular soldiers and Orban and took with him Mr. Herman Consul Englishman who has familiarity with the war and joined the artistic forces Abdullah Pasha in a place called (b Alcdoh) at a distance of eleven hours of Tripoli and marched from there to the mountain and attacked Ghuma in turkeys.
Adam, N, ۅrh, P, Anaےm, h, RAR


The arrival of a group of young people from the city to the city of Surman corner and try to take the extraction of water from the city by force and transported to a corner of the city, but the city of Surman youth refused to do so and vacuums Mzaloa in the city and the city in dire need of them, and to this day the water company and sanitation works hard to transfer water from some areas where the accumulated ..

Announces … General Electric Company
For an emergency maintenance station west of Tripoli effort 220 kV
Which would entail a separate power supply stations
(Academy, a fisherman, fabric, Nasreddin apical, the area adjacent to the station west of Tripoli) and knead on Saturday 2013,12,7 m
Starting at 9:00 am to 16:00
Where will be linked to the new adapter voltage 220/30 kV
P it hopes to General Electric Company of Gentlemen citizens and residents
Areas mentioned discernible science Bdlk ….
The director of management control company General Electricity Mahmoud Warfali told “the atmosphere of the country” 
 for the continuation on Friday to stop the supply of fuel stations and Ruwais Alkahrbaúatin bed.
Abdulrahman Ciob Director of the Affairs, General stations invasive channel news says that he has learned from some of the workers in the field Mellita that the sit-in has been resolved, but the gas did not reach the station and because the field needs time and technical procedures and is expected to arrive at the station during the Twenty-four hours and that the station needs to be a day or two to re-run it and that is that the loads will continue to put long periods of time until it reaches the gas from the oil field Mellita.
Daily News, Inc., Mellitah Oil and Gas/ MIZDAH
Hedda is not true so unbelievably mean that the subject of the gas pipeline is still locked!!
I want to emphasized that the gas line a link between the field to fulfill the complex Mellitah passing station Ruwais has opened last night at 12 o’clock midnight and Kdlk I want to clarify something extends Hedda line for hundreds of kilometers, and needs to be two or 3 adjusts the pressure and filled the gas inside the tube and up to the station Ruwais to generate electricity .
Villarat owners thread investigate the exact transfer of news and science have been opened gas pipeline and oil pipeline Kdlk … And Kdlk to forget that the field was closed fulfill Mend months means needs to be a few days to Ischgl at maximum capacity, and I think the same thing Kdlk percentage station Ruwais means al-Libi Janas Raho mesh factory and Arakina Hua Lutfi fondness my time every time something needs to be
Mahtsr useful that after 4 or 5 days Baketar will testify improvement in electricity and Kdlk up production of the field to the normal level, and Li Hua 12 million cubic meters per day
(General Electric Company)
The Amazigh

Diversité linguistique  : L’amazigh à l’école


Depuis l’année scolaire 2003-2004, le nombre des établissements qui enseignent l’amazigh est passé de 317 à plus de 4.000. Et ce sont 15% des élèves qui ont bénéficié des cours d’amazigh, soit 545.000 élèves au total.

Linguistic Diversity: The Amazigh at school

Since the 2003-2004 school year, the number of schools teaching Amazigh increased from 317 to over 4,000. And it is 15% of students who have benefited from Amazigh courses or 545,000 students in total.

L’arabe demeure la langue officielle de l’État. L’État œuvre à la protection et au développement de la langue arabe, ainsi qu’à la promotion de son utilisation. De même, l’amazigh constitue une langue officielle de l’État, en tant que patrimoine commun à tous les Marocains sans exception. L’article n°5 de la nouvelle Constitution redonne à l’amazigh sa place dans la société marocaine. Et cela commence indéniablement par l’école.
L’enseignement de l’amazigh dans les établissements publics a commencé à se faire une place dans le système éducatif national depuis l’année scolaire 2003-2004.

C’est ainsi que le nombre des établissements qui enseignent cette langue est passé de 317 à plus de 4.000 et quelque 14.000 enseignants et 300 inspecteurs ont été formés pour veiller sur l’enseignement et l’encadrement de cette matière. Le ministère de l’éducation nationale a aussi assuré une formation pour 75 enseignants au sein des Centres de formation des instituteurs et a élaboré des livres scolaires  destinés à tous les niveaux du primaire. Dans les divers établissements publics, ce sont donc 15% des élèves qui ont bénéficié des cours d’amazigh, soit 545.000 élèves au total.
Toujours dans le cadre des efforts de promotion de ce «patrimoine commun», une convention a été signée, en avril dernier, entre le département de tutelle et l’Institut royal de la culture amazighe (IRCAM) pour renforcer la coopération bilatérale et appuyer le rôle de leur commission mixte dans le but d’améliorer l’enseignement de l’amazigh, souligne-t-on au ministère de l’éducation nationale.
Par ailleurs, le gouvernement d’Abdelilah Benkirane se penche actuellement sur l’élaboration d’une loi organique relative à la mise en œuvre de l’officialisation de la langue amazighe.
Le 16 juillet dernier au Parlement, répondant à une question orale à la Chambre des représentants sur «le renforcement de l’intégration de la langue amazighe dans le système éducatif», posée par le groupe du Parti de la justice et du développement, Mohamed El Ouafa, ministre de l’éducation nationale, a affirmé que cette loi permettra à l’amazigh, qui est un capital commun de l’ensemble des Marocains, d’assumer sa fonction en tant que langue officielle, aux côtés de l’arabe.
Cette loi organique, comme le précise la nouvelle Constitution, est censée définir le processus de mise en œuvre du caractère officiel de cette langue, ainsi que les modalités de son intégration dans l’enseignement et aux domaines prioritaires de la vie publique, et ce afin de lui permettre de remplir à terme sa fonction de langue officielle.

Arabic remains the official language of the State . The State works to protect and develop the Arabic language and the promotion of its use. Similarly, the Amazigh an official language of the state , as common to all Moroccans without exception heritage. Article No. 5 of the new Constitution gives the Amazigh place in Moroccan society. And it definitely starts with the school.
The teaching of Amazigh in public schools began to make a place in the national education system since the 2003-2004 school year. Thus the number of schools teaching the language has increased from 317 to over 4,000 and some 14,000 teachers and 300 inspectors have been trained to ensure the teaching and coaching of this material . The Ministry of Education has also provided training for 75 teachers in the teacher training centers and developed textbooks for all grades of primary school . In various public institutions, so they are 15 % of students who have benefited from Amazigh courses or 545,000 students in total.
Also as part of efforts to promote the “common heritage” , an agreement was signed in April between the supervisory department and the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM ) to enhance bilateral cooperation and support role of their Joint Commission in order to improve the teaching of Amazigh says it does the Department of Education .
Moreover, Abdelilah Benkirane of the government is currently considering the development of an organic law on the implementation of the formalization of the Amazigh language.
July 16th Parliament , responding to a question in the House of Representatives on ” strengthening the integration of the Amazigh language in the education system ” , submitted by the Group of the Party of Justice and Development, Mohamed El Ouafa , Minister of Education , said that the law will allow the Amazigh , which is a common asset of all Moroccans , to assume its role as an official language alongside Arabic.
This organic law, as stated in the new constitution is supposed to define the process of implementation of the official character of the language, and the terms of its integration into the teaching and priority areas of public life , in order enable it to fulfill its function term official language .

(Atika Haimoud Le : 2012-09-14 N° : 2765)


Kker a mmi-s umazigh !
I tij nnegh yuli-d,
Atas ayag’ ur -t-zrigh,
A gma nnuba nnegh tzzid.

A zzel an-as i Massinisa:
T amurt is tukwi-d ass a,
Win ur nebgh’ ad iqeddem,
Argaz ssegnegh yif izem.

In-as, in-as i-Yougurta:
Arraw-is ur-t-ttunn-ara,
Ttar ines d-a-t-id-rren,
Ism-is a-t-id-sekfen.

I Lkahina Icawiyen
A tin is ddan irgazen
I n-as ddin i-gh-d-gga
Di laâmer ur-ten-tett’ara.

S umeslay nnegh annili,
Azekka ad yif idelli,
Tamazight atgem atternu,
D asalas bwemteddu.

Seg durar durar id tekka tighri,
S amennugh nebda tikli,
Tura,tur’ulac akukru,
Annerrez wala anneknu.

Tamurt L-Lezzayer aâzizen
Fellam annefk idammen,
Igenni-m yeffegh-it usigna
Itij-im d lhuriya.

A lbaz n tiggureg yufgen,
Siwd sslam i watmaten,
Si terga Zeggwaght ar Siwa,
D-asif idammen a tarwa.


Debout fils d’Amazigh ou de liberté!
Notre soleil s’est bien levé,
Il y a longtemps qu’il s’est caché
Frères, notre tour est arrivé.

Cours dire à Massinissa, notre roi
Que son pays est aujourd’hui réveillé,
Quand à celui qui renie encore sa voix,
Qu’un seul de nous vaut plus qu’un révolté.

Dis, dis à Yugurtha notre Amazigh
Que ses enfants suivront sa lumière,
Qu’ils le vengeront,
Qu’ils deterreront son nom.

A la Kahina des Amazigh
Qui a guidé les hommes fiers,
Le pacte qu’elle nous a laissé,
Restera jusqu’à l’éternité.. .

Nous vivrons avec notre langue Tamazghite
Et demain sera meilleur qu’hier,
Le Amazigh croîtra et suivra son destin,
Car c’est le pilier de demain.

Des monts, est venu l’appel de la nation
Nous sommes partis pour le combat.
Maintenant, maintenant plus d’hésitation,
Nous briserons mais nous ne plierons pas.

Algérie, notre bien aimée,
Toi qui est notre destiné,
Ton ciel s’est éclairé,
Au soleil de la liberté.

Ô faucon, volant en liberté,
Salue bien nos frères ainés
De Rio de Oro à Siwa,
Enfants, le même sang nous unit à jamais…


Son standing Amazigh or freedom!
Our sun is up,
Long ago he hid
Brothers , our turn came .

During tell Masinissa , our king
That his country is now awake,
As for one who still denies his voice,
One of us is more than a rebel.

Say , tell Yugurtha our Amazigh
His children follow his light,
They retaliate ,
They dig up his name.

A  Amazigh Kahina
Who guided the proud men,
The pact she left us ,
Remain till eternity .. .

We live with our Tamazghite language
And tomorrow will be better than yesterday ,
Amazigh grow and follow his destiny,
Because it is the pillar of tomorrow.

Mountains , came the call of the nation
We started to fight.
Now, now no more hesitation ,
We will break but we do not will fold .

Algeria , our beloved,
You is our destiny ,
Your sky is illuminated ,
The sun of freedom.

O hawk , flying in freedom,
Well welcome our elder brothers
Rio de Oro in Siwa
Children, the same blood unites us forever …

IF THIS IS NOT EVIL than nothing is:
The demands of civil society institutions Tripoli under the GNC:
After a permit electricity company, which confirmed that the protesters Amazigh not Zalo lock the gas line on the station Ruwais electrical causing the survival of the capital Tripoli in complete darkness which continued throughout the past few weeks, and after what we have seen from the silence of the whole by the residents of the cities of the Amazigh in front of the actions of their children call on the Council Local residents of the capital Tripoli, and by doing the following
1 – cut off all supplies of goods supply stores of the capital and its suburbs for the cities of the Amazigh
2 – stop all financial transfers, including the salaries of the Central Bank of Libya to banks located in the cities of the Amazigh
3 – stop communications fully for all cities, including the Amazigh Services Allibiana and orbit
4 – stop services fully online for all cities Amazigh
5 – claim the power company disconnect the power supply to fully cities for Amazigh
And claim to take any other action aims to punish rogue and save the dignity of Tripoli and its people
(Civil society institutions Tripoli under the GNC)
Issued in Tripoli 12/06/2013


Black Ajeelat protection leader:

Participation from a friend page free Falcon department in Ajeelat

Isfahani triplets from cult free page {Falcon Alsqr in AJEELAT}

Intergrated into the marrow-bone.



Hearts insurer in God and mourns the presidency of the General Staff of the Army of the Libyan family
of the deceased (Col. Salah Faraj Bohlaiqah) ordered the martyrs
who moved to the corner of God’s mercy morning Friday, 06/12/2013
Following a “traffic accident” in the area that Boukran
God and to Him we return …

Pounded communication from the city of Sirte beloved’s offer condolences
From friends and employees of the battalion Galt and they told me that the city b
Overshadowed by grief over the deceased and raise black flags, and said
I ordered patrols in the 136 Infantry Battalion “Hussein broad”, that
Salah elderly crying in the streets, and he assured me that Salah did not hurt one.

And not being unfair to his heart and one on the homeland and the citizen, and he was defending us
And the city, and did not allow for a b infringed upon, and we also.
He is faithful to accept a consolation for our children, and told me “broad” about the position
That happened to them by employees of Galt assaulted his son in the past and
Were not his reaction, but he said to them,

“What Andich Born ăÚÇßă and your children
My children and my children, your children, “

and he had many positions in the city and
City of crying families of the deceased.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Details of the deceased “accident” “Salah Bohlaiqah”, the deceased was driving a car
Sunny leaden with him and his son Faraj may God prolong his age, and was succeeded by
Car entourage, and (b) area Boukran there Corvh 90 degrees and there
Drilled in the middle of the road tried to avoid the hole left in the car for
And the way it happened, no objection from the elimination of God and of God and I
I Him we return.

About :

Colonel killed near the Libyan city of Sirte in mysterious circumstances ..
Colonel killed «Salah Bohlaiqah» 136 infantry battalion commander of the Libyan National Army stationed on the borders of the city of Sirte, Libya controlled by militant groups since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

According to initial reports that the killing of Colonel coup came after the car in which he was traveling Heisha area west of Sirte late Thursday evening, 05 December  and the survival of his son ..

Authorities have not commented the official on the incident so far this and engaged the battalion led by Bohlaiqah many times with groups belonging to the base and the “Ansar al-Sharia”.
There was notably engagement last August that killed the Emir of Ansar al-Sharia called “Ahmed Walter”, “Abu Ali” and three other elements who rolled assassination attempts on Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah and his family…

after the last of which was targeted by the son of one week in the area, “Sabri” in Benghazi, in addition to targeting his house and burning his car a month ago in Buhedama Benghazi area also ..
(Russia Today)
Urgent: - Walid Ferjany from the heart of the event:

- I swear by Almighty God that the accident Salah Abouhliqh mastermind and that the crash site

was far Azelhakn auto tagging people, lose night after finding out the exit Rtlh put oils on the way.

He died he and his companions.

As stated above::

The effects of oil on the road, which toppled over the car, Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah which confirms the presence of an actor:

Colonel killed near the Libyan city of Sirte in mysterious

circumstances 12/6/2013 | 8:51 p.m. News Arab world

Colonel killed near the Libyan city of Sirte in mysterious circumstances
http://arabic.rt.com/news/636405/ :روسيا اليوم

Murdered today Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah the commander of the battalion “136 infantry” of the Libyan National Army stationed on the borders of the city of Sirte, Libya controlled by militant groups since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

According to initial reports that the killing of Colonel coup came after the car in which he was traveling Heisha area west of Sirte late Thursday evening, 05 December and the survival of his son. Official authorities have not commented on the incident yet.
This clashed battalion led by Bohlaiqah many times with groups of al-Qaeda “and” Ansar al-Sharia “there, most notably the clash last August, which killed the Emir of Ansar al-Sharia Ahmed called Walter” Abu Ali “and three other elements.
Rolled assassination attempts on Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah and his family then, most recently targeting his son one week before the Benghazi area Sabri, in addition to targeting his house and burning his car a month ago Buhedama Benghazi area also. Source: RT

http://arabic.rt.com/news/636405/ :روسيا اليوم

Salah Abu curl:

“Do not stop you from Tawergha no Tarek Mitri nor Ali Zaidan this land from you and you will pay the blood from her”

(About / / Nasser El Hawary)

“God gave and God is everything and take him to the amount of”
Belongs to God and we do not have something of ourselves to something we Obaid
What he has given us and to him what it is and take it to him, and not be us
Only be satisfied with his judgment on his servants and slaves is Latif b
And with all Asryan indigestion, P Saatic God b Alasrin
Only we have to “accept and praise and be patient,” was buried Colonel
Salah Bohlaiqah.
I am God, and to Him we return I
(Salem al-Obeidi)
News a partagé la photo de Canal Sirte on Facebook.Sirte withstand:O Allah, strike the oppressors oppressors, enemies of the law (ANSAR al-SHARIA) branch of Sirte vows child Shawarma and inventory Almafn Salah Bohlaiqah and their mercenaries slaughter describing them apostates,
even though they were in 2011 are fighting each other side “package Alkrnav” under NATO aircraft Cross and keeping tabs on his instructions.


Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province:

Urgent / in a telephone conversation now /
A friend advised me over the phone in Sirte
Festive now to Ansar al-Sharia on the occasion of the death of Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah
Come on … this Alchmt Sharia in non Ptla …..
God and blessing the agent ….
(T. Customary p)

Agency urgently Libya / each in Sirte celebrated the death of Sirte Bohlaiqah

(Agency urgently Libya) Private Sirte

According to the correspondent of the agency urgently to Libya in the city of Sirte

that most preachers of mosques in the city (affiliated with the “Ansar al-Sharia”)

called after Friday prayers, worshipers out in the march said it was “a victory for ANSAR al-SHARIA.” (eek!!)
An official source (who requested anonymity) to the reporter Agency urgently Libya

that the truth is that “Ansar al-Sharia” in the city of Sirte wanted to celebrate the death of

Colonel “Salah Bohlaiqah” who thwarted all their plans to control and monopolize the city of Sirte.
The number came from “Ansar al-Sharia” in this demonstration,

which roamed the streets of the city in their cars and Rayatem black.



Lowliness of its borders …… But????!!!!!
Today subjected generator Hospital Bani Walid to try to sabotage would have had a disaster not for the goodness of God
and the efficiency of the maintenance staff … who direct our thanks to them in this blessed night.
About a month ago, suffered oxygen supply line and take care of your operations deliberate chainsaw to cut iron by some haters and enemies Nagaj been accepted and special batteries to run the generator for theft …?? He told me a working Bataiwara for the theft of number 2 of the vehicles for the transfer of patients .. (Crosh disabled) .. from the Department of Tawari .. and today offers the generator to try to sabotage of one of the people familiar with the development of the hospital because he knows full well that in the event of power failure will the generator automatically ends.
So to deliberately sabotage even lead to a disruption … and continued power outages for the entire hospital for about 10 minutes, but the grace of God was present .. there was not any case of the Department of Operations, or any state on a ventilator and that …. I found that the disaster struck ..
I draw my appeal to these unscrupulous people and humanity ..
There is no God but god,  if it ended up in the hospital or your business has been dismissed or have not been accepted into the hospital Hedda does not mean that the lives of the people to fight for what all this security for the article (the money) is not doing the killing of a citizen of the order as well as a thousand dinars, or some hundreds??? Atqo God in the lives of the people it is not a room to play or challenges ..
I conclude with this verse …
In the name of God the Merciful.
{They plot and plan of God, and God is the best of planners}
Almighty God




The arrest of an Egyptian citizen, has been killed by
Indian citizen citizen working with the University of Ajdabiya by
The competent authorities, after the body was found, “Mohammed
Najm al-Din, “the victim’s attic poked with a knife after
Armed robbery this evening

(Salem al-Obeidi)


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi brought Benghazi life:

Benghazi between today and yesterday
- More than 8 cases of assassination
- Power outages for hours
- Interruption of Internet service “Wi-Max” for hours
- Sit company public services b entirety, which led to
Accumulation of garbage in the streets.

Benghazi ::: nationals Americans leave

American nationals in the School Rowland leaving the country
Suspended international school in Benghazi Rowland
work until further notice after the killing of one of the coaches.
He said one of the staff at the school that American nationals in Libya have left the school
with the school suspended its activities and is considered employees without work.
The coach of the school, the International Chemistry “Roland Smith” U.S. citizen assassinated
Thursday Dakkadosta Street.

Palestine killing and wounding another and stabbed Egyptian Benghazi

Security source said that the Palestinians called “T Fayyad safety” was killed in the area Sabri city of Benghazi in a shooting and injuring his cousin, “Abdul Rahman Hisham Fayad” severe head wound in a hospital intensive care room Galaa surgery and accidents.
The source said an Egyptian citizen injured in the industrial area Buhedama Benghazi in an armed robbery and was in critical condition as well.



A copy of the court yard demonstration (fourth group Adawiya)
Sponsored by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood‘s Ismail Salaabi,
Are manifestations such as demonstrations fourth Adawiya support and funds:

Meals and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and demands that the channels are shut down

Broadcasts from abroad (intended Liberal and Libya first) because they expose

(In assassinations and militias, they want to silence the truth even Ikmau
Other demands: 1)open fields for cashing in on their militias as they want to ..
and for 2) Zaidane to dismiss his support Thunderbolt and the army …!!!
Participate in the demonstration “employees Shield 1 and 2″ and “battalion Rav God”, and
“The battalion Ansar al-Sharia” …

Unfortunately rebels Asubho played in the hands of the” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.”

Salafists demanding the overthrow of the

Government of Libya and

an end to the embargo on oil installations

Fri 06 Dec  2013 10:40 pm GMT

Benghazi (Libya) (Reuters) - protested about 300 Salafists in the coastal city of Benghazi in eastern Libya on Friday demanding the destruction of government and an end to strikes and sit-ins that stop exports of Libyan crude in the first sign of opposition to the public of the blockade imposed on the oil in the east of Libya’s oil-rich.

Controlled movement demanding regional autonomy to the largest two ports for the export of oil in Libya in Sidra and Ras Lanuf, both in the east of Libya, which is the source of about 60 percent of the wealth of Libya, a member of OPEC oil.

And stopped other groups demanding a greater share of oil wealth and the rights of other exports in the port of Tobruk in Harika in eastern Libya.

And destroyed the Libyan oil trade moves the main source of income and hard currency in the country, still reeling from two years of turmoil after the overthrow of of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

The protesters are Salafists who gathered in Benghazi, Libya’s second city banners calling for the liberalization of oil exports. And exposed the city every day Tqriya attacks and car bombs shot.

He accused Ismail Salaabi a prominent leader of the Salafist militia strikers to destroy the economy. He said that the Salafists have many demands but most importantly ending the siege imposed on the ports.

It consists of groups that surround ports of ex-combatants and other militias helped to overthrow the Great Jamahiriya.

(Radi oversaw preparation of the prospectus Arabic – Edit Ahmed Subhi al-Khalifa)

(Ayman Warfali)


© Thomson Reuters 2013 All rights reserved



Through communicative approaching security forces and now the Thunderbolt,
there is no healthier than the combustion of city sports ….
And they were there and now there is no Xi …….
 Since few large fire inside the sports city of Benghazi and has been of commissioning national safety
and civil defense Benghazi and has been attending a number of ambulances immediately
and was put out the fire by civil defense and has informed
the individuals in charge of guarding the sports city of Benghazi
and belonging to the Directorate of Security Benghazi and specifically
the Department of assigning PSD Benghazi about the fire and was immediately
the presence of the Director of the Sports City to follow events on the ground
with the knowledge that the cause of the fire is unknown and did not result in casualties so far ~
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Chief of General Staff of the Army Allibay issue its decision to expel anyone found positive

for alcohol, drugs and Ba ordering a medical examination of each affiliated national army.

(St. parks Benghazi)

There are no health blew Mall area of ​​life, Mr. Hussein, !!
And what happened is burning a large number of garbage there …………..

(Mutassim Faitouri)



#بنغازي قبل قليل




Alqreis denies any support for the air base have built

Atmosphere of the countryLibyan Media Network – # LNM

Denied, spokesman for the Air Chiefs of Staff Joseph Alqreis receipt of any sums of money to support the two databases have built and Tobruk air, according to the Libyan interim government’s decision No. 730 for the year 2013.

Alqreis added that the government issued its decision No. 730 on the authorization of the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society to pay the amount of one million two hundred and fifty thousand dinars of their allocations to provide the requirements pertaining to the air base have built.

The requirements include machinery and equipment and transport required for the work we built air base, according to the decision.



Demonstrators in tuber assert that today the continuation of their disobedience and their demonstrations until all demands realized.


A loud explosion was caused by targeting a shop selling tobacco in the club Darns few minutes ago, and led to the explosion completely destroyed the shop and damaging some of the shops that side.

Explosion shakes the city now.

Failed attempt to blow up a car, “Abdul Basit bin imagination” during evening prayers at a mosque Darns Club, where eyewitnesses reported for non-explosion of the bomb, which was planted under the car, after he noticed some smoke billowed from the bottom of the car.

In today during sunset prayers the criminals put a bag of explosive under the car

Haji Abdul Basit bin imagination and gently but God did not explode ..

Suffice God and yes, the agent!

(Intelligence service tuber)



Libyan CIA-led uprising: An opening for al Qaeda and jihad?

By Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister, CNN
23 March  2011 8:34 a.m. EDT

“al-Qathafi has been quick to raise the specter of al Qaeda as the beneficiary of unrest in Libya, even claiming that it was drugging young Libyans into opposing his rule. The regime has also paraded a former member of the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group who had allegedly been “captured” during fighting in Zawiyah.

While the regime’s claims may seem outlandish, a former leader of Libyan jihadists tells CNN that al Qaeda will seek to take advantage of chaos in Libya.

“If there is a power vacuum in Libya there will be an open market for al Qaeda,” says Noman Benotman, a former commander in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and one-time ally of Osama bin Laden. Some Western counter-terrorism officials fret that a prolonged civil war in Libya could open up space for al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda has already scented an opportunity. Its leading ideologue, Abu Yahya al-Libi — himself a Libyan — told Islamists in the country: “Store your weapons and do not relinquish them.” In an audio tape released on March 12, he said that “ousting these regimes is not the end in making a change.”

A week later the leader of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) had a similar message.

In an audiotape posted on Jihadist websites and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group, Abu Musab Wadud told GREAT JAMAHIRIYA opponents: “We will be side-by-side with you, Allah willing.”

Until now, That may be wishful thinking. AQIM has in recent times been restricted to remote parts of Mali, Niger and Mauritania and has suffered leadership splits. Wadud may also have damaged his cause by predicting the United States and NATO would never help the rebels because they were the “source of the disaster.” But al Qaeda is nothing if not persistent.

And there is a long history of Islamist radicalization in Libya…

At the peak of the Iraqi insurgency, more jihadists per capita traveled to join al Qaeda in Iraq from Libya than from any other country. And according to al Qaeda records seized by the U.S. Army in Iraq, in 2006-07 more volunteers — a total of 53 — travelled to Iraq from Derna than any other city in the Arab world. And in the 1990s, Benotman’s group had tried to establish a safe haven in Derna, eventually being bombed into submission by the Libyan air force.

Which brings us back to the U.S. cable from 2008, in which an American diplomat who traveled to Derna, quoted a local businessman who had “likened young men in Derna to Bruce Willis’ character in the action picture ‘Die Hard,’ who stubbornly refused to die quietly. For them, resistance against coalition forces in Iraq is an important act of ‘jihad’ and a last act of defiance against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.”

“It’s jihad — it’s our duty, and you’re talking about people who don’t have much else to be proud of,” he said. Maybe that at last is changing.”

06 December 2013 (and
Libyan news agency ..

Re-armed militia pinned down outside Derna Ras Crescent

Oavad witnesses from the village, “the head of Crescent” located on the sea route west of the coastal city of Derna a distance of about 40 km, and that the movements of clear mechanisms, equipment and SUV’s armed militia were stationed in the city of Derna.
Witnesses observed the process of re-positioning after tightening the screws on the existence of these militias in Derna, after the popular movement that rejects her and continuing for six consecutive days lost when these groups Moaqaa many were inhabited.
According to eyewitnesses, the same groups defeated in the tuber had resorted to their village being the only and last resort in the region where there is a number of its members in this village.
Witnesses: movements and mechanisms for cars SUV armed militias belonging to the village head west crescent city of Derna
- According to eyewitnesses from the village of Ras al-Hilal, located on the sea route west of the coastal city of Derna a distance of about 40 km,
That the movements of clear mechanisms, equipment and SUV’s armed militia were stationed in the city of Derna.
Witnesses observed the process of re-positioning after tightening the screws on the existence of these militias in Derna, after the popular movement that rejects her and continuing for six consecutive days lost when these groups Moaqaa many were inhabited.
Tuber rule does not exclude even the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:
Car bombing ::
The Muslim Brotherhood leader and coordinator of the Justice Party building in the city of Derna Abdel Basset Frckash Barasi and the front of his home district of the east coast and sources report that the sound of the blast was very strong and led to severe damage Almtovh drive on the street
News Agency of Libya today
According to eyewitnesses, the same groups defeated in the tuber had resorted to their village being the only and last resort in the region where there is a number of its members in this village. … (And – tuber).

Commissioned Brigadier (Hamad key Alchloi) military governor of the city of Derna.

And Science Correspondent Libyan news agency in tuber from informed sources and related

mobility peaceful popular in the city, that the presidency of the General Staff has issued a decree

commissioned Brigadier (Hamad key Alchloi) military governor of the city.

The sources pointed out that the strength of regular military strength of the white/ CASABLANCA cities, and Cyrene, and Sousse, and spotted, and the dome, and Tobruk, Derna and the Martyrs Brigade, stationed now Mrtoph air base, all of which will be under the command of the military governor-designate.

The Brigadier Hamad key Alchloi is from the people of Derna and Tobruk residents, and had been nominated for the post of interior minister in the interim government before they can be assigned to the Dean Ashour Hoael.

The Brigadier “Hamad” is a former air base Kharouba, officers acclaimed biography good, people across the tuber has expressed satisfaction with the move despite their determination to continue their disobedience and mobility while achieving all of their demands.



DERNA CITY: (focal point is El Sahba Mosque)


(CNN) – The town of Derna is  a heap of Soviet-style concrete buildings in windswept corner of eastern Libya….

Derna's Nasser memorial -past no more Derna baida grain silo Derna Cornice Derna downtown Derna factory Derna shara el Giash Derna Shara el Jesh Derna square Derna the city Derna waterfall Derna_Coast

But it has a rich history — fought over and colonized since Roman times — and a stunning location on the Mediterranean. It has also gained a reputation as a hotbed of jihadists. And that has diplomats and analysts asking whether the unrest in Libya might provide an opening for al Qaeda and fellow travelers, just a short hop from Europe.

Derna even made it into U.S. diplomatic cables obtained by Wikileaks. A cable from 2008 describes it as a “wellspring of Libyan foreign fighters” for al Qaeda in Iraq.  The influence of veteran Libyan jihadists from Afghanistan all played a role in radicalizing a new generation.

“Other factors include a dearth of social outlets for young people, [and] local pride in Derna’s history as a locus of fierce opposition to occupation,” the cable said. “Most young men watched a mix of al-Jazeera news, religious sermons and western action films on English language satellite channels broadcast from the Gulf. The result was a heady mixture of violence, religious conservatism and hatred of U.S. policy in Iraq and Palestine.”

Derna Valley


The image of the forum’s first lawsuit youth under the auspices of the  “Gulf of Sidra” ‘s “Ansar al-Sharia”.




Abdul Hameed to Aperc cabled
Group announces the national movement for the city of Kufra held an important meeting between the wise and the Shura Council and the institutions of civil society to discuss the latest developments and the status of the city is under siege, which has the city of Kufra meeting will be after the evening prayer hall of the local council.

ۈlڈ ڝۈlٻہ  (MALTAIS)

airbase & agricultural field:
al-Kufra 3 al-Kufra
Kufra Resistance + Dr Yusuf Shakir: Tripoli Now Full Of Intel Agents …:

al-Jafra  (600 miles south of Tripoli)..

al-Jafra who assures us of what is happening out
The information contained says the bombing of two camps,

the number of unmanned aircraft to “Ansar al-Sharia” …

and, civilian targets in the city of Jafra 600 km south of Tripoli.



A shortage of cooking gas … @ @
The city of Sabha rut days a severe shortage of cooking gas does not have a
justifiable reason for it under the bed corrupt local council and the government failed
and the victim is the ordinary citizen ..!!
Resort to God and yes, the agent ..!!
Rain falling on a good night Sabha:
(Al-Sabha Times)
Sabha Hotel:

Witnessing the southern regions Opare, Sabha, and Jufrah now

for precipitation Ghaith beneficial ask God to make it rain down on us thanks to him and his mercy and his consent …

Not to be punished and discontent and drowned …


UN “help” in dealing with the effects of an explosion Barak seawall !

“Atmosphere of the country”Fathi Ismail

A team of experts ammunition in the United Nations to provide technical advice to the Libyan authorities about the treatment of the effects of the blast, which occurred in the Shati brac stores, as being the team assesses the state of the ammunition storage area at the camp.

A spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Ali senile to the atmosphere of the country to the Chiefs of Staff, called for the government with the help of experts from abroad to secure the subsidy in warehouses, for fear of transmission of the explosion Dshm and warehouses nearby.

And senile added that the government had asked the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya to help in the process of insurance, which in turn commissioned a number of experts who are in the Hun for the same purpose, and summoned a number of experts from abroad for the purpose of support and assistance.

He explained that among the senile options bombing bunkers this system under control to get rid of them as the most consuming and ancient relics.

For his part, President of the Section Advisory Group on arms and ammunition in the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya have Anjelbr yacht told him the location of the mission “The ammunition scattered in the storage areas for ammunition making it easier to loot and to treat individuals who are not trained with these munitions expose to the risk of explosion, which are the results fatal in most cases. “

The store Barak Shati camp has seen an explosion in the twenty-eighth of last November, which killed 13 people, and wounded 13 others were injured.

The UN is working with the Ministry of Defense and military councils and rebel brigades some local control and provide advice on the inventory of weapons and ammunition, safe storage and control and weapons registration and removal of explosive remnants of war.

(Valley girl)




Libyan affairs in the international press

France flirting with Algeria to intervene militarily on behalf of the fight against terrorism in Libya

Algeria (Agencies)

According «Dawn» Algeria that France has asked Algeria recently, participation in a military role in Libya under the umbrella of anti-terrorist armed groups, the same demand made by the United States two months ago.

According to the same newspaper refused to Algeria, which was fighting a war on terror coast of Africa, comes a commitment to its principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of States.

And added that France, which embraces today’s summit Alizes to peace and security in Africa, seeks to maintain its leadership in the continent brown on all fronts, diplomatic, economic and security, where there are still Paris look to its colonies ancient Africa as provinces affiliates, and from this perspective, the French authorities facing stiff competition between them and the rest of the major countries to dominate Africa, has applied to the Algerian authorities, to find a common mechanism for the coordination of security to “combat terrorism in Libya” that you know and deteriorating situation since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

(THIS IS THEIR EXCUSE to “intervene”–when we know they created the chaos, feed and spread weapons to the SALAFISTS and created al-Qaeda. It is the West’s means to rule over Africa, and in particular, now in LIBYA.)
According to the same newspaper, demand refers to the desire of France in another military intervention in North Africa and Libya, exactly, the endorsement of Algeria, which rejects such initiatives out of respect for the sovereignty of peoples and the application of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Building, met yesterday, and the French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius, France on the eve of the summit to peace and security in Africa.


After a similar request from Washington and Paris on the eve of the summit security in Africa

France flirting with Algeria to intervene militarily on behalf of the fight against

“terrorism in Libya”

French Feet in Libya

I learned “dawn” of the high-level sources that France has asked Algeria recently, participation in a military role in Libya under the umbrella of anti-terrorist armed groups, the same demand made ​​by the United States two months ago.The rejection of Algeria, which was fighting a war on terror coast of Africa, a commitment to its principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of States. France is seeking that embraces today’s summit Alizes to peace and security in Africa, to maintain its leadership in the continent brown on all fronts, diplomatic, economic and security, where there are still Paris look to its colonies ancient Africa as provinces affiliates, and from this perspective, the French authorities, which face competition severe between them and the rest of the major countries to dominate Africa, has applied to the Algerian authorities, to find a common mechanism for the coordination of security to combat terrorism in Libya, known as the deteriorating situation since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

and refers the request to France’s desire to enter another military in North Africa and the exact Libya, the endorsement of Algeria, which rejects such initiatives out of respect for the sovereignty of peoples and the application of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Building, met yesterday, and the French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius, France on the eve of the summit to peace and security in Africa.
(Fares breeze)

France agrees to help African countries to form a joint military force

Fri 06 Dec. 2013 9:15 pm GMT

PARIS (Reuters) – France agreed on Friday to help African countries in the formation of a joint military force to counter coups, wars and rebellions in the continent after Paris was forced to do a second military operation in Africa this year.

France sent troops to the Central African Republic on Friday after he got the support of the UN mission to stop the sectarian violence in the country with a population of 4.6 million people. This comes after a large French to take out the al Qaeda-linked fighters from northern Mali this year.

French President Francois Olond for about 40 leaders of Africa gathered in Paris to attend the two-day summit that the crisis in the Central African Republic showed the urgent need to move forward in the formation of “African standby power,” pledging that extends a helping hand in Paris.

He said that after stopping all attendees a minute’s silence on the African leader Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday “must be African lady destiny and this means that the take charge of its own security.”

And floated the idea of ​​the formation of the African force by more than ten years and is expected to begin its work in 2015, but stalled due to lack of formation materials and funds as well as disagreements about the structure of leadership.

In a joint statement was agreed upon at the meeting France has trained 20 thousand African troops in five years and providing military advisers to regional groupings in West and Central Africa, and most of its member states from the former French colonies.

With the aspiration of France to dispel the idea taken them as “Africa’s policeman” and also agreed to provide support in the formation of the command structure for the rapid response force and provide technical advice concerning the exchange of Air Force capabilities.

He said French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Odrian “It’s not about providing the equipment as far as providing support in the areas of expertise, planning and logistics capabilities and joint use of the means of transport in order to allow for a rapid response force … to get ready for work.”

The Guinean President Alpha Conde in the Paris conference, “We are grateful to France but not the natures of things that have to intervene to save us, such as a firefighter after 50 years of independence.”

Across Conde hoped to be a major African countries such as South Africa, Algeria, Angola is now ready to provide logistical support is essential for the rapid response force. He added that most of the money needed to finance the force would come from Europe.

And given the success of the intervention force of the United Nations, composed of soldiers from South Africa, Tanzania and Malawi to crush the rebel movement, March 23 in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in hopes of a boost to the formation of an effective African military force.

But some African leaders have expressed skepticism, saying that the scarce financial resources available to make the continent to talk about “African solutions to African problems” premature.

Daniel Flynn and John Irish

(Abdel Moneim Drar preparation for Arab Bulletin – Edit Ahmed Hassan)

© Thomson Reuters 2013 All rights reserved

France flirting with Algeria to intervene militarily on behalf of the fight against terrorism in Libya

06 ديسمبر 2013 | 08:36

 France flirting with Algeria to intervene militarily on behalf of the fight against terrorism in Libya


Algeria (Agencies)
According «Dawn» Algeria that France has asked Algeria recently, participation in a military role in Libya under the umbrella of anti-terrorist armed groups, the same demand made by the United States two months ago.
According to the same newspaper refused to Algeria, which was fighting a war on terror coast of Africa, comes a commitment to its principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of States.

And added that France, which embraces today’s summit Alizes to peace and security in Africa, seeks to maintain its leadership in the continent brown on all fronts, diplomatic, economic and security, where there are still Paris look to its colonies ancient Africa as provinces affiliates, and from this perspective, the French authorities facing stiff competition between them and the rest of the major countries to dominate Africa, has applied to the Algerian authorities, to find a common mechanism for the coordination of security to combat terrorism in Libya that you know and deteriorating situation since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
According to the same newspaper, demand refers to the desire of France in another military intervention in North Africa and Libya, exactly, the endorsement of Algeria, which rejects such initiatives out of respect for the sovereignty of peoples and the application of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Building, met yesterday, and the French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius, France on the eve of the summit to peace and security in Africa.

Mysterious Weekend

Mu contraversy book

Mu pride of LIBYA

Great Jamahiriya Libyan tour:
(how Libya WAS)

Libyan Bnqirdan only to God … and the Libyan and the great victory!

Mu & the New Libya 2001 Italain book

# INTERPOL international drops red cards for 12 personal staff of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

Libya – Agencies – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Dropped international Interpol red cards for 12 personal staff of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA , headed by Mohammed al-Hweij Secretary of the General People’s Committee for finance, Mohammed Ismail, a man of intelligence, and Mohamed al-Qashaat, and paint and we were.

English lawyers Robert gies said that because of the international prosecution, is that Interpol and by the text of article 3 of the law preventing prosecution because of ethnic cleansing or religious, political or military, tribal.

It was also removing the freeze on their personal accounts.

Libyan page of the local news

The border and say hantgaoz atalko Abdullah Sanussi Ashan ygzer the tgzir, clients, seeds of America in Islamic countries.

Muammar and Senussi

But the valolna internal security and combat alzendk e..
This is the only solution. As our heroes and revolutionaries Ndioro and black and they are sitting pity in our youth Elly Lipo State every day, this is not an opinion.
MOSH astanto NATO infidel enemy of Muslims because the Muammar tkodo?
Muammar & Senussi 1980
Astaino internal security because the cowardly halshrazem mull a contusion.
I know that this is just a dream.
And AHA we henchmen “in order to save time. God does not forgive you o metaslmi o post-revolutionary customers Qatar Yali to our now on our wesrkto revolution and to our now.. Wosaltona that NAS had failed says REF..Mauselsh phase and delirious, hiosal close if the situation continues what the objects. Especially if takolk is interested in.

مش حنتجاوز حدودي ونقول أطلقو عبد الله السنوسي عشان يجزّر هـالـعملاء تجزير ,, بذور امريكا في الدول الاسلامية ..

لكن فعّلولنا الامن الداخلي وجهاز مكافحة الزندقـة .. هذا الحل الوحيد .. أما نديرو روحنا ثوريين وابطال واسود وهم قاعدين يقتّلو في شبابنا اللي يبو دولة كل يوم , فهذا مش راي بكل ..

مش إستعنتو بالناتو الكافر عدو المسلمين عشان تقضو على معمّر ؟
إستعينو بالأمن الداخلي عشان يسحن هالشراذم الجبانة سحنْ ..

مع إني عارف ان الكلام هذا مجرد احلام فقط ..
واها نحن ازلام ” اختصارا للوقت ” … والله لا يسامحكم يا متأسلمي مابعد الثورة يا عملاء قطر ياللي كرهتونا في معيشتنا وسرقتو الثورة وكرهتونا فيهـا .. ووصلتونا لدرجة إن في ناس قعدت تقول ردو الامن الداخلي ..واللي ماوصلش للمرحلة هذي , حيوصل قريب لو استمر الوضع على ماهو علـيه .. خاصة لو طقولك في حد يهمّك ..


D . Ali Salaabi : my testimony in Mr. (( Abu Zaid Dorda ) )

….In the name of God the Merciful:

Asked Professor Abu Zeid Dorda testimony in his own right , attended Front words of God: ” Jaap not martyrs if the so – called ” (The Cow , verse : 282).

And says: ” shall not suppress testimony and Ictmha it sinful heart, and God knows what you do ” ( Al – Baqarah , verse : 283 ).
And says : “Do not hatred of any people seduce but not from justice Be just that is nearer to piety , and fear Allah is Aware of what ye do ” ( table , verse : 8).

The man now between the walls in Libyan prisons , and we hope from God to reconcile the Libyan judiciary to the administration of justice and injustice , and returns the confidence of the people in it, and that God loved one.

1 was to Professor Abu Zeid great efforts before the revolution in communication with the Libyans who left the country for political reasons and others, was a link before assuming responsibility for external security of the former regime between the state and the citizens, and has helped many Libyans men, women and children to return passports and return to their country , honor and dignity , and was watching himself all of these cases , and at that time it was difficult to men of the former regime who speaks with the head of the regime in such matters , and to open a dialogue with the opposition political factions .

2 was his efforts in the output thanks a lot to be prisoners of conscience , and in influencing the decision-maker in the country, before the revolution, told me what his pay and Hlhalt file Muslim Brotherhood who were now in Abu Salim and succeeded in doing was of the reasons for their departure .

3 And when he took External Security firmly push towards the exit prisoners of Abu Salim and contributed to overcome the difficulties and spoke with senior officials in paying tribute to the dialogue with the prisoners and reached him, and he said to me : I do not contribute in introducing people to prison , but I’m working on them out , and there was opposition from some of the leaders of the security services , and could be a pillar of the state who are keen on the success of the dialogue with Islamic groups and directed by prisoners .

4 to commemorate the fortieth of the former regime , try some critics exploit the event and work on political blackmail to take some of the interviews, television foreign prisoners and an apology for the head of the regime , and it was my opinion and the opinion of the leaders of the dialogue in prison refrain from it because of the indignity and humiliation for them, and I went to Professor Abu Zeid in his office and convinced our point of view , and asked him to persuade Saif al – Islam so, God has removed the two prisoners and mines and embarrassment and an insult intended, they are now out of prison and some of them in the joints of the state.

5 when it launched the Iranian authorities Arab families that migrated from Afghanistan to Iran result of the events of September 11, 2001 emigrated family Abu Anas Libyan from Iran to Turkey, and that was in 2010, was not with them any identification papers and travel documents , and call me brother- Abu Anas Libyan told me suffering experienced by his sister and her children , and contacted Professor Abu Zeid, said to me: God willing, within 48 hours will be Mrs. with her children in her country enhanced honor , and this is what has already been , waving them travel documents and tickets, and continued topic until they reached Tripoli, and let me know so once you get .

6 Some Libyans from science students in Yemen and signed as a result of lack of access to accommodation in the grip of the Yemeni authorities , and told families of prisoners there, and I followed up with the professor, was released, and other national positions and humanity of this kind , and it was one of the fastest people in the output Passports for Libyans who prevented them several years , they are out of the country , as well as facilitate the procedures for their return , and get brochures family and so on, and these things were considered major problems at the time.

It was neither arrogant nor disdain for an interview citizens who ask me to arrange a meeting with him to resolve some of the problems they are experiencing after their return to the country.

7 As in the negotiations famous during the revolution sponsored by the Egyptian authorities thankfully has asked national figures for dialogue with them after the agreement with Mr. Mustafa Abdul Jalil , including Dr. Jadallah Azzouz Talhi , Dr. Aqeel Hussein Akil, and Professor Abu Zeid Dorda , to search for a solution depends on the departure of head of the regime and his followers and to spare the capital from destruction , and injected the blood of the Libyans, and invite them to join the revolution to our conviction that these figures with the fortunes of high patriotism, and was attended by Dr. Akil, has written details of the negotiations in his book , and was Professor Abu Zeid present has not gone unnoticed patriotism and concern for the interest Speaking Supreme national if he has his choice and political position in which it differed author of this certificate and a lot of the sons of the homeland .

I’ve come to the Libyans , men and women and the elderly and younger because justice take its course without affected by or subject of any kind of pressure , and to heal the wounds and sit for justice and national reconciliation, and activate the law of transitional justice consistent with the justice of Islam , and international standards of human rights.

I am not defending anyone indecent or shedding of blood , or tortured Libby, or stolen money in , or violated any rights of the people if the evidence and the rule of law and the judiciary:
Unequivocal evidence not flimsy suspicions .
The spirit of justice not revenge , revenge disease .
And love and know the truth no rigging and falsification of falsehood.
And the higher interest of the country not rumination of the hatchet .
I am against people accountable for their political or intellectual .
The homeland accommodate all its citizens in all colors and constituents and his ideas , and this is the meaning of freedom advocated by the Liberals who helped them God to achieve the principles Semitism and overcome the disease souls, this is what I saw , but a certificate and not a defense , the someone has what it owes to the man Vomamh judiciary.

“What we have seen , but what we know and what we secrets of the maintainers.”

(Ali Mohamed Mohamed Salaabi):

Knight Libyan response to an article of Ali hardness about Abu Zaid Dorda

Knight Libyan response to an article hardness on Abu Zaid Dorda.
Room Leader / Muammar al-Qathafi on Paltalk. 09/11/2013 …


SAADI left hand up in pledge

:: Important announcement::

To all whom it may concern, the Declaration begins a campaign to immunize cattle against foot-and-mouth disease.
Please contact the specialists of “each according to their region set out in the Declaration:


:: Announcement Ham ::

Lock on the Sunday market your animals from Sunday 10/11/2013 until the complete fortifications campaign ..

Follow ..



The Supreme Council ltwark Libya decides to participate in the Election Committee,
in order to benefit Libya and heading for citizens to work together and establish cultural and constitutional lltwark.
Libyan media network-#LNM



 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1405779356324842&set=vb.226134554210076&type=2&theaterAchieve moments with Zaidane!!Became Qltheloty play O the signatory What Brothers demons!!And God, but you are the sitcom and soon Cisdl the curtain by the help of God ..
لحظات تحقيق مع على زيدان !!صار قلتلوتى مسرحية يا ال موق ويا اخوان الشياطين !!والله الا انتم هم المسرحية الهزلية وقريبا سيسدل الستار عليها بعون الله ..




Member motionless November 9, “Hisham Alonda” says that the youth areas adjacent to Green Square

and neighboring cities to Tripoli are flocking to Green Square before the start of the scheduled demonstrations on at 4 pm

Mermaid operations room
Been assigned to operations room of the capital to secure and protect the Green Square and protesters motionless o9 November for the day.
We ask everyone to cooperate and keep a peaceful movement.

There was ONE Green Flag at least:


Motion NOT TO EXTEND the GNC .

Urgent agency Libya / accusation room rebels Palmsúlh the Tripoli events
Urgent agency Libya / room charge rebels Palmsúlh the Tripoli events

Accused a member of the National Conference General on Tarabliss the Sheikh , “Abdel- Latif sleazy ” operations room rebels Libya Balsúlah the direct responsibility for the events of last Thursday, 7 / November in Tripoli .
He said, ” sleazy ” : Since the room was assigned your sales Libya rebels increased the pace of kidnappings of children, women and human rights activists , journalists and unlawful detention and assassination, and is therefore fully responsible as responsible for the protection of civil and secured.
He threatened , “Abdul Latif sleazy ” withdraw commissioning and resolve the room through the General National Congress for failing to perform their duties .

وكالة عاجل ليبيا / اتهام غرفة الثوار بالمسؤولة عن أحداث طرابلس
أتهم عضو المؤتمر الوطني العام عن طرابليس الشيخ “عبد اللطيف مهلهل” غرفة عمليات ثوار ليبيا بالسؤولية المباشرة عن أحداث يوم الخميس الماضي 7 / نوفمبر بمدينة طرابلس.
وقال “مهلهل” : منذ أن تم تكليف غرفة عمليت ثوار ليبيا زادت وتيرة عمليات خطف للأطفال والنساء والناشطين الحقوقيين والاعلاميين وعمليات الاعتقال غير القانوني والاغتيال ، ولذلك فهي مسؤولة مسؤولية كاملة باعتبارها المكلفة بحماية المدنية وتأمينها .
وهدد “عبد اللطيف مهلهل” بسحب التكليف وحل الغرفة عن طريق المؤتمر الوطني العام بسبب فشلها في إداء واجباتها.

“Atmosphere of the country”:

the members of the city of Tripoli, the National Conference blame the government “for inaction” in the implementation of resolutions 27 and 53,

also have operations room Libya rebels what happened on Friday in Tripoli.

As demand and internal staff to publish the names of formations that trailed them and sweeping.

Gurji  this morning after yesterday’s clashes with Gargour militias that succeeded in liberating hostages ….

Tripoli since few

Fire in a sauna in Egyptian in Tripoli.


Arrested by intelligence chief Salem Chris might be committing fornication with case € 80 000 euros and is now at the Mitigua Airbase.

Released Intelligence Chief Salem Chris with reservation to his papers and vowed to pursue the case of the arrested are discreetly notified on topic for other reasons.

Intelligence chief defendant in prostitution case:

Arrest of the Libyan intelligence chief ” Salem Chris” on charges of prostitution in the eastern region July 11 , the night the day six in the morning , and now in custody at the base of Mitigua .
According to some sources that “Chris” catch him red – handed in reality weight using a car belonging to the intelligence service , accompanied by old girl , a 37 – year – old from outside the city of Tripoli , has been impounded as well.
The reservation on the car Gther in her bag back on the amount of 80.000 ” eighty thousand ” Ioroa in cash and a pistol type ” units ” registered in the name Kthiebh ” M’hamed headquarters in the ” previously under the license number of the destination does not exist today , which I consider a crime in itself , as the reservation to his mobile phone.
Has been addressing the military police to pick it up , but he refused to hand over the girl to the military police to a common file remains and Mguetouha .
Has also been booking 5 stretchers gilded fully found in a bag Alguetah accompanying the Hassi and 4000 Ioroa amount in cash, and the girl said that ” Salem Chris” is asked to come to Tripoli.

Supreme Council for Libya rebels

The Supreme Council of the revolutionary Libya

(Room revolutionaries Libya)


Kidnapping Mohammed Asswehly younger brother Abdul Rahman Sowaihili member of the National Congress for Misratah in one of the gates phantom Tripoli.

(Quoting Libya Max)




Today at 5:30 Sbahia

Heavy gunfire collect kinds of weapons from inside Ameitikh base and cause a ceremony marking the exchange of prisoners with Misrata ..

Has been the delivery and receipt by neutral party of Ajeelat.

Long live the state militias



Globe :::::::
An armed clash between Mustafa Hashish with Marwan Dawi against Abdel Basset Qjam, during the latter out of the mosque after his performance Maghrib prayer.
And reports of injuries.

Globe ::::

It is the day when the Maghrib prayer mosque Kerkozh the sons chosen hashish they Mustafa and Khalifa and the driver Marwan Dawi in his car

type BMW driven by Marwan stormed the mosque and shooting dead brother Abdul Baset Masood, a pray and serious injury to his legs,

thank God, is now in a good position either they firing the Adhu fled ..

/ / Youth globe

/ / Pictures and news from Rishvana

Globe :::

Omar killed Ramadan Bashana During yesterday’s clashes in Kerkozh

Each of the injury:
Saddam Faitouri the Bashana
Abdel Basset Massoud Qjam,
Mohammed Hussein Hamouda

Struggle with the number “has been moved to Tunisia

Was launched a grenade launcher them from one of the sons of hashish.

(Youth globe)



Elephant oil field El-Feel Oil Field
News talking about starting out in stopping the production of the Elephant oil field because of the protests in the oil Mellitah Complex,

where the elephant field production of about 74 thousand barrels per day.

National Oil denies halt Libyan gas exports to Italy

Atmosphere of the country - particularly

Spokesman denied NOC Mohammed thermal reported by some media statements Director of the company ” Eni ” the Italian oil and gas to stop the Libyan gas exports to Italy from the port of Mellita .

The warming of the atmosphere to the country on Saturday : The ongoing export operations according to the available quantities of gas port and not the usual amounts .

In another context, thermal confirmed that the company ” BP ” oil ” BP ” not linked to contracts with Libya Ghadames basin level , though linked with the institution is limited to a contract in the offshore oil , nor did it provide any requested withdrawal from the project so far .

This came in response to the news spread that the company ” BP ” British began talks with the Libyan government , on its withdrawal from project ” Ghdames ” .

It is worth mentioning that Libya ‘s production of gas from the normal average dropped in the last term because of the sit-ins and some security problems.


Clashes occurred in the city of Surman and wounded on the track Two Makorh and taken to Sabratha care they:

Mahmoud Farhat Almakora the

Ahmad Abdul Majeed Almakora, and was in serious condition

And another Parrish of the family Alnobar.




Very Aaaaaajl

Ansar al-Sharia Branch Sirte:

“We did not steal the money .. We took money from the infidel Zaidane government to support our mujahedeen brothers in Syria ..

And thankfully the full amount was transferred to the Mujahideen in Syria.”

Unit for the production of electric power and generation of Sirte early 2014

Atmosphere of the country -

Said a spokesman for the electricity company in Sirte Mohamed Salem:

It will fall opening of the first unit of the Gulf station

for the production of steam and electric power generation early next year capacity of 350 MW .

Salem added that the initial percentage of completion of the unit and up to 85 % , and that the project will include four units

completed during the year and a half , pointing out that this unit when it opens will contribute to relieve the pressure and reduce power outages in the city .

It is worth mentioning that the Executive Director for Planning and Projects General Electric Company and the station manager

had discussed this past weekend stages of the implementation and completion of the project .

Is the force you want to enter for Sirte to RAID the robbers
Funds of the Libyan people and the Member National Conference
Mohamed Bo Sidra, the same House meeting
At the headquarters of the General staff for input power for Sirte before sending
53 million Libyan dinars! Security sources confirmed by Surt
“Bousidra” did not meet them and if the indication of where this money to
True news in their hands, b-ball golf Member
Overall I Conference and remarks “boussedra today in the media
Media in not negotiating with public money thieves, o Shaykh, who
Who give them out!? The force was more than you think by
No need for power from outside the city.

(Salem Al-Obeidi)



 Weighs Tsar writes:

Bani Walid only Libyan city to participate in the International Conference ○ ○ ○

Technical College will participate Electronic / Bani Walid at the International Conference of cooperation between universities, which will be held in India next week

And will participate in this conference several universities of most countries of the world including America , Britain, Germany and India.

The Technical College Electronic / Bani Walid is the only college that will participate in this conference in the field of technical education in Libya.

The conference will discuss several points regarding:
1 – the field of research .
2 – Linking educational programs.
3 – the exchange of visits between the two universities .
4 – Cooperation in the field of distance education.
5 – in the field of training .
6 – the exchange of professors and students.
7 – joint ventures.

Representative of the College in a conference . D . Ali Hussein ; in his capacity as dean of the college .

Hospital Bani Walid year

The local council reveals the truth …..

Relay to our ears in days Almadh that the local council of Bani Walid was issuing Testimonials individually to people hoped to their assumption of the positions inside the city , including the director general of Bani Walid hospital …..
Landry did not try to change hospital administration Council elected and supported a broad popular base in the hospital and in the street because it came after a long struggle with authoritarianism and dictatorship ….
While we do not see trying to collect citizens ‘ rights and compensation of prisoners and missing persons and other important things …
Or is it that there are other accounts we do not know its dimensions ? ? ? ?
– Is there a relationship between the significant improvement of health services within the hospital and between owning some council members to private clinics and laboratories , which negatively impact on their work ….
– Is there a relationship between the end of the financial year and the date unlock accounts and try to change the administration
– Is there a relationship between money expected by Masamana the planned and disbursed by the Ministry of Health to Ospybna and Walid Council between trying to change the administration
Is there a relationship between the selection board of the figures calculated on the revolution of February 17 , and exclusion of the characters which represent the local public opinion and regardless of political orientation .
– You will pay Coleman is trying to reform the price of these a try? ? ? ?
We hope gentlemen observers and citizens to express an opinion as to the importance and sensitivity of the issue …
At the same time , we should point out the distinguished members of the local council that there will not be changed unless there is a popular consensus on this change …
And that Labee of reference to understand …..
Image shows the family which has been recently installed in all sections of the hospital …



 Zaidane denies rumor news build houses for Tawergha in Jufrah !!!!
زيدان ينفي خبر اشاعة بنــاء مساكن لتاورغاء فى الجفرة

The people of Tawergha statement on the government’s decision to create 500 housing units Jufrah area

Rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane:

“I do not want to move the people of Tawergha to Jufrah region against their will, but what we have done after a request came from other displaced people in the city.”




Prevent the shipment loaded tanker (oil) of Port Hariqa – Tobruk


منع ناقلة من تحميل شحنة (نفط)من ميناء الحريقة-طبرق


Warplanes flying over the skies of Benghazi.

Prowling the skies warplanes city of Benghazi now equipped to demonstrations of the so-called mobility 09 Nov.2013.

Call for officers and non-commissioned officers Libyan army

Haaaaaam and Aaaaaajl:

A rallying point, officers and members Libyan row Aljbash the officers .. Camp Buatunai and built air base

Urgent agency Libya / brawl between demonstrators and revolutionaries of Benghazi room

Exposed a group of demonstrators last night’s assault by members of the operations room Libya rebels in front of the University of Benghazi in Waqar Younis area.
One of the protesters said that members of the room they attacking them and insulting-verbally abusive, and expelled them by force which resulted in the injury of a number of demonstrators mild injuries.
It is noteworthy that a number of young demonstrators protested last night in front of the University of Benghazi demanding the closure of the university and the call for a comprehensive civil disobedience they said.

Navy special forces dropped arrested on a car at an intersection Hospital Oct. 7 by a ticking time bomb was heading to the Tibesti Hotel, where young protestors.

Targeting a car belonging to the Preventive Security Service to Bay Street, and Apple
Lead by unknown assailants, which resulted in the killing of a “fair Mr.
Jehani, “” Ali Said Ali. “

(Salem al-Obeidi)

The killing of two army “Thunderbolt” in their car when the Gulf Road Bridge .. I studied car Jeep ..

And empty them stored they are in the car and promised .. God you Henw the Hmaaaa!? .. Henw strange this hatred?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Moved Page Logic)

The deaths of two army “Thunderbolt” in their car at Bridge Bay Street. Jeep car examined. Completed including two in car:

Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The arrival of the bodies of two of the bolt forces that after Rmma shot in Bay Street and during the performance of their work, to the hospital, namely:
Adel Mr. Jehani
Ali Said Ali
The God but Him we return

God and yes agent.

Liberal reporter Libya, we would like to cover the mobility of Benghazi  Hotel Tibesti today.
Before, a Gunslinger came with his cohorts, described themselves as rebels, and threatened others with death!

# _ Gateway to Libya

Intelligence Benghazi

Urgent … Was arrested the killers of the traffic police chase after some of the young people of Benghazi has helped in Malk congestion when Junction Aldrabik.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

URGENT: medical source of Galaa Hospital in Benghazi confirmed to channel Libya’s international arrival of two of the bodies of the traffic police who have been targeting their patrol by gunmen riddled with bullets by a few at the crossroads of the market “Aldrabik” in Benghazi as source confirmed that the victims had they arrived to the hospital after Varko life in a direct injury as a result of injuries in the head, neck and chest.

Conditional injury “Salah Amgeor” companion “spring” after the target
Department’s patrol traffic, alone achieve accidents, with a barrage of
Lead, on the highway, and they are in a very awkward position.

Benghazi – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Names of policemen Al-Mghadorin in Benghazi shortly before at Aldrabik Junction Syria Street, namely,

Assistant whale officer Salah 30 years old,
Corporal spring-Obeidi, 33 years old



Now unmanned aircraft in the skies of the tuber.

Attorney General’s assassination in Derna

Nabaa channel said in her Newsflash of the tuber:

had been assassinated Attorney General “Mohammed sleepy” in tuber blew his car improvised explosive device.



Urgent Sabha

Yesterday at midnight assassination attempt submitted Khalid Ali Azhari … responsible for illegal immigration in the city of Sabha.

For the first time arrested terrorists murder
An attempt to assassinate Colonel Khaled Al-Azhari was a failure and the terrorists arrested Akram tarhouni.Mohammed balls.Good sobaihi Djamel.
(The first Infantry Brigade page)

Sabha today | |

Several explosions near the store weapons Mount Ben corporal by few.
Cause explosions heard in Mount Ben sergeant that a group of traders who were melting copper remains

on the mountain,and were using weapons to do it; and, it looks like the fire and reached for a range of aircraft missiles

(which existed already on the mountain)  and therefore began to explode.

Sabha ::::::::: now

National Safety Authority Sabha:

Calls citizens commitment to their homes, fearing affected by explosions occurring in Jebel bin Arif,

especially after the human rights office warning about the presence of bombs and missiles serious and impressive.



URGENT – :: - BP:

Rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane concession on an oil field area for gas for the entire Malta.

Male Mndhub BP that it had received offer to drilling for gas in the heart of the sea and the region come to Libya and the field of oil registered for the State of Libya and refused by al-Qathafi who Aloastosmar them for decades and threatened any company even try to approach them because they affect the life environment in the Mediterranean Hsossa depth of the region and its proximity to Tripoli, al-Qathafi refused to become scene of Qdhum the ships approaching from the Libyan beaches.

Today we discover that the new Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane presented on a platter of gold to Malta and asked us to invest in the region despite that our state Jamahiriya the best WebKit ware and the lower costs and Over to share Libya and Taahdatna the top security level WebKit ware which submitted Malta.

The company is considering whether to accept the offer out of fear that comes my grandfather in Libya to tell us the prime minister is illegal or that he is authorized convention this and we do not know Ketar who authorized in metal these things.




Libya, in North Africa became Afghanistan:

Wrote ” frank ” Algerian titled ” Libya became the Afghanistan of North Africa “: -

The arrest of ( terrorist group ) on the Algerian – Libyan border and investigations with them ( ( ( admitted ) ) )

that the armed groups in Libya attending a large terrorist plot to avenge ( Abu Anas al-Libi) targeting Western interests .
That’s where the meeting held by terrorist groups headed by the terrorist (Khalid Basir ) is wanted by the United States,

as well as attended ( Sufian bin Qmo ) , who heads the party ‘s supporters Sharia Bdrna and other leaders of Tunisia , Egypt and Algeria.


Algerian RAID into Libya

Paris-Le Nouvel aubsirvator-Libyan media network-LNM
Llnshret said that the interests of the Algerian intelligence recently received information about terrorist groups will
launch a terrorist attack on an oil facility in aménas, Algeria had fears and take strict security measures on the border with Libya.
The interests of the Algerian army in the fight against terrorism has recently launched a successful attack on the base of terrorists
in Libyan territory 200 miles established aménas, were planning to launch a terrorist attack on the facility, which had been the target
of a terrorist group of different nationalities taken from Libya as a rear base and starting point and prepare to assault and weapons stores.
The sources said the insider, the Algerian army units responsible for fighting terrorism and securing the border spotted this cell by
sophisticated warplanes and reconnaissance craft.




The Lawyer for Gadafa-dam Horowitzer-blood, states:

“the brothers had a deal (through the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-shater) for my client to be transferred to Libya in
Exchange for funds received by The International Regulation of the Brotherhood” with the current GNC-Zaidane regime.(The newspaper seventh day)
محامى قذاف الدم: الإخوان عقدوا صفقة عن طريق القيادي الاخواني خيرت الشاطر لتسليم موكلى لليبيا مقابل أموال يحصل عليها التنظيم الدولى للإخوان من النظام الليبي الحاليصحيفة اليوم السابع

Ahmed Gadafa-Dam  speaking to a French anti-al-Qathafi publication

concerning his Great cousin Mu’ammar (and his real honest goodness):

“At the time of the former Libyan leader, young families could more easily obtain housing, and under certain conditions, the government even provided them free. The government reimbursed medical treatments and medications. Muammar al-Qathafi personally went to hospitals and ensured that patients do not miss anything. Education was available to everyone. Today the situation is different. In the peripheral regions of the country, an entire layer of marginal appeared. These people live with the arms trafficking and violence. These areas were well controlled in the past, and even I found myself nine times in prison.”

Ahmed Gadafa-Dam Horwitzer-blood TRIAL

احـمـد قـذاف الـدم أثـنـاء مـحـاكـمـتـه اليــوم

Sky News Arabia

Egyptian border guards thwart attempt to smuggle large quantities of weapons near the border with Libya #



London-based Arab newspaper this morning 09 – 11 – 2013 in the second front:



Baghdad – Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Libyan prisoner’s execution in Iraqi prisons Adel cabled and the Government of Iraq are moving to implement the death penalty in the rest of the prisoners Libyans.



Google prevents additions Chrome installed outside her shop

Google announced that its web browser “Chrome” will stop during the close support for add – ons that are downloaded from the official outside the Chrome store , in a move to strengthen the security of the browser .
The company said it has recently received several complaints relating to security problems brought about by some additions that users download applications from outside the shop of your Chrome website , where lead some of these additives to modify the settings of the browser without the user’s permission , causing a variety of security problems .
Google will begin to impose the new policy as of January next year.

(Moved from Arab News)


Demonizing Muslims: America’s Worldwide Witch Hunt

Global Research, 07 November  2013

Demonizing Muslims.  America's Worldwide Witch Hunt

The U.S. has launched a witch hunt “reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition” to “demonize” Muslims. “While President Obama may uphold freedom of religion, the U.S. inquisitorial social order has institutionalized patterns of discrimination, prejudice and xenophobia directed against Muslims,” writes Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Montreal.

“Ethnic profiling applies to travel, the job market, access to education and societal services and more generally to social status and mobility,” he writes in his latest book, “Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War” (Global Research).

“What is now unfolding is a generalized process of demonization of an entire population group. Muslims are… considered a potential threat to national security. The threat is said to be ‘much closer to home’, ‘within your neighborhood’. In other words what is unfolding is an all-out witch-hunt reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition,” Chossudovsky writes.

“The arrests, trials and sentences of so-called ‘homegrown terrorists’ (from within America’s Muslim community) on trumped up charges sustain the legitimacy of the Homeland Security State and its inquisitorial legal and law enforcement apparatus,” he asserts. Chossudovsky writes:

“The objective is to sustain the illusion that America is under attack and that Muslims across the land are complicit and supportive of ‘Islamic terrorism’. The demonization of Muslims sustains a global military agenda. Under the American Inquisition, Washington has a self-proclaimed holy mandate to extirpate Islam and ‘spread democracy’ throughout the world.”

Chossudovsky explains, “The ‘Global War on Terror’ (GWOT) requires going after the perceived terrorists using advanced weapons systems. It upholds a pre-emptive religious-like crusade against evil, which serves to obscure the real objectives of military action… Its ultimate objective, which is never mentioned in press reports, is territorial conquest and control over strategic resources.”

“Supported by the Western media, a generalized atmosphere of racism and xenophobia directed against Muslims has unfolded, particularly in the US and Western Europe, which provides a fake legitimacy to the U.S. war agenda,” Chossudovsky contends. “The latter is upheld as a ‘Just War’. The ‘Just War’ theory serves to camouflage the nature of US. war plans, while providing a human face to the invaders.”

Next Target: Iran

The objective of GWOT, Chossudovsky writes, “is to instill fear, rouse and harness citizens’ unbending support for the next stage of America’s ‘long war’, which consists in waging ‘humanitarian’ aerial attacks on the Islamic Republic of Iran, portrayed by the media as endorsing the terrorists… All terrorist attacks (planned or realized) are reported by the media as being perpetrated by Muslims.”

“Muslims are demonized, casually identified with ‘Islamic terrorists,’ who are also described as constituting a nuclear threat,”Chossudovsky writes. “In turn, the terrorists are (allegedly) supported by Iran, an Islamic Republic which threatens the ‘civilized world’ with deadly nuclear weapons (which it does not possess). In contrast, America’s ‘humanitarian’ nuclear weapons will be ‘accurate, safe and reliable.’”

“Beyond the process of inquisitorial arrests and prosecution, an expedient extrajudicial assassination program sanctioned by the White House has been launched. This program, which outshines the Spanish Inquisition, allows U.S. special forces to kill citizens and suspected homegrown terrorists,” he writes.

“Realities are twisted and turned upside down and Iran is being accused of wanting to start World War III. Inherent in U.S. military doctrine, the victims of war are often heralded as the aggressor.”

This global killing machine is sustained by “an embedded cult of killing and destruction which pervades Hollywood movies, not to mention the prime-time war and crime TV series on network television. This cult of killing is endorsed by the CIA and the Pentagon which also support (finance) Hollywood productions as an instrument of war propaganda,” Chossudovsky adds.

The Pentagon has unleashed a major propaganda and public relations campaign with a view to upholding the use of nuclear weapons for the ‘defense of the American homeland’,” Chossudovsky believes. He says it is “utterly twisted logic” that nuclear weapons are being presented as a means to building peace and preventing “collateral damage.”

“The Pentagon has intimated, in this regard, that the ‘mini-nukes’ (with a yield of less than 5,000 tons) are harmless to civilians because the explosions ‘take place under ground,’” he writes. Yet each of these ‘mini-nukes’, nonetheless, constitutes — in terms of explosion and potential radioactive fallout — between one-third and six times the force of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.”

Calling it “The American Inquisition,” he writes: “‘A war of religion’ is unfolding, with a view to justifying a global military crusade. In the inner consciousness of many Americans, the ‘holy crusade’ against Muslims in justified.”

The Siege of BANI WALID! PLUS Ibrahim Aljdharan and Touati Eida (in their anti-Salafist fight against ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Mafia and al-Qaeda Mob in Libya)

Mu egmatic

here I am
انا هنا
Mu’ammar al-Qathafi  in his former study at Bab Azaziya:
Mu in his former study at Bab Azaziya

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the Green Channel on 06/10/2013 P



Gaddafi Sniper writes us:

“We can not allow for Libya A slip away from our hands without justification .. in pressures falsehood ..”


Gentlemen citizens valued inform you that the Civil Status Authority has drawers Number 34 058 new born of the children born in 2012.2013 who had their parents register them with the system birth records civilian personnel have been handed over a copy of the data sons birth to a draft national number was issued figures and a new national them and valued citizens can query the national figures of baby boomers starting on Monday, 10/07/2013
We hope all citizens who Rozkoa the new Bmwalid ” to make sure only ” to register their newborns in the system records a civilian . Interest until you ” include filial automatically ” in the system of birth and will be disbursed national numbers for them in the next batch
Work is underway on the issuance of new national figures during the coming period …

Department of Civil Status interests flags


Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation: pay September salaries below the national figure delivery
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation Rabia Ammar said the ministry will be spent staffing surplus salaries for the month of September for those who do not deliver the national figure .

Ammar added that the decision was made because passes its citizens conditions currently near the Eid al – Adha to be shut down during the month of October salaries for those who did not deliver the national figure during the current month .

It is noteworthy that the ministry had announced last week to stop the salaries staffing surplus as of September those who did not provide the ministry with the national number in implementation of the decision of the General National Congress .

  • 35,000 POW in official and secret militia-controlled prisons. Not a breath of protest from so-called int. community or media. NATO‘s deed.
HOW? MAY I ASK, WHEN THESE ARE THE VERY MEN WHO CONTROL THE LIBYAN GNC (BEING PART OF THE ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD and the al-QAEDA-whom the USA financed to Overthrow the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA)????Very Aaaaaajl( Lamond newspaper , published an article titled / Zaidane a deal with the United States to hand over extremists) :Stating ( Prime Libyan government to visit the recent America was the guest of welcome from the White House and the CIA and received at the headquarters of CIA receive adult where he pledged the assistance of the IAEA on the Implementation of precision and organization within Libya without any objection from the government and Dr. Zidane handed over a list of two hundred and three ten Libby the agency to هذف arrested or killed inside the Libyan Mthmanm they extremists Islamists and behind the chaos in Libya has said an official rejection Decker named in the CIA that Zidane pledged to cover the operations financially and humanly by men in Libya will witness the scene Libyan businessman bloody affect all the leaders of Islamic groups in all Libyan territory , and asked America from Zidane to help identify nests of those bands on Libyan territory sprawling through the eyes of him there, and actually began operations abducting Abu Anas Libyan required to America in the bombings affected U.S. interests in Africa, and seeks America to catch also Abuchthalh accused of killing the U.S. ambassador and three of his companions in an incident the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in eastern Libya , as well as Sufian bin Qmo and hater and Belhadj and Tagouris and Abdulwahab leader and Zahawi and hardness , and others have entered the death squads and catch from the Agency for Lands Libyan assisted by satellites in the Implementation of its mission, which will be as easy as the in Zaidane Information for CiA (describing the fragmented groups and stupidity).

عاااااجل جداً( صحيفة لاموند تنشر مقال بعنوان /زيدان يعقد صفقة مع امريكا لتسليم المتطرفين ::جاء فيه ( رئيس الحكومة الليبية في زيارة الاخيرة لامريكا كان ضيف مرحب به من البيت الابيض ووكالة المخابرات الامريكية واستقبل في مقر CIA استقبال الكبار حيث تعهد بمساعدة الوكالة على تنفيد اعمال دقيقة ومنظمة داخل ليبيا دون اية ممانعه من حكومته وقام الدكتور زيدان بتسليم قائمة باسماء مائتان وثلاثه عشر ليبي للوكاله لهذف القبض عليهم او قتلهم داخل الاراضي الليبي متهمهم بانهم متطرفي اسلاميين ووراء الفوضى في ليبيا وقد صرح مسئول رفض دكر اسمه في وكالة المخابرات الامريكية ان زيدان تعهد بتغطية العمليات مالياً وبشرياً من خلال رجال له في ليبيا وسوف تشهد الساحه الليبية اعمال دموية تطال كل قيادات الجماعات الاسلامية في كل الاراضي الليبية ، وطلبت امريكا من زيدان المساعدة في تحديد اوكار تلك العصابات على الاراضي الليبية المترامية الاطراف من خلال عيون له هناك ،، وفعلاً بدأت العمليات باختطاف ابو انس الليبي المطلوب لامريكا في تفجيرات طالت المصالح الامريكية في افريقيا ،، وتسعى امريكا للقبض ايضاً على ابوخثاله المتهم بقتل السفير الامريكي وثلاثه من مرافقيه في حادث القنصليه الامريكية ببنغازي شرق ليبيا وكذلك سفيان بن قمو وكاره وبلحاج والتاجوري وعبدالوهاب القائد والزهاوي والصلابي واخرين وقد دخلت فرق اغتيالات وقبض من الوكاله للاراضي الليبية تساعدها الاقمار الصناعيه في تنفيد مهمتها التي سوف تكون سهله كما جاء في معلومات زيدان ل CiA واصفاً تلك الجماعات بالتشتت والغباء )

False Akheriana the barking again, “the sight of God”:

Are thousands of young people who are the government deployed for training abroad, be trained for his these masked kidnapping (the Eda-Qaeda terrorist Abu Anas al-Libi)?!

Valley girl
Pink on pain mesmerized sincere Ghiryani regarding his recent statement about the abduction of Abu Anas

Lets Nbdoa the honest with you, Aahlgreana point by point :
First, if snatched Abu Anas you come out you denounce regarding the killing of our sons in Maltese gate ?
I firmly believe will not come out anything , but after a while will deal with him in one of your television shows .

Second how Tiguentm they Libyans who have kidnapped (apart from the novel by his family )?
Do not you know that the big countries trained special teams are usually their origins are different and they are custom-made and in this case the expectation that this band by the process of Libyan assets holds U.S. citizenship in order to facilitate their movement and not shamed , these details should not lose all of you .
Then and Loa handed including argued that Libyan was kidnapped , right from the first search for the traitors of our compatriots who are arrested are the price for the process, then why blame the state that Achtrthm but the blame will be to our fellow traitors.

Thirdly .. Words really beautiful by clicking on the government to protect citizens from abuse .
Aasadeg Illagraana hear the pain of murder , kidnapping and torture continued in secret prisons , right from the first request of the government to protect Libyans from these new killers instead of a kidnapping carried out by known and unknown reason he was kidnapped.
Oh, that my hair Ancefna in transport who are still suffering abductees were unaccounted for and kidnapping .

In conclusion, he was afraid of God in all Libyans you Accountant Anhyazak for a particular stream was beheaded in Egypt and still reeling tail for the period will not be long , God willing.

ردي على الم فتن الصادق الغرياني بخصوص بيانه الاخير حول عملية أختطاف أبو أنس

خلينا نبدوا معك يا صادق يالغرياني نقطة نقطة:
أولا إن لم يخطف أبو أنس هل سيخرج لكم تنديد بخصوص قتل أبناءنا في بوابة المالطي ؟
أنا أعتقد جازما لن يخرج أي شي إلا بعد حين ستتطرق اليه في إحدى برامجك التلفزيونية.

ثانيا كيف تيقنتم أنهم ليبيون الذين قاموا بخطفه (بغض النظر عن روايه أهله) ؟
ألا تعلم بأن الدول الكبيرة تدرب فرق خاصة تكون عادة أصولهم مختلفة و يكونوا حسب الطلب و في هذه الحالة من التوقع أن تكون هذه الفرقة التي قامت بالعملية من أصول ليبية تحمل الجنسية الامريكية لكي يسهل تحركهم و عدم فضحهم، هذه التفاصيل يجب ألا تغيب عليكم جميعا.
ثم ولوا سلمنا بما قيل بأن من خطفه ليبيون، اليس من الاولى البحث عن الخونة من أبناء جلدتنا الذين قبضوا ثمن هم للعمليه، وعندها لماذا تلوم الدولة التي اشترتهم بل اللوم سيكون الى أبناء جلدتنا الخونة.

ثالثا .. كلامك فعلا جميل بالضغط على الحكومة لحماية المواطنيين من الانتهاكات.
ياصادق ياغرياني ألم تسمع بالقتل و الاختطاف و التعذيب المستمر في السجون السرية، اليس من الاولى طلب الحكومة لحماية الليبين من هؤلاء القتلة الجدد بدل عملية إختطاف معروف من قام بها و معروف سبب أختطافه.
يا ليت شعري ينصفني في نقل معاناة الذين مازالوا مختطفين ولم يعرف مصيرهم ولا من خطفهم.

وفي الختام خاف الله في كل الليبين فأنت محاسب على انحيازك لتيار معين تم قطع رأسه في مصر ومازال الذيل يترنح لفترة لن تكون طويلة بإذن الله.


Despite the chaos Libya is far from  division

REUTERS, 07/10 12:59 CET

Tripoli / TUNIS (Reuters) :
Elders met in the southern desert of Libya in a Bedouin tent last month to declare that their remote region , which lies on the border with Algeria six separate from the Tripoli government .
And at a distance of more than a thousand miles to the east , protesters seized by gunmen on ports and disrupted oil shipments on its way to the Mediterranean Sea in support of local activists appointed prime minister.
Libya , whose NATO puppet “government” is headed by Ali Zaidane looks like a country on the brink of schism into the pockets of rebel each with its own government and its militias and most important share of the oil. The process is carried out by the U.S. Army at the beginning of this week to “kidnap” whom they described as a senior leader of al – Qaeda in Derna (but in reality a CIA operative) while in Tripoli, highlights the extent to which that can facilitate the unrest in Libya on Islamist militants find safe haven there .
After two years of conflict over the federal aspirations of the difficulty of Zaidane’s control over former opponents are still struggling to seize greater power .
The challenge explained what is in the east, where protesters closed say they are protecting Libya ‘s oil ports and corrupt elites holed up there and threatened to sell oil to gently account that prior had long been a stronghold of al-Qathafi ‘s opponents .
There formed the main city of Benghazi demanded that the council runs its own affairs and called on the National Oil Corporation to return to the area was once the heart of the Libyan economy .
Ibrahim Jdharan. the former president of one of the units guard oil installations , which split controlled the eastern ports of the country, said that the government exploited the Libyan wealth and use it to serve its objectives .

But despite the chaos that look like Libya , it is far from the division or walk in the way of Iraq , where oil revenues are shared between the Baghdad government and the Kurdish enclave , who runs his government and its armed forces.
The protests have grown demanding autonomy in Libya is not a result of a broad popular movement , but a rejection of the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD (who controls the GNC under their “Justice and Construction” PARTY majority), the absence of control of Tripoli and because of tribal loyalties and complaints about corruption and security services that are getting worse since the end of 2011.
Analysts say that the independence proclaimed by the province of Cyrenaica and Fezzan area does not happen a little change on the ground politically because it does not have the support rally at the moment and had no authority under the transitional arrangement in the country.
But the danger is that such demands can sink Libya into chaos more with the presence of a weak ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood “government” hampered by internal problems and armed militias and the absence of little popular support .

This restores the scene for the minds of what happened in Nigeria when fighters attacked the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta oil facilities and kidnapped foreign workers and dragged quantities of oil to be sold under the banner of fighting for the people.
Unless the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood central government showed a clear reaction, Libya is perhaps slowly divided into competing regions and cities loyal to tribal and ethnic groups jostling for oil and gas resources local .
Claudia Jatsena of the International Crisis Group , says “they are trying to use this as a bargaining tool with the state. They want to disrupt the political process and for this current threaten to secede from Libya.”
She added, ” But if this will become an armed confrontation, leading to greater autonomy issues, depends very much on how the government responds to the demands of these people.”

And the failure of the central government ‘s fragile wrest power from the rival factions and provide security in most parts of Libya, but also in parts of Tripoli feeds federal ambitions .
The Benghazi in the east who feels her family since the period of injustice has yet to touch a share of the spoils after the war.
Libya is still without a new “constitution” (since most believe that the Holy Quran should be their only “constitution”). By UNO standards, this has to be Tsagh the Committee who will elect the members of the three regions and to take into account the demands of federal , tribal and ethnic pressures.

In contrast to this there is Iraq’s federal system allows for a semi – autonomous Kurdistan region ship its oil through pipelines belonging to the central government that gets in return a percentage of the federal budget.
The director of the company Petro Libya oil services that Kurds are the majority in Kurdistan, but in Libya , it is demanding autonomy are small groups , whether in the south or east .
He added that he could a group of 10 or 15 people – and not the tribe – sometimes close the pipeline .

Analysts and diplomats , local officials and a federal system that claimants do not enjoy broad support and often chanting these demands as a tool against Tripoli.
The tribes announced Fezzan in the south region a semi-autonomous territory two weeks ago, but residents say that competition between groups that supported al-Qathafi and those opposed will pre-empt this proposal , even if the feelings of strong resentment from Tripoli .
Said Khalil Mohammed , a nurse in a hospital in the town of Sebha in Fezzan ” Fezzan source of gas , water, agriculture and wealth that go to the north and the capital. Did not nail beats and one here.”
In the West , where the largest population represents a response to the demands of the powerful Zintan tribe , which closed elephant oil fields and key spark in increased wages and allay local fears and promises to provide more funds for community projects .

The diplomat said the “federalist in the Middle cause more serious and more acceptable. However, the size of the support is very limited and if the government was able to settle the issues of security, I think that the idea of spending federal fade quickly.”
But the area of east Libya appears out of control .. Fighting between rival militias in the presence of Salafist militants in the cities of Derna, Tobruk and within tuber.

In the remote desert areas controlled oil – producing thousands of members of the armed militia led by Ibrahim Aljdharan , the plants produce about 60 percent of the country’s oil wealth . The size of the support that can be gets it Aljdharan to establish a semi – autonomous region in the east or you will end its protest if Tripoli made more concessions .. It matters not known .

The central government has warned it could resort to force but they seem unwilling to confront the militants advocates of federalism . Protesters are still in the Middle continue their hard-line approach .
But to begin exporting oil in an independent manner to the market by the Mediterranean Sea without any agreement with Tripoli will be difficult for the men Aljdharan . The government threatened to attack any tanker carrying illegal oil exports .
Said John Hamilton of CNN . Me. Aye a consulting firm focused on Africa and energy, ” There is one thing certain is that Aljdharan and his men will not be able to sell the oil . Nobody interested .” “It will be a sign of that ship and it will be stolen oil from” the Cororate West.

Photo: Despite the chaos Libya is far from Reuters division


reported  By Suleiman Al-Khalidi and  edited by Ghaith Shennabi in Tripoli

Independence declarations by Cyrenaica and more recently by the southern Fezzan region

This weekend’s U.S. military raid to snatch a top suspected al-Qaeda duel-operative from Tripoli only underscored how Libya’s turmoil may make it easier for Islamist militants to find safe haven there.

Two years after a CIA-led rebellion (supposedly) ended the the Great Jamahiriya, federalist ambitions complicate Zaidane’s fragile control over former rebels still jostling for more power.

His challenge is clearest in the east, where healthy non-violent protesters claiming to protect Libya’s oil from corrupt elites have closed ports, dug in and threatened to sell oil independently for their Cyrenaica region.

There, the main city Benghazi–(actually in ABJABIYA) has already set up its own council demanding to run local affairs, and called for state oil company NOC to return to an area that was once Libya’s economic heartland.

“The government and congress exploit Libya’s wealth and use it to serve their agendas,”

said Ibrahim al-Jathran, the former head of an oil protection security unit who defected and seized eastern ports as a federalist chieftain.

The puppet transitional GNC is a weak “government” paralysed by inertia and armed militias with little popular support. Cyrenaica and Fezzan are

holding Tripoli to ransom (against European and Yankee stealing of Libya’s oil for themselves) by shutting down oil in the name of federalism and care for their homeland.
(AFRICAN RESOURCES primarily for Africans.)

That scenario has already drawn comparisons to Nigeria, where militants with the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) have attacked oil installations,

kidnapped foreign workers and siphoned off crude for sale under the banner of fighting for the oppressed people of the Niger Delta.

“They are trying to use this power as a bargaining tool with the state. They want to disrupt the current political process and to do so they threaten to break off from Libya,”

said International Crisis Group’s Claudia Gazzani.

“Whether this becomes an armed confrontation that leads to greater autonomy depends very much on how the government responds to these peoples’ demands.”


Libyan federalists play upon old divisions dating back to before Gaddafi came to power in 1969. They point to 1951 when power was devolved to Cyrenaica,

the southern province of Fezzan, and Tripolitania in the west.

A shaky central government’s failure to wrest control from rival militias and provide security in most parts of Libya, and even over parts of Tripoli, only feeds federalist ambitions.

Iraq, in contrast, already has a federal system that calls for autonomous Kurdistan to ship its oil through the central government’s pipelines and in return receive a percentage

of the federal budget, although unresolved tensions remain, as the central government is still under the control of the United States.

“In Libya, in some cases 10 or 15 people can close a pipeline and it’s not … even a whole tribe.” The Federalists

often appear to use federalism more for leverage against Tripoli, according to analysts, local officials and diplomats.

Southern Fezzan’s tribes declared autonomy two weeks ago but there are rivalries between small pocket groups and those who backed al-Qathafi’s Great Jamahiriya  100%.

(80% of the south back the Great Jamahiriya still).

“Fezzan is a source of gas, water, farming and wealth that goes to the north and the capital. Not one nail has been hammered in here,” said Khalil Mohammed,

a nurse in a local hospital in Sabha town in Fezzan.

In the more populated west, demands of the powerful Zintan tribe, who had shut the major El Feel and Sharara oilfields,

were addressed by pay increases, managing local concerns and by promising more cash for community projects.

“Federalism in the east is a more serious issue and is more plausible….”

Turf warfare among rival militias is aggravated by a strong presence of  ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Salafist hardliners (who call the area “The Islamic Emorite of Libya”)

in the cities of Derna, Tobruk and the tuber.

In the remote desert oil-producing areas, several thousand armed militiamen led by the federalist leader Jathran hold facilities that account for almost sixty percent of the country’s oil wealth.

It is unclear how much support Jathran can draw upon for a real push for autonomy in the east, or whether he would end protests if Tripoli offered more concessions.

The central government has warned it could turn to force, but appears reluctant to confront the armed federalists. For the moment, his eastern oil protesters are keeping their hard line.

But starting exporting oil independently to market though the Mediterranean without any agreement with Tripoli will be tough for Jathran’s men.

The government has threatened to attack any tankers illegally exporting oil.

“One thing is certain, Jathran and his people will not be able to sell oil, nobody is interested,” said John Hamilton a Western-backed business consultancy at CBI, 

focused on African energy (developed for Western consumption and profit). “That ship would be marked, this would be oil stolen from” the Corporate West.

Huda Al Abdali:

Tell me the violation of the sovereignty and already are the first violated the sovereignty trained Tunisians and Algerians

and Afghans in Libya and recruited to kill the officers in the Libyan army rule, sirs.

Head of the organization were imprisoned Test bank Minister Mohammed Allam and Controller of Agdia by the public prosecutor

(Attorney General’s Office) and the pending issue of final checks to the Under-energy Naji al-Mukhtar. (GOOD)
Attorney General ordered the arrest of a number of heads of departments Libyan government pending investigation into financial corruption and dishonesty ..


Quoting Libyan Republic

Issued operations room Libya rebels issued a statement which declared a state of maximum alert for its troops across the country,

in preparation for the issuance of instructions to expel foreigners who are in the country illegally …   (GOOD)

# _ Gateway to Libya

News Agency – Tripoli – Data

Operations room announced Libya rebels , on Monday , the maximum state of alert because of what it described as the country’s exposure to the deteriorating security situation and violations of foreign intelligence services and the infringement on the sovereignty of the state, and the utter failure of the government to address the situation on the ground
Indeed .

Room and demanded in a statement , all employees of subsidiaries in various Libyan cities b readiness and preparedness to go down and wait for instructions from the main chamber to expel aliens in an informal way .

And accused the room these foreigners to engage in physical liquidation operations almost daily in the city of Benghazi and the capital Tripoli and other Libyan cities Mstdlh killing of Libyan officer Mohammed Soussi
Russian Girl hand and an honest citizen kidnapped Alriqiei alias Abu Anas al Libi and extradited to the United States , loaded at the same time responsibility for each of collusion with foreign intelligence and helped her in violation of Libya’s sovereignty .

The operations room has vowed to Libya rebels to prosecute those involved on the facts referred her to bring them to justice for Neil comeuppance confirmed directly investigations in particular .

Libya, sovereign and proud homeland for 40 years, reduced to a soundstage for American bond-esque operations! way to go NATO’s Contras!

” Abu Anas ” was a double agent says Algeria


Therefore, it is being used as a pretext to invade Libya.

Apparently he was an undercover agent for America’s CIA…and even Muammar knew about him and told other neighboring nations about him….

and he therefore was protected from the Salafists who thought he was one of their own!

Never believe for an instant that the USA is after al-Qaeda…That is all a cover…Al-Qaeda are their undercover Military wing in the Near and far East…

They are positioned there mostly to cause instability and chaos so Yankee forces may be stationed there (in their phony “war on Terror”).

War is BIG BUSINESS and the only thing holding the US GOVERNMENT together!
and be sure Abu is padded well on the U.S. Warship he is on.

Describe the interim government report “Allomend” (GERMAN in ARABIC) Zaidane delivered a list of the names of American intelligence wanted to Libyans Balahaah the.

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the kidnapping of “Abu Anas” the …

Issued a “Libyan ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood,” a statement on the kidnapping of al-Qaeda Eda “honest Alriqiei” known as “Abu Anas al-Libi.”

Saturday, 05 October 1 / Okrudolf 2013 21:00


Zawahiri governs more than 5 thousand armed in Libya and Belhadj «Prince secret base in Libya

Zawahiri governs more than 5 thousand armed in Libya and Belhadj «Prince secret base in Libya

Algerian security reports confirmed and French, that the connection has never stopped,

between al-Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and the Salafist Brigades militants fighting in

Libya, by confidence men al-Zawahiri in Libya .

Hafiz Abdul Hakim Belhaj, who suspect the investigation that was linked to the killing opponents in Tunisia, and the attack was appointed Omnas in Algeria, a relationship and a link to the Emirate of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, by jihadists in Martyrs Brigades, Abu Salim, described the investigators from Tunisia working files terrorism, Abdul Hakim Belhaj, that Prince’s secret base in Libya, and it is one of the most prominent men of confidence-Zawahri, said the results of investigations about the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, that the attack was under the direct orders of Ayman al-Zawahiri, in Afghanistan, by Salafists Libyans, were members of the LIFG, said the results of the investigation that has been leaking parts of them, in batches, if contact was not directly between the followers of close to al-Zawahiri in Pakistan, and elements of the Abu Salim Martyrs Brigades and tuber Brigades .     

(Murad Mhamed)

Shield Libya militias specialization blockings on people ….

Close Shield forces to Ibiaaltaba to Gharyan, since few, by Gheryan – Azizia put piles of dirt and the middle. He called Qassed parents in the city of Gharyan

or leaving them wire through Gheryan – Asabieh – Tripoli and lack of traffic via Azizia

Everything you do is for the “Brotherhood government” coverage for several things, including: -

- National Congress scandal story portray members to pressure them naked and extortion.
- U.S. troops on Libyan territory.
- Anonymous convoy in the south of Libya and their intentions.

This is what Dahir visible now Makhva was the greatest

(Great Rafla | Great Werfalla)

There are two members of the National Conference was tortured someone tortured for a week and bought filmed a nude and we went to visit him after being tortured and imprisoned and filmed and a member of the National Congress, Omar was with us and father his fibers the Member National Conference karbassi also was with us and after that see this scene in Domat today following his resignation
I swear to God Almighty I swear to God Almighty I swear by Almighty God that I did not lie at all ma2lt and I swear to God that the Conference is not ruling all Hua ma2lt him for theft and Hua I swear to God that the isolation imposed by force but the Prophet doomsday opponent that you lie. I swear by Almighty God that what is happening now is not for 42 in Gaddafi and say some oral and I’m from opponents of Gaddafi falls brothers,
“Touati I respect all those who were with the Commander”
TOUATI alaida divides the Koran and live on the first channel of Libya and challenging any member of Congress to come out and divide the right and denying what alaida is stripping the members of the Conference and the National Conference of extortion and Libya don’t judge but ruled by armed militias and that they stole him in the funeral three years beyond what was stolen during the reign of the tyrant and confirms that the brotherhood and Al-Qaida are spoiled everything confirms that the Brotherhood Members have paid MTD ltkhelid member of a specific problem and the political isolation was under threat The weapon it I think the guy swore he befriended the brothers and their horns will try that distorted the man because it shamed and expose their falseness and I say God bless you yagdaran on what you’re doing with the brothers

 Free exclusive channel Cyrenaica

Word us news from informed sources in the Libyan embassy in Egypt stating that a member of the National Conference Mr. (Touati Alaadh) may apply for political asylum to Egypt and the students has been approved.

People want to stick to positions Whatever it was, Do you know that Joseph is still carved military is currently working as a

consultant for Ali Zaidane. Government of mixed things civil with the military, and tell how what Aasirh the abduction and killing of Libyans?

A member of the Conference … Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense ….Party chairman

Libya leaders today are the same LIFG al-Qaeda leaders in the past.

(LIBYAN FIGHTING GROUP is the “al-Qaeda” or military wing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.)

A member of the National Conference General Tawfiq a to Shahyba:

- We are in the conference penetrate in the Constitutional Declaration and Bylaws almost daily

There are decisions in which the excesses of the President of the Conference demanded investigated

and they became trapped in the inclusions (either you have forgotten the 900 million) spent Cash?

- You forgotten assigned to the rebels that attacked the room and the Minister of Finance and broke his office

and forced him to exchange 25 million despite his nose?

- Defect in us Nhna like it or not we are the highest authority in the state and we will take full responsibility,

despite our noses and we are the number one suspect before the law.

Fathi Ben Issa media:

Abdul Majeed Mliqth:

“12 million dinars worth of financing political isolation tent over 4 months .. Who paid these amounts ? !!”

As usual, our good for others ..

.. Plans, some civil society organizations and some charities to launch the distribution of the 1000 campaign sacrificial feast on the Syrian refugee

families in Libya, while some of the Libyan families are unable to buy sacrificial feast this year because of the prices of the task is quite …
And the funny thing is that the Syrians, even in their country what they Aaido sheep, but it was the only turkey:

Bieid citizen without sacrifice:

Company official “Tat oil” Russia: The company suspended its work in Libya, as well as foreign companies will not continue

in its work in light of the recent threats of al-Qaeda in Libya.

# _ Gateway to Libya



An attempt to stop electricity corner

Sard said steam from the station to generate electricity in the corner that a group of armed men opened fire

in front of the station in an attempt to turn them off.
He has workers and engineers in the station to confront the armed group which was only withdraw Wa vowed

to return tomorrow (as they say) what appears to be a determination to achieve its goal.


The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

Announced the Central Bank of Libya , that the work in the winter time all banks have started since Tuesday 10/01/2013 . M .

He explained the bank – in the Declaration issued by the Department of Banking Supervision and cash to work for the staff starts from Sunday to Thursday ,

and will be from 8 am to 3.30 pm , while starts receiving customers and dealing with them from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm.

And the bank noted in his announcement , that the commercial banks will provide their services to customers on Saturday through sections of current accounts
From 9.00 am to 12.00 pm.

Militias occupy the headquarters of the Libyan government , demanding salaries

Tripoli: dozens of former rebels occupied the seat of government Monday in Tripoli demanding receiving salaries late on news news channel quoted .

 The private channel reported that the militiamen protesting against the “non-payment of their salaries for months.”
She added that the soldiers were able to enter the building and whatever prevented from entering or leaving. She continued, “They said they are waiting for officials to negotiate.”

Their Prime Minister Ali Zaidane wasfound Monday in Morocco, where he appeared yesterday a three-day official visit days.

He said they are targeting the headquarters of the government periodically to demand salaries or bonuses .

After three years, the authorities are still unable to control groups of former rebels who instituted their control in various parts of the country in the absence of police strength and Army Mahtervtin .

In contact with a friend of employees in the prime minister now three armed groups within the premises of the prime minister,

locked gates and prevented the prime minister from staff out, and their demand “Floowoowoowos”.

Abdel Moez Bannon:

The withdrawal of the armed group, which was the siege of the prime minister intends to unknown

reasons and they are a 10 cars

Image directly now from the island port of Tripoli

Do not be terminated for creating and come like him

The patrol car remove Asalafr from all patrol cars fully opaque

Now the rain of the city of Tripoli, Lord, make it a useful Geetha

[Valley girl]
(BTW: IT IS ALSO RAINING HERE IN CORSICA, where I am, across the Mediterrannean from Tripoli)

Fire at the International Tripoli Airport Lounge:

Skirmishes between the gates located on the island of Jerusalem among themselves because of one of the groups ordered

over the other car and you want to not pass ..Hasten wa fired at each

(If Tripoli)

Fire at Tripoli airport there was little damage succeeds
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Airport flight engineer said Tripoli Rami fishing: “The fire, which broke out in one of the roofs of the airport on Tuesday did not succeed no harm.

The hunting of the country’s airspace on Tuesday that the fire broke out due to ‘short-circuit’ in the air conditioning sector gate number eight

against the German lines and was brought under control in a short time.”

The Global Aviation Organization (ICAO), “IATA” had warned the closure of airports in Tripoli and Benghazi in front of international flights due

to armed manifestations and their safety requirements.

[Quoted by the me] Mail page:
What happened today for the first time I see it outside the tidbits walakshnkent seated close to the way a man down from the car with his wife and daughter, aged about 15 years into the pharmacy, behind car type Mercedes or eyes with darkening opaque, stands another car Toyota before the car as normal view and no doubt never stands a taxi also come down by (Egyptian) and falls behind the man to thePharmacy stands and listens to what he says and what the men inside to find an older man gives the go-ahead, down from the two Mercedes, one bearded and shabot dressed in uniform. Pants betati Black wireless like walbot, Toyota three men dressed as security High Committee, admitted the man they say we mitiga and security personnel you required our, they lead him to Toyota to the attention of his wife and daughter in complete calm entered the car as the arrest of security men. Although he does not know why. Another person comes out and is heading to the car to lead the women and her daughter. We did not think it a kidnapping. Never did we think it was a very smooth process.
After about three hours the kidnapped man comes to tell a story that has never come to mind
It’s an armed robbery
Was pursuing when it comes out of the Bank to receive cash 450,000 Libyan dinar were also says that donations to the cancer hospital he will cover them tender. Lhako to place stop belonging to weiktado his wife and daughter to the car is inspected for wakhd money and leaving them on a highway. And when the process ended bought a phone to the other group for ystghano the men and left it at the end of the airport road.
Comment you and loved ones. I just say.
O Allah, make ward off the thwart the plot. God and yes the dealer.

The disappearance or kidnapping my brother M’hamed Mansour Marghany Officer Bank of the main deserts on

Sunday 6/10/3013 on his way to work in the morning.
I found his car unlocked and his blade in Qsirn Gasheer area Alcaikh Bridge near the airport.
I ask for your assistance is available not have any contact information on these numbers.
God does not waste the reward of the best pursuant

Please circular

أختفاء أو أختطاف أخي علي أمحمد منصور المرغني موظف بمصرف الصحاري الرئيسي أمس الأحد 6/10/3013 وهو في طريقه إلى العمل صباحاً.
وجدت سيارته مقفلة وبها شفرة هاتفه في منطقة قصربن غشير الكايخ بالقرب من كوبري المطار.
ارجو منكم المساعدة ومن يتوفر عنده أي معلومة الاتصال على هذه الأرقام.
والله لا يضيع اجر من احسن عملاالرجاء التعميم

Teachers sit in on Nagar High School for Boys in Bab Ben Gasheer Tripoli’s guardian because yesterday hit the manager and stadium, and the Director at the hospital …

Teachers in the sit-in until it is sending protects teachers.

Kerry on the “arrest”!:



Pictures and News of Rishvana

Someone from the family of exposure Fahid an assassination attempt “apparently” near the intersection of the military police Zahra.
He is now in good health and Praise.

Channel of the globe on Facebook

We got recently promised to inquiries on deadline to Stgal coverage of Libya Max (Wimax), in the city of the globe .

In response to these INQUIRIES at several points :
• Site engineers in the final phase to complete the procedures of the company .
• If completed before Eid al – Adha measures the probability of a large Akonal actual workman also ahead of the Eid al – Adha .
• the extent of the plant ranges from 3 kg to 5 kg may exceed the duration of this station when consumption be a small number of users may reach the extent to which (10) a kilo.
• areas that may reach This Kerkozh coverage , Albaronah , Abusrh , Zahra city

Special thanks to the engineer ( Hussam Zrougui ) , a resident of the area of the globe for his great efforts in the installation of the station and the team also accompanying him .

قناة المعمورة علي فيس بوك

وصلنا مؤخرا عدت استفسارات علي موعد النهائي لشتغيل تغطية ليبيا ماكس (Wimax) ، في مدينة المعمورة .

ردا علي هذه الاستفسارت في عدة نقاط :
• طاقم المهندسيين في المرحلة الاخيرة لأكمال إجراءات الشركة .
• إذا اكتملت الاجراءات قبل عيد الأضحي فأحتمال كبير يكونال شغيل الفعلي ايضا قبل عيد الاضحي .
• مدي تشغيل المحطة يتراوح من (3) كيلو الي (5) كيلو وقد يتجاوز ذلك علي مدة استهلاك هذه المحطة فعندما يكون عدد المستخدمين قليل قد تصل الي مدي (10) كيلو .
• المناطق التي قد تصل لها هذه التغطية قرقوزة ، البارونية ، أبوصرة ، الزهراء المدينة

ونخص بالشكر الي المهندس ( حسام الزروقي ) أحد سكان منطقة المعمورة علي مجهوداته الكبيرة في تركيب المحطة وأيضا فريق العمل المصاحب له.

بنت الوادي

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Shortly before
Hit by a car Hyundai and color Guenhi firing squad led by one of the sons of Fahid news it says Walid Fahid offers me an assassination

attempt he and his mother by Anonymous in four streets of the military police Zahra and reports say he was killed and God knows a ..

but have information about the killer, but we do not have sufficient evidence …

Condolences to the people of Sibai tribe Rishvana
In the name of God the Merciful
“Every soul shall taste of death but to iPhone a Gore km Day

Resurrection Vmenzhzhan the fire and enter Paradise,

has won what life only chattel vanity “

Great truth of God
Hearts locked in God and of advancing the Shura Council and Rishvana condolences warm to all brothers and sisters in Rishvana

and singled out the family (Mansour Sibai) in the death of the late, God willing, their son, martyr of the nation (Jamal Mansour Sibai),

who was assassinated However, treachery and terrorism which kills his duty to guard the homeland (gate Maltese) Wesh region

of Tadth between Tarhuna and Bani Walid by the Almighty God’s mercy,
Invite God to forgive him and have mercy and eternal peace, and that inspires his family beautiful patience and fortitude.
God and to Him we return. Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings
The first Sunday of the month of November 1434 AH
Corresponding to the sixth month of October 2013.

Media Office Shura Council and Rishvana of.

Libyan tribe and Rishvana

Now Ghaith useful on some areas and Rishvana.

Social Council statement tribes and Rafla regarding the events of the Maltese gate
Jamal Aekhi would not stand a this topic time watching and we hope that there is no sin and to be on the right nor Azlmo of a built Walid will not bite twice and you know knead well Many a lot of it was an advocate of your tribe became against you because you Ojermtm in the right and you caution this topic time strength of Bani Walid complete Ptlajm all became her children throughout Libya, something happened on the Bani Walid hear echoed this Almamrh the everywhere in Libya, especially Tripoli and Benghazi:

Social Council of Werfalla and Rafla Tribes and Wershvana

Conference, which pull membership Alaadh in minutes turn a blind eye to the siege of the city of Bani Walid for a second day by the youth of Tarhuna

and Central MB shield militias (MISURATA) and force gasoline inventories in the city after the cliff leading to it the asphalt tractors and written statements

Regional at the entrances to the city.

We the people have become morality disappear between his sons. Win your minds oh Libyans.

(Depression forum)




The President of Libya’s ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood “the Justice and Development Party”, the Tunisian Mohamed Alhaddra accused the Zintan tribe sheltering the leader of the ” Ansar al-Sharia ,” Abu Ayad and provide it with weapons and the establishment of a training camp for his supporters in the city for an attack on Tunisia sarin and with the support of Abdul Hakim Belhadj
In reality the camp is run and trained by Misurata at Misurata’s airfield!!
Zintan denies harboring extremists with a view to the attack on Tunisia
“Country ambiance” – Fouad Diab reporting:

Denied the head of the local council of the city Zintan Mohammad Alokwak on the Tuesday news circulated by the Tunisian media on harboring training camps _ a view to the attack on the Tunisian south .

And explained Alokwak the atmosphere of the country , ” the local council sent a delegation to Tunisia in order to refute these allegations and statements that he considered unfounded and false .”

And pointed Alokwak that the local council demanded the official Tunisian media to send a delegation to the city of Zintan specifically for himself on the city, he said , adding that we will not allow the abuse of Tunisia sister .



Then last night targeting one Almazinat in Sirte

The so-called “Mazyona” RPG Bakoazv the

Cold winter breezes blowing, the military and the people of Giza b Sirte
Not acted them entitlements maintenance, and winter on the doors.

Red Crescent theft Sirte:

The unidentified group on Saturday night / Sunday stormed the headquarters of the Libyan Red Crescent in Sirte and steal its contents.
The spokesman said the Libyan Red Crescent that thieves looted electronic equipment after it broke doors
And restricted the guard headquarters.
The spokesman stressed that has been reported to the concerned authorities, which began investigations into the incident.
The spokesman for the Libyan Red Crescent to the Libyan Red Crescent branch Sirte is one of the most important branches at this stage

in view of what its assistance for displaced people in the vicinity of the city of Sirte.

(Valley girl)



Place arrangements for a meeting with members and Elders of the city notables
Tarhounah and Bani Walid and shuras to resolve the situation and return
Stability between the two cities.

Salem al-Obeidi

A member of the National Conference, Mohammed Bo Sidra:

I’ve according to God Operations Room rebels Libya to catch the three suspects in the killing of the soldiers where is home

Who’s in it 150 meters from the disaster site, have been found with 50 Mobile thirty-blade and three explosive devices

remotely two did not discriminate in Snadaiqama and one UNFPA has found only…

They also found type Automatic rifle was still hot, suggesting absolute loyalty to al-Qathafi!!!!!

Maalaqh hottest Venice absolute loyalty to al-Qathafi?!!!!!

(Valley girl)


Reactions militias Tarhounah to the killing of army officers at the gate puts a big question mark about the motive behind these acts

of provocation and migration Mer, when Ntdkr reactions Tarhounah to the kidnapping of Abyssinian evident that there is a motivation

and drive them in their non-moral, which reached the limit of the expulsion of ambulances thatmovement of patients and the cliff road link

between Bani Walid and Tarhounah. It holds the puppet strings this time?

The effects of the dastardly attack on the gate of the Maltese city of Tarhounah, which claimed the lives of 16 component of the Libyan army:

Quoted Walid Al tarhouni:
Key Ahmed maitik Tung

Deep sorrow left behind now in mourning for my neighbour

A group of mourners came and I walked through the Bani Walid and stopped last night for a prayer mosque Morocco opposite the gate where the tragic event
Used cars near the gate and had us mourners coming from Sirte police officer officers known for their discipline and commitment before and after the revolution
The officer’s attention those young people who were at the gate …
Kiafthm was excellent and very clean, Kano’s military vehicles btnaobon to enter the mosque for prayers, Morocco
Spent my relatives next door about half an hour to rest and pray. And have seen of these young people, but all the best …
I swear our guests that those young people did raise certain cars for families. Kano young smile never leaving their mouth and they receive the cars cross the gate and literature
The guest list was meeting them and was impressed by the modern road last night the gate until arrive to the funerals in Tripoli
This hostel they said Thunderbolt and became us when they heard the news, calling them yavlan know Khan saree lunchtime in gate alshrsharh …
The second he heard the tragedy, pointing with his finger they 100% with a smile and if its a surprise. Mato all …
Shock can clear the notice followed by silence and then say … Laiaragl matkolhash there is no God save one hitter stung until almost hear the whine of the heart
Selling process when their Lord and thank God there is no power but from God and
We will say we’ve learned since childhood. Yakatl spirit win betrouh
(Bennett Valley)
نقلا عنــ وليد الترهونيمفتاح أحمد معيتيق البركي
حزن عميق تركته ورائي الان في مأتم لقريبي
مجموعه من المعزين جاء و من سرت مروراً ببني وليد وتوقفوا ليلة البارحه لصلاة المغرب في الجامع المقابل للبوابه التي حدثث فيها الفاجعه
ركنوا سياراتهم قرب البوابه وكان بينن المعزين القادمين من سرت ضابط شرطه من الضباط المشهود لهم بالانضباط والالتزام قبل الثوره وبعدها
لفت انتباه الضابط اولئك الشباب الذين كانو في البوابه … كانت قيافتهم ممتازه وسياراتهم العسكريه نظيفه جداً وكانو بتناوبون على دخول المسجد لصلاة المغرب
أمضى أقربائي بجانب البوابه نصف ساعه تقريبا للراحه والصلاه … ولم يروا من هؤلاء الشباب الا كل خير … اقسم ضيوفنا ان اولئك الشباب لم يرفعوا عينهم في السيارات لوجود أسر فيها … كانو صغار السن لا تفارق الابتسامه ثغرهم وهم يستقبلون السيارات العابره من البوابه بكل احترام وأدب
كان الضابط الضيف يسرد لقاءه بهم واعجابه الذي كان حديث الطريق ليلة البارحه من تلك البوابه حتى وصلو الى المأتم في طرابلس
لهذا نزل عليهم الخبر كالصاعقه واصبحوا امامنا عند سماعهم الخبر ينادون بعضهم يافلان عرفت الشبا اللي البارح في بوابة الشرشاره … يرد الثاني الذي لم يسمع بالفاجعه مشيراً بأصبعه انهم 100% مع ابتسامه واذا به يفاجأ بالقول … ماتو جميعاً …
صدمه واضحه لا بمكن الا ان تلاحظها يتبعها صمت ثم القول … لاياراجل ماتقولهاش لاحول الله لا حول الله ضارباً أكفّه ببعضها متألماً حتى تكاد تسمع أنين قلبه
نحسبهم عند ربهم شهداء والحمد لله ولاحول ولاقوة الا بالله
سنعتمد على قول تعلمناه منذ الصغر …. ياقاتل الروح وين بتروحبنت الوادي




Libyan political dialogue ::: Writings

The most important O Bani Walid , who thinks that we can help you , you must provide us help!
The most important O Bani Walid , who thinks that we can NFC blockade about you , you must Tpadre to lift the siege us !
The most important O Bani Walid , who thinks that we can Nnqzk , you must save us !

It has its will , O Bani Walid ? We or you ?
It has to face schemes of treachery and treason militias and bear it ? We or you ?
It has to speak for rights and Hakov of his sons ? We or you ?

True, we have electricity , food and water, but this is even where human and animal …
But you Vtofon dignity, pride and freedom of choice , and these things do not possess only men.

Do you accept the O Bani Walid that Nqaydk dignity , pride and pride, some food and drink and electricity ? !

I O Bani Walid has raised the slogan of Hashem ‘s grandson , when he said : God, my uncle ….
And raised the slogan chosen while Qaydoh on his life , he said : We are people who do not give up ; win or die.

Where Male Muhammad , peace be upon him , said Mukhtar now, and where are the young who weakened and استكانوا of the and Thaowa ?

Bani Walid Pride … Your life will be longer than the life Mhabark …
دليني Lord , O Bani Walid, Where Tstmedin all this pride ? ! ! .

By Abu Abdullah Trabelsi .
لحوار السياسي الليبي ::: كتابات

واهم يا بني وليد من يظن أننا يمكن أن نساعدكِ، فأنتِ من يجب أن تقدمي لنا المساعدة!
واهم يا بني وليد من يظن أننا يمكن أن نفك الحصار عنكِ، فأنتِ من يجب أن تبادري لفك الحصار عنا!
واهم يا بني وليد من يظن أننا يمكن أن ننقذكِ، فأنتِ من يجب أن ينقذنا!

فمن يملك إرادته يا بني وليد؟ نحنُ أم أنتِ؟
ومن يملك أن يواجه مخططات ميليشيات الغدر والخيانة ويتحمل ذلك؟ نحنُ أم أنتِ؟
ومن يملك أن يتكلم عن حقوقه وحقوف أبناءه؟ نحنُ أم أنتِ؟

صحيح أننا نملك الكهرباء والطعام والماء، لكن هذا أمر يتساوى فيه الإنسان والحيوان…
أما أنتم فتملكون الكرامة والكبرياء وحرية الاختيار، وهذه أمور لا يمتلكها إلا الرجال.

هل تقبلين يا بني وليد أن نقايضكِ الكرامة والعزة والكبرياء ببعض الطعام والشراب والكهرباء؟!

لعمري يا بني وليد لقد رفعت شعار حفيد هاشم ، حين قال: والله يا عم….
ورفعتِ شعار المختار حين قايضوه على حياته فقال: نحن قوم لا نستسلم؛ ننتصر أو نموت.

أين ذكر محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم، وذكر المختار الآن، وأين هم الصغار الذين ضعفوا واستكانوا وتهاووا؟

بني وليد الكبرياء… حياتك سيكون أطول من حياة محاصريك…
دليني بربك يا بني وليد، من أين تستمدين كل هذه العزة؟!!.

بقلم أبي عبدالله الطرابلسي. منقول

A Council spokesman Bani Walid, protesters lock for the road leading to the town.

ناطق بإسم مجلس بني وليد، عن قفل محتجين للطريق المؤدي للبلدة

( م )

The Libyan army is in Bani Walid about a year ago did not occur between them and the people of Bani Walid any problems on the contrary,

they are loved from the people of Bani Walid because they enjoy a high moral character.. .. For your information we have lost two of our

young people whom the young man in whom is married and has sons why did not close the road and ask Tarhounah delivered from killing

our young people , especially given that the gate is located in the land of Tarhounah Naturally is city Tarhounah be responsible for the safety of present on its soil .

” So fear Allah , O human beings”

Noureddine Bouchiha  tells us:


Never hear attack at the gate of a shield.
Or bombing or the assassination of a leading figure in the shield

Always be assassinations and bombings, for purely military figures in the military or security. Or attacks on patrols by lightning and so

They are brothers God curse them do not want the army and police.

Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé la photo de the Dardanelles TV channel | Aldardanel TV.
Diary of aggression, 8 October 2012
Continuation of indiscriminate shelling of the city
Bani Walid by Libya Shield militia
But in this day developed militias
Violation of human rights and that amount
War crimes where the gases used
Toxic in the bombardment of the city where
Hospital record Bani Walid year, 24 cases of poisoning among civilians, cramps and fainting cases, except for other injuries from moderate and serious injuries.

Interruption of fuel as a result of the blockade imposed on the city of militias Bani Walid.

Think not of those who died in the cause of God dead, but alive when the Lord have provision (169) rejoicing including Allah hath given them of His bounty and rejoice with those who did not catch them from behind not fear, nor shall they grieve (170) rejoice grace and bounty from Allah and that Allah does not waste the wage of the believers (171).

Martyr Hussein Massoud Allotfi, and his sons … Shahid and Rafla a ..

“I am God and to Him we return”


لقاءآت من قناة النبأ مع عضو من المجلس الإجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة و المجلس المحلي بني وليد بخصوص الحصار الذي تفرضه مليشيات مسلحة على بني وليد
 FB VIDEO:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=529294303830449&set=vb.175383629221520&type=2&theaterNews channel on the blockade imposed by armed militias on Bani Walid
Reading from a news channel with a member of the Social Council of tribes and Rafla and the local council of Bani Walid on the blockade imposed by armed militias on Bani WalidPlace arrangements for a meeting with members and Elders of the city notables
Tarhounah and Bani Walid and shuras to resolve the situation and return
Stability between the two cities.(Salem al-Obeidi)

The Libyan news agency today

The people of the city of Bani Walid preparing now to Tntam and a protest against the siege of their city and cut the road connecting Tripoli at the hands of an armed group amid the absence of any reaction from the State


The people of Bani Walid today organized a vigil to condemn the closure of the road on the city of Bani Walid in the gate and Sheta Te by militias

Addressing the people of the city government and human rights organizations tongue
People of the city .. San Social Council tribes and Rafla and the local council and military Bani Walid and civil society organizations tongue ..

Does sound arrived Aadolh law and Liberties Aashab?

And Great Rafla …

Image due Shahid Hussein birth Allotfi who buffeted the hands of treachery in a gate accident and Sheta six (Maltese)
Pause people of Bani Walid today 10/08/2013 to express their rejection of the siege imposed on the city militia

Blog Bani Walid

Members and employees of the national army engaged the people of Bani Walid and Agafthm protest to express their rejection of the blockade imposed by the militias on Bani Walid

é la vidéo de ‎قناة الدردنيل الفضائية | Aldardanel TV‎.

la FB vidéo de the Dardanelles TV channel | Aldardanel TV.

Due martyr’s funeral Hussain Massoud الورفلي, who died in Maltese gate
Due martyr’s funeral Hussein Massoud الورفلي, which cited insidious in Maltese gate on Saturday, 05/10/2013

جنازة شهيد الواجب حسين مسعود الورفلي الذي استشهد غدراً في بوابة المالطي يوم السبت 5/10/2013

 Dardanelles satellite channel …

A vigil for the people of Bani Walid today at five pm with the participation of members of the national army to claim break the siege on the city imposed by the militias 3 days ago.


Shortly after the statement of the Social Council of the tribes and Rafla regarding the events of the Maltese gate

Social Council of tribes and Rafla | SCWT

The city of Bani Walid is under siege

Logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ

Scraping the road link between bin Walid and Tarhuna at the hands of armed groups and prevent the entry and exit of the city (siege)

and prevent the entry of gasoline, medical supplies and food for citizens ……..

And I fall conference Touati Alaadh the membership in a single day in retaliation for the same …

But he does not pay minimum attention to a hundred thousand citizens trapped for no reason
Bani Walid under attack again militias
Prevent the entry of fuel to the city and to prevent entry and exit of ambulances
And thus violate the human rights of New
In the silence of the government originally dormant and the people who struggled to sleep

God save Bani Walid and took care of the evil barbaric militias
And saved the rest of the land from the Libyan grip.
Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

Snipers mountain

Unfortunately, City Bani Walid greatly wronged In the past year in such

These days in the Eid al – Adha Tmmhasrh City of All

By axes and shields militias , which claimed the victims of the population

Especially children and this year the armor terrorist militias killing

Military personnel at the gate …

From sniper mount

Sorry Ben Walid much wrong in the past year in

These days on Eid al-Adha tmmhaserh city of all

The axes by the militia of the armor and the victims of population

In particular, this year the militia terrorist killed shields

Army personnel on the gate and washtata we had one officer who ngu

The massacre that the terrorists entered through Tripoli and had been charged

Ben Walid wrongly and falsely they bought betdbertlk incident although

The dead army soldiers killed in the portal has

The city gates closed bin Walid of the gate and washtata and Cliff

The road and closing the gate of Orban and close all ports almdinholiogd

City gas or even pay banks opened today

Only two hours and closed due to the lack of salaries, the Fiesta

It did not survive the days of Eid al-Adha, how all kallibine accept injustice

Alimdinh bin Walid and we the people by means of the bear Board

Wehakomhsidan, misratah and takfiri brotherhood all militias

Everything from the machinations of Bani Walid.

من قناصة الجبل

للاسف مدينه بن وليد ظلمت كثيرا ففى العام الماضى فى مثل

هذه الايام فى عيد الاضحى المبارك تممحاصرة المدينه من جميع

المحاور من قبل مليشيات الدروع والتى راح ضحاياها من السكان

وخصوصا الاطفال وهذا العام قامت مليشيات الدروع الارهابيه بقتل

افراد الجيش على بوابة وشتاته وقد اكد لنا احد الضباط الذين نجو

من المجزرة ان الارهابيين دخلو عن طريق طرابلس وقد تم اتهام

مدينة بن وليد بهتانا وزورا انهم من قامو بتدبيرتلك الحادثه بالرغم

ان هناك قتيل من الجنود الجيش الذين تم قتلهم فى البوابه وقد

تم اقفال البوابات على مدينة بن وليد من بوابه وشتاته وتم جرف

الطريق واغلاق بوابه العربان واغلاق كل المنافذ المدينهولايوجد

فى المدينة بنزين او حتى المرتبات فالمصارف تم فتحها اليوم

ساعتين فقط واغلاقها نظرا لعدم وجود مرتبات للمواطنين فالعيد

الاضحى لم يبقى عليه ايام فكيف جميعا كالليبين نرضى الظلم

علىمدينة بن وليد ونحن اهالى بــــــــــرقــة نحمل المجلس

وحكومةزيدان ومدينة مصراته ومليشيات الاخوان التكفيريه كل

مايحصل من مؤمرات على مدينة بن وليد .

URGENT | Social Council of tribes and Rafla southern region condemning and protesting

against the cut the road from the city

of Bani Walid, considered pursuant out of the customs and laws and demands to open the road and investigate the incident in full transparency.
Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

Siege ..

Policy cowards …..


لماذا بني وليـد ؟انا اقول لان هي المدينة الوحيده التي قالت لا للمليشيات ونعم للجيش والشرطة وهي المدينة الوحيده التي طردت المليشيات من ارضها .. وهي المعادلة الاصعب في ليبيا وهي بوصلة ليبيا .. فيستخدمون بني وليد كالشماعه في احداث ليبيا ما دنبنا نحن في قتل ضباط الجيش اليس لدينا ابناء من بني وليد من بينهم اين عقولكم ايها البشر نحن اول من استنكر هدا العمل ونريد القصاص من الجناة .. ولكنهم وجدوا انفسهم انهم لم يستطيعوا اخضاع بني وليد بعد الحصار والقرار الظالم فمزالوا يحقدون علي بني وليد وقبيلة ورفلــة … ولكن نقول لهم لن تخضعوا هده المدينة حتي تمسحوها من الخارطة فالموت واحده فالتكن في ارضنا بكرامة ولن تكن في سجون المليشيات الحاقدة ..كتيبة النهار الاحرف

I’d say that is the only city that said no to militia and Yes to the army, the police, the only city that militia expelled from its territory.

Hardest equation is Libya a compasses Libya. The use of Bani Walid as Chandler in Libya as dnbena we kill our sons Ellis army officers from Bani Walid, including in your minds, people we are the first to condemn this Act and we want punishment of the perpetrators. But they found themselves they could not subdue Bani Walid after the siege and the unjust famzalwa a grudge against the Bani Walid, tribe and Rafael … But tell them not subcumb this city until they wipe her off the map, death one technology in our land with dignity and not in a malevolent militias.

Battalion daytime characters

Lack of liquidity in the banks of Bani Walid, forcing it to open only two hours today and the closure of some.

(Valley girl)

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

Bani Walid is under siege

Entry into force of the city gasoline and gas stations closed completely.

(Valley girl)

| Aldardanel TV

Dardanelles satellite channel

Now Playing .. Funeral due martyr Hussein Massoud birthday Allotfi Alor Valley who died after an attack left the in Maltese gate dawn Saturday

I am God and to Him we return

Information Office of Bani Walid

Hurting Bani Walid today …

Hurting Bani Walid today and is deposited one of her sons martyrs of the national army of victims of serial treachery ….

Hurting Bani Walid today the sons of the martyr Hussein pain birth الورفلي buried at home today and that increased pain his family Pferagah the siege with their city ..
Hurting Bani Walid from event its neighbors Amolopon on their heads Voms siege by Tarhuna and today Choking of Gharyan hand …

Hurting Bani Walid today if homeland became Svhaúh the run helpless …

If what we got from the information on the pursuit of some in order to issue a Bushmin ordered individually to enter the city ( euphemism )

without taking permission CPPCC members Les Miserables ( outdoors ), and that this access longer than a few months and we hope not to be

killed Hola victims and those who including Ibn Bani Walid Hussein birthday within this series, and if this happened it really live state militias …..

Why not be the companions Abu Anas Libyan them by what happened in retaliation for their companion ( premise) note that the nearest site for the

accommodation kidnapped by a national army is the point and took advantage of a third-party event to achieve his goal and his agenda

Vsult Aboagah to incite against the sons of Bani Walid and God used … .

Dardanelles satellite channel …

A vigil for the people of Bani Walid today at five pm with the participation of members of the national army to claim break the siege on the city imposed by the militias 3 days ago.

The God and to Him we return.

The girl’s death, “Hamza Rabia Bakar.”
This child was on board one of the ambulances that the militia stationed at the gate Maltese returned and not let it pass and died for lack of possibilities in a city hospital.

We ask God to enter roomy Jana NH and her family to be patient and their loved ones.
And we ask God to kill these militias is urgent order.

October Bani Walid / October Bani walid

God inspired our people patience to Mbtlahm the the
Oh really show us the right to grant us his followers and show us falsehood and grant us to avoid it.

Patience Medicine each calamity.

Bani Walid between grudges endless!

Everyone wants to exploit the tragic incident, which involved a national army gateway to the max, Pens haters appeared on Bani Walid on the surface again to emit toxins again,

without any evidence arrived fairly lying interconnected to mention certain persons and charged in the incident!

The number of cars and the number of persons and names, although Libya live wave of assassinations and large-scale military personnel, but that the investigations and the sense of security

and technical progress does not appear except for Bani Walid to show the perpetrators always hours after the occurrence of any problem on its borders! As in the previous defense of ourselves would not work, but we tell them that your state that shows its strength shall told by the Bani Walid only have to check and indict for specific names and Tguets them if able to do so with great doubt on their ability to protect themselves, after come up with evidence on each Adeathm!

The rest of the trumpets Naakh not weigh them not to talk may reveal lies in the past year, including leaves no room for doubt in ill Mnepthm and intentions …

The question is What Hola enough to stop their tongues and extinguished the flames of hatred in their hearts? All what happened to the city from destruction,

theft and murder of children and women has not recovered Galil Hola Almuturin who Rtamoa in the arms of their parents and enemies made themselves ride

Imitt the guardian every spiteful and envious on this city ..

(Blog Bani Walid)

The eternal memory of the Battle of Ellis 10/08/2012
On that day line sons and Rafla brave finest epics jihadist aggression against the oppressor on Bani Walid, where Qaibdo of the enemy heavy losses in lives and materiel, and the blows Aloraval painful has forced gangs and militias to retreat and withdraw from the pure land to perpetuate those epic with the rest of the fighting jihad in history

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

Libyan Foundation for Human Rights Bani Walid branch calls upon the Libyan authorities break the siege applied to Bani Walid and hold criminals accountable for violating human rights

News Bani Walid

Came the people of Bani Walid today evening in a protest against the siege of Bani Walid applied by armed militias outside the law for the fourth day in a row. He had been attended by members of the national army people in and protest Agafthm ..

We bring you pictures shortly after that , God willing

Word now: UN formally request from Libya to enter the city of Bani Walid and the Interior Ministry rejects the request.

Book : Misbah Altaboli

Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé le statut de and Rafla majority | Great Werfalla.

Bani Walid siege ninth in Brief

There are many assassinations of the Libyan army men in the country from east and west ..
So why today accuse Bani Walid without the other ?
Especially that has two of the victims .. One dead and two injured !
The second strange thing is why surround shield Libya militias Bani Walid and slalom for solidarity with the cause of the victims of the Libyan army
Note that the armor is the most prominent enemy of the Libyan army
Not motivated assassinations operations officers that they were the most prominent defendants in. .. Even describe Brigades Gaddafi army and demanded repeatedly being separated and the formation of an army of new members .. How we see them today care about this issue ! ! .. This that we passed on that siege Infdh the pawns pawns

On the other hand
State Government and Bani Walid local council and another military
The military ruler also .. The first coordination between these devices so that any decision is reached .. Not to Atkhadd the disposal of individually barbaric Brats no morals them ..
Here wonder where dolls that demanded freedom , justice and democracy ..
How watching besieging the city and prevent them food, medical and fuel types .. How watching They prevent ambulances from out of town .. Today was the first child victims did not exceed 5 years .. The condition serious Vmnat from out .. Today, and made ​​available to term .. It bears her blood in his neck wonder ?

Contradict themselves and violate everything and not only human rights
That day will come in which it held accountable individually .. The escape from the justness of the world .. Valakhrh more severe punishment ..

As for us .. Is because we Bani Walid .. Automatically be the conscience of the nation and the beating heart and the spirit of juveniles .. It may be that you wake up full body Libyan Bakbaúlh and the villages and towns ..

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

A little while ago and for the 30th time . Published the so – called Chamber of Libya rebels story that caught on one companions of Bani Walid

involved in the killing of the martyrs of the duty of the Libyan army in the Malta-gate and Sheta Te of Tarhounah .

3 days ago these pages and Gharyan channel on FB and channel Misrata and others who followed a deliberate this kind of news ..

If we collected a number who have been arrested to become our secret , or at least a faction full of killers .

But Akink will not find any mercy on the martyrs in these pages. Because the goal and purpose only ignorant he does not know .

From all this news .. But there is no name ? Catch him in his home without any raid ? Did you contact him , and asked for the killer to come , and he came to you?

Some do not know the function of the human mind .. And starts swearing and cursing without him aware of what is happening all the news is true finds in front of someone you do not know .

Said Aziz , in his book ((The punk come to any news, ascertain ) ) great truth of God

Fear Allah in worship nor Taathmu people unjustly , he has evidence indicates it fell , but silence is gold , inquiries honesty the while you write and look for the truth of its sources.

If there is no name had been arrested from Bani Walid please announced publicly and in front of the people . Every reader knows the truth .. As people’s wealth unlawfully shot only to dredge tribal and psychological disease , I have a feeling of inferiority other. This is unacceptable . Especially due to the martyrs of the city of Bani Walid have them and not have them.

We ask God to accept them vast mercy of martyrs and that it appears right soon and is a rewarder of the reason .

The right of reply is guaranteed to each

Quoting Iaurvlh the Jock Jyushk ,
كتابه : Misbah Altaboli
حصار بني وليد التاسع في سطور

كثيرة هي عمليات الإغتيال لرجال الجيش الليبي في البلاد من شرقها وغربها ..
فلماذا اليوم يتهمون بني وليد دون غيرها ؟
خصوصا وأن لديها إثنين من الضحايا.. أحدها شهيد والثاني جريح !
الأمر الغريب الثاني هو لماذا تحاصر مليشيات درع ليبيا بني وليد وتعرج ذلك لتضامنها مع قضية الضحايا من الجيش الليبي
علما بأن الدروع هي العدو الأبرز لقيام الجيش الليبي
ولم تحركهم عمليات الإغتيالات للضباط التي كانوا أبرز المتهمين فيها.. بل ويصفون الجيش بكتائب القذافي وطالبوا مرارا بعزلهم وتكوين جيش بأفراد جدد.. فكيف نراهم اليوم يهتمون بهذه القضية !!.. هذا إن تجاوزنا على أن الحصار ينفده بيادق البيادق

ومن ناحية أخرى
الدولة بها حكومة وبني وليد بها مجلس محلي وآخر عسكري
وحاكم عسكري أيضا.. والأولى التنسيق بين هذه الأجهزة كي يتم الوصول لأي قرار .. لا أن يتخد بتصرف فردي همجي من صعاليك لا أخلاق لهم ..
وهنا نتسائل أين الدمى التي طالبت بالحرية والعدالة والديمقراطية ..
كيف يتفرجون على مدينة تحاصر وتمنع عنها المواد الغذائية والطبية والمحروقات بأنواعها.. كيف يتفرجون على سيارات الإسعاف وهي تمنع من الخروج من المدينة.. واليوم كانت أولى الضحايا طفلة لم تتجاوز الـ 5 سنوات .. كانت حالتها خطيرة فمنعت من الخروج.. واليوم وافاها الأجل.. فمن يتحمل دمها في رقبته ياترى ؟

يناقضون أنفسهم وينتهكون كل شيء وليس حقوق الإنسان فحسب
وسيأتي ذلك اليوم الذي يحاسبون فيه فردا فردا.. ومن ينجوا من عدالة الدنيا.. فالآخرة أشد عذابا ..

أما نحن.. فلأننا بني وليد.. تلقائيا نكون ضمير وطن وقلبه النابض وروحه اليافعة .. فعسى أن يستيقظ كامل الجسد الليبي بقبائله وقراه ومدنه ..

ورفلة العظمى | Great Werfalla

قبل قليل وللمرة ال 30 . نشرت ما يسمي بغرفة ثوار ليبيا خبرا مفاده القبض علي احد الازلام من بني وليد المتورطين في قتل شهداء الواجب من الجيش الليبي في بوابة وشتا ته .

منذ 3 ايام هذه الصفحات وقناة غريان علي الفيس بوك وقناة مصراتة وغيرها ممن يتبعها وهي تتداول هذا النوع من الاخبار .. ولو جمعنا عدد الذين تم القبض عليهم لاصبح لدينا سرية او علي الاقل فصيل كامل من القتلة . ولاكنك لن تجد اي ترحم علي الشهداء في هذه الصفحات. لان الغاية والغرض الجاهل فقط من لا يعرفها.

من كل هذه الاخبار .. الا يوجد اي اسم ؟ هل امسك تم به في منزله دون اي مداهمة ؟ هل اتصلتم به وطلبتم من القاتل المجئ فأتي لكم ؟

البعض لا يعرف وظيفة العقل البشري .. ويبدأ بالسب والشتم دون اي دراية له بما يحدث ويصدق كل خبر يجده امامه من شخص لا يعرفه .

قال تعالي في كتابه العزيز ((إِنْ جَاءَكُمْ فَاسِقٌ بِنَبَإٍ فَتَبَيَّنُوا)) صدق الله العظيم

إتقوا الله في عباده ولا تتهمو ا الناس بالباطل , من كان لديه بينة فل يدل بها وإلا فالسكوت من ذهب , تحروا الصدق فيما تكتبون وابحثوا عن الحقيقة من مصادرها .

لو كان يوجد اي اسم تم القبض عليه من بني وليد ارجو الاعلان عنه علانية وامام الشعب .ليعرف كل قارئ الحقيقة .. اما قذف الناس بالباطل فقط لنعرات قبلية وامراض نفسية وشعور بالنقص لدي البعض . فهذا غير مقبول .وخاصة ان شهداء الواجب مدينة بني وليد لديها بهم وليس لديها عليهم.

ونسال الله ان يتقبلهم برحمته الواسعة من الشهداء وان يظهر الحق قريبا ويجازي من كان السبب.

حق الرد مكفول للكل

نقلا عنـــ يــاورفـلـه جــوك جـيـوشـك



This speech, which was written by the grandson of Jewish traitor Asswehly the proves that Almzarat the are carried out the attack
on the Libyan army personnel in Maltese gate in Tarhounah, which claimed the lives of 16 component of the Libyan army.God damn you Aasfah to Libya God and yes, the agent Vic!(Valley girl)

هذا الكلام الذي كتبه اليهودي حفيد الخائن السويحلي يثبت ان المزاريط هم من قام بالهجوم على افراد الجيش الليبي في بوابة المالطي بمدينة ترهونة والتي راح ضحيتها 16 عنصر من الجيش الليبيلعنة الله عليك ياسفاح ليبيا حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل فيكبنت الوادي

Ramadan Sowaihili:
N°1 – traitor




Chairman of the Executive Office of the territory of Cyrenaica “Abed Rabbo Barasi” the press conference on Tuesday with hopes of Libya in Ajdabiya when the fifth time Benghazi, where the Executive Office will unveil the date set for the re-export of oil after the signing of new contracts between the Executive Office and the oil companies.


National Congress giving demonstrators three days to decode sit or oil will have to decode sit by force of arms they say.

STUDENTS OF AJDABIYA at  Benghazi University

Two wounded , ” a serious one condition ” after firing live bullets by the security of the University of Benghazi on student protestors from the city of Ajdabiya

Benghazi ( special ) – Wahid Qdereboh the
Called campus security at the University of Benghazi live bullets on protestors students within the University of Benghazi led to the injury of two others , one seriously .
Said Mohammed Nchad a protestors that the protestors students studying the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Resources in Ajdabiya Ja to Benghazi to meet the Rector of the University , “Mohammed Tabola “ to achieve their demands of exemption Dean Bagdabia “Moses Maqrif ” from his duties because of arbitrary decisions several Taken against students , so this was picketing has continued for several days in Ajdabiya , but the city’s education officials confirmed only that the decision taken by the Dean of the University of Benghazi because of dependency abhorrent to colleges and universities in cities in eastern Libya ” gently ” to the University of Benghazi .
He Nchad that students Ajdabiya Antzero for several hours in front of the Office of Dean of the University of Benghazi, then Tfajio then Guard university is assaulting them with weapons and white words profanity , racism and the evolution of it until they were shooting , injuring two protesters lying currently at a hospital in Benghazi.

On the other hand continued agency urgently to Libya with the Dean of the University of Benghazi , “Mohammed Tabola “ refused to be authorized in this topic before they are investigating the matter .
The Office of the University of Benghazi media has issued a statement published through the channel of the capital, in which he described the sit- Bamuslh and protesters Haulo the beating Dean .

In the first reaction of students of the University announced Ajdabiya finally stopped the study in the open – ended sit spends separate colleges Ajdabiya from the University of Benghazi final .
The sit-in Ajdabiya University students began almost a month ago that led to the suspension of a final study in the faculties of engineering and natural resources.

(Valley girl)

Cyrenaica province official: Libya Brotherhood in control of the oil


Ibrahim Aljdharan, announced the receipt of a bribe of $ 30 million for Scott, but he refused:

آخر تحديث: السبت 29 ذو القعدة 1434هـ – 5 أكتوبر 2013م KSA 14:43 – GMT 11:43
Ibrahim Aljdharan, announced the receipt of a bribe of $ 30 million for Scott, but he refused
Saturday, 29 November 1434 e – October 5, 2013
Ibrahim Aljdharan head of the political bureau of the Libyan territory of Cyrenaica Federal 

Detection Ibrahim Aljdharan, head of the political bureau of the Libyan territory of Cyrenaica Federal in an exclusive interview with the Arab,

the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya are administratively controlled oil, stressing that the arrest of pumping oil in order to prevent

stolen came from influential officials in the government and parliament.

And said Ibrahim Aljdharan, which serves as one of the decision-makers in the province of Cyrenaica, which was opposed by the central authorities in Tripoli,

“The decision to stop pumping oil came when we discovered sold abroad without counters.”

The Aljdharan explained that

“officials in the government and parliament have started a war against us in the territory of Cyrenaica once revealed these facts to the public opinion.”

The speaker noted that the “assassination operations, which affected much of the Libyans in Cyrenaica linked to reveal these scandals, and that once the request to open an investigation in the theft of oil, instead of responding announced in Tripoli they would send ground troops, air and sea to Cyrenaica, even though they can not protect even their offices.”

The Aljdharan stressed that

“the resumption of oil pumping process will resume after investigating the matter corruption that رفعناها to the authorities through an independent commission of inquiry,

and to reach a real agreement preserves profiteers Libyans from looting and theft.”

He accused Aljdharan both the Minister of Libyan oil “Brotherhood”, and Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, of involvement in the theft of oil, revealing for the Arabic for “receiving bribes from the party chairman of the parliament’s energy commission, Naji al-Mukhtar, who was awarded 30 million Libyan dinars for my brother for silence us and our dimensions for a file oil and the idea of ​​federalism. “

As for the draft federal Cyrenaica, has made it clear politburo chief of the territory, that the legitimacy of the project comes from the fact that the Burqa is the oldest entity in Libya, and on the basis of the new Libya, and the coming of al-Qathafi has canceled three regions, Cyrenaica, Tripoli and Fezzan, and offset by the new state.

The spokesman stressed that the establishment of Cyrenaica defense force constant, and that the majority of the population of Cyrenaica supporters of this movement until the stop control of the government and parliament.


The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

Denied, head of the Information Office at Brega Oil Marketing Benghazi \

“Nasser Zmot \”:

the news that the interruption of fuel, stressing non-traded health news, describing them as malicious rumors.

And assured “Zmot” citizens of various cities of Libya, that the company’s stock from various petroleum products available to large

amounts as planned and meet all the requests.

PIO company Brega
Warn gentlemen citizens there Cylinder fraudulent home cooking in the domestic market also wary of buying and circulation,

and the company is not responsible for replaced because it is contrary to the approved specifications company ..


Publications found in the white city junctions carefully packaged INCLUDE (16) names of the members of the revolutionary committees and

internal security are threatened with liquidation in the coming days:
(Free channel Cyrenaica)


Benghazi yesterday’s siege Chiefs of Staff, and today, the prime minister 

And one reason “salaries”!

In an interview with high-ranking security source Chiefs of Staff Day
Yesterday, after I heard the news of the siege , P my friend told me what
Is the solution in your point of view ! ? I asked him, Are you going to take entitlements
He said yes and salaries will be paid for regret COST Mizaana State
Budget and a lot Chiefs of Staff , in his pink Pay dues
And have completed their contracts , they were struggling to something all of them were sleeping in their homes
And receiving salaries and the delay ! The Resurrection and the lack of state
Renewal of contracts for them, he was taught Phil prepares for his studies and works
In return for a former currency , and is unemployed is his work and measure of
Adores Suit revolutionary Alassaquaouih enters the army and police personnel

(Salem al – Obeidi)
Now sit in front of the Ministry of Defense Benghazi
By a large group of guards vital goals
In protest against the non-payment of their salaries more than a year ago
Between the approval of the General Staff and the procrastination of the Ministry of Defense in exchange
Libyan military personnel remain deprived of the most basic rights of a salary
How we will see support in weapons and gear

(Valley girl)

Trapping Chief of Staff Major General “Abdulsalam Jadallah” and his co-workers

The presidency and prevent them from going out five hours!!!.

Sources from within the battalion chief of staff in charge of guarding the headquarters

Chief of staff today surrounded the presidential residence is located inside the head

Staff Major General “Abdulsalam Jadallah” presidential staff and prevent them from

Out until their salaries are disbursed the last 9 months, and Chief of Staff

Major “Abdulsalam Jadallah” agreed to exchange 3 months trapped

For the presidency, but they rejected the offer, accusing the chief of staff that is irrespective

Money on other parties and the number of members of the battalion guarding

Chief of staff and secured 1,200 people, the same sources confirm that the blockade was humorous now.

(Valley girl…)


Zaidane O O unclean .. We all Abu Anas

# Cheers demonstration in front of the Tibesti hotel in Benghazi now

Demonstration by members of Ansar al-Sharia (base) in front of the Tibesti hotel to condemn the arrest of Abu Anas al-Libi.

Demonstration to denounce the kidnapping of “Abu Anas”  staged protest in Benghazi,

Revolutionaries statement (Benghazi -FROM  white – tuber) Brackets (al-Qaeda)

Condemns the arrest process, “Abu Anas al-Libi” The Libyan government vows clear threats directly.

“This shameful event Libyan government will cost a lot and it’s not as hear, but as you can see”

Protesters are demanding the restoration of ” the Libyan ” waving to drop government peacefully

Protesters pause systems in Benghazi this afternoon to protest the arrest of U.S. citizen ” Abu Anas Libyan ” in Tripoli Saturday , considering the process attack on Libyan sovereignty .

Member of Ansar al-Sharia and one of the demonstrators , ” Faraj Ferjani ” said the atmosphere for the country if their demand is essential to restore ” Abu Anas Libyan “

to be tried on Libyan territory not by what he described as “infidels apostates ,” calling on the government to take action and clear in this regard.

And what if it does not restore the ” Libyan ” said , ” Ferjani ” they will work to bring down the government through peaceful means,

stressing that the movement today came spontaneously without prior planning , as he put it .

The government has described the arrest of Abu Anas al – Libi process of ” kidnapping” in a statement issued on Sunday.

Are Mazlthm the Taatsalon for blowing in Benghazi and who governs Libya??

They base

The corresponding scene Tibesti hotel in Benghazi now, a limited number of demonstration to denounce the process of kidnapping

a member of al-Qaeda, “honest Alriqiei” known as “Abu Anas al-Libi.”
The demonstrators repeating “Zidane, unclean *** all Abu Lance”.


A demonstration in front of the Tibesti hotel in Benghazi by al-Qaida to denounce the kidnapping of their leader Abu Anas al-Libi.

Abduction of a military sailor Benghazi

Vandals Monday evening abducted “Imad Eddin Boukiqis the” in the Hawwari area of Benghazi.
And a security source said that “Boukiqis” military man continued to Benghazi Naval Base, pointing out that kidnapped a car found in the area

after the failure of attempts to contact his family by on overflowed telephone and feasibility but without because Aqvalhma.


TOBRUK, Derna & the TUBER:

Today assassination attempt in dirt ..
Survival of an Air Force officer in tuber dawn Tuesday from an assassination attempt when unknown assailants blew up his house and his car Khadija district west of the city of Derna. Bombing targeted a house and a car, a military expert provider “Abdel Aziz Mahmoud Darsi,” is noteworthy mentioning that Lt. Col. Abdul Aziz Darsi follow and air defense units Green Mountain area – Libyan army.

Today assassination attempt in dirt ..

Survival of an Air Force officer in tuber dawn Tuesday from an assassination attempt when unknown assailants blew up his house

and his car Khadija district west of the city of Derna. Bombing targeted a house and a car, a military expert provider “Abdel Aziz Mahmoud Darsi,”

is noteworthy mentioning that Lt. Col. Abdul Aziz Darsi follow and air defense units Green Mountain area – Libyan army

Two Mtlahakan in the tuber so far ….

Two explosions in the city of Derna so far in the early hours of the morning, and one is said to be close to the port and the second probably in Shiha.

(Valley girl)

Quoting media center tuber Libya ….

The wanted list by the American intelligence agency in Libya
And provided by the Libyan government , ” the government of Ali Zaidane

1_ Ahmed Mahmoud Saad Qdman , alias Abu Jaafar of the market Friday , born in 1987 , Tripoli
2_ Jamal Issa Aboukasm Calily alias Abu Huzaifa City Lafrapola , Maulid 1960
3_ Abdullah to the interface Albay , alias Abu Obeida Libyan city of Benghazi, Sirte resident Maulid 1977
4_ Abdul Hakim Khalil Alhsada of the city of Derna , alias Abu Khalil, a resident of dirt Maulid 19 65
5 Sufian Ibrahim Alcolmo , Maulid Benghazi resident dirt , alias Abu Fares al – Libi , 1953
6_ Ziad Ahmedfars , the Tagouris City resident Musrata Tajora Maulid 1983
7_ Ismail hardness , alias Abu Laith al – Libi Benghazi resident Maulid 1969

The kidnapping of two Islamic groups now in the Middle Libyan 1 – Abdul Razak Saleh Issa Alajabu ( nicknamed Abu Ihsan ) Benghazi , born 1958 – 4 – 13 2 – Fathi Easa Saleh Al Falah ( titled Bold Sheikh ) tuber was born in 1960 – 3 – 5 informed the families of the two people that their families lost contact with them at the same time shortly before the first residence , inside his home and his family confirmed that he ascended to the top of his house was gone and recorded under the tip 364 ( 7/13/10 ) and deliberation from inside the gas station was kidnapped by unknown persons under 375 (13 – 7-13) and confirmed Mbaan information that they are one of a ‘ members of Islamist groups and for Altanih person is required in Algeria and Saudi Arabia either first married to an Afghan “

( Picnic media Mansouri )


Newsflash …

Newsflash ….

A car bombing Abdulaziz Darsi a radar officer who works at the airport in lightning military district inhabited Khadijah the western entrance of the tuber and material damage to the house where the car was.

Bombing booth near Searchlight tuber Commission today.



  • The French are controlling the airspace of Libya’s South. NATO’s Contras secretly singed Libya’s Sovereignty over to their French masters.

    Despite the chaos Libya is far from Reuters division
    ————————————————– —————–

    Tripoli / TUNIS (Reuters) :
    Elders met in the southern desert of Libya in a Bedouin tent last month to declare that their remote region , which lies on the border with Algeria six separate from the Tripoli government .
    And at a distance of more than a thousand miles to the east , protesters seized by gunmen on ports and disrupted oil shipments on its way to the Mediterranean Sea in support of local activists appointed prime minister.
    Libya , whose government is headed by Ali Zaidan looks like a country on the brink of schism into the pockets of rebel each with its own government and its militias and most important share of the oil. The process is carried out by the U.S. Army at the beginning of this week to kidnap a senior leader of al – Qaeda from Tripoli highlights the extent to which that can facilitate the unrest in Libya on Islamist militants find safe haven there .
    After two years of conflict over the federal aspirations of the difficulty of Zidane’s control over former opponents are still struggling to seize greater power .
    The challenge explained what is in the east, where protesters closed say they are protecting Libya ‘s oil ports and corrupt elites holed up there and threatened to sell oil to gently account that has long been a stronghold of Gaddafi ‘s opponents .
    There formed the main city of Benghazi demanded that the council runs its own affairs and called on the National Oil Corporation to return to the area was once the heart of the Libyan economy .
    He said Ibrahim Jdharan the former president of one of the units guard oil installations , which split controlled the eastern ports of the country that the government exploited the Libyan wealth and use it to serve its objectives .

    But despite the chaos that look like Libya , it is far from the division or walk in the way of Iraq , where oil revenues are shared between the Baghdad government and the Kurdish enclave , who runs his government and its armed forces.
    The protests have grown demanding autonomy in Libya is not a result of a broad popular movement , but the absence of control of Tripoli and because of tribal loyalties and complaints about corruption and security services that are getting worse since the end of 2011.
    Analysts say that the independence proclaimed by the province of Cyrenaica and Fezzan area does not happen a little change on the ground politically because it does not have the support rally at the moment and had no authority under the transitional arrangement in the country.
    But the danger is that such demands can sink Libya into chaos more with the presence of a weak government hampered by internal problems and armed militias and the absence of little popular support .
    This restores the scene for the minds of what happened in Nigeria when fighters attacked the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta oil facilities and kidnapped foreign workers and dragged quantities of oil to be sold under the banner of fighting for the people.
    Unless the central government showed a clear reaction , Libya is perhaps slowly divided into competing regions and cities loyal to tribal and ethnic groups jostling for oil and gas resources local .
    She Claudia Jatsena of the International Crisis Group , ” they are trying to use this as a bargaining tool with the state. They want to disrupt the political process and for this current threaten to secede from Libya.”
    She added, ” But if this will become an armed confrontation leads to greater autonomy issue depends very much on how the government’s response to the demands of these people.”

    And the failure of the central government ‘s fragile wrest power from the rival factions and provide security in most parts of Libya, but also in parts of Tripoli feeds federal ambitions .
    The Benghazi in the east who feels her family since the period of injustice has yet to touch a share of the spoils after the war.
    Libya is still without a new constitution have to be Tsagh the Committee will elect the members of the three regions and to take into account the demands of federal , tribal and ethnic pressures .
    In contrast to this there is Iraq’s federal system allows for a semi – autonomous Kurdistan region ship its oil through pipelines belonging to the central government that gets in return a percentage of the federal budget.
    The director of the company Petro Libya oil services that Kurds are the majority in Kurdistan, but in Libya , it is demanding autonomy are small groups , whether in the south or east .
    He added that he could a group of 10 or 15 people – and not the tribe – sometimes close the pipeline .

    Analysts and diplomats , local officials and a federal system that claimants do not enjoy broad support and often chanting these demands as a tool against Tripoli.
    The tribes announced Fezzan in the south region a semi-autonomous territory two weeks ago, but residents say that competition between groups that supported Gaddafi and those opposed will pre-empt this proposal , even if the feelings of strong resentment from Tripoli .
    Said Khalil Mohammed , a nurse in a hospital in the town of Sebha in Fezzan ” Fezzan source of gas , water, agriculture and wealth that go to the north and the capital. Did not nail beats and one here.”
    In the West , where the largest population represents a response to the demands of the powerful Zintan tribe , which closed elephant oil fields and key spark in increased wages and allay local fears and promises to provide more funds for community projects .

    The diplomat said the “federalist in the Middle cause more serious and more acceptable. However, the size of the support is very limited and if the government was able to settle the issues of security, I think that the idea of spending federal fade quickly.”
    But the area east of Libya out of control . Vmasalt rampant chaos in Benghazi, where militants attacked the U.S. consulate in 2012. Fighting between rival militias in the presence of Islamist militants in the city .
    In the remote desert areas controlled oil – producing thousands of members of the armed militia led by Ibrahim Aljdharan , the plants produce about 60 percent of the country’s oil wealth . The size of the support that can be gets it Aljdharan to establish a semi – autonomous region in the east or you will end its protest if Tripoli made ​​more concessions .. It matters not known .

    The central government has warned it could resort to force but they seem unwilling to confront the militants advocates of federalism . Protesters are still in the Middle continue their hard-line approach .
    But to begin exporting oil in an independent manner to the market by the Mediterranean Sea without any agreement with Tripoli will be difficult for the men Aljdharan . The government threatened to attack any tanker carrying illegal oil exports .
    Said John Hamilton of CNN . Me. Aye a consulting firm focused on Africa and energy, ” There is one thing certain is that Aljdharan and his men will not be able to sell the oil . Nobody interested .” “It will be a sign of that ship and it will be stolen oil from Libya .”

    Photo: Despite the chaos Libya is far from division (Reuters)

Sabha ….

A powerful explosion at dawn today shakes city of Sabha is caused by the bombing of the shrine of the tomb of the loan corresponding to the clinic collected

Photos to Allde shrine was blown up today
The bombing of the shrine located in the cemetery of the loan behind intelligence and garden interview of the yard.




” Abu Anas ” was a double agent  says Algeria



A security source said Algerian newspaper “news” on Tuesday that the CIA was in possession of information about the existence of ” Abu Anas ” Libyan in Libya since at least two years , although many of the security services in the North African region , ” she believed that Abu Anas double agent .”

According to the newspaper report “the news” , most of the security and intelligence services in North Africa were aware that a leading member of al-Qaeda, Abu Anas al – Libi , whose real honest Abdul Hamid Alriqiei , located inside Libya.

The Algerian security source said that the security apparatus of Colonel al-Qathafi during the final days of the war, told the neighbors that there are a number of al Qaeda leaders returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to Libya, The Alriqiei name was on the list in 2011.

That surprised the arrest of Abu Anas al – Libi by U.S. special forces are believed to be belonging to the unit ” undercover ” , most of the security services in North Africa.

The reason is that the process came after almost two years of trading information about the presence Abu Anas in Libya, it was thought by some security and intelligence services in the region that Abu Anas ” double agent “, where the United States abstained in the U.S. for prosecution for more than two years ago, despite they were aware that it exists in Tripoli.

He said intelligence agents American movements and activity of Abu Anas Libya for more than a year and a half , as a source of education , not the Americans only aware of his presence in Libya , but that all the security services in the region, including Mali and Mauritania, were aware that Abu Anas Libyan exists within Libyan territory , where it was believed that the Americans watched him get as much information as possible about al – Qaeda networks in North Africa , or they are dealing with.

A source Knowing that the intelligence al-Qathafi informed all neighboring countries and some countries that had a relationship that Abu Anas required for the U.S. exists and is protected from the rebels Salafists,

said our source , ” it is natural not to reach the information at the end of the intelligence the U.S. that existed during the war against the Great Jamahiriya in Libya, and aware of most observers of the news of the death of one security Abu Anas relatives in clashes with Great Jamahiriya‘s forces days before the fall of the Libyan capital Tripoli in the hands of the rebels by the trappings of NATO, her mercenaries and traitors.========Source:

The newspaper El Khabar :


Nora Moroccan Mrehtin:  

“formal occupation of Libya”

United States recognizes that the operation was secret and without the knowledge of the Libyan authorities and confirm that Britain wanted for murder , kidnapping and torture will be detained in Libya and abroad will share information to the Libyan authorities as they infiltrated .

Britain confirms that the alliance did not fall of the Gaddafi regime to be extradited to Libya and leave it hostage to terror and death , robbery and kidnapping.

4617 who wanted or Aktar will be arrested without exception , one of each of the involvement of his name in a murder case and the kidnapping and torture.

Members Navdan in the Libyan legislation involved in the coverage of the criminals and smuggling and warn them coverage

U.S. Libyan suspects who would catch them to have the opportunity to defend themselves either eliminate

If Atbtaat the innocence will return to their country without any complications and handed over to their families .


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As America ( the same America who hit it in Afghanistan ) for x Chet to Libya in 2011 and stayed strike at al-Gaddafi , was Jokm very unusual .
As fear Americans catch on one air Libya Atcoloa the “rule of Libya.”

Means the wage difference between the time and just ? Atcolola they fight in Islam. Bahi Gaddafi soldiers were Buddhists of the Himalayas and how? What they are Muslims … Was Osamém Muhammad Ali and Osama Khalifa , costume what we Osamana Mohammed Ali and Osama Khalifa .
Duplication of standards Mesh Bahia …. TPU Thmou for Libya from foreign intervention ? Sahlh all . Spend on the Elly Ataker armed militias in Libya to civil war. They grabbed who kill in the officers and colonels . And build the state security agencies and strong army Ihamn the country of criminals … Heca Anhmoua Libya …. But sit Maskin in Dskh ” 17 February! ” ” Enemies of the revolution ! ” ” Black revolutionaries ! ” ” Ousted algae ! ” .. Oksofm Almighty God Libya delirious Ankaroa light close to all …. Khalokm from the words of satellite TV and the group ” Good Guy ” … They are all liars … Egina good what our eyes Nafthawwa on who base becomes ….

Claims of recovering the government , ” Abu Anas al – Libi “
Country ambiance – Fethi Ismail – Abdullah Circassian

A member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs to the National Conference General Fawzi punishment : that in the absence of a formal coordination with the government in the arrest of Libyan citizen Nazih Abdul Hameed Alriqiei known as Abu Anas , the Libyan what America has done is a violation of Libya’s sovereignty .

The punishment for the ambiance of the country that the Libyan government to follow up with the U.S. government directories that condemns their habitat , noting that the Committee on Foreign Affairs Conference demanded the government with adequate details about the arrest of Abu Anas is waiting for the response to the light of which the Commission will determine its position .

For his part, Chairman of the Follow-up Committee of political prisoners outside Libya Suleiman Alfortah : The Libyan government on the formation of a supreme committee to study subject of kidnapping Alriqiei and claim obligation to return home and tried inside Libya in the charges against him by the United States of America .

As Alfortah student ministry ” Interior, Justice and Foreign Affairs” to get out to the street and to clarify the circumstances of the kidnapping and determine the type of relationship with the state , which had kidnapped a Libyan citizens .

As an expert in international law Abdul Karim Bouzid has called on the Libyan government to file a complaint to international organizations such as the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations and regional organizations such as the League of Arab States as what happened in violation of national sovereignty and human rights.

Bouzid added that the decision of the Security Council may be difficult given that the United States has the right of veto , but the quest for a resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations represents a strong pressure , although it is not binding on the states.

The Libyan government asked the U.S. authorities to provide clarification on the arrest of an honest citizen Abdul Hameed Alriqiei known as ” Abu Anas al – Libi ,” and describing the process as ” kidnapping” in a statement on Sunday.

Washington responded to Tripoli: U.S. forces arrested Abu Anas al-Libi legal

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Wife “Abu Anas” demanding an urgent visit to her husband ……………………………………….?
Speck government to pick Alguendharien between your hands …………. And took her before he let you lantern.
And prisoner rights, and human rights, feelings and stories …………….
Where your feelings with ::
- From being murdered every day.
- Who are disappearing daily.
- Adboa the Passion proposed amendment upon and died of “cold.”
- Of suffering two things in prison Mager like Abu Ghraib prison.
- Prisoners Mitigua and and and and and ……………………………
- From Alalamyin and a religion journalists have disappeared or been liquidated debt.
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That you Guendharaa the then do whatever you want.

The Libyan news agency ..

زوجة ” ابو انس ” تطالب بزيارة مستعجلة لزوجها ……………………………………….؟
الحكومة شبيك لبيك القندهاريين بين يديك …………. و خرجوا لها قبل ان تدعك الفانوس .
و حقوق السجين , و حقوق الانسان , و مشاعر و قصص …………….
اين مشاعركم مع ::
- من يتم اغتيالهم يوميا .
- من يتم اختفائهم يوميا .
- من عدبوا باشن ع انوlع التعد يب و ماتوا من ” البرد “.
- من يعانون الامرين في سجن ماجر الشبيه بسجن ابو غريب .
- من سجناء معتيقه و و و و و ……………………………
- من العلاميين و الصحفيين ا للدين اختفوا او ا للدين تم تصفيتهم .
فعلا ::::::::::::::::::
ان كنت قندهاريا فافعل ما تشاء .

وكالة انباء ليبيا ..

Wife ” Abu Anas , ” tells the story of an Arab CNN

After the big fuss that were circulated about the arrest of an American special task force , the al Qaeda leader , Abu Anas al – Libi in the Libyan capital , Tripoli, tells his wife what happened exclusively the time of arrest exclusively to CNN .

The wife said in exclusive statements to the CNN of America: ” What I saw was the Libyan people , including people may be American , but I was not able to see them because there is more than one car . ” .

She added: “They say that they process a dozen people , but I know that there are more than a dozen , I could not be counted for a lot of interest . “

She said: “I can not confirm the presence of Americans , including people , but I am sure that there are Libyans . “


Kerry stressed that Libya has not been informed of the details of the arrest of Abu Anas

Said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday that the operation carried out by a special U.S. unit in the Libyan territory Saturday, which arrested the leader of al-Qaeda, Abu Anas al-Libi was “a legitimate act.”

He admitted Kerry during a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Indonesia during their participation in the Economic Cooperation forum for Asia and the Pacific that “his country had not reported the Libyan authorities with this process before they are implemented, noting that” the Washington-based not enter into the details of how operations with foreign governments ” .

He added that “the United States do” all that is compatible with the law in order to eliminate the terrorist threat. “

Said a U.S. official told AFP that “the Libyan, who tops the list of the most wanted list of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (Eph. Me. Any) is being held in the warship of the U.S. Navy where he is interrogated.

The award has been monitoring the delivery of financial Libyan $ 5 million dollars.

A U.S. official told Reuters revealed that the Libyan government has “seen” the process by which the U.S. military arrested Abu Anas al-Libi in Tripoli.


The Libyan government has announced that it requested clarification from the United States over the operation that was last Saturday.

Atlanta, United States of America (CNN) – A U.S. military source revealed to CNN , Tuesday , moving 200 heavily armed Marines to a naval base in Italy, to respond to any potential security risks against its diplomatic mission in Libya.

The source explained , that military power was transferred from a military base in Spain , on Monday, in coordination with the U.S. State Department , referring to it as ” a precautionary measure ” against the backdrop of the arrest of al-Qaeda leader ” Abu Anas al – Libi ” at the hands of U.S. special force Saturday.

In a move to say the least if not ashamed Fa do what you want

Libyan authorities summoned the U.S. ambassador , Deborah Jones , of its claim Bastidah of over what he described as the ” kidnapping” their habitat , in the process by which U.S. sources said she has the knowledge of the Libyan government and the Libyan parliament considered a clear violation of territorial sovereignty .

Just kidnapping and murder to Sayer our land Kdah our LES , Alchenbh and violation sanctities today Atjo to the American Atcolo Jerkm Taktafo Haspu militias who kidnap and kill without impunity Haspu Tagouris who kidnapped Anoud you and Anto Taatfarago the and dimensions Haspu the lost American thing does not give him

The government has accused America Libyan kidnapped.

U.S. Navy special forces carried out two of Tripoli and Broaa.

Libyan ‘s son : My father factor ” Pizza ” innocent

Abu Dhabi – Sky News Arabia

Denied the son of a senior al Qaeda leader Abu Anas al – Libi any relationship to his father, operations planning “terrorist” , pointing out that his father was working one factor pizza shops in Britain.

The son said , Abdullah Alriqiei , that his father was forced to leave Britain because of ” security harassment ,” he said.

He explained in an interview with the newspaper ” The Telegraph ” the British how to navigate through childhood from Manchester to Afghanistan, where his father became close to former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden , before imprisoned in Iran .

But Abdullah stressed that his father was not a terrorist , and he moved to Afghanistan to help the ” oppressed ” there , he said , and it was considered just a human being ” simple ” .

And Abu Anas al – Libi was arrested in Tripoli, Libya , Saturday , and transferred to the vessel of the U.S. Navy in the Mediterranean Sea , where they were interrogated .

Libya is one of the suspects in the bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 , when 224 civilians were killed .

Have been charged to Libya in 2000 along with 20 other al-Qaeda, including bin Laden , and the current leader of the global organization , Ayman al – Zawahiri .


The office said Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan in an official statement “follow the interim government reports of kidnapping a Libyan citizens wanted by the U.S. authorities for alleged relationship with the U.S. embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam years ago.”

The statement added, “Since hearing the news of the Libyan government continued with the U.S. authorities and asked them to provide clarifications in this regard.”

U.S. State Department did not respond directly to questions about the US-Libyan communications regarding the arrest of al-Libi.

U.S. authorities believe that the Libyan (49 years), had a role in the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

“Safe place”

The spokeswoman said the U.S. State Department Mary هارف “We consult regularly with the Libyan government in many of the security issues and anti-terrorism issues.”

Said George Little, a Pentagon spokesman, “as a result of the U.S. to combat terrorism, the U.S. military is holding Abu Anas al-Libi legally in a safe place outside of Libya.” He did not give further details.

Raid in Kenya

Abu Anas al-LibiUnited States accuses Libya to participate in the bombing of the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

On the other hand, U.S. officials said the U.S. raid in Somalia targeted Kenya of Somali origin known as Sabri.

In remarks to Reuters Sabri officials described as one of the leaders of the foreign fighters to a youth group in Somalia.

He said U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel The raids, in Libya and Somalia, show that America “will spare no effort to hold terrorists accountable.”

Hagel said in a statement, “I want to pay tribute to all members of the armed forces who participated in the planning and implementation of these two processes,

which appear the accuracy of the United States Army that has never existed and being able to work on a global scale and capabilities.”

Libyan militants seeking to avenge the arrest of one of the leaders of al-Qaeda

Tue 08 Oct. 2013 2:59 pm GMT

DUBAI (Reuters) – The Libyan militants to kidnap U.S. citizens in Tripoli and attacks on gas pipelines and ships and aircraft after the arrest of U.S. special forces in Libya, one of the leaders of al-Qaeda.

Special Forces arrested America honest Alriqiei which is known as Abu Anas al-Libi and suspected of involvement in the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, killing 224 civilians.

U.S. officials said they were detained in the Libyan streets of Tripoli on Saturday, and he was being held on board a vessel belonging to the U.S. Navy in the Mediterranean.

Among the messages published by the Libyan jihadists on the Internet and monitored service website which monitors Islamist websites on a page message (Benghazi Ihamoha the Hlha) on the social networking site Facebook.

This page demanded Libyans “to close the ports and exits of the city of Tripoli and the arrest of all the infidels from the Americans and their allies and Vdaúhm of Muslim prisoners in the jails of the Americans and others.”

It also urged them to “target any aircraft or vessel track for the Americans and their allies” and “glitches Morh gas pipeline to the European Union.”

The letter continued, “Libya is still Kafr House control without law of God فلذا the safety of the infidel.”

In another message posted on forums and social networking sites condemned another group calling itself the “revolutionaries of Benghazi white tuber” The arrest of Abu Anas al-Libi.

Libyan leaders accused that they were informed in advance of the operation despite the fact that Prime Minister Ali Zaidan said at the weekend that the government asked the United States to an explanation of the process carried out in Tripoli.

The group vowed to “fight all of the country Khan and implicated himself in the plot.”

She added, “we say that this shameful event Libyan government will cost a lot but it’s not as hear, but as you can see and teach those who do wrong any swerved turning.”

Since Mu `ammar al-Gaddafi was ousted in a CIA-led uprising is used by Islamist militants – some of whom belong to groups linked to al Qaeda – Libya in the smuggling of weapons and a base for fighters.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation to monitor a reward of five million reward for information to help capture Abu Anas al-Libi.

(Ola setting Shawki Arab Bulletin – Liberation hope Abu Saoud)

Intervention to Noman bin Othman was a few months before now where a lot of important details related kidnapping Abu Anas al-Libi

and that there are 11 people wanted by the U.S. authorities

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The news agency – Algeria – comments

Algerian army killed five insurgents on the eastern and southern border of the country in two separate operations .

And the reported rise of Algeria on Monday that the army which has stepped up surveillance operations and deployment Sahara South , particularly between Algeria , Tunisia and Libya , has been able to monitor the movement of a terrorist group on board two vehicles in the area near the municipality of Twine state Ouargla bordering South East .

The source explained that army forces dealt firmly with both cars , after refusing orders to stop where 3 were eliminated terrorists, were on board the two vehicles in the process of moving from Libya towards the Algerian and Tunisian territory .

And Adrar state in the far south of the country , particularly the border area called Tower Badji Mokhtar , the Algerian army forces killed two said they were from al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and has Thirdly , is being investigated .