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Libya: Yes, I’m saying that it’s all lies

Posted: 2011/09/07
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An analysis that will show those who care what is really going on in Libya and why it affects everyone
Yes. You heard what I said. All of it. It’s all a bunch of lies.  I know that it is a shocking claim to many, that our trusted officials in concert with our reliable mass media actually participated in deliberate deception designed to get us to accept war, but deal with it. I’m making it.

Our biggest moral obligation is ensuring that wars are not waged against people under false pretenses. War is the most disgusting and horrible thing you can inflict on any person.
As you read this article I am sure you will find there are a number of things that will surprise you. After researching the situation for months I assure you I have investigated as many sides of the story as possible.  But I did reach a clear conclusion and I will not shy away from openly expressing the views that I have formed during this process.
What we have been seeing recently in the media, this time with a special emphasis on the online community, is the most sophisticated propaganda firework display we have ever witnessed. It’s no surprise so many people have been duped.
But a lie can travel the world before the truth has tied it’s shoe laces. But I believe that once the laces have been tied and the truth starts walking, eventually it’s gonna get to people.
There are at least two sides to every story
None of us could possibly have avoided hearing NATO’s side of the story and the reasons and justifications given for Gaddafi’s removal and how military intervention is necessary to protect Libyan citizens.
But are you sure you’ve heard both sides? Have you heard Gaddafi’s perspective on this issue? Or have you just heard “his side” as represented by the mainstream western media? If so I can start by telling you that his words, and the words of his son, Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi have been deliberately misinterpreted and edited out of context to create simple soundbite propaganda to influence people.
You will find that there is a completely different side of this story that is being completely ignored. It is not even being debated for it’s merits, it simply is not talked about at all in the mainstream media.
Think about it. How much do you really know about Libya? Did you in all honesty know anything about the country before these events started unfolding? If I would have asked you back in February 10 questions about Libya and it’s affairs,  how many do you think you would have answered correctly? And how much do you honestly know about what is going on there now?
I often find it intriguing how people tend to think they are qualified to give their view on things that in reality they know next to nothing about. They
might have vague ideas generated by the mainstream media, biased textbooks and general pre-conceived notions, but not an actual thorough understanding of the country and it’s people and customs.
I had a discussion with a guy at a local bar the other day and I began the conversation by asking if he could tell me on what continent Libya was. Neither he nor his friend could answer correctly, picking Europe and Asia as their educated guesses. For some reason this guy still felt that his take on the situation was more accurate than mine, even as I told him I had been spending weeks investigating the matter. For those of you confused the correct answer is Africa.
I want to ask a simple question to make a simple case? Can you name me one current Libyan government official? You’re not allowed to say Gaddafi. Who holds the position of “Secretary of the General People’s Assembly” a position comparable to that of prime minister, although with a slightly different emphasis as he does not represent a political party and does not alone hold significant power.  Did you even know that such a position exists in Libya and that he is elected by the people?

The less you know about something, the easier it is to deceive you.

My intention for exposing your potential and likely ignorance on this subject is not an attempt to show that I’m smarter or better than you are. As I found out myself researching this article I knew remarkably little about Libya. And that is my point.
The mainstream media is focusing entirely on a set of news stories that have the specific intention of gathering support for military action and actively suppressing any story that would lead to people opposing it. This pattern will be exposed clearly as this article progresses.
It’s no wonder we don’t know much about Libya. Of course it gets confusing with all the different stories we hear of dictators and tyrants oversees. It is difficult to be an expert on all nations in the world. Just consider how many nations have existed and how long and rich each of their history is and how complex and unique the situation in each country is today.
When this is combined with a relentless, precise and extremely well organized propaganda blitz against one nation that is being targeted by an army, it’s all too easy to tag along.
I would also like to add that this article has proven difficult and this is the third version of it, well actually fourth considering that this translation is updated from the third, final Icelandic version. But it is of vital importance to me that it is as concise and convincing as possible, because the more I wrote and the more I researched, the more clear the magnitude and the scale of this massive deception campaign became. Most people, unfortunately have not developed the type of immunity to this kind of propaganda and are simply put, still to gullible in the face of such force.
I am not going to be answering comments about me being arrogant or one sided or any other remarks unrelated to the specific points I raise in this article. My only goal is to speak truly and freely on how I feel about this after my research and you are welcome to make of it whatever you want.
I will not pretend to be neutral when it comes to the deliberate killings of innocent civilians and the attempted destruction of a great, unique nation who’se people want nothing but peace and independence.
My goal is obviously not to achieve popularity or attention as Gaddafi is certainly not the most popular man in the world right now. Thanks to the media mind manipulation machines most now see him as a crazed dictator who kills peaceful protesters, schedules mass rapes and supports terrorism. And I’m taking “his side” ? Good luck me…
If the only thing I achieve with this article is to show that there is such a thing as Gaddafi’s side and that it has been blacked out by the media, then it will have been worth it. As that should be of deep concern to us all.
Ultimately of course, the question is not about Gaddafi. This is what the propaganda machines manage to do so successfully. With their Hollywood formula they create the image of a bad guy that has to be stopped by the good guy and all other sides of the arguments can be ignored as long as that is the case.
But don’t think for one second I will just sit by as this next blockbuster bloodbath unfolds and not do my best expose the brutal reality that flies in your face as you start to research it.
Unfortunately this is not a subject that can be covered in the fast food style of the gossip, profit driven mainstream media garbage. I do not take their example of aiming my writings at the lowest common denominator, rather I am trying to appeal to those who are genuinely interested in researching this topic with the goal of understanding it. There is simply put far too much that needs to be addressed and I assure you, every word is there for a reason. Except for these five words.
I sometimes get comments that my articles are too long and that no one will bother to read them. It reminds me of a story I heard of Bob Dylan. This slick record executive came to the studio after hearing an album, and said “ I love this song, but you need to make a short version so we can get it played on the radio. “This is the short version” Dylan replied and I would say the same.
Don’ be so naive as to think you can be knowledgable about a subject after reading a few mass produced news stubs.
I would also like to point out that if you think this article is too long, just think how long it took me to write it. I promise you, I am saving you a lot of trouble. What took me months to research, you can read in a few hours. And for that I am getting no money from anyone. I don’t do it for fun either as I know of many more fun ways to spend my time than browsing through pictures and watching videos about war and death.
I do this solely out of responsibility for my own conscience.

And even after this article and all the research I did, I still have questions.

You don’t need to finish the entire article now, it will be here, but I highly recommend finishing it eventually.

I will provide links and sources as we go and I encourage anyone to challenge their contents, or the arguments I make.  Let’s hope I’m not wrong after all the work I’ve put into this.
Now, some of you won’t need to read any article to know that the war on Libya is based on lies. You just know by experience not to trust the mainstream media and to know that the military powers NEVER take on such a mission for simple humanitarian reasons. They know that all such rhetoric by those in power is empty and meaningless and that there are always other reasons involved that include geo-political strategy, resources and control.
If you are one of those people I still recommend that you read on, I am positive you will understand more thoroughly the nature and the scale of this particular deception, in this particular war.
My goal in this article is to deconstruct every single argument and justification being made for the bombing and potential ground invasion of Libya. It is divided in these 8 chapters:
1st chapter: Gaddafi is an evil dictator
2nd chapter: Human Rights violations in Libya
3rd chapter: We must protect peaceful protesters
4th chapter: LIES LIES LIES
5th chapter: History of Libya
6th chapter: Motives
1st chapter: Gaddafi is an evil dictator

Pick any mainstream news story about Libya and this will be stated as given. He is one of those corrupt third world dictators, of course he is! He’s been in power for far too long! But wait a minute…
It is not even officially acknowledged that this claim is being heavily disputed. What is also not being reported is an even more stunning fact, not only is he not an evil dictator, he is not even a dictator at all.
He holds no official power. I think I am going to repeat this cause it is staggering how loud this has been screamed while being completely ignored:
If this statement is true you will immediately notice that all the talk you have heard about “removing him from power” is just a farce.
In fact, Gaddafi has only an honorary title as “the father of the revolution” and is also dubbed “the leader of the revolution” hence the common reference to him as leader of Libya. He has influence, as anyone with such a status and reverence in a country would have. But by no technical or logical definition can he be described as a dictator.
A dictator is someone who has the official authority to make all decisions facing a country. He has final and official authority over the army, laws and courts. Plenty of such figures exist. Gaddafi has no such authority so how can anyone claim he is a dictator? That can only be considered a conspiracy theory.
In the few instances this has been addressed it is claimed that despite this “everyone knows” that he is really in charge. Of course. But when I say a powerful group of bankers is really in charge of the US government you call me crazy. Maybe “everyone” doesn’t know that yet, but I have a feeling it won’t be long.
So who is in power in Libya, if not Gaddafi? This is where things start to get interesting.
We have to bring democracy to Libya!
Oh really? What kind of democracy? Represantative democracy such as the one currently being employed in most western countries? A two party system such as the one in the US?
People in Iceland have been talking a lot lately about democratic reforms. What these discussions usually revolve around is more emphasis on people’s participation, more national voting and big matters being discussed in big meetings.
Direct democracy is very similar to the system we used in Iceland during our founding years. Almost exactly the same. The idea is basically this, get people together in conference halls open to discuss specific issues relating to neighbourhoods and vote on them. Choose representatives to go a more centralized meeting to discuss matters relating to larger areas and then finally do this for the entire country. This is the general idea and it seems pretty simple.
But oh yes, excuse me, I was supposed to be talking about the dictatorship in Libya but just started rambling on about democratic reforms in Iceland.
No, in fact I just trolled you, I am talking about Libya. Direct democracy has been employed in Libya ever since when Gaddafi relinquished all official power and resigned to the symbolic position he has today in 1977. Let me repeat this fact that is also being completely ignored by the mainstream media.
Or at least they did until the western powers started their “operations”.
Do you understand what I am saying? That despite how many times you have heard Gaddafi being referred to as a dictator, it is still false? Either because someone is lying to you or have themselves been lied too?
In this Orwellian world we find ourselves in it is actually quite difficult to find reliable information concerning this, especially from the mainstream media who some people still, unfortunately see as the official certifiers of truth.
But do not despair. Valiant internet knights have managed to dig up excellent footage that completely contradicts the narrative being currently fed to us.
One of the best information regarding this whole situation is in fact, just an amateur video put together by a random youtube user.
I always think it’s a bit funny when people try to discredit certain types of information by alluding to it being “something you picked up from the internet’” while simultaneously hailing the internet as one of the most wonderful technological achievements of history.
These people have seen stupid videos online, we all have. They conclude that since you believe something that to them seems so far fetched, it must mean you’ve watched one of those videos and fell for it without researching it using “solid sources”.
A lot of people also seem to think that we “can’t” know what’s really going on, since you can’t trust any of the media. Well, we can and should trust ourselves in piecing together the information available and draw an informed conclusion, or at least educated assumptions.
Meanwhile this trust that the large media networks have as the only “solid sources” is being systematically abused to favour the military and Wall Street.
And the fact is that the internet invites anyone to become an independent journalist.
You can record your own material or edit together relevant clips from different sources to make extremely interesting and informative videos.
Often these videos will include small bits from these so called “solid sources” that have revealed discrepancies in the official line and put them into proper context.
This video I am posting is a prime example of that and includes extremely relevant information relating to Libya’s democratic system.
Please take a quick break from reading to watch these videos. If you have any genuine interest in knowing the truth and are sincere in your respect for justice you will watch them. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Understanding the Green Book & Libyan politics, the easy way (slightly updated version)

What you don’t know about Gaddafi

2000 Conference Halls
What you are now looking at is a conference hall that was designed to be built but has been put on hold after the recent events in the country. Since the Libyan Revolution of 1969, 2000 conference halls have been built in which people come together to decide local policies and appoint people’s commission to implement these policies.
The secretary general of state in Libya is Baghad Mahmudi. I think if you would make a wager of 100$ with everyone living in the west about who that guy is you would become very rich.
I’m not saying this to pretend to be smarter than you, like you I did not know who he was until I started researching for this article. My point is we should not engage in the bombing of a country which we have so little real knowledge about! Have you been to Libya? Well neither have I, so shouldn’t you at least look into it in detail before we just barge in their with military aircraft and start killing people?
Consider that if the fact holds that Gaddafi has no official power in Libya beyond a regular citizen and some honorary treatments, all the arguments for the bombings and support of rebel groups have collapsed, as the whole operation is based on aiding a popular revolution to topple Gaddafi and “remove him from power” So what power”?
Could it be that we live in such a crazy world. Yes, in fact it very well could be.
Here we see Moussa Ibrahim, spokesman of the Libyan government saying that Obama is delusional.

Libya’s government spokesman says Obama cannot order Gaddafi to leave power and says Libyans want a transition with Gaddafi at the helm.

And take for instance this example, a little gem that  passed through the propaganda filters.

This Washington Post reporter tries to put what he is hearing in context with what his programmed reality can come up with and the only thing he can come up with is that all these supporters of Gaddafi he met in Libya must just be this crazy.

The headline is  “Many Libyans appear to back Gaddafi
(To enter the world of the Gaddafi believers is to enter an “Alice in Wonderland” realm in which the regime’s supporters are the real revolutionaries, not the rebels seeking to topple the government, because Libya is in a state of perpetual revolution.

The Libyan people can’t overthrow their government because they are the government, in accordance with the country’s definition of itself as the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, which loosely translates as “state of the masses.”Gadhafi can’t be toppled because he holds no formal position; he is the Brother Leader, a guide and a mentor, a patriarch and an uncle who advises his people but does not rule them. )
I hope you still have appetite. There is a lot more to come.
2nd Chapter – Human Rights abuses in Libya
This is a mantra that is easy for the propaganda machines to preach. Once again reality seems to be quite different.
First question you might ask yourself, if Gaddafi is such a gross human rights violator, why was Libya elected by other African Nations to lead the Human Rights Council of the United Nations in 2003?
First of all, if Gaddafi has no power in Libya accusing “his men” of human rights violation simply doesn’t fly. Unless he just has his private secret mafia? But that would also be just a conspiracy theory. (Do not get me wrong, a lot of conspiracy theories have basis for them, but I have seen no evidence for this one)
Wiki on Human Rights Watch
Another article dealing with it’s corrupt nature
Most, if not all of the accusations being presented to us by the media come from one organization “Human Rights Watch” an American based organization that receives most of it’s funding from George Soros, a well known bankin mogul and leading globalist. It is not an unbiased organization at all, yet the media will always report it as “human rights organization”
“According to a 2008 financial assessment, HRW reports that it does not accept any direct or indirect funding from governments and is financed through contributions from private individuals and foundations.[9] According to NGO Monitor this policy is violated by support from the Dutch government and a May 2009 fund raising trip to Saudi Arabia.[10]
Notably, billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros announced in 2010 his intention to donate US$100 million to HRW over a period of ten years. He said, “Human Rights Watch is one of the most effective organizations I support. Human rights underpin our greatest aspirations: they’re at the heart of open societies.”[11][12] The donation increases Human Rights Watch’s operating budget from $48 million to $80 million. The donation was the largest in the organization’s history”
So, George Soros, who likes to manipulate the economies of entire nations for personal gain (including Iceland and Greece) is their biggest supporters and they go to SAUDI ARABIA on a fund raising trip??
Yes, one of the biggest violators of human rights in the history of mankind financed this human rights organization.

Just because a human rights organization makes an accusation against someone doesn’t make it true. Anyone that has the money could form an organization and name it “human rights watch”, especially if he intended to use it for this purpose.

There is one substantiated allegation, and that is that in Libya, people have been executed people for terrorism and high treason. This is not something I agree with personally. But then again, I have not been living under constant attacks by secret agents and subversive groups funded by western intelligence agencies trying to undermine a people’s revolution.
I have not had multiple attempts on my life and NATO hasn’t killed my daughter. I’m sure after a while your sense of humor for people trying to kill you, your people and the leader of your people’s revolution, would go away. In any case this is no excuse for the US to bomb anyone as they execute about 44 people a year, many of whom are later proven to have been innocent of their charges.
It is possible that Libya would be the greatest welfare paradise on the planet were it not for the constant interference by greedy western companies. There appear to be few places on earth that have a welfare system as good and where every person is as valued. I kid you not.
Consider Iceland for example. In Iceland we are ruled by a wealthy minority that lives in luxury while many of us work day after day, weekend after weekend, just to be fed and get to live in a home.
In Libya, everyone is entitled to a home, food, water, a vehicle and the opportunity to pursue his interests. If you want education abroad, the government pays for it completely. Need to buy a home to start a family? The government gives you
As with other stuff relating to Libya at the moment it is not that easy to find reliable information regarding this from mainstream sources, but with a little internet detective work you can verify this quite clearly.
From Wikipedia: During the 1970s, the government succeeded in making major improvements in the general welfare of its citizens. By the 1980s Libyans enjoyed much improved housing and education, comprehensive social welfare services, and general standards of health that were among the highest in Africa.’
So… let me get this straight… this evil dictator takes over and stars improving everyones lifestyle! What a monster!
Another thing I did researching this was to watch old mainstream documentaries about Libya, it is informative to see how these films contradict the picture being painted now:

Consider this video that went viral recently. Gaddafi is writing in a motorcade without any protection and everywhere he goes people meet him in celebration.

Does it now seem to you, just a little bit less of a sign of his “insanity” when he claimed that his people loved him?
I think it’s time you watched this video, with a message from Gaddafi, broadcast over Tripoli on July 1st.

The Green Flag of the People

Posted: 2011/10/13
From: Mathaba
The following letter was sent, via email, to The Answer Coalition. The suggestion it contains, though, can be adopted by anyone or any group.

By Dennis South


I write articles I would like to present a suggestion. I will assume [I hope not incorrectly] that you are aware of the demonic assault on the people of Libya, in the name of “protecting lives.” A total of 60,000 Libyans have been slaughtered by NATO and their paid stooges and traitors.

I assume that you are aware that Muammar Gaddafiis not, and never has been, a “brutal dictator.” Here is just a tiny testament, by a young American who lived in Libya, to Gaddafi’s achievements for his people in Libya these last 42 years:

I assume that you are aware that Gaddafi created adirect democracy system of government that isinfinitely better than the “democracy” of our U.S. government, which has been virtually destroyed by special interests, particularly corporations, in part through Supreme Court rulings. Despite propaganda from the media, Gaddafi stepped down from power in 1977. That is a fact.

If you wish to study more about him, there is plenty of information at I now make my request.

I request that you consider adopting the Green Flag of The Al-Fateh Revolution, which is the onlyrevolution of Libya. The Al-Fateh Revolution began in 1969, when Gaddafi kicked out King Idris, in a bloodless coup. Compare that with the blood that NATO has spilled in “protecting citizens.”

The Green Flag is a universal flag. It has no marks on it. It’s just green. It can be seen as representing the earth, on which all of us live as brothers and sisters. In adopting the Green Flag, you will be making a huge statement, and I hope that you think about it. It is something to ponder over deeply.

Please view this short production, which, in part, explains Gaddafi’s way of thinking:

And, when you get some time, read about The Green Charter Movement, which grew out of Gaddafi’s Green Book: It is an international movement.  When you read it, you might be shocked to discover what a powerful,global leader Muammar Gaddafi is. He needs our support, and we need him.

The Green Flag can be adopted by anyone, and I would like to see it flown by millions of people, at rallies all across the U.S. The difficulty I have is that I can’t begin to impart to you, in a few moments, the importance of this. I’ve been covering the Libyan war of aggression for 8 months. I produce daily updates entitled, “Update on the struggle for the liberation of Libya and the unification of Africa” published at

Well, please consider my request. Perhaps your officers can meet. Supporting Gaddafi, by using the Green Flag, is a signal to the powers that we are all conntected; that we all love each other, and that we will fight for each other!

Summary of the war in Libya:

I thought I’d give you a bullet-point summary of what is actually going on in Libya, though you might find this difficult to believe, due to media lies.  And this summary is very important, because what it actually demonstrates is the support that Gaddafi has amongst 90% of the Libyan people. Think about this: How is it possible that a tiny country, whose population is smaller than the population of the Chicago metropolitan area, has withstood the daily assault of the strongest military alliance in human history? If Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is such a “brutal dictator,” how is he holding on so long? It is clearly because the people support him. He would have fallen before three weeks, had it not been for the support of the vast majority of the Libyan people:

1. A full 80% of Tripoli is now under the the control of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

2. A full 80% of Benghazi, the headquarters of the “rebels” is under the control of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

3. A full 90% (Some say 100%) of Southern Libya is under the firm control of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

4. The TNC, NATO, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Rag-Tag Rebels imported from the Hindukush are, are loosing the Libyan War.

5. A full 95% of the TNC (the rebel “government”)has resigned.

6. In an astonishing admission, NATO and U.S. intelligence officers, at a meeting that they held in the 3rd week of September at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va, concluded that NATO operations in Libya have been “ineffectual” and “pathetic.” They also concluded that this failure in Libya has made it impossible for them to continue any operations in the Middle East for the next year. See:

When I first saw Muammar Gaddafi speaking at Bab Al-Aziziyah, 8 months ago, I thought he was a madman, and a “brutal dictator” whose time had come.  But then I started doing what, unfortunately, too many of my fellow countrymen don’t do: study.  And I was shocked and outraged!! All the lies I had been told made me furious.

We would be blessed, in the U.S., to have Muammar Gaddafi as a leader! He is loved by millions, all around the world–something I had no idea about before 8 months ago.

Well, I ask you to consider that a common flag of the people be adopted, and that you spread that idea to all people who are struggling for peace, freedom, balance, love, equity.  Thank you very much for reading this lenghty note.


Dennis South

July 1, 2011 Gaddafi’s Speech to Libya and the World, 1 of 2

This is a support march for Muammar Gaddafi and it includes 1.7 million people Source. There are 2 million people living in Tripoli! And only 6.5 million in the entire Libya! Seems that only those who called in sick that day didn’t make it. Just watch it, and tell me we are witnessing a “popular revolution against Gaddafi in Libya”
One commented that people in North Korea also loved Kim Jong Il. This comparison is preposterous. First of all people are allowed to freely exit Libya as they please. Second of all, that person is admitting that he is loved by his own people and hence that all the talk about him oppressing his own people is utter garbage. Why don’t they just say that then? Why doesn’t Obama admit that, yeah… the people love him, but they’re all batshit crazy…
So… let me get this straight… We’re actually at that point now? We will bomb a country to kill people, to help them get rid of a “dictator” that they all appear to love, but we, sitting on our arrogant asses in front of the TV claim we know better about what is best to them! To the point that we’re willing to kill them to prove that we are right?
How is that not batshit insane??
If you’re thinking it must have gotten worse since you would be wrong.
Here is the Human Development Report of the United Nations, notice that Libya is the only African nation that reaches the green color.
This picture is from 2010.
Still in doubt? Then I suggest you also read this report from the United Nations in 2011 (for those not paying attention, it’s this year)
It reads like a valedictorian report card.
5. During the interactive dialogue, statements were made by 46 delegations. A number 
of delegations commended the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya for the preparation and presentation 
of its national report, noting the broad consultation process with stakeholders in the 
preparation phase.  Several delegations also noted with appreciation the country’s 
commitment to upholding human rights on the ground. Additional statements, which could 
not be delivered during the interactive dialogue owing to time constraints, will be posted on 
the extranet of the universal periodic review when available.

Here are some figures that have been circulating the internet, although I have not been able to find them posted on any of the “solid sources” from the documentaries I have seen and testimony I’ve heard it appears fairly accurate.
Unemployment benefits – 730 U.S. dollars a month.Nurse salary – $ 1000 per month.Each baby receives a single gift from the Libyan State – $ 7,000.The couple receives money from the Libyan government of $ 64,000 to buy a house.(Wedding gift)State support for a one-off starting their own business – 20,000 U.S. dollars.High taxes and any fees to forbidden M. Gaddafi initiative.Education and health care – free of charge.Education and training abroad is fully payed by Libyan government

Residents receive electricity for free.

Teacher’s salary – $ 3,000 per month.

When buying a new car government pays half price.

Brokering real estate is prohibited. Available only direct buyer – seller relationship

Here we see an inquiry about this on Yahoo Answers
Here is a related topic.
Here we also see how the Libyan government funds projects that actually benefit the population instead of just powerful corporations. “Government to build thousands of new homes in Libya”
Here is something that might make you ask yourself another question. If Gaddafi is so hated by his own people, why would the Libyan government pass out weapons to the population to protect people from the rebels and the possible invading armies? Wouldn’t that be suicidal for a dictator trying desperately to retain his power against a popular uprising?
Then the question has to be asked, why does he have so much support from his people and why is the media and our political leaders trying to  convince us the opposite?
Here is Serbian Miroslav Lazanski on the issue, corroberating some of these findings:

Miroslav Lazanski ‘Gadafijeva diktatura’ – Support for Muammar Gaddafi from the people of Serbia

But then you might start havind second thoughts, thinking… if everything is so good in Libya,  what are all these people doing protesting? Are they just wrong?
Here is where the propaganda gets serious. In order to sell you this war, the perception of a massive popular rebellion had to be manipulated into the public mind.
But it is however a valid question, why are these people protesting? And who are they?
Let’s look at these questions and find out how convincing the case for a popular rebellion in Libya against Gaddafi is.
3rd chapter – We must protect the peaceful demonstrators

This is the ultimate firecracker…
Hey, I’ve got a joke for you, How do you get all the protesters to shut up while you’re waging a war? You convince them you’re going to war to protect peaceful protesters!
HAHAHAHAHALOLDERP!! Or… wait a second… Maybe it really isn’t that funny…
Let’s look at this in more detail.
In the start it was a peaceful protest, but after Gaddafi started brutalizing the peaceful demonstrators it turned violent, right?
Weird, cause not even the intentionally biased wikipedia article actually supports that conclusion:
So let us see, early phase, 15. february, first day:

15 February

  • In the evening approximately 200 people began demonstrating in front of the police headquarters in Benghazi following the arrest of human-rights activist Fathi Terbil.[5] They were joined by others later who totaled between 500 to 600 protesters. The protest was broken up violently by police,[6] causing as many as forty injuries among the protesters.[7]
  • In Al Bayda and Az Zintan, hundreds of protesters called for “the end of the regime” and set fire to police and security buildings.[6] In Az Zintan, the protesters set up tents in the town centre.[6]
Am I getting this straight? In a country of six and a half million, 200 people showed up to protest?

So what have these peaceful demonstrators been up to since their peaceful revolution started? Well, as any group of peaceful demonstrators would, hunting black people! Yes, just listen to this group of immigrant workers who fear for their lives because of the activities of these people. They don’t even leave their houses:

Notice how traumatized the man reliving his experience is, a tell that he is not making up the story. Were he to be enthusiastic and dramatic about it, that would be a clear indicator that he was lying. This point becomes more relevant later on.
See here this more detailed story on this issue. (Libya: Rebels execute immigrant workers while forces kidnap others)
They also seem to be exceptionally good with bureacratic bullshit, as all underground resistance movements are of course…
Since the start of the protest, they’ve managed to:
Anyone that has taken part in any type of protest know how ridicilously far fetched these ambitions would be to any movement. Sure it would have been cool if we could have just set up our own central bank while demandind the removal of the head of our central bank at the time, David Oddson, but how on earth would we have gone about doing that? Never mind trying that in the US! So what’s going on then?
It’s seems pretty simple. This is much less a “protest movement” and much rather trained militants backed, armed and financed by the CIA and I would guess Mossad and MI6 as well.
The Libyans that are protesting appear to mostly make up the former upper class of Libya who are pissed off that their power was taken away from them in a popular revolution. Many of these families fled Gaddafi’s rule and have had it in for him ever since.
The goal of these clandestine operations was to start enough disturbances, riots and terror events that would then be portrayed to the people as a revolution of the people through the media.
This has been tried previously in the case of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, but that attempt failed due to the enormous support he had in his country. (See full documentary from BBC on this case here “The Revolution will not be televised”)
Evidence for media manipulation
I don’t need to remind you that representatives of all the major media news outlets of the world went to Libya as soon as the protests started, with the intention of covering them. Surely they must have numerous good photos of large peaceful demonstrations against Gaddafi?
Here are some pictures of the protests in Egypt. You can find scores of these kind of pictures with huge crowds, sometimes clashing with police:
And even in Iceland, a country with a population of 300.000 we see this turnout:
Well, now let us compare these images, all of whom were easily located with a simple google search with some of the images coming from Libya. In Libya I have yet to find a single picture of protesters clashing with police or being barricaded by police. If you can then by all means post it.
Here we see a definitive flag of the Libyan monarchy now being used by the rebels. Is this even in Libya? Well, anyway, , when you see a picture of this flag in a protest, you are looking at anti-gaddafi protests. When you are looking at Gaddafi supporters they will be carrying the green flag. The flag of the Libyan Revolution of 1969.
This is one example of such an event:
Well, you might find it curious that this is a picture taken from here, headlined “84 killed in Libya protests: Rights organization”
Do these appear to be people protesting Gaddafi? Would protesters of Gaddafi be carrying a glamorous picture of him celebrating? And the flag of his revolution? The answer is clearly no so why are they using this picture? Shouldn’t there be plenty of good pictures from the huge protests against Gaddafi?
Actually if you google Libya rebels in the image search you will see a more accurate depiction of this presumed protest movement in Libya. Just try it.
Surely we should be routing for the gun touting gentlemen over the green flag waving madmen in the picture above.
This is not the only media news outlet to make the same embarrassing mistake:
The Associated Press carried the same picture in this story:
And just look at this one, what is this but a bad photoshopped photobomb? They are all celebrating Gaddafi in the background! Either someone actually snuck in to take the picture or it was just added in post production. Either way, it is pure deliberate propaganda!
This was posted here, and under it reads “A recent picture of an anti-gaddafi demonstration”
Are you sure mr. reporter that these people wearing the color of his revolution with a glamourous picture of him are anti-Gaddafi? Or is this a bad fake?
And wait a minute… Gadafi.. butcher of libya, didn’t I see that movie already…? Oh wait no! That was another guy… Must have been the same producers…
Again, are these anti Gaddafi protesters? This is from a discussion where the poster says he found the picture on google earth. Of course he did. And how was he supposed to know that all these crowds were there to support Gaddafi. That’s not what the media had told him.
Again, this picture was posted in at least two places with headlines about protests against Gaddafi:
From here and here.
Another one:
Here is yet another example. The story is about Gaddafi murdering protesters, when the picture clearly shows his supporters:
Notice how all the signs are in Arabic. That’s also something I’ve wondered. Why does it seem that all the protesters from pictures of Iran, Syria and Libya have signs in English?
Of course the picture being painted is that they are “pleading to the international community” and surely that’s what some of these people are doing. But isn’t just a little strange? In the Icelandic protests of 2009, even if we knew the foreign press was watching, very few decided to post their signs in English, most would have just felt that it was silly.
Even though almost everyone in Iceland speaks English and it is not exactly the most common language in Libya.
Some of the most well known pictures might not even be from Libya. Some might just be of gullible westerners who feel they are supporting justice.
Oh that’s just brilliant. “Hopeless” As opposed to the “Hope” delivered by Obama’s presidency. Straight from the Washington propaganda machines anyone? No… get out of town…
The group American Libya Freedom Assocation or “ALFA” has been the most prominent group to support this rebellion. They have written propaganda articles that make all types of wild accusations against Gaddafi without any proof. Take for example this article that has so many falsehoods in it I almost drowned in them. Of the top of my head it claims, baselessly that Gaddafi implemented Sharia law. In fact, there is now talk of introducing Sharia law in Libya, after the fall of Gaddafi.
Unfortunately Wikipedia considers this Associaton a reliable source of information and references is it in some of the accusations it makes.
In this propaganda piece you can see their participation verified.
Here we can also see that Mohamed M. Bugaighis, the head of ALFA has connections to the US government.
Here are some more pictures circulating the web that I find suspect.
One question… What are the flags of Iraq and Palestine doing there? And why is there only one rebel flag and where is located? On top of the Palestinian flag! Why?

The flag of Iraq:
The flag of Palestine:
It’s worth noting that Gaddafi has been a vocal supporter of Palestine from day 1.
He has been a rock in Israels socks for decades, and the monarchy his revolution overthrew was supported by Israel. Something’s not right about this.
Just recently, after the revolution in Egypt, Gaddafi urged Palestinians to rise up against the Israeli occupation in peaceful protests.
“The time for people’s revolution has come”
Little did he know that they planned to turn the joke on him.
Here we see an article that covers this issue, while certainly not in a positive tone.
Well if the most oppressive, apartheid state in the world supports it it must be ok. A country who murdered peaceful protesters aboard the Mavi Marmara and has systematically robbed Palestinians of their lives and land.
But let’s move on:
In this picture that has been posted everywhere online, including the mainstream press, there clearly are a lot of people. But why is the only flag visible in the crowd waving right above the camera? Strange, I wonder if it’s been planted? No… The technology might be pretty advanced now… but doctoring pictures? Common. That’s impossible.
Now here is an oddball:
Well, the resolution and proportions seem fine… but wait… why is there only ONE FLAG? In the middle of the picture?
This one was posted in a few places, including
Again.. really? One flag? One guy decided to bring his flag?
But wait, here we have a lot of flags!
The only problem with this picture is that it’s the same picture as we looked at before and shows the Gaddafi supporters that were being posted as Gaddafi protesters. Except this time, someone went through the trouble of adding red paint on the flags.
While one has to wonder about how amateur the doctoring of these photos is, it also makes you wonder how convincing they could make photos if they actually did their best work.
The most convincing images of masses protesting Gaddafi came after the alleged fall of Gaddafi. This video being among the “best”:
This is a screenshot from that very recent BBC report about celebration in Benghazi after allegedly conquering Tripoli.
Here is the image from 01:10
And here we have the frame from 02:05
I have questions about the vanishing flag, the Gaddafi poster with green background next to the demon (subliminal propaganda perhaps?), and why they could only get less than a minute of footage that is looped. Perhaps these can all be explained, and focusing too much on it would amount to speculation that would probably be inadmissable in court. But given the manipulation we’ve seen so far you can’t help but wonder.
In any case these are pictures of Benghazi, the only place where it is recognized that there is opposition to the Green Revolution.
The footage shows celebration after the news about the “fall of Tripoli” which we found out later had not been the fall of Tripoli at all, but was simply a trap set by government forces.
And what has become quite well known in the alternative media now is that the footage allegedly coming from the Green Square in Tripoli did not show a place consistent with the actual Green Square, making it more likely that this is actually filmed in a movie set:
Here is a full article on this kind of manipulation
And then there is this recent slip up at the BBC, showing green square in India as supposedly live from the protests in Libya:
The case for a popular uprising being waged against Gaddafi simply seems very thin to me.
Think of it this way, if there was an agenda to make you think there were bigger protests in Libya than there actually were to disguise military operations by CIA funded militant groups to gain control over a country and it’s resources, how would they go about doing that?
It’s clear that they could do that so that leaves it at, would they. And if we consider that they’ve done that many times before the answers to that seems clear as well. And if you consider what is at stake in a war like this “it’s the least they can do”.
Having said that, it is not as if a protest happening in a country is justification for starting a war. If it would be we would have had to bomb every country in the world a long time ago. Where did this notion come from? How many times have there been huge protests in the West?
And what about killing protesters? Well, we’ll cover that claim later but what about Kent State Massacre in the US?
Should the US not have been swiftly invaded? Besides the fact that the case for “Gaddafi’s Men” having killed peaceful protesters is very thin. It seems more like people died trying to protect security buildings and police stations and the protesters who were killed were armed aggressors.
And EVEN IF, there is a dictator who is believed to oppress his own people, it would only make matter worse to bomb the country! It would not be an excuse!
Do i really have to get into the hipocrisy factor here? How many brutal dictators has the west supported and how many democratically elected leaders they have assassinated? Is this history still unknown to you? And talking about torture! The Us officially admits to torture! Have we forgotten about Abu Ghraib already? So you’re saying you don’t like how Gaddafi is torturing his people so you want the US army to do it instead?
This whole thing is absurd.
What I can unequivocally demonstrate, is that there is not an overwhelming majority protesting Gaddafi. The pictures of his supporters were in general a lot more convincing and crowded. 1.7 million people marched in his support! It’s absurd for us to claim that we know better what is in their best interest!
(I refer back to the video above where 1.7 million march in his support, if you did not watch it before, watch it now)
The peaceful protesters?
The West hasn’t exactly been hiding it’s support for these forces. Here are a few stories worth noting:
Libya Rebel leader had CIA backing (warning, serious whitewash/propaganda but fact is acknowledged)
Here we can see the rebel army, these are not peaceful protesters. Forget that notion. They are armed to the teeth and they are killing black people and burning down police stations. Are the Libyan people supposed to sit back while that happens? Would you?
Not only a connection to the CIA, but also to Al Qaeda
No I am not making this up.  The same people that the Americans are supporting in Libya have also been members of the “Al Qaeda” movement in Iraq.
I can just hear some of you blurting out that it is nothing but a crazy conspiracy theory. But don’t call the doctor yet, we have “solid sources”
Libyan Rebel Commander admits his fighters have Al Qaeda links
Anti American Extremist among Libyan Rebels U.S. has vowed to protect
 You can’t dismiss this that easily can you? Straight from the horses mouth! The commander of the rebels admits this and a few media outlets pick up on it before it slips down the rabbit hole.
So, now, is there any picture starting to emerge inside your head at this point?
Or does this all still seem very contradictory and confusing to you?
What if I told you that the most likely explanation in my humble opinion is that the CIA are knowingly funding terrorist activites, that KILL American Soldiers and innocent Iraqi people to justify their continued military presence?
Pretty much exactly like in 1984. Perpetual Warfare. I think it’s time for a quote from that book, performed by Michael Moore. He has fortunately remained consistant in his anti war stance, and is against the military aggression in Libya (source)
It is also worth noting that a lot of the rebels in Afghanistan were funded and armed by the ISI in Pakistan, which has had a close relationship with the CIA for many years and Pakistan has been given military aid from the US all throughout the course of the war. Source
But as this would be enough material for a whole new article I’ll just leave it at that. Let’s concentrate on Libya for now.
And what about Benghazi?
A little bit of history is needed. Wiki will do for this purpose:
Heavily bombed in World War II, Benghazi was later rebuilt with the country’s newly found oil wealth as a gleaming showpiece of modern Libya. It became the capital city of Emirate of Cyrenaica (1949-1951) under Idris Senussi I. In 1951, Cyrenaica was merged with Tripolitania and Fezzan to form the independent Kingdom of Libya, of which both Benghazi and Tripoli were capital cities. Benghazi lost its capital status when the Free Officers under the leadership of Muammar Gaddafi staged a coup d’état in 1969, whereafter all government institutions were concentrated in Tripoli. Even though King Idris was forced into exile and the monarchy abolished, support for the Senussi dynasty remained strong in Cyrenaica. This was emphasized by real or perceived injustices from the government towards the people of Benghazi, including the demolition in the year 2000 of the arena of footballclub Alahly Benghazi S.C., following anti-government protests.
Whoever these protesters are they are glorifying a brutal monarch that was deposed by a popular revolution. Here is a picture of a young Benghazi carrying a picture of King Idris during the 2011 revolution:

While it is clear enough that Gaddafi has overwhelming support in Tripoli and most other parts of the country, Benghazi seems to be the only place were any significant number of people oppose him and the Jamahariya, State of the masses.

Somehow I have a hard time so sympathize with people glorifying a monarch that oppressed the people of an entire nation, just because that city was “it” at the time… Especially when they use means of terrorism to get their point across.
This conversation is just brilliant  to listen to. Anyone enthusiastic about debating in general should check it out. Such a pawning has rarely been recorded:
Of course it is possible that people in the Benghazi area have some legitimate grievances that they feel Gaddafi is responsible for. That I simply can not know for certain at this point.
Regardless, this is a reality that is very different from what is being propagated in this blitz media campaign, and does not mean that this minority is entitled to take over a country.
So what have we learned so far? 
Fighters with ties to Al Qaeda, sponsored by NATO and the CIA are burning down police stations and security buildings, and when Gaddafi says his people will resist this foreign hostility and attempted occupation he is “declaring war against his own people” What a bunch of fucking bullshit!
And oh sure, we just have to help them by BOMBING their capital!
What would have to happen for you to support your home country being bombed from the air? Historic landmarks, universities and peoples houses were being blown to pieces and people killed?
Libyans do not want these air strikes! It is simply a disgusting lie!

There is one thing that becomes abundantly clear upon detailed inspection of this issue. What we are seeing is not mistakes. It’s not “intelligence failures”. It’s not a misunderstanding. It’s pure and deliberate propaganda with the aim of taking over a country and it’s resources.
Of course a lot of the dumbed down reporters that read from their teleprompters have no clue that what they are saying is a part of a disinformation campaign. They usually know nothing more than the average citizen. But this is being orchestrated by very skilled propaganda specialists, and there are people fully aware of the manipulation in place that are doing this on purpose.
This is a barrier that some people seem to have a hard time to breach. The media may lie, but never on purpose…These people are likely to be thinking “Well what about all the mass rapes, airstrikes against his own people? The torturing and the oppression? Are they just lies?”
Well… again… yes…!
If you have ever known a person who is a compulsive liar you would know that they will lie as much as they can as big as they can so in the end it such a grand illusion you think that it is unlikely someone would go through such lengths to deceive you.
These propaganda specialist will lie endlessly and no one corrects it until it’s too late.
Truth is the first casualty of war. The lies leading up to the war in Iraq were endless and grotesque.
They said they KNEW that Saddam had nuclear weapons and was willing to use them on the United States! This is how badly they wanted you to support the war! What makes you think anything has changed now? Obama?
Really? Are you supporting this war because of Obama? Because of all the “changes” he’s been implementing?
Obama is another example of how many lies they are willing to tell you to get you to go along with their plans. He had the image of an anti-war president who was against the Wall Street fat cats. Seriously how often has this card been played? How long will it take us to call the bluff?
Obama is a prime example of how much the media and politicians will distort the truth, and somehow people usually fall for it for just as long as is required for the operation to succeed.
Somehow a majority of people can’t seem to get it through their head that the media will lie shamelessly, again and again.
People seem to know this on some level and are aware that it has happened repeatedly throughout our history. But when it comes to seeing through it when it really matters they are simply still to gullible. Do they think that the media has learned from it’s mistakes and won’t lie to us again? Do they believe that the war in Iraq was due to “intelligence failures”?
On, an upvoting site that has a lot of entertaining and informative user submitted material, this clip from George Carlin is almost universally upvoted and praised. Yet the contents of what he is saying doesn’t seem to have sunk in yet. Let’s listen to it, and listen to his message, he isn’t joking!

Michael Jackson even tried to tell us this:

Imagine what it was like before the war in Iraq trying to tell people it was based on lies and there should not be an invasion. Imagine how many reasons people could find in the media at the time to believe you were crazy. Are you telling me they are all lies?
Yes, I’m saying they were all lies.
If you were in my shoes at the time this must feel like deja vu all over again. (To be accurate I was quite young at the time and wasn’t really sure what to think initially but quickly started opposing it after it began)
And some of you are not going to change your minds. Some of you just trust that all this information would be covered in the mainstream media if it was true. These people will trust them more than the alternative media to report information accurately.
Imagine the stupidity. The media corporations are owned and controlled and have long since been infiltrated by intelligence agencies.
The website where I post this doesn’t even have advertisers. We have no owners or editors and are only here to try to figure out what is going on.
Most people can’t seem to fathom how well calculated, widespread and big this lie is. They don’t seem to notice how ideas are deliberately being put in their heads. Anything that contradicts what they’ve learned through this will immediately be disregarded as crazy or a “conspiracy theory”.
Some people will even read this entire article and still not see a reason to disapprove of the bombings. Going by their feeling that all the stuff you’ve heard and read in the media can’t all be false.
But most people, and this is the real problem, they won’t actually read it. They won’t watch any of the videos, and they won’t even leave room for the possibilty that they are wrong. They have been so convinced that they simply feel it is awaste of time to even look into it. That will not stop them from claiming they have, however.
After I published an earlier version of this in Icelandic you would not believe the response from some people who had obviously in no way even skimmed through the article. Most of the questions were answered in the article itself. For example, if someone comments: “How can you support a dictator?” that person is proving that they did not even see that I was claiming he wasn’t.
It’s a cute little feeling, that everyone is trying their best and it’s better not to be too negative.
The compulsive liar knows this as well. He knows that you are a sensitive being and he abuses it. When he’s been exposed he apologises and promises it will never happen again. But guess what? He is lying.
If you actually think that the largest militaries in the world would go into a concerted operation without there being a major preparation for it, you have no clue about modern warfare. If you think that a big portion of that preparation doesn’t involve a propaganda campaign to ensure the support of the people, you are sadly mistaken again.
Consider this story about Donald Rumsfeld’s speech from 2006 where he talks about how the Americans are lagging behind in the propaganda department and must do something about it quickly with heavy emphasis on the internet.
You might also want to evaluate the words of General Wesley Clark, when he said that there were plans to attack Libya 6 years ago:

But how did they go about orchestrating such a media war? 

Might it involve a little scandal recently about leaked e-mails from HB Gary? Where it was revealed that the pentagon was using bots online and fake social media accounts to use for propaganda campaigns?
And here is where it get interesting. You all know that this is the “twitter revolution” and a lot of the videos were just youtube videos being posted by Libyans. Right?
Well then how come only about 9% of Libyans have internet access according to statistics from 2009? See here
I think it’s about time you watched another of these random youtube videos I’ve found. The song is actually quite overused but the information is worth it. The most peculiar thing is the amount of twitter updates that were posted in a short period of time:

And here we have two journalists testifying on air that they have been threatened by other journalists and intelligence officials for going against the NATO propaganda. Thierry Meissan goes on to claim that many of these reporters are actually card carrying CIA agents.

Now, let’s look at a list of recent news stories, most of which are the primary reasons why most people claim to support the “revolution” in Libya. Expect more news stories like this with outrageous over the top claims against Gaddafi or anything related to him. These stories will be aimed at affecting people emotionally and horrifying them, with blame assigned to Gaddafi and his supporters.
Gaddafi used airstrikes against his own people
This story was originally posted on twitter without a shred of evidence and from there got reported by all the major media outlets. This appears to be nothing more than yet another deliberate, fabricated piece of propaganda.
This report from the Russian Army contradicts these claims:
Gaddafi is ordering mass rapes!
This is a big one. Gaddafi’s men are mass rapists! And he even ordered Viagra for his presumably impotent men to assist in their mass rapes! What a monster!
Really?? Isn’t that a bit over the top? Do you actually believe that he did that?
But the news says so! He must have! What a lunatic! Who does that?
No one, because it is a lie.
The only evidence for these mass rapes is a “questionnaire” that reportedly included the question of whether or not women had been raped, and reportedly a lot of the women had tagged yes to the question… and when asked by whom many had reportedly said “Gaddafi’s men” most left the questionnaire anynomous but some wrote their initials… for fear of reprisal… obviously.
Right… So basically the easiest forgery in history.
There is a lot of talk about how rapes are such a disgrace to the family in the Muslim community and how most women don’t come forward. That didn’t seem to matter to Eman Al-Obeidy who at the most opportune time came rushing into a Tripoli Hotel to tell her horrifying story of how she was gangraped by Gaddafi’s men!
So are they lying?
Yes, they most likely are lying.
Here is a report from Amnesty International that questions these claims.
This type of story was extraordinarily convenient for anyone that wants to gather support for a war in Libya. It is extremely emotional and targets the viewers empathy. You will not see stories like this about the thousands of people burned alive by NATO bombs.
This is exactly what they do. No one cares about deep historical understanding of what is going on in Libya. Didn’t you hear about that gangrape by Gaddafi’s men!? This is what modern propaganda looks like.
And to some this claim even seems ridicilous. But just to be clear, yes, I am stating that in all likelihood, both of these events were staged. The wounds of both these women are probably fake and the work of the Hollywood department of the CIA. These are in all likelihood paid actors or deliberate liars.
Can I prove that? No, not literally, I can’t prove either case individually with forensic evidence as that would be impossible. However, it is the aim of this article in it’s entirety to expose the fraudulent basis of this war in general. That I can do.
And seen from that perspective these stories and their timing must seem highly suspicious to anyone witnessing what is going on.
Understand this, there is no claim to wild, no lie to big, no method to unethical for these people. This is about much bigger issues and for them the end justifies the means.
There are a number of ways to get people to lie. One possibility is that they have some connection to the rebels, or is simply a paid agent. It’s not like they are saving money on a mission like this. It is supported by the richest and most powerful people in the world and the stakes are high. Paying off a couple of people here and there is not a big problem.
They could do it, they would do it, they have done it and they are doing it.
The question is rather, why would they stop when it is proving to work so well?
Just check out this brief video, we have prior convictions:
If you think that my claim that these horror stories from Libya are fake is a ridicilous claim, will you at least admit that you would have also thought it was ridicilous if at the time this was being played in the media, I had claimed that it was staged?
This is now officially acknowledged to have been war propaganda. The girl telling us this horrifying story was a trained actor, the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States and the event was orchestrated by the public relation firm Hill & Knowlton, working for the Kuwaiti government. The increasingly censored Wikipedia acknowledges all of this and there are numerous other sources that confirm this if you have any doubt. Wiki
Obviously, that’s why they keep doing this. And if you need a further reminder on how the authorities blatantly lie to the public it’s time for a little symphony:

But no, authorities wouldn’t go that far to stage a war… Well, if you think so consider Operation Northwoods, were all sorts of outrageous plots were considered to gain popular support for war in Cuba, including staging terror attacks, even shooting citizens in the US and blaming it on Cuba:

But common! The media wouldn’t participate in this kind of behaviour! Well… then consider Operation Mockingbird. Wiki explains here.
But no… NATO and the US would never knowingly arm and support terrorists… Well, then consider Operation Gladio, where they did exactly that, in Europe:
Al Jazeera has also provided a lot of the propaganda effort for this war. It has proven really effective, as many progressives view Al Jazeera as a good alternative to the US media they have learned not to trust. This documentary, which I watched from start to end is a prominent candidate for the Goebbels award:
“Libya – A state of Terror”
This film only includes testimony from Libyan defectors and provides no additional evidence. No shortage of emotional music and enthusiastic story telling though. If you watch this film, do they seem uncomfortable talking about their horrific experience, or are they trying to sell it?
This is the opposite of the Nigerian immigrant we saw earlier who was chased down a street by the rebels in Libya. It’s like they’re trying to squeeze out every bit of sympathy they can get.
Now, I might be wrong on this. If I am I apologize to them and those who feel they have suffered. Very few issues are actually purely black/white, but for what I can assess this documentary is pure propaganda.
Here is this documentary for those who are interested:
Gaddafi is staging mass funerals and parading fake victims
This blew my mind when I saw it. I refer to my writing on this website when this story was released. We awarded Nic Robertson the Goebbels award that month for an excellent performance in the art of deception.

The Goebbels award this week goes to Nic Robertson for his exemplary contribution to the brainwashing campaign about Libya.

He uses many effective tricks on the viewer that are worth noting. The goal of the story is to claim that the victims of the NATO bombardment were simply non-existent. All this was an elaborate propaganda stunt by Gaddafi to gain international solidarity and we must not let it work. One might think such plans were to ambitious but he somehow managed to pull it off.

Nic knows that by now people will believe just about anything about Gaddafi and by doing this he hopes that the anger ofer the murdering of innocent civilians that would otherwise be directed against the people throwing bombs, would instead be directed against Gaddafi!

In the first scene we see how he edits the speech which probably included a fair amount of inconvenient statements. the editing makes him appear frantic, angry and a bit fanatical. Good job there.

He proceeds to claim, without any evidence, that noone in the area seemed to have been a relative of the victims. Of course  we should just trust him as a neutral reporter, a man from a country that is invading another country, reporting from the country his country is invading. Of course he is not biased!

He also describes how one of the coffins had opened and nothing had been in it. Embarrassing huh? Well what is also embarrassing is the fact that his camera man must have been looking away while it happened. It would have been great footage. But who cares, it’s not like anyone will suspect that he is lying.

This story echoes a similarly bizarre claim that Gaddafi’s men were emptying the cities morgues and get this, placing the bodies near damaged sites to make it look like people had been killed there!

Yes, for sure! This is the first time in history were a military bombardment produces no civilian casualties! It’s just Gaddafi and his gang of madmen trying to trick you into feeling empathy for his people! DON’T FALL FOR IT!

It would be extremely inconvenient if the public would figure out that we are bombing young guys with a nike cap holding the peace sign. We congratulate Nic Robertson and CNN on this outstanding achievement.

Keep in mind that all the people attending this funeral are supporters of Gaddafi! They are carrying green flags and huge numbers have turned out. Regardless this devious reporter spins it so fast that it hypnotizes the viewer.
Of course the super precise Nato bombs have a special bad guy app that ensures it only hits them and no innocent people.
Except maybe a few children and a university…
This ridicilous claim first surfaced here and has since been repeated throughout the entire spectrum of the mainstream media.
This is another blog making these claims and even more wilda accusations, based on stories from his “contact” including that Gaddafi empley a “rape squad” who had that labelled on their uniforms. Who comes up with this kind of bullshit?
5. Kafli The history of Libya
Now then, time for a brief history lesson. The history of Libya is obviously long and has many different eras. I will let suffice to cover the last 100 years of it.
Almost exactly 100 years ago, Italy “liberated” Libya from the Ottoman empire. The coverage of this on wikipedia is pretty ironic in light of recent events.
“The attempted Italian colonization of the Ottoman provinces of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica was never wholly successful, at least initially. On 3 October 1911 the Italians attacked Tripoli, claiming somewhat disingenuously to be liberating Libya from Ottoman rule. Despite a major revolt by the Libyans, the Ottoman sultan ceded Libya to the Italians by signing the 1912 Treaty of Lausanne.”
Somewhat disingeniously you say…
And now, a 100 years later, what is the leader of Italy saying about Libya? Well, basically exactly the same thing.
 Quite comical isn’t it.
Libya had been ruled by the Ottoman empire since 1551 or for 260 years when Italian fascist came and took over. Well not literally fascist, they didn’t become fascists until 1922 but would control Libya brutally til the end of the second world war.
Considering this it is even “funnier” that Berlusconi payed compensation to Libya in 2008 for the Italy’s colonial oppression to the sum of 2.5 billion pounds.
Scumbag Berlusconi
2008 Pays compensation to Libya for colonial oppression
2011 Drops Bombs on Libya
In 1943 when the allied forces drove the Italians away the power over the territory fell to Britain and France. In 1949 it is agreed that their puppet. Idris, will take over in a farce which gave the country “independence” but kept it under control of the old colonial rulers.
Idris assumed all power in the country. He was a despised tyrant who was only doing the bidding of the colonies that supported his rise to the throne. He oppressed people, he had official control over everything! That is what a dictator is. And they are proud of their role too.
This king was meant to inherit his throne to his descendants. His flag is now being used by the rebels.
From Wikipedia:

In April 1955, oil exploration started in the kingdom with its first oil fields being discovered in 1959. The first exports began in 1963 with the discovery of oil helping to transform the Libyan economy, although imposing a resource curse on Libya. Although oil drastically improved Libya’s finances, popular resentment grew as wealth was increasingly concentrated in the hands of the elite.

As was the case with other African nations following independence, the remaining Italian settlers in Libya held many of the best jobs, owned the best farmland and ran the most successful businesses.
King Idris, a monarch supported by Israel… is now being championed as a figure for democracy and freedom? How does that fly?
In 1969, Gaddafi and his men are the ones who manage to free the people from this fascist dictatorship! What ensues is a remarkable story, one that has rarely been told and for good reason.
When Gaddafi and his men took over, Gaddafi’s parents lived in a tent. He promised he would house every person in Libya before housing his parents. The promise was kept and remarkably they soon managed to give everyone in Libya a home. But not before his father died.
Accompanying the revolution was the Green Book, a complete theory on how a society could be organized in the most fair and effective way.
If you have never heard of this book I think it’s time we take a peek inside:
The Green Revolution

The Green Revolution is the Libyan Revolution of 1969. The Green Book is a recipe of sort for a different kind of society. I highly recommend reading it in it’s entirety but I am going to post bits of it. I think you will see why I think this issue is pretty important. You can download the book in English here. þessa síðu og dánlódi bókinni
“The instrument of government

– All political systems in the world today are a product of the struggle for power between alternative instruments of government. This struggle may be peaceful or armed, as is evidenced among classes, sects, tribes, parties or individuals. The outcome is always the victory of a particular governing structure – be it that of an individual, group, party or class — and the defeat of the people; the defeat of genuine democracy. Political struggle that results in the victory of a candidate with, for example, 51 per cent of the votes leads to a dictatorial governing body in the guise of a false democracy, since 49 per cent of the electorate is ruled by an instrument of government they did not vote for, but which has been imposed upon them. Such is dictatorship.”
So, in the current democratic system there is constant struggle and there’s always the risk that the majority will oppress the minority. Fair enough

– If parliament is formed from one party as a result of its winning an election, it becomes a parliament of the winning party and not of the people. It represents the party and not the people, and the executive power of the parliament becomes that of the victorious party and not of the people. The same is true of the parliament of proportional representation in which each party holds a number of seats proportional to their success in the popular vote. The members of the parliament represent their respective parties and not the people, and the power established by such a coalition is the power of the combined parties and not that of the people. Under such systems, the people are the victims whose votes are vied for by exploitative competing factions who dupe the people into political circuses that are outwardly noisy and frantic, but inwardly powerless and irrelevant. Alternatively, the people are seduced into standing in long, apathetic, silent queues to cast their ballots in the same way that they throw waste paper into dustbins. This is the traditional democracy prevalent in the whole world, whether it is represented by a one-party, two-party, multiparty or non-party system. Thus it is clear that representation is a fraud…

Philosophers, thinkers, and writers advocated the theory of representative parliaments at a time when peoples were unconsciously herded like sheep by kings, sultans and conquerors. The ultimate aspiration of the people of those times was to have someone to represent them before such rulers. When even this aspiration was rejected, people waged bitter and protracted struggle to attain this goal.

So, representative democracy was better than monarchy and fascism but was still far from perfect.
The Party

– The purpose of forming a party is to create an instrument to rule the people, i.e., to rule over non-members of the party. The party is, fundamentally, based on an arbitrary authoritarian concept — the domination of the members of the party over the rest of the people. The party presupposes that its accession to power is the way to attain its ends, and assumes that its objectives are also those of the people. This is the theory justifying party dictatorship, and is the basis of any dictatorship. No matter how many parties exist, the theory remains valid…

Political parties are corrupt in their nature and represent interest groups or specific members of society. Sounds about right.
Popular Conferences and People’s Committees

– Popular Conferences are the only means to achieve popular democracy. Any system of government contrary to this method, the method of Popular Conferences, is undemocratic. All the prevailing systems of government in the world today will remain undemocratic, unless they adopt this method. Popular Conferences are the end of the journey of the masses in quest of democracy.

Popular Conferences and People’s Committees are the fruition of the people’s struggle for democracy. Popular Conferences and People’s Committees are not creations of the imagination; they are the product of thought which has absorbed all human experiments to achieve democracy.

Direct democracy, if put into practice, is indisputably the ideal method of government… The Green Book guides the masses to an unprecedented practical system of direct democracy. No two intelligent people can dispute the fact that direct democracy is the ideal, but until now no practical method for its implementation has been devised. The Third Universal Theory, however, now provides us with a practical approach to direct democracy. The problem of democracy in the world will finally be solved.

Authority of the people has but one face which can only be realised through Popular Conferences and People’s Committees. There can be no democracy without Popular Conferences and Committees everywhere…

The General People’s Congress is not a gathering of persons or members such as those of parliaments but, rather, a gathering of the Popular Conferences and People’s Committees. Thus, the problem of the instrument of government is naturally solved, and all dictatorial instruments disappear. The people become the instrument of government, and the dilemma of democracy in the world is conclusively solved.
The only way to get the power directly to the people is through their direct participation. This can be achieved using direct democracy. Conference halls need to be built were people can get together and make decisions. Interesting.
Who supervises the conduct of society?

– The question arises: who has the right to supervise society, and to point out deviations that may occur from the laws of society? Democratically, no one group can claim this right on behalf of society. 

Therefore, society alone supervises itself. It is dictatorial for any individual or group to claim the right of the supervision of the laws of the society, which is, democratically, the responsibility of the society as a whole. This can be arrived at through the democratic instrument of government that results from the organisation of the society itself into Basic Popular Conferences, and through the government of these people through People’s Committees and the General People’s Congress.
This principle is what seems to seperate Libya from other states. No one group has the right to dominate another! Bravo! Are you paying attention?
What about the freedom of the press? Isn’t that limited too?
You could say it is, but only by our western standards. This is the reason:
The press

– An individual has the right to express himself or herself even if he or she behaves irrationally to demonstrate his or her insanity. Corporate bodies too have the right to express their corporate identity. The former represent only themselves and the latter represent those who share their corporate identity. 

Since society consists of private individuals and corporate bodies, the expression, for example, by an individual of his or her insanity does not mean that the other members of society are insane. Such expression reflects only in the individual’s character. Likewise, corporate expression reflects only the interest or view of those making up the corporate body. For instance, a tobacco company, despite the fact that what it produces is harmful to health, expresses the interests of those who make up the company.

The press is a means of expression for society: it is not a means of expression for private individuals or corporate bodies. Therefore, logically and democratically, it should not belong to either one of them.
The media should not be a mouthpiece for special interest groups but instead a natural right for all citizens. Makes sens right?
The economic basis of the Third Universal Theory

– The ultimate solution lies in abolishing the wage-system, emancipating people from its bondage and reverting to the natural laws which defined relationships before the emergence of classes, forms of governments and man-made laws. These natural rules are the only measures that ought to govern human relations…

If we analyse the factors of economic production from ancient times to the present, we always find that they essentially consist of certain basic production components, i.e., raw materials, means of production, and a producer. The natural rule of equality requires that each of these components receives a share of this production. Because production cannot be achieved without the essential role of each of these components, it has to be equally divided amongst them. The preponderance of one of them contravenes the natural rule of equality and becomes an encroachment upon the others’ rights. Thus, each must be awarded an equal share, regardless of the number of components in the process of production. If the components are two, each receives half of the production; if three, then one-third…

The labour force has become a component of the production process. As a result of technical advancement, multitudes of unskilled toilers have been transformed into limited numbers of technicians, engineers and scientists. Consequently, trade unions will subsequently disappear and be replaced by syndicates of engineers and technicians. Scientific advancement is an irreversible gain for humankind. 

Thanks to this process, illiteracy will be eliminated and unskilled workers will become a temporary phenomenon destined to gradual disappearance. However, even in this new environment, persons will always remain the basic component in the production process.
We need to abolish the wage system in it’s current form.. BLASPHEMY! Just because it is based on domination and extortion?
He who takes part in the production or other fields of the operations that creates revenue, should be entitled to an equal portion of the revenue, compared to the other people involved.
Thanks, my sentiments exactly. Do you have more?

– The freedom of a human being is lacking if his or her needs are controlled by others, for need may lead to the enslavement of one person by another. Furthermore, exploitation is caused by need. Need is an intrinsic problem and conflict is initiated by the control of one’s needs by another.
You can use people’s needs to exploit them. This creates conflict so it is necessary to prevent people from controlling what other people need.
Not so insane?

– Housing is an essential need for both the individual and the family and should not be owned by others. Living in another’s house, whether paying rent or not, compromises freedom… In a socialist society, no one, including society itself, has the right to control people’s needs. No one has the right to acquire a house additional to his or her own dwelling and that of his or her heirs for the purpose of renting it because this additional house is, in fact, a need of someone else.
YES! Thanks! Every person is entitled to his own house! And noone is entitled to having two houses! Because that exceeds your need and can only be used with the intention of profiting from others or controlling them!
I couldn’t have put it better. Well I even tried, this is eerily similar to what I wrote in an article in November of last year called “What do we want?”
“I am not saying I know exactly how this can be accomplished, but like others I have my theories. The only thing I’m saying is that if we are going to unite over some demands, than these demands, as radical as they might seem to some, as natural as they could possibly be! 

Food and shelter! Is that too much to ask? In a country that is freezing and struggles to deal with a housing capacity that far exceeds our population!

On the contrary, any system, that in this day of remarkable technological advances allows people to starve to death, despite they’re being plenty of food around, that is rather thrown away than given to the starving, and that let’s people freeze to death in a place that has too many houses. That is absolutely insane.”
Sounds pretty similar… Original post in Icelandic

The family

– To the individual, the family is more important than the state. Mankind acknowledges the individual as a human being, and the individual acknowledges the family, which is his cradle, his origin, and his social umbrella. According to the law of nature, the human race is the individual and the family, but not the state.

The individual is the important thing? Not the state? He’s got to be kidding..

– Discrimination against woman by man is a flagrant act of oppression without justification, for woman eats and drinks as man eats and drinks; woman loves and hates as man loves and hates; woman thinks, learns and comprehends as man thinks, learns and comprehends. Woman, like man, needs shelter, clothing, and transportation; woman feels hunger and thirst as man feels hunger and thirst; woman lives and dies as man lives and dies.

But why are there men and women? There must be a natural necessity for the existence of man and woman, rather than man only or woman only…

Deliberate interventions against conception form an alternative to human life. In addition to that, there exists partial deliberate intervention against conception, as well as against breast-feeding. All these are links in a chain of actions in contradiction to natural life, which is tantamount to murder. For a woman to kill herself in order not to conceive, deliver and breast-feed is within the realm of deliberate, artificial interventions, in contradiction with the nature of life epitomized by marriage, conception, breast-feeding, and maternity. They differ only in degree.

To dispense with the natural role of woman in maternity — nurseries replacing mothers — is a start in dispensing with the human society and transforming it into a merely biological society with an artificial way of life. To separate children from their mothers and to cram them into nurseries is a process by which they are transformed into something very close to chicks, for nurseries are similar to poultry farms into which chicks are crammed after they are hatched.

Nothing else would be as appropriate and suitable to the human being and his dignity as natural motherhood. Children should be raised by their mothers in a family where the true principles of motherhood, fatherhood and comradeship of brothers and sisters prevail, and not in an institution resembling a poultry farm… As for children who have neither family nor shelter, society is their guardian, and only for them, should society establish nurseries and related institutions. It is better for them to be taken care of by society rather than by individuals who are not their parents.

If a test were carried out to discover whether the natural propensity of the child is towards its mother or the nursery. the child would opt for the mother and not the nursery…

There must be a world revolution which puts an end to all materialistic conditions hindering women from performing their natural role in life, and so drives them to carry out men’s duties in order to attain equal rights. Such revolution will inevitably take place, particularly in industrial societies, as a response to the instinct of survival, even without any instigator of revolution such as the Green Book.

All societies today look upon women as little more than commodities. The East regards her as a commodity to be bought and sold, while the West does not recognise her femininity…

Freedom means that every human being gets proper education which qualifies him or her for the work which suits him or her. Dictatorship means that human beings are taught that which is not suitable for them, and are forced to do unsuitable work. Work which is appropriate to men is not necessarily appropriate to women, and knowledge that is proper for children does not necessarily suit adults.

There is no difference in human rights between man and woman, the child and the adult, but there is no absolute identity between them as regards their duties.
The oppression of women is completely unjustified. Western society oppresses women by denying them their natural role as mothers. They should not have to work so much that they don’t have time to care for their kids!
Even if we were to disagree with this, who are we to say it’s wrong? Even if you think that the fact that know both parents have to work as hard as one parent did earlier to provide the same for the family is just a necessary part of equality then fine. But that does not justify imposing opinions on people! Particularly not if you do it with bombs.
At any rate, it is acknowledged that women have much more respect in Libya than the muslim stereotype would have you believe.
(From wikipedia)

Voting and government

Since the early 1960s, Libyan women have had the right to vote and to participate in political life. They could also own and dispose of property independently of their husbands, but all of these rights were exercised by only a few women before the 1969 revolution.
Since then, the government has encouraged women to participate in elections and national political institutions, but in 1987 only one woman had advanced as far as the national cabinet, as an assistant secretary for information and culture.[1] However, from 1989-1994 Fatima Abd al-Hafiz Mukhtar served as Minister of Education. From 1992-1994 Bukhanra Salem Houda served as Minister of Youth and Sports; Salma Ahmed Rashed from 1992-1994 served as Assistant Secretary of Women, then as Secretary in the General Secretariat of the General Peoples’ Congress for Women’s Affairs from 1994–1995, and was eventually the Ambassador to the League of Arab Nations in 1996. Others serving as Secretary in the General Secretariat of the General Peoples’ Congress for Women’s Affairs included from 1995-1998 Thuriya Ramadan Abu Tabrika, Nura Han Ramadan Abu Sefrian from 1998–2000, Dr. Shalma Chabone Abduljabbar, and Amal Nuri Abdullah al-Safar from 2006-2009. Women serving as Secretary in the General Secretariat of the General Peoples’ Congress for Social Affairs have included Dr. Shalma Chabone Abduljabbar and Abd-al-Alim al-Shalwi, while from 1995-2000 Fawziya Bashir al-Shalababi served as Secretary for Information, Culture and Mass Mobilization. Dr. Huda Fathi Ben Amer began serving as the Secretary of People’s Committees Affairs in 2009, and also served as President of the Transitional Arab Parliament.[3] Dr. Salma Shabaan Abdel Jabar began serving as Secretary of Woman Affairs in 2009.[4]
Let’s continue shall we:

– Education, or learning, is not necessarily that routine curriculum and those classified subjects in textbooks which youths are forced to learn during specified hours while sitting in rows of desks. This type of education now prevailing all over the world is directed against human freedom. State-controlled education, which governments boast of whenever they are able to force it on their youths, is a method of suppressing freedom. It is a compulsory obliteration of a human being’s talent, as well as a coercive directing of a human being’s choices. It is an act of dictatorship destructive of freedom because it deprives people of their free choice, creativity and brilliance. To force a human being to learn according to a set curriculum is a dictatorial act. To impose certain subjects upon people is also a dictatorial act…

This does not mean that schools are to be closed and that people should turn their backs on education, as it may seem to superficial readers. On the contrary, it means that society should provide all types of education, giving people the chance to choose freely any subjects they wish to learn.

Societies which ban or monopolize knowledge are reactionary societies which are biased towards ignorance and are hostile to freedom. Societies which prohibit the teaching of religion are reactionary societies, biased towards ignorance and hostile to freedom. Societies which monopolize religious education are reactionary societies, biased towards ignorance and hostile to freedom. Equally so are the societies which distort the religions, civilizations and behaviour of others in the process of teaching those subjects. Societies which consider materialistic knowledge taboo are likewise reactionary societies, biased towards ignorance and hostile to freedom. 

Knowledge is a natural right of every human being of which no one has the right to deprive him or her under any pretext, except in a case where a person does something which deprives him or her of that right.

Ignorance will come to an end when everything is presented as it actually is and when knowledge about everything is available to each person in the manner that suits him or her.
The current educational system is an obstacle to the natural freedom and thirst for knowledge that humans possess. A better system needs to be designed.
Are those ideas beginning to sound familiar?
Well if they are it’s because they echo almost every progressive sentiment for social evolution. These are the kind of thoughts that have been emerging in the circles of all revolutionaries in the western world!
What have we been talking about here in Iceland? Being able to produce our own food sustainably! Democratic reform! Direct democracy! National votes! To have the basic necessities of life guaranteed by law!
Those of us who have been studying this for a while have long since seen the problems of an easily controlled two party and multi party systems. The flaws of the education system, financial system and the labour system.
Well, I know what you are thinking. Who is to say that this book is being applied in Libya right now? We’ve all heard of glorified communist states who had similar claims about being for and by the people. But that is no prove that this version of socialism is not working in this particular case. In fact the evidence would be showing it to be working extremely well! Do you think perhaps there is correlation between the initiatives suggested in this book and the widely recognized improved standard of living for Libyans?
At least if seen from a human perspective, from the perspective of big corporations it’s been dreadful and tyrannical.
Most likely you had never even hear about this to begin with, so the question is, are you just going to assume that it can’t be in use cause it sounds to good to be true?
Did he just magically write all this accurate philosophical and social analysis with such detailed steps for propaganda purposes? Why would we assume that this book that is widely regarded as the bible of Libyan society is not being implemented?
You may think it’s pure rhetoric, but you have nothing to base that on. Isn’t it possible that this is the reason that he is so popular? And that you have in fact been lied to? Repeatedly and grossly?
Is it not possible that this book explains why the Libyan people haven’t been exploited and screwed over the same way as their neighbours?
In the first video I posted in this article you can see actual footage from inside these conference halls. Were they just faked to maintain this illusion?
And you say you don’t want to listen to “conspiracy theories”?

Gaddafi’s “reign of terror”

Gaddafi and his movement was immediately perceieved as a threat to sensitive business interess of Isreal, the US, Britain, France and other nations. So right from the start a campagin of villification begun. He was portrayed as a supporter of terrorist and as a madman.
These powers made many attempts at his life. Sometimes they almost worked. See here.
At the same time they’ve done everything in their power to get control back to the oligarchs. Now, it seems they might finally achieve their long standing goal.
But Gaddafi and the Libyan people were extremely vigilant and had no tolerance for people. They had their experience with colonial powers and knew that they didn’t fuck around. They implemented massive domestic food projects and housing projects to ensure that the nation could be self sustainable and independent.
Seen from this perspective, the stories about bad treatment of the Libyan dissenters is simply a punishment for trying to murder people and instigate a staged coup to put a puppet of these business interest and someonw who supports the US and Israeli agenda in the neighbourhood.
There were public executions, the logic being that they wanted people to think twice before trying something like that. To say that these were on Gaddafi’s order is not more accurate than it would be to say that the President of the United States is behind every execution in the US.
Like I said, it may not be something I agree with, but I live in a country where extreme violence is quite rare, and I have never been in that situation.
Obviously when someone tries to attack you and kill you, you have a right to defend yourself.
The people of Libya overwhelmingly supported the revolution because it gave them a share of the oil wealth of the country and had housed and fed Libyans! They did not want the West to gain control cause they had lived that and knew that they were not working in the interest of the people!
If you need further proof of that just look at the neighbouring countries!
And if you think that they’re commitment to bringing wealth to the people and to avoid exploitation by foreign interest didn’t bring them hazzle you don’t know how these people have plundering the world’s resources for the last hundreds of years! Keep in mind that Libya didn’t let any foreign businesses enter the country until 2003. In this increasingly globalist capitalist economy, an analogy would be the family owned coffee house trying to survive a takeover by Starbucks.  Those bastards don’t quit, you will be assimilated.
Here is an example of a now commonly used brainwashing method, when Time magazine posted a picture of Gaddafi on it’s cover. Only it was illustrated and the lines on his face spell out KILL and SEX to influence your subconscious level of thinking:
From the beginning the mouthpieces of large oil companies and the former colonial powers painted Gaddafi as a supporter of terrorists. This was based also on his support for elements within Palestine fighting the Israeli occupation.
Probably the most controversial thing you can accuse Libya of is their support for Idi Amin’s forces.
However, they have apologized for it and stated many times that it was during a complicated time in which they saw any enemy of the US and Israel as an ally, and they regretted it having found out what he was doing in his country.
But if that support is reason enough for an invasion, than how many times should we have invaded the US by now? That have supported tyrants and terrorists in numerous other countries?
This is the kind of double standard we see repeatedly when it comes to military aggression by the US and the west.
In 1973 things really started to happen as Gaddafi announced the birth of the “Jamahariya” “The state of the masses” leaving all power in the hands of the Libyan people through direct democracy.
Even Wikipedia acknowledges this:

The “remaking of Libyan society” contained in Gaddafi’s ideological visions began to be put into practice formally beginning in 1973 with a so-called cultural or popular revolution.

This “revolution” was designed to combat bureaucratic inefficiency, lack of public interest and participation in the subnational governmental system, and problems of national political coordination. In an attempt to instill revolutionary fervor into his compatriots and to involve large numbers of them in political affairs, Gaddafi urged them to challenge traditional authority and to take over and run government organs themselves. The instrument for doing this was the “people’s committee.” Within a few months, such committees were found all across Libya. They were functionally and geographically based and eventually became responsible for local and regional administration.

People’s committees were established in such widely divergent organizations as universities, private business firms, government bureaucracies, and the broadcast media. Geographically based committees were formed at the governorate, municipal, and zone (lowest) levels. Seats on the people’s committees at the zone level were filled by direct popular election; members so elected could then be selected for service at higher levels. By mid-1973 estimates of the number of people’s committees ranged above 2,000.
In the scope of their administrative and regulatory tasks and the method of their members’ selection, the people’s committees purportedly embodied the concept of direct democracy that Gaddafi propounded in the first volume of The Green Book, which appeared in 1976. The same concept lay behind proposals to create a new political structure composed of “people’s congresses.” The centerpiece of the new system was the General People’s Congress (GPC), a national representative body intended to replace the RCC.
Here we can also see an interesting chapter on the economic reforms that happened after this happened:
Economic reforms:

Remaking of the economy was parallel with the attempt to remold political and social institutions. Until the late 1970s, Libya’s economy was mixed, with a large role for private enterprise except in the fields of oil production and distribution, banking, and insurance. 

But according to volume two of Gaddafi’s Green Book, which appeared in 1978, private retail trade, rent, and wages were forms of “exploitation” that should be abolished. Instead, workers’ self-management committees and profit participation partnerships were to function in public and private enterprises. A property law was passed that forbade ownership of more than one private dwelling, and Libyan workers took control of a large number of companies, turning them into state-run enterprises. Retail and wholesale trading operations were replaced by state-owned “people’s supermarkets”, where Libyans in theory could purchase whatever they needed at low prices. By 1981 the state had also restricted access to individual bank accounts to draw upon privately held funds for government projects. 

These economic changes spread Libya’s wealth much more broadly than it had been. The Gini index is a measure of economic dis-equity. In the mid 2000s Wikipedia showed a Gini of 36 for Libya. The Gini for the USA in 2009 was 40.8 (substantially more dis-equitable). Gaddafi’s efforts also improved the average health of Libyans. In 2009 the CIA’s World Factbook showed the average life expectancy of a Libyan to be 77 years (only one year less than that of an American citizen).

However, the measures created resentment and opposition among the newly dispossessed. The latter joined those already alienated, some of whom had begun to leave the country. By 1982 perhaps 50,000 to 100,000 Libyans had gone abroad; because many of the emigrants were among the enterprising and better educated Libyans, they represented a significant loss of managerial and technical expertise.

So…. the wealth was spread a lot more evenly… well we can’t have that now can we! So what we see now is these disgruntled people that made up the elite of Libya coming back to claim what they think is still theirs. And we are helping them accomplish that. After all taking their undeserved and unecessary extravagant wealth was a crime we can not let go unpunished!
It appears as though these are mostly the people we see and hear about, talking of Gaddafi’s mistreatment and his “reign of terror”

The Lockerbie incident
In 1986, Ronald Reagan bombed Libya and killed Gaddafi’s daughter, justified by the FALSE accusation that they were involved in a terror attack on a German disco.
A german documentary later concluded that it had been the work of the Israeli Secret Service, MossadSource
It was then two years later, in 1988 that a plane was blown up over Lockerbie in Scotland where 143 people died.  Ever since Libya has been charged with being responsible, despite there being absolutely no evidence that connects them with it.
The Lockerbie incident is a little like Icesave has been for Iceland. This big international dispute that is based on absoulte bullshit but is used as an excuse to exert control over the country.
After 15 years of international disputes and economic sanctions over these “alleged acts of Libya”, the US invaded Iraq. Seeing this made Libyans realize that they meant serious business and that they weren’t going to listen to reason.
Saying they didn’t have anything to do with it wasn’t going to cut it anymore so they decided to do anything they could to make peace with these nations. They did not want war with the West, for obvious reasons.
They were willing to give into all the demands they had, ridicilous as they may have thought they were. One of these conditions was to “declare responsibility” for the attacks of Lockerbie although they stated firmly it was not an admission of guilt or participation in the preparation of the attack.
(af wiki: Until 2003 Libya had never formally admitted carrying out the 1988 Lockerbie bombing. On 16 August 2003 Libya formally admitted responsibility (but did not admit guilt) for Pan Am Flight 103 in a letter presented to the president of the United Nations Security Council)
It would only be a year until the Secretary General of Libya openly declared that this arrangement was made exclusively with the aim of “buying peace” and reiterated that Libya had not had any part in this attack.
Here is a mainstream news story showing that witnesses were bribed and evidence was fabricated in the Lockerbie trial.
Strange things start to happen following these compromises. They opened up to foreign business and Gaddafi and his family make business deals with politicians that they had previously been in conflict with.
All of the sudden a lot of these people start to “loosen up: towards Gaddafi. The rhetoric changes. He is no longer a tyrant, but simply an “eccentric man”.
Sarkozy says Gaddafi is not considered a dictator by his neighbours
Berlusconi kissing Gaddafi’s hand
Tony Blair doing business with Gaddafi
Even the senile old cook, John McCain had good things to say about Libya! (He is now back to singing from the dictator songsheet obviously, but just listen to this clip)
Despite this relatively brief period of friendly exchanges it was clear that there were other plans in store for Gaddafi. Just look at Obama, it’s almost as if he knows:
They would simply smile and welcome him for a few years before turning around and stabbing him in the back.
In doing this Gaddafi was actually hurting his image more than he could have imagined. Cause most of these people are so despised in their home countries that associating with them is a bad PR move. It has given people the wrong impression that he is one of the brutal dictators that has been supported by the West. After all, we’ve seen him in pictures, rubbing shoulders with those evil war mongers. So right! We should let those war mongers start a war with him!
Or wait… something’s not right here….
This has done a lot to hurt his image in the circle of people that would under normal circumstances be out there to defend him. Imagine if this was happening in Venezuela. A lot of people would know immediately that something was up. People don’t pay attention to detail. But they remember the pictures:
I know that this was the image I had of him before all this started to happen and I began researching what was actually going on.
For those of you who have supported Hugo Chavez and his revolution in Venezuela, you might wonder why Chavez has aligned with Gaddafi and considers him a fellow revolutionary. Of course the media will use that to demonize Chavez, but not the other way around.

Understanding the Venezuelan Revolution

Marta Harnecker’s interviews with Hugo Chávez began soon after one of the most dramatic moments of Chávez’s presidency—the failed coup of April 2002, which ended with Chávez restored to power by a massive movement of protest and resistance. In the aftermath of the failed coup, Chávez talks to Harnecker about the formation of his political ideas, his aspirations for Venezuela, its domestic and international policies, problems of political organization, relations with social movements in other countries, and more, constantly relating these to concrete events and to strategies for change.

The exchange between Harnecker and Chávez—sometimes reflective, sometimes anecdotal, always characterized by their passionate commitment to the struggles of the oppressed—brings to light the process of thought and action behind the public pronouncements and policies of state.

The interviews are supplemented by extracts from Chávez’s most recent pronouncements on the ongoing transformation in Venezuela and Latin America, an analysis by Harnecker on the role of the military, and a chronology.

Hugo Chávez has become a symbol of defiance of U.S. imperialism throughout Latin America. His importance for the future of the region makes this book essential reading.

Marta Harnecker’s important book helps clarify the challenges facing Venezuela’s ongoing revolutionary process. The bourgeoisie still controls the economy, the media, the judiciary, and many elected bodies. Additionally, the middle classes which formerly enjoyed an orgy of spending financed by oil money, have now converted from previous nationalist attitudes into allies of imperialism. The decisive role played by Hugo Chavez in initiating that revolutionary process and the immense support he continues to receive from the popular classes makes this book necessary reading for understanding the forces at work in what may well become a stage in the long run transformation of the global system.

—Samir Amin

Marta Harnecker’s penetrating questions brings out the profundity of Hugo Chávez’s intelligence and his sense of commitment —as well as his sense of humor. This book is indispensable for understanding the revolutionary process in Venezuela.

—Saul Landau, author of The Business of America
and The Pre-Emptive Empire: A Guide to Bush’s Kingdom

This well-crafted, well-edited, and engaging book is a bracing antidote and a pleasure to read. Here you will discover the real Hugo Chávez: a highly educated, brilliant, democratic revolutionary leader, and a man of deep and thoroughly admirable humanity.

—Michael Parenti, author of The Assassination of Julius Caesar,
Superpatriotism, and The Culture Struggle

Table of Contents



  1. Roots
  2. A Peaceful Transition, A Painful Institutional Birth
  3. The Military in the Revolution and the Counterrevolution
  4. The Slow March Toward an Alternative Economy
  5. Sovereign and Independent International Policy
  6. The Middle Class, Communications Strategy, and Dialogue
  7. A Political Party at its Height
  8. The April 11 Coup

Hugo Chávez was elected president of Venezuela in 1998, re-elected under a new constitution in 2000, and won a large majority in a 2004 recall referendum. Marta Harnecker is director of the Center for Research on Popular Memory in Latin America (MEPLA) in Havana and author of Venezuela: Militares Junta al Pueblo and numerous books on the Latin American left.

Another important figure that has hailed Gaddafi as one of the greatest freedom fighters of our times is Nelson Mandela.

Chapter 6 – The motives

The motive, is in this case like in most others, multifold.
The first and most obvious one in this context is oil. Libya has the largest oil supply in Africa and twice as much oil as the US does.

Here is former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney telling us what she found out, when she, along with a number of other notable people went to Libya on a fact finding mission.

Then there is the very real chance that this has a lot to do with the great water resources in Libya. It has been claimed by the Libyan government that these water reserves could quench the thirst of all of Africa.
Some might think that this would be good news to our benevolent world leaders, what with all their end poverty and live aid and charity work… Nope, what they do is start dropping bombs with depleted uranium to contanimate the water supplies. Just listen to this soldier. He is fucking pissed off over it, to quote him directly.
In fact, the Libyan government had started a project called the Great Man Made River which sought to irrigate the Libyan dessert and would have significantly improved the lives of the Libyan people.
Or maybe this all boils down to Gaddafi’s plans to introduce a new gold dinar, a currency free from the manipulation and stranglehold of the global banking elite.
Most likely, it is partly all of these reasons that led to the globalist intervention in Libya. It may also just have to do with getting a country that has so far managed successfully not to be exploited by the corporate plutocracy. To stop a movement that threatens the very structure that the political establishment relies upon for their domination of society.
Partly, a motive is also to keep the motor running in the war machine. Do you know how many missiles and bombs are produced each day? We can’t just have them lying around, taking up all that storage space! And we also have to keep raking in profits for the weapons manufacterers, and all the corporate gangbangers that profit from war. Many of the people profiting from this are in many cases literally the same people that make the official decisions to start wars. The most famous examples of which would be the Bush connection to the Carlyle group and Dich Cheney with Halliburton as they decided to start a war with Iraq.
Whatever motive they may have, one thing should be absofuckinglutely clear. IT IS NOT to help civilians. It has NOTHING to do with protecting people from a tyrant, and it has nothing to do with democracy. Except perhaps in the sense that they want to implement the type of democracy they know how to control.
This notion should be insulting to every human being of average intellect. The fact that people actually believe it for a second boggles my mind. How can it be, that the same people that have routinely brutalized, beaten and tazered protesters in their own country, all of the sudden have this compassion for the people protesting in Libya?
How can it be that the response to protesters being brutalized in Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia has been so radically different to the response now? Why have these people let the suffering of the Palestinians continue for more than half a century without even pretending to interfere? What about Burma, Morocco, Chad, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Haiti, Ivory Coast… and I could literally go on (No, I’m not saying Syria or Iran, they are part of this same propaganda campaign orchestrated by the US)
Are we to believe that Gaddafi is just that much worse!?
Be vary of people who use this argument as disguised war propaganda against other nations. Like saying, why Libya when we could invade Syria or Iran? And then go on to say how much sense that would make. That is not the point. Syria and Iran have actually been targeted with the same kind og propaganda campaign.
A case in point. Just a few days after Saudi Arabian troops brutally attacked protesters in Bahrain, the king of Bahrain was invited to the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and that guy!
This is how powerful the propaganda is. It makes people believe absolutely ludicrous things that don’t even come close to anything that has ever occurred in our dimension of this reality.
It is so easy to discredit this claim that I don’t even think I should have to.
There seems to be a great deal of doublethink going on here.
A lot of people seem to understand that the war powers have selfish motives, but they seem to think that getting rid of Gaddafi is “still a good thing”.
By now I’m sure we’ve all heard about Syria’s “crackdown on protesters”.. Well, in a similar pattern we see here millions of people marching in support of President Assad. Noticing a pattern here anyone?
These enemies of Israel are being targeted and their friends are being let off the hook for doing what the enemies of Israel are being accused of.
Just watch this video and try telling me we’re not being duped! Why would all these people support guys that were torturing and killing their own people??
They wouldn’t! And that’s the point! These guys aren’t killing and torturing their own people!
If you think this “couldn’t happen” well then think agian. It already has. The most recent example, escluding the failed attempt in Venezuela is the NATO bombardment of Serbia. Of course these cases have different details but the basic plot is the same. Those who know what happened in Serbia will clearly see the similarities of these campaigns. If you don’t and still think it was just a necessary effort to get rid of evil Milosevic, then you should reinvestigate the case, knowing what you know now.
I’ll leave this documentary on the case here for those of you who are interested. (Part 1, but you should be able to find the rest)
It can happen, and it frequently does and will continue to happen unless we educate ourselves about how this is accomplished and expose it!
Do you understand now why thousands of Libyans placed themselves at Gaddafis palace to prevent him from being bombed by NATO?
Do you understand that it is us who are insane? Not these people?

Or these people?

Do you now understand what this guy was trying to do when he photobombed this goebbels wannabe, demonizing him and his country with the aim of killing their people?
Do you understand now, why we have to stop this horror??
Do you understand now why Cynthia McKinney is defending Libya, having been there and seen the scale of the deception. “The most common thing that I hear people ask me is WHY? Why are they doing this??”
Uhh… to uhh… help you…..
Do you understand why this article needed to be so thourough? Do you see the scale of this deception and how difficult it would be to tear it apart with a few paragraphs?
Do you now understand why I spent so much time working on this article without getting any money for it? Twice I stayed up for 24 hours and just continued writing and working on it.
The only thing I stand for is peace!
Have we in fact reached that stage again were standing up for peace is dangerous!?
Are we really at the stage were protesting a war is considered crazy?! And those who do are dismissed as conspiracy theorists?
WAR IS NOT PEACE! It is a lie! I never thought I’d have to say this!!
Please! SEE! You have been blinded if you can not see this! WAR AND PEACE ARE OPPOSITES!
Cause the most disturbing thing is that most people claim to be against war. But when it comes to it, everybody either shuts up or directly supports it! And most people don’t even investigate it from both sides!
If you are against war than spread this information! Expose the lies before it gets out of hand and spreads to Iran and Syria and even more countries!
The truth is on our side! Eventually it will be exposed, just like it has been on Iraq.
The propaganda machines just work a lot faster. They know in advance what the plan is and can prepare!
Us freelance journalists have a hard time to keep up, cause we can only react. I’ve been investigating world events for the last 6 years and I never suspected that Libya was about to become such an important factor. So to counter it I had to start researching it when the propaganda had already started.
That is the problem. They control the media but they don’t control reality. We will get them eventually.
There are at least two sides to every story
The media is not being neutral! They are not even pretending to cover both sides! Try listening to or reading any news story. It’s not that they are taking a side, they pretend that the other side doesn’t even exist!
Everything I’ve been covering here has been largely ignored by the mainstream press! Every reference to Gaddafi assumes it as a given that he is an evil dictator!
Every mention of the rebels portrays them as freedom fighters! The media is acting like an absolutely blatant cheerleader for this war.
It is almost never acknowledged that the reason Gaddafi says he won’t step down is because he has no power! How can he step down if it has no power?? He just laughs at it because it is so ridicilous! Why do they always just report that he “refuses to step down”?
It was just barely reported that he offered to symbolically “step down” just as long as he wouldn’t be tried in a court who knew would be corrupt! The rebels rejected the offer, saying that would be offensive to his victims.
Sure, a peaceful resolution to this conflict would be insulting, we demand blood!
Every word you hear out of Gaddafi is not directly from him, but quoted out of context by the media.
You are not hearing his side, but the other sides version of his side. If you want to hear his side it is very easy! Just fucking listen to what he has to say!
So… are you ready to listen to Gaddafi?
Now that you’ve read this extensive article almost to the end, this is my last request.
Consider these videos the last plea of a man on his knees. You have a gun pointed on his head and he is asking for your mercy (actually Gaddafi is more proud than that, but you catch my drift). Are you going to pull the trigger before he gets to say what he wants or will you at least let him speak?
Will you just shoot first and ask questions later?
Consider why, it had never occurred to you before to listen to the other side of this story directly from the source. My mother told me never to judge anyone before you hear their side. It is the best advice she ever gave me.
Consider how naive it was of you to think you could just trust that the media was telling you the truth. Even knowing they’re consistant history of manipulating facts in favor of wars and the establishment.
You don’t want war! So stop it! Plant seeds in any way you can. Do not be afraid. Don’t be afraid of being judged by others. It is there mistake not yours. Yours would be to succumb to this societal pressure and abandon your conscience. Allocate your empathy! Feel for these people who are being deeply wronged and do something about it.
Having said that I just want to affirm that I obviously in no way condone or advocate violent action for the cause of Libya. We do not need that. We just need people to wake up, and they will! This information is too powerful and they can only overlook it for some time. Plant seeds of information everywhere you can! Be courageous enough to tell people they are wrong even if it is more comfortable that everybody agrees!
I may not be right about everything I wrote in this article and I’m sure that some nitpickers can pick out some minor flaws, that is not the point. Last time I checked there is freedom of speech and people are entitled to be wrong. All I can promise is that I am giving my honest take on this situation and all the information that I found researching it.
So, watching these interviews I am sure you will see how blatantly these “reporters” are not even listening to what they say and simply have a script that they are sticking to no matter what.
I recommend starting with this interview with the very eloquant Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. He is now being portrayed as some vicious wannabe tyrant but I think you would find that he doesn’t really look the part.
Saif Gaddafi í viðtali BBC

Here he is speaking with our friend, Nic Robertson of CNN

Gaddafi speaks:
And a shorter version you can share with people that is a must see:
Who is the real monster here?
Please reproduce this article and any of it’s contents as widely as possible. Share it with everyone you know and post it on your blogs, facebook, websites and etc. You will not get in trouble if it’s not properly referenced, just go ahead and spread this information.

Original page is here#

Sahel-Sahara Unity and Future Jamahiriya

Posted: 2011/10/07
From: Mathaba
My Vote goes to Gaddafi (and other important items) by Mathaba contributor Dennis South

By Dennis South

Saharan Unity under Gaddafi

Recently, as reported in previous, daily “Update” reports from various blog sources, Moroccan, Algerian, and Libyan tribes (and probably Tunisian and Tuareg tribes also) conducted a secret meeting in which they agreed to unify.   In that meeting, they launched what they’re calling, “The war for the liberation of North Africa.” They will need a leader, as any such movement needs. My vote goes to Muammar Gaddafi. I hope that they think about it seriously. During its revolution, China had a leader: Mao Zedong (Mao Tse Tung).

NATO “promises”

I have repeatedly cautioned readers, in my articles, to avoid getting too excited about NATO claims to “end” the war. We see now, today, that, despite deep speculation and hope that NATO would end their bombing, they announced today that the bombing will continue–something I guessed would be the case, and warned readers to beware of.

Mathaba sources too have indicated that NATO will not cease the war as they are facing insignificant international opposition to it and still see it as in their interest to occupy Libya as a base for the re-plundering of Africa.

Here is my little advice: Don’t simply watch Libya resist, you should organize in your own areas.  Set up a Green Committee, see www.greencharter.comfor all the resources (ideas and directions) you need for that.  Join a People’s Conference in your area after studying too.

Make yourselves strong by pinning your hopes on God, Muammar, and the good Libyan people and follow truth news sources, sign up among other things..  Whenever you hear of claims that NATO will leave Libya, ignore those claims. It might happen, yes, that NATO will have to leave.

But, instead of sitting around hoping and waiting for NATO do do something, simply keep focusing on what the good Libyan people in Libya are doing. The NATO countries are headed by psychopaths.  Please understand that. These people–and I do not say this to be funny–are severely mentally impaired; severely mentally ill.

Would a normal human being bomb a hospital? Look past the suits and ties, and “bright” smiling faces.  You are dealing with non-human beingswho are severely mentally ill. You can’t expect them to make rational decisions, because they do not have that capacity. In addition, they lack morals of any type whatsoever.

I remind you of the news item that appeared in prior reports that stated that NATO pilots were refusing to bomb. And people got excited and began to actually believe that NATO pilots had a conscience. Well, whether they do or not doesn’t matter. What matters, for you, is to place your faith in God, in Muammar, and in the Libyan people, not NATO pilots and not NATO.

But what matters even more is that you take Muammar’s advice, and have confidence inyourselves — as he said “don’t be afraid of power, possess it!” — meaning form your committees, cut your universal Jamahiriya green flags, hold your meetings, raise support, collect funds, show films, organize rallies.

War monger or lover of life?

I was once accused, in a comment under an article here at Mathaba, of being a war monger, although those were not the exact words used.  People are entitled to opinions. Eight months ago, when I saw Muammar Gaddafi, in a YouTube video, hollering and jabbing his fists at Bab al-Aziziya, I thought he was insane. I knew nothing of his accomplishments in Libya over the past 42 years, and dismissed him [at first] as another “brutal dictator” whose time had come.

But then, two things happened. Firstly, I looked into his eyes, in that video.  And I didn’t see the eyes of a “brutal dictator.” I saw love, passion,bewilderment, as he openly stated, in effect, “Why are you children [as he called the Benghazi rebels] doing this? Have I not provided an excellent life for you?” I saw Bedouin pride. And I saw strength.

Secondly, I knew, for a fact, that the media lies–something that my non-political grandmother had told our family back in the year 1970, as we sat together in the living room of her home, which was our family home, watching the “news” on TV. So, I simply began searching–nothing special, knowing fully well, as my grand mamma would say after viewing a “news” item reported by a “news” reporter, “He ain’t doing noth’n but lying.” And the lies during this war are certainly off the charts!

I just dug. The first place I went was YouTube. And I was shocked to the core!! Back then, YouTube was showing the rat videos of lynchings and cuttings. The rats themselves, horrifyingly, were loading them to YouTube. Eventually, YouTube took all those videos offline.

I soon discovered this video “What you don’t know about Gaddafi”:

I was astonished! That video is not a “production,” with tear-jerking music in the background. The young man, an American, simply presents the facts. I wrote him a private email, at his YouTube channel. He wrote me back a long note, telling me of his wonderful experiences when he lived in Libya; that he intended to return one day; and how utterly sad he was that Libya was being destroyed.

I dug further. I then discovered Dr. Webster Tarpley, who was a white man that was strongly in support of Muammar Gaddafi. I said to myself then, “Something is very strange!” I knew then, that the “news” media had been lying.  Tarpley was no slouch.  He holds a PhD.  He is a master at history and economics, as well as an accomplished investigative journalist.  Predictions he had made 4 and 5 years earlier would come true.

I kept digging.  I found Lizzie Phelan, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Steven Lendman, Leonor of Libya, Dr. Franklin Lamb, Morris Herman, Lisa Karpova, Timothy Bankcroft, T. West of Afri-Synergy, Susan Lindauer, RT News . I eventually found

I then learned the fact that the Libyan people suffered a brutal colonization, by the Italian people, in the early 1900s, during which 1 million Libyans were slaughtered. Oh my God!  It was at that point that my heart was captured. It was utterly impossible for me to just sit, and watch these poor, courageous people–who had done nothing to anyone–be slaughtered on the altar of greed, for thepsychopathic non-human “leaders” of Europe and the U.S.

The war monger is not me. The war mongers are the European nations, whose leaders, through NATO, are causing utter misery all over the world, even boldly threatening Russia, which still has, within its possession, anywhere from 3,100 to 4,650, depending on the reporting source,  activeIntercontinental Ballistic nuclear Missles, capable of destroying, all life on earth–plant, animal, and human–many times over.

Self-defence is recognized by any religion. But such “recognition” is not needed, because basic human instinct dictates that you must survive.

The Libyan people have the natural right of self defence, and I support that 1 billion percent, especially considering the fact that their tiny nation of 6 million people, which is less than the population of the metropolitan area of the city of Chicago, is being attacked by the most powerful military alliance in human history: the psychopath-led NATO (Sarkozi, Cameron, Obama and Rasmussen are the chief psychopaths). If I could find 9000 tanks that Gaddafi had hidden and forgotten about, I’d be on the plane NOW, to reveal that location to him!!

I ask everyone to not only continue supporting Gaddafi and the true Libyan people and their government, the Libyan Jamahiriya, but to step upyour support, however you feel that you can–however you feel that you can, meaning by any means necessary.  That should be clear.

Women of the West!

I urge women of the West to wake up and realize that the greatest struggle for feminism on earth is occurring right now in Libya!!  That is no exaggeration. And if you’ve been reading here at Mathaba for any length of time, you certainly know why Libya is now the very center of the feminist movement.

If not, then I strongly urge you to read this article by Susan Lindauer, a former Libya expert and CIA operative who “got religion,” and joined the global movement for human freedom. When you read her article, you are going to be astonished. And you will instantly fall in love (no doubt about it!) with the man who you’ve been told is a “brutal dictator,” Brother Leader Colonel Muammar “Omo Ju Omo Lo” Gaddafi.

The Libyan women, as you will see when reading the article, are in a life and death struggle to remain freeThe “rebels” that your Western countries are backing, as you will discover when reading Susan’s article, are trying hard to push Libyan women back to the stone age.  That is no exaggeration.  As soon as they got in power in Benghazi, they forced the women to stay inside their homes, unless they were wearing a veil when they came outside–something that Muammar did not require, and was, in fact, against.

Just read Susan’s article, and then get on boardand become very active. We need you! Libya needs you! The women of Libya need you! 


After high-profile killings, secret U.S. assassination squad emerges from the shadows

Posted: 2011/10/08
From: Source

NATO bombings, al-Qaeda and the Arab Spring

Rahnuma Ahmed – ShahidulNews – 9/10/2011

In war, truth is the first casualty. Words of wisdom, gifted to us by Aeschylus.
Truer than ever now, two thousand years later, as NATO bombs Libya in the name of `protecting’ its civilians.

But isn’t there a paradox here, asks young Turkish academic Ayça Çubukçu. `When “the international community” intervenes militarily in Libya under a cosmopolitan obligation to protect Libyans as humans, it will be killing Libyans and others. And if the Interim Transitional National Council is killing Libyans and others, it is also claiming to be protecting Libyans’ (Killing in the Name of: Libya, Sovereignty, Humanity, Jadaliyya, March 11, 2011).

It is a paradox that we must not shy away from, she writes, or else we will preclude other questions. When the world is reminded of its responsibility to protect Libyans from the `excessive use of force’ by the Gaddafi government, when it is urged to prevent crimes against humanity, when the UN or NATO, as if they were a `shorthand for the world’ are tasked with this responsibility, we forget to ask, `Why? Why this responsibility, why upon the UN or NATO, why upon “the world,” why now, why in Libya, and not, say, not in Gaza?’

Killing Libyans, in order, to protect Libyans. Protecting Libyans, in order, to kill Libyans. The war against Libya is based on fraudulence. Fabrication. Lies.

The UN Security Council, as Mahdi Nazemroaya details in `Libya and the Big Lie: Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch Wars’ passed two resolutions against Libya on the basis of `unproven’ claims‘. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was killing his own people in Benghazi and other parts of the country. He’d ordered Libyan forces to kill 6,000 people. He’d hired African mercenaries to massacre civilians. Jet attacks were being conducted to quell the `uprising.’ These claims were widely disseminated. They provided the basis for Libya to be referred to the UN Security Council at the UN headquarters in New York City, for Libya to be kicked out of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva (`Libya and the Big Lie: Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch Wars,’ Global Research, September 29, 2011).

International action should be taken against Libya, demanded the Libyan League for Human Rights (LLHR) and 70 non-governmental organisations in letters sent to president Obama, the European Union’s High Representative Catherine Ashton, and the UN secretary general Ban-ki Moon, on February 21, 2011. The LLHR and NGOs invoked the Responsibility to Protect doctrine (RTP).

But out of the coalition, points out Nazemroaya, only 20 assert to be actually human rights groups. Plus, interestingly enough, the LLHR is tied to the International Federation of Human Rights which is based in France, which has links to the National Endowment for Democracy. Some readers may well remember how the NED had been characterised by its first acting president, `A lot of what we [the NED] do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.’

When asked to provide `evidence’ of the Benghazi massacres, LLHR’s general secretary Dr Sliman Bouchuiguir, was unable to.

But lack of evidence or unproven claims did not deter the U.N. Security Council from sanctioning the Libyan Arab Jamahuriya on the basis of the letter and the claims made by the LLHR. Nor did it hinder the U.N. Security Council from approving military action in Libya. No one has bothered to investigate the claims against Gaddafi, pointed out the Indian ambassador to the UN, the only person to do so as India, alongwith Russia, China, Germany and Brazil abstained from voting.

The unsubstantiated claims have not prevented NATO from launching its war on Libya last March. From conducting 24,140 sorties since, including 9,010 strike sorties.  It’s a `humanitarian’ war, we are repeatedly told.

The ball of lies rolled on to the Hague, it inspired the International Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant in May against the Libyan leader, accusing him of crimes against humanity (for the sake of record, I’m no admirer of Gaddafi, see `The Opportunity of a Century.’ Western Military Intervention in Libya?,New Age, February 28, 2011).

The court, reports BBC News, had grounds to believe Gaddafi had ordered attacks on civilians during Libya’s four-month uprising. `Thousands of people are believed to have been killed in the conflict.’ Warrants were also issued for two of Gaddafi’s top aides – his son Saif al-Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanussi. Chief ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said, `Col Gaddafi must be arrested in order to protect civilians.’ The warrants were welcomed by the Nato Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen because “It reinforces the reason for Nato’s mission to protect the Libyan people from Gaddafi’s forces.”

White House spokesperson Jay Carney chimed in, there must be `justice and accountability.’ But what about justice for the people of Iraq, and the accountability of Bush & Co., perpetrators of the Mother of All Lies, the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie? The British foreign secretary William Hague said those responsible for “atrocities” must be held to account. But what about holding former British foreign secretary Jack Straw to account for `atrocities’ in Iraq, for, had he not insisted, `Saddam’s removal is necessary to eradicate the threat from his weapons of mass destruction’? The French president Nicolas Sarkozy said of Gaddafi: “After 41 years of dictatorship, it is perhaps time to stop, for him to leave power” (BBC News, June 27, 2011). But perhaps it is time for western leaders who insist on delivering democracy and freedom throughout the world, to stop? For them, to leave power?

Gaddafi had ordered airstrikes against his people to quell discontent, went the claim. It was reported as well by al Jazeera and the BBC on February 22–the Libyan government had inflicted air strikes on Benghazi, Libya’s largest city, and on the capital Tripoli. However, the Russian military, which had monitored the unrest via satellite from the very beginning, said its satellite images show that `nothing of the sort was going on on the ground.’ According to the Russian military, `as far as they are concerned, the attacks some media were reporting have never occurred’ (`Airstrikes in Libya did not take place’ – Russian military, RT, March 01, 2011).

As anti-war groups gather evidence, including pictures and videos of war crimes being committed by NATO and NATO-backed rebels, it is indisputably clear that NATO bombings and the civil war fomented by the Western powers have claimed far more lives than were ever threatened by the Gaddafi regime (Bill van Auken, Mass killing and humanitarian disaster in NATO siege of Sirte, WSWS, September 27, 2011). The killing and destruction continues more than six months after NATO began its bombing campaign and more than a month after it proclaimed the fall of the Gaddafi regime.

Civilian targets, for NATO, are legitimate, and these have included one or more hospitals, a clinic, factories, warehouses, agricultural sites, schools, a university, one or more mosques, non-military related infrastructure, a food storage facility, a water-purifying plant and others. No humanitarian crisis existed until NATO arrived, writes Stephen Lendman, pointing out that in paramilitary controlled areas, Amnesty International had confirmed only 110 pro- and anti-Gaddafi supporter deaths combined, `most likely more of the former than latter as rebel cutthroats rampaged through areas they occupy.’ Currently, the numbers of dead and injured civilians have escalated to many times more that number, `largely from NATO attacks.’ He reminds us that before the conflict had erupted, `Libyans had the region’s highest standard of living and highest life expectancy in Africa because Gaddafi’s oil wealth provided healthcare, education, housing assistance and other social benefits. Imperial war, of course, changed things. Libyans now hang on to survive’ (Daily NATO War Crimes in Libya, July 29, 2011).

Further surprises are in store for those who take the US-led war on terror at face value, who believe in presidents Bush and Obama when they say that al-Qaeda, being a terrorist organisation, is America’s arch enemy number one (Obama sets Qaeda defeat as top goal in Afghanistan, Reuters, March 27, 2009). One that is accepted by the UN Security Council, the EU, and NATO. Well, sorry, to shatter illusions but as it so happens the jihadists and NATO are working together in Libya. Western media’s “pro-democracy” rebels are led by Al Qaeda paramilitary brigades under the supervision of NATO Special Forces. `The “Liberation” of Tripoli was carried out by [none other than] “former” members of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).’ These “former” Al Qaeda affiliated brigades, writes Michel Chossudovsky, constitute the backbone of the “pro-democracy” rebellion (The “Liberation” of Libya: NATO Special Forces and Al Qaeda Join Hands, Global Research August 28, 2011).

This has been confirmed by Susan Lindaeur, a former CIA asset who claims to have `extremely good ties, and knowledge, and depth of resources inside Libya today.’ In a RT interview, Lindaeur said, `What I’m finding is video documentation that NATO rebels are actually the same Al-Qaeda fighters that we’ve been dealing with in Iraq and Afghanistan, who’ve now come home to Libya…’ (CIA Asset: Libyan Opposition is al-Qaeda, RT, September 12, 2011).

In the meanwhile, Libya’s new ‘leader’ Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the National Transitional Council chairman, has declared that Sharia law will provide the basis to guide the country after the fall of the Gaddafi regime. ‘We seek a state of law, prosperity and one where sharia is the main source for legislation, and this requires many things and conditions’ (Daily Mail, September 13, 2011).

Gaddafi, Lindaeur points out, is `a socialist Muslim, and he has a very different agenda that is not [the reactionary Islamists’ interpretation of] Shariah [Islamic law]. Gaddafi has a very strong record on women’s rights: Women have the right to education, hold propertly, divorce, hold jobs, have income–many rights that other women in the Arab world do not have. So he is a moderate. And he is not involved in any terrorism at all. That [rumor] is absolutely foolishness.’

But, why attack Libya? Is it the oil? Samir Amin thinks not, no, `it’s not oil that they [the US] are after — they already have that. Their goal is to put Libya under their tutelage to establish Africom (US military command for Africa),’ currently based in Stuttgart (Germany). `African countries had rejected its establishment in Africa’ (Arab revolts changing everything, Monthly Review Magazine, Sunday, August 21, 2011).

Whereas James Petras thinks it was the `Arab spring,’ the popular uprisings which caused the NATO countries to shift abruptly from embracing Gaddafi to launching `a brutal scorched-earth invasion of Libya in a matter of months.’ The near total destruction of Libya, a secular regime with the highest standard of living in Africa, was meant to be a lesson, he says. A message from the imperialists to the newly aroused masses of North Africa, Asia and Latin America: The fate of Libya awaits any regime which aspires to greater independence and questions the ascendancy of Euro-American power (NATO’s War Crimes in Libya: Who Grieves for the Fallen Heroes? September 10, 2011).

What occurred in Libya was no popular uprising but purely NATO’s war, `From the beginning the ‘rebels’ depended completely on the military, political, diplomatic and media power of NATO, without which the de facto mercenaries would not have lasted a month, holed up in Benghazi.’

A bloody sight. NATO’s leaders. Protecting to kill, killing to protect.

[Concluding part on Western media and al-Jazeera’s complicity, next week]

Under President Obama, JSOC’s missions have not only increased in number but have also diversified.

Based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) isAmerica’s secret army. Members of this clandestine team have recently made news for assassinating alleged al Qaeda operatives Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki; reportedly, they were also responsible for the killings of hundreds of civilians in the 2002 “wedding party” incident in Afghanistan.

In 2009 the investigative reporter Seymour Hersh spoke publicly about this elite military agency. Hershstated:
“After 9/11 … the Central Intelligence Agency was very deeply involved in domestic activities against people they thought to be enemies of the state. Without any legal authority for it … the Joint Special Operations Command — JSOC it’s called. … They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office. … Congress has no oversight of it. It’s an executive assassination ring essentially … Under President Bush’s authority, they’ve been going into countries … and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving. That’s been going on, in the name of all of us. …

“It’s complicated because the guys doing it are not murderers, and yet they are committing what we would normally call murder. … In many cases, they were the best and the brightest … Really fine guys that went in to do the kind of necessary jobs that they think you need to do to protect America. And then they find themselves torturing people. I’ve had people say to me — five years ago, I had one say: ‘What do you call it when you interrogate somebody and you leave them bleeding and they don’t get any medical committee and two days later he dies. Is that murder?'”

Although the organization has only existed for a few decades, the Washington Post recently reported that, since the 2001 terrorist attacks, JSOC has killed more people and interrogated 10 times more detainees than the CIA. JSOC controls its own prisons in the Middle East; it also has its own drones, satellites, and intelligence division, and engages in psychological operations (PSYOP). With roughly 25,000 operatives, it’s larger than the CIA, and takes its orders from a higher authority. Not only does the U.S. President provide JSOC with a “kill list,” but he even allows JSOC to select its own targets for assassination. According to published reports, JSOC has received approval to conduct missions in more than a dozen countries.

JSOC prides itself on its secrecy. Its officers often do not wear uniforms, and in combat do not carry identifying information. As one operative boasted: “We’re the dark matter. We’re the force that orders the universe but can’t be seen.” Some aver that the Bush and Obama administrations have deliberately kept JSOC’s missions secret from Congress and the public by using the Constitution’s grant of presidential military authority in order to overlap military and intelligence operations. Admiral William “Fox” Fallon headed U.S. Central Command until several years ago, when he resigned under pressure. Said his colleague retired Marine General John J. (Jack) Sheehan, “When Fallon tried to make sense of all the overt and covert activity conducted by the military in his area of responsibility, a small group in the White House leadership shut him out … Fox said that there’s a lot of strange stuff going on in Special Ops, and I told him he had to figure out what they were really doing.”

Since then, recent killings of high-profile targets have brought the secretive agency into the public eye. After tracking events at Osama bin Laden’s compound in Afghanistan for five years, in May JSOC officers assassinated bin Laden at his Abottabad camp. This week JSOC again made news, this time for killing Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, two United States citizens in Yemen who had allegedly “inspired” attacks against the U.S. JSOC forces tracked the Americans for weeks, and on Friday launched airstrikes with armed drones, killing at least four people. In 2010 President Obama had approved the assassination of Awlaki, whoreportedly is not the only U.S. citizen to appear on Obama’s kill list.

This week’s assassinations, however, sparked protest from some civil libertarians and legal scholars, in part because the U.S. had neither declared war on Yemen nor charged Awlaki with any crime. A U.S. citizen, the Yemeni-American cleric distributed English-language sermons via YouTube that called for jihad against the country of his birth. Though they have not publicly presented any supporting evidence in court, U.S. intelligence officials allege that Awlaki recruited for al Qaeda and inspired the individuals who carried out the Times Square bombing, the 2009 attempted Christmas Day bombing, and the shootings at Fort Hood. Some, however, say that the cleric’s actual influence has been overstated.

Others note that the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits political assassination as a deprivation of life without due legal process. According to Jameel Jaffer at the American Civil Liberties Union, JSOC’s “targeted killing program violates both U.S. and international law … this is a program under which American citizens far from any battlefield can be executed by their own government without judicial process, and on the basis of standards and evidence that are kept secret not just from the public but from the courts … It is a mistake to invest the President … with the unreviewable power to kill any American whom he deems to present a threat to the country.”Constitutional blogger Glenn Greenwald criticized the President for acting as “judge, jury, and executioner.” Last summer, Awlaki’s father filed alawsuit in an attempt to prevent the Obama administration from killing his son without criminal charges or a court trial. While expressing some qualms about its decision, in December the government dismissed the suit, partly on the grounds that the court lacked authority to review the President’s military decisions.

JSOC operatives have earned a reputation for being “the most dangerous people on planet earth.” Its officers sometimes conducted 300 raids monthly in the Iraq war, and made as many as 1,000 kills in a year. During a 2001 fight, JSOC killed so many opposition forces that “truckloads” of bodies of enemy fighters were carted away afterward. In July 2002, reports surfaced that several hundred civilians, including members of a wedding party, were killed during a JSOC attack on the Taliban. It was reported that some members of JSOC were physically assaulting prisoners, starving and torturing them, and hiding them in secret facilities, as well as detaining female family members in their houses when male targets were not at home. Military commanders nonetheless expressed satisfaction with JSOC’s 50% success rate in targeting the correct individuals and locations. However, in 2009 JSOC’s commander, Adm. William McRaven, ordered a temporary halt to JSOC missions in Afghanistan, apparently due to increasing concern that the mounting civilian casualties jeopardized U.S. interests.

Nevertheless, under President Obama, JSOC’s missions have not only increased in number, but have also diversified: reportedly, JSOC is currently collaborating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other domestic agencies.

Libya Resistance News Agency Created in Venezuela



Members of the Libya Resistance News Agency (Foro Itinerante de Participación Popular)

Members of the Libya Resistance News Agency (Foro Itinerante de Participación Popular)


Mérida, September 20th 2011 ( – The Libyan Resistance News Agency (ANRL) was inaugurated

 yesterday in Caracas at a forum in the Gallegos Foundation Centre for Latin American Studies (CELARG). It aims to break

 the “information blockade imposed by the international mass media” regarding what’s going on in North Africa and the

Middle East.

The agency came out of an “autonomous” proposal by popular collectives and national and international journalist movements, according to the coordinator of yesterday’s forum, “Palestine, Libya, and Syria: Between Revolution and Counter-revolution”, Venezuelan journalist and a founder of the agency, Hindu Anderi, speaking to the Correo del Orinoco.

The initiative is independent of the Venezuelan government, receiving no financial or technical support from it or from any Venezuelan government institution.

Among the other founders of the news agency are journalists Cristina Gonzalez, Marcos Salgado, Richard Penalver, Miguel Cova, Hernan Cano, and members of the La Piedrita collective, a group “dedicated to Guevaran volunteer work” and grassroots work to solve community problems. The ANRL also has the support of Cuba Periodistas, the journalists’ union of Cuba.

“We are open to all the international collectives who want to participate in this initiative,” Anderi said.

The agency’s website is ‘Al Mukawama – Resistencia’, where it has sections for the latest information, “Specials”, analysis, video, audio, and features. The site is currently only in Spanish.

“It’s an initiative responding to the need in the world for information that isn’t distorted. That’s why any project like this is welcome,” Anderi said.

“Analysis will be made of all the information coming out of the different spaces, about the conflict in our North African brother nation,” she added.

In terms of sources the agency will use, Anderi said they would include “direct sources”. “Remember that much of the media that broadcasts information from Libya is censored by the system. In Libya there are many resistance groups and there are, we might say, communication initiatives that are going to be consulted. Also, of course, [we’ll also use] all those websites for the resistance and progressive international agencies linked to our approach,” she explained.

Another member of the news agency, Basem Tajeldine, said that the “Libyan companeros” also put out a lot of information through websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, from which the agency will also compile information and reports.

Tajeldine said the new news agency would also supply “correct information to the different community, national, and international radio programs, and also to the Venezuelan public media”.


  by Brian E. Muhammed My Photo 24 MARCH 2011

Though defined for years as a rogue regime by American and British media and political figures, Mr. Gadhafi has a different reputation among

liberation movements and in much of Africa. Millions see Libya’s leader as a powerful defender of the weak and oppressed. “We have to put it in

historical context that Libya and the Jamahiriya revolution has been the most revolutionary African country since the CIA overthrow of Osagyefo

Kwame Nkrumah (of Ghana), in terms of Pan-Africanism,” said Mr. Kimathi. Mr. Kimathi gave credit to Mr. Gadhafi for his political work around

reviving the vision for a United States of Africa and transforming the former Organization of African Unity into the current African Union (AU).

He also pointed out the “political and concrete material” support the Libyan leader gave to liberation movements and progressive organizations

across the African continent and the world, including in the United States.

Libya supported the Irish Republican Army,  South Africa’s anti-apartheid movements—the African National Congress and Pan African Congress—

the freedom fighters in Mozambique and the Palestinian liberation struggle to name a few causes.

Libya has also been a friend to the Nation of Islam Of Rev. Louis Farrakhan  and other progressive groups within the U.S. In 1971 Mr. Gadhafi loaned the Nation of Islam

under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad $3 million to purchase a Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago.

Mr. Muhammad converted the edifice into a mosque which is the national headquarters for the Nation of Islam. In the rebuilding efforts of  the

Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in the 1980s, Mr. Gadhafi gave a $5 million loan— which he then forgave—to aid an N.O.I. economic initiative

called P.O.W.E.R. (People Organized and Working for Economic Rebirth).

Mr. Kimathi pointed out that the Western destabilization campaign against Libya has been ongoing since the beginning of Mr. Gadhafi ’s leadership.

As a visionary Mr. Gadhafi transformed the oil rich country into a popular people’s democracy, eradicating policies driven by the multinational

corporations who exploited Libya’s resources. When he rose to eminence 41 years ago leading the Al-Fateh revolution against King Idriss—a minion

of western imperialists—the young revolutionary nationalized the economy for the benefit and development of the Libyan people.

Then he evicted the Americans and the British by shutting down the Wheelus military base in Tripoli which he condemned as a remnant of European colonialism.

slika 8 - Muammar Gaddafi


Muammar Gaddafi: slika 19

slika 19 - Muammar Gaddafi

n the international political stage where good men often die young, Mr. Gadhafi has withstood the test of time, becoming a major power broker in Europe

and in Africa. “Brother Gadhafi ” as he is known is in a small group of leaders—which include former Cuban leader Fidel Castro— who have the distinction of

withstanding their imperialistic foes. Mr. Gadhafi was personanon- grata for every U.S. administration from President Richard Nixon to President Bill Clinton—

until the warming of relations at the end of the George W. Bush administration.

1- MANY LIES TOLD BY THE WEST IN THEIR WAR AGAINST LIBYA   By Jean-Paul PougalaTHE MANY LIES TOLD BY THE WEST IN THEIR WAR AGAINST LIBYABy Jean-Paul PougalaA- THE REAL REASONS FOR THE WAR IN LIBYA1- The first African satellite RASCOM 1It was Libya’s Kadhafi who gave all of Africa its first real revolution in modern times: by ensuring universal coverage of the continent via telephone, television, radio-broadcast and the many other applications such as telemedicine and long-distance learning; for the first time in history, a low-cost connection became available across the continent, and even into rural areas thanks to a bridging WIMAX system.The story begins in 1992 when 45 African countries created the RASCOM organization to acquire an African satellite in order to bring down the cost of communications across the continent. At that time, calling from or to Africa had the most expensive call rates in the world, since there was a surcharge of 500 million dollars which Europeans collected annually on telephone conversations even within some African countries, just to transmit voice messages via European satellites like Intelsat. An African satellite would barely cost 400 millions dollars payable once and thus avoiding the 500 million annual rental fees. Which banker wouldn’t finance such a project? But the difficult part of the equation remained unsettled: how does a beggar gain their freedom from exploitation by their master by borrowing money from this same master to achieve this?

And so, the World Bank, the IMF, USA, the European Union had needlessly been bilking these countries for over 14 years. It was in 2006 that Kadhafi put an end to the agony of senseless begging from those supposed benefactors in the West who only grant loans at predatory rates; the Libyan leaders put 300 million dollars on the table, the African Development Bank put 50 million, the West African Development Bank contributed 27 million and it is thus, Africa has owned its very own communications satellite since December 26th 2007; The very first communications satellite in its history. In the meantime, China and Russia have jumped in, this time by donating their own technology which allowed the launching of more new satellites; South-Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Algerian and even a second African satellite was launched in July of 2010. And by 2020, we are expecting the very first satellite which would be 100% African and built on African soil, specifically in Algeria. This satellite is expected to be amongst the best in the world, but would cost ten times cheaper, a true achievement.

This is how a simple gesture worth 300 millions dollars can change the lives on an entire continent. Kadhafi’s Libya had cost the West not only the 500 million dollars annually but billions of dollars from debt and interest which this debt would have generated ad infinitum and exponentially, and contributed towards sustaining the obscure system which continues to rob Africa blind.


The 30 billion dollars which M. Obama confiscated belongs to the Libyan Central Bank and was earmarked as the Libyan contribution toward the finalization of the African Federation in its three keystone phases: The African Investment Bank to be based in Sitre-Libya, The creation in 2011 of the African Monetary Fund with a startup capital of 42 billion dollars with Yaoundé as its headquarters, the African Central Bank with its headquarters in Abuja-Nigeria from which, the first issuance of legal tender would signal the end of the CFA Franc through which Paris has been able to pillage some African countries for over 50 years. From this we can understand France’s grudge against Kadhafi. The African Monetary Fund would supplant in each and every way the activities of the International Monetary Fund on African soil – a role which, using barely 25 billion dollars in capital, the IMF had been able to bring an entire continent to its knees through questionable privatization policies, as witnessed by the reality of forcing African countries to trade-in one public monopoly for a private monopoly. It was these same Western countries which came 2

knocking at the door trying to become members of the African Monetary Fund (AMF) and its was via a unanimous vote of 16-17 in December 2010 in Yaoundé that Africans rejected this proposition, enshrining that only African countries would be members of the AMF.

It therefore seems obvious that after Libya, the Western coalition will declare its next war against Algeria, since, in addition to its enormous energy resources, that country has financial reserves exceeding 150 Billion Euros. This is much coveted by all the countries which are now bombing Libya all of whom have the same things in common, they are all practically bankrupt, the USA alone has 14.000 billion dollars in debt, France, Great Britain and Italy each have 2.000 Billion in public debt while all the 46 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa have less than 400 billion dollars in total public debt. Launching fake wars in Africa in the hopes of finding the oxygen needed to fuel their economic apnea that would only worsen having the effect of pushing the West further into a decline which began in 1884, during the notorious Berlin Conference. As the American economist Adam Smith had predicted, in his support for the abolition of slavery, «the economies of all countries which practice the enslavement of Black people are in the throes of a decent into hell which would be a rude awakening on the day when all the other nations would awaken»


In order to de-stabilize and destroy the African Union which is tending dangerously (as judged by the West) towards a United States of Africa under the guiding hand of Kadhafi, the European Union had tried, unsuccessfully, to create the UfM (Union for the Mediterranean). At all cost, they had to pry North Africa away from the rest of the continent by hammering the same racists themes of the 18th and 19th centuries according to which the African populations of Arab extraction were more “advanced”, and more “civilized” than the rest of the continent. That plan failed when Kadhafi would not play along. He had quickly understood the game from the moment when there was all that talk about the Mediterranean which [only] involved some African countries without informing the African Union, but at the same time, inviting ALL the 27 member nations of the European Union. The UfM without the principal engine of the African Federation was dead on arrival, moribund with Sarkozy as its President and Mubarak, its vice-president. It is this same idea which Alain Juppé is trying to re-launch, as he eyes Kadhafi’s fall from power, of course. What African leaders don’t understand is that, as long as it is the European Union which is financing the African Union, we will remain stuck at the starting-line, because under these conditions, there will be no effective independence. It is in this same vein that the European Union has encouraged and financed the various regional trade blocs in African. It is obvious that ECOWAS which has an embassy in Brussels and which gets most of its financing from the EU, is a major obstacle to the creation of the African Federation. It is what Lincoln fought against during the secessionist civil war in the United States, since, from the moment when a group of nations assemble around a regional political organization, that would only fracture the central governing authority. This is what Europe wanted and it is what Africans did not understand by creating one after the other; COMESA, UDEAC, SADC and the Greater Maghreb Union which never became operational thanks in part to Kadhafi who understood the game all too well.


Kadhafi is in the hearts of almost every African as a very generous humanitarian for his disinterested support in the fight against the racist regime of South Africa. If Kadhafi had been a self-centered man, nothing would have forced him to draw the ire of the West by financially and militarily support the ANC in its battle against apartheid. Which is why, shortly after being released from his 27 years in prison, Mandela decided to break with the United Nation’s embargo against Libya in October 23rd of 1997. As a result of this embargo which was also aerial, no plane had landed in Libya over five long years. To go to Libya, one had to catch a plane into Tunisia; get to Djerba and continue by car for 5 hours to Ben Gardane, crossing the border and going another 3 3

hours by road across the desert to Tripoli. On the other hand, one could go through Malta and then crossover by night, using poorly fitted boats and reach the Libyan coast. A true ordeal for an entire people, just to punish one man. Mandela decided to breach this injustice and responded to the former American president Bill Clinton, who had considered this visit «unfortunate», Mandela argued: «No nation can claim to itself the role of a global policeman, and no nation can dictate to others what they must and must not do». He added: «those who yesterday where friends of our enemies, today have the temerity of demanding that I should not visit my brother Kadhafi, they’re asking us to be ungrateful and to forget our friends from the past». In fact, for the West, South African racists where kindred whom they were trying to protect. It is for this reason that members of the ANC had been branded dangerous terrorists, including Nelson Mandela himself. It was only in July 2nd 2008 that the American Congress passed a law erasing Nelson Mandela’s name and those of his ANC comrades from this black list, not because they had come to terms with the idiocy of such a list, but because they wanted to make a gesture of goodwill to the 90-year-old Nelson Mandela. If today the West has repented its support for Nelson Mandela’s enemies and are truly sincere when streets and places are christened after him, how do they justify waging war against the man who brought victory to Nelson Mandela and to his people, Kadhafi?


And if Kadhafi’s Libya was more democratic than the USA, France, Great Britain and all of those who have a started a war to export democracy to Libya? On March 19th 2003, President Georges Bush dropped bombs on the heads of Iraqis under the pretext of exporting democracy to their country. On March 19th 2011, eight years later and to the day, its is the French President who was dropping bombs on the heads of Libyans under the same pretext of bringing them democracy. Mister Obama, 2009 Nobel Prize winner and President of the United States of America, in order to justify his decision to hurl cruise missiles from sub-marines on the heads of Libyans, the tells us that he is trying to unseat a dictators from power and to install a democracy in that country.

The question which ever human being gifted with the least in capacity for intellectual judgment and reason cannot help but ask: these countries like France, England, USA, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Poland whose only legitimacy to go an bombard Libyans is only based of having auto-declared themselves «democratic» are they truly democratic? If yes, are they more democratic than Kadhafi’s Libya? The answer, unequivocally is NO, for the sole and simple reason that democracy doesn’t exist. Its not me asserting this, it is the very person whose birthplace, Geneva, is home to the organs of the United Nations. That person is of course Jean-Jacques Rousseau, born in Geneva in 1712 who asserted in Chapter IV of Book III of his celebrated «Social Contract» that *: «there has never been a true democracy, and there never will be one»*. In order for a State to be truly democratic, Rousseau lays down 4 conditions according to which Kadhafi’s Libya is by far more democratic than the United States of America, France and all the others who profess to export democracy into that country. These include:

1- *Dimensions of the State*: the bigger any government gets, the less it is democratic, according to Rousseau, the State should be very small to allow its citizens find ways of gathering and to enable each person to easily get to know the next. And so before sending people off to vote, we should ensure that people know each other otherwise voting for the sake of voting would be denuded of all democratic underpinnings, it is a sham of a democracy to elect a dictator. The organizing structure of the Libyan State is based on tribal groupings which by definition involves people in small entities. The democratic sentiment is more present within a tribe, in the village than in the greater Nation, by virtue of the fact that everyone knows everyone else and that communal life revolves around the same common interests bring some kind of auto-regulation, auto censure is brought to bear at each moment, the reactions or the counter-reaction of the other members for or against the opinions which anyone may hold. Seen from this perspective, it is Libya which better responds to the exigencies of Rousseau, one cannot say as much of the 4

United States of America, France or Great Britain, societies which have become strongly urbanized and where a majority of neighbors do not even say hello to each other and hence do not even know each other, even after having lived side-by-side for twenty years. In these countries, we have moved directly into the following phase: «voting» which we have malignantly sanctified so that many quickly forget that this vote is useless from the moment when I start speaking voting on matters affecting the nation’s future without knowing ones fellow citizens. We have thus arrived at the stupidity of citizens voting from abroad. Knowing one another and speaking to each other is the essential condition of communication for the democratic debate which should precede all elections.

2- *It requires a simplicity of values and behaviors* to avoid that we spend so much time talking about justice before courts and seeking redress to the many arguments of societal interest which any complex society naturally gives birth to. Westerner define themselves as civilized people who have complex value systems and see Libyans a nation of primitive people, who have simple value systems. From this perspective, once again, it is Libya which better responds to democratic criteria laid out by Rousseau than all those who pretend to give them lessons in democracy. In a complex society, the manifold conflicts are resolved by the law of the powerful, since the wealthier party can avoid prison because he can afford a better attorney and more so, turns the State’s repressive apparatus against the person who steals a banana at a supermarket, instead of turning it against the greedy financier who brings down a bank. In a city like New York where 75% of the population is White, 80% of the managerial positions are held by White people and they only represent 20% of the prison population.

3- *Equality in rank and in fortunes*. One only has to look at the 2010 FORBES rankings to see the names of the wealthiest people in each of the countries which is throwing bombs on the heads of Libyans and see the difference in salaries with the lowest ranking wage earners in each of these countries and do the same with Libya to understand that in terms of wealth distribution, Libya should be the one exporting its know-how to those who are attacking her and not the other way around. Even from this angle, according to Rousseau, Libya would be more democratic than those who pompously want to export this supposed democracy to that country. In the United States, 5% of the population possesses 60% of the nation’s wealth. It is the most lopsided, unequal country in the world.

4- *No luxuries*. According to Rousseau, for democracy to exist in a country, there must be no luxuries because, luxury necessitates wealth and this last becomes a virtue, the goal to be achieved at all cost is the people’s wealth fare, «luxuries simultaneously corrupt both the rich and the poor, the former by possession, the latter by coveting; it sells the nation to listlessness, to vanity; if serves the citizens up to the State for dinner, the former to meet the needs of the latter, and each is happy in their role ». Is there more luxury in France than in Libya? All those cautionary tales from employees who have been pushed to suicide, even employees of public and para public companies, for “reasons” of profitability and hence of possessions of luxury items by one of the parties, are these more abundant in Libya or in the West?

In 1956, the American sociologist C. Wright Mills described American democracy as « a dictatorship of the elites». According to Mills, The United States of America isn’t a democracy because in fact, it is money which speaks at elections and not the people. The results of any election there is an expression of the voice of money and not the voice of the people. After Daddy Bush and Son Bush, for the Republic primaries of 2012, there is already talk about Bush-Benjamin. In addition, if political power rests on a bureaucracy, Max Weber has noted that there are 43 millions civil servants and soldiers in the United-States who essentially control the country, but who weren’t elected by anyone and who do not respond directly to the people about their activities. Only one person (a wealthy elite) is really elected but real power on the ground is held by a caste of rich people who arrive at those positions simply through appointments to positions such as ambassadorships, army generals etc …. 5

How many people in these supposedly «democratic» countries know that in Peru the constitution forbids a second consecutive mandate for the incumbent president? How many of them are aware than in Guatemala, not only can the incumbent NOT present himself as a candidate to that position, but none of his/her kin, no member of his family could aspire to that position? How many of them know that Rwanda is the leading nation in the world that is most inclusive of women with 49% of the parliamentarians being women? How many of them know that in the 2007 CIA ranking, of the top-ten best-governed countries in the world, four are African? With the gold medal going to Equatorial Guinea whose public debt represent only 1.14% of its GDP.

Civil war, revolts, and rebellions are the ingredients indicating the telltale signs of an emerging democracy Rousseau argues. Democracy isn’t an end result, it is a permanent process of re-affirming the natural rights of human beings and all over the world (without exception) a handful of men or women, should confiscate the people’s power, and subvert it to help maintain themselves in power. Everywhere, we find various forms of castes which subvert the very idea of a «democracy» which should be an ideal towards which aspire and not a label to appropriate or a refrain to be flaunted just because we can shout louder than everyone else. When a nation is calm like France or the United States that is devoid of any political unrest for Rousseau all of this only means that the dictatorial system is sufficiently repressive to prevent any attempts at rebellion. If Libyans are revolting, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It is when people around the world stoically accept the system which is oppressing them that is very bad. Rousseau concludes: « /Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium -/translation: If there were ever a godly people, they would govern themselves democratically. Such a perfect system of government does not suit human beings». Asserting that Libyans are being killed for their own good is a delusion.


After 500 years of master-servant relations with the West, there is no room to doubt that we have different criteria for judging good and bad. We have profoundly divergent interests. How could one not decry the “yes” vote by three African countries from Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria2, South-Africa and Gabon for resolution 1973 authorizing the new form of colonialism called «protecting the people», validating the racist theories which Europeans have been peddling since the 18th century that North African has nothing in common with Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa is more evolved, more civilized and more cultivated than the rest of Africa.

Events are unfolding as if Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria weren’t part of Africa3. Even the United Nations appears to be ignoring the legitimacy of the African Union over its member States.

The goal is to isolate the nations of Sub-Saharan African and to further fragment them and keep them under control. In fact, for the startup capital of the new African Monetary Fund (AMF), Algeria contributed 16 billion dollars and Libya 10 billion dollars which together represented 62% of the 42 billion Dollar capitalization needed. Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria followed by South Africa came in far behind with 3 billion dollars each.

It is very troubling that this is the first time in the history of the United Nations that it has declared war on a people without first exploring any path of peaceful resolution to address the problem.

Does Africa still have a place in such an organization? Nigeria South Africa are disposed to voting “Yes” to any demands from the West, because the naively believe in the promises made to them by this or that nation to award them a place as a permanent member of the Security Council with equal veto rights. They forget that France has no power to grant such a position. If France did, Mitterrand would have done this long ago for Germany’s Helmut Kohl. United Nations’ reform is not on the agenda. The only way to counter this is through the Chinese option: all 50 African countries should quit the United Nations. They’d have to return another day, and only after they have been granted something they’ve always wanted, a position for the African Union, nothing less. 6

This method of non-violence is the only weapon of justice that the poor and weak people like us have. We simply have to quit the United Nations, since this organization by its very structure, and via its hierarchy serves the interest of the most powerful members.

We have to quit the United Nations to signal our disapproval of this conception of the world based solely on the crushing of the weaker nations. At the very least, they’d be at liberty to continue doing it as before, but without our endorsement, and not having to suggest that were have endorsed it even though they know well that we were never consulted. And after we have made our point, as we did during the meeting on Saturday 19/3 in Nouakchott through the declaration of opposition to military action, all of which was quietly ignored in order to proceed with the bombardment of an African people.

What is unfolding today is the same scenario already witnessed before vis-à-vis China. Today, they are recognizing the legitimacy of the Ouattara government; they also are recognizing the legitimacy of the insurgents in Libya. It is the same thing which happened at the end of the Second World War with China. The so-called international community had chosen Taiwan as the sole representative of the Chinese people in place of Mao Tse Tung’s China. It took 26 years, that is until October 25th 1971 and resolution 2758 which ALL Africans must read, to put an end to this human absurdity. China was admitted, only after it demanded and obtained permanent membership [on the Security Council] and with vetoing rights, if not, she would not join. Once these requirement were met and the admission resolutions were in force, it took another year until November 29th 1972, for the Chinese foreign Minister to issues his response in a letter to the Secretary General at the United Nations no to say “Yes” or “Thank You”, but to dispel any misunderstandings, in guarantees about China’s dignity and respectability. What can Africans expect from the United Nations without taking strong actions which insist on their respectability? In Cote d’Ivoire we saw an official from the United Nations acting as if he was above the constitutional institutions of that country. We have entered into this organization under conditions that we would be serfs and them believing that we would be invited to the table to eat with other nation on plates which we had to wash is simply wishful thinking, worse, stupid. When the AU recognized Ouattara’s victory without taking into account the contrary conclusions of its own observers on the ground, only to please their former masters, how could we possibly expect any respect? When South-African President Zuma declares that Ouattara had not won the elections and then changed his mind 180° after visiting Paris, we must begin to question what these leaders are worth who represent us and who speak on behalf of one billion Africans.

Africa will achieve strength and real freedom through its capacity to act after thoughtful consideration; and when it takes responsibility for the consequences of its actions. Dignity and respectability come at a price. Are we prepared to pay that price? If not, then our place will continue to be in the kitchen, in the bathrooms, working to ensure the comfort of others.

Geneva 28 March 2011

Jean-Paul Pougala

N.B : You can also listen this text in audio version on Youtube :

1/3 :

2/3 :

3/3 :

It was Libya’s Kadhafi who gave all of Africa its first real revolution in modern times: by ensuring universal coverage of the continent via telephone, television, radio-broadcast and the many other applications such as telemedicine and long-distance learning; for the first time in history, a low-cost connection became available across the continent, and even into rural areas thanks to a bridging WIMAX system.

After my article entitled The Lies of the Western war against Libya, text translated into forty languages worldwide, have received thousands of emails reactions for or against. I warmly thank all those who took the trouble to write. Given the large number of these messages, it was impossible to replicate individually to everyone. So I decided to write this article to collectively respond to your doubts and questions that I summarized and grouped into these few paragraphs below. The answers that follow closely reflect my thoughts, my beliefs:

No Democracy Without People’s Congresses and Committees

Part One The Solution of the Problem of Democracy
Part Two The Solution of the Economic Problem
Part Three The Social Basis of the Third Universal Theory

The Green Book: True Democracy

Posted: 2011/09/27
From: Mathaba
The philosophy of Liberty is based on the principle of self-ownership. Compare what you are about to see to your ‘democracy’.

Prior to a group of Germanic nations of Europe and the United States lying and colluding with certain Arab states and members of Al Qaeda, Libya owed no foreign debt. The people of Libya had ownership in their land and resources. This is self-ownership.A product of your life and your liberty is yourproperty.The land and resources of the country in which you live belong to you and you should benefit from it, not large national and international corporations with greedy shareholders.The initiation of force or fraud: to take life is murder, to take liberty is slavery and to take property is theft.Over the last six months the world has witnessed fraud by the U.S., France, Britain and others against the Libyan people. Following the fraud came force. That has been followed by the taking of thousands of lives which is murder by the dictators within the United Nations — the U.S., France and Britain.For those who remained alive, their liberty is now taken where they have no right to show their support to their leader without threat of bodily harm.”Libya First Contact” in Paris was all about the stealing of Libya’s property. This is theft.Your action on behalf of others or their action on behalf of you is virtuous only when it is derived from voluntary mutual consent.More than 1,000 were released from the prisons in Libya by Seif Gaddafi. Many of those released then turned to collaborate with Libyan officials with selfish motives, who then colluded with French, British and Americans.Some of the people in the banking industry were already colluding with foreign governments to “secure” Libyan currencies into a number of foreign banks. However, in the interest of the Libyan people, Muammar Gaddafi kept Libya’s gold out of the hands of these persons.Achieving a free society requires courage to think, to talk and to act – especially when it is easier to do nothing.To learn more about the Green Book click here. It is beyond ‘Democracy’ and keeps a nation free of debt, so beloved by international bankers.


Truth about Libya, Gaddafi and Western Media Lies

Posted: 2011/09/27
From: Mathaba, our MUJJADIN & IMAM:

slika 9 - Muammar Gaddafi

showInitialOdiogoReadNowFrame (_odiogo_feed_id, ‘628810’, 290, 0);
USA, Canada, most of West Europe, 40 countries are at war, and their populations do not even know it
by Adam KingThe reality is, the majority of people in France do not even know they are at war with Libya, the crown of Africa. I met a young Belgian lady who is a professional architect, and cares about Peace and Love, and yet, even though NATO is headquartered in Belgium, she has never heard of NATO, nor even by its french acronym OTAN. That is the reality. The youth of Europe, do not even know they are at war.We therefore have to change tactic. It is not enough to talk about NATO, NATO-rebels, and NATO supported terrorism. We must stop talking about NATO, because, even those how have heard of it, then consider it as some abstract or separate entity, and do not even connect it to what it is: the command of the North American (USA, Canada) and west European military forces.Instead, we must now talk of US-European, or even WHITE** countries. The White countries are at war with Black Africa, and Black*, includes all Libyans, even those of light skin.
*BLACK means the innocent and good people of this world and includes Americans like Dennis Kucinich, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura and Christopher Greene, and Webster Tarpley. Canadians like Mahdi Nazemroaya, English like Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, French like Terry Meyssan, Corsicans fighting for Independence from France, and our Mujjadid Muammar al Gathafi as well as and all the peoples who consider themselves a part of the JAMAHIRIYA and what that concept means to be GREEN.
**WHITE  refers to those peoples, Supremists of all “faiths”—particularly of the “Western Nations” who are greedy and selfish for themselves and blindly obeying their NWO governments, who believe they must dominate the whole world (and are better than all the rest —which includes “people” like OBAMA and RICE ! All those who call themselves “Christian- Fundamentalists” (or “Christian” by inheritance only) but who do not follow what Jesus has asked, radical Islamists who neglect the peaceful strivings of the “Prophets” seeking slaughter and death to all who do not fit their interpretations,  all “Zionist” Movement Peoples (non faithful Jews/Israelis who seek only dominance, wealth, war and enslavement to all who do not respect their TALMUD ) and all others who are just out there “for the money and glory”. ]
We have to elevate the struggle to the ground level, to take it up to the consciousness of the bright educated “westerners”, no, not westerners, whites.We have to call it as it is, and risk offending a few whites, in our experience, the good ones are not offended, as they realize they are but a tiny speck, an insignificant minority in a sea of millions. For every million whites, there is only one or two, or maybe a half dozen or so, who are “clued up” in any way about reality. Facebook does not educate them, nor the tell-lie-vision.This is a white war against black Africa, and the black people of the world. Let the term Black, be political: this includes the true greens, not the fake “environmental” greens of the green parties. Black, does not include Obama, nor any other coconuts such as Conomsleeze Lice. Black, includes the oppressed poor whites who have a consciousness.Let us all be black people then.Otherwise, how are we going to get through to these dumb whites, the millions of them, who refuse to even budge, a handful of them, 3 or 4 to be precise, demonstrated in Berlin against NATO and in support of Libya, and then turned against Mathaba when we reported their demonstration, as they wished people to read about it only on their blog.White, means selfish. White means racist. White means reactionary. White means slave master. White means devil. Let us take the struggle to this level, for, where are the educated whites, what are they doing about this? Nothing. Only those who are here at Mathaba. What are we going to call ourselves? Black sheep, that is what, as we are the Black sheep of this world.Now it is imperative that we stop being sheep, and that we actually become pro-active, and lead the way, take the initiative. This means, in ever neighbourhood around the world, there must be a local MATHABA where people Meet And Talk Helping All Become Aware. Those committees, no matter what they call themselves, must make up a world wide Green Charter Movement.Here is a video to educate those a little who don’t know what is going on:And at you can find many more. Refer people to and watch the video and listen to the recording top right, and follow the links at the end of that page, and sign up to join the Email list at the top center of that page, or follow or invite others to do so too.Hey you bloody ignorant weak sick lazy European whites, wake up, hey, I know you only like music, and videos, so watch this please:Now, do you know what NATO is? And if you met me recently and were referred to this web site, have you taken time to check it out, let’s hear from you!

Libya is in Africa. Muammar Qaddafi has shown YOU the way forward from the love of his heart, for years and years, while you were asleep, enjoying yourselves, drinking, sleeping, …eating, (partying) and whatever else you do, making money, having a nice life, Muammar, I and others sacrficed so that you could continue to be lazy and live a little longer in freedom.


Show some appreciation for that freedom, or wake up that you are a slave, and that you are powerless to act, that you cannot stop these wars, and find out why it is you can do nothing, and who it is behind these wars and for whose benefit. Then be like the humming bird: see here and here.

Look, if you don’t want to be bothered to stay awake day and night, stop all work and income earning, stop giving time and love to your family, if you don’t want to sacrifice as much as I do and others here at Mathaba, such as the editor of our Publication Bridge who gives not only time and effort but also of her earnings toward our mounting costs, then get our your wallet now.

You do NOT have to sacrifice, work for peace, or do anything to change your life: just support those who do this day and night. Support those working for peace, the one and only Christian leader in the world working for peace, Dr K A Paul, while the Pope says nothing, K A Paul travels 2nd and 3rd class to save money and gives all for the effort for peace. Support him, and be one in a million.

You don’t have to be a Christian to do that, at least click your mouse and join your email to support the man’s effort, show him that you at least bloody care and appreciate that ONE Christian leader is not putting money and benefits first, but is actually working for peace no matter the cost and danger to personal self.

For those who really want to work very hard and sacrifice themselves for people’s power, justice, and truth, and not simply leave it for others that you can support as above mentioned, then join the Green Charter Movement, that means, organize yourself, network, study, and form a committee after adopting the Green Charter of Freedoms.

BANI WALID has successfully (in a People’s Congress Meeting) set up a temporary government until the JAMAHIRIYA

can be reinstituted. Leading it, is a Warfalla tribal-leader, Ali al-Ahwal , elected as the JAMAHIRIYA “CARE_TAKER-in-waiting”

Jamahiriya (TAKEN FROM:  )

The Great triumphs of Libyan Jamahiriya forces!
Order:  Duration: 6:28 Published: 09 Jun 2011 Uploaded: 07 Sep 2011 Author: bbjhnsn28
The Great Libyan peoploe triumph over the imperial American rebels..!

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Order:  Duration: 2:19 Published: 27 Oct 2008 Uploaded: 22 Mar 2011 Author: primolibya

Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Order:  Duration: 1:04 Published: 08 Apr 2010 Uploaded: 13 Sep 2011 Author: B. M. Burgh
Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Anthem Name: God is the Greatest Date Adopted: 1969 Lyrics:
(Arabic) Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Fauqua Kaidi L'mutadi Allahu Lilmazlumi Hairumu'ayyidi
Ana Bilyaqini Wabissilahi 
Saaftadi Baladi Wanuru L-haqqi Yastau Fi Yadi Qulu Mai Qulu Mai Allahu Allahu Allahu Akbar Allahu Fauqa
L-mutadi. Ya Hadihi Ddunya 
Atilli Wa 'Smai Gaisu L-aadi Ga'a Yabgi Masrai Bil-haqqi Saufa Fa-saufa Afnihi Mai. Qulu Mai L-wailu
Lil-mustamiri Wa Llahu Fauqa 
L-gadiri L-mutagabbiri Allahu Akbaru Ya Biladi Kabbiri Wa-hudi Binasiyati L-mugiri Wa-dammiri. 

(English) God is greatest! God is greatest! He is above plots of the aggressors, And He is the best
helper of the oppressed. With 
faith and with weapons I shall defend my country, And the light of truth will shine in my hand. Sing
with me! Sing with me! God is 
greatest! God is greatest! God, God, God is greatest! God is above the aggressors. O world, look up
and listen! The enemy's army is 
coming, Wishing to destroy me. With truth and with my gun I shall repulse him. And should I be killed,
I would kill him with me. 
Sing with me - Woe to the Imperialists! And God is above the treacherous tyrant. God is greatest!
Therefore glorify Him, O my 
country, And seize the forehead of the tyrant And destroy him! Flag Date Adopted: 1977 Description:
The flag of the Great Socialist  People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya consists of a simple green field with
no other characteristics. It is
the only national <b>...</b>'s_Libyan_Arab_Jamahiriya United
Nations Webcast Libyan Arab Jamahiriya English Order: Duration: 3:10 Published: 12 Jul 2009 Uploaded:
18 Aug 2010 Author: Bahrainupr
Jamahiriya Order: Duration: 2:16 Published: 08 Aug 2008 Uploaded: 22 Aug 2010 Author: ComradeDamon1917
An epic video about the Jamahiriya, a CyberNations alliance. Savage Republic -
So It Is Written Order: Duration: 2:50 Published: 11 Jan 2008 Uploaded: 02 Sep 2011 Author:
whirlwindbliss Music video for So It Is Written by Savage Republic. From the LP Jamahiriya Courtesy
Independent Project Records Savage Republic -
Jamahiriya live 2007 Order: Duration: 4:28 Published: 12 Mar 2007 Uploaded: 26 Mar 2011 Author:
phonecia Savage Republic, "Jamahiriya" live at Teatro alla Cartiera di Rovereto (TN) Italy 11
marzo 2007 Gaddafi's Jamahiriya: the State
of the Masses, the Green Book ☟.pdf☟ [getjiggy211, © BBC] Order: Duration: 13:00 Published:
05 Sep 2011 Uploaded: 07 Sep 2011 Author: Knew WorldNoing Thanks to:
(Historic BBC-Video)
Muammar Al Qaddafi: The Green Book Jamahiriya: The State of The Masses 'Power  in the hands of the
People' 'Resources in the hands of the People' Click to download the Green Book: "If the 
instrument  of government is dictatorial, as is the case in the world's political systems today,
society's awareness of deviation from  its laws is  expressed only through violence to redirect
its course, ie, revolution against the instrument of government. Violence and revolution,  even
though they reflect the sentiments of society regarding deviation, do not constitute an exercise
in which the whole of society  takes part. Rather, violence and revolution are carried out by
those who have the capability and courage to take the initiative and  proclaim the will of society.
However, this unilateral approach is dictatorial because the revolutionary initiative in itself
provides  the opportunity for a new instrument of government representing the people to arise.
This means that the governing structure remains  dictatorial. In addition, violence and effecting
change by force are both undemocratic, even though they take place as a reaction  against an undemocratic
prior condition. The society that revolves around this concept is backward. What, then, is the solution?"'s_Jamahiriya_the_State_of_the_Masses,_the_Green_Book_☟pdf☟_ getjiggy211,_©_BBC
LEADER OF GREAT JAMAHIRIYA Order: Duration: 4:15 Published: 05 Apr 2007 Uploaded: 03 Aug 2011 Author:
Alfateh69 THE LEADER MUAMMAR ALGATHAFI IS IN LIBYAN CELEPRATE AND HE RIDES HIS HORSE. HE IS A GREAT MAN. Cynthia McKinney on Jamahiriya TV [21-05-2011] سينتيا ماكيني
Order: Duration: 32:12 Published: 22 May 2011 Uploaded: 04 Sep 2011 Author: Rayyisse Cynthia McKinney o
n jamahiriya TV promises to bring the world what is really happening in Libya and to bring investigators
to find  the truth . TV Streaming :::::
Jamahiriya_TV_ 21-05-2011 _سينتيا_ماكيني Jamahiriya TV Order: Duration: 4:43 Published: 24 Feb 2011
Uploaded: 07 Jun 2011 Author: MAALI65 As recorded from Jamahiriya (official Libyan TV) on Thursday
24.02.11. Al Jazera TV announced that there is a big massacre at  El Zaweya city, but these shots show
that that was false. Besides calls between citizens and Al Qaeda had been spotted. This,  like many
other events in the last ten years, is a media war, which calls for us to open our eyes very wide. Al Jamahiriya Matin Order: Duration: 10:29 Published: 29 May 2007
Uploaded: 26 Aug 2010 Author: Libyan every friday morning we watch this program since I was 6 yrs Jamahiriya #2 Order: Duration: 2:27 Published: 09 Aug 2008
Uploaded: 18 Mar 2011 Author: ComradeDamon1917 A propaganda video of the Jamahiriya
Jamahiriya_#2 Great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Students in United States of America Order: Duration:
4:50 Published: 08 Feb 2011 Uploaded: 28 May 2011 Author: LibyanStudentsInUSA libya student students
libyan Libya State
Television Jamahiriya News, May 30, 2011 Order: Duration: 11:03 Published: 31 May 2011 Uploaded:
31 May 2011 Author: WolkenZwemmer Features the visit of South African President Jacob Zuma to
Tripoli. It is sad to see that on the day  of this peace-initiative that is not only backed by
the African continent, but also by India (www. that the media try to bring
everything in discredit by talking about the generals  that would have defected to Italy. It really
sounds like a big smear campaign by the Western Media. The  day that Libya talked about the support
of the Wafala Tribe (one of the biggest in Libya), the other side  claimed that this Wafala Tribe
actually supported the Rebels. Both Africa and India have said that they  wanted an end to the NATO
bombardments which go far beyond the UN-mandate of resolution 1973. In Europe  nobody seems to care
about the illegality of all this. They are held in a stupor by lies that Gaddafi is  a cruel dictator.
It is also sad to see that Russia's critical voice seems to have been silenced probably  due to
something that they have been given during the G8-meeting.
Jamahiriya_News,_May_30,_2011 Libya's-Jamahiriya Radio singing hymns to Gathafi Rx-ed Dorset,
UK February 20, 2011.wmv Order: Duration: 1:28 Published: 20 Feb 2011 Uploaded: 20 Feb 2011
Author: DorsetRadio Voice of Africa, as Libya calls their Jamahiriya International Radio
Broadcast. Interestingly, chants and hymns  to Gathafi ,the wise leader of the "revolution"
seem to be sung in the beginning of the recording which is in  Swahili. Pleasant catching
African tune, if politics can be put aside. The transmission is beamed towards  Central
and East Africa, but is easily heard in Europe (Dorset, UK in this case). Reception 20 F
ebruary   Radio: Perseus Antenna: Wellbrook loop's-Jamahiriya_Radio_singing_
hymns_to_Gathafi_Rx-ed_Dorset,_UK_February_20,_2011wmv Libya Conflict Analysis 4: Popular support
for Rebels TNC berber NATO vs Gadaffi's Jamahiriya Order: Duration: 11:40 Published: 12 Aug 2011
Uploaded: 18 Aug 2011 Author: aligzanduh STOP PRESS: 15 AUGUST 2011 : Support Levels should be
increased out of unkowns to about an additional  400000 opposed to NATO per Canadian Article
yesterday. Census Of Tribes and estimation of loyalties:  (Scene 2) Scene 1 Background on
disinformation and media failure berber,alshubion, alroshidah,  alrakkaksh,alsaaadh, goats,
algarirat 150000 Turkish or mixed origin 900000 warfala 900000 terhuna 500000  magariha 600000
misurata 95161 gaddafi,Gadhadhfa 95161 Beni Salim 95161 Beni Hilal 95161 Zawiya 95161  Kargala
95161 Tawajeer 95161 Ramla 95161 95161 el-Mahjoub 95161 Zamoura 95161 Kawafi 95161 Dababisa 9
5161  Zawaiya, Zuwaiya 95161 al-sawalih 95161 al-jarsa 95161 kawar, of arab descent, 15 smaller
tribes 95161  al-awaqir 95161 abdiyat, 15 subs 95161 masamir 95161 al-Mujabra 95161 Farjan 95161
Zawiya 95161 Magariha  95161 Maslata 95161 masrata 95161 obeidi 95161 mishasha 95161 masashiya
95161 Zintan 95161 Zintan,  the Khaleifa and the Kikla Warshafana 95161 The tribes of Ghariba
region 95161 The tribes of Gharyan,  Asaba and Qawalish 95161
Analysis_4_Popular_support_for_Rebels_TNC_berber_NATO_vs_Gadaffi's_Jamahiriya Jamahiriya -
Al Fatah (2/9) Order: Duration: 3:26 Published: 01 Sep 2011 Uploaded: 06 Sep 2011 Author:
Warrior1917 This is a song by a Yugoslav band dedicated to Gaddafi
Fatah_2/9 Savage Republic - Jamahiriya.wmv Order: Duration: 7:23 Published: 19 Jul 2011 Uploaded:
01 Sep 2011 Author: arcangelofarris last track of the eponymous album of Savage Republic (1988) The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Order: Duration: 7:34 Published: 29 Mar 2011 Uploaded: 01 Sep 2011 Author: promdawg Long Live
Gaddafi! Long Live Libya! Long Live The People of The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab 
Jamahiriya! Death To The UN! Death To NATO!'s_Libyan_Arab_
Jamahiriya Support for Gaddafi and the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Order: Duration: 3:06 Published: 04
Apr 2011 Uploaded: 06 Sep 2011 Author: Donald09231985 In spite of all the media coverage that
depicts Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi as a murderer, I am among  many who support the Colonel in 
his struggle against western imperialism. This whole false-flag operation  does have resistance, 
and I am part of that resistance!
Song: Libyan National Anthem and_the_Libyan_Arab_Jamahiriya
Libya's Voice of Africa
The Great Jamahiriya Part 1 of 2 RX-ed in Dorset UK
February 21 2011.wmv Order: Duration: 9:38 Published: 21 Feb 2011 Uploaded: 14 Jul 2011 Author:
DorsetRadio Libya's 
Voice of Africa The Great Jamahiriya Part 1 of 2 RX-ed
in Dorset UK February 21 2011 as received over  Short Waves today. The whole (2-hour) program
has been recorded,
and will upload the first 10 minutes in this  one, more
can be uploaded upon request, since this took something like 1 hour to upload :s's_Voice_of_Africa_
The_Great_Jamahiriya_Part_1_ of_2_RX-ed_in_Dorset_UK_

February_21_2011wmv Libya : Gaddafi's Jamahiriya has a more morally defensible position
than NATO Order: Duration: 12:02
Published: 21 Jun 2011 Uploaded: 08 Sep 2011
Author: aligzanduh Why Gaddafi's position is more morally defensible than NATO's 1) It is
frightful to watch these superpowers 
gang up to rip apart a small country,
especially under the guise of "civilian protection" - 2) Why would self  respecting Libyan
Rebel Patriots allow NATO to lead
the whole show ? Appearing as sell-outs 3)
How can we  allow the whole Iraq scenario be trotted out before our eyes, war based on
lie, cravenly not declared  4)
Soldiers Of the US and its allies - do not fight
in this war until you are sure this does not violate  the law or your conscience 5)
Western Media -- any 15 year old
could have put more info together on Libya - 
than apparantly the combined budgets of News Corp, CNN. MSNBC ABC PBS - or are they
so morally repugnant -  they are
deliberately ignoring it. 6) Obama Sarkozy and
Cameron appear as not only thugs but buffoons - as  the Loyalists endure
there collective aerial punishment. Their
mediocre attempt at fooling people will cause  a
great deal of blowback - and worst of all to the WEST 7) The principle result
NATO will have achieved - is  further
schism between the West and the developing World
- more fear and hate of the West - 8) NATO has done  what Gaddafi could never
have done - made Gaddafi into an
international Folk Hero of David Vs Goliath - you 
bumbling larcenous wicked nincompoops! I will post this presentation to libya
conflict intel on microtopia website.'s_Jamahiriya_has_
a_more_morally_defensible_position_than_NATO The Great triumphs of Libyan
Jamahiriya forces!...6:28 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya...
2:19 Great Socialist People's Libyan
Arab Jamahiriya...1:04 United Nations Webcast Libyan Arab Jamahiriya English...
3:10 Jamahiriya...2:16 Savage Republic -
So It Is Written...2:50 Savage Republic -
Jamahiriya live 2007... 4:28 Gaddafi's Jamahiriya: the State of the Masses,
the Green Book ☟.pdf☟ [getjiggy211, © BBC]...
Cynthia McKinney on Jamahiriya TV [21-05-2011] سينتيا ماكيني...32:12 Jamahiriya
TV...4:43 Al Jamahiriya Matin...10:29
Jamahiriya #2...2:27 Great Libyan Arab
Jamahiriya Students in United States of America...4:50 The Great Libyan peoploe
triumph over the imperial American
rebels..... Libya State Tele­vi sion Jamahiriya
News, May 30, 2011 11:03 Libya's-Jamahiriya Radio singing hymns to Gath afi
Rx-ed Dorset, UK Febru ary 20, 2011.​
wmv 1:28 Libya Con flict Anal y sis 4: Popu­lar
sup port for Rebels TNC berber NATO vs Gadaf fi's Jamahiriya 11:40 Jamahiriya -
Al Fatah (2/9) 3:26 Savage Republic 
- Jamahiriya.​wmv 7:23 The Great Social­ist Peo ple's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 7:34
Sup port for Gaddafi and the Libyan
Arab Jamahiriya 3:06 Libya's Voice of Africa The Great Jamahiriya
Part 1 of 2 RX-ed in Dorset UK Febru ary 21 2011.​wmv 9:38 Libya : Gaddafi's
Jamahiriya has a more morally de­fensible position than NATO 12:02 photo: AP /
Abdel Magid Al Fergany File - Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi
talks during a celebrations
marking the 31-year anniversary of the 
declaration of the "Jamahiriya," or "rule of the masses" in Sirte,
Libya, Sunday, 02 March 2008. < >
photo: Creative Commons / Jaw101ie What
Libya Had Achieved, What has been Destroyed Scoop23 Sep 2011 Friday,
23 September 2011, 11:58 am Column:
Michel Chossudovsky Destroying a
Country's Standard of Living:  What Libya Had Achieved, What has been
Destroyed by Prof. September 20, 2011
"There is no... photo: AP /
Kirsty Wigglesworth Africa: Vultures Descend On Libya Axis of Logic21 Sep 2011
The visit by British Prime
Minister David Cameron and
French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Libya last Thursday  exposed the real
powers behind the Libyan invasion. Theirs was a shameless
show of the... Strategic Mayem: From America's Drone Attacks to an All Out
US-NATO War on Pakistan? GlobalResearch Libya and About
Those Last Stands Iran and the Unilateralist Nation(s) Women in Saudi Arabia 'to vote and run in elections'
BBC News direct democracy Jamahiriya TV Libya under Gaddafi military of Libya
Muammar al-Gaddafi nation state nisba People's Republic
state television The Green Book Russian Report confirms 70-80% of Libya remains
under Jamahiriya control, 12 Sep 2011 Axis of Logic
There are no longer any independent journalists in Libya other than those
working for and  reporting to Mathaba under difficult
conditions with communications being monitored by NATO which is  seeking
via its ground forces to eliminate those reporting the truth.
The popular masses, endured 6 months of... read more[X][DRAG] Gathafi's
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East Online A Libyan military convoy with Moamer Gathafi rumoured aboard
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new regime fighters were poised to strike at the toppled strongman's last bastions. 
 Gathafi's spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim,
however insisted the fugitive dictator is in top health and... read more[X][DRAG]
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Article IV Consultation with the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,
16 Feb 2011 All Africa Public Information
Notices (PINs) form part of the IMF's efforts to promote transparency of the...
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Arab Jamahiriya (Libya) began... read more[X][DRAG] Jamahiriya: An
alternative view, 07 Sep 2009 Gulf News The
celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Libyan 'revolution' of 1969,
in effect a coup d'etat by Colonel
Muammar Gaddafi and some of his associates and relatives,
brings to mind a  conversation I had just after
that event with a friend of mine, then and now, a senior
Algerian diplomat. The... read more[X][DRAG]
Essential Source for Fiscal Information Relating to Oil and Gas
Assets in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,
25 Jan 2008 The News & Observer DUBLIN, Ireland - Research and Markets
has announced  the addition of "Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Upstream Oil
and Gas Fiscal Regime Profile" to their
offering. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Oil  and Gas Fiscal Regime Profiles
Introduction Libyan Arab Jamahiriya...
read more[X][DRAG] Fourth estate in the Jamahiriya system, 20 Mar 2007
Middle East Online Although I am not
an expert in law and the legislations related to the press, I wish to 
present my point of view on the
relationship between the media and government – but from an ideological 
perspective. To understand more
about the sovereignty of the people and the mechanisms of the Jamahiriya...
more news on: Jamahiriya
Jamahiriya Jamahiriya ( ) is an Arabic term generally translated as
"state of the masses". describing
Libya after  Gaddafi gave up his powers on 02 MARCH 1977. Muammar
al-Gaddafi's Green Book of 1975. The
nisba-adjective ("mass-, "of the masses") occurs only in  the third part,
published in 1981, in the phrase,
translated in the English edition as "Historic  movements are mass
movements". The term appears in the formal
name of the Gaddafi government of Libya,  the Great Socialist People's
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. In the official
political philosophy of Libya, this system is unique to the country,
although it is  the materialization of
the Third International Theory, proposed by Gaddafi to be applied to the
entire  Third World. The term in
practice has only been applied to the Libyan state, of which Gaddafi is
the  Caid (translated Leader; strict
transliteration ). Although Gaddafi no longer holds public office or 
title, he is accorded the honorifics
"Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the  Socialist
People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" or
"Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution" in  government statements
and the official press. The
Libyan government states that Libya is a direct democracy without any
political parties,  governed by
its populace through local popular councils and communes (named Basic
People's Congresses). Official 
rhetoric disdains the idea of a nation state, tribal bonds remaining
primary, even within the ranks
of the military of Libya. Socialist People's Libyan Arab Great Jamahiriya
The word was coined by
changing the component — "public" — to its plural form, — "the masses".
It is often  left untranslated
in English, with Libya's long-form name thus rendered as Great Socialist
People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.
Muammar Gaddafi Coordinates 37°46′45.48″N122°25′9.12″N Name Muammar Gaddafi
Caption Gaddafi at the AU summit
in Addis Ababa ( 2009) Office Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution
of Libya Office2 Secretary General 
of the General People's Congress of Libya Primeminister2 Abdul Ati al-Obeidi 
Term start2 02 March 1977 Term
end2 2 March 1979 Muammar al-Gadhafi had stepped down from power in the year 1979, 
resigning as General 
Secretary of the Libyan Jamahiriya,  two years after handing all power to the people 
of Libya. Predecessor2
Himself (Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council Successor2 Abdul Ati al-Obeidi
Office3 Prime Minister
of Libya Term start3 16 January 1970 Term end3 16 July 1972 Predecessor3
Mahmud Sulayman al-Maghribi Successor3
Abdessalam Jalloud Office4 Chairman of the Revolutionary Command
Council of Libya Primeminister4 Mahmud Sulayman
al-Maghribi Abdessalam JalloudAbdul Ati al-Obeidi Term start4 1 September
1969 Term end4 2 March 1977
Predecessor4 Idris (King) Successor4 Himself (Secretary General of the
General People's Congress) Office5 Chairperson
of the African Union Term start5 2 February 2009 Term end5 31 January
2010 Predecessor5 Jakaya Kikwete
Successor5 Bingu wa Mutharika Birth date June 07, 1942 Birth place Sirte,
Italian Libya(now Libya) Party
Arab Socialist Union (1971–1977) Spouse 1)Fatiha al-Nuri (Divorced after
only 6 months; 2)Safia el-Brasai
(1970–present) Children 9 natural, 2 adoptees Alma mater Benghazi Military
Academy Religion Muslem Signature
Muammar al-Gaddafi Signature.svg Allegiance Kingdom of Libya (1961–1969)
Libyan Arab Denocracy (1969–1977)
Great Socialist  People's Libyan Arab J amahiriya (1977–present) Branch
Libyan Army Serviceyears 1961–present
Rank Colonel Commands Libyan Armed Forces Battles Libyan-Egyptian WarChadian-
Libyan conflictUganda-Tanzania War 2011
Libyan civil war Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi (born 07 June 1942),
commonly known as Muammar  Gaddafi Gaddafi
has become a disputed ruler, losing almost all domestic and international 
recognition. He abolished the Libyan
Constitution of 1951, and adopted laws based on the  Holy Scriptures and
the Quaran. For alternative spellings,
see Transliteration below. He  variously has been honored under the title of
"Brother Leader' and 'Guide of the '69 
al-Fatah Revolution. In the 1980s countries around the world established
sanctions against Gaddafi. Six days  after
Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was captured, Gaddafi renounced all or any
weapons  of mass destruction (WMD) programs
and welcomed international inspectors to verify that  he would follow
through on the commitment. A leading advocate
for a United States of Africa,  he served as Chairperson of the African
Union (AU) from 2 February 2009 to 31 January
2010. Early life and military academy Muammar al-Gaddafi was raised in a
bedouin tent in the desert near Sirte.
According to most  conventional biographies, his family belongs to a
small tribe of arabized Berbers, the Qadhadhfa. 
They are mostly stockherders that live in the Hun Oasis. According to
Gaddafi, his grandfather,  Abdessalam Bouminyar,
fought against the Italian occupation of Libya and died as the "first 
martyr in Khoms, in the first battle of 1911".
Gaddafi attended a Muslim elementary school  as a youth in Sabha, during
which time he was profoundly influenced by major
events in the  Arab world. He was passionate about the success of the
Palestinians and was deeply disappointed  by their
defeat to Israeli forces in 1948. He admired Egyptian President Gamal
Abdel Nasser, and  looked to him as hero during his
rise to power in 1952. In 1956 Gaddafi took part in anti-Israeli  protests
during the Suez Crisis. He finished his secondary
school studies under a private tutor in  Misrata, concentrating on the
study of history. In Libya, as in a number of other
Arab countries, admission to a military academy and a career  as an
army officer only became available to members of the
lower economic strata after independence.  A military career offered
an opportunity for higher education, for upward economic
and social  mobility, and was for many the only available means of political
action. For Gaddafi and many  of his fellow officers,
who were inspired by Nasser's brand of Arab nationalism, a military  career
was a revolutionary vocation.

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 13

slika 13 - Muammar Gaddafi

Gaddafi entered the Libyan
military academy at Benghazi in 1961 and graduated in the 1965–66  period, along with
most of his colleagues from the Revolutionary
Command Council (RCC).
 GADHAFI 1960’s student days

slika 18 - Muammar Gaddafi

Gaddafi's association with the Free Officers Movement began as a cadet. The
frustration  and shame felt by
Libyan officers at the time of Israel's defeat of the Arab armies on  three
fronts in 1967 fueled their determination to contribute
to Arab unity by overthrowing  the monarchy. An early conspirator, Gaddafi began
his first plan to overthrow the monarchy  while in
military college. Gaddafi pursued further studies in Europe, and false rumors
have been propagated with  regards to this part of his
life—for example Gaddafi did not attend the Royal Military  Academy Sandhurst,
though he did receive further military training in the
United Kingdom.
Here is the young Mujjadid:

slika 21 - Muammar Gaddafi

Military coup On 01 September 1969 a small group of junior military officers led by Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 17

slika 17 - Muammar Gaddafi

 staged a  bloodless coup
d'état against King Idris while he was in Turkey for medical treatment. 
His nephew, the Crown Prince Sayyid Hasan ar-Rida al-Mahdi
as-Sanussi, was formally  deposed by the revolutionary army officers and
put under house arrest; they abolished  the monarchy and
proclaimed the Libyan Arab Democracy.
Internal affairs since 1969:
Gaddafi looked to Gamal Abdel Nasser as a role model and based
his government on Nasser's  Egypt. He was fiercely anti-Western,
and immediately ordered for a pullout of American and  British
military bases, including the Wheelus Air Base. He told Western
officials that he  would expel their companies from Libya's oil
fields unless they shared more revenue. In his  statement, he
threatened to do so only if Nasser told him to,
indicating strong ties to Nasser.

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 6

slika 6 - Muammar Gaddafi

Because of his demands, oil companies changed their
payments from 50–50 to 79–21 percent  in favor of the government.
In December 1969, Egyptian intelligence
stopped a planned coup  on Gaddafi from high-ranking members of
his leadership. Many of the dissenters
were uneasy  about his growing relationship to Egypt. From
1971 to 1977, Gaddafi approved the Arab 
Socialist Union, based on Egypt's Arab Socialist Union (Egypt),
to function as a political  party in
Libya. The Italian population in Libya almost disappeared after
Gaddafi ordered the expulsion of 
Italians in 1970. Gaddafi despised the Christian calendar and
changed Libya's into a  Muslim-based
one. In 1969, government correspondence and newspapers listed
the date as 1369,  beginning with
the birth of the prophet Mohammed. Also, the Roman months were
changed to Arab  ones. For example,
August, named after Augustus Caesar, was renamed Hannibal, and
July, from  Julius Caesar, was called
Nasser, after Gamal Abdel Nasser. After 02 March 1977, Gaddafi
increasingly devoted himself to a
"contemplative exile". Over  the next months, he devoted himself
to the writing of THE GREEN BOOK,
as a thorough explanation  of his unique form of a direct 
democratic government. It was completed
in 1980.

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 12

slika 12 - Muammar Gaddafi

During the 2005 civil unrest in France, Gaddafi called Chirac and offered him his help in 
quelling the resistors, who were largely North African. Following a 1986 aborted attempt to replace
English with Russian as the primary foreign language  in education, English has been taught in recent
years in Libyan schools from primary level, and  students have access to English-language media.
Gadhafi adopted new names for the Italised Berber towns, and on official Libyan maps, referred  to
the Nafusa Mountains as the "Western mountains". In a 1985 speech, he said of the Italianised- 
Berber language, "If your mother transmits you this language, she nourishes you with the milk of 
the colonialist, she feeds you their poison" (1985). Berbers living in ancient mud-brick caravan 
towns such as Ghadames iwere given new private homes or modern government-constructed apartments 
in the 1980s, as part of his program to give all Jamahiiriya citizens over 18 their own private 
home (rent free) with free electric and running water, and no insurance fees ever to pay. Gaddafi
had promised "a home for all Libyans" and during his rule, new residential areas rose in  empty
Saharan regions. Entire populations living in mud-brick caravan towns were moved into modern 
homes with running water, electricity, and satellite TV. Economy Libya enjoys large natural
resources. The Economy of Libya non entralised, and follows Gadaffi's unique and peculiar
socialist ideals.  It depends primarily upon revenues from the petroleum sector, which contributes
practically all  export earnings and over half of its GDP. These oil revenues, combined with a
small population,  have given Libya the highest nominal GDP per capita in Africa. Since 2000
Libya has recorded  favourable growth rates with an estimated 10.6 percent growth of GDP in 2010,
the highest of  any state in Africa. Gaddafi described the Great Manmade River as the "Eighth Wonder
of the World". Gaddafi ordered the Libyan National Telescope Project, costing about 10 million euros. 
This gave all Africans their own Sattellite communications system, free from the horrendous  rents of
the European Companies. On 4 March 2008 Gaddafi announced his intention to dissolve the country's
existing administrative  structure and disburse oil revenue directly to the people. The plan included
abolishing all ministries;  except those of defence, internal security, and foreign affairs, and
departments implementing strategic  projects. In 2009, Gaddafi personally told government officials
that Libya would soon experience a "new  political period" and would have elections for important
positions such as minister-level roles and the  National Security Advisor position (a Prime Minister
equivalent). He also promised to include international  monitors to ensure fair elections. His speech
was said to have caused quite a stir, as The GREEN BOOK  disavowed political elections and politial
parties. This idea was supposedly given as a suggestion to  him, by his son, Saif-al-Islam who studied
at the London School of Economics. Unknown to him and Saif,  he was being influenced and conned into
these reforms by implanted CIA-Agents (entrusted as personal  friends) trying to help and ease relations
with the Western Nations. Gadhafi trusted them and unfortunately  these were the first men to betray him
in February 2011 with the CIA/MI6 construed "insurgency"!
Activities in Sudan and Chad After Nasser's death:

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 10

slika 10 - Muammar Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi:
 slika 1

slika 1/258

slika 1 - Muammar Gaddafi

Gaddafi attempted to become the leader of Arab nationalism. He wanted to create  a "Great Islamic
State of the Sahel", unifying the Arab states of North Africa into one. As early as  1969, Gaddafi
contributed to the Islamization of Sudan and Chad, granting military bases and support  to the
FROLINAT revolutionary forces. In 1971, when Muslims took power in Sudan, he offered to merge  Libya
with Sudan. Gaafar Nimeiry, the President of Sudan, turned him down and angered Gaddafi by  signing a
peace settlement with the Sudanese Christians. Gaddafi took matters into his own hands  in 1972,
organizing the Islamic Legion, a paramilitary group, to arabize the region. He dispatched  The
Islamic Legion to Lebanon, Syria, Uganda, and Palestine to take active measures to ensure Islamic 
control. As a side note, Gaddafi's occupation of Chad led to the liberation of French archeologist 
Françoise Claustre in 1977. In 1987, Gaddafi engaged in a full-out war with Chad, suffering a humiliating 
loss in 1987 during the Toyota War. Libya took heavy casualties, losing one tenth of its army 
(7,500 troops) and 1.5 billion dollars worth of military equipment.

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 7

slika 7 - Muammar Gaddafi

Chad lost 1,000 troops. After
the war,  former soldiers formed an Arab supremacist group, the Arab Gathering, contributing to
violence in Sudan.  Members of this group later developed into leaders of the Janjaweed. War
against Egypt

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 11

pictured: with Hafez al-Assada (otac aktualnog predsjednika Bashar-a)

slika 11 - Muammar Gaddafi

Beginning in 1972, Gaddafi granted financial support and humanitarian relief to
Palestinian  groups within Israel. He also strengthened his unity with Egypt, and in 1972,
convinced Anwar  Sadat to share the same flag and join a partial union with Libya. Gaddafi
had offered a fully- unified state where Sadat would be president and he would be defense
minister. Sadat distrusted  Gaddafi and refused. Gaddafi was further disappointed with Egypt's
political system, as he spoke  to Egypt's Arab Socialist Union and was suggested "a partial
merger, in order to allow time for  thorough and careful study". Gaddafi quipped back, saying
"There's no such thing as a partial  merger". In 1973, Gaddafi secretly sent Libyan military
planes to join the Egyptian Air Force.  The outbreak of the Yom Kippur War surprised Gaddafi,
as Egypt and Syria planned it without his  knowledge. Gaddafi felt that the war wasted resources
and manpower to chase limited objectives,  and accused Sadat of trying to weaken the FAR by
launching the War. Gaddafi's relationship with  Egypt further weakened because Gaddafi charged
Egyptian reporters with the breakdown
of Libyan- Egyptian relations in 1973, and said Sadat was in-part to blame because he had "no control"
of  Egyptian information media.

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 22

slika 22 - Muammar Gaddafi

Egypt's peace talks in 1977 led to the Steadfastness and Confrontation

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 24

slika 24 - Muammar Gaddafi

Front. Libya's relations with Egypt broke down entirely that year. The Camp Davis peace Accord came as
a surprise because Bouguiba had rebuked similar offers for  over two years previously. Weeks after the
agreement, he postponed a referendum on the issue,  effectively ending it weeks later. The idea of
merging states was highly unpopular in Tunisia,  and cost Bourguiba much of his people's respect.
The agreement was said to allow Bourguiba the  presidency while Gaddafi would be a defense minister.
A later treaty with Morocco's Hassan II in  1984 broke down in two years when Hassan II met with Israeli
Prime Minister Shimon Peres. In 1989, Gaddafi was overjoyed by the Maghreb Pact between Mauritania,
Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria,  and Libya. Gaddafi saw the Pact as a first step towards the formation of
"one invincible  Arab nation" and shouted for a state "from Marrakesh to Bahrain", pumping his fists
in the air. Gaddafi's image in the Arab world was damaged severely in 1978 when Shia imam Musa al-Sadr 
disappeared en route to Libya. The Libyan government consistently denied responsibility, but  Lebanon held
Gaddafi responsible, and continues to do so. Allegedly, Yasser Arafat told Gaddafi  to eliminate al-Sadr
(a lie) because of his opposition to Palestinians in the Lebanese Civil War.  Some reports claim that
al-Sadr still lives and secretly remains somewhere in Libya. In 1995 Gaddafi expelled some 30,000
Palestinians living in Libya, a response to the peace  negotiations that had commenced between Israel
and the PLO. Following the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by US forces in 2003, Gaddafi denounced any and 
all weapons of mass destruction (WMD), in-order to gain trade ties with Western nations. He  was willing
to allow international inspectors into his country to observe and dismantle them  anything that even
even approached them. US President George W. Bush and other supporters of  the Iraq War portrayed
Gaddafi's announcement as a direct consequence of the Iraq War. In  reality, Gadhafi always despised
such weapons; and Barbara Walters thought it was she who  convinced him! Reality is, though, Gadafi
never had any such weapons; as he felt that Libya  did not need any nuclear energy programs either,
with Libya's vast depository of pure crude  oil and natural gas. Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi
was quoted as saying that Gaddafi had  privately phoned him, admitting as much. Many foreign policy
experts, however, contend that  Gaddafi's announcement was merely a continuation of his prior attempts
at normalizing relations  with the West and getting the sanctions removed. To support this, they point
to the fact that  Libya had already made similar offers starting four years before one was finally
accepted. OPEC From the beginning of his leadership, Gaddafi confronted foreign oil companies for
increases  in revenues. Immediately after assuming office, he demanded that oil companies pay 10
percent  more taxes and an increased royalty of 44 cents per barrel. Gaddafi argued that Libyan
oil was  closer to Europe, and was cheaper to ship than oil from the Persian Gulf. Western companies 
refused his demands, and Gaddafi asserted himself by cutting the production of Occidental 
Petroleum, an American company in Libya, from 800,000 to 500,000 that year. Occidental  Petroleum's
President, Armand Hammer, met with Gaddafi in Tripoli and had difficulty  understanding exactly what
he wanted at first. He said at one meeting, Prime Minister  Abdessalam Jalloud finally took out his
gun belt and left the loaded revolver in full  view. Later, Hammer recalled that moment and said he
felt then "that Gaddafi was ready  to negotiate". In The Age of Oil, historians considered Gaddafi's
success in 1970 to be  the "decisive spark that set off an unprecedented chain reaction" in
oil-producing nations.  Libya continued a winning streak against the oil companies throughout the
1970s energy crisis;  Later that year, the Shah of Iran raised his demands to match those of Gaddafi.
OPEC nations  began a game of "leap frogging" to win further concessions from the oil companies after
following Gaddafi's lead. Gaddafi had close relationship with Idi Amin, whom he sponsored and gave
some of the key ideas,  such as expulsions of Indian-Ugandans. When Amin's government began to crumble,
Gaddafi sent troops  to regulate a negotiated peace between Tanzania and Chad on behalf of Amin. 6
00 Libyan soldiers lost  their lives. The president of Tanzania, embraced Gaddafi during the African
Union Summit in Addis Ababa,  Ethiopia, Feb. 2, 2009. Focus on activities in Africa In 1998, Gaddafi
turned his attention away from Arab nationalism. He eliminated a government office  in charge of
promoting pan-Arab ideas and told reporters "I had been crying slogans of Arab Unity  and brandishing
standard of Arab nationalism for 40 years, but it was not realised. That means  that I was talking
in the desert. I have no more time to lose talking with Arabs...I am returning  back to realism...
I now talk about Pan-Africanism and African Unity. The Arab world is finished... Africa is a paradise...
and it is full of natural resources like water, uranium, cobalt, iron, manganese."  Gaddafi's
state-run television networks switched from middle eastern soap operas to African themes 
involving slavery. The background of a unified Arab League that had been a staple of Libyan television 
for over two decades was replaced by a map of Africa. Gaddafi sported a map of Africa on his outfits 
from then forward. Gaddafi used anti-Western rhetoric against the UN, and complained that the International
Criminal Court  was a "new form of world terrorism" that wanted to recolonize developing countries.
Gaddafi opposed  the ICC's arrest warrant for Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir and personally gave r
efuge to Idi Amin  in Libya after his fall from rule in 1979. Gaddafi intervened militarily in the
Central African Republic in 2001 to protect his ally Ange-Félix  Patassé from overthrow. Patassé
signed a deal giving Libya a 99-year lease to nationalise for all  Africans that country's natural
resources, including uranium, copper, diamonds, and oil. His 2009  forum for African kings was canceled
by the Ugandan hosts, who believed that traditional rulers  discussing politics would lead to instability.
On 01 February 2009, an honorary 'coronation  ceremony' in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was held to coincide
with the 53rd African Union Summit,  at which he was elected head of the African Union for the year.
When his election was opposed  by an African leader, Gaddafi asked Silvio Berlusconi to have two escorts s
ent to that leader  to have him change his mind. It worked, and he was elected Chairman of the African
Union from  2009 to 2010. It is unclear which nation or which leader was in question, although Namibia
had  formerly been opposed to his appointment. Gaddafi told the assembled African leaders: "I shall 
continue to insist that our sovereign countries work to achieve the United States of Africa." Gaddafi
had close ties with two European right-wing heads of state, Slobodan Milošević and  Jörg Haider, who
were both anti-Islamic politicians. Jörg Haider of Austria was reported as  having received tens of
millions of dollars from both Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Gaddafi also  aligned himself with the
Orthodox Serbs against Albanian Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, supporting Milošević. Gaddafi developed
a friendship with Hugo Chávez and in March 2009 a stadium was named after the  Venezuelan leader.
Documents seized during a 2008 raid on FARC showed that both Chavez and  Gaddafi backed the group.
In September 2009, at the Second Africa-South America Summit on  Isla Margarita, Venezuela, Gaddafi
joined Chávez in calling for an "anti-imperialist" front  across Africa and Latin America. Gaddafi
proposed the establishment of a South Atlantic Treaty  Organization to rival NATO, saying: "The world’s
powers want to continue to hold on to their power.  Now we have to fight to build our own power."
Gaddafi also sought close relations with the Soviet Union and purchased arms from the Soviet bloc.
Seeking international acceptancein 2008 at the third EU-Africa Summit in Tripoli in November 2010
As early as 1981, Gaddafi feared that the Reagan Administration would combat his leadership  and
sought to reduce his maverick image. He and his cabinet talked frequently about the pullout  of
American citizens from Libya. Gaddafi feared that the United States would be plotting economic 
sanctions or military action against his government. After the fall of Soviet client states in
eastern Europe, just as Gadhafi had predicted would  be the Fall of Communism (which he termed as
highly impractable), Libya appeared to reassess  its position in world affairs and began a long process
of improving its image in the West.
HERE is pictured the Gadhafi Family with N. Korea's Kim Jong (late 1980's):
Gaddafi s obitelji u službenom posjetu Sjevernoj Koreji. Na slici s predsjednikom Kim Il-sung-om
(otac aktualnog predsjednika Kim Jong Il-a)

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 23

slika 23 - Muammar Gaddafi

In 1994, Gaddafi eased his relationship with the Western world.
South African president  Nelson Mandela, who took special interest in the issue, negotiated with the
United States  on Gaddafi's behalf. Mandela and Gaddafi had forged a close friendship starting with his 
release from prison in 1990. Mandela persuaded Gaddafi to hand over the defendants to the  Scottish Court
in the Netherlands, where they faced trial in 1999, even though they were  100% innocent, as no Libyan
was involved with the bombing of the Pan Am flight. It was a  CIA false flag operation covering the CIA's
overt drug -running. Framed, one was found  not guilty and the other, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, was given a
life sentence. For Gaddafi's  "cooperation", the UN suspended its sanctions against Libya in 2001. It was
later claimed  by Libyan Prime Minister Shukri Ghanem and his son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi that they did not 
believe they were responsible and that they simply wrote the letter to remove UN sanctions.  Gaddafi agreed
to pay up to US$2.7 billion to the victims' families, and completed most of  the payout in 2003. Later that
year, Britain and Bulgaria co-sponsored a UN resolution to  remove the UN sanctions entirely. In 2004,
Shukri Ghanem, then-Libyan Prime Minister, openly  told a Western reporter that Gaddafi was "paying for
peace" with the West, and that there  was never any evidence or guilt for the Lockerbie bombing. Gaddafi's
government faced growing opposition from Islamic extremists during the 1990s,  particularly the Libyan
Islamic Fighting Group, which nearly assassinated him in 1996.  Gaddafi began giving counter-terrorism
intelligence to MI6 and the CIA in the 1990s,  and issued the first arrest warrant for Osama bin Laden
in 1998, after he was linked to  the killing of German anti-terrorism agents in Libya. Gaddafi denounced
the al-Qaeda bombers  for the 11 September attacks and appeared on American television for an interview
with George  Stephanopoulos. In 2002, Saddam Hussein paid Gaddafi $3.5 billion to save him should he have 
 an internal coup or war with America. In 2003, following the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by  U.S. forces,
Gaddafi denounced all (and any) WMD production. His announcement was well-publicized  and during interviews,
Gaddafi confessed that the Iraq War "may have influenced him", but he would  rather "focus on the positive",
and hoped that other nations would follow his example. Gaddafi's  commitment to the War against Terror
attracted support from the United States and Britain.  Prime minister Tony Blair publicly met with
Gaddafi in 2004, commending him as a new ally in the War  on Terror. During his visit, Blair lobbied
for the Royal Dutch Shell oil company, which secured a  deal in Libya worth $500 million. The United
States restored its diplomatic relations with Libya  during the Bush administration, removing Libya
from its list of nations supporting terrorism.  President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney portrayed
Gaddafi's announcement as a direct consequence  of the Iraq War. Hans Blix, then UN chief weapons
inspector, speculated that Gaddafi feared being  removed like Saddam Hussein: "I can only speculate,
but I would imagine that Gadhafi could have been  scared by what he saw happen in Iraq. While the
Americans would have difficulty in doing the same in  Iran and in North Korea as they have done in
Iraq, Libya would be more exposed, so maybe he will have  reasons to be worried." Historians have
speculated that Gaddafi was merely continuing his attempts at  normalizing relations with the West
to get oil sanctions removed. There is also evidence that his  government was weakened by falling
gas prices during the 1990s and 2000s, and his rule was facing  significant challenges from its
high unemployment rate. Libyan officials were angered by the fact  that their nuclear centrifuges
were given to the United States rather than the United Nations. British  officials were allowed to
tour the site in 2006. Gaddafi and Vladimir Putin reportedly discussed  establishing a Russian
military base in Libya. In August 2008, Gaddafi and Italian Prime Minister  Silvio Berlusconi
signed a landmark cooperation treaty in Benghazi. Gaddafi met with then US secretary of state,
Condoleezza Rice in September 2008, where she pressed  him to complete his payout for the
Lockerbie bombings which he had no part in. Out of the goodness  of his sympathetic heart
for the unfortunate victims, not out of any guilt, Gadhafi gave her the  monies to compensate
the families of the victims. President Bush signed restoring the Libyan  government's immunity
from terrorism-related lawsuits and dismissing all of the pending compensation  cases in the
United States. In June 2009 Gaddafi made his first visit to Rome, where he again met Berlusconi,
president  Giorgio Napolitano and senate president Renato Schifani. Chamber president Gianfranco
Fini  cancelled the meeting because of Gaddafi's delay. The Democratic Party and Italy of Values 
 opposed the visit and many protests were staged throughout Italy by human rights non-governmental 
organizations and Italian Radicals. Gaddafi also took part in the G8 summit in L'Aquila in July
as  Chairman of the African Union; and Muammar Gaddafi marked the first time the Libyan leader
had been  greeted by a serving US president. Italian president Giorgio Napolitano hosted a dinner
where  Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister and G8 host, overturned protocol at the last moment by 
 having Gaddafi sit next to him, just two places away from president Obama who was seated on 
Berlusconi's right-hand side. He also met Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman in 2009. In
August 2009, the falsely- convicted Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was released to Libya on compassionate
grounds and was  received with a large celebration. Gaddafi and his government were criticized by
Western  leaders for his participation in this celebration. On 23 September 2009, Muammar Gaddafi 
addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York. In 2010, Gaddafi agreed to pay  US$3.5
billion to the victims of IRA terrorist attacks. A NATO airstrike on 30 April 2011, killed
Gaddafi's youngest son and three of his grandsons  at his son's home in Tripoli, the Libyan
government said. Government officials said that  Muammar Gaddafi and his wife were visiting
the home when it was struck, but both were unharmed.  Gaddafi son’s death came one day after
the Libyan leader appeared on state television calling  for talks with NATO to end the airstrikes
which have been hitting Tripoli and other Gaddafi  strongholds since last month. Gaddafi suggested
there was room for negotiation, but he vowed  to stay in Libya. Western officials were divided over
whether Gaddafi is a legitimate military  target under the United Nations Security Council resolution
that authorized the air campaign.  US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that NATO was "not targeting
Gaddafi specifically" but  that his "command-and-control facilities" [meaning everything in Libya]
were legitimate targets— including a facility inside his sprawling Tripoli compound that was hit
with 65 airstrikes 25 April. Ideology On the Muslim prophet Muhammad's birthday in 1973, Gaddafi
delivered his famous "Five-Point Address"  which officially implemented what Gaddafi termed
"popular democracy", or more commonly "direct,  popular democracy". He called this system
"Islamic socialism", as he disfavored the atheistic quality of communism. Welfare, "liberation"
(or "emancipation" depending on the translation), and education was emphasized.  He also imposed
a system of Islamic morals and outlawed alcohol and gambling. School vacations were  canceled to a
llow the teaching of Gaddafi's ideology in the summer of 1973. He once said that HIV was  "a peace
virus, not an aggressive virus" and assured attendees at the African Union that "if you are 
straight you have nothing to fear from AIDS". He also said that the H1N1 virus was a biological
weapon  manufactured by a foreign military, and assured Africans that the tsetse fly and mosquito
were "God's  armies which will protect us against colonialists". Should these 'enemies' come to
Africa, "they will  get malaria and sleeping sickness". In 2006, he predicted Europe would become
a Muslim continent within  a few decades as a result of its growing Arab population. He endorsed
the concept of a peaceful Muslim  nation-state. He has encouraged Palestinians to protest for
equality and freedom from imprisonment  against Israeli Authorities. He believes in conspiracy
theories that Israeli agents had assassinated  John F. Kennedy and that Barack Obama's foreign
policy was influenced by fears of being assassinated  by Israel. Since 2007, he has suggested a
single-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict,  at first saying "This is the fundamental
solution because the Palestinians have [strategic] depth".  In 2009, he moderated his proposal in a
New York Times article, saying a single-state solution would  "move beyond old conflicts and look
to a unified future based on shared culture and respect." During Gaddafi's speech to the United
Nations General Assembly on 23 September 2009, he blamed  the United Nations for failing to
prevent 65 wars and claimed that the Security Council had too  much power and should be abolished.
He demanded that Europe pay its former colonies $7.77 trillion  dollars to pay for past imperialism
or face "mass immigration". He opposed the War in Afghanistan,  saying the Taliban's religious state
was peaceful and not linked to bin Laden. Despite his ongoing hostility to the supremist policies of
the State of Israel against Palestinian  rights and freedoms, rumors arose that he had Jewish heritage.
Two Israeli women came forth on Israel's  Channel 2 News to claim that they were close blood relations
with Gaddafi. Guita Brown claimed that she  was Gaddafi's second cousin. Brown's daughter, Rachel Saada,
elaborated that Gaddafi's grandmother was Jewish,  and that she left her first husband and married a
Muslim man in her second marriage. The older woman also spoke  with INN TV (which identified her as
Gita Boaron), and repeated the same claim. Assassination attempts In 1969, the British Special Air
Service (S.A.S.) was contacted by the Libyan Royal Family and planned an  assassination attempt to
restore the Libyan monarchy. The plan was dubbed the "Hilton Assignment", named  after a Libyan jail.
The plan was to release 150 political prisoners from a jail in Tripoli as a catalyst  for a general
uprising. The prisoners would be recruited for a coup attempt, and the British agents would  leave
them to take over the nation. The plan was called off at a late stage by the British Secret
Intelligence  Service because the United States government decided that Gaddafi was
anti-Marxist and therefore acceptable. In 1986, the United States bombed Libya, including
Gaddafi's family compound in the vast Bab al-Azizia  Family Subdivision in southern Tripoli.
The U.S. Government consistently said that the bombings were  "surgical strikes" and were not
intended to kill Gaddafi. However, Oliver North did devise a plot at  the time to lure Gaddafi
into his compound using Terry Waite. The plot violated US law, which  prohibited assassinations
[but this did not stop Obama later on who condones assassination,  along with Israel MOSAD], and
was never put into action. On April 15, Gaddafi and his family were  having a family picnic as his
compound in the Bab al-Azizia Barracks was being bombed. He received  a phone call the night of 15 April
warning him about an attack. The origin of the phone call remains  under speculation, but Maltese Prime
Minister Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici and Italian politician Bettino  Craxi have been primary suspects. Still,
while asleep, the bombings continued and his little girl,  Hannah/Stephanie was killed and two of his
sons [including the Son who was killed in the NATO attack  on April 2011, Saif-al-Arab] were severley
wounded and horrificly burned. In 1976, Tunisia's state television reported that Gaddafi had been
fired at by a lone assailant.  None of the shots hit him. In 1981, French president Valéry Giscard
d'Estaing plotted an assassination attempt with Egypt.  His administration spoke with the Reagan
administration for approval, but the United States did  not support the measure. The plot was
abandoned after Giscard's term in office. In 1993, over 2,000 Libyan soldiers plotted to assassinate
Gaddafi. The soldiers were members of the  Warfalla tribe, which rebelled because it was not
well-represented in the upper ranks of the Libyan Army.  The coup attempt was crushed by the
Libyan Air Force, which was entirely made of members of the Qadhadhfa  tribe, which Gaddafi
belongs to. The tribal tensions that resulted with the Warfalla and the Magariha  caused Gaddafi
to place his second-in-command, Abdessalam Jalloud, a Magariha, under house arrest. The  rebellion
was largest in the city of Misrata. Libyan media did not cover any reports on the rebellion, 
but European diplomats saw large numbers of wounded and casualties in the hospitals. In February
1996, Islamic extremists attacked Gaddafi's motorcade near the city of Sirte. Allegedly,  Britain's
Secret Intelligence Service was involved, even though it was denied by future foreign secretary 
Robin Cook. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office later stated: "We have never denied that we knew of
plots  against Gaddafi." In August 1998, former British MI5 officer David Shayler renewed his attacks
on the secret  services, claiming that MI6 had invested in a plot to assassinate Gaddafi. In June 1998,
Islamic militants opened fire on Gaddafi's motorcade near the town of Dirnah. One of his  Amazonian
Guards sacrificed herself to save his life. He was injured in the elbow according to witnesses.
Marriage and children and Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, were prominent on the government's
politics' scene. Gaddafi's wife  is Safia Farkash, née el-Brasai, a former nurse from Al Bayda with
Hungarian origins. He met her in 1969,  following the revolt, when he was hospitalized with
appendicitis. Gaddafi had eight biological children,  seven of them sons. with her.
pictured: Muammar i Safija Gaddafi u avionu na putu za službeni posjet Jugoslaviji.

Muammar Gaddafi: slika 15

slika 15 - Muammar Gaddafi

al-Gaddafi (born 1970), his eldest son, was the only child born to Gaddafi's first wife, and
ran  the Libyan Olympic Committee. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (born 1972), his second eldest, is
an architect. He has been a spokesman to the Western  world, and he has negotiated treaties
with Italy and the United States. Al-Saadi al-Gaddafi (born 1973), is a professional football
player. In the late evening of August 22, 2011 he  spoke with members of the international press.
Hannibal Muammar al-Gaddafi (born 1975), is a former employee of the General National Maritime
Transport Company,  a company that specialized in oil exports. Ayesha al-Gaddafi (born 1976),
Gaddafi's only natural daughter, is a lawyer who joined the defense teams of  executed former Iraqi
leader Saddam Hussein and Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi. Khamis al-Gaddafi (born 1983), his
seventh son, who serves as the commander of the Libyan Army's elite Khamis Brigade. He is also said
to have adopted two children, Hanna (who died in the 1986 American air strikes) and Milad. 
Hanna/Stephanie Moammar Gadafi (name spelling per English language class certificate shown in
reference)(claimed by Gaddafi  to be his adopted daughter) was apparently killed at the age of four,
during the retaliatory US bombing raids in 1986 . Gaddafi's brother-in-law Abdullah Senussi,
who reportedly died during early days of the NATO war was head of  military intelligence.
The family's main residence was in the Bab al-Azizia military barracks, located in the southern
suburbs of Tripoli. Flight to Algeria As the Battle for Tripoli reached a climax in mid-August
2011, the family were forced to abandon their fortified  compound. With the National Transitional
Council, on 27 August it was reported by the Egyptian news agency Mena  that Libyan rebel fighters
had seen six armoured Mercedes-Benz sedans, possibly carrying top Gaddafi regime figures,  cross
the border at the south-western Libyan town of Ghadamis towards Algeria, An Algerian Foreign
Ministry official  said all the people in the convoy were now in Algiers, and that none of
them had been named in warrants issued by the  International Criminal Court for possible war
crimes charges. Mourad Benmehidi, the Algerian permanent representative  to the United Nations,
later confirmed the details of the statement. The family had arrived at a Sahara desert entry 
point, in a Mercedes and a bus at 8:45 a.m. local time. The exact number of people in the party
was unconfirmed, but  there were “many children” and they did not include Moammar Gaddafi.
Resultantly the group was allowed in on  humanitarian grounds, and the Algerian government
had since informed the head of the Libyan National Transitional Council,  who had made an
official request for their return. Aicha gave birth to a little girl in Algeria, the day
she arrived.  Her husband, a soldier, was killed in action in July 2011. Honorary qualifications
Gaddafi holds an honorary degree from Megatrend University in Belgrade, conferred on him by former
Yugoslavian president Zoran Lilić. Libyan wealth: Italian companies had a strong foothold in Libya.
Italy buys a quarter of Libya's oil and 15% of its natural gas.  The LIA owned significant shares
in Italy's Eni oil corporation, Fiat, UniCredit bank, and Finmeccanica. This  followed a long-standing
association with Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli and car manufacturer Fiat. On 25 February 2011
Britain's HM Treasury set up a specialised unit to trace Libya's assets in Britain.  Gaddafi allegedly
worked for years with Swiss banks to set aside funds for the various humanitarian programs  the Gadhafi
family and Libya sponsored. Operated by Tripoli based Afriqiyah Airways, and decorated externally  in
their colours, it was used in 2009 to repatriate the falsey accused and suffering Abdul Baset Ali
al-Megrahi,  on his licensed release from prison in Scotland. Political and cultural public image
During the Reagan administration, America regarded him as "public enemy number one" and Reagan
dubbed him the  "mad dog of the Middle East". The attacks on Gaddafi's image became less common
as his relations with the West improved. By his own estimation, Gaddafi considers himself an
intellectual and philosopher. He is known for a flamboyant  dress sense, with a strong taste
for safari suits and sunglasses. He changes his clothing several times each  day, and according
to his former nurses, "enjoys surrounding himself with beautiful things and people." He  hired
several nurses to care for his health, all of whom were beautiful young Ukrainian women. Since
the 1980s  he has traveled with his Amazonian Guard, which is all-female, and reportedly is sworn
to a life of celibacy. In 2009, it was revealed that he did not travel without his trusted Ukrainian
nurse Halyna Kolotnytska, noted  as a "voluptuous blonde". Halyna's daughter denied the suggestion
that the relationship is anything but professional.   He gave gold watches with images of his face
to his staff as gifts. In 2011, a Brazilian doctor told the Associated  Press that he performed plastic
surgery on Gaddafi to remove a facial mole by his left nostral in 1995. A Revolutionary Command Council
was formed to rule the country, with Gaddafi as chairman when Gadhafi initiated  the original al-Fatah
bloodless coup in Sep 1969. He added the title of prime minister in 1970, but gave up this  title in 1972.
Unlike some other military revolutionaries, Gaddafi did not promote himself to the rank of general  upon
seizing power, but rather accepted a ceremonial promotion from lieutenant to colonel and remained at this
rank.  While at odds with Western military ranking, where a colonel would not rule a country or serve as
commander-in-chief  of its military, in Gaddafi's own words Libya's society is "ruled by the people", so
he did not need a more grandiose  title or supreme military rank. he resided in a tent, following his
Bedouin traditions, because of his promise to  house every citizen first before himself or his parents..
While in Italy, he paid a modeling agency to find 200 young Italian women for a lecture he gave urging
them to  convert to Islam. According to a 2009 document release by WikiLeaks, Gaddafi dislikes flying
over waters and  refuses to take airplane trips longer than 8 hours. His inner circle stated that
he could only stay on the  ground floor of buildings, and that he cannot climb more than 35 steps.
The Libyan postal service, General Posts and Telecommunications Company (GPTC), has issued numerous
stamps,  souvenir sheets, postal stationery, booklets, etc. relating to Gaddafi. Transliteration of
his Arabic name Because of the lack of standardization of transliterating written and regionally
pronounced Arabic, Gaddafi's  name has been romanized in many different ways. Even though the
Arabic spelling of a word does not change, the  pronunciation may vary in different varieties of
Arabic, which may suggest a different romanization. In Literary  Arabic the name can be pronounced .
Geminated consonants can be simplified. In Libyan Arabic, () is replaced with ;  and ()
(as "th" in "this") is replaced with . Vowel often alternates with in pronunciation in other regions.
Thus,  is normally pronounced in Libyan Arabic . The definite article al- () is often omitted.
"Muammar Gaddafi" is the spelling used by TIME, BBC News, the majority of the British press and
by the English  service of Al-Jazeera. The Associated Press, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News use "Moammar
Gadhafi". The Library of  Congress uses "Qaddafi, Muammar" as the primary name. The Edinburgh Middle
East Report uses "Mu'ammar Qaddafi"  and the U.S. Department of State uses "Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi",
although the White House chooses to use "Muammar  el-Qaddafi". The Xinhua News Agency uses
"Muammar Khaddafi" in its English reports. The New York Times uses  "Muammar el-Qaddafi".
The Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times of the Tribune Company, and Agence France-Presse 
use "Moammar Kadafi". In 1986 Gaddafi reportedly responded to a Minnesota school's letter in
English using the spelling "Moammar  El-Gadhafi". The title of the homepage of
reads "Welcome to the official site of Muammar Al  Gathafi". A 2007 interview with Gaddafi's
son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi confirms that he uses the spelling  "Qadhafi", and Muhammad al-Gaddafi's
official passport uses the spelling "Al-Gathafi". An article published in the London Evening
Standard in 2004 lists a total of 37 spellings of his name,  while a 1986 column by The Straight
Dope quotes a list of 32 spellings known from the Library of Congress.  ABC identified 112
possible spellings. This extensive confusion of naming was used as the subject of a  segment of
Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update on 12 December 1981. In short, the alternative spellings
for each part of his name are shown in brackets: {\color{OliveGreen}M \begin{cases}u\\o\\ou\end{cases}
\begin{cases}\varnothing\\'\end{cases} \begin{cases} \varnothing\\a\end{cases} \begin{cases}mm\\m\end{cases}
a r} ~~~~ {\color{MidnightBlue}\begin{cases}Al\\al \\El\\el\\\varnothing\end{cases}
\begin{cases}-\\\textvisiblespace\\\varnothing\end{cases}} {\color{RedViolet}
\begin{cases}Q\\G\\K\\Kh\end{cases} a \begin{cases}d\\dh\\dd\\dhdh\\th\\zz\end{cases} a
\begin{cases}f\\ff\end {cases} \begin{cases}i\\y\end{cases}} Not all are possible, as
some alternatives are most probably combined with others, or even impossible with others 
(for example, simplification of geminated usually implies simplification of ). See also Al-Gaddafi
International Prize for Human Rights HIV trial in Libya The NS Profile: Muammar al-Gaddafi, Sholto
Byrnes, New Statesman, 27 August 2009 Libya's Last Bedouin, Rudolph Chimelli,, 2 September 2
009 The Muammar Gaddafi Story, Martin Asser, BBC News, 25 March 2011 Gaddafi: The Last Supervillain?,
slideshow by Life magazine Gaddafi's 40th Anniversary, slideshow by The First Post Muammar Gaddafi: a
life in pictures The Guardian



This is Dr. Moussa al-Ibrahim, spokeperson for the holy JAMAHIRIYA

(the “Aaron” of al-Gadhafi) 

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – CIRCA 1995: A Stamp printed in The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya shows Colonel Muammar Kaddafi, circa 1995


A Not So Brief Summary of a “Conversation” videotaped June 12, 1991 with:


*I do include as an “obiter dictum” interpretation some of my thoughts (from July 2004) about the 
Program,  Colonel Gaddafi, the Country of Libya and the Libyan Revolutionary example according to
my own understandings.   You are invited to consider them but emphasis they are my interpretations
alone and you may well want to disregard them or consider them in in terms of your own understanding,
and particularly are all obviously open to clarification by those familiar with and responsible for official
Libya Policy including evolving modifications which may be relevant in the early Spring of 2010.               
Thank you for viewing.  Harold H. Channer  / 2010  

    In a “Conversation” originally taped in 1991 Colonial Gaddafi talks primarily about his concept of Government,

Economics and Social Organization which collectively constitutes his “Third Universal Theory”.   His ideas are

largely contained in his “Green Book” which he summarizes here.  This is particularly timely as United Nations

sanctions have recently (2004) been lifted and Libya is very possibly posed to have a major effect on the World – 

particularly IF and as his ideas and those behind the organization of that society – are valid in an Historical sense! 

The program was not intended as a “News” oriented exercise – but rather as an opportunity for him to present to

the American people – and the people of the World – his Philosophy which is unique and deserves a hearing in

something other than the prejudicial terms in which most reporting about that Country has been couched. 

He explains the organizational schema in Libya is termed a “Jamaihiriya” – or “State of the Masses” system – which he claims is

destined to become characteristic of the whole World – as an Historical inevitability!   

    The country is divided in a large number of “People Congress’s” with meeting halls established everywhere in the country where

all citizens over 18 year of age are actually able to meet directly to debate and decide on policies of local, national and

international concern, – and Sovereignty is theoretically vested in the People Congress’s.    It seems very much like the

traditional New England notion of “Town Hall Meetings” – allusions to which were so prevalent in the American “political

season of Ross Perot” at the time the program was originally videotaped and aired.    Mr. Perot received some 20% of the

National vote in 1992,  and the term “Direct Participatory Democracy” is more and more a common place reference in

theoretical political parlance.   In practice the situation in Libya is much more complicated of course, but the idea and 

impetus is in keeping with the best, most progressive ideas and ideals of the modern era.  The notions of Representative

Democracy as advanced by America’s founding fathers in 1776 must have seemed equally impossibly chaotic to the well 

established “Ancien Regime” Dynastic States in Europe of the time.  REAL Democracy can at times seem Untidy.   His

ideas and the organization of the Country MAY WELL have great significance as an early and appropriate model to the World?

    Colonel Gaddafi also criticizes, in an interesting manner, the economic assumptions of the

United States,  Multi National Corporations and International Institutions such as the International

Monetary Fund and the World Bank which collectively might be seen as representing a “Modern Day

Ancien Regime”.  Technology is advancing and ushering in an era of unprecedented productive

capabilities.  He points out that the “Ownership” of technology is very narrowly held around the

World by a very small Plutocratic ownership class – while the bulk of the worlds citizens are resigned

to serve only as laborers in a system where technology,  often measured as Capital Assets,  is

increasingly responsible for production.  Echoing themes found in his “Green Book”  he states in

the program that “Wage earners, however improved their wages may be, are a type of Slave”…

“Wage earners are but slaves to the masters who hires them”.  This is likely to find resonance

among a great number of American as well as others around the World when and where it fully

dawns that a minuscule “class” own virtual all the capital assets which are increasingly

responsible for production.  And even when a economic boom occurs under a so called

“liberal wing” of the ruling class as occurred in the United States during the recent so called:

“dot com” bubble,   the system was structured in an inherently flawed manner so as to further

enrich the few with preferential stock options and immoral and illegal financial slight of hand

shenanigans.   However even during the growth period and particularly following the bursting

of the bubble as the dust settled, it was obvious that the experience had left massive numbers of

the “workers” penniless – many all but destitute – while the wealthy owners pocketed millions.  

It might justifiably be claimed such an outcome was inherent in the system and financial

assumptions about the way Capital Formation is allowed to be achieved.   Enron,  Worldcom, 

Arthur Anderson and the whole panoply of corporate and financial scandals which rocked America

and the system which created them and that still goes all but unchallenged and continues to

undermine confidence in the United States – was not, in other words, the result of a momentary

mistake or lack of judgment here and there but intrinsic to the assumptions of and the very

structure of the system itself.   Despite all the “happy talk” by Sycophant and Myopic Courtesans –

Sinecured Courtiers – the System itself which has held sway for 200 years and daily declares

itself invincible (representing the “End of History” according to Francis Fukuyama) is

struggling under the weight of it’s “Inherent Contradictions” (It seems Marx may have been

right about that) and is very possibly vulnerable to competition by newer more appropriate

Models.  Again Libya – particularly at the level of basic grounding ideas and principals – may

have moved ahead of the curve?

    As Difficult – in practical terms as it obviously would be – Colonial Gaddafi would “Abolish the

Wage System”!!  There are few public road side signs in Libya but one which is very prominently

and widely displayed  says: “Partners Not Wage Earners”.    Libya seems unique in attempting to

make sure those who make up an organization are “Owners or Partners” of the operation rather

than merely “Wage Slaves”.   Entrepreneurs are encouraged in Libya and helped in their start up

trials but there is customarily one aspect there which is unique: “They Are Not Allowed To Hire

Anyone!! ….. “Everyone Involved in the Enterprise Must Be a Partner – Or Owner – of the

Corporate Entity”.   Again the reality is somewhat more complicated but the Democratization

of the Economy is again very much with the tide of History.  Colonial Gaddafi said to me in off

camera in informal conversation (in English) : “It Is Often Difficult Being Straight in a Crooked

Crooked World” !     Indeed one telling moment in the taped “Conversations” (you could look

it up – it’s right there in the program) was when I made a statement: “That It Is Unfortunate

That in The United States Everyone Is Asking For ‘Jobs’ When They Should Be Asking For

Ownership” and he empathically answers “EXACTLY!!”    To challenge “employment” as the

Holy Grail seems outlandish to most in the Ruling Circles of the Modern Ancien Regime” –

but when considering the increasing “input” to production by technology and particularly

with impending Cyber additions to the pattern – questioning and challenging the proposition

that all income distribution to the masses should be through “jobs” (which is the case with

the vast majority of the World’s population) may be destined to soon become a front and

center issue of World debate in the time ahead.  “Partners Not Wage Earners” might well

become a real rallying call with deep political implications. 

     Unfortunately there is little concern with this among the very well ensconced old order

where all assets – again increasingly responsible for production – are so narrowly held by a

small group who can control the entire society by their selection of compliant managers for

their “Wholly Owned and Operated” Media Outlets”  etc.   Resting on long accepted practice

they feel they are assured of an army of compliant”Wage Slaves” to manage and man their

institutions as faithfully as the Loyal Royal retainers on Mediaeval feudal estates.  Metaphorically

they are as Gaddafi surmises “Industrial Age Serfs “ – in a Dawning Age of Cybernetic Cotton

Picking Machines – and increasingly everything else under the rubric “The Means of Production”.  

Aristotle observed that the Slave conditions which applied in ancient Athens would be necessary –

so that some could lead a civilized life of the mind and spirit – and would be remain necessary 

“unless and until the loom learned to weave.”  That age may be dawning and even at hand – and

again Libya may be ahead of History’s curve. 

    Libya is very well positioned to play an extremely important modernizing role in the Middle East and the

Islamic World where the United States has very likely become mired in a inappropriate disastrous extension

of Military Power in what can only be seen by most of the World as an extension of traditional European Style

Colonial rule.    Besides threatening to exhaust the American National Treasury  it has created a deep well of

resentment among the World’s growing hordes of Les Miserables reduced metaphorical and actually to attending

to and manicuring the lawns within the gated communities – Castle Keeps – of their plutocratic overlords – much

like their counter part serfs on the Feudal estates of the “good old days”.   Or the current system which insists on

characterizing itself as the Model for the “End of History” – for the Ages as It were – while the poverty plagued

masses of the World (over 50% live on less than $2.00 a day) are left to die of Aids and other easily preventable diseases.   

     Gaddafi has won the whole hearted support of Nelson Mandela by taking a Progressive position concerning

Africa with it’s daunting problems which are all but being ignored by the “Established Powers” that be – often

inappropriately referred to as “The International Community”.    He has had interesting communications with

Fidel Castro,  Hugo Chavez of Venezuela,  Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva  Lula of Brazil and many of the Progressive

elements of “World Public Opinion” which the New York Times characterized as “The Other World Super Power”

aligned against the United States in it’s Unilateral March to War in Iraq.    It would seem that if there is any hope

for the needed change which treats the Earth as United Whole System including the Masses and all within a proper

ecological context – it will only come from the will of the people inspired by a vision of the means toward the Universal

Justice and Practical efficiencies predicated on ideas truly relevant to the dawning new realities.

    Tax Cuts for the already wealthy will not serve – catering to the powerful alone is actually counter productive – for,

in truth, the politically and economically powerful are sure to be a “lagging indicator” – the last to see – the wisdom

and the means of doing the “Right Thing” which may now be possible for the whole of Planet Earth.  There are other

sources  of course – but a big change is, as Bob Dylan sang, “Blowing in the Wind” – and Libya presents an interesting

possible source worthy of study particularly for ideas which are neither Right Wing or Left Wing – neither Proletarian

Marxist or Plutocratic Capitalist but grounded on ideas and principles which are able to subsume and ultimately

accommodate both with comprehensively conceived understanding of the consequences of the crucial times in which

we live and particularly within which all Humanity’s progeny will hopeful prosper – “one and all.”  

    Democratic Ownership Economics – or even assumptions which could lead toward that direction – would represent a

real Paradigm shift which the Old Order shows no real sign of contemplating.  But as always it seems the new ideas

never come in Societies which are heavily structured upon assumptions and institutions and habits of thought – of the

outdated Paradigm.  It was the “Loutish” America example which inspired Les Miserables of France and It may well be

that the example of Libya might become a Model – which has the basic ideas and issues right – and in keeping with

the times – and might inspire the Emerging Masses of the World including – in the end –  the People of the United

Sates and its allies to think anew the need for a just and Historically relevant future pathway out of the morass

they so proudly proclaim as representing the “End of History?”   Of course the bulk of “establishment thought’ 

will pooh-pooh the notion of any need for fundamental change and will deride and scoff at any who attempt to

question the basic legitimacy of the old order.  But the mighty force of their propaganda machine need not restrain

the thinking of people around the world – including the United States of America – whose leaders seem – to increasing

numbers around the World – to be caught like a deer in the head lights – unable to comprehend the changes the times

call for and can only flail about defending the old outmoded ways of Political, Economic and Social organization. 

This “Conversation” might help instill thinking about possible new ways of seeing the world – and it’s necessarily

liberating potential for a new order of things.  For that reason you would be encouraged to view this brief and

therefore inherently limited introduction to one system which challenges the whole proposition by which the world

has been and is being run by a system of thought which can increasingly be seen as mired in an Historical “Ancien Regime” myopia!?

Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project And NATO War Crimes

Posted: 2011/09/04
From: Source
Muammar Gaddafi: “After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double… The United States will make excuses, but the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed”.

By Frances Thomas

September 1st is the anniversary of an event little known in the West. Today, twenty years on, the people who deserve to be celebrating it, are instead enduring a war. Yet the achievement changed their lives greatly and merits recognition.

A tap was turned on in Libya. From an enormous ancient aquifer, deep below the Sahara Desert, fresh water began to flow north through 1200 kilometres of pipeline to the coastal areas where 90% of Libyan people live, delivering around one million cubic metres of pure water per day to the cities of Benghazi and Sirte.

Crowds gathered in the desert for the inaugural ceremony. Phase I of the largest civil engineering venture in the world, the Great Man-made River Project, had been completed.

It was during the 1953 search for new oilfields in southern Libya that the ancient water aquifers were first discovered, four huge basins with estimated capacities each ranging between 4,800 and 20,000 cubic kms. Yes, that’s cubic kilometres. There is so much water that Libya had recently also offered it to Egypt for their needs.

After the bloodless revolution of 1969, also on September 1, the new government nationalised the oil companies and spent much of the oil revenues to harness the supply of fresh water from the desert aquifers by putting in hundreds of bore wells. Muammar Gaddafi’s dream was to provide fresh water for everyone, and to turn the desert green, making Libya self-sufficient in food production. He established large farms and encouraged the people to move to the desert. But many preferred life on the coast and wouldn’t go.

So Gaddafi next conceived a plan to bring the water to the people. Feasibility studies were carried out by the Libyan government in the seventies and in 1983 the Great Man-made River Authority was set up. The project began the following year, fully funded by the Libyan government. The almost $30 billion cost to date has been without the need of any international loans. Nor has there been any charge on the people, who do not pay for their reticulated water, which is regarded in Libya to be a human right and therefore free.

GMMR Project figures are staggering. The ‘rivers’ are a 4000-kilometre network of 4m diameter lined concrete pipes, buried below the desert sands to prevent evaporation. There are 1300 wells, 500,000 sections of pipe, 3700 kms of haul roads, and 250 million cubic metres of excavation. All material for the project was locally manufactured. Large reservoirs provide storage, and pumping stations control the flow into the cities. The pipeline first reached Tripoli in 1996 and when Phase V is completed, the water will allow about 155,000 hectares of land to be cultivated.

To achieve all this, construction work was tendered and many overseas companies, including from the US, Korea, Turkey, Britain, Japan and Germany took up contracts for each Phase, and some have worked for decades in Libya. The project has not been without problems, including faulty materials and financial difficulties within some of the contracting firms. Since the NATO air attacks on Libya began in March, most foreign nationals have returned home, including those employed on the hydro scheme. The final phase of the Great Man-made River Project is stalled.

Libyan people put their hearts into work on the GMMRP from the beginning, and years ago took on most of the managerial and technical positions as their expert knowledge increased, with government policy encouraging their education, training and employment. They proudly call the GMMR “the eighth wonder of the world.”

The project was so well recognised internationally that UNESCO in 1999 accepted Libya’s offer to fund an award named after it, the Great Man-Made River International Water Prize , the purpose of which is to “reward remarkable scientific research work on water usage in arid areas”.

Gaddafi was often ridiculed in the West for persevering with such an ambitious project. Pejorative terms such “pipedream”, “pet project” and “mad dog” appeared in UK and US media. Despite a certain amount of awe for the enormity of the construction, the Great Man-made River was often dismissed as a “vanity project” and then rarely mentioned in western media. But truth is, it’s a world class water delivery system, and often visited by overseas engineers and planners wanting to learn from Libyan expertise in water transfer hydro-engineering.

On 22 July this year, four months into the air strikes to “protect civilians”, NATO forces hit the GMMR water supply pipeline. For good measure the following day, NATO destroyed the factory near Brega that produces the pipes to repair it, along with killing six guards there.

NATO air strikes on the electricity supply, as well as depriving civilians of electricity, mean that water pumping stations are no longer operating in areas even where the pipelines remain intact. Water supply for the 70% of the population who depend on the piped supply has been compromised with this damage to Libya’s vital infrastructure.

Oh, and by the way, attacking essential civilian infrastructure is a war crime.

Today in Sirte, which along with Benghazi was one of the first two cities to receive the water, there should be a celebration to mark the twenty years since fresh reticulated water first came to their city, and Gaddafi’s vision should be honoured.

But today Sirte is encircled by the rebels, and right now is being carpet bombed by NATO. The civilians are terrorised, and many families have tried to flee. But the rebels block all the exits, they kill the men, and send the women and children back into the city to be bombed. In the media the rebels are reported to have given Sirte until Saturday to surrender before they commence a full attack. But that’s not what’s happening really.

September 1, 2011, will be remembered in history for NATO’s complicity in the massacre of the people of Sirte.

Back in 1991, at the gala opening of GMMRP Phase I, and maybe recalling the 1986 bombing of his home (which was carried out by US military on Reagan’s orders), Muammar Gaddafi spoke these words to the invited international dignitaries and assembled crowd:

“After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double…The United States will make excuses, (but) the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed.”

His words were prophetic.


U.S. Congressman Wants Libya Rebels Investigated on “Crimes Against Humanity.”


By Milton Allimadi
Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. wants investigation of “crimes against humanity”

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Tawergha, City of Blacks, reported depopulated

Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr., reacting to reports in The Wall Street Journal has called for an investigation by the International Criminal Court into the reported killings of Black Libyans in the city of Tawergha.

Rep. Jackson (D-IL-2) also tells The Black Star News he will ask that U.S. assistance for reconstruction and transition to democracy in Libya be conditional. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that rebels from Misurata had torched the homes that belonged to the predominantly dark-skinned residents of the city of Tawergha, which is now abandoned.

Journal reporter witnessed some of the torching and wrote that the words “slaves” and “negroes” were scribbled on the walls of the now emptied homes. 

The town’s entire population of 10,000 is gone.

In an earlier news reportThe Wall Street Journal reported that rebels from the city of Misurata had declared that Tawergha would be “no more” and that the units conducting the attacks was named “The Brigade for Purging Slaves, black Skin.”

Misurata rebels blame residents of Tawergha, which was used by the Libyan army under the government of Muammar al-Quathafi, as staging ground for the siege on Misurata. The Journal has also reported on long-historical feuds, that predate the Libyan civil war, between the “white” residents of Misurata and the predominantly Black ones of Tawergha.

The Wall Street Journal Tuesday also reported that the Transitional National Council’s (TNC) “prime minister” Mahmoud Jibril, referring to the reported atrocities in Tawergha by rebels, said: “Regarding Tawergha my own viewpoint is that nobody has the right to interfere in this matter except the people of Misurata.”

Rep. Jackson took exception to Jibril’s remarks.

“Racism in the form of ethnic cleansing, killing and genocide is wrong anytime, anyplace and against anybody in the world,” Rep. Jackson said, today. “And it appears as though the Rebel leader, Mahmoud Jibril, is using the American idea that the South used to protect the institution of slavery – the 10th Amendment in our Constitution – to say, in essence, ‘it’s a states’ right and local control issue.'” 

He added, “Well it’s not a local issue and it’s a moral outrage. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ As a senior member of the Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee, I intend to raise this issue with my colleagues and condition any financial support for the reconstruction of Libya and its transition to a democratic society.”

“I think it is absolutely necessary that the United Nations and the International Criminal Court in the Hague investigate what I consider to be crimes against humanity,” Rep. Jackson said.

A spokesperson for Rep. John Lewis, told The Black Star News that he opposes wars as a matter of principle and had also objected to the U.S. involvement in Libya: “He does not agree with war because of its ramifications, because it leads to these moral compromises,” the spokesperson said. “It puts you in a difficult position, where you have to commit the same crimes that you are intending to stop.”

A spokesman for the United Nations, Eduardo del Buey, declined to comment on Rep. Jackson’s call for an investigation and his characterization of the accounts reported by The Wall Street Journalas amounting to crimes against humanity.

A spokesperson for the U.S. State Department said the U.S. couldn’t comment by The Black Star News’ publication deadline. The U.S. hasn’t yet condemned the reported targeted attacks on Black Libyans.

The Journal reported that the road sign pointing to the city of Tawergha had been defaced and replaced with “New Misurata.” Some Tawerghans who had managed to flee to Tripoli were captured and taken to Misurata, the Journal reports.

The Journal is the only major U.S. media outlet that’s reported on the plight of Tawergha. The U.K.”s Sunday Telegraph also has an account.

“Speaking Truth To Empower.”

Update on the war against Libya and Africa – September 25th, 2011

Posted: 2011/09/26
From: Mathaba
A roundup of news from and other independent sources

By Dennis South

Tuareg fighters supported Gaddafi

Sunday, 25.09.2011 – 00:37

Muammar Gaddafi and his sons raised a new army of 12,000 Tuareg soldiers.

DEBKAfile report: Gaddafi recruits 12,000 Tuaregs to fight for Libya’s freedom

Posted: 2011/09/27
From: Source
This DEBKAfile article confirms the reports, culled from various sources, that I have been submitting over the past couple of weeks. DEBKAfile has the highest reputation for reporting accurate military intelligence.
Muammar Qaddafi and his sons have raised a new army of 12,000 soldiers – all fighters of loyal Tuareg tribes of the Sahara

Exposed: the ‘Abu Salim prison massacre’ fraud


by Martin Iqbal.

Updated 27 September, 2011 – see section: ‘The meals‘.

Updated again 28 September, 2011.Click here to go to this update.

To date Libya has been subjected to decades of foreign meddling and attempts to assassinate and oust its leader

Muammar Gaddafi. Throughout this time, foreign-based Libyan opposition groups and globalist propaganda mills

have incessantly cited supposed atrocities committed by Gaddafi, and none is more infamous or overused than the

‘Abu Salim prison massacre’ of June, 1996. This is now being invoked yet again in an attempt to justify the brutal

war being waged on the people of Libya.

The events of the ‘Abu Salim prison massacre’ are based on two reports – one from the New York based, globalist-

funded Human Rights Watch, and one from the CIA-Mossad-created National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL).

The backgrounds of these organisations lend them zero credibility and in addition, their reports are based on nothing

more than the testimony of two people – one named and one anonymous. Openly admitted by Human Rights Watch,

none of the claims made by their witness can be independently verified. On top of this, their witness states on record

that he did not witness even one single prisoner being shot dead in this supposed massacre. Furthermore, as I will

demonstrate, the reports are riddled with contradictions and weaknesses. All in all, these factors and the historical

context that surrounds them, utterly expose the contrived nature of the ‘Abu Salim massacre’ story.

The story begins in Abu Salim prison complex, Tripoli, in June, 1996. After several successful and unsuccessful escape

attempts mounted by prisoners in Abu Salim over the previous years, security was increased at the complex and living

conditions worsened for the inmates.

According to the NFSL report, at “4:30 PM on Friday June 29th 1996″ (June 29th, 1996, was actually a Saturday) a prison

guard named Omar Fathallah, entered a cell in order to bring food to the prisoners. Inmates had been waiting behind the

door, and as Fathallah entered he was knocked unconscious by prisoners who then attempted to escape. The inmates began

moving out to the courtyard of the prison, breaking the locks of other prisoners’ cells as they went:

“The prisoners continued to chase the guards out of the building and to break the locks on other cells freeing other


And herein lays the first, albeit relatively insignificant, contradiction. Human Rights Watch’s witness, Hussein al-Shafa’i, offered

conflicting testimony – he claimed that this incident occurred on June 28th as opposed to June 29th, 1996:

“According to al-Shafa’i, the incident began around 4:40 p.m. on June 28, when prisoners in Block 4 seized a guard

named Omar who was bringing their food. Hundreds of prisoners from blocks 3, 5 and 6 escaped their cells.”

As the guards were chased out of the cell blocks, one guard was left laying injured on the ground in the courtyard, whilst

another was hoisted up to safety by other guards standing on the roof. The NFSL’s report here mentions that guards

began firing on the inmates in the courtyard, killing 6 and injuring 11. HRW however, only mentions one death at this time

– that of Mahmoud al-Mesiri. “There were 16 or 17 injured by bullets“, HRW’s witness tells us, “the first to die was Mahmoud

al-Mesiri. The prisoners took two guards hostage.

With one guard laying injured on the ground in the courtyard, and Omar Fathallah having been killed by the prisoners, a

negotiating team arrived at the prison to discuss the prisoners’ demands. Crucially the NFSL report does not mention the

fact that Omar Fathallah was killed by the prisoners; only the HRW report does. In this deliberate omission, the NFSL

report fails to even mention the fact that Fathallah died at all.

With the negotiating team having arrived at Abu Salim, the prisoners were told to designate representatives from each

block. A condition of the negotiations was that the two hostages would have to be released by the prisoners. The injured

guard held hostage in the courtyard was released, but Omar Fathallah had already been killed. The prisoners presented

their demands to the negotiators after agreeing to return to their cells.

The ‘executed bus prisoners’

It was then that the NFSL report tells of some prisoners being herded onto buses:

“All those in need of medical attention were told to board buses that would take them to hospitals. About 120

people boarded the buses. Those who were accused of belonging to opposition groups were ordered to get off

the buses. All others were taken outside the prison section to a different part of the compound.”

The report then claims that some of these inmates, but it does not state how many, were executed by Libyan army

conscripts who were given ‘kill or be killed’ orders. There is no evidence for this claim, but the NFSL report cites an

anonymous ‘prison guard’ who supposedly escaped and told his story:

“They were lined up and shot execution style by young conscripts whose choices were shoot, or stand with

them to be shot. This was later reported by an officer, who defied orders that night and was able to escape.”

Referring to the ‘bus executions’, HRW’s report cites the NFSL report and claims that “many of them were executed“,

but offers no numbers or details.

Conflicting timelines: when did the ensuing ‘massacre’ actually occur?

The NFSL report then speaks of how, in the evening of ‘Friday June 29th’ (again, June 29th, 1996, was actually a

Saturday), prisoners were herded into the courtyard of the prison and then the ‘massacre’ began at 11:00pm that night.

However, HRW’s report states that Omar Fathallah was knocked unconscious and the violence erupted at 04:40pm,

June 28th. Their witness then claims that the ‘herding’ happened at 05:00am on June 29th, and the ‘massacre’ then

began at 11:00am that morning.

According to the NFSL, the ‘massacre’ began at 11:00pm on June 29 when hand grenades were thrown into the courtyard

and firing began. HRW’s different timeline tells of how the ‘massacre’ continued from 11:00am until 01:35pm on 29 June .

Then, apparently, guards began ‘finishing off’ prisoners with pistols at 02:00pm.

Al-Shafa’i did not see a single prisoner shot dead

Crucially, and this must be stressed emphatically, HRW’s lone witness, Hussein al-Shafa’i, did not see a single prisoner

being shot during the supposed massacre. Conveniently however, he was able to see the green bandanas worn by the

men doing the shooting from the roof:

“I could not see the dead prisoners who were shot, but I could see those who were shooting. They were a

special unit and wearing khaki military hats. Six were using kalashnikovs. I saw them – at least six men –

on the roofs of the cellblocks. They were wearing beige khaki uniforms with green bandanas, a turban-like

thing. Around 2:00 p.m. the forces used pistols to “finish off those who were not dead,” he said.”

The meals

Not having actually witnessed a single prisoner being shot in the ‘massacre’, star witness al-Shafa’i provides HRW

with an estimate of how many were allegedly killed “by counting the number of meals he prepared prior to

and after the incident“. There are a number of problems with using this as a basis for calculating how many were

killed. First and foremost, it would only constitute an indirect estimate, in the absence of any evidence of bodies or

the witnessing of the alleged killings.

Secondly, al-Shafa’i does not state the time period over which he counted the meals. Was it only the next day, or was

it every day for the next month? There are a whole host of reasons why less meals may have been prepared after the

incident. Perhaps prison logistics were thrown into chaos by the escape attempt and the killings of guards and prisoners,

and as a result some meals were skipped.

Perhaps prison authorities decided to punish the prisoners for the violent escape attempt, and skipped meals (cruel as this

may be).

More importantly however, are we supposed to believe that one man was responsible for preparing meals for a prison

population of between 1,600 and 1,700 inmates? If one meal were to take just one minute to prepare, this would

take al-Shafa’i 1,600 minutes – which is 26.6 hours. It would be literally impossible for one man to do this every day.

At the same time, the only way a reliable estimate could be reached, would be if this one man did prepare all the meals

himself (impossible), unless he had knowledge of how many were being prepared by other kitchen workers.

Realistically for a prison population of 1,600-1,700, the only way to feed all inmates every day would be to have a number

of kitchen workers, so let’s follow this line of inquiry.

Let’s say there were a number of prisoners preparing meals every day – 35 prisoners preparing 50 meals per day, each –

that is realistic. This would amount to 1,750 (the approximate total capacity of the prison).

Let’s then say that after the ‘massacre’, al-Shafa’i perhaps was preparing 15 meals instead of 50. If he were to extrapolate

this number out over the other prisoners that were preparing meals, we would arrive at an estimate of 1,225 less meals.

However, this method of estimation would only be accurate if al-Shafa’i had knowledge that the other kitchen

workers were preparing the same number of meals as him. He did not have this knowledge, because he

estimated based on the number that HE was preparing.

This is a typical tactic to manipulate the numbers in order to give the story a credible estimate, in the absence of any

actual evidence.

Moreover, al-Shafa’i claims that he was “asked by the prison guards to wash the watches that were taken from the

bodies of the dead prisoners and were covered in blood”. Why did he not count the watches? This is not discussed in

the HRW report.

This highly questionable ‘star’ witness who admits to not even having seen anybody get shot, then goes on to state

that the dead inmates’ bodies were put into trenches and concrete was poured on. Subsequently, the bodies were

moved, he tells us:

“They threw the bodies into trenches – 2 to 3 meters deep, one meter wide and about 100 meters long –

that had been dug for a new wall … In 1999 security officials poured cement over the trench, he claimed,

although he believed that they later had the bodies removed.”

The idea that the bodies were moved is a convenient excuse for the 1,200 bodies not being found at Abu Salim –

an eventuality that seems inevitable considering the laughably shaky nature of the whole story. The unelected

lackeys and terrorists of the NTC are already trying to rekindle this fable with the help of the media.

Conclusion: 1996 and the wider context

It is eminently clear that the ‘Abu Salim massacre’ was nothing of the sort. Even the NFSL admits that what

transpired was a violent escape attempt as it mentions guards being attacked and cell locks being broken.

As a result of this a guard was killed, one was taken hostage, and a number of prisoners were killed as prison

guards reacted to quell the violence. This is corroborated in HRW’s own report where it quotes ‘Khaled’, the

head of the Libyan Internal Security Agency:

“Prisoners had captured some guards during a meal and taken weapons from the prison cache. Prisoners

and guards died as security personnel tried to restore order,”

The charge that 1,200 were killed is supported by no physical evidence whatsoever, and on top of

this, the single named witness on which the story hinges, did not even see a single shooting.

Furthermore, as demonstrated, the testimonies of both witnesses are simply not credible and conflict with each other.

For wider context we must consider an important factor. 1996 was a time whenMI6 was mounting attempts

to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi using ‘al Qaeda’ extremists to whom they paid a large sum of money.

Abu Salim prison – and this is openly stated by the NFSL’s report – was used to house “members of a

group from the city of Derna“. Derna is the very city mentioned in the infamous West Point report which

found it to be a hotbed for extremist ‘al Qaeda’ fighters. These extremists had fought in Iraq and

Afghanistan against the occupying forces. Furthermore, these very groups are now being supported by

NATO in Libya in its attempt to oust Gaddafi – as they have been for at least the last three decades

as indicated by Newsweek in 1981.

In fact, the HRW report cites the head of the Libyan Internal Security Agency as follows:

“According to Khaled, more than 400 prisoners escaped Abu Salim in four separate break-outs

prior to and after the incident: in July 1995, December 1995, June 1996 and July 2001. Among

the escapees were men who then fought with Islamist militant groups in Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq, he said.”

It is not just probable but highly likely, that the violent break-out mounted at Abu Salim in June 1996 (which was

partially successful) was related to the ongoing MI6 attempts to kill Gaddafi using the very groups that were

being held in that prison. Ever since that time, foreign-backed Libyan opposition groups such as the NFSL,

and globalist propaganda mills such as Human Rights Watch, have distorted and manipulated the truth about

‘Abu Salim’, in an attempt to both rally the extremist fighters opposed to Gaddafi, and justify the brutal, illegal

war of aggression now being waged on Libya.

Update: 28 September, 2011

The following December 2009 report from Human Rights watch contains a very interesting piece of information

that delivers the final nail in the coffin of the ‘Abu Salim massacre’ fabrication. The report attempts to back up the

1,200 estimate by claiming that the number was confirmed by the Libyan government:

The number was also confirmed by the Libyan Secretary of Justice to Human Rights Watch in April 2009.

This can be seen on page 50 of the report, and the source for the claim is cited as:

Human Rights Watch interview with Counselor Mostafa Abdeljalil, Secretary of Justice, Tripoli, April 26, 2009

For those that don’t know, Mostafa Abdeljalil is the Chairman of the NTC – nothing more than a lackey and a puppet

of NATO and the powers now waging war on Libya. In case you forgot his face, he is pictured below.

Libya: Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster, Then Blame it on Qaddafi

Posted: 2011/09/25
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Corporate media complicit in covering for rebel war crimes.
by Tony CartalucciDespite desperate attempts by Wall Street and London to proclaim their intervention in Libya a success, even going as far as sending their political proxies Nicolas Sarkozy of France and David Cameron of the United Kingdom for a quick photo opportunity at the rebel held airport in contested Tripoli, vast swaths of the nation are still fiercely resisting NATO and their proxy rebel forces. This includes entire cities still standing in defiance against rebel attempts to “starve them out” and dozens of daily NATO airstrikes (NATO report for September 22) aimed at breaking the population’s will to fight on.Weeks ago, the rebel forces, led by US State Department and UK Home Office listed terrorists from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a subsidiary of Al Qaeda, boldly announced plans to starve out cities resisting their unelected, foreign backed seizure of the North African nation. The London Telegraph reported in an article aptly titled, “Libya crisis: Rebel leaders hoping to starve Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte into submission,” that under the cover of heavy NATO bombing rebel leaders hoped “to starve Col Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte into submission, laying siege to his last remaining stronghold in an attempt to avoid mass bloodshed, according to the man spearheading efforts for a peaceful takeover.”

Fox News would relay an AP report on September 2, 2011, that rebel commanders declared, “we want to save our fighters and not lose a single one in battles with Qaddafi’s forces. In the end, we will get Sirte, even if we have to cut water and electricity and let NATO pound it with airstrikes.” AP cited Mohammed al-Rajali, a spokesman for the rebel leadership in the eastern city of Benghazi. Ironically, the article was titled, “UN Warns Libya is Short of Water, Fuel, Medicine,” a crisis admittedly being caused by the premeditated denial for entire cities of critical supplies for their civilian populations, enabled by NATO bombing and under the cover of UN recognition of the terrorist rebels – a move that has soundly resigned the UN’s legitimacy and stated purpose to the scrapheap of history.

This is also a verifiable war crime. As reported earlier, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the denial of humanitarian assistance is a crime under international law. The Red Cross adds that “a massacre is not necessarily committed only with knives.” While many will attempt to portray the premeditated creation of a humanitarian disaster as “more humane” than taking the Libya’s cities by force – rebels have in fact already tried force, for now over a month, and have been soundly repelled.

Now, after weeks of attempting to encircle and starve into submission cities rejecting NATO-backed, UN sanctioned rebel control of Libya, including the southern city of Bani Walid, the “National Transitional Council” is claiming the resulting humanitarian disaster is of Libyan leader Qaddafi’s own creation. CNN, in a bout of selective amnesia after reporting earlier that “anti-Gadhafi forces on the outskirts of Sirte and Bani Walid have cut off supplies into the cities and amassed weaponry for heavy battle,” has now reported in another article titled, “NTC claims humanitarian disaster in Gadhafi stronghold,” that “that Gadhafi forces are robbing food stores, leaving civilian residents to starve.” This is just the latest in a long litany of conflicting stories and verified lies spread by the now notoriously deceptive rebels, theirequally duplicitous “international” backers, and shamelessly relayed without hesitation by the complicit and clearly compromised mainstream media.

A real crime against humanity is being committed in Libya, perpetrated by NATO on behalf of Wall Street and London. As reported earlier, NATO’s entire support network and public partners consist of Fortune 500 corporations via the Atlantic Council, which claims to be a preeminent, non partisan institution devoted to promoting transatlantic cooperation and international security. Its sponsors include many of the big oil interests poised to reap a whirlwind of profits over NATO-backed regime change in Libya, namely BP, Chevron, Exxon, and Shell. It also includes defense contractors already enriched by the protracted bloodshed in Northern Africa including RaytheonBAESAAB TechnologiesLockheed MartinBoeingGeneral Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman.

Additional support comes from the world’s largest banks and equity firms, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, the Blackstone Group, Citigroup, and Credit Suisse Bank, who are set to benefit not from the liberation of the Libyan people, but the “liberation” of Libya’s markets. There is also a tremendous amount of foundation support for the Atlantic Council and thus NATO, each with a nefarious back-story worthy of their own thorough examination, including the Carnegie Corporation of New York , the Ford Foundation, and billionaire bankster George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Photos: (Top) Northrup Grumman’s MQ-8 Fire Scout, which made headlines as it was shot down over Libya. (Below) a Raytheon Tomahawk cruise missile, employed during the opening phases of NATO’s military intervention in Libya beginning in March of 2011. Both Northrup Grumman and Raytheon, amongst many other defense contractors are financial sponsors of the Atlantic Council, an epicenter providing political and rhetorical support for NATO’s ongoing operations in Libya – exposing an astronomical conflict of interest.


But perhaps most alarming is NATO’s support via the Atlantic Council by “reputable” news and media agency sponsors, including Thomson Reuters,News Desk Media, Bloomberg (which includes BusinessWeek), and Google. This explains the almost schizophrenic reporting emerging from Libya spinning and obfuscating the truth in a consistently pro-NATO light and goes a long way to explain why rebels are allowed by the “international community” to purposefully starve civilian populations, break Libya’s resistance with NATO airstrikes, and somehow manage to place the blame on the civilian populations by merely labeling them as “pro-Qaddafi” and that such atrocities are self-imposed.

Logically, one should conclude, if they are indeed repulsed by what is transpiring in Libya at the hands of Wall Street and London, that the corporations, banks, and institutions involved should be exposed,boycotted, and promptly replaced#

Update on the war against Libya and Africa – September 28th

Posted: 2011/09/29
From: Mathaba
Roundup of news from and other independent sources along with commentary by Dennis South

Rats are rats

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 – 00:41

Hopefully this video relieves some tension. It is very well done and suitable to explain to children who the rats are in Libya and what they are doing, and that the Lion of Africa cannot be defeated:

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 – 00:58

Sabha, Ghadames, Ghat, Taha, Murzuk and other towns and oases, are under the control of the Jamahiriya.

The Tuareg published a communique in which they confirmed their full support for the Jamahiriya.  They also said that they would take revenge on the rebels for the atrocities committed against peaceful Libyans.

The rats are preparing a tank assault on Bani Walid.  Bani Walid is still being fiercely bombed by NATO, the white ‘west’ European, Canadian and United States armed forces, at the command of the governments of those countries, while their populations remain silent.  In general, the number of mercenaries is reduced.

In Sirte, mercenaries broke into the port at night and now await the landing of NATO troops.  Fighters in Tripoli are awaiting reinforcements from Tarragon.

Tunisian authorities released Dr Mahmoudi El-Baghdadi, the General Secretary of the General People’s Conference of the Libyan Jamahiriya, who was arrested in Tunis.

The Jamahiriya is in talks with several countries, who said the following: You are holding [doing very well].  If you capture Tripoli, we will recognize the Jamahiriya government again. However, this is like saying that if all of Australia is under the control of the Australian people, but Canberra is seized by Korean terrorists supporting a small council of Australian convicts escaped from prison calling themselves “TNC”, then we recognize the TNC and not the Australian people’s government.

Russia has demanded the immediate convening of the Security Council.  There are discussions about the UN sending the blue helmets–the “peace-keeping” missions.  Everywhere the the blue helmets have gone, they have left hell, including rape.  This fact is reported even in the mainstream press. The blue helmets are merely the so-called international army of the global zionist and banker elites, as a back up reserve to NATO.

The rebels continue to struggle for power, so the planned announcement of the formation of a government (by the rat-NATO-rebels) has again been delayed.  The rebels claim to have found a large amount of uranium which can be used for the development of nuclear weapons.  This is the mess that the West has created in North Africa, in addition to lots of Libyan weapons that have found their way all over North Africa.

China in Africa

China is risking a further and much deeper backlashin Africa depending on the positions it takes, the Tuareg people are on the ascendency as indomitable Africans along with Muammar Qaddafi. China is increasingly indistinguishable from the west. The $15 billion assets held in China are key, if these are released to other than the Jamahiriya or not may be the determining factor on future Sino-African relations.

News from Sirte

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 – 01:52

Western Front: Rat commander Mohammed Katib Nabus was eliminated after he took the place of his brother Ibrahim, who was killed last week.  Rebels are running to the east after having taken heavy losses.

Information Bureau of the Libyan

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 – 02:09

Green revolutionary patriotic forces have liberated the city of Zawiya with General Khamis al-Qaddafi.  This is good news for the Libyan resistance and the heroic and courageous people of Libya.  The Libyan resistance continues and gathers strength.

Our brave men in Ghat, which is located in the south of Libya, had fought with rats in a heavy battle today.  Many rats were killed, and the rest fled to 20 km outside of the city.

Rebels beaten back by Jamahiriya fighters at Sirte

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 – 12:12

Rebels were again beaten back by Jamahiriya forces at Sirte.  Only yesterday they were shouting about the alleged capture of the port. But today China Radio International echoed western media that “the rebels, at the request of NATO, have suspended their assault on Sirte.”  This follows a well established pattern, which has always translated to, “The rebels have been defeated again.”

After the NATO bombing of the coast and the port from the sea, the rebels landed.  In the port they started to get into the thick of battle. And after that, as NATO lost the ability to distinguish between the rebels (rats) and Jamahiriya (Qaddafi loyalist, green Libyan patriotic resistance) fighters, the rats in the port were attacked with dense mortar fire.  They ran to the sea and drowned.  The rebels had nowhere to run! So the probability of large losses among the rebels is high.

Also, China Radio reported (and this is verbatim): “At present, Sirte, Bani-Walid, and other territories are still under the control of the faithful Gaddafi’s forces.”  Notice the words, “and other territories.” Apparently, Chinese censorship prevents China Radio from describing precisely what “other territories” are under Jamahiriya control.  So, their intelligence throws out hints. On the other hand, the reality is that it is hard to distinguish the Chinese media from western media, as the once-great Asian nation has become the new bastion of capitalism and a new body host to the zionist-banker parasitic elite, which started since the visit of Kissinger to China.

Sirte Oil Field

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 – 12:17

To understand the ferocity of the fighting in Sirte, from the perspective of the vicious north-western (white) countries, we must consider more than just the political point of view.

The Libyan Jamahiriya of Africa has offered a very, very unique response to the so-called “fall” of Tripoli, its capital–perhaps the most unique response in the history of warfare. Historically, the fall of the capital of a country had been so severe a shock that the government and people of that country would capitulate.

That did not happen in Libya because power does not rest in a traditional form of government in a capital city but is diffused and dispersed across millions of citizens who are members of the people’s conferences which form the government in the self-ruling society of the masses (Jamahiriya). The defiant response of the Libyan people and the Libyan Jamahiriya to the “fall” of Tripoli (occupation by mercenaries and rats), obviously, as it continues to fight against imperialist aggression, is a drastic departure from the historical response of Third World nations to the fall of their capitals.

Why Sirte?

Sirte has been blessed to contain a very wide oil basin. Look at the geological map above. Pools of oil are located at Beida, Raguba, Dahr Hofra, Baja, Def-Waha, Nasser, Sarir, Mesli, Gyalo, Boo Atifel, Intizar, Nafura-Ugila and Amal, 12 of which have proven oil reserves that range from 200-500 million barrels, to 1 billion barrels. The problem is that these deposits in terms of production are – as they call the oil – in adulthood. That is, the production is coming to the peak.  This oil will soon run out, and there is the need for more exploration.

The second problem is that the war has brought the coalition countries and Western companies significant losses in oil revenue.  Both directly and indirectly – for over six months, Europe has not received the Libyan oil and gas from Libya. This has all but crippled Italy along with the already bankruptcy of Europe as some of the capitalist countries there, in particular Britain, France and Spain, had run out of the vast resources they had plundered from Africa in the last century.

In addition, oil-production infrastructure is seriously damaged. So, the imperialist demons want to take the Sirte basin and develop it in order to compensate for their losses.

Certainly, while the war is being waged, there can be no exploration and investment. In Europe there is no money even after the war ends. It would take massive investment to restore oil production. The longer it takes for the imperialist-colonialist-racist Europeans and North Americans to capture Sirte, the more money it will take for them to restore the oil production. And that is one reason they are fighting hard to take Sirte: to avoid anticipated, post-war oil-production costs.

The West, in general, is actually indifferent to the issue of political stability in Libya. In fact, their plan is that instability (chaos) benefits them, their “security” companies, private armies (mercenaries) will benefit, and be able to grab whatever they want, out of the chaos. What is more important to the West is the capture of Sirte–and not because Sirte is the hometown of The Leader.  It’s all about oil and the central area of strategic military importance in order to secure the entire Libyan coast, the largest coast line on North Africa of any of the five North African states, to place it under the command of the white aggressors (AFRICOM-NATO).

The war is causing deep downtime as regards oil production, and the financial losses, for the West,  associated with that downtime are immense.  There is an added complexity for the evil nations of the north: the loyalty of the tribes to Muammar Gaddafi. Obviously, the tribes will continue to support Muammar.

And that is why Libyans [God forbid] might suffer the fate of Paraguay natives, that is, total genocide, or banishment into the wilderness. A hundred years ago, Libya lost half of its population, by putting up a fierce and continuous resistance to Italy’s invasion of Libya.

The economic factor explains why many people have feared that the West would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons on Sirte.  But there are very, very high costs involved in using nuclear weapons even to the Europeans, as Libya is near to Europe, and sometimes north African sand is blown all the way into distant European capitals. Costs associated with the decontamination of oil deposits that would be contaminated if nuclear weapons were used, are also a factor. Costs involved in re-building infrastructure are not a negative factor, as the Euro-American alliance (NATO) hopes that Libya will end up paying (with oil) for their companies to “re-construct” Libya after its devastation.

Updates from the front lines

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 – 14:02

1. Gadames: The Tuareg lions of the Sahara killed 50 rebels, and the rest of the rebels fled.

2. Sirte: In the battle of Sirte, on the Western front, one week after the death of Ibrahim al-Khatib al Halbusa, commander of the Misurata rebels known as the “black Khatib,” his brother, Mohammed Al Halbus, was also killed by Jamahiriya fighters.  Al-Halbus had come to replace his brother.  These two deaths have lowered the morale of the rebels, which led to their demise around Sirte.

On the Sirte eastern front, some of the rebels, under the protection of NATO arial bombing and bombing from NATO ships, tried to penetrate and enter the city.  The Libyan Jamahiriya Army allowed them (2 tanks, 12 vehicles and some others) to come close to the center, where they were trapped and met their deaths.

One rebel, a survivor, ran in front of a BBC camera and shouted: “Please enter the city, we are trapped and we do not have much strength.”  The response he received was that no one would attempt to enter the city because of the battle.

3. Bani-Walid: Sami Ali Al Tarragon, the Deputy Brigade Commander of the rebels of Tripoli, was killed yesterday and he was one of many rebels who met their deaths.  Also, the traitor who wanted to help the rebels take Bani Walid was captured by the residents of the city.

4. Tripoli: In a night ambush, 14 rebels met their deaths. Our source said that the rebel checkpoints are empty, because no rebel wants to stand, waiting for death.  Thus, Jamahiriya resistance were able to kill many rebel rats in the past week.

FIGHTING CONTINUES: Information from September 27-28

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 – 18:36

The tactics of groups under rebels at Sirte are very primitive.  They come in pickups with 23-mm automatic anti-aircraft guns and 106-mm recoilless rifles.  Then they try to identify firing points.   Then rebels with small arms attempt to move forward.  If the Jamahiriya defenders do not move away, then the rebels are rolled back.  After a while they begin a new “assault.”

If the rebels have tanks, then the tanks are used next.  At the same time the make a radio call for NATO air support.  NATO aircraft conduct strikes on buildings at the contact line between the rebels and the Jamahiriya forces.  Both sides are using snipers.

When trapped by the Sirte resistance fighters of the Libyan Jamahiriya, the rebels have nowhere to retreat to, other than to the fish in the sea.

The second most important stronghold is Bani Walid, where there are thousands of Jamahiriya resistance fighters, including militias of the Warfala Tribe.

In recent days, the rebels did not take active steps against the defenders of the city.  NATO aircraft continued to carry out air strikes on the civilian population.

In the southern desert oasis of Sabha the Libyan Jamahiriya fighters have had military success.  The rebels entered from the south but failed to gain a foothold in the city, although many foreign news agencies were quick to announce a new success of TNC “rebels”. After dozens of rebels were killed or wounded, and after their supplies were expended, the remaining rebels began to withdraw along the highway in a northerly direction.

The rebels cannot possibly sustain control of Tripoli.  Experts say that to control a city of half a million people, you need up to seven thousand police officers. There are an estimated 2000 AL-Qaida type fighters in Tripoli.  They are able to provide relative order in the embassy district and downtown areas.  In the capital there are secret cells of Gaddafi and Jamahiriya supporters (green committees). They use tactics to split the rat forces, and are destroying them at every turn.

The TNC has established “war lords” in areas under their control, but those war lords do not obey instructions they receive from Benghazi and Tripoli. So the power of the TNC in the country is nominal–very small. The rebels  are trying to coordinate their efforts, but that attempt is failing.

True, in Misurata was announced the merger of all forces and opponents of Gaddafi’s with the creation of a “battalion of the United Libyan Revolution” (“Union of the revolutionary battalions of Libya”).  About this there seemed to be agreement at a meeting of field commanders, who came from different areas.

The total number of armed groups that support the TNC, is estimated at about 20,000 fighters. During August-September, a very large number of them were either killed, wounded, or deserted. The morale in many of the rebel frontline detachments is deeply suppressed.

Rebel soldiers have not received a salary, and have been told to engage in “self-reliance.” During the fighting in Sirte and Bani Walid they suffered heavy casualties, the wounded crowded the hospitals in Misurata and Benghazi, and there is not enough blood for transfusion.

For the rebels, it is apparent that the capture of Tripoli, as well as the falsely perceived change of power in the country, will not lead to positive changes in their lives.  Some are beginning to regret participation in their so-called “revolution” and return to their homes with their weapons.

Dumb NATO Rebels, NATO Crimes In Libya

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 – 22:32

Sirte is fully under the Libyan Jamahariya democratic Government’s control.  Multiple attempts by rebel forces to enter the city from the East ended up in their devastating defeat. NATO has only been victorious in terrorizing the town, and killing thousands of civilians.

New reports exposed the truth regarding the Sirte assault, a failed assault which caused hundreds of NATO mercenaries to get entrapped within the town.  Some rebel fighters who managed to flee the front lines went to their commanders and begged for support, because many had been trapped and are being killed as we speak. This was also reported, surprisingly, by western propaganda machines that usually hide the truth regarding NATO failures.

The Libyan Jamahariya government has expressed its willingness to forgive anyone who lays down their arms and goes home, just like the forces outside Bani Walid who laid down their arms and went home. They expressed their Islamic belief of forgiveness, but stated clearly that forgiveness does not mean that Libyans will forget.

All assaults from the west of Sirte have been quelled due to the brave and strong fighters of the Tarhuna tribe. NATO continues its assault from the East, but the rebels continue to retreat due to heavy losses.

Previously, NATO (European and American) mercenaries tried to flee Ghadames and set up a base in Tunisia. But fighting soon broke out between NATO-rebels and the Tunisian Defence Forces. The Tunisian Defence Forces forced the mercenaries back into Libya.

NATO forces were trying to flee towards the east of Ghadames to regroup. That is when the Libyan Defence Forces attacked their route and killed at least 50 and injured unknown numbers according to sources in southern Libya. Ghadames is an important town because it borders both Tunisia and Algeria.  So it is an important town for guerilla warfare.

NATO Mercenaries (rats) were on the brink of quitting the fight in Sabha, after receiving heavy casualties when they fell into a trap. NATO decided to give 16 million dollars of stolen Libyan money as payment for the mercenaries to continue the fight.

Sabha is still liberated and under the control of the Libyan Jamahiriya. Green flags are flying throughout the town according to sources in Southern Libya. NATO mercenaries are still ducking outside the town under the umbrella of NATO.

They fight only for money and war bounties, as reported before. When NATO helps them enter a town, they steal women’s jewellery, rape the women and children, and get drunk and high, shooting animals at random.

Rat death

Wednesday, 28.09.2011 – 23:26

A military officer of the TNC, Salehin, who commanded the attack on Bani Walid, was killed in a rocket attack, said a rebel commander named Osama al-Fasi.

Salehin was imprisoned by Gaddafi after the beginning of the rebel’s counterrevolution and joined the rebels.  In the last days of his life, he led the attack on Bani Walid — another city that is under the authority of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Rebel NATO-rat forces at Bani Walid have not attacked on the ground in a week after besieging the town for over a month.  At the same time, NATO continues aerial attacks on targets that remain in the hands of supporters of Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Meanwhile, according to eyewitnesses, Bani Walid is in a critical humanitarian situation. One can hardly find drinking water and foodstuffs, and the hospitals are out of medication and electricity, with NATO having deliberately starved and blockaded the population preventing fuel, water, and food from entering in what constitutes further Crimes Against Humanity.

pictured here with Fidel Castro:

slika 14 - Muammar Gaddafi

Alan Jules: the latest news from the front

Sunday, 25.09.2011 – 13:12

Yesterday was the blackest day for the rebels. As usual, the rebels hastened to Benghazi city to announce to

the world that they had entered Sirte and captured positions within the city, as we’ve heard many time and

time again. But the truth is that yesterday was the most disastrous for the rebels.

At least one-thousand rebels were killed in Tripoli, Sirte, Bani Walid, Brega, and Misurata. September

24 marks a new beginning of the resistance against NATO and the rebels.

In Tripoli, the people organized themselves and came together and began not only to destroy NATO

and rebel weapons caches, but to also pursue the rebels. Today, they were once again defeated at Bani

Walid and Sirte. Those who tell you that they are in Sirte are lying.

Interestingly, the rebels had just announced a pause in their aggression, due to lack of ammunition. How

is it possible that the supposedly rich NATO countries have run out of money, weapons and ammunition?

It appears that time is on the side of the supporters of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

In the video – the explosion in the port of Tripoli, the day after it resumed work. [NOTE: Libyan

resistance planted 16 bombs at a port that NATO used, and destroyed it. A ship filled with

ammunition destined for the rebels was also destroyed, apparently along with the weapons].

[Initial] Translation provided by the press service of the Russian Committee of Solidarity with

the peoples of Libya and Syria.

Saif el-Islam spoke on the radio Bani Walid

Sunday, 25.09.2011 14:28

According ALLIBIYA TV, radio Libyan Bani Walid broadcast a speech by the son of Muammar

Gaddafi, Saif El Islam al-Gaddafi. He congratulated the people of Bani Walid for their exemplary


Saif-el-Islam asserted that it is necessary to fight for and defend the city. He said that Muammar

Gaddafi’s leadership has prepared a few surprises that will soon help to improve the current situation.

The rats had to back out of Sirte, NATO continues to bomb

Sunday, 25.09.2011 – 14:43

Sirte upheld, and the rats were discarded at 30 miles outside of the city after they suffered heavy

casualties from the Libyan Jamahiriya forces.

Libya now, briefly

Sunday, 25.09.2011 – 14:49

Sirte is being bombed mercilessly by the evil US-European forces of NATO and their Qatari,

Turkish and other mercenaries. Armored columns of Qatari and Turkish troops penetrated to

the outskirts of the city, but the defenders of Sirte manfully resisted. The forces of the Jamahiriya

are determined to fight until victory is won.

The main events took place in Sirte. Under the guise of talking about the impossibility of

conducting an offensive against Sirte while at the same time trenches around the perimeter,

the rebels staged the assault from two directions – west and east.

According to reports, the rebels from the West were able to break into the city. Previous

surveys of videos show that the city is well prepared for street fighting – the roads are blocked

with heavy construction equipment, as well as debris and barricades. Apparently, the rebels

became bogged down in street fights and gradually exhausted. In the east, Benghazi units

have not been able to pass the line of contact at Al-Sultan, as there are apparently many minefields.

On the clashes in the city now have a focal character – and it is in the western part. This means that

the storm itself had failed, but not finished. The situation south of the airport is unclear. In general,

the situation at Sirte continues to be very threatening.

The rebels attempted to attack Bani Walid again but were quickly suppressed. Bani Walid is now calm.

The situation is clearer with Sabha every day. The picture is as follows. [NOTE: I am not certain

about the following translation]. A column of rebels were able to make a 100-kilometer march

on September to the west Hammad Sabha, and then to the Ottoman fort in the south and the local

airport. The rebels managed to enter 20 in the morning in the southern districts of the city and

fall down to the central region of the English Channel.

But Jamahiriya units and militias killed the column. The rebels lost 200 men. About 150

were taken prisoner. The fighting lasted until the 23rd, though mostly it was all decided on the 21st.

On the morning of September 24, NATO and al-Qaida terrorists transferred from Tripoli

and opened intense artillery and rocket fire on the city Sirte. The defenders returned fire.

The Firefight lasted for a whole day. According to reports from the city, the rebels are firing

indiscriminately into residential neighborhoods.

Other news sources:

Ghadames is under the control of Libyan Army

At least eight rebels were killed and 50 others injured in Ghadames, on the Algerian border,

in an attack Sunday by the Libyan Army supported by Tuareg fighters, according to a local

official and witnesses.

At least 30 NATO Mercenaries killed and 50 wounded outside Bani Walid

New reports point to another failure by NATO as their forces came under attack outside Bani

Walid and inner fighting caused the death of 40 and another 50 wounded. This comes as the

Tarhuna Tribe continues disrupting supply routes from the West, towards Bani Walid and Sirte.

The propaganda warfare has been intensified, more lies are being spread, and even fake hoax

images are being rotated by CNN reporters regarding Sabha.

Since the vast majority of Libya is under the Libyan Jamahariya Government’s control, and

since they can’t advance any further, they have allowed NATO propaganda to create the false

perception of victory in different parts of Southern Libya.

Libya Defence forces blow up Naval Base

According to new reports, 7 bombs were planted in the Tripoli Naval Base and then detonated.

This base was used to terrorize the people of Tripoli and had to be destroyed accordingly by

the resistance.

The Tarhuna Tribe enters Tripoli

The Tarhuna Tribe has advanced westwards towards Tripoli. New reports suggest that some

Tarhuna fighters have entered Tripoli and heavy clashes are taking place. It is yet unclear

how many NATO Mercenaries have been killed in the assault.

The Tarhuna Tribe has been disrupting NATO supply routes for almost a week, this has

caused multiple failures for NATO, in the front line. Now NATO is forced to attack Sirte

from the East, as their forces are trapped in the West without any supplies.

NATO Mercenaries panic and hundreds quit

New reports are exposing the panic and disarray of NATO mercenaries. Hundreds

of NATO Mercenaries abandoned the front lines of Bani Walid because their Western

supply routes are being disrupted by the Tarhuna Tribe.

Many Mercenaries testified that they are running out of ammunition and said that after

they received multiple defeats, they were not willing to continue the fight, and

wanted to just go home.

Different Mercenaries and armed gangs blame each other for the failures, and this

blaming game sometimes turns to inner fighting.

Al Qaeda LIFG terrorist Abdul Belhaj writes column for London Guardian Newspaper

Posted: 2011/09/28
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Global elite defile memories of “War on Terror” dead, humor terrorist Belhaj who fought and killed Western troops. Photo: The face of Libya’s “rebels” is literally Al Qaeda. The Western world now enters surreal territory as men who have certifiably killed Americans are writing pro-NATO propaganda for British newspapers.
by Tony CartalucciOne would think Abdul Belhaj, leader of Libya’s NATO-backed seizure of Tripoli a month ago would be an overly busy man. After all, the city itself is still not secure enough to move the alleged “National Transitional Council” there to preside over the war torn nation, and rebel forces 85 miles southeast near Bani Walid have been soundly defeated and are now slinking away from the battlefield. Meanwhile, the “final, final” siege of Sirte looks to be once again stalled, and now civilians fleeing the brutalized city are claiming NATO and rebels (western media incorrectly call them “revolutionaries”), not Qaddafi, are committing genocide against the civilians of Libya. [1]However, Mr. Belhaj has had time, apparently, allegedly, to draft a lengthy editorial titled, “The revolution belongs to all Libyans, secular or not,” gladly published by the London Guardian, where he is allowed to go on at length, whitewashing what is essential a life-long career in terrorism and expound the merits of the wholesale mass murder he and his cohorts, under NATO cover, are committing against the Libyan people. Belhaj, for those that don’t know, is a founding member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), an official Al Qaeda affiliate, and listed by both the US State Department [2] and theUnited Kingdom Home Office [3] as a foreign terrorist organization and proscribed terrorist organization respectively. LIFG was the subject of a lengthy report issued by West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center [4] regarding foreign fighters turning up in Iraq killing US and British soldiers, LIFG and more specifically, the Benghazi-Darnah region of Libya lending more fighters to Iraq per-capita than any other nation, including Saudi Arabia.
Image: Terrorist Op-Ed. The Guardian affords Belhaj, commander of LIFG, a US/UK listed terrorist organization ample room to praise NATO’s efforts in Libya and give stern warnings to those that threaten to impede his “freedoms.”


Belhaj’s Gaurdian piece, worded suspiciously more like a US State Department PR release than an essay by an Al Qaeda terrorist, verbatim touches on each and every point made by the US, UK, NATO, and found within UNSC r.1973. Belhaj maintains that in 2010 he was released from Libyan prison after promising to abandon his campaign of terror in Libya, only to go on to lead armed insurrection against the Libyan government months later in February of 2011. Belhaj claims that the revolution turned violent only after Qaddafi used force against protesters – this is a verified lie, as Belhaj and his LIFG have been in continuous US/UK-backed armed conflict with Qaddafi’s government for over 30 years.

Belhaj, after this intitial, seemingly scripted litany of lies goes on to make veiled threats against the new “transitional government” over the dangers of “excluding” members of the “revolution.” He then thanks the “international community” presumibly NATO who literally handed the country to him – NATO whose soldiers he was literally killing in the mountains of Afghanistan, and whose soldiers his fellow LIFG fighters were killing in Iraq, and whose member states captured, imprisoned and tortured him. Belhaj looks forward to Libya becoming a “politically, economically and socially advanced civil state” and a “dynamic player among the family of nations.” Compared to the secular leaders Belhaj claims to fear will undermine his and his followers’ “freedom” one must wonder where exactly the divergence in ideology is, as both seem to relish the concepts of globalization [5].

One doesn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or scream. Not just because of the obvious fraudulent propaganda the Gaurdian is trying to pass off as the words of a stone cold killer with the writing prowess of a statesman, or the fact that the Guardian, even as a hoax, is affording column space to the leader of a listed terrorist organization who we are told is part of a decade long war that has cost millions their lives, liberty, national stability, and economic prosperity. It is the fact that the Guardian, along with the rest of the corporate media is trying to literally rewrite reality and paradigms they have forced down our throats for decades with new narratives so ridiculous and contrived it is an assault against human dignity.

The Guardian itself is a corporate-owned propaganda machine, a member of the unelected policy think-tank Chatham House [6], along side a myriad of other media, corporate, and financier interests that in reality shape our national and global destiny rather than the politicians we think we elect to represent us and our interests. Think-tanks like the Chatham House represent the collective interests and agenda of the world’s most powerful elite. They are the literal architects and helping hands that propel the global elite’s agenda forward, as clearly the Guardian is now in trying to rewrite the narrative regarding the 1o year ongoing “War on Terror” by whitewashing and elevating one of the war’s most notorious terrorists by either giving him column space, or ghost writing a column in his name.

Quite truly if Belhaj wrote this farcical, verbatim repeat of US State Department talking points regarding Libya and its future, one must wonder what prompted Belhaj to fight in the mountains of Afghanistan against US troops in the first place. Surely what is good for Libya is good for Afghanistan. We must also wonder why this terrorist and his organization, apparently enamored with the the idea of fitting into the “family of nations” were fighting in Iraq against nations he is now thankful toward. More than likely Belhaj has been turned into another fictional character upon the stage of globalist theater, confounding an ignorant public with well-written statements giving well-intentioned people exactly what they want to hear, however debased from logic or reality it may be.

And above all, let us remember this is not only “Obama’s War” but a war of the global elite including big oil, big banks, the military defense industry, and many of the “Neo-Conservatives” that helped engineer the “War on Terror” during Bush’s “administration.” In fact, some of the most vehement supporters of Obama’s war in Libya have included John McCain [7] who was literally praising the Benghazi terror brigades in person, and the remnants of the Bush era “Project for a New American Century.” [8]

The “War on Terror” is a war on free humanity by the criminally insane. Civilians, police, and military alike, who adhere to any code of honor must face the reality that their leadership has lost all legitimacy and needs to be expediently removed from power. Hard decisions are coming as the insanity becomes ever more acute. A certified terrorist writing columns for a British newspaper regarding a war that is supported by both “left” and “right” political establishment should ring alarms and conjure horror in even the most skeptical of minds.

[1] The Australian, “Civilians accuse NATO of massacre in Sirte raids” September 28, 2011
[2] US State Department, List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, #26 Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)
[3] UK Home Office Proscribed Terrorist Groups, page 5
[4] 2007 West Point Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) report
[5] The Future of Libya: A View from the Opposition, Brookings Institution May 12, 2011
[6] Chatham House, Standard Corporate Members, listed as “Guardian, The”
[7], Statement by Senator McCain in Benghazi, Libya April 22, 2011
[8] Foreign Policy Initiative, Foreign Policy Experts Urge House Republicans to Support U.S. Operations in Libya, June 20, 2011

Libya: NTC concocts mass grave story in brazen propaganda ploy

Another LYING REPORT from CNN:
"A mass grave thought to hold the remains of more than 1,200 victims of a 1996 massacre at Abu Salim prison 
has been found in Tripoli, officials with Libya's transitional government said Sunday."  (LIES, all LIES!)

<strong>Huda Gharyani </strong> answers knowingly:

<blockquote>Liars! They dug up the mass graves, they set aflame to foreign workers camps in Tripoli. I was
and I saw them......They pretend to be freedom fighters but are anarchists and psychopaths...Shame on your
CNN! Al Jazeera they are killing Gaddafi supporters in a witch hunt and CNN is making fake lies about Gaddafi 
doing genocide during his rule..Why the lies now? Where were the mass graves when Berlusconi kissed Gaddafi's 
hands? Where were the mass graves when Tony Blair came to Libya to sign billion dollar deals with Gaddafi? 
Where were the mass graves when Megrahi was released from Scottish prison? This is just mass propaganda being 
drivelled by a NATO vested interest CNN media source so as to whip up Anti Gaddafi sentiment. Well Its GAME 
OVER for you now..the people know the truth and they are not buying your lies!
CNN is deliberately doing NATO propaganda so that the Anti Gaddafi witch hunt can reach fever pitch, they 
are the ones whipping up hate just like when CNN and Al Jazeera broadcast the news that African mercenaries 
were fighting for Gaddafi..All of this was a lie, there were only Black Skinned Libyans in the Libyan Army 
fighing for Gaddafi but they wanted to encourage the genocide that is happening in Libya. I'm disgusted and 
am boycotting CNN from now on; it is not only biased and spreading cock eyed propaganda not objective and 
fair, if CNN was objective and fair they would not have to hid behind NATO troops and would have had a 
neutral correspondent in Tripoli during the Gaddafi days exposing the mass graves they are just 
whipping up tales because they want to target those who support Gaddafi Shame on you CNN!

The truth about Libya - الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا via Allibiya TV - قناة الليبية
مارتن اقبال يسخر من البي بي سي عندما ساقت خبرا عن اكتشاف مقبرة جماعية في سجن ابوسليم لاكثر من 1200 جثة
ويقول بانه لم تعرض جثة واحدة وان البي بي سي عرضت اكاذيب مجلس الخيانة الانتقال
ي ..ويتابع
 مارتن ان ما عرضوه هو مجموعة من العظام فقط فيما قال مراسلون لاذاعة سي ان ان ان العظام لا تبدو انها عظام بشر!!!!
ويقول مارتن ان هذا الخبر والقضية سيتم سحبها من التداول بعد ان تم استخدامها لحشو عقول العامة في الاتجاه المطلوب!!!
فتخيلوا ككيف تمت صناعة عقول العرب والليبيين على مدار اكثر من نصف عام عن موضوع ليبيا!! الذين
 كانوا تحت تلك الضغوط
 الاعلامية نراهم اليوم يرفعون العلم الفرنسي بكل اعتزاز ويخرجون زوجاتهم وبناتهم لمصافحة ساركوزي بكامل زينتهن!!!
الى اين يسير بنا (فن) صناعة العقول؟

Libya: <strong><em>NTC </em></strong>concocts mass grave story in brazen propaganda piece |
by <strong>Martin Iqbal</strong>. Updated 25 September 2011 - click here to go to the update.
In a truly stunning 
display of <strong>dishonesty, the BBC has reported, citing no evidence</strong>

The real truth concerning Abu Saleem was once available online within the site of speeches our 
brother-leader made availble for everyone (but the American <strong><em>CIA</em></strong> took 
down the site:  ).
Muammar al-Gadhafi sought full investigation and justice in the incident. The real finger 
should be pointing at Jalil, not Gadhafi....and the true nature of these prisoners, as to 
how that prison revolt began. al-Gadhafi is totally innocent of all these false charges. 
TOTALLY INNOCENT!  A massacre has never taken place! All a fabricated propaganda lies 
orchestrated by Libyan enemies. Many <strong><em>CIA/al-Qaeda</em></strong> agents were 
executed by the Libyan Government, by the then judge Jalil, even after Gadhafi pleaded 
himself against capital-punishment against them. They were the cause of a failed coup 
which was headed by <strong>Colonel Khalifa Haftar</strong> who was operating then from 
VIRGINIA USA, for the American <strong><em>CIA</em></strong>.

It was unclear, however, whether the site actually was a mass grave, as no excavation has taken place. Members of the

media were shown bones at the site, but medics with CNN staffers on the scene said the bones did not appear to be human.

Posted: 2011/09/26
From: Mathaba
Medics on the scene said bones of “more than 1,200 bodies found in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison” did not appear to be human.
By Martin IqbalIn a truly stunning display of dishonesty, the BBC has reported, citing no evidence to back its claim, that a mass grave containing over 1,200 bodies has been found in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison complex. The BBC attempts to tie this ‘finding’ to the equally concocted ‘Abu Salim prison massacre’, as it claims that the bodies are those of the inmates supposedly killed in 1996.In a piece posted today after a NTC news conference, the BBC uses the headline: “More than 1,200 bodies found in Tripoli mass grave“. Categorically, absolutely, unequivocally, this is an out-and-out lie; 1,200 bodies have not been found.Not a single body has been found. In fact, no excavation has been performed, and no more than ‘several bone fragments’ have been discovered, according to the NTC.This is revealed to the reader within the BBC’s own concocted report in the paragraphs that follow (emphasis mine):

A mass grave believed to contain up to 1,270 bodies has been found in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, says the National Transitional Council (NTC).

The remains are thought to be those of inmates who were killed by security forces in 1996 in the Abu Salim prison.

Excavation at the site is expected to start soon.

Several bone fragments and pieces of clothing have already been found in the top soil.

While the unelected, illegitimate terror council known as the NTC claims to have found merely ‘several bone fragments‘, the BBC claims that 1,200 bodies have been found in its deliberately misleading headline.

Even this weak slew of lies from the BBC exposes the fragile nature of the ‘Abu Salim massacre’ propaganda, as it refers to the evidential basis of the event (emphasis mine):

A few eyewitnesses have talked about the fact they were killed in their jail cells by grenades and sustained gunfire after a protest.

Officials in the new government say they will need foreign forensic help to determine exactly what happened there.

The BBC’s report contains testimony from a ‘Sami Assadi’, who claims to have lost two brothers in the incident.

“Mixed feelings really. We are all happy because this revolution has succeeded, but when I stand here, I remember my brothers and many, many friends have been killed, just because they did not like Muammar Gaddafi.”

The inclusion of this testimony is a blatant attempt to twist and distort the reality on the ground. The BBC suggests that the ‘revolution’ has succeeded. In reality the ‘rebels’ and the foreign soldiers & special forces leading them, don’t even hold Tripoli, in addition to countless other locations still held by the Libyan resistance. These include Bani Walid and Sirte – locations now subject to NATO-prescribed blockades in an attempt to starve the resistance into submission, coupled with lethal bombing campaigns.

In its crude attempt to deceive the public, the BBC even manages to contradict itself in this one-page report. The testimony it provides above suggests that the alleged victims of the ‘Abu Salim massacre’ were killed because they “did not like Gaddafi“, while the BBC itself claims earlier in the piece, that they were killed for protesting against conditions in the prison.

Associated Press has also picked up this story, citing rebel spokesperson Khalid al-Sherif: “We have discovered the truth about what the Libyan people have been waiting for for many years, and it is the bodies and remains of the Abu Salim massacre“. As with the BBC piece, this report also admits that only a few bone fragments have been found and excavation has not even begun.

Most certainly, this ‘mass grave’ propaganda will drop out of the news without retraction from the NTC liars or the media lackeys that peddled it, as it turns out to be an utter falsehood. ‘Abu Salim’ is an event toted by globalist-Zionist funded Human Rights Watch as the trump card in the propaganda war against Libya. It is an event for which there is no physical evidence, and HRW’s report on the event hinges on the testimony of one person who is now residing in the United States. Laughably, HRW even admits that they cannot independently verify a single detail of the man’s claims.

Update: 25 September, 2011

Hat tip to @Cordeliers on this. CNN has chimed in, stating that the bones found did not even appear to be human:

It was unclear, however, whether the site actually was a mass grave, as no excavation has taken place. Members of the media were shown bones at the site, but medics with CNN staffers on the scene said the bones did not appear to be human.


UN DONE The 66th Session of the General Assembly.

Reflections by Dr.

Christof Lehmann

Posted on September 28, 2011 by nsnbc
Dr. Christof Lehmann

The 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembley; against the backdrop of a manufactured world economic crisis; the abuse of the

UN Security Counsel Resolution 1973 on Libya to give the appearance of legality to a war that is the antithesis of all the UN was supposed to

stand for; the ongoingNATO subversion attempt and insurgency in Syria in cooperation and with sponsorship of Al Qaeda´s Omar Brigade

and Muslim Brotherhood; the shooting of Serbian Protesters, and among many other gravest problems, the denial of the recognition of

Palestine’s legitimate right to statehood and self-determination without illegal occupation of it´s territories; indicates that the United

Nations has become the instrument of a frontal assault on independent nations right to self-determination and peace. The United Nations

has become the International Non Governmental Organization that is instrumental in lending illegitimate acts of aggression by the Anglo-

American Empire which are the antithesis of what the United Nation was supposed to safeguard against, the appearance of legitimacy.

The very word “United” in the name of the United Nations has become the equivalent to “United by economic usury, by economic war,

by instrumentalization of resources and food, and by brute force and occupation, under the banner of the empire of aggression”. While

empires are battling out wars against each other, wars which are sanctioned by the UN, the smaller and independent nations, nations with

resources that could provide safety and security for their people take the brunt of the empires ambitions. Credibility being the all decisive

factor for it´s functionality, and recently having lost what little credibility there might have been remaining, what remains now is to


political leadership, courage and integrity, and the establishment of a true international community rather than all nations united

under one

banner. The UN must be most urgently UN DONE.

The now acute problem with the United Nations is not the cause of the recent decades geopolitical developments.

For a large part the UN is one of the root causes of the disastrous aggressions and mischief of the recent decades. It´s problem is not acute, it´s

problem is systemic. If empires rise and fall, the problems with the United Nations remain. It´s very very structure is the antithesis of democratic

principles, not to speak of self-determination. It is instrumental in initiating crimes against peace under the guise of humanitarian principles and

of bringing self-determination and democracy to the people of what ever country may be opposed to voluntary surrender to the empire currently

in charge or taking the initiative, while it´s own fabric is everything but democratic.

Yes, the United Nations has democratic processes; at grass roots level as well as in international affairs; just as long as the outcome is limited,

symbolic, a token of the masters willingness to provide some resemblance of freedom to the nations and the people they enslave by means of

International Monetary Funds, World Bank, Bank of the World, and if that does not suffice to quieten initiatives to self-determination,

a war

under the guise of humanitarian, charitable acts to provide freedom and democracy.


It is inconceivable to any one with true integrity and principle, that it should be permitted by the United Nations to commit a crime against peace,

the right to life, and the most appalling war crimes and genocide as they are currently committed in Libya. It is inconceivable to any one with true

integrity and principle, that the United nations should turn a blind eye to the calls from Syria, that is plagued by an attempted subversion by NATO

countries, who arm, finance and train known terrorists and terrorist organizations, like the Saudi Arabia based Omar Brigade, Al Qaeda´s

assassination experts, Muslim Brotherhood and Afghan mercenaries, armed, financed and trained on NATO bases in Turkey, to cause death

and destruction among the people of Syria, who are in the process of implementing honest and productive reforms with the support of their

government and their President Bashar al-Assad. It is unconceivable for one with true integrity and principle that the United Nations, whose

very legitimation should have been provided in the protection of mankind and the individual against the most serious crimes known to mankind,

is time and time again the instrument of the aggressor, the robber and thief, the assassin and the usurper, the murderer of the individual and

the masses.

Every human life is valuable. Every single ones violent end caused by the outrages of empires and others cruel, unselfish and inhumane

ambitions causes manifold pain and grievances among the victims families. While murder in all human communities is perceived as the ultimate crime,

that warrants the most severe punishments, the United Nations is lending legitimacy to murder in the thousands and hundreds of thousands. As every

single human is valuable and unique, so is every nation valuable in it´s traditions, it´s richness in common and shared human experience, in it´s way of

defining justice and fairness, in it´s colors and costumes and customs. In it´s expressions of happiness, love and creativity, in it´s social constructs


perceptions of fair and responsible governance. And the United nations embraces it; but only as long as a country does not misinterpret United as

Community of Free Contributors to the common good of mankind. Democratic principles and self-determination; yes – as long as it does not touch

the status quo of an empire.

We see the disappointment in the eyes of every single leader of nations who spoke at the 66th session whose nation has fallen out of the mercy of the

“rulers”. We hear their more or less skillfully disguised protests against the rulers. Their words are more or less skilfully disguised behind diplomatic

etiquette and often one has to be a keen observer of world politics or psychology to even realize the undercurrent of disappointment, helplessness,

and feeling of entrapment; but it is there, tangibly present. Their defiance is muffled like the voices of slaves talking about their master. Their

creativity and love to their people and their rage for the crimes committed against them is muffled like the voice of the slaves who speak about their

masters. They beg, as in the case of Palestine, for permission to get a place; not on the stage of world politics, not even inside the theater, but a chair,

a nice blue chair, so they can be tall enough to look above the barbwire fence of injustice to have a glimpse of how the actors play with their people´s

lives, destinies, hopes and rightful ambitions to sharing their common human experience with all the others who are inside, under the wings of their


In honesty, and in the privacy of ones own home, if one is privileged to have one, every man and woman with decency

in their heart cry from anger,

frustration and pain about the state of the world and the state of the United Nations. something deep inside every single

one of us who takes the time to

reflect on it will feel the shared emotion of humanity and deepest dissent. We know that the United Nations has lost it´s

legitimacy to speak on behalf of

nations, on behalf of the leaders of nations and on behalf of any of us. All that remains is for leaders with integrity to

gather and to do the only sensible and

reasonable thing that can, and most urgently must be done. To UN DO the United Nations, to get over differences

that are meaningless in the light of the

atrocities that are committed in it´s name, and to become the founding members of a true international community.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


Medics confirm the mass grave site of Abu Saleen Prison is fake

Libya transitional council believes mass grave found
By the CNN Wire Staff
25 September  2011 — Updated 2030 GMT (0430 HKT)
Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — Officials with Libya’s transitional government announced Sunday they have located a suspected

mass grave thought to hold the

remains of 1,270 people, victims of a 1996 massacre at Abu Salim prison.

The Tripoli site was located by revolutionaries on 20 August , said Kamal el Sherif, a member of a National Transitional Council


Medics on the scene testified that the supposed mass grave of a massacre is fake, and the bone fragments are not human.

Another devastating blow to NATO


NATO has accused the Libyan Jamahariya Government of committing a massacre in Abu Saleen prison, but similar to

most accusations, no evidence has been

provided. Although some people were sentenced to death for treason from that prison, a massacre has never taken place,

a fabricated propaganda lie orchestrated

by Libyan enemies. Many CIA agents were executed by the Libyan Government after a failed coup which was headed by

Colonel Khalifa Haftar who was operating from USA.

I would like to thank “Anonymous says: September 26, 2011 12:27 AM” for revealing the report to us.

Dr. Webster Tarpley: West after Libyan oil, riches

Posted: 2011/09/26
From: Mathaba’s%20oil
In this interview with Press TV Dr. Webster Tarpley emphasizes that the Western military invasion in Libya has nothing to do with democracy and has merely launched cynical imperialist attacks to provide the West with Libya’s oil and rihes.
Interviewer: Do you think that [Muammar] Gaddafi is still strong enough to remain in power and do you think that as [US] President [Barack] Obama said today that this is a humanitarian mission that has been continuing in Libya and he says will still continue?Tarpley: Well, I think we have to remember that there are two traditions here in the United States. You have a certain kind of imperialist politician like [former US President Richard] Nixon or [former US President George W.] Bush the younger. These are brutal thugs. They talk about bombing people back into the Stone Age. Then you have the other tradition, the tradition of the hypocrites. We had [former US president] Woodrow Wilson and we have Obama today.Based on that performance at the United Nations today, I think Obama should get the Nobel Prize for hypocrisy. This [Libya] is a country that has been raped. Libya had the most advanced standard of living in Africa measured by the UN in development programs, in terms of health, education, welfare, the status of women, and in many other social and economic measures. It also had the most advanced water infrastructure of just about any place in the world, and of course its oil industry, and many other things that were being promoted.This is now being completely smashed. Today we had the “imperialist” twins at the UN, [Mustafa Abdel] Jalil and [Mahmoud] Jibril telling us that 25,000 people have been killed as a result of the revolution and talking about people who are al-Qaeda terrorist fighters and other foreign fighters that have been brought in. There are still massacres of black Libyans and black Africans that are ongoing. The US Special Forces are still on the ground continuously, and nevertheless these rebels are militarily impotent.They are not able after three weeks to capture Sirte or Bani Walid. There are vast areas of Libya that are not under their control. So Libya has been raped and the performance today by Obama, I think is a new loan in the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Obama regime. I think the interesting question is how long will the Libyan war go on. I think it will go on for a very long time and I think if the NATO forces push on to push their assets into Syria, the rebels may find it tough going.Interviewer: Mr. Malek says that it is now time for Libya to move on and to let the National Transitional Council (NTC) go forward with the democratic process that it is seeking. The question still remains though, will the revolutionaries be able to maintain political control in Libya without NATO, US, and UN backing. Of course there are also reports we have been hearing about divisions in this force and also prominent concern among all revolutions now across the Middle East and North Africa that the revolutionaries may not actually be in charge?Tarpley: I’m afraid I do not see any authentic revolutions any these areas. I see some cynical color revolutions and CIA people-power coups, with a certain amount of disguise going on, or camouflage you might say. It looks to me that you got a group around Belhaj and his group of jihadists, al-Qaeda veterans. You have the former chauffeur of Osama bin Laden, six years in Guantanamo Bay. Belhaj is trying to portray himself as a martyr, because he was tortured by the CIA. He was in fact a US Prisoner of War in Pakistan because he was organizing people to go and kill US forces in those countries.We’ve got a whole list of these other people. These are most likely the people who assassinated General [Abdul Fattah] Younes at the end of July, and now we have Salabi coming up saying that he simply will not tolerate Jalil, who is the head of state and Jibril, the head of government.Jalil and Jibril don’t seem to really control the military forces worth anything. Those seem to be al-Qaeda and foreign fighters. So, I think it is very likely that these themes will fall out and I don’t think that Jalil and Jibril will be able to buy insurance policies very easily, because their life expectancy is not good, with all of these al-Qaeda people around them who resent them.On the Western side, let’s look at France. We got [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy and [British Prime Minister David] Cameron who made their demagogic tour of Libya a couple of days ago. I don’t think they dared to go out in public much in Tripoli. They seemed to have limited their speeches to Ben Ghazi. There was Jacque Verges, from Paris who seemed to file a lawsuit against Sarkozy for high crimes against humanity, and I think there’s an excellent basis for that.Gaddafi has succeeded in blocking the path of the color revolutions, because every county was supposed to have fallen by now in the Middle East, and it hasn’t happened. In particular Syria, has been slowed down for six months, because of Gaddafi’s resistance. I think the US and the British are getting desperate about Syria. If they decide to go for an attack on Syria soon, I will mean that a lot of military resources that are now in the Central Mediterranean will be moved to the Eastern Mediterranean.At that point we will see that they will owe very little to these fighters on the ground and just about everything to the NATO bombing. The scoring that it’s an authentic revolution is absurd. This is the NATO bombers and workers, the European officers, the US and other special forces that did it all. The role of these fighters is some fighting but mainly to be photographed by Al Jazeera.Interviewer: Does this mean that Western type of democracy is what this international mission is all about? And do you think that that is not what the Libyan people would want to see?Tarpley: Democracy is totally irrelevant to this. This is a cynical imperialist attack aiming at the two things that the US, the British, and the French value. On the one hand the oil and on the other hand the water. The water may turn out to be more valuable than the oil. We’ve seen the people the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank and their contact with people seems to be through this guy [Ali] Tarhouni, the finance minister of the rebel council. Libya will be under IMF conditionality and that will mean the Washington consensus, deregulation, privatization, the destruction of any state-sector that remains, the destruction of any social welfare system, or social safety network, and all of those positive things that Gaddafi had done to distribute the oil revenue to increase the general welfare.As the IMF vote is imposed, people are going to find that are not going to be able to go to college, that they won’t have a family allowance, that they can’t buy a house, thanks to the fact that this will all be dismantled, because this is what the IMF always does, I think we’ll see even greater backlash against these IMF and NATO agents that are presently running the show.I think that the future is once again protracted guerrilla warfare, urban warfare, and depending on the fortunes of other warfare in other theaters, the Eastern Mediterranean warfare has enlarged because of Syria on the one hand, and also because of the Israel-Palestinian issue that may also heat up. That may siphon off some of these NATO resources maybe they will find that if the rebels are left on their own, I don’t think they could last for even a month.

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Auntie Adjeley is a retired musician, teacher and artisan who is dedicated to Peace, Justice and Social Harmony and is opposed to the hegemony of the so-called ‘New World Order’.

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As previous reports have shown, there are hundreds of mercenaries from various countries in Libya from Britain, France, Qatar, Egypt,


United Arab Emirates and the US. Most of these mercenaries believed as the various leaders of their countries that the crusade to conquer


would take a few days but it has now been more than six months and the Libyan military and armed Libyan citizens have become more and


effective at defeating the NATO rebels and mercenaries.

Ajoutée par le 25 sept. 2011

As previous reports have shown, there are hundreds of mercenaries from various countries in Libya from Britain, France, Qatar, Egypt,


United Arab Emirates and the US. Most of these mercenaries believed as the various leaders of their countries that the crusade to conquer


would take a few days but it has now been more than six months and the Libyan military and armed Libyan citizens have become more and


effective at defeating the NATO rebels and mercenaries.
NATO, which has played a key role in decimating Gadhafi’s military during the Libyan civil war, has kept up its air campaign since the fall of Tripoli

last month. The alliance said Monday its warplanes struck eight military targets near Sirte a day earlier, including an ammunition and vehicle storage

facility and

rocket launcher.

Eman Mohammed, a 30-year-old doctor at the city’s central Ibn Sina Hospital, said the facility was short on most medicines and no oxygen in the


rooms. She said most days, patients who reach the hospital find no one to treat them because fuel shortages and fear keep staff from coming to work.

She said

many recent injuries appear to be caused by revolutionary forces. “Most of the people killed or injured recently are from the shelling,” she said. [CNN]

Why do these doctors and medical personnel fear coming to hospital? It is because NATO and NATO rebels bomb the hospital.
“NATO has been bombing continuously. The children are scared. We had to leave. There was no option,” the Sirte resident said. [PRESS TV]

Libyan Child

SAIF al-Islam al Gadhafi: 

The downfall of the USA:  brother Leader of the al-Fatah Revolution w/ Banki Moon: 


Sanctions: Cut the Globalists Off From Humanity

Posted: 2011/09/28
From: Source
UN Sanctioning Sovereign Nations, We the People Sanctioning the Global Elite: Time to cut them off from humanity.
editorial by Tony CartalucciThe first step in destroying an entrenched enemy is to cut them off from the rest of the world. The globalists of NATO, the US, UK, France, Qatar, and others, have illustrated this principle in Libya on several levels. First they cut off the nation of Libya from the outside world, putting arms and trade embargoes on the Libyan government, blockading their shores, and seizing control of their airspace. As Benghazi’s Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) terror brigades swept across the country under NATO cover, raping, murdering, and brutalizing all in their path, the globalists began organizing the surrounding and cutting off of individual Libyan cities, allowing (and assisting) rebels in cutting off food, medical supplies, cooking gas, electricity, and unimaginably even water, literally to starve the populations into submission. While the people of Libya have shown immense resolve against this strategy, it is only because of the incompetence of NATO and the lack of fortitude, character, or any desirable human quality amongst the rebels that this process of isolating and besieging the Libyan people has failed.The absolute mockery the UN sanctioned NATO military intervention in Libya is making out of the contrived notion of “Responsibility to Protect (R2P)” is evident as civilians escaping from the Libyan city of Sirte accuse NATO of genocide, of bombing schools, hospitals, and homes and mass murdering innocent people. Additionally, under the cover of NATO, entire Libyan cities have been exterminated, with the population being rounded up, murdered or exiled and their property stolen. One such example, Tawarga, reported on by the Telegraph in their article, “Gaddafi’s ghost town after the loyalists retreat,” involved a town of 10,000 people whom the rebels said would never be allowed to return to their homes.Americans during World War II were asked to stand against fascism in Europe and imperialism in East Asia, to intervene in the transgressions of Germany and Japan against the sovereignty of neighboring nations. In hindsight, the British and Americans were just as guilty at the time of grooming their own empires, but hypocrisy aside, rising to the occasion to stop the building of empire over free humanity is indeed a noble cause. Who then will rise to the occasion today, against the US, UK, France, Qatar, NATO’s members and those backing the illegitimate UN, contrived International Criminal Court and other self-serving “international institutions” that are having their way with this planet? Who? And how?It isn’t just Libya that is in the cross-hairs. Afghanistan has suffered a decade of occupation and war at the hands of a banking, corporate-financier cartel who call themselves “globalists.” Iraq too is suffering a proxy government beholden to invading foreign powers. The people of Uganda are literally being massacred so Anglo-American bankers can scoop up vast tracts of land to fuel yet another Ponzi economic scam, one based not on fiat currency, but even further-fetched “carbon credits.” When one looks at the vast amount of resources at the disposal of the “globalists” they feel overwhelmed and not unexpectedly ask what can anyone do against such brazen, reckless disregard for human life, human sovereignty, and human rights?The answer is staring us in the face every time we pick up the corporate-newspapers or flip on the corporate-news channels and here the word “sanctions.” We the people must slap sanctions on the globalists, and it doesn’t even require a UN mandate to do it. It simply involves identifying the corporations and institutions that are enabling the globalist agenda, systematically boycotting them, and eventually replacing them entirely on a local or regional level. There is nothing a multinational corporation can do that the modern nation-state can’t, and in many cases, nothing multinationals can do that people can’t do even on a local level. And as technology advances in both terms of information and manufacturing, this equation will only tip further in “we the people’s” favor.The ghouls of globalism have demonstrated without doubt their insincerity over their proclaimed goals of establishing an “international order” based on the rule of law, where “the rule of law” is applied to everyone but themselves, who brazenly, and consistently violate even their own contrived mandates, edicts, and resolutions when it suits them. In Libya, the “Responsibility to Protect” turned into targeted assassinations, regime change, and nation building (read: neo-imperialism) before UNSC r.1973 came back from the printers – a foregone conclusion 30 years in the making, spun only as “humanitarian intervention” for public consumption. Thus the globalists have demonstrated that they are incapable of lording over humanity with their “international order,” and without doubt demonstrated the necessity of excising them and their ill-conceived notion of “global governance” entirely from society at all costs.The globalists have procured this vast amount of impressive power only through our own complicity. We daily, monthly, yearly, and from generation to generation pay into the vast, ever expanding corporations that make up the global elite. We elect to shop at their stores, buy their products, use their services, exchange their currency and keep that currency in their banks. We elect to divert our time, energy, and attention to their corporate sponsored spectacles, be it on the race track, the football field, the basketball court or the baseball diamond. We are told that our nation’s destiny is determined at the polls, and that the only way to effect real change is to choose from amongst several, bought off, corrupt, self-serving politicians, who needless to say, already serve the globalists, not the people. In reality, we vote everyday, with a vote far more effective and far reaching than anything that happens at election time. We vote with our purchases, our choice of how we spend our free time, and the way we utilize the resources we have at our disposal.It would then reason, that by not paying into the globalists’ corporations, institutions, and diverting ourselves with their distractions, we could begin repealing much of this unwarranted power they have accumulated. Eventually, we can begin replacing their corrupt, self-serving institutions that span the globe and presume dominion over all humanity, with local institutions that serve the people. It is not something that will be done overnight, it will take time. Even the globalists, with their endless power, must incrementally tighten their grip on their enemies, even ones as small as Libya. Surely everyone could easily do away with Coca-Cola and Pepsi today, as well as turning off the corporate-sponsored diversions on TV and on the sports fields. If we can’t perhaps we don’t deserve freedom or prosperity, but the mere, fleeting illusion of it we are afforded by our globalist overlords when it suits them. America’s Founding Fathers would most likely be appalled at how modern day Americans have pawned off self-reliance, freedom, and independence for the illusion of security, convenience, and even entertainment. We need to stop looking for heroes to save us, and simply find ourselves a mirror. We are the key to our own salvation, as no one cares about our best interests more than we the people, our families, and our immediate communities.Let us commit to putting “sanctions” on the globalists. Cut these degenerate megalomaniacs off from the world they so desire to dominate. Leave their stadiums empty, their airlines destitute, their checkpoints desolate, their corporate troughs filled with Chinese made slave goods virtual ghost towns, their banks as trusted and relied upon for economic activity as that game of monopoly collecting dust in the closet. Put them out of business, put them out of business forever. They have demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt that they, not some cave dwelling fundamentalist or Libyan colonel, are the greatest threat we as humanity face.For a partial list of corporations that absolutely must be put out of business please see: “Naming Names.” To see why even seemingly benign corporations like Pepsi and Coca-Cola are accomplices in the most egregious crimes against humanity, see: “Destroy the Globalists.” For alternatives to the vast, globalist consumer paradigm, please see: “The Globalists’ Worst Nightmare.” #

Sirte Civilians: NATO Committing Genocide

Corporate media admits Libya operation is brutal genocide – keeps cheering for NATO & rebels.
by Tony CartalucciAs reported earlier, weeks ago, rebel forces led by US State Department [1] and UK Home Office [2] listed
from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) [3], a subsidiary of Al Qaeda, announced plans to starve out cities resisting their
foreign backed bid for power. The London Telegraph reported in an article titled, “Libya crisis: Rebel leaders hoping to starve
Gaddafi stronghold
of Sirte into submission,” that under the cover of heavy NATO bombing rebel leaders hoped “to starve Col Gaddafi’s home town
of Sirte into
submission, laying siege to his last remaining stronghold in an attempt to avoid mass bloodshed, according to the man
spearheading efforts for a
peaceful takeover.”
Fox News would relay an AP report on September 2, 2011, that rebel commanders declared, “we want to save our
fighters and not lose a single
one in battles with Qaddafi’s forces. In the end, we will get Sirte, even if we have to cut water and electricity and let
NATO pound it with airstrikes.”
AP cited Mohammed al-Rajali, a spokesman for the rebel leadership in the eastern city of Benghazi.

After weeks of attempting to encircle and starve into submission the cities of Bani Walid and Sirte, the “National

Transitional Council” had claimed the

resulting humanitarian disaster was of Qaddafi’s own creation. CNN, after admitting earlier that anti-Qadhafi forces

on the outskirts of Sirte and Bani

Walid had cut off supplies into the cities and amassed weaponry for heavy battle, has reported in another article

titled, “NTC claims humanitarian

disaster in Gadhafi stronghold,” that “that Gadhafi forces are robbing food stores, leaving civilian residents to starve.”

This was an attempt to explain

the predictable atrocities that were soon to follow and shift the blame away from NATO and its rebel proxies.

This week, NATO’s proxy rebel forces made yet another “final assault” on the coastal city of Sirte, accompanied by

days of intense NATO bombardment

(34 strike sorties on September 24 alone [4]). With the densely populated city’s defenses still keeping rebels

and presumably their NATO special

operations advisers on the city’s outskirts, it is a mystery as to how they claim to be identifying only military

targets, let alone accurately hitting them.

Such intense bombing could only be indiscriminately killing civilians, contra to the entire narrative NATO

used to initiate their intervention in the first


Indeed, the Australian has reported, in an article titled, “Sirte civilians accuse NATO of genocide,” that civilians

fleeing NATO’s premeditated

humanitarian disaster are describing wanton genocide at the hands of NATO bombing and rebel atrocities on the

ground. Civilians claim their homes

have been destroyed and that female family members are being kidnapped as they attempt to escape checkpoints

controlled by rebel forces.

Not surprisingly, the myriad of George Soros and US State Department funded “human rights advocacy” groups,

including  Amnesty International

(page 10) [5], Human Rights Watch [6], as well as National Endowment for Democracy-funded Freedom House [7],

Reporters Without Borders [8],

and International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) [9], are no where to be found to verify these claims, or so

much as bring them to light, and

the Australian itself attempts to cast doubts on the accusations by claiming they only observed rebel forces

handing out food and water at checkpoints –

as if the rebels would kidnap refugee women in front of the international press.

The Australian also reported a Sirte resident as saying, “NATO bombing is killing civilians. Where is the

United Nations? Where is the Muslim world to stop

this genocide of the people of Sirte?”After the Libyan rebels, under UN sanctioned NATO air cover, have

verifiably exterminated or exiled entire cities, as

was the case for Tawarga, reported on by the Telegraph in their article, “Gaddafi’s ghost town after the

loyalists retreat,” this is a very important question.

The answer unfortunately is that the United Nations not only knows what is going on, but doesn’t care

and is doing everything in its power to ensure it

continues on in earnest. The entire purpose of these “international institutions” is to lend legitimacy to

what would otherwise be a unilateral military

campaign of conquest. And despite dressing it up with UN resolutions and a torrent of disingenuous

corporate media propaganda, it is still just that – a

genocidal, brutal, campaign of military conquest, not to protect “civilians,” quite obviously,

but to extend Anglo-American hegemony across the

planet in the form of their “international order.” [10]

[1] US State Department, List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, #26 Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)
[2] UK Home Office Proscribed Terrorist Groups, page 5
[3] 2007 West Point Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) report
[4] NATO Source, Alliance News Blog, Update: NATO activities in Libya on September 24
[5] Amnesty International 2010 Annual Report, page 10 listed as “Open Society Georgia” a Soros subsidiary.
[6] Human Rights Watch website, “Partners” listed as “Open Society Institute & Soros Foundations Network”
[7] National Endowment for Democracy website, Multiregional & Miscellaneous, listed as “Freedom House”
[8] Reporters Without Borders, Income & Expenditures, 2008: listed as “Private foundations included the

the Sigrid Rausing Trust,

the Overbrook Foundation, the Center for a Free Cuba and the US National Endowment for Democracy.”
[9] FIDH Financial Statements, Foundations, Associations and other institutions (right column)
[10] Brookings Institute’s “Libya’s Test of the New International Order,” February 2011

Posted by Land Destroyer at 10:24 PM

TNC In Chaos: 80% of Tripoli under Green Banner.

Posted on 01 October 2011 by nsnbc

The Sieges on Sirte and Bani Walid are breaking up, so does the the Transitional National Counsel. Jalil is calling for establishing a new government while the majority of TNC members desert it. Abdelhakim Belhadj describes the situation as chaotic. Is he making a move for power.     by Dr. Christof Lehmann

In spite of it´s absolute air superiority, NATO is loosing the battle on the ground. Today the citizens of Bani Walid woke up to a surprise. Instead of the usual bombs, NATO planes dropped thousands of fliers telling the people to leave the city or to be considered military targets. Is NATO preparing for an onslaught with bobs in a desperate attempt to turn around the lost battle on the ground.

Tonight nsnbc received confirmed reports that the siege on Bani Walid and Sirte is broken. Though there are heavy clashes around both cities, the resistance inside the cities has now established contact with the military, Tribal and Volunteer Forces that came to their relief.

Tonight heavy fighting erupted in and around the Green Square in Tripoli. A NATO ammunition depot in Tripoli harbor was seized by Libyan Forces. There was heavy fighting at both Tripoli´s military airport as well as Mitiga Airport. Tribal militia from Zintan secured several banks in Tripoli and began refunding money that had been seized by the TNC.  The Zintan militia also stormed several prison facilities and liberated numerous PoW´s that had been captured during the last months of fighting. The result of tonights fighting;The Green Flag is flying over 80% of Tripoli.

The proverb of “the rats abandoning the sinking vessel“, the majority of TNC members have quit their membership and positions. Abdelhakim Belhadj explained this morning, that Jalil is making desperate attempts to call for unity and is offering to “establish a new government“. The general response to Jalil´s call is quarrels, were TNC members blame each other for working for either this or the other NATO country. Belhadj called Jalil´s call for unity “rediculous in the face of the fact that almost 90 % of it´s members had abandoned the TNC“.

Is Abdelhakim Belhadj realizing that the battle is lost, will he make a move in an attempt to grasp power as many have expected for a long time. In the face of the military situation in Tripoli there is not much time left to make a decision. Regardless if it will be a Belhadj, a Jalil, a Jibril, or any other of the foreign nations agents who will make a grasp for power, it will most likely be a short lived affair. By no means does the latest development mean that the war in Libya is over, but the balance of power has undoubtedly changed tonight in Tripoli. The residents of Tripoli and other liberated cities and areas will do everything in their power to keep the TNC mercenary armies and the foreign agents who are infighting for power at bay. A look at the latest reports from Human Rights Watch amply explain why that is so.

Has Russia given a message to NATO that they are closely monitoring the situation in Libya while discussing Syria at the U.N..Russia has so far refused to accept three modified draft resolutions on Syria at the United Nations. Russian relations to NATO have recently be stressed to the extreme. The situation in Syria being one stressor, the situation in Kosovo another, and the outrage over NATO´s toppling and assassination attempt on Muammar Ghadafi a third, among many other. Russia´s permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin said on Friday, that the Western countries haven´t shown readiness to reach an understanding with Moscow over some points of the draft resolution. Most likely NATO will have to interpret Russia´s signal on Friday containing an implicit message that NATO´s bombing of Libyan civilians must stop. Is that the reason why NATO chose to drop paper rather than bombs on Bani Walid and Sirte.

What is utterly unexplainable in the international developments on Libya is Iran´s unequivocal support of Belhadj, Jalil, Jibil and NATO´s aggression in Libya, while protesting the ongoing insurgency into Syria. In a video broadcast on YT Channel Morris 108, yesterday,Richard Bos asked some pressing questions to Press TV and commented on the Iranian approach to Libya. Bos correctly states, that if Iran hopes to appease NATO by turning a blind eye to Libya, it may have diplomatic advantages, and that all precedence provides ample evidence for the fact that appeasing NATO does not stop ongoing subversions.

Dr. Christof Lehmann


Richard Boss Questions to Press TV and Iran

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Libya witness: “rebels” killing civilians, food & water short

As the forces of Libya’s new rulers continue their siege of the two remaining Gaddafi strongholds, we spoke to an eye witness. A woman from Tripoli, who asked that we call her Selma, was in Beni Walid a day ago. Speaking in a low voice in fear for her life, she said former rebels care little about the well being of civilians.
RT Television  

Failure in Libya

The War Party strikes out

by ,   28 September 2011

Libya represents the failure of the interventionist project envisioned by the Obama administration: as rebel gangs run wild, attacking rival tribesmen – and “traitors,” like their former commander-in-chief – the country threatens to become what the more ambitious interventionists love best: a Failed State, that is, a state that fails to maintain its monopoly on the use of force in a given geographical area. For the War Party, every such failure is an opportunity to fill the power vacuum.

Faster than you can say “I told you so,” we’ll have boots on the ground. No other course is possible, given what is unfolding in Libya at the moment. The country hasno real government – a condition the Powers That Be cannot allow any longer than a few weeks. It could be that the National Transitional Council (NTC) will proclaim itself the “official” government, having already achieved this recognition from theNATO powers and the UN. Yet the reality on the ground is and will continue to be quite different. As the smoke begins to clear, one thing is becoming apparent: foreign troops will be patrolling the streets of Tripoli quite soon – and indeed they are alreadythere, albeit out of uniform.

As Libya comes more and more to resemble Somalia writ large, the blowback coming our way from the “responsibility to protect” doctrine will continue to waft over Washington, and the capitals of Europe. The West cannot and will not allow such disorder to exist in such close proximity to Europe: Somalia borders the Indian Ocean, but Libya’s famous beaches line the Mediterranean. Without a real government to deal with, the West will be forced to negotiate with the many tribal entities and independent actors who are splintering the former Libyan state into ever-smaller pieces. With the Western region demanding more representation in the NTC, the Gadhafi loyalists still on the loose, and thousands of weapons – some of them quite sophisticated – disappearing into the Libyan night, it’s quite a muddle – which just about describes the state of our Middle East policy at this juncture.

Look at what this administration has “accomplished” on the Libyan front: a three-way civil war, at the very least, between various rebel factions and Gadhafi loyalists – and the prospect that heavy weapons, including from Gadhafi’s arsenals, have fallen into the hands of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). The “former” leader of this terrorist outfit is the new commander of the rebels’ armed forces. Once tagged as the Libyan franchise of al-Qaeda, LIFG is supposed to have been disbanded, but it has merely taken on a new name: the Libyan Army.

How did this happen?

Under the “liberal” Obama, the US has launched a major effort to consolidate and extend its Middle Eastern colonization program into fresh territory, pushing forward the frontiers of empire both physically and ideologically – and this latter aspect of the new aggressiveness is what I find interesting.

The “responsibility to protect” doctrine, the banner unfolded as we went into the Libyan battle, represents the complete descent of the ruling elites of the West intomadness. If insanity requires a certain unselfconsciousness, an inability as well as an unwillingness to see one’s actions objectively, then surely this describes the Western mindset as we hail Libya’s chaotic “liberation.” To look at what is happening in that country and declare it a “success” – or, indeed, anything other than a catastrophe – is clear evidence of mental disability. The blinding madness of our ruling elites has them lurching from one disaster to the next, and proclaiming it a great success – without any awareness of how close the whole imperialist project is to collapse.

As Afghan insurgents strike at the very heart of the American occupation, Kabul, and Iraq comes apart at the seams, ever-cheerful US officials tweet their imaginary “victories.” The Taliban is in retreat, the Afghans are “stepping up,” and the Iraqis, too– we’ve been subjected to this torrent of lies for years, now, and I doubt anyone even listens anymore. It is like that voice coming out of the ever-present telescreens in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, hailing “our glorious victory on the Malabar Front!”

This administration speaks in a different voice than its predecessor, but it’s a change in tone rather than content: the point is still to get us to sign on to the combined world-saving project and war of revenge that commenced the day after 9/11/01. But the tone has significantly altered: this is imperialism of the “smart” variety,” one that seeks to sell the old imperialism as a form of militarized social work – a particularly useful fiction as we begin to intervene more aggressively in Africa.

This talking point, mainly aimed at an American audience, is complemented by our new counterinsurgency doctrine, known as “COIN”[.pdf] : championed by CIA director and former Middle East top commander Gen. David Petraeus, this doctrine is an Americanized version of the old Maoist-Guevarist strategy which likened revolutionaries to fish who must “swim among the people.” By living with “the people,” and sharing their lot, the theory is that US troops could themselves deploy the tactics of a classical insurgency, in effect mimicking the enemy. Just as the Viet-Cong, or, say Hezbollah, created a parallel government in the shadow of occupation, so Afghan villagers would gratefully accept the “government in a box” US strategists had designed for them. The Petraeus Doctrine, in short, amounts to a policy of nation-building from the bottom up: “clear, hold, and build,” as the COIN-dinista slogan puts it.

So much of this New Think consists of slogans, instead of real arguments: a collection of talking points, however, is not a real military strategy.

It all sounds hunky-dory: gain the people’s confidence by successfully protecting them against the Bad Guys, giving them “infrastructure,” and building institutions that inspire confidence in the American presence. There’s just one problem, however: the Afghans’ conception of just exactly who are the Bad Guys is quite different from our own. The COIN-dinistas evade the central problem of counterinsurgency theory: how to reverse the natural hostility of a population to an army of occupation. This “live with the people” strategy was tried by the British before and during the American Revolution, in the course of which British soldiers, including Hessians, were boarded in the homes of the rebels – and we all know how that turned out.

There’s no escaping it: no matter how you dress it up, whether in the clean white robes of “humanitarianism” and the “responsibility to protect,” or the purple robes of “benevolent global hegemony”: today we are King George III. Our far-flung legions are fighting insurgencies throughout Central Asia and the Middle East, from Afghanistan to Somalia and several points in between. Our President is a veritable Emperor, in the foreign policy realm, with the military at his beck and call. We maintain a commanding global presence in the form of bases and military assets on and around every continent. America is a world empire, one that has lost itsrepublican veneer almost entirely, and no counterinsurgency theory can change the context within which US troops abroad operate.

The geniuses over at the State Department elevated the demonstrably unsuccessfulPetraeus Doctrine to the level of policy, and applied it to Libya – with entirely predictable results. But that’s the essence of madness, isn’t it: repeating the same nonsensical behavior while expecting different results each time.

The Great Socialist North African Jamahiriya Revisited: Morrocan, Algerian and Libyan Tribes Meet to Unite

Posted: 2011/10/04
From: Mathaba
Commentary by Dennis south on the inevitable extension of Jamahiriya across much of North Africa and the Sahel-Sahara region of Africa
It is time for all of North Africa to follow the tribes and to make the commitment to create the unified, free and strong, Great Socialist North African Jamahiriya.By Dennis SouthOn September 4th, 2011, Mathaba published an article that I wrote, entitled, The Great Socialist North African Jamahiriya. The reader can read the article at his or her leisure.I had essentially two purposes for writing the article. Firstly, I felt that no country in North Africa would be safe unless all of North Africa was united through a common political and social system, or ideology. I felt that the defense of all of North Africa could best be achieved by the joining of North African countries (see the article for the ones that I listed) into one entity.Secondly, I felt that the union of North Africa would be a first step for the eventual union of all of the African continent. This has been the big dream of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi for decades.In truth, when I wrote the article, I wondered if such a thing was possible. I examined my mind: Why was I making such a proposal? Who am I to make such a proposal? Was I speaking as a dreamy-eyed ideologue, or an “armchair revolutionary?”Well, it will be one month tomorrow (October 4th) since that article appeared.  And today, Dr. Christof Lehmann, of NSNBC (NSpin News BChristof Lehmann), revealed some very interesting news.  Incidentally, Dr. Lehmann’s NSNBC has become well-known for its accuracy in reporting the situation on the ground in Libya.  He says:”According to reliable sources, a series of secret meetings between tribal leaders from Zintan, Libya and Algeria resulted tonight in an agreement that a  unified front of tribal militia will enter the war which they call “The War for the Liberation of Northern Africa”. According to the same sources this alliance of tribes is backed by a unified North African Front, including Moroccan Tribes as well as Polisario who is fighting against the Moroccan administration of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.”Many members of Sahrawi´s provisional government and Polisario fighters are living in exile in AlgeriaThe Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic was officially recognized by Libya in 1980, and is  recognized by a wide range of countries, none of which is a NATOmember state.”Is this a vision whose time has come? Well, sorry for the cliche, but only time will tell.  Yet, it seems possible that NATO, through its mind-boggling, demonic, satanic genocidal war against the Libyan people, has awakened a sleeping giant.All over the Internet, including here at Mathaba, one can read articles warning of the new imperialist/colonialist goal of conquering all of Africa, or controlling all of Africa and African resources. There have been great fears that the powerful countries of the North could not be stopped; that their eventual control of Africa was “inevitable.”But I submit to the reader that the assault of NATO on Libya may not be the signal of the “inevitable” conquering of Africa by the northern countries. I submit–as difficult as this is for me to say, and as hard as it might be for you to hear–that NATO‘s genocidal war against Libya, has turned out to be a profound blessing for the people of North Africa, and, in time, for the entire continent of North Africa.That “blessing” can now be seen in a tangible form, through the announcement by the Libyan, Algerian, and Moroccan tribes of The War for the Liberation of Northern Africa. It would do well for the North African governments to follow suit, along with the tribes, and make the revolutionary move of unity. For, in time–if the North African governments do not assist in the revolutionary move to unity, the people of North Africa will remove those governments. This is my opinion.It is perhaps significant that the New York Times newspaper carried an article about the very real, intellectual/social/political debates that are occuring in Arab and Muslim countries concerning the form of government that those countries should have. This is a “hot and heavy” debate that is occurring all over the Muslim and Arab world.

One wonders whether or not the “intellectuals” involved in these debates will stop for a moment and realize what has unfolded before their very eyes: A tiny country of 6 million people–a population smaller than the population of the Chicago metropolitan area–has, in reality, defeated the most powerful military alliance in human history.

So, what further need is there to engage in intellectual debates about what kind of governmental system would be best for the Arab and Muslim nations? Was it the military prowess of the Libyan Defence Forces that caused this victory for the Libyan people? A military expert that I know personally, told me that the Libyan Army was not considered a good Army, by military standards.

Personally, despite the immense military expertise of the expert who told me that, I have a hard time believing that the Libyan Army is not a good army. But, when I think about it again; and when I remove my ego from the situation–an ego that makes it difficult for me to hear someone say that the Libyan Army is not a good army–I begin to realize something.

I begin to realize that it is not the Libyan Armed Forces that won this battle. It is the Libyan Jamahiriya system of government that won this battle!

And every Arab, Muslim, and African country should take note. I repeat: It is the system of government, the Jamahiriya, that has led Libya to this profound victory. It is the Jamahiriya system of direct democracy that brought victory to the Libyan people.

At Bani Walid, Sirte, Sabha, Tripoli, the people had been prepared, for 42 years, in the art of direct-democracy self-governance.  Unlike the United States, where the average person is not engaged in the political process, the people of Libya are deeply engaged in the political process, on the local level.

At Bani Walid, Sirte, Sabha, Tripoli, 42 years of experience in self-governance gave the people the practiced confidence to fend for themselves, until the Libyan Defence Force was able to finally reach them and help with their defence. There was no waiting for the army. The people, themselves, knew what to do.

Listen to me! I tell you that, beyond any doubt, the only thing protecting the United States is two oceans. If the U.S. was invaded, the people would panic. They would have ZERO idea what to do. There would be mass chaos. Every single individual would be working for his own survival, and maybe (yes, maybe) the survival of his family.

If anybody on earth, particularly the Arab and Muslim countries, had any doubt, formerly, about the efficacy of the Jamahiriya system, then there can be no doubt any longer. All doubt has now been removed, because the proof has been laid bare for the entire world to see: The Jamahiriya system of direct democracy has proven itself, during the worse crises that it has ever encountered, to be supremely efficacious!

And, as we all know, it is when a crises occurs that the character of an individual, or a nation, is really tested.  Have not the Libyan people and the Libyan Jamahiriya passed the test?  Have not the Libyan people and the Libyan Jamahiriya amply and supremely proven that they can withstand the greatest crises put before them?

And remember: The Jamahiriya system of government came out of the sands, and sons, of North AfricaThe Jamahiriya system of government came out of the mind of an African-Arab man: Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The Jamahiriya system did not come out of Europe. The Jamahiriya system did not come out of America. The Jamahiriya system did not come out of Russia, or China, or India or any place out. The Jamahiriya system came out of the sands and sons of North Africa.

It flowed from the thoughts of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Those thoughts were formalized and presented in his Green Book, out of which came the alternative to communism and capitalism, The Third Universal Theory, or The Third International Theory.

The Green Book also produced The International Green Charter Movement. This movement is spreading around the world.

The efficiacy of the Jamahiriya system can be seennot only in the fact that the Jamahiriya government has won this victory over a powerful coalition of nations, but by the fact that Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, has instituted a form of the Jamahiriya system in Venezuela, and has openly stated his deep admiration for the Libyan Jamahiriya system of government. As is stated by Ian James, in his September 12th, 2011 Associated Press article entitled, “Venezuela’s Chavez sees cautionary tale in Libya,” also reproduced here at Mathaba, under the title, “Chavez offers unwavering support for Moammar Gadhafi,”

Chavez has long admired Gadhafi and the political ideals in his Green Book, the manifesto that promotes “direct democracy” rather than traditional representative government and argues that public participation through “popular congresses” is key.Chavez has similarly set up neighborhood “communal councils” that aim to boost involvement in local decision-making, and both former military men have cast themselves as leaders with unshakable links to their public.”

Note the phrase, “that aim to boost involvement in local decision-making.” After 42 years of practice, on the local level, of direct democracy, through the participation of the Libyan people in their local revolutionary committees and popular congresses, the efficacy of the Jamahiriya system has met its toughest test–and passed with double honors. It seems to me that all debate, in Muslim and Arab countries, regarding what type of system they should use, is now a profound waste of time–and time is precious, especially in the face of a determined enemy, the Northern countries, that have their eyes on conquering North Africa, and the entire African continent.

There is an expression: “A prophet is not honored in his own homeland.” Far away from North Africa, Hugo Chavez has instituted the Jamahiriya direct-democracy system in Venezuela. Will North African governments dishonor Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and themselves? Or will they embrace their brother, and feel happy–not jealous–that this Jamahiriya system came out of the sands and sons of North Africa, for their benefit?

It is time, right now, for all of North Africa to follow the tribes that are, at this moment, moving towards the right direction–unity. Understand this: The sacrifices for the establishment of The Great Socialist North African Jamahiriya have already been made.

And those sacrifices were made by the 60,000 Libyan people who died as martyrs, watering the sands of North Africa with their blood. “The blood of the martyrs waters the garden of freedom.” Do not allow their blood to be shed in vain. It is time for all of North Africa to follow the tribes, and to make the commitment to create the unified, free and strong, Great Socialist North African Jamahiriya.

About Dennis South

I have been serving, for 43 years, the cause of helping to create a new, balanced and peaceful world.


In the Media

Moussa Ibrahim says NATO bombs are killing Sirte civilians

In the interview Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim gave to confirm his capture was lies, he tells of the dangers 180,000 civilians face in Sirte. He claims they are being bombarded with NATO bombs.
Libya 360 has provided a full translation of the interview Gaddafi spokesman Ibrahim Moussa gave as it was confirmed that allegations of his capture were propaganda lies. During the interview Ibrahim speaks of the perilous situation which 180,000 civilians face in Sirte, and describes how ordinary Libyans are fighting against the joint alliance of NTC troops and NATO.Ibrahim begins by speaking of his own purported capture by National Transitional Council troops which was disseminated by an NTC commander. He says

“I am not surprised that these rumours and lies have been wrongfully claimed by the heads of the Council of Shame and traitorship in Libya and the reporting and follow up of such statements by the media outlets, who in an organized way co-operate with NATO and the NATO rebels.”

Regarding the current situation in Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte, Ibrahim said

“180,000 still remain within the city, added to the fact that full tribes have come to Sirte because the gangs entered and invaded their villages.”

Reports have shown that 5,000 refugees from Tarwehga fled to Sirte.

Ibrahim says that civilians in Sirte

“are being bombarded right now from overhead, buildings falling etc. The tanks and regiments and grad missiles, hit without considering military targets hitting civilians.”

As many dismiss any statements made by members of the former Gaddafi government, there are independent reports that verify Ibrahim’s words. One of the civilians with the means to flee Sirte with his family told Sky News

“There are bombs, only bombs, we are scared but the fighting does not stop.”

It isn’t only NATO bombs that civilians must face but ongoing fighting between NTC rebel troops and pro-Gaddafi fighters. NTC fighter Ahmad Ibrahim, told Sky News

“We do not want to hit innocent people or hurt innocent people but you know this is a war.”

However Sky witnessed NTC fighters firing mortars and rockets well into the city. RT quote an eyewitness who was fleeing Sirte say

“The people who are trapped inside are in danger. There is random shelling everywhere.”

Moussa Ibrahim states that the real situation in Sirte is being ignored. He says civilian

“inhabitants in Sirte are being truly massacred and wiped out in their homes…thousands of people.”

NATO bombing is intensifying rather than relaxing though in a desperate attempt to aid NTC rebels take control of the town so that a total victory against Gaddafi can be claimed. The pressure is on so that the NATO operation can wind down and the NTC can concentrate on handing out oil contracts to its allies.

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LIBYA 360°


© Compiled and Edited by Alexandra Valiente for Libya 360°.


Leader of the World Revolution

Truth is the first casualty of war, yet however persistently NATO’s mighty Wurlitzer is played, or how many news outlets repeat the psyops refrain, evidence is mounting that utterly crushes the illusion that all is well with the globalists and their NTC puppets. Their plans are unraveling and it is clear that the NTC will never assume power, not even if NATO were to remain one hundred years!

Libya’s Resistance is proving disastrous for NATO and their fight is just beginning. The masterful strategies demonstrated daily by the Resistance are nothing short of stunning.

Every time NATO announces the fall of a strategic city or town, their troops are defeated and forced to retreat in shame.

NATO is defeated daily, in spite of embargoes which deny besieged cities and towns electricity, water and fuel.

Alhough they endure shortages of food, clean water and medicine, the people continue to resist and beat back the rebels and NATO’s mercenaries, even while under unrelenting aerial bombardment.

This courageous Resistance is unique in all aspects. The world has never witnessed this before. It is time that people pay careful attention.

NATO has brazenly boasted about Libya offering them a template for launching future wars of aggression.

Do they not know that the valiant Libyan Resistance has given the people of the world a template for overthrowing the globalists?

©Alexandra Valiente
Libya 360°






I have been told that this map was accurate on August 31, 2011. Rebel gains are shown in blue. Libyan gains are shown in green. (courtesy ofDon Debar – also see the Eyewitness Presentations)

This map was being circulated in mainstream media during the same time period. Rebel gains are marked in blue. The discrepancies between the two maps reveal the gap between reality and NATO psy-ops.

This map has NOT been confirmed as accurate…will update…

This current map from OZYISM is in accord with recent Russian reports. Some comment that what does it matter if most of the land is desert? This land is where the oil fields are as well as the massive underground aquifer, the source of the Great Man Made River. Therefore, the strategic importance of the Libyan people having control of this vast area cannot be understated.

© Copyright 2011 by Libya 360°

This page may be republished for non-commercial purposes as long as reprints include a verbatim copy of the article/page in its entirety, respecting its integrity and cite the author and Libya 360° as the source including a live link to the article/page.



  1. Saif al-Islam:

    “Brothers, you need to enter Tripoli today by force!.
    This land is the land of your forefathers. Don’t hand it over!”

    “God, Muammar and just Libya!”

    Our Brother Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi’s speech 26/09/11 – Zero hour will inevitably come.
    brother leader gadafi
    To Libya and its free people:
    Leader of the Revolution held a speech broadcasted over the Bani Walid radio 26 SEPT. 2011

    “Glory to you, greatest heroes of the Libyan people!
    You carry a proud blood of your ancestors!
    They were telling lies that Gaddafi is in Veneceuela , and than in Niger, but I’m here with you.
    There are also servants of the colonialists among our people, which I’m ashamed of.
    Hold on and be prepared on daily basis, I’m receiving calls from all the cities on Jamahiryan territory, and the zero hour will inevitably come.
    People who were martyred are eternal, they fought and died for their country to be free of colonialism and chains. Just as their fathers wished for in 1969… Forward… Forward…
    The most easiest solution was to say to the colonial powers in the begining to come and take the oil from our people and stop the agression. But the blood of my ancestors and my father and my children and my grandchildren and all the young children and Libyan women and Libyan men and Sheiks, blood of all who were martyred by the bombs in this agression, pushed us to the path of defiance and rejection of colonialism.

    We have said and continue to say… This is the oil of the Libyan people, not French or British. This food belongs to people, it is not my property nor theirs, it belongs to the people!
    The resistant and awaiting martyrdom of the heroes,martyrdom which is true to the verse. To some of you who are waiting- do not be sad cause you will become weak, be patient for victory. Libya is not the first country in the world to be attacked by the planes and fleets of the largest coalition in the history of the world, but they overlooked the fact that Libya has a history and that Libyans are the greatest nation on earth in their resistance, persistance and defiance of the agression!
    Libya will never be for traitors, Libya will be a hell for them!
    A hell for NATO, west and its agents!

  2. UPDATES from “Stop the Agression in Libya”:

    Some rats destroyed the grave of Saif Al-Arab Al-Gaddafi and when they found his corpse they destroyed it… As Saddam Hussein once said: “A lion is always a lion and a dog will always be a dog.”.

    Moscow asks the UN to stop the No-Fly-Zone over Libya.
    The Libyan Army and Libyan moujaheeds have destroyed oil-refining factory in Ragdaline.

    The Tuaregs tribes have killed and captured many rebels which have gone to attack

    Latest News
    During a successful operation, which did not cause personal unhappiness, the Libyan military forces moved to liberate the patriots that mercenaries pro NATO have put into a prison Jadeeda Tripoli. The Libyan Army freed several army members and pro-Gaddafi civilians who were abducted in Al-Jadeeda prison in Tripoli; not a single army member was injured.

    Tripoli: 35 NATO mercenaries from Egypt, Qatar and European countries were killed on the hands of the Libyan Army.
    at 12:11 PM

    The other bold actions of resistance, which is discussed in NATO is a control of the streets and districts. Source /


    In Tripoly Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds were liberated all patriots from Tripoli prisons.

    In Tunisia Libyan prime minister Al Bagdi Al Mahmudi was liberated by Tunisian authority.


    Post: BREAKING NEWS 27.9.2011
    Sirte is controlled by Libyan Army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers.

    Alan Jules in the latest article says that Gaddafi cames back – and does it loudly. “Shake, a gang of child-killers” – says Jules. He says that the tribes did not support a puppet government, although the media did not talk about it. As it would be desirable that the media announce that Gadhafi escaped, arrested, killed, hanged, but those dreams of the media are far from realization, because the Libyans give Gadhafi support and daily assistance in the face of barbarism NATO.

    According to Jules, there will be even a larger operation in Tripoli and Benghazi soon. Faced with the threat to their children, women and elderly Libyans come out of their stupor. The reality is that, that Brega, Zawiya and Ras Lanuf are no longer in the hands of the PNS, despite the blackout “in the media, .

    Al-Mutasim Al-Gaddafi Interview

    “Seven Days News” conducted an interview with Al-Mutasim Billah Al-Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader Mouammar Al-Gaddfi.
    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2011
    Al-Mutasim message:

    “We are currently fighting on two fronts: one of them is protecting our cities that I send my best regards to like Bani Walid, Sabha, Sirt and their sisters, the front is at the south of Libya where we discovered how weak the NATO and his fighters are in and there are huge areas in which they failed to control; the work has started in Ghadames and Ghat to liberate the weak cities and to turn them to strongholds for us.”

    “The leader is fine and in good health, he is at the front guiding, organizing and planning; now he believes more than ever that the NTC is weak and that it can’t intake all the tribes, areas and ideologies of Libya. And NATO can’t give the traitors any help when it comes to guerilla wars.”
    “We send our regards to the courageous cities of Sabha, Bani Walid, Ghedamas, Sirt and all the loyal cities in Libya, we also ask the loyal tribe Warfala to denounce itself from the impostor Mahmoud Jibril who claims to be its representer in the new cabinet. We have been contacted by many groups of civilians who want to fight for their country and we tell them if you are a group of three, five or seven coordinate yourselves and fight where you are. There are loyalists who told us that they can easily assassinate leaders in the NTC and we gave them the green light to do so.”.

    Al-Mutasium Billah Al-Gaddafi
    finally sent a message to the Libyan people:

    “I send my regards to all the honourable people in Libya and those who stand with us from all countries and we tell them that we know well how to defeat our enemies, this is our country Libya, and I thank the tribes of the South who started moving

    Moutassim al-Bilah al-Gadhafi


    NATO rebel fighters are trapped by the Libyan army in a small area in the city of Ghadames, the NTC officials refused to help their fighters there due to the difficulty of the situation and the rebels are in deep misery.

    We will shortly publish an interview of Moutassem Al-Gaddafi that he had with 7 Days News.

    NATO hit Sirte with more than 89 striker from battleships and planes in less than six hours.

    The NATO rebels tortured and killed a pro-Gaddafi civilian male in Tripoli, after the incident the victim’s brothers planted the green flag on their house; the rebels told the brothers to remove the flag but the brothers refused to do so which resulted in their killing.

    The Libyan Army (Gaddafi forces) attacked the Maitika base in Tripoli and killed several members of the NATO rebels.

    Rebels chief “Al-Initaki” was killed in Abou Salim on the hands of the Libyan Army.

    The Libyan Army freed several army members and pro-Gaddafi civilians who were abducted in Al-Jadeeda prison in Tripoli; not a single army member was injured.

    Tripoli: 35 NATO mercenaries from Egypt, Qatar and European countries were killed on the hands of the Libyan Army.

    The early hours of the morning saw the Libyan Army take on the leftovers of the NATO rebels’ fighter in the city of Zawiye.

    The Green Square in Tripoli also saw bouts between the Army and the NATO rebels and the fights are still happening.

    A tribe from Misrata left the NATO rebels and are now fighting against them in Sirt next to the might Libyan Army.

    The NATO rebels tried to enter Ghadames earlier today but they faced tough competition from the city’s loyal citizens and were defeated.

    NATO rebel army chief Sami Ali Tarhouni was killed today in Bani Walid after the members from the tribe of Tarhouna fired a rocket on the rebels that failed to enter the city.

    The NATO rebels tried to enter Sirt another time earlier tonight however as always they failed to do so. They lost a huge number of fighters and machineries.

    A might Libyan cell called “Al-Mujahid Al-Khamis’ Cell” attacked the airport in Tripoli and destroyed a plane.

    The media is falsely claiming that the NATO rebels are in control of the Sirte port, however this area have been cleansed from all rats and is under control of the might Libyan Army.

    NATO destroyed around 70 apartments in Sirte through airstrikes today, 27 SEPT 2011.

    More than 590 NATO fighters have arrived to different hospitals in Benghazi after they were wounded/killed in battles there.

    Around 350 NATO rebels were killed in Bani Walid and now the rats are 40 km away from the city.

    The NATO rebels have decided to attack Sirte from the sea side after they failed to attack it on land.
    NATO hit Sirte with more than 89 striker from battleships and planes in less than six hours.
    The NATO rebels executed tens of young fighters after they decided to return home and not fight the Libyan Army.

    NATO rebel fighters are trapped by the Libyan army in a small area in the city of Ghadames, the NTC officials refused to help their fighters there due to the difficulty of the situation and the rebels are in deep misery.

    After occupying Iraq, more than 60 international security companies are already negotiating with the NTC to take control over Libya. Most notable is the president of Canadian security company GardaWorld who has been in Libya since two weeks.

    There have been mass murdering by the NATO rebels towards natives of Taghoura, who fled the rats’ prisons.

    After the loss souls and money in Libya, Britain decided to remove all of its Apache Helicopters.

    Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reported that all the claims that Colonel Gaddafi used force in Libya against protesters are false.

    UN cars were seen entering Libya from the Tunisian borders.

    Al-Qaeda members gave the citizens of Darna that all mixed schools and mixed universities should be closed or they will destroy them.

    The Libyan rebels assassinated the media administrator of a pro-Gaddafi Facebook page.

  3. Africa Must Unite: Libya’s Sweet Revenge
    Posted: 2011/09/28
    From: Mathaba

    Gadhafi plans African unity

    By Dennis South

    This will be a short article, though it would be nice if someone could contribute a longer article that goes into great depth on the mechanics of African unity (what would be needed to achieve that goal), and the need for African unity. Because now is the time for such an article.

    Over the past 7 months there have been many calls for African nations to come to the aid of Brother Leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya. The African Union, months ago, to its credit, produced what analysts described as a very good proposal for peace negotiations between the Libyan Jamahiriya, and the so-called National Transitional Council. Elections were also called for.

    Unfortunately, the arrogance of both NATO and the NTC was such that they refused any negotiations, in part because they knew very well that if elections were held in Libya, 90 to 95% of Libyans would vote for Muammar Gaddafi. Instead, they repeated, over and over again–as if it were a mantra–“Gaddafi must go!” Then, once the war progressed, and NATO began to fully realize that it had entered a fight with “the mouse that roared,” namely, the courageous and strong Libyan people, their insistence that “Gaddafi must go” ceased.

    On July 20th, it was reported by the New York Times

    that the French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppé, said that the Libyan leader could stay in Libya [as if it was France’s decision!!] as long as he “completely gave up power.” Muammar Gaddafi, on the other hand, stated that France’s request was meaningless because Muammar had stepped down from power in the year 1979, resigning as General Secretary of the Libyan Jamahiriya, two years after handing all power to the people of Libya. France, Britain, the U.S. and other countries knew this very well, but ignored it.

    As time passed, the U.S. attempted to use political and diplomatic pressure on African nations, even sending Hillary Clinton

    to an African Union meeting to “demand” that African countries recognize the NTC. The AU rejected Clinton’s arrogant pressure tactics, and President Zuma, of South Africa, blasted NATO for “overreaching”

    its authority, in direct violation of United Nations resolution No. 1973.

    In time, NATO and the rebels used Hollywood tactics

    [Dr. Tarpley’s explanation of the fake Doha props begins at 2:00 minutes into the video Hollywood tactics] to convince the entire world that all of Libya had fallen, especially Tripoli. These psychological and Hollywood operations may go down in history as amongst the most diabolical and evil tactics of all time. This was a mass, global brainwashing, if not hypnosis campaign, using the media as the deliverer of the message, that has convinced entire nations–including African nations, most unfortunately–to recognize the NTC.

    This campaign has borne diplomatic fruit for the NATO countries with the recent announcement, by the African Union, that it is prepared to recognize the NTC “on condition that it form a truly representative government that represents all Libyans.” And in recent weeks, the NTC has made repeated announcements, claiming that it would “soon” form a government, only to back down from that claim, stating that there was “more time needed” to form such a government. Regular Mathaba readers know precisely why “more time is needed:” Because NATO and the rebels are losing the war and because the rebels have no popular consensus.

    There are two things that have angered millions of Gaddafi and Jamahiriya supporters around the world, concerning the African Union’s behavior:

    1. As far as is known, no African government has lifted a finger to help Colonel Gaddafi and the Libyan people to fight against NATO and the rebels. This total lack of help by the African Union is seen as a profound betrayal against Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya. It is pointed out that Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya sunk some one hundred billions of dollars into Africa over the years, helping African countries with various projects, especially Libya’s planned establishment of three banks on the African continent, all designed to break African dependence on Western financial systems, with a starting capital of $42 billion, $32 billion contributed by Libya.

    [This money — the $32 billion given by Libya — has been stolen by the USA, saying it has “seized” the assets. All Black people should go around Australia, USA, Canada, England, France, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Holland, and other white countries that have bombed Libya to pieces and “seize” assets wherever they can find them, including from the pockets of their citizens, who have done nothing to lift a finger, pen, or even an email against their governments, thus condoning the massacres.]

    2. The African Union announced its willingness to recognize the NTC, whose rebels have slaughtered perhaps thousands of black Africans in Libya.

    Because of these two factors, there is a lot of chatter, here and there–including comments to articles here at Mathaba–about the betrayal of Africa against Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya. I would like to ask everyone to cease speaking in this manner, and to look ahead.

    Instead of writing comments and articles about “Africa’s betrayal of Gaddafi,” use that same time to encourage young Africans, and even African politicians, to continue the vision of a united Africa–Gaddafi’s long-time vision. There is no other current leader, anywhere in Africa, who has carried the vision of a united Africa. Gaddafi is the only such leader.

    It is tempting, yes, to follow the gut reaction to the African Union’s betrayal, and to suggest, even, that the Libyan Jamahiriya, once it is in control again, should abandon any idea of having African unity as its No. 1 goal. This kind of thinking must be avoided like the plague.

    And I request both critics of the African Union as well as the Libyan people themselves to never give up on African unity!! Nothing remains static. Change is the fuel, so to speak, of progress!

    It is the governments of Africa, with notable exceptions, which have failed their people, as elsewhere. Unlike in Europe, those governments in Africa that have failed to do the right thing, are facing protests from their citizens. Form committees,

    join people’s conferences,

    organize, and replace the handful of people running African governments, and then African unity will materialize from the grass roots up.

    Today the African Union betrays Gaddafi. But tomorrow is another story. I am 100% certain that Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi is much too strong, much too wise, much too patient, and much too far-sighted to allow the current apparent “realities” to blur his vision of a united Africa, or to cause him to abandon that goal out of frustration or anger against the African Union, which is a gathering of African governments and not the people as a whole. He is not that kind of a man. And none of us who support Gaddafi, the Libyan Jamahiriya, and the vision of a united Africa, should ever allow our current frustration, or anger, to cause us to get sidetracked!

    This is serious! So, again, I ask that all of the chatter against the African Union cease. Yes, they should be criticized for what they’ve done. But they clearly know what they’ve done, and they also, I can assure you, have received plenty of criticism from many people. So, that’s done.

    The job now is to support Libya.

    Click to access LibyaReport201105.pdf

    The job now is to support Gaddafi. The job now is to continue to support Gaddafi’s vision of a united Africa. And to the Libyan people I say: What better way to assert your independence; what better way is there to seek your revenge for the genocidal crime that has been committed against you by the West, than to remain in your position as the vanguard of the movement to unite Africa!? The union of all of Africa would be Libya’s sweet revenge!!

    Here is the truth: Corrupt African leaders will one day vanish. Oh, yes! The day is coming when Africa will not accomodate corrupt leaders. That day came for China, after Mao’s Long March. That day came for the North Vietnamese, under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh, although he did not live to see Vietnam freed. And that day will come for Africa!

    About Dennis South
    I have been serving, for 43 years, the cause of helping to create a new, balanced and peaceful world.

  4. Update on the war against Libya and Africa – 27 September 2011
    Posted: 2011/09/28
    From: Mathaba

    Roundup of news from and other independent sources along with commentary by Dennis South.

    “Many Libyan politicians who had aligned themselves with NATO have contacted the Jamahiriya Government and apologized, seeking to join the resistance with their followers, and to act in accord with Jamahiriya orders.”

    Traitor politicians apologize and ask Gaddafi to allow them to return to the Jamahiriya!

    Tuesday, 27.09.2011 – 11:39

    Many Libyan politicians who had aligned themselves with NATO have contacted the Jamahiriya Government and apologized, seeking to join the resistance with their followers, and to act in accord with Jamahiriya orders. Contacts close to the Jamahiriya Government said that these revelations will fully come to light within a week or so, when the resistance and thousands of volunteers begin a military campaign called Operation Cleansing Libya. The leadership of the Jamahiriya said that Operation Cleansing Libya would be the last chance for those Libyan politicians to prove themselves to be truly loyal to the Jamahiriya.

    Some Libyan figures made a mistake of joining NATO, but the Libyan Jamahiriya fully acknowledges that mistakes are the only routes to Wisdom. Sources suggest that these politicians have been FORGIVEN.

    By Dennis South and Mathaba Analysts

    Libyan resistance, 26 September 2011

    Tuesday, 27.09.2011 – 00:46

    In the morning in Tripoli the NATO-rebels cut off the Internet. [For those new to the Libya war, who have been absent for the past six months, or were stuck in the Matrix bubble of illusion, there has been a war against Africa’s most wealthy country, Libya, since February 2011. Since March, more than 20,000 flights and tens of thousands of bombs and missiles have been dropped by white European pilots and computer operators, from Europe, Canada and the USA, and other stooge military.

    For the reasons for this please click here to watch a short video: and don’t you dare go back to sleep again.]

    Hearing about the murder of Belhadj (the commander of Al-Qaeda forces in Tripoli),

    and preparing an attempt on his right hand Salabi, the military governor of Benghazi, sent Jibril, the number two rat. [“Rats” is the endearing name given to the traitors and terrorists who are serving the foreign racist US-European military mass-murderers, including the Canadian, Australian and Qatari stooge regimes and their banker jewish-zionist elite gangsters led by Hilary Clinton.]

    After Salabi “dismissed” this “council”, and then its “advice” he replied: “Shut up and know your place. And then we’ll show you how you killed General Younes.”

    To avoid bloodshed in the city of Ghadamas [see previous reports], the Jamahiriya army ceased fire and sent an ultimatum. The rebels sent a message to others in their headquarters in Tripoli: “Save us! We are surrounded!” And the received the answer: “Save yourselves!”

    In Benghazi, 1500 new Al-Qaeda soldiers have arrived from Afghanistan, on American planes, to replenish the rats after heavy losses during the past week.

    Abu Yahya “Al-Libby (the Libyan)”, who was one of those close to Bin Laden himself, has been appointed the commander of these Al-Qaeda soldiers. Libby is a notorious terrorist. These are very serious fighters, not “revolutionaries” in jeans!

    The Al-Qaida heretics, who officially scorn “nationalism” and favor a dictatorship by CIA-terrorists who delude themselves that they are “true Muslims” and that “the aim justifies the means” to “install Islamic regimes” always call their members by the country they are from “Abu Yahya the Libyan”, “Abu Jihad the Syrian”, “Abu Idiot the American”, “Abdu-Gurush the Australian”, “Abdu-Shaitan the Egyptian” and so on.

    In Libya, there is a notoriously racist and backward city of deformed weak-minded freaks who are the offspring of multiple generations of incest (where brothers and sisters, cousins, marry each other, thus providing genetically weak off-spring), this city is named Derna. Derna has the highest percentage of Al-Qaida affiliates in the world. They are anti-black, anti-everyone, and see themselves as the only true Muslims in the world, in spite of the fact they ignored Prophet Muhammad’s injunction to marry far from your family, as the closer you marry the weaker the off-spring will be.

    The Libyan Sormani fighters attacked a house where rebels kept captive Jamahiriya soldiers and militias, and freed them. [Note: Jamahiriya, in English phonetics, is pronounced: Jama-hi-ree-ya (jama sounding similar to jammer, hi as hi in hit, him or his, ree as in free, ya as in yak). Jamahiriya is a new word, derived from the Arabic word Joumhouriya (which means republic), and means more than a republic, it means “a state of the self-governing masses”.]

    Zawaiya again raised the green flags. This means that soon the entire western road to the Tunisian border will be “green” again. These are the great battles and small battles everywhere. [The flag of the Jamahiriya, is solid green, and measures simply two units wide and one unit tall. It is the only flag of any state in the world, that is purely one solid color without any insignia, and not of the normal governmental flags of dimensions 3 wide and 2 tall. The reason is because, the Jamahiriya is a state “without a government”, where the people themselves are the government, gathered in people’s conferences where they discuss and decide, and people’s committees where they implement their decisions. Therefore, the flag is easy for ANYONE ANYWHERE to make. Just go to a shop selling cloth material, and ask for a green color, and buy some cloth dimension 2 x 1, for example, 1 meter wide, and 2 meters long. Presto, voila, you have your Jamahiriya flag!]

    Dr. Shakir, one of the historic and educated cultured Libyan television news anchors, now appears on Syrian television, and is very popular among Libyans. NATO, the white European terrorists, have bombed all Libyan TV stations, killing many broadcasters and journalists, without so much as a noise from the white gate-keeper media organizations, and the Internet is heavily censored, access only given to areas and houses that are occupied by rats, and also phone communications to non-rats which is the majority (95% of Libya) are cut off by the white Euro devils.

    A note to those good Europeans who are reading this: as you well know, you are a tiny tiny miniscule minority. Go out into the street carrying a photo of Qaddafi, or engage in a conversation with others about Libya. Show them this film: — how many of your society solidly support your view of truth? If it is less than 5%, you have a lot of work to do. If it is less than 1%, you better migrate now to Algeria or Tunisia. There, you will be able to do a lot more good work.

    Shakir again voiced the concerns of ​​Muammar Qaddafi: Libyans have to start peace talks. They should stop the fratricidal war. He said that the Libyans have only one enemy — NATO. NATO wants to steal the Libyan oil, crude oil, which belongs to the people.


    On the same day from Djanet, in Algeria, Aisha Gaddafi, Muammar’s daughter, appeared on Syrian television and said to all Libyans: “The homeland is in danger! Libyans, brothers and sisters, unite and free our native land!”
    Algeria: Authorities threaten to deport Aisha Qaddafi and Family
    Posted: 2011/09/27
    From: Mathaba

    aicha gadhafi

    Algeria says Aisha Qaddafi and her brothers cannot talk to media
    After Aisha Qaddafi gave a speech that has received wide spread readership after appearing front page on the popular Mathaba News web site, the Algerian authorities have threatened to deport her and her family if they give any more interviews to media, news website Tout su l’Algerie reported on Tuesday.

    “Aisha and all the members of the Gaddafi family currently present in Algeria must not make statements to the press or engage in political activities, otherwise they will be deported,” Algeria’s foreign minister Ammar al-Bulani told the website in an interview.
    The threat came after Aisha, who fled to Algeria from Libya last month, gave an interview to the Syria-based al-Rai TV channel which was circulated widely on the Internet. In the interview, the 35-year-old lawyer urged Libyans to fight against rebels who now claim to have seized control of most of the conflict-wracked country.
    Algerian daily El-Khabar </em>denied Aisha had already left Algeria and reported that eight members of the Gaddafi family were currently living there.
    Aisha, dubbed the Claudia Schiffer of North Africa for her striking looks, crossed into Algeria from Libya with her brothers Hannibal and Mohammed and their families on 30 August, almost six months after fighting broke out between US-European white supremacist supported racist rebels and forces loyal to Gaddafi in February.

    Fierce fighting was reported Tuesday 27 SEPT. 2011 in Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte as rebels sought to take control of one of the last loyalist bastions after a month of non-stop bombing by the USA, Canada and western European white nations which are seeking to recolonize Africa and seize her resources.
    In other news, China has lowered herself in media terms to become a news outlet of the west, with the government news agency Xinhua simply echoing western news media reports without any checking or verification. Xinhua sources have told Mathaba that they are aware of the poor quality of foreign news, and staff report dissatisfaction with the lack of editorial control and the simply copy and paste of western news reports, due to the bad name given to China as a result. #

    Long live the Green Libya! [Green Libya means Jamahiriya, where all power, all wealth, and all arms, are in the hands of the people: see


    N. Sologubovsky – Libyan resistance 26-27 – September 26-27 – Night Summary
    Tuesday, 27.09.2011 – 03:10

    mercenaries fled the city of Ghadames. The Libyan Army, as well as the Tuareg tribes, fought against the mercenaries. The green flag waves above Ghadames. Some of the mercenaries crossed into Tunisian territory, thinking they would create new bases to regroup and launch a fresh attack against the Jamahiriya. But the Tunisian army protects the territory from any uninvited “guests.”

    Let us have a moment of silence for the deceased Libyans which number over 50,000 already, including countless babies, women and children.

    A large part of Libya is under the control of the legitimate Jamahiriya government of Libya, and every day more and more parts of this land are taken back from the aggressors.

    [It is said that] various NATO member states are trying any excuse to get out of this adventure.

    [Note for supporters of truth and justice outside Libya, register here,

    if you are a group of 3, 5 or 7 people, form a committee,

    no matter what you call it (green committee, revolutionary committee, evolutionary committee, green charter committee, people’s committee, solidarity committee) and declare a local “mathaba”

    where you will meet and make your program. Show videos to your community. Print fliers and stickers. Adopt the GCM logo

    of the green charter/committees movement. Educate yourselves

    and others. Network and share news.

    Swear allegiance to the rights and responsibilities of the Green Charter.

    Study The Green Book.]


    [Note: Libyans still need lessons in how to handle media, publicity, public relations and presentation. We apologize on behalf of the Libyan leadership for adopting a word that will fuel the enemy “cleansing” who will then claim that “ethnic cleansing” is taking place, and use this to justify prolonged bombing of Libya. A better word would have been “Operation Green Libya” or “Operation Democratic Libya”, or “Operation Jamahiriya” (this last one our favorite).]

    Sirte: Brave women defend their city

    “The Women’s Committee of Libya in Sabha, Sirte, Bani Walid and in other cities said that women have taken up arms to expel the invaders from Libya.
    More than 85% of Libya is under the control of the Libyan military which includes such cities as Sirte, Brega, Bani Walid, Ras Lanuf, Tarhunah, Sabha, and Zwiyah. The latest reports also indicate 70% of Tripoli and 50% of Mizrata is under the control of the Libyan military. Even in the NATO rebel stronghold city of Benghazi the Libyan tribes of Warfala and Obeida are fighting against the NATO rebels. In Sirte, an estimated 1000 NATO rebels have been killed, most of them from Mizrata. The NTC finally provided a grossly deflated figure of 30 NATO rebels killed and about 50 injured over the last few weeks since its NATO rebels gathered around the city of Bani Walid. Two days ago, after the Libya Liberal Youth group rose up to defeat the NATO rebels in the area, the Green Flag of Libya continues to fly over Al Fatah University in Tripoli. Due to the strength of the resistance of the Libyan military and the Libyan people across Libya, NATO announced two days ago, before continuing of its crusade in Libya came up for a vote in the UN Security Council, that it would be extending its bombings and other attacks upon the Libyan people for an additional 90 days. The southern city of Sabha is still under the control of the Libyan military and Tuareg warriors who have come to help the Libyan people fight against mercenaries from Qatar, Egypt, Jordon, US, France, Britain and other European countries. Approximately, 10,000 Tuaregs have come to Libya from Niger, Algeria and Mali. The Libyan military and warriors continue to deploy guerrilla tactics against the NATO rebels. In Sabha, 200 NATO rebels were killed or captured. The battles in Sabha have been an ebb and flow with the latest being a counter attack by the Libyan military and Tuareg warriors resulting in 212 NATO rebels killed, 320 wounded, and approximately 200 captured.

    Tuesday, 27.09.2011 – 12:06

    Gadhafi spoke on Bani Walid radio

    Tuesday, 27.09.2011 – 16:28

    “With your holy war you have revived the courage and the heroism and the honorable acts, for the liberation of Libya, of your ancestors. You have to know that I am in the battlefield by your side.

    They lie and they say that Gaddafi is in Venezuela, or in Niger. I am in between my people and in the following days, prepare for an unexpected shock for this gang of the agents. Heroes have resisted and fallen as martyrs and we also are prepared for martyrdom, if it be necessary.”

    Gaddafi’s Speech: Zero Hour will Inevitably Come

    To Libya and its free people:

    “Glory to you, greatest heroes of the Libyan people! You carry a proud blood of your ancestors! They were telling lies that Gaddafi is in Venezuela, and than in Niger, but I’m here with you. There are also servants of the colonialists among our people, which I’m ashamed of.

    Hold on and be prepared on a daily basis. I’m receiving calls from all the cities of our Jamahiriya territory, and the zero hour will inevitably come. People who were martyred are eternal. They fought and died for their country to be free of colonialism and chains. Just as their fathers wished for in 1969. Forward! Forward!

    The most easiest solution was to say to the colonial powers in the beginning to come and take the oil from our people and stop the aggression. But the blood of my ancestors and my father and my children and my grandchildren and all the young children and Libyan women and Libyan men and Sheiks, blood of all who were martyred by the bombs in this aggression, pushed us to the path of defiance and rejection of colonialism.

    We have said and continue to say: This is the oil of the Libyan people, not French or British. This food belongs to people. It is not my property nor theirs, it belongs to the people!

    The resistors await the martyrdom of the heroes, a martyrdom which is true to the verse. To some of you who are waiting, do not be sad, because that will make you weak. Be patient for victory. Libya is not the first country in the world to be attacked by the planes and fleets of the largest coalition in the history of the world. But they overlooked the fact that Libya has a history and that Libyans are the greatest nation on earth in their resistance, persistence and defiance of the aggression! Libya will never be for traitors. Libya will be a hell for them, and a hell for NATO, the west and its agents!

    Leonor of Libya, 9/27/2011

    Tuesday, 27.09.2011 – 18:35

    The Libyan leader

    has not left his country, as it claimed the media of the aggressor. The leader does not run away from his country. He always stays with her and fights against the thieves.

    During the attempted storming of Sirte by the rats, the rebel rats killed the NATO force commander of the aggressors on this front, Mohamed Alalbous.

    The Libyan army has liberated many political prisoners that were being held in Tripoli, and who did not support the TNC, or who were suspected by the TNC of not supporting it.

    Other News:
    Muammar Gaddafi, with a Kalashnikov in his hands, personally met with the soldiers and said that he would soon begin an offensive on the cities that are still in the hands of “traitors in the service of NATO,” as he called the rebels. [NATO officially stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and is the command of all the European and north American military, it is a white racist supremacist fascist organization in the service of the jewish-zionist bankers and their atheist stooges. However, even Belgian citizens, where NATO is headquartered, have not heard of it, as the Tell-Lie-Visions of Europe do not report on the wars, and anyway white European youth simply don’t care, they have been desensitized to remote killing, growing up on video games which always show USA as the great white clean good tourist and Libya as the evil black dirty terrorist.]

    In a purported audio message aired the same day, Muammar Gaddafi told told his supporters he was still fighting on the ground and was ready to die a martyr.

    “You should know that I am on the ground with you. They lie when they say Gaddafi is in Venezuela or Gaddafi is in Niger. I am among my people and an unexpected shock awaits this clique of agents in the coming days”

    the message said.
    The speech was broadcast on local radio in in the central Libyan desert town of Bani Walid, one of the majority of towns across Libya still under Jamahiriya people’s power, which has which has resisted a bloody siege by forces of the rebel National Transitional Council which consists of a motley group of Al-Qaida elements, terrorists, Islamist heretics, monarchists, and corrupt former officials who wished to avoid prosecution.

    “Through your jihad, you are re-living the exploits of your ancestors,”

    he said.

    Gaddafi’s current whereabouts are known only to a chosen few while he leads the African resistance against the white racist invasion from Europe supported by America. He has vowed to die on Libyan soil and refused to run away in the face of aggression.

    Gaddafi‘s Speech: Zero Hour will Inevitably Come

    To Libya and its free people:

    “Glory to you, greatest heroes of the Libyan people! You carry a proud blood of your ancestors! They were telling lies that Gaddafi is in Venezuela, and than in Niger, but I’m here with you. There are also servants of the colonialists among our people, which I’m ashamed of.

    Hold on and be prepared on a daily basis. I’m receiving calls from all the cities of our Jamahiriya territory, and the zero hour will inevitably come. People who were martyred are eternal. They fought and died for their country to be free of colonialism and chains. Just as their fathers wished for in 1969. Forward! Forward!

    The most easiest solution was to say to the colonial powers in the beginning to come and take the oil from our people and stop the aggression. But the blood of my ancestors and my father and my children and my grandchildren and all the young children and Libyan women and Libyan men and Sheiks, blood of all who were martyred by the bombs in this aggression, pushed us to the path of defiance and rejection of colonialism.

    We have said and continue to say: This is the oil of the Libyan people, not French or British. This food belongs to people. It is not my property nor theirs, it belongs to the people!

    The resistors await the martyrdom of the heroes, a martyrdom which is true to the verse. To some of you who are waiting, do not be sad, because that will make you weak. Be patient for victory. Libya is not the first country in the world to be attacked by the planes and fleets of the largest coalition in the history of the world. But they overlooked the fact that Libya has a history and that Libyans are the greatest nation on earth in their resistance, persistence and defiance of the aggression! Libya will never be for traitors. Libya will be a hell for them, and a hell for NATO, the west and its agents!

    By your righteousness you have been granted the courage and the heroism to perform great and honourable deeds for the liberation of Libya.
    You honor your ancestors.
    You must know that I am in the battlefield by your side.
    They lie and say that Gaddafi is in Venezuela, in Niger.
    I am in the midst of my people.
    In the following days we will deliver an unexpected shock to this gang of traitors and foreign agents.
    Heroes have resisted and fallen as martyrs and we also expect martyrdom.


    Libya green army at Bani Walid captured the head of ntc television – mahmoud wafli

    Updates from the front lines:

    1.Ghadames ,the touaregs the lions of the Sahara have annihilated the rats in ghadames area , resulting to the death of more than 50 of them and the flee of the rest.

    2.Sirte.In the west front of Sirte , a week after the death of Ibrahim al Halbous al katiba , commander of the criminal gang of Misrati rats called “black katiba” , his brother, leader of the armed gangs of Misrata,Mohammed al Hablous was killed by our brave lions of sirte. This two deaths have lowered the morale of rats in the west front of sirte and resulted to their retreat.
    In the east front of sirte some little forces of rats having cover from NATO airplaines and some boats tried to infiltrate and enter the city. Army allowed to them ( 2 tanks 12 vehicles and some other ) to come near center where they were trapped and faced death. One survivor of ratsthat fled in front of bbc camera cried:Please enter the city we are trapped we dont have so much power, and the reply of the rats to his cry was that they could not enter because of the fight. So all those rats can now considered dead.

    3.Bani Walid , second in command of the rats Tripoli brigade, Sami ali al Tarhouni was killed yesterday.He was one of the many rats that faced death.Also the traitor that wanted to surrender Bani Walid to the rats by negociations was captured by the people of Bani Walid.

    4.Tripoli. In 2 ambushes last night 14 rats found death.Our source in Tripoli reports that in the night the checkpoints of rats are empty because no rat wants to stand waiting for death ( our snipers killed many rats in this way last week).

    Thanks to Libya Liberal Youth to publish the facts for Libya tomorrow

    #NATO is ready to wrap up its military operation in #Libya and cancel the no-fly zone over the country as soon as the #UN gives its verdict on the situation. #RussiaToday

    More than 270 rats got killed in their way to Ghat City in the south.
    More than 60 car got destroyed by our brave people. #Libya


    Libya: Cameron’s 2-billion-pound nightmare
    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey
    What do you get when a wannabe imperialist invents a war to get out of trouble at home, straying into deep waters that he neither controls nor understands, getting embroiled in an internecine tribal conflict that spins out of control? The answer to this question is the place where the UK’s David Cameron finds himself now: a 2-bn. pound nightmare.

    Not so many months ago, we had David Cameron and William Hague declaring that the Libya Question was “not about removing Gaddafi” and that all it would take would be an immediate ceasefire from the Libyan Armed Forces. Not so many months ago we had David Cameron and William Hague declaring that the war would cost in the region of 200 million pounds, that there would be no NATO boots on the ground and that NATO would not arm the “rebels”.


    What they did not tell us was that the French and Americans had been planning this imperialist little adventure for years, what they did not tell us was that the rebel flags had been ordered well in advance from a British company, what they did not tell us was that the entire operation was indeed to remove Colonel Gaddafi, not because he posed any threat to his “rebels” (after all, what do you do when tens of thousands of marauding thugs armed with machine guns take to the streets, decapitating Negroes, chanting racist slogans, promising to ethnically cleanse Libya of Negroes, torching government buildings, raping and killing women and children and destroying public and private property?). They knew that the decision “to go in” had been taken long before the rebels strafed their own position to blame Colonel Gaddafi, they knew that their own media had been spreading lies about the Libyan Air Force bombing civilians – the one bombing civilians is NATO.

    We saw the British reaction – draconian measures – when a few hundred bored schoolkids ran amok in August. One wonders whether Cameron would simply have given up and walked away from Number Ten Downing Street if they had been armed, or if someone had done to his youth what he did to Libya’s.

    What they did not tell us was that this entire charade is about removing Colonel Gaddafi from power because his humanitarian and developmental projects in Africa and his plan to launch a gold-based currency, the Gold Dinar, would be too costly for selfish western interests. What Cameron and Hague did not tell you is that their forces are to spend seven times more of the British tax-payers’ money than they originally admitted – nearly two billion, or two thousand million or 2,000,000,000 pounds… on what?

    I will tell you. They have strafed the Libyan water supply (war crime) to “break the back of the population”, they have targeted the electricity grid (war crime), they have targeted private homes (war crime), they have taken out civilian structures with military equipment (war crime), they have murdered children (war crime, and they did not even apologise), they have targeted civilians (war crime). They then held a conference in Paris to divide up Libya’s assets.

    What they have also not told you is that the Libyan Armed Forces are largely intact. What they have not told you is that parts of Tripoli still fly the Green Flag (symbol of the Jamahiriya, the democratic government which Muammar al-Qathafi advises), what they do not tell you is that there are still green Marches in Benghazi, what they do not tell you is that Mahmoud Jibril dare not enter Tripoli. They do not tell you where Jalil (the number 2) came from, they do not tell you the background of the TNC, they do not tell you the tribes have voted for Gaddafi.

    They do not tell you that the crack desert fighters, the Tuareg, who decide who crosses the desert and who does not, have sided with Muammar Gaddafi against the TNC, they do not tell you that the Loyalists in Libya include the hearts and minds of the Libyan population whether or not they are taking up arms against the terrorists. The NATO special forces and this scourge have frightened many into cowering in their homes – but this does not spell support, even tacitly.

    They do not tell you they indeed have NATO boots on the ground (breach of UNSC resolution), they have indeed armed the “rebels” (breach of UNSC resolution) and they have indeed employed mercenaries – hundreds of thousands of them (breach of UNSC resolution).

    They have not told you that NATO and its terrorists have suffered defeat after defeat in recent weeks, are unable to enter Bani Walid, are unable to enter Sirte and the only tactic that remains open is by carpet-bombing any areas of resistance, including homes, hospitals and schools, to bomb the terrorists in. Is that noble?

    It is a war crime, it is an act of terrorism and David Cameron and William Hague, along with their French friend Sarkozy and that American in the White House, are using YOUR hard-earned money to perpetrate this outrage, which is sure to cost the UK thousands of jobs as retaliatory measures kick in across Africa.

    Sorry Mr. Templeton, we do not have any money for your mother’s cancer treatment, I am afraid she will have to die; sorry Mr. Johnson, there is no more funding for your son’s leukaemia treatment, we do have palliative care, do you know what that is?

    And as for your now hospital wing, new school, new clinic, a raspberry in your faces as Cameron and Hague stick the middle finger up to their own people. Yet the British population accepts it all with their heads bowed, like a sickening herd of sheep.

    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


    Obama: A Depressed President Hooked on Google ‘Vanity Searches’
    Posted on September 27, 2011
    We have just learned from government sources with close contacts inside the White House that media reports that The New York Times is developing a story on President Obama suffering from clinical depression are correct and that Obama is fixated on how the media, including certain web sites, view his presidency.
    These same sources tell us that he is so depressed he can no longer carry out the responsibilities of his position. That’s right, no golf, staying in bed until noon, drinking, smoking, no watching T.V. It’s time for someone to use the 25th Amendment to remove the pressure on the first “black resident” Sadly for him, his narcissism is crashing with reality, he searches and searches and all he finds are disgruntled voters telling him that he sucks.


  6. Libya

    Support from the Tribes of Sahara. Thousands of Tuaregs Join Libyan Resistance Forces.
    By Alliby Hassan. Translated by La Haine. Editing and Comment by Axis of Logic.
    La Haine. Axis of Logic.
    Tuesday, Sept. 2011

    On 22 August 2011 French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Muammar al-Qaddafi “mad” and “stupid,” stating “we are going to make him eat dirt,” according to Le Monde</em>.

    The BBC says the Tuaregs are Qaddafi’s Mercenaries !
    MY NOTE: NOT MERCENARIES! A mercenary is a paid soldier. These Taureg are doing this service out of fiel-loyalty alone. They believe that they owe al-Gadhafi for their life; therefore, they will aid him in any way, and will NEVER betray him, as that is their “code of honor”.

    We received the following communiqué from the Libyan Resistance via La Haine and Leonoren Libia this morning stating that 10,000 Tuaregs have joined the forces of the valiant Libyan Resistance from the Sahara. The BBC confirms that the Tuaregs have joined the Libyan Resistance but quotes an unnamed source to perpetuate the lie that the Col. Qaddafi is using mercenaries from Africa and that the Tauregs are among them, being paid by the Libyan Embassy in Mali. This has been denied by a spokesperson at Mali’s Foreign Ministry, “The government of Mali is strongly opposed to the use mercenaries in any armed conflict and is not in any way facilitating the movement of these people. We’re thinking at the moment about how we can stop this.” If you think these nomadic tribes of the Sahara are doing this for money the movie, The Lion of the Desert might cause you to adjust your views.

    We have added maps to clarify where the major battles are taking place and from whence new troops are arriving to support the Libyan Resistance.

    – Les Blough, Editor

    Taureg caravan en masse


    Locations of major battles and incoming support for
    the resistance are indicated in green. – Axis of Logic

    In Tripoli the fighting continues. There are constant battles between the local militias (the residents of the capital) and the “rebels” NATO and mercenaries from Al-Qaeda.

    The NATO planes have continued its bombing in Sirte, Sabha, Bani Walid. But the three cities have strong defenses in combat against the armored forces of NATO. The fighting followed. Units of NATO, the army of Qatar and Al-Qaeda are using heavy artillery as they have integrated new artillery units. The city of Bani Walid has opened another front in the fight against the aggressors who were concentrated in the outskirts of the city, which is protected by national forces of the Great Jamahiriya.

    A source reports that one of the rebel leaders, Ibrahim Tauorga Halban, who had massacred the African people based on the color of their skin, has died. The source said, “Tauorga is no longer alive. He was hit in Sirte by a bullet that entered his neck and paralyzed him.” In Tripoli fighting does not cease. They are constant between local militias (the inhabitants of the capital) and the mercenaries of Al-Qaeda.

    The renegades are relentlessly attacked from all sides.

    The people of Benghazi call to Al-Rai (Syrian television) to express their support for Muammar Al Ghaddafi and announce that they have rejoined the Libyan resistance. An American analyst, former military, has said the 32 Brigade under the command of Khamis Al Ghaddafi is able to continue fighting for many months. Khamis Al Ghaddafi continued regrouping operational elements deployed to fight the renegades in occupied areas.

    The September 19 Tuareg tribes had a general conference composed of the heads of the tribes in Libya, Mali and Niger.
    area maps

    Tuareg stated that all will fight against the renegades because they started a war against the Libyan Tuareg and killed a large number of them. Tuaregs in Mali have also stated that to go to war against the government of Mali if it recognizes the “Board” puppet in Libya or if the government of Mali arrests people close to Muammar Al Gaddafi found in Mali.

    The Tuaregs remember that they are masters of the Sahara desert and that “only persons authorized by the Tuaregs may enter the desert” and have promised that “Sahara will be released from the Islamists.” So the Tuaregs have given a clear answer to the people who keep sending NATO special forces units and Al Qaeda into the Sahara as occupation forces.

    land of the Taureg
    The lined area indicates the land
    of the Tuaregs in the Sahara

    Saharan fighters are already en route to the Libyan city of Sabha in Bani Walid, the losses of the renegades “are estimated at more than 1,000 dead, just in Sirte and Sabha. National Forces have returned to its port Brega oil where Libyan oil is shipped. They have also returned to Ras Lanuf where there is a major oil refinery.”

    There are over 10,000 Tuaregs are over 10,000 (not including those mentioned above) who have joined forces with Libyan Jamahiriya and some of them have crossed the border to help the resistance which the colonialist terrorists have crossed.

    As expected, many Arab fighters have come from neighboring countries to join their Libyan brothers Libyans and are fighting alongside them against the invaders. The green flag flies over buildings in the districts of Benghazi where battles between the renegades. These struggles have also occurred across the battleground. The Islamists want the skin. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, is a an NTC puppet of the Nazis, NATO and head of the same NTC. Mujahedin of the Arab tribes have also passed through Egypt to join forces Libyan resistance.

    The renegades are still clueless. They have not solved the problem of command. They fight each other all the time because they all want to be commanders. At the same time, when Mustafa Abdul Jalil gave the order to enter Bani Walid against Libyan forces, the renegades refused. This was a big surprise to their bosses who asked them if they refused due to fatigue. The renegades responded, “not by fatigue but because they want to continue spreading the blood of the Libyans.” La Voix des Opprimés.
    The voice of the oppressed

    Translated by Tortillaconsal. Reviewed by La Haine. Edited by Axis of Logic.

    Sources: La Haine and Lenoren Libia

    © Copyright 2011 by

    This material is available for republication as long as reprints include verbatim copy of the article in its entirety, respecting its integrity. Reprints must cite the author and Axis of Logic as the original source including a “live link” to the article. Thank you!

  7. control

    Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi writes:
    Breaking News
    Our Brave people ( Tuareg tribe ) in Adry Al Shatty ( South ) killed a group of rats from Zintan were going to Ghat City through desert .

  8. TOP URGENCY! The Americans figured a way to get ground troops on Libya. Sources said last spring that in OCTOBER there would be American TRoops on Libyan Ground. Alex was right. Here is their excuse. So that was the Big Pentagon Pow-Wow in Colorado yesterday with the american president!
    The Americans just transported 18,000 Afghan al-Qaeda into Libya by yesterday…Now they are claiming they are afraid the al-Qaeda will have these weapons? What games the Americans play!!
    This is precisely what Alex Jones said would occur. The american soldiers have been training for this for months now–long before they knew a stack of these weapons were “stolen”.

  9. GENERAL Kamis al-Gaddafi in Sirte

    wonderful young General…Bless him!
    young general
    Libya: The Other News – Khamis al-Qathafi, a XXI Century Marshall Zhukov
    NATO and the press in the countries which house its bases seem to have gone quiet all of a sudden on Libya. Do they want us to think the war is over and that everything is getting back to “normal” or are they trying to focus on other stories hoping desperately that whatever is happening over there will go away?

    The first point is that nothing will go back to “normal” until the marauding bunch of terrorists which NATO is trying to impose as Libya’s Government wholly and entirely against the will of the vast majority of its population ceases to rape women and children, ceases to torch buildings, ceases to decapitate people in the street, ceases to loot, to rob, to steal…to behave like terrorists. Those captured by the Libyan Armed Forces (LAF) are allowed in many cases to return home upon laying down their weapons. Cameron is spending two billion pounds on what? Terrorists?

    The second point is that things are far from calm in Libya because the country was invaded by foreign forces, was invaded by mercenaries and was set upon by gangs of marauding thugs (as one can see by googling up “Libya rebels”). In fact, the western attempts at journalism are risible and have gotten more and more ludicrous, absurd and ridiculous since the conflict started.
    For a start there is no mention of the growing success of attacks by the LAF, largely intact, the tribes and masses loyal to Colonel Gaddafi, which have seen Green Flags raised even in the coastal cities of Al Baida, Benghazi, Darna and Tobruk. The scourge backed by NATO, which is basically monarchists, liberals, terrorists, al-Qaeda and separatists, have been routed in battle after battle because the Libyan people are standing up to them and have stopped cowering in their homes. After the way this NATO-backed scourge behaved, it is clear to all what they are – terrorists – and allowing this filth to form a government is the last thing any civilised Libyan wishes for.

    The supply lines of the terrorist forces have been seriously weakened in a series of attacks, liberating areas of Tripoli from these elements, some of whom have been filmed desecrating bodies.

    Now for the lies. How many times was Khamis al-Qathafi killed? Well, he is still alive, and fighting. Now they have started to say Mussa Ibrahim, the Information Spokesperson of the Libyan Government (Jamahiriya of Muammar al-Qathafi) has been captured. Twice. In fact he hasn’t been taken once.

    For his part, Khamis al-Qathafi is already a myth in his own lifetime. Killed by NATO five times, and resurrecting from the desert sands, he is the 21st century military hero, a North African Marshall Zhukov. His latest success was to expel the CIA from Tripoli when he commanded a detail of Libyan Special Forces on Thursday, taking their building and sending them fleeing to the airport. The Green Flag has been raised over the building.

    Finally, the LAF has begun a successful ongoing operation to exterminate NATO mercenaries and operational chiefs on the ground. Bani Walid and Sirte were a graveyard for NATO, its mercenaries, special forces and the filth it sends to their deaths, the hundreds of thousands of terrorists it has unleashed in Libya from Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    The terrorist chief in Misurat, Nuredin el Gener, was liquidated on Thursday when its military vehicle was struck successfully.

    Recently liberated from the NATO terrorist scourge, Ghadames has successfully fought off an attack from these elements and the Green Flag flies proudly above the city, filling its citizens with a sense of peace and security, contrary to the terror unleashed by NATO’s bands of demons.

    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


  10. The truth about Libya – الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا
    ‎#Sirte – NATO planes today again bombed the city hospital. #Libya #Truth #Monsters

    Johny Phele Phastuszek answers:
    yeah true warriors

    The truth about Libya – الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا
    ‎#Sirte – People living in Sirte accused NATO for genocide.
    They say that NATO bombs everything,city looks like hell. #Libya

    The truth about Libya – الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا
    ‎#Sirte – People confirmed that NATO bombs schools, hospitals and residential buildings. #Libya #Monsters

  11. Sirte civilians accuse NATO of genocide
    Tom Coghlan

    27 September 2011

    CIVILIANS pouring out of the besieged city of Sirte accused NATO of committing genocide yesterday as revolutionary forces reinforced their numbers and prepared for a new attack on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s home town.

    Long lines of civilian vehicles were seen leaving after a night punctuated by NATO air attacks. Forces fighting for the National Transitional Council (NTC) added their own artillery and mortar rounds at regular intervals.

    Civilians, many looking scared or sullen, said that conditions inside Sirte were “disastrous”. They made claims which, if verified, offer a conundrum for Nato, which operates with a UN mandate on the need to protect civilian life.

    “It has been worse than awful,” said Riab Safran, 28, as his car was searched by revolutionary fighters. His family had been sleeping on the beach, he said.

    “They have hit all kinds of buildings: schools, hospitals,” he said, referring to NATO airstrikes.

    He said he could not distinguish between NATO and NTC attacks but believed it was a NATO bomb that destroyed part of his home on Saturday. NATO said it hit a number of military targets including a rocket launcher, artillery, and three ammunition stores.

    Another resident said: “NATO bombing is killing civilians. Where is the United Nations? Where is the Muslim world to stop this genocide of the people of Sirte?”

    The man, who gave his name as Mohammed Ali Alum Sekily, said six members of his family had been killed, but declined to give details. An eight-day-old baby brought out in one car was born on the beach, the family said.

  12. Libya: Illustrious corpses — the truth is always revolutionary
    Posted: 2011/09/29
    From: Mathaba
    This is an absolute must-read analysis: one of the best reads in a long time — this correctly throws light on the blatant exposure of the numerous layers of gate-keepers from so many areas of life: media such as The Guardian and the New York Times to organizations such as Amnesty International and the United Nations, as well as journalists, intellectuals and activists…
    by Toni Solo

    25 September 2011

    Right now in Libya the UN recognized government and its NATO masters are bombing hundreds of civilians to death in Sirte, Bani Walid and Sabha. They have bombed schools and hospitals and murdered whole families. This infamy was sanctioned by the UN from the beginning and has been justified by many of the cream of international progressive intellectuals. It is long past time to identify and condemn these accomplices to the crimes against humanity in Libya committed by the Western elites and their puppet governments.

    The colonial war against Libya has defined more sharply than ever the structures of knowledge, attitudes and behaviour that characterize progressive and radical intellectual production in Europe and North America. The war has thrown that production into crisis. It could not be clearer now that the class function of intellectual managers like Gilbert Achcar, Immanuel Wallerstein, Ignacio Ramonet and similar individuals is to neuter effective protest against corporate capitalism and imperialism.

    The crypto-fascist Irish poet W.B.Yeats once wrote, “Did that play of mine send out certain men the English shot?” Intellectual managers like Achar, Ramonet and Wallerstein, Samir Amin, Atilio Boron, Ramzy Baroud and Santiago Alba Rico might ask themselves, “Did our work prepare the vicious NATO genocide in Libya?” Of course, the answer is “yes, it did”. They also seem to think that reality is perfectly all right.

    They avow they seek radical social change and revolution in theory. But wherever processes have achieved genuine social change in the real world, as in the Libyan Jamahiriya, they attack them or, as in Venezuela, seek to mould them to their own narcissistic criteria. If one looks at the expressions of dissent privileged under corporate consumer capitalism they are all varieties of anarchism.

    Of course they are. The (hard-core Adam Smith money-worshipping/greedy/) profiteer only-captalists [ so-called “liberal” socialists ]
    are spoilt children doteing on and nurtured by the capitalist elites– a nuisance, but a useful one and very much part of the laissez-faire family. Capitalism easily accommodates and co-opts fatuous slogans like “Another world is possible”. We can see what world they have in mind by looking at Libya. The intellectuals who supported the murderous racist Libyan renegades and NATO’s contract putsch-insurrection are a good example of how the process of co-optation and accommodation works.

    They assimilate themselves into the rituals and processes of public life in the plutocracies of North America and Europe. They shift between academic life, non-governmental activity and participation in the mass corporate psy-warfare media and their alternative counterparts, the gatekeepers of permissible dissent. Libya has finally brought this reality out into the open in the most categorical way. One has only to look back at what influential intellectual managers produced around the time of the March 19th UN Resolution 1973.

    Here’s Immanuel Wallerstein ( [1]) :

    “The second point missed by Hugo Chavez’s analysis is that there is not going to be any significant military involvement of the western world in Libya. The public statements are all huff and puff, designed to impress local opinion at home. There will be no Security Council resolution because Russia and China won’t go along. There will be no NATO resolution because Germany and some others won’t go along. Even Sarkozy’s militant anti-Qaddafi stance is meeting resistance within France.”

    Here’s Ignacio Ramonet (… [2]) :

    “Under such circumstances, any other reasonable leader would have understood that the time to negotiate and give up power had arrived. But not Colonel Gadafi. At the risk of submerging his country in a civil war, the “Guide”, in power for 42 years, explained that the demonstrators were “youngsters Al Qaeda had drugged by adding hallucinogenic pills to their Nescafé”. And he ordered the armed forces to repress the protests with heavy gunfire and extreme force. The Al Jazeera channel showed military planes strafing civilian demonstrators.”


    “One can be against the current structure of the United Nations, or reckon that its operations leave much to be desired. Or that the Western powers dominate the organization. These are acceptable criticisms. But for the moment the UN constitutes the only source of international law. In that sense, and contrary to the wars wars in Kosovo or Iraq which were never sanctioned by the UN, the current intervention in Libya is legal, according to international law; legitimate according to the principles of solidarity among democrats; and desirable for the international community which brings together people struggling for their liberty.”

    Here’s Gilbert Achcar (… [3]) :

    “The idea that Western powers are intervening in Libya because they want to topple a regime hostile to their interests is just preposterous. Equally preposterous is the idea that what they are after is laying their hands on Libyan oil. In fact, the whole range of Western oil and gas companies is active in Libya: Italy’s ENI, Germany’s Wintershall, Britain’s BP, France’s Total and GDF Suez, US companies ConocoPhillips, Hess, and Occidental, British-Dutch Shell, Spain’s Repsol, Canada’s Suncor, Norway’s Statoil, etc. Why then are Western powers intervening in Libya today, and not in Rwanda yesterday and Congo yesterday and today? As one of those who have energetically argued that the invasion of Iraq was “about oil” against those who tried to outsmart us by saying that we were “reductionists,” don’t expect me to argue that this one is not about oil. It definitely is. But how?

    My take on that is the following. After watching for a few weeks Gaddafi conducting his terribly brutal and bloody suppression of the uprising that started in mid-February — estimates of the number of people killed in early March ranged from 1000 to 10,000, the latter figure by the International Criminal Court, with the Libyan opposition’s estimates ranging between 6,000 and 8,000 — Western governments, like everybody else for that matter, became convinced that with Gaddafi set on a counter-revolutionary offensive and reaching the outskirts of Libya’s second largest city of Benghazi (over 600,000 inhabitants), a mass-scale slaughter was imminent.”

    Counterfactual perception management

    One could quote many more examples of the intellectual dishonesty, ignorance, stupidity, arrogance and cynicism of these prestigious writers and others like, for example, Santiago Alba Rico, Atilio Boron, Ramzy Baroud and Samir Amin. But the extra bulk of documentation would add nothing to the overall picture of narcissistic collaboration with the dominant NATO corporate psy-warfare machine. Nor is it worth dallying over the role of NATO’s favourite gatekeepers of permissible dissent like Counterpunch, ZNet, Rebelión and other similar alternative information web sites.

    Those sites did their job of muting and censoring effective discussion and argument at crucial moments prior to the March 19th vote in the UN Security Council and around the decisive event of NATO’s ground invasion of Tripoli in August. A tiny handful of writers, among them John Pilger and Tariq Ali, spoke out against the war. But even they still swallowed hook, line and sinker the NATO psy-warfare caricature of Muammar Al Ghaddafi as a blood-on-his-hands dictator-clown.

    While the individual errors of Achcar, Wallerstein and Ramonet may vary, all of them start from the central premise of NATO’s psychological warfare offensive, namely, that Libya was a dictatorship overthrown by a popular revolution. As part of their suspiciously coherent perception management of events in Libya, all these NATO psy-warfare collaborators omit the following facts:

    • prior to March 19th the Libyan Jamahiriya had called for negotiations and a UN fact-finding mission – rejected both by the renegades and the dominant powers in the UN;
    • the only reliably confirmed information about events in Libya between February 17th and March 19th came from the Libyan government the Libyan government’s account was confirmed by testimony from both Defence Secretary Robert Gates and Chief of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen as well as by Russian military intelligence prior to the March 19th Resolution 1973.
    • there was never any reliable evidence of the Libyan Jamahiriya bombing or machine gunning peaceful demonstrations in February or March;
    • on the other hand credible accounts of racist pogroms and lynchings by the Libyan renegades were available from the very start of the events in Benghazi in February ;
    • the African Union’s constant insistence from the very start of the conflict on a negotiated peace was welcomed by the Libyan Jamihiriya;

    • the devastating role played by international sanctions imposed on the basis of the flagrant fabrication of Libyan involvement in the Lockerbie terrorist atrocity badly affected Libya’s development between 1992 and 2003;

    • by 2011 Libya’s population enjoyed an unparalleled high standard of living relative to the rest of Africa;
    • US$200bn in funds were saved by the Libyan Jamahiriya and administered for the benefit of the Libyan people and impoverished African countries;
    • the Libyan Jamahiriya promoted innumerable significant and strategic development initiatives in other African countries;
    • prior to their NATO supported putsch- insurrection, the currrent renegade leaders promoted corporate friendly Western neoliberal policies that were firmly resisted by Muammar Al Ghaddafi
    • once they realized Maummar Al Ghadafi was resisting deepening neoliberal reforms, NATO planned and carried out the Southern Mistral war game in which they practised a military assault against Libya

    Analysis with feet of clay

    One could go on delving into more detail to rebut all the false claims and hypocritical assertions made by NATO psy-warfare fellow travellers like Ramonet, Achcar and Wallerstein. But it is enough to look at the excerpts quoted above to see how skewed, disingenuous, arrogant, cynical and downright baseless their arguments are. These are classic characteristics of NATO country perception management against targets from the Cuban revolution to the UN supported coups in Haiti and the Ivory Coast

    Immanuel Wallerstein completely failed to predict the course of events in Libya in the most abject and ridiculous way. The UN Security Council did pass a resolution. NATO did resolve to go to war. President Sarkozy easily secured his country’s approval for French armed forces to participate in NATO’s colonial war.

    Wallerstein demonstrated complete idiocy in his appraisal of events in March 2011. We can add his illustrious corpse to the Ship of Fools adrift over Libya full to the gunwales with NATO dupes who got things completely wrong on Libya. Wallerstein’s fatuous patronising arrogance duped him into hopeless error. By contrast, the appraisal of the facts by Fidel Castro and President Hugo Chavez was absolutely right.

    The falsehoods of Ignacio Ramonet

    Ignacio Ramonet completely misrepresented the nature of the events in February in Benghazi. No reliable evidence indicates that peaceful demonstrators were fired on. At the time, the Libyan government’s account was confirmed by testimony from both US Defence Secretary Robert Gates and the US armed forces Chief of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen, as well as by Russian military intelligence prior to the March 19th Resolution 1973. Now the highest estimates of deaths as a result of the armed insurrection in Libya between February 17th and March 19th are around 250.

    Ramonet got things wrong because he took as his source a notorious NATO propaganda outlet, the UK Guardian newspaper. The Guardian’s foreign news coverage is at least as cynical and skewed as that of El País or Le Monde. Ramonet also relied on the Qatar dominated Al Jazeera, now overwhelmingly staffed by staff who previously worked with NATO country mainstream corporate media.

    It is not as strange as it seems that a supposed radical like Ignacio Ramonet should ignore the entire history of imperialist interventions over the last 200 years. At one time Ramonet was extremely proud of his work promoting the World Social Forum. That body is thoroughly compromised by its links to corporate funders.

    On Libya, Ramonet also dishonestly suggests as a fact something he most certainly does not know, namely that Muammar al Ghaddafi ordered the use of extreme force against peaceful demonstrators. That suggestion is pure propaganda as is his selective quote of Muammar al Ghaddafi’s comments at the time.. To write as Ignacio Ramonet then did, that UN Resolution 1973 was legal, legitimate and desirable, takes self-serving cynicism to its very extremes.

    Former US Defence Secretary Robert Gates had already pointed out correctly that enforcing a no fly zone necessarily involved military aggression. But the UN Charter specifically rules out military action except in self-defence. Hence President Obama’s counterfactual statement that the United States is not at war against Libya. So much for United Nations legality.

    In any case, Resolution 1973 calls for a peaceful negotiated solution. That option proposed by the Libyan government and the African Union and by Latin America’s ALBA bloc of countries had already been rejected by the Libyan renegades. They rejected negotiations on the strength of the support they were getting from the very governments who cynically passed the Resolution knowing neither they themselves nor the renegades had any intention of seeking a peaceful settlement.

    Ramonet argues that the UN blank cheque for intervention was legitimate in terms of democratic solidarity. Here we come up against a fundamental contradiction of the international neocolonial Left. Igancio Ramonet, a famous critic of corporate capitalism, tacitly accepts, after all, that North America and Europe are composed of democracies and he explicitly describes the Libyan Jamahiriya as a dictatorship.

    But it is the Libyan Jamahiriya that carefully saved and invested hundreds of billions of dollars which it then used very clearly for the benefit of the Libyan people and other African peoples. On the other hand, it is the rotten-corrupt plutocracies of Europe and North America that have sucked dry their peoples so as to enrich a tiny corporate elite of crooked bankers and speculators and to protect their criminal financial system. The democratic solidarity Ramonet is talking about is no more than a narcissistic construct conjured up to justify his ideological prejudice against the Libyan Jamahiriya.

    To conclude, as Ignacio Ramonet then does, that the UN Resolution 1973 was in any way desirable is plainly disingenuous folly. The terms of Resolution 1973 left matters wide open to whatever interpretation the North American and European governments concerned chose to put on it. No serious observer expected anything less than the ruthless application of force to support the racist putsch-insurrection struggling for existence in Benghazi.

    That putsch-insurrection completely lacked popular support in the rest of Libya. Like Achcar and Wallerstein, Ramonet ignored plenty of readily available information that indicated those very facts which have been confirmed over and over again since March 19th 2011. Ramonet’s reputation is one more illustrious corpse in the Ship of Fools illuminated by the flames of NATO’s genocide in Zliten, Tripoli, Sirte and Bani Walid.

    Gilbert Achcar – psy-warfare operative

    Gilbert Achcar’s is perhaps the most egregiously dishonest and overt case of collabroation in NATO’s psychological warfare against the Libyan people. With regard to Libya, Immanuel Wallerstein turned out to be a dunderhead and Ignacio Ramonet, more than anything, a narcissistic disingenuous buffoon. But Gilbert Achcar’s position is one carefully politically calculated in the most absolute bad faith.

    Achcar is Professor of Development Studies and International Relations at Britain’s Foreign and Colonial Office’s extra-mural School of Oriental and African Studies. He has taught in France and Britain for over 30 years now. Only the most naive would believe Achcar has not been utterly co-opted by his environment. His remarks on Libya demonstrate his moral and intellectual capitulation as a colonialist apologist to a fault.

    “The idea that Western powers are intervening in Libya because they want to topple a regime hostile to their interests is just preposterous.” It is very rare for a NATO psy-warfare operative to out themselves like this. Self-evidently, it is Gilbert Achcar’s view that is truly preposterous, suggesting the Western regimes intervening in Libya have done so for any other reason than that the Libyan Jamahiriya blocked their plans on several fronts.

    Achcar continues to out himself as a NATO apologist by shamelessly citing as categorical fact the most extreme and ridiculous figures of civilian deaths at the hands of the forces of the Libyan Jamahiriya with absolutely no basis in any legitimate reporting or investigation. “Estimates of the number of people killed in early March ranged from 1000 to 10,000, the latter figure by the International Criminal Court, with the Libyan opposition’s estimates ranging between 6,000 and 8,000.”

    Only a NATO stooge would expect to be taken seriously when citing the International Criminal Court as a reliable source. As it turns out, the ICC on this matter has been completely discredited, along with its other ridiculous lie about allegations of mass rape by Libyan army troops on Viagra. The illustrious corpse of the ICC’s Luis Moreno Campo’s reputation, or its desiccated remains, joins those of Wallerstein, Ramonet and Achcar and their accomplices in the NATO fellow-travellers funeral Barge-of-Fools going up in flames in the sands of Libya.

    The facts now established and accepted by all but NATO collaborators like Gilbert Achcar are that the Libyan security forces did not fire on unarmed demonstrators. Respected human rights organizations put the number of fatalities as a result of the armed insurrection between February 17th and March 19th at around 250. So it was extremely unlikely that Achcar’s scare of “mass-scale slaughter” was in any way likely, especially since the Libyan authorities were offering to negotiate. What is indeed absolutely clear is that Achcar is a fully committed psy-warfare operative in NATO’s war against Libya and everyone who expresses solidarity with the Libyan Jamahiriya.

    Intellectuals and counterintelligence

    In the 1950s and the 1960s, the CIA and its fellow intelligence agencies invested a great deal of money and resources suborning intellectuals in Europe and in North America. The story of Encounter magazine and the career of the poet Stephen Spender in Britain is emblematic. Other examples abound. It would be extremely foolish to think the same practices have not persisted and become more sophisticated into the present day.

    An example of the way the counter-intelligence network of outright NATO collaborators and fellow travellers works has come to light in relation to Libya. One of the gatekeepers of permissible dissent, the Spanish web site Rebelión, prominently featured an article by Santiago Alba Rico. Like Achcar, Alba Rico is a prominent academic, a specialist on the Arab world in the best traditions of Orientalism. Alba Rico demonstrates that Edward Said’s critical concept of Orientalism can readily involute upon itself for the purposes of neocolonial propaganda.

    In the course of his article Alba Rico writes of the situation’s complexity only to drastically simplify it in favour of his point of view. “Even Nato is aware of this complexity as is demonstrated by the fact – as Gilbert Achcar has pointed out – that Libya has been bombed very little, with the aim of lengthening the war and trying to achieve the defeat of the regime without truly breaking with it.” One pictures Achcar and Alba Rico in places like Zliten, or Sirte telling the mourning relatives of dead NATO victims there to stop crying, “After all, you’ve only been bombed a little…”

    Only a shameless apologist for NATO would attempt to allege that Libya has been bombed “very little”. On cue, Alba Rico seizes on this and uses Achcar’s grotesque cynical falsehood to pad out his own apology for the colonialist onslaught against the Libyan Jamahiriya. At this point, it is possible to move on from the lies and hypocrisies of these NATO collaborators and fellow travellers and look at their claims for their own intellectual and ethical standards.

    One useful source of information about what has really been going on in Libya beyond NATO psy-warfare disinformation reports has been Leonor Massanet. Someone who worked with Rebelión until very recently has confirmed that Santiago Alba Rico engaged in deliberate behind-the-scenes character assassination of Leonor Massanet. Alba Rico’s aim, in which to some extent he clearly succeeded, was to discredit Leonor because her plausible and credible account of events in Libya contradicted his own thoroughly false analysis.

    When one comes across cases of people being turned into non-persons or being calumnied in this way, one is at the limits of legitimate intellectual disagreement. Beyond that frontier one, is then dealing with the abuse of power for counter-intelligence purposes to neutralize effective dissent. Right now, the whole world is a vast mess of low-intensity conflict and outright war. The Western elites are determined to dominate the world’s peoples and their natural resources. The activities of NATO fellow-travellers like Gilbert Achcar and Santiago Alba Rico are far from innocent or coincidental.

    Here we are faced with the reality of the thorough hypocrisy of the co-opted alternative news and information media. All of them, whether it’s Rope-a-dope [4], Zzzz [5] or Sumisión [6] purport to deliver reliable factual information from a variety of viewpoints. All of them are infested with hypocritical self-regarding phonies who readily suppress views they dislike. They all engage in what Gilbert Achcar would term “Stalinist” censorship and the making of non-persons. Leonor Massanet is far from being the only victim of this pernicious deceitful managerial counter-intelligence manipulated culture.

    Psy-warfare’s next offensive : ALBA

    Psychological warfare is a vital component of total war. All through the 1980s and 1990s the North American and European NGO sector was systematically co-opted by NATO country governments to serve NATO propaganda ends. In effect, they are the soft extra-mural arm of their countries’ Foreign Ministries, and routinely project those countries’ foreign policies. That reality has been very well documented. It is as true of the structures available to progressive intellectual workers as it is of the NGOs that employ progressive aid and development workers.

    The alternative media’s coverage of NATO’s contract putsch-insurrection against the Libya Jamahariya has demonstrated this with the most startling clarity. Along with the Libyan Jamahariya, other perennial victims of their deceit and hypocrisy have been the Sandinista Front for National Liberation in Nicaragua, the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia as well as national Communist Parties in general. Presumably, other people devoted to other causes and issues will have had identical experiences.

    It is a fact that neocolonial intellectual and cultural networks tend to dominate international anti-imperialist intellectual production. Their members have a vested interest in maintaining the class structure inherent to that production, one that effectively censors argument and maintains strictly policed parameters. The colonial invasion of Libya has demonstrated with absolute clarity that effective anti-imperialism – for example by the FSLN in Nicaragua or the PSUV in Venezuela – is under threat from both the right and the neocolonial left.

    After Libya, a likely future target will be Nicaragua. But the NATO elites view Nicaragua as simply an hors d’oeuvre for the main course, Venezuela. The battle for Venezuela began back in 2002 and will get more and more fierce once President Hugo Chavez wins re-election ten years on, in 2012. The international neocolonial Left is hard at work sawing the floor away from under the Sandinista revolutionary process in Nicaragua. Nor is it in any way controversial to say they are busy trying to co-opt the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela. Libya has shown they are capable of any infamy.



  13. The democracy bomb
    Lisa Karpova
    Among the stupidest platitudes that one all too often hears from U.S. and western hypocrites, the worst is how they portray their own countries as beacons or paragons of freedom and democracy when a quick look, and especially an extended one, will demonstrate otherwise.

    When something is built on dishonesty, all else begins to unravel. NATO exposes their evil intentions by their extensive use of lies and trickery. Once again, however, they have overestimated themselves and underestimated the Libyan people. The lies and trickery do not work.

    Force and coercion are not considered examples of either freedom or democracy. The term “democracy” has been distorted now to mean only one thing: a democracy does what it is told to do, usually by Washington.

    Should the country refuse, then it becomes a “dictatorship” even though the leader may have been elected, such as in the case of Venezuela, or should they have the purest form, such as the Jamahiriya. Next thing you know, the democracy bombs are falling…

    This pseudo freedom and democracy they are trying to force down the throats of the Libyan people. What does western style freedom and democracy mean to the Libyan people?

    It means thousands of Libyans lying dead in their homes, schools, hospitals, streets…

    It means because you have the audacity to support your government and not do what you are told by the almighty Empire, that you will be gunned down by a helicopter.

    Or mutilated, executed, beheaded, maimed, burned.
    Or pounded with depleted uranium, or white phosphorous.

    Or even poison gas…as a truckload of that was captured before it could be used. Anything to meet the objective of regime change.

    What does “regime change” mean in Libya?

    Simply stated, it means taking the country away from the people of Libya, because they are the ones who run the place in reality in their People’s Congresses.

    It’s not a war against Colonel Gaddafi only, but he has been made a symbol by the evil ones of NATO and the west, a symbol of defiance against them.


    The terrorist murderous filthy crud of the NTC has already on numerous occasions declined peace talks, a ceasefire or elections. Their only solution is “Gaddafi must go.” It is their intention, given the chance, to murder the Brother Leader, them and their ugly, smelly Nazi NATO masters.

    Some people may be fooled by this freedom and democracy nonsense. No one who sees the democracy bomb in action doubts that it’s all about theft of Libyan resources: gold, oil, water, the reestablishment of colonial rule in Africa and using Libya for imperialist military bases.

    The behavior of NATO during the assault and aggression on Libya has been shocking to say the least. We knew they were cold-blooded evil killers, sick perverts and torturers. We saw them in action in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan, but they have taken things to a level unprecedented, highly reminiscent of the Nazis, the SS and Hitler. In fact, they are beginning to make Nazis look like humanitarians compared to NATO.

    Congratulations Ban Ki-Loon and the UN genocide loving, look the other way, see and hear no evil but speak every evil inSecurity Council. Both have betrayed everything the UN is purported to stand for.

    Listening to Moon (or NATO garbage) speak is dangerous to the digestive system, one might lose one’s last meal.

    As for the Libyan Army…I cannot help but be reminded of Stalingrad and Kursk and the Great Patriotic War…the manner in which these heroic defenders conduct the war, their courage, strength, humanity, pure determination and ability to carry out their mission, these Libyan heroes seem to be more of what you would expect from the descendents / children / grandchildren of Stalingrad and Kursk defenders.

    One cannot but have total admiration for them and stand in awe at their courageous determination and self sacrifice. Theirs is not an easy task. But they have inspired great hope in the hearts and minds of the defenseless and the oppressed everywhere.

    Africa, previously known as the “Dark Continent,” has become of beacon of light because of this heroic struggle against imperialism.

    Therefore, taking all things into consideration, I expect and firmly believe we will see a similar outcome: the total defeat of fascism.

    The sickening display by Sarkozy, Cameron and NTC during their recent visit to Libya exposed the reality on the ground. They are afraid to go anywhere in the country and rightly so. Their pathetic weakness was obvious and exactly the opposite of the perception they were hoping to create for their dutiful, obedient media.

    That murderous, genocidal criminal terrorist gang of thugs known as the NTC…Why are the terrorists attempting to sell 29 tons of Libyan gold, when in the very worst of times, Muammar Gaddafi didn’t find it necessary to lay a hand on the assets of the Libyan people?

    Besides being ugly, murderous racists of shocking savagery and barbarity, the NTC is a bottomless pit.

    I guess they are necessary for the NATO Nazis to transform Libya from a completely self sufficient, debt-free, prosperous country into a third world beggar debtor country. Libya must be thrusted backwards, back centuries where the western NATO Nazis wish to push the people of Libya.

    NATO uses force, coercion and violence, in total disregard to the will of the people of Libya. They use lies and trickery. They rain death and destruction on an innocent country. They violate the very resolutions that were used to commence their genocidal conquest. They violate international law. They have faciliated and enabled the practice of ethnic cleansing.

    The Libyan Jamahiriya, under the leadership of Muammar Gaddafi, has struggled harder than any western leader or country to champion the rights of the poor and abolish racism against black people.

    The “no-fly” zone in reality is the “no-live” zone, life is not permitted for anyone not bowing down to the almighty Empire, including and especially the civilians they lied about protecting.

    In their greed and desperation, they have forced this fight on Libya. In their inability to manage their own countries and economies, they seek the spoils of war, nowhere men making nowhere plans for nobody.

    On the 19th of this month, the question of Libya is going to come up before the United Nations. There is no room for neutrality, for abstentions or for not taking a firm and principled stand. The fences are being shaken. Nations will fall on one side or the other.

    The behavior of the UN and the countries therein are going to show us all, they are going to be sifted into wheat and chaff, the honest from the corrupt, the courageous from the cowards.

    We shall see exactly what they are made of. They shall place themselves on either side of the fence, either good or evil. Once they are on either side of the fence, there is no turning back, no jumping to the other side and above all, no sitting on the fence. It is decision time.

    History will deal harshly with those who took the side of demons, murderers, terrorists, savages, Hitlers…so they shall fall in similar fashion into perdition and eternal damnation.

    Lisa Karpova



    canadian bomber jet

    Canadian jets take part in the illegal bombing of Libya which has caused nothing but death and destruction since 23 March 2011.
    The House of Commons on Monday, the Members of the Parliament voted 189-98 to keep Canada’s hand in the military aggression on the North African country.

    Canada joined the war against Libya and Africa last March by sending fighter jets, patrol planes, aerial tankers and warships.

    Canada’s president Stephen Harper received assurances that the NATO-rebels’ NTC would honour existing contracts with Canadian companies even though they have no right to do so as those contracts were signed under the legitimate Jamahiriya..

    • Netherlands extends war against Libya, spends millions on NATO missile shieldPosted: 2011/09/29
      From: Mathaba

      While attacking Libya, the Netherlands approved a 250 million euro program “to prevent getting attacked by countries like Iran”.

      Dutch bomber

      A large majority of Dutch MPs has voted on Wednesday in favour of extending the US-European war against Libya and Africa by another three months.

      The minority of VVD (Liberal Party) and CDA (Christian Democrats) coalition decision was supported by PvdA (Labour Party), Green Left, Christian Union and SGP (Orthodox Protestant Party) in the parliament.

      The government’s support party PVV (Freedom Party) and opposition party SP (Socialist Party) opposed extending the war against Libya and Africa.

      The Socialist Party said it fears the objective of the mission had been continually stretched which has made NATO nothing but the air force of the rebels’ National Transitional Council.

      The Christian Democrats said this extension had to be the last one. But Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal said it would be “a bad sign” to indicate at this stage that the contribution to the war could not be extended a third time.

      There also was criticism in parliament that MPs had only been informed by letter about the decision to extend the war one day ahead of the previous mandate expiring so there was no time for discussion.

      With the decision to extend the aggression against the sovereign North African country the Netherlands joins Canada

      which earlier this week agreed on an extension of the war till the end of the year, following the decision of a NATO meeting last week.

      Six F-16 fighter planes, a mine sweeper and more than 200 Dutch troops have participated in the war since it began at the end of March. Dutch military personnel have also flown in AWACS radar planes.

      While contributing to the illegal bombing of Libya, the Dutch Defense Ministry on Monday approved a 250 million euro program to contribute to the NATO missile shield to “protect Europe against missile attacks from countries such as Iran”.

      The Netherlands is the first European NATO country to contribute significantly to NATO’s missile shield over the continent.

      Mathaba Editing

      of Radio Netherlands Worldwide article and several Dutch newspaper articles.

  14. Venezuela condemns U.S., NATO, UN over Libya War at UN General Assembly
    Posted: 2011/09/29
    From: Source
    Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro Moros:

    “There is a very serious threat to global peace: a new cycle of colonial wars, which started in Libya, with the sinister goal of refreshing the capitalist global system.”

    Venezuela foreign minister Nicolas Maduro Moros

    Nicolas Maduro Moros, foreign minister of Venezuela, on Tuesday lashed out at the involvement of the US-European North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the UN in recent events in Libya.

    Moros’ statement came as he was addressing the general debate of the UN General Assembly at its 66th session to transmit a message from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias.

    “Right now there is a very serious threat to global peace: a new cycle of colonial wars, which started in Libya, with the sinister goal of refreshing the capitalist global system, within a structural crisis today, but without any limit to its consumer and destructive voracity.
    It is necessary to remember and to recur to our immediate memory: Venezuela, alongside the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas (ALBA), was actively advocating for a peaceful and negotiated solution to the Libyan conflict,”

    said Moros.

    The Venezuelan foreign minister said that peaceful resolution of the Libyan situation was derailed by the US and NATO and that reports of attacks on the Libyan people by the Libyan Air Force were unfounded in truth.

    “However, after all, the logic of war decreed by the UN Security Council and put into practice by NATO, the armed wing of the Yankee Empire, was imposed.
    The logic of war having its spearhead in trans-national mass media: let us bear in mind that the ‘Libyan Case’ was brought before the Security Council on the basis of intense propaganda by the western mass media, who lied about the alleged bombing of innocent civilians by the Libyan Air Force, not to mention the grotesque media setting of the Green Square of Tripoli.”

    He said that a premeditated bunch of lies were used to justify “military regime change policy” by NATO.

    “It’s worth wondering: what has the no-fly zone established by the Security Council resolution become?” said Moros. “How could NATO perform more than 20,000 missions against the Libyan people if there was a no-fly zone? After the Libyan Air Force was completely annihilated, the continued ‘humanitarian’ bombing shows that the west, through NATO, intends to impose their interests in North Africa, turning Libya into a colonial protectorate.”

    Moros said that Venezuela questions the legitimacy of the arms embargo placed on Libya through Security Council resolution 1970 and strengthened by resolution 1973.

    “How can we say that an arms embargo was imposed on Libya, when it was NATO itself that introduced thousands of heavy weapons to support a violent upheaval against that country’s legitimate government?” Moros said. “The embargo was, of course, meant to prevent the Libyan government from defending its sovereignty. This shows, once again, the cruel logic of international relations, where the law only applies to the weak.”

    Moros called for an immediate end to the NATO bombings in Libya and said the UN must reform in order to serve it’s purpose.

    He called the current state of the international organization a crisis, a point he said Venezuela has made previously.

    “Since then and until now, nothing has been done: the political will of the most powerful ones has prevailed,” said Moros. “Sure, the UN, as for its current functioning, docilely pledges to their interests. For us it is obvious that the UN is not improving and will not improve from the inside.”

    “If its secretary-general, along with the president of the International Criminal Court (ICC), take part in an act of war, as in the case of Libya, nothing can be expected from the current structure of this organization and there is no longer time for reforms: the UN does not accept any reform whatsoever, the illness within it is deadly,”

    he added.

    Moros criticized the Security Council, saying that a first step to re-founding the UN as a whole would be to eliminate the permanent member category and veto power from the peace and security body. He said that the General Assembly’s power must be democratically maximized and that a comprehensive review of the UN charter, with the aim of redrafting a new one, should be imposed.

  15. Lita O Tale writes:
    >some of us are encouraging our boys to refuse orders to bomb civilian targets; we have had enough” He continued: “Always the same lies, in WWI ( WORLD WAR 1) they said that the troops will be home by Christmas, and you know what happened”. Some Canadian and French pilots have followed the encouragement and denied to bomb more civilian targets.


    The truth about Libya – الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا
    More than 170 NATO rebels were killed in the Sirt yesterday and the might Libyan army took all their weapons.

    on another good note:
    The truth about Libya – الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا
    Sick of the American navy’s ongoing presence in the Persian Gulf,Iran announced this week that they will be sending ships over to be stationed off the coast of the United States.


    It is horrible—even Khalid was murdered by NATO in Tripoli just a day after he filed suit in Belgium. Only the elder Kawadi remains, and heartbroken—all his family [and the friends staying that night after the birthday party] perished by the AXIS through NATO.

    “I hear you. Many of your messages reach me. I can not answer you but I feel Individually your pain.Thank you Prayers for you. “- al-Gaddafi
    about a month ago from web

  17. Green Jihad

    The truth about Libya – الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا
    Resistance fighters blew up a hotel on Thursday in eastern Sirte, where the top leaders of the rebels and mercenaries, French and British met.90 Dead

    Heavy fighting and massive clashes in many areas in Tripoli. Violent clashes in Abu Salim. #Libya

    اشتباكات عنيفة الان بين المجاهدين وثوار الناتو في بوسليم والحي الاسلامي وخسائر كبيرة للجردان في بوسليم وسيارات الاسعاف تهرع للمكان

    شباب ليبيا الأحرار علي الفيس بوك لنشر الحقائق من أجل ليبيا الغد

    Lying TNC announced today the arrest of Ibrahim Moussa. These messages are worth questioning. Thus, the Algerian media say that Mussa was alive and he’s free. PNS has not shown evidence of seizure Moussa. Soon Moussa Ibrahim will talk to #ArraiTV. Whenever connection is safe in order to expose the lies of rats that they arrested him.


    Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi posts:

    The South of Libya .
    people is asking about south and say it’s in rats hands , I will explain what happened there starting of first area in the south of Libya . but i will answer in briefly what happened from my own sources

    Brak Shatty
    is the first area in the south if you are coming from Tripoli , it consider the gate of the south , small village , around tribes there , but the strongest one in that village whom fought , reason people is fighting just like they are blind , I mean no communications , no Networks , no oil for cars to join rows .

    rats come from Tripoli and Misurata and from around the mountain Misurata too and from the east with 10.000 fighters .

    Brak Shatty
    first day Media News said rats took it , but the truth is , the strongest tribe sent their sons all of them divided into three groups .

    first group to protect Old Airport it’s like camp . Second to go far 25 KM from Brak , third to stay inside that village with knows it’s only one tribe who decided to fought in that day

    second group battle took 3 hours face to face 20 fighters from us got killed . 67 rats got killed , our fighters withdraw to the Village because NATO bombing .

    first group in the old airport
    battle took one day 270 rats got killed , 10 captured , we lost 5 fighters then our fighters again our fighters withdraw to the Village because NATO bombing .

    third group
    rats tried to enter under the cover of NATO battle took 7 hours time , result is 47 rats got killed and rats change their road through the desert to another small villages beside brak and they went to Sebha .

    Brak VS rats = Brak is won

    another villages before Sebha , rats know that people is loyal to Gaddafi but they forcing people to put that village , anyway they success for days but they are not the real people of that villages , i mean how long they will stay there ? nobody welcoming them , so they are heading to Sebha , when they leave that villages people burn that flag of shame and put the green one 🙂

    Sebha .
    rats took time to get there , reason not Sebha people . No reason is Brak . because that tribe which’s called Magharha tribe seeking revenge for their sons whom got killed by NATO or them .

    so they been following them in the desert also 73 rats got killed

    first part of Sebha some rats whom inside that city welcome the rats , but the other areas closed , No one can enter no one can go out , people lock their areas .

    rats want negotiate to get down the green flags in some areas Like , Alfateh , Al Manshia , Hai Abdulkafi , so how many areas still to mention it in Sebha ? only two and that’s areas is rats .

    ok how about people we seen in TV that they celebrate in TV !!!
    we saw some rats whom coming from the east and from the western mountain , only 5% from the real resident of Sebha city .

    rats couldn’t get to any of the areas i mentioned above , battle took hours to be finished , result is 80 rats got killed 25 injured rats .

    the areas i mentioned in Sebha City is won .

    what about the other areas in the south ?

    the same thing that happened before all people reject them , they just raise flag and the show themselves on TV , look we Celebrate with people , people ? did i mention people ? oh yes i saw guys celebrating on TV ? who are they ?
    you can figure it out i told you 10.000 fighters , did you saw unarmed people celebrate ? only their women whom been brought after them .

    Ghat .
    rats knew Ghat is far from Sebha so they send only 150 cars to that small loyal village , what happened ? people there was waiting for them in the desert all rats got killed , they cars destroyed by our fighters .

    rats whom enter Sebha and the village went back to Tripoli and to where they come from , green flags raised again .

    Oh Zintan sent backup when they heard that Ghat isn’t in their hands , but when they are going through desert .

    small village people beside Brak heard that rats is heading to Ghat so the rats who come from Zintan been defeated in the same day .

    I asked how many supporter for Gaddafi in the south ? they answered me 97% .

    what i have written is information i got by my people in the south of Libya .

    Olga Sokolova writes:
    City of Ghadames, located on the border with Algeria, freed from the rebels, but NATO continues to deliver special-forces, as well as some of the rebels come from Nafusy.

    Muammar Gaddafi has just recently announced that the rebels expect a big surprise. And today the Algerian media say that Mutasim Gaddafi, son of the Libyan leader, commander of forces in Sirte, gave a “green light” to eliminate, commanders, heads of PNS. And now we are seeing one after another, the commanders of disappearing from the battlefield. So, already learned about the death of another leader – the head of misuratskogo Nuredin Gener. “This individual, according to Algerian television, he was known for that” organize “the bombing and missile attacks on NATO schools, homes and places of residence in the town of Sirte.”

    Very interesting is the situation in Tripoli. At this hour, you know exactly what outskirts of Tripoli in the hands of militias and the army. On the morning of September 29 rebel positions in Tripoli were attacked by the Libyan army. Were captured by the number of objects. In particular, the CIA headquarters and NATO. Were seized some documents. Now comes a very interesting message. In many areas of the city raised the green flags. We hear explosions, particularly in the Bab al-Azizia, Was attacked and the port of the city, prompting the rebels to leave some areas of the port. It is also reported the capture of mercenaries “Britain, France and Qatar in Tripoli.”

    Suddenly turned the situation is under Ben-Walid. After the assassination of the commander of the rebel attack on Ben Walid rebels, exhausted and demoralized, fled from the city. The path “Tarragon” – “Ben-Valid,” released. But we must remember that this information has not yet been confirmed.

    Tense situation remains in Sirte. Over the past two days the rebels have suffered major defeats. Were killed three rebel commanders and more than 2,000 people living force.
    At the moment, fighting is on the outskirts of Sirte. The rebels are constantly being attacked, but the defenders have serious counterattack repulsed the rebels and forced to retreat. A major problem for the city are bombing NATO aircraft, …

    Ras Lanuf and Brega is controlled by militias

    Benghazi under the control of militias that support Muammar Gaddafi. Over the surrounding area Benghazi raised green flags. Over the cities of Tobruk and Divot also green flags.

  18. COLORADO melons are causing Listeria in 25 American States! (Colorado is the home of the US Military in Cheyenne, and the CIA and the infamous underground complex about Teledo and the Denver Airport.)

    The Canary Islands, just off the northwestern coast of Africa, are about to errupt. A volcano on El Hierro, one of the Canary Islands, could be about to erupt.

    The big Calderra is there. If it errups it will bring a Suanmi across the whole Easter United States.,1518,789050,00.html

    Another Gadhafi son on Interpol’s most-wanted listAP foreign, Thursday, 29 September 2011
    Associated Press= PARIS (AP) Interpol placed another of ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s sons on the equivalent of its most-wanted list on Thursday, placing pressure on the government of Niger to surrender a man accused of overseeing bloody repressions.

    A Niger presidential spokesman has said al-Saadi Gadhafi is living under house arrest in the Western African country’s capital, Niamey, after fleeing Libya earlier this month via the desert bordering the two nations.Interpol has already issued red notices for Moammar Gadhafi and his son Seif al-Islam Gadhafi based on a request by the International Criminal Court</em>. Both men have been charged with crimes against humanity.[LIES]

    The international police agency said in a statement it had issued a red notice for al-Saadi Gadhafi, based on a request by the Libya’s National Transitional Council — the first time Interpol has issued such a notice at the request of Libya’s post-Gadhafi leadership.

    Interpol says the notice was based on accusations that the son, 38, misappropriated property and engaged in “armed intimidation” when he headed the Libyan Football Federation.

    He was also a special forces commander and is the subject of U.N. sanctions for commanding military units involved in repression of demonstrations.[LIE]

    An Associated Press reporter attempted to approach the green-gated compound in Niamey earlier this month, only for the car to be stopped by plainclothed police. An officer said Gadhafi’s son and three of his generals were being held in the two-story stucco villas inside the compound.

    The Interpol notice is expected to put the government of landlocked, aid-dependent Niger in a tight spot.

    “We will study this question,” Niger Foreign Minister Mohamed Bazoum said in an interview Thursday with France 24 TV. He said Niger would be in contact with Interpol and Libyan authorities, but, ultimately, the response would be based on the laws of the largely desert nation.

    He said six Libyans have come to Niger, and insisted that all are under “rather strict” surveillance. Bazoum added that some had indicated they were simply passing through the country but didn’t elaborate.

    Massoudou Hassoumi, the chief of staff of Niger‘s president, told The Associated Press this month that his country would abide by all international obligations regarding members of Gadhafi’s regime. He said that they were ready to hand al-Saadi Gadhafi to the International Criminal Court if the court issued a warrant for his arrest.

    Moussa Aksar, editor-in-chief of The Event newspaper published in Niamey, said the population of Niger is largely pro-Gadhafi because of road- and mosque-building projects the leader undertook. He said the government would face criticism internally if the son is handed over.

    “The government has already gone on the record saying they will hand him over if there is a legal obligation to do so. So I think they can’t back down now. They are in a difficult spot,” Aksar said Thursday.

    The international police agency had urged authorities in Niger and surrounding countries — and those with direct flights to Niger — to watch out for and arrest Gadhafi “with a view to returning him to Libya” for prosecution.

    Interpol’s red notices are the highest-level alerts they can issue to their member countries. The notices do not force countries to turn over suspects but strongly urge them to, and countries who ignore such notices can come under pressure from the international community.

    Moammar Gadhafi’s whereabouts are unknown. Libya’s new rulers said Wednesday they believe he may be hiding in the southern desert under the protection of ethnic Tuareg fighters, while two of his sons — Seif al-Islam and Muatassim — are holed up in cities besieged by revolutionary forces elsewhere in Libya.

    Another Gadhafi son is with his daughter Aisha and wife in neighboring Algeria — along with other family members — while Khamis Gadhafi, who leads the Khamis Brigade that fought in the west, was either killed in battle, or is still alive, depending on whom you talk to in Libya

    Rukmini Callimachi contributed from Dakar, Senegal.

    Al-Saadi Gaddafi:

    I deny allegations of corruption and intimidation.Interpol decision to put me on the equivalent of its most-wanted list is political.
    I deny the charges made against me by Interpol.It is clear political decision to recognise the de jure authority of the National Transitional Council taken without appropriate regard to the current absence of a functioning, effective and fair system of justice in Libya.

  19. As Promised: Jamahiriya Exerts Control Over Tripoli, Routing CIA, NATO, ‘Rats’
    Posted: 2011/09/30
    From: Mathaba

    As promised by Mathaba, the liberation of Tripoli is underway. No matter the outcome in this round, the Jamahiriya never ceased to exist, and the world media, governments and organizations were all exposed, and stand naked on the wrong side of history

    CIA-NATO Headquarters Raided, Green Flag Flying

    On Wednesday 28th, mass demonstrations took place in Tripoli in favor of people’s power (jamahiriya) and the African Muslim revolutionary leader Muammar Qaddafi, liberator of humanity, author of The Green Book, advocate of the Third Universal Theory.

    The masses demonstrated against the terrorist mercenary foreign armed forces which have been occupying key areas of Tripoli since 5 weeks after massive non-stop bombing and missile attacks by the world’s strongest military forces, 40 countries which are bankrupt, including USA, Canada, England, France, and most of Europe.

    The bombing and missile strikes by the foreign NATO forces have lasted more than six months, killing more than 50,000 Libyans who wished to live in peace in the world’s only Jamahiriya where all power, all wealth and all arms are in the hands of the people, and not an individual, sect, group, tribe, party or government.

    In response to the popular demonstration in Tripoli on Wednesday, the US-European sponsored Al-Qaida elements, traitor rats, ‘NATO rebels’ opened fire on the unarmed demonstrators and the response by the masses was ongoing throughout the day and night, with shooting in various parts of Tripoli, sending rats running, abandoning some of their check points, with NATO air force terrorists no longer knowing where to hit.

    Early in the morning of Thursday 29th, the world’s leading elite people’s armed force brigade commanded and led by General Khamis Qaddafi, son of Muammar Qaddafi, which has time and again shown its superiority to British elite SAS, German elite GSG-9, French and U.S. elite “special forces”, took control of the Tripoli headquarters of the CIA and NATO and took over rat checkpoints in the city central region.

    The heroic 32nd Reinforced Brigade of the Armed People “Khamis Brigade” destroyed the remaining NATO-rebel checkpoints, and took control of the building that has for the past 3 weeks housed the Tripoli headquarters of the terrorist Al-Qaida intelligence agency “CIA” aka Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America. The all-green flag of the Jamahiriya (self-governing society of the people) was hoisted above the building.

    The CIA white racist officers fled to a so-called “green zone” for their safety around the Tripoli international Maitiga airport along with NATO commanders and white European occupier special forces.

    The CIA agents and “representatives” (slaves) of the U.S. intelligence “community” (handful of fascists) in the Tripoli region spent the night in the “green zone” around the Maitiga airport of Libyan capital, ready to flee from the power of the Libyan people.

    The previous day, Wednesday, an attack took place ​​at the airport, in which the Libyan Jamahiri patriots destroyed one aircraft of the enemy occupying forces.

    NATO forces and officials are now taking urgent measures to evacuate the apparatus the CIA.

    During the storming of the former residential high-rise building in the embassy quarter of Tripoli, which had been occupied by the CIA three weeks ago until its liberation on Thursday, documents were seized from the CIA, which, as reported by Libyan officer Khamis al-Gaddafi, “after study will be handed over to the media and the UN Security Council.”

    At the building which now flies the green Jamahiriya flag of freedom, on several floors offices were set up by NATO and the CIA and were used as a command and control center to guide the NATO ground operation in Libya along with the US-European supported Al-Qaida terrorists and rat opportunist traitors.

    Other key facilities in Tripoli were seized by Libyan Jamahiriya forces and a brigade made its way to the air port giving chase to the fleeing CIA and NATO mercenaries.

    All day long everywhere in Tripoli fierce fighting and exchanges of fire could be heard, including on the streets of Mansour, Tajoura and Bengashir. NATO mercenaries attacked a military facility outside Mukhtar, which was previously a women’s military academy of the Libyan Defense Forces.

    Powerful explosions were also heard in Bab Al Azizia, as well as in the are where NATO had set up their headquarters in a school.

    The invaders will finally be evicted no matter how long the war lasts and how many give their lives to either die or live standing, refusing to be slaves to western banker capitalism, and all the governments in the world, all the international organizations and non-governmental organizations, all the religious leaders, and personalities, positions have become clear over the past six months, and the emerging new world order will be shaped accordingly.

    On the one side the truthful masses of the world, will gain power everywhere, as governments and gate-keeper media and institutions and structures have all stood naked and exposed to their real character and purpose, and on the other the handful of rulers, oppressors, hypocrites and opportunists, as well as former masters in banking, business, economy, politics and society will be left in the dust bin of history.

    The enemy retains the market area and Jamaa Zawiya Dahmani. However, eyewitnesses report that on the streets of Tripoli, an increasing number of green flags are being raised. Everywhere Libyan patriots can be heard chanting: «Allah, Muammar, Libya, wa Baz!» (God, Muammar Qaddafi, Libya and that is all we need).

    CIA Headquarters in Tripoli
    Anti-NTC operations began three days ago and will continue until all objectives are completed. Resistance combat units under the command of Khamis Gaddafi, have taken the CIA headquarters in Tripoli along with several other strategic locations within the city. According to Zangtena, the resistance then hoisted the Green flag over the headquarters. They recovered numerous vital, confidential files and will soon broadcast their content.
    American CIA headquarters in Tripoli at Airport
    Elsewhere, NATO has dropped in a new “special forces” team of armed mercenary troops into the town of Ras Lanuf, which is an oil refinery and which is terminal of one of the main oil pipelines from the Sahara. The entire Sahara is under Jamahiriya control, with rats posing only for cameras, launching occasional cowardly assaults but always being driven back by the armed people who are defending their communities.

    The heroic cities of Sirte and Bani Walid, which have withstood total siege for months, in what will be exposed as Crimes Against Humanity for which NATO countries and officials must face justice, have repulsed the rebel rat assaults which were carried out under NATO cover, and upgraded their defensive resistance to offensive counter-attacks against the terrorists.

    Khamis al-Gaddafi, a son of Muammar Gaddafi’s, speaks to his fighters:

    News from other sources, roundup by Dennis South
    Sabha: The city of Sabha remains under the control of the Libyan Jamahiriya. It is confirmed that the situation in Sabha is so strong for the Jamahiriya, that the LDF (Libyan Defence Forces) were able to send troops to other battlefields in Libya.
    Zawiya: Green Resistance in Zawiya captured a very large supply of weapons, which were moved to Tripoli to assist the resistance there.

    Sirte: defeat of rebels

    Thursday, 29.09.2011 – 12:46

    “It is now confirmed that the Islamists and mercenaries that were attempting to conquer Sirte for the past month were defeated by the Jamahiriya forces. The death toll of the enemy forces was an estimated one thousand. There are reports that NATO pilots are getting tired of shelling innocent civilians and are starting to wake up to the fact that they are not at all there to protect civilians, and the Libya is a Jamahiriya where people will not surrender their power, wealth and weapons.

    Green flag over the headquarters of the CIA in Tripoli

    As mentioned above, the green flag was hoisted above the CIA headquarters in Tripoli.

    Thursday, 29.09.2011 – 17:14

    More than 170 NATO bandits were killed yesterday in Sirte. The Libyan army seized their weapons.

    The Tribes of South Libya, Sirte and Beni Walid announced the opening of a few local radio stations Libya, on which Muammar Gaddafi congratulated Libyan fighters and volunteers for clearing the cities of NATO criminals.

    Shortly after the Libyan Army captured stores of weapons, Washington announced that the rebels lost 10 thousand missiles.*** SEE N° 13 below

    Sirte: the rats moved three kilometers back after heavy losses; Ben Walid: the rats are completely blocked
    Thursday, 29.09.2011 – 22:57

    “It will not be easy to take Sirte. We thought we would do it Friday. I no longer believe [that we can do it]. Moutassim Qaddafi [another son of Muammar Qaddafi], is in Sirte, and commands his men. They have heavy weapons and snipers, who complicate our task,” said a field commander of the rebels to the AFP. Before dawn, Gaddafi forces had “tried to surround us in the dark, but the rain foiled their plan. Otherwise, we would have had heavy losses,” he said.

    “Our troops are subjected to hard blows. Today we moved three kilometers back,” said the commander. In addition, there was still a “lack of coordination” amongst the rebels. “A group of our fighters were hit by a rocket that was fired by one of our own tanks. There were three martyrs,” he said.

    At Beni Walid, the rebels have been blocked by the fierce defense of the Libyan Jamahiriya forces, and have not advanced. Walid Khaimej , a rebel captain on the front of Beni Walid, asked for “more help from NATO.”

    News from other sources:

    Summary of NSBNC (No Spin News By Christof Lehmann)

    I am considering including Dr. Lehman’s reports as a regular feature of these updates. This first attempt will be a numbered, brief summary of Dr. Leymann’s report. You can read his full report at your leisure.

    1. NATO’s desperate. NATO and TNC becoming isolated in “pockets of occupation.”

    2. Talk increasing of diplomatic initiatives and power-sharing.

    3. Long siege of Sabha is broken. Area firmly under Jamahiriya control.

    4. NATO attempt to establish bridgehead in Sirte harbor for amphibian assault was smashed: Libyan Special Forces set fire to NATO destroyer.

    5. Zawiah: NATO/TNC convoy with many weapons ambushed by Libyan and Allied Forces [perhaps Tuaregs, Ibrahim al-Douri forces].

    6. Possible NATO attempt to reconquer Derna.

    7. Jamahiriya forces in Tripoli awaiting final assault on rebels.

    8. Libyan defectors wish to return to Jamahiriya, now realizing they contributed to destruction of their country [This confirms information that appeared in an earlier Update report].

    9. TNC and NATO approached Russian diplomats to broker a cease fire to negotiate peace deal and power-sharing.

    10. Swiss Diplomats failed to bribe Libyan tribal leaders to not deploy fighters to Sirte, and to withdraw from the battlefield.

    11. Swiss bankers fear illegal transfer of Libyan funds to TNC.

    12. High-ranking NATO officer talked to Dr. Lehmann in confidential phone call. NATO commanders are afraid they’ll be tried, Nuremberg style, for war crimes: “Some of us are encouraging our boys to refuse orders to bomb civilian targets; we have had enough.”

    13.*** Intelligence analysts warning of false flag event conducted by US Special Operation Units to create an excuse to invade Libya in October.

    THIS NUMBER “13” has already begun with the “announcement” of thousands of surface-to-air missile launchers as “missing” and “needing retrieval” as a public threat to air safety!
    Sen.Kirk was part of a delegation of Senators led by John McCain (R-Ariz.) and including Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). All of them met with TNC and military commanders and visited Martyrs’ Square in Tripoli.
    Sen. Kirk of Illinois also said, “The United States is in the early stages of securing [Libyan] surface-to-air missiles, of particular concern are the more advanced stinger-like missiles that came from the former Soviet Union. I think that aggressive U.S. action on that is warranted, given how many of them are out there.”
    He added that he was “reassured about the nuclear and chemical stockpiles. It does, from all indications, appear that the United States and our allies, the TNC, have a pretty good handle on those stockpiles.”
    HE, this senator Kirk, is very evil and continues all the DIRTY propaganda lies, all of them, against al-Gadhafi and the JAMAHIRIYA:
    Kirk was part of a delegation of Senators led by John McCain (R-Ariz.) and including Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). All of them met with TNC and military commanders and visited Martyrs’ Square in Tripoli.
    The junior Senator from Illinois also said he hopes the United States soon releases $34 billion of seized Gadhafi funds and makes them available to the TNC.
    Doing so, Kirk said, would “make sure that civilian government in its early stages could … put together a unified military command and [ultimately] a fully unified government,” Kirk said.
    His comments came as Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) today called on the State Department to pay compensation “to the victims of terrorism sponsored by the Qaddafi regime, which includes victims and, families of victims, of the Lod Airport Massacre, the Rome Airport Attack, and relatives of the Lockerbie bombing,” according to the duo’s news release.
    Kirk said he believes the operation to aid Libya was “a success” for President Barack Obama that had built good will with the TNC and created a potential ally in the region.
    He added that major fighting in the battle to oust Gadhafi loyalists is in sight. “The age of Gadhafi is over,” he said.
    “The heavy lift of this conflict, I think, will be over by the end of October,” Kirk said. “The two final battles in [Gadhafi’s] hometown of Sirte and the stronghold of Bani Walid.” (UNQUOTE)

    Source said last spring that in OCTOBER there would be American TRoops on Libyan Ground. Alex was right. Here is their excuse. So that was the Big Pentagon Pow-Wow in Colorado yesterday with the american president!

    Here is the answer–no bombs but Americans are now sending ground troops into Libya. THAT WAS WHAT THE BIG POW-WOW in Colorado was really about WE ALL KNEW THE YANKS WOULD COME ! The Americans just transported 18,000 Afghan al-Qaeda into Libya by yesterday…Now they are claiming they are afraid the al-Qaeda will have these weapons? What games the Americans play!!
    This is precisely what Alex Jones said would occur.

  20. Olga Sokolova writws:
    Musa Ibrahim is all right: western lies again denounced: a message from a Lybian friend:Deserts Lion
    he is good and safe and he will give soon
    speech in alrai TV channel

    The effectiveness of NATO is close to zero
    Analysis of data from the news website of NATO shows a drop in the effectiveness of NATO in Libya,

    The effectiveness of NATO is close to zero

    Analysis of data from the news website of NATO shows a drop in the effectiveness of NATO in Libya, the advantage in the air no longer gives the advantage to the coalition forces in combat operations against the Libyan army. The average for September daily departures NATO has committed 112, of which only a third of fighting – 40, and the number of destroyed targets was less than half the sorties – an average of 18 a day. It should be about … Everything
    According to foreign press and all is not well among the military itself of NATO. Thus, the agency NSNBC referring to the mid-level officer of NATO, that an increase in civilian casualties is growing and growing concern of most NATO commanders for possible personal liability in the future according to Nyurbergskim Principles. Recently commanders tacitly approve of the return of the pilots with combat missions with the unspent ammunition, and all …
    I was preparing this review, you can publish in the group, the numbers are checked myself, my name is not necessary to mention. A source from the Russian media, who asked to remain anonymous. (google tr)

    Olga Sokolova source Russian group

  21. The truth about Libya – الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا
    A Qatari airplane carried more than 100 wounded fighters of the NATO rebels to Amman, Jordan for treatment. However the Jordanian authorities refused to let the rats in and the Qatari airplane refused to take them back which resulted in arguments between the Qataris and Jordanians.

    The NATO rebels have bugged the telephones of several media stations in Libya in hope to track the calls of Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, who in contrary of the recent news is free and not captured by the rats.

    Syria سورية
    Last night, after the last evening prayer, in one of the mainstays of the National Council of Libya Misrata erupted the intense armed clashes.

    “Clashes between units of the rebels’ Brigades Misraty” and the “Brigades of Benghazi.” They used all kinds of automatic weapons, grenade launchers, mortars. Probable cause of the fighting in Misrate – a creation “Kata’ib Misrata” (Brigades Misraty) anti deserters groups, who began to shoot all deserters retreating from the battlefield near Sirte, or trying to deviate from participation in the battle, “- said” arguments. ru “source in the Russian special services dedicated to monitoring the situation in Libya.

    According to sources, “among those killed deserters, most of Benghazi and Tripoli.”


    I WAS RIGHT about the Nukes:
    From: Adrenalinkz, 3 hours ago URGENT NEWS 30.9.2011



    I knew they were up to this. When Obama went to DENVER NEW WORLDS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT on Tues. 27 SEPT….then came the shoulder surface to air missile story of thousands of missiles and shoulder laiunchers needing to be recovered, etc. …Then their Conalraid alert drill in the underground complex. It runs along the exact pattern as previous False Flag events. When will the world wake-up and realise what is occurring: WHEN IT IS TOO LATE?

    Gadhafi in the dust cloud

  23. Fidel Castro blasts Obama for genocide in Libya
    Posted: 2011/10/01
    From: Mathaba

    Obama and NATO orchestrated an assault on the Libyan Jamahiriya Nation that has been skewed through their own explanation of “mass atrocities”.
    Photo (below): Fidel Castro and Muammar Gaddafi on 08 March 1977, six days after Gaddafi handed the power to the Libyan people.

    Castro and Gadhafi 08 MARCH 1977
    Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro condemned U.S. President Barack Obama on his words last week at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.Castro said Obama misrepresented the wars America has involved itself in, calling his speech before the United Nations last week ‘gibberish’ and blaming the US and NATO for the mass murders of the Libyan people.

    “In spite of the shameful monopoly of the mass information media and the fascist methods of the United States and its allies to confuse and deceive world opinion, the resistance of the people grows, and that can be appreciated in the debates being produced in the United Nations,” Castro wrote on the website.

    Speaking before the UN’s General Assembly last week, President Obama called the symbolic leadership of Muammar Gaddafi who has been out of power since 1977 when power was handed to the Libyan people a “mass atrocity.”

    Castro therefore rightfully believes that Obama and NATO orchestrated an assault on the Libyan that is being skewed through the commander-in-chief’s own explanation.

    “Who understands this gibberish of the President of the United States in front of the General Assembly?” the former Cuban leader asks in an editorial published to the governmental website.

    “What position to adopt about the genocide of NATO in Libya? Does anyone wish it recorded that under their direction, the government of their country supported the monstrous crimes by the United States and its NATO allies?” he continued.

    Castro isn’t the only one to question America’s intentions. The United State Congress has previously attacked Obama over his ongoing war against Libya and Africa. Earlier this summer, lawmaker Dennis Kucinich called out the president for starting a war without congressional approval.

    “Since when does NATO trump the Constitution of the United States?” asked Kucinich.

    Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York similarly proposed: “Shall the president, like the King of England, be a dictator on foreign policy?”

    Mathaba Editing of Russia Today article.

  24. al-Gadhafi in good company:

    good company

    Latest picture of Jalil:
    Jalil orc

    The green flag is raised in Benghazi. Here you find a more complete description of the situation in Libya today
    par Wadii Hadad, samedi 1 octobre 2011, 13:38
    * Tripoli: For two days ago there were demonstrations pro-Kadhafi in Tripoli. The rats of of the council of traitors do not know what to do. Khamis Kadhafi, the man with seven lives, gave them an ultimatum to run away from Tripoli. In taste, his troops were first destroyed the offices of NATO and the CIA before moving to the offices of the NTC. The poor rats there fled to the Red Cross offices.

    * Ghadames: this Libyan desert town located 650 km from Tripoli, inhabited by Tuaregs, is close to Tunisia and Algeria. After announcing that Kadhafi was there, housed in the magnificent mosque in the city, the NTC asked Nato to bomb the city. Refusal of the latter, who feared, rightly, that the Tuaregs seek refuge in the african sahel countries and create great problems there. As a result, the NTC has asked these warriors to stay in their city without moving.

    * Misrata: violent clashes took place today between rebel factions. Returned defeated from Sirte, the military detachment claimed their places they had left behind. Denial of their alternates, and the fratricidal war which has caused many losses in their ranks. Normally, the leaders were killed on the fronts of Sirte and Ben walid, there is no one who gives orders.

    * The south: all the libyan south is in the hands of pro-Kadhafi. People make normally their business and no planes flying over the sky of this peaceful corner of Libya. People have said to the renegades who wanted to venture into the area, to leave immediately.

    * Zawiya: the deposit of arms and ammunition of NATO was devastated after the loyalists have recovered many weapons. As a result, the renegades have fled the city to hide into the Tripoli International Airport. In this place, they are in the company of American officers, French and British, who fled the center of Tripoli and are about to take the first plane because the situation is critical.

    *Benghazi: Moustapha Abdeljalil is conspicuously absent. It may no longer lives in the city. A fatwa against him was announced. Even if he is in Benghazi, he can not move and he is cloistered within the four walls of his palace. Worse, 50% of the city are now banned for the renegades and the green flag is raised.

    * NTC: 1000 fighters of the CNT could not be found since the disaster of Sirte and Ben Walid. These are not killed in combat, but deserters. Normal, with nearly eight months of conflict (March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October), is the hangover. Those who have had the chance to steal some valuable things, do not regret. For others, they have only their eyes to cry. The NTC wants to recruit …. mercenaries but in vain.

  25. a lot of hot-air:
    concerning GENERAL Mahmoud al-Jabril from The truth about Libya – الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا
    Mahmoud Jibril,rat,announced his resignation

    .”I will not be a part of the new government”


    MUSTAFA ABDEL al-JALIL (former Justic minister) now “leader of the National transitional council”:

    ‎* Tripoli: For two days ago there were demonstrations pro-Kadhafi in Tripoli. The rats of of the council of traitors do not know what to do. Khamis Kadhafi, the man with seven lives, gave them an ultimatum to run away from Tripoli. In taste, his troops were first destroyed the offices of NATO and the CIA before moving to the offices of the NTC. The poor rats there fled to the Red Cross offices.

  26. 01 OCTOBER 2011:

    The truth about Libya – الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا
    ‎#Sirte – More than 20 civilians were killed in last 24 hours,by #NATO bombs.

    The truth about Libya – الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا
    ‎2 kids killed today in #Sirte by #NATO bombs .1 man died of starvation.

    Severe decline and chaotic withdrawal of rats from the outskirts of #Sirte, where our armed snipers prevented progress
    General Khamis
    Khamis al-Gaddafi: We will win or die!
    01 October 2011, 12:31 [“,” Alexander Grigoriev ]

    Jamis Gaddafi: Our blood is not cheap, and none of the traitors will sleep peacefullyPosted: 2011/10/02
    From: Mathaba

    Gen. Khamis Gaddafi has called on his fellow student at the Academy “Mikhail Frunze” Sergei Moscow.
    Photos from
    Gen. Khamis Gadhafi

    In a telephone conversation with his classmate on the Academy. Frunze operating officer of the Russian army, Sergei, Khamis al-Gaddafi gave thanks to the people of Russia, which supports the struggle of the Libyan people against the invaders. “” quoted Khamis al-Gaddafi fully, removing only the full name of the classmate.

    “I am honored by the teachers and classmates that I had and eventually I will be worthy of them.

    With support from the people of Russia, Ukraine and other parts of the Soviet Union, especially the brave men who fight side by side with us to defend our country against aggression.

    We will win or die, nobody is going to resign or flee. To die fighting side by side with warriors is the dream of anyone who defends his country. Having friends in the Russian people is an honor for the Libyan. God is our witness. In the words of Russian song, “This land will be ours if we do not die in a battle!” However, Libya has always been ours, and always will be, even if we die.

    Many things have changed in the world. Who would have thought that everything would turn out this way. But remember this is what we studied and prepared. We will stand the test of value.

    Despite what the newspapers say British, French and American television and reporting: the vast majority of the population supports us. And we will not abandon them, we will not allow looting and massacre.

    Our enemies are traitors who want to sell Libya to foreign capitalists and colonialists. I ordered all media to inform the international community about NATO crimes criminals and rebels. I have asked them to release the information after each attack civilian targets or the slaughter of ordinary Libyans and foreigners.

    I want to ensure that Libya is now a flowing river of blood is seen around the world.

    Our blood is not cheap. None of the traitors will sleep soundly until the end of my days, I swear by God and for the honor of Libyan army officers.

    Take care, your family and your country. Once again, Sergei, our friendship is an honor for me. “

  27. In the Media
    01 OCT. 2011 – 52 MINS AGO by Katerina Nikolas – comments

    NTC commander admits did not capture Moussa Ibrahim

    It appears that news of the capture of Gaddafi’s spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, was premature. Although an NTC commander announced Ibrahim was caught on Thursday, the fighters’ high command now say that he was not captured.
    Libya’s new National Transitional Council has once again been using the propaganda war to disseminate false information, this time regarding the capture of Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim. After announcing on Thursday that Ibrahim was captured as he tried to flee Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte, with the added rumour he was dressed as a woman, it now turns out this information was as disingenuous as the news that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi had been capture in Tripoli.
    According to Al Arabaiya “the fighters’ high command in Libya’s third-largest city Misrata said it had been informed Ibrahim had not been captured, although members of his family were.” I reported yesterday that it was reasonable to assume the news of Ibrahim’s capture may simply be rebel propaganda, considering the NTC track record of claiming false events which would lower morale amongst pro-Gaddafi loyalists.
    A report from Russia Today indicates that civilians caught in the cross fire in Sirte are suffering from deprivations and the situation has given rise to a serious humanitarian crisis in the city. The number of civilian deaths is unclear at this point, but RT report that on Friday alone there were 20 civilian deaths from NATO bombing.
    Another blow for the NTC is Niger’s announcement that they will not be extraditing Saadi Gaddafi despite the Interpol red notice that was issued at the request of the Libya’s interim government. Niger’s Prime Minister Bragi Rafini stated that Gaddafi’s son will remain in Niamey, saying
    “There’s no question of him being extradited to Libya for the moment”
    because he would not receive a fair trial, the BBC reports.
    Read more:

    Fernst Afrkia comments:

    They don’t kow anymore what to say those treator rats! We are proud, wee are figther we are African warriors: Lybia is our land and no oneelse will rule and decide of the present and futur of Lybia except true Lybian patriots.Long Live to the fighters resistants of Lybia

  28. Olga Sokolova writes:
    Senior NATO officers have “fear of Nuremberg” in Libya. It seems that the panic NATO officers as unnecessary civilian casualties and destruction of civilian objects will cause issues of personal responsibility in the future, to those who gave these orders, in accordance with the principles of the Nuremberg Tribunal.
    For too much evidence: reports, films, photos and all living witnesses to what happened.
    Too much evil, too many victims that it could have been forgiven.
    ‎”Late on September 30 a group of combat so-called” Youth Movement of Libya attacked a group of experts from the CIA and NATO. Column 4 jeeps traveled from Tripoli to the airport for departure from the country. On the way to the head and trailing vehicles were fired on and stopped. Within it returned fire, but were destroyed. About this “argument. ru “said a source in the Russian intelligence services engaged in monitoring the situation in Libya.

    According to him, the attackers took away “notebooks with card file agents, cell phone numbers” gunners “recorders with interviews and meetings, a dossier on some Libyan officers, a lot of digital photos, personal papers and belongings of foreigners.”

    “Everyone, in addition to various identity documents in different names, were the identity of the journalist BBC or a newspaper” The Guardian “. Representatives of the Youth Movement of Libya in the coming days plan to hand over documents to the headquarters of Muammar Gaddafi in Bani Walid. They will then be made public. Among the attackers wounded two. One 17-year-old boy was killed, “- said the source.

    Yesterday the more mobile combat groups Khamis al-Gaddafi seized in the archives at CIA headquarters in Tripoli.

    Zawiya. It seized an arsenal of weapons and ammunition to NATO, NATO’s mercenaries and their owners fled to Tripoli and wait for the international airport. Here the company of American, French and British officers await the plane, because the situation is critical.
    South of Libya. completely in the hands of pro-Gaddafi.

    Misurata. Fierce clashes between gangs of mercenaries. After the death of their leaders, destroyed by Sirte and Bani Walid is no one whose orders this gathering may submit.

    Ghadames. City of Tuaregs.
    DINAR with Taureg Mosque
    After the announcement of the TNC that Gaddafi is hiding there in the historic mosque, asked the city to bomb. NATO has refused to …. Yes! NATO rightly decided that the Tuaregs will avenge them, and after the war in their own countries for the mosque. It is a fact already known and that was confirmed by Jules Alan.

  29. Moussa Ibrahim,01.10.2011 – Full translation of interview:


    “With us on the on the line is Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, the official spokesman for the Libyan Government. Doctor, I want to begin by saying Thank God for your safety. The media channels of lies and deceit have said that you attempted to flee wearing women’s clothing, wearing a neqab (female headdress covering face). Do you think it is an attempt to slander and muddy the image of the resistance and jihadi fighters like yourself?”

    Dr. Moussa Ibrahim:

    “Greetings my dear brother, and greetings to all the viewers of this courageous channel. My dear brother, we have given our lives and our souls for the sake of this country and we partake in an honourable and duteous cause for a true Civilization project and I am not surprised that these rumours and lies have been wrongfully claimed by the heads of the Council of Shame and traitorship in Libya and the reporting and follow up of such statements by the media outlets , who in an organized way co-operate with NATO and the NATO rebels.

    The Glorious Youth of Libya that undertake this holy war against the greatest powers of the world, they try to taint their image but they are much greater and purer than this. We will not leave the battleground. We will fight until we die or until we are triumphant, as pleases God.

    These rumours are lies. I was close to the frontline in Sirte and with me a battalion of great loyal men of around 23 fighters. 8 of them fell from the Sirte the unified, 2 Harwara, 2 Tarhouna, 3 Werfella and 1 from Wershifana and 1 from Seesan and 6 from the brave Zliten.

    We were exposed to a surprise attack by a gang of NATO militias and were forced into an isolated area and the group of young men who were with me stayed behind to fight the NATO militia who were well equipped and well armed by their evil NATO alliance, while we were only using light weaponry etc. The fighting went on for more than a day and a half. They announced my capture and arrest but that was not true. In fact they never got near me. The young men kept fighting within the valleys of the deserts. Some of these men died as martyrs in this brave and pure battle; 2, 1 from Werfella and 1 Seean and the rest resisted this surprise attack and we escaped safely. May God have mercy on the martyrs who God will welcome and not NATO.

    The above led us to approach another frontline of the war, where we can set your minds at ease about the fighters and their readiness and their high spirits and their determination. But the lying media channels try to release as many rumours and lies as possible to bring down the morale of resistance movement.

    I would like to take this opportunity to say that I personally witnessed with my own eyes, how they killed, Zwaitneeya, Wershifna , See3an, Werfella, Tarhouna, Hrawa, and the tribes of Sirte who were hand in hand, side by side , and how the planes flew above us and how they bombed relentlessly and how the militia on the ground tried to attack. I swear my dear brother, the eyes of these people had a spark of anger and war and their footing stood steady, and all of them were speaking of dying martyrs and the brave, and they spoke of their families with love and compassion. It was an amazing sight. These were not trained individuals. They were not trained by Al Qaeda, NATO, France, Qatar. These were normal young people. They were everyday people like the people viewing Al-Rai Channel right now, who will turn the channel and watch a tv show, movie or music video. Normal youth astonishingly transformed into lions and heroes because they felt that they had a higher purpose in this phase that they must be heroes and fighters. I asked some of them who they were? What families they came from? What they did in life, work wise? Some were students, teachers, businessmen, mechanics etc. All of these people had no goals or aspirations but to fight these terrorists and to bring down and topple this colonial conquest of their country.

    I swear my dear brother, even though a lot of these people are not politically educated they ARE morally educated and they understand all that is going on. They cannot be fooled by this mask and buzzwords of “democracy” and “freedom” and “change” which is a deceitful lie to cover up the colonial intentions for Libya. They understand their feelings, transparency and honesty. All of this, they know overall that it is their duty to fight. I would like to send again my respects to the 2 martyrs whom I mentioned earlier and salute to my brothers who are currently still fighting on numerous battlefronts.


    We never doubted for one second that Moussa Ibrahim “the fighter” would flee a battle in his hour of need. In any case doctor, the media are saying and spreading rumours that civilians are fleeing Sirte. Do you think it is an attempt to give an impression that the city has been evacuated so that they can say that everyone has fled in order to collectively massacre and cleanse the entire City and its population?

    Moussa Ibrahim:

    Of course my brother, they have already started this. The Arab viewers from everywhere, Saudi, Emirates, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan and all Arab countries, need to know that the inhabitants in Sirte are being truly massacred and wiped out in the last month while in their homes , the amount that have been killed while… and I’ll say it again IN THEIR HOMES have reached their thousands , thousands killed. This is NOT AN EXAGERATION, thousands of people ! This is evident to the extent that the scent of death and killing and destruction has gotten so overwhelming that the international organizations have got to experience it even while in the enemy’s countries far away. The scent has got, as they say in English, TOO MUCH TO IGNORE.

    They have started the media game again by saying that the inhabitants of Sirte are leaving to cover up the fact that they are killing civilians and we don’t bomb civilians. This is a clear strategy and plot partaken by Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya and others that are by now the most skilled and experienced in lies and deceit. I can say that I count myself as an expert on a Global level on these channels and very knowledgeable and experienced in their capabilities, from dealing with them extensively and observing them very closely the last 9 months. I know their composition and how they operate from the inside and in actual fact it is just a part of this international imperial operation, a part of which is fake, cosmetic and organized.

    The city still has 180,000 of its inhabitants, a few hundred have fled because their homes and lives have been destroyed. 180,000 still remain within the city, added to the fact that full tribes have come to Sirte because the gangs entered and invaded their villages so they had to escape to Sirte and they are being bombarded right now from overhead, buildings falling etc. The tanks and regiments and grad missiles, hit without considering military targets hitting civilians.

    My dear brother I personally telephoned, with international organizations and some international television channels and I called the Human rights organizations and the united nations officials and well known authorities. And I asked them all to come to Sirte, considering they visited other cities in Libya in the past while conducting this conspiracy against us , why don’t they come now to record and gather facts on the destruction and crimes in Sirte !?

    They say OK we will come, we will organize and come. It has been one month since I have requested this and not a single channel entered Sirte, not a single organization enteres Sirte , not a single red cross initiative enters Sirte. Not a sIngle Islamic entity or UN authority has commented on the destruction of the city Sirte !

    The Conspiracy is clear to anyone who has a heart or can hear what is happening. For the people who have no hearts and do not want to know or learn or analyse or break down this unjust global regime. Of course they would rather live in blissful ignorance, but we prefer the widening of knowledge and of knowing more and more.

    The seeking of the truth is the first phase in any war. And we are on the side of the Truth with God’s assistance !


    Dr. Moussa, on the ground, what is the situation on the frontlines especially in the surrounded resistant towns? I mean to say Bani Walid, Ghadamis and Sirte?

    Moussa Ibrahim:

    I will try to give you a summary. There are two types of frontlines, battlefields. The primary fronts, Bani Walid, Sirte and Sabha and there are other fronts in violated towns.

    In terms of the violated towns, we can observe that the resistance movement has increased in these cities, there are operations which are undertaken continuously in Zliten, Tripoli, Zawiya , Azizia and Tarhouna among other cities. Some are planned and organized operations and some are small that some individuals undertake. All are successful and see positive results. There are casualties seen, and on the enemies side. But most importantly that the flag of war is being raised. The continuation of these operations proves that NATO cannot take control of Libya.

    In terms of the Primary frontlines, Thank God, Bani Walid, is truthfully fully cleansed within a large radius surrounding the town and it remains to be said that we are still suffering the effects somewhat, of course.

    But the dead bodies of NATO militia are left in the valleys and Mountains of Bani Walid. Of course the heads of the ground forces of NATO rebels know full well of this fact. The Tarhouna hospital, Tajoura Hospital, The Tripoli Medical Centre are all full of bodies from the Bani Walid battlefield. Taking this to account, Bani Walid has now translated into the term ‘DEATH’ for these gangs. So Bani Walid’s reports are excellent. The last attack on Bani Walid was yesterday, today there have been no attacks. Yesterday many sacrificed their lives. I would like to salute all the tribes of Bani Walid, especially that of the Battle of the Valley of Ghalboun and our brother Sbaya3 and Asahbaa, Kimmat, Qbool, Gwaydaa that have protected and defended.

    In terms of the second primary Frontline of the resistant town of Sirte the attacks have been greater, these have been taken from 5 different focal points supported by heavy NATO planes and supported with very modern weapons. But the young men of Sirte have been capable of standing their ground and resisting this attack. And the piece of intel which I can present, this reached me only 2 hours ago, is that the young men of Sirte have made a strong advance east of the town which led to the fleeing of the enemy to retreat a number of kms and also leading to the seizure of some of their weapons. The south of city seems to be coping well and the west is also doing fine.

    In saying this, we expect and I would like to alert the viewers that we expect that the attacks will intensify in Sirte beginning tomorrow especially from the West and South. BUT, we are ready and we have a lot of strength from the west and we have a lot of hard work being done from the south and the Eastern front we should eliminate the threat completely in the next few days.

    Just one second my dear brother if I may, I would like to take an opportunity to issue a statement to the tribes of the violated towns, for example the honourable people of Tarhouna , we know that the proud and patriotic people of Tarhouna cannot accept the NATO rebels and we receive constant letters from Tarhouna that they are against NATO but they are silent against their will.

    We say to them if they cannot and do not have the capabilities to open a battle field of resistance in the city itself, to at least for the loyalists, to move and send, 100′s from Tarhouna, Wershefanna, Asabeeaa, Seean and Hawamed, from everywhere to join the frontline in Bani Walid and Sirte. Of course, we do currently have large numbers already from such tribes within these battlefields, but these tribes need to keep sending more and more people so that our forces can be stronger and stronger and eventually open the battlefield in their own towns.


    Doctor, Thank God for your safety again, and thank you for your participation and we salute you on your resistance.

    Moussa Ibrahim:

    Before I go I would like to give a personal condolence on behalf of our Revolutionary Leader Muammar Gaddafi, to the family of the hero Jamal Abdal Nasser for his son Khalid.

    May God have mercy on his soul, the Leader Muammar Gaddafi would like to offer deepest respects to the family of Jamal Abdul Nasser and to all the free people and all the Arabs.

    And we would like to solidify the struggle which Jamal Abdel Nasser lead for freedom and for pride and the struggle that all Arabs face against foreign occupiers, against the theft of oil, against the setting up of military bases in Libya and anywhere in Arabic land. We would like to again offer our deepest condolences to the Arabic people. We would like to say God willing we will maintain the flag of freedom and pride and Islam and honesty until victory, Inshallah.

    Full Translation © by I.A. LIBYA
    For Libya 360°

    The death of Dr. Moussa Ibrahim rumor was made up to locate him and the Libyan leader
    By MKERone, 01 OCT. 2011
    MoussaAccording to a source of the resistance Seven days news website, a correspondent of the agency from Benghazi explained that the NCT believes that the Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim is accompanied by the Libyan leader.
    The rumor, which was launched yesterday by the NCT lies told by the media.They intended to push Ibrahim Moussa to call the Alrrai TV which would allow NATO to locate the call in order to throw bombs from the sky and kill him and especially Gaddafi.Dr. Moussa Ibrahim remained silent waiting for the storm to pass.
    The executive director of the Alrrai TV could be reached and confirmed that Dr. Moussa Ibrahim is in excellent health.

    Source: Algeria ISP
    Dr. Mussa Ibrahim
    Spokesman for the Libyan government Dr. Moussa Ibrahim:::
    Enable youth volunteer walked just two types of attack east of the city of Sirte led to defeat the enemy outside the outskirts of the distances walked, and the south and west of Sirte and Praise is fine. It has been stated that some of Dr. Moussa Ibrahim’s family have been captured!
    Moussa Ibrahim also said during the phone call to Arrai TV from a location somewhere within Sirte, that Gaddafi had asked him to pass on his condolences to the family of former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, whose son, Khaled Abdel Nasser, died on Sept. 15. He also said

    “Tomorrow we expect a strong attack from several points of Sirte but we are ready!”

    Moussa Ibrahim,In a telephone conversation on ArraiTV denied claims that he has been captured by rebel…speaking right now over al-RAI radio through telephone
    Rats, Moussa was dressed as a woman and you captured him? Rats biggest liars,who believe in your lies? Moussa just now denied everything.
    Dr. Moussa Ibrahim says: “I call for the Libyan tribes to send more volunteers to the resisting towns….
    Two children and their parents were killed by machine-gun fire today while trying to flee from Sirte
    I was near the Sirte front with 23 fighters. We were under attack by very well-armed rebels for more than a day and a half, and we suffered fatalities.”

    Dr. Moussa Ibrahim announced the launch of the strategy NOONA MIME
    According to the website of the Libyan government spokesman Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, confirmed that senior officers of the Libyan resistance began to apply the strategy (Mime Noona or NM) which means N as NATO (NATO) and M as MAJLIS INTIKALI (CNT ).

    The muslim north of Nigeria is in the process of providing all the things necessery for the long term structure after reaching an agreement with some key political figures of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya ( we will not publish the name of the person that was sent to Nigeria in order to verify this aggreement until we get the green light to do so).
    The Polisario Front has sent 200 fighters trained in desert and guerilla warfare in order to teach some of the Jamahiriya army units this new method of warfare that will be the main war tactic from now on and until the day of annihilation of rats.

    [Via Libya Liberal Youth to publish the facts for Libya tomorrow]

    CounterPsyOpsA new hole in the propaganda matrix
    01 October 2011
    Dr. Moussa Ibrahim announced the launch of the strategy NOONA MIME
    By MKERone

    Dr. Ibrahim
    According to the website of the Libyan government spokesman Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, confirmed that senior officers of the Libyan resistance began to apply the strategy (Mime Noona or NM) which means N as NATO (NATO) and M as MAJLIS INTIKALI (CNT ).

    The strategy is to transform the situation of Libya as that of Afghanistan. In other words, cause trouble and make the situation unstable in all regions which disrupt the plans of NATO and this will push them to lower their presence in Libya and finally leave. That day, the CNT will remain alone on the field which will allow the Libyan resistance to demolish it in a month.

    This strategy is excellent for releasing the cities occupied by NATO and its traitors. Recent events have shown that the CNT is very weak with their rebels failing to take over Bani Walid and Sirte in the last few days.
    He said that the invasion of Tripoli was facilitated by NATO. For this reason, the CNT has asked NATO to stay in Libya.

    On the ground for several hours, the strategy began with spectacular operations in Tripoli, exploding some infrastructure CNT and NATO.

    Source: Algeria ISP
    The strategy is to transform the situation of Libya as that of Afghanistan. In other words, cause trouble and make the situation unstable in all regions which disrupt the plans of NATO and this will push them to lower their presence in Libya and finally leave. That day, the CNT will remain alone on the field which will allow the Libyan resistance to demolish it in a month.This strategy is excellent for releasing the cities occupied by NATO and its traitors. Recent events have shown that the CNT is very weak with their rebels failing to take over Bani Walid and Sirte in the last few days.
    He said that the invasion of Tripoli was facilitated by NATO. For this reason, the CNT has asked NATO to stay in Libya.
    On the ground for several hours, the strategy began with spectacular operations in Tripoli, exploding some infrastructure CNT and NATO.
    Meanwhile, Loyalist forces downed an American Apache helicopter over Sirte.
    Libyen-Update 02.10.2011 — POLITAIA.ORG
    BY ADMIN – 02. OCTOBER 2011

    Dr. Ibrahim Moussa spricht mit Al-Rai TV am 1. Oktober 2011 und setzt damit den NATO-Lügen ein Ende, er sei verhaftet worden.
    Dr Moussa Ibrahim was with 23 fighters near the front in Sirte. We were one and a half days in the fire attack by well-equipped rebels and had losses. “Ibrahim said further that the strategy pursued from now on will Noona MIME. This strategy has the objective to produce, hot spots of instability, which continuously thwart any NATO plan. This is to ensure that NATO no longer be upheld in Libya can. In consequence, the Transitional Council will be abandoned and the resistance can destroy them within a month. Recent events have shown that the transitional council is very weak and the rebels were not in a position to take in the last days of Bani Walid and Sirte.

    The new spectacular Stragtegie began operations in Tripoli, at the infrastructure of the TNC and NATO have been blown up. Ibrahim also confirmed that the news is excellent and Bani Walid had purged the city from rebels. The hospitals are full of anti-Gaddafi-fighters and the dead lay around and near the town in the mountains.

    In terms of Sirte Ibrahim says that the fierce bombardment destroyed by tanks and rockets, and whole neighborhoods have houses and leaving hundreds of residents, the city had to …

    Ibrahim stated that he personally had the media and international organizations urged to come to Sirte and about to get an idea of ​​what had happened in the last month, but until now nobody had come. He said that was certainly a conspiracy. Ibrahim said further in regard to the situation in Sirte: “… … .. according to latest reports pro-Gaddafi forces have launched an attack in the east of the city and the forces (the rebels) set back several miles outside the city. On the southern and northern front are going well. We expect tomorrow to an intensification of the fighting on the Western Front and South Front, but we are well prepared. We fight the TNC on five fronts in Sirte. The attackers are supported by NATO bombs and modern weapons. ”

    Finally, Ibrahim explained that there were violent attacks by militants Gaddafi in several places in Westlibyen, including Zliten are, Tripoli and Aziziya Tarhouna. Ibrahim urged the tribes to send more volunteers to the fronts of Bani Walid and Sirte.

  30. Johan de Broyer is saying:

    Clearly, NATO are not protecting civilians when they are bombing cities that are considered to be pro-Gaddafi, when they are killing people, not because they’ve done something wrong, but because their own political beliefs are contrary to what NATO wants in terms of the kind of government they want for Libya. So I think that NATO need to be brought to justice. Libya has the largest oil reserves in all of Africa and the 9th largest oil reserves in the world. Given this fact, the real goal of the NATO powers is to take control over Libya’s vast oil reserves. In order to achieve this, they have to carry out regime change, so that the Gaddafi government is gone once and forever, and that there will be a new government that will not necessarily be more democratic or more humane, but will be an ally or, I would say, in fact, a proxy, a client, perhaps, a puppet of Western powers.

  31. TWO charming old videos:


    Teaching his family to pray:


    Family photos:

    AP Exclusive: US general ….

    Associated Press

    Army Gen. Carter Ham, head of U.S. Africa Command
    generall Ham
    “NATO’s decision-making body, the North Atlantic Council, agreed on Sept. 21 to extend the mission over the oil-rich North African nation for another 90 days, but officials have said the decision would be reviewed periodically….”

    AND WHO DO YOU THINK AFRICOM IS? The forces will still be there–did you read carefully? :
    “When NATO makes its decision, Ham said he believes there would be a seamless transition of control over the air and maritime operations to U.S. Africa Command. At least initially, some of the military surveillance coverage would remain in place.

    “We don’t want to go from what’s there now to zero overnight,” Ham said. “There will be some missions that will need to be sustained for some period of time, if for no other reason than to offer assurances to the interim government for things like border security, until such time that they are ready to do all that themselves.”

    U.S. intelligence and surveillance assets, such as drones, will likely stay in the region also to keep watch over weapons caches, to prevent the proliferation of weapons from Libya into neighboring countries.

    But Ham said air strikes would likely end, unless specifically requested by the Libyan transitional government…..”

    The goal now, said Ham, is for the U.S. to eventually establish a normal, military-to-military relationship with Libya, including embassy staff and discussions about what security assistance the Libyans might want from America….

    He added that the U.S. may be able to help re-establish Libya’s Coast Guard and maritime domain.

    Any U.S. military footprint in the country would remain small ….

    U.S. Africa Command:

    © 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Learn more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  33. Libya – The latest news from the front (02-10-2011)
    Posted on 02/10/2011 at 23:53 – 105 hits
    Source: Allain Julle
    Allain Julle comments

    The victories, even symbolic, seem to be multiplying in Libya for Gaddafi, the invisible man. Green becomes gradually color. It has never ceased to be, this flag has never been as present in the eyes of NATO members who find themselves up against the wall. The green flag continues to fly. Ibrahim Moussa denied his capture, after making sure to be a safe place, somewhere in Libya. It was announced that Comrade Colonel will make a statement next week. Atmosphere.

    Sirte in their flight they always say circle, and Bani Walid, the bare-feet of the CNT found themselves in ambushes.

    The output of Sirte saw the deaths of nearly 40 renegade with the neutralization of a hundred who were imprisoned and the destruction of many cars Toyota pickup. Those who managed to escape, there are about 100 wounded who were able to reach the town of Misrata. NATO was forced to provide drugs because the local hospital is completely infested with traitors. Hospital teams are overwhelmed. 17 others were grilled as braised … rats, following a fire in their vehicles after an attack of the pro-Gaddafi on the western outskirts of the city …

    In Tripoli, it is not joy. In the periphery, in the place called Bab Gargaresh, more than 45 rebels have been eliminated so far. A Tarhouna, Khamis al-Gaddafi’s forces harassed the renegades, to try to free blacks imprison raving mad by the Benghazi

    A Bani Walid, the resistance-patriots have eliminated 40 renegades.

    For the first time, this day was the only one where NATO has not bombed civilians in Libya. Unique as their site says nothing about the situation in Libya. Last update: September 30. Is this a sign?

    We can therefore conclude by saying that now walk the renegades, turning as danger lurks everywhere. On the other hand, the loyalists patriots are invisible but effective.

    Stephen Gule:
    ” I said before do not trust NATO, do not trust the rebels. This war is far from over, but you people like to dance and farce, forget that right now. Take positions, take cover, keep on targeting the rebels. Observe all NATO movements, hell is what they deserve. You keep on promising hell to them, and what are you waiting for? Make a swift move on them without questioning, stop history from repeating itself. A dieing snake is more dangerous than you can imagine, NATO will never accept defeat, make sure all rebels are finished, remnants of NATO are all cleared in Benghazi, Misrata and all parts of Libya, before you even think of celebrations and victory. ”

    Stephen Gule:
    ” The worst thing, you would do is to feel comfortable and think that the war is about to be over!!. NATO has taken sides, they need oil, its too early for Libyans to feel relaxed right now, NATO will always keep on conniving, planning and plotting to attack, and defeat the Libyan people and the Libyan army, stay vigilant, organized, keep fighting the rebels, suppress them, and those that did not give up weapons by now should be killed, but you still hope for an easy solution out, if you are not careful, you will pay with your blood, life and soul. “

  34. Bodhibrian Souter‎@al_Jamahiriya AïchaToday went 4 drive, #rebel checkpoints abandoned,green flags beginning to appear everywhere.Only coastal area no go. #NATO forces. #

    Enrique Ferros thoughts on why Irans govt is aiding NATO in Libya
    Enrique Ferro said:
    01 October 2011 at 11:50 am To be honest, I wasn’t surprised at all, Alexandra. I found it logical, even though foolish, considering Iran is at the cross hairs of imperialism. A…

    Par : Bodhibrian Souter, in Tripoli.


    Libya: The Other News – Khamis al-Qathafi, a XXI Century Marshall Zhukov
    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey
    NATO and the press in the countries which house its bases seem to have gone quiet all of a sudden on Libya. Do they want us to think the war is over and that everything is getting back to “normal” or are they trying to focus on other stories hoping desperately that whatever is happening over there will go away?

    The first point is that nothing will go back to “normal” until the marauding bunch of terrorists which NATO is trying to impose as Libya’s Government wholly and entirely against the will of the vast majority of its population ceases to rape women and children, ceases to torch buildings, ceases to decapitate people in the street, ceases to loot, to rob, to steal…to behave like terrorists. Those captured by the Libyan Armed Forces (LAF) are allowed in many cases to return home upon laying down their weapons. Cameron is spending two billion pounds on what? Terrorists?

    The second point is that things are far from calm in Libya because the country was invaded by foreign forces, was invaded by mercenaries and was set upon by gangs of marauding thugs (as one can see by googling up “Libya rebels”). In fact, the western attempts at journalism are risible and have gotten more and more ludicrous, absurd and ridiculous since the conflict started.
    For a start there is no mention of the growing success of attacks by the LAF, largely intact, the tribes and masses loyal to Colonel Gaddafi, which have seen Green Flags raised even in the coastal cities of Al Baida, Benghazi, Darna and Tobruk. The scourge backed by NATO, which is basically monarchists, liberals, terrorists, al-Qaeda and separatists, have been routed in battle after battle because the Libyan people are standing up to them and have stopped cowering in their homes. After the way this NATO-backed scourge behaved, it is clear to all what they are – terrorists – and allowing this filth to form a government is the last thing any civilised Libyan wishes for.

    The supply lines of the terrorist forces have been seriously weakened in a series of attacks, liberating areas of Tripoli from these elements, some of whom have been filmed desecrating bodies.

    Now for the lies. How many times was Khamis al-Qathafi killed? Well, he is still alive, and fighting. Now they have started to say Mussa Ibrahim, the Information Spokesperson of the Libyan Government (Jamahiriya of Muammar al-Qathafi) has been captured. Twice. In fact he hasn’t been taken once.
    For his part, Khamis al-Qathafi is already a myth in his own lifetime. Killed by NATO five times, and resurrecting from the desert sands, he is the 21st century military hero, a North African Marshall Zhukov. His latest success was to expel the CIA from Tripoli when he commanded a detail of Libyan Special Forces on Thursday, taking their building and sending them fleeing to the airport. The Green Flag has been raised over the building.

    Finally, the LAF has begun a successful ongoing operation to exterminate NATO mercenaries and operational chiefs on the ground. Bani Walid and Sirte were a graveyard for NATO, its mercenaries, special forces and the filth it sends to their deaths, the hundreds of thousands of terrorists it has unleashed in Libya from Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    The terrorist chief in Misurat, Nuredin el Gener, was liquidated on Thursday when its military vehicle was struck successfully.

    Recently liberated from the NATO terrorist scourge, Ghadames has successfully fought off an attack from these elements and the Green Flag flies proudly above the city, filling its citizens with a sense of peace and security, contrary to the terror unleashed by NATO‘s bands of demons.

    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

  35. CounterPsyOpsA new hole in the propaganda matrix
    01 October 2011
    The News Of Libya: October the 1st 2011 (12h50)
    By MKERone


    brother leader
    Two days ago, the Libyan forces have organized an action in Tripoli. Yesterday, reports from the field, said that Khamis Al-Qadhafi has given an ultimatum to the mercenaries and their masters before the “cleaning of Tripoli.” To show who was “the boss”, he destroyed the offices of NATO and the CIA. The headquarters of the Resistance reported that documents were seized and taken to safety. These documents outline the proof of the direct participation of the United States of America in the crimes against Libya.

    In addition, the “users” of the CIA and NATO have fled like cowards to take refuge in the international airport of the Red Cross, which has now turned into a bunch of rats … Waiting for the plane.

    The Libyan army, according to reports from the field, now controls the port of Tripoli and does not allow foreign ships to dock in Tripoli and provide mercenaries with weapons replenishment.

    The Libyan army destroyed a school for girls in Tripoli, where mercenaries from NATO were seeking refuge.

    Let me emphasize once again that the battle of Tripoli has not “started” yet. It is “coming.” Khamis gave an ultimatum that he will not fail. That is to “clean city”!

    Reports say that after being told that Gaddafi is hiding in the mosque Touareg historic city of Ghadames,
    Ghadames mosque

    the CNT has since requested its bombing. NATO has refused for fear that the Tuareg would take revenge after the war in their own country.
    Gadhafi strategy in the desert

    Ghadames map

    In Misurata there are violent clashes between different gangs of mercenaries. After the death of their leaders killed during their suicide attack on Sirte and Bani Walid, they are completely disorganized.
    Misrata map
    Southern Libya is fully under control pro-Gaddafi.

    In Zawiya, a large arsenal of weapons and ammunition was seized from NATO by the Libyan Army. NATO’s mercenaries and their masters fled to Tripoli international airport. Now, the company of American officers, French and British are waiting for the planes, because the situation is too critical.

    In Benghazi, more than 50% of the city is now under green flag. The people of the CNT are invisible.

    More than 1,000 mercenaries can not be found after the failed their assault against Sirte and Bani Walid. They were not killed, they deserted. The CNT is looking to recruit new ones, but they can not find other people willing to die stupid.

    Senior officers fear NATO a “Nuremberg trial” in Libya. It seems that the agents of NATO panic for civilian casualties and unnecessary destruction of civilian property, which will cause problems of personal responsibility in the future, for those who gave these orders, in accordance with the principles of the Court of Nuremberg.

    Indeed, there is too much evidence, reports, films, photos and all the living witnesses of what happened.

    Too much sorrow, too many victims for them to be forgiven.

    Source: Angeeverse

  36. Libya: the Victory of Truth over Falsehood
    Posted: 2011/10/01
    From: Source

    The lie can run for years but the truth catches up with it one day.

    brother leader
    By Alan Jules

    Tell me, who found that good is always on the side of the West, and Evil on the African side? Hence, the Europeans = God’s chosen people?

    As a European, I do not want to be a part of the Chosen People. The main thing is to know what kind of God is in question. What was the basis of these elections? For whom and for what to vote?

    In fact, those who set the so-called ‘Universal Laws’ are changing the rules of the game. What is happening today in Libya was impossible to predict. Something has to be said about the right hand of God. As a result of the war, with the use of torture and civilian killings, which are war crimes and crimes against humanity, the West is up against the wall. You can not sow hatred and terror and think that people will meet you with open arms.

    The TNC is trying in vain to offer money in order to bribe the management of the tribes – nothing else will be as before. On the other hand, NATO is a prisoner of its own obligations. Caught in its painful and lethal logic of the alliance, it can not stop. “The lie can run for years but the truth catches up with it one day,” said the sage.

    In Libya, we are almost at that point.

    Weighing up the ghost “massacre Gaddafi,” we see that the opposite is true: the Libyan people exterminated NATO. The TNC can stay in power only by means of terror…

    However, a lie, as expected, gradually gives way to truth. Out of habit, the TNC and its patrons keep coming up with new NATO lies in the belief that this alchemy will last forever.

    Unfortunately for them, this is not the case. Lying about a mass grave at Abu Salim lasted only two days. Yes, it is impossible to lie all the time. Darkness scatters lies. The day will come when all the Libyans will see the truth.

    Then stop atrocities against supporters of al-Gaddafi, or black Africans who continue to be tortured in Tripoli in the areas under the control of the TNC.

    The thought that some sub-Saharan Africa have recognized the renegades of Benghazi rankles. We should recognize that Africa deserves no such leaders, which she has now. They need to be changed.

    Recently the Libyan leader made a statement to his countrymen, which is important because it mobilizes their troops, and the Libyans, and all the supporters of the truth. The truth will prevail, no matter how long it takes, with or without Qaddafi.

    Qaddafi, the hero of this new era in which Africa needs so much. NATO/TNC, in spite of your machinations, you will not be able to overthrow Gaddafi. He is in the hearts of the Libyans, and nothing but a dead end where yours were – proof of your lies.

    The Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution is not over.

    Thank you, Colonel!

    About Auntie Adjeley
    Auntie Adjeley is a retired musician, teacher and artisan who is dedicated to Peace, Justice and Social Harmony and is opposed to the hegemony of the so-called ‘New World Order’.

  37. flag
    Dragan Jovanovic writes:

    It doesn’t matter, us and the good people of the world support our brother leader of the Revolution Muammar al-Gaddafi and our brother Saif al-Islam in the defense of their country against foreign aggressors and rats! The Green flag of liberty and freedom flies proudly over Libya!!!!


    What you saw in the media, the bulk of the pictures are not from the Bani Walid and is certain that the injury to the BBC was at a crossroads Akhawazm treacherous tribe is also in the beginning of the area also was confirmed that the dogs also paid did not withdraw, but was forced to flee by the arbitrary, the result: many dogs are killed and injured the others paid below the withdrawal Sword pictures are mostly in places in the mountain west BBC is not infected to make sure his condition so far to God earthquake ground from under the feet and the like Asalbeyen.


    The time is coming when the NATO will leave from Libya and the rats will panicky be defeated.
    According to the written or voice message that will be addressed soon by our brother leader to the people of Libya about the strategy of how to plan for the future of the post-NATO Libya.
    1.First of all the volunteers of the tribes that will clean the Libyan towns and villages and cities would only clean them with a fight. will respect any captive and release him in short period of time and will honor the word Moujaheed. they will not commit any crime against the rats.we the Libyan people are not like the rats that disgraced the name of Muslim and cooperate with the enemies and the crusaders.
    2.The women that come from a rat family or even they are rats, no matter what their families or them have done to the loyal people should be respected as it regards their honor.
    3.The Moujaheeds while cleaning the cities and villages should respect the property of the people and also protect any public infrastructure that belongs to the total of the Libyan people.
    4.No violation of human rights or anything that can justify any further foreign interference will be accepted.
    ( this directions compromise with the moral and the ethics of humanity )
    Also in order to prevent the tribal unity in Libya there will be a statement of unity that will be made, and all the tribes no matter what are their stance now in the foreign intervention will be called to sing it. its the last opportunity fot the tribes of traitors to clarify their position and admit any mistake by singing this statement.
    The first tribes that will sing this statement will be the Bani Walid ( Werfalla ) Tuareg and tribes of Sirte.
    Any tribe that does not sing this document will not have honor in the future Libya.

    ( notice from admin of this page: we hope our members spread these news by posting in their profile or page and everywhere in order to prevent any future lies of the rats while we will be in process of cleaning Libya from remnants of NATO rats. )

    Taureg Warrior

  38. ALGERIA is now attacked by NATO !

    Lita O Tale reports from by Dr. Christof Lehmann
    NATO Expansion of Libyan War to Algeria.
    Posted on 02 October 2011 by nsnbc

    The TNC is in utter chaos, and NATO´s ground offensive by Al Qaeda and Taliban mercenaries fail. Dr. Moussa Ibrahim is not captured. The adaptation of the Libyan defense strategy developed by Khamis Ghadafi, and the Libyan Governments strong alliance to Tuareg and other tribes expands the Libyan Defense Alliance theater of operations with a vast Saharan and Sub-Saharan “hinterland“.

    Yesterday nsnbc received intelligence reports stating that NATO is planning to expand it´s operations to Algeria. French Ambassador to Algeria Xavier Driencourt prepares emergency evacuation plans. The 82nd Airborne detachment at Ras Lanuf had heavy casualties.

  39. Genet Tadesse
    Update News Libya:Failed U.S. Military Aircraft landing in Ras Lanuf..
    U.S. military aircraft in Ras Lanuf on 01/10/2011 This attempt by U.S. failed on landing the largest U.S. military operations in Libya since the crisis began, and regarding all this the media is silent with unprecedented confidentiality and no one has talked about this up to now.WE expect Full details should come out in the world media, in the coming days.via..Certificate of privilege,.Libya/Arab

    YANKS are in full force on Libyan soil Americans wake-up!

  40. Vox Populi
    from “Lili Lilia Libyan2

    Zawiya: the deposit of arms and ammunition to NATO was devastated after the loyalists have recovered many weapons. As a result, the renegades have fled the city to dig into the Tripoli International Airport Red Cross depot. In this place, they are in the company of American officers, French and British, who fled the center of Tripoli and about to take the first plane because the situation is critical