OUR MUJJADID and Imam, Muammar al-Qathafi




Uganda’s Gaddafi Mosque



Al Gaddafi leads Muslims from different parts of the world in prayer, in Timbuktu

GADHAFI to Churches 30 DEC. 2006




Mu'ammar the Youthful IMAM

A MAN WHO RESPECTS GOD; and created a SOVEREIGN  NATION under the principles God/Allah gave to His beloved children, by TRUTH of the holy scriptures, not made of man.

The Green JAMAHIRIYA:  For A PEACEFUL SOCIETY in a peaceful world  by means of the Third Universal Theory


God, family and Nation: One and inseparable:






The End of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech to the U.N. Assembly, 22 SEPT 2011:

‎”The United Nations was created to make effective participation of all nations in international 
decision-making processes, possible. We all know that this goal has not yet been fulfilled because 
of the absence of justice in the current management structures and mechanisms of the UN.

The composition of the Security Council is unjust and inequitable. Therefore, changes including 
the restructuring of the United Nations are considered the basic demands of the nations that 
must be addressed by the General Assembly.

During last year session, I emphasized the importance of this issue and called for the designation 
of the current decade as the decade of shared and collective Global Management.

I would like to reiterate again my proposal. I am sure that through international cooperation, 
diligence and efforts by committed world leaders and governments and through insisting on 
the realization of justice and the support of all other nations, we can expedite the building 
of a common bright future.

This movement is certainly on its rightful path of creation, ensuring a promising future for 
humanity. A future that will be built when humanity initiates to trend the path of the 
divine prophets and the righteous under the leadership of Imam al-Mahdi, the Ultimate 
Savior of mankind and the inheritor to all divine messengers and leaders and to the pure 
generation of our great Prophet.

The creation of a supreme and ideal society with the arrival of a perfect human being 
who is a true and sincere lover of all human beings, is the guaranteed promise of Allah.

He will come alongside with Jesus Christ to lead the freedom and justice lovers to 
eradicate tyranny and discrimination, and promote knowledge, peace, justice freedom 
and love across the world. He will present to every single individual all the 
beauties of the world and all good things which bring happiness for humankind.

Today nations have been awakened. With the increase in public awareness,they 
no longer succumb to oppressions and discriminations.

The world is now witnessing more than ever, the widespread awakening in Islamic 
lands, in Asia, Europe, and America. These movements are ever expanding their 
spirit everyday and influence the pursuit of the realization of justice, freedom 
and the creation of a better tomorrow.

Our great nation stands ready to join hands with other nations to march on this 
beautiful path in harmony and in line with the shared aspirations of mankind.

Let us salute love, freedom, justice, wisdom, and the bright future that awaits humankind.

Thank you.”

I am not saying that al-Gadhafi is the IMAM al-Mahdi, but he sure fits the description, 
does he not? In any case, Muammar al-Gadhafi is a IMAM and the MUJJADID this generation 
has been seeking.


Muslims: The time is NOW -- this opportunity

will not come for a thousand years

Posted: 2011/08/29
From: Mathaba   http://mathaba.net/news/?x=628381

(pictured abouve, Muammar in Mauritania 2009)

Let us see if Muslims these days are even Muslims in the East. We do not believe there are. Islam

has risen in the West,

with those who are not seen by the hypocrites of the east as being believers, are the actual

Muslims. — Mathaba Africa Editor

By Dennis South

Note to Muslims: I say this once, and please take heed: This opportunity will not come for a thousand years.

Muammar Gaddafi is the Mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam. Up until this very moment, I was always

carefull to call him “a” mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam, because I did not feel comfortable viewing him

with such distinction. But he is THE Mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam.

   (Pictured here praying with Jascha                                                    Arrafat(

So, I call upon Muslims who read this note to tell all of your friends that are CAPABLE, to make their way

to Tripoli, and wherever else the mujahidden of Libya may need you. I ask the Muslims of Egypt to cross

the border and TAKE CARE OF BENGHAZI, the source of this current pain.

I say to all Muslims to THINK: How many of you have DREAMED about having the opportunity to fight

alongside a MUJJADID!? I did not say “mujtahid.” I said, MUJJADID. History is HERE — right now.

You no longer have to drool over past history. You no longer have to dream about the glory days of Islam,

during the time of Rasoolulah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. You no longer have to dream of the

rule of Islamic Spain for 800 years. You no longer have to dream about the glories of Cordoba, Andalusia, Baghdad.

You no longer have to wring your hands, in pain and in shame, over the demise of the Ottoman Empire and the

ascendancy of the British and the other satans. You are now IN history. This is a profound statement, and it is a

profound moment, and I will say it again:

You are now IN history. This — right now — is the time that YOU will go down in the Book of Allah! And that is all

that matter. And, yes, perhaps your name will go down in the book of men; in the books of Islam that are written,

if you bring Victory for Muammar al-Qaddafi, the Mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam.

Perhaps some of you have forgotten your Islam: The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallalaho alaihe wa salaam) said that,

every 100 years a man would appear, within the Ummah, that would “revive the faith.” Go online, on the Internet,

and you will find the names of those Mujjadids that have appeared, up through and including the 13th Centruy.

I do not wish to speak about who was the Mujjadid of the 14th Century of Islam. But there is this question: We are

now in the 15th Century of Islam. Who is the Mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam?

Muammar Gaddafi, that’s who! If you are not familiar with what he has done — the AMAZING Jamahiriya system

of government, based on Islamic principles, that he has created, and that was THRIVING before the Crusader

satans, who don’t HAVE a religion, decided to destroy that system — then read about it LATER.

But, right now, there is no time for that. If I were young, I would be in Tripoli. But, I am not young, and I live

in the belly of the beast: The United SNAKES of America. On top of that, the U.S. government has placed

a block on my passport.

So, I urge you, with all my heart, soul, and mind, to tell your Muslim brethern that, this moment shall

not return. This moment shall not return. This moment shall not return.

Tell your Muslim brethern OF AL-QAEDA, that they are fighting against the WRONG MAN. And those

Al-Qaeda members who are fighting for the CIA, against Al-Gaddafi, ARE GOING TO BURN IN A HELLFIRE


For, not only have they turned their weapons against a GOOD MUSLIM, but they have turned their weapons

against Allah’s Mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam. There will not be another Mujjadid until another 100 years.

And if you doubt that Muammar al-Gaddafi is the Mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam, then I have one question:

WHO IS? Name him. Name me a man who has created an ENTIRE NATION, based on Islamic principles, during

this century. Name me a man who has, for SIX SOLID MONTHS, withstood the onslaughts of the most powerful

military alliance in human history.

Many of you Muslims have claimed that there can be no Islamic state unless there is Khalifat. Some of you

spell it, “Khilafat.” OPEN YOUR EYES! Does your Mujjadid have to TELL you that he is the Khalifa!!!?? He has a

STATE!!! He has a STATE!

The reason the entire world, including the CORRUPT Arab states, has aligned against him, is because

they KNOW that Muammar al-Gaddafi is the Mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam. The only people

who DON’T know is YOU — the Muslims.

And PLEASE do NOT go to “the bearded ones”, as your Mujjadid calls them; do not go to the Islamic

priests — the maulvis, moolahs, sheikhs, etc. They cannot lead you ANYWHERE. Have any of them

created a state? HAVE THEY!

And Muammar al-Gaddafi, the Mujjadid of the 15th Century of Islam, created that

state SINGLE-HANDEDLY. He did not steal his oil wealth, as have corrupt Arab-Muslim

states. He has been GENEROUS to all of the citizens under his Khalifat.

Do not miss this opportunity, PLEASE, otherwise you will die in deep mental anguish.

You will be sad beyond words, later on, when you realized that you missed the opportunity

of your lifetime: to actually fight alongside Allah’s Mujjadid, that Allah sends only once every 100 years.

I know of no other way to make you enthusastic. I know of no other words to say. I have done my best,

and it is now up to you to hit the sands of Libya, and win victory for Allah and His Mujjadid, or face

Allah, IN HAPPINESS, as a martyr, where you will be able to testify: “Oh My Allah! I am here!

I fought for your Mujjadid, and I am here!! I died a martyr, for you and your Mujaddid!”

The time is NOW.

30 JUNE 2011


I mean, what on EARTH does it take to be declared a mujjadid!!  God, the Muslims are BLIND!!  This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!I can never understand the SELFISHNESS of human beings!!  Does it matter that Gaddafi is not “Hazrat Isa” returned!?Does it matter that he’s not Imam Mahdi!  Does it matter that he hasn’t made an official declaration of being Mujjadid!?I’m sure that he won’t.He is doing the work of a REFORMER!!  And how big does it have to be before Muslims WAKE UP and seewhat’s going on here!!!??God, this is SO pitiful!!  Here the Muslims and the Africans have an opportunity to help steer the entire worldto the concept of SHARE AND CARE, by supporting this Mujjadid.[Hey, Adam, you ain’t got to go telling people that “The Spiritual Advisor,” as you so graciously called me, of themathaba network has “declared” Gaddafi a mujjadid!  I am NOT a priest!  But, I DO think that the issue shouldbe brought up by some writer, seriously!]The Muslims have an opportunity to take the world OUT of abject SLAVERY, by supporting Colonel Gaddafi.But, ASTONISHINGLY, what is MORE important than being FREE, is HAVING MONEY!What is WRONG with you!!??  What on earth is WRONG with the Gulf States!WHEN DO YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO SUPPORT AMUJJADID IMAM WHO HAS BEEN RAISED AMIDST YOU; WHO HAS PROVEN, FOR 41 YEARS,THAT HE KNOWS HOW TO BUILD A STRONG SOCIETY, BY USING LIBYA AS THAT MODEL; WHOHAS CREATED THIS IDEA OF CREATING A NEW BANKING SYSTEM THAT WOULD BE OUTSIDE THECONTROL OF THE WESTERN BANKING SYSTEM, THAT HAS NO CARE FOR ANYTHING BUT PROFIT!?WHEN DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO GET ANOTHER CHANCE TO SUPPORT SUCH A GREAT REFORMER?YIKES!Even if you don’t want to put this in the religious realm by declaring him a Mujjadid, you can STILL give himyour TOTAL support, so that the world can be helped towards another course.  The world will get thereanyway, with or without Gaddafi.  He’s just ONE catalyst, that’s all.Well, enough said.  Even a CHRISTIAN could see that Gaddafi is a Mujjadid!  Of course, people NEVERrecognize the leader when he appears in their midst.  It’s always LONG after he’s gone that they recognizewho he was.  Well, that’s the sad fact, I guess. #

DENNIS SOUTH (with Adam King) on Muammar al-Gadhafi:


Gaddafi, for those who understand TRUE Islam, is actually INFINITELY 
more Islamic than the SO-CALLED "Islamic revolutionaries" who call for 
a "Khalifat" or an "Islamic State." The concepts that Gaddafi developed are ISLAMIC.

The concepts [if they can be called that] that are held by "The Bearded Ones" 
are a CORRUPTION of Islam that, in part [IN PART, not totally] are rooted in 
the idea of the return of ISA. Yes, that's right!

In the hadith, it is said that Isa will return, and spread wealth. Deep, deep, 
deep within the SICK psyches of The Bearded Ones (these Islamic PRIESTS that 
call themselves sheikhs, maulvis, mullahs, etc) lies the LONGING FOR WEALTH! 
This longing developed over centuries, in my opinion, of poverty amongst them. 
They are sitting on their FAT ASSES waiting for Isa/JESUS to return with Imam Mahdi 
"to make THEM rich"!

So, the idea of PERSONAL, selfish wealth is what drives them. And this report proves 
it! And this war that they started proves it. They are looking for personal wealth, 
NOT for the welfare of the people.

Gaddafi's society is an ISLAMIC SOCIETY, in the true sense of the word, where the 
women are equal, for instance. Remember: Rasoolulah used to have the women TEACH 
the men!! That's right! But, over the centuries, the Muslims, many of them, reverted 
back to OLD, worn-out, pre-Islamic, male-dominance ideas.

That is who this Salafist group is. 

If the Muslim world is looking for a leader who demonstrated how to create an Islamic 
society based on share and chare, my vote goes to Gaddafi!
And I am VERY sorry to say this, but it's pure truth.  MANY of the Islamic mujjadids 
(reformers) and saints, etc. that appeared throughout history, were MURDERED BY THEIR 
So now, TODAY, there is a MUJJADID living right amongst them (in my humble opinion 
as someone who no longer follows the Islamic religion): Brother Leader 
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi!!  

And what are they doing!  The SAME thing Muslims have done throughout the centuries 
to the OTHER mujjadids: TRYING TO MURDER HIM.  Look at the Gulf States--supposed 
Muslims--that have EAGERLY provided money and weapons for NATO, in ordre to kill him.  

Is there any WONDER that the Muslim world is getting its ass kicked?  Right before 
them lies a man who has WORKED WONDERS, creating a strong, civilized, caring society; 
helping liberation movements all over the world; working hard to uplift the African nations.

I am not so certain that I can blame the African nations more than I can blame the 
MUSLIMS THEMSELVES.  I guess there's enough blame to go around.

But, blame aside, truth will prevail!

Gaddafi speech in Kampala

In just 8 years from 1969 to 1977, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi succeeded in doing 
something that is virtually impossible in a traditional tribal society: He 
brought those tribes together under one roof, in a true democratic system.  
He created a Libya that is the most tolerant Middle Eastern country when it 
comes to various religious beliefs.  He extended equality to the women.

In short, he stood for HUMAN EQUALITY.  He fully believed in the Farewell 
Message of the Prophet Muhammad, which said that an Arab is no better than a non-Arab; 
a black is no better than a red, etc..  In that Farewell Message, Muhammad said that 
everyone is equal, except to the degree of his or her righteousness.

I call on white Europeans to STAND UP for your humanity; to not allow NATO and the 
U.S. to place you in a light that you do not deserve to be placed in.

Should you fail, then those of you who can no longer stand to be in the midst of a 
careless, complacent, selfish, arrogant, racist population, that becomes complicit 
by its refusal to say "this is not in my name", will be able to immigrate to Africa, 
to build a new Universal Jamahiriya, and that day is coming. But before you are forced 
to leave, try to change the condition of your people.

As well as demonstrating as these True European Human Beings have done, you can make 
use of www.peoplesconference.org to start building that Free Future.

I have my particular view of what will happen for Libya, and that view is 
shared by all supporters of Libya and the leader who created a society based 
on a greenprint for the development of a sharing and caring, enlightened 
culture: Libya will succeed, and overcome its enemies.

But, as best as I possibly can, I wish to keep myself humble. Not out of some 
false piety, like "the bearded ones." But, in truth, simply to allow my mind to 
continue to see with as much clarity as possible. Lack of humility can lead to 
lack of clarity--in my opinion. This is what we see happening with NATO: an 
arrogance that blinds; that obscures, and reduces, or even eliminates, clarity.

Perhaps this is what the Prophet Muhammad meant when he spoke of the monster 
(the Dajaal) that would appear, in the latter days, that would have one eye of 
sight, and the other eye of blindness. Perhaps there is no actual monster to appear. 
Perhaps the Dajaal is a metaphor--maybe of a system; a way of thinking; a group of 
people; a country; an alliance.

And perhaps the eye of the Dajaal that is blind is the eye of spirituality. And 
perhaps the eye of the Dajaal that has sight is the eye of arrogance; the eye of 
materialism. One wonders. The prophets often speak in metaphor. Who knows.

Whatever the case, the world is in transition. There is no permanent state of being. 
Months ago, Libya was minding its own business, living in a state of peace. Today, 
Libya is being decimated by evil forces that have a number of selfish, cold agendas.

The real war is not occuring in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya. 
Nor is the real war centered on any one, or combination of those countries. The real 
war is not over oil, or gold, or the establishment of a new currency for Africa ("The 
Afro," proposed by Gaddafi). It's not over who will be the next big power, China or Russia.

All of those are simply manifestations of an underlying war. And this is the mistake that NATO 
is making: Its global perspective is informed by the false idea that it can "manage" THE 
TRANSFORMATION OF THE SPIRIT, for the purpose of acquiring a NON-SPIRITUAL advantage in 
this world, for its nations. 

It will start one war here. Then, another war will pop up. It will destroy one non-NATO 
country there. But, elsewhere, one of NATO's own countries will be destroyed through its 
own internal rot: through the increase of violent crime; through horrendous economic downturns; 
through environmental castrophe; through homelessness, drug addiction, all leading to the 
death of the spirit of the people of that country.

The collective spiritual advancement of humanity is going forward, and it can't be stopped; 
it cannot be "managed." It cannot be bombed into submission, whether from drones or thermo-
nuclear weapons. 

In this regard, the outcome of the war in Libya--and everyone must remember this--is virtually 
unimportant, as compared to the ultimate outcome that, I believe, will be achieved, and that is 
unstoppable: The spiritual awakening of the entire world, and the subsequent development of a 
world based on peace and LOVE.

Humanity has been inching closer and closer, often kicking and screaming, like a child who 
is fighting his parents because he doesn't want to go to school, on his first day at that 
institution (Well, in the U.S., anyway!)

We take five steps forward, and three steps back. The net result is two steps forward. It 
would take volumes to explain what are the forces, and how those forces developed, that 
continue to cause us to step backwards, fighting our own spiritual, intellectual, and 
cultural advancement. Perhaps it has best been described by Jeremy Rifkin, in his book, 
"Biosphere Politics."

"...Analytical and [strictly] rational modes of thinking, mechanistic views of nature, 
reducing phenomena to purely quantifiable standards of measurement, the neutrality of 
science, knowledge as power, self-interest as the motivating force in history, the 
invisible hand of the market-place, and utilitarianism are among the critical intellectual 
assumptions that, together, provide a unified scheme for the modern notion of an autonomous, 
secular existence." (Biosphere Politics, page 36).

It doesn't take much contemplation of Rifkin's analysis to understand that his focus, 
in that book, was on Western culture. It is a book worth reading.

What NATO and the U.S. must understand is that, the world is changing SPIRITUALLY. 
We see the development of strong societies, based on the philosophy of SHARE AND 
CARE, that have emerged in the socialist nations of South America. We see new 
alliances, such as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries, 
that are exploring ways to cooperate, and to create better societies.

We see a rapid increase in communication between different religious and spiritual 
groups, as a kind of world "syncretic religion," if you will, is developing, that 
seeks to avoid the divisionary spirit that, in the past, religious dogma created. 
When I say "syncretic religion," I am not, necessarily, speaking of a new religion 
in the traditional sense. I am speaking of a NEW UNDERSTANDING, between people of 
all religions and spiritual paths, that we are ONE PEOPLE; that we share the same 
spiritual essence. And based on that identical spiritual essence, we can create, 
and are creating, an identical spiritual viewpoint.

There is, for instance, a global agreement on environmental pollution. There is a 
global agreement on the need for unity--an agreement obviously not shared by the 
U.S. and NATO, unfortunately. There is a global agreement on the fact of our unity 
as one human family. In this latter regard, we see students of various religions, 
at colleges, forming marital relationships, often at the chagrin of their parents 
who are stuck in the OLD world, where one was not allowed to marry someone of a 
"different" religion. The young people are ignoring the old world.

And why is all of this happening? Because, as I said, we are in the midst of a 
spiritual transformation; a spiritual war, if you will.

In the not-to-distant future, countries like the U.S. and its NATO allies will 
become pariahs. The countries of the world will not want to deal with them. 

So, this message is to NATO and the U.S.: In your dream of destroying Libya, 
how does that dream END? For, whether you know it or not, that dream that you 
have is only ONE part of a LONGER dream. If, in your dream, you destroy Libya, 
then I advise that you not wake up yet, for there is more to that dream. That 
dream does not end, as you think that it does, with the destruction of Libya. 
In the end, when you wake up, you are going to wake up to a LIVING NIGHTMARE of 
your own making. You will wake up to a world that has isolated you. You will wake 
up to a world that, when your citizens travel to other countries, they will find 
blank faces when they look, as they walk through city streets--faces that will 
not smile at your citizens. 

So, unless you wake up to the fact that you cannot control, manage, direct this 
ongoing spiritual transformation of humanity to your materialistic liking, you 
will end up either destroying yourself, or causing unnecessary pain, suffering, 
and destruction for the rest of us also.

If you are a young person of the West, particularly my country, the U.S., I ask 
that you read this note, I ask that you read the note at least three times. And 
then, share it with your friends. The world is YOURS now. That's right. Your elders 
are not on the right track. Understand that the world is in a state of spiritual 

I ask the supporters of Colonel Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya to also fully 
understand that this current war against Libya is transitory, and is only one part 
of an underlying war that, I do believe, you must continue to fight for the rest of 
your lives, no matter what the current politics of the world may be. Ameen.


Well, given Gaddafi’s humanitarian record, you have failed to convince me [that he is anything other than good]:
Colonel Gaddafi has long been outspoken against a lot of people and a lot 
of wrongs. He has always been an opponent of radical Islam, he has 
humiliated in public Moslem elders by exposing their positions, by 
speaking out against the killing of homosexuals for being gay, 
against the veil, against the stoning of women.
He was the first international leader to issue an arrest warrant 
against bin Laden and al-Qaeda, he has genuinely helped millions 
of people, lifting them out of poverty and implementing humanitarian 
programmes across Africa. For his humanitarian record (see below) 
he was to receive a UN award in March.
Now don’t tell me all that research was based upon conjecture and 
that suddenly he has become a despot, in two months, after a 42-year 
record as Brother Leader?
So what can we do?
A lot. Ask your local MP or Congressman/woman where they stand on 
Libya and ask them if they agree to spending hundreds of millions of 
dollars strafing hospitals and schools and murdering children, ask 
them if they knew what was the callous response of Cameron and Hague 
and Sarkozy and Obama to the murder of the grandchildren of Colonel 
Gaddafi. No seriously. Find out what they said. It is amazing, but 
not funny. These, ladies and gentlemen are not nice people.
And then ask them if they want to be part of the nations which perpetrated 
this sickening act of murder, supporting Islamist terrorists?

Muammar Gadhafi: Our First Real BLACK President




U.S. President Barack Obama (R) and Libyan Leader Col. Muammar Gadhafi shake hands during the Group of Eight (G8) summit in L’Aquila, Italy, July 9, 2009. Photo: EPA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI
(FinalCall.com) - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan made 
it very clear to many of us who really didn't 
want to hear it: President Obama was selected before he was 
elected, and now it is clearer than ever who 
selected him and why. On June 15th the man of infinite patience 
and mercy went over to that warmongering 
world body of oil thieves and served an eviction notice. It 
was a tour de force of uncompromising clarity 
as The Minister—the voice of Allah in our midst—read the 
“final warning” to the 66-year-old body of 
terrorists known as the United Nations.

Minister Farrakhan targeted not Obama the frog, but the Zionist dragon that uses the disarming little frog as its mouthpiece (Rev. 16:13). Zionism, if we remember, is that gangster philosophy that pretends to follow Judaism, but in reality follows whichever raw material will make them the most money the quickest. When it was sugar, their “promised land” was in the Caribbean; when cotton became the most profitable, the Zionists flooded into the “holy land” of the Mississippi Delta; when oil became the dominant commodity, they moved expeditiously into the Middle East—always waving the Bible (never opening it) at those valiant champions of the indigenous peoples who stood in their way. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews is 846 pages of proof of this.

It is the Zionists who selected Obama, and it is they who want an oil-rich Middle East reshaped entirely for their control. Obama was selected—like Colin Powell before him—to put a Black face on their diabolical aims. He went before the Zionists (AIPAC) just a month ago and opened up the American cash register to them:


A huge rally of support was held for Col. Gadhafi during his last visit to the U.S. in 2009. Photo: Hassan Muhammad
“I and my administration have made the security of Israel a 
priority. It's why we've 
increased cooperation between our militaries 
to unprecedented levels. It's why we're making our most 
advanced technologies available 
to our Israeli allies. And it's why, 
despite tough fiscal times, we've increased foreign 
military financing to record levels.”


The Minister’s urgency in getting to the United Nations was quickened by the criminal acts of the U.N. Security Council, which has accepted entirely the Zionist agenda for the Middle East. Now acting as one, the U.S. government, the U.N. Security Council, and the Europeans (NATO) leveled the unproven charge that the leader of Libya, Col. Muammar Gadhafi, is “killing his own people” and must be stopped. But now they have upped the ante to openly demand his assassination.

Black people must wake up. The Final Call published a list of ten obvious reasons why the murderous attack on Libya is a straight-up CIA operation that has everything to do with oil and nothing to do with “his own people.” Indeed, this Caucasian bombing of Africa has killed far more of “his own people” —civilians—than anything they have ever proven against Gadhafi.

But those who take the time to look past the litany of white lies about Gadhafi will be introduced to a man whose progressive record of accomplishments very well may be unmatched by ANYONE who has ever led a nation in modern times. And this is not hyperbole! We will take it further: If this man—Muammar Gadhafi—ever ran for president of America with a résumé like his, we dare say EVERY American would not only vote for him, but would angrily trash the 22nd amendment to the Constitution to allow him to serve forever!

To wit, match Muammar Gadhafi’s record up against that of your favorite candidate:

• Gadhafi nationalized his nation’s oil reserves and used the revenue to build schools, universities, hospitals, and infrastructure.

• Money from Libya’s oil revenue is deposited into the bank account of every citizen.

• He raised the literacy rate from 20 per cent to 83 per cent.

• He built one of the finest health care systems in the “Third World.” All people have access to doctors, hospitals, clinics and medicines—free of charge. If a Libyan needs surgery that is unavailable in Libya, funding is provided for the surgery overseas.

• He raised the life expectancy from 44 to 75 years of age.

• Basic food items were subsidized and electricity was made available throughout the country.

• He developed huge irrigation projects in order to support a drive towards agricultural development and food self-sufficiency.

• Recognizing that water, not oil, would be the scarcest resource of the future, Gadhafi initiated the construction of the Great Man Made River, which took years to complete. Referred to as a wonder of the modern world, this river pumps millions of gallons of water daily from the heart of the Sahara desert to the coast, where the land is suitable for agriculture.

• Any Libyan who wanted to become a farmer was and still is given free use of land, a house, farm equipment, livestock and seed.

• Gadhafi vowed that his own parents, who lived in a tent in the desert, would not be housed untilevery Libyan was housed. He fulfilled that promise.

• Under Gadhafi, Libya has now attained the highest standard of living in Africa.

• Gadhafi put up a communications satellite—the first in Africa—to bring the continent of Africa into the 21st century of technology. This also interrupted the massive fees that European companies had been charging the Africans.

• He gave women full access to education and employment, and he has enabled women to serve in the armed forces.

• Gadhafi started and financed the African Union to tie all of the Mother continent into an eventual body with a common purpose called the “United States of Africa.”

• Gadhafi did so much to develop Africa that even Obama’s arrogant Caucasian cohort Hillary Clinton had to admit as she stood before the African Union: “I know it is true over many years, Gadhafi played a major role in providing financial support for many African nations and institutions…” She could not claim America did ANYTHING but exploit, exploit, exploit—and murder!

• He was the first and only leader in the Arab world to formally apologize for the Arab role in the trade of African slaves. He acknowledged that Blacks were the true owners of Libya and proclaimed in his Green Book, “the Black race shall prevail throughout the world.”

• Nelson Mandela called Muammar Gadhafi one of the 20th century’s greatest freedom fighters, and insisted that the eventual collapse of South Africa’s apartheid system owed much to Gadhafi and Libyan support.

And Gadhafi did all this under sanctions imposed by a jealous and resentful Western world, and while fighting Al Qaeda, which was holed up in the eastern provinces courtesy of CIA funding. And under sanctions he has produced a country in which everything in it is paid for—Libya has no debt. Meanwhile, the mindless American politicians, tenaciously following Bernie Madoff-ian economic principles, have amassed a debt so large that every American household’s share of it amounts to over half a million dollars! Bro. Gadhafi was using oil money to buy gold for his nation’s reserves, showing that Libya under this true visionary has been based on solid economic principles. So solid was the business environment in Libya that a host of AMERICAN corporations couldn’t wait to do business there: they include Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, Dow Chemical, Motorola, Raytheon, Shell, Marriott and Intercontinental Hotels—and even those Wall Street gangsters who wrecked America’s economy, Goldman Sachs.

Now, Americans, look at your slate of candidates for the presidency in 2012: one Tea Partier who doesn’t know what state the American Revolution started in (she thought Lexington and Concord were in New Hampshire); one who made his millions downsizing companies and throwing thousands of people out of work; one who has a half-million dollar fetish for Tiffany jewelry and a campaign staff that dumped him; and the star of the bunch who can see Russia from her house—all vying for the position of the “man of peace” who began his presidency with two wars and now has five.

Now mush all of their records together and see if they match the accomplishments of this one man—Muammar Gadhafi. Not even close. So why must he be killed instead of being forcibly imported to America to be made president-for-life? Journalist Gerald Perreira, whose excellent article titled “In the Theatre of the Absurd, Libya Now Takes Centre Stage” and was quoted by Minister Farrakhan, writes: “Imperialists fear a united Africa which would completely alter the balance of power globally. The well-documented fact is that if Africa stopped the flow of all resources and raw materials to the Western nations for just one week, the United States and Europe would grind to a halt.” There you have it.

Muammar Gadhafi’s vision for Africa returns Africa to the Black man and woman, and Caucasians and the mad Zionists who lead them don’t intend to allow it. Col. Gadhafi represents a critical test for us. The Minister has pointed out an egregious wrong right in front of our faces. Will we continue to support the Zionist agenda as they beat and bludgeon our weak-kneed politicians into the Apocalypse; or will we choose intelligently to support and defend a true BLACK president with an exceptional record of love and real accomplishment for our people?

(Tingba Muhammad is a citizen of the Nation of Islam. For more information on this topic, visithttp://www.noi.org/hrd.)

Message from Mu’ammar Qadhafi to the World 

Posted: 2011/04/21
From: Mathaba http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=626501
showInitialOdiogoReadNowFrame (_odiogo_feed_id, ’626501′, 290, 0);
Sorry it is late, with a sincere apology from me
Adam King For those who don’t know me well, I’m sorry. I’ll try to be brief. I was a great friend and close to Mu’ammar for many years, since around 1982 and was last with him in September 2000.Since then, I have had no direct contact, although I have visited and was appointed by him as a director of the World Centre for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, a few years later.However, for reasons I am only now starting to understand, I was cut off from him by persons which won’t be named here but who are already entering the dustbin of history. I was not the only one cut off from the Leader.It turns out that in the 1990′s we were asked our opinion about Libya establishing good relations with Britain and the USA and whether they could be trusted. We were asked individually one by one in private. I was one of those who said that no, they could not be trusted.As a result of this, and also other developments which later isolated the Leader and placed him “in prison”, we were cut off, and I for example, did not ever receive any salaries in my new position, nor any further invitations, and all communications were blocked.That is, until almost 2 years ago, when I received a message from Mu’ammar via an intermediary, who is also a non-Libyan. The old man, who I had not known before, in the time I got to know him I found him to be extremely honest, principled and gentle. His name is Haneef.Haneef, he has other nicknames, told me that Mu’ammar said to him totell the world, that he is being held prisoner. He said this to Haneef to his ear in a low voice while hugging him. Mu’ammar also shed a tear which dropped onto Haneef’s shoulder, he felt the wet.I wanted to believe Haneef. But I could not truly understand how it could be that this Great Man could be held a prisoner. We discussed at great length for many days.I remember that what he said was along the lines of “I can’t talk freely, they are always keeping me prisoner, tell the world I have not changed, I am still a revolutionary”….Now the confession and apology I have to make is this. I wanted to believe Haneef as all I could see and know about this suffering man and his history spoke of genuine commitment to his people, so why would he pass that message to me and lie about it? There was no benefit to him.Haneef was not looking for anything from me, and indeed I did not have much to give him other than a potential voice via Mathaba. So I offered Haneef to write and I would publish it. For whatever reasons, communications were lost, I faced many personal problems and became side tracked.So I apologize now to Haneef for not doing something about it sooner. I just could not understand nor believe that Mu’ammar could be held a prisoner. And it is only in the past weeks that I have come to understand.I also want to apologize to Mu’ammar. I carried your picture with me everywhere I went for more than 10 years. I was your loyal Truth soldier. I was abducted and tortured because of it, because there are those who fear the Pen, which is much more mighty than the sword.I did try. I tried so many times to establish communications and try to find the truth. I had Saif’s mobile phone number and also another personal close friend of Mu’ammar’s. But I was shy to call, thinking they would not listen, and what exactly should I say, calling randomly on a phone to someone I don’t know.I have met Saif’s staff, and all the experiences were negative: they were hopeless, admitted they had lost files, not passed on communications, and begged me not to tell him. Worse, a top advisor of President Museveni of Uganda conspired using my naivety and trust, with one of Saif staff, and ran off with million.That for me was the last straw, I did never meet Saif, but judging from those of his security and office staff that I met, and the little I had heard from him, I admit I did not trust him, on the contrary to his Father Mu’ammar and Bro. Abdussalam Ahmed Jalloud.After this I made no further attempts, until one day a few months ago, near the start of the problems, I did try to call Sayf’s mobile but did not get through. I didn’t try again. I have not had any communications with Libya now for several years. And I had honestly resolved to have nothing to do with Qadhafi again.But things have changed now in the past few weeks due to a big realization, and many parts of the jigsaw that I could not understand, now falling into place. And the biggest realization is the understanding that it really was true, Mu’ammar was being held prisoner.I offer my sincere personal apology to Mu’ammar for ever having doubted him, even slightly. In my defense, I ask that it be considered, that I did not buckle even under torture in Sudan, and by the British, and even by the psychological terrorism carried out against me in 2001-2 by the Pentagon because of my creating mathaba.net and the Green Charter International, both of which they closed down but I refused to cower.I only started to have doubts because I had been cut off, and thought it not possible for that to happen without Mu’ammar’s blessing. I now know better.Allow me to explain. There are different types of prison. I myself have been in prisons of different types. There is the highest category where you are locked up 24/7 and in isolation. There are lower categories where you are locked up and physically confined but may have communications.But there is an “open prison” where you can be locked up: imagine if you have got the best ideas in the world to solve some problems, or a wonderful invention or business idea, but you are a pauper. No one will listen and you cannot find any way to start, that is one prison.Imagine if you are Mu’ammar. Since you were a youngster you feared none but Allah. Then, as you mellowed, people took advantage of your naivety and honesty. They surrounded you and made you rely on them. They tricked you and withheld information from you. They failed to pass on your instructions.They encircled your children, certainly your six boys, and offered them the idea, that you bought into, to let them try to integrate with the high-life “western” society, rub shoulders with the global elite, get to know them, earn their trust, and make peace for the good of the world.But, as condition for all of this you are told, for your own benefit, and the entire nation, we need you to keep quiet, stop talking about revolution for a few years, tone it down, let your sons gain confidence and ability, give them authority, and so and so authority, all will be arranged, and at the end you will be the one to give the final yes or no and then shake hands with Rice and Blair.I met the key person who set up that meeting with Mike O’Brian, Blair’s Foreign Minister, which was the final stage before the British decided if they could trust Mu’ammar not to at the last second when Blair would arrive in Libya, scupper the entire thing and expose the British for who they were. And that key person, is that same Ugandan, who is perhaps the wealthiest man in Africa, and who stole million from Saif!Now I can also understand, why it is, that the Libyan delegation at the U.N. where Mu’ammar travelled for the first time, with immense courage, right into the lion’s den, in September 2009, why they were so unhappy with Mu’ammar’s speech. Ali Abdussalam Treiki even buried his head in his hands. The reason is, that Mu’ammar could not resist speaking Truth to Power.This, and the other rare occasions where he refused to be silenced or took the opportunity to speak a little of his mind, worried not only those who had imprisoned him within Libya “for his own good” no doubt, but the globalist elite that occupy the U.S., Britain, France and Italy, the E.U. and many other countries of the “new world order.”Now however, I saw Mu’ammar, even though just via video. At first he seemed very shaken and shocked in the first days when the reality of the treachery against him had hit him. His son Saif too, spent clearly many sleepless nights. But to Saif’s credit, he has rallied to his father, as he too was betrayed. But now Mu’ammar is finally free from the “prison chains” that were restricting him, and he is clearly much happier to be free.So this brings me back to the point of Mu’ammar’s Message to the World. He had hoped that we would relay it. Due to extreme hardship that had been caused by those mentioned above who stole all budgets and salaries, and keeping this independent truth media running where everyone else would give up and close down to the stress and difficulties of working without income, sleep, rest, or any semblance of normal life.Due to this, we missed it. Mind you, if we’d said it, maybe no one would have believed us. But now is now. Now, the communications are being re-established. We defended Mu’ammar’s web site his long-term repository of his voice http://www.algathafi.org when it was shut down by the Americans, until it re-opened in Russia. We re-opened our Libya News coverage even with a zero budget and more sacrifice.But we have done so willingly as it is our duty, and we are pleased to see Mu’ammar is still with us, did not change, and is now rid of the evil and corrupt people who surrounded him. There are still difficulties, but with your help we will overcome them.Mu’ammar wants us to share the Truth, nothing more and nothing less. To truthfully relay his words to the world. Not like Jazeera and the BBC. Like Mathaba. Mathaba was his creation of concept, which I brought to the Internet. He wants us to use it as a vehicle to spread the Word of Truth. The Green Book, The Green Charter, The White Book, his speeches, and the voices of those Truth soldiers around the world: writers, analysts, and researchers.He wants us to read his entire U.N. speech, and other speeches at his personal web site algathafi.org. He wants us to network and form Mathabas around the world, to allow people to “Meet And Talk Helping All Become Aware”, to discuss the Third Universal Theory as a solution he is offering us, to share ideas, and above all to think globally and act locally, both on the Internet via Mathaba.Net and offline in the community.Please join him and us in this important work. For example, have you noticed that in spite of all the many decades of (false) accusations against Mu’ammar regarding terrorism, too many to mention here, now that Libya is truly under attack and any other nation would demand a Holy Jihad to fight the Crusaders wherever you find them, attack France, Britain, USA and their interests, that not one single word of violence has been spoken?Have you noticed that despite the allegations of massacres in Libya and even the “right” of a democratic government to restore law and order for the safety and security of her citizens, Benghazi was left alone from the start, rather than endanger a single human life? That Mu’ammar can still ride around city centres without any real armed security unlike those who are attacking him?The more you will learn each day about Mu’ammar and Libya, the more you will realise that now is the time that all good (wo)men of the world must speak out and act, for all that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good (wo)men to do nothing.Join us at www.greencharter.com and make use ofwww.mathaba.net/home

Long Live Brother Leader Muammar Qaddafi, The World’s Biggest Blessing!

Posted: 2011/10/30
From: Mathaba   http://mathaba.net/news/?x=629176
The Al-Fateh Revolution has already started to conquer the world and now expresses itself through worldwide protests and global calls for a Jamahiriya Government.

To those who are worried and to those who are sad: do not worry and do not be sad.  From the beginning of the American-European war agains Libya and Africa we have known that NATO’s ultimate aim is to kill our Brother Leader Muammar Qaddafi for the simple reason that this Great Man has always refused to bend or surrender to the threats of those Westerners who are without God and without hope. They are the Beast with the numerous horns (bombs) and they have planned not to rest until the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is totally destroyed. Still, if they  ever do succeed in their murderous plans, do not be afraid of them, as they can only kill the body but cannot kill the soul; they can destroy a country but cannot kill the spirit of its people. Instead, only fear the One who can destroy both body and soul in Hell.

To the ones who have either chosen to believe the ‘mainstream media’ or haven’t even considered whether or not to believe it, as they believe those lies by nature, because their parents and their teachers and their governments  once told them that this is the truth one should believe – to the ones who consider the Hollywood style presentation of what was planned to come across to the world as the assassination of Brother Leader Muammar Qaddafi as his actual assassination – to the ones who have concluded that the people they  have been simplistically calling “Qaddafi supporters” during these months of Western terror on the sovereign democratic Libyan Jamahiriya, now have fallen apart and are somewhere crying, hiding, feeling ashamed, feeling disillusioned, feeling betrayed, feeling stupid, feeling depressed, feeling whatever kind of negative feelings – to them:

The loss that only happened in papers, on TV and on computer screens would still not have been a loss if it had really happened, because after the United States of Africa has been realized we will see the United States of the World under Jamahiriya guidance as explained in Muammar Qaddafi’s Green Book. Long Live Brother Leader Muammar Qaddafi,Africa’s Biggest Blessing and the West’s Biggest Threat – and once the West and its utterly hypocritical lying governments, bankers and all other criminal institutions and their people are tried and defeated, we can simply say: Long Live Brother Leader Muammar Qaddafi, The World’s Biggest Blessing!

To the enemy, and to the ones who believed and still believe the Green Revolutionaries they simplistically call “Qaddafi supporters” are (or by now in their opinion, probably, were) nothing but supporters of a single human being in some kind of star-stuck or even love-struck way:

If you ever manage to reach a state of mind in which it conceivably might be possible to get over this narrowness which unfortunately is one of the most contagious illnesses in the West and other parts of the world, please read the Green Book; it will explain why Muammar Qaddafi, not as a person but as the Leader of the Revolution, is in the hearts of millions and soon billions – and after having read the Green Book feel free to even forget who wrote it, as it is not important at all who wrote it.  Instead, just practice what it teaches.

To the ones who are sad or depressed at this moment because they feel drowned in the mainstream media flood:

Don’t be sad and don’t be depressed, as you actually therewith contribute to the aim of the terrorists behind the global media propaganda, which is to weaken the Revolution, to confuse and divide people and to postpone the inevitable development of a worldwide Jamahiriya. Be strong, stay focussed and don’t let the barking of the dogs distract you. Also, please stop wasting time on comparing videos with videos and photos with photos in an attempt to demonstrably prove the falsity of a lie, as a lie is already and always will be a lie no matter in which disguise it chooses to appear.

Do not fear the enemy, for nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing is secret that will not be made known. What now is said in the dark soon will be told in the light and what now is whispered soon will be proclaimed from the rooftops, so don’t be scared: be prepared. The Al-Fateh Revolution  has already started to conquer the world; the signs have been there for years and the reality of it now starts to express itself through worldwide protests and global calls for a Jamahiriya Government in which all Power belongs to the people.

The time of the final battle has begun. It is now up to us. We have to fight this One Last Revolution to defeat this evil once and for all. Peace to all Brothers and Sisters in the Struggle for the Liberation of the World and for True Democracy as taught to us by Brother Leader Muammar Qaddafi.

The Gadhafi I Know – A Commentary on the Libyan Leader




(FinalCall.com) – Listening and looking at the news reports on Libya since the turmoil began earlier this year, the corporate media portrayal of the North African country and its unjustly deposed leader is a depiction that’s nowhere near the Muammar Gadhafi I know. I traveled to Libya for the first time in February, 1977 with Minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam and reflecting on our relationship with Muammar Gadhafi and the Libyan people that spans decades, it is disheartening to hear these reports which imply that in 42 years, Muammar Gadhafi has done nothing for Libya and his people. I thought long and hard about how the Western press shaped how Muammar Gadhafi is seen by the world since the uprisings against the Libyan government started in March.


I was a member of the Nation of Islam for nine years when Muammar Gadhafi came to power on September 1, 1969 in what later became known to the world as the Great Al-Fateh Revolution. Young people engaged in struggle worldwide were proud of the group of army officers led by the 27-year-old Muammar Gadhafi. He was inspired by Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt and the Free Officer Movement that swept King Farouk out of power who was more concerned with pleasing England and Western interests than caring for the needs of his people. So it was in Libya where the young officers took power from its monarch, King Idriss Al-Sanousi, another minion of foreign powers. At the time of the Al-Fateh revolution, the Libyan people were poor and only 15 percent of the people had an education. We all took notice when the young officers led by Brother Gadhafi nationalized the oil industry in Libya; boldly closed the American and British military bases there and banned alcohol because the Libyans were an Islamic people.

The Gadhafi I know is the Gadhafi who came to power to change the power equation where outside forces were taking advantage of Libya’s rich oil deposits for their own benefit while the Libyan people suffered in abject poverty and squalor.

The Gadhafi I know sent young Libyans to school all over the world as he strengthened and established schools all over Libya. The Gadhafi I know made free housing available to the masses of his people in Libya. The Gadhafi I know embarked on a great agricultural project called the “Green of the Desert” to grow produce to feed his people and cut down on importing food, taking Libyan mouths out of foreigners’ kitchens. The Gadhafi I know embarked on one of the greatest engineering feats of the world called the “Great Man-Made River.”

The Gadhafi I know reached out to those who were struggling against oppressed rulers in the Arab and African world as well as other parts of the world. In generosity and solidarity, he used proceeds from the wealth of Libyan resources to support the movements, giving many of their causes international exposure. The Gadhafi I know gave international recognition to the plight of Indians in the Western Hemisphere and gave support for the Native American cause.


After being in power for only three years—because of the notoriety of Muhammad Ali, especially in the Muslim world—the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad came to Brother Gadhafi’s attention. In 1972, he made available a loan to the Nation of Islam to purchase what is now known as Mosque Maryam, the Nation of Islam headquarters and flagship mosque—this is the Gadhafi who I know.

The Gadhafi I know continued to open his hands and country to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through his students, Imam Warithudeen Mohammed and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He loaned the Nation of Islam million dollars for economic development projects in the 1980s. He helped finance “World Friendship Tours” that aided Minister Farrakhan to globally spread the message of atonement, reconciliation and responsibility that undergirded the 1995 Million Man March.

The Gadhafi I know wrote in his Green Book about the rise of the Black man, a vision that many of his own people disagreed with which is reflected in the current war against his government. Black workers in Libya are now suffering persecution from racism under the guise of being accused of being mercenaries hired by Muammar Gadhafi.

There are hundreds of thousands of Libyans in a population of six million who are Black. The Gadhafi I know reignited an idea of the great Africans like Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, Sekou Toure of Guinea and others, who yearned for the United States of Africa. Brother Gadhafi pushed the transformation of the former Organization of African Unity into the African Union as a necessary first step towards a United States of Africa. Who will pick up this banner now that the Transitional National Counsel backed by foreign powers has waged a war that removed Bro. Gadhafi from his seat of power? The Gadhafi I know is a leader who is responsible for many African leaders being in power in today. Those leaders know who they are and without the help and encouragement from Muammar Gadhafi they never would have achieved becoming leaders of their nations.

The Gadhafi I know gave recognition to African Traditional leaders and for the first time in history brought them all together at conferences held in Tripoli and other African nations. The Gadhafi I know brought hundreds of thousands of people together to celebrate Mawlid al-Nabi, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). In the midst of volatile social and political climates, he called hundreds of thousands of Muslims together in places like Niger and Nigeria, leading them in prayer and preaching the importance of their unity.

The Gadhafi I know survived the most expensive assassination attempt in history by the United States government in April 1986 when America bombed Tripoli in an attempt to kill him. The Gadhafi I know suffered 14 years of devastating sanctions that his people survived, yet opened his borders to all that would come.

The Gadhafi I know financed the great film called “The Lion of the Desert” about the Libyan liberation fighter Omar Mukhtar who led and won the war for independence against Italy. He also financed the classic movie called “The Messenger” on the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him).

The Gadhafi I know opened an Islamic college and brought students from every corner of the Muslim world, mostly from African nations and gave them a free education so they could return to their countries and contribute to development and advancement.

The Gadhafi I know may not have been perfect as no man is perfect. Perfection is only found with God, but he struggled to do what he believed was right to assist the suffering masses and encourage them in their opposition to unjust rulers and colonial masters who exploited and oppressed them. The corporate controlled media has branded Gadhafi, so people who don’t know him will think the worst of him. I recently returned from a conference in Iran, where one of the speakers from the TNC of Libya accused Gadhafi of killing 400 children by infecting them with AIDS. These are the kind of vicious lies that people let stand and allow others to attack a man who tried doing the best he could for his own people. I challenged this speaker by asking him, “Are you saying to this audience that Gadhafi infected 400 children with AIDS? And his answer was “Yes.” The world knows what happened to those children and how they contracted AIDS. His phony charge was vicious and gratuitous, that he can falsely accuse the man responsible for his education. This is not the Gadhafi I know.

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Sunday, 3 July 2011
Bishop Martinelli In Tripoli Is Both Disquieted And Disquieting
From the Los Angeles Times:

Bishop in Libya proves unlikely source of international controversy

The Catholic figure has criticized the NATO campaign, calling it immoral. 

since Western bombs began raining down on Moammar Kadafi‘s Libya, Martinelli, 69,
has become an unlikely source of international controversy.

His persistent criticism of the NATO-led campaign has led some to call him

a Kadafi appeaser, and to suggest he would be better off sticking to spiritual matters.

The Libyan-born Martinelli, the son of Italian colonizers, rejects the notion that he should mute

his voice, using his knowledge of both this North African nation and the West to press his argument.

“I respect the United Nations. I respect NATO, but I must also declare that war is immoral. If there

are violations of human rights, I cannot use the same method to stop them.”

Pope Benedict XVI has called for dialogue and diplomacy to end the Libyan conflict. But the Holy

See’s longtime apostolic vicar in Tripoli has gone a lot further, apparently with the Vatican’s blessing.

The bishop is in daily contact with Catholic agencies in Europe, and he invariably

sends the same message: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization‘s bombing will

lead to more civilian deaths and will only harden the regime’s resolve.

While unequivocally condemning the Western bombardment, Martinelli deflected questions

about the regime’s so-called “attacks against civilians”, which he believes is a totallie. He said he

abhors all violence, shifting the topic to what he calls Kadafi’s positive accomplishments: a social

welfare state, relative equality for women and, most pointedly, liberty of worship in this

overwhelmingly Muslim country.

At St. Francis, the disquiet of the times has accentuated the metaphorical dimension of the Bible.

One passage, about a blind man who regains his sight, represented “a symbol of this humanity,

blinded by war, but not losing hope that the light of reason is regained,” Martinelli told a Vatican interviewer.

The church in Libya, he said, is being “purified” anew, enduring the latest transition in a millennial

drama that has seen it rise to great heights, disappear from sight and be reborn.

The bishop is confident of his church’s continued survival here, he said, even as the fate of this

shattered nation remains a question mark.

Christians from St. Francis Church in Tripoli accused of being “mercenaries” for al-Gadhafi

by the TNC

Churches in Tripoli have closed down indefinitely, following the entry into the city on 21

Aug. 2011of National Transitional Council (NTC) fighters backed by the NATO alliance.

Several armed men entered the Catholic church on Aug. 22 and took hostage the people inside,

according to Baranquel. “We raised our both hands. They said they were looking for guns, but

when they could not find any, they took away the church’s television set. ”

You cannot crush the Bedouin,” Archbishop Giovanni Ignaccio Martinelli declared recently

in the shaded patio of a five-star Tripoli hotel as thundering detonations shook the capital,

seeming to accentuate his point.
“He is a proud man. Talk to the Bedouin. There is a kind of sublimity to the Bedouin,

the man of the desert,” he said, slipping from English into his native Italian.
The bishop, who has met Kadafi and acknowledges “respect” for the leader, whom he

positions as an advocate of peace and negotiation.

On 21 JUNE 2011, we read  from Fredrick Nzwili of  Home:

“The Christians are still in the hospitals and schools. They are giving their share of help to alleviate the

situation of the people,” the Rev. Daniel Farrugia, a senior Roman Catholic priest at St. Francis Catholic

Church in Tripoli, told ENInews via e-mail.

Accurate casualty estimates are difficult to obtain, but they range from 2,000 to 13,000 deaths since

the beginning of the year, from various sources including Libya’s opposition National Transitional Council,

Human Rights Watch, the U.N.’s High Commissioner for Human Rights and others. Recently, civilian deaths

have increased. On 19 and 20 June, estimates of civilian deaths caused by NATO forces ranged from 25 to 30.

The Christians are working in hospitals where they provide medical, social and psychological services.

He said that Mass is being said as usual every Friday morning, even as NATO forces conduct airstrikes.

I hope this testimony will serve to make it clear to everyone that above all one should show solidarity to

those who suffer,” Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli of Tripoli was quoted in media reports as saying

in early June.

“We pray this country and its people will find a peaceful solution. The violent way is not the solution. We

believe in dialogue and pray for it,” said Farrugia. Asked what he thought about the future of the church

in Libya, Farrugia said it will continue to stay and will always “dialogue” to find a way of serving Christians

there and to give service.

Before the war, there were more than 80,000 Christians in Libya. The Christians came from Asia, Africa

and Europe, and belonged to the Catholic, Anglican, Greek Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox and some Pentecostal churches.

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– توعية الرأي العام بعالمه المعاصر وتبصيره بقضايا مجتمعه ووطنه العربي وقارته الأفريقية التي ينتمي إليها باعتبارها العمق الاستراتيجي للجماهيرية العظمى وبمختلف التيارات العالمية ، بما يكون رأيا عاما مستنيرا ويحقق أهداف المسيرة الثورية .
– إلقاء الضوء على المكاسب الثورية والمنجزات التي تحققت بفعل ثورة الفاتح العظيم على الصعيدين
المحلي  والدولي وتحقيق التلاحم الفكري والروحي بين أبناء الشعب العربي والقارة الأفريقية .
– إبراز الصورة الصادقة عن المجتمع في الجماهيريةالعربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية العظمى وذلك بتأكيد واقعه وتاريخه العربي والأفريقي والعالمي.
– إعداد جيل مستنير من الصحفيين والكتاب والأدباء يلتزم الآداب الاسلامية ويؤمن بمبادىء وأهداف ثورة الفاتح العظيم ولها في سبيل تحقيق أغراضها استخدام مختلف الوسائل اللازمة لذلك وتقوم بجميع التصرفات التي من شانها أن تؤدي إلى تحقيق هذه الأغراض وذلك في نطاق الاختصاصات المنوطة بها ولها على الأخص :
– إصدار وتملك الصحف والمجلات السياسية والاقتصادية والثقافية والاجتماعية.
– إنشاء مراكز متخصصة ووكالات للطباعة والإعلان والتوزيع في مجال الصحافة والمطبوعات.
– التعاون مع الجهات التي تتفق معها في أغراضها في الداخل والخارج.

Libya – Main Page يمكنك اغلاق `رتصل الحقيقة هويعيش في صحيفة الجماهير تعيشحرة ، ليبيا لديناموقع جديد الفئرانقبالةموقعنا

Muammar al-Qathafi gives commands for Battle of Sirte 12 OCT. 2011


Thursday October 20, 2011

Final Report of the Libyan Government (20/10/2011): NATO / CNT is dead, the Libyan forces Libya announced the next phase of resistance alive under the leadership of Gaddafi Libya decided to clean traitors and mercenaries

Che already said in his time, in a revolution one wins or dies if it is true. The lie about the death of Gaddafi, has seen the birth of the gadafismo. The story will be with the people who fight for just causes, never with those applying to foreign imperial powers come to attack his own country.
Sirte: – the city becomes a Testro, NATO has bombed the city today on two occasions, while asking his followers of the CNT to withdraw from the city as it is flooded and therefore are a target easy for pro-Gaddafi.De snipers fact, the withdrawal occurs after 10 renegades have died trying to take by assault a building that was empty yet.
While the rats were celebrating the supposed death of Qaddafi were surprised by the resistance as a result 158 rats “rebels” elimnadas, most of them captured benghazy and 25 mercenaries. The cleaning of the rats “rebels” is done in urban centers.
According to news reports from the streets of Sirte martyrs are full of civilians and destruction can not be described in words. The attempted genocide of a tribe is being brushed under the carpet by the rumors of the martyrdom of Gaddafi. Rumors have been intentionally spread to keep the attention of people on the martyrdom of Qaddafi instead of the genocide and the destruction of Sirte. This will also give NATO mercenaries long enough to hide the bodies in mass graves then blame Defense Forces as did Libya in Tripoli.
Gadhafi denies he was killed with his own voice 10/20/2011
(Still to be verified)
Beni Walid: Last night, after the announcement rats making Beni Walid, were surprised by the Libyan resistance fighters attacked them and killed 100 insurgents and recovered several tanks and seven military trucks.
Sorman – The journey of the soldiers away from the CNT in the city turns to chaos. Yesterday came in without resistance, which were collected early in the cold morning in his sleep. Of the fifty who had entered the city, there would be only three survivors. At this rate, you can understand the concerns of Mahmoud Djibril.
Tripoli – The city was still burning today. The CNT soldiers were killed in a subdivision caught in Abu Salim. The continued fighting in the district of HABD in a deluge of fire has led to the insurgents increasingly in trouble. Then there were some skirmishes Tajoraa districts, Souk al-Jumaa, Arada and Sheba.
The cowardly traitor Libya NATO Jibril surprise by announcing “I will resign and no CNT, divide, and nobody listens to anybody,” perhaps this is the reason they want to hide under the false death of Qaddafi
The Libyan mercenaries are arrested many civilians Thank camouflaged photos and Identification nombres.Controles
Sabha: Hard clashes near the airport Sabha. More than 200 casualties of the occupation troops and many wounded among them.
NATO continues bombing southern Libya. At this time bombing the city of Murzuq.
AIjdabiyah: Libyan resistance to defend their city has caused the death of a representative of the CNT and 18 mercenaries.
Tarhunah: Heavy fighting against aggressors have made mercenaries 2 brigades of Benghazi had been defeated and expelled from the city Tarhunah Libya. There are no more mercenaries in the city of Benghazi. We’ll have to see how many people have been alive after the genocide carried out by NATO in this city pacófica “black Libyan.”
Yosef Shakir: Rebels kill each other in amazing ways, to the point that the brothers have fled to Egypt Salabi and Jibril could resign, the rats of NATO have recognized that the Libyan government will never so wreaked havoc and destruction Misratah Brigades and Bel Haj declare that Libya would like to divide into 4 parts. Remember quee ste was the initial plan of the so-called rebels, and each part was colonized by a Western country.
Tunisian officials stated: In Libya cause chaos need to change the government because people want their government Jamahiriyah.
NATO / CNT IS DEAD Gaddafi enjoys the unwavering support of the Libyan people

Questions in the Middle East, Gaddafi’s alleged death
Mastakace: Why Khamis has 9 lives? Because it’s the cat that cleans Libya rats.
Libya, brief account of the Green Revolution 20.10.11

Gaddafi Who are you

Posted by SOS Resistance and Martyrdom in Libya 14:30

الثلاثاء 18 شعبان – الموافق 19 ناصر 1379 و.ر – 2011 مسيحي العدد 6520

للإطلاع اضغط هنا

قمة رؤساء دول وحكومات منظمة الكاريبي تدين عدوان الناتو الصليبي ضد الشعب

الليبي وتؤكد ضرورة ايقافه فوراً


تسليم صكوك مالية لعدد ( 270 ) أسرة تضررت منازلها بمنطقتي طريق السور

وباب بن غشير بسبب قصف عدوان الناتو

 June 2011 (PDF)

حقن دماء الليبيين .. وحدة ليبيا ودحر العدوان الأجنبي

 May 2011 (PDF)

الخميس 09 جمادى الاخرة – الموافق 12 الماء 1379 و.ر – 2011 مسيحي العدد 6462

الأربعاء 15 من شهر صفر الموافق 19 من شهر أي النار 1379 و.ر

AlfajraljadeedNewspaper, Febuary 2011

2011-02-19 FrontPage

 الفجر الجديد

صحيفة يومية إخبارية تشرف عليها المؤسسة العامة للصحافة


Alfajraljadeed.com* 2011-08-06(large PDF file!)

الخميس 06 شعبان – الموافق 07ناصر 1379 و.ر – 2011 مسيحي العدد 13004


Friday – Saturday 10-11 June

(large PDF – file!)

الخمیس 06 شعبان – الموافق 07 ناصر 1379 و.ر – 2011 مسیحي العدد

الأخ قائد الثورة

يلتقي أعيان

القبائل الليبية

بالمنطقة الشرقية

قانون رقم ( 7 ) لسنة 1981م بشأن حيازة
الأسلحة والذخائر والمفرقعات

أبناء قبيلة بني مر بصعيد مصر في برقية تعزية للأخ قائد الثورة :

إذا وطأت أقدام الصليبيين النجسة أرض الجماهيرية العظمى سنزحف

عبر الصحراء صغيرنا قبل كبيرنا للدفاع عن الجماهيرية وقتالهم ودحرهم

الإعفاء على عدد 150 شاباً من الشباب المغرر بهم في بعض المناطق والذين حملوا السلاح

ضد أبناء وطنهم تنفيذاً لمبادرة الملتقى الوطني لشيوخ وأعيان قبائل ليبيا

لا مستقبل لليبيا بدون وحدتها الوطنية وقائدها معمر القذافي القائد والرمز للثورة والوحدة الوطنية
الفعاليات الشبابية بمدينة سبها : « من أجل تجسيد اللحمة الوطنية

والتصدي للعدوان » تعقد

النصر لنا بعون الله …. الله و معمر و ليبيا و بس ابناء النوائل الشرفاء


 We`ll Re-Publish SOON Al Gathafi`s Official website!!! All Speeches of Muammar Al Gaddafi in English/Arabic/German/Russia!
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Muammar Al Gaddafi, a leading advocate for a United States of Africa, he served as Chairperson of the African Union (AU) from 2 February 2009 to 31 January 2010.

During Gaddafi’s period of rule many of Libya’s human development indicators improved significantly. By 2010, Libya had the highest GDP per capita, Education Index, and Human Development Index in Africa as well as some of the best health indicators in the continent.

The illegal International Criminal Court” issued arrest warrants on 27 June 2011 for Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and his brother-in-law Abdullah al-Senussi, concerning crimes against humanityInterpol has also issued an arrest warrant for him for “crimes against humanity.” Gaddafi has been accused by the UK government of “having links with the IRA.”

As of October 2011, Gaddafi loyalists remain in control of Bani Walid, his birthplace Sirte, large parts of Tripoli, and other towns around Libya!


Libya – Urgent zero hour is Friday, October 14, 2011

Libye – Urgent l’heure zéro est le vendredi 14 octobre 2011

ALGERIA ISP / According to the Libyan government spokesman Ibrahim Moussa, do not stayas a viewer to look at what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Sirte and Bani Walid.
On October 14, 2011, appeal to all free men and women, appeal to all tribes, …. Men, women, girls, children of our people in Sirte and Bani Walid die every day .. each hour ..every minute by the rebels and NATO …. dear hero … This is zero hour – hours ahead andGod is with us .. God is great, God is great!

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, hopes that the Libyans are going out tonight and they begin to control all the cities and the streets quickly.

O son of Libya Libya come free by force of arms from the rebels that brought NATO. Justsave your daughters and your son detained because they love their country and the Libyan leader. Come back the dignity of the Libyan. Come to free Libya hurt. Come Friday, October 14, 2011, the day of honor and of cohesion!

Libya – The return of the TV channel Al Mokawama (Mukwama) on Nilesat – October 14, 2011

Libya – The Warrior Seif El Islam Gaddafi on Television El Mokawama

Aljamahiria.com / صحيفة الجماهير / Libya Uprising – ALL Latest Libya News & Videos / Up To Date (14-10-2011)

 “Pro-Democracy Rebels” (*short: RATS) Claim to have taken Gaddafi’s Home Town SIRTE (23.03.2011!)

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British Special Forces (SAS) fighting with NATO Rebels.. Have a Look

American Sniper to kill Civilians in Sirt… Have a look at 1:10

Sirte Libya..Raw footage – urban combatOct 13 2011

U.S. & Gullible Americans Celebrate Apparent Fortunes of Al Qaeda in Libya

Posted: 2011/10/23
From: Source   http://mathaba.net/news/?x=629083

By Tony Cartalucci

At face value, the tenuous narrative of a struggling, desperate NATO confounded by months of fierce resistance on all fronts and an increasingly brutal and transparently atrocious proxy army on the ground in Libya, suddenly wringing victory from what was essentially a catastrophic failure, is difficult to believe. This, especially as NATO desperately needs to turn its full attention toward Syria as the window of its imperial ambitions quickly closes forever. Already, claims that Muammar Qaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam had been captured have turned out to be admittedly false, Reuters finally admits [1], even after an elaborate tale had already begun spreading through the biased, irresponsible corporate-driven Western media.

Photo: It’s all smiles and laughs in Tripoli as McCain, a chief proponent and driving force behind the US intervention in Libya, literally glorifies Al Qaeda’s exploits in the now ruined nation. Miles away, the very rebels he was praising werepurposefully starving the civilian population of Sirtein an effort to break their will, while they and NATO indiscriminately used heavy weapons aimed at crowded city centers.

It must also be kept in mind that bold lies have punctuated NATO’s impotent attempts at sweeping their proxies into power, including perhaps the most brazen war propaganda in modern history, the NATO bombardment of Tripoli. Similarly, Qaddafi’s entire command structure was reported either dead or captured. Most notably was the “confirmation” of Saif al-Islam Qaddafi’s capture by the International Criminal Court [2], who claimed not only was his capture confirmed, but that the ICC was already in the process of preparing his transfer to the Hague. The propaganda operation succeeded to a limited extent, allowing otherwise incapable rebel forces to sweep into the capital and gain permanent holdings there. However Saif al-Islam would turn up very much free, and still leading efforts to defend his nation from NATO aggression in the heart of Tripoli.

To add insult to injury, the duplicitous criminals populating the ICC would later claim they never “confirmed” Saif al-Islam’s capture [3], a blatant lie that will forever forfeit the already corporate-contrived “international institution’s” legitimacy. Given such circumstances, one would be wise to reserve judgement on events unfolding in Libya until Qaddafi’s own people confirm or deny the reports. Nothing can be put past NATO and their proxies who have exhibited for over half a year barbarism and duplicity on an unprecedented scale.

What is confirmed, is the jubilation coming from the West’s leadership and their ghoulish propagandists throughout the corporate-media, celebrating the apparent death of Qaddafi, and the apparent fortunes of NATO’s proxy rebel forces. As reported earlier, NATO’s proxies, the “National Transitional Council” is led by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) [4] an Al Qaeda affiliate and listed by both the US State Department [5] and the UK Home Office [6] as a “foreign terrorist organization,” and a “proscribed terrorist group” respectively. LIFG fighters, led by Abdul Belhaj [7], now the NTC military commander, had fought and killed US and British troops in Afghanistan, while other LIFG fighters waged war against the West in Iraq. Supporting listed terrorist organizations with US and British blood on their hands may seem bad enough, but LIFG’s conduct since February 17, 2011 when they began their foreign-sponsored bid to seize power in Libya, has been marked by verified atrocities beside which Qaddafi’s alleged crimes pale in comparison.

The entire city of Tawarga, Libya, with a population of 10,000 has verifiably been exiled or exterminated[8] by NATO-backed rebel fighters, and various refugee camps set up by its fleeing residents attacked and scattered. The cities of Sirte and Bani Walid, likewise have been surrounded, cut-off with the declared intention of starving its civilian population into submission [9], and systematically destroyed by both rebels and NATO through indiscriminate use of heavy weapons and airstrikes.

It is also now revealed, the tenuous, duplicitous nature of the very claims used by NATO to justify its intervention in Libya in the first place. Human-rights imposter, Sliman Bouchuiguir flagrantly admitted to journalists that the accusations made against Qaddafi in the lead up to NATO operations were fabricated, unverified, “estimations” that came directly from leading members of the NTC itself. Hardly objective, and clearly agenda driven, Bouchuiguir and his “human rights” organization would also be revealed as having ties to both the NTC and US-funded organizations including theInternational Federation for Human Rights (FIDH). His shameless explanations can be seen in in the documentary, “Lies Behind the “Humanitarian War” in Libya: There is No Evidence!” [10]

In essence, NATO invaded and destroyed a nation, through the use of proxies listed as terrorists and who verifiably have US and British blood on their hands. It is also now clear that the pretext used to invade Libya was entirely contrived. When Obama ironically claimed “the rule of an iron fist inevitably comes to an end,” it is quite clear that no iron fist must inevitably be brought to an end more than the Wall Street-London oligarchs who have perpetrated this grievous crime against the Libyan people and whom Obama represents.

In the coming days, weeks, and months the true measure of NATO’s multiple-claims of victory will be put to the test, as will claims of Qaddafi’s command structure once again being “dismantled.” What is certain is that America and the European Union are ruled by callous, calculating hypocrites who have thrown their people into the crucible of war for nearly a decade against people “sworn” to be the enemies of civilization, only to hand them an entire nation in Northern Africa. Such reckless megalomania may seem removed from the daily lives of Western people, but as economic conditions slide into oblivion, and the number of nations the West can turn its parasitic war machine against dwindles, it will be Americans and Europeans fed next into its ever-hungry maw.

[1] “Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi believed still in desert: NTC” Reuters, October 20, 2011
[2] “Libya: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi detained by rebels, ICC confirm” Telegraph, August 22, 2011
[3] “ICC never had arrest of Gaddafi’s son Saif confirmed” Reuters, August 23, 2011
[4] West Point Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) report, Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq, A First Look at the Sinjar Records 2007
[5] US State Department, List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, #2 Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)
[6] UK Home Office, List of Proscribed Terrorist Groups, page 5, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)
[7] “Libya’s Powerful Islamic Leader” The Daily Beast, September 2, 2011
[8] “Empty village raises concerns about fate of black Libyans,” McClatchy, September 13, 2011
[9] “Libya crisis: Rebel leaders hoping to starve Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte into submission,” Telegraph, August 28, 2011
[10] “The Humanitarian War in Libya: There is no evidence!” laguerrehumanitaire.fr/english

We`ll publish ALL Speeches from Al Gathafi !!!

البحار الداخلية و الأساطيل الأجنبية

الصين.. أمريكا..المواجهة المحتومة

الأخ القائد يؤم الرؤساء وجموع المسلمين من كافة أنحاء العالم بمدينة كمبالا احتفالاً بذكرى مولد خاتم أنبياء الله محمد ( صلى الله عليه وسلم ).

 اب الأخ القائد معمرالقذافي في الجمعية العامة للأمم المتحدة

 أكرانيا مشكلة حقيقية

ضرة الأخ القائد فى طلبة وأساتدة جامعة ميجي اليابانية

حل المسألة الكورية

 تركيا وأوروبا والبن لادنيين

حول الأزمة الحالية التي يمر بها العالم حول الإرهابتحليل القائد .

 لقد تحطم احتكار المعرفة بفعل ثورة المعلومات وانتشر العلم بلا حدود الى جانب ازدياد قدرة الكمبيوتر بعشرة مليارات مرة خلال نصف قرن . وتتضاعف كل سنة ونصف .

 Brother Leader of the RevolutionMoammar Ghadhafi presents an analysis about the actual crisis the world is passing through about terrorism (English)

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 More Important Libya Documents:

The culmination of the efforts of the Leader of the Revolution in driving African Unity
Mutual Defense Treaty of the African Union enters into force…

Read More in ARABIC  Image IPB

Text message leader Mujahid , Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, leader of the Resistance
To the
“Libyan National Women of the Zintan Resistance”
And that its line with his hand on 2011/10 in the city of Rabat,

In the name of God the Merciful
Speak on women in Zintan
Grandchildren Mabrouka girl Boucif and Fatima girl Boubacar
Amhajr speak on Girls and Girls Mujahideen heroes honor the martyrs of battles in Zintan
Resolve the matter
Required of all free Senthanah be traced back to her family’s house with honor and courage
Free Alzentanih proud is what I came out in 1908 from the epiphyseal xanthan Challenge
I went out to tell sheikhs Zintan ( Aatenkroa Boqilh Aannkerkm )
And was able to rally the people of Zintan and unite them in the face and eliminate Boqilh

Today Almtalubmn all Senthanah that refuses to stay with Aubl Zintan
They settled for men
They have become a tool in the service of Britain and Francawamrica
Clients of the infidel occupiers
Aviation describe cruciate birds Alobabil
This is their industry and this Amjadehm

Ardjan houses Hlkn
Amcn married men and heroes in Rishvana and epiphyseal and Chiaan and Alnoael and beautiful Orvlh
Eshrfalakn stay with customers
They’re going to enter a NATO soldiers to your homes
Asran to escape from the shame that brought Aualh Zintan
Tribe was safe reassuring turned to the epicenter of corruption and treason and employment
The tribe Castle Agaflaa of honor and manhood turned into a poisoned dagger
I’m not going to write the history in one day , I ordered the beating Zintan
And people will discover this thing Zintan
And know that the people of Zintan who was Ikcefhm rocket is the same that gave the coordinates of the house and the house of Saif al -Arab Khweldi Hamidi

In the end the shame of a longer life
Oh God, Oh God, I hit , I witness
O Allah, and peace and peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad and his family and peace.

(Muammar al-Qathafi)
نص رسالة القائد المجاهد العقيد معمر القذافي قائد المقاومة الوطنية الليبية نساء الزنتان
والتي خطها بيده بتاريخ 2011/10 في مدينة الرباط الامامي سرت

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اخاطب النساء في الزنتان
حفيدات مبروكة بنت بوسيف وفاطمة بنت بوبكر
اخاطب بنات امهاجر وبنات المجاهدين الابطال شهداء معارك الشرف في الزنتان
حسم الامر
المطلوب من كل زنتانية حرة ان ترجع لبيت اهلها بشرف وشجاعة
الزنتانية الحرة الابية هي اللي خرجت عام 1908 من المشاشية للزنتان للتحدي
خرجت لتقول لمشائخ الزنتان (ياتنكروا بوقيله ياننكركم)
واستطاعت ان تجمع اهل الزنتان وتوحدهم في مواجهة بوقيله والقضاء عليه

اليوم المطلوبمن كل زنتانية ان ترفض البقاء مع عوبل الزنتان
لانهم ليسو برجال
اصبحوا اداة في خدمة فرنساوامريكا وبريطانيا
عملاء للمستعمر الكافر
يصفون الطيران الصليبي بطيور الابابيل
هذه هي صناعتهم وهذه امجادهم

ارجعن لبيوت هلكن
امشن تزوجن من الرجال الابطال في ورشفانه والمشاشيه والصيعان والنوايل والجميل وورفله
اشرفلكن من البقاء مع العملاء
لانهم سيقومون بأدخال جنود الناتو لبيوتكن
اسرعن في الهروب من العار الذي جلبه عويلة الزنتان
قبيلة كانت امنة مطمئنة حولوها لبؤرة للفساد والخياتة والعمالة
قبيلة كانت قلعة من قفلاع الشرف والرجولة تحولت الى خنجر مسموم
انا لن يكتب علي التاريخ في يوم من الايام اني امرت بضرب الزنتان
وسيكتشف اهل الزنتان هذا الشي
وسيعرف اهل الزنتان ان الذي كان يقصفهم بالصواريخ هو نفسه الذي اعطى احداثيات بيت سيف العرب وبيت الخويلدي الحميدي

في النهاية العار اطول من العمر
اللهم اني بلغت اللهم فأشهد
وصلي اللهم وسلم على سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه وسلم

معمر القذافـــي

Muammar Qaddafi’s “opulent living” — where is the proof?

Posted: 2011/10/21
From: Mathaba      http://mathaba.net/news/?x=629062
Mainstream media fail to prove their claim that the Libyan leader “stole the wealth of the country” but on the contrary, show us that they think we are all stupid.

By E. Boder

The mainstream media want the world to believe that this man,Muammar Qaddafi, has been an evil tyrant who wallowed in opulence at the expense of his “impoverished” people. But when all fantasies are put to one side and the propagandists have ceased their foaming at the mouth, can anything actually be produced as evidence of these claims?

On the 10th of October I read an article by The Telegraph UK which title read “Libyan fighters seize Gaddafi’s luxury cars in Sirte”. On the self same page was a video purporting to show these so-called “luxury cars”:

Now I am no expert on luxury cars, but when I hear the words “luxury” and “car” placed beside one another I think of the latest and greatest Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, etc… you know, the kind of cars that the UK, France and the USA have for their politicians… however as soon as my eyes gazed upon this video “evidence” I thought “these people at the Telegraph must think we are all complete morons!”

In the video there are two golf carts and two white cars which look like they are 40+ years old, with no labeling or branding to speak of. Then as the video comes to an end you almost let out a *yelp* as you see that all 4 “luxury cars” are being towed!? I would suggest that all four cars are probably worth about to – “Luxury”? – Are you kidding me!?

There are tens of thousands of cars in Libya which are worth many more times than a piece – and they are owned by the Libyan people! The most expensive car I have ever seen Muammar Qaddafiin was a Toyota Land Cruiser (2005, six years old), the type you see driving all across Libya and the entire region for that matter! I have never seen him in anything which could be remotely construed as being a “luxury car”, even by Libyan standards!

But let’s look at the other material which we are supposed to ingest as proof of Muammar Qaddafi‘s “lavish lifestyle”.

On the 6th of October International Business Times reported again about the “opulent lifestyle once enjoyed by Gadhafi”. This time it’s a farm with ostriches, “several flocks of camels, cattle, sheep and other livestock.” – A farm!? Is it just me or is this getting more and more ridiculous!? The leader of the most well-off nation in Africa has a farm and you want to hang him for having an “opulent lifestyle”???

But wait; there is more in this wealth of an article.

The article goes on to say that when the TNC rebels entered the Bab al-Azizya compound in Tripoli they “unearthed a genuine treasure trove, including ceremonial weapons, bejeweled ornaments, chandeliers and many, many portraits”. Jewelry, fancy light fittings and pictures!? The things that visiting dignitaries and heads of state bestow upon those they are visiting – Indeed, what gluttony of wealth… oh, and don’t forget the farm! 😀

But, see the luxurious splendor of this lifestyle is not just something Muammar experiences, but his children too.

“His daughter Aisha lived in a gold-themed mansion complete with gilded mermaid sculptures and busts of her own likeness. Over the weekend, Libyan children visited the house to play in Aisha’s indoor swimming pool.”

*GASP* – Aisha had a “gold-themed mansion”!! For those of you who are wondering, a “gold-themed” anything is all about the lighting and colors emanating a gold hue… wow, how dare she! She also had some “sculptures” and a freakin’ “indoor pool”!!!

Hannibal Qaddafi’s home was found to have “bottles of expensive wine”, “Cristal champagne”, “labyrinthine pools and white grand pianos”.

Yes, some expensive stuff there for sure. Le’’s not forget that this guy was in fact a business man as well – so yeah, he was good at what he did! So what? There are millionaires all over the world, many of them in very poor nations where the population is actually impoverished, unlike how things were in Libya. But really, you got the guy pegged on some alcohol, a swimming pool and musical instruments!?

Now, on to Saadi and Saif al-Islam… They both loved animals and Saadi “personally owned nine of the 18 lions in the Tripoli zoo”, while Saif al-Islam “owned two albino lions… and also kept tigers, gazelles and other exotic pets at his farm”.

Can you believe this? Can you actually fathom that the mainstream media is trying to legitimize the bombing of civilians, civilian infrastructure, a sovereign nations’ non-aggressing army, and the attempted assassination of this nations leader on the grounds of swimming pools, wine, animals and farms!?

Are these western propagandists on meth!?

Here is another video by Reuters attempting to show the wealth that Muammar Qaddafi “stole” from the Libyan people.

Interesting isn’t it that this video shows absolutely nothing, and I mean NOTHING, of value! It’s a building surrounded by trees and shrubs, with pictures inside and what could have been a dried out swimming pool outside. If there was any “luxury” why do Reuters not show it!?

Article after article, report after report, video after video… all laying one accusation out after another – but they all have something in common: there is no evidence!

There is no evidence that Muammar Qaddafi treated the Libyan people poorly!

There is no evidence that Muammar Qaddafi stole the wealth of Libya!

There is no evidence that Muammar Qaddafi lived in any way unaccustomed to the way a leader of a proud and wealthy nation and people should or would live!

There is also no evidence that Muammar Qaddafihad, or was going to, kill or hurt the Libyan people!

And yet, without any evidence, NATO and its allies are in their 8th month of destroying this nation, its people, its culture and its truly democraticleadership!


Mainstream Media: “Gaddafi Captured” – “Gaddafi Dead”; But Yet Again No Proof Provided

Posted: 2011/10/20
From: Mathaba    http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629065?rss
This man brought justice and freedom to Libya. He fought against the West his whole life. He is not a coward “hiding in a hole”

By MKERone

Be careful with the information provided by mainstream media! They are claiming that Muammar Gaddafi has been captured, others “confirm” he was very badly injured and died.

Al Jazeera, after the massive credibility loss it suffered when the fake Green Square footage they broadcast internationaly was exposed, seems to be cautious in its latest article and relays the information they claim to have received from Libya, without giving any confirmation. They even add:

“NATO and the US state department said it cannot confirm any reports. Meanwhile in Benghazi, crowds gathered in the streets to start celebrating the reports of Gaddafi’s death.”

Al Arabiya, also known from its pro-NTC and pro-NATO views and for spreading falsified and/or fake reports, seems to confirm Gaddafi’s dead, as if they themselves saw Brother Leader captured and dead.

They even say that Gaddafi was found hiding on a hole and begging the rebels not to shoot him. This clearly reminds us of Saddam Hussein. He was alledgedly also hiding in a hole. This is totally false and is aimed at undermining Gaddafi’s revolutionary image! They want people to be disappointed by this coward attitude and to reject any feeling they had for him, feel betrayed, and shift their minds. Can you picture Gaddafi hidding in a hole? I personally can’t! This man brought justice and freedom to Libya. He fought against the West his whole life! He is not a coward. Look at him in this video going around Tripoli in an open air car without security, during April, while NATO was bombing the city day and night, without fear.

On the other hand I would not be surprised to learn that in such a war situation Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama would hide in a hole and beg for their cowardly and valueless lifes and even pee in their pants! But not the Revolutionary Brother Leader Gaddafi!

All those allegations are based on a picture… That can be, as it previously happened, a FAKE. And on AbdelHakim Belhadj confirmation… can anyone trust him?

Western media relay this information as they did for Khamis Gaddafi’s dead (man’s incredible, he died 8 times but is still alive), Moatassem was abducted, Saif Al Islam was killed 3 times and do you remember that Gaddafi was already killed a few month ago?

Let’s wait and see if this information about his death is confirmed or not. And I don’t mean confirmed by Western media! But by Libyan Resistance sources! We all know whose interests Western media serve. They would confirm anything their masters tell them to! They confirmed Osama Bin Laden’s death based on a fake picture (that was quickly exposed as a fake on the Internet), apologized for that “mistake” but still confirmed he was killed with absolutely no proof! They didn’t even question the thing! When thousands of reports on the Internet were reporting him as dead since 2001…

I personally do not believe this news which is denied by other Jamahiriya sources. So many lies… One thing to take into consideration, is how NATO and its mercenaries use this type of PsyOps in order to locate their enemy. When they came up with the fake report of Moussa Ibrahim being abducted and under rebels custody, their aim was to have Moussa Ibrahim contacting Arrai TV, locate the call and bomb and kill him, and hopefully also Gaddafi if the two men were together… knowing that, we will probably have to wait a couple of days to have final confirmation.

NATO and NTC are ready to do anything, they are totally desperate! Remember when illegitimate NTC leader confirmed Green Square footage was fake, but helped the rebels entering Tripoli ?

Let’s wait my friends! Time will tell…


About MKERone

Follow me on twitter: @MKERone




17h/ Mathaba Libya news editor said that NATO and Clinton are desperate to show a “victory” in Libya, by way of a compliant media, and the NTC is anxious to provide that “victory” for their masters, in order to secure further support. The NTC leaders and their factions are all fighting amongst each other, and are dissatisfied with the spoils, which so far have not been forthcoming due to the armed population putting up a fierce resistance, and the globalist bankers being unable to keep their promises to the Libyan traitors.
Libyans should continue their mass green demonstrations and resistance, and ignore all rumours, as it has been confirmed that Mu’ammar Qaddafi is alive and well and will not be in communications currently for security reasons. One of the main aims of Clinton has been to kill or capture Qaddafi, or otherwise force him to leave Libya, and none of those aims will be granted her. – > http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629064

16:40h/Green Committees have confirmed that the leader is alive, and that the enemy is seeking to take advantage of his being currently out of communications. The aim is to please Hillary Clinton who barked at her Arab slaves that she wants Muammar Qaddafi “dead or alive.”

16:15h/ Breaking News: Libya – Received word,that Leader Muammar will speak live on Tv and radio today…stay tuned.G.T.

15:30h/ TV Al.Shababiya – URGENT:::

We thank God that the leader is fine.
He is not in Sirte.
Do not believe lying NATO channel
They want him to communicate, to call TV stations, so they could locate him.
Victorious with God’s help
This is reason’s of fake news about Gaddafis death ( God safe him) !!!!
NTC rats want to push down our resistence spirit ! VIVA GADDAFI !!!
***Tommorow 21-10-2011 after the friday prayers we march in all the cities of Libya to honour the blood of our brothers in Sirte in Bani walid in Sebha and in other areas. We march united against the colonialist crusaders under the green flag of Libya.
There are gonna be continious marches on 28-10-2011 and on 11-11-2011.
Allibiya TV – قناة الليبية
نؤكد لكم مرة اخرى بشكل لا يقبل التاؤيل:::
القائد المجاهد معمر القذافى بخير صحة و احسن حال و ما اشيع من تلك الاكاذيب فالغرض منه التأثير على معنويات المقاومة التى مازالت تجاهد فى سرت حتى هذه اللحظة ………… و ايضا من اجل العمل على الغاء انتفاضة غدا الجمعة المقرر استكمالها غدا الجمعة 21-10-2011 ……….. لقد هزتهم انتفاضة الشرفاء الوطنيين من ابناء ليبيا … لا تصدقوهم و سترون باعينكم عندما يخرج احد جرذان مجلسهم الجرذانى لينفى الخبر … فهكذا عهدناهم ………. فهم منافقون – كذابون – خائنون لا عهد لديهم!
14h/ Al-Jazeera, Reuters, RT and western propaganda distribute lie again
Today Al-Jazeera began to distribute lie about capturing Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte
Rats from NATO want destroy spirit of Green Resistance
They prepare montage – pictures or video
And soon they be distribute it, now they share fake message.
So, libyans fight againts enemies, cos then they use lie against you then you have right way of OUR Resistance
Fight to the Victory!
ALGERIA ISP / According Zengtena, The Mujahid Muammar Gaddafi is in excellent health and has an excellent moral. The information on the capture of the Libyan leader is simply a lie spewed by the CNT / NATO and broadcasted through their media lies that have sold their objective to become a real journalist NATO soldiers and members of the Qaeda.
This lie was among others made by the CNT / NATO in order to demoralize the troops of the Libyan resistance which are bravely defending the city of Sirte and in other cities are fighting to free them from the clutches of members of the Qaeda and the Nato.
This lie was announced today, to break the second day of Friday’s uprisings ,planned for October 21, 2011.
Listen, bums of CNT and sponsors. The Libyan leader is still alive and still determined to cleanse the country of these traitors and western mercenaries [

Global media distribute lie again
Today Al- Jazeera began to distribute lie about capturing Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte.
Rats from NATO want to destroy spirit of Green Resistance
They preparing photo-montage – pictures or video
And soon they will distribute it, now they share fake message.
They distribute lie about NATO bombing convoy of Gaddafi. Media use rat as a source, rat which run away from Sirte, cause Green Resistance again “invited” rats to the trap in Sirte yesterday, when rats began to feel safe,they got attacked by Green fighters, Only small part of rats including the rat who have video and pictures from Sirte,escaped. Other rats left their own bodies in the city. NOW media used his rats movie as news. NATO-NTC rats don’t control Libya they can only distribute fake messages.
Very interesting: NATO didn’t confirm lie of the rats about bombing Gaddafi convoy near Sirte. NATO is waiting for a denial from leaders of Resistance, so they could intercept, track and locate their calls. That is one of the reasons for making up this lie.
NATO rats really hopeless, cause Resistance killed rats leaders. Don’t ask for denial from leaders of Resistance, i hope nobody from leaders come online with denial. This is what NATO wants.
Very interesting: NATO don’t confirme lie of rats about bombing Gaddafi convoy near Sirte. NATO waiting denial from leaders of Resistance, cos want to killl them, it’s one of reason this big lie.
NATO rats really hopeless, cos Resistance shooting heads of rats, rats can’t to find heads of Resistance. Don’t ask denial from leaders of Resistance, i hope nobody from leaders don’t come to online with denial
So, libyans fight againts enemies, cos then they use lie against you then you have right way of Your Resistance
Fight to the Victory!
Телеканал Al-Libiya: Каддафи жив 20 октября 2011, 16:34 [ «АН-online» ]
Телеканал Al-Libiya, поддерживающий режим Муамара Каддафи опроверг информацию о том, что бывший лидер Ливии убит или захвачен в плен. На данный момент полковник находится в добром здравии, передает Agence France-Presse.
«Отчеты о смерти или захвате в плен нашего лидера Каддафи, которые предоставляют лакеи НАТО, являются необоснованными», – говорится на сайте телеканала. Ранее Аргументы недели сообщали со ссылкой на представителя ПНС Ливии о том, что Муамар Каддафи скончался в результате ранений в городе Сирт. – >http://argumenti.ru/world/online/2011/10/131619

Comments of people:
1. AlJazeera just said 6 days ago that Gaddafi was tracked by satellite in the southern libyan desert! How can he now be in Sirte if the town was under siege for weeks??? Al Jazeera cant cope with its own lies. Dont trust the media! Gaddafi is still alive!

They need an excuse to withdraw NATO from Libya, remember that Clinton was coming, and now Gaddafi got arrested!?!?! Think, people, just think! This can’t be truth, he is not that stupid to stay all the time in Sirt!!!
2.Urgent Communique No. 374 (this was online before NATO media broadcasted lies) – from Bomniar- inteligence of the revolutionary cells – Leader moamer kadhafi// There will be false news across Yewish and NATO channels about injured Libyan leader Muammar or his relatives. Our leader is at the front together with his sons, he is stimulating morale of the young people-Death to colonial traitors -and walknawat customers -from victory to victory- organized Bomniar revolutionary cells.
3.That looks so much fake. Look, they say three different stories: that they shot him while he was escaping, that the NATO bombed his convoy, that an ambulance took him and that they’ve found him hiding in a hole (like Saddam, too much coincidence?). You believe this shit? They provided up to now one fake photo,a still taken from a video, person on that picture looks realy strange, has very strange nose, forehead etc, on top of all, they say that video was taken by mobile phone, but icons shown on the photo reveal that this video was taken by camera. So many lies, and they can’t seem to agree on definite lie, before publishing it. 4. This is the second time they are lying about injuries/death of Gaddafi, last time Al Jazeera also showed fake photo also. Whenever NTC are losing, they make up fake stories like this.
Posted by . at 15:50    

Is Qaddafi Dead?

Posted: 2011/10/21
From: Mathaba   http://mathaba.net/news/?x=629077
Mathaba Editorial on the “Death” of Muammar Qaddafi
People have been so worried as to whether the Leader of the World Revolution,Muammar Qaddafi of Libya, is dead or alive. Let us examine this question, and reach some definitive positions based upon the Third Universal Theory, which Muammar Qaddafi championed.First, let us consider why it matters, or does not matter. To the terrorists attacking Africa’s Libya, NATO, the mercenaries and the “Islamist” rats it matters, because that has been their key number one objective, from which all else follows. For them Qaddafi = Libya = Jamahiriya.NATO, the American-European military alliance has dug itself into a corner from day one, because their first aim was to kill Qaddafi, and the reasons for them wanting to do so have been explained in countless other analysis articles here on Mathaba.Net.From the start of the NATO bombing, which they thought would take 2 to 3 days to achieve itsobjective of killing Qaddafi, later revised to 2-3 weeks, then 2-3 months, and then “indefinitely”, Mathaba stated that NATO would not be able to do so.On the very day of their biggest ever failure, when they went in an all-out massive desperate bombing of Qaddafi’s home which he still would not run away from, in order for the Rome meeting of Clinton to be able to declare a victory, it backfired when he went out to feed the animals, and instead his 3 grandchildren and youngest son died along with many others.That damaging news was immediately squashed by the sudden release within a few hours, of the “death of Bin Laden”, so as to deflect world media away from sympathy for Qaddafi and his family, and toward the power and might of the USA. Only problem is, on the web, people quickly figured outthat this was not Bin Laden who was dumped at sea, let alone the problem that he had died many years earlier.But that did not matter, because 99% of tell-lie-vision (TV) viewers believed it, just as they did when Obama’s White House came up with his forged birth certificate, which later proved as evidenced by traces left in the history of the file uploaded to the White House web site, to be a fake because it had been edited, not only scanned.Understand that the “international media” meaningthis crowd, always get their way, because most people get their news and influence from there. They report a lie ad infinitum (such as the “Libya did Lockerbie” lie) but when the opposite is proven to be the case (witnesses admitted being paid million each and recanted their evidence), that “new” news is either not reported, or reported only in passing, on some small inner pages or paragraph.Now we have the reasons and timing for Qaddafi’s “death”, before we address whether he is actually dead or not, and why he is dead and is not dead.Reasons include that a recent internal NATO and CIA review of the war on Libya revealed it to be a mess and a pathetic failure. Not only had Qaddafi continued to survive, but he was getting more famous by the day, and with that, the danger of his ideas and example, being discovered. More on that in a while.Further, the objectives, to control Libya, it’s oil and water, and to separate it from the rest of Africa, also failed abysmally, even though they cut off all Libyan broadcasting stations, both TV and Internet, bybombing, denial of service attacks, hacking, and threats — the green resistance continued especially in central Libya.This, in spite of non-stop bombing, missile and terrorist attacks, and a total blockade and siege and then destruction of democratic Jamahiriya cities where the population were holding out, and where the “rebels” could not enter: mass starvation and total destruction ensued, bombing of hospitals, and over 60,000 dead.Yet still those civilians in those towns, armed to defend themselves, did not give in to NATO bombs and terrorist rockets and assassinations. Then NATO in desperation started to use banned weapons, mini nukes, chemicals, and “poor man’s” fuel bombs, resulting in further large-scale massacres, in the past week.The world media was about to be unable to ignore this any further although they had been silent during months of atrocities and blockades, with photos now emerging in recent days, showing a town utterly destroyed with bodies littering the streets. An urgent distraction was again needed.With in-fighting in recent weeks between the rebels, monarchists, kleptomaniacs, criminals, ‘al-Qaida’ and mercenary groups all initially united only in their hatred for Qaddafi now falling apart and in open confrontation with mass resignations from among their ranks and leadership, something needed to be done.With NATO pilots and drone operators realising that there is indeed a very real danger of them having to face justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and with pilot fatigue and dissatisfaction creeping in as after 8 months of non-stop aerial bombing the truth has become known to them that they are not there to protect civilians but instead to bomb them, something had to be done.Hillary Clinton needed to visit Tripoli, to “rally the troops”, and provide a brave face for the Europeans who were increasingly worried about being on the forefront of a war that they have started to realize they cannot win, and which will ultimately backfire, for many reasons already covered here on Mathaba.Net and elsewhere.So, the big white lady descended on Libya for a few hours and spoke, calling for the capture or death of Muammar Qaddafi, knowing that as with Bin Laden, the videos and images were already prepared. Lo and behold, presto, a day later, “Qaddafi” was both captured and killed.Yes, he is now dead, for the world media. And the incredibly and deliberately shaky videos, prove it, as do the doctored still images. No one, especially not Obama, needs to declare Qaddafi dead, for the rebel “TNC” so-called Transitional National Council (or what is left of it, less than a dozen people), said it is so, and Jazeera and Al-Arabiya as well as PRESS TV and Russia Today echoed the “news” as fact.Problem is, he is also not dead. Not only because he was not captured and not killed, as reported elsewhere here from reliable sources, but because he already lives in the hearts of millions. And this now brings us to the next point, as to in which ways Qaddafi is dead or alive, and, whether and how much it matters.Qaddafi is alive. It matters, because NATO has thus not won the war, and not even won their first “easy” objective. It matters because some people need a leader and won’t operate without that leader: the large numbers of volunteers converging on Libya from around Africa, are not all going there for reasons of defending Libya, Libyans, or even Africa, but because of their love, appreciation and solidarity for Qaddafi and wanting to help him as the “Brother Leader”.Yet, even though Qaddafi did not die and most people still have not woken up to the fact that we live in a digital world where all images, videos, and sound, can easily be forged — not only by easily available commercial image and sound manipulation software, but by military grade programs and super-computers.People have not woken up to the fact that the very “main stream” media they have come to rely on, as well as their political leaders, have less education, less common sense, and less experience, than one would expect, and thus are also easily misled.But one day, Qaddafi will die, and in that sense is already dead, as the rest of us are too. However, he has lived to see his philosophy actually put intopractice, something very few philosophers in the world have ever had the privilege of. Sadly, he has also lived to see it destroyed; But not quite.
What has been destroyed, is Libya, but not the Jamahiriya: not the values, ideals, and democratic, economic and social relationships that have proven to be so strong as to withstand the world’s most powerful and brutal military forces for almost a year, and still hold out. And this has resulted in a great opportunity, as we shall see.The entire world faces a cross-roads over the coming year, and we remember the New Yearmessage from Mathaba on 28th January 2011 saying that this would be the most important year ever:

As we start 2011 this is going to be a most important year for future life on this planet. It is essential to STAY INFORMED, andSHARE what you know with others. Mathaba, as the world’s leading independent news agency is playing an important part in giving people the tools for making the world a better place.

That cross-roads, now has a chance of taking the right turn, because the very key solutions to those problems facing the world, were being ignored and Mathaba was a lone voice in the wilderness talking about the Third Universal Theory. Now however, thanks to the war on Libya and the attacks on Qaddafi, people the world over are asking what it is that is going on — it is clear to all that it is not about protecting civilians, and has led to millions readingThe Green Book.

Further, hardly anyone outside Libya knew anything about the Jamahiriya, about how all power, wealth and arms were in the hands of the people in Libya, or that Qaddafi had handed power to the people in 1979 two years after the creation of the Jamahiriya, and the introduction of direct, participatory democracy.

This, and the amazing economic benefits that resulted from it, are the reason that even during NATO bombing he could go around Tripoli in anopen air car and no one would shoot at him, without any real security, as shown in this video shot during April this year, one month into the bombing of his home.

Other truths started to surface, and resulted in millions of people world wide posting videos, articles, and comments on social media. Truths such as these.

Now, what is to be done, and what is Muammar to do? Actually, he has been trying to tell everyone who has been listening these past many months, a few key points and yet from what we see, it is not getting through to everyone, even those who are his fans around the world, and which we summarize here below:

I am not the Libyan resistance, the Libyan resistance is the people. They will continue to fight, until NATO and all others against them, leave Libya. They will lay down their lives to defend their freedom, as will many of my own family. I live in their hearts, and in the hearts of millions.

* I am not the government of Libya, I do not hold any official government positions. I am a revolutionary. I am outside of power. Power rests with the Libyan people.

* I have spoken all my words, so many times, until I grew tired. “It is all there in the pages of The Green Book. Please read it and you will understand.”

* I have completed my work, I gave power, wealth and arms to the people, who possess it. I am just one man among millions in Libya.

* I brought to light the Third Universal Theory. It is as if mankind had become locked in a cave without sunlight, and forgotten what sun light looked like. I found the rusty keys on the floor, and put them in the lock. Thus all that is needed is to turn the key to come out into the sunlight again.

The Green Book is a collection of truths, showing the way for solving the problems of power via democracy, wealth via socialism, and the social basis of the Third Universal Theory. As the farmer, I did not create the fruits, but picked them from the tree and placed them into a basket, The Green Book.

The above are an English language para-phrasing of some of the things he has said. During the current conflict he also gave clear advice:

* I will never give up on Libya, I will fight to the end, I will not run nor leave my home land.

* NATO will have to leave, they can never occupy Libya, they will never live in peace stealing our wealth.

* The (rebels) will not last one day without NATO, so they should make peace now while they have a chance.

* Do not trust the media, they will say I have said this or that, that I have died, or that I am here or there. They lie, and are easily manipulated, so do not trust them.

* No orders are needed, come out into the streets, clean the country from the rats until the green flag of freedom is flying everywhere again.

So, why does anyone need to hear from him yet again? What difference does it make if he is alive in freedom, or dies in freedom? Either way, is victory. Either way, is a motivation to those who love him. If he is alive, they are motivated, if he is martyred they are motivated.

Why are people avoiding getting on with the real work to hand, which is to, among other things:

* Study The Green Book and put it into practice, forming green charter committees everywhere and calling for people’s conferences.
* Organize and mobilize, hold rallies with green flags, videos, posters, t-shirts, or even travel to Africa to defend the Jamahiriya.
* Get out there and spread the truth, call others, wake them up, show them the evidence, recruit more members to the movement.
* Report your actions, submit rally, meeting, protest, or other reports and statements via pub.mathaba.net
* Network with others, using open source tools such as mathaba.info

The Green Charter Movement will soon be launching a wiki in addition on its web site, which will explain many of the concepts, definitions, and structures of the movement.

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Libya I have known – “que eu conheci in Libya” (Italian-Portuguese)


Posted by Marinella Correggia – por Bourdoukan Georges,
former journalist of O Globo, Brazil’s Sao Paulo

1) After Nelson Mandela was freed, immediately went to Libya to thank you on behalf of the South African people for their support against the regime of Gaddafi dell’aparheid. I was in Libya in September 1979 to mark the tenth anniversary of the revolution brought Gaddafi to power. He took me on that occasion the cameraman Luis Manse and operator Nagra Nelson Belo. We were there for the Globo Network, which was at the time, the director of St. Paul. First surprise. The hotel, where the government had sent us, was entirely occupied by diplomats. I asked the Ambassador of Brazil, the reason for this concentration.

The answer surprised me even more.

“In Libya, Gaddafi’s rents have been banned.”

The Libyans who had no home, was only a request and needed the government take immediate action to build a special home for the applicant.

The country was a huge building site.

And again: A law, THE LAW OF THE MATTRESS , provided that any Libyan national who knew of the existence of a rented house, throwing a mattress in the backyard of the house, he acquired the use.

Many embassies had “suffered” this legislation when they were occupied by Libyans.

The ambassador explained that the Brazilian embassy had not been immune to this law.

A driver who work in Libya told a friend who had not a house, the building was located where the Brazilian Embassy, was actually rented it belonged to an Italian who had returned to Italy after the rise to power Gaddafi.

Immediately his friend threw a mattress in the backyard by supporting the property.

The Libyan government had to intervene to prevent further problems. Brazil ended up keeping the embassy, and the Libyan national, however, got a new home.

All this happened in the ’70s, when Libya was a power rich, with only 3 million inhabitants, out of nearly 1.8 million square kilometers.

The Libyans, by law, were forbidden to work in the employ of foreigners.

However, those who were not willing to work received the equivalent value today of about per month.

Additionally, a doctor, hospital and medication, it was all free.

Nobody paid for the studies and anyone who wanted to improve their training outside the country resulted in substantially a scholarship.

I met many of the Libyans who used this possibility in France, Italy, Spain and Germany and other countries where I was as a journalist.



The beautiful Tripoli before the invasion of the United States and NATO

We are in Tripoli in September 1979.

That night I could hardly sleep.

In ‘hotel, in addition to diplomats and journalists are also delegations from African Portuguese-speaking countries. Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, etc..

They were the ones that did not allow me to sleep in that, knowing that I had a meeting with Gaddafi on the day after, I had asked for further explanation of the Libyan socialism.

They told me they had never seen anything like it. Not even in the books.

They were amazed by the law of the mattress (all homes), with medical care, medicines and education for free.

And because no one was forced to work (especially for foreign companies), Libya could continue to receive a guaranteed salary “fantastic” in the words of an Angolan.

I promised them to try and get an answer, since, in fact, I could talk to Qaddafi, but I also knew that he was unpredictable and often journalists were left to wait indefinitely.

First, I wanted to know why the doors of the apartments’ hotel did not have locks.

So everyone could enter the house because of all the apartments were constantly “visited”.

I asked the hotel manager the reason for the lack of locks.

He replied that there were no thieves in Libya as “during the Italian colonization and then the locks could be sacrificed.”

But a diplomat had told me that the lack of locks was to “allow” the government agents could come at any time of day and night to see if there were no women “invited” in the apartments.

“According to the diplomat, said that the Libyans until then, during the Italian colonization and the reign of King Idris, the hotels had been used only for the orgies.”

The next day I prepare for my meeting with Gaddafi.

Manse, with his camera and Belo, with his tape recorder, tape-recorder at my side waiting for the elevator.

With a sleepy face, had complained that their apartments had been “penetrated” three times until dawn, and was a good scare.

The car sent by the government was waiting at the entrance, but Manse had wanted to take another coffee.

I climbed into the car and waited.

Five minutes later Luis Manse, with his inseparable camera came alone.

I asked to imagine that Responsible Belo and he had already arrived.

I asked the man if he had seen our stock of our companion.

He immediately went to the concierge to ask.

A handsome young man replied that he had seen Belo accompanied by two uniformed

officers on the road to the square which was about fifty meters from the hotel.

I was worried, thinking the worst.

A reporter accompanied by the police in Brazil, has never been a good omen.


Gaddafi to the side of his eternal idol, the President of Egypt, Nasser


Belo and two policemen were standing next to a shiny new Mercedes Benz.

I asked what was going on.

An officer told me that my companion would not stop to indicate the car key in the ignition. And did not understand why, because he did not speak Arabic or Belo they knew the “Brazilian.”

So that was why they had left the hotel together.

Nothing to worry about.

Belo explained why and I translated it to the police to see the key in the dashboard, was worried that someone might steal the car.

The two officers began to laugh and said it was an abandoned car.

It was a custom in the country.

Who would not rather liked their cars’ s abandoned with the key inside. So that someone else could take it.

This was the era Libya.

No poverty, a lot of wealth and abundance for all.

This could also be observed in individuals.

The elders, who had lived under the rule of the colonialists and during the monarchy, they were sore, dry and lean bodies.

Children and young people looked healthy and happy.

Just to give you an idea of Libya at that time, under Gaddafi, everything cost more or less the equivalent of

There were giant supermarkets, but nothing was sold at retail.

Anyone wishing to rice, for example, paid for bags of 50 kilos.

Everything was on this basis.

We visited the industrial park of Tripoli, and asked to see a textile industry.

I asked how was the relationship with customers and a German coach who was there to build the frames, laughed.

“The Libyans are crazy,” he said. He added: “They do not sell anything to the meter, just sell the whole piece of cloth. Just enter the factory and ask. ”

I asked the price of the piece of cloth: a piece of 50 yards …

But if, for example, you wanted to buy a tie, the minimum price of a single tie was the equivalent of

A pipe,

That is, every product we remind the settlers and, therefore, suggest or represent unnecessary consumption, was heavily taxed.

Alcohol, even to think about. Immediate arrest.

And that’s what happened to two journalists from Argentina, whose “smarts” led them to a ship anchored at the port, to buy a case of whiskey.

One of the hotel staff smelled their breath and denounced them.

Sure, they were arrested because they were guests of the government.

But they could not interview anyone, much less the Gaddafi …

And we learned that just because the ambassador of Brazil, a very nice figure, one night we invited to the Embassy and there, gave us a whiskey I do not know how old (kept in a safe), who found Manse Belo and delicious.

Of course I drank a sip, even though I hate whiskey.

I remember the make, year.
I always remembered the taste of iodine.

Of course we would not have refused the care and advice of the ambassador.
Do not let his tongue because it was too obvious.
Before leaving, the ambassador gave us a gallon of milk for each individual, because the milk masked the breath of our breath .

On the door, I asked the ambassador if he could give us a testimony.

“Gaddafi is a genius,” he said.

Expression Surprised, I asked.

“Do you consider Mr. Gaddafi a genius?”

“Yes! A genius! ”



“So you think that Gaddafi is a genius?”

“Yes! – Said the Ambassador -. A genius! And tomorrow you will have a try. ”

I did not understand.

“Tomorrow there will be a parade to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Revolution. Attend and you look good if I’m wrong. ”

The next day dawned glorious. And I was worried.

If the country stops to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the revolution, Gaddafi would have found time for the interview?

People crowded the square and the streets where the parade would take place.

One thing caught my attention.

There were thousands of girls in military uniform ready for the parade.

Smiled a smile that only teenagers have.

Impressive their joy.

That was how Gaddafi had liberated women, who previously could not get out of the door and even remove those clothes that covered their body from top to bottom, I told the ambassador.

“It’s not a genius?”

These teenagers left the house very early in the morning with a military uniform and returned to their homes during the day. Only they were not sleeping in the barracks.

It does not have permission to remove their uniforms ever.

After his military service will never go back to dressing like before.

That is why the Libyan women dressed like Western women.

But sometimes even met women in traditional dress.

After the parade, a government official told me that there would no longer received Gaddafi in Tripoli, Benghazi, but the beautiful Mediterranean city.

And we tried to dawn along the 600 miles separating the two cities.

I learned that day that the electricity that lights up the country is free.

No one receives the bill for the bill, either home or your shop.

And those who have aptitude for business, the bank can get the resources of the state without paying a penny of interest.

The wide distribution of the wealth of the country to its population, in the name of Islam, had created a serious problem for other Muslim countries, particularly Saudi Arabia.

And since then, Gaddafi never kept account of the Saudi leaders whom he accused of having taken possession of a country that does not belong to them, of being “infidel who had defiled the true Islam.”

“They exchanged the Prophet with the oil.”

For the first time the Koran was used (by Gaddafi) against those who were said to be its defenders and interpreters.

The Saudis, backs to the wall, could only say it was a “communist.”

Gaddafi replied that he was merely following the Koran to the letter.

Several riots began to erupt in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.

United States and associated media began to roll up their sleeves ….

It was necessary to defend Saudi Arabia and the vassal Gaddafi transform into a pariah.

On the way back to the hotel, I came across South Africa who were revolutionaries in Libya to seek funds to fight apartheid.



We speak frankly.

I was trying to create a program that would hardly have been aired.

At that time the “Globo Reporter” recorded a wide audience, between 50 and 65 years, peaking at 72.
In addition, we lived under the yoke of dictatorship.

But since we were there, we had the opportunity to use and then see how it would go.

On the night in a hotel, someone opened the door and asked if I could speak a little. ‘

It ‘was the head of the delegation of Guinea-Bissau and was excited. “Never imagined to know a country like Libya.”

He asked me how was my meeting with Gaddafi.

I replied that the meeting would be the next day in Benghazi.

As we talked, an “official” government came into the room and greeted us with a smile.

A quick glance and a smile from a flight attendant, thanked us and walked away.

Just 10 minutes passed and the door opened again. A journalist in Rio de Janeiro, my neighbor came in the room in despair.

“A Coca-Cola for God’s sake! My kingdom for a Coca-Cola | I’m going down at the bottom, to the lobby, someone has to tell me where I can buy in this country of sleeves to the wind, a Coke! ”

Do not even wait for the elevator. He rushed down the stairs run.

“It ‘a little crazy your neighbor” told me that of Guinea-Bissau. And Shakespeare has also offended.

Then he revealed that he had met many revolutionaries from different countries who were in Libya in search of resources.

Even South Africans.

“They handed a letter from Nelson Mandela to Gaddafi asking him not to forget their African brothers,” he said happily, which meant that they were satisfied.

Once again, ‘”official”, with a smile by smiling flight attendant enters. This time to invite us to come down in the lounge to watch a film on the “horrors” of the colonial era.

In fact it was not a movie, but a documentary of 15 minutes and if the idea was that the public is outraged, the effect was the opposite.

The documentary showed the nights of Tripoli. Half-naked girls, walking the streets looking for customers, brothels, cabarets, alcohol, and so on.

Worse, at the end of the projection, the applause from the audience, mostly journalists, demanding the return of colonization …

“That means that it was a beautiful time,” said the journalist from Rio, and Minas Gerais-mate said: “This dad even Coca-Cola”

At four o’clock in the morning we woke up. From Tripoli at the airport in Benghazi, where finally we went to interview Gaddafi.


“Survive to My Executioner” – Omar Moukhtar the national hero of Libya, arrested and beaten by Italian colonialists


When we landed in Benghazi, Benghazi, the beautiful, beautiful palm-fringed beaches were.

We were there as coqueiros, on the beaches of the north-eastern Brazil.
Catching and eating sweet dates.

A Swiss journalist who had arrived in Benghazi a week ago, told me that I should not miss a wedding. Any one, he said.

He had been really impressed with the festivities, but what impressed him most was that he had left the couple after the ceremony, they received an envelope with the government the equivalent of as a gift for the future family.

Well, it was Libya that few people knew and that the Western media did everything possible not to know.

And why could not have done, how to explain to their readers that a young Colonel had risen to power and that he had used the wealth for their own benefit?

On the contrary.

Who had shared the wealth with the people of the country.

Did not want to see anyone homeless or hungry, ignorant, and without many other things.

I, of course, I had my interview questions to focus precisely on these points.

But before the interview, we participated in three festivals with musicians from different countries.

And there were sweet.

And there were juices.

And not a “uisquinho,” complained a few journalists who sincerely believe that they were there without knowing why and for what.

The festivities took place in Bedouin tents, which Gaddafi has always appreciated.

Finally face to face with Gaddafi.

In his tent.

He looked tired.


Purging Psyops: USA murdered Gaddafi and the Legacy of Libya’s Great Leader


SPECIAL REPORT SERIES by Lady Michelle Jennifer Santos – TSR Founder & Publisher and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations

Oct. 20, 2011 (TSR) – The Great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya founding father, Col. Muammar Gaddafi and his son, Mutassim is indeed dead and was confirmed per phone by Aisha Gaddafi, Saif Al-Gaddafi and their attorney Giovanni Di Stefano.

As usual, the mainstream media are only publishing a fraction of TRUTH. Not everyone in Libya is rejoicing. Millions are angry, even within the NTC group.

Gaddafi said Sept 9 to us, “he will NEVER surrender and will NEVER go alive to any court.” Believe me, we have been trying to get him into safety since February. But he loved Libya so much and his people. He also know, and we know, he is innocent of all the accusations that Sarcozy, Cameron and Obama were drumming up in cahoots. There was no revolution. Russian intelligence satellite photos can confirm that. I confirm it. I can assure the world at large that this is not deterring us from releasing the TRUTH. The real war criminals must be held accountable. If China, Russia and other nations will continue to be on the sideline, it will be detrimental for our world.

Here are the real FACTS: The U.S. Government ordered the Libyan rebels to execute him. The murder of Colonel Gaddafi was in fact sanctioned by the US Secretary of State who was in Libya only yesterday.

Hillary Clinton was smuggled into Tripoli and did not land in the airport because there is no plane that could land there safely. Where they took her for photo op is definitely not Tripoli.

We can confirm that Colonel Gaddafi was in fact alive after he was captured and that he did not as reported ‘beg for his life.’ We are still awaiting an unconfirmed report that the location of Colonel Gaddafi was in fact relayed to the so-called rebels by UK support troops under the NATO umbrella.

Saif was with Col. Gaddafi and Mutassim when NATO jets bombed them. Mutassim died immediately with the others. Safi is badly injured and is taken to a Libyan military hospital detention. If they don’t kill him he will make it.

He will be transferred to the Hague Detention Center in Holland due to the falsified-based claims of US-bribed I.C.Ccharges conjured up by the USA-NATO with their mainstream media puppets.




Amnesty Briefing exposes Libya’s National Transitional Council’s true colors: Racist Lawless War Criminals


President Nicolas “Bling” Sarcozy: A CIA implant Nazi supporting Warmonger

THE BIG PICTURE: Assault on Libya is an Assault on Entire Africa


09 OCT. 2011


Moatassem Gaddafi encourages the Green Army good morale & high spirits  

[ October 2011.] 


In his letter to “Seven Days News” Mu’tasim Billah Gaddafi said that theTransitional Council is well aware that it can not survive in Libya for one week after the withdrawal of NATO, on the other hand, the resistance is fighting battles comfortably and that is the great difference between Jamahyria soldiers and Transitional insurgents.

This is reflected in the battles of Sirte and Bani Walid where the mujahideen snipers entertain themselves by playing a competitive game of hunting for insurgents,who do not understand the principles of fighting, standing naively in the range of sniper fire, they are deluded to the point that we sometimes mourn to who they are, whereas those who sent them to die are languishing in hotels of the world drinking wine and making the deals.

Mu’tasim Billah also said: There is no future for the Council, they can not protect themself, they can only plead to NATO to stay in our own country to protect them, while pushing Libyan people to pay the bill for NATO’s stay.

Mutasim said: We say to all of those colonizers who think that they will live in security and will enjoy in Libya as they please, we say to them,resistance will remain, and will spoil you this joy and security!

They will never be safe, nowhere, not on ground or in the air nor in the sea! Those who think that the resistance will stop, days before the liberation of Libya, are deluded, resistance will continue and personnel of State officials are reported everywhere.

Everyone has to understand that there will be no stability in Libya, no stability in Libya, no stability in Libya, we will never allow a successful regime under U.S. occupation!
The next phase is striking of foreign oil interests in the whole of Libya. Who can protect the pipe network and oil installations which are extended or located in the desert, no one can claim that they could be protected! Command has issued orders to target all oil installations or tankers both on land or at sea!

As for the flights, our inteligence says that the Transitional Council will seek the use of civil aviation for special purposes in order to avoid detection in some sort of hiding behind civilian flights, so they can transferforeign military experts,weapons and equipment on flights with passengers. That’s why we strongly recommend to Libyans who do not want to endanger their own lives by protecting the interests of the Council, not to fly on flights between Libya and the countries which are among suspicious risk, including the UAE, Qatar, France, Italy, Malta and Turkey. Forewarned is forearmed.

© copyright All4Peace 

The Libya I Once Knew

Posted: 2011/11/04
From: Mathaba    http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629236?rss
Nelson Mandela and Muammar Gaddafi.

The Libya I Once Knew

By Georges Bourdokan

I was in Libya in September 1979 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Revolution that brought Gaddafi to power. I was accompanied by camera-man Luis Manse and operator Nagra Nelson Belo (where would they be nowadays?). We were there to make the Special TV program for Globo, of which I was the director in Sao Paulo.

First surprise. The hotel where the government told us to stay was fully occupied by diplomats. I asked the ambassador of Brazil the reason for this concentration. The answer surprised me even more. In Gaddafi’s Libya, rents were forbidden. Those Libyans who did not have a home, all they needed was to make a request to the government and it immediately arranged to start building one. The country was a huge construction site, by the way.

And more: A law in act, the Law of the Mattress. It determined that any Libyan citizen who knew of the existence of a rented house only had to throw a mattress in the backyard of the house to make it his own.

Many embassies were affected by this law, they happened to become owned by Libyans. The very ambassador told me then that even the Brazilian embassy was not immune to this law. A Libyan driver working there told a friend who did not have a home that the embassy of Brazil was rented. Immediately his friend threw a mattress and claimed the property (a mansion that belonged to an Italian who returned to Italy after the rise to power of Gaddafi). The Libyan government needed to intervene to avoid further troubles.  Brazil ended up winning the Libyan Embassy and a new house.

This all happened in the 70’s, when Libya was very rich and wealthy, with only 3 million inhabitants and nearly 1.8 million kilometers square of land.

Libyans, by law, were forbidden to work as employees for foreigners. The Libyan not willing to work would receive the equivalent salary valued today of per month. Plus, doctors, hospitals and medicines were all for free. Nobody paid for education in a Libyan school and whoever wanted to continue their education outside the country would receive a substantially good scholarship. I met many of those Libyans in France, Italy, Spain and Germany among other countries where I was as a journalist.

Tripoli, 1979. Tonight I almost could not sleep. In our hotel, besides diplomats and journalists were also delegations from African countries of Portuguese language such as Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, etc.

They would not let me sleep since – knowing that I would have a meeting with Gaddafi next day – they wanted me to ask him further explanations of the Libyan socialism. They said they had never seen anything like it. Not even in books. They were astonished by the Law of the mattress and the medical assistance, medicine and education which were all free. And because no one was forced to work in Libya and still got a “fantastic” salary, as the Angolans said.

I promised them an answer if I could in fact get to talk to Gaddafi, knowing that he was unpredictable and often left reporters waiting ad infinitum.

First, I need to clarify why the doors of the hotel rooms did not have locks. So everyone could enter any room, and thus the reason why our apartments were always “visited”. I asked the hotel manager the reason for the lack of locks. He told us that there were no more thieves in Libya as there were in the “era of Italian colonization and thus, the locks were unnecessary.” But one diplomat explained to me that the lack of locks was for the government officers who could come at any time of day or night to see if there were any women “invited” to the apartments. “The diplomat further explained that during the Italian colonization and the reign of Idris, the hotels served only for orgies.”

The next day I prepared for the meeting with Gaddafi. Manse, with his camera and Belo with his Nagra tape recorder next to me were waiting for the elevator. With sleepy faces, they complained that their apartments were “invaded” three times at night and each time they got scared.

The government car was awaiting us downstairs, but Manse wanted to have another coffee. I entered the car and waited. Five minutes later Manse arrived with his inseparable camera. I asked him about Belo, but he thought Belo was with me. Immediately I asked the hotel staff if they had seen Belo. A very friendly boy said he saw Belo walking out with two police officers towards the square nearby the hotel. I was really worried and imagined the worst. At least in Brazil, a journalist walking accompanied by police was not a good sign.

Belo and the two policemen were standing next to a really nice brand new Mercedes Benz. I asked Belo what was going on. One of the policemen told me that Belo kept pointing to the key inside the car and they did not know what he meant, since Belo did not speak Arabic. That’s the reason they left the hotel together, nothing to worry, a relief.

Belo then explained to me. I translated to the policeman that once he saw the key inside the car, he worried that someone would steal the Mercedes Benz car. The two policeman started to laugh and said it was just an abandoned car.

It was a habit in the country that if someone did not like the car anymore, he only had to abandon the car with the key inside. This was the era of Libya. A lot of wealth, no poverty; wealth for everyone. This could be seen in the people. The elder ones, who had lived during the colonization, before Gaddafi and the monarchy and had no wealth, did not look healthy and were usually very thin. The teenagers and youth looked very healthy and happy.

Just to have an idea about Gaddafi’s Libya, everything sold was about the same price, . There were gigantic supermarkets, but nothing was sold at retail. Anyone wishing to buy rice, for example, would pay for the 50 kilo bag. Everything was sold on that basis.

We visited the industrial park of Tripoli, and I asked to see a weaving factory. I asked how was the relationship with customers and a German coach, who was there to set up the machinery, began to laugh. “The Libyans are crazy,” he told me. Then he added: “they do not sell anything here by the meter, just the whole piece. Anyone coming to the factory to buy, it would be for the 50 meters “piece”.

But if you wanted to buy a tie for example, at minimum the price would be the equivalent of A pipe, That is, every product that reminded of the settlers and, accordingly, represented or suggested a superfluous consumption, was highly taxed.

Alcohol, don’t even think about it. It meant immediate arrest. As a matter of fact, it actually happened to two Argentine journalists. They went to the port and there bought a bottle of whiskey from a freighter. One of the hotel staff smelt the alcohol breath and denounced them. They were not arrested because they were guests of the government. But they could no longer interview anyone, and of course not Gaddafi himself…

And we knew this because the ambassador of Brazil, a very friendly figure, one night invited us to the Embassy and there, he invited us to try his very old whiskey (guarded in a safe), which Manse and Belo found delicious. Of course I also had a sip, though I hate whiskey, whether it’s a good brand or a really old one, does not matter. It always reminded me of the taste of iodine. Of course I could not afford to deny the Ambassador invitation to try his whiskey.

Before we left, the ambassador gave us a gallon of milk for each one, because he believed that the milk would disguise our alcohol breath. At the door, I asked the ambassador if he could give us a testimonial about Gaddafi. “Gaddafi is a genius,” he said. Surprised, I asked him, “Do you really consider Gaddafi a Genius?” “Yes! A Genius!” he said.

“So, why do think Gaddafi is a Genius?” “Tomorrow you will have a proof of it,” said the Ambassador. I did not understand what he meant. “Tomorrow there will be a parade to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Revolution. Watch and see if I’m wrong.” The next day was a glorious shining day. And I was worried because if the country stops to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Revolution, would Gaddafi find time for my interview?

The streets where the parades would be held were crowded with people. One thing caught my attention. There were thousands of teenage girls in military uniforms ready for the parade, smiling a smile that only teenagers have. It was impressive to see that joy.

And that is how Gaddafi liberated the women, who previously could not go out through the house door and were not able to take off any of the clothing that covered their body up and down, the ambassador told me. Isn’t he a genius then? These teenagers leave home very early using the military uniform and return to their homes later in the day. They just do not sleep in the military compounds. And they do not have permission to remove the uniform. After they leave the military service they will never have to dress like they used to before joining the military. So that’s why Libyan women somehow dress as they please. But occasionally we would come across women in traditional clothing.

After the parade, a government official told me that Gaddafi is no longer in Tripoli, but in Benghazi, the beautiful Mediterranean city. And at dawn we would make the journey of 600 kilometers that separates the two cities.

That day I learned that the electricity that powered the country was free. Nobody receives an electricity bill, whether at home or at a business. And whoever have desires to make a business can get all the resources from the state bank and not pay a penny of interest. The division of wealth in the country with its population in the name of Islam has created a serious problem for other Muslim countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

And since then, Gaddafi never spared the Saudi leaders that he accused of taking possession of a country that never belonged to them and of being “infidels who defiled the true Islam.”

“They exchanged the Prophet for oil.” For the first time the Koran was used against those said to be its advocates. The Saudis, cornered, could only say he was “communist.” Gaddafi replied that he was merely following the Koran to the letter.

Several riots began to erupt in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Gulf. United States and associated media began to roll up their sleeves. It was necessary to defend Saudi Arabia and take Gaddafi down.

On the way back to the hotel, I stumbled upon a revolutionary South African. They were in Libya seeking funds to fight against Apartheid.

Let’s talk frankly.
I was trying hard to make a program that would be unlikely to be displayed on TV. At that time the “Globo Reporter” program had a large audience, between 50 and 65, peaking at 72 points. Besides, we lived under the heel of dictatorship in Brazil. But since we were there, let’s just get down to business and see how it goes.

At night in the hotel, someone opened the door and asked me if I could talk for a moment. He was the head of the delegation of Guinea-Bissau and was quite excited. He had never imagined knowing and being in a country like Libya. He asked me how was my meeting with Gaddafi. I replied that the meeting would be the next day in Benghazi.

As we talked, a government officer enters the room and greets us with a smile. She takes a quick look and gives us the smile of a flight attendant, she thanks us and just leaves. Hardly 10 minutes passed and the door opens again, my Brazilian journalist neighbor enters the room desperately saying:

“I need a Coca Cola for God’s sake. I’m going down to the lobby, someone needs to tell me where I can buy a Coke in this nuts country.”

So I left and took the stairs even.

“Crazy that neighbor of yours, huh?” said the Bissau-Guinean.

He then reveals to me that he had met many revolutionaries from different countries who were in Libya in search of resources. Even South Africans. They handed a letter from Nelson Mandela to Gaddafi asking him not to forget their African brothers, he said happily, implying that they were satisfied.

Again the Government “Officer” with the flight-attendant smile enters our room. This time to invite us to watch in the hotel lounge a movie about the “horrors” of the colonial legacy. In fact it was not a movie but a documentary of 15 minutes and if the idea was that the audience would be angry, the effect was actually the opposite.

The documentary showed the former nights of Tripoli. Half naked girls walking the streets looking for customers, ‘private clubs’, cabarets, liquor, many drinks, and so on. Worse, after the movie display, applause came from the audience, mostly journalists, asking for the return of the settlers… Now, that was good times, said the journalist from Rio.

At four in the morning we woke up. From Tripoli airport we headed for Benghazi, where we would finally get to interview Gaddafi.

When we landed in Benghazi, Benghazi looked beautiful, palm trees adorned its beaches, standing there like the coconut trees on the beaches of northeast Brazil.

A Swiss journalist who arrived in Benghazi a week before told me that I should not miss any wedding ceremony. “I was really impressed with the party, but what more impressed me was that after the ceremony the bride and groom would receive an envelope from the government with the equivalent of as a gift”, he said.

Well, that was the real Libya a few people knew about. The Western media did not want to show it. And could not; how would they explain to the readers that a young colonel who ascended to power did not use the wealth for his own benefits? On the contrary, he had shared the wealth with the country’s population and did not want to see anyone homeless, hungry or uneducated among many other things.

I, of course, would undoubtedly guide my interview based on these points. But before the interview, we went to three Arab parties with musicians from different countries. And there were so many sweets, and so much food and juice. But not even a drop of “whiskey,” lamented some journalists who, I sincerely think, were in this country without knowing why and for what. The parties ran in Bedouin tents, something that Gaddafi always enjoyed.

Finally face to face with Gaddafi. In his tent, he looked tired.

These are some of topics we discussed:

1 – Libyan Socialism
2 – Education
3 – Land Reform
4 – Housing
5 – Alignment
6 – Arabism
7 – Chinese, Soviet and Cuban Socialism
8 – Support for Revolutionary Movements
9 – Che Guevara
10 – United States
11 – Brazil
12 – Women’s Liberation
13 – Reincarnation of Omar Moukhtar

The interview, which was said would be 40 minutes, lasted over two hours and I believe we would have spent all night talking if he hadn’t been interrupted with a request every few minutes.

Of course “Globo” thought it best not to put it live on air because it could offend the dictatorship. We had a proposal to make it a 15-minute program which would be aired on the “Fantastic” Sunday program. We re-edited for the 15-minute version, but the program ended up being banned by the official censorship staff from the dictatorship.

All because of the dictatorship. Right?

Oh dear! O Earth! When will we get rid of this rotten system?

What was Gaddafi’s biggest mistake?

I don’t have the slightest idea.

Was it to believe in the Europeans/Americans and give up on the  atomic bomb? Pacifists please forgive me on this. This is not about encouraging the production of nuclear warheads, but of plain persuasion.

Brazil better get your heads up and start making your own. Otherwise, the Brazilian media itself, associated with the Empire, will do anything for the country to be invaded and occupied.

Gaddafi did not get rich as the Gulf oil producers did. Instead he divided the wealth of the country among the population.

He supported all leftist revolutionary movements in the world. Including the Brazilian. At no time did he forget the black population of Africa. In South Africa, in gratitude, a grandson of Nelson Mandela is named Gaddafi.

When Nelson Mandela became the first president of South Africa in 1994, the then U.S. President Bill Clinton did everything to stop Mandela with the almost daily thanks to Gaddafi for his support for the struggle of African revolutionaries.

“Those who are irritated by our friendship with President Gaddafi can jump into the lake,” said Mandela in response to Clinton.

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda said that “Gaddafi, whatever his faults, is a true nationalist. I prefer nationalists to the puppets of foreign interests.”

And he said, “Gaddafi made important contributions to Libya, for Africa and the Third World. We must remember that, as part of this independent way of thinking, he expelled British and U.S. military bases in Libya after taking power.”

Moreover, the Libyan leader also played a role in the formation of the African Union (AU). The main coordinator of the war against Libya, Hillary Clinton went to Africa openly preaching the murder of Muammar Gaddafi. Unsuccessful, she began recruiting mercenaries. By they way, these mercenaries, including Colombia’s death squads, were the ones fighting in Libya as rebels. And they were not decimated thanks to the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) and the USA which protected them by air power. If you want, research about when Gaddafi nationalized the oil companies and banks. The Western media referred to him as ‘the Arabic Che Guevara’.

Before being raped by the mercenaries under the command of NATO and U.S. terrorist, Libya had the highest rate of human development in Africa, and even higher than Brazil.

What few people know: in 2007 he inaugurated the largest irrigation system in the world. He transformed the desert (95% of Libya) into food-producing farms. As soon as he took power in Libya, any Libyan who wanted to produce food received land, equipment, seeds and a bonus to survive until harvest. Agrarian Reform was completed and unrestricted.

He also pushed for the creation of the United States of Africa (USA) to rival the U.S.A and EU. He fought for an Africa united: “We want African troops to defend Africa. We want a single currency. We want one African passport.” Unfortunately forgot the Atomic Bomb. And paid for it. Those nations intending to empower themselves too had better think about it.

Below in the video you can hear the presidents Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa and Fernando Lugo singing … “Hasta Siempre”, in honor of Che Guevara. They’d better watch their back.

Translated by Frederico


74 Articles

Sunday, November 6, 2011
Libya’s Liberation Front Organizing In The Sahel
Some International Criminal Court observers are encouraged by the ICC Prosecutor’s office pledge this week and as reported by the BCC: “to investigate and prosecute any crimes committed both by rebel and pro-Gadhafi forces including any committed by NATO.”

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Confusing Syria With Libya? Fact-Checking Amnesty International’s “hospitals Investigation”
In it’s just released report: |”Health Crisis: The Syrian Government Targets the Wounded and Health Workers,” Amnesty International falls far below an objective standard and fails to shoulder its burden of proof for the charges it levels at Syria’s medical community.

Thursday, October 27, 2011
Libya Dispatch Revulsion, Resistance & Angry Words From Tripoli University
(3 comments) Suha complained about “the views of NTC leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil toward women and that with the already announced repeal of the marriage law, Libyan women have lost the right to keep the family home if they divorce. It is a disaster for Libyan women. Under Gadhafi leadership women in Libya had more rights than in any other country in the Middle East.”

Saturday, October 22, 2011
Targeted For Assassination By NATO?
(1 comments) Information arriving from family and friends of our client Seif al Islam leaves no doubt that NATO has ordered his killing. His planned and we believeassassination is meant to spare NATO the international accountably that awaits them as the World learns from eyewitness accounts and reliable, evidence compiled over the past six months, exactly what NATO has wrought on Libya over the past nearly nine months.

Monday, October 17, 2011
Lebanon’s Palestinians require UN action to obtain civil rights
(1 comments) But to hear the refugee’s new friends report on the current prospects for Palestinians internationally, conditions are coming up roses for the camp inhabitants in Lebanon as well. Bit the facts are quite the opposite for refugee prospects here in Lebanon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
(2 comments) Press TV: As violent as that video we just aired was, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise because, well, this type of behavior by Israeli forces is pretty much done on a weekly basis in the occupied territories. But you tell us what you think based on the video that has been released by human rights activists.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Panetta to Netanyahu: “Israel may not survive the current Arab/Islamic awakening”
(7 comments) The CIA Report noted that Israeli officials felt emboldened in taking Palestinian land by the myriad support Israel was receiving from the leadership of Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and three other Arab leaders.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Ahmedinejad and Obama at the UN: Of statesmanship and political pandering”.
(4 comments) The two appearances could be handicapped along the lines that Obama’s tough job was to try to shore up Israel whose days as a dominate force in the Levant rapidly grow fewer as history corrects the nearly incalculable injustice that resulted from the West’s implantation of the racist state and as history inexorably deconstructs the world’s last 19th Century colonial enterprise.

Sunday, September 18, 2011
29 Years After the Massacre at Sabra Shatila
As a young Palestinian lady in Sabha told this observer, and sounding very much like Miss Hiba Hajj in Lebanon’s Ein el Helwe camp: “Every Palestinian must visit this site you told us about of this mass murder of our brothers and sisters. I will do it soon. I promise you. It is not an option, it is an obligation.”

Saturday, September 10, 2011
Are Libya’s Palestinians ready for the post-Gaddafi era?
(1 comments) Whatever one thinks of the “brother leader” these days, the social status and economic conditions of Palestinian refugees in Libya, as in the other Arab countries has been determined by each country’s leadership and by the degree to which the leaders plays the Palestinian card domestically and internationally for their own benefit.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Sanctioning messenger Dr. Bouthainia Shaaban assaults American values
According to State Department spokesman, Victoria Nuland, who two US Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffers speculate may view Dr. Shaaban as a rival of sorts given their job descriptions, and Dr. Shaaban’s stellar performances during meetings with US officials both in the US and Syria, the explanation for blacklisting a media advisor remains: “She (Dr. Shaaban) has served as the public mouthpiece for the repression of

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Ma’a as-salaamah Mohammad”.. May Allah protect you!
(1 comments) Most of the churches here currently have volunteers working to help their Muslim sisters and brothers during this cataclysmic period. My friend Mohammad is one whose life they may have saved. Bands of young rebel “freedom fighters” are still roaming some of Tripoli’s streets, itching it seems, to kill some “African mercenaries”, meaning, it appears, any black man they can find .

Monday, August 29, 2011
The Hunt for Gaddafi
Rumors and repeated rumors ricochet like shell casings off concrete walls this morning and depending on what one is inclined to believe, Libya’s former leader Colonel Gaddafi is safely in Algeria, his hometown of Sirte, Libya’s vast southern desert, in one of the labyrinthine tunnels very deep below his Bab al Azzia (splendid gate) barracks or in a south Tripoli flat with his sons.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Tripoli Port Notes
(2 comments) During the early afternoon of 8/23/11, power and Internet were cut from our hotel and again the sealed windowed rooms heated up fast and had to be essentially vacated unless one stayed in the bathtub filled with tepid tap water. We currently have no local or international phone service or information from outside Libya or any knowledge of what is being reported internationally about Libya.

Monday, August 22, 2011
The Battle for Tripoli may not be over
(1 comments) The claim of the NTC representative this morning that the rebels control 95% of Tripoli seems farfetched. This is a very spread out city and its clear rebel forces are not deployed everywhere.

Thursday, August 18, 2011
At nearby Green Square, crowds began to gather by 2 p.m. and rally against “NATO rebels” and I was told thousands of Libyan citizens were ready to move to the edges of town, man check points, and support army units and repulse any advances from Al Zawieh to the West, Gheryan and several villages from the South or Brega and closer villages from the East.

Monday, August 15, 2011
NATO’S Massacre at Majer, Libya
(5 comments) Family members, eyewitnesses and Libyan government officials claim that NATO’s air-strikes at Majer killed 85 people, including 33 children, 32 women and 20 men. Reporters and visitors were shown 30 of the bodies in a local morgue, including a mother and two children. Officials and residents explained that approximately 50 bodies were taken to other locations for family burial and most of the injured rushed to hospitals.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Where have Libya’s children gone? Long time missing”
(1 comments) NATO’s arguable act of piracy earlier this week in commandeering the fuel tanker ship Cartagena off the coast of Malta that was bringing gasoline to Tripoli and sending it instead to Rebel militia based close to Benghazi is yet again explained from NATO HQ as necessary for “protecting the civilian population of Libya.”

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
End Game for Benghazi Rebels as Libyan Tribes Prepare to Weigh In?
A former senior member of Britain’s Liberal Democratic Party, Sir Menzies Campbell has just urged the UK government to rethink its involvement in the war on Libya. Campbell said Britain must undertake a “wholesale re-examination and review” of its involvement in the NATO conflict in Libya after the murder of the opposition figure and Britain “must think about the end-game of the conflict in Libya.

Monday, July 25, 2011
Seeking context and understanding from Libya’s youth
(1 comments) Our “Libyan Forum 101” as we agreed to title it, asked the Libyan students to formulate and table for discussion key questions that they believe must be answered in order to understand and resolve what it called here, “Our crisis.”

Friday, July 22, 2011
Feltman brandishes the Dahiyeh Doctrine but seeks a fig leaf
Libyan civilians have learned a thing or two from three decades of Lebanon’s experience with Israel’s five wars against that Levant country. Indeed NATO is using the same bombing, media, political and diplomatic strategy in Libya that Israel employed most recently in Lebanon during its 33 day July 2006 war.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Libya’s Palestinian Refugees and the current crisis
Five months ago, when the events of February 17, 2011 erupted in Benghazi near the eastern shore of the Gulf of Sidra, this country’s nearly 75,000 Palestinian refugees who are dispersed all over the country, were as shocked as most Libyans and foreigners here. Virtually every Palestinian interviewed for this report mentioned that they saw no advance signs that the normal domestic tranquility would be suddenly shattered.

Thursday, July 14, 2011
France Says NATO Bombing Has Failed
Since the beginning of the NATO operation (3/31/11) the alliance has conducted nearly 15,000 sorties, including close to 6000 bombing missions according to NATO’s media office in Naples, Italy ( oup.media@gmail.com ). The most recent attacks reported on 7/9/11 included 112 sorties and 48 bomb/missile attacks, and that is about average.

Saturday, July 9, 2011
NATO’s War Against Libya’s Civilians
Briefly noted below are five recent instances of undisputed NATO bombings on Libyan civilians selected because they still among the most frequently discussed by residents of Tripoli.

Monday, July 4, 2011
Libya’s Neighbors Prepare for NATO’s Boots Countdown to Invasion
(3 comments) In summary, the MOH compilation documents that during the first 100 days of NATO targeting of civilians, 6121 were killed or injured. The statistical breakdown is as follows: 3093 Men were injured and 668 were killed. Women killed number 260 and 1318 injured. Children killed number 141 and 641 injured.

LIBYA: Now children carry flyers, not UXO [unexploded ordinance]

 Libya S.O.S. of Lizzie Phelan
It took time for Mahmood to recover
A story of sadness and caution.
The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) is now busy in Libya distributing leaflets and giving classes on the dangers of unexploded ordinance.
In Zintan they found youngsters carrying mortars and throwing ammunition… into a fire to watch it explode.
Mahmoud Ahmed, just 9 years old, found an interesting case and wanted to see what was inside. When he hit it with a stone the anti-aircraft machine gun bullet exploded and took off his left hand.
Although he has recovered physically, it will take a lot longer for him to recover emotionaly and pshychologicaly.
The contamination poses a high threat to the population. The accidents have just started and, if they are not prevented, there will be more to come, caused by silent war of the mines and UXO.
Flashback – April 2011.
Rebels were seen laying land mines in the vicinity of Libyan towns:
    „Rebels were also seen laying anti-tank mines at the eastern gate of the city, highlighting their fears that Gaddafi’s forces could retake the town.“ The Guardian
And there are photos of rebels laying landmines in Libya, too, eg. here
Libyan “rebels” rebels laying landmines
Libyan “rebels” rebels laying landmines
and here
p.s. In the pictures it looks as if each one of the disorganized rebels, who feels like, gets a mine to bury it somewhere next to the streets or in open areas.

Sunday, July 3, 2011
“Victory by Ramadan” Scenes From Tripoli
(1 comments) Since the beginning of NATO operations a total of 12,887 sorties, including 4,850 strike sorties have been conducted. On Monday June 27, 2011 there were 142 sorties and 46 strike sorties. A total of 17 NATO ships are patrolling the central Mediterranean sea off Libya. To date 1,546 ships have been intercepted and 127 boardings made.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
“After you Brother!” Gadaffi stays and Obama leaves?
(1 comments) Gaddafi has survived assaults of various types from US Presidents’ Ford, Carter, Reagan, George Bush 1, Clinton, George Bush 2, and Obama. Vegas book makers are giving odds he’ll be the leader of Libya’s Fatah Revolution after the voters retire Obama, whose broken promises included telling them that the US would be involved in Libya for days, not more.

Monday, June 20, 2011
Lebanon’s Sarah Palin Meets Captain America
The new team is said by one King staffer to share a vision of “defeating Radical Islam in America and defeating it before it’s too late.” And they intend to show their fellow Americans just how to do it. This past week in Washington, King held the second of what it planned as a series of “Congressional Hearings” designed to warn Americans about various threats from Muslims in their midst.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Israelis prepare to emigrate and Palestinians to Return!
Several studies in Israel and one conducted by AIPAC and another by the Jewish National Fund in Germany show that perhaps as many as half of the Jews living in Israel will consider leaving Palestine in the next few years if current political and social trends continue.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Israelis Rush for Second Passports
(1 comments) “Perhaps as many as half of the Jews living in Israel will consider leaving Palestine in the next few years if political and social trends continue.”

Saturday, May 28, 2011
Is the Arab Spring spreading to US Congressional staffs?
(3 comments) With 41 applause interruptions and 29 standing ovations, even with some appearing half-hearted and somewhat forced, Congress sent a message that the Legislative branch, increasingly under the control of a foreign power, and not the Executive branch, will continue to determine American policy toward Israel and the Middle East.

Monday, May 16, 2011
Majesty and massacre at Maroun al Ras
(1 comments) On Nakba (“Catastrophe”) Day, Sunday May 15, 2011, Maroun al Ras welcomed approximately 27% of all the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, this time coming from the opposite direction heading back toward their homes in Palestine. Palestinians in Lebanon now number approximately 248,000, approximately half of whom live in 12 squalid camps and as many “gatherings”, although 423,000 remain registered with UNWRA.

Saturday, May 14, 2011
The tide has turned in favor of the Assad government
(3 comments) One expected to see fear, tension, and people hiding in homes, ubiquitous police and partially hidden and disguised security personnel in the shadows, watching from behind tinted glassed cars, curtained windows and from roof tops. I expected to see military vehicles, empty streets after dusk, reticence to discuss politics, tense faces on the streets.

Sunday, May 1, 2011
Panic from the Houses of Congress and Aipac?
(4 comments) What AIPAC operatives reportedly told the conferees was that Netanyahu is once again furious with President Obama and outraged.

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Israel will not collapse peacefully but it will dissolve:
The 19th Century Zionist colonial enterprise was grafted onto Palestine under a series of truly bizarre coincidences that could never be sustained

Friday, April 15, 2011
Why the “Obama Doctrine” won’t help the Shia majority in Bahrain
In response to a student’s question, Khalidi disputed that there was any “Obama Doctrine” worthy of that label and he predicted the White House would be much more tolerant of human rights abuses in Bahrain than say, in Libya and some other countries whose despotism indexes are no worse than the 200 year ossified Al Khalifa dynasty’s war against its majority Shia population.

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Interview with Franklin Lamb in Beirut on the latest Wilkileaks from US Embassy Beirut and the Special Tribunal for Leba
Lebanon, for well-known geostrategic reasons is fixed in the cross-hairs of the conflict of the Middle East. Some analysts believe that there is more foreign intervention in Lebanon than is any Middle East country except Iraq. As tensions rise between Iran and America for influence in Lebanon, the issue of loyalty to Lebanon or Israel has entered the public discourse with new intensity.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Does America have a Muslim Problem?
(1 comments) Whatever becomes of the truly pathetic “Pastor” Terry Jones and his plans to appear later this month at the largest Mosque in Michigan to condemn Islam and to generate some media attention while provoking all decent Americans and people of good will everywhere with his hate speech will not be of much lasting import to Muslim and American

Monday, April 4, 2011
They came, they saw and now it’s time to act
The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), in partnership with the Council for European Palestinian Relations (CEPR) sponsored a delegation of British and EU MEPs to the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon several weeks ago and the 10 member delegation has just released their findings.

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Time for Nasrallah and Obama to talk?
The “good wing-bad wing” pretense is favored by some in the US Intelligence Community as it allows political cover for desired engagement much as was the case for other “terrorist’ groups such as the PLO, the ANC and the IRA. For that reason John Brennan, the White House counterterrorism adviser recently discussed the new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE).

Saturday, March 12, 2011
(2 comments) King comes across as a prejudiced lawmaker determined to demonize American Muslims as violent radicals. At a time when the U.S. needs the goodwill of domestic Muslim communities to safeguard homeland security, King is reinforcing fear and lack of trust and while potentially weakening mutual respect among Americans.

Monday, March 7, 2011
Has the Lebanon Tribunal drama become farce?
It appears that any pretense of progress via dialogue over the past few years is now discarded and it’s once again an all-out struggle between the U.S. backed March 14th minority and the new majority, March 8th alliance.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
In Re Barak, “Bullahs,” Blackwater, Bounties & the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)
Despite a series of publicly announced “disassociations” periodically issued from the media offices at the Pentagon and State Department, plus a couple of image polishing name changes including currently, Xe Services LLC ( Xe being short for Xena, the mythical goddess of war) the hydra headed Blackwater (BW), founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark is still quite active.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Tawtin or Return: Divergent Views from Lebanon, but one Common Goal
(1 comments) Lebanese opponents of civil rights for Palestinian Refugees often use less objective and more crude wording to define “tawtin” (“settlement”) than is normally employed in civil society discussions.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
From Tahrir Square To Shatila Camp: “Cry Hurriya!” (freedom!)
The Tahrir Square “Hurriya!” tremors spreading across the Middle East may or may not be impacting today’s events in the historically liberal American state of Wisconsin and other areas of America, yet most of us would agree that the Tunisian-Egyptian revolutions are being felt far and wide and appear to be dramatically gaining steam. Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees camps are no exceptions.

Monday, February 21, 2011
Tawtin or Return: Divergent views from Lebanon, but one common goal
Lebanese opponents of civil rights for Palestinian Refugees often use less objective and more crude wording to define “tawtin” (“settlement”) than is normally employed in civil society discussions. During last summer’s debate in parliament, which failed to enact laws that would allow the world’s oldest and largest refugee community the basic civil right to work and to own a home,

Saturday, February 5, 2011
As Tahrir Square goes so goes the Middle East?
(1 comments) The US-Israel imperative appears designed to immediately regain control and co-opt the Tahrir uprising and quickly channel the uprising into a political cul de sac until Egypt can be returned to “normal”, meaning US-Israel shared hegemony.

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Hezbollah is the New Government of Lebanon. Now What?
(3 comments) Hezbollah has become the new government of Lebanon with all that means to the country, the region, and American middle east policy. This article describes briefly how this historic change came about and what might be the consequences.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Fatal Detraction? The increasingly volatile pre-trial phase of the Lebanon tribunal
It appears that no acceptable compromise regarding the divergent Lebanese political stances relative to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) will be achieved. Support for this hypothesis can be found in the past 24 hours activities of the would-be mediators.

Sunday, January 16, 2011
What now for Lebanon?
(1 comments) Informed Congressional sources in Washington DC today are confirming that the White House has informed Congressional Committee Chairpersons and American allies that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) will indict Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Wali al Faqui (jurisconsult or Supreme Religious Leader) for issuing the order to assassinate Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Lebanon’s resistance movement, led by Hezbollah may well now be the government of Lebanon. how did it happen and what might it mean for Lebanon and the region

Monday, January 10, 2011
2011: The year Lebanon Allows Palestinians Some Elementary Civil Rights?
(1 comments) Were the international community to cease averting its eyes and actually give some meaning to the more than 100 UN Resolutions on Palestine and the more than 500 conference declarations over the past half century dealing with Palestinian refugees, Lebanon’s six decades of shame would be lifted.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Any Respect for International Law Left in the US Congress?
(1 comments) The US administration, as revealed in a State Department cable posted by Wikileaks, has been working overtime with Israel to parry further condemnation of Israeli crimes documented in the Richard Goldstone and Richard Falk Reports, among others

Saturday, January 1, 2011
Any respect for International law left in the US Congress?
This week marks the second anniversary of among the most savage criminal slaughters of human life in long memory. The 522-hour indiscriminate carnage, “Cast Lead” that killed 1,417 Palestinians, mostly civilians, 352 of them children, injuring for life more than 5,300, indicts Israel as well as those countries that continue to supply it weapons, diplomatic cover and to enforce Israel’s illegal siege on sealed Gaza.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Australia Rejects Israeli Ordered Media Censorship of Al Manar
(1 comments) Given the chance that American justice is not dead yet, it is hoped that, judicial review, on a case by case basis, will shed light on the disgrace that is the US Treasury Department’s over broad and likely to be found illegal corralling of citizens who might object to aspects of American foreign policy in the Middle East.

Friday, December 10, 2010
Should “Embassy Beirut” Take a “Time Out”?
Barring new revelations or overt actions by the Embassy that green-light another Israeli aggression against Lebanon, some here believe that the US Embassy may well be closed down, and experience an imposed “time out” which, in the case of the US Embassy in Tehran, has lasted for 30 years.

Monday, November 22, 2010
Lebanon’s Special Tribunal as bludgeon against Hezbolah
(1 comments) Attacking Nasrallah How the US and Israel Hope to Destroy Hezbollah Using the Special Tribunal for Lebanon to remove Hezbollah

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Is the American public about to toss Israel?
(3 comments) Ever so slowly over the past two decades, and gaining momentum since the April 2002 Israeli destruction of the West Bank town of Jenin, American attitudes toward Israel appear to be changing according to some public opinion analysts.

Saturday, November 6, 2010
Lebanon demurs as Israel claims victory in the US midterm elections
Lebanon demurs as Israel claims victory in the US midterm elections Did anyone really expect Israel would lose?

Friday, November 5, 2010
What Were They Thinking?
What were the International Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) investigators imagining as they walked into Dr. Iman Charara’s private obstetrics and gynecology clinic this week demanding personal information on her patients?

Sunday, October 24, 2010
Lebanon’s Palestinian Civil Rights Campaign moves into the Christian heartland
Even though not even one work permit has been issued to one Palestinian in Lebanon since the August 17, 2010 “right to work” law passed in Parliament and even though Palestinians are still forbidden from owning a home, the cause of Palestine Civil Rights in Lebanon endures.

Friday, October 22, 2010
Ahmadinejad galvanizes Lebanon’s Palestinians
(1 comments) “The only solution to the Palestinian issue is for the invaders (Israelis) of the occupied Palestinian land to leave, and give the Palestinians their rights and return all the Palestinian refugees to their original land. Iran supports Lebanon’s bitter struggle in confronting Israeli assaults. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bint Jbeil 10/15/10

Saturday, October 16, 2010
On the Road with Ahmadinejad in Lebanon
(1 comments) An eyewitness account of the Iranian Presidents historic two day visit to Lebanon and its impact on bi-lateral relations, the region and beyond

Friday, October 8, 2010
The Four Conflicts: Bracing for Israel’s Next Attack on Lebanon
For the past three years, Israel has been instructing the White House and Congress, as Ehud Barak told Bill Clinton on 9/21/10 at the opening of the Clinton Global Initiative in NYC: “This time Hezbollah must be totally eradicated from Lebanon. We don’t even want to find their residue after the next operation!”

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Lebanon scatters a little chicken feed and labels it “manna from heaven”
Lebanon scatters a little chicken feed and labels it “manna from heaven.”

Monday, August 9, 2010
What’s going on in Lebanon’s Parliament this Summer?
What’s going on in Lebanon’s Parliament this Summer? Anyone really serious about allowing Palestinians their civil rights?

Friday, August 6, 2010
America’s “Dog in the Fight”
America’s “Dog in the Fight” Will Hezbollah leash “NABI”?

Friday, July 9, 2010
Mohamad Hussein Fadlullah (11/16/1935–7/4/2010)
Mohammad Hussein Fadlullah…a rememberence

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Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah (11/16/1935–7/4/2010)
Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah (11/16/1935–7/4/2010)

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If Palestinians are granted the right to work
If Palestinians are granted the right to work Lebanon wins

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Lebanon’s Merry Month of May
(1 comments) Lebanon’s Merry Month of May–will Lebanon grant civil rights to her Palestinian Refugees?

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Remembering Janet Lee Stevens, a Martyr for Palestinian Refugees
Remembering Janet Lee Stevens, a Martyr for Palestinian Refugees.

Sunday, April 25, 2010
The Case for Palestinian Rights in Lebanon
The Case for Palestinian Rights in Lebanon

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Is the US Embassy in Lebanon squandering its diplomatic immunity?
Is the US Embassy in Lebanon squandering its diplomatic immunity?

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The Unexplained Circumstances Of Moatassem Billah Gaddafi’s Murder

Posted: 2011/10/25
From: Source    http://mathaba.net/news/?x=629110
Martyrdom of Al Mutassem: Mutassem showed astounding bravery and valor upon facing his final minutes of Life, a Heroic stand till Death! This man was a real Hero, Libyans should be proud of this warrior Son of Libya, true loyal son of his Revolutionary Hero father Muammar!
The willful killing of a person in custody is a serious violation of the  laws of war and is a war crime that could be prosecuted by the  International Criminal Court.The laws of war also oblige parties to a conflict to provide medical care to captured combatants.“We found him dead. We put his body and that of (former defense minister) Abu Bakr Yunis in an ambulance to take them to Misrata” said Mohamed Leith…
Gadhafi’s son Mutassim found dead in Sirte: NTC commander [NTN 24 – Oct 20 2011]But video footage and photographs of Muatassim Gaddafi, previously Libya’s national security advisor and commander of Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in central and  eastern Libya, strongly suggest he was killed after being detained.
In one brief video posted on Facebook, our Martyr is seen in blood-soaked clothes in a room.”Officials” initially said the 37-year-old Muatassim Gaddafi was killed in a gun battle during the final push on Sirte.
No wounds are visible on Martyr’s neck or face.
He is apparently injured as his vest is stained with blood but his life does not seem in danger.Next video shows themonstrous abuse and ranting over the injured victim.
The next video shows Martyr lying alive in the same room, perhaps with a wound on his neck.
Later images of Martyr’s body clearly show a deep wound on the front of his neck.

The circumstances surrounding his eventual death are unclear, but a military in Misrata confirmed only that he was dead, shot in the neck and abdomen.

Video comparison with last minutes of life of Che-Guevara. Let us honer this fallen martyr.

May God bless you Hero Al Mutassem-Billah al-Gaddafi!



09/10/2009 / LIBYA

French aviation company congratulates ‘brother and leader of the Libyan revolution’ Gaddafi

Photo from Bakchich.

It’s not unusual for companies in Libya to publicly well-wish “Brother and leader of the Revolution”, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Except when it’s… French military aviation companyDassault Aviation.

“Dassault Aviation sends to ‘Brother and leader of the revolution’, as well as to the people of Libya, its best wishes on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the glorious September 1 revolution”. It’s this indulgent splurge that greets both Libyans and foreigners alike when they drive into the popular Souk al-Thulatha commercial zone in Tripoli.

Contacted by FRANCE 24, the French aviation company confirmed that it had sent its compliments to the Libyan leader, but gave no further details about who produced the poster. The company’s communication service however, told us that the poster was created in the run-up to the 2009 Libyan Aviation Exhibition (Lavex) in October. It also coincided with a project to repair a number of Libyan-owned Dassault Aviation planes, which have received no maintenance since 1992, when a 12-year embargo was placed on the country following the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

On December 10, 2007, Dassault Aviation signed a protocol of agreement with Libya, which launched the negotiation of 14 fighter planes, 35 helicopters, and other military equipment, for the grand total of 4.5 billion euros.


“All public and private businesses in Libya do it. They have no choice”

Ghida Twati is a blogger and journalist in Tripoli.

By displaying this poster in an area where there is a huge amount of traffic, the authorities are clearly showing it off. They’re trying to prove that the regime enjoys good relationships with overseas companies. It’s supposed to promote the image of a ‘new Libya’.

That Dassault Aviation sent its compliments for the anniversary of the revolution is not surprising in itself. All public and private businesses in Libya do it. They have no choice. Company managers who should forget to do this soon find themselves dismissed from their duties.

It’s true that the French company did send its compliments, but the poster looks typically Libyan. I’d also say that it looks like whoever designed it works for the official news agency Jamahiriya Press (Jana), which is often complimentary about the regime, and often criticised by citizens for its poor quality of services.”

Warm words in the streets of Tripoli…

“Warm and loyal regards to our innovative leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. With determination and defiance, we work miracles. From the management of Tripoli airport.” Image posted on Flickr by Dan.

“Best regards to the leader of victory and defiance. The Libyan Olympics committee and Tripoli airport.” Image posted on Flickr by Dan.

“Supporters of the Al-Ahli club congratulate you on the 40th anniversary of the September 1 revolution.” Image published on the Footballahli.com forum.

…. and on the Libyan Web

“Forty years of glory”. Photo published by Said Al-Jihani.

“Challenge the world, take pride. We sacrifice body and soul for you.”

Image published on the alriadhi forum.


It is not correct to say that communications are completely broken with Libya.

Some NTC Libyan rebels have been appalled by the manner upon which the US/UK planned the murder of

Colonel Gaddafi since they preferred him to stand trial and to reveal information regarding his dealing with both the UK and the USA.

But what USA wants, usually gets. Just like Serbia, Iraq and now Libya. And the world just stands by and allow it.

We were informed that only the United States is insisting on a post mortem and that they want this report to  be classified and not made available. This will, of course, be another insult to the injury to the Libyans and Arabs. Gaddafi is a Muslim and a post mortum is not acceptable. He is not supposed to be touched, but USA insisted for the post mortem. Only USA demanded this.  They need to make sure Gaddafi was dead.

UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron and William Hague confirming their pride in the Libya operation and that in Hague’s own words “we will not mourn him” which in itself says more about Hague than Gaddafi.


All year, series of assassinations against Gaddafi failed.

Today, they finally(believed) they succeeded. Intelligence sources and the family’s attorney, Giovanni Di Stefano,

confirmed now that Gaddafi’s convoy in Sirte was bombed by an American Predator drone and then subsequently

attacked by French jets. RAF Tornados were patrolling over Sirte at the time of the escape attempt and that Gaddafi

was not injured during the NATO strikeHe was killed outright by rebel forcesafter permission was sought

from the US via a rebel commando on mobile phone to Tripoli. At 05.15am today, NATO designated Gaddafi

as a military target and thus made him subject to attack and to be killed.

The intelligence information from Sirte alleged that Gaddafi and his loyalists were “firing on civilians” according to intercepts

on communications made byoperatives of GCHQ. Libyan leader’s forces started firing on civilians as they tried to escape Sirte

in a convoy of up to 100 vehicles. The so called ‘escape’ however, did not occur until two hours later.

Gaddafi had been under surveillance by NATO forces for the past ten days after an ‘intelligence’ source allowed them to pinpoint his

location with precision.An American drone and 6 of NATO surveillance and communication interceptor aircraft had

been directed on his Sirte stronghold to ensure he could not escape alive.

On both Tuesday and Wednesday 18th/19th October Gaddafi had used his satellite phone on five occasions and voice recognition

technology instantly picked up the calls that he made. MI6 agents and CIA officerswere on the ground providing intelligence

and actually present when he was summarily executed.

The fatal call that located Gaddafi was made from a satellite phone at approximately 08.30am Wednesday 19th October 2011

where it was clear that he was planning to escape Sirte.

US Predator and French Drones have been present together with RAF Tornados but the breakthrough came only this

morning when a precise location was pinpointed to, according to GCHQ intercepts ‘within 20 yards’. Electronic warfare

aircraft, both American Rivet Joint and a French C160 Gabriel, also picked up Gaddafi’s movements as he attempted to move.

Di Stefano confirms that the body of Gaddafi will be treated in accordance with Muslim tradition, washed and cleaned

and that it is anticipated he will be buried at A-Nuhran cemetery together with his son, Mutassim. His family in Niger

and Algeria are distraught as can be expected and require time to grieve.

As an indicted person by the ICC, the role of the US but more important France and the United Kingdom was to

ensure his capture and surrender to the International Criminal Court and that participating in an operation to

kill or endanger his life is per se a criminal offence and potentially a serious contempt of court.

The United States is of course immune from any sanctions of the ICC since they are not signatories. The French

and the British however, are not and the Prosecutor at the ICC should investigate the role played by France and

United Kingdom in this assassination of a person indicted by the ICC who should have at all costs been protected.


Unlike others, we will never endorse State Murder or any kind of violence supported by lies as a

means to obtaining political position. This day the murder of Colonel Gaddafi will go down in

infamy for both the UK and US with France. It is a very sad day for Humanity for this speaks volumes of

how the UN who supposedly protects Universal Human Rights and our peace, security and justice works. Humanity

must now rise up. They will now do the same to Syria, Algeria, and so on like a domino.

I personally am trying to understand why those who abstained at the UN Security Council for the UNSC Resolution

1973 stood by and allowed all this despite of all evidence of violation and abuse of the Geneva Convention. What

about the UN Secretary General? After we told them what was happening in February and March, have they all

decided to want world war instead?

It seems so. As of today, I had a phone call by USA source, they are scheduling Armageddon with Iran

around my birthday, March 2012. USA is going to do it with Saudi Arabia. Perhaps this should clarify

why the psyop with the so-called Iran-backed assassination of Saudi Ambassador was given to the public. They are

building a pretext.

Thailand is scheduled for destruction late April 2012. Their Corporatist Prime Minister is in place to

destroy the monarchy and country.

They are also on their schedule with Pakistan. Report will be forthcoming on the latest US-led NATO

violation and provocation. If that blows up, you know, China and Russia is next. Why do you think there is a

media war on China bill? It is another American pretext.

Bush Sr. is involved with the fall of Gaddafi. Two years ago, a petroleum colleague was

in a meeting negotiations with Bush’s top 2 Texan oil man. There was billion dollars

on the table and they want the largest land in Libya that has the most reserves. I am told

that they did not want to work with Gaddafi and he had to go. So here we are. Plus more that

you will know from the video reports.

Pay attention to the American PR campaign. Their entire strategy is blatant in the news, just remove the

lies and disinformation. They are making sure China and Russia are very distracted. But knowing them,

I know they will be very angry when they read this report. I hope this will make them do something.

But this domino effect can be stopped if they don’t allow the same fate for Syria, and clean up

Libya from these liars. Libya do not deserve to be under NTC leadership. 95% of the people do not

want them. The NTC de-facto Prime Minister is also quitting because he cannot control his mercenaries

and Al Qaeda gang. There was no civil war. We warned everyone, if Gaddafi dies, there will be a civil war.

Sirte is not controlled by the NTC, neither is Bani Walid, and as a matter of fact, Tripoli as well.

Now that Gaddafi is “dead”, there will be a civil war. I hate to be the one telling the

world, AGAIN, that I told you so. We told you since January from Egypt. I have been

saying it all year. What will it take for people to listen?

The USA wanted another Somalia while they and their Corporatist friends empty Libyan resources.

Now, Africans with people around the world are going all out on protests. None of this contributes

to peace and security.

Humanity must pray for a miracle with me. We need real heroes right now who will defend us.


The international police agency, INTERPOL had issued a red notice for Saadi Gaddafi on 29 Sept

2011, based on a request by the Libya’s National Transitional Council — the first time Interpol

has issued such a notice at the request of Libya’s post-Gadhafi leadership “for allegedly

misappropriating properties through force and armed intimidation when he headed the Libyan Football Federation”.

The red notice serves as “a regional and international alert to countries neighboring Libya and

Niger, and those with travel connections to Niger, to seek their help in locating and arresting Assaadi

Gaddafi, with a view to returning him to Libya where an arrest warrant for him has been issued by

the General Attorney at the Office of the Public Prosecutor. As the Commander of military units

allegedly involved in the repression of demonstrations by civilians during Libya’s uprising, Saadi

Gaddafi is also subject to a United Nations travel ban and assets freeze issued in March this year.”

Let us make this as clear and simple for everyone: This is ONLY  an advisory, not a warrant, as the

illegitimate National Transitional Council opted to step up their efforts for extraditing Saadi Gaddafi

who has never really much involved in politics, have been met with blunt refusals.

Saadi is indeed in Niger and need time to mourn.

We are grateful that there are still impartial officials, such as Niger’s minister of foreign affairs,

Mohamed Bazoum who have not joined the witchhunt, prefer to use wisdom and real leadership,

rather than what other nations and their so-called leaders who kowtow on every single hearsay, lies

and disinformation provided by NATO’s Perception Management Team.

Again, we are witnessing another desperate attempt by this illegitimate government coaxed by

their neo-colonial masters with their spin doctors to do everything to be taken seriously.

It is very frightening that there are two types of “leaders” who are involved with geopolitics:

Those that make decisions based on real information and those who make decisions based on

imaginations. Since real diplomacy, negotiations and justice is not being given a chance, and

the web of lies has grown colossally, I am dispensing all pleasantries for I do not share any of

Obama, Sarcozy, Cameron, Clinton, NATO’s Fogh Rasmussen and their motley crew of zealots’

pretentious appraisal of their “humanitarian” activities around the world.

The FUK-Usa and NATO Psyops “reports” are as predictable, ad nauseam, as a McDonald’s Big Mac Happy meal and immortal as a tub of margarine that molds, insects or rodents won’t even eat: ”Truth” (“Enriched flour” bun) – lie (Mayonnaise and ketchup) – fancy verbosity (lettuce, pickles and tomato) – processed high sodium burger meat (the key players) – cheese (paid human implants in forms of “experts”) – lie (Mayonnaise and ketchup) – “Truth” (“Enriched flour” bun). Of course, there’s french fries (mainstream media) which will never decompose regardless of how complicit they are to war crimes due to the corporatist backing. Then you have the sodas (corrupted officials and bureaucrats) to make any moron swallow this bionic “enriched truth” burger. Yes, morons because this “enriched truth” is mostly enjoyed and digested by brainless people. Fungi are much smarter than them. They would rather eat cow manure.

Since there are many morons who willingly digest on these lies and regurgitate further disinformation, it is the our moral duty to combat these because they are driving the sane side of the world population into apoplexy. These lurid details of hearsay evidence and tabloid quality war reporting are giving the rest on the planet a cerebral hemorrhage.

Let’s fathom this out and deduce from the facts, terra firma.

The key here is ”allegedly”.

Allegedly is a derivative form of the word allege, which means, it is a claim or assertion that  an incident or a person has done something illegal or wrong, typically without proof, to have taken place.

Having defined that, let me aver that this contention is just as real as when the reports of Col. Gaddafi being in Venezuela or the multi-deaths of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi that we might as well put Superman on retirement weeks ago.

Using that word makes them sound sophisticated. Pure sophisticated disinformation is 95% truth, and 5% lies. With this case? Not even close. They want to be and try very hard like a B movie. Any spin doctor together with CNN and their unethical psychotic journalist correspondent reporting about Libya named Sara Sidner (who belongs to war criminal complicit individuals) using a porn video as evidence for pro-Gaddafi forces “brutally” raping women deserves multiple demotions and company liquidation.  These people should not even be in business at all for producing fabricated and sensationalized news. “Dodging bullets” in Libya is an example of that.

Let’s start with this TRUTH: Yes, stadium was demolished by the government due to the vandalism and violations of Benghazi militant fans, destroying many old and traditional artefacts of the club. However,  this has since been resolved and the club have been given 77 acres (310,000 m2) of land for a new ground, but it cannot afford to develop it.  

So why is this being brought up? More importantly which will be answered in this report: WHOSE IDEA is this that instigated this using this as a media spin, when this is already resolved? It is complete stupidity for the western spin doctors to use this because it does not even hold water! I will have to disappoint them because TRUTH will win this point. Again. Furthermore, if we keep digging into Benghazi, it will prove even more illegality of France, UK, USA, UN, EU and NATO involvement in the matter. If they are going to use this football and property issue as justification for killing 63,000 Libyans and continuous slaughter of Libyans and ethnic cleansing of Black Africans, then I must say, they are really in a joyride to war tribunal, because the entire Libyan conflict is about a few families who have vendetta against Gaddafi, who are based in Benghazi.

Considering that backdrop, the so-called “February 17 revolution” was just 500-600 people who went to the revolutionary committee (local government  headquarters) in Sabri district, and they tried to go to the central  revolutionary committee and started throwing stones! CNN fabricated the 50,000 protesters. We will tackle this deeper in the video reports, as the entire web of LIES has gotten out of hand, and it requires combatting these talking points with TRUTHFUL talking points.

All of this must feel like a parallel universe for the Gaddafi Clan with all of us. Interpol used to be Gaddafi’s friend. Ronald K. Noble, Secretary General of Interpol can confirm what I am saying: Gaddafi and Al Qaeda were ENEMIES. Gaddafi and Libya was theFIRST country in the world to seek the arrest of Osama bin Laden in 1998. Yes! Before Sept 11, 2001! The warrant was issued in connection with the March 1994 murders of German anti-terrorism agents Silvan and Vera Becker, who were in charge of missions in Africa. Remember that, Madame Merkel? So Why Britain wouldn’t support Gadaffi’s Interpol arrest warrant for Bin Laden then? MI6 was busy sponsoring Al Qaeda to assassinate him. Fast forward to 2011: Now you got USA, France, Britain and NATO funding and supporting Al Qaeda wanting to assassinate Gaddafi. These western media have no clue about REAL NEWS based on FACTS. They like to invest a lot on sensational fiction genre worthy of Oscar nomination.

Everything that has happened from February onwards are drummed up by people who have no interest in the welfare of the Libyans. As we go further down this rabbit hole, the world will know that everything that these RATS have done are bidding by their western masters. Nothing else. There was no need to have UN Security Council mandate. The civil war is just as real as the weapons of mass destruction of Saddam Hussein! But for the purpose of cleaning up garbage news, we will still have to go through a snapshot of this.

Here is what’s really going on:

NATO is very desperate. Former CIA Director-turned-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta would like their preferred interim government to enhance its legitimacy and therefore violated international laws by renewing assault on Libyan civilians for 90 more days since September, supposedly reviewing every 30 days to see whether operations could be ended.

After several weeks of political infighting and delays over cabinet-line up, with no substantial changes as they were asked, the National Transitional Council is facing death threats from several large influential tribes.
Let us get into what they’re brushing aside: The turf wars. There’s too many greedy involved. Al Jazeera’s top executive, Director-General Wadah Khanfar, Qatar and Al-Jazeera would appear to be controlled by the CIA and its friends in MI6 and Mossad.
Of course, the typical thing to do like all power-hungry people must do is give the illusion they are in control: They have to continue to drum up “be patient because the hour of liberation is near” talking points just like their neo-colonial masters, Obama, Sarcozy, Cameron and  NATO.
One of their classic lying moments was producing a replica of the Green Square and Bab-el-Azizia was built in the studios of Al-Jazeera in Doha, where footage of false images was shot portraying pro-US ‘insurgents’ entering Tripoli. For now, we will brush aside many other things like the rebels posing for photos in the beginning of the year. Say no more.
In TRUTH, they are all in denial of the fact that 80% of the entire country is very much covered with pro-Gaddafi Green Flags, and 95% of the entire population does not accept these western puppets but are solidly behind Gaddafi, the founding Father of the Great Socialist Libyan Arab Jamahiriya nation. On top of that, many Libyan politicians who made mistakes in jumping the bandwagon of lies have now contacted the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya government for forgiveness, vow to correct their insubordination by joining the resistance against imperialism of NATO and its allies.

The National Transitional Council is a joke.

Hence, if we are to use the word “allegedly” in proper context, the world should understand that when NATO and their media army hails the National Transitional Council as “government”, they only mean “allegedly”. Otherwise, feel free to use what the Libyans prefer to call them, RATS.

INTERPOL also issued red notices for Muammar Gadhafi, his son Saif al-Islam Gadhafi and other Libyan nationals based on a request by the International Criminal Court’s corrupted deluded prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo for crimes against humanity under falsified claims using media disinformation as evidence i.e. “murder and persecution”.  Another joke.

However, none of us are amused. For all the expenses was paid for by innocent human blood, intrusion on personal and national sovereignty, disruption of peace and widespread financial shenanigans against many hardworking tax payers around the world suffering from unemployment, poverty, foreclosed homes and dim future of eternal debt.

If you lay all the unadulterated facts on the table, which sane government would really want to work with NATO Allies and all its RATS,  whose contribution is complete mayhem?

INTERPOL is a huge threat to all Humanity’s civil liberties

INTERPOL is the world’s largest police organization in the world. The General Secretariat is located in Lyon, France, and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. INTERPOL also has seven regional offices across the world and a representative office at the United Nations in New York and at the European Union in Brussels. Each of their 188 member countries maintains a National Central Bureau staffed by its own highly trained law enforcement officials.

The fact that they are based in France, we may as well attempt to ascertain conjectures and extrapolate from past similar methods that has been consistently applied as justification for more R2P (Right to Protect) in forms of gang rape, genocide, ethnic cleansing, slaughter, human organ trade, human trafficking, and other neo-colonial “humanitarian” activities such as we have witness all year.

For the Americans who are oblivious of the fact that everything happening around the Middle East, and the world does not or will not affect them, let me give a little insight about INTERPOL and why we need to really pay attention to the conspiracy against Humanity.

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed an Executive Order which gave permission to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) to operate within the boundaries of the United States. Reagan’s EO put INTERPOL under the same basic guidelines as the CIA, FBI, ATF and other Federal law enforcement agencies.

As of this year, FBI guidelines have changed: ANYTHING goes, as we reported. To reiterate:

The new Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide will empower the FBI to dispatch surveillance teams, to follow targets, to dig through trash, to search commercial databases and to expand the use of informants to infiltrate a wide range of organizations.

If you are part of a group that disagrees with government policy in Iraq or Afghanistan, or that dislikes nuclear energy, the next time you throw out your trash, an FBI agent may be examining it a few hours later — from what you eat to what you buy to what you read and think.

The next time you attend a meeting to fight for better schools, protest drug testing on animals or criticize almost any aspect of government policy, the person next to you may be an informant, recording everything you say. Or perhaps the informant will participate in the meeting, steering the organization’s activities in ways the government wishes.

As for INTERPOL, President Obama, without any announcement, debate, discussion, fanfare, inquiry from journalists or American patriotic protest issued an amendment to this EO on December 16, 2009.  The amendment removed part of Reagan’s order that kept INTERPOL from having full diplomatic immunity while operating within the United States.  In other words:  Obama has authorized the INTERPOL to operate within the USA without having to adhere to certain laws set forth for investigative agencies, such as laws that prohibit authorities from violating American constitutionally protected rights.

Interpol had to answer to the FBI and U.S. courts under Reagan’s order. But President Obama decided to give the Americans this 2009 Christmas gift without debate or explanation:

Simply put, the Presidential Executive Order 12425 gives INTERPOL authorization to break into any home without a warrant, seize private property of any US citizen, hold the citizen for questioning without the right of legal representation and not be subject to any legal or criminal repercussion. President Obama gave the international organization unsupervised freedom to investigate Americans on their own soil without recourse or the supervision of their own government. In this executive order, Interpol’s operations center for the United States is housed within the U.S. Justice Department. Many of the American agents will work under Interpol. This group of law enforcement officials are no longer subject to the restraints of the U.S. Constitution. Since Interpol files are immune to disclosure, a citizen could be denied his right to see the information used to prosecute him or her. Just like the Gaddafis, any citizen can be on the world’s Most Wanted List based on “allegations“.

Obama’s executive order has done more to weaken American civil liberties than the U.S. Patriot Act. The silence in the mainstream media on this issue should scare all freedom loving Americans and all of us around the world as we can also assume that all of their 188 member countries gave the INTERPOL the same immunity.

Interpol’s red notices are the highest-level alerts they can issue to their 188 member countries. Please note that the notices do not force countries to turn over suspects but strongly urge them to, and countries who ignore such notices can come under pressure from the international community. Nevertheless, their activities are substantial and ipso facto, they are freely issuing red notices based on perfunctory investigation, this should be of huge concern to every single global citizen, regardless of one’s stature, unless you live in the non-member states. Although, I highly doubt North Korea is prepared for a mass exodus of 6 billion people by 2012.


“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

– Adolf Hitler, German Chancellor, leader of the Nazi party, 1889-1945


Isn’t it interesting that Americans attack China for being communist when if they really know the realities in China, China is a much safer and freer country than U.S.A.? America is not anymore the Land of the Free since 9/11. They gave all their rights away. The revised U.S. Patriot Act alone should make everyone start packing and head for Tristan da Cunha. Many of the wealthy has been moving out of the U.S.A, especially the last few years, for this reason. China has better human rights records and has a liberal economy. The sooner the Americans stop living in denial, the sooner they can save their nation, and this act alone, will spare all of us from a gloomy future ahead.

America is not the same anymore. It is now a communist country since 9/11, without them realizing it. If they really know how USSR operated, they would have understood terminologies like “5-year plans” were taken from Marxist-Leninist policies.

If anyone dares to do close scrutiny on what is China now, in the 21st Century, she is not communist anymore.

Deng Xiaoping swept the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1978  with capitalist reforms and radically changed Mao’s ideology in the PRC. Maoism nominally remains as the state ideology,  but the Communist party constitution has been rewritten to give the capitalist ideas of Deng Xiaoping prominence over those of Mao. Deng, along with his successors, believed that Maoism showed the dangers of “ultra-leftism” and stated that the revolutionary side of Maoism should be considered separate from the governance side. Mao’s brand of economic and political governance had fallen out of favor within the Communist Party of China for over three decades.

Deng  was considered “the architect” of a new brand of socialist thinking, having developed Socialism with Chinese characteristics and led Chinese economic reform through a synthesis of theories that became known as the “socialist market economy”. He opened China to foreign investment, the global market, and limited private competition. He was generally credited with developing China into one of the fastest growing economies in the world for over 30 years and raising the standard of living of hundreds of millions of Chinese.

The Communist Party of China and its role has changed from revolutionary party to a ruling party. Under the leadership of President Hu Jintao, the new “China Model” of governance, serves as a legitimate alternative to the West’s “Democracy Model”. His “Harmonious Society” domestic and “Peaceful Development” foreign policies features true democracy, the rule of law, equity, justice, sincerity, amity and vitality, to give full scope to people’s talent and creativity and enable them to share the social wealth brought by reform and development. President Hu’s attitude towards corruption, greed and unnecessary waste of public funds is backed by actions. His administration places political reform and increased democracy, especially regarding income disparity and equality has been an important part of his agenda and proposed in the coming years.

In March 2006, as response to the great number of social problems in China, Hu Jintao released the “Eight Honors and Eight Shames” as a set of moral codes to be followed by the Chinese people, and emphasized the need to spread the message to youth, which summarized what a good citizen should regard as an honor and what to regard as a shame. This was one of Hu’s ideological solutions to the perceived increasing lack of morality in China after Chinese economic reforms brought in a generation of Chinese predominantly concerned with earning money and power in an increasingly frail social fabric.

I have gained deeper respect for President Hu this year due to a particular incident in which he gave us assistance and proven that there are still good leaders that Humanity can count on. I intend to mention this incident on my video reports for this humble statesman deserves praise and my gratitude for his moral standing and integrity, unlike the three (and their cohorts) who are destroying nations with their Old World-revised hegemonic agendas, and walk around with such arrogance, though bleeding with guilt.


Alright, NATO spin doctors want to go into football and properties, let us go there.

As in Europe and all other North African countries, football or soccer is the most popular sport. It is the most watched and followed sport of all. Players are known by everyone, and it takes up a lot of space in the national media, as most other fields covered by the media are subject to censorship. Thus, football players are some of the most prominent figures in the world of North African celebrity and their opinions can help or damage the regime’s PR substance. Each nation has such passion over sports and somehow, it is also a trigger to many diplomatic kill or redemption, just like the cricket matches between Pakistan and India.

Lucky for me, I know football politics and business as I have been asked to buy football players on numerous occasions as investments. But I am a volleyball fan, former player and coach many years ago. The last match I saw was with the Israeli women’ soccer team being creamed by the Norwegians as I sat with the Arabs and Israeli football executives. I missed out on attending the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. More on the FIFA politics  as we move along in this narrative.

This new saga centers on Saadi Gaddafi, the most prominent figure in Libyan football who was not part of these movements.

The psyop that brought this INTERPOL red notice that NATO, Libyan RATS and their media cohorts  presented the world surround 17 of the Libya’s most prominent football players who have taken side against their leader of 42 years, Colonel Gaddafi and claim that Saadi ordered the shooting of Libyan civilians.

Football or soccer is one of Libya’s oldest and most venerable institutions, predating not only Muammar Gadhafi’s rule but also independence in 1951, and boasts what is perhaps the country’s most fervent fan base. If you can wrap your mind around that, you can understand why this is quite an important issue.

In the middle of the 20th century, Libya, a country still looking for its independence, started to found many sporting clubs and youth clubs in a political move to unite the youth of the country in order to fight for its independence, and drive out the British forces. A young group of youngsters from Tripoli decided to name their club Al Istiqlal, meaning Independence, but the British administration, uncomfortable with this name as it may have caused a revolt against their power, refused it. The club was therefore named Al Ahly, meant as The People’s Club, and chose the club’s colours as green to signify independence, peace and hope for the country.

On June 24th, the national team goalkeeper Juma Gtat met with the BBC at his hotel in Tripoli, where he talked about the national team’s decision to join the rebels. Gtat, the most involved sports figure in the revolution, has also posed with rebel forces and trucks in the past few weeks. Note: Posed. Just like the others.

The Benghazi Football Scar of July 1999 Affair

Football or soccer fans really take their teams seriously with almost like a religious fervor, just like how the U.S.A. love their American Football (NFL) and basketball (NBA), Canada with their hockey, Pakistan, India and Caribbean’s cricket and Australia’s rugby.

With Al-Ahly Benghazi, their victim-mentality boisterous fans are still very bitter and also the NATO spin doctors are not completely telling the full picture.

Libya operates two football leagues. The first division which was founded in 1963 is sponsored by local Telecommunications Company, Libyana. As a result, the league is officially known as the Libyana Premier League. It includes 16 teams and the league champion and cup winners both qualify for the CAF Champions League. Libya Sport is the broadcasting partner of the league, where highlights of the week’s matches are shown. Despite all clubs being owned by the government – directly or indirectly – only two clubs have a stadium exceeding a 20,000 capacity. These teams are Al Ittihad and Al Madina. The two share the ‘11th June Stadium’ of Tripoli, and of the 41 league championships, 40 have been decided between clubs from Tripoli and Benghazi. Al Ittihad is the most successful club, with 16 titles.

The club is the second most successful Libyan club in history, having won 10 Libyan Premier League titles, five Libyan Football Cups and a Libyan SuperCup. Al-Ahly is known as the leader of Libyan Football clubs and has the largest number of fans in Libya. Al-Ahly’s main rivalry is with Al-Ittihad. The two clubs are the biggest in the country, and together, have won 28 of the 41 national championships that have been contested, as well as 10 of the 18 domestic cups.

Al-Ahly Benghazi is the Libyan football club based in Benghazi, Libya. In Libyan national football standing, they come third. Always. Al-Ahly Benghazi has its roots in a political party, the Omar al Mukhtar society.  Al Ahly is the most supported club in Benghazi and is famous in Libya for its passionate, loyal and violent militant crowds. It is always expected that they have very intense atmosphere and one or two riots and vandalism if not more in Benghazi. In football world, we call them hooligans.

Since Libya’s first football match, a 10-2 defeat to Egypt in Cairo in 1953, the country has not been able to enjoy any silverware. The only success to be noted is their second place finish at the 1982 African Cup of Nations. As hosts of the tournament, Libya was defeated in the final 7-6 in a penalty shoot-out with Ghana. Their highest ever FIFA ranking, 58th, came in April of 2011 during the early stages of the uprising.

In the late 1990s, Saadi adopted a leading Tripoli team, also called Al Ahly Tripoli. He became a player, captain, de facto manager and owner. And at the same time, he also headed the national football federation, becoming Libya’s soccer czar. Inevitably, Saadi’s close identification with the Tripoli club meant that its fortunes became entwined with the leadership’s prestige. Saadi’s team evolved into a powerhouse.

(NOTE: While the league is not considered fully professional, the national team’s weak record is questioned, as controversial laws and political matters have always been involved. Six times, the national team was made to withdraw from World Cup qualification due to political matters. In fact it was also once disqualified due to UN sanctions, in 1994. Al Saadi’s involvement since the late 90’s has not helped much in that respect, nor did Libya’s withdrawal from the African Cup of Nations on five separate occasions.)

Indeed, Saadi’s team, Al-Ahly Tripoli with Al-Ittihad is in an envious position. Their home is the 72 metres (79 yards) by 107 metres (117 yards) that can hold 65,000 spectators, June 11 Stadium. It is a multi-purpose stadium in Tripoli, Libya, built in 1967 and is one of the largest stadiums in Africa. The name of the stadium commemorates the day in which American forces were asked to relinquish their military base rights in Libya and leave the country. It is mostly used for football matches, but they also use it as an athletics track. The June 11th Stadium is the main venue used by the Libyan national football team in its FIFA World Cup and African Nations Cup qualifying matches as well as other international games.

This particular stadium hosted many games of the 1982 African Cup of Nations held in Libya along with the 28th of March Stadium in Benghazi; it was the venue for the final between Ghana and Libya. Another important game played in the stadium was the 2002 Italian Supercup between Juventus and Parma, in which Juventus won 2-1. (Yes, Juventus for which the Libyan Sovereign Wealth fund has substantial investments. More about that later.)

Saadi captained the Libyan national team on 18 occasions in a career which included stints at Perugia, Udinese and Sampdoria of Italy. He was on the board of Juventus Turin, but stepped down to join Perugia. He played 10 minutes at Perugia and one game for Udinese. During this time, he also failed a drug test at Perugia and was subsequently banned for some time. He has also been the president of Libya’s football federation which has issued some controversial laws. Most notably, player names were not allowed to be announced, except that of Al Saadi. His most notable appointment has been Brazilian coach Marcos Paquetá.

In the summer of 2000, Saadi Gaddafi decided to reign in the unruly rival team after a series of on-field disputes. During a match between the two clubs, Benghazi players threatened to leave the field after two penalties and an offside goal were awarded to the rival team leader. The Benghazi rebels called it in the media “imaginary” penalties. First off, has another gone to any football/soccer game and the referee makes all sorts of judgement calls? IF the referee made a mistake, if it was a mistake, why are they targeting Saadi for that? People are indeed petty. It’s a game. Let us just get that straight. It does not make it OK to burn buildings because your team lost.

Col. Gaddafi thought that football/soccer was anything but a harmless hobby. But that is not how Benghazi hooligans feel.

During one national cup final match in Benghazi, witnesses say, Saadi and his team were mercilessly booed in front of a crowd featuring several dignitaries from sub-Saharan Africa, a region where his father was seeking to extend his influence.

They burned posters of Gadhafi, ransacked and set the local office of the Libyan Football Federation on fire.

Afterward, Saadi was apoplectic.

Al Ahly’s 37-hectare clubhouse and facilities were raised to the ground as plainclothes men visited the homes of protesting soccer fans. Some 80 were arrested of whom 30 for trial to Tripoli on charges of vandalism, destruction of public property and having contacts with Libyan dissidents abroad, a capital offense in Libya.

Tell me, what would any nation do if they have such vandalism done to their properties they have invested in?

In the following days, Libya’s Internal Security Forces rounded up several dozen supporters and sent them to Tripoli.

In the meantime, Benghazi’s FC al-Ahli was temporarily disbanded. The 34 defendants were creating a political party, insulting the Libyan guide’s family and criminal conspiracy. I think you call them National Transitional Council “party”. It was a POLITICAL PARTY. They didn’t even want any foreign intervention. But Sarcozy want a war so he spunned lies with Cameron, Hillary and Obama and fooled EU, UN and everyone else because they controlled the mainstream media. But in fact, there were only 30 people or so that was causing all the problems. THAT IS THE TRUTH. 

Three people were sentenced to death, but their penalties were converted to life in prison by the Libyan rule. The three were released after serving five years in prison.

The supporters were pardoned at the end of 2005, have got their team back now.

Al Ahly Benghazi was resurrected in 2004, initially as a second-division squad, but later graduated to the country’s premier league.

I do understand that people can be passionate. They are allowed to do that. But when they use sport squabble over scores, use that to waste other nation’s time and taxpayers money by making mountains out of  ant hills, a real wise leader will not even bother intervening into other people’s affairs, let alone football grievances. Football squabbles should not even have any United Nations Security Council mandate for intervention. Don’t we have other more important matters to deal with like the genocides in Somalia and Darfur?

Take these people being used by the French media, Le Figaro:

“The truth is that Saadi Gaddafi had a grudge against us, because our team was strong, and because we refused to submit to his whims,” says Murad Rhoma, who was behind bars for three years. “On the field, the other teams’ players were so afraid of his fits of anger that they did not dare to try to get the ball from him,” adds Abdul Salam el-Mozoughi, who was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.


Francesco Scoglio was coach of the Libyan National Football team in 2002. During his period as coach, Scoglio led the Libyan team to victories over Egypt, Togo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the Africa Cup of Nations.

The Libyan team showed improvement in the FIFA Coca Cola Classification during that time period as well.

The victories were not enough in Libya, since Scoglio had problems in the country that went beyond sports. He took it very personal due to inflated Ego.

Scoglio was in conflict with Al-Saadi Gaddafi (son of Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi), who was President of the Libyan National Football Team.

In September 2002, the Libyan National Football Team decided that Scoglio had to go. The reason was a revamping of Libyan football, starting with the dissolution of the national team.

Scoglio told his version of what transpired to the Italian sports magazine Corriere dello Sport. He claimed that he was fired because of Al-Saadi Gaddafi.

According to Scoglio, Gaddafi wanted to participate in the matches, and other coaches allowed him. Scoglio saw how Gaddafi performed as a midfielder and concluded that he was “worthless.”

He declared: “When he (Gaddafi) played, we lost. When he did not, we won.”


Saadi’s heart was not in military or government. In fact, he ventured out and started financing a film about the Mafia as part of his Hollywood investment business.

Bloomberg reported that Al-Saadi, a one-time footballer suspended by the Italian Olympic league in 2003 for steroid use, invested in a million Los Angeles-based film production fund called Natural Selection, founded by Matty Beckerman.

The film is called “The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer,” slated to star Mickey Rourke and Eva Amurri, the daughter of Susan Sarandon.  The film focuses on Richard Kuklinski, a brutal and sadistic killer and torturer, involved in pornography, narcotics, contract killing, and gambling on a worldwide scale.


Let me touch building projects since NONE of the mainstream media and NATO spin doctors are talking about the wonderful things Gaddafi and the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya people have been doing for their sovereign nation without the help of IMF and all being paid for by the Libyans themselves.

Lucky for me again, I have delved into construction world through physical commodities such as cement and steel, shipping, manufacturing and contract negotiations for infrastructure with various countries, thus can touch on this. I will add more in the forthcoming video reports. (Thank you for your patience on the video reports. We have been dealing with technical issues. We are getting there.)

With all the chaos the Libyan RATS and their neo-colonialist masters have caused, the future of these contracts is now, of course, extremely doubtful. Everyone has now demobilized  and most will argue their contracts were terminated by force majeure or civil commotion.

My intention in going deep into this is to enlighten everyone about the impressive vision the Libyan government, with Gaddafi’s guidance as founding Father of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, has for this beloved nation of 6 million and why France, UK, USA, all NATO members, Arab League with the United Nations must pay for all the serious damages caused to many people and companies, their trauma, livelihood and future besides the heinous war crimes that has been committed thus far worthy of multiple Nuremberg trials rolled into one.

Perhaps, when sane people can cross reference the NATO bombing spree and the places that the Libyan RATS have been vandalizing with these I am giving here should give you an idea of what they are truly doing:Complete balkanization of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and create another Somalia, due to the fact that NONE of the tribes will ever bow down and respect Mustafa Abdul Jalil’s National Transitional Council illegitimate government for 80% of ALL LIBYA is still Libyan Arab Jamahiriya control and 95% of the people will defend their nation and their founding Father, Col. Muammar Gaddafi. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who managed to stoop so low that he would name his newly born child in March as Sarcozy and add that for his PR stunt does not have the respect of the Obeidi tribe, the tribe where Gen. Abdel Fateh Younes comes from and one of Libya’s largest and most powerful tribes. Together with US puppet, Mahmoud Jibril, the Elders of Younes’ Obeidi tribe have a vendettaagainst them.

Why do you think NTC’s Jibril wants to quit? It is insane why anyone would even consider these people leader material. Mustafa Abdul Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril does not have any control over its own group, why would you even let them run a country?!!

Let me give a dose of reality here as the world has been extremely lied to by NATO, France, USA and UK spin doctors with their mainstream media. The world community got this all backwards, and if I am to give an advise to all world leaders and CEOs, shut out the Libyan National Transitional Council. To those who fell for this blackmail of the USA, UK, France and NATO and acknowledge these RATS as the new government of Libya, should be ashamed of themselves for being incompetent to discern who these people are! These are undocumented criminals you are legitimizing! 60 nations out of 193 members of the United Nations. 60 American puppets who are accomplices to crime against Humanity and deserve a war tribunal punishment.

Fortunately, I know many are now waking up though it is very disconcerting that the United Nations seems medicated to notice there is a severe violation of Geneva Conventions here, left, right, front, back and center. This illegitimate new government of a joke, the Libyan National Council, has done more damage than what Gaddafi has ever done. Gaddafi build. These RATS destroy. Like it or not, this is TRUTH. The revolting part, is that UN mandated a bunch of foreign thugs and it has been several months now, with enough evidence of severe breach towards human rights, even without me speaking up, should suffice to remove the NO FLY ZONE. If any elected politician around the world cannot see what is truly happening and allow this to a small nation over lies and disinformation, something is truly wrong. Remember, Humanity is waking up. If you are going for re-election, the only way for you to win is to cheat, because when your constituents find out what you have done and not done, and not stood up against any of this, but continued and in fact, supported war crimes, as everything happening now involves all of us, you can think of retirement.

NONE of this is about protecting civilians. The people of Libya is suffering inhumanity and indignities of pillage and plunder, together with everyone who were ever connected with her.

The Libyan National Transitional Council dare to take this new spin on properties, I take this challenge. The Benghazi football issue is peanuts compared to what they have done to the entire country. However, they also left out the full context, for which I will report on.

For instance, Libya unrest cost Chinese firms  billion and were  participating in over 50 projects in the country.  At least 13 state-owned Chinese enterprises have halted operations in Libya, including the Metallurgical Co of China Ltd, China State Construction Engineering Corp and China Railway Construction Corp.

That was just March! If we are to calculate that, the other nations who were also investors, various companies, damages and trauma to each person involved, and everything else plus how much the world has been inconvenienced with these greedy instigators’ nonsense in addition to the lack of  oil flow trade coming out of Libya, I can assure you that they owe Humanity trillions of dollars. Just think, if we stop these people and they pay us all back, we will not have financial problems on this planet.

At least 10-20 years of major construction investments were planned for Libya. Due to this, the Libyan regime’s modernization drive had attracted multiple construction consultants from around the world.

1) Brand New Universities

UK‘s AecomGleeds, architect BDP and project manager Hill International were all working on a program to build 25 universities worth billion for Libya’s Organization for Development of Administrative Centers (ODAC) in the Sahara Desert, in the mountains and on the coast.

Construction is in the hands of a range of international contractors, including firms from Turkey, China and Portugal.

Ten new universities, with principal construction period 2009-2012, were underway to open Libya up to the West.

Sabha, Brak, Marzuq, Awbari, Gharyan, Nalut, Zintan, Sabratha, Surman, and Zuwarah schemes were being designed entirely around local settings, microclimate and culture, while conforming to an over-arching academic plan: Eighteen faculty types — covering all Engineering, Humanities and Health Sciences sectors — will accommodate 38,000 students and there will be 15,000 student residential and 600 staff units. These international centers of excellence are to cater for the region and sub-Saharan Africa while also capable of withstanding 40C+ summers and freezing winters whilst minimizing energy use.

A) Desert Located Campuses

 B) Coast Located Campuses

C. Mountain Located Campuses

Contractors are mostly from Turkey, Brazil and Italy, although Interserve and Vinci France were also present, and a Russian contractor was building a new railway to link Tripoli and Benghazi. UK consultancies included MaceMott MacDonald and PH Warr.

PH Warr is now uncertain over its work on the M (M) Mediterranean Sea Hotel, for which it was advising the United Libyan Tourist Investment Company on cost and project management.

Capita Symonds was redeveloping the runway adjacent to the Benina International Airport in Benghazi, eastern Libya. The airport was due for completion in around 18 months. The Coalition (USA, France and UK) with trigger-happy Sarcozy bombed and destroyed it. But the UN Security Council ignored this breach and chose to turn a blind eye to the fact that Sarcozy started the bombing infrastructure and targeted civilians, and all Libyan planes were grounded, which yours truly with my UN mentor witnessed. (My apologies for the ghetto wording, I was extremely angry because we had many casualties and my UN mentor/best friend already had to sustain injuries. Forgive me, my fellow royals, but I had His Royal Highness’ blessings to unleash both our outrage against Sarcozy’s barbaric acts on my personal blog since we were not done with our official report, which of course is confiscated.)

Mace‘s work for the Libyan Investment and Development Company on the Bab Tarablus shopping centre and the Al Waha residential project, both in Tripoli, has been put on hold.


“We were told we were fighting terrorists, but the real terrorist was me and the real terrorism is this occupation. Racism within the military has long been an important tool to justify the destruction and occupation of another country. It has long been used to justify the killing, subjugation, and torture of another people. Racism is a vital weapon deployed by this (USA) government. It is a more important weapon than a rifle, a tank, a bomber or a battleship. It is more destructive than an artillery shell, or a bunker buster, or a tomahawk missile. While all of those weapons are created and owned by this government, they are harmless without people willing to use them. 

They (US President and Congress) merely have to sell the war. They need a public who is willing to send their soldiers into harm’s way and they need soldiers who are willing to kill or be killed without question. They can send every last soldier anywhere on earth, but there will only be a war if soldiers are willing to fight, and the ruling class: the billionaires who profit from human suffering care only about expanding their wealth, controlling the world economy, understand that their power lies only in their ability to convince us that war, oppression, and exploitation is in our interests. They understand that their wealth is dependent on their ability to convince the working class to die to control the market of another country. And convincing us to kill and die is based on their ability to make us think that we are somehow superior. Soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, have nothing to gain from this occupation. 

The vast majority of people living in the US have nothing to gain from this occupation.The enemy is people we know very well and people we can identify. The enemy is a system that wages war when it’s profitable. The enemy is the CEO who lays us off our jobs when it’s profitable; it’s the insurance companies who deny us health care when it’s profitable; it’s the banks who take away our homes when it’s profitable. Our enemies are not 5000 miles away, they are right here at home. If we organize and fight with our sisters and brothers, we can stop this war, we can stop this government, and we can create a better world. 

I left the U.S. Army with a new understanding of the system under which we all live, and the nature of U.S. foreign policy. But, I still had the same drive to fight for freedom, justice and equality as I did when I joined, and I understood that fighting for those things meant fighting against the U.S. government, not on behalf of it.”

– Mike Prysner, U.S. 173rd Airborne Brigade, Iraq War Veteran



There are about 25,000km of roads in Libya, 10 ports, and a lot of airports, but rail is missing.

In 1993, Gaddafi said, “I believe a railway that links the Arab nation from Egypt until it reaches Morocco is more important than water supplies to a city or a region”. Just like the Great Man Made River, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya awarded the projects to top notch companies to ensure the success of this historic upgrade in North Africa.

Libya has a population of about 6.4 million, but the majority live along the coast, most of the interior of Libya being desert. The coastal line carries passenger traffic, plus a variety of freight such as agricultural products, cement, oil, and gas. They were also targeting the potential for transit traffic. The line into the interior would link iron-ore deposits in the Sabha area with a major steel mill on the coast at Misratah. Back in 1998, traffic was forecast at 5.2 million passengers and up to 23 million tonnes of freight a year.

There have been no operational railways in Libya since 1965, but various lines existed in the past. The Italian-built line once linked Suluq, Banghazi and Al Marj, but this ceased to operate in 1965. An extensive  3170 km national railway network was being developed and under construction since 2001. This ambitious project will plug the missing link in North Africa’s rail network and could one day provide rail connections to landlocked countries to the south of Libya. The aim is to connect Egypt with Tunisia by building 2300km of new railway along the coast, have a 1000km line inland to Sabha and extensions to Chad and Niger to link up with the railways in Nigeria and Sudan.

The Great Socialist Libyan Arab Jamahiriya started to allocate and budget bn for these two major routes in 2001 and increased through time.

The network will in due course have 96 stations and was to be built in four stages:

  • Stage 1 Ras Ejder – Surt;
  • Stage 2 Surt – Banghazi;
  • Stage 3 Banghazi – Emessaad;
  • Stage 4 Surt – Sabha, plus the branch to Tarot.

The first standard gauge single track railway started construction in January 2001 to run parallel to the coast from Ras Ejder on the Tunisian border, via Surt, to Emesaad on the Egyptian border, ultimately creating a through route between the three countries. The line serves 10 ports, which between them handle 10 to 15 million tonnes of freight each year. From Surt another line will run 1000 km south to Sabha, with a branch to Tarot.

Construction began in 2008 on lines running east to west along the country’s Mediterranean coast and south to Sabha, in the centre of the country. Outside Tripoli, a sleek model train sits on newly constructed tracks. Inside, in first class, white sofas line the cabin. Business class has shiny blue chairs arranged around tables.

The government says the completed network will employ more than 1,000 Libyan technicians.

In 2007, a consortium of Italy’s Finmeccanicacompanies Ansaldo STS and Selex Communications received a €247 million contract from Russian Railways subsidiaryZarubezhstroyteknologiya to provide signalling, automation, telecommunications, power supply, security, and ticketing systems for Libya’s 551km Surt-Benghazi line.

Ansaldo STS leads the consortium with an 81.8% share, which equates to around €202 million, and includes the installation of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), interlockings, trackside equipment, the control centre, and power supplies. The work covered by the contract will take around three years to complete.

The 551km Surt – Benghazi section is the first phase of a line that will stretch along the length of Libya’s Mediterranean coast from Tunisia to Egypt. The line will initially use diesel locomotives operating at up to 160km/h, although it will later switch to electric traction with a maximum operating speed of 250km/h.

Last year Ansaldo STS was awarded the signalling, telecommunications, and power supply contract for both sections, as well as the 992km inland branch from Al Hishah to Waddan and Sabha.

China Railway Construction was building the adjoining 352km Surt-Misratah-Al Khums sectionand the 172km western stretch of the line between Tripoli and the Tunisian border at Ras Adjir.

One line, to be completed by 2012, is to extend westwards from Surt some 352km along the Mediterranean coast to Misratah and Al Khums, involving the construction of 26 stations and 55 bridges.

The other project, running 810km from north to south through mainly desert, will link Misratah to Sabha (about 400km north of the Libyan border with Niger/Chad) and is scheduled for completion by 2011.

China Railway Group Limited has 46 subsidiaries, including 28 wholly owned subsidiaries, 15 holding subsidiaries, 4 branch companies and 3 joint venture subsidiaries. In the year of 2005 and 2006, China Railway was the forth and third largest construction company in the world, respectively. In 2007, CREC was ranked 342nd in the Fortune Global 500 companies, and listed the 417th in the World’s 500 Most Influential Brands and the 13th in China’s Top 500 Enterprises.

With that impressive background, you can just imagine that  Gaddafi was serious about building Libya.

China Railway Group, China’s biggest railroad builder suspended its three projects in Libya in March 2011 due to the chaos.The total contract value of the three rail projects is billion, of which billion worth of construction has not been completed. The contract value of the uncompleted work in Libya accounts for 2.3 percent of its overall portfolio of unfinished jobs.

The firm won bids in 2008 to build a 352-kilometre west-to-east coastal railway and a south-to-west railway that would facilitate the transportation of iron ore from the southern city Sebha to Misurata.

Its third project is a 172-kilometre railway that extends from Tripoli, Libya’s capital, to the key Ras Jedeir port in the west.

China State Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd. (China Construction), founded by  four global Top 500 enterprises: China State Construction Engineering Corp.(CSCEC), China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Baosteel Group Corp.Ltd. and Sinochem Corporation is China’s leading off-shore construction outsourcing company  signed construction contracts amounting to 17.6 billion yuan ( billion) in Libya since 2007. More than half of the projects are still underway, but now suspended all its projects in Libya due to uncertainties.

The China Railway Construction Corporation holds separate contracts in Libya, covering the 625km of route westwards from Surt to Al Khums, Tripoli and Ras Ejder on the Tunisian border, and an 800km line southwards from Misratah to iron ore deposits inland near Sabha.

On April 17, 2008 in Tripoli, President Vladimir Yakunin of Rossiiskie Zheleznie Dorogi (RZhD – the Russian State Railway), who won the tender bid, and the secretary of the National Committee for organizing the management and implementation of railway projects in Libya as an engineer Saeed Rashid signed a contract for construction of the railway Sirt – Benghazi. The cost of this project was 2.2 billion euros. I had employed 438 people on construction work, which is expected to take four years. In all, it is expected that a total of 3,500 local and Russian workers will help build the line.

The essence of the project Sirt – Benghazi is to build a modern high-speed double-track railway line extending more than 550 km with a width of 1435 mm, which runs along the Mediterranean coast and connect the major cities of Libya, and will become part of an international transport corridor in the north of Africa.

At one stage of the project envisaged the use of diesel traction at speeds of up to 160 km / h on the 2nd stage of construction after the electrification of the way and the transition to electric traction rate will increase to 250 km / h through the double track alignment . Thus, Libya has become not just a rail power, but also enters the pool of countries with high-speed rail links.

The project plans includes the building of 1,000 structures, including 30 rail and 23 road bridges, and six major and 24 minor stations.

Since 2010 the Ras Lanuf station was on its way to completion. Some of the heavy construction and railway equipment were delivered, including a track-laying machine, flat wagons and a 100 tonne crane.

June 11 Stadium was being rehabilitated by TRIARENAa Spanish company founded in 2009 with founding partners URSSA S. COPNORTENIDM and PYCSA INFRAESTUCTURAS. specializing in Spanish technology and experience in the fields of engineering, services and construction. They have an official presence both in Spain and Libya. They are the ones who are realizing the design and construction of the sports facilities that Gaddafi with the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya have decided to build in their sovereign soil.

Several of the TRIARENA’s projects in Libya involve the Official Candidature of the City of Tripoli for the Organization of the XVIIIth Mediterranean Games in 2017. They are developing three projects in the “Sports Park” in Tripoli for this event. The buildings are: the Prototype of Swimming and Diving  Pool, the reform of the “Great Man Made River Stadium” and the rehabilitation of the June 11th Athletic Stadium.

Here is an overview of the several projects they have been working on since 2010 in preparations for the 2013 African Cup and 2017 Mediterranean Games.

There are 5 prototypes of football stadiums in Libya with 12.000 with 12.000 spectators that were planned. These were already being put to place since May 2010. These projects are meant to improve the facilities of the country to manage international sports events such as FIFA, Africa Cup of Nations or the Mediterranean Games.

Placed in the Sports park, a multisport complex in downtown Tripoli, the Great Man Made River Stadium, with a capacity of 4852 spectators, is an old velodrome, restructured to host a football pitch in 2000. However, this pitch was partially covered by the existing roof and was not meeting FIFA international requirements. In order to meet these standards an integral renovation had to take place. The roof was demolished  on  2010 and a new bigger pitch is being placed over the existing one.

On November 22, 2010, the assembly of the roof for theGreat Man Made River Stadium began. Here was the completed demolition and the dismantling of the old roof.

Around the same week, the Misurata Football Stadium construction started. This new stadium is to have a capacity of 21.000 spectators.

The Benghazi stadium was simultaneously being built with the others. It is a multi-sports center with 5.500 spectators designed to host international games of basketball, volleyball and handball.


In September 2007, the Libyan government announced a project to upgrade and expand the Tripoli International Airport. The airport is the largest in the nation and the hub for Libyan Airlines, Afriqiyah Airways and Buraq Air.  The completed airport is expected to strengthen Libya’s position as an African aviation hub.

Although the Libyan government identified Tripoli airport as a “fast track” project in 2007, leading to construction work starting before the design was fully developed, the project was expected to finish May 2011 or so. The cost of the project has also been rising, leading to an intense round of renegotiations.

However, the airport closed as a result of United Nations Security Council establishing a no-fly zone over Libya on March 2011.

The expansion plans and total cost of the project, contracted to a joint venture between Brazil’sOdebrecht Engineering and Construction –through its subsidiary in Portugal Bento Pedroso Construções – BPC (50% participation); Turkey’s TAV – Tepe Akfen (25%), Lebanon’s CCC – Consolidated Contractors Company (25%),France’s Vinci Construction is LD 2.54 billion ( billion). The project was to construct two new terminals at the airport (an East Terminal and a West Terminal) on either side of the existing International Terminal.

Each of the new terminals are 162,000 square metres (1,740,000 sq ft) in size, and collectively they have a capacity of 20 million passengers and a parking lot for 4,400 vehicles. French company Aéroports de Paris designed the terminals, which are to serve 100 aircraft simultaneously.

The two buildings have 325,130 square meters. Each terminal comprises four main areas: The central building is 230 meters by 230 meters; the double concourse is 315 meters long and 40 meters wide; a single-long, 535 meters long by 30 meters wide concourse; and a single-short at 350 meters by 30 meters. Those main areas will be subdivided into Underground, comprising services and technical areas and the luggage system; the Ground Level Floor will hold the passengers lounge and the luggage pick-up section; the Level 1 will be employed mainly for passengers’ disembarkation; and the Level 2, the largest of them, at 71 thousand square meters, for national and international flights boarding and to hold restaurants, shops and the duty-free area. Each terminal will boast 78 check-in positions, the 410-meter luggage carousel for luggage pick-up and sixteen gates with double boarding/disembark bridges. This combination will allow for the movement of passengers in and out of 60 aircrafts at the same time. Most of the building will be in reinforced concrete and precast slabs set over more than 7,000 in-site molded concrete pillars. The 105 thousand square meters metallic roof will be supported by a finely finished metallic structure (pillars and tresses).

Work started in October 2007 on the first new terminal. The initial capacity is 6 million passengers when the first module came into operation. The second new terminal is to have the total capacity to 20 million passengers.

The French company, VINCI Construction Grands Projets (65%), in a consortium with Libyan Development Company or Lidco (35%), signed a €55 million ( million) contract on 13 November 2008 to build the control tower for the new Tripoli airport. The contract covers civil engineering and all the technical and architectural building trades (€42 million/ million), as well as airport infrastructure (€13 million/ million). The work took 18 months.

The principal earthworks (20,000 cubic metres), bored piles (24 piles with a diameter of 1.20 metres and depth of 30 metres) and concrete foundations of the control tower and the shaft and foundations for the plant room were completed. The new tower will enable the airport’s capacity to increase from 2 million to 20 million passengers a year.

VINCI Construction Grands Projets also completed the Al Gardabiya Assdada pumping stations as part of the Great Man Made River Project in Libya. This vast project, which was launched at the beginning of the 1980s for a period of 25 years, aims to supply water to the coastal regions with a view to developing agriculture and meeting domestic and industrial needs.

For our extensive report on the Great Man Made River, please read Greed over Libyan Secret Treasure: Blue Gold.

This amazing construction became a prime target for NATO bombings on July 2011 and deprived the Libyans clean drinking water, which is a complete violation of Geneva Conventions that the United Nations has ignored.

READ: CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY: NATO hits Libyan Great Man Made River; Russia and China, act now please!

The March 28 Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Benghazi, Libya and part of the Benghazi Sports City. The name of the stadium commemorates March 28, in which British Forces were asked to relinquish their military base rights in Libya and leave the country. The stadium is sometimes used by the Libya national football team although it is not as popular a choice as the capital’s 11th of June Stadium.

As of 2009, the stadium has been closed, and demolition work began in 2009 for the construction of a new stadium. The planned new stadium is supposed to be a 45,000 all seater stadium. Thomas Phifer and Partners, a New York based architectural firm won the international competition for the design of the new stadium. The Benghazi Sports City Soccer Stadium Project renderings were visualized by MIR, aNorwegian company based in Bergen, Norway.

The construction work is part of a general restructuring of the entire Medina al-Riyadhia (Sports City) site, in which another all seater stadium will be built. Construction work was expected to finished by August 31, 2011, in time for Libya’s hosting of the 2013 African Cup of Nations.

Whilst construction has been taking place, Benghazi’s football clubs have been using the Martyrs of February Stadium.


Odebrecht is the first Brazilian company to complete a public project in the USA by building a stretch of the Metromover, Miami’s above-ground subway. Soon after, in 1992, Odebrecht was responsible for building Route 56, a highway in the region of San Diego, California. The construction company has completed 55 projects throughout its 21 year history operating in the USA and is currently present in Florida and Louisiana. Odebrecht’s legacy can be seen in California, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Founded in Bahia in 1944, Odebrecht Engenharia & Construção is currently the largest company in the sector in Latin America. With earnings of over R$ 18.7 billion (circa billion) in 2009, 70% of its revenues originate from projects abroad. It is present on the three Americas, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and employs some 87,000 people.

The company, which has already completed nearly 2,000 projects in 35 different countries, provides integrated services in the areas of engineering, supply, construction, assembly and management of projects in the civil construction, industrial and special technology areas. Odebrecht Engineering & Construction includes six companies, consolidated in 2010, based on the business or geographic area of operations: Odebrecht Energia, Odebrecht Industrial, Odebrecht Infraestrutura, Odebrecht Latin America and Angola, Odebrecht Venezuela and Odebrecht International.

In 2009, Odebrecht finished building the Doraleh container terminal in Djibuti, and rebuild over 240 km of railroad for Arcelor Mittal in Liberia. Among its current projects, worthy of note are the Tripoli Airport (Libya) and the construction of an ethanol plant in Ghana, with Libya in a grind halt until further notice.

In 1993, they constructed the Seven Oaks Dam project in California, in the amount of million, with a construction period of 52 months. During this same year, they were also responsible for the construction work on the Merrill Barber Bridge and the Golden Glades viaduct, which extends 2,464 meters to serve those who use the I-95 system, the federal highway that goes from Southern Florida to Canada. As a result of these projects, Odebrecht was chosen to erect Garcon Point Bridge in Santa Rosa Bay, at the border between Florida and Alabama.

One of the company’s main clients is Miami-Dade County – with projects in the sector of aviation and mass transportation. The partnership has existed since 1993, when the construction company was responsible for building the American Airlines cargo building. Odebrecht was responsible for the American Airlines Arena, a sports and cultural complex in Miami, where it competed for the contract with major U.S. companies. It also built the Fortune Housebuilding, an apart hotel with 29 floors, the Ocean Steps building, with 15 residential floors, and the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Resort & Spa, a residential hotel project.

In 2010, the company was responsible for expanding the North Terminals of the Miami International Airport, building the lightweight vehicle that will run on the tracks (Mia Mover) and extending the subway (Airport Link). The North Terminal Development Program, which involves investments of billion, is the center of a bigger venture, worth billion, called the “Capital Improvement Program.”

The complete project includes 52 new gates, four train stations, new installations for the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services, 123 counters, 119 self-service kiosks, 72 federal inspection service posts and a new luggage system. In September 2010, the Sky Train operation began running, connecting the ends of the four main areas of the North Terminal in under five minutes. It is estimated that the program will be completed in 2011, while the construction work for the South Terminal began in 2001 and was completed in 2007. The project included Concourse J, a lobby with 15 departure gates for national and international flights, Concourse H, which already existed and was modernized, as well as a patio that surrounds the area of these buildings.

Also at the Miami International Airport, Odebrecht headed the construction of the MIA Mover, an automatic vehicle that runs on tracks and will connect the Miami International Airport (MIA) to the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC), a terminal that connects different transportation services. The development, the result of a million investment, is to be completed last month, September 2011.

Another project is the construction of the Airport Link, which will connect MIC at the airport to the Earlington Heights subway station. With an investment of million, the project extends nearly four kilometers, with the construction of three subway substations, a bus stop and highway access points.

Odebrecht was also at the Orlando Airport, working on the North Transversal taxi strip and South Terminal Complex. The project also involved the construction of access ramps and new viaducts.

In New Orleans since 2006, Odebrecht won two contracts in 2010 in the city. In August, it signed a contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers to undertake preventive construction work for floods. In May, the company began constructing four water pumping stations, with aims of preventing floods caused by hurricanes. The company also delivered projects at Cataouatche Lake and in the region of Chalmette, work designed to reconstruct and fortify containment dikes. The construction works are part of the Hurricane Storm Damage Risk Reduction System (HSDRRS), which consists of 250 different projects and involves total investments of billion.

On February 27, 2011, their 3,558 employees of 35 nationalities left the country without any reported incidents. The flight chartered by the company arrived to Malta, with 445 passengers on board, together with a ship with 1,889 passengers on board. From Malta, the individuals continued on to their countries of origin through connecting flights.


The sign with Hugo Chavez’s name on it still stands at the entrance to the stadium, but the new name is emblazoned on its walls in red graffiti.

The 11,000 seat stadium in Benina, outside Benghazi, was named after the left-wing Venezuelan leader in 2009.

The Libyan Football Federation said it wanted to honor him for his “brave humanitarian positions,” particularly in support of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The Libya versus Syria soccer match marked the opening of the Chavez Stadium in Benghazi on March 5, 2009. NUSSLI built Libya’s second-largest stadium with two project managers, one site manager and 40 assembly staff from altogether 1,150 tonnes of material.

The permanent football stadium was planned and constructed within a space of only nine months despite delays in importing materials and some challenging on-site conditions. In addition to providing capacity for 10,500 spectators, the prestigious stadium has a glass-partitioned VIP zone with separate entrance, 24 media seats, three camera towers, a separate platform for the disabled, four floodlight masts and state-of-the-art BOSE stadium sound systems.

2008 NUSSLI received the order to realize a representative football stadium in Benghazi, Libya for 10,500 visitors. Being executed by two project managers and one site manager it took 40 assemblers five months to set up the stadium out of 1,150 tons of material. The material was supplied via 85 freight containers.

NUSSLI specializes on grandstands/bleachers and modular stadiums, booth constructions and pavilion constructions along with the overall delivery of event structures and exhibition structures.

Besides  a VIP area which is separated by glass and offers an extra access via a bridge, the football stadium in Benghazi is a permanent stadium and comes with 24 media-desks for press and TV, three camera towers and a separate platform for handicapped people. The stadium offers an ideal stadium-atmosphere due to completely closed corners, a FIFA redundant grandstand- and stadium-lighting as well as four floodlight-poles and a very modern BOSE stadium-PA-system.

Material import and local conditions imposed a rather special challenge upon realizing the stadium in Benghazi. Despite long waiting periods due to import delay NUSSLI planned and assembled the stadium within nine months.

Again, how did Gaddafi and the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Council of peoples misallocated properties?


In France, trying to separate football from politics is a little like trying to separate the Brazilian national team from the color yellow; the two are synonymous in world soccer.

Mr Sarkozy has long seen rebellion in the football stadiums as a threat to law and order and the nation. As Interior Minister in 2003, he reacted to the jeering of the Marseillaise by bringing in a law that made it an offence to insult the national flag or anthem, on pain of six months in jail and a (ca. ) fine.

A big football fan, Sarkozy has been criticized from some quarters for turning football into an affair of the state.

In Deputy Thierry Mariani, a member of Sarkozy’s UMP party, words, ”That the president (Sarcozy) is taking charge of football is not a normal situation but we are not facing a normal situation. Football is part of our country’s image. Restoring our image is the head of state’s duty.”

Here is how Sarcozy takes his football/soccer game seriously: Sarkozy cancelled a scheduled meeting with non-governmental organisations to discuss the upcoming Group of 20 summit to make time for Henry, France’s top goal-scorer of all time.

The disgraced French football squad arrived back in Paris morning of June 2010 and while most of the players took connecting flights to other parts of the country, striker Thierry Henry was whisked away in a presidential car – complete with police escort – for a meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace.

What exactly was said in the 90 minute meeting (38 minutes longer than the sum total of Henry’s appearances during France’s disastrous World Cup campaign) will remain a private matter, according to the Palace, but safe to say events in South Africa featured prominently.

Henry avoided the 100 or so reporters and photographers massed outside the palace by arriving and departing by a back entrance. There wasn’t even a posed handshake with the president to satisfy the press, though with a seven-inch height difference between the 6ft 2in Henry and the self-consciously short Sarkozy, that was never realistically on the cards. (The two are pictured above with Nicolas Anelka, whose behaviour sparked the French team’s mutiny against its coach, in 2008.)

But whatever words were exchanged between the two men they won’t quell the growing anger at what many see as unnecessary presidential interference in a sporting matter.

Cecile Duflot, national secretary of the Green Party, said Sarkozy’s decision to see Henry on the day an estimated two million French men and women are demonstrating against retirement reform “verges on the indecent” because he is “ignoring the worries that many French people have about the future”.

And there was further outcry when it emerged that in order to accommodate Henry, Sarkozy had cancelled a meeting with Jean-Louis Vielajus, president of Coordination Sud, a non-governmental organisation that had planned, to discuss poverty in the developing world ahead of  G20 summit in Toronto.

A question puzzling many sports writers is ‘Why Henry?’ He was neither captain nor a regular starter in the France World Cup team, instead being employed by coach Raymond Domenech as a second-half substitute. Why didn’t Sarkozy summon captain Patrice Evra to the Elysee Palace, or star player Franck Ribery, or why not the entire squad for a formal dressing down?

Striker and former captain Thierry Henry was summoned to talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy when the team arrived home and following calls from government officials for change at the top of its football federation, Escalettes, the coach was asked to resign on June 2010.

Sarcozy has reacted with a mix of humiliation and anger to their team’s elimination from the tournament after two defeats, one draw, a players’ strike and squabbles in the dressing room.

That meeting wasn’t the first time Sarkozy and Henry have spoken man to man. In May 2009, after Henry had helped Barcelona beat Manchester United to win the Champions League, Sarkozy reportedly phoned Henry to say: “You are the incarnation of the France that wins. You must come to see me at the Elysee. We must help the country out of its torpor. With men like you, we can manage to reignite our people.”

Perhaps you can say that when Sarkozy made that call in 2009, he had one eye on the 2010 World Cup, harboring visions of emulating his predecessor Jacques Chirac, whose popularity soared on the back of France’s 1998 World Cup triumph. Chirac had been struggling to make an impression with the French people in the 12 months prior to that World Cup and Les Bleus’ victory boosted his image.

Unfortunately the French vintage of 2010 have shamed the country and Sarkozy has embarked on a programme of damage limitation to ensure his government is seen to be taking a hard line with those involved. Apparently, Roselyne Bachelot, the Minister for Health and Sport, had asked the president if she could return home after the 2-0 defeat to Mexico, but Sarkozy ordered her to remain in South Africa, telling Bachelot that it would seem like a dereliction of duty if she fled before the bitter end.

“We will settle the bill back in France,” he told her, and that is what he’s now doing. Sarkozy met with Bachelot and Prime Minister Francois Fillon earlier in the week to discuss how best to reform French football, and he’s also made it clear the squad is to receive no remuneration for their woeful efforts in South Africa.

And so a year after Sarkozy told Henry he was the incarnation of a successful France, he met the player to ask why he and his teammates were losers. At least Sarcozy turned to his wife for comfort – Carla Bruni’s Italy was just as hopeless as France in the World Cup.

In 2010, Sarkozy needed an image boost of his own right now. Three months ago his ruling UMP party was annihilated in the regional elections, and the President must have been hoping his football team would come to his rescue.

We are pretty sure he is not going to use the death of Gaddafi, whom they’ve murdered, as trophy, with of course a football/soccer stadium in his name to dangle. But he still got other controversial crimes he is connected with right now. He is not home free yet.

FOOTBALL is a real hot topic in diplomacy

Algeria and Qatar are now having diplomatic tensions over the Gulf state’s support for NATO-backed Libyan rebels and taking it onto the football/soccer field.

Algerian media claims the Gulf state’s sovereign wealth fund, the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), of seeking to undermine Algeria’s soccer prospects by offering Algerian players in Europe large sums of money and Qatari citizenship if they move to its national team. The media have not identified specific instances and no Algerian player has recently packed up his bags and moved to Qatar.

Qatar, which will host the 2022 World Cup, was several years ago slapped on its fingers by world soccer body FIFA for trying to lure Latin American players with promises of money and citizenship. FIFA has since tightened the rules governing the acquisition of foreigners for national teams. The Algerian media charge that the approach to the country’s soccer players is part of a Qatari effort to damage the Algerian economy by buying strategic Algerian assets.

In response to the allegations, Qatar has reportedly stopped issuing visas to Algerians.

Algeria charges that Qatari financial and material support of the rebel Libyan Transition National Council (TNC), which has effectively replaced Colonel Moammar Qaddafi as the troubled country’s sole legal authority involves aiding Al Qaeda’s North African franchise, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). Qatar is “funnelling hundreds of millions of dollars to fund and fuel the TNC and its various branches, including the army of Al Qaeda,” said an Algerian newspaper editorial.

Relations between Algeria and the Libyan rebels are fraught. Rebel officials have accused Algeria of backing Mr. Qaddafi in the country’s civil war, an allegation Algeria has denied. Algerian officials, despite Arab League recognition of the TNC, say they will not recognize the Libyan rebels as the new leadership of its neighbor until they have received a strong commitment that the new government will fight AQIM.


I know many in my circles are not happy nor are going to be very happy when they read this. My UN mentor will be in utter outrage if he finds this out because Col. Gaddafi was not guilty of all that France, UK, and USA charges. They were a set up.

My heart is heavy. Gaddafi was a sweet, honest, and no bullshit kind of man. He loved his people. I will remember him and his legacy.

I am deeply saddened by the lack of action from many. I am concerned about Humanity right now. We have criminalized TRUTH and elevated lies. Over what? Worship of power, corruption and greed. Lives do not mean much anymore.

Where is peace, truth, honor, personal integrity and justice?

Today is the darkest night for Humanity. I am still hopeful. For they say, it is darkest before dawn.

Meanwhile, we mourn. Tomorrow, we pick ourselves up. The fight for justice and peace is not over. Far from it. We just begun.


AUTHOR: Lady Michelle Jennifer Santos – TSR Founder & Publisher and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations (BIOGRAPHY here.)


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Communiqué de LVO: Séchez vos larmes et continuez la lutte, celui qu’on vous a montré n’était pas Mouammar Al-Kadhafi.

   International (LVO) : Selon des rapports qui viennent de nous parvenir, le martyre humilié et présenté comme étant Mouammar Al-Kadhafi, dans les vidéos et photographies qui ont fait le tour du monde, a été identifié et s’appelle en réalité Ali Majid Al Andalus, il était un habitant de Syrte et était célèbre en Libye pour sa ressemblance avec le frère guide de la révolution El Fateh.

Nous publions ce communiqué afin de mettre fin le plus rapidement possible à la confusion qui sert la guerre psychologique de l’OTAN qui a innondé la toile de fausses nouvelles, de faux communiqués, de faux documents, de faux sites libyens, contaminant les reseaux sociaux et, malheureusement, aussi certains sites amis de la Libye.

L’homme sur la photo, avec le trou de balle dans la tête, n’est pas Mouammar al Kadhafi, mais son sosie, il se faisait  appeler “Ahmid”, Regardez son nez et comparez-le avec celui du vrai mouammar Al-Kadhafi.

Ali Majid Al Andalus

Mouammar Al-Kadhafi

Nous tenons cette information de plusieurs source dignes de confiance et nous vous demandons de vous mobiliser plus que jamais, afin d’oeuvrer à la mise à jour de la vérité et pour que soit mis fin aux guerres injustes contre la Grande Jamahiriya Arabe Libyenne et partout ailleurs comme en Irak, en Afghanistan ainsi que celles que les prédateurs voudraient lancer contre la Syrie et l’Algérie par exemple.

Nous demandons aux populations européennes et américaines ainsi que tous les peuples du monde de multiplier leurs actions de toutes leurs forces avec tous leurs moyens à disposition et de mettre en place toute initiative concertée pour faire en sorte que l’OTAN et tous leurs complices à travers le monde soient mis définitivement “echec et mat”. Il en va de l’avenir de l’humanité. Ne laissez pas votre avenir et celui des générations futures entre les mains des dangereux psychopathes criminels.

Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron et l’ignoble Albellajil savent très bien que celui qu’ils ont fait assassiner n’était pas Kadhafi Mouammar. Ils ont utilisé cet innocent uniquement pour leur opération psychologique en le faisant lyncher par les voyous armés du CNT devant les caméras. Cela sert plusieurs objectifs dont ceux d’humilier le Guide d’une part et salir l’image de l’Islam d’autre part.

La raison pour laquelle Jalil s’est empressé de déclarer la sharia en Libye est de faire porter la responsabilité des crimes des pays de l’OTAN sur le dos des musulmans et de l’Islam, alors qu’en réalité ce sont des types drogués par les services secrets des pays de l’OTAN qui n’ont rien à voir avec l’Islam qui ont commis ces crimes.

C’est une guerre contre l’Islaam. Une fois que ces monstres de mercenaires de l’OTAN auront commis suffisamment de crimes devant les caméras du monde entier, avec l’aide des pays de lOTAN, ces derniers auront alors toutes les excuses pour massacrer encore plus les populations et amplifier leurs guerres pour renforcer leur contrôle sur les pays musulmans qui seront vues comme des sociétés sauvages et barbares. L’islam aura été discrédité et ils pourront tranquillement proposer et faire accepter leur fameux projet du soit disant Nouvel Ordre Mondial.

L’opération de déstabilisation psychologique de l’OTAN doit être retenue pour toujours par les citoyens du monde entier, comme une leçon.

La Voix des Opprimés, stcom.net


Selon de nouveaux rapports, les mercenaires de l’OTAN ont demandé à l’OTAN de poursuivre les opérations de terreur en continuant ses bombardements sur la population libyenne pendant un mois suplémentaire, malgré le fait qu’ils ont affirmé que l’occupation est achevée.

Ceci intervient après que une petite foule de meneurs de L’OTAN ait célébré l’occupation de l’OTAN sur la Place Verte, des images ont montré environ 100 personnes avec des drapeaux monarques célébrant la sestruction et le carnage de la Libye

Petits accrochages à Ras Lanuf

Des affrontements ont éclaté petits dans l’Ouest de Ras Lanuf entre les Forces de défense libyen (FDL) et les mercenaires de l’OTAN, selon de nouvelles sources. Le nombre de victimes n’est pas encore connue. Selon une source libyenne des affrontements ont éclaté lorsque les FDL ont attaqué un poste de contrôle entre As Sidr et l’aéroport de Ras Lanuf.

A suivre…

Hassan Alliby pour tous les opprimés

Washington’s agenda revealed: US-backed rebels ask NATO to ‘stay in Libya’

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Patrick Henningsen

26 October 2o11

It seems that Libya’s US-backed Rebels don’t quite possess the stomach for regime change that their bosses in Washington DC and London have.

The west’s new vichy-style government in Libya, aka the ‘National Transitional Council’ (NTC) have now asked NATO to still until 2012, this allegedly in order ‘to stop Gaddafi loyalists fleeing’.

It’s more likely, however, that the rebels are fearing reprisals from the thousands of innocent Libyans who have been maimed, raped and whose family members have been killed in the name of NATO’s liberation of Libya. The list of atrocities done in their name seems to be endless, with new reports of Rebel mass graves and executions coming out daily.

Of course, nothing defines NTC’s barbaric nature better than the brutal execution of Moammar Gaddafi, beaten and shot to death, along with members of his family in Sirte on Thurs. Yes, these are the violent animals that US President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and British PM David Cameron have backed and fought alongside of in the war for Libya’s riches.

Call it mission creep, or call it 21st century imperialism, but it’s very easy to gather from this latest move that the NTC were never stable enough to facilitate thew huge number of US and European multinational companies who are currently being lined up for hundreds of new ‘reconstruction projects’ and contracts in the country.

Far from being in control of the country and able to govern, it appears that NATO’s NTC rag-tag band of international al-Qaida mercenaries and tribal paramilitary gangs do not have anything near a mandate by the people to rule Libya, as western TV audiences been led to believe for the last 9 months.

The London Guardian reported today on this latest bombshell, announced at a meeting with the US brokered military alliance in Qatar on Wednesday, where  NTC interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil announced:

“We look forward to Nato continuing its operations until the end of the year,” said Jalil, adding that stopping the flight of Gaddafi supporters to other countries was a priority. “We seek technical and logistics help from neighbouring and friendly countries,” 

Among other illegalities which contravene the UN’s flimsy Resolution 1973, which only allowed for a no-fly zone over Libya, Qatar stood in for the US as far back as March 2011, when it recognised the NTC as the legitimate authority in Libya. Writing its own rules, Qatar then went ahead to supply NATO-Rebel fighters with military provisions, heavy weaponry and more than m (m) in cash towards regime change.

Worse yet, it was revealed today that the Qatari government has provided boots on the ground in support of the US and NATO’s plan for regime change in Libya. According to Ahram Online:

For the first time, Qatar reveals that it had soldiers on the ground across Libya assisting in the fight against Gaddafi’s regime, with the country to play a major role in integrating the rebels into the Libyan military…

“We were among them and the numbers of Qataris on the ground were hundreds in every region,” said Qatari chief of staff Major General Hamad bin Ali Al-Atiya.

Under international law, this move by long-time US puppet Qatar is a flagrant violation of UN 1973, and other international laws, a crime of opportunity which should place Qatar firmly in international court.

The US agenda in Libya was always to exact regime change- but without getting its hands dirty by being caught in public with troops on the ground. In this twisted operation, it assigned the job of fall guy to its chief partner in the Middle East, Qatar.

  • A D V E R T I S E M E N T

But now it appears that the US and Britain are both reported to have had special forces troops on the ground in Libya in the run-up to Gaddafi’s assassination last week.

Israeli intelligence news serviceDEBKA quoted US sources who admit that American drones kept Gaddafi’s home in Sirte under surveillance, while it was surrounded by US and British forces.

American sources are willing to admit that US drones operated by pilots from Las Vegas pinpointed the fugitive ruler’s hideout in Sirte and kept the building under surveillance for two weeks, surrounded by US and British forces.

Both therefore had boots on the ground in breach of the UN mandate which limited NATO military intervention in Libya to air strikes.

In addition, US emirate puppet Qatar put its hands in the cookie jar very early on, providing the marketing and facilitating the selling of rebel-controlled Libyan oil exports beginning in March – oil which, under Gaddafi, was used to pay government salaries and state benefits on which most families depend. That system is now in chaos, as NTC Rebels and assorted western companies scramble to carve up the country’s state-owned assets and natural resources.

The UK was then next to join in the party, when on Oct 4th, independent oil and gas explorer Heritage Oil became the first foreign firm to pump Libyan oil thanks to its acquisition of a Benghazi-based oil company.

  • A D V E R T I S E M E N T

Qatar has stated yesterday that it will remain in Libya as the US proxy. Military commander Atiya said yesterday, that following the eventual departure of NATO troops in 2012, a new “international coalition”, led by Qatar would oversee “military training, collecting weapons, and integrating the rebels in newly established military institutions.” What is not mentioned here, is that any Qatari military operation will be accompanied by its numerous US advisers, as well as US military equipment, and CIA intelligence support.

And so it begins. “The liberation of Libya”, to be divided up by a series of multinational companies, along with a permanent attachment of US and European military specialists.

In a few months time, internal struggles will be rife and naturally, NATO will still be there- along with UN blue helmets. Whatever is left of the original NTC and their CIA contracted al-Qaida freedom fighters, will likely have ripped each other to pieces fighting over the scraps of wealth that are left by the US, Europe and Qatar.


This writer is not, as it was easily predicted on Oct 4th that NATO would be staying in Libya, and that there would be boots on the ground in 2012:



Naked, Bloody Imperialism or “We Came, We Saw, He Died”

Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley
Mon, 24 Oct 2011 14:27 CDT

Libya’s new ‘pro-Western’ leaders

Among the many comments we have read and received on the alleged death of Gaddafi, the one most often repeated goes something like this: ‘Gaddafi was a brutal dictator who deserved what he got‘. The widely-held belief (at least in Western nations) that Gaddafi was a ‘brutal dictator’ is the result of over 30 years of (primarily) US, British and French propaganda against the former Libyan leader. The reasons for this long-running propaganda campaign are many, but chief among them is the fact that Gaddafi was not only fiercely independent as regards his native land, but he persistently sought to bring financial independence to other African nations.

It’s The Media Stupid!

The average person in the street seems to find it difficult to grasp the idea that the ‘national interests’ of democratic governments often run counter to democratic ideals and that, in pursuing such interests, governments will attempt to maintain the appearance of remaining faithful to democratic ideals. Another way to say this is that governments will lie about their undemocratic activities in order to maintain a facade of democracy and thereby avoid disturbing the population. (For those who may have, understandably, forgotten the core democratic principles, check this link for a short refresher course.)

The maintenance of a democratic façade while pursuing undemocratic ‘interests’ is today only possible with the committed and almost unanimous connivance of the mainstream media, which unfailingly disseminates government propaganda to the people, and which the people in turn accept as gospel truth in the belief that the press is free and independent of government control. But virtually all Western mainstream media outlets today are owned by a handful of powerful corporations and mega-wealthy individuals who count high level members of Western governments among their close friends and confidants. The truth of this can easily be verified by anyone with a computer and a little time to do some research of their own. The extent of the actual freedom of the ‘free press’ can also be ascertained by revisiting the way in which the Western media blindly accepted and reported as truth government lies prior to and after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It is reasonable then to conclude that the Western media, by and large, acts as a ‘Ministry of Propaganda’ for Western governments, especially in situations where government(s) are pursuing policies that are at variance with democratic ideals.

So, in light of all that, let’s consider the question: “was Gaddafi really a ‘brutal dictator’?”

Gaddafi’s Real Crimes

Gaddafi with Mandela

Throughout his reign, Gaddafi insisted on a much larger (and fairer) share of his country’s oil profits than multinational oil companies were used to accepting. Indeed, in a 2009 talk given to students at Georgetown University, Gaddafi threatened to kick Western oil companies out of Libya altogether by nationalising its oil and natural gas. What is beyond dispute is that Gaddafi used his nation’s oil wealth to turn Libya into the most progressive and modern of all African nations. In a 2007 African executive magazine it was noted that Libya, “unlike other oil producing countries such as Nigeria [where major Western oil companies have a stranglehold on the government], utilised the revenue from its oil to develop its country.”

Throughout most of Gaddafi’s rule, Libyan citizens enjoyed free health care, free education and free electricity and water. Car purchases for every citizen were 50% subsidized by the government. Gas in Gaddafi’s Libya was per liter. Under this ‘brutal dictator’, the mother of every newborn child received All these, and many other social benefits under Gaddafi, make the supposedly socialist systems of France and other European nations look like predatory capitalist regimes. Today, with Gaddafi gone, Libya’s generous social benefits and the formerly high standard of living of its citizens are under serious threat from the new pro-Western puppet regime.

Gaddafi was also instrumental in establishing the African Union. He invested heavily and generously, to the tune of billion, in many other African nations. Throughout Africa, hospitals, schools, hotels and roads bear Gaddafi’s name as a sign of gratitude to the ‘brutal dictator’. Libyan investments have helped to connect most of Africa by telephone, television, radio broadcasting, etc. Many major African companies, in which Gaddafi had invested via the ‘Libya Arab Africa Investment Portfolio’, now face financial ruin as Libyan oil money is diverted to the West under Libya’s new rulers.

But undoubtedly the greatest threat posed by Gaddafi to NATO warmongers was his efforts to fast-track the creation of an African Monetary Fund and an African Central Bank and to establish the gold dinar as a pan-African currency (Libya has 144 tons of gold with a population of jut 6 million, no external debt and billion in cash reserves). Gaddafi’s idea was that African and Muslim nations would join together to create this new currency and use it to purchase oil and other resources to the exclusion of the dollar and other currencies. While a Russia Today report called it “an idea that would shift the economic balance of the world”, Gaddafi’s plans for a radical financial overhaul of African economies would undoubtedly have sounded the death knell for IMF looting of African economies, not to mention the ‘CFA Franc’, a colonial currency tied to the Euro and the French central bank and used in twelve formerly French-ruled African countries (hence the unbridled enthusiasm with which the French government joined the fray).

Peace Maker

Writing in April 2011 for the London Evening Post, writer Jean-Paul Pougala had this to say about Gaddafi:

For most Africans, Gaddafi is a generous man, a humanist, known for his unselfish support for the struggle against the racist regime in South Africa. If he had been an egotist, he wouldn’t have risked the wrath of the West to help the ANC both militarily and financially in the fight against apartheid. This was why Mandela, soon after his release from 27 years in jail, decided to break the UN embargo and travel to Libya on 23 October 1997. Mandela didn’t mince his words when the former US president Bill Clinton said the visit was an ‘unwelcome’ one: “No country can claim to be the policeman of the world and no state can dictate to another what it should do.” He added, “Those that yesterday were friends of our enemies have the gall today to tell me not to visit my brother Gaddafi, they are advising us to be ungrateful and forget our friends of the past.”

A “generous humanist”? Dare we say a genuine socialist? The late African freedom fighter, Kwame Ture, further characterised Gaddafi as ‘a diamond in a cesspool of African misleaders‘. “African misleaders” installed and financed by Western governments.

Writing in September this year in the Guardian, Julian Borger and Terry Macalister pointed out that Western oil companies had planned to carve up Libyan oil before the so-called ‘revolution’. Are we surprised? Is it mere coincidence that the NATO bombing campaign began on the 8th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq? The Egyptian uprising was more or less legitimate based on the psychopathic policies of a real ‘brutal dictator’ – Hosni Mubarak – who had brought millions of Egyptians to the brink of starvation. And take note how Mubarak was dealt with in comparison to Gaddafi. But no such conditions existed in socialist Libya.

The plain truth is that there was no widespread popular revolution against Gaddafi; there were only ever hired mercenaries, a well-orchestrated Western media campaign, which played out a script dictated to it from start to finish, heavy infiltration by military intelligence agentsof the US and European countries, and NATO bombs. Lots of NATO bombs.

Media War Lies

Perhaps all of this helps us to understand why, in July this year, huge crowds of Libyans thronged the streets of Tripoli in support of Gaddafiand why recent polls suggested that 90% of the Libyan population supported their ‘brutal dictator’. Perhaps we can also understand why images such as the one below are being touted by the Western media as ‘crowds of Libyans queuing to ‘gawp’ at the ‘brutal dictator’s dead body’:

Not very convincing ‘crowd’ queues to see the ‘brutal dictator’s body

See here for more ‘crowd’ pictures.

It should come as no surprise then to realise that allegations of ‘war crimes’ leveled at pro-Gaddafi forces and that Gaddafi “bombed his own people” during the NATO bombing campaign were simply a continuation of the decades-long demonisation of the Libyan Leader, and were designed to cover up the fact that, just as we saw during the prelude to the ‘humanitarian war to save Kosovars’ in 1999 (when “tremendous efforts were undertaken to discover evidence of war crimes“), it was NATO bombs which took the lives of thousands of Libyan civilians. During a bombing raid on 30 April, Gaddafi’s son, Saif el-Arab, 29, as well as three of his grandchildren, were killed. The four-month-old daughter of Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha was among those murdered.

Down The Rat Hole

Was it really Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who was dragged out of that ‘rat hole’? The story of Gaddafi’s ‘death’ strikes me as a little too similar to that of Saddam Hussein (pulled from a ‘spider hole’, ‘hiding like a rat’, etc.) and the images and videos that are doing the rounds on the mainstream media sites are far too grainy to be proof of anything. At least one of them (below) is clearly a doctored version of an image purportedly taken at the site of Osama Bin Laden’s death, which in itself could be taken as evidence that the same people were involved in both staged events.

Look at ‘Gaddafi’s’ left shoulder. The pictures of the dead men at ‘Bin Laden’s compound‘ contained one of a man with a toy ‘water gun’ beneath him. The gun was bright green, the blood was dark red, and the man wore a white shirt and had dark black hair. He also had one hand across his chest.

Here’s the original:

Déja vu

Look familiar? The CIA photoshopper simply flipped the image and put Gaddafi’s face on it. The water gun was moved slightly so that the orange on the gun is no longer visible. (Hat-tip to Pundit Press for pointing this out.)

The real Muammar al-Gaddafi has some rather distinctive facial features:

Note the ‘drooping eyelids’ and wrinkle lines

One distinctive feature is ptosis. Also called ‘drooping eyelid’, ptosis is caused by weakness of the muscle responsible for raising the eyelid, damage to the nerves that control those muscles, or looseness of the skin of the upper eyelids. Whether a genetic trait or a result of aging or plastic surgery, Gaddafi had it. The other distinctive feature is some marked ‘wrinkles’ extending diagonally from the corner of his eyes across his cheek-bones. Check any images of the ‘brutal dictator’ from the past few years and you’ll see these prominent lines in every image.

Now, check out the ‘dead Gaddafi’:

What happened to the ‘drooping eyelids’ and the wrinkle lines?

Same man?

In public appearances over the past few years, Gaddafi appeared with a respectable head of hair for a man his age.

Here he is with Berlusconi in 2009:

And another image taken during the same year:

While we were unable to find any images of the back of Gaddafi’s head, we think the above two provide a decent enough view to conclude that he had a significant amount of hair covering his whole head (marked receding on the front sides notwithstanding). Compare the above images with a still from the ‘capture video’ showing the top of the head of the man who was dragged out of the ‘rat hole’:

Thinning on top: ‘rat-hole Gaddafi’

Granted, in the first images of Gaddafi above, he could well be wearing a wig or hair-piece. Curiously enough, the Washington Post went out of its way to explain that DNA tests conducted by Libyan doctors on the man they pulled out of the ‘rat-hole’ confirmed that the hair on his head was not Moammar Gaddafi’s because the unlucky stooge was wearing a wig. What are we supposed to believe here? That they ran identity-verification tests on a wig?! Are they that stupid? Hardly. It’s more likely that they ran tests on real hair because clearly ‘rat hole Gaddafi’ DID have some hair. But when there was no match, the wig was set up to take the blame. What else are we to conclude from the comment in theWashington Post that “the hair was not Moammar Gaddafi’s” other than the man pulled from the rat hole was not Muammar Gaddafi?

Decades of Lies

We’re still eagerly awaiting the scenes of mass jubilation among Libyan citizens at the alleged demise of their ‘brutal dictator’. We suppose it might take a while to convince the 90% of the Libyan population which supports Gaddafi that a Western puppet government and economic occupation by Western corporations is actually a good thing.

The statements made by Western leaders about Gaddafi’s ‘crimes’ as they gloated over the brutal televised murder of some poor unfortunate in Libya were revolting, to me anyway.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that October 20th was:

“a day to remember all of Gaddafi’s victims, from those who died in connection with the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, to Yvonne Fletcher in a London Street, and obviously all of the victims of IRA terrorism who died through their use of Libyan Semtex.We should also remember the many many Libyans who died at the hands of this brutal dictator and his regime.”

Omitted from the end of Cameron’s statement was ‘and we should also remember that I’m lying through my teeth.’

Of course, British tabloids like The Sun, are only too happy to parrot Cameron’s nonsense in typically jingoistic fashion:

But let’s have a quick review of ‘Gaddafi’s crimes’ as reported by Cameron.

The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland. This was clearly a false-flag operation designed to demonise Libya. See thewebsite of the father of one of the victims, Dr. Jim Swire, for the evidence. Libya has never accepted responsibility for the bombing of Flight 103, but instead paid compensation to the families to “buy peace” i.e. attempted reintegration into the Western elite.

The murder of Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher in St. James’ Square, London, in April 1984. Blamed on Libya, there is in fact a wealth of evidence to support the theory that Fletcher was shot by a CIA/MI6 operative in an effort to, again, demonise Libya. Despite the fact that a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary spelled it out in scientific detail, Cameron is happy to propagate the lie.

The ‘victims of IRA terrorism’ through the use of Libyan Semtex. There is little doubt that, on a few occasions, the IRA leadership successfully bought Libyan weapons. There is also little doubt, however, that all alleged major IRA attacks which involved the death of civilians were the work of British intelligence. The British media’s mendacity and complicity in this lie was further exposed in September this year when it was revealed that a major British media network had taken CGI video footage from a violent computer game and passed it off as real video footage in an effort to portray Gaddafi as a supporter of terrorists:

The British network claimed it was “human error” that led to a scene from a computer game having “IRA film 1988” pasted on it as the narrator worked through a list of the past (non-existent) sins of Gaddafi for the British audience in September this year.

Also consider the following interesting link between alleged IRA attacks and the Lockerbie bombing. During the 1970s and early 1980s, one Dr. Thomas Hayes progressed to become Head of Department at the British Royal Armaments Research Establishment (RARDE). His testimony was central to the bogus Lockerbie verdict. A Parliamentary inquiry into the 1974 alleged IRA ‘Maguire Seven‘ bombing and mistrial discovered that key forensic evidence indicated the innocence of the accused. This evidence, which was known to Dr. Hayes and two RARDE colleagues, was not disclosed at the Maguire Seven trial. The Maguire Seven were eventually freed on appeal after spending fifteen years in jail.

That just gives you some small insight into the lengths to which Western governments and ‘intelligence agencies’ have gone (and are prepared to go) to ‘protect their interests’. With the mainstream media bought and paid for, global, corporate, fascist domination is a done deal unless we all wake up to the reality of the situation and start calling it for what it is – bullshit, through and through.

So yeah, Cameron et al gloating and lying to the cameras; Hilary Clinton just happening to be in Libya a few days ago and demanding Gaddafi ‘dead or alive’ one day before someone looking a bit like him is produced from a ‘rat-hole’ and then quickly executed and (soon to be) buried in a ‘secret location’ far from prying eyes; the deliberately conflicting stories of how he was killed being spread far and wide by the mainstream media; Gaddafi being feted (and armed) by British, French, American, Italian Prime Ministers and Presidents just a couple of years ago and then suddenly demonised as a ‘brutal dictator’ and his country and citizens bombed back to the stone age – all of that pisses us off. But what really concerns us here is not our own rising blood pressure, but the future of Libya. Already the vultures are circling, eying their prize in the form of Libya’s natural resources. Take it away, French Minister of Defence, Gérard Longuet:

New Libyan leaders ‘owe’ France

Agence France-Presse

France will seek a leading role in post-war Libya, Defence Minister Gerard Longuet said on Friday, arguing that Libya’s new leaders “owe” Paris for leading the campaign to oust Muammar Gaddafi.

Speaking in an interview to Le Monde on the day after Libya’s ousted strongman was captured and killed, Longuet said France is poised to take advantage of its leading role after a successful campaign.

France “will strive to play the role of a principal partner in the country where the leaders know they owe us a lot“.

“Everyone will throw their hat into the ring. We will neither be the last nor the most blatant,” he said of Libya’s relations with various Western countries in the coalition.[…]

Libya, which produced 1.6 to 1.7 million barrels of oil daily before the conflict, is a coveted market for many countries that are also eyeing potentially massive contracts for rebuilding its infrastructure.

Ah yes, ‘reconstruction’, Libyans can kiss goodbye to the relatively decent standard of living they enjoyed under Gaddafi. Just look at post-invasion Iraq; ‘reconstruction’ there has left the country impoverished and in ruinslooted by the war-mongers.

I’m a ‘Brutal Dictator’, Get Me Out of Here

The bottom line here is that people like Gaddafi do not remain leader of a major nation for 40+ years without having self-preservation high on their list of priorities. The idea that Gaddafi would have waited until he was dragged from a sewer by a gang of bloodthirsty hoodlums and then beaten and shot dead is stretching his reputation as a true ‘man of the people’ a little far. Gaddafi’s decades of experience gleaned from dealing with and observing the treachery of ‘Western diplomacy’, both up close in person and from afar, would have left him in no doubt as to what lay in store for him if US-imposed regime change ever came to Libya. He would also have been egotistical enough to realise that he would be of better service to his beloved Libya alive than dead.

We cannot then, at this stage, rule out the possibility that, like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi left Libya long before he was forced to resort to martyrdom in a sewer with only his ‘golden gun’ between him and a baying mob of paid CIA killers. As with the case of Saddam, there is evidence that this is what happened. As Joe Quinn noted at the time, the death of Saddam Hussein was more than likely faked. See his article on the Capture, Trial and Conviction of Saddam Hussein for evidence that Saddam too was spirited out of the country long before someone that looked like him was pulled from a ‘rat-hole’. Consider also the very convenient way in which the alleged body of Gaddafi has now been secretly buried in an unmarked grave in the desert. Much like the alleged dumping of the body of Osama bin Laden ‘at sea’, this little maneuver stinks of a cover-up.

In attempting to uncover and expose government and media lies, it is often helpful to consult media reports that were released early on in any major news event. In a 21 February report, the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, was quoted as having said that Gaddafi had already left the country.

Then in August Ynet News reported that:

“A convoy of six armored vehicles has crossed the Libyan border to Algeria on Saturday night, the Egyptian news agency reported. While it is unclear who was riding in the cars, a rebel forces source estimated that the convoy transported senior Libyan officials – including the embattled leader, Muammar Gaddafi.”

The report quoted a Libyan military council source as saying that troops loyal to Gaddafi’s regime accompanied the convoy to the border.

In a 24 August IOL News story we were told:

“Burkina Faso, a former recipient of large amounts of Libyan aid, has offered Muammar Gaddafi exile but has also recognised the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) as Libya’s government. “

The modern Libyan city of Misrata, before and after NATO and its mercenaries – NOT Gaddafi, or “Gaddafi’s loyal supporters” – bombed it back to the stone age. (click for larger image)

On 1 September, Reuters reported that:

“Muammar Gaddafi called Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to negotiate a passage into his country but the latter refused to take his call.”

And then on 11 October, the Bulawayo News reported that:

“An official on Libya’s governing council says he believes Muammar Gaddafi is hiding in the south-western desert near the borders with Niger and Algeria.”

We submit that the publishing of grisly (and grainy) photos and video of the alleged death of Gaddafi is not for the benefit of the global public at all (even though many seem to have relished the lynching). Rather, it is for the benefit of the leaders of any other nations who might be thinking about disobeying the dictates of the US Empire and the World bank. British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg seemed to confirm Joe’s earlier thoughts about this when he declared on 22 October that:

“The death of Muammar Gaddafi sends a huge signal to others in the region that the sins of grotesque dictators eventually catch up with them.”

In making this statement, Clegg has departed from the British government’s original rationale for an attack on Libya – humanitarian intervention – and has made clear the real reason for the eight month-long bombing of Libya, its people, and their freedoms – naked, bloody imperialism, launched – quite coincidentally – on 19 March, the same date as the invasion of Iraq eight years ago.

Assuming for a moment that that really was Gaddafi they murdered in broad daylight, then the unctuous words of British foreign secretary William Hague…

“We would have preferred him to be able to face justice at the International Criminal Court or in a Libyan court for his crimes. We don’t approve of extra-judicial killings. “

…are such fantastical bullshit that we reckon Hague deserves a prize. If Gaddafi was in fact executed on October 20th, then Hague and his ilk in the US and France are undoubtedly delighted. Gaddafi in the dock at The Hague was the very last thing any members of the US, British or French criminal enterprises (aka governments) would have wanted to see, mainly because of the large quantities of beans he would have spilled. They didn’t want a rerun of Slobodan Milosevic’s truth-letting tainting their blood-spattered image as liberators, an embarrassing judicial episode which thankfully, for NATO governments, came to an abrupt end with the termination of the former Serb leader in his jail cell.

As we ponder the dark implications of living in a world where large numbers of people rejoice at gruesome stage shows of death and merrily embrace the murder of decent men, we’ll leave you with the final, disgusting words of the clearly psychopathic Hillary Clinton:

Killing Gaddafi: Longstanding US Policy

Posted: 2011/10/29
From: Mathaba     http://mathaba.net/news/?x=629158
Mathaba Analyst Stephen Lendman takes a further look at the history of aggression and attempts against Libya and the Leader of the World Revolution, Muammar Qaddafi
by Stephen LendmanAbsent reliable independent proof, some sources believe a double was killed, not Gaddafi. More on that below.Nonetheless, clear evidence shows Washington wanted him dead for years.On October 27, Algeria ISP headlined, “Libya – On what Sarkozy and Obama killed Gaddafi?” saying:”It’s confirmed, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy have indeed ordered (Gaddafi’s) assassination….””According to Le Canard Enchaine (on October 26), the Americans had located (him) on October 19.”Claude Angeli’s article “is unambiguous.” Titled “Gaddafi condemned to death by Washington and Paris,” it said both leaders ordered his extrajudicial killing because he knew too much. Preventing a public show trial was key.US and French Special Forces were involved. Numerous bombing attempts failed. War still rages across Libya. The country “has entered a no man’s land policy, an area of (unpredictable) turbulence….This should worry” Western and regional leaders because eight months of fighting resolved nothing.Toppling foreign leaders by coups or assassinations is longstanding US policy. William Blum’s done some of the best research on it. His books, including “Rogue State,” are must reading.He documented dozens of successful and failed US interventions post-WW II, including:•    toppling Iran’s Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953, its first successful coup after an initial failure;•    ousting Guatemala’s Jacobo Arbenz in 1954;•    failing to kill China’s Chou En-Lai in 1955;•    failing numerous times to kill Fidel Castro;•    failing to kill France’s Charles de Gaulle; and•    plotting Gaddafi’s assassination for decades.Media Freedom International reported how “US and British Intelligence Have Repeatedly Tried to Kill Qaddafi – CIA Involved in Libya’s Civil War,” saying:In the early 1990s, former UK MI5 operative David Shayler said “he paid a sum of over () to Al Qaeda” to kill him.”A bomb was placed inside what was thought to be (his) vehicle.” It wasn’t and the plan failed.From 1978 – 1987, CIA operatives were involved in Chad’s intermittent wars with Libya.In 1981, CIA elements established the anti-Gaddafi National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) and its militant wing called the Libyan National Army based in Egypt near Libya’s border. It was directly involved in NATO’s campaign to oust and kill Gaddafi.

In 1995, the CIA was instrumental in establishing the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) to topple Gaddafi. Ideologically allied with Al Qaeda, latter day elements fought Soviet forces in Afghanistan.

In December 2004, the State Department designated LIFG a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). Its members were accused of being allied with bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

In 2007, the State Department said “Libyans associated with the LIFG are part of a broader international terrorist movement. The LIFG is one of the groups believed to have planned the Casablanca suicide bombings in May 2003….The LIFG constitutes a serious threat to US interests and personnel.”

The State Department also said they were responsible for a failed 1996 Gaddafi assassination attempt. At the time, CIA and MI5 operatives were involved. America strategically uses Al Qaeda, LIFG, and other groups as allies and enemies.

Allied with CIA in the 1990s, LIFG often clashed with Libyan security forces. Former LIFG members joined Anti-Gaddafi rebel rats.

Led by US, UK, French and other special forces and intelligence operatives, they comprise the main anti-Gaddafi fighting force.

Well before bombing began on March 19, US Navy Seals, UK SAS Forces, and French Legionnaires were active in Libya with CIA and MI5 elements.

They enlisted, armed, trained and funded opposition fighters in violation of UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973, as well as fundamental international and US constitutional law.

Their mission involved regime change and killing Gaddafi. In 1986, Washington falsely accused him of bombing a Berlin discotheque.

In April, Ronald Reagan tried to kill him. At the time, he said US air and naval forces “launched a series of strikes against (Gaddafi’s) headquarters, terrorist facilities, and military assets, (carefully) targeted to minimize casualties among the Libyan people with whom we have no quarrel. From initial reports, our forces have succeeded in their mission.”

In fact, over 100 died, mostly civilians, including Gaddafi’s infant daughter when his personal compound was bombed.

In addition, dozens were wounded, including two of Gaddafi’s young sons. The French, Swiss, Romanian and Iranian embassies were damaged. So were Japanese and Austrian diplomatic residences.

Dozens of residential buildings were also damaged or destroyed. Libya’s Central Hospital reported up to 100 people needing treatment for serious injuries, including infants.

In 1988, Gaddafi was falsely accused of downing Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. So was Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi. Scottish judges knew he was innocent but convicted him under pressure.

Gaddafi never admitted fault. He took responsibility solely to have international sanctions removed. To this day, he and al-Megrahi stand falsely accused. Likely CIA /MI6/and/or Mossad involvement is never mentioned.

Witnesses at the trial later admitted they were paid million each for their false testimony, and recanted their evidence. Yet the world media did not report that widely, while for years the Lockerbie “Libya did it” was circulated non-stop. Sanctions were placed against Libya for around 10 years by the United Nations Security Council, causing hardship for millions and lost trillions, but no apology nor compensation was given to Libya.

Media Lens contributor Richard Keeble discussed “The Secret War Against Gaddafi,” saying:

Soon after he assumed power in 1969, Gaddafi “became the target of massive covert operations by the French, US, Israeli and British” to oust him.

Britain’s 1971 invasion plan failed badly. In 1980, French secret service head Col. Alain de Gaigneronde de Marolles “resigned after a French-led plan ended in disaster when a rebellion by Libyan troops in Tobruk was rapidly suppressed.”

In 1982, the Reagan administration helped install Chad’s Hissene Habre to “bloody Gaddafi’s nose.” It was Reagan CIA head William Casey’s first covert operation. Moreover, “throughout the decade, Libya ranked almost as high as the Soviet Union” as America’s bene noire.

Habre got considerable US military and financial aid to topple Gaddafi. Other countries funding him included Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, and Morocco. A May 8, 1984 plan to kill him failed. In 1985, Reagan officials asked Egypt to invade Libya, but Mubarak refused.

During the decade, Washington recruited a secret anti-Gaddafi army. Britain was heavily involved.

For decades, America, France and Britain wanted him ousted and killed. Nothing tried earlier worked. NATO’s 2011 war was launched to undue past failures. Nothing so far is resolved. Jamahiriya loyalists continue their liberating struggle valiantly. They’ve tied down NATO’s killing machine for over eight months.

Its rebel rat army would have been routed long ago without air and special forces ground support and direction. NATO claims Operation Unified Protector will end October 31. Its name may change, not daily air and ground attacks against loyalists wanting to live free.

Eight months of terror bombing and rebel rat atrocities took a horrific toll. NSNBC said hardly any Libyan hasn’t lost a loved one and/or friend.

Gaddafi – Dead or Alive?

On October 27, Mathaba.net headlined, “Dry your tears and continue the fight: the one you were shown was not Muammar Al-Gaddafi,” saying:

Videos and photos reputed to be Gaddafi have “been identified as….Ali Majid Al Andalus….” A Sirte resident, he closely resembled “the brother Leader of the El Fateh Revolution.”

“The man in the photo with the bullet hole in the head was not (Gaddafi), but his double.” Examining his face closely shows noticeable differences.

Mathaba calls its source “reliable.” Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, and TNC officials know “they did not kill” him. However, their purpose is served if people believe it.

Mathaba endorses information written in French. Since Gaddafi’s announced October 20 assassination, it’s been skeptical about official reports, not least because accounts shifted from one version to another.

NATO’s credibility is in tatters. Nothing it reports is reliable. Nor are regurgitated major media accounts. Throughout the war, their daily lies were exposed. They continue to be about a war far from resolved. It rages across Libya.

Evidence Mathaba found showed Gaddafi “was no where near Sirte on 19 – 20 October.” He’s also taller and older than the man killed. Photos used are suspect. Specific Gaddafi marks weren’t visible.

An emailer to this writer said here’s “proof” Gaddafi’s alive, saying:

•    his 1971 appendectomy scar was absent in photos;

•    the dead body shown isn’t “a 70 year old man who lived in the desert all his life;”

•    “Gaddafi almost always sent doubles on official business, and almost always remained in secret due to (numerous) assassination attempts;”

•    Gaddafi has (had) a “distinct look, distinct eyes, and that is why his doubles almost always wore sunglasses;”

•    only about 10% of public photos shown are him; nearly all are doubles;

•    “Gaddafi was too smart to walk around looking like a ‘Gaddafi double’ in the middle of” NATO’s war; and

•    he never would have exposed himself in a convoy, let alone 75 vehicles speeding out of Sirte under attack.

A previous article said hopefully he’ll have the last word on Syria’s Arrai TV. It aired previous recorded remarks he made.

If so and he discusses October 20 events, he’ll confirm what some believe is true. Millions of Libyans hope so.

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8 Months of Media Blackout

Posted: 2011/11/07
From: Mathaba    http://mathaba.net/news/?x=629267
Dennis South comments on the world as it is over the past 8 months with third world war being ignored by gate-keeper news media
Let’s take a look of the world AS IT IS, and as we have witnessed over the last 8 months.1. THE WORDSof MILLIONS of Libyans were seen ON VIDEO by the entire world, at YouTube.  There were about 5 to 7 rallies in Tripoli, Sirte, and another city or two.  At each of those rallies, at least 1 million Libyans came into the streets, demonstrating that THEY were majority; that 90% of the Libyan people were FOR Gaddafi and the Jamahiriya2. Dr. Moussa Ibrahim conducted pressconferences, about one or twice a week, and thoseinterviews appeared before the entire world.  He spoke to the entire press corp as well as to millions of people.  And I have rarely seen ANYONE as eloquent with words; with body language; with sophistication than he.  He appealed passionately to the world.  He asked for peace.  He asked for negotiations.3. The Green Blogs (the blogs that support Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya) rosein number to perhaps about 20, 10 of which were core blogs.  They were filled to the BRIM with TONS of words, for all to say.4. There were other “information warriors,” such as Dr. Webster Tarpley, Dr. Franklin Lamb, T-West of Afrisynergy, Susan Lindauer, Steve Lendman, Lisa Karpova, Adam King, Timothy Bankcroft, other Mathaba writers, Leonor of Libya, Morris Herman, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Lizzie Phelan, myself, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, the writers at BAR (Black Agenda Report), Minister Louis Farakhan.There were the supporters of Muammar and the Jamahiriya who were writing their Congressmen and other legislators in the U.S., as I did, as well as writing to newspapers all over the country, as I did.What happened?  Nothing.  All words were IGNORED. If we lived in a normal world, this war would not have lasted two weeks.  The outrage would have been so high that NATO would have pulled out–the countries backing NATO would have pulled NATO back.I have never, in my 61 years on this earth, witnessed this high a level of immorality.  I’m talking about the evil powers that no longer seem to even CARE about public opinion.Those millions of Libyans who protetested were seen.  We all seen those crowds.  And we all thought to ourselves, “Wow!  This war will end soon!!”  I know I did.  We saw Dr. Moussa Ibrahim demonstrate that the educated Libyan is INFINITELY more knowledge; more sophisticated; more cultured; more erudite than anybody from the West.  And guess what?  NOBODY CARED.We have all watched this for 8 months, especially those of us who were making appeals to politicians; to our neighbors; writing articles; writing newspapers, etc., etc., every single day for 8 months.So, what works?  Guns?  I know one thing: If I was in Libya, I would WANT a gun, if for no other reason but my own personal survival.Personally, I am into a deep, deep, deep spiritual and metaphysical state of mind, as regards my PERSONAL involvement.  My prayers have intensified greatly.But, at the same time, I still hope that the North African people will wake up and understand that one North African’s problems are another North African’s problems.  I still hold out hope that at least three of the North African governments [just to start], as well as the Libyan Jamahiriya, will unite TOTALLY, or so close to totally that they might as well be ONE.  I hope that that happens, and that they will then MILITARILY be able to boot out the oppressors.I also hope, yes, that billions of invisible “angels,” or forces will converge on Libya and fight alongside the true Libyan people.  In short, I wish for all and every kind of help for Libya, be it a big power such as Russia; be it nations of North Africa; be it beings from outer space; be it a good trafficking of arms through a strong network that can get arms to the Green Resistance.I wish for every and all kinds of assistance to Libya.

Words?  Well, we must keep using words, yes.  But words alone?  Will words alone work?  Sorry, but I doubt that very seriously.

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Rolando Segura microdocumentaries

LETTER: The Truth about the war in Libya – How to destroy people’s lives. NATO defines freedom as death, destruction, anarchy, genocide and chaos

Letter of Truth 001


“The Truth about the war in Libya”

Dear citizens!

Is the Letter of Truth, the Open Letter.

Read it and forward it around the world: the media, governments, citizens.
The truth is for everyone!


All you have shown the official media called the events of Libya is untrue. Here’s the lowdown:

The Libyan war is conducted by NATO forces, with the support of a corrupt bureaucracy of the UN, according to the plans of the CIA. This is a real destruction of the socialist fatherland. The war is far from won, as the various political and media – members of an international criminal gang, backed by the global banking oligarchy, they rush to make sure.

The war is going on. Today, right now the heroic people of Libya resists with all his might. Libya’s army has been restored under the direction of Gaddafi and his sons and is now in active hostilities.

At the same time, the bandits are removing the entire black population, killing without trial. There is a real genocide of indigenous peoples in the heart of Africa – under the auspices of NATO and with the acquiescence of most international human rights organizations – Amnesty International, Human Rights Tribunal in the United Nations (ECHR), etc.

At this time, the bandits surrounded the city of Beni Walid and Sirte. These cities are under siege, they have no electricity, no water, medicine, food. Every day, 24 hours a day, NATO planes bombarded the city from a safe distance using weapons, sometimes Denied, phosphorous bombs, depleted uranium bombs, mustard gas, cluster bombs. You may get to use atomic bombs! In the cities there are many dead and wounded, it is true genocide is happening right now! A humanitarian catastrophe!

The UN and NATO are criminal organizations that have been finally outlawed this war. They treacherously attacked Libya, without declaring war, to seize all of their resources (oil, gas, vast territory and vast reserves of fresh water), destroying the infrastructure and population, under the false pretext of bringing “democracy”. All of them are criminals, an international mafia!

Al-Qaeda, nurtured, armed and trained by U.S. is acting on the side of the CNT and NATO – rapes, murders, beheadings and threats to organize a radical Islamic state in Libya.

Prisoners of war and the wounded are being killed. This is completely contrary to all norms and conventions, and just the contrary to any human morality!

Since the conflict began more than 60,000 Libyans have been killed. There are thousands and thousands of refugees, destroyed hospitals, schools, homes, entire infrastructure. The “revolutionaries” kill old men, women and children. What would have us believe that they have won the war? This is ridiculous and pathetic.

We have to tell these people:

Watch it all! Are not able to see what they have done?

Are they just crazy? If so, your place is in a psychiatric clinic! Or are the forces of Satan? Open your eyes! Come to the path of good, not too late. Write the truth! Tell the truth! Repent! And perhaps someday forgive you. Find the force. Awaken their conscience and humanism. Anything else? Brain, finally.


Pitfalls of the mass media: Many of the videos were filmed in Qatar, in a pavilion with outdoor pool, and have no connection with the facts. Specifically, the material on the capture of Tripoli:

Lies about the reasons for the attack, saying that allegedly bombed Gaddafi does not hold peaceful demonstrations.Amnesty International found no trace, no witnesses, no evidence that the troops have fired on protestors in Libya:

On the other hand, it is true that the so-called “protesters” were “peaceful” as they were well armed by NATO and some authoritarian monarchies, such as Qatar or Jordan. All guns are new, come in packages, latest models from around the world, but most of the weapons were American. There was even more modern weapons, which have not been used in the U.S. Is it not clear on who could get the bandits?

Many of the “protesters” were mercenaries, bandits around the world, especially Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It’s a lie that the war has been won by the coalition. Here are the reports of activities:

Gaddafi is a lie that did not want negotiations.

It’s a lie that, as NATO civilians are not being victims. Look! Not for the faint of heart. People are still dying right now in Bani Walid, Sirte, Sabha and the rest of Libya:

They hide the fact that NATO bombed schools, hospitals, houses belonging to civilians and rebels devastate everything in its path with the support of NATO:

They hide the fact that NATO is using dirty bombs, chemical weapons and cluster bombs, a huge crime:

They hide the genocide of dark skinned people in Libya! Most of the people of southern black in color. Their cities are destroyed and their inhabitants expelled and families are broken. Many black people were working in Libya and have no relation with the army. But then from the mass media announced that Gaddafi had allegedly resorted to black mercenaries, bandits started killing black Africans Where are the anti-racist organizations? Is the African Union? Are African American media? Do Africans living in Europe? Have you seen? Look!:

They conceal the killing, torture, shootings, executions of wounded, prisoners of war, civilians that “revolutionary” in its path:

They hide the huge losses of coalition troops – the troops of NATO and the Gulf countries (Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Qatar) – But are his children, Americans, Europeans, are now returning home, in coffins, and how many more will come? Is that what you wanted Is it for this that you pay your taxes? Do you know how big they are and losses from France, Great Britain, USA, Italy, Qatar? Make sure you know all this …

The real reasons for war are the Libyans and the money resources of Libya:

Many people around the world have been collecting materials for submission to the tibunales. A lot of photographic and video!Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, the emir of Qatar, the CNT … Look!This is what you have done! Are you happy?

Hide information about the protests against war and aggression of NATO:

Libyans 5 million, 6 million support Gaddafi!

They hide the fact that there are leaders of some countries with a clear conscience and honor eight Central American countries that condemned the military intervention and the illegal entry of NATO forces in Libya and are trying to defend Libya at the UN:

And there’s more! This time, NATO after using mustard gas, cluster bombs and other banned weapons might use nuclear weapons against Sirte and Beni Walid!

Other sites with regular updates on Libya and Syria:

A list of sites:

Therefore, we all know that already. Soon everyone will know!Do you? Do not they know about it?

The slaughter in Libya will stop in the near future. The court will convene in Libya, where they investigate all crimes! NATO leaders, leaders of the United Nations have recognized the CNT, bank managers who blocked the sovereign state money and those who supply weapons to the bandits, who were trained, who coordinated the military leaders and those who took part in operations against Libya sovereign media that distribute lies and slander … soon answer for their crimes!

We understand that to some extent, the bandits have been taken hostage by the international band of $ $. They think that nothing can stop them. And they are afraid.

This is the beginning of the end of his dirty and deceitful world, our golden calf, interest rates, and oppression! Their wars are coming to an end too!




How to destroy people’s lives. NATO defines freedom as death, destruction, anarchy, genocide and chaos.

Let’s look at life in Libya before the NATO war, and then we will see the truth once and for all.


In the picture above you can see only the beginning of the war and its outcome, NATO fighters destroyed the place, destroyed buildings, houses destroyed, is this what NATO wanted to achieve?



http://www.thechessdrum.net/tournaments/Olympiad2008/photos/Libya (women). jpg

The image above shows the life of Libyan children before the NATO war, and the image below shows the life of Libyan children after the NATO war.




20Reuters http://cdn.theatlanticwire.com/img/upload/2011/09/02/Libya%%% 202.jpg 20Schools


The following images show infrustructure Libya before the war of aggression of NATO ..



Infrastructure Libya after the war of aggression of NATO ..



The following images show the life of Libya before the war of aggression of NATO …


The life of Libya after the NATO war of aggression …





Asio NATO made this war of aggression after 6 months. We have seen nothing but death, destruction, widespread suffering, chaos, anarchy and misery. Was this the intention of NATO? Most analysts believe that this is exactly what NATO had prepared for Libya, creating a stalemate that had only one goal, to destroy Libya. Why? Most observers and analysts believe that NATO member states have implemented this war of aggression, because their economies are in a state of decline, they need jobs. So the goal is to destroy Libya, then to pay the Libyan companies to rebuild NATO, the goal is to use the wealth of Libya to boost their economies. Another objective is believed to be the privatization of oil, Libya is currently owned by the state, NATO is trying to change that, to give their private windfall.The question remains, NATO will meet its target? The legitimate government of Libya has shown a strong resistance against NATO’s plans and is working hard to defend Libya and its sovereignty.


The Pentagon chief the NATO intervention Called a “remarkable achievement”


Current map of the situation in Libya


Map presented by supposedly the situation on the ground in Libya occupied by NATO. All rose in the north means control of the reactionary forces of Al Qaeda, fractions of “CNT” and special forces of NATO. The yellow stripe is a disputed territory between the patriotic forces and rats. The pink stripe is the control area of the desert tribes of Tuareg and Tubu the Libyan party are concentrated and organized resistance forces. The bags with green stripes in pink stripe refers to the resistance of patriots fighting forces, divided into small groups facing imperialism. The small flags in the north refer to fractions of rats.





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