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The Stuggle Continues

Posted: 2011/11/23
From: Mathaba
A source at Mathaba has issued an 8 point guidance regarding the issue of the status of Seif-Al-Islam Al-Qaddafi and the green jamahiri resistance

The Jamahiriya Continues A source at Mathaba has issued an 8 point guidance regarding the issue of the status of Seif-Al-Islam Al-Qaddafi and the green jamahiri movement 1. Seif-al-Islam al-Qaddafi is not the leader of the resistance nor of the…
1. Seif-al-Islam al-Qaddafi is not the leader of the resistancenor of the Libyan revolution. He is as every other Libyan citizen who should have his rights and freedoms guaranteed as per the Great Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, legislated by the People’s Conferences since 1988. His individual status does not affect the green Libyan resistance which is struggling to reinstate those rights and freedoms which have been trashed by the mercenary invasion and occupation of Libyan territories, a situation which is rejected by the masses and truth-loving people everywhere.
2. Seif-al-Islam along with other persons bears a significant responsibility for the circumventing of the Jamahiri system of direct participatory democracy in assisting to positions of authority numerous agents which paved the way for the conspiracy against the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution. He has acknowledged his errors and made sincere amends, standing by the side of the Leader of the Revolution since the first day the conspiracy became apparent, and even taking up the armed resistance struggle in defense of the rights and freedoms of the Libyan people alongside the masses.
3. Only a competent authority under the Jamahiriya can undertake a full investigation of any abuses of power or circumvention of Jamahiriya laws and pronounce a judgement on the issue. The foreign imperialist entities have no history of justice, no intention of justice, and no mechanism for justice, and are thus non-entities in the arena of justice. All international human rights organizations stand naked in front of the world, alongside news media organs, governments, and other international organizations, as opposed to interests and wishes of the world masses. They must all be tried for crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.
4. False statements have appeared on various blog sites and social media networks in recent weeks and months, some of which were attributed to Seif-al-Islam al-Qaddafi and other leading personalities. It is not possible on each and every occasion to pronounce statements as false. A total communications and media black-out by the Euro-American forces and Arab mercenaries is in place. The leader does not have social media accounts. Seif-al-Islam’s social media accounts have been hi-jacked since the outset of the conspiracy. Social media and blogs are not vehicles used to issue communications from any of the Qaddafi family.

5. The struggle does not depend on what is said in the media, nor on personalities. The rights and freedoms of the Jamahiriya are ingrained in the hearts of all free Libyans and freedom-loving people. All sound, images, and video can be forged and manipulated. The Green Book is unchanged, The Green Charter is unchanged, the policies as of 2010 are unchanged as the People’s Conferences in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, which make up all citizens of Libya without deputation, have been prevented from convening, and thus all elections and democratic participation, by the imposed European-American war against Libya in conjunction with Al-Qaida, mercenaries and Gulf dictatorships.

6. If any person disappears, loses communication, is martyred, murdered, held captive or otherwise indisposed, it does not affect the goals of the resistance which is to return the Libyan masses to power, and for the rights and freedoms of the Green Charter to be reinstated. Nor does it affect the burgeoning world-wide movement of the green charter committees, which is alongside other mass movements for people’s authority gaining strength and momentum. Every step taken by the enemies of freedom in Libya, only highlights the noble and pure principles of the International Green Charter Movement, guided by the International Green Charter.

7. The nature of the Green Charter Movement which includes revolutionary committees is that it is not led by personalities but by a clear ideology and platform. This ideology, the Third Universal Theory, is set forth in The Green Book, and the platform is The Green Charter. The International People’s Conference Organization and the Green Charter Movement are to publish clearer definitions and parameters to explain the workings of the People’s Conferences and People’s Committees, so that the world wide movement for freedom and direct participatory democracy will have references in spite of the destruction of Libyan Jamahiriya web sites.

8. The priority and help required from all supporters around the world, who stand by the Libyan Jamahiriya is not the discussion of the veracity of various news items that appear in the hostile media trumpets, but the ongoing work to collect and document the serious and actual crimes committed, to study The Green Book as a means of achieving the rights and freedoms of The Green Charter in all societies, and to build the Green Charter Movement worldwide by sharing information and knowledge about the achievements of the Jamahiriya and to study and propagate the teachings of the Leader of the Revolution, Muammar Qaddafi.

Genet Tadesse writes:
People of the Free World show Honer, Admiration,  Respect, Affection and Love for the true Revolutionary Leader, Freedom Fighter, Libyan Lion, African Hero:
Muammar al-Gaddafi!
Dave Ushe:
Forward ever, backward never. Never ever at any single given occasion believe the rats.
Green symbolize life, health and wealth. That’s what the Green revolution represent.
General Khamis Gaddafi is alive and very safe, so is Saif-al -Islam ( the sword of Islam) .
Don’t listen and concede to the Rat propaganda, it is crafted to demoralize and psychologically
traumatize the supporters of Muammar</div> <div>al-Gadhafi. Forward ever, backward never.
Never ever at any single given occasion believe the rats.
This video will change you, your whole life, and the entire world:
Chaîne de SfregioVisione
Sirte “Sirte is flooded at time of NATO invasion OCT 2011″
Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi calls on the Libyan people to rebel against the U.S. invasion of pro-oil industry.

Striking proof: Gaddafi should receive the UN Human Rights Award

by Dennis South

Before the NATO air strikes on Libya and the United States prepared by the United Nations,

the awarding of a prize to Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya for its

achievements in the field of human rights. It sounds unbelievable, but true – the same man,

Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, the NATO and the United States for months as a “brutal dictator

branded” should be honored for his contributions to human rights in Libya.Is not it strange

that the United Nations nor the end of March, “a” brutal dictator wanted to give a human

rights award? (Report of the Working Group to Libyan Arab Jamahiriya –document A/HRC/

WG.6/9/L.13 )

This raises a question: Who is this “brutal dictator” of the UN Human Rights Council sometime in

late March a price for his services to theWanted to give people rights? On the one hand they

want us to believe that he is known to a “brutal dictator is,” and the other, they decide to honor

him for his services to human rights? Amazing! Equally amazing are the lies we were being served

by the media, NATO and the U.S. government. Absolutely outrageous! Not surprisingly, however

outrageous. But even more astonishing is the fact that a large part of the American public has

become accustomed over time to swallow every word that is set before them by the “news”.

The following excerpts from the report of the General Assembly are worth to be read carefully:

“Several delegations with appreciation the determination of the country noted to ensure

the human rights on the ground. Additional comments that are submitted as part of mutual

dialogue, not because of time restrictions are posted on the extranet of the universal

periodic survey as soon as they become available. “

In a footnote of this report is a list of the countries listed, the Colonel Gaddafi and

the Libyan Jamahiriya (“rule of the masses”) the decision of the Human Rights

Council of the UN General Assembly, Colonel Gaddafi human rights award this

grant, praising supported. I put this list here easy. The reader can read and form their

own judgments about the credibility of the alleged or actual countries concerned:

Denmark, China, Italy, Netherlands, Mauritania, Slovenia, Nicaragua, Russia,

Spain, Indonesia, Sweden, Norway, Ecuador, Hungary, South Africa, the

Philippines, the Maldives, Chile, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Kazakhstan,

Latvia, Angola, Nigeria, Congo, Burundi, Zambia, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Senegal,

Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Zimbabwe.

If you have devoted some attention to the news, it is noticeable that some countries

on this list suddenly undergone a sweeping turnaround, and NATO and the U.S.

supported in their war of aggression. Why? Why else? Money. Then it is always

ultimately beyond, and no doubt this will all be revealed in the future, just like the l

ies that the American government dishing their citizens and the world that Iraq possess

“weapons of mass destruction,” finally came to light. And these same countries were

determined to honor Colonel Gaddafi for his services to the Human Rights after they

had examined carefully the Libyan society. What is now “with this” brutal dictator?

My older brother would have called the “old news”. (But that crap! The sensitive

among you is I ask for my forgiveness flowery speech).

UNO-Menschenrechtspreis für Gaddafi

Ein besonders brisantes Dokument ist nun im Internet aufgetaucht. Noch im
Jänner dieses Jahres wollte die UNO Oberst Gaddafi,
im speziellen wegen seiner von ihm ins Leben gerufenen Jamahiriya, eine Auszeichnung
für Menschenrechte verleihen.

Was ist die Jamahiriya?

Dschamahiriyya (oftDschamahirija, manchmal auchJamahiriyya geschrieben) ist eine

Muammar al-Gaddafi zugeschriebene Wortschöpfung,[1] die ausschließlich in Verbindung

mitLibyen verwendet wird.Es handelt sich dabei um eine eigentümliche Parallelbildung

zu dschumhuriyya/ ‏جمهورية ‎ / ǧumhūriyya /‚Republik‘ ‚Republik‘, bei welcher ein Abstraktum

von der Pluralform dschamahir / ‏جماهير‎ / ǧamāhīr /‚Volksmassen‘ abgeleitet ist, anstatt wie

sonst im Arabischen üblich vom Singular, und wird sinngemäß mit ‚Volksrepublik,

Volksdemokratie‘ übersetzt, wobei das politische System als Form einer Direktdemokratie verstanden wird.

Für die Dschamahiriyya in Libyen galt eine Vertretung des Volkes durch Abgeordnete, etwa

im Sinne einer repräsentativen oder parlamentarischen Demokratie, als Verfälschung des

Volkswillens. Daher gab es weder Parlament noch Parteien oder überhaupt eine Regierung

im klassischen Sinn.
Die politische Willensbildung fand nach offizieller Lesart in so genannten Basisvolkskongressen

statt, die ihre Entscheidungen durch Beauftragte (imperatives Mandat) dem mehrmals

jährlich tagenden Allgemeinen Volkskongress zur Koordinierung und Formulierung vortrugen.

Die Umsetzung erfolgte durchVolkskomiteesQuelle: wikipedia

Eine Bewegung von Gaddafi ins Leben gerufen die soviel Gutes bewirkte, das ihm also von der UNO

dafür ein Menschenrechtspreis verabreicht werden sollte. Die Abstimmung sollte nur noch Formsache

sein. Als aber die Westmächte beschlossen Libyen zu überfallen, oh pardon – ich meinte natürlich die

Aufständischen zu unterstützen, verschwand das Dokument. Es wäre auch ziemlich peinlich für die

Amerikanskis gewesen, hätte Gaddafi diesen Preis erhalten. Man stelle sich vor, wie lächerlich die

ganze Propaganda vom bösen Diktator dann gewirkt hätte.

Bezeichnend ist auch, dass die Jamahiriya ein Instrument der Direkten Demokratie war. Eine

Institution also, von der unsere selbsternannten Demokratien noch meilenweit entfernt sind.

Hier das 23-Seiten Dokument: UNO-Dokument bezüglich Gaddafi

Kurz: Es wird beschrieben, dass Gaddafi nicht nur ein Garant für Frieden in seinem Land war,

sondern es werden auch Komponenten wie Antirassismus und Frauenrechte sowie soziale

Aspekte mit einbezogen. Das Gaddafi diesen Preis durchaus verdient hätte, sehen wir, wenn

wir uns die sozialen Komponenten Libyens im Detail betrachten.

1. Es gab keine Stromrechnung in Libyen. Strom war kostenlos für alle Bürger.

2. Es gab keine Zinsen auf Kredite. Die staatlichen Banken vergaben Darlehen

an alle Bürger zu null Prozent Zinsen per Gesetz.

3. Ein Heim/Zuhause zu haben galt als ein Menschenrecht in Libyen.

4. Alle Frischvermählten in Libyen erhielten 50.000 US-Dollar. Dieses Geld sollte

den Menschen ermöglichen ihre erste Wohnung zu kaufen. Die Regierung wollte

so zum Start einer Familie beitragen.

5. Bildung und medizinische Behandlungen waren frei in Libyen. Bevor Gaddafi an

die Macht kam konnten nur 25 Prozent der Libyer lesen. Heute liegt die Zahl bei 83 Prozent.

6. Wollten Libyer in der Landwirtschaft Karriere machen, erhielten sie Ackerland,

eine Bauernhaus, Geräte, Saatgut und Vieh als Schnellstart für ihre Farmen und das alles kostenlos.

7. Wenn Libyer keine Ausbildung oder medizinische Einrichtungen finden konnten

die sie benötigten, hatten sie die Möglichkeit mit der Hilfe staatliche Gelder ins Ausland

zu gehen. Sie bekamen 2.300 USD im Monat für Unterkunft und Auto gezahlt.

8. Wenn ein Libyer ein Auto kaufte, subventionierte die Regierung 50 Prozent des Preises.

9. Der Preis für Benzin in Libyen war 0,14 $ (12 Rappen oder ca. 0,10 Euro) pro Liter.
10. Wenn ein Libyer keine Arbeit bekam nach dem Studium, zahlte der Staat das

durchschnittliche Gehalt des Berufs in dem er eine Arbeit suchte, bis eine fachlich

adäquate Beschäftigung gefunden wurde..

11. Libyen hat keine Auslandsschulden und ihre Reserven in Höhe von

$ sind jetzt weltweit eingefroren und wohl für immer verloren.
12. Ein Teil jeden libyschen Öl-Verkaufs wurde direkt auf die Konten aller libyschen

Bürger gutgeschrieben.

13. Mütter die ein Kind gebaren erhielten 5.000 US-Dollar.

14. 25 Prozent der Libyer haben einen Hochschulabschluss.

15. Gaddafi startete Das “Great-Man-Made-River-Projekt” (GMMRP oder GMMR, dt.

Großer menschengemachter Fluss-Projekt) in Libyen Es ist das weltweit größte

Trinkwasser-Pipeline-Projekt für eine bessere Wasserversorgung von Bevölkerung

und Landwirtschaft.
Gott sei Dank haben Nato und Rebellen das libysche Volk davon befreit.


Wie die Rebellen sich in Libyen aufführen, habe ich hinlänglich im Artikel Libyen:

Unglaubliche Gräueltaten durch Rebellen beschrieben.

Die Stadt Misrata: 2007 und 2011

Fassen wir zusammen: Libyen wurde von einem Antirassisten, Frauenrechtler

und großen Sozialisten geführt. Dazu brachte er den Libyern auch noch die

Direkte Demokratie, für den die UNO ihm einen Menschenrechtspreis verleihen wollte.
Dann kommen eine handvoll wildgewordener Gotteskrieger auf die Idee,

dass sie die Macht haben wollen. Die Amerikanskis haben nichts besseres zu tun,

als ihnen die NATO-Bomber zu Hilfe zu schicken, die ganz Libyen in Schutt und Asche legen.

Als nach vielen zivilen Opfern der angebliche Despot getötet war, kamen die westlichen

Machthaber und teilten sich die Kriegsbeute.

Für das libysche Volk bedeutet das: Die Ressourcen, in Libyen vorwiegend Öl, kommen

jetzt nicht mehr ihnen zu Gute, sondern der Gewinn wird unter westlichen Ölkonzernen

aufgeteilt. Um zu überleben, dürfen sie nun den ausländischen Invasoren ihre Arbeitskraft

anbieten, sie dürfen ihnen dienen, um Dinge zu erhalten, die ihnen eigentlich sowieso

gehören. Nun, warum soll´s denen anders gehen wie uns? Außerdem wird in Libyen

nun die Scharia als geltendes Recht eingeführt, was bedeutet, mit den Frauenrechten

ist es nun vorbei. Und auch mit vielen anderen Rechten.

Freunde sollte aber unter Anführungszeichen gesetzt werden

Gaddafi kann man nur vorwerfen, dass er sich in den letzten Jahren mit

schmierigen Despoten eingelassen hatte, die ihre Völker nicht so lieben, wie er seines liebte.

Friday 18November 2011

UN Human Rights Award for Gaddafi

A particularly controversial document has now surfaced on the Internet. Even in January
this year, the UN would have Colonel Gaddafi, give him his due in particular launched
Jamahiriya, an award for human rights.
  young libertine:

What is the Jamahiriya?

Dschamahiriyya (oftenJamahiriya Jamahiriyya sometimes written)

is a Muammar al-Gaddafi attributed neologism, [1] only in connection

with Libya used wird.Es These are a peculiar parallel formation

todschumhuriyya / جمهورية /ǧumhūriyya /, Republic of ‘Republic’, in which

an abstractionof the plural form dschamahir /جماهير / ǧamāhīr /, the masses’

is derived, rather than as usual in Arab usual from thesingular , and mutatis

mutandis, People’s Republic , People’s Democracy ‘translated, with the

political system as a form of direct democracy is understood.

For Dschamahiriyya in Libya was a representative of the people through

representatives, in the sense of a representative or parliamentary

democracy, as a distortion of popular will. Therefore, there was neither

parliament nor political parties or indeed any government in the classical sense.
The political decision-making took place after the official version in so-called

basic people’s congresses, their decisions by the Commissioner

imperative mandate ) the recited several times a year with the

general people’s congress for the coordination and formulation.

The reaction was carried out by the People’s Committees . Source: wikipedia

A movement launched by Gaddafi caused so much good that he should so by the

UN for a human rights award will be administered. The vote should be a mere

formality. But when the Western powers decided to invade Libya, oh sorry – I

meant of course to support the insurgents, the document disappeared. It would

also have been quite embarrassing for the Amerikanskis, Gaddafi would have

received this award. Imagine, how ridiculous would have worked the whole

propaganda by the evil dictator then.

It is also significant that the Jamahiriya was an instrument of direct democracy.

An institution that is, from our self-proclaimed democracies are still miles away.

Here the 23-page document: United Nations document on Gaddafi

In short: It is reported that Gaddafi was not only a guarantee for peace in his country,

but there are also components such as anti-racism and women’s rights and social

aspects involved. The Gaddafi would definitely deserves this award, we see when

we look at the social components of Libya in detail.

First There was no electricity bill in Libya. Electricity was free to all citizens.

Second There was no interest on loans. State banks have provided matching

grants to all citizens at zero percent interest per law.

Third A home / home to have passed for a human rights in Libya.

4th All newlyweds in Libya received $ 50,000. This money should enable

people to buy their first home. The government would thus contribute to start a family.

5th Education and medical treatment were released in Libya. Before Gaddafi

came to power, only 25 percent read the Libyans. Today the figure is 83 percent.

6th Libyans wanted to make career in agriculture, they were given farmland, a

farmhouse, equipment, seeds and livestock free as a quick start for their farms and all that.

7th If Libyans could find no medical training or equipment they needed, they

had the opportunity to go with the help of government funds abroad. They

got paid $ 2,300 a month for accommodation and car.

8th If a Libyan bought a car, the government subsidized 50 percent of the price.

9th The price of gasoline in Libya was $ 0.14 (12 cents, or about € 0.10) per liter.
10th If a Libyan no work got after graduation, the state paid the average salary of the

profession in which he sought a job that was found to a technically adequate employment ..

11th Libya has no external debt and reserves totaling $ 150 billion worldwide are

now frozen and probably lost forever.
12th A portion of each sale of Libyan oil was directly credited to the accounts

of all Libyan citizens.

13th Mothers who gave birth to one child received $ 5,000.

14th 25 percent of Libyans have a college degree.

15th Gaddafi launched the “Great Man-Made River Project” (or GMMRP GMMR,

alt Large man-made river project) in Libya is the world’s largest drinking water

pipeline project to improve water supply of population and agriculture.
Thank God NATO and the rebels have freed the Libyan people about it.


How to list the rebels in Libya, I’m sufficiently in the article Libya: An unbelievable

atrocities committed by rebels described.

The city Misrata: 2007 and 2011

To sum up: Libya was led by an anti-racists, feminists and socialists big.

These he brought to the Libyans also direct democracy, giving him for

the UN Human Rights Award was one.
Then a handful of berserk warriors of God come up with the idea that

they want the power. The Amerikanskis have nothing better to do than

send them to the NATO bombers to help put the whole Libya to rubble and ashes.

As was put to death in many civilian victims of the alleged despot who

came to Western leaders and shared the spoils of war.

For the Libyan people this means that the resources, mainly oil in Libya,

are now no longer good for them, but the profit is divided among Western

oil companies. To survive, they can now offer their labor to the foreign i

nvaders, they may serve them, to get things they really belong anyway.

Well, why the heck else where as we go? Libya is also introduced in the

Sharia as the law now, which means that women’s rights, it is now over.

And with many other rights.

Friends should also be put in quotes

Gaddafi can not blame only that he had engaged in recent years with greasy despots

who love their people not as, as he loved his.

Peter van Dorren

Peter van Dorren

Eingestellt von Peter van Dorren um 09:08

INMATES accused of bearing arms under Muammar Gaddafi have
been rotting in jail for weeks under death sentence, with no charges
against them,
and now they want their freedom.

“First of all we want to know why we are here,” said one prisoner,

echoing the demands of other detainees at Al-Khandak prison in

Tripoli’s Tajura suburb.

In the jail, the ambience is rather good-natured as cells open onto

the main courtyard where some prisoners are allowed to go for walks freely.

“I favour the former regime. It is not a crime, just like many other people. 

” Othman Mokhtar, who is in his fifties, told AFP.

“It is true that I carried arms, but not to kill my Libyan brothers. I saw

Africans holding arms to defend Gaddafi. I thought that I could do the

same. It is my duty as a Libyan.”

Mokhtar said he surrendered his weapon to the National Transitional

Council on October 3.

“The next day, three (NTC) cars came and took me from home. I still

do not know why,” he added.

Next to Mokhtar stood 30-year-old Amer Salem, who said he was arrested

as he left Bani Walid, which was one of Gaddafi’s last bastions, 170km

southwest of Tripoli.

“We fled Bani Walid when battles began in the city in September. I was

driving my car with my wife and children. We passed checkpoints without a hitch,

but I was intercepted 15km further on,” he said.

“They drove me here after seizing my car and all the silver I had. In the

beginning the guards beat us every day, but now things have improved a lot.”

Ali Ayad, 26, was also arrested as he left Bani Walid.

“I have been in prison for 65 days. My family learned that I was still alive

yesterday,” he said.

Human rights organisations have called on Libya’s new rulers to end arbitrary

arrests and mistreatment of prisoners.

Hundreds of prisoners, including former regime officials, are still awaiting

trial as the new regime is slow in creating a “justice system”.

Sitting alone in the main courtyard under a gentle November sun, a former

soldier said he has been in the prison since the fall of Tripoli in late August.

“I was a soldier. It was my duty to obey orders and take my position….

Thank God I have not killed anybody. We are awaiting investigation. I have

not committed a crime. I don’t know why I’m here,”

said the father of four, adding that his family has visited him in jail several times.

His family received his monthly salary in August and September.

“I do not know if they got it in October,” he said.

Like all other prisons in Libya, Al-Khandak is now run by volunteers.

“All of those who work here are volunteers,” said prison official Abdelwahed Annaas.

Critical Situation in Libya: Gheddafi’s Speech (RAW Version)
| 13 Nov 2011  Mu’ammar al-Gheddafi invita il popolo libico a ribellarsi contro l’invasione americana pro-petrolifera.
Taken from speech of 03 MARCH 2011 at BABA AZAIYZA.

Open letter to Aisha Gaddafi: I had a dream…

Posted: 2011/11/20
From: Mathaba
God can easily bypass western media and speak to hearts and minds directly.

Dear precious Aisha,

Do not despair, be comforted, the Lord God Almighty, creator of the Heavens and the Earth knows the plight of all honest and decent people. He will not forsake those who love him.

I hope this message will find its way to you. What I want to share with you is a confirmation that the Lord God is working out His plan on the earth.

For the last 4 weeks I have felt your grief and pain, sharing with you the grief for those you have lost. But be of good cheer you have also gained, brothers and sisters that you know not of, all over this world.

Let me explain why I am saying these things.

I live on the other side of the world in a western country (Australia). All this year I have been very busy studying for my specialist degree as a medical doctor. I did not have time to listen to media news about the trouble in your country. I had no knowledge of what was going on, and what kind of a person the leader of your country is. I heard in passing that he was a terrorist and evil doer, but did not take any notice, as I was too busy with my own affairs, until the night of the 22nd October 2011. This was the night before I had to go for my exam to become a specialist, so I went to bed very preoccupied with my exam the next day.

That same night I had a dream that woke me up in the night and I could not go back to sleep. In my dream I saw a woman about 60 years old with black hair, dressed in a white robe and white head scarf, three little children were with her, aged about 2, 3 and 4 years old. All of them were crying. Then the woman spoke and said: “Muammar Gaddafi, a good and honest man, a brave man…“

Then I woke up. I wondered greatly. I could not understand why I dreamt about a man on the other side of the world, when I have to do exams the next morning. A very strange dream indeed, since in my western media affected mind Muammar Gaddafi was a terrorist and evil doer.

The dream would not leave me in peace so I began to research this person, to find out the truth about him. And since I have found the truth I have been crying with you and your family and your country ever since. God have mercy on those deceivers, who tell lies to fill their own pockets regardless of how much blood it cost. For it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God — for vengeance is mine says the Lord God, I will repay. And not one drop of a martyrs blood is wasted. The Lord God will prevail, good will triumph over evil, no matter how long it will take. The Lord God is not mocked.

In my research I found a picture of the woman who appeared in my dream, her name is Sofia, and I found a picture of the children that were with her… they were your children Aisha.

You see Aisha, the Lord God can easily bypass western media and speak to hearts and minds directly. Who knows how many people in the world had the same dream and how many are waking up and finding the truth. Be comforted dear, the Lord God is raising up many new brothers and sisters for you and children for your mother all over the world.

Allah, Muammar, Libya Wa Bas.

Your sister doctor CAT

  ”Muammar Gaddafi, a good and honest man, a brave man…” that is what changed this person–
she heard the cry of SAFYA and the grandkids! I feel for Safya- She cannot be with Muammar…
[for her and the kids safety]—that is painful and I know he must miss her and the kids….
My heart peals for Safya and for Muammar. This war is terrible. It separates loved ones and
kills innocents and breaks up homes and families where so much is lost!

Rejoice, there is a way out! – A comparative analysis between Western governments and the Jamahiriya

Posted: 2011/11/14
From: Mathaba
Every nation belongs to its civilians, not to political parties or bankers; we must take back what is ours

by Green Charter South Europa

During these days when many European countries are close to bankruptcy, there are some questions we have to ask ourselves: “What is the way out of this? Is there a true democratic form of governance?”

We should not be sad, instead, we should rejoice: there is a way out of the crisis, it’s implicit in theThird Universal Theory!

A true, democratic form of governance – this isn’t a utopia, this isn’t a dream… history shows us that it exists and works!

When Muammar Qadhafi freed Libya from King Idris, the nation was one of the poorest countries of the world. Guided by the theories from Libya’sGreen Book, Libya became the richest nation of Africa and the most democratic nation in the world; the only nation where all power belongs to the Masses.

We believe that every European should analyze the current problems by comparing their countries with Libya:

DEMOCRACY: Italy for example shows that parliamentary governments are not democratic, its system doesn’t give power to the people. A member of the parliament who is voted by the people according to a ‘democratic’ program should not change his ideas once he it voted into the parliament; in this way they in fact are thieves of votes and liars. In the Jamahiriya government no one represents people indirectly because the masses govern themselves directly through thePeople’s Committees. There is no intermediary between the people and the power.

ECONOMIC CRISIS: In recent years the West got itself into a deep economic crisis which has caused unemployment, the rising costs of home loans, international speculation et cetera. The European governments are slaves of the National Central Banks (institutions controlled by the Rothschilds and a group of Freemasons; a few hundred people who reign the world of slaves). In the Jamahiriya government these problems don’t exist; if you have a family and want to buy a house, you don’t have to pay interest on the loan. Green Libya doesn’t know the problem of no income because of unemployment; if you have finished your study but can’t find a job, the state pays you an average salary (in fact, emigration from Libya for work doesn’t exist). Libya has no foreign debt and it has a large reserve of foreign currency and gold that is protected from international speculation.

FOREIGN MASTERS: Most European countries are nothing but puppets of the United States. NATO is not an alliance; it is a slave of the United States. For example: Italy contributed to the war on Libya against the wishes of the Italian people, against the Italian Constitution and against the wish of Berlusconi too (Barack Obama had ordered that Italy MUST attack Libya, and Berlusconi obeyed like a good slave; the Jamahiriya on the other hand is free from the chains of international slavery).

This short list includes only three points but there are many more benefits from adopting the Third Universal Theory as a form of government. Every nation belongs to its civilians, not to political parties or bankers, we must take back what is ours! We must unite and speak with as many people as we can; if each of us would convince at least one person and this person would convince at least one other, then step by step we will convince the whole world!

Shout the Truth to the World!

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About Green Charter South Europa

I’m 31 years old, male, Italian. I and “my friends” believe in freedom and peace, we believe in the real democracy, we believe in THE DIRECT DEMOCRACY OF THE FREE PEOPLE. Our mission is to see the Truth behind the Lies. Open your eyes, JOIN US, we need you!!! D.R. Green Charter South Europa


Adam King Answers Mathaba Reader Comments: ‘Qaddafi Should Resign’

Posted: 2011/05/06
From: Mathaba
Mathaba received a long comment under one of its news items, which was assigned to Adam King of the World Centre for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and The Third Universal Theory, the Thought of Muammar al-Qaddafi, to answer in accordance with logic and reality, in the pursuit of Truth
Adam KingQuestions are from a reader in EquadorQ: A man that treats a country likes he owns it, has his sons as generals, is not a dictator?A: No. He does not treat his country like he owns it, but it is like George Washington to the USA, would you as a Latin American declare war on the USA and if Washington was still alive would you demand that he “step down” and leave? If he was a dictator, and killing his people, then yes, you could do that. But if all of South America’s kings and majority of people had given him the title of “King of Kings of America”, yet Washington is not in government, not calling the shots, but instead had assisted Americans in setting up a democracy which they themselves controlled, and a democratic government in which Washington is not a part, even if he gives his advice, which is more often than not rejected (such as the nationalising of oil and handing the revenues directly into every American person’s bank account).Substitute Washington for Gaddafi, America for Libya, South America for Africa, and you will understand.Q: I mean, no one should be entitled to govern a country until they die, even if people like him (Which I suspect many don’t), he has had more than enough time to to govern. True leaders should know when to give up power and let other people try to govern!A: Exactly. And that is exactly what Gaddafi did in March 1977, before which he was the chairman of the revolutionary command council, which was the one and only governing body of Libya. Since then, it is the General People’s Congress, which consists of all the Municipal and Basic Local People’s Conferences, with the General Secretary (Prime Minister) being currently Dr Baghdadi. Gaddafi remained for many years as “Leader of the Revolution” which specifically and only means, leader of the green revolutionary committees movement (GCM) which itself holds no power, but acts as only an advocacy movement for strengthening people’s power by way of study and practice of The Green Book.He was even international revolutionary leader, until most revolutionary committees around the world, adopted Hugo Chavez as leader instead, as Chavez himself advocated The Green Book and did not isolate himself as Gaddafi did from the revolutionary movement, when he even retired from that role during the past 10 years so as not to upset America and as a compromise reached in order to lift the unjust sanctions imposed upon Libya for more than 7 years, so that he could continue his mission to urge Libya to support African development as the future survival of Africa was at stake.Now, the revolutionary committees around the world will be meeting again and probably will declare Gaddafi to once again be the International Revolutionary Leader of the worldwide revolutionary committees movement. If they do so, it will be without Gaddafi’s permission, since revolutionary leadership according to the Third Universal Theory is not something that one claims for oneself, but which is natural and which is explained in the work “Revolutionary Organisation, Book of The Green March” by Dr Ahmed Ibrahim.Q: These other people should not be their sons or brothers!!A: Of course not. And, they are not. It is true that we had been very critical of Sayf for his close relations and trust of the western elites, which has now been revealed for exactly what it is. It is also true that some of his sons had appeared a little like some form of royalty, and we criticized that. Not anything remotely close to the royalty of Arabian Gulf countries or Morrocco, but still, even though having no political role, they had charitable organisations and negotiated deals on the side lines as “problem solvers”, and as they were neither in the government nor in the revolutionary movement, but just acting as famous and respected persons, however the respect faded as the way they spent money and from where that money came, was not clear and when it was it appeared to be used in ways Libyans do not approve of. However, now, all that is behind, as even the one youngest son (29 years of age) who had absolutely nothing even remotely to do with power nor politics, was murdered when he returned from his studies in Germany to visit his family, being bombed by NATO, as well as 3 Gaddafi children all under 3 years of age.Q: If there is no change in governing figure it is not a democracy (Sounds more like a monarchy, keep in mind that many people used to like their monarchs but that did not make their political systems a democracy) I mean why is Qadhafi still governing? A: That question was answered above, he is not governing. He has not been governing since 1977. Let us look at the Queen of England? Is she governing? She has immense riches and owns most properties in England and abroad in commonwealth countries, almost anything not privately or government owned, belongs to the Queen. Yet, does she govern? Gaddafi does not own palaces and castles, land and banks, so it is not a good comparison on the wealth and extravaggance level, he still lives in a tent and a simple house. But the Queen does not run England government does she? She gives speeches now and again, advises the government, addresses her followers, but she too is not always taken up on her wishes. And what of her sons? Do they not travel the world, with big budgets, which have recently faced much criticism, and actually do business and deals “on behalf of Britain”?! Yes. Do Gaddafi’s sons? To a limited extent as mentioned above but no more.If the Queen of England was asked to step down, abdicate, she could do so. She is self-appointed and sovereign who can decide to abdicate. Moreover, many historians conclude she is not a real royalty but in fact a fake Queen. Be that as it may be or otherwise, no one is asking her to “step down”. Yet, Gaddafi has no such title to step down from, unless he should renounce the title “King of Kings” given to him by the over 200 African traditional Kings, Sheikhs, Emirs, and other royalty, at a conference where they bestowed him the title due to his personal activities for the preservation of African traditions. Yet, that is not what the F-UK-US “3 stooges” alliance is demanding of him. They ask him to leave power and leave Libya. What power should he leave, and why should he leave Libya? If he leaves Libya, he can take up power in Central Africa and lead the African resistance, that would surely defeat European bombs with simple mosquitoes, malaria and force of numbers in immigration. And yet, NATO will not want that, so they do not ask for it.Q: If Qaddafi really did not want any bloodshed why not step down, have elections, heck he could even endorse a candidate (Not his sons!!) have a clean vote (Which I assume he could make sure is clean since he runs the country) and retire, there, no blood. The truth is he just wants to hold on to power. A: As you have seen above, this is not at all the case. There is nothing for him to step down from. Elections are a farce that no one in Africa nor the West believes in any more, as the majority are side lined and do not participate. The Libyan democracy is far more advanced: every citizen is a member of a local conference, and the power structure is from the bottom up. It is a no-party, no-individual, no-class, no-sect, no-ruler system of direct participatory democracy, similar to the Quaker Councils in the United States. It is certainly by every objective scientific analysis incomparable in its level of democratic participation and accountability when compared to any other system, Cuba possibly accepted as there in Cuba too there is an active democracy but with some significant differences. Cuba, Libya and every other country have the right to evolve their own forms of democracy. The fact that you, and most other westerners, do not know anything about the real democratic system in Libya, the self-governing “Jamahiriya” people’s democracy, is due to the absence in Libya of a powerful international media.The only media the Libya has had advocating and explaining that system to the world, is MATHABA, which stands as an independent agency and without any budget, which is only $2 million annually for fully fledged operations to be on the level of the BBC, however our budget donated by a generous benefactor having been stolen by one African named Habib Kagimu and Associates, yet we continue to simply expose the truth and gather ever larger audiences. Thus even with our very limited output and scarce resources, we have absolutely no competition in this field. That is not to negate other independent media such as PrisonPlanet and Pravda.Ru, however on the African level, MATHABA is the leading expert on these matters due to our experienced African editors and collective news gathering efforts.Q: His so called “Revolution” is not his, belongs to the country but he seems to have forgotten that and believes that he is the only one who can continue it (He has said it). A: You are right that the Revolution in Libya is not only Qaddafi’s but belongs to the great many who sacrificed their lives, or their comforts, in order for Libya to be free and for the future generations to benefit, and indeed for all Africa to benefit. However, what he has actually said, you need to be very careful about, because other media often take a few words and twist them, as they do for others such as Ahmedinejad “wipe Israel off the map” and Hugo Chavez. You need to listen to entire speeches given out in the open air or at universities and so on, to know what was really said, and not via third parties. That, granted, is exactly one of the big problems mentioned above due to lack of Libya having a universal jamahiri media network, even MATHABA which is the only bridge for that gap, is handicapped by lack of translators, resources, staff, communications, and it is frustrating to watch misquotes and lies spread via powerful TV networks.However, we still take comfort in the fact that those lies are easily seen through by anyone who wishes to find the truth, or has their eyes half open. The reason we took the time to reply to your comment at … and to publish it as an article in itself, is because the world is becoming fast divided into two camps: those willingly with the truth and those willingly against it, but there are still a great many who are seeking the truth, or have good intentions, or are aware something is not right but are still confused, and even though you ended your comment with a vile word, which is something we notice is common across the board for those who are on the other side of truth. Yet, we still believe you are one of those who needs to be answered, and who will change mind once the right information is in front of you, the facts, and if you can observe those without prejudice.Q: I don’t support bombing Libya, but I can’t support a man so attach to power that he would allow his country to go into civil war before giving it up and just fucking retire.A: You are making a big assumption here, and also due to lack of news getting through to you. Gaddafi did not attach himself to power, the opposite. And that is why he is so loved by his people. You should consider that there really might be a saint out there in this world, and that such a rare event as a man who had power and gave it all up, would be so unusual in our world of politics of the past 100 years, that when it happens it is a threat his example to all the others who remain in power around the world. He has even signed his name on a book written to show others how to do that. His movement of (r)evolutionary committees has even created a tool at its website www.greencharter.comthat is indestructable by any form of censorship in this final digital age. He has even published his thoughts on his site which is more technically vulnerable but which for now is hosted in Russia after it was shut down last month by the Americans and their “Anonymous” cyberarmy.The assumption you are making, is that NATO, specifically F-UK-US, would not take over Libya and Africa as it is currently doing, if Qaddafi left to another African state. It would not change things, as their game plan is clear, it is not only regime change, but control of Africa’s rich resources. This has never changed in the past 100 years. The western capitalist states are bankrupt and are now not bothering with any pretence toward legality, human rights, democracy, or justice, let alone truth, and that is now clear for all to see: the emperor stands naked. Qaddafi was the small child who said: “Look, the emperor has no clothes” and now, finally, the entire world is coming out and saying what they could see all along but dared not to, as they could not believe it: “Yes, the Emperor is naked!”Yet, that Emperor, due to arrogance and pride, cannot accept his nakedness, even though he knows it. He’d rather continue the procession, pretending he is wearing clothes. If you have not already read that story, I highly recommend it. I also recommend you to see some of the videos, and to follow the Libya news more closely, and to do a lot of background research and reading, MATHABA Gold Subscription would allow you to do that while at the same time giving some financial support to that independent news agency, which, even if at your current state of knowledge you can be forgiven for thinking is a propaganda agency, as Truth may not be recognizable as fact to you just yet, you would even so appreciate that every story has another side that deserves telling.– The above answers are not necessarily definitive and are my opinions to the best of my ability based upon my own experience and knowledge of the facts as well as consensus resulting from extensive conversations with people around the world, including those with knowledge of the Third Universal Theory and Muammar Qaddafi.

Thoughts from the U.S. on Qaddafi, Libya and the New World Order

Posted: 2011/11/15
From: Mathaba
` I knew the media never spared Qaddafi any insult. They readily made him out to be stupid, insane, paranoid, but not vile and evil. I had always wondered, in passing, the story behind the man and now I was determined to find out.`

By H.L. Martin

I realize now that I grew up with Muammar Qaddafi, even though we never met and lived on opposite sides of the world. He first entered my consciousness via the television. Being a child I didn’t know anything about him, except that he was the leader of some exotic place, dressed in a way that got my attention and the regular hosts of whatever show he was on would seem disdainful of his very presence.

That got my attention too. I had nothing to hold against this unusual character. I already knew better than to believe what the people on the news wanted me to. If I were to believe them then every sunny summer day was “unbearably hot” cool rainy days were “dark and miserable”, and on days of completely impeccable perfection they would say “the allergy count is at an all time high!” Just because they were incapable of having a good day in their lives, didn’t mean I should follow their example. So when I was confronted with the image of Qaddafi, I was curious, I watched, I listened, and then went on with my life.

As the years went by, I would catch more rare glimpses of this man, and many more comedic representations making fun of him. Despite the obvious hostility, that the media and entertainers displayed toward him, I could not reconcile their attitudes to what the man said, when they would actually give him a chance to speak. He spoke about the corporate powers in control of my country’s government, and other governments involved with it. He talked about the lies and propaganda of AlJazeera, that was feeding in with the United States’ oil and war-for-profit agenda. He spoke about the things I knew but our media would not talk about, things many of the American people know in their hearts to be true. The snickering snobbery of the television people became transparent as fear. I never liked watching news shows on television, but if Qaddafi was on, it would be like a sudden gust of fresh air ripped through the shallow, fake, plastic television world, and then I would watch bemused as they would try to justify their own denial by calling him “crazy” and “paranoid”. The things I heard him say made perfect sense to me, but then, I’m probably what those TV people would think is crazy. After all, I’m not dying and wheezing when it’s 85 and sunny.

Fast forward to the present, I find myself hearing Qaddafi mentioned along with such descriptive words and phrases as genocide, blood thirsty, cruel dictator, evil.  Suddenly he and Libya are the next targets in this war that seems to go country by oil-bearing country. I knew the media never spared Qaddafi any insult. They readily made him out to be stupid, insane, paranoid, but not vile and evil. I had always wondered, in passing, the story behind the man and now I was determined to find out.

I began researching. I wanted to know the history of the man, the country, and most importantly, if there was any real reason why the nation I live in should be attacking them. Our nation should not be attacking anyone, period, but I wanted to know what their excuse was. I wanted to know about the genocide. Who was being the target of genocide? What tribe or ethnic group? Who had Qaddafi killed? Why was he always portrayed as an idiot? I thought it would be an easy matter, but the more information I found the more questions I had to answer. One article accusing him of genocide said he was killing all of the Blacks, because he was a White supremacist. Another said he was killing the Whites, being a Black supremacist; hardly what I could consider credible evidence.

Historical records (ie, books) showed Qaddafi as having a history of reaching out to tribal peoples in his land and meeting with them, something no ruler of Libya had done before. There was a lot of evidence to support that tribal relations were good. I got ahold of Qaddafi’s Green Book and tried to find plans for genocide in it. Hitler had detailed his genocidal plans quite openly in Mein Kampf, but I could find no evidence of such hate in The Green Book.

Before researching Qaddafi and Libya, I had done a lot of research and truth seeking into matters closer to home. Aggression broke out in Libya as I began on the final draft of my novel, which deals with a lot of the information I have come across. I had learned many shocking things about our own government, such as the orchestrated false flag attacks on the World Trade Towers and Building Seven on 9/11/01. Many Americans, including myself, were fooled, even if temporarily, into believing that Muslim terrorists were responsible for the attacks. Really it was a controlled demolition, orchestrated to motivate the people into supporting an unjust war in the Middle East.

I also had learned about the enslaving form of banking that had taken root in my nation within the past century, something that the framers of our Constitution and founders of our country warned about and sought to protect the nation from. Our President, John F. Kennedy sought to resist the bank and re-institute a more American form of money issuance, the silver standard. He was assassinated by operatives within the CIA, and the murder was blamed on a man who was just an escape goat.

I learned of Project Paperclip that followed World War II, in which The US and its allies made sure that countless Nazi war criminals were expatriated to other countries to live in luxurious freedom. These are just the main highlights of the conspiratorial and seemingly self-destructing behavior our own nation engages in. Plans are in the works for a New World Order and one world government, where national borders and sovereignty are dissolved. The United Nations is the spearhead of this endeavor, and the United States is a very key player.

Back to Qaddafi, my research took me into the history of his country and my own. I found the probable cause of all the derision he had weathered over the years, the Lockerbie bombing. Now this event took place when I was but a child, so I was not well aware of it at the time, but this is what I discovered. A bomb was placed on a plane owned by an American company, Pan Am. The bomb exploded over Lockerbie Scotland killing many people. This had many similarities to the 9/11 attacks such as an American airplane supposedly being used for terrorist purposes. When accused of the bombing, Qaddafi denied it. Then President Ronald Reagan promptly bombed Qaddafi’s home in an attempt to kill him, murdering Qaddafi’s child in the process. Facing the threat of further attack, Qaddafi “admitted” to complicity in the Lockerbie bombings, and paid each victim’s family millions of dollars.

[Editor’s note: Actually, Qaddafi never admitted to any complicity in the Lockerbie bombing. A deal was struck with the British and American governments, to allow them to make a statement to the media, as they saw fit, in which they said that he, or Libya, had done so. However, the actual and only statement made from Libya was taking “responsibility for the actions of its officials”, and paying millions of dollars to the families of the victims, as a charitable gesture, which the British and Americans would twists as “compensation” — repeating the formula used over the alleged Libyan shooting of Woman Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher, which also did not lead to any good for Libya. Same mistake twice.]

Another bit of credible evidence I came across was that Qaddafi had recently resisted the corrupted Federal Reserve notes from the US/international corporate banking system, insisting instead of payment in gold for Libyan oil. He had just wandered into the same dangerous area that had gotten our own President Kennedy assassinated.

At the same time I also learned about the organization that has been behind the “Arab Springs” uprisings. This organization follows the directives of the UN and CIA (which is in turn controlled by international oil, pharmaceutical and banking corporations). This organization works to start seemingly spontaneous revolutions in countries where the existing government needs to be broken down to allow easier access to oil and resources. This organization is not above murder to complete its objectives, attacking protesters in Egypt. Similar violence happened in Libya, and was blamed on Qaddafi, mainly by AlJazeera, a known propaganda channel, and its American cohort CNN.

It is interesting how the protests against the unconstitutional banking practices of the US,are being used by the monied interests to push for greater government regulation and greater solidarity for the New World Order instead of what the US protesters are really asking for: dissolution of the central bank and the return to Kennedy’s silver standard.

My research continued. Every time I heard someone speak of Qaddafi’s evil I asked them about it. Why don’t you like Qaddafi? What has he done? How do you know? What I discovered is these people expressing hatred for the man really had no idea why they were doing so. It always came down to what they had heard on the news and never questioned.

On the internet, I encountered people from around the world, and a wide variety of opinions on the Libya situation. Some claimed to be Libyan and expressed contempt for Qaddafi, but I could not get any conclusive information from these individuals about how he had mistreated them.

Commonly I hear people say, “Well, he was a dictator and we should work towards a future where dictators are a thing of the past.” People who say this type of thing are thoroughly brainwashed. They are easily swayed by words and labels. Our leaders are no less dictators, put in power through fake elections to further the goals of a monied elite. I am not pro dictatorships and if you were to talk to me at any length you would see that I am not even pro government. But one thing government is, is the creation of human beings and a reflection of them and their culture. Qaddafi’s Libya may not have seemed progressive enough to some, but it was a long progression from where the country had started. The government of Libya belonged to the people of Libya, and the right to make any changes to it was the right of Libyan people alone, not outsiders like the UN and NATO. Certainly not the United States.

Remember, the Native Americans were demonized as vicious warlords and ritual killers which comforted the European invaders as they gleefully slaughtered the natives into near extinction. I see the same thing happening now towards the Middle East and Africa. Our media portrays them as simple, uncivilized, under evolved and in dire need of western intervention to bring them up to speed with the current times. The truth of the matter is countries like Libya have been progressing far more quickly and further than the west. The Muslim religion forbids such banking practices as charging interest on loans and printing money backed with debt. It is this, and not the threat of “jihad”, that is the reason our political leaders feel that the Muslim world as something that must be stopped.

Mu’tassim al Gaddafi and Hitlery Clinton: What really happened during their meeting
On October 20, the day before my birthday, Muammar Qaddafi was murdered
[Editor: See note at the end of this article, it is commonly held that Muammar Qaddafi was murdered as that is what was broadcast on TV (tell-lie-vision) around the world]
in the most brutal display of human aggression on one person that I have ever witnessed. If we are to believe the ‘official narrative’, he was shot, beaten and raped with a long piece of metal before being killed.

Those whose worldview is prepackaged by the likes of CNN and the CIA were rejoicing in this barbaric death, while others like myself recognized the true horror of what had happened. One of the wealthiest independent nations of the Earth had fallen to the global tyranny.

If Qaddafi had done any wrong to his people, the world will never know. Murdering him is pretty much an admission of guilt on the part of the UN and NATO, since he was forever silenced. If there ever were victims of Qaddafi, they were robbed of their chance for real justice, the exposure of wrong doing which can never happen now. The credibility of the “new” Libya has been destroyed, since they have allied themselves with the war criminals of the world. When someone victimizes others and is evil I want the whole world to know about it, especially if it is an international affair. Why the secrets? Why kill him and not let him stand trial? Why have I not found one credible shred of evidence supporting the accusations that he was killing his own people and committing genocide even though I have been looking? The manner in which Qaddafi was tortured and killed is no more justice for any “victims” than if he had met his demise being hit by a train. Exposure beyond a doubt, revealed to the whole world, that would have been justice. Justice might have ended up being Qaddafi exposing the globalists’ agenda. Qaddafi was killed. The world was robbed. We live in a much darker place for it. If reading this offends you, or if you strongly disagree with me, I invite you to share with me credible evidence that Qaddafi deserved the fate he met with. As a truth-seeker, I want to know, and realize that I probably never will. Until then, I will remember Muammar Qaddafi as yet another brave patriot, murdered by global tyranny.

[Mathaba Editor’s note: The good author and others will be pleased to note that the reality is that Muammar Qaddafi is still alive, safe and well. Ali Al-Andalus of Sirte, who has a striking resemblance to Muammar, although shorter among other differences, was murdered in the most horrific manner, as is the custom of the US-British-French intelligence supported “Al-Qaida” NATO-rebel “rat” gangs in Libya.]

About H.L. Martin

I am a multi-media artist and writer living in upstate New York.


Voyage to the Sun

How the Egyptians retrieved solid sunlight

for Tutankhamun’s tomb

Presented in the Planetarium of the California Academy of Sciences at 6:30 PM on Sept. 8, 2011

King Tut’s Libyan Desert Glass scarab extraterrestrial meteorite impact comet asteroid

The presentation in the Planetarium of the California Academy of Sciences unraveled
one of the last mysteries of Tutankhamun’s tomb by explaining how the Egyptians of
his dynasty obtained a piece of glass created by a colossal meteorite impact or unique
ejection from the planet’s core from a zone that had already become the closest thing to
Mars on Earth. A place so hostile that they couldn’t reach it even if they had camels.
Which they didn’t: all the ancient Egyptians had was donkeys. Nobody has ever been
able to explain – and prove – how Tut’s jewelers obtained the world’s purest natural glass
that they used to make the scarab in the middle of one of his breastplates – glass so
strange that it is filled with nano-diamonds, iridium, stishovite and other apparent
evidence of a meteoritic collision. Until now.

The lecture revealed the discoveries of an expedition in March 2006 that sought to

answer the enigma – an expedition that bore its ultimate fruit only when it became

stranded without fuel or water during a solar eclipse, allowing the team one last

opportunity to prospect for an archaeological site that might provide the missing

link, while hoping for rescue.

The presentation unveiled two major discoveries.

First, of prehistoric tool factories that specialized in making Libyan Desert Glass tools

on such an industrialized scale during the Holocene Wet Phase (12,500–5,300 cal.

B.C.E.), that they had to be exporting their products over a much larger zone than

the one where the glass occurs naturally.

And, two, the discovery of a series of prehistoric sites covered with glass tools,

which were exported beyond the glass’s natural distribution during the Sahara’s

wet phases – including an eight-to-ten-thousand-year-old site, over 250 miles

from the “factories”, at a pigment quarry where an expedition from Tut’s time

(the late 18th Dynasty) left its characteristic shards.

In other words, the expedition proved that Tut’s prospectors could have found

the glass, which his jewelers used to make the sun symbol that they put on the

solar plexus of their living god, on a site that was already thousands of years old.

In doing so, the expedition also revealed one of the reasons that the Egyptians

were struggling to penetrate the desert against great odds with donkey caravans –

they were searching for and scouring prehistoric sites for a material so rare and

strange that they believed it was solidified sunlight itself.

On a less sexy note, the expedition’s discovery of Aterian, Mesolithic, pre-ceramic

Neolithic and mid-Neolithic anthropic glass sites hundreds of kilometers outside

the natural zone shows that long-range exchange and distribution systems for the

exotic material sprang up both during the Holocene Wet Phase and the Aterian

tradition, which lasted from 80,000 to 30,000 years ago.

D. Caldwell & E. Honoré at the briefing that I gave before entering the desert to define the expedition’s goals
& destinations, which I’d set based on solo reconnaissance in 2005.

Base camp in a closed inter-dune corridor of the Great Sand Sea

D. Caldwell, K. Compton & S. Schwab mapping a Holocene Wet Phase Desert Glass tool factory

GREPAL archaeologists L. Watrin & E. Honoré mapping a Desert Glass tool workshop with an expedition
volunteer, K. Compton

One of the Desert Glass nodule caches at the main Holocene Wet Phase tool factory site

Volunteer, S. Schwab, brushing off a nodule cache for mapping at the main factory site

Egyptologist, L. Watrin, directs mapping of the vast tool factory. Note the two nodule caches and a hearth in the background.

Egyptologist, L. Watrin, holding one of the glass points found at the knapping stations of the main tool factory site.

Peripheral site 1: This Neolithic site, which appears on both sides of a dune on the southern edge of the Gilf el Khebir, has Desert Glass tools which have been transported hundreds of kilometers south of the material’s natural range. Note the fragment of a grain grinding quern. ca. 8,000 BP.

Peripheral Glass site 2, which is nearby, is Aterian, meaning that the glass at the site was exported from its natural zone far to the north around 30,000 years ago. Note the Aterian point.

A piece of Libyan Desert Glass can be seen at the center of the circle at Peripheral Glass site 2 on the southern Gilf beside Aterian tools & debitage.

D. Caldwell & K. Compton prospecting for peripheral glass sites on the southern brink of the Gilf el Khebir plateau.

L. Watrin, D. Caldwell & E. Honoré at work in the Cave of the Headless Beast, aka Wadi Sora II.

Peripheral Site 4 is within 4 miles of this pigment outcropping on the Abu Ballas donkey trail. The Desert Glass tools at the site were transported over 250 miles from the natural source of the glass to this site, where they are in close proximity to shards from the Late 18th Dynasty, which encompassed Tut’s reign.

The expedition’s ATVs above the Pharaonic water depositary at Abu Ballas, which contains shards from Tut’s time.

Copyright Duncan Caldwell 2006, all rights reserved

Mu’tassim al Gaddafi and Hitlery Clinton: What really happened during their meeting
<strong> Johnstone Amimo Shisoka</strong> writes:</span> </span>
Obama do you see this? The Colonel will be rememberd more than you or your NATO dogs…
and Africa will come out stronger than before.
Muammar and Saif-al-Islam al-Gadhafi  ARE NOT “WAR CRIMINALS”!
Universal Prayer Gadhafi gave for Peace on 15 February 2011
Gadhafi’s PRAYERS for all humanity:
03 MARCH 2011 SPEECH of MUAMMAR al-Gadhafi from Bab Azaiyza:
Taken from speech of 03 MARCH at BABA AZAIYZA:

Dry your tears and continue the fight: the one you were shown was not Muammar Al-Gaddafi

Posted: 2011/10/27
From: Mathaba
The process of psychological destabilization of NATO must be retained forever by the citizens of the world as a lesson.
Posted on 2011/10/26by Ismail originallypubished hereTranslated from French by Auntie AdjeleyEditing and post-scriptby Mathaba Libya NewsAccording to reports reaching us, the martyr humiliated and presented as Muammar Al-Gaddafi, in videos and photographs that have been shown around the world, has been identified as the real person actually called Ali Majid Al Andalus who was an inhabitant of Sirte in Libya and was famous for his resemblance to the brother Leader of the El Fateh Revolution.We publish this news to put an end as quickly as possible to the confusion in the psychological war during which NATO has flooded the web with false news, false documents, false Libyan sites, contaminating social networks and unfortunately also some sites of friends of Libya.The man in the photo with the bullet hole in the head was not Muammar al Gaddafi, but his double. He called himself ‘Ahmid’. Just look at his face and compare it with that of the true Muammar Al- Gaddafi!

Ali Majid Al Andalusi
Muammar Al-Gaddafi

We have obtained this information from a reliable source and we ask that you mobilize more than ever to work in order to update the truth and for an end to unjust wars against the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and elsewhere such as in Iraq, Afghanistan and those wars that predators would launch against Syria and Algeria, for example.

We ask the European and American populations and all peoples of the world to step up their actions with all their might, with all means available and to set in motion any concerted effort to ensure that NATO and all their accomplices throughout the world be rendered permanently ‘checkmated’. This is the future of humanity. Do not leave your future and that of future generations in the hands of dangerous psychopathic criminals.

The psychopathic criminals Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and ignoble Albellajil know very well that they did not kill Muammar Gaddafi. They used this innocent man solely for their psychological operation by having him lynched by armed thugs of the TNC before the cameras. This served several purposes including tarnishing the image of the Guide on the one hand and smearing Islam on the other.

The reason that Jalil was quick to declare Sharia in Libya is to place the blame for the crimes of NATO squarely on the backs of Muslims and Islam, when in reality it is these ‘druggie types’ hired by the secret services of NATO countries, who have nothing to do with Islam, who committed these crimes.

This is a war against Islaam. Once these monstrous mercenaries from NATO have committed enough crimes before the cameras around the world with the help of NATO, the latter will then have every excuse to kill more people and boost their wars to strengthen their control over the Muslim countries that they have been pitching as wild and barbaric societies. Islam will then have been discredited and their victims will quietly accept their ‘offer’ and help to execute the infamous project of the so-called New World Order.

NATO’s process of psychological destabilization must be retained forever by the citizens of the world as a lesson.

Mathaba Post-Script

We fully endorse the above article, originally published here. From our own impeccable sources close to the Leader Mu’ammar Qaddafi and within his own circle, at a sensitive time, without placing any risk to any source we published a denial on the same day that all world media declared — on the basis of video files alone — that Mu’ammar Qaddafi was dead. Once again, the minority in the world who have learned over the past 12 years that Mathaba stands alone with Truth, and who follow Mathaba closely, as well as our subscribers, knew the truth while the world was misled by tell-lie-vision media.

We also published on the very next day once again a rebuttal of the reports of Qaddafi’s death and called for the matter to be closed and not to become the subject of controversy, time wasting, deflection and endless discussion. However, we were attacked by a great many who feared we would “lose credibility” and “aid the enemy” because our detractors were convinced Mu’ammar was dead. Those who have followed Mathaba online since 12 years, know that we do not pay attention toperceived ”credibility”, but only to the publication of truth, without fear nor favour, and without regard to political ideologies of left and right.

We had hoped that at least the minority in the world, the thinkers and truth soldiers would hear our message loud and clear, and we were not disappointed. They agreed with us that if anyone wishes to consider Qaddafi dead, let them do so, or alive, let them do so, we simply stated the facts of him being physically alive, and choosing not to communicate so that the world media who started this war, the bankers who bankrolled it in their attempts to grab African resources, and the other slaves of the “new world order” could “have their day” and their own perceived victory, even if it will be short-lived.

Yet others, including a few who should know better, still have a trust in the one and only difference between a Hollywood movie and a TV News Channel: that difference being, the channel. Turn channel to Hollywood movie and you know it is a movie, unless you are young and did not yet know that death on TV is for entertainment and faked. Turn channel to news, and the vast majority, including an incredible number of those who are otherwise in high positions: international human rights lawyers, political leaders, even heads of state — just find it hard to believe that a news channel would lie.

News Media

As to how and why news channels lie, this is a different and longer subject. We work in news, and have seen this for decades. Few know how it really works. It has a lot to do with editors. The ownership, funds, turning a blind eye, ratings, policy, the frightful practice of getting news 3rd of 4th hand and passing it off as fact, laziness, lack of education and critical mind, spin by staff in order to keep their jobs and obtain favour of editors, and the editors keeping favour of those who own them, all play significant roles in the picture of why the so-called mainstream media (MSM) which we prefer to call Money Slave Media (M$M) is so compromised from start to finish.

As an experienced editor, who gets to see too much information that would make most normal people sick and tired, over and over again, the same patterns and events, but different actors and locations, over decades, I can tell you that there will be a great many readers reading my words even at this stage, and having read the above, who will stillbe seeking some “confirmation” that Muammar is alive and that it was not he who died on October 19 or 20.

Should we entertain those who do not trust us and our track record, not on the occasional error out of hundreds of thousands of news reports, a small handful over the years, in each case corrected, but on those important issues we have come out loud and clear and would be puting our very future existence on the line if we were lying or unprofessional? Let us cut a deal. If I spend time providing additional logical proof, without revealing how and why it is that we knew for a fact, after that you go and also spend a little of your time and money for us: because we have many communication, infrastructure and resource expenses, to keep this operation going.

About Mathaba

Mathaba is not a part-time hobby blog with a blind love for Muammar Qaddafi without even knowing anything of the man until this war started, we have been close to him for decades. It is our readers who help pay the expenses of running this service, including those who work full time, because we do not get funding from governments, intelligence agencies, corporations, but only from subscriptions, individual private donations, and occasional ethical advertising (of which there is too little in this day and age where most capitalist businesses are motivated by money and not value).

If you read any further below this line, we ask you therefore not only to sign up for a subscription and/or make a donation, but that you read this articleagain and that you act upon it: for in truth whether Muammar was really killed and all the above are suicidal lies on our part, or physically alive but having divorced himself from this horrible world which failed to understand him including most of those who shout most loudly both inside and outside Libya that they are his supporters and would die for him – the result is the same. The Jamahiriya was never Muammar even though he started it. The resistance never depended upon him, even though he went out with his gun. His political, economic and social program for the liberation of the world, The Green Book, does not depend on his physical presence, nor does his (r)evolutionary movement nor do the rights and freedoms of the Jamahiriya (self-governing civil society) for their fruition.

Doubting Thomases

So, for those doubting Thomases, here a few tips  and then do your own research, away from Mathaba, do not use us, and do not bring this issue up at our expense deflecting discussions and focus away from the continuing struggle, most especially, growing the green movement and making sure that the Libyan Jamahiriya becomes, even with a very slight geographical shift, a Universal Jamahiriya:

* Muammar was no where near Sirte on 19-20 October. We admit readers will be unlikely to verify this, but let us just put that out there.
* Muammar is taller and older than the Hero who was murdered while the leader of whites Hillary Clinton has called for world-wide applause of murder.
* The photos in this article above are not the best, as they are opposite sides of their heads. There are others you can compare.
* Muammar has some specific marks, that are always there, more or less pronounced, study recent photographs if you do not know him well face to face.
* The rotting bodies “displayed” on the dirty mattresses for days were covered by blanked, with only a part of the head of the victim visible.
* As with the killing of the old man in Pakistan, body dumped out to see, the bodies of the victims were destroyed and moved not to be found.

Yes you were lied to again by all the world media, including those fake gate-keepers many of you trusted and with the typical switch and bait method. Jazeera, PRESS TV, BBC, CNN, New York Times, Guardian, fanatically pro-Qaddafi blogs (who focus on the cult worship aspect but not on his real ideas, movement and personality). Nation of Islam (Louis Farrakhan), Hugo Chavez, even Robert Mugabe (for now at least) were deceived, the left wing who you fail to detect all the loud traits of fascism and nihilism among them, the “international organizations”, all without exception have failed you. So what are you going to do about it?

Take Responsibility

For those who are looking for Libyans to win a single-handed victory against the most powerful military alliance on earth, while they fight with their hands and feet tied, without water nor food, nor adequate medical supplies. And did so for 8 months, something those soldiers attacking them would not be able to do for more than a few days or weeks at best. For you, shame on you. One of The Third Universal Theory premises is that no one can represent you: no one can die for you. If you think the battle is military, then go out there, go into Africa, anywhere, and fight. Do not call on others to fight if you are not willing and doing so yourself.

For those of you who are looking for Mu’ammar Qaddafi to come out and address you to deny his death, when it has clear advantages at this new phase of the struggle, shame on you. Seek your reassurance elsewhere. Feel him alive in your hearts, know that no matter what happens he would always either be alive with Allah, or alive on Earth. There can be no death for Mu’ammar, even if they would succeed to get his physical body in future. Instead, continue his work.

A Word on Islam

Finally, a word on Islam, to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Again, take it from us or leave it, we report only fact and truth. Up to you to go out and verify what we say if you doubt it. Libya has had Sharia almost since the start of the Al-Fateh revolution in 1969. To be implemented, required there to be a Jamahiriya. Without a Jamahiriya you cannot have Sharia. The Holy Qur’an has been the Law of Society in the Jamahiriya since its inception with the Sebha Declaration of 2nd March, 1977.

Mu’ammar has addressed Muslims and also on occasion given significant messages to non-Muslims and spoken on Islam on numerous occasions throughout the years. He always did so from a position of truth-seeking and truth-telling, no matter how much it angered and annoyed the “religious establishment” throughout the Arab world and even beyond. His was never the method of diplomacy, but, of Education: of himself and others. Please read the chapter Education in The Green Book.

A very good book was written on his religious thought by Mustafa Ayyoub, titled “The Third Universal Theory and the Religious Thought of Muammar Qaddafi” (spelling of author and title may be different), from Canada. If you wish to know the details, purchase that book. It may even be available online these days, do a search.

On the other hand, his enemies, those hostile to Islam (Truth, Peace, Justice) such as the Anglo-American-Zionist groups and their servants, always wish to portray Islam and Muslims (and Mu’ammar for those who know his personal life and methods, as well as his political, economic and social activities well, can attest to this, he was among the best of Muslims in the world) in a negative light. Sometimes Libya and the Leader naively played into those images, for they were not professional deceivers or versed in the art of propaganda and deception, as their enemies are.

Therefore psychotic criminals, murderers, rapists, drug addicts, human traffickers, corrupt former officials, royalists, foreign agents, opportunists, heretics, and money slaves — all of which make up the vast bulk of the so-called “revolutionary rebels”, “TNC” (“NTC or CNT”), Al-Qaida, LIFG alliance which will now fight each other, providing a haven for non-stop mobile intervention in Africa by the predatory bankrupt western forces in their grab for resources, are portrayed as Muslims.

The louder they shout “ALLAHU AKBAR” while actually believing the opposite (“NATO AKBAR”) with fearful loud hoarse voices to conceal their ignorance, fear, pretence and love of dirt and squalor, the more the barbarian white elites of the world are in joy, for that is what they wish Islam to be. And that is why Mutassim, moments before his death, when hearing these words from his torturers smiled: for he knows their abode as promised by Allah is to be in the depths of hell.

Smoking Gun: Gaddafi Was To Receive U.N. Human Rights Award

Before NATO and the U.S. started bombing Libya, the United Nations was preparing to bestow an award on Colonel

Muammar Gaddafi, and the Libyan Jamahiriya, for its achievements in the area of human rights. That’s right–the

same man, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, that NATO and the United States have been telling us for months is a “brutal

dictator,” was set to be given an award for his human rights record in Libya. How strange it is that the United Nations

was set to bestow a human rights award on a “brutal dictator,” at the end of March.

Report of the Working Group on the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya [Document A/HRC/WG.6/9/L.13]

So, I ask a question. Who is this “brutal dictator” that the United Nations General Assembly Human Rights Council

was preparing to bestow an award to, for human rights, sometime at the end of March? So, they would have us

believe that they knew that he was a “brutal dictator,” yet decided to give him an award for human rights?!

Astounding! Astounding the lies that we’re being told by the media, NATO and the U.S. government. Absolutely

astounding! Not surprising, but astounding! But more astounding still, is the fact that, time after time after time,

much of the American public–without questioning–believes every single word that comes from the “news” media.

It is noteworthy to read the following couple of sentences from the General Assembly’s report:

“Several delegations also noted with appreciation the country’s commitment to upholding human rights

on the ground. Additional statements, which could not be delivered during the interactive dialogue,

owing to time constraints, will be posted on the extranet of the universal periodic review when available.”

In a footnote of that report, there is a list of countries that praised Colonel Gaddafi and the Libyan

Jamahiriya (state of the masses), in support of the General Assembly Human Rights Council’s

decision to bestow this award upon Colonel Gaddafi. I simply present the list. The reader can look at the

list and make his or her own judgement regarding the credibility level, or perceived credibility level, of any of

the particular countries listed:

Denmark, China, Italy, The Netherlands, Mauritania, Slovenia, Nicaragua, The Russian Federation,

Spain, Indonesia, Sweden,Norway, Ecuador, Hungary, South Africa, The Phillippines, Maldives, Chile,

Singapore, Germany, Australia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Angola, Nigeria, Congo, Burundi, Zambia, Rwanda,

Burkina Faso, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Zimbabwe.

If you have been paying any attention to the news, you will note that a few of the above-listed countries suddenly

made an about-face, and decided to start supporting NATO and the U.S. in their war of aggression. Why? Why

else!? Money. That’s always the bottom line, and there’s no doubt that it will all be exposed, at some time in the

future, just as was exposed the lies that the U.S. government told its citizens, and the world, about “weapons of

mass destruction” in Iraq. And those same countries were just about to bestow an award on Colonel Gaddafi, for

human rights, after having carefully studied Libyan society. So, what’s this about the “brutal dictator?” It’s

what my big brother would call it: CHEWED UP GRASS [Bullshit!! For the delicate amongst you, pardon my colorful


If you have been paying any attention to the news, you will note that a few of the above-listed countries suddenly

made an about-face, and decided to start supporting NATO and the U.S. in their war of aggression. Why? Why else!?

Money. That’s always the bottom line, and there’s no doubt that it will all be exposed, at some time in the future,

just as was exposed the lies that the U.S. government told its citizens, and the world, about “weapons of mass

destruction” in Iraq. And those same countries were just about to bestow an award on Colonel Gaddafi, for human

rights, after having carefully studied Libyan society. So, what’s this about the “brutal dictator?” It’s what my

big brother would call it: CHEWED UP GRASS [Bullshit!! For the delicate amongst you, pardon my colorful language].

By Dennis South – Also published on Scott Net

Hannibal and Seif el Islam Gaddafi: The Unclean Psychological Warfare


– The Unclean Psychological Warfare excessive “revolutionaries” Tunisians and their national media

Every Friday, more than a million viewers watch diligently Tunisian issue of “reality TV” (psychodrama live on air)

Hannibal (unofficial second national channel 3) [1] entitled “Al-musameh karim “(Forgiveness is a good virtue),

imitation of the original North American or French (for example, the program” Out of sight “).

On Friday, November 11, 2011 (repeated the next day to 13heures), if a disabled person very unhappy with the

spine broken living without health care card, in a very poor family in the neighborhood of Tunis Zahrouni, was

exposed by the facilitator (“star”, is it necessary to add …) named Abderrezzeq.

Then the latter, having observed that “his” program was also “highly regarded” in Algeria and …. … Libya, made

the transition to a “case” of that country.

Hannibal TV invented “reality TV” in the Great Libyan Jamahiriya …

The poor “victim” was named “Faisal”, presented as a taxi driver at the time (2000 or 2001) in his country. He

recounted his misadventures in the dialect of his country (linguistically very close to that of Tunisians). Extravagant

in its history, there was talk of “luxury prostitution” in Tripoli, criminal gangs, vehicle tracking, “vengeance” and

that would not have thought of Gaddafi and his son ….

“Faisal” says he was instructed by a woman (whose beauty was immense: “the yosaf jamal,” he insisted …) the

“drop” every evening about 22 hours in a villa in a neighborhood of Tripoli (Abu Nawas ….). He passed the “take”

on a regular basis in the morning at 10 am until the routine ended. Shortly before, she had invited him to be careful

because the mysterious people who went to night this lady would have liked to go after him ….

Finally, the lady gave no signal and one night he took “hitchhikers” apparently out of gas. Deceived about their

intentions, he was taken by force, under threat of a knife in particular, to a place where he was doused with gasoline

and burned.He managed to escape and, height of the mishap, all this took place near a heavily guarded police station

linked to the “security system” of Gaddafi …

A photo was shown on the screen of Hannibal TV where you could see a body covered with rashes (supposed to be signs

of “burn”) extending from the neck down. “Faisal” that “90%” of his body had suffered burns.

Hannibal TV shows “the names of personalities” … Libyan.

The facilitator is the issue was “professionally” strike a thriller on the “revelation” name “personalities”. What are they? “

Faisal” without hesitation named Seif El-Islam Gaddafi’s son without giving further details …

He then told how he had been treated with some slander the Libyan authorities that he had “granted” only 12 000 euros

(see the case “Tunisian” above the city seriously disabled homeless and care card) …. He said he went to Italy to undergo

(apparently) in a cosmetic surgery. In front of viewers, he thanked emphatically “the Italian doctor” …

Finally, in response to the host, he said “be ready” to prosecute those responsible. When the famous * infinitely beautiful

lady, she would still “lost sight” ….


Note five important things:

1-at any time during the show, the “victim” did not show even a small part of his skin allegedly burned 90% (eg, calves or

shoulder). His face and forearms were obviously very healthy.

2-no further proof of the allegations was provided.

3-this “case” was “publicized” at the time of most “prime” in Tunisia, the same day that Dr. Al Al Baghdady Mahmoudy,

Libyan Prime Minister’s sole legal government of Libya (Libyan) was to again threatened to be “extradited” to the

“government” bloodthirsty puppet of NATO (see our demonstration on November 9, 2011 with the Tunisian League

for the Defense of Human Rights[2].

4-The “victim” “Faisal” invokes judicial proceedings against Seif El-Islam, the importance of “in context” that is to

say that the famous “international arrest warrant” and launched revived by the puppets of NATO “International

Criminal Court” in The Hague for the obvious purpose of trying to stifle any inclination to resist the “power” now in

place in Libya ..

5-Just as the defamation of Al-Al-Baghdady Mahmoody continues in Tunisia (charge reversed and renewed call to

rape by the leaders themselves notorious gang rapists in Libya), the function of this “psychodrama TV” is to tarnish

the spotless reputation of heroic resistance to imperialism the toughest of all family members Gaddafi: the father to

that of Seif El-Islam. Thus, it appears in this issue filthy, like a Mafia character engaged in debauchery “luxury” in a

villa in Tripoli and sending killers shoot a “taxi driver” model and “football fan” over … the market.

We therefore, peace of Tunis [3], consider that this “event” is the artificially excessive psychological

warfare that is the most foul against Great Libyan Jamahiriya and civilizational project succeeded in

large part and all plans , starting with the policy (direct democracy experiment, without parties, in the

context of imperialist threats standing for 42 years).

The historical responsibility of the media

We report this story to our colleagues in other countries of the world understand first the historical

responsibility of “big media” and their “intellectual elites” in general in the ongoing tragedy in seven

months in Libya (see case eloquent example of Le Monde Diplomatique) [4]. Next, we wish to draw the

attention of free spirits on the unprecedented level of involvement, subservience and complicity of the

“media” of this small country of Tunisia[GASMI] with criminal puppets who claim to “govern” the neighboring country.

The Pacifists of Tunis

November 12, 2011.


[1] Hannibal TV

[2] Algeria ISP. Libya – The news of the Tunisian League for the Defence of Human Rights against the extradition of Libyan

Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi.November 10, 2011.

[3] Algeria ISP. “The street of Tunis takes to heart:” Stop the genocide of the people of Sirte in Libya. ” October 12, 2011

[4] Toni Solo. Libya: Illustrious Corpse-The Truth Is Always Revolutionary.September 28, 2011

[5] M. Gasmi, S. Kouki and K. NCIR. Libya – The other voice on the war in Libya.Allain Jules, October 21, 2011 E2% 80% 99autre voice-over-the-war-in-Libya /

Libya: Illustrious corpses — the truth is always revolutionary

Posted: 2011/09/29
From: Mathaba
This is an absolute must-read analysis: one of the best reads in a long time — this correctly throws light on the blatant exposure of the numerous layers of gate-keepers from so many areas of life: media such as The Guardian and the New York Times to organizations such as Amnesty International and the United Nations, as well as journalists, intellectuals and activists…

by Toni Solo

September 25th 2011

Right now in Libya the UN recognized government and its NATO masters are bombing hundreds of civilians to death in Sirte, Bani Walid and Sabha. They have bombed schools and hospitals and murdered whole families. This infamy was sanctioned by the UN from the beginning and has been justified by many of the cream of international progressive intellectuals. It is long past time to identify and condemn these accomplices to the crimes against humanity in Libya committed by the Western elites and their puppet governments.

The colonial war against Libya has defined more sharply than ever the structures of knowledge, attitudes and behaviour that characterize progressive and radical intellectual production in Europe and North America. The war has thrown that production into crisis. It could not be clearer now that the class function of intellectual managers like Gilbert Achcar, Immanuel Wallerstein, Ignacio Ramonet and similar individuals is to neuter effective protest against corporate capitalism and imperialism.

The crypto-fascist Irish poet W.B.Yeats once wrote, “Did that play of mine send out certain men the English shot?” Intellectual managers like Achar, Ramonet and Wallerstein, Samir Amin, Atilio Boron, Ramzy Baroud and Santiago Alba Rico might ask themselves, “Did our work prepare the vicious NATO genocide in Libya?” Of course, the answer is “yes, it did”. They also seem to think that reality is perfectly all right.

They avow they seek radical social change and revolution in theory. But wherever processes have achieved genuine social change in the real world, as in the Libyan Jamahiriya, they attack them or, as in Venezuela, seek to mould them to their own narcissistic criteria. If one looks at the expressions of dissent privileged under corporate consumer capitalism they are all varieties of anarchism.

Of course they are. Anarchist anti-communism is a spoilt child doted on and nurtured by the capitalist elites– a nuisance, but a useful one and very much part of the laissez-faire family. Capitalism easily accommodates and co-opts fatuous slogans like “Another world is possible”. We can see what world they have in mind by looking at Libya. The intellectuals who supported the murderous racist Libyan renegades and NATO’s contract putsch-insurrection are a good example of how the process of co-optation and accommodation works.

They assimilate themselves into the rituals and processes of public life in the plutocracies of North America and Europe. They shift between academic life, non-governmental activity and participation in the mass corporate psy-warfare media and their alternative counterparts, the gatekeepers of permissible dissent. Libya has finally brought this reality out into the open in the most categorical way. One has only to look back at what influential intellectual managers produced around the time of the March 19th UN Resolution 1973.

Here’s Immanuel Wallerstein( [1]) :

“The second point missed by Hugo Chavez’s analysis is that there is not going to be any significant military involvement of the western world in Libya. The public statements are all huff and puff, designed to impress local opinion at home. There will be no Security Council resolution because Russia and China won’t go along. There will be no NATO resolution because Germany and some others won’t go along. Even Sarkozy’s militant anti-Qaddafi stance is meeting resistance within France.”

Here’s Ignacio Ramonet (… [2]) :

“Under such circumstances, any other reasonable leader would have understood that the time to negotiate and give up power had arrived. But not Colonel Gadafi. At the risk of submerging his country in a civil war, the “Guide”, in power for 42 years, explained that the demonstrators were “youngsters Al Qaeda had drugged by adding hallucinogenic pills to their Nescafé”. And he ordered the armed forces to repress the protests with heavy gunfire and extreme force. The Al Jazeera channel showed military planes strafing civilian demonstrators.”


“One can be against the current structure of the United Nations, or reckon that its operations leave much to be desired. Or that the Western powers dominate the organization. These are acceptable criticisms. But for the moment the UN constitutes the only source of international law. In that sense, and contrary to the wars wars in Kosovo or Iraq which were never sanctioned by the UN, the current intervention in Libya is legal, according to international law; legitimate according to the principles of solidarity among democrats; and desirable for the international community which brings together people struggling for their liberty.”

Here’s Gilbert Achcar (… [3]) :

“The idea that Western powers are intervening in Libya because they want to topple a regime hostile to their interests is just preposterous. Equally preposterous is the idea that what they are after is laying their hands on Libyan oil. In fact, the whole range of Western oil and gas companies is active in Libya: Italy’s ENI, Germany’s Wintershall, Britain’s BP, France’s Total and GDF Suez, US companies ConocoPhillips, Hess, and Occidental, British-Dutch Shell, Spain’s Repsol, Canada’s Suncor, Norway’s Statoil, etc. Why then are Western powers intervening in Libya today, and not in Rwanda yesterday and Congo yesterday and today? As one of those who have energetically argued that the invasion of Iraq was “about oil” against those who tried to outsmart us by saying that we were “reductionists,” don’t expect me to argue that this one is not about oil. It definitely is. But how?

My take on that is the following. After watching for a few weeks Gaddafi conducting his terribly brutal and bloody suppression of the uprising that started in mid-February — estimates of the number of people killed in early March ranged from 1000 to 10,000, the latter figure by the International Criminal Court, with the Libyan opposition’s estimates ranging between 6,000 and 8,000 — Western governments, like everybody else for that matter, became convinced that with Gaddafi set on a counter-revolutionary offensive and reaching the outskirts of Libya’s second largest city of Benghazi (over 600,000 inhabitants), a mass-scale slaughter was imminent.”

Counterfactual perception management

One could quote many more examples of the intellectual dishonesty, ignorance, stupidity, arrogance and cynicism of these prestigious writers and others like, for example, Santiago Alba Rico, Atilio Boron, Ramzy Baroud and Samir Amin. But the extra bulk of documentation would add nothing to the overall picture of narcissistic collaboration with the dominant NATO corporate psy-warfare machine. Nor is it worth dallying over the role of NATO’s favourite gatekeepers of permissible dissent like Counterpunch, ZNet, Rebelión and other similar alternative information web sites.

Those sites did their job of muting and censoring effective discussion and argument at crucial moments prior to the March 19th vote in the UN Security Council and around the decisive event of NATO’s ground invasion of Tripoli in August. A tiny handful of writers, among them John Pilger and Tariq Ali, spoke out against the war. But even they still swallowed hook, line and sinker the NATO psy-warfare caricature of Muammar Al Ghaddafi as a blood-on-his-hands dictator-clown.

While the individual errors of Achcar, Wallerstein and Ramonet may vary, all of them start from the central premise of NATO’s psychological warfare offensive, namely, that Libya was a dictatorship overthrown by a popular revolution. As part of their suspiciously coherent perception management of events in Libya, all these NATO psy-warfare collaborators omit the following facts:

• prior to March 19th the Libyan Jamahiriya had called for negotiations and a UN fact-finding mission – rejected both by the renegades and the dominant powers in the UN;
• the only reliably confirmed information about events in Libya between February 17th and March 19th came from the Libyan government the Libyan government’s account was confirmed by testimony from both Defence Secretary Robert Gates and Chief of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen as well as by Russian military intelligence prior to the March 19th Resolution 1973.
• there was never any reliable evidence of the Libyan Jamahiriya bombing or machine gunning peaceful demonstrations in February or March;
• on the other hand credible accounts of racist pogroms and lynchings by the Libyan renegades were available from the very start of the events in Benghazi in February ;
• the African Union’s constant insistence from the very start of the conflict on a negotiated peace was welcomed by the Libyan Jamihiriya;
• the devastating role played by international sanctions imposed on the basis of the flagrant fabrication of Libyan involvement in the Lockerbie terrorist atrocity badly affected Libya’s development between 1992 and 2003;
• by 2011 Libya’s population enjoyed an unparalleled high standard of living relative to the rest of Africa;
• US$200bn in funds were saved by the Libyan Jamahiriya and administered for the benefit of the Libyan people and impoverished African countries;
• the Libyan Jamahiriya promoted innumerable significant and strategic development initiatives in other African countries;
• prior to their NATO supported putsch- insurrection, the currrent renegade leaders promoted corporate friendly Western neoliberal policies that were firmly resisted by Muammar Al Ghaddafi
• once they realized Maummar Al Ghadafi was resisting deepening neoliberal reforms, NATO planned and carried out the Southern Mistral war game in which they practised a military assault against Libya

Analysis with feet of clay

One could go on delving into more detail to rebut all the false claims and hypocritical assertions made by NATO psy-warfare fellow travellers like Ramonet, Achcar and Wallerstein. But it is enough to look at the excerpts quoted above to see how skewed, disingenuous, arrogant, cynical and downright baseless their arguments are. These are classic characteristics of NATO country perception management against targets from the Cuban revolution to the UN supported coups in Haiti and the Ivory Coast

Immanuel Wallerstein completely failed to predict the course of events in Libya in the most abject and ridiculous way. The UN Security Council did pass a resolution. NATO did resolve to go to war. President Sarkozy easily secured his country’s approval for French armed forces to participate in NATO’s colonial war.

Wallerstein demonstrated complete idiocy in his appraisal of events in March 2011. We can add his illustrious corpse to the Ship of Fools adrift over Libya full to the gunwales with NATO dupes who got things completely wrong on Libya. Wallerstein’s fatuous patronising arrogance duped him into hopeless error. By contrast, the appraisal of the facts by Fidel Castro and President Hugo Chavez was absolutely right.

The falsehoods of Ignacio Ramonet

Ignacio Ramonet completely misrepresented the nature of the events in February in Benghazi. No reliable evidence indicates that peaceful demonstrators were fired on. At the time, the Libyan government’s account was confirmed by testimony from both US Defence Secretary Robert Gates and the US armed forces Chief of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen, as well as by Russian military intelligence prior to the March 19th Resolution 1973. Now the highest estimates of deaths as a result of the armed insurrection in Libya between February 17th and March 19th are around 250.

Ramonet got things wrong because he took as his source a notorious NATO propaganda outlet, the UK Guardian newspaper. The Guardian’s foreign news coverage is at least as cynical and skewed as that of El País or Le Monde. Ramonet also relied on the Qatar dominated Al Jazeera, now overwhelmingly staffed by staff who previously worked with NATO country mainstream corporate media.

It is not as strange as it seems that a supposed radical like Ignacio Ramonet should ignore the entire history of imperialist interventions over the last 200 years. At one time Ramonet was extremely proud of his work promoting the World Social Forum. That body is thoroughly compromised by its links to corporate funders.

On Libya, Ramonet also dishonestly suggests as a fact something he most certainly does not know, namely that Muammar al Ghaddafi ordered the use of extreme force against peaceful demonstrators. That suggestion is pure propaganda as is his selective quote of Muammar al Ghaddafi’s comments at the time.. To write as Ignacio Ramonet then did, that UN Resolution 1973 was legal, legitimate and desirable, takes self-serving cynicism to its very extremes.

Former US Defence Secretary Robert Gates had already pointed out correctly that enforcing a no fly zone necessarily involved military aggression. But the UN Charter specifically rules out military action except in self-defence. Hence President Obama’s counterfactual statement that the United States is not at war against Libya. So much for United Nations legality.

In any case, Resolution 1973 calls for a peaceful negotiated solution. That option proposed by the Libyan government and the African Union and by Latin America’s ALBA bloc of countries had already been rejected by the Libyan renegades. They rejected negotiations on the strength of the support they were getting from the very governments who cynically passed the Resolution knowing neither they themselves nor the renegades had any intention of seeking a peaceful settlement.

Ramonet argues that the UN blank cheque for intervention was legitimate in terms of democratic solidarity. Here we come up against a fundamental contradiction of the international neocolonial Left. Igancio Ramonet, a famous critic of corporate capitalism, tacitly accepts, after all, that North America and Europe are composed of democracies and he explicitly describes the Libyan Jamahiriya as a dictatorship.

But it is the Libyan Jamahiriya that carefully saved and invested hundreds of billions of dollars which it then used very clearly for the benefit of the Libyan people and other African peoples. On the other hand, it is the rotten-corrupt plutocracies of Europe and North America that have sucked dry their peoples so as to enrich a tiny corporate elite of crooked bankers and speculators and to protect their criminal financial system. The democratic solidarity Ramonet is talking about is no more than a narcissistic construct conjured up to justify his ideological prejudice against the Libyan Jamahiriya.

To conclude, as Ignacio Ramonet then does, that the UN Resolution 1973 was in any way desirable is plainly disingenuous folly. The terms of Resolution 1973 left matters wide open to whatever interpretation the North American and European governments concerned chose to put on it. No serious observer expected anything less than the ruthless application of force to support the racist putsch-insurrection struggling for existence in Benghazi.

That putsch-insurrection completely lacked popular support in the rest of Libya. Like Achcar and Wallerstein, Ramonet ignored plenty of readily available information that indicated those very facts which have been confirmed over and over again since March 19th 2011. Ramonet’s reputation is one more illustrious corpse in the Ship of Fools illuminated by the flames of NATO’s genocide in Zliten, Tripoli, Sirte and Bani Walid.

Gilbert Achcar – psy-warfare operative

Gilbert Achcar’s is perhaps the most egregiously dishonest and overt case of collabroation in NATO’s psychological warfare against the Libyan people. With regard to Libya, Immanuel Wallerstein turned out to be a dunderhead and Ignacio Ramonet, more than anything, a narcissistic disingenuous buffoon. But Gilbert Achcar’s position is one carefully politically calculated in the most absolute bad faith.

Achcar is Professor of Development Studies and International Relations at Britain’s Foreign and Colonial Office’s extra-mural School of Oriental and African Studies. He has taught in France and Britain for over 30 years now. Only the most naive would believe Achcar has not been utterly co-opted by his environment. His remarks on Libya demonstrate his moral and intellectual capitulation as a colonialist apologist to a fault.

The idea that Western powers are intervening in Libya because they want to topple a regime hostile to their interests is just preposterous.” It is very rare for a NATO psy-warfare operative to out themselves like this. Self-evidently, it is Gilbert Achcar’s view that is truly preposterous, suggesting the Western regimes intervening in Libya have done so for any other reason than that the Libyan Jamahiriya blocked their plans on several fronts.

Achcar continues to out himself as a NATO apologist by shamelessly citing as categorical fact the most extreme and ridiculous figures of civilian deaths at the hands of the forces of the Libyan Jamahiriya with absolutely no basis in any legitimate reporting or investigation. “Estimates of the number of people killed in early March ranged from 1000 to 10,000, the latter figure by the International Criminal Court, with the Libyan opposition’s estimates ranging between 6,000 and 8,000.”

Only a NATO stooge would expect to be taken seriously when citing the International Criminal Court as a reliable source. As it turns out, the ICC on this matter has been completely discredited, along with its other ridiculous lie about allegations of mass rape by Libyan army troops on Viagra. The illustrious corpse of the ICC’s Luis Moreno Campo’s reputation, or its desiccated remains, joins those of Wallerstein, Ramonet and Achcar and their accomplices in the NATO fellow-travellers funeral Barge-of-Fools going up in flames in the sands of Libya.

The facts now established and accepted by all but NATO collaborators like Gilbert Achcar are that the Libyan security forces did not fire on unarmed demonstrators. Respected human rights organizations put the number of fatalities as a result of the armed insurrection between February 17th and March 19th at around 250. So it was extremely unlikely that Achcar’s scare of “mass-scale slaughter” was in any way likely, especially since the Libyan authorities were offering to negotiate. What is indeed absolutely clear is that Achcar is a fully committed psy-warfare operative in NATO’s war against Libya and everyone who expresses solidarity with the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Intellectuals and counterintelligence

In the 1950s and the 1960s, the CIA and its fellow intelligence agencies invested a great deal of money and resources suborning intellectuals in Europe and in North America. The story of Encounter magazine and the career of the poet Stephen Spender in Britain is emblematic. Other examples abound. It would be extremely foolish to think the same practices have not persisted and become more sophisticated into the present day.

An example of the way the counter-intelligence network of outright NATO collaborators and fellow travellers works has come to light in relation to Libya. One of the gatekeepers of permissible dissent, the Spanish web site Rebelión, prominently featured an article by Santiago Alba Rico. Like Achcar, Alba Rico is a prominent academic, a specialist on the Arab world in the best traditions of Orientalism. Alba Rico demonstrates that Edward Said’s critical concept of Orientalism can readily involute upon itself for the purposes of neocolonial propaganda.

In the course of his article Alba Rico writes of the situation’s complexity only to drastically simplify it in favour of his point of view. “Even Nato is aware of this complexity as is demonstrated by the fact – as Gilbert Achcar has pointed out – that Libya has been bombed very little, with the aim of lengthening the war and trying to achieve the defeat of the regime without truly breaking with it.” One pictures Achcar and Alba Rico in places like Zliten, or Sirte telling the mourning relatives of dead NATO victims there to stop crying, “After all, you’ve only been bombed a little…”

Only a shameless apologist for NATO would attempt to allege that Libya has been bombed “very little”. On cue, Alba Rico seizes on this and uses Achcar’s grotesque cynical falsehood to pad out his own apology for the colonialist onslaught against the Libyan Jamahiriya. At this point, it is possible to move on from the lies and hypocrisies of these NATO collaborators and fellow travellers and look at their claims for their own intellectual and ethical standards.

One useful source of information about what has really been going on in Libya beyond NATO psy-warfare disinformation reports has been Leonor Massanet. Someone who worked with Rebelión until very recently has confirmed that Santiago Alba Rico engaged in deliberate behind-the-scenes character assassination of Leonor Massanet. Alba Rico’s aim, in which to some extent he clearly succeeded, was to discredit Leonor because her plausible and credible account of events in Libya contradicted his own thoroughly false analysis.

When one comes across cases of people being turned into non-persons or being calumnied in this way, one is at the limits of legitimate intellectual disagreement. Beyond that frontier one, is then dealing with the abuse of power for counter-intelligence purposes to neutralize effective dissent. Right now, the whole world is a vast mess of low-intensity conflict and outright war. The Western elites are determined to dominate the world’s peoples and their natural resources. The activities of NATO fellow-travellers like Gilbert Achcar and Santiago Alba Rico are far from innocent or coincidental.

Here we are faced with the reality of the thorough hypocrisy of the co-opted alternative news and information media. All of them, whether it’s Rope-a-dope [4], Zzzz [5] or Sumisión [6] purport to deliver reliable factual information from a variety of viewpoints. All of them are infested with hypocritical self-regarding phonies who readily suppress views they dislike. They all engage in what Gilbert Achcar would term “Stalinist” censorship and the making of non-persons. Leonor Massanet is far from being the only victim of this pernicious deceitful managerial counter-intelligence manipulated culture.

Psy-warfare’s next offensive : ALBA

Psychological warfare is a vital component of total war. All through the 1980s and 1990s the North American and European NGO sector was systematically co-opted by NATO country governments to serve NATO propaganda ends. In effect, they are the soft extra-mural arm of their countries’ Foreign Ministries, and routinely project those countries’ foreign policies. That reality has been very well documented. It is as true of the structures available to progressive intellectual workers as it is of the NGOs that employ progressive aid and development workers.

The alternative media’s coverage of NATO’s contract putsch-insurrection against the Libya Jamahariya has demonstrated this with the most startling clarity. Along with the Libyan Jamahariya, other perennial victims of their deceit and hypocrisy have been the Sandinista Front for National Liberation in Nicaragua, the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia as well as national Communist Parties in general. Presumably, other people devoted to other causes and issues will have had identical experiences.

It is a fact that neocolonial intellectual and cultural networks tend to dominate international anti-imperialist intellectual production. Their members have a vested interest in maintaining the class structure inherent to that production, one that effectively censors argument and maintains strictly policed parameters. The colonial invasion of Libya has demonstrated with absolute clarity that effective anti-imperialism – for example by the FSLN in Nicaragua or the PSUV in Venezuela – is under threat from both the right and the neocolonial left.

After Libya, a likely future target will be Nicaragua. But the NATO elites view Nicaragua as simply an hors d’oeuvre for the main course, Venezuela. The battle for Venezuela began back in 2002 and will get more and more fierce once President Hugo Chavez wins re-election ten years on, in 2012. The international neocolonial Left is hard at work sawing the floor away from under the Sandinista revolutionary process in Nicaragua. Nor is it in any way controversial to say they are busy trying to co-opt the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela. Libya has shown they are capable of any infamy.


If you tolerate this then your children could be next; wake up Europe!

Posted: 2011/11/20
From: Mathaba
There is no limit to evil and there is no limit to shame either, but God and history will judge and punish the criminals.

War is never right and neither is any war bloodless, but the cowardly attack on the Libyan people has surpassed all limits. Even though we ourselves live in Europe, we realize that because of the brainwashing by the media the average European does not realize what their governments have decided on and what their military has done in Libya.

Today we decided to take a closer look at Sirte, a beautiful coastal city in northern Libya, beautiful like many cities on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea in Europe (like Rimini in Italy and Nice in France, etc.). The Great Brother Leader Muammar Qadhafi was born in this beautiful city and the horde of assassins (the NATO-NTC-Al Qaeda alliance)  has decided to destroy it and and to massacre its citizens. I realize that it may come across as impossible, but we, the “peaceful” Europeans and Americans, are the ones who have contributed to the killing of those men, women and children!

The evidence is there, only the Western media doesn’t show it to you – that’s why we decided to show it here. The video evidence is very shocking, because the crimes are very shocking!

The first 2 videos show the indiscriminate NATO bombing of residential buildings:

In the next video you can see how NATO’s bombs destroyed a mosque:

and a school :

This video and this video made us ashamed to be tax paying European citizens because those taxes have funded these crimes; this is what out governments do with our money:

If you tolerate this than your children could be next…these children are our children; look what we did! We did that with our taxes, by believing our lying media, by looking the other way or by closing our eyes.

It is the duty of all of us to spread the truth, it is our duty to raise up against these criminals; if you tolerate this you too are a murderess, I don’t ever want to be a murderess!!

It’s time to act, it’s time to scream the truth, it’s time to take back our world!

We need your help, we need you. Please share these videos on all social networks, save these videos on your computer (Zionist controlled YouTube might remove them), join Green Charter South Europa on Facebook or Social Mathaba or via email:,, join and believe in freedom and direct democracy. A Jamahirya government is the only way to a better world.

About Green Charter South Europa

I’m 31 years old, male, Italian. I and “my friends” believe in freedom and peace, we believe in the real democracy, we believe in THE DIRECT DEMOCRACY OF THE FREE PEOPLE. Our mission is to see the Truth behind the Lies. Open your eyes, JOIN US, we need you!!! D.R. Green Charter South Europa




Publié le 12/10/2011 à 23:29 – 1650 visites
Source : Une groupe Tunisien solidaire avec la Green Libya

ALGERIA ISP / Nous avons reçu cet article d’un groupe Tunisien solidaire de la GREEN LIBYA

Récit d’une après-midi historique à Tunis : une immense joie après une petite déception…




Lieu : Siège du Croissant Rouge Tunisien – 19, rue d’Angleterre. Date : 7 octobre 2011.


Las société tunisienne était soudain devenue autiste : « il n’y a que la Tunisie qui m’intéresse »

répètent à l’envi la majorité des citoyens de ce pays. Une centaines de partis politiques sont en

course pour les élections du 23 octobre sans faire d’allusion directe à ce qui est devenu, de fait,

un nouvel Irak à leur porte. Les médias locaux singent leurs homologues français, européens,

nord-américains ou, ce qui revient au même, Al-Jazeera : voir à ce sujet le bulletin d’information

télévisé de 20h (qui a remplacé celui de « l’ancien régime ») dans lequel un couple (un homme,

une femme) de présentateurs commentent et censurent allègrement l’« actualité » en s’échangeant

de stupides sourires.

La conséquence d’un tel silence a été l’absence stupéfiante, dans la capitale même,

de manifestations dénonçant l’agression militaire contre la Libye en cours depuis

près de 7 mois. Dans ce contexte, nous avons récemment salué la position courageuse

des pays de l’ALBA (Alliance Bolivarienne pour les Peuples de Notre Amérique, regourpant

le Nicaragua, le Venezuela, Cuba, l’Ecuador et la Bolivie) en envoyant une télécopie

à leurs missions respectives à New York (ONU). Si nous avons certainement été

heureux de recevoir de leur part une lettre de soutien, il faut avouer que nous avons

été déçus par la position de l’ambassadeur de Cuba à Tunis que nous avons souhaité

rencontrer à plusieurs reprises, dont la dernière en date du 5 octobre 2011. Le secrétaire

(tunisien) de l’ambassade nous a dit que le diplomate considérait la guerre en Libye

comme un événement qui ne le concernait pas et a clairement refusé de nous recevoir,

ne serait-ce que quelques minutes. Il s’agit donc là de notre « petite déception ».

Aujourd’hui, samedi 8 octobre, il nous semble important de proposer un récit de cette après-

midi historique d’hier à Tunis où l’on a vu une foule massée dans une des rues du centre-ville

de la capitale tunisienne, quadrillées par des policiers (en uniforme et en civil) et parsemées

de barbelés, chars et autres engins (entre l’ambassade de France et le Ministère de l’Intérieur),

reprendre des slogans tels que : « NATO [OTAN], Dégage min [de] Libya ! »(désormais imprimé

sur le béton des infrastructures autoroutières tunisiennes » et « Sirt tastagith ! » (la ville de Syrte

appelle au secours !). Syrte se trouve sous le feu aérien et maritime de l’OTAN et celui, à terre,

de ses rebelles mercenaires lesquels bombardent au hasard de leurs missiles « Grad » les

hôpitaux et la population sous embargo total.

Des plaques d’immatriculation devenues « gênantes »…

Le silence en Tunisie est plus complice qu’ailleurs car ce pays constitue une pièce-clé dans le dispositif

impérialiste en place dans la région. Sans lui, les bombardements auraient cessé depuis longtemps en

raison de la proximité géographique, la parenté (y compris linguistique car la langue vernaculaire libyenne

est la plus proche de celle des Tunisiens), sans parler des centaines de milliers de réfugiés répartis dans

tout le pays maintenant. Ces derniers sont particulièrement repérables dans les villes par leurs grandes

voitures dont la plaque d’immatriculation indique « Jamahiriya » (Gouvernement des masses) et que les

rebelles de l’OTAN couvrent systématiquement d’une étiquette avec les couleurs du drapeau du régime

réactionnaire monarchiste d’avant la révolution pacifique dirigée par Gaddafi en Septembre 1969 (Al-Fateh).

Pour cette raison nous, Tunisiennes et Tunisiens libres, devenus militants pacifistes anti-guerre malgré nous

(à quoi servent donc les institutions officielles existantes, la « société civile », etc. si elle se taisent toutes

devant ce qui se passe dans le pays voisin ?) avons décidé de briser le silence criminel au sujet de la Libye :

à commencer par celui des médias tels qu’Al-Jazeera, la BBC, la télévision et la radio nationales tunisiennes

et la presse écrite de ce pays à une ou deux rares exceptions près (Ar-Risala At-tounisiya (La Lettre de Tunisie),

entre autres).

Les médias présentent ainsi la situation de la ville de Syrte (entre 100 et 150 000 habitants selon les sources

et dont seulement quelques dizaines ou centaines de familles ont récemment fui les bombardements) comme

celle d’une « poche de résistance » que les rebelles du « Conseil National de Transition » (CNT, imposé et

protégé depuis le ciel par l’OTAN, nuit et jour depuis environ 7 mois) s’apprêteraient à ««libérer»»(de qui

et de quoi?) « dans les heures qui viennent » ou les jours qui viennent » suivant le degré d’impatience de

leurs responsables…

En fait, en raison de ce lavage collectif et mondialisé de cerveaux jamais égalé dans l’histoire (en ce sens,

Al-Jazeera a gagné sa guerre jusqu’à présent), les Tunisiens –qui disent soutenir les « révolutionnaires »

(i.e. de l’OTAN) ignorent tout de la réalité. Non seulement beaucoup d’entre eux ne savent-ils même pas

localiser les nombreuses localités du pays où une résistance acharnée a rapidement émergé (en dépit des

bombardements incessants de l’OTAN depuis 7 mois) mais encore ignorent-ils qu’une grande partie (en

surface et en population) du pays (90% selon certaines sources) soutient de fait le gouvernement légal et l

e régime correspondant (Jamahiriya) sous lequel ses habitants vivaient en paix et dans la prospérité

économique depuis 42 ans jusqu’à l’irruption, en février dernier, de bandes armées couvertes et dirigées

depuis le ciel par l’OTAN auxquelles se joints des supplétifs importés d’Afghanistan et du Pakistan par la CIA.

Joie immense…

Nous avions appelé la veille et le matin-même de l’événement les Tunisiennes et les Tunisiens libres (du

lavage collectif et mondialisé de cerveaux) à cette protestation pacifique (I’tisam silmy, en arabe) via la

seule chaîne de télévision alternative dans le monde arabe : ARRAI (souvent brouillée soit, pensons-nous,

par l’OTAN ou le gouvernement tunisien ou les deux). En raison de la censure et de l’auto-censure (censure

intériorisée), nous nous attendions à trouver seulement un individu ou deux. Or, une fois arrivés sur place,

nous n’en crûmes pas nos yeux. Au portail du Croissant Rouge Tunisien, une masse de gens (dont de

nombreuses femmes de tous âges) se bousculaient et discutaient avec une employée qui avait entrouvert

la porte et qui expliquait qu’il n’était pas possible de rencontrer le directeur maintenant ; qu’il faudrait

essayer un autre jour.

Nous réalisions soudain que tous ces gens avaient répondu à notre appel. Une dame algérienne arriva alors et

s’exprima dans les mêmes termes étonnés que nous. Un médecin présent travaillant pour le centre en question

s’évertuait à expliquer la position «neutre» de son organisation en renvoyant les manifestants soit vers Amnesty

International soit ver la Croix-Rouge. C’est aberrant, lui répliqua-ton, puisque la première organisation a montré,

s’agissant de ces événements uniques dans l’histoire de l’humanité, qu’elle était littéralement devenue Amnesia

International. Quant à la seconde, elle est systématiquement bloquée par les rebelles de l’OTAN. Nous luis avons

alors proposé d’expliquer clairement dans les médias pourquoi le Croissant Rouge Tunisien n’intervient pas à

Syrte ; à savoir que les «révolutionnaires» l’en empêchent. Il ne répliqua pas.

La manifestation avait été improvisée en raison de l’urgence de la situation de famine et de détresse à Syrte où

les hôpitaux sont bombardés par l’OTAN et ses rebelles armés. Devant le siège du Croissant Rouge, de plus en

plus de « curieux » se regroupaient, à l’image des événements de janvier qui avaient poussé le président de la

république à fuir du pays face la contestation grandissante. La plupart des passants étaient surpris d’apprendre

que de telles choses avaient lieu en ce moment-même et dans le pays voisin (effet du lavage collectif et

mondialisé de cerveaux par les médias étouffant toute voix dissidente). Ils se mirent souvent à sympathiser.

L’ambiance devenait bon enfant, notamment avec les élèves de l’école d’en face qui reprenaient en cœur nos

slogans pacifistes. Des Libyennes, enveloppés dans du tissu vert qui venait d’être acheté dans une échoppe

du quartier, nous avaient rejoints et lancèrent aussi le fameux slogan de ralliement de la résistance sur le

terrain: « Dieu, Muammar, la Libye et basta ya! » Les gens discutaient de toutes parts. Les appareils

photographiques se levaient ça et là comme des parapluies à l’apparition d’une averse. Une centaine de

personnes composait alors le rassemblement et les slogans retentissaient dans tout le quartier de la rue


Provocations (policières)…

Dès le tout début du rassemblement pacifique, un ivrogne intervint dans un but évident de semer la confusion,

notamment quand il tenta d’ameuter des gens du quartier en lançant : « Venez voir, c’est incroyable ; ils

D’ailleurs, à un moment donné, un partisan des rebelles de l’OTAN, brandissant un grand drapeau du régime

réactionnaire monarchiste d’avant la Jamahiria, vint s’installer en hauteur sous les fenêtres de l’immeuble du

Croisant Rouge. Il fut vite hué et pris à partie par les manifestants. Là encore, l’ivrogne-indicateur intervint afin

qu’il demeure à sa place et poursuive sa provocation. Cependant, il fut bien obligé de décamper comme un

« rat » et fut qualifié comme tel par la foule en colère. En effet, ces gens se comportent comme si ils étaient

chez eux, partout en Tunisie, à tel point que les réfugiés loyalistes au gouvernement légal de la Jamahiriya

font-ils désormais profil bas tant ils sont victimes d’ostracisme de la part des Tunisiens eux-mêmes (ce qui

n’était étrangement pas le cas avant les bombardements de l’OTAN). Cela dit, on peut supposer que le «

rat » était également un indicateur de police. La mise en scène de l’intervention musclée et « justifiée »

de la police (bien qu’il n’y ait eu aucun coup très violent porté) aurait ainsi réussi.

« En voiture » vers le commissariat avec les « Baltagia » de la police locale…

Les Baltagia (pluriel de Baltagi), ce sont les « gros bras », hommes de main (« thugs » en anglais ; à l’image de

ces hommes armés de matraques embarqués à bord de chameaux et faisant leur apparition sur la place Tahrir au

Caire lors des rassemblements de masse). Des hommes armés de bâtons ont soudain interpelé nombre d’entre

nous puis nous ont embarqués à bord de leur véhicule anonyme. L’un des hommes de main s’était pourtant

approché durant le rassemblement et nous n’avions pas réalisé que c’était aussi un policier en civil. Nous

n’avions pas compris pourquoi il chuchota à nos oreilles: « Yezzi Tawa »(Ça suffit maintenant). S’il nous avait

dit « La police (dont je suis) vous conseille de mettre un terme à la manifestation », nous aurions sûrement

mieux saisi son intention.

Dans la voiture, les Baltagia nous étranglaient avec leurs gros bras et leur chef (ressemblant étrangement à

Iyad Alaoui, président marionnette de l’Irak occupé il y a quelques années et individu de triste augure)

brandissait un gros bâton nu et nous crûmes réellement qu’ils allaient nous casser les os, notamment

quand ils commencèrent à nous donner des coups mesurés (ils semblaient se retenir sachant que les

piétons dans les rues embouteillées nous observaient) et quand ils nous jetèrent dans une pièce

d’interrogatoire du commissariat de police. Ils avaient également arrêté de simples passants qui prenaient

des photos de l’événement avec leur téléphone portatif. Ils les effrayaient en consultant leur album

enregistré dans la mémoire de l’appareil. Ils demandèrent à qui appartenaient les drapeaux verts de

la manifestation et systématiquement : « Tu es Tunisien, toi ? » probablement afin d’expulser

d’éventuels Libyens interpellés, ce qui serait un crime compte-tenu du caractère vindicatif des

marionnettes de l’OTAN qui « gouvernent » actuellement à Tripoli. Il ajouta : « Et regardez celui-là »

qui porte (tout à fait par hasard et sans y avoir pensé un seul moment) une chemise de couleur verte (foncée)…

Ou encore : « Tu es avec les « révolutionnaires » (i.e. de l’OTAN) ou « avec Gaddafi ? ». Le chef des

hommes de main (qui, dans la voiture, insultait aussi le chauffeur d’un véhicule nous précédant,

simplement parce que le logo Jamahiriya de sa plaque d’immatriculation libyenne n’était pas recouvert

de l‘étiquette du drapeau des rebelles de l’OTAN) nous martelait : « On va s’occuper de vous comme il

faut ; Pourquoi venez-vous ici semer la confusion ? Allez donc combattre en Libye ! ». Comme si c’était

(à supposer que nous ayons eu des tendances ou même un minimum de formation « militaires ») si facile

avec un gouvernement complice de la menée impérialiste contre ce pays et des voies d’accès (poste

frontalier de Ras-l-Jdir en particulier) hyper contrôlé du côté tunisien avant même qu’il ne soit repris,

du côté libyen, par les rebelles de l’OTAN. Et puis, est-ce une réponse acceptable de la part d’un

fonctionnaire de police, d’un « agent de la paix » dans un Etat devenu soi-disant « démocratique » ?

Bref, pour nous, ce fut aussi la confirmation –s’il en fallait une- que le régime ancien et son système

sécuritaire, tant honni, n’a changé qu’en surface.

L’ironie de l’Histoire…

Nous fûmes relâchés après plusieurs heures, les uns après les autres après des séances de torture

psychologique. En fait, et on peut s’en réjouir, la torture physique (il n’y eut dans notre cas que des

« petits coups » avec leurs énormes bâtons et des menaces sérieuses de coups très violents) semble

désormais révolue en raison de la « révolution »… et de la surveillance internationale du pays par de

nombreux observateurs internationaux, dont les Etats finançant, de manière directe ou indirecte, le «

processus démocratique » et l’« Etat de droit ». Ils prirent nos coordonnées. Nous avons alors demandé

au chef du commissariat pourquoi nous avions été arrêtés et pourquoi toutes ces arrestations avaient-

elles eu lieu alors que nous ne représentions aucun parti (grand ou petit) mais que nous étions de simples

citoyens (dont une majorité de femmes) révulsés par le silence complice. Il nous répondit, gêné, que la

police cherchait « à nous protéger »…. et après avoir évoqué avec lui notre souhait de continuer, il nous

rappela qu’il nous incombait de déposer une demande officielle au ministère de l’intérieur, ce que nous

ferons mais sans grand espoir tant ce sujet est probablement l’un des plus sensibles en Tunisie…

En sortant du commissariat, l’Histoire nous fit un clin d’œil ironique. Non seulement l’établissement

se trouve-il rue Charles de Gaulle (donc du même nom que le porte-avions assassin utilisé contre

la Libye) mais, encore, l’hôtel d’en face se nomme-t-il « Cirta » (la ville de Syrte)… Et pour comble,

ce dernier est situé au numéro 42 (c’est-à-dire l’âge même de la Jamahiriya libyenne) de la même rue…


Nous avions réussi à appeler une avocate pour l’enjoindre de venir au commissariat. Elle n’arriva près des

lieux que lorsque nous étions déjà sortis. Nous la rencontrâmes sur l’artère principale du centre ville (avenue

Bourguiba). Sans nous en rendre compte, nous nous sommes alors retrouvés dans la mire des canons

stationnés devant l’ambassade de France, sous le regard de la statue du sociologue historien Ibn Khaldoun

et dans le champ des oreilles indiscrètes du Christ derrière le mur de la haute cathédrale qui la surplombe.

Nous avons discuté avec l’avocate et son mari de ce qui nous était arrivés.

Avec tristesse, nous avons constaté que tous deux partageaient en fait le point de vue « classique » des

médias de l’OTAN (voir novlangue NATO Media Advisory) et du gouvernement tunisien… Cela est vrai

aussi pour les ««élites intellectuelles»» du monde entier en général et de Tunisie en particulier (voir

l’analyse rétrospective de Toni Solo intitulé « Illustrious Corspses » à propos de gens aussi

«respectables» qu’Immanuel Wallerstein, Rico Alba, Ignacio Ramonet (Le Monde Diplomatique),

Gilbert Achkar, etc.). Doit-on aussi rappeler que le « Tribunal Pénal International » a lui-même été

utilisé comme une marionnette de l’OTAN et de ses agents du CNT ?

Merci encore à tous les esprits libres, tunisiens ou non, qui ont répondu à l’appel à cette protestation

pacifique : en particulier à Mohamed, Radia, Usama, Dalila, Benhassen et d’autres dont nous avons

oublié les noms…


POST-SCRIPTUM : Les photographies de cet événement existent par centaines, prises par la foule des

passants. Les personnes qui avaient répondu à l’appel sont également en possession de vidéos qui

devraient apparaître sur les sites d’information alternative, à commencer par ceux de la chaîne ARRAI.

Adresse de ce document:

LIENS CITES dans ce document:

Ar-Risala At-tounisiya

ARRAI TV Channel

NATO Media Advisory

Analyse rétrospective de Toni Solo (“Illustrious Corpses”) sur la collusion des “élites intellectuelles” dans la guerre contre la Libye  

«Will Seif al Islam Gadhafi survive to have his day in court

Saturday, 22 October 2011, 3:30 pm
Article: Franklin Lamb
Targeted for assassination by NATO? Will Seif al Islam Gadhafi survive to have his day in court?

During the late evening of 10/20/11 the White House, the Office of the Secretary of State, the US Senate Foreign

Relations Committee and the Libyan Embassy in Washington, DC received a faxed communication from an

American organized international legal team currently preparing their departure to Libya.

The international lawyers, whose assistance has been arranged through Gadhafi family members and friends,

has accepted the obligation to represent Seif al Islam against charges filed by the International Criminal Court

on June 26, 2011 and to represent him in any and all legal proceedings that the NTC government may bring

against him in Libya. They have been advised by Gadhafi supporters in Libya and neighboring countries that

the NTC at the direction of NATO, fully intends to see Seif al Islam killed before he can address the international

media and his supporters, following the transfer of his father’s leadership authority to Seif on August 29, 2011.

Seif has been planning to announce his candidacy in the planned coming election. Informal polls throughout

Libya have shown him garnering close to 70% of the vote if he is allowed to stand for office under the now NATO

controlled country.

This observer is a member of the group of international lawyers who seek justice for their client, Seif al Islam.
An excerpt of the communication served in Washington reads:

“We demand that our client, Seif al Islam al Gadhafi be immediately protected should he be

arrested and that if injured that he be kept under the continual watch and care by the

International Committee of the Red Cross until we are granted personal contact with him

and have the opportunity to complete current efforts at arranging interim measures of

protection to guarantee his safety.
We insist that our client not be questioned or interrogated by anyone including representatives

of the current government of Libyan or by investigators from the ICC until he has had the

opportunity for legal consultation and until he recovers from any wounds.
The rights of Seif al Islam must be protected in full compliance with international norms and

we call on the United Nations Security Council and International Human Rights Organizations

to act immediately to protect our client.
We respectfully request that the International Criminal Court take custody of the remains of

Moammar and Mutassim Gadhafi, and conduct forensic examinations preparatory to filing

criminal charges against those responsible for these extra-judicial killings.
Information arriving from family members and friends of our client Seif al Islam leaves

no doubt that NATO has ordered his killing. His planned, and we believe White House

approved assassination is meant to spare NATO the international accountably that awaits

them as the World learns from eyewitness accounts and reliable, competent and probative

physical and demonstrative evidence compiled over the past six months, exactly what NATO

has wrought on Libya and its civilian population.
Shortly we will file with the ICC our formal demand for our clients protection and his transfer,

if captured, to a sanctuary outside of Libya lest he be assassinated as was the fate today of

his father, Colonel Moammar al Gadhafi.

We intend to hold the current governments of Libya and the United States as well as NATO

fully responsible for the brutal assassination of our client’s father and brother Mutassim and

for any abuse or harm that is directed at our client, Seif al Islam.

We intend to prove in Court that since the passage of UN Security Resolution by the United

Nations Security Council on March 17, 2011, NATO has repeatedly targeted civilian targets

with more than 9,000 bombing sorties in Libya as part of its campaign to assassinate the

Libyan leader Colonel Gadhafi and his close aides and advisers.
We intend to prove in Court that NATO did repeatedly sanction others to carry out Moammar

Gadhafi’s assassination and that his killers on October 20, 2011 knew that a large cash award

awaited them if they killed Colonel Gadhafi thus silencing him from testifying against NATO

officials and current Western leaders who led the eight month destruction of Libya.”
The next few days will be a major test for the international community and whether the

application of international law will be applied to Libya. The outcome will also likely signal

whether Libya descends more deeply into civil war involving as many as six African countries

who are reportedly organizing troop units to be sent into Libya to help protect civilians from

NATO forces who are arriving to help re-build the country that NATO needlessly and

criminally substantially destroyed.
Franklin Lamb is a member of the American led legal team that intends to defend

Saif al Islam against current charges filed against him at the International Criminal Court. He is reachable c/o »



Support to Saif And Ur VOICE TOO!


Fresh links between Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and the British government
have emerged as it was
revealed former Labour defence minister, Adam Ingram, gave him
£100,000 in donations.

Argus Scotland, headed by Ingram, British defence minister

from 2001 to 2007, gave a
£100,000 donation to the Gadaffi International
Charity and Development Foundation,
revealed the Sunday Timesin its 27 November edition.The donation
came around the same time
Libya’s Organisation for the Development of
Administrative Centres awarded the company
with a multi-billion-pound contract.Furthermore, the
paper revealed that Ingram
worked as a £40,000-a-year
consultant for Argus Libya that specializes “in seeking commercial
opportunity in Libya, especially in the military sphere.”The
report also revealed that
the donation was discovered two years ago
while the London School of Economics (LSE),
where Saif Gaddafi was awarded
a PhD degree, was investigating the university’s links with
Gaddafi’s regime….”an agent of
democracy.When the British officials sensed they could
exert military control
over oil-rich Libya and
have full access to its resources, they decided not to
hammer out a deal with Saif with
whom they had been in close contact for months to find a way
out of the Libyan conflict.Meanwhile, revelations about
Saif’s links with British
officials including former
Prime Minister Tony Blair who secured the 2004 “deal in
the desert,” which brought
British firms millions of pounds in lucrative oil
contracts, have shed more
light on the British government’s hypocritical nature.



and Youcef Chakir on IlibyaTV,

November 16, 2011 at h.22 – a)

Posted on November 16, 2011 | 

IMPORTANT –  Hamza TOUHAMI and Youcef Chakir on

IlibyaTV, November 16, 2011 at h.22

Tonight, November 16th, 2011 at 22H, Hamza TOUHAMI and

Youcef Chakirwill host a show

on TV ILIBIYA. They talk about the legitimacy of the
resistance and of the movement for the liberation of Libya.
The appointment is important for all the Libyan people 

and the resistant

tribesin Libya. It is highly 

recommended to spread this issue and to inform

the people.You can see 

the show on ILibya.TV at:

We invite all readers to disseminate information about this show

on your sites and Facebook pages.

Detailed participation of NATO countries in Libya

USA: c. 8,500 personnel,

153 aircraft, 12 vessels, 228 cruise missiles, 2,000 sorties

UK: 1,300 personnel,

28 aircraft, 3 vessels, 18 cruise missiles, 1,300 sorties

France: 800 personnel,

29 aircraft, 6 vessels, 1,200 sorties Italy: 12 aircraft,

4 vessels, 600 sorties

Canada: 560 personnel, 11 aircraft, 1 vessel, 358 sorties Denmark: 120

personnel, 4 aircraft, 161 sorties

Norway: 140 personnel, 6 aircraft, 100 sorties

Sweden: 122 personnel, 8

aircraft, 78 sorties Belgium: 120 personnel, 6 aircraft,

1 vessel, 60 sorties

Spain: 500 personnel, 7 aircraft, 1 vessel Turkey: 7 aircraft,

6 vessels Netherlands:

200 personnel, 7 aircraft, 1 vessel Jordan: 30 personnel,

12 aircraft UAE:

35 personnel, 12 aircraft Qatar: 60 personnel (risible, there were

thousands of mercenaries), 8 aircraft Romania: 205 personnel, 1 vessel

Bulgaria: 160 personnel, 1 vessel Greece: 1 vessel


Saif al-Islam Gaddafi appears defiant on Libyan TV – video

Libyan state television footage of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi speaking to residents displaced from Benghazi.

The son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi told his appreciative audience that fighting the rebels

will not stop even if Nato halts its operations. His comments pour cold water on a

diplomatic end to the conflict

Saif-al-Islam: The story is far from over.

By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Has anyone noticed the virtual silence on Libya among western news agencies? If Libya was today quiet, and without any conflict, we could believe the Lies on Sky and friends incorporated that a dictator had been toppled and his enraptured people freed, living now in peace, preparing for democracy. But this is not the case…

What I am about to say comes as no surprise at all for those of us who know Libya, know Colonel Gaddafi and who warned NATO about the monumental mistake being made before the invasion began, as indeed was the case before Iraq in this column back in 2003. NATO, however, in its greed, just does not learn.

As the IAEA invents lies about Iran, and includes in its team elements who are wholly unqualified for the task to monitor the Islamic Republic’s nuclear programme (*), we see the same old story being repeated. It begins with the lies about a bloodthirsty dictator or a dangerous regime posing a threat to the USA or its allies, the UNO is bullied into naming NATO as the world policeman, skulduggery and blackmail then replace diplomacy, after which NATO bombs the crap out of a country, murdering men, women and children alike, using DU, using cluster munitions, and breaching every rule in the book. Then in swing the kangaroo courts to clear up the mess and lo and behold, a country’s sovereign funds have been literally stolen, its infra-structures destroyed with NATO military hardware, rebuilding contracts are handed out to bolster the economies of the invading forces and a nice puppet regime is installed.

However, in the case of Libya, the story is far from over.

For a start the terrorist forces NATO launched, the RATS, are continuing their horrendous human rights abuses, torching buildings, raping women and girls, destroying public and private property, murdering, torturing, stealing and looting and sowing chaos among the beleaguered citizens who were perfectly happy with the Jamahiriya (government through people’s councils, the country’s assets deposited in the citizens’ bank accounts). Witness of this is the 70 per cent approval rating from unofficial polls in favour of the Jamahiriya, were Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi to stand in the next election. What do Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have to say to that? Nothing.

NATO’s democratic deficit

Would NATO allow the Libyans to include the Jamahiriya in a future election? No, because in a NATO-ruled Libya, no Government which protected the interests of the country would be allowed to participate, only a political force constituted by traitors willing to hand the resources over to foreigners. NATO’s democratic deficit was shown most clearly by the refusal to allow the Jamahiriya to hold an election for people to choose between the old system and the RATS – bands of terrorists who sow havoc wherever they go. What do Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have to say to that? Nothing.

NATO’s terrorist darlings

Graffiti has now appeared in Benghazi telling Negroes to leave or be executed – proof once more, as if any were needed, that the RATS are racists and murderers. These are precisely the “people” who Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy supported. In plain English, Barack Obama, David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy supported terrorists, murderers and racists. The RATS call it “slave cleansing”. The Misrata Brigade already committed ethnic cleansing in Tawergha, murdering all people with black skin. What do Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have to say to that? Nothing.

The fight is not over, that is why NATO is still there

Exactly, yet again breaching international law, with its remit expired, NATO continues present in Libya with troops on the ground and with bombing raids. The bill for the British public must be somewhere in the region of two billion pounds by now. Wonderful, isn’t it? Where is your hospital, your school, your medical centre, your supplementary benefit? It is in Libya. “Sorry Mr. Johnson, the NHS simply does not have the financing for your son’s leukaemia treatment, I am afraid he will just have to die. You see, the money we waste on his treatment has to be invested in murdering Down’s Syndrome children in Libya, to make us popular and so that the UK can get the rebuilding contracts”. What do Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have to say to that? Nothing.

NATO and its mercenaries’ aircraft are operating from Sudan and Chad, while there are reports of direct flights from Tel Aviv. Tuareg camps have been strafed, military centers in the south have been attacked, more civilians have been massacred. These crimes will be added to the indictment drawn up and delivered to the ICC and the ECHR.  (**). Sources inside Libya linked to the Green Resistance have indicated that in the last two weeks, these NATO forces have lost 37 aircraft – 8 Israeli fighter planes, 13 Qatar Apaches, 11 French Mirage, 5 French Rafael fighters, shot down trying to evade and invade the Libyan Southern Airspace, with all their pilots and crew killed and enter into green Libyan Jamahiriyah territory.

Introducing the Libyan Green Resistance: The Libyan Liberation Front

The Libyan Liberation Front (LLF) is composed of elements of the Libyan Armed Forces loyal to the legitimate anti-terrorist Government of Libya (the Jamahiriya), the armed tribal forces and the volunteers who have taken up arms to protect their villages, towns and cities against the terrorists unleashed by NATO. Despite 9,000 murderous terrorist bombing raids by NATO’s missile diplomacy approach, these heroic forces have stood firm and have inflicted massive casualties on the terrorists, racists, murderers, looters, torturers, sexists, arsonists, rapists and thieves that NATO calls the “rebels”.

The Green Resistance recently liquidated the terrorist leader in Zlitan, Al-Berss Abuajaila; fighting was ongoing in Tripoli on Friday after prayers, in Green Square and Bab Al-Aziziya; Southern Misrata patriots are fighting against the terrorist traitors, North Misrata Brigades; LLF is active in Thawergah; LLF active in Tobruk, Zlitan, Gharyan and Sabha. Indeed, the LLF is active in all regions of Libya. The RATS know very well that without NATO’s skirts to hide behind, they would not win a single battle. A traitor is basically a coward, the RATS are both.



Another NATO disaster. This time, supporting terrorists and racists, murderers and rapists. How low can NATO get? This time it will have consequences. NATO’s reputation, along with thousands upon thousands of RATS, are buried beneath the sands of Libya, in tatters, while from the desert emerges a pride of lions, chasing the RATS back to the sewers of Qatar, Misratah and Benghazi, from which they emerged.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


NATO-rebel atrocities in Libya: photo and video evidence

Posted: 2011/11/12
From: Source

Most of victims of the rebel crimes are black Africans.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil (Pic: AFP)

Evil Mustafa Abdul Jalil (Pic: AFP) 14 SEPT. 2011, will soon step-down with the institution of

American-puppet “libyan” Prime Minister Keib who will form a new cabinet.

Libyan clashes raise concerns over interim government’s power


TRIPOLI, Libya— The Associated Press
Published Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011 9:56AM EST

Libya: what is the truth today?

Posted on 22 November 2011 |

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Pravda.Ru – After the criminal and inhumane terrorist attack by NATO and the gangs of bandits, rapists, murderers, looters, arsonists, terrorists and torturers it unleashed against the people of Libya, what is the truth today? We examine the stories coming out of Libya, whose people certainly do not want this scourge thrust upon them as a Government.

For a start, what “dictator” educates his people for free, sends them to Universities abroad, including in the countries which were endemically hostile to the Jamahiriya system of Government (direct rule by people’s communities), what dictator houses his people for free, what dictator gives them free healthcare, what dictator gives them 50% of the price of their first car, what dictator distributes the country’s wealth directly into his people’s bank accounts (in so doing annoying those who made a pretty penny through corruption and who then sided with NATO against Colonel Gaddafi)?

NATO has now fled with its tail between its legs, knowing it broke every rule in the book in Libya, knowing it breached the terms of its mandate, knowing it breached UNSC Resolutions, knowing it breached the UN Charter, knowing it breached the terms of the Geneva Conventions. NATO committed terrorist acts in Libya strafing civilian structures with military hardware, attacking water supplies, the factories which made pipes to repair them, bombing the electricity grid, interfering in communications, bombing schools, healthcare centers and hospitals.

The result is a massive indictment of NATO and its leaders for war crimes*, the result is a de facto defeat of NATO (for it was not able to achieve its goals by following the rules of engagement – you do not win a soccer match by strafing the opponents with machine guns and grenades and then packing the field with 50 players).

The result is that the tribes reject pleas from the Al-Qaeda, Salafist and Shiite fundamentalists which constitute the rats and the result is that the rats (terrorists supported by NATO – for those who claim otherwise, check their horrendous acts of cruelty throughout the campaign) do not enter Libya south of the coast. The Tuareg consider the rats as enemies, the Warfallah tribe considers the rats as enemies.

And what about the situation on the ground? While the rats deny it, Tajoura, Tarhouna and Bani Walid are under Green (Jamahiriya) control, because the people want to live in the Jamahiriya system and do not want to be controlled by gangs of terrorists and their foreign masters who wish to siphon off Libya’s oil. Rat graffiti is being replaced with Green walls.

The rats are showing clear signs that they are about to start a massive firefight amongst themselves. Benghazi wants to be independent from Tripoli, Misratah wants to become independent from Tripoli, Derna wants to be independent from Tripoli, Misrata brigades are now speaking about attacking Tripoli.

Meanwhile southern Libya is Green (pro-Jamahiriya and anti-rats) and the population is resolute to rid the country of traitors, terrorists and criminals who sold out to NATO so that the FUKUS countries (France, UK and US) could steal the country’s sovereign funds and its massive resources.

God writes the history book, never Satan.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Pravda.Ru


Last updated Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011 12:14PM EST

Relatives of jailed Gadhafi loyalists protest, allege mistreatment by former rebels

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Please welcome the NATO republic of Libya

“Thousands of people, including women and children, are being illegally detained by rebel militias in Libya, according to a report by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Many of the prisoners are suffering torture and systematic mistreatment while being held in private jails outside the control of the country’s new government.  The document, seen by The Independent, states that while political prisoners being held by the Gaddafi regime have been released, their places have been taken by up to 7,000 new “enemies of the state”, “disappeared” in a dysfunctional system, with no recourse to the law.
Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 11:36 AM
Konstantyn Scheglikov 29 novembre 08:31
S.O.S from LibyaFreedom for thousands of people are being illegally detained in Libya. Women, children
and thousands of teenagers are illegally jailed in Libya. This is to urge you to support and
help the thousands of people who are illegally jailed in Libya persons. The more worst
that even some farms and rest houses have become a place for inhuman treating and
turned to be jails. They burnt people with cigarettes, beat their feet, and hung them
by their arms, forcing religious people to stand and dance and do things for bidden and
pulling people toenails out and more worst. Accordingly; those people urgently need
your voice, help and support as Libyan transitional national government have shown
no power to stop and protect thousands of civilians who are illegally detained in Libya
especially women and children.


TRIPOLI— The Associated Press
Published Thursday, Nov. 03, 2011 2:54PM EDT

Dozens of relatives of jailed Moammar Gadhafi loyalists protested outside a Tripoli prison Thursday, alleging detainees were being mistreated by former rebel fighters now in charge of the lockup.

A Libyan official, Mahmoud Shammam, said most prisons are still under the control of semi-autonomous groups of fighters, not the interim government.

In this Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011 file photo, Libyan rebels secure prisoners in the back of a pick-up truck during fighting in Tripoli, Libya. (AP Photo, File) - In this Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011 file photo, Libyan rebels secure prisoners in the back of a pick-up truck during fighting in Tripoli, Libya. (AP Photo, File) | AP

Rival militias clashed on the outskirts of Tripoli for a fourth day Sunday. Human rights groups have reported mistreatment of detainees in lockups run by former rebels, and Mr. Shammam, the information minister, acknowledged that “we have a lot of problems in the prisons.”

On Thursday, angry relatives of former Gadhafi loyalists protested outside a prison in the Tripoli suburb of Tajoura, demanding that the detainees be freed for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, which begins this weekend. According to a list of names posted outside the gate, about 1,000 detainees are being held there.

Salah Shambo, 53, said he visited two cousins, a former member of the security services and a hospital employee, in the prison earlier this week. Mr. Shambo said the former hospital employee told him he had been held in a small bathroom in the prison for a month, with his hands cuffed to a wall, and that his head was dunked in a toilet during interrogation.

Other relatives said they were told by detainees that they were beaten, particularly after guards got drunk, and that cells were crowded.

One released prisoner, who said he had been held for 50 days, said his cellmate was tortured with electrical shocks. The ex-detainee, a former intelligence agent under Col. Gadhafi, spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

The fighting, which has left at least 13 people dead since late last week, raised new concerns about the ability of Libya’s transitional government to disarm thousands of fighters and restore order after a bloody eight-month civil war.

Libya’s interim leader, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, said his National Transitional Council brought together elders from the rival areas — the coastal city of Zawiya and the nearby town of Warshefana — over the weekend and that the dispute has been resolved. “I want to assure the Libyan people that everything is under control,” he said Sunday.

However, as he spoke, fighting continued.

On Sunday afternoon, journalists heard gunfire and explosions of rocket-propelled grenades on the outskirts of a major military camp of the ousted regime. The camp, once a base of elite forces commanded by one of Col. Gadhafi’s sons, Khamis, is located on a highway midway between the capital of Tripoli and Zawiya, 50 kilometres to the west.

Mohammed al-Hadwash, a local commander of fighters from Tripoli, said gunmen from Zawiya and Warshefana were fighting for control of the camp.

Zawiya fighters also set up roadblocks on the outskirts of the city at intervals of about 200 metres. Groups of jumpy armed men, some brandishing RPGs, crowded around the checkpoints. Fighters searched trunks of cars and checked IDs.

The reason for the initial clash remains unclear, though rumours have been flying, including that some of the Warshefana had links to the old regime. At one point last week, fighters from Zawiya entered Warshefana and seized weapons. In retaliation, Warshefana fighters set up random checkpoints and fired at the main highway.

Muammar al-Gaddafi, 69, vowed to fight the colonial invasion “until victory”.  A loyalist TV station quoted al-Gadhafi as saying: “All that remains for us is the struggle until victory and the defeat of the imperialist coup.”

The NTC is still struggling to assert its control over the entire country and take Jamahiriya/pro-Gaddafi towns. Senior NTC officials also see capturing all members of Gaddafi’s family who are still on the run as crucial to finally declaring victory in the seven-month war.

The torture by ‘rebels’ of Libyan Liberation Army  Colonel Ali Becht, filmed and distributed as a warning to the Resistance

download the video before they remove it from the web

The following post will discuss a disturbing trend among Libya’s rebel fighters, revealed in videos they themselves recorded and shared on social media sites, especially YouTube and Facebook. These have persisted despite a general ban on violent and gory images, perhaps for the posters’ stated aims of supporting the rebel cause and freedom. Consider the inset screen capture from a video of at least four dead government soldiers being driven around Misrata, chased and insulted by the crowd.

Almost universally, the victims of these crimes are called “mercenaries,” usually (black) African, though it now seems that probably none of them were. Their very presence on videos labeled as that, however, went far towards convincing the world when it mattered most.

For moths these have remained, some in several postings watched thousands of times each. But more and more people started noticing that these showed grossly inhumane atrocities, and said so.  Consider these excerpts from an excellent article at “Pajamas Media.”

While the International Criminal Court has announced that it is investigating charges of war crimes against Muammar al-Gaddafi and other members of the Libyan regime, harrowing video evidence has emerged that appears to show atrocities committed by anti-Gaddafi rebels. Among other things, the footage depicts summary executions, a prisoner being lynched, the desecration of corpses, and even a beheading. The targets of the most serious abuse are frequently black African prisoners. The ultimate source of the footage appears to be rebel forces or sympathizers themselves.

What is probably the most harrowing of the clips depicts a public beheading. A man with a long knife can be seen alternately sawing and hacking at the neck of a man who has been suspended upside-down. The victim’s inert body is soaked in blood. The beheading takes place in front of a burnt-out building in what appears to be a public square. The Dutch public broadcaster NOS has identified the location as the main square of the rebel capital of Benghazi. [see below]
A crowd numbering at least in the hundreds cheers on the assailants. At one point, a man begins chanting “Libya Hurra!”: “Free Libya!” According to the NOS translation, someone can be heard saying, “He looks like an African.” As the principal assailant begins to saw at the victim’s neck, members of the crowd yell “Allahu Akbar!” Dozens of members of the crowd can be seen filming the proceedings with digital cameras or cell phones.

This Benghazi beheading video now has a split-off examination, in part for troubling implications for the government whose building this happened at.

Video #3, as given there, is one I have covered in some detail as “the al Baida massacre.” It shows nine government soldiers and/or suspected mercenaries, held captive by armed rebels. This article links to a (poorly) English-subtitled version I’ve now saved a copy of to bolster my previous analysis. That suggests the nine prisoners were accused of shooting at someone’s car, but only, they swear, after being shot at. They are all clearly threatened with death, and as noted in the video, compiled for Al-Libya TV, at least one and probably all but two of these nine were among the 21 or 22 found the next morning executed. And those 22 were among 130 Gaddafi soldiers killed by the regime itself, according to the rebels and the West at large, despite this available video proof otherwise (see the link for details).

A longer list of eleven videos accompanied an e-mail sent to Business Insider and oddly re-published by them on April 18. This was re-posted on other sites as well in the following days, and I watched most of them. But I checked the links a week later, and it was sudden attrition – nearly all deleted for “terms of service violation” or terminated account. Documented below are simply the descriptions give for a few of the videos in that e-mail (no guarantee of correct characterizations or implications).

  • the boy that the rebels beat up because he supported the gov…
  • here is an old man beaten by the rebels
  • here some girls from Benghazi who are not with the rebels where raped by the Rebels the peaceful with risk to bring the videos to the public… she is calling for the Libyan army to come to save them!!!
  • they are doing it just like the americans.. humiliating sexually – that is a direct evidence of the rebel-CIA connection
  • Libyan rebels behead,mutilate a soldier that surrenderd… where is the cnn?

The last was still up, the “harrowing” video I cited above, and I saved a copy. (I’ve saved a lot of these, if anyone ever can’t find any, I might have it). I had at first thought the sudden loss of videos showed an attack on them (spurring the saving spree). but it seems the above list was just too reliant on one or two sources. Other postings of most or all of these videos, plus many more, still abound. Here are a few I should have mentioned before but either didn’t know of or think of them in time. I’ll refrain from embedding them here, only giving optional links. Most people don’t really need to see these things, just to know about them in general.

hesham shoshan.wmv
One famous video of a suspected foreign mercenary (who denies it in Arabic but is called a liar),

being beaten to death by a crowd in broad daylinght, left face-down on the blood-stained street

with his pants pulled down, and later hanged upside-down by one leg. His name is given here as

Hesham Shoshan, and elsewhere as Hisham Mansour, DOB: 22-2-1983. I’m not sure the date of

this attack, but it was probably within a few days of his 28th birthday. 100% Libyan citizen.

This video focusses on the family and fiance he left behind, speaking of him and/or his killers.

Wish I knew what they were saying.

21-2-2011 Abuse soldiers Bawhita – ‏التنكيل بالجنود بالبيضاء
Basically, a black man is threatened vigorously with death, by a small armed gang, for several minutes,

until he’s harangued into saying the right thing. The video cuts without a single death. Wish I knew

what they were saying.

Another couple of vids with no visible gore but disproving the myth of “peaceful Protesters” slaughtered

by the military. Here they filmed themselves taking the fight to a military base, and seem to be firing

numerous weapons – one assault rifle is fired repeatedly into the barracks, trees inside are

burning, and at another point (later) they fire in the air to celebrate an ambulance running out of

the compound. Real nice. They reportedly stormed the place, probably after getting more guns,

and then took more yet.

A famous video published on Feb 19 (still at right) shows the corpse of an “African Mercenary” killed and shown to a camera, described as seeming to be from Chad. But as has been noted, he seems to be wearing the uniform of Libya’s internal security forces – and as far as anyone knows, they tend to hire only Libyans. They killed a cop, broke his fingertip off (extracting the merc confession?), cut off his nose, somehow tore open his upper right cheek, and presumably shot him in the chest. That part was not put on Youtube, so we can’t be sure in what order these things were done to him, and what other, less obvious, abuses he might’ve suffered.

Well, for one, he was just sorta found that way, all over again it seems, in a video posted March 5, two weeks later, unburied in the desert. Does he look two-weeks dried up compared to the earlier video, or is it just video that’s so old old? Isn’t that considered an atrocity itself in Muslim society, where burial within 24 hours is mandated? Such niceties aren’t for Afro-Merc dogs?

The “Chad mercenary” was, according to an online posting, killed in Az Zintan, the long-term rebel stronghold south of Tripoli. Many “mercenaries” were taken in alive there, but it seems others fled that town in the same days, and in late May, at least twelve bodies of black men were found in the desert to the south. In varying civilian clothes and frozen in their own final pathos, they were found half-mummified by prolonged exposure. I suspect they died there about three months prior, after beingdriven out there by an unwelcoming party. The sickening description on that (by a “Mr. Creosote” no less) says: “The survivors [sic] of a gang of Nigerian mercenary wretches[sic] who were forced to flee into the desert south of Az-Zintan are kept alive [??] by the heroes of free Libya. The gang fled into the desert without water, after coming under concerted attack.” Why did the “mercenary wretches” cross the Sahara? To get to the other side? I don’t think so.

On the survivor part, there is at the end of the video another scene of at least two living black men, shown being watered and cared for by someone. These tack-ons look emaciated, but clearly not “survivors” of the same doomed party as it was found and shown. Perhaps they were the ones who barely made it back to town after they were all dropped off for dead, but the rest seem a little close together to support much of a race. They may have been killed where they were, although none show any blood I noticed.

Then there’s the “Libya’s Western-backed revolution” series, posted by user Sonbakkah. With 25 parts so far, each covering a certain atrocity, it might be close to comprehensive. Some of them … I’ve become jaded, but parts 2 and 13 in particular made the bottom drop from my stomach in horror and gave me serious pause. Some are not clear in their relevance – gory dead people with little clue who they are and how they died. Each is just the raw footage, or someone else’s edit (Saif Gaddafi’s al Libya TV, etc.), with the same text intro, many without the original audio, but instead the same very sad Arabic music that I quite like.

Part 1 – Misrata I believe, a scene others have written of – quite a crowd stands atop a burnt-out tank in a main square while they take turns displaying high for all to see charred pieces of something, in different sizes. I can’t make any of them out, but one’s said to be a man’s heart, another part of his whole de-limbed torso. I don’t see what else it would be that everyone wants to see. Sick people, if you ask me.

Part 2 – A lone man on a side-street trying to back away from and fake-fight a nasty gang of about eight pumped-up, possibly stoned young men, some in no shirts, dancing around, swinging clubs and small furniture at him. He might be black, seems skinny and possibly mentally deficient. They tear his white civilian shirt off,  revealing a green undershirt, and it cuts before we see the end. Later, someone else I hope (lighter-skinned?) is shown, dead by then I hope, with slices from a heavy blade leaving guts, muscle, and bone visible, seeming to flex and breathe at one point as if alive. But then seeing the face I hoped not – sliced clean open, teeth, tongue, and nasal cavity are all right there. I can’t go back and look again, sorry if I remembered wrong.  I almost cried there… The story isn’t clear. (update 7/18: The especially aggressive shirtless kid is wielding a sword, not a club, so this might well be the result … at the start, it should be noted, a young boy tries to stop the swordsman but is ignored.)

Part 3 – The famous Benghazi beheading scene – didn’t watch it, so it might be a variation.

Part 4 – Same thing by the still image, so unless two of the same were posted, we have at least two recordings from the sea of cameras filming that night.

Part 5 – Fascinating scene. It’s nighttime, again in a main square somewhere, and a very large crowd surrounds a struggling black man attacked by some men who finally get a rope around his neck. A crane then yanks him up and leaves him dangling above the throng, which whack him with clubs like pinata. Mercifully, they shoot him a few times until dead after letting this drag on only a few seconds.

Part 6 – Another suspected mercenary, dead, hanging upside down from a fence of what seems a government facility. Stripped from the waist up, his shoulder is slashed open. It’s daylight, and a pleased crowd is again taking pictures and video.

Part 7 – Two black men laying dead on debris-strewn ground, stripped from the waist up.

Part 8 – Again the “Al-Baida” massacre, ‘dying soldier gets some water’ version. I’ve counted 21 or 22 corpses in that courtyard (besides this likely actor), making this atrocity highly weighted relative to the rest, if not as bizarre and cruel as some. Like …

Part 9 – A headless body, neck looking like stretched skin tucked behind – no visible blood. He’s also suffered massive trauma to the legs, twisted, broken, swollen, almost unrecognizable, like a mutant with too many knees. One arm is also badly tweaked, with something hanging out of it. It looks like he was pulled through some kind of machine, ordrawn and quartered. Possibly left in water and mud for a day or two? Again, the story’s just not clear to me, no audio even for Arab speakers, but a document or letter is shown, perhaps barely readable.

Part 10 – A black man seated, tied up tight,

surrounded by a small accusatory mob, scared, a pistol pressed tight against his head. One

man in the back of the crowd is very eager to bring his large, shiny, sword into it, pointing

it in, straining and cursing, but finally giving up. The gun is never moved for over 2 minutes

but no direct violence is shown.

Part 11 – Very gory – a soldier in some junk-strewn warehouse, perhaps, with a lot of brain

matter blown clear out of a vary large hole in his forehead, collapsing his otherwise intact face.

He’d been shot from behind, while his head was over his right forearm, possibly while crawling.

Spent casings lay in his blood. Something like seven or eight more dead soldiers in fatigues are

panned across closely, piled against a far wall, partly covered in rubble. One has a head

wrapped in bandages or cloth strips, none particularly gory. A few more are shown amid

wreckage in the next room. Not really sure how much of an atrocity this was – soldiers die

all the time in wars.

Part 12 – The same soldier (Hisham Mansour) covered above, and another shown being

hanged, plus other Libyan soldiers killed in the massacres (no video available, sorry) have

their paperwork and portrait photos in uniform shown. Apparently from al-Libya TV.

Part 13 – Seems to be a rooftop area. I don’t know why, but there are body parts strewn

about. They don’t look like blown-up bodies, but torn up ones. In a recessed area with

a rope net stretched across it, hang one dead body and two partial legs from different

people (victims, 3). Then on the roof in the noonday sun, a human head, with a

huge stretch of back skin attached. There’s also an apparent bullet hole taking

out his right eye and all surrounding tissue. It’s pretty terrible stuff. (He’s not black,

and looks almost like a burly Roman soldier, not that I’ve ever seen one).

Part 14 – Several killed loyalists piled into the back of a jeep, some hanging over

the sides. The bed is full of death and running with blood, an extra body stuffed

in the passenger’s seat, his slumped head pulled back for the camera.

Part 15 – The same soldier (Hesham Shoshan/Mansour) covered above, dead

and bare-assed on the street, still being abused.

Part 16 – apparently missing. Must have been too horrible, the imagination supposes…

Part 17 – Dead soldiers or loyalists, two pickup truck beds full of them. The same video

(which we opened with) is shown elsewhere as being from Misrata.

Part 18 – A man brings a torn-off leg into the hospital.

Part 19 – It looks like a man hanged in the green-painted gate of some official

building, so one can’t enter without bumping into it. His head is bent back, and

someone standing up on the gate kicks it. (below we find he’s on a meat hook).

A man in a jacket with “POLESI” (?)  on the sleeve is pointing and directing others

to do something, like clear the area. He seems totally ineffective. It’s short,

chaotic, and badly filmed.

Part 20 – Dead soldier, Arab in appearance, eyes frozen open, blood had

come out his nose and mouth. The cameraman runs across a courtyard to

where about six others are piled, hungrily zooming in on their bloodied faces

and wounds. One has shirt and pants just soaked in blood, another, a nasty head shot.

Part 21 – the al-Baida massacre, behind the scenes as shown on al Libya, with

longer interrogation footage than some versions.

Part 22 – A dead black man, naked, curled on the ground, partly covered with a blanket. He’s got a bandage on his arm as if he’d had an IV installed earlier (snatched from a hospital? – I may have read an account of this racism-revealing incident where Arab government troops were spared). Another black soldier, I presume, lays on his back a few feet away, also dead, only half naked, nose bloodied.

Part 23 – Dead and reportedly burned soldiers beneath blankets. One looks like he was just badly sunburnt, others remain covered. Somewhere between nine and 12 bodies at least  are present.

Part 24 – two dead soldiers in the bed of a pickup truck.

Part 25 – dead soldiers across the hood of a truck. Widely re-posted elsewhere.

That last was just posted June 16, and I suspect there are more coming. That’ll do for me, however.

Update June 29/July 5
I just found the site, which then quickly disappeared – crashed or hacked, who knows. And I didn’t know how to save any of them. Leave it to a spirited anti-Obama partisan to find the most horrible, disgusting-sounding videos I can’t watch. I was able to view the first – a close-up knife beheading of a very frightened soldiertruck driver (see below). Blessedly, the blade was sharp, but still, only a knife. A throat slitting is one thing, but it’s another entirely when the butcher keeps on sawing when you know the victim is still alive and feeling his head come off. Are heavy swords or axes – or even mercy – that hard to come by in Libya? That left me shaking.

The second video I also saw, a re-post of one mentioned above – the extra bloody dead soldiers in a truck (see “part 14”). The third was just funny – an Islamist fighter declaring Jihad and then having his gun blow up in his hands. The others are few, unseen and now lost for the moment, and some I hope to God are mislabeled, exaggerated, something. Here are all the titles:

Libyan rebels behead Libyan Soldier
Libyan rebels Kill and steal weapons from Libyan Soldiers
CIA fighting rebels
Libyan Rebels sodimize Libyan Soldier with pistol
Libyan Protestors and Rebels hang and behead soldier
NATO bombs normal cars
Rebel forces Libyan Solider to cannibalize
Libyan Rebels Torture Small Child by Sticking a Pole Through His Body

I Can’t look any more, for two reasons at least. But if anyone’s seen this last especially … is it real? Do we know it was torture and not a horrible accident following an explosion, etc.? Even these monsters wouldn’t film that, would they?

Update July 18
Obama’s Libya is back up – nothing new, just the same eight videos. I still can’t find a way to save any of them. The sodomizing one is, again, killed soldier Hesham Mansour – I didn’t notice before but the protesters stick what looks like a rifle barrel in his butt crack just before setting his boot on his butt. The “normal cars” NATO bombed are not a rebel atrocity and, according to a comment here, not normal but paramilitary/contractor/mercenary vehicles, and not even from this war, but from Iraq, a few years ago. And the bomb is supposedly a surface car bomb, not anything from the sky.

The child … I watched that finally. It’s from the Libya First website, as stamped, and he’s a little trooper, making it less hard to watch. He’s not really young, around 13 I’d say. He’s awake, in pain, but staying calm in a hospital bed, as docotrs cut away his green shirt and prepare for surgery. It looks like a very bizarre accident or purposeful torture – the pole is thin, and does seem to run through his body, from his crotch area (it’s shown, as modestly as possible, but I can’t focus enough to see just where – it all looks strange) to his left shoulder, and sticking out of both ends. It seems just under the skin in spots, or just inside the rib cage in others, apparently piercing no major organs.

Does anyone more knowledgeable have anything to share regarding the story here? The text overlay gives this as happening in Misrata, where the government has alleged some other very heinous abuses… (see below)

July 5/6, laterLibya S.O.S. adds more videos, via a comment below. One post to start with, showing six videos embedded, but without working Youtube links:
top video: see “part 13” – re-post.
middle: See “part 19”, this is an addition – the dead soldier (?) first being hoisted up – on a meat-hook under his chin (I may have read of this in an article recently).
Third and fifth, re-posts (al Baida massacre).
Fourth, new to me – dead soldiers in the street, heavily shot up – one’s head is just a pile of mush.

No particular cruelty shown – war is hell, and the rebels started it.
Sixth: I’ve seen it and even saved a copy, but didn’t link here yet – no guts but lots of blood

surround two dead, black, soldiers on the cobblestones near their truck, abused and insulted

by the victors. One victim is  roughly picked up and dropped again, then mock-stomped in disdain.

July 18: Select others from Libya S.O.S., many available under the same titles at their Youtube channel:

(V) A family been raped by the Rebels
[with their clothes on? I don’t know about this one – lots of blood, an attractive lady

and possibly pre-teen daughter, laying face down, dead, fully clothed (though in

short skirts), in a trashed living room, among huge pools of blood. One still image

only at 1:05, long slow text additions before and after. The image I’ve seen elsewhere,

given as from Misrata, and had the mother’s blood centered at chest level, possibly

tying in with the Misrata rebel rape-and-breast-removal stories I’m skeptical of.]

(V) Rape in Libya
[Speak of the devil – the story elaborated on Libyan TV, confessed by a former rebel.

I didn’t watch the interview, but read the transcript, provided.]

(V) Martyr blood of Varffala in Libya (+18)
[A backup posting of the knife beheading mentioned above – with added details in the text beneath:

“In the video, a man lost his life at the hands of “peaceful rebels”.( March 20.2011.)

Western-backed Al Qaeda rebels aka ‘democracy seekers’ beheaded Mr. Hamza al-

Gheit Fughi , a truck driver from the Varfalla tribe. They beheaded him

because he was pro-Gadaffi.”

and let that be a lesson to the others, huh?]

(V) Cutting BABY’s fingers, legs and hands (+18)
[two small children, a baby, and a heavyset adult dead (apparently for some days)

in a muddy room that was blown open by shelling or something. One child is missing

half a leg, the baby part of an arm, the adult maybe parts of legs, and part of a hand is

also shown. It doesn’t look intentional, and it’s not clear whose weapons did this.]

[Soldier shot in the street, dead, much blood, is then set on fire by sick people and

gasoline for a moment. It doesn’t work, the lens steams up (?), and they start to

drag him away.]

July 26: A new video from Benghazi, I’m presuming late February, covered in

its own post here. Al Jalaa hospital, under rebel control. Their idea of medicine:

decide the injured black man is a mercenary who doesn’t deserve treatment.

When he’s too weak to stand and walk out, push him down the hall. When he falls

and is hacked with a sword, drag him out and toss him on the street. When he just

gets stomped and slashed more and can’t do anything but die slowly … well, the

end I’ll leave to those who read that.

July 29: A video from Az Zawiyah, Feb. 25, shows captive government soldiers in a makeshift rebel hospital. One black man lays dead and about three others of Arab complexion are injured, as well as a protester (the only one who’s not a “foreign African mercenary” by the idiotic description.) Also, is it just me, or does it look like the dead soldier – as seen to the right – was injured in the hand and/or upper body, bandaged up, then shot again in the head? And what is that, a business card inserted into the exit wound?  

July 31: Hator-Ra has a clearer resolution version of police/soldier Hisham Mansour’s death and humiliation, in connection with certain weaponry the rebels seized. (post in Spanish, imagery in universal). A non-lethal police weapon used in Libya, given as the FN-303 in another video, seems to be the same they’re putting in his butt, apparently the one they caught him with and punished his mercenary ass for having.

August 9:
I’ve been alerted to a new video that’s of supreme importance in showing what the Libyan people are up against here. The Nafusah Mountain rebels, illegally armed by French airdrops and emboldened by the West’s patronage in general, expaned abusively into surrounding towns about a month ago. Somewhere in there, it seems they slaughtered at least 30 civilians and dumped them in a mass grave at Qala’a. See: The Qala’a Massacre.

Aug 31: The dead there number 34, and of course regime forces are blamed (the video was from one’s “mobile phone,” rebels say), but that’s still in doubt – see above link for further details on what I’ve re-named the Qawalish tree farm massacre.

Then they took Tawergha, Zlitan, Az Zawiyah, and other cities, committing their atrocities primarily off camera, it seems. And finally the rebel atrocity videos from Tripoli itself started rolling in, but only mysterious, he-said vs. he’s-dead, after-the-fact presentations. And the cameras are more professional. Alex Thomson reported for Channel 4on the arrest of nine “Gaddafi fighters,” African migrants called mercenaries whose brutal lynching was averted only by the camera crew staying when the rebels said to go. As he said, it’s a dangerous time to be a black man in Tripoli, lately. Then they showed the charred skeletons of 53 people killed by the Khamis brigade, it’s said. This has spurred me to finally note the atrocity videos of charred bodies that I’d somehow neglected to add here this whole time:

Feb 21, Benghazi – five charred bodies are found, and shown to the world, in the military barracks “protesters” just overran. They were pretty sure the dead had recently been mutinous soldiers, who wanted to join the people, but their officers had them burned alive. Just like the soldiers killed in the al Baida massacre! Or maybe they were mixed up, and these were instead the five Chadian workers the “protesters” had themselves just abducted, taken to the barracks, and burned alive. (See here) It’s one of those two, anyway, point is, they wanted us to know the army was largely with the people, but up against butchers, and they needed humanitarian intervention to help get into other cities and, Inshallah, to Tripoli itself.

Now they’re there, black men are getting executed in droves all over certain neighborhoods, and we cannot tell who was burned in that shed and by whom. My guess is it’s the Khamis brigade, killed by NATO and the rebels, then burnt so false identities could again be attached to the unrecognizably charred dead.

Sept. 16: Are some of the rebels’ own protesters-killed videos rebel atrocity ones as well? In al Baida, Feb.17, some half-decent evidence says yes. Video Study: Al Baida Snipers

Sept. 30: It’s worth noting here too that the videos collected at this post seem to show the aftermath of a major rebel atrocity, for reasons explained there. About 75-100 people, mostly black men, mostly government loyalists, were found dead in a Tripoli hospital. It was said by the rebels who controlled it the old staff ran away fearing gov’t snipers, leaving sniper-injured patients to die of neglect, and they just found it that way. But the signs of close-up gunshot executions of staff and patients alike, all over the hospital, kind of go against that. As does the black-skinned patient fully beheaded in his hospital bed. 

Oct. 13:
The situation remains somewhat the same in Tripoli, vis-a-vis videos – little more seen of recent violence.   Somewhere around August 23 or 24, some people trying to flee in cars with bedding were stopped from doing so, some with deadly force it seems. 20 of them of darker complexion were dumped at the hospital mentioned above. And more atrocities bysomeone are being uncovered in mass graves of executed prisoners from the battles of late August, with a recent batch said to total 900 bodies. A graveyard of about 800 unidentified pro-Gaddafi dead was also reported around Misrata, along with other such across recently taken areas. There’s no video I’m aware of in any of these cases. A rash of atrocities from Sirte is in the offing. Whether or not any videos of the new government’s handiwork there will be shared, I can’t yet say. (later same day: CNN has footage, re-posted here, of 12 executed prisoners on Sirte’s outskirts)

I’ve also seen several new videos from the older days, here and there. Most are unremarkable. One stands out enough to mention. I have no context information aside from it being in Banghazi and done by rebels, and it looks like rebel work to me. A fighting age man, apparently of partial black descent judging by nose and hair (skin tone medium) lies dead in the morgue. His hands apparently had been bound but aren’tnow, and his feet are still tied together.

He’s intact except at the neck, where it seems someone tried to behead him but it didn’t quite work all the way – his head (eyes frozen open) remains attached, apparently only by the spinal cord and tissue from there back, with all flesh cut through. The surrounding tissue on the left side is red and meaty and wide-open, and on the right side, it seems burnt, melted, and stringy-looking. His cheeks and jaw on both sides show marks consistent with burning. It’s an odd type of injury, and my guess is he had burning-hot metal – a sword maybe, heated cable, or rifle barrel, pressed deep into his throat, effectively cutting and burning at the same time. Little point doing that to a dead man, or someone you want information from. This was a pointless torture of the condemned, cruelty on the way out for its own sake. Allahu Akbar!

Nov. 10: Like the recent finds in Tripoli, the leavings of the Sirte massacres we’ve been able to see have been due mainly to the presence of mainstream media in mid-late October. But recently I added a video analysisof footage from October 25 that finally has the true rebel atrocity video feel. Filmed on a wobbly mobile device, this one is made by Sirte locals, apparently, not rebels, documenting the actions of their oppressors. We see three bodies floating in a water reservoir, there for perhaps weeks, headless and disintegrating into slime. Human Rights Watch had been there just before and said there were ten bodies floating there, “apparently executed.”

Libyan Resistance News – 13 November  2011 – update 14:30

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A Libyan friend sent us these images about war crimes that rats are still making

A Libyan friend sent us these images and comments.

28/11/2011 – Tawarga – Forced migration of people from Tawarga, city which is now occupied by Nato mercenaries (rats).

Those people are loyal to Gaddafi and to the Green Resistance, so they are now forced to leave their own land.

These are some video were they are forced to leave the city and flee to the desert.

Most of people from Twarga city have black skin, so rats dont like them and a lot of these people has been killed.

Spread this because its also another crime that has been commited against civilians in Libya. Please spread these to the world.

lunes 14 de noviembre de 2011

News Libya resistance Green army : 13/14. In November 2011.

News Libya resistance: 13/14. In November 2011.
Libya map
13/nov/11 reports that the center of Tripoli is in full control of Libyan supporters, NATO forces have cut off electricity and Internet access to avoid panic. The hospital in Tripoli is running on generators, but the generators do not provide enough energy to perform operations on patients. Argumenty also reports that Libya Green Flags are rising at the top of tall buildings in different cities, including Bani Walid. This comes as heavy fighting is reported around Tripoli, Zawiyah, even Benghazi. According to previous reports, at least 300 prisoners were released from prison by supporters Zawiyah and Libyan resistance fighters. – In Tripoli.19h / News of the battles of yesterday in most western cities of Libya:
1 / in front of Al Zawiya: fighting with heavy weapons without Warchfana the brave and NATO / NTC / Al Qaeda bandtis western regions, which resulted in the deaths of three of Gaddafi troops martyr, but also killed tThe and captured many of the NATO / NTC / Al Qaeda bandtis. The rats are now seeking to negotiate a way to release their hostages or exchange, but the response was “the blood against blood, not for the negotiations.”2 / the front of Yafran: green resistance fighters attacked yesterday in the barracks and killed four bandtis Yafran the NATO / NTC / Al Qaeda, and from there got weapons too light and medium-sized and ammunition (this information is also available in the rats’ pages).3 / Ghariyan the opposite: to learn the fighting in Al Zawiya, AL Asabiaa people took their weapons and vehicles and proceeded to each door, the result was too killed bandtis NATO / NTC / Al Qaeda (no exact number ) and 10 captured Kakla NATO / NTC / bandtis Al Qaeda in the western gate of Al Assabiaa.4 / the front of Tripoli strong and fierce fighting around Assarii close Serraje Janzour and took place last night, 14.5 weapons were used, and also in the green square and Abu Mechmacha Avenue near Sidi Mnidher cemetery.5 / the front of Misurata:. resignation of President of the Local Council of Misurata, after being assaulted by masked protesters threw it in a separate room (this information is also available on the pages of NATO / NTC / Al Qaeda bandtis) [Jazira Chuibekova & B Bkr Sami]6 / Imaya – Several bandits in the port city of Zawiyah said at least two fellow bandits were killed by fire from a Libyan resistance fighters who was in control of an area Imaya between Zawiyah and the capital.
16h / LIBYA Libya-rival gangs clash near the military base – Sunday’s clashes marked the fourth day of clashes between the two groups of bandits. The fighting has killed four people so far.
Mohammed Al-Hadwash, a local commander of the bandits from Tripoli, said the armed bandits Zawiya and the nearby city of Warshefana are fighting for control of the field.NATO ones in Libya
15h / Lizzie Phelan interviews captivity son of Dr. Abuzeid Omar Dorda ->
14h / “Gadhafi could not kill more people than did NATO ‘- Syrian Deputy FM – Even if Gaddafi had lived for another 100 years, could not have killed at least a fraction of the amount destroyed by NATO during its intervention in Libya, says Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria, Faisal al-Mikdad, in an exclusive interview with RT. ->
13h / Libya: media blackout, why – Would allow NATO to include the Libyan Libyans in a future election? No, because in the NATO-ruled Libya, any government that protects the interests of the country be allowed to participate, only a political force made up of traitors willing to provide resources to foreigners. What Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have to say to that? Nothing. -> Http://
12 / Bernard-Henri Lévy or BHL: The verbal fig leaf of the interests of the Zionists [II] -> “. Not everyone can be the prostitute of Babylon”
Bernard-Henri Levy stuck his nose in the business of the Arab spring from the beginning. The French philosopher Zionist trend made an appearance in Tahrir Square, visited Benghazi to support the rebels, and organized a conference in support of the Syrian uprising in Paris. -> Http://
11h / cleaning Etihc LIBYA – While the ICC has announced it is investigating allegations of war crimes against Muammar al-Gaddafi and other members of the Libyan regime, heartbreaking video evidence has become that appears to show atrocities committed by the anti-Gaddafi rebels. Among other things, the footage shows the summary executions, lynching a prisoner, the desecration of corpses, and even decapitation. The objectives of the worst abuses are often black African prisoners. The ultimate source of the images appear to rebel forces or supporters themselves.
10h / Press Conference NATO: Bani Walid and one more crime against humanity ->


1 – The rebels collect the heads of the Loyalist Libyans…Come and see what is democracy for the NATO-rebels-mercenaries – Rabi Yarham Chouhada
What you’ll see it’s terrible, you have probably never seen this kind of horrific images! Even in horror movies, they avoid such scenarios.
Qatar, France, England, United States, … and all the other followers who participated in installing democracy in Libya (the installation of the Qaeda in Libya). Come and see these terrible images, look what the Democrats are doing in  Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata!


mercenaries, spread this video to scare the Resistance.



Please circulate this video on your facebook pages and in the mediaand those of European political parties so they can see their exploits in Libya.
In Libya, the day of Eid el Adha, probably due to lack of sheep, or rather barbarous rebels have slaughtered loyalists or just loyal to Libya green.
Where are the media that did not stop to amplify the lies and rumors about the green Libya. Go to distribute images of your protected Tripoli, Benghazi and

especially Misrata. Libyans tortured, murdered, their bodies displayed like trophies, their heads collected… -(AlgeriaIsp) – Rabi yarham chouhada

2 – The exploits of the army for the liberation of Libya Zawiya –Zangetna – Fighters of the Libyan Liberation Army conducted various operations

in the area of Zawiya, who weakened the rebels of Zawiya.
The exploits of the Libyan Liberation Army fighters:

  • 15 rebels were killed in Zawiya.
  • 25 rebels were imprisoned in Zawiya.
  • 6 pickups destroyed.
  • 8 pickups equipped with weapons of caliber 106 requisitioned.
  • 5 pickups equipped with 14.5-weapons requisitioned.
  • 3 tanks and 3 pickups equipped with spears grad missiles requisitioned.
  • 8 Chevrolet cars requisitioned.

Libyan Resistance News – November 14, 2011

Akhbar El Mokawama Libya – The New Green Revolution, November 14, 2011

– at 2:10: in Misrata, the fighters of the Libyan Liberation Army attacked a checkpoint in Zawiyat Elmahdjoub to Misrata. They have two ‘rebels’

seriously injured. One of them with a bullet in the head. They were transported to the complex medical Misrata.

Evening of November 13, 2011: in Tripoli, violent clashes in Tripoli Souk Jomo with heavy weapons.

In  Tajoura, heavy fighting in Tajoura. Two rebels were killed and several wounded.

In Zawiya, the mujahideen of Warchfana of the Libyan Liberation Army, have erased the sign at the

entrance of the city “Welcome to Zawiya” and they are replaced by “Welcome to Warchfana.”

In Zawiya (Warchfana), the mujahideen of Warchfana of the Libyan Liberation Army have captured

three ‘rebels’ who wanted to infiltrate the town.

In Haych, violent clashes between fighters of the Libyan Liberation Army and the ‘rebels’ from Misrata.

In Sirte: an explosion at the army camp Elsaid which is occupied by the ‘rebels’ of Misrata.



Libyan Resistance Radio channel – Canale Radio della Resistenza Libica (Eng-Ita)

Launch of the Libyan Resistance Radio: “Local radio of Tripoli.”
AlgeriaIsp – Libyan resistance has launched a new radio for the resistance in Libya against the traitors and mercenaries from NATO-Qatar.

It’s called “Local radio of Tripoli” “قناة طرابلس المحلية.”

It currently broadcasts on the internet and it will soon be heard on a channel on the satellite Nilesat.

The radio has a facebook page visible on the following link:

You can listen to the radio on the following link:

  • Libye – Plus de 33.000 combattants de l’armée de la libération de la Libye avanceront demain ou après demain pour libérer le pays (15 novembre 2011)

Libye – Plus de 33.000 combattants de l’armée de la

libération de la Libye avanceront demain

ou après demain pour libérer le pays (15 novembre 2011)

Publié le 15/11/2011 à 20:39 –
Libye –  Plus de 33.000 combattants de l'armée de la libération de la Libye avanceront demain ou après demain pour libérer le pays (15 novembre 2011)

ALGERIA ISP / Selon Chabab Libya El Ahrar, demain ou après demain, il y aura un grand

mouvement en Libye qui est le début de la marche vers les grandes villes pour la purification de la

Libye. Les grandes tribus de la Libye et toutes les tribus honnêtes bougeront.
L’armée de la libération de la Libye de Warfala, Sirte et Zliten est composée de 23.000 volontaires

alors que l’armée des régions de l’ouest de Tripoli est composée de 10.000 volontaires équipés

de toutes les armes. Ainsi que l’armée des régions du sud et régions de la montagne ouest

quiseront au RDV.

Toutes ces informations sont communiquées par des officiers de l’armée. Ils recommandent

aux rebelles de fuir. Ils confirment que le dernier événement de Warchafna n’est autre qu’une

diversion pour préparer la grande étape de demain.

NATO Dogs gathering to fight Zawia NATO dogs 11.11.11, NATO Crimes In Libya *1: NATO, despite propganda and Media hype remains in Libya. He NATO Special Armed Forces personal and troops are gathering to fight the people of Zaiywa. Remember, these are colonialist troops from the West, Australia, Afghanastan, Qatar,  the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Amongst them can be seen hundreds of al Qaeda trained terrorists. 

The resistance will continue until the end -(Video speech)-

La Resistenza continuerà sino alla

fine (Arabic-Eng-Ita)


  • 1- The start of resistence everywhere from today 11-11-2011 against enemy and We urge all resitence that want same goal which is to finish with all traitors by exhausting the enemy by attacking cars, homes, doors, and patrols to drain them enaugh so we can have time to assemble our army.
  • 2- I want to thank our electronic resistence army -that is resisting online and we want them to start now the compaign of “masked men” to spread informations safely.
  • 3- I want to say to all Libyan that Jamahiriya is still alive by thought of the leader, and I say to all that we still have time to resist men and women by all means not only by weapons but by words, raise money, assemble information about enemy.
  • 3- hope all to help our people in Sirt, Taouerga and Bani Walid.
  • 5- resistence continue until last drop of blood, last bullet, until last one. 
God is great!

NATO bombing from helicopters Tawareg villages –

La NATO bombarda con elicotteri villaggi

Tuareg (Eng-Ita) + Video

Posted on 14 November 2011 by libyanfreepress

Dirty NATO crimes

by Konstantyn Scheglikov
These days, NATO bombed and shot from helicopters over the city of Gath: NATO has lied and did not leave Libya.

Gat is a Tuareg village and a town in southwestern Libya.
In this Tawareg city, near border of Algeria, can be Tawareg children an women.

… This is not the first time for NATO to destroy homes and kill children and women in Libya, then
men fight against traitors and occupants from this terroristic organisation. In this way NATO tried
to scare Libyans, to force them to surrender. All time NATO kill people because they want to scare
people and make them slaves.

Now in Libya it is the same: they created hate and rage only: no one murders will never  be forgotten.

A group Thunder fighter = == == == == == == God destroyed four vehicles armed with the inventories Tarhunah
Thursday market, specifically after the traffic light and was heading westward also exploding 4 bombs inside heated
clashes between Tripoli and a group Thunder and the inventories of several regions of Allahu Akbar
مجموعة رعد المقاتلة
الله اكبر تم تدمير 4 سيارات مسلحة تابعة لجردان ترهونة بمنطقة سوق الخميس وبالتحديد بعد الاشارة الضوئية وكانت متوجهة غربا ايضا تفجير
4 عبوات ناسفة داخل طرابلس واشتباكات حامية بين مجموعة رعد و الجردان بعدة مناطق الله اكبر

Libyan Resistance News – November 15, 2011 –

update 23:55 (Eng-Ita)

15 November  2011 – News from the Libyan Resistance LLA (LibyanLiberation Army)

Sebha: Liberation Army launched an attack on the outskirts of the city.

Zawiya: Heavy fighting between mujahideen Warchfana, helped by some tribes, and “rebels”. 40 “insurgents” killed. The mujahideen have requisitioned several pick-up and ammunition. The fighters of the Liberation Army, have lost four martyrs on the battlefield and 10 wounded.

Benghazi: At least 23 people were killed in clashes between NATO mercenaries and tribal fighters in the city port. Heavy clashes due to poverty, lack of services, lack of law and the high cost of living, which is forcing the population against the “rebels”. Summary executions are a common practice. Thousands of civilians are scattered throughout the country. The Green Warchfana resistance has captured 2 battalions of “bandits” of Benghazi. In the streets of Benghazi talking about the possible return of NATO because the CNT lost comtrollo of Libya.

Tripoli: huge explosion in the Mansur district, which has spread panic among the “rebels”. Refineries: in the afternoon you can hear the sounds of artillery. The men of the battalion “Thunder” have destroyed many vehicles in the CNT. Clashes between battalion “fervralya 17″, with the support of the mercenaries of Qatar, and the Liberation Army, 27 Wershvanh.

Tripoli: Qatar is looking for the occupation of Tripoli against the CNT, using groups of Bel Haj Al Qaeda. Tripoli is very rich in oil and gas, and Qatar with the goal of Al Qaeda is to get these resources. Yesterday and last night the “rebels” of Tripoli and Misurata clashed with the tribe Washafane. There are also clashes between the “rebels”, particularly between the brigade and that of Bel Haj Zintan. The resistance is fighting the green to the south and east of Tripoli against the brigades of Bel Haj and Misurata. The brigades of ‘rebels’ raid the homes and then collide one each other for the spoils.

Tripoli: At least 10 NATO mercenaries were killed in heavy clashes with the Libyan resistance, early Sunday morning near a military camp near the port of Zawiyah. According to a source close to the resistance, the resistance men attacked the mercenaries using NATO flag of the monarchy to create confusion. According to NATO mercenaries, the Libyan resistance showed the green flag of Libya when they attacked. A commander of a mercenary named Walid Bin Kora said that the enemy vehicles were carrying a wrote “Martyr’s Brigade Muammar Gaddafi.” He also said that in the clashes have seen tanks and other vehicles with green flags.

Tripoli: everywhere, according to news received last night, there would be clashes. Confirmed the complete destruction of the largest cache of weapons and ammunition of the “rebels” in Tripoli (“Field 27″). The center of Tripoli and its suburbs are back in the hands of loyalists.

Zawiya: second alraiTV the “rebels” have lost control of the city of Zawiya. There were reports about NATO aircraft still flying  over and bomb the country. Anti-aircraft shooting in Zawiya. NATO bombing would kill many Tuaregs in the south.

The Libyan Liberation Army (LLA – Libyan Liberation Army) has announced the preliminary results of the fightings during last nights:

– 725 attacks;
– Destroyed targets and 79 bases of the “rebels”
– Killed hundreds of “rebels”
– 1200 only 79 deaths in military operations (missing reports from Tripoli).
Foreign troops killed Elements:
– 119 French soldiers;
– 54 of Qatar;
– 339 U.S. mercenaries and private mercenaries in oil.

SUIT THEM: Stephen Gule – Nato in their spin of news had reported total withdrawal
from Libya, technically Nato is still conducting air bombardment inside Libya. Nato
made the withdrawal statement in order to silence the world’s outcry against Nato.
They have resorted into hiring Israeli mercenary pilots fying out of Tel Aviv, Juba,
South Sudan; NDjamenaTchad and Misrata. The objective is to penetrate the Libyan
South by attacking the Southern military command stations and civilian camps and
military bunkers. In the past 9 days – 8 Israeli fighter plane, 13 Qatari Apaches, 11
French Mirage, 5 French Rafael fighters have been shotdown trying to evade and invade
the Libyan Southern Airspace. All pilots and crew killed. Upon entering the Green
Libyan Jamahiriya territory,they were immediately spotted by Supersonic fighters
and MIG-35S and swiftly countered and shot down. Numerous attempts have been
made by Nato and its affiliated rebels to enter the South and Central Libyan territories.
The attempt in the South have been catasthrophic for Nato with overwhelming defiance
and defence system of the South.
Ali Aslan writes:

Update news: Libya Green Resistance!!
News for the battles of yesterday in most western Libya cities:
… 1/ the front of Al Zawiya: clashes with heavy weapons between the brave free of

Warchfana and the rats of the western regions, which resulted the death of 3 from

the troop of Gaddafi, but also killed and captured many from the rats. Those rats now

are looking to negotiate how to release their hostage or exchange th…em, but the answer

was “blood against blood and no for negotiations”.
2/ the front of Yafren: resistance green fighters attacked yesterday the barrack in Yafren

and killed 4 rats, and got from there too much weapons from light and medium sizes, and

munitions (this info is also available on rats’ pages).
3/ the front of Ghariyan: upon hearing about the clashes in Al Zawiya, the people from

AL Asabiaa took their weapons and cars and proceeded to every gate, the result was

too many killed rats (no exact number) and 10 captured from Kakla rats in the western

gate of Al Assabiaa.
4/ the front of Tripoli: strong and fierce fighting around Janzour and Assarii near

Serraj took place last night, 14.5 weapons were used, and also in the green square,

and Abu Mechmacha Avenue, near to Sidi Mnidher cemetery.
5/ the front of Misurata: resignation of the president of Misurata Local Council, after

being stormed with the masked protesters and he was pounced in a separate room

(this info is also available on rats pages).
Allah Akbar!!,

NATO’s EPIC FAIL in its’ Libya INVASION 2011:
Traitor NTC totally the majority of true patriotic Libyans!!
Resistance continues under the leader ship and command of Dr.Saif al Islam Gaddafi!!

Green resistance is continuing around Libya, people are rejecting quazi-government

of NTC, Al Qaeda and NATO. Libyans are not satisfied with NTC’s and Al Qaeda ‘democratic’

looting, rapes, theft and assassinations.
There is nothing democratic about abolishing any law that isn’t in total compliance with

Sharia and doing retaliation killings.
Libyans had a very high standard of living, and the most democratic government in Arab world.
Libyans will not forget that, no matter how hard NTC/Al Qaeda/NATO press tried to lie about it.
Source,Libya SoS.

The fate of the Libyan P.M.Baghdadi Mahmoudi:
To avoid extradition by Tunisia to Libyan rebels, Libyan Prime Minister has requested

political asylum from the UNHCR.
Former Libyan prime minister, Baghdadi Mahmoudi, requested from the High Commission

for Refugees, United Nations to grant him a political refugee status, to avoid extradition

by the Tunisian authorities to the authorities of NTC, which are famous for abusing and

torturing prisoners. Tunisian President has thus far proved to be democratic and

fair in respect of human rights.



Alexandra is trying to obtain realistic statistics of casualties from the war.
She is using the baseline figure of at least half a million people murdered, injured, displaced, disappeared, not the 50-60,000 quoted by other sources.
She is also trying to find out the status of prisoners. Her contact in Libya is having an impossible time with the NTC’s refusal to cooperate.
Other human rights organizations are lying.
She suspects that 1 1/2 – 2 million people have been killed or displaced which is at least a third of Libya’s total population before the war
500000 is humungous! all due to UNSC 1973 based on lies, Bernard Levy and NATO R2P

Terça-feira, 15 de Novembro de 2011




Franklin Lamb: Bad Moon Rising over Great Sirte Bay

Posted: 2011/11/21
From: Mathaba
This article by Dr Franklin Lamb is republished as is, from the web site
Franklin Lamb
Sirte, LibyaThis observer, with his sandaled feet comfortably dug into the sand of a chilly Mediterranean beach and huddled next to a camp fire with a congenial and bright group of still heavily armed “NATO rebels,” learned that the past eight months experiences for many Libyans who fought with or for NATO were rather different from what the western mainstream media portrayed. And what many of us who spent last summer in the Western Libya Gadhafi stronghold were inclined to believe about them.Two of my new acquaintances are from the Law Faculty of re-named Benghazi University (following the 1969 Fatah Revolution its name was changed to Garyounis), and six others who fought in most of the battles in Libya between February and October 2011. The meeting was arranged by a rebel commander named “Samal.” I first met Samal quite by chance at the central bus station in Alexandria, Egypt, where as in Cairo, many “NATO rebels” are currently being feted with R & R. His visit to Egypt was Samal’s first break from eight months of rough military duty, he explained. In his other life he is a part time university librarian who plans to return to his studies once the new academic year begins in January. Like most students in Libya, he lost a full academic year as schools were closed due to the Libyan uprising and he wants to catch up with his degree program in computer science.Samal readily admits that he, like many Libyans, was not as opposed to Muammar Gadhafi personally as they were to many of those around “the leader” who took advantage of their positions, connections and immunity and committed serial crimes against the public. Understanding this observer’s interest in this subject, and once back in Misrata, Samal arranged a meeting a few days later with some of his friends at a café on the Mediterranean shores of the Gulf of Sirte. “Abu Nasser’s” is located on the outskirts of the village of Qasr Abu Hadi where Muammar Gaddafi was born in a tent and where the youngster was raised until his parents sent him to secondary school for five years down south in Sabha. It was in Sabha where the budding Nasserite revolutionary reportedly relished his history studies, joined a local scout troop and later the Libyan armed forces.After a terrific meal of spicy Libyan couscous with big junks of lamb on the bone at “Abu Nasser’s” and as it began to get dark, I noticed Samal gazing toward the northeast horizon deep out into the Gulf of Sirte. As the full moon rose he suggested we make a campfire on the beach and continue our discussion under the stars. Truth be told, Samal could not have proposed anything more perfect for this Oregonian, who as a kid passed many an evening beside beach campfires on the often cold and stormy Oregon coast or on the banks of Kellogg Lake near the Lamb family home on Lake Road, in Milwaukie.

The Libyan leader’s straight line ran across the mouth of “Great Sirte Bay” between a point near Benghazi and the western headland of the Gulf at Misrata.

One of the lecturers at the Benghazi College of Law told us that “our leader”, and then he quickly and self-consciously corrected himself and said “the tyrant” used to enjoy camping exactly where Samal had brought us on this beach. He told us that Gadhafi would explain to visitors about “Great Sirte Bay” as he called it, where he liked to swim. Gadhafi would explain to visitors about the Gulf of Sirte’s historic role in defeating the American military during the mid-1980’s when the Libyan air force chased away US aircraft sent by President Reagan to contest Gadhafi’s famous drawing of his red line (Gadhafi called it the “Line of Death”). The Libyan leader’s straight line ran across the mouth of “Great Sirte Bay” at 32 degrees, 30 minutes north between a point near Benghazi and the western headland of the Gulf at Misrata. The red line signaled Libya’s claim to an exclusive 62 nautical miles (115 km) fishing zone (Sirte bay has the world’s largest population of Tuna which explains why during Ramadan this year when there was no fresh food at our hotel due to the fighting EVERY Iftar meal to break the fast consisted of a mountain of canned Tuna which this observer can no longer even stand the sight of). At the UN, Libya declared that given its natural configuration, the Gulf of Sirte was in fact Libyan territorial waters as Gadhafi first claimed in 1973. According to Gadhafi, Libya’s historic victory in “Great Sirte Bay” resulted “from the 1984 expulsion of the US military from the area.” The US government rejected what it considered Libya’s illegal appropriation of the high seas, yet decided it was not worth a war and let the matter slide.

Schematic Plan for Gulf of Sirte Operation

Some of my beach party interlocutors had been fighting since late February 2011. Samal and two others fought in 6 of the key battles including, Brega, Misrata, Zawieh, Tripoli, Bani Walid and Sirte. I asked the group when the rebels first began to believe that they might defeat their adversaries. Immediately Ahmed replied, “After the third battle of Brega we could tell that the Gadhafi forces did not have their hearts in this fight. By July 20thI would guess.”

Ahmed’s colleagues agreed and one added,

“It was like a repeat of when the Israeli forces gave up and lost against Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006. Israeli forces clearly did not believe in their mission. Many of these Gadhafi guys did not either. When you are on the battlefield you can sense your enemy’s psychology even when you can’t see him. During the third battle for Brega we were fighting at close range in residential areas and most of Gaddafi’s forces retreated to Ras Lanuf. Some were still in a few buildings but they were no threat to us.”

Rashid interjected,

“After Brega we knew that sooner or later we would win because we kept asking ourselves, in battle after battle, where is the regular Libyan army? We knew some of them personally but we never saw them. What happened to them, we wondered. Finally we realized that Gadhafi’s authority and his troops had melted. That was made clear on August 23 when we found little resistance as we arrived to Tripoli. Actually we were shocked. His army had abandoned him.”

Samal, added,

“Yes but remember, and for sure we admit this, without NATO we would not have lasted one month. Please don’t think we are in love with NATO although many Libyans seem to want our country to join NATO and some in NATO and our interim government want this also. NATO knows that our country could be a perfect AFCOM base to re-colonize Africa and end progressive projects for African countries. Please do not think we are not aware of what NATO countries want from Libya and our neighbors. They want from Libya and this whole region oil and natural resources, they want military bases on our soil, and they want us to accept Israel. How they plan to achieve all this is by getting Arabs to fight and kill Arabs and Muslims to fight and kill Muslims.”

One of the law professors added:

“As we saw these past months the US and their allies will try to limit the Western countries role to providing support from the sky with bombs and drones and special units and without sending their regular troops. This is the NATO plan and we saw it clearly in our country and perhaps we will see it again in Syria in a different form.”

Kamal, a medical lab technician added,

“Many Gadhafi loyalists in Tripoli and Western Libya who saw civilians killed by NATO bombs do not realize that NATO also killed plenty of us rebels, and civilians in our areas of Eastern Libya. We are not allowed to mention it but NATO made many mistakes. We called them ‘the gang that can’t bomb straight’ and many of our forces, a few hundred I would say, were bombed by NATO. An even higher number of civilians were killed in our areas by NATO. Often we feared NATO more than we feared the Gadhafi fighters. Human rights groups should investigate what happened to us because the NTC will not.”

Under the big full moon hanging above “Great Sirte Bay” and deep into the night, this observer’s’ hosts shared some candid views on a variety of subjects, some of which were the following:

They predicted that Algeria will be the next regime to face an ‘Arab Spring uprising. The rebel fighters reported that some Libyan and foreign Islamists, mainly Saudi paid Salafists, are leaving Libya for Algeria where since 1992 the Algerian government has been repressing Islamists. Between 1988 and the late 1990’s more than 200,000 civilians were killed, 20,000 were disappeared and never heard from again, and scores of thousands were wounded. These figures dwarf the casualty rates in Libya and the Arab Spring countries to date. The coming uprising combined with the expected Algeria government reaction may be horrendous.

One of the reasons is that there is great anger at the Bouteflika government over the massive arms Algeria sent to the Gadhafi regime and Algeria’s granting of protection to members of the Gadhafi family and his regime. Algeria continues to have chilly relations with the new Libyan government and there are suspicions regarding its intentions about aiding the growing resistance to the new regime. The NTC may support an uprising in Algeria according to Samal and his friends.

Samal and his friends discussed their frustration with the fact that the UK, France, US and other NATO countries are swarming like locusts around Libya and seeking very lucrative contracts to rebuild Misrata, Brega, Sirte, after they and their NATO allies destroyed them. “That’s Haram!”, Ahmad insisted. “They destroyed our country and now they want us to pay them to rebuild it. I wish we could rebuild without one NATO country profiting. It’s like that crazy American woman running for President of your country who wants Iraq to pay for the death of US occupation soldiers who were killed. The US must pay the Iraqi families for every one of the more than one million Iraqi’s the US killed and for all the damage its bombs did to Iraq.”

There is a possibility that Libya may experience what the Congo did after the fall of the dictator Mobutu. Samal noted some parallels and the possibility that Libyans may actually regret Gadhafi’s departure as many in the Congo have misgivings regarding the absence of the 33 year rule of strong man Mobutu, since Gadhafi also gave his fractionalized country a sort of unity, a sense of being Libyan, free education, free medical aid, subsidized housing and woman’s rights all of which could now be in jeopardy. Ahmed explained: “OK, we are “free” now what? Everyone says we are rich. Then why do we feel so poor? What kind of government will we have? I favor a strong unitary government like Patrice Lumumba did in the Congo. Many want a Federal system. We have to build. Now our biggest challenge is our leadership vacuum. Are we going to regret that Gadhafi is gone? For sure many will. Not all of us rebels hated Gadhafi but they hated his henchmen who were out of control and had created their own small empires. That is why many are now saying that the new government must not include any Gadhafi former henchmen. They were the main problem, not Gadhafi himself.

“This observer’s host shared many amazing photos they had taken on their camera phones over the past months. Showing a photo of bearded fighters Ahmad commented that western media saw these beards and immediately concluded “Al Qaeda!” “This is not true at all and we laughed when we saw these false reports”, he continued, “The reason the media saw so many beards is for the simple reason that we did not have time to shave. If I have some free time I will clean my weapon or rest, not shave. Now as you see I have no beard. Same thing with many of my friends. Yes there are plenty of Al Qeada among us. And I want to add that each Al Qaeda fighter is worth 100 of us during battles. They are very well trained and very expert with explosives. I don’t know how they can do what they do with simple devices, plus they are not afraid to die. But they are not in control here in Libya. Whether they will be eventually, time will tell.”

They all expressed concerns about the growing influence of the Persian Gulf country of Qatar which they acknowledge sent the rebels millions of dollars, weapons, and fighters and used their aircraft against Gadhafi loyalists while they favored the Salafist groups.

My hosts expressed their exasperated concern over what they see as the deep political vacuum in Libya that is considered harmful and dangerous for national unity. Their strongly presented opinions were that a new legislative assembly needed to be launched within the next several months and much sooner than the NTC is suggesting with multi-party elections put off until 2013.

The fighters thought there was no possibility that any rebel militia would give up its arms anytime soon. One of the group insisted, “I will not turn in any of my weapons, and I, like my friends, have hidden a lot of them including shoulder fired missiles. I will keep them until I am convinced that the new government truly serves the people. ”They discussed who will command the new national army and that it will be a difficult decision and may lead to internal armed conflict.

They reflected on the fact that Gadhafi still has lots of supporters both in Libya and throughout Africa and my hosts all thought that the newly formed loyalist “Libya Liberation Front” could become a major force in the coming months. They recommended dialogue with the LLF, something the Obama administration and NATO consistently vetoed with the Gadhafi regime over the past eight months. They acknowledged that dialogue between the Libyan government and the rebels during March could have avoided the tragedy that unfolded during the subsequent seven months.

The following week, additional confirmation was received by this observer from multiple credible sources confirming that between 11/10/11 and 11/16/11 the 28 NATO member countries had been instructed by NATO HQ that if their Embassies received a VISA application from any Libyan citizen seeking to visit their country, that the NATO country’s Embassy is instructed to freeze the application. Within 24 hours the Embassy is to send a copy of the VISA application and one of the two required photos submitted with the application to INTERPOL for the possible issuing of a “red notice” meaning arrest and detention of the applicant, preliminary to a decision from the NTC with respect to an extradition request for the person to be sent back to Libya. Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, deputy chairman of Libya’s National Transitional Council is the force behind this decision according to Tripoli sources. This NATO project clearly demonstrates that NATO has not ended its aggression against Liya, and it is fundamentally illegal and constitutes refoulement, which under international law is the forced return of a person to a country where he or she faces persecution. To date, international human rights organizations have been mute on this project.

The Al-Hamedi family house bombed by NATO.
This aggressive attack has killed the whole family of IOPCR chairman; his wife Ms. Safaa Ahmed Mahmoud, his innocent daughter Khaleda Khaled Khuwaildi (6 years), his innocent son Khuwaildi Khaled Khuwaildi (4 years), and 9 others from women, children, relatives and neighbors.
Khaled Al-Hamedi on the grave of his wife and children.

One such affected person, with whom this observer recently visited outside of Libya, is subpoenaed to attend a 11/27/11 Court hearing in Brussels as a witness against NATO for that organization’s June 20, 2011 slaughter of the Khaled Hamidi family from Sorman, Libya. The family home was obliterated by three American MK-83 1000 lb. bombs and two missiles. The reason according to NATO, without offering a scintilla of evidence to support its spurious allegation, was that this family’s home was a Command and Control center for Gadhafi loyalists (One of 49 unproven C & C Centers claimed by NATO Brussels-Naples media briefings over a seven month period). Those murdered on June 20, 2011 by NATO included:

Khaled Hamedi’s pregnant wife Safa, their three years and one day old son Khweldi and their four and one half year old daughter Khaleda, as well as their six year old nephew Salam and 13 family members and friends who were all staying overnight at their home following the celebration of their son’s third birthday.

Meanwhile, in the US Congress on 11/15/11, Senators John Kerry, Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Marco Rubio, co-sponsored Senate Bill 317, the purpose of which is to praise US and NATO forces for their “extraordinary bravery and professionalism.”

As the horizon cracked with red rays from the rising sun, our group dispersed. I walked alone through some of the streets of Sirte among the totally obliterated buildings where not even a feral cat was to be seen. Still stunned from what I had heard from the “rebels” overnight and the similarity of their views with what I learned this summer in the pro-Gadhafi western parts of Libya, I felt numb.

And I wondered, “What for the love of God were these months of gratuitous and immoral NATO carnage all about?”

A bad moon is rising over Great Sirte Bay.

Franklin Lamb is doing research in Lebanon. He is reachable c\o fplamb@gmail.comHe is the author of The Price We Pay: A Quarter-Century of Israel’s Use of American Weapons Against Civilians in Lebanon. Dr. Lamb is Director, Americans Concerned forMiddle East Peace, Wash.DC-Beirut Board Member, The Sabra Shatila Foundation and the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign, Beirut-Washington DC
Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp
Beirut Mobile: +961-70-497-804
Office:  +961-01-352-127

Source: Al-Manar Website

19-11-2011 – 11:23 Last updated19-11-2011 – 12:55


Hospital De Zlitan Bombardeado Pela NATO
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Update News Libya :
via:  Franklin Lamb
12 Nov-2011
Terror and Revenge Engulfs NATO’s Libya
Dr. Franklin Lamb

Even Libya’s NATO-managed NTC members are worried that they may be investigated by the International Criminal Court after its prosecutor said allegations of crimes committed by NATO in Libya would be examined “impartially and independently.”
(BEHGHAZI CounterPunch) – The “new Libya” has entered its own “Terror” which is spreading inexorably, aided by NATO member states including American, French and British SAS units known locally as “disappearance squads”. This is one of the rapidly developing consequences of the UN’s rush to “protect Libya’s civilian population” last spring.
And it is why human rights investigators are arriving in Benghazi, Libya this week.
“Approximately 1,085.92082238 kilometers or roughly 600 miles from Cairo to Benghazi” is what the lovely travel agent who works a couple of doors down from the Swedish Café off Tahir Sq reported as she smiled and wanted this observer to take a fancy high rise double decker luxury bus to Benghazi where I was headed from Cairo. In the end I settled for sharing a dump truck at one-third the cost across the Egyptian and Libyan desert to the Courthouse in Benghazi. It didn’t seem such a bad idea following meetings in nearby countries, especially considering alternative routes which would have involved flying to Tunis, then another flight to Jerba and then the six hours jammed service ride to Tripoli. I had been there and done that more than once and needed to leave right away to meet some people who were being held in one of Benghazi’s teeming jails.
Until the NTC announced changes yesterday, anyone bearing an American passport did not need a visa to enter Libya, so grateful has been the NTC for all the financial help that American taxpayers, largely unknowingly, have supplied to NTC officials in addition to presenting them with a country with vast oil reserves and zero national debt.
One of the fortunate language usages in this part of the world is the liberal transliteration tolerances applied to Arabic which helps those challenged by the language. As is widely known there are many ways to write Arabic words in roman characters and most are accepted. But one has to listen carefully in Libya these days to grasp the important distinction between certain English words when referring to the fate of increasing numbers of supporters of the Gadhafi regime. In the current atmosphere one often hears that someone “has disappeared” which, depending on one’s political views is usually good news and it means the person is in hiding or left the area or fled the country to safety. Alternatively, it might be said that a person “is disappeared” meaning that she or he was caught by the new regime and is gone, probably, forever without a trace for loved ones to pursue.
Following meetings with Libyan evacuees (disappeared) from NATO’s nine months of bombing who are now present in nearby countries and from meetings inside Libya with incarcerated former officials and some of their family members as well as fugitive opponents of the new “government” it is clear that the current period is cascading into paroxysmal revenge attacks and political cleansing.
Those increasingly being targeted by “disappearance squads” are family members and associates, even former domestic employees such as gardeners, handymen, and household staff of former regime affiliates. Homes, cars, furniture, of former regime affiliates are being systematically confiscated. Torture has become the normal means to elicit information regarding the whereabouts of individuals thought to still be supporting the former regime. The reason, according to one former Libyan official who barely escaped one of the French squads and who now resides in Egypt, “is the same reason drones are so popular with your US military, torture works. Not 100% but it’s better than the other options.”
There appears to be a Tell Tale Heart paranoia settling in among some NTC elements who believe that if there is one Gadhafi supporter left in Libya it might mean the return of his ideas for Libya’s role via a vis the West and its re-colonization of Africa plans, control of Libya’s natural resources and its relations with the rapidly changing Middle East.
Even Libya’s NATO-managed NTC members are worried that they may be investigated by the International Criminal Court after its prosecutor said allegations of crimes committed by NATO in Libya would be examined “impartially and independently.”
Some western lawyers currently in Libya who are here to help victims of NATO crimes are oddly being approached by members of the new regime for discussions relating to the possibility that the ICC may come after them. This is also one of the reasons why rumors that Saif al Islam is about to surrender to the ICC are false. Saif is being advised to wait and rest because the ICC case will collapse as more facts of NATO crimes surface. Former Libyan officials in hiding are also well advised to stay safe if possible as time may be on their side.
Government officials of countries bordering Libya are being advised to allow sanctuary for supporters of the former Libyan government and to refuse extradition requests because activity currently taking place in The Hague may well pre-empt a war crimes investigation.
Tunisia is today under great pressure from NATO not to change its mind and not to decline the NTC extradition request for Libya’s former Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi. NATO is concerned because American lawyers recommended last month that Baghdadi apply for U.N. political refugee status with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to try to prevent his extradition from Tunisia. On 11/11/11 the UN acknowledged receipt of Dr. Baghdadi’s petition and informed intermediaries that it is being seriously considered. UNHCR has a good record in similar cases but needs to pressure Lebanon with respect its outrageous treatment of a quarter million Palestinian refugees, now suffering debasement for over 63 years.
Other reasons the NTC and NATO are concerned is that there is currently being undertaken in the Hague an encompassing internal legal review of all incidents in which NATO bombing or other NATO or NTC actions caused civilian casualties. An American led team is nearing completion of its six month investigation which is expected to be forwarded to the ICC and made public soon.
A main reason former interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril resigned recently, and others will, is the pressure he has been under from Islamists and many others who remember his record as the former regime’s Minister of Justice and Jibril’s concern that he may be investigated himself by the ICC for many decisions he has made over the past eight months that are now coming to light. Following his statement about how Muammalr Gadhafi was killed after he was taken into custody alive, which constituted a clear war crime, Jibril is now claiming that it was not him who gave the order to assassinate Gadhafi or even Jibril’s former friend, General Younnis, but rather as he explained at a news conference yesterday, amid snickers from assembled journalists, that “a third party maybe a State, or a President or leader in any way who wanted Gaddafi killed, so as not to reveal the many secrets that only Gaddafi could have known.” Jibril did not have to mention that Gadhafi knew many secrets about himself and other NTC officials and he is not alone among NATO and NTC officials in fearing an ICC investigation.
It is this atmosphere that is significantly fueling the Terror across Libya.
By Franklin Lamb

 We salute our brothers of the tribe Warshafana for their heroic  
efforts and for the achievements of the counter attack they launched 
for 3 days now. Even in Tripoli the sound of machine guns and the 
silent echo of a  bullet externing a silencer make the areas a rat 
trap. May allah protect our soldiers. There is a limitation about 
areas and operations public coverage so we  will stay firm with this 
limitation and we will try to post only some  major news and after 
they have occured. We dont want more dead from our  side due to 
leackage of information. Via LLY Stephen Gule Libyan Liberation Frontline News: (1) The nation continues to mourn for 
the egregious violation of Libyan sovereignty, mass murder and genocide 
committed by NATO in Sirte. (2) Libyan Liberation will break all ties and solidarity with the 
government of Omar Bashir, after Northern Sudan allowed invasion of 
green Libya to take effect from it's territory, Green Libya will no 
longer contact business with Northern Sudan, will prosecute every 
member of Al Bashir government took part in the invasion, including 
the implementation of arrest warrants and allow African countries to 
imprison this war criminal that has chosen to side with Qatar and invading forces. (3) Holly warriors and fighters in Sirte attacked bases of French 
mercenary soldiers in Ras Lanuf, and killed French fighters who were 
escorting a tanker full of stolen Libyan crude oil near the port of 
Alphippa and the Ras Lanuf industrial park. (4) Captive Saif Al Islam received a visit from a delegation of green 
medical team, he was treated with the condition of gangreene on his 
fingers, the doctors also visited patients at the Zentan hospital. (5) Abdul Jalil traitor of Libyan national interest was chased from a 
meeting of tribal elders, was asked to leave when he tried to stop in 
Zawiyah to meet the tribal elders. (6) Green Libya has continued to show solidarity and sympathy with 
Palestininans in their quest to liberate Jerusalem, Bethelehem, land of 
pious and steadfast warriors. (7) Introduction of Fiat money has deteriorated living stands in 
Libya, many financial institutions have closed due to inadequate security. (8) Lack of liquidity of capital in Libyan rebel controlled banks 
have caused many banks not to carry on with business, banks and shops 
have maintained doors closed due to the large presence of NATO mercenaries, 
gangs and foreign fighters in the cities. (9) Moderate muslim scholars, women and girls are being lynched for 
demanding their freedom of association, assembly, education and freedom 
to drive by members of Belhaj Al-qaeda mercenary scholars. (10) Dr Musa Ibrahim has assumed new higher responsibilities to continue 
resistance in the field of media. Live news will not be broadcasted from 
areas administered and controlled by green Libya. (11) Green Economic initiatives will continue in the fields of agriculture, 
international management and new methods of secrecy to safeguard all 
the remaining savings of green Libya. (12) Libyan liberation front has imported 8000 Fujitsu and Toshiba 
computers for information, intranet networking amongst the resistance 
fighters, screens of the computers will be adorned with images, photos 
and gallery of Moammar Al Gadhaffi.
Stay tuned, always with the frontline news from Green Libya, 
updating the world with conditions facing Libya of today.
 IBYA RESISTENCE NEWS 29 NOV 2011 Tripoli extend collisions between the fierce fighters of 
the Liberation Army of Libya and mercenaries from NATO / 
CNT towards the international airport and the offices of the CNT. The marksmen green manage to liquidate the three traitors, who 
were the commanders, supposedly, "the battalion of revolutionaries 
of Tripoli." As the Resistance fighters attacked the camp of the 
insurgents' Broad Shields, "28 armed fighters 
are deleted. Just before the city spent the arrests. The rats were 
chosen youth of the tribe of Warfalla on the market Friday (Friday 
market), in Tadjoura and Abu Salim. Some groups of Zintan together 
with groups of tribes Warfalla. On the radio call of rat CNT's call 
of the urban authorities with the call for committed volunteers to 
join the detachment prepared by rats in the expedition to the 
front at Bani Walid.
Bani Walid: Now Bani is QWalid circled. Around the city is 
concentrated a large group ГРАДов (nearly 250), the Israeli air 
force works. There is information that the attack on Bani Walid 
will happen today or tomorrow. The main strike force is made by the foreign 
mercenaries of Misrata. Sirte: October 20, 2011 following the bombing and the actions of 
French mercenaries CNT in Sirte Sirte and in many people perished. 
Friday, October 28 and Monday, November 28 were announced in the 
days of mourning over the dead. In the city we continue to find 
the graves of the urban perishing, but this human tragedy causes 
no comment from the UN and other organizations for the protection 
of "human rights". Al'-Berak: Yesterday the Patriots Green strength, with the help of 
anti-aircraft guns and РПГ, attacked the escort of NATO heading to 
the Brega oil terminal. At first it blew abiord a vehicle, then the 
resistance fighters Green caught in an ambush remained armed vehicles 
and trucks. All the mercenaries of the escort were liquidated. Aldjabiya: Tribes of Adjabiya said they reject the CNT. The teams 
attacked Adjabiya teams Benghazi. Tobruk, Derna and the regions of Eastern Libya are preparing for the 
fight against CNT and the team Salabi. To the south of Libya there is heavy fighting between the teams Sabha 
and Misrata. The bandits led intense artillery. The bombing of civilian 
areas of South Libya. They try to break down resistance fighters Green 
Basin oil and base Akaka South regional oil. The Braves Touaregs continue 
to protect the national interests of the people of Libya.....

On a second day of clashes near a military camp lying among farms and villages between the capital and the port of Zawiyah, some 50 km (30 miles) to the west, anti-Gaddafi fighters from Zawiyah pounded targets with heavy machineguns, anti-aircraft cannon, rocket-propelled grenades and Grad rockets.

Incoming shellfire forced the Zawiyah fighters to take cover and retreat at times.

Zawiyah fighters, who said they had two men killed on Friday, put their own losses on Saturday at around 10, though there was considerable confusion at the scene. Senior figures who said they spoke for those on the other side, said they knew of no losses and blamed tension on misunderstandings.

Intense and prolonged exchanges of gunfire punctuated by explosions continued for several hours on Saturday afternoon, around a military base at Imaya, an area inhabited by people from the Wershifanna tribe, a big clan in the Tripoli region.

The area straddles the main highway connecting the capital to the Tunisian border and oil and gas facilities near Zawiyah.

Quarta-feira, 02 de Novembro de 2011

F-Se! The Tragic Story Of a Young Man: Khaled El-Khweldi El-Hamedi, Just because he Is friend Of Saif Al Islam.

How NATO Spok about Target a Saif Al Islam close friend [Khaled El-Hamedi]
“no indication of civilian casualties in connection with these strikes.”
And we all remember the media insinuations (Of all western Journalists, and all tweets of that western Riox-Journalists and Rebels-twitters Tweets] that Saif was lying and fabricating lies, and this Family Assassination was one more of the Saif Lies! Nobody believed in the Pregnat women and her 3 children bombed by NATO. “NO CASUALITIES” was the Official Truth!


‘La masacre de Sorman’ By Red Voltaire
« Khaled K Al-Hamedi, activista humanitario, regresa a su casa en el momento en que uno de los “quirúrgicos” bombardeos de la OTAN acaba con su hogar. Los misiles no sólo despedazan los muros y habitaciones, sino los cuerpos de sus niños y de su esposa. La “liberación” de Libia cada vez es más una historia de sangre y de horror que una lucha gloriosa por la democracia
Thierry Meyssan/Red Voltaire
Es una fiesta familiar como tantas otras que se realizan en Libia. Toda la familia se ha reunido para celebrar el tercer cumpleaños del pequeño Al-Khweldy. Sus abuelos, sus hermanos y hermanas, sus primos y primas se agolpan en la propiedad familiar, situada en Sorman, 70 kilómetros al oeste de Trípoli, la capital libia, un amplio terreno donde los miembros de la familia han ido construyendo sus casas, pequeñas, sobrias, de un sólo piso.
Sin lujos superfluos, en un entorno caracterizado por la sencillez de la gente del desierto, rodeado de un ambiente de calma y unión, el abuelo, el mariscal Al-Khweldy Al-Hamedi, cría sus pájaros. Es un héroe de la Revolución. Participó en el derrocamiento de la monarquía y la liberación del país de la explotación colonial. Todos están orgullosos de él. Su hijo, Khaled Al-Hamedi, presidente de la Organización Internacional para la Paz, Cuidado y Asistencia (IOPCR, por su sigla en inglés), una de las organizaciones humanitarias más importantes del mundo árabe, cría ciervas en aquel mismo lugar. Unos 30 niños corretean y jegan en medio de los animales.
Los presentes están inmersos también en los preparativos de la boda de Mohamed, hermano de Khaled, quien se encuentra en el frente luchando contra los mercenarios extranjeros dirigidos por la Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (OTAN). La ceremonia se celebraría en aquel mismo lugar, unos días más tarde. La novia luce radiante.
Nadie se percata de que, entre los invitados, se ha infiltrado un espía. Parece estar enviando mensajes a sus amigos a través de Twitter. En realidad, ha situado varios dispositivos de referencia dentro de la propiedad y está utilizando la red social para vincularlos al cuartel general de la OTAN.
El bombardeo
Ha llegado un nuevo día. Es la noche del 19 al 20 de junio de 2011, hacia las 2:30 de la mañana. Khaled regresa a su casa después de haber visitado y prestado auxilio a grupos de compatriotas que huían de los bombardeos de la OTAN. Se halla lo suficientemente cerca de su casa como para oír el silbido de los misiles y las explosiones.
La OTAN utiliza en total 8 misiles, de 900 kilogramos cada uno. El espía había situado en cada una de las casas dispositivos que debían servir de guía a los misiles, precisamente en las habitaciones de los niños. Los misiles caen en intervalos de unos pocos segundos. Los abuelos tienen tiempo de salir de su casa, pero ya es tarde para salvar a los hijos y los nietos. Cuando el último misil alcanza su propia casa, el mariscal tiene el reflejo de proteger a su esposa con su cuerpo. Acaban de pasar la puerta hacia el exterior y la onda expansiva los lanza a los dos a unos 15 metros del lugar de la explosión. Los dos sobrevivien.
A su llegada, Khaled no encuentra más que desolación. La mujer a la que tanto ama y que portaba un nuevo hijo en su vientre ha desaparecido. Sus hijos, por los que hubiese estado dispuesto a hacer cualquier sacrificio, están muertos, despedazados por las explosiones o aplastados por el derrumbe de los techos.
Cada una de las casas es ahora un montón de ruinas. Doce cuerpos destrozados yacen bajo los escombros. Varias ciervas alcanzadas por la metralla agonizan en su corral.
Los vecinos corren al lugar, en silencio, para buscar algún signo de vida entre los escombros. Pero no hay esperanza. Los niños no tenían la más mínima posibilidad de escapar al impacto de los misiles. Logran recuperar el cadáver decapitado de un bebé. El abuelo recita el Corán. Su voz es firme. No llora. El dolor es demasiado profundo.
En Bruselas, los voceros de la OTAN dicen haber bombardeado la sede de una milicia favorable a Kadhafi para proteger a la población civil de la represión del tirano.
Nadie sabe cómo se planificó aquello en el seno del Comité de Objetivos. Tampoco se sabe cómo siguió el Estado Mayor el desarrollo de la operación. La OTAN, sus pulcros generales y sus diplomáticos adeptos del pensamiento correcto decidieron asesinar a los niños de las familias de los líderes libios como recurso sicológico para quebrantar su resistencia.
Desde el siglo XIII, los teólogos y juristas europeos prohíben el asesinato de familias. Es este un principio de base de la civilización cristiana. Sólo la mafia ha sido capaz de ignorar ese tabú… La mafia y, ahora, la OTAN.
El primero de julio, en momentos en que 1.7 millones de personas participaban en Trípoli en una manifestación a favor de la defensa de su país contra la agresión extranjera, Khaled se fue al frente para socorrer a los heridos y refugiados. Varios francotiradores lo estaban esperando y trataron de matarlo. Fue gravemente herido pero, según los médicos, ya está fuera de peligro.
La OTAN no ha terminado su trabajo sucio. »
F-Se! Eu tento. Vou gastando a Voz.  Penso neste pai que perdeu todos os Filhos. Conceber toda esta crueldade com precisão faz-nos temer a nossa dimensão, não só aos olhos de D/deus que tudo pode, mas – agora – também dos Homens que se erguem arautos da salvação da Humanidade, com os seus selectos Porta-Vozes, conceituados Jornalistas de renome mundial, a quem levaram de passeata a Benghazy y que só nos trouxeram as novasde que a cidade parecia uma triste Laos,ex-líris falante dos42 anos de Tirania de Kadhafi. Ó! Se tal Jornalista tivesse feito o seu trabalho, por certo o seu pão era menos Sujo do que as ruas desta cidade de habitantes assassinos.
Publicada por de.puta.madre em 02:15
Brigadier General Khamis al-Gadhafi:

shown with his late brother Moutassem:

     Mea Lux Veritas.

Rictvagencia Rede Internacional Khamis Gaddafi, Five-times as " Dead" by continuous resurrection! "Mercenaries Tripoli and the Rebels fighting the media lies  about his death have baptized him "the immortal warrior of Libya" ... the media lies of so-called rebels and to stay naked before  the world that they are mercenaries from other countries and  not the Libyan people the truth], are paid millions of dollars  in advertising, news, and several other types of media." .Khamis Al-Gaddafi
Rictvagencia Rede Internacional “” Наша крв није јефтин. Ниједан од непријатеља, а чак и они који не спавају на миру све до смрти, кунем ти се Богу и част Либије официра војске – Опште Камис Гадафи Либија Ослободилачке војске Зелена бригада 32 …
*** Хвала свим нашим навијачима у Русији, Украјини и другим бившим совјетским републикама. Захвалан сам храбри Посебно људи народа који су овде, поред нас, да заштите своју земљу од агресије. Или ћемо победити или умрети, јер нико нема намеру да се преда или побегну. Умире у борби са војницима – То је сан свакога ко брани своју домовину. “Камис Гадафи изјавио је генерални …..


Yet at the Zawiyah brigades’ front line, field commander Walid bin Kora, speaking to Reuters as the sound of bullets and grenades filled the gathering dusk, insisted he and his men had seen organised fighting units with vehicles marked “Brigade of  Muammar Gaddafi” attack them and take prisoners.

He said Zawiyah fighters had seen tanks and green flags, a symbol of support for Gaddafi, and had captured “mercenary” pro-Gaddafi fighters from sub-Saharan Africa. “It’s a real army,” bin Kora said of those he was facing as his brigade regrouped under a highway bridge.

There was no independent confirmation.

A paramedic from Zawiyah, who drove to the scene to help take troops back to Zawiyah hospital, said he knew of at least seven killed from their side.

Reuters journalists saw more than a dozen wounded fighters being evacuated from the area.

(Additional reporting by Ayman al-Sahli in Imaya and Omar Younis, Labib Nasir, Alastair Macdonald and Taha Zargoun in Tripoli; Writing by Alastair Macdonald; editing by Tim Pearce)

© Thomson Reuters 2011 All rights reserved


The Green Revolution has begun Friday, November 11. The fighters of the liberation of Libya took advantage of the quarrels between the various battalions of the rebels in

different regions to launch operations to destabilize the major cities like Tripoli, Zawiya …

The green soldiers launched as the first significant transaction, the operation of Camp No. 27 or the side of Khamis.

A well-organized attack that resulted in killing dozens of rebels and free Camp No. 27 as well as parts of the city Zawiya.

What strange, media or rather the media lies have nothing released about these events or just some small details such incidents between rebels.
Usually when a mouse farts, we hear on all TV and radio in the world. This does that they can not hide all that is happening in Libya.

Inchaelah Libya will remain GREEN!
Shade the traitors and mercenaries!

War Humanitarian NED and FIDH Syria

The National Endowment for Democracy, or NED, is an organization that presents itself as an NGO officially dedicated “to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions in the world.” But in reality it is a body funded at 95% by the Congress of the United States. It was under the Reagan administration that its creation was formalized in 1982.

The nature of the NED has led many contemporary scholars and researchers to describe it as a pharmacy to allow U.S. intelligence to overthrow regimes that do not fit the State Department.
This criticism was particularly supported by the words of Olivier Guilmain, researcher at the CECE (Center for Comparative Studies of Elections), when for an information session at the French Senate on the financial framework of the electoral process . Indeed, the NED funded opposition parties in many countries and pays special assistance to exiles and opponents of a plan under the U.S. State Department.

In Syria, the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies is the main organization of the NED. It is also a partner of the FIDH (International Federation of Human Rights). The latter received US $ 140 000 from the NED following a meeting between Carl Gershman and organizations called the Human Rights French. The French partner of the NED was François Zimeray, the former Ambassador for Human Rights of the former Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. At the meeting held in December 2009, were present: the Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development (CCFD), the African section of the AEDH (Acting Together for Human Rights); Reporters Without Borders, SOS Racism and FIDH.

The International Federation of Human Rights is an official partner of the NED as shown further support to the claim of the former secretary general of the Libyan League for Human Rights – also attached to the FIDH – against the government of Muammar Gaddafi. The latter, also supported by the NGO UN Watch, is the source of diplomatic procedures against the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

In Syria, Dr. Radwan Ziadeh is director of the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies. His biography , the more impressive is demonstrating its commitment to the foreign policy of the United States in the Middle East. It is indeed such a member of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) and is the director of Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Washington. He was also present along with Aly Abuzakuuk – one of the leaders of the NED in Libya – at theRound Table of Democracy Awards, the award given to “activists of human rights” by the NED.

There are also strong similarities between the process of humanitarian war in Libya and one that is being prepared against Syria. Indeed, UN Watch, an organization that coordinates the practices of the NED and the FIDH in Geneva, has already launched several petitions against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. To do the same allegations of massacres as those promoted by the former secretary of the Libyan League for Human Rights Sliman Bouchuiguir the Council of Human Rights United Nations are already slept and put forward to against Syria.

It is therefore urgent to denounce these proceedings, especially as recent history shows us that these allegations were not verified in the case of Libya but they are not based on solid evidence contrary to what International Criminal Court.

Julien Teil



Ali Tarhouni

Ali Tarhouni has been both the oil minister, and the acting prime-minister, in the new Libya.He has now quit.He says that the new government of Libya represents less than 10% of the Libyan population.He says the new government is being propped up by foreign “money, arms and PR.”Tarhouni lashes Libyan leadersThe new government of Libya is run by the CIA.It is unpopular.It contains no representatives of the Berbers (Amazigh), Touareg, Tebou or any ‘black’ or non-Arab Libyans.

In other words, it only has representatives from one third of the population.(Source:’s Berbers have warned of a campaign against the Libyan governmentSome of the new government have arrived from abroad; some hold foreign passports.Libya is now a dictatorship which has at various points been run by:

1. Mahmoud Jibril, who is linked to the CIA.

At his university in the USA, Jibril was looked after by a CIA officer, who had been involved in the 1953 CIA coup in Iran.

Mahmoud Jibril with his minders – Bernard-Henri-Levy, Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron

2. Belhadj, who worked for the CIA in Aghanistan and Iraq.

He is al Qaeda.


3. Abdurrahim El-Keib, who is an American.

He is now Prime Minister.


4. Ali Tarhouni from the University of Washington.

Libya’s new CIA government is now sending weapons to Syria’s rebels, in the hope that Assad can be replaced by CIA assets. (Libya Sending Arms to Syrian Rebels, Arab League Imposes Sanctions)


Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt (left)

The Government, Parliament and military forces of Sweden reported for war crimes in Libya

Source: High crimes [dot] org Clickhere to see the suspects..

November 4, 2011

The International Prosecution Chamber in Stockholm
Box 70296
107 22 Stockholm

Report on serious offences subject to public prosecution

The offences include violations of international law, genocide, terrorism, and financing of terrorism.

Boss of Sweden’s military Sverker Goranson


Until March 2011 Libya was a sovereign secular state, ranked by the United Nations as a “High Human Development” country in a global context5 (HDI ranking 53 out 194, ahead of countries like Russia and Brazil) and the most advanced country on the continent of Africa.

As late as Jan 4, 2011 – just weeks before the war started – several UN members applauded Libya’s continued commitment to upholding human rights.

Today, seven months later, Libya has – as a result of decisions and actions by individuals i.a. within the Swedish government and Sweden’s military forces – been turned into a bombed out war zone with up to a million refugees under the control of a “National Transitional Council” (NTC) which is in the process of turning Libya into a theocracy regulated by Islamic Sharia law.

Bel Hadj – Website for this image

The leadership and cadre of the NTC rebels are dominated by past and present members of designated terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

The council (has been) headed by a de facto triumvirate – holding executive/financial/military power:

Mahmoud Jibril – a university lecturer educated, and for several years resident, in the US and whose studies was mentored by a renowned CIA case officer working for CIA in Iran during the CIA/staged coup there in 1953.

An American economics professor by the name of Ali Tarhouni.

A senior Al-Qaeda asset/educator/leader previously operating in Afghanistan and Iraq but who currently acts under the name of Bel Hadj as the Commander in Chief for the NTC as well as military dictator of Tripoli.

On March 19, 2011, two days after the adoption of UN resolution 1973, this NTC/Al-Qaeda/LIFG rebel council announced the creation of a new central bank and a new oil company.

Starting a “revolution” with the creation of new central bank may be a possible “first” in world history and casts the long shadow of as yet unidentified international financial actors over the war against Libya.

Sirte Libya Destroyed

The war

The pretext and framework for the attack on Libya by Sweden and other countries was United Nations resolution 1973.

This resolution authorized a ban on flights and measures “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas” whilst excluding “a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory”.

The reality is that participants in the NATO-led war already at the outset was in violation of resolution 1973 and that the motive was not to protect civilians – but regime-change.

Testimony by former NATO military commander General Wesley Clarke confirms that as early as 2001, Pentagon was instructed to prepare for war against Libya – i.e. long before Libya was reported as a “problem” somehow in need of a “solution”.

Thus, the backdrop carries distinct echoes of colonialism, spiced with the general geostrategical redrawing of the entire Middle-East set in motion by the attacks in the US on September 11, 2001 and envisaged by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

The event that is said to have triggered NATO’s attack on Libya was the Libyan government’s own attempts to restore order and protect civilians in the Benghazi area, where an estimated one thousand jihadists (Al-Qaeda/LIFG) had stormed military storage facilities, and armed themselves and started to shoot up the neighbourhood.

Given the miniscule size and poor to non-existent training of this “rebel” contingent, the successful containment and disarmament of these rebels by the Libyan government should have been a foregone conclusion – had it not been for the intervention of French and subsequently US airpower on the side of these Al-Qaeda jihadists.

Since March 31, 2011, NATO has conducted 9658 air strike sorties, averaging 46-47 strike missions per day for 207 days.

When assessing the gravity of the war crimes reported here this massive air campaign needs to be contrasted against the realities on the ground.

Tripoli Breakwater

What are these realities?

Even before UN resolution 1973 Libya was reported to have no effective air force. Moreover, and in regional terms, Libya did not have much of a military to speak of in the first place.

For example, whereas neighbouring countries in the first decade of the 21st century escalated their military expenditures – Libya did the opposite.

In fact, Libya under Qaddafi, was a remarkably constructive factor in the region – being the founding father of the African Union.

Reported war casualties vary widely.

What is clear is that the involvement of the armed forces of Sweden and other countries not only changed the outcome of what would have been the orderly neutralization of a local fringe Al-Qaeda/LIFG flurry into a full-scale regime-change (for the worse) with a death toll, injured and refugees at a very different order of magnitude.

Some key-points: 

The attack on Tripoli: 

There are reports that the NTC/Al-Qaeda/LIFG ground assault on Tripoli July 20, 2011, was amphibious (supported by NATO ships) and planned , directed and led by NATO-officers, also on the ground.

The way in which the reportedly NATO-led rebels were at all able to progress through Tripoli was by NATO Apache attack helicopters strafing the streets to clear it of civilians.

The attack on Sirte: Coordinated with NATO’s massive bombing campaign against the city were the rebels cordoning off, of it – preventing civilians attempting to escape the carnage from leaving.

Why would the Swedish government, or any other government, for that matter, wish to prevent civilians from escaping an event that by observers have been likened with the town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War?

The level of popular support enjoyed by the Qaddafi government, as reflected by the resistance of the inhabitants of i.a. Tripoli and Sirte, indicates that the Libyan people in vast numbers view the Qaddafi government as the only legitimate government.

Genocide on black Libyans: 

Numerous reports exists on the apparent rascist agenda of the NTC/Al-Qaeda/LIFG rebel as they seek out and kill black people.

Substantiated, as these reports are, the instigators of this as a generic policy in the war may not necessarily have been Al-Qaeda or the LIFG.

The role of NATO’s so-called Special Forces (SF) units: 

There also exists high-profile testimonies of how Danish and French SF-units engaged in and set up a policy of publicly decapitating black libyans in order to terrorize the civilian population of Tripoli into submission under the capital’s newly installed military dictator Bel Hadj.

The destruction of the Great Man-Made River project: 

NATO’s wholesale destruction of Lybia’s world-renowned Great Man-Made River project is a text-book example of crimes against international law.

Not only did NATO destroy the world’s most advanced water project – it also destroyed the factories capable of repairing this vital civilian infrastructure.

Use of inhumane weapons such as depleted uranium and cluster bombs: 

Evidence points to the possibility of both cluster bombs and depleted uranium being used by NATO in Libya.

The foreign occupation force prohibited by UN resolution 1973 is in fact what the NATO-led war is all about, both tactically – with military ground force elements – and strategically – with the installation of a puppet terrorist-designated regime controlled by Anglo-American interests.

The offences

As a result of initiatives taken by members in the Swedish government, made possible by individuals in the Swedish parliament, and carried out by individuals in the Swedish military, the state of Sweden today shares responsibility for the transformation of the most humanitarian and successful state on the African continent into a third-world war zone run by a conglomerate of terrorist-designated rebels over which the agendas of Anglo-American intelligence and banking oligarchs cast their long shadow.

For more details on casualties, the destruction of civilian life, and civilian infrastructure brought by the military forces of Sweden and other countries, consider the Libya reports from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Given existing international agreements and the clear violations committed by the participants of NATO’s Unified Protector campaign, of the intent and boundaries set by UN Resolution 1973, it is evident that crimes falling i.a. under the following categories have been and are being committed:

War of aggression
Crimes against humanity

These crimes were not the result of mission-drift or mission-swings – but were pre-mediated for the purpose of imposing regime-change in Libya in violation of international law.

Given the international consensus of the designation of i.a. Al-Qaeda and LIFG as “terrorists” it is also evident that the following crimes have been and are being committed by the individuals reported here:

Failure to report on Terrorism
Support of Terrorism
Financing of Terrorism
Dates and Periods:

March 29, 2011 Cabinet Meeting
March 30, 2011 Start of Sweden’s military operation FL01
April 1, 2011 Parliament vote
June 9, 2011 Cabinet Meeting
June 17, 2011 Parliament vote
July 1, 2011 Start of Sweden’s military operation FL02
September 15, 2011 Cabinet Meeting
September 21, 2011 Parliament vote


Reported individuals from Sweden’s military establishment include the chain of command from Commander-in-chief Sverker Göransson down to all personnel part of the FL01/FL02/infoop operations .

This also includes any staff-members in Sweden involved in the planning, directing and execution of these operations, as well as possibly members of units such as Special Operations Group (SOG) and the parachute regiment at K3 and which may have been involved in the clandestine parts of the war against Libya in 2011 – including the atrocities reportedly committed by French and Danish SF units.


We are all Muammar Gaddafi

Tripoly—become GREEN!!!
*Tripoli: the clashes that take place in Tripoli Tripoli caused by trying to help the people of our fighters to expel the remnants of the remnants Alzentan that have not yet graduated from Tripoli.
*Tripoli: from the heart of the outbreak of clashes in the event Gargaresh and tourism.
*Tripoli.: fighting now in the plateau green.
*Tripoli: helicopters that fly over the city of Tripoli, military aircraft equipped with high speed and Brchahan and her voice is barely heard … Please beware of our military hero.
**We received through your involvement groups of rebels NATO made up of rats built a gas with groups Mazratih go now built a gas heading to the area of the clashes with rats angle for their support on the back of news of the existence of the brother leader Saif al-Islam ranks of the mujahideen tribes and Rishvana, which led to panic and panic in the ranks rats and built a gas Almzarat ……. M. Intelligence :::::::::: please Publishing and circular Khotna until you block these rats Achara

Hana Alwtin
((And Zlmnahm but they wronged themselves))
Saraya Black Flags were able last night and the night 11/11/2011 12/11/2011 gates of the attack and NATO patrols to clients in both the area of Salahuddin and Friday market and the suburbs of Tadjourah was selected regions Friday and market Tadjourah Almntguety that they did not expect Uncle … attacking the loyalty less precautions and how it makes it easier for militants amid panic and chaos withdraw from the process or have been Saladin chance encounter with the presence of two cars of the rats a relatively isolated place, which enabled the Mujahideen to attack from the vehicles and the destruction of one of whom, spoilage other. The outcome of the losses when customers hit all of the sites Almsthzvh and falling urges the blows of the mujahidin and because the orders down in the speed of execution and withdrawal did not make sure the killers and wounded, but wandered tomorrow in the region and Sthdo tents consolation customers and returned all our fighters safely to their praise and gratitude to God Saraya Black Flags === ================ really ((and Zlmnahm but they wronged themselves))

Stephen Gule writes:

Some people are circulating fraudulent information that Libya has no Airforce, all Libyan Airforce has been destroyed, that is a lie and total fabrication.

Libya has Airforce, Libya had 245 Airforce planes flown to Mali, Algeria, Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso, NATO destroyed mostly older version Soviet era training MIGS.

After the lifting of UN sanctions, Russians delivered privately 4 newer MIGS, the weapons business is not driven by morales, those who say that Libya does not have

enough weapons to fight with are super suckers, parasitic and crazy, Libya has more than enough weapons to fight with, just that some people pose as reporters and

peace makers, they are actually spies. The Russians sell weapons to whomever has money and can pay, all those countries that voted for war against Libya,

and even those that abstained, what do you think was their interest?… It was all about business, money and oil from the start.

  • Stephen Gule: NATO Lied,
    NATO song
    NATO never left Libya, NATO invaders are still fighting the Green Resistance Army and courageous coalition of tribes, including the mightyTuareg tribes who still vehemently defend his honor and Libya “territory from foreign occupation: GTGule Stephen writes:
    Conditions in southern Libya are very unbearable for NATO, there is no coast in order to port, they can escape being shot southern airspace without the Jamahiriyah Southern Command Air Forces and Southern Military Comamnd, the south also has a large battalion of ground desert fighters and Touareg fighters loyal to all green Jamahiriyah United Libyan system.NATO in its spin news was the withdrawal from Libya, technically NATO is still reported conducting air strikes in Libya, NATO made the deduction statements to worldwide outcry against NATO silence, they have to a job Israeli mercenary pilots from Tel-Aviv shelter, Juba Southern Sudan, N’Djamena Tchad and Misrata is the goal, the Libyan attack on the south by a south-military command stations, military camps and civilian penetrate bunkers.In the last 9 days, 8 Israeli fighter planes, 13 were Qatar Apaches, 11 French Mirage 5 French Rafael fighters trying to bottom, evade and penetrate into the Libyan southern sky shot, killed, with all its pilots and crew, and enter into green Libyan Jamahiriyah territory were immediately Supersonic MIG-35 fighters and discovered they were quickly retaliated and fired.
    Numerous attempts by NATO and the associated NATO rebels have been made to give the South and Central America Libyan territories, the attempts on the South was a catastrophic failure of NATO to the overwhelming opposition and defense of the South.
    Conditions in southern Libya are very unbearable for NATO, there is no coast in order to port, they can escape being shot southern airspace without the Jamahiriyah Southern Command Air Forces and Southern Military Comamnd, the south also has a large battalion of ground desert fighters and Touareg fighters loyal to all green Jamahiriyah United Libyan system.Each body and trunk of the Jamahiriyah they defended the territory, with NATO beaten and persecuted in Sirte, they can hardly afford a prolonged battle with the South, the objective now is to support and strong arm Jamhiriyah forces in the West Coast and and Libya.
    Conversation PhotosAdam Rashid Is there a trible the support of NATO, what about the guy that Gaddafi …. KILL CLAIM he is alive .. ‘What about the businessman who used the NTC SPONSOR … He conquered IS ..?
    NATO, nie Libyen verlassen, sind NATO Invasoren kämpfen immer noch die Grüne Resistance Army und mutig Koalition von Stämmen, einschließlich der mightyTuareg Stämme, die noch heftig verteidigen Libyen Ehre und seine “Gebiet von fremder Besatzung: GTStephen Gule writes:
    Bedingungen im südlichen Libyen sind sehr unerträglich für NATO, es gibt keine Küste, um sie Hafen, können sie nicht entkommen südlichen Luftraum ohne die von der Jamahiriyah Southern Command Luftwaffen and Southern Military Comamnd erschossen, der Süden hat auch eine große Bataillon Boden Wüste Kämpfer und Touareg Kämpfer alle loyal zu grün Jamahiriyah Vereinigten libysche System.NATO in ihrem Spin Neuigkeiten hatte der Rückzug aus Libyen, technisch NATO gemeldet ist noch Dirigieren Luftangriffen in Libyen, die NATO den Abzug Aussagen gemacht, um weltweit Aufschrei gegen NATO Stille, haben sie in Anstellung israelische Söldner Piloten aus Tel-Aviv Zuflucht , Juba im Südsudan, N’Djaména Tchad und Misrata, ist das Ziel, den libyschen Süden durch einen Angriff auf Süd-Militärkommando Stationen, zivilen Lagern und militärische Bunker eindringen.In den letzten 9 Tage wurden 8 israelische Kampfflugzeuge, 13 Katar Apaches, 11 Französisch Mirage, 5 Französisch Rafael Kämpfer wurden nach unten versucht, auszuweichen und dringen in die libysche südlichen Luftraum Schuss, mit all ihren Piloten und Crew getötet, und geben Sie in grüne libyschen Jamahiriyah Territorium, wurden sie sofort von Supersonic Kämpfer und MIG-35 entdeckt, wurden sie schnell konterte und abgeschossen.
    Zahlreiche Versuche, die von der NATO und NATO verbundenen Rebellen wurden unternommen, um die Süd-und Mittelamerika libyschen Gebiete geben, die Versuche auf der Süd ein katastrophales Versagen der NATO wurde mit der überwältigenden Widerstand und Abwehr des Südens.
    Bedingungen im südlichen Libyen sind sehr unerträglich für NATO, es gibt keine Küste, um sie Hafen, können sie nicht entkommen südlichen Luftraum ohne die von der Jamahiriyah Southern Command Luftwaffen and Southern Military Comamnd erschossen, der Süden hat auch eine große Bataillon Boden Wüste Kämpfer und Touareg Kämpfer alle loyal zu grün Jamahiriyah Vereinigten libysche System.Jeder Verband und Stamm der Jamahiriyah verteidigt sie das Territorium, mit der NATO verprügelt und verfolgt in Sirte, können sie sich kaum leisten einen längeren Kampf mit dem Süden, das Ziel besteht nun darin, stark zu unterstützen und Arm Jamhiriyah Kräfte in the Coast und West-Libyen.
    Pinnwand-FotosRashid Adam Gibt es eine trible die Unterstützung der NATO, was ist mit dem Kerl, der Gaddafi KILL ANSPRUCH …. er ist am Leben ..?, Was über den Geschäftsmann, der SPONSOR NTC genutzt … Er eroberte IS ..?

    Stephen Gule  writes:
    All diese Menschen werden erschossen und getötet.
  • Michalek Zajac very good, I knew Libyan airforce is still on! I’ve been hearing stories from people in Poland,
    who went to Libya to work, that Waddan in particular has hi-tech airbase.
FLASH / demonstrations in Tripoli, a …
FLASH / demonstrations in front of the Hotel Tripoli skills against the abduction of the imams and sheikhs filter 11/11/2011

عــــاجل جدا / مظاهرات في طرابلس أمام فندق المهاري ضد اختطاف الأئمة وتصفية المشائخ11 /11/ 2011



Alexandra Valiente – Libya 360°

– Ahmed Ibrahim, uncle to the former information minister Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, was captured on October 20th, 2011, where he had been fighting with the officlal Libyan government forces in defence of Sirte.

He was a distinguished, highly respected member of the former Libyan government who had held several prominent positions over the years.

A member of the Qadhdhafa tribe, he is a relative of the late Leader of the Revolution, Muammar Al Gaddafi.

He is being detained in Misratah where he is being subjected to daily torture, beatings and abuse. His condition is deteriorating rapidly.

Ahmad Ibrahim Being Tormented By His Captors. His Condition Is Fragile.




On behalf of his family and Ahmad Ibrahim, I implore readers to assist us by submitting appeals for compassionate intervention to the folllowing, reminding them of their duty to honor and uphold these laws:

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
United Nations New York
NY 10017 USA
fax: 212-963-7055

Amnesty International
+44 (0) 20 7413 5566 +44 7778 472 126

Human Rights Watch
350 Fifth Avenue
34th floor New York
NY 10118-3299 USA
Tel: +1 212 290 4700
Fax: +1 212 736 1300

51, Avenue Blanc
1202 Geneva Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 738 0481
Fax: +41 22 738 1791

2-12 Pentonville Road 2nd Floor
London N1 9HF
UK Tel: +44 20 7713 1995
Fax: +44 20 7713 1800

Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights Council of Europe
Strasbourg, FRANCE
+ 33 (0)3 88 41 34 21
+ 33 (0)3 90 21 50 53

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
19 Avenue de la paix CH 1202 Geneva
Tel: +41 22 734 60 01 Fax: +41 22 733 20 57

ICRC delegations: Libya

These are the key ICRC contacts to target:

ICRC delegation
Ibrahim Al Houni Street
Diagonally Opposite Brother’s Clinic (Al Okhowa)
Phone: (+218) 21 3409 331, +218 21 340 92 62
mobile: (+218) 91 941 80 66, +218 92 523 65 82

Head of delegation:
Mr Georges Comninos
Media contact person:
(+218) 913 066 198
Languages spoken: English/French/Arabic

ICRC Benghazi Al Andalus Street, Al Fwihat, Benghazi, LIBYA
Phone:( + 218) 92 807 7405
Head of offce: Mr. Patrick Schwaerzler

Media contact person:
Ms Dibeh FAKHR Mobile:
+218 (0) 92 330 4560 Sat: +870 772 390 124
Languages spoken: English/French/Arabic/Spanish

*Additional contact email addresses can be found here and if you choose to include these, I strongly encourage specifically targeting the Venezuela, Cuba, the African Union, individual African Nations, Russia and China.

International Media Contacts:

by Libya 360°

This page may be republished for non-commercial purposes as long as reprints include a verbatim copy of the article in its entirety, respecting its integrity and cite the author and Libya 360° as the source including a live link to the article.

___________________________  Gadhafi cries for his people (whom he greatly loves):
“I did all I could to help people understand the concept of real democracy, where people’s committees ran our country. But that was never enough, as some told me, even people who had 10 room homes, new suits and furniture, were never satisfied, as selfish as they were they wanted more. They told Americans and other visitors, that they needed “democracy” and “freedom”… never realizing it was a cut throat system, where the biggest dog eats the rest, but they were enchanted with those words, never realizing that in America, there was no free medicine, no free hospitals, no free housing, no free education and no free food, except when people had to beg or go to long lines to get soup”.
~ Mu’ummar Qaddafi

Why I Still Support Muammar al-Gaddafi

Fighter Against Foreign Subterfuge

Amadaeus • Silicon Valley De-Bug • Editorial • 01 November 2011

I’m going to go out on a limb. I’m going to defend Muammar al-Gaddafi. I remember clearly when Reagan bombed his home killing his 3 year old adopted daughter. The cause was that Gaddafi offered aid to anti-colonial resistance fighters in Palestine, Northern Ireland and allegedly (but not truthfully) bombed a plane in Scotland.

Gaddafi was a revolutionary from the era of the Cuban revolution, the red brigades in Europe and unrest in the Middle East. He challenged the European right to dominate Africa’s natural resources, he pushed for a strong united Africa to counter NATO and the UN; who tend to be apathetic when it counts like during the Rwandan genocide. The US and our gang of empire builders are crushingly brutal when the rich are threatened, under the thinly veiled heist have plundered billions, froze the national assets of any one who speaks out against our perception as the rightful rulers of the less fortunate, infected children with toxins using depleted uranium under the guise of protecting the people.

Libya is not the same as Egypt, Gaddafi was a beloved leader of his country and luminary in his sphere of influence. He challenged the U.S., E.U. and Israel. He built free houses, offered low loans to young couples starting a family, electricity was free, gas at .14 cents a liter, irrigated lands barren since Rome sowed salt into the fields of ancient Carthage and brought the educational standard up from illiteracy to high rates of graduate students.

He is hated because of his influence to other African and Middle Eastern leaders to free the yoke of racial apartheid and ownership of much of the continents riches by foreign opportunists. Africa is a jewel of unspoiled beauty, but the people live in deplorable conditions, usually the west supports coups and dictatorships as long as they are outwardly friendly to the historical slave owners. America wants to claim a standard of humanity, but how many of the worlds most sadistic death squads were trained at Ft. Benning School of the Americas. Often when US boots hit the ground instead of CIA counter-revolutionary advisors it is to reclaim a large conglomerate nationalized by a 3rd world power. My point is Gaddafi was a benevolent force in the world.

The man did things his own way, lived as the ultimate leader in any mans dream, female virgin body guards. He was not an Islamic radical….America needs our own revolution, we traded the ideals of our founding fathers for the wish list of fascist elements of our police and military as well as the Robber Barons and Arms Merchants who seem to get their guys in every election. If the precedent for changing an oppressive system is bodies dragged through the streets it wont take long before it is the Chennys, Kissengers, Bush 1 and 2, Rockafellers and Bernakis being led to the guillotine, and rightly so. We have reached a point where peaceful talk is deaf and the last time an American President stood out was JFK, and we know how his story ended. Gaddafi is an example of what the poor of the world should look for, not as one man leading nations, but of masses of people tired of having contempt daily from the ruling class and shadow government with a shifty idea of rule of law and fair trade.

If you were a Libyan, would you hate Gaddafi?

Posted: 2011/05/05
From: Mathaba
If you were a Libyan, would you hate Gaddafi?
by stephThis is a really important question as of late considering all the news flying around about how evil Gaddafi is and how he oppresses his people and how every citizen wants to take him down. Now these are all things that the Western media claims. But do these beliefs accurately reflect how the Libyan people feel?With all this hate mongering being spread by the Western media, it sounds as if Gaddafi is a terrible terrible terrible person: someone born truly evil. But if that were so, why is this conflict drawing out so long. Why is he so hard to topple? The truth is that only a small percentage of the population want him out. His people love him. Don’t believe me? Lets take a moment and analyze what Gaddafi has done for his people recently.In 2009, Gaddafi proposed a plan that would distribute the country’s oil wealth directly to the people. He wanted to take all the revenues that the Libyan government has been hording (we are talking billions) and to deposit it directly into each Libyan’s personal account. The plan would also dissolve many sectors in the government costing many officials their jobs and positions of entitlement.Now this plan sounds great for the average citizen living in Libya and terrible for those who stand to loose their corrupted government jobs, kick backs, and affluence in the region. The plan also doesn’t bode well for foreign investors who fear the nationalization of the country’s oil fields.Considering his recent plans, it is safe to question who hates Gaddafi and who loves him. As an ordinary citizen of the country, would you hate a man who is trying to spread wealth, eliminate unemployment and poverty, and spread the financial power to the people? It is safe to say that Gaddafi is no dictator but a man of the people. If he were in fact a dictator, this plan would go unopposed instead of debated and controlled by the corrupted Libyan congress that he is trying to oust.Below is a video which explains the situation. You have to pause to read the text but you’ll get a better understanding of Gaddafi and his supporters.Gaddafi-Libyan HeroSOURCES FOR THIS ARTICLE:

5 Questions and Answers on Media Coverage of Muammar Qaddafi

Posted: 2011/04/27
From: Mathaba
Adam King has the world’s longest title: as a member of the International Scientific Committee of the World Centre for the Studies and Researches onThe Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, he is a director of the Green Book Centre in Tripoli.
Questions from students of journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, Serbia, who are writing an article about how Muammar Qaddafi is presented in the media.
Do relationships between Libya and other countries (European, African, USA) influence how Gaddafi is presented in their media?The answer to this lies in the control of the media of those countries attacking Libya, and is clearly therefore YES. All you need to do is to view for example is already in a few short video seconds visible and evident that the media of those countries attacking Libya does NOT report any of the facts that are not good for their governments: that Europe has stolen $50 billion and USA $30 billion of Libya’s money which was for the new African Central Bank (HQ Nigeria), African Monetary Fund (HQ Yaounde) and African Investment Bank (HQ Sirte) for projects to free Africa from need in areas of health, education and communications.How biased do you think media (both Libyan and Western) are when presenting his personality? Do they ignore some relevant aspects? Are there any common mistakes in their work?The bias in the media of the countries attacking Qaddafi is approaching the levels of Stalinist Russia under communism or Italy’s Mussolini under fascism. In Libya the media are not biased in covering his personality, on the contrary, they often forget to mention the important works and achievements and issues, due to lack of professionalism in their jobs.What are 3 words media (both Libyan and Western) use most when describing Gaddafi?We should not use the term Western. It is vague. NATO is clearer: North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries and their closest allies. The NATO media use mostly 3 words to describe Gaddafi all of which are diametrical opposites to the reality, or variations of the following words: Dictator, Mad, Maverick. The 3 words most frequently used, or variations thereof, in the Libyan media to describe Mu’ammar al-Qaddafi are: Brother, Leader, Revolutionary.Which newspaper (both Libyan and Western) do you consider most influential in this matter, in a way that people around the world read it?There is not one newspaper in the NATO countries, they are all in the same line, so it is only a question of their combined readership and the level of trust of those readers. It is the same for Libya, all newspapers are in the same line, and so their influence is only determined by their combined readership but due to very extensive and strong social bonds there is no need to rely upon the local media to know the truth about Gaddafi, so trust of the media is much less of an issue. When he speaks they hear him even in the central city of Tripoli in the open air with only a microphone and without any intermediary.How do you think ordinary people around the world are influenced by the media’s presentation of Gaddafi? There is a very profound and highly significant difference between the populations of the NATO countries and their close allies, and the populations of Africa, Latin America, and Asia on the other hand. The populations of the NATO countries are on the whole very influenced, by 42 years of propaganda. No matter how far we look back, there was never any serious attempt to reveal the truth about what was happening in Libya, most especially regarding The Green Book and the direct participatory democracy.Populations in the non-NATO countries, even those who have seen headlines from NATO media, are generally in strong respect, support and even love of Mu’ammar Qaddafi. The reasons for this can be surmised as a combination of various mutually reinforcing factors: the NATO populations consume a lot of media, and generally uncritically and trusting of their institutions. The non-NATO populations of Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe consume far less media, and much more critically and in their minds compare what they read with past events and logical conclusions.The NATO populations do not rely upon their human nature and logic, which has been suppressed by the routine life work machine: work, home, drink, TV, sleep, which does not induce independent thinking or initiative but creates fatigue and stress, associated escapes to relax that do not involve mind activation, or even sloth. The non-NATO populations rely upon their human nature, common sense, powers and senses of observation, and sharp thinking required to survive a less than certain life with little routine, and which depends upon initiative.The NATO populations do not socialise. They may think they are socialising when they go to eat in restaurants, clubs or pubs, but there is always loud music in the background, and conversations generally evolve around the mundane issues of weather, sport and so on. They are very isolationist in nature. The non-NATO populations are by nature integral, and when they socialise which is to a far greater degree and frequency, they engage in conversations about life, religion, philosophy, world events, and not only their basic survival.Such conversations among ordinary non-NATO populations around Africa, Asia, Latin America, give meaning and hope to those local friends and others participating in a natural way, as well as entertainment and exercise of their minds, skills, and sharing of knowledge. They are more sharing in nature than adversarial. This can also be seen on TV shows where in the NATO countries the “experts” will generally be in an adversarial “debate”, whereas in the non-NATO countries the “experts” will be on a mutually respectful discussion which is more consensus oriented.— Adam King is a member of the International Scientific Committee of the World Centre for the Studies and Researches of The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, the Jamahiri Thought of Mu’ammar al-Qaddafi. He is also the Creator and Editor of the Mathaba News Agency. He is special advisor to various leading political movements, including the Hungarian Jobbik party and the African Unification Front.

War is a Racket: Libya, the Real Story – VIDEO (min. 22:17)



The truth is viral

Bob Powell on’s The Truth Is Viral show claims

that, under orders from a cabal of international bankers, the CIA

trained and equipped al-Qaeda terrorists and set them on a path of

revolution that ended with a new Libyan Central Bank and the black

flag of al-Qaeda flying over the Benghazi courthouse. Assisted by

NATO forces and Qatari Army Soldiers and supplied with weapons by

the Qataris, these al-Qaeda terrorists succeeded in removing the

Jamahiriya from power. Now, as the ““legitimate”” State-government

of Libya, the NTC is waging a genocide against black Libyans, African

guest workers, members of Gadaffi’s tribe, and his supporters.

 Dr. Moussa Ibrahim (albums) :
We love you Dr.–you and your little family stay well—and please kiss our brother-leader for me—
Thanks again, you are wonderful and you make the Jamahiriya shine. With you, the return of
the holy Jamahiriya will be possible. It will happen.

  • Musa Ibrahim writes to Lizzie Phelan:

    Lizzie, you are a true and beautiful human being.
    keep up the fight..

    many brave Libyans gave their lives for the cause of justice and freedom.
    for the sake of everything they stood for we will not give up.
    love from me (julia, my wife, says hi as well)

  • Lizzie Phelan Hey Julia 🙂 glad you two are reunited. I hope you don’t mind but I am going
    to let everyone know you are ok, because you obviously have a lot of supporters who have
    been very concerned for you.
    Moussa Ibrahim, spokesman of the legitimate Libyan Jamahiriyah government and one of the leaders
    of the Green Resistance is alive and well as you can see below on my wall. Deepest respect to him for
    staying loyal and to all the martyrs who have given their lives to defend Libya and the Global South.

Russian Leader Tells Top Generals, “Prepare For Armageddon”

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A grim Federal Security Services (FSB) report on Prime Minister Putin’s plan to meet China’s leader Hu Jintao [both pictured top photo right] in Beijing next week warns that both Russian and Chinese military forces are being placed on their ‘highest alert’ in anticipation of a massive land invasion believed being planned by the United States of both the Middle East and Central Asia.

The plans for this “Total Global War” the Americans are preparing to launch were first revealed to China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) by the former Blackwater mercenaryBryan Underwood who is currently being held by US authorities for spying and which we reported on in our 4 October report titled “China Warns Russia Of Coming American “Great Event.”

Within hours of Putin’s reading of the coming US plans for Total Global War, this report says, he wrote a rare article in the Izvestia daily outlining a grand project to integrate post-Soviet states into closer cooperation, scheduled an emergency trip to China to meet with Hu, and ordered the FSB to notify China’s MSS of the arrest and detention of their spy Tun Sheniyun who was captured last year for attempting to steal sensitive information on Russia’s most powerful anti-aircraft system.

As we had detailed in our previously mentioned report, the “New Great Game” moves being planned by the Americans that is striking fear into both Russia and China includes:

1.) The deliberate implosion of both the US and EU economies in order to destroy the Global Financial System that has been in place since the ending of World War II

2.) The launching of a massive conventional war by the US and EU on the North American, African and Asian Continents to include the Middle East

3.) During this all-out war the deliberate releasing of bio-warfare agents meant to kill off millions, if not billions, of innocent civilians

4.) At the height of this war the US and its allies will sue for peace and call for a new global order to be established in order to prevent the total destruction of our planet.

This past week an unidentified source within the US Department of Defense (DOD) further warned that the Obama regime was preparing for a massive “tank-on-tank” war and that US military forces are “expecting something conventional, and big, coming down the pipe relatively soon.”

To how close this war may be the FSB in their report states that it will be “much sooner than later” as the Americans have pre-positioned in Iraq nearly 2,000 of their M1 Abrams main battle tanks, have pre-positioned another 2,000 of them in Afghanistan, and between the Middle East and Asia have, likewise, put into these war theaters tens-of-thousands of other typed armored vehicles.

The “final piece” for the activation of this massive armored force, standing poised like a dagger at the heart of both Asia and the Middle East, the FSB says, is the call for a “Full Mobilization” of over 1.5 million American reserve forces which can occur at “at a moments notice” as the US is currently at war and needs no further authorization from its Congress to expand their areas of operation.

Important to note about the American plan for global domination through massive warfare is that it is not really a secret, and as (curiously) revealed on the tenth anniversary of the 11 September attacks upon the United States when the US National Security Archive released a memo written by former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in September 2001 wherein he warned “If the war does not significantly change the world’s political map, the US will not achieve its aim.”

To what the “aim” of the United States is as their war against the world has now entered its 10th year, the FSB says, is to prevent “at all costs” the implosion of the US Dollar as the main reserve currency of the present global economic system before the West’s envisioned “New World Order” can be established.

The first threat to the Americans “master plan” for global hegemony came in November 2000 when the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein quit accepting US Dollars for oil and, instead, stated his country would only accept Euros. In less than 10 months the US was attacked and used that as an excuse to topple Hussein and reestablish the US Dollar as the world’s main reserve currency.

Interesting to note is the failure of Libya’s former leader Gaddafi’s plan to introduce the gold dinar, a single African currency that would serve as an alternative to the US Dollar and allow African nations to share the wealth, but which like Iraq’s Hussein “plan” brought a swift and brutal invasion by the Americans and their Western allies to keep it from happening.

The only nation that has successfully abandoned the US Dollar is Iran, who since February 2009 abandoned all American currency opting instead to value their oil and gas in Euros. Iran, however, and unlike oil rich Iraq and Libya, has not been attacked due to the Iranians having acquired from Ukraine between 6-10 nuclear armed X-55 missiles (range of 3,000km [2,000 miles]) in 2005. [Note: Former Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko stated that the missiles sold to Iran did not contain their nuclear tips, a statement disputed by the FSB who states they were armed and “ready to fire.”]

This FSB report further states that both Putin and Hu were “enraged” by the deception of the West in regards to Libya, who after being given “absolute assurances” by the Obama regime that they weren’t planning an invasion, broke their word and did it anyway.

Russian and China, in turn, stopped the West’s plan for another war this week by their vetoing the US-backed plan in the United Nations Security Council to turn Syria into another Libya. So angry did the Americans become that their furious UN envoy Susan Rice stormed out of the meeting after the West didn’t get what it wanted.

Even worse for the West’s war plan against Syria was its President warning this week that if his nation was attacked by NATO he would cause to be fired hundreds of missiles into Israel’s most populated city of Tel Aviv within six hours, which would, of course, bring about a catastrophic nuclear response.

And in a preemptory move to counter the planned American blitzkrieg into Central Asia and Pakistan from Afghanistan, Indian Army Chief General VK Singh warned yesterday that thousands of Chinese military forces have now moved into Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir joining an estimated 11,000 more of them believed to have entered that region in the past year.

To the coming deliberate implosion by the US of the global economy, the FSB further says in their report, it now appears “certain” after a new report emerged this past from Philippa Malmgren, a former economics adviser to President George W. Bush, stating that Germany was preparing to abandon the Euro and has ordered the printing of Deutsche Marks to replace it.

Most frightening of everything in this FSB report, however, is the reply Putin gave to Russia’s top generals yesterday when asked what preparations should be made and he answered…. “Prepare for Armageddon.”


Miscellaneous pictures:

Gadhafi Family Wedding:

forced to flee in the night from Tripoli:

with Safya

NATO bombs the Great Man-Made River

Posted on 27 July 2011

The Great Man-Made River

It is a war crime to attack essential civilian infrastructure. 95% of Libya is desert and 70% of Libyans depend on water which is piped in from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System under the southern desert. The water pipe infrastructure is probably the most essential civilian infrastructure in Libya. Key to its continued function, particularly in time of war, is the Brega pipe factory which enables leaks and breaks in the system to be repaired.

NATO has admitted that its jets attacked the pipe factory on 22 July, claiming in justification that it was used as a military storage facility and rockets were launched from there.

The Great Man-Made River

Libyans like to call the Great Man-Made River “The eighth wonder of the world”.

According to a March 2006 report by the BBC  the industrialisation of Libya following the Great Al-Fatah Revolution in 1969, put strain on water supplies and coastal aquifers became contaminated with sea water, to such an extent that the water in Benghazi was undrinkable. Finding a supply of fresh, clean water became a government priority and fortunately oil exploration in the 1950s had revealed vast aquifers beneath Libya’s southern desert.

In August 1984, Muammar Al Qadhafi laid the foundation stone for the pipe production plant at Brega. The Great Man-Made River Project had begun. Adam Kuwairi, a senior figure in the Great Man-Made River Authority (GMRA), vividly remembers the impact the fresh water had on him and his family:

“The water changed lives. For the first time in our history, there was water in the tap for washing, shaving and showering. The quality of life is better now, and it’s impacting on the whole country.”

On 3 April  Libya warned that NATO-led air strikes could cause a “human and environmental disaster” if air strikes damaged the Great Man-Made River project.

Engineer and project manager Abdelmajid Gahoud told foreign journalists in Tripoli:

If part of the infrastructure is damaged, the whole thing is affected and the massive escape of water could cause a catastrophe,” leaving 4.5 million thirsty Libyans deprived of drinking water.

The Brega Pipe-Making Plant

The Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Factory at Brega is one of only two such facilities in Libya – the other being at Sarir to the east. This makes it a very important component of the Great Man-Made River – with two production lines making up to 80 pipes a day.

According to the BBC:

The engineer in charge of the Brega pipe factory is Ali Ibrahim. He is proud that Libyans are now running the factory:

“At first, we had to rely on foreign-owned companies to do the work. But now it’s government policy to involve Libyans in the project. Libyans are gaining experience and know-how, and now more than 70% of the manufacturing is done by Libyans. With time, we hope we can decrease the foreign percentage from 30% to 10%.”

As a result, Libya is now a world leader in hydrological engineering and it wants to export its expertise to other African and Middle-Eastern countries facing similar problems with their water.

According to the official web site of the Great Man-Made River Authority:

Approximately 500,000 pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes have been manufactured to date.Approximately 500,000 pipes transported to date. Pipe transportation is continuous process  and the work goes on day and night, distance traveled by the transporters is equivalent to the sun and back. Over 3,700 km of haul roads  was constructed alongside the pipe line trench to enable the heavy truck – trailers to deliver pipe to the installation site.

NATO Attack

On 22 July NATO warplanes attacked the pipe making plant at Brega killing six of the facility’s security guards:

As you can see from Google Earth the 100s of pipes at this facility, out in the desert south of Brega, make it clear, even from the air, that this is a pipe-production plant:,19.69132767,1417.33,1.366,44.802,0&ll=30.309528,19.691675&spn=0.017784,0.027466&z=15&output=embed
View Larger MapVideo footage shows a major building within the plant has been destroyed and there is also damage to at least one of the trucks which is used to transport pipes to places where repairs are required:

According to AP, Abdel-Hakim el-Shwehdy, head  of the company running the project, said:

“Major parts of the plant have been damaged. There could be major setback for the future projects.”

Water supply to Brega Cut

On Monday 18 July rebel spokesman Shamsiddin Abdulmolah told AFP that remnants of Gadhafi’s troops were holed up among industrial facilities in Brega with supplies dwindling.

“Their food and water supplies are cut and they now will not be able to sleep.”

Given the rebel boasts that the pro-Gadaffi forces in Brega had no water, the question has to be posed whether this attack was a deliberate attempt to prevent repair of the pipeline into Brega.

NATO Response

In response to HRI enquiry, NATO press office said:

We can confirm that we targeted Brega on July 22nd and we stroke successfully: one military storage facility and four armed vehicles.”

HRI requested clarification:

The building you hit (apparently in the Brega pipe factory) was being used for what kind of military storage?

What considerations were taken into account to ensure that the strikes did not damage civilian infrastructure or was damage to the civilian infrastructure considered legitimate?

Given the potential consequences to civilians of damage to the pipe factory and the ability of the engineers to be able to repair broken water pipelines I hope you will appreciate the importance of these questions.

At the 26th July at the NATO press conference in Naples  Colonel Rolond Lavoie, neglecting to inform the assembled journalists that the “concrete factory” plays an important role in preserving Libya’s water supply, said:

Now in the area of Brega, NATO strikes included armoured vehicles, rocket launchers, military storage facilities and a repurposed concrete factory from which Pro-Gaddafi forces were using multi-viral [sic] rocket launchers, exposing the population to indirect fire.

Let me show you some intelligence pictures that illustrate what we have observed at this concrete factory. By the way these pictures will be made available on the NATO site so it will be possible for the media can download them

So basically repeatedly over the last few weeks we got clear intelligence indicating that pro-Gadaffi forces are using this factory for military purposes. This factory is being used to hide military material including Multiple Rocket Launchers. These weapons have been used every day from within this factory compound and then carefully hidden after the day within or along massive pipes you can see in this picture.

Slide 1 20 July
Slide 2 23 July

Slide 1 20 July apparently shows a BM-21 rocket launcher -a model of rocket launcher widely used by both loyalist and rebel forces in Libya.

Slide 2 23 July apparently shows a BM-21 rocket launcher. The slide shows black smoke in the centre of the picture which suggests two hits (possibly on vehicles) have already been made, with the BM-21 left intact.

Neither slide appears to show the building which was destroyed in the video or helps to understand when or why that was hit. So the photos lead to more questions than they answer – clearly the BM-21, spotted on the 20th, was not considered a priority target, and there is nothing in the NATO explanation which explains why the water supplies of the Libyan people have now been put at such risk.

On 27th July further enquiries by HRI elicited the additional information that

The factory is being used to hide military material, including multiple rocket launchers. These weapons have been used every day from within this factory compound and then carefully hidden after the day within the factory buildings and the area. 


All sites that could be used by the pro-Qadhafi regime forces to threaten or attack civilians can be considered as a legitimate target by NATO in full accordance with UNSCR 1973. That resolution mandates the use of all necessary measures to protect civilians in Libya from attack or threat of attacks.

According to the NATO press office, the attack was within the rules of engagement agreed upon by all 28 countries in the coalition by consensus. It seems unlikely that the rules of engagement would allow this attack or that the states in the Security Council would agree that a devious interpretation of UN Security Council Resolution 1973 should supercede international humanitarian law.

NATO have failed to provide answers to the following questions:

  • Do you have any concrete evidence that rockets were fired from inside the pipe-making plant?
  • Can you explain the precise targeting and timing of strikes within this facility?
  •  What steps were taken to ensure collateral damage to the facility was avoided?
  • What alternatives were considered to military strikes on this factory?

Applicable humanitarian law

The Laws of War were designed to prevent attacks on targets indispensible to the civilian population, so attacking a civilian infrastructure target such as this plant is a war crime.

Even if rockets were being fired from within the location (for which no evidence has been produced) or this facility was being used for military storage by Gadaffi forces, or housed armoured vehicles, attacking the pipe-making factory in a way that leaves it severely damaged is illegal as this facility is important to the water supplies of Libyan civilians.

The citing of UNSCR 1973 does not supercede the need for NATO forces to obey the laws of war.

Applicable humanitarian law includes (inter alia):

Rule 15. In the conduct of military operations, constant care must be taken to spare the civilian population, civilians and civilian objects. All feasible precautions must be taken to avoid, and in any event to minimize, incidental loss of civilian life, injury to civilians and damage to civilian objects. [IAC/NIAC]

Rule 16. Each party to the conflict must do everything feasible to verify that targets are military objectives. [IAC/NIAC]

Rule 17. Each party to the conflict must take all feasible precautions in the choice of means and methods of warfare with a view to avoiding, and in any event to minimizing, incidental loss of civilian life, injury to civilians and damage to civilian objects. [IAC/NIAC]

Rule 18. Each party to the conflict must do everything feasible to assess whether the attack may be expected to cause incidental loss of civilian life, injury to civilians, damage to civilian objects, or a combination thereof, which would be excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated. [IAC/NIAC]

Rule 54. Attacking, destroying, removing or rendering useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population is prohibited.

Human Rights Investigations demands:

1) The immediate cessation of the bombing campaign by NATO which is

putting Libyan civilians in mortal danger

2) A peace congress be convened to bring this conflict to a rapid end.

relaxing at prayer & Meditation:


Libya’s new ‘pro-Western’ leaders

Among the many comments we have read and received on the alleged death of Gaddafi, the one most often repeated goes something like this: ‘Gaddafi was a brutal dictator who deserved what he got‘. The widely-held belief (at least in Western nations) that Gaddafi was a ‘brutal dictator’ is the result of over 30 years of (primarily) US, British and French propaganda against the former Libyan leader. The reasons for this long-running propaganda campaign are many, but chief among them is the fact that Gaddafi was not only fiercely independent as regards his native land, but he persistently sought to bring financial independence to other African nations.

It’s The Media Stupid!

The average person in the street seems to find it difficult to grasp the idea that the ‘national interests’ of democratic governments often run counter to democratic ideals and that, in pursuing such interests, governments will attempt to maintain the appearance of remaining faithful to democratic ideals. Another way to say this is that governments will lie about their undemocratic activities in order to maintain a facade of democracy and thereby avoid disturbing the population. (For those who may have, understandably, forgotten the core democratic principles, check this link for a short refresher course.)

The maintenance of a democratic façade while pursuing undemocratic ‘interests’ is today only possible with the committed and almost unanimous connivance of the mainstream media, which unfailingly disseminates government propaganda to the people, and which the people in turn accept as gospel truth in the belief that the press is free and independent of government control. But virtually all Western mainstream media outlets today are owned by a handful of powerful corporations and mega-wealthy individuals who count high level members of Western governments among their close friends and confidants. The truth of this can easily be verified by anyone with a computer and a little time to do some research of their own. The extent of the actual freedom of the ‘free press’ can also be ascertained by revisiting the way in which the Western media blindly accepted and reported as truth government lies prior to and after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It is reasonable then to conclude that the Western media, by and large, acts as a ‘Ministry of Propaganda’ for Western governments, especially in situations where government(s) are pursuing policies that are at variance with democratic ideals.

So, in light of all that, let’s consider the question: “was Gaddafi really a ‘brutal dictator’?”

Gaddafi’s Real Crimes

Gaddafi with Mandela

Throughout his reign, Gaddafi insisted on a much larger (and fairer) share of his country’s oil profits than multinational oil companies were used to accepting. Indeed, in a 2009 talk given to students at Georgetown University, Gaddafi threatened to kick Western oil companies out of Libya altogether by nationalising its oil and natural gas. What is beyond dispute is that Gaddafi used his nation’s oil wealth to turn Libya into the most progressive and modern of all African nations. In a 2007 African executive magazine it was noted that Libya, “unlike other oil producing countries such as Nigeria [where major Western oil companies have a stranglehold on the government], utilised the revenue from its oil to develop its country.”

Throughout most of Gaddafi’s rule, Libyan citizens enjoyed free health care, free education and free electricity and water. Car purchases for every citizen were 50% subsidized by the government. Gas in Gaddafi’s Libya was $0.14 per liter. Under this ‘brutal dictator’, the mother of every newborn child received $5,000. All these, and many other social benefits under Gaddafi, make the supposedly socialist systems of France and other European nations look like predatory capitalist regimes. Today, with Gaddafi gone, Libya’s generous social benefits and the formerly high standard of living of its citizens are under serious threat from the new pro-Western puppet regime.

Gaddafi was also instrumental in establishing the African Union. He invested heavily and generously, to the tune of $6 billion, in many other African nations. Throughout Africa, hospitals, schools, hotels and roads bear Gaddafi’s name as a sign of gratitude to the ‘brutal dictator’. Libyan investments have helped to connect most of Africa by telephone, television, radio broadcasting, etc. Many major African companies, in which Gaddafi had invested via the ‘Libya Arab Africa Investment Portfolio’, now face financial ruin as Libyan oil money is diverted to the West under Libya’s new rulers.

But undoubtedly the greatest threat posed by Gaddafi to NATO warmongers was his efforts to fast-track the creation of an African Monetary Fund and an African Central Bank and to establish the gold dinar as a pan-African currency (Libya has 144 tons of gold with a population of jut 6 million, no external debt and $150 billion in cash reserves). Gaddafi’s idea was that African and Muslim nations would join together to create this new currency and use it to purchase oil and other resources to the exclusion of the dollar and other currencies. While a Russia Today report called it “an idea that would shift the economic balance of the world”, Gaddafi’s plans for a radical financial overhaul of African economies would undoubtedly have sounded the death knell for IMF looting of African economies, not to mention the ‘CFA Franc’, a colonial currency tied to the Euro and the French central bank and used in twelve formerly French-ruled African countries (hence the unbridled enthusiasm with which the French government joined the fray).

Peace Maker

Writing in April 2011 for the London Evening Post, writer Jean-Paul Pougala had this to say about Gaddafi:

For most Africans, Gaddafi is a generous man, a humanist, known for his unselfish support for the struggle against the racist regime in South Africa. If he had been an egotist, he wouldn’t have risked the wrath of the West to help the ANC both militarily and financially in the fight against apartheid. This was why Mandela, soon after his release from 27 years in jail, decided to break the UN embargo and travel to Libya on 23 October 1997. Mandela didn’t mince his words when the former US president Bill Clinton said the visit was an ‘unwelcome’ one: “No country can claim to be the policeman of the world and no state can dictate to another what it should do.” He added, “Those that yesterday were friends of our enemies have the gall today to tell me not to visit my brother Gaddafi, they are advising us to be ungrateful and forget our friends of the past.”

A “generous humanist”? Dare we say a genuine socialist? The late African freedom fighter, Kwame Ture, further characterised Gaddafi as ‘a diamond in a cesspool of African misleaders‘. “African misleaders” installed and financed by Western governments.

Writing in September this year in the Guardian, Julian Borger and Terry Macalister pointed out that Western oil companies had planned to carve up Libyan oil before the so-called ‘revolution’. Are we surprised? Is it mere coincidence that the NATO bombing campaign began on the 8th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq? The Egyptian uprising was more or less legitimate based on the psychopathic policies of a real ‘brutal dictator’ – Hosni Mubarak – who had brought millions of Egyptians to the brink of starvation. And take note how Mubarak was dealt with in comparison to Gaddafi. But no such conditions existed in socialist Libya.

The plain truth is that there was no widespread popular revolution against Gaddafi; there were only ever hired mercenaries, a well-orchestrated Western media campaign, which played out a script dictated to it from start to finish, heavy infiltration by military intelligence agentsof the US and European countries, and NATO bombs. Lots of NATO bombs.

Media War Lies

Perhaps all of this helps us to understand why, in July this year, huge crowds of Libyans thronged the streets of Tripoli in support of Gaddafiand why recent polls suggested that 90% of the Libyan population supported their ‘brutal dictator’. Perhaps we can also understand why images such as the one below are being touted by the Western media as ‘crowds of Libyans queuing to ‘gawp’ at the ‘brutal dictator’s dead body’:

Not very convincing ‘crowd’ queues to see the ‘brutal dictator’s body

See here for more ‘crowd’ pictures.

It should come as no surprise then to realise that allegations of ‘war crimes’ leveled at pro-Gaddafi forces and that Gaddafi “bombed his own people” during the NATO bombing campaign were simply a continuation of the decades-long demonisation of the Libyan Leader, and were designed to cover up the fact that, just as we saw during the prelude to the ‘humanitarian war to save Kosovars’ in 1999 (when “tremendous efforts were undertaken to discover evidence of war crimes“), it was NATO bombs which took the lives of thousands of Libyan civilians. During a bombing raid on 30 April, Gaddafi’s son, Saif el-Arab, 29, as well as three of his grandchildren, were killed. The four-month-old daughter of Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha was among those murdered.

Down The Rat Hole

Was it really Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who was dragged out of that ‘rat hole’? The story of Gaddafi’s ‘death’ strikes me as a little too similar to that of Saddam Hussein (pulled from a ‘spider hole’, ‘hiding like a rat’, etc.) and the images and videos that are doing the rounds on the mainstream media sites are far too grainy to be proof of anything. At least one of them (below) is clearly a doctored version of an image purportedly taken at the site of Osama Bin Laden’s death, which in itself could be taken as evidence that the same people were involved in both staged events.

Look at ‘Gaddafi’s’ left shoulder. The pictures of the dead men at ‘Bin Laden’s compound‘ contained one of a man with a toy ‘water gun’ beneath him. The gun was bright green, the blood was dark red, and the man wore a white shirt and had dark black hair. He also had one hand across his chest.

Here’s the original:

Déja vu

Look familiar? The CIA photoshopper simply flipped the image and put Gaddafi’s face on it. The water gun was moved slightly so that the orange on the gun is no longer visible. (Hat-tip to Pundit Press for pointing this out.)

The real Muammar al-Gaddafi has some rather distinctive facial features:

Note the ‘drooping eyelids’ and wrinkle lines

One distinctive feature is ptosis. Also called ‘drooping eyelid’, ptosis is caused by weakness of the muscle responsible for raising the eyelid, damage to the nerves that control those muscles, or looseness of the skin of the upper eyelids. Whether a genetic trait or a result of aging or plastic surgery, Gaddafi had it. The other distinctive feature is some marked ‘wrinkles’ extending diagonally from the corner of his eyes across his cheek-bones. Check any images of the ‘brutal dictator’ from the past few years and you’ll see these prominent lines in every image.

Now, check out the ‘dead Gaddafi’:

What happened to the ‘drooping eyelids’ and the wrinkle lines?

Same man?

In public appearances over the past few years, Gaddafi appeared with a respectable head of hair for a man his age.

Here he is with Berlusconi in 2009:

And another image taken during the same year:

While we were unable to find any images of the back of Gaddafi’s head, we think the above two provide a decent enough view to conclude that he had a significant amount of hair covering his whole head (marked receding on the front sides notwithstanding). Compare the above images with a still from the ‘capture video’ showing the top of the head of the man who was dragged out of the ‘rat hole’:

Thinning on top: ‘rat-hole Gaddafi’

Granted, in the first images of Gaddafi above, he could well be wearing a wig or hair-piece. Curiously enough, the Washington Post went out of its way to explain that DNA tests conducted by Libyan doctors on the man they pulled out of the ‘rat-hole’ confirmed that the hair on his head was not Moammar Gaddafi’s because the unlucky stooge was wearing a wig. What are we supposed to believe here? That they ran identity-verification tests on a wig?! Are they that stupid? Hardly. It’s more likely that they ran tests on real hair because clearly ‘rat hole Gaddafi’ DID have some hair. But when there was no match, the wig was set up to take the blame. What else are we to conclude from the comment in theWashington Post that “the hair was not Moammar Gaddafi’s” other than the man pulled from the rat hole was not Muammar Gaddafi?

Decades of Lies

We’re still eagerly awaiting the scenes of mass jubilation among Libyan citizens at the alleged demise of their ‘brutal dictator’. We suppose it might take a while to convince the 90% of the Libyan population which supports Gaddafi that a Western puppet government and economic occupation by Western corporations is actually a good thing.

The statements made by Western leaders about Gaddafi’s ‘crimes’ as they gloated over the brutal televised murder of some poor unfortunate in Libya were revolting, to me anyway.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that October 20th was:

“a day to remember all of Gaddafi’s victims, from those who died in connection with the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, to Yvonne Fletcher in a London Street, and obviously all of the victims of IRA terrorism who died through their use of Libyan Semtex.We should also remember the many many Libyans who died at the hands of this brutal dictator and his regime.”

Omitted from the end of Cameron’s statement was ‘and we should also remember that I’m lying through my teeth.’

Of course, British tabloids like The Sun, are only too happy to parrot Cameron’s nonsense in typically jingoistic fashion:

But let’s have a quick review of ‘Gaddafi’s crimes’ as reported by Cameron.

The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland. This was clearly a false-flag operation designed to demonise Libya. See thewebsite of the father of one of the victims, Dr. Jim Swire, for the evidence. Libya has never accepted responsibility for the bombing of Flight 103, but instead paid compensation to the families to “buy peace” i.e. attempted reintegration into the Western elite.

The murder of Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher in St. James’ Square, London, in April 1984. Blamed on Libya, there is in fact a wealth of evidence to support the theory that Fletcher was shot by a CIA/MI6 operative in an effort to, again, demonise Libya. Despite the fact that a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary spelled it out in scientific detail, Cameron is happy to propagate the lie.

The ‘victims of IRA terrorism’ through the use of Libyan Semtex. There is little doubt that, on a few occasions, the IRA leadership successfully bought Libyan weapons. There is also little doubt, however, that all alleged major IRA attacks which involved the death of civilians were the work of British intelligence. The British media’s mendacity and complicity in this lie was further exposed in September this year when it was revealed that a major British media network had taken CGI video footage from a violent computer game and passed it off as real video footage in an effort to portray Gaddafi as a supporter of terrorists:

The British network claimed it was “human error” that led to a scene from a computer game having “IRA film 1988” pasted on it as the narrator worked through a list of the past (non-existent) sins of Gaddafi for the British audience in September this year.

Also consider the following interesting link between alleged IRA attacks and the Lockerbie bombing. During the 1970s and early 1980s, one Dr. Thomas Hayes progressed to become Head of Department at the British Royal Armaments Research Establishment (RARDE). His testimony was central to the bogus Lockerbie verdict. A Parliamentary inquiry into the 1974 alleged IRA ‘Maguire Seven‘ bombing and mistrial discovered that key forensic evidence indicated the innocence of the accused. This evidence, which was known to Dr. Hayes and two RARDE colleagues, was not disclosed at the Maguire Seven trial. The Maguire Seven were eventually freed on appeal after spending fifteen years in jail.

That just gives you some small insight into the lengths to which Western governments and ‘intelligence agencies’ have gone (and are prepared to go) to ‘protect their interests’. With the mainstream media bought and paid for, global, corporate, fascist domination is a done deal unless we all wake up to the reality of the situation and start calling it for what it is – bullshit, through and through.

So yeah, Cameron et al gloating and lying to the cameras; Hilary Clinton just happening to be in Libya a few days ago and demanding Gaddafi ‘dead or alive’ one day before someone looking a bit like him is produced from a ‘rat-hole’ and then quickly executed and (soon to be) buried in a ‘secret location’ far from prying eyes; the deliberately conflicting stories of how he was killed being spread far and wide by the mainstream media; Gaddafi being feted (and armed) by British, French, American, Italian Prime Ministers and Presidents just a couple of years ago and then suddenly demonised as a ‘brutal dictator’ and his country and citizens bombed back to the stone age – all of that pisses us off. But what really concerns us here is not our own rising blood pressure, but the future of Libya. Already the vultures are circling, eying their prize in the form of Libya’s natural resources. Take it away, French Minister of Defence, Gérard Longuet:

New Libyan leaders ‘owe’ France

Agence France-Presse

France will seek a leading role in post-war Libya, Defence Minister Gerard Longuet said on Friday, arguing that Libya’s new leaders “owe” Paris for leading the campaign to oust Muammar Gaddafi.

Speaking in an interview to Le Monde on the day after Libya’s ousted strongman was captured and killed, Longuet said France is poised to take advantage of its leading role after a successful campaign.

France “will strive to play the role of a principal partner in the country where the leaders know they owe us a lot“.

“Everyone will throw their hat into the ring. We will neither be the last nor the most blatant,” he said of Libya’s relations with various Western countries in the coalition.[…]

Libya, which produced 1.6 to 1.7 million barrels of oil daily before the conflict, is a coveted market for many countries that are also eyeing potentially massive contracts for rebuilding its infrastructure.

Ah yes, ‘reconstruction’, Libyans can kiss goodbye to the relatively decent standard of living they enjoyed under Gaddafi. Just look at post-invasion Iraq; ‘reconstruction’ there has left the country impoverished and in ruinslooted by the war-mongers.

I’m a ‘Brutal Dictator’, Get Me Out of Here

The bottom line here is that people like Gaddafi do not remain leader of a major nation for 40+ years without having self-preservation high on their list of priorities. The idea that Gaddafi would have waited until he was dragged from a sewer by a gang of bloodthirsty hoodlums and then beaten and shot dead is stretching his reputation as a true ‘man of the people’ a little far. Gaddafi’s decades of experience gleaned from dealing with and observing the treachery of ‘Western diplomacy’, both up close in person and from afar, would have left him in no doubt as to what lay in store for him if US-imposed regime change ever came to Libya. He would also have been egotistical enough to realise that he would be of better service to his beloved Libya alive than dead.

We cannot then, at this stage, rule out the possibility that, like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi left Libya long before he was forced to resort to martyrdom in a sewer with only his ‘golden gun’ between him and a baying mob of paid CIA killers. As with the case of Saddam, there is evidence that this is what happened. As Joe Quinn noted at the time, the death of Saddam Hussein was more than likely faked. See his article on the Capture, Trial and Conviction of Saddam Hussein for evidence that Saddam too was spirited out of the country long before someone that looked like him was pulled from a ‘rat-hole’. Consider also the very convenient way in which the alleged body of Gaddafi has now been secretly buried in an unmarked grave in the desert. Much like the alleged dumping of the body of Osama bin Laden ‘at sea’, this little maneuver stinks of a cover-up.

In attempting to uncover and expose government and media lies, it is often helpful to consult media reports that were released early on in any major news event. In a 21 February report, the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, was quoted as having said that Gaddafi had already left the country.

Then in August Ynet News reported that:

“A convoy of six armored vehicles has crossed the Libyan border to Algeria on Saturday night, the Egyptian news agency reported. While it is unclear who was riding in the cars, a rebel forces source estimated that the convoy transported senior Libyan officials – including the embattled leader, Muammar Gaddafi.”

The report quoted a Libyan military council source as saying that troops loyal to Gaddafi’s regime accompanied the convoy to the border.

In a 24 August IOL News story we were told:

“Burkina Faso, a former recipient of large amounts of Libyan aid, has offered Muammar Gaddafi exile but has also recognised the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) as Libya’s government. “

The modern Libyan city of Misrata, before and after NATO and its mercenaries – NOT Gaddafi, or “Gaddafi’s loyal supporters” – bombed it back to the stone age. (click for larger image)

On 1 September, Reuters reported that:

“Muammar Gaddafi called Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to negotiate a passage into his country but the latter refused to take his call.”

And then on 11 October, the Bulawayo News reported that:

“An official on Libya’s governing council says he believes Muammar Gaddafi is hiding in the south-western desert near the borders with Niger and Algeria.”

We submit that the publishing of grisly (and grainy) photos and video of the alleged death of Gaddafi is not for the benefit of the global public at all (even though many seem to have relished the lynching). Rather, it is for the benefit of the leaders of any other nations who might be thinking about disobeying the dictates of the US Empire and the World bank. British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg seemed to confirm Joe’s earlier thoughts about this when he declared on 22 October that:

“The death of Muammar Gaddafi sends a huge signal to others in the region that the sins of grotesque dictators eventually catch up with them.”

In making this statement, Clegg has departed from the British government’s original rationale for an attack on Libya – humanitarian intervention – and has made clear the real reason for the eight month-long bombing of Libya, its people, and their freedoms – naked, bloody imperialism, launched – quite coincidentally – on 19 March, the same date as the invasion of Iraq eight years ago.

Assuming for a moment that that really was Gaddafi they murdered in broad daylight, then the unctuous words of British foreign secretary William Hague…

“We would have preferred him to be able to face justice at the International Criminal Court or in a Libyan court for his crimes. We don’t approve of extra-judicial killings. “

…are such fantastical bullshit that we reckon Hague deserves a prize. If Gaddafi was in fact executed on October 20th, then Hague and his ilk in the US and France are undoubtedly delighted. Gaddafi in the dock at The Hague was the very last thing any members of the US, British or French criminal enterprises (aka governments) would have wanted to see, mainly because of the large quantities of beans he would have spilled. They didn’t want a rerun of Slobodan Milosevic’s truth-letting tainting their blood-spattered image as liberators, an embarrassing judicial episode which thankfully, for NATO governments, came to an abrupt end with the termination of the former Serb leader in his jail cell.

As we ponder the dark implications of living in a world where large numbers of people rejoice at gruesome stage shows of death and merrily embrace the murder of decent men, we’ll leave you with the final, disgusting words of the clearly psychopathic Hillary Clinton:

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Reader Comments

This is going to get really nasty. These death scenes (even if they are fake in the sense the it wasn’t Gadafi) really are an ancient blood ritual. That’s why they used to execute people in public. They’re turning the clock back fast. It’s pre-fuedal at this point. How far are they going to push it?

Tue, 25 Oct 2011 06:33 CDT

until the “beginning” i think. “We have our choice of futures, what will it be? Paradise restored or a dark star. All is organized and instigated by higher forces. But we do have a say on what we do in response to what IS.

Fri, 28 Oct 2011 21:01 CDT

Thanks for the overview – I agree with you. It is an article of clarity and uncompromise. There are some very impactive homages to the “crazy colonel”….I hope he is alive and will do a rear guard with a revelation.

Tue, 25 Oct 2011 07:34 CDT


Oh, I really, really hope so too!!!

Tue, 25 Oct 2011 23:42 CDT

When was the last time you recall your U.S. government telling you the truth?

When was the last time your U.S. government did something that actually helped/assisted the people?

Very well documented article, Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley. I appreciate all the links you provided. Thank you!

Now, let’s prosecute any individuals and governments involved with this International Crime and misuse of government powers.

Are there any lawyers or professors who can give us hints on how to go after these criminals and killers, as well as, the crimes to prosecute???

PASS this Article along to your contacts.

Tue, 25 Oct 2011 09:18 CDT


La mort de Kadhafi : une intox sans précédent ?…

La prétendue mort annoncée de Mouammar Kadhafi, proclamée le 20 octobre 2011, relèverait-elle en fait d’une machination diabolique, et ne constituerait-elle en réalité qu’une entreprise de manipulation énorme, d’une ampleur sans précédent ?…
Outre les multiples versions  plus ou moins officielles de cette mort qui ont été avancées dans un premier temps, et qui démontrent de façon incontestable que la plupart de ces versions, sinon toutes, sont mensongères, il n’est nul besoin d’être un fin limier pour relever de trop nombreuses zones d’ombre qui ouvrent la voie au doute et aux spéculations les plus diverses.
Ces zones d’ombre et de ces détails plus que douteux ont pour la plupart déjà été pointés ici ou là, via divers documents en toutes langues circulant sur internet. Néanmoins, à ma connaissance, il n’existe à ce jour aucun article de synthèse francophone  récapitulant, sous la forme d’un seul texte -documents photographiques et vidéos à l’appui-, l’ensemble des éléments alimentant le doute.
Je me propose donc, en toute humilité, de remédier ici à cette regrettable carence. Les trois quarts des gens se trompent -en toute sincérité- en prenant pour argent comptant ce qui n’est, à mon humble avis, qu’une formidable opération d’intox. Je me trompe peut-être moi-même, car il se peut qu’il soit réellement mort, hélas… Mais ce dont je suis maintenant à peu près certain, c’est que toutes les images et les “preuves” que l’on nous a servies jusqu’à présent sont mensongères. L’avenir plus ou moins proche donnera peut-être finalement raison à toutes celles et tous ceux qui, comme moi, doutent très fortement… Du moins, je l’espère !

En premier lieu, j’aimerais attirer votre attention sur cette fameuse photographie, abondamment reprise par les médias du monde entier, et qui a toutes les apparences d’un grossier montage, à l’instar de celui qui avait circulé au moment de l’annonce de la mort de Ben Laden (la supercherie avait été très vite démasquée). Cette illustration montre clairement les étapes du processus :


La photo ayant servi de base à ce montage, la voici :


L’autre photographie de Mouammar Kadhafi prétendument décédé qui circule, tirée d’une sordide vidéo montrant des rats pro-CNT jubiler autour de la dépouille, est la suivante. Trouvez-vous le visage réellement ressemblant ?
Où sont donc passées les rides caractéristiques du visage de Mouammar Kadhafi ?
Se serait-il fait faire un “lifting”, juste avant sa mort ?…
De qui se moque-t-on ?
De surcroit, ce visage n’offre qu’une ressemblance très lointaine avec celui qui apparait dans l’effroyable vidéo de lynchage, filmée parait-il au moyen d’un téléphone portable, que tout le monde ou presque a eu l’occasion de visionner. Est-il nécessaire de rappeler qu’il existe au moins une douzaine de sosies de Mouammar Kadhafi, reconnus comme tels ? Aux dernières nouvelles, il semblerait que ce visage ait été identifié. Il s’agirait en réalité d’un dénommé Ali Majid Al-Andalus, résident de Syrte (tiens tiens…), précisément connu en Libye pour sa ressemblance avec le Guide. Notez bien les différences, parfaitement visibles. Même la bouche est différente. Même la pilosité faciale ne présente pas une implantation rigoureusement identique ! :


Ce cadavre, si c’en est bien un, est donc de toute évidence celui d’Ali Majid Al-Andalus, et non celui de Mouammar Kadhafi. Pourquoi dis-je “si c’en est bien un” ? Parce que même ça, ce n’est même pas sûr !!! Sur la macabre video dont cette photo est tirée, le corps exhibé, dont la tête est relevée face à la caméra, présente un aspect troublant, qui a quelque chose de faux, comme si on avait en réalité affaire à un mannequin de cire, ou à quelque chose de cet ordre…  Savez-vous qu’il est aujourd’hui possible de fabriquer de faux cadavres d’un réalisme stupéfiant ? Pour votre information à ce sujet, je vous invite à visionner cette hallucinante vidéo, qui témoigne bien de ce qu’il est à présent possible de faire :
Kadhafi. mort , sans blague… par General_resistant

Il y a cette horrible vidéo de lynchage, m’objecterez-vous. Certes, oui. Mais l’authenticité de ladite vidéo, justement, est elle aussi extrêmement douteuse !!! En premier lieu, sachez que l’encodage de cette fameuse vidéo est daté du 19 octobre 2011, soit la veille du prétendu évènement. A lui seul, cet élément fait peser de forts doutes sur l’authenticité du document. Mais ce n’est pas tout, très loin s’en faut. La victime du lynchage, sur ce film, laisse apparaître une calvitie avancée, répartie du sommet à l’arrière du crâne, que l’on peut distinguer très nettement lorsqu’elle apparait de dos. Cette calvitie à la répartition spécifique ne correspond pas à ce que l’on sait de Mouammar Kadhafi.  Quelques autres détails pour le moins troublants -et c’est un euphémisme- sont mis en lumière par la vidéo anglophone suivante. On y pointe entre autres le fait que la présumée victime, présentant une blessure lui ensanglantant tout le côté gauche du visage, porte une chemise abondamment tâchée de sang, réparti de façon égale des deux côtés gauche et droit de la poitrine. Ce qui est pour le moins surprenant, puisque le sang dégoulinant de la partie gauche de la tête aurait dû marquer beaucoup plus abondamment le côté gauche de la chemise, en toute logique. Du reste, ce sang très abondant et éclatant fait irrésistiblement songer à du faux sang, tel qu’on en utilise dans les films et au théâtre.  La vidéo ci-dessous relève aussi deux détails fondamentaux : lorsqu’il est à terre, présumé mort et recroquevillé sur le côté, l’homme tâche le sol d’une importante flaque de sang, censé s’écouler de sa blessure sur le côté gauche du visage. On le retourne, la caméra change de plan puis revient sur lui. Et là, que constate-t-on ? Le sang a totalement disparu de cette moitié gauche de la tête !!! Comment une telle chose est-elle physiquement possible ? La photo présentée par Al Jazeera comme étant Kadhafi mort, censée avoir été prise au même moment, nous montre elle aussi un visage “propre”, sans traces sanguinolentes. Où est donc passé tout ce sang ? Comment a-t-il pu disparaitre ainsi, comme par magie, alors qu’il était visible en quantités très importantes pendant le lynchage, et qu’il a même fortement marqué le sol sous la tête ???   Voyez plutôt :

Avec cette douteuse vidéo de lynchage, ne serions-nous donc pas en présence d’une odieuse mise en scène, au cours de laquelle un sosie approximatif (sans doute un autre que celui qui est mentionné plus haut, car la ressemblance entre les deux est loin d’être flagrante) a endossé un rôle d’acteur ???
A cela, je souhaiterais aussi ajouter deux observations personnelles, qui m’ont interpellé : il y a beaucoup de bruitage, c’est très chaotique, on dit qu’il est sans cesse roué de coups…. Mais même en regardant bien, on ne voit à aucun moment de coups portés. En outre, à 2 ou 3 reprises, on voit des rats pro-CNT pointer une arme vers le sol et tirer en rafale (on entend le bruitage), vers l’homme à terre, mais apparemment, ça ne le touche pas , alors que ça devrait le tuer sur le coup. Ou au moins lui infliger de nouvelles blessures sanglantes très visibles. Bref ce sont là deux autres “détails” étranges…
En outre, dans cette fameuse vidéo, l’objectif s’attarde un moment sur un jeune à la physionomie très caractéristique, en proie à une véritable crise d’hystérie. Or, sur une autre vidéo montrant Mouatassim Kadhafi dans une pièce, tombé aux mains des “rebelles” et assassiné soi-disant au même moment que son père, on peut voir le même individu, qui s’exprime là aussi face à l’objectif !!!  Comment cela est-il donc possible ? Comment a-t-il pu se trouver au même moment sur le lieu du lynchage présumé de Mouammar Kadhafi, et dans la pièce dans lequel était détenu Mouatassim Kadhafi, juste avant sa mort ???  Cet individu est-il donc doué du pouvoir de bilocation ???…

libye,géopolitique et politique internationale

Regardez bien cette photo ci-dessus : où est donc passé tout le sang visible quelques

instants avant cette scène sur la partie gauche du visage, durant le lynchage ? Et puis,

cela ressemble-t-il vraiment à Mouammar Kadhafi ?…
Ah, mais il y a aussi les corps exposés à Misrata, et que des centaines voire des milliers

de personnes ont pu voir, me direz-vous. Justement, parlons-en, de ces corps de

Misrata. Savez-vous que les Libyens venus les voir n’ont pu le faire qu’à une distance

respectable, avec interdiction de s’en approcher de trop près ? Et pour cause… Car la

encore, la ressemblance s’avère pour le moins discutable. Ci-dessous, vous trouverez

une photographie du corps exposé à Misrata, et, pour comparaison, une photographie

du Guide bien vivant. Observez bien les deux profils, notamment le nez. Vous voyez la

différence ? N’est-il pas flagrant que les deux nez n’ont rien à voir l’un avec l’autre ?…


Le (soi-disant) corps de Mouammar Kadhafi a fait l’objet d’une autopsie, allez-vous me dire. Et… ? Qu’est-ce qui permet d’avoir la certitude que les résultats officiels d’une autopsie commanditée par l’OTAN/CNT sont fiables, au juste ?…
D’ailleurs, dans un premier temps, le CNT a tout bonnement décidé de ne pas procéder à une autopsie…avant de se raviser sous la pression de ceux qui s’indignaient d’un refus aussi suspect. Que cherche -ou cherchait- donc à cacher le CNT ?

Dans la nuit du 24 au 25 octobre, ou plutôt au premières heures du 25 octobre, si l’on en croit les médias officiels, les corps ont été enterrés en catimini en plein désert. Comble de l’ignominie. Ils auraient été inhumés dans un lieu tenu secret… Bah voyons. Tant qu’à faire…  Bien entendu, aucun membre de la famille proche n’a pu les voir et les reconnaître. Pourquoi, à votre avis ?
J’ai pour ma part l’intime conviction qu’ils ont soit enterré le corps d’un malheureux sosie (Ali Majid Al-Andalus ?) , soit qu’ils n’ont en fait rien enterré du tout, si le prétendu corps n’était qu’un “fake”, un leurre confectionné pour la “bonne” cause…

Vous en voulez encore ? Eh bien soit ! Voici un autre détail pour le moins troublant : le fameux “pistolet d’or”. Cette arme de collection, qui avait été offerte à Mouammar Kadhafi, a déjà été prise le 27 août 2011 dans les ruines de Bab EL Aziziya, lors de la chute de ce QG de Kadhafi à Tripoli. A cette occasion, les rats pro-CNT n’ont pas manqué de l’exhiber tel un trophée, devant les caméras de télévision du monde entier. Or, qu’a-t-on pu voir sur les écrans de TV, le 20 octobre 2011 ? Les “rebelles” ayant soi-disant capturé Kadhafi, exhibant ce même pistolet doré qu’ils auraient, parait-il, trouvé sur le Guide !!!
Bizarre autant qu’étrange, non ???


A présent, posons nous juste quelques questions de bon sens :

-Imagine-t-on sérieusement  Mouammar Kadhafi partir au combat avec une arme légère de prestige et de collection ?…

-Pourquoi le Guide aurait-il commis l’imprudence folle de se mettre en danger dans le guêpier de Syrte, dont la stuation était désespérée et la chute inévitable, au lieu de rester à l’abri dans le sud du pays, là où la Résistance verte restait forte, et là où les frontières des Etats voisins étaient proches, pour s’y réfugier en cas de coup dur ? Comment peut-on l’imaginer se fourvoyer dans une impasse aussi évidente ?…

-Comment a-t-il donc fait pour se rendre à Syrte à partir de Tripoli, après la chute de cette dernière, alors que pour ce faire, il lui aurait fallu passer par Misrata, déjà occupée par les pro-CNT ? Et le tout en échappant à la vigilance de l’OTAN ?!?…

-Est-ce un hasard si l’annonce de la prétendue mort de Kadhafi est survenue, comme par “miracle”, juste deux jours après la visite d’Hillary Clinton à Tripoli, où elle a précisément déclaré qu’elle espérait que Kadhafi serait “arrêté ou tué bientôt” ?…

-N’est-il pas évident que l’OTAN avait justement besoin de ce prétexte salutaire de la mort de Kadhafi pour arrêter les frais d’une guerre interminable et très coûteuse, et pour annoncer que le gros de ses troupes allait plier bagages à compter du 31 octobre 2011 ?… N’est-il pas évident que le CNT, lui aussi, avait tout intérêt à donner ce gage à ses protecteurs de l’OTAN, pour pouvoir proclamer au plus vite une prétendue “libération totale” du pays ?…

-Si cette prétendue mort du Guide Mouammar Kadhafi n’est qu’un gigantesque mensonge, ne peut-il avoir pour but de forcer Kadhafi à se montrer pour démentir, ce qui permettrait de le localiser ? Tout simplement parce que l’OTAN/CNT a en fait perdu toute trace de lui depuis longtemps ?…

-Est-il nécessairement dans l’intérêt de Kadhafi de démentir le mensonge dès maintenant, alors qu’il serait sans doute plus judicieux d’attendre quelque temps avant de le faire ?… Du reste, est-il même forcément dans l’intérêt des deux parties de procéder dès maintenant à un si spectaculaire démenti ?… Ne pensez-vous pas qu’il est très possible que celui-ci survienne  plus tard, quand le temps sera venu, dans plusieurs jours, semaines voire mois ?…

Etc etc.

Voila quelques-unes des questions qu’il convient à présent de se poser, au lieu de pleurnicher et de se lamenter en prenant pour argent comptant ce qu’ont bien voulu nous conter les services de propagande du CNT et de l’OTAN. Ceux-ci sont devenus experts ès médiamensonges et sont capables d’absolument tout en la matière, comme ils nous l’ont déjà démontré à moultes reprises au cours de cette guerre infâme, dès son début.

Sachons garder un peu de recul, et rester prudents. Les doutes subsistent, et de plus en plus. Ils sont très nombreux, et tout à fait recevables, car légitimement fondés. Peut-être qu’après tout, il est vrai que Mouammar Kadhafi soit mort. C’est une possibilité. Mais qu’il soit au moins permis de se poser des questions tant que subsistent des zones d’ombre, et tant qu’il y a controverse sur divers “détails” discutables… Ce qui semble de plus en plus évident, en tout cas, c’est que toutes les images et prétendues “preuves” de cette mort que l’on nous a servies jusqu’à présent sont pour le moins douteuses, et donc très vraisemblablement mensongères.

Sachez garder la tête froide, et analyser les choses avec rationalité. Il faut savoir surmonter ses émotions, pour avoir un minimum d’objectivité et, ainsi, avoir une chance de ne pas gober n’importe quoi. Doutez, analysez, investiguez. Sans quoi vous ferez tout simplement leur jeu, consciemment ou non…
Espérez et attendez.
AJOUT du 30 octobre 2011 :
lire également ceci :…


Décès présumé de Kadhafi: les doutes persistent

En plus de mon article daté du 25 Octobre, 2011 (

/10/25/la-m … ), l’honnêteté m’oblige à signaler une «nouvelle vidéo” de la prétendue lynchage

de Mouammar Kadhafi, a ajouté sur Youtube Octobre 28:

Au-delà du caractère difficile de maintenir dans cette séquence, nous notons en particulier

l’apparition de la scène, décrite comme contesté que le photomontage, comme je l’ai signalé

dans mon article précédent:


Un autre coup de la même scène, avec une meilleure définition, mais capturé à un autre

moment, comme en témoignent les quelques différences:


En outre, il donne l’impression de ne pas diffuser ont été tournés dans les mêmes locaux

que la vidéo du lynchage des plus connus et les plus largement distribuées, ce “nouveau”

film appelé les réflexions suivantes:

– La photographie, si elle n’est finalement pas un montage , elle a ensuite été extrait

de cette séquence? Ou, au contraire, la séquence a été tournée il a ensuite pour

donner de la crédibilité à l’authenticité de la photo en question? …

-. Dans cette séquence, Mouammar Kadhafi, ou l’individu censé être Mouammar

Kadhafi apparaît, mourants ou déjà morts Évidemment, cette scène est censée

avoir été prise après la scène de lynchage des plus connus et les plus largement

distribués, où il apparaît très sérieusement blessé mais toujours vivant. Toutefois,

le nouveau film, il n’ya aucune trace évidente d’abondantes sanglante couvrant tout

le côté gauche de son visage. Où est tout ce sang avait dans l’intervalle? Comment

la perte de tant de sang est c’est physiquement possible? Le «détail» est d’une

importance primordiale, et doit en particulier être noté.

– Quel est le codage réel de cette vidéo at-elle été tournée Octobre 20, 2011,

ou at-elle été à une date antérieure ou plus tard? …

– Est-ce le lynchage réel de Mouammar Kadhafi, que d’un double malheur, ou

une mise en scène intelligente fabriquée en utilisant les services d’un acteur-like,

ou même l’utilisation d’un modèle réaliste? …

– L’approvisionnement en électricité a été totalement coupée à Syrte et la région

environnante, bien avant la chute de la ville, comment est-il alors que les rebelles

pro-CNT, dont les assiégés, ont pu avoir des batteries de téléphone portable

rechargé au film ces scènes? …

– Pourquoi, dans les derniers instants de la “nouvelle” vidéo, nous pouvons

voir certains de ces rebelles de quitter plusieurs véhicules, même si, compte

tenu de l’importance historique de l’événement supposé, il aurait été plus

plausible qu’elles demeurent en place jusqu’à la fin, pour assister à toute la scène?

Ou c’est juste le passage des véhicules sans s’arrêter? N’est-ce pas un détail curieux?

De nombreux points qui, loin de doutes, appelez le lieu de nouvelles questions.
Surtout concernant l’absence de toute marque sanglante moitié gauche du visage,

ce qui est particulièrement fascinant .. .



Gaddafi’s death: an unprecedented disinformation? …

The alleged demise of Muammar Gaddafi proclaimed October 20, 2011, would report it in

fact a diabolical plot, and it would not actually a company handling enormous, unprecedented? …
In addition to multiple versions more or less official death that were made ​​initially, and

demonstrate conclusively that most of these versions, if not all, are false, there is no need

to be an end bloodhound to meet too many gray areas that open the door for doubt and

speculation the most diverse.
These shadows and details of these more than doubtful for the most part already been

pointed here and there, through various documents in any language circulating on the

internet. However, to my knowledge, there is currently no review article summarizing

French, as a single text, photographic and video-in support, all the driver of the doubt.
I therefore propose, in all humility, to remedy by this unfortunate deficiency. Three-

quarters of people wrong in all sincerity, taking for granted what is, in my humble

opinion, a great transaction of intoxication. I may be wrong myself, because it may

be really dead, unfortunately … But what I am now almost certain is that all the images

and the “evidence” that we were served so far are false. The more or less near future will

perhaps ultimately due to all those and all those who, like me, doubt very much …

At least I hope so!

First, let me draw your attention to this famous photograph, taken extensively by

the media worldwide, and has every appearance of a rough assembly, like the one

that had circulated at the time of the announcement of the death of bin Laden (the

hoax was quickly unmasked). This illustration clearly shows the process steps:


The photo used as the basis for this arrangement is this:


The other photograph of Muammar Gaddafi allegedly died flowing, drawn from a sordid video of

rats pro-CNT gloat around the body, is as follows.Do you really like your face?
Where are past the wrinkles facial features of Muammar Gaddafi?
Would he be made ​​a “lifting”, just before his death? …
A joke do you?
In addition, this face does a very distant resemblance to that which appears in the appalling video

of lynching, it seems filmed using a mobile phone that everyone or almost had the opportunity to

view. Is it necessary to recall that there are at least a dozen look-alikes of Muammar Gaddafi,

recognized as such? At last, it seems that this face has been identified. It was actually a man

named Ali Majid Al-Andalus, a resident of Sirte (would like …), precisely known in Libya

for its resemblance to the Guide.Note the differences clearly visible. Even the taste is different.

Even the facial hair does not exactly the same location! :


This corpse, if it is a, is clearly that of Ali Majid Al-Andalus, and not that of Muammar Gaddafi. Why do I say “if it is a good”? Because even that, it’s not even sure! The gruesome video that this photo is taken, the body exhibited, whose head is raised in front of the camera, this one troubling aspect that has something wrong, as if we were actually dealing with a wax figure, or something of this nature … Do you know that it is now possible to manufacture a fake dead stunning realism? For information about this, I invite you to watch this unbelievable video that reflects much of what it is now possible to:
Gaddafi. death, no kidding … by General_resistant

There is this horrible lynching video, you will object. Certainly, yes. But the authenticity of that video, precisely, is also highly questionable! First, note that the encoding of this famous video is dated October 19, 2011, the day before the alleged event. By itself, this element puts strong doubts about the authenticity of the document. But that’s not all, far from it. The victim of the lynching, this film shows a balding advanced distributed from the top to the back of the skull, which can distinguish very clearly when it appears from the back. This pattern baldness to the specific distribution does not correspond to what is known about Muammar Gaddafi. A few other details to the least-disturbing to say the least, are highlighted in the video speaking next. It points including the fact that the alleged victim, bloodying him with a wound across the left side of the face, wearing a shirt stained with blood abundantly, evenly distributed on both left and right sides of the chest. This is somewhat surprising, since the blood dripping from the left side of the head should have scored much more extensively the left side of the shirt, logically. Moreover, the blood abundant and striking irresistibly think of fake blood, such as is used in films and theater. The video below is also two basic details: when on the ground, curled up and presumed dead on the side, the man work the floor of a large pool of blood, supposed to flow from the wound on the side left of the face. It returns the camera changes its plan and then back on him. And there, as do we see? The blood has completely disappeared from the left side of the head! How such a thing is it physically possible? Photo by Al Jazeera as Gaddafi death, supposed to have been taken at the same time, shows us also face a “clean”, without bloody traces. Where did all this blood?

How did he disappear and, like magic, when it was visible in large quantities during the lynching, and he even strongly influenced the soil under the head?? Consider:

With this dubious video lynching, would we not in the presence of an odious staging, in which a double approximate (probably other than that mentioned above, for the resemblance between the two is far from obvious) has assumed a role as an actor??
To this I would also like to add two observations, which struck me: there are lots of sound effects is very chaotic, is said to be constantly beaten …. Even looking good, we do not see any time of blows. In addition, 2 or 3 times, you see rats pro-CNT point a weapon at the ground and shoot in bursts (we hear the sound effects), to the man on the ground, but apparently it does not touch him, then it would kill him instantly. Or at least inflict new wounds bleeding very visible. In short these are two other “details” strange …
Moreover, in the famous video, the objective focuses on a young one moment to the very characteristic appearance, facing a real crisis of hysteria. But on another video showing Mouatassim Gaddafi in a room, fell to the “rebels” and allegedly murdered at the same time that his father, one can see the same individual, which is expressed again facing the camera ! How is this possible? How could he be at the same time the scene of the lynching alleged Muammar Gaddafi, and the room in which was held Mouatassim Kadhafi, just before his death?? This individual is he endowed with the power of bilocation ???…

libye,géopolitique et politique internationale

Watch out this photo above: where did all the blood visible moments before this scene on the left side of the face during the lynching? And it looks like he really Muammar Gaddafi? …

Ah, but there are also the body exposed to Misrata, and hundreds or thousands of people could see, you say. Exactly, let’s talk about, these body Misrata. Did you know that the Libyans could not come to see them do that at a respectable distance, and forbidden to approach too closely?And for good reason … Because again, the similarity is at least questionable. Below you will find a photograph of the body exposed to Misrata, and, for comparison, a photograph of the guide alive. Observe the two profiles, especially the nose. You see the difference? Is not it obvious that the two face have nothing to do with each other? …


The (supposedly) body Muammar Gaddafi has been the subject of an autopsy, will you tell me. Et .. ? What can be certain that the official results of an autopsy ordered by NATO / CNT are reliable, exactly? …
Moreover, in a first step, the CNT has simply decided not to perform an autopsy before … to reconsider under pressure from those who were indignant refusal as a suspect. Is looking for-or-so trying to hide the CNT?

On the night of October 24 to 25, or rather early hours of October 25, if one believes the official media, the bodies were buried in secret in the desert. Height of ignominy. They were buried in an undisclosed location …Well see. As long as you do … Of course, no member of the immediate family could see and recognize. Why do you think?
For my part I strongly believe they should be buried the body of an unfortunate double (Ali Majid Al-Andalus?), Or they were caused not buried at all, if the alleged body was a “fake” an illusion crafted for the “good” cause …

You want more? So be it! Here is another detail to say the least disturbing the famous “Golden Gun”. This weapon collection, which was offered to Muammar Gaddafi, has already been taken August 27, 2011 in the ruins of Bab El Aziziyah, during the fall of HQ Gaddafi in Tripoli. On this occasion, the rats pro-CNT were quick to show it as a trophy in front of television cameras from around the world. But what did we have seen on TV screens, October 20, 2011? The “rebels” who supposedly captured Gaddafi, showing the same gun they had gold, it seems, found on the Guide!
Bizarre as strange, right??


Now, let us just a few common sense questions:

Imagine-Does anyone seriously Muammar Gaddafi going into battle with small arms and prestige collection? …

Guide-Why would he imprudently foolish to endanger the nest of Sirte, which stuation was desperate and inevitable fall, instead of staying in the shelter of the south, where the green strength remained strong, and where the borders of neighboring states were close, to take refuge in case of blow? How can you imagine going astray at an impasse as obvious? …

-How has he done to get to Sirte from Tripoli, after the fall of the latter, when to do so, he would have had to go through Misrata, already occupied by the pro-CNT? And while escaping the vigilance of NATO ?!?…

-Is it a coincidence that the announcement of the alleged death of Qaddafi has occurred, such as “miracle”, just two days after Hillary Clinton’s visit to Tripoli, where she specifically said she hoped that Qaddafi would “arrested or killed soon”? …

-Is it not obvious that NATO had just need the excuse of saving the death of Qaddafi to stop the costs of a protracted and costly war, and to announce that the bulk of his troops would pack up to As of October 31, 2011? … Is not it obvious that the CNT, too, had a vested interest in giving this pledge to his patrons of NATO, in order to proclaim to the faster an alleged “total liberation” of the country? …

-If the alleged death of Libyan leader Moammar Kadhafi is just one big lie, can it be intended to force Qaddafi to appear to deny, which would locate it? Just because NATO / CNT has actually lost track of him long ago? …

-Is it necessary in the interests of Gaddafi to deny the lie now, then it might be wiser to wait some time before doing so? … Besides, is it even necessarily in the interest of both parties to proceed immediately to a denial so spectacular? … Do not you think it is very possible that it occurs later, when the time comes, in days, weeks or even months? …

Etc. etc..

Here are some questions that should now be asked, instead of whining and lamenting, taking for granted what has been kind enough to tell us the services of CNT propaganda and NATO. They have

become experts ès media lies and are capable of absolutely anything in this field, as they have already shown us on many occasions during this infamous war, from the beginning.

Let us keep one step back, and be careful. Doubts remain, and more.They are very numerous, and quite acceptable, as legitimately based.Perhaps, after all, it is true that Muammar Gaddafi is dead.

Is a possibility. But it is at least allowed to ask questions as gray areas remain, and while there is controversy over various “details” questionable … What seems increasingly clear, at least is that

all images and so-called “evidence” of his death that we were served so far are at best dubious, and therefore very likely false.

Know a cool head, and analyze things with rationality. You have to know to overcome his emotions, for a minimum of objectivity and thus have a chance not to swallow anything. Doubt, analyze, investigate. Otherwise you’ll just their game, consciously or not …
Hope and wait.
ADD 30 October 2011:
Read also this: …


Presumed death of Qaddafi: doubts persist

In addition to my article dated October 25, 2011 ( … ), honesty compels me to report a ” new video “of the alleged lynching of Muammar Gaddafi, added on Youtube October 28:

Beyond the character difficult to sustain in this sequence, we note especially the appearance of the scene, described as contested as photomontage, as I reported in my previous article:


Another shot of the same scene, with better definition but captured at another time, as evidenced by some differences:


In addition it gives the impression of diffuse not have been shot on the same premises as the video of lynching the best known and most widely distributed, this “new” movie called the following reflections:

– The photograph, though it is ultimately not a montage, she was then extracted from this sequence? Or, on the contrary, the sequence was it subsequently turned to give credibility to the authenticity of the photo in question? …

– In this sequence, Muammar Gaddafi, or the individual supposed to be Muammar Gaddafi appears, dying or already dead. Obviously, this scene is supposed to have been shot after the lynching scene of the best known and most widely distributed, where it appears very seriously injured but still alive. However, the new film, there is no obvious trace of bloody abundant covering the entire left side of his face. Where is all this blood had in the meantime? How the loss of so much blood is it physically possible? The “detail” is of paramount importance, and should especially be noted.

– When is the actual encoding of this video? Has it been touring October 20, 2011, or has she been at an earlier date or later? …

– Is this the real lynching of Muammar Gaddafi, that of an unfortunate double, or a clever staging fabricated, using the services of an actor-like, or even the Using a realistic model? …

– The electricity supply was totally cut off in Sirte and the surrounding area well before the fall of the city, how is it then that the rebel pro-CNT, which the besieged, were able to have cell phone batteries recharged to film those scenes? …

– Why, in the final moments of the “new” video, can we see some of these rebels to leave several vehicles, even though, given the historical significance of the supposed event, it would have been more plausible that they remain in place until the end, to witness the entire scene? Or is it just passing vehicles without stopping? Is not this a curious detail?

Many points which, far from doubts, call instead of new questions.
Especially regarding the absence of any bloody marks left half of the face, which is particularly intriguing …


The truth is viral

Government, Parliament and military forces of Sweden reported for war crimes in Libya

Posted: 2011/11/22
From: Source
Report on serious offences subject to public prosecution including violations of international law, genocide, terrorism and financing of terrorism.

November 4, 2011

The International Prosecution Chamber in Stockholm

Box 70296
107 22 Stockholm

Report on serious offences subject to public prosecution

The offences include violations of international law,1 genocide,2 terrorism,3 and financing of terrorism.4


Until March 2011, Libya was a sovereign secular state, ranked by the United Nations as a “High Human Development” country in a global context5(HDI ranking 53 out 194, ahead of countries like Russia and Brazil) and the most advanced country on the continent of Africa.6  As late as January 4, 2011 – just weeks before the war started – several UN members applauded Libya’s continued commitment to upholding human rights.7

Today, seven months later, Libya has – as a result of decisions and actions by individuals, i.e., within the Swedish government and Sweden’s military forces – been turned into a bombed-out war zone with up to a million refugees8,  under the control of a “National Transitional Council” (NTC) which is in the process of turning Libya into a theocracy regulated by Islamic Sharia law.9

The leadership and cadre of the NTC rebels is dominated by past and present members10 of designated terrorist organizations11  such as Al-Qaeda (AQ, AQI, AQIM)12 and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).13

The council is presently headed by a de facto triumvirate – holding executive/financial/military power:

  1. Mahmoud Jibril – educated, a university lecturer, and for several years resident in the US, and whose studies were mentored by a renowned CIA case officer working for the CIA in Iran during the CIA/staged coup there in 1953.14
  2. An American economics professor by the name ofAli Tarhouni.15
  3. A senior Al-Qaeda asset/educator/leader, previously operating in Afghanistan and Iraq, but who currently acts under the name of Bel Hadj,  as the Commander in Chief for the NTC as well as military dictator of Tripoli.16

On March 19, 2011, two days after the adoption of UN resolution 1973, this NTC/Al-Qaeda/LIFG rebel council announced the creation of a new Central Bank and a new oil company.17  Starting a “revolution” with the creation of a new Central Bank may be a possible “first” in world history and casts the long shadow of, as yet unidentified, international financial actors over the war against Libya.18

The war

The pretext and framework for the attack on Libya by Sweden and other countries was United Nations Resolution 1973.  This resolution authorized a ban on flights and measures “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas”, whilst excluding “a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory”.19

The reality, at the outset,  is that participants in the NATO-led war were already in violation of Resolution 1973 and that the motive was not to protect civilians – but regime-change.

Testimony by former NATO military commander, General Wesley Clarke, confirms that, as early as 2001, the Pentagon was instructed to prepare for war against Libya20 – i.e., long before Libya was reported as a “problem” somehow in need of a “solution”.

Thus, the backdrop carries distinct echoes of colonialism,21 spiced with the general geostrategical redrawing of the entire Middle East, set in motion by the attacks in the US on September 11, 200122 and envisaged by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).23

The event that is said to have triggered NATO’s attack on Libya was the Libyan government’s own attempts to restore order and protect civilians in the Benghazi area, where an estimated one thousand jihadists24 (Al-Qaeda/LIFG) had stormed military storage facilities, and armed themselves and started to shoot up the neighbourhood.

Given the miniscule size and poor-to-non-existent training of this “rebel” contingent,25 the successful containment and disarmament of these rebels by the Libyan Government should have been a foregone conclusion – had it not been for the intervention of French and, subsequently, US airpower on the side of these Al-Qaeda jihadists.26

Since March 31, 2011, NATO has conducted 9658 air strike sorties,27  averaging 46-47 strike missions per day for 207 days. When assessing the gravity of the war crimes reported here, this massive air campaign needs to be contrasted against the realities on the ground.

What are these realities?

Even before UN Resolution 1973, Libya was reported to have no effective air force.28  Moreover, and in regional terms, Libya did not have much of a military to speak of, in the first place.

For example, indicated by the chart below,  whereas neighbouring countries in the first decade of the 21st century escalated their military expenditures, Libya did the opposite.29

In fact, Libya under Qaddafi, was a remarkably constructive factor in the region – Qaddafi  being the founding father of the African Union.30

Reported war casualties vary widely.31  What is clear is that the involvement of the armed forces of Sweden and other countries changed the outcome of what would have been the orderly neutralization of a local fringe Al-Qaeda/LIFG flurry into a full-scale regime-change (for the worse) with a death toll, injured and refugees to a very different order of magnitude.

Some key-points:

  • The attack on Tripoli: There are reports that the NTC/Al-Qaeda/LIFG ground assault on Tripoli, July 20, 2011, was amphibious (supported by NATO ships) and planned , directed and led by NATO officers, also on the ground.32  The way in which the reported NATO-led rebels were at all able to progress through Tripoli was by NATO Apache attack helicopters strafing the streets to clear it of civilians.33
  • The attack on Sirte:34 Coordinated with NATO’s massive bombing campaign against the city were the rebels cordoning it off,  – preventing civilians from leaving who were  attempting to escape the carnage.
    Why would the Swedish government, or any other government, for that matter, wish to prevent civilians from escaping an event that, by observers, has been likened with the town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War?35
    The level of popular support enjoyed by the Qaddafi Government, as reflected by the resistance of the inhabitants of, among other places, Tripoli and Sirte, indicates that the Libyan people in vast numbers view the Qaddafi government as the only legitimate government.36
  • Genocide on black Libyans:37 Numerous reports exists on the apparent racist agenda of the NTC/Al-Qaeda/LIFG rebels as they seek out and kill black people.38  Substantiated, as these reports are, the instigators of this as a generic policy in the war may not necessarily have been Al-Qaeda or the LIFG.
  • The role of NATO’s so-called Special Forces (SF) units: There also exists high-profile testimonies of how Danish and French SF-units engaged in and set up a policy of publicly decapitating black Libyans in order to terrorize the civilian population of Tripoli into submission39 under the capital’s newly installed military dictator, Bel Hadj.
  • The destruction of the Great Man-Made River project:40  NATO’s wholesale destruction of Lybia’s world-renowned Great Man-Made River Project is a text-book example of crimes against International Law. Not only did NATO destroy the world’s most advanced water project – it also destroyed the factory capable of repairing this vital civilian infrastructure.
  • Use of inhumane weapons such as depleted uranium41 and cluster bombs:42 Evidence points to the possibility of both cluster bombs and depleted uranium being used by NATO in Libya.
  • The foreign occupation force, prohibited by UN resolution 1973, is in fact what the NATO-led war is all about, both tactically – with military ground force elements – and strategically – with the installation of a puppet terrorist-designated regime controlled by Anglo-American interests.

The offences

As a result of initiatives taken by members in the Swedish Government, made possible by individuals in the Swedish Parliament, and carried out by individuals in the Swedish military, the state of Sweden today shares responsibility for the transformation of the most humanitarian and successful state on the African continent into a third-world war zone, run by a conglomerate of terrorist-designated rebels over which the agendas of Anglo-American intelligence and banking oligarchs cast their long shadow.

For more details on casualties, the destruction of civilian life, and civilian infrastructure brought by the military forces of Sweden and other countries, consider the Libya reports from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.43

Given existing international agreements and the clear violations committed by the participants of NATO’s Unified Protector campaign, of the intent and boundaries set by UN Resolution 1973, it is evident that crimes falling, among others, under the following categories have been and are being committed:

  1. War of aggression
  2. Crimes against humanity
  3. Genocide

These crimes were not the result of mission-drift or mission-swings – but were pre-mediated for the purpose of imposing regime-change in Libya in violation of International Law.

Given the international consensus of the designation of, among others, Al-Qaeda and LIFG as “terrorists”, it is also evident that the following crimes have been and are being committed by the individuals reported here:

  1. Terrorism
  2. Failure to report on Terrorism
  3. Support of Terrorism
  4. Financing of Terrorism

Dates and Periods:

  1. March 29, 2011 Cabinet Meeting44
  2. March 30, 2011 Start of Sweden’s military operation FL0145
  3. April 1, 2011 Parliament vote46
  4. June 9, 2011 Cabinet Meeting47
  5. June 17, 2011 Parliament vote48
  6. July 1, 2011 Start of Sweden’s military operation FL0249
  7. September 15, 2011 Cabinet Meeting50
  8. September 21, 2011 Parliament vote51


Click here to see the suspects.

These MPs, listed below, voted in favor of the war at event 3 and later abstained:

Björlund, Torbjörn
Brink, Josefin *
Dinamarca, Rossana *
Johnson, Jacob
Linde, Hans *
Olofsson, Eva
Olsson, Lena
Persson, Kent
Sjöstedt, Jonas *
Lillemets, Annika *

Interviews with Brink, Dinamarca, Linde, Sjöstedt, and Lillemets (marked with * above) confirm that the reason for abstaining was the realization that the Swedish government was in violation of UN Resolution 1973 in its participation of the NATO-led war.52

Key suspects in the Swedish military:

Reported individuals from Sweden’s military establishment include the chain of command from Commander-in-Chief Sverker Göransson, down to all personnel who are part of the FL01/FL02/infoop operations . This also includes any staff members in Sweden involved in the planning, directing and execution of these operations, as well as, possibly, members of units such as Special Operations Group (SOG) and the parachute regiment at K3 and which may have been involved in the clandestine parts of the war against Libya in 2011 – including the atrocities reportedly committed by French and Danish SF units.


  1. United Nations resolution 1973
  2. United Nation’s Human Development Report 2010
  3. Background paper: “How Al Qaeda men came to power in Libya”, Thierry Meyssan, Sep 7, 2011
  4. West Point study: “Al-Qaida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq” Dec 19, 2007
  5. Government Proposal: 2010/11:117 March 29, 2011
  6. Government Proposal: 2010/11:127 June 9, 2011
  7. Government Proposal: 2011/12:5 September 15, 2011
  8. Video depicting use of cluster bombs by aircrafts
  9. NTC Draft Constitutional Charter
  10. “Libya’s Lessons”, Ben Barry, Survival, vol. 53, issue 5. Summary of the war from a western perspective.
  11. Testimony former NATO Chief General Wesley Clarke March 2, 2007
  12. Testimony Lizzie Phelan, Oct 4, 2011
  13. Walter Fauntroy article, Sep 7, 2011
  14. The Sirte Declaration 1999.
  15. Rebuilding Americas Defenses, Project for a New American Century, 2000.

November 4, 2011

Kristoffer Hell
Peter Pettersson
Yrsa Häggström
Leif Erlingsson
Leif Bengtsson

About Yellow Bird

I am a teacher and used to live in Tripoli.

ARAB WORLD | 22.11.2011

More questions than answers about NATO’s Libya role

The reasons and the consequences behind NATO’s bombing on the Libyan town of Majer still remain unclear three months on. Deutsche Welle visited the scene of one of the darkest episodes in Libya’s war.

Ali Ahmed welcomes us into a makeshift funeral chapel set up amid the rubble of his former house. Once inside, it’s impossible to avoid gazing at the 35 portraits hanging on the walls of this small room.

Majer, a town 160 kilometers (99 miles) east of Tripoli, used to be known for its delicious juice made from dates. But since August 8, Majer has been a name closely linked to what may have been NATO’s biggest massacre in Libya. One of the residents, Ali Ahmed, was a witness to those events.

“There was a giant blast just after 11 pm. Everything happened very quickly,” Ali told Deutsche Welle before pointing to the portrait of Anan, his sister. Two 500-pound bombs dropped from the air sandwiched the three floors of this house killing 14 people – five of them children – and injuring many more.

Ali was lucky because he was sleeping in his room on the ground floor, the only one which was not reduced to rubble. Around us, mattresses, shoes and books still litter the area.

“There were two more families at home, one from Benghazi and ours,” Ayed Hamid, another survivor, told Deutsche Welle. He lost his brother Salim. Three of the five children killed were his nephews.

“Do you know why NATO bombed our house?” asked Ayed, with a genuine sense of curiosity that seemed to belie his pain.

Apart from the 14 victims of that house, 21 other people were trapped in the debris of another residence that came under attack. Two other homes were also destroyed that night but they were empty.portraits on a wallSome of the 35 alleged victims of NATO’s strike in Majer

Muhammed Ali Jarud survived the strike on the second house.

“The first was after 11 pm. By 1am many people had gathered to help us rescue the bodies from the rubble, and then came another bomb,” he told Deutsche Welle. The 26-year old lost his mother in the bombing but also a sister, her husband and their eight-day-old baby. He says three other relatives, who suffered terrible injuries, were sent to Germany for surgery.

“We had gathered for the iftar – the meal that breaks the daily fast during the month of Ramadan,” Muhammed recalled. Today he works hard with three friends to rebuild a house to move into before winter comes.

“We always help each other, otherwise we would not be able to survive,” said Muhammed, who only agreed to talk to us once we were out of sight of Majer’s new authorities.

“We have many problems with the rebel militias and we don’t want to be spotted talking to journalists.”

Muhammed’s fears are not unfounded as arbitrary arrests in Gadhafi’s former strongholds are a common occurrence in post-revolution Libya.

Chain of lies

What exactly happened in Majer is difficult to reconstruct. Most of those affected are remaining silent as is the mainstream media. It’s impossible to retrace the events in Majer with the information provided by the former government, the handful of reporters who were taken on a daytrip from Tripoli and NATO’s reports. At this point, many feel that the only certain thing about Majer is that somebody, if not everybody, is next to destroyed houseAli Ahmed claims his house was obliterated in a NATO strike

On the morning of August 9, then Gadhafi spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, accompanied a delegation of foreign journalists to the scene. The figures provided by the Libyan government and repeated by Ibrahim himself spoke of 85 victims, including 33 children. The journalists were shown 30 bodies in the local morgue. The other 50 had reportedly been transferred to other family burial places and the badly wounded to Tripoli.

According to Ibrahim, NATO’s of bombing Majer was meant “to clear the way for rebels to advance on the embattled Gadhafi-controlled city of Zlitan, 10 kilometers to the north.”

“This is a crime beyond imagination,” concluded Gadhafi’s spokesman.

After Ibrahim’s statements, foreign journalists attended the funeral of 28 bodies, each covered with the green flag representing Libya’s ousted regime.

Forty-eight hours after the first bomb destroyed Ahmed’s house, NATO claimed to have a comprehensive record of what had happened. “Four buildings and nine vehicles targeted the site between 23.33 on Monday and 02.34 on Tuesday.”

The times of the attacks matched the testimonies of Majer residents, but not the description of the objectives.

“Our assessment, based on the level of destruction of the buildings, confirms the likelihood of military and mercenary casualties. The allegation of civilian casualties made by the Gadhafi regime was not corroborated by available factual information at the site,” explained NATO’s deputy spokeswowman, Carmen Romero, and Colonel Roland Lavoie at a joint Naples-Brussels press conference. “We always take extraordinary measures before a strike to protect civilians,” added Lavoie.

Nothing from NATO

Libyen policemenLibyan rebels have acknowledged NATO’s decisive role in the warDespite the numerous requests by Amnesty International and the United Nations to investigate alleged civilian casualties in Majer as well as in the rest of Libya, NATO appears to be sticking to the same protocol as in Afghanistan by systematically denying any accusations and, therefore, closing the doors on any further investigations.

Like many others, nobody has apologized to Milad Ibrahim for his terrible loss. The 33-year old gets emotional every time he visits his brother’s grave. He knows Mustafa has been laid to rest in an area of around 20 square feet, but not exactly where. However, he always says his prayers from the northern section of the humble graveyard.

“We buried the remains of the men on this side and the womens’ on the other. We could not identify many of the bodies,” Milad told Deutsche Welle, while keeping an eye on the militia’s patrols criss-crossing Majer in their pick-up trucks.

Three months after NATO’s strikes, recognition of any kind for Ibrahim and the rest of the families seems further away than ever. There is no reason why their claims should be taken at face value but everything here suggests that something significant happened last August.

For now it seems that for many of those families, their treatment at the hands of Libya’s new regime may well be the more pressing issue.

Author: Karlos Zurutuza, Majer, Libya
Editor: Rob Mudge

UPDATE LIBYA….Libya – Fighting continues in Libya (22 November 2011)
Zengtena According to the news of yesterday and today in Libya are:

– Clashes between fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya in Tripoli. Several wounded on the rebel side.
The fighting between the tribes and the rebel Laejilates Zouara Malita in the region.
Strong explosions in the evening yesterday in Tripoli.

Libye – Le chef de la sécurité de Jamahiriya Abdellah El Senoussi est toujours libre (23 novembre 2011)

Publié le 23/11/2011 à 01:02 – 168 visites
Source :

ALGERIA ISP / Selon Akhbar Elmokawama Libya, la télévision El Rai a confirmé que le chef de la sécurité de Jamahiriya Abdellah El Senoussi est toujours libre.
Ce que le CNT a annoncé 24h après l’arrestation du moudjahid Seif El Islam, de leur capture de
Abdellah El Senoussi n’est autre qu’un mensonge.

The fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya targeted and destroyed a helicopter Brega.

Three most important posts which defines the sovereignty of Libya is given to US puppets, the chief of the military is given to the long time US agents Khalifa Haftar, known for his treasonous activities and terror operations conducted from US soil. [14]

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Elmokawama Libya, AlRai TV confirmed that the Libyan Chief of securityAbdellah El Senoussi is still free.
What the CNT announced 24 hours after the arrest of MujahidSeif El Islam, of their capture
of Abdellah El Senoussi is a lie. [15]

“A tribunal in Malaysia, spearheaded by that nation’s former Prime Minister, yesterday found George Bush and Tony Blair guilty of “crimes against peace” and other war crimes for their 2003 aggressive attack on Iraq, as well as fabricating pretexts used to justify the attack. The seven-member Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal — which featured an American law professor as one of its chief prosecutors — has no formal enforcement power, but wasmodeled after a 1967 tribunal in Sweden and Denmark that found the U.S. guilty of a war of aggression in Vietnam, and, even more so, after the U.S.-led Nuremberg Tribunal held after World War II. Just as the U.S. steadfastly ignored the 1967 tribunal on Vietnam, Bush and Blair both ignored the summons sent to them and thus were tried in absentia.” [16]
“Thousands of people, including women and children, are being illegally detained by rebel militias in Libya, according to a report by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Many of the prisoners are suffering torture and systematic mistreatment while being held in private jails outside the control of the country’s new government.
The document, seen by The Independent, states that while political prisoners being held by the Gaddafi regime have been released, their places have been taken by up to 7,000 new “enemies of the state”, “disappeared” in a dysfunctional system, with no recourse to the law.”[17]

 support our brother leader: 
“I want to appeal to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi , I know exactly what you savy. Poetomu appeal to you, you know, we never believe in your death. Bog [their name for God] protects people who are on their knees before him, not only in temples. but in the desert. I believe in your victory, the victory of good over evil, the victory of the Green Jamahiriya. I want to thank you, and all the Libyan people, support and admiration for your heroism and endurance, your strength of mind and confidence in victory. All progressive people of Libya. I bow myknees before the freedom-loving people of Libya and its leader. Viva Libya, Gaddafi Viva, Viva !”
GREAT WARFALA Libya – “The rebels can no longer return to Bani
Walid without the authorization of the tribe Warfala (November
23, 2011) at 21:14
ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, in Bani Walid, the
fighters of the tribe of Warfala destroyed a pickup at Jomo Souk which was
heading to the city center without requesting permission from the tribe of
Warfala” [18]
Thursday, 24. November
The Chief of Warfala trive- Ali al Ahwal appears to be alive after all! 
“ALGERIA ISP / October 19, 2011, we released the information of the death of
Mr. Ali Ahwalin the town of Bani Walid, a coordinator of the Libyan tribes and
the tribal chief of Warfala.Yesterday, we were surprised at his interview with Dr. Yusuf Shakir.
According to a Libyan source, the rumor of his death was broadcast by
the tribe of Warfala to facilitate the evacuation of the besieged city Bani
Walid. Finally he was out of town, safe and sound.
This explains the investment up to that moment in support for Libya’s
green. They neverchanged color like other traitors.
Yesterday, in Bani Walid, his tribe Warfala gave a lesson to the rebels.” [19]
The appointment of a puppet with Irish citizenship!! Fatima Ahamroch is a
new Minister of Health in Libya, as if Libya became empty of honorable and
distinguished employees and graduates.

“ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Elmokawama Libya, according to the committee of the Great Jamahiriya

Tuareg tribal leaders the Tuareg tribes from Ghate, Obaryand Sabha met last night in the city of Obary.
They discussed some issues and have prepared a roadmap for joint action and sent a delegation to Ghadames, to discuss the situation of the Tuareg and the necessary steps to unite their rows as a powerful bloc in southern Libya to counter any interference in their affairs.”[20]

Obama Issues Ron Paul “Kill Order” As Russia Prepares For War

Posted by  on Nov 30th, 2011 // 49 Comments


Listen to this article. Powered by

The Federal Security Service (FSB) is reporting today that the “secret letter” sent to Prime Minister Putin by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda contains a warning that United States President Barack Obama has issued an executive-level “kill order” against US Congressman Ron Paul over fears this charismatic politician, who many believe could capture the Republican Presidential 2012 nomination, is about to expose to all Americans what can only be described as the largest mass theft in human history.

According to this report, Prime Minister Noda first became aware of this “kill order” after a private meeting with Obama at last weeks ASEAN Summit meeting in Indonesia when the American President expressed his “unconstrained joy” over the toppling of the Greek and Italian governments in bloodless coups by EU banksters who installed to run these countries unelected former Goldman Sachs executives.

Not known to many Americans is that the giant global investment firm Goldman Sachs put Obama into office by being its top donor and after winning the Presidency put so many of its former executives into the US government it is known as the “Wall Street Cabinet.”

The reason for Goldman Sachs, and other top American and European banksters, putting Obama into office, this report continues, was to loot the Americans taxpayers of an estimated $100 Trillion…nearly $30 Trillion of which went directly into the pockets of international banksters around the world and another $70 Trillion in lost home values, stock portfolios and pensions funds.

The main conduit of this massive theft was the US Federal Reserve System which during the 2008 Financial Crisissecretly doled out, without the American peoples knowledge, over $16 Trillion to European banks and companies and another nearly $8 Trillion in “secret loans” to the largest banks in the United States.

Causing Obama and his bankster allies to fear Ron Paul, this report continues, is the Congressman’s ability to hold US Congressional hearings on the $8 Trillion in secret loans to the largest banks in America without the public’s knowledge exposing this largest theft in human history and laying bare for all to see the total criminality of their entire elite political, financial and corporate class.

Though the US mainstream media has virtually ignored Ron Paul’s candidacy the American people themselves appear to have broken through this deliberate government ordered blackout of his Presidential run as evidenced by his rise in the polls in the first campaign States of IowaNew Hampshire and South Carolina, which should he win them all would assure him the Republican nomination.

The fears Ron Paul is causing among Americas elite classes appear to be justified as he recently likened the US Federal Reserve System to “drug addiction” warning that the deception it has foisted upon the public will lead to the destruction of the United States.

Ron Paul further warned the American people this year that their nation was becoming a “police state,” called for the impeachment of Obama for ordering the assassination of an American citizen without charges or trial, and stated that Obama had violated the War Powers Act over his actions against Libya.

Ron Paul’s fears of a police state America being ruled by a dictatorial tyrant were confirmed yesterday when the US Senate, in a 61-37 vote gave, for the first time in history, the power to the US Military to hold citizens without charges or trial indefinitely by passing a bill that was written in secret and never openly debated.

So frightening is this new law that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in the days prior to its passingwarned: “The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world. The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself.”

Most ominous in this FSB report is its stating that the “assassination regime” ordered against Ron Paul by Obama may already be underway as one of the US foreclosure fraud whistleblowers subpoenaed by Ron Paul to testify before the US Congress named Tracey Lawrence was found “suicided” yesterday in Las Vegas.

The destruction of anyone found opposing the Obama regime and its bankster backers was, also, brought into sharp relief this week by the smearing by mental illness allegations of one of America’s top heroes US Marine Sergeant Dakota Meyer, who in September received the Congressional Medal of Honor from Obama (who called him one of the most “down-to-earth guys that you will ever meet”) for saving the lives of 36 of his comrades, but after he alerted the press that his employer defense contractor BAE Systems was selling high-tech sniper rifles to Pakistan that are being used to kill America Soldiers was labeled as a “drunk and mentally ill.”

So concerned has the Kremlin become about the growing American fascist police state it caused General Nikolai Makarov, Russia’s top military commander, to issue a warning to the West last week that the Motherland was fully prepared for a nuclear World War III and which prompted the Obama regime to state that it would immediately cease observing their arms treaty with Russia.

To if the American people will be able to rally around Ron Paul before he is assassinated by the Obama regime it is not in our knowing, other than to note that in a country where every public demonstration – however peaceful and orderly it might be – is ordered by their authorities to be treated as the equivalent of a prison riot, where the former police chief of Seattle blamed the militarization of local US police forces on Obama’s Homeland Security Department, and where the media is described as being nothing more than a “lapdog” for Obama and his bankster allies, the likelihood of these people escaping the worst horrors to come do, indeed, seem inescapable.


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126 thoughts on “THE RESURRECTION of the JAMAHIRIYA

  1. The truth that must not be forgotten.Tripoli / Abu Salim:
    This why worth fighting for .. In memory at Green Roses of Abu Salim ..

    At the crack of the dawn thunder and lightning crossed the way
    The shadow of knight waited to see the bright light of the day
    Nobody saw his bitter tears through the dark veil of rain
    The river of blood under his feet run wild again and again

    The green roses will grow
    While green fields turn to red
    Only memory remains
    Of hero and his faith

    He just stood and he stared with a sword in his hand
    Under the bridge of rainbow’s gold he fought for his land
    The black crow stole his destiny and flew from the cross
    Flyin’ high, goin’ so far to take his soul away

    The green roses will grow
    While green fields turn to red
    Only memory remains
    Of hero and his faith

    At the crack of the dawn thunder and lightning crossed the way
    The shadow of knight waited to see the bright light of the day
    Nobody saw his bitter tears through the dark veil of rain
    The river of blood under his feet run wild again and again

    The green roses will grow
    While green fields turn to red
    Only memory remains
    Of hero and his faith

    lyrics of song: “Green Roses” by Orthodox Celts – Serbia

    distributing Israeli weapons within the TNC:


    the Kuffar colonial wars in Africa:

    The NATO led occupation by traitorous Libyan rebels and their hired mercenary army will have their bloodied hands filled with an unforgivable SIN of conniving with the KUFAR Western army in killing their own fellow Muslims.

    If they think its okay with us outsiders then they have another think coming up as they can never legitimize their murderous campaign by installing a new set of leaders or even allowing so-called Western democracy to take root in Libya.

    Muslims cannot be united until they are allowing others to kill their fellow Muslims, much less if they are doing it themselves!!! That is an EVIL deed that is beyond any justification in Islam. How can they be so arrogant as to interpret their criminal act as an Islamic duty??? DO NOT BE DECEIVED FROM YOUR RELIGION!!! Do not justify the Kuffar colonial wars in Africa.


    Gadhafi with his soldiers:


    Miscellaneous Gadhafi videos:

  2. Stephen Gule writes

    Commentary/Analysis Only: What is left to do for the Jama hirya??? Stephen Gule In terms of territory, the Libyan green army has more territory controlled compared to the amount of area in the hands of NTC & NATO rebels. Strategically the green army is closer and deeper to Africa, there is less need for Europe. Economically the green army is in a wide spread advantage, can trade in the black market with exports to Asia with no need for European, American and IMF supervison. Politically it is a big blunder. The government of green Libya under the leadership of prime minister Al Baghdadi and foreign minister Khaled Kaim is in shambles. Al Baghdadi has been exiled by the rebels, Khaled Kaim has been arrested, detained, brutalized and tortured by the rebels with many other Libyan ambassadors. The logical thing remaining for the green army is the fortified base of the tribes, the army itself, the South, Central Libya and other federal Jamahiriyah enclaves.

    The Zintan Brigade is not completely finished, they still have many fighters left, this Brigade had 82 000 fighters, we presume haft of them dead and finished. More than 4000 fighters from Zintan Brigades had recently suffered catastrophic air casualities, all this blame goes to NATO for the bloodshed, the best option about is that, the green Airforce has sneaked on saveral occasions it’s Air fighters and bombarded units of Zintan and Misrata brigades, we don’t believe NATO has been bombing the Zintan fighters, but the green Libyan Airforce highly appreciates the focus on NATO for all the destruction caused in Libya, NATO is responsible for all the damages, massacres, brutality and unlawful killings in Libya. I want to thank the Libyan electronic army for keeping the location of our fighter planes and air bases top secret, and the Libyan Green Resistance army wants to send a message to all Libyan people worldwide, the state of the masses ( Jamahiriyah ) is still alive based on the principles of our prophetic leader Moammar Al Gadhaffi, may peace be upon him. The Libyan Liberation Army with a United voice say to all men, and women of Libyan descent to help each other by all means, not only by weapons, but by words and raise money to assist the wounded and injured Libyan civilians, the Libyan resistance also requires all citizens of Jamahiriyah to actively assemble information about the enermy to give us locations for precision targets. We hope to send more support and supplies to our people in Sirte, certain urban areas of Bani Walid, and Tawharegah, the resistance continues untill total liberation and complete freedom, if not till last drop of blood, last bullet, last man and last woman standing alive. Allah is our master and the greatest victor.

    We are receiving conflicting information about Hakim Bel-hajj (the NATO appointed Al-Qaeda terrorist governor of Tripoli ), some reports said, he is dead, he is being killed, previously others say he has been wounded. The Libyan Liberation front cannot establish the facts on this matter, what we people of the resistance movement understand is that, most of this information originates from Misrata and Zintan Brigades. The reazon for this is because the Libyan Liberation Front & Resistance movement is holding much larger number of Zintan and Misrata Brigades prisoner, this has led us to believe that NATO member states and Qatar transfered to Libya more than 175 000 rebels, the exact number of rebels and mercenaries transfered to Libya is between 500 000 to 550 000. That means Tripoli alone was send 150 000 NATO rebels, the LLF came to this conclusion because the number of Egyptian, Tunisian, Bangladeshi, Afghan and Pakistan, Argentinian and Israeli soldiers of fortune killed in Libya by the Green Resistance stand now at 183 731, this excludes the number of NATO mercenary soldiers killed by the armed people in Andalus and Abu Sleem, many of the captured mercenaries said they were brought to Libya by Qatar, the Egyptians and Tunisians were also paid by Qatar, Qatar has lots of soft power, they have the money and the media, it’s possible for Qatar to convince and lure so many young people into Libya.

  3. from 1986, when the USA tried to kill Our brother leader:
    I want tell this to Libian People : is important understand and know the true.. Craxi (a real socialist) had saved the life of Gheddafi in the night of 14 -15 April 1986.
    He called Gheddafi on the phone: ‘Usa want kill you’———-
    1986 Gheddafi
    Craxi e Andreotti avvertirono Tripoli che gli Stati Uniti stavano per lanciare un raid contro la Libia, nell’aprile del 1986, salvando la vita al colonnello Gheddafi. Quella che finora era soltanto un’ipotesi ventilata dagli storici, ha trovato ieri conferma ufficiale a un convegno organizzato dalla Farnesina sul recente Trattato italo-libico. Grazie a due protagonisti della crisi, il senatore a vita Giulio Andreotti, allora ministro degli Esteri del secondo governo Craxi, e l’attuale capo della diplomazia libica Abdel-Rahman Shalgam, all’epoca ambasciatore a Roma.

    E’ stato quest’ultimo a raccontare i fatti, davanti a una platea di politici e imprenditori, e al figlio del Colonnello, Saif El-Islam. Il presidente americano Ronald Reagan decise il raid per punire Gheddafi dell’attentato alla discoteca La Belle di Berlino del 5 aprile 1986 [TOTALE FIB], frequentata da soldati Usa in Germania: bilancio tre morti e 250 feriti. Nella notte fra il 14 e il 15 aprile, bombardieri F-111 decollati dalle basi di Lakenheat e Upper Heyford, in Gran Bretagna, colpirono Tripoli e alcune installazioni militari, la caserma Bab el Azizia, residenza di Gheddafi, e alcuni quartieri civili. Contemporaneamente, aerei della Sesta Flotta di stanza nel Mediterraneo attaccarono una caserma e una base militare a Bengasi. Nell’attacco furono uccise una ventina di persone, fra le quali la figlia adottiva del colonnello. Ma quest’ultimo scampò alla morte: si era nascosto in un bunker perché sapeva di essere il bersaglio dell’attacco americano.

    «Due giorni prima dell’aggressione», ha raccontato Shalgam, «Craxi mi mandò un amico comune italiano (quasi certamente l’allora consigliere diplomatico del presidente del Consiglio, ambasciatore Antonio Badini ndr) per dirmi: «Attenti, il 14 o il 15 aprile ci sarà un raid americano contro di voi». In quell’occasione, ha aggiunto il ministro libico, gli Stati Uniti utilizzarono la base di Lampedusa, «ma contro la volontà del governo italiano, perché Roma era contraria all’uso dei cieli e dei mari nazionali per l’aggressione».

    Duro il giudizio di Andreotti. L’operazione contro la Libia, ha affermato, «è stata un’iniziativa del tutto impropria» e «un errore di carattere internazionale». Per questo il governo italiano mise in guardia Gheddafi. «Usò tutti i mezzi a sua disposizione per farlo», ha confermato l’allora responsabile Esteri del Psi Margherita Boniver. La risposta libica fu il lancio di due missili Scud su Lampedusa. «Ma contro la base americana, non certo contro l’Italia», sostiene Shalgam. Anche se sull’isola non c’erano postazioni militari americane ma una semplice stazione civile di orientamento alla navigazione, come scrisse in seguito Craxi.

    Sembra passato un secolo, da allora. Gheddafi ha ripudiato il terrorismo, la Libia è stata cancellata dalla lista degli «Stati canaglia» messa a punto da Washington, il trattato di amicizia firmato il 30 agosto da Berlusconi e Gheddafi a Bengasi ha chiuso il periodo del colonialismo con reciproca soddisfazione. Al convegno di ieri il ministro degli Esteri Frattini ha confermato che l’Italia è pronta ad accogliere Gheddafi «come un amico». E ha ribadito che Roma considera la Libia «un Paese affidabile e un partner eccezionale», garantendo la ratifica «in tempi brevi» del trattato da parte del Parlamento. «Le nostre relazioni sono entrate in una fase nuova», ha confermato Saif El-Islam Gheddafi: «Oggi è possibile realizzare cose prima impensabili», come le forme di cooperazione militare previste dall’articolo 20 del Trattato.

    Craxi and Andreotti Tripoli warned that the United States were to launch a raid against Libya in April 1986, saving the lives of Colonel Gaddafi. What was previously just a guess ventilated by historians, has found official confirmation yesterday at a conference organized by the Foreign Ministry on the recent Italian-Libyan Treaty. Thanks to the two protagonists of the crisis, Senator for life Giulio Andreotti, then Minister of Foreign Affairs of the second Craxi government, and the current head of the Libyan Abdel-Rahman Shalgam diplomacy, then ambassador in Rome.

    And ‘it was to tell the facts in front of an audience of politicians and businessmen, and the Colonel’s son, Saif al-Islam. U.S. President Ronald Reagan decided to punish the raid to attack Gaddafi La Belle disco in Berlin on April 5, 1986, frequented by U.S. soldiers in Germany: the budget three deaths and 250 wounded. [The whole accusation was a complete LIE…as Libya and Gadhafi had nothing to do with the bombing incident.] In the night between 14 and 15 April, bombers, F-111 took off from bases Lakenheat and Upper Heyford, Great Britain, hit Tripoli and some military installations, the Bab el Azizia barracks, Gaddafi’s residence, and some civilian neighborhoods. At the same time, aircraft of the Sixth Fleet stationed in the Mediterranean attacked a barracks and a military base in Benghazi. In the attack were killed about twenty[100]*1 people, including the adopted daughter of Colonel. But the latter escaped death: he was hiding in a bunker because he knew to be the target of the U.S..

    “Two days before the attack,” Shalgam said, “I sent a mutual friend Craxi, Italian (almost certainly the former diplomatic advisor to the President of the Council, Ambassador Antonio Badini ed) to say:” Look out, 14 or 15 April there will be an American raid against you. ” On that occasion, the minister added Libya, the United States used the base of Lampedusa, “but against the will of the Italian government, as Rome was against the use of the skies and seas national aggression.”

    Hard proceedings of Andreotti. The operation against Libya, he said, “was an initiative totally inappropriate” and “an error of an international character.” For this reason the Italian government warned Gaddafi. “He used all means at its disposal to do so,” confirmed the then head of the Foreign Affairs Margherita Boniver PSI. The answer was the launch of two Libyan Scud missiles on Lampedusa. “But against the American base, not against Italy,” says Shalgam. Although there were no U.S. military facilities on the island but a simple approach to train civil service as he later wrote Craxi.

    It seems a century passed since then. Gadhafi renounced terrorism, Libya was removed from the list of “rogue states” developed by Washington, the Treaty of Friendship signed on Aug. 30 by Berlusconi and Gaddafi in Benghazi ended the period of colonialism with mutual satisfaction. At the conference yesterday, Foreign Minister Frattini confirmed that Italy is ready to welcome Gaddafi “as a friend.” He reiterated that Rome considers Libya a “reliable and a great partner country,” ensuring the ratification “quickly” by the Parliament of the Treaty. “Our relations have entered a new phase,” confirmed Saif El-Islam Gaddafi: “Today you can achieve things never before thought of,” as forms of military cooperation under Article 20 of the Treaty.

    *1: The article says 20 people were killed from the USA bombing—but the real facts say 100+ [including Gadhafi’s little Hanna (STEPHANIE) and also many, many were severely and critically wounded, including Gadhafi’s 2 sons, Khamis and Saif al-Arab, who were bandaged from head to toe for several months].

    MAURO writes:
    now in Italy instead of Silvio Berlusconi
    there is a man of goldman sax his Name is Mario Monti
    American nationality !!!! the left wing want him !!!
    Napolitano has committed an anti-democratic act
    a white coup
    This man born in America now and the Government of the Italian state

    Christella Bernardene Krebs comments:

    THE USA is taking over the whole world!

    Mauro is telling us a Goldman/Sachs man, an American, is now the new Italian head of State—First they put their KARZAI into Afhanastan, then they put last week – the american Keib into Libya, then they put their man in GREECE; now they kicked-out Berlusconi for another American banker—It is so in the open now—but still no one is questioning any of this????
    America is even far worse then Hitler ever dreamed…WAKE_UP WORLD PLEASE!!!
    and did not you know that SARKOZY IS/WAS also an American CIA PUPPET they installed in France? Thierry Meyssan exposed this:

    Opération Sarkozy : comment la CIA a placé un de ses agents à la présidence de la République françai
    Opération Sarkozy : comment la CIA a placé un de ses agents à la présidence de la République française | Édition spéciale | Nicolas Sarkozy doit être jugé à son action et non pas d’après sa personnalité. Mais lorsque son action surprend jusqu’à ses propres électeurs, il est légitime de se pencher en…

    Tunisian chains have only reproduce “the same” propaganda of Al-Jazeera
    Posted on November 14, 2011 by libyanfreepress| Leave a comment

    Tunisian chains have only reproduce “the same” propaganda of Al-Jazeera
    Posted on 12 November 2011 by libyanfreepress|
    al Jazeera lies

    Dear and (let us this time to qualify for) unique friends

    The poet said:

    “What are my friends now?

    I think I removed the wind.

    These are friends that wind blows.

    And it blew my door …

    The won … ”

    For reasons of technical limitations (our equipment is inadequate to access the Internet …) here in Tunisia, this message is exceptionally ‘collective’. This is a small reflection on the “telephone Arab” and the chaos represented by global experts and television deal with the mess caused by the resistance of the Libyan, unprecedented in the history of mankind .

    The “Telephone Arab” was operated by Libyan agents wonders of NATO who spread lies that the waves of the same language channels to begin with, have relayed for seven months.

    Tunisian chains have only reproduce “the same” propaganda of Al-Jazeera.

    Chain Hannibal, yesterday (November 11) released a program of “reality TV” (psycho-air) live (1 million frequent viewers) to, by the mouth of a liar Libyan acting as ” victim “, to smear, once again the reputation of El Saif El-Islam Gaddafi, and, the same day as the Libyan Prime Minister (the sole legal government of Libya) is threatened by the Tunisian authorities to be delivered armed gangs “ruler” in Libya.

    Aljbouri-Mashaan, the director of the chain ARRAYIT “all resistance” (sic) (Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, etc..) Apparently does not know how to answer the insistent questions of viewers about the eviction of the surprising Dr Yousif Shakir and Hamza … Touhami. Now, another question “insistent” of one of them about the incredible position of Hezbollah, Aljbouri found other answer than: “All I can say is that Hezbollah retaliated with a head-on to Israel “(ie in the last war of July 2006).

    We feel a serious embarrassment, the same as they may have vis-à-vis the free positions of Iran and Hamas in favor, too, during those seven long months, “revolutionaries” of the NATO in Libya.

    Before a clear cause and just like that of the Libyan, surrounded and isolated from all over the world, some have probably felt the same embarrassment vis-à-vis the articles of Thierry Meyssan on the alleged “secret relationship” between Israel and the Libyan . Meyssan quoted a contract to supply a company israéleinne at least “50,000 mercenaries” “African” to quell the “rebellion” ….

    We should also mention the odious comparison, the same president of the Voltaire Network, Gaddafi with Israeli generals in the last war against Gaza. Few people know that the “comparison” is based on deliberately distorted translation of an interview with France 24 Gaddafi.

    ARRAYIT-released insisted the recent speech of Ezzat Ibrahim Ad-Doury, companion of Saddam Hussein and leader of the resistance of the Iraqi Baath Party since the US-led invasion of 2003.

    Ad-Doury used an unusually high number of times the word “imperialism” and also “Zionism Persian” in his speech. However, all citations included in the banner at the bottom of the screen of television ARRAYIT, these terms are not mentionnnés …. Of course, Iran was also targeted, and there ARRAYIT, although unequivocally supporting the Iraqi resistance, was still hampered …

    Finally, let the interruption of several days of this unique channel at a critical time, remained unexplained, not to mention the announcement of his impending change of frequency for a month then suddenly its adjournment, and, now, no new ….


    A where to turn after this butchery free and torrents of mud and lies spilled by the media worldwide (including the “famous” Le Monde Diplomatique in France), suddenly come voluntarily to the service of NATO? To whom rely? Sunni and Shiite clergy to say nothing of cete strange breed of “communist” “internationalists” and “anti-imperialist”?

    Do we recall the principle of “revolutionary defeatism” early statement by Lenin himself, namely that we should always support a weak country attacked by a colonial power even though the country is a monarchy ruled by reactionary (Lenin took the case of Morocco at the time, to verify).

    Pacifists in Tunis

    yesterday November 11, 2011, have had the pleasure of taking a picture in a famous street in Tunis …. And graffiti, this time, is not one of them because it was there … Like what, there is still some hope ….

    But there are also spiritual wisdom to console a little of all this lack of principles and humanity. Indeed, it is Monsignor Martinelli (Archbishop of Tripoli), companion of Gaddafi himself, who has had these prophetic words (if it is really dead, as no independent witness has seen his body) :

    “In good Bedouin, he [is or] would be capable of being killed.”

    The Pacifists of Tunis. Tunis

    12 November 2011

    L’Immonde Guerre Psychologique
    Les chaînes tunisiennes n’ont fait que reproduire “à l’identique” la propagande d’Al-Jazeera

    Chers et (permettez-nous, cette fois, de vous qualifier d’) uniques amis,

    Le poète a dit:

    “Que sont mes amis devenus ?

    Je crois le vent les m’a ôtés.

    Ce sont amis que vent emporte.

    Et il ventait devant ma porte…

    Les emporta…”

    Pour des raisons de limitations techniques (notre matériel est inadéquat pour accéder à la Toile…) par ici en Tunisie, ce message est exceptionnellement “collectif”. Il s’agit d’une petite réflexion sur le «téléphone arabe» et la pagaille mondialisée représentée par les experts et chaînes de télévision face à l’imbroglio suscité par la la résistance de la Jamahiriya, inédite dans l’histoire de l’humanité.

    Le « téléphone arabe » a été exploité à merveilles par les agents libyens de l’OTAN qui ont diffusé des flots de mensonges que les chaînes de même langue, pour commencer, ont relayés pendants sept mois.

    Les chaînes tunisiennes n’ont fait que reproduire “à l’identique” la propagande d’Al-Jazeera.

    La chaîne Hannibal, hier (11 novembre) a diffusé un programme de « télé-réalité »( psychodrame à l’antenne) en direct (1 million de téléspectateurs assidus) visant, par la bouche d’un menteur libyen jouant le rôle de “victime”, à salir, une fois de plus la réputation de Seyf El-Islam El Gaddafi et, ce, le jour-même où le premier ministre libyen (du seul gouvernement légal de Libye) est menacé par les autorités tunisiennes d’être livré aux bandes armées « gouvernant » en Libye.

    -Mashaan Aljbouri, le directeur de la chaîne ARRAI « de toutes les résistances »(sic)(irakienne, afghane, palestinienne, libyenne, etc.) ne sait apparemment plus comment répondre aux questions insistantes des téléspectateurs au sujet de l’éviction surprenante du Dr Yousif Shakir et de Hamza Touhami…. Aujourd’hui, à une autre question « insistante » de l’un d’eux au sujet de la position incroyable du Hezbollah, Aljbouri n’a trouvé d’autre réponse que: « Tout ce que je peux dire, c’est que le Hezbollah a riposté d’une façon frontale à Israël » (i.e. lors de la dernière guerre de juillet 2006).

    On sent une grave gêne ; la même que l’on peut éprouver vis-à-vis des prises de position franches de l’Iran et du Hamas en faveur, eux aussi, durant ces sept long mois, des « révolutionnaires » de l’OTAN en Libye.

    Devant une cause claire et juste comme celle de la Jamahiriya, encerclée de partout et isolée du monde entier, certains ont sûrement ressenti un embarras identique vis-à-vis des articles de Thierry Meyssan sur les prétendues « relations secrètes » entre Israël et la Jamahiriya. Meyssan citait un contrat pour la fourniture par une société israéleinne d’au moins « 50 000 mercenaires » « africains » pour mater la « rébellion »….

    Il faut aussi mentionner l’odieuse comparaison, par le même président du réseau Voltaire, de Gaddafi avec les généraux israéliens lors de la dernière guerre contre Gaza. Peu de gens savent que la « comparaison » est basée sur une traduction volontairement déformée d’une interview de Gaddafi avec France 24.

    -ARRAI a diffusé avec insistance le discours récent de Ezzat Ibrahim Ad-Doury, compagnon de Saddam Hussein et leader de la résistance du parti Baas irakien depuis l’invasion US de 2003.

    Ad-Doury a employé un nombre inhabituellement élevé de fois le mot « impérialisme » et, aussi, « sionisme persan » dans son discours. Toutefois, dans toutes les citations reprises dans le bandeau au bas de l’écran de la télévision ARRAI, ces termes ne sont pas mentionnnés…. Evidemment, l’Iran était aussi visé et, là, ARRAI, quoique soutenant sans équivoque la résistance irakienne, était encore gênée…

    Enfin, passons sur l’interruption de plusieurs jours de cette chaîne unique au monde à une période critique, restée inexpliquée, sans parler de l’annonce de son changement imminent de fréquence pendant un mois puis, soudain son ajournement, puis, maintenant, aucune nouvelle….


    A quel saint se vouer après cette boucherie gratuite et les torrents de boue et de mensonges déversés par les médias du monde entier (dont le “fameux” Monde Diplomatique en France), soudain livrés de leur plein gré au service de l’OTAN ? A qui s’en remettre ? Aux curés sunnites ou chiites sans parler de cete étrange race de « communistes » “internationalistes” et « anti-impérialistes »?

    Doit-on rappeler le principe du “défaitisme révolutionnaire” tôt énoncé par Lénine lui-même: à savoir qu’il faut toujours soutenir un pays faible attaqué par une puissance colonisatrice quand bien même ce pays serait gouverné par une monarchie réactionnaire (Lénine prenait le cas du Maroc à l’époque; à vérifier).

    Les Pacifistes de Tunis, hier 11 novembre 2011, ont eu le plaisir de prendre une photo dans une fameuse rue de Tunis…. Et le graffiti, cette fois-ci, n’est pas d’eux car il était bien là… Comme quoi, il reste encore un peu d’espoir….

    Mais il y a aussi de la sagesse spirituelle pour se consoler un peu de tout ce manque de principes et d’humanité. En effet, c’est Monseigneur Martinelli (archevêque de Tripoli), compagnon de Gaddafi lui-même, qui a eu ces paroles prophétiques (si toutefois ce dernier est vraiment mort étant donné qu’aucun témoin indépendant n’a encore vu son corps) :

    « En bon bédouin, il [est ou] serait capable de se faire tuer ».

    Les Pacifistes de Tunis.

    12 novembre 2011

  4. Metin Gülbahar a commenté la publication de Dena Eštokovje
    dans 2011 “HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLONEL Muammar al Gaddafi” 07 June 1942.

    Metin Gülbahar 14 novembre 15:58
    This qataris mostly very high military trained and origin not from qatar(pakistan etc),like another gulf states mercanaries.
    Historique des commentaires

    Christella Bernardene Krebs 13 novembre

    30 jets (each containing 200 soldiers from Qatar) have been airlifted into Bengazi…They willbe given Libyan citizenship and be part of the new TNC ARMY !

    Dena Eštokovje 13 novembre 19:32
    Benghazi: news reports of a plane at the airport in Benghazi loaded with Qatari mercenaries poised for launch to Tripoli

    SPREAD THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Support for Muammar al Gaddafi from the people of Slovakia
    Benghazi: news reports of a plane at the airport in Benghazi loaded with Qatari mercenaries…

  5. I really do care about what happened to Libya and what is happing to the whole world by the USA and the NWO—and it is NOT a “conspiracy theory” either.

    Mauro Marcenaro writes:

    Italy now is in hands of goldman /sachs bankers, so the war from now is possible , I am telling you this to explain how the news spread in Europe and the world are just lying
    in Italy there was a coup
    Berlusconi was a man of the right wing, a man of European right wing
    now in Italy there a government driven by global banks M Monti he has usa passport
    or rather by the United States
    who are here celebrating the fall of the Berlusconi government
    are also celebrating the end of europe
    democratic (i never like)
    italiy now there is not a chief elected
    democratically but through lies of the world’s media
    and banks that finance the information
    what happens now In Italy
    will be repeated in each country the wars can start , how many people don t like
    Berlusconi here now will be happy now there is Nazi state
    good luck to all

    It is fact. Italy now has an American PM llike the TNC of Libya”…and Greece has also. Sarkozy was a CIA plant for France.

    Opération Sarkozy : comment la CIA a placé un de ses agents à la présidence de la République françai
    Opération Sarkozy : comment la CIA a placé un de ses agents à la présidence de l…
    and the USA intends to take over the entire world. Whether Romney is elected or Obama again, there will be a War with Iran. Romney said he wants it. Romney believes, as a religious doctrine, in “MANIFEST DESTINY” (all LDS/MORMONS do). The USA is now more evil than WAR-Time Hitler’s Germany. and they plan and do their evil all on Ritualistic dates. —That is not a coincidence.

    leader does not fear
    Our brother leader is not afraid of the USA or the New World Order.
    young revolutionary
    Before the 17th February uprising, our Brother leader was being held a virtual prisoner by Judge Jalil and the other CIA plants [that naively Saif helped place on the Libyan Foreign Relations Committees]. Saif says that “NEVER AGAIN” will he be fooled. Saif’s words also have been twisted by the Mass media. He was not speaking about revenge for his father. He spoke of bloodless revenge for the immense hurt and loss of the people of the Green JAMAHIRIYA.
    African Ralley
    The People’s Committees and tribal chiefs have voted Saif to take command of the Green Army. Muammar al.Gadhafi still leads as planner and organiser of the Libyan Jamahiriya Liberation Army. General Khamis is now Brigadier General.

    Beyond the ugly fact that over 100,000+ people have been killed by NATO and untold numbers maimed for life and all families and homelife destroyed, at least the RATS were showing their true colors in the open now; and the imprisonment of al-Gadhafi’s Revolutionary thoughts were no longer suppressed.Unfortunately, now, he has to bear a low profile along with Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, for the sake of VICTORY for the Green Jamahiriya to return.

    Did you know that our brother-leader refused to permit the Green Army to use rocket Grenades to attack the TNC because he refused to kill and hurt innocents and the misinformed among the traitors and rats. ? He also gave amnesty to all the rats who put down their arms and went home to their families. He did not execute any of them–only after Sept 27, was he forced to admit that the Army must be more agressive and not be so lenient anymore to the enemies of the JAMAHIRIYA–
    He also could not bear all the bloodshed and is why he asked the People’s Committees and tribal chiefs to remove him from Battle Command and give the command over to Saif. They agreed unanimously.
    Not that he wanted Saif to have the burden…I am sure that was not his intention; but he knew it had to be done, and Saif eagerly stepped in and agreed to do this–unlike the RAT NEWS…Saif would never surrender of play into the hands of the ICC.

    BTW, Archbishop Giovanni Martinelli also revealed that he knew our brother leader was alive. It is lightly mentioned in the Blog “S.O.S.” today.

  6. The dissidents/traitors in Libya:

    Stop the aggression in Libya writes:

    ‎(for traitors) Many reasons, not easy to answer here but I’ll try…

    1.First of all, greed. Why share the oil wealth with the people when you can work with the F/UK/US and own it. What is a free house and free healthcare when you can own Libya?

    2. Don’t forget the old monarchy. If I told the queen of England I was taking her palace and giving her free heath care in return, she would probably be seething with hatred.

    3. Gaddafi was still the leader. When he gave his opinion, most people in the state of the masses would vote in his favor. If you are part of a small group of extremely religious fanatics, you would despise the influence he has over the Libyan people. (another example would be his influence in ensuring a large portion of Libyan oil revenues were used to help the less fortunate in Africa. Some racist Libyans didn’t want this money to go to the “monkeys” but their voice was a minor voice in the state of the masses.

    4. Corrupt government officials don’t appreciate these things. Gaddafi was a threat to them so it was better to get rid of the system altogether.

    Also, don’t think that Misrata etc.. oppose him. The people who didn’t oppose him have fled out of fear of the rebels. The only people left are the rebels or people living in fear of supporting the Jamahariya.
    Kristina Kerwin writes:

    the so called Benghazi protests started off with fewer than 500 thugs running about and trashing the place (bit like London protests). I’ve read emails posted back in March on a Russian blog from a Ukrainian medic who worked there, to her relatives, referring to thugs creating havoc. That then was escalated by media into political issue and since UK and others involved had almost 300 of their sleeping cells (Islamic extremists who were in exile and who were allowed to return back in recent years – UK had special forces on the ground long before the war training those terrorists) that seem to make sense that
    the unrest was initiated by the western powers in order to create the correct environment to start the “humanitarian” war.
    There are hundreds of videos on youtube showing people being attacked by those youths beheaded and raped. The gov had to step in as civilians were attacked. In my opinion Benghazi was just terrorised into submission like the rest of the country.

    Stop the aggression in Libya writes again:
    Very true Kristina Kerwin.
    I’ve also seen Libyan tv reports at the beginning where they took buses into Misrata to evacuate all the citizens so that when they would fight the rebels, no civilians would be harmed. It would’ve worked out if NATO hadn’t constantly stuck its nose where it didn’t belong.
    And Benghazi had a massive exodus, the population went from hundreds of thousands to 70,000 (rebels, mercenaries crossing over from Egypt and people too poor to flee). Most of the Libyans from Benghazi went to Tripoli through ships and red cross missions, thinking Tripoli would be safer.
    For example, in this French video, at 3:15mins you see ships coming in from Benghazi to Tripoli with civilians who clearly support their government. It’s normal to flee areas when you are being terrorized, what we see then is a misrepresentation of the city that has been fled as only the terrorists remain in said cities…

    Video OTAN,NATO en Libye realisée par Thierry Meyssan en août 2011 en Libye cliquez sur le lien du site voltairenet . Libye , neo colonialisme conquete de l’afrique par l’…

    also look at 5 minute in and notice the chant “allah muammar ou Libya wa bass” (allah, muammar Gaddafi and Libya is all we need).

  7. Rictvagencia Rede Internacional
    Libya .. 14/11/2011 NATO aircraft and mercenaries “are operating in Sudan and Chad, while there are reports of direct flights from Tel Aviv. Tuareg camps have been bombed, military centers in the south have been attacked more civilians have been massacred. these crimes are added to the indictment prepared and delivered to the International Criminal Court and the ECHR sources inside Libya (**). related to green strength have indicated that in the past two weeks, these forces NATO has lost 37 aircraft – eight Israeli warplanes, Qatar 13 Apaches, 11 French Mirage 5 fighters French Rafael, who was killed trying to escape and invade the South Libyan airspace, with all its pilots and crew members killed and enter Libyan territory Jamahiriyah green.
    lunes 14 de noviembre de 2011
    News Libya resistance Green army : 13/14. In November 2011.
    News Libya resistance: 13/14. In November 2011.
    Libya map
    13/nov/11 reports that the center of Tripoli is in full control of Libyan supporters, NATO forces have cut off electricity and Internet access to avoid panic. The hospital in Tripoli is running on generators, but the generators do not provide enough energy to perform operations on patients. Argumenty also reports that Libya Green Flags are rising at the top of tall buildings in different cities, including Bani Walid. This comes as heavy fighting is reported around Tripoli, Zawiyah, even Benghazi. According to previous reports, at least 300 prisoners were released from prison by supporters Zawiyah and Libyan resistance fighters. – In Tripoli.

    19h / News of the battles of yesterday in most western cities of Libya:
    1 / in front of Al Zawiya: fighting with heavy weapons without Warchfana the brave and NATO / NTC / Al Qaeda bandtis western regions, which resulted in the deaths of three of Gaddafi troops martyr, but also killed tThe and captured many of the NATO / NTC / Al Qaeda bandtis. The rats are now seeking to negotiate a way to release their hostages or exchange, but the response was “the blood against blood, not for the negotiations.”

    2 / the front of Yafran: green resistance fighters attacked yesterday in the barracks and killed four bandtis Yafran the NATO / NTC / Al Qaeda, and from there got weapons too light and medium-sized and ammunition (this information is also available in the rats’ pages).

    3 / Ghariyan the opposite: to learn the fighting in Al Zawiya, AL Asabiaa people took their weapons and vehicles and proceeded to each door, the result was too killed bandtis NATO / NTC / Al Qaeda (no exact number ) and 10 captured Kakla NATO / NTC / bandtis Al Qaeda in the western gate of Al Assabiaa.

    4 / the front of Tripoli strong and fierce fighting around Assarii close Serraje Janzour and took place last night, 14.5 weapons were used, and also in the green square and Abu Mechmacha Avenue near Sidi Mnidher cemetery.

    5 / the front of Misurata:. resignation of President of the Local Council of Misurata, after being assaulted by masked protesters threw it in a separate room (this information is also available on the pages of NATO / NTC / Al Qaeda bandtis) [Jazira Chuibekova & B Bkr Sami]

    6 / Imaya – Several bandits in the port city of Zawiyah said at least two fellow bandits were killed by fire from a Libyan resistance fighters who was in control of an area Imaya between Zawiyah and the capital.
    16h / LIBYA Libya-rival gangs clash near the military base – Sunday’s clashes marked the fourth day of clashes between the two groups of bandits. The fighting has killed four people so far.
    Mohammed Al-Hadwash, a local commander of the bandits from Tripoli, said the armed bandits Zawiya and the nearby city of Warshefana are fighting for control of the field.

    NATO ones in Libya
    15h / Lizzie Phelan interviews captivity son of Dr. Abuzeid Omar Dorda ->
    14h / “Gadhafi could not kill more people than did NATO ‘- Syrian Deputy FM – Even if Gaddafi had lived for another 100 years, could not have killed at least a fraction of the amount destroyed by NATO during its intervention in Libya, says Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria, Faisal al-Mikdad, in an exclusive interview with RT. ->
    13h / Libya: media blackout, why – Would allow NATO to include the Libyan Libyans in a future election? No, because in the NATO-ruled Libya, any government that protects the interests of the country be allowed to participate, only a political force made up of traitors willing to provide resources to foreigners. What Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have to say to that? Nothing. ->
    12 / Bernard-Henri Lévy or BHL: The verbal fig leaf of the interests of the Zionists [II] -> “. Not everyone can be the prostitute of Babylon”
    Bernard-Henri Levy stuck his nose in the business of the Arab spring from the beginning. The French philosopher Zionist trend made an appearance in Tahrir Square, visited Benghazi to support the rebels, and organized a conference in support of the Syrian uprising in Paris. ->
    11h / cleaning Etihc LIBYA – While the ICC has announced it is investigating allegations of war crimes against Muammar al-Gaddafi and other members of the Libyan regime, heartbreaking video evidence has become that appears to show atrocities committed by the anti-Gaddafi rebels. Among other things, the footage shows the summary executions, lynching a prisoner, the desecration of corpses, and even decapitation. The objectives of the worst abuses are often black African prisoners. The ultimate source of the images appear to rebel forces or supporters themselves.
    10h / Press Conference NATO: Bani Walid and one more crime against humanity ->
    RECENT 09h / SURVEY: RESISTANCE TO NATURE IN ZAWYAH, 300 prisoners released
    blog 1
    blog 2

    Publicado por rictv news internacional en 03:19

  8. Olivera Olja Ilić:
    UPDATE: After 3 days of fighting 4 were killed from the great Wershifana tribe and 80 from the Zawiya rebels. Due to the huge loss the tribes of Zawiya decided to stand down and Jalil has made those from Zawiya apologise.
    by Lizzie Phelan


    Aljamahiria Live Radio – Libya @ # Libya: Est. caused by NATO-led rebels & NATO: 100,000 Libyans killed, 240,000 wounded, 78,000 missing, 10,300 rapes, and 350,000 refugees.

  9. Abuzaid Dorda is a very famous Libyan, Once the Prime Minister, and the permanent representative to the UN. Since being arrested in good health, he now has broken bones and his health is in jeopardy, in the last days there are videos on this channel with his brother and his son.

    ICRC media brief November 2011

    Libya: The ICRC’s priority is to obtain access to and visit people recently arrested and held
    by the transitional authorities and military councils. After having visited 6,000 detainees in
    Tripoli, Misrata and other cities nearby over the past two months, the ICRC needs to carry
    out further visits without delay in order to check on the treatment and conditions of detention
    of newly detained people. Providing support for the management of mortal remains in order
    to ensure that the bodies can be identified by their families is also a key activity, especially in
    Sirte, as is raising awareness of the dangers of unexploded ordnance.

    Taken From:

    Libya: The ICRC’s priority is to obtain access to and visit people recently arrested and held
    by the transitional authorities and military councils. After having visited 6,000 detainees in
    Tripoli, Misrata and other cities nearby over the past two months, the ICRC needs to carry
    out further visits without delay in order to check on the treatment and conditions of detention
    of newly detained people. Providing support for the management of mortal remains in order
    to ensure that the bodies can be identified by their families is also a key activity, especially in
    Sirte, as is raising awareness of the dangers of unexploded ordnance. Assistance activities
    are continuing as well. Read the interview with the ICRC’s head of delegation in Tripoli:
    For further information, please contact Steven Anderson, ICRC Geneva, at or on +41 79 536 92 50.

  10. alive

    Libya – The Libyan leader is still alive and he said TOZ FI CNT / NATO (20 October 2011)
    Posted on 20/10/2011 at 14:20 – 19147 visits
    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / According Zengtena, The Mujahid Muammar Gaddafi is in excellent health and has an excellent moral. The information in the capture of the Libyan leader is simply a lie spewed by the nth CNT / NATO is broadcast through the media lies that have sold their objective to become a real journalist NATO soldiers and members of The Qaeda.
    This lie was among others charged the CNT / NATO just to demoralize the troops of the Libyan resistance bravely defending the city of Sirte and in other cities are fighting to free them from the clutches of members of the Qaeda and the nato.
    This lie was announced today, to break the second day of the uprising Friday, October 21, 2011.
    Listen more bums of CNT and their sponsors. The Libyan leader is still alive and still determined to cleanse the country of these traitors and mercenaries West.
    Libya – The army of liberation of Libya claimed the operation of the requisition of a million and 950,000 dinars in Tripoli (November 15, 2011)
    Posted on 15/11/2011 at 16:28 – 200 visits
    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / In Seven Days News in recent days, fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya have supervised three rebel conveyors money. These rebels
    took care of routing the rebels salaries in Tripoli.
    Green fighters attacked the place where the conveyor transported the money that is a building of the former annex of the union of women in Mansoura area before it was overrun by rebels.
    The statement said the fighters commandeered the $ 1 million and 950 thousand dinars. They believe that it is the wages of the rebels since there were lists of people.
    The Libyan army said it destroyed the building with a bomb after the elimination of five armed rebels. The Libyan Army offer this operation to all the orphans of the Libyan victims of colonial aggression against Libya.
    The statement added that the Libyan resistance will monitor money transfers rebels especially at the end or the beginning of the month and it will still monitor the transfer of ammunition

    Libya – The army of liberation of Libya claims the attack against the oil platform Zawiya (November 15, 2011)

    ALGERIA ISP / Seven Days In News, the Liberation Army of Libya claimed the operation
    “The anger of the orphans of Sirte.” They attacked the oil platform Zawiya in sync with the events of Warchfana.
    The refinery was attacked with rockets. This is simply a message to those who think that oil is far from the resistance of Libya.

    Libya – The Libyan political office reveals a map of the partition of Libya in a few regions (15 November 2011)
    Libya – The Libyan political office reveals a map of the partition of Libya in a few regions (15 November 2011)
    Posted on 15/11/2011 at 14:59 – 501 visits
    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / Seven Days In News, a source of the Political Bureau of the Front for the Liberation of Libya abroad, said he has obtained information and maps showing the countries
    Participants in the aggression against Libya Libya seek to partition in a few regions of Libya.
    The source further said that these countries are pushing political and armed gangs Libyans towards the adoption of this option with stupidity and irresponsibility, knowing that the population of each region is convinced of the independence of the region to be better than to maintain the unity of Libya, for example, residents of Misrata realize they will not have a great influence in the next government, and what they may have it’s just one or two departments.
    The source said the rebels Misrata hold 700 tanks and they refuse to deliver to the CNT.
    The source added that the people of Tobruk Baydae or are being well-masters in their own territory when they feel inferior when they come to Tripoli, therefore, the idea of ​​a region unique to them, they like to.
    The source added: France is interested in the South it considers close to its historical partners like Chad, Niger and Algeria, in addition this region has oil.
    A member of the Political Bureau of the Front for the Liberation of Libya, has confirmed that to date, the number of regions is five.
    Given this reality, things are apparently in the direction of the partition of Libya, a shared belief among the political groups and armed with the colonizing countries.

    To Libya by the colonizers and traitors
    Green: wilaya (region) of Tripoli
    Red: Wilaya (region) of Barka
    Black: wilaya (region) Fazen

    The TNC has been wanting to partition Libya since they began—they think that way there will be no interfighting—but they are very wrong. Libya can be one Jamahiriya nation united. The situation is as it is because of exactly what our brother leader said. In a party or faction system, everyone competes against the other. In a Jamahiriya, all kinds of people and views are tolerated because no one has power over anyone else–hence no political parties–and all work together for the same basic goals….
    The partition must be prevented. The Jamahiriya must be successfully back in place very soon. There will be another Green push tonight or tomorrow.


    Libya – Libyan new cars stolen and sold in Gaza (Palestine) (November 15, 2011)
    Posted on 15/11/2011 at 00:47 – 1107 visits
    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / According to LBC television, a report produced in June 2011, new cars
    Libyan Libyan stolen by the rebels “hackers” and transferred by Egypt and arrived in Palestine in Gaza and then sold at bargain prices to the Palestinians.
    Palestinians, buy from smugglers with official papers!

  11. Genocidal Cynicism: The Destiny of Humankind in the Hands of Irresponsible Politicians
    Posted: 2011/11/15
    From: Source

    A message to mankind from Cuban historic leader Fidel Castro
    Fidel Castro
    By Fidel Castro Ruz


    No sane person, especially someone who has had access to the elementary knowledge acquired in primary school, would agree that our species, especially those who are children, teenagers or youth, should be deprived of the right to live, today, tomorrow and forever. Never have human beings, throughout their eventful history, as persons endowed with intelligence, ever heard of an experience like that.

    I feel the duty to convey to those taking the trouble to read these Reflections the opinion that all of us, with no exception, are obliged to create awareness about the risks that humankind are running in an inexorable manner, towards a final and total catastrophe as the consequence of irresponsible decisions made by politicians whose fate, rather than talent or merit, has placed the destiny of humankind in their hands.

    Whether they are citizens of their country or not, whether they are followers of some religious belief or unbelievers, no human being in their right mind would agree that their children or closest kin should perish precipitously or as victims of atrocious and torturous misery.

    On the heels of the repugnant crimes that are being increasingly committed by NATO under the aegis of the United States and the wealthiest countries in Europe, the gaze of the world focused on the G-20 meeting where the profound economic crisis affecting every nation today should have been analyzed. International opinion, especially in Europe, was awaiting an answer for the profound economic crisis that, with its serious social and even climatic implications, is threatening every inhabitant on the planet. At that meeting, it was being decided whether the Euro would be able to be kept as the common currency for most of Europe and even whether some of the countries would be able to remain in the community.

    There was no answer or solution of any kind for the most serious problems of the world economy despite the efforts of China, Russia, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and other emerging economies, anxious to cooperate with the rest of the world in the search for solutions for the serious economic problems affecting them.

    What was unusual was that just when NATO concluded the Libyan operation – after the air attack that injured the constitutional head of that country, destroyed the vehicle carrying him and leaving him at the mercy of the empire’s mercenaries who murdered him and exhibited his body as a war trophy, violating Muslim customs and traditions – the IAEA, a UN body and an institution that ought to stand for world peace, released the political, money-driven and sectarian report putting the world on the brink of war with the use of nuclear weapons that the Yankee empire, in alliance with Great Britain and Israel, has been meticulously preparing against Iran.

    After the veni, vidi, vici of the famous Roman emperor more than two thousand years ago, translated to “I came, I saw and he died” broadcast for public opinion by an important television network as soon as the claimed “death” of Gaddafi had been learned of, there are more than enough words to describe US policy.

    Now what is important is the need to create clear awareness in the peoples about the abyss towards which humankind is being led. Twice our Revolution lived through dramatic dangers: in October of 1962, the most critical of all where humankind was on the brink of nuclear holocaust; and in mid-1987 when our forces were facing racist South African troops armed with nuclear weapons that the Israelis had helped them create.

    The Shah of Iran also collaborated, along with Israel, with the racist and fascist South African regime.

    What is the UN? An organization driven by the United States before the end of World War II. That nation, whose territory was considerably far away from the theatre of war, had incredibly increased its wealth; it accumulated 80% of the world’s gold and under the leadership of Roosevelt, a sincere anti-fascist, it promoted the development of the nuclear weapon that Truman, his successor, a mediocre oligarch, did not hesitate in using against the defenceless cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

    The world’s gold monopoly in United States’ power and the prestige of Roosevelt handed the US the Bretton Woods agreement, assigning it the role of issuing the dollar as the only currency to be used for decades in world trade, with no limiting factor other that it’s being backed by the gold metal.

    At the end of that war, the US was also the only country possessing the nuclear weapon, a privilege it did not hesitate in transmitting to its allies and members in the Security Council: Great Britain and France, the two most important colonial powers in the world at that time.

    Truman had not even informed the USSR one single word about the atomic weapon before using it. China, at that time governed by Nationalist General Chiang Kai-shek, a pro-Yankee oligarch, could not be excluded from that Security Council.

    The USSR, seriously stricken by the war, destruction and the loss of more than 20 million of its sons and daughters in the Nazi invasion, dedicated considerable economic, scientific and human resources to bring its nuclear capacity up to par with that of the United States. Four years later, in 1949, it tested its first nuclear weapon: the H-bomb in 1953; and in 1955 its first megaton bomb. France had its first nuclear weapon in 1960. [Mathaba Ed: It was exploded on Africa.]

    There were only three countries that had the nuclear bomb in 1957 when the UN, under the aegis of the Yankees, created the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA). Does anybody think that US instrument did anything to warn the world about the terrible dangers to which it would expose human society when Israel, unconditional US and NATO ally, located in the very heartland of the world’s most important oil and gas reserves, would become a dangerous and aggressive nuclear power?

    Its forces, cooperating with colonial British and French troops, attacked Port Said when Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal, French property; this forced the Soviet premier to send an ultimatum demanding the ceasing of that aggression that the European allies of the US had no alternative other than to attack.

  12. SAIF!

    سيف الإسلام إنا قادمون
    والله لا ينفعكم الناتو ولا قنابل النووية و هذا وعد مني
    Declaration of hegemony and allegiance for Mujahid Commander Saif Al Islam al Gaddafi -on friday 18.11.2011
    Posted by rictvanoticiastv on 15 noviembre, 2011
    Posted in: rictvnoticiastv.
    Declaration of hegemony and allegiance for Mujahid Commander Saif Al Islam al Gaddafi -on friday 18.11.2011

    de Olivera Olja Ilić, el Martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011 a las 19:51

    Libya: the resistance is preparing to give official of hegemony and allegience to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi on Friday .. tribes of resistance will continue and instructions obscured the news ..

    Sources said the Libyan resistance that next Friday 18 of this month will be a declaration of allegiance and docking, “Mujahid Commander Saif al-Islam Muammar al-Gaddafi.”

    According to the arrangements, the tribes will announce the launch Biatha and to liberate the country from NATO and the Zionist Germanh and his mercenaries and its clients.

    With the escalation of the Libyan resistance, the chance of transmission of resistance to new methods and tactics are necessary according to the military expert.

    Quoted by news agency correspondent Association for Youth resistant to target the core of the liberation war of attrition not only customers but not to enable them to settle even Andhroa.

    According to the correspondence, the resistance operations advertised during the last 48 hours claimed 21 of the customers and NATO mercenaries, including 3 of Arab nationalities and 2 Western U.S., one of them has been identified the nationality of the second.

    These include 3 statistical areas in Libya.

    It seems that the plans are to do Baalmyat resistance in different cities and at one time.

    With a sense of the difficulties the east of Libya and its participation in the destruction of the country seems this section of the country may A_h and the spread of the corruption, drugs, extortion, assassinations and disappearances.

    News and media fell to Libya in international agencies after he was informed reporters and journalists that the matter will not be important Libyan far.

    It seems that the reason for this decline is to prevent the dissemination of news about the theft of the country by the companies and the forces of NATO’s own.

    And always going theft and looting of the country is far from the media.

    NATO mercenaries and seized the assets of an estimated $ 27 billion represents money and gold and articles of valuables too.

    Not be referred to until now in agreement with the rats Transitional Council.

    Libya is the first country in the world ruled by an elderly rats also echoed to this day to Libyan news agency correspondent Association.

    Association news agency and the voice of all Arab resistance/ Algeria-Libya


  13. Libya – Touhami Hamza on Ilibya TV ad messages 3 and confirms that Seif El Islam guides the Libyan resistance. (November 15, 2011)
    Posted on 16/11/2011 at 00:38 – 232 visits
    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / Dr. Hamza TOUHAMI, the Libyan resistance, announced the three messages:
    1. The first message to the Tuareg: he asked a Taouaregs declare and claim the great country of the Tuaregs’ Sahra El Kobra “of Fezane to the borders of the south.
    He asked the women Taouaregs not to let the men go home Taouaregs until they reinstate the guide Muammar Gaddafi, and he has freedom.
    We need the flag Taouareg rises in the south.
    2.The second message for Gdadfa, Warfla, Ouled Sliman Mchachiya, MGarha, Noayale.
    He said that Warfla lifted the green flags and they marched with the green flags in Bani Walid.
    He asked the resistance of Bani Walid, Sirte, Mchachiya, MGarha, Noayale to merge and avoid using the telephone and through trusted contacts directly. He noted that this is the time of the response to free the country.
    He asked resistant to operations in small groups or individually, the goal is the destabilization of Libya’s CNT.
    He even asked to distribute the leaflets resistant pro Libya green.
    Dr. Hamza Touhami confirms that Seif El Islam is alive and he guides the Libyan resistance.
    3.The third message!? In this video, the sound is off!
    Dice to obtain a good quality video of the intervention of Dr. Hamza Touhami, we broadcast.
    Bright green Libya
    Libye – Hamza Touhami sur Ilibya TV annonce 3 messages et confirme que Seif El Islam guide la résistance Libyenne. (15 novembre 2011)
    Publié le 16/11/2011 à 00:38 – 226 visites
    Source : ALGERIA ISP

    ALGERIA ISP / Le docteur Hamza TOUHAMI, le résistant libyen, a annoncé les 3 messages suivants:
    1. Le premier message pour les Touaregs : il a demandé aux Taouaregs a déclarer et revendiquer le grand pays des Touaregs « Sahra El Kobra » de Fezane jusqu’aux frontières du sud.
    Il demande aux femmes de Taouaregs de ne pas laisser rentrer les hommes Taouaregs chez elles jusqu’à ce qu’ils vengent le guide Maoummar Kadhafi.
    Il faut que le drapeau de Taouareg se lève dans le sud.

    2.Le second message pour les Gdadfa, Warfla, ouled sliman, Mchachiya, MGarha, Noayale.
    Il a déclaré que les Warfla ont levé les drapeaux verts et ils ont marché avec les drapeaux verts à Bani walid.
    Il demande aux résistants de Bani walid, Syrte, Mchachiya, MGarha, Noayale de se fusionner et évitez d’utiliser le téléphone et passer par des contacts de confiance directes. Il a préciser que c’est le moment de la riposte pour libérer le pays.
    Il demande aux résistants de faire des opérations en petits groupes ou individuellement le but est la déstabilisation de la Libye du CNT.
    Il demande même aux résistants de diffuser les tracts pro la Libye verte.

    Le docteur Hamza Touhami confirme que Seif El Islam est vivant et c’est lui qui guide la résistance Libyenne.
    3.Le troisième message !? Sur cette vidéo, le son est coupé !
    Dés l’obtention d’une vidéo de bonne qualité de l’intervention du docteur Hamza Touhami, nous la diffuserons.
    Vive la Libye verte

  14. Rictvagencia Rede Internacional
    Libya – News from the Green Revolution (November 16, 2011)
    Posted on 16/11/2011 at 11:19 – 42: ALGERIA ISP
    ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar El Mokawama Libya, the new green revolution in the morning of 16 November 2011:

    3:00: The mujahid Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, directs the operations of the resistance in the preparation of the Front for the Liberation of Libya.
    A march by supporters of Libya Green with green flags in Bani Walid.
    01:00: Tribe Elmgarha to Chouiref Barak Chati and rose against the TNC and Mzarta against rebels. The patriots of the tribe killed 17 rebels and lost youth of the tribe of four.
    0:55 Views: In a telephone interview, a series of TNC, Mustafa Abdeljalil confessed to a senior U.S. military official you have remorse for what he did in Libya, and acknowledged that the situation has become dangerous after the control of resistance in some areas.
    Libye – Des nouvelles de la révolution verte (16 novembre 2011)
    Publié le 16/11/2011 à 11:19 – 121 visites
    Source : ALGERIA ISP
    on guard

    ALGERIA ISP / Selon Akhbar El Mokawama Libya, des nouvelles de la révolution verte du matin de la journée du 16 novembre 2011:

    3h00: Le moudjahid Saif al-Islam Kadhafi dirige les opérations de la résistance dans le cadre de la préparation du Front de libération de la Libye.
    Une énorme marche des libyens loyalistes à la Libye verte avec des drapeaux verts à Bani walid.
    1h00: la tribu des Elmgarha à Chouiref et Barak Chati s’est soulevée contre le CNT et contre les rebelles de Mzarta. Les patriotes de la tribu ont tué 17 rebelles et ils ont perdus 4 jeunes de la tribu.
    00h55: Dans un entretien téléphonique, le numéro un du CNT, Mustafa Abdeljalil a avoué à un haut officier de l’armée américaine qu’il a des remords de ce qu’il a fait en Libye et il reconnaît que la situation est devenue très dangereuse après le contrôle de la résistance de certaines régions.

  15. br leader rides


    Gadhafi wedding

    29 OCTOBER 2011, Message of the Taureg tribes:


    Ana Martinovic
    ALGERIA ISP / Dr. Hamza TOUHAMI, the Libyan resistance, announced the three messages:
    1. The first message to the Tuareg: he asked a Taouaregs declare and claim the great country of the Tuaregs’ Sahra El Kobra “of Fezane to the borders of the south.
    He asked the women Taouaregs not to let the men go home Taouaregs until they avenge the guide Maoummar Gaddafi.
    We need the flag Taouareg rises in the south.
    2.The second message for Gdadfa, Warfla, Ouled Sliman Mchachiya, MGarha, Noayale.
    He said that Warfla lifted the green flags and they marched with the green flags in Bani Walid.
    He asked the resistance of Bani Walid, Sirte, Mchachiya, MGarha, Noayale to merge and avoid using the telephone and through trusted contacts directly. He noted that this is the time of the response to free the country.
    He asked resistant to operations in small groups or individually, the goal is the destabilization of Libya’s CNT.
    He even asked to distribute the leaflets resistant pro Libya green.
    Dr. Hamza Touhami confirms that Seif El Islam is alive and he guides the Libyan resistance.
    3.The third message!? In this video, the sound is off!
    Dice to obtain a good quality video of the intervention of Dr. Hamza Touhami, we broadcast.
    Bright green Libya


    And our children will not forget the martyrs Akhutnaa .. NATO to bomb tribes great and Icherdha Ardonna and be silent and Nnkhmz and our children do not forget No, no and a million tribes will not come out Idaa one of all the cities on Friday tribal uprising of the great noble tribes …
    Vayakbaúl Wehbe Nusrat Libya … I hope all of the free circulation of all sites and the pages in order to Libya


    Posted by rictvanoticiastv on 16 November 2011
    Posted in: rictvnoticiastv .

    Tell 16/11/2011Resistencia Libya Libya Ejercito Green
    : Misrata brigade lost ha … pero muchos combatientes however Tienen 700 tanks necesita y nuevas areas of attack as Misrata lacks oil
    *** @ SomaliaSupport2 accepted Sin – the sin tank trucks. Lucha resources crush them by rebel brigades del interior .*** Please Libya: Ejercito and her green strength en Sirte ha defeated en Misrata brigade areas of R & Sirte eliminationist rebel ahora la la ciudad all.
    *** Tell SomaliaSupport2 Libya: Sirte en la resistance green ha defeated en Misrata brigade areas of Sirte y ahora la eliminationist all rebel la ciudad.
    Tell 16/11/2011Resistencia Libya Libya Ejercito Green
    : Misrata brigade lost ha … pero muchos combatientes however Tienen 700 tanks necesita y nuevas areas of attack as Misrata lacks oil
    *** @ SomaliaSupport2 accepted Sin – the sin tank trucks. Lucha resources crush them by rebel brigades del interior.
    *** Please Libya: Ejercito and her green strength en Sirte ha defeated en Misrata brigade areas of R & Sirte ahora la eliminationist all rebel la ciudad.
    *** Tell SomaliaSupport2 Libya: Sirte en la resistance green ha defeated en Misrata brigade areas of Sirte y ahora la eliminationist all rebel la ciudad.
    **** NEWS UPDATE … Libya rats of Zawiya Pidie truce una de la resistance Green Wershafana Tribu ..
    *** El report of Libya: Tripoli resistance attacks the green brigade join Bel Haj ALQAEDA strike command center Morteros far-reaching con algunos rebels murieron

    *** El informs Libya: la lucha con la resistance Green Brigade Bel Haj outskirts of Tripoli lowed convoy Bel Haj full brigade.
    … …
    *** El informs Libya: Rebel NTC dijo related to bags that Habia Syria Algeria y y Niger Niger es y dijo that allows you to enter en Tauragė Libya

    *** El report of Libya: Benghazi green rebel resistance to them emboscaron Patrulla puesto y en la ciudad control of …
    – En Tripoli, Libya .
    From: Virtual Rictv News Agency correspondent
    Rictvagencia International Network
    Report 16/11/2011Resistencia Libya Libya Army Green
    : Misrata brigade has lost many fighters … but still have 700 tanks and two new areas of need and attack the oil Misrata
    *** @ SomaliaSupport2 In oil – in tanks or trucks. Struggle for resources brigades crush rebels inside .*** Report Libya resistance and green army brigade has defeated Misrata Sirte Sirte in two areas of R & Eliminate now rebels throughout the city.
    *** SomaliaSupport2 report Libya: Sirte green strength has defeated Misrata brigade in two areas of Sirte and now the elimination of rebels across the city. – In Tripoli, Libya …

  16. Libya – News from the Green Revolution (November 16, 2011)
    Posted on 16/11/2011 at 11:19 – 42: ALGERIA ISP
    ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar El Mokawama Libya, the new green revolution in the morning of November 16, 2011:

    3:00: The mujahid Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, directs the operations of the resistance in the preparation of the Front for the Liberation of Libya.
    A march by supporters of Libya Libya green with green flags in Bani Walid.
    01:00: Tribe Elmgarha to Chouiref Barak Chati and rose against the CNT and Mzarta against rebels. The patriots of the tribe killed 17 rebels and lost youth of the tribe of four.
    0:55 Views: In a telephone interview, a series of CNT, Mustafa Abdeljalil confessed to a senior U.S. military official you have remorse for what he did in Libya, and acknowledged that the situation has become dangerous after the control of resistance in some areas.


    NATO: Depleted Uranium Dirty-Bombs against Libyans

    NATO aircraft had routinely equipped with anti-armor missiles fitted with depleted uranium war heads. It has been widely reported that NATO had fired hundreds of anti-armor missiles in many parts of Libya, including in the immediate environs of the Libyan capital Tripoli. This means that thousands of kilos of depleted uranium have been used in Libya since the original outbreak of the Libyan War.

    Depleted uranium, or D.U., ignites when it strikes armored vehicles. Ignition causes D.U. to break down to a microscopic powder, measured in microns or millionths of an inch. Upon impact D.U. creates a fireball in many cases that rises hundreds of feet into the atmosphere where the wind helps spread it over large areas.

    D.U. is a very dangerous, long term poison. It is radioactive and when ingested internally causes a host of problems to its victim. It is nonspecific and generational in impact, meaning that it does not distinguish between friend or foe and the damage it does goes on for generations into the future.

    Large quantities of D.U. were used during the attack on Iraq in 1991 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The damage done by D.U. to the Iraqi population is well documented and continuing.

    The use of D.U. constitutes a war crime and crime against humanity, just as poison gas and dumdum bullets were designated in their time. The Libyan people are the latest victims of this western inflicted plague.

    Irradiate the Libyan people to save the Libyan people — How else could you describe the NATO attack on Libya?

    Internet site reference:


    Frans Koolike informs us:
    The Friends of col.Muammar Gaddafi presesnts: A Mass Rally on the 19th November 2011 at 09h00-18h00, Place : Zoo Park on the Independence Avenue Windhoek City Centre. We must give recognition and respect for the positive contributions, deeds and efforts that the great Muammar Gaddafi gave to the freedom fighters and its African tribute to Patrice Lumumba and many others Africans leaders.
    come one come all !

    Rita Sloan, Gaile McLean, Sylvia Habib et 5 autres personnes aiment ça.

    Gaile McLean says:
    Gaddafi gave so much to this world and in particular those who needed it

  17. profile one

    Meanwhile in Libya, Rebels in the newly liberated Libya have arrested around 70 doctors and nurses in Zawiya, who they believe had ties or allegiances with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime!

    In Tripoli, in the same long-suffering region of Abu Salim, again thundering explosions heard fierce gunfire and bloodshed.
    Resistance fighters continue to recruit and valiantly resist the horde of bandits.
    About a dozen ambulances arrived on the battlefield,and a few dozen rebels were destroyed by the patriots of Libya.
    Source: Newjestic

    Olivera Olja Ilić writes:
    4 Libyan rats arrested in Tunisia,in trying of dealering narcotic pill’s
    Ecstasy drugs and so far is the fuel revolution rats / / Tunisia,bordian city Gabes /
    Today 17/11/2011 and during the first hours of the day today the arrest of 4 youths Libyan origin of the city of Misurata and members of the bulls in the city of Gabes, Tunisia and possession of 1000 narcotic pills were transferred to Criminal Court to consider really care about
    (on photo is one of rats effect on people in Libya)

    Christella Bernardene Krebs :
    This is what our brother leader said at the end of February and again in early March: That the rebels were youths hyped-up by Al-Qaeda, on Drugs and that they “were under the influence”. He was pleading with the parents of these misguided youths to take them back home and detox them from their drugs—probably bought and brought in for them through the American CIA and British NI6

    Olivera Olja Ilić again writes:
    Via Al Rai (BE WEARY OF THIS SOURCE as it has bee hacked since 14 OCT 2011):
    Sparked several clashes between Mujahideen and customers NATO in the city of Sabha, as I heard explosions and heavy gunfire in the area of the airport …
    The Libyan sources said the Mujahideen of the tribes Almgarhh and Alqmazfah, held several communications between them to unite and attack on the Gardah center brings customers NATO .. ..
    The sources added that this contact made between the two tribes was the result of severe congestion after a number of agents searched the homes of NATO for the tribe Alqmazfah and contempt in an unprecedented manner.

    Update News Libya –
    News from the Green Revolution (16 November 2011)
    3:00: The mujahid Saif al-Islam Gaddafi heads the operations of the resistance in the preparation of the Front for the Liberation of Libya.
    profile 2
    Posted on 16/11/2011 at 11:19 – 2391 visits
    ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar El Mokawama Libya, the new green revolution is to start in the morning of the day on November 16, 2011:
    3:00: The mujahid Saif al-Islam Gaddafi heads the operations of the resistance in the preparation of the Front for the Liberation of Libya.
    A huge march on Libya Libyan loyalists green with green flags in Bani Walid.
    1:00: Tribe Elmgarha to Chouiref Chati and Barak was raised against the CNT and against the rebels Mzarta.
    The patriots of the tribe killed 17 rebels and have lost four young of the tribe.
    0:55: In a telephone interview, a number of TNC, Mustafa Abdeljalil confessed to a senior U.S. military
    officer that he has remorse for what he did in Libya and he acknowledged that the situation has become very dangerous after the control of resistance in some areas.

    Declaration of war by the Warshefana tribe – Dichiarazione di guerra della tribù Warshefana
    Posted on 17 November 2011 |
    Tripoli: this Video shows the Declaration of War against the CNT by the Warshefana tribe, 14 November 2011

    Libyan Resistance News – 17 November 2011 – update 02:45 (Eng-Ita) + Video
    Posted on 17 November 2011

    17 November 2011 – iLibyaTV – The military governor of Tripoli, Abdelhakim Belhadj, was targeted by combatants and they were able to touch him. – Fighters of the cell. “Sakr Elawhed” have confirmed it to iLibyaTV.
    They do not know if they were able to kill him or if just was wounded.

    Resignation of members of the TNC from the hedquarters to Tajoura (17 November 2011)
    ALGERIA ISP / Zengtena According to the members of the headquarters of the TNC to Tajoura resigned.

    Recent events and the various operations of the fighters of the army of liberation of Libya prompted the rebels to rethink their positions to their engagement with the TNC.

    16 November 2011 – 10:05 pm : In Tripoli: two powerful explosions were heard in Tripoli, Souk Jomo area. A shooting at Jomo and Zawiya Eldahmani Souk in Tripoli.

    20h: in Sabha: violent clashes near the city airport of Sabha. The fighters of the Libya Liberation Army set fire to the headquarters of the TNC Sabha.

    أخبار متفرقة

    العميل بوشنه وعملائه يهددون قبائل ورشفانة
    بتحويلها الى رمـــــاد مثل مدينتي سرت وبني وليد اذا لم تتراجع عن موقفها
    البطولي ضد الظلم والعار.ولكن نحن نرد ونقول الان نحن وجه لوجه والناتو قد
    ولت ايامه ولنرى من يضحك في النهاية.

    عاجـــــــ(قناة الراي)ـــــل : مجلس الذل والعار يصرح بان الوضع السياسي في ليبيا غير مستقر

    عاجــــــ(طرابلس)ــــل : عملاء تاجوراء يكتفون من البوابات والتفتيش تحسبا ليوم الجمعة.
    Miscellaneous News ivory (knahalray) for client boshanh and wershvanh tribes were threatening clients into ashes like the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid if heroic dissuaded against injustice and shame but we respond and say now we face to face and NATO have gone days and we laugh at the end.

    Ivory (alrai):[BEWARY of this source] “Council of humiliation and shame” (TNC) states that the political situation in the non-stable ivory Libya (Tripoli) for: clients only from Tajura gates and inspection in anticipation of Friday.

  18. Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi the Truth
    Thanks to all the brothers and sisters for their support. All the rats are dead.
    We are too drunk on victory at the moment to report much else. Victory is ours!

    Update News Libya –
    Resignation of members of the TNC from the hedquarters to Tajoura (17 November 2011)
    ALGERIA ISP / Zengtena According to the members of the headquarters of the TNC to Tajoura resigned.


    200 Anonymous dead bodies found in Sirte.
    Most of them thrown in the sewers !!

    10 November 2011
    Par : صور جثث مجهولة الهوية فى سرت
    Photos : 200

    حذر جبريل في حديثه أن ليبيا تعاني من ‘شبح أربع انقراضات’، قال إنها تتمثل في ‘انقراض بشري وانقراض مائي وانقراض نفطي وانقراض مفهوم الدولة بعد زوال النظام السابق’.!!!
    الان بدأت تفكر؟ ومن قدم لنا هذه (الانقراضات)! ايها الديناصور الخائن؟!!!
    ان انها فقط نوع من الحملة الانتخابية
    Jibril warned that Libya in experiencing ‘ the spectre ‘ extinctions, said the four were ‘ human extinction and extinction of oil and water and the extinction of the concept of extinction after the demise of the previous system state.!!!
    Now started thinking? And gave us this (the dying out)! Dear dinosaur traitor?!!!
    They just kind of electoral campaign

  20. Everything our Brother-leader worked- for throughout his entire life and existance, has seemingly, to him, been destroyed and lost.

    Our brother-leader’s soul has been very deeply wounded; only God can heal those wounds…and it will take a good while.

    Let us give him the rest and time he truly deserves (after all the wonders he had truly accomplished for the benefit and good of humanity).

    All prayers, and our genuine love, go to Muammar a-Qathafi….

    DENNIS SOUTH writes in reply to Adam King/ MATHABA:

    “For a long time, I believed Mathaba’s report, and I still do. But I DO NOT agree that Muammar should be quiet. We’ve talked privately, Adam, and I understand that he is DEPRESSED, in part due to his 42 years of work being destroyed by NATO and the rats; in part because he expects people to carry on the Revolution without him. As you said, he is a HUMAN BEING, and he has the right to have the same emotions as any other human being. He’s not superman. So, he has decided to “retire,” so to speak. That’s HIS opinion about “retiring,” and, more importantly, his right….

    But, here is what I would say to him if I could: I am deeply pained by your loss. My opinion, though, Muammar, is that you should TRY to move on, and you should somehow inform the public that you are alive. My OPINION might be junk. But it’s MY opinion, and I’m giving it.

    IN MY OPINION, it would push a KNIFE right into the heart of the enemy–expose the enemy’s lies in a BIG way. Secondly (of course), it would give a boost to those who support the Jamahiriya.

    Muammar WILL ALWAYS be idolized. Nobody can stop that, as much as you and I might not like it. People are going to have their heroes–their GODS, even, although we’re fast moving into a New Age in which that kind of leadership is coming to an end. You and I might be different, Adam….

    The decision for Muammar not to appear, I assume, was a decision that was made MUTUALLY, amongst higher ups in the Jamahiriya, not just him by himself. I assume that–perhaps wrongly, but that’s what I assume. I was not there. I don’t have all the facts.

    But I have simply changed my mind on this silence. I was with you on this, at first, but not now.

    This is not a bitter argument, or anything like that. I just disagree. If he’s alive, and if he can reveal that without revealing his location, then, in my opinion, he should make that known somehow. It might [MIGHT] have a powerful positive effect. But, I guess the Jamahiriya has already thought all of that through.

    Everybody on earth can disagree with me, and that’s no big deal. I hope you understand.”

    MATHABA answers:
    “Regarding sources: Mathaba has numerous sources and intelligence, so it is not one source. We also publish things from OTHER sources. At which point have you seen any Mathaba staff saying “trust us”? Nor is it logical to take one article from Mathaba and weight it against another article from another source, and then make a decision: that is a method taught in Anglo-Saxon circles and usually results in the truth being missed. A reputation built over 12 years (and decades previous to that by its founders and staff), a credibility based on numerous factors over time, that will lead people to know or feel if they can trust an individual or group such as a news service. That is not something anyone can dictate, and it comes from much hard work and dedication. Let me say just one thing: if someone lies part of the time, or even most of the time, (as “Dr” K A Paul for example, which may be revealed in due course as time and priorities allow), then that person is NEVER to be trusted — that is my own opinion. I NEVER trust the <== (wrongly labelled main stream media, more accurately money slave media) MSM. I don' trust ANYONE with EVERYTHING, but I will know what to trust certain people with: some can truly be trusted to be telling the truth, at all times, and no matter what, not even to lie for saving their lives, I know a HANDFUL of such people.

    I just saw your last sentence: etc.; guess the Jamahiriya has already thought all of that through.etc.; Perhaps you meant to say it otherwise. The Jamahiriya does not have a thought process on such things, let alone a thought process. The Jamahiriya is more than 6,000 PC’s which have not met this year due to the war, so there is no such thing. Nor can there be.

    Dennis if you don’t mind me saying so, the introduction to your above comment, feels as if you are talking about yourself, or at least partially. YOU are having doubts and questions. But hey, you are experienced enough to know that that is not healthy, and you should question the basis of your beliefs, and if you will stand alone against the entire world for Truth, and if you believe that matters. Quoriana has just left an excellent comment that probably answers it way better than I ever could. In general, my feeling on reading the above, is less philosophizing and more practical motivation to ACTION is required, you are all over the place at the moment. Focus. Start here and spread it, even if you do nothing else, give 1,000 young men a CHANCE to at least partially use your shoes: //

    But why? There are too many reasons not to. 100,000 people (we don't know the exact number any more it is such a massacre) have died. He is not worried about his life! And has he not done all that was needed? Does he have to forever keep repeating what people should do? It’s ALL IN THE GREEN BOOK;. And, the only people who can announce that to the world, and show whatever they like, make people live or die in the eyes and minds of almost all mankind, are those that control the media and that has been proven this year: the war was started, fuelled and almost won, by that media. The only thing you can do is build that MOVEMENT so that it may be worth while, otherwise, for what? To attract more bombing, this time further into the heart of Africa, where the French dropped their nuclear bombs only one or two and today cancers reign, as around the world? Just to satisfy the curiosity or weak hearts of a few? For the readers of independent truth media, on this regard, are only a million, out of six billion. Other "independent" media such as Axis of Logic etc are mainly hostile. You need to BUILD the audience first and make sure the existing work survives and expands and create the movement and network, ADOPT THE GREEN CHARTER, work to put it all into practice, by joining and building People's Conferences. Let me tell you, he is not the only one who is quiet. We are waiting to see how serious people are, and if they are just clicking and doing things on the Internet, or really committed to action. Actions speak louder than words, and empty vessels make the loudest noises. Actions will mean there are Green Charter Committees active around the world, reporting their news, and forming people’s conferences. So far, too little. What are you waiting for? Read also the links which are below this article, above the comments here. Follow those links and others. Above all, make your signature and write on every wall every public place three small words: mathaba dot com:

    lkn438o in reply to Mathaba:
    I agree with basicly everything you’re saying. Believe me, I've been putting the pros and cons against each other for almost a month. In my opinion the genocide will continue in areas where the green resitance is weak or extinct. It will continue until some media outlets start to go against the MSM. It has happened before in history. So how can they be alerted? Someone from the Jamahiriya has to start talking and awake the world. It doesn’t have to be Brother Gaddafi, even though that would make the biggest impact. Moussa Ibrahim, Abdullah Senussi, Saif, anybody should at least tell the people around the world, who are holding the same views as they are, to make them still believe. Silence may be golden but not in a situation where you have been forced to keep silent. NATO didn’t care if they got the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi or not. All they cared about was to make the rest of the world believe they did. Now, if some signs of life would start to come forward then their system would start to crumble from within. People inside their system would question what is going on and the blame game would start. It would start to rot from within. I believe Brother Gaddafi didn't intend for the green charter just to be limited to Libya in the long run. It should spread across the world. But not everyone is as strong of a believer as I am. People need something to believe in. A short note or a recording would make all the difference. We shouldn’t also forget about 'Ahmed' who deserves to, one day, get the recognition for his sacrifice. His murder can't be an unknown event for ever. His murderer has happily acknowledged he pulled the trigger. He’s not Libyan but Qatari and his distinctive looks would make it possible to track him down. But someone has to make a sound or the majority will stop believing. The green resitance need more ammo, food, water, medication etc. Who will provide it if there’s a blackout?

    Alen writes:
    I want to say something here, I have the Koran and the Talmud shelf side by side. I also have Gaddafi’s Green Book signed by his hand. I am shocked by pictures of murdered brother's leaders and all my friends in Croatia. I am not a Muslim but I am of Jewish origin raised in a Christian environment of the former Tito’s . We never even thought that I would one day have to defend Libya in Croatia, a country of pro-NATO and pro-EU politicians. Any bad news from Libyatouched me deep in the heart. Weeping quietly to himself, and was deeply disturbed by the news of the assassinated leader of the revolution. It is that feeling when youhave done all you can but you are unable to, you're helpless. I am angry at the USA, and West, which celebrates death. What kind of culture and civilization that calls fordeath, plays a fake democracy, spits out his mouth, heavy lies to cover his Satanicmission to destroy a man in Libya. For me they are the followers of Hitler and Mussolini. I appeal to God for justice and I want the same fate befall them who these two Nazi-fascist bastards. Happiness is not built on someone else&’s misfortune, and evil has never built anything good.

    Quoriana writes:
    What I mean to say with this: even IF Muammar would appear live and alive on international television today, people wouldn’t believe or repent from what they’ve convinced themselves of via the mainstream media or otherwise. They will say the footage is fake, they will say the person is his double, they will bring up everything an unbelieving mind is able to bring up, and people who are in doubt will still be in doubt. If they don’t listen to the Green Book, to Muammar’s speeches, to everything he has done for Libya and Africa and the world over the passed 42 years, neither will they be persuaded if he rises from the dead (because that is how his appearance would come across to the majority). On the other hand, if people already believed they won’t need proof as the power of belief doesn’t lie in the presence or absence of evidence.

    I think it’s time to move away from this dead/not dead discussion and move on to continue what Muammar has taught us. If he reads here, like someone suggested here a few hours ago, and would find us just discussing and discussing his physical and/or mental state, wouldn’t THAT depress him even more? ….

    Mathaba in reply to burro
    Another wonderful comment. This reminds me. A long time ago, Muammar started a journey through Africa, it was during the unjust sanctions, and he travelled by land. What Bro Adam noticed, was that at the same time, there was a comet, the brightest and comes only every thousands of years near the earth, not for another 4,000 years I think, if I remember all correctly, overhead during his journey. And, that journey was the start of a big help to Africa. He undertook it at a time Libya was under heavy sanctions. Another thing you remind me of. Adam, way back in the 1980's, used to tell his belief that Muammar would finally have to leave Libya because of exactly what you wrote here: no one would believe Jamahiriya existed and he is not a dictator. So, he should go and lead a world battle for freedom, from the heart of Africa. Adam was surprised in the years that followed, that he did not do this. And of course, we were all disappointed by the way things went some years later. Yet, even now during this war, he did not budge. But perhaps he did not budge because he wanted to show and give a morality to many in Libya, to stand up and fight, not to run away. Not to be dictated to. I don't want to say more about the "now" situation, but it is nice to read thinking comments, and to know that there are people who are going to put all this back into perspective. Indeed, the shift from what should really be termed not "is he alive or dead" but "is he alive with Allah or alive on Earth" to "should he come out of hiding or not", is not necessarily a healthy one at this stage, when in any case, YOU ALL have so much work to do. Perhaps YOU ALL should do more of that work first, and then we can be in a position to evaluate many things. I don't say WE ALL, as I know just how hard the few here work, and many of you do too, but 99% of readers getting this, need to do a lot more. No doubt, for we are in a position here to see: news, information, donations, subscriptions, help, it is to tell the truth, very, very poor. Pick yourselves up, and KNOW that he is either alive with Allah or on Earth, and it is not his turn, but yours. Follow his example. How many of you have noticed that we used to have 120 (on average) articles per day? And then just one article every 2 hours? And now just one every (on average) 4 hours? And that there was yet another urgent appeal? And that hardly anyone responded to it, even though some 10,000 read it? Did you notice that? And if so, do you think that we noticed it to? Why should we do more? We can all gather our strengths burnt out after 8 months of over-drive running on less than empty, and instead turn our faces away from dehumanizing stressing computer screens, and wait for all to get your act together; so, why are you asking for us to do yet more, when you are supporting us less and less? It is very slow, there are hundreds of editors registered at but only a tiny few helping. Adam had to devote time to other things, not least survival, still without any salary nor job, as you did not help enough, even though he put almost everything in place here TO BE USED AND SHARED. Still we all carry on. But we too are watching. JOIN US.

    larisalibya writes:
    I have been studing SO CALLED “NEW WORLD ORDER” FROM ALL POINTS/sides/ AND I MUST TELL YOU — ALL WHO ARE INSIDE THIS PROJECT, ALREADY ARE NOT HUMANS AT ALL! It means – moral,ethics does not exist for them . Only those who belong to masonry are selected(they are already GODS!) and others are just a crap for them.The less crap – the better for these advocates of the sanitation. In their “NEW WORLD ORDER” not more than 500 million ppl will stay on the Earth. Others will be just eliminated in different ways.

    mathaba 2 weeks ago in reply to Dennis South:
    You said it brother, of course he is depressed, and he is very human, more human than any of those rulers. He deserves to isolate from this world for a while. Thank you for understanding so well, and that his work goes on, and that it is up to others to follow his teachings.
    So, DEAR FRIENDS, it’s high time to AWAKEN if you prefer to LIVE instead of feeding worms…

  21. Clashes in the Green square with rats,Hospital of Tripoli full of rats bodies.

    Via MSAG

    Tripoli: this Video shows the Declaration of War against the CNT by the Warshefana tribe, 14 November 2011

  22. warning:
    The “Rivers of Blood” speech of Saif al Islam al-Gadhafi, is OLD [from 21 February 2011]. ( )The NATO nations are trying to say he re-itterated his “blood-vengeance” pledge again, yesterday.

    This is a lie coming out of i-libya radio; besides, the original speech was mis-translated. Saif wanted to prevent “rivers of blood” from occuring. He feared in February that this would be the outcome of a NATO invasion of Libya; and he was right and prophetic.
    The West wants to put up a good case against Saif as a blood-thirsty murderer who needs to be assasinated, “before he kills and destroys innocent civilians” “like his father”!

  23. Here is an old news clipping from 2009:
    Saif home
    Picture: Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong paying a visit to Dr Saif Al-Islam – president of the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation and son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi – at his residence yesterday. – MFA Photo

    BOTH Libya and Singapore are looking into ways to build upon growing ties, especially in trade and economic development.

    The issue was discussed yesterday when Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who is visiting Tripoli, met Dr Saif Al-Islam, president of the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation.

    Dr Saif Al-Islam is the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The meeting took place in the morning at Dr Saif Al-Islam’s residence, Mr Goh’s press secretary said in a statement yesterday. Mr Goh last met Dr Saif Al-Islam during his visit to Libya in May last year.

    The Senior Minister is in Libya to attend the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Great Al Fateh Revolution, the country’s National Day.

    Mr Goh, during the meeting yesterday, welcomed the significant expansion in economic ties between Libya and Singapore since diplomatic ties were established in 2006, his press secretary said.

    Both men discussed how bilateral collaboration could be deepened and Dr Saif Al-Islam welcomed greater participation by Singaporean companies in Libya’s economic development.

    Bilateral trade between Singapore and Libya has grown from $93 million in 2007 to $406 million last year. Singaporean companies have also secured more than $2 billion in projects in Libya’s construction, water infrastructure and capability development sectors.

    The two countries have also set up a Joint Working Group to promote bilateral cooperation, signed an Investment Guarantee Agreement and the Avoidance of Double Taxation Convention.

    Yesterday, Mr Goh also used his meeting with Dr Saif Al-Islam to congratulate Libya on its anniversary celebrations.

    Later in the day, the Senior Minister was scheduled to attend a military parade followed by an official dinner hosted by Mr Gaddafi.

    Several world leaders, including many from the Arab world and Africa, are attending the Libyan celebrations, which also include an air show, fireworks and a song and light performance with dancers depicting Libya’s history.

    Tripoli’s streets have been decked with thousands of multi-coloured lights and hundreds of Gaddafi portraits and placards paying tribute to the leader, who came to power following a bloodless coup against the monarchy in 1969.

    Mr Goh, who is accompanied by Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Education S. Iswaran, is scheduled to leave Libya today.

  24. 1


    Int Charity/Health Foundation of Libya
    Saif working on behalf of the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation…….

    LATEST WARNING! . The Red Coats and Yanks are are coming to finish their slaugher of the innocents!
    Genet Tadesse
    U.S. and British troops to help destroy the forces of resistance PNS Libya. In the country, despite a UN resolution not mandating it,ground troops will be sent to Libya.These vultures will not leave Libya until they pick the last carcass.We pray that the green resistance will be organized and in high spirit and morale to finish these intruders in their country Libya, and send them back out in body bags to wherever they come from..

    Jazira Chuibekova
    It is necessary to sound the alarm! Need to shout it to the world – Americans and British should know that their citizens are sent to slaughter

    Stephen Gule
    North Misrata Ammunition depots rocked by sound of explosions and explosives with a hell bursting flames that rock the Zionist Israeli Mossad financed militias base. Many Jerdan ( NATO rebels guarding the ammo dumb facility are presumed to be missing or dead ), did green revolution just did that?. I thought Jerdan ( rebels ) and skin heads from Tel-Aviv do not die!!. Green army is not in hurry, no time set to retake every city, process elimination has to thoroughly be applied. Jerdan and NATO stooges must die, the empire too must perish with them.

  25. History Repeats itself:

    State Department Urged Fomenting Libyan Unrest
    By Washington Post, 05 October 1986
    A State Department working paper used last August in the Reagan administration’s plan of deception and disinformation against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi advocated a strategy that could lead to a coup or assassination attempt against Gadhafi by his own military or other opponents. The memo, circulated by the State Department on Aug. 6 in advance of a White House meeting of officials at the assistant secretary level, said, ”The goal of our near-term strategy should be to continue Gadhafi’s paranoia so that he remains preoccupied, off-balance . . . and believes that the army and other elements in Libya are plotting against him — possibly with Soviet help.


    Lies Of the Past Half Century
    The Government’s Lies
    “Every government is run by liars, and nothing they say should be believed,” remarked journalist-gadfly I. F. Stone at the height of the Cold War. While some might quibble with the sweep of the statement, during the last half century national-security obsessions indeed often put the truth into cryonic suspension.
    When the Reagan administration got caught scaremongering lies about Libya, secretary of State George Shultz felt obliged to quote Winston L. S. Churchill: “In time of war,” he said, “the truth is so precious it must be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” Of course, the United States wasn’t actually at war with Libya, but it was, Shultz helpfully offered, “pretty darn close.” In fact, Shultz had his sequence of events a bit confused. It was the bodyguard of liew that actually helped get us “pretty darn close” to war in the first place – not exactly what Churchill had in mind.

    It’s no secret that all governments sow scurrilous disinformation about their foes. Soviet commisssars convinced their subjects that all of America was a war zone of rampaging, psychopathic criminals. During the 1980s, Soviet propagandists latched on to the theory that AIDS was a biological weapon perfected in U.S. military labs and persuaded much of the third world that such was the case.

    Soviet disinformationists also spread the rumor in Latin America that minions of the United States were abducting children in an evil scheme to steal human organs. This black pearl of calumny is still reverberating: In the past several years, several unfortunate (and innocent) American tourists visiting Guatemala have been killed or seriously injured by mobs of angry locals convinced that they were meting out justice to evil child abductors.

    An oft-used CIA technique for “disinforming” Americans without breaking the letter of the law involved planting unattributed, or “black,” propaganda in the foreign press in hopes that the American media would pick up the bogus story. According to a 1977 New York Times report, former CIA officers “spoke of unmistakable attempts to propagandize the American public indirectly through ‘replay’ from the foreign press,” particularly during the Vietnam War. A 1970 CIA assessment spoke of “continued replay of Chile theme materials” in the American press, including the New York Times and Washington Post. “Propaganda activities,” the report went on, “continue to generate good coverage of Chile developments along our theme guidance.”

    John Stockwell, head of the CIA’s Angola Task Force during the 1970s, has described planting a phony story in the African press about Cuban soldiers raping Angolan women. Days later, the story made headlines in the American press, as expected.

    In wartime (or pretty darn close to it) that celebrated bodyguard of lies has often been mustered, usually to stir up popular support for military adventures. President Johnson used the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident, in which American destroyers were supposedly attacked off the coast of North Vietnam but really weren’t, as a pretext to escalate the war. In the months leading up to Operation Desert Storm, the Bush administration endorsed, but didn’t concoct, the like that Iraqi soldiers ripped babies from incubator in a Kuwaiti hospital. Later, the Pentagon’s claims about the celebrated Patriot missile were exposed as being, shall we say, somewhat phantasmal. In fact, according to several independent analysts, the defense missile missed most of its targets – incoming Iraqi Scud missiles – and exacted a not inconsiderable amount of damage on the cities they were supposed to be defending.

    West European intelligence officers were convinced that the Soviets were also adept at transforming the worldwide popularity of UFO speculation into their own crafty intelligence tool. The UMMO UFO cult of Spain – its adherents are convinced that they are in contact with extraterrestrial aliens from a cosmic government called UMMO – may have begun as a mischievous hoax. However, according to UFO researcher Jacques Vallee, the French government came to suspect that the Soviet Union had infiltrated the cult for obscure purposes that might have involved manipulation of religious belief systems. Vallee points out that many of the pseudoscientific “revelations” channeled to earthlings from the UMMO entities contained “very advanced” theories about cosmology. “Very advanced cosmology about twin universes,” Vallee explains, “involving some data that had to have come straight out of the unpublished notes of Andre Sakharov.” Only the KGB would have had access to those notes, French intelligence officials decided.

    But why would the Soviets go to the trouble to manipulate an obscure New Age cult? Per Vallee, there are at least a couple of reasons: Cults are an ideal way to incubate ideas – and irrational belief systems – that might later prove destabilizing to enemy governments. Moreover, a cult might provide cover for foreign spies doing technical assessment; after all, the UMMO “channelings” were distributed to noted Western scientists, who were encouraged to correspond with UMMOs representatives on earth.

    When it comes to the black art of espionage, we’ve come to expect the most devious means and the worst intentions. But there’s something especially rankling when the U.S. government purposely deceives the American public.

    Not surprisingly, the CIA ever on the sociotechnological cutting edge, pioneered propaganda as a form of “mind control” to help mold public opinion during the heyday of the cold war. Once-secret CIA documents from the early 1950s describe “broad” mind-control operations both overseas and domestically (in violation of the Agency’s charter) and high-level meeting convened to discuss “the broader aspects of psychology as it pertains to the control of groups or masses . . . .” Drawing on the lingo of Madison Avenue, agency officials pondered “means for combating communism and ‘selling’ democracy.”

    Consumers of this psychological bill of goods were often American citizens. Ironically, part of the propaganda operation was an effort to convince the public that it was the Soviets (and certainly not the CIA) who had unilaterally launched a “sinister . . . battle for men’s minds” involving “brain perversion techniques . . . so subtle and so abhorrent to our way of life that we have recoiled from facing up to them,” as agency director Allen Dulles intoned in a foreboding speech. Edward Hunter, a CIA propagandist turned “journalist,” coined the lurid term “brain-washing,” and the official government line charged the Chinese and Soviets with bleaching the patriotic brain cells of American soldiers, transforming them into robotic “Manchurian Candidates.”

    In reality, though, then-secret CIA memos maintained that there was “no indication of Red use of chemicals” and that the Soviets had no interest in controlling minds via “narcotics, hypnosis, or special mechanical devices.” The CIA, on the other hand, did take great interest in brainwashing foreigners and Americans through its notorious MK-ULTRA program launched three days after Dulles’s scarifying speech. As authors Martin Lee and Norman Solomon wrote in their book Unreliable Sources, “It appears that the communist brainwashing scare was a propaganda ploy, a kind of ‘brainwashing’ or mind control in its own right designed to dupe the American people.”

    But when it comes to disinformation in a wide-screen, Cinemascope format, the former thespian Ronald Reagan deserves top billing. Assisted by a gullible press corps, the Reagan administration fobbed off sundry falsehoods on an unsuspecting public.

    Early in the Reagan epoch, the State Department reawakened cold-war angst when it released a white paper purporting to have exposed a global Communist conspiracy to arm El Salvador’s leftist rebels. The Commie brouhaha was later debunked as a hoax.

    Soon after the El Salvador scare, Secretary of State Alexander Haig warned the world that the Soviets were spraying innocents in Laos, Cambodia, and Afghanistan with a deadly chemical weapon. The poison, dubbed “Yellow Rain,” supposedly fell from the sky with devastating results. The hideous weapon turned out to be the natural drizzle of bee feces. State Department documents eventually emerged indicating that U.S. cold warriors pushed the false story despite warning by various government analysts that there was no evidence to back it up.

    Then there was the aforementioned disinformation campaign against Libyan leader Mu’ammar al-Qaddafi, who was fingered as the hub of an international terrorist network, the mastermind behind a plot to assassinate Reagan. The goofiest result of this campaign of canards was a New York Post headline that read: “MADMAN MOAMAR NOW A DRUGGIE DRAG QUEEN”! Alas, it was too good to be true. A memo from Iran-Contra fall-guy John Poindexter to Reagan later surfaced, describing a disinformation program to destabilize the Libyan government.

    The Reagan administration took its propaganda efforts seriously enough to establish a de facto bureau of domestic disinformation, dubbed euphemistically the Office of Public Diplomacy (OPD). Described by a high-ranking U.S. official as a “cast psychological warfare operation” aimed at the American public, the OPD was run by a CIA propagandist whom Director William Casey had transferred to the National Security Council in an effort to side-step the ban on CIA meddling in domestic affairs. The OPD enlisted army psywar experts in the campaign to win American hearts and minds over to Reagan’s foreign policy.

    The OPD focused on Reagan’s Nicaragua obsession, especially “gluing black hats” on the leftist Sandinista government and “white hats” on the Contras, as a 1986 memo put it. In addition to producing slick flyers and lobbying Congress, the OPD slipped “scoops” to credulous reporters, including the canard that the Soviets planned to ship MIG fighter planes to Nicaragua.

    In 1987 a General Accounting Office probe of the OPD concluded that the Reaganites had operated “prohibited, covert propaganda activities” at the expense of the American public. Jack Brooks, the congressman from Texas, called the OPD’s work an “illegal operation” intended “to manipulate public opinion and congressional action.” The OPD officially shut down soon after the Iran-Contra scandal began to make headlines.

    And last, but hardly least, are more recent revelations that during the Reagan era the Pentagon doctored the results of “Star Wars” weapons testing. When criticized for concealing the less-than-stellar performance of the high-tech, multibillion-dollar boondoggle, military brass invoked that old Cold War rationale: We couldn’t afford to let the Russkies know we had a space-age lemon on our hands. Of course, fooling the Soviets necessarily meant pulling the wool over Congress and the American public, too. Which certainly didn’t hurt when it came time to ask for more astronomical funding.

  26. Just like Sleeping Beauty, the World has fallen into an almost death-like trance in many ways. What is needed are the kisses of a charming Saif al-Islam to awaken her.
    fearless prince

    Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi the Truth
    Freedom become with you,fearless prince !Salute Saif al Islam ♥ ♥ ♥
    We are free people of Libya Al Mujahid who entered history since ancient times until the era of the Great Revolution, pledge allegiance to the leader, Mr. Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, leader of the resistance and commandeered for the country and our flag and green flag anthem Alleluia is our song .. long us the leader and the brother


    Algeria – Khaled Nezzar – Libya: Revelation on Saif al-Islam [further]×150.jpgKHaled Nezzar
    interview by Khaled Nezzar

    Here are some corrections to the article: Libya: Revelations of Saif al-Islam and the idealogical struggle:

    Complement – Libya: Revelations of Saif al-Islam and ideological struggle
    When an Algerian opposition figure writes about Seif al-Islam: “Finally – LGS and thank you for the picture! – Nothing to see this mixture of arrogance and stupidity in the attitude of the criminal offspring of his criminal father, we want to puke. “It is morally objectionable when one ignores the most important and most vexatious: The aggression of NATO and the green light given by the Arab League. Insult or denounce Kadhafi and his son the time of their greatness would have meaning if we had aligned the evidence of their treason with Israel or their crimes against their people. Do while they are in trouble, by being the useful idiot that relays the propaganda and justifications of aggression of the greatest criminals of this planet is as criminal as an act of aggression because it is free to choose with moral faculties to be in the axis of Satan or any pressure on is the vassal of the ideological mimicry.

    When you are IN ADDITION claiming Algerian nationalism, Islamism or progressivism Algeria is more serious because it means in terms decoded, the Algerian opposition approving the NATO aggression against Libya is poised to become the CNT Algeria and deliver the country to a disaster worse than that committed by the despots and the poor who govern now, just to come to power we are not able to conquer? Once one accepts this way of thinking, we must admit its dramatic consequences: Ê be ready to deliver any of his countrymen and his fellow up against the hadith which forbids a Muslim to deliver or to murder or to betray him.

    With such thoughts and deadly disease, we can understand why some welcome the arrest of Nezzar in Switzerland. They forget or pretend to forget that behind this case there is a succession of power struggle between clans both internal and external predators. It is unusual to find normal that Switzerland may have a legal jurisdiction to try an Algerian for crimes committed in Algeria. This is not to defend a criminal impunity, but to defend the principles. Where we do justice against criminals by Algerian courts where possible and we entrust the charge to God when justice is impossible because of the balance of power or corruption. If we accept that justice is done in France and Switzerland against a citizen or a General we participated consciously or not to believe in divine justice, and we participated in the renunciation of all forms of sovereignty in Algeria.

    Beyond the pain of the victims of today and the joy of naive, we submit that an Algerian foreign to justice for crimes committed in Algeria is to accept the idea and culture of the interference Foreign and be proclaimed by the people of Algeria subservience to France, Switzerland and the West. France, Switzerland and the West are not models of political virtues of honesty or justice or neutral arbitrators, objective and impartial. They are responsible for our disaster. Even if we do not distinguish the priority in our enemies and the principle of sense and even though we know that our sovereignty, for the moment is less than a cat pee, do not make our criminal jurisprudence that will be the sword of Damocles on the day we will regain our freedom confiscated and will complete our independence neglected. Dignity and the future of a people comes before justice improbable against a tyrant. It is unfortunate that those who deliver legal battle and campaign against Nezzar forget to take the risk of not winning because I do not see those who supported the decision of the electoral process and repression become the judges of the man who was their instrument. By cons there is indeed a symbolic battle is not won by Algeria.

    Complément – Libye : Révélations sur Saïf al-Islam et lutte idéologique
    Quand une personnalité de l’opposition algérienne écrit sur Seïf al-islam : « Enfin – et merci LGS pour la photo ! – rien qu’à voir ce mélange de morgue et de stupidité dans l’attitude du criminel rejeton de son criminel de père, on a envie de dégueuler. » Cela est moralement choquant quand on fait l’impasse sur le plus important et le plus vexatoire : L’agression de l’Otan et le feu vert donné par la Ligue arabe. Insulter ou dénoncer Kadhafi et ses fils du temps de leur grandeur aurait eu une signification si on avait aligné des preuves de leur trahison avec Israël ou de leurs crimes contre leur peuple. Le faire, alors qu’ils sont en difficulté, en se faisant l’idiot utile qui relaie la propagande et les justificatifs d’agression des plus grands criminels de cette planète est un acte aussi criminel que l’agression car on choisit librement avec ses facultés morales de se situer dans l’axe de Satan ou bien sous pression quelconque on se fait le vassal du mimétisme idéologique.

    Quand de surcroit on est algérien se réclamant du nationalisme, de l’islamisme ou du progressisme algérien c’est plus grave encore car cela signifie, en termes décodés, que l’opposition algérienne qui approuve l’agression de l’OTAN contre la Libye est prête à devenir le CNT algérien et livrer le pays à un désastre pire que celui commis par les despotes et les médiocres qui le gouvernent actuellement, juste pour arriver au pouvoir qu’on n’est pas capable de conquérir? Une fois qu’on admet ce schéma de pensée, on doit admettre ses conséquences dramatiques : Être prêt à livrer n’importe lequel de ses compatriotes et de ses coreligionnaires allant contre le hadith qui interdit de livrer un musulman ou de l’assassiner ou de le trahir.

    Avec une telle pensée morbide et mortifère, on comprend pourquoi certains se réjouissent de l’arrestation de Nezzar en Suisse. Ils oublient ou font semblant d’oublier que derrière cette affaire il y a une lutte de succession du pouvoir tant entre les clans internes que les prédateurs externes. Il est anormal de trouver normal que la Suisse puisse avoir une compétence juridique pour juger un algérien pour des crimes commis en Algérie. Il ne s’agit pas de défendre l’impunité d’un criminel mais de défendre des principes. Où nous faisons justice contre les criminels par des juridictions algériennes lorsque cela est possible ou nous en confions la charge à Dieu quand rendre justice est impossible du fait du rapport de forces ou de la corruption. Si nous acceptons que justice soit rendue en France ou en Suisse contre un citoyen ou un Général nous avons participé consciemment ou inconsciemment à ne pas croire à la Justice divine et nous avons participé au renoncement à toute forme de souveraineté de l’Algérie.

    Au delà de la douleur d’aujourd’hui des victimes et de la réjouissance des naïfs, nous devons savoir que soumettre un Algérien à la justice étrangère pour un crime commis en Algérie c’est accepter l’idée puis la culture de l’ingérence étrangère et faire proclamer par le peuple la vassalisation de l’Algérie à la France, à la Suisse et à l’Occident. La France, la Suisse et l’Occident ne sont pas des modèles de vertus politiques ni de probité judiciaire ni des arbitres neutres, objectifs et impartiaux. Ils sont les responsables de notre désastre. Même si nous ne savons pas distinguer la priorité dans nos ennemis et le principe de sens et même si nous savons que notre souveraineté, pour l’instant vaut moins qu’un pipi de chat, ne faisons pas de nos criminels une jurisprudence qui sera l’épée de Damoclès le jour où nous retrouverons notre liberté confisquée et achèverons notre indépendance délaissée. La dignité et l’avenir d’un peuple passe avant la justice improbable contre un tyran. Il est dommage que ceux qui livrent bataille judiciaire contre Nezzar et campagnie oublient qu’ils prennent des risques de ne pas gagner car je vois mal ceux qui ont soutenu l’arrêt du processus électoral et la représsion devenir les juges de l’homme qui a été leur instrument. Par contre il y a bel et bien une bataille symbolique qui n’est pas gagnée par l’Algérie.

  28. SAIF Speech this night: (17 NOVEMBER 2011):

    Saif al-Islam Gaddafi:
    Warning and alert for each free to honest citizens …. are now operations directly (without details of the secret!) At the hands of resistance fighters against the rats of all cities of Tripoli and there Tripoli can hear the sound of explosions and bullets .. so note and warn people of the Libyan Civil not to approach the sensitive areas or near the camps for rats in this moment so as not to suffer any harm, God forbid .. God bless you from all evil and she lived to Libyan leader Muammar al-Khadra and on her head .. God is great God is greatest on the plots of the aggressor and the victory and liberation is coming, God willing,

    سيف الاسلام القذافى
    سيف الاسلام معمر القذافي . هو ابن الثائر الزعيم معمر القذافي
    معا ايها الاحرار فى كل مكان لكشف المؤا…


    Al Jamahiria – اﻟﺠﻤﺎﻫﻴﺮﻳﺔ
    كما وردنا

    الآن إنفجارات في تاجورا ورماية بماضاد طيران
    As our response now explosions in Tajura, shooting flying bemadad (Translated by


    Khamis Gaddafi: Colonel is Alive!!
    ALIVE!! &  Dad
    By MKER
    According to Libyan media, Khamis has sent them a video material where he said:
    “Colonel Gaddafis is alive and well and he’s in Libya where he continued his fight against occupiers and traitors of their people.
    ”Video material is not available on the internet, it’s been kept secret due to safety of Gaddafi and his family!
    “He sent this video material in several copies, and we will show this video when the time comes!” said Al Libya TV officials!


    After looting of the Gadhafi home:

    Gadhafi in the Desert:

  29. Murat Zuwari
    بداية الغضب الشعبي هدا ماحدث في صباح يوم الجمعة تفجير سيارة بيها الاسلحة للجردان……ليبيا ليست لاحد بل لكل الليبين وعليكم الدفاع عنها لا التفرج عليها
    النصر للحق
    this what happen today morning rat car with full guns destroy by our resistene

    18 novembre 2011 09:58
    بداية الغضب الشعبي هدا ماحدث في صباح يوم الجمعة تفجير سيارة بيها الاسلحة للجردان……ليبيا ليست لاحد بل لكل الليبين وعليكم الدفاع عنها لا التفرج عليها 18/11/2011 النصر للحق

    اسكندر بيك
    Our Brave Resistance exploded a camp of rats in Tripoli , i don’t know how many exactly got killed from rats side but lots in the hospital .


    سيف الاسلام القذافى
    سيف الاسلام معمر القذافي . هو ابن الثائر الزعيم معمر القذافي معا ايها الاحرار فى كل مكان لكشف المؤامره التى يتعرض لها الوطن العربى ومعا لكشف الخونه والعملاء فى كل بقاع الوطن العربى الاسلامى ومعا لكشف حقيقه القنوات العميله للصهاينه
    Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
    Warning and alert for each free to honest citizens …. are now operations directly (without details of the secret!) At the hands of resistance fighters against the rats of all cities of Tripoli and there Tripoli can hear the sound of explosions and bullets .. so note and warn people of the Libyan Civil not to approach the sensitive areas or near the camps for rats in this moment so as not to suffer any harm, God forbid .. God bless you from all evil and she lived to Libyan leader Muammar al-Khadra and on her head .. God is great God is greatest on the plots of the aggressor and the victory and liberation is coming, God willing,

    Running Updates Libya\ Green:
    Update Libya – Live Ticker 16.11.2011 Part 1

    Mea Lux Veritas
    1. Report Libya : 35 Rebel pickup Trucks were destroyed in Ain zara. 3 tanks were destroyed in Tripoli by Green resistance.

    2. Report Libya: Misrata was hit by Major blasts as Tribal war continued between Pro-Gaddafi South misrata against North misrata rebel brigade

    3. Report Libya : NATO continued airstrikes in South of Libya bombing Taurag bases and military that continue fighting against NTC mercenaries

    4. Report Libya : Misrata brigade declares it will leave the NTC and Continue on its own. Refuses to Integrate with NTC army.

    5. Report Libya: East libya Cities of Baidah and Derna and Tobruk are preparing for War against Benghazi Brigades. East libya infighting begins

    6. Report Libya: benghazi brigades prepare for War against Ajdabiyah area and Brega and Ras lanuf people and Brigades.

    7. Report Libya: Green resistance and ARRAI TV discovered document by EU stating a Plan to split libya into 5 parts and Permission by EU for it

    8. Report Libya: Eu Representative Met with Different Brigades and especially Misrata Brigade spoke about Splitting of Libya into 5 parts.

    9. Report Libya: NTC is furious as all brigades refuse their orders.. Bel haj ALQAEDA brigade and Misrata brigade both of them reject NTC

    10. Report Libya: Misrata brigade has executed all civilians that were healed by Red cross and executed Civilians that survived in Hospitals.

    11. Report Libya: Misrata brigade has lost many Fighters… but they still have 700 tanks and need to attack new areas as Misrata lacks oil

    12. Report Libya: Green resistance in Sirte has Defeated Misrata brigade in two areas of Sirte and are Now removing Rebels from entire city.

    13. ahmed shaater said I traveled to tripoli/benghazi/zintan “rebels offering children cigerates and Drugs and alcohol to later join brigades”

    14. Ahmed Shaater said “visited Zintan there is no life and civilians all suffer. few deceived youth joined brigades even they are sad now”

    15. Ahmed Shaater is man with influence from Zintan tribe and hes Pro-Gaddafi he said half of zintan are pro-Gaddafi

    16. Ahmed Shaater “Traveled to Benghazi its total poverty there. recently NTC called people to celebrate nobody came so Aljazeera just left”

    17. Ahmed Shaater said “walking in Tripoli Between hotel and main road. not less then between 5000-10000 foreigners brought by Qatar”

    18. Report Libya: Green resistance has Removed Rebels from another Area in Sirte. heavy Fighting continues Rebels removed from 3 areas in city

    19. Report Libya: Big attack on Compound housing bel haj brigade in tripoli many mortar rounds fired into Compound many rebels seen rushed away.

    20. Report Libya: Green resistance attacked Checkpoint and International airport they burned Fuel Trucks and Pickup trucks and left the scene.

    21. Report Libya: North misrata Brigade commander has been Killed by South Misrata Tribes in Misrata.

    22. Report Libya: as said by Hamza”jamahiriyah” Warfalla Tribe is heading to Baniwalid

    23. Report Libya: Bel haj ALQAEDA Brigade and Zintan Brigade are fighting each other in Tripoli and destroying civilian homes reckless shooting

    24. report libya: Taurag fighters continue to fight against the Rebels in Sabha. But NATO airstrikes continue on Southern libya region

    25. Rebels From North Misrata brigade and Bel haj brigades are fighting with People of baniwalid. fighting is not inside of Bw its in the surrouding areas and sometimes close to the city of BW.

    جبهة تحرير ليبيا – Libyan Liberation Army – Fronte per la Liberazione della Libia (VIDEO)
    Posted on November 18, 2011 |

    From : iLibya TV

  30. Support for Saif al-Islam Kadhafi
    Introducing the Libyan Green Resistance: The Libyan Liberation Front victory

    The Libyan Liberation Front (LLF) is composed of elements of the Libyan Armed Forces loyal to the legitimate anti-terrorist Government of Libya (the Jamahiriya), the armed tribal forces and the volunteers who have taken up arms to protect their villages, towns and cities against the terrorists unleashed by NATO. Despite 9,000 murderous terrorist bombing raids by NATO’s missile diplomacy approach, these heroic forces have stood firm and have inflicted massive casualties on the terrorists, racists, murderers, looters, torturers, sexists, arsonists, rapists and thieves that NATO calls the “rebels”.

  31. Konstantyn Scheglikov
    NTC leaders-NATO puppets threaten fighting Libyan people that they will wipe off Tripoli like they eliminated Sirte and Bani Walid earlier.

    Yesterday, 17 November 2011
    Al Rai TV (Ivory) reported that rebel leaders threaten Wershvanh and other tribes that NTC will incinerate Tripoli like Sirte and Bani Walid if patriots will not surrender or step back.

    The reality is that all this comes directly from NATO aggressors who eliminated Libyan cities and towns, destroyed civil targets, water, food and electricity supplies. They brought hell into Libya aiming to scare Libyans and to force them to surrender. But Libya after 9 months of invasion and 8 months of carpet bombing continues to resist occupation.

    NATO squads stay in Libya under cover of chemical, nuclear and other WMD searching. Truth is that those are death squads targeting to rape and torture kids, women, aged people. Such squads were invented by Nazi Germany, historical loop closed-western individualism easily transformed to fascism, population of countries which are called “totalitarian” by mass media are considered to be non-humans. People of so-called democratic countries watch this massacre on TV like a movie. Western individualism is the completed form of nationalism when people start to hate each other inside one nation. For such people all surrounding humans are enemies and rivals. Murder, lies, violence are living standards for them. NATO soldiers who are slaughtering Libyans now do not consider Libyans to be “of their kind” because Libyans are different, they are “barbarians”, they do not want to gift their oil, and “they are breeding like beasts”, as such, they can be killed. Mind of German soldier was exactly the same when he seized Russian child by leg and crushed kid’s skull because the child did not allow him to sleep well. When NATO soldier shoots kids in Libya and other occupied countries he is doing absolutely the same. Fascism has not gone from Europe-it only changed the title and is now called democracy.

    NATO by means of it’s puppets threatens to incinerate Libya’s towns if patriots will not surrender. I’m sure that people of Libya will continue to fight invaders and traitors.

    According to Al-Rai the answer to NTC ultimatum was as follows:

    The days when NATO covered you are gone. We shall meet you face to face and see what will happen. We’ll fight till the end against injustice and shame”

    NATO is already bombing tawareg’s villages, killing kids and women and destroying homes. There is nothing to loose for Libyan Army and Green Resistance, the fear vanished there’s only fierce resistance, the steely will to fight till death.


    World media: “ With all claims on finishing military operation in Libya not one(!) war ship of NATO left Libyan marine territory...”

    That means NATO like Nazis during WWII will destroy resisting towns which is only vengeance for fighting.

  32. Khamis and Saif, and the martyred Moutassem, who are our brave brothers.

    ELAC 1

    Posted on 2011/11/05 by Luc MICHEL
    Les néofascistes à Moscou : “Kadhafi est mort, à qui le tour ?”

    En marge d’une Conférence régionale du MEDD-MCR et d’ELAC-RUSSIA organisée à Moscou le 14 octobre 2011,
    Fabrice BEAUR interviewe Luc MICHEL pour PCN- TV Moscou.
    Verbatim de l’entretien vidéo.

    1. Fabrice BEAUR : Tu t’es exprimé sur l’affaire libyenne. Tu as pris une part prépondérante dans la défense de la Libye et critiqué la position russe officielle. Tu as écris que « la Russie avait tiré contre son camp » et qu’elle avait aussi « perdu un grand allié géopolitique ».
    Tu peux nous en dire plus ?

    Luc MICHEL : La Russie a perdu un grand allié géopolitique en Libye. Tout à fait ! La politique étrangère russe dans l’affaire libyenne est une politique incohérente et qui va à l’encontre de tous les intérêts nationaux de la Russie. C’était l’avis du dernier ambassadeur de Russie à Tripoli lorsqu’il est rentré en Russie après avoir quitté la Libye à la fin du mois de mars. Venons tout d’abord à la position de la Libye en faveur de la Russie. La Jamahiriya de Kadhafi était le bastion de la Russie en Méditerranée. Avec la Syrie. Mais la Syrie est tout à fait dans une position différente.
    Kadhafi était extrêmement favorable aux intérêts russes. A la suite de son voyage en Russie en 2009, c’était encore avec Vladimir POUTINE qu’il avait négocié un certain nombre de traités. Les Russes auraient dû disposer d’une base navale à Benghazi. Ajoutons que la Russie était devenue le premier fournisseur d’armes de la Libye et que les Russes étaient privilégiés pour de nombreux contrats pétroliers.
    Le problème de la politique générale de la Russie, c’est que le coup d’état qui a déstabilisé la Libye et ensuite agression occidentale prennent place dans une série d’événements qui visent en fait au contrôle par les États-Unis de l’Eurasie. C’est le programme défini par Zbigniew Brzezinski dans « LE GRAND ECHIQUIER ». Et je rappellerai, parce que c’est quelque chose qu’on ignore souvent, c’est qu’au moment de l’élection présidentielle américaine le principal conseiller de OBAMA en politique étrangère était précisément Brzezinski. Aller soutenir le renversement du régime libyen, se comporter avec une extrême timidité face à l’agression contre le régime syrien, c’est bien entendu préparer le terrain à la future agression contre la Russie elle-même, qui est le but ultime des Américains.

    2. Fabrice BEAUR : La vague d’agression contre le monde arabe, et singulièrement contre la Libye et la Syrie est de toute évidence une opération de déstabilisation occidentale similaire aux « révolutions de couleurs » opérées par les USA en Europe de l’Est depuis 2000 et la chute du Président Slobodan Milosevic.
    Que penses-tu de tout ceci ?

    Luc MICHEL : J’ai été le premier, au début du mois de février, à attirer l’attention justement sur les similarités entre les « révolutions de couleur » et le soi-disant « printemps arabe ». Ce qui m’interpellait dès le début, c’est que non seulement le scénario est le même que dans les « révolutions de couleur » en Europe de l’Est, mais aussi que les acteurs sont les mêmes. Vous devez savoir que ce qu’on appelle les « révolutions de couleur », c’est une série de coups d’état organisés généralement à l’occasion d’élections, mais aussi de troubles sociaux. Derrière ces opérations, il y a un ensemble d’organismes qui sont de soi-disant « O.N.G. », mais qui en fait sont des organismes d’État américain camouflés, qui sous couvert de « promotion de la démocratie » assurent le financement des oppositions dans les pays que les Américains veulent déstabiliser.
    Derrière tout ce système, il y a un groupe international qui s’appelle OTPOR (en serbe : « résistance »). C’est le premier groupe qui a organisé une « révolution de couleur » avec le financement des Américains. Ce sont eux qui ont organisé le coup d’état contre Milosevic en octobre 2000. Vous devez savoir que le président Milosevic se présentait contre KOSTUNICA, candidat de l’opposition et de l’Occident, que certains imbéciles ont appelé le « de Gaulle serbe » (sic). En fait, MILOSEVIC avait gagné les élections. Les gens d’OTPOR se sont répandus dans la rue, ils ont proclamé la victoire de KOSTUNICA, qui était à la fois le candidat de l’Occident mais aussi le candidat des ultranationalistes serbes. Et ensuite s’est suivi une série de journées d’émeutes. La soi-disant « révolution pacifique », puisque OTPOR prétend organiser des révolutions pacifiques s’est immédiatement transformée en émeute, en attaques avec l’occupation du Parlement serbe, le pillage du siège de nos camarades du Parti Socialiste de Serbie, le SPS.
    OTPOR ensuite a été transformé par les Américains, avec d’énormes moyens de financement, en un mouvement international. Qui a organisé à Belgrade, en Serbie, ce qu’on appelle l’école internationale CANVAS. Une école où on apprend à des militants la déstabilisation des régimes. Les cours sont donnés depuis 2009 en arabe et la plupart des activités sur les réseaux sociaux Internet, mais aussi dans les émeutes des villes, lors des soi-disant « révolutions » en Égypte et en Tunisie, venaient de ce groupe. Le groupe OTPOR a également formé et patronné d’autres groupes similaires, que l’on a vus en Algérie, au Yémen, au Bahreïn et aussi dans les tout premiers jours à Benghazi en Libye.
    Comment le sait-on ? Il faut être aveugle pour ne pas voir ! Parce que la marque de fabrique d’OTPOR, c’est son logo, un poing stylisé qui rappelle les emblèmes de certaines organisations fascistes dans les années 30. Le drapeau d’OTPOR, c’est un poing blanc sur fond noir dans un cercle blanc. C’est exactement le design du drapeau des SS, qui avaient deux S runiques exactement dans le même cercle noir. Nos camarades yougoslaves en 2000 appelaient les gens d’OTPOR les « Madleen Jungen » par référence à Madleen ALBRIGHT qui était la secrétaire d’État américaine à l’époque et qui les finançaient. La caractéristique de tous les groupes liés à OTPOR est ce logo commun. Pourquoi le font-ils ? D’une part entre eux pour montrer justement leur solidarité. Mais aussi parce qu’ils doivent justifier à leur maître américain les sommes dépensées.

    3. Fabrice BEAUR : Tu as longuement analysé les liens entre ces « révolutions de couleurs » et le soi-disant « printemps arabe », sujet dont tu es le grand spécialiste. Début février 2011, tu as été le seul à discerner l’opération en cours et annoncé l’agression contre la Libye dix jours avant qu’elle se commence.
    Peux-tu nous expliquer les liens entre tous ces évènements en Europe, puis dans le monde arabe ?

    Luc MICHEL : Je viens de vous expliquer en fait déjà le modus operandi. Lorsque ont commencé ces événements dans le monde arabe, c’est-à-dire à la fin de l’année 2010, j’ai immédiatement été frappé, avant même que n’apparaissent les emblèmes d’OTPOR par la similitude du processus. C’est-à-dire que ce qui s’est passé en Serbie en 2000, ensuite au Belarus et en Russie (où ils ont échoué), en Géorgie, en Ukraine (où ils ont réussi), au Kirghizstan (où ils ont réussi), ensuite de nouveau au Belarus. J’ai discerné ce processus, ce modus operandi dans la réalisation.
    Mais derrière cette réalisation, il y a un plan, un scénario. Ce scénario quel est-il ? C’est le projet américain du « Grand Moyen-Orient ». De quoi s’agit-il ? Il s’agit de créer une vaste zone géopolitique sous contrôle américain, avec un maximum de petits états, de micros états, si possible confessionnels ou ethniques. Si vous regardez ce qui se passe en Irak, les Américains favorisent l’éclatement de l’Irak. En Syrie, il ne fait pas de doute que c’est la même visée. En Libye, on va opposer la Cyrénaïque au reste de la Libye.
    Le système de contrôle, c’est donc la balkanisation. Celui qui en politique qui a inventé la balkanisation, c’est le cardinal de Richelieu, dans l’Allemagne du XVIIe siècle. Lorsque la France, la grande puissance à l’époque du Continent, était intervenue dans les affaires allemandes. Ne pouvant ni dominer ni contrôler l’Allemagne militairement, les Français, pour rester justement puissance dominante, en ont organisé la balkanisation. C’est la Guerre de 30 ans. La Guerre de 30 ans se termine par le Traité de Westphalie et l’Allemagne est divisée en 700 micros états. Je fais cette longue digression parce que vous devez savoir que le modèle politique de Kissinger – et Kissinger est lui-même le mentor de Brzezinski qui était son collaborateur -, c’est précisément le cardinal de Richelieu.
    Ces gens appartiennent à l’Ecole américaine de Géopolitique et ils appartiennent aussi à une autre école, également idéologique qu’on appelle les néo-Machiavéliens américains. Pour que vous compreniez la façon dont ces gens conçoivent la politique, nous sommes, nous, les néo-Machiavéliens européens. Leur vision de la politique repose sur la géopolitique, sur le fondement de la puissance des états. Il n’y a pas là-dedans de moralité et de sentiment mais des rapports de puissance.
    Pour comprendre comment on est arriver à ces pseudo « révolutions », je vous ai parlé des acteurs, je vous ai parlé du processus. Mais pour réaliser tout cela, il y avait avant tout un scénario. Ce scénario, en fait personne ne s’est rendu compte que il avait non seulement été écrit mais publié sous forme de livre au milieu de cette décennie, en 2004-2005. Les Américains ont lancé, sous contrôle de la CIA, une grande série d’études prospectives. Qu’est-ce que sont ces études prospectives ? C’est ce que le fondateur de cette discipline, Bertrand de Jouvenel, le grand politologue français, appelait les « futuribles ». Comment ça marche ? Et bien on étudie des spécialistes, on les fait dialoguer, ont fait une série de symposiums etc. Et à partir de ça, on tire des scénarios. Parmi les scénarios qui ont été esquissés par les Américains, il y a la balkanisation du Proche-Orient. Il y a un scénario « du pire » qui correspond à un succès gigantesque de nos idées, c’est-à-dire l’affranchissement de l’Eurasie devenant une superpuissance prenant le rang de première puissance mondiale sur les États-Unis. Il y a un scénario islamiste, qu’ils appellent le « nouveau califat ».
    Les Américains ont tiré les conclusions de ces scénarios. Non pas qu’ils attendent qu’ils se réalisent, mais ils en tirent des leçons pour l’action. Le but de ces « futuribles », c’est de dire comment il faut réagir. Et c’est très simple ! Il faudra d’un côté empêcher l’émergence de l’Eurasie et de l’autre côté empêcher l’émergence d’états islamistes radicaux. La solution est très simple, c’est le « Grand Moyen-Orient ». C’est-à-dire que d’un côté on a donc une série de micros états à créer. On déstabilise durablement la zone par la politique de la balkanisation, cette déstabilisation touche l’Europe elle-même. Elle la touche de façon directe parce que sur le flanc sud de l’Europe, dans le Caucase et dans les Balkans, une agitation islamisant va se développer qui va nuire à la Russie mais aussi à l’Union Européenne. Et deuxièmement il va avoir des troubles dans l’approvisionnement du pétrole. C’est de nouveau les sources d’approvisionnement de l’Europe qui sont frappées. Et la troisième raison de ce qui va se passer, c’est que via l’OTAN on implique l’Union Européenne dans l’agression des pays arabes. C’est-à-dire que les pantins, les marionnettes « européennes », avec des guillemets, de l’OTAN font la politique qui va nuire aux intérêts fondamentaux de la Grande Europe. Et notamment ils agressent ceux qui devraient être nos meilleurs alliés.
    Dans le cas de la Libye, c’est particulièrement tragique, puisqu’on oublie que Mouammar KADHAFI était un grand Européen. Il a soutenu l’Union Européenne, il a soutenu son émergence comme puissance, il a soutenu l’Euro en 2008. Ce sont les Fonds souverains libyens qui ont sauvé l’Euro en France, en Belgique, en Italie et en Suisse.
    Le scénario de ce que je vous dis ici à été publié dans un livre qu’on appelle le « Rapport de la CIA ». Pas secret du tout puisque publié en français sous le titre « LE RAPPORT DE LA CIA. COMMENT SERA LE MONDE EN 2020 ? » Tout cela n’a donc rien de confidentiel ou de secret. Il y a même une édition de poche en langue française qui est préfacée par le journaliste sioniste Alexandre ADLER, où il décrit ce qui se passe au Moyen-Orient et qui est annoncé dans ce rapport de la CIA.
    technique c’est quoi ? Le procédé général c’est d’organiser des troubles dans les états, de déstabiliser le système que l’on veut renverser. C’est ce que les gauchistes n’ont pas compris ! Peu importe que ces états soient antiaméricains comme la Libye ou pro-américains comme la Tunisie ou l’Égypte. Au sein de ces états, les Américains veulent voir émerger d’une part des militaires pro-américains. Ceux qui sont déjà au pouvoir en Tunisie et en Égypte, et ceux qu’ils essayent d’amener au pouvoir en Libye. Et face à eux, les Américains souhaitent organiser la montée de partis islamistes, autour des Frères Musulmans qui sont de vieux alliés. Ce sont des alliés de 40 ans des Américains. Le pouvoir sera alors partagé entre des partis islamistes comme les Frères Musulmans, qui vont dominer les parlements. Mais qui pour rester au pouvoir vont devoir composer avec l’armée, qui, elle, va continuer à contrôler la vie publique, les forces militaires et l’économie.
    C’est un plan particulièrement vicieux. Pour tous ceux qui ont des illusions sur le soi-disant « printemps arabe » (sic), sur la spontanéité des peuples, sur la « révolution de la jeunesse » (resic), il faut savoir regarder ce qui s’est passé en huit mois en Égypte ou en Tunisie. En Égypte, c’est toujours un maréchal qui a remplacé le général Moubarak. C’est l’armée qui contrôle et les islamistes qui s’apprêtent à gagner les élections en accord avec les militaires. Ce qui se passe en Tunisie c’est la même chose. Ce sont toujours en fait les militaires qui étaient derrière le régime du général Ben Ali et ceux qui s’apprêtent à gagner les élections, c’est la version tunisienne des Frères Musulmans, le parti Ennahda. C’est encore le même scénario que les Américains essayent d’imposer en Syrie. Toujours avec les Frères Musulmans.

    4. Fabrice BEAUR : Il y a des élections législatives en Russie le 4 décembre, on annonce précisément sur les Réseaux sociaux une « révolution de couleur » au même moment. Sur un mode opératoire similaire à ce qui se fait au Proche-Orient depuis la fin 2010.
    Qu’en penses-tu ?

    Luc MICHEL : Je dois dire que c’est mon analyse depuis longtemps. J’ai toujours dit que l’Europe serait un jour avec la Russie une des cibles du mouvement et je l’ai dit particulièrement lorsque Medvedev a trahi son allié libyen à l’ONU. Et ensuite au mois de juin encore, lorsqu’il a reconnu le soi-disant « Conseil National de Transition » libyen.
    L’actualité confirme mon analyse. Parce que il s’agit pas seulement d’annoncer une « révolution de couleur », des événements insurrectionnels en Russie à l’occasion des législatives. Il s’agit de quelque chose qui va beaucoup plus loin parce qu’il y a une volonté d’organiser une insurrection armée, comme en Libye !
    Il y a quelques jours, le sénateur américain McCain se trouvait à Tripoli. Il faut tout d’abord savoir qui est McCain. La plupart des gens en Europe le présentent comme un « sénateur américain » ou un « ancien candidat » à la présidence. Ce qu’il est effectivement ! Mais McCAIN a tout à fait une autre casquette. C’est en fait un des hommes qui contrôlent justement ce groupe d’O.N.G. dont nous avons parlé tout à l’heure, pro-américaines, qui dépendent des organismes d’État US. c’est ce financement notamment qui fait vivre les associations ou les O.N.G. dépendant de McCAIN et de la CIA. Directement, il faut voir leurs budgets ! C’est McCAIN qui les contrôle donc. McCAIN est allé à Tripoli je dirais recevoir le rapport de ses subordonnés.
    Et de là-bas il a lancé un appel. Cet appel n’est pas pour une « révolution de couleur ». Il a appelé à une insurrection armée en Russie ! Qu’a dit McCAIN ? Simplement que ce qui s’est passé en Libye est un « exemple » et qu’il espère que « les Russes vont saisir l’occasion pour faire à Moscou ce que les Libyen ont fait » On est donc maintenant dans un processus qui n’est pas seulement celui du « révolution de couleur », mais qui est celui d’un appel à la guerre civile.
    Pourquoi cette escalade ? Pour diverses raisons. Mais d’un point de vue américain – je veux dire par là que les Européens et en particulier les Français participent à la même opération mais ont un autre agenda et d’autres buts que ceux des Américains – c’est que l’Amérique est en crise économique profonde. C’est maintenant une puissance économique de deuxième plan. Ils n’ont plus les moyens d’assurer la domination du Monde. Donc les Américains maintenant sont pressés, le temps joue contre eux, et ils souhaitent organiser rapidement la déstabilisation de l’Eurasie et du Proche-Orient.
    Les Américains aussi savent que leur procédé des « révolutions de couleur » en Europe de l’Est, en Europe orientale, est très bien connu des régimes qui en sont les cibles. Et qu’ils ont organisé des contre-feux. Leurs dirigeants possèdent les mêmes grilles d’analyse que moi.
    Je donnais un congrès avec le MEDD-MCR, le « VIe congrès européen du MEDD » à Zawiah, près de Tripoli, en Libye, les 5 et 7 février 2011. Et j’ai à la tribune, et ensuite dans plusieurs interviews attiré l’attention des frères libyens sur tout ceci. Et je dois vous dire honnêtement que j’ai été accueilli avec des sourires polis. Certains se sont dit que je devenais fou. « Qu’est-ce qu’il lui prend ? » Parce que les Libyens n’avaient aucune des clés d’analyse, ni la connaissance pour comprendre ce qui se passait.
    En Europe de l’Est, ce n’était pas le cas !
    Le premier qui a mis un coup d’arrêt aux « révolutions de couleur », c’est le président Lukashenko, à plusieurs reprises, à partir de 2001. Comment a-t-il fait ? Il l’a fait très simplement c’est-à-dire en tenant la rue par un mouvement de jeunesse, qui est l’Union de la Jeunesse Républicaine du Belarus. C’est un mouvement qui n’est pas très loin des thèses du PCN, par ailleurs, notamment parce qu’ils prônent le développement d’une « civilisation eurasienne » dans un État fort et socialiste. Il a également utilisé des moyens de propagande, des médias de contre-propagande, par rapport à ce que font contre lui les Américains et les Européens. Et ceux qui ont suivi son exemple, c’est évidemment le régime de Poutine. L’idée d’une « révolution de couleur » en Russie remonte à plusieurs années. Les Américains organisaient un mouvement d’opposition tout à fait artificiel, mais qui dispose de grands moyens financiers. Nous reviendrons là-dessus si nous en avons le temps. Ce mouvement séditieux a tenté à plusieurs reprises des émeutes, des insurrections, des occupations de bâtiments officiels. La réponse de Poutine a été de s’inspirer de Lukashenko et de créer un grand mouvement de jeunesse antifasciste démocratique, capable de tenir la rue. C’est le mouvement NASHI « les nôtres », qui sont par ailleurs des amis du PCN.
    Les Américains, connaissant cela et sachant donc qu’une « révolution de couleur » simplement au départ d’activistes en insurrection ne marche pas ou plus, songent évidemment à plonger les pays qu’ils attaquent dans la guerre civile.

    5. Fabrice BEAUR : La soi-disant « opposition russe » est un conglomérat hétéroclite qui regroupe libéraux comme Kasparov et Kassianov, trotskystes, néofascistes comme Limonov…
    Comment expliques-tu ceci ?Qu’est-ce qui réunit tous ces traîtres ? L’argent versé par l’occident est-il un facteur déterminant ?

    Luc MICHEL : Il y a entre ces gens trois liens puissants. Le premier lien c’est le ressentiment. Le ressentiment parce que ces gens sont des ratés de la politique. Ils savent que les Russes ne les suivront pas. Vous devez savoir que la politique nationale que fait Poutine, et qui est soutenue d’ailleurs par une opposition véritable, qui est celle de nos camarades du Parti Communiste de la Fédération de Russie de Ziouganov, le KPRF. Ziouganov n’est pas d’accord économiquement avec Poutine, mais il est d’accord avec les grands axes du redressement patriotique et eurasien de la Russie. Car c’est son programme ! Comment Poutine a-t-il défini ses grands axes ? En reprenant purement et simplement le programme du KPRF, qui s’inspire des thèses de Jean THIRIART adoptées par les Nationaux-patriotes russes en 1992.
    La deuxième chose qui unit tous ces gens, c’est une volonté de revanche, une volonté de puissance négative, nihiliste. C’est-à-dire que ces ratés de la politique voudraient cependant dominer la Russie. Ou la détruire !
    La troisième chose qui les unit, elle est claire et nette, c’est l’argent ! C’est-à-dire que – et je vais être honnête dans ma réponse – dans le cas de KASPAROV ou KASSIANOV c’est de l’argent à titre personnel. Dans le cas de LIMONOV, sur lequel je vais m’étendre plus longuement, ce n’est pas pour mettre cet argent dans sa poche, mais cet argent est là pour financer son mouvement et ses entreprises culturelles.
    Evidemment cette coalition qu’on appelle « l’autre Russie » (sic) est un attelage hétéroclite, pour employer le bon terme français. Il y a tout d’abord dedans des libéraux purs et durs. Kasparov, Kassianov qui est un ancien ministre, d’autres encore issus des rangs libéraux de l’ère Eltsine. Ces gens évidemment rêvent d’une Russie qui soit une grande « Amérique », intégrée au Système mondial. Le deuxième élément ce sont des éléments d’une certaine extrême-gauche trotskiste ultra minoritaire. Le troisième élément c’est effectivement le mouvement de Limonov. Limonov, et il faut dire les choses clairement, a appelé son mouvement « national-bolchevique ». Vous savez que la version moderne du National- bolchevisme a été créée par le PCN au début des années 80. A cette époque LIMONOV était un dissident antisoviétique, qui va longuement vivre aux Etats-Unis, dans la prostitution comme le révèlent ses romans. Il faut lire la biographie que vient de lui consacrer que le fils de Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, Emmanuel Carrère. Le mouvement de Limonov c’est un mouvement qui n’est ni «national» ni «bolchevique». C’est un mouvement de type purement néofasciste, dont le mode d’action est l’activisme violent et dont la base n’est pas une base sociale, mais une masse qui regroupe en fait les milieux les plus marginaux culturellement. Le mouvement de LIMONOV, ce n’est pas un mouvement politique mais un mouvement de jeunes qui a le culte de la violence pour la violence. Ce qui était d’ailleurs une des caractéristiques du Fascisme mussolinien. Comment LIMONOV développe-t-il tout cela ? Il développe tout cela dans une politique permanente de confrontation avec les autorités. Et c’est là que je vais employer un terme fort, c’est là qu’il se révèle particulièrement ,dans le sens très dur que le Français donne à « crapule ». Pourquoi ? Parce qu’il engage à longueur d’année des centaines et des centaines de jeunes gens, qui sacrifient leur vie, qui sont exclus des universités, qui font des peines de prison. Tout cela pour satisfaire une carrière littéraire personnelle et un ego personnel d’artiste raté.
    Vous devez savoir que nous sommes intervenus à une reprise au moins pour aider une jeune militante « nationale-bolchevique ». C’est Alina LEBEDEVA, une jeune militante russe de Riga en Lettonie. Qui avait été poussée par LIMONOV à faire un acte public lors d’une visite du prince Charles (d’Angleterre) à Riga. Je vous parle ici des années 2001. Elle avait giflé le prince avec une rose rouge et la Lettonie, qui est un État dont les organes répressifs sont de type quasi fasciste, s’apprêtait à la condamner à cinq ans de prison ! Limonov n’a rien fait pour l’aider, parce que son but c’est justement cela, pour satisfaire la publicité de son mouvement. Cette publicité passe par une répression médiatisée. Cela suscite chez moi le dégoût, parce que je pense qu’on ne joue pas avec la vie de jeunes gens. Donc ça l’arrangeait que cette fille prenne 5 ans. Le PCN a fait une grande campagne. C’était les débuts d’Internet. Nous avons contacté notamment tous les parlementaires lettons et européens, tous les journalistes, nous avons fait faxer et téléphoner au gouvernement letton. Et finalement elle a eu un mois de prison avec sursis. Et je vous dis franchement que c’est un des actes dont je suis le plus content dans ma carrière politique !
    Donc cette coalition « l’autre Russie », c’est le fer de lance de la déstabilisation, ce sont des gens qui sont prêts à détruire leur pays, à le livrer aux Américains, simplement pour renverser un régime. Il n’y a pas d’idéologie là dedans !
    Et dans le cas de LIMONOV, expliquez-moi comment soi-disant ce mouvement pouvait être « pour l’Eurasie ». Ce mouvement qui s’affirmait pour la « grandeur stalinienne »… Expliquez-moi comment il peut être dans une coalition financée directement par l’argent de la CIA, par les Américains, et dont le but final est le démembrement de la Russie. Parce que vous devez savoir que le projet américain de destruction de la Russie, c’est un projet qui était en 1940 celui des nazis. C’est le projet de Brzezinski, c’est le projet de Madeleine Albright. C’est de diviser la Russie en trois états un État moscovite, un État sibérien et un État caucasien. Et c’est-à-dire que la Russie ne deviendrait même pas une puissance régionale. Elle ne serait plus rien !
    Voilà les gens que les États-Unis utilisent pour déstabiliser la Russie, voilà les gens que l’on va mettre en action d’ici quelques semaines au mois de décembre en Russie. Et nous espérons que nos camarades de NASHI évidemment feront leur devoir patriotique avec fermeté.

    6. Fabrice BEAUR : Le PCN est actif dans de nombreux pays européens, tant à l’Est qu’à l’Ouest, ainsi qu’en Afrique. Tu as particulièrement combattu les « révolutions de couleurs », soutenant la Yougoslavie de Milosevic dès 1996. Puis des pays directement agressés comme le Belarus, la Transdniestrie, l’Abkhazie, l’Ossétie du Sud, la Libye ou encore la Côte d’Ivoire.
    Le PCN ressemble en fait à un « anti-OTPOR », le bras armé des « révolutions de couleurs ». Cette analyse, que font plusieurs observateurs, te semble-t-elle exacte ?

    Luc MICHEL : Cette analyse que font plusieurs observateurs de notre action est peut-être un peu caricaturale, mais réelle, et n’est pas éloignée de la vérité. En fait je pense que pour les gens qui vont nous écouter, il faut donner plus de précisions. Donc il y a des études récentes, parce qu’on étudie beaucoup le PCN en ce moment. Parmi nos adversaires, il y a un militant politique qui joue au «chercheur» dans une Université du sud de la France, et qui explique que « le PCN est une internationale en lui-même ». Il a raison bien entendu. La façon dont nous travaillons, la manière dont nous nous sommes organisés, la façon dont nos cadres peuvent militer, parfois très loin de leur pays d’origine ou même militer sur plusieurs pays, tout ça rappelle ce qu’était le KOMINTERN dans les années 20-30.
    La comparaison est aussi développée par Kornel SAWINSKI, doctorant de l’Université de Cracovie, en Pologne. C’est un chercheur sérieux, contrairement au plumitif français, qui travaille beaucoup pour le moment sur une thèse de doctorat sur Jean THIRIART et le PCN, sur nos idées. Et à l’occasion donc de ses recherches, il a été frappé évidemment par le fait que non seulement nous intervenions dans beaucoup de pays où nous sommes actifs, mais que nous jouions un peu évidemment le rôle d’un « anti-OTPOR ». Pas tant que nous le voudrions, parce que nous n’avons pas évidemment été financés ni par la CIA ni par aucun état d’ailleurs, parce que ça nous intéresse pas. Nous faisons pas de la politique pour l’argent, nous avons donc des moyens limités. Mais dans la mesure où nous agissons dans un certain nombre de pays, effectivement nous sommes à la fois un mouvement qui forme des gens, nous sommes un mouvement activiste, nous sommes extrêmement présents sur les réseaux sociaux.
    Et je vais dire qu’au niveau des réseaux sociaux, parce que cela demande moins de moyens, nous faisons souvent jeu égal avec nos adversaires. Vous savez que nous sommes intervenus dans toute l’Europe et en Afrique pour soutenir la Jamahiriya libyenne agressée avec les comités ELAC/Euro-Libyan Action Committees et l’association-sœur africaine que nous avons ensuite créée, lorsque Tripoli me l’a demandé après la grande Conférence d’avril 2011 de soutien à la Jamahiriya, à Tripoli. Donc nous avons créé une association-sœur qui est ALAC/African-Libyan Action Committees, avec des camarades africains. Nous avons donc développé une très grande action sur les réseaux sociaux. Il faut savoir que les réseaux sociaux sont un des enjeux, un des terrains d’action principaux. Précisément parce que notre mouvement est coordonné via les réseaux sociaux. Mais aussi parce que, notamment, les agents de l’Occident les utilisent pour lancer une « révolution de couleur » en Russie pour les prochaines législatives. C’est sur Internet en Libye que démarra le coup d’état du 15 février 2011. Sur Internet encore en Egypte, en Tunisie, en Algérie etc. Sur les réseaux sociaux nous faisons donc souvent jeu égal. Ce n’est pas nous qui le disons, ce sont nos adversaires. Au mois de juillet 2011, il y a eu une grande campagne contre les Comités ELAC et contre moi personnellement, faite par e-mails et sur tous les réseaux sociaux. Et ils expliquaient « qu’en Europe et particulièrement dans l’Espace francophone » (Belgique, France, Canada, etc.) ce qu’ils appelaient « les pages de soutien aux dictateurs » (sic) « regroupaient plus de gens que ceux qui les attaquaient ».
    Donc je pense que cette comparaison était audacieuse mais pas inexacte. Elle correspond aussi à notre projet. C’est-à-dire que pour nous la politique est quelque chose de concret. Nous sommes des gens qui aimons l’idéologie, la doctrine politique, la géopolitique. Mais ça c’est la théorie. Vous savez que je cite souvent cette citation de Goethe parce qu’elle me plaît. C’est celle qui disait que « la théorie est grise mais que l’arbre de la vie est vert ». Je pense que l’idéologie doit être mise en action. Qu’est-ce que c’est notre Communautarisme européen ? Qu’est-ce que c’est le PCN ? C’est une praxis, c’est-à-dire c’est une vision du monde, une idéologie mise en action. Donc il faut faire des choses concrètes.
    La différence entre le PCN et d’autres organisations, ce qui nous différencie de la plupart des mouvements dits « extrémistes » ou « radicaux », c’est que ce sont des mouvements qui sont dans l’inaction. Ils sont dans un théâtre politique, ne font pas d’action sur le concret, rien du tout. Le PCN depuis qu’il existe mène des campagnes concrètes, agit avec des états, notamment la Libye qui en est un très bon exemple. Le PCN participe à des combats et s’engage dans des choses concrètes avec des succès réels ! C’est l’une de nos caractéristiques et c’est ce qui fait par ailleurs que beaucoup de militants nous rejoignent parce qu’ils ne veulent plus vivre dans un ghetto politique.

    7. Fabrice BEAUR : Nashi aussi est un bel exemple de réponse militante à l’interventionnisme occidental. Que penses-tu de Nashi, de son développement, de sa présentation actuelle ?

    Luc MICHEL : NASHI c’est le grand mouvement de jeunesse qui soutient Poutine. Comme nous l’avons déjà dit, ce mouvement s’inspire des anciens KOMSOMOLS, les jeunesses communistes, dont ils ont repris notamment la couleur rouge comme emblème. NASHI est un mouvement qui tourne très bien et c’est un mouvement qui a le soutien de l’État russe. Le chef de NASHI Vasily YUKAMENKO est ministre d’État en charge de la jeunesse depuis quelques années. Nous l’avons rencontré à Seliger en 2007. Et donc NASHI est surtout ce que pourrait être le PCN s’il avait les moyens financiers de ses ambitions. C’est un grand mouvement, qui a fait beaucoup de travail, qui entretient un grand sentiment patriotique dans la jeunesse russe.
    Nous avons vécu de l’intérieur son travail. C’est un privilège et une belle aventure humaine. Nous avons participé en juillet 2007 au camp d’été de NASHI « Seliger », sur le lac Seliger, près de la ville de Tver à 400 km de Moscou. C’est un grand camp de jeunesse sous la tente, qui regroupe entre 10.000 et 20.000 jeunes venus de tout l’ancien Espace soviétique. Ils viennent là-bas faire du sport, suivre des conférences idéologiques, voir leur force regroupée. Les meilleurs du camp ont le privilège de rencontrer Poutine lui-même. En 2007 nous avons eu l’honneur de participer comme formateurs à ce camp. Nous avons envoyé une délégation de cadres wallons, français et moldaves à ce camp, où nous avons donné des conférences. Notamment par moi sur la géopolitique de la « Grande-Europe ». Nous y avons vu une jeunesse extrêmement saine, nous y avons vu des gens intéressants, pas du tout cette jeunesse fatiguée d’Occident, qui sombre dans la drogue et dans l’alcool. A propos d’alcool, vous devez savoir que dans ce camp l’alcool est banni, dans un pays comme la Russie ou l’alcoolisme est un grand problème. Ils ont pris à bras-le-corps ce problème.
    Donc je considère NASHI comme un mouvement-frère ! Ca ne s’arrête pas là évidemment. Au-delà de ça, il y a une mouvance en Europe de mouvements de jeunesse qui s’inscrivent dans le même prolongement. Il y a NASHI en Russie, il y a nos camarades de PRORIV (Прорыв) en PMR (« Breakthrough » en anglais, ça veut dire briser le mouvement et c’est très difficile à traduire en français). PRORIV c’est un genre de NASHI beaucoup plus idéologique d’ailleurs, beaucoup plus politisé, placé sous le patronage du Che Guevara. Ils ont une école de cadres du même nom à Tiraspol, en République Moldave de Transdniestrie, qui a aussi pour emblème Che Guevara. C’est l’ « Ecole Che Guevara pour le haut cadre politique ». On revient avec PRORIV par ailleurs à la réaction aux « révolutions de couleur », puisque PRORIV a été créé pour empêcher un coup d’état rampant pro-occidental en République Moldave de Transdniestrie, pour empêcher justement une révolution de couleur là- bas. D’autres mouvements existent évidemment encore. Notamment l’Union de la Jeunesse Républicaine du Belarus, pro-Lukashenko.
    Et s’inscrit aussi dans cette mouvance un peu partout et pas seulement en Europe de l’Ouest, le PCN-J, le « PCN jeunesse », notre organisation de jeunesse. Pourquoi je dis un peu partout ? Parce que nous sommes en train de réorganiser profondément le mouvement. A la branche du PCN-J actuelle, qui existe principalement dans l’Espace francophone, va s’ajouter dans quelques semaines une branche turque, une branche pour l’Europe centrale et les Balkans, et un bureau de liaison en Russie. Là il n’est pas question d’aller doubler NASHI, par exemple, ce qui ne serait pas productif. Nous souhaitons de plus en plus travailler avec eux aussi sur le plan pratique.
    Parce que, j’insiste là-dessus, le PCN ce ne sont pas des rêveurs, ce ne sont pas des gens qui jouent aux « journalistes indépendants ». Ce sont des militants qui agissent politiquement. Nous faisons de la politique, nous ne faisons pas du journalisme. Nous menons des actions concrètes comme en Libye. Il y a déjà eu des actions de cadres du PCN qui ont encadré les actions de jeunes de NASHI à Strasbourg et à Bruxelles, sur la question du fascisme et des droits des minorités russes en Estonie, dans les pays baltes. Nous avons fait campagne avec NASHI dans les pays baltes. Là on les a précédé de presque 10 ans, puisque la première grande campagne européenne qui a été faite pour défendre les droits des Russes des pays baltes, c’est-à-dire des gens qui sont des citoyens de seconde zone sans droits civils et politiques depuis le démembrement de l’Union soviétique, a été faite par le PCN dès 1998.
    Tout simplement parce que je connaissais ces pays, Je me suis marié en 1998 à Riga avec une Russe et donc je vivais le problème directement. C’est aussi le cas personnel de notre camarade Fabrice lui-même, puisque lui vit maintenant en Russie où il a épousé une cadre dirigeante de NASHI, rencontrée à Seliger en 2007.

    8. Fabrice BEAUR : Tu as théorisé dès le milieu des années 80, avec Jean Thiriart et votre école « Euro-Soviétique de Géopolitique » une vision eurasienne de la Grande-Europe. En 2006, tu as théorisé le concept des « deux Europe ».
    Ma question sera double : Peux-tu résumer brièvement ces concepts géopolitiques ? Et considères-tu que nos idées ont gagné du terrain et que les thèses eurasistes de Vladimir Poutine s’inscrivent dans la même vision ? En effet Poutine vient de prendre publiquement position pour l’intégration renforcée de l’Eurasie. Partages-tu sa vision géopolitique ?

    Luc MICHEL : C’est une vaste question. Mais je vais la résumer rapidement. Tout d’abord au départ des concepts. Qu’est-ce que c’était l’ « Ecole euro-soviétique de Géopolitique » ? Le nom défini le contenu, c’est-à-dire que nous prônions à l’époque, en 1983-1990, une Grande-Europe de Vladivostok à Reykjavik. Nous pensions, nous pensons toujours, que le « Piémont » de la Grande-Europe ce sera la Russie ou l’Union soviétique à l’époque. C’est une Grande-Europe de type eurasiatique, puisqu’elle comprend le Caucase et dans notre vision très large de l’Eurasie les deux rives de la Méditerranée. Lorsque l’Union soviétique s’est effondrée, nous avons transformé ce concept en prenant dans la réalité de ce qui existait encore, c’est-à-dire la Fédération de Russie, qui est encore une grande partie de l’Union soviétique. Comment nous voyons cela ? Nous voyons une union progressive de l’Union Européenne, de la Communauté économique européenne, et de l’ancienne – j’insiste bien de l’ancienne – Union soviétique, parce que ça ne concerne pas seulement la Russie mais ça concerne aussi toutes les républiques qui en sont issues, y compris dans le Caucase.
    La clé de ce concept, c’est donc de comprendre que l’Union Européenne ce n’est pas uniquement ou seulement l’Europe. Je vous parle ici de comment nous l’exprimions entre 1983 et en 2000. Non seulement ce n’est pas toute l’Europe mais que ce n’est pas une Europe qui peut prétendre légitimement représenter l’Europe. Tout simplement parce qu’elle a accepté, et c’est la trahison interne de l’Union Européenne, de se placer sous la sujétion des États-Unis, sujétion qui est assurée par l’OTAN. L’OTAN, comme le disait Jean THIRIART, « ce n’est pas le bouclier de l’Europe, c’est son harnais », un harnais comme pour tenir un chien ou un cheval.
    Lorsque la Russie a commencé à se redresser avec Vladimir Poutine, le redressement de la Russie s’est fait au moment où précisément l’UE elle s’effondrait. Pourquoi l’Union Européenne s’effondre-t-elle face à la crise économique ? Elle s’effondre parce qu’elle a une contradiction interne, qui est ici aussi à nouveau la sujétion aux États-Unis. C’est-à-dire que l’Union Européenne, c’est un géant économique et c’est le principal ennemi économique des États-Unis. Il y a une guerre économique Europe-USA. Mais parallèlement à cela, l’OTAN fait de l’UE la première des colonies américaines. Et les pays européens fournissent aux États-Unis via l’OTAN les moyens de sa puissance militaire. Nous en avons l’exemple encore avec la Libye. Les États-Unis n’ont pas les moyens actuellement, dans une crise économique, d’organiser l’attaque de la Libye et l’ont donc fait par les pays de l’OTAN.
    Lorsque la Russie a commencé à se redresser, cela s’est fait aussi avec une vision idéologique de l’Eurasie, qui est la nôtre, qui a commencé à se développer au sein de l’élite politique et militaire.
    Je voudrais faire une parenthèse pour signaler que la première manifestation moderne des thèses eurasistes ont été faites par le PCN en 1986. Nous avons dans la revue CONSCIENCE EUROPEENNE pour la première fois parlé des Eurasistes russes, des Nationaux-bolcheviks russes d’Oustrialov. Nous avons développé ces concepts à une époque, et je vais parler directement parce que nous ne pratiquons pas la langue de bois, où certains, comme Douguine, qui ont ensuite édifié une version russe de l’Eurasisme, qui est différente pour beaucoup de la nôtre, ceux-là fréquentaient les milieux d’extrême droite classique. Ils étaient liés au mouvement PAMIAT et ils ne pratiquaient absolument pas ces thèses.
    Lorsque POUTINE est intervenu, les thèses eurasistes se sont développées, elles sont arrivées au sein du système de POUTINE. Pas seulement d’ailleurs via Douguine, comme l’écrivent des spécialistes comme Marlène LARUELLE, mais par un canal qui est un peu différent. C’est-à-dire qu’au début des années 90, le Parti Communiste de la Fédération de Russie de Guenady ZIOUGANOV a adopté les thèses eurasistes et grand-européennes et il les a adoptées tout simplement suite au voyage de Jean THIRIART à Moscou en août 1992, quelques semaines avant sa mort. Dans la préface de l’édition italienne du livre de ZIOUGANOV « STATO E POTENZA », on rend hommage à THIRIART. Ces idées se sont développées aussi dans un autre secteur de la politique, via toujours le parti de ZIOUGANOV, c’est le parti de JIRINOVSKI.
    DOUGUINE joue un rôle utile, parce qu’il faut être honnête, c’est un grand intellectuel polyglotte. Nous sommes pas d’accord avec lui en dehors de la géopolitique, mais nous sommes d’accord sur la géopolitique. Son mouvement a soutenu notre action d’aide à la Jamahiriya libyenne et je pense que c’est un geste qu’il faut saluer ! Et DOUGUINE a fait aussi pénétrer ces idées dans les milieux militaires, dans les académies militaires, etc.
    Le résultat, maintenant j’en reviens à votre question en plus général, c’est qu’au milieu de cette décennie nous étions devant une situation donc d’une Russie qui se redressait et parallèlement d’une Union Européenne qui s’effondrait. Nous sommes de ceux pour qui l’échec de l’Union Européenne a toujours été pris en compte, déjà au début des années 60. Comment voyions-nous le processus européen ? Nous voyions soit un processus positif harmonieux, c’est-à-dire que l’Europe, la Communauté européenne (qui est le sens de notre « Communautarisme européen » et pas celui qu’on donne à ce terme aux USA), l’Union Européenne serait passée au stade d’un État fédéraliste puis d’un État supranational. Les bases de cet Etat, c’était la monnaie unique ce qui a été fait, mais c’était aussi une diplomatie et une armée indépendantes, un gouvernement indépendant. Et ça, soyons clairs, ils ne le feront jamais à cause de l’OTAN ! A cause de cela, l’Union Européenne c’est un échec programmé.
    J’ai été frappé en 2005-2006 par les prises de position de Vladimir POUTINE, mais aussi par certains des idéologues du régime, comme SOURKOV, par exemple. Qu’elle était cette position ? C’est que de plus en plus la Russie visait à créer une autre Europe. Ce que j’ai, moi, théorisé sous le nom des « deux Europe ». Il s’agissait de reconstituer au départ des pays de l’ancienne Union soviétique une série d’unions. Il y a notamment l’Union Economique Eurasiatique, c’est de ça que POUTINE vient de parler en la renforçant, c’est une espèce de Communauté économique européenne. C’est comme ça que l’Union Européenne a démarré, mais il y a également une Union politique et une Union douanière entre le Belarus et le Kazakhstan. Il y a aussi une union militaire qui est l’OTSC, l’Organisation du Traité de Sécurité Collective, qu’on appelle aussi le « groupe de Shanghai ». Et là, c’est clairement une anti-OTAN, c’est-à-dire que c’est un groupe qui vise à s’opposer à l’OTAN. En outre, en terme de puissance militaire, il faut savoir que ce « Groupe de Shanghai » militairement parlant a des moyens supérieurs à ceux des États-Unis et de l’OTAN.
    Et ceux qui font des rêves sur « un XXIe siècle américain » se font beaucoup d’illusions. Parce que dans le « Groupe de Shanghai » il n’y a pas seulement la Russie mais aussi la Chine. Les Américains ont perdu la guerre en Irak, ils l’ont perdue en Afghanistan. Et la toute petite Jamahiriya libyenne, avec ses 6 millions d’habitants, elle résiste vigoureusement. Et je vous dis que c’est pas fini ! Dans toute la Libye, des villes résistent maintenant depuis six mois à toutes les puissances occidentales, y compris ces grandes puissances militaires que sont les États-Unis, la France et la Grande-Bretagne.
    Dès lors qu’elle concerne les deux Europe, c’est assez simple de dire qu’une « seconde Europe » existe. Et nous pensons, nous, que c’est cette Europe-là qui incarne la légitimité. Parce que cette seconde Europe est indépendante. Il n’y a aucune légitimité en Europe de l’Ouest avec l’Union Européenne. Parce que c’est quoi l’Union Européenne ? Ce sont les Kollabos des Américains, exactement comme la France de Pétain face au IIIe Reich n’avait aucune indépendance. Cette « seconde Europe » va aller en se développant de plus en plus, elle couvre une immense surface territoriale, quasiment l’ex Union soviétique moins les Pays baltes et la Moldavie. Il y a là d’immenses réserves matérielles. Et dont elle est appelée à se développer. Elle est appelée aussi à être un contre-modèle au fur et à mesure que s’affirmera l’échec de l’Union Européenne.
    J’ajouterai que cette thèse des « deux Europe », c’est un concept qui remonte encore plus loin. Au milieu des années 30, certains théoriciens politiques, en France et en Belgique notamment, ont à l’époque eux aussi parlé de « deux Europe ». Ils parlaient alors peu de la Russie, mais de l’Europe occidentale et de l’Europe centrale, Hongrie, Roumanie et Pologne etc. Qu’ils voulaient réunir déjà à l’époque dans une Europe unie. L’idée pan-européenne n’est pas nouvelle, c’est alors que le jeune Jean THIRIART – il est né en 1922 – fait l’acquisition de sa conscience européenne. Alors comme aujourd’hui, ces « deux Europe » sont économiquement complémentaires. Et le but évidemment c’est que de ces deux Europe on passe à une Europe et à un État supranational.
    J’ajouterai deux choses directes. Et on en revient à la praxis politique. C’est-à-dire que nous considérons que le PCN et notre idéologie, le Communautarisme européen, ont un rôle central à jouer, en étant une réserve d’idées et un Think-Tank comme disent les Américains, en fournissant des concepts. Vous devez savoir que la seconde Europe eurasiatique c’est en grande partie beaucoup de nos concepts. Ceux qui refusent de le voir et de le constater sont malhonnêtes et veulent nous nuire.
    Nous pensons qu’il y a la place dans ce processus pour un mouvement activiste, et pas seulement dans la défense des pays de la seconde Europe : la Russie, le Belarus, les Etats de ce qu’ on appèle, la « CEI-Bis », c’est-à-dire la Transdniestrie, l’Abkhazie, l’Ossétie du Sud. Nous nous sommes engagés sur le terrain, nous avons participé directement en 2006-2008 lorsque ces républiques ont mené le combat capital pour l’existence de leurs états, nous sommes allés sur place, nous les avons aidé. Nous avons apporté logistiques, une aide médiatique. Nous avons participé à l’organisation notamment de leurs référendums d’indépendance.
    Et nous nous sommes bien entendu décidés à continuer en apportant au service de l’idée de la Grande- Europe un mouvement à la fois idéologique et activiste, transnational, unitaire, organisé. C’est la définition même du PCN !

    Fabrice BEAUR, pour PCN-TV, Moscou.
    Robert Shlegel, député de NASHI : « Si l’URSS existait encore, elle soutiendrait Kadhafi »

    PCN-SPO/ REVUE DE PRESSE / 2011.11.04

    RUSSIE. Des milliers d’extrémistes ont participé à Moscou à la «Marche russe», organisée à l’occasion de la journée de l’Unité du peuple, un défilé qui a rassemblé de nombreux courants, des libéraux à l’extrême-droite, tous unis contre LA RUSSIE IMPERIALE et TRANSNATIONALE, celle de Poutine, à un mois des élections législatives en Russie. Cette opposition financée par l’Occident soutient le projet… des pires ennemis de cette russie qu’ils prétendent défendre. Cette opposition a repris l’idéologie et les symbôles (dont le salut fasciste) de ceux qui voulaient détruire la Russie comme état et les slaves (qualifiés de “sous hommes” comme les juifs) comme peuple …

    Derrière les néofascistes russes (admirable le “nationalistes” des medias de l’OTAN), les mêmes tireurs de ficelles. CEUX des “révolutions de couleur” et du soi-disant “printemps arabe”, OTPOR, CIA, Mc Cain et cie …
    LE FIGARO : “plusieurs milliers de manifestants (…) brandissant cette bannière: “Kadhafi est mort, à qui le tour” ? Le Premier ministre russe était la figure subliminale de cette manifestation (…) son nom était accolé à ceux des dictateurs arabes, Moubarrak et feu Kadhafi.”

    FACE A EUX : nos camarades de NASHI et de STAL. Le vrai patriotisme. Celui de la Grande Guerre patriotique de 1941-45. Mais d’eux les medias de l’OTAN ne parlent pas.

    Tripoli, Moscou, Paris ou Bruxelles : un seul ennemi et un seul combat !!!Tripoli, Moscou, Paris ou Bruxelles : un seul ennemi et un seul combat !!!
    Nous ne cessons de le dire depuis février 2011 …
    Photo : NASHI, le grand mouvement de la jeunesse démocratique et anti-fasciste, pro-Poutine et allié du PCN, défile à Moscou.

    Posted on 2011/11/05 by Luc MICHEL

    The neo-fascists in Moscow: “Gaddafi is dead, who’s next?”

    Posted on 2011/10/28 by Luc MICHEL

    Libya: Resistance is getting organized. THE FIGHT GOES ON!
    With our comrades of the Front for the liberation of Libya,
    for the liberation of the Jamahiriya from the rats of the NTC and NATO!!!

    Libye : La Résistance s’organise. LE COMBAT CONTINUE !
    Avec nos camarades du Front pour la libération de la Libye
    pour la libération de la Jamahiriya des rats du CNT et de l’OTAN !!!

    Posted on 2011/10/27 by Luc MICHEL
    PCN-SPO, avec AFP, Belga, RTBF / 2011.10.25/

    Une fois la résistance de la Jamahiriya plus solide que prévu, et un vaste mouvement de soutien à Kadhafi organisé en Europe, particulièrement visible sur les Réseaux sociaux, des agents doubles iraniens se sont alors infiltrés dans les rangs du Mouvement international de soutien au Colonel Kadhafi, pour le diviser, le saboter, y diffuser de fausses informations pour le discréditer. Nous n’avons pour notre part jamais été dupes !
    Les « barbouzes », faux journalistes infiltrés à Tripoli dans le Centre de Presse international de l’hôtel Rixos, n’étaient pas seulement de nationalité britannique ou américaine …

    Il est vrai que depuis février, les Comités ELAC avaient retourné une part croissante de l’extrême-gauche européenne, en faveur de la Jamahiriya libyenne. Arrachant aux ennemis de Kadhafi les thèmes porteurs de l’anti-fascisme et de la nouvelle « Guerre d’Espagne » !


    La Belgique est un exemple révélateur de ces dérives islamo-gauchistes. Mais on retrouve la même situation un peu partout en Europe, en Afrique et aux Amériques.

    Manifestation donc de l’extrême-gauche à Bruxelles le 20 mars 2011 « de solidarité avec les peuples d’Afrique du Nord et du Moyen Orient ». Pas contre l’agression de l’OTAN … Mais en soutien des pseudo « révolutions arabes » – financées par la CIA – et directement contre Kadhafi ! Pour mémoire, les soudards de Sarkozy et Cameron bombardent la Libye depuis trois jours déjà. Et les manifestants appellent à cette intervention.
    Présents diverses « ONG » pacifistes, les syndicats de gauche du régime belgicain, Ecolo-J (les jeunes des Vert-kakis belgicains, qui venaient alors de soutenir l’agression de l’OTAN aux Parlements européen et belge), Greenpeace, « Cuba Socialiste » (visiblement pas au courant du soutien sans faille de Castro et Chavez à Kadhafi).
    Mais aussi plusieurs groupuscules d’extrême-gauche, dont les trotskistes belges (IVe Internationale) – qui scandent « A bas Kadhafi ! » – et les (ex) anarcho-maoistes du Parti du Travail – qui « condamne la répression et les crimes de guerre du régime de Kadhafi » (sic). En compagnie de groupuscules islamistes (nombreuses femmes voilées à la saoudienne …), dont la « Ligue arabe » anversoise, d’extrême droite et proche de l’Iran (déjà alliée aux anarcho-maoistes dans un cartel électoral en 2000 pour les élections communales belges), au programme fascisant. Et encore des groupuscules pro-iraniens …
    « La plupart des militants sont donc favorable à l’intervention de l’OTAN », précise la TV RTBF (JT, 20 mars, 20h).
    Une seule place pour ces gauchistes de l’OTAN : les poubelles de la politique !

    Photo : Bruxelles, 20 mars 2011, islamistes et gauchistes appellent à l’intervention de l’OTAN contre la Libye.

    Posted on 2011/10/27 by Luc MICHEL

  33. NATO Intervention in Libya Was “Recolonisation”
    Fabíola Ortiz interviews Brazilian writer MÁRIO AUGUSTO JAKOBSKIND
    Màrio Augusto Jacobskind

    Mário Augusto Jakobskind analyses recent events in war-torn Libya.

    Credit:Fabíola Ortiz/IPS

    RIO DE JANEIRO, 17 Nov. 2011 (IPS) – Brazilian journalist and writer Mário Augusto Jakobskind was thwarted in his attempt to visit Libya during the civil war there, but in spite of this he produced a lucid analysis of the situation in the North African country

    Jakobskind, a 68-year-old correspondent for the Uruguayan weekly Brecha, was invited by the civil society Fact Finding Commission in Libya, along with people from several other nations, to visit Libya in August in the midst of the internal armed conflict and the aerial attacks by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces.

    But just as they were about to cross the border between Tunisia and Libya, the Brazilian delegation he was with had to turn back for security reasons, due to the intensified bombing and fighting on the ground.

    In his book “Líbia: barrados na fronteira – O que não saiu na mídia sobre a invasão da Líbia” (Libya: Blocked at the Border. What the Media Did Not Publish about the Invasion of Libya), Jakobskind analyses the rebel forces that overthrew Gaddafi with NATO support, and their links with the extremist Al Qaeda network.

    Q: Why was the Brazilian delegation unable to enter Libya?

    A: The Fact Finding Commission (FFC) invited delegations from several countries to verify in situ what was happening in Libya, and to write an unbiased report on the impact of the NATO bombing, to be delivered to former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan.

    The Brazilian delegation, made up of nine people, two of whom were official parliamentary delegates, was the last one to arrive, after groups from countries like the United States, Venezuela, France and Italy.

    The visit was to last 10 days. We departed from São Paulo and reached Tunis after a stopover in Paris, and then travelled overland towards Tripoli because Libya’s airspace was closed.

    We left 14 Aug. 2011, and that very day NATO bombings were intensified. The leaders of the FFC in Tripoli themselves told us to go back to Tunis. The situation had changed. If we had arrived 24 hours earlier, we would have been able to get into Libya.

    Q: Why did you want to go to Libya, in spite of the risks?

    A: No journalist can ever turn down an invitation of this kind. I was psychologically prepared and aware of the risks, and of everything that could happen in a war situation. The idea was to prepare a report, but I also wanted to write something special about the country, the society, and the effects of the bombings.

    Besides, the FFC, which issued the invitation, vouched for our security.

    Q: What was it that the media did not publish about the NATO invasion of Libya?

    A: The role of Al Qaeda, for instance. It is highly unusual for an organisation like Al Qaeda to fight alongside NATO against Gaddafi. I discovered this information by investigating, and from correspondents who have followed events in Libya from the start. This has not been published.

    Certain NATO leaders are linked with the extreme right, like NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who was prime minister of Denmark from 2001 to 2009.

    Fogh Rasmussen headed a coalition with the right wing of the Conservative People’s Party and relied for support on the Danish People’s Party, which has affinity with the Norwegian Progress Party. It was a former member of the Progress Party, neo-Nazi activist Anders Behring Breivik, who carried out the attacks in Norway this year that killed dozens of people.

    Q: What direction do you envision for the Arab Spring (the wave of uprisings and protests since December 2010 in the Arab world)?

    A: I have been covering the Middle East for the past 20 years. What happened in Egypt and Tunisia must be distinguished from Libya. They are different, each with their own idiosyncrasies and consequences.

    For example, Libya is the North African country with the highest human development index. Most of its 6.5 million people live in Tripoli and (the northeastern city of) Benghazi. There has always been rivalry between east and west, represented by the country’s two major cities.

    Unusually for the oil-rich North African region, the Gaddafi regime managed to use its oil resources to fulfil social goals. It is a pure democracy, with no “head of Sate”; yet in Western eyes, it was a dictatorship.

    There are 140 tribes and clans in Libya, 30 of which are politically dominant. Gaddafi took power without bloodshed and managed to unite the country.

    After 2003, Gaddafi changed course in order to show the West he was reliable. For example, he received then U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and forged friendly ties with the British government.

    He stated publicly that Libya had helped finance French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s electoral campaign, and it must also be remembered that Gaddafi owned 10 percent of the shares of Italian car-maker Fiat.

    Q: How do you see the future of Libya and its reconstruction?

    A: It’s part of the game for the political marketing of western-democracy. Behind the scenes, it will be European powers like France and Italy, as well as the United States, that will dominate Libya.

    Libyans have a form of direct democracy which differs greatly from what is understood in the West. What happened in Libya was a process of recolonisation, recreating a dependency that dates back to the 19th century.

    The rebels would not have amounted to anything without the backing of NATO, which used human rights violations as a pretext for intervention.

    Moreover, it is those [the NATO nations] who destroyed Libya who are now going to profit from its reconstruction.

  34. 06.10.2011 21:29
    Inflammatory remarks to the Russian officer was one of the military advisers of Muammar Gaddafi

    Known as the leading author of the article on Elijah Koriniv at Camp Khan Citadel of Russian federal forces. And then other times they met in Moscow and the Caucasus. He spent 6 months in practice Koriniv accompanied by Colonel Gaddafi. And seek treatment now in Latin America for the wounds and bruises in the Libyan desert near the border with Algeria. I have some questions raised by the Libyan Koriniv-related conditions, he answered them in detail.

    Errand through the “convoy”

    Q – How did Libya, noting that Russia does not officially support Gaddafi?

    Prepared the Russian Trade Representation in Algeria and document errand spring of this year to that country. But the main task was to go to Tripoli in particular. And went with the “convoy” under the agreement through the embassy, ​​to headquarters, to Muammar Gaddafi. And immediately began work on enhanced training brigade members 32, which was still led by Gaddafi Thurs. And were given instructions for the war in the streets and supervised the training myself. After it became clear that could not survive in Tripoli in June Beaulieu / July approximately. We decided to direct the training of brigade members to engage in armed clashes small independent groups, whether in cities or conditions outside the boundaries of population centers. The attention focuses mainly on training in the acts of sabotage.

    And that the soldiers and officers of the Brigade 32, the high degree of rehabilitation. Some of them have passed the training courses in the air landing troops of the British (SAS), and in France.

    We have adopted the tactic of engagement in battles in small groups on the experience of guerrilla warfare in the Great Patriotic War in the Republic of Chechnya. The small groups (20-30) people attacking military convoys and planted mines, and after the completion of tasks, withdraw to safe places.

    Q – Are you alone in Libya?

    I was not alone. There are others of our peers with Gaddafi. Both from Russia, mainly retired officers, who included reduction in the Russian army, or the sister republics of the former.

    Q – Why was sent to Tripoli, while the Russian authorities officially declare the need to step down Gaddafi?

    No one can stop a senior official from sending his subordinates in the mission to Algeria? For example, the line of military-technical cooperation? And other instructions strictly confidential. And that the work lives of its outcome, and not according to the time of regular reports. And qualified experts understand that the attack on Libya was only part of the programmed actions. Followed by Syria, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Central Asia and Russia. The sequence is not important. But Russia will most probably, the last. And is currently surrounded by a hostile agent systems., And radars, military bases, and encourage all means of corruption and the growing protest sentiment within the country.

    Q – Will the Tax Office will remain after the service?

    We have made a request to the demobilization of those responsible, and know that he was asked Aillarta personal, not to reward very clearly, however, I have made in service and apartment. But I am single. I do not propose now to return to Russia, has changed a lot during this year, and took certain decisions. I am a military nature.

    Tripoli “Brest fortress”

    Q – Can not steadfastness of Tripoli .. Is the error in the defense?

    Error is not in defense, but in the assessment of the conflict. Gaddafi has been living in parallel worlds. He did not invoke a specific policy, as, for example, North Korean leader. The latter does not fluctuate, and stick to his policy. The Gaddafi did not believe the attack on his country until the last minute. Even in mid-August / August, when directed bomb and missile strikes on Tripoli and other cities, was speaking to Berlusconi and Sarkozy. They were confirming a lack of exposure to Tripoli ground operation. He had been presented to the Gaddafi a few years ago the establishment of a strong air defense system integrated. It was possible to achieve this through the former Soviet Hmhoriat. But found that this might anger the United States and Europe. And I repeat that Italy, France and even Britain, it was confirmed that Libya will not be subjected to military operations on land.

    The error was in control of Libyan officers traitors for a long time. It was necessary to arrest them immediately, and not to leave “the disease” is spreading with impunity. But Gaddafi he would like to detect the largest number of the traitors. Gaddafi and the foot-dragging from the perceptions about the personal conduct of the conflict, was by the way, the agent, who persuaded a number of senior officers bribed two million dollars and move to the rebel ranks. Imagine that the rain being waged everywhere, while a stone falling on your head, and says everything will pass in peace, and we will avoid it. Will be convinced many in the Muazrtk? The goal will be particularly important and the first discount. The human factor keeps Boukoas even in Africa.

    Q – How was it you get out of Tripoli in peace?

    We have warned us “Al Jazeera” and the “CNN”. We’ve seen scenes for “victory” rebels taken in Qatar. The Holiday Green Square in Tripoli, built in the desert near Doha. And we know why. These scenes were a signal to attack insurgents and terrorists. And the impact of these scenes began, “the rebel sleeper cells” by establishing checkpoints throughout the city, and the storming of command centers and apartments officers, who did not betray Gaddafi. And began landing operations units in the foreign port. Contact was lost one of the wings. Peace and one of its senior officers without a fight. Gaddafi ordered the withdrawal and “not put out the fire with fire.” And not diverted to Tripoli incinerator burns and army units and the peaceful population alike. And hundreds of guerrillas refused to implement it, and remained defending the civil, in an attempt to discount the utmost degree of fatigue, and dismissed him from chasing the leader and the military leadership. And still continue to resist. There are in Tripoli over a month ago zones, do not even dare to enter the Salafis. This is their choice and this city and this is understandable.

    The attack began. Everybody left the palace next to the base of the door to the Azizia in a small house south of the capital. A few hours after we left the city by several cars at a safe area. It turns out that this was timely, as it landed on a house 3 heavy-piercing bombs shelters, respectively. The cars were of the ordinary type of pocket, not cars, “Mercedes” armored particular. And the need to attract attention? Note that there is no doubt that the Americans knew the whereabouts of Gaddafi, in most cases. But the rockets and bombs fell there after getting out to 5 minutes. They were such as if they warn him that he could liquidate at any moment, but do not yet exist, it seems, it’s so. The attacks are psychological and media with great interest in the conflict in Libya.

    Q – What about family members who remained Gaddafi in Libya?

    We have dispersed immediately, said Koriniv they dispersed immediately. This decision is very effective. The Libyans say that if ordinary people no longer Gaddafi himself, will return one of his sons. I went to each of them to Tunisia and Algeria and Niger. The borders are open. He remained Thursday in the suburbs of Tripoli to oversee the resistance. And the sword in the Bani Walid. The Colonel does not stay the same and filial practice in one place, and move continuously. The most difficult problem is to contact. Control of the ether as U.S. forces and means the U.S. Sixth Fleet, technical and military intelligence and the U.S. National Security Agency. And therefore did not dare to send pictures and videos. This takes more time than sending a set of written information. But rarely have access to the Internet, because NATO is known about our places, and closes all the lines of communication.

    Q – How was the capture of British soldiers, and how it happened, and how did you know that those members of the forces “SAS”, and they do not carry personal documents during the hostilities?

    The photos will be sent. And the evidence is to the prisoners themselves, and humiliate the opponent’s military incident mass. War is war, and the table are available at all times. The more the evidence and arguments (winning) facilitate dialogue. They were a group of vandalism, consisting of 30 members. Most of the army of Qatar, and 13 individual English and French. And they were the last survey operations in Bani Walid. Apparently they had no good information on the outskirts of the city. I have told local people that there is a lounging around the city. It was an operation against them and their families. The Libyan national was executed immediately, because they hate them too. And say how to enter the house of a Muslim kills another Muslim and his family? And therefore must be executed and finished. Were separated the English and French, and questioned and taken to a shelter. In fact, were not they have any motive to conceal something. They wrote the names and numbers and the name of the unit and taken them the pictures, and send this via e-mail to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and British and French. And offered them to receive the soldiers without any conditions, for example, anywhere in Libya. By the way, the car, which was of communication, destroyed by a missile after a few hours, when she returned to the city. In other words, the control of the ether too intense.

    When Britain dropped its soldiers, floated the idea of ​​being transferred to Algeria, and held a news conference there to display in front of the whole world. I was in a convoy, and one with the protection of Ibrahim Moussa, who went to Algeria to agree on the press conference. And numerous diplomatic complications, prevented the conference in the capital, and ran around the center of a border population. On the way to the convoy bombed by helicopter. And that the explosion threw me from the body of the pocket open. And Altqtunai later, gunmen from the Tuareg, and helped me to cross the border, and from there came to Latin America, where treat the.

    Q – Is there a threat to Russia by NATO and the United States?

    Will not happen, of course, an open confrontation in the first stage. Because the first task is to blow the Caucasus again, with the help fundamentalists, and flooding in southern Russia in a war that was local, but large dimensions. It is expected to receive a Salafi authority in Morocco, as well as fighters, “Al Qaeda” and other extremist organizations. And the distance between Russia and the Mediterranean region much less than to Afghanistan, and less and lower mountains. This is the interest of the United States and not in the interest of Europe and Russia. This aspires Abdul Hakim Belhadj, the military governor of the city of Tripoli, the position of leadership in the new Libyan government. He is the first in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which, considered by Zah U.S. foreign terrorist organization.

    Q – Are there other Tamehon?

    There are, of course, including Colonel Khalifa Hvtar dissident, who was residing in the United States for over 20 years. And Mohammad Bashir vegetables, the military judge in the Qaddafi regime. In short, that Belhadj creature of Qatar. Alkhdharymthel clique and Misurata, which attend to the support of France. Hvtar and supporters of the junta Benghazi, supported by the United States.

    If Belhadj participated in the government, will take part, and the capitals of the world will receive him. It is nice that this activity is linked to the armed secret Qoukazna, will attend to the Kremlin and the witness, by the Russian president.

    Also taking place in Libya in addition to the fundamentalist, stealing weapons from army depots in Libya. And that a significant portion of these weapons is sent to the Caucasus in the holds of cargo ships. And that the journey from the ports of North Africa to the coast of the Caucasus takes two days. It is very unfortunate that those responsible for the security of our citizens, unable even to read the reports of NATO analysts who point out explicitly that the illegal export of Libyan weapons stolen is one the main problems of global security.

    Q – What is the uniqueness of the Libyan war? And what is distinct from the armed conflicts that took part in it?

    That every war is unique. In Libya Mstafah. In it, as in the intensive propaganda of World War II, and scorched earth tactics as in Vietnam, and the purchase of accounts receivable and flee from the army, as in Iraq. And there is no kind of “Ansar Belarusians.” As in all wars decimate large numbers of the civilian population. However this conflict is really unique. On one side there are the Tuareg fighters desert their guns model year 1908, and Amazigh Bbltathm. On the other hand, shells and aircraft bombs, laser-directed, and drones. This is a clash between civilization and eternal.

    And the space that goes by the conflict, perhaps the largest area after World War II, while the number of interests that mixed up in this war, if not more than indicators of the Second World War, they completely equivalent.

    There are psychological aspects and media is very dangerous. Fathlq in the skies of Libya permanent private American aircraft propaganda, receive leaflets. The channel “Al Jazeera” and the “BBC” and “CNN” and told “Reuters” and other provocative contemporary society after coordination with the Media Centre for NATO. The alternative possibilities of events and the process of propaganda is the “panic and uncertainty”, the logo is very accurate for the “protector of the common.”

    Q – What are the main tasks of the pro-Gaddafi at the moment?

    I say that this simple math problem. Among residents of any country there are 50-10% opposition and 50-10% loyal to the regime. Whatever the actions of the leader and from his actions there is always criticizing, and the rest Vtaadh. In fact, the opposition Aoualemaadan can not solve things. However, the solution remains 80-90% of the population who can back the this or that party. With a purchase of receivables, provocations and propaganda by the Western media are upsetting the balance. The enemies of this pendulum Gaddafi shook vigorously, and he has to move strongly to the other side. But it is not necessary to show this in the military or political. I can say that it is not determined up to Libya. So the main task of the supporters of the mass is to provide evidence and arguments, as happens in the courtroom. Privacy of the people here have a good feel and determine who is friend and who is the enemy, and differentiate between good and bad. The task is not a military practice.

    Q – generally supports Gaddafi Libyans or the new authority?

    “New power” I do not hurried to call it power. Of course, ordinary people support the party that provides them with work and food security. Yes, he was in Libya, Gaddafi and people who criticize this is the reality, but this was a rational opposition, and did not think of taking up arms because they were a minority. The so-called new authority, particularly radicals, can not provide stability in Libya, not at the present time nor in the foreseeable future, because the majority that were not with Gaddafi is with the “time of Gaddafi.”

    And in the East and is traditionally known Ihlan money and power problems. If success is achieved, the loyal people will back them. Now there are still cities and resist the attack and the other groups loyal to Gaddafi here and there. People in the waiting puzzling, and who “Hrorōh” and why. It continues in the comparison between what was and what is after all not satisfied with the results. If they were delivered Sirte and Bani Walid and other centers of resistance, the public will be alongside the new power because of fear. For he would not stay another option. The development of events in the region will be rapidly during the coming period and will appear in the coming months, trends of subsequent events, in the case of media coverage is biased in favor of the causes of war and successes of pro, the victory will be for the benefit of Gaddafi and the Libyan supporters.

    Q – What is the feeling of ordinary Libyans currently (I do not mean soldiers loyal to Gaddafi and the Transitional National Assembly)?

    Determine that the nearest to them, is that they are oppressed and Mkhaddoon not feel free. Imagine if that NATO began in 1991 bombing of the Soviet Union under the pretext of humanitarian aid. Before the end of the bombing of the country enters the capitalists and start sharing the oil fields, factories, and extremists storm the role .. Of those and said they’ll show you how you ought to live, and who does not agree with us thrown shot. People to survive and to live would be willing to sign any document and raise the new flag, in order to survive and to receive the food, in order to Atqta their supply of electricity and water. It is possible that the people are awaiting the return of the army, which disappeared in the forest and perhaps they will wait for the return of the last time. So think about in Libya now. But not everything will return to its previous status because of blood wasted.

    Q – Do you speak Arabic?

    “He lived with the people of the forty days becomes one of them,” If I did not speak Arabic because I went there. The rulers and Arab proverbs interesting. Here is an example I’ve added new to my group. When 100 gunmen stormed the Palace of rebels dedicated to hospitality, a foreign delegations mg near Sirte, the last thing they saw in their lives was, for example used by officers in the Iraqi army ….

    Q – When intend to return to Libya?

    After several days I will be in a neighboring country, and 90% of the border are not under the control of the rebels. I have contacts with Khamis and with groups and are awaiting my return.

    Thurs Gaddafi in a telephone conversation with a colleague from Russia at the Academy of Military Sciences Vrunzh

    The Thurs Gaddafi, told in a telephone call to an officer with the Russians, who studied at the Academy of Military Sciences Vrunzh: We will win or die, and none of us intend to surrender or flee. Request and Thursday of this officer informed thanks to all the citizens of Russia who support the struggle of the Libyan people against the invaders.

    He said, “Thank you to all my colleagues in school and my teachers who gave me a little of the spirit of your people victor and taught how to assess the situation and also taught me the value of their experience of war. I am proud because I have such teachers. Does deserve to be Telmivhm – this is what Sekshvh future.

    Thanks to everyone who provides us with support and assistance. I was in Russia, Ukraine and other republics of the former Soviet Union. Shame thank those brave of your people who stand with us side by side in defending my country. It’s either win or die, there is no intention to surrender or flee. That death in battle alongside the likes of these fighters is a great honor for each defender of his homeland. Overall it’s a great honor for all of Libby a Russian friend, and this is written on the pages of the history of Libya. God bears witness to what I say. As stated in the Russian song “This land will be ours, if not killed in battle” that Libya will remain for us even if we die in battle.

    Much has changed in this world. Who would have thought that everything will change. But you remember that we studied and prepare us for this day. We will pass the test title. Whatever I wrote the British press and French and American television channels, the majority of the population supports us. We will not let them we will not allow theft. We probably erred because we believe that the conflict is an internal conflict Libby, which is as well, but enemies and traitors, they took him out of the border, where Baau themselves to the capitalists – the colonists. I have given orders to deliver information on the crimes of NATO and the rebels, his cronies to the media and to the world public opinion from all the air raid on civilian sites, residential areas and after every battle and killing of civilians and foreigners, Libyans peaceful. I want to be sure that the Libyan claims the blood will not go in vain, and that the world will realize what the United Nations and the so-called civilized West.

    I swear by God and the honor of the Libyan army officer said that our blood is not cheap. Will not sleep traitors and Allambalon quiet sleep until the last day of their lives .. Keep yourselves and your families and your country. Again say that the honor of your friendship to me.

    Source: newspaper “Argumenta Nedeli”

    06.10.2011 21:29
    تصريحات مثيرة لضابط روسي كان احد المستشارين العسكريين لدى معمر القذافي

    تعرف كاتب المقالة على الرائد ايليا كورينيف في معسكر خان قلعة للقوات الروسية الفيدرالية. ومن ثم التقيا مرات اخرى في موسكو وفي القوقاز. لقد قضى كورينيف 6 اشهر عمليا بصحبة العقيد القذافي. ويتعالج الان في امريكا اللاتينية لاصابته بجروح ورضوض في الصحراء الليبية على مقربة من الحدود مع الجزائر. ولقد طرح الكاتب بعض الاسئلة على كورينيف تتعلق بالاوضاع الليبية، اجاب عنها بالتفصيل.

    مأمورية من خلال “قافلة”

    س – كيف وصلت الى ليبيا، علما بان روسيا لا تدعم القذافي رسميا؟

    اعدت الممثلية التجارية الروسية في الجزائر وثيقة مأمورية ربيع هذه السنة الى البلد المذكور. ولكن المهمة الاساسية كانت التوجه الى طرابلس بالذات. ووصلت مع “قافلة” بموجب اتفاق تم عبر السفارة، الى مقر القيادة، الى معمر القذافي. وبدأت فورا العمل على تدريب افراد اللواء المعزز 32، الذي كان ولا يزال بقيادة خميس القذافي. واعطيت التعليمات الخاصة بحرب الشوارع واشرفت على التدريب بنفسي. وبعد ان اتضح تعذر الصمود في طرابلس في يونيو/حزيران ـ بوليو/تموز تقريبا. قررنا المباشرة بتدريب افراد اللواء على الاشتباك في صدامات مسلحة بمجموعات مستقلة صغيرة سواء في ظروف المدن او خارج حدود المراكز السكانية. وكان الاهتمام يركز بصورة اساسية على التدريب على اعمال التخريب.

    وان جنود وضباط اللواء 32 على درجة عالية من التأهيل. وقد اجتاز بعض منهم دورات تدريب في قوات الانزال الجوي الخاصة البريطانية (SAS)، وفي فرنسا.

    ولقد اعتمد تكتيك الاشتباك في معارك بمجموعات صغيرة على تجربة حرب الانصار في الحرب الوطنية العظمى وفي جمهورية الشيشان. وتقوم مجموعات صغيرة ( 20 – 30 ) فردا بمهاجمة القوافل العسكرية، وتزرع الالغام، وبعد انجاز مهامها، تنسحب الى اماكن آمنة.

    س – هل كنت وحيدا في ليبيا؟

    لم أكن وحيدا. هناك اخرون من اقراننا لدى القذافي. سواء من روسيا، من الضباط المتقاعدين بصورة اساسية، الذين شملهم التقليص في الجيش الروسي، او من الجمهوريات الشقيقة سابقا.

    س – لماذا ارسلت الى طرابلس، في الوقت الذي تعلن السلطات الروسية رسميا عن ضرورة تنحي القذافي؟

    لا احد يستطيع منع موظف رفيع من ارسال مرؤوسه في مأمورية الى الجزائر؟ وعلى سبيل المثال على خط التعاون العسكري التقني؟ والتعليمات الاخرى سرية تماما. وان العمل يقيم بنتائجه، وليس حسب التقارير الزمنية المنتظمة. وان الخبراء المؤهلين يفهمون ان الاعتداء على ليبيا ما هو الا جزء من اجراءات مبرمجة. وتلي ليبيا سورية والجزائر واليمن والعربية السعودية وايران واسيا الوسطى وروسيا. والتتابع ليس مهما. ولكن روسيا ستكون اغلب الظن، الاخيرة. وتجري حاليا احاطتها بانظمة عميلة معادية، ورادارات وقواعد عسكرية، والتشجيع بكافة الوسائل على الفساد وتنامي المشاعر الاحتجاجية داخل البلد.

    س – وهل ستبقى بعد هذه المأمورية في الخدمة؟

    لقد قدمت طلب التسريح الى الجهات المسؤولة، واعلم انه جرى طلب اضبارتي الشخصية، ليس للمكافأة بكل جلاء، ومع ذلك لدي قدم في الخدمة وشقة. ولكني اعزب. ولا أعتزم حاليا العودة الى روسيا، فقد تغير الكثير خلال هذه السنة، واتخذت قرارات معينة. فانا عسكري بالفطرة.

    طرابلس “كقلعة بريست”

    س – تعذر صمود طرابلس.. هل كان الخطأ في الدفاع؟

    الخطأ ليس في الدفاع، انما في تقييم النزاع. فقد كان القذافي يعيش في عالمين متوازيين. ولم يتمسك بسياسة معينة كما على سبيل المثال، الرئيس الكوري الشمالي. فالاخير لا يتذبذب، ويتمسك بسياسته. اما القذافي لم يصدق بالاعتداء على بلده حتى اللحظة الاخيرة. وحتى في اواسط اغسطس/آب، عندما وجهت ضربات بالقنابل والصواريخ الى طرابلس والى مدن آخرى، كان يتحدث الى برلسكوني وساركوزي. وكانا يؤكدان له عدم تعرض طرابلس الى عملية برية. وكان قد عرض على القذافي قبل بضع سنوات انشاء منظومة دفاع جوي قوية متكاملة. وكان من الممكن تحقيق هذا من خلال حمهوريات سوفيتية سابقة. ولكنه وجد ان هذا قد يثير غضب الولايات المتحدة واوروبا. واكرر ان ايطاليا وفرنسا وحتى بريطانيا، كانت تؤكد له ان ليبيا لن تتعرض الى عمليات حربية برية.

    كما أن الخطأ كان في مراقبة الضباط الليبيين الخونة لفترة طويلة. لقد كان من الضروري اعتقالهم فورا، وعدم ترك “هذا المرض” ينتشر دون عقاب. ولكن القذافي كان يود الكشف عن اكبر عدد من الخونة. وان تلكوء القذافي انطلاقا من تصوراته الشخصية حول سير النزاع، كان بالمناسبة، العامل، الذي اقنع عددا من الضباط الكبار بالارتشاء بمليوني دولار والانتقال الى صف المتمردين. فتصور ان مطرا ينهال في كل مكان، بينما على راسك يتساقط حجر، وتقول كل شيء سيمر بسلام، وسنتجنب ذلك. فهل سيقتنع كثيرون في موءازرتك؟ وخاصة من سيكون الهدف الهام والاول للخصم. والعامل البشري يحتفظ بخواصه حتى في افريقيا.

    س – وكيف تسنى لك الخروج من طرابلس بسلام؟

    لقد حذرتنا قناة “الجزيرة” والـ “سي ان ان”. فقد شاهدنا مشاهد عن “انتصار” المتمردين التقطت في قطر. وكانت ديكورات الساحة الخضراء في طرابلس مقامة في صحراء قرب الدوحة. وكنا نعرف اسباب ذلك. فهذه المشاهد كانت بمثابة اشارة لهجوم المتمردين والمخربين. واثر هذه المشاهد بدأت “خلايا المتمردين النائمة” باقامة الحواجز في كافة انحاء المدينة، واقتحام مراكز القيادة وشقق الضباط، الذين لم يخونوا القذافي. وبدأت عمليات انزال وحدات اجنبية في الميناء. وانقطع الاتصال باحد الاجنحة. وسلم احد الضباط الكبار موقعه دون معركة. وأمر القذافي بالانسحاب و”عدم اخماد النار بالنار”. وعدم تحويل طرابلس الى محرقة تحرق وحدات الجيش والسكان المسالمين على حد سواء. ورفض المئات من الفدائيين تنفيذ هذا الامر، وبقوا يدافعون عن المدنية، في محاولة لارهاق الخصم باقصى درجة، وصرفه عن مطاردة الزعيم والقيادة العسكرية. ولا يزالون يواصلون المقاومة. وتوجد في طرابلس منذ اكثر من شهر مناطق، لا يجرأ حتى السلفيين على دخولها. وهذا خيارهم وهذه مدينتهم و هذا مفهوم.

    وبدأ الهجوم. وغادر الجميع القصر بجوار قاعدة باب العزيزية الى دار صغيرة في جنوب العاصمة. وبعد بضع ساعات غادرنا المدينة بواسطة عدة سيارات باتجاه منطقة آمنة. وتبين ان هذا تم في الوقت المناسب، اذ سقطت على الدار 3 قنابل ثقيلة خارقة للملاجئ على التوالي. وكانت السيارات من نوع جيب عادية، وليس سيارات “مرسيدس” مصفحة خاصة. وما الحاجة الى جذب الانتباه؟ علما بانه لا يوجد ادنى شك في ان الامريكيين كانوا يعرفون مكان وجود القذافي في معظم الحالات. ولكن الصواريخ والقنابل سقطت هناك بعد الخروج بـ 5 دقائق. وكانوا بهذا كما لو انهم يحذرونه من انه بوسعهم تصفيته في اي لحظة، ولكن لا يوجد بعد، كما يبدو، الامر بذلك. وتحظى الهجمات النفسية والاعلامية باهتمام كبير في النزاع الليبي.

    س – وماذا عن افراد عائلة القذافي الذين بقوا في ليبيا؟

    لقد تفرقوا فورا، قال كورينيف انهم تفرقوا فورا. وهذا قرار فعال جدا. ويقول الليبيون البسطاء انه اذا لم يعد القذافي نفسه، فسيعود احد ابنائه. لقد توجه بعضهم الى تونس ومنهم الى الجزائر والنيجر. فالحدود مفتوحة. وبقي خميس في ضواحي طرابلس للاشراف على المقاومة. وسيف في بني وليد. ولا يمكث لا العقيد نفسه ولا الابناء عمليا في مكان واحد، ويتنقلون بصورة مستمرة. واصعب مشكلة هي الاتصال. اذ تسيطر على الاثير القوات الامريكية ووسائل الاسطول السادس الامريكي التقنية والاستخبارات العسكرية ووكالة الامن القومي الامريكية. ولذلك لم اتجرأ على ارسال صور واشرطة فيديو. وهذا يستغرق وقتا اكثر من ارسال مجموعة معلومات مكتوبة. ولكن نادرا ما يتوفر منفذ الى الانترنت، لان الناتو يعرف اماكن وجودنا تقريبا، ويغلق كافة خطوط الاتصال.

    س – كيف تمت عملية أسر الجنود البريطانيون، وكيف حدث ذلك، وكيف تسنى لكم معرفة ان هؤلاء من افراد قوات “SAS”، وهم لا يحملون وثائق شخصية ابان العمليات الحربية؟

    ان الصور سترسل. والادلة تتمثل في الاسرى انفسهم، وواقعة اذلال جيش الخصم جماهيريا. فالحرب حرب، وطاولة المفاوضات متوفرة على الدوام. وكلما كثرت الادلة والحجج (الاوراق الرابحة) يسهل الحوار. وكان هؤلاء عبارة عن مجموعة تخريب، تتكون من 30 فردا. ومعظمهم من جيش قطر، و13 فردا انجليزيا وفرنسيا. وكانوا يقومون باخر عمليات الاستطلاع في بني وليد. وعلى ما يبدو لم تتوفر لديهم معلومات جيدة عن ضواحي المدينة. ولقد ابلغ السكان المحليون ان هناك مجموعة تتسكع حول المدينة. وتم شن عملية ضدهم واسرهم. لقد اعدم الليبيون القطريين فورا، لانهم يكرهونهم جدا. ويقولون كيف يدخل مسلم بيت مسلم آخر ويقتل عائلته؟ ولذا يجب اعدامهم وانتهى. وجرى فصل الانكليز والفرنسيين، واستجوابهم ونقلوا الى ملجأ. وفي الحقيقة لم تكن لديهم اي دوافع لاخفاء شيء ما. فكتبوا الاسماء والارقام الخاصة واسم الوحدة والتقطت لهم صور، وارسل كل هذا عبر البريد الالكتروني الى وزارتي الخارجية البريطانية والفرنسية. وعرض عليهما استلام الجنود دون اي شروط، وعلى سبيل المثال، في اي مكان في ليبيا . وبالمناسبة ان السيارة، التي جرى منها الاتصال، دمرت بصاروخ بعد بضع ساعات، عند عودتها الى المدينة. وبعبارة اخرى كانت السيطرة على الاثير مكثفة جدا.

    وعندما تخلت بريطانيا عن جنودها، طرحت فكرة نقلهم الى الجزائر، وعقد مؤتمر صحفي هناك لعرضهم امام كل العالم. وكنت ضمن قافلة واحدة مع حماية موسى ابراهيم، الذي توجه الى الجزائر للاتفاق على المؤتمر الصحفي. وان التعقيدات الدبلوماسية العديدة، حالت دون عقده في العاصمة، ودار الحديث حول مركز سكاني حدودي. وفي الطريق تعرضت القافلة الى قصف من مروحية. وان انفجارا قذف بي من بدن الجيب المفتوح. والتقطني فيما بعد مسلحون من الطوارق، وساعدوني في عبور الحدود، ومن هناك وصلت الى امريكا اللاتينية حيث اتعالج.

    س – وهل يوجد خطر على روسيا من جانب الناتو والولايات المتحدة؟

    لن تحدث بالطبع، مواجهة سافرة في المرحلة الاولى. لان المهمة الاولى تتمثل في تفجير القوقاز من جديد، بمساعدة الاصوليين، واغراق جنوب روسيا في حرب وان كانت محلية، ولكنها واسعة الابعاد. ومن المتوقع ان يستلم السلفيون السلطة في المغرب وكذلك مقاتلو “القاعدة” وغيرها من التنظيمات المتطرفة. والمسافة بين روسيا ومنطقة البحر الابيض المتوسط اقل بكثير مما الى افغانستان، والجبال اقل وأوطأ. وهذا من مصلحة الولايات المتحدة وليس من مصلحة اوروبا وروسيا. هذا ويطمح عبد الحكيم بلحاج، الحاكم العسكري لمدينة طرابلس بمنصب قيادي في الحكومة الليبية الجديدة. وهو الشخص الاول في الجماعة الاسلامية الليبية المقاتلة، التي اعتبرتها وزاة الخارجية الامريكية منظمة ارهابية.

    س – هل هناك طامحون غيره؟

    طبعا يوجد، ومنهم العقيد المنشق خليفة هفتار، الذي كان يقيم في الولايات المتحدة على مدى 20 سنة. ومحمد بشير الخضار، القاضي العسكري في نظام القذافي. وباختصار ان بلحاج صنيعة قطر. والخضاريمثل طغمة مصراته، التي تحضى بدعم فرنسا. وهفتار من انصار طغمة بنغازي، التي تدعمها الولايات المتحدة.

    واذا شارك بلحاج في الحكومة، وسيشارك، وسوف تستقبله العواصم العالمية. ومن الجميل ان هذا المسلح الذي يرتبط بالنشاط السري في قوقازنا، سيحضر الى الكرملين وسيشد على يد الرئيس الروسي.

    كما تجري في ليبيا اضافة الى الاصولية، سرقة السلاح من مستودعات الجيش الليبي. وان قسما كبيرا من هذا السلاح يرسل الى القوقاز في عنابر سفن الشحن. وان الرحلة من موانئ شمال افريقيا الى ساحل القوقاز تستغرق يومين. ومن المؤسف جدا، ان المسؤولين عن امن مواطنينا، عاجزون حتى عن قراءة تقارير محللي الناتو الذين يشيرون بصراحة الى ان التصدير اللاقانوني للسلاح الليبي المسروق يشكل احد مشاكل الامن العالمي الرئيسية.

    س – ماهي فرادة الحرب الليبية؟ وبماذا تتميز عن النزاعات المسلحة التي شاركت فيها؟

    ان كل حرب فريدة. وفي ليبيا مصطفاة. ففيها الدعاية المكثفة كما في الحرب العالمية الثانية، وتكتيك الارض المحروقة كما في فيتنام، وشراء الذمم والفرار من الجيش كما في العراق. ويوجد هناك من يشبه “الانصار البيلاروس”. وكما في كافة الحروب تهلك اعداد كبيرة من السكان المدنيين. ومع ذلك ان هذا النزاع في الحقيقة فريد. فمن جانب هناك الطوارق، مقاتلو الصحراء ببنادقهم طراز عام 1908، والامازيغيون ببلطاتهم. ومن الجانب الاخر، قذائف وقنابل طائرات توجه بالليزر، وطائرات استطلاع بدون طيار. وهذا اشتباك بين الحضارة والازلية.

    وان المساحة التي