Fenêtre sur l’âme de Muammar al-Kadhafi/AWindow into the Soul of Muammar al-Qathafi/





“Happy are those who wash their robes clean! they will have the right to the tree of life and will enter by the gates of the city. Outside are dogs, sorcerers and fornicators, murderers and idolaters, and all who love and practice deceit.! ” (Revelations 22:14) “Then the just man shall take his stand, full of assurance, to confront those who oppressed him and made light of all his sufferings; at the sight of him there will be terror and confusion and they will be beside themselves to see him so unexpectedly safe home. Filled with remorse, groaning and gasping for breath, they will say among themselves: ‘Was not this the man who was once our butt, a target for our contempt? Fools that we were we held his way of life to be madness and his end dishonorable. To think that he is now counted one of the sons of God and assigned a place of his own among God’s people! How far we strayed from the road of truth. The lamp of justice never gave us light, the sun never rose upon us. We roamed to our heart’s content along the paths of wickedness and ruin, wandering through trackless deserts and ignoring the Lord’s highway. What good has our pride done us? What can we show for our wealth and arrogance?’ All these things have passed like a shadow, like a messenger galloping by; like the ship that runs through the surging sea, and when she has passed, not a trace is to be found….’ But the just live for ever: Their reward is in the Lord’s keeping, and the Most High has them in His care. Therefore royal splendour shall be theirs, and a fair diadem from the Lord Himself: He will protect him with his right hand and shield with his arm. He will put on from head to foot the armour of his wrath, and make all creation his weapon against his enemies. With the cuirass of justice on his breast, and on his head the helmet of doom inflexible, he will take holiness for his impenetrable shield and sharpen his relentless anger for a sword; and his whole world shall join him in the fight against his frenzied foes. The bolts of his lightning shall fly straight on the mark, they shall leap upon the target as if his bow in the clouds were drawn in its full arc, and the artillery of his resentment shall let fly a fury of hail…” (Wisdom of Solomon 5: 1-22) Muammar al-Qathafi shall soon return to Tripoli Triumphant in Righteousness!Brother Qadhafi praying in the desert https://www.facebook.com/GREATALJAMAHIRIYA فلتذهب الكلاب الي جيفتها فلتذهب الكلاب الي جيفتها اسد الصحراء.. طبت حيآ وشهيدآ سيدي القائد Dogs can go to Giftha Lion of the Desert .. Alive and blessed martyr, Mr. Commander

  • Muammar has made many recordings at Pal-Talk/ Chamber of God–which he used to host prior to the War, and was twice on in the past month of March-By the way–IN THE ORIGINAL POST: there is no such word in arabic as “KELMHAHAR”…
    if you properly break the name up (as it erroreously was pushed together) you get clearly “FREE SPEECH” كلمة الحر = Free Speech

    have confirmed it is Muammar al-Qathafi even by using “voice-wave ID”—

Free Speech Muammar al-Qathafi: Free Speech of The Resistance and the Liberation Chamber of the Great Jamahiriya Muammar al-Qathafi speaking 29 MARCH 2012 كلمة الحر http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MPR0J0BW8qk#! Muammar Free Speech: كلمة الحر 20-3-2012 __________________________ DR. HAMZA TOMANI:

All Sabha Kabylia, east and west, all the tribes of the provision. All the brothers need to acquire, from first aid and food, for the purification and the release of so much need to know the time,
and this should be done so as not to to draw attention and suspicion, and the role of women is important to help the heroes. One of the sons of the leader will lead us as a guide and work and works on the ground and all of them perfectly and overseas
and the world begun to realize that in rats there was no hope, and what better way is used when the country was the same in
the presence of criminal gangs. Also pay attention to all of and registration of necessary requirements for all the of gasoline and other, also stressed the
importance of the release our brothers and away from a prison in Libya …
حلقة الدكتور حمزه التهامي 17 4 2012

    •  read this message from Muammar: “The appeal to the masses of the resistance-free: Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah … As you are free to know The days of the great struggle, and most importantly the need to pray for our troops … Pray and pray for God’s blessings and peace in their families and the victory of the people … And we have a problem for the mind on the subject of concern about the free men who do not sleep, to free Libya, and that of the field hospitals … Rats are abundant in the hospitals and there is great danger for our men in the case, God forbid, injury and appeals for help the hospital … And, of course, everyone knows about the ethics of rats that attack people in the hospital … free to get first aid in field hospitals and try to find reliable staff in hospitals and prepare all materials for processing in the homes that will be used at the right time …” من سلافيتسا نقرأ هذه رسالة من الزعيم الليبي معمر: نداء الى الجماهير لمقاومة الحر:” السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته من الله … كما أنت حر لمعرفة أيام من الكفاح العظيم، والأهم من ذلك الحاجة الى الصلاة من اجل جنودنا … نصلي ونصلي من أجل النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في أسرهم، وانتصار للشعب … ونحن لدينا مشكلة بالنسبة للعقل في موضوع القلق إزاء الرجال الأحرار الذين لا ينامون، الى ليبيا الحرة، وذلك من المستشفيات الميدانية … الفئران وفيرة في المستشفيات، وهناك خطر كبير لرجالنا في هذه القضية، لا سمح الله، والإصابة والنداءات للمساعدة في المستشفى … وبالطبع، كل شخص يعرف عن أخلاق الجرذان تهاجم الناس في المستشفى … مجانا للحصول على الإسعافات الأولية في المستشفيات الميدانية ومحاولة العثور على موظفين موثوق بها في المستشفيات وإعداد جميع المواد اللازمة لتجهيز في المنازل التي سيتم استخدامها في الوقت المناسب “… THESE ARE THE WORDS of MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI
  • Christella Bernardene Krebs

    Soon the world will shake and the surprise of the Libyan Jerdan

    Source: Agencies, and published by: Znguetna Read 4757 times, since the date of its publication in 02/03/2012

    Dr. Hamza Thami – soon will shake the world of surprise and Jerdan Libyan hinted Thami Dr. Hamza said in his daily radio channel on the site that Gina Sehtzon rats and the world to see them are people who believe that they died while they were alive as he promised would not be surprises in mind watched the following video 

    Statement of your brothers in a room free of the Great Jamahiriya on Paltalk

    Source: Resistance on the Facebook pages, and published by: Znguetna Read 3112 times, since the date of its publication in 04/04/2012

    The name of Allah Rahman, the Merciful  [ear to those who fight because they do wrong, and God the power to the victory] great truth of God in these hours the difficult pass on our beloved Libya We we resistance fighters in Libya to the Libyan Liberal honest cooperation and collaboration for our just cause .. On this day, you, the Libyans We urgently appeal to help your brothers in the resistance and beautiful city Rkdalin everything you can .. These two cities and most of the West, Libya is still on the Covenant did not betray the dust did not abandon the law, but they are moving are steadfast on the path of jihad and struggle .. On this day, the rats gangs, terrorists and criminals from visitors and the angle bombed Odk Rkdalin city beautiful and heavy weapons behind them and great support from Misurata Dkhirh of rats .. As a result, fell martyrs and wounded of the two cities, including children, women and elders and also was attacked on some silks city .. Has been abuse of a girl from the tribe of 21-year-old Alnoael by rats visitors to her family .. Fayalepien you are free today and not tomorrow, then you must move and the right support and help to the fighters, each according to his ability and potential .. The armed resistance is not only .. It has a number of ways, any method suitable for your ability does not skimp out on your brothers you can do the following: 1 – Close the coastal road or main roads with stones and even gates delusional. 

    2 – you poured gasoline and flammable materials in the road or the dissemination and throw nails Almekovh and hit the light bulbs on the way Home to prevent the arrival of supplies to the criminal gangs. 
    3 – set fire to ignite trash or anything else to get the density of smoke obscured visibility. 
    4 – You can also donate in arms, ammunition and money to insurgents. this and turn the urgent appeal for all youth tribes honest in Libya from the top is worth to Amsaad especially young people and Rishvana and Ajeelat and Chiaan to join their brethren in the beautiful and Rkdalin and fighting with them in the battle of honor and the right to recover the seized property .. 
    Do not wait for miracles and miracles .. 
    The right to bring him not only his friends and taken by force can only be restored by force .. 
    Be the first to spark the war of liberation and be races to win the honor of the initiative of liberation, history records the facts and write Bostr immortal glory of light to remain for all generations referred to as proud and this is not far away from you .. 
    Let your motto be “God is great above the plots of the aggressors and Seek help in patience and probably good in God, you are wronged and Allah promises you His victory is a strong Almighty” .. 
    He says: In the name of God the Merciful  [Taking God promises you one of the two communities it to you and you would like to be a non-fork you and God wants to have the right and his words cut right to root out the unbelievers * to invalidate the right of right and wrong, even though the criminals] .. 
    And the Almighty said: [O ye who believe when you meet a stand firm and remember Allah much, that ye may prosper]  great truth of God  and peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings._________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    • and then the article tells us: Muammar started working the website of the People’s National Movement Jamahiriya,which will maintain communication with people of the Libyan Arab people and the noble Resistance, and work on Arab public opinion and the international fair pay, and will allow your voice to be heard in the world, exposing the false accusations

      • or the People’s National Movement www.zangetna.net/…/إطلاق-الموقع-الألكتروني-للحركة-الوطنية-الشع…2  2 2 days ago – New Site: Launch of Website for the People’s National Movement · .
      • www.zangetna.net and  I just put in my comment: “may the peace of Allah/God remain with you all. Remain steadfast and follow the instructions of our great brother leader who is being led by God….. We all desire a safe and sure victory against all the evil oppressors. The only salvation for our ailing planet is the Third Universal Theory. God loves the Great Jamahiriya and the Green Resistance; and He assures us of our triumph over the wicked forces only if we follow Muammar al-Qathafi and stay pure.”

        يجوز للسلام من الله / الله لا تزال مع جميعكم.صبروا واتباع تعليمات قائدنا الأخ الكبير الذي يجري بقيادة الله ….. الذي ننشده جميعا فوز آمنة وبالتأكيد ضد الظالمين في كل شر. الخلاص الوحيد لكوكبنا المريض هي النظرية العالمية الثالثة. الله يحب الجماهيرية العظمى والمقاومة الأخضر، وقال انه يؤكد لنا من انتصار لنا على القوى الشريرة إلا إذا نتبع معمرالقذافي والبقاء النقي.

        – Started working the website of People’s Libyan National Movement, which will maintain communication with the people of the Libyan Arab people and the noble Resistance and work in Arab public opinion and the International Fair pay and allow your voice to the world, exposing the false accusations



“طوبى لهؤلاء الذين يغسلون ثيابهم نظيفة! سيكون لديهم الحق في الحصول على شجرة الحياة، وسوف تدخل من بوابات المدينة. خارج الكلاب والسحرة والزناة والقتلة وعبدة الأوثان، وجميع الذين يحبون الخداع وممارسة.! “(رؤيا 22:14) “بعد ذلك يجب على الرجل فقط موقفه هذا، والكامل للضمان، لمواجهة أولئك الذين المظلوم له وجعل ضوء معاناته جميع، على مرأى منه لن يكون هناك ارهاب والارتباك، وأنها ستكون بجانب أنفسهم لرؤيته بشكل غير متوقع حتى آمن الوطن. مليئة الندم، يئن ويلهث للتنفس، ويقولون فيما بينهم: “ألم يكن هذا الرجل الذي كان ذات مرة بعقب لدينا، هدفا للازدراء لدينا؟ عقدت الحمقى أننا كنا طريقته في الحياة ليكون الجنون ونهاية له مخلة بالشرف. أعتقد أن تحسب الآن واحدا من أبناء الله، وتعيين مكان من تلقاء نفسه بين شعب الله! إلى أي مدى نحن انحرفت عن طريق الحقيقة. المصباح العدل لم يقدم لنا الضوء والشمس وارتفعت علينا أبدا. جابت نحن على محتوى قلبنا على طول دروب الشر والخراب، تجول من خلال الصحارى غير مطروق، وتجاهل الطريق الرباني. ما هو جيد وفخرنا به علينا؟ ماذا يمكن أن نعرض لثرواتنا والغطرسة؟ ” لقد مرت كل هذه الأشياء مثل الظل، مثل رسول الراكض من قبل، مثل السفينة التي يتم تنفيذها من خلال ارتفاع امواج البحر، وعندما مرت، لا أثر هي التي يمكن العثور عليها … ” ولكن مجرد العيش إلى الأبد: مكافأة منها هو في الحفاظ على الرب، والعلي ولهم في عنايته. ولذلك يجب أن يكون لهم روعة ملكي، والإكليل العادل من الرب نفسه: إنه من شأنها حماية له يده اليمنى ودرع مع ذراعه. وقال انه وضعت على من الرأس الى القدم ودرع من غضبه، وجعل كل الخلق سلاحه ضد أعدائه. مع صدار من العدالة على صدره، وعلى رأسه خوذة من عذاب غير مرنة، وقال انه سوف يتخذ القداسة عن درعه منيع وشحذ غضبه لا هوادة فيها للحصول على السيف، والعالم كله يكون له الانضمام اليه في الكفاح ضد خصومه المحموم . مسامير من البرق له أن ترفع مباشرة على العلامة، ولا يجوز لهم قفز على الهدف كما لو تم وضع قوسه في السحب في قوس الكامل، والمدفعية من الاستياء وظيفته السماح يطير غضب من البرد … “( حكمة سليمان 5: 1-22) يجب معمر القذافي بالعودة قريبا الى طرابلس المنتصرة في البر! نقول لكم أن المقاومه على أتم الاستعداد وفي جهوزيه تامه الآن للتخلص من هذه الشرذمه الباغيه الخسيسه ومن داخل الوطن. فياأيها الشعب العظيم أحفاد االمجااهد المغوار معمر ابومنياار وأخواان المعتصم بالله أفرحوا وأرقصو أبتهجو فرحا بالنصر القادم بأذن الله بتوفيق من الله سبحانه وبعزيمة المقاومه الخضرااء التسونامي الاخضر الذي لم يشهده تاريخ البشريه ……. والعزة لله والوطن ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,الى الامااااااااااااااااااااام . Par : Noor Alhoda TRANSLATION: “In these troubled Allhoudaat experienced by our beloved country from suffering,,,,,,, Tell you that the resistance is ready and primed now to get rid of this oppressive sprinkling despicable and at home. Víaaaha great people the descendants Al-majaahid Commando MuammarEboumniaar Ojuaan Billah and rejoice with joy and Erqso Ibthjo  on our next victory, God willing, by the grace of God Almighty, and the determination of the Resistance, Alkhdharaa green tsunami  as that has not been witnessed in all  the history of mankind ……. Glory belongs to God and the nation, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to الامااااااااااااااااااااام.”

Aminat Sabirovwrites us: “He warned the world about the values and ops began to defend their country and its people from Varva ditch and murderers. Eternal glory to the brave colonel.”

Dr. Hamza Thami: countdown to zero hour of the day begins

Source: pages on Facebook, and published by: Znguetna Read 5067 times, since the date of its publication in 02/20/2012

Dr. Hamza Thami: countdown to zero hour of the day begins equipped yourselves and your ranks Ndmoa .. The most important thing of civil disobedience to facilitate the entry of your sons and 50% of them have joined the rats .. Everyone must join the popular movement … Any street where there is no (God, Libya and Muammar Obs) is not resistant .. Contact is not mobile and net, but primitive ways … Libyan intelligence services and resilient and move silently coming soon, God willing, Wen

liberté d’expression sur la Liberté de nos frère le Leader Premières vingt minutes, c’est Muammar le 03 Avril 2012 e l’ FaceBook Videos: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=184006405047325 MoamerATRIX – NEO GODafi – Reloaded Revolutions https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=151008968335620

Tripoli – minimum home
translation of the arabic معمر القذافي حي يرزق ماشاء الله تبارك الله reads: Muammar Gaddafi is alive Machae God bless God 26 JANuary 2012 Conqueror of Persia and men .. day after day light light light Aashobei course I hope the public light and unitary authority Conqueror Conqueror popular Freedom Day
معمر القذافي حي يرزق ماشاء الله تبارك الله
الفاتح..فارس ورجال الفاتح يوم بعد يوم الفاتح ياشعبي سير الفاتح امل الجماهير الفاتح وحدوية الفاتح سلطة شعبية الفاتح يوم الحرية
Date of publication: 09/04/2012
Gaddafi is alive and well and telephoned the King of the Kingdom of Balls (in Ivory Coast), said  As’ad Ambah Aboqilh journalist and
Libyan  independent author in a press statement exclusively for the newspaper “World Country”. It seems to be Muammar Gaddafi
raises a lot of controversy between Libyans alive and “dead”.  News-scene (Libyan sources) reports that throughout Libya there is
news circulating widely among ordinary Libyans, that reveals information that King Chevy Jean Gervais King of Balls, in Ivory
Coast, said that he had received a telephone call from the King of Kings of Africa. Traditional Muammar Gaddafi tells him he is
fine and in good health and very happy; and will visit him soon. It is worth mentioning that  King Jean Gervais was in charge of
Gaddafi Balacharf, hold forums on regional kings, sultans, princes, sheikhs and mayors of Africa
  • Date de publication: 04/09/2012 Kadhafi est bien vivant et a téléphoné le Roi du Royaume de boules (en Côte-d’Ivoire), a déclaré As’ad Ambah Aboqilh journaliste et auteur indépendant libyen dans un communiqué de presse exclusivement pour le “Pays du Monde”, un journal. Il semble être Mouammar Kadhafi soulève beaucoup de controverse entre les Libyens vivant et «mort». Nouvelles-scène (sources libyennes) rapporte que tout au long de la Libye il ya des nouvelles circulent très largement parmi les Libyens ordinaires, qui révèle l’information que le roi Chevy Jean Gervais roi de boules, en Côte-d’Ivoire, a dit qu’il avait reçu un appel téléphonique du Roi des Rois de Afrique. Traditionnel Mouammar Kadhafi lui dit qu’il est beau et en bonne santé et très heureux, et lui rendra visite bientôt. Il est à noter que le roi Jean Gervais était en charge de Kadhafi Balacharf, organiser des forums sur les rois régionales, sultans, princes, cheikhs et des maires de l’Afrique.

    Gaddafi alive and well and telephoned the King of the Kingdom of Balls in Ivory Coast

    Bien vivante et Kadhafi a téléphoné au roi du Royaume de boules en Côte-d’Ivoire

    Bien vivante et Kadhafi a téléphoné au roi du Royaume de boules en Côte-d'Ivoire
    Date de publication: 04/09/2012
    la maison au moins a déclaré Asad Ambah Aboqilh journaliste et auteur Libby indépendant dans un communiqué de presse exclusivement pour le pays monde de la presse semble être Mouammar Kadhafi soulève beaucoup de controverse entre les Libyens vivant et mort, nouvelle dans la scène des sources libyennes rapport au centre-Libi que les nouvelles circulent très largement parmi les Libyens ordinaires révéler des informations publiées pour la première fois depuis l’assassinat de Kadhafi est dit que le roi Chevy Jean Gervaisroi de boules en Côte-d’Ivoire, a dit qu’il avait reçu un appel téléphonique du roi des rois de Kadhafi Afrique traditionnelle Mouammar lui dit qu’il est beau et en bonne santé et très heureux et lui rendre visite bientôt, et il est à noter que le roi Jean Gervais était en charge de Kadhafi Balacharf organiser des forums sur les rois régionales, sultans, princes, cheikhs et des maires de l’Afrique.


Resistance to free speech and freedom 05/04/2012

Résistance à la liberté d’expression et la liberté 04/05/2012

     CAIRO, EGYPT :  The Beginnings of the Realisation of  his Sole Life’s Work, as the TRUE MAHDI of  GOD/ALLAH! upon Earth ! Muammar’s  indispensable, pre-requisite for the construction of a holy, moral socio-economic Universally valid order, to be  known as  the Great Jamahiriya: The sole purpose of which is to supercede all of the other man-made systems, in place, or ever been implaced upon the earth; replacing all those corrupt and imperfect “governments”  with  one way of life completely in tune with God and His Primeaevil Intentions for Mankind, for the betterment, peace and harmony of all living things (based  purely upon the Holy Quaran as the Word of God). Mirella Bianco, 1975 writes: “…from the day of his assession  to “power” [which he totally gave-up to the ‘Masses’, no longer reserved for any one earthly human, on 02 MARCH 1977, ‘THE DAY OF PEOPLE’s POWER’ ] Muammar had not ceased preaching in Libya, a return to an authentic and eternal concept of Islam in conjunction with the propagation of the Quaranic Message throughout the entire world….  ..No other consideration…will permit him  to deviate from the path HE HAS CHOSEN FOR HIMSELF.    The following are excerpts from that speech of 08 February 1973 [and an explanation, as presented by Mirella Bianco in the English translation [Margaret Lyle] from her French language edition of Gaddafi: Voice from the Desert (1975, pp.106-116):       

Il ya 25 minutes

Russian newspaper: Gaddafi .. Victim of his tongue >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> newspaper “Argumenty Nedela” remarks dealt with Qatari Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, in October / October last year that “hundreds of Qataris have been involved since the beginning of the war in Libya in the ranks of the rebels, and fought by their side” against the forces of Gaddafi.He stressed that those were not civilians, but of an elite special forces. After the resounding success achieved in Libya, I decided to Qatar to re-experience in Syria, sending volunteers to fight alongside the Syrian opposition, armed, in the face of the regular forces in addition to that there are large amounts of weapon country be transferred to Syria under the guidance of the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa, the paper said. said that the information that has been unfolding in turn suggests that the participation of the Special Forces country not only to provide the opponents of the Gaddafi arms, but had a hand in killing him. She added that it is known that the leader of the group specifically to the country transceiver finished off once and the Colonel wounded, and not the young Libyan The eighteen-year-old is also rumored the Western media. In the midst of the joy of victory did not pay commander of the country that participated in military operations in Libya, attention to the caution, He informed the Prince Hamad developments, the paper said. She pointed out that this call is picked up by listening devices in the Russian ship was stationed in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Libya. She stated that the Prince pledged reward rewarding of the murderer of his sworn enemy. The paper points out that feelings of hostility borne Prince Hamad towards Gaddafi, Vsbbha lies in being an insult during the Arab Summit in Sirte, when mocked him Gaddafi said: “My brother, have cement and became similar to the Barrel, For the most luxurious couch that you sit for the stomach will not accommodate your ass. ” Has not forgotten the Emir of Qatar, who was weighed at the time 160 kg, the public humiliation, and keep to himself the right to respond in a timely manner, according to the newspaper. According to intelligence information, which leaked spy ship Russian, that the calls were intercepted, that the special forces of country found in a car, which was part of a convoy of Colonel Gaddafi during the bombing, the important documents from the archives of person, including a document proving that Gaddafi financed the election campaign of President Nicolas Sarkozy, in addition to other documents belonging to different deals suspect has not yet been detected by the concerned authorities in it.

لم ينس أمير قطر، الذي كان وزنه آنذاك 160 كيلوغراما، تلك الإهانة العلنية، واحتفظ لنفسه بحق الرد في الوقت المناسب، وفقا للصحيفة. وتفيد المعلومات الاستخباراتية، التي تسربت عن سفينة التجسس الروسية، أن المكالمات التي تم اعتراضها، تفيد بأن القوات الخاصة القطرية، عثرت في إحدى السيارات، التي كانت ضمن موكب العقيد القذافي أثناء قصفه، على وثائق مهمة من أرشيفه الشخصي، من بينها وثيقة تثبت أن القذافي موّل الحملة الانتخابية للرئيس الفرنسي نيكولا ساركوزي، بالإضافة إلى وثائق أخرى تخص صفقات مختلفة مشبوهة لم يتم بعد الكشف عن الجهات المعنية فيها


Mathaba Education: Islam in the Jamahiriya

Posted: 2012/04/06 From: Mathaba   http://networkedblogs.com/w64DF


Religion in the Libyan Jamahiriya permeates all facets of life

Centrality of Islam The best expression of the views on modern Islam was made in a number of speeches by Colonel Qadhafi collected in Thawrat al Shaab al Arabi Al Libi. The Colonel expresses clearly the centrality of Islam in the new revolutionary Libya. He describes Islam in contemporary revolutionary terms, maintaining that it is the only viable system which can help answer man’s political, economic and social problems on this earth and at the same time provide him with happiness in the world to come. To Colonel Qadhafi, Islam is a living philosophy which would be adopted by all mankind if it were universally known. Religion in Libya is of the utmost importance if one wishes to understand what is taking place in that country today. Islam is synonymous with man’s struggle for justice, an important objective of the Revolution. Islam, declares Colonel Qadhafi, would not be used as during the monarchical period to serve and benefit the few. He condemned those who claimed to be pious Muslims and then lived corrupt lives, selling their consciences, mocking the people, and indeed hating Islam and the Arabs. The Revolution occurred because of men of this ilk declares Colonel Qadhafi. He adds that the Revolution intends to follow in the path of true Islam. This is a clear expression of the centrality of Islam in the new Muslim-Libyan community which must be strong and pure. After the al-Fateh Revolution in September 1969 and in compliance with the Muslim faith, all alcoholic beverages were outlawed. Bars and night-clubs were closed, and immodest and provocative entertainment was banned. The use of the Muslim calendar was made mandatory. The Constitutional Declaration of December 11, 1969, which has been until 02 March 1977, the constitution of the country, explicitly stated in Article I that Islam is the religion of the State. It added that the State would protect the freedom of existing religious rites in accordance with customary traditions (Article 2), thus guaranteeing freedom of religion to others. Restore Islam Muammar al-Qadhafi himself is a devout Muslim strongly attached to the faith of his fathers. He endeavours to restore Islam in the world. He encouraged the establishment of the Muslim Call (al-dawa al-Islamiya) under Sheikh Sobhi, a learned and outstanding man. He was appointed as Secretary-General of the Society of the Muslim Call. Most of their work is centred on the spread of Islam throughout Africa and the providing of funds for Muslims wherever they might be. Muslims in the Philippines are supported in their struggle for civil rights. Islam is universal but it will not destroy the nation, emphasises Muammar al-Qadhafi. The world is made up of nation states, and destroying them will be like destroying the family in society. This is a clear recognition of nationalism. It is made even clearer when Colonel Qadhafi asks the rhetorical question, ‘For whom do we provide assistance in the struggle of the Muslims in the Philippines, or the struggle of the Arabs in Palestine, whom do we help? It is natural that we first help the Palestinians, and then the Muslims in the Philippines.’ He continues again, ‘lslam is the soul and the Arabs are the body. The Arabs are the soldiers of Islam, they were the first to carry God’s message. It is in their language that the Koran was given. God chose us (Arabs) to fulfil his message…’ Thus, concludes the Colonel, the Arabs must first unite, and then think of alliances with Muslim and other powers. Progressive faith Furthermore, ‘Islam is a progressive faith, and as such it helps move man; without it he becomes a slave of material things and Muslims must be slaves of God alone. Our hearts are full of faith, and this is why we are the freest of all people…some Arab leaders do not wish to discuss Islam and in fact shy away from praying publicly, for they fear to be labelled reactionary… this is far from the reality of things…for we are revolutionists and Islam is indeed the true Revolution… Islam is progressive while Communism and Liberalism are truly reactionary. Islam discussed justice and socialism before Marx or Lenin, it called for humanism, it freed the Negro and encouraged learning…it upheld the rights of the oppressed before Marx, Lenin, or Mao, or Castro ever uttered a word on the subject.’ Colonel Qadhafi promised to revise the whole Libyan judicial system in conformity with the Sharia or Muslim law. This task was given to a special judicial committee of leading experts under the presidency of Sheikh Ali Ali Mansour, president of the Supreme Court. In November 1973, the whole judicial system was restructured to reflect the Sharia. It supported the poor and the blind, and it is in this spirit that the Zaka was introduced. The Zaka is a voluntary tax that the Muslims gather for the community. It is nothing less than what so-called 19th and 20th century progressives describe as social security. According to Colonel Qadhafi, the Koran abolished classes before communism ever mentioned it. He maintains that Islam fought foreign colonialism despite what a 1954 Moscow pamphlet claims. It was Islam that moved the Libyans to fight the Italian occupation, protests the Colonel. To Colonel Qadhafi, Islam is a continuous revolution for the benefit of mankind. It has been able to provide answers for political, social, economic questions, and even questions of peace and war. It fought discrimination, corruption, and prejudice against those who did not speak Arabic nor practice Islam. The Cultural Revolution, explains Colonel Qadhafi, did not come from China; it was first found in Islam. He adds, Islam is not the religion of those who sit in mosques not even in the Kabaa and do nothing but pray. It is a religion of labour and struggle; it fights for socialism, unity and freedom – the three objectives of the Revolution. All this reflects clearly what the leaders of the Revolution consider to be the role of the Islamic world. They clearly establish the fact that Islam is a continuous and real revolution with a relevant message to the people of the 20th century. They want to make it clear that man without religion is in great peril. Reasonableness To see the reasonableness and the lack of blind fanaticism in Colonel Qadhafi, one must reflect on his statement allowing, and in fact encouraging, the translation of the Koran into other languages. The Koran was given by God in Arabic through an Arab Prophet in an Arab land. The Colonel insists that it must be explained to others, and in their languages since Islam was intended to liberate mankind, wipe out corruption and achieve, general welfare. Never before has any serious and committed Muslim leader called for translation of the Koran. Most of them considered such a thing a sacrilege. on the other hand, Colonel Qadhafi adopts the positive side of making Islam truly universal by explaining to all the world the message of the Prophet Muhammad. This is a reflection of an enlightened and positive leader who wishes to open up the world for Islam and not restrict it [as did the members of the secret organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood. The latter was founded in 1928 by Hassan Al Banna who attempted to restore Islam within the Arab World through secret and subversive ways.] al-Qathafi condemns this sort of secrecy and says that Islam is a universal religion and need never be a secret, especially in Muslim countries. Those who wish to serve Islam should serve it openly and not in secret. [If the Colonel were a fanatic as some misguided people in the West contend, he would have been a supporter of their fanaticism.] From pp.101-132 of “ESCAPE to Hell” (written by Muammar al Qathafi), quoted from pp. 101, 115, 125 & 128, i.e.: “Prayer on the Last Friday”, “The Prayerless Friday” (published in 1999) _________________ “Next Friday will be the last Friday in the Month of Ramadan, no matter when the month ends. Thus Muslims from the Southern Philippines, Northern Thailand, Maylasian archepelego (except Sarawak) and out to Nigeria….to one-forth of Cameroon, three-fifths of Malawi, and one-forth plus three sixteenths of South Africa are required to pray in the mosque on this last Friday. Muslims, without exception, are called to prayer ligt and heavy armed. *1…… …Unfortunately, all the world’s muslims could not agree to pray together on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan. IF they had, their prayer would have shaken the Zionist entity and NATO to their very foundation. It might have even brought down the Israeli satellite, but unfortunately, they could not agree to pray together…. …Therefore, the last Friday of Ramadan passed without prayer being held, because we found that, each nation had its own religion, and its own prophet. Each one had its own future, and destiny, as well as its own enemy and interests. Anything other than this is pure deceit and foolishness. Tha Arab nation would have to taste the bitter cup of humilation alone, the extermination of its people by its enemy, while its enemy was the ally and friend of non-Arab muslim nations. Settling these differences would be a flight of fancy…. …Do not be sullen, O believers, because on the last Friday of Ramadan, in the following year, or the one after that, or after that, we might arrive at the knowledge of these amazing scientific realities…..” ________________________ *1: Quaran, Sura 9, verse 41   al-Qathafi actually himself chants the Quaranic verse La prière du vendredi, la ville de Kano du Nigeria ————————————————————– Hallelujah Er and God gambled on the night of Kahila. . Vkrna Bashraben milk Kahila: ســـــبّـــحــــــــان الله إيــــــــه والله قـــامرّ فــــي ليل كحــــــيلآ . . فكرنّـــــــي بشرابينّ حليبّ كحيــلآ The face of the Mahdi shall shine upon the surface of the Moon. (Ja’far al-Sadiq) ننفرد بنشر فيديو كامل للشهيد بأذن الله العقيد معمر القذافي وهو يصلي بمليون مسلم نيجيري ويتلو القرآن عن ظهر قلب .. لمدة ربع ساعة متواصلة يتلو القرآن بدون انقطاع … ما نسى منه حرفاً ولا حرّف آيةً وما استعان بكتابٍ او ورقة للتذكير :: انه معمر القذافي الذي قال عنهُ مشايخ السي آي أي بأنه : كافر . إنه معمر القذافي الذي أحلّ القرضاوي دمهُ نزولاً لرغبة اوباما إنه معمر القذافي الذي قاتلَ 40 دولة معادية لدينِ مُحمد عليه الصلاة والسلام إنه معمر القذافي الذي اعلن الجهاد ضد الدنمارك بعد الاساءة الى رسول الله عليه الصلاة والسلام إنه معمر القذافي الذي ساهم في إمداد العراقيين بالمال والسلاح لقتال أسياد حكام الخليج ” الامريكان ” وبإعتراف عملاء المنطقة الخضراء انفسهم . إنه معمر القذافي الذي أنشأ مدارس لتحفيظ القرآن في افريقيا المهددة بحملات التبشير بالمسيحية مقابل المال والطعام .. إنه معمر القذافي الذي أمد غزة بالأموال والقوافل الطبية والغذائية اثناء حصارها .. ليكون جزاءهُ شتماً وقذفاً بحقهِ على السنة قادة حماس !! إنه معمر القذافي الذي عندما رأت هيلاري كلينتون جثتهُ قالت : وأخيراً زال الخطر . أنشر الفيديو عسى ان يكون صدقةً جاريةً على روحهِ وأبنائهِ وكل ليبي قاتلَ حلف الناتو وأستشهد . GOOGLE TRADUCTION: Uniquely publish a full video of, God willing, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi as he prayed one million Nigerian Muslim And recite the Koran by heart .. For a quarter-hour reciting the Qur’an without interruption … What characters do not forget his letter of verse and used book or a paper for the reminder ! That Muammar Gaddafi, who said his chieftains CIA that: an infidel. It’s Muammar Gaddafi, who has permitted his blood-Qaradawi down to the desire of Obama It’s Muammar Gaddafi, who fought 40 countries hostile to the religion of Mohammed, peace be upon him. It’s Muammar Gaddafi, who declared jihad against Denmark after the insult to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him It’s Muammar Gaddafi, who helped supply the Iraqis with money and weapons to fight the masters of the rulers of the Gulf, “the Americans” and recognized by customers themselves, the Green Zone. It’s Muammar Gaddafi, who established schools for teaching the Koran in Africa threatened campaigns preaching Christianity for money and food .. It’s Muammar Gaddafi, who long convoys Gaza funds and medical and food during the siege .. To be punished Stma and slander against him on the year the leaders of Hamas!! It’s Muammar Gaddafi, who Hillary Clinton when she saw his body said: Finally, the danger remains. Spread the video may be that ongoing charity on his soul and his sons and all the Libyan assassin NATO and the quote. ______________________________________________ In 1974, a protestant Algerian woman, Anne-Marie Cazalis wrote a book called: “Kadhafi, le Templer d’Allah”-— She had no doubts about the real mission of Maummar al-Qathafi. In the dedication, she explains about the martyr of Feliz Broche, the great Liberator, slain at Bir Hakeim in the spring of 1942. he is burried in the French cemetary at Tobrouk. before he died, he prophesied that a great liberator would be shortly born, the greatest of all Liberators the world has ever seen…. And, indeed on app.07 June 1942, Muammar was born. “Il reste qu’un personnage hors du commun et hors du temps, le colonel Moammar Kadhafi, annonce une communauté novelle, la communauté islamique, et des temps noveaux. Voici un prophète. Sa biographie éclaire le mystère qu’il est à nos yeux d’Occidentaux.” —————————————- FROM “MATHABA”:

For those ignorant Muslims: may Allah keep them away from us. Kadhafi is our Imam, our Leader, and the Reformer. …he is not dead and he is the Mahdi, and that is why they are so careful to try to kill him….


Was der Diktator und Tyrann Gaddafi seinem Volk alles antat, war ja allen bekannt. Hier eine Aufzählung seiner Grausamkeiten unter denen die Libyer 4 Jahrzehnte leiden mussten.
1. Es gab keine Stromrechnung in Libyen. Strom war kostenlos für alle Bürger.
2. Es gab keine Zinsen auf Kredite. Die staatlichen Banken vergaben Darlehen an alle Bürger zu null Prozent Zinsen per Gesetz.
3. Ein Heim/Zuhause zu haben galt als ein Menschenrecht in Libyen.
4. Alle Frischvermählten in Libyen erhielten 50.000 US-Dollar. Dieses Geld sollte den Menschen ermöglichen ihre erste Wohnung zu kaufen. Die Regierung wollte so zum Start einer Familie beitragen.
5. Bildung und medizinische Behandlungen waren frei in Libyen. Bevor Gaddafi an die Macht kam konnten nur 25 Prozent der Libyer lesen. Heute liegt die Zahl bei 83 Prozent.
6. Wollten Libyer in der Landwirtschaft Karriere machen, erhielten sie Ackerland, eine Bauernhaus, Geräte, Saatgut und Vieh als Schnellstart für ihre Farmen und das alles kostenlos.
7. Wenn Libyer keine Ausbildung oder medizinische Einrichtungen finden konnten die sie benötigten, hatten sie die Möglichkeit mit der Hilfe staatliche Gelder ins Ausland zu gehen. Sie bekamen 2.300 USD im Monat für Unterkunft und Auto gezahlt.
8. Wenn ein Libyer ein Auto kaufte, subventionierte die Regierung 50 Prozent des Preises.
9. Der Preis für Benzin in Libyen war 0,14 $ (12 Rappen oder ca. 0,10 Euro) pro Liter.
10. Wenn ein Libyer keine Arbeit bekam nach dem Studium, zahlte der Staat das durchschnittliche Gehalt des Berufs in dem er eine Arbeit suchte, bis eine fachlich adäquate Beschäftigung gefunden wurde..
11. Libyen hat keine Auslandsschulden und ihre Reserven in Höhe von $ sind jetzt weltweit eingefroren und wohl für immer verloren.
12. Ein Teil jeden libyschen Öl-Verkaufs wurde direkt auf die Konten aller libyschen Bürger gutgeschrieben.
13. Mütter die ein Kind gebaren erhielten 5.000 US-Dollar.
14. 25 Prozent der Libyer haben einen Hochschulabschluss.
15. Gaddafi startete Das “Great-Man-Made-River-Projekt” (GMMRP oder GMMR, dt. Großer menschengemachter Fluss-Projekt) in Libyen Es ist das weltweit größte Trinkwasser-Pipeline-Projekt für eine bessere Wasserversorgung von Bevölkerung und Landwirtschaft.Gott sei Dank haben Nato und Rebellen das libysche Volk davon befreit. Endlich kann Demokratie und Kapitalismus die Verhältnisse in Libyen verbessern.
Muammar Gaddafi verwandelte Libyen in wenigen Jahrzehnten von einem der ärmsten Ländern der Welt zum wohlhabendsten Land Afrikas, wohlhabender sogar als Brasilien, Russland und Saudi-Arabien. Wohlhabender auch, als manches Land der EU.
Eine Untat, die der Westen ihm nie verziehen hätte.

               Libyan leader Muammar Kadhafi interviewed by France 24. Paris, FRANCE-12/12/2007./ [Photo via Newscom]       In 1986, after the USA BOMBING of his Home at BABA AZIYIZIA:        building Libya projet                               PILGRIMAGE:       

60 minutes, 1980

Charles Kurault interview (called him a “Guru”)and God said:” I knew you before you were born…”

(al-Qathafi remains true to his calling!)

al-Qathafi knows he is a leader of a Revolution (not a coup) with a Special Mission.

It is not Islam as traditionally understood. This is Muammar al-Qathafi’s quarrel with the contemporary Arab religious and political establishment.

It is al-Qathafi’s uncompromising faith in the truth.

This is how he thought as a boy; it is still how he knows things actually should be. He has been unwavering.

On 17 February, 1983, al-Qathafi angrily berated the Arab rulers, saying: “Is this Islam?

Who gives support to the American arsenal? Is it Arab oil? Islamic oil? Is this Islam? Islam exists only in the Quaran.”

Then he cited the Quaranic verse 9:34 : “Where is the bond of right [halal] and wrong [haram]? Is this Islam?”

(It is the reproach against those who hoard gold and silver, and do not spend it in God’s cause.)

Cardinal Robert Sarah, president of the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum” writes: “al-Qathafi is moved by a sincere concern for mankind and for the world.

His activities are not moved by a desire to condemn or recriminate, but by a justice and mercy which must also have the courage to call things by their name. Only in this way can he expose the roots of evil, which continue to intrigue the mind of modern man. This task of al-Qathafi is called prophetic mission….

The Prophet Muhammed was a man called and sent by God to announce His will to the people. … Clearly the call for greater social justice is part of al-Qathafi’s mission”, which “cannot remain silent in the face of the fact that too many people die because they lack basic necessities while others grow rich exploiting their fellows. Yet the prophetic dimension of his words and deeds cannot be limited to these external phenomena without going to the moral roots of these injustices.

Corruption, accumulation of riches, violence, unduly living at the expense of the commonwealth without contributing are all tumours that consume a society from within. Nor can he remain silent … about the fact that the roots of the current financial crisis lie in greed, unrestrained and unscrupulous thirst for money without considering those who have less and who must bear the consequences of the mistaken choices of others.

Such attachment to money is a sin, and al-Qathafi is prophetic in his condemnation of that sin, which harms both individuals and society….

… Our secularised society lives and organises itself without reference to God because it is affected by a poverty more tragic even than material want; a poverty represented by the rejection and complete exclusion of God from social and economic life, by the revolt against divine and natural laws. .

.. al-Qathafi sees that his primary responsibility is to remind us that this spiritual dimension is vital. As a ‘prophet’ of today, he must tell the world that God exists, that he who is without this Father/Allah (who stirs us to solidarity and sharies our life) one dies and all fraternity dissolves into an empty utopia.

Man has a supernatural vocation: we have a conscience in which the voice of God speaks and to which we must one day respond. al-Qathafi’s message aims to awaken people’s consciences with respect to the rights and duties of our fellows, but also with respect to our duties towards the ‘rights’ of God.

“All Authority in the end, belongs to God.al-Qathafi’s Third Universal Theory presupposes God’s Lordship over all wealth, and man has stewardship only. Man’s ultimate and final responsibility is only to God who has legislated laws which govern the just distribution and consumption of God’s wealth. It is the principle of “Zakat”.al Qathafi says: “Again, these ideals are dramatically presented in the Quaran, ‘To God belongs the inheritance of the heavens and the Earth’, and ‘We [God] shall inherit the Earth and all that is in it.’

On 01 February 1983, leading that day’s General People’s Congress, he explained the miracle of achieving popular authority; and professed that someday it will be inevitably for all mankind. Libya as a first, had been made possible only because”For the fist time, since the time of the Messenger, the Quaran is actually being applied.”

Then al-Qathafi declared: “You shall see the True Quaran. You shall know that all that is done in the Muslim world (formerly)—in the name of the Quaran, IS NOT of the Quaran; it is pretense ! These were only laws promulgated by people with certain vested interests: interests in polygamy and slave trade; the interests of those who have reserves of gold and own big businesses.

IT IS THIS CORRUPT CLASS which promulgated such false ‘LAWS’ in the name of ‘Islam’.”The true Islamic ideal of love, equality and justice, is the founding idea of Direct Democracy (or rule of the masses without any mediation. It is the basis of a system called Divine Law [shariah]-All traditional Systems of hierarchical authority, reject Divine Authority, and therfore do not possess Divine sanction. The direct rule of the masses (JAMAHIRIYA) is a sacred trust.

It is God’s rule through his human creation. It stands by God’s absolute Sovereignty. Muhammed was a Prophet—not a King—He did not therefore appoint a successor. Jesus was a King, and looked upon Simon, asking “Who do you say I AM?”

  Ex-número dois de Kadafi apela à tribo do coronel para que renegue "tirano"



Mohammed A Sadi writes: Muammar has opened the gates! You do not realize it yet, but he has opened the gates!!! The blood of the Libyan martyrs, has opened the gates to the new, united North Africa. Just step through!! The secret powers, whether they be Zionists, secret families, or secret societies, have released the energy that will now consume them. They released this energy when they attacked Libya. That was the beginning of their end. But NOT without YOUR effort, Oh sons and daughters of the Sahara! It’s no longer about Libya.

It’s about ALL OF NORTH AFRICA AND THE ISLAMIC CALIPHATE . That is the battlefield now, not just Libya. Wake up, oh youth, and REALIZE it! Wake up, oh Youth, and fight for North Africa! And the vision of the commander corneal Mummar Gaddafi his vision was to unify Africa then unify the Arabs THEN EVENTUALLY THE ISLAMIC CALIPHATE AS ALLAH SWT DECLARED THE LORD OF ALL THE WORLDS. God bless you are my leader as well The Messenger of God said: “At the end of the time of my ummah, the Mahdi will appear. God will grant him rain, the earth will bring forth its fruits, he will give a lot of money, cattle will increase and the ummah will become great.

[The Great Man-made River projet–the desert of Bengazi blooms] / The AFRICAN DINAR/ AFRICAN BANK Farmland is made available:   The Great Man-Made River becomes a Reality!  

A typical modernist in his views on the Mahdi, Abul Ala Maududi (1903–1979), the Pakistani Islamic revivalist, stated that the Mahdi will be a modern Islamic reformer/statesman, who will unite the Ummah and revolutionise the world according to the ideology of Islam, but will never claim to be the Mahdi, instead receiving posthumous recognition as such.

Umm Salama said: His [the Mahdi’s] aim is to establish a moral system from which all superstitious faiths have been eliminated. In the same way that students enter Islam, so unbelievers will come to believe. When the Mahdi appears, God will cause such power of vision and hearing to be manifested in believers that the Mahdi will call to the whole world from where he is, with no postman involved, and they will hear and even see him. [describes INTERNET, RADIO COMMUNICATIONS AND TV:

al-Qathafi made the AFRICAN TELICOM possible] The JAMAHIRIYA– The Third Universal Theory (GREEN BOOK)


http://www.algaddafi.org http://africaindependence.com/RCMLibya_rcmlibyaOrg.aspx

Muhammad al-Baqir, the Fourth (Isma’ili) or Fifth (Twelver) Imam said of the Mahdi:

The Master of the Command was named as the Mahdi because he will dig out the Torah and other heavenly books from the cave in Antioch. He will judge among the people of the Torah according to the Torah; among the people of the Gospel according to the Gospel; among the people of the Psalms in accordance with the Psalms; among the people of the Qur’an in accordance with the Qur’an.

[Read how Muammar describes a Muslim in this speech which Mirella Bianci gives us here.]

I heard the Messenger of God say: “The Mahdi is of my lineage and family […]”.

[GADHAIFI family is of the lineage of Muhammed]

Abu Sa`id al-Khudri said: The Messenger of God said: “He is one of us […]”   The Messenger of God said: “The Mahdi is of my lineage, with a high forehead and a long, thin, nose. He will fill the earth with fairness and justice as it was filled with oppression and injustice, Abu Dawud also reported a hadith about the Mahdi that Muhammed said:

The Mahdi will be of my stock, and will have a broad forehead, a prominent nose. He will fill the earth with equity and justice as it was filled with oppression and tyranny, Ali Ibn Abi Talib quoted Muhammad as saying: The Mahdi is one of us, the clan of the Prophet. T

he Messenger of God said: “At the end of the time of my ummah, the Mahdi will appear. God will grant him rain, the earth will bring forth its fruits, he will give a lot of money, cattle will increase and the ummah will become great.

Muhammad said: The Mahdi is the protector of the knowledge, the heir to the knowledge of all the prophets, and is aware of all things. The dominion (authority) of the Mahdi is one of the proofs that God has created all things; these are so numerous that his [the Mahdi’s] proofs will overcome (will be influential, will be dominant) everyone and nobody will have any counter-proposition against him. People will flee from him [the Mahdi] as sheep flee from the shepherd. Later, people will begin to look for a purifier. But since they can find none to help them but him, they will begin to run to him When matters are entrusted to competent [the Mahdi], Almighty God will raise the lowest part of the world for him, and lower the highest places. So much that he will see the whole world as if in the palm of his hand. Which of you cannot see even a single hair in the palm of his hand? In the time of the Mahdi, a Muslim in the East will be able to see his Muslim brother in the West, and he in the West will see him in the East. [Internet & TV] Ja’far al-Sadiq, the Sixth Imam, made the following prophecies:

Abu Bashir says: When I asked Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq, “O son of the Messenger of God! Who is the Mahdi (qa’im) of your clan (ahl al-bayt)?”, he replied: “The Mahdi will conquer the world; at that time the world will be illuminated by the light of God, and everywere in which those other than God are worshipped will become places where God is worshiped; and even if the polytheists do not wish it, the only faith on that day will be the religion of God. Sadir al-Sayrafi says: I heard from Imam Abu Abdullah Ja’far al-Sadiq that: Our modest Imam, to whom this occultation belongs [the Mahdi], who is deprived of and denied his rights, will move among them and wander through their markets and walk where they walk, but they will not recognize him.

[ Abu Bashir says: I heard Imam Muhammad al-Baqr say: “He said: When the Mahdi appears he will follow in the path of the Messenger of God. Only he [the Mahdi] can explain the works of the Messenger of God. In their book, Al Mahdi and the End of Time, Muhammad ibn Izzat and Muhammad Arif, two well-known Egyptian authors, identify the Mahdi in the Book of Revelation, quoting the hadith narrator Ka’ab al-Ahbar. In one place, they write, “I find the Mahdi recorded in the books of the Prophets… For instance, the Book of Revelation says: “And I saw and behold a white horse. He that sat on him […] went forth conquering and to conquer.” Ibn Izzat and Arif then go on to say: “It is clear that this man is the Mahdi who will ride the white horse and judge by the Qur’an (with justice) and with whom will be men with marks of prostration (zabiba) on their foreheads.”


al-Qathafi created the Society of a JAMAHIRIYA based solely on the Quaran and God is the utimate law–not man, within it. T

The NWO/Zionists have thought to destroy the Jamahiriya–only thing they succeeded in was making GREEN a world wide desire.

Nowhere does it say that the Mahdi will be young when this occurs. In 1969 indeed Muammar Qathafi was a very young genius–and even 1977 when the JAMAHIRIYA was put into effect, he was young… We can see that Muammar has God upon his shoulders. He was NOT KILLED.

He will return the Jamahiriya back this very year; and through the Third Universal Theory will save this world. He is holy and pure–despite the lying MSM and Hillary Clinton.


That is why Muammar rejects using the Hadith as authoratative! Too many man made additions

(Muammar calls “barnacles” –like the animals that attach themselves to the bottom of a ship’s hull.). Ofcourse Muammar HAS NOT proclaimed himself MAHDI…

No one expects him too….

Who else loved God so much that he dreamed-up a Jamahiriya ( a nation based wholly upon Sacred Scripture) and made it a living realty (before NATO moved in and destroyed it)? Who else watered the desert and made Bengazi bloom…and crops be planted even in the far South?

Who else brought the Internet and tele-communications to the furthest outreaches beyond the Sahel and also the sub-Sahara? Who else brought education, up-to the highest levels, to everyone willing to learn?

Who else built a magnificent mosque in Uganda (when everyone else who tried failed) ? Who else refused the passes of beautiful women, preferring his lawful wife? Who else banned bars and brothels and pornography, when others were making billions on smut?

Who else helped film the story of both The Prophet and the life of Omar Mucktar (when no other person would dare to finance such a project under immense threat) ? Who else has won the hearts of millions all over the world? Now–who else will end the curse of NATO, The American Empire and the New World Order?

WHO, else other than Muammar al-Qathafi ! Who else dared (and openly proclaimed) to clean-up Islam from the “barnicles that corroded it” by the past Ulaam who created an endless Hadath & the present bearded extremists who honor only selfishness greed and material wealth and glory, instead of humility and love for all creation! Who dared to profess his love for Jesus and his Christian brothers (while yet being bombarded from those of Western Civilisation who claimed Jesus falsely as their own) ?

What other leader would tour Europe, Africa and the world, pay his own expenses for his visits (not leaving the burden on the nations visited–or coming to visit him) and then lead the Muslims throughout the world in Universal Prayer as an IMAM ? Who else would openly proclaim that he was a Reformer (MUJJADID) without fear of reprisal by the various factions and entities of the established Islamic world?—only one man: Muammar al-Qathafi !

BTW: No one could get an abortion under the JAMAHIRIYA or have his life terminated just because someone or themselves thought their life was useless or too painful. Health care was without bounds or restrictions. newly weds were given € 50 000 to begin family life. (In fact women were given money of more than € 5 000 per child newborn–no limit as to how many children!.) al-Qathafi was also against Capital punishment, and all weapons of mass destruction. He also espoused mercy and amnesty to those who truly repent, lay down their weapons, go home, and promise never to go up against the Jamahiriya ever again….do I need to go on?

How much more “pro-life” than al-Qathafi can one be? Al-Qathafi loved life so much that beyond having 8 natural children, he adopted 2 more. He had great asparations for all the people of his Jamahiriya; and had hopes for even a greater future, not only for Libya, but all of Africa and the entire world—having also a huge foreign labor population within the Jamahiriya-–(-ofcourse ONLY until NATO DESTROYED all those accomplishments and opportunities)!

For Arab unity, and of course you are fully aware of and actually Arefh Libyan revolution has meant one of its objectives is to achieve Arab unity and Arab Haeven means necessary to unite, the only nation without Default unit is the Arab nation. Persians, Arabs mean their neighbors who are the State of Iran, Arab neighbors, the Turks have the state who are the Turkey: The Arabs are the only state without the means Old Mtozein 20 countries, all nationalities, but embodied in the State of Arab nationalism, embodied in what state to be dispersed across 20 countries, and these states Arab countries that we call the Arab states Delirious dwarf cardboard, paper is not worth anything. is a family fiefdoms. This logical colonization colonized Osma deployed on a number of royal families, and every Arab country is now very weak state, all Arabs were hardly state, even after they are needy state belong to either space space space Asian or African. I mean for example, Turkey and the Arab state one and Iran may Hama Description Hama is the Union like the European Union because the European Union is composed of countries with nationalities and languages, and formed one union even here the national Turanian and Arab nationalism and national Persian and Turkish language and Arabic language and language Persian may in the future, or better Hama is means the world Hiverd them Hama they were Confederation of one or treaty or one single market, let alone the Arabs in themselves what they are any entity that is important even if united??? what alone the Arab countries dwarf Delirious, delirious states, paper means Delirious pawns chess play with other players … Of course I am still at work and my conviction that the Arabs to unite in one state if you can, but like we said they were dominated by Arabs and reactionary forces failed for a long time client and I mean so far, from time Hakma reactionary forces and created a client failed states now .. . their fate by a question mark … Thanks (Win O going anywhere

Pour l’unité arabe, bien sûr, vous êtes pleinement conscient de et Arefh fait la révolution libyenne a signifié l’un de ses objectifs est de réaliser l’unité arabe et arabo Haeven moyens nécessaires s’unissent, la Default seule nation sans l’unité est la nation arabe. signifie voisins Perses arabes ont l’État qui sont l’Iran, les Turcs voisins arabes ont l’État qui sont la Turquie: seulement les Arabes sont le Vieux sans état signifie Mtozein 20 pays, tous les groupes ethniques reflétés dans l’état, mais le nationalisme arabe Qu’est-ce incarné dans l’état d’être répartis entre 20 pays, et ceux-ci en arabe affirme que nous appelons les pays arabes Delirious bande dessinée Etats papier nain ne vaut rien . est une famille fiefs. la colonisation ont colonisé ce Osma logique déployée sur un certain nombre de familles royales, et tous les pays arabes est désormais l’Etat est très faible Arabes sont tous à peine comme l’état, de sorte qu’ils encore le pays dans le besoin appartiennent à l’espace soit de l’espace africain ou dans l’espace AFC. dire par exemple, la Turquie et l’Etat arabe une seule et l’Iran peut Hama Description de Hama est l’Union comme l’Union européenne parce que l’Union européenne est composée de pays avec des nationalités et des langues, et ont formé un syndicat, même ici le touranien nationale et le nationalisme pan-arabe et le persan et la langue de turc et l’arabe et le persan peut à l’avenir, ou mieux Hama est signifie que le monde Hiverd les Hama ils étaient Confédération d’un traité ou d’un marché unique, et encore moins les Arabes eux-mêmes ce qu’ils sont toute entité qui est important, même s’ils sont unis?? ce qui seul les pays arabes éclipsent Delirious, délirant mini-Etats de papier signifie Delirious jeu d’échecs pions avec d’autres joueurs … bien sûr, je suis encore au travail et ma conviction que les Arabes à s’unir dans un état si vous le pouvez, mais comme nous l’avons dit, ils ont été dominés par les Arabes et les forces réactionnaires a échoué pour un client depuis longtemps et que je veux dire à ce jour, de temps Hakma forces réactionnaires et a créé un client a échoué États maintenant … leur sort est marqué Astvh Umm … Merci (Win va partout où vous les Arabes????????????
سلسلة المتحــــــــــ(31)ــــــــــدي بالنسبة للوحدة العربية طبعا انت واعية تماما و عارفة فعلا ان الثورة الليبية قامت يعني احد اهدافها هو تحقيق الوحدة العربيّة و العرب شايفين يعني لازم يتوحدوا،الامة الوحيدة الّلي بدون وحدة هي الامّة العربيّة. يعني الفرس جيران العرب عندهم دولة اللي هي ايران،الاتراك جيران العرب عندهم دولة اللي هي تركيا:العرب فقط هم اللي بدون دولة يعني متوزعين على 20 دولة،كل القوميّات متجسّدة في دولة الاّ القوميّة العربيّة ماهي متجسّدة في دولة متوزّعة على 20 دولة و هذه الدويلات العربيّة الّتي نسمّيها دول عربيّة هاذي دويلات قزميّة ورقيّة كرتونيّة لا تساوي شيئ.هي عبارة عن اقطاعيات عائليّة. الاستعمار استعمر هذه المنطقى ثما وزعها على عدد من العائلات المالكة و كل دولة عربيّة الان هي دولة ضعيفة جدّا فالعرب كلهم بالكاد يكونوا دولة،حتى هم بعد يكوّنوا دولة محتاجين ينتموا الى فضاء امّا الفضاء الافريقي او الفضاء الاسيوي. يعني مثلا تركيا و الدولة العربية الواحدة و ايران يجوز هاذا الوصف هاذا يكوّن اتّحاد مثل الاتحاد الاوروبي لاّن الاتحاد الاوروبي متكون من دول ذات قوميّات و لغات و كونوا اتحاد واحد فحتى هنا القومية الطورانية و القومية العربيّة و القوميّة الفارسيّة و لغة تركيّة و لغة عربيّة و لغة فارسيّة يجوز في المستقبل او من الافضل هاذا هو يعني العالم حيفرض عليهم هاذا انهم يكونوا كنفدراليّة واحدة او تعاهديّة واحدة او سوق واحد فما بالك العرب في ذاتهم ما يكونوا اي كيان مهم حتى لو اتّحدوا؟؟؟ما بالك الدول العربيّة القزميّة هاذي،هاذي دويلات ورقيّة يعني هاذي بيادق شطرنج يلعب بها اللاعبون الاخرون… انا طبعا مازلت عند قناعتي هذه و اعمل على توحيد العرب في دولة واحدة اذا استطعت و لكن مثل ما قلنا العرب تسيطر عليهم قوى فاشلة و رجعيّة و عميــــلة من زمـــــان يعني مش حتى الان،من زمان هاكذا القوى الرجعيّة و العميلة خلقت دويلات فاشلة الان…مصيرهم عليه علامة استفهـــــــــــــــــــــام…شكرا (ويـــــــــــن ماشيين يا عرب؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟) Durée : ‎3:33 https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=372393362802023

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  Muammar & SAFYA
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  with baby Muhammed            
04 April 1979, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was executed in Pakistan.We all remember about the impassioned speech at the Islamic Summit Conference held by Kadhafi
in 1974 in Lahore. It was said that he stole the show with his blunt speech in favor of Pakistan’s nuclear
programme (I think here that we will have time in the future to talk with more details about the role of
Kadhafi to help Pakistan in its nuclear’s programme. In fact I have read a book baout this matter). Kadhafi was a personal friend of the former Pakistani prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who renamed
the National Stadium Lahore as “Gaddafi Stadium”. Wikipedia describes it as “the largest field cricket
stadium in world with the capacity of 60,000 spectators”. Ironically now, even if he gets buried in an
unmarked grave as announced by the new regime in Libya, Gaddafi may still leave his name on the
largest field cricket stadium of the world.
MISRATA 07/09/1970

“Israel is a colonialist-imperialist phenomenon. There is no such thing as an Israeli people. Before 1948, world geography knew of no state such as Israel. Israel is the result of an invasion, of aggression.” Muammar al-Qathafi with Jacha Arafat:   

Al Gaddafi Speaks –

White Book (ISRATIN)



This White Book aims at the achievement of a just and equitable solution to the chronic so-called Middle East Question, and to rid the region of the disastrous effects of violence, war and destruction. In doing so, it presents the problem in a serious, objective and neutral manner. The Book compiles views and concepts previously put forward by Arabs and Jews alike, in addition to international plans and projects for its solution. They all support and vindicate the solution propounded in this work. No other concept will be able to resolve the problem.


This is the name recorded in the history and scriptures of the country. It derives from the name of its original inhabitants, the Philistines. The Old Testament books of Genesis, Deuteronomy and Joshua acknowledge that name for the land. The Old Testament, inter alia, records the names, of the Anaqites, the Rephaites, the Canaanites, the Jebusites, the Hittites and the Phoenicians. The Book of Exodus explicitly states, “When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them by way of the land of the Philistines”.

The name “ Palestine” persisted throughout the British Mandate. It is mentioned in the various projects and settlement plans proposed during that period. This fact is acknowledged even by the zealots of the Zionist Movement; for example, Samuel Katz, founder of the Herut Zionist movement and one of the leaders of the Etzel National Military Organization, who wrote, “All Zionist institutions in the world bore the name of Palestine”. His examples include: the Zionist ‘Anglo-Palestine’ Bank, the Jewish Foundation Fund, which was known as the Palestine Foundation Fund, and the Palestine Workers Fund, which was Jewish. He noted that, in the Diaspora, the songs about Palestine were Zionist anthems. He also noted that, as emigrants in foreign lands, they would celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles as the Feast of the Palestinian Tabernacles. He states the Palestine Post, which went under the name al-Barid al-Filistini, was a Zionist newspaper, the mouthpiece of the Zionist Federation. “The name of Palestine,” he wrote, “was only replaced after the establishment of what was called the State of Israel.”

He admits that the Hebrew language only came into use in Tiberius in the tenth century. Even President Roosevelt of the US, in a reply to Prince Abdallah of Jordan in March 1944, wrote “With regard to Palestine, I am pleased to communicate to you the assurances that the United States of America has no plan to take any decision to change the situation in Palestine without full consultation of Arabs and Jews.

Irrespective of the name, the history of Palestine fits the general pattern of other countries in the region. Like those countries, it is a country that was inhabited by different peoples. Dominance and political power changed hands repeatedly between many tribes, nations and ethnic groups, some of whom were immigrants and some of whom were invaders. Like other countries in the region, it has seen many wars and stood witness to waves of human immigration from all directions.

Therefore, from an historical perspective, no one has the right to claim ownership of it as their land. That would amount to no more than an unsubstantiated claim. If no one party can claim the right to one part of Palestine, neither can they lay just claim to any other part.

A State for the Jews:

The original idea of Theodore Hertzl was to establish Jewish state as a safe haven for the Jews. The immediate motive behind that idea lay in the persecution to which the Jews were subject, specifically in Europe, before Hitler’s time. Cyprus, Argentina, Uganda, Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Palestine and Sinai were suggested as locations for the establishment of the Jewish state proposed as a way to rid Europe of its Jews. Therefore, as this narrative confirms, Palestine was not necessarily or inevitably the national homeland of the Jews.

Balfour Declaration:

The real intent behind the Declaration was to rid Europe of Jews, rather than express sympathy for them.

The Persecution of the Jews:

The Jews are an unfortunate people. They have suffered greatly at the hands of governments, leaders and other peoples since ancient times. Why? Because this is the will of God, just as the Koran makes clear in the accounts of Egypt’s Pharaoh, and as the treatment meted out to them at the hands of the rulers of Babylon, the Roman emperors, from Titus to Hadrian, and the kings of England, such as Edward I, illustrates. The Jews have been banished, held captive, massacred, disadvantaged and persecuted in every possible fashion at the hands of the Egyptians, the Romans, the English, the Russians, the Babylonians, the Canaanites, and, more recently, at the hands of Hitler.

The Arabs and the Jews:

There is no enmity between Arabs and Jews. In fact, the Jews are Adnanite cousins to the Arabs on the father’s side, who was a descendant of Abraham, peace by upon him. When the Jews were persecuted, their Arab brothers invited them to live alongside them in the town of al-Medina. They even gave them the land of Wadi al-Qura, thus named in reference to the Jewish villages [Al. qura]. Following the emergence of Islam under the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, the Jews found the notion of a prophet from outside their number unpalatable so, they showed hostility towards him. Some attacks against them took place, just as there were attacks against those from the Quraish, who refused to accept Islam and against Arabs who initially accepted Islam but subsequently rejected it. The Jews, along with the Arabs, were expelled from Andalusia at the end of the 15th century. They all found refuge in the Arab countries. That is why there is a Jewish quarter in every Arab country. There, they lived in peace and friendship with their Arab brothers.

Proposed Solutions Based on the establishment of a Single State:

British Proposals:

A. Walkhope Plan

It was proposed by the British High Commissioner in Palestine at the beginning of the 1930s. It provided for the establishment of a Palestinian Legislative Council comprising 11 Muslim, 4 Christian and 7 Jewish members, in proportion to the demographic composition of Palestine at that time.

B. The Newcomb Plan:

i) Establishment of an independent sovereign Palestinian state.

ii) Broad sectarian freedom.

iii) Broad municipal freedom.

iv) Decentralization.

C. The British White Paper of 1939.

i) Independent federal Palestinian state.

ii) Consultative Council comprising Arabs and Jews.

iii) Executive Council comprising Arabs and Jews.

d) Lord Morrison’s Plan:

i) Central government.

ii) Four administrative areas: Arab area, Jewish area, Jerusalem and the Negev.

iii) Local government and Legislative Council for each area.

All these proposals were rejected for non-substantive reasons; for example, dissatisfaction with the size of the areas or towns awarded to one side, differences over the duration of the British mandate, or matters relating to the number of immigrants.

The Zionist Proposals:

1) The first proposal was made by the so-called ‘Peace Federation’, led by Rabbi Benjamin, who called for a bi-national state. The Jews were warned that the failure to accept a single bi-national state would not bring about peace for them. As they predicted, this is exactly what has happened.

2) The confederate or federal solution proposed by Meir Emmit, a prominent leader in the Zionist movement and the Haganah organization, who held a number of important and prominent military positions. He was also, among other things, a Knesset member and a cabinet minister.

He believes that a strategic concession on the occupied land, by which he naturally meant territory such as Sinai, the Golan, the West Bank and Gaza, would be tantamount to relinquishing tangible gains for which, according to him, there could be no compensation. Although Egypt had offered something in return, they were subject to sudden change. He discussed the feasibility of establishing a federal state giving the examples of the European Union; the United States of America, which, according to him, experienced 13 years of turmoil up to 1789; and Nigeria, a multi-denominational and multi-national state in his view. He wrote that the economic, military, geographical and historical considerations that underpin such a solution exist in Palestine.

He further noted that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state constituted a grave danger. In order to avert those dangers, a single federal state must be established. “The problem of Jerusalem,” he wrote, “can be simply resolved by making it the federal capital”.

3) Proposal of the German Zionists: The 12th Conference of the German Zionists (the Structuralist School), convened on 11 September 1921, adopted the concept of establishing a single state for both parties, and thereby “establishing a place in alliance with the Palestinian Arab people for our joint security in a developing state. The structure of the state shall guarantee the national development of each individual of our two peoples without interference or prejudice”.

Arab Proposals:

1. The First Proposal of King Abdallah:

i) One Kingdom.

ii) Administration selected by the Jews in areas inhabited by them.

iii) One Parliament, in which Jews were to be represented in proportion to their demographic share.

iv) Mixed Cabinet.

2. The Second Proposal of King Abdallah:

Partition of Palestine between Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, with the remainder left to the Jews.

3. The Proposal of Nuri Al-Said 1942:

i) One state.

ii) Jewish autonomy within this state.

All pre-1948 proposals called for a single state and some approached the Jews as the Palestinians are now treated, namely in terms of offering them autonomy and partition of land.

The failure to accept the notion of a single state is thus the historical mistake which lies behind today’s tragedy. A declaration establishing one state by one party for its own benefit is also a mistake. The concept of partition has proven its failure and will continue to do so.

Before 1948 the Jews were regarded in just the same manner as the Palestinians are regarded today. There were a minority in Palestine, fed illusions of self-rule at one moment, and autonomous Jewish areas at another. Palestinians were in the majority. That is why they rejected the well-known partition resolution of 1947. Following 1948 this situation was reversed. The Palestinians became the minority as a result of the 1948 and 1967 wars. The Jews became the majority within the area called Israel. Promises of self-rule, Arab areas and partition were made to the Arabs, just as they had previously been made to the Jews.

The definitive, historic solution is the one proposed in this, The White Book.

The purpose of this overview of the various proposals was to recall that the notion of a single state in Palestine has always been on the negotiating table. The rejection of that solution is the cause of the tragedy experienced by the region today. The alternative to the one state solution is what we see before us today.

The Two-State Solution, Risks and Misconceptions:

An Israeli scholar, a Brigadier who served as a military commander in the West Bank from 1974 to 1976, once said that it was not possible to accept the partition of Palestine or agree to foreign rule over Israel’s territory. He justified his refusal with the following facts, which, because of their critical nature, cannot be ignored:

The West Bank is 50 km wide. It a mountainous area, up to 1000 meters high. It overlooks Israel’s vital heartland — a coastal plain that is no more than 14-20 km in width. 67% of Israel’s population lives in this area. It is also home to 80% of Israel’s industries. The presence of another party in the West Bank poses a direct threat to the Israeli heartland. It cannot therefore be accepted.

Brigadier Mieer Bael is a dove, a member of the Zionist left and of the Peace Council. However, he states categorically: “We have a historical right to the West Bank. Many believe it to be ‘the heart of the Jewish nation’. Our right to retain it is sacredly ordained in the religious and historical duties and traditions, in which the people of Israel believe”.

The same argument for not conceding the West Bank on grounds of vital reasons of security is put forward by Arie Shalev, a scholar and Brigadier, “Were we to lose the West Bank,” he wrote, “Israel’s depth between Tulkarem and Netanya would be just 15 km and between Qalqiliyah and the Hertzelia coast just 14 km. Israel would thus be exposed due to a lack of strategic depth in the face of any threat. In the event of war breaking out in the West Bank, Israel would be divided into two or three parts if an Arab army manages to reach the coast”. He goes on to say: “Even without a war, Israel would remain under constant threat from the West Bank .The Israeli airspace would also be at the mercy of the West Bank”.

He said further: “To ensure Israel’s security, the West Bank must be divided into three defensive positions, namely the Jordan Valley, the foothills of the mountains of Samaria and the Judean desert, and the high peaks that link Jenin, Tobas, Nablus, the Lafuna heights, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Tikwa’. This is in addition to fixed lines of defense in the south of the Gaza Strip. Any separation area between the Palestinians and the Israelis would not be source of security for Israeli. In fact, it would constitute a constant security irritant”. However, he noted, “ Israel’s policies have poisoned the Zionist idea of transforming the country into a bi-national state”.

Professor Shalom Evener said, “The Israeli-Palestinian dispute differs from all the other disputes of the 19th and 20th centuries. Those disputes have been essentially border disputes, despite the fact that some of them lasted for over 100 years. The essence of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute differs from these, however. It is a struggle between two movements, each of which believes that the same territory belongs to it or constitutes part of its national homeland. Thus, the Palestinians believe that what is now called Israel forms part of their nation, even if they got the West Bank and Gaza. In the same way, the Jews believe that the West Bank is Judea and Samaria. They see it as a part of their homeland, even if a Palestinian state were established there.” He wrote of the West Bank, “For the Jews, it is their historical homeland, home of a glorious heritage and the land of salvation. For the Arabs, Professor Evneri continues, it is their land. They have ruled it as Arabs and Muslims since the 7th century. The majority of its inhabitants are Arab Muslims. It forms part of the greater Arab homeland, stretching from the Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, it is no different from Yemen or Iraq. He also notes that the Arabs call it Palestine or southern Syria. The Zionist Movement, by contrast, calls it the land of Israel. In such a situation, he writes, “One of the two movements must destroy the other, or a compromise must be reached. The compromise is the establishment of one state for all allowing each party to feel that they live in all the disputed land and that they are not deprived of any one part of it. Recognition of Palestinian self-determination means nothing more than the definition of the area of activity permitted them by Israel. He opposes this solution because, in his opinion, it is not a solution at all.

Professor Eveneri also writes, “I do not support the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, because it is not possible to separate one million Palestinians living east of the Jordan from their Palestinian identity. A Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip cannot resolve the problem of refugees, even those in Lebanon and Syria. Any situation which keeps the majority of Palestinians in refugee camps and does not offer an honorable solution within the historical borders of Israel/Palestine is no solution at all. The establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and was prepared to live in peace with Israel, even under a moderate leadership other than that of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), would not be a real solution, either. Such solution would not address the problem of refugees and repatriation, even if just to accommodate refugees from Lebanon in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The area is simply too small to absorb such numbers.

Yahu Shifat Herkabi, a Zionist strategist a scholar, a university lecturer who specializes in the Arab-Israeli dispute, and author of several books, writes, “Acceptance by the Palestinian Liberation Organization of a Palestinian state in the West Bank is nothing but a tactical step to settle its account with Israel. It will demand more. It will continue its struggle in order to achieve its further objectives. Acceptance of a state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip merely postpones the continuation of the struggle to a later stage.

“Demilitarized Zones are an experience that has failed abysmally. Control and sovereignty over them is dubious and diluted. As such, they are a cause of conflict not stability”.

“The establishment of an independent Palestinian state would also put an end to the Israeli dream of Greater Israel. It would also force the Palestinians to concede the rest of Palestine. This statelet would be vulnerable to increasing interference in its domestic affairs by both Jordan and Israel. This would inevitably lead to violent conflict.

Mati Steinberg, lecturer at the Hebrew University, writes, “Agreement to the transitional objective of the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank/Gaza Strip should not in any circumstance be interpreted as a concession that replaces of final objective That kind of settlement is nothing more than a brief stage in the framework of the conventional wisdom which remains unchanged. That Zionist lecturer fears that an agreement to the exercise of self-determination would also have to apply to the so-called Israeli Arabs and to the Palestinians in Jordan.

THE FUNDAMENTAL HISTORICAL SOLUTION “Isratine”: A Single State for Jews and Palestinians:


The return of Palestinian refugees and displaced persons wherever they are located if that is their so wish. It is not admissible that Jews, who were not originally inhabitants of Palestine, and whose ancestors were not originally inhabitants of the country, can be brought in from abroad, while Palestinians, who fled Palestine as refugees and displaced persons only a short time ago, following the 1948 war, are not accorded the same right. The Jews maintain that they did not expel the Palestinians. They say that the Palestinians believed the propaganda claims and fled their homes. It is sufficient to note that one of the most famous zealots, Samuel Katz, a member of the first Knesset, and leader of the Herut movement and the Etzel National Military Organization, cited the words of Glubb Pasha: “The Arab citizens were seized with terror and fled their villages without being exposed to any threat during the war”.

Katz suggests that this is how the lie arose that the Jews forcibly expelled the Arabs from their villages. He writes, “Correspondents who covered the 1948 war, most of whom were hostile to the Jews, spoke of the Arabs fleeing. But they did not say that their flight was forced. They did not even insinuate that”. That writer thus admits that an unusual phenomenon took place namely; that the inhabitants fled their homes. He also admits that it took place on a large scale. He further acknowledges that it was a mass flight of farmers, who are traditionally strongly attached to their land. He also states that “the men fled without defending their homes. This large-scale, collective mass flight of these Palestinians requires a logical explanation”. He also cites the words of the Times correspondent in Amman, who wrote that Syria, Lebanon, East Jordan and Iraq were ‘filled’ by those fleeing Israel and expressed surprise at how they fled, and why they did not remain or resist. Katz also quotes Emil al-Ghuri, Secretary to the Supreme Arab Authority, who addressed the political committee of the United Nations on 17 November 1960 in the following words: “It was the Zionist acts of terror, accompanied by mass killings that caused the mass exodus of the Arabs from Palestine. The propagation of these lies could have been nipped in the bud”.

The purpose of those extensive quotes is to emphasize two things. The first is to acknowledge that a mass exodus did take place. The second is to make clear that the reasons for the exodus lay in the propagation of frightening and false rumors about massacres that never in fact took place, in particular the infamous events reported to have occurred in the village of Deir Yassin.

These quotes, testimonies and the evidence they contain, are but a few of a vast body of knowledge about the subject. They are included in is this White Book, with the purpose of enabling us to benefit from them in our quest for a definitive solution, The testimonies of Zionist leaders, academics and neutral observers serve to establish the following:

First, that Palestinians inhabited this land and that they owned farms and homes there until 1948 and 1967.

Secondly, that they left this land in 1948, leaving their farms and homes, for fear of massacres, irrespective of whether these massacres actually happened or not.

Thirdly, that prominent leaders and academics in the Zionist movement, including individuals who participated in the 1948 conflict, testify that the Jews did not expel the Palestinians from Palestine, not from their farms, nor from their homes. In fact, the Palestinians believed the terrible rumors circulating and, terrified, left Palestine.

Fourthly, that those who left formed a large group, that the exodus was on a significant scale.

This is positive — it will assist us in solving the problem.

The Jews, therefore, do not hate the Palestinians. They do not want to expel the Palestinians from their land, Palestine. They did not decide to massacre them, as the rumors suggest. Even the massacre at Deir Yassin did not take place. In fact, it was the non-Palestinian Arabs who attacked Palestine and declared war on the Jews.

To find a solution to the problem, let us permit ourselves to believe all of the above and go back to square one, the point of origin, namely the return of Palestinians who left Palestine between 1948 and 1967. The Jews stress that they did not expel the Palestinians. They fled for the reasons outlined above. This, logically, means that not even the Jews, who have occupied their land, can object to Palestinians remaining there. This is the key to solving the problem, namely the return of Palestinian refugees to Palestine. This measure would have the effect of putting everything back in its proper place. It would be in implementation of the United Nations Resolution, issued on 11 December 1948. That resolution calls in paragraph 11 for the return of refugees. There can be no legitimate basis or legal right to any objection to that call.

In order to solve the problem, let us keep the lessons of history in mind. As we have seen, the Old Testament and the history of the area record, that Palestine saw successive transfer of numerous tribes and peoples. It was the object of a struggle for the whole of the land, not any one part. The Palestinians were the original inhabitants — the name Palestine derives from the Philistines — and the Jews and the Zionist Movement called the land Palestine up to 1948. And, as we identified earlier in this work, every Zionist movement, bank or Jewish institution bore the name ‘ Palestine’, a practice which, by their own testimony, continued until 1948.

As we have stated before, and as the history of the region makes clear, no one, therefore, has the right to claim for themselves the whole of Palestine or indeed the right to grant part of Palestine to someone else.

The Unavoidable Failure of Partition:

Two Neighboring States Living Side by Side:

1) First and foremost, these will not two neighboring states living side by side. They are intertwined, interlocking and cut across one another in terms of both demography and geography.

2) The width of the so-called state of Israel on establishment of another state in the West Bank would be a mere 14 km. The Israelis would never allow that to happen.

3) All the coastal cities would be at the mercy of field and medium range artillery from any point in the West Bank.

4) See the remarks made in the section entitled Two States: Risks and Misconceptions.

5) Any buffer zone would become a source of security irritation, not a source of security. It will be the object of a battle for control or advantage. In international history, buffer zones have traditionally been the cause of many wars and conflicts.

6) The Palestinians would not accept a statelet. They want a state, one that is armed to defend itself. It would have the right to arm itself to the same level as neighboring states. This is a natural and legitimate right, to which no one can object.

7) The area in its entirety, from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean, is in no way large enough for two states.

8) The West Bank and the Gaza Strip are not large enough to accommodate refugees, least of all those in Lebanon and Syria, not to mention those spread across other areas of the world.

9) There is the problem of those recently displaced. Where would they go? The West Bank and Gaza Strip are not the land of those displaced from other areas.

10) The so-called state of Israel is not large enough to admit new immigrants.

11) Assimilation exists already and could become a model for the two parties to assimilate in a single state. At present, such assimilation as there is constitutes the foundations on which a single state could be built.

There are one million Palestinians in the so-called state of Israel. They possess Israeli nationality and take part in political life with the Jews. They form their own political parties. Their number will increase from one million to several millions with the passage of time. The same applies to the so-called Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. If the Jews living therein currently total some hundreds of thousands, they will grow to become a million and more with the passage of time. The creation of the so-called state of Israel in 1948 is not just a state for the Jews. There are also Christians and Orthodox Jews, Muslims and Druze Muslims, Arabs and Israelis, the Falasha and others.

12) The existence of each party depends on the other. Israeli factories rely on Palestinian labor. Goods and services are exchanged between the parties.

13) The well-known Zionist Mieer Bael, whose views were cited earlier, reiterates the point: “Each year the two groups [i.e. the Palestinians and the Jews] integrate more and more .On one side, this integration is achieved by means of Jewish settlement in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; on the other, according to Bael, integration is driven further by the massive expansion in Arab labor in all areas of Israel.

In every building that is put up, in every field that is sown, in every factory requiring workers, in every hotel, restaurant and municipal cleaning service, and in every public utility tens of thousand of Palestinians from all areas of the country work on a daily basis. Young Palestinian men from Nablus, Gaza, Tiba, Galilee and Hebron work there.

Given this state of affairs, it would simply be unfeasible and impractical to partition Palestine into two states. Under partition there would not be a state called Israel, nor would there be a state called Palestine. Those who call for the partition of Palestine into two states are thus either ignorant of the nature of the region and of its demography, or they want to rid themselves of the problem and put it in the hands of the Jews and Palestinians. It may appear that we had thus solved the problem but in this instance we would be insincere: we would have done little more than laying the foundations for a new conflict.

Land of their Forefathers/The Promised Land:

The Palestinians view the coastal towns of Acre, Haifa or Jaffa and others as their towns, as the land of their forefathers, passed from generation to generation. It was only a short time ago that they actually lived there, and the evidence for this is that they are presently living in refugee camps. Where did the inhabitants of the camps of the West Bank and Gaza Strip come from? They are not from the West Bank or Gaza Strip, but fled there following the 1948 war.

These people will never accept anything less than the land of the forefathers, which they left in 1948. And what about the refugees who live in the camps of Lebanon and Syria? Where is their land, the land of their forefathers? What about the Palestinians of the Diaspora? In the case of the Jews, they believe that the West Bank is their sacred territory, if not the heart of the Jewish nation. They do not call it the West Bank, but Judea and Samaria. How can we possibly deprive a people of the land of their forefathers? How can we possibly deprive a people of a land they consider sacred?

Alov Harabin, a Zionist scholar, writes that the problem is that of a conflict between two peoples over their ownership of one piece of land. Chaim Weizmann said in his famous expression of the 1930s: “The problem is that both sides are in the right.”

How can we substitute one for the other? It simply is not possible. Nor would it be permissible to attempt to do so. The Jews, especially the religious among them, would not accept any substitute for land that is, in their beliefs, sacred, and the Palestinians, notably the hard-liners among them, will not accept any substitute for the land of their forefathers.

If two statelets are established, each party will continue the struggle against the other. The Palestinians will do so in order to live in the land of their forefathers, while the Jews will fight to live in the Promised Land.

The solution, then, lies in making use of the present set of circumstances and the historical reality of the situation alike. This should lead to the establishment of the state of “Isratine”, home to both Palestinians and Israelis. This would allow both to move and live wherever they will. He, who believes that the West Bank is his land, can live there or travel there as he wishes. He could even call it Judea and Samaria, should he so want. Likewise, if a Palestinian should want to live or travel within the coastal cities of Acre, Haifa, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Jadwal and the others, he could do so. This would put everything back the way it was. Thus, an end shall be put to the injustice and deprivation. There is no history of enmity between Jews and Arabs. The only hostility is the one that occurred between the Jews and Romans in earlier times and between Jews and Europeans more recently.

After a long history of discrimination and persecution at the hands of the Romans, the Kings of Europe, and following their expulsion from Andalusia, it was the Arabs who played host to the Jews, gave them succor and protected them.

Alov Herabin, the Zionist scholar cited above, writes The Palestinians say, ‘Why should it fall to us alone to pay the price for the persecution of the Jews in Europe?’ This goes to prove that the Palestinians never persecuted the Jews. The Jews say, ‘We did not expel the Palestinians’ and ‘It was the non-Palestinian Arabs who declared war against us in 1948’.

This constitutes positive evidence, which can certainly be employed in the interests of the solution by establishment of a state that integrates the two parties.

Alov adds, “The encounter of Israelis and Palestinians is the encounter of two peoples who have lived cruel and painful tragedies whilst others pretended not to notice”. He adds further, after laying the blame with the Palestinians for rejecting the Jews after they were despised in Europe, “Undoubtedly the Palestinians have their reasons for this attitude. When have we ever heard of a people opening their doors to welcome another people, and giving up, of its own volition, some of its land to enable another people to establish their own entity?” Alov is referring to the response of the Palestinian people in the face of Jewish immigration to Palestine, Jews who did not know Palestine, when other territories, such as Uganda and Argentina, were potential candidates.


1) The land area is too narrow to accommodate two states living side by side.

2) Two states would come into conflict, because the land of each, they believe, forms part of the land of the other, and each statelet would feel threatened by the other party.

3) Neither could absorb Jewish immigrants and Palestinian refugees.

4) Each party has settlements on the land of the other. At least one million Palestinians live in the so-called State of Israel and about half a million Israelis, at least, currently live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Other sects include the Druze, Catholics, Christians and Muslims. The area provides a model for integration and co-existence.

5) The workers in Israeli factories are Palestinians.

6) Mutual reliance, if not integration, in respect of goods and services.


1) Return of Palestinian refugees and displaced persons to their homes.

2) A single state. Lebanon serves as a good example.

3) Free elections under UN supervision on the first and second occasions.

4) Removal of Weapons of Mass Destruction from the new state and, if any, from the Middle East.

5) Conflict in the Middle East would then end. The new state would be like Lebanon. It would receive recognition and could even accede to the Arab League.

There may some objections to the name. Such superficial objections would be unhelpful, and even harmful. Proponents of such objections make them on the basis of irrational and emotional considerations. We have to make a judgment call between Jewish security, with Jews living in peace with Palestinians in a single integrated state; or retention of the name, thereby sacrificing Jewish security and peace in the Middle East and the whole world.

We should not listen to the voices of the old guard or to the World War II mentality. Instead we should listen to the voice of the young, the generation of globalization, the generation of the future.

It is the old mentality that stands behind the present tragedy.

An exclusively state would undoubtedly be exposed to the Arab and Islamic threat. An integrated state comprising Muslims and Jews, Arabs and Israelis would never live under the threat of an Arab or Muslim attack.

Since 1967, the situation has been that of a de facto single Isratinian (Israeli-Palestinian) state. Even the attacks by the guerrillas “Fedayeen” were mounted from outside the borders of that state.

The present attacks by the guerrillas “Fedayeen” are not mounted by the Arabs of 1948, as they are called, but by Palestinians who are not counted among the so-called Israeli Arabs. This is a clear example of the success of a single integrated state — Isratine.

Source: www.AlGaddafi.org

Gaddafi`s call for a Free Palestine on February 13, 2011

Posted: 2012/04/17 From: Source     http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=630229
Gaddafi prays during a ceremony marking the birth of Prophet Mohammad in Tripoli on 13 February 2011
(click for full size image)A reminder: just a few days before the launch of the Zionist-sponsored conspiracy against the Libyan Jamahiriya, on the occasion of the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Muammar Qaddafi once again repeated his call for a free Isratine:“Fleets of boats should take Palestinians. They should wait by the Palestinian shores until the problem is resolved,” said Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi on February 13, 2011 – just a few days before Al Qaeda gangs from Benghazi called for a “Day of Rage”, which turned out to be a planned Western aggression against Gaddafi and the Libyan people.“We need to create a problem for the world. This is not a declaration of war. This is a call for peace,” Gaddafi said in a TV speech given to mark the birthday of the Prophet Mohammad, calling Arab states which have relations with Israel “cowardly regimes”.Gaddafi also issued a call to Muslim countries to join forces against Western powers. He said the world was divided into white, denoting the United States, Europe and their allies; and green for the Muslim world.“The white colour has decided to get rid of the green colour,” Gaddafi said. “These countries should be united against the white colour because all of these white countries are the enemies of Islam.”He said violent acts committed by Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network went against Islam because they killed innocent people. But he also stated there was a political explanation for the emergence of militant Islamists.“Why did this movement emerge? Regardless of its behaviour, in my analysis this movement appeared in response to the American arrogance towards the Islamic nation and in response to its hegemony of the Islamic world,” Gaddafi said. “It was a response to the submission of rulers in the Islamic world, the subservience of rulers in the Islamic world to this arrogance from Europe and the United States.”Gaddafi is respected in many parts of the world for his uncompromising criticism of Israel and Arab leaders who have dealings with the Jewish state.

  Muammar and his Hanna:

SAIF The Making of the JAMAHIRIYA 1977:  Castro invited to opening of Jamahiriya: NEDTUR. Abdel Salam Jalloud (til højre) var inde i varmen i 1977, hvor den daværende premierminister overværer en af Moamar Gaddafis taler. Siden blev han frosset ud og frataget sit pas. – AP   ديان Malićanin مشاهدة هذا الفيديو هنا يظهر سيف وهو يضع ضمادة على الصورة اليسرى في ruci.Na تعليقه ضمادات ruka.Zna أي شخص الحق ما هو عليه كل شيء؟ الصور الأخرى تظهر حقه! نحن الآن ندرك أن كل سيف وكان كل جانب Zentani طوعا. يعتقد انه اصدر تعليمات وتدريب الأخضر Zentan لواء، والذي يقود. اتخذت Zentani رعاية جيدة لسيف. سيف يريد أن يجعل في نهاية المطاف الجبال Narfusa له permanet المنزل. وZentan ذوي القربى الدم الى قبيلة القذافى. ويقال أيضا انه تم تبنى الآن لامرأة Zentan. Dejan Malićanin Watch this video here showing Saif with a bandage on the left picture in a comment ruci.Na his bandaged right ruka.Zna anyone what it is all about? The other pictures show his right! We all now realise that Saif has all along been with the Zentani voluntarily. It is thought he has instructed and trained a green Zentan Brigade, which he commands. The Zentani have taken good care of Saif. Saif wants to eventually make the Narfusa mountains his permanet home. The Zentan are blood kin to the al-Qathafi tribe. It is also said he is espoused now to a Zentan woman. الآن بعد أن غاب القط “للخروج من الحقيبة” (حرفيا)، فإنه لا يعني شيئا، لأن سيف آمنة (نأمل في النيجر) وجميع الخطط معمر هم في موقف ونحن على استعداد لصافرة! Now that the cat is “out of the bag” (LITERALLY), it means nothing, because Saif is safe (hopefully in Niger) & all Muammar’s plans are in position and are ready for the whistle! NATO bombed the Zentan in Tripoli because they would not give up the airport to the TNC  -20 APRIL 2012 27 JULY 2011 al-Qathafi speaks in Zentan: Récente lettre à la direction de la résistance des Alzentan Recent communique from the al-Zentan Resistance: Maj. Gen. Assad news from 14 DEC. 2011: Zintan Tribe is currently fighting Belhadj brigades and also against North Misrata brigades and also fought NTC Hefter brigade.

(1) Saif Al Islam received Touareg visitors at his place of detention in the mountain town of Zentan, he is still kept in the villa with guards, his condition has improved after going through a process of surgery, he is amongst the tribe of Zentan, some are good, and others not. Zentan they are people in the mountains, Zentan tribe is related to Ban Walid and to Gadhadffa tribe, they are the tribe of the leader Moammar Gadhaffi, a mixture of Africans, Arabs and Jewish, they are very strong and tough, rest of the rats (rebels) fear them and their real orientations will be clear to everyone latter. This group has many great elements as well as good people, but also gangs walk freely amongst Zentan people, making them very unpredictable.

The NARFUSA WESTERN MOUNTAINS and Zentani air/song: 17 DECEMBER 2011: “Green Resistance from the South has supplied units of Zintan brigades that are friendly with ammunintion after Zintan made clear they were having shortages of ammunition, militias are attacking each other in attempts to regain more ammunition and territory. Green army also continues to supply Tarhouna green resistance to fight North Misrata brigades. There are no specific demands by Zentan from Saif Al Islam, not to mistake issues of security, Saif has been treated very well by the Zentan brigades, he had surgery on his hand, he is recovering, Saif is not on handcuffs, he is allowed to go in and out with guards wherever, whenever he wants to within Zentan, he cannot leave and get out of the Zentan territory, there are no symbols of abuse and torture with Saif, he seems remarkable well and improved. Qatar TV  & Aljazeera has been insulting Zintan brigades, naming them Gadhaffi goons, this is major shift from Qatar against Zintan. Dr. Hanza Thomani has asked us to stop considering the Zentan as enemies. They are Libyans supporting the Green Resistance, and they are not our enemies! ” Anonymous wrote on 12Feb 2012 03:38 AM: Zentan people are clever!… They help fighting on side of Green Resistance. Geno wrote on 12 Feb 2012 08:24 AM “The Zentan were divided in joining with Nato‘s mercianary forces from the beginning. Most of the Zentan Elders never agreed to join the so-called “revolution”. However, because of the overwhelming force of media manipulation, they were not able to unite the Zentan to oppose the assault against the Jamahiriya. Many of the younger officers betrayed both the Elders and the Jamahiriya early in the war. Many of them too believed the lies of Nato and the UN. Now however, the fog of war is lifting, and most now realize their mistakes. However, as with any group of people, be they a nation, a tribe or a sect, there are also traitors among them. Perhaps one true blessing for the people of Libya, Saif al Islam was apprehended by the Zentan, and with their tribes holding an historical ‘Tribal Code of Honor’ he was treated well and given the chance to speak his mind. The truths he brought forth about the nature of the Jamahiriya‘s struggles has found an open ear with the Zentan Elders and the people they advise and lead within the tribe. With each passing day the lies of the international press and their rats in the NTC become more obvious, as does the truth of the words of Saif. Libya’s only hope, as Saadi Qadaffi has stated, is for the Tribal Elders from all the various groups in Libya to come together to end this foreign instigated madness. That day is coming, but its’ only means of success is tribal unity…on that bright and glorious day, this evil will be defeated.” THE CREATION OF THE “RED-ARMY” PRO_RESISTANCE  ARMY OF ZENTAN: 29 NOV. 2011

(1) Full written on paper security guarantee from the Green army, that includes stopping of all attacks and imprisonment.
 (2) Economic security, allow the people of Zentan unfettered access to the South and open all doors and borders to Africa without hindrance.
(3) Issue Zentan with 5 to 10% of all the medium range to high ranking posts in the 8998 global military board of the Green army.
 (4) Equal access of 5 to 10% of all green capital, liquidity, including national savings, global savings, resource bank, gold bank, agriculture bank, worldwide tribal federation banks, communication systems and technical support.
(5) Security material pact (2), transfer of 5 to 10% Southern green missile and ballistic base to Zentan, including desert cruisers, jets, migs, helicopters and fighter planes, 2 million space based air, surface and ground missile units.
(6) Academic exchange for people of Zentan and Zentan children, include Zentan children access to all priveleges awarded to the children of green people, education abroad with pay, allowances, medical care, transportation and passport.
(7) Collective security for all people of Zentan, issue natives of Zentan green passports in times of war and peace.
(8) Zentan needs 20 air medical ambulance and 100 land mine heavy duty mine clearing vehicles and machines.
(9) Freedom of sky travel agreement, landing rights for Zentan airplanes and the modernization of Zentan transport planes, civilian, military and cargo.
 (10) Complete green funded hospital and new airport.
(11) Zentan be awarded the Abrahamic and Jacobean code of conduct, trust, honor and the law of humanity in applicable to all the green charter.
(12) Ceasation of hostility with Zentan, removal of all proxy green army units in Zentan territory, open the border to Tunisia and Algeria.
(13) Military and Civilian technology pacts.
(14) Tribal federation pacts.
(15) Higher stake in the energy bank, not to exceed 10% of all national income and green budget.
(16) Repair of damaged Zentan infrastructure to green levels and capacity.
(17) Treatment of Zentan as real national army, not as a proxy army.
(18) 100 billion dollars not enough compared to the worldwide secret treasure of green army and Gadhaffi clan, the whole wide world is aware of this fact, why do you think Qatar is in Libya, not Somalia, not Sudan, don’t they all need democracy?
(19) Zentan must be updated every 30 days.
 (20) Emissary from the green army.
(21) Setting of a green councilorship in Zentan based on tribal federation and green alliance federation, not treat Zentan based on NATO, American or the European code of conduct.
(22) Truth and Reconcilliation committee with competent national dialogue.
(23) Every day supply of 250 000 gallons of gas and jet fuel.
(24) Authorize every green support base to see Zentan as friends, not enermy.
(25) Allow Zentan the honor to see Moammar Gadhaffi, he is some-where in Algeria, we know this business of military tricks, every war is based on giving the enermy wrong information, the Green army has national duty to meet it’s obligations to national unity in order to regain Zentan trust.
(26) Truth must be told, replace all proxy Green army with Zentan militia.

(27) Stop all executions of “the red army and red brigades of Zentan”, till a competent authority in place. Text from: http://libyasos.blogspot.com/ ____________________________ Zintan Commander Mokhtar AlAhdar (12000 men under his command) says he will run for office during the August  ‘elections’ ! –Brigadier Salim Alzentani accused Zuwara militias of bombing city of Jamil and hurting the people of Jamil because they stopped fighting on their part, but Zuwara militias continuing to bomb civilians, as it was mentioned by Alzentan/ According to Algeria ISP: Explosion rocked the city of Sabratha, Libya *** NTC/NATO and Berbers from Zuwara are comitting crimes against Rackdalin children,women & elders, and no one cares! Zuwara fighters are continuing a heavy shelling of residential areas in Jamilecity! Muammar never stopped fighting as commander and co-ordinator of the Green Resistance! Who else do you think was supplying the needs of the neglected peoples of Libya–with food, medicine, supplies and pure water. Muammar and the Green Resistance have also been repairing the Great Man Made River, and monitoring–making sure the water is safe to be consummed. They are watching for anything harmful to the populace–like gas leaks or traps and mines laid by NATO mercenaries. Muammar and the Green Resistance Army supplied Sahba alone with 435 truckloads od necessities… Surely you do not think that the TNC was helping the Libyan people in any manner!!!! TNC have done nothing but line their own pockets! It is Muammar co-ordinating resources and planning which has done and is doing all the assistance and help. He says there is more to the Resistance than just the fighting side. Muammar has also built an underwater prison 1500 km off the Libyan coast to interrogate rat mercenaries and guard important exchangable prisoners, etc. Yesterday (20 April 2012), the capital of Libya, Tripoli, was bombed by unidentified aircraft. Target only certain regions, but the anti-arms gave his answer. Near the interior ministry has been a conflict between the green warriors and rats, and in the region of El Hadaba Green Army is tasked to deliver 1200 supporters Jamahiriya, whose prison keeps Al Qaeda.

Jamile city today

People are saying that some jets were also departing from Misurata airport to bomb Rackdalin today.

Girl injured in the bombing of Jamile city in Libya / Source

Video of the fights // Zuwara, Rakdalin, Jamile https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=354437601258428 https://www.facebook.com/M.AlGadhafi.tabka.Alousoudou.ousoudan

Libyan Resistance News: NTC bombed cities in Libya today!

 Photos of injured in Jamal, Libya 
Injured in Jamile
Zuwara gangs shelled residential neighborhood in the Jamil, killing a woman & 2 young children Video:
It is real war now between Zuwara, Rackdaleen & Al-Jamile.
Even CNN is reporting,but not about air bombing
Factory randomly bombed in Rakdalin today / Source

17:00—Latest News> – 5 dead in Rkdalin. – The fall of the house on a nice family thanks to the bombing. Bomb killed the girl and the rest of the family is in the intensive care unit. – 10 other cases of Rkdalin in intensive care. – 40 wounded. – Dead in Rkdalin “Abu Qasim Yellow – Jamile Alqlana | Constant bombardment by Zuwara gangs continue. Video: Zuwara gangs bombed civilian houses in Jamil this morning! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=196731360443092 young childrenVideo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=196717220444506

*** URGENT: military aircraft bombed the cities Jamil and Zuwara today! NTC has been bombing cities around Libya today, and the world is SILENT!  *** Military jets bombing civilian districts in Ragdalin today!!Where is NATO to impose no-fly zone NOW? NEW LIBYAN GOVERNMENT IS BOMBING CIVILIANS IN RAKDALIN AND JAMIL! WHERE ARE HRW and Amnesty International HYPOCRITES NOW?? Dirty hypocrite scumbags!!!

NTC forces bomb Rackdalin
Injured in Jamile city hospital in Libya. Source: Nessbook

Injured in the Jamile city hospital

20:30—(Graphic images 18+) Photos of dead and wounded Zuwara fighters here

Dead Zuwara fighter
*** AlArabya Correspondent:
Arabic clashes between armed RATS rising in Zuwarah, Libya to 16 dead and 18 wounded.. (admin>
I think numbers are much higher than that, considering all the photos I saw of dead and injured) *** 
Names of the 31 person injured and killed today in Zuwara !!!
1- زياد عبدالرحمن الشلاكي . 2- باسل حافظ الإدريسي . 3- معاد عبدالعزيز القروي . الجرحى / 1- وليد صالح الهاميسي . 2- فيصل شعبان قرقب . 3- إسلام حاجى الإدريسي . 4- وليد عطوش بلوز . 5- أيوب غالي العمراني . 6- طارق الطاهر . 7- حسام المنصوري . 8- فراس عمر جبارة . 9- جابر سعود خمير . 10- السوداني السوداني . 11- عريبي توفيق دهان . 12- زكريا سليم كرشمان . 13- عيسى جرافة . 14- عمران البوسيفي . 15- فرج الطاهر التلوع . 16- محمد الهادي العزابي . 17- نوري عاشور المنصوري . 18- عادل فؤاد الإدريسي . 19- إيهاب مسعود الشلاكي . 20- أيهم كامل العزابي . 21- إيهاب أبوديب . 22- إدير أبوعجيلة العطوشي . 23- مازن إبراهيم الحجاجي . 24- مصطفى جرافة . 25- رفيق العطوشي . 26- ظريف الطاهر الإدريسي . 27- هيثم حسين الفنطازي . 28- شهاب أحمد الجياش . 29- نزار عاصم أبوديب . 30- نبيل أبوكراع . 31- زيدان عبدالرحمن دباب .
 Zuwara militia clashes with Jamil and Regdalin militias leading to at least 3 dead, over a dozen injured. RT@ahmabd55
13 APRIL 2012:
Leading military forces known in Sudan Alhqiik have made an intervention shortly on the Chamber of Libya’s Great (RADIO SHOW- PAL-TALK):
“We warn clients NATO to pull in and out of Libya because of all the African troops are ready to step in and liberate the people of Libya and taking revenge with our leader Gaddafi, the “father of Africans”.
Muammar al-Qathafi says,
“…. I would never allow Libya to be lost at the hands of foreigners and traitors. The Libyan Resistance is in full readiness with millions within Africa; so, we send-out the final call for all NATO Baggers: to get out of Libya before it is too late! O God, I have reached witness.”

Libya burning .. Heavy fighting in Tripoli and Benghazi and visitors

Tuesday, 03 April (April) 2012 


Skirmishes took place last night between the groups of dogs competing in the NATO area visitors western Libya, said his town was a local rat exposed to mortar attacks and fire anti-aircraft guns .. The clashes following the kidnapping of a group of dogs near Ajeelat NATO, and the capture of a members area on the arms shipment was on its way to one of the gangs of rats near the border with Tunisia

BRAVE TABOU FIGHTERS !! SABHA CLEAN OF RATS ! FIGHTING IS OUT OF CITY 30 KM – NOW Sebha under control of Tabou tribe fighters , they now fighting with Misurata rats and other gangs out of the city 30 KM . 

Freedom fighters in Libya | Mukhtar Green commander of Saraya rebels Alzentan announce through the
channel of Libya Liberals refusing to hand over the airport on time 5 th March and says he saw the
government are now in Libya is not an internal nor the Ministry of Defence can Nsmlha airport and
Natmanha it, and that there is a political game behind this, you will not recognize the airport but in
the presence of government Mentnkhbh!!
  • Saif was with Zintan ( I don’t know whether he was arrested or he came to them – said it Zintan), but Zintan cared to him, brought doctors from Ukraine, acquit him on December and later they protected him. Now is safe in Niger. You don’t worry about Saif.
  • Dr Chakir confirmed the Novemer 23 that Saif is with Zintan.

  • Adrian who told you that informations ? Saif is in Zentan.

  • Friends from Green Army told me that Saif is in Niger. Brothers of Zintan couldn’t longer provide him security and green soldiers carried him to Niger.
    NTC never had Saif – Zintan refused to transfer to NTC. Dr Hamza Touhami said that Saif is leader. He couldn’t be leader if he is in captivity.
    Saif was acquitted in December and later he was with Zentanvoluntarily.

  • Adrian Świątkiewicz : Of course main co-ordinating leader is still Muammar Gaddafi.

    ·  4
  • good favoure thanks

  • Sylvia Habib again:
  • I believe that Adrian is right—so do not believe the news that Saif is to handed over to the TNC.

A source at Mathaba has issued an eight point guidance regarding the issue of the status of Seif-Al-Islam Al-Qaddafi and the green movement Jamahiri an. Seif-al-Islam al-Qaddafi is not the leader of the resistance nor of the Libyan revolution. He is as every other Libyan citizen who should have his rights and freedoms guaranteed as per the Great Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, legislated by the People’s Conferences since 1988. His individual status does not affect the green Libyan resistance which is struggling to reinstate those rights and freedoms ..http://africaindependence.com/AljamahiriaComLatestLibyaNews2012.aspx
ABU DHABI : Arrival of Seif El Islam Kadhafi ,son of Lybian leader Moammar Khadafi with Abu Dhabi’s crown prince Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. June 2002 (Newscom TagID: sipaphotosthree069440) [Photo via Newscom] AAR/SIPA/Newsco
Saif Qaddafi with his exhibit influenced by his home environment at the first major UK exhibition of Libyan antiques and contemporary art in the Albert Memorial gardens, London – 23 JUL 2002
– 23 JUL 2002 = photo by Tony Kyriacou / Rex Features / picturedesk.com
Saif al Islam-diplomatic mission ! August 2000 Saif Kadhafi negociates with Philippine Muslim rebels to release the hostages of jolo island (Newscom TagID: sipaphotosthree069487) [Photo via Newscom] NEWS PLATZER/SIPA/Newscom
Saif al Islam with Jörg Haider an Austrian Politicer who has died in a car accident, and he was the best Freind of Saif
Libyan – NALOUT – AUGUST 18 2007: Saif-Ul Islam Muammar Kadhafi, chairman of the Kadhafi Foundation for Development and Baghdadi Mahmoudi attend the inauguration of the thermal station in Western Libya, on August 18, 2007 in Nalout, Libya. (Photo Panapress) – NALOUT – 18 AOUT: Seif-Ul Islam Mouammar Kadhafi, president de la Fondation Kadhafi de Developpement (FKD) et Baghdadi Mahmoudi, secretaire du comite populaire general assistent a l’inauguration de la centrale electrique de l’Ouest libyen. Nalout (300 Km Ouest de Tripoli), Libye, 18 aout 2007. (Photo Panapress)
FEARLESS KNIGHT AS ALWAYS ! SAIF AL ISLAM ! ORDER FROM PAKISTAN 2006! SOON -MEDALS FOR FEARLESS !!! Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz decorates Seif el-Islam with an order during their meeting in Tripoli, Libya, late Thursday, 18 May 2006. Aziz is on a official visit to Libya. EPA/SABRI ELMHEDWI
during a visit at the Libya cultural center in Bangkok, THAILAND-10/12/2007
S’abonner · 5 février

Word of a man after God`s heart: Psalm 18:2,3 The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, my strength, in whom I trust; my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Will Call upon the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and I shall be saved from mine enemies.

– Green Resistance calls on the beasts ”rebels” who will recover the bodies of the snipers who were located in buildings in Sidi El Masri. The Resistance fighters were able to identify and executed them on the spot.

– 12 Libyan civilians were killed in Taouerga after a long torture in the prisons that guard the barbarians of Misrata.

– In Tarhouna, confirmed reports say that the rebels have held a number of African laborers in an area of Tarhouna after Friday prayers to accuse them as mercenaries and they came to spread terror in Tarhouna.

– Tripoli: Clashes with heavy weapons are fired between Resistance fighters and theterrorists ”rebels” in Tripoli near the Interior Ministry. A rumor on the streets of Tripoli, comment on the presence of Seif Islam Gaddafi at the Academy of police officers in Tripoli The Kaci. (*** Its just a rumor)

– The media propaganda of the NTC-NATO transmitted in Tripoli said that the beasts”rebels” have been trained yesterday evening in Tripoli by simulating a fall of Tripoli. They placed several rebel groups in strategic corners of Tripoli to save the town quickly. (As if!!!!! they would save Tripoli!!! they would run for their lives these rats!!!! first they would try to steal what ever money they could get their hands on and then escape from any door, hole to get out of  Tripoli who gives a shit about Tripoli!!! if  they are not getting paid! these rats have no God, their God is money!) They deployed fighter jets that bombed an identified areas of Tripoli and antiaircraft weapons were used.

– Organizers of the Conference of the Federation of Barca (Cirineica) decided to resurrect the old constitution of 1951 and covered by Article 188 to justify the division by announcing that Tripoli and Benghazi are are the capitals of Libya.

– Green Resistance warns the population in the cities of Jamile and Ragdaline the danger of Zouara rebels who are preparing to attack the two cities to avenge the death of their commander Chalgem who was killed by Resistance Fighters.

– Twisted Logic of the United Nations to authorize the bombing of Libya, the problem of refugee cause and then use the UNHCR to address the crimes endorsed by their silence: Sirte about 20,000 residents remain displaced can not return home in a city that probably suffered more damage than any other in Libya last year. About 75,000 people remain displaced within Libya, most of Misrata and Sirte and city Nafousa Tawergha and mountains.  Source

– Some of the leaders of the beasts ’rebels’ displayed their cowardly betrayal of Alzentan to Libya to pledge allegiance to theEmir of Qatar, this pig was who ordered the assassination of Qaddafi in exchange for a large reward as confirmed by the Russian intelligence ….

source: http://www.alwatanvoice.com/arabic/news/2012/04/21/272077.html

– Uganda-Libya: The government of Uganda rejectedthe Green Ambassador of Libya from office and expelled him from the embassy. It is very sad, but obviously, this situation has been brewing for a long period of time. First, Uganda is a country ruled by a dictatorship under the control of the imperialists. A person does not have access to raw materials and natural resources, except for the energy that makes a very poor country. Industry of Uganda is very limited and relate to the era of the 1970s, the Ugandan president’s personality is at stake, the country is controlled by political decree, not by popular mandate. source: http://www.za-afriku.ru/?p=15691

– More news from Libya:

Moroccan discourse:

Collector Merket Alsqa – 15 April 2012

God is great above the plots of the aggressor:

Who is responsible for the attempted murder of Allowaar? (hidden camera)

Dr. Hamza Al-Tuhami:

Qatar ordered the intelligence delete it immediately

Dr. Hamza, 15.04 – the people with us …:

Dr. Hamza al-Mujahid Tuhami night in Paltalk:

Explosions in Tripoli

Source: ALGERIA ISP http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/22/libya-explosions-in-tripoli-april-22-2012/

Libya - Explosions in Tripoli (April 22, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, Tripoli, two loud explosionsrocked the area of road  International Airportfollowed by exchanges of fire with heavy artillery and small arms.

ALGERIA ISP / Haraka Elmokawama According toLibyaTripoli, on the road to International Airport,

the fighters  Resistance have killed a rebel who participated in the destruction of the city of  Sirte and Bani Walid.

In Zliten, 35 army officers of the battalion joined Jamahriya Aboubakr Younes Green Strength.

Khan al-Shaibani around midnight came to Paltalk Playing God, Libya, Muammar ou Bes – – http://www.paltalk.com/g2/group/1442873687

Signs of success and the help of Allah and victory:

Revolutionary songs:


Reg Zerv al-al-Hala al-Melazem Berkan – God is great … God is great above the plots of the aggressors and the commander and his men will respond to them and applaud ourfree songs and appreciate the pride and strength, and salute our flag and our songs are free on …:


Posted in the morning to greet the leader – Victoria in the morning of the inhabitants ofthe Great Jamahiriya … Good morning, free and fair Libya and worldwide. Peace be upon you and mercy of Allah and inshallah will wear our enemies, my children …


– Brigades of the Popular Resistance – Reg Zerv al-al-Hala – announced on the night: In the Name of Allah, the Merciful …Fight them with your hands and God will give you victory over them … We at Al-Hal Reg, run the impact and implementation of process 3 is set to hit targets and nuzho fellow citizens to follow the instructions above to save the life of the fight … for progress and the Revolutionary struggle continues.

– Tripoli – Day held a football match involving the club Al-Ahly and Egypt and the persistence of the young Salim Abu-green flags, stood up and sang revolutionary songs. Rat Haj Abdul Hakim visited the Faculty of Arts at the Souq al-Dzhummaa accompaniedby a band of traitors who do not know the name of honor and gave him the opportunity to lecture young people about the rule of Muammar Qaddafi, and the growth of weapons in Tripoli. PM clashes in al-Khadra al-Hella. Published a notice that a bunch of rats Soukal-Jumaa go under tomorrow, al-Dahr attempt to organize the capture of four armed men, and to warn and help them. For residents of Tajoura and Suq al-Jumaa, and areas of the capital late at night was aseparate warning equipment opubikovano Reg Zerv al-al-Hala about that impact theprocess has already begun and the three arms used by 14 and 23 and rats, too, shooting randomly and not knowing where to be and not involved, do not leave their homes. Wildlife and the legitimacy of Tripoli:

On the inventory of a rat entered into the Bab Azizia Hisham al-Zaidi:

– Tarragon – the day of the rats have complained that they were attacked and lost all weapons and ammunition, and nobody knows who they are for rats … Misrata will begin a major offensive in the Tarragon.

– Zohar – morning before the start of a major fire at a chemical plant in a day and only managed to put it out with the help of Adzhelat and announced that there are no victims, but the plant is completely destroyed.

– Sabha – the city intensely flying the aircraft. The bus stopped at Sebha to Tripoli on the road armed with rats and rats deprived of all drivers passazharov and all the money andgold. Many of the passengers and driver were carrying large sums of money for the purchase of goods in the capital and the treatment and travel abroad. Murzuk – or Dohlen ringleader Mohamed Aharmin rats.

– Cyrenaica – A gorged on a conference call and Barca Imamate it was not prominent representatives of many tribes: Zubair Ahmed Rat at the conference, announced the creation of the National Guard in the Imamate and the creation of an advisory body, and then the choice of political and executive, and called for the application of Article 188. Constitution of 1951 and this means that the capital of Benghazi, Libya Officially, Libya from Benghazi was divided, and announced the return of the king and the kingdom of Cyrenaica: (****As I said they should have destroyed Benghazi to the ground! They are so ungrateful people they always liked the west and they always liked to be slaves!!! The Guide should have burned down! from the beginning! I was a peaceful man, Look at me now all my savage instincts have come out! May Allah forgive me! for what I am writing and wishing for the Benghazi people, I am sure there are a lot of them that are good people!)


From the airport of Benghazi Benin from Germany in the evening to reach the rat AttiaOmar Mansouri, who coordinates between rats and NATO, and this resistance is striking…:

In a hospital in Tunis, went to the free grace of God al-Mokhtar Mujahid Iabtal ASUD and Resistance to mourn for him, and pray for mercy and blessing of the Martyrs.

Sirte – vile rat, a teacher at the school of Jabir bin Haiyang sixth grader extremely humbled Abdel-Salem Al-Faraj Hmala a refugee family and the boy Jafri killed himselfstabbed to death at school in front of everyone. Jafri family had fled the bands of rats and the child’s father, an army officer, was captured by rats, and languishes in a prison in Benghazi. Rat despicable, lifted the cloth to the school of shame, enjoy impunity and lawlessness in the country. Published photo of the martyr Uthman Otbaik Vafalli, born in 1964, working as aparamedic ambulance in Sirte in 1988 and father of nine children, and he was captured during Adzhdabiya 09/07/2011 gangs and rats died under torture on September 9:

Dialogue about the prisoners in the prisons of rebels NATO, and what they are exposed to:

The testimony of Mohamed Arifi right in Libya:

The elimination of the last remaining wild animals in Libya under the aegis of Qatar and the UAE. These barbarians, they found the weapons in hand, and chaos in the country and the lack of control and there is no security and kill and destroy everything they see in the Libyan desert, and steal the wealth of the land to to show their loyalty and obedience to their masters asses Bay: Ayad Ashabi Rat program conducted in the rat and a football game called “national army” in the Tunisian border and said the rate of support for athletes and opposed the revolution and its leader, and was performed for the funeral of a free country Farkas Gaara Gaddafi, the son of Libya, whose body was discovered six months after it disappeared. And the rat is not a shamed as if there is no consciousness.

Rat Uttar Kadima, which incited to rebellion and murder, and support for the Islamists and betrayed the people he met, and responsible for many killings and torture, and looting and theft of public and private money through their Misrata family in Benghazi and now plays the role to achieve its objectives: In Zentai last night according to the delegation for its infamous traffic diarrhea, and they all say that everything as expected. BBC launches BBC again misinformation, contradictory, and to divert attention … And this at a time when many honest people are in jail in the most ugliest forms of torture and so-called humanitarian organizations do not even try to stop the criminals. After several days of protests  Libyan minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, said- most of the mosques in Libya are controlled by extremists and many of them Libyans are appointed imams in the mosques of his proteges at gunpoint and department is notable to do anything because as they have their gangs, and looks forward to retirement. http://www.libyaalmostakbal.net/news/clicked/21547~

The decision on the resignation of the head of diarrhea krysoministra Kiba puzzled rats and bustle, and argue that their temporary krysopravitelstvo dismissed and diarrhea have lost legitimacy and a transition to the dictatorship and the need to protest. Rats naive fools think their rebellion is a revolution, and still do not understand that they are merely used for the occupation of the country. The curse of Allah upon them …

Bushen initially said that diarrhea is composed of parts of most of the country of the Libyans and their names are not mentioned for security reasons and only after the capture of  Tripoli, gradually they became known that the majority of foreigners in diarrhea. Krysoministr of Interior has made for himself the right to organize subordinate only to him and the band undertook to drown in the blood of the Libyans in the case of the protest. Bushenyi only now decided to appoint the head krysoshtaba krysovoysk earth: and personally ordered the borders of Greater Tripoli!


Please diarrhea Libya Rato, to work in the country:

American priest of the Zionists, UWB and the war in Libya – which is the instigator:

The recognition of participation in the Zionist aggression – “dans cette Même Israel a sale guerre avec ses COOPERATE In Renseignements et ses services bombers hunter-Independent Journalists plusieurs israéliens them ont vu sur le terrain -.,” – Http: / / jssnews.com or 2011/10/24/l% E2% 80% 99enfer Blanc-des-% E2% 80% 9Cfreres-de-lumiere% E2% 80% 9D /

Rats are ultimately interested in controlling the oil and gas company Mellitah – Italians or local traitors? It turned out that the management plan Libya’s oil sector including the appointment of the puppets in the management of this company to plunder beskonrolnogo of resources and both wrists and serve their foreign masters – Al Mattalan-and his friend from Egypt and other Mattalana-guy named krysokomitety of Social Affairs and Civil Aviation:

 Tunisia – band Zawya seized more than 100 Tunisian and the head of the Tunisian League for Human Rights Al-Assad said the prisoners Dzhemus 150 to 164 people and rats were taken hostage and demanding the release of four rats Tunisia were arrestedfor drug trafficking, and information obtained from prisoners and their families by telephone and the consulate of Tunisia in Libya is making great efforts to free people. 20 people worked in the oil company and the rest in other areas of Zawya. In addition, there are people trapped in the border areas between the two countries. Foreign Ministry spokesman said the bandits launched nesolko people and continue to maintain the rest – http://arabic.rt.com/news_all_news/news/583283/

Crazy rat Hakim al-Ghali of the Zohar Guendoz announced that kidnapping is a “fifth column of Gaddafi” and the so-called ”national army” (the band krysoministra defense)should immediately intervene … on the situation in the Libyan-Tunisian border: bribery, kickbacks, and passwords, smuggling, hostage taking, total anarchy and the threat of curiosity and it is only then that it was possible to know and there is no doubt that hidden more than it seems … the media call “the future of Libya ’- http://www.libyaalmostakbal.net/news/clicked/21553

Announced the reorganization of the opposition and the formation of the Hizb al-Jamahiriya, the Republican Party of direct democracy, Tunisia, in preparation for the upcoming elections, scheduled for the first half of 2013, http://www.aloufok.net/spip.php?article7210

Egypt – the candidates in presidential elections, Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, the Tent of the Muslim Brotherhood, Amr Moussa, General Omar Suleiman Abdel Nasser -the religion of the Muslim Brotherhood traders and traitors:


Mali – The sheikh of the tribe ODHAG Ozoad Intalla al-Tahir, one of the leaders of the revolutionary struggle of al-Ozoada 50 years ago, sent a letter to the National Movement for the Liberation Ozoad and condemned the policy of marginalization, displacement and law enforcement, military and political oppression by the authorities in Bamako that have taken place for many years, and said it was one of those who sought financial integration with the State, and signed several peace treaties with Bamakobut the authorities did not respect any of these conventions and agreements, and it supportsthe struggle for independence and requires the attention of terrorist groups. –

Libya: murder, fraud, folly. Jordan is also involved in in the assassination of Libyans


April 17, 1984: murder of police officer Yvonne Fletcher – the perfect crime of the CIA –


Bakchich Journal – French Secret Service covertly criticized the military intervention in Libya Sarakozla. Chinese President Sarkozy, and ignores all the presidents are:

What is Freemasonry?

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source: libia-sos.blogspot.com

Libya – News from Libya (April 22, 2012)

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News from Libya http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/22/libya-news-from-libya-april-22-2012/


Libya - News from Libya (April 22, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, in Zawiya, the rebels have launched a

manhunt  against all Faithful to the Jamahiriya (includes Libyans who were detained and released in

previous months). Resistance recommends that they move.

In Sabha, the Green Strength demand that the Libyans loyal to the Jamahariya not to go out in

the NEXT event called “pro Kadhafi” since THIS EVENT is ORGANIZED by the  rebels to locate


Libyan Resistance, War News, 11 April 2012

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Rat warehouse blown up with ammunition in Abu-Aisha. Special agents of the CIA in the capital, arrested and imprisoned HAJ Abdul Hakim. Central Bank of Libya on the verge of bankruptcy.
Faculty of Engineering University of Omar Al-Bayda announced that he will not accept students because of a lack of equipment. Computers have been stolen by the rats.
Tarhuna: heavy artillery shooting between Green Resistance and rats. 4 pickup destroyed with heavy weapons.
Sirte: reported heavy fighting between Green Resistance and NATO contractors-rats. A battalion of mercenaries as reinforcements was sent to help rats.
Mezda: Resistance fighters attacked the headquarters of the NTC and opened fire on the battalion commander: some bullets hit him in the leg.
Divots: the situation in the city has significantly deteriorated; people afraid to let go  their children in schools, universities and institutes. Rat are blocked between the cities of Sabratha and Sorman.
Ragdalin: Bombing and firing with heavy artillery continue on the city with the tacit complicity of the UN. One of the Green martyrs, Ahmed Fouzi Mbarek, killed in the battle, which took place between Ragdalin and Zouara. He live in the Lord.
Benghazi: Green resistance attacks a  UN convoy  with grenades. The militants have freed over 130 people with black skin from Kufru. Rats said they were not Libyans…
Wanted runaway food Inspector, Ismail, who worked in Ataiwar, after it was revealed the existence of corrupted infected products and carcinogenic substances which were on the market for consumption by the Libyans. A large number of carcinogen in tomato paste … intended to produce. Thousands bags of rice from the United States were discovered to be HIV+ and 3 types of other epidemics. 60000 boxes of Chinese green tea are HIV+ as well.
*MY COMMENT: So the USA was doing massive germ warfare as well against the Libyans—intended for the poor and hungry—
And then USA claims “HUMANITARIAN”!!! and that the 3rd world is themselves causing their own starvation by not accepting American produce!!! HAH____
Kissinger’s NWO plan of de-population is well underway by the grand ole USA!!!
Then the American news reports tell of how they sent thousands of bags of rice and food stuffs to the poor of the world and that they stupidly refuse and rather go hungry….
The West never tells the truth to the people…
They were going to make mass deaths of Aids and cancer in Libya!!! Why is not this better published for all to know what the Americans have done to the rice, green tea and tomatoe paste????
How diabolic to inseminate the rice with aids and the paste with cancenogens!!!
f this USA scheme with the rice and green tea is not diabolic, nothing is. If only the whole world knew how EVIL the USA government and many of its fundamentalist people are. They hate Muslims…
& I mean HATE! There minds have been corrupted by their governments and their fundamentalist preachers.
* Zliten: last night, a convoy of trucks loaded with aid for the “rebels” of the so-called “Syrian Free Fake Army” left the city of Zliten with Jordan direction.
Misurata: Vessel with industrial waste, contaminated by radiation, is moving in the direction of the Libyan port of Misurata and may be intended for dumping waste in the Libyan desert, by the French.
Dr. Hamza al-Thami told last the evening on Paltalk (in the Great Jamahiriya) and said that new resistance operations will be announced this week or early next week.
An alert for resistance in Sabha – rat race with heavy weapons on the outskirts of the region of Mahdia and suspicious movements of rats.
“New” Libya …
Rats on the coast captured girls and young people and took them  to  Mitiga where they were tortured and beaten.
* News Received from Green Web-Fighters online
Reloaded by LibyanFreePressNetwork at *
Any re-publication is appreciated, as long as, please, you always report all the original links, to allow everyone a better research and spread of free information. Thanks. Ogni ri-pubblicazione è gradita, ma vi chiediamo solo, per cortesia, di riportare tutti i links e riferimenti contenuti, per una migliore ricerca e diffusione a tutti. Grazie. *

An Egyptian Christian teacher was Murdered by Al Qaeda

Source: ALGERIA ISP http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/13/libya-an-egyptian-christian-teacher-was-murdered-by-al-qaeda-april-13-2012/

 ALGERIA ISP / Thid According Yawm 17 febrayr fi  Libya.

Benghazi, an Egyptian teacher was found dead in his  School. The rebel group Al-Qaeda have slaughtered him. He lived in Libya for several years. He is a Christian.

La Libye, 30/03/2012

Déclaration à l’occasion du premier anniversaire de la création d’un programme de Libia, Mouammar Dieu de Beth:
Dr Hamza Al-Thami, 30.03:
Tripoli – dans le sniper a tiré sur Shavayya un troupeau de rats et de rat udohlena et le reste s’enfuit. Dans les rues de la ville ont disparu, la plupart des points de contrôle. Abu DEN – un RPG tiré sur un poste de police et détruit deux voitures de police autour de lui.
Capturé sept rats.
Sebha – en raison des trucs du rat avec une trêve à la veille de la nuit avait perdu quelques positions et après la première attaque des hommes rats ont commencé leur retour Taboo. Les affrontements se sont poursuivis toute la journée et il n’y avait pas d’électricité et les communications.
Avions constamment survoler la ville, et parfois les coups de la ville. Cet avion aux États-Unis et la France, et ils prennent leur envol à partir d’une base dans le désert. le soir intensifié affrontements dans la zone 17, qui est situé à la porte vers la Murzuk, et il a entendu les bruits des explosions et des sirènes ont été entendues dans le centre des ambulances circulant en sens du centre médical de attaques sur le district 17 ont participé est venu à l’aide de son compatriote rats Misurata et ont été immédiatement accueillis et a félicité la ville – udohleno environ 40 pièces et le reste s’enfuit, laissant leur équipement. le soir à la suite d’une attaque inattendue de la part des forces de rats Taboo reculé et perdu au moins 5 morts frères et plusieurs blessés.
nuit, la ville était complètement sous le contrôle du tabou et a continué bombardements, attentats à la bombe et des affrontements.
Pendant la nuit, et udohleno rats nedodohleno peu, et combien de tireurs d’élite Taboo – est inconnue. Le débit des carcasses à l’hôpital 2 Mars ne s’arrête pas.Publié par les rats plusieurs bombardements aériens dans le centre de la ville qui a donné naissance à une panique parmi les habitants. À la fin des attaques nocturnes ont presque disparu, et il y avait des rapports d’une scission et la querelle entre les rats, certains refusent d’avancer et que vous voulez rentrer à la maison … ne s’est pas arrêté les bombardements de la ville et les gens ont rapporté que le mestamiprodolzhayutsya combat. Dans indiqué que les rats que quelque chose est sous contrôle. Les combats se poursuivent en permanence le sixième jour droite, encore beaucoup de morts et de blessés. Détruit de nombreuses maisons.
Vidéo filmée dans le Taiora à la périphérie de la ville où ils ont vécu la plupart du temps un tabou:
Les rats traîné nedodohlennogo frère: norvégien prétendant nécessite une intervention des Nations Unies pour arrêter le «nettoyage ethnique» –
Il s’agit de la deuxième phase du complot contre la Libye, et, bien sûr, Majid Issa, qui prétend que il était le chef du tabou, appelant l’Union européenne et les États-Unis d’intervenir pour apporter la division de la Libye. Traître est maintenant couché sur le second, la nécessité de protéger la population civile, en particulier après le bombardement de la ville. Il travaille depuis longtemps pour réaliser la séparation de la terre dans le sud de Taboo Fezzan.
Al-Salaita – la zone située entre Sebha et Murzug – affrontements entre les humains et les rats et ont tué et blessé.
Syrte … Ville … Ville martyr-héros:
Al-Shuirv – dans la soirée au retour d’une bande de rats résidents Zentai Ubari ont attaqué la maison de la tribu d’al-Megrahi à la périphérie de la ville et à la suite de la collision avait été détruit trois voitures Zentai et les rats bannis.
Dzhufra – rats capturés Khaled al-Rubaie citoyen irakien, qui a parlé sur le programme de radio locale pour sensibiliser sur les dangers et les conséquences de l’occupation, qu’il a vu en Irak occupé:
Turf – Rat Manche a annoncé qu’il se prépare à déclarer l’émirat islamique dans les organisations de la société de gazon et civile sont l’appel de la cloche sur les menaces extrémistes. émirat sera la tête d’un membre de la Jamahiriya Al-Qaïda, un ancien détenu de Guantanamo, Abdul Karim al-Hsada et le scénario de référence – «la façon dont les talibans” en Libye. Son «assistant» Khairallah Buraasi est aussi un membre d’Al-Qaïda.
Nous ne sommes pas surpris par ces nouvelles – depuis le début de la crise chef moudjahidine et son fils a parlé des projets d’al-Qaida et l’Emirat islamique dans la partie orientale de la Libye …
Ce n’est pas nouveau pour nous, nous sommes libres mais nouvelle pour les rats, parce qu’ils ont menti, que les forces armées des gens vont les tuer, mais les rats ont été en espérant pour le Rato croisés …
Heureux êtes-vous, le rat … Libye … De la Grande Jamahiriya – en Somalie … – http://www.alwatanvoice.com/arabic/news/2012/03/30/265129.html
Les rats se battent …:
Démontrer au conseil d’administration de la honte:
Les rats sont maintenant en regrettant leur bêtise … Pas trop tard pour se repentir?
Cheikh Sadiq Gariani condamne la décision de la Jamahiriya osvoboit militaire des troupes tribunal. Il Gariani incité à la rébellion, assassiner et de la destruction de la Libye
Révélé cachée – de nouveaux amis Bushen – Hakim Hadj – al-Hsada – Boktef – Busdri – Bargathi et d’autres dirigeants d’Al-Qaïda dans le gazon, et d’autres groupes islamistes radikilnyh:
Muammar: What He has Seen:

Libya, 30/03/2012

Statement on the occasion of the first anniversary of the creation of a program of Libya, Muammar :
Muammar with Bashear:  
Dr. Hamza Al-Thami, 30.03:
Tripoli – in the Shavayya sniper fired at a flock of rats and rat udohlena and the rest fled. On the streets of the city have disappeared, most checkpoints. Abu Den – an RPG fired at a police station and destroyed two police cars around him.
Captured seven rats. Sebha – because of the tricks of the rat with a truce on the eve of the night had lost some positions and after the first attack of rats men began their return Taboo. The clashes continued all day and there was no electricity and communications.
Planes constantly fly over the city, and sometimes blows from the city. This aircraft the United States and France, and they take off from a base in the desert. the evening intensified clashes in the area 17, which is located at the gate toward the Murzuk, and there heard the sounds of explosions and sirens were heard in the center of ambulances traveling in the direction of the medical center in attacks on the District 17 participated came to the aid of fellow rats Misurata and were immediately greeted and congratulated
the city – udohleno about 40 pieces and the rest fled, leaving their equipment. the evening as a result of an unexpected attack from the forces of Taboo rats retreated and lost with at least 5 dead brothers and several wounded. night the city was completely under the control of the taboo and continued shelling, bombings and clashes. During the night, and udohleno nedodohleno few rats, and how many snipers Taboo – is unknown.
The flow of carcasses to the hospital March 2 does not stop. Issued by rats several air strikes in the center of the city that gave birth to a panic among residents.
By the end of the night attacks have almost disappeared, and there were reports of a split and quarrel among the rats, some refuse to advance and want to go home … did not stop shelling the town and people have reported that the fighting mestamiprodolzhayutsya. In reported that rats that something is in control. Fighting continues constantly the sixth straight day, still a lot of dead and wounded. Destroyed many homes.
Video shot in the Taiora on the outskirts of town where they lived mostly taboo:
The rats dragged nedodohlennogo brother: Norwegian pretender requires UN intervention to stop “ethnic cleansing» –
This is the second phase of the conspiracy against Libya, and, of course, Majid Issa, who claims that he was the leader of the taboo, calling on the EU and the United States intervene to bring the division of Libya.
Traitor is now lying on the second the need to protect the civilian population, especially after the bombing of the city. He works for a long time to achieve the separation of land in the southern Fezzan Taboo.
Al-Salaita – the area between Sebha and Murzug – clashes between humans and rats and have killed and wounded.
Sirte … City … City martyr-hero:
Al-Shuirv – in the evening returning from a gang of rats Ubari Zentai residents attacked the house of the tribe of al-Megrahi on the outskirts of the city and as a result of the collision had been destroyed three cars Zentai and rats banished.
Dzhufra – rats captured Khaled al-Rubaie Iraqi citizen, who spoke on local radio program to educate about the dangers and consequences of the occupation, which he saw in occupied Iraq:
Turf – Rat Channel announced that it is preparing to declare the Islamic emirate in the turf and civil society organizations are calling the bell on extremist threats.
Emirate will head a member of the Libyan al-Qaeda, a former Guantanamo detainee, Abdul Karim al-Hsada and the baseline scenario – “the way the Taliban” in Libya. His “assistant” Khairallah Buraasi is also a member of al-Qaeda.
We are not surprised by this news – since the crisis began mujahideen leader and his son talked about projects of al-Qaida organization and the Islamic Emirate in the eastern part of Libya … This is not new to us, we are free but new to the rats, because they lied, that the armed forces of the people will kill them, but the rats were hoping for the Crusaders Rato
… Blessed are you, rat … O Allah free him soon اللهم فك أسره قريباً.
Knight hero Mujahid Muhammad Omar forms contact the Office of the Secretary of the revolutionary committees previously.
did not leave a Sidi Gaddafi to the last minute despite suffering from asthma. (Via :Al Jamahiria – mass, picture took yesterday in the prison structures in the gas.)  Mumhamed Omar in prison
Hamedi w murdered:  daughter-in-law and grandchild
Libya … From the Great Jamahiriya – in Somalia … –
Demonstrating to the board of shame:
Rats are now regretting their stupidity … Not too late to repent?
Sheikh Sadiq Gariani condemns the decision of the military tribunal osvoboit troops Jamahiriya. It Gariani incited to rebellion, murder and destruction of Libya
Revealed hidden – new friends Bushen – Hakim Hajj – al-Hsada – Boktef – Busdri – Bargathi and other leaders of al-Qaeda in the turf, Benghazi and other Islamist groups radikilnyh:

Israeli officers revealed the “dirty work” of the Zionist intelligence… * *

News Libyan Liberation Front on March 30, 2012

(1) Libyan refugees from the suburbs to the Alturi Sabha was requested not to leave the city limits and stay in the mosque Alturi, the Green Army and tribal forces Tuba and Touareg will not conduct combat operations at this location. All the African and Arab families displaced persons, except foreign civilians have sought refuge in the area with a radius of 12 square miles, which is a safety zone for civilians. The security zone is equipped with water, toilets and mobile hospitals, in this place there are stocks of food for 2 days in the next 8:00 of the new party is expected to arrive provisions. 185 large trucks and 410 buses on the road to Alturi.
(2) The tribal forces from Tuba City Murzuk appealed to the rebels and their families with the requirement to surrender their weapons, especially in Awbari, anyone who has a gun in their homes should contact the tribal council Tuba.
(3) The rebels damaged the Sabha power plant, located 18 km from the city, they are tireless in their efforts to destabilize the lives of people in the Sabha. 220/66 kV power station burst into flames, remained without electricity as the city Murzuk. Murzuk City is currently working on emergency generators.
(4) resumed fighting with the rebels in the area Alturi, gunmen fired heavy weapons PNS civilian targets in the area. The men of the tribe Tuba intervened after receiving information about the five dead civilians. The armed struggle between the soldiers and gangs of mercenaries Tuba near Alturi, continues at the present time, reported 20 dead and 4 injured rats.
(5) is still continuing battles between fighters and Tuba attacking bandits near the city gates in the Sabha. The fight is very intense, rats bring down a barrage of rockets on the city, heavy fighting is on the ground.
(6) Many of the rebel battalions rats have surrendered without a fight after they were surrounded by soldiers Tuba. Negotiations for an armistice with the other battalions of the rat.
(7) Brave Tuba seized the house, which housed the representatives of foreign intelligence the British and French, next to the House of Culture in Sabha. After the capture of one of the mercenaries tried to commit suicide, before the attacker opened fire on the rebels, who introduced himself as a committee of safety in rats Sabha. In one room were women.
(8) Green Army appointed a brigadier general in the Volcano as chief of military operations in the Sabha and Dr. Hamza Al Tahami appointed as repoting agent (probably war reporter).
Stephen Gule

LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (31/03/2012):

Posted on 01/04/2012 by alfatah69

In Libya Sabha all patriotic defense of the Green Strength of hope

planted early removal or elimination of terrorists and traitors of the NTC-NATO

Patriots Touareg and Taboos libaracion plan the Libyan mercenaries and traitors of the NTC-NATO http://vesti.krstarica.com/svet/sad-ne-priznaju-nezavisnost-koju-su-proglasili-tuarezi/

    • U.S. does not recognize the independence proclaimed by the Tuareg Blic –United States does not recognize the declaration of independence proclaimed by the rebels in northern Mali Tuareg, said State Department spokesman Patrick Ventreli.We do not recognize the independence proclaimed by the National Movement for the Liberation Azavada and express support for the territorial integrity of Mali, said in a statement he gave Ventreli agency AFP.
      Proglašnje independence previously rejected the African Union, saying that it is invalid and without any value.
      A similar view was suggested by France and Great Britain.The rebels belonging to the nomadic Tuareg tribes say they are at midnight suspended all military operations as a result of a successful conquest of the area in the north, which they call Azavad.

In North Africa is proclaimed the establishment of new state, Azavad

(just as SAADI al-Qathafi has promulgated) !

Yesterday at 17:56 lucky hat 456 196 15
News Newsland: In Africa, proclaimed the establishment of new stateTuareg, captured the north of Mali, announced the creation of the state Azavad and demanded that the international community to stand on his defense. Mali army does not even try to resist the separatists. The experts of the newspaper VIEW believe that these territorial appetites are not limited to the nomads and later they may encroach on the land of Libya and other countries.Tuaregs, who managed the last few days to take control of large areas of Mali, announced the creation of the state Azavad. At the same time the separatists, united in the “National Movement for the Liberation of Azavada” (MPLA), demanded that the international community has risen to defend their new country, reports “Interfax”.“Now the state is destroyed, Mali, and I think that this is not the end of Libya’s history” 
A day earlier, the Tuareg have announced that the entire north of the country came under their control. “Due to the complete liberation of (northern) areas, and given the demands of the international community, the MPLA has decided to unilaterally declare a cease military operations, starting from midnight on Thursday,” – said in a statement gruppirovki.Posledny largest city in the north of the country – Timbuktu located 700 km from the capital of Mali – came under the control of insurgents on Monday, after which the Tuareg have announced the withdrawal of these lands “occupied by Mali.” “Now we begin to implement the tasks of defense and security area Azavada the happiness of its people” – has led them to the Air Force statement.To achieve this success was the separatists after the incident in late March, the country’s military coup. March 22 disgruntled government soldiers seized the state television and the presidential palace in the capital, Bamako, arresting several ministers, dissolved the government and announcing the suspension of konstitutsii.Kosvennymi riot culprits were the same Tuareg: the wrath of the military led government’s inability to deal with the rebels in the north. Those, in turn, became more active after they were joined by numerous Libyan Tuareg who fled their country after the overthrow and murder of leader Muammar Gaddafi.The latter has actively supported the Tuareg and, as argued by representatives of the Transitional National Council even discussed with them the idea of creating a separate state in the south, in the midst of the confrontation with Libyan rebels.The relationship between the events in Libya and Mali before and said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. “Those who abused the UN Security Council mandate, the army defeated Qaddafi, incidentally killed dozens of civilians were left in the end that can not be called statehood. Who destroyed the statehood of Mali, and I think that this is not the end of Libya’s history, “- he noted.Unrecognized and partially recognized states
President of the Institute of Religion and Politics Alexander Ignatenko sure Azavad can survive “long enough”. “Not the fact that these lands – Malian … This Tuareg lands, where they formed their own state. That’s the focus. Speaking in other words, the germ of a big state Tuareg appeared, and it will continue to build institutions. The army, by the way they have. That is, it will turn into a real state and distributed to the territory of Algeria, Libya and other countries “, – told the newspaper Ignatenko VZGLYaD.Pri the expert doubts that the Tuareg call to support their state will resonate. “But they can not do anything. No one will fight with the use of aircraft, tanks, and everything else. In this desert, where the Tuareg as in clover, they can exist an infinite amount of time. They will protect no one but no one will attack, “- said Ignatenko, recalling that in Western Sahara for about 50 years there is a Sahrawi People’s Democratic Republic. However Azavada fate will be better than that of the Sahrawi people’s democratic republic, the expert said. According to him, the Tuareg are well armed and have experience of fighting.”According to my sources, after the overthrow of Libya’s Gaddafi arrived in Mali, only some 7000 militia men, not counting families. This is a very large army, which fought at home “, – said the analyst.” Now, the disintegration of Mali – a direct means of disintegration of Libya. Those Tuaregs, who served with Qaddafi, with his arms went forward. A Malian army – only eight thousand people, “- agrees to a former Russian ambassador to Tunisia and Libya, Director of External Relations of the Foundation of Islamic culture, science and education, Veniamin Popov. According to the expert, begins a long-term game and created a major new source of tension.”The West and the Islamic states of the Persian Gulf are interested to have access to the riches of the region, especially oil. It seems to me that we are witnessing the first act of the new big drama that will continue. For the first time the disintegration of the Libyan Tuareg gave the opportunity to achieve such great success. They took half of Mali, and the territory is more than France, “- concluded the expert in a conversation with the newspaper VIEW. We add that in the past two decades, the Tuareg, who are nomadic, often waged an armed struggle against the governments of several African countries, including Mali and Niger, but the result of negotiations could settle conflicts. The total number of Tuareg living in Mali, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Burkina Faso and Niger, is about 5 million people. Taureg Rock:

– Global warning, eyewitnesses in the city of Sabha, reported that the city hospital the NTC-NATO bandits have entered and are running to the wounded of the Tabu tribe, regardless of whether they are civilians or patriots of Green Resistance  …

– At present reported that warplanes bombed NTC-NATO and Tijar Sabha, there are dozens of civilian deaths. Tabu elders say it is not possible to reach peace after this. The elders accuse the ethnic cleansing NTC and rape of women by foreign mercenaries.

They demand international investigation. Libyan Defense Minister Al Juvali has resigned.

– In Sabha, the command group of mercenaries “Saika” sent Sabha Benghazi came under sniper fire Taboos. Several of these NTC-NATO terrorists were killed and wounded. In the last 3 days are reported dead and 230 wounded 428 of varying severity in the ranks of the mercenaries and traitors of the NTC-NATO

– Taboos fighters have returned to areas that have left during the truce with the rebels.

– Bandits “rebels” withdrew from the region Touyouri, this town in the area of El Karama was brutally bombed.

– A pregnant woman was killed by rebels of the NTC-NATO for refusing to reveal the positions of the combatants Taboos.

– The border with Tunisia in Raes Jadir, the “rebels” fled to Tunisia after the events in Sabha.

– A woman named “Fatima”, called the television channel of the NTC “Kanat Libya” to report that the “rebels” loot and invade their homes in the area to Sakra Sabha when they know that there are women. They have stolen. The reporter of the television station call and cowardly censorship hangs without explanation.

– The terrorists “rebels” in the south blew the power plant of Sabha, causing blackouts in the city of Marzak, WEDEN and Traghen.

– The city of Umm, Katroun Elaraneb and under the control of Fighters known Toubous.

– The convoy moved to Misrata Sabha has been the target of an ambush that resulted in significant mercenaries and traitors “rebels” Misrata eliminated and wounded.

– The city of Sabha Hijara is devastated after the aircraft NTC-NATO bombed indiscriminately, this city has become a trap for the ‘rebels’

– City Katrun is under the control of the green strength and ALL.  Sabha city is under the control of the tribe loyal Toubou.

 – Tobruk city is under the control of Green Strength and ALL.

– We report that a convoy of nine trucks artillery mercenaries left the city of Ajdabia and headed for the city of Sabha.

– Bandits ‘rebels’ Ragdaline Jamile and Zawiya and Zouara face near El Assa near the Tunisian border, although not reported casualties

– The fight is ongoing, while the NTC-NATO try to get more mercenaries in various parts of Libya and bring the foreigners. But the problem for them is that the fighting between the Resistance and Green NTC-NATO mercenaries are everywhere, to Tripoli.

 – Members of the tribe captured two bandits Taboos “rebels” near a Sebha:

Omar Ibn al-Said and Mustafa Al-Amin of the rat-battalion “The Dardir”

Beasts “rebels” firing like crazy on the civilian population Evidence horrible: Beasts “rebels” who raped and killed recognized or killed dozens of civilians that was planned so ordered by the leadership of the NTC-NATO Libya’s humanitarian Catastophe the West does not care about the fate of the Libyans, their only interest is the plundering of their resources Breaking News  11 APRIL 2012 Resistance destroy military aircraft Belong to rats in Tripoli City ________________________________ Statement Alqmazvh tribe of what is happening in the Sabha

Libyan LIberation Front Southern Command.

Review of recent developments in Libya

The other hand, news agencies reported the occurrence of a major attack this night of live Laithi in Benghazi on the “battalion favor of the text” and the occurrence of violent clashes between strikers and the elements of the battalion Jermanah
In Tripoli clashes between rats and unidentified gunmen in the area lightly Janzour western city, and heard heavy gunfire, and set tires on the road leading to the coastal Tadjoura heart of the city .. Tripoli: The capital has disappeared mysteriously, most CPR. There is a struggle between resistance fighters and bandits in the regions of the PNS-Hatba Harku, Salah al-Din. Volleys of heavy guns rattle in the Rkadalin. There has been an attack on the Belgian Embassy in Tripoli today at 2: 30 am. Statement by Women  Green resistance fighters:“We will avenge all our brave martyrs.
We remember all of our victims. Every Libyan will take revenge, our children, our brothers, fathers, sisters. . In the Name of Allah, this is our jihad. We have taken up the sword of vengeance – you rats will soon go to hell, you dirty games will soon be over. Libya Muammar Allah wa wa Bas! Revenge of the Rats!
Brave Libyan students refuse to go to school and protesting the appearance of the flag on the roof of the PNC building scientist. They chant Alakha, Mohamed about Libya on Bes
Tripoli and the wind of freedom
Sabha: City under the control of the tribe of warriors Tuba. Fighting between soldiers and militants Tuba Misurata and other gangs are continuing at a distance of 30 km from the city. Glory to the brave soldiers of Tuba!
According to this video, the delegation of the Sabha who went to negotiate with the rebels managed to stabilize the situation and establish a truce. The cease-fire between rebels and soldiers Tuba became operational a few hours nazd.
The city remained a small number of rats. This morning the defenders combed district by district, not quite dead catching criminals. Several snipers PNS remained on rooftops in the Sabha, they kill civilians in order to blame the soldiers Tuba.
As a result of artillery bombardment of the rat have fires in the area of the market and in the agricultural farms.
Rat killed by commander Suleiman Abubakar.Taken prisoner by a large rat Hadi. The head of a rat, “Security Council” Sabha, Abderrahmane Elbi was shot fighter Green Resistance. He bore the punishment for rape and death of women Sabha, some women committed suicide to avoid becoming prisoners of the rats, he also raped and cut rural women. The hospital is full Sabha seriously injured rats, instead of being grateful for the treatment of rebels attacked the wounded soldiers in hospital Tuba “March 2” and killed them in cold blood.   Arab news channels reported that the power control 85% of the Tuba oil field in southern Libya  
Katrun: The city is under the control of soldiers Tuba. All entrances are placed checkpoints.
E eh Gorda: rats without a fight, surrendered the city. There already are hanging green flags.Resistance wins!
El Khabar: violent clashes with the use of heavy weapons from the Algerian border.
The struggle is between militias belonging to the tribe Twarv Qnos led by Abdul Karim and militants of the PNS team Jermanah. Reported 10 dead and powerful explosions. These events occurred after gunmen kidnapped Sheikh Muhammad al-Amin al
Angry: Yesterday rat brutally murdered a young soldier from the pro-Gaddafi angry Awlad Alshie the family Ateer. He was a brave soldier of the Libyan Liberation Army, he was taken prisoner after the fall of Warffals. Rat long tormented him, and when they saw that he was near death, brought him to the hospital to falsify the history of his death. He is survived by his wife and baby daughter.
Turf: Al-Qaeda showed up in the turf in eastern Libya and lifted alkaidsky flag. A lot of explosions in the city (the work of the members of this group).
Benghazi: In the city of numerous explosions rattle Heavy clashes between soldiers and bandits Green MSP for
Hadth. 20 rebels captured, along with nine cars, weapons and ammunition.   The martyr hero Masood Ali Faraj.
Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 15:58
Author: Edited by Maja Orlić

Libya  17th April 2012. http://kps.rs/index.php%3Foption%3Dcom_content%26view%3Darticle%26id%3D656:libija-i-sirija-17-aprila-2012%26ca In Tripoli, the continuing violent clashes Green Army and rats, and currently lead the fight in El Nasr. Learned that the paramilitaries have taken hundreds of prisoners from prison tripolskih, which intend to carry in Misratah, where they will be killed.We believe that the Red Army will be able to save the innocent victims of criminals. One action has been attempted, but it ended in failure. The clashes took place in Sirte and winds, where there are plenty of victims, and to the south of Libya is Mutasimova Brigade clashed with Italian and French mercenaries in the Italian base. In Garyanu NATO mercenaries tried to the central parts of the city expel supporters of the Green Power and tribes that support Džamahiriju, using heavy artillery. In this violent attack killed one person. In Al Beidi also been clashes with rebels in the south of Libya’s Green Army conducted a successful attack on a convoy operation rats, armed to the teeth. Rats were moving towards Kufri, paid for by NATO and the NTC. Although the Libyans are starving, Qatar National Bank received a 49% stake in Libyan Bank for Development and Trade, which is the strongest bank in Libya.

The CNT has been without a leader – The Defence Minister has Resigned

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The Defence Minister has Resigned. The rats have lost Their fortresses and call NATO for helping.

The loyalists are getting ready to reconquest Their Country.

Photo from Benghazi yesterday/ Youth of Benghazi burned a car of the so-called security committee after one of their friends was killed by the security committee.
Benghazi yesterday / Source
RT@Somaliasupport3 Report Libya: as Reported Earlier a bank was Looted in Benghazi, Barca Council & NTC blamed each other for the looting.
Posted by Libya S.O.S . at 20:57 

La Resistencia Libya

http://libyanfreepress.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/il-cnt-e-rimasto-senza-leader-the-defence-minister-has-resigned/ * The irrevocable resignation of the Minister of Defense of the CNT, Osama El Jouili, show that rats who had the illusion of ruling Libya will not resist much longer to attack the troops remained loyal to Gaddafi. And ‘if the Minister has resigned as he had said that the CNT is useless to struggle against an enemy whose invincibility is anything but a myth. The groups Milianti more determined to realize the design of hunting on our asses the traitors and recover the country are the Libyan Liberation Army, theGreen Resistance ee Black Tribes who have good memories of the past regime. The sites reported that Libyan militants of the Liberation Army of Libya downed two aircraft of the CNT in Shaba, where in recent weeks, the Tribe of BlackToubous is inflicting huge losses to the gangsters in the pay of the foreigner. In fact, hundreds of these despicable individuals who vent their hatred by perpetrating horrendous crimes on women, old people and children, were captured, wounded or killed. To achieve rapid victory, Toubous, the Tourag and other loyalist tribes have decided to exchange the stolen weapons and ammunition to the rebels with the‘Army for the Liberation of Libya and the Green Resistance. The loyalists now control most of the Libyan regions. It ‘just fallen into their hands together with that of Mahdia city of Tobruk and Katrum. Military experts believe that NATO will remove them as soon as its support, the thieves without honor, as they were called loyalists, will be forced to relinquish power in the space of four or five weeks. From Spectre2012 *    Young revolutionary 

Beginning of the crawling mass Sacred South 22/2/2012

VIDEO OF A LARGE GREEN LIBERATION ARMY CONVOY (SOUTH LIBYA) (Algeria Isp): Since the advent of the son of the guide “Saadi Gaddafi” on TV channel “Al Arabiya”, the signal has been issued for the Liberation of Libya from the clutches of mercenaries and traitors. The fighters from the tribes of sacred Toubou gave a lesson to the Barbarians of the NTC who found themselves very low in the absence of NATO planes. This video shows a large convoy of pickups, trucks carrying ammunition and rocket launcher trucks. Inchaelah it will be a great and good shot to break the cold hearts of the barbarians of NTC.

Attempted assassination of Commander Salem El Waer Resistance of Bani Walid

Source: ALGERIA ISP http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/15/libya-attempted-assassination-of-commander-salem-el-waer-resistance-of-bani-walid-april-15-2012/ Libya - Attempted assassination of Commander Salem El Waer resistance of Bani Walid (April 15, 2012)

 Libya – Attempted assassination of Commander Salem El Waer resistance of Bani Walid (14 April 2012 )  Captain Salem Al Waer, the head of Warfala in Bani Walid and the commander of Chouhadae 93 in Bani Walid.

In desecdendant of his car to go home, rebels shot him. He was hit on the right side of his belly. The bullet passed through his body without touching a vital organ. He was hospitalized and is in good health.


04 APRIL 2012

Libyan Resistance News 04.04.2012

14h This is how city of Rakdalin looks now after indiscriminate shelling by Zuwara forces…

City of Rakdalin affter the attack by Zuwara forces

03:00  Helicopter belonging to NATO puppets flying low over Rakdalin in Libya 02:30 “Fighters of revenge battalion from Sirte and Almzaraa battalion fighters set up an ambush on a convoy of five armed rat vehicles belonging to some members of Misurata battalion, which were returning from Sabha. They destroyed all of their vehicles and killed 12 rats.”  (Source: Libyan FB group ‘Against Feb. 17 in Libya,against the attempts to sow discord by hate’ in arabic lang ) 02hExplosion happened at Green square Tripoli.  Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=273006122783235&id=297509086955875    ***  NTC will release some Ukrainian workers, detained in August,wrongly accused of being Gaddafis mercenaries.  Source ***HORRIBLE photo|- A dead girl was found in a deep hole in Bab Azizia in Tripoli on Monday night Source:  https://www.facebook.com/truthaboutlibyaa SIRTE:

Dead girl found in Bab al Aziza, Tripoli

*** (1) the Green resistance in Misratah freed and smuggled the prisoner Mansour from Misratah. He was a prominent Brigadier of the green army. (2) The NATO rebels continue bombarding civilians in Zuwarah and bin Jawad. The international commu nity looks away. (3) The Green force destroyed a depot of the rebels “Fadeel Bo Omar”, the so-called “February 17 martyrs” (4) the Zekhan military base was attacked by targeted missile. Smoke rose up from the base. (5) The wounded NATO rebels are angry and stormed the NTC in Tripoli. (6) There were more than 5 dead civilians in Ajaylat. Many families have fled. The NATO rebel commander of the region, “Abu Kassem” was killed. Continue to attack of NATO. (7) There was a prisoner exchange between Toubou and some elements of the NATO brigades in Sabha. The situation is still tense. (8) There are rumors about a complete NATO withdrawal from Libya in 5 weeks. Gives no credence to such rumors. Source: https://www.facebook.com/gruene.revolution 01:00 City of  Sabratha : coastal road is packed with ambulances! *** The Rules of American Justice are quite clear: If you are a high-ranking government official who commits war crimes, you will receive full-scale immunity, both civil and criminal, and will have the American President demand that all citizens Look Forward, Not Backward. If you are a low-ranking member of the military, you will receive relatively trivial punishments in order to protect higher-ranking officials and cast the appearance of accountability. If you are a victim of American war crimes, you are a non-person with no legal rights or even any entitlement to see the inside of a courtroom.  If you talk publicly about any of these war crimes, you have committed the Gravest Crime — you are guilty of espionage – and will have the full weight of the American criminal justice system come crashing down upon you. Source: Glenn Greenwald, “Rules of American justice: a tale of three cases” http://www.feardepartment.com/

USA- Department of Fear

***Khamis Gaddafi with the martyr Abu Bakr Younes . Two real Libyan heroes.

Two Libyan heroes: Khamis Gaddafi and Abu Bakr Younes

APR 3, 2012

Libyan Resistance News: NTC bombed cities in Libya today!

 WHY IS S.O.S. calling on NATO, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch?
*** URGENT: military aircraft bombed the cities Jamil and Zuwara today!NTC has been bombing cities around Libya today, and the world is SILENT!  *** Military jets bombing civilian districts in Ragdalin today!!Where is NATO to impose no-fly zone NOW? NEW LIBYAN GOVERNMENT IS BOMBING CIVILIANS IN RAKDALIN AND JAMIL! WHERE ARE HRW and Amnesty International HYPOCRITES NOW?? Dirty hypocrite scumbags!!!

NTC forces bomb Rakdalin
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11 APRIL 2012

Libyan Resistance News : 10.04 -11.04.2012

*** A Public Relations agency Harbour Group closely linked to US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, which worked for the NTC during the “revolution”, has been awarded a $15,000 a month contract by the Libyan embassy in Washington to continue their work. The Harbour welcomed the opportunity to support the Libyan embassy’s public diplomacy in the US in 2012 for $15,000 a month plus expenses. Its work will include producing speeches, press releases and presentations, “outreach” to media, experts and think tanks, developing web site content and social media platforms and organising briefings, delegation visits and ambassadorial trips and conferences.

*** Libyan new “morality” police tells women to cover up: “Government officials have said they know nothing about a group of uniformed young menwho appeared on the streets of the capital on Sunday carrying a slogan on their jackets proclaiming them to be members of Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Tripoli Branch.” http://www.libyaherald.com/salafists-tell-women-to-cover-up/ 22h/ Al Qaeda smuggling weapons from Derna to Tripoli, this contigent was found in a passenger bus.

Smuggled wapons found on a bus

APR 9, 2012

A SHOCKING interview with a girl who had escaped from Tripoli prison

by Konstantyn Scheglikov Here is an interview with a girl who had escaped from Tripoli prison. We want to thank translators from Arabic to English, our friends who corrected English translation to leave the text unchanged. They all are volunteers who works for justice, each of them have his/her own problems, own fight and  his/her own life..  We haven’t resources, people and opportunities as global media that lied about Libya and Libyan army protecting their land from invaders and traitors, but we’ll continue our work to counter the lies. Now global media and organizations are keeping silence about true scope of crimes committed by mercenaries and traitors under the NATO troops supervision and with their participation, we already know on an Afghanistan and Iraq example what those soldiers do with civilians. And we know that this is fascism, which has appeared again in western countries under democracy mask this time. Never mind that our forces are unequal, we’ll continue uncover unpleasant truth about crimes against humanity committed by NATO soldiers and their allies in occupied countries. Remember Abu-Greib, Guantanamo, Bagram base and Nazi concentration camps. Are there too many differences between them and camps created in Libya?

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الله اكبر تحـــــــــــية لتريس الجميل و رقدالينا God is great tribute to the beautiful tresses and Rackdalin
Collector market Alsqa 04/15/

APR 8, 2012

Libyan Resistance News: 08.04.2012.

Al Qaeda militia went to Alshatee street where they abducted men and women from the beach and took them to Mitiga airport where they brutally beaten and whipped them.
Belhaj -leader of Libyan Al Qaeda, interviewed and praised on Al Jazeera TV.

And the same militia saw a man and a women driving in a car and asked a man “who is the women with you” he said “it’s my wife”, they asked him to prove it by showing them their family papers, so he called his brother and asked him to bring it, but they didnt care to wait for it, and they started beating him in front of his wife, and when the family papers arrived and they saw that she was really his wife the militia leader said we didn’t know and that we are only doing our job by enforcing (SAUDI-style) Sharia law, by the Hadath.

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APR 7, 2012

Libyan Resistance News: 07.04.2012.


Tunisia will close the border to Libya once again

20h Gharyan: Clashes are continuing among the rats . There are dead and wounded

*** Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said that the family of the late Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will remain in the country, “as long as they want.”

Libyan Resistance News: 06.04.2012

***Humanitarian wars are a modern form of imperialism. The standard pattern that the United States and its allies use to execute them is one where genocide and ethnic cleansing are alleged by a coalition of governments, media organizations, and non-governmental front organizations which are preceded by sanctions, isolation, and military intervention. This is the post-Cold War modus operandi of the United States and NATO. http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2012/03/30/from-srebrenica-and-racak-to-benghazi-and-homs.html
***Wife of Fattah Younis is now in intensive care in medical center of Tobruk suffering from kidney failure.
Wife of Fattah Younis in hospital
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Algerian PM: Gaddafi family will remain in Algeria as long as they want

Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said that the family of the late Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will remain in the country, “as long as they want.” Ouyahia said in an interview with the French newspaper (Le Monde) published on Friday: “They will stay here as long as they want, I’m pleased to tell you that our Libyan neighbors understood it in the end.”

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Location: Algeria

APR 4, 2012

Reflections by Fidel: The Need to Enrich Our Knowledge

Reflections of Fidel Castro Ruz

By: Fidel Castro Ruz

The filmed scenes of the massacre in Libya, starting to be seen, offend for their total absence of humanism and the crass lies that served as an excuse for invading and taking over the natural resources of that country.
With more than 25,000 combat missions, NATO air forces backed up the monstrous crime.
They stated that the Libyan government had funds abroad exceeding 200 billion dollars. At this time, nobody knows where the money is nor what has been done with it.
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Libyan Resistance News 04.04.2012

*** What happened to #POWs in #Libya? Foreigner speaks about hearing “a Canadian friend” in Libya telling him that because of lack of jails, the prisoners of war were often killed…This is an older video, that a friend of our page has reminded us of.
Reflections of Fidel Castro Ruz: “The filmed scenes of the massacre in Libya, starting to be seen, offend for their total absence of humanism and the crass lies that served as an excuse for invading and taking over the natural resources of that country. They stated that the Libyan government had funds abroad exceeding 200 billion dollars. At this time, nobody knows where the money is nor what has been done with it.”
With more than 25,000 combat missions, NATO air forces backed up the monstrous crime.”
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APR 3, 2012

Libyan Resistance News: NTC bombed cities in Libya today!

*** URGENT: military aircraft bombed the cities Jamil and Zuwara today!NTC has been bombing cities around Libya today, and the world is SILENT!  *** Military jets bombing civilian districts in Ragdalin today!!Where is NATO to impose no-fly zone NOW? NEW LIBYAN GOVERNMENT IS BOMBING CIVILIANS IN RAKDALIN AND JAMIL! WHERE ARE HRW and Amnesty International HYPOCRITES NOW?? Dirty hypocrite scumbags!!!

NTC forces bomb Rakdalin
ALGERIA ISP / Haraka Elmokawama According to Libya, Dr. Hamza Touhami has intervened on the web in one of “Paltalk chat rooms of the green JAMAHIRIYA strength”. IT said that the green JAMAHIRIYA strength is driven by a son of Libyan leader. Dr. Hamza Touhami asking the public to prepare Libyan reserves of food and medicine since the time of the liberation of Libya may take some time.
APRIL 18, 2012

Libyan Resistance News 18.04.2012

20h— Two explosions heard in Zawiyah 17h— Urgent: last night, with God’s help and grace,a number of our captured brothers and sisters who were in Tripoli prison were released, the opportunity arose because of the poor weather, to attack the camp and clashes occurred within the walls of the prison in the late hours of the night that lasted nearly three hours. Quoting a free Libya news channel, clashes in the prison occurred by penetration. Allah Akbar over plots of the aggressors. Source

APR 2, 2012

Libyan Resistance News 02.04.2012

20h–  News: Exchange of mortar fire between NTC rats and the free and beautiful Rakdalin! *** Video- Was geschah in Bab al-Azizia, Tripolis? // What happened to Bab al-Azizia, Tripoli ? 

MAR 28, 2012

Report Libya: Clashes in Sabha, real time updates [27.03.2012.]

Source Libya S.O.S. FB page

05h/ NATO-led NTC criminals destroy the port of #Derna

04h/ Continuation of the clashes in #Sabha , and a lot of hit-and-run operations #Libya

3:50h/ Keeb gave a contract worth 60 million dinars to a very controversialegyptian man for cleaning up a garbage in #Tripoli ..

ارجو الانتباه والنـــــــــشر ::/
لقد قام الجرذ الكيب بتوقيع عقد بقيمة 60 مليون دينار (ستين مليون دينار) لتنظيف مدينة طرابلس من القمامة لشخص يدعى (عبدالحكيم المصري) وقد تم توقيع العقد في مزرعة عبدالحكيم المصري باالقربولى وللعلم تحصل هدا الجرد عدة عقود من الكيب والجرذ عبد الحكيم المصري كان يبزنس مع (على ادبيبا) وكان شريكه فى بعض المشاريع وجماعة هذا الجرد عصابة عبدالرحمن قاجة وهو مهرب عمله وغيرهم وغيرهم من الجردان وعبدالحكيم المصري صاحب محل أطفالنا فى شارع الجرابة بن عاشورله شقيق اسمه محمد المصرى ويعمل فى البنك العربى الخارجى والذى سرق ملايين الدولارات وهرب واخرج لنفسه شهادة وفاة من دولة اجنبية وهذا الجرذ دعم الجرذان عندما دخلوا طرابلس بالمال.

3:35/ #Sabha –  March 27, 2012  03h/ #Sabha – movement direction of the rats

03h/ Heavy clashes in Samnu now (50km from #Sabha ), Tobou fighting for the airport 02:30h/ Photo of pregnant woman who died from indiscriminate shellingof one district by vandals today. We ask God to accept the martyrs

: Sabha: majority of families migrated to road agricultural Gardah near the station and the men remained. news about the planes by the NTC/NATO bombing them after the Liberals raised the green flag. 02h/  Shortage of nurses in Sabha hospital
01h/ #Libya -Minister of Defence fled to Qatar!  A member of NTC from Misrata said on TV couple of moments ago that Minister of Defense went to Qatar since the outbreak of conflict in the Sabha, in reply to a question on what is happening in the Sabha today! 01h/ NTC is falling apart like a house of cards. western-imposed “revolution” is a FAILURE Tobias N. “Real Revolution is never a failure. NATO imperialists insurgency is.” 12:30/ #Tripoli airport / Arrival of the 20 wounded people from #Sabha tonight
12:15/  According to Reuters: Sabha fighter Oweidat al-Hifnawi said government forces had arrived in Sabha and were “in the middle of the clashes”.We know that they are here to try to solve the problem and not fight,” he said. “There are unconfirmed reports that they have retreated out of the city.” 12h/  Sabha: Link with photos which were taken before the fight broke out , in front of military council 

Libya – The Toubou fighters to Encircle the rebels Kufra (April 24, 2012)

Posted on 24/04/2012 by alfatah69

A Convoy of 170 pickups Toubou fighters are Preparing for a Major Attack.


Libya - A convoy of 170 pickups Toubou fighters are preparing for a major attack. (April 24, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Kofra Elhora (pro NTC), the fighters were Toubous  collected in the

region Rabiyana to launch a major attack against the rebel army of the NTC that are in the city of Kufra.

A convoy of 170 pickup trucksmounted with heavy weapons.

The GREEN fighters are Toubous, collected in the region Rabiyana, & are prepared to launch a major attack against the NTC mercenary army that are in the city of Kufra.

SAADI says the South is completely GREEN controlled. The TNC,try as they might, have no chance of succeeding.NATO has bombed 9 Toubou cities to the appearance of Sirte in the North; but the Toubou are loyal, and will NEVER give-up!

The Toubou fighters to Encircle the rebels Kufra


Libya - The Toubou fighters to encircle the rebels Kofra (April 24, 2012)

 ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, yesterday

fighters have the Toubou attacking the headquarters and camps of the TNC army in the city of Kofra (south Libya). The Tabou & Green Resistance control Al Jazeera, Al Khadra (Green Island), and they encircled the RAT TNC army that are at the University of Kufra. http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/24/libya-the-toubou-fighters-to-encircle-the-rebels-kufra-april-24-2012/

The LSC wants to Arrest the Head of Mr. Aissa Abdelmadjid Toubous.

Source: ALGERIA ISP http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/24/libya-the-lsc-wants-to-arrest-the-head-of-mr-aissa-abdelmadjid-toubous-april-24-2012/

Libya - The LSC wants to arrest the head of Mr. Aissa Abdelmadjid Toubous.  (April 24, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Kufra Elhora (pro NTC), the arrival of reinforcements TNC  Battalion

“Elbahriya Speckled” of Benghazi are there to help the mercenary army of the TNC in Kufra.

Toubou fighters killed two rebels “El Jareh Jareh Gaith Al” and his cousin “El Mansour Saleh Jareh”.

Toubou fighters attacked the operations room of the army of the NTC at the university.

Member of the TNC “Khaled SAIH” says the TNC issued aWarrant of arrest against the Chief Toubou Fighters, Mr. Aissa Abdelmadjid.


Libyan “civilian” plane nearly crashed on Tripoli and was forced to land on the runway at the military airport  Metiga due to technical problems.

LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (15 to 16.04.2012)

http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/17/libya-final-report-of-the-libyan-15-to-16-04-2012/Wednesday night was more or less peacefully, on Thursday, the clashes between the ‘security forces rat ”and” bands of rats. “Throughout the city loud explosions were heardin the Western battles were particularly violent, according to many victims. A resident said a man in the square shouted that there is no food. ”God bless you, Muammar,” cried the man, remembering the management of Gaddafi.

– Tripoli:  a distress call from the prison is located within what is called the Home Office near the University of Nasser, which confirmed that the information received over a hundred prisoners of paramilitary troops armed persons are present now and will be transferred tomorrow to Misurata and will be executed there.


Prisoners of the new Libyan patriots imprisoned by the traitors!

About one of the prisoners of Dorda can  read more here 

– Eze-Zawiya:   news of fighting in the region. Many dead and wounded.

– Garyan:   last night in the city occurred in the central regions of the NATO aggression. Mercenaries tried to expel from the central regions  the supporters of the Green Strength and “tribes objected.” Different types of weapons, including artillery guns of 106 mm and the establishment of RPGs. One person killed and one injured in this terrible attack.

– Tobruk:   the plane circling over the city for recognition. Any news about the impending attack on the city.

– Al-Beida:   Violent clashes in the city today.

The sniper units called special purpose Mutassima Gaddafi against mercenaries from Italy and France in the Libyan desert. In the same area found the Italian base in the desert. At the moment, four where killed which areFrench and Italian soldiers. Two heroes of the Resistance have found eternal peace in this battle.

The Green Strength has destroyed a convoy of rats of the NTC-NATO mercenaries armed to the teeth. They were sent to the town of Kufra, the last refuge of the 13 are traitors, seized their weapons, Kalashnikov rifles, machine guns of 14.5 mm.

– Zawya – clashed on the outskirts, and it is rumored that there are many dead and wounded.

Sirte – on the eastern outskirts of the clashes with the shooting of 14.5. We found the charred body of theformer police officer Omar Ibrahim Abu Hashem, born 1982, who was kidnapped by a gang of Sam Ahmid al-Qaeda in the grass, and subjected to torture, from which he died.

– South – in the Libyan desert was a struggle between combatants Gaddafi Mutassima teams and special forces of France and Italy in the Italian base, located there, and four occupants udohleny and killed two soldiers Mutasim – Mohamed Younis Mahmoud and Mahmoud Ibrahim.

– Sabha: From Qatar cargo planes carrying military vehicles landed Sabha International Airport and transferred to the town of Murzuq tonight.

– Green flag flies near the site of the bombing, where Colonel Gaddafi allegedly fell seriously wounded and then cruelly killed by beasts of the NTC-NATO …

– Oman requires Tripoli pay the $ 140 million in wages to injured rats after the criminal Libyan bombing“humanitarian” NATO and UN complicity.

Libya before and after the criminal bombing “humanitarian” 
NATO ordered by the UN

Libyan united, soldiers and people in defense of the fatherland and the dignity


We will never surrender!

Posted by Mohamar Al Gaddafi source:libia-sos.blogspot.com/some information added and edited by Alfatah69

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 This is what Reuters says: Militia clashes in southern #Libya kill nearly 50
12h/ “Local sources confirmed to us that Tuareg in the region of Ubari captured more than 90 Zentan fighters,and siezed all their military equipment! 12h/ Tripoli -Green Square has been blocked to prevent access to it and Omar Mukhtar Street and patrols on Friday market (Souk Al Jouma) are intensifying 11:50/ #Tripoli –Resistance attacked a checkpoint in Gargaresh 11:45/ 98 Zentan inventory have been arrested in a battle with their weapons – Ubari 11:35/ Internal minister Joweili resigned over the situation in Sabha.. 11:30/ NATO bombed Zentan military convoy thinking its Tobou coming out from the desert on the way to Sabha. And the rats which started from Benghazi to get into Sabha, stationed themselves in Jufra, not having enough courage to enter the battle yet?
23h/ Video form hospital in SABHA
23h/ Sabha-violent and indiscriminate aerial bombardments on several areas in the city now.
22h/ Photo-Convoy of armed gangs aka ex-rebels heading to Sabha
21h/ Sabha-violent and indiscriminate aerial bombardments on several areas in the city now.
21h/ The first plane from Sabha with injured people arrived to Tripoli airport shortly before carrying 20 seriously injured and 17 moderately injured.
21h/ Photo-Tobou victim from the bombing of Sabha just now. Planes are bombing districts where Tobou are located. There is no hospital for wounded and dead Tobou members.
The first plane from Sabha with injured people arrived to Tripoli airport shortly before carrying 20 seriously injured and 17 moderately injured.Photo-Tobou victim from the bombing of Sabha just now. Planes are bombing districts where Tobou are located. There is no hospital for wounded and dead Tobou members.
20h/ There are some reports that clashes between Tobou and Suleiman tribes are happening in Murzuq as well, and that Tobou surrounded them.
BBC-Escalating military clashes on the border areas between Sudan and South Sudan
(In the same time?!) according to BBC-Escalating military clashes on the border areas between Sudan and South Sudan

19h/ Rebels in front of the NATO military council 27-3-2012
19h/ TRIPOLI  — When war started hundreds of prisoner escaped from prisons. They are now free criminals and all of them are armed.
 Hundred  of AlQaeda and another  terroristic organisations  joined the rebel frontlines. Several climbed the ranks to become commanders. Many were killed in battle. Others simply fled with weapon, their whereabouts unknown.
 With the proliferation of small arms on Libya’s streets today, the presence of escaped prisoners is a destabilizing force.
 Although these criminals pose one of the biggest threats in the city, old records were destroyed when the Misrata courthouse was bombed by NATO , so they cannot simply re-arrest former inmates, no matter how serious the offense.
They are now free criminals and all of them are armed.
Rebels in front of the NATO military council 27-3-2012 Libya news  
18h/ SABHA – We receive many conflicting reports about Sabha, we will publish all the versions, and hopefully find out the truth in the end.. one more version: “Hi, regarding Sebha. We spoke to people we know and the Tobou  tribe that has taken the airport has many green hearts.
They were going to hold some people, but when they found out they were from the Gaddaffa and Magrahe tribes they were released. We hear 70 people have been injured. Not everyone in Sebha is fighting them. Please be careful about what is being posted. It is really difficult to know what information to trust so I understand.”
17h/ SABHA today 

In Tripoli, clashes betweenResistance Fighters and insurgents have fired at Sidi Elmasri.

For several minutes, gunshots are heard in the region of El Hadaba. Over 20 pickups of rebels gathered in Bab El Aziziya surely to intervene.

transport truck merchandise store “Mango” was burned by unknown. This is the second such incident targeting the store Mango. Last week, unidentified gunmen fired small arms in the store.

16h/ TRIPOLI  -no comment..
15h/ SABHA hospital still receives the wounded
14h/ SABHA –  The names of the dead in Sabha  1 – Abubakar Yusuf Ahmed 2 – Ahmed Ali Boucetta 3 – Ali Abdullah Gamt 5 – Osama Bashir Qayedi 6 – Mohammed Hamad Al-Taib 7 – Abdul Rahman Allam Allam 8 – Ali Black 9 – Gigi Hussein 10 – GhaithAkila 11 – Sanusi Aorkah
Yesterday/#Libya REPORT #SABHA #Sebha – in short –
The Tobu and Tuareg have taken the airport of Sabha. Destroyed planes, so NTC can’t escape.
The Tuareg, the Tobu and the Gaddadfa have taken it back together. [@ahmabd55 ]
Sabha Sacking NTC’s local council,the Tobou-tribe destroys Militia leader Ali Saleh El Hamat and captures Bahr Eldine
Militia leader Messaoud Mohamed Elhawl got shot through the heart. They try to reanimate him right now.
OuledElAlem-Battallion (pro-NTC) encircled by Tobou-fighters. Zawiya-Militias on their way to prevent the inevitable. [@SaintJust88]
The Tabu and Tuareg have taken the airport of Sabha. Destroyed planes, so NTC can’t escape.
#NTC preparing to send tanks to Sabha! Wonder where the world news is.. They are going to massacre like they did in Sirte. #Libya wake up [@ahmabd55 ]
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Location: Sabha, Libya

MAR 25, 2012

Libya: US and UK Government International Actions Since 1945 [Intervention and Exploitation]

End of the Italian colonization of Libya, when the Sanussiys give in. [1]

With the fall of the Axis powers in the World War 2, Britain and France divides LibyaTripolitania and Cyrenaica comes under British control. Fezzan comes under French control[1]

In secret talks with the British, U.S. officials agree to support a British base in Cyrenaica and also agree, as the best way of securing this base, to a British trusteeship over that province. [17]
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One headline from Tripoli Post yesterday truly shocked me, the headline went like this :  “Libya:Libyan Oil Firms Get more Autonomy to Become Economically Successful” Pause …

As if they were not Economically Successful before? As if using the word ‘Autonomy’ is less intrusive way to say “Privatization is coming”? As if Privatization doesn’t mean Private Success of the new owners?

Libyan Resistance, War News, 2 April 2012 – (Text/Audio/Videos)

Posted on April 2, 2012 by  |
* Tripoli: In the capital Tripoli are mysteriously disappearing most of the NTC members. There is a struggle between men of the Green Resistance and NTC gangsters  in the areas of Hatba-Harkia and Salah al-Din. The Belgian Embassy in Tripoli was also attacked. * * Declaration of the Green Resistance Women: “We take revenge for all our brave martyrs . We are proud Libyan women , we will not forget our victims . Every Libyan will be revenged, our kids , our brothers , fathers , sisters … In the name of Allah , this is our Jihad . Our sandness get sword of revenge – you -rats , you are already finished . Allah Muammar wa Libya wa bass!!!” – Female Resistance Tripoli. * * Sabha – Pick-up of the NTC-rats is continuous, while an incessant aerial bombardment is in progress. Residents have spent sleepless nights because of the fire and explosions, and children were living in a state of panic and fear … At least 90% of the city and suburbs is under the control of Taboo, including the airport and military base. But communications with the city are discontinuous. In the area occupied by NATO-mercenaries, homes were devastated, the inhabitants killed, women raped. What is known is that in the last hours Sabha has become a ghost town. Even areas under the control  Toubou is mostly abandoned by the scared population that has fled to the south. More gangsters and rats came from Misurata. Some of them, just arrived, go to hell. As rat-Commander Maihoub Abu Bakr, of Suleiman tribe: he was neutralized by Toubou forces a couple of days ago. * In the south the Libyan master of the situation is still tense despite the announcement rat Abdul Jalil, a military zone south of the country and set a rat from the east by the military governor. Simultaneous deterioration of security conditions in cities across Libya reveals part of the wickedness of dogs NATO, and the inability of the Council of betrayal and shame for the extension of control over the land that enabled him, including the Crusader occupation before 7 months from now.
Rat-Commander Maihoub Abu Bakr, of Suleiman renegade tribe, was neutralized by Toubou forces * Air strikes are incessant, and NTC-rats are also ruthlessly and insistently bombing the area with heavy artillery. These criminals are shooting indiscriminately on the city, aiming to all homes. It is an humanitarian disaster, is a crime against humanity, under the eyes of the world without anyone to intervene and denounce these crimes. No one cares about the Libyan people, much less the black Libyan people or Tuareg. The media have done their job of disinformation and now are trying to attack Syria: but Syria resists and has enjoyed the support of Russia and China, while Libya was left alone. But the Libyan people is strong, resists and will not surrender. In the south there are many friends and no shortage of weapons. Sabha, last hours: A cease-fire has been declared between NTC-rats (and renegade tribes without honour like Suleiman tribe) and  Green Resistance fighters from Toubou tribe. The fighters announced a curfew in Sabha from 21:00 to 08:00. Negotiations are in progress. Resistance as well. Allah Muammar Libya Wa Bass! * * * News Received from
and reloaded by LibyanFreePressNetwork at

LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (17/04/2012)


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 The Resistance grows and Strengthens Fist clenching, No truce to the enemy and invader traitor!

 – Youth of the Libyan States and Raises her voice in Resistance against the enemies of Libya

– The TV channel “The Kanat Libya” Resistance opened yesterday at the Hotbird satellite in the frequency of 11179 to 27500

– Demonstration of young people from the Resistance in Tripoli to Azizia gate and the Green atmosphere.

– Tarragon: The city is completely under civilian control after over 200 of foreign mercenaries were sent to attack Al-Jamel, and Rekdalin.

The rats ’rebels’ are captured as perfect after the NATO cowardly abandons the family in Al-Jamel and Al-Rekdalin:

– Speech by Dr. Hamza 16 April 2012

 – Muammar Gaddafi, discorsi –

Moammar Qadafi, speeches – (Video collection)

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Publiée le  23 avril 2012 par a

Statement No. 1 of 32  KHAMIS Brigade  of the Great Jamahiriya

Publiée le 23 avril 2012 par GreatAljamahiriya Statement No. 1 of 32 KHAMIS Brigade of the Great Jamahiriya GENERAL KHAMIS son of the great Lion of the Desert leader, on the Chamber of the Great Jamahiriya/PALTALK radio show Déclaration n ° 1 sur 32 KHAMIS accrue et le général Lion du Désert, le fils du grand leader sur la Chambre de la Grande Jamahiriya sur enhanced and General Lion of the Desert, son of the great leader on the Chamber of the Great Jamahiriya/PALTALK radio show . Shibbir Shibbir, Beit Beit, Dar Dar, Zenga Zenga, Fard Fard * * * * * * Muammar Gaddafi and the truth about the war in Libya * The terrible truth about Libya’s rebels * supported by LibyanFreePressNetwork at http://wp.me/p1DGte-1JF

Posted: Saturday, April 7, 2012 16:16
Author: Edited by Maja Orlić

Libya seventh April 2012. Zlitan Resistance fighters were able to kill two major bends rats, who were blacklisted. One of them was Secretary of Commerce Zintana security, directly related to NATO, while the other was head of operational department of the Military Council of the bends. I learned that yesterday a group of soldiers from western Libya to destroy the headquarters of rats Janzouru and seized their weapons, which is on the west of Libya, to help the Green Resistance. In this operation the Green fighters has claimed victory thanks to infiltrating the ranks of the rat: The main rebel commander in Janzouru. He canceled his obedience to the National Transitional Council, and there was a clash of rats and rat-dissidents who now have the power. Battalion commander of the rebels was given protection. Showed their discontent in Tobruk Libyans (in the North-east) who burned the flag of Qatar in protest against the interference of the state in the internal affairs of Libya. Cities of Jamile and El Ragdaline still under attack by rats of the damned ZuarahZuarci killed all prisoners originating from these cities, which are captured in the attacks, continuing his series of massacres. Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia gave an interview to the French newspaper “Le Monde” in which he stated that the family of Moammar Gadhafi to stay in Algeria, as long as they wanted; and he is glad that neighboring Libya finally realized it.  “It is unacceptable in our family tradition to expel a neighbor, who escaped from hell.” (We recall that Aisha, Mohammed and Hannibal, and their children, and his Gaddafi’s wife, Safya,  live in Algeria.) Any re-publication is appreciated, as long as, please, you always report all the original links, to allow everyone a better research and spread of free information. Thanks. Ogni ri-pubblicazione è gradita, ma vi chiediamo solo, per cortesia, di riportare tutti i links e riferimenti contenuti, per una migliore ricerca e diffusione a tutti. Grazie. *

Thanks from LibyanFreePressNetwork  at http://wp.me/p1DGte-1Gm *


Over Qaddafi and free Africa

Events that are rarely covered by official media

WOMENS GREEN ARMY FB VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=130283073717560

Resistance GREEN, cheerful and combative

celebrate the victories of Touareg fighters and Tabu in Sabha, who hate repeatingNTC – NATO

Polisario, MNLA, the Green strength of Libya, Mali and North Africa in urgent need of the unit plan

By: Larry Jones

– The Polisario Front, the MNLA (Tuareg), the Libyans of the Green strength, and Africans in North Africa, whatever persuasion or country (including Mali) the need to quickly begin developing a plan for unit. If succeedes Azawad MNLA in forging the history of the struggle to make to be put aside, and then Azawad and Mali have to work together, along with the Polisario Front, the Green strength, and any other entity in the north Africa. It has to happen, and here’s why.

There are three groups that are eyeing Africa for its abundant resources, Europeans and Americans, the Arabs and Israelis. When it comes to Africa, the three groups work together. Do not believe otherwise.

The Saudis and Gulf Arabs now know that Africa has discovered more oil than the Arab Gulf States. And is most precious and minerals than any other continent on earth.

 Therefore, the battle for now and in the distant future is the battle for Africa. And THIS is what the Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi was trying to tell all of Africa. Unfortunately, as Muammar Gaddafi declared himself the Libyans were not sophisticated enough to understand this fully, and expressed sadness that never really fully understood the principles in the Green Paper.

 I am a stranger. But there is a saying: “Sometimes, the man who was sitting in the stands, you are watching the match played in the field, you can see the game better than the people who are playing the game.”

 Now, I’m not saying that I can see this issue better than the North Africans. But, I can see. And North Africa, including states who prefer to be friendly with Europe and America better wake up and fast-to unify.

Unless unifies North Africa, Europe and America, Gulf Arabs and Israel will be working hard to de-stabalize North Africa and the rest of Africa.

I have a personal conviction that African unity should begin with the unit in North Africa. Maybe it will happen otherwise. But it is the strategic Mediterranean Sea. There is a desert culture that can be taken advantage of good manners.

Africa must unite. If not, then Europe and America, Gulf Arabs and the Israelis are going to pick apart Africa.

North Africa has a duty to protect and unify the continent. That’s just my opinion.

Allah, Muammar, Africa wa Bas!

Mali: CNRDRE Calls on People to Resist Invasion

Posted: 2012/04/07 From: Mathaba    http://mathaba.net/news/?x=630170
A soldier wears a button bearing the image of coup leader Capt. Amadou Haya Sanogo with the words ‘President, CNRDRE,’ the French acronym by which the ruling junta is known, as he stands guard at junta headquarters in Kati, outside Bamako, Mali Sunday, April 1, 2012. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)
Bamako (mathaba) The National Committee for the Recovery of Democracy and the Restoration of the State (CNRDRE) on Thursday called on Malian people to resist invasion of rebel groups and other extremist assailants.The CNRDRE which overthrew the previous regime on March 22, “expresses solidarity with the Malian people sequestered on Malian territory invaded by rebel groups and other extremist assailants,” according to its signed statement from CNRDRE spokesman Lieutenant Amadou Konare.The ruling national committee urged people to resist and pledged that the state would do everything possible as soon as possible to ensure their safety, according to the statement.Furthermore, the national committee expressed its deep concern at the kidnapping on Thursday of Algerian diplomats in Gao in the north, and strongly condemned such act which endangers human life and the excellent relations between Mali and Algeria.Algeria has aggressively fought Islamic extremists on its own soil, including AQIM (Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb), which has its roots in Algeria.Suspicions have been mounting that the “Tuareg” rebellion in the north is part of a neo-colonial French-zionist sponsored scheme to encircle Algeria, as the last remaining independent north African state, the others having thus far succumbed to forced regime changes.The rebels in the north and their brothers in the south are called upon to unite in creating a Mali where all power, wealth and arms should be handed to the masses, and to sideline the attempts by the French via Al-Qaida to once again plunder African resources.Ceasefire in North, Threats by France and Her Regional AlliesThe rebel group — National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad (MNLA) — that recently seized control of Mali’s remote north in a manoeuvre that effectively partitioned the country in two announced a cease-fire, saying they had reached their military goal.Moussa Ag Assarid, a spokesman for the MNLA, said the group was declaring the cease-fire Thursday to allow “humanitarian aid” to resume in the north, where shops were looted.In Ivory Coast, the military chiefs of the African states bordering Mali met to hash out their plan for a military intervention, which Africans claim benefits none other than the former European colonial powers which are now in a massive drive to create divisions in Africa and replenish the collapsed economies of Europe.The ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) grouping has traditionally been closely tied to western foreign powers, and is now seen as the local lackey for imperialism in the region.Deputy Ivorian Defence Minister Paul Koffi Koffi said military action is being considered both to “reverse the coup that deposed Mali’s president last month, as well as to preserve Mali’s territorial integrity after the rebel advance in the north.”He instructed the army chiefs of the 15 nations in West Africa to draft a detailed plan, including how many troops each intends to send, how quickly they could ready them and what logistical means they plan to contribute.In Abidjan, where the military chiefs were meeting, the head of Ivory Coast’s army said that the possible link between the rebels and terrorism is reason enough for a possible military intervention.Mathaba analysts point out that this is the modus operandi of the neo-colonial intervention in Africa, create the problem and then provide the solution, both of which benefit the enemies of Africa.France, which has never hesitated to install pro-France dictators in its former African colonies, many of which today suffer under regimes that are undemocratic, lost a strong ally in the former regime of “ATT” which had become corrupt and incompetent, and no longer represented any hope for the youth and poor of Mali.Meanwhile in Paris, France’s Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said France is ready to “help” African forces on a logistical level, by supplying weapons that African states would pay for while shedding their blood for French interests.The chief of staff of the French army, Adm. Edouard Guillaud, had travelled Thursday to Burkina Faso to discuss details with the president there, Blaise Campaore, a military dictator installed by France who has ruled the country for almost 30 years after murdering the popular Pan African president Thomas Sankara.The African Union, which officials were bought out during the last year by western money in order to buy silence over the invasion and destruction of Libya, which was Africa’s strongest defence against European invasion and predatory adventures on the continent, suspended Mali from its membership.The suspension accompanied similar moves and threats by the European Union and the World Bank, but is seen by Pan African analysts as further proof that the National Committee for the Recovery of Democracy and Restoration of the State (CNRDRE) is a genuine pro-democracy initiative of soldiers and not an external coup.Rebel AdvancesThe rebels in the north of Mali had launched their insurgency in January, saying they wanted to establish an independent Tuareg homeland in the north, known as the Azawad. They only succeeded in taking small towns until March 21, when disgruntled soldiers stormed the presidential palace in the distant capital of Bamako, overthrowing the democratically elected president.The soldiers, had formed the CNRDRE and seized power as a reaction to the inability of the previous regime to manage security in the country for its peoples, as well as its inability to supply the military with adequate resources to defend themselves against the rebel MNLA attacks.In the confusion that followed the coup, the rebels launched a new offensive and succeeded in taking the capitals of the three main northern provinces, including Kidal, which fell last Friday, Gao on Saturday and Timbuktu on Sunday.”The MNLA has reached the end of its military operations for the liberation of the territory of the Azawad,” said Assarid, speaking by telephone from Paris.“Since the day before yesterday when our units reached Douentza which we consider to be the frontier of the Azawad,” he said, referring to a town some 600 kilometres (375 miles) from Bamako, “the military offensive is declared over.”Reactionary IslamistsAssarid’s group is the largest rebel group involved in the offensive, but it is not the only one, and in the three main towns in the north, local officials say they cannot be sure which of the rebel armies has the upper hand. Western observers have expressed concern over the presence of an Islamist faction called Ansar Deen, which planted its ominous black Al-Qaida flag in all three of the provincial capitals.This week, the group announced it was imposing its version of Sharia law in the ancient city of Timbuktu.The mayor of Timbuktu said nearly all of the estimated 300 Christians based in the city fled after Ansar Deen’s “spiritual chief” Iyad Ag Ghali gave an interview on local radio outlining the tenets of Sharia law: Women are to be covered at all times, thieves will have their hands cut off and adulterers will be stoned. “The problem for us is that we don’t know who is the master of our town,” said the mayor, Ousmane Halle, explaining that the Islamist faction had taken over the city’s military camp, while the MNLA was stationed at the airport. “What I deplore is the departure of the Christian community,” he said. The city has been honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its collection of ancient Islamic manuscripts, propagating a moderate interpretation of the religion. “Many said to me that they are obliged to leave,” he said. “And they are right. I cannot guarantee their safety. And these are people that have lived side by side with us for centuries.” The past year revealed open support for Al-Qaida groups in Northern Africa by western intelligence agencies and the western military alliance of Europe and USA — NATO — and the new alien interpretations of Islam which had always been pure in Africa, a continent where religions never caused division. The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday strongly condemned the “forcible seizure of power” in Mali, in further attempts to pressure the CNRDRE to abort its intervention aimed at saving the country from poverty, dictatorship and lawlessness. The ECOWAS bloc representing nations in West Africa has imposed harsh sanctions in an effort to force out the military-led committee. Since Monday, Mali has been under an embargo, its borders closed. As a result, the country is struggling to import fuel, which comes overland from neighbouring Senegal and Ivory Coast. Rolling blackouts have started in the capital, with many neighbourhoods now only having electricity at night. A representative of the state energy company said on state television Wednesday that they were running at 50 per cent capacity due to the embargo, and things could get worse. The government is prioritizing who gets power, with hospitals and military installations ahead of residential areas. In explanation of why CNRDRE was forced to form itself and seize power as an emergency measure, Mali’s U.N. Ambassador Omar Daou told the Security Council on Wednesday: “Mali has never experienced such a situation… Our people are divided. Our country is threatened with partition.” “Rebels” in the service of western interests to divide and rule Africa The heretic Islamist leader Ag Ghali “spiritual chief” of the Al-Qaida affiliated “Ansar Deen”, a former diplomat assigned to Mali’s consulate in Saudi Arabia, a state that in the past spent vast amounts of money on exporting a backward version of Islam, used to be in regular contact with the United States Embassy in Bamako, according to diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks. For years, he was a Tuareg rebel leader and acted as a go-between when foreigners were kidnapped by a branch of al-Qaida based in the north of Mali. Although he is believed to be in touch with al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, French reports say there is no evidence that “he himself” has taken part in terrorist activities. The imposition of a backward heretic version of al-Sharia promoted by Al-Qaida style groups has worried analysts and country watchers. The MNLA leadership being based out of Paris, France, is also suspect, whereas the clear opposition and surprise that the initiative of young soldiers caused the French and others inimical to Africans interests, lend strong support to the patriotic pan African and democratic goals of the CNRDRE, Mathaba analysts say. — mathaba and agencies See related items linked below: #

MALI: a new Jamahiriya perhaps being born: http://www.za-afriku.ru/?p=14825

01/04/2012 AUTHOR:  1 COMMENT

The rightmost Elhadj Ar Gama. Second to the right – Iyad Ag Ghali , head of the ultra-Islamic movement Tuareg “Ansar Dean.”

Mali, as a unified state, heading for the abyss. Yesterday, March 31, Tuareg rebels have declared that the Malian army colonel Elhadj Ar Gama (Elhadj Ag Gamou) moves to the side of rebellion. In a statement, Colonel supposedly said:

  • I, Colonel Elhadj Ar Gama, a former chief of Malian troops in the region of Kidal (Kidal), and all the troops under my command, declare our membership in the MNLA.I appeal to all azavadiytsam, that they have joined and strengthened the National Liberation Movement Azavada (MNLA) in its struggle for independence, because today is the only organization able to bring our people out of the abyss in which she held for over 50 years of Mali.
  • We are against bad governance and authoritarian policies Mali Azavade, and we affirm the dismissal of all state agencies. More …

Not all of the Tuareg rebellion supported by the beginning of MNLA. Tuareg clans such as Oulemeden, Ichnidharan and Imgad, favorably disposed to the regular army and are fighting for its parts, while at the same time, Idnan Ifhogas and struggling with the regular army and help the rebellion, supporting the independence requirements. Colonel Gama belonged to the clan Imgad, and since the beginning of attacks rebels swore allegiance to the state. That it was the greatest hope, when government troops fought in three groups of Tessalit . And the transition of such an important military, it seems, finally gives the advantage to the opposing side of the rebels.

Soon we will know what influenced the actions of Gama. Either this is a military coup, when the government was not up to the northern territories, or a seizure of Kidal , the last pure Tuareg region.Perhaps influenced by the captain of it Sanogo , where he asked for foreign reinforcements to quell the rebellion. Malian (south) and the government soldiers and Tuareg do not differ courage, but one thing to lead them into battle for the unity of the country, and another thing – force them to fight side by side with foreign invaders against their own people.

While it may be too early to exaggerate. Captain Amadou Sanogo, head of the military junta of the country, said on television that Gama returned to Gao. And all the rumors are needed in order to “discredit the most courageous and most experienced officers who wish to organize an early rapid response Malian army.”

Whatever it was, the movement of MNLA, sooner or later will achieve its goal – Malian army or leave the Azavada, or go over to the rebels. Already yesterday, their advance units were seen in Gao, a city that was the military center of resistance to government organizations rebellion. The rest of the capital, Timbuktu, I think, will not have much resistance to this market town, not military.

Another report about the murder of Amadou Diallo , leader of the “Gandaizo” militia of the nation Songhai. This so-called anti-criminal militia (police) in their struggle against the insurgency understood Tuareg – was engaged in robbery and murder of shepherds and other civilians, the Arab and Tuareg origin, whom they suspected of having links with the rebels.

Will the rebels to make concessions – to agree to a federation, in exchange, for example, vice-president, or persist in their desire of independence (they are encouraged to contact the people in “their” government officials ) – will soon see. We can not exclude a foreign invasion, it is very much a “dark horse” that Sanogo. But it will be interesting to see the reaction of the Tuareg in Niger, if President Mamadou Issoufi, one of the six presidents of the ECOWAS mission / CEDEAO , will participate in the intervention. Let me remind you, if you live in Mali, 1.4 million Tuareg in Niger is its 1.7 million people.


Southern Libya: Rats extra recede Libya before and after the NATO intervention Mali: Tuareg rebels fighting against government forces in the north African country of Mali, April 1, surrounded the city of Timbuktu. As the NEWSru.com, Timbuktu – the last administrative center in the north-east of the country under the control of army units Tunisia: Clashes between rebels Ragdaline Jamile counterinsurgency Zawiya and Zuwarah in El Assa near the Tunisian border. Tunisian police arrested a group of Libyan youth, supporters of Libya. Egypt: Supporters Muammar Gaddafi in Egypt Lord God Alllah Horsehair Aabbate Word of Staff Maj.-Assad war commander Army brackish 04/02/2012

Posted: Wednesday, 04 April 2012 16:21
Author: Edited by Maja Orlić

Libya 4th April 2012.

After three days of hell, bombing cities and El Ragdaline Jamila is reduced, by signing the cease-fire between rebels and residents Zuara these green cities, but NATO’s helicopters constantly flying over the area south of Libya. Interesting reports from rats Zuara, talking to them from attacking civilians Ragdaline, which proves that the entire population (not just fighters) for Gaddafi. During this unequal battle, ordinary people from El Jamila and Ragdaline showed great bravery and courage, preventing the rebels to destroy the cities. Assistance provided under attack fellow fighters from Sirte, which destroyed five vehicles and killed 12 misratskih rats, who were returning from the Sabha.


Mardzs range

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[bevezető szerkesztése]

Mardzs range

Mardzs location of Libya within the range

El-Mardzs range ( in Arabic شعبية المرج [al-Sa ʿ biyyat Marǧ]) Libya range of twenty-one. The historical Kirenaikaregion, north-eastern part of the country: the north by the Mediterranean Sea , east Dzsabal Ahdar sub-province , in south- Váhát province , west and Benghazi province is bounded. Based in El- Mardzs city. The population in 2006 , a census revealed 185,848 people. Bengázi •  el-Butnán •  Darna •  el-Dzsabal el-Ahdar •  el-Dzsabal el-Garbi •  el-Dzsifára •  el-Dzsufra •  Gát •  el-Kufra  •  el-Mardzs •  el-Markab • Miszráta •  Murzuk •  Nálút •  en-Nukát el-Hamsz •  Szabha •  Szurt •  Tripoli  •  Vádi el-Haját •  Vádi es-Sáti •  el-Váhát •  ez-Závija

Fire in Benghazi / Photo taken couple of moments ago #Libya

Fire in Benghazi /Source
Fire in Benghazi, Source

Rough is in Tripoli, Benghazi and Janzouru. In Tripoli, a bomb exploded at the Green Square, and above the base Maeutika yesterday noticed thick smoke. Raging injured rats attacked the NTC, a green fighters Zintanaca headquarters in the capital.There was a conflict in the Souk Jomi Ghat and Chael, and in one area Benghazi. Fighters from the cell Sakr Elawhed send personnel support southern Libya. Success of the Red Army was in Misratah, which is yellow with smuggled Army Brigadier Mansour Doua, a popular keeper, who was captured misratski rats. Green Army aviation units were successfully blew up a weapons depot in the rebel insurgency battalion Omar (or 17 February), a Bomniar green brigade managed to get into Benghazi. Was attacked and NATO Zekhan Pacovska military base by the Green Army mortars. NATO, which is losing its position, the unprecedented atrocities committed against civilians in Zuara Bin Jawad, where they fired indiscriminately at innocent people, increasing attacks from the sea. Therefore, the Green Army intends to create a war zone to scour the entire area.

Bani Walid NATO continues to surrounds, and the battles that killed five civilians, while the 40-oro wounded. The fights are fought in Sabratha, where he set up along the coast a number of ambulances, which provide help only U.S. soldiers

   with Chavez


The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Libya, Africa and Cowardly Leadership

Posted: 2012/04/05 From: Mathaba  http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=630158
Part of Minister Farrakhan’s speech at a March 21 press conference at the Hyatt Regency hotel in the capitol city of Trinidad.
Uploaded by on March 23, 2012. In the video below The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks on the slaughter of Blacks in Libya in the aftermath of the US/European destruction of the North African country. He responds to a question during a March 21, 2012 press conference in Port of Spain, Trinidad, the first stop of his visit to the Caribbean region. #

Muammar Qaddafi: The Escape to Hell

Posted: 2012/04/02 From: Mathaba   http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=630141
Essay by the Leader of the Libyan 1969 Al-Fateh Revolution.
by Muammar Qaddafi How cruel people can be when they flare up together! What a crushing flood that has no mercy for anyone in its way! It does not heed one’s cry or lend one a hand when one is in dire need of help. On the contrary, it flings one about heedlessly. The individual’s tyranny is the easiest kind of tyranny. He is only one among many, who can get rid of him when they wish. He could even be liquidated somehow by somebody unimportant. But the tyranny of the masses is the cruellest kind of tyranny. Who can stand against the crushing current and the blind engulfing power?! How I love the liberated masses on the march! They are unfettered, with no master, singing and merry after their terrible ordeals! On the other hand how I fear and apprehend them! I love the masses as much as I love my father. Similarly, I fear them no less than I fear him. In a Bedouin society, where no government system exists, who can deter a father from persecuting any of his children? Yes. How much they love him, and how much they fear him at the same time! That is how I love and fear the masses. Exactly as I love and fear my father. How loving the masses can be when they are happily excited! They carry their favourite sons high on their shoulders. They carried Hannibal, Barclay, Savonarola, Danton, Ropespierre, Mussolini and Nixon! But how cruel they can be when they are angrily excited! They plotted against Hannibal by poisoning him. They burnt Savonarola at the stake; they brought their hero, Danton, to the guillotine; they smashed the jaws of Robespierre, the beloved fiance, they dragged Mussolini’s carcass along the streets of Milan, and they spat at Nixon’s face as he was forced to leave the White House, where they had ushered him in ceremoniously before. What terror! Who can talk the unfeeling entity into consciousness? Who can argue with a mass mind not embodied in one individual? Who can hold the hand of the millions? Who can comprehend a million words pouring out of million mouths at the same time? Who can talk sensibly to whom in this terrifying excitement? Who blames whom? With this social flame burning your back, and a society that loves you but has no mercy for you, and people who know what they want from this individual but pay no attention to what the individual wants, they assert their rights but overlook their duties towards you; with the same masses who poisoned Hannibal, burnt Savonarola, smashed Robespierre; who adored you but failed to reserve a seat for you at a cinema house, a table in a coffee-shop … they love you, but they do not show their love to you in any tangible way, such as a seat or a table at a coffee-house. This is what the masses have done to such individuals. So, what can I hope for, a poor Bedouin, lost in a mad modern city, whose people bombard me with their demands whenever they get hold of me? Have a house built for us better than this one… Get us better telephone service… Have a road built for us in the sea… Make public parks for us… Catch enough fish for us… Write out amulets for us… Make wedding contracts for us … Get that stray dog out of our way… Buy a cat for us… They ask that much of a confused poor Bedouin, who hasn’t got even a birth certificate, who carries his walking stick on his shoulder, who does not stop at the red light, nor does he flinch when he gets into an argument with a policeman. He does not clean his hands when he eats. He would kick off anything that hampered his movements even if it landed on a shop window, hit a hag on the face, or broke the window panes of a smart white house. He has never tasted alcohol or even Pepsi Cola or Soda water… You see him looking for a camel in the Martyrs Square, a horse in the Green Square, or driving his sheep through the Tree Square. These masses, who have no mercy even for their saviours, seem to follow me everywhere, burning me… even when they applaud, they seem to prick me… I, being an illiterate Bedouin, do not know about house painting or the meaning of sewage disposal. I use my hands to drink rain water and well water, and use my cloak to filter out the tadpoles. I do not know how to swim, neither breaststroke nor backstroke. I do not understand the concept of money, yet people ask me for it. As a matter of fact, I do not possess it; I only snatched it from the hands of thieves, from the mouths of mice and from the fangs of dogs and gave it out to the townsmen under the name of a benefactor from the desert and in my capacity as a liberator from bondage and fetters. What has been stolen and misused by guilty hands (one of them being a comrade of the cave dwellers and the rates) needs a long time and the effort of many a man to put right, but the inhabitants of the mad modern city ask me for it right away. I felt I was the only one who had nothing, and so, unlike them, I did not ask for the service of a plumber, builder, painter, barber etc. And since I had not requested anything because I had nothing, I became well known, or rather an odd man out. That is what bothered me and still does almost every hour. But I must admit that I am to blame as well. I did myself a great wrong when I stole Moses staff with which I struck the desert where a spring gushed forth, because, as I have already mentioned, I do not know sewerage, plumbing or narrow water mains, and hoped that this spring would relieve me of all such demands, and the root cause of them. Even my defiance of the policeman caused such sensation in all quarters of the city, where my name became popular: some applauded me, and others called me bad names. The police wanted to get rid of me. The mother of the policeman with whom I had a row, rejuvenated, took a fancy to me. When I refused her advances, she tried to get me into trouble. The police would even set their silly dogs at me,  and yet I encouraged them to go in for seafood by learning how to fish, so that they might leave me with my sheep alone in peace. I am a simple poor man, I have no degree and I do not like physicians simply because they are called doctors. That is why I have not been inoculated against sensitivity. So I grew up to be very sensitive unlike townsmen, who have been regularly immunized for a long time at historic intervals beginning with the Romans, then the Turks and finally the Amelicans. Much to your amusement as you read this, you see I do not pronounce the word ” Americans ” with an (R) as you do, I use (L) instead because I do not know the meaning of “America”. As far as I know, it was discovered by an Arab prince and not Columbus. But then, it has great power, it has agents; it has bases in places under its influence, and it has the right of veto, which it willingly uses for the benefit of Israel. It has recently acquired a house at the head of the Delta, where the River Nile splits into the Rosetta branch and the Damietta branch. There is a buffalo farm surrounding the house. It practises imperialist policies; therefore it is AMELICA. This is what my cousin, Hajji Mejahid said. He is the son of my aunt Azza, daughter of my grandmother Ghanima, who is the sister of Countess Maria. On the whole, I did myself a disservice when I came to the city out of my free will; there is no need to say why, the thing is: it was a time of challenge, no more. Therefore, please let me tend to my sheep, which I have left in the wadi bed under the care of my mother, who has died recently, and so has my sister. I was told that I had brothers and sisters killed by mosquitoes. So leave me alone with my own anxieties! Why do you follow me and point me out to your children? They, too, harass me now. They run after me, shouting, “I swear it is him!” Why don’t you let me have some rest or, at least, stroll undisturbed in your streets? I am a human being like you, I like apples, so why don’t you let me walk about at the market? And by the way, why can’t I have a passport? But then, what good is that to me?! I am not allowed to go abroad on holiday or for medical treatment, I can go abroad only when I am on official business. That is why I have decided to hurry away to Hell! I shall now tell you the story of my escape to Hell, and describe the way leading to it and then describe Hell itself to you and how I came back from there along the same road. Indeed it was an adventure, a very strange factual story, which, I swear, has nothing to do with fiction. As a matter of fact, I have twice escaped to Hell just to get away from you, hoping only to save myself. Your breath annoys me, invades my privacy, violates my inner life and viciously craves to squeeze me in order to thirstily drink up my essence, lick my sweat and inhale my breath. Then it pauses, it stops molesting me only to attack again as vigorously as before. Your breath chases me like a rabid dog, dripping saliva in the streets of your mad modern city. They chase me wherever I go through cobwebs and esparto paper. So I have decided to hurry away to Hell to save myself. The way to Hell is not what you may expect, or as described to you by the sick imagination of some equivocators. I, having twice walked through it, shall describe it to you. I had some peaceful sleep and rest in the heart of Hell. I have experienced Hell, I tell you; and the two happiest nights of all my life were those two nights I spent in the heart of Hell. That was a thousand times better than living among you. You harass me and deprive me of my right to peace and quiet, and so I had to escape to Hell. The road along which I merrily walked to Hell is covered with the natural carpet all through the horizon. When the natural carpet gradually came to an end, I found the road carpeted with fine sand. I saw flocks of wild birds of the kinds you know and even found some domestic animals grazing and grooming. But I was astonished to see slopes and areas of lowland before me which made me halt hesitantly and look in the distance. And there was Hell showing up against the horizon. It was not red like fire nor glowing like embers. I stopped not out of fear of approaching it. On the contrary, I adore it and love to be in physical contact with it, because it is my only sanctuary when you harass me in your three-cornered city … when it appeared to me in the horizon, I nearly went wild with joy. I stopped to contemplate the short cuts to it, and chose the nearest one to its heart, and listened to find out if it had any raging sighs. To my delight I found out that Hell was very quiet, quite peaceful and steadfast like the hills surrounding it. A strange kind of silence fills it with a solemn awe-inspiring atmosphere covering it. I saw no flames in it, only clouds of smoke rising above it. I slid along the slopes towards it joyfully in a hurry to reach it before sunset, hoping to secure a warm bed in its heart before I got hemmed in by the guards of your hell, who were pursuing me crazily, using up-to-date means of detection and pursuit. At last I came within range of Hell and was able to see it quite clearly. And now I can describe it to you exactly as I have seen it, and answer any queries concerning Hell, which I came so close to. Firstly – Hell has craggy, tortuous, dark, mist-capped hills whose stone has been burnt black since time immemorial. I was struck with astonishment to see wild animals on their way to Hell before me. Apparently, they too were deserting you: their life is in Hell; their death among you. Everything around me had melted away except my own self-existence, which I felt stronger than at any other time or place before: The hills broke up and dwarfed away; the trees dried up; and the animals shied off and plunged into the jungles of Hell, seeking sanctuary away from Man. Even the sun seemed to peter out when it was shut off from me by Hell. There was nothing else prominent except Hell, whose heart was the most interesting part of it. So I went headlong towards it without much difficulty. I melted into myself, which in turn melted into me to protect and cuddle each other until we became one new entity for the first time. Not because myself had ever been absent from me, but because your hell gave me no chance to be with it, to contemplate it and to talk lovingly to it. I had always felt that we – I mean myself and I – were like two dangerous criminals in your city, whom you subjected to constant surveillance and interrogation. Even when we were proved innocent and our identity was known, you kept us in prison under special surveillance. Your purpose being to keep me away from myself at any cost so that you might live in peace and quiet. Oh, how sweet hell is, much sweeter than your city! Why did you drag me back once more? I want to return to it, and wish to live there. I do not need a passport to go to Hell, all I need is myself… myself, which I discovered, you have mercilessly maimed in an attempt to spoil its innocent nature! You tried to separate me from myself, but by escaping to Hell I have retrieved it from you. I wish for nothing from you, I leave you with rubbish and dustbins. I have also left you my gold helmet in Cairo… that authoritative helmet which I grabbed from its guardian after I had heard and read so much about it … and learnt that magic rings (desire-satisfying rings) are made of its gold parts … and that whoever put it on would become sultan immediately … and would conspicuously sit on the throne … and that kings, presidents and princes would have to disappear before him. He would be able to bring the little girl Meitigah to life. He would be able to bring back to life all the martyrs, even Omar Al-Moktar, Saadon, Abdul Salam Abu-Meniar, Al-Jalat and others who died honourably as unknown soldiers . And that whoever put it on would have about four thousand million Dinars in cash, which he could spend as he wished. On the whole, he would possess the ( Shobeik Lobeik ) ring which would satisfy all desires: Ask for any kind of weaponry from an ordinary gun to a sophisticated missile, and you have it … call forth even a mirage and it is there at your service, let alone a Mig fighter or whatever you wish, and you could lock up any Englishman and have Mrs Thatcher suffer a snub. At the same time if you put on this magic helmet you could go to sleep lazily even if you saw with wide open eyes a wolf about to attack your sheep. So there you are, you could slumber away among the heaps of litter and rubbish of which creative hobby you seem to be deprived as I hear from the Voice of the Arabs. I have also read and heard that this steel … sorry, I mean magic authoritative helmet was once claimed by Iblis who, bore number 0+1. He laid a claim to it on the pretence that he was an angel, and that Churchill and Truman bore witness to his claim. You were taken in by that lie and fooled by the trick with perdition as the resultant end of your naive conduct until I felt with you in your sorry state of affairs and heard the Friday preacher in your mosques say this prayer, “O, Allah, our sorry state cannot be hidden from you, nor can our helplessness be unclear to you. There is no shelter for us but with you. To you we return. Labbayek! Labbayek!” Excerpt from “Escape to Hell and Other Stories” by Muammar Qaddafi ©Stanke Publishers, NYC 1998
Jazira Chuibekova writes: that blew up the RAT ship with a guns in the port of Zouara (I hope I understood correctly) Bucket bucket URGENT / / Heard a loud explosion in the city of his visitors was the cause of this explosion,
the bombing of a ship loaded with weapons and Aldkhirh, where they Basabh Champions of the Resistance
vessel injury directly at seaJazira Chuibekova: دلوا دلوا عاجل / / سماع دوي انفجار قوي في مدينة زوارة وكان سبب هذا الانفجار تفجير سفينة محملة بالاسلحة والدخيرة, حيث قاموا ابطال المقاومة باأصابة السفينة أصابة مباشرة في عرض البحروالله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدي . Jazira Chuibekova  writes: (hopefully the one with 500 rats, about which wrote the morning) Libyan resistance to News 24/24 (Libyan Intelligence) (Tripoli):
Ambulances at the entrance to vshlom and killed seven rats on the island vshlom
Nikolai Smirnov reported that : the ship was blown up with weapons and ammunition. Although an earlier report
Iskandar-beg, he called the “tanker”. Which reliable source to believe – hard to say. But the people are not talking in both cases.
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Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research on Globalization, noted that Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the UN, was wrong in saying that Russia and China had blood on their hands.“NATO has blood on their hands,” he told RT. “The United States has blood on their hands. Why? Because they have supported an armed insurgency from the onset in March 2011. It is known and documented that this so-called opposition is, in fact, a proxy paramilitary formation, which is supported by the Western military alliance.”


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Professor Rajab Ali Abudabos And Other Libyans Arrested, Tortured, Murdered

Posted on 09 April 2012 by  |


The Libyan regime installed by France, Britain and USA via NATO fire-power continues to hold in indefinite detention countless persons accused of being `Qaddafi supporters` along with false accusations. Most are tortured, many are murdered. A french-speaking Libyan philosopher, Professor Rajab Ali Abudabos, was abducted and held incommunicado by the new Libyan regime that was installed after an almost one year-long war waged by European and American forces to overthrow the direct democracy and socialist Jamahiriya system. With mostly a blind eye being turned toward the horrific crimes against humanity committed by mercenaries on the ground, and crimes against the peace committed by western military powers, news media, human rights and international organizations have been slow to condemn atrocities or even to report on them. This is in spite of the fact that hundreds of sickening snuff videos proliferate on YouTube, proudly taken by perpetrators of murder, rape and torture, and onlookers. YouTube, owned by Google, has only taken actions to remove many of these videos which present clear evidence to any future investigation, and has not seen fit to preserve and provide data for prosecutions. At the end of 2011, Professor Rajab Ali Abudabos was one of those detained and some videos remain of his abduction, up to the point where he is about to be blindfolded: * * …and of the regime announcing his “arrest”: * * The new Libyan government accused him of being a part of the previous regime, and of being a “theoretician” of Qaddafi. It is believed that he is still being held in unknown conditions at the prison of the Military Academy in Tripoli. Under the former regime and Jamahiriya system where the Qaddafi family played leading roles, there were found to be around 200 “political” prisoners, according to human rights organizations after the prisons had been emptied of detainees by the new government. However under the new government, there are estimates in the “tens of thousands” of political prisoners, and with an estimated death toll of around one hundred thousand during the intense fighting last year aimed at installing a compliant “pro-Western” government. An estimated one million Libyans have fled to neighbouring countries as refugees, amounting to some 20% of the population, from what was previously the wealthiest state in Africa, and with an average standard of living higher than that of Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Russia. There are many other professors known to be among the thousands of prisoners held without trial, who did not partake in hostilities, such as Dr Ali Abdalaziz Manaa and Dr Khamis Atbaiga believed to be held in prisons at Misurata. Others such as Dr. Omar Brebsch have been murdered. Dr Omar Brebsch was tortured to death one day after his “arrest” French Language Below:En Français Le professeur Rajab Ali  ABUDABOS — un philosophe libyen francophone — a était arrêté par les (sois disant)révolutionnaires libyans (division la Sécurité Préventive) à Tripoli à la fin de l’année 2011  (je n’ai pas la date exacte), voire les vidéos:

  1. Le moment de l’arrestation à son domicile
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9a5nGNzE3g
  3. L’annonce d’arrestation  par le responsable  de  la Sécurité Préventive de Tripoli
  4.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLHpqoAMFAQ

ils prétextent que M. ABUDABUS  était l’un des hommes de l’ancien régime  et il l’accuse  d’être ( un théoricien de la théorie de Kadhafi ).

  1. Il est toujours (selon notre  source privé) à la Prison de la Académie Militaire à Tripoli
  2. Plusieurs professeur toujours en prison Bien qu’ils n’aient pas pris part à des hostilités comme  Dr Ali Abdalaziz Manaa , Dr Khamis ATBAIGA ( Ils sont toujours à la prison de Misrata) et  la liste est Lang.
  3. L’assassinat des certains professeur  comme  Dr. Omar  BREBSH (Il est torturé jusqu’ à la mort un seul jour après l’arrestation) voir l’article

See French language news coverage in Le Monde:http://www.lemonde.fr/libye/article/2012/02/04/les-milices-a-nouveau-mises-en-cause-apres-la-mort-d-un-ancien-diplomate-libyen_1638878_1496980.html * Source: Mathaba Reloaded & Supported by LibyanFreePressNetwork at http://wp.me/p1DGte-1Im

The helicopter that Crashed in Marzak Transported Members of the Government of NTC

(Shame it was not the whole government!!!!)

Source: ALGERIA ISP  http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/12/libya-the-helicopter-that-crashed-in- marzak-transported-members-of-the-government-of-ntc-april-12-2012/ Libya - The helicopter that crashed in Marzak transported members of the Government of CNT (April 12, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / AkhbarKofra According to Hora (Pro NTC), the helicopter that crashed in southern

Libya to Marzak transported  government members and the NTC. There are only a few wounded.

The pilot and one of the bodyguards had big bruises. (shame even God does not want them!)

Here’s the plane that brought the government delegation of NTC at the airport and then boarded the helicopter that crashed.

A Mirage warplane crashed in Libya

Source: ALGERIA ISP http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/12/libya-a-mirage-warplane-crashed-in-libya-april-12-2012/

ALGERIA ISP / Haraka Elmokawama According to Libya, a WARPLANE typeMirage  CRASHED in the region near Kasr El Hamrouniya Ben Gashir.

The Resistance Fighters have carried out a new Green Operation by commandeered two pickups transporting arms and ammunition in the region Abu Aisha to Souk El Khamis.

A plane flew over the city of Derna, it is assumed as an U.S. drone plane that scans the ground to identify targets. To recap, the city of Derna is controlled by the Al Qaeda.

Resistance and Spiritual War (part 1)

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* I hope that, when the Green Resistance and the Libyan Army regain total control of Libya, that the Libyan people RESUME their committment to the principles that Colonel Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi believed in, taught, and lived by. Two such principles are:

1. Unity, as reflected in his greatest dream: the unity of Africa 2. Independence, as reflected in his strong stance for Libyan independence from the imperialists banking systems. In fact, when the Green Resistance and the Libyan Army soon regain total control of Libya, they should DOUBLE the commitment to the above two principles. Anything less than that will send a signal to the brutal enemies of Libya that Libya had been forced into cowardice. Do not let that happen. Reject union with the West. Look what the West has done to you, Libya. When you regain your freedom and your independence, you should continue the Al-Fateh Revolution until it has made Libya strong again. Then, you should join with such alliances as the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), once your economy is strong again. The best revenge for you will be to CONTINUE Muammar Gaddafi’s work. This will be the ultimate defeat of the West in their failed plans to make Libya crawl. If they suck all of the oil up from under the ground, and leave you without oil, then become a center for the production of solar panels. It was not the oil that made you rich. It was your SOULS and your HEARTS and your MINDS. Libya can, and will, become rich again, whether there is oil there or not. When the people pool together again, as will soon happen, then, in time, wealth will flow again throughout Libya. Create a share-and-care society, as you had before. Do not be tempted to join a DYING Anglo-American [British-American] global economic system that millions of people are now rejected. The BRICS countries billlions of human beings, just counting India and China alone. They have REJECTED the Anglo-American global economic order, at their recent conference, and are in the process of building a new economic order. Everyone knows that the Anglo-American economic order is falling to the ground. And remember this: LIBYA LED THE WAY. That’s right. It is, in part, a SPIRITUAL war that Libya won. NATO rained down the bombs that invoked the invisible forces of nature that lean towards balance and peace. And now, we see the world REJECTING the Anglo-American order. I pray that, when Libya wins its independence, that it turn its back on the West forever, and join with the other countries that have now come to realize that the Anglo-American system is foul, satanic, destructive and dying. Ameen. Allah, Muammar, Libya wa bas!
by Larry Jones – April 10, 2012 *

Misrata letter to Council Regarding the Serious Crimes Against Humanity

Committed  by Armed Groups of the NTC-NATO

Misrata Local Council

Misrata Military Council



Misrata, Libya

Dear Sirs:

Human Rights Watch is writing to its concerns about serious crimes have been and continue to be committed by armed groups in Misrata, some of them amounting to crimes against humanity. As the civilian and military leadership in the city, we urge you to take immediate action to stop the commission of these crimes and to support the prosecution of those responsible. We emphasize that senior officials, as you could be held criminally responsible for ordering these crimes, or for not preventing or punishing them, the courts and theInternational Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

Human Rights Watch has documented human rights violations in Libya since 2005, pushing the former government of Gaddafi to end a series of abuses, including torture, disappearances and political killings. During the uprising last year, we have extensively documented war crimes committed by the pro-Gaddafi in Libya, particularly in Misrata. We went to Misrata documented during the siege and indiscriminate attacks against civilians, attacks on medical facilities, the use of landmines and cluster munitions in civilian areas, arbitrary arrests and torture. We talked about these violations influential governments, United Nations, and the media. And he called for accountability for these crimes after he supported efforts to invoke the jurisdiction of the ICC.

Since then we have continued our work in Libya, documentation of violations of the actors on all sides of the political and military division and calling for those responsible to account. We believe that justice for serious crimes committed by all parties is vital for victims, the rule of law and stability in Libya. Unlike in the past human rights violations should be investigated and prosecuted.

Unfortunately, in recent months have documented serious violations of individuals and groups affiliated with the anti-Gaddafi, committed in a climate of impunity. These violations have occurred in many parts of Libya, but is written today about the serious abuses committed by armed groups that continue Misrata today.

A key focus of our work has been the conditions in detention centers, of which there are at least seven of Misrata today, some led by officials of government agencies and other armed groups and militias. Treatment of detainees in these facilities varies. In some facilities, staff and guards are professionals. In others, Human Rights Watch and other organizations have documented cases of torture and physical abuse, in some cases lead to death. In addition to physical abuse, none of the nearly 3,000 detainees in the area of Misrata have had a proper judicial review, so everyone seems to be arbitrarily detained.

We urge you to end this abuse and to ensure that all detainees are transferred to state facilities in coordination with government authorities. Human Rights Watch is also urging the Government to accelerate its efforts to receive these detainees and given prompt judicial review.

Another serious issue is the crimes we documented Misratan militias against the people of Tawergha, including murder, torture, looting, destruction of property and forced displacement current of about 30,000 people. Some officials have said publicly Misrata’s people must never again Tawergha because of the crimes they committed against the people of Misrata.

Human Rights Watch is aware of the crimes committed during the war Misrata by Gaddafi forces, having documented many of us. We call upon the perpetrators of these crimes are held accountable. However, collective punishment is illegal to keep an entire community to return to their homes because of the actions of some individuals. If the reason for the prevention of Tawerghans return is based on fears for his safety is the responsibility of local and national officials to provide the security they need to return to their homes and to keep those threats against them by accounts. It is also for individual Tawerghans to decide whether to return home, after considering the security risks.

Human Rights Watch is not the only organization to document serious abuses. In particular, the March 2, 2012, the United Nations Commission of Inquiry reached firm conclusions about the abuses against the people of Tawergha. Commission’s final report concluded:

The Misrata  thuwar  killed, arbitrarily detained and tortured by Tawerghans Libia.La Tawergha destruction has been done to make it uninhabitable. Murder, torture and cruel, and looting that occurred during the hostilities constitutes a war crime. When they have continued ever since, which violate international human rights. The torture and murder by Misratan  thuwar  also, given the widespread and systematic manner in which they have occurred here, be able to constitute a crime against humanity, and the facts show crimes against humanity have taken place.

A crime against humanity can be certain crimes committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population – i.e, crimes committed in state policy, or an organization as a militia. Crimes against humanity may include murder, torture, deportation or forcible transfer, arbitrary detention and persecution of a group on political, racial, ethnic or otherwise.

As the civilian and military leadership in Misrata, which have a legal obligation to prevent these crimes are committed by forces under his command. You also have the obligation to support the necessary measures to hold the perpetrators accountable. Failure to do so could result in criminal liability.

United Nations Security Council resolution 1970 gives the ICC jurisdiction over the ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Libya since February 15, 2011.Como such, the ICC could prosecute civil officials, military commanders or persons who effectively act as military commanders for serious crimes committed by the forces or subordinates under their effective command and control. This can happen if the officer or the commander  knew or should have known  that his subordinates or the forces were committing or about to commit such crimes and did not take all necessary and reasonable measures to prevent crime, or to refer the matter to the authorities responsible for the investigation and prosecution.

To end these abuses and crimes in progress, we believe you should take the following minimum measures:

·          An end to abuse in detention centers run by armed groups and militias under its effective control.

·          To support and cooperate with investigations of abuse in detention centers in Misrata and prosecutions by state authorities of suspected misconduct;

·          Transfer all detainees to the custody of the competent authorities of the State;

·          Remove the people responsible for the physical and psychological abuse of detainees in their positions in detention centers, and provide any evidence of such abuse to the competent authorities of the State;

·          To issue immediate orders of the armed groups under their command to stop the killings, arbitrary arrests, looting and destruction of origin Tawergha and in Tomina and Kararim, and make clear that such acts will be treated as a criminal offense;

·          To support and cooperate with investigations of the attacks against the community Tawergha by competent state authorities and the prosecution of those suspected of crime;

·          Ensure that all persons who wish to return to their homes in Tawergha, Tomina and Kararim.

Thank you for your attention. We are ready to discuss these issues further at your convenience.The vision of post-Gaddafi’s Libya was one in which a new government to maintain the rule of law, ensure the protection of the rights of all Libyans, and prosecute those responsible for the criminal acts. We hope that with their efforts, this vision can be realized.


Sarah Leah Whitson

Executive Director

Middle East and North Africa

cc: Attorney General Abdelaziz al-Hasadi

ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo

Posted by Mohamar Al Gaddafi
!> FIRST !> PROLOGUE ! Before you even start watching and/or reading this article, read this:The analysis of this “Unique 240-day of War Aggression Over Libya” – the genocide against the Libyan people is not completely correct!This is more like the text of Wikipedia on the so-called – “civil war” in Libya … …or a magazine article on geo-politics, that is – to paint a picture of political events… BUT – no human suffering and the scale of one of the most monstrous crimes of the 21st century, that any are missing or displayed in a few sentences, but as – indirect victims of any war!Here is what is missing and must be added (If there should be consistency):1) Devil run between Britain and France (I think it was one year before the invasion of Libya) which is planned destabilization of Libya, Libyan and download Gaddafi and in extreme cases – a joint occupation!2) There is no role of the World Jewish Mafia (and the involvement of parasite – Bernard Levy)! facebook.com/photo.php?v=249304155086580 Who is Bernard Levy and what did he do in this so-called “revolution” is entirely omitted !?Not to be missed Zionist demon operating plan, nearly 30 years, invented by the Zionist criminal brain … plan to change the map and the political situation in the Middle East and North Africa !Typical in this plan of Satan is that the Middle East and North Africa should be broken into small, weak and puppet states in favor of – “Great Israel”!The means of achieving this goal is The Destabilization Of The Countries which was still not under the control of the Zionist mafia and was not allowed criminal financial ‘institutions’ and oil ‘corporations’ to plunder their country!Destabilization of these countries methods are mainly to be sparked religious, tribal and ethnic tensions to destabilize the government and break the country!To help benefit under false flag operations, terrorism, political assassinations … all possible measures (characteristic of the criminal Zionist marrow) !This is exactly the reason to use “the methods of the *Clash of Civilizations*” in the first days of events in Benghazi to be sparked as ethnic (mostly in Libya), tribal and political tensions!In Benghazi were muted television, radio and internet emanated propaganda and demonization, the main lie was that “Gaddafi’s regime” has sent thousands of black African mercenaries + ‘Viagra’ will kill and rape … because many blacks liked Gaddafi!That was enough crowd to start lynching of blacks by this – is not accidental, but planned major destabilization tactics!We must never forget the role of criminal organizations and fake “human rights” (associated with Soros) who preached hysteria against blacks, all documented and broadcast in the criminal Zionist media !//*NOTE: “Why Is Gaddafi Being Demonized ?” facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=125708630838908 //3) In this analysis, paying too little attention to the “mysterious” snipers in Benghazi, are mercenaries and special forces of Britain and France (all is explained very briefly in two sentences?)!Right here should be paid much more attention!This is an old tactic of terrorist destabilization in which specially trained mercenary terrorists and special forces working for Western intelligence agencies began a coordinated and deliberate terror – killings of civilians (including women and children)!In these operations under a “false flag” is specific – especially direct (kill) people whose death can cause the most stress and dissatisfaction with the angry crowd, which caused a chain reaction in people who turn to turn people against Government aid in pouring oil on the fire using agitators and hysteria among the crowd + of criminal corporate media, politicians, fake “activist” organizations and fake “human rights”!At the beginning of operations under false flag held in Benghazi is clearly demonstrated and documented the presence of special forces of France and Britain which signals have begun to attack the barracks and police stations and carrying out assassinations of policemen and soldiers (some of it may act war?But the truth is – pure Terrorism and crime against peace and humanity)!Along with attacks on barracks and police stations are carried out and murder of civilians (including women and children) and of course – assassinations of political leaders and supporters of the legitimate Libyan government, the criminal corporate media teach these perversions as – “mode” Gaddafi kills “peaceful protesters” and “peaceful protesters” are infuriated and “self” begins to kill – “loyal to the regime” (ie police and soldiers) and then goes to take revenge on supporters and political leaders Gaddafi .. . who “was responsible” for the “massacre”!Yet the killings of civilians, killing policemen and soldiers (attack the barracks and police stations), the killings of supporters, intellectuals and political leaders of the Libyan – are carried by special units of the Western intelligence services and their mercenary terrorists (portrayed in the media as – “freedom fighters” who came to help their brothers and sisters) !4) Lack of role of criminal organizations such as – “Amnesty International” and “Human Rights Watch” ?!Here is description of their role well – before the events in the aggression and currently
) There is too little attention to the false reports and statements from criminal media!
Mentioned just a little bit about Al-Jazeera and CNN!I think we should give more and more examples, the sequence of events – before aggression, in the aggression … now!So nobody knew how, were first “peaceful protesters”? Then – “militants”? Then the “revolutionaries”? Then “Libyan army” and “Libyan security forces”? How also – “temporary” Tip of the Rat … ? became the … Government of Libya?! And of course – how these “revolutionaries” who are still committing murder and terror in Libya … ? by media organizations and Rat-Government became the “mysterious” armed gangs ???!6) There is no detailed explanation of this – What are the “rebels” !?These are foreign troops from NATO special forces from NATO (+ puppet Arab countries), mercenaries NATO, Libyan criminals (armed) and of course – Libyan idiots + Libyan branch of Al-Qaeda (CIA + Mossad + M5) led to the butcher and British agent Belhadj, who NATO put on military governor of Tripoli after the monstrous massacres in the Libyan capital! (Which the British media and newspapers put his label – “engineer” ), the ratio of “insurgents” are actually Libyans is a maximum – 30%)!7) Incidentally (because now I thought) in the paper clip was Russian which gave ratios between the forces of Gaddafi and NATO … ! I think that if there must be something in this article provides an objective analysis of the war against Libya (and it must)… in which case you need to explain things in the right way, such as in this comment:@NN: ” (((COWARDS)))!!! Know to make a “bold” only when there is a coalition of “willing” + USA! Why UK and French whores not stand alone against Iran or Syria?! Or “brave” soldiers of the British “Royal” (psycho) regime does not go – ALONE against Iran … or Syria?!? Because Syria and Iran is a well-armed army, and these buffoons know just how to attack with more armies of at least 10 NATO countries and some poor tormented by penalties!!! DIRTY COWARDS! Just as you did in Libya! 14 countries + rental + terrorist Al-Qaeda (private army of NATO) + Libyan criminals and traitors!What “great battle”? Libya destroyed and killed thousands … and most importantly – would you like cowards! Never forget this and I advise you when you go to church hypocritical – do not think that one day I will go to heaven? (Better be an atheist!) Otherwise the false and criminal organization “Amnesty” … its lies, propaganda and misinformation that have committed terrible war crimes, including – stirring up war, provoking the military intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign countries + theft of sovereign assets, inciting ethnic tension and causing ethnic cleansing (as in Libya lies ” black mercenaries Gaddafi), genocide (as in Libya, each bearing a green flag – national of Libya – was directed and killed) !The Fall of Tripoli should also explain in detail, because along with the capture of Sirte is the most monstrous crime against humanity in the 21st century! Here is a comment about the capturing of Tripoli:
@NN: “ATTENTION !!! So ! This is a classic PROPAGANDA, in which ADMIT A SMALL proportion of – MAJOR CRIMES !!! “FIVE women and SEVEN children” ???????????? = ((( FUCKING TALKERS ))) !!! Bastards stormed Tripoli in violation of any international laws, UN resolutions and human values! Dirty cowardly terrorists and Zionist bastards would be nine months as cowards and ended the fight as cowards! Britain, France, USA, Israel … along with their other colonial puppet and attacked Tripoli (TOWN OF CIVILIAN) of air, sea and land, the most cowardly even using civilian ships (with lies – “the evacuation of foreigners”) and vessels of “Red Cross” (a lie – humanitarian aid) to get closer to the coast … and they were Dump – Thousands of military – mercenaries, terrorists, Libya, private armies, criminals + specific parts of the foreign armies … who kill, rape and robbery – all of what they want and with the permission of NATO, and during that time were destroyed real defenders of Libya (Libyan army, police and civilian volunteers)! Planes and helicopters fired a few days everything that moves and anyone who defends his country and his family from – foreign invasion and armed terrorists! Thousands of civilians and soldiers were killed and slaughtered thousands of women were raped – killed – and took their gold and jewels! Thousands of people left homeless, parents, mothers, fathers .. no – children, Blaise property, without food and medicine! Terrorists and mercenaries went from house to house where they killed men, raped women, looting of gold and jewels … (((Wreaking havoc and terror))) – just as NATO wants, during which time a special NATO units rose barricades and seize strategic sites (after airplanes were destroyed defenders), and death squads (the CIA and Mossad) were doing assassinations and kidnappings, and bribed or threatened loyal officers and politicians to pass on their side or kill them with their families (many ancient military tactics)! Intentionally breaking apart bridges and facilities, infrastructure and administrative buildings (lie – loyal to Gaddafi threatened to these places “civilians” – that … Libyan army threatens – NATO mercenaries and Libyan armed traitors)! The purpose of destruction – to be “reconstructed” after the war robbed Libyan sovereign assets … BUT – now listed as “loans for recovery!” To destroy any evidence of criminal activities of NATO and the fake “UN”! During the assault on Tripoli (the biggest crime of the 21st century) … Facebook (CIA) had sent me and many other activists “warning” I’m blocked by the administration of Facebook for a period of 10 days and I can post … that is to spread the truth about the massacre of NATO … and that my posts contain insults to communities and in subsequent “offense” would be my – DELETED! Facebook had done this thousands of activists and only waited the signal for a terrorist operation! And with all his arrogance criminal corporate media broadcast propaganda and demonization against the legitimate government of Libya, the Libyan army, politicians and Gaddafi + fake videos of paid actors with fake blood .. who “enjoy” NATO soldiers who rescued them from “Gaddafi mercenaries!” A “cherry” of idiocy was when Joker Ocampo from “ICC” … Announced that Gaddafi and his son were “detained” and they deserve their ‘atrocities’ …. And that bureaucratic rat from the false organization “United Nations” – Ban Kin-moon …. make a call in the media recently that “nightmare” of Libyans – “Gaddafi” will soon be over and the Libyan people – “free”! A few days Tripoli resisted against the occupiers, terrorists and alien invasion (otherwise the media Tripoli was “released” for a night) …. I want to ask – “FIVE women and SEVEN children”??? Are victims and “mistakes” of NATO?? Swine” ! 9) You must have reference to the crimes of “Red Cross” – especially in Sirte, where it was filmed how terrorists with weapons loaded and loaded with food and medicines town! INTENTIONALLY! So not only was not (and never was – even during the Second World War) unbiased, but they are commanded by NATO and its rats on ground! The purpose of the refusal to charge civilians with food and medicines (and treatments for injuries) was to create a humanitarian disaster and the city to surrender, having been without provisions! Crime against humanity! Lie that NATO allowed the rats …. or that Gaddafi forces do not allow (but normally once the trucks have armed terrorists)! NATO could put bombs and rockets constantly …..? BUT … – you could not throw food or medicine? Oh What a perversion! Typical battle of cowards ! 10) The article has very little attention to the deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure! Well – almost all of Libya was destroyed! Hospitals, schools, fishing boats, power, telecommunications, food stores, agricultural lands, government and administrative buildings (complete destruction of documents – now what Libyans do not have proof, which is what …./entire documentation of the Libyan agency for corruption/… and most importantly – there is no evidence the exact number of people killed by NATO and its terrorists – Libyan citizens and soldiers! The purpose of these were destroyed 3: Breaking the social life of the Libyans, making their lives unbearable and turn against the legitimate government after the war to be recovered through loans (with money stolen Libyan assets) to enslave the Libyan people and become addicted, gaining NATO of recovery! 11) What happened to the tribe – “Talurga”? How many of them are alive and how many killed by the wars of “democracy (NATO + Al Qaeda + Rat)? Where are they? And most importantly – WHY they did this happen ??? Maybe you should ask -” Amnesty International “,” Human Rights Watch “and Joker Ocampo (viagra lover) who works in the “show of Soros” (ICC) …. these are the main instigators (ie, associates) in the ethnic cleansing of blacks ! For the murder of thousands of blacks + ethnic cleansing of the tribe “Taluga” …. Who is responsible?
1) Al-Qaeda + Rats? or
2) NATO +” Amnesty”,” Human Rights Watch “and Joker Ocampo – which encourages them, stirred , arming, and helps them clear the way by killing the true defenders of Libyan citizens (Green Army)!
12) Currently in Libya is “controlled chaos” and …. “mysterious” armed gangs ! “Mysterious” militia actually works in order for NATO to instill chaos, strife, terror, intimidation .. and of course – the assassination of “inconvenient” for the occupiers individuals who can organize and raise the people against traitors and NATO! This is the reason for these “mysterious” militia to put a label – “out of control” … ie – NATO and RAT-Government “does not control them” and “not responsible for them!” Everything is “pun” because remember in the beginning of the aggression against Libya, the rats were called – “peaceful protesters”? Then – “rebels”? Then – “revolutionaries” …., but during the terrorist invasion of Tripoli – “Libyan security forces”? Remember that all manipulation and propaganda (Everything is – “playing with words and their meanings”) !!! And please do not be fooled into thinking that such killings and torture made by rats, because the perpetrator is not important, but – Endorser! This is an ancient military – a tactic in which animal to possess, occupy, and most importantly – retain a land and its people …. must be made three things:
1) Sacking,
2) intimidation and terror, and
3) killing of intellectuals! This means that people will be – materially, spiritually and intellectually (not leaders) paralyzed and would take several generations to recover !!!
13) By the way makes no sense to comment on false and illegal – ‘resolutions on Libya “- complete circus and debauchery with the former -” UN “,” Board “Security”, the UN Charter and international law (I did – such miracles exist … they died in Libya)! and although adopted these “resolutions” – were violated by their creators (NATO) as many times and so brazen that at one point they heard the words – “so long … as Qaddafi and Libyan stay in power (ie – Screw the resolutions … I’ll do whatever we want and how you want … I’ll throw bombs and terrorists while putting rats in power!). Well with all my crap, UN afford to vote and choose – national flag, “Government” and the political system against sovereign countries closely – Libya? Absolute black comedy ….. FUCK OF “UN”!
14) In Libya there are thousands of political prisoners (concentration camps … the 21st century?) And daily killings and torture against civilians by all this crime against humanity carried out by “new government” (I did – you were “temporarily”?) .. . mode! Ie – Question to the “International … … civilized galactic community …” is: When will you announce to Rat-Government – illegitimate? When the leaders of the Rat-Government will be accused of “ICC” in crimes against humanity? When will convene a “Security Council” and give “desired” green light from NATO – to attack the rats that threaten the lives of civilians???!
15) Perhaps the answers will get the last “report” to “United Nations” – Here is the long-awaited “report” on the investigation of war crimes of NATO and rats! Dust in the eyes and blah blah blah … ! Rats committed war crimes? Yes, we know this, and as we talk about war crimes no word – genocide and ethnic cleansing! Who led these rats? … ! That is – there will be some convicted as rat have showmanship, and may even sue them virtually … ! Of course the Board of Rats will not be judged for the actions of the rats! Oh Yeah and NATO says … something … Ie – NATO has carried out some “mistakes” – has destroyed a shed, killed two chickens … and an old Negro who “guess” was close to … “military equipment”! Otherwise, “the Commission” is satisfied with the “accuracy” of NATO on saving “millions of civilians,” and in turn – NATO “sorry” for the destruction of – a shack, 2 hens .. and an old negro (“on his guilt”) … and oh yeah – no more rummage in the “past” and to pick the fruits of “democracy”! That’s it! itar-tass.com/c1/357557.html
NATO + Al Qaeda = DemoNcracy !!! How to enslave, rob and destroy a sovereign Country ?!
1) send trained terrorists who kill civilians in order to destabilize!
2) blame the government for the killings and hope people turn against the government!
3) hysteria and false propaganda in the media and organizations for “human rights”!
4) Sanctions and hysteria
5) If people do not turn against the government …strengthen terrorists terror reigns Globalists and more hysteria that the government “continues to” attack “civilians”
6) Robbery of business assets with accusations that are close to government leaders – “guilty of a crime against his own people” and that help their “crimes” (terrorists!)
7) Robbery of the sovereign state assets .. the accusation that “… property regime” and “will keep them for a democratic future”
8) organization charged with fake ‘international’ Court (circus)!
9) “humanitarian” war to protect “civilians” (their own terrorists)!
10) bomb civilians and civilian objects and to terrorize the peaceful civilian population to turn against their government! Objective+
1) puppet government,
2) robbery of sovereign assets and resources,
3) full privatization,
4) Destruction of sovereign banking system and robbery of gold reserves (with the accusation that the “regime” stole it)
5) enslavement by COUNTERFEIT DEBT !
6) Reconstruction of deliberately destroyed – a long,
7) “voluntary” occupation – to protect the loot! Conclusion+
1) do not hold money, assets and business with the West, because one day they will be accused of terrorist or that a citizen of the “terrorist government” and is robbery!
2) Boycott the “media” and goods to countries responsible for aggression! Foreign countries to elected government in a sovereign country – without asking PEOPLE? “Largest democracy” – a big joke! You can spit on international law and UN Charter and respecting all its Sovereignty countries must leave the false organization – “UN” ! This is “democracy” – a big joke! foreign countries to determine who will manage and how to manage sovereign country …..
and put the “ambassador” its agents and traitors … – “Democracy = (((ha ha ha)))?” – “Human Rights” = hypocrisy!”
“Democracy” = looting of resources, and a puppet government, wild capitalism, slavery and genocide!
NATO = World Zionist terrorist organization! Promotion of “democracy and human rights” = schizophrenia! is already clear – the world has no “moral and human values” – there is only greed and hypocrisy! in true democratic majority, determine – who will manage and how you will manage! minority is entitled only to give advice and criticism criticize …
BUT must be culturally and with respect to the majority ! CONCLUSION+ – International laws are dead, the UN is NOT organization of sovereign countries – the puppet government of the global elite of bankers, corporations and military industrial complex! Best bet is the true sovereign and free states to leave the UN and Security Council declared in illegitimate !!! And make ANOTHER organization – the Independent – Free – Sovereign- Nations !!! Each country may join but must prove that its own central bank, government supported by its people and politicians who are not prostitutes !!!
This is really wierd: Gaddafi keeps body of the person who tried to assassinate me 25 years ago
!!>> SECOND !!>> “MAIN” TEXT INCORPORATED IN THIS VIDEO ABOVE !! [google translation of the] *-original source:
” What is unique about the 240-day war/aggresion against Libya ” In the past six months, world attention was riveted on the Middle East to North Africa. The region has become the key point, which rallied the global political, economic, military, informational interests. Now the area is largely determined by the course of world politics for years to come, which makes analysis of the processes that accompanied the development of the war in Libya, is now extremely urgent. That kind of analysis and is Head of the scientific-analytical center on the national security of the Information Agency “Weapons of Russia” Anatoly Tsyganok. Taken together, the territory in which there are now military conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa, took over the area second only to the territory covered by the Second World War. If you do not believe, let’s count: the war in Afghanistan, occupied an area of 652 thousand square meters. miles., the war in Iraq – 435 square kilometers, the war in Yugoslavia – 102 173 sq. m. miles. However, it is worth noting that when an area of 1,759,540 square meters. km, despite the fact that 90% of Libyan territory is desert, Libya is a sad first place.
Do not take a genius to realize that after the events in Libya, and the so-called “Arab revolution” may be subject to powerful pressure (yes in fact already are – what could be there …) Syria and Iran.
Recall that Iran occupies an area of 648,195 square meters. miles., Syria – in 185.2 thousand square meters. miles.
And even with this (!), Libya remains in first place. For the duration of hostilities in the XXI century, the armies held the U.S., NATO, Israel and Russia – the war in Libya is also one of the first places. After all, the Georgian-Ossetian war in 2008 lasted for five days – from 8 to 13 August. Israel’s war against Hamas (in Gaza) lasted 22 days (from December 27, 2008 to January 17, 2009).
U.S. military operation “Iraqi Freedom” in Iraq lasted 25 days (from March 20 to April 15, 2003).
The war Israel and Libya (2006) – more than a month – just 34 days. Practical as U.S. and NATO war in Libya continued 247 days – since the adoption of UNSC resolution March 19, 2011, and before the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 31 October 2011.
It is only inferior to the operation “Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan, which NATO conducts from 7 October to the present.
Detrimental impact on the outcome of the war in Libya, the EU and NATO inflated notions of his own army, its strength and fighting ability, as Muammar Gaddafi was able to resist for a long time. In assessing the situation with regard to matters of state and possible actions of the enemy, was underestimated by the moral and mental state of Libyan troops. U.S. leadership and NATO assumed that after the first attacks the army Gaddafi will collapse, there will be a mass surrender. But in spite of serious losses, the men kept their fighting ability.
The Libyan Army in March 2011 sample and the sample in August 2011 – is very different in tactics, skills and courage of the troops. They quickly learned a lot during the fighting. Thus, the problem faced by NATO and the United States to destroy the actual combat power of the enemy, remained unfulfilled.
U.S. and NATO were unable to establish full control over the coast and the western area of Libya.
By the use of new weaponry war in Libya is second only to the U.S. war in Iraq. In Libya, for example, in combat for the first time participated converted SSGN Florida (underwater nuclear submarine with cruise missiles).
The tactical cruise missile Tomahawk Block IV (TLAM-E) for the first time tested against the real target in Libya. For the first time in real terms have been used and improved delivery of combat swimmers – «Advanced SEAL Delivery System» (abbreviated as «ASDS») or “advanced delivery system groups SSO Navy.”
For the first time in combat operations in Libya tried one of the most advanced aircraft the Air Force Western – fighter Eurofighter Typhoon Air Forces United Kingdom. EF-2000 Typhoon – a multi-role fighter with a canard. Aircraft covered the distance of 3,000 miles there and back, working from bases in Britain.
Thus, the British aircraft raid on its length was the longest since the war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands in 1982. On March 29 the first time used in combat heavily armed aircraft to support ground units AC-130U.
For the first time showed itself in combat and electronic warfare aircraft carrier-based EA-18G Growler U.S. Navy, participating in the installation of radar interference in support of the actions assault the Marines AV-8B Harrier against Libyan tanks. In Libya, it was realized the interaction between American, British and Italian information systems, in particular, receiving intelligence data from the aircraft GR-4A Tornado (UK), equipped with a container of intelligence station RAPTOR, the U.S. means for receiving and processing intelligence. For the first time reconnaissance and search groups in the chain of “Platoon, Company” have been applied and common tactical terminals JTT-B, which allows real-time display derived from satellite and terrestrial channels on the digital map data, or output directly to its own terminal, or on screen connected to it portable. This allowed us to make maximum use of guided weapons, whose use was based on data received via the communication channels in real time from the NAVSTAR KRNS, of electronic and optical reconnaissance. The U.S. military and NATO have used uranium and ArmorPiercing weapons. In this case, the weight of some of the bombs dropped on Libya, was about two tons. Since May 1, to Tripoli were dropped at least 8 vacuum or “special” bombs. Low-intensity fighting. In Libya, coined the term “highway war.” The “highway war” tactics against the rebels or the “logic of the desert war,” was as follows: raid – Strike – rapid retreat without a solid front line. Also, the specific conditions of the war was the lack of front and rear, under the disguise for the militia as close as possible, destroying fuel stations, sabotage action, the defense of the oases, limiting the supply of military equipment, ammunition and fuel for the opposition forces, the destruction of goods at the border with Tunisia and Chad. Average statistical clashes in Libya was a battle the forces of two or three army mouth, maximum battalion.
The intensity of the use of NATO reconnaissance units. In Libya have been deployed units, “Special Forces” totaling about 50 people – 30 soldiers from the 22nd Airborne Regiment, a special service «SAS» and special reconnaissance regiment («Special Reconnaissance Regiment» (SRR). Parts and SOF (special operations forces) in England, France, Italy, UAE and Qatar have begun to act long before the active phase of air operations.
them getting to the rear of the Libyan air mobile troops was carried out as a way of landing troops directly outside settlements for specific tasks, and under “legendirovaniem for journalists”, for which most of the media in Europe, America and Canada provided them with a “roof”. British Soldiers «SAS» Libya for the first month of events had “publicly” to be noted in Libya at least twice.
The first time it was quite successful, as able to successfully evacuate British citizens shortly after the riots. But the second “public”episode was unpleasant for the British MTR: a group of soldiers were detained by rebels near the Libyan city of Benghazi.
Thus, the operation began even before the country’s international coalition agreed to begin air strikes on positions kaddafistov, who started on the night of March 20.
How was it? In Libya, snipers, terrorists opened fire on civilians indiscriminately, but to destabilize the situation. In my opinion, this is a typical method of operation by the CIA. Special intelligence operation the CIA, MI6 and other Western countries to “military assistance” led to the emergence of “opposition” and start fighting the insurgents to the authorities.
NATO representative on September 24 with CNN, said that “… the British, French, Jordanian and Qatari” special forces “in Libya in recent days have begun the active phase of operations in Tripoli and other cities in order to facilitate the movement of insurgents.” Incidentally, the British and French special forces plan to storm developed Tripoli and coordinated actions of rebel forces.
SWAT also provided data on military aircraft to strike and to conduct reconnaissance operations in Tripoli. Storming the government complex “Bab Al Azizia,” the Libyan rebels led by special forces soldiers UAE and Qatar.
The assault Libyan diplomatic mission carried out under the cover of armored soldiers Bulgarian special forces.
NATO intelligence units followed the movements of Gaddafi and put things in aviation to his motorcade. Therefore, the use of special operations forces unit (SIU) has allowed NATO “save” on the big combat brigades that could be “bogged down” in the conduct of ground combat operations.
By the number of mercenaries and private military organizations, the war in Libya is one of the first places. During the war, Libyan Muammar al-Qadhafi accused in the use of mercenaries has been a favorite technique of propaganda rebel Transitional National Council (PNC).
The rebels and their Western allies have argued that the leader of the Libyan Jamahiriya, “bought” soldiers with half the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa, and then we went to the soldiers of fortune in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. However, the Institute of mercenaries has always been a part of Libya’s military machine.
All foreign wars, the main striking force of the Libyan expeditionary force was almost always the Islamic Pan-African Legion – mercenary structure, formed on the principle of the French Foreign Legion.
Of up to seven thousand people, formed by volunteers and mercenaries from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Tunisia.
Although the actual composition of the Transitional National Council (PNC), a group of companies involved three military services of mercenaries. The first real private armies directly planned and carried out military operations in the interest of the client. Second, as a consulting company and trained troops, and advised PNC.
Third, as a logistics company, was carried out logistical support, construction and maintenance of complex weapon systems. Former military «SAS», that after the “alleged dismissal” came to work in the private military company in Libya, also participated in the fighting in this country.
“Mercenaries” of private military companies were ordered to reveal in Tripoli Gaddafi and his family members and close them. Among the rebel ranks of British and French military experts were not entirely clear – whether they are officers of the regular army or retired, employed by the Ministry of Defence or a private company in the public interest (read: mercenaries). The use of old and modern camouflage technology.
It is likely that modern technology camouflage army Muammar Gaddafi could buy on the illegal arms markets.
Most of the heavy military equipment, Colonel Qaddafi was saved from the bombing, before hiding it in a giant underground labyrinth of the world’s longest irrigation system which is the official name of the Great Man-Made River.
The Libyan “Vodostan”, located at great depth, and extends for 4000 kilometers in the desert, was a “great artificial river” that Gaddafi has constructed over 25 billion dollars in debt without taking a single cent from the IMF and World Bank (what a bad example for the developing countries).
Another “surprise” was the complete lack of NATO and U.S. intelligence on the disguise of military equipment. By the use of information technology the U.S. military is the most advanced in the world. Her intelligence centers continually recycle the huge amounts of information coming from satellites and unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. But, nevertheless, the pilots of France and Italy admitted that dropping bombs on unknown objects.
For example, the opinion of naval officers from the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”: “Gaddafi’s army uses this disguise that NATO planes are often unable to either attack or locate military forces and their equipment.”
“We had never met such a skill and resourcefulness, which often forces Gaddafi” – said the commander of an aircraft carrier wing, who identified himself as Hervey. The presence of such a system cover is one of the reasons that the Libyan army ground forces suffered almost no losses. In fact, the outcome of the war proved that the Army camouflage technology Gaddafi can deceive and frustrate the modern high-tech means of space and aerial reconnaissance. At least for a few years in the future success of these Air Force will not be decisive. The uniqueness of the Libyan war, lies in the fact that no less effective than military action, used bribery and financial funding of the general’s family to escape. In the XXI century, this is the second operation, which reached financial weapons than air operation and the blockade of the coast.
Almost repeats the first operation in Iraq, where the major role played by the CIA to bribe commanders of military districts. In Iraq, the commanders of the eight cases, only two corps to war with a coalition group, and six had betrayed Saddam. The CIA paid for the betrayal and ensured removal of families from Iraq in the final stage of the operation, when four army corps during the week surrendered to American troops.
The most typical for this stage of delivery of a U.S. Army Corps battalion. And the hometown of Saddam Hussein was “captured” a group of television CNN. A similar situation is emerging in Libya. NATO, realizing that the air operation nearly failed and did not allow the rebels to seize power, they went the other way. Thus, the main efforts were focused on the actions of the CIA, intelligence and special operations in France, Britain and Italy. But these actions, including bribery and were the military and diplomats. In general, this principle can be described as: “Do not get bombed, we apply the financial arms.”
Already it is known that the Italian intelligence exported to Italy, a family of five generals, government forces of Libya. Also, the Italian intelligence work was carried out with approximately 100 Libyan soldiers. Bribery and desertion. Move ground forces to the opposition and cases of desertion of military pilots to Malta, together with the aircraft are completely natural phenomenon.
Abdul Fatah Yunis, one of the companions of the Revolution Muammar Gaddafi in 1969, all 40 years was known as a “man number 2” in the informal tables of ranks and more than 20 years in the rank of General of the Army stretch served as minister of internal affairs, regardless of “the most hard-line supporter of against the opposition. ” However, 22 February 2011, he defected (officially it is considered that “resigned”) from Tripoli to Benghazi and joined in leading to a person by their military police.
In February 2011 the Libyan war divided.
In May 2011 the officers threw their units, disappearing in an unknown direction, and the soldiers who do not understand what they are fighting, started a wholesale desertion. The discontent of a large part of Libyan troops was caused by the fact that Colonel singled out among them “friends” and, accordingly, paid them more. In the XXI century is the second time, after Iran, the victory of the financial arms. So, what to prefer: the NATO bombing, or finance? Apparently “the victory over Libya”, for the outcome of the war should pay a premium financiers in Washington, London, Rome and Paris. The influence of information warfare on the plan and strategy in the storming of Tripoli. For the first time in the XXI century information warfare repeated the events of July 18, 1936 in Spain. “Above all Spain the cloudless sky,” or in Spanish: Sobre toda España el cielo está despejado – to established opinion, the password (call sign) to the beginning of the military rebellion against the Second Republic in Spain. This phrase, as used in the transfer station, “Ceuta” July 18, 1936, was the signal for the simultaneous joint action of war throughout the country, which was the beginning of the Civil War, 1936-1939. In Libya, as a similar signal for the storming of Tripoli are staff “victory” of the rebels, taken in Qatar and featured channels “Al Jazeera” and CNN. However, it has been known in advance about the scenery of the Green Square in Tripoli, the desert near Doha. These shots and became the signal for the attack for the rebels, and saboteurs. Immediately after that, all over town “sleeper cells” of the rebels began to establish checkpoints to break into the command and officers of the apartment, not betrayed Gaddafi.
The cost of the war in Libya.
Afghanistan was worth about U.S. $ 10 billion a month. In general, the war in Afghanistan “otgryzla” from the U.S. budget $ 500 billion. Financial losses of the war in Iraq, according to estimates by Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics, have become enormous. Only the first 10 days of hostilities in 2003 cost the U.S. $ 5.5 billion. Direct and indirect losses as of that war were treated in 6 trillion. dollars.
As for Libya, according to official data from the USA, Britain and France spent to fight the regime of Gaddafi’s 2 billion dollar (at the end of September). However, it is possible that this figure is too low: according to independent expert Francis Tusy, a UK only spent the war 2.7 billion dollars, far more formal settlements. Muammar al-Gaddafi was on the verge of creating a new banking system in Africa, which threatened to leave the “not in African affairs,” the IMF, World Bank and various other Western banking institutions. Instead, it appeared the African investment bank with a capital of 42 billion dollars, would provide large loans or even a paltry zero interest. Gaddafi has decided to try again to General de Gaulle – leave the area of paper money and go back to gold and swung at the main value of the modern world – the banking system. The financial theft. War is characterized by a rare theft and revision of Western Europe and the USA’s own commitments in relation to the assets of another country – Libya. The former chairman of the Central Bank of Libya Farhat Bengdara, who escaped to the West in March 2011, stated that at the time the government Muammar Gaddafi possessed no more than $ 500 million in cash, gold reserves were about 155 tons. This is despite the fact that by the end of 2010 Libya possessed holdings in foreign banks and in the country amounting to 150 billion dollars. Part of the funds frozen under UN sanctions. The economic crisis has affected the United States “on a grand scale,” which, in turn, also served as the primary cause to wage war propyl “inconvenient” Gadhafi, and at the same time, a great opportunity to create the perfect backdrop for “raiding the U.S. banking,” or – appropriation of money from the assets of Gaddafi. The U.S. Congress was preparing a bill that opens the Libyan opposition access to frozen assets in the U.S. Muammar Gaddafi, as expressly stated Senator John Kerry. So, everything is very simple. In a crisis, there will be no money at the expense of American taxpayers, and most of Colonel Gaddafi. Previously, stability, and guarantee the anonymity of contributions were three pillars of the banking system of Old Europe, which, unfortunately, did not you say in light of recent events. Libyan Company Information “overshadowed” number of reports of that has already begun the withdrawal of funds from U.S. banks and European governments of Indochina and Latin America. Long-term consequences for Europe is still ahead. Democracies robbed Libya for more than 60 billion dollars, which were kept in their banks! Mites of these funds were transferred to the Libyan Transitional Council. Rare bloodlust and murder of prisoners of war were distinguished soldiers of the Transitional Council. First, the rebels captured Qadhafi and his security prisoner. Lynch mob raging Qaddafi: his body is stuck his stick from behind, brutally mocked at him for several hours. Then Gaddafi was shot. After that, the Libyan leader’s body was placed in an industrial refrigerator and on display. Deco was the Europeans to see that the fridge with the body of Muammar Gaddafi lined up many kilometers queue. But even more wild it seems that all this happened at the absolute non-interference of those who do advocate for human rights, democracy and the law! And not only with non-interference, but still “under supervision” of most Europeans. Combat and civilian casualties. In Afghanistan (June 2011) – were lost 2547 soldiers of the coalition. In Iraq, for six weeks of the war coalition losses were 172 killed (including 139 Americans and 33 British). The loss amounted to 9200 the Iraqi army Iraqi forces. During the Second Lebanon War have died: 1347 people (1187 Lebanese and 160 Israelis. This is against the backdrop of the fact that Israel’s war against Hamas (in Gaza) – died 1057 (1054 Palestinians and 13 Israelis), 4800 people were injured in Gaza and 120 Israelis (as of 17.01.). Israel killed up to 100 times less than the Palestinians. In Yugoslavia in 2000 were killed civilians, wounded 7,000. The number of refugees during the NATO aggression – 750 thousand people. The loss of Iraqi civilians – 7300 civilians. In Afghanistan (June 2011) the loss of civilians according to «Independent» ranged from 14 to 34 thousand lives. During the second Libyan war killed 4145 soldiers and supporters of the National Transitional Council of Libya, 3144 are missing. 2114 soldiers were killed by Muammar Gaddafi, and 812 more were taken prisoner. As of July the Libyan Red Cross, more than 1400 civilians were killed in NATO bombing, including 400 women and children. During the Civil War, according to Minister of Health in Libya NPCs on both sides killed at least 30,000 people (according to other estimates, 50 000) and more than 50,000 were injured and about four thousand are still missing. The total number of refugees during the armed conflict in Libya amounted to more than 400,000 people. The victims of the bombing far exceeded the number of victims of civil war in Libya. The collapse of the economy and the environmental damage of Libya. Because of the Civil War and the NATO operation 240 days the economy has lost more than $ 14 billion. As stated by the former Minister Shokri Ghanem, the country’s oil, to restore the oil industry, Libya’s most important to the economy, will require at least 3-4 billion dollars. To determine the real extent of damage to the ecology of Libya is not yet possible. After NATO’s use of concrete-uranium bombs in the northern territory of Libya, having an elevated (at times) the radioactive background. This will have serious consequences for the local population. So, I tried to give you the uniqueness of the Libyan war, in several respects. Unfortunately, for many, not most parameters show partiality, it is in the top line of creepy “charts” wars of recent years. In particular, the war in Libya once again showed that absolutization military force does not eliminate the solution of political problems, but rather postpones this decision based on time or exacerbates these problems with new contradictions. Almost everywhere, where U.S. and NATO used military force, the problem is not solved, but rather create new ones. The conclusion is clear. As long as the world political arena to be “brute force” and will make decisions concerning only private economic interests without a thorough attention to the opinion of the rest of the world community, there is no “democracy” is not in sight. Right say, the term “democracy” in the present conditions greatly transformed and almost discredited, as has become synonymous with “permission”, a unique tool for justifying all the horrors of war and violence. The latest sad example of what has become, and the situation in Libya.
Anatoly Tsyganok
———————————————————— ‘!!!
>>> THIRD !!! *-comment by Libyan citizen: ” Voice of Libya Democracy in Libya with New style , we used to hear from News Channels that NATO helps Libyans to be a democracy country and to protect civilians , all for what ? Media Says for democracy , for protecting civilians from Gaddafi forces , since 17-02-2011 Gaddafi forces protecting Tripoli , nobody got killed in Tripoli at that era , no girl got raped , it was safe although NATO was bombing Libya , but we feel safe , that’s right we hear rockets of NATO destroying schools , destroying hotels , hospitals , targeting civilians , but it’s safe , yes we feel safe because Gaddafi and his forces was looking after us ,till 22 -08-2011 the Capital turn from safe place into very dangerous place , NATO was dropping papers at that night Telling people don’t worry we will protect you , they will help you , what a protect ? what a help ? storming flats is a protect ? or kidnapping poor girl only for rape ? or stealing a car is a help ? NATO released those dogs in the city after a huge bombing . Protecting Civilians are to kill them . where are the so called NTC ? aren’t they government as West media says ? Well I know very well that NATO collect group of dogs and they recognized them as Libya government only to have money in banks legal way , only to take Oil Legal way , yes legally front of public they say Libya government contracted with UK , France and USA Petrol companies , this fake government has no power , Because power still with Libyans , yes Millions of Libyans have the will of Gaddafi , yes I’m proud to be from Gaddafi forces , yes Gaddafi forces are Millions ,although media call them Gaddafi loyal forces that’s enough for us to have name , Gaddafi loyal , Gaddafi forces , Gaddafi fighters , call us whatever you want to , but we fight for Gaddafi , because he is the hero , revolutionary , and we will apply his Ideas . we will fight until we clean our land from Americans and NATO rats , we will fight till the end of life , we will raise up from sand , Fire of our anger will burn you alive and if you back alive you will find Gaddafi forces ready to defeat you again and again . As he used to say , we will say Go To Hell NATO and it’s dogs . VIVA Gaddafi “
– – – – – – – – – –
P.S. – / I want to include a criticism of the article in RT and miserable policy in RT to developments in Libya, because if anyone has noticed – RT is not in Libya – only take news from NATO !? / Incidentally, if you read the article will think that this is a decision of the Libyan people!? NO SUCH THING! “Thousands” of tribal leaders (with Kalashnikov rested in his head and threatened by private army of NATO – Al-Qaeda (…. “were” decided …? Who decided this? Well, of course, NATO! Read Zionist Plan – “Clash of Civilizations” (the site of Terry Mason has it) … and will find out who, why and how these make them tear Libya! Otherwise, while the Libyan land is even a soldier of NATO, a hired terrorist , a killer of private armies ….
domestic and foreign policy of Libya – not dictated by the Libyan people! Everything else is “pun!” Read only and other crap .. for example, that the east is formed another army which is not to rat-Council and she would battle for nevtenite fields … and like Libya is divided into 3 parts! … Of course all these armies of “revolutionaries” in the east, west, south .. everything … they are hired terrorists and idiots who are paid to kill each – other (including attacking soldiers from NATO), the goal is always be CHAOS, destruction … and the impression that the Libyan people seeking such separation and of course – that NATO needs to .. shall restore order (to keep oil and to quell uprisings)! pity that TV has become RT 50% a prostitute because the media really gives unprecedented platform for journalists to speak and said other terms … BUT – it has no MOT on the place of events? Gone in Libya, including in Syria! RT still spinning bar that NATO gave them to run when broadcast news from Libya (if one is pay attention)! To recommend this site – libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com – (which I respect) not to quote more RT because RT articles on Libya – written by NATO !!!
Federico Dal Cortivo (Europeanphoenix) interviews Joe Fallisi, testimonial for the petition calling for withdrawal of President Obama’s Nobel Peace PrizeQ: Mr Fallisi, you were the only Italian to submit a denunciation to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome that calls your government to account for its decision to unconstitutionally wage an undeclared war against Libya. You have frequently denounced the atrocities committed against Libyan civilians by NATO. You now officially support the international petition launched by the Ivorian People’s National Congress for withdrawal of President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.What is your stance on this question?A: According to my legal advisor, the courageous lawyer, Luca Tadolini, the procedure (see
) appears to be under way and has (as yet) not been dismissed by the judicial authorities. A public court hearing may be held in the near future. In regard to the denunciation and petition (see
), I would like to point out immediately that our sole intention is to remove the ‘muffler’ imposed by all the aligned, embedded, media which has stifled all efforts to make known current developments within the Jamahiriya, now under the yoke of Western predators and monsters with a burqa instead of a brain. Al-Jewzeera, al-Arabiya, BBC, CNN, ANSA, and other “agencies” of this kind have concealed the events in Libya – just as they have, by the way, concealed events in the Ivory Coast. They conceal with the same eagerness that they display when spreading falsehoods. Actually, our society is most definitely a society of spectres and the Ersatz (see
 – 06:53…,
). It is a society in which representation and hermeneutics have been deleted from reality as it is presented to a public made up of subjects of the televised realm. Reality has been replaced by an ad hoc artificial “narrative”. This is black magic. It is a nightmare. Like ghosts, this black magic will melt away in the light of day. We need only rouse ourselves from our slumbers, inform ourselves, speak out, and act on our own initiative. But today’s society is also the “open” society – the society of the Emperor-With-No-Clothes (see
 – 14:34…). As Sven Lindqvist argues, “It is not knowledge we lack. What we lack,” rather, “is the courage to understand what we know and to draw conclusions”. It is all before us – the most tremendous horror. It is before our very eyes – but our eyes have been glazed over. Even the most horrendous acts. Perhaps these more than anything else. Look at the martyred nation, Libya, now shattered (see
/). The whole world bears witness to the most terrifying crimes and acts of racism. Youtube is chock-full of the snuff videos shot by torturers and murderers. These are the equivalents of the homemade films that came out of Abu Ghraib which the US goons sent to each other on their mobile phones. One function is this. It creates a sensation of the banality of evil. Evil becomes a part of our collective imagery. As imagery, this evil has become our standard – a necessary (and inert) part of our staple diet. Another function is the power of these videos. They are a warning put out to the dwellers of Ingsoc and the Proles: as soon as you stray from the beaten path of Doublethink and Newspeak you’ll land up with a number instead of a name. You’ll be swallowed up entire by the Miniluv and its Thought Police. Just like any other Winston Smith (see George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Secker & Warburg, 1949).Q: In your opinion, can any ethical worth still be attached to the Nobel Peace Prize? Or do you think it’s now just a Hollywood-style Oscar ceremony? Obama, for example, who has done absolutely nothing to alter the aggressive policies of the United States, and who’s still being touted by a certain political milieu of progressives – here in Italy – as a great man and a man of peace. Don’t you think all this makes a mockery of Peace?A: Historically, “Barack Obama” (Barry Soetoro, see
is one of the most criminal Presidents America has ever seen. Even worse than Bush Jr. (cf.
He’s the right man in the right place. In our truly Orwellian times, in which everything has been reverse-engineered (peace = war, war = peace etc., see
), he is the kind of leader-cum-Nobel Prize winner we need. He’s “black”. He’s a knight in shining armour who’ll leap to the defence of gays in distress. He’s very fake. But he’s also a real tool in the hands of his ‘handlers’. He’s both a murderer and a “humanitarian”. He’s both a “democrat” and the harbinger of the era of gulags and the police state for the citizens of the Nation he stands at the head of (see
). However, there is a fundamental difference between the regime that Orwell had in mind and today’s 1984. Supreme tyranny has cast off the pall of greyness that was part and parcel of Orwell’s imagined world – Bolshevism and Stalinism. Tyranny now wears the many-coloured cloak of Hollywood. As they bone you like a chicken, and reduce you to ash, the agents of Kosherbig Brother split their sides laughing. And the face they present to you is a persuasive, familiar, reassuring face. It’s all for the good of each one of us. Everything will be alright in the end. It’s a film. A dream. The (mandatory) happy ending is just round the corner. Trust us. Sit yourself down in front of your TV. Doze off. Slide into a cathodic torpor. When you wake up in the morning and find your world is radioactive, you’ll thank us for it.Q: The petition, already a forceful document, also demands that Hillary Clinton be arrested by the International Criminal Court for “war crimes”, for ordering Gaddafi’s capture and death. The United States and NATO wanted the war on Libya and this is just the latest of such wars. Before Libya we had Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia. Do you agree?A: Yes. The witch of Hamburgerland, too, is a paladin of “human” and “minority rights”. Worldvision caught her sniggering as she watched the barbarous lynching of Muammar Gaddafi. If she should ever appear before an even Higher Court, perhaps her behaviour on that occasion, in itself, will justly seal her fate. Our time on this Earth is brief. Hillary Clinton’s final hour will come soon enough (just as it will for her peers, and for the philosophe de la morgue, Bernard-Henry Lévy, true eminence – not grise but noire – behind the Libya campaign). The Libyan catastrophe is of fundamental importance, while also providing the model for future stages in the globalists’ plans to steamroller the planet. The usuro-crats are seeking to obtain the same results in Syria, using the same means (tell-lie vision, Soros-backed NGOs, bands of fanatic cutthroats). There is a detail here which shows you just how Orwellian all this really is. As in Libya, truly massive demonstrations were held in protest against all attempts at “regime change”, against foreign interference and against the terrorists on the CIA-Mossad payroll… and 78% of Americans are also against war (see
/). But the “democrats” of our society of spectres have decided otherwise. If Russia and China fail to oppose the UN’s demands, as they failed over Libya, the imperialist scum will launch another attack against yet another free, independent, secular State. The “humanitarian” henchmen are straining at the leash… if Allah exists, may He protect the people of Syria!Q: Do you think there is such a thing today as a court which is “super partes”, before which all peoples are accorded the same dignity, and which upholds the rules of international law and conventions? Because it seems the people who sustain international law are selective as to where and to whom it should apply (i.e. only against those they consider their foes). And yet they themselves should stand accused, just as others have stood accused in the past (the Serbian generals and President Milosevic, whose only crime was defence of their own nation from the attacks of NATO). And the Serbians been condemned by the Hague Tribunal. Don’t you think we should abolish these hideous juridical constructs, modelled on the Nuremberg trials? Once upon a time wars were at least called wars, and not hypocritically labelled “humanitarian intervention”, and the rules were those established among States. The UN, too, is now the plaything of the United States and of the other four permanent members of the Security Council. You can appeal to the Security Council, but it’ll get you nowhere. Look at Israel’s unpunished crimes.A: I agree, totally. Orwell’s prophetic novel got its name by inverting the numerals of the year in which it was written. We have good reason to believe that the Big Brother regime was already taking shape in 1945, three years before the book came out. At Nuremberg, for the first time in history, the representatives of the victorious powers passed judgement over the losers – before the blood had even dried which they themselves had barbarously and criminally shed (the Dresden and Hiroshima raids etc.). This was just the start. Over the next five years, the Germans were subjected to mass ethic cleansing campaigns (see
). And the “democrats”, the “progressives”, the “anti-Nazi” party haven’t stopped – one genocide after the next… Palestine, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya (cf.
)… The Hague Tribunal is the politically-correct resource in their arsenal. Our petition is anything but an acknowledgement of legitimacy. It aims to bring out the true nature of the machine – the machine that currently imprisons Laurent Gbagbo, the legitimate President of the Republic of the Ivory Coast. And you can bet your bottom dollar the Tribunal won’t lift a finger against the butchers of Libya!Q: The people behind the petition also say that Sarkozy and Cameron should be prosecuted for war crimes. Sarkozy and Cameron were most certainly the prime henchmen in the entire operation, and they had no regard for the civilian population whatsoever. The campaign was conducted by France and Great Britain, inspired by the same plundering mentality which has guided all their past colonial adventures. Especially the British, whom the President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, recently called “pirates”. May I have your thoughts?A: I was talking about Anglo-Judeo-America (cf.
). It includes today’s France, which has now fallen so low (De Gaulle must be spinning in his grave!). It’s a united anti-European front of (racist) raiders, neo-colonialists, imperialists. It’s the enemy of humanity and nature. They can say what they like and drape themselves in whatever colours please them most, but those who have eyes to see shall see. And see them exactly for what they are.(April 2012, translation by Alexander Synge)——-see:

War Crimes in Libya and the Hypocrisy of International Law

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War Crimes in Libya and the Hypocrisy of International Law

War crimes and the change in Libya March

By:  Michael Collins

Foreign Policy  has just published a summary of the weapons has contributed to the Libyan rebels in an effort at regime change.  The e-Journal is a publication of The Washington Post.  Colum Lynch,  April 4 article  is based on the  report UN on March 20  the Security Council by a UN  panel of experts appointed to monitor the UN resolutions and responses from the beginning of the conflict.

These two paragraphs, non-controversial in the world of creation, will be surrounded by clear violations Principle VI (a), (b) and (c) of the Nuremberg Principles,affirmed by the UN General Assembly.

“As Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi forces were preparing to crush the uprising in Libya in Benghazi last summer, Britain, France, Qatar, UAE, U.S. and other allies moved quickly to reinforce the rebel forcesbesieged.

“With military supplies, training tips, and of course, supported by warplanes of NATO – the coalition government provided critical support to change the course of the conflict, ultimately leading to the fall of Gaddafi . “  Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy, March 4

It’s right there.  The rebels were getting their clock cleaned by the legal government of Libya.  The Security Council approved a UN  humanitarian  mission led by NATO to protect civilians Libyan based almost exclusively on the evidence of a questionable source, an activist who was among a group of rebels in Libya.

NATO, Qatar and the UAE supplied tons of cash and materials, and an air force, the rebels.  Through Qatar’s troops on the ground, NATO, the Air Force was able to coordinate air strikes, in effect, Libyan rebels dragged across the finish line.  In  this process , a sovereign nation was attacked without provocation.  Thousands were killed, many more maimed, with incidents of  ethnic cleansing documented .

These acts violate the  Nuremberg Principle VI

(a) Crimes against peace (i) and (ii) – “waging a war of aggression”,

(b) War crimes – “wanton  destruction  of cities, towns or villages , or devastation not justified by military necessity, “and

(c) Crimes against humanity,” the deportation and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, or  persecutions  on political,  racial  or religious reasons … “

Principle III states that “the heads of state” is made to account for these violations.  Send the NATO leaders participating in the Hague and let it out.  If you do the crime, is not far.

The excuse for war was the alleged bloodbath in Rwanda!, That Gaddafi inflicted on the rebellious cities.

Nations, NATO knew that this would not be the case, based on Gaddafi’s behavior before the attack NATO.   Alan J. Kuperman  debunked the myth of a humanitarian mission:

“But the intervention did not prevent genocide, because there is no bloodshed as was in sight. On the contrary, encouraging the rebellion, U.S. interference has prolonged the civil war in Libya and suffering resulting from the innocent.

“The best proof that Gaddafi did not plan the genocide in Benghazi is not committed in the other cities that had recovered completely or partially -. As Zawiya, Misurata and Ajdabiya, which together have a population of over Benghazi”   Alan J. Kuperan, false claims of war in Libya?  Boston Globe, March 14

The  full report of the United Nations  is worthy of detailed study.  It documents the assault on Libya from the organization authorizing the assault.

The change in March

We are done with the years of indefinite delay from the end of a foreign war to the point where the truth comes out.  It will not take three decades to find out what really happened in the  last  Gulf of Tonkin (the lie that got underway in Vietnam).  The behavior of leaders, the greed of Wall Street banker clients-large and a  real unemployment  rate of 22% are daily realities of citizens.  Why should we greet any of the major projects submitted without the initial disbelief?

The number following are all poll March 2012.  Majorities  oppose  aid and intervention in Syria, support immediate withdrawa  l of Afghanistan, and  oppose  the provision of military aid to Israel if Israel launches an attack on Iran .  A  near majority favors  bringing the troops home from Europe, ie, sterilization of NATO.

While the rulers seek to honor the will of the people, people really shown some willingness.  They are moving rapidly beyond the litany of lies that are aware that many serve to very few.

It is time to reflect on what our leaders have done and make sure you receive the message.  Your time is up.  Leave without delay.


Recovered stolen Libyan money by the rats, plenty of money is being recovered every day territory
is recovered from the rebels, green army is very busy in action.

  http://www.alwatanvoice.com/arabic/news/2012/02/18/249785.html#.Tz_MLX9-SgY.facebook 18/ 02 / 2012

Gaddafi supporters carrying the largest peaceful civil disobedience

in the history of Libya: the absence of thousands of employees and

thousands of students remained seated-free

  • Date of publication: 18/02/2012
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Tripoli – minimum home Said As’ad Ambah Aboqilh journalist and author Libby independent in a press statement, told the world home:’re still following up every nook and cranny from the scene Libi, who is witnessing great strain in Libya and on the border with Niger since the word Saadi Qadhafi, Al-Arabiya which warned Saadi, son of Muammar al-Gaddafi uprising in Libya He was in constant contact with citizens in Libya angry at the authorities, which took power after the overthrow of his father and killed him has Knanscherna news foil the largest bombing in the city of Misurata was planned by al-Gaddafi, the new scene in Libya and as the movement source center Libyan calls supporters of Gaddafi to the largest rebellion civilians taking place in Libya in its history on Wednesday approved 15/02/2012 spark a revolution starting on the seventeenth of February, according to sources continue to deliberate, the March of next month in what was known in the memory of the Qaddafi regime announced by the power of the people, in which the Muammar Gaddafi to step down and wealth and weapons to the Libyan people in 1977 and started the manifestations of civil disobedience, peaceful in the Libyan capital of Tripoli and the evident reluctance to thousands of workers from going to work from supporters of Gaddafi has been monitoring the absence of a large number of students and teachers from schools and universities in different cities of the Libyan and confirm that the high abstention rate for students from Ansar al-Gaddafi and reached to 70% and remained seated for free camping sadness and the smile is absent from their fellow supporters of the rebels as the absence of monitoring of employees of the security and police and the army of supporters of al-Qadhafi.

He said Assad Aboqilh that the announcement of civil disobedience is a declaration of cold war on rebel forces and the
Transitional Council and the Libyan government and accounts for supporters of Gaddafi, especially some who was not
involved in shedding Dmeallepien they are wrong from the rebel forces and NATO hailed landed a large number of the
victims were outside the battlefield and that the goal of Civil disobedience is to hit the economy and flood the state in
debt to force it to stop some unknown armed groups continue to arrest and torture and murder of supporters of al-Qadhafi.
While civil disobedience there is a war on the pirates of the Web sites enable supporters hailed the rebels and the army
Gaddafi-mail to the former regime’s destruction of a number of sites has been suspended Al-Watan newspaper site Libyan
Jamahiriya largest sites for work despite the fact that the site independently.
He concluded by As’ad Aboqilh saying seems that the cold war or civil disobedience, peaceful effect on the country, making
the adviser Mustafa Abdul Jalil in a press statement calling for the need to return the staff and all employees of the security
and police and army to their jobs and Libya for all is known in what continues to the Libyan government through the media
and companies communication appeals to the Libyans need to return to work.
From the Cold War to NATO’s “Humanitarian Wars” – The Complicity of the United Nations
By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Global Research, April 4, 2012
Humanitarian wars, especially under the guise of the “Responsibility to Protect (R2P),” are a modern form of imperialism. The standard pattern that the United States and its allies use to execute them is one where genocide and ethnic cleansing are vociferously alleged by a coalition of governments, media organizations, and non-governmental front organizations. The allegations – often lurid and unfounded – then provide moral and diplomatic cover for a variety of sanctions that undermine and isolate the target country in question, and thereby pave the way for military intervention. This is the post-Cold War modus operandi of the US and NATO.In facilitating this neo-imperialism, the United Nations has been complicit in the hijacking of its own posts and offices by Washington.Former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan has been appointed a “special peace envoy” with a mediating role in Syria. Yet, how can Annan be evaluated as an “honest broker” considering his past instrumental role in developing the doctrine of R2P – the very pretext that has served to facilitate several US/NATO criminal wars of aggression? Furthermore, the evidence attests that the US and its allies – despite mouthing support for Annan’s supposed peace plan – are not interested in a mediated, peaceful solution in Syria.From the Cold War to Humanitarian WarsAs the Cold War began to wind down in the late-1980s and early-1990s, NATO saw the opportunity that would arise from the geopolitical vacuum following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc. Not only did NATO begin transforming from a defensive organization into an offensive military body, the US-led alliance began to embrace a supposed humanitarian mandate for this purpose. It is through this purported embrace of humanitarianism that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was able to change into an offensive, interventionist military force – indeed the largest such force ever in the history of the world.NATO’s biggest military operation up until a decade after the Cold War was the First Persian Gulf War following the invasion in 1991 of Kuwait by Iraqi forces under the command of Saddam Hussein. The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, at the time a US ally, was mired in a territorial oil dispute over colonial-era borders to which Washington at first appeared to show cool indifference. Immediately after Iraqi forces entered Kuwait, however, a strident US government and media campaign was mounted claiming the sanctity of Kuwait’s sovereign territory and the “defence of small nations.” There were also lurid media reports – later shown to be fabrications – of atrocities committed by Iraqi troops, such as the butchering of babies taken from hospital incubators. The international public was successfully manipulated to accept a US-led war against Iraq to iconically liberate the Emirate of Kuwait only to reinstate an absolute and despotic monarch. Equipped with UN resolutions, the US-led NATO powers – along with a “coalition of willing” Arab states – launched a war on Iraq supposedly in the name of “humanitarianism.” Operations exlusively run by several NATO powers in Iraqi Kurdistan would also become the basis for NATO’s future humanitarian mandates. The precedent and tempo was now set for NATO’s subsequent “humanitarian” wars. The no-fly zones and legal semantics that were innovated by the Western powers to justify their intervention in Iraq were also applied by these same powers with regard to the former Yugoslavia. Variants of this humanitarian pretext for war included “upholding international law” and “international security” and were deployed for the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and again against Iraq in 2003 – the Second Persian Gulf War – this time to justify the all-out conquest of that country.  The same rhetorical justification for military intervention was used by NATO powers to unleash a seven-month aerial bombing campaign in Libya in 2011 that led to the overthrow of the government and to the murder of the country’s leader Muammar Qaddafi. The thematic R2P is currently being amplified to decibel levels by NATO state governments and mainstream media with regard to Syria, where a NATO-led intervention is also covertly underway.
Yugoslavia: Srebrenica’s Sacrifice for NATO Intervention
On July 11, 1995, the forces of the Bosnian Serbs would march into the so-called UN Srebrenica Safe Area. The official NATO narrative is that UN troops agreed to withdraw from Srebrenica and let the Bosnian Serb forces take care of the local Bosniaks, but that once the Bosnian Serbs entered the area they proceeded to slaughter 8,000 Bosniaks. This would be billed as the worst massacre in Europe since the Second World War.In reality, the events of Srebrenica would be used and warped to justify a massive NATO response on the basis of public outrage. Bosniak leaders would also refuse to give the Red Cross the names of people who had fled Srebrenica, thus resulting in an inflated number of missing people. The number of the dead would later turn out to be significantly lower than originally reported. Media estimates also changed over time. The most senior UN official inside Bosnia-Herzegovina, Philip Corwin, would also lend his voice to those saying that the events in Srebrenica were distorted for political gain and military intervention by NATO.Then US President Bill Clinton had actually instructed Alija Izetbegovic that 5,000 Bosniaks would need to be sacrificed to bring NATO into the war as a combatant. Surviving members of the Bosniak delegation from Srebrenica have stated on the record that Izerbegovic said that NATO would militarily intervene against the Republika Srpska if at least 5,000 dead bodies could be produced. The Fall of Srebrenica, a UN report issued on November 15, 1999, casually mentions this in paragraph 115. The Bosniak police chief of Srebrenica has also confirmed Clinton’s demand for a “sacrifice” from Izerbegovic to open the doors for NATO attacks against the Bosnian Serbs.In the Bosnian War, all sides committed horrific atrocities. But the crime of the Bosnian Serbs that appeared to rouse NATO was not ethnic cleansing. The crime of the Bosnian Serbs was that they were fighting to preserve Yugoslavia. Even Croats and Bosniaks in both Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina who wanted to preserve Yugoslavia and inter-ethnic peace were targeted, demonized, or killed. For example, the Bosniak Fikret Abdic was charged as a war criminal in Croatia after he fled Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Josip Rejhl-Kir, the Croat police chief of Osijek, was murdered by Croat nationalists for working to preserve the harmony between Croats and Croatian Serbs.NATO intervened in Bosnia-Herzegovina to change the balance of power. The Bosnian Serbs were up until then the superior military force. Had NATO powers not internationalized the fighting and intervened, the Bosnian Serbs would have taken control of the country and maintained it as an integral part of Yugoslavia. This would have crippled or halted Euro-Atlantic expansion in the Balkans.On January 15, 1999, the fighting in Racak between Serbian forces and the outlawed Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which the US State Department itself labelled a terrorist organization, would be used to paint a similar picture of genocide and ethnic cleansing to justify war. By this time, the Serbs had successfully been demonized by NATO and the media as the perpetrators of ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia, so NATO’s efforts to vilify the Serbs were made relatively easy. It is a matter of public record that US Secretary of State Madeline Albright and the KLA leadership were working to create a humanitarian pretext for intervention. It was in this context that the US and NATO had pressured the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to accept an arrangement where their military forces would leave Kosovo, but allowed the KLA to continue its attacks. This stoking of tensions is what NATO has tried to replicate in Syria through the so-called Free Syrian Army, which in reality is a terrorist organization linked to NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).In the Arab World: Libya and SyriaIn 2011, the humanitarian card would be played again by NATO, this time in the North African country of Libya. Colonel Qaddafi was accused of massacring his own people in Libya, particularly in Benghazi. Packaged with unverified claims of jet attacks and foreign mercenaries, this prompted the UN to permit the US and its NATO allies to impose another no-fly zone, as in Iraq and Yugoslavia. Illegally, the NATO powers arrogated the no-fly zone provision of UN Security Council Resolution 1973 to mount an aerial bombing campaign. The massive onslaught involving over 10,000 bombing missions was conducted in concert with NATO special forces and proxy militias on the ground. NATO warplanes targeted civilian population centres and civilian infrastructure, such as food stores and water and power utilities – acts that are war crimes under international law. Such a blatant campaign of state terrorism – obscenely in the name of “protecting human rights” – was instrumental in overthrowing the sovereign government in Tripoli and installing a proxy regime composed of an extremely volatile amalgam of opportunist para-militaries, terrorists, NATO intelligence operatives, and fractious tribal warlords. Recent reports of internecine bloodletting and revenge killing erupting across Libya, “post-NATO liberation,” attest to the real criminal enterprise of NATO’s regime change in Libya that was cynically perpetrated under the guise of protecting civilians.Meanwhile, in Syria, the US and its cohorts have sought to replay the city of Homs like another Srebrenica, Racak, and Benghazi. They have sought to use the same tactic for inciting sectarian tensions and then blaming the government of President Bashar Al-Assad for conducting a “brutal crackdown.” The US and its allies are demanding that the Syrian Army stops fighting while the insurgent forces of the Syrian National Council’s Syrian Free Army are given a free hand to launch attacks, just as the NATO power demanded of the Yugoslav military while giving a green light to the KLA. Russian and Chinese demands that both sides observe a ceasefire offset this strategy.What stands in the way of yet another NATO intervention is a firm resolve by Moscow and Beijing at the UN Security Council as well as the alliance between Syria and Iran. Damascus and its allies, however, should be wary of more traps to tie Syria down politically and legally through one-sided agreements. Nor should the Syrians place their trust in the United Nations to act as an “honest broker.”
Kofi Annan and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P)
Much praise is being given to Kofi Annan as the special envoy of both the Arab League and United Nations. There should, however, be caution applied when dealing with Annan. In this regard, his history with regard to humanitarian interventions needs to be assessed.According to American diplomat Richard Holbrooke, who was intimately tied to the balkanization of Yugoslavia, Annan was one of the most supportive figures for US foreign policy in the Balkans. Annan was actually instrumental in helping to put together the R2P doctrine with Canadian diplomats. Furthermore, the Ghanian-born career diplomat owes his rise to power to senior Washington connections and specifically to the events of Srebrenica and the fighting in the former Yugoslavia. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali was pushed aside by Washington to make way for Annan as the head of the United Nations.Kofi Annan is also openly supportive of R2P. He participated as a panelist in a discussion about R2P (The Responsibility to Protect – 10 Years On: Reflections on its Past, Present and Future) held at the University of Ottawa on November 4, 2011. A week prior to this event, Allan Rock, president of the University of Ottawa and former Canadian ambassador to the UN, together Lloyd Axworthy, president of the University of Winnipeg and former Canadian foreign minister co-authored an article about R2P in the Ottawa Citizen (October 25, 2011). Both Axworthy, who was on the panel with Annan and Allan Rock, praised the war in Libya, calling it a victory for R2P.At the panel, Annan was joined by the decidedly pro-NATO Canadian parliamentarian Christopher Alexander. Alexander is the parliamentary secretary to Peter MacKay. Mackay is the current defence minister of Canada and has voiced support for open wars against Syria and Iran. Christopher Alexander was also a Canadian diplomat in Russia for several years, the former Canadian ambassador to NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan, and the deputy special representative of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). The R2P panel was moderated by Lyse Doucet, a correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and a friend of Alexander.What is important to note about the R2P Ottawa panel is that it was largely supportive of R2P. Kofi Annan also voiced his support for NATO’s military intervention in Libya. When asked about using R2P in Syria, no firm answer was given by Annan. He did, however, appear to give his tacit support to intervention against Syria. Finally, both Annan and Axworthy proposed that regional organizations be given R2P mandates. For example, the African Union should be able to intervene on the behalf of the international community in African countries, such as Uganda and Sudan, or that the Arab League likewise be given an R2P mandate in countries, such as Syria.These points are key factors. They should not be overlooked. Annan’s impartiality with regard to his latest pivotal task in Syria should be questioned, especially in light of his stated position on Libya and his generally supportive views for NATO military interventions.
Humanitarianism: The Face of Modern Imperialism
The NATO military interventions in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Libya were and are colonial invasions masquerading as humanitarian endeavours. Moreover, what NATO did in Yugoslavia was to intervene incrementally to divide and conquer the country. According to General John Galvin, the former supreme commander of NATO, this was done because NATO officials knew that an all-out invasion during the disintegration of the country would result in a massive guerrilla war with high costs for NATO. It can also be added that such a NATO intervention would have had the inverse effect of unifying Yugoslavia instead of allowing the federal state to dissolve. 
At the start of 2011, both Libya and Syria were holdouts to NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue and they also had reservations about the EU’s Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). This effectively means that they were both resistant to Euro-Atlantic expansion. While popular protests in Bahrain and Jordan went unnoticed, all public eyes were directed by NATO state governments and corporate media towards Libya and Syria. This is because of imperialist interests to subvert both the latter Arab states – while the former mentioned states are allies and therefore must be bolstered despite their well-documented repressive conducts.Atlanticism is on the march. Both NATO’s operations in the Balkans and the Arab World are intended to expand the Euro-Atlantic Zone. Its involvement in African Union missions in East Africa are also tied to this. For all observers who take a detailed look at the restructuring of states vanquished by NATO, this should be clear. Humanitarianism has become the new face of modern imperialism.

 And former UN secretary general Kofi Annan is a man whose face fits the deceptive humanitarian agenda of modern imperialism.
The above text is an adaptation of an article from the Journal of the Strategic Cultural Foundation (SCF). 
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a Sociologist and award-winning author. He is a Research Associate at the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal. He specializes on the Middle East and Central Asia. He has been a contributor and guest discussing the broader Middle East on numerous international programs and networks such as Al Jazeera, Press TV, teleSUR and Russia Today. His writings have been published in more than 10 languages. He also writes for the Strategic Culture Foundation (SCF), Moscow. He is also the author of a forthcoming book about Libya, The War on Libya and the Re-Colonization of Africa (2012).


LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (18 to 20.04.2012)

Posted on 21/04/2012 by alfatah69

– Tripoli: trigger clashes between the rats in the NTC-NATO and the Green Army fighters in the city center and on the streets of Al-Madar. blocked the road leading to the Green square.

A rat-car became the target of Green Snipers.

Truck on fire on the Market

– Arad:  Resistance fighters attacked the rats in Arad, neutralizing some of them.

– Sirte: An  explosion occurred at 6.30 am on 17.04.2012, and ruins of the house in Sirte, which belongs to the battalions of the martyr Algalout until the rats occupied.  partially destroyed building, there was victims.

– Bani Walid  : combat aircraft of unknown origin violated the airspace of Bani Walid.

– Rats of the NTC-NATO collect their dead  mercenaries near Bani Walid

Part of the video, filmed in secret during the bombing, answer as to who was responsible for the attack on Allowaar.  Resistance Green is everywhere.

This song  is about Bani Walid

– Zlitena:  Rats in Zlitena have burned 2 buildings belonging to the tribe of Awlad Dalef Moftah Alshaik for supporting the Green army. The Moftah himself is in prison from February 2012 by the rats.

– Benghazi  : heavy fighting continued between different groups of rats that they are fighting to have 50 stolen cars.  Loud explosions throughout the city, especially in the western part of the city.  According to witnesses, many rats were killing  each other.

– The Green Strength Launched a new channel.  The channel operates the satellite Hot Bird at Challenger (11179) -27500.

Speech of Dr. Hamza Qublta and Rafla and Tarhunah 16/04/2012:

Chronicle of the attack on Libya: As imperialism DO NOT care about the welfare of the

Libyans they are interested in the oil and the plundering of its natural reserves, cultural and

financial. The UN holds a silent complicity! ….

Posted on 13/04/2012 by alfatah69
 Chronicle of the attack on Libya: As imperialism DO NOT care about the welfare of the Libyans they are interested in the oil
and the plundering of its natural reserves, cultural and financial. The UN holds a silent complicity! ….

Libya: So it was oil

after all!

It is evident that the invasion of Libya was all about oilas the oil companies of France and Italian companiesstruggle with the British and U.S. companies in the spoils of war.

RT  – Last year NATO bombed Libya, demanding “democracy” in the country. But it is now clear that it was all about oil and not like the Americans and British are going to be democratic about it, and share the spoils equally with France and Italy.

So … Oil giant Total of France and ENI of Italy is only going to have to wait on the sidelines while the boys hungry for great Americans and Britons take their juicy slices of oil in the first place … Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, BP, Shell …

It’s no surprise then to read in The Wall Street Journalthat the U.S.Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), along with the puppets of Libya “authorities” are launching “investigations” in both companies “financial irregularities” in their shady dealings during the forty-two years in power of Gaddafi. Now who would have imagined this! An Italian oil company involved in bribes? Corruption in high places of the French oil industry? Tsk, tsk! Never seen before …! The U.S. and the United Kingdom would never do that! Ask Enron, Halliburton ask, ask BP …

Clearly, the big oil companies will now be judged by how close or how far they were from that of Gaddafi, and the amount of their respective countries contributed to the war effort last year. Perhaps even in how much and how far and wide who shared his great ill-gotten gains. It seems that now must be completed scorecards …

It is worth remembering that at the height of the struggle against Libya last year, the “rebels” found the time between his “freedom” to fight the changes, the creation of a new national oil company. As reported by Bloomberg on March 22, 2011, “The National Transitional Council issued a statement announcing the decision at a meeting of 19 March to establish the” Oil Company of Libya, as controlling authority on the production of Oil and policies in the country, with temporary headquarters in Benghazi, and the appointment of an interim CEO “of the company.”

And just like big oil and big finance always dance together, this report then went on to explain that “The Council also said that” designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent monetary policies in Libya and the appointment of aGovernor Central Bank of Libya, with temporary headquarters in Benghazi. “

Like Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, or Abelard and Heloise, oil and money are probably the most universal and paradigmatic duo West. Their love story has been going strong for many decades.

Oil is a powerful global business powerful. Oil companies can make or break governments and countries.The nationalization of foreign oil company as Iran did in the early fifties can be put to the CIA and MI6 intelligence agencies in the team complete overthrow democratically elected governments and replacing it with “The leaders of the most suitable.

The oil trade in a currency other than U.S. dollar Saddam Hussein as he dared in November 2002can be achieved that invaded a few months later. Pointing fingers, even illegal adventures Argentina weak British oil in the Falkland Islands led to the Royal Navy destroyers and sending nuclear submarines in the region super …

Libya is the world’s ninth largest oil producer and has the largest oil reserves in Africa. Gaddafi intended to introduce a new currency for the Libyan oil and regional levels: the gold dinar which, unlike the U.S. dollar, would have an intrinsic value real.   The Central Bank of Gaddafi, in turn, was completely independent of the global financial crisis of usury-based system currently in the global free fall. Gaddafi was using oil revenues to his own people and not for the U.S. / UK / EU / Israeli war efforts in the Middle East and beyond.

So, when the Persian Gulf became very, very hot today, the world oil cartel, along with bankers random mega-billions and billions of petro-dollars around the world,had to ensure that their governments would put its army on high alert, as the oil giants scrambled for new sources …

The focus is increasingly on oil fields that lie in “nicer” parts of the world: the Falkland Islands, off the Brazilian coast, and Libya, which is right in the middle of that easy to attack “is our -bloody-Mediterranean-Sea “North African coast.

Last year the destruction of Libya was simply a reflection of this type of complex behind the scenes engineering of all key oil, financial, military, media and political actors. It’s the kind of real-time news that rarely appears in the newspapers … just because it’s the Real News!

For most of last year to the public performance of Muammar Qaddafi by agents of power in the western interior of Libya, ie mercenaries, criminals, thugs and CIA/MI6/Mossad agents, also known as “freedom fighters “- the Western media over and over again how bad Gaddafi was suddenly in the night, how the poor Libyans were clamoring for “democracy” and how the heroic freedom fighters of Libya”, based on, armed trained and financed in Benghazi were fighting to “liberate” Clintonite Libya and impose “democracy” and “human rights.” Actually, these “freedom fighters” exceeded its track, now that Libya is finally “free”, which are asking for the eastern Cyrenaica to separate from the rest of the country.

It was part of the plan of the civil war in the West in Libya? Last year, after securing the full UN backing through Resolution No. 1973 which allows NATO air strikes to devastate the country and impose the most violent regime change seen in recent times, the NATO-backed by bullies have plunged the country into chaos.

As the “business of Libya News” says the publication on Tuesday, “About 3,000 people gathered in Benghazi last month to announce that the club (Cyrenaica) was an autonomous region within the federal state. Barca is in the center of the oil industry in Libya, with two thirds of production and three-quarters of the reserves in this country. “It’s one of the three historical regions that divide the country. And while Barca has the most oil, the other two is home to two thirds of the population. So the question now is how the income of rich rich oil reserves will be “democratically” distributed among the population.

Adrian Salbuchi for RT

Salbuchi Adrian is a political analyst, writer, speaker and commentator on radio / TV in Argentina.    www.asalbuchi.com.ar

Videos About Libya: What Others Say About Libya and Qaddafi’s Regime

049 – Truth: Libya & Gaddafi

Uploaded by  on Aug 30, 2011

This is just one episode of many that I will be doing covering various news topics. I understand that some of my viewers do not like to heed attention to news such as this as it gives it ‘more power’ however, I feel the need to keep this information as alive as possible.

“The smartest thing the devil ever did was convincing us that he wasn’t real”

This information must be spread and we must keep the knowledge going out. With that said we must ALSO not heed to the NEGATIVITY behind it. We must not hate our opposition. We must not become depressed over the negativity. We must not let them rule our lives. Keep your eyes and ears open and your heart and mind receptive.

(***This is one of many videos that I have from foreigners who finally have woken up and have realized that the lies of CNNBBCSKY NEWS and the rest of the west media who has desperately tried to sell this war and is trying to sell another war in Syria and Iran.)

believe this.!.. THE HORROR of the USA to do this and poison children’s minds, and it is plumb packed with LIES, gore and propaganda: http://global.christianpost.com/news/kill-gaddafi-video-game-created-by-company-linked-to-defense-department-59307/and just the thought of making a “game” out of destroying the once beautiful city of Sirte!!!! You can try to leave a comment at the publication site.It was originally posted: By Ray Downs , Christian Post Reporter 25 October 2011|5:16 pm

‘Kill Gaddafi’ Video Game Created by Company Linked to Defense Department

Violent video game available for free download and without age verification

By Ray Downs , Christian Post Reporter
25 October 2011|5:16 pm

If photos and videos of Muammar Gaddafi’s death at the hands of rebels have not shown enough blood and carnage, a new video game developed by a reality game company that has collaborated with the U.S. Department of Defense will allow kids to relive the capture and murder of the ousted Libyan dictator over and over again.

The new game, “Fall of Sirte: Gaddafi’s Last Stand,” is the latest episode in the “Kuma War II” series from Kuma Games, which has been creating episodic first-person shooter games based on real military events like the Iraq War and the assassination of Osama bin Laden in collaboration with the Department of Defense since 2003, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Fall of Sirte” allows gamers to hunt and kill Col. Muammar Gadaffi and can be downloaded by anyone with a computer without age verification completely free of charge. The video game takes gamers into the throes of the Libyan uprising and the search for Gaddafi. Playing the game from the point of view of a Libyan rebel, the gamer is able to “relive Muammar Gaddafi’s final take-down and the Libyan rebels’ triumph with this brand new multiplayer mission!” according to Kuma Games’ website. Players also get help from Predator drones that help force Gaddafi out of hiding and “When the smoke clears,” Kuma Games promises, “the former leader lays dead.” Being released so soon after Gaddafi’s actual death is a trademark of Kuma Games, which also made headlines when it released a shoot-and-kill game soon after the death of Osama bin Laden. Kuma Games makes its games available for free, but also tracks, analyzes, stores, and reserves the right to sell players’ results to outside parties. According to Kuma’s website, data about players is stored on Kuma’s servers, including messages exchanged with other players, time players spend on the site, responses to surveys, and play results. In Kuma Games’ terms of usage, the company states it is authorized “to disclose any information about you…in our sole discretion, [we] believe necessary or appropriate.” Other video game companies have been known to use games based on war to track data in order to serve as a recruitment tool for the U.S. Military. Col. Casey Wardynski, a military economist who was a pivotal force in the U.S. Army-led project to create “America’s Army,” a video game that served as a recruitment tool, told the Sacramento News & Review in 2003, “Suppose you played extremely well, and you stayed in the game an extremely long time, you might just get an e-mail seeing if you’d like any additional information on the Army.” Not only do video games help the government see who might be a good fit for the military, but the games also encourage young men to believe the military might be a good fit for them. “One study found that the game had more impact on actual recruits than all other forms of Army advertising combined,” Military professional and journalist Peter Singer told NPR. Kuma Games could not be reached for comment. ____________________ Dawn Ploe writes: This video-game is a monstrosity. No one is perfect, but Muammar Gadaffi is NOT the tyrant that the mainstream media makes him out to be. I’m sorry if I feel compelled to use the words “no one” and “perfect”, but this is part of the reason I love Muammar….He’s a human man who can do supehuman things. The true Muammar is being kept hidden from most of america….If people knew the truth, there wouldn’t be this video-game crap. »

The lies that so many believed as divine truth

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Libya killing peaceful protesters, a lie which couldn’t be further from the truth and yet so many believed, why?How? When did we become so stupid? When did we stop thinking for ourselves and let a bunch of paid propagandists on a box do the thinking for us?

Protests were always allowed in Libya and protected by police, but the propaganda managed to twist facts, fiction and rumours in to one bloody product which is Libya now.

Take a good look at Libya now, that is the product of the propaganda spread by US and its client states, also the product of a brutal war of aggression against a tiny peaceful nation.

Chinese tribute video to the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in their fight against NATO and its leader Gaddafi


Libya, Al Kufra today – The Green Lions are Back!

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source: http://www.youtube.com/user/MutasimGaddafi

Libya, Al Kufra today – the green lions are back! Libyen, Al Kufra heute – die grünen Löwen sind zurück! Libia, Al Kufra hoy en día – los leones verdes están de vuelta! Libia, Al Kufra oggi – i leoni verdi sono tornati! La Libye, Al Kufra aujourd’hui – les lions verts sont de retour! Líbýa, Al Kufra dag – græna ljón eru aftur! Либија Ал Куфра данас – Зелени лавови су се вратили! Ливии, Аль-Куфра сегодня – зеленые львы возвращаются! 利比亞,阿爾Kufra今天 – 綠色的獅子又回來了! リビア、アル·クフラ今日 – 緑のライオンは戻ってきた! – हरी शेर वापस लीबिया, अल कुफ़्र आज! ليبيا، آل الكفرة اليوم – الاسود الخضراء هي مرة أخرى! http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/25/libya-the-arrival-of-the-defense-minister-at-osama-el-jouili-%E2%80%8B%E2%80%8Bkufra-april-25-2012/ 80 RAT MERCENARIES from the TNC arrived in Kufra today 25 APRIL 2012 http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/25/libya-the-arrival-of-80-rebel-army-of-ntc-in-kufra-april-25-2012/(***HOW MUCH ARE THEY PAYING YOU THIS TIME TO KILL YOUR BROTHERS & SISTERS??? IS IT WORTH IT??? TO HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS??? IS THE MONEY ENOUGH FOR YOU TO HAVE SO MUCH BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS? I AM WONDERING WHEN YOU DIE WHAT YOU WILL TELL ALLAH THAT YOU MADE A MISTAKE, OR THAT YOU WHERE GREEDY? OR THAT YOU WILL BUILT A MOSQUE MAYBE 2 OR 3 MOSQUES DEPENDING HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU KILLED RAPED ETC.: ANYWAY AND FOR ALL YOUR SINS THAT YOU HAVE DONE AND CALCULATE THE PEOPLE WHO WILL GO AND PRAY,THEN YOU WILL CALCULATE HOW MANY YEARS YOU WILL BE IN HELL BUT WITH 3 MOSQUES YOU WILL FINISH VERY QUICKLY AND GO TO HEAVEN THAT IS ONE WAY OF BRIBING ALLAH ONE WOULD THINK! BUT I BELIEVE THAT ALLAH HAS OTHER PLANS FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU TRAITORS THAT NO MOSQUE AND NO HAZH IN MECCA WILL CLEAN YOUR SINS FOR BETRAYING OUR COUNTRY YOU WILL STAY IN HELL FOR EVER! THAT IS WHAT I BELIEVE THAT ALLAH WILL DO TO YOU THAT WILL BE JUSTICE FOR EVERY PERSON WHO LOST IN VAIN THEIR LIFE BECAUSE OF YOUR GREED!)

Libya – The arrival of the TNC (RAT) defense minister at Osama El Jouili Kufra (25 April

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The arrival of the TNC-RAT defense minister at Osama El Jouili Kufra


Libye – L'arrivée du ministre de la défense Oussama El Jouili à Kofra (25 avril 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, in Sabha, a rebel battalionSaeika Benghazi ”Bashir Ahmed Miftah Taboli” was targeted by Resistance Fighters.

At Sabratha, the Green Resistance Fighters  distributed leaflets of the Resistance in the Green region Zouaga, Telile and Nahda.

The Libyans in Kufra came out in protest in the city and have moved to the airport against the visit of Defense minister Osama El Jouili in Kufra.

The arrival of the defense minister in Osama El Jouili Kofra was eventful as the demonstrators showed their rejection to his policy. He was quickly forced to leave the airport in a car moving in Toubous to present his condolences following the death of a leader. He quickly took the plane to Tripoli.

______________________________________ There was confrontation with the TNC-rebel battalion “Dare Libya”, which provide support to al Qaeda.  25 APRIL 2012

Yesterday, the Green Resistance first tried placing explosives with delayed effect in Ras Lanufu. Western oil pumped from wells on a daily basis, giving the NATO yankees a salary. The Green targeted   a convoy of  TNC soldiers. The Sabha is one rebel was killed in Sormano compiled and kept fighting with rats. A Green Resistance man continued distributing leaflets supporting the JAMAHIRIYA. The conflict occurred in Misratah where NTC rats were confronted requesting financial assistance. —————————- In the TRIPOLI capital of Libya, come reports that a decapitated-body was found  1000 km  near the airport, with his hands tied.
Who is Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi?

“A man of faith and tradition, Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi cannot be classified according to the criteria commonly admitted. If you search for him on the Right you will find him on the Left, since he preaches in many ways a renovation with the air of revolution. But if you look for him on the Left you risk finding him on the Right, because this sincere mystic is tied to more than one traditional value. It is not Qadhafi who is senseless; it is the terms [which are] obsolete, and upon which are based the subjective judgements of foreign observers who are more interested in polemic than in the truth.” – Prof. Francis Dessart

mq1.jpg - 10.5 K
http://www.geocities.com/athens/8744/mqfacts.htmTo the Western establishment and international Zionism, Mu`ammar Qadhafi is a ‘madman’ and the world’s number one ‘terrorist’. To the oppressed, the exploited and the struggling peoples of the Earth he is a teacher, guide, brother, but above all, the leader of a world revolution for a New Civilisation. At the Second World Mathaba Conference held in Tripoli, Libya, on March 15th, 1986, just one month prior to the United States bombing raids on Libya, the spiritual head of the North American based “Nation of Islam”, Minister Louis Farrakhan introduced Mu`ammar Qadhafi by stating that the Libyan Arab people’s collective need for freedom produced a leader who was born to serve the masses. Minister Farrakhan said that when a people is oppressed the need for freedom produces a longing which in turn produces a leader. “The oppressor is always watching for that leader,” Louis Farrakhan explained, “…they know that the people will never be free until they produce a leader with the vision to create the revolution and see it through to its ultimate end.” Such a leader is Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi. Born in the desert near the town of Sirte in 1942, Mu`ammar Qadhafi has been deeply influenced by his traditional upbringing. He has been described as a messenger and a thinker in the ancient North African tradition of the ‘marabout’ – a holy man. He lives simply, he does not drink, and he prays regularly. Although devout, he is a progressive Muslim in the tradition of the Prophet Muhammed, believing in feminine emancipation and the role of women in society.   Brother Qadhafi praying in the desertWhen asked by journalists about how he was brought up, Brother Qadhafi said:

“It was difficult in terms of the circumstances and the environment in which I lived. Bedouin life is mobile; the strictness of upbringing therefore comes from the severity of these circumstances. But socially I was free. We were bedouins enjoying full freedom and we lived amongst nature and everything was absolutely pure, in its true self, in front of us. We lived on the land and there was nothing between us and the sky. “Bedouin life made me discover the natural laws, natural relationships, life in its true nature, before life knew oppression, coercion and exploitation. This enabled me to write The Green Book. “I had a general idea how to make the masses free, how to make man happy. After that, things started to get clearer”.

Brother Qadhafi explained that this had led him to set out his analysis in The Green Book:

“It is not like writing an ordinary book. It was simply an attempt to explain the dialectic which exists between Marxism and capitalism. The world has reached a political and economic impasse, and humanity simply cannot accept this impasse and accept to die. There must be a way out. That way out is this new theory”.

Mu`ammar Qadhafi’s message covers the political, economic, social and philosophical dimensions of life. In The Green Book with inspired insight and a deep vision he sets out fully the principles of the Third Universal Theory, a way beyond both communism and capitalism. The main idea behind The Green Book is a return to the natural life and to natural forms of socialism and direct democracy – People’s Power – which places all authority, wealth and arms in the hands of the people. In March 1986 the British newspaper Daily Mail held an exclusive interview with the revolutionary leader. In the introduction to the article the writer commented: “It was hard to credit that this was the man President Reagan had condemned as the world’s number one terrorist. “Colonel Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi was simple and charming sitting by the bonfire outside his tent when I arrived to interview him. He told me: ‘I see the press as being the messengers between me and the world to tell [the people] the truth.'” The Daily Mail stated: “Here is al-Qadhafi, his view of the world in which he feels destiny has cast him in the role of a Prophet and a Messiah, above all a warrior for the Arab world and the Palestinian cause so dear to his heart.” The Italian writer Mirella Bianco drew a comparison between Mu`ammar Qadhafi and the Prophet Muhammed which in closing is worthy of note. Both the Prophet and Qadhafi are Bedouins of a similar desert background. They both share, therefore, a common love for freedom, physical endurance, and an ideal of equality in society. They are both given to meditation, and share the belief that no real change in society could occur without a spiritual transformation. Both share a feeling of urgency in having to convey their vision of the universe to others. They are both teachers with unshakable certainty in the rightness of their convictions. They both possess unusual courage, and an indomitable determination to pursue their mission. Finally, they are products of similar moments of transition and change in human history. Mirella Bianco ends her biography of Mu`ammar Qadhafi with the following words: “The future will decide whether Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi is to be simply a shooting-star across the skies of the Arab World from the Atlantic to the Gulf, or whether he is to be the bearer of its message to mankind.” This is Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi.

Col. Qadhafi with Pres. Mandela Col. Qadhafi and President Mandela responding to the cheers of the Libyan people during Bro. Mandela’s visit to Libya in 1998.

(Text adapted from a document posted by LACC of Melbourne, Australia)

Libya, the Forbidden Truth by Milovan Drecun

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Report by Milovan Drecun. The sound is rather bad, but you can turn the sound off, because the video has got English subtitles and the man speaks the Serb language.

“Al Qaeda will Kill Us All !! – Gaddafi Speech 08 March 2011 – YouTube.flv

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In a 08 March 2011 press conference, the great leader of the masses, Muammar Gadhafi indicated alcohol had been left in a mosque in Al Zawiyah by Al Qaeda “rebels”whom he described as “beasts with turbans” who knew nothing about Islam and who would “kill us all”. A frightening prediction that would soon come true for countless thousands of Libyans. Shame on those who spent the blood of the libyan people for their own selfish gain.

17 April 1984: The murder of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher – a perfect CIA assassination

Posted: 2012/04/17 From: Mathaba     http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=630219?rss
Yvonne Fletcher was assassinated on the direct orders of the American CIA in a coldly calculated Psyop designed to generate intense British hatred against Libya.
by Joe Vialls Republished frommathaba.net/info In an article published on April 9, 1996, the British newspaper the Guardianreviewed evidence presented in a British Channel 4 documentary which suggests the involvement of the CIA in the killing of a British policewoman outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984. The TV documentary cast serious doubt on the orginal claim that the policewoman was shot from a first floor window of the Libyan Embassy. Investigative journalist Joe Vialls first revealed the CIA involvement in the incident and documented how the Libyans were not responsible for the murder of the British policewoman. He set out his findings in the following exclusive report for New Dawn published in September 1994. During the morning of the 17th April 1984 an unarmed policewoman by the name of Yvonne Fletcher was gunned down in cold blood while on duty outside the Libyan People’s Bureau in St. James Square, London. British accusations that the Libyan Government was responsible were incorrect. Yvonne Fletcher was assassinated on the direct orders of the American CIA in a coldly calculated ‘Psyop’ (Psychological Operation) designed to generate intense British hatred against Libya. The operation was a complete success. Two years later when the US used British air bases to launch a vicious bombing attack on Libyan civilians, only a handful of British voices were raised in protest. Early in 1984 an American oil multinational with known, direct intelligence links to the CIA opened an office at 8 St. James Square in London SW1: the same corner of St. James square as the Libyan People’s Bureau located at number five. It was a strange choice as the multinational already had an office in London W1 and there was no clear corporate need for the extra office space. Perhaps stranger was the multinational deliberately choosing to locate this ‘hidden’ office space within spitting distance of the Libyan People’s Bureau, which represented an object of hatred for American oil multinationals and the CIA. All visitors to the building during 1984 were subject to rigid security checks, and it is known the telephone number was (01) 839 2102, with a 24 hour back-up of (01) 581 0918. The multinational facility at 8 St. James Square remained anonymous until early 1985, long after the last Libyan diplomat was expelled from London by the British Government. What the new American multinational property had in common with the Libyan People’s Bureau was a clear view of the whole of St. James Square and a very similar field of fire. Assassination was not a new venture for the multinational, which the 1975 American Church Committee established had acted as a direct contact between the CIA and the Mafia on assassination matters. Later in 1985 American author Michael Drosnin expanded on the covert paramilitary relationship between the Dallas-based multinational and Langley-based intelligence agency. Evidence of the St. James Square CIA atrocity was freely available to the British public during 1984 on a BBC film called ‘Libyan Siege’ with sound by Mike McKay. But the film was visually meaningless at the time simply because the British public had no knowledge of the multinational presence at 8 St. James Square, or its covert relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency. Even if that data had been available it would have been intellectually challenging for the British public to accept that CIA officials ordered the cold-blooded assassination of a young, unarmed British policewoman on the streets of London simply to achieve a geopolitical objective. That the Libyans were confused by the events of that day was shown clearly in the London-based paper Jamahiriya Review some weeks after WPC Yvonne Fletcher’s assassination: “Then came the news that elements hostile to Libya, with known links to the CIA, planned to stage a demonstration outside the Libyan People’s Bureau in St. James Square on 17th April. “… On the eve of the St. James Square demonstration, in London and in Tripoli, Libyan officials made vigorous representation, urging the British government to ban the event to be staged outside the Libyan People’s Bureau. However, Britain ignored Libya’s request. “… It cannot have escaped the observation of most rational people that initially the police denied the presence of any firearms inside the bureau, and then the following day made claims they had discovered spent cartridge cases on the floor and weapons concealed elsewhere. In fact it was a stage managed media event which was totally irrelevant to solving or resolving the crucial issue of who shot WPC Yvonne Fletcher.” Clearly at that early stage the Libyan people knew well enough they themselves had not shot WPC Fletcher, but were at a loss to know how the assassination had been stage managed – and from where. The sound of the shots came from the same corner of the Square as their Bureau but there was no muzzle flash, no smoke and no obvious disturbance in the crowd demonstrating below. It seems likely the Libyans did not work out the firing point until much later on, if they ever worked it out at all. The film narrated by Mike McKay could have easily provided the answers the Libyans sought, had they been privy to the multinational presence at 8 St. James Square. In ballistic terms the film confirms the shots could not have been fired from the Libyan Bureau, and further confirms the firing platform must have been located on the same side of the square as number eight, very close to the Libyan Bureau itself. Also curious is the fact that though the crowd demonstrating in the square all wore hoods, the British media failed to report on this strange phenomenon. London is a free, open society not used to covert activities of this nature and the irregularity was therefore very newsworthy. Initially the film shows that extensive crowd barriers had been placed around the central garden pavements of St. James Square and also to one side of the Libyan Peoples Bureau. In addition, all cars apart from two official vehicles had been cleared from the square. Both features prove the Libyan claim that the ‘hooded’ demonstration had been planned well in advance. The tightly controlled grouping of the demonstrators in the central portion of the square also provided a clear killing ground devoid of any obstructions on the roadway surrounding the central gardens. The latter feature was almost certainly accidental but remains highly significant. With the demonstrators separated from the Bureau by a phalanx of British police it is very obvious from the film that Libyan personnel were under no immediate threat when the shots were fired. Thus no ‘panic’ situation existed within the Bureau as might be expected if the building was under physical siege. At the time the shots were fired there was no visual motivation for any Libyans to have taken such action: quite the reverse because the police can be seen providing very tight security in front of the Bureau building. A camera crew positioned with its back to the Bureau was filming the hooded and masked demonstrators behind the barriers in the centre of the square. The camera traversed to its left, showing demonstrators stretching across the entire width of the central gardens. When the shots were fired this camera zoomed in and filmed the demonstrators flattening themselves on the ground towards the camera’s left. So the instinctive fear response of the demonstrators was to a loud noise coming from their own left-hand side: exactly the position of No. 8 St. James Square. If the shots had been fired from the Bureau behind this camera crew, the spontaneous crowd reaction would have been away from the Bureau and camera, not to the camera’s left hand side. Perhaps most extraordinary was a policeman standing in the road roughly halfway between the Libyan Bureau and the crowd of hooded demonstrators. When the shots were fired he hardly batted an eyelid and merely looked casually to his right towards number 8, before turning round to look questioningly at his sergeant outside the main door of the Libyan Bureau. If the shots had been fired from the Libyan Bureau the supersonic ‘crack’ as they flew over his head would have produced a violent reaction. London policemen are known for being very cool in dangerous situations, but not as cool as that… Although the noise of the shots sounds very loud on the sound track this was probably due to the proximity of the camera microphone to the source of the shots. In fact the sound of the shots swamped the microphone for a split second. What is even more noteworthy is that the crowd to the camera’s far left hand side facing the Bureau did not try to dive for cover, indicating strongly that the sound at that range was perhaps no more menacing than a car backfire. This is borne out by policemen filmed in other parts of the small square looking puzzled but taking no evasive action whatever. The intensity of sound generated by a weapon is generally very loud within 90 degrees of either side of the muzzle, then decreases the further back behind the weapon an observer happens to be, proving the Libyan Bureau was not the source. If it had been, reaction to the shots would have panicked the entire front line of the crowd facing the Bureau but failed to do so. Eye witness B. Cartmell stated on camera: “Whoever fired the machine gun must have fired between thirty and fifty rounds…” This is proved incorrect by the film. A good average cyclic rate for an ordinary machine gun is around 600 s.p.m. (shots per minute) which implies a continuous three second burst for 30 shots or a continuous five second burst for 50 shots. The film sound track gives no indication that more than two, possibly three shots were fired with echo from the square adding distortion. There can be no doubt the clatter and whine of 30 to 50 jacketed military rounds striking the ground and ricocheting around the square would have had every policeman and member of the media diving for cover. Not one of them did so. A second TV camera located at the far end of the Square zoomed in to show WPC Fletcher rolling from side to side on the ground clutching her abdomen. The film shows clearly that there was no blood on the ground underneath WPC Fletcher at that point in time or much later on. Thus the bullet that hit her did not pass through her body and leave an exit wound, which raises serious ballistic questions. The second camera crew also filmed police officers treating other injured persons who, like WPC Fletcher, did not leave any trace of blood on the pavement. Nor was there any evidence of bullet holes in the outer clothing of the other (hooded) injured. Indeed, a policeman was filmed looking without success for the entry point of a wound sustained by one of the masked, khaki clad demonstrators. The lack of blood generally is the most enigmatic part of the overall film footage. If all 11 injured people were shot by a high velocity machine gun and were then treated on the same pavement, there would have been buckets of blood staining the paving. The film shows no blood on the pavement or road at all. There was a complete lack of gouge marks on the road behind WPC Fletcher as she lay rolling on the ground. If a long 30 to 50 round burst had been fired with at least one bullet hitting WPC Fletcher in the abdomen, there should have been at least two or three clear tracks on the ground behind her from near misses as the weapon wavered. No matter whether the bullets were fired from number five or number eight the path of the bullet that hit WPC Fletcher in the abdomen was downwards at an angle. The lack of gouge marks to her rear at first seems inexplicable. Eye witness Brian Cartmell was a man with remarkable powers of observation which is very fortunate. His statement on camera was concise, assured and very detailed: “Whoever fired the machine gun must have fired between thirty and fifty rounds because the chippings came up from the pavement [between WPC Fletcher and the demonstrators], and I saw a young policewoman, blonde in her late twenties, fall on her right hand side and her hat rolled into the gutter, and she fell clutching her groin and her stomach. And about three officers ran to her assistance.” [Author’s insertion.] The direction in which a gunshot victim falls is dictated to a large degree by the retained kinetic energy of the bullet acting on the victim and the point at which the bullet hits the body. Therefore if WPC Fletcher had been shot in her right arm the tendency would be for that retained energy to spin her to the right hand side. WPC Fletcher was shot almost dead-centre in the abdomen, which is roughly her centre of gravity. Thus the ‘fall on her right hand side’ proves the bullet came from her left, with its retained energy knocking her to the right towards the inner pavement where B. Cartmell saw the ‘chippings’ coming up. Any bullet fired from the Bureau would be in a straight line, knocking WPC Fletcher backwards rather than sideways and missing the inner pavement completely. Further, any stray bullet fired straight down the square from the Libyan Bureau that missed WPC Fletcher would continue straight on and bypass the crowd in the centre of the square. This is borne out by the limited noise ‘reaction zone’ in front of the Bureau, and the policeman standing in front of the Libyan Bureau looking puzzled when he should have been diving for cover. If a very long 30 to 50 round continuous burst had been fired in a raking right to left traverse, it is certain that everyone standing in front of the Libyan People’s Bureau would have reacted instantly to the noise. It is no great secret that many embassies stock weapons for use in self defence, which are normally limited to handguns loaded with, jacketed or solid lead bullets of standard military type designed to remain intact and not expand on entry to the body. Such handguns (and compact sub machine guns which fire identical ammunition) have a strictly limited range and are generally inaccurate beyond about 25 metres or 75 feet. In like manner their retained kinetic energy falls swiftly over distance as they are only designed for close range work. WPC Fletcher was well out of killing range for any such weapon fired from the Libyan People’s Bureau. Only 9mm defensive cartridges were allegedly found in the Bureau later by British authorities. In the case of the common 9 millimetre 123 grain bullet fired by these defensive weapons, energy falls from 341 foot-pounds as the bullet leaves the barrel to 241 foot-pounds at 100 yards. Quite enough to cause serious injury but rarely death if hit in the abdomen at extreme range with hospital facilities only ten to fifteen minutes away, especially if the victim is young, healthy and fit as WPC Fletcher certainly appeared to be on the film. Conversely, the retained energy from high velocity automatic assault rifles such as the American Springfield M14 or German Heckler and Koch firing a 180 grain standard military round is a massive 2,288 foot pounds at 100 yards. Enough to go straight through two policewomen standing back-to-back if the bullet was a military full-jacketed variety. It seems unlikely the Fletcher autopsy report will ever be made public but it would provide one of the missing answers to what happened on that day: why WPC Fletcher died from a bullet in the abdomen which did not have the velocity to leave an exit wound, but nonetheless induced unconsciousness within minutes and her death shortly afterwards. There are three high velocity rifle bullet types specifically designed to cause massive damage without going through the body and exiting on the far side. The best known is the ‘dum-dum’ where a simple cross is cut on the nose of the bullet with a hacksaw, causing it to break up on entry and ensure heavy injury. The crude cross on the nose can cause severe inaccuracy so ‘dum-dum’ rounds are never used by professional assassins. The ‘Hollow Point’ and ‘Silvertip’ fall into the second category and are professional hunting bullets. On impact either bullet uniformly expands to twice its diameter, causing the full retained kinetic energy to be expended inside the body, encouraging very rapid bleeding and swift unconsciousness. Third is a bullet designed for one purpose only – assassination. Known as the ‘Fragible’ bullet it is designed to enter the body and then shatter into tens of high velocity splinters or shot that cause colossal damage in the body cavity itself, though there is little external indication of the damage sustained. Although the film microphone recorded only two or three shots, the sound proves the bullets were fired by a high velocity weapon. Eyewitness Cartmell stated he saw between 30 and 50 rounds judged by the ‘chippings’ from the pavement between WPC Fletcher and the demonstrators, so fragible bullets must be considered the most likely villains. If three fragible bullets were fired but only one hit WPC Fletcher the remaining two would explode on impact with the paving, throwing up dozens of minuscule razor sharp metal shrapnel fragments and hard granite chippings. Quite enough to injure a large number of bystanders but not kill them. This would also account for the blood missing from the pavement, and the policeman looking unsuccessfully for a bullet entry point on the demonstrator dressed in khaki. Each shrapnel puncture wound would be tiny and almost invisible to the naked eye i.e. blood on hands and faces, but no obvious bullet holes. Once again, with the demonstrators carefully contained behind barriers in the central part of the square, the bullets must have been fired from a point to WPC Fletcher’s left-hand side rather than from her front as she stood facing the Bureau. Without access to the film, and knowledge of the CIA linked multinational located at 8 St. James Square, it would be very difficult for the police or public to comprehend what motive either side might have had in murdering an innocent, unarmed policewoman in the prime of her life. The Jamahiriya Review got very close to the truth with a single sentence in 1984: “It served the purpose for which the demonstration was staged, and fitted into the pattern of the American campaign to present a false image of the Libyan people…” The demonstration certainly did that, but the Libyans apparently missed the main point of the exercise at that early stage in the proceedings. It was the assassination of WPC Fletcher which was to play the major role in presenting a ‘false image’ of the Libyan people during the years to come. There are few things more sacred to the British public than the safety of its proudly unarmed police force, a fact the Central Intelligence Agency was well aware of. Therefore the slaughter of a young unarmed policewoman on the streets of London itself would generate feelings of intense loathing in the British public and direct raw hatred towards the supposed killers. That it did, but the British public rem-ained unaware of the real culprits as the horrifying television film was flashed across the nation into millions of homes. The British police must have had suspicions of course. The shots rang out for no obvious reason, and even the most junior constable would have realized that for the Libyans to kill an unarmed policewoman in broad daylight would be tantamount to committing complete diplomatic suicide. But what else could the British police do at the time? There were no other obvious suspects and the police (later) found 9mm cartridges in the Libyan People’s Bureau: cartridges that could easily have been planted by the occupants of 8 St. James Square the night after the last Libyan left the People’s Bureau. Number 8 was only a few metres away, and entry would have been simplicity itself for an agency as skilled as the CIA. The British Government and intelligence services were clearly certain that WPC Fletcher was not killed by Libyans located in the People’s Bureau, because after a bloodless siege that lasted until 22 April 1984, Britain broke off diplomatic relations with Libya and ordered the occupants of the People’s Bureau to leave the country within seven days. They were allowed to depart unhindered without a single ‘suspect’ being arrested and charged with WPC Fletcher’s assassination. It was not until 2 May 1984 after the Libyans had left that the British suddenly ‘found’ 3,600 rounds of 9mm ammunition and an automatic pistol in the Bureau. If it was Libyan property it would certainly have been loaded into one of the 18 Libyan diplomatic bags which left the country unopened. The sceptical reader should compare British Government behaviour during April 1984 with later events in 1991 when the British Government stridently demanded the extradition from Tripoli on very shaky evidence of two Libyan nationals merely suspected of being ‘involved’ with the downing of American Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in Scotland. Back in 1984 the British Government had the entire staff of the Libyan People’s Bureau in the palm of its hand, but rather than make arrests it ordered all Libyan personnel out of the country within seven days. Central Intelligence Agency motives for the assassination are not hard to establish. It is no great secret that the agency was outraged when the American military was ejected from Libya after Colonel Al Qadhafi came to power in 1969. Following on from that there are documented incidents of covert CIA action against Libya, primarily in the form of training insurgents in Chad to undermine the Al Qadhafi government in Tripoli, all of which failed. And so it was that American F111 bombers streaked off British runways during 1986 en-route for the civilian populations of Tripoli and Benghazi. The choice of Britain as the launching point for that attack has long puzzled many strategic analysts. Why fly all that way in relatively old-fashioned F111s when the job could have been carried out more efficiently and with less warning by American carrier-based fighter-bombers in the Mediterranean? There is no answer other than CIA determination to reinforce hostile British sentiment against Libya. In addition the CIA awarded itself a bonus by murdering Colonel Al Qadhafi’s 15 month old daughter Hannah with a 2,000 pound laser bomb, guided unerringly to its tiny defenceless target by an American F111. Years later it was established conclusively that the German ‘incident’ used as an excuse for the bombing raids was not the work of the Libyans at all but deliberate, calculated CIA disinformation. To judge by current developments with blanket sanctions continuing against Libya at the behest of the US, the CIA probably considers the calculated assassination of WPC Fletcher one of its finest achievements. With less than a handful of bullets the Central Intelligence Agency brought Libya to its very knees using deception alone. Anyone outside the CIA will probably view the assassination in a different light. Much is known about CIA assistance with the successful assassinations of Congolese strong man Patrice Lumumba and President Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, and of CIA assassination attempts against Castro of Cuba, Qadhafi of Libya and Hussein of Iraq. Despicable though all those attempts were, they somehow seem distant and disconnected from the real world. But just like the events in St. James Square during 1984, every assassination or attempted assassination was planned for geopolitical motives, and to influence the populations of the countries in question. The CIA might even have sincerely believed that the human targets it selected deserved to die. Any such rationale vanished the day WPC Fletcher’s assassination was ordered by CIA headquarters. At that precise point in time the Central Intelligence Agency crossed an invisible ethical line when it decided to assassinate an innocent, unarmed British policewoman in a coldly-calculated, cynical psychological warfare operation designed to manipulate and distort the belief mechanisms of the entire British population. That single bestial operation proved once and for all time what many have suspected for decades: that ‘Covert Action’ officials within the CIA have become mentally unstable and are now completely out of control. Joe Vialls is a Western Australia-based freelance journalist with [by the time the above article was published] 30 years’ direct experience of international military and oilfield operations.


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30 April 2011–night of the murder of his son SAIF-al-ARAB and his three grandchildren and other friends at his son’s home whereat, in the evening at 18:00 (at the TIME OF NATO‘s bombing), Muammar went out to feed the pet deer and animals!
خطاب الاخ معمر القذافي بمناسبة القرضابية

بمناسبة معركة القرضابية معركة كل الليبيين، استمطر في البداية شآبيب الرحمة على شهداء القرضابية من جميع أنحاء ليبيا. وأستمطربصورة خاصة، الرحمة على روح جدي “خميس ابومنيار “الذي سقط شهيدا في الفترةالأولى من بداية معركة القرضابية ومعه 400 شهيد من جميع أنحاء ليبيا، وقدوجد جثمانه الطاهر مضرجا بالدماء الزكية ؛ وهو في حالة التحام مع مقدمةالجيش الإيطالي والمرتزقة الذين معه. اليوم تمر الذكرى السادسة والتسعون لهذه المعركة الشهيرة الخالدة. كانبودنا أن يكون الكلام في هذا اليوم عن طي صفحة الماضي البغيض مع ايطالياونحن نقترب من مرور مائة سنة بعد شهور، 1911 الآن 2011 يعني مائة سنة علىغزو ايطاليا الغاشم لليبيا. كنا نعتقد أننا تعاملنا مع أمة متحضرة ومعروما ذات التاريخ المشهود، ولكن يؤسفني جدا أن في الذكرى المئوية للغزوالإيطالي، بدل أن نحتفل بطي هذه الصفحة المئوية المؤلمة، نجد أن الاستعمارالإيطالي والغزو الإيطالي قد تكرر بعد مائة سنة في هذا اليوم بالذات

VIDEO (Youtube)

أين معاهدة الصداقة ؟! أين معاهدة عدمالسماح لأي عدوان ينطلق من إيطاليا على ليبيا ؟! أين البرلمان الإيطالي؟! أين حكومة ايطاليا ؟! أين صديقي برلسكوني ؟!. لقد تأسفتم واعتذرتم وأدنتم الاستعمار، كيف تكررون الآن غزو ليبيا مرة أخرى بطائراتكم ؟!. كنا نعتقد أنكم مصابون بعقدة الذنب تجاه الشعب الليبي الذي دمرتموه عام 1911 وإلى قيام الحرب العالمية الثانية. ولقدشردتم الشعب الليبي في تونس وفي الجزائر وفي تشاد وفي مصر، وطائراتكم تقصفالقوافل التي تحمل الأطفال والنساء وهم هاربون من زحفكم وجيشكم وبطشكموطائراتكم. كنا نعتقد أنكم مصابون بعقدة الذنب تجاه الشعب الليبي، مثلما ألمانيا مصابة بعقدة الذنب تجاه اليهود الآنألمانيا حساسة جدا فيما يخص اليهود وما يخص السامية، لأنها تريد أن لا تكررهذا الذنب هذه العنصرية المحرقة ومعاداة السامية. ألمانيا حساسة جدا تجاه اليهود وتجاهالإسرائيليين، لأن هتلر عمل هولوكست ضد اليهود، وألمانيا أسقطت هتلرواعتبرت مرحلة هتلر مجنونة نازية، فلا يجوز لألمانيا في الوقت الحاضر أنتعمل أي شيء يمت بصلة من بعيد أو من قريب لأفعال هتلر. كنا نعتقد أن ايطاليا نفس الشيء لنتعمل شيئا تجاه ليبيا، يمت بصلة من قريب أو من بعيد لسياسة ايطالياالاستعمارية وإيطاليا الفاسية بعد ذلك. لقد جرٌمت ايطاليا وصديقيبرلسكوني وبرلمان إيطاليا -إذا كان هناك برلمان -، لكن تبين أن لا يوجدبرلمان وليست هناك ديمقراطية الشعب الإيطالي الآن يقف على هذا ؛ الشعبالإيطالي صديق يريد السلام. كيف تخرجون وتبعتون طائراتكم وتقتل الليبيين اليوم وأمس بمناسبة القرضابية ؟!. لقدتأسفت عندما سمعت أبناء الشعب الليبي وهم يخطبون اليوم في ذكرى معركةالقرضابية في سرت حيث وقعت معركة القرضابية، يتوعدون ايطاليا بنقل الحربإلى ايطاليا حيث قالوا إن الحرب أصبحت مفتوحة بيننا وبين ايطاليا لأنهاتقتل أبنائنا عام 1911 وعام 2011. إذن الليبيون عندهم الحق فيما قالوهاليوم في ذكرى القرضابية، وأنا لا أستطيع أن أضع فيتو على الليبيين فهمأحرار في الدفاع عن نفسهم ؛ وفي نقل المعركة إلى أرض العدو إذا قررالليبيون ذلك و”إذا عاقبتم فعاقبوا بمثل ما عوقبتم به، ومن إعتدى عليكم فاعتدوا عليه بمثل ما أعتدى عليكم“. هذا ما قاله الليبيون اليوم في سرت،وأنا كنت أسمعه في المذياع يؤسفني جدا أنهم بدل أن يثنوا على العلاقاتالجديدة والطيبة بين الشعبين، يتوعدون بالرد على ايطاليا والانتقام منإيطاليا. شباب متحمس، يرى الطائرات الإيطالية اليوم تقصف مدينة سرت كما كانت بالضبط عام 1911. بأي ذنب احتلت ايطاليا ليبيا واعتدتعليها عام1911 ؟ لقد أتضح بإقرار الطليان أنه خطا وأن الشعب الليبي برئوليبيا بريئة، وأنهم اسأوا ودمروا وبهدلوا وشنقوا وقتلوا وعذبوا، ولقداعتذروا وقالوا إن هذا لن يتكرر. فكيف يتكرر اليوم وبنفس الأسلوب ؟ هل1911 كان لحماية المدنيين ؟!. لانملك إلا الأسف والحزن والألم في الحقيقة على إتفاق الصداقة التي ضاعت بيننا ؛ وعلى العلاقة الماضية المفيدة للشعبين. ولا نملك إلا الدفاع عن النفس طبقا للمادة 51 من ميثاق الأمم المتحدة مبدأ الحق في الدفاع عن النفس. يا صديقي “ ميدفيديف” رئيس روسياوصديقي “بوتن” ؛ وصديقي رئيس الصين ورئيس وزراء الهند ؛ وصديقتي رئيسةالبرازيل وإخوتي وأشقائي “ زوما” و”علي بونغو” و”جودلك “ رئيس نيجيريا ؛وصديقي “سقراطس” رئيس وزراء البرتغال: هل روسيا والصين والهند والبرازيلوجنوب إفريقيا ونيجيريا والغابون والبرتغال وبقية الدول أعضاء مجلس الأمن،هل يا أصدقائي قررتم أنتم في مجلس الأمن في القرار 1973، القصف الجوي علىالشعب الليبي ؟!. إذا لم تقرروا هذا، إذن من أعطى الحق للحلف الأطلسي أن يقوم استنادا على هذا القرار، بتدمير ليبيا بالصواريخ والطائرات ؟!. 40 يوما الآن وهم يدكون البنية التحتية في ليبيا!!. حسب القرار الذي صدر من مجلس الأمنرقم 1973، رغم عدم اختصاص مجلس الأمن بهذه القضية إطلاقا ؛ لأن هذا شأنداخلي لا يخص مجلس الأمن أطلاقا، هل قررتم حصارا بحريا على ليبيا ؟!. الآن هناك حصار بحري. هل قررتم حظرا نفطيا على ليبيا ؟!. هلقررتم الاغتيال السياسي وضرب مقر “القذافي” مكتب “القذافي” مثلا الذياستقبلكم فيه ؟! هل هذا تضمنه القرار 1973 ؛ الاغتيال وتدمير المبانيالإدارية ؟!. هل هذه حماية المدنيين ؟ تدمير البنية التحتية التي مثلماقال صديقي “بوتن” التي بنتها أجيال طوبة طوبة، كيف تأتون أنتم وتدمرونها؟!. هل قررتم حظرا جويا شاملا على ليبيا أم حظرا جويا في منطقة محدودة ؟!. الآن حظر جوي شامل على ليبيا كلها!!. وهلالحظر الجوي على ليبيا فقط، أو أن الطيران ممنوع في هذه المنطقة لا أطلسيولا ليبي ولا غيره ؟!. هذا الحظر الجوي: لا تدخلوه أنتم ولا نحن. كيف الحظر الجوي على ليبيا وهم يقصفون بالطيران نفس المنطقة التي قالوا إن عليها حظرا جويا ؟!. أنا أكلم أصدقائي في مجلس الأمن وأكلم الضمير العالمي إذا كان عنده ضمير: هل قررتم تجويع الليبيين وإيقاف الإمدادات والسلع التي تأتي من الخارج الوقود وأي سلع أخرى ؟ هل قررتم هذا ؟!. هل قررتم تجويع الشعب الليبي ؟!. هل قررتم أن مباحاً أن يسقط ضحايا يوميا عسكريين ومدنيين ؟!. أنتمقررتم حظرا جويا فقط، إذن ارجعوا لقرار مجلس الأمن وراجعوا ما يجري فيليبيا الآن وتحملوا مسؤوليتكم التاريخية تجاه القانون الدولي تجاه الأممالمتحدة تجاه شعوب العالم. هل الحظر الجوي يعني تدمير كل شيء ؟! هلالحظر الجوي يعني قتل الليبيين يوميا ؟؟ هل الحظر الجوي يعني تدمير البنيةالتحتية والمواصلات والاتصالات الهاتفية، وأن المريض لا يستطيع أن يتصلبالمستشفي ويطلب الطبيب أو يطلب سيارة الإسعاف لأن النقال لا يعمل لأنالهوائيات ضربوها والناس لم تعد تسطيع أن تتصل ببعضها ؟!. حتى المرورإذا حصل حادث مروري لايستطيع أن يتصل ويطلب سيارة الإسعاف، والناس لاتستطيع أن تتصل ببعضها وتسأل عن بعضها في الحوادث لأن الموبايل تعطل بضربالبنية التحتية؟!. هل قررتم هذا ؟ هل هذا حماية المدنيين ؟!. أنا سمعت صديقي “بوتن” يقول “ من أعطى لهؤلاء الحق أن يضربوا مقر القذافي ؟!.. نحن لم نقرر هذا“. وقالصديقي “زوما” وصديقي “بوتن “ إن “ قرار مجلس الأمن 1973 لا يسمح بالقصفالجوي ولا باستخدام القوة ولا بقتل الليبيين مدنيين أو عسكريين ولا باغتيالالقذافي مثلا “، وقالا “إن الذي يجري الآن مخالف للقرار 73 “، وهم يستدلونعلى هذا القرار في العملية الوحشية القائمين بها الآن. ومادمتم انتم قد اعترفتم بهذا وأنتم لم تقرروا هذا ولم يكن في مخيلتكم أن يكون التطبيق بهذا الشكل الهمجي، إذن لابد من عقد جلسة. أنتمأعضاء مجلس الأمن، اعقدوا جلسة لمراجعة هذا القرار ولمراجعة العمليةالبربرية التي يتعرض لها شعب صغير هو الشعب الليبي ؛ ودولة صغيرة نامية هيالدولة الليبية. النقطة الأخرى إنهم يتكلمون عن إيقافإطلاق النار، نحن أول من يرحب بإيقاف إطلاق النار ونحن أول من وافق علىإيقاف إطلاق النار نحن الليبيين. لكن هل وقف الهجوم الجوي الصليبي الأطلسي ؟. لم يتوقف. من يوقفه ؟!. هل الزنادقة تبع القاعدة، يؤمنون بإيقاف إطلاق النار أو يؤمنون بالقانون الدولي أو يخضعون لأي مقاييس أو قواعد ؟!. أبدا،وأنتم تعرفونهم في أفغانستان وفي باكستان وفي وادي سوات، وتعرفونهم فيالجزائر ؛ والجزائر تعرفهم..في بلادهم كم سنة يقاتلهم الجيش الجزائري،وتعرفونهم في الصومال. تعرفون أن هذه الجماعات الإرهابية ليسلها ميثاق ولا عهد ولا تعترف بكل هذه الأشياء: القانون الدولي ما القانونالدولي ؛ إيقاف إطلاق النار، ما الهدف منه ؛ ما المحادثات ما المفاوضات ؛ما الحوار، هذا لا يؤمنون به ولا يؤمنون بالديمقراطية ويتعبرونها كفر. ليبياترحب بوقف إطلاق النار، وقد أعلنت كم مرة موافقتها على وقف إطلاق النار،ومستعدة حتى هذه اللحظة أن تقبل بوقف إطلاق النار من طرفها، لكن لا يمكنتنفيذ وقف إطلاق النار من طرف واحد. أتحداكم أن تضمنوا الجماعات المتطرفةمتاع القاعدة، أن تلتزم بوقف إطلاق النار، تعالوا أوقفوهم بمجلس الأمن ؛بالأمم المتحدة ؛ بكل إمكانياتكم ؛ بالأطلسي كله، إلا إذا كنتم ستضربونهمبطيرانكم مثلما تضربوننا نحن الآن بطيرانكم. ثم إن وقف إطلاق النار، بين من ومن ؟!. بالنسبة للزنادقة الإرهابيين، قلنا إنهم لا يؤمنون بهذه الأشياء ولا يمكن أن تتفق وإياهم على أي شيء، ياريت يقبلون بوقف إطلاق النار. بالنسبةلنا نحن الليبيين لا نقاتل بعضنا، ولقد سمعتم اعترافات الشباب كيف همنادمون وكيف تم التغرير بهم وكيف أْجبروا من طرف الإرهابيين على حملالسلاح. والإرهابيون ليسوا ليبيين، فهم جاؤوا من الخارج من أفغانستان ومن العراق ومن الجزائر وحتى من تونس ومصر. وتعالواتفضلوا اذهبوا لـ” درنة” إمارة تبع القاعدة، ادخلوا للأماكن التي يختبئونفيها، تعالوا هاتوا العالم كله يأتي ليرى الحلف الأطلسي، يأتي ليرى، تعالواللاماكن التي عندما تأتون إليها أنتم، يهربون بهم ويقفلون عليهم حتى لاتروهم. نقول لكم نحن عن الأماكن التي هم موجودون فيها، وتعالوا اتفقوا أنتم وإياهم على إيقاف إطلاق النار، ونحن نقبل بهذا. كليبيين أكيد نحن الليبيين لا نقاتل بعضنا، لسبب واضح جدا وهو نحن نقاتل لأجل من ؟!. الذي يأتي من بنغازي مثلا هاجم على اجدابيا، وين ماشي: من أجل الصليبيين ؟! من أجل المسيحيين ؛من أجل النصارى ؟. هذاكفر، لا يوجد ليبي يقبل به أبدا وهو عار وخيانة خاصة بعد أن دخلت ايطاليااليوم، الليبيون كلهم سيقاتلون إيطاليا مثلما قاتلوها عام 1911،سيقاتلونها اليوم مثلما قاتلوها من قبل، وليس هناك خلاف بين الليبيين علىمقاتلة ايطاليا بعد أن تنكرت وتجرأت واستهترت وضحت بمصالحها، في ستينداهية، مادامت ستضحي بمصالحها، هل نحن سنحمي مصالحها ؟. يعني الليبي الآتي من بنغازي أو من اجدابيا، وين ماشي ؟. حتىأبين لكم أننا نحن لا يمكن أن نقاتل بعضنا، لأن الواحد حتى في نصف الطريقبين بنغازي واجدابيا سيفكر ويقول “أنا وين ماشي وسأقاتل من ؟. فأمامي عميمثلا“. فلقد وجدنا شخصا أمامه عمه كاد أنيقتله، وواحد اخته زوجة لشخص جاء أمامه، وإخوته الإثنين، وواحد آت وجد اخاهأمامه ؛ هذا ناصر وعمر وصالح والحاج محمد وموسى ابوبكر، نحن نعرفهمويعرفوننا، كل هؤلاء واجهوا بعضهم. هل نحن الليبيين نحمل السلاح حتى نقاتل إخوتنا ؟ حتى تقتل ابن عمك، وأخاك، واباك، ونسيبك في هذه المنطقة التي كلها عائلة واحدة؟!. يعني أبين لكم أننا نحن الليبيين لايمكن أن نقاتل بعضنا، لا يمكن أن نقاتل بعضنا من أجل أعلام النصارى ؛ حتىترتفع أعلام النصارى فوق الأرض الليبية ؟!. بنديرة ايطاليا، كلنا نقاتلها ؛ ونحرقها وندوس عليها بأقدامنا، مثلما فعلنا في معركة الكردون في الزنتان. الزنتان داسوا على العلم الإيطالي بأرجلهم الحافية عمدا. البنديرة التي دسنا عليها في معركة الكردون في الزنتان، هل نضعها فوق رؤوسنا ونقاتل من أجلها لكي تصل فوق الأرض الليبية ؟!. مستحيل، ليس هناك ليبي يقبل بهذا إلا إذا كان ليس ليبياً.. مرتزق. هل نقاتل من أجل الزنادقة ؟!. معقولةأن الليبيين الذين لا يعرفون الزندقة، يقاتلون مع القاعدة ومع الزنادقة،والزنادقة لا يعترفون بأحد، وسيكفرونهم، وهم يكفرون الدنيا كلها ؟!. يقاتلون من أجل من، من أجل خونة ؟!. هل هناك ليبي يقاتل من أجل خائن ؛ ويقول لدول الاستعمار تعالوا واستعمروا بلادنا، وتأتي أنت تقاتل من أجلي ؟!. لا يمكن. يا أهلنا في تلك المناطق: أول شيءنطلبه منكم هو امسكوا أولادكم ولا تدعوهم يغررون بهم، فلقد قالوا لهمأذهبوا وستحصلون على فلوس وسيارات ؛ وتتحصلون على أسلحة حتى تبيعوها. لا.. لا.. عندما ترجع ليبيا مثلما كانت قبل هذه المؤامرة، ستأخذون السيارات. ياأبنائي كلكم من البردي إلى رأس أجدير، ومن أيسين والفيوت إلى غاية الجغبوبوالكفرة وتجرهي، تأخذون السيارات ؛ وتأخذون القروض، بدون أن تموتموا،وتأخذوها من حقكم ؛ رزقكم. أما أنت ماشي بين أن تموت وبين أن تحصل علىكلاشنيكوف تبيعها، ممكن أن تموت، وممكن تحصل على سيارة، وممكن أن تموت،معقولة يقتلونك!!. شدوا أولادكم، وين ماشيين ؟!. الفلوس تأتيكم إلى عندكم، وحتى السلاح ؛ لو تريدون أن تتدربوا على السلاح وتدافعوا به عن بلدكم ليبيا. هؤلاءأولادي، هؤلاء أبنائي أطفال ضحكوا عليهم وجندوهم في بنغازي وجاؤوا وسلمواأنفسهم وراحوا يهتفون “على شانك يا بات خميس * انخشوا عالنار كراديس، والليما يبغي بات خميس * يعدي ايدور وين يعيش“. ولقد سمعتوهم وهم يهتفون في الإذاعة، إلى أن بكى الواحد لما شافهم، شباب يحبون أباهم يحبون “معمر القذافي” قائدهم وأباهم ورمزهم. ولابدأن الليبيين بكوا كلهم ؛ عندما سمعوا هؤلاء الشباب الليبي آتين بهم منطبرق أو من درنة أو من البيضاء أو من بنغازي، وأْمسك بهم في أجدابيا وأخذوايهتفون “ على شانك يا بات خميس * انخشوا كالنار كراديس“. يعني تجعل الشخص “ تخنقه العبرة “ عندما يرى هؤلاء الشباب أبنائي، وكلهم يقولون “ نحن نادمين فلقد ضحكوا علينا“. ثم إن بعد ان يموت أبنك، من سيرده لك: الخونة ؟! فرنسا ؟! إيطاليا ؟! الزنادقة ؟! هل سيردونه لك حيا ؟!. والله لن تراه إلى يوم القيامة. أنتم الذين أبناؤكم مازالوا أحياء، إمسكوا بهم ولا تدعوا أي أحد منهم يتجند، يتجند وين ماشي ؟!. إذن نحن لا نقاتل بعضنا. هؤلاء أبنائي، واعتبارا من الليلة أهلهم سيمسكون بهم. وأنامتأكد أن أهلهم سيمسكونهم ؛ أمهاتهم وآباؤهم وإخوانهم يمسكون هؤلاء الشبابالذين غْرر بهم، وستاتيكم يا أبنائي السيارات والقروض والفلوس ؛ إلىعندكم.. ولا تستحق أن تغامروا بحياتكم. أبنائي الضباط الأحرار الذين أصبحوا اسرى الآن في بنغازي في هذه المنطقة: أناأعرف وضعكم.. كلمتوني في آخر لحظة، كل واحد فيهم كلمني في آخر لحظة وقال“الآن جاؤوني ؛ حرقوا بيتي، ويدقون على الباب ليقتلوني وسأسلم نفسي”، قلنا“ سلٌم نفسك وأبقى حيا و إن شاء الله تأتي ساعة الخلاص، وما عليكم لوم”. أنتم أبنائي.. أنتم أحبائي، أنتم عيوني، أنا لن أقاتلكم ولا أنتم تقاتلوني، وإلا تصبح الحياة بلا أي معنى. فحتىلو انتصر واحد على الآخر، فهذا النصر ليس له معنى ؛ وليست له قيمة أبداً،والحياة نفسها ليس لها قيمة أبداً ؛ إذا كنا سنقاتل بعضنا نحن الحبايب ؛نحن رفاق الدرب الطويل الرحلة التاريخية. أبنائي الجنود الذين تشتت وحداتهم كتيبة الفضيل كتيبة الجويفي كتيبة الفيل: أنتمحراسي، أنتم أبنائي ،ارجعوا ارجعوا، امتنعوا اذا كانوا قد قالوا لكمتعالوا تجندوا ارموا السلاح، السلاح في وجه من إلا إذا كان في وجه ايطاليافي وجه حلف الأطلسي ؟!. جهاد ضد الصليبية ؛ ممكن، أما أن تتركواالصليبيين وتأتوا لتقاتلوا أبناء عمكم، فلا انتم تسمعونني وموجودون فيبيوتكم ؛ والبعض منكم هارب ؛ والبعض منكم خائف، خائفين أن يطاردوكم ؛يذبحوكم، والذي لم يذبحوه فرضوا عليه شروطا مذلة جدا جدا حيث استخدموهبدرجة يعني لو مات لكان أحسن. قلت له أبقى حيا، لكن لو مات لكان خيرا له ؛ لأنهم استخدموه استخداما مزريا جدا ،فقد أهانوه ؛ يعني البعض أْهين ومسحوا له تاريخه،وكان الموت أفضل. بعضأبنائي الضباط الأحرار، بعثت لهم رسائل واستجابوا، وكانوا رجالاواستجابوا، وأعرف أنهم لن يرتكبوا جريمة ضد الوطن ولا يمكن أن يقاتلوا تحتعلم إيطاليا. وبعضهم مرغم، لكن كلهم في النهاية، مثلما يقال في حرب الفتنة الكبرى “ قلوبنا مع علي ؛ وسيوفنا مع معاوية”. يعنيهم قلوبهم معنا، حتى لو كانت سيوفهم مع العدو، لكن قلوبهم معنا، وعندماتأتي الفرصة المواتية فإن سيوفهم سترتد على العدو، مثلما ارتد “السويحلي” على الطليان ؛ الذين كان معهم في مثل هذا اليوم في القرضابية. COMMUNIQUE NUMBER ONE by Muammar Al Gaddafi Brother Muammar Gaddafi’s speech on the occasion of Alkarzabih: بمناسبة معركة القرضابية معركة كل الليبيين، استمطر في البداية شآبيب الرحمة على شهداء القرضابية من جميع أنحاء ليبيا.وأستمطربصورة خاصة، الرحمة على روح جدي “خميس ابومنيار “الذي سقط شهيدا في الفترةالأولى من بداية معركة القرضابية ومعه 400 شهيد من جميع أنحاء ليبيا، وقدوجد جثمانه الطاهر مضرجا بالدماء الزكية ؛ وهو في حالة التحام مع مقدمةالجيش الإيطالي والمرتزقة الذين معه.اليوم تمر الذكرى السادسة والتسعون لهذه المعركة الشهيرة الخالدة.كانبودنا أن يكون الكلام في هذا اليوم عن طي صفحة الماضي البغيض مع ايطالياونحن نقترب من مرور مائة سنة بعد شهور، 1911 الآن 2011 يعني مائة سنة علىغزو ايطاليا الغاشم لليبيا.كنا نعتقد أننا تعاملنا مع أمة متحضرة ومعروما ذات التاريخ المشهود، ولكن يؤسفني جدا أن في الذكرى المئوية للغزوالإيطالي، بدل أن نحتفل بطي هذه الصفحة المئوية المؤلمة، نجد أن الاستعمارالإيطالي والغزو الإيطالي قد تكرر بعد مائة سنة في هذا اليوم بالذات NOMBRE COMMUNIQUE ONE par Mouammar Al Kadhafi Frère Guide Mouammar Kadhafi discours à l’occasion de Alkarzabih A l’occasion de la bataille bataille Alkarzabih tous les Libyens, invoquer la miséricorde d’abord Habeb sur le Alkarzabih martyrs de tous les coins Libye. et Ostmatarbesorh compassion particulière pour l’esprit de mon grand-père “Khamis Eboumnyar”, qui est tombé en martyr dans le Afattrhalawly le début de la Alkarzabih bataille, le long de 400 martyrs de tous les coins la Libye, et le corps Qdugd Tahir couvert de sang pur; dans un état de fusion avec Mekdmaaljeic mercenaires italiens qui étaient avec lui. traverse aujourd’hui l’anniversaire de quatre-vingt-sixième de cette immortelle célèbre bataille. Kanbodena la parole ce jour-là pour le passé derrière désagréable avec Aitaleaonhan nous nous approchons de l’année du centenaire, après des mois 0,1911 Maintenant 2011 signifie une centaine d’années Alygzo Italie brutale à la Libye. Nous avons pensé que nous avons traité avec une nation civilisée et Maroma avec une histoire connue pour, mais je regrette beaucoup que, dans le centenaire de Gswalaatali, au lieu de célébrer Butti ce centenaire page douloureuse, nous constatons que Alastamaralaatali et l’invasion de l’Italie avait répété après cent ans dans le Cette journée particulière Brother Muammar Gaddafi’s speech on the occasion of Alkarzabih On the occasion of the battle Alkarzabih battle all Libyans, invoke initially Habeb mercy on the martyrs Alkarzabih from all over Libya. and Ostmatarbesorh special compassion for the spirit of my grandfather “Khamis Eboumnyar”, who fell a martyr in the Afattrhalawly the beginning of the battle Alkarzabih, along with 400 martyrs from all over Libya, and Qdugd body Tahir covered in blood pure; in a state of fusion with Mekdmaaljeic Italian mercenaries who were with him. today going through the anniversary of Ninety-sixth of this famous battle immortal. Kanbodena be speaking on this day for the past behind obnoxious with Aitaleaonhan we approach the centenary year, after months 0.1911 Now 2011 means a hundred years Alygzo Italy brutal to Libya. We thought we dealt with a civilized nation and Maroma with a history known for, but I very much regret that in the centenary of Gswalaatali, instead of celebrating Butti this page centennial painful, we find that Alastamaralaatali and the invasion of Italy had repeated after one hundred years in the This particular day VIDEO (Youtube) Where the Treaty of Friendship?! Where treaty Admalesmah any aggression stems from Italy to Libya?! Where the Italian Parliament?! Where the Government of Italy?! Where is my friend Berlusconi?!. have Tasvetm and Aatdhirtm and Adntm colonialism, how repeating now the invasion of Libya again Btaúratkm?!. we believe that you are living with guilt towards the Libyan people who Admourtamoh in 1911 and to the Second World War. and Kdcherdtm the Libyan people in Tunisia and Algeria and Chad and Egypt, and Taúratkm Tqsvalqual carrying children and women who are fleeing from Zhvkm and your army and Btchkmutaúratkm. we believe that you are living with guilt towards the Libyan people, just as Germany infected with guilt toward the Jews Alanalmanaa very sensitive with respect to the Jews and for-Semitism, because they want to not Takerrhma guilt This racism of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. Germany is very sensitive toward the Jews and Tgahalasraúaliyn, because Hitler’s work Holocaust against the Jews and Germany dropped Htleretbert stage Hitler crazy Nazi, is not permissible for Germany at the present time Ontaml anything irrelevant from a distance or from close to the action of Hitler. we believe that Italy the same thing Ntaml something towards Libya, divorced from near or from afar policy Aitaliaalastmarih, Italy Afassih after that. have criminalized Italy and Sidiguibrlsconi and the Parliament of Italy – if there is a parliament -, but it turns out that not Eugdberlman There is no democracy, the Italian people now stand on this; Alhabalaatali He wants peace. How do you go out and Tbaton Taúratkm and kill Libyans today and yesterday on the occasion of Alkarzabih?!. to Kdtasvet when I heard the Libyan people who are preachers today in memory of Markhalkarzabih in Sirte, where the battle took place Alkarzabih, vows Italy transfer Aharbely Italy, where they said that the war has become open between us and the Italy Onhatguetl our children in 1911 and 2011. permission Libyans have the right in the Qlwahaleom in memory of Alkarzabih, and I can not put a veto on the Libyans Vhmahrar to defend themselves; in the fight to the enemy if Orteurallibion that and “if Aaqpettm Faqbwa as much as they Aoukpettm by , and attacked you Vaatdoa him as he attacked you. ” This is what the Libyans today in Sirte, and I heard him on the radio I am very sorry that they, rather than praise the Alalacataljdidh and kindness between the two peoples, vows to respond to Italy and revenge Mnaatalia. young enthusiast, sees planes Italian bombing the city of Sirte today as it was exactly in 1911. any guilt Italy occupied Libya in 1911 and Aatdtaliha? It turns out that the adoption of the Italians and that the line of the Libyan people Brioulibaa innocent, and they Asaoa and destroyed and Bhdloa and hanged, tortured and killed, and Kdaatdhiroa and said that this will not happen again. How is repeated today in the same way? Is 1911 was to protect civilians?!. have very only regret, sadness and pain in the reality on the agreement of friendship lost between us; and on the relationship the past useful to the two peoples. do not have the only self-defense under Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations principle of the right to self-defense. my friend. ” Medvedev, “the President Rossiaosidika” Putin “; and my friend the President of China and Prime Minister of India; and my friend Rishalbraszel my brothers and my brothers,” Zuma “and” Ali Bongo “and” Goodluck “the President of Nigeria; and my friend,” Socrates, “Portuguese Prime Minister: Does Russia, China, India and Albrzilujnob Africa, Nigeria and Gabon and Portugal and the rest of the members of the Security Council, do you, my friends, you decide you are in the Security Council in resolution 1973, aerial bombardments Alycab Libyan?!. If you do not decide this, then who gave the right of the Atlantic Alliance that is based on this resolution, the destruction of Libya’s missile and aircraft?! . They are now 40 days Iedkon infrastructure in Libya!!. According to the decision issued by the Council of Alomnno. 1973, despite the lack of competence of the Security Council to this issue at all; because this Hondakhla does not belong to the Security Council at all, do you decide a naval blockade on Libya?!. Now there is a naval blockade. Are you decided oil embargo on Libya?!. Hlorteurtm political assassination and hit the headquarters of the “Gaddafi” office “Gaddafi”, for example Alveastqublkm it?! Is this a guaranteed resolution 1973; assassination and destruction Alambanieladaria?!. Is this the protection of civilians? The destruction of the infrastructure that Mthelmacal my friend “Putin’s” built by generations brick by brick, how come you and Tadmrunha?!. Do you decide to ban air inclusive on Libya or an air in a limited area?!. now fly comprehensive Libya all!!. and Hilalhzer air only on Libya, or that the flight is prohibited in this area do not Otalsjula Libby nor anyone else?!. This fly: Do not Tdkhloh you nor we are. How fly to Libya and they are bombing flying the same area, which they said that the ban air?!. I speak to my friends in the Security Council and speak to the world’s conscience if he had the conscience: Do you decide to starve the Libyans and stop the supplies and goods that come from outside the fuel and any other items? Did you decide this?!. Do you decide to starve the people of Libya?!. Do you decide that is permissible to fall victims daily military and civilians?!. Ontorteurtm an air only, then Go back to the Security Council resolution and reviewed what is going on Filipaa now and bore your responsibility historical toward the international law towards Alommaltdh towards the peoples of the world. Do you fly is to destroy everything?! Hilalhzer air means killing Libyans day?? Do you fly is to destroy the Abannahaltanah, transportation, phone calls, and that the patient can not Atsalpalmschwi and ask your doctor or ask the ambulance because the mobile does not work for Onalhoaúaat beat her and the people are no longer you can repeat the relate to each other?!. even Almrorama received a traffic accident could not be contacted and requested an ambulance, and people can not relate to each other and ask for some of the incidents because the mobile infrastructure disruptions Bdharbalbnah?!. Do you decide this? Is this the protection of civilians?!. I heard my friend “Putin,” he says, “to those who gave that right to strike headquarters Gaddafi?! .. We did not decide this. ” and Qalsidika “Zuma” and my friend “Putin” that “the Security Council resolution 1973 does not allow Bakasvaljoa not to use force not to kill Libyan civilians or military personnel or Baghtyalalqmafa for example,” and said “that which is now being contrary to the decision of 73”, and they Istdlongly This decision process is brutal those responsible for it now. and Mademtem you may Aatervtm this and you did not decide this was not in your imagination that the application is so brutal, so must hold a hearing. Ontmoeda the Security Council, Aakaddoa session to review this decision and to review Alamlahalbarbria faced by people small is the Libyan people; and the state of a small developing Hialdolh Jamahiriya. other point they are talking about Aaagafatalaq fire, we are the first to welcome the cease fire and we are the first approved Alyaaagaf fire we Libyans. but you stop the air attack Crusader Atlantic?. did not stop. Of the stop?!. Are heretics followed the rule, believe in cease fire or believe in international law or under any standards or rules?!. never, as you know them in Afghanistan and in Pakistan and in the Swat Valley, and you know Fayaldzaúr; and Algeria, you know .. in their own country how many years fight them the Algerian army, and know them in Somalia. you know that these terrorist groups Azlea Charter nor the era does not recognize all these things: international law is Aleghanonaldola; stop the fire, what is the point of it; what the talks as negotiations; what the dialogue, this does not believe in it and do not believe democracy and Atabrunha kufr. to Ibiatreh cease-fire, has announced how many times you agreed to a cease-fire, and ready at the moment to accept the cease-fire from its side, but do not Amkintniv cease-fire unilaterally. dare Tdmnoa groups Almtpartyhmtaa rule, must comply with cease-fire, Come stopped by the Security Council; the United Nations; all resources will; Balotalsa all, unless you Stdharbonhambternekm as Tdharpununa We now Bternekm. then the cease-fire, between whom and whom?!. for heretics terrorists, we said they do not believe these things We can not agree with them on anything, I wish to accept a cease-fire. Balnsphlna We Libyans do not fight each other, and I have heard the confessions of young people to Hemenadmon and how they were misled and how they were forced by terrorists to Hmlalslah. and terrorists are not Libyans, they came from outside of Afghanistan and Iraq and Algeria and even Tunisia and Egypt. and Taallowatfdiloa just go for the “tuber” Emirate followed the rule, admitted to the places that Echtbihoenfeha, come Bring the whole world comes to see the Atlantic Alliance, comes to see, Taallowallamancn that when you come to you, run away with them and Aagaflon them even Atrohm. tell you that we are all places where they are in, and come they agreed you and them to stop shooting, and we accept this. Klepien sure we Libyans do not fight each other, for some reason is very clear we are fighting for whom?!. that comes from Benghazi, for example, attacked the Ajdabiya , Wayne Walker: For the Crusaders?! For Christians; for Christians?. Hmakvr, there is no Libyan accept never a disgrace and a betrayal, especially after it entered Aitaliaaleom, Libyans are all sworn to fight Italy as Qatloha in 1911, Siqatlunha today as Qatloha before, and there is no dispute between the Libyan Alymqatlh Italy after be repudiated and dare disregarded and sacrificed its own interests, in Stendahah, as long as the sacrifice of their interests, whether we will protect their interests?. mean Libyan follows from Benghazi or Ajdabiya, Wayne Walker?. Anyiban you that we can not fight each other, because one even in the semi-Trivben Benghazi Ajdabiya and will think and say, “I will fight and Wayne Walker from?. Vomami Amimthela. ” We have found people in front of his uncle almost Onictlh, and one sister wife to a person came in front of him, and his brothers Monday, and one is coming found Akhahomamh; this Nasir, Omar, Saleh and Al-Hajj Muhammad, Musa Abubakar, we Narafhmuaarafonna, all of these have faced each other. Are we Libyans carry arms until we fight our brothers? Even kill your cousin and your brother and your father, and Nsepk in this region, which are all one family?!. mean show you that we Libyans can not be fighting each other, can not fight each other for the flags of the Christians; Anytertf flags of the Christians over the Libyan soil?!. Bandirh Italy, we all fight them; and we burn and tread upon our feet, as we did in the battle cordon in Alzentan. Alzentan trampled on the Italian flag their feet bare on purpose. Abannderh which Dsena in battle cordon in Alzentan, do you put them over our heads and fight for it to reach above the ground Libyan ?!. impossible, there is no Libby accept this only if it is not Libya .. Mercenary. Do you fight for heretics?!. Macolhon Libyans who do not know heresy, fighting with al-Qaeda and with heretics, and heretics do not recognize anyone, and Sikvrunhm, and they deny the whole world?!. fighting for the, for the traitors?!. Is there Libby is fighting for a traitor; says countries colonialism Come and colonized our country, and come you fight for me?!. can not. O our people in these areas: first Hientalbh of you is to hold on to your children, do not let them Agrron them, have told Hmozhbwa and you will get money and cars; and Tthsalon weapons, even Tabieoha. no .. No .. When due Libya as it was before this conspiracy, going to take cars. Aaibnaúa all of you from papyrus to top of Igdir, and Essien and Fayyot until Aljgboboualkvrh and Tgrhi, you take cars; and you take loans, without Tamotamoa, and Takhdhuha of your right; hath provided. But you walker between the die And that gets Alyklashanikov sell, possible to die, and possible get the car, and possible to die, reasonable kill you!!. Saddle your children, Wayne going anywhere?!. money brings you to you, and even arms; if you want to Taatdrbua arms and scrambled it for your country Libya. Halaoladi, these are my sons children laughed at them and recruited in Benghazi and came and Slmoanevshm and started shouting, “For You, O is Thurs * Ankhcoa Anar Kradis, and Lima wants to become Thurs * infect Eidur Wayne live.” The Samatohm shouting on the radio, that cried one to the Chaffhm, young people like their father love “Muammar Gaddafi,” their leader and their father and their symbol. To Begin Libyans cried all; when they heard these young Libyan Latin their Mntbriq or tuber or white or from Benghazi, and held them in Ajdabiya and Okhzuehtvon “on Shank, O is Thurs * Ankhcoa Kradis like fire. ” means make a person “choking lesson” when he sees these young sons, and they all say, “We regret we have laughed.” and then after that your son to die, of Srdh you: traitors?! France?! Italy?! Heretics?! Are Srdouna you alive?!. and God will not see until the Day of Resurrection. you who your children are still alive, grabbed them do not let any one of them, enlisted, enlisted for Wayne Walker?!. Therefore, we do not fight each other. these my children, and as of tonight parents Simeskun their . and that their parents Onamtakd Simeskunhm; their mothers and fathers and their brothers hold these Cpappalven deceived them, and Stadtakm My sons car, loans and money; Elyandkm .. Tagamarwa not deserve to be your life. My children the Free Officers who are now prisoners in Benghazi in this region: Onaaraf your situation .. Kelmtona at the last moment, every one of them spoke to me at the last moment and said, “Now Jawoni; burned my house, knocking on the door to kill me and Saslm myself,” said the “ladder of yourself and stay alive, and, God willing, the hour of salvation, and what you blame.” You are my children. . You are My beloved, you are my eyes, I will not Oqatlkm not you Tqatlona, otherwise life becomes meaningless. Vanylo victorious, and one over the other, this victory has no meaning; and has no value at all, and life itself has no value at all; if we fight each other we Habayeb ; we are comrades long road trip historic. my children soldiers, who dispersed their units battalion holy battalion Jawafa battalion Elephant: Ontmihrasa, you are my children, Go back Go back, abstain if they had said to Kmtaallowa mobilized shoot at arms, arms in the face of those unless it was in the face of Aataliafa the face of NATO Atlantic?!. Jihad against the Crusader; possible, but to Taatrquaasalepien and come to fight the sons uncle, do not you Tzmonna and are Vipheotkm; and some of you a fugitive; and some of you are afraid, afraid that Itardokm; Ivbhokm, which has not Ivbhoh imposed by the conditions humiliating very, very, where Astkhaddmohbdrjh means if he died would have been better. I said kept alive, but if he died would have been good for him; because they used it frequently used miserable too, had insulted him; mean some people insulted and anointed him its history, and was better off dead. Bedibnaúa Free Officers, I sent them messages and responded, and they were Rjalaostjaboa, and I know they will not commit a crime against the nation and can not fight Tanalm Italy. and some compelled, but all of them in the end, as is said in the war strife major “Our hearts are with Ali; and our swords with Sid.” concerned their hearts with us, even if it were their swords with the enemy, but their hearts with us, and Andmatata favorable opportunity, the swords will backfire on the enemy, just as cringe “Swehli” on the Italians; who was with them on this day in Alkarzabih. this occasion, we tell about the city of Ajdabiya: Ajaddabaamdena hold dear and love her very much; and I like to rest in, and even before the revolution Kntamshee .. I walk until I get to Ajdabiya and Abate in Doarat “small rooms” Balaijarlon at the time were not there no hotels there is no need; only Doarh for rent, and you insist Faajaddabaa and relax myself. and Ajdabiya striving, and was Adjatna Ajdabiya they Kantathana and which come in his bed, and we thought of as being among the areas that turn it into Mnmkanha and put them in a place where water after the revolution. After our river Alsnaaaalazim, thank God, I’m happy Bajaddabaa, was come to me, “Alsnosialatyosh” God bless his soul and his group, they tell me that “Ajdabiya will die of thirst; masterminded it, the desalination plant has been disrupted; Company slackened, and how to bring her water sweet Mnsear, “and you Aref as a process is useful. The Latina Praise be to the river, and I told them, “Put the tank in Ajdabiya to Artwooa with their own eyes”, and the water tank Mledaúma and never, and I told them that Khozanaltoazin put it in Ajdabiya, even kill Ajdabiya historical and thirst become ruyasiz Historically, irrigation history. this Ajdabiya. Alaneetmzk and my heart torn apart as Ajdabiya, all that comes with guns beat her; Adharbhabarashashat, enter you; briefed them; enter more than this; seen them .. To Gmha .. Multiply, barricaded themselves in this place, the other party comes Edmrk!!. why?! What is the fault of Ajdabiya; Tadmrunha?!. “5000” five thousand family population Ajdabiya, scattered. Parwaascane present, factories are present, Islands rotation of the best have tied Bbnghaziyomrboth Btabriq head and oases, and I’m hilarious so I can say that Ajdabiya Rbenarahmha because it is the city of the Mujahideen. but now the back of the contrary, what this resentment which focused on Ajdabiya?. Where is her family? Where Moroccans? Where Azwaip? Where tribes? Where Aribat?. an income and where your children?!. Refer to Ajdabiya. Onaguetrah that Ajdabiya to be a sanctuary, military operations, Manmasar must be Ajdabiya neutral from military operations, Let her alone. If Aalepien “My Lord went Hirtkm” are fighting one another , fought one another outside Ajdabiya, not Tmarwa to Ajdabiya. Ajdabiya must be because her population and returns as it was, her children are working in the oil, and water next to them, and electricity next to them, thank God. mercy Ajdabiya. and Ontmalven Latin destroying in Ajdabiya, you are not of Ajdabiya, One in coming of Tabriqedmr in Ajdabiya, what do you care about them?, and one of the tuber and destroy Ajdabiya, and one Atman Afghanistan and destroy Ajdabiya, and one coming from Algeria and destroys Ajdabiya. blame the people who reported that they have to return it, and prevent any one from entering not from the east nor of the West; and bombing flight. even NATO should hear these words; and away from Ajdabiya. No one from the heretics Eetmters in Ajdabiya; and Atakndq in Ajdabiya; and Istglalamarat and exploits the homes and families and enters in the middle, and becomes Iqatlokhrjoa of Ajdabiya, let Ajdabiya fully to her family demilitarized. and Onaadau in the African Union to come by observers from him, even watched the Medinhajaddabaa from all sides, and the remaining city demilitarized not involving any Chksamslh, and live lives of a civilian. our “Abukhmadh” Secretary of the Conference of the popular Ajdabiya, directed in the letters, you should hear what he said. and “Ibokhmadeh” is required to direct the call to the secretaries of the conference Cobeihalosasah in Ajdabiya to accept the words that I said I am now, back people and Trdjaalmatmrat Basic People; and it was decided that the Ajdabiya city demilitarized Alslahabaidh for military operations: O Atlantic spacing about us, Iaalatin of Tabrkomn dirt and any elsewhere and Benghazi, do not come to us and stay in your country, and units of the armed people committed are also not to traffic Ajdabiya not Tdkhalajaddabaa. and listen to me, “Abu Khmadh” which is a patriot and revolutionary, and listen to me of Trustees of the Basic People’s Congresses in Ajdabiya. and you, NATO who Chnon war crusade again bear the responsibility for you destroying the barrier to migration and terrorism. Eugdjaddar insulator name Libya Libyan; system mass is located in Ibiaalve made the Libyan people were made by Gaddafi, this wall which his name to Ibiamstqrh, the buffer of immigration from Europe; A buffer of terrorism that Atotnoistotun are stationed in the north Africa. Now you Tdkon forty days Baknabulkm and Besoarichkm; You fools destroying the wall that stops immigration, stop terrorism. If the collapse of this wall, Woe to you of the immigration millions, and woe to you from terrorism along the North Africa. and Ocollkm O Crusaders who Chnon crusade unfair: Where do you run?! Why Chnon war on the Libyan people and destroying Libya, for any reason?! Any Hietamon?. I tell you the truth: There are four things Oaosoa of them now, do not deceive yourselves, do not you conduct behind the mirage; not Thrthoa in the sea. Manmadharpettm of missiles and aircraft and raids in the night and day and Ruatm civilians, and kill civilians; and have destroyed schools; and ye travel hospitals and infrastructure, and even if you use the atomic bombs, there are four things Oaosoa them because you Nthakqgua of any success is inevitable. What?. – First: Libya’s political system: Alnzamalssayas Libyan This, not made by “Gaddafi”; this made the Libyan people, Fndmacamt Revolution in 1969, and we in the Revolutionary Command Council; surprised Palmatmratalcobeih formed by the masses, and when they heard that the monarchy fell; and parliament fell; and the government fell; and that the Libyan people become free, worked the power replaced Alsulthalsmh government collapsed. We did not know there is something called Almatmratalcobeih, but We were surprised to come to the cables of the Revolutionary Command Council: Almatmralhaba basic Ffersogh for example, “and congratulate you Aaiedkm”; Mizdah People’s Congress; GPC Qara Polly; GPC tuber; GPC languages. Vicl conferences popular place .. Popular Conferences, in the beginning, the support of the revolution Vicl conferences popular place .. Popular Conferences, initially was support for the Thorhutene the Revolutionary Command Council and the army at that time. then began Almatmratalcobeih, sent to the Revolutionary Command Council; demands and needs, “We Tnqsnaalmiah, we are short of the road, we are missing hospital, we are missing school,” and Bdoaigdmon such requests from whom? . means the People’s Congress is the one who offers, Nhantbennina what his people is that power has become, however, the people, conferences Habahootoornaha that the People’s Congresses are committees popular. has Alsulthcobeih; and became all Libyan men and women who have attained the age of majority, they Alanthelath millions who have power of adults age , or more, Haaeemarson power. Libya’s political system is now embodied in these millions, Vicl individual Libyan embodied the political system, but if it breaks the Libyan people and turned; and Otibashab last accept elections or on behalf of or anything. Libyan people beyond the stage of the prosecution and the stage of the elections, and has now reached that power is exercised directly by himself, can not be due to the back. Vicl case one can not; no “Muammar Gaddafi,” nor NATO nor Oauahd, it is estimated that the Libyan political system change unless other Caballibebnevsh in the People’s Congresses, if you met the people’s congresses in Jomen Alamanbaida for the shelling; and away from the arms, and people feel it comforting not Tojdarshashat pointed at the Congress; There is no one in his hand a knife Zarqawi Kiivbha; no air raids and missile from the outside. if held Basic People’s Congresses in an atmosphere free from this terror of internal and external, estimates that decide anything. Maandna rule but the Libyan people, no matter worked France; no matter how America worked; Manmaammelt Britain; the work of Mars; work, “Gaddafi”, he can not change the Alnzamalssayas Libyan unless they changed the Libyan people. myself if I say that Sulthcab canceled, will resurrection it, and they tell me not have the right and Ejononna, and say to me, you committed high treason, they say we are our own people’s congresses, the Atkdr abolish it; people’s congresses is not elected, the people’s congresses Hialhab Libyan whole. permission Aaosoa from the change of the Libyan political system and replace it with any other system but If the decision of the Libyan people in the Basic People’s Congresses. until “Gadhafi” does not interfere with it, not one involved in it, and Ntrqua anyone come and Tstaftialhab-Libi, is being held LBPCs without bombing and without sprinklers Manaldakhl or abroad: any system do you want, free. any system determined by the Libyan people, no one can tell him no, because I do not have any authority I can Avredha on the Libyan people. Hzhno. one Aaosoa them even if you continue forty years, not forty days, and ye travel even atomic bombs, does not appreciate that changed Libya’s political system, but If other Libyan people freely; and not under the bombardment. – The second thing: “Gaddafi” go Mirahl, invalidate what invalidated, this Aaosoa such as Aistm than the first, because “Gaddafi” has no authority in the post leaving him. I left these positions from 1977, The power of the people; and on the public system Mnesbnabalkamil we give up, and became like brothers, like me, members of the Revolutionary Command Council; where are they now Hlandhm authority to step down; where to step down .. The revolution and they have made; and power Slmohallhab?!. I’ve revolution; and handed power to the people, I do not have any Hajhokhry; and my country will not leave, and my rifle I am fighting for my country, my country will not leave, but nobody forced me to leave my country, no one can say that I do not defend your country. gun exists and will defend them, this is not the position nor the resignation of them do not leave it. I’m staying with the remains of my ancestors who fought for Italy in 1911, the first martyr fell in the battle of the five serious, “Abdel-Salam Hamid Ibomenaar,” How do I leave Cyprhoamhi him, I quote beside it. and serious “Khamis Bomenaar” quote on this day in Alkarzabih; not leave his remains, and my grandfather, “Hamad Bomenaar” executed him Italians in Jufrah between Danobin Hoon; is with a group of martyrs of Alaftaúm. this Aaosoa them, nor Taatkelmoa it. Hzhtkhalakm place of laughter, because this man will tell you handed over power of 77 and not Dioa position and say Leave him, leave what?! Leaves his country, and God Kues!!. Hzhla Taatkelmoa them because they replace the ridicule and mockery of you, and Tsvkm ignorance because you Ontmla understand Libya’s political system; not understand a “Muammar Gaddafi.” “Muammar Gaddafi” if he has the power to the people does not like, but the people Allepiehab “Muammar Gaddafi” and venerated, because it has no power, because power is the people. Analo I was President of the Republic would have been my fate like the fate of the President of Tunisia; and the President of Egypt, because Alvefa power people you hate, but I’m with the people in order to seize power and Imarssalsulth, and people do not bounce on “Gaddafi”, because “Gaddafi” in the middle of Cabihrdah on the exercise of power. If there’s Committees administrative not benefit the people of Libya is estimated to change it at any time. executive authority in Libya if it is the people’s committees, as you have governments, the People’s Congresses change hundred times a day. Alganhcobeih general is like a cabinet with you, can People’s Congress two years take place at any time and change completely if he wanted, or change Ncefhaorbaha, and change its secretary comes to any one else instead of it, without demonstrations and Aahtgajat or anything, and without that we know , and without even heard of me. – the third thing: that Aaosoa it does not Ttmawa it; is oil. oil without death, what greedy: to occupy the oil and Tdkhuh to go to your own safe and a Muslim?!. the Libyan people all Séjm you Bmlaenh in the area of oil, not Ttmawa you occupy the oil and enjoy it; and the Libyan people watching. oil without death, and must be under the control of the Libyan people and the Libyan state, to Atht an armed gang. not allow heresy, and do not allow traitors; do not allow gangs armed; to control the oil. oil has to be to reassure the people of Libya that under the state control of the Libyan state mass and its official institutions, its army and the people armed. want to buy oil, to prevent you?!. want to come your companies and drilling for oil?!, Welcome, French companies; Tlianih; English, Chinese. Tguetlonnamn for what? In order that your company a non take oil contracts?!, This Bdonguetal, negotiate we and you; Take hold of this franchise, you are your share how I share my how much?, And what Ntfqgua; Noukawa, come the company to drill and develop this field and benefit from it. what the greedy more than this?, ambition is to take your oil remains king until you are you?!, this is impossible. Come developed oil fields, oil Naqboa .. Gas, comes your company, and we come to a satisfactory agreement and mutually beneficial, without bombing and without war. But what the greedy more than this?!. – The fourth point: the greedy occupy Libya?!. impossible, Libya 2 million square kilometers, will not Tertahawwa where even if Onazeltoa all your troops, you will die in the desert and in the mountains and valleys, and Siqatlkm the Libyan people as a whole. Alannozaa arms widely to the Libyan people, thousands of thousands of thousands of people Thmlalan machine guns and take up arms and carry launchers, and what Ngzona on land Seetmtzlih millions. do appreciate that face up an army of one million fighter, Icombhrb bands along the beach Libyan and Libyan desert in Aljebalallibah?!. appreciate that Tusbandoh?!, unless Stdharboh atom bomb, please strike the atomic bomb, we are not afraid, we want the certificate. Hzhalmchklh: We want the certificate or the freedom and glory, We do not want life, Klnaallepien now do not want life; my martyrdom of my glory and freedom over our land, Ontirkonnena and confess that we have the right of above ground and under the sun Nanlh deserved, and Amastnkron us this and Tqatleuena, please fought to the end until Balguenablaldhirah that Nnthua, we do not want life, you either live freely, my Amanmot. Libyan people will develop resistance to children and women and the elderly to Janbalrjal, Sazhvon no weapon to free families captive; families fleeing; families that were closed by the gangs cement, which we do not know if Haho dead; families broken by the water and electricity. this Alaaúlataserh wherever they are, and the Libyan people Sazhv his children and his wives and his men and the elderly, to edit these families Ptdharbwa Please strike Btaúratkm, Kill what you like Manalotafal and women. areas where the families of the captive SEEKS, the right of the state to loosen their families, such as your countries. Ontmilo get with you that you leave them?, The whole world is fighting in the armed gangs Mthelhzh, Algeria How many years are fighting in armed gangs, why did not Tamiloa against the decision of 1973?, can not. Somalia we are with her government against armed gangs, the Great Lakes is also the fight against gangs, Uganda, we are with Overnmhonga against LRA, which they see as a gang armed rebel, and you Nevskmtaadunha. in Chechnya, who were rebels, not one fought with them, and each of you favor in the Russian government. Basque endorsed by, Irish Republican Army of the supported, the Red Brigades of the endorsed; all these gangs outside the law. Amakant there an armed gang in Libya captured the families or the street, I say that Qguatalcab armed as possible to step aside and leave the Libyan people to free Nevshbnevsh; and if ye slew or Qceftamoh, come Oqsvoh. if the heretics are killing children and women, Flethmiloa this responsibility. to Begin thousands of thousands of Libyans and without weapons, liberate their country by country, and Christmoa their army; and if you Stdharbon the Libyan army and Tamiloa Libya state Bdonjeic, the people will protect military women and children and men. We are our children to Anradhm to live after us; less pain to you we either have to live freely and glory or a certificate; We are our children We want to sacrifice them nor want them to live after us; Vlimutwamana. leave us; and if you do not leave us, you will Stguetlon our children, and we are tomorrow we will enter our children and our women. A woman in the Bani Walid worked to form, and will begin formations women; if there are a million men, there will be a million women, too. families expelled from Misurata and Okhzumsaknha and Amloha trenches, and locations of the throw; should return to Misurata, you will begin Famekdma crawl their children Pencaúha want to go back to their homes; cut Alehmalme and electricity, have gone to them with cement, they say they are either with me or Onazbg; slaughtered km and is one of the Misurata. You know that the Japanese people in Aharbalaalmih II when Japan surrendered and the atomic bomb Dharbtoha; said Kmvi Beware of the time that touch the emperor; have you tried Naoyen; Qallkm Take the Japanese people mind if this emperor will die each Alhabaliapani for him; how?. They said that it is sacred; it Leave him Emperor, and all that Hsalfa Japan after World War II; told them look swarms Taiareynaliapanian when Japan surrendered take their aircraft squadrons and enter the Famahat and commit suicide, they say, Long live the Emperor, in order to Anthronserba Emperor behind the swarm. Gaddafi, the Libyan people for the sanctity of Ambratoraleaban more, because Gaddafi is not a governor nor imprisoned and beat with a whip, not isolated and does not mean anything; one who does not power to the Libyans; even insulation even sanctions to imprisonment Anyhzh things are all worked by the Libyans themselves popular congresses and people’s committees. Gaddafi Mstansen it and a symbol of glory and Azathm you, Thompson Andcab Libyan sacred objects. Gaddafi, the Libyan people, is linked to things material and moral revolution and Mrtbtandh Bagelaúkm Trdekm and from Libya, which you Tanlunha Tamamalinvt and returns, and which became the property of the Libyan people. This is done? This currency Altiviadha Gaddafi revolution, and this can not be denied the Libyan people; Is this you or the currency you are. Shift from nests to huts and Albrarak to buildings and villas; Alnehralsnaaa great; agriculture; roads; ports; airports; education; and health; pensions; all these material things.

Libyan official faces torture and execution after Tunisian court approves extradition

Posted: 2012/04/19 From: Mathaba   http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=630242
Photo: Libyans and Tunisians show their support of the Libyan Jamahiriya government and leader Muammar Qaddafi.
It has been announced that the Court of Appeal in Tunis has ruled thatLibyan Jamahiriyaofficial Milad Abdul Salam should be handed over to the NATO-rebels’ National Transitional Council (NTC) in Libya. 44-year-old Abdul Salam, a businessman from Sirte who had close links to Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, was arrested on the Tunisian-Libyan border and charged with “attempting to illegally enter Tunisia”, a charge levelled at those fleeing Libya for their lives. The decision of the Court to uphold a lower court ruling that Abdul Salam should be extradited to Libya, where armed Al Qaeda gangs [link] [link] [link] and violent extremists want to arrest him for “financial corruption”, has been strongly attacked by his lawyer, Mohammed Baccar. Accusing the Court of Appeal of not understanding the issues of extradition, Baccar said it had not properly dealt with the case and that extraditing his client was “both illegal and unethical”. Abdul Salam had gone to Tunisia on business, but now likely will face execution by the Libyan rebels if he returns to the country,  as Libya currently is under an appalling regime of wide-spread murder and human rights abuses [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]. Baccar explained that his client is a prisoner who is a victim of the rebels’ NTC regime which claims that Abdul Salam has stolen money from the Libyans, emphasizing that this accusation is not true. Dr. Baghdadi Mahmoudi In September 2011, legal Libyan Prime Minister and the General Secretary of the General People’s Congress of the Libyan JamahiriyaDr. Baghdadi Mahmoudi, was similarly charged with “illegal entry into Tunisia” while he was running for his life after being persecuted by armed gangs in Libya. The Tunisian courts have already ruled in favour of a Libyan extradition request, but this was refused by several Tunisian officials who fear to be held responsible if Mahmoudi would be executed after his return to Libya. Baccar hopes a similar decision will be made in Milad Abdul Salam’s case. Since his arrest, Mahmoudi has been held in Mornaguia jail, located in Tunis. On March 8th, a lawyer of Baghdadi Mahmoudi, warned that his client’s health has deteriorated after he entered had been on hunger strike for two weeks to protest his illegal detention. Bachir Essid, one of Mahmoudi’s legal representatives and the president of the International Justice Committee for the Defense of Persecuted and Displaced Inside and Outside Libya, stated on his Facebook page that his client “is close to dying.” “His body has become dehydrated since he began his hunger strike over a week ago. He was not taken to hospital in spite of our demands,” Essid stated. He declared that he was holding Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki and the current government responsible for Dr Mahmoudi’s fate. Essid furthermore demanded that his client be released and provided with medical care immediately. In an attempt to have him extradited to Libya, the rebels’ NTC has hoisted absurd charges of rape against the Prime Minister. World human rights organizations and media have been silent on his situation, and a Conference of Jurists and international lawyers in Tunisia which was covered live on March 10 was forcibly closed by the Tunisian authorities Jamahiriya support While being ruled by a Western-installedpuppet government themselves, many Tunisians have started to use social networks to express their support for true democracy as taught by Muammar Qaddafi. “Muammar Gaddafi Loyalists in Southern Tunisia” and “The Network of Gaddafi Lovers in Tunisia” (Arabic) and “Support for Muammar Gaddafi from the People of Tunisia” (English) are examples of Tunisian Facebook pages who use the green colour of the Jamahiriya flag of the masses of the world to fight against the Western imperialist forces, as well as against Arab puppet regimes such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Protesting against the American-European aggression on their neighbouring country Libya and supporting a Jamahiri government is not without risk; on October 7, 2011 several Tunisian demonstrators were arrested and psychologically tortured for peaceful protesting against the mainstream media lies about the war on Libya. — mathaba /ak/ch #

Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmudi Acquitted of Charges in Tunisia


By James Corbett
Global Research, April 14, 2012
“War is a racket. It always has been.” These words are as true now as they were when Major General Smedley Butler first delivered them in a series of speeches in the 1930s. And he should have known. As one of the most decorated and celebrated marines in the history of the Corps, Butler drew on his own experiences around the globe to rail against the business interests that use the U.S. military as muscle men to protect their racket from perceived threats. From National City Bank interests in Haiti to United Fruit plantations in Honduras, from Standard Oil access to China to Brown Brothers operations in Nicaragua, Butler pointed out how intervention after intervention served the business interests of the well-connected even as American taxpayer money went to foot the bill for these adventures. The names and places may have changed, but the old adage holds: the more things change, the more they stay the same. The National Transitional Council that is nominally in charge of what is left of Libya announced this week that they’re beginning a probe of foreign oil contracts brokered during Gaddafi’s reign by his son, Saif al-Islam. Libya is sitting on the largest oil reserves in Africa, and it is no coincidence that within weeks of the start of the NATO campaign last year the rebels had already secured the country’s oil ports and refineries on the Gulf of Sidra and established their own national oil company for negotiating contracts with the invading forces. Although the oil contract probes are supposedly meant to show the transparency of the new “government” and their willingness to root out the graft and kickbacks inherent in the old regime, it’s quietly acknowledged that the process will be used to reward the nations that most visibly supported last year’s invasions and punish those who were more reticent. Surprising, then, that the first companies on the block are Italy’s Eni and France’s Total. Both countries fostered close ties with the NTC last year and France was the first country to officially recognize them as the government of Libya. But now Libya’s general prosecutor is reviewing documents related to these companies for possible financial irregularities. The SEC is getting in on the act, too, requesting documents relating to both companies’ Libyan operations to check for suspected violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The potential blow to the European giants’ share in the Libyan market is especially painful in light of the upcoming Iranian oil embargo that threatens to squeeze the crude imports of Greece, Italy and Spain. Now, as Libya ramps up oil production to pre-war levels the obvious potential winners in the probe are the American and British majors, who could end up eating up some of Eni and Total’s share in Libya’s oil production should the investigation lead to charges. China may also have reason to be wary of their standing with the new government. Chinese-Libyan ties were increasingly close in the years leading up to Gaddafi’s ouster, with trade volume having reached $6.6 billion in 2010. In 2007, as the US was beginning to put AFRICOM together and the competitive scramble for African resources was heating up, Gaddafi delivered an address to the students of Oxford University where he praised China’s hands-off approach to investment in Africa. At the time, Gaddafi suggested that Beijing was winning the hearts and minds of Africans with its reluctance to interfere in local politics, while Washington was alienating the population with their heavy-handed interventions. In the wake of the NATO bombing the would-be government of Libya is singing a different tune and relations with China have cooled down. Last August a senior NTC official suggested that China would be punished when it came time to award reconstruction contracts in Libya because of their initial reluctance to support the rebels. Although the statement was downplayed, it was revealed earlier this month that Chinese companies are still waiting to begin negotiations on losses to frozen and outstanding contracts worth $18.8 billion. Relations are still cordial, though, and the Libyan government is assuring China that the contracting companies  will be in a better position to resume negotiations after national elections in June. These latest moves from Tripoli may be as much about projecting the idea that the NTC is actually functioning as a government than anything else, though. Armed militias are still waging violent turf wars throughout the country, with 26 people dying in fighting between rivals in the western town of Zwara earlier this month and 150 dying in skirmishes last month in the southern city of Sabha. One militia stormed a hotel in Tripoli and opened fire, then beat and kidnapped the manager after he told a militia member to pay an outstanding room bill. Last week hundreds marched in Benghazi to call for an end to the violence between the armed gangs. The country is deeply divided along tribal lines and armed militias still occupy government buildings and openly flaunt the pronouncements of the erstwhile government. The idea that the NTC is actually functioning as a government is a pipe dream at this point, but as long as they keep the oil pumping and the victors of last year’s humanitarian love bombing get their spoils, there’s hardly a peep out of Washington, Paris, or London. Smedley Butler wouldn’t be surprised. Meanwhile in Syria, the racketeers’ plans for a Libyan repeat are proceeding apace. Last week we reported on the so-called “Friends of Syria” and their agreement to begin openly funding the rebels to the tune of millions of dollars. This week we have been watching the inevitable, pre-scripted “break down” in Annan’s UN-brokered ceasefire. Exactly on cue, unverified reports from unnamed activists have begun rolling in to the usual media mouthpieces via foreign-based NGOs proclaiming so many people have died in continued fighting. The unacknowledged elephant in the room, however, is that, exactly as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been attempting to point out all month, it’s impossible to expect a cessation in fighting when you are openly arming, training and funding an insurgent proxy army that is hell-bent on toppling the government. However, Lavrov is banging his head against a brick wall. The ceasefire was never meant to be a ceasefire and it’s all political theater at this point anyway. Any and every unverified rumor of fighting or violence in the country will now be taken as a sign that Assad has broken the agreement and the pressure to get Beijing and Moscow to acquiesce to the toppling of the Syrian government will intensify. In the end, this will not be a carbon copy of Libya. There will be no NATO-led bombardment or large-scale military intervention, because Russia couldn’t allow that to happen. Besides, Syria has Russian supplied surface-to-air missiles and no compunction about using them. Instead, political pressure will increase for Assad to step down and the funds and arms to the rent-a-rebel force will continue increasing until the government is toppled. The dangerous factor in this equation is that neither the west nor China/Russia have blinked yet and there is a significant amount of face to lose for one side or the other in this proxy struggle. The one with the most to lose is clearly Iran, which all things being equal would be a dominant power player in regional politics. All things, however, are not equal. With their oil increasingly embargoed, the sanctions getting progressively tighter, and one of their key allies in the region threatening to topple in favor of a hostile Sunni insurgency, Iran has to know that when and if the Syrian domino falls, it falls on them. At the same time, attention is turning once again to another of the war racketeers’ key interests: Pakistan. There has been newfound congressional interest in the so-called “Free Baluchistan” movement seeking independence for Pakistan’s Baluchi nationals. Citing human rights violations, Rep. Rohrbacher (R-California) has introduced a resolution calling on Pakistan to recognize Balochi self-determination. He has even written an op-ed in the Washington Post where he begins his argument with recourse to human rights and switches seamlessly in the fourth paragraph into noting with evident glee the region’s natural gas, gold, uranium, and copper reserves. Interestingly, Russia agreed last week to pony up $1.5 billion in financing and technical assistance for a proposed Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline. The projected course of the pipeline? It would start in Iran’s southern Assalouyeh Energy Zone and enter Pakistan from the west, crossing straight through Baluchistan. Coincidence, surely. The IP pipeline has had a tumultuous history, complete with plans to run the pipeline all the way to India (an idea from which India has distanced itself but never completely abandoned) and the potential involvement of China, which has flirted with the idea of incorporating the pipeline into a planned logistical network running from the port of Gwadar in Pakistan’s southwest all the way to Xinjiang province. Now, with a proposal for Russian funding on the table the pipeline looks closer than ever to becoming a reality. From the outset, the US has used every bit of leverage it has to get the parties involved to scrap the idea. Diplomatic pressure has been brought to bear on China, Pakistan, and India, with Beijing and New Delhi both appearing to buckle under the pressure and pull out of the project. The US has backed its own alternative pipeline, a Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India route, but that idea is looking less feasible by the day. Iran has nearly completed its share of the proposed IP pipeline, but Pakistan has been hesitant. Now along come the racketeers to fund yet another rebel movement in another geostrategically vital corridor, and before you know it “Free Baluchistan” might derail the project altogether. Look for US pressure on the Pakistani government regarding Baluchistan to increase as the pipeline comes closer to completion. Butler was right. War is a racket, after all. These days the muscle men are rent-a-mobs and insurgents more so than the U.S. military, but the idea is the same: fund, arm and train the fighters to secure the resources and control the strategic areas. In Libya the NATO-backed rebels wrested the oil spigot from the unpredictable Gaddafi. In Syria the “Friends of Syria” are overthrowing a key Iranian ally and taking over an important square on the geopolitical chessboard. In Pakistan, American-backed rebels may succeed in driving a wedge through a key Iran-Pakistan pipeline. And the racket continues. One would do well to remember the grand finale of Butler’s speech: “To hell with war!”In order to access the Corbett Report: http://www.corbettreport.c

LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (12-14/04/2012)

Posted on 14/04/2012 by alfatah69
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Rooted and identified in the Libyan anti-imperialist. Firm in the path of universal Mohamar Al Gaddafi Leader! We Shall Win!

– Tripoli, clashes broke out between Resistance Fighters and rebels in the airport road and Sidi Nasr Elmasri street.

For several minutes, shots are heard in the region of El Hadaba. More than 20 trucks of beasts “rebels” met in Bab El Aziziya certainly to intervene.

A freight truck store “Mango” was set on fire by unknown. This is the second incident in the selection of Mango store. Last week, unidentified gunmen fired small arms at the store.

Also in Tripoli – Abu Salim – after a VERY careful planning, followed by very large and successful operation, FROM the Resistance Fighters captured ratsmercenaries, including Italians. All of them are alive, and now are in jail.

In the center of the capital, between the Park and the area Al’nasser Benasur serious clashes occurred Monday, and as a result of several of the participants were injured.

On the coast found the body of a young man with his head cut off and the body of another young man. Beforethe NATO intervention, Libya was considered very favorable country for tourism, with very low crime rates.

In the city yesterday was military aircraft. Now comes a report on the fall of military aircraft, Mirage, in the metropolitan area, near Ben-Gasir. The cause of the fall was from the Green Strength.

– Puppet of the imperialist invaders, Ahmed Zoubeiri traitor and separatist leader of Cireneica said the federation applied in Libya if the Libyan people do not want it. The new flag with a black star and crescent moon rose over the new country of Barca and the celebration will be held April 17, 2012 to formalize the separation and an army of 4,000 soldiers paraded through the streets.

– AZ-Zawiya:  on Monday the city was bombed by the combatants in central and coastal areas. As a result of half a dozen rats were neutralized.

There are currently no violent clashes near the oil refinery, Al-Zawiya.

Resistance remains the battle with the rats.

– Bani Walid (13 km south).:  clashes took place between members of the “national (rat) of the army”, and local Resistance Fighters, some 13 kilometers south of the city. These clashes resulted in the neutralization of two rats of traitors. The reason for the fighting was unknown until now.

– Tarhuna:  the People’s Assembly building in the morning hoisted the Green flag. In addition, the flags of the Great Jamahiriya raised at the local university, and the free area of the city.

– Sabha:. explosions in the area yesterday Mansea several buildings on fire, fighting with heavy weapons and medium-sized enterprises, struggling sounds heard in the suburbs of the city.

– Murzuk crash of military helicopter belonging toNTC-rats in the city of Murzuk. The official reason for the accident is a “technical failure”. The helicopter was carrying 25 people and a number of officials.

– Benghazi: A car of rats, traveling from east to west was intercepted and found loaded guns. Two band members were killed in clashes between rats and loyal Libyan people in the city of Al-Salloum on the border with Egypt.

– Falcon Battalion of the Green Strength – Libyan has managed to free 32 hostages and Libyans who were being tortured by the beasts ‘rebels’ of the NTC-NATO. As a result of the military operation of the Resistance, 7 rats were neutralized, while the rest fled,leaving their weapons in the hands of the Resistance.

– Dr. Hamza Thami  –  a well-known voice of the resistance – in his message the last reportthat nothing can surprise the Green Strength. Libya’s Liberation Army is aware of the importance of the ”zero hour”. Therefore, operations are extremely thorough, and nothing can stop them.

To quote him: “The Resistance is prepared, and Speed of lights are coming quickly and hard.”T he voice of the Jamahiriya previously reported that as soon it was announced that the direction of the Green Strength will consist mainly of young people.

– A public relations agency closely linked to the U.S. Group the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who worked for the mercenaries of the NTC during the conspiracy, has been awarded a contract for $ 15,000 a month for the Libyan Embassy in Washington to continue his work. These scoundrels have welcomed the opportunity to support public diplomacy of the Libyan Embassy in the U.S. in 2012 for $ 15,000 a month plus expenses. His work will include the speeches that occur, press releases and presentations, “extension” of the media, experts and think tanks, the contents of the website and the development of social media platforms and organizational meetings, visits and trips the delegation of ambassadors and conferences

– Finally, the protectors of the beasts “rebels” of the NTC-NATO admitted that his convoy was attacked Benghazi.

– Statement of General Harbs Libyan resistance leader Verdel

 The recent letter to the leaders of the Resistance of Alzentan

– Leader Gaddafi’s belongings Auctioned: Uniform of the Martyrs, Muammar Gaddafi, blood-stained ring with the seal of his marriage, on sale for $ 2 million

– The helicopter traveling mercenaries and traitors: the Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government and Director of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Safety and the head of the Information Office of the Presidency Ministers and a number of rats crashed yesterday in the south of Libya Murzuq.

– The clown accused Sarkozy of trying to sell nuclear power Gadafila – a news report said the former president of the French state-owned nuclear group Areva accused French President Nicolas Sarkozy, have wanted to sell nuclear energy to Libya under Colonel Gaddafi until the summer of 2010 at least, and not get it he decided to arm the opposition to Gaddafi who then committed the assassination, rebel that secret reports detailing the NATO military campaign in France played its warplanes a prominent role.

Said chief executive Auferjohn the first group, in an interview published Tuesday in the Daily Express website weekly e. Sarkozy suggested in July 2007 the sale of a nuclear reactor to the Gaddafi government for use in seawater desalination.

He said he held another meeting to discuss the matter with the consultant and President Sarkozy French State Electricity “no. Of. F” in 2010.  and deported to Auferjohn to office in June after ten years at the largest manufacturer group Areva nuclear reactors in the world,  and delivered to Auferjohn blamed Sarkozy, who faces a tough battle to win a second term, saying:

“ Reuters”


LIBYA – UN and NATO took horror macabre “The death toll has already surpassed the 100,000 who came and said to protect the population – has already been proven, NATO is the United Nations are run by Jews, Zionists, and is practicing a real genocide against peaceful people Libyans century “Sunday, October 9, 2011: Pepe Escobar, Live -” The strength and endless war in Libya “, 10/09/2011, RT Pepe Escobar:

Libya’s Gaddafi gold to increase the resistance Interview – transcribed and translated by Voodoo Village staff continues to struggle in Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown.

The news that the Resistance continues, after several statements, NATO, the city would be controlled. To discuss this situation with us today is the journalist Pepe Escobar, Asia correspondent for The Times Online. Entrevistador:

Is it, after all, the final assault on the Sirte? Pepe Escobar: We have seen that the “final assault” on several occasions in the last three or four weeks. Maybe it’s 25 “final assault”. In my opinion, we are seeing the time delay blasting R2P, the “responsibility to protect”, which in theory would be the reason for the attack “humanitarian” NATO against Libya. If the “good guys” are being attacked by the forces of Gaddafi, the UN authorization applies. If you are not being attacked by Gaddafi, and are trying to survive in Sirte, and no matter how many civilians are there, under attack by NATO, the UN authorization is not applicable.

As for hypocrisy, which is the largest in the market today. Interviewer: What about the news of civilians trying to leave town. What about the cost in civilian deaths? These issues are being ignored. Pepe Escobar: completely ignored. The only thing you see in the Western media coverage-business are the “progress” of so-called “pro-revolutionary”. And is not the revolution. This is a civil war which was adopted by NATO and the U.S..

As for civilians, Sirte is a great city, with more than 100 000 inhabitants. Even if ten or twenty thousand people have fled the city.

Most of the population remains there and is being bombed by NATO, which bombed half of the city, including what they say they are “Gaddafi facilities” throughout the city. And NATO or the local population fled and not being bombed by NATO. No one is counting the number of civilians killed in Sirte, they are being attacked. The hypocrisy is cosmic. If Sirte falls in the coming days or it will mean a solution.

The government will be in Tripoli, and the NTC will be at peace, under the command of the Islamists, who are in the military command in Tripoli and Cyrenaica accept it, and send Tripolitania in the country? No, no, nothing will happen. War is, yes, from! Have you ever heard someone talk about what is happening in the southern desert? Of course not, because nobody knows what is happening on the border of Algeria, or Niger.

No one knows! I’ve talked to many people there, people who returned from Libya, pen pals, especially Italians and what they say is that since February, Gaddafi truckloads of gold transferred to the deserts of the south, which was distributed among the Tuareg and other tribes resistant. In fact, they are today, we can say, however, resistance to the organization.

And after the “government” to be held in Tripoli, then yes, expect things to come, and will be similar to that of Iraq-2003, I think that NATO will remain there forever. Did you say that. Libya said it would be in government until a “stable” in Tripoli.

That will never happen. Therefore, there is no doubt: the war forever, also in Libya.

– Green Resistance eliminated Soldiers of rats “rebels”

– Libya Beni Wallid  capital of the Resistance against the rebels NTC

Flag of the Khadaffi's resistance in Libya.Flag of the Khadaffi’s resistance in Libya.


Animated flag of Libya.
Gas third World War – Part I

I say pre-talk before The following is a proposal under rule for informing documented from the inside, which will open for all eyes. Everything is known and has surfaced. In general, and the picture is completely about what is happening in the Middle East on Syria and Iran on a clear and transparent.However, if we collected the small details with a lot more detail in this image moves from box to box to predict confidence. Is made up of various parts and multiple by time and time and place for that in the beginning shall describe levels of events to try to collect in one form. In a conversation took place in Moscow in 2009 won is a matter of curiosity, where he made a request for influential people in Moscow for an interview directly without any intermediary between Europeans and the organizers of the national interests in Europe and the Russian leadership. Later application was withdrawn, but the interview is completed. Apparently it was a measure in another way. Did not know much about this meeting with the knowledge that, immediately after spread information on the stunning presentations made to the Russian side. Qatar ready to invest in Russia amounts fictional. But even without this information on the news that Qatar and permanently make presentations to the Russian side Taathamr without interruption, one of the last of these presentations was ready to buy a stake Qatar Russian company to extract the tear gas. YamalLNG. The headquarters of the Union of countries exporting natural gas in the world which is headed by Rossi is located in Doha with the knowledge that Putin suggested in 2008 that this will be the headquarters in Moscow, but he has agreed to a proposal of Qatar hosted on home soil. Apparently at first glance that industrial activity and normal economic relations and fruitful work, but itViem Mlaundular 2010 was 50, including 98% – Hoalsadrathalerosah. Investments – zero All this activity is raging all the various delegations end up by a mere promises and offers attractive and wave numbers irritants with a number of incredible of zeros. And I would like to recall the story of the Russian bank VTB as it is and by a decision of the Russian president should have sold the proportion of ten percent of the shares of the Bank until the date of February 15, 2011 to Qatar with the discount of $ Ncefmllardolar. The deal is not. Bank VTB himself in July 2011 a presentation was made to Qatar bought gas fields. The case to the now pending and apparently will end without a result. In the spring and summer of 2010 was introduced Offers exclusive and lucrative scales of Qatar to invest in the areas of construction and mining gold. Years ago – attention to weak and laze in the approval and the result was that the Russian side took off for presentations because of the lack of interest. Association of the Gas Exporting Countries “or so-called gas Boubik” full and magnify his greatness to the project is now questionable, as it does not have a consensus so far, one or a mechanism to coordinate gas prices. And no need to even guess is the engine for this difference. In other words, for some reason always seeks Qatar Russia to be at his side, expressing his interest in the interest of what a big investment or another – and eventually give up and Abdibalahtmam something else. Taking advantage of that are interested in investing in the Russian economy are not a Ethren Qatar acting Kalam waved in front of rich Russians with packets of dollars, however, comes an empty pockets.Maalvaúdh of this? What’s the significance? Follow ….

Gas third World War – Part II

It is worth mentioning that Qatar is pumping huge money to build a giant port at a cost of seven billion dollars on its territory, in addition to what is owned infrastructure. As well as Qatar is building plants to transport natural gas in England and Germany   And Southern Europe   This is regardless of the huge money and effort   Which have to be paid, the spectrum of loans by relying on long-and short-term. As well as Qatar pumps his money in building tankers offshore gas giant, or the so-called: draft Q – Max, the first carrier and a banana (the wife of Prince second country and his favorite) able to transfer 266 thousand cubic meters of gas or liquid in the amount of 150 million cubic meters of natural gas per shift. The result is that Qatar will own up to 25 supertanker when you exit the reconstruction, in addition to the possession of carriers, if the volume of natural gas that will be transferred to the draft Q – Max and simple arithmetic: 25 * 15 flights a year = 150 billion and a quarter cubic meters of liquid gas, or about a third of what Russia sells to Europe’s gas. Here the question arises: Where the Emir of Qatar, this conviction that he will be able to spend this huge amount of gas, and is the entity that will buy these quantities? If the buyer and the traditional Qatari gas is South East Asia With respect to these countries, it will not be able to drain this huge amount of gas, of if you will be able to conduct 50 additional Milirda? In fact, Arabs, and especially the princes of the Gulf have ambitions of a giant, Just look to the neighbor Qatar, the UAE with its projects tourism can I understand it, but the difference is that the Emir of Qatar does not build just hotels or malls in the desert, but rather build infrastructure enormous regardless of cost, This is what makes us doubt that these ideas are the invention of the Prince. Another question is when will end diameter of the reconstruction of this infrastructure in the Indian Ocean and in England and ends of the reconstruction of supertankers What will happen after that? There are also lots and lots of other questions requiring answers and example of this is what happened from a dispute between Russia and Western Europe   About that he is not entitled to the source of gas that has the pipes to move, and also could not possess in partnership with imported and therefore was supposed to sell a portion of these tubes to a third party, and in this regard I would like to mention that country and their partners, Europeans do not hide their interest and will attempt to purchase these shares of pipelines, and here the question, Who is the owner of that future quotas will force the Europeans when Russia for the sale of these tubes? Gas third World War – Part IIINlfez when the word “Qatar”, we make mistakes in determining the destination, we have to look at the people in hiding   Behind this word, even the word “Mokhtban” is not entirely correct, because these people specifically Mrion, and very clearly. In fact I have written more than once in the figures for national policy, to repeat Knhalistkhtiihon Zlkmabed Allahjataljdidh. الاميرخليفةحمدبنخليفةآلثاني. Osubhomervyanqlab overthrew his father, who was in the recreation trip in Europe. The heart of the plot and the driving force behind this coup was Sheikh Hmudbnjaasmbenjbralthani – رئيسالوزراءالحاليووزيرالشؤونالخارجية. Hmudbnjaasm – Chksahfredhmananuaha. حتىفيالعالمالعربيالذييحافظعلىالبقشيش, myths about the corruption of Emir Hamad arrived Allahdod, where he as director of the State Fund Investment has held suspicious transactions to profit huge which led to the growth of his personal fortune quickly and obscene, a reminder of the wealth even greater than the wealth Prince – it’s unacceptable to some extent in the standards of princes the Gulf. You must not forget that the concept of “state or government” in the country control the absolute monarchy means that the State Fund is owned by Prince. How apparently the person who loot and steal in public?, It’s true that nobody so we see that the prince does not receive acceptance among his fellow Arab leaders and it shows clearly a result of strained relations between him and them as it was with Gaddafi and Mubarak, who was Alhma with all his heart. We return again to Sheikh Hamad, Mketbriswazzrafayaldouhh a place that is not sitting when Sheikh Taiwilaandma comes from his office located in London, where he is located there is a center empire run by himself and the help of his sons, and although the sensitivity of the English against thieves and corrupt, but we find that the English to Aamanon the presence of such persons on their land, which implies the existence of interest to Dyankltrh the survival of these people so there is no need even to talk about the politics of sovereign country in the field of investment (if the Director is Sheikh Hamad). However, the effects the British not only in national policy, considering that Qatar is a patio dusty base of America the largest in the Middle East, “many,” we are seeing and Aodouh the effects of the American company Exxon Mobil, it should be mentioned that the Americans and the Europeans and Canadians c Maahm positions modest Kmscharien in all government institutions country where the administration of the formalism is occupied by the royal family or those close to them who spend a few hours of their day to work and earn large salaries, and so are the actual management of Western advisers, however, and does the job as it is known to all ordinary workers from neighboring countries. So after all these facts we get the result of an interesting “to talk about politics in the country of the areas is impossible, whatever,” where such a policy formulated by the consultants and the West, Americans, French and English are formulated according to their demand and interests. Politicians of all Qataris are able to sign a document with the importance of even a small being controlled by the West and advisers wanted someone to think of not to obey the prince, they remembered the fate of his father and became a state in which it now   Or such as Shaykh Hamad, the office in London will be the target of anti-corruption office, and so govern his grip on the West Country Policy. From the above we conclude that talk of Qatar means to talk about the United States, Britain and France for their interests And those who work, Qatar is a branch of the powerful multinational companies “often Western,” propped forces in many U.S. Marines.

Gas third World War – Part IV

And now we should focus on some points so as not to waste the reader, if Qatar is trying hard to entice the Russians with vast amounts of investments in Russian economy, but (Qatar) to find each time the cause and good reason to abandon these projects, and the result is that Russian businessmen and fear that Biau opportunity to enter the money the country to Russia, they give up their interests in Libya, which worth billions, and think they will eventually earn the country tens of billions in Russia. Here, the Russians ask, could that man have a true prince of Qatar looks to deceive? In result, Qataris take projects, one after the other from Russia’s Gazprom and they are built in the east and south   Europe   And England, and also are building gas carriers giant five and twenty as a first stage and are not final, however, we learned that the fifty billion cubic meters of gas will meet the 5% of the market need, the European, but we must not forget that these quantities will be additional to the owned Europeans, and in this time, the Qataris slide the Russians for the European market Xia Vxia which we can observe at this time reducing the share of Russia’s Gazprom in the European market from 26 to 24, and also we must not forget the Libyan gas which Qatar is trying to control it, as well as Algeria, which it has with its political, but this is temporary until the reconstruction of the country and then the fleet will be a new target for democracy or the so-called Arab spring. If the Europeans under the banner of abolition of monopoly and market diversification they open the way to the   Monopoly one, while the Gazprom Given this without Mbalh. The aim of all these acts was to expel the gas market of Gazprom   European as the expulsion of Iran with the assistance of the oil market, Saudi Arabia, but the Arabs’ goals are different from Europeans understand the objectives of this Almtgmon become the only ones in the market, any market Saudi oil and gas market, Qatar. The success of this plan may be the Europeans sweet and another problem is that they reduce the Russian presence in the European market under the financial revenues to the treasury and Russia are making this a platform for the Russian people’s anger and dissatisfaction with the Russian government. Syria is the site of a battle that will solve several problems: The first is Syria’s Djioaguetsada, we must not forget that Saudi Arabia and Qatar Mjbertin use the Strait of Hormuz, and if closed by Iran would be a reason to get an economic disaster for the Gulf States, as well as to Europe, so to solve this problem on the Gulf states to open corridor from Syria, its geographical location and then start a war on Iran, and then you will both Saudi Arabia and Qatar to extend lines of oil and gas through Syria and the Mediterranean all the way to Europe, knowing that they can use Oman to extend these lines, but this solution will not address the issue of the expulsion of Russians from the European market. The important thing is to overthrow the Assad regime and there is a period of time to end the piece up to 2014 when Qatar will finish the reconstruction of the entire infrastructure (ports and supertankers) to start pumping gas through Syria   . Therein lies the problem: If all these plans massive is not attached to finding an alternative route for the Strait of Hormuz, the Gulf and the Europeans will not tames its victims oxen to declare war on Iran and at the same time, the declaration of war without the corridor alternative will cause a global catastrophe, and for this we can say that the 2012 – 2013 will break the two-Akunan Iran, Syria and Algeria also, of course.

Gas third World War – Part V

The irony is that a strong company with all its human and financial resources as a company Gazprom can not possessing the capacity of intelligence and strategic planning capacity, and the biggest example of this is happening with the beginning of each new year between Gazprom and the Ukrainian government, and this demonstrates twice the capacity of intelligence in this giant company. As for the anti-spyware Gazprom has excelled in this area, how far have not heard of any domestic scandals and this is what the new Ayad Xia, Employees of counter-espionage in Gazprom, most of them clients of former Russian security corps. In my view, that in front of Gazprom and Russia is also a decisive issue with Takhro they solve, and heroes are all the plans aimed to expel Russia from the European market. First, they establish centers analysis and planning strategy for the sober able to answer any imminent danger, it is not unreasonable when we see a fire breaks out in a house full to the table and turn off the Treasury, but we have to turn off the whole house. Second, Russia and Gazprom that Abgeso for the Allies, and these allies can sober states or bodies or persons of declaring war against them by the West, and after the establishment of unions and the exchange of information and find solutions to the risk posed, and in this regard, we can to say that we have Germany as an ally for us in Europe, while in Asia Venof each from China, Iran, Syria, Algeria and in Africa. Third, strategies to be making new wars, wars or in partnership, because it is not possible in our time to do conventional wars, that we should not shorten the outcome of this war the enemy to stay alive. And, for example, about 15% of Qatar’s population are Shiites, and they are preparing Qatari exchange-Thani, and for this, Iran must have a customer has in this category, and this Fbmekdoarham making a platform for civil disobedience or revolution, what is in our interests also . And also we have to plan a military, we can carry out any landing special forces to eliminate the infrastructure and transport links country and also to carry out the assassination of Chgsaat specific or eliminate their property. Russia in its current state has a justification and a strong justification for any action it deems against Qatar, and this justification is what he did hit the Country of the Russian ambassador in Qatar, and this act is equivalent in terms of international relations, the declaration of war. The important thing at present is the Russian interests, and the protection of these interests is to declare war on the diagonal, because Qatar did not stop when the threat of Russian interests only, but it is also the Russians steal money, why the Russian revolution in 1991? , And for this blood Ogrko Moscow in 1993? Do this for each Aato Qatar? Problem in Russia lies in the presence of strong American lobby, which hinders the Russians to take critical decisions, and that it is the elimination of this lobby Centzerna as much as bad. RATS USED THIS FOOTAGE to stage a fake-Gadhafi terrorist strike against BENGAZI. It reality it was a crashed RAT!

The plane that crashed in Benghazi in March 2011 was driven by a REBEL/RAT

Source: ALGERIA ISP http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2012/04/13/libya-the-plane-that-crashed-in-benghazi-in-march-2011-was-driven-by-a-rebelrat-april-13-2012/

ALGERIA ISP / A information has been disseminated by Akhar Kofra Hora (Pro NTC) at their wall, talking about their hero, the pilot who defended the city of Benghazi when his plane was hit. He was far from the city to crash.

This is the photo of the driver.

source: http://www.facebook.com/TheFreeKufraNews?sk=

This reminds us of the warplane type Mig-23 crashedfollowing March 19, 2011 on the city of Benghazi.Predators have staged this scene to show that the army of the Jamahiriya Kadhafi has used warplanes to bomb the civilian population and it was with this video that prompted the UN resolution to implement a NO FLY ZONE and INVADE Libya.

Indeed this war plane was piloted by a REBEL/RAT. Here, one of the thousands of lies to demonize the Libyan armyand Kadhafi.

The link to the video of the fall of Benghazi on this aircraft.

  • Michel Chossudovsky: The F-35 Stealth Fighter Program – How the War Economy Contributes to Exacerbating the Social Crisis‏

THE F-35 STEALTH FIGHTER PROGRAM: How the War Economy Contributes to Exacerbating the Social Crisis
By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, April 4, 2012

There is mounting controversy regarding the purchase of the F-35 stealth fighter jet from US defence giant Lockheed Martin. The Pentagon has commissioned the purchase of 2,443 aircraft “to provide the bulk of its tactical airpower for the US Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy over the coming decades”. This massive procurement of advanced weapons systems is part of America’s “Global War”, largely directed against China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. 

The overall cost of the program to the US military is estimated at a staggering $1.51 trillion over the so called life cycle of the program, namely $618 million per plane. (Shalal-Esa, Andrea. “Government sees lifetime cost of F-35 fighter at $1.51 trillion.” Reuters, 2 April 2012).

Several of America’s close allies including the UK, Australia, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Israel, and Japan are slated to purchase the F-35 stealth fighter plane.

The economic and social implications of this program are potentially devastating. Apart from the fact that the fighter planes will be used in upcoming US-NATO wars, resulting in inevitable civilian deaths, their procurement –at tax payers expense– will contribute to exacerbating the ongoing fiscal crisis. Unless they are solely funded by an increase in the public debt (which is highly unlikely), these massive expenditures on advanced weapons systems will require the adoption of concurrent austerity measures over a period of up to thirty years, at the expense of an entire generation.

The costs of military procurement are always at the expense of social programs, public investment in infrastructure, employment creation in the civilian economy. Conversely, very few jobs will be created by the defence contractors. The cost of creating one job in America’s weapons industry (2001) varies between 25 and 66 million dollars per job. (Michel Chossudovsky, War is Good for Business, Global Research, September 2001)

In the US and NATO member countries, drastic budgetary measures are currently being applied with a view to financing the “war economy”. These economic measures –adopted at the crossroads of a Worldwide economic depression– are also contributing to spearheading entire national economies into bankruptcy, with devastating social consequences.

Canada’s F-35 Program

In Canada, the Conservative government had initially committed itself to an overall cost of the F-35 stealth fighter program of 9 billion dollars involving the purchase of 65 aircraft. This figure of 9 billion dollars was a political cover-up. Known and documented, the real cost of the program was much larger. Auditor-General Michael Ferguson’s report presented to the House of Commons (April 2), confirmed that the cost of Canada’s F-35 programme “could reach $30 billion over three decades”, namely $461 million per plane:

“In March 2011, the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) provided Parliament with a report on the estimated acquisition and sustainment [sic] costs associated with Canada’s planned purchase of 65 F-35 fighter jets. Shortly thereafter, the Department of National Defence (DND) responded to the PBO report. In that response, DND claimed that the total costs associated with the F-35 program would be approximately $15 billion. However, the recent auditor general’s report reveals that, in June 2010, DND’s true cost estimate was approximately $25 billion — representing a difference of $10 billion. The inclusion of this difference would bring DND’s cost estimate in line with that of the PBO,”

It is worth noting that the estimated unit cost in Canada’s program ($461 million per aircraft) which has been the object of political controversy is substantially lower than that of the US (estimated at $661 million) and Norway (estimated to be of the order of $769 million over the “operational lifetime” of the F-35 aircraft). (Testimony of Rear Admiral Arne Røksund,  “41st Parliament, 1st Session, Standing Committee on National Defence.” Parliament of Canada, 24 November 2011).

Ottawa’s 2012 Austerity Budget

Careful timing: The 30 billion dollar cost of the F-35 programme was known prior to the presentation of the budget. The report of  Canada’s Auditor General (April 3), however, regarding the cost overrun was only made public ex post facto, five days after the budget speech by Finance Minister Flaherty on March 29.

The 2012 Canadian federal budget presented a gruesome scenario of austerity measures requiring massive layoffs of federal government employees, drastic cuts in spending including pension funds and the curtailment of federal provincial transfers. In contrast, the issue of spiralling defense spending resulting from the F-35 fighter program is not acknowledged, as if it has no bearing on the structure of public expenditure.

The government had announced drastic austerity measures, but these budgetary measures apply largely to non-military spending. (The federal budget estimates indicate a modest cut in defence expenditure, which do not include predictable overruns in the cost of weapons procurement).

The crucial question: How does this multibillion dollar F-35 project affect the 2012 federal budget, which is largely predicated on a sizeable curtailment of “civilian” as opposed to “military” expenditures?

The issue of the budget deficit could be resolved overnight by reining in the war economy. But that “solution” would not be in the interest of  achieving “World peace” and “global security”.

“Guns versus Butter”: How does this spiralling defence expenditure allocated to the purchase of advanced weapons systems affect all other categories of civilian government expenditure?  How does it affect public investment in the civilian economy?

These questions are of crucial significance for the people of the United States, whose government is spending a staggering