Green Resistance takes back Libya for the Jamahiriya / Résistance vert ramène la Libye pour la Jamahiriya

Muammar is coming on his horse Ventredi!

In the historical town of Agadez, the brother of revolutionary leader leads leaders and other Muslims in prayer,

on the birthday of the Seal of Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him

Agadez 30 Spring 1375 (TP) – 30 March 2007 :

“In the name of God. My praise and worship the Lord my God has a messenger sent to all mankind. This messenger was the seal of the prophets, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). He was the only prophet peace and blessings of God and his angels were given. We were also instructed to bring him peace and blessings. (Allah will send blessings on the Prophet and His angels pray for him. O you who believe, pray (even) their blessings on him and salute him with all reverence. 33: 56) were awarded with All God’s messenger of peace. Mohammed alone has the distinction of Peace and blessings …

I hear many preachers saying “As you have blessed Ibrahim.”

This is incorrect. Blessings were only instructed Muhammad. God has ennobled the whole Prophet’s family. But he has never “Blessing and peace be upon them,” said. Peace and blessings are said for Muhammad.

The Almighty has given an award Muhammed, namely that his release was the final revelation of celestial revelations. And he is the seal of the prophets. This was the will of God and the sacred truth, like it says in the Koran.

It is incorrect and inappropriate, with labels to describe Muhammad reserved for other prophets. It is enough for him that he is the seal of the prophets and that the blessings and peace of God be upon him. God tells him in the Qur’an: (Say: “O people, I am to you all is a messenger of Allah to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, 7:158.).As for Jesus, the Qur’an says: (And (remember) when Jesus, son of Mary, said: “O Children of Israel, I am Allah’s messenger to you, 61: 6) It is clear how God has said that Muhammad was sent to all. He also said that Jesus was sent to the children of Israel. Jesus (peace be upon him) was not sent to Asia, Europe, America or Africa. 

You do not deal with the message of Jesus, who was sent to the children of Israel alone to provide the Moses-gun properly. Jesus said to the children of Israel: (I am Allah’s messenger to you, fulfiller of what the Torah in front of me, and giving Glad Tidings of a Messenger to come after me whose name shall be Ahmad “61:.. 6 ) Where the book of the Bible contains the words of God in Jesus? It does not exist.The true book of the Bible mentions the name of Muhammad. The Bible we have today does not include the name of Muhammad. Therefore, it is not authentic, the Bible reveals to Moses and Jesus.The book we have been written centuries after Moses and Jesus. There is a Bible called “the Bible of St. Barnabas’. This Muhammad mentioned. There seems to be the authentic book of the Bible. However, it was blurred. It is from the ground disappeared without a trace. Jesus was sent only to the children of Israel. Muhammad was sent to all mankind. Nations, but the Israelites have to do with the message Jesus nothing.  The message of Muhammad, however, affects all because he was sent to all the people and because he is the seal of the prophets. In this age of science and information that people need to know the truth and the facts of religion. Of course we must believe in Jesus as a prophet of the Children of Israel. We must believe that his birth was a divine miracle. 

To leave no doubt in the mind of the children of Israel when it comes to Jesus and the divine mission of the good news he brings to work God Jesus privileged with the ability to wonder, incomparable with any other prophet. With God’s grace, Jesus, the dead brought back to life, healed the sick, and had brought food from heaven for the hungry. In the Qur’an God says that Muhammad was sent to all mankind. He asks the followers of Moses and Jesus addressed himself to Muhammad, whose name was mentioned in the Bible. This is what the Koran says, Muhammad was mentioned in the book of the Bible. The Bible does not mention Muhammad exist today. Therefore, it is not an authentic book.ùToday, our calendar starts with the birth of Christ. It is understandable, because his birth was a divine miracle. But why does not the calendar begins with the death of Muhammad? His death was also a significant event of cosmic proportions. It was the death of the last god-sent seal of the prophets. With his death, the sky fell silent altogether and ceased to communicate with the people until the last day. From the time of Adam to Muhammad, he Communicated with the earth by the God-sent messengers. All this came to a definitive end to the death of Muhammad. Years since 1375, no further divine revelations made to mankind. The calendar must start with the death of Muhammad, this important cosmic event. From now on, will the world say that 2007 years have passed since the birth of Christ and 1375 after the death of Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets. Why is the calendar begins with the birth of Christ and upon the death of Muhammad? The reason is that Muslims are weak and defeated.We now correct the error and clarify the misunderstandings of the world in accordance with the teachings of the Koran. We invent nothing new here. It is indeed a miracle that Jesus was born without a father.

There is also a miracle that he raised the dead and healed the sick, the saving will of God. These miracles we acknowledge. But it is a mistake to assume that (peace be upon him) Jesus was sent to Asia, Europe, America or Africa. He was a prophet to the children of Israel alone. If Jesus (peace be upon him) were alive when Muhammad came with his message, he would have attached itself to Muhammad. Another massive historical misconception is that a number of religions exist after Muhammad. After Muhammad’s mission, there must be a single religion. (. Truly, the religion of Allah Islam 3: 19). (And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter He will be among the losers. 3: 85).This is a universal fact.Another mistake has misled many of the uninitiated, is that Jesus was crucified was left to atone for the sins of his followers. Jesus was crucified nor killed. (… While they still killed him, but neither did suffer on the cross, but he appeared to them just the same (a crucifix), 4: 157). The man who was crucified 2,000 years ago, a man who resembled Jesus was not Jesus himself, Jesus was not crucified. The book we have today is not the word of God. It was written down centuries after the death of Jesus on paper. This book states that Mary, Mary Magdalene, Joseph the carpenter, and perhaps some apostles were present at the Crucifixion. They all knew that Jesus was not crucified, but have another set to the real Jesus to help her escape. These are the words of God, not ours.Every word that I said came from the book of God. I have nothing tells stories. How could we know these facts if God had not explained to us in the Quran? God said to Jesus: (As Allah said: “O Jesus, I will let you [natural causes] die and raise you to Myself and purify you (of the falsehoods) of those who disbelieve, and wants those who follow you to put on those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection: Execute ye all return unto me, and I will judge between you of that wherein ye differ. 3: 55) The type of worship which was accepted by the followers of Jesus was never prescribed by Jesus. For example, to cross himself, was not ordained by Jesus himself. It may not have been ordained by him before he was crucified. The images of Jesus and Mary have been placed before the people in prayer is a sign of idolatry, which were championed by Jesus before. Even the prayers they say are not the ones that Jesus had taught. If you are one of the children of Israel, they can be followers of Christ. If you are not an Israelite, you have nothing to do with Christianity. It was not directed at you.

“The Leader referred to the three groups of sultans, princes and elders of the tribes and clans from Togo, Ghana and Burkina Faso, who came to the event in order to convert to Islam, as living proof of this fact. In the final sermon, he said: “These gentlemen were convinced that they can be, as non-Israelites, Christians.” They were also convinced that God made this statement (Truly, the religion before Allah is Islam. 3: 19) Today they join with us in Islam.

(When Allah’s help and victory / And you see people in droves to join the religion of Allah, / Then you glorify your Lord and ask Him for forgiveness Verily, He Himself often used with grace 110:.. 1-3) Thousands of new converts from all over the world who have been led to Islam, had expressed their confession of faith before the brother of revolutionary leader and head of the World Islamic People’s reign. They have done this to express their faith in Islam . As a continuation of this practice, the three groups of sultans, princes and elders of the tribes and clans from Togo, Ghana and Burkina Faso, this testimony said yesterday evening, during the second large-Islamic prompt rally, held in the great African Muslim town of Agadez, about to mark the birthday of the seal of the prophets. “


Dr. Mohamed Al-Sharif, Secretary General of the World Federation of the Islamic Dawa led to a new convert to the revolutionary leader, saying: “Brother revolutionary leader, this is a group of sultans, princes and elders of the tribes and clans from Togo, northern Ghana and Burkina Faso. In his correspondence with the World Federation of the Islamic Dawa why they have asked for their testimony of faith to speak in your presence. This is an affirmation of your true endorsement of Islam. They were instructed Thanks to your efforts to Islam. Hundreds of thousands are led by them to the light Islam. The lawyers who speak their languages to work with them and will translate your conversation with them. “


The revolutionary leader who taught the neophyte profession of faith:“I bear witness that none is worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” After reciting the Al-Fatihah (The Opening of the Koran), they congratulated the Supreme Leader that they were far to Islam.Photo de couverture

The name of the new converts are: First Burkina Faso:

  • Sultan of the village ŽIGA 10.000 followers
  • Sultan of the village KUL ALIFI 6.000 followers
  • Sultan of the village ZITINIGA 5.000 followers
  • Sultan of the village ZENBARI 3.000 followers
  • Sultan of the village KONGOSI 2.500 followers
  • Sultan of the village SONKOGUINEQ 2.100 followers
  • Sultan of the village Swana 2.000 followers
  • Sultan of the village IANABA 2.000 followers
  • Sultan of the village of Kambi 2.000 followers
  • Sultan of the village Mangar 1.800 followers
  • Sultan of the village BASID 1.500 followers

Second Ghana:

  • The princes of the tribes: DAN QUMBA, and ZABAGA MANBROSI.
  • The leaders of the villages and DAN QUMBA GESSE, BLUQUA, BOK and ZIZKO.

Third Togo:

  • The sultans of the villages YATASI, NABALBA, BASSBA, SHAKURKU, WARANDI WARD SARA and the Sultan of PEYTOUL who is the head of 62 villages.

The brother of revolutionary leader and head of the World Islamic People’s reign led thousands of Muslims in the evening prayer. Initially the worshipers who were led by the revolutionary leader in prayer, President Nigeryens Mamadou Tandja belonged, President of Chad Idriss Deby, President of Sudan Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, President of Mali Amadou Toure, President of Sierra Leone Ahmed Tejan Kabbah and Brigadier Mohamed Val, head of the Military Council for Justice and Democracy in Mauritania.

In prayer and sultans and princes and elders were the tribes of the Sahara, leaders and members of Sufi sects, and Muslim scholars and university professors from Africa, Central Asia, Europe, America and Canada. The Housing and Minister of Agriculture in Mauritius and the minister of national security in Rwanda took part also because, together with parliamentarians from Tanzania, Cambodia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Tajikistan, and Trinidad and Tobago. The Mufti of Macedonia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Tatarstan, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Australia, Rwanda, Uganda and Zanzibar were also present. Where the middle of the brother of revolutionary leader in prayer were led delegations from Muslim countries were from different regions of the world, namely:

Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Togo, Senegal, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Swaziland, Mali, Mauritius, South Africa, Tanzania, Chad, Cameroon, Central Africa, Benin, Guinea, Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia , Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Australia, Tajikistan, Hungary, Australia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Belgium, France, Sweden, Kosovo, Malta, Spain, Bosnia, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, Holland, Albania, Iceland, Macedonia, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, Britain, Romania, Finland, United States, Moldova, Canada, Panama, South Korea, DRC, Liberia, Congo Brazzaville, Guinea-Bissau and Niger –

“Allah send blessings on the Prophet and His angels pray for him. O you who believe, pray (even) their blessings on him and salute him with all reverence. ” a big day in the history of mankind, from the historic city of Timbuktu, we look at the Islamic nation and the world. On this day, Monday 12 Rabi Al-Awwal, on this glorious day in the annals of mankind, Muhammad, the Seal of all Prophets, was born. And on the same day he died, the seal of all prophets. In the history of mankind have produced two landmark dates: the first of the day that Jesus, peace be upon him, was born, because his birth was indeed a divine miracle. The second was the day on which the seal of all prophets, was born and the day he died. On that very day, Monday the 12 of Rabi al-Awwal, 633 years after the birth of Jesus, Muhammad died, the seal of all prophets. Since that day there were no further revelations of heaven to the earth and its people, the sky remained silent, and remains so until the Day of Judgment. ” And the messengers are brought to their predetermined time.And what day is the predetermined time? For the day of decision. ” By Muhammad, heard the man’s last words from the heavens.

The story we read is the time unfortunately wrong. It lacks truth. They mistakenly assume that the Prophet Mohammad by Arabs and Muslims alone. Wrongly. Mohammad is the prophet of all, his message replaced earlier belief. Jesus was alive when Revelation was revealed to Muhammad, he would have been one of his followers. Everyone must be Muslim. This is God’s will and it is not easily accessible. The religion before Allah, Islam (submission of his will): “And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter He will be among the losers.” Abraham, Jacob, Isaac Ishmael and all the tribes were Muslims, and all prophets advocated Islam, and Muhammad was the seal of those prophets. We heard that some people insulted the prophet

Muslims were outraged. They believed that this act was a slander their prophet. Who insulted and slandered Mohammad, in fact, his own prophet, because Muhammad is the prophet of those who live in Scandinavia, Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The curriculum, which is read in Scandinavia is disfigured and incites to hatred. They believed that Mohammad was not their prophet, Mohammad is the prophet for all people. If we are claiming to be supporters of free speech, we expect to see a picture of Jesus with a nuclear bomb on his head, because the followers of Jesus, nuclear bombs manufactured. They painted a picture of Mohammad is innocent with a small handmade bomb on his head …Mohammad, and he had nothing to do with the bomb.

They said that his followers use the bomb. Jesus, peace be upon him, is innocent and has nothing to do with the nuclear bomb, but the followers of Jesus developed the nuclear bomb. we insist on the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, we expect to see a picture of Jesus with a nuclear bomb on his head, even though Mohammed had nothing to do with the hand-made bomb, and Jesus had nothing to do with the nuclear bomb. They drew a picture of Mohammad surrounded by veiled women because Muslim women are veiled. We expect a picture of Jesus surrounded by naked women, as Christian women are naked. In Scandinavia women are naked, and they claim to be followers of Jesus.Of course, Jesus is innocent. He has nothing to do with naked women, and Mohammad has nothing to do with hidden women. Will still require the freedom of the press, from which it depended, that Jesus is shown surrounded by women, as well as Mohammad shown surrounded by women.

Finally, from the West, Europe and the United States approach taken donates to incite hatred. It is corrupt, inhuman, and faulty. The so-called Old Testament and New Testament are not the Old and New Testaments. The two Testaments are a scam. They were written hundreds of years after Jesus. The Bible contains words do not line up, the Jesus and Moses. If we really want to know the truth about humanity, and want to live in a global village of globalization, we must search for the true Bible because the Bible that we have now is a fake. The Bible that you have today, does not refer to Muhammad, but the Bible, God revealed to Muhammad refers again and again. We must look for the Gospel of Barnabas (Barnabas, Apostle). It is true the Bible, the one who talks at length about Muhammad, who will come after Jesus, the Christian whose faith is replaced, and the messenger of God will be to all people. So Jesus in the Bible true.

The Bible wrong, which is currently in circulation, it is not. This is God’s word.Jesus, the son of Mary, said: “O Children of Israel, I am Allah’s messenger to you.” Jesus actually turned to the Israelites, which means that He gave His only message to the Israelites and the other not to any nation. Europe has nothing to do with the religion of Jesus, America has nothing to do with the religion of Jesus, and Africa has nothing to do with the religion of Jesus. Jesus told them: “O Children of Israel, I am Allah’s messenger to you, fulfiller of what is before me of the Torah,” meaning that he spoke to the Israelites. Jesus did not bring out the Old Testament, he talked about the book of Moses, in other words, he asked the followers of Moses to give up the faith of Moses and the taking of Jesus when Jesus came. For the same reason, the followers of Jesus to give up his faith and embrace the faith of Muhammad after him. Had Moses been alive when Jesus came, he would have accepted Christianity.

Those who continued to follow the faith of Moses and Jesus came not mistaken, of course. If Jesus had been alive when Muhammad came, Jesus would have embraced Islam, and those who after Mohammad’s arrival, continue to follow the faith of Jesus, were wrong.From Timbuktu we strive to correct the history of mankind. Jesus said: “O Children of Israel, I am Allah’s messenger to you, fulfiller of what the Torah in front of me, and giving Glad Tidings of a Messenger to come after me. His name will be Ahmad. ” ….

Is this sentence today in the Bible? He stands there, even though Jesus said to the Israelites … which means that they have deleted the words of Jesus. God told us that these words were deleted from the Bible, because Jesus said that another prophet would come after him, whose name is Ahmad, who is Muhammad. What they call the holy book therefore not the Holy Book that God revealed to Moses and Jesus. If they wanted to live in peace with us, they would have to establish committees to change the Western approach and thinking about the Bible itself, because it is fake. American and Islamic committees were established in order to rethink school curricula in Islamic countries. Islamic / American committees should be established to consider the American and European curricula as well. To their information 16 times Moses was mentioned in the Koran. Why we have not deleted this information?The Koran is the word of God and we can not delete it, because if we did that, we are infidels. Nevertheless, any reference to Muhammad in the Old and New Testament is deleted. We challenge them to publish the Gospel of Barnabas. In the Koran there are 33 references to Mary.

Why do not we put out this information? Because the word of God and are not allowed to change it. Jesus, peace be upon him, is mentioned 25 times in the Koran. Changes to the guidelines can not be done because it is the Word of God. The Qur’an also refers to Mary, Moses and Jesus. You will be glorified, and the Koran recognizes her sanctuary. But Muhammad is not mentioned in the Bible despite all the evidence on him. God was referring to Mohammad. And so the Bible and the Koran is not fake. God asked the prophet Mohammad to say, “Oh man, I’m all of you a Messenger of Allah ‘appeals, and God of all men to follow his messenger, that of the unlettered prophet, spoke of the old and New Testament. But the copies are in circulation, refer now not sure what to say, that they are fake.

Do not get on that God says: “It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, that He may make it prevail it over all (other) religion, even though the Pagans also be contrary.” In two Qur’anic surahs God repeated this verse “on him that he make it prevail over all (other) religion, even though the Pagans may detest it too.”Do not get on, that the faith of Muhammad will triumph over all other religions, they like it or not. So said God. In order to spread Islam, we do not need the sword or the bomb. In Europe, we have over fifty million Muslims and there are signs that God will preach Islam in Europe without a gun and a conquest. Over the years, the fifty million Muslims in Europe will transform the continent in an Islamic continent. God has commanded that an Islamic nation, Turkey, the European Union would join now.

The fifty million Muslims will multiply a hundred million. Bosnia is a member of the European Union and is a Muslim country, fifty percent of the population is Muslim. Statistics show that there are thousands of mosques throughout Europe. In Europe, we have thousands of Islamic organizations and societies. Both Europe and America are driven into a corner. You must either accept the fact that they will be Muslim in due time, or they should declare war against Muslims. As long as Muhammad is the prophet of all people, the Qur’an, then call all people to heed the call of Muhammad. God told Muhammad: “And proclaim the pilgrimage to the people: You will come to thee on foot and on every lean camel, from every deep ravine”. He asked him to invite all people to undertake the pilgrimage to Mecca, not only the Arabs, not just Muslims.That he did not, because Muhammad is the prophet of all, and because Mecca is the first house, where God was worshiped on earth. In the Koran, God says that “Verily, the first house, which was founded for mankind is to Bakka – Full of blessing and of guidance for all peoples.” He says the people and not the Arabs, not Muslims. He thinks the entire world population. It is the first on earth to worship God built house, and it was built for everyone. “And pilgrimage to this house – who can only find there is always a way – is the person a duty to Allah.” He did not say that only the Arabs and the Muslims should make the pilgrimage, he told people, all people. He continues:

“And (remember) when We made the House a place of assembly, and a place of security for the people”, thus it means a “collection agency” Everyone has the right to undertake the pilgrimage to Mecca, the. to circle the Kaaba, to walk between the hills of Al-Safa and Al-Marwa, to stand on Arafat and throw pebbles at Akaba on the stone pillars of the devil. Everyone, not only Arabs and Muslims are called out to circle the Kaaba, it is the house of God for all. Everyone, not only Arabs and Muslims are called out between the hills Safa and Marwa to wander.All people, not only Arabs and Muslims are called to attend to Arafat. All people are called upon to stone the arrows of the devil. What happened today is a mistake we have committed. What prevents people from making the pilgrimage to the house of God? Why do not Jews and Christians would circle the Kaaba, when called on them to abandon Judaism and Christianity and the message of Muhammad to be considered? God told Muhammad: “Pray the people circling the Kaaba change.”

He said that the people owe him this. You must come and circle around the old house. We have no reason to stop them. If the French, American or Italian president comes in and says, “I will respect the reputation and become the Ka’aba,” what would be our response? We have no argument. There is only one verse in the Koran that says “O ye who believe! Truly the Pagans are unclean. Therefore, they shall not approach after this year, the Holy Mosque. ” Say to them, you are dirty and you are pagans?If we challenge them? Let’s say the American president as he tries to make the pilgrimage, that he was dirty, that he was a heathen?   He will say: I am not a “polytheist” and I’m not “dirty” as you accuse me of? If I was dirty, why do you shake my hand to eat, and drink it with me? Why befriend me and consider me your ally? I would be unclean, touch me then. He will say that he was not improper, that he was not a polytheist, he will present the dollar bill you for your transactions, and he will say: “Here, read the data written to the dollar words you use. ‘In God we trust.’ ”

The polytheists and the unclean shall not be in the immediate vicinity of the Holy Mosque. But who is the polytheist who’s Unclean? None of the people of the book says that he was a polytheist, he is unclean.The Koran says that the polytheist and the unclean can perform the Hajj. Nevertheless, the people of the book are not polytheists nor unclean. This is a new controversy and new challenges that arise in this great day in Timbuktu. Today, the world thinks about statements that were previously taken for granted. I have some statistics to hand. Today there are 50 million Muslims in Europe, 14,000 mosques and Islamic centers, and 1,500 Islamic societies and organizations. Over the years the numbers will probably increase.

Then there are the Turkey, Bosnia and Albania. As a result, the words that God will be proclaimed in the Koran was true. “He Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the true faith, that He may make it prevail over all his (other) religion, even though the Pagans may detest it too.” Islam is the fate of humanity and the faith of mankind.This is the Word of God. It is the will of God. God is great. This is a new challenge that will be heard worldwide. It is indeed a great day, a day on which the seal of all prophets was born and where he died. The calendar should be based on the birth year of Jesus, because his birth was a divine miracle and it is the year in which Muhammad, the Seal of all Prophets, died. Two thousand and six years passed since the miraculous birth of Jesus, and 1374 passed since the death of the seal of all prophets. Therefore, mankind must now refer to the following, if they write down the dates: 2006 AD, corresponding to 1374 after the death of the Prophet. This question must have become evident in the world. But one might ask why we have chosen Timbuktu as a place of challenge, and not some other place in the Islamic world?

I would say that we have done that, because of this village, or rather an oasis, both the religious and social point of view of the historical. Timbuktu was once the place from which the light of Islam on the African continent and across the Islamic world also beamed. There is a large population of Timbuktu fame conferred. Timbuktu was a shining beacon on the horizon.There were scholars who devoted their lives to this oasis in the desert, the word of God. But something has happened. The enemies of God changed the books. They are the enemies of Muhammad, the Seal of all Prophets, the enemies of God’s book, the Koran, the book that “no falsehood can approach it from before or from behind.” God preserved, it is not changed. Nevertheless, the other books were turned, and he told us the truth emerged from these books. Where are the tablets of Moses, the Psalms revealed to David, the oaths of Jethro, from Salih Idris (Enoch), Noah, Elisha, Ezekiel, and Jonah, who became known as Thal-Noon? Where are they? Lie appeared in these books. They have been compromised. Where is the Gospel of Barnabas? They burned it, but God said that “No falsehood can approach it (Quran) from before or from behind.”   

Have you heard any Muslim curse Moses, Jesus or Mary? We can do this easily, because if we did, it would be as if we cursed our own prophets, and our other recognized prophets. A citizen wrote to me with the proposal to respond to this challenge by defining that every newborn male Muhammad or Ahmad and give every newborn female Fatima (after the Prophet’s daughter), Aishah, or (after the wife of the Prophet).Those who hate the book of God, heard that there is a beacon in the great desert, Timbuktu is named. They decided to extinguish this light. They have gone in search of Timbuktu and Europe decided to search for Timbuktu, but found it could not, because there was no maps. They occupied Tunisia, and Algeria, Senegal and Chad. They sent exploration campaigns in the Great Desert. One of the missions went down the Niger River. The people of Timbuktu, the researchers asked, “What are you making here?” They said: “We came to follow the river”. This is a lie. They had done research on campaigns, they sent missions that have been described as a “geographical exploration missions.” They gave the name of all sorts of missions. Which consisted of reconnaissance and intelligence officers who came to Timbuktu, to possess it, and the light to extinguish God’s religion does not allow to spread. It was an occupation of the people of the book, which entered the village, wrote the names on the tribes, tribal sheikhs and learned to know the dealers, maps recorded with the paths that lead to Timbuktu, and found that the people had no weapons.  

They were good people who were only books, knowledge, and the Koran. In Europe, they drew up the plan, then they spread out in all directions, Tunisia, Senegal and Chad to Timbuktu. They destroyed it and took their revenge. They took the books and threw them into the Niger River and its mosques turned into stables for their horses. Finally, they closed the channel that brought the water of the Niger River to Timbuktu. Your Libyan brothers decided to reopen the channel to reach Timbuktu would allow the water. According to the will of God, water is again flowing through the channel, the zumachten the colonists to reach Timbuktu. This is the old historical conspiracy hatched against Timbuktu. It is quite possible that Timbuktu facing another new conspiracy could, but we will review the elements of the old conspiracy.For this to succeed, to retake the desert, they have to send new exploration missions and missions giving this new name. You can call the Peace Corps, which consists of a neo-Kolonialistengruppe of intelligence officers and intelligence officers, and others can call themselves Reporters Without Borders, MSF and environmental activists.  

They call it missionary groups or teams. You give these groups a modern name to the Great Desert retake. However, from Timbuktu, we explain the second challenge. We talked about the first challenge, the challenge of religion, the pilgrimage to the Kaaba, the curriculum must be changed. Now we come to the second challenge, the national social challenge of colonialism. We tell them if you intend to take the Great Desert, we have to warn you before you adopt your hind legs. We tell you that can turn people into lions and vultures of the desert and the sand of the desert glühtet, its stones are reduced to ashes and his air of flames and fire. We warn you, before you are caught up in the desert, that if you should build bases in the desert, you will humiliate the people of the desert. You will colonize the desert, you will abuse the desert. Exploit the riches of the desert you will, simply means that you have peace and stability in the desert ruin. Our desert and we are the inhabitants of the desert lions and hawks, the desert is to embers, ash and fire.  

Forewarned is forearmed. We, the peoples of the desert, who meet here on this great day, the anniversary of the birth and death of the seal of all prophets, are close to those who make peace with us, peace, and will fight those who fight us. The Koran says, “If they incline to peace, do thou also incline towards. “If you love peace, we are peace loving people. If they do violence and attacks against us, undermining our independence and jeopardize our desert, we become a colossal power, which will ignite the deserts of Mauritania and Senegal to Iraq and Syria. We the People of the Great Desert have only one identity, residents of the Great Desert. Tens of thousands of years we lived in the desert.  

We lived here free. We want to be free in this desert stretches from the Senegal and Mauritania to the Fertile Crescent. This is our land, our extended home, and we are one family. The family consists of many individuals, each with its own name. Tuareg Barabesch, the Senegal, the Fulani, Bambara, another of the Tibbu, the sons of Ali, the tribes of the Sudan, the tribes of Chad, Niger, from the East and the Western Desert, Sinai, Jordan and of the Syrian desert, from the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and the tribes of the Fertile Crescent. Those are the names of the members of the same family and that family is the people of the Great Desert.We will come to help each other, we will defend each other, and we will not let each other down, and we shall never bear arms against each other. We’ll stretch out our hands in friendship to cooperate in the war and will cultivate our desert. We will live in peace, security and stability. This is the extended family of people of the desert. We will carry weapons only under one condition against external aggression. We will die for the desert. Our blood will flow in the sand. Be not a single grain of sand, but we give up. From the Fertile Crescent to the Senegal River, the tribes of the desert will not engage in a fratricidal war. We will not bear arms against each other. We live as a family. We protect the desert. Throughout history there were those who coveted our desert. We must unite to establish a large organization for the tribes of the Great Desert. We should formulate a charter, we will all sign and “The Charter of Timbuktu” call. There are kings, sultans, sheikhs and tribal elder of all the tribes of the Great Desert, which stand at our side. There are also heads of Islamic states, organizations, parties, groups and institutions from different parts of the Islamic world. We also have our brother Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam in America. 

Kerr at an obelisque mausoleum between Bani Walid and Ghadames (written in PUNIC)

al-Qathafi: The Time of the fathers and the sons

Message of 27 September by Muammar Gaddafi to the people of Bani Walid resistant translated 

in Bani Walid: The Past in the Present

“For your righteousness you will be given the courage and heroism for a great and honorable enterprise in the liberation of Libya. You bring honor to your ancestors.

I will be alongside you in battle. They lie who say that I am in Venezuela or in Niger. I am among my people.In the days to come, we will give an unexpected blow to this band of traitors and foreign agents.

The heroes have stood and fallen as martyrs, and we expect martyrdom.”

  Strange to our ears, even disturbing for many, is this noble high-sounding rhetoric….

It reflects a reference to the emotional and imaginative level which we have lost or missed, making it even stranger to modern rationality. “You bring honor to your ancestors.” . There is in this connection to Muammar’s past ancestors, the sense of collective historical stream that also involves the individual. The “resistant” Bani Walid is fighting for his community and does so under the eyes of a larger community. Invisibly,  one feels that he  can come and accomplish the imponsible.  Just the desire to be worthy of the generations which have preceded, the defiant  Qāʾid: Muammar al-Qathafi is the epitome of what it means to be human!


La Troisième Théorie Universelle


Beaucoup de choses ont été dites au sujet du Livre Vert de Mouammar Al-Kadhafi, certaines rumeurs allant jusqu’à affirmer de manière ridicules que « le guide Libyen aurait écrit un Quran à la place du Quran ». Mais la réalité est que ceux qui ont répandu ces calomnies n’ont eux-même, pas fait l’effort de lire le Livre Vert.

Pour une question d’honnêteté intellectuelle, nous pensons qu’il est important de mettre en ligne ces documents en langue française afin que chacun puisse les lire et se faire sa propre idée en connaissance de cause.

La particularité de la pensée de Mouammar Al-KADHAFI est qu’elle va droit au but.

La pensée de Mouammar Al-KADHAFI trouve son essence dans le vécu des opprimés, des asservis et des démunis. Elle émane d’un réel qui évolue dans une lutte permanente à la recherche du progrès.

La première partie du Livre Vert en expliquant ces faits annonce le début de l’ère jamahiriyenne (l’ère des masses).

La deuxième partie quant à elle est une révolution économique universelle qui détruit les structures économiques anciennes et écrasants ainsi les oppresseurs.

Enfin, la troisième partie est sans contexte le début d’une révolution sociale donnant à l’Histoire sa véritable explication et résolvant le problème de la lutte humaine pour la vie. Elle établit des bases stables pour une vie sociale pacifiée.

La pensée de Moammar KADHAFI émane et appelle à la vie, elle est universelle.

Pour lire le Livre Vert :

Pour télécharger le Livre Vert :

Lire aussi  :

 2 commentaires:

    • Pacha924 1 mois ago
      Le livre vert est un guide sur les fondements de la vie d’un pays. M. Khadafi que Dieu bénisse son âme, a établi en Libye un système marxiste, socialiste sur le partage des biens, chaque libyen et libyenne perçoit chaque mois un intéressement sur le pétrole. Sans compter il importait des denrées achetées à un prix et revendait par le biais de ” Jamiyas” associations locales au tiers du prix importé, soit une déduction du pétrole vendu, et cela soit pour les voitures, la hifi, vêtements, tous …… Pays où l’eau, électricité gratuites. Pas d’impôts. Tout cela est dans le livre vert du Guide. En Libye de son vivant, il n’y avait de pauvre, ou personne ayant faim ou sans toit. Il y régnait la paix, soit le Paradis sur terre. Pas comme le règne du roi Driss, de Benghazi, ou de son règne lui et les bourgeois de Benghazi se partageaient les richesses du pétrole et le peuple vivait sous les toits de zing, et mourrait de faim, n’ayant pas connaissance de la richesse des sous sols de leur pays. Peuple naïf, bon
    • OUADIDOU 2 mois ago
      Le livre vert est la seule solution et l’unique voie pour les peuples du globe afin de réaliser des solutions efficaces et éternels aux problèmes de toute l’humanité : socialement , politiquement   et économiquement !

Source: (

Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |Very important:
The only “charge” to speak in the name of resistance and what they are doing, work, and publish audio and news of resistance is Dr. Hamza Thami
الهضبة الخـــضـرآ
ء ـ|_ طرابلس _|ـ هام جدا: الوحيد المكلف بالتحدث بإسم المقاومه وماذا يفعلون ويعملون ونشر صوت وأخبار المقاومين فقط د
.حـــــــــــــــــمـــــــــــــــــــــــــــزة التــــــــــــــــــــــهامــــــــــــــــــــــــــي لاغــــــــــــــير

Dawn Ploe says:
“They can slander him, run him down, talk dirt, threaten us, make it politically incorrect to love him, lie, destroy his country, and whatever else the losers think will get us to reject him…They WILL NOT tear him out of our hearts!!!”
  1. Articles like those making our Brother-Leader deceased are a total disgrace. It does the Green Resistance no good to bring down morale & hopes based on fabricated LIES. Muammar is alive, struggling and fighting. He himself has told us so. He co-ordinates the Green Resistance which is involved with much social work. (Muammar explained how Resistance fighting-battles are only a small part of the Green Resistance and explained all the other great things he is involved in doing.)  He never left Libya either; and soon he plans on the Liberation of Tripoli. He says there will be rejoicing again in Green Square and the whole al-Qathafi clan will be reunited. He says that this Second al-Fetah (which he is so honored to be permitted to be leading) will be greater than the original of the 1969 revolution. Just be patient and do not waver and never start believing the MSM lies.Please do not publish stories like those anymore, o.k.?

  2. theorbo1 says:
    Airport recaptured by the resistance
    attacks is more than 85 dead NTC NATO al-Qaeda fighters! More than 100 wounded in the hospitals
    were brought Surrounding including Abu Slim and some collateral damage.


    1. A FLAT poet (apartment) published this this morning:By brave heroes, and Muammar al-Qathafi !اااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا اا
      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl very very very very very very very to all honest people in the Libyan Green Libyan leader to all free of tribal honorable to all employees of the armed people and hordes of volunteers and the Revolutionary Guards and guard public to anyone who has an atom and a national and a drop of blood takes place in his veins vibrant dignity Libya, we will bring you as follows:
      FROM MUAMMAR al-QathafiSupreme Commander of the Green Armed Forces of the Resistance:

      “I. .. now announced and officially zero hour for the Liberation of Libya’s

      second .. Asks you to quickly and control of all areas within each of you

      Third .. not to initiate processes that will take revenge because that is not of our ethics and our methodology

      IV …. give full security for all of its weapons and irresistible cast

      V. … control of all ports, marine, land and air and the provisions of complete control and secure the lives of the people of the Libyans and foreigners

      VI … Maitalq prisoners are treated Bnqad morals and treated as prisoners of war according to the conventions established in the laws of war and forward to victory to the units of the resistance to request you to urgently control on satellite channels audio and radio stations broadcast songs and chants spirited patriotic and revolutionary and a focus on national anthem”…type=1&theater

      حملة ” لن ننساكم” لاننا قوم لا نترك اسرانا في المعتقلات…… من طرف شجعان وابطال معمر

      عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا اااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا

      اج ل جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا الى جميع الشرفاء في الجماهيريه الخضراء جماهيرية القائد الى كل الاحرار من القبائل الشرفاء الى جميع منتسبي الشعب المسلح وجحافل المتطوعين والحرس الثوري والحرس الشعبي وكل من له ذرة وطنيه وقطرة دم تجري في عروقه نابضه بكرامة ليبيا نوافيكم بالاتي اولا ..اعلنت الان وبشكل رسمي ساعة الصفر لتحرير ليبيا ثانيا .. يطلب اليكم وعلى وجه السرعه السيطره على جميع المناطق الواقعه في نطاق كل منكم ثالثا ..عدم الشروع في عمليات من شانها الانتقام لان ذلك ليس من اخلاقنا ومنهجيتنا رابعا ….اعطاء الامان التام لكل من يلقي بسلاحه ولايقاوم خامسا …السيطره على جميع المنافذ البحريه والبريه والجويه واحكام السيطره التامه وتامين ارواح الناس من الليبيين والاجانب سادسا …مايتعلق بالاسرى تتم معاملتهم بنقيض اخلاقهم ويعاملوا معاملة اسرى حرب وفق الاتفاقيات المعمول بها في قوانين الحروب والى الامام حتى النصر الى الوحدات التابعه للمقاومه يطلب اليكم بشكل عاجل السيطره على القنوات الفضائيه والاذاعات المسموعه وبث الاغاني والاناشيد الحماسيه الوطنيه والثوريه والتركيز على النشيد القومي Par : العا شقة الشاعرة

      heavy flight of helicopters all over Tripoli
      military, our correspondent in Tripoli, flying heavy aircraft in the skies of Tripoli …… With creep and Rishvana to Tripoli
      • Tarhunah give 48 hours to rats …… To know where Abu Aoueigila Abyssinian or they blew Tripoli airport

      •  heavy flight of helicopters all over Tripoli

      •  military, our correspondent in Tripoli,

        flying heavy aircraft in the skies of Tripoli …… With creep and Rishvana to Tripoli-

      •  military, our correspondent in Tripoli in violent clashes Got Alhaal between rats and resistance …

      •  late
        news for the flight of large numbers of rats in the airport …. Motaiqh Fearing the arrival of the troops belonging to the Bani Walid to control the airport ……
        Latest news from Tripoli airport now (one time)

        1 – continuation of the clashes so far in the way of the airport 23
        2 – full control of the tribe Tarhunah to the airport and even equestrian bridge
        3 – rats Mtoajdon Bridge after riding with the spread of heavy
        4 – Alzentan play a mediating role ….. and Turahna Skeroa their heads.-
      backer of the pages of a power cut the corner from the city ………..
      The horror is in control of rats ……… And sounds of explosions and bullets violent
    Day 4 \ 6 because we are more powerful martyrdom of a number of the martyrs battalion Tarhunah the project area is located in the headquarters of the Brazilian Alhdh …………. And massage after surrounding them from the axis through the center of camp, and Hamza al-Sharif Mosque and the road has them shooting me ….. 14 By rats Misurata and Tripoli

    you must all already KNOW that he very much LIVES, just by listening to him from his many communiquès since  21 OCTOBER. He himself has told us so, many times and he is working and fighting very hard—almost unbelievable for a 70 year old man—being that he is very strong and verile (with a fantasticly LUCID MIND which still operates at GENIUS LEVEL) and is totally inspired by GOD!

on 12 April 2012:Dentin (Dr. Hamza Thami) spokesman for the Green Resistance  [Now within the Great Room Libya Aalbaltok of loneliness] his is Hamza Thami on the docking of both the free and Alqmazfah Almzaraa Almgarhh and Tarhunah with Bani Walid, with a real alert to cut off the heads of rats who are trying to insult the Bani Walid survivors .. ..I f  we are soon raising the green flag in Green Square, then all Libya is not far away at all. In a telephone conversation with the Liberators in  Bani Walid, Dr. Hamza Thami said that the free of the “sidewalk-pavement” are ready to repulse any attack, and that they will not back down even to raise the green flag on the entire territory of Libya ….The rats are currently based in the gate of Chechnya.

( د. حمزة التهامي )ـــل الآن وعبر غرفة ليبيا العظمى عالبالتوك يؤكد د. حمزة التهامي على إلتحام كل من احرار القذاذفة والمزاريع المقارحة وترهونة مع بني وليد وهم متأهبين لقطع رؤوس الجرذان الذين يحاولون التطاول على بني وليد الصمود .. وإن رفع الراية الخضراء في الساحة الخضراء وكل ليبيا ليس ببعيد ابداً. وفي اتصال هاتفي مع الأحرار داخل بني وليد الرصيفة اكد بأن احرار الرصيفة جاهزون لرد أي اعتداء وانهم لن يتراجعوا حتى يرفعوا الراية الخضراء على كامل تراب ليبيا .. كما أن الجرذان يتمركزون حالياً في بوابة الشيشان.  27APRIL 2012:

Muammar al-Qathafi vows to cut off the necks of the al-Qaeda who invaded Libya. Flv

sham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only) il ya 12 heures عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل
Day 4 \ 6 because we are more powerful , our correspondent in the leadership of the armed people on the heroes and Rafla Bani Walid docking with Tarhunah for the Liberation of the capital Tripoli immediately …………..
Aspects of the four tribes to secure the road speed
لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا في قيادة الشعب المسلح علي ابطال ورفلة بني وليد الالتحام مع ترهونة لتحرير العاصمة طرابلس فورا عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم4\6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا في قيادة الشعب المسلح علي ابطال ورفلة بني وليد الالتحام مع ترهونة لتحرير العاصمة طرابلس فورا ………….. علي قبائل النواحي الاربعة سرعة تأمين الطريق .
. عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم4\6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا في قيادة الشعب…
 Par : Asham el-watan ( alla, moamer , libya only )
لم يعد هناك حكومة انتقالية المجلس الوطني. (فروا جميعا، قد لقوا حتفهم أو استقال.) والمقاومة الأخضر يسيطر على معظم كل شيء – والآن يتم تأمين الاتصالات كذلك. لكن من الواضح، مثل ظللت أقول من قبل، وأنه لا يوجد الصحافة الغربية سوف يكتب أو طباعة أي من هذه أو الانضمام التي تم هزم المجلس الوطني الانتقالي من قبل المقاومة الأخضر! انها مجرد وقت هناك حاجة الآن إلى تنظيف ليبيا كما حدث في عام 1969. تذكر الكلمات معمر في ذلك الوقت (في 1969)؟ : “وقد تعهدت قواتكم المسلحة الاطاحة به في ظل النظام الرجعي وفاسدة، رائحة الذي اصاب بالذعر ولنا جميعا. في ضربة واحدة جيشكم الباسلة قد أطاحت هذه الأصنام ودمرت الصور الخاصة بهم. بواسطة بضربة واحدة فقد خفت الليل طويل مظلم … ” يمكنهم أيضا بسهولة حتى يمكن تطبيقها على الآن — كما أن حوالي معمر الظهور؟ أنا حقا لا أعرف — كما لم تصدر اي كلمة حول ظهور بواسطة معمر. ولكن لا أحد يعرف!
There is no more TNC government. (They all fled, are dead or resigned.) The Green Resistance controls most of everything–and now the communications are secured as well.But it is obvious, like I kept saying before, that no western press will write or print any of this or accede that the TNC have been defeated by the Green Resistance!. It is just time needed now to clean-up Libya as was done in 1969.Remember Muammar’s words then (in 1969)? :”your armed forces have undertaken the overthrow of the reactionary and corrupt regime, the stench of which has sickened and horrified us all. At a single blow your gallant army has toppled these idols and has destroyed their images. By a single stroke it has lightened the long dark night…”

They can also so easily be applied to now—

As to about Muammar appearing? I really do not know—as NO WORD HAS BEEN GIVEN concerning an appearance by Muammar. BUT ONE NEVER KNOWS!

A poet apartment URGENT: Violent clashes in the area now Ajeelat sounds of heavy weapons and filling the place …. From the heart of the event page and let Rafla Rafla and for its leader Mataatkhaly Theme of the party Aburas Boras is a very important
::: capital Nbwa guys tonight decisive,,,
عـــاجــل : اشتباكات عنيفة الآن في منطقة العجيلات و أصوات الأسلحة الثقيلة تملأ المكــان عـــاجــل : اشتباكات عنيفة الآن في منطقة العجيلات و أصوات الأسلحة الثقيلة تملأ المكــانموضوع من طرف ابوراس بوراس هـــــــــــــــــــــــــام للغــــــــــــــايــة ::: يــــــــــــــا شبـــاب العـــاصمـــة نبّــــــــوا اللّيلــــة حـــاسمـــةــــــــــا تنتصـــــ 2012 ـــــر ،،،،، شباب المهجر :: الله  
LibyanTants a 2012 t,,,,, :: Youth Diaspora of God .. Home .. Commander .. People, 6/4/2012 MPhotos du mur
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم4\6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا في قيادة الشعب…
 Par : Asham el-watan ( alla, moamer , libya only ) Partager
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم4\6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا في قيادة الشعب المسلح علي ابطال ورفلة بني وليد الالتحام مع ترهونة لتحرير العاصمة طرابلس فورا ………….. علي قبائل النواحي الاربعة سرعة تأمين الطريق …….
BelHAdj is confirmed DEAD!!!
Day 6 \ 6 …………... more powerful because we are  addicted to
كة page :
confirmation of the credibility of the page ….. I have since we announced the first day …… Will show the body of Abu Aoueigila charred and decapitated soon …..
and Belhadj rat is killed at the base of Motaiqh ….. And will be throwing his body in any place.
a telephone conversation between the rat and the rat attack by Abu Belhadj congratulate him killed Abu Abyssinian Aoueigila …. .
and that the Muslim Brotherhood will Asatro a Tarhunah Ali ………. And hopes to complete his mission on the Elimination of Salem Allowaar ….
اليوم 7\6 لاننا الاقوي ……………
( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا ) مراسلنا المتخفي بين الجرذاناتصال هاتفي بين الجرذ ابو شنة والجرذ بلحاج يهنئة بمقتل ابو عجيلة الحبشي ….. وان الاخوان سوف يسيطرو ا علي ترهون
ة ………. ويتمني ان يكمل مهمته بالقضاء علي سالم الواعر ….
 ‏Photo : عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
اليوم 6\6<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
لاننا الاقوي ................. صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة BBC العربية<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
مراسلنا من ترهونة<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
مشائخ ترهونة يقولون اذا لم يعرف مصير ابو عجيلة غدا ...... فالهجوم علي الجرذان في طرابلس سوف يكون كاسح ...‏ martyr shiek Abu Aoueigila of the Tarhouna 
  • Undersecretary of Interior rats …… Aerial bombing threatens to Tarhunah ….. And admits killing Abu al-Habashi Aoueigila …..

  •  preparations for the march on the Tarhunah Tripoli ….. After he tried to scare them flying rats-sufficient military Mnkhvt the past two days ….

  •  on the flight of military aircraft parts bin Ghashir Palace and Al Furjan trait and plateau ….. (the same places that dominated by Turahna)

  •  news about the arrival of support from Benghazi to Tarhunah ……
SAIF al-Islam is in Cyprus !Tawfiq Okasha: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s flight to Cyprus Today, Egypt, Tawfiq Okasha:Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s flight to Cyprus:
توفيق عكاشة: هروب سيف الإسلام القذافي إلي قبرص
مصر اليوم ، توفيق عكاشة: هروب سيف الإسلام القذافي إلي قبرص

عاجل عاجل عاجل عاجل عاجل عاجل من قناة الفراعين الفضائية المصرية:

A poet apartment From Wedding Morocco Aqsa Delirious each Liberal and silks in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya leader and all are free and silks Arab nation Wedding Morocco Aqsa Hanafrhawwa and Ngenoa all dialects and tones of Arab thoroughbreds and despite the injuries and despite the oppression Ntrjoa good in the news of the arrival of Islam to Cyprus and Ntbawa good It is in the news from Hama Saif al-Islam not just a sense of source and Ashan Ntmoa on Saif al-Islam and the sword of Islam and the News and Hangnoa Nfrhawwa and Mnsourin Mnsourin
of the Egyptian Satellite Channel Lafraain: Media Dr. Tawfiq Okasha confirms that Saif al-Islam Random Libya by land, and that Saif al-Islam arrived in Cyprus to help the tribes of Libya honest …

الاعلامي الدكت…

Breaking News Resistance controlled Tripoli Airport and clashes continuous against mercenaries . MASS MEDIA STILL WILL NOT ADMIT THAT  IT IS THE GREEN RESISTANCE ARMY!

Tanks, militia encircle Tripoli airport
Libya - The LSC is unable to control an airport that control how you want a country (June 5, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, in Tripoli, the rebels still encircle International Airport of Tripoli. The NTC can not even control an airport and they try to show the world that they control all Libya.

Young people are always Tarhouna at the airport while the NTC said the opposite on television.

07 JUNE 2012 (Muammar’s birthday):

  • ‎unfortunately BAD news to report from last night (I went to sleep crying):The Tarhounahalledgedly got cold feet and abandoned the airport of Tripoli!!—always cowards!!!—here Muammar works so hard to co-ordinate things; we all had immense hopes! and then there are always cowards and traitors!

  •  Muammar was so planning on this “Second al-Fetah”–It was suppose to be “a hurricane of people in strength”—and what do they do? [run tail on first word that NATO or al-Qaeda are coming!]…. This is heartbreaking—BUT I KNOW MUAMMAR DOES NOT GIVE-UP—therefore, I know that he will try again…and we should all give him spiritual support in this too.

A photo of the checkpoint Kouarcha Benghazi exploded yesterday and this was where the police commander was targeted and killed by a bullet

The Maltese authorities have suspended all flights to Tripoli from their company, following clashes in Tripoli International Airport.

Tanks, militia encircle Tripoli airport


4 June 2012 Last updated at 21:32  GMT  Libyan TNC forces have regained control of the main airport in Tripoli, after an armed militia overran the runway demanding their leader’s release. “Dozens” of the militiamen who drove armoured trucks onto the runway forcing flight diversions have been arrested, Libya’s deputy interior minister said. Earlier, gunfire was heard when troops and other militias entered the airport to oust the brigade. The al-Awfia brigade had refused to leave until their demands were met. It is unclear exactly how the stand-off was resolved and whether the government made concessions to the brigade. The BBC’s Rana Jawad in Tripoli earlier witnessed armoured vehicles carrying security forces and militiamen from various armed brigades entering the airport to evict the occupying force. There have been no reports of casualties, although Omar Khadrawi, Libya’s TNC deputy interior minister, said a hangar had been blown up and a field set alight. “The authorities have complete control over the airport,” Mr Khadrawi told journalists in Tripoli. He described the militia that occupied the runway as saboteurs. (THE TNC IS LYING AGAIN!)


This is the TRUTH: THE MSM is still denying the existance of the Green Resistance!! saying it is fighting militia of rats vs. Rats of tribal dispute!! so, A poet apartment has thus answered them: “We deny what promoted by many of the pages for news of the withdrawal of the sons Tarhunah from the airport and assure that the airport is still subject to control in full at the moment by our men, and deny also common release Abyssinian Old intended to absorb the anger of people Tarhunah and Nbashrkm that the story is no longer the story of an Ethiopian or other Now there is the story of whether or not Tarhunah of Page League of Young Tarhunah”

‘Commander kidnapped’  The group, from the town of  Tahrouna in western Libya, began the occupation in protest against the disappearance of one of their commanders. It is not clear where the man is or whom he is being held by. “One of their leaders yesterday was coming to Tripoli with two tanks, and at an inspection point they found no documents… so they took the guns and tanks from him and he returned back,” Mohammed el Harezi, a spokesman for the Libyan government, told the BBC.
“Then suddenly this guy, he was kidnapped, he disappeared. So this is the group who supported him. They came to the airport asking for his release and they thought he might be in the airport area,” he added. The spokesman said that the force agreed to leave after negotiations. The brigade had placed a pick-up truck mounted with an anti-aircraft gun underneath each of the six planes on the tarmac, our correspondent says. Airport sources told the BBC that at least three airlines had to cancel their flights. Several international airlines have resumed flights to Libya since the end of the conflict which toppled Muammar Gaddafi. Libya’s interim government took control of the airport in Tripoli in April, taking over from militia fighters who held control until then. Tripoli says the international airport will be shut for the next 24 hours to resolve technical issues.

 – Important statement by Dr. Hamza Thami

The First of the Mass Media Reports is coming in They still will not admit though that it is the Green Resistance Army—again they say “clashing tribes”!!! HAH! How long can the witch continue paying them off from telling the truth!????:
A Libyan militia has encircled Tripoli’s international airport, forcing flights to be rerouted to a nearby military airport, a security official reports. Tanks have been deployed to the airport as the standoff remains tense. A Libyan security official says the militia men occupied the airport’s runway on Monday, storming it with heaving machine guns and armored vehicles. Another official said the group, known as the al-Awfea Brigade, is demanding the release of an imprisoned leader whom they claim disappeared last night, Reuters reports.
“The situation in the airport is very tense and tanks are surrounding the buildings. No one is allowed into the building,”the anonymous official told the agency. Thus far all flights into the airport have been diverted to Mitiga Airport, which is located 8 km east of the Libyan capital. All outbound flights have been canceled. A spokesman for the ruling National Transitional Council said the kidnapped Awfea leader, Col. Abu Oegeila al-Hebeishi, was taken by unknown rebels while en route to Tripoli. He was reportedly traveling from al-Awfea Brigade base of Tarhouna, a medium sized town located 65 km. south of the capital. Tarhouna’s dominate tribe, also known as the Tarhouna, were favored by toppled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and held many posts in the country’s military under his rule.  Tarhouna locals are viewed with suspicion by former rebels who fought to topple the Gaddafi regime.
Tarhouna today: Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
Statement from the youth Tarhunah inside and outside of their city:
name of Allah the Merciful
the youth of the city of Tarhunah receive news reaching us every day with anticipation and cautiously, and remind them that the government of Libya illegal considering surrounded our city and the storm, it was the pledge before God first and the nation Second, that we respond to this blatant abuse by any means in our hands and we will act in all directions, and limit ourselves by saying that the men of our tribe spread all Jmahiritna beloved cities. ((and will teach those who wronged any turning))
بيان من شباب ترهونة داخل وخارج مدينتهم:
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
نحن شباب مدينة ترهونة نتلقى الاخبار الواردة الينا كل يوم بترقب وحذر شديدين ونذكر منها ان حكومة ليبيا الغير شرعية تفكر بتطويق مدينتنا واقتحامها, فإن تم ذلك نتعهد امام الله اولا والوطن ثانيا ان نرد على هذا الاعتداء السافر بأي وسيلة كانت في ايدينا وسنتحرك في كل الاتجاهات, ونكتفي بقول ان رجال قبيلتنا منتشرين بكافة مدن جماهيريتنا الحبيبة.((وَ سَيَعْلَمُ الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا أَيَّ مُنْقَلَبٍ يَنْقَلِبُونَ))
‏Photo : بيان من شباب ترهونة داخل وخارج مدينتهم:<br /><br /><br /><br />
8-6-2012<br /><br /><br /><br />
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم<br /><br /><br /><br />
نحن شباب مدينة ترهونة نتلقى الاخبار الواردة الينا كل يوم بترقب وحذر شديدين ونذكر منها ان حكومة ليبيا الغير شرعية تفكر بتطويق مدينتنا واقتحامها, فإن تم ذلك نتعهد امام الله اولا والوطن ثانيا ان نرد على هذا الاعتداء السافر بأي وسيلة كانت في ايدينا وسنتحرك في كل الاتجاهات, ونكتفي بقول ان رجال قبيلتنا منتشرين بكافة مدن جماهيريتنا الحبيبة.</p><br /><br /><br />
<p>((وَ سَيَعْلَمُ الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا أَيَّ مُنْقَلَبٍ يَنْقَلِبُونَ))‏
    •  Raising the Flag of the Jamahiriya throughout the whole tribe Tarhouna.
Bloody tribal clashes in the southern city of Sabha left 150 RAT & Mercenaries dead this past March. The previous month,
violent clashes in the southeastern district of Al Kufra claimed more than 100 RAT lives.
Kufra this morning: the continuation of the clashes between rats shield Libya ubiquitous in Kufra and the forces of Althbo stationed in the neighborhood of the SC district is able to have been used which the various types of heavy weapons and light weapons and the fall of the shell 106 on the neighborhood Hollow West (hot) and there are many casualties there …Including the dead and from the house of God


Muammer al-Qathafi plan the first Al-Fateh revolution 1969.
Photo : Muammer Gaddafi plan the first Al-Fateh revolution 1969. 

Image description Libya third June 2012. For the first time in the Libyan El Fateh University performed the mass distribution of leaflets supporting Jamahiriya. Frightened rebels surrounded the university, armed with heavy weapons, and increased the number of rats in the streets, fearing a new event.

  • Sara Saroo writes us: “peace you .. I am a student, Department of Internal corner girls I hope to draw the attention of officials and gentlemen, the Ministry of Education and Housing on what happened last night of throwing bullets, wounding two students by some young people on Saturday night 
    2_6_2012 2 am and will travel as usual, the truth is due to us .. God is enough and yes, the agent (ie the extent he has sisters, daughters and has a conscience Aderlna solution in the fastest time)
    “أنا طالبة بقسم داخلي البنات بالزاوية أرجوا لفت انتباه السادة المسؤولين وزارة التعليم والاسكان على ماحدث ليلة البارحة من رمي رصاص واصابة طالبتان من قبل بعض الشباب ليلة السبت بتاريخ 2_6_2012 الساعة 2صباحا والحقيقة ستزور كالعادة ويرجع السبب إلينحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل (أي حد عنده أخوات بنات وعنده ضمير يديرلنا حل في أسرع وقت

  • Day 4 \ 6

    …. because we are more powerful in the plateau to the Free ….. Ahjmoa now the Police College …….. The freed captives …… Save your children and your wives of rats

    Ali Aslan:

    Vor tagen wurde Angekündigt das sich die Libyschen Bürger im angrenzenden Ausland und im Inland versammeln sollen damit man am 04.06.2012 gegen die von der NATO eingesetzte Übergangsregierung auch als NTC bekannt, Demonstriert! Was keiner geahnt oder Erwartet hat, dass genau an diesem Tag der Gegena…
    Sukant Chandan LIBYA: In case you didn’t know, Tarhouna and Warfalla tribes (anti-ntc) have taken a third of Tripoli including the airport, and the speed and power of their sweep has shocked the rebels. Patriotic anti-nato Libyans are concerned for nato intervention to reverse this development.
    Stunde Null in Libyen! Days before the announcement was intended to gather the Libyan citizens in neighboring countries and at home so that you know on 04.06.2012 against the established government of the NATO transition as NTC, Demonstrates! What no one anticipated or expected that on that very day to begin the counterattack of the green and even resistance to the full extent is Ongoing. All Libyans are non-stop to free the country from the “illegal under international law” Called occupation. Months, has been mentioned repeatedly that the resistance will soon get rid of the “zero hour” is Ongoing. Transitional Council of the NTC, the errand boys of the NATO occupation, this one has not taken all too seriously (which is good) and weighed to safety. As expected, have you thought of the land grab has gone through what you alone can hear the statements of NATO and to see in the manipulated main stream media gets.
    The truth is otherwise, are the lawful head of state has been overthrown, the people suffer from hunger, poverty, persecution, deportation, discrimination, harassment, torture, beatings, rape, racism, fascism and genocide, for example in a population of the Tawergah many more …… .! Here’s a video of what the situation “Tawergah” clearly shows: [toutube=] Sukant Chandan LIBYA: In case you didn’t know, Tarhouna and Warfalla tribes (anti-ntc) have taken a third of Tripoli including the airport, and the speed and power of their sweep has shocked the rebels. Patriotic anti-nato Libyans are concerned for nato intervention to reverse this development.
 31 MAI 2012
ابشروو ياليبين!!                  SIRTE

الله ومــــــــــعــــــــــمــ�…

اغنية الله ومــــــــــعــــــــــمـــــــــر و لـــــــــــيــبـــــيـــــا و بــــــس♥♥♥By The LOFT 2011

Thurs, General KHAMIS al-Qathafi is alive and fighting the rebels

in NATO Tarhunah 23 11 2011

Major-General Corners:  Ajoutée par  le  25 Janv.. 2012

Major coin jeu. Mouammar Kadhafi et générale KHAMIS n ° 32 Almazozkadmowon

Major corner. Thurs Muammar Gaddafi and General KHAMIS of the 32 Almazozkadmowon


General word Aldahpa

Thursday Muammar al-Qathafi

history 2/8/2012


08 FEBR. 2012   Thursday Muammar al-Qathafi speaks about NATOREBELS:


our correspondent in Ben Ashour loose security along the sound of bullets at night …… and lock Ben Achour, shootings led to a dense population panic …. .-
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم 1\6 لاننا الاقوي …………….. صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة + العربية + BBC
((( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا )) مراسلنا في بن عاشور انفلات امني سماع صوت رصاص طول ليلا …… وقفل بن عاشور واطلاق رصاص كثيف ادى الى فزع السكان…..
‏Photo : عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
اليوم 1\6<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
لاننا الاقوي ................. صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة + العربية + BBC<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
((( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا ))<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
مراسلنا في بن عاشور<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
 انفلات امني سماع صوت رصاص طول ليلا ...... وقفل بن عاشور واطلاق رصاص كثيف ادى الى فزع السكان.....‏
aaaajl today, 31 \ 5 , our correspondent at the beach appeal to all the tribes ……… A Call To Alqmazfah …… to ……… and Rafla Tarhunah to …… To epiphyseal ……….. And to Rishvana …. Your brothers at the beach the..
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم 31 \5 مراسلنا في الشاطئ نداء الي جميع القبائل ……… نداء الي القذاذفة ……الي ورفلة ……… الي ترهونة …… الي المشاشية ……….. الي ورشفانة …. اهلكم في الشاطئ يريدون ذخيرة ال 14.5 ……… نريد ذخيرة الان ….فالجرذان متواجدون علي اطراف القيرة
‏Photo : عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
اليوم 31 \5<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
مراسلنا في الشاطئ<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
نداء الي جميع القبائل ......... نداء الي القذاذفة ......الي ورفلة ......... الي ترهونة ...... الي المشاشية ........... الي ورشفانة ....<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
اهلكم في الشاطئ يريدون ذخيرة ال 14.5 ......... نريد ذخيرة  الان ....فالجرذان متواجدون علي اطراف القيرة‏
I still reigns and AVI >>>>>> if I lived life Aataiwl Mancafa Tarhunih my blood in my veins and net <<<<<<
Enait top of my voice and say, live Yakdave >>>>>>>>>> God, Libya Muammar been Obs
مازلت عهدي وافي >>>>>> لو عشت عالطول الحياة مانكافي ترهونية ودمي في عروقي صافي <<<<<< نعيط باعلي صوتي ونقول تعيش ياقدافي >>>>>>>>>>الله تم معمر وليبيا وبس
‏Photo : مازلت عهدي وافي  >>>>>> لو عشت عالطول الحياة مانكافي<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
ترهونية ودمي في عروقي صافي <<<<<< نعيط باعلي صوتي ونقول تعيش ياقدافي >>>>>>>>>>الله تم معمر وليبيا وبس‏
The FIRST al-Fetah 1969:
Until the completion of the march of Jamahiriya-liberation:


Partagé à la photo de El-Watan Asham (alla, Mouammar, la Libye seulement) .
Avions décollant en grande partie sur la route de l’aéroport ….
correspondant de guerre à Tripoli, un état de terreur dans le contrôle des rats …..
Et des nouvelles de portes libres dans Janzour – Sawani – de rats herbe
Warplanes flying heavily on the road to the airport …
war correspondent in Tripoli, a state of terror in control of rats …..And news about free gates in Janzour – Sawani – from grass rats
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل today 8 \ 6
because we are more powerful …………… (the largest network of correspondents in Libya) war correspondent in Tripoli, a state of terror controlled the rat and news portals in the absence Janzour –
Sawani – from grass rats Edit 3 of the armed forces, people and killed 3 of the rats in the operation to storm the headquarters of the battalion’s security rebels Bgot Alhaal ….
because we are more powerful .. ………….
(the largest network of correspondents in Libya) war correspondent in Tripoli Edit 3 of the armed forces, people and killed 3 of the rats in the operation to storm the headquarters of the battalion’s security rebels Bgot Alhaal .. war correspondent in Tripoli intensive shooting with zoom in the way of the airport
………. . 8 \ 6 because we are more powerful ……………
(the largest network of correspondents in Libya) war correspondent in Tripoli intensive shooting with zoom in the way of the airport our correspondent in the Friday Market helicopter hover over Tripoli
day 8 \ 6
because we are more powerful …………… (the largest network of correspondents in Libya)
war correspondent in Tripoli, a state of terror in control of rats ….. And news about free gates in Janzour – Sawani – from grass rats

8 \ 6, car nous sommes plus puissant ……………

(le plus grand réseau de correspondants en Libye) correspondant de guerre à Tripoli, un état de terreur dans le contrôle des rats
et des portails d’information dans le Janzour absence – Sawani – à partir de rats herbe
Edition 3 des forces armées, de personnes et tué 3 des rats dans l’opération de prendre d’assaut le siège de la sécurité Alhaal rebelles du bataillon Bgot ….
parce que nous sommes plus puissant ……………
(le plus grand Correspondant de guerre réseau de correspondants en Libye) à Tripoli Edit 3 des forces armées, de personnes et tué 3 des rats dans l’opération de prendre d’assaut le siège des rebelles de sécurité du bataillon Bgot Alhaal ..
correspondant de guerre à Tripoli de tir intensif avec zoom sur le chemin de l’aéroport …… …. .
8 \ 6, car nous sommes plus puissant ……………
(le plus grand réseau de correspondants en Libye) correspondant de guerre à Tripoli de tir intensif avec zoom sur le chemin de l’aéroport de notre correspondant dans le Marché du vendredihélicoptère en vol stationnaire sur Tripoli
jour 8 \ 6
parce que nous sommes plus puissant …………… (le plus grand réseau de correspondants en Libye)
correspondant de guerre à Tripoli, un état de terreur dans le contrôle des rats ….. Et des nouvelles de portes libres dans Janzour – Sawani – de rats d’herbe

Celebrations of the birth of Gaddafi and prepare for an armed uprising before the elections in Libya

Gaza – minimum home

In the first article published author Libyan independent benefit Alsabhawi for minimum home published by the news of Ahagiz and celebrations swept the street Libyan last night to enter the date of birth of Colonel late Muammar Gaddafi, which confounded the rebels who contributed to the overthrow Gaddafi with the help of NATO, the center of these celebrations in which supporters of Gaddafi shot and raise Green flags. Once you enter the new day which celebrates the Libyans for the first time since the fall of Gaddafi at the hands of NATO, the Atlantic and the rebels has not seen Libya celebrations such as this event before, where the exchange of Ansar al-Gaddafi, shooting it with the rebels Libyans did not lead to the conflict until now in different regions and some southern areas in the capital Tripoli and Vhlom such as Ben Achour. And uses the Libyan News in the street for this celebration was arranged prior to him and surprise the rebels marched where armed pro Gaddafi has been the use of launchers and anti-flooring in the clashes southern areas where Amokt the largest number of supporters of al-Qadhafi. And transferred by the street for the benefit Alsabhawi

عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم 1\6 مشاااااااااااااااااااااركة ادمن الصفحة .. منذ اغلاق صفحتكم المحبوبة عشم الوطن …………. واستبدالها بهذه الصفحة
…………… منذ يوم 14\5 كان عدد صفحتنا 382 …………….. اصبح العدد 650 ….. والفضل يرجع الي الله ثم مراسلينا ……….. حتي يتم استكمال مسيرة تحرير الجماهيرية ………… ان شاء الله من ازلام الصليب
Aaaaajl day 1 \ 6 , our correspondent in the leadership of the armed people please members of the armed people and the resistance to focus on the destruction of oil pipelines and refinery gas
……… Even forbid the Crusaders from taking it ..
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم 1\6 مراسلنا في قيادة الشعب المسلح نرجوا من افراد الشعب المسلح و المقاومة التركيز علي تدمير خطوط النفط ومصفاة الغاز ……… حتي تمنعوا الصليبيين من الاستيلاء عليه …
‏Photo : عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
اليوم 1\6<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
مراسلنا في قيادة الشعب المسلح<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
نرجوا من افراد الشعب المسلح و المقاومة التركيز علي تدمير خطوط النفط ومصفاة الغاز ......... حتي تمنعوا الصليبيين من الاستيلاء عليه ...‏
Aaaaajl day 1 \ 6 of the pages of backers (channel statement Benghazi) attack on the gate belonging to the Southern white rats
….من صفحات المؤيديين ( قناة البيان بنغازي ) هجوم علي بوابة تابعة لجرذان جنوب البيضاء
our correspondent in Abu Salim distribution of publications across the revolutionary ……
Salim Salim are still young and Traja and on fire for the Liberation of Tripoli
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم 1\6 لاننا الاقوي …………….. صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة + العربية + BBC ((( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا )) مراسلنا في بوسليم توزيع المنشورات الثورية في انحاء بوسليم …… وشباب بوسليم مازال تراجي وعلي نار لتحرير طرابلس
‏Photo : عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
اليوم 1\6<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
لاننا الاقوي ................. صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة + العربية + BBC<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
((( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا ))<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
مراسلنا في بوسليم<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
توزيع المنشورات الثورية في انحاء بوسليم ...... وشباب بوسليم مازال تراجي وعلي نار لتحرير طرابلس‏
correspondent of  Torghae  news on the meeting between the tribe and among the inhabitants of Al Furjan Torghae ….. For their assistance with money and arms against the rats Misurata ..
Libya - Libya News from occupied (June 7, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, near Ghot ramane, a checkpoint of the rebel  Misurata was targeted by the Green Strength. It was completely destroyed. This operation is called the Resistance War of the Bee.

Ghadames has become a furnace to burn Tuareg |
News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence) Tabu exposed tribes, especially in
مدينة غدامس أصبحت فرن لحرق الطوارق | اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)
تتعرض قبائل التبو وخاصة بمدينة غدامس الى التظهير العرقي العلني حيث تم هدم بيوتهم وتهجيرهم ومن تبقى منهم يتم قتله لا بل تعداه الى حد الحرق كما بالصورة, وحكومة العملاء تساعد ثوار الناتو وتمدهم بالسلاح لتقضي على هذه القبائل
The demolition of houses by the Tuareg rebels NATO.

Photo: demolition of houses by the Tuareg rebels NATO.
Statement Tuaregs displaced from Ghadames  after the ethnic cleansing suffered by the Tuareg city of Ghadamesby armed militias there under the esophagus and ears of the government and the Council here they are Tuareg call for unity, they say, to the Libyans we are of you and you will not satisfy to be a bridge to hit the unit Libya, but we are capable of the heart of the equation and taken it right in our hands that pushed us to move …. You honest feedback, O Liberal

بيان الطوارق المهجرين من غدامس بعد التطهير العرقي الذي تعرض له الطوارق بمدينة غدامس من قبل المليشيات المسلحه هناك تحت مرئ ومسمع الحكومة والمجلس هاهم الطوارق يدعون لوحدة الصف ويقولون لليبيين نحن منكم ولكم ولن نرضي بأن نكون جسرا لضرب وحدة ليبيا ولكننا قادرون علي قلب المعادلة وأخد حقنا بأيدينا أن دفعونا لتلك الخطوة

Statement after the speech sit-in drawer
 They are holding TNC FLAGS!!!!!!
هل انتـ/ى… مع مقـآطعة منتجـآت النسيم المصرآتي..؟؟


هل انتـ/ى… مع مقـآطعة منتجـآت النسيم المصرآتي..؟؟

Konstantyn Scheglikov writes: “Libyan Resistance fighting against the occupation regime of NTC-NATO and local gangs, which are supplied and operated by NATO instructors. NATO, the international organizations and the media are trying to block any news the fight of the Libyans against the occupation , about the battles that take place there, on the deaths, about mass tortures and executions, about the modern SS troops – punitive detachments (death’s guard) of NATO and Qatar. About the fact that they are like the Nazis take people as hostage after every successful operation of the guerrillas.
The fact that NATO continues to wreak haoc and murder in this country. In order to distract from what is happening in Libya, they create fake news, fake background information, which should drown the truth about the occupation. They use the names of the children of Muammar Gaddafi, often they use the name of Saif Al Islam. Here are a couple of days after the reports of the successful operation of the Resistance Forces in Tripoli, they began to spread a new rumor about Saif. They aim to make people forget about what is happening in Libya, to shift attention. As long as people are discussing their next “duck”, they will kill or torture the Libyans and their relatives who suspected of Resistance, this is the essence of the occupation regime of Libya, which is no different from the Nazi regime of Mussolini. Its main difference is that the descendants of those who fought against the Nazis at that time, now dropped their mask and showed their fascist faces, it’s the Americans, British, French and their Allies. They take an active part in punitive operations against the struggling people of Libya. It is the duty of every citizen of any country, whose soldiers occupying Libya and other countries, to remind them that they are committing war crimes and should be punished. They have the choice not to obey criminal orders of their superiors, not to kill civilians struggling against the occupation.”

Question posée par

stock photo : The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya - CIRCA 1995: A Stamp printed in The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya shows Colonel Muammar Kaddafi, circa 1995


الهضبة الخـــضـرآء ـ|_ طرابلس _|ـ

commend generation anger ::: Presenting to the generation of free light
نشيد جيل غضب ::: أهداء لأحرار جيل الفاتح
Libyan Green Music and Speech

12 June – Big GREEN ACTION. Please, be READY!

Posted on 06.05.2012 18:20

June 12 – Our Human Rights Day. And not a day that is declared mendacious UN. 
On June 12 appointed a large GREEN CAMPAIGN. 
Please, please be READY!
June 12 is OUR Human Rights Day. Not FAKE United Nations day. 
On June 12 a world GREEN ACTION will start, 
please be READY.

Jamahiriya.Toward a New Society. ?????????????????????????

Friends, I suggest you consider a modern model of Jamahiriya, adapted to the World Wide Web.

The network is quite possible to create a state. And this is not utopia. The idea: the creation of the Communities …

Damian 26/05/2012 17:54

“I do not think we even have to wait until 12 June–I think Muammar might announce something this very weekend! WAITand about the Internet Jamahiriya—not real—virtual can never be real. It has to be with living, breathing individuals—just like Holy Communion—cannot be done over the net or by telephone. Real Presense must be there to partake of. (Jamahiriya and the Holy Eucharest alike) Cannot dispense with People’s Congresses  and People’s Committees live!
A poet apartment 
Subject by the Knight of the country an urgent appeal to the tribes tribes of the Liberals in the Valley of the beach after the events of the beach area of the strike with an iron hand for each of the Salt has himself compromised by Jerdan, which has no principle for the tribe no reports and complaints to the Council retaliatory Allaotunai which in turn preparing and weapons to raid the area Fargo noble tribes of which will not only subject to God Almighty to take caution and care , life, and stood in glory and history Mirahm circular please God and the martyr Macol
موضوع من طرف فارس البلاد نداء عاجل إلى قبائلنا قبائل الأحرار في وادي الشاطئ بعد الأحداث التي شهدتها منطقة الشاطئ من ضرب بيد من حديد لكل من سولت له نفسه المساس بها قام الجردان التي ليس لها مبدأ لقبيلتها بكتابة التقارير والشكاوي للمجلس الانتقامي اللاوطني والذي بدوره يعد العدة والسلاح لمداهمة المنطقة فارجو من قبائلنا الشريفة والتي لن تخضع الأ لله عز وجل أخذ الحيطة والحذر والحياة وقفت عز والتاريخ مايرحم ارجو التعميم والله على ماأقول شهيد

Muammar Gaddafi in a new fronts fighting with the army


By the courageous Heroes and Muammar FLASH FLASH God is great above the plots of the aggressor is the largest over Kidd aggressor popular armed resistance of the sons of Almgarha honorable brave in control of the battalion of tanks Jermanyh fully in the gate Apogalan and Aggon them one of the seventy-tank usable Fethiye homage and reverence for the tribes Almgarha and the rest of the tribes Wadi Shatti brave and honorable assure you that Shatti had occurred under the control of the People’s Armed Almquaoh fully ….. God is great above the plots of the aggressor and forward until the full liberation
Maybe they are doing this as a birthday present for Muammar on Thursday…the fabled Thursday–all along they kept up with the Tursday business!…Will it take three or more days to Liberate????
Khamis is apparently leading it:Rebekah Thurs Matoli
………………… Rebekah 
Khamis Ali trained leader Saúrowoowoowon
ليبيا تونس مصر الجزائر سوريا السعودية فلسطين الكويت البحرين الجزيرة قطر العربية الامارات الجيش الليبي الجيش السوري قوات الشعب المسلح امن الدولة المجلس العسكر…

Subject by the Knight of the country an urgent appeal to the tribes tribes of the Liberals in the Valley of the beach after the events of the beach area of the strike with an iron hand for each of the Salt has himself compromised by Jerdan, which has no principle for the tribe no reports and complaints to the Council retaliatory Allaotunai which in turn preparing and weapons to raid the area Fargo noble tribes of which will not only subject to God Almighty to take caution and care , life, and stood in glory and history Mirahm circular please God and the martyr Macolموضوع من طرف فارس البلاد نداء عاجل إلى قبائلنا قبائل الأحرار في وادي الشاطئ بعد الأحداث التي شهدتها منطقة الشاطئ من ضرب بيد من حديد لكل من سولت له نفسه المساس بها قام الجردان التي ليس لها مبدأ لقبيلتها بكتابة التقارير والشكاوي للمجلس الانتقامي اللاوطني والذي بدوره يعد العدة والسلاح لمداهمة المنطقة .. فارجو من قبائلنا الشريفة والتي لن تخضع الأ لله عز وجل أخذ الحيطة والحذر والحياة وقفت عز والتاريخ مايرحم ارجو التعميم والله على ماأقول شهي

Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only) il ya 12 heures But patience and Manasr hour …………… Patience and victory is only an hour …  when you control the place now …………

Ataatrkoh the day …….. And die, and you stood steadfast by  and took control of the radio stations now …….ومالنصر الآ صبر ساعة


Day 4 \ 6 because we are more powerful than our correspondent Zliten martyrdom of a number of sons and the Friday Market Zliten Alamaam …. prevent the rats during the progress to Tarhunah Misurata 4\6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا من زليتن استشهاد عدد من ابناء سوق الجمعة زليتن والعمايم ….اثناء منع تقدم جرذان مصراتة التقدم الي ترهونة —
Damn NATO-Rats call NATO to HELP Bombing Tripolis Airport in Tripolis NOW THE BIG RATS ARE COMING!!! Urgent out of a convoy carrying Misurata Aktar than 120 military vehicles and Aktar than 4000 people, including from France, America and now they are heading for Tripoli and are now of Marin Aldvinyh news from the convoy commander himself ______________________________________________________

Libyan Liberation Front: Frontline News: 04 JUNE  2012.

Posted on 05/06/2012 by alfatah69

(1) Green army has lost the following heroes of the nation,

Airforce pilot Osman Abounajem, his plane went missing off radar, presumably shot down by NATO and rebel enermy forces, search and rescue team has been disptached.

Army officer Fathi Abdel Nabi Tripoli,

Salam Balawani,

Mohamed Naji Dikhil,

Mohamed Atabikh Sirte.

In Aljofra, army officers

Omer Megrahi and

Mohamed Hussein all missing in action.

(2) West Libya road check point crossings to Misuratahave been denotated, road blocks set into dust and the steam boat military sea tranport systems between Benghazi and Misurata have all been turned into shelling, dust ignites the streets of Misurata. (3) Tarhouna militia took control of  Tripoli airport in a shoot out that lasted hours, resulting in massive losses to rat occupation forces of the Tripoli airport. People within the city need to rise up in supporting Force Tarhouna and not allow airport to be relinquished. (4) Youth brigades in Al Jaylat have crossed to Ras Ajder to clean the border of rats at the Tunis highway. 5) Toubou forces have been allowed to standby and alert for a possibility of a rebel incursion, should the rebels encounter Toubou forces, the resulting response will be very swift without delays. (6) Five high ranking Al-QAEDA MILITARY POLICE officers linked to the CIA have been captured by the armed Resistance between Ajdabiyah and Sirte, they have been transfered to the prison facility for more interrogations. Judgment against them will be passed in few days.

I think its the best news I’ve heard for a long time! Congratulations to the Green Resistance and to all the Libyan people who are working towards to our freedom! Here goes Allah is Great! I hope Allah will show us the path to get rid of these parasites who are drinking our blood with no mercy.

    •  our correspondent Zliten violent clashes with the sound of explosions and weapon Zliten dismiss as a year. ……6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا من زليتن اشتبكات عنيفة مع صوت تفجيرات وسلاح تقيل زليتن كعام

وما النصر الآ صبر ساعة … عندما تسيطرون علي مكان الان ——————————- our correspondent Salim: docking of large numbers approaching half of the plateau with Turahna Tarhunah . عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم4\6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا من بوسليم التحام اعداد كبيرة تقترب من نصف التراهنة في الهضبة مع ترهونة …. bombardements des avions rats Misurata Tarhunah Ali ………

bombing  rats by planes over Misurata by  the Tarhunah Ali ………
Green Bombing planes over Misrata
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم 4\6 لاننا الاقوي
day 8 \ 6
because we are more powerful …………… (the largest network of correspondents in Libya)
, our correspondent from Bani Walid 
reported very heavy shelling and indiscriminate air at Bani Walid ….
انباء عن قصف بطائرات جرذان مصراتة علي ترهونة ………
Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ | URGENT: I hope publishing on a broader scale … Haaaaaaaaaaaaam very uncertain and the news source from the face of communication: Germana Germana yesterday to each of: Rats Rats corner _ Friday Market _ Rats Rats Alzentan _ .. Misurata supported some of the armed battalions in Tripoli. That they are fully prepared, after the attack on the city Magherroa Tarhunah and combed and then the attack on the Bani Walid and combing will be held on Sunday and Monday next .. As God is my witness God and downright great news … I hope the news published on the pages of the resistance until you reach the Champions Tarhunah fear treachery from them


  • Day 4 \ 6 because we are more powerful than our correspondent Salim warplanes flying over the plateau and Abu Salim ……….. With the beginning of the march on Tripoli Tarhunah –
    Khotkm at the airport and hand over their own affairs you 100% and all parties to engage in dialogue with them Etbi especially Jews Almzarat brothers raped. But I bet it held the launch, and domestic compensation and Old Tboh.Reinforcements arrived for the brethren of the battalion the day the characters (that, God willing, at the head of rats) and Olthmoua Beyhum and morale high. And wait for the orders and Cistgd of the coming hours. page of popular resistance Allpieh
    6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا من بوسليم تحليق طائرات حربية فوق بوسليم والهضبة مع بداية زحف ترهونة علي طرابلس
  • news about the movement of tanks through Tarhunah towards the airport and the palace …. Ben Ghashir
    صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة + العربية + BBC ((( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا )) lمن صفحات المؤيديين .. انباء عن تحرك دبابات من ترهونة باتجاه طريق المطار و منطقة القصر بن غشير

    our correspondent from the standpoint of some rats are present on a farm Aharhh Kilani Alepeshh previously ……\6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا من الزاوية بعض جرذان الحرشة يتواجدون في مزرعة الكيلاني البشة سابقا
      • A poet apartment By brave heroes and Muammar
         عااااااااااااااااااااااااا اااااااااااااااااااا
        اجل جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا الى جميع الشرفاء في الجماهيريه الخضراء جماهيرية القائد الى كل الاحرار من القبائل الشرفاء الى جميع منتسبي الشعب المسلح وجحافل المتطوعين والحرس الثوري والحرس الشعبي وكل من له ذرة وطنيه وقطرة دم تجري في عروقه نابضه بكرامة ليبيا نوافيكم بالاتي اولا ..اعلنت الان وبشكل رسمي ساعة الصفر لتحرير ليبيا ثاني

        Texte d’origine

        يطلب اليكم وعلى وجه السرعه السيطره على جميع المناطق الواقعه في نطاق كل منكم ثالثا ..عدم الشروع في عمليات من شانها الانتقام لان ذلك ليس من اخلاقنا ومنهجيتنا رابعا ….اعطاء الامان التام لكل من يلقي بسلاحه ولايقاوم خامسا …السيطره على جميع المنافذ البحريه والبريه والجويه واحكام السيطره التامه وتامين ارواح الناس من الليبيين والاجانب سادسا …مايتعلق بالاسرى تتم معاملتهم بنقيض اخلاقهم ويعاملوا معاملة اسرى حرب وفق الاتفاقيات المعمول بها في قوانين الحروب والى الامام حتى النصر الى الوحدات التابعه للمقاومه يطلب اليكم بشكل عاجل السيطره على القنوات الفضائيه والاذاعات المسموعه وبث الاغاني والاناشيد الحماسيه الوطنيه والثوريه والتركيز على النشيد القومي

        يطلب اليكم وعلى وجه السرعه السيطره على جميع المناطق الواقعه في نطاق كل منكم ثالثا ..عدم الشروع في عمليات من شانها الانتقام لان ذلك ليس من اخلاقنا ومنهجيتنا رابعا ….اعطاء الامان التام لكل من يلقي بسلاحه ولايقاوم خامسا …السيطره على جميع المنافذ البحريه والبريه والجويه واحكام السيطره التامه وتامين ارواح الناس من الليبيين والاجانب سادسا …مايتعلق بالاسرى تتم معاملتهم بنقيض اخلاقهم ويعاملوا معاملة اسرى حرب وفق الاتفاقيات المعمول بها في قوانين الحروب والى الامام حتى النصر الى الوحدات التابعه للمقاومه يطلب اليكم بشكل عاجل السيطره على القنوات الفضائيه والاذاعات المسموعه وبث الاغاني والاناشيد الحماسيه الوطنيه والثوريه والتركيز على النشيد القومي اااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا

        Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl very very very very very very very to all honest people in the Libyan Green Libyan leader to all free of tribal honorable to all employees of the armed people and hordes of volunteers and the Revolutionary Guards and guard public to anyone who has an atom and a national and a drop of blood takes place in his veins vibrant dignity Libya, we will bring you as follows:

        Muammar al-Qathafi, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Green Resistance 

        “I. .. now announced and officially zero hour for the Liberation of Libya

        second .. Asks you to quickly and control of all areas within each of you

        Third ..   not to initiate processes that will take revenge because that is not of our ethics and our methodology

        IV …. give full security for all of its weapons and irresistible cast

        V. … control of all ports, marine, land and air and the provisions of complete control and secure the lives of the people of the Libyans and foreigners VI …

        Maitalq prisoners are treated Bnqad morals and treated as prisoners of war according to the conventions established in the laws of war and forward to victory to the units of the resistance to request you to urgently control on satellite channels audio and radio stations broadcast songs and chants spirited patriotic and revolutionary and a focus on national anthem.”

      • حملة ” لن ننساكم” لاننا قوم لا نترك اسرانا في المعتقلات……
        من طرف شجعان وابطال معمرعاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا…
    • Christella Bernardene Krebs

      • Quote: “not to initiate processes that will take revenge because that is not of our ethics and our methodology IV…”
    By Aburas Porras 2012 or e ::: ::: Now uprising capital ::: ,,, there is bewilderment among senior traitors, and some of them left and some of them getting ready to leave Tripoli,,,
    ,,, Is the praise of God the liberation of prisoners from several prisons in the first prison Jendouba Pegrean,,, ,,, Tripoli International Airport is under control and will remain so with the lack of focus on who is the process of insurance and your understanding enough, to our meeting in the Green Square, Libby 2012 a win,,,, :: Youth Diaspora of God .. Home .. Commander .. People, 6/4/2012 M
      • A poet apartment Il ya environ une heure Tripoli airport territories now appear in the image military vehicles after the control of a battalion to meet –
        Tarhunah at Tripoli airport in less than 20 minutes took control of a battalion loyal Tarhunah at Tripoli International Airport and canceled all flights in and the first image shows the landing flies in the runway international airport in Tripoli occupied.
    • Christella Bernardene Krebs


        Publiée le  4 juin 2012 par 

        The international airport of the Libyan capital Tripoli is closed and gunfire has been reported.

        Zied Mhirsi, one of the founders of Tunisia Live, is currently near the airport. He said that he could see “large clouds of dark smoke coming from an area near the control tower,” and that all flights had been redirected to the military airport of Mitiga. He further reported that hundreds of armed men from the town of Tarhuna occupied the runway with dozens of armed pickup trucks, forcing passengers off planes. “Government police have left the area and the Tarhuna occupies the airport totally,” he said.

        Reuters were also reporting that buildings at the airport were surrounded by tanks and no one was being allowed in or out. They reported the Al-Awfea Brigade, from the town of Tarhouna had seized the airport in retaliation for the arrest of one of their leaders, Abu Ajila Al Habshi, who they alleged disappeared two nights ago. The official Libyan news agency reported that armed people stormed the runway, shooting their weapons in the air, before forcing passengers off planes.

        They cited eyewitnesses describing scenes of panic and terror inside the airport. According to Mhirsi, the group made a statement claiming that, “the faithful took the guns of the security guards and occupied the airport.” Mhirsi said that according to reports there had been gunshots but no deaths. However he claimed that “NTC military reinforcements are coming and a battle might take place in the coming hours.

        Day 5 \ 6 because we are the most powerful military aircraft flying over the airport ……

        Tarhunah give 48 hours to rats …… To know where Abu Aoueigila Abyssinian or they blew Tripoli airport …

        Tarhouna fighters occupying the international airport of Tripoli

        Posted on 05 June 2012 by  |
        Tarhunah you put your honor to them ………….. O my cheek Tarhunah Tarna ………. O …………
        Tarhunah Connie Men Anki and Abaadi shame …… …………… Blood Thursday at Aradiki
        ………. اننا الاقوي ……………( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا ) يا ترهونة ارفعي راسنا ………….. يا ترهونة خدي تارنا ………. يا ترهونة
         كوني رجال ………… وابعدي عنكي العار …… …………… دم خميس في اراضيكي ……….
        Tripoli / / / helicopters flying over the area in Tripoli plateau strangely …. Abduction (Abojeelh Soruri) Director of the African Airlines Tripoli International Airport located in the militias of the airport and the God above Aaaaaaaaaaacbr Kidd aggressor
        اختطاف (ابوعجيله السروي)مدير الخطوط الجوية الافريقيه من مطار طرابلس العالمي من المليشيات المتواجدة في المطار والله ااااااااااااكبر فوق كيد المعتدي
        Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |
        URGENT: mass resignation of the so-called broadcasters channel Libyas free
        and that to impose the item is perplexing not to prejudice the Juan Snobs in the dialogues or by guests, and take this item broadcasters rats, a clear violation of freedom of media, is still what Hevcoa Chi O rats and was STILL IN DISBELIEF THAT LIBYA WAS FREE:
        URGENT: mass resignation of the broadcasters so-called channel Libya free and that to impose the item is perplexing not to prejudice the Juan snobs in the dialogues or by guests, and take rats broadcasters This item clear violation of freedom of media, what is still something you Hevcoa rats and still in disbelief that Libya is free

        Tarhouna fighters occupying the international airport of Tripoli, demanding release of tribe leader: Colonel Abu Oegeila al-Hebeishi

        Fighters at Tripoli's main airport, June 4. (Photo: Akhbar Al Alaan TV, J. Moussa)
        Fighters at Tripoli’s main airport, June 4 (Photo: Akhbar Al Alaan TV, J. Moussa)

        The international airport of the Libyan capital of Tripoli has been under the control of fighters who support former Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and the Jamahiriya government for several hours on Monday afternoon. Flights have been diverted to Metiga air base in the city’s center after the fighters stormed the airport “with heavy machine guns and armored vehicles”.

        According to Reuters, the fighters are members of the Al-Awfea Brigade from the town of Tarhouna who demand the release of one of their leaders, Colonel Abu Oegeila al-Hebeishi, whom they said had disappeared on Monday night after being kidnapped by armed rebels while travelling between Tarhouna and Tripoli. “The situation in the airport is very tense and tanks are surrounding the buildings. No one is allowed into the building,” an anonymous source told Reuters. ù

        Reports say that several hours later and “after negotiations” the fighters agreed to withdraw from the airport. Situated 80 km southeast of Tripoli, the town of Tarhourna and its largest tribe, also called Tarhouna, have continued to be loyal to the leader of the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution and the concept of the free Jamahiriya, and therefore are a target of the western-backed rebels who started an armed revolt against the Jamahiriya government in February 2011.

        Only this year, armed Al-Qaeda gangs have been responsible for the death of hundreds of tribe members in the south of Libya where the  Green Resistance keeps fighting against these NATO-led terrorists who have destroyed and destabilized the country, killing tens of thousands of its civilians.

    unconfirmed reports of the transfer of rat Aoueigila Abu al-Habashi to prison Motaiqh …….. ……. Rat …. and Belhadj is tortured himself
    – صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة + العربية + BBC ((( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا )) مراسلنا المتخفي بين الجرذان انباء غير مؤكدة عن نقل الجرذ ابو عجيلة الحبشي …….. الي سجن معتيقة ……….. والجرذ بلحاج يقوم بتعذيبه بنفسه
  •  of the palace, our correspondent Ben Ghashir very alert to the rats … and horror ……. صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة + العربية + BBC ((( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا )) مراسلنا من القصر بن غشير استنفار شديد لجرذان … والرعب يسيطر عليهم ……. وتفتيش شخصي للمواطنيين

  •  ‎(** Tech martyr Reem **) Martyr Izz al-Din Hinhiri (Tarhunah) ● ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
     ● the martyr Izz al-Din Hinhiri (Tarhunah) kilometers from the eye tears on the absence O martyr of my code to meet Omoghair Amsberna to your absence provided to the country soul redemption of the spirit Vdatha Great as called for and you glory of the house call is proud Beck Tarhunah the land of your ancestors Peck increased glories and Ala Allah Heaven bless and God willing Mtuatc with you and all the martyrs —- • (- • (God be merciful and make martyrs resting place Paradise

    ●▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● (** تكــــــــــ شهيد ــــــــريم ** ) الشهيد عز الدين الهنشيري (ترهونة) ●▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● الشهيد عز الدين الهنشيري (ترهونة) كم من عين تدمع على غيابك يا شهيـــــــد يا رمز الوفاء أمغير امصبرنا على فراقك قدمت للوطـــــن روحـــك فداء بالروح فديتها العظمى لما نادت و أنت بعــــز لبيت النداء تفخر بيك ترهونة ارض أجدادك بيك زادت أمجـــــاد وعلاء الله يرحمك والجنة بإذن الله مثواتك و معاك كل الشهداء ––––•(-•( اللهم ارحم شهدائنا واجعل مثواهم الجنة )•-)•––––

    ●▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● (** تكــــــــــ شهيد ــــــــريم ** ) الشهيد عز الدين الهنش…Afficher la suite
  •  Day 4 \ 6

    because we are more powerful than our correspondent Zliten columns of rats tend to Misurata Tarhunah ………

  •  because we are the most powerful storm battalion “conquest” in the palace of the hands of Ali bin Ghashir Champions Tarhunah …..

    عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم4\6 لاننا الاقوي اقتحام كتيبة “الفتح” في قصر بن غشير علي ايدي ابطال ترهونة

  •  news filter Abojeelh Abyssinian Ali Belhadj ….. Eddie the Rat –

    عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم4\6 لاننا الاقوي انباء عن تصفية ابوعجيلة الحبشي علي ايدي الجرذ بلحاج

  • Ahmed Abdallal |

    arrived to order the Habashi that cost the guard chief of staff walks Abyssinian strongly from the city of Tarhunah to the city of Tripoli and the force is a car carrying tanks and was in a convoy behind him and when he reached the project area, a group of so-called Committee of the security-Ali A Jermanah wrap it as if they carried out the ambush him tight and they took him down from his car and said to truck drivers and the group attributed the Avatar of the Committee.
    Jermanah upper Jews Mzrath .. and the news which said that the Abyssinian was released and arrived Tarhunah was when I arrived in trucks to Tarhunah and entered the headquarters of the battalion loyal, expect the people they released him and promoted the news in Facebook on this basis, and gave a deadline Btaa eight o’clock after Morocco, issued News that he would release it, and so far we hear news release from several sources, either the source Almaabed said that this case resembles the case Fattah Younis, and possible has been eliminated because it did not come out and another call with the source is at seven in the time of Tripoli and the Habashi was not released .. how much that there orientation column of dogs specifically Mzrath brigade and battalion Bashir Saadawi Knights Misurata Tarhunah For our children to take their places and ready. “is Jibwa Kovnkm Maakm and coming to you”- Avec officer Enhanced Desert et autres personnes two
     .الجرذانية العليا
     من يهود مزراطه .. والاخبار التي قالت ان الحبشي افرج عنه ووصل ترهونه كانت عندما وصلت الشاحنات الى ترهونه ودخلت لمقر كتيبة الاوفياء فتوقع الناس انهم افرجوا عنه وروج الخبر في الفيس بوك على هذا الاساس ، و اعطوا المهلة بتاع الساعة الثامنة بعد المغرب ، صدرت اخبار بانه سيفرج عليه ، والى الان نحن نسمع خبر الافراج من عدة مصادر واما المصدر المؤثوق قال ان هذه القضية تشبه قضية عبدالفتاح يونس ، وممكن تمت تصفيته لانه لم يخرج واخر مكالمة مع المصدر هي الساعة السابعة بتوقيت طرابلس والحبشي لم يفرج عنه.. كم أنه هناك توجه رتل من كلاب مزراطة تحديدا لواء بشير السعداوي و كتيبة فرسان مصراته الى ترهونة فعلى أبنائنا أخذ أماكنهم و الاستعداد. ” غير جيبوا كفونكم معاكم و انتم جايين
war correspondent from Tripoli
to prepare rats militias in Tripoli and a few………
6 لاننا الاقوي ……………( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا ) مراسلنا الحربي من طرابلس اعداد مليشيات الجرذان في طرابلس قليلة ومشتتة
GREAT NEWS! TRIPOLI IS ALMOST TOTALLY LIBERATED!!!!! لاننا الاقوي ……………( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا ) مراسلنا warcorrespondent from Tripoli
to prepare rats militias in Tripoli and a few ………-الحربي من طرابلس اعداد مليشيات الجرذان في طرابلس قليلة ومشتتة, our correspondent incognito among rats, most of the vital centers of Tripoli under the control of the Free …….O Rafla ………. I Tarhunah ………….. I Qmazfah ……. Endowed with Save the children rebelled Alfaragaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan in Sirte …………
rats Qaeda who want to expel them ……… Rats Makhlouf bin Nasser wants to destroy Galt battalion ……. (It is known that the commander of the battalion commander is the brother of Al Furjan Legion just sincere, who was martyred in the way of high pressure) ….
اليوم 8\6
لاننا الاقوي ……………( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا )
مراسلنا المتخفي بين الجرذاناغلب مراكز طرابلس الحيوية تحت سيطرة الاحرار …….


Muammar brings us the Hope:

Muammar Qaddafi: “The Suicide of the Astronaut”
Novelette by:
the Leader of the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution, Muammar Qaddafi

After man had travelled in outer space so much that he had become overcome by dizziness, after government budgets could no longer support expensive space programmes, after man landed on the moon and found nothing, after the two astronauts exposed the wild speculations of scientists concerning the existence of seas and oceans on the moon’s surface and the arrogant ‘Great Powers’ competed over owning and naming them, almost coming into conflict over dividing the moon’s wealth – especially marine resources – and after approaching the members of the solar system, taking their pictures and despairing of ever finding or being able to sustain life, man returned to earth, dizzy, nauseous, and fearing doom.

In fact, it was simply the case that the earth is the only known land, unique, a source of life. Life means water and food; earth is the only place that provides us with these. The only true needs are bread, dates, milk, meat, and water. The only air necessary for life is that which surrounds the earth. And so, man returned to the earth from his adventure in outer space.

The astronaut removed his space suit and donned an ordinary one, so that he could resume his life upon the ground, having ended his mission in space. He began to look for earth-based work. He entered a carpenter’s shop, but could not handle such simple tasks, since they were outside his area of specialization.

The same went for his efforts at turnery, iron working, construction and plumbing. He tried painting and white-washing as well, but had not studied drawing, or music, or knitting, since these were quite unconnected to his field of specialization.

He left the industrial city scorned, a banished one [1], and went to the countryside. He began to look for agricultural work, so that he could support himself and his family. A peasant asked him, ‘Do you know anything about tilling the good earth, son?’ By asking this question, he was in fact asking if the astronaut liked farming.

The astronaut replied, ‘The earth’s attraction decreases the higher we go, and our weight becomes gradually less until we reach the point of weightlessness. Then, we have freed ourselves of the earth’s gravity, and eventually reach the gravitation of another planet, and our weight increases… and so forth and so on… I hope that I have answered your question.’

The peasant looked as though he did not understand, as if he required further explanation. The astronaut went on, providing additional information, in the hope that he would gain employment on the land from the simple peasant.

‘The Earth’s size is about 1,320 times less of that of Jupiter, while 12 Earth years equal one year on Jupiter. The red spot of Jupiter is big enough to contain the earth at its centre, while Saturn is 744 times bigger than Earth. Even so, Earth’s mass is only 95 times less than that of Saturn. The Earth’s diameter is about 50 times greater than the moon’s, while its size is about 80 times greater.

The Earth’s gravity is six times greater than the moon’s. The Earth is about 150 million kilometres distant from the sun, whose light takes eight minutes to reach us, travelling at a speed of 300,000 kilometres a second. The Earth’s size is about 1,303,800 times less than the sun, while its mass is about 332,958 times less. Its density is approximately 30 times less than the sun’s while the Earth is the third most distant body from the sun.

Mercury is the closest planet, followed by Venus, and then the Earth. Venus is about 42 million kilometres from the Earth, while the Earth is about 400,000 kilometres from the moon. If you went by car, travelling 100 kilometres per hour, you would reach the moon in 146 days. If you did not have a car, and went by foot, you would arrive in eight years and 100 days.

I think that answers your question. As you can see, I have complete knowledge about the Earth.’

When he said ‘Earth’, the peasant awoke and closed his mouth, which has been open throughout the astronaut’s journey from planet to planet, which began upon the earth and finally returned there. The peasant had understood nothing. In fact, he had become dizzy; he felt as if he had returned from a trip into space, throughout the entire solar system, but without any result for his farm.

The distance that concerned him was that between one tree and another, and not between the Earth and Jupiter. The weight that concerned him was the produce from his farm, and not of Mercury. Perhaps he felt sorry for the poor astronaut, and left him.

The astronaut then committed suicide, after he gave up on being able to find work on the ground that could sustain him.

Recollections from Mirella Bianco: “…It is precisely this concept of liberty, the intangible freedom of desert people: a freedom entirely one’s own and yet a submission to God, and God alone—which underlines all the choices, decisions and actions taken by al-Qathafi; …. To his way of thinking, there is no salvation for mankind or for the nations unless they believe in God and cling to those moral values which no coercion can enforce, and which can arise only from faith.These, then are the surroundings to which Muammar al-Qathafi passed his childhood. His portrait as sketched by his father (ABU Menyr)—clearly shows that in the boy of seven or eight years of age was to be found the potential of all the attributes of the grown man.(QUOTING Muammar’s father, ABU): “He was so different from the others!”…He planted planted and sowed like the rest…he looked after the goats and camels. But he was so serious, so quiet; no t sulky, no, on the contrary he was always smiling.
Yet, he did not much enjoy playing; aloof from his cousins, he seemed always to be musing. And his father (ABU) told me that:THE IDEA OF GIVING HIM SCHOOLING came to him “from God”, assuredly—-this difference in his son, his evident and unusual intelligence, his gravity.He was always asking to hear “true” stories, stories about the Italians—how his grandfather had fallen in the Resistance, and how his own father, too, had been wounded in the left shoulder while fighting against the colonisers after the First World War. “And who was your leader?” (he would ask…. “A Turk” replied his father (ABU) patiently, repeating the story for the hundredth time to his insatiable little son…when Colonel Qathafi was nothing but a little Bedoin, who each evening, his head resting on his father (ABU) ‘s knee, would drink in the “true stories” he loved so much…..
(His Father, ABU, telling more)…”he was so keen that I felt sure that he would win himself a place in the sun. And so, on one of my trips to the Fezzan, where I would often go to sell or buy animals, I brought a teacher back with me, to teach him the Quaran. How old was he then? Seven, eight maybe. And how very quickly he learned. He would follow his teacher like a shadow…. …Yes, Muammar learned exceptionally fast, and he was a VERY PIOUS LITTLE BOY; HE NEVER FORGOT HIS PRAYERS….”
Little Muammar memorised the Quaran accurately, word-for-word- at the the tender age of only eight or so….

our correspondent in Sirte members of the battalion walked withstand Galt ….
…… Battalion and the Valley of the dinar ….
Bani Walid challenge ….
Posted at: Sunday, 03 June 2012 17:29 Author: Edited by Maja Orlić Libya third June 2012. For the first time in the Libyan El Fateh University performed the mass distribution of leaflets supporting the Jamahiriya.
Frightened rebels surrounded the university, armed with heavy weapons, and increased the number of rats in the streets, fearing a new event. In Tajouri came to the June clashes between two groups of rebels.
Adopt the bombing of the camp, 700 in the Sirte .
عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل مراسلنا في سرتافراد من كتيبة الجالط….سرت الصمود …… وكتيبة وادي الدينار….بني وليد التحدي…. يتبنون عملية تفجير معسكر 700 في سرت.

Pour 60 000 martyrs de nos forces armées ……….Must soulèvement
Camp 700 (SIRTE) 700 camp and walked withstand the challenge
our correspondent at the beach. killed 14 of the angle Gardan Gardan one of the clashes in Tripoli now in the beach ………..
عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل مراسلنا في الشاطئ .مقتل 14 من جردان الزاويه واحد من جردان طرابلس في الاشتباكات الدائرة الان في الشاطئ …….. وانسحاب الجرذان الي مقر الشركة الهندية علي بعد 20 ك من قيرة الشاطئ
Fired by unidentified fire on rebels NATO‘s city center in Sabha, on Wednesday, and fled, and did not mention the sources for the occurrence of any injuries. A source in the Sabha, that the anonymous they opened fire from a speeding car downtown and the exchange of rebels NATO fire with them and pursue them, while the managed car to escape

Wed, 05/30/2012 – 16:35 – mukawama

By Bouras Aburas e 2012 or ::: ,,, is preparing diplomatic missions Libyan embassies abroad to declare the Libyan Anhqagaha Allaotunai Transitional Council and its support for the legitimacy of the Libyan leader and victorious Allah’s victory,, …
2012 ــــام ::: ،،، تستعـــــد البعثـــات الدّبلــومــاسيّــة اللّيبيّـــة بالسّفــارات اللّيبيّــة بالخــارج لاعــلان انشقـــاقهــا عن المجلس اللاّوطنــي الانتقــالــي وتـأييّــدهــا للشّــرعيّــة اللّيبيّــة وقــائدهــا المظفّــر بنصر الله ،،

Killed newlyweds district of Mahdia Bsabha

  Was found this morning, Wednesday, district, city of Mahdia Sabha, the bodies of the dead couple as to whether the actor fled. The correspondent of “News Agency of solidarity,” that the perpetrators militants managed to escape after stealing property all slain, pointing out that investigations were under way; to know the details of the crime and arrest the perpetrators.مقتل-عروسين-بحي-المهدية-بسبها/

Army Legion of ten. Wmv Ajoutée par Lion43831 le four Févr. 2012 Legion army is coming to you, ten rats

La première déclaration du Mouvement national libyen de nouveaux populaire

Publiée le  une avril 2012 par 
    • A poet apartment il ya environ une minute The final statement of the Forum Libyan tribes in Bani Walid Thursday 06/07/2012 the name of Allah the Merciful Allah says: ((And hold fast the rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves)) great truth of God from the responsibility of national and historical, to be legitimate and Mbda concern for the unity of Libya, as well as our belief in the love of Libya and the belief in the dignity Libyans on their land and Tgniba of the beloved country of any evil and the danger of sliding into the abyss of division and sedition and subordination to any party whatsoever, he met a number of Libyan tribes honest in the city of Bani Walid in 7/6/2012 and announced the following statement. We tribes noble rooted deep in history, which extends geographically from the far western mountain and beautiful and Rkdalin to Sirte in central Libya beloved through the mountains Tarhunah and built Walid deep into the desert in the south of Libya. We Almttalon with confidence to the future of our country through the civil state of democracy that disappear in all aspects of the weapon we are determined to spread the culture of tolerance, diversity and disarmament thought neurological and terrorism and emphasize the following. First / This assembly confirms that Libya state and one independent sovereign Ataatjza undertakes this gathering of tribal standing firmly in front of all the schemes aimed to break up Libya and fragmentation. II / This assembly confirms that all Libyans tissue and one are all equal before the law and may not be discrimination on grounds of origin, sex, political opinion or social status and renounce these tribes combined all aspects of marginalization and exclusion of any sect or segment within the same society. III / This assembly confirms that the judiciary is the only body authorized to approve the rights after the civil state, they argue ostracized and would stand strongly against resort to collective punishment Kalthger and burning houses and the denial of services in compliance with the verse, “And no bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another” great truth of God IV / This assembly confirms and supports the principle of national reconciliation, which aims to get rid of the negative effects of war and Mancha them from the tragedies and demands that before any dialogue between the disputing parties signs show good intentions endowment assault and stop the indiscriminate arrests and the liberalization of the prisoners and to stop media campaigns. We emphasize on what was in Liban first forum of the tribes of Libya in the Bani Walid. V / is the formation of a committee of all tribes to participate in this meeting to prepare a draft code of conduct shows in the next. tribes participate. temperatures and Rafla Sirte epiphyseal Akaddadfah and Rafla Bani Walid Al_husaona Savat Rkdalin Alnoael Ahamidat Boys Break Almgarhh Ma’daan Tripoli Hawara The second of the Libyan tribes of Beni Walid, held on Thursday, 7/6/2012 · ·
  • Christella Bernardene Krebs

    il y a quelques secondes

    Christella Bernardene Krebs

    • حملة ” لن ننساكم” لاننا قوم لا نترك اسرانا في المعتقلات……
      البيان الختامي لملتقى القبائل الليبية في بني وليد الخميس 7-6- البيان الختامي لملتقى القبائل الليبية في بني وليد الخميس 7-6-2012بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمقال الله تعالى: (( وَاعْتَصِمُوا بِحَبْلِ اللَّهِ جَمِيعاً وَلا تَفَرَّقُوا )) صدق الله العظيمإنطلاقاَ من المسئولية الوطنيه والتاريخيه والواجب الشرعي ومن مبداء الحرص على وحدة الصف الليبي وكذلك إيماناَ منا بحُب ليبيا والايمان بكرامه الليبين فوق أرضهم وتجنيباَ للوطن الغالي من أي شر ومن خطر الإنزلاق إلى هاويه الإنقسام والفتنه والتبعيه لأي جهه كانت, اجتمع عدد من القبائل الليبية الشريفة في مدينة بني وليد في 7/6/2012 واعلنوا البيان التالي. نحن القبائل الشريفة المُتَجَذِّرة في عمق التاريخ والممتدة جغرافيا من اقصى الجبل الغربي والجميل ورقدالين الي سرت في وسط ليبيا الحبيبة مرورا بجبال ترهونة وبني وليد الي عمق الصحراء في الجنوب الليبي. نحن المتطلعون بثقة الي مستقبل بلادنا من خلال الدولة المدنية الديمقراطية التي تختفي فيها كل مظاهر السلاح نؤكد عقدنا العزم على اشاعة ثقافة التسامح والتنوع ونزع فكر العصبية والارهاب ونؤكد على الاتي. اولا/ ان هذا التجمع يؤكد على ان ليبيا دولة واحدة مستقلة ذات سيادة لاتتجزاء ويتعهد هذا التجمع القبلي بالوقوف بحزم امام جميع المخططات الرامية الي تفتيت ليبيا وتجزئتها. ثانيا/ ان هذا التجمع يؤكد على ان جميع الليبيون نسيجا واحدا متساوون جميعا امام القانون ولايجوز التمييز بينهم بسبب الاصل او الجنس او الرأي السياسي او الوضع الاجتماعي وتنبذ هذه القبائل المجتمعة كل مظاهر التهميش والاقصاء لاي طائفة او شريحة داخل المجتمع الواحد. ثالثا/ ان هذا التجمع يؤكد على ان القضاء هو الجهة الوحيدة المخولة لاقرار الحقوق بعد قيام الدولة المدنية كما يؤكدون نبذهم ووقوفهم بقوة امام اللجوء الي العقاب الجماعي كالتهجير وحرق البيوت والحرمان من الخدمات امتثالا لقوله تعالى” وَلَا تَزِرُ وَازِرَةٌ وِزْرَ أُخْرَى ” صدق الله العظيم رابعا/ ان هذا التجمع يؤكد ويدعم مبدأ المصالحة الوطنية الذي يهدف الي التخلص من الاثار السلبية للحرب ومانشأ عنها من مآسي ويطالب ان يسبق اي حوار بين الاطراف المتنازعة بوادر تظهر حسن النوايا كوقف الاعتداء ووقف عمليات القبض العشوائية وتحرير الاسرى والكف عن الحملات الاعلامية. ونؤكد على ما ورد في يبان الملتقى الاول للقبائل الليبية في بني وليد. خامسا/يتم تشكيل لجنة من كافة القبائل المشاركة في هذا الملتقى لإعداد مشروع ميثاق شرف يعرض في الملتقى القادم. القبائل المشاركة:. الحرارات ورفلة سرت المشاشية القدادفة ورفلة بني وليد الحساونة السعفات رقدالين النوايل الحميدات أولاد بريك المقارحة معدان طرابلس هوارة المايا العمامرة القديرات قماطة العجيلات الربايع تاورغاء ورشفاتة ترهونة وريمةالملتقى الثاني للقبائل الليبية المنعقد ببني وليد يوم الخميس الموافق 7/6/2012 · ·

Bani Walid chanson

January 2012 __________________ 30 MAY 2012:

A video tour of the ministerial delegation in Bani Walid Source: ALGERIA ISP

Libya - A video tour of the ministerial delegation in Bani Walid (May 30, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / AccordingGreat Wefala, emissaries from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice

visited the  social council of the tribes of Bani Warfala to alid. The Warfala asked this delegation, the reason for his unscheduled visit.

These envoys said they have a mission to list all the seats of directors destroyed during the war to rebuild them also between prisons, courts,

… they even said they will provide transportation of goods , …

The situation in Bani Walid is stable


Libya - The situation in Bani Walid is stable (30 May 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / AccordingGreat Wefala, emissaries from the Ministry of Interior

and the Ministry of Justice visited the  town of Bani Walid. They visited the Social Council of the tribes ofWarfala which is the sole representative of the city.

They found the situation is stable in the city. They found that police officers do an excellent job to manage traffic.

They are present even at universities, colleges and schools.

The streets are blindfolded citizens exercising their daily work.

Remember, the Warfala demanded the departure of any rebel city. Citizens manage the city without going through the NTC.

Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ | i
 News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan Intelligence) series is still kidnapping people of the town of Beni Walid noble continuously since Tuesday on 05/29/2012 kidnapped brother – small Jaleel safety Alqaúda Warfali and age at the end of the twenties and lives in the Green Mountain – was kidnapped from in front of the his work in Tripoli Bgot Alhaal the point of his work is ((goods company security)) employed driver – kidnapped from outside his office after the departure of any action with the second hour at noon and there wasPeople from the armed gangs outside of work waiting for him – was abducted by his car Camry 2004 model color gray and the car his own –
(((For your information my brothers that the father of that person’s wealth from God and I doubt that Aflo him as Flo with Ali Ashhab, who was kidnapped a month ago and Talbo ransom estimated at 400 thousand dinars Libyan)) and expressed surprise at his place of work who did not even cost themselves the question is not surprised by their participation in this crime.
اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية
) مازال مسلسل خطف ابناء مدينة بني وليد الشريفة مستمر فمنذ يوم الثلاثاء بتاريخ 29-5-2012 خطف الاخ-الصغير عبدالجليل سلامة القائدي الورفلي و عمره في نهاية العشرينات ويسكن في الهضبة الخضراء-خطف من امام مقر عمله في طرابلس بغوط الشعال وجهة عمله هي ((شركة السلع الامنية)) يشتغل سائق– خطف من امام مقر عمله اي بعد مغادرة العمل مع الساعة الثانية ظهرا وكان هناك… اشخاص من العصابات المسلحة خارج العمل بإنتظاره-تم خطفه بسيارته كامري موديل2004 اللون رصاصي والسيارة ملكه الخاص–(((وللعلم إخوتي ان والد هذا الشخص صاحب ثروة من عند الله وانا اشك ان يفعلو معه مثلما فعلو مع المهندس علي الاشهب الذي خطف منذ شهر وطلبو فدية تقدر 400 الف دينار ليبي )) واستغرب من مقر عمله الذي لم يكلفُ نفسهم حتي بالسؤال عليه ولا استغرب إشتراكهم في هذه الجريمة

—————————– Muammar’s words to BANI WALID: Leader of the ’69 al-Fatah Revolution, Muammar al-Gaddafi , sends his greetings to peoples’s of the  JAMAHIRIYA  in BANI WALID: 06/10/2011 “Full Gaddafi Speech, 06 October 2011

The great tribes of Bani Walid, Sirte, Warshfana and Nawhi are strong and well armed. They will never be defeated because honorable people cannot and will never be subjugated! The people of Libya, the true Libyans, will never accept invasion and colonization. We will fight for our freedom and are prepared for much sacrifice. The traitors, the colonizers and NATO’s armies will all be defeated! The traitors have lost trust and confidence between themselves and their masters.

They cannot continue because they are divided and intrinsically vulnerable. The NTC, who gave them legitimacy? How did they obtain legitimacy? Did the Libyan people elect them? Did the Libyan people appoint them? And if only the power of NATO bombs and fleets grant legitimacy, then let all the rulers in the Third World beware for the same fate awaits you! To those who recognize this council as legitimate, beware!

There will be transitional councils created everywhere and imposed upon you and one by one, you shall all fall! I urge all Libyan people to go out and march in the millions in every square, in every city, village and oases. Go peacefully with all boldness. Be courageous. Rise up! Go forth! Forward! Raise our proud Green flag to the skies! Even if there comes a time when you do not hear my voice, do not give up. Do not despair. Do not stop fighting for your freedom until you have victory!”

~NATO‘S war against civilians in Libya~ Ajoutée par Aelsgheir le 11 Janv. 2012

وليكتب تاريخ العالم بحروف من نور و رفلة القبيلة الوحيدة التى قايلة الناتو وقالة لهم طز قاتلة 40 دولة اجتماعة على احتلال ليبيا فى خمسة ايام فوجدوا اناس رهبان فى الليل ووحوش فى ساحات الوغ واسنمرة الحرب 8 اشهر ولا خيانة الخان الوضيع الدين كانوا ايام الرخاء يتبهون بنهم رجال ولكن فى وقت الحرب ظهروا جوبنا (البراتى شكال) والعف التروهونى وعبد السلأم جلود وغيرهم من خانوا ليبيا(هدة الفيديو بعد قتال القواة الفرانسية والأمريكية والبرطانية وحقار وا

The written history of the world in letters of light and Rafla tribe the only Qaalh NATO and told them to hell fatal 40 countries meeting at the occupation of Libya in five days and found people who are monks in the night and the beasts in the arena of Alug and Asnmrh war 8 months or treachery Khan debased religion were days of prosperity Itbhon binge Men But in time of war appeared Jobna (Albrty forms) and Aall Alterohny and Abdel-Salam, skins and other betrayed Libya (video after the fighting pit Rulh Lafransah, American, and Bartanih Hakar Wa)
Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ | 31 MAI 2012
عاجل صبراته تعرضت بوابة في منطقة تليل لهجوم بقواذف اربجي دون حدوت أصابات وكذلك وزعت مناشير تحمل علام الاخضر الجديد الله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدين
Urgent Sabratha Was a gate in the area to attack Tallil Bakoazv Arbjee Hdot without injuries, as well as distributed leaflets with the new green Allam God is great above the plots of the aggressors
URGENT: hear sporadic gunfire heard Peleta cars Aasaav density region of the plateau now
عاجل: سماع اعيرة نارية متقطعة بليها سماع اصوات سيارات ااسعاف بكثافة بمنطقة الهضبة الان
Urgent: Clashes are now circulating among rats Alnchea Tajoura area.Energy Spirit InchAllah Akmilo Hdhaka some time start a free Libya
عـــاجـــــل: اشتباكات تدور الآن بين جرذان تاجوراء بمنطقة النشيع
Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |URGENT:
Aauellah case Ihsabhm Bihsuh, righteousness Cole Bzatk Mataklha Kuo-hui was in Roihtk,,, …………………………
عاجل: ياولله حالة يحسآبهم بيحسوه,, بره كول خبزتك خوى ماتآكلها كان فى رويحت
كhunger striker Jaber Almghebre rejection of the seats in the National Congress enters the Hawari Hospital since shortly after the deterioration of his health ..
المضرب عن الطعام جابر المجبري رفضا لمقاعد المؤتمر الوطني يدخل مستشفى الهواري منذ قليل بعد تدهور حالته الصحية
URGENT: Aerasa / citing Page press / Blessing Misrati Aljowaily Abdul Malik, son of Libyan Defense Minister Osama Aljowaily the protection of Allaah the impact of a car accident on Airport Road in Tripoli this should be mentioned that the deceased was wanted by Libyan authorities on charges of temporary murder of a rebel city of Benghazi
عاجل: ايراسا/ نقلا عن صفحة الصحفية/ نعيمه المصراتي عبد المالك الجويلى نجل وزير
الدفاع الليبي أسامة الجويلى فى ذمة اللة أثر حادث سيارة بطريق المطار بطرابلس هذا ويذكر ان المتوفى كان مطلوباً لدى السلطات الليبية المؤقتة لاتهامه بجريمة قتل احد ثوار مدينة بنغازى
Rat Almhzb and Cal Altaraih (Abdul Hafeez Goukh) Higher Security Committee conducting eavesdropping on all calls over the networks and Libyana orbit .. The pretext of public security ….. (complaining in some of Khan … Halkhounh times Sejn hundred times).
لجرذ المهزب وكال الطرايح ( عبد الحفيظ غوقة ) اللجنة الأمنية العليا تقوم بعمليات تنصت علي جميع المكالمات عبر شبكتي ليبيانا والمدار…. بحجة الأمن العام ….. ( شاكين في بعضهم هالخونه … من خان مره سيخون مئة مره
Abu Bakr his camel through one media platforms foreign threat to close the borders of Cyrenaica and declared an independent state that is not responding to the demands of federalism.
Libya under the threat of division is not in half, but also to the small states colony. This is what we warn him during the crisis, but they were accusing us of lying and rumors .. Here ……….
and the split is very close now.
ابوبكر بعيرة عبر احد المنابر الاعلامية الاجنبية يهدد بقفل حدود برقة واعلانها دولة مستقلة ان لم تتم الاستجابة لمطالب الفيدرالية. ليبيا تحت تهديد الانقسام ليس الى نصفين فقط بل الى دويلات صغيرة مستعمرة . هذا ما كنا نحذر منه خلال الازمة لكنهم كانوا يتهموننا بالكذب و الاشاعات …………و هاهو الانقسام بات قريبا جدا الا
our correspondent at the beach bombing of the entire gate of rats on the border of Brac Beach/ Strand

An appeal From the Green Strength


Libya - An appeal of the green strength (June 4, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, the Libyan Green Resistance  asked the City of Tarhouna to be careful. Libyan journalists and foreign spies who make inquiry on arms caches and the Resistance.

Green Resistance  appeals to the population in areas of Sebia and Souk Khamis and informs them that the rebels are moving in their regions to place the checkpoints in their area to prohibit the Libyans of the city of  Tarhouna and Bani Walid across town to go to Tripolito protest the release of Mr. Abu Ajila Habachi. The Green Strength demand that the Libyans must prevent the rebels from returning to their regions.

Ratty al-Qaeda are bombing again the Tabu in Kufra …..
اااجل اليةم 2\6 وبدأ تساقط الجرذان في الكفرة
and then began the slaughter and injury of many RATS as seen in this pic of a mercenary RAT who went to KUFRA for the $$$$ to kill TABU like they did to the Taureg in Ghadames
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليةم 2\6 وبدأ تساقط الجرذان في الكفرة
‏Photo : عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
اليةم 2\6<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
وبدأ تساقط الجرذان في الكفرة‏
    •  صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة + العربية + BBC ((( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا )) مراسلنا المتخفي بين الجرذان انباء عن نية جرذان الكفرة والجيش الوثني تهجير التبو من الكفرة …. كما حدث مع الطوارق في غدامس news about the intention of rats pagan infidels, and the army of infidels displace Tabu …. as was the case with the Tuareg in the Ghadamesrats clashes between al-Qaeda and the tribes of Tabu in Kufra … –
       صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة + العربية + BBC ((( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا )) اشتباكات بين جرذان القاعدة و قبائل التبو في الكفرة .

      عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم2\6 …

      لاننا الاقوي …………….. صفحة عشم الوطن = الجزيرة + العربية + BBC ((( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا )) اشتباكات بين جرذان القاعدة و قبائل التبو في الكفرة …
  1. A poet apartment published this this morning:By brave heroes and Muammar عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا ااAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl very very very very very very very to all honest people in the Libyan Green Libyan leader to all free of tribal honorable to all employees of the armed people and hordes of volunteers and the Revolutionary Guards and guard public to anyone who has an atom and a national and a drop of blood takes place in his veins vibrant dignity Libya, we will bring you as follows:
    FROM MUAMMAR al-QathafiSupreme Commander of the Green Armed Forces of the Resistance:

    “I. .. now announced and officially zero hour for the Liberation of Libya’s second .. Asks you to quickly and control of all areas within each of you Third .. not to initiate processes that will take revenge because that is not of our ethics and our methodology IV …. give full security for all of its weapons and irresistible cast V. … control of all ports, marine, land and air and the provisions of complete control and secure the lives of the people of the Libyans and foreigners VI … Maitalq prisoners are treated Bnqad morals and treated as prisoners of war according to the conventions established in the laws of war and forward to victory to the units of the resistance to request you to urgently control on satellite channels audio and radio stations broadcast songs and chants spirited patriotic and revolutionary and a focus on national anthem”…type=1&theater

    حملة ” لن ننساكم” لاننا قوم لا نترك اسرانا في المعتقلات…… من طرف شجعان وابطال معمر عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا اااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااج ل جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا الى جميع الشرفاء في الجماهيريه الخضراء جماهيرية القائد الى كل الاحرار من القبائل الشرفاء الى جميع منتسبي الشعب المسلح وجحافل المتطوعين والحرس الثوري والحرس الشعبي وكل من له ذرة وطنيه وقطرة دم تجري في عروقه نابضه بكرامة ليبيا نوافيكم بالاتي اولا ..اعلنت الان وبشكل رسمي ساعة الصفر لتحرير ليبيا ثانيا .. يطلب اليكم وعلى وجه السرعه السيطره على جميع المناطق الواقعه في نطاق كل منكم ثالثا ..عدم الشروع في عمليات من شانها الانتقام لان ذلك ليس من اخلاقنا ومنهجيتنا رابعا ….اعطاء الامان التام لكل من يلقي بسلاحه ولايقاوم خامسا …السيطره على جميع المنافذ البحريه والبريه والجويه واحكام السيطره التامه وتامين ارواح الناس من الليبيين والاجانب سادسا …مايتعلق بالاسرى تتم معاملتهم بنقيض اخلاقهم ويعاملوا معاملة اسرى حرب وفق الاتفاقيات المعمول بها في قوانين الحروب والى الامام حتى النصر الى الوحدات التابعه للمقاومه يطلب اليكم بشكل عاجل السيطره على القنوات الفضائيه والاذاعات المسموعه وبث الاغاني والاناشيد الحماسيه الوطنيه والثوريه والتركيز على النشيد القومي Par : العا شقة الشاعرة
Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |
Il ya 10 minutes
Important: Please beware of publications that are written now a new trick back upon us by the rebels NATO to arrest the Liberal Party is that this number 0925651134 for the called Abdullah denier, which is not true while following this number to hand security rebels NATO Supreme, be sure to guard against such tricksهـــــــــام : الرجاء الحذر من المنشورات التي يتم كتابتها الآن وهي خدعة جديدة ظهر بها علينا الثوار الناتو للقبض على الاحرار , وهي بأن هذا الرقم 0925651134 للمدعو عبدالله ناكر, وهذا غير صحيح بينما يتبع هذا الرقم للجهة الامنية الثوار الناتو العليا, فيرجى الحذر من هكذا ألاعيب

Bnrdoa sure our country and Nhmoha Gsbn all ratsFawzi Mizdawi – Nrdoa our country and Nhmoha
U.S. Consolate in Bengazi is attacked: Reports of standing supporters of the law which battalion based in Benghazi and behind the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

Sharia supporters battalion based in Benghazi and behind the attack on the U.S. consulate in


Reports of standing supporters of the law which battalion based in Benghazi and behind the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi

The most important news

Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ | 01 July 2012
Germanah gates composed of seven rats each gate carrying Clahnat start in front of the camp well Usta Milad Btajurae to the path of on the resistance discernible caution because they searched the car عاجــــــــل : بوابات جرذانية متكونة من سبعة جرذان لكل بوابة يحملون كلاشنات تبدا من امام معسكر بئر الاسطى ميلاد بتاجوراء الى طريق المشتل على المقاومة اخد الحيطة والحذر لانهم يفتشون السيارات
Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |
Confirmed information: indicating the existence of secret prisons in each of the camp April 7, a farm leader and the other in the area Alkwyfah city of Benghazi, where there are a large number of detainees from the southern region and the Western Region, Central America and especially from the city of Sirte and from tribe Akadddavh specifically who were arrested during the attack on the city Sirte. These prisons controlled by the Islamist militant groups refuse to recognize or permit the existence of these detainees has, or even submitted M to the judiciary and for reasons unknown.
So-called under the chairmanship of the Army Staff Allaotuny and Security Committee Benghazi has a science to these prisons, but did not intervene until now.
prisoners under heavy guard and suffer from conditions of detention of bad in Dshm underground. people of detainees appeal to every Libyan Sharif and especially their people honest in Benghazi and the Liberals on the Internet
to help detection of these armed groups and shamed on the international information networks and the various sites and address the international human rights organizations
معلومات مؤكدة:: تفيد بوجود سجون سرية فى كل من معسكر 7 ابريل ومزرعة القائد وأخرى فى منطقة الكويفية بمدينة بنغازى يتواجد بها عدد كبير من
المعتقلين من المنطقة الجنوبية والمنطقة الغربية والوسطى وخصوصا من مدينة سرت ومن قبيلة القددافة تحديدا والذين تم القبض عليهم اثناء الهجوم على مدينة سرت .هذه السجون تسيطر عليها مجموعات اسلامية متشددة ترفض الاعتراف او التصريح بوجود هؤلاء المعتقلين لديها او حتى تقديمه …مايسمى برئاسة أركان الجيش اللاوطنى واللجنة الأمنية بنغازى لديها العلم بهذه السجون ولكنها لم تتدخل حتى الان . المعتقلون تحت حراسة مشددة ويعانون من ظروف اعتقال سيئة فى دشم تحت الارض . أهالى المعتقلون يناشدون كل ليبي شريف وخصوصا أهاليها الشرفاء فى بنغازى والأحرار على شبكة المعلومات الدولية المساعدة فى الكشف عن هذه المجموعات المسلحة وفضحهم على شبكات المعلومات الدولية ومختلف

Libya – Libya News from the Occupied (05 June 2012)

Posted on 05/06/2012 by alfatah69

Libya News from the Occupied

Photo: عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل Day 6 \ 6 because we are more powerful ............... (the largest network of correspondents in Libya) Page مشااااااااااااااااااااااااااااركة addicted deadline day ...........  Today, waiting for the Libyan people will do what Tarhunah ...........  And wait for the Arab peoples of the Champions Tarhunah rats crawl on Tripoli .........  Waiting for you to erase the shame ......

gathering battalions of Tarhunah on the island of rotation ………. After the deadline to Tripoli rats Today, waiting for the Libyan people will do what Tarhunah ……….. And wait for the Arab peoples of the Champions Tarhunah rats crawl on Tripoli ……… waiting for you to erase the shame ……
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم 6\6 لاننا الاقوي ……………( اكبر شبكة مراسلين في ليبيا ) مشااااااااااااااااااااااااااااركة ادمن الصفحةاليوم تنتهي المهلة ……….. واليوم ينتظر الشعب الليبي ماذا سوف تفعله ترهونة ……….. وتنتظر الشعوب العربية ابطال ترهونة لزحف علي جرذان طرابلس ……… ننتظرك لمحو هذا العار ……


Libya - Libya News from Occupied (June 5, 2012)

Muammar’s “DAY of peoples Power” 2011:

ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya,Egypt, in Cairo, Egyptian Libyans and supporters have  a set-in outside the UN headquarters to show their support for the people of Libya and the Jamahiriya Libyans jailed in Libya (see photo).


Tunisia plans to place a fence on its borders with Libya precisely the side of the border crossing Raes Jdire to prevent the violations of borders by the rebels.

In Benghazi, the death of Marwan Faydi, one of the police commanders of NTC after a stray bullet (version NTC). He was with an official delegation on the road to Benghazi, arriving at a checkpoint Kouarcha. He was shot.

A tribute to the Green Strength

English: Flag of the Khadaffi's resistance in ...
06 JUNE 2012:
  • correspondent of the Sabha continued shooting sounds …… The sound of two explosions …

  • correspondent of Zliten

    Zliten not understanding something which Jerdan gates in every way and at a crossroads and …… Gardan Security Committee Evchwoa schools to forgive me ….-

  •  correspondent from Zliten spread Popat hour of 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 am in the letter … Keep in Algoalat Zliten Gardan Bazh mostly metal ….

  •  hear the sound of a weapon dismiss South Zliten ………… .. The flight Hlkbtr am p Zliten West ……

This is a conversation during which ex-prisoner of rat’s notorious prison in Misurata (Libya) reveals what happened to him and his inmates. There are three participants in this conversation-the man who hosts and represents the former inmate, his screen name is Maadani, the ex-prisoner himself and Dr. Hamza Al-Tuhami who joins from time to time:

Maadani: I’ll grant you an opportunity to listen to the person who fleed Misurata jail after his right leg and left arm were limbed up. Each and everyone of his friends, family and simply all people who loved him have risen a ransom of 120.000 dinars to let him go free and now he is ready to reveal his story. Go on, our hero, now it’s time for you to talk. Ex-Prisoner: In the name of Allah the merciful. I’m going to tell my story in brief if you don’t mind. First of all I want to say that my ex-inmates in this notorious prison, I mean ex-militaries, they took an oath from me that I’ll tell all the truth about everything happening there. As for me I even didn’t dare to believe that I’ll make it through that hell without the help of Allah and all my beloved, who also wanted me to reveal everything happening behind bars and I gave my consent to appear in open air to make all those things public. I swear that many things happening in that gaol are simply unbelievable, even beyond imagination-atrocity, abuse, raping and I mean man raping.   I can name those suffered-Ali el Atti-you can ask everyone in Misurata about him. He was captured there and I swear by Allah’s name that he was boiled alive in a big boiler. There were two officers there, who’s names are El Zubaidy and El Ghashika. They were hanged on the gallows naked and I cannot even reveal what they’ve done to those officers (censored) and what they wanted those guys to do prior. In addition those officers were raped and quartered. There was one man from El Gaddafa tribe with us. I do not want to name him. He lived in Misurata and he had personal problems with the other family prior to all events happened. You can ask everyone because this man was very well known. After he was imprisoned those family payed rats and dragged this guy to their house as if he was a goat and dismembered him alive. Look what that family has done with this poor guy. I can name this family-Bu Shahma.   Everyone who’s familiar with this family knows about their dispute with that guy as well. I know his brothers as well but do not want to name them, I do not want to hurt them cause they were my inmates. In regards with what happened to us I can say that I greet those free people and martyrs who died in action. I’d better die ten thousand times rather than spend a moment in that gaol. What is happening in that prison is not happening even in Israel. Some things (atrocities and abuses), I’m going to tell you about, that happened in that prison are only part of what was happening there.   The raw of martyrs is too big I can not remember all of them but I should like to because I must commemorate each of them and the hell they went through. As for me I was wounded 3 or four days prior to capture, I was caught along with the other guy named Ali El Maarraf, who, I think, was killed and became a martyr and hero of Hamza. Our squad didn’t let us down although we asked them to because we slowed them and, at least, they could survive. But they refused and took us inside their pickup because there were no medical supplies in the district – the only clinic was destroyed. After we were captured I know nothing about the destiny of my wounded mate. Rats told me that he was killed and after that I was moved to Misurata. I thought they will treat me well because I was wounded. It is true that during the war with NATO, mercenaries and local traitors in spring-summer 2011 we’ve heard about such things as murders and dissections but I swear by the name of Allah that I’ve seen more than you’ve heard and more than you can imagine.   When I fleed I started to tell people about what is happening there and they could hardly able to believe and thought I was exaggerating. One simple example-one guy from Taverga was boiled alive, his name was Ale El Atti. If you do not believe me you can ask people from Taverga and they’ll tell you the story of this guy. My inmates also asked me to tell about raping. Yes, they raped us but I should not tell you the names not to abuse heroes. Those bastards treated us like cattle. Every minute someone could enter, randomly choose an inmate, take him out and since that moment, no one ever heard of him. I remember “summer resort” called Jannat (which means Heaven) because each inmate taken there was considered dead. Immediately after they’ve realized that Council for Human Rights Watch or some other international organization intends to inspect their prisons, they made a gathering for all inmates with severed limbs and other torture traces, like me and moved us to some other gaol and forced the others to wear new sport suits and gave them new blankets so that this prison was considered “five star hotel” by that committee or organization.   They forced us to lie, so we felt that we’re not men anymore. In reality what impressed me most of all that those thugs who tortured us were not looking like real men. We were not scared but we were forced to suffer abuses from them, we didn’t fear them but they’ve exhausted us. They tried everything to make me loose hope but, glory to Allah, my life’s in His hands. Other inmates who didn’t suffer mutilation as I did became martyrs (they were tortured to death and buried in mass graves). Praise Allah, I survived but only physically…   Maadani: Yes, unfortunately he partially has no limbs -his right leg and left arm. Ex-prisoner: What else important….I forgot what I’ve told you already….   Maadani: Tell us what happened to you and what they had done to the people from convoy after they were captured and how they had been killed . Ex-Prisoner: Yes ,regarding our convoy after they captured us they started executing us and praise the Allah again and again I’m hardly able to understand how I survived, things were like the pitch-farthing. I remember a brave guy whom they shot on the spot, his name was Hisham Saaiba from Sirte exactly from the district number   2. That guy belonged to Warfalla tribe may Allah the Merciful and the Compassionate rest his soul. Another one whose story was so heartbreaking, that made me overwhelmed. Actually every Mujahid has a sympathetic story but this man has a special and emotional one. His name was Munir and he was from Zlitan, you can ask about him anyone who fought in the district number   2. After all members of his family were slaughtered in Zlitan, he moved to Sirte and joined our combat in the district number 2. He told us his tragic story and swore to be faithful to his family. He fought with a brave heart until he was captured and executed by those filthy thugs may Allah rest his soul.His name was Munir from Zlitan. Sorry I do not remember his full name so I address to the people of Zlitan to refresh their memory if they know those guy- he came to us after Zlitan had fallen. Besides, anyone after huge ransom would be liberated. And no one cares who an inmate is: a drug addict, an alcoholic, a rapist, a thief, a convict, regardless of what his crime is . Maadani: How much did you pay ,my Hero? Ex-Prisoner: In fact some people from Sirte came through with the money may Allah the Merciful and the Compassionate save them, they paid 120 thousand Dinars and set me free. Frankly speaking I was hardly able to believe when they told me that I could leave because my friends ransomed me! After what I’ve seen there, what these thugs committed they are not humans at all . ( He is an eyewitness of non-human treatment of Libyans in NATO death camps and can reveal all tortures and murders happening there. Despite all that he was released for ransom. This clearly means that gaolers are absolutely sure that they won’t be prosecuted for their crimes, seems that their bosses-bureaucrats from NATO countries and their allies assured them of the support. Other countries occupied by NATO are the example as well. No NATO soldier or local traitor who committed the crimes against humanity was ever prosecuted). As for the guys who paid for me May Allah the Merciful and the Compassionate bless them all , I don’t think that even my family could pay such a big amount of money for my freedom .And if Allah allow me I will repay the debt. Ok I do not want to entrench upon your time, if Allah allow me, another time I will tell you more details. Maadani: Sorry guys but our Hero is ready to drop because of his critical situation, he can not sit and speak, because he lost limbs. I see him struggling just to sit as any other healthy man … Dr. Hamza: Listen to me Maadani. Listen I am Dr. Hamza Maadani: Welcome Dr. Hamza. Dr. Hamza: You have to record this man’s story and anyone who knows English must translate it and then publish it in English version for all Human Rights Organizations websites and to the World Press. Everything what happened to him because this man is an eyewitness. Now let him have a rest. Afterwards lead him to that pal-talk room to talk privately with a person who knows English. After the translation publish his story in all HRO websites and in the Green forums of Zangetna and in our pages of twitter and Facebook etc…. I know that some guys are now recording this man’s testimony but I want you Maadani to let him rest now. After that help him to move to the Paltalk room to describe in details so that others can record each word he will say. Some of our people who are not pre-occupied can translate his words to each foreign language like English and French and then your sister Watanna (sister of Maadani) will take it over for the rest of the work. Whence proceed to the private chat room with her and give her all names, facts and addresses so she can do her job thanks to her contacts with some of abovementioned organizations Ok? Ex-Prisoner: Yes . I prefer a private chat because if I’ll give some names no one knows what will happen to that people in jail, whether we should see them again or not. I am really concerned about them. Dr. Hamza: So, please, contact sister through the private chat room and tell her everything. Ex-Prisoner: Ok I will give her all the names because I am afraid if someone is listening now to us and knows the names, then named people will be in danger. I don’t want to be the cause of their doom. Besides I want to remind you the story from Sirte, I do want to provide information regarding the rest of the events in Sirte. About a day before they occupied Ibn Sina hospital and then the Radio station, where we were defending . While we were there some of the heroes reached the Mathaba district because it was destroyed and abandoned. There our brothers found a free girl who was struggling alone. She was a great authentic heroine.. I presume she belongs to Al Guhus (the best of El Gadafa Tribes).. Our heroes drove her to us and told that they had found her alone with her weapon in the Mathaba and had offered her to take her home. But she refused insisting to continue fighting with us. I swear by Allah the Merciful and the Compassionate that she was fighting hand by hand with us fiercely.   Then we moved to the Radio station and we stayed in that building. We were scared of getting circled. The man who brought her told me that he was afraid that something terrible will happen to her if captured by rats, because he felt big responsibility for that girl So we told her to stay behind the squad exactly near the exit surely to have an opportunity to flee in case of circling . Maadani: Is she from El Guhus?? Ex-Prisoner: I guess so. After she overrun a position, we splitted into two parts. I was a member of the group that left the radio station trying to distract the enemies attention. She stayed in the building with the second group Later on we found another group of fighters that was far away, so we were unable to get in touch with them because of the intensive fire. After we had been back to unite with our group in the building we asked them about that girl to ascertain she is safe. They told us that a shell had fallen next to her place and since Ibn Sina Hospital was destroyed there was remained only the Health complex, we rushed there but we did not find her until we got to a field clinic. We found her there wounded and a nurse and her brother were looking after her. One man came in and told us that she is his relative and she is under control now, since then we’ve not heard anything about her. The hero who brought her was one of my inmates and he was the one who told me about her. In fact, some brave families stayed in few fighting districts in Sirte and did not leave at all. I appreciate their courage. Maadani: Could you please tell us the story of that poor hero called Muammar who was captured in Misurata? Ex-Prisoner: I don’t want to mention his full name but….. Anyway, there is a person called Muammar who was hosted in Al Wahda (the Union) high school.

Because of his name, they cut off some parts of his body. I cannot mention what… (maybe his penis)

Maadani: They cut off his tongue tas well.( Few months ago a photo of a guy with severed penis in his mouth was wide spreaded. This photo came from Mexico but it can illustrate what was done with that guy by rats. The Green Resistance doesn’t always have an opportunity to get photo and video evidences of crimes committed in death camps and gaols of Libyan Occupation Regime.) Ex-Prisoner: So may Allah look after him and give him salvation, he is really a prisoner in Al Wahda high school and since his name is Muammar he is getting the extra special Best Treatment Misurata rasist brigade can offer. With all my respect and dignity to you this guy can not go to the bathroom by himself, only his healthy inmates carry him to and from.   His name is Muammer, I pray to Allah the Merciful and the Compassionate to protect him. His brother is imprisoned as well. Finally I do not want to speak further, I want you to bear in mind alongside with the Resistance or any other things, the troubles and sufferings of our heroes in these monstrous jails and because there are some things that are beyond anyone’s imagination .As Dr. Hamza said I will give the details and and names through private chat room, if Allah allow/ Maadani: Read them the poem you composed yesterday. Ex-Prisoner: Yes there were some words drifted through my mind during my imprisonment, because I am one of the those, who are devoted to Leader and I congratulate anyone who stood with him before, after and during these war especially General Abu Baker Yuness Jaber, who was in Al Jufra. And after Al Jufra fell he was able to escaped from there but he preferred to come to Sirte alongside with the Leader. This deed made some dummy people asking him why he moved to Sirte while he could have run away through the south border and flee to another country. Ok I am going to recite my poem which I composed arbitrarily with my friends in jail with some other poems I wrote them down in my diary with some information’s that I will show you very soon (and he started reciting his poem). Poem narrated about Sirte. About Sirte which commemorated it’s name in history with the golden letters. About Leader who stood tall and his son fiercely fought shoulder to shoulder not showing back to enemy till they got martyred. A prayer to Allah to send them to heaven; a great glory to the Heroes who fought till the end and did not betray like Ashkal (the general who paved the way for NATO and its thugs to invade Tripoli) After finalizing this interview ex- prisoner left for private chat room for detailed testimonies. ____________________________________ to the masses of our people throughout the steadfast hero …… Hahm rats are trying to spread despair and weakness Mnkhalab broadcast trials comic …. Have no value and Fajzu your precautions, and do this by freeing them to be a stronger response from our people on the NATO ousted ..

Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda trial

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Dr. Dorda 
Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda trial
The incident at Tripoli’s main airport happens the day before Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda, former Prime Minister (1990-1994) and Libyan Jamahiriya government permanent representative to the United Nations (1997-2003) is due to being illegally taken to court by the rebels’ National Transitional Council (NTC). Dr. Dorda has been held and tortured by the NTC since his capture on September 11, 2011, while no criminal charges against him have been made. At the beginning of his unjust detention he was thrown out of a window and one of his doctors has told his family that both of his legs were broken and that he has been badly beaten and tortured. In November 2011, the brother of Dr. Dorda, Mr. Adel Khalifa Dorda, told independent journalist Morris Herman he had written a letter to the Secretary of the United Nations, calling on him to interfere directly to guarantee Mr. Dorda’s safety, security and freedom.
He however didn’t receive any response. Based on an interview of Dr. Dorda’s immediate family, Sons of Malcolm’sSukant Chandan now urges to ask for a fair trial for Dr. Dorda on June 5, demanding that he will be immediately allowed to get a lawyer and that there will be observers from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to monitor the whole process of the trial to ensure Dr. Dorda’s safety and human rights: “The family of Mr Dorda would like to thank all those who seek justice for Mr Dorda and many others in Libya and request that those who believe in justice and human rights in Libya contact HRW and Amnesty to express their concerns about:
  1. The unfair nature of this trial
  2. That they send monitors and observers to the trial and his detention, so that international public opinion are informed of the nature of the trial and that Mr Dorda’s personal safety is ensured.

Human Rights Watch, Middle East and North Africa Division: Amnesty International, individuals at risk contact: Dr. Dorda has been very popular in the Libyan Jamahiriya. In the two years he held the position of Libya’s Housing and Infrastructure official, both housing and infrastructure have improved very much. Source of the article By Quoriana : WorldMathaba

* NOTE of LibyanFreePressNetwork: we reported the article as we received it, but we do not believe for a second that HRW or Amnesty Int. are sincerely able to do anything for Libya, except to be good supporters and customers for Nato-forces and USA-Zionist lobby, as they always were in the past. Now maybe they are trying to rebuild their virginity, but from our point of view, they have lost all credibility and reliability. * First Video Published on Jun 4, 2012 by 

Second Video Published on Jun 4, 2012 by 

Libyen: Tarhouna-Kämpfer besetzen internationalen Flughafen von Tripolis Libya: Tarhouna fighters occupying the international airport of Tripoli Libia: Tarhouna combatientes que ocupan el aeropuerto internacional de Trípoli Libia: Tarhouna combattenti che occupano l’aeroporto internazionale di Tripoli Libye: les combattants Tarhouna occupant l’aéroport international de Tripoli Libya: Tarhouna bardagamenn hernema alþjóðlega flugvellinum í Tripoli Либија: Тархоуна борци заузимају међународни аеродром у Триполију Ливия: Tarhouna бойцы занимают в международном аэропорту Триполи 利比亞:Tarhouna戰士佔領了的黎波里國際機場 トリポリ国際空港を占拠しTarhouna戦闘機:リビア लीबिया: Tarhouna त्रिपोली के अंतरराष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डे पर कब्जा सेनानियों ليبيا: من مقاتلي ترهونة احتلال المطار الدولي في طرابلس * Reloaded by LibyanFreePressNetwork at *

________________________________________________________________________ This is interview

قصة اسير في سجون مصراته 13-4-2012


Libya” Court

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Jamahiriya (Former al-Qathafi) Chief Dorda Charged in “Libya” Court

An archived picture of Abuzeid Dorda speaking at the United Nations Photo: just before

Dr Abuzeid Omar Dorda, 68, the former head of external intelligence in the former Jamahiriya of Muammar al-Qathafi, was Tuesday charged in court for his part in favour of the former regime during the February 17 revolution that ousted Gaddafi. He is also charged (with arming his ethnic group)=>(****WHAT ETHNIC GROUP????), and ordering the fatal shooting of protesters last year.(*****The order was given by the West and theirSNIPERS not by Dr. Dorda or by any of the Government)

Dorda, who arrived in court wearing a blue prison uniform – looked slightly weary and using crutches to walk. His doctor told journalists that he was recovering from a broken hip. He denies all six charges. Dorda, the first senior official from the former Libyan regime to be charged in court following last year’s conflict, appeared in a Tripoli court behind a metal cage. After his lawyer, Daw al-Mansouri asked for more time to review the charges, the case was adjourned until June 26. Mr Mansouri also said that he had faith that his client would receive a fair trial. Dorda is also a former General Secretary of the People’s Committee of Libya (not quite equivalent to Prime Minister) in the al-Qathafi Jamahiriya. He served in the capacity for four years, from 1990 to 1994. For six year, between 1997 and 2003, he was also the Jamahiriya‘s permanent representative to the United Nations. He took over as external intelligence chief in 2009 from Moussa Koussa, the foreign minister who defected in March 2011 from the regime and fled Libya, initially to the UK. Dorda, known as one of al-Qathafi’s most loyal supporters, was arrested in September last year. His family, which is requesting a fair trial, said it was coping with a stressful situation. His trial is to be observers by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. They will be monitoring the whole process of the trial in order to ensure fairness. The former minister’s trial is seen as a test case for TNC’s’s judiciary and its capacity to deal with high-profile cases. He is charged with “mobilising security forces to fire bullets at the heads and chests of civilians, preventing, through the use of force and intimidation, the staging of peaceful protests”, and arming his ethnic group with the purpose of inciting civil strife during Libya’s rebellion last year. Present at the courthouse was Dorda’s younger brother,  Abdullah, who said he was confident of his brother’s innocence. He was quoted telling BBC that all the things they are saying about his brother are untrue. “My brother is one of the Libyan people who looks out for his country, for its people and its safety,” he said. There are two more key figures from the former regime, al-Qathafi’s son Saif al-Islam,  and his brother-in-law Abdullah al-Senussi, the former head of military intelligence. The International Criminal Court, ICC, also wants both for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity. Senussi  was charged with entering the West African country illegally. Source is from Tripoli Post [the RAT DAILY) so of course they write it the way they want it as this is “free Libya” now!!!!

More than 1,500 prisoners have been freed from this action by the resistance of part-secret prisons in Libya, which have to suffer some terrible torture methods include alcohol on the body Ignite – are a large pot filled with boiling water in which the prisoner from other prisoners. Women prisoners are the mass detention before the other women raped and torture with electricity and 24 hour terror-striking, AnschreienErniedrigen.Some of the prisoners, the skin is impaled with everything imaginable and much more to what is concealed large part in the media.


Indicating the existence of secret prisons in each of the camp Apr. 7, a farm commander and others in the area Alkwyfah city of Benghazi, dwell a large number of detainees from the southern region and the Western Region and Central particularly from the city of Sirte and from tribe Akadddavh specifically who were arrested during the attack on the city of Sirte.

These prisons are controlled by the militant Islamist groups that refuse to recognize or permit the presence of these detainees, or even bring them to justice and for reasons unknown. Headed by the so-called Army Staff Allaotuny Benghazi and Security Committee has knowledge of these prisons, but has not intervened until now. Prisoners are under heavy guard and sufferfrom poor conditions of detention in  underground. Appealing to people of all the detainees Libyan Sharif and especially honorable inhabitants in

Benghazi and the Liberals on the international information network to help detect these armed

groups and expose them to networks information international and various websites and to address International Human Rights organizations



News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)Ivory (Sirte) for: hearing heavy firing in Sirte and preliminary information says the clashes come from the headquarters of the security committee

Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ | 01 June 2012 URGENT: Strong explosions heard near the plateau green as there are now shooting عاجل: سماع دوى انفجارين قوية بالقرب من الهضبة الخضراء كما هناك

WE were told not to report on the fighting untill AFTER the battles were completed. We are going by the directive and waiting for Victory!
sham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only) il ya 12 heures عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل
Day 4 \ 6 because we are more powerful , our correspondent in the leadership of the armed people on the heroes and Rafla Bani Walid docking with Tarhunah for the Liberation of the capital Tripoli immediately …………..
Aspects of the four tribes to secure the road speed
4\6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا في قيادة الشعب المسلح علي ابطال ورفلة بني وليد الالتحام مع ترهونة لتحري
العاصمة طرابلس فورا عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم4\6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا في قيادة الشعب المسلح علي ابطال ورفلة بني وليد الالتحام مع ترهونة لتحرير العاصمة طرابلس فور
 ………….. علي قبائل النواحي الاربعة سرعة تأمين الطريق …….. عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل اليوم4\6 لاننا الاقوي مراسلنا في قيادة الشعب…
Par : Asham el-watan ( alla, moamer , libya only ) LIBERATION OF THE CAPITAL of TRIPOLI immenent now!!!
Breaking News In the south of Libya people marching for Gaddafi , Where are you media Channels news ? come see Green flags ,
come to show people around the world that Libya still green and many cities are the same .
Photo : Breaking News<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
In the south of Libya people marching for Gaddafi , Where are you media Channels news ? come see Green flags , come to show people around the world that Libya still green and many cities are the same .
Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ | Partagé a la vidéo de green butterfly .

((Tarhunah)) video of the martyr, “Hamzah Mirghani” shows signs of torture Who suffered at the hands of Jews Mizrata,
you will not forget you, O hero Who defended and protected his land and his city for the last moment even won the honor of the testimony and make us proud of and proud of the existence of men like him .. We promise you that the hero will not forget your revenge Tarhunah not avenge its martyrs and we will fight back. God’s mercy on you.
تــــــرهــــــــونة)) فيديو للشهيد “حمزه المرغني” يوضح أثار التعذيب اللذي تعرض له على أيدي يهود مزراطه , لن ننساك أيها البطل اللذي دافع وحمى أرضه ومدينته لأخر لحظه حتى نال شرف الشهاده وجعلنا نفخر به ونفخر بوجود رجال مثل
نعدك أيها البطل أن ترهونة لن تنسى ثأرك ولا ثأر شهدائها وسنرد الصاع صاعين . رحمة الله عليك.
This section Vidaoazar over prisoner torture martyr Hamza Saleh Mohammed Al-Mirghani in captivity until the milestone of life.
Thank Misrata has Adkhalta Tarhunah wider gates of glory by doing Jewish.
هذا مقطع فيديويظهر مدى تعذيب الأسير الشهيد حمزة صالح محمد المرغني في الأسر حتى فارقة الحياة. شكراً مصراته فقد أدخلتي ترهونة من أوسع بوابات المجد بفعلك اليهودي
Muammar with his martyred neighbors
عاجل صبراته تعرضت بوابة في منطقة تليل لهجوم بقواذف اربجي دون حدوت أصابات وكذلك وزعت مناشير تحمل علام الاخضر الجديد الله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدين
Urgent Sabratha Was a gate in the area to attack Tallil Bakoazv Arbjee Hdot without injuries, as well as distributed leaflets with the new green: Allam God is great above the plots of the aggressors
ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama  
According to Akhbar Libya, the Green Strength has distributed leaflets to inform that the LibyansResistance continues to recover land from the clutches of the Libyan mercenaries and traitors.
 31 MAY 2012:

In Tripoli, the death of Abdelmalek Jouili, the son of Defence Minister of NTC. He died following a car accident.

  •  The kid (Defense Minister’s son) was on the RATS wanted list for “murder”…The Rats did not like him–he was from Zentan and died in a so-called “car accident”!

  •  His father was another rat-traitor. The Zentan High Council of Elders want to execute the Defense Minister for High treason. His son could have been working for the Resistance


Will the leader of the Libyan people and the resistance heat

وصية القائد لشعب الليبي الحر والمقاومة

The Third Universal Theory is the only salvation for our ailing planet !

Alain Soral réédite Le Livre Vert, de Mouammar El-Kadhafi

The Green Book & The Third Universal Theory

Photo : Muammer Gaddafi plan the first Al-Fateh revolution 1969.

Posted: 2012/05/31
(BELOW are selections from
[the writing of ADAM KING whih I CANNOT agree with as a whole–but these parts are  fine]
what a wonderful contribution was made to humanity by presenting the Third Universal Theory
in the pages of  The Green Book.
 Richard Rampton QC (Queen’s Counsellor), when defending me at the Royal Courts of Justice against Zionist media slander,
stood up in Court and said “I, Richard Rampton, read the entire Green Book in a single afternoon, and not only does it not
promote violence nor terrorism in any way, shape of form, but I find myself in agreement with its principles and theory!”
The Green Book is a clear map of FREEDOM: freedom from dictatorship (Part One, Democracy), FREEDOM from NEED and want (Part Two, Natural Socialism),
and FREEDOM from conflict (Part Three, Social Basis of the Third Universal Theory).
The International Green Charter Movement, which has a web site that contains all the tools for spreading awareness of this practical theory:
The International People’s Conference Organization (IPCO) with its web site
provides theoretical and practical educational materials to assist in the formation of People’s Conferences (aka Popular Congresses, Assemblies).
Why is the theory of freedom called the “Third” Universal Theory? 
There are a number of reasons for this: if we consider the first theory to be direct rule of the individual or a single party, or group, e.g. direct rule by an Emperor or other form of dictatorship, and if we consider the second theory to be that of the “representative” rule, whereby the people choose those who should rule them (parliaments, multi-party systems) then the third is the direct rule by the people.This also signals the final “Era of the Masses” following on the Era of Kingdoms, and the Era of Republics (brought in by the French Revolution, i.e. “representative” rule), as the third era in the stages of the struggle for achieving true democracy on a large scale.We can also say that the first theory of economics in the modern era was Capitalism, followed by the second, Communism. We now have the Third: Natural Socialism, where the people themselves own the means of production and receive their direct share, and control now only decision-making power (policy) but also the economy (wealth).These are some of the compelling reasons we can call this a Third major theory to compete with the other two main theories in the political sphere (dictatorship, representation), and the economic sphere (private capitalism, state capitalism “communism”).
 The JAMAHIRIYA system is also something advocated by divine Laws and texts, to quote from The Holy Qur’an as one example:”Their affairs are among them under consultation” (Shura), an entire Chapter of the Qur’an being entitled “Shura” (consultation / DIALOGUE),
and the command of Allah to Prophet Muhammad:
“You are not a warder over them (the people) but a Warner”. ..
And, as it is said often by Christians and others too: “The Truth will set you free”.Freedom, which is the core point of The Green Book as explained in the outset of my explanation in this article today, is surely dependent upon truth, for if we don’t know the truth about why we are enslaved and not free, how can we achieve freedom?Today we live in a world where George Orwell’s predictions are coming true: “Freedom is Slavery”, “Ignorance is Strength”, “War is Peace”. Those of us who realise this, are urgently seeking a way out, to restore to Freedom, Peace and Strength to we the people.Turmel: Muammar Al-Gathafi`s Green Book, Africa`s GandhiLast year, a free Canadian citizen decided to open the pages of  The Green Book and check it out for himself:
Uploaded by kingofthepaupers on 26 June  2011 . Just reading Muammar’s description of women and society tells you immediately that this is indeed a personal, spiritual work
of solely Muammar who mediated for long periods in solitude out in the desert for years before he was satisfied
in its completion. [IT WAS NOT a joint or common effort by many hands! —although the conclusions can be found in all deep true spiritualty
and law that GOD/ALLAH intended  for mankind  since our initial Creation.]
and despite what Adam King/LOUIS SçONDY  keeps saying, Muammar is of the White /Caucasian race—but has absolutely no prejudice
what-so-ever at all as to peoples of other ethnic and colorful backgrounds. Mouammar Kadhafi – Ibchroمعمر القذافي – أبشرو
معمر القذافي – أبشرو
This is an excellent documentary that exposes the fraud of the so-called “humanitarian” war (English/French audio with Italians subtitles).*Documentario “La guerre humanitaire” di Julien Teil. Versione italiana e sottotitoli a cura di Giuliano Luongo (Ricercatore Associato IsAG) e Daniele Scalea (Segretario Scientifico IsAG).*
Video by GEOPOLITICArivista**Posted by Ryuzakero, 31 May 2012.

Libyan “Rebels” Listed by US State Department as Terrorists – NATO leaders are guilty

of providing material support to terrorists

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THIS is what NATO did to Saif’s beautiful Moroccan style House:
Saif, in his once beautiful home:  Photo: عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل day 8 \ 6 because we are more powerful ............... (the largest network of correspondents in Libya), our correspondent from Ubari columns of rats Misurata heading to the border ......  He is said to prevent the exit of Saif al-Islam from Libya after his escape ......
A poet apartment From Wedding Morocco Aqsa Delirious each Liberal and silks in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya leader and all are free and silks Arab nation Wedding Morocco Aqsa Hanafrhawwa and Ngenoa all dialects and tones of Arab thoroughbreds and despite the injuries and despite the oppression Ntrjoa good in the news of the arrival of Islam to Cyprus and Ntbawa good It is in the news from Hama Saif al-Islam not just a sense of source and Ashan Ntmoa on Saif al-Islam and the sword of Islam and the News and Hangnoa Nfrhawwa and Mnsourin MnsourinA poet apartment URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT of the Egyptian Satellite Channel Lafraain: Media Dr. Tawfiq Okasha confirms that Saif al-Islam Random Libya by land, and that Saif al-Islam arrived in Cyprus to help the tribes of Libya honest …
SAIF al-Islam is in Cyprus !Tawfiq Okasha: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s flight to Cyprus Today, Egypt, Tawfiq Okasha:Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s flight to Cyprus:

LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (01/06/2012)

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Evidence that the Libyan Invasion of the Imperialists and Fascists is Illegal, Illegitimate and Repudiated by the Libyans Who Swear Revenge and Expel all Invaders and Traitors of the NTC- NATO


– Tajoura:  Tajoura last night near Nachie, clashes between rebels soar.

– Benghazi:  Sources confirm the existence of secret prisons in the barracks of April 7, the Libyan leader and another in the region Koufya in Benghazi. Many prisoners remain in the majority of prisoners are from the south and west of Libya and especially the city ofSirte, the tribe of Kdadfa.

These Libyans were arrested on the day of the fall of Sirte. These prisons are run by militia extremists who deny the presence of house arrest. The detainees are mistreated. Their families asked hover, but no one moves.

– The beast “rebels” traitor looted the house of Musa Kusa,  the former Minister of Foreign Affairs ofMuammar Gaddafi, who defected to flee to London, which became a key informant NATO / Qatar / NTC. As a reminder, Musa Kusa, it is still protected by the kingdom of Qatar.

– Tripoli:   the beasts “rebels” are cowed and become more violent, very close monitoring of El Fateh University in Tripoli after the leaflets demanding the return of  Green Libya’s, were distributed in large numbers in college. This is the first time that such brochures are distributed to college.

Since yesterday, the rebels have increased their numbers within the university and trucks mounted with heavy weapons are there to deter any event.

– Sabha:  gunmen in a car fired on mercenaries “rebels” of the NTC-NATO at the center of Sabha. Other rebels have tried to stop the car but they escaped.

– Sirte:  Green Resistance warns young Libya’s Sirte to be careful because bands of mercenaries are at a checkpoint No. 50 to prevent young people. This morning they arrested two youths for no reason Sirte.

–  Ajeelat:  The Green Strength has distributed brochures to all the Libyans that the Resistance continues to recover land from the clutches of theLibyan mercenaries and traitors.

Libya: War for World Government

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Libya: War for World Government

Tony Cartalucci

“It is a test that the international community has to pass.

Failure would shake further the faith of the people’s region in the emerging international order and the primacy of international law.”Brookings Institute’s “Libya’s Test of the New International Order,” February 2011.

The media expects you to believe placard waving peaceful demonstrators have somehow, in just days, transitioned into tank driving, jet flying rebel forces – just like in Hollywood. Photo: BRQ Network.

While a parade of politicians and pundits cite the“international community,” the UN, and the “Arab street”as giving them the justification to not only wage illegal war on Libya, but to threaten illegal war against Syriaas well, it should be remembered that it was neither theUN nor the “international community” that laid the ground work for this campaign.

What started out, supposedly, as spontaneous,simultaneous uprisings across the Middle East, has transformed clearly into an aggressive Western-backed blitzkrieg of destabilization and regime change. This wasa plan that was years in the making, talked about in 2007 by then, presidential hopeful, CFR member, and International Crisis Group trustee Wesley Clark.

As hard as our “leadership” tries to act surprised, the current Middle Easternconflagration has been years in the making.

We now know that the protesters from Tunisia to Egypthad been trained by US created and funded CANVAS of Serbia. We have learned that the US State Department openly admits to providing funding to tech firms toassist protesters across the Middle East and Northern Africa to circumvent cyber-security inside target nations. Perhaps most alarming of all, we now knowthat the US State Department is also funding corporations like BBC to undermine the governments of China and Iran, revealing the full-scope of their ambitions.

The “international community” that feckless stooges like Joe Lieberman talk about, or his French equal in impotency, Nicolas Sarkozy’s “new post-UNSC 1973 model of world governance” are concepts not born of these “elected representatives,” but rather the product of the corporate think-tanks that hand them their talking points. It is the corporate-financier oligarchy that constitutes the “international community” and who aspires to rule through “world governance.” Their goal is to eliminate national sovereignty and assert their agenda and the laws & regulations to achieve it homogeneously across all national borders.

To see who Lieberman and Sarkozy are channeling, we look to the Brookings Institute report “Libya’s Test of the New International Order” back in February 2011. In it, it talks about the primacy of international law over national sovereignty and considered it being at stake in Libya. Allowing Libya to defy the “international community,” they worried, could ultimately threaten its “resolve and credibility.”

Another telling Brookings Institute report, “Bifurcating the Middle East,” mentions rallying “the Arab street” to confront defiant states like Libya, Syria, and Iran, all ofwhich are mentioned by name. Nowhere was oil mentioned, nor the tremendous profits defense contractors would surely reap, and while these are primary motivators to garner support for the regional campaign within the corporate combine, they are by no means the primary motivators for the campaign itself.The final goal is world government, the elimination of borders, and a monopolistic corporate-financier cartel that can systematically eliminate all challenges to its hegemony – in other words, the dream of all oligarchs since the beginning of time.

In Syria, resistance to the Western-backed opposition is a similar direct challenge to the corporate-financier oligarchs. Nations like Syria, Iran, Libya, Burma, Belarus, and many others are demonized andsystematically isolated and undermined not because they are a threat to the world, but because their independence and refusal to acquiesce is an obstacle before a corporate-financier ruled world government.

We are given childish explanations that prey on the most ignorant and feeble of minds as to why we are fighting in Libya, and why we are threatening war with Syria and Iran. Now here in Lieberman or Sarkozy’s ranting statements is talk of who these rebels are; that they’ve been fighting on and off against Qaddafi for nearly three decades with US help, that their opposition is based in London and the United States, and that they have overt ties to Al-Qaeda, with rebel leaders themselves openly admitting their affiliations to the terrorist group. We are now told that recently returning to Libya to lead the rebels is Khalifa Hifter, who has spent the last 20 years in “suburban Virginia,” and has spent his time in America lending support to anti-Qaddafi groups.

After fighting a decade in Afghanistan and Iraq at the cost of nearly 6,000 US lives, supposedly to stop the ubiquitous “Al Qaeda,” an organization the US itself created in the mountains of Afghanistan in the 1980′s tofight the Soviets, we have come full circle, with CIA/Al-Qaeda assets fighting side-by-side in Libya, complete with US air support.

Do regular folks forget that Syria was mentioned as part of George Bush’s “Axis of Evil” and that Obama is merely carrying on a continuous agenda that has transcended administrations up to this very day?Considering the agenda revealed by Wesley Clark in 2007, we see how seamlessly “Obama’s war” against Libya fits in. If we are to believe Obama and Bush are ideological opposites, what other explanation can be given as to why this agenda, scorned by the political left under Bush, has now found a new home in Obama’s administration?

Quite clearly politics in America is but a mere illusion.So to is the “War on Terror,” as the US helps Al-Qaeda sweep westward towards Tripoli. It is all empty rhetoric carrying the agenda of global government forward. Despite losing nearly 6,000 of their brothers in arms, the US military carries on, following orders despite the absolute, overt absurdity of their mission.They are literally providing air support now for the men that helped send their buddies back in pine boxes from Iraq. They do this while the media that liedthem into a decade of war now celebrates their enemy, these rebels of Benghazi, as heroes of democracy. Again – we come full circle as the Mujaheddin fighting the Soviets were once “heroes” of the West as well.

None of this makes any sense from the political left or right perspective. None of this makes sense from a West verses “Muslim extremist” perspective. The only perspective from which it makes sense, is if a cartel of corporations has been lying to us all along, saying anything and everything to get us to jump through the appropriate hoops. With their plans becoming bolder,perhaps even desperate, they have begun to mix up their narratives to the extent that they are bombing “Al Qaeda” in Pakistan and giving “Al Qeada” air support in Libya. They are admittedly strafing civilians from the air in Pakistan, but imposing no fly zones on Qaddafi over unverified claims of doing the same.

As the globalists admittedly strafe civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, they have lobbied for war with Libya over verified lies of doing the same.

Indeed, this is not a war of America, the UN, NATO, or the European Union. The feckless politicians that pose as our leadership are merely taking orders from the powers that be – the corporate-financier oligarchs. If we are to frustrate these oligarchs, we would be wise to waste little time on their front men and instead get straight to the issue. Boycott these corporations and systematically replace them on a local level.

While they wage war to eliminate the nation-state, from its borders down to our own individual rights and liberties, we must wage a campaign to undermine and eliminate them, from their crass consumerist networks that infest our towns, to the parasitic monstrosity that is the international banking system which infests this planet.

While they must wage their battle through murder, lies, and deceit, we must wage our battle through constructive pragmatic solutions, ingenuity, hard work, community, and self-sufficiency. This is not a war for Libya – this is a war for world government, that if won by the globalists, means our defeat as well.

This article first appeared on Tony Cartalucci’s blog, Land Destroyer Report.

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Libya: ‘U.S. took a back seat’ myth takes another hit as Obama admits Americans flew French jets

One of the many myths of the Libya war is the claim that the Americans took a ‘back seat’. Discerning observers will acknowledge that U.S. niche capabilities such as Predator drones for bombings and intelligence gathering have played a crucial role. On top of this, political skulduggery on the parts of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have played a huge part in expediting the war, in tandem with CIA assets on the ground since very early on.(1) These factors, coupled with a very revealing recent development, completely blow the ‘back seat’ myth out of the water.

The October 20 assassination of Muammar Gaddafi was preceded by an airstrike on his convoy, which was travelling in the Sirte area. An American Predator drone performed the first strike, with a follow-up attack by French jets.(2) In a revealing November 04 Department of Defense press release,(3) Barack Obama admits that American pilots flew French jets in Libya:

“He noted that American pilots flew French fighter jets off a French carrier in the Mediterranean Sea during the operation. “Allies don’t get any closer than that,” he said.”

Thus, it is highly probable that the airstrike on Muammar Gaddafi’s convoy was an entirely American operation, as were many of the ‘French’ airstrikes on Libya.

This is all the more significant because, as of August 4, French planes had flown a whopping 33% of all strike sorties.(4)

Further underscoring U.S. involvement in the airstrikes on Libya, an October 30 New York Times report(5) finds that American planes flew 25% of all sorties, while ‘French’ and British aircraft provided 33% of total sorties:

“While U.S. planes flew a quarter of all sorties over Libya, France and Britain flew one third of all missions – most of them strikes,”

The notion that the Americans took a ‘back seat’ in the war can now be added to the long list(6) of big lies that have characterised the criminal, genocidal destruction of Libya.


(1) ‘Libya: Barack Obama ‘signed order for CIA to help rebels” – The Telegraph, March 30, 2011 (2) ‘The ‘rebel’ assassination of Muammar Gaddafi: a NATO operation from A to Z’ by Martin Iqbal (3) ‘Obama: Libya Mission Underscores NATO’s Effectiveness’ – U.S. DoD, November 04, 2011. (4) ‘National Composition of NATO Strike Sorties in Libya’ – Atlantic Council, August 22, 2011. (5) ‘NATO’s Success in Libya’ – The New York Times, October 30, 2011. (6) ‘The Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya’ by Maximilian C. Forte. source: empirestrikesblack

Syria/Libya: What is really going on?

Syria/Libya: What is really going on?. 47277.jpeg

The NATO/FUKUS Axis has lost control of the situation in Libya and Syria, after unleashing a massive terrorist attack in both countries, using foreigners armed by the west and digging up trouble among disaffected elements with axes to grind. The mainstream media has ominously gone silent since Houla was outed as another western mail-order massacre… The truth of the matter is that inside Syria, as was the case in Libya, crimes against humanity are being perpetrated by the terrorist forces unleashed by the FUKUS Axis – France, the UK and US. These include disaffected internal elements with axes to grind among the populations with endemic questions to resolve against the leading groups, foreign mercenaries and Al-Qaeda elements working for the West. As in Libya, such elements are being used to create humanitarian catastrophes which can then be blamed on the Assad government in false flag events – to date they have not worked simply because Libya was an eye-opener and the alternative media are alerted to their demonic schemes. Such was the case several months back with the smuggling of chemical weapons from Libya to the Turkish border to be used inside Syria – an attempt outed in this column before the stunt could be pulled off. After that, numerous terrorist elements have been shipped by the FUKUS Axis to Turkey and then on into Syria, while alternative media sources are facing a massive bombardment of cyber terrorist attacks. What are they trying to cover up? What are they trying to hide? The latest escapade was this weekend, when, according to Syrian Army sources, Turkish helicopters flew over Syrian airspace looking for survivors of an FSA (terrorist) attack which had failed. The presence among these FSA sources of around a dozen Turks has been confirmed by several sources – this is not the first time that reports of Turkish (NATO) troops have been made inside Syria. To the credit of the Syrian Armed Forces, fighting a heroic winning battle for their President against this demonic scourge (as we saw in Libya), the northern frontier with Turkey and the western frontier with Lebanon are being well defended and, deprived of new sources of equipment from their western paymasters, the Syrian terrorists are reeling as areas infested by this filth are sterilised. As in other theaters, the problem is not Sunnis and Shia, it is posed rather by fanatical Wahhabist elements, as we saw in Chechnya. Take Houla for instance, where the massacre was blamed on the Syrian Government forces by a lying and irresponsible western media and the cynical forces pulling their strings, in turn controlling the terrorists who perpetrated it to create a false flag event justifying a humanitarian” invasion based on a devil-you-do, devil-you-don’t approach (if the Government perpetrated it, then the invasion is justified; if the Government did not, then it has lost control, cannot protect the citizens and the invasion is justified: heads I win, tails you lose). The ones who committed the massacre of Houla were elements of the Ar-Rastan, the Al-Farouk brigade of the so-called Free Syrian Army, led by Abdul Razak Tlass. Where is the process for his extradition to the ICC? Where is the process for the terrorist leader Saad Hariri, head of the treacherous Future Movement (Tayyar al-Mustabbal), whose Wahhabists took part in the massacre? Those massacred were Allawites, close to the government. The Russians knew what was going on, why didn’t Clinton? Why didn’t Hague? Why didn’t the French, UK and US? Why is the FUKUS intelligence so… mucked up? So what exactly has the FUKUS started up in Syria, and how much of this was planned to spin out of control to justify some sort of an intervention within or outside the auspices of the UNO? And why is the mainstream media so quiet about Libya, where al-Qaeda and NATO are now apparently fighting each other in some areas while the loyalist heroic Green Resistance Army has conquered the south of Libya and is making increasingly successful incursions into the north, where there is today hardly a town or city without conflict. Four of the generals commanding the terrorist forces against Gaddafi have been captured, and all have links to al-Qaeda, having admitted they are in the pay of the CIA. Now ladies and gentlemen, this being the case, is anyone surprised? Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Pravda.Ru

Rape and Torture: Weapons in the Propaganda War

Source by – Eric Daitser

Rape and Torture: Weapons in the Propaganda War
Rape and torture have become standard issue in the propaganda arsenal of Western media.  Reports from organizations such as Human Rights Watch and the UN Human Rights Council that claim to document the systematic use of rape and torture by the “enemies” of the West have become usual fair in the soft war against whomever the imperialists have chosen to attack.  We have seen these claims used to legitimize aggression against Libya, Iraq, and now Syria. In an article published in The Telegraph, the author cleverly uses a quote from a Deputy Director at Human Rights Watch making a general statement about the use of rape in detention facilities in order to humiliate, degrade and instill fear.  However, he makes no direct reference to Syria, though the article clearly attempts to draw that abstract connection.
In fact, as one reads further, the claims of rape and torture at the hands of Syrian security forces come from “activists” (the usual anonymous term applied to any quotable voice parroting the Western talking points regarding Assad and the regime) who have fled Syria.  In fact, the so-called activists are, in many cases, wanted terrorists who have fled Syria not in fear of persecution but for fear of being brought to justice for their crimes. It is significant to note that, even with the obvious bias from the “eyewitnesses” and the authors of the article, there is still no mention of actual Syrian forces engaging in these actions. Instead, it is all chalked up to “militias loyal to the Assad regime”, an important distinction which goes conveniently understated.  In fact, the only mention of “security forces” involved in this sort of behavior is added in brackets by the authors of the article themselves.
This shows how the Western media constantly manipulate quotes and facts in order to shape them to fit the narrative that the Western propagandists want. The Precedent of Libya In the run-up to the imperialist aggression against Libya last year, the lie that Gaddafi forces were using rape as a weapon was planted in the public mind, so as to legitimize the obvious warmongering of the West, providing NATO the human rights cover they so desperately needed for their “intervention”.  Of course, as is so often the case, the fact that these claims were later proven untrue went conveniently missing from the standard narrative.  But, by the time the myth was debunked, the PR damage was done: Gaddafi was a monster, the Benghazi “rebels” and NTC were heroic freedom fighters, and Libya was in dire need of the benevolent bombs of NATO. Almost as important as the content of the claims, was the nature of who made them.  The UN Human Rights Council, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and countless other organizations which are dependent on funding from the US and its allies lent credence to such charges, providing an air of legitimacy to claims which, otherwise, would have been dismissed as little more than NATO propaganda.
In this way, these organizations are complicit in the instigation of war and the devastation wrought on Libya. The charges of rape and the systematic distribution of Viagra to Gaddafi forces served another crucial function: they framed the conflict in the public mind to be one between good and evil, rather than between government and rebel terrorists.  This is a very significant manipulation because, in order to shape public opinion in favor of war, the forces of Western imperialism needed more than simply a justification, they

Humanitarian War Capitalism

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Humanitarian War Capitalism

LIBYA Dennis Kucinich On Preplanned LibyaWar:

UKFrance War Game Mirrors Libya“Humanitarian”

by Rep. Dennis J Kucinich April 15, 2011

On November 2, 2010 France and Great Britain signed a mutual defence treaty, which included joint participation in “Southern Mistral” (, a series of war games outlined in the bilateral agreement. Southern Mistral involved a long-range conventional air attack, called Southern Storm, against a dictatorship in a fictitious southern country called Southland. The joint military air strike was authorised by a pretend United Nations Security CouncilResolution. The “Composite Air Operations” wereplanned for the period of 21-25 March, 2011. On 20 March, 2011, the United States joined France and Great Britain in an air attack against Gaddafi‘s Libya, pursuant to UN Security Council resolution 1973.   Have the scheduled war games simply been postponed, or are they actually under way after months of planning, under the name of Operation Odyssey Dawn? Wereopposition forces in Libya informed by the US, the UK or France about the existence of Southern Mistral/Southern Storm, which may have encouraged them to violence leading to greater repression and a humanitarian crisis? In short was this war against Gaddafi’s Libya planned or a spontaneous response to the great suffering which Gaddafi was visiting upon his opposition? Members of the United States Congress are wondering how much planning time it took for our own government, in concert with the UK and France, to line up 10 votes in the Security Council and gain the support of the Arab League and Nato, and then launch an attack on Libya without observing the constitutional requirement of congressional authorisation. Libya was attacked, we have been told, because Gaddafi allegedly had killed 6,000 of his own people. But is this true? It should be remembered that in 2006, a full 18 years after the Lockerbie bombing, the US lifted sanctions against Libya, which was welcomed back into the international fold. Now, as Gaddafi faces armed internal opposition backed by a UN Security Council resolution and faces powerful external opposition backed by the military of the US, the UK and France, he is told he must give up power.   But to whom? What is the end game? The US has been dancing around the regime change issue, (since that is not sanctioned by the UNSC Resolution) but as in most cases one has to watch where the bombs are falling to determine whether or not regime change is the policy. The newest argument for regime change is that if he is not ousted Gaddafi can be expected to attempt Lockerbie-type retaliation against the west in response to the attacks seeking to oust him. This bloody enterprise is beginning to sound a lot like Iraq: “Saddam was killing his own people, will kill his people, or will kill us if we don”t get him first.” So did the Bush Administration pump up the fears of the American people that we were next, that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and had the intention and capability of attacking the United States. The Iraq war begins its ninth year at a long term cost to US taxpayers of in excess of $3 trillion.The intelligence making the case for the war was “sexed up”. President Bush and Vice President Cheney made a false case for war. An expensive lie. In the name of saving the people of Iraq, we bombed the country, invaded, changed the regime and it is still a carnival of death. In the end it was China, not involved in the war, which received a multi-billion oil deal. The war in Afghanistan, with no end in sight, has already run a decade and will inevitably cost trillions. The war against Libya will cost the US $1 billion for the first week. But we in America are being assured that since Nato is taking over, our role will change. In addition to funding the Libyan war from our own Pentagon resources, theUS provides 25% of the funding of Nato, the UK 9.1%, France 8.72%. For all intents and purposes the coalition is handing control of the war over — to itself. As the funding switches to Nato, we in the US will get the Libyan war at a 75% discount, and our allies in the UK and France will have to pay considerable sums from their own treasuries for a war which is sure to cost billions. Of the 28 members of Nato, I think of Iceland which provides 0.0450 of Nato’s military budget. If member nations are assessed accordingly, poor Iceland, whose economy has imploded, LINK FOR REST ____________________


couples Thomas Andersen , Lundia 4 juin 2012, 12:14 ·
  1. As reported Ingunn Røiseland up (as the first Norwegian / woman, I think) out of the state of Norway. Brave lady. At 12:00 today come NRK to interview her. Below is the letter she sent to the King.
  2. Statement of withdrawal from the state of Norway, with reference to the right to live in the country frikvinne. Dear King Harald I address this letter to the King, because the Constitution § 3 states unequivocally that the King is the country’s constitutional head,-though not necessarily always have been racticed so. As I understand it, there is no doubt that the King should formally respond to the resignations of the state of this type, and confirm the legitimacy of it-not because I need it, but because the Norwegian government will ask for it.
  3. In prinisippet should not such a withdrawal may be necessary, since I have never made a conscious and voluntary contractual relationship with the Norwegian state-but I have eventually noted that the state relate to me via my identitetsnr as if there existed an agreement . This is not a recognition of the legitimacy of the Constitution, but only a declaration that I do not want to enter into a relationship with the Norwegian state.
  4. I would also like to express my gratitude to the King, whom I regard as a man of humility, great compassion, warmth and humor, and I have only the best feelings for the King, and great respect for the way the King performs his duties on . A withdrawal of this type raises many fundamental questions, including whether it is possible to natural law, or the idea of a universal jurisprudence into account. I would argue that human rights assume any innate human right to live, to live and work in a country without necessarily having to adapt to national or local authorities. The opposite consequence would then be that we are not born free in any way, but since we are born subject to arbitrary government’s so-called, and chosen. Some might argue that the Constitution is an absolute authority which we must submit ourselves, but as I understand it does not. The Constitution was because a group of men managed to exploit a power vacuum that liberated us from the yoke of the Danish absolutism was. I can not see that the Constitution takes de facto legitimacy from something other than a group of men gathered at Eidsvold, and author of a “court document”. Some would argue that it was the will of the people that were represented here, but as far as I know, no example from northern Norway to the present, and no women. If there then would be that the Constitution still represents the absolute legitimacy, and I at birth must submit to me-am I free?
  5. I would like to explain briefly what has created the need to break the presumptive ties to the Norwegian state. I could adduce many appeal points, but choose to mention some of the most serious: 1 It goes against their conscience to be involved in the Norwegian government’s heartless killing of civilians in Libya, as well as helping to legitimize the Norwegian government’s other foreign policy. If it turns out that Norway’s violence in Libya has committed human rights violations, it will inevitably have implications for our relationship to the state. I will remind you how natural law concepts were brought to a head in the Nuremberg Trials. In Norway, the question of which law the war criminals should be judged, and both the Court of Justice in Nuremberg and the Supreme Court of Norway refused to add the Third Reich laws applied.They collected the basis that there was a general norm system (natural law theory) in which human dignity, regardless of race, were established regardless of the laws that applied at the time the fighting took place. For my part, I will mention that I have only peaceful intentions, and not support any form of violence or extremism, and this is precisely why I can not put me behind the Norwegian government’s actions in Libya. 2. I can not help to give legitimacy to the Pension Fund’s investments in some of the most cynical enterprise.
  6.  As sole for many years, sometimes bad economy, I have found that no collector is more merciless than the state and municipality. For a while I had the illusion of the state as the ideal redistribute,-that redistributes to ensure the welfare of the weakest groups. Unfortunately my experience that the state’s primary concern is to collect taxes at the expense of welfare. No one is faster out there, threatening to confiscate homes and possessions than the state.
  7.  It is impossible to justify the sale of national resources such as water, energy, minerals to foreign interests,-as we see it happen. My primary loyalty is to the Mother Earth, and not to the capital interests of a self-centered agenda.
  8.  I can not be a participant in the exercise of power as the state stands for when it’s on top of Europe forced hospitalizations in psychiatry, even though we live in “the best country”, or when exercising such a controversial “child.” A fundamental principle in a democracy is the concept of the state as guarantor of peace, security and happiness, the state is for the people. The exercise of power in Norway today, where the central government has come out of all proportion, has laid the foundation for my sense of life as a slave society, I can not agree more. I understand that I am at this refrain from the right to free education, “free” medical care, retirement and other financial benefits, but I also get back the right to not have to relate to a state that I feel is becoming increasingly repressive, and I do not to deal with an impossible dilemma in which I forced to support the mass killing and a staggering lack of ethics.
My question to the king, is fundamental: Can I choose to terminate the relationship with the state and still stay in the country as a free citizen, “frikvinne” and invoke my human rights?
  1. If the King’s reply is negative, then I will in that case will ask for an explanation of what makes me a “free” and not “slave”. I also hope that the King takes his constitutional responsibilities seriously, and not delegate this letter to other governmental authority, which I suspect will do my letter to the subject of an endless claptrap process. What I specifically want to ask the King is concrete confirmation of my right to live in the country, under the protection of and bound by, human rights, without being a member of the Norwegian nation state. I want to say that Nygaardsvold “People’s ancient rights, which are so well expressed in the famous phrase:” Freedom dare he think he dares, free speech, free dare he seem to Norway continues, “is now a thing of the past. Norway’s constitution which we rightly was so proud of, our laws protect the rights and justice, are trampled by soldiers boots. “Regards Ingunn Røiseland

Part Saws_____________________

LIBYA EU MP Exposes “Humanitarian” War: Preplanned, Atrocity Lie, Illegal, Shreds UN Charter

Video is on legitimacy of UN resolution for militaryaction that violates UN charter. The UN charter says military intervention is legal if a state violates the peace & international security, none of which happened in Libya. In addition there is no international rule allowing military intervention for the protection of civilians. A proposed law like this should be examined & discussed before being approved as law but no rule like this presently exist.

The EU MP adds there was no atrocity commited in Libya as we have found out from documents. Claims of 10,000 dead Libyan as reported the evidence of this is not found. The former EU MP further adds that this was a preplanned aggression between France & Great Britain who signed an agreement in Nov 2, 2010 in which there was plans for war game, Southern Mistral, which mirrors events that took place in Libya on March 20, 2011.

Obama’s Bay of Pigs in Libya: Imperialist Aggression Shreds UN Charter

by Dr. Webster G. Tarpley March 22, 2011 On March 19, US and British cruise missiles joined with French and other NATO combat aircraft in Operation Odyssey Dawn/Operation Ellamy, a neo-imperialist bombing attack under fake humanitarian cover against the sovereign state of Libya. Acting under UN Security Council resolution 1973, US naval forces in the Mediterranean on Saturday night local time fired 112 cruise missiles at targets which the Pentagon claimed were related to Libya’s air defense system. But Mohammed al-Zawi, the Secretary General of the Libyan Parliament, told a Tripoli press conference that the “barbaric armed attack” and “savage aggression”had hit residential areas and office buildings as well as military targets, filling the hospitals of Tripoli and Misurata with civilian victims. Zawi accused the foreign powers of acting to protect a rebel leadership which contains notorious terrorist elements.
The Libyan government repeated its request for the UN to send international observers to report objectively on events in Libya. The attacking forces are expected to deploy more cruise missiles, Predator drones, and bombers, seeking to destroy the Libyan air defense system as a prelude to the systematic decimation of Libyan ground units.International observers have noted that US intelligence about Libya may be substandard, and that many cruise missiles may indeed have struck non-military targets. Libya had responded to the UN vote by declaring a cease-fire, but Obama and Cameron brushed that aside.On Saturday, France 24 and al-Jazeera of Qatar,international propaganda networks hyping the attacks, broadcast hysterical reports of Qaddafi’s forces allegedly attacking the rebel stronghold of Bengazi. They showed a picture of a jet fighter being shot down and claimed this proved Qaddafi was defying the UN by keeping up his air strikes.
It later turned out that the destroyed plane had belonged to the rebel air force.Such coverage provided justification for the bombing attacks starting a few hours later. The parallels to the Kuwait incubator babies hoax of 1990 were evident.Qaddafi loyalists said Saturday’s fighting was caused by rebel assaults on government lines in the hopes of provoking an air attack, plus local residents defending themselves against the rebels. At the UN vote, the Indian delegate correctly pointed out that the decision to start the war had been made on the basis of no reliable information whatsoever, since UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon’s envoy to Libya had never reported to the Security Council.   The bombing started shortly after a glittering Paris summit “in support of the Libyan people,” where Sarkozy, Cameron, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Harper of Canada and other imperialist politicians had strutted and postured. Token contingents from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia were supposed to take part in the attack, but were nowhere to be seen,while some Arab states were expected to provide financial support.
The minimum estimated cost of maintaining a no-fly zone over Libya for one year is estimated in the neighborhood of $15 billion – enough to fund WIC high-protein meals for impoverished US mothers and infants for two years. From no-fly zone to regime change The alleged purpose of the bombing was to establish a no-fly zone and to protect a force of CIA-sponsored Libyan rebels composed of the Moslem Brotherhood, elements of the Libyan government and army subverted LINK FOR REST

LIBYA “Humanitarian” War Based On False Evidence; International Law Is A Tool For Political


Wednesday, October 19, 2011 Lies Behind the “Humanitarian War” in Libya: There is No Evidence! (Video) The Immense

Criminal Enterprise Known as“Responsibility to Protect.”

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer Activist Post Meet Dr. Sliman Bouchuiguir, the man behind the verified pack of lies used to justify NATO’s intervention in Libya. This amazing piece of investigative journalism reveals not only how tenuous these fabrications were, but have produced Bouchuiguir himself admitting flagrantly that the allegations he made were contrived, baseless, unconfirmed, and designed specifically to give the necessary requirements for NATO’s intervention. Furthermore, Bouchuiguir reveals his ties to both the Libyan rebel “National Transitional Council,” particularly NTC Prime Minister Mahmoud Jabril (also spelled “Gibril”) whom he cites as a source for his allegations, and the US government-funded International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH). These associations paint a dark picture of the depths of depravity from which this war was prosecuted from.   This is the justification for a “humanitarian war” whereself-serving foreign interests masquerading as “international institutions” arrange for a disgruntled opposition vying for power whom they are supporting, funding, arming, and whose leaders they are harboring, to manage the perception of a given conflict to provide a predictably slanted pretext for “international intervention.”
This immense criminal enterprise, referred to as“responsibility to protect” or “R2P” is a subject now being covered in depth at, and a subject the public must be educated on, as “R2P” is the pretext these same interests are attempting to use against Syria and beyond. Please visit the website of the makers of this documentary, here. For an in depth, documented look at the subject matter, please see Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya’s excellent article titled, “Lybia: Human rights impostors used to spawn NATO’s fraudulent war.”
Lybia: Human rights impostors used to spawn NATO’s fraudulent war by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya The names change but the methods remain the same. InIraq the imperial war facilitator was Ahmed Chalabi. InLibya he goes by the name of Soliman Bouchuiguir, a shadowy human rights figure whose baseless allegations against Gaddafi were endorsed by the UN system and its affiliated human rights agencies without the slightest verification. Each one in his own way, Nazemroaya and Teil shed light on a failed system of international law and justice, which has made itself complicit in NATO’s war crimes in Libya.
Voltaire Network | 17 October 2011
The war against Libya is built on fraud. The United Nations Security Council passed two resolutions against Libya on the basis of unproven claims, specifically that Colonel Muammar Qaddafi was killing his own people in Benghazi. The claim in its exact form was that Qaddafi had ordered Libyan forces to kill 6,000 people in Benghazi. These claims were widely disseminated, but always vaguely explained.   It was on the basis of this claim that Libya was referred to the U.N. Security Council at U.N Headquarters in New York City and kicked out of the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva. False claims about African mercenary armies in Libyaand about jet attacks on civilians were also used in a broad media campaign against Libya.
These two claimshave been sidelined and have become more and more murky. The massacre claims, however, were used in a legal, diplomatic, and military framework to justify NATO’s war on the Libyans. Using Human Rights as a Pretext for War:
The LLHR and its Unproven Claims One of the main sources for the claim that Qaddafi was killing his own people is the Libyan League for Human Rights (LLHR). The LLHR was actually pivotal to getting the U.N. involved through its specific claims in Geneva.   On February 21, 2011 the LLHR got the 70 other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to send letters to President Obama, E.U. High Representative Catherine Ashton, and the U.N. Secretary-General Ban-ki Moon demanding international action against Libya invoking the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine. Only 25 members of this coalition actually assert that they are human rights groups. The letter is as follows: We, the undersigned non-governmental, human rights, and humanitarian organizations, urge you to mobilize the United Nations and the international community and take immediate action to halt the mass atrocities LINK FOR REST

LIBYA MUST SEE There is no evidence of Gaddafi Crimes! (Part 1) (The humanitarian War) LIBYA


Jean Bricmont : The 3 victims of the lie of the humanitarian war in Libya.

LIBYA War Crimes: “Democracy” Comes To Sirte By Barrel Of Gun In “Humanitarian”War For Civilians

Sirte destroyed by NTC-NATO offensive in Libya By Chris Marsden 18 October 2011

The Libyan town of Sirte has been all but destroyed and its inhabitants turned into homeless refugees. This situation has gone largely unreported, but those press reports that have emerged paint a picture of a city being reduced to ruins by attacks of the National Transitional Council (NTC) “rebels” and NATO bombing raids against which it has no defense. “After weeks of intense fighting, Moammar Gaddafi’s home town appeared Saturday to have been largely destroyed, with most of its population fled and holes the size of manhole covers blown in apartment buildings and the ousted leader’s showcase convention center,”writes the Washington Post of Muammar Gaddafi’s coastal hometown of around 100,000 residents. Once considered to be a showpiece of urban development in Libya, Sirte has been the target of NATO bombing and NTC attacks since shortly after the fall of Tripoli in late August. In the last ten days, it has been the object of an intensified offensive.
The Post states that “the damage wreaked in Sirte raises the question of whether its residents will go quietly into the post-Gaddafi future—or retain a smouldering anger that could fuel an insurgency.” The Telegraph in Britain, which backs Gaddafi’s ouster, nevertheless comments that Sirte, which once had “a brilliant panoply of university and hospitals, with a glittering seafront and a marble-lined conference centre to host leaders from around the world,” is now “a squalid ruin.” “Rebel fighters gazing at the devastation concede it is difficult to see how much of it could ever be repaired and made habitable again,” it notes. “The shattered remains of housing blocks and the wreckage of once comfortable homes…are more reminiscent of the grimmest scenes from Grozny, towards the end of Russia’s bloody Chechen war, than of anything seen in Libya so far.
And the area around the grid of streets where anything between 200 and 500 loyalists are still holding out have become a killing ground, with loyalists, civilians and forces of the new Libyan government dying by the day.” Former residents who have returned “found almost every house and building either damaged by a rocket or mortar, burned out or riddled with bullets.   Water floods the streets and the city’s infrastructure is in tatters,”writes Reuters. These events shatter the pretences on which the NATO war against Libya was launched—i.e. claims that the possibility that Gaddafi might carry out mass reprisals against protesters justified a NATO intervention to disarm him. Far from planning reprisals against defenceless protesters, the Libyan army soon faced a war in which they were outclassed by NATO forcesintervening to support the “rebels.”
Reports from Sirte now suggest that the NTC forces are now carrying out collective punishment in the city. Reuters comments: “the ferociousness of the bombardment of Sirte and the burning of homes that belong to Gaddafi family members and supporters has raised suspicions that some fighters loyal to the NTC are looking for reprisals.” It cited residents returning to Sirte and accusing NTC fighters “of demolishing and looting homes, shops and public buildings.”   “They envy and hate us because Muammar is from here. But we are just civilians. The revolutionaries are coming here for revenge and destruction,” said a Sirte resident. Another resident, Abu Anas, states: “What’s happening in Sirte is revenge, not liberation. When someone comes and takes your personal car and destroys your home, this is not liberation.”
NTC forces “clearly feel no need for restraint in bombarding the Gaddafi loyalists. That’s especially true of the many fighters from Misurata, a city to the west scarred by a bloody siege by Gaddafi’s troops in the spring,” the Post comments. Numerous reports indicate that the NTC forces are looting the town. “Orders from the National Transitional Council to outlaw looting have done nothing to deter the rebel stragglers gutting abandoned buildings,” the Telegraph states. Reuters reporters saw NTC fighters “roaming the streets of Sirte with chairs, tyres and computers on the backs of their pickup trucks. Brand new BMW and Toyota cars were seen being driven away by the fighters and being towed outside of the city.”   Associated Pressreporters “also saw trucks carrying equipment from Sirte’s airport, including red-carpeted mobile staircases, baggage carts, airplane towing vehicles and security screening equipment, all apparently meant for Misurata’s badly damaged airport. Smaller pickups were loaded with rugs, freezers, refrigerators, furniture and other household goods, apparently taken by civilians
LINK FOR REST Alex Jones Infowars PrisonPlanet Peter Schiff Ron Paul Gerald Celente Max Keiser Bob Chapman Lew Rockwell

Libya War Lies – Worse Than Iraq – Video – Thomas Mountain

Rebel Militias Include the Human Traffickers of Benghazi

Libya : What Al Jazeera and CNN did not tell you

Ghaddafi and the truth about the war in Libya

The truth about the Libyan leader

HUGE PRO GADDAFI RALLY in Tripoli – Raw Footage

Translation of Gaddafi speech today, translation by Karim Budabuss: The leader is talking now. He is saying that this is a historical day, and he is challenging Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama to switch on their TVs and watch the crowds and he is saying that they will find out that they are delusional because they entered a war which they never win, he also says if you continue targeting our houses we can do the same coz Europe is not far away but he said lets not do this and watch the crowds , kids and women. They are not here because i ordered them to, it is they are free will. in this war you are not facing me you are facing these crowds. I am nothing, if you want peace with Libyans, it is up to the crowds. If you want any thing , negotiate with the crowds. The regime is not Gaddafi regime, it is a Libyan regime .

Even if many got scared, defected and escaped, the Libyans will remain, and each coward will be replaced with a hero. Is it a democracy to bomb the civilians, we don’t want a democracy which comes with bombs. The socialist Jamahyria will win, the real democracy which serves the people. I advice you to stop bombing, and stop becoming mercenaries for some rebels. The Libyans said their words, they marched, their tribes made it clear that the future is for Libyans, the oil is for Libya, Libya is ours.

You are delusional, a group of traitors convinced you that Libya is easy to get, you hired mercenaries , propaganda, psychological war all that didn’t allow you to make any progress on the ground. Turn on your TVs and watch the longest Libyan flag 4.5 km, I didn’t make this flag, people donated to make this flag. Those rebels are no different from who betrayed Libyan during the Italian invasion. Libyan people go in millions without weapons to liberate the regions under rebel control. You Libyan people are the only one who can finish this war with a victory.

If they want to negotiate we welcome that, otherwise we are continuing and they are definitely losing no matter how many weapons they drop with parachute to the rebels. We will not betrayed our history nor our children and their future. The glory is for you brave Libyans, the struggle will continue.


New book: The Illegal War on Libya, edited by Cynthia McKinney Source by – Clarity Press

Book: The illegal war in Libya
Book: The illegal war in Libya
This new book on the illegal war on Libya offers both analysis and eyewitness accounts of the NATO assault on a helpless civilian population it had a UN mandate to protect, and the massive propaganda campaign that made it possible. It responds to the many questions left unanswered by a complicit mainstream media, such as: Why Libya, not Bahrain, Yemen or Egypt? What was life in Libya like under Gadhafi? What is the truth about the so-called “Black Mercenaries”? What about Africom’s Plans for Africa? Cynthia McKinney and other contributors to this volume were in Libya during the period of the NATO assault on Libyan cities, among the few independent voices to report on the tragedy.  
TABLE OF CONTENTS Editor’s Note Cynthia McKinney
NATO’S Feast of Blood Cynthia McKinney Living Through a Full-Blown Media War
Lizzie Phelan Anatomy of a Murder
Cynthia McKinney: NATO Bombs the Great Man-Made River
Mark Metcalfe Qaddafi Lynched by US-NATO: A Blow Aimed at All of Africa Abayomi Azikiwe
WHY QADDAFI? WHY LIBYA? Muammar Qaddafi: Mad Dog or Brother Leader? Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya US/NATO War in Libya: A Continuation of Past Crimes Sara Flounders Why Libya Was Attacked Stephen Lendman
THE ORCHESTRATION OF SOFT POWER The Big Lie and Libya: Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch the War Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Was the Case for R2P Based on Fraud? The Universal Periodic Review of Libya Julien Teil Manufacturing Acquiescence: Pacifica Radio and neo-Imperial Africa Don DeBar T
HE WESTERN IMPERIALIST PLAN FOR AFRICA Targeting of Blacks in Libya by NATO and Its Allies T West The Racialization of the War: Libya and the “Clash of Civilizations” Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Neo-Colonialism, Subversion in Africa and Global Conflict Dr. Christof Lehman
PETROLEUM AND EMPIRE IN NORTH AFRICA NATO Propaganda and the Betrayal of Muammar Gaddafi Keith Harmon Snow
POSTSCRIPTMuammar Qaddafi’s Speech to the UN General Assembly, September 23, 2009.
CONTRIBUTORS (incomplete) Don DeBar is a New York journalist and host of The Morning Show, airing daily on Ramsey Clark is a former United States Attorney General from 1967 to 1969 under President Lyndon B. Johnson. He supervised the drafting and played an important role in the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Civil Rights Act of 1968. Since leaving public office Clark has led many human rights campaigns, including opposition to the War on Terror. He is founder of the International Action Center, committed to the building broad-based grassroots coalitions to oppose to U.S. wars abroad while fighting against racism and economic exploitation of workers here at home. Ramsey Clark’s groundbreaking 1992 book, The Fire This Time addressed US War Crimes in the Gulf. Sara Flounders, a leader of the International Action Center, has edited and co-authored ten books on U.S. wars. In 1992, Sara Flounders coordinated the International War Crimes Tribunal on U.S. War Crimes in Iraq, which held mass hearings in 30 US cities and 20 countries. She helped coordinate the major anti-war demonstrations that drew hundreds of thousands of people into the streets in 2003 before the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Currently she is working with the United National Antiwar Coalition – UNAC. Flounders organized delegations to Iraq during the years of starvation sanctions, visited Sudan after a U.S. missile barrage destroyed a pharmaceutical complex there and Yugoslavia during 78 days of NATO bombing. She has visited Syria, Iran Egypt, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza during times of crisis. Focused on growing racism, incarceration, political repression and austerity, Ms. Flounders has spoken at numerous campus and community forums in the US and internationally and been interviewed by many national and international media.
Through the creative use of video, internet, mass meetings, major antiwar rallies and international campaigns, she has worked with other committed activists to build confidence in the potential of powerful grassroots movements to make historic change. Dr. Christoff Lehman is a clinical psychologist, psycho-traumatologist and political consultant. His work with victims of conflict has inspired him to also pursue political work. He has been working as political advisor and consultant for 29 years. Among his former clients were several progressive heads of state and he continues his independent work for peace and justice. He is a life time peace activist, human rights advocate, active at establishing international institutions for the prosecution of war crimes, including the war crimes of privileged nations, and he is a life long advocate for Palestinians right to life, dignity, the right to return, sovereignty and peace within it’s own borders. He is editing the blog nsnbc-no spin news, where he is regularly publishing his own and others articles that are denied sufficient exposure on corporate and state controlled media.
Stephen Lendman was awarded the Mexican Press Club Award for International Investigative Journalism in 2011.A writer and broadcaster. His work is exceedingly widely distributed online, with his articles carried on numerous listservs and websites such as Information Clearing House, Countercurrents, Rense, AltNews, Uruknet, Global Research, Counterpunch, and more. In early 2007, he began regular radio hosting, now The Progressive Radio News Hour on The Progressive Radio Network. He is author of How Wall Street Fleeces America (Chinese edition forthcoming), and co-author with J.J. Asongu of The Iraq  Quagmire: The Price of Imperial Arrogance. He holds a BA from Harvard and an MBA from Wharton..
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya was awarded the Mexican Press Club Award for International Investigative Journalism in 2011. He is a sociologist and noted geopolitical analyst and research associate at the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal, Quebec. His texts have been translated into more than twenty languages including French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese. His writings have been printed internationally in publications such as Memoria, Al-Arab, Current Concerns/Horizons et débats, Eurasia, Tehran Times, The North Africa Times, Amman Times, and Eurasia Critic. International media featuring him include Inter Press Service, La Jornada, Al Jazeera, Press TV, teleSUR, Life Week Magazine, Ajans Habertürk, IRIB, Russia Today, El Khabar, and Pacifica KPFK. His text on Libya was archived by NATO’s Multimedia Library under the “NATO and Libya – Special Focus” annals, a collection of articles by leading experts with their analysis on the war in Libya. He reported from Tripoli on the NATO bombings as the special correspondent of Flashpoints. While in Libya, he was with the international press corps when they were trapped in the Rixos Al Nasr Hotel during the fall of Tripoli to NATO and the rebels.
Gerald Perreira has lived and worked in Libya as an organizer, and journalist among other things, and has been giving regular reports to Block Report Radio events on the ground, in the war torn country.
Keith Harmon Snow is an independent journalist, war correspondent and photographer. He has also worked as a genocide investigator and consultant to the United Nations and other international bodies. He has won three Project Censored awards for his Central Africa reportage, is a member of the Asiana Press Agency (, and he also recently worked in Afghanistan. He has worked in varying capacities in some 16 countries in Asia, Latin America and Europe, and 14 countries in Africa. A human rights investigator [formerly] working with Genocide Watch and Survivor’s Rights International, he attended the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda, and has testified at a congressional hearing in Washington, D.C. He worked with Survivors Rights International (2005-2006), Genocide Watch (2005-2006) and the United Nations (2006) to document and expose genocide and crimes against humanity in Sudan and Ethiopia. Julien Tiel is an independent French journalist and videographer. He used to work for a company specialized in fundraising for NGOs . He was in Libya during the conflict and revealed the lies of the so-called human rights NGOS to expel Libya from the United Nations Human Rights Council which launched the war-process.
T West is a professional in the Information Technology field but also works as a reporter, videographer and musician. He founded and facilitated the CART (Collective Action Round Table) Forums to bring together the various Black ethnic groups to leverage that into investment and business partnerships with upstream industry control. In 2007, he started AfriSynergy Production with an internet presence on YouTube and a blog viewed and engaged by tens of thousands each month with an average viewership between 5 and 6 thousand daily. He works extensively with Pan African and African immigrant groups. He has also spoken at various colleges and universities. Also contributing: Members of the DIGNITY Project accompanying Cynthia McKinney on her fact-finding trip to Libya in 2011, writing on their personal experiences, impressions and findings during the visit.
Cynthia McKinney
ABOUT CYNTHIA McKINNEY Cynthia McKinney is a former Green Party Candidate for President of the United States, and a former Congresswoman, elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from the newly created 11th District, a 64% black district spanning from Atlanta to Savannah. She was the first African American woman to represent Georgia in the U.S. Congress. McKinney was active in the civil rights struggle from a young age and in 1988, spurred by her father, James Edward “Billy” McKinney won election as an At Large state representative in the Georgia legislature. The McKinneys became the first father–daughter combination to serve concurrently in the same state legislature. During her 6 terms in the U.S. Congress she was nationally known for her readiness to speak out on issues ranging from human rights abuses abroad to social inequities at home. As an advocate for poor and working-class Americans, McKinney opposed federal efforts to restrict abortions and tried to curb weapons sales to countries that violate human rights.
McKinney frequently challenged U.S. foreign policy arguing against the U.S. /NATO 1999 bombing campaign in Kosovo, opposed U.S. sanctions against Iraq, and questioned much of Washington’s Middle East policy. She supported anti-war legislation and introduced articles of impeachment against President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Cynthia McKinney is internationally known and recognized for her social justice activism. She was awarded the ‘Peace through Conscience’ award from the Munich American Peace Commit- tee (MAPC). McKinney has been featured in a full-length documentary titled American Blackout. On April 14, 2006, she received the key to the city of Sarasota, Florida, and was doubly honoured when the city named April 8 as “Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Day” in Sarasota. On December 30, 2008, McKinney was aboard the ship Dignity as it attempted to enter the blockaded Gaza Strip, on a humanitarian mission with physicians, medical supplies, and activists.
The Israeli Navy rammed and disabled the ship at night in international waters. On June 30, 2009, McKinney was aboard the Free Gaza Movement’s ship Spirit of Humanity carrying activists and medical supplies, when it was seized by the Israeli Navy off the Gaza coast and she was imprisoned in Israel for 7 days. Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” she wrote a “Letter from an Israeli Jail” on July 6, 2009. She has travelled widely in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Latin America. Cynthia McKinney’s opposition to the 7 month U.S./NATO bombing of Libya in 2011 is the basis of this book. McKinney organized the Dignity delegation to Libya. She was on the ground in Libya during  the bombing and reported first hand from Tripoli on the impact. On her return as the bombing continued she crossed the country speaking out against the war. McKinney holds a B.A. in international relations from the University of Southern California, and an M.A. in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

A Document As Relevant As Ever


Libyan Rebels Listed by US State Department as Terrorists – NATO leaders are guilty under US code of providing material support to terrorists.

by Tony Cartalucci “Whoever knowingly provides material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, or attempts or conspires to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 15 years, or both, and, if the death of any person results, shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life. To violate this paragraph, a person must have knowledge that the organization is a designated terrorist organization (as defined in subsection (g)(6)), that the organization has engaged or engages in terrorist activity (as defined in section 212(a)(3)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act), or that the organization has engaged or engages in terrorism (as defined in section 140(d)

(2) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1988 and 1989).”-USC § 2339B.   Providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations In March 2011, the London Telegraph reported that Libya’s rebels had direct ties to Al Qaeda and that both leaders and fighters had spent time in both Iraq and Afghanistan combating US troops. The article titled, “Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links” featured Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, who had been captured by the US after fighting Americans in Afghanistan, returned to Libya, and released under a bargain for Hasidi and his Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) militants to abandon extremism and become productive members of society. Quite obviously, and with the US, UK, and NATO’s help, Hasidi and his men went back on this bargain and are now sowing murder and mayhem across Libya.

The New York Times more recently reported in an article titled, “Exiled Islamists Watch Rebellion Unfold at Home” that LIFG has “renounced Al Qaeda and are part of the mosaic of rebel fighters united under the umbrella of the Transitional National Council, the opposition leadership that the United States formally recognized as Libya’s legitimate government.” Of course, “renouncement” is exactly what these very same men did to be released from Qaddafi’s prisons in the first place before immediately taking up arms and laying waste to the nation.

The New York Times also notes that exiled LIFG leader Abu Sohaib, currently being harbored in London, is unable to return to Libya because he and LIFG is a listed terrorist across the Middle East and throughout most of Europe, including the UK. His LIFG fighters are noted as having “combat experience in Iraq or Afghanistan,” and that they are part of the “social fabric of eastern Libya,” namely Benghazi, Tobruk, and Darnah in a region often referred to as Cyrenaica. Image: Taken from a US West Point study, these graphs created by data obtained in Iraq clearly show that Libya’s eastern region, and the cities of Darnah and Benghazi in particular, provided by far more militants found fighting US troops in Iraq than any other nation, including Saudi Arabia. An apt summary of the report can be found at (click image to enlarge) To get a clearer picture of just how much of the “social fabric of eastern Libya” these Al Qaeda LIFG fighters make up, a study from West Point US Military Academy indicates that this region produced more foreign fighters per capita found in Iraq than any other nation including Saudi Arabia. The vast majority of these fighters came from Darnah and Benghazi, the latter being the epicenter of the current Libyan rebellion. The report, explained in detail by geopolitical analyst Dr. Webster Tarpley, proves just how understated the New York Times article is in portraying these terrorists as “part of the social fabric of eastern Libya.” The facts prove quite clearly that terrorism is the social fabric of eastern Libya. Just this week, the UK Independent provided its readership with a watered down headline that reads, “Rebel military chief says he was tortured by CIA.” The article indicates that the current rebel leader, Abdulhakim Belhaj (aka Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi) is in fact an LIFG founding member, with combat experience in Afghanistan against the Russians, omits that he was also involved in fighting US troops there in 2001, but does mention that he was held by the CIA, then the Libyan government before taking command of NATO-backed rebels in Libya. The Daily Beast reports in an article titled, “Libya’s Powerful Islamist Leader,” that Belhaj was in fact, face-to-face with Osama Bin Laden back in the 1980′s, and that the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) is listed by both the U.S. State Department and the British Home Office as an international terrorist organization. Image (click image to enlarge):

A screenshot taken directly from the US State Department website showing the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) clearly listed as a foreign terrorist organization. This is important, as US Code prohibits providing material support to listed terrorist organizations. With revelations of Al Qaeda and LIFG fighters leading the Libyan rebellion with NATO-members’ full military, financial, and diplomatic support, attempts are being made to plea ignorance as to the true nature of the rebels. Listed below LIFG, is MEK, an Iraqi/Iranian group also being armed and supported by the US. (click on image to enlarge) With the corporate media’s help, Belhaj/al-Hasidi and his men are being portrayed as reformed terrorists despite the fact that they are still LIFG fighters and LIFG itself is still listed as an international terrorist organization. And while many will applaud the corporate media for coming forward with this information, it should be noted that Pepe Escobar first broke this story on Russia Today, and the US and British propaganda outlets have merely been forced to address the growing public awareness of who these “pro-democracy” rebels really are and what role the US and British governments have had in betraying their people by providing material support for men who literally killed US and UK troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan over the 10 year “War on Terror.”

According to US Code Section 2339A & 2339B, the leaders of NATO, along with the US, UK, and French governments, are clearly guilty of providing a listed terrorist organization with material support in the most egregious, overt case since the code was written. The staggering scale of training, arming, and providing air support for Libyan Islamic Fighting Group militants, listed by the US State Department itself as a terrorist organization, all done criminally under the guise of “international law” rubber stamped by the contrived UN and bolstered with support from the equally contrived International Criminal Court, may be partially why more people are unable to understand the scope of criminality involved in NATO’s intervention in Libya. A similar situation exists within Iran, where another terrorist organization, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) are being covertly armed and aided in fighting the Iranian government. US policy makers are fully aware that organizations like LIFG and MEK have US blood on their hands. In fact, their only concern is how using such organizations will appear publicly and how such perceptions might threaten their agendas. In the Fortune 500-funded Brookings Institution report, “Which Path to Persia?” we can see clearly the thought process that goes on behind supporting terrorist organizations. Brookings’ only concern is how to remove MEK terrorists from the US State Department list (listed just below LIFG) so they can be supported more overtly in a Libyan-style military intervention. ù “Potential Ethnic Proxies,” page 117-118 (page 130-131 of the PDF):

“Perhaps the most prominent (and certainly the most controversial) opposition group that has attracted attention as a potential U.S. proxy is the NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran), the political movement established by the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq). Critics believe the group to be undemocratic and unpopular, and indeed anti-American. In contrast, the group’s champions contend that the movement’s long-standing opposition to the Iranian regime and record of successful attacks on and intelligence-gathering operations against the regime make it worthy of U.S. support. They also argue that the group is no longer anti-American and question the merit of earlier accusations. Raymond Tanter, one of the group’s supporters in the United States, contends that the MEK and the NCRI are allies for regime change in Tehran and also act as a useful proxy for gathering intelligence. The MEK’s greatest intelligence coup was the provision of intelligence in 2002 that led to the discovery of a secret site in Iran for enriching uranium.   Despite its defenders’ claims, the MEK remains on the U.S. government list of foreign terrorist organizations. In the 1970s, the group killed three U.S. officers and three civilian contractors in Iran. During the 1979-1980 hostage crisis, the group praised the decision to take America hostages and Elaine Sciolino reported that while group leaders publicly condemned the 9/11 attacks, within the group celebrations were widespread. Undeniably, the group has conducted terrorist attacks—often excused by the MEK’s advocates because they are directed against the Iranian government. For example, in 1981, the group bombed the headquarters of the Islamic Republic Party, which was then the clerical leadership’s main political organization, killing an estimated 70 senior officials. More recently, the group has claimed credit for over a dozen mortar attacks, assassinations, and other assaults on Iranian civilian and military targets between 1998 and 2001.

At the very least, to work more closely with the group (at least in an overt manner), Washington would need to remove it from the list of foreign terrorist organizations.” US policy makers, working directly for Wall Street and London corporate-financier interests, clearly have no qualms over using or supporting terrorism, with perception management being their only concern. We see this diabolical methodology, precisely articulated in “Which Path to Persia?” now being executed across Libya verbatim.   It looks as if there was not enough time to get LIFG off various international lists of terrorist organizations as Brookings had hoped to do with MEK, and instead a concerted effort by the corporate-media and NATO members is being made to downplay the reality that the US, British, French and Qatari governments are openly sponsoring terrorism. Look for similar narratives as seen in Libya to be used in both Syria and Iran – with militant terrorists portrayed as hapless protesters being oppressed by a brutal government, before a full-scale military insurrection followed by a US led military intervention.

Source: Landdestroyer – Sept. 2011

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Denis Kucinich got it right…

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Muammar being comforted by Chavez:
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US Libyan Action Humanitarian Disaster

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Leader Muammar Gaddafi and Libya signed in 1993 … Faycel 69

al-Fetah 01 SEPT. 1969

The revolution which began on September 1st 1969 was unlike previous coups and so-called revolutions, it had as its aim not the glorification of another ruling clique or exploiting class but the victory of the dreams and hopes of the masses for final emancipation. On September 1st, 1969 a revolution dawned under the leadership of Muammar Qadhafi which answered the cry of the people and responded to the examples of the Prophets and Apostles of God.

Today, many years after the formation of the first revolutionary committee, the organisation of the Free Unionist Officers and 1st of September 1969, Muammar Qadhafi still holds to these sublime values and lives them as the Leader of the World Revolution.

In the words of Vanity Fair journalist T.D. Allman:

“If Kirkegaard was right, and purity of heart is to will one thing and one thing only, then Qadhafi was the purest-hearted military conspirator ever to seize control of a nation. He did not drink or smoke, there are no tales of youthful passion; he appeared to have no personal life at all.”

This purity of heart, single-mindedness, courage, dedication and self-determination are the cherished aspects of a revolutionary life and they can be seen in abundance in the life of the Leader Muammar Qadhafi. These noble qualities enabled Col. Qadhafi, with profound insight, to develop the principles of the Third Universal Theory and apply them in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. Since the Bolshevik uprising in Russia the world had been locked in a struggle between the forces of Marxist communism and liberal capitalism.

Revolutionaries who rejected both of these ideologies could find no leadership or coherent worldview which articulated their positions and was responsive to the real needs of the masses. This was only the case until the publication of The Green Book.

06 APRIL 2012–der-bruder-revolutionsfhrers-spricht-zu-der-falkultt-und-den-studenten-der-universitat-von-cambridge&usg=ALkJrhhIM8JyeVNNJX2qMSv57BVxJH1OSA

22. OCTOBER 2007 –
[The brother leader]:“In the name of God,Good evening, dear professors and dear student of the University of Cambridge.
Thank you for inviting me to speak here. A few months ago I received a similar invitation from the University of Oxford. I spoke to the students via a satellite link. It is my honor to speak today in the same way with you.I am very pleased that these well-established universities such as Oxford and, as well as students from universities around the world, show great interest to determine the important issues that our time and our lives. Our world raises many questions.
Although they may be far from us, they can influence our lives positively or negatively.As the saying goes, the world becomes a “single village.” This “global village” have to organize themselves. Its inhabitants have to live in peace and harmony and cooperate with each other instead of fighting and this unique “village” to gefärden. If we consider the galaxy, we realize that our solar system is a small fraction of the endless universe.
Even in our galaxy, our solar system is tiny. However, we are the only known intelligent life form in the universe. It is worrying that the only intelligent species can not live in peace and threatens our small planet with destruction?I believe that this fear increases. To let your desire to see me here testifies to the fact that people have to come closer to understanding one another and to solve problems. The nature of time in which we live with its information – and communication revolution has reduced the distances. Each event, regardless of its distance has implications for us all. I will now address some of the most important topics. On the 27th of this month, an international conference in Sert, Lybia will be held to find a solution to the Darfur problem.
I want this problem that now cause for anxiety for the whole world is addressing. I think it’s important that I have my points of view with you, the future elite, share. I am confident that you will convey my views to the media and the world public. I am convinced that as many problems in Africa, Darfur, a tribal problem is based. It may sound surprising and strange when I tell you that everything began with a disagreement over a camel, and now it has become an international dispute.
There are thousands of tribes in Africa and they fight over water and grazing land. The African continent was divided into 50 states and tribes have been scattered in different countries. Now they want to reunite, and the problems are endless. With the progress of these problems will come to an end. If the African people have overcome their primitive life forms, will stop the tribal clashes. We made the mistake to politicize these tribal conflicts. The Darfur issue has been politicized.
A dispute over a camel has become an international dispute. Many of these problems started again and came to an end without us ever knew what it was about. So why the Darfur issue was politicized and internationalized? Here the Welmächte and its oil ambitions a crucial role. They are the reason for this escalation. Such a demand is created by international forces – those forces of the world powers can then exploit the oil. The forces of economic and strategic interests in the region, are the mastermind behind the Darfur conflict. Maybe they have not heard that yet. It is therefore important that you hear that from me.
I know Africa, I have traveled extensively. I am familiar with its states, tribes and boundaries. I have traveled more than 20,000 kilometers. I have met farmers in their fields, their pastures and shepherds seen people attended in their huts. I know their lifestyle. I follow the issues and African development since the time of Kenyata, Nasser and Haile Silasse. None of those present Stattsoberhäupte knew these men. I have been following Africa’s problems since the times. Tribal problems occur and when they are not coming to an end internatonalisiert. Now, these tribal problems are picked up and internationalized. No matter may be politicized in Tribal Africa or schwehrwiegende internationalized because the consequences. The origins of the Darfur issue is neither politically nor socially, nor economically. It is simply a local issue between farmers and herders.
Farmers and herders found all over the world come to blows. Their differences could have been solved by local or tribal mediators. The tribes have their own traditions and customs. Maybe you do not know that Darfur, Sudan, although it belongs to, has its own kings and sultans. There are many kingdoms and sultanates in the Sudanese Republic. Such is our African tribal Gefühge. It is a tangible and worthy social system. Had the matter remained in the hands of the local kings and sultans, they would have been solved. The intervention of regional and international interests paralyzed the local social Gefühge that otherwise would be able to solve the problem. There are many poor and starving people in Darfur. As the Darfur problem internationalized, began international organizations and countries to send aid cargo.
The poor inhabitants were relieved and thanked God that they have a problem on an international scale, because you continue to receive assistance. We have contributed to the perpetuation of the problem. International aid has aggravated the situation. The people left their villages to live in refugee camps. They pretend the war and the prevailing violence has forced them to move to refugee camps. The truth is different. They only come to the aid goods from the United Nations and world organizations relate to. During the day they come to the food and clothing to accept, at night they go back to the camps that were created exclusively for the receipt of aid. People hope that the Darfur problem is solved before. One solution would mean the end of aid. You want to continue the assistance.
Who has allowed this vicious circle? We were. If they had provided no assistance, they would have left Darfur chases alone, we have now no refugee camps, which are a prerequisite for receiving aid. Some benefit from stopping the Darfurptoblems and supplies. Some local leaders were unknown so far. If a local teacher, state employee or a young officer suddenly has the opportunity to speak before an international television over his tribe or rebel movements, which is perceived as perönlicher fame. This superficial fame is a sign of mental confusion. This unknown is now the opportunity in front of the camera about the repressed, the exploited and oppressed to speak. These are mere clichés. There repression, underdevelopment and poverty is not only in Darfur. They are part of everyday life in a third world whose development is affected by colonialism. Suddenly the unknown speaker is the leader. He is implored to take part in negotiations. This person is called a solution welcome. Should a solution be found, he would disappear.
He would no longer be perceived by the world and from country to country to travel in order to audition in front of the European Parliament or the American Kongrss. He would not be interviewed on camera and directing at him the night would not be broadcast via satellite. This person will be an ongoing Darfur problem in his desire to remain at oberflächigem fame. Therefore I am of the opinion that one should ignore these tribal problems.
They may not be politicized nor international. Let the tribes are fighting, in the end you will find a solution. As mentioned before, they have their sultans and leaders. It is not the first time that these tribes have conflicts. You always have to disputes and disagreements. This can also be solved locally and the world learns what it rarely, unless they are politicized and internationalized. The Darfur problem is not rassistieschen origin between blacks and whites or Arabs and Africans. Arabs are Africans. The Sudanese Arabs are Africans. I know these tribes. We know the Haupstämme. It is not possible between Arabs and non Arabs in the Masalit, Ruzeiqat to distinguish Zagawa or Furstämmen.
It is impossible to do so. They marry among themselves. They are all Muslim Sunis. They all speak Arabic. All understand the local dialects. There really is no difference between the so-called non-Arabs and Arabs or between blacks and non-blacks. They are fully integrated. It is really impossible to tell them apart. The Masalitstamm comes originally from the town Meslata in Lybia. They are seen as Africans, although they are of Arab descent. They emigrated from Lybia. But there are thousands of Zagawastamm in Lybia, in Chad and Sudan. The whole area is fully integrated. The Ruzeiqatstamm lives in the north and south of Darfur. They can be viewed either as Arabs or non-Arabs, or even classify as non-Africans and Africans. This is the reality out here. There is a confrontation between two superpowers, namely the USA and China.
Both want to use their influence over the oil-rich area claimed. This is very gefärlich. All the imperialist powers seeking a foothold in this area by foot in order to realize their ambitions. They want the situation verschlächtert themselves so that they can Request by their troops, disguised as a friend troops. This is also very dangerous. The behavior of the great powers is immoral and it requires a conviction. It is imWesen expansionist ambitions of empires have. We must always remain Consciously this imperialist ambitions. I wanted to say about the Darfur. There were other questions I should have addressed how the conflict in the Middle East and the Palestinenserfrage.
I just wanted to say that I’ve studied history and the history that I and the people of this area well know. The Palestinians and the Israelis are related. They have the same ancestors. You are Semites. Arabic and Hebrew are related languages. The land that is Palestine and Israel is called their common fatherland. Palestinians and Israelis can live there. Neither of them can lay sole claim to the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. Neither has the right to unilaterally declare a state.
This is the reason why the Arabs do not recognize Israel. Israel has unilaterally a state founded on disputed land. No single group has the right to take the country to lay claim to it and give it a name. This is wrong and it is also the reason for non-recognition of that state. The situation is similar in Cyprus. Was proclaimed the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, it has acknowledged that no one except Turkey. The Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, the inhabitants of Cyprus. It is their common fatherland.
Neither has the right to proclaim their own state and to give her name. Thus, they were not recognized by any country. Regrettably, Israel has acknowledged. It may be only one scale. The non-recognition of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus has the non-recognition of a state that was founded on the disputed land of Palestine means. This was a serious mistake as Israel in 1948, unilaterally declared its own state on the disputed land. Regardless of what happened in the past, today we are facing a big problem.
This problem can not be solved by the present approach. As in Darfur, the situation has been manipulated. The Palestinian tragedy and the tragedy of Jewish past have been used for very specific purposes. Campaign strategies and use these tragedies from presidential candidates for their political propaganda. During the Cold War and the confrontation between the U.S. / NATO and the USSR / Warsaw Pact, the Middle East has been heavily exploited. Each party pursued its own interests and the interests of Palestinians and Israelis have been neglected – you were the victim. They were the ones who fought and died. No Russians, Americans or Frenchmen died.
The Palestinians and Israelis are paying the price. This country is very narrow. At the height of Qalqiliya, the distance between the Joranfluss and the Mediterranean Sea just 15 kilometers. It can not be two states. There can be no state of only 15 km wide, is to give. If there should be a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Tel Aviv and would have all the coastal towns within reach of the Palestinian machine guns and artillery. The airspace would also be under your control. If there were a war, this country would be divided into two. In addition, a portion of the proposed Palestinian state, the West Bank, the other part, the Gaza Strip, divided.
How can there be a Palestinian state, if part of the Mediterranean and the other part lies in the Jordan River. Another reason is that a million Palestinians live in Israel and the number is increasing. Soon there will be twice as many. In the future, live three to four million Palestinians in Israel. Then Israel will not be able to maintain a pure Jewish state to be. We know that the Palestinian population is growing much faster than the Israeli. In the so-called Israel is home to more than one million Palestinians living in peace and harmony with their neighbors. This is an example of a common state, while the solution of the problem.
There can be only one state in Palestine. The name is not important. You could call it “Isratine” or Palestine. Whatever the name, it may be only a single state for Palestinians and Israelis. We can confirm it all. There are a million Palestinians with Israeli government guarantee and they easily live with the Israelis. The attacks come not from you, but of those living outside of Israel. It is a fact that land between the river and the sea is too small for two states. The solution lies in the establishment of a single, democratic state. The whole world must put pressure on those who insist on religion, race, language and racism. These are obsolete forms of behavior which will disappear with time. These forms of behavior should never prevent a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. You must be able to live together.
Arabs and Jews have always lived together. When the Arabs were expelled from Andalusia, the Jews were also expelled. Arab countries asked the Jews to shelter and protection. Even when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem around the year 72, the Jews in the Arabian Peninsula have sought protection. The Arabs have repeated the Jews before the Roman persecution of the Gothic and protects. The two peoples are related. Abraham, the Prophet had two sons: Ishmael, the ancestor of the Arabs, and Isaac, the ancestor of the Jews. Jacob, also known as Israel, was the son of Isaac. The country is named after him.
Thus, they are related and are closer than you think. Other powers have created hostilities between the two in order to serve their own interests. The two must live together again in one state. I’ve published my White Paper. In it, I urge the promulgation of Isratine, a state of half the name of Israel, half the name Palestine. I hope they have the English version. The book calls for the establishment of a single, democratic state. The first elections could be monitored by the UN. After that its inhabitants would live together and it did not matter whether the president is a Jew, a Palestinian Muslim or a Christian is. The will of the people should decide. Today, there are Arab parties in Israel and Arab members of Knesset. This should serve as an example. In the West Bank, Palestinians and Israelis are part of the same tissue. The same applies to Gaza. They are integrated demographically. Israeli factories depend on Palestinian labor force from the West Bank and Gaza. There is a goods – and services exchanged between them.
They are interdependent. There are many things, including culture, which the Israelis and Palestinians have in common. I urge the creation of a single state to resolve this conflict. However, certain conditions must be met. First, the refugees expelled in 1948 returned to their homes. You are entitled to. They need to allow their homes, farms and villages to return. Second, this new state be free from weapons of mass destruction. No state in the region may possess weapons of mass destruction. Whether it is ruled by Arafat or Abbas, it must be free of weapons of mass destruction. That’s what I wanted to say about the Palestinian issue. I call on my new book to read Isratine.
They put me on the new UN reform called for. For years we heard about the desire to reform the UN. Regrettably, during this time only the enlargement of the Parliament and referred to the Non-Permanent Membership of the Security Council. The main objective, namely to carry out a fundamental reform of the UN, was not considered. The UN is not just the Security Council, but also from the General Assembly, the International Court of Justice, the ECOSOC, the governing body, UNESCO, UNICEF, FAO and other units of the UN system. The current situation is undemocratic, illegal and unlawful. The world must change. Now the dictatorial conditions prevail in efforts for peace are not sufficient.
Or rather, there exists a state of terror that threatens the peace. The so-called Security Council is not a certainty, but a council of terror. It has usurped the power of the United Nations. – Is a small part of the Council of five members of the control have the right to veto. Therefore, the small countries of no confidence in the UN Security Council. Informed intellectuals like you agree that under the present situation, the Security Council and the UN, no one can feel safe. This feeling is intensified by the destruction and occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia.
All this happened under the eyes of the UN and its Security Council. Why is Chapter VII was used as the USA and England, illegally occupied Iraq? Because these countries have the veto and the Council is powerless. You can block any resolution. Thus, it is not an international security forum. It is not the approach of internationally. It is an advice for those few selected members.
    • We demand a reform of the UN.This can be done only by a democratization of the General Assembly, the World Parliament. The Parliament is the legislative branch, the institution of the laws implemented. The Security Council is the equivalent of the Executive. The Executive must implement the decisions of the legislature. Could one imagine that the British government introduced legislation and then the House of Commons directing it to adopt? It is just the opposite. Parliament passes laws, the executive turns to them. The UN Security Council adopted the laws and then asked the General Assembly with their introduction.
      This means that the cart is before the horse. However, it should all be exactly the opposite.The countries of the world have joined forces to found the United Nations. The General Assembly is the only body where all members are represented. For democratic reasons, it should be the organ with the greatest power. If the General Assembly approves sanctions against a state, that state must accept the decision because it was made democratically by all states. It is a great wrong, if two or five states to impose their will on the Security Council and then claim that this decision was taken to go in pursuit of international legality.
      What a farce!If real reform is desirable, the power of the Security Council be transferred to the General Assembly. The application of Chapter VII of the General Assembly must be the prerogative and compelling resolutions may be adopted only by her.  The Security Council is responsible for the implementation of General Assembly resolutions. If nothing changes, many countries are expected to leave the UN. You will be a new UN of the oppressed and indignant reasons.The current world community would collapse. Currently the world is not used correctly institution. The Constitution is being corrupted by precedent. These precedents establish a new UN Constitution is based on injustice, oppression and aggression.
      The UN Constitution prohibits the use of intimidation and violence. Nowadays there is a climate of intimidation and violence. It’s the end of the UN-Constitutional. The name of the measure taken against Libya, Panama, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and other states to create a new, unwritten constitution, which is based on precedent.There is the most powerful of the new law and it must be respected. We wish you all the rules by international law. What we have today is the order of the most powerful and it takes precedence before international law. How can you believe the words of the most powerful states, when they speak of freedom, democracy and human rights, as long as they perform such tyranny?
      Therefore I insist that the highest organs of international institutions, namely the General Assembly and the Security Council must be democratized. My “Green Book” addresses the question of democracy. I hope you can find it in English. I did not invent the Green Book, but I just read the history of the world and am nachgegangent the experience of mankind. I have seen the reasons for war, peace, happiness, poverty, internal and external problems, and they’ve compiled into a book. Democracy is composed of two Arabic words, “demo” meaning people and “cracy” which means chairs or seats.
      It means that people should always take the seat of power. To have a true democracy, people must be the sole user of the seats of power. People have the right to enact laws and establish the system of their wishes – they have the power. The sovereignty of the people must not be abused or in the hands of a few individuals, namely governments and representatives who asked. The theory of representation has blinded the people of the world. No one can represent the people. Representation is fake. The people exist, why they should represent someone? If you can dream for the people?
      There can be no representation regarding dreams and desires. It is the responsibility of each individual. People have to take their political, economic and social matters into their own hands.

    • They have their wishes directly, without representation can express. There are countries which have millions of people and they have only a few hundred representatives in Parliament. This means that a single representative representing millions of people. How can that be? How can a man express the wishes of so many people?Who says that those millions of people that want what you want this particular person? This is a falsification of the will of a people. The individual represents only itself, we look to England. People go there on the streets to protest the government’s policies and to demonstrate their laws.If the government were the real representatives of the people, why would people take to the streets to demonstrate?
      The people in the U.S. are in favor of the war in Iraq, the Congress it. It follows that the Congress is not representative of the people. The American people want the troops to leave Iraq. Since there is a wide gulf between the people and their government representatives. Representation is a distortion of popular will. That’s what the “Green Book” says. A true democracy is represented by the People’s Congress and People’s Committees.The Libyan people are divided into 30,000 communes. Each community consists of hundreds of people. These 3 million people exercise their power in Libya.
      The rest of the population is either under age or are older and therefore can not participate. Three million members of the 30,000 communes set the agenda of the society as well as internal and external politics of the country for a year.Then you meet to make decisions to consider anew. What I’m saying is that a genuine democratic process can only be done by a People’s Congress and People’s Committees. Without these institutions, there can be no democracy.I guess I have covered all issues. I hope we will meet again soon, whenever time permits. I am always willing to discuss  issues of interest to you, to talk and you listen. “
      The first question comes from Michael, PhD in philosophy and relates to the foreign policy of Libya.Thank you brother leader. It was my honor and pleasure of a group of 25 students from Cambridge who participated in the events of February and March in Libya to lead. Everything went very well. The discussions on the recent changes in Libya’s foreign policy were extremely interesting. My studies have focused on the Libyan – American relationship focused, in particular those of 90 years and in this decade. Both the Libyan as well as the American side, have expressed optimism about improving relations between the two countries. Recently, the desire has been expressed that lead to this positive process continues. I quote the U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney:  We have dealt with the government of Iraq, Saddam Hussein was deposed and imprisoned. His government has disappeared without a trace. Qaddafi in Libya, following closely the events in Iraq and Afghanistan. Five days after Saddam Hussein’s arrest, Libya has declared its willingness to give up weapons of mass destruction. Your son, Seif Al Islam Qaddafi said the same thing: That was a sign of political weakness. I believe that Libya now feels safer and more confident than before and that it has moved away from the situation of political tension. Brother leader, you can tell us the reasons for those decisions and explain their impact on U.S. relations? Where these relationships are today? Where do they lead? 
      The brother leader: “Thank you, and congratulations to your Libyan search/quest.Every time something happens, everyone will try to interpret its own purposes. But nobody tried to do that before the events take place. Why has not Cheney’s statement before Libya precipitated the historic decision made? Why did not he said that Libya will be separated within five months of its nuclear program, because of the events in Iraq?

    • Why he did not say? Because he could not. He made his statement after we’d like our decision. He took advantage of the situation. I would like to point out that the U.S. President personally admitted that negotiations with Libya for nine months in progress. For nine months we have with the world powers and the IAEA negotiated the termination of the Libyan nuclear program, without it to announce to the world. At that time, Saddam Hussein still in power and Iraq had not yet been filled.If we had been afraid of the Americans, why we have promoted the nuclear project for 30 years? We have not feared to us during the Reagan era, although in retrospect turned out that he was mentally ill and suffered from Alzheimer’s. We made them aware that the man is mentally ill and that they would have to take out for him. You just laughed, but then had to admit that Reagan was crazy and that his decisions were due to Alzheimer’s.During this volatile time, we were not afraid of Reagan seconded the fleet off our coast.
      We have continued our program. At that time, the world, popular shopping weapons of mass destruction, and many countries were trying to do so. After a while we realized that our program had been discovered. Equipment were seized. The CIA, we read about our meeting recordings come with known nuclear specialists.Our nuclear program was no longer secret and it was offered to us by the United States and England to hold talks. My friend Blair sent envoys to announce that the program had been discovered and that the centrifuge equipment had been seized. We found that it would be virtually impossible to proceed with the project. We were considering the high cost of the project.Then we asked ourselves what we would produce an atomic bomb would be? If someone should say, Libya, Israel intends to attack, we would simply say:
      There are a million Palestinians in Israel. It is inconceivable for us to throw a bomb at one million and three million Palestinian Jews. The West Bank and Gaza Strip would be inevitably drawn in mid-passion, if a nuclear attack on Israel would be exercised. Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and even Egypt would be endangered if Libya would pursue a nuclear attack. This possibility has now been eliminated.Some say Libya would use nuclear weapons. Why would we do that? Europe is no longer a colonial power. Europe is now a friend of cooperating with us. We are dealing now with the strategic cooperation between the AU and the EU. We talk about trade, investment, environmental prevention, Mediterranean cooperation and cooperation in economic institutions. Europe is not like Hitler and Mussolini’s time.It is impossible to take common sense, Libya would want to attack Europe with nuclear weapons. In addition, there are many countries in Europe who are friends with Libya. This is another reason why we have turned away from nuclear weapons program. If we use these weapons against America?

    •  Understand thatwe could not send the promotional opportunities for a bomb to America. How could anyone take common sense, Libya would attack America with nuclear weapons or even ten just knowing that America would retaliate with a hundred such bombs? No one would think so. Man would be crazy if you want to attack countries like the U.S., Russia and China, which possess hundreds of nuclear weapons.Could one assume that bomb in Africa to use? Africa is a continent and we are a part of it. Following that the international situation, we have realized that the desire to have a nuclear program, only a trend was followed at a time when everyone wanted to have a nuclear weapons program. That time is over.Pakistan has produced a nuclear bomb. Why?Since India produced the same weapon. It is understandable that must be made for reasons of balance, both countries have the same weapons. This is an extremely dangerous situation.
      We are against all forms of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction. We hope that the production of such weapons of mass destruction from all over the world will be banned. We fear no one. Only God we fear. This man was noted that Dick Cheney, he means it? It is his belief, as well as Reagan had one. I pray to God that he is not as sick as Reagan. I wish him good health. I know her heart had had five surgeries.I assume that his statements are not attributable to a mental weakness. Anyway, let’s assume he’s right. Would it be reasonable for a small country like Libya, with five million inhabitants, has a world power like the United States, which thousands of nuclear weapons, ICBMs, aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, to put on? Is it wrong for a small country to turn away from such a confrontation? It is rather a proof of wisdom and courage. We have independently decided on something independently and then we decided not to.”
      Question: Brother leader, you have expressed the wish that the African Union to try to transform the United States of Africa. Do you think this would be feasible in the next ten years?

    • The brother leader:“Thank you. It is very possible. Why not?We Africans follow Europe’s example. Europe has many countries that led to destructive wars recently communicated to each other. Millions of people are on the first and second world war, died in the War of the Roses, during the thirty years of war and during the Seven Years War. Europe is carried through all these wars, yet it has now decided to unite.We follow this example.
      In addition, African countries are not at war against each other. Africa is one big, black country that consists of thousands of strains. Are already united. We are a continent and a homogeneous group of people. Even our color distinguishes us from other nations and continents. The Globalisation and its challenges, it is impossible for individual states to survive alone. If Germany, England, France or Italy as the great powers alone can not live outside the EU, as it will create the tiny African states?Your only option is to an African Union or the United States of Africa. The fulfillment of this project depends on the share name of the individual members.”
      Question: Brother leader, thank you for your time. This question comes from the African section of the BBC. They said the AU will be transformed into the United States of Africa. What are the possibilities for an African Union? We also want you to accept our respect for your quest for an African Union.
      The brother leader:  “I’m not sure if this is a question or a comment. The history of humanity has gone through various stages. There was the stage of religion, then that of nationalism, then the demographic or the stage of substantive interest.During the stage of religion, refers to all the faith, no matter what nationality or language preference. So it was in the Roman Empire, Islamic Empire, Ottoman Empire, etc. In the stage of nationalism, were countries like Italy, Germany, Turkey and Iran established. Unfortunately, the Arabs were at this time, neither a faith – to bring him one ethnic unity about. Now a new stage has started, the demographics, globalization and the material interests.

    • Now, it is difficult to become a union between Libya and Iraq and Syria and Morocco to seek. As African countries, Libya and Morocco will be part of a united Africa. Man can now only speak of a total African Union. How could one speak of a union between Europe, New Zealand and Australia? It is not possible.Regions will join together according to their geographical location. The ASEAN, the Commonwealth of Independent States of the former USSR, the African Union, EU, U.S. and Latin America join forces. Thus the world of seven or ten large groups are to be replaced in the future states. The monetary currencies will be reduced to seven to ten and it will give the same number of central banks.Will the world look like. In this new world order, it is difficult to think of Arabs to a national union. Nevertheless, I hope that the Arabs accepted my invitation to join the African Union for an Arab African Union will take shape. In this case, all the Arabs would be associated with Africa.Two-thirds of all Arabs are Africans. The remaining third is divided between Asia and the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf. The best solution is for Arabs to join Africa. Today it makes no sense from a national or religious union to speak. The agenda is a demographic and economic structure of the super groups.”
      Question: Brother Guide: You have asked bravely against dictatorships. They have called for a free world, which all would benefit. As you can see the situation in Iraq and the U.S. presence there?
      The brother leader: “The whole world is watching Iraq. The whole world has accepted a position. The invasion of Iraq was a mistake. Both the U.S. and Britain have admitted this mistake. It is time to undo the mistake. They claimed Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. They inspected Iraq, you have attacked it, cut up and it became clear that such weapons were not available. They have admitted the mistake and have expressed their regret. This is really unfortunate.

    • A whole nation is doomed to suffering and destruction on the basis of rumors or lies? How can the world powers, the permanent members of Security Wed act are so reckless and dangerous on the basis of unsubstantiated rumors and allegations?How the world can have peace of mind if such arbitrary decisions are made. After the error is added to that the perpetrators of it, to back down. The only solution is a retreat from Iraq and leave the country to the Iraqis.”
      The coordinator of the Student Union at Cambridge: “Thank you brother leader. Thank you all for coming. Thank you everyone for their part name and a special thanks to the brother leader Mummar Al Qadhafi for his part name.
      The brother leader: “Thank you and I hope soon to see if God wills it.”



      The Brother-Leader of the Revolution  gives a speech to students at the University of Oxford on “the 21st Africa Century”

      on  16   MAY  2007 – BROTHER-LEADER Muammar al-Qathafi:I wish all those present a “good evening”. I thank the organizers for this meeting with the faculty and students, the Student Union, University of Oxford. It is my hope that we will build thereon, and will meet from time to time to reflect on the social, economic and political crises and challenges reflect that concern in today’s time the whole world. You have asked me the question, “Africa in the 21st Century “to respond. I hope that what I will elaborate below, not only the Africans and the students of Oxford

      Benefits will be, but that it may be of value for the whole world.

      During the last era of the so-called Cold War, the superpowers and blocs competed with each other for Africa, particularly the U.S., USSR, the Soviet bloc, the Western States, NATO and the Warsaw Pact. This conflict and the rivalry of the systems had very negative and damaging impact on Africa and the world. Africa has been severely shaken by this conflict. It was an arena of ideological struggle. The competition for military and political influence between the U.S. and the USSR formed the continent. Like the rivalry between those who wanted to monopolize the riches of Africa, and thus insure the largest number of lackeys and allies wanted. The struggle between East and West was truly a Erbitterlicher. The coveted awards as well as raw materials in Africa, African countries were to win as allies in international forums. We were the victims of this struggle. And the rest of the world has had no benefit from it.All that came of it, is the creation of another battlefield. Initially, the conflict in and between Eastern and Western Europe was conducted. Then it was extended to Africa.

      Africa was divided into states, which made a pact with either the Eastern or the Western bloc. As this conflict, the energies of the great powers auslaugte, he also Africa exhausted.

      USA and the USSR have squandered enormous resources to dominate both the greatest part of Africa to be able to. This has a very negative effect on world peace – economic impact – stability – and safety. Revolutions, wars and fights broke out. There were acts of violence, assassinations and executions committed. Although not to the same extent Sun occurred similar atrocities in Europe because of conflicts, the Cold War, and sometimes quite hot wars. The conflict dominated Europe as well as Africa, North Africa and in particular, to be exactly the place where we find ourselves. I believe that when a continent like Africa or Europe finds itself again as the scene of a hot or cold war between two great powers, such a situation, of course, have negative effects – both regional and global. It is therefore my fervent wish that the world will pull through this gathering the necessary lessons from previous experiences. I also hope that the world will refrain from such practices. Europe was divided for a long time. There was a military confrontation between the eastern and western parts of Europe. We can say today, Europe has been united. This unit is a major factor in a political, economic, and psychological stability contributed. Today, Europe is acting as a buffer zone between the Russian Federation and the United States. It must be free of violence and will remain united and remain a zone “to keep separate from one another” to the zone rather than a confrontation. Now I return to Africa, our main topic. Africa has freed itself from the conflict that plagued the continent during the Cold War. Extremely regrettable, however, that the signs of a new struggle for Africa have become clearly visible. This could lead back to us the tragedies of the past. What is happening now, is the flare of a conflict between China and the United States for dominance in Africa. It is my duty to be the first to propose the alarm against this threat. This subject is covered very timid and hesitant. It is as if someone is suffering from an illness, but she decides to ignore for so long until it’s too late. I do not want the truth to the people of Africa or the world is silent. A new conflict is springing up in Africa. This is Africa, then throw back again to serve as an arena for competition between the superpowers. This conflict is most likely to absorb all the energies of its main protagonists, the U.S. and China. Let me explain more clearly the attitude of the two countries. America shows a rough, uncouth behavior towards Africa. It will install military bases and an American military command in Africa. It interferes seriously in the internal affairs of Africa. The human rights that are not even considered in the U.S. particularly, but are used as a pretext to invade Africa and put pressure. America calls for Human Rights and Democracy, knowing full well that neither democracy in America itself still exists elsewhere. It speaks of good governance, although this is not really such a thing exist. It interferes in every aspect of an African internal affairs. Is checked if a lackey of America or a CIA agent or interrogated, asked America to know every detail, and where that person has been arrested, what happened to her and why? Is there any country in the world, which it is possible to know such information in similar circumstances of America through one of its citizens? Of course not. How then can America so presume a right? This is America’s harsh approach to Africa. China and the U.S. are competitors. Both want to colonize Africa and to benefit from his wealth. China follows a smooth approximation approach. China informed the African countries not in terms of systems of governance, human rights, freedom, good governance or the like.China never interferes in the internal affairs of other states. It does not soldiers, military bases or military commands into Africa. More than 600 Chinese companies in Africa are working with great dedication.   Some Chinese communities have begun to settle in Africa. This is the gentle approach of China. Because of this gentle approach, the Africans received Chinese with open arms. This will undoubtedly be beneficial for China. Africans have to deal with the United States because of their suspicious harsh approach. There is evidence of the folly of American politics. The U.S. is uneducated and ignorant about the rest of the world. They usually behave foolishly and erratically. That was the case in the past in Vietnam and Somalia, and as evidenced by the current situations in Iraq, America once again behaving erratically and foolishly. As always do not know much about the region, over which it has decided to wage a war against them. And therefore it always fails. It seems that China is the psychologically correct path is aware of how to reach Africa. It came in a peaceful manner. It has become peaceful. China will win in Africa. This is the alarming fact that I want to state clearly and distinctly. Nobody talks about it. Some believe we should put China on our side against the American Goliath. It is colonialism, which imposes itself by force, and there are other, more friendly to the methods used. There are gentle and rough colonialism.   But ultimately this is colonialism, and the same. As I said earlier, there are some that China welcomed with open arms. We all look for a deterrent against the harsh behavior of America. This has prompted us to take China’s side.But China must know that we are aware about it, that it could turn out to be an imperialist power. If it wants to settle in Africa, or the plunder of Africa Rohmittelvorkommen at bargain prices and then sells its finished products at high prices, it will become a colonial power. There are a few in Africa to turn to the United States. But if there was a referendum that would win China. The majority is afraid of America. In view of previous behavior in other parts of the world, people are suspicious that America’s military presence and intervention in the gross domestic affairs of other countries could even expand. The US-China rivalry is one of the issues we are facing currently. Another is the African Union. If Africa could achieve it, is how to unite Europe, this would affect the benefits to the African people and the world. The fact that Europe is no longer a separate area of confrontation and conflict between two opposing blocs, and no longer the powder keg that could explode at any moment, has Europe whose population and the world well done. I am aware that the U.S. Army, Europe has taken in the Second World War, is still there. This is a threat to peace in Europe, the Mediterranean and all over the world. I hope to pass this state. However, it is a European concern. Europe is currently a political and economic gain, for themselves and for the whole world.A united Europe with its common currency, and policy is a stabilizing factor in the world.We would like to see the same in Africa. A common currency, a single central bank and a common security policy. The common African market with combined import and export regulations would bring the world economy going. At present there are 50 states and each has its own currency, central bank and individual economic system. This makes us so insignificant. What is the common value of the economies of Malawi and Guinea-Bissau in comparison to the big blocks? Why should giant like the EU, U.S., China or Japan, because wasting time with a delegation from the Gambia to negotiate, what ten cars would buy? If so come but a representative of the African common market would offer import and request a half a million cars would be the situation would be completely different. This would be a negotiating partner who deserves this time – in the face of the contemplated business volume. Who will use precious time trying to negotiate a deal with The Gambia, Madagascar, Malawi, Guinea-Bissau or even Libya’s oil wealth? It is a waste of time for anyone with such a tiny economies to negotiate or enter into business relationship. The fragmentation of Africa does not serve the world economy and the major markets. Imagine just imagine one of these major economies would negotiate with the African trade ministers. This would be for the global economy far more useful, even in terms of the sheer size of a common African market and its needs. I hope that you understand the major players and the whole world, this argument will be. I very much hope that they will support Africa’s efforts for unity and establishing the United States of Africa.   This is for world peace, contribute to security and stability. It would bring huge benefits for the global economy and for China and America. We welcome Chinese, American, European and Japanese corporations. However, they are not allowed to settle on our land and try to colonize it. Neither they can terrorize blackmail us, or exploit, we will never accept again. We Africans are different in today’s time. We have world class scientists and – experts. We can no longer handle the little tricks that you played with us in the past to be cheated Astronomical sums on the production of weapons of mass destruction, wasted intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers. Equally insane amounts are squandered on military bases and armies. Imagine for a moment before, that those who can afford such a diabolical releases can send us a part of it would be in Africa. Imagine further that America, Europe, Japan and China would work with us to build the Angadamm in the Congo. It would be enough electricity can be generated to illuminate the whole darkness of Africa.And the large surplus would be exported to Europe through North Africa, through Egypt to Asia. Why can not allocate us a few trillion, helping us to complete this valuable humanitarian work? Would not that be better than military bases and armies? Would not it be better than talking about human rights and good governance and what not? What are they good governance and freedom of expression? We do not even have paper to print newspapers in which we could give our opinion expression. We have to send any radio station to our views.

      We express ourselves as we cry out in pain, moaning and wailing. We have only the freedom in the depiction of torture An example of this pain we feel because of the loss of Lake Chad.

      I have submitted a report on the facts of the Lake Chad to the World Summit in Johannesburg. Only a tenth of the Lake Chad is still present. Nine-tenths are gone. This is a serious environmental disaster in Africa and the world. Why are we not helping to save this lake? We could build canals supplying water from the rivers of the Congo, Central Africa and Cameroon again. We could remove sand and trees that block the existing supply lines. End result would be that Chad would again fed by these rivers. My paper, you can find on the website. I call upon the world public to join us to save Lake Chad and to build the Angadamm. In this way we would generate electricity and preserve one of the lungs of the world. There are two lungs, which give the world oxygen. These are the rainforests of the Amazon and the forests of the Congo. Drought, desertification, misuse of rivers and destructive conflicts in Congo have made it impossible to keep these lungs, which belongs to the whole earth. I renew my appeal to the international community to rescue them. These were some of the issues that I wanted to make the world aware. I thank you that you have given me the opportunity to raise some questions that no one dares speak in regard to Africa. If anyone has any questions about other parts of the world, please do not hesitate to ask them. I have in front of the Green Paper and the White Paper to me. Since this is a university lecture, I will question each of the students of the Faculty of the University of Oxford accept.”


      Thank you brother, revolutionary leader for this analysis of the situation on the African continent. I want to lay you a question now from one of the students. 

      Question: Why did you not use your powers for some of the conflicts in Africa to solve and mitigate such human suffering in Somalia and Zimbabwe? 


      The Leader: “Thank you. Most of the UN troops are in Africa. There are so many conflicts in this continent that we are about three-quarters of the UN forces have sought to resolve them. The main culprits are the colonial powers that divided Africa. All these conflicts are tribal wars and border clashes between clans that have been dissected by colonialism. Africa was a whole. Today we live in 50 states with confusing boundaries. These boundaries divide a family of two or three states. Take for example the conflict in Ivory Coast. Lower and Upper Volta had once formed a unit. The colonial powers have divided into two states, and the Ivory Coast and Upper Volta. The latter was later renamed Burkina Faso. The population of a unit was divided into two states. The inhabitants of the northern part found themselves in trouble again when they were staying in the south. The Ivory Coast told these people that they were not citizens and that they belong to Burkina Faso. Thus, they have to go back where they came. This situation has deepened the crisis that plagued this part of Africa for a long time. The colonial boundaries have created this problem.   The tribal conflict in the Great Lakes is also due to colonial boundaries. It was the colonialists, the Rwanda, Burundi and Congo established and have divided the Hutu and Tutsi tribes that among themselves. Also, this conflict has generated colonialism. Similarly, colonialism was the driving force behind the conflict in the Congo and the liquidation of Lumumba. The race for raw materials of the Congo was a colonial enterprise. And what was the driving force in the conflict over diamonds and uranium in Congo, which was used for the manufacture of atomic bombs against Japan? It was colonialism. The same applies to the conflict in Somalia. What has it divided into Italian and British parts? It was colonialism. Why it was not a single unified Somalia? Because the Italians colonized the north and the British in the south took.  The consequences of this situation, we still carry within us and we live with them like so many other problems in the world live on in us. Take a look at the map of Gambia. It defies all logic. The Gambia River runs through the center of Senegal. The British had occupied this part, founded a state. They brought in the English population and then sent them to independence. Senegal, a former French colony surrounds Gambia on all sides. The answer to the question asked, is that enough international troops are stationed in Africa. We are a part of the AU. If the AU decides to send its own troops or send troops to a particular state at a certain place, we are ready to play our part. The problem is much bigger. It is not enough to send troops to restore peace. The solution requires genuine African integration will. It requires the destruction of any inheritance of colonialism. It requires the establishment of the United States of Africa. It does not matter whether it is for fifty or a thousand states. Importance of a unified political reference. This will be the solution. We do our best in this sense is a really strong African Union to establish. Another point is that the task forces need to finance the UN. But they denied funding when it comes to other troops as their own peacekeepers. The blue helmets have a bad reputation. Countries such as Sudan refuses to leave her on her territory in Darfur. They say that the stretch-or international troops within its mandate… that it is for them to spread across America, to include intervention in the internal affairs of the country. This is creating another form of colonialism, the new conflict is. The question of sending troops here or there is a very difficult question.”


      Question: My name is Tarek. I am Tunisian and a student at Oxford. My question has to do with team spirit and how to deal with democracy. Since many of the problems seem to emerge, concerning democracy and the crisis in the Sahara. Is it not high time that political leaders cope with these problems? When can we see real national plans? When will we have a common market? How can we overcome the bureaucratic hurdles in this respect?


      The Supreme Leader: I pray to God to hear the leaders of your reputation. I personally share this hope with you. That’s why I call you to explain the people rule. Nation rule means that people should govern themselves, without a ruler or governor or government.There is no hostility or enmity between the Algerians and the Moroccans. They are brothers. But there are different political positions between their rulers.

      As long as rulers still exist, they will be responsible for the political situation. We hope the people rule all created in the world would be to secure genuine and lasting peace.People hate each other and not to submit to one another. The rulers and the occupying armies are the ones and conquer. They are the ones that threaten world peace. When someone speaks of wars and invasions can be heard saying she is not “the Germans or the Mongols conquered this or that country”. You hear them talk of individual rulers and leaders, Hulagu, Timur, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Napoleon, Mussolini, Bush and others. This corresponds to the truth. People do not conquer. The rulers of the armies of the control to do it. Without Hitler, the Germans are peaceful people. It was Hitler who has waged against Europe and the world war. The CV of Napoleon does not mean that France is an aggressive country. It is now a peace-loving country, despite its history. For my part, no admiration, have for the so-called Arab and Muslim triumphs in Europe. I regard them as acts of colonialism. The Arabs occupied Sicily 300 years long and the Iberian Peninsula for 800 years. After they left, no more Muslims living in these areas.How can this be regarded as a triumph. It was none other than invasion and colonialism. Who ordered this invasion? The rulers, because they scented with the booty, riches and slaves. Today these are called spoils of war to win elections, a second term for a president or control over the oil. These are all individual efforts that have nothing to do with the wishes of the peoples.”


      Question: Would you think Appropriate for the African Union to intervene militarily in Sudan without first Obtaining the consent of the Sudanese?


      The Revolutionary leader: “Darfur question in relation to this question I must say that I’m very bold opinions when it comes to political and diplomatic issues. I’m preferably from a social and psychological standpoint. I am neither a politician nor a diplomat. I am the leader of a revolution and a social reformer. I’m on the situation in Darfur Great Efforts shown. Hundreds of older dog Darfur sultans and citizens came to me to discuss a solution to this problem.

      As long as there is international assistance in Darfur, there will be conflicts, refugees and the homeless. When people hear that they get supplies of rice, milk and canned goods, they will leave their villages and come to the refugee camps. If this crisis brings us all this food, why should we solve it? We have opened the port of Benghazi for the delivery of international relief supplies.Given the geographical proximity of Darfur to the Libyan border, we have decided to allow that the relief supplies are Transported through our territory. When people heard of the conflict airlift of relief supplies, they asked why they should stop the. Some were told to create any collision, then to leave their villages at night, to the refugee camps to migrate and to get the day dealt relief, and then return to their families in the village. This was not an isolated case. It has created many more problems. If this conflict will bring us international troops, does that mean for us that we will serve these troops and enter into business relationships with them. At the same time it wants to be a police protect us. And this again is a reason to extend the conflict. If a crisis is perceived internationally, the political and military rebel leaders to rock stars.You speak and the world listens. They appear as the leaders who defend the oppressed and marginalized people. This is again one of the temptations that prolong the conflict. If the conflict is resolved, they loose their celebrity status. For all these reasons, I am convinced that in situations like these, the best solution to let the scene and the people there in peace. You will be able to solve their own problems. It is not really an impossible problem-solve to here. What has made it dangerous and complex is the interference of external powers. There is also speculation that wants to ignite due to the discovery of oil in Darfur is a conflict between China and USA. Then it is evident that there is international intervention, fanning the flames of conflict and foment. This is indeed a conflict between colonial powers. So what needs to be done? If the conflict in Darfur, because of competition for influence between China and America will continue to complicate what can we do? If the major players are using their economic ambition, those who foment this crisis, what can we do? If you have against China and the United States, and both operate in this sensitive area, what can our troops there? To whom can we send our troops?”


      Question: There is great interest from the viewers and listeners of the BBC to some other property issues. We hope your time Allows you to answer these questions or comment.The first question is: You have submitted a proposed solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. How do you think it can be implemented?


      The Supreme Leader: “This is a chronic conflict. It is a chronic disease in the world. He has poisoned the life of this world. The Palestinian question is the reason for the hostility between the Arabs and America. America was always on the side of Israel. All peaceful and military means, as attempts are made to end the conflict have failed. In all honesty, can the parties currently can not be trusted because they have no real interest in the overall situation. For example, I know that a former president of Italy has this to say: “We are looking for a temporary solution for now.

      After that, the whole area go to hell. We are not responsible. “Preferable to a temporary solution here is, the symptoms of the disease to suppress and to swallow painkillers. This attitude in itself is of extreme concern. If a physician chooses to prescribe painkillers instead of the disease to fight radical, this can lead to death . Painkillers numb the pain while the disease eats away at the body. As I said earlier, the current participants have no real interest in finding a solution. They like their own business or security reasons, have to want peace now, one or something similar, but they have no interest in a real solution. Some people in the region wants to consolidate his power. They pretend to seek to resolve the problem, so they are considered as stabilizing factors, which may not fall. And there remains a trace of the power by its own interests and not those that could bring a solution. You hear some say that we should encourage people to reelect him. It is claimed that some hold on to power, because they serve the interests of the United States, or others say, the Israeli interests, while still others go simply because they know how to place his vote. As you can see, these are all personal and selfish reasons. Take any U.S. president as an example. Whenever any such decision has to deal with this issue, so it was always for purely electoral reasons. If, as the current president, can not be re-elected, then he is acting, at least for his party.   This will then try to convince the Americans that – this could help to solve the question of the Middle East – if they choose to the Republican Party. Whatever is done is always determined not done in the interest of the Middle East, the Israelis or the Palestinians, but in the interest of a political party or a politician. Everybody exploits this question. There is a certain kind of blackmail. That’s the problem with the current power-brokers. I have no personal interest in the solution. I have neither the boots of the Americans, the Israelis, the Palestinians still lick any other group. You can not re-elect me or my party, and I have no need to market myself. But after I’ve dealt with this problem, I wrote my White Book “Isratine”, ie a state consisting of Israel and Palestine. The solution offered by this book is very convincing. It contains opinions and views of many Palestinian and Israeli personalities. Some of the Zionist leader and founder of the state of Israel believe that the current situation amounts to a grave, quiet, and nothing is solved. The Palestinians have a similar assessment. International powers to share its view. The ultimate solution is the correct history of a single state for Palestinians and Israelis. The constitution of the democratic state should be held under UN supervision. The elections should also be carried out under UN supervision. We must rid ourselves of racism. It would be meaningless if there is a Palestinian or an Israeli, who is elected.   You are ultimately all Semites. Israelis and Arabs are cousins. The Israelis have nowhere else to go. They were driven from all over the world. If they choose to want to live in this region forever, they have to live in peace and harmony with their environment. They should not be a power of aggression. America will not protect you forever. Nobody can protect for ever. One day they will find themselves alone, without the protective shield America. It would be in their best interest to accept the other group and to find a level of integration.How can this happen? Only if there is a single state. To speak of a “pure” Jewish state, with a single religion, language and race, is a reactionary and exclusionary approach. It’s like a handful of dust into the sea beyond, and hope that the dust is not wet. It’s impossible. Israel lives in a sea of Arabs. How can it maintain its purity? Over a million Arabs live in Israel right now. In a few years there will be two or three million. So much for the ideology of purity. If a Palestinian state would be established on the West Bank, the Israeli government would be broad at this point only 14 km. Any future military operational would split it in half easily. This is not just my words but the words of the Zionist leaders who have founded Israel.They are convinced that they have a state founded in the crater of a volcano. This may not survive. The problem is that two parties are fighting for the same piece of land called Palestine. If a Party takes this piece of land and unilaterally declared the establishment of their own state, this would provoke unrest. Now that these two parties. You have to find a match, or it will remain an eternal dispute.That’s what happened so far, and that is the reason that the Arabs forced expropriation of Palestine by the Israelis all have tolerated or accepted. Let us take an example Andren: Turkey. When the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was founded, it has been recognized by any other country except Turkey. Why? Cyprus because the Cypriots, the Turks and Greeks alike heard. Palestine must be equally belong to all its inhabitants, Whether Palestinian, Israeli Jews, Arab Muslims, or Christians. It belongs to them all.This country can not be divided. The land between the river and the sea is far too small for the establishment of two states. There are approximately 12 million Jewish people around the world. Imagine, all these 12 million people would be called today in the country Which is coming “Israel”? There are five million Palestinians in the diaspora. If all of this increase would return the number of Palestinians to about seven million people.How can you live such a large number of people on this tiny piece of land into two states?This is simply impossible. Isratine already exists. The West Bank includes both; Palestinian towns and Israeli settlements. You live that thrown together side by side. In the State of Israel is today, a million Palestinians live live, are citizens of Israel and Israelis in addition.   The Palestinian workers are those who hold Israeli factories running. The workers from Gaza and the West Bank working in Israel since 1948th Both groups are totally dependent on each other – what the areas in terms of goods, services and security. They are closer than any of us. The solution is the establishment of a single state for both parties. We must free ourselves from the culture of religious, linguistic and ethnic racism. This is the culture of the old guard. But the young people in Israel and Palestine want peace, want a single-state travel, want, want to do business, live a life as normal. That’s what they want. And that’s what the White Paper for discussion, and is the solution. I am sure that this solution is care of itself, because it Arises not selfish interests, seeking as those currently proposed by the those involved, who lie and deceive the people. I do not.”


      Question: Your Excellency, please give us a straight answer to this question. Egypt and Jordan have established diplomatic relations with Israel. Even Yasser Arafat has taken seeking relationships on behalf of the Palestinians. You have no problem with Israel. Why is there no diplomatic relations between Libya and Israel?


      The Supreme Leader: This question puts the cart before the horse from behind. It is not about diplomatic relations, but to solve a problem. Instead of finding a way to solve the problem, ask for the recognition. It’s like someone vorzusetzen raw meat, then to ask him why he did not eat it. The question should be: Why was not the meat before cooking, as it should be? And then you could talk about why it is not eaten. What I’m saying is that the order should be the following priorities: First, the problem must be solved, then we can talk about the recognition.

      Without such a solution, I do not think there is a place where recognition could be considered. I am very grateful to the University of Oxford, the students work, the translator and broadcaster. Thank you all, I am willing, if time permits, more meetings like this one to have with you. I think this exchange was extremely important.”


      Question: You are a man with a clear political vision and wisdom. What advice would you give to the leaders of Iran and the United States to address the problem between the two countries?


      BROTHER-LEADER: If Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes used, then I do not understand why anyone should have to complain about something. I do not think that anyone has that right to do. What is here but the real question? Is it the prevention of the spread of nuclear weapons, or that should be stopped, that the exploit third world countries, the nuclear power for themselves?

      Iran takes the position that if you deny them the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, this is tantamount to denying them the right for any development, and they all developing countries and third world countries. You ask how can you tell us the right to enrich uranium company. If the enrichment is based on peaceful purposes, then no one can object against the Iranian program. If it is used for military purposes, however, Iran could say that it was willing to give up its nuclear program, but only if other countries do it all, not only Libya, the same thing. The production of nuclear weapons continues unabated. In the Middle East, in Dimona, there is a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Pakistan has nuclear weapons. India as well. China is a nuclear power, Russia is a nuclear superpower. All these countries are geographically close to Iran, Iran, and ask yourself, why should we be the only country where it is not allowed to manufacture and possess these weapons? Many other nations, including Arabs, represent the same question. For example, the Egyptians would say now, if it is allowed the Israelis nuclear weapons and missiles to have, and Iran is in the manufacturing process, why should we not have the same right? Syria could say the same thing. But if the question Relates to weapons of mass destruction, then, as I have already said, Iran could argue that it will abandon its military nuclear program only if all programs are shut down, and if all nuclear weapons are disarmed. On the other hand, Iran does not acknowledge that it has a program for military purposes.Iran says its program is for peaceful purposes Solely, and Therefore have no right to demand to end to it. Thank you. With this answer I will bring our exchanges at the end.”


      On behalf of all those present here at Oxford University, I thank you, brother and leader, for your time, your contributions and your responses.


Muammar al-Qathafi lives in the hearts of millions:

14 MAI 2011

Muammar is showing you the way: Leader; salutes the courage of the masses of the Libyan people and events that youth and women gathered in the Green Square on Friday, high morale and strong horns of the most powerful Arab clients

Muammar Al Gaddafi 25 FEBR. 2011.

Here young people, children and grandchildren of Fallen Soldiers Jihad, who smashed the invasion of Italy, Empire of Italy crashed on the hands of the resistance of your fathers and grandfathers, we are able to really break any aggression, any aggression Snahtmh will the People, armed people, and when necessary, will open stores for the same token, all the Libyan people, all the Libyan tribes , and become Libya fire red; become coals. I came here for you to greet you, and I salute your courage, and I tell you I came to reply to them, want them, that I am in the midst of the people in the center of the masses, with the “Muammar Gaddafi” is not the President, nor the king, not president Government, nor has any constitutional powers, not administrative, but the people here love because of pride and we pride and honor and glory, history and struggle.

This is the people who knelt Italy and accepted by the son of “Omar Mukhtar,” and the revolution that knelt Italy and made her accept the hand of the son of “Omar Mukhtar” chief of the martyrs, the hero of the forest, the leader of the resistance of the Libyan National. this is the people who made Italy apologize and pay compensation forcibly about, and the revolution that has made Italy apologize and pay compensation is recessive, the revolution that made the summit in Libya, Libya is made commander of the Third World, but the whole world, the revolution that made the Libyan people in Ola, the Libyan people have made a great, great, very revolution. And that you sang and dance;, and always prepared, singing, and dance, and prepared. this high morale is the most powerful horns of the Arabs, the most powerful Arab clients of the horns Alozla, Alokhosh.

You see, Europe, look, O America, Look, O Arabs, look to the Libyan people, here is the “Muammar Gaddafi,” the center of the masses, among young people, this is the Libyan people, this is the fruit of the revolution, the people enthusiast, this enthusiastic young people; because he thinks that Revolution is the pride, the dignity, the glory, is the history, the revolution that revived Jihad heroes and ancestors, who was Mtmusa, the revolution that revived “Omar Mukhtar” Once again, the revolution that marked the battles of jihad in every place, and erected a memorial, so do not miss this sacrifices, they want to blur the sacrifices of our fathers and grandfathers.

I’m in the middle of the masses, and we will fight and we will defeat them if they wanted to not touch any part of the territory of Libya, Libya dust dear, We will defeat any foreign attempt to beat them as before, as we defeated Italian colonialism and American raids. Here the forces that are not invincible, here’s the power of the masses, the power of young people, life without the Almighty has no value, life without the glory of no value, life without banners held high, such as the green flags of no value, our lives have value; because in them the pride and glory, and pride, and victory, and the green flag Alkhvaq. Dear young people, take your time in any place in the streets, in fields, dance, sing, keep watch, Live out the life of splendor, Live out morale high, “Muammar Gaddafi” is only one of you, one of you, dance, and sing, and rejoice, and Amrhawwa


16 MARCH 2011

Speech of Gaddafi, on those who write  history


Speech MARCH 2011:

TNC/INC/NTC/NATO “revolution” is not a “revolution” of the people, the purpose is to return the OCCUPATION: Revolution want to return the occupation

so-called “17 February 2011 ‘Revolution’ ” really an uprising which wants to return the


not a “revolution” of the people at all! 35 minutes

What a REAL-REVOLUTION looks Like:

Al-Fetah 1969

September One


The so-called (evil) “17 Febr 2011”  was a COUP, whereas a real-Revolution is a popular movement of the peoples.


17 MARCH 2011, Muammar al-Qathafi pleas with Bengazi  

26 minutes


Speech of the Leader of the Libyan people in the ninety-sixth anniversary of the Battle of

the famous Alkarzabih, 01 MAY 2011

Muammar Al-Qathafi [



30 April 2011–
night of the murder of his son SAIF-al-ARAB and his three grandchildren and other friends at his son’s home where-at, in the evening at 18:00
(at the TIME OF NATO’s bombing), Muammar went out to feed the pet deer and animals!
COMMUNIQUE NUMBER ONE by Muammar Al Gaddafi Brother Muammar Gaddafi’s speech on the occasion of Alkarzabih:
بمناسبة معركة القرضابية معركة كل الليبيين، استمطر في البداية شآبيب الرحمة على شهداء القرضابية من جميع أنحاء ليبيا.وأستمطربصورة خاصة، الرحمة على روح جدي “خميس ابومنيار “الذي سقط شهيدا في
الفترةالأولى من بداية معركة القرضابية ومعه 400 شهيد من جميع أنحاء ليبيا، وقدوجد جثمانه الطاهر مضرجا بالدماء الزكية ؛ وهو في حالة التحام مع مقدمةالجيش الإيطالي والمرتزقة الذين معه.اليوم تمر الذكرى السادسة والتسعون لهذه المعركة الشهيرة الخالدة.كانبودنا أن يكون الكلام في هذا اليوم عن طي صفحة الماضي البغيض مع ايطالياونحن نقترب من مرور مائة سنة بعد شهور، 1911 الآن 2011 يعني مائة سنة علىغزو ايطاليا الغاشم لليبيا.كنا نعتقد أننا تعاملنا مع أمة متحضرة ومعروما ذات التاريخ المشهود، ولكن يؤسفني جدا أن في الذكرى المئوية للغزوالإيطالي، بدل أن نحتفل بطي هذه الصفحة المئوية المؤلمة، نجد أن الاستعمارالإيطالي والغزو الإيطالي قد تكرر بعد مائة سنة في هذا اليوم بالذات
NOMBRE COMMUNIQUE ONE par Mouammar Al Kadhafi
Frère Guide Mouammar Kadhafi discours à l’occasion de Alkarzabih A l’occasion de la bataille bataille Alkarzabih tous les Libyens, invoquer la miséricorde d’abord Habeb sur le Alkarzabih martyrs de tous les coins Libye. et Ostmatarbesorh compassion particulière pour l’esprit de mon grand-père “Khamis Eboumnyar”, qui est tombé en martyr dans le Afattrhalawly le début de la Alkarzabih bataille, le long de 400 martyrs de tous les coins la Libye, et le corps Qdugd Tahir couvert de sang pur; dans un état de fusion avec Mekdmaaljeic mercenaires italiens qui étaient avec lui. traverse aujourd’hui l’anniversaire de quatre-vingt-sixième de cette immortelle célèbre bataille. Kanbodena la parole ce jour-là pour le passé derrière désagréable avec Aitaleaonhan nous nous approchons de l’année du centenaire, après des mois 0,1911 Maintenant 2011 signifie une centaine d’années Alygzo Italie brutale à la Libye. Nous avons pensé que nous avons traité avec une nation civilisée et Maroma avec une histoire connue pour, mais je regrette beaucoup que, dans le centenaire de Gswalaatali, au lieu de célébrer Butti ce centenaire page douloureuse, nous constatons que Alastamaralaatali et l’invasion de l’Italie avait répété après cent ans dans le Cette journée particulière
Brother Muammar Gaddafi’s speech on the occasion of Alkarzabih
On the occasion of the battle Alkarzabih battle all Libyans, invoke initially Habeb mercy on the martyrs Alkarzabih from all over Libya. and Ostmatarbesorh special compassion for the spirit of my grandfather “Khamis Eboumnyar”,
who fell a martyr in the Afattrhalawly the beginning of the battle Alkarzabih, along with 400 martyrs from all over Libya, and Qdugd body Tahir covered in blood pure; in a state of fusion with Mekdmaaljeic Italian mercenaries who were with him. today going through the anniversary of Ninety-sixth of this famous battle immortal. Kanbodena be speaking on this day for the past behind obnoxious with Aitaleaonhan we approach the centenary year, after months 0.1911 Now 2011 means a hundred years Alygzo Italy brutal to Libya. We thought we dealt with a civilized nation and Maroma with a history known for, but I very much regret that in the centenary of Gswalaatali, instead of celebrating Butti this page centennial painful, we find that Alastamaralaatali and the invasion of Italy had repeated after one hundred years in the This particular day
Where the Treaty of Friendship?! Where treaty Admalesmah any aggression stems from Italy to Libya?! Where the Italian Parliament?! Where the Government of Italy?! Where is my friend Berlusconi?!. have Tasvetm and Aatdhirtm and Adntm colonialism, how repeating now the invasion of Libya again Btaúratkm?!. we believe that you are living with guilt towards the Libyan people who Admourtamoh in 1911 and to the Second World War. and Kdcherdtm the Libyan people in Tunisia and Algeria and Chad and Egypt, and Taúratkm Tqsvalqual carrying children and women who are fleeing from Zhvkm and your army and Btchkmutaúratkm. we believe that you are living with guilt towards the Libyan people, just as Germany infected with guilt toward the Jews Alanalmanaa very sensitive with respect to the Jews and for-Semitism, because they want to not Takerrhma guilt This racism of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. Germany is very sensitive toward the Jews and Tgahalasraúaliyn, because Hitler’s work Holocaust against the Jews and Germany dropped Htleretbert stage Hitler crazy Nazi, is not permissible for Germany at the present time Ontaml anything irrelevant from a distance or from close to the action of Hitler. we believe that Italy the same thing Ntaml something towards Libya, divorced from near or from afar policy Aitaliaalastmarih, Italy Afassih after that. have criminalized Italy and Sidiguibrlsconi and the Parliament of Italy – if there is a parliament -,
but it turns out that not Eugdberlman There is no democracy, the Italian people now stand on this; Alhabalaatali He wants peace. How do you go out and Tbaton Taúratkm and kill Libyans today and yesterday on the occasion of Alkarzabih?!. to Kdtasvet when I heard the Libyan people who are preachers today in memory of Markhalkarzabih in Sirte, where the battle took place Alkarzabih, vows Italy transfer Aharbely Italy, where they said that the war has become open between us and the Italy Onhatguetl our children in 1911 and 2011. permission Libyans have the right in the Qlwahaleom in memory of Alkarzabih, and I can not put a veto on the Libyans Vhmahrar to defend themselves; in the fight to the enemy if Orteurallibion that and “if Aaqpettm Faqbwa as much as they Aoukpettm by , and attacked you Vaatdoa him as he attacked you. ” This is what the Libyans today in Sirte, and I heard him on the radio I am very sorry that they, rather than praise the Alalacataljdidh and kindness between the two peoples, vows to respond to Italy and revenge Mnaatalia. young enthusiast, sees planes Italian bombing the city of Sirte today as it was exactly in 1911. any guilt Italy occupied Libya in 1911 and Aatdtaliha? It turns out that the adoption of the Italians and that the line of the Libyan people Brioulibaa innocent, and they Asaoa and destroyed and Bhdloa and hanged, tortured and killed, and Kdaatdhiroa and said that this will not happen again. How is repeated today in the same way?
Is 1911 was to protect civilians?!. have very only regret, sadness and pain in the reality on the agreement of friendship lost between us; and on the relationship the past useful to the two peoples. do not have the only self-defense under Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations principle of the right to self-defense. my friend. ” Medvedev, “the President Rossiaosidika” Putin “; and my friend the President of China and Prime Minister of India; and my friend Rishalbraszel my brothers and my brothers,” Zuma “and” Ali Bongo “and” Goodluck “the President of Nigeria; and my friend,” Socrates, “Portuguese Prime Minister: Does Russia, China, India and Albrzilujnob Africa, Nigeria and Gabon and Portugal and the rest of the members of the Security Council, do you, my friends, you decide you are in the Security Council in resolution 1973, aerial bombardments Alycab Libyan?!.
If you do not decide this, then who gave the right of the Atlantic Alliance that is based on this resolution, the destruction of Libya’s missile and aircraft?! . They are now 40 days Iedkon infrastructure in Libya!!. According to the decision issued by the Council of Alomnno. 1973, despite the lack of competence of the Security Council to this issue at all; because this Hondakhla does not belong to the Security Council at all, do you decide a naval blockade on Libya?!. Now there is a naval blockade. Are you decided oil embargo on Libya?!. Hlorteurtm political assassination and hit the headquarters of the “Gaddafi” office “Gaddafi”, for example Alveastqublkm it?! Is this a guaranteed resolution 1973; assassination and destruction Alambanieladaria?!. Is this the protection of civilians? The destruction of the infrastructure that Mthelmacal my friend “Putin’s” built by generations brick by brick, how come you and Tadmrunha?!.
Do you decide to ban air inclusive on Libya or an air in a limited area?!. now fly comprehensive Libya all!!. and Hilalhzer air only on Libya, or that the flight is prohibited in this area do not Otalsjula Libby nor anyone else?!. This fly: Do not Tdkhloh you nor we are. How fly to Libya and they are bombing flying the same area, which they said that the ban air?!. I speak to my friends in the Security Council and speak to the world’s conscience if he had the conscience: Do you decide to starve the Libyans and stop the supplies and goods that come from outside the fuel and any other items?
Did you decide this?!. Do you decide to starve the people of Libya?!. Do you decide that is permissible to fall victims daily military and civilians?!. Ontorteurtm an air only, then Go back to the Security Council resolution and reviewed what is going on Filipaa now and bore your responsibility historical toward the international law towards Alommaltdh towards the peoples of the world. Do you fly is to destroy everything?! Hilalhzer air means killing Libyans day?? Do you fly is to destroy the Abannahaltanah, transportation, phone calls, and that the patient can not Atsalpalmschwi and ask your doctor or ask the ambulance because the mobile does not work for Onalhoaúaat beat her and the people are no longer you can repeat the relate to each other?!.
even Almrorama received a traffic accident could not be contacted and requested an ambulance, and people can not relate to each other and ask for some of the incidents because the mobile infrastructure disruptions Bdharbalbnah?!. Do you decide this? Is this the protection of civilians?!. I heard my friend “Putin,” he says, “who gave that right to those to strike headquarters Gaddafi?! .. We did not decide this. ” and Qalsidika “Zuma” and my friend “Putin” that “the Security Council resolution 1973 does not allow Bakasvaljoa not to use force! It is not to kill Libyan civilians or military personnel or Baghtyalalqmafa for example,” and said “that which is now being contrary to the decision of 73”, and they Istd longly that  This decision process is brutal by those responsible for it now.
and Mademtem you may Aatervtm this and you did not decide this was not in your imagination that the application is so brutal, so must hold a hearing. Ontmoeda the Security Council, Aakaddoa session to review this decision and to review Alamlahalbarbria faced by people small is the Libyan people; and the state of a small developing Hialdolh Jamahiriya.
other point they are talking about Aaagafatalaq fire, we are the first to welcome the cease fire and we are the first approved Alyaaagaf fire we Libyans. but you stop the air attack Crusader Atlantic?.
did not stop.
Of the stop?!.
Are heretics followed the rule, believe in cease fire or believe in international law or under any standards or rules?!.
never, as you know them in Afghanistan and in Pakistan and in the Swat Valley, and you know Fayaldzaúr; and Algeria, you know .. in their own country how many years fight them the Algerian army, and know them in Somalia.
you know that these terrorist groups Azlea Charter nor the era does not recognize all these things: international law is Aleghanonaldola; stop the fire, what is the point of it; what the talks as negotiations; what the dialogue, this does not believe in it and do not believe democracy and Atabrunha kufr.
to Ibiatreh cease-fire, has announced how many times you agreed to a cease-fire, and ready at the moment to accept the cease-fire from its side, but do not Amkintniv cease-fire unilaterally.
dare Tdmnoa groups Almtpartyhmtaa rule, must comply with cease-fire, Come stopped by the Security Council; the United Nations; all resources will; Balotalsa all, unless you Stdharbonhambternekm as Tdharpununa
We now Bternekm. then the cease-fire, between whom and whom?!.
for heretics terrorists, we said they do not believe these things We can not agree with them on anything, I wish to accept a cease-fire. Balnsphlna We Libyans do not fight each other, and I have heard the confessions of young people to Hemenadmon and how they were misled and how they were forced by terrorists to Hmlalslah.
and terrorists are not Libyans, they came from outside of Afghanistan and Iraq and Algeria and even Tunisia and Egypt. and Taallowatfdiloa just go for the “tuber” Emirate followed the rule, admitted to the places that Echtbihoenfeha, come Bring the whole world comes to see the Atlantic Alliance, comes to see, Taallowallamancn that when you come to you, run away with them and Aagaflon them even Atrohm.
tell you that we are all places where they are in, and come they agreed you and them to stop shooting, and we accept this.
Klepien sure we Libyans do not fight each other, for some reason is very clear we are fighting for whom?!.
that comes from Benghazi, for example, attacked the Ajdabiya , Wayne Walker: For the Crusaders?! For Christians; for Christians?. Hmakvr, there is no Libyan accept never a disgrace and a betrayal, especially after it entered Aitaliaaleom, Libyans are all sworn to fight Italy as Qatloha in 1911, Siqatlunha today as Qatloha before, and there is no dispute between the Libyan Alymqatlh Italy after be repudiated and dare disregarded and sacrificed its own interests, in Stendahah, as long as the sacrifice of their interests, whether we will protect their interests?.
mean Libyan follows from Benghazi or Ajdabiya, Wayne Walker?. Anyiban you that we can not fight each other, because one even in the semi-Trivben Benghazi Ajdabiya and will think and say, “I will fight and Wayne Walker from?. Vomami Amimthela. “
We have found people in front of his uncle almost Onictlh, and one sister wife to a person came in front of him, and his brothers Monday, and one is coming found Akhahomamh; this Nasir, Omar, Saleh and Al-Hajj Muhammad, Musa Abubakar, we Narafhmuaarafonna, all of these have faced each other.Are we Libyans carry arms until we fight our brothers? Even kill your cousin and your brother and your father, and Nsepk in this region, which are all one family?!.
mean show you that we Libyans can not be fighting each other, can not fight each other for the flags of the Christians; Anytertf flags of the Christians over the Libyan soil?!. Bandirh Italy, we all fight them; and we burn and tread upon our feet, as we did in the battle cordon in Alzentan.
Al-Zentan trampled on the Italian flag their feet bare on purpose. Abannderh which Dsena in battle cordon in Al-Zentan, do you put them over our heads and fight for it to reach above the ground Libyan ?!. impossible, there is no Libby accept this only if it is not Libya .. Mercenary. Do you fight for heretics?!. Macolhon Libyans who do not know heresy, fighting with al-Qaeda and with heretics, and heretics do not recognize anyone, and Sikvrunhm, and they deny the whole world?!. fighting for the, for the traitors?!. Is there Libby is fighting for a traitor; says countries colonialism Come and colonized our country, and come you fight for me?!. can not. O our people in these areas: first Hientalbh of you is to hold on to your children, do not let them Agrron them, have told Hmozhbwa and you will get money and cars; and Tthsalon weapons, even Tabieoha. no .. No .. When due Libya as it was before this conspiracy, going to take cars.
Aaibnaúa all of you from papyrus to top of Igdir, and Essien and Fayyot until Aljgboboualkvrh and Tgrhi, you take cars; and you take loans, without Tamotamoa, and Takhdhuha of your right; hath provided. But you walker between the die
And that gets Alyklashanikov sell, possible to die, and possible get the car, and possible to die, reasonable kill you!!. Saddle your children, Wayne going anywhere?!. money brings you to you, and even arms; if you want to Taatdrbua arms and scrambled it for your country Libya. Halaoladi, these are my sons children laughed at them and recruited in Benghazi and came and Slmoanevshm and started shouting, “For You, O is Thurs * Ankhcoa Anar Kradis, and Lima wants to become Thurs * infect Eidur Wayne live.”
The Samatohm shouting on the radio, that cried one to the Chaffhm, young people like their father love “Muammar Gaddafi,” their leader and their father and their symbol.
To Begin Libyans cried all; when they heard these young Libyan Latin their Mntbriq or tuber or white or from Benghazi, and held them in Ajdabiya and Okhzuehtvon “on Shank, O is Thurs * Ankhcoa Kradis like fire. ” means make a person “choking lesson” when he sees these young sons, and they all say, “We regret we have laughed.” and then after that your son to die, of Srdh you: traitors?!
France?! Italy?! Heretics?! Are Srdouna you alive?!. and God will not see until the Day of Resurrection. you who your children are still alive, grabbed them do not let any one of them, enlisted, enlisted for Wayne Walker?!. Therefore, we do not fight each other.
these my children, and as of tonight parents Simeskun their . and that their parents Onamtakd Simeskunhm; their mothers and fathers and their brothers hold these Cpappalven deceived them, and Stadtakm
My sons car, loans and money; Elyandkm ..
Tagamarwa not deserve to be your life.My children the Free Officers who are now prisoners in Benghazi in this region: Onaaraf your situation .. Kelmtona at the last moment, every one of them spoke to me at the last moment and said, “Now Jawoni; burned my house, knocking on the door to kill me and Saslm myself,” said the “ladder of yourself and stay alive, and, God willing, the hour of salvation, and what you blame.” You are my children. . You are My beloved, you are my eyes, I will not Oqatlkm not you Tqatlona, otherwise life becomes meaningless.
Vanylo victorious, and one over the other, this victory has no meaning; and has no value at all, and life itself has no value at all; if we fight each other we Habayeb ; we are comrades long road trip historic. my children soldiers, who dispersed their units battalion holy battalion Jawafa battalion Elephant: Ontmihrasa, you are my children, Go back Go back, abstain if they had said to Kmtaallowa mobilized shoot at arms, arms in the face of those unless it was in the face of Aataliafa the face of NATO Atlantic?!. Jihad against the Crusader; possible, but to Taatrquaasalepien and come to fight the sons uncle, do not you Tzmonna and are Vipheotkm; and some of you a fugitive; and some of you are afraid, afraid that Itardokm; Ivbhokm, which has not Ivbhoh imposed by the conditions humiliating very, very, where Astkhaddmohbdrjh means if he died would have been better.
I said kept alive, but if he died would have been good for him; because they used it frequently used miserable too, had insulted him; mean some people insulted and anointed him its history, and was better off dead.
Bedibnaúa Free Officers, I sent them messages and responded, and they were Rjalaostjaboa, and I know they will not commit a crime against the nation and can not fight Tanalm Italy. and some compelled, but all of them in the end, as is said in the war strife major “Our hearts are with Ali; and our swords with Sid.”
concerned their hearts with us, even if it were their swords with the enemy, but their hearts with us, and Andmatata favorable opportunity, the swords will backfire on the enemy, just as cringe “Swehli” on the Italians; who was with them on this day in Alkarzabih. this occasion, we tell about the city of Ajdabiya: Ajaddabaamdena hold dear and love her very much; and I like to rest in, and even before the revolution Kntamshee ..
I walk until I get to Ajdabiya and Abate in Doarat “small rooms” Balaijarlon at the time were not there no hotels there is no need; only Doarh for rent, and you insist Faajaddabaa and relax myself. and Ajdabiya striving, and was Adjatna Ajdabiya they Kantathana and which come in his bed, and we thought of as being among the areas that turn it into Mnmkanha and put them in a place where water after the revolution. After our river Alsnaaaalazim, thank God, I’m happy Bajaddabaa, was come to me, “Alsnosialatyosh” God bless his soul and his group, they tell me that “Ajdabiya will die of thirst; masterminded it, the desalination plant has been disrupted; Company slackened, and how to bring her water sweet Mnsear, “and you Aref as a process is useful.
The Latina Praise be to the river, and I told them, “Put the tank in Ajdabiya to Artwooa with their own eyes”, and the water tank Mledaúma and never, and I told them that Khozanaltoazin put it in Ajdabiya, even kill Ajdabiya historical and thirst become ruyasiz Historically, irrigation history. this Ajdabiya. Alaneetmzk and my heart torn apart as Ajdabiya, all that comes with guns beat her; Adharbhabarashashat, enter you; briefed them; enter more than this; seen them ..
To Gmha .. Multiply, barricaded themselves in this place, the other party comes Edmrk!!.
why?! What is the fault of Ajdabiya; Tadmrunha?!. “5000” five thousand family population Ajdabiya, scattered.
Parwaascane present, factories are present, Islands rotation of the best have tied Bbnghaziyomrboth Btabriq head and oases, and I’m hilarious so I can say that Ajdabiya Rbenarahmha because it is the city of the Mujahideen. but now the back of the contrary, what this resentment which focused on Ajdabiya?. Where is her family? Where Moroccans? Where Azwaip? Where tribes? Where Aribat?. an income and where your children?!.
Refer to Ajdabiya. Onaguetrah that Ajdabiya to be a sanctuary, military operations, Manmasar must be Ajdabiya neutral from military operations, Let her alone.
If Aalepien “My Lord went Hirtkm” are fighting one another , fought one another outside Ajdabiya, not Tmarwa to Ajdabiya. Ajdabiya must be because her population and returns as it was, her children are working in the oil, and water next to them, and electricity next to them, thank God. mercy Ajdabiya. and Ontmalven Latin destroying in Ajdabiya, you are not of Ajdabiya, One in coming of Tabriqedmr in Ajdabiya, what do you care about them?, and one of the tuber and destroy Ajdabiya, and one Atman Afghanistan and destroy Ajdabiya, and one coming from Algeria and destroys Ajdabiya.
blame the people who reported that they have to return it, and prevent any one from entering not from the east nor of the West; and bombing flight.
even NATO should hear these words; and away from Ajdabiya.
No one from the heretics Eetmters in Ajdabiya; and Atakndq in Ajdabiya; and Istglalamarat and exploits the homes and families and enters in the middle, and becomes Iqatlokhrjoa of Ajdabiya, let Ajdabiya fully to her family demilitarized. and Onaadau in the African Union to come by observers from him, even watched the Medinhajaddabaa from all sides, and the remaining city demilitarized not involving any Chksamslh, and live lives of a civilian.
our “Abukhmadh” Secretary of the Conference of the popular Ajdabiya, directed in the letters, you should hear what he said.
and “Ibokhmadeh” is required to direct the call to the secretaries of the conference Cobeihalosasah in Ajdabiya to accept the words that I said I am now, back people and Trdjaalmatmrat Basic People; and it was decided that the Ajdabiya city demilitarized Alslahabaidh for military operations: O Atlantic spacing about us, Iaalatin of Tabrkomn dirt and any elsewhere and Benghazi, do not come to us and stay in your country, and units of the armed people committed are also not to traffic Ajdabiya not Tdkhalajaddabaa. and listen to me, “Abu Khmadh” which is a patriot and revolutionary, and listen to me of Trustees of the Basic People’s Congresses in Ajdabiya. and you, NATO who Chnon war crusade again bear the responsibility for you destroying the barrier to migration and terrorism.
Eugdjaddar insulator name Libya Libyan; system mass is located in Ibiaalve made the Libyan people were made by Gaddafi, this wall which his name to Ibiamstqrh, the buffer of immigration from Europe; A buffer of terrorism that Atotnoistotun are stationed in the north Africa.
Now you Tdkon forty days Baknabulkm and Besoarichkm;
You fools destroying the wall that stops immigration, stop terrorism. If the collapse of this wall, Woe to you of the immigration millions, and woe to you from terrorism along the North Africa. and Ocollkm O Crusaders who Chnon crusade unfair: Where do you run?! Why Chnon war on the Libyan people and destroying Libya, for any reason?! Any Hietamon?. I tell you the truth: There are four things Oaosoa of them now, do not deceive yourselves, do not you conduct behind the mirage; not Thrthoa in the sea. Manmadharpettm of missiles and aircraft and raids in the night and day and Ruatm civilians, and kill civilians; and have destroyed schools; and ye travel hospitals and infrastructure, and even if you use the atomic bombs, there are four things Oaosoa them because you Nthakqgua of any success is inevitable. What?. –
First: Libya’s political system: Alnzamalssayas Libyan This, not made by “Gaddafi”; this made the Libyan people, Fndmacamt Revolution in 1969, and we in the Revolutionary Command Council; surprised Palmatmratalcobeih formed by the masses, and when they heard that the monarchy fell; and parliament fell; and the government fell; and that the Libyan people become free, worked the power replaced Alsulthalsmh government collapsed. We did not know there is something called Almatmratalcobeih, but We were surprised to come to the cables of the Revolutionary Command Council: Almatmralhaba basic Ffersogh for example, “and congratulate you Aaiedkm”; Mizdah People’s Congress; GPC Qara Polly; GPC tuber; GPC languages. Vicl conferences popular place ..
Popular Conferences, in the beginning, the support of the revolution Vicl conferences popular place ..
Popular Conferences, initially was support for the Thorhutene the Revolutionary Command Council and the army at that time.
then began Almatmratalcobeih, sent to the Revolutionary Command Council; demands and needs, “We Tnqsnaalmiah, we are short of the road, we are missing hospital, we are missing school,” and Bdoaigdmon such requests from whom? . means the People’s Congress is the one who offers, Nhantbennina what his people is that power has become, however, the people, conferences Habahootoornaha that the People’s Congresses are committees popular.
has Alsulthcobeih; and became all Libyan men and women who have attained the age of majority, they Alanthelath millions who have power of adults age , or more, Haaeemarson power. Libya’s political system is now embodied in these millions, Vicl individual Libyan embodied the political system, but if it breaks the Libyan people and turned; and Otibashab last accept elections or on behalf of or anything. Libyan people beyond the stage of the prosecution and the stage of the elections, and has now reached that power is exercised directly by himself, can not be due to the back.
Vicl case one can not; no “Muammar Gaddafi,” nor NATO nor Oauahd, it is estimated that the Libyan political system change unless other Caballibebnevsh in the People’s Congresses, if you met the people’s congresses in Jomen Alamanbaida for the shelling; and away from the arms, and people feel it comforting not Tojdarshashat pointed at the Congress; There is no one in his hand a knife Zarqawi Kiivbha; no air raids and missile from the outside.
if held Basic People’s Congresses in an atmosphere free from this terror of internal and external, estimates that decide anything.
Maandna rule but the Libyan people, no matter worked France; no matter how America worked; Manmaammelt Britain; the work of Mars; work, “Gaddafi”, he can not change the Alnzamalssayas Libyan unless they changed the Libyan people. myself if I say that Sulthcab canceled, will resurrection it, and they tell me not have the right and Ejononna, and say to me, you committed high treason, they say we are our own people’s congresses, the Atkdr abolish it; people’s congresses is not elected, the people’s congresses Hialhab Libyan whole. permission Aaosoa from the change of the Libyan political system and replace it with any other system but If the decision of the Libyan people in the Basic People’s Congresses. until “Gadhafi” does not interfere with it, not one involved in it, and Ntrqua anyone come and Tstaftialhab-Libi, is being held LBPCs without bombing and without sprinklers Manaldakhl or abroad: any system do you want, free. any system determined by the Libyan people, no one can tell him no, because I do not have any authority I can Avredha on the Libyan people. Hzhno.
one Aaosoa them even if you continue forty years, not forty days, and ye travel even atomic bombs, does not appreciate that changed Libya’s political system, but If other Libyan people freely; and not under the bombardment. –
The second thing: “Gaddafi” go Mirahl, invalidate what invalidated, this Aaosoa such as Aistm than the first, because “Gaddafi” has no authority in the post leaving him. I left these positions from 1977, The power of the people; and on the public system Mnesbnabalkamil we give up, and became like brothers, like me, members of the Revolutionary Command Council; where are they now Hlandhm authority to step down; where to step down .. The revolution and they have made; and power Slmohallhab?!.
I’ve revolution; and handed power to the people, I do not have any Hajhokhry; and my country will not leave, and my rifle I am fighting for my country, my country will not leave, but nobody forced me to leave my country, no one can say that I do not defend your country. gun exists and will defend them, this is not the position nor the resignation of them do not leave it.
I’m staying with the remains of my ancestors who fought for Italy in 1911, the first martyr fell in the battle of the five serious, “Abdel-Salam Hamid Ibomenaar,” How do I leave Cyprhoamhi him, I quote beside it. and serious “Khamis Bomenaar” quote on this day in Alkarzabih; not leave his remains, and my grandfather, “Hamad Bomenaar” executed him Italians in Jufrah between Danobin Hoon; is with a group of martyrs of Alaftaúm. this Aaosoa them, nor Taatkelmoa it. Hzhtkhalakm place of laughter, because this man will tell you handed over power of 77 and not Dioa position and say Leave him, leave what?! Leaves his country, and God Kues!!.
Hzhla Taatkelmoa them because they replace the ridicule and mockery of you, and Tsvkm ignorance because you Ontmla understand Libya’s political system; not understand a “Muammar Gaddafi.” “Muammar Gaddafi” if he has the power to the people does not like, but the people Allepiehab “Muammar Gaddafi” and venerated, because it has no power, because power is the people. Analo I was President of the Republic would have been my fate like the fate of the President of Tunisia; and the President of Egypt, because Alvefa power people you hate, but I’m with the people in order to seize power and Imarssalsulth, and people do not bounce on “Gaddafi”, because “Gaddafi” in the middle of Cabihrdah on the exercise of power.
If there’s Committees administrative not benefit the people of Libya is estimated to change it at any time. executive authority in Libya if it is the people’s committees, as you have governments, the People’s Congresses change hundred times a day. Alganhcobeih general is like a cabinet with you, can People’s Congress two years take place at any time and change completely if he wanted, or change Ncefhaorbaha, and change its secretary comes to any one else instead of it, without demonstrations and Aahtgajat or anything, and without that we know , and without even heard of me. – the third thing: that Aaosoa it does not Ttmawa it; is oil. oil without death, what greedy: to occupy the oil and Tdkhuh to go to your own safe and a Muslim?!. the Libyan people all Séjm you Bmlaenh in the area of oil, not Ttmawa you occupy the oil and enjoy it; and the Libyan people watching. oil without death, and must be under the control of the Libyan people and the Libyan state, to Atht an armed gang.
not allow heresy, and do not allow traitors; do not allow gangs armed; to control the oil. oil has to be to reassure the people of Libya that under the state control of the Libyan state mass and its official institutions, its army and the people armed. want to buy oil, to prevent you?!. want to come your companies and drilling for oil?!, Welcome, French companies; Tlianih; English, Chinese. Tguetlonnamn for what? In order that your company a non take oil contracts?!,
This Bdonguetal, negotiate we and you; Take hold of this franchise, you are your share how I share my how much?,
And what Ntfqgua; Noukawa, come the company to drill and develop this field and benefit from it. what the greedy more than this?, ambition is to take your oil remains king until you are you?!, this is impossible. Come developed oil fields, oil Naqboa .. Gas, comes your company, and we come to a satisfactory agreement and mutually beneficial, without bombing and without war. But what the greedy more than this?!. –
The fourth point: the greedy occupy Libya?!. impossible, Libya 2 million square kilometers, will not Tertahawwa where even if Onazeltoa all your troops, you will die in the desert and in the mountains and valleys, and Siqatlkm the Libyan people as a whole. Alannozaa arms widely to the Libyan people, thousands of thousands of thousands of people Thmlalan machine guns and take up arms and carry launchers, and what Ngzona on land Seetmtzlih millions. do appreciate that face up an army of one million fighter, Icombhrb bands along the beach Libyan and Libyan desert in Aljebalallibah?!.
appreciate that Tusbandoh?!, unless Stdharboh atom bomb, please strike the atomic bomb, we are not afraid, we want the certificate. Hzhalmchklh: We want the certificate or the freedom and glory, We do not want life, Klnaallepien now do not want life; my martyrdom of my glory and freedom over our land, Ontirkonnena and confess that we have the right of above ground and under the sun Nanlh deserved, and Amastnkron us this and Tqatleuena, please fought to the end until Balguenablaldhirah that Nnthua, we do not want life, you either live freely, my Amanmot.
Libyan people will develop resistance to children and women and the elderly to Janbalrjal, Sazhvon no weapon to free families captive; families fleeing; families that were closed by the gangs cement, which we do not know if Haho dead; families broken by the water and electricity. this Alaaúlataserh wherever they are, and the Libyan people Sazhv his children and his wives and his men and the elderly, to edit these families Ptdharbwa Please strike Btaúratkm, Kill what you like Manalotafal and women. areas where the families of the captive SEEKS, the right of the state to loosen their families, such as your countries. Ontmilo get with you that you leave them?, The whole world is fighting in the armed gangs Mthelhzh, Algeria How many years are fighting in armed gangs, why did not Tamiloa against the decision of 1973?, can not.
Somalia we are with her government against armed gangs, the Great Lakes is also the fight against gangs, Uganda, we are with Overnmhonga against LRA, which they see as a gang armed rebel, and you Nevskmtaadunha. in Chechnya, who were rebels, not one fought with them, and each of you favor in the Russian government. Basque endorsed by, Irish Republican Army of the supported, the Red Brigades of the endorsed; all these gangs outside the law. Amakant there an armed gang in Libya captured the families or the street, I say that Qguatalcab armed as possible to step aside and leave the Libyan people to free Nevshbnevsh; and if ye slew or Qceftamoh, come Oqsvoh. if the heretics are killing children and women, Flethmiloa this responsibility. to Begin thousands of thousands of Libyans and without weapons, liberate their country by country, and Christmoa their army; and if you Stdharbon the Libyan army and Tamiloa Libya state Bdonjeic, the people will protect military women and children and men. We are our children to Anradhm to live after us; less pain to you we either have to live freely and glory or a certificate; We are our children We want to sacrifice them nor want them to live after us; Vlimutwamana. leave us; and if you do not leave us, you will Stguetlon our children, and we are tomorrow we will enter our children and our women.
A woman in the Bani Walid worked to form, and will begin formations women; if there are a million men, there will be a million women, too. families expelled from Misurata and Okhzumsaknha and Amloha trenches, and locations of the throw; should return to Misurata, you will begin Famekdma crawl their children Pencaúha want to go back to their homes; cut Alehmalme and electricity, have gone to them with cement, they say they are either with me or Onazbg; slaughtered km and is one of the Misurata.
You know that the Japanese people in Aharbalaalmih II when Japan surrendered and the atomic bomb Dharbtoha; said Kmvi Beware of the time that touch the emperor; have you tried Naoyen; Qallkm Take the Japanese people mind if this emperor will die each Alhabaliapani for him; how?. They said that it is sacred; it Leave him Emperor, and all that Hsalfa Japan after World War II; told them look swarms Taiareynaliapanian when Japan surrendered take their aircraft squadrons and enter the Famahat and commit suicide, they say, Long live the Emperor, in order to Anthronserba Emperor behind the swarm.
Gaddafi, the Libyan people for the sanctity of Ambratoraleaban more, because Gaddafi is not a governor nor imprisoned and beat with a whip, not isolated and does not mean anything; one who does not power to the Libyans; even insulation even sanctions to imprisonment Anyhzh things are all worked by the Libyans themselves popular congresses and people’s committees. Gaddafi Mstansen it and a symbol of glory and Azathm you, Thompson Andcab Libyan sacred objects. Gaddafi, the Libyan people, is linked to things material and moral revolution and Mrtbtandh Bagelaúkm Trdekm and from Libya, which you Tanlunha Tamamalinvt and returns, and which became the property of the Libyan people. This is done?
This currency Altiviadha Gaddafi revolution, and this can not be denied the Libyan people; Is this you or the currency you are. Shift from nests to huts and Albrarak to buildings and villas; Alnehralsnaaa great; agriculture; roads; ports; airports; education; and health; pensions; all these material things.خطاب الاخ معمر القذافي بمناسبة القرضابية بمناسبة معركة القرضابية معركة كل الليبيين، استمطر في البداية شآبيب الرحمة على شهداء القرضابية من جميع أنحاء ليبيا. وأستمطربصورة خاصة، الرحمة على روح جدي “خميس ابومنيار “الذي سقط شهيدا في الفترةالأولى من بداية معركة القرضابية ومعه 400 شهيد من جميع أنحاء ليبيا، وقدوجد جثمانه الطاهر مضرجا بالدماء الزكية ؛ وهو في حالة التحام مع مقدمةالجيش الإيطالي والمرتزقة الذين معه. اليوم تمر الذكرى السادسة والتسعون لهذه المعركة الشهيرة الخالدة. كانبودنا أن يكون الكلام في هذا اليوم عن طي صفحة الماضي البغيض مع ايطالياونحن نقترب من مرور مائة سنة بعد شهور، 1911 الآن 2011 يعني مائة سنة علىغزو ايطاليا الغاشم لليبيا. كنا نعتقد أننا تعاملنا مع أمة متحضرة ومعروما ذات التاريخ المشهود، ولكن يؤسفني جدا أن في الذكرى المئوية للغزوالإيطالي، بدل أن نحتفل بطي هذه الصفحة المئوية المؤلمة، نجد أن الاستعمارالإيطالي والغزو الإيطالي قد تكرر بعد مائة سنة في هذا اليوم بالذاتVIDEO (Youtube)أين معاهدة الصداقة ؟! أين معاهدة عدمالسماح لأي عدوان ينطلق من إيطاليا على ليبيا ؟! أين البرلمان الإيطالي؟! أين حكومة ايطاليا ؟! أين صديقي برلسكوني ؟!. لقد تأسفتم واعتذرتم وأدنتم الاستعمار، كيف تكررون الآن غزو ليبيا مرة أخرى بطائراتكم ؟!. كنا نعتقد أنكم مصابون بعقدة الذنب تجاه الشعب الليبي الذي دمرتموه عام 1911 وإلى قيام الحرب العالمية الثانية. ولقدشردتم الشعب الليبي في تونس وفي الجزائر وفي تشاد وفي مصر، وطائراتكم تقصفالقوافل التي تحمل الأطفال والنساء وهم هاربون من زحفكم وجيشكم وبطشكموطائراتكم. كنا نعتقد أنكم مصابون بعقدة الذنب تجاه الشعب الليبي، مثلما ألمانيا مصابة بعقدة الذنب تجاه اليهود الآنألمانيا حساسة جدا فيما يخص اليهود وما يخص السامية، لأنها تريد أن لا تكررهذا الذنب هذه العنصرية المحرقة ومعاداة السامية. ألمانيا حساسة جدا تجاه اليهود وتجاهالإسرائيليين، لأن هتلر عمل هولوكست ضد اليهود، وألمانيا أسقطت هتلرواعتبرت مرحلة هتلر مجنونة نازية، فلا يجوز لألمانيا في الوقت الحاضر أنتعمل أي شيء يمت بصلة من بعيد أو من قريب لأفعال هتلر.كنا نعتقد أن ايطاليا نفس الشيء لنتعمل شيئا تجاه ليبيا، يمت بصلة من قريب أو من بعيد لسياسة ايطالياالاستعمارية وإيطاليا الفاسية بعد ذلك. لقد جرٌمت ايطاليا وصديقيبرلسكوني وبرلمان إيطاليا -إذا كان هناك برلمان -، لكن تبين أن لا يوجدبرلمان وليست هناك ديمقراطية الشعب الإيطالي الآن يقف على هذا ؛ الشعبالإيطالي صديق يريد السلام. كيف تخرجون وتبعتون طائراتكم وتقتل الليبيين اليوم وأمس بمناسبة القرضابية ؟!. لقدتأسفت عندما سمعت أبناء الشعب الليبي وهم يخطبون اليوم في ذكرى معركةالقرضابية في سرت حيث وقعت معركة القرضابية، يتوعدون ايطاليا بنقل الحربإلى ايطاليا حيث قالوا إن الحرب أصبحت مفتوحة بيننا وبين ايطاليا لأنهاتقتل أبنائنا عام 1911 وعام 2011. إذن الليبيون عندهم الحق فيما قالوهاليوم في ذكرى القرضابية، وأنا لا أستطيع أن أضع فيتو على الليبيين فهمأحرار في الدفاع عن نفسهم ؛ وفي نقل المعركة إلى أرض العدو إذا قررالليبيون ذلك و”إذا عاقبتم فعاقبوا بمثل ما عوقبتم به، ومن إعتدى عليكم فاعتدوا عليه بمثل ما أعتدى عليكم“. هذا ما قاله الليبيون اليوم في سرت،وأنا كنت أسمعه في المذياع يؤسفني جدا أنهم بدل أن يثنوا على العلاقاتالجديدة والطيبة بين الشعبين، يتوعدون بالرد على ايطاليا والانتقام منإيطاليا. شباب متحمس، يرى الطائرات الإيطالية اليوم تقصف مدينة سرت كما كانت بالضبط عام 1911. بأي ذنب احتلت ايطاليا ليبيا واعتدتعليها عام1911 ؟ لقد أتضح بإقرار الطليان أنه خطا وأن الشعب الليبي برئوليبيا بريئة، وأنهم اسأوا ودمروا وبهدلوا وشنقوا وقتلوا وعذبوا، ولقداعتذروا وقالوا إن هذا لن يتكرر. فكيف يتكرر اليوم وبنفس الأسلوب ؟ هل1911 كان لحماية المدنيين ؟!. لانملك إلا الأسف والحزن والألم في الحقيقة على إتفاق الصداقة التي ضاعت بيننا ؛ وعلى العلاقة الماضية المفيدة للشعبين. ولا نملك إلا الدفاع عن النفس طبقا للمادة 51 من ميثاق الأمم المتحدة مبدأ الحق في الدفاع عن النفس. يا صديقي “ ميدفيديف” رئيس روسياوصديقي “بوتن” ؛ وصديقي رئيس الصين ورئيس وزراء الهند ؛ وصديقتي رئيسةالبرازيل وإخوتي وأشقائي “ زوما” و”علي بونغو” و”جودلك “ رئيس نيجيريا ؛وصديقي “سقراطس” رئيس وزراء البرتغال: هل روسيا والصين والهند والبرازيلوجنوب إفريقيا ونيجيريا والغابون والبرتغال وبقية الدول أعضاء مجلس الأمن،هل يا أصدقائي قررتم أنتم في مجلس الأمن في القرار 1973، القصف الجوي علىالشعب الليبي ؟!. إذا لم تقرروا هذا، إذن من أعطى الحق للحلف الأطلسي أن يقوم استنادا على هذا القرار، بتدمير ليبيا بالصواريخ والطائرات ؟!. 40 يوما الآن وهم يدكون البنية التحتية في ليبيا!!.حسب القرار الذي صدر من مجلس الأمنرقم 1973، رغم عدم اختصاص مجلس الأمن بهذه القضية إطلاقا ؛ لأن هذا شأنداخلي لا يخص مجلس الأمن أطلاقا، هل قررتم حصارا بحريا على ليبيا ؟!. الآن هناك حصار بحري. هل قررتم حظرا نفطيا على ليبيا ؟!. هلقررتم الاغتيال السياسي وضرب مقر “القذافي” مكتب “القذافي” مثلا الذياستقبلكم فيه ؟! هل هذا تضمنه القرار 1973 ؛ الاغتيال وتدمير المبانيالإدارية ؟!. هل هذه حماية المدنيين ؟ تدمير البنية التحتية التي مثلماقال صديقي “بوتن” التي بنتها أجيال طوبة طوبة، كيف تأتون أنتم وتدمرونها؟!. هل قررتم حظرا جويا شاملا على ليبيا أم حظرا جويا في منطقة محدودة ؟!. الآن حظر جوي شامل على ليبيا كلها!!. وهلالحظر الجوي على ليبيا فقط، أو أن الطيران ممنوع في هذه المنطقة لا أطلسيولا ليبي ولا غيره ؟!. هذا الحظر الجوي: لا تدخلوه أنتم ولا نحن. كيف الحظر الجوي على ليبيا وهم يقصفون بالطيران نفس المنطقة التي قالوا إن عليها حظرا جويا ؟!. أنا أكلم أصدقائي في مجلس الأمن وأكلم الضمير العالمي إذا كان عنده ضمير: هل قررتم تجويع الليبيين وإيقاف الإمدادات والسلع التي تأتي من الخارج الوقود وأي سلع أخرى ؟ هل قررتم هذا ؟!. هل قررتم تجويع الشعب الليبي ؟!. هل قررتم أن مباحاً أن يسقط ضحايا يوميا عسكريين ومدنيين ؟!. أنتمقررتم حظرا جويا فقط، إذن ارجعوا لقرار مجلس الأمن وراجعوا ما يجري فيليبيا الآن وتحملوا مسؤوليتكم التاريخية تجاه القانون الدولي تجاه الأممالمتحدة تجاه شعوب العالم. هل الحظر الجوي يعني تدمير كل شيء ؟! هلالحظر الجوي يعني قتل الليبيين يوميا ؟؟ هل الحظر الجوي يعني تدمير البنيةالتحتية والمواصلات والاتصالات الهاتفية، وأن المريض لا يستطيع أن يتصلبالمستشفي ويطلب الطبيب أو يطلب سيارة الإسعاف لأن النقال لا يعمل لأنالهوائيات ضربوها والناس لم تعد تسطيع أن تتصل ببعضها ؟!. حتى المرورإذا حصل حادث مروري لايستطيع أن يتصل ويطلب سيارة الإسعاف، والناس لاتستطيع أن تتصل ببعضها وتسأل عن بعضها في الحوادث لأن الموبايل تعطل بضربالبنية التحتية؟!. هل قررتم هذا ؟ هل هذا حماية المدنيين ؟!.أنا سمعت صديقي “بوتن” يقول “ من أعطى لهؤلاء الحق أن يضربوا مقر القذافي ؟!.. نحن لم نقرر هذا“. وقالصديقي “زوما” وصديقي “بوتن “ إن “ قرار مجلس الأمن 1973 لا يسمح بالقصفالجوي ولا باستخدام القوة ولا بقتل الليبيين مدنيين أو عسكريين ولا باغتيالالقذافي مثلا “، وقالا “إن الذي يجري الآن مخالف للقرار 73 “، وهم يستدلونعلى هذا القرار في العملية الوحشية القائمين بها الآن. ومادمتم انتم قد اعترفتم بهذا وأنتم لم تقرروا هذا ولم يكن في مخيلتكم أن يكون التطبيق بهذا الشكل الهمجي، إذن لابد من عقد جلسة. أنتمأعضاء مجلس الأمن، اعقدوا جلسة لمراجعة هذا القرار ولمراجعة العمليةالبربرية التي يتعرض لها شعب صغير هو الشعب الليبي ؛ ودولة صغيرة نامية هيالدولة الليبية. النقطة الأخرى إنهم يتكلمون عن إيقافإطلاق النار، نحن أول من يرحب بإيقاف إطلاق النار ونحن أول من وافق علىإيقاف إطلاق النار نحن الليبيين. لكن هل وقف الهجوم الجوي الصليبي الأطلسي ؟. لم يتوقف. من يوقفه ؟!. هل الزنادقة تبع القاعدة، يؤمنون بإيقاف إطلاق النار أو يؤمنون بالقانون الدولي أو يخضعون لأي مقاييس أو قواعد ؟!. أبدا،وأنتم تعرفونهم في أفغانستان وفي باكستان وفي وادي سوات، وتعرفونهم فيالجزائر ؛ والجزائر تعرفهم..في بلادهم كم سنة يقاتلهم الجيش الجزائري،وتعرفونهم في الصومال.تعرفون أن هذه الجماعات الإرهابية ليسلها ميثاق ولا عهد ولا تعترف بكل هذه الأشياء: القانون الدولي ما القانونالدولي ؛ إيقاف إطلاق النار، ما الهدف منه ؛ ما المحادثات ما المفاوضات ؛ما الحوار، هذا لا يؤمنون به ولا يؤمنون بالديمقراطية ويتعبرونها كفر. ليبياترحب بوقف إطلاق النار، وقد أعلنت كم مرة موافقتها على وقف إطلاق النار،ومستعدة حتى هذه اللحظة أن تقبل بوقف إطلاق النار من طرفها، لكن لا يمكنتنفيذ وقف إطلاق النار من طرف واحد. أتحداكم أن تضمنوا الجماعات المتطرفةمتاع القاعدة، أن تلتزم بوقف إطلاق النار، تعالوا أوقفوهم بمجلس الأمن ؛بالأمم المتحدة ؛ بكل إمكانياتكم ؛ بالأطلسي كله، إلا إذا كنتم ستضربونهمبطيرانكم مثلما تضربوننا نحن الآن بطيرانكم. ثم إن وقف إطلاق النار، بين من ومن ؟!. بالنسبة للزنادقة الإرهابيين، قلنا إنهم لا يؤمنون بهذه الأشياء ولا يمكن أن تتفق وإياهم على أي شيء، ياريت يقبلون بوقف إطلاق النار. بالنسبةلنا نحن الليبيين لا نقاتل بعضنا، ولقد سمعتم اعترافات الشباب كيف همنادمون وكيف تم التغرير بهم وكيف أْجبروا من طرف الإرهابيين على حملالسلاح. والإرهابيون ليسوا ليبيين، فهم جاؤوا من الخارج من أفغانستان ومن العراق ومن الجزائر وحتى من تونس ومصر. وتعالواتفضلوا اذهبوا لـ” درنة” إمارة تبع القاعدة، ادخلوا للأماكن التي يختبئونفيها، تعالوا هاتوا العالم كله يأتي ليرى الحلف الأطلسي، يأتي ليرى، تعالواللاماكن التي عندما تأتون إليها أنتم، يهربون بهم ويقفلون عليهم حتى لاتروهم. نقول لكم نحن عن الأماكن التي هم موجودون فيها، وتعالوا اتفقوا أنتم وإياهم على إيقاف إطلاق النار، ونحن نقبل بهذا. كليبيين أكيد نحن الليبيين لا نقاتل بعضنا، لسبب واضح جدا وهو نحن نقاتل لأجل من ؟!. الذي يأتي من بنغازي مثلا هاجم على اجدابيا، وين ماشي: من أجل الصليبيين ؟! من أجل المسيحيين ؛من أجل النصارى ؟. هذاكفر، لا يوجد ليبي يقبل به أبدا وهو عار وخيانة خاصة بعد أن دخلت ايطاليااليوم، الليبيون كلهم سيقاتلون إيطاليا مثلما قاتلوها عام 1911،سيقاتلونها اليوم مثلما قاتلوها من قبل، وليس هناك خلاف بين الليبيين علىمقاتلة ايطاليا بعد أن تنكرت وتجرأت واستهترت وضحت بمصالحها، في ستينداهية، مادامت ستضحي بمصالحها، هل نحن سنحمي مصالحها ؟. يعني الليبي الآتي من بنغازي أو من اجدابيا، وين ماشي ؟. حتىأبين لكم أننا نحن لا يمكن أن نقاتل بعضنا، لأن الواحد حتى في نصف الطريقبين بنغازي واجدابيا سيفكر ويقول “أنا وين ماشي وسأقاتل من ؟. فأمامي عميمثلا“. فلقد وجدنا شخصا أمامه عمه كاد أنيقتله، وواحد اخته زوجة لشخص جاء أمامه، وإخوته الإثنين، وواحد آت وجد اخاهأمامه ؛ هذا ناصر وعمر وصالح والحاج محمد وموسى ابوبكر، نحن نعرفهمويعرفوننا، كل هؤلاء واجهوا بعضهم. هل نحن الليبيين نحمل السلاح حتى نقاتل إخوتنا ؟ حتى تقتل ابن عمك، وأخاك، واباك، ونسيبك في هذه المنطقة التي كلها عائلة واحدة؟!. يعني أبين لكم أننا نحن الليبيين لايمكن أن نقاتل بعضنا، لا يمكن أن نقاتل بعضنا من أجل أعلام النصارى ؛ حتىترتفع أعلام النصارى فوق الأرض الليبية ؟!. بنديرة ايطاليا، كلنا نقاتلها ؛ ونحرقها وندوس عليها بأقدامنا، مثلما فعلنا في معركة الكردون في الزنتان. الزنتان داسوا على العلم الإيطالي بأرجلهم الحافية عمدا. البنديرة التي دسنا عليها في معركة الكردون في الزنتان، هل نضعها فوق رؤوسنا ونقاتل من أجلها لكي تصل فوق الأرض الليبية ؟!. مستحيل، ليس هناك ليبي يقبل بهذا إلا إذا كان ليس ليبياً.. مرتزق. هل نقاتل من أجل الزنادقة ؟!. معقولةأن الليبيين الذين لا يعرفون الزندقة، يقاتلون مع القاعدة ومع الزنادقة،والزنادقة لا يعترفون بأحد، وسيكفرونهم، وهم يكفرون الدنيا كلها ؟!. يقاتلون من أجل من، من أجل خونة ؟!. هل هناك ليبي يقاتل من أجل خائن ؛ ويقول لدول الاستعمار تعالوا واستعمروا بلادنا، وتأتي أنت تقاتل من أجلي ؟!. لا يمكن. يا أهلنا في تلك المناطق: أول شيءنطلبه منكم هو امسكوا أولادكم ولا تدعوهم يغررون بهم، فلقد قالوا لهمأذهبوا وستحصلون على فلوس وسيارات ؛ وتتحصلون على أسلحة حتى تبيعوها. لا.. لا.. عندما ترجع ليبيا مثلما كانت قبل هذه المؤامرة، ستأخذون السيارات. ياأبنائي كلكم من البردي إلى رأس أجدير، ومن أيسين والفيوت إلى غاية الجغبوبوالكفرة وتجرهي، تأخذون السيارات ؛ وتأخذون القروض، بدون أن تموتموا،وتأخذوها من حقكم ؛ رزقكم. أما أنت ماشي بين أن تموت وبين أن تحصل علىكلاشنيكوف تبيعها، ممكن أن تموت، وممكن تحصل على سيارة، وممكن أن تموت،معقولة يقتلونك!!. شدوا أولادكم، وين ماشيين ؟!. الفلوس تأتيكم إلى عندكم، وحتى السلاح ؛ لو تريدون أن تتدربوا على السلاح وتدافعوا به عن بلدكم ليبيا. هؤلاءأولادي، هؤلاء أبنائي أطفال ضحكوا عليهم وجندوهم في بنغازي وجاؤوا وسلمواأنفسهم وراحوا يهتفون “على شانك يا بات خميس * انخشوا عالنار كراديس، والليما يبغي بات خميس * يعدي ايدور وين يعيش“. ولقد سمعتوهم وهم يهتفون في الإذاعة، إلى أن بكى الواحد لما شافهم، شباب يحبون أباهم يحبون “معمر القذافي” قائدهم وأباهم ورمزهم. ولابدأن الليبيين بكوا كلهم ؛ عندما سمعوا هؤلاء الشباب الليبي آتين بهم منطبرق أو من درنة أو من البيضاء أو من بنغازي، وأْمسك بهم في أجدابيا وأخذوايهتفون “ على شانك يا بات خميس * انخشوا كالنار كراديس“. يعني تجعل الشخص “ تخنقه العبرة “ عندما يرى هؤلاء الشباب أبنائي، وكلهم يقولون “ نحن نادمين فلقد ضحكوا علينا“. ثم إن بعد ان يموت أبنك، من سيرده لك: الخونة ؟! فرنسا ؟! إيطاليا ؟! الزنادقة ؟! هل سيردونه لك حيا ؟!. والله لن تراه إلى يوم القيامة. أنتم الذين أبناؤكم مازالوا أحياء، إمسكوا بهم ولا تدعوا أي أحد منهم يتجند، يتجند وين ماشي ؟!. إذن نحن لا نقاتل بعضنا. هؤلاء أبنائي، واعتبارا من الليلة أهلهم سيمسكون بهم. وأنامتأكد أن أهلهم سيمسكونهم ؛ أمهاتهم وآباؤهم وإخوانهم يمسكون هؤلاء الشبابالذين غْرر بهم، وستاتيكم يا أبنائي السيارات والقروض والفلوس ؛ إلىعندكم.. ولا تستحق أن تغامروا بحياتكم.أبنائي الضباط الأحرار الذين أصبحوا اسرى الآن في بنغازي في هذه المنطقة: أناأعرف وضعكم.. كلمتوني في آخر لحظة، كل واحد فيهم كلمني في آخر لحظة وقال“الآن جاؤوني ؛ حرقوا بيتي، ويدقون على الباب ليقتلوني وسأسلم نفسي”، قلنا“ سلٌم نفسك وأبقى حيا و إن شاء الله تأتي ساعة الخلاص، وما عليكم لوم”. أنتم أبنائي.. أنتم أحبائي، أنتم عيوني، أنا لن أقاتلكم ولا أنتم تقاتلوني، وإلا تصبح الحياة بلا أي معنى. فحتىلو انتصر واحد على الآخر، فهذا النصر ليس له معنى ؛ وليست له قيمة أبداً،والحياة نفسها ليس لها قيمة أبداً ؛ إذا كنا سنقاتل بعضنا نحن الحبايب ؛نحن رفاق الدرب الطويل الرحلة التاريخية. أبنائي الجنود الذين تشتت وحداتهم كتيبة الفضيل كتيبة الجويفي كتيبة الفيل: أنتمحراسي، أنتم أبنائي ،ارجعوا ارجعوا، امتنعوا اذا كانوا قد قالوا لكمتعالوا تجندوا ارموا السلاح، السلاح في وجه من إلا إذا كان في وجه ايطاليافي وجه حلف الأطلسي ؟!. جهاد ضد الصليبية ؛ ممكن، أما أن تتركواالصليبيين وتأتوا لتقاتلوا أبناء عمكم، فلا انتم تسمعونني وموجودون فيبيوتكم ؛ والبعض منكم هارب ؛ والبعض منكم خائف، خائفين أن يطاردوكم ؛يذبحوكم، والذي لم يذبحوه فرضوا عليه شروطا مذلة جدا جدا حيث استخدموهبدرجة يعني لو مات لكان أحسن. قلت له أبقى حيا، لكن لو مات لكان خيرا له ؛ لأنهم استخدموه استخداما مزريا جدا ،فقد أهانوه ؛ يعني البعض أْهين ومسحوا له تاريخه،وكان الموت أفضل. بعضأبنائي الضباط الأحرار، بعثت لهم رسائل واستجابوا، وكانوا رجالاواستجابوا، وأعرف أنهم لن يرتكبوا جريمة ضد الوطن ولا يمكن أن يقاتلوا تحتعلم إيطاليا. وبعضهم مرغم، لكن كلهم في النهاية، مثلما يقال في حرب الفتنة الكبرى “ قلوبنا مع علي ؛ وسيوفنا مع معاوية”. يعنيهم قلوبهم معنا، حتى لو كانت سيوفهم مع العدو، لكن قلوبهم معنا، وعندماتأتي الفرصة المواتية فإن سيوفهم سترتد على العدو، مثلما ارتد “السويحلي” على الطليان ؛ الذين كان معهم في مثل هذا اليوم في القرضابية.
Hannibal al-Qathafi’s little son was murdered  at 18:00 on the evening of 30 April 2011 along with Hannibal’s brother SAIF-al_ARAB and Aicha‘s daughter
and Mahamoud‘s daughter too! (and some neighbors)

Interview with the leader in the figures mark the fourth anniversary of the Libyan people of

the thirty-declaration of  “the power of the people”; and the birth of the first Jamahiriya

(mass) in world history in 1977:

Muammar Al-Gaddafi full length video 2:36

02 MARCH 2011
Older greetings and congratulations to the Libyan people on the occasion of the anniversary of the proclamation of the People’s Authority in 1977. since day 2 of March 1977, the power of the people. 
This is an announcement of the authority of the people, and I want to remind the world it; that since 1977,
Smt power I and the officers who carried the revolution to the people Libyan People’s Congresses and People’s Committees, and since that time we did not practice the power is not political or administrative, not us anything to do with power at all. 
We’ve revolution in order to free the Libyan soil, which was occupied by up to a maximum of U.S. forces, British and Italian, and the liberated oil and Slmnah to the Libyan people, and liberated the land and become a free and delivered to the Libyan people, and Avckkna power of the reactionary, and colonialism, and put them in the hands of the Libyan people. since 1977, and the Libyan people is responsible for power, and the Libyan regime is the system of people’s power system, the People’s Congresses and People’s Committees,
It is not a president or a system of government, or a party or a class or family. and who wants to make sure, to come, we Nthaddah and put our fingers in his eyes hard.  Nthaddah to come to the Libyan people and know the truth. 
and I want to remind the world some of the paragraphs of the historic Declaration “Declaration of for the power of the people in 1977 “that Libya became under which a mass state of the masses, from the Republic to the public. 
and the Libyan mean state of the masses, which are governed by the masses of men and women from the age of majority or older, who are members of the Basic People’s Congresses, and ascend the People’s Committees. and conferences decide, and People’s Committees carried out. the last stage of the struggle for peoples’ access to true democracy, as practiced directly without behalf; without elections, without intermediary, without head, without a government. 
Valjmaheria, is eventually crawl peoples towards democracy. These are some of the paragraphs of the Declaration of 77: 
“The people of the Libyan community in the General Forum of people’s congresses and people’s committees and trade unions General People’s Congress, .. 
from the first statement of the revolution, and letter of visitors to the historic, decides to issue such a declaration marking the establishment of the authority of the people, and promises to the people of the earth Banblaj the dawn of the era of the masses . –
I / be the official name of Libya, “Libyan Arab Socialist People’s Libyan.” –
II / Koran, is the law of society in the Jamahiriya. –
III / power direct popular, is the basis of the political system in the Jamahiriya. 
means that the political system in the mass, is that the power of direct popular is the basis of the political system in the mass, power to the people with no power to others, and the people exercise power through People’s Congresses and People’s Committees, trade unions, the law defines the system work. –
defending the country, the responsibility of every citizen. are through general military training, training of people, armed, law regulates the way the preparation of tire war and general military training. ” 
I just remind the world that such a day since 1977 the power of the people, and became a political system in Libya is the system of people’s power. power of the people, it means the People’s Congresses and People’s Committees; and conferences are popular where there is all the Libyan people; all the Libyan people is expressed in the People’s Congresses and the power is exercised through the People’s Congresses, and shall be decided by the People’s Committees. 
We want the world to understand this fact; because there is no place for the President, nor to the king, not a leader, not broker, nor to a guardian, for the system JAMAHIRIYA (masses). 
people is Mr., who with his hand of power;
is the owner of the system;
is the author of the resolution, shall not issue a law in Libya only if issued by the People’s Congresses in full in which all the Libyan people, and formulated in the General People’s Congress by Trustees of the People’s Congresses, which passed the law, and when drafted by General People’s Congress becomes effective. not signed by the commander, and signed by the “Gaddafi”, not signed by anyone, if issued by the People’s Congresses and drafted by the General People’s Congress, and signed by the General People’s Congress becomes valid, and applies to all Libyans and the Libyan soil. can not draw any foreign policy or internal or declaration of war or peace, unless approved by the People’s Congresses
So this system, which does not understand the world, is the system of people’s power, is the system of the Libyan people as a whole, It is opposed to the authority of the people? . this point. second point: we hear these days, mention of my name I personally for example abroad, and we laughed and Astgrbena, what your relationship with me?!,
I have a revolution in 69, and handed power to the people, and comfortable in my tent, and became everything but people. through such a long time, I was just a reference, code, shall seek my people and merely uses my people, and when they disagree sometimes in People’s Congresses or in the People’s Committees; or in trade unions, if not solve their problem, they say to me, “Nrjok used Nfozk literary, use the revolutionary legitimacy to help us . 
and even to attend the General People’s Congress, we are attending at the invitation of the General People’s Congress, they ask me and send to the cable before the world say the “hope of the leader to bring us, and honored in the General People’s Congress.” 
does not exercise any authority, but to take a speech, in order to encourage the public to the exercise of power, incite the Libyan people to exercise power, and not handing it over to others. and I say again and again:
The Libyan people are free to exercise power in the manner that he sees it.  If you get unacceptable intrusions of trade unions, the secretariats, the People’s Congress year, the Basic People’s Congresses, the secretariats of certain of the points, these are always Iltjan me in, and tell me Nrjok. 
For example, almost on the day of 15 per month in which the rolls, Jawoni lawyers – and their names are I -, came to me ” Abdel-Hafiz, “came to me,” cuneiform “, and I received a” tourist “, and” Khbur “, in the tent; and they told me we want to complain to you, I asked them,” There is nothing wrong?!
“They said,” By God, you are our reference, and Nrjok to use your strength revolutionary and literary, and the Division of trade unions in the secretariat of the General People’s Congress – not knowing the name of the Division -, Secretary of the affairs of trade unions said, and God –
Secretary of the affairs of trade unions in the secretariat of the General People’s Congress -, Secretariat of the trade unions in the General People’s Congress, objected to the Ckellna of the new administration of the Bar,
“I asked them,” Why objected?! “They said,” By God, you are not satisfied with you, “I said to them,” This is wrong, it logs the secretariat of trade unions in the secretariat of the General People’s Congress in the lawyers and non-lawyers if they would form a new department for their union, whether union lawyers, doctors or engineers or workers or peasants, students, etc.?! ” they said, “and God objected to it, has not been adopted.” 
I told them “I do not have power,” they said, “Please, We reveal and use the revolutionary legitimacy” – This talk is recorded with sound – and I said to them, “the present I will try to contact the Secretariat of General People’s Congress and told them, they may accept and Jahti. ” 
has contacted the Secretariat of General People’s Congress, and I told them, “Please, lawyers staff the secretariat of the union, why intervene in?!,
let them, are free to choose to choose, which is chosen to come by you
They say this to you Nguibna, or that our administrations new Aqublaha municipality General People’s Congress, and you are not your relationship with them, they are free Whoever they choose, they choose. ” 
They told me “This is the group that came to you, represent a minority, a” 400 “four hundred lawyer, while lawyers numbered “1500”,
I said to them, “Please, the group who came to me, and they told me we formed a union,
Accept their union because I brokered to them,
Receive the unions and those who brought him to you is free, and if Another 1,500 lawyers are not satisfied, they are free , then they can work union again, lawyers Atfahm with each other. ” 
I hit the example of this, I mean that this is the league. sources said General People’s Committee for Public Security, said that the truck belonging to the company Libya Oil, veered off the pavement when the driver changes the direction of the highway bridge to the green city of Tripoli, which led to a coup at the time (8.45) minutes of Wednesday morning. 
According to sources, the same truck with the number (10 387) was carrying at the time of the incident quantity of fuel “(gasoline) is estimated at (30) thousand liters
Why coup in a fire in it. The same sources to call the Civil Defense Corps, which was able to control the fire and extinguished in the case without recording any damage to mankind. 
but I was surprised by the demonstrations, the support of the leader in all parts of the mass, explosions, demonstrations everywhere with pictures of the leader;
and “die without you” like chants which you heard now. 
I asked, “O brothers, what happened, is there one attacked me? Is there a Atqsdna? , I do not have him resign the position, such as heads of other countries;
I’m not a Prime Minister; I am not President of the Republic. ” 
They said, “No, no challenge,” I asked, “Where the challenge? 
“They said,” a challenge from the outside! 
Broadcasting Foreign focused on you, and horns of colonialism focused on you, here felt the Libyan people, stabbed in dignity, in his pride, he felt challenged, if it reached  “Muammar Gaddafi,” which does not have the authority, nor is the president to resign, nor has Parliament resolved by, nor has Constitution .. , 
– shouted: “God and Muammar and Libya Obs”, “people want Muammar Colonel.” 
** Leader: the chants and the like, chanted a new reputation for the first time, the whole world heard the first time, I mean the masses formed by;
and written by young people was launched by the throats;
and the Libyan people Bmlaenh began chanting these slogans. 
they said, “We felt challenged in our pride, and in our history, and our symbol, on our laurels, because” Muammar “does not have the authority to step down them, and” Muammar “gave us the power,
you Taatqsdon” Muammar, “Why?” . 
I told them “who Atqsdon?”, they said, “the outer circles and radio stations of Foreign Affairs, and there is no need from within Libya at all, everything is said from the outside, and as long as the outside challenges us in our symbol, then we the people of Libya whole” die Kardous Kardous
* behind the Old the work of our law. ” 
These chants new, has been written by the Libyan people, and I was amazed and said, “What is going on?!”
because I do not follow these television stations, not looking around them. 
I read books, meet people, but not briefed on these channels at all, because I know it exciting and a waste of time, and fills the void twenty-four hours it should take is nothing exciting. –
Presentation: “Despite the pebbles and stand a long time, you are able. You are a sword does not bow to Ktob you’re cute does not bend to the risk. 
not be gone from the time of eternity and feats, but be patient and Saber. 
Although pebbles and stand a long time, you are able. You are a sword does not bow to Ktob you’re cute does not bend to the risk. 
how to leave and leave between the conspirator and a minor. 
not leave, and will not leave. “.
Leader:  Then they said to me “as long as those who Athdonk with they know you are not a president; and not have the authority, and she has no any office resign or step down from it, they then stab it in the glory achieved revolution led by Muammar Gaddafi, then they unite in Jihad, Omar Mukhtar, united in the Great Manmade River, unite in securing the oil , challenging the freedom of Libyan soil, united in the glory that has been made to the Libyans, where he became a Libyan known and famous in the world revolution, his head held high, after Libya was no difference between them and Liberia, Lebanon, and they do not distinguish between these names,
but now when you say to Libya says “Ah Gaddafi; glory glory; liberation, freedom, the masses, force.” 
the Libyan people’s felt that the issue, another issue, the issue of insulting the Libyan people, and insult the history of the Libyan, insulting to the Libyan people, how to “Muammar Gaddafi” kneel Italy and make it accept the hand son “Omar Mukhtar,”
Ttote her head, how to “Muammar Gaddafi” forced Italy to regret and apologize to the Libyan people for colonization, and condemns itself, says our invasion of Libya was a mistake and regret it. 
This is serious, this is something historic, how to force Italy to continue from now to twenty years later, and pay compensation to the Libyan people for twenty years, which is every year paid quarter of a billion to the Libyan people. 
This is a dangerous thing for the colonial powers as a whole, has said how this gesture serious?! 
and the Libyan people said “You are what you say you against” Gaddafi “, and you know that “Gaddafi” does not have the position resign him, then you Ttanon in the Libyan people, because we were forced Italy, and forced America to get out of our land, the revolution led by Gaddafi, and we came back the oil to the Libyan people, and created the Great Man Made River, and led the liberation movement in Africa ,
and liberated Africa, and how the tops of the world are now held in Libya?! “.
fact, that men, women and children and the elderly, all endowed with the gift of one, and demonstrations in support of unrivaled Tmsoeha in visualization Arab did not present them, Fredha forbidden them. 
We challenge them to go to all of Libya, and see demonstrations, and gave them the tapes of history. 
This week, they saw the demonstrations that swept Libya, a challenge. have said to them, Libyans “Mademtem Tthdonna in our pride, and in our symbol, then we Nthaddakm, we” Nmotoa Kardous in Kardous the Old Darlna law ” . 
this slogan that said the Libyans, and I mean that which sees the appearance, see if the “Gaddafi” is required, and the people defending the “Gaddafi”,
and therefore they say, “How can you ask from abroad to step down,” Gaddafi “?!,
Gaddafi step down for what? He does not have the position of step with him, Gaddafi is a symbol of this country, to the Libyans. 
said Libyans “as long as Gaddafi is required, this means that what is required is our history, and our glory, pride and glory and peace, prosperity and love that we live in all of them.” 
So What am happened? 
How did the story?!. 
small cells dormant follow the rule, the infiltration of members from the outside gradually, some Libyans living abroad in Afghanistan and Iraq; and some non-Libyan, and for the base Ayatervon nationality and national, they are considered the Muslim world is Dar al-Islam for all;
must move the everywhere, for example, Algeria is fighting in Libya, Egyptian fighting in Tunisia, an Afghan fighting in Egypt, this is all normal for them. 
Some of these elements was in Guantanamo, either for the U.S. intelligence they know by name, and handed them over to the Libyan intelligence, which released them after a while,
They said, “We repent and thank you for that Okhrjtamona from Guantanamo and we are repentant.” 
Suddenly, then, betrayed the covenant, and their cells follow-Qaeda sleeper, a small group in the tuber, set in Tobruk, a group in Benghazi, set in a corner, maybe some areas, possible Misurata.
certain individuals, some infiltration from the outside, and dwelt in these regions and to form a sleeper cell. 
suddenly began in white. 
and white where the battalion security of its personnel from the same region to promote the region,
we Mtoukon what comes to us attack from abroad, to defend each area for the same, along with the battalion trained military framework of war to lead the people in the battle. 
This is the basis, so we Distributors battalions; Vaketabh that in Benghazi from the people of Benghazi, and a battalion in the white of the people of the white battalion in Tobruk from the people of Tobruk, so even if there is external aggression us, these battalions for which all the masses. 
and these battalions trained people of Benghazi, and train the people of Tobruk, general military training in preparation for any foreign invasion of the Libyan people, all with these battalions, to defend every one from his district. 
suddenly cell dormant in white, for example, the attack on the Battalion and shoot and take up arms, and took the weapons from police stations. 
and the first fight began, started between these elements, and the battalion of the martyr “Hussein Jawafa” – which is “Brasa” a martyr Osameena Battalion in his name, was not one known to have been forgotten completely,
Were it not for the revolution, it is known as “Hussein Jawafa”? . 
began to fire between the attackers and between the military and the police. and those who died were from both sides, and they are 150 or 200, while those who are now abroad once they say “1000”, and once they say “2000”, and once they say “3000” –
Imagine of 150 or 200, and reached thousands!!! -. 
and those who were killed, half of them police and soldiers, who were surprised by this sudden attack on the barracks. 
the work of a committee to investigate the facts, to see that those who were killed, where were they killed? . 
have been killed in the gate of the battalion and outside the police station, which indicates that the police and the battalion did not go to the street, but the ones who came to the battalion and killed in the gate of the battalion. 
who came to the police station, were killed in front of the police station, killing police in the same status, and killed soldiers inside the barracks. have been issued orders to the battalion when obtained by this attack, to stop the fighting;
do not fight people, they said, “They are attacking us,”
We told them to let them Battalion; this battalion, and we said to the soldiers go back to your homes, and leave them to the battalion, the battalion and I I want the armed people, let them take arms. 
they took arms from the battalion, and they went and took over the center of the white, and white is not a city, Valjbl green villages and houses scattered here and there, and white are not called the city, a center is limited, controlled it with weapons.
Because all popular then local radio, he entered the radio and call it “radio jihad.”  and came to the mosque, and set up machine guns that they took him, and entered the mosque and Amloh leadership, and people are asking: How? 
We told them “I will not attack the mosque, and will not kill these people, have seen you and take their weapons,”
they said, “We were afraid, they are with a weapon and shooting in the streets. 
has smuggled women and families of white, and now women Albrash Aaishn in the forest. and men go , to refer their women from the forest or defend about them. 
to now women Albrash and women, white, escaping from the city; and living they and their children in the forest, afraid of the city as they all lead. 
After that, the same thing, I moved the infection to Benghazi, means the same situation, the battalion ” Ramadan Abu Omar, “-
and” holy Abu Omar “This is a martyr, forgotten that the concert of the revolution and said to them that there is a witness named” holy Abu Omar, “and there is a traitor cut off his head and drive the Italians, Valkhiana existed since ancient times -. 
the same battalion in the center of the city of Benghazi, Even trained people and defend them from the city of Benghazi, if there is an invasion. 
have attacked them, and there was exchange of fire between them. 
We have said gave them the battalion and left, we said all the officers to leave ..
who wants to return to his home back, let them camp. he went attackers arms of the battalion, and took him on the streets of the city of Benghazi. 
People could not move, and when they want to do a demonstration of support for the revolution can not because they beat them dead, and let the world watching. 
and the same thing took Radio Benghazi, and worked with the same situation;
Radio about her name ” Jihad. ”  Derna, a city cut off very, very, what I heard in the news that someone was in Guantanamo and known, declared himself the “Prince” and began to execute people in the tuber, every day executed km and one on the way al-Zarqawi.
Those are the police; and who are soldiers, and people civilians, were slaughtered on the way Zarqawi’s exactly where they say “God is great, no god but God,” and slew him.
people in the dirt faint, and could not move, did not know who complained. need new and strange not expect people who are living in safety, and the battalion battalion and their children. 
and if those holding the officers who are in Benghazi and say to them: either to proclaim such and such, and write them … 
Do not believe the resignations abroad, or data from within the military or civilians, or ambassadors. to Atsedkoa this, it has forced the officers, and said them: “Either you say so, and either we will attend your women before you, and work and work,” were afraid of these officers. 
and there is no officer in Benghazi or in white, grabbed it, but have contacted the team, “Abu Bakr” before they caught him, and says to him: They came to me and tell me “now either declare that with us, or do such and such, said to him” act as you act, let alone them, we know you losers on your order. ” 
We were told, “Abu Bakr”
First, these are all who Tzmonhm, are not loyal to  them,

Interview with Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi for the youth of Alzentan 08/03/2011


26 JULY 2011 

Letter of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi with CE

58 minutes of UN ENVOY VISIT   at that time I wrote:

“How can anyone stop a brilliant mind from expressing what God / Allah has revealed to him for humanity? That is utterly insane. Those who would offer retirement (without a mouthpiece) for our-brother leader have absolutely no sense of who he is, or what the holy JAMAHIRIYA is, or why they’re on this planet. Shame on their ignorance, either they humble themselves & begin learning or they should be the ones to shut-up. What right have they to foolishly speak, and yet deny a MUJJADID from speaking?”

Theorbo1 il ya ten mois the 3rd


Muammar 21 AUGUST 2011 SPEECH–NIGHT OF NATO‘s VIOLENT and Bloody TAKE-OVER of Tripoli

Muammar, Aicha and Saadi

Muammar al-Qathafi:
“Do not destroy the Earth!
“The earth is your mother; she gave birth to you from her insides, she is the one who nursed you and fed you. Do not be disobedient to your mother and do not shear her hair, cut off her limbs, rip her flesh, or wound her body.
You can leave everything, except the earth. The earth is the only thing you cannot do without. If you destroy other things, you might not lose out, but beware of destroying the earth, because you will then lose everything.The source of biological life, at which human life stands at the top, is food. The earth is the container for this nourishment, which comes in different types… solid, fluid, gaseous. The earth is its container, so do not break the only container we have, for which there is no substitute.If you destroy agricultural land, for example, it is as if you are destroying the only vessel containing your food, without which you will not be able to consume it.
If you destroy agricultural land, it is as if you are destroying the only vessel containing your drink, for which there is no other receptacle, so how will you be able to consume it?
The earth is the lung through which you breathe, so if you destroy it, you will have no way to breathe.
If the rain falls down upon you without having land, you will not benefit at all. Therefore, the sky has no value for us without our having land.If oxygen is found somewhere in outer space, what is the benefit if there is no earth? All of history’s conflicts throughout the ages have been led by man against man, or against nature, have been about land. Land has been the crux of the conflict. Even space has been used for the sake of land.Truly, the earth is your mother; she gave birth to you from her insides. She is the one who nursed you and fed you.
Do not be disobedient to your mother — and do not shear her hair, cut off her limbs, rip her flesh, or wound her body.You must only trim her nails, make her body clean of dirt or filth. Give her medicine to cure any disease. Do not place great weights above her breast, weights of mud or stone above her ribs. Respect her, and remember that if you are too harsh with her, you will not find another.Sweep the accumulated iron, mud, and stone from her back. Relieve her of the burdens that others have placed on her unfairly. Revere the cradle in which you grew up, the lap in which you lay.

Do not destroy your final resting-place, your place of refuge, or you are the losers[1] and you shall truly regret it.[2]

Land remains land only if we preserve its bounty. Land that is bountiful is truly useful land — guard it well. If we lay tile or pave it, build upon it, we will have killed it, and it will no longer give us its bounty. It will then become merely tile or asphalt, concrete or marble. And these things do not give us anything.

They do not grow plants or give us water; they are useful to neither man nor animal. The earth will then have died. Do not kill the earth — do not kill your very life.

The earth is water and nourishment, and the dead land that has been covered by buildings and construction does not give this water and nourishment. Thus, there is no life upon a dead earth.

What kind of people are they who kill the earth and bury it alive? Upon what kind of land will their life depend afterwards? Where will they live, and where will they obtain their food and drink?

The earth is something for which there is no alternative, so whither then are you going? [3] In Paradise there were trees, and not roads, sidewalks, public squares or buildings.

Ruining the earth is its misuse, its transformation into something other than land good for producing water and food. Thus, those who turn agricultural land into land that cannot grow any thing are the ones who spoil this land. [4]


Implicit reference to many verses; especially Sura 5, verse 30; Sura 2, verse 27; Sura 103, verse 2.
Holy Quran, Sura 5, verse 31.
Holy Quran, Sura 81, verse 26.
Holy Quran, Sura 18, verse 94.
Excerpt from “Escape to Hell and Other Stories” by Muammar Qaddafi
©Stanke Publishers, NYC 1998 #
The alternative translation:

“The Earth” by Muammar al-Qathafi

You can afford to give up and do without anything except the planet Earth …
Earth is the only thing you cannot afford to give up. If you destroyed any other thing you might not lose much. But be careful not to destroy the earth,
because you would then lose everything. Biological life, including Man’s life, or rather, in which Man’s life dominates, depends on food …

food in all its forms, solid, liquid, gaseous, Earth is the container of this food. So do not crush the only container there is of its kind. If you, for instance, ruined arable land, it would be the same as you wanting to cook after having smashed all your pots and pans.

If you ruined arable land, it would be the same as you wanting to drink from your only drinking vessel, which you had broken. The Earth is like your lungs. If you ruined it, you would have no lungs to breathe with. It would not be much good to you if it rained heavily, where you had no arable land.

The sky is not very important to us without the earth. If it so happened that there was oxygen somewhere in outer space, it would be useless unless there was earth. Land was the cause of all historic conflicts, which Man waged against Man or against Nature. Land has always been a bone of contention. Even outer space is being explored for the sake of the land.

The Earth is your real Mother, out of whose matter you have been fashioned. It embraces you … nourishes you … and provides water for you, so do not abuse your Mother … do not pull your Mother’s hair … do not rip up her fingers, or cut her body, or tear up her flesh. Only gently clip her finger-nails … cleanse her, and remove the dirt and filth from her body, cure her of all the diseases you have caused her. Do not press her bosom by heavy constructions, or heap clay and stone over her ribs, show mercy to your Mother, whom if you misused, you would not find another one like her. Sweep her back clear of the heaps of steel, bricks and stone. Relieve her ageing shoulders of what the recusants have heaved on them. Do not not look down on the cradle in which you grew up, and the bosom which cuddled you, when you were young.

Do not smash your only abode and ultimate resort, otherwise, you shall certainly be regretful losers.

The Earth is worthy of its name only if you take particular precaution that it goes on giving, because productive earth is useful earth. Therefore, look after this Earth, the surface of which would be as good as dead once it became built-up areas, stone, asphalt, or concrete. Such earth could not be productive or useful, as it would then be areas of asphalt, tar, tiles, marble and concrete. These materials give nothing, as no grass or plant would grow there, nor would water spring from it. In this way it becomes useless to both men and animals; it becomes waste land. When you kill the Earth, you commit suicide indeed, because life is food and water; and the Earth, the surface of which has been turned into built-up areas, gives neither food nor water.

Therefore, there can be no life on waste land. What sort of people are those who cause slow death to the earth by gradually burying it alive until it is finally dead?! What other earth could they rely on for living? Where would they live? And how would they manage for food and water? The Earth is unique. There is no substitute for it, nor is there anything to compensate you for losing it. So, where would you go?!

Paradise was a garden of trees and plants and not a network of roads, pavements, plazas and buildings. Abuse of the Earth is the unforgivable misuse of it by changing its nature into something unfit for producing food and water. Therefore, the people who change good earth into waste land are recklessly unaware of what may happen!

published 1998 in book-form

  • These are two altogether different translations–but show hidden meanings. A careful reading of both translations may give you a better insight into Muammar’s thinking than just by reading one only.
  •  I did change one mistranslated word back in the alternative translation to “PARADISE of Eden” instead of “Heaven”—

    because clearly Muammar is not speaking about the abode of Allah/God, but rather the original pristine state of the original planet Earth, known bibically and Quaricly as the Garden of Eden.

Muammar in Algeria: Muammar and Tito:

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko paid two-day visit to Libya. Yulia Tymoshenko met with the Leader of Great September Revolution Muammar al-Gaddafi.
Muammar al-Gaddafi called the visit of Yulia Tymoshenko “a historic visit on a historic day”.

Muammar al-Gaddafi also appreciates the achieved understandings concerning holding a sitting of Ukrainian-Lybian Economic Commission on July 20 in Ukraine.

The Guide of Great September Revolution Muammar al-Gaddafi invited the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko to attend the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya again.
The Guide of the Great September Revolution has positively evaluated the work of governmental teams of the two countries during the official visit of Prime Minister of Ukraine to Lybia and suggested to raise the level of leadership of Ukrainian-Lybian Economic Commission. In his opinion, the commission has to be chaired by heads of governments of the two states, according to government portal.
Photos: press service of Yulia Tymoshenko

Date 24 06 1984 Copyright Imago Dieter Bauer SUPREME LEADER Muammar Al Gaddafi Libya during a Interviews in Tripoli  (Newscom TagID: imagostock121649)

Happy Birthday Brother, Leader, Hero!

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* To wit, match Muammar Gaddafi’s record up against that of your favorite candidate: • Gadhafi nationalized his nation’s oil reserves and used the revenue to build schools, universities, hospitals, and infrastructure.

Money from Libya’s oil revenue is deposited into the bank account ofevery citizen. • He raised the literacy rate from 20 per cent to 83 per cent. • He built one of the finest health care systems in the “Third World.” All people have access to doctors, hospitals, clinics and medicines—free of charge. If a Libyan needs surgery that is unavailable in Libya, funding is provided for the surgery overseas.

He raised the life expectancy from 44 to 75 years of age. • Basic food items were subsidized and electricity was made available throughout the country. • He developed huge irrigation projects in order to support a drive towardsagricultural development and food self-sufficiency. • Recognizing that water, not oil, would be the scarcest resource of the future, Gaddafi initiated the construction of the Great Man Made River, which took years to complete. Referred to as a wonder of the modern world, this river pumps millions of gallons of water daily from the heart of the Sahara desert to the coast, where the land is suitable for agriculture. • Any Libyan who wanted to become a farmer was and still is given free use of land, a house, farm equipment, livestock and seed. • Gaddafi vowed that his own parents, who lived in a tent in the desert,would not be housed untilevery Libyan was housed. He fulfilled that promise. • Under Gaddafi, Libya has now attained the highest standard of living in Africa. • Gaddafi put up a communications satellite—the first in Africa—to bring the continent of Africa into the 21st century of technology. This also interrupted the massive fees that European companies had been charging the Africans. • He gave women full access to education and employment, and he has enabled women to serve in the armed forces. • Gaddafi started and financed the African Union to tie all of the Mother continent into an eventual body with a common purpose called the “United States of Africa.” • Gaddafi did so much to develop Africa that even Obama’s arrogantCaucasian cohort Hillary Clinton had to admit as she stood before the African Union: “I know it is true over many years, Gadhafi played a major role in providing financial support for many African nations and institutions…” She could not claim America did ANYTHING but exploit, exploit, exploit—and murder! • He was the first and only leader in the Arab world to formallyapologize for the Arab role in the trade of African slaves. He acknowledged that Blacks were the true owners of Libya and proclaimed in his Green Book, “the Black race shall prevail throughout the world.” • Nelson Mandela called Muammar Gaddafi one of the 20th century’s greatest freedom fighters, and insisted that the eventual collapse of South Africa’s apartheid system owed much to Gaddafi and Libyan support.

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Happy Birthday Muammar Gaddafi!

June 7th is the birthday of one of the world’s greatest leaders in history. A man who showed that a government can truly and honestly be of the people, by the people and for the people, rather than an instrument of exploitation and robbery, keeping its citizens plastered in their particular social strata, unable to break free.

He was of the most humble beginnings, born in a Bedouin tent. He became a military man and managed, in 1969, to orchestrate a bloodless coup against King Idris, a western lapdog who had kept the country the absolute poorest in the world.

From great revolutionary, he became a great philosopher, writing his Green Book, a blueprint for the first new type of state in Africa – the Jamahiriya.

People affectionately call him Brother Leader, Father of Africa, Leader of the Revolution. His title is one of respect, as he gave up his position of leadership to turn the function over to the people.

Brother Leader Gaddafi inherited the poorest country in the world and turned it into one of the richest in Africa. He provided Libyans with a high rate of literacy and a free education, and then paid for University grants. Ten per cent of Libyan students studied abroad, in Europe and the USA, paid by the state and with board and lodging also paid. What dictator educates his people?

He gave each married couple $50,000 USD to settle down. He paid for half the first car, he provided interest-free bank loans. He provided free medical care. He built the world’s most advanced irrigation system, bringing water to most of Libya across the desert. It is the world’s largest irrigation project with the largest underground network of pipes and aqueducts, supplying 6,500,000 cubic metres of fresh water daily. From being one of the driest countries on earth, the Libyan desert was made to bloom. He provided those who wish to be farmers with land, seeds, tools and instruction.

From the poorest country in the world, Libya enjoyed the highest Human Development Index in Africa. He helped free Africans from the yoke of imperialism and colonialism. He provided Africans with satellites to free them from crippling payments to western corporations.

He set up loans so that Africans would be freed from paying usury for the rest of eternity to foreign banks. He paid revenue from Libyan oil directly into the bank accounts of the Libyan people. All shared in the profits of Libyan oil, no longer going into pockets of multinationals.

He set up a banking system that would eventually have freed all of Africa. The entire western charade has been about removing Colonel Gaddafi from power because of his humanitarian and developmental projects in Africa and his plan to launch a gold-based currency, the Gold Dinar, which would have been too costly for selfish western financial interests whose only thought is to keep Africans poor, starving and robbed of their own natural resources.

Muammar Gaddafi reached out a hand of friendship and cooperation to the west and received a knife in the back in return, lethal bombs on his country and swarms of murderous terrorists running rampant, destroying, burning, raping, robbing, slicing off hands, heads and various other body parts.

But no matter what his enemies have done to him, he remains a peaceful soul, ready to again extend a hand and forgiveness. Muammar Gaddafi, a man who is what greatness is all about, someone who cannot tolerate his fellow man having to do without the basic necessities of life and has always done all in his power to raise his fellow man from the depths of despair and deprivation.

The good deeds of this man can never be taken from him. They are a part of the historical memory within his own countrymen and honest, freedom loving men and women of goodwill worldwide, our village of brothers and sisters who choose to love and support each other rather than to wage war and see others suffer..

Muammar Gaddafi is now looked upon worldwide as the leader of the struggle against colonialism and capitalist oppression. The Jamahiriya is eternal and borderless! The Resistance continues!

Lisa Karpova


Timothy John Bancroft-Hinchey writes:

“Salute to Brother Leader Muammar al-Qathafi, who devised the most perfect system of government, the Jamahiriya, a TRUE DEMOCRACY. he brought freedom to millions of Africans, he set up free e-learning and tele-medicine facilities for all Africans. He did more for his people and for Africa than anyone else.

he gave his peoplçe housing for free, he educated them for free (what Dictator does that?), he gave them free healthcare…

who else did that? And he gave US the Jamahiriya. Millions of Jamahiris are now spreading the Word around the world and are setting up cells to implement the Jamahiriya.

Salute to Brother Leader Muammar al-Qathafi. The Libya story is at Chapter Two…there is another one to go and Muammar will be victorious.

For the RATS and their NTC corrupt masters, donkeys and goats ridden by foreigners, a message and here it comes loud in your ears:


Sirte, as was envisioned for new capital by Muammar:

THE WORD, according to al-GATHAFI:

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Let me give you just some things that Mahmoud Ayoub has come to know (by 1987) about Our leader, and has written on just a few pages [from pp. 69-73]
of his book on the religious thought of Muammar al-Qathafi:
“There is, in al-Qathafi’s view, no justification for anyone to stir up conflict among Muslims and Christians and to claim by this to be defending either Islam or Christianity.”
al-Qathafi believes that Islam, according to this Divine Conception, is NOT the Islam which most “Muslims” today recognise and accept.
[Before I continue with what is written here, I have to tell you that this is why the SUNI, Shi-ite and Sufi Muslims have termed him a heretic.] As al-Qathafi sees it,

“the original Quaranic view, this pure “Islam”, LITERALLY means submission to God/God alone: which was the faith of all the prophets and their true devoted followers; therefore, the true Jews and the true Christians are also the true Muslims.”

al-Qathafi himself wrote: (QUOTE)

“that who ever believes in the Apostleship of our master Muhammed, WOULD HAVE ALSO BELIEVED IN ALL THE MESSENGERS WHO CAME BEFORE HIM; AS WELL AS THE SCRIPTURES which were revealed BEFORE him, Thus would the Divine Message to humankind be perfected… “This message is for all men. It is to worship together the One and Only God. Any other belief or conception is an act of associating others in the worship of God”.

(He means that it is merely LIP SERVICE and not real worship or belief.) al-Qathafi says this

“in light of these truths”

…that this is a call for Christians and Jews to RETURN TO THEIR OWN SCRIPTURES and JUDGE BY THEM as it is clearly stated in the QUARAN:

‘Let the people of the GOSPEL judge in accordance with that which God has sent down in it. Whosoever does not judge in accordance with which God has sent down —such are unrighteous.’

al-Qathafi goes on to say that those bigoted, self righteous among the Jews and Christians who edited, deleted or altered or distorted the meaning of the Holy Scriptures (meaning all the references to Muhammed in the Torah [the 4 Books of Moses] and in the Christian Gospels [MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE & JOHN] do not fully represent the complete revelations which God sent down through Moses and Jesus). Ayoub continues to remenise about what al-Qathafi spoke in February 1976 (a Libyan sponsored time of dialogue with Muslims and Christians):

“IN that meeting, Qathafi again called for better understanding and cooperation among the peoples of Divine Scriptures: Jews, Christians and Muslims. (QUOTING al-Gathafi): ‘Had the Muslims known of the Quaran truly, there would have been no essential disagreements which would lead to wars among them.’

al-Qathafi said

‘ The problem is that until today Muslims have NOT returned to the Quaran as they should, nor have the Christians and Jews returned to the true, or authentic [sahih] Torah and Gospel. It is this which has created conflicts among the people of faith.’

In al-Qathafi view, only Muslims are in error; while, for the Jews and Christians, it is both them and their altered Scriptures which are in error. (In both cases, the Scriptures have been INTERPRETED wrongly and the beliefs are impure.) Ayoub writes that al-Qathafi’s purpose in promoting dialogue among the people of faith is to promote harmony and co-operation among them. HE IS A RELIGIOUS MAN; and thus sees himself as HAVING A COMMON CAUSE WITH RELIGIOUS JEWS AND CHRISTIANS in striving against atheism and MORAL DEPRAVITY… al-QATHFI (himsef writes) QUOTE:


Muslims are obligated to accept the Quaran and to accept and venerate ALL the prophets of God from Adam to Muhammed. al-Qathafi says that God spoke of Muhammed’s coming in all the Holy Scriptures previous to the Quaran; and that the deletion of the verses announcing his coming or preventing the signs of his prophethood and apostleship is a serious distortion of the Holy Scriptures and man’s false interpretation of them. He says that sectarian differences within each of those Communities, needs to come to an end; and each of those Communities must become united as One (instead of a plurality of thoughts and interpretations). al-Qathafi is committed to the support of revolutionary movements REGARDLESS OF THE RELIGIOUS IDENTITY OF THE PEOPLES INVOLVED (as was the case of SERBIA AND IRELAND). In that “MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN DIALOGUE MEETING in TRIPOLI”, al-Qathafi observed that erroneosly some so-called “Muslims” believed that the war between Muslims and Christians, or between Muslims and Jews, is a holy war! This he asserted was a highly MISTAKEN VIEW! He said: (QUOTE)

“This is because JIHAD (or Amed Struggle) must always be between the people of faith and the REJECTORS of faith. BUT BETWEEN TWO GROUPS OF BELIEVERS there is NOTHING CALLRED JIHAD: Rather it is WARFARE [QITAL]. …The Quaran enjoins us to have dialogue with the people with the BOOK as our people, SINCE  THEY WERE AND THEY ARE MUSLIMS to God.” (UNQUOTE)

al-Qathafi went on to explain that the conflict with the State of Israel was not a religious conflict, but rather a POLITICAL CONFLICT with NO religious overtones. He said (QUOTE):

“Any kind of religious fanactism is a crime. All that we wish is amnity and brotherhood among all the decendants of Abraham.” (UNQUOTE)

Ayoub concludes the chapter:

“al-Qathafi is guided by the Quaran in both his national and international relations. The Quaran, for that reason, invites the People of the Book ‘to a common agreement’ and purpose between them and the Muslims. It commends the true Christians for their tenderness and amnity towars the Muslims, and for their recognition of truth.”

al-Qathafi  acknowledges (with approbation)

“those of the Community of Moses WHO JUDGE BY THE TRUTH and THROUGH IT DISPENSE JUSTICE”…. _________________________________________________________________________________________________


of God, all his Creation and Mankind

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Tripoli, before the ’69 al-Fateh Revolution was the “FUN CITY” of North Africa. In an interview in December 1972, Muammar al-Qathafi was accused by the Western interviewer, by saying that MUSLIMS have to endure auster, inhuman conditions! He replied:

“I deny that there is a situation of austerity in Libya, unless you mean by austerity as the lack of places where women can be bought and sold [BROTHELS], and where there are no Taverns [sex and alcoholic BARS]. If this is what you think, then such ideas would have to be rejected by any reasonable, thinking person.”

al-Qathafi’s faith is his concern for the welfare of human beings.

“Without faith, man becomes a slave of the Machine, but we Muslims are slaves to no one but God alone. We say openly that Islam is a call to progress; and that any other system, such as Communism or Liberalism, is a call to reactionism.”

The Islamic Greeting is “peace be upon you”, just as it is said in the Roman-Catholic Mass. He further argued that since the motto of Musleims is “Peace”, then they must be missionaries of Peace everywhere. Islam cannot be spread by force, but only by persuation. He concluded

“We feel that the whole world is in need of Islamic faith. This is because, all other religions have become incapable of solving the spiritual problems of human kind. Islam is therefore the only religion capable of offering a final solution to humanity’s problems.”

As Muammar al-Qathafi sees it,

“all those who firmly believe in God and do good, are Muslims. regarless of what specific monotheistic religion they adhere to.”

He concludes

“I believe that all problems would be solved within the framework of the Divine Conception, within the framework of this reality: If we all were to believe in the One God, and do good, the problem would be finished. It would then not matter to me whether you follow Muhammed, Jesus or Moses.”

al-Qathafi cites the Quaranic verse:

“It is the religion (millah) of your Father Abraham; it is he who called you Muslims aforetime” …”Being a Muslim is therefore ancient, going back to the time of Abraham and even to the beginning of the Creation…” Yet we do not wish to turn true Christians into Islamists” (The true Chrstians are already Muslims.) “There are however, millions of people in the world, who are either without faith at all, or who adhere to ‘natural’ religions. We should seek first to, turn these millions of people to true religion: then all would be easy.”

al-Qathafi has spoken good of Christian Missionary organisations spreading the Christian faith in the world (BUT, he wished that AMERICAN money was not behind such noble endeavors as with the many American Revivalist Fundamentalist Protestant preachers.) He wished that

“the Cross and the Crescent work side by side in the world.”

Allegiance to Our Brother leader

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To acknowledge that Muammar al-Qathafi is a MUJJADID is NOT worshipping him. It is honoring a great Reformer who loves mankind without reservations. He freely gives amnesty and rejects the idea of vengeance. He has enabled great miracles to happen for Africans and Libyans. He has given the means to the world to live in just peace and harmony UNDER GOD if they humble themselves and follow the workings of the inspired GREEN BOOK Charter. He devoted his whole life to the betterment of humanity and for man to respect God and what God has created. Honor is not the same as worship. Our brother-leader would be the First to acknowledge this. [At a conference on Euro-Arab relations in Tripoli in May 1973, the Leader of the Revolution expounded on the philosophical aspect of the Third Universal Theory and its relationship to national and social liberation. In this speech we see the highly developed awareness of the Revolutionary Muammar Qadhafi and his acute appreciation of the complex inner needs of all the world’s peoples. It is worth recalling his words which are still very relevant to life in the 21st century. ] He said:

“Humanity now urgently needs a cry of justice which would return it to its senses and to its Creator… We need to go back to God and turn away from evil… Atomic bombs, missiles, biological weapons and aggression can only be the making of the Devil. The ideology we propose to the world is humanitarian but not made by men, nor is it a philosophy, but it is based on truth…. This is Gods law, always one, immortal, and unchangeable, a universal religion of truth which belongs to all mankind. The Third Theory offers an alternative to capitalist materialism and communist atheism and calls for the return of mankind to the Kingdom of God. Mankind was never in greater need to rearm itself with faith than it is now. We all know that all the philosophies and ideologies have failed to disprove the existence of God, and as the truth of His existence is self-evident, it is quite clear that society must be reorganised in every country of the world in accordance with the will of God and the precepts of His Prophets.”

MATHABA writes:

“…From our own impeccable sources close to the Leader Mu’ammar Qaddafi and within his own circle, at a sensitive time, without placing any risk to any source we published a denial on the same day that all world media declared — on the basis of video files alone — that Mu’ammar Qaddafi was dead. Once again, the minority in the world who have learned over the past 12 years that Mathaba stands alone with Truth, and who follow Mathaba closely, as well as our subscribers, knew the truth while the world was misled by tell-lie-vision media. We also published on the very next day once again a rebuttal of the reports of Qaddafi’s death and called for the matter to be closed and not to become the subject of controversy, time wasting, deflection and endless discussion. However, we were attacked by a great many who feared we would “lose credibility” and “aid the enemy” because our detractors were convinced Mu’ammar was dead. Those who have followed Mathaba online since 12 years, know that we do not pay attention to perceived “credibility”, but only to the publication of truth, without fear nor favour, and without regard to political ideologies of left and right. We had hoped that at least the minority in the world, the thinkers and truth soldiers would hear our message loud and clear, and we were not disappointed. They agreed with us that if anyone wishes to consider Qaddafi dead, let them do so, or alive, let them do so, we simply stated the facts of him being physically alive, and choosing not to communicate so that the world media who started this war, the bankers who bankrolled it in their attempts to grab African resources, and the other slaves of the “new world order” could “have their day” and their own perceived victory, even if it will be short-lived. Yet others, including a few who should know better, still have a trust in the one and only difference between a Hollywood movie and a TV News Channel: that difference being, the channel. Turn channel to Hollywood movie and you know it is a movie, unless you are young and did not yet know that death on TV is for entertainment and faked. Turn channel to news, and the vast majority, including an incredible number of those who are otherwise in high positions: international human rights lawyers, political leaders, even heads of state — just find it hard to believe that a news channel would lie. News Media As to how and why news channels lie, this is a different and longer subject. We work in news, and have seen this for decades. Few know how it really works. It has a lot to do with editors. The ownership, funds, turning a blind eye, ratings, policy, the frightful practice of getting news 3rd of 4th hand and passing it off as fact, laziness, lack of education and critical mind, spin by staff in order to keep their jobs and obtain favour of editors, and the editors keeping favour of those who own them, all play significant roles in the picture of why the so-called mainstream media (MSM) which we prefer to call Money Slave Media (M$M) is so compromised from start to finish….”


To honor the man, al-Gathafi is not distortion of his cause! He gave us the GREEN BOOK, he is continuing to give us an example. Here on Corsica, we honor the Great Pasquale Paoli. His cause did not end with his death; nor is honoring Paoli a means of self-destruct for Corsicans. Americans honor James Madison as the “Father of the U.S. Constitution”. Does that mean that
those who loved Madison to this day are defeating what their founding-fathers fought for???
The following was basicly a dialogue between Judge Abdul al-Jalil and Supreme leader Muammar al-Qathafi (who desired to follow Pope Benedict XVI’s decree to abolish the Death Penalty).

The Brother of the al-Fetah ’69 Revolution, Muammar al-Qathafi, welcomes the leaders and members of judicial bodies in the justice committee of the General People’s Congresses, academicians, graduate students and advanced students of the law school of Al-Fateh University, the Seventh April University, Al-Marqab, Academy for Higher Education Studies and the Green Auditorium

 Muammar al-Qathafi speaks Concerning the Death Penalty 23.07.2005 –I wish you the best for Ramadan. How are you? I welcome you in this holy month, and thank you for your presence. I am aware that you are fasting. Forgive me for this unease. I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts regarding some legal issues with you. They are professors and students of the law. I think we are going to be able to submit a draft of the Criminal Code of the General People’s Congress. This new design incorporates new amendments. We only make suggestions, because the final decision rests with the General People’s Congress. The people’s congress is about the principles and the law, because he principles.

creates and approves the law.

One group might say that principles should take precedence, others may think, no, there is the law. We tell the people rule. People stand on the principles and the law. They make the laws they create the principles of their choice, in response to their environment and your circumstances. The General People’s Congress introduced the legislation, and authority is the prerogative of the General People’s Congress, which will introduce the laws, the laws could be altered and invalidated.
The people change the law and declare it invalid. Nothing we say here is, finally, because the General People’s Congress has the last word. But if there is an opportunity to make our contributions to illuminate these questions, we must do what we can. The world is calling for the abolition of the death penalty, but in practice is in the opposite direction. The world public opinion, as you may realize, says that she wants to abolish the death penalty.
This is just lip service. In truth, the world is going in the opposite direction. In practice the death penalty is extended, but it is claimed that it is the goal of elimination approaches. We need to prove this fact in the world. We must not allow any government or non-governmental organization, to insult our intelligence. If they were able to deceive other people, we can not deceive them. We know that the world declared that the death penalty must be abolished, or wants to abolish the death penalty, but in daily use, the application of the death penalty even be extended. What is even more dangerous is that death sentences are due to emergency rule and completed out of court. This is dangerous. Death sentences on the basis of special laws and run out of court! Therefore, the reputation of the death penalty is abolished in the courts, naive and has no moral clout, especially when you see it in the context of cases of death sentences that were performed by emergency rule and extraterritorial effect. In addition, the countries that have abolished the death penalty, or those who are calling for its abolition, the same countries that impose the death sentence created great.
The states that are demanding the abolition of a death sentence are the same countries that apply the death penalty except by law and extraterritorial often. So keep the arguments from international organizations or States against a State that has not abolished the death penalty in courts, not stand those States, who declared that they have abolished the death penalty, and other major powers, more and more common and special law to capital punishment . Call upon States that have not abolished the death penalty, do it now, in return, call on those states that, without the addition Judicial and Legal Special death sentences. Under these circumstances, a death sentence imposed for courts of law, human and manageable as an unofficial executions are missing, the legal and statutory guarantees.

The Israelis have abolished the death penalty. Who believes them?

If they tell themselves that the death penalty is abolished, how can they commit mass killings? It’s easier than if they would arrest the Palestinians would have to put in Israeli courts and allow them access to lawyers. America has condemned me to death. It issued the verdict, death by bombing, but my life was spared for reasons beyond the control of American. America opposes the death penalty. However, the death penalty was abolished only in some states of America. Regardless, it still performs a collective form of capital punishment. America issued a death sentence against me, I was sentenced to death by bombing, but for reasons beyond control of America was my life spared. Which is better? Is it better to be put on trial to have access to a lawyer to enjoy a right of appeal, or exposed to a death sentence without warranties to be? We must make our position clear and take up this position in the curriculum of our schools, and also in the debates at the international level. Libya is in the spotlight. There are those that Libya fear, want to build relations with Libya, which will invest in Libya, who want to come as tourists to Libya, the one who wants to work on the oil or gas field or those who have something to do with Libya be.
It is the Barcelona Process, the European Mediterranean Partnership {}; Libya is in the spotlight, and Libya must therefore express his opinions and the course that it intends to follow up to international level, constitute clear. We do not want another Turkey, a country which has great ambitions to join the European Union. The political, juridical and social condition of Turkey, preventing them from membership in the European Union. Turkey’s behavior is arbitrary and not consistent with European standards and customs. The result is absurd and even humiliating. In the history of Turkish crimes were committed, which are legally and socially unacceptable. Impunity is not an option. Europeans pay no attention to these thoughts. You say, “The punishment must be abolished for these acts.” This approach is untenable, because, if implemented, will destroy the Turkish society. This company is built on a set of values. If such social, political and legislative values are undermined, the company collapses. We must be no more Turkey. Since we are in the spotlight this era, we can not afford to be like Turkey. We must arm ourselves with stable arguments to bring to our detractors into silence. For this reason I asked to be able to meet with law professor, students and judges. It is important that we shed light on these questions. Today’s world is divided into two camps: the official and the unofficial. We fear the aggression of the powerful.

The official camp is made up of governments and major powers, and covers. International organizations are part of this camp. The official stakeholders can manipulate these organizations, as well as the great powers, the veto power and permanent seats on the Security Council have, as well as with military and economic power.

The other camp, the “unofficial”, consists of non-governmental organizations that were founded by groups and individuals. They are independent of states. On the world map today, there are two camps: one official and one unofficial. Both camps would require the abolition of the death penalty. Nevertheless, their objectives are different. The official camp has an agenda. The unofficial camp consists of humanitarian organizations that may require the abolition of this form of punishment for purely humanitarian reasons, until ultimately they become victims of manipulation itself, or even controlled and exploited. Major powers like the United States, Britain or the Israelis might infiltrate the one or other of these institutions of civil society and manipulate them.

We assume that it is true that these groups, the civilian non-governmental organizations, including the unofficial camp. If they call for the abolition of capital punishment in the world, we assume that their objection is purely humanitarian considerations. They have no agenda. They have no political or economic interests, to enforce them, they are good Samaritans, decent, nice, ordinary people, who themselves want to keep their kids and to mankind from the death penalty. So they set up organizations that fight for the abolition of this punishment and tried to put some pressure on states to abolish the death penalty too. World news services press for an end to the death penalty in order to protect its agents.

The official camp advocates the same thing. It calls for an abolition of the death penalty, and exploits the non-government organizations to redirect their attention that might otherwise be directed at themselves. Your goal is different. The official, made by the major powers, the world wants to abolish the death penalty, but it has an agenda. In other humanitarian organizations as they want to abolish the death penalty, because it is a good deed. They pursue their own interests. Some states have agents in Libya, Egypt, Iran and India, the Libyan, Egyptian, Iranian and Indian nationals could be. Those countries want to protect their agents before executions.

You want to deploy their agents in countries where capital punishment has been abolished already. This facilitates agents to work for the intelligence services. Those intelligence services are seeking the death penalty abolished in countries in which their agents are stationed, because they fear for their safety. The agents themselves are afraid to work in a country that still has the death penalty. The situation of the agent in this country will be different from that in a country that has no death penalty. The spy and the traitor will be aware that they face death, when her cover blown. Therefore, the States, calling for the abolition of the death penalty, not primarily about the welfare of the people of this state or the nation concerned. They do it for the sake of their agents. The abolition of the death penalty should be pursued in order to protect foreign agents. This is the scenario in the security and intelligence sector. Then we have smaller venues. Some states install puppets in other countries, to be governed by on their behalf. Therefore, they are committed to the abolition of the death penalty, which could possibly be used against their puppets and traitors. You want to protect them from danger, so that these puppets continue to work for them. How could the statutory abolition of the death penalty to be so deceptive ways?

Governments, the administration, intelligence services and foreign demand for the abolition of capital punishment in third world countries as a protection for its agents. The official camp wants to ensure that these agents can continue their work in these countries face the risk without the death penalty.

The abolition of the death sentence she encouraged. They will continue to work, knowing that no beheadings are allowed; any other judgment, it may be a prison sentence is acceptable. There is demand for the abolition of the death penalty will not deceive us. We are not naive and we have no children. You can not deceive us. What is the difference between the execution of a death sentence is by a legal system, and terrorize the execution of a collective death sentence in the form of rocket fire, bombing, starvation of the people? We demand the abolition of extra-judicial death sentences. We want to abolish the death penalty, but we want to know beforehand, of which capital punishment is mentioned.
First, we demand the abolition of the death sentences based on random and special rights to be enforced to ignorant people, by bombs, missiles, and hunger. We have ten numbers from one to ten, we can not just pick one and number seven or eight, or three select. The ten numbers are all kinds of death sentences, why choose only number seven, and abolish the rest. All sentences are sentences of death, and they must all be abolished. They are all death sentences carried out by, bombing, rocket fire, by air, or from starvation, disease and terror. In a defined set of dishes Endbetrachtung judgment is better. It’s not a surprise attack as an air attack that is executed while we sleep, or of an intercontinental ballistic missile attack. A death sentence pronounced by the courts is ultimately better. States enforce the death penalty based on randomly special rights, will be found guilty, while those who enforce the death penalty in courts, are acquitted. This is what we have to say before the United Nations and the United Nations system, human rights organizations or to Amnesty International. We can demonstrate this logic. We are against the death penalty and executions. A death sentence is a death sentence, whether caused by a laser bomb, a cruise missile, fire bombs, a rope, an electric chair, gas, or by lethal injection. Is not it better to bring the accused to trial, thus to protect them from unjust harm to a defender who has had an opportunity to hear the accusations to be able to defend themselves, appeal against the judgment of appeal or to see overturned the verdict, after passing through the Revocation is gone?
A governor when that item is there, on the judgment or to sign the death warrant. In Libya, it is the duty of the Supreme Judicial Council. The Council is able to convert the death sentence in a prison sentence. Applicants have the right to present new evidence, and the convict could be found in a new trial is innocent. Mind you these circumstances, what is better: this or that scenario where you are suddenly put to death by an air attack by tank fire, an enemy intercontinental ballistic missile, or by other means, which deprives you of your right to be defended? Who would be your defense against a cruise missile? Against a cruise missile, you may have a Patriot missile. But perhaps you have no defense missile. It is impossible for any state, household, street, or family to have a Patriot missile or a missile defense system.
As long as you have not, however, you do not have the means to defend themselves. As long as you do not have a missile defense system, you have no defense.You are in a great court, the indiscriminate death sentences pronunciation. The victim has no lawyer and can not defend itself against a nuclear bomb, an intercontinental ballistic missile, cluster bombs or poisons such as napalm. The victim also has no protection against chemical and bacteriological attacks, no masks or protective gear, no bunkers. The trend in death sentences is always like more towards high-tech. They developed bombs and missiles can penetrate the protective barriers around the target to kill.
So someone can come to an ordinary court, accompanied by a lawyer, an able lawyer famous, while others do not is able to hire this lawyer. You can reach the shelter, but they develop an anti-bomb-shelter. They rob you of your own self-defense. These are the worst meals that people sentenced to death, but the means to defend themselves, protect the opportunity to appeal against the judgment, or the hope of being acquitted, are missing. They will be executed based on privileges. The shrill voices of those in power met with resonance in the world regarding the death penalty, which is still run by the courts in this world. Half of the countries of the world is about the death penalty, the other half, or less, it has been abolished. The campaign against the death penalty suffered after the attacks on New York kickback. Torture, violence and brutality are tolerated. America stated that it will execute death sentences against their adversaries, and it is them for this purpose, any means, einschlieβlich dirty means.This means they can hide until the last day.
The American President himself has said that. What is a death sentence? What is the purpose of a death sentence? The company says a death sentence against a criminal, because they want to get rid of the criminals. The criminal is the enemy of society. A criminal threat and harm to society. Therefore, the Company is a death sentence imposed on this individual to justice. Let us consider the example of bin Laden. He is the enemy of America. America is going to kill bin Laden when he was found. It will also kill al Zarqawi, if you find him. Is not that what they say? Why does America such a thing? They say so because they consider him as an enemy. Man kills his enemy. Why are told that the company will not kill their enemies, when enemies threaten them but the good of society? What should we do? We should agree at the United Nations or another international forum that killing a person is inadmissible that we should vergieβen no blood, either by courts or by aircraft, ships, missiles, hunger, secret murders, or any other means.
The Israelis have abolished the death penalty in courts. But not on it without executing special law, the Palestinians, day after day and in great numbers What is the abolition of capital punishment in Israeli courts worth? This is a charade, but nobody seems to notice. If the Palestinians every day, deliberately and intentionally killed? The Israelis and Palestinians to follow a set up a localization device in his car or his house, which sends signals to the Apache helicopter, which will then shoot him. Is not this a deliberate death sentence, which was executed by a special unit made legally Outside of the jurisdiction? The world is watching the executions of Iraqis and Palestinians Outside of the courts, without a fair trial. People must be respected wherever they are. We will not participate in this travesty. People must be respected wherever they are, human life is precious and should not be wasted. Wars, invasions and colonialism must be set to an end. We, on our part, we need to connect to. This applies not only to the abolition of capital punishment in the courts, but in general executions, executions of the individual and the people. In the court a person is executed. Outside of the courts a whole people. A death sentence was pronounced in a special legal context without trial or due process against the Iraqi and Palestinian people.

Take the abolition of the death penalty seriously means the bloodshed by invasions, aggressions and wars to end. I believe that the abolition of the death penalty is done to the collective is more important than the abolition of the death penalty, which shall be sent to individuals. The elimination of extrajudicial, special legal punishment is more important than the abolition of capital punishment in the courts. Witch means not that we support the death penalty. On the contrary, we insist on the abolition of the death penalty in a broad and not limited extent only. Opting for the latter, the intention is to make sense. They have abolished the death penalty in the courts, but continue to beat us Outside of the courts, for then kill indiscriminately.

You should stop us in public places and streets to be executed. We are sincere in our desire to abolish the death penalty, in every sense of the word, in the special legal and regulatory context. Let us now start with the more significant. Let us abolish the extra-judicial executions carried out indiscriminate mass executions and death squads, the army also be called, they must cease to execute people. In all seriousness, the abolition of the death penalty is a civilized act. It is not to be the result of pressure. Turkey is a case in point. Turkey is under increasing pressure due to their impending entry into the European Union, but it can also increase the pressure on us, by way of the Mediterranean integration. The Third World countries may be pressured to enter into partnerships with Western countries. The demand for the abolition of the death penalty is a bargaining chip in international relations have become roulette. Civilized and enlightened being does not necessarily mean the abolition of the death penalty advocate. A backward country decides to abolish the death penalty in order to satisfy some, or to receive certain benefits. Shockingly, however, is that it carries out the punishment on his opponents and still wound up with unconventional means – Outside of the courts and without legal judgment. The result is unsatisfactory. This country has not abolished the death penalty because of education, sophistication or culture. It did so not because their society is so civilized that they are far from wishing to kill people. Not at all. They are not there yet. They are very backward.
People kill each other, and that is completely natural! For the European market, the European Union, the Mediterranean [partnership], the Barcelona Process, the United Nations to be able to join this or that organization to get help to others to prevent a coup against them to stage, from courtesy they say: “I have abolished the death penalty.” This fact is not evidence of sophistication. The country, which abolishes the death penalty, is a country that none of the other stabs or shoots. How can we abolish the death penalty in court, and then allow people to shoot each other to stab or bludgeon each other with cars or run over? When driving in a car too fast, you may be about to kill a man. If you are civilized, you will not go too fast, since the driving too fast can cause, perhaps passengers in other vehicles or pedestrians along the street to kill a stroll.
You could be one of these. If you die, you would have committed suicide. How can you abolish executions in courts, but allow that they stay out of the courts in effect? Who is sufficiently sophisticated and carefully controls the speed of his car because he knows the potential consequences of speeding. He knows that he who possesses a knife, it is also used to kill a fellow human, or a shotgun that he used perhaps only in self defense. Why? Because the other party is formed and civilized, and use a knife or a shotgun would. Only then will the abolition of the death penalty will be the result of a completed line of thought, a performance and not the result of intimidation, greed, deceit and hypocrisy. I’ve always demanded the abolition of the death penalty. Bahrain has abolished the death penalty.
It was the only Arab country that abolished the death penalty. Are we ready to believe that Bahrain has already achieved this high degree of sophistication and progress that it no longer needs the death penalty? This is not possible. Bahrain is like Libya and Morocco. We have the same mentality. When Bahrain is there yet? Perhaps Libya will abolish the death penalty tomorrow. More than once, I have in front of the General People’s Congress called personally to abolish the death penalty.   The General People’s Congress has not approved this proposal. The General People’s Congress is still not convinced. Could they be convinced if you could no longer be stabbed in the street? If someone knows that someone other means to kill the death penalty, he does it might not. It will discourage others.
In a way, my position and that of the General People’s Congress the same. The Libyan people were reticent and refused to abolish the death penalty.   Muammar said that the death penalty should be abolished. Maybe he wants to believe that we are a civilized nation. He will boast of us in Europe, the United States, the United Nations, Asia and Africa. Libya is a civilized nation. It has abolished the death penalty. Muammar thinks in this way, we think the other in a practical way, we will not abolish the death penalty. I heard them say that at the General People’s Congress. They discussed the question in seminars.   I was pleased that the people said no.
They said: “They believe that it was frivolous to use the death penalty? Our society has not yet reached the point that you could abolish the death penalty. Other parties should abolish the death penalty, those that they impose special law and indiscriminately. The reputation of wanting to abolish the death penalty also means the end of arms production and export. This is what they say the Libyan people. We often demanded the abolition of the death penalty, but the Libyan people have rejected it. They believed that we have not yet reached the point that would justify this step. The world is for the most part barbarous, there are ongoing nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers, chemical weapons, artillery, tanks manufactured, anthrax and other pathogens in addition to other tools of death.   All of the above mentioned is made, and then they ask us to abolish the death penalty. Every day, they sharpen the knife, and every day they manufacture knives, do it to kill people. How can they ask us to abolish the death penalty? You need to drop the knife, must stop making knives, and must destroy all weapons markets.
Then we had a good degree of confidence that Libya would not attack America and not America would attack Libya. Iraq would not attack Kuwait, and Kuwait would not attack Iraq. Pakistan would not attack India, Pakistan and India would not attack, India, China would not attack, and so on and so forth. If we reach this stage, with confidence, then the world would we reached a higher level of progress and we were completely convinced. Human life must be spared, it must be precious.   If we say that we should have a single African army in Africa, which is a proposal we can submit to the African Union, and we should resolve individual African armies.
As some will come and say perhaps, “how you could resolve my army? Is not it possible that my African neighbors will lead an attack against me?” Our answer is “Your neighbor has no army. We asked the same question that he dissolve his army. Rest assured, as long as your neighbors do not have armies to commit an act of aggression against you there, there is no army that they might attack itself. Their situations are identical. Rather, you should be a victim of an external attack, an African army will defend you.

“The day on which you choose, me not to execute the death penalty could be imposed upon me away with, and I also do if we have confidence in each other, will assemble everything. Now could be the death penalty be abolished. With In other words, we should include in the Jamahiriya, the curricula of law schools, and we have to explain to our statements that we are not picky when we call for the death penalty. waste of human life and bloodshed is the same everywhere. life is equally precious, and therefore must be spared the same.The Libyans is no different than an American or an Iranian, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, British or German. A human being should be respected and spared his life must remain. He may not by bombs or rockets, by hanging or balls by electric shock or poison gas, to be executed. These are different methods of execution. We must abolish the death penalty with all their Full electric plugs.

This is a secular, civic and social approach, which has no theological or religious dimension.

If we were to insert the theology in this equation, we would end up in another controversy.As the question of capital punishment, or the law of retaliation by killing them in religion, law and philosophy was made? A Muslim would say that my religion commands me to kill the murderer. God forgave retaliation as a mandate, he ordered me to cut off the hand of the thief, and told me to whip him.As I can not obey? Who will defend me on Judgment Day before God?

Who will say “God does not condemn him for not having used your law [Shari’a], I was the one who ordered him to do so.” If they guarantee us that we are God on the Day of the Last Judgment are not guilty because they were the ones who told us to follow this or that path, and we carried out the orders of God and disability laws, that is another thing.But it is impossible. You can not do that, nor are they certain that it could happen this way.

What would you say if you see signs of the revelation that God depends on you as the “O you who believe”?We should be careful. It means that God speaks to us when he says “you people” or “You, citizen,” then we are the recipients. “O you who believe the law of equality is prescribed to you in the victims’ we listen to God. What do you want from us? “O you who believe,” he says. We listen, Lord, we will obey.He says “the law of equality is prescribed to you,” the “free for the free, the slave for the slave, the woman for the woman.” What we say then? This is determined. There is nothing more to say. This is our fate.It is sealed. “Fasting is prescribed to you.” That’s it. So we fast “as it was prescribed for those before you.”So we still fasting, fasting is prescribed for us. If we interpret it? Say “No, we are not fast?”

“The prayer at certain times to repeat the creditors is a duty.” This is it. Prayers must be performed at specific times. So we turned our backs to the United Nations, Amnesty International and human rights organizations, the thoughts of philosophers and intellectuals to because we set up a new page. Why have we turned to religion? We investigated and found out the counsel of God, that God expects us to add our other demands.In retaliation, it is the “free for the free,” for, “in [the Act] of retaliation, there is life for you in retaliation, O you of understanding.” “And if anyone is killed wantonly, his heirs have We given some authority (to demand atonement), but it should not exceed in killing the (prescribed) bounds, for he will help (the Act).

“Therefore, people might want revenge in the form of killing, but they can not accept any limitations in the life beyond.If someone is killed unjustly, therefore, those who are empowered to defend him, demanding the death of his murderer. His advisers can not exceed the limits, can therefore not his maternal and paternal cousins were killed in retaliation.”And slay not the life which Allah has made sacred except for just cause.” This means that God is the taking of life that He has made sacred, is outlawed. We go back to our earlier proposal. We said that life is precious and sacred. God has made sacred, and it must not be wasted. No one says that the God you worship, killing approves. We are embroiled in bloodshed. ? “Do you want because there are such beings, the cause strife and bloodshed.” The angels said, O Lord, you create Adam, a man who sow discord is “He replied:” I know what you do not know “..God knows better. He had a reason to make us even though we are caught up in bloodshed. God take outlawed life.

Maybe they reply, “The God whom you worship, in addition to the death penalty may bloodshed.” Absolutely not.”And slay not the life which Allah has made sacred, except by law”. Therefore, the only exception to the prohibition against taking life, that life is made for a just cause. If there is a just cause, life can be taken. There are other verses in the Koran that emphasize the sanctity of human life, followed by the word “except”. It sets the conditions for it to take life, not by injustice, aggression, colonialism, tyrannies, oppression and mutilation.

This is tyranny.

They are ready to present a draft of the Criminal Code of the General People’s Congress. In my opinion, you have to take your time to study it carefully.

Then you can submit it to the General People’s Congress. You should not hurry to adopt it, it must be discussed thoroughly and in detail.

After this bill, there is a crime against society, otherwise haraba named. For this crime, the imposition of the death penalty is allowed.

Haraba to be equated with terrorism. It applies to terrorism. The word is not God’s word haraba. Lawyers coined this word.You might have derived from the verse: “strive to attract the reward of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and disorder in the country, would be that they should be killed or crucified or their hands and feet should be cut off from the opposite halves of the body or to the disobedience that they would be driven from the land. “

This is what you can use as a basis for combating terrorism.

The fight against terrorism is what you call haraba.It should not be called haraba, because there is no word from God Used haraba.

God says “The wages of those who wage war against Allah” you “yuhariboun” coined the word from Arabic, ie lead war against God and his prophet.

What are the criminal acts under this idea?

They include robbery, terrorizing the people by threatening their safety on the streets, at home, or just somewhere among other things.

This is terrorism. They kill people under the pretext of fighting terrorism. The result is that if we oppose terrorism in the courts impose death sentences and say some are “terrorists do not condemn you to death.”

The moment in which we look at things from a theological point of view, someone like Dr.Rajab Aboudabous present a very different perspective. We do not know where it might lead us, it may be true, and it could well be wrong. I am confident that you, as Dr.Aboudabous would answer that the verse “The wages of those who seek to wage war against Allah and His Messenger and disorder in the land to be granted” a certain occasion was.

Therefore, he will refer us to the historical context of the preservation of the Qur’an. “Damn, are the two hands of Abu Lahab, the father of flames and he was damned.What he can still use his wealth and all that he has acquired?”These are used verses that we recite to you and we respect. They relate, however, Abu Lahab, the father of flames, and his wife. They burned firewood on the way in which Mohammad to travel.

God told them that they both in a blazing fire on the Day of Judgment will be burned.The story ends there with Abou Lahab and his wife. God responded to an incident. “Allah has the words of the woman heard that was concerning her husband and complained to Allah.” This is the story of a woman who had a problem with her husband, and God revealed the Koran verse in this solution. Aisha was accused. God has relieved. God gave this verse that said that she was innocent, and their accusers were liars in Medina. Here a person was wrongly accused, and God has relieved them.

This also applies to the wife of the Prophet.Some went to the Prophet and complained because they were poor. The Prophet gave them some camels and a shepherd and led them there, where to go. This is a version of the story. The other version is that they went to the Prophet, to Islam, converted, and then in Medina were sick, because there was a lot of mud in Medina. They complained to the Prophet.

The Prophet told them “we have camels in the desert is in the desert used with urine and milk of camels as a treatment, and it will recover.” This they did, but it ended with the killing of the shepherd, the theft of camels and of the renunciation of Islam. According to tradition, the Prophet, that it be fixed and brought back, that they were too. Her hands and feet of the opposing sides were cut off, they were crucified, and their bodies were mutilated.There were other stories. Some say that her eyes were gouged out and they were given a second chance, God forgives us.

The punishment was demanded. The question is, the Prophet gave out after the revelation of his orders? He asked himself what punishment he should inflict people he had been treated well, but betrayed him as a return? They were sick. They converted to Islam.

He sent her to the camel shepherd. They killed the shepherd and took the camels. Either God instructed the prophet to ask this particular punishment, or improvised, the Prophet, and God supported. If Dr. Abu Dabbous discussed the case, he will tell you that this is an incident that happened in the past, a group of people, and that has no relevance today.Dr. Abou Dabbous will refer you to the context of the verse. Dr. Abou Dabbous, who teaches philosophy, this story is viewed from this perspective. He will say that this verse was due to give a group of people committed a shameful deed and punished.

This does not mean that every time such a heinous act was committed, hands and feet of people must be so choppy.

This argument is generally valid. A thief had stolen something. At that time, the punishment that the hands of the thief, male or female, should be cut off.

The question is, we will continue to cut off the hands of thieves?

If this penalty apply only to people who were living at the time the crime was committed, and under certain circumstances that reigned?

People steal all the time. Will they remain without arms?

Jesus said: Who among you is without sin cast the first stone at the sinner.Is it possible that someone has never ever stolen anything in his life?

It is possible that all have something stolen somehow. Does this mean that we must cut off the hands of Allen?

God says we are the hands of thieves, whether men or women are cut off.If we start arguing about us, and we arrive at a solution, it will no longer be a question of religion, but it is form-fitting law will be.This is the case with the Islamic Sharia (jurisprudence). Islamic jurisprudence is an interlocking set of laws, bearing the seal of Islam. Islamic Sharia law is a definite, not unlike the Roman law, the Napoleonic law and other legislation.

They call these laws “Islamic Sharia” to these laws to give power to the Caliph and the ladder is the obedienceits people can be safe. Caliphs, sultans and governors are stable, they want control. How can they control the world and its people without holiness? Their laws are God’s laws. So they call the set of laws “Islamic Sharia”. Any violation of the law would violate the Islamic Sharia. This is a serious crime.

What is Sharia law? There are interpretations. Malek said that Abu Hanifa said, they interpreted the law. Even Abou Dabbous said, and everything that they said was Islamic Sharia. A Muslim interpreted the law and said something today. What he said is no different than what was predicted.The only difference is the temporal dimension. What crimes deserve to be punished by the death penalty to be.

We come to the last or second last page. I asked for the protocol for the crimes committed in Libya, whose perpetrators were given the death penalty.

I discovered from the Supreme Council for Judicial Institutions approved cases punishable by death. I found that some of these cases were questionable. I found it difficult to understand how the decision was taken. We will refrain from name the defendant, and cite only the judgment.

The defendant (sentenced to death) and the victim drank wine, God forbid, with another. God says, “Satan wants to attract through wine and gambling only to excite enmity and hatred between you,” Sure, it’s drinking and gambling, which led to the crime. That’s what happened. Hostility followed when they were all intoxicated, and a misunderstanding between the victim and the perpetrator has led to the stabbing and subsequent death of the latter.The motive for the crime was simply a misunderstanding between two intoxicated individuals. The sentence was imposed the death sentence. As you could impose a death sentence in this case? Who among you could explain this sentence?

The crime was not the first degree. It was not intentional. They were all intoxicated. Criminal intent in this case is not to be found. They could be friends. Is there a judge who can we explain this?Interventions and exchange of views:

[Intervention] In this example, the victim was harassed.

[Supreme Leader] I have to make a statement. Renowned judges, should decide any of you are to speak, please do not post if you were sitting on the bench in this case. Even if the court were members or even the presiding judge were to speak only to the judgment, please, please let us know your opinion only, without further explanation.

[Intervention] I was not the judge in this case, but I read the case law as a member of the Judicial Council, which approved the verdict. The defendant and the victim were not Libyan nationals. They celebrated. The victim sexually harassing the defendant. He insisted. The victim sexually abused the defendant. When he refused to yield, the defendant stabbed the victim to death. The court found him guilty of first degree murder.

[Supreme Leader] The man was annoyed. He acted in self-defense. How can we condemn him to death?

[Intervention] It would also be able to defend differently, even by passive resistance.

[Supreme Leader] What else could he have done?

[Intervention] I do not believe that he acted in a state of self-defense because the other person does not hate him.

[Supreme Leader] This is precisely the reason why I put this at the outset of the question. How could a person like him to be sentenced to death? You could make a different judgment. He came with his friend, and they drank together. They were friends, and he did not intend to kill him. The other person attacked him sexually, and he defended his honor with the tool that was available to him. This act of self-defense resulted in the death of the victim. How could someone acting in self-defense and thus end to face a death sentence? Does that mean you should not defend itself, if you want to escape a death sentence?

[Intervention] The perpetrator intended to kill.

[Supreme Leader] Yes, he has done. He planned to escape damage, he has deliberately chosen a defense.

[Intervention] He expressed a desire and deliberately pursued its fulfillment. The documents that were available to the Court, he was not forced or him. What I will say this, is this: When the Judicial Council is charged with these judgments will not discuss the substance of the case. He is considering only the admissibility or inadmissibility of an amnesty. The Council evaluated the crime or not the evidence.

[Supreme Leader] What are the responsibilities of the Council?  Have

[intervention] From the point of not Legislature, the Judicial Council of the authority. To forgive a crime, is an authority on the used at the discretion conferred by the Company and its usually rangers.

The mandate of the Judicial Council is limited to supervise the judiciary in all cases that are of importance. These are any reasons that have to be evaluated, so that society can act properly in granting or withholding of the amnesty. The Judicial Council should not decide this.

[Supreme Leader] Who should decide then?[Intervention] every other authority must do it.The functions of the Judicial Council are monitored in nature.

[Supreme Leader] We have no president, no governor, no guardian. We are a self-governing people. We chose the Supreme Judicial Council so that it bears the responsibility to approve decisions.

[Intervention] The General People’s Congress must be able to do that. Every body that can assess the social and political ramifications, is in a position to do that.

[Supreme Leader] It is difficult for the General People’s Congress to do this. It is difficult to talk about one thousand people for this question. They meet annually. Gut. On what basis the Supreme Judicial Council meets its functions?

[Intervention] The mandate of the Council is legislatively. This feature was not occupied. It was transferred to the Revolutionary Council. Later, the function of the General People’s Congress has been transferred. No one held this position until the Supreme Judicial Council was then passed.

Personally, I think not that this is its function. The Council can not decide whether or not to show leniency. It oversees the administrative and judicial institutions has supervisory functions with regard to promotions, appointment and appointments. Is it better for society if the Council approves or denies the punishment?  This is the question that needs to be discussed.

[Supreme Leader] Excuse the question, but let us take as an example of a country that is traditionally ruled by a president or a king, a person who is the highest authority of the people. This guardian approves decisions and signed the death sentences. On what basis does he do it?

Checks he decide on his whims? Someone on death row today is perhaps a pardon, but if I were in a bad mood today would die perhaps another fey.[Intervention] To fulfill this function, we usually seek the help of local authorities.

[Supreme Leader] to escape the answer. Well, it’s not important. You have not answered me. Please proceed.

[Intervention] I had to explicitly state that the Judicial Council did not have that authority because it carries out, in fact. Others must be drawn to assist in order.

[Supreme Leader] Excuse me, the question that has to do the Judicial Council in any case where a death sentence will be put forward?

[Intervention] If the killing was retaliation, the Judicial Council, the application would not assume from the outset, as the party that is appropriate to grant an amnesty, would be the family of the victim. If the killing is criminal in nature, the Judicial Council has the authority to grant amnesty, amnesty if they serve the society.

[Supreme Leader] This means that the Council review the case.

[Intervention] No, it does not check the case. The case is presented to the Council only after the Supreme Court makes a decision about it. The Council may take only a decision of amnesty or execution.

[Intervention] It would be the next highest judicial body that reviews the case of a technical legal perspective. This judgment will become final when the Supreme Court signs it. The Higher Judicial Council is busy trying to observe laws and to confirm its jurisdiction, according to. As the speaker before me said, there are questions of punishment, which are features of religious law. The confirmation of the Council is nothing more than a formality, because in criminal cases, the religious judgments can be decided by operation of law. The Council has the authority, the judgment of a death sentence to a prison term convert to, if the death sentence was decided in a court case and was not intended as a religious punishment. This practice is currently used.

[Supreme Leader] How?  Verifies that the case?

[Intervention] is not the Council shall review the case from a legal perspective. It is not a court.[Intervention] It means that the Judicial Council has no role to play, to review the factual aspects of the case. The Council’s role is a strictly technical role. It only ensures that due process be observed in the instances and the Supreme Court. This is the role that the Council has been granted by operation of law, namely, to consider the technical aspects of a case and to ensure that legal procedures are adhered to, including appeals. It is only concerned with these issues, and his role is very simple and limited.

[Supreme Leader] I understand.

[Intervention] to the Council’s authority by using a particular command was given to Professor Hussain said. The initial or secondary phases were put under competence of the Council, because it is his next of judgments and its evaluation. This is why these privileges to the General People’s Congress and the Assembly of the people were deprived of this highly regarded and advice were given.

[Supreme Leader] This is a better guarantee than a governor who believes the evidence, or may not believe, because this governor, talk about you – which can be a leader of any country in the world, or anyone, to assign the review of death sentences was – or maybe not endorse these judgments also approves.

He checked the court record not enough to ensure that the process was observed, as does the Judicial Council did. This person knows all the details and not finally approve the sentences according to his whim.

For example, if there was the birthday of the wife of the king today, he would issue an amnesty, and if he had a bad day tomorrow, he will approve the death sentence. The Higher Judicial Council, but is a guarantee, as the professor explained. It ensures that due process was observed. As long as the process proceed legally, the Council has nothing to do with the verdict. This sentence was spoken by a court, and it is for instance the opposition and the Supreme Court.  

[Intervention] This is not amnesty.

[Intervention] An amnesty is an arbitrary authority, which is left to the discretion of the supreme ruler in the country, amnesties to adopt at will. This is an amnesty. But this is a review of the case when it is needed.

[Supreme Leader] We’re on the right track. I guarantee it. There is a Higher Judicial Council, which examines all phases of the trial, starting with the tribunal, including instances of conflict and the Supreme Court to confirm that the process was lawful.The Council has so far nothing to do with the case, whether the alleged offender receives a pardon or not, because that depends on the courts. This is very reasonable.

[Intervention] The cases examined if necessary.

[Supreme Leader] For some reason I was by the death sentence that was pronounced in this case, is applied. Ever since I saw this judgment, I am not so sure in terms of death sentences. You see, as far as the professor explained that there were two people who were drunk, and maybe were friends, and one person uses the other to defend themselves and kill his attacker. That the man who defended himself, is sentenced to death, is irritating.

[Intervention] I have not seen this particular case, but I have experience in similar cases, where there was no attempted attack and because of the person was sentenced to death. My colleagues, consultants, and I see it like that in a state of alcoholic intoxication enter a voluntary action. Regarding the perpetrators, no one is forced to drink alcohol, but they drank and without regard to their complaint, they were still drunk, and had not intended, to commit a crime responsible for their actions. It would mean that criminals would get away with it. Also, this person was drinking alcohol and intentionally committed a crime intentionally. A second point is the motive for the crime that has no criminal aspect.Let us take as an example of stealing. If someone says, “I’m going to steal regardless of the consequences, because I’m in trouble”, then he may think he has a right to do so. But he will be treated just like a person who steals in order to become rich or want to buy something.

He will be so treated, because the subject has no effect on the crime. When an intoxicated person kills, he will receive the death sentence because he was drinking alcohol voluntarily and was not forced to.

[Supreme Leader] It is as if he had done it by drinking alcohol, the first step toward murder. There is another case that is worthy of mention. The victim was grazing his sheep on the farm of the offender (who was sentenced to death). The offender struck the victim with a club on the head. The victim later died of his injuries. The motive behind this crime is a misunderstanding that arose because the victim was grazing his sheep on the farm of the perpetrators. Now who’s the culprit?Is it the man that grazed his cattle on the farm of the perpetrator?I ask that a judge tells us. It could be the same judge who taught about the process, but it is not necessary for him to say that it is he who spoke of this judgment, we want to hear his opinion. As I already said initially, it is not important for him to say that he is the one who spoke the sentence is enough for us simply his opinion.

[Intervention] If the court finds that the killing was intentional, even if the perpetrator intended only to beat the victim with a club, and that led to his death, then the crime would be considered premeditated murder. The matter depends on the court as it decides.

[Supreme Leader] This person is the victim of injustice, and had no intention to kill the other person who came to graze his sheep on his farm. The perpetrators wanted to defend himself or his property or wanted to take revenge on the person who illegally entered his farm, and has beaten him so with his club. The beating caused the death, but there was no intention to kill.

[Intervention] We ask for forgiveness, brother of revolutionary leader, this is a legal question, one of strict guidelines, the “Criminal Intent” named. Criminal intent, the law may even be present only for a moment, so the attack, the results of this intention, a deliberate desire is to kill and so leads to a premeditated murder. This is decided on the basis of the prosecutor and the court-conducted studies, the evidence and witness statements. The decision is based on facts, documents and studies. Therefore, it would be difficult to answer your question now. We need to first on the documents and the evidence to come back to confirm whether there was any criminal intent, which led to the attack. Evidence to prove it.

The murder weapon and the crime scene might play a role in formulating a criminal intent and to decide that the incident was a deliberate murder, not manslaughter. It is a complex and sensitive case, which is difficult to be checked out by the Attorney General, defense or other judicial body.[Supreme Leader] But if the case is the subject of doubt and includes this extreme complexity, it must always turn out the verdict in favor of the accused.

[Intervention] If investigations prove that the intent of the perpetrator was criminal, and resulted in the assault that led to the death, then we are faced with a case of premeditated murder.

[Supreme Leader] What caught my attention in this case, is that I saw someone graze his sheep on the farm of another. The owner of the farm, grabbed a stick and struck the shepherd them. The victim died at a later date, not at the time of the attack. It is very clear that the attackers had no hidden motive to kill the victim, and that the events were driven by unexpected developments. This man brought his sheep to the land of another man without his knowledge. He also did not use any pistol or a rifle that could kill as a clear intention to be considered, he used a stick, which was the available tool and not meant for murder.

[Intervention] There is a sequence of events that lead us to conclude that the suspect intended to kill the victim, which brings with it then criminal intent. The judge will consider the crime in all aspects and all influencing conditions that led to the death.”


Muammar 1991 Gulf War:
S’il vous plaît lire “Arrêtez le jeûne quand vous voyez la Nouvelle Lune” de Muammar al-Kadhafi dans le cadre de cette vidéo et du Guerre du Golfe de 1991 et général Schwartzkoph:
with Berlusconi in Italy


Islam in Revolutionary Libya, The Making of The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab


Posted on 2012/01/20 by galantarie
Edited from Helen Chapin Metz, deceased
The remaking of Libyan society that Qadhafi envisioned and to which he devoted his energies after the early 1970s formally began in 1973 with a so-called cultural or popular revolution. The revolution was designed to combat bureaucratic inefficiency, lack of public interest and participation in the subnational governmental system, and problems of national political coordination. In an attempt to instill revolutionary fervor into his compatriots and to involve large numbers of them in political affairs, Qadhafi urged them to challenge traditional authority and to take over and run government organs themselves. The instrument for doing this was the “people’s committee.” Within a few months, such committees were found all across Libya. They were functionally and geographically based and eventually became responsible for local and regional administration. People’s Committees were established in such widely divergent organizations as universities, private business firms, government bureaucracies, and the broadcast media. Geographically based committees were formed at the governorate, municipal, and zone (lowest) levels. Seats on the people’s committees at the zone level were filled by direct popular election; members so elected could then be selected for service at higher levels. By mid-1973 estimates of the number of people’s committees ranged above 2,000. In the scope of their administrative and regulatory tasks and the method of their members’ selection, the people’s committees embodied the concept of direct democracy that Qadhafi propounded in the first volume of The Green Book, which appeared in 1976. The same concept lay behind proposals to create a new political structure composed of “People’s Congresses.”
The centerpiece of the new system was the General People’s Congress (GPC–see Glossary), a national representative body intended to replace the RCC. The new political order took shape in March 1977 when the GPC, at Qadhafi‘s behest, adopted the “Declaration of the Establishment of the People’s Authority” and proclaimed the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The term Jamahiriya is difficult to translate, but American scholar Lisa Anderson has suggested “peopledom” or “state of the masses” as a reasonable approximation of Qadhafi‘s concept that the people should govern themselves free of any constraints, especially those of the modern bureaucratic state. The GPC also adopted resolutions designating Qadhafi as its general secretary and creating the General Secretariat of the GPC, comprising the remaining members of the defunct RCC. It also appointed the General People’s Committee, which replaced the Council of Ministers, its members now called secretaries rather than ministers. All legislative and executive authority was vested in the GPC. This body, however, delegated most of its important authority to its general secretary and General Secretariat and to the General People’s Committee.
Qadhafi, as general secretary of the GPC, remained the primary decision maker, just as he had been when chairman of the RCC. In turn, all adults had the right and duty to participate in the deliberation of their local Basic People’s Congress (BPC), whose decisions were passed up to the GPC for consideration and implementation as national policy. The BPCs were in theory the repository of ultimate political authority and decision making, being the embodiment of what Qadhafi termed direct “people’s power.” The 1977 declaration and its accompanying resolutions amounted to a fundamental revision of the 1969 constitutional proclamation, especially with respect to the structure and organization of the government at both national and subnational levels. Continuing to revamp Libya’s political and administrative structure, Qadhafi introduced yet another element into the body politic. Beginning in 1977, “Revolutionary Committees” (see Glossary) were organized and assigned the task of “absolute revolutionary supervision of people’s power”; that is, they were to guide the People’s Committees, raise the general level of political consciousness and devotion to revolutionary ideals, and guard against deviation and opposition in the BPCs.
Filled with politically astute zealots, the ubiquitous Revolutionary Committees in 1979 assumed control of BPC elections; and this is when Qadhafi himself resigned as the General Secretariat. Although they were not official government organs, the Revolutionary Committees became another mainstay of the domestic political scene. As with the People’s Committees and other administrative innovations since the al–Fetah ’69 Revolution, the Revolutionary Committees fit the pattern of imposing a new element on the existing subnational system of government rather than eliminating or consolidating already existing structures. The changes in Libyan leadership since 1976 culminated in March 1979, when the GPC declared that the “vesting of power in the masses” and the “separation of the state from the revolution” were complete. Qadhafi relinquished his duties as general secretary of the GPC, being known thereafter as “the leader” or “Leader of the Revolution.” He remained Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. His replacement was Abdallah Ubaydi, who in effect had been “prime minister” since 1979. The RCC was formally dissolved and the government was again reorganized into People’s Committees.
A new General People’s Committee (cabinet) was selected, each of its “secretaries” becoming head of a specialized People’s Committee; the exceptions were the “secretariats” of petroleum, foreign affairs, and heavy industry, where there were no people’s committees. A proposal was also made to establish a “people’s army” by substituting a national militia, being formed in the late 1970s, for the national army. Although the idea surfaced again in early 1982, it did not appear to be close to implementation (see Conscription and the People’s Militia , ch. 5). Remaking of the economy was parallel with the attempt to remold political and social institutions. Until the late 1970s, Libya’s economy was mixed, with a large role for private enterprise except in the fields of oil production and distribution, banking, and insurance. But according to volume two of Qadhafi’s Green Book, which appeared in 1978, private retail trade, rent, and wages were forms of “exploitation” that should be abolished.
Instead, workers’ self-management committees and profit participation partnerships were to function in public and private enterprises. A property law was passed that forbade ownership of more than one private dwelling, and Libyan workers took control of a large number of companies, turning them into state-run enterprises. Retail and wholesale trading operations were replaced by state-owned “people’s supermarkets” (see Role of the Government , ch. 3), where Libyans in theory could purchase whatever they needed at low prices. By 1981 the state had also restricted access to individual bank accounts to draw upon privately held funds for government projects. Measures such as these undoubtedly benefited poorer Libyans. Few opponents responded to the 1979 call to “repentance” or to a similar one issued in October 1982 in which Qadhafi once again threatened liquidation of the recalcitrant, the GPC having already declared their personal property forfeit. (Internal opposition came from elements of the middle class who opposed Qadhafi‘s economic reforms and from students and intellectuals who criticized his ideology.) He also incurred the anger of the Islamic community for his unorthodox interpretations of the doctrine and traditions of Islam, his challenge to the authority of the religious establishment, and his contention that the ideas in The Green Book were compatible with and based upon Islam. Endowed Islamic properties (habus–see Glossary) were nationalized as part of Qadhafi’s economic reforms, and he urged “the masses” to take over mosques.
(The most serious challenges came from the armed forces, especially the officers’ corps, and from the RCC. Perhaps the most important one occurred in 1975 when Minister of Planning and RCC member Major Umar Mihayshi and about thirty army officers attempted a coup after disagreements over political economic policies. The failure of the coup led to the flight of Mihayshi and part of the country’s technocratic elite….
In August 1980 several hundred people were allegedly killed in the wake of an unsuccessful army revolt centered in Tobruk.)
Under the revolutionary JAMAHIRIYA, the role of orthodox Islam in Libyan life has become progressively more important. Qadhafi is a highly devout Muslim who has repeatedly expressed a desire to exalt Islam and to restore it to its proper–i.e., central–place in the life of the people. He believes that the purity of Islam has been sullied through time, particularly by the influence of Europeans during and after the colonial period, and that its purity must be restored–by such actions as the restoration of sharia to its proper place in the JAMAHIRIYA legal system, the banning of “immodest” practices and dress, and the symbolic purification of major urban mosques that took place in 1978.
Qadhafi also believes in the value of the Quran as a moral and political guide for the contemporary world, as is evident from his tract, The Green Book, published in the mid-1970s (see The Green Book, ch. 4). Qadhafi consideres the first part of The Green Book to be a commentary on the implications of the Quranic injunction that human affairs be managed by consultation. For him, this means direct democracy, which is given “practical meaning” through the creation of People’s Committees and Popular Congresses.
Qadhafi feels that, inasmuch as The Green Book is based solely on the Quran, its provisions are universally applicable–at least among “Muslims” [who for him, are all the variants of honest believers, whether Islam, Christian or Judaic]. Soon after taking office, the Qadhafi and his new “Revolutionary” govenment showed itself to be devoutly fundamentalist by closing bars and nightclubs, banning entertainment deemed provocative or immodest, and making use of the Muslim calendar mandatory. The intention of reestablishing sharia was announced, and Qadhafi personally assumed chairmanship of a commission to study the problems involved. In November 1973, a new legal code was issued that revised the entire Libyan judicial system to conform to the sharia, and in 1977 the General People’s Congress (GPC) issued a statement that all future legal codes would be based on the Quran. Among the laws enacted by the new JAMAHIRIYA, were a series of legal penalties prescribed during 1973 which included the punishment for adultery being eighty lashes, to be administered to both men and women guilty of fornication.
In the early 1970s, Islam played a major role in legitimizing Qadhafi‘s political and social reforms. By the end of the decade, however, he had begun to attack the religious establishment and several fundamental aspects of Sunni Islam. Qadhafi asserted the transcendence of the Quran as the sole guide to Islamic governance and the unimpeded ability of every Muslim to read and interpret it. He denigrated the roles of the ulama (see Glossary), imams, and Islamic jurists and questioned the authenticity of the hadith, and thereby the sunna, as a basis for Islamic law. The sharia itself, Qadhafi maintained, governed only such matters as properly fell within the sphere of religion; all other matters lay outside the purview of religious law. Finally, he called for a revision of the Muslim calendar, saying it should date from the Prophet’s death in 632, an event he felt was more momentous than the hijra ten years earlier.
These unorthodox views on the hadith, sharia, and the Islamic era aroused a good deal of unease. They seemed to originate from Qadhafi’s conviction that he possessed the transcendant ability to interpret the Quran and to adapt its message to modern life (as an IMAM). Equally, they reinforced the view that he was a reformer (Mujjadid) but not a literalist in matters of the Quran and Islamic tradition. By espousing these views Qadhafi clearly considered himself an authority on the Quran and Islam and was not afraid to challenge traditional religious authority. He also was not prepared to tolerate dissent. Qadhafi began to see clearly his calling and mission.
The revolutionary JAMAHIRIYA gave repeated evidence of its desire to establish Libya as a leader of the Islamic world. Moreover, Qadhafi’s efforts to create an Arab nation through political union with other Arab states were also based on a desire to create a great Islamic nation. Indeed, Qadhafi drew little distinction between the two. The government took a leading role in supporting Islamic institutions and in worldwide proselytizing on behalf of Islam. The Jihad Fund, supported by a payroll tax, was established in 1970 to aid the Palestinians in their struggle with Israel.
The Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic at the University of Benghazi was charged with training Muslim intellectual leaders for the entire Islamic world, and the Islamic Mission Society used public funds for the construction and repair of mosques and Islamic educational centers in cities as widely separated as Vienna and Bangkok. The Islamic Call Society (Ad Dawah) was organized with government support to propagate Islam abroad, particularly throughout Africa, and to provide funds to Muslims everywhere. Qadhafi has been forthright in his belief in the perfection of Islam and his desire to propagate it. His commitment to the open propagation of Islam, among other reasons, has caused him to oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian-based fundamentalist movement that has used clandestine and sometimes subversive means to spread Islam and to eliminate Western influences.
Although the brotherhood’s activities in Libya were banned in the mid-1980s, it was present in the country but maintained a low profile (see Religious Opposition , ch. 4). In 1983 a member of the brotherhood was executed in Tripoli, and in 1986 a group of brotherhood adherents was arrested after the murder of a high-ranking political official in Benghazi. Qadhafi has challenged the brotherhood to establish itself openly in non-Muslim countries and has promised its leaders that, if it does, he will support its activities.
Qadhafi has stressed the universal applicability of Islam, but he has also reaffirmed the special status assigned by the Prophet to Christians. He has, however, likened many of them to misguided Muslims who have strayed from the correct path. Qadhafi has assumed leadership of a drive to free Africa from the colonialism with which false Christianity and protestant prostilitisors have been associated. Data as of 1987
Patre Nostru chì sì in celu, ch’ellu sia sanctficatu u to nome…. …ma francaci da u male.
from in his tent, 2009:

   protected by his angel-amazon guards. son Hannibal al-Qathafi:  Hannibal al-Qathafi Muammar speaks at African Union:

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Muammar and Marshall Tito:
“Once again, an urgent call to form a party”
Source – by Muammar Qathafi Essay from “Escape to Hell and Other Stories” by Muammar Qathafi with foreword by Pierre Salinger. © Text copyright 1998 Stanké, New York
“The sinners rejoiced, [1] and the defrauders [2] have shaken hands. Every oathmonger [3] has now become happy, every lowborn hinderer of the good. [4] They thought that they were not responsible, and that the gullible ones would lose. They did not realize that justice is never vanquished in the end; they thought that they had got away with what they had plundered – that justice can become obsolete over time; they wade with the waders. [5] They became content with what they stole and said that Judgment Day will never come, and said that it was a lie [6].He who joins a party betrays Chapter One of the Green Book. The politically forbidden party is a tool of rule which the authorities use on behalf of the people. The party is authority, which belongs to everyone. This is the line of the poem: authority is for all. This sentence is the justification for the call to form a party.
Yes, because authority is for all. In applying the Green Book, we see the necessity of forming a party in order to achieve popular democracy and finally free ourselves of all of the tools of dictatorial rule which plunder the capabilities of the people, and drain the masses of all of their energy and effectiveness. We are in the most urgent need of forming a party, without any delay. Parties are made up of those sharing either the same interests, or the same vision… the same cultural background, or the same place and the same ideology.Those people form a party to achieve their interest, etc. It is not possible in democratic terms or any of them to rule an entire people. The party is a minority of the people, and as long as this is so, then a party must be formed to do away with the rule of a minority over the people.There is absolutely no contradiction in this logic from the political and revolutionary standpoints, but there is only an apparent contraction in terms of terminology. In order to understand this formal problematic, and become convinced that it is inevitable necessary to form a party to achieve direct popular democracy, we must submit reality and analyse it.Today, it is a party and not the people who rules.
There are no popular conferences! Therefore, we must crush this tool, which does not represent the people, so that the people can rule. But what is the people? In revolutionary ideological terms, the people is a vague ivory tower [7] term, no clearer than the phrase ‘the people are the lord of all’. For who is this ‘all’ for whom the people act as lord, and is it true that ‘the people are the lord of all’?We are now addressing the problem of the meaning of the word ‘people’ (the people is ‘all citizens’), and this is the correct and proper meaning of the word. In this way, we may arrive at the truth, and at the problem that we wish to solve.Citizens, the totality of which form the people, are peasants, workers, merchants, whether former or current, and former or current middlemen! Black market merchants, former and present employees! Students, government workers, officers, health workers, popular committee members. Travelling salesmen, freethinkers, and smugglers! Illiterate mosque preachers and passport officials and their friends, men – and women – of the customs department, airport and guest lounge employees and their friends, soldiers who obtain their pay, and those who do not – all of them make up the people.Added to this are those receiving treatment abroad, and those who are not allowed to receive treatment abroad, for non-health-related reasons! Also, those who have received telephones and those who have not received them, due to lack of information.
The people is also made up of those who are abroad to undertake certain missions, and those who travel abroad several times a year, and have no business to undertake. This definition of the people does not distinguish between those, when abroad, who stay in Intercontinental Hotels or sleep in Libyan embassies until their mission is finished, and then return home.This entire mixture makes up the people, with the exception of Moroccan, Ethiopian, and Filipina servants, since ‘people should do their own housework’ and ‘the child is raised by his mother’. [8] The definition of the people also includes military, political and revolutionary leadership, their relatives and friends, the friends of their friends, relatives, and the attendants who follow them in kindness [9] until Judgement Day. [10]In order to produce a fair and scientific definition of ‘the people’, we should note that it also includes university professors, doctors, teachers, people living in Ghout al-Shammal, Abi Salim, al-Fallah, Sirte, Tobruk, al Joush, and Mazzada, with exception of the Dao people, for they are of Korean origin, and natural healing nurses, for they are of Slavic origin.This definition of the people includes all of those with suitcases full of clothes, and those without.
Those who pass through inspection lines, and those who do not. A citizen is a citizen, whether or not he can import a car, whether or not he has [a] chauffeur, and as the saying goes, ‘the car belongs to the driver’. You are counted to be a citizen and part of the people, whether or not you have a swimming pool or a yacht. Whether or not a tailor comes to your or you go to the tailor.This, then, is the definition of ‘the people’. It means every citizen who lives in the Idriss housing project in Abi Salim or still lives in a tent in the Bi valley, or those who live in Abu Nuwwas neighbourhood, or those who go to Switzerland with their spouses, or merely go to their spouses at the end of the day. Citizenship has no relationship with marriage or bachelorhood.We have now laid out the definition of ‘the people’, and it has become clear to us that it is a truly bourgeois definition, and quite unsatisfying. It is a mixture of contradictions and speculations. No doubt, in this definition, ‘the people’ includes sections of the population that are hostile to one another, combative elements, groups that are against each other socially. Thus, within a people, there are forces and elements of exploitation, theft and monopoly, as well as partisanship, tribalism, reaction, and corruption.
Following this definition of ‘the people’, we return to our call for the forming of a party, but how? Those who rule now, under an umbrella of popular democracy, are not the masses, building a state of the masses, but an alliance – not of the people’s labouring forces – but an alliance that is against them. It is a despicable alliance, whose own elements do not know one another, but they know each other’s methods. They do not meet together and take an oath of allegiance: their alliance is a tacit one. [11] This is the party that rules today. However, do not fear them to the degree that you count them all allied against you, for they actually hate one another, being as they fight one another in their garbage heaps. There is no option but to form a new party – not a party to rule the people, but to draw out the masses from within the people. Not a partial party that rules the entirety, but an entirety that produces a part – the body triumphing over the cancer. It is a daring operation, a qualitative leap, a new revolutionary lead to create the state of the masses. Only the masses have an interest in revolution, which the parasites take their share of, and Dracula drinks its blood. O unknown ones, good-hearted ones, you who do not know who provides you with telephones, who do not know who exempts you from paying your monthly bills, you who live in an old, run-down house in the shadow of an imposing palace. You who do not know who sends you abroad for medical treatment, who do not know how you obtained a car or how you received – and not at your own expense – an airline ticket. O non-bourgeois citizens, hardworking ones, sweating toiling ones, o widows and divorcees, in contravention of Islamic law.
You who have been raped by money, you silent, defeated women, you who have no one to speak for you, only God has the power. You who have left pleasures, who was forced to leave home, you who know no one and are known by none. You soldiers stationed on the front, you cleaning ladies and street sweepers, you loyal teachers, you whose hands are stained by line, tar, dust, mud, or salt, or the blood of operations or killing. All of you with rough hands (‘The rough hand is loved by God and His Prophet’). You who have been forced to become a chauffeur for an idle, ivory tower woman; you who have been forced to ride alone in the front, wash the expensive car with fresh water, while drinking salt water in your home. You to whom it has been said: consume the most delicious of food and drink [12] – while at home you lack even drinking water. You know that authority belongs to you but you remain silent, know that the revolution is for you yet you remain patiently waiting. You who know that we love you but you are unable to reach us, you who love us, but are unable to reach us. O listless ones, o leaderless ones, o poor ones. This is your age, the age of the masses. This is your revolution, the popular revolution. This is your path, the green path has been opened.
This is your Green Book, take it up with firm resolve [13] and read what it contains twice, thrice, and four times. It is your historical opportunity to rule and be sovereign; to walk your path joyfully. You will cross the earth and conquer the highest mountains. Disregard the advice of the sage Luqman to his son; this is not your concern. This is another age, the age of the masses. March forward. Beat down the earth with your broken, naked feet. It was created for you. Raise your heads high to the sky, it was made beautiful for your sakes. Raise your voices; there are no more prophets before which you should lower your voices. Shout out what you will as loud as you can.
The goddess whom you used to fear is dead, so cast out your loneliness. We killed her on the great day of the revolution, the day of the Zawara speech. The sixth anniversary of the revolution, on midnight of Tuesday the 6-7th of October and the month Fatih, 1978. I swear to you that the goddess is dead, and her justice with her. Her prophets with her as well. We have seen the death of the last prophet. All that remains is God the glorified, the high exalted, [14] the beneficent, [15] the merciful, the compassionate, the subtle [16] and the loving. [17]
All of this acts to remove the fear[18] from our hearts, strengthen our freedom, and confirms are power over the earth. If you encounter a god, slay it and crucify it. If you encounter a prophet, curse him and kill him. They are charlatans and liars. The goddess is dead and so is her prophet. Do not believe if one says to you: I am a god or a prophet; he is false. He is a false prophet, a Musaylima, Sajjah. [19] The world belongs to all; the house to its inhabitants, the car to the driver; he who produces consumes his production. People should do their own housework. A child is raised by its mother. The university is for its students, the school for its pupils. Authority, wealth and arms are for all. And to you all goes out the call for the masses to begin lining up on the left; let their opponents stand on the right and let the barricades go up between them.
So that the work can proceed, so that words be matched by deeds, my friends, go out toward the revolutionary paths. Record your names and addresses, you will find the membership ledger open to all. [20]. For you, o hypocrites, you who have disfigured every holy revolutionary struggle. O capricious ones, o chameleons, do not try this time to do what you did in the past, if only for one simple reason – this time we know you. If any of you step forward and try to mix with us, as you were used to doing in the past, I verily will punish him the punishment of the Hoopoe, and verily will slay him [21] following a long torment, you have in front of you another door to take. Do not register your names with hours, but register what is in your conscience. You must either confess, or not confess, but what is right and what is wrong are both clear. The right path is clear, and once again, the warning bell has rung. Forgive the one who warns you of misfortune.” [22]
Notes: [1] See Holy Quran, Sura 6, verse 44.
[2] See Holy Quran, Sura 83, verse 1.
[3] Reference to Holy Quran, Sura 10, verse 90.
[4] Reference to Holy Quran, Sura 68, verse 13-14.
[5] As in fighting on the side of corruption; see Holy Quran, Sura 74, verse 45.
[6] Reference to Holy Quran, Sura 2, verse 30ff.
[7] In this collection, Qaddafi uses a pun in Arabic ‘bourjaji’ instead of ‘burjwazi’ to refer to ‘bourgeois’. ‘Bourjaji’ is his own invention, playing on the ending ‘aji’, which means ‘ivory’, to form a word mocking Marxist terminology, approximating something like ‘ivory tower bourgeoisie’. Since this term is too unwieldy elsewhere in the text, it is used sparingly.
[8] Maxims taken from the Green Book.
[9] See Holy Quran, Sura 2, verse 178
[10] Or, the ‘day of paying back debts’.
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[19] False prophets killed in battle by the first caliph.
[20] See Holy Quran, Sura 59, verse 14.
[21] See Holy Quran, Sura 27, verse 21.
[22] An expression roughly equivalent to ‘do not blame the bearer of bad tidings’.
In THIS ESSAY, Muammar IS NOT ASKING us to form political parties. Please read carefully. Our Brother-leader is against political-partiies (read “Green Book”)…He is showing the irony and ill-conceived conceptions of 18th-century Representative-Constitutional-Government thinking and leadership…which gravely lacks in benefiting the common man and human society as a whole; and, creates an elite few who run and dispose everything, leaving the average man little or nothing to say or change or increase in health and benefit of himself and all others— It only puffs-up and benefits a few “chosen” (to the detriment of all other beings in societies).
“Biological Weapons”21 AUGUST 2002 – ARAB LEAGUE SUMMIT SPEECH

“Thanks to the information revolution, the monopoly of knowledge is broken.

Of science are now no limits to its rapid spread. The power of computers has increased ten billion trade in half a century. This power is doubling every eighteen months. Genetic engineering allows the control of the genes of viruses and the production of new organisms that respond to any treatment, as it was in the creation of the AIDS virus is the case. This is a double-edged sword. It allows mankind to develop the one hand, new methods of combating bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of abuse. This fact requires serious reflection and Profound. Germ and biological weapons are the worst, most insidious and destructive types of weapons that exist. The use of such weapons by any state, would be a disaster. Would drop such weapons in the hands of irresponsible people, the consequences would be unimaginable. These weapons are particularly deadly because they are invisible, inaudible, and odorless. Your Uebertragungswege are almost unlimited: Animals, insects, plants, people, air, liquids, and all tools and equipment that we use in daily contact area, or bears. The seriousness of the facts requires a sober and objective approach, free of political interests and ulterior motives. Therefore, all countries must unite and to entrust this task to the World Health Organization. The WHO needs to have that mandate to oversee appropriate production and control. Only in this way, mankind would be protected against the misuse of this scientific knowledge through irresponsible. You can ensure that this important sector of the industry does not deviate from its guidelines. It may also be made by the supervising institution, no exceptions.

Exceptions, discrimination and selectivity would only lead to frustration boycott.”

DR. Billah (Moutassem) al-Qathafi sound-clip
Stephen Gule tells us: Salem Al Mansouri, the defendant in the case of assassination of General Abdel Fattah Yunis, said today 30/5/2012 in the presence of the mass media that the order to assassinate came from President Sarkozy and the decision to execute was approved by Mustafa Abdul Jalil in a meeting in the city of Al Baidha.
عاجل: المجرم مصطفى عبد الجليل أمر بتصفية عبد الفتاح يونس-شاهد | اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخب المتهم المنصوري يقول : – الذي أمر بأغتيال عبدالفتاح وتصفيته هو مصطفي عبدالجليل ومن الخارج الرئيس الفرنسي ساركوزى وقد تم ذلك القرار في البيضاء !!!!! تم اليوم
30/5/2012 في بنغازي انعقاد الجلسة الثانية في المحكمة العسكرية في قضية اللواء عبد الفتاح يونس ورففيقيه
….حيث ادلى المتهم سالم
مفتاح المنصوري ا

The order of the assassination of General Abdelfateh Younes was ordered by France-see video


Libya - The order of the assassination of General Abdelfateh Younes was ordered by France-see video (May 30, 2012)

 ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, gunmen in a car fired shots at the  rebels in downtown Sabha. Other rebels have tried to stop the car but the latter managed to escape.

The Green strength of demand for young Libyan Sirte to be careful because the militia is the Libyan who are at a checkpoint No. 50 stop young people. This morning they arrested two youths aged Sirte no reason.

A video of a rebel accused  of killing general Abdelfateh Younes. He says he has documents proving that the No. 1 NTC Mustapha Abdeljalil and friends who have killed General Younes. He added that the decision was taken to the killing in the city of Baida in Libya and it’s Mustapha Abdeljalil that brought about the assassination from France. ____________________________________________________________________________

Libye. Tripoli. Mouammar Kadhafi et le président algérien Rabah Bitat lors du 10ème anniversaire de la Révolution en 1979 M. et A. Kirtley
to honor Abdul Nassar and the Egyptian Revolution.
Discours de Kadhafi [23-07-2011] Le chef de la révolution mot au peuple égyptien
Gamal Abdel Nasser and Muammar al-Qathafi Mersa Matruh, Egypt 17 Sept 1969
Speech of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi on 23 July  2011,
addressing the people of Egypt:
In the name of The God [Arabic: Allah], on the occasion of July 23, the anniversary of the historic July revolution. You do not need me to remind you of the July Revolution, which has proven correct all of what Abdul Nasser said, namely that reactionism was always an agent of colonialism. Reactionism is linked to backwardness and is not linked to progressiveness. Reactionaries are always agents of colonialism, because the reactionary ruler cares for nothing but to stay in power. He knows that he has no links to the masses.
He seeks help from foreigners, so he pursues policies that serve colonialism so that he stays in power. Thus the rulers of Libya before the revolution, the rulers of Egypt who were like rulers in the Gulf who seek help from foreign bases, the American and British forces, they placate Zionism to appease colonialism, they have no dignity. All what Abdul Nasser said was right, all he said about revolution was correct. All he said about socialism was correct. All he said about colonialism was correct. Regardless of the military aspect of July 23 Revolution, the charismatic Abdul Nasser was able to transform the revolution or the coup into a revolution that rid the country of feudalism, exploitation and capitalism and above all evicted the foreign bases.
Then it took on a nationalist trend because Abdul Nasser realized that Egypt alone would not be able to liberate Palestine and even maintain its independence hence Abdul Nasser called for Arab Unity. If the [Arab] nation had reacted to the call of Abdul Nasser, the Arab nation would have been by now a powerful respected nation like Iran, Turkey, India or Russia. All nationalities were embodied in a state: the Toranic nationality embodied in the Turkish state, the Persian one in an Iranian state, the Hindu one in India. Except the Arabs, as the Arab nationality was not embodied in one state, thus the Arabs remained feeble entities [small states], subordinated and sometimes stricken like now in Libya, Iraq, Palestine and Somalia. [Political] parties in Egypt were the cause of the revolution.
Read what Sadat had to write at the time about the Egyptian revolution and the [political] parties. Abdul Nasser was the one who said that he who becomes a member of a party was a traitor meaning that he entered in an alliance with a group of people who share the same regional or ethnic affiliation in which he compromises the interests of the whole society. Parties were there in Egypt, but what had they accomplished: corruption, compromising Palestine and engagement in exploitation. Backwardness prevailed and that was the reason for the strong revolt. The parties were annulled when they became irrelevant and outdated and were replaced by the Socialist Union, a coalition of the working people who have an interest in the revolution, in freedom and progress. All these powers were allied together to lead the society without right or left or centre right or center left [political positions]. Then [along] came Sadat and to appease the West he abolished all what Abdul Nasser had done including and foremost the “Socialist Union”, he brought back [political] parties, he talked a lot about parties though he earlier wrote about the Egyptian revolution criticizing political parties. The return of parties marked the end of the July 23 Revolution and from that time on Egypt returned to the situation that was before the revolution or even worse. Under Sadat and after him Egypt offered whatever the West asked to no avail, the subordination did not do Egypt any good, it did not solve Egypt’s economic problems nor did it give it military power, it [even] ranked below Lebanon.
What has the revolution given? Revolution means people seize power, but how can the masses govern? This is the historic question that followed Athens [ancient greek experiment in direct democracy]. The answer is in the Green Book, it is that the people organize themselves into People’s Conferences [Arabic: مؤتمر ], including all adults, men and women, and power becomes in their hands, and they then appoint People’s Committees.
The People’s Committees becomes responsible in front of the People’s Conferences: the secretariats of the basic people’s conferences and secretaries of the people’s committees meet in an assembly called the “General People’s Congress” [or National People’s Congress], each person makes [his or her] decisions at the basic People’s Conference and not his [or her mere] thoughts, and those decisions made by the masses of the basic People’s Conferences from across the nation are brought [to the General People’s Congress]. They formulate decisions in all conferences, in a single formulation that determines the policy of the country and what the people want, and the people’s committees, which were appointed by the people, execute those decisions, and everything becomes for the people: wealth belongs to the people, arms belongs to the people and power belongs to the people, media belongs to the people, and not to a certain individual.
You have seen the problems in America now and in Britain, and you have those problems too and they are present in every country, everyone wants to have a big share in the media which is funded from abroad, foreign countries make a TV station in your country, a newspaper in your country and a political party in your country.
That is not Democracy, demo-cracy means people sitting on the chairs, the word cracy was taken from the Arabic language or the Persian language, which we have taken from them, the chair was mentioned in the Quran, the word cracy (chairs) could be Persian, people on the cracy (chairs), when all the people sit on the chairs then it is called demo-cracy, and when people don’t sit on the chairs then it is not democracy, then it is called political party cracy, government cracy, class cracy, but not democracy.
Democracy means people on the cracy (chairs), so how can [all the] people sit on the chairs? People organize themselves into basic People’s Conferences, all of them, as the political system passed [historically] through the following stages: the monarch stage – this is prior or after the rudimentary stage – the first stage being monarchy, the king emerged, a person emerges who could own the land and what’s on it. This is monarchy. This ended, development ended it, it is no longer permissible for anyone to own the land and what’s on it, only in the Persian Gulf, since it is not Arab. The second stage was the republic (Arabic: Jamahiriyah), Jamahir – plus iya– means people appoint a king, a president of the republic, who is [in fact] a king appointed by the people for a short or a long period of time, the same thing. The important thing is that the second stage was the republic is when people began to select who governs them, and the republic continued.
The republic has become dull and failed and the world is suffering [under this system] and the masses destroyed. The third stage was the Jamahiriya, Jamahir (masses) came, since Jamahir – plus iya – becomes Jamahiriya, the first Jamahirr that became Jamahiriya, and the second Jamahir which leads to Jamahiriya, and this is the final stage and the end of the road for the problem of power, the power becomes for the people, how? It becomes the Jamahiri system with the basic people’s conferences, the people’s conferences appoint people’s committees, the conferences decide and the committees execute [carry out the decisions], there is the popular security, there is the armed people, the people’s control, and the inciting force we call it the revolutionary committees, or the movement of the revolutionary committees that incites the people to seize power until they practice authority.
Why did you take action that toppled Hosni Mubarak? Why? We were expecting the establishment of the Jamahiriya [self-governing masses society] whether in Tunisia or in Egypt, these are the people just as The Green Book calls for to seize power without weapons and without violence, just as the explanations of  The Green Book indicate, that the masses reject the political system and stage a sit-in until the political system is toppled and they replace it.
This happened in Libya in the 1969 Revolution that was carried out by the army, and people heard that the monarchy political system was toppled, the government and representative council were cancelled and there was a void, people across Libya formed the people’s conferences [ مؤتمر] on their own. We anticipated that when you toppled the people [earlier this year, that you would] replace them with a popular revolution, establishment of the Jamahiri [direct participatory democracy] system, following the disruption and destruction which you have carried out.
But to put in place another president, you might have done better keeping the previous president [Mubarak] until he had finished his term then elected another president without demonstrations or sit-ins in the Tahrir square. What does that mean? Do you want to bring a super-president? Will he be better than Mubarak? As for Mubarak, he does not deserve this maltreatment. We should not be an ungrateful nation. As Machiavelli said Rome was not an ungrateful nation.
When Roman commanders lost a war they were honoured, rewarded and sent into retirement. Who will be loyal to Egypt after this end of Hosni Mubarak [of Egypt] or even Zine El Abidine [of Tunisia]? Who will be loyal to Egypt? Hosni Mubarak was exposing himself at risk to defend you, and to die for you. He was a pilot fighting Israeli forces that attacked Egypt. Instead of being honoured, he is insulted. Who will sacrifice more than Hosni Mubarak? Hosni Mubarak went to sacrifice himself for you and your country before you were born. He has got just two children because he was a pilot and may die at any time in battle in defense of Egypt, so he decided to have only two children to be raised by their mother, while other Egyptians have got ten or more.
Every Egyptian family consists of ten, twenty or fifty. The wife is as a school followed by a queue of children. Is it reasonable? This is the end of who sacrifice for you. I know Hosni Mubarak. He is a poor man, modest and loves you. I know him. If he did not love you I would have attacked him and exposed him like other rulers. But I know him. He begged. He came to me and asked me for ferries, when the ferry sank. He went to Saudi Arabia to beg for other ferries. He also asked me and others for train locomotives. Who will travel on these locomotives? Will he travel in them? They are for you.
Sometimes we have no morals, just as when we insult (Nasser). Abdel Nasser a hero of the Arab nation; leader of the Arab nation; a great man who struggled against colonialism and Zionism; who dared and removed the royal system, and cancelled a mistake of (Bakri) and the Egyptian people, who have brought the revolution and appointed an Ottoman officer from Albania to govern Egypt as if there was no men in Egypt to rule the country. They came with Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali’s family ruled Egypt 150 years. The family owned the whole country till Egypt became a manor of Muhammad Ali because of this mistake. Then Nasser came and said ”this cannot be. It is nonsense. We, Egyptians, are we men to be ruled by an Albanian officer for 150-years generation after generation?!
Now, without plenty of space, military, economic and security power which country can live. The 53 African countries can’t live. No one of them can face the storms of this age only when the African Union becomes as the U.S, the European Union, or the Russian Federation.
A European big nuclear state cannot live alone, not Germany nor France nor Britain nor Italy, but only in the European Union. For the United States of America, if it was independent states, it would have been as weak as South America. The Russian Federation is present, China is a giant, and India is a nuclear state and exists.
A billion of ASEAN now is formed in a new country. Latin America may become a union. The Arab States will be divided between Africa, Asia and will disappear, only if the one Arab country or strong African Union is established [can they survive]. Now, whoever does not have the military, economic and security power in a large strong space [bloc], cannot live. It is not possible to live. Egypt’s currency means nothing nor that of Libya, Tunisia or Malawi. What is the value of these currencies? Who knows them?
You should have a power expressing a large space such as the euro, or dollar. You should have a military force to stand against big powers otherwise what has happened to Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan will happen to you. Who of you can defend Egypt? It is not possible. You cannot defend it. Ha