Marionnettes dernière seulement aussi longtemps que leurs cordes sont attachées / Marionettes last only as long as their strings are attached


02 March  2006 – Sirte, Libya – “DAY of PEOPLE’s POWER”

MUAMMAR QADHAFI speaks at the General People’s Congress. The General People’s Congress (Mu’tammar al-sha’ab al ‘âmm) consists of about 2,700 representatives of the Basic People’s Congresses. The GPC is the legislative forum that interacts with the General People’s Committee, whose members are secretaries of Libyan ministries. It serves as the intermediary between the masses and the leadership and is composed of the secretariats of some 600 local “basic popular congresses.” The GPC secretariat and the cabinet secretaries are appointed by the GPC secretary general and confirmed by the annual GPC congress. These cabinet secretaries are responsible for the routine operation of their ministries. The People’s Hall, where the congress meets, was set on fire in the February 2011 NATO/CIA led instigated uprising.

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 after a swim in backyard and with grandson, 2009:








Ramadan Mubarak:
In the month of Ramadan is the month of mercy and forgiveness. This is the month when they opened the doors of heaven, and God hears all prayers of true believers who seek His grace and forgiveness.




“O Allah, I solicits your help. Against the unfortunate thing is that I implore your protection. Help me,

it’s your help I am called. I implore your help, turn to me your helping hand. Against the affliction it is to you

I made use of. Give me your indulgence, save me, it’s with you I seek refuge. ”

#original French:

« O Allah, je solicite ton assistance. Contre le malheur c’est ton protection que j’implore.

Aide-moi, c’est à ton aide que je fais appelle. J’implore ton sécours, tends-moi ta main secourable. Contre

l’affliction c’est à toi que je fait recours. Accorde-moi ton mansuétude, préserve-moi, c’est auprès de toi que

je cherche réfuge. »


 Instructions leader Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte war

Publiée le  8 Juil. Two thousand and twelve par 

Nader’s speech and did not broadcast and media – Help mujahid leader Muammar Gaddafi-day siege of Sirte to

withstand the resistance and the sons of Libyan tribes striving – steadfastness in Sirte – Libya

08 JULY 2012


03 JULY 2012

leader Muammar Gaddafi is fasting in the War of Sirte

 Tips and Talmat



Muammar al-Qathafi is a murabit (a living saint).

The Martyr Dr. Billah Moutassem al-Qathafi in Ghadames, taken same time as above picture of his father Muammar:

Frère de la liberté d’expression au peuple libyen pour l’élection présumée

Brother leader Muammar  speaks to us concerning the false elelections in Libya, 06 JULY 2012

Brother of free speech to the Libyan people for alleged election



of Muammar’s expression on 06 JULY 2012:

Frère de la liberté d’expression au peuple libyen pour l’élection présumée 2

2 Brother of free speech to the Libyan people for alleged election 2


Enas on
Mohammed Sawan, when he said to the voice of Gabriel:

“Gaddafi loyalists here … explicit recognition

That Gaddafi supporters are the majority.

Aassoan this topic only a sample of Gaddafi supporters and you can do simple calculations very well for those who voted

for there are millions of Gabriel boycotted the elections at home. 

Add to detainees and displaced them.

Laden, the people want Colonel Muammar is the only candidate and Aassoan Aaghebrel.”

Stephen Gule writes:
Takadem Green Libya 2012. Advancing Army.

11 JUNE 2008 Ceremony remembering the exit of foreign troops in Libya:

Army to protect the Libyan Leader Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi:
Urgent call!

,, Our people at home wounded who owns possible to live in villages, an authentic place of birth from the time

coming, let him do or stay away from sites collect traitors and their camps in the capital Tripoli or Benghazi or

in large cities or other change of residence, and that [the sake of safety the lives of honest people] because the

next will start Banphoan severe and that until the completion of the full cleansing of the remains of the traitors

and agents all NATO bastards,,,, then we will meet later in the greatest historical event witnessed by the time the

time in the center of the capital Tripoli and honest with us from home and all the sons of the world. .

,, Of the importance of taking ours very seriously. . [Rotary heretics] remember that.

,,,, Libya Tants rise up to 2012 t,,,,,

الجيش الليبي لحماية القائد Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi
دعـــــوة ملحّـــــــــة ::

،، أهـــالينــــــــا في الـــوطن الجّـــــــــريح من يملك الاستطــاعة من العيش في القــرى أصيلة مكــان ولادتــكم ابتــداء من المدّة القــريبة القــادمة فليفعــل أو

الابتعــاد عن مواقع تجمّع الخــونة ومعسكــراتهم بالعــاصمة طرابلس أو في بنغــازي أو في المدن الكبيرة أو الأخرى وتغيير محل الاقــامة ،، وذلك [ حرصاً على

سلامة أرواح الشّــرفاء ] لأنّ القــادم سينطلق بعنفــوان شديد وذلك حتّى الانتهــاء من التّطهيــر الكــامل لبقـايا الخــونة والعمــلاء آل النّــاتو الأوبــاش

،، ،، ثم سنلتقــي في موعد تـــاريخي أعظم حدث تشهده السّاعة آنذاك في وسط العــاصمة طــرابلــس ومعنــا الشّــرفاء من ابناء الوطن وكلّ العالم . .

،، للأهميّــة يــــــــــــؤخذ أمـرنا بمحمــل الجد . . [ الدوارة في الزنادقة ] تذكّروا ذلك .

،،،، ليبيــــــــــــــــــــــــــا تنتفض لتنتصـــــ 2012 ــر ،،،،،

شباب المهجر:: الله . الوطن . القائد . الشعب ,, 2012/7/1

GREEN CORNER: Morning of victory and pride and dignity to all free Libyans!

God, and Muammar Obs  & LIBYA!

COIN VERT: Matin de la victoire et la fierté et la dignité à tous gratuitement des compagnies aériennes Dieu,

et les Lignes aériennes Mouammar Obs

In 1976, Mohammad Hassan, called by his enemies ‘al-Qathafi’s “court musician” ‘, penned a song in

which he called Muammar al-Qathafi “Messenger of the Arabian Desert,” drawing a parallel between

Muammar al-Qathafi and the Prophet Muhammad.
In a 1979 interview with the late atheist Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, al-Qathafi called his Green Book

“the new gospel,” implying a parallel between himself and Muhammad, whom Muslims believe received

the Holy Qur’an from God through the angel Gabriel.


In 1992, the Great Jamahiriya issued a commemorative stamp on the anniversary of the 1969 “Al-Fateh

Revolution” which depicts Muammar al-Qathafi on a white horse that appears to be leaping into the sky, an

allusion to Al-Buraq, the white winged beast that Muhammad mounted on his overnight journey

from Mecca to Jerusalem.

In April 2005, Revolutionary Guard commander Hasan al-Kabir al-Qadhafi said there existed a

special relationship between the leader and God and called Muammar al-Qathafi a murabit (a living saint).

During a July 2005 meeting, the General Union for Producers, the famous Great Jamahiriya trade union,

told Muammar al-Qathafi, “We value and are proud of your imamship for millions of Muslims from East to West, so that the banner of Islam can be raised so high to fulfill the will of Allah.”


what happened today Moulay Mohammed mosque Tripoli :

The forward in charge of the Friday sermon in the mosque,  Maulvi Muhammad , in Tripoli, said

that,  all who voted for the party coalition forces headed by Jibril,  are perverts and fools and criminals,

walking Nadolh youth Qalolh respect yourself defect Sheikh,

and is continuing in rubbishing people and insulted Farcpolh Nzloh from the pulpit and moved the battle front of the mosque.

Talat group and the losing party with them Jayben Toboat PP-R and batons in their cars and sat Adharboin front of the whole young,,,

صورة لوليام بيرنز مساعد وزيرة الخارجية الأمريكية بعد اعطاء الدروس لمحمود جبريل.
‏Photo : صورة لوليام بيرنز مساعد وزيرة الخارجية الأمريكية بعد اعطاء الدروس لمحمود جبريل.‏
Martyr spring Bocklish Megrahi. Knight spent over the crisis between the two fronts of Brega and Misurata. Better than the brave intrepid aims Ppalaratash Almgarhh and 2/2. Was one of the Legion of Old Almgarhh free Ajdabiya and the first of the income of the hero with Maj. Gen. Bashir Murad Zoatinh. And able to respond Jerdan for Barak twice the base. He cited a bullet treachery he came up from behind a defender of his country and his tribe against the Kharijites and Culture Alliance Cross. Light on the spirit of the martyr hero. * Note: to spread the image of the heroic martyrs Please send messages through the Service page.
Photo: Spring Bocklish Martyr al-Megrahi.  Knight spent over the crisis between the two fronts of Brega and Misurata.  Better than the brave intrepid aims Ppalaratash Almgarhh and 2/2.  Was one of the Legion of Old Almgarhh free Ajdabiya and the first of the income of the hero with Maj. Gen. Bashir Murad Zoatinh.  And able to respond Jerdan for Barak twice the base.  He cited a bullet treachery he came up from behind a defender of his country and his tribe against the Kharijites and Culture Alliance Cross.  Light on the spirit of the hero martyr.  * Note: to spread the image of the heroic martyrs Please send messages through the Service page.

  • The only authorised  body, enabled for a sound future of a “Great Jamahiriya“, is the Green Resistance whose ,whose Supreme Commander is the LIVING Muammar al-Qathafi, with the Green Army led byGeneral Khamis al-Qathafi,  and who still recognises all the chosen officialsof  the  former “Socialist Arab/African GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Libya” which remains the sole legitimate institution of Libya (as greatly opposed to the illegal puppet government imposed upon theLibyan Peoples, calling themselves now the Government National Council created by NATO/BernardLevy/ John McCain & Hillary Clinton)THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA whose selected officials  were popularly engaged from the last “Popular Committees and Congresses” enabled to be fairly held through-out the land of the Great Jamahiriya.  This is the only legitimate  force of the Libyan people and cannot be dissolved until another Popular Congress is fairly held amongst all the peoples of the Great Jamahiriya.  Dr. Hamza Thami is Muammar’s Aaron, and he announced the Zero hour now many weeks ago–and fighting will be ongoing
    but the actual date of the SECOND al-Fetah-to-come is yet unknown; but it will be well before 01 September…Muammar promises us this.Photo

  • Thumb_3acfc2ef-a7d5-4353-8875-897f1830440fas stated, the  Libyan Popular National Movement  includes COMPONENTS of the  al-Jamahiriya-–BUT it is a “political body” and it was started by a non-Libyan, English girl Lizzie Phelan—–
    Please recall that a real Jamahiriya does not have “political bodies” and Muammaris not the “late leader” as she states “MUAMMAR ‘the “late” leader!’-
    The  Libyan Popular National Movement  is a “confederation” of many different anti-NATO/GNC  forces—which is good, but as I said, highly  uninformed and ill-organised, and is not a true UNIFIED body. It is mostly a youth movement.


    Le seul organe autorisé, permis pour un avenir solide d’une «Grande Jamahiriya», est la Résistance dont le vert, dont le Commandant suprême est la VIE al-Kadhafi Mouammar, avec l’armée verte dirigée par le général Khamis al-Kadhafi, et qui reconnaît toujours tous les fonctionnaires choisis de l’ex-“socialiste arabe / Afican Grande Jamahiriya de la Libye”, qui reste la seule institution légitime de la Libye (comme fortement opposé au gouvernement fantoche illégal imposé sur les peuples libyens, se faisant appeler désormais le gouvernement du Conseil national créé par l’OTAN / Bernard Levy / John McCain et Hillary Clinton) – La Grande Jamahiriya, dont certains fonctionnaires ont été populairement engagés depuis le dernier “comités populaires et des Congrès» a permis d’être assez tenu dans tout le pays de la Grande Jamahiriya. C’est la seule force légitime du peuple libyen et ne peut être dissous jusqu’à ce qu’un autre Congrès populaire est tenue de manière équitable entre tous les peuples de la Grande Jamahiriya. Le Mouvement national populaire libyen, comme il est indiqué qu’il comprend des éléments de l’al-Jamahiriya — MAIS il s’agit d’un «corps politique» et il a commencé par un non-libyenne, l’anglais fille Lizzie Phelan —– rappel S’il vous plaît qu’un Jamahiriya réel n’a pas de «corps politiques» et Mouammar n’est pas le «chef de file en retard», comme elle Etats “MUAMMAR ‘le« retard »chef de file!” – Il s’agit d’une «confédération» de beaucoup de différents Anti-NATO/TNC forces — ce qui est bon, mais comme je l’ai dit, très mal informés et mal organisée, et n’est pas un .. UNIFIED corps il est vrai la plupart du temps un mouvement de jeunesse. Dr Mouammar Hamza est Aaron, et il a annoncé l’heure zéro maintenant il ya plusieurs semaines – et la lutte contre sera en cours , mais la date effective de l’Fetah al-DEUXIÈME à venir est encore inconnu , mais il sera bien avant le 01 Septembre … Mouammar nous promet cela.

Libyan Popular National Movement salutes global youth against imperialism
Source – by Lizzie Phelan
Logo of the Libyan Popular National Movement
Here is a statement regarding the International Youth Day to Condemn Imperialist Aggression,

from the Libyan Popular National Movement, which was founded a few months ago as the political body

of the “majority of Libyans” who support the Jamahiriyah and for that are being brutally persecuted by

NATO and their proxies.

Statement from the Libyan National Popular Movement:

The Libyan National Popular Movement, which includes components of the institutions of Al-Jamahiriya, “the public system based on the power of the people”, which is the legitimate authority chosen by the Libyan people through the main public conferences, the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people of all tribes and social classes, salutes this youth movement and the global revolutionary youth forces in this event which aims to mobilize the youth around the world to resist the imperialist and neo-colonialist attack.

And they would like to show the whole world that on the 8th of August, 2011 the brutal destruction against the peaceful,

revolutionary people of Libya which started by NATO on March 2011, was completed after damaging most of the civil and military establishments as well as the infra-structure, houses, schools, mosques, churches, and archaeological sites by thousands of continuous airstrikes for 9 months that spared no one and no thing, pouring bombs and missiles on innocent people, where the destructive power of those airstrikes against Libya has leveled entire blocks and cities to the ground.

This aggression against Libya is just another episode of continuous Imperialist aggression against peaceful peoples since the end of World War 2. Tripoli is surely not the end of this tragedy just as Kabul and Baghdad were not; it is a total, continuous, brutal war that the Imperialist forces have launched without any justifications or any moral or legal restrictions.

Imperialism is trying to survive, by rejuvenating colonialism and direct and indirect hegemony through military interventions and imposing regimes that are financially dependent on Imperialism and are under its full control.

The Libyan National Popular Movement salutes the international youth that is aware of the Libyan people’s suffering, and is especially grateful to Nicaraguan youth their role in defying the Imperialistic project and for their support for the Libyan people, and through them sends regards and gratitude to the progressive revolutionary youth of Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas and confirms its persistence in resistance to defeat the Imperialistic project in Libya and to defend the liberty of the peoples of the world.

Glory for the Libyan martyrs,
Glory for all martyrs around the world who died fighting Imperialism.”


The situation in Libya is becoming worse every day. With very little interest from international media many horrors have taken place in all parts of the country: systematic torture of prisoners, extra-judicial killings, armed tribal conflict, economic and political foreign domination, robbing of national wealth, the reality of Al-Qaeda’s control of parts of the country, the invention and establishing of fragmented regional and cross-border identities to replace the national unifying identity, anti-black politics amongst the armed militias, the enforced displacements of whole tribes, the flight of a third of the population to neighbouring countries for fear of persecution.

In this atmosphere of horror, millions of Libyans who supported “the late leader Muammar Gaddafi”

[—–my note here—MUAMMAR IS NOT the “late” leader!—–]

are being excluded from any real political solution in the country. They live under fear of retaliation and cannot exercise their civil rights or feel safe enough to oppose any decision taken by the militias or the weak central authorities in the country.

As a result, we are re-organising ourselves outside Libya in an inclusive political movement that would encompass all Libyans who understand the terrible reality of Libya and insist that only through a genuine and radical change can Libyans avoid the danger of another civil war funded and maintained by foreign agendas. The following Declaration is concerned with the founding of the “Libyan Popular National Movement” and has been written and agreed-upon by most of the political/social/military leaderships of Green Libya.

July 19, 2012 08:30 (UTC) Submitted by Quoriana


  • All thanks to the tribe that stood Almgarhh heroic stance with Bani Walid …. Where secured Alchuirv axis and the southern

    Sheikhs Bani Walid increase to two other two conditions, namely rats Misurata  

  • 1 – the release of Sheikh Alchuirv civil recognition of the efforts of Almgarhh
    2 – the people back to their homes Torghae


from Janzour:

Rishvana and the capture of rats 4 of Saraya grass …. And 15 of the rats Gado ……….

Rats and Al-zentani want to enter for the exchange of prisoners….
Rishvana and declare that today is the night of the discount to teach rats Janzour lesson will not forget.

killed 3 of the sons and Rishvana and wounding 4 of them serious condition at the hands of rats Janzour.

Violent clashes between rats and Janzour Orishvana in Janzour ……… In retaliation for the killing of 3 of

the sons and Rishvana.

YESTERDAY: very importanat
now the outbreak of clashes in Tripoli airport between rats and a battalion Alzentan conquest

bin Ghashir Palace ....


RATS MAKE power outages in BANI WALID for 4 hours and more.

The phenomenon of power cuts a new beginning it was an hour and an hour and just.

I want to run away more than 4 hours this for Lena we in Janzour and mind in some other areas.

and just calls break between East and West and the God thing boggles this country’s oil and Sayer where Heca .

At the end of the topic Mava only Nicollkm Libya has lived a cat and some Khashh, cut the loss and communication .  


Rishvana free

Bouazza Khaled

 Alex Beck of

Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi , writes us:

Breaking News
second day of clashes between rats and resistance in Tripoli city and alot of rats got Killed in Janzour area .
Clashes in Sebha City between rats of the east and Green Resistance .

“Live coupons” head of the former French Foreign Intelligence:
Qatar and the commander of Baji Sbsa and Renaissance group were involved in the kidnapping of al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi sham trial and then sell it to the new rulers of Libya … where Sbsaa gave instructions that the arrest warrant for Al-Mahmoudi, when he crossed the dirt and Tutsis flags of Qatar, which asked him to custody in preparation for the new instructions Sdro about it and then catch Sbsa amount of one million dinars from Qatar. and after the elections T results were known in advance in favor of allies Qatar impounded by the Government of the Renaissance and did not leave him, despite his acquittal by the Tunisian judiciary but since Tunisia infiltrated sovereignty by Qatar, the desire of rulers had been waiting for instructions from Doha on Mahmoudi that were handed over to Tripoli for 100 Mmleon euros went to the account the movement of the Renaissance in Turkey.
“Ive Bonat,” the PW Chief of French foreign intelligence:
Qatar and Al-baaji sebsi Renaissance Group and participated in the kidnapping of  Baghdadi Mahmoudi, trial and then sell to the leaders of the new figurehead of Libya. ..
Since alsbsii, responsible to stop when crossing Mahmoudi territorial expansion and to inform the guard asked Qatar prelude lsadro new instructions on this,
then catch Caid Essebsi million Tunisian dinars of Qatar after the elections…
and their results were known in advance in favor of the allies made by Qatar and the government has not left his Renaissance.
although acquitted by the Tunisian justice but as sovereign by Tunisia has infiltrated the will of the leaders was in Qatar awaiting instructions.
Doha Mahmoudi Issued in Tripoli for 100 euros mmlion went to the expense of the Renaissance movement in Turkey.
«Ive bonat,« le PW de chef du Service de renseignement étranger français: Qatar et Al-baaji sebsi groupe Renaissance et ont participé à l’enlèvement de Baghdadi Mahmoudi, procès et ensuite vendre auprès des dirigeants de la figure de proue Libye nouvelle … Depuis alsbsii, chargé d’arrêter Mahmoudi lorsque traversait l’expansion du territoire et d’informer le Qatar a demandé garde prélude lsadro nouvelles instructions à ce sujet, puis attraper Caid essebsi millions de dinars tunisiens du Qatar après les élections et leurs résultats ont été connus à l’avance en faveur des alliés Qatar faite par le gouvernement et n’a pas quitté sa Renaissance, bien qu’acquitté par la justice tunisienne mais comme souverain par la Tunisie s’est infiltré dans la volonté des dirigeants a été au Qatar en attente des instructions de Doha à Mahmoudi Délivrée à Tripoli pour 100 euros de mmlion est allé à la dépense du mouvement de la Renaissance en Turquie


14 MAI 2012:

Publiée le  mai in 2012 fourteen par 

Brother of free speech to the Libyan people in and out Aldaakhl elections a farce entitled to a room on the Pal/talk bone mass Radioa sidewalk FM

room on Pal/talk bone mass


Sfajh room Alhmaheria Great Logo

Libya Facebook Page on Facebook

La liberté d’expression au peuple libyen de la salle Grande Jamahiriya de Dieu

  Photo de couverture

25 NOV. 2004:


Daily minimum home 21 \ 7 \ 2012
said As’ad Ambah Aboqilh journalist and author Libya’s  independent reporter,  minimum home in Libya,  in a

press statement “with Bmaah holy month of Ramadan is most competitive media between official channels

Jamahiriya and the channels of the rats to bring the largest number D possible audience,

but there is a satellite channel won the admiration of many scenes of Libya and private supporters of Gaddafi,

but has become a channel of choice for them and Atart a big debate in the street,

the Libyan government is trying to Libyan closed it channel valley space is a special channel in Bani Walid owned

by the tribe and Rafla and broadcast on the satellite Nile Sat .

Almost this channel replica of the channel mass marrow space system Gaddafi former was broadcast

channel valley on Friday with the first day in the month of Ramadan programs,

some channel mass, including the series-Haj Hamad, who criticizes the negative phenomena in the Libyan society

in a comic and the series-Haj Hamad was regaining the follow-up great popularity of the Libyans and even follow-up

figure of Colonel  Muammar Gaddafi as Ptt channel images of the victims of NATO bombing on the city of Bani Walid.

broadcast channel protest of Population and Rafla to visit the Crown Prince of Qatar to Libya

and broadcast channel valley of many popular songs that were Tptha channel Gaddafi official public space.

He said Assad Aboqilh:

According to sources, the center Libyan news is circulating widely among the Libyans, especially supporters of

Gaddafi said channel valley space is preparing to broadcast video tape depicts the fierce fighting that

took place in the city of Al Walid and the city of Sirte between rebel forces and NATO against al-Qadhafi

and his supporters, according to the sources tape video showing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi personally shoot

down NATO aircraft whenever he heard voices of these aircraft flying on the sky over Bani Walid and the city

of Sirte and the video shows some of the meetings that reward Colonel  Muammar Gaddafi with the elders

and the elders of the city of Bani Walid and walked Otina war Libyan.
fifi fifi

كثير هنا تكمن كدعاية لجعل معمر تبدو سيئة عندما كان هو في الحقيقة نقية وجيدة. هذا ليس صحيحا لقطات — وأكثر بشاعة ينتشر عن طريق هيلاري ساحرة.

Channel valley space is preparing to broadcast video tape depicts the fierce fighting that took place in the city of

Ben-Walid and the city of Sirte between rebel forces and NATO against al-Qadhafi and his supporters, according

to sources that the tape is visible showing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi personally shoot down NATO aircraft

whenever he heard voices of this aircraft flying on the sky bin Walid and the city of Sirte and the video shows

some of the meetings that the reward of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi with the elders and the elders of the

city Bin Walid and walked Otina war Libyan as tape shows footage inhumane to shoot a large number of civilians

fleeing from the city of Al Walid and the city of Sirte and killing prisoners of war between the parties, and that the

tape visible will Whittier a lot of controversy between the Libyans and threaten the Libyan government channel

valley prosecution judicial and lock the channel in the case of broadcast Hmae tape due to the exposure the

country’s security at risk and Atarh problems between the rebels and supporters of al-Gaddafi, Alagdirbaldkr the

channel valley has not broadcast any announcement through its programs for Hmae tape video or even later

broadcast the tape on channel valley may want to have the tape a surprise to the viewer Libyan.


the fake footage from Sirte is even worse. It shows Muammar himself killing people who desired to flee from BANI WALID and it shows him murdering captives in cold blood…IT IS HORRIBLE and is a CLINTON fabrication being broadcast to make Muammar appear really bad and deserved his “death” which she shows again in fabrication.
These same kind of videos are being broadcast in Middle East and Syria as well making BASHEAR ASSAD look bad killing people! and showing turmoil in Damascus, but it is NOT DAMASCUS; it is Qatar –but people are being fooled.

The Sirte footage is all fake as it was pouring rain there; and the footage is dry and Sunny because it was filmed in Misrata and in Qatar.

News of the march of the sons and green Rafla in Mansheya and market Ant Institute of parameters to cheer (and Rafla is Rafla for what its leader, give up)from Bani Walid:
Ali and Rafla Tripoli ………
Take the cautious and prudent and the formation of small armed groups of 20-30 young man ………..
And the attack on all MusratiRats Rats Misurata asking them to join the eastern region of the attack on Bani Walid ……….
Where the numbers were small.

Our correspondent in the Bani Walid
Alert is unprecedented in the Bani Walid …….. After the betrayal of rats Gado to the Convention on the exchange of prisoners
The sheikhs and Rafla demanding young people to prepare for war …

Our correspondent in the Bani Walid
If it is not the release of our prisoners in the prisons of Misurata ….. Denunciation was …..

will kill all the remaining prisoners …….
The Misurata and Bani Walid in a state of war ….

in the Bani Walid was the release of 5 prisoners of only …….. And if it is not released from the rest of the prisoners

within the time limit specified ………. Will liberate our prisoners from the prisons of Misurata by force …..

Misurata rats Istnjdon Bgerman pagan army and rats in transition … With the approaching deadline for agreement.

Bani Walid heavy military mobilization in the Bani Walid attacked the rats Misurata (traitors covenants) …..

near the end of the period with the agreement.


    • Mohammed Alsabhawi steadfast
      Old Atsedkoa you are free in the middle Ankhalat Nhsabh Khoi but thank God and Random Musrati Narafash:
      Hahahahahahah, Hadim family Misurata Old Hteke Tris and Rafla Sabha and victorious, God willing,

      ليبيا محتلة يا مخانيث يا جرذان
    •  Rat Salem Juha ………… Punish all of Musrati ride roughshod over the … And will destroy Bani Walid….

      Ongoing fighting between rats and Misurata Mslath and among the inhabitants of Lamamra ….. In an attempt to displace
      Lamamra tribe in Libya
      this tribe are stationed in the area of Lamamra and is situated south of the five coastal is 26 kilometers and there Lamamra in Sirte and Benghazi and Sebha and turf and Zeliten and Al Heisha ……. displaced
      more than the number of Lamamra tribe in their status in Lamamra than twenty thousand people engaged in agriculture and livestock mainly, as exceeds the number of Nfosha in Sirte, two thousand lives, mostly metropolitan valley, which lies east of the city of Sirte Seventieth of 70 km ….
      The Lamamra in Benghazi, the second gathering of the tribe in Libya in terms of size, as reported in the range of five thousand people …… and from Benghazi in between Lamamra family Aldahila
      branded Lamamra hobbled their camels and shape (T) on the right thigh, and they agree on this tag in Arafa with the tribe that settled mostly in the Libyan city of Prairie …….. Lamamra Libyan tribe is divided into five houses or thighs –
      House: – the crowds, Aljabbarna, Rahomat, children M’hamed, Taiash.
      استمرار الاشتباكات بين جرذان مصراتة ومسلاتة وبين اهالي العمامرة ….. في محاولة لتهجيرهم
      قبيلة العمامرة في ليبيا
      تتمركز هذه القبيلة في منطقة العمامرة و هي تقع جنوب مدينة الخمس الساحليّة بـ 26 كيلو مترا و هناك عمامرة في سرت و بنغازي و سبها و المرج و زليطن و الهيشة المهجرة …….
      يربو عدد أفراد قبيلة العمامرة في مركزهم في العمامرة عن عشرين ألف نسمة يمتهنون الزراعة وتربية الماشية بشكل رئيس، كما يتجاوز عدد نفوسها في سرت الألفين يقطن أغلبهم وادي العامرة الذي يبعد شرق مدينة سرت بِـ 70 سبعين كيلومترا ….
      ويشكّل العمامرة في بنغازي التجمع الثاني للقبيلة في ليبيا من حيث الحجم إذ يبلغ في حدود خمسة آلاف نسمة ……و من بين العمامرة في بنغازي عائلة الدحيلي
      يوسم العمامرة إبلهم بالعقال و شكله ( T ) على الفخذ الأيمن ، و هم على هذا يتفقون في الوسم مع قبيلة العرفة التي يستقر أغلبها في مدينة المرج الليبية…….. تنقسم قبيلة العمامرة الليبية إلى خمسة بيوت أو أفخاذ –
      بيت:- الجموع ،الجبارنة، الرحومات، أولاد أمحمد، الطيّاش.
      ‏Photo : استمرار الاشتباكات بين جرذان مصراتة ومسلاتة وبين اهالي العمامرة ..... في محاولة لتهجيرهم<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
قبيلة العمامرة في ليبيا<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
 تتمركز هذه القبيلة في منطقة العمامرة و هي تقع جنوب مدينة الخمس الساحليّة بـ 26 كيلو مترا و هناك عمامرة في سرت و بنغازي و سبها و المرج و زليطن و الهيشة المهجرة .......<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
 يربو عدد أفراد قبيلة العمامرة في مركزهم في العمامرة عن عشرين ألف نسمة يمتهنون الزراعة وتربية الماشية بشكل رئيس، كما يتجاوز عدد نفوسها في سرت الألفين يقطن أغلبهم وادي العامرة الذي يبعد شرق مدينة سرت بِـ 70 سبعين كيلومترا ....<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
ويشكّل العمامرة في بنغازي التجمع الثاني للقبيلة في ليبيا من حيث الحجم إذ يبلغ في حدود خمسة آلاف نسمة ......و من بين العمامرة في بنغازي عائلة الدحيلي<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
يوسم العمامرة إبلهم بالعقال و شكله ( T ) على الفخذ الأيمن ، و هم على هذا يتفقون في الوسم مع قبيلة العرفة التي يستقر أغلبها في مدينة المرج الليبية........ تنقسم قبيلة العمامرة الليبية إلى خمسة بيوت أو أفخاذ -<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
 بيت:- الجموع ،الجبارنة، الرحومات، أولاد أمحمد، الطيّاش.‏


      the tuber cut electricity on the cities of Derna and Tobruk Balکaml.
      Ramadan victory and liberation (group):
      the closure of an oil refinery corner …..________________________________the beach Social Council at the beach is Manaterv by ……….. We do not recognize the elections and the Conference of rats
      اليوم 25 \7
      عشم الوطن …………. ( صفحة عشاق القائد في رمضان النصر و التحرير )\\مراسلنا من الشاطئ
      المجلس الاجتماعي في الشاطئ هو مانعترف به ……….. ولا نعترف بمؤتمر الجرذان ولا الانتخابات

      “Hypocrisy .. God curse you Aamnavq”

      The attack by an armed group from neighboring areas, “” beautiful and Racdalin “” resulted in his injury of a number of rats used in the corner and attack, gunshot wounds and others … And injured rats Atlqo treatment in hospital visitors Sailor “marina.
      # Libya # # Racdalin beautiful corner of # #
      A group of armed gangs outlaw trying to enter the cities and beautiful Rkdalin trying to humiliate the slaves and rape, are said to be the angle of the gangs and militias backed by the visitors were saved by brave young people. This is not the first time that you get where such attacks have we addressed those responsible do not we meet no response or interest so we will bear the trouble of self-defense and supply in these difficult times being experienced by our beloved country and warn all of tempted to compromise the security of our areas that we will not stand arms folded in front of any abuse and we will respond to “our way” ..
      If they want war, we have and if you want peace, we haveAlnoael channel on Facebook
      If they want war, we have and if you want peace, we have
      Lawyer leader AISCHA  alQathafi????:Zero hour and realize Masaah zero …………………….Aspects of this to all my words of despair or lose hope and boredom of waiting for the injury resistance .. I do not blame on anyone tired of waiting for the resistance have noticed that each group has developed a specific date, considering the zero hour and as they passed this date suffer frustration and despair …… Do you see a lion permission of its prey, or heard the days on the thief gives off will stealing a date … I am here like Balsa Slavery because Libya was stolen and recovered was taken by force by force with all due respect for the brave … Mqaomina I want to clarify that the resistance Ka flood sweeping does not have a date .. Every day we talk about zero hour simply as something easy Awsaah WebMaster .. As if that was just lost our farm or a house or a car … Or forget that the country is .. Madaa Madaa that is dignified Madaa is that men and youth in the age of flowers that Madaa women raped and children orphaned .. The Madaa is the families displaced to Madaa is security and safety resistance Do not have light magic to retrieve what can be retrieved, they are people like us to think and plan meticulously the situation is unlikely any mistake no matter how simple Valkhouna were planning to betray them since Snoaat why, we can not we take some time to recover our right .. it is not the start of zero hour is our due, but victory is certain is our goal … patience and endured not despair of the mercy of God do not underestimate would our men brave men Bomenaarvallah will grant victory to the hired infidel, but God is testing our patience and the strength of our resolve and victory Qaaaaaaadm God willing and Mufajaúat unpleasant became close and length or width see the green Aarverw Gsbn Aaalradi Willie Hazy of rats and in the war …. There is nothing impossible ************** and ****** Balliba Milih Abty Qaaaabl armed people is to defeat …. Jay and joy … God willing Vsbera beautiful and God … . Who laughs last laughs ………..

       lawyer leader

      Photo de couverture



      Pictures of the clashes in the neighborhood of Al-Andalus – the capital Tripoli
      URGENT: Tripoli .. now sounds of explosions and bullets hit the point of Andalus district – the capital Tripoli
      Photo: Images of the clashes in al-Andalus - the capital Tripoli

      Photo: Images of the clashes in al-Andalus - the capital Tripoli

      ليبيا واستمرار الحرب الاهلية.. لا صوت يعلو فوق صوت السلاح

      Durée : ‎0:58

      violent clashes between rats and Janzour Orishvana in Janzour ………

      In retaliation for the killing of 3 of the sons and Rishvana


      Bombing of the tomb Companion “Zuhair bin Qais Balawi” Bdrnh

      Bombing of the shrine which is located inside the mosque is the tomb of the city’s Companions Companion “Zuhair bin Qais Balawi” buried in dirt Mnzu several centuries.

      غاب كبيرك عيشي علي ذلّك وقلّة خيرك ❉❉ ياليبيا غبتي وغاب كبيرك
      غاب دلالك ديري عزا وأبكي علي عقّـالك ❉❉ياليبيا بعتي أخيار أرجالك وتمّا مصير الظّالمين مصيرك
      من يشغله همّـــــك ومــــــــن يفضالك ❉❉ ومن دمعته تنزل علي تكديرك
      عيشي علي غدرك وشـــــــوفي حالك ❉❉ عظّم الله أجرك فموت ضميرك
      صرفتي علي روما مخــــــــازن مــالك ❉❉وفي يدّ ساركوزي نهاية سيرك
      ياليبيا رقّن خـــــــــلاص أحبــــــــــالك ❉❉ياجاهله دلوك سقط في بيرك
      ضحكوا عليك وخسّــــــروك أعيـــــــالك ❉❉ كان الندم ينفع نفع في غيرك
      خوذي من العــــــــراق ضــــرب أمثالك ❉❉ تو تفهمي وين ما يجفّ غديرك
      الملك للقويّ ومافـــــــــوق ملكه مالك ❉❉ غير الجهلّ عامي اليوم بصيرك
      أبكي عاللي جاك واللـــــــــــي طالك ❉❉ اليوم تخدمي فاللي سبب تعثيرك
      غاب كبيرك عيشي علي ذلّك وقلّة خيرك❉❉ ياليبيا غبتي وغاب كبيرك

      Kberk missed you live on that and the lack of goodness ❉ ❉ Aalibia Gpti and missed Kberk
      Missed Dalalk Derry and cry attributed to Akalk ❉ ❉ Aalibia Botai Erjalk good guys and the fate of the unjust destiny Tema
      It is operated by WebMaster Evdhalk ❉ ❉ Dmath and down on the Tkdeirk
      May you live on the Gdrick and Hova are you ❉ ❉ bone God reward your conscience The death
      Srvata the Rome stores owner ❉ ❉ In the hands of the end of Sarkozy’s circus
      Aalibia hatch salvation Ahe ❉ ❉ Jahlh wedlock fell in Burke
      You laughed and Khosrok Oaaalk ❉ ❉ remorse benefit was beneficial in others
      Juve from Iraq like you hit ❉ ❉ back to understand what Wayne dry Gdeirk
      King of the strong and above his owner’s ignorance ❉ ❉ Ami today Besark
      Jack and cry Aalli Avatar Talk ❉ ❉ Valley today Tkhaddma reason Tosark
      Kberk missed you live on that and the lack of goodness ❉ ❉ Aalibia Gpti and missed Kberk


      Urgent Sirte
      Security Committee of Sirte began to reveal its true face and exercise its functions in Alassalkh and terrorize the people and cut off their livelihood and of course the occasion of advent of holy month began a campaign to all the shops in the ring road next to the neighborhood meeting to inform all tenants need to pay rent shops of the Commission on security rather than paid to the owners and the owners of livelihoods or do imprisonment and torture.


      We are waiting as well as the valleys
       Sabha prisoners who were captured yesterday from rats at the hands of Misurata and Sabha Rafla will be transferred to the Bani Walid …..
      last night was Nasser Mohammed Mahmoud Alomla to kidnapping near the neighborhood of the camel and witnesses they said it’s a white car the Taliban has a dark exposure of him in the attic and pull through the weapons and went on to abduct the eyes of the people and they run a security committee of Sirte
    • Warning from the captain of the process (Glory) in the south:
      To dogs Misurata what happened in the city of Sabha on Thursday, is a training course for the band Almnfdh of the process, thank God, was successfully prepared for the Implementation of the policies included in the statement of tribe and Rafla in the southern region to respond to any Aatda on our mother Bani Walid and respond to today came from the sons and Rafla and tomorrow from all the tribes of the south, which had come to participate in the process and now are waiting for instructions to process the major tribes of the Union for the Liberation of our prisoners of the land of kufr Misurata
      God is great and above all enlargeتحذير من قائد عملية (المجد) في الجنوب
      الى كلاب مصراتة ماحدث في مدينة سبها يوم الخميس هو دورة تدريبية للفرقة المنفدة للعملية والحمد لله تمت بنجاح استعداد لتنفيد ماجاء في بيان قبيلة ورفلة في المنطقة الجنوبية للرد على اي اعتدا على بلدنا الام بني وليد والرد اليوم جاء من ابناء ورفلة وغدا من جميع قبائل الجنوب التي توافدت للمشاركة في العملية والآن ننتظر التعليمات للعملية الكبرى لأتحاد القبائل لتحرير اسرانا من بلاد الكفر مصراتة…
      والله اكبر فوق كل تكبير
      Green corner
      URGENT ::: Misurata
      Major General Joseph carved the Libyan army chief of staff refuses to give legitimacy to the process of “Gardens of the dawn” on the weight of the NATO occupation of Libya blew Odyssey intends militias from Misurata to do to enter the city and sweep the Prophet and Waliddoes not bless this process.عاجل مصراتة:::
      اللواء يوسف المنقوش رئيس أركان الجيش الليبي يرفض منح الشرعية لعملية “فجر جنات” علي وزن عملية الناتو لاحتلال ليبيا فجر الاوديسا التي تعتزم مليشيات من مصراتة القيام بها لدخول و تمشيط مدينة نبي وليد ولا يبارك هذه العملية .
      News of flight mass Misurata to the families of residents Bsabha by the arrest of young people and in Rafla Sabha for four of the gunmen Misuratadue to harassment and provocations by the Jews Gardan Misurata against the city of Bani Walid incubator tribes and RaflaRadicle is noteworthy that the militants who were arrested in the Sabha had been released on the instructions of the Council of the social tribes and Rafla.  
      أنباء عن هروب جماعي لعائلات مصراته المقيمين بسبها جراء أعتقال شباب ورفلة في سبها لأربعة من مسلحي مصراته جراء التحرشات والأستفزازات التي يقوم بها جردان يهود مصراته ضد مدينة بني وليد حاضنة قبائل ورفلةالجذير بالذكر أن المسلحين الذين تم أعتقالهم في سبها قد تم الأفراج عنهم بناء علي تعليمات من المجلس الأجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة
      (new translation: News of flight mass Misurata to the families of residents Bsabha by the arrest of young people and in Rafla Sabha for four of the gunmen Misurata
      due to harassment and provocations by the Jews Gardan Misurata against the city of Bani Walid incubator tribes and Rafla.  

      Radicle is noteworthy that the militants who were arrested in the Sabha had been released on the instructions of the Council of the social tribes and Rafla.)
      Our correspondent from Bani Walid
      Most of the sons of Bani Walid before 20 \ 8 ……
       Who participated in the war against the rats were killed in the fronts ……
      For this was the requirement to release the captured after 20 \ 8 ….
      Their number is estimated at about 600 Warfalli  …

       is not true that rats Metrddh channels Slmo 60 people from Bani Walid …. 

      The deal says ……….. All of what has been arrested on 20 \ 8


      Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |

      Channel Valley
      Urgent: Misurata militias betray the agreement …………………………

      militias (Misurata) Armed betray the agreement, as usual, and

      denounce the Covenant and the Charter made by their representatives during the negotiations

      that took place under the auspices of mediators from the city of Gado, where he was among the

      terms of the agreement to stop assaults on children tribe and Rafla.

      Here is today’s militias that traitor of the Covenant and the Charter of the kidnapped :

      1_ media young Hamza Ali Ibrahim Warfali (from his office) 2_ Mohammed Omar Abdel Nabi Chouran Warfali

      2_ Omar Omar Abdel Nabi Chouran Warfali from the city of Tripoli, and you move them to the city

      prisons of torture in Misurata, so this fragmentation of human beings does not save the era and the

      Charter and the security of punishment offended Literature and should be treated equally

      and the kidnapping of the largest possible number of them (as happened in the Sabha) in various areas to be swap them being done with the state (Misurata) as long as the government delusional powerless and unable to apply the law to everyone and to stop such practices criminal and brazen militias Almusratih ..

      And also as long as these militias do not know the meaning of the Covenant, the Charter does not

      exist in lexicons only treachery, betrayal and breaking the covenants and conventions.


      à Bani Walid nouvelles pour l’armement et Rafla ……….

      Pour les gens de sortir Torghae pour lutter contre la Misurata rats … Même retourner dans leurs foyers
      in Bani Walid people go for new weapons and Rafla ……….

      As for the Misrata RATS going out to fight against Torghae, they will be hard hit, as the Torghae are

      fighting valiantly to return to their homes.

      اليوم 24 \7
      عشم الوطن …………. ( صفحة عشاق القائد في رمضان النصر و التحرير )\\مراسلنا في بني وليد
      انباء عن تسليح ورفلة ………. لاهالي تاورغاء بها لقتال جرذان مصراتة … حتي يعودوا الي ديارهم
      ‏Photo : عاااااااااااااااااااااجل<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
اليوم 24 \7<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
عشم الوطن ............. ( صفحة عشاق القائد في رمضان النصر و التحرير )\\</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>مراسلنا في بني وليد<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
انباء عن تسليح ورفلة .......... لاهالي تاورغاء بها لقتال جرذان مصراتة ... حتي يعودوا الي ديارهم‏
      from ALEX BECK of

      Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi:
      “Breaking News
      Green Resistance exchange two captured rats with 60 green fighters whose were fought in Gaddafi

      forces against NATO .”

      Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free
      Paddy and delivery Yusuf Abdul Qadir Fssok two 2 out of 6 people detained to the elders and wise men

      and the children of epiphyseal Boucif and Gado..They are now in the city of Gado and will not be

      handed over to the city of Misurata only after receipt of the town of Beni Walid sons who were arrested

      after the fall of Tripoli to the present day as the agreement between the Council between the tribes

      and the social Rafla and representatives of Misurata   mediated by some Libyan tribes.

      , if not break prisoners of Bani Walid within 3 days ……… Will be restored from rats Gado

      Misurata Release 5 of Bani Walid ….. Ali and arrested 10 people in Tripoli and Zliten …..

      what do you do Bani Walid …………

      The rest of the 4-day deadline to the end of the Convention that have not implemented ….

      Elders of Bani Walid say ….. The return of the people is the responsibility of Torghae people of Bani Walid and Orvlh …………….

      The news of a conspiracy between rats Thalk Misurata and the army against the black Torghae people of Bani Walidwho

      were BANI WALID’s guests since their homes were destroyed and they were driven out of Torghae ………

      Code of Bani WalidAnd Rafla Great | Great Warfalla
      peaceful solution between the two cities Bani Walid and Misurata was present only
      news are all excellent and We will provide you with later because there are things that should not be announced until ended.
      BUT THIS IS WHAT WE RECEIVE FROM “Asham Home” of Dr.Shakir:
      Because we are more powerful (Page challenging the rats ….. Page green flag) rats from the pages of powerful explosions shake the Misurata ……….youth Almgarhh Bani Walid capturing 6 of the rats Misurata and two armed groups in the gate house in the way of Barak Jufrah …(Dr. Shakir’s site seems to contradict the pages of “the Code of Bani Walid” ??????????????????????????)
          Channel Sirte on FacebookA ((caution and anticipation of treachery, my son, Walid, because these haters Cowards Hazqon in the art of fraud and treachery and cunning as Haya foxes))) at a time when we see the reporting of news in the pages of Facebook for a solution to the problem between the Bani Walid and rats Misurata by tribal elders, aAnd something of this sort , said hours before the official spokesperson of the General Staff chicken National Jirdani through the channel of Misurata TV: on the events between Misurata and Bani Walid, describing the problem as between the State and the road sector , where replaced by the rat Misurata state and Bani Walid bandits and there is also news associated with this news to the effect that the General Staff Jerdanih approved the request of the storming of Bani Walid by rats subject to approval by the Mufti false Taliani they are in the process waiting for an advisory opinion gives them by saying the legitimacy of their entry to the Bani Walid. (and God knows) and O Mark guile in Nharham and guard duty —– –
          news from the heart of Bani Walid from our own sources and the end is lying to you,,,

          From private sources to Forums Ibiaalkhaddra in Bani Walid,,, before they lay off the news and the story Avatar get in the Bani Walid for receipt of Almusurien spies want to refute you all the news, which says they were handed over and ended the problem, but they are on their way for delivery and speech Alfada, be careful what is lying to you end … Is the agreement and conditions of this for certain …
          Dora Dora forever forever Astbarta a Franco-British delegation in Misurata today on 12/7/2012
           know they afford some sort of conspiracy and become monsters in Forte Hussein in two Jaivin Misurata Misurata group downright News

          Alert is unprecedented in the Bani Walid …….. After the betrayal of rats Gado to the Convention on the exchange of prisoners
          The sheikhs and Rafla demanding young people to prepare for war …



          our correspondent in the Bani Walid Musrati any rat in the south and center …………

          in Bani Walid support of small arms and medium-sized up to Bani Walid from the south ….


          in Benghazi Lda continuous interruption in Benghazi continues for 8 hours ….. And salaries every two months, got a month’s salary.


          pages backer of the target house Abdul Hamid Cndolee Warfali plateau in the harsh division of mourning missiles at the hands of rats Misurata.

          Misurata demanding rats everywhere in public ……. Speed up to attend to Misurata with the timeout near the end of the agreement with Black Bani Walid.


          our correspondent in the forces of the armed people , Dr. Shahid Billah a meeting of the tribes in a club ….. Rats and daughters betrayed Testament of Solomon ….

          Especially in Jufrah Sabha and ….. He is under fire and Rafla after 4 days …

          Bani Walid response to traitors covenants rats Misurata we will make every Musrati out of

          Misurata turning left and right, and calculates a thousand before he comes out of Misurata ….

          And the rest of 4 days only.

          Dr. Shakir writes:

          day 21 \ 7
          Asham home …………. (Page lovers …….. commander in Ramadan victory and liberation)

          has been the occupation of Tripoli at the hands of rats in the previous Ramadan …..

          Will we Libya to its glory …….. And liberate this year we are on the right ………..

          If we Qaaaaaaaaadron to edit ….. Atantzer to come from outside forces ….. To set you free ….

          You are armed people is subject to the defeat of others ……….. move select your goal …..

          …… Kill the rat …… Facilitate the task for the Liberation of Libya

          (Page lovers leader in Ramadan victory and liberation)
          in the violent clashes Got Alhaal and Omar Mukhtar Street …..

          And hear the voice of a powerful explosion in the Friday Market

           Janzour alert rats between the battalion and the Knights of Janzour among the inhabitants and Rishvana …..

          Brothers: * Masoud Ali Salah * .. Martyrs sons Hamad Masoud .. God have mercy .. ————————–
          Without Khot what the minimum estimated ** Assaiba Jack had witnessed ..
          without the owner of Khot ** and prestige without Khot Matsui corral dust ..
          no Wali Khot owner ** Because you people and you Habib Ghali

          at the request of the brothers and sisters, lovers Asham home page ……

          We do not give up we Mstmrrrrrrrrrron …….. We are with you until the liberation of Libya house

          house house house ………… Rue Rue with the sisters in the armed people ………..

          With the brothers in the jihadist media ……..

          جنازة الشهيد عمر سليمااااااااااااااااااان

 from the pages of backers (together publish the fact that what is happening in Libya)

reported an attack on the camp rats Almsarit Torghae Garyounis in Benghazi …


in Kufra, our correspondent reports on the meeting of the rat and the Brcko Droko with the elders of Tabu in Kufra,

…. And reported them to the support of the Murzuq

Infidels, clashes erupted again between Tabu and cabled in Kufra and led to the deaths of 5 people —– – c 69

الزنتان يقولون ان الناتو طيور ابابيل

Alzentan say that NATO Ababil birds

Photo: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl today 19 \ 7 Asham home ......  Because we are more powerful (Page challenging the rats ..... green flag page) l, our correspondent in Kufra continuing violent clashes between rats and cabled Tabu ......  And rats as usual, they say they are fighting the Chadian ...
    • Photo: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl today, 18 \ 7 Asham home ......  Because we are more powerful (Page challenging the rats ..... Page green flag) post addicted page We are fighting our own hands ...........  Do not rely on others ....... fight on the ground ... and no mass fight on the ground Syria .....  Even if Assad fell ...........  Will liberate the land mass ....  Will not forget the blood of our martyrs

       see the LION emblem in the lower right corner! and also this is the emblem of the RED ARMY which works
      with the Green Resistance of Muammar al-Qathafi.


      n Bani Walid people go for new weapons and Rafla ………. As for the Misrata RATS going out to fight against Torghae, they will be hard hit, as the Torghae are fighting valiantly to return to their homes
      اليوم 24 \7
      عشم الوطن …………. ( صفحة عشاق القائد في رمضان النصر و التحرير )\\مراسلنا في بني وليد
      انباء عن تسليح ورفلة ………. لاهالي تاورغاء بها لقتال جرذان مصراتة … حتي يعودوا الي ديارهم
      ‏Photo : عاااااااااااااااااااااجل<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
اليوم 24 \7<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
عشم الوطن ............. ( صفحة عشاق القائد في رمضان النصر و التحرير )\\</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>مراسلنا في بني وليد<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
انباء عن تسليح ورفلة .......... لاهالي تاورغاء بها لقتال جرذان مصراتة ... حتي يعودوا الي ديارهم‏

from ALEX BECK of

“Breaking News
9 injured rats ,2 killed rats ,3 captured rats in clashes at western part of Libya Near Al Zawiya city also resistance gained 2 cars full of heavy weapons .”
News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
News coming in about the intention of the Ministry of Interior rats withdraw all arms of the city of Tarhunah during the coming period.
Why Tarhunah Baldat! Why was the absence of Abyssinian! Why at this time ..!!!!
Please all of the brothers in Tarhunahnot to comply to this matter because there is something that you arrange.
We have successfully _ Trophy car from rats Mzrath F. Ellis _ and killed 3 rats on the one hand Tninaa _
God is great above the plots of the aggressor
looted my car spear Klashen Cove
News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Urgent alert: confirmed information about the intention of the Air Force bombing of certain areas of the

mountains, Master Ben, so please take the Green Resistance flag.
# Libya # # Sabha  

correspondent of the Sabha in Naga clashes between Alqmazfah age children and rats and the

tribe of Gardah balcony ….. And hear the voice of launchers

a partagé la photo de اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية).

Publiée le  18 Juil. Deux mille et douze nominale 

Tabu forces après leur victoire sur les rats

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Militias visitors steal citizens’ cars on the main road through the gates where they were fake and just steal a car citizen native of Sabratha were shooting live ammunition propagated by

the injury minor injury and is now going to head worth with a large group to close the crossing.
# # Sabratha Libyavisitors # # # head is worth.

مليشيات زوارة تسرق سيارات المواطنين على الطريق العام عن طريق بوابات وهمية حيث تم قبل قليل سرقة سيارة مواطن اصله من صبراته وتم الرمي عليه بالرصاص الحي فتمت اصابته اصابة طفيفة وهو الآن ذاهب الى رأس جدير مع مجموعة كبيرة لإغلاق المعبر.
#ليبيا#صبراته#زوارة#رأس جدير#

ÚÇÇÇĚá heard warplanes in the skies of Tripoli (in the city) just

YESTERDAY: very importanat
now the outbreak of clashes in Tripoli airport between rats and a battalion Alzentan conquest bin Ghashir Palace ….

‏Photo : مليشيات زوارة تسرق سيارات المواطنين على الطريق العام عن طريق بوابات وهمية حيث تم قبل قليل سرقة سيارة مواطن اصله من صبراته وتم الرمي عليه بالرصاص الحي فتمت اصابته اصابة طفيفة وهو الآن ذاهب الى رأس جدير مع مجموعة كبيرة لإغلاق المعبر.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
#ليبيا#صبراته#زوارة#رأس جدير#‏

    • Channel Sirte on Facebook Moved from Forum Libya green the city Alzentan upside down on some of them are not natural and theexpectation that the major war between them and the reason is kidnapped girl from Alzentan before theFaculty of Education, Miss Sunday at two after the back and to this moment did not find them and thekidnappers are three people, witnesses notables were in the place, it is important from yesterday on thelower Anglbh Alguetah Today, the tension became too large and aesthetics, including the use of weapons(ie, those of them) because of the kidnapper and the kidnapped Alzentan of Alzentan ….. Fifi fifi

        News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
      This car of a rat Jufrah Hoon called “Hatim Karim” and was in a residential neighborhood … It was the ammo … Shortly before was detonated ….
      # Libya # # Hoon Jufrah  –#

      هذه سياره أحد جرذان هون الجفره ويدعى ” حاتم كريم ” وكانت في احد الاحياء السكنيه … وكانت بها ذخيره … وقبل قليل تم تفجيرها….


our correspondent’s nice to mobilize youth in Alnoaúl Racdalin and beautiful ….

And they have a heavy presence of non-entry Albobat rats to it ……..

the beautiful elders of Alnoaúl go to Bani Walid …….. For its support against rats Misurata

Photo: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl today, 22 \ 7 Asham home .............  (Page lovers leader in Ramadan victory and liberation) \ correspondent of Bani Walid and Rafla sent another warning to the rats through the intermediary of Misurata rats Gado ....  If it is not the release of prisoners and leave the gate stopper ......  Consequences will be dire ...... 

2 days to deadline, with the imminent end of the deadline in the agreement between rats and people of Misurata

and those of  Bani Walid …..

Although a serious betrayal of rats of the Convention …. Several scenarios are approaching the
1 – Family of four rats killed
2 – kill all the rats Who plug in

3 – Misurata rats abduction of Q …

 rats Misurata seeking support from the rats and Alzentan Friday Market …. And promoting rumor of the kidnapping

of Bani Walid of rats from Sorman …. Even help them what would happen to them after the deadline

 thousands of young people and tribes Almgarhh Alqmazfah, and Orvlh Sabha ….. To join their parents in the Bani Walid

    •  Bani Walid and Rafla sent another warning to the rats through the intermediary of Misurata rats

      Gado …. If it is not the release of prisoners and leave the gate stopper …… Consequences will be dire ……

    •  RATS cut-off electricity for most of the beach
    •  support of small arms and medium-sized up to Bani Walid from the south ….


News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
URGENT: border skirmishes between Libyan Algerian rats and Algerian troops amid farms (Hamel continent) on the border line between Libya and Algeria.
# Libya # Algeria # # Ghadames


Handshake Ramadan .. (1)
Knight’s Libyan Sorry, O knight .. We have prepared us to be ..Carry all our concerns and burdens .. And remove us all Mathagl our shoulders ..

And express all Maijul in our memories and win us .. Sorry we Makedrnacc right of your destiny .. And Maahssna Bakimitk

Not in your absence .. The Maarafna value glory and honor when not affect us rabble and devils, which in fact Ocefadha Brahilk ..

Likes and who were afraid and intimidated by your voice and shaking Nzratk for being here .. Sorry Libya was derived

luster from your face and facial Nomad .. And the sanctity of purified sand Aabatk .. Hmokh mountains and the roar

of your words ..Freshness and charm of your smile Nsaúmha .. Sorry because you were not of our time ..

And greater than our understanding of your ideas .. Your imagination and our understanding of the wider ..

Avaiable and more of our dreams .. Sorry because you were the exception in that time ..

I was prophecy at every crossing .. A. Sorry saint sitting in your tent redolent smell of the prophets ..

Front of a stove fire burning warmth of authenticity and purity ..Sorry because you are not Matrki Badk ruins dignity ..

And the remnants of glory .. Raised the courage .. Sorry for the soul and you were displaced and the country …
fifi fifi

We want this prayer rolling on people all day,

God willing, agree-hour answer: “Oh God, I Astodatk and Rafla and its people, its security and safety, the nights and days;, its land, skies,

Vahfezha Lord of the hands of Alaaadaaaa and show us those wonders of your ability Oh God Nstodek our brothers in Rafla their men and their wives and children of

O he has not lost deposits “

and Alec Anscheroh traction and reward in this blessed day.


Saif-al-Islam al-Qathafi

Whoever recites Surat cave also revealed he had a light on the resurrection of his place to Mecca, and recites ten verses from the most recent, and he went out the Antichrist has not shed it, and ablution and then said: Glorified God and praise, there is no god but You forgiveness and I repent to you, written in the parchment then print the character did not break until the Day of Resurrection.
“Narrated by Tabarani in” East “. For saying peace be upon him: Whoever recites Sura Kahf on Friday, he will be illuminated with light between the two Fridays.
Narrated by the ruler and save the first ten verses of Sura Kahf, protected from the temptation of the Antichrist, for saying peace be upon him: to save the first ten verses of Sura Kahf  will be protected from the Antichrist. Narrated by Muslim At the time of reading after the Maghrib prayer for the day Thursday to sunset on Friday.
من قرأ سورة الكهف كما نَزلت كانت له نورا يوم القيامة مِن مقامه إلى مكة ، ومن قرأ عشر آيات من آخرها ، ثم خرج الدجال لم يُسَلّط عليه ، ومن توضأ ثم قال : سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك ، لا إله إلا أنت أستغفرك وأتوب إليك ، كُتِب في رَقّ ثم طُبع بِطابع فلم يُكسر إلى يوم القيامة ” . رواه الطبراني في ” الأوسط ” ، . لقوله عليه الصلاة والسلام : من قرأ سورة الكهف في يوم الجمعة أضاء له من النور ما بين الجمعتين . رواه الحاكم وحفظ عشر آيات من أول سورة الكهف يعصم من فتنة المسيح الدجال ، لقوله عليه الصلاة والسلام : من حفظ عشر آيات من أول سورة الكهف عصم من الدجال . رواه مسلم ووقت قرائتها من بعد صلاة المغرب ليوم الخميس ألى غروب شمس يوم الجمعة


Muammar’s own special publication of the Koran

Full Nisa (Ahmad Ajami). Ahmad – ‘ajmi sourat An-Nisa uploaded Quran full Youtube on Forums prisoner tears

and please support channel on YouTube to spread Ii …

Full Nisa (Ahmad Ajami). Ahmad – ‘ajmi sourat An-Nisa uploaded Quran full Youtube on Forums prisoner tears and please support channel on YouTube to spread Ii …
when purchasing a Koran, please make sure you get the al-Qathafi edition

      سورة النساء كاملة (احمد العجمي) .Ahmad -‘ajmi sourat An-Nisa تم الرفع القرأن الكريم كاملا يوتوب على منتديات اسير الدمعه وارجو دعم القناه على

    • Seeing how most Muslims have been told from an early age that the entire Islamic world shares a single, identical Quran, what happens when a Muslim begins to travel more widely and realizes that the Quran he encounters in Libya is not the same as the Quran edition in the Sudan, Yemen, or Indonesia? How does the average Muslim in various areas of the world deal with the existence of these various Quran editions, which differ not only in spelling but outright textual words/phrases?

    • the

      World Islamic People’s Leadership

      is headed by leader

      Muammar al-Gadhafi,

      and the

      Brother Farrakhan is assisting the leader

      in this regard. We have about 250 organizations under the umbrella of the

      World Islamic People’s Leadership

      from different parts of the world and they meet at a general conference once every four years. A little over three weeks ago, Minister Farrakhan was there attending the 5th general conference of

      World Islamic People’s Leadership. 

      There is a yearly agenda of how to serve the Muslim communities; how to defend the rights of the Muslims all over the world, how to bring the Muslim Ummah together; how to deal with some political and social crises happening either in the Muslim world or where there is a Muslim minority, especially in Europe.

    •  Founded in 1970 by Brother leader

      Muammar al-Gadhafi, the WICS is comprised of more than 250 Islamic organizations from around the world who are members of

      the General Congress of the organization.

      A general conference is held once every four years, in which religious, cultural, social and economic initiatives are formed

      and acted upon and a summary and status update is delivered regarding previous outreach and development programming.

    •  The US STATE DEPART under Hillary Clinton totally suspended the internet site of the Islamic Call Society


      The US STATE DEPARTMENT (Hillary Clinton) took down this site. It was initiated and led by

      Muammar al-Qathafi.

      Its preamble was the following:

      “The World Islamic People’s Leadership calls upon all Islamic regimes to abide by the Human Rights spelled out in Islam which ensure the participation of all Muslims in the governing and defence of their countries. The leadership believes that this is the best course to take in order to promote reliance on the Jamahiri struggle (Jihad) and to combat extremism and the dangerous phenomenon of despair.”

      (I) feel bad what is now happening in regards to Muammar al-Qathafi’s achievements all over the world. 

      In JAVA they just removed his name off of the huge mosque he donated for the people of JAVA;

      and every year, he sent them money to upkeep it even when the war was at its height!  

      The JAVA government made them remove all references to Muammar al-Qathafi–even though

      the JAVA government never gave them a cent to keep up their mosque—

      Muammar himself paid for it all.  I just hope they do not do the same with the majestic mosque of

      Kampala, UGANDA—a spectacular achievement in an area that was thicket and brush so heavy

      that no one thought ever possible to build upon; and the unbelievable cost to develope the land

      and tobuild a fitting monument to GOD/ALLAH!

      I am telling you, the witch’s claws reach all over the globe!!

      She has that much claque and POWER—and all Nations are bending to her will!


      from pp.101-132 of “ESCAPE to Hell”

      (written by Muammar al-Qathafi), quoted from pp. 101, 115, 125 & 128, i.e.: “Prayer on the Last Friday”, “The Prayerless Friday”(published in 1999)

      The Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet


      Muammar Qaddafy mosque in Puncak Bukit Sentul

      Posted by KabarNet on 22/10/2011

      In Sentul, Bogor, West Java, since two years ago stood a magnificent mosque Muammar Qaddafy. Libyan leader named because it was he who bears the cost of construction of the mosque to $ 50 billion.

      MQ inside the mosque compound Az-Zikra Hill, not far from the highway that connects Jagorawi Jakarta-Bogor. Imposing building that looks more handsome because it is built on a hilltop on a region of South Sentul. The mosque became the main symbol of the housing complex that is also drafted into the Muslim settlement.

      The mosque was built on July 22, 2007 and opened in the February 16, 2009. The entire requirement of funds used for construction is supported by the “World Islamic Call Society”, a transnational Islamic missionary organization based in Tripoli, Libya. Hence the name of Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafy chosen as the name of this mosque.

      One of the buildings that are full of meaning is Umbrella Nabawi. Two Umbrella Nabawi replica located on the first floor or in front of the entrance of this mosque, adding to the completeness of the architectural appearance of the mosque building has an area of ​​12 600 square meter building is. The mosque is located in the management responsibilities of the Foundation Council Zikra Dzikir Az-chaired by Ust. Arifin Ilham.

      Assembly associated with the Foundation’s decision to name Az-Zikra Muammar Qaddafy, it’s just a matter of appreciation and respect for the concern of the Libyan leader. Especially, the development of Islamic da’wah to the Indonesia.

      Party donor advised, that the mosques they finance Muammar Qaddafy it should not be used for activities of extremism and radicalism. Including, activities that deviated from Islam, such as Ahmadiyah.

      Many people are amazed to Libyan leader figure who is often considered a dictator by many parties. Therefore, the commitment by the institution Qaddafy to preach in a number of countries remained undisturbed in their country despite the difficult situation.

      Plan ahead, the mosque which has a tower about 57 meters on the left side behind the main building of the mosque would be developed into Qaddafy Islamic Center (QIC). According to the plan, in addition to establishing a boarding school, Az-Zikra Council plans to establish a university.

      The university was designed as a branch or a representative of Libya to the university in Southeast Asia. As is known, each year invites a number of Libyan Muslim students from Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, to study in his country. The cost is free.

      Make a prayer congregation at the mosque Muammar Qaddafy unseen
       Muammar Qaddafy make the board asked the congregation held a prayer mosque to pray for Muammar al-Qathafi. Not only was the preacher in his sermon also meyinggung Qaddafy courage which he called “a lion of the desert against kezoliman, and neoliberal capitalism”. “Man created God and the nature of good and bad. Perhaps in the eyes of its people Muammar Qaddafy bad, but on the other hand he is a lot of fighting spirit of Islam in the world, ”     said the preacher KH Mahyudi, Friday (21/10).

      His prowess against capitalism, neoliberalism and policies with the United Nations (UN) which harms Muslims are in fact evidence. “Not to mention helping to establish Islam in mosques broadcast in several countries, including in this mosque,” he said.

      Before closing the second sermon, KH Mayudi Juanedi invite the congregation to pray for all Muammar Qaddafy deeds acceptable to God Almighty. Before the preacher climbed the pulpit, the host also expressed bewilderment over the false death of news Muammar Qaddafy. “The death of someone not to speak ill, but see, sample and discuss the good things. Neither the minggalnya Muammar Qaddafy, “he said.

      He then invited the congregation to pray Friday prayers finished Invisibility. After Friday prayers, almost the entire congregation prayer and the supernatural priest led special prayers for the former Libyan leader.

      With a three-storey mosque was inaugurated 16 February 2009. “All funds from the World Islamic Call Society (WICS). An international Islamic missionary organization based in Tripoli, Libya, Muammar Qaddafy formation. No help from the government, “he said.

      However WICS or the Libyan government had never interfered in the affairs of this mosque. Including the design and the name of the mosque is named Muammar Qaddafy. “On behalf of the mosque, sheer appreciation and concern  especially to the development of Islamic preaching,” said KH Mahyudi Junaedi.

      Each year the mosque is getting help from WICS. However, Budi and KH Mahyudi not worth mentioning. “Last March. Imagine, the raging civil war, but still maintain a commitment to send help, “said KH Junaedi with vibrating tone. [KbrNet / JP / slm]

      02 JULY 2012 The Government of JAVA convinced the mosque to change its name & to have no

      connection to Muammar al-Qathafi who financed it.

      Muammar Qaddafy mosque located in Sentul, West Java, will be renamed Masjid Az – Zikra.

      Change of name of this mosque. The mosque is led by Ustad Muhammad Arifin Ilham was indeed received

      grant aid of 60 billion to pembangunnnya of the World Islamic Call Society (WICS), an institution

      founded by Brother leader Muammar Qaadafi.


      19th Session of The World Islamlic Call Council

      Wednesday 8 Jumadal – AKher 11 Al-Saif .2008

      President Haris Silajdzic of the Republic of
      Bosnia – Herzegovina has expressed his profound
      appreciation of Leader of the World Islamic
      People’s Leadership, Muammar Gadahfi, for his pioneering
      role in the service of Islam and Muslims across
      the world. He also extended his compliments and best
      wishes to the Leader for his great achievements and accomplishments
      in the land of the Great Jamahiriya, as the
      Leader of Al-Fateh Islamic revolution.
      This came in a statement made by the President at
      the opening ceremony of the 19th session of the World
      Council of Islamic Call WCIC which commenced in the
      Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, Tuesday, 27th May, 2008.
      On his part Sheikh Mustafa Ceric, head of the Bosnian
      Sheikhdom stressed on the significant role of the
      WIPL Leader Muammar Gadahafi , in realizing peace
      and harmony in all parts of the world, saying: “ I’m very
      hopeful that his effort will achieve peace and harmony in
      all part of the world”. He also asked the WICS Secretary
      to deliver his compliments and that of the people of Bosnia-
      Herzegovina to the WIPL Leader.
      Sheikh Mustafa also highly appreciated the tremendous
      effort exerted by the Great Jamahiriya and its Leader
      Muammar Gadhafi in extending humanitarian assistance
      packages to the Bosnian people in their plight. Furthermore,
      accorded due praise to WICS’s initiatives in sending
      relief caravans to the People of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
      He specifically mentioned Great Jamahiriya’s hosting of
      more than a thousand Bosnian children who were accommodated
      in Great Jamahiriya, and provided with necessary
      provisions during the critical. Meanwhile, WICS
      Secretary, who is also the Secretary of WCIC stated, in
      his speech at the opening session , delivered the greetings
      of the WIPL Leader Muammar Gadhafi, to the President
      Haris Silajdic, and to the people of Bosnia, underlining
      the significance of this WCIC conference held in the capital
      Sarajevo, the city which was inspired by the principles
      of Islamic religion , and was able to win stability and
      coexistence. Speakers representing Islamic Sheikdom
      in the Balkan, the Tijaniya Sufi Order in Africa and the
      World Conference for Religion for Peace, expressed appreciation
      of the positive role WICS has been and is still
      leading in the service of Islam and Muslims, as well as its
      humanitarian contributions all over the world, irrespective
      of race, sex, colour or faith. It’s worth noting that the
      19th session which inaugurated yesterday in the capital
      Sarajevo was attended by a number of heads of Islamic
      associations, bodies and organizations, delegates of regional
      and international organizations and some members
      in the Bosnian cabinet besides a number of ambassadors
      accredited to Sarajevo.

      Sheikh Mustafa
      Certic: “We are
      pinning all our
      hopes on WIPL
      Leader’s effort
      to achieve
      peace, security
      and harmony
      all over the

      In consolidation of the path of intercommunication
      and enhancing the culture of dialogue

      Final statement of the 19th session
      of The World Islamlic Call Council
      With the verses from the Holy Qur’an, the 19th
      session of   The World Islamic Call Council
      (WICC) was opened in Sarajevo during the
      period from 27th to 29th of May, 2008. The session was
      attended by His Excellency, Mr. Haris Silajdzic, the president
      of Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with the members
      of the Council, heads of the Islamic Communities
      and religious institutions in the Balkans region, members
      of the Executive Bureau of  The Islamic European Conference,
      a representative of the Tijani Order in West Africa,
      a representative of The World Conrefernce of Religions
      for Peace, a number of Imams and scholars from various
      regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a number of intellectuals,
      Imams and those concerned with the interfaith
      dialogue and cultural communication. His Honour, Shaykh
      Dr. Mustafa Ceric, the Head of the Islamic Community
      in Bosnia and Herzegovina, presented the opening
      speech, welcoming the cultural and humanitarian efforts
      of The World Islamic Call Society (WICS) in his country
      and other parts of the world. Shaykh Mustafa welcomed
      the members of the Council and its guests who accepted
      his invitation for holding this session in Sarajevo. Shaykh
      Mustafa also expressed his interest that this meeting will
      succeed in achieving the required targets, requesting the-
      WICS Secretary General to convey his regards to brother
      Muammar Gaddafi, The Leader of The World Islamic
      People’s Leadership for his efforts in the service of Islam
      and to bring about peace and justice in the world. Secretary
      General of WICC espressed his thanks and appreciation
      to His Excellency, president Haris Silajdzic, for attending
      the opening ceremony of this session conveying
      to him and to the members of the Council and the distinguished
      guests the regards of brother Muammar Gaddafi,
      the Leader of the World Islamic People’s Leadership and
      his interest in the Call in its cultural and humanitarian aspects.
      The president of the Council expressed his special
      appreciation to the honourable Shaykh Dr. Mustafa Ceric
      and his assistants in the Islamic community for hosting
      this big Islamic meeting emphasizing on the continuation
      of the WICS in its path that was pursued since its
      very beginning in the Call to God through wisdom and
      good approach sermon, and introduction to Islam and to
      highlight its contributions to the human civilization and
      cooperation with the people of different religious background
      in colaboration that would lead to the good and
      work in promoting the truth, justice and peace. On behalf
      of the members of the Council, the honourable Shaykh
      Taj Al-Deen Al-Hilali, the Mufti of Australia, conveyed
      the regards of the Council members to the people, the
      Government and President of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
      stressing the efforts of the Islamic community to ensure
      all aspects of success to this meeting.
      Bishop Vanja, the representative of the Orthodox
      Church in Sarajevo, Sheikh Rassoul Rajabi, Secretary
      General of the Islamic Community in Kosovo, Sheikh
      Mohammed Kourashi Neyas, Representative of the Tijani
      Sufi Order in west Africa, Dr. Leonid Kiskovsky,
      Reporter of the World Conference of Inter–Religions for
      Peace , addressed the conference, expressing their appreciation
      to the WICS for their invitation to participate
      in this Islamic meeting. They also appreciated the WICS
      role in the cultural and humanitarian activities and its efforts
      in the area of inter-faith dialogue and cultural communication.
      They also expressed their appreciation to the
      Islamic Community in Sarajevo for the warm welcome
      and hospitality.
      At the end of the opening session, his Excellency,
      president Haris Silajdzic addressed the conference welcoming
      the Council members and their guests in his country
      wishing them all success. The President requested the
      WICS Secretary General to convey his regards and appreciation
      to the Brother Muammar Gaddafi the Leader of
      the World Islamic People’s Leadership and expressing his
      gratitude for the efforts of Gaddaffi to introduce Islam to
      the world as religion, culture and civilization. The President
      also referred to the continuous efforts of Gaddaffi for
      building peace and co-existence, honoring identity without
      compromising the Islamic identity. At the end of his
      address, the President declared the opening of the 19th
      session of the WICC.
      At the beginning of the first work session which was
      opened by the recital of verses from the Holy Qur’an,
      the Secretary General welcomed the Council members
      and their guests, pointing out that since the 18th session,
      which was held in Kuala Lumpur, several cultural,
      educational and dialogue events have been witnessed
      in the Islamic and world arena. There are also a
      number of activities related to those developments. The
      Secretary General referred in particular to the importance
      of institutional cooperation to deal with poverty
      issues and environment, together with the mutual work
      with other religions to enhance religious values and to
      abandon violence and the culture of fanaticism with due
      focusing on building human life.
      Then the Rapporteur general addressed the meeting,
      referring to the legality of the meeting as 30 members out
      of 35 participated; as the other five were absent for various
      justifications. The Rapporteur presented the meeting
      agenda which was approved as follows:
      Report of the Executive Committee’s Council on the
      activities of WICS for the period between the 18th and
      the 19th session.
      Report on the Faculty of Islamic Call and its branches.
      Reports of the Council’s members concerning Da’awa
      and cultural and humanitarian activities.
      Arrangements and preparations for the 8th General
      Conference of WICS.
      Discussing the latest developments in the Muslim
      In accordance with the above, the Council reviewed
      the first item as represented in the Council Executive
      Committee’s report on the WICS activities in the period
      between the Council’s 18th and 19th sessions.
      After extended deliberation, the report was approved
      with the following notes:
      The report is to include the educational, cultural and
      humanitarian achievements which were achieved in the
      framework of the pilot-project “Post of Kano” and their
      integration within the WICS activities since the beginning
      of this year.
      To enhance the report with diagrams and tables reflecting
      the development of those activities and showing
      the respective financial figures.
      Paying more attention to the region of East Africa,
      particularly the African Horn region, by executing educational,
      cultural and humanitarian programs similar to
      those implemented in the other regions of Africa.
      To emphasize the necessity to involve the Council
      members in the preparation and supervision of programs
      implemented by WICS and taking their notes and assessment
      of such activities.
      After that, the Council discussed the second item regarding
      the activities of the WICS Islamic College, its
      branches and the Islamic College in London. The members
      of the Council reviewed the report on this issue.
      After the discussion of the report, it was approved
      with the note to continue support to the college programs,
      to consolidate relations with institutions, universities and
      research centers, to activate coordination with the college
      alumnae, to organize vocational training courses and to
      expand foreign language teaching programs.
      In the second session, the members of the Council
      agreed to integrate items 3 and 5 covering the Islamic
      Call, cultural and humanitarian activities and the views of
      the members and suggestions on the latest developments
      in the Muslim World which are relating to the Council
      work. In this framework most of the Council members
      presented reports, interventions and clarifications covering
      the following recommendations:
      To emphasize the significance of interfaith dialogue
      and cultural communication with the view to raise awareness
      in the other party cultures and religions, and to build
      on the common grounds for the enhancement of values
      and upgrading of cooperation for peace, justice and equality
      taking into consideration the particularities of belief
      and basis of cultural identity.
      To double the efforts for rooting Islamic identity basis
      in the minds of youth, calling for the educational references
      in the Islamic World to prioritize this concept through
      education curricula, provided that curricula development
      will not be taken as a pretext to distort the Islamic personality
      or destabilize its basis.
      The Council expresses its appreciation for all the
      good efforts to stop the bloodshed in various parts of the
      Muslim World, particularly in Somalia and in the Darfur
      region of the Sudan. The Council urges all concerned parties
      to resort to dialogue and rationality in solving conflicts,
      thus preventing foreign interventions whose strategies
      and ambitions contradict with the vital interests of
      Muslims in that region.
      The Council has condemned all patterns of oppression
      and use of force or threatening and saber-rattling outside
      international laws and norms, in addition to all kinds
      of siege and imposing of starvation. In this context, the
      Council calls for the consolidation of international efforts
      to lift the unjust siege on Gaza inhabitants.
      The Council emphasized on the importance of the media
      to introduce Islam as religion, culture and civilization
      refuting all methods of calumny and aggression imposed
      on Muslims, particularly in the West. The Council calls
      for the consideration to hold a Muslim journalists conference
      to discuss the mechanisms and media strategies,

      No. 1119 Wednesday 8 Jumadal – AKher 11 Al-Saif .20 08
      introducing Islam and refuting all calumnies
      against Islam.
      The Council emphasizes on the importance
      to pursue technical and scientific
      advancement, calling all Islamic states
      and organizations to double their efforts
      in this regard to achieve sustainable and
      comprehensive human development contributing
      to achievement of welfare and
      The Council expresses its appreciation
      to the Sufi Orders in consolidating Islamic
      values, spiritual education, dissemination
      of Islamic values and upbringing of the
      coming generations on basis of goodness
      and virtue. The Council also calls on giving
      more attention to the Sufi Orders and
      to develop mechanisms of spiritual, social
      and cultural Sufi performance.
      The Council expresses its satisfaction
      for the harmony and cooperation among
      the religious and ethnic entities of the
      population of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
      The Council appreciates in particular the
      efforts of the Bosnian Interfaith Council
      which have been presented to the members
      of the Council.
      The Council expresses its thanks and
      appreciation for the contributions of the
      Council guests, Muslims and Christians
      who enriched this meeting with their interventions,
      visions, intellectual contributions
      and analysis of some of the issues
      discussed by the Council.
      In the third session, the members of
      the Council discussed the paper on the
      preparations to hold the 8th General Conference
      of The World Islamic Call Society.
      The paper was duly discussed including
      ideas and proposals relating thereto.
      The participants have agreed on the following:
      To approve the paper proposal regarding
      venue and date of the meeting and
      organization of regional gatherings which
      will refer recommendations and proposals
      regarding thereto.
      To focus on the necessity of the significant
      presence of youth and women
      together with an appropriate geographical
      representation of Islamic minorities and
      To organize scientific seminars prior
      to the holding of the conference, to discuss
      some important issue such as media,
      development, dialogue, etc. to present the
      conclusions to the conference.
      To divide the conference during its
      convention into specialized committees
      in accordance with the issues presented
      for discussion.
      To authorize the Executive Committee
      of the WICC to select the slogan of the
      conference and any other matters ensuring
      the conference success.
      In conclusion the participants decided
      to send two telegrams of appreciation to
      His Excellency, President Haris Silajdzic,
      the President of the Presidency of Bosnia
      and Herzegovina, and to brother Muammar
      Gaddafi, The Leader of The World
      Islamic People’s Leadership. They also
      decided to send a letter of thanks to His
      Honour, Shaykh Dr. Mustafa Ceric, the
      Council members and Head of Islamic
      Community (Masheekha) in Bosnia
      and Head of the Scholars in Bosnia and

      Members of the World Council for Islamic
      Call at the conclusion of their 19th session
      have sent a cable to HE. Haris Sillajdzic, President
      of Bosnian-Herzegovina, which says: It
      is the pleasure of the World Council for Islamic
      Call as it concludes its 19th session held in
      the beautiful capital of your country Sarajevo,
      to extend to Your Excellency and through you
      to the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina and to
      the government, our deepest thanks and appreciation
      for your hospitality and warm reception,
      and also for your acceptance to open
      this conference in person. Such great concern
      you have shown has given the Council a lot of
      courage to push forward with the march of Islamic
      Call which aims at exerting more efforts
      in the service of Islam and issues of peace and
      justice in the whole world. May Allah bestow
      on you success.
      Cable from WICC members to President Haris
      Silajdzic on the conclusion of the conference.

      Conclusion of WICC’s
      19th session in Sarajevo
      The three day conference of
      the 19th session of the World
      Council of Islamic Call WICC
      was concluded, Thursday, 29th
      May, in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.
      The conference officially
      opened by President Haris Silajdzic
      of the Republic of Bosnia-
      Herzegovina attracted wide range
      of participants. Besides members
      of WICC, it was also attended
      by the Leadership of the Islamic
      Sheikhdom in Bosnia-Herzegovina,
      Heads of religious departments
      in the Balkans, members
      of the Executive Committee
      of the European Islamic conference,
      representatives of Tijaniya
      Sufi order and galaxy of Muslim
      and Christian intellectuals.
      The session principally reviewed
      five items; namely:
      Report of WICC Executive
      committee on WICS activities
      between the last two sessions.
      Report on FIC and its branches.
      Report on Daawa, cultural
      and humanitarian activities.
      Arrangements for the 8th
      WICS General Conference.
      Discussion of the latest developments
      in the Muslim world.
      At the end of the session, the
      council sent two cables of thanks
      and appreciation to President
      Haris Silajdzic of Bosnia-Herzegovina
      and to Brother. Muammar
      Gadhafi, Leader of the World Islamic
      Peoples Leadership.

      Horizon of Islamic action in Balkan
      where all people live together
      irrespective of religion, race or
      Sheikh Mustafa Sertic, chief
      of Scholar Council in Bosnia emphasized
      on the notion of coexistence.
      He noted that despite the
      fact that Muslims had suffered
      destruction to their religious and
      cultural institutions, not to mention
      massive extermination, rape,
      killing and torture, they behaved
      in accordance to the principles of
      Islam when wisdom and dialogue
      overcome revenge and violent
      reaction. Research papers were
      introduced to the round table on
      history of Islam and Muslims in
      the Balkan and horizons of Islamic
      action in the region.
      In coordination between
      WICS and the Islamic Sheikhdown
      in Bosnia-Herzegovina,
      Tuesday, May 27, the Bosnian
      capital city of Sarajevo, played
      host to a round table on horizons
      of the Islamic cultural action in
      the Balkan.
      The table brought together
      WICS Secretary, Rapporteur of
      the World Islamic Call Council
      (WICC), scholars and Muftis
      from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro,
      Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo,
      Serbia and Slovenia. Also
      attended in the round table, were
      WICC members, representative
      of the Greek Orthodox Church
      to the European Union, plus a
      number of people interested in
      Islamic cultural action in the Balkan.
      WICS Secretary and Secretary
      General of WICC made a
      speech in which he reviewed a
      wide range of key issues.
      He stressed the importance of
      updatingWICC members to be
      updated on the positive deed of
      the Bosnian Muslims.
      He said this meeting comes
      after the suffering of the Bosnian
      people. He highlighted the positive
      role and wisdom adopted by
      Muslims in their effort to achieve
      a civilization intercommunication
      with the other factions of the
      Bosnian society.
      “We came to Bosnia to greet
      that wisdom adopted by Muslims,
      officials and ordinary citizens
      alike”, said WICS Secretary.
      He affirmed the adoption of
      the Holy Quran and the prophetic
      Sunna and the positive Islamic
      heritage to build relations that
      lead to good and development of
      all peoples in the region.
      Next to speak was WICC
      Rapporteur, who highlighted the
      importance of coping up with
      the contemporary challenges;
      inter-civilization, inter-cultural
      and inter-people coexistence. He
      stressed the significance of introducing
      Muslims’ positive vision
      on Islam which builds a society,

      where all people live together
      irrespective of religion, race or
      Sheikh Mustafa Sertic, chief
      of Scholar Council in Bosnia emphasized
      on the notion of coexistence.
      He noted that despite the
      fact that Muslims had suffered
      destruction to their religious and
      cultural institutions, not to mention
      massive extermination, rape,
      killing and torture, they behaved
      in accordance to the principles of
      Islam when wisdom and dialogue
      overcome revenge and violent
      reaction. Research papers were
      introduced to the round table on
      history of Islam and Muslims in
      the Balkan and horizons of Islamic
      action in the region.

      Bosnian media feature WICC 19th session

      Daawa – Exclusive.
      Media apparatus in the Republic of Bosnia- Herzegovina have covered the
      proceedings of the 19th session of the World Islamic Call Council WICC held in
      the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo May 27 to 29.
      Dnevni avaz newspaper had a front page coverage of the event with distinctive
      quotes of the 19th session of WICC. The paper specifically highlighted the
      broad attendance of the session, held in Bosnia for the first time.
      It considered the event a backing to Muslims’ endeavours in this European


      al-Qathafi actually himself chants the Quaranic verse La prière du vendredi, la ville de Kano du Nigeria. –

      يتفقون مع القذافي في رؤية هلال رمضان دنيا الوطن 14/07/2012 قال اسعد امبية ابوقيلة “الجديد في المشهد الليبي وفي رسمي أعلن “المشروع الإسلامي لرصد الأهلة” في بيان له أن غرة شهر رمضان المبارك سوف تكون يوم السبت الموافق 21 يوليو في جميع الدول العربية، وذكر البيان الذي نشر في الرياض اليوم أن ذلك يعود إلى استحالة رؤية الهلال عقب غروب الشمس في جميع الدول العربية والإسلامية”. وأكد البيان أن شهر شعبان شهد ظاهرة فريدة وقليلة التكرار تمثلت في أن معظم الدول الإسلامية دخلها شهر شعبان في نفس اليوم وهو يوم الخميس، وبالتالي سوف يكون يوم التحري هو مساء الخميس الموافق 29 شعبان في معظم الدول الإسلامية وبيّن أنه في هذا اليوم تستحيل رؤية هلال رمضان 1433 هـ من جميع المناطق الشمالية من العالم، وبعض المناطق الوسطى، وهذا يشمل العراق وبلاد الشام وجزءا من الجزيرة العربية، وذلك بسبب غروب القمر قبل غروب الشمس، أما ما تبقى من مناطق العالم العربي فإن رؤية هلال شهر رمضان منها يوم الخميس غير ممكنة إطلاقا بسبب غروب القمر مع الشمس أو بعده بدقائق معدودة لا تسمح برؤية الهلال حتى باستخدام أكبر التليسكوبات الفلكية واضاف اسعد ابوقيلة ان العقيد الراحل معمر القذافي لا يعتمد على رؤية الهلال بالعين المجردة ولا يتحرى رؤيته بل كان يعتمد على الحسابات الفلكية لتحديد بداية شهر رمضان والعيد وكان التلفزيون الليبي يعلن عن بذاية شهر رمضان والعيد من اول يوم في شهر شعبان وبصدور بيان المشروع الإسلامي لرصد الأهلة تكون الدول العربية وخاصة الخليجية تتفق مع روية القذافي لآول مرة بصيام شهر رمضان بالحسابات الفلكية الجدير بالذكر ان القذافي قال في اكثر من خطاب تلفزيوني علي الدول العربية اعتماد الحسابات الفلكية لآن السنوات القادمة سوف نجد صعوبة بالغة في رؤية هلال رمضان والعيد وختم اسعد ابوقيلة بقولة أن “المشروع الإسلامى لرصد الأهلة” يضم أكثر من 400 عالم ومهتم بعلم الفلك ويتخذ من أبو ظبي مقرا له. fifi
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      Agree with Gaddafi in the sighting of the crescent of Ramadan minimum home

      07/14/2012 Ambah Aboqilh Asad said new “in the scene in the Libyan official declared” the project of the

      Islamic Crescents Monitoring “in a statement that the lunar month of Ramadan will be on Saturday,

      21 July in all States Arabic, said the statement published in Riyadh today to be due to the impossibility

      of sighting of the moon after sunset in all Arab and Islamic countries. ”

      The statement stressed that the month of August witnessed a unique phenomenon and a few

      repetitions was that most Islamic countries entered the month of August on the same day as a day Thursday,

      and therefore will be the day of investigation is the evening of Thursday 29 August in most Muslim countries

      and that in this day impossible to see the new moon of Ramadan 1433 AH from all the northern regions of the world,

      and some central areas, and that includes Iraq, the Levant and part of the Arabian Peninsula,

      and that due to sunset the moon before sunset, while the remaining parts of the Arab world, the new moon of Ramadan,

      which on Thursday is not possible at all due to sunset the moon with the sun or after a few minutes does

      not allow to see the crescent even with the largest telescopes astronomical and said Asaad Aboqilh,

      Colonel Muammar Gaddafi does not depend on sighting of the moon with the naked eye and he should

      not see it but it depends on astronomical calculations to determine the beginning of Ramadan and the

      feast was the Libyan television announced Bmaah month of Ramadan and the feast of the first day in

      the month of Shaaban, the issuance of a statement of the Islamic project to monitor the new moons

      are the Arab countries, particularly the Gulf in accordance with deliberately Gaddafi for the first time

      fasting month of Ramadan accounts astronomical worth noting that Gaddafi said in more than a televised

      address to the Arab countries adopt astronomical calculations because the coming years we will find it

      very difficult to see the crescent of Ramadan and Eid and the seal happiest Aboqilh by saying that

      “the project of the Islamic Crescent Observation,” includes more of 400 scientists and interested

      in astronomy, based in Abu Dhabi-based.

      by fifi

      The Third Universal Theory is the only salvation for our ailing planet.

      Photos : 3
      Muammar’s mosque at Kampala, UGANDA:
      Photo: Helmets their story ..  The existence and the courage and hazelnut Tlqahm .. and sincerity and loyalty and visibility in their meaning ..  How much free Eliassrh impudence ..  Glory to my Lord of bliss Atahm ..  Naim spirit of the Lord Holy Msagah ..  And Dome of the Malihe Aajdo in their quest ..  On the Road and Dima their man race

      For those ignorant Muslims: may Allah keep them away from us. Kadhafi is our Imam, our Leader, and the Reformer.
      …he is not dead and he is the Mahdi, and that is why they are so careful to try to kill him….
      El coronel Gaddafi en Níger Oro, Sé lo Bheatha ‘Bhaile
      Oro ‘Sé lo bheatha’ bhaile, Oro ‘Sé lo bheatha’ bhaile, Oro ‘Sé lo bheatha’ bhai….
      mauritani-لقذافي امام المصلين -موريتانيا الزعيم ليبي معمرالقذافي
      صلاه الجمعة بمدينة كانو النيجيرية
      al-Qathafi actually himself chants the Quaranic verse La prière du vendredi, la ville de Kano du Nigeria.

      The Third Universal Theoryis the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet

      صلاه الجمعة بمدينة كانو النيجيرية

      Yes, Muammar is under special protection by God–and ALLAH/God never takes away before one’s total mission is fulfilled.–also did not you read where there is the promise to today’s Imam who recite the Friday night prayers faithfully? They will fight the anti-Christ …And then there is also the promise given by Christ to Simon of Cyrene who obviously was a Libyan!
      Muammar is a special instrument in this; and it will occur—Believe it or not—all you athiests and doubters out there—Without God, man is nothing…and nothing can exist without God—EVIL has had its day–Good will Triumph again very soon….Muammar will be the Instrument to break the backs of the Oppressors.
      In April 2005, Revolutionary Guard commander Hasan al-Kabir al-Qadhafi said there existed a special relationship between the leader and God and called Muammar al-Qathafi a murabit (a living saint).

      Allegiance to Our Brother leader
      Posted on 2012/01/20 by galantarie

      In April 2…

      The Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet

Libyan History & the Resistance in poetic form from BentM3amer:


from the leadership of the armed people come to Sirte that the purified self ……….

The commander said every city cleansed themselves … to the Legion of Al Furjan Saduq No. 3 in the neighborhood ..

… To Ma’daan tribe in Western … To Alqmazfah in sweeping Bo Hadi ….. To me and I walked in the neighborhood

Rafla No. 2 ……. will begin editing the Sirte …………. Editing will start from the Sirte survive ..

Photo: Today Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl 17 \ 7 Asham home ......  Because we are more powerful (Page challenging the rats ..... Page green flag), our correspondent from the leadership of the armed people come to Sirte that the purified self ..........  The commander said every city cleansed themselves ...  To the Legion of Al Furjan Saduq No. 3 in the neighborhood .....  To Ma'daan tribe in Western ...  To Alqmazfah in sweeping Bo Hadi .....  I walked to and Rafla No. 2 in the neighborhood .......  Editing will start from the Sirte .............  Editing will start from the Sirte survive ..

A rare picture of the hero Faris Abdullah Sanusi God protect him and protect him how much worth the Lake?


Channel Sirte on Facebook Partagé a un lien .
Glorious hours experienced by the Libyans with their leader
Glorious hours experienced by the Libyans with their leader
Visit To Sirte – Sirte
Some pictures of my visit to Sirte before the war and some pictures i have found.Some pictures from my visit to
the city of Sirte before the war and some images, if any. Algunas fotos de …

One year ago:

Armed people is not to defeat  / Yes trained and armed in self defence  for all free peoples
What do you think in this statement of the Green Book 
Photo: armed people is not defeat ------------------------------------------ - What do you think of this argument in the Green Book
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SATAN’s PACT: for 30 years the ISRAELIs will be given an air and military base in the Nafusa Mountains, and thereon negotiable for renewable:

These gentlemen Libya close agreement between Israel and the transitional Libyan surprise in a controversial document alleged Israeli alliance and the existence of an agreement between Israel and the Council (IGC) against the Libyan regime of Libyan “Muammar Gaddafi”.
Revealed the document circulated by the Conference of the Arab tribes in Cairo, attended by more than a thousand participants between sheikhs and mayors of the tribes, politicians, writers, journalists and military experts and professors, the existence of a security agreement between the Ministry of War and Israel’s military intelligence and the Council (IGC) in Libya to help him achieve his goal, and access to power in Libya and bring down the system Gaddafi.
According to the document, has shown the agreement bearing the logo of the Ministry of the Israeli war that Israel will provide assistance to the Transitional Council of the Libyan weapons to combat and arming and training of its members to stand against the forces of Gaddafi.
The two sides agreed during the security agreement on Israel’s support for Libyan opposition, which he described the agreement as “rebels” through logistical support, as well as the creation of Israel to exercise pressure for the NATO, “NATO” to continue its operations until the overthrow Gaddafi.
Did not stop temptations Israel at this point – According to the document – it will also exert pressure on European countries in order to obtain the transitional Libyan on their recognition of him as a representative of the Libyan people.
As for the gains Israel, which will return to Israel in return for that support, the text of the agreement provided that the Israeli army a large military base in the area Green Mountain for thirty years, renewable.
Download the agreement and the signing of the Interim Council of Libyan and Israeli military intelligence
fifi fifi
 initiated and negotiated through Bernard Levy,  I presume! (see below for statements made by Christof Lehmann**)

High number of dead rats a 3 …… Rats after tried to enter the corner in Racdalin….
captured 34 of the prisons of Sabha
The news of a conspiracy between rats Thalk Misurata and the army against the black Tueriga peopleliving as
guests in of Bani Walid  after their city and homes were destroyed by NATO and TNC (now GNC) last year………
Our correspondent in the Bani Walid: 
Will be free for Jerven Alashraaaaaaaaat the sons of Bani Walid in the prisons of Misurata 


Hey buddy Indore on your grave and just Angiu (daughter of Major-General)

Publiée le  11 Juil. Two thousand and twelve par 

Song of the artist Khaled Zarrouk

Aarafiq Indore on your grave Lotto AngiuMstahack Ngalk not Nachrin Jamilk and Rana total Aualk and Zayed proud Beck taught us

how kindness is AVI Maana all and   Amradin aMatantssa and God Mathun and how memorable and love enables us,

if Narafoh relativehardship not Manikhyee is how my beloved stay you far Indore upon your grave Lotto

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl Will Mrusselnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa forces in the armed people …. (Part 1)

We will prevail << or die, not of our intention to surrender or escape \ \

Thanks to everyone who provides us with support and assistance.

Single out and thank every religion courageous stand with us side by side in defending the country, we either win or die.

There is no intention to surrender or flee. The death in battle as well as fighters like these is a great honor for each defender of his homeland.

“Guidance of the earth will be ours if not killed in battle and Libya will remain to us even if we killed in the battle. >>>>

I’m going to die a martyr in the end …….

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Now come to the martyrs of Bani Walid ………. The rest in their graves ….
Blood of the martyrs calling …….. Where are you, my sons ……. Bani Walid took Taree …..

عرفت جبران – كان رجل طيب ورائع.


le  07 Févr. 2012

BB Harivat every honest and free and silks and Libya stand .. Libya pride ..Libya glory .. Libya Resistance ..

And give me I’m Mujahid to every Libyan is jealous of his country and honor ..

In response to all customers and skeptics in the Libyan Resistance … pure noble

We apologize to all the city did not mention in the poem ..

The lack of male to forget we are human and make mistakes and forget to share ..

And God, Libya and Muammar Obs

Morning and withstand the challenge

morning victory, pride and Alhmokh

Good morning sir commander

good morning to me all are free and silks of the Great Jamahiriya


Poetry of Ibn Mujahid Presenting to the mother and the mothers of the Liberals and the Silks

Muammar’s MAMA AICHA:  Gaddafi in Rome

  • one lady, last year ,wrote how she was converted in her dream, to knowing and loving Muammar instead of loathing him as she had prior. In her dream SAFYA, Muammar’s wife, came to her and told her how good Muammar was and explained many things to her, showing the dead martyred children by NATO bombings, etc. and what beautiful things Muammar did for life. She woke-up in the morning and immediately wrote of her experience and 180° turn-about.

  • The children in her dream, she was convinced were the 3 grandbabies, at that time who were killed by NATO‘s bomb in al-Arab’s bungalow

  • She had no idea what Safya looked like, until the dream; and then she checked online and saw that the lady was surely Safya who visited her in her dream, and the picture of the grandbabies also matched.!

Congratulations to the great Libyan people on the occasion of opening resistance channel on the satellite:
Hot Bird 11179_27500H
مبروك علي الشعب الليبي أفتتاح القناة والأن هي في وضع الإستعداد مع ظهور شعار القناة علي القمر الاوربي الهوت بيرد تردد

11179 H 27500

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صحيفة الجماهير /  Aljamahiriya Broadcast – TV / أخبار عربية  / Live Stream – Libya

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Watch live streaming video from aljamahryatv at
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Al / القذافــي يتحدث
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Muammar’s objection to the Mediterrannean Union:

06 JULY 2008 

Tripoli mini-summit قمة طرابلس المصغرة
Ajoutée par jalalothman le 7 juil. 2008
قمة طرابلس المصغرة لمناقشة مشروع ساركوزي
mini-summit of North African and Syrian leader
Kadhafi opposes “Mediterranean Union” plan of Nicholas Sarkozy

(some of the following material comes from:
Tripoli mini-summit قمة طرابلس المصغرة
قمة طرابلس المصغرة لمناقشة مشروع ساركوزي mini-summit of North African and Syrian leader Kadhafi opposes Mediterranean Union plan

the “Mediterranean UNION” !

The Libyan JAMAHIRIYA does not state its objection in secret, between two doors.

“No”, al-Qathafi exclaimed loudly during a summit he hosted at his home in Tripoli with other Arab countries bordering the Mediterranean.

… In a speech opening the summit, Libyan leader immediately rejected outright any involvement in the UPM, and urged his counterparts to do the same. For Gaddafi, the negotiations should go through the African Union or the Arab League as a whole. And to corroborate this idea, he drew a parallel with the concern of the EU to remain united, while the initial project of Nicolas Sarkozy which stated that only countries bordering the Mediterranean would take part in the UPM.

At this willingness to negotiate as a bloc, al-Qathafi expanded his remarks to add comments about the content of the UFM.

al-Qathafi’s main complaint concerns the fact that cooperation is directed only to countries bordering the Mediterranean:

“The UPM is an affront to the countries of the south shore,”… “This project would undermine Arab and African unity,”…”We are neither hungry nor dogs to throw us bones. ”

Photo: Hmtkm O Hbaab lumière impressionnante + poster et je vous remercie .....................

The host of mini-summit is the only one who has publicly expressed his reservations about such a “Mediterrannean Union”. The remainder of the meeting is being held behind closed doors. The outcome of the event has not resulted in a joint statement of the parties involved. The position of these countries remains unresolved….
The Side “south” againstthe “Mediterrannnean Union” is led by the intervention of Muammar Gaddafi who highlights the resistance (with which he will compose a diatribe) . The EU boasts of wanting to enhance multilateral relations with the Mediterranean while the countries of the south bank argue that the EU has nothing concrete to offer. In his diatribe, Gadhafi reminded the failure of the “Barcelona Process” launched in 1995, and lamented thoughts that the UPM fits into a continuity. al-Qathafi has already announced that he would not be present in Paris on 13 July 2008 .

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has again rejected Tuesday in Cotonou (Benin) the proposed Union for the Mediterranean, wanted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. After his spectacular exit a week ago in Sirte during a conclave of Arab countries including Algeria, the Libyan leader is back this time on the same subject, but at the opening of the summit Community of Sahel- (CEN-SAD) which he chaired. Still fierce opposition to this project and he likens to a kind of new Franco-European hegemony, the Libyan leader said he would fight against it.

“If it is to gang up Europe and six African countries against our entire continent, it is not!” He said when opening the 10th summit of the CEN-SAD, which includes 25 states.

Gaddafi added that “initially, the Sarkozy project was a union between the six countries of North Africa facing the Mediterranean and six European countries with a Mediterranean coastline. We agreed with this idea. But then it got all over Europe and the six countries of North Africa, against our interests, and it is against this that we will fight. ”

The Libyan leader is actually very clear on this project that the French want to start with great fanfare on July 13 2008 in Paris, including the agreement of Syria, whose head of state will be present among the countries that have endorsed this Sarkozy’s project. The project of the UPM divides Europeans, including Germans who do not look favorably the proposal of France, which would bring together, beyond the configuration of the EU, European and African countries bordering the Mediterranean. Especially as the German Chancellor is very cautious about the true intentions of a newly elected French President, very ambitious and obviously terribly lacking experience.

The Libyan leader was well aware of this danger, especially as he had already said last week that

“we will not take in any case the risk of tearing the Arab or African unity.” For him, “UPM is a bait and a form of humiliation” for the Arab countries who were going to throw “a bone” by giving them some “positions”* within the UPM.
[*: Clearly, it was Egypt, Morocco and other Arab countries that have expressed interest in joining the project of French President.]

Source: “Quotidien d’Oran”
Le Dirigeant libyen Mouammar Kadhafi a de nouveau Rejeté mardi à Cotonou (Bénin) le projet de l’Union pour la Méditerranée, par le président Voulue français Nicolas Sarkozy. Après sa spectaculaire sortie il ya une semaine à Syrte lors d’un conclave de pays arabes dont l’Algérie, le leader libyen revient cette fois-ci sur le même sujet, mais à l’ouverture du sommet de la communauté des Etats sahélo- sahariens (CEN-SAD) qu’il présidait. Toujours aussi farouche et opposé à ce projet qu’il assimile à une sorte de nouveau hégémonisme franco-européen, le dirigeant libyen a déclaré qu’il allait se battre contre ce projet. «Si c’est pour liguer l’Europe et six pays d’Afrique contre tout notre continent, c’est non!», At-il lancé à l’ouverture du 10e sommet de la CEN-SAD, qui regroupe 25 Etats. Kadhafi ajoute qu ‘»au départ, le projet Sarkozy était une union entre six pays d’Afrique du Nord qui font face à la Méditerranée et six pays d’Europe avec une façade méditerranéenne. Nous étions d’accord avec cette idée. Mais ensuite c’est devenu toute l’Europe et les six pays d’Afrique du Nord, contre nos intérêts, et c’est contre ça que nous allons nous battre ». Le leader libyen est en fait très clair sur ce projet que les Français veulent lancer en grandes pompes le 13 juillet prochain à Paris, avec notamment l’accord de la Syrie dont le chef de l’Etat sera présent parmi les pays qui ont cautionné ce projet de Sarkozy. Le projet de l’UPM divise les Européens, notamment les Allemands qui ne voient pas d’un bon oeil cette proposition de la France qui voudrait fédérer, au-delà de la configuration de l’UE, des pays européens et africains riverains de la Méditerranée. D’autant que la chancelière allemande est très circonspecte sur les véritables intentions d’un président français nouvellement élu, très ambitieux et visiblement manquant terriblement d’expérience. Le dirigeant libyen a bien senti ce danger, d’autant qu’il avait déjà affirmé la semaine dernière que «nous ne prendrons en aucun cas le risque de déchirer l’unité arabe ou africaine». Pour lui, «l’UPM est un appât et une forme d’humiliation» pour les pays arabes à qui on va jeter «un os à ronger» en leur donnant quelques «postes» au sein de cette UPM. En clair, il l’Egypte Visait, le Maroc et d’autres pays arabes qui leur ont Manifesté Désir d’Adhérer au projet du président français.
Source: “Quotidien d’Oran”



• UPM: Sarkozy defended it, Gaddafi rejects Pact- SM
President Gaddafi was right to reject this tool of deception that is the fact that UPM only serves the economic interests of the European Union increasingly threatened by China, emerging markets and solidarity / South South. Those states mostly from North Africa who have not even have to re-enter their people because there ganeront nothing. – Friday, July 18, 2008 – 04:30

• This project would not, but is an attack on African Unity and Arab – Dadou
Congratulations Mr. Muammar Gaddafi because he talks must go through the African Union or the Arab League as a whole, this is enough, when Sarkozy brought his project UPM he speaks on behalf of the EU then n ‘ there is no reason that the President does not require all the more so that this union will serve only the interests of EU, namely the maximum exploitation of fisheries, traffic (import more goods) and relay play guards at the borders of the EU – Monday, June 16, 2008 – 09:14


Qaddafi: Libyans Cannot Form a Union with Europeans Who Walk around Naked

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s Objection to the Mediterranean Union
23 July 2012 04:30 (UTC) Submitted by Quoriana
– by Muammar Qaddafi
Speech aired on Al-Jazeera TV on July 9, 2008
Following are excerpts from a speech by Libyan Leader Muammar Qaddafi, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on 09 July 2008. (Source)

“The word ‘union’ should be struck [from the name ‘Union for the Mediterranean’]. This is a very strong word, which has legal interpretations… This word has dangerous legal interpretations.

“What ‘union’? Is it conceivable for someone like me, who comes from an Arab country, to say to my people: ‘I’ve made a union for you with Scotland, Finland, Greenland, and Iceland?’ They would laugh and say: ‘What kind of nonsense is this?’ Then I would tell them that although this is an Arab country, I made a union with the so-called ‘Israel.’ Are all the problems resolved, and all that is left is to make a union with the Israelis? I wish that this problem had been resolved, that the Palestinian refugees had returned, that the Israeli WMDs had been destroyed, and that the Palestinians and the Israelis lived in the State of ‘Isratine,’ in accordance with my White Book.

“If all this happens, it may be acceptable. But is it conceivable for you to tell your country now that you made a union with the Israelis? What is being proposed is a union. Why are they using the word ‘union’? This is a very dangerous word. Before anything, they must erase this word. We Arabs are not united among ourselves, so how can we possibly unite with Scotland, Benelux, Scandinavia, with the Baltic countries, and with the Israelis? Is this conceivable?”

“Do we share a culture with Europe?… In Scandinavia, it is common to see people walk around naked – that’s their culture.”

“We in the Arab Maghreb Union have been in the freezer for the past 10 years. The Arab Maghreb Union has not convened in the past decade. I am the head of the Arab Maghreb Union, which has been suspended, because we in the Maghreb are not in agreement. We have problems. We have not done anything together, and we are incapable of forming a union. We have been trying for 40 years to form a union between Libya and Egypt, and between Libya and Tunisia, but it did not happen. The Arabs have not formed an Arab union. The Maghreb countries formed a union and stuck it in the freezer. We have not convened for 10 years.

“How can we, with such ease, join a union with the Baltic states, the Israelis, with Greenland, Iceland, and Finland? This is peculiar. What union? I will not advise my people to join such a ‘salad.’ It would cause us grave problems. North Africa and the Arab countries in the Middle East would be entering an international minefield, extending all the way to the North Pole. Why would I want to get my country into such a mess?

“I have good relations with France, Italy, Europe, the EU, Brussels, I don’t need anything else. I don’t need a union. How can we possibly be united? We do not share a culture, a religion, a language, or policies. Our disagreements on these issues are as deep as can be. Do we share a culture with Europe? Absolutely not. We each have our own culture. Our cultures are completely different. In Scandinavia, people walk around naked. Can you walk around naked in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, or Libya? They would stone you and throw you into a mental hospital. But in Scandinavia, it is common to see people walk around naked. That’s their culture. Is it conceivable for a union to be formed between somebody naked and somebody who considers this to be crazy? This is an example of the differences between our cultures. We do not even share the same religion.


“The capital [of the union] would be Brussels. If I told my people that Brussels would be the capital, they would stone me. If I told them that I went and formed a union with the Israelis, with the North Pole, and with the whole wide world, and that its capital would be Brussels – would they applaud me? No, they would boo me.” […]

“Is it conceivable for us to say to Europe… We will not give you oil or gas, and we will not cooperate with you… unless you agree to contacts with Bin Laden, Hizbullah, Hamas… and to stop exerting pressure on Iran’s nuclear project?”

“They say: ‘Like it or not, you will have to sit down with the Israelis. Israel will discuss things with you, it might be the head of the union, and Israel may invite you to a meeting in Tel Aviv or in occupied Jerusalem.’ What is this humiliation for? Why don’t we set conditions in return… Is it conceivable… Of course, this is far-fetched… Is it conceivable for us to say to Europe: We will not cooperate with you, we will not give you oil or gas, and we will not cooperate with you on issues such as immigration or terrorism unless you agree to have contacts with Bin Laden, Hizbullah, and Hamas, and unless you agree to stop exerting pressure on Iran’s nuclear project? Is this conceivable?”
Nicholas Sarkozy’s devious plan:

Muammar Al Gaddafi`s official website. Un site personnel..Un sitio web personal..Eine persoenliche Webseite ..
Il sito personale..Site Pessoal, Ghadaffi official website, Kadhafi site officiel…
Muammar Al-Qathafi:
1. He nationalised Libya’s oil industry & has worked to improve the price that Libya is paid for that oil.
2. He used oil revenue to build hospitals, schools, universities, roads, free housing for all Libyan people, the Great Man Made River project which provides 70% of Libyans with pure deep aquifer water.
The Libyan people achieved this without borrowing a penny from Rothschild. Image description
3. Libya were debt-free. It had the highest standard of living in Africa, & above Russia, Brazil & Saudi Arabia according to the UN.
4. All loans are debt free. Usury (interest on loans) is against the law.
5. Before Qaddafi came to power, less than one fifth of the people were literate. Now it’s 83%.
6. Free healthcare. If treatment is not available in Libya, then the government will fund foreign healthcare.
7. Libya is thank to Great-Man-Made-River project more self sufficient in food production.
Anyone wishing to be a farmer is given free use of land, a home, equipment, livestock & seeds.
He promised that his own parents would not be housed until ALL Libyans were housed.
He kept his promise & his father died before he was able to give his parents more than a  single-wide house-trailer.

All Libyans were given homes as  owning a home was a natural right of all humans.

Cool Nights Off the Mediterrannean: Muammar night-time Tent headquarters

Mu 03 April 2006 in Senegal:

 Algerian PM


L’Aquila from 08 to 10 July 2009.

MU in Rome 15 NOV 2009:

Other Archivements of the Jamahiriya:

Image description
. Congratulations to the great Libyan people on the occasion of opening resistance channel on the satellite Hot Bird 11179_27500H مبروك علي الشعب الليبي أفتتاح القناة والأن هي في وضع الإستعداد مع ظهور شعار القناة علي القمر الاوربي الهوت بيرد تردد 11179 H 27500
Image description
Libyan Leader Muammar al-Qathafi addresses the closing ceremony of the 13th AU summit in Sirte, 500 km southeast of Tripoli, capital of Libya, on July 3, 2009. The 13th AU summit wrapped up here Friday after the AU leaders approved a resolution to end cooperation with the International Criminal Court (ICC) over extraditing Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir. (Xinhua/Zhang Ning) (Newscom TagID: zumawirewestphotostwo473214) [Photo via Newscom] Gamma/Newscom

Other Archivements of the Jamahiriya –  The Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO)—the-libyan-iron-and-steel-company-lisco

Image description

The Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO) is one of the largest companies in Libya with an annual design capacity of 1,324,000 TONS of liquid steel adopting Direct Reduction / Electric Arc Furnace method utilizing natural gas as reductant of high quality pellets to produce Sponge Iron and Hot Briquetted Iron.

LISCO is located near the coastal city of Misurata, (About 210 km East of Tripoli) on an area of 1,200 hectares.

LISCO Plants consists of a Direct Reduction Plant, two Steel Melt Shops, a three-line Bar and Rod Mill, a Light and Medium Section Mill, a Hot Strip Mill and a Cold Strip Mill with a Galvanizing Line and a Coating Line.

LISCO is one of the largest Iron and Steel making companies in North Africa, and is one of the leading Companies in The Libyan industry Sector to implement

The Total Quality Management System according to ISO 9001/2000 standard .

Lisco has also put a strong and well controlled follow-up program to insure continual and effective implementation of the system throughout all the concerned divisions of the company.

The Products of LISCO are as follows:

Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI): HBI is one of the main products. It is produced from the finest blend of Iron are lumps the Midrex process.

Billets and Blooms and Slabs: Billets , Blooms and Slabs are produced in the two steel melt shops by EAF. Continuous Casting route, and they are the raw material for producing Bars, Rods, Sections and Hot Rolled Coils respectively.

Bar and Rods: Bar and rod Mills produce round Bars with diameters between 12 and 40 mm, and Rods with diameters between 5.5 and 12mm, and square Bars with diameters 10,12 and 14mm, with different steel grades varying in chemical composition and end uses. Light and Medium Section Light and Medium section mill produces different types of sections such as angles, channels ,I beams and flat bars.

Hot Rolled Coils and Sheets: The Hot Rolled Coils are produced in the Hot Strip Mill. The products are Hot Rolled Coils, Pickled Coils and Hot Rolled Sheets.

Cold Rolled Coils and Sheets: The Cold Rolled Coils are produced in the Cold Rolling Mill. The products are un angled Cold Rolled Coils, cold Rolled slit coils and cold rolled sheets.

Galvanized Coils Sheets: Galvanized coils are produced in the Hot Dip Galvanizing line. The products are Galvanized Coils and Galvanized Sheets.

Coated Coils and Sheets : Coated coils are produced in the continuous coating line. The main products are coated coils (Galvanized & Non Galvanized ) and coated sheets (Galvanized & non – Galvanized). 

Port and Pellet Stock Yard .

The LISCO port is designed to receive 2,000,000 tons of raw material annually which will be transported via belt-conveyors to the pellet stock yard. It has an average depth of 3.15 meters and it can accommodate cargo ships of up to 900,000 tons capacity. The pellet stock yard has a capacity of 550,000 tons and it contains two reclaimers for receiving and storing of pellets .

Power and Desalination plant.

The power and Desalination plant is composed of six steam turbine generators each with a capacity of 85 MW, to cope with the high demand for electric power for the arc furnaces in the steel melt shops and three desalination units with a daily capacity of 10,500 cubic meters to supply the various units of the complex with desalinated water For production , operations and equipment cooling. Limestone and dolomite quarries at Sedada and calcining plant: Sedada is located about 100 km east of Misurata, and its limestone and dolomite quarries supply the complex with 162,000 tons of limestone and 33,000 tons of dolomite annually. The quarries contain crashing equipment and other service facilities such as workshops, power station, first aid station and the township.

The Calcining plant is designed to produce 66,000 tons annually of burnt lime and 22,750 tons annually of dolomite. The plant contains two vertical furnaces for producing burnt lime, one rotary kiln to produce burnt dolomite, and a unit for storing cleaning and handing of raw materials and products.

The Oxygen and Compressed Air plant : The oxygen and Compressed Air plant is composed of three units, one for producing 2000 normal cubic meters per hour of Oxygen, the other for producing 16,000 normal cubic meters per hour of compressed air, and the third for producing 2000 normal cubic meters per hour of Nitrogen.

Central Workshop : The central Workshop is divided into three sections: Mechanical: Maintenance Workshop which is designed for disassembly and maintenance operations of all the equipments in the Complex. It is supplied with all kinds of turning , milling, drilling and grinding machines to be used in supplying the Complex with locally manufactured spare parts. Electrical: Maintenance Workshop which is designed for general and preventive maintenance operations for all electrical equipments in the Complex It is supplied with equipment for winding transformers, motors etc. A mobile equipment workshop for the maintenance of trucks, buses, cranes etc.

Quality Control Laboratories : The area laboratories in the production facilities and central laboratory for the Complex and they all conduct quality control tests on the products in different stages, These tests include mechanical, metallurgical and other tests. Other tests are conducted on refractory used in steel shops and reheating furnaces. Special tests for surface and internal defects are also conducted beside ultra-sonic tests for defects in the final products.


Washington`s Man in Tripoli

Posted: 2012/07/23
From: Mathaba
Mahmoud Jabril takes over as Libya`s new leader. He heads its puppet government.
by Stephen LendmanSham elections installed him. The process was farcical. Illusion substituted forreality. Obama called his ascension “another milestone in the country’s transition to democracy.”EU leaders hailed “Libya’s first free elections.” They called them the “dawn of a new era.” Scoundrel media acclaimed the end of the Gaddafi nightmare.A democratic facade masks New World Orderneoliberal fundamentalism. Its holy trinity is eliminating public services, predatory capitalism writ large, and repression enforcing the message to non-believers.Libya gives Washington another beachhead forgreater African adventurism. Unspeakable crimes of war and against humanity were committed establishing it.Jabril’s now its main man. He got his marching orders. He’s expected to deliver. Otherwise another pro-Western hack will replace him.Freedom is nowhere in sight. It’s true everywhere Washington runs things. Inside the bubble, it’s paradise. Outside it’s dystopian hell. It features exploitation and denial of fundamental rights.Everything Gaddafi gave is gone. The Libya that was no longer exists. A blank slate replaced it. Carving up its corpse for profit is policy.In early 2011, reports suggested Jibril urged Western intervention to oust Gaddafi. After bombing began, he reportedly met Senator John Kerry (D. MA) in Cairo.He outlined his vision for Libya’s future. Kerry chairsthe Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Jibril also met Clinton and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.Washington wants Libya transformed its way. What it says goes. Opposition won’t be tolerated. Jabril was installed to assure it.He heads Libya’s so-called National Forces Alliance. Democracy isn’t part of its agenda. Washington tolerates it nowhere.One analyst described his dead banker eyes. He’s a technocrat, an imperial tool. Before he defected, he headed Gaddafi’s National Planning Council and National Economic Development Board. Other ministers reported to him.Mustafa Abdul Jalil served as Gaddafi’s justice minister. On February 21, 2011, his true intentions emerged. He defected. On February 26, he established “transitional government.”On March 6, the National Transitional Council (NTC) was formed. Jalil became chairman. Ousting Gaddafi was primary.Months of insurgent attacks and NATO bombing transformed Libya from Africa’s most developed state into a charnel house. It remains so today. For Western predators, it’s Libya, Inc.Jabril became part of its NTC “executive team.” On March 5, he was appointed prime minister. At the time, NTC spokesman Hafiz Ghoga said:”We completely refuse any cooperation, discussion or dialogue with th(e Gaddafi) regime.” He and other Western proxies wanted him overthrown by force.It sounds eerily like Syrian National Council leaders refusing negotiations and urging Western intervention against Assad.A Libyan national, Jabril specializes in strategic planning and decision making. He and others drafted a Unified Arab Training manual. In the late 1980s, he organized and administered Arab training conferences.He later managed training programs for senior managers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Britain. He established close ties with Western and Southeast Asian leaders.In Libya, he joined the Muslim Brotherhood. Its history reflects a pro-business/anti-populist agenda.In the 1970s, he studied economics and political science at Cairo University. After graduating, he came to America. He earned a University of Pittsburgh master’s degree and doctorate in politicalscience. He taught strategic planning there after graduating.Time magazine calls him a “US-educated policy wonk.” It interviewed him in 2010. He envisioned Western-style government. He hoped to transform Libya into a replica of neoliberal economies. He told Time:”There must be a legal frame with division of powers, and the right of free expression. We are very late. We have to shorten the time span of things.”He’s now able to institute what wasn’t possible then. Doing so assures neoliberal harshness. It features plunder, exploitation, and repression. It’s the usual formula applied to enrich privileged elites at the expense of all others.Jabril earlier advised Arab governments on economic management. In 2007, he returned to Libya. Through early 2011, he served in Gaddafi’s government.

In 2009, he told then US ambassador Gene Cretz that Libya was “opening widely and very fast.” He said American companies could expect lucrative business opportunities. WikiLeaks released a cable quoting Cretz saying “Jabril is a serious interlocutor who ‘gets’ the US perspective.”

His roots are from Libya’s most populous Warfalla tribe. It had close ties to Gaddafi. Washington hopes he can co-opt it. Doing so furthers its agenda.

As head of Libya’s Economic Development Board, Jabril earlier drafted his plan for a new Libya. It’s neoliberal/anti-populist hardline.

Last October, he told Time that Gaddafi blocked his “reform” agenda. “They took everything they received from us and just threw in in the garbage.” He omitted saying that’s where it belongs.

He now says “(w)e have the plan ready.” He plans implementing it. It’s called the “Libya Tomorrow Project.” It’s right out of the IMF’s playbook.

It features looting Libya’s resources, shifting public wealth to private hands, mass privatizations, deregulation, low wages, few or no benefits, unrestricted free market access for Western companies, corporate-friendly tax cuts, marginalizing or prohibiting trade unionism, and harsh repression against opposition to a system incompatible with social democracy, civil and human rights.

It’s Chicago school fundamentalism writ large. It’s long on free market triumphalism and void on how it treats people. Replacing the old Libya with a new one is policy.

Jabril wants the country transformed into a regional model. He plans turning it into a giant free trade zone. Its core feature is pillage. Corporate utopia depends on it. Ordinary Libyans face dystopian harshness.

George Bush turned “the cradle of civilization” into hell. Obama did the same thing to Libya.

Jabril got his marching orders. His mandate is serving as Washington’s enforcer. He’ll stay in favor as long as he remembers who’s boss.

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Middle East Master Plan Towards War and Fascism.

Dr. Christof Lehmann – The “Arab Spring” that has swept across Northern African and Middle Eastern nations since early 2011 has elicited two significant developments in international affairs. That NATO has initiated a long planned re-colonization of Africa and the Middle East in preparation of a containment of and aggression against Russia and China, and that both Russia and China respond with what is objectively a challenge to NATO´s bet for global dominance. The other is, that the phenomena that is euphemistically called “The Arab Spring” is being played out in two versions, depending on whether a nation is considered as an ally of NATO or not. Even though democracy and human rights are used as pretext for aggression and for marketing purposes, this dichotomy elicits with all clarity that the final product, if successful, will be the exact opposite of democracy and human rights, and this tendency, away from human rights and democracy will be taking place in both Northern Africa, the Middle East, as well as in Europe and the USA – Canada. Which version of the Arab Spring is being played out in which country depends on, whether it is played out in a targeted nation, or whether the dynamics of seemingly popular but cynically manufactured unrests and subversions in targeted nations have inspired genuine popular unrests in allied nations. The first version is a product, while the second version is a by product and a side effect that is being contained, belittled, under reported and oppressed. The recent and ongoing developments elicit ever more clearly what US-President Barak Obama meant when he said with respect to Palestine’s bet for Statehood at the U.N. In 2011,(1) that a Palestinian Solution was only possible within a comprehensive solution for the Middle East. In fact, that comprehensive solution is about to set the region on fire, threatens to develop into a conflict of global reach, and promises everything but freedom and democracy for the region as well as for Europe and the U.S.A.

Two Versions of One Season.

The principal precondition for understanding the geo-political dynamics of the Middle East and their wider implications is an understanding of this dichotomy within the phenomena that is generalized as “The Arab Spring”. “The Arab Spring” consists in fact of two phenomena, which could be described as action and reaction, or action, side effect and the containment of the side effect.

Version one, which is the version for targeted nations is a product that is manufactured by an alliance of NATO member states, Gulf Cooperation Council Member States, as well as Jordan and Israel. It is the version that has been implemented in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, and which is currently being implemented in Syria.

Version two, which is the by product, consists of genuine popular uprisings that have their root in a spill over effect of the subversions in targeted nations. The primary strategy in not targeted nations is to contain the uprisings and possibly label them as “Iranian Conspiracy”. The primary examples for the containment version are Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

The primary function of “The Arab Spring” is a re-colonization. It is a modo-colonial project that bears the principle hallmarks that are the common denominators of every single modo-colonial coup d´etat in former European colonies since the end of Europe´s previous colonial era after World War Two.

As already pointed out in a former article which is specifically dealing with Ivory Coast and Libya, (2) the common denominators are:

  1. The involvement of foreign nations.

  2. The instrumentalization of local elements,

  3. The goal to control resources, economy, and geo-politically as well as strategically significant locations.

    As also stated in this article, these common denominators have an additional component, which is the containment of Chinese access to resources, commerce, transportation and the development of joint venture based, non-interventionist partnerships.(ibid.)

The pretext for US-American and Western European involvement in these conflicts is commonly based on freedom, democracy and human rights. Main Stream Media are co-opted as propaganda mechanisms that manufacture popular consent in Western nations. Targeted nations access to media is denied. Two examples of this Orwellian strategy are:

  1. The fact that the BBC illegally recycles an image from the war on Iraq, claiming that it shows victims of a massacre on Syrians that is blamed on the Syrian government (4) and that the Director of BBC´s Word News editor has to admit that the BBC-Coverage of the Al-Houla Massacre was based on opposition propaganda. (5)
  2. The fact that the Arab League pressured Arabsat and Nilesat not to carry Syrian TV and Radio signals, thus assisting NATO at gaining absolute image control, which is part of official NATO warfare doctrine. (6)

Hundreds of other and even more serious examples could be found, such as the premeditated murder on civilians to produce “private video recordings” which then are aired on Al Jazeera. The author leaves it to the reader to make his own additional inquiries.

The popular consent is based on elicited and fabled advocacy for stability, human rights and democracy. Since the 25th NATO Summit in Chicago, 2012, a fabled and manufactured “responsibility to protect” has become part of official NATO doctrine and must be added to the pretexts for intervention. (7)

A Training Circular of the US-Special Forces is breaking down the machinations and details how a subversion is manufactured from popular dissent to full scale warfare. Even though all of the steps towards a successful subversion that are explained in the training manual are illegal and in breech of multiple international laws, the operand word is “plausible deniability”. The training circular, TC 18-01 is printed with a destruction notice. Destruct by any means possible to prevent dissemination. A full and down-loadable copy of the TC 18-01 has previously been published on nsnbc. (8)

We can positively conclude that “The Arab Spring” consists of two phenomena. A subversion in targeted nations that is marketed under the guise of popular uprisings that are aggravated, financed, armed, and politically or militarily supported, like in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria. A spill over effect in not targeted nations like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, where a genuine popular uprising is labeled as Iranian Conspiracy, and brutally oppressed by police and military forces.

To arrive at a reasonable analysis of what the greater plan and prospects are for the Middle East and which geo-political implications the implementation of the plan has, it is necessary to analyze the developments in both the not targeted or allied nations as well as the developments in targeted nations separately.

Developments in Non Targeted and/or Allied Nations

After the successful subversion in i.e. Libya and Egypt these countries are in a transitional stage and could be categorized as either targeted nation, allied nation, or both. Categorizing them under targeted nations is for practical purposes and to avoid repetition.

Turkey and Neo-Ottoman Ambitions.

Turkey has undergone considerable domestic political changes after the sectarian Islamic Justice and Development Party came to power under the leadership of Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan. While former Turkish governments led by the secular Turkish Labor Party maintained good relations to the Arab Socialist Baath Party led Syrian government, the Islamic Justice and Development Party is both ideologically and politically opposed to Arab Socialism and Syria.

The rise of the Erdogan led Turkish Sunni Muslim government led to a revival of Turkish Ottoman Empire-like ambitions. This political line positions Turkey as a regional Sunni Muslim competition for regional dominance to the Shia dominated Iran. Iran, which in spite of its status as Islamic Republic is a close strategic and political ally to the Arab Socialist Baath Party led government of Syria. The common denominators in the two countries foreign politics and strategic cooperation are a realistic, perceived threat from NATO and Israel, as well as a shared alliance with Russia as well as China.

To understand Turkeys political course is also good to keep in mind that Turkey not only is a NATO member, but that E.U. countries, primarily Germany, have had a strong influence on Ankara, using a carrot and stick approach that renders Turkey in a permanent position where it has to prove its “worthiness” as European country and E.U. prospect. A destabilized Syria or possibly a Syria that is governed by a Muslim Brotherhood government would provide considerable regional leverage to Turkey. A “balkanization” of Syria could further more be perceived as a potential key for Turkey to solve its Kurdish problem, permanently and without having to make major concessions to the Kurdish minority inside Turkey. In June 2012 it transpired that Turkey in deed has attempted to co-opt the Kurdish National Council of Syria and associated parties and militia. The attempt, however, was unsuccessful. A senior member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria, Nuri Brimo, declared that the Kurdish National Council stands in solidarity with the Syrian Government. Brimo explained that Kurdish militia so far had prevented the Free Syrian Army from entering Kurdish dominated territories and prevented massacres like that in Al-Houla.(9)

Considering the fact that Turkey has carried out a politic of ruthless oppression against its Kurdish minority and is waging a de facto war against the PKK, it is highly unlikely that the ethnic minority of Syria would trust Turkey as a potential ally. An ethnic Kurdish Turkish alliance is also highly unlikely, because the constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic provides special privileges and protection to all minorities. Syria is providing special protection and privileges to women, which is well noticed by the PKK, which has a consequent feminist political line. All together, the ethnic Kurdish populations of both Turkey and Syria are a very unlikely ally to any Erdogan led, Muslim Brotherhood associated Turkish Government.

In fact, the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood are the present Turkish governments and the anti Syrian Alliance´s greatest Turkey based military asset in the ongoing insurgency in Syria. The beginning of the preparations for this strategic alliance date back to 2009 and 2010, and involve one of this centuries most intricate false flag operations, which both gathered the ranks of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and boosted Erdogan´s domestic support and popularity to such a degree that he was able to sack sectarian generals within a traditionally politically strong, secular Turkish military and general staff.

The operation was carried out by co-opting the Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Marvi Marmara and the Free Gaza Organization. Nine members of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and associated organizations, were opposed to the Muslim Brotherhoods involvement in a military campaign against Syria were tricked on board the Turkish registered Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavi Marmara. On board were also the well known Libyan Al Qaeda terrorist and MI6/NATO asset Abdelhakim Belhadj and his second in command within the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Harati. Their task was to point out the nine Turkish citizens and Muslim Brothers who were opposed to a war on Syria and who were targeted for assassination. Israeli commands who committed and act of piracy in international waters carried out the assassinations. Erdogan could blast the Israeli government, break diplomatic ties with Israel – for three weeks -. The wave op popularity was used to challenge the secular general staff and sack generals who were opposed to a war on Syria.(10) It is worth mentioning here that leading members of Hamas were involved in the Mavi Marmara operation. A fact we will return to when analyzing the developments in Qatar and Palestine.

This action was, however, by far the first brush R. Tayyip Erdogan had with terrorism or Al Qaeda. In fact, Erdogan has a long standing and well documented relationship with both the Taliban and Al Qaeda. A video, published in another article by the author shows Erdogan posing with both Taliban and Al Qaeda members.(11)

Turkey is host to multiple US bases that will be of immense strategic value in any possible attack on Syria. Turkey´s military bases along the Turkish Syrian border have since 2011 been used as basis of operations for both Turkish and US Special forces who are operating in Syria as well as for the “Free Syrian Army”. The brigades operating with their basis of operations from Turkish territory are mainly brigades under the control of the Turkish and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. US-Special forces have, as stated in articles dating back to August 2011, been operating in Turkey and inside Syria. (12)

Turkeys military bases are a key element in NATO´s anti ballistic missile shield. As a matter of fact, Turkey is the only NATO member state in which these missiles can fulfill the function which NATO claims they have. To contain or limit a potential threat from Iran. In fact the missile systems that are established in Romania and elsewhere are established to provide NATO with a perceived first strike capability against Russia. The strategic value of this perceived first strike capability has been discussed in a previous article by the author, following NATO´s 25th Summit in Chicago, 2012. (ibid.)

With respect to a longer term regional perspective, Turkey is counting on gaining a position as major regional factor in the Middle East, opposing both Russia, Iran and secular Palestinian parties influence over internal Syrian affairs.

Qatar – and the International Muslim Brotherhood.

Even though Qatar is a minor Gulf State it exercises immense regional influence with respect to the Arab Spring and the planned regional developments. This influence is based on multiple factors.

Qatar is a long standing ally of the United Kingdom. Qatar´s ruling family has close ties to British Royalty and its intelligence services have long standing and close ties to the British MI6. Moreover, and eventually more importantly than the fact that Qatar is ruled by what some describe as a British Vice King, it is the home of the International Muslim Brotherhood. In other words, both the Muslim Brothers in Egypt, who now hold the presidential office, the Muslim Brothers in Turkey, Jordan and elsewhere have an allegiance to the Muslim Brothers in Qatar. With respect to recent regional developments, this influence also extends to Hamas, which was originally founded by prominent Muslim Brotherhood associated families, as well as to Al Jamaa Al Islamiya in Lebanon.

Since the onset of the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood is increasingly playing a role as a regional Islamic factor that counters and opposes the influence of Tehran. In fact, it has succeeded in turning two of Syria´s and Iran´s closest regional allies, Hamas and Al Jamaa Al Islamiya against Tehran and Damascus and by achieving a realignment of Al Jamaa Al Islamiya with Qatar, it has succeeded in the seeding of instability in Lebanon.

The fact that Hamas became an ally to Syria and Iran was mainly based on three factors:

  1. that it could not safely maintain a functional headquarter within the Palestinian Territories;

  2. that Syria is the sole Arab nation that consequently and consistently has supported Palestinian fractions and Palestine and that Syria has provided Hamas with a safe haven for its headquarters and with a secure basis of operations;

  3. that Iran has perceived Hamas as a strategical ally against Israel and as such has supported it.

It must be kept in mind that Israel is the sole regional power that has a nuclear strike capability. Israel has at least 200 nuclear warheads ready for use. Some of them are placed on missiles inside German made Israeli submarines. As much as Iran acts in solidarity with Palestinians as a matter of principle, as much was it interesting for Iran to have an ally who so to speak could carry an eventual military confrontation between Israel and Iran right to the doorsteps of the Knesset, Israel´s parliament.

Qatar and Qatar´s Muslim Brotherhood has since 2009 – 2010 succeeded at secretly bringing Hamas back into the fold of the Qatar based International Wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The first “test” for how seriously Hamas would take its commitment to betray Syria and Iran while keeping up appearances as long as possible, was most likely Hamas´s participation in arranging the murder on nine Turkish Muslim Brotherhood members on the Marvi Marmara in 2010. Some of the details are explained in the article about the false flag operation on the Mavi Marmara by Martin Iqbal. (ibid.)

As late as December 2011, Hamas´s Khaled Mashal declared Hamas´s solidarity with the Syrian “regime” – a giveaway word – semantics are revealing the truth.(15) Shortly after Mashal´s declaration of solidarity, leading Hamas cadres began moving to Gaza, which if one knows the region never would have been possible without either Israel´s and/or Egypt´s consent. Hamas ultimately fled its headquarters in Damascus on the very same day that an by Martin Iqbal quoted information of the author of the present article, stating that Hamas was implicated in the Marvi Marmara operation.(ibid.) Clean-up operations, a euphemism for assassinations, within the top ranks of Hamas are documented to last until as late as late June 2012. (17)

Qatar´s Muslim Brothers have achieved the same U-turn with respect to Lebanon´s Al Jamaa Al Islamiya. After years of alignment with Iran, Al Jamaa Al Islamiya has turned towards an alliance with Qatar, thus providing both political and most importantly military and strategic leverage for Qatar in Lebanon. Although the military and political strength of Al Jamaa Al Islamiya in Lebanon is negligible as such, it is the cumulative effect of their troops with other pro Western and in fact pro Israeli forces in Lebanon that is significant. Key names of pro-Western, pro-Saudi, pro Israeli players in Lebanon are among other Walid Jumblatt, who is the Secretary General of the Progressive Socialist Party and leader of the Lebanese Druze community, and the Saudi Lebanese national Saad Hariri and his Movement of the Future Party. Qatar has in other words driven a wedge into Syrian and Iranian influence in both Palestine and Lebanon. It has reinforced it´s influence significantly.

Qatar has been one of the first GCC members to send troops to Libya to assist the Al Qaeda associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and other NATO/GCC allied mercenaries in Libya at ousting the Libyan government with special forces, regular ground troops and air power. Qatar still has several thousand troops deployed in Libya, including Air-Force infantry and special forces. Qatar is one of the 13 nations that continue the fight against the still ongoing resistance by forces that are loyal to the former Libyan government, or who oppose Libya´s occupation.

Qatar is one of the main donors of money and suppliers of weapons to the Free Syrian Army and the National Transitional Council of Syria. It is not unlikely that Qatar has special forces operating on Syrian Territory.

Overall one must say that Qatar, in spite of its size is playing a major role in the turmoils that plague the Middle East. A role it can and will be playing due to influence over the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliated organizations, due to the fact that it is a major financial contributor and contributor of overtly and covertly operating military forces in Libya and most likely Syria, and due to the fact that Qatar is a long standing British ally against Iran.

It is absolutely worth noticing that Qatar, like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the U.A.E. is a kingdom, with an autocratic and oppressive political system. Like it´s Gulf neighbors, Qatar has a legal system that is based on a conservative and oppressive interpretation of Islam. Human rights and civil liberties are more or less non existent in Qatar. Like in Saudi Arabia women do not enjoy special protection. Dissent within the population exists, but until today the “side effects” of the Arab Spring in Qatar have been very limited and both reform and human rights movements are rudimentary due to the fact that they are consequently oppressed.

Strategically, Qatar is together with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the U.A.E. one of the front line states from where a military assault on Iran or an attempted naval blockade of the Persian Gulf would be staged. Although Qatar´s own military forces are relatively insignificant compared to those of Saudi Arabia, Qatar is a strategically important base of operations for US military forces in the region.

Bahrain – Side Effects of a Hot Season and The Great Iranian Conspiracy.

Bahrain has since the spring of 2011 been plagued by almost daily protests, demonstrations, human rights scandals, and often very violent clashes between Bahraini police, military and protesters. The popular unrests in Bahrain have in deed grown so much that the ruling Al-Khalifa family found it necessary to call on Saudi Arabia to deal with the protesters. Both the police and military of Bahrain as well as the Saudi military in Bahrain have been and are coming heavyhandedly down on the protesters, Saudi Arabia´s heavy handed behavior in Bahrain has on the other hand sparked increased protests against an expansion of cooperation within the Gulf Cooperation Council,GCC.

Opposite to the manufactured and co-opted subversions in Libya and Syria, the protests in Bahrain are legitimate and genuine public uprisings against a royal family that absolutely dominates the politics of Bahrain. As in all more or less tyrannically governed Gulf States there exists a genuine and legitimate popular demand for political, social and legal change in Bahrain.

In May 2012 the author was driving in a cab from Manama Airport to the diplomatic quarter of Manama, Bahrain. The largest signpost along the roadsides stated “Down Iranian Conspiracy“. My first thoughts were “Narcissism. In love with ones own idealized image without wanting to see any flaws. Externalizing – Projections.” There could as well have been a signpost that stated “Down the Shia Conspiracy”. It would have been equally invalid as an explanation for the unrests. The signpost was written in English language and most likely meant to convince foreigners that the unrests were not caused by decades of oppressive rule by vice roys of the United Kingdom. Charade & Narcissism.

Medical Doctors who were treating some of the first casualties of the crack down on protests in Bahrain have received ridiculously harsh prison sentences. Medical Doctors were blamed for storing weapons at the hospital. Members of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights are arrested on a regular base. The Director of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Nabeel Rajab, received a three months prison sentence for a “Tweet” that was condescending towards the governing Al-Khalifa family. He is regularly arrested, released, rearrested. Even Amnesty International, and please keep in mind that the director of Amnesty International USA also is Hillary Clinton´s and the State Departments adviser on government NGO relations, can not do anything to prevent that Amnesty must criticize Bahrain. Amnesty can otherwise be rather content with covering up for NATO´s crimes in Libya. (18)

European nations and the USA largely neglect the legitimate public uprising in Bahrain and the governments brutal crack downs. Western Main Stream Media are pounding Western populations with false information about Syria, while both NATO and GCC members, including Bahrain finance and arm Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood brigades – The Free Syrian Army – to create a state of war in Syria. It is evident beyond any reasonable doubt that the symptoms of the Arab Spring in Bahrain are an unwanted side effect, a spill over, which is to be contained and kept out of the media as much as it is possible without risking that the cover-up becomes all too embarrassing.

A good example for double standards is the Danish Foreign Minister, who criticizes Bahrain, pleading for a less violent approach to the peoples legitimate demands for reform, while arms shipments to Bahrain via Denmark continue. The USA has resumed weapons deliveries to Bahrain in spite of the human rights situation.

The military forces of Bahrain are as such not very significant if compared to those of Saudi Arabia, but arms sales from the US to Bahrain have increased significantly over the last year. Bahrain hosts the 5th Fleet of the USA and is an important NATO partner in any potential confrontation with Iran.

The government of Bahrain is together with Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia in a process of establishing a union that is being modeled over the European Union. Bahrain is sponsoring the insurgency in Syria but is doing it less overtly than Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. –

Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has from the get go of the Arab Spring in Libya been heavily involved by recruiting and dispatching mercenaries, including Al Qaeda brigades that are under the command of the Saudi Ministry of the Interior. Saudi Arabia is also one of the 13 nations that maintained and maintains troops inside Libya after NATO´s official discontinuation of “Operation Unified Protector”.

Already during the autumn of 2011 Syrian and Russian intelligence sources stated that they had intercepted inter net traffic that strongly indicated that the Saudi Arabian government had dispatched the Al Qaeda associated Omar Brigade from Saudi Arabia to Syria.(19) Saudi Arabia is one of the most “ardent” Friends of Syria” and provides much of the illegal mercenary power that are fighting in Syria, as well as funding and weapons. In fact, the Saudi Arabian delegate to the first “Friends of Syria” meeting in Tunisia left the meeting in protest over the fact that there was no sufficient support for a military solution, prompting the author to write the article “Friends of Syria, with such good Friends, who needs any Enemies”. (20) Some of the funding is funneled via straw-men like the Saudi-Lebanese citizen and former P.M. of Lebanon Saad Hariri who already became implicated in financing and arming the insurgency in Syria in September 2011. (21).

Saudi Arabia is most likely counting on a consolidation of Saudi Influence within the GCC as well as a consolidation of regional influence via the monetary and political union that is being established by the GCC member states. Part of the Saudi motivation for the consolidation may in deed be worries whether its Western friends and allies would sooner or later use the Egyptian model of The Arab Spring on Saudi Arabia, even though that would most likely be improbable before Saudi Arabia has served as a springboard for an aggression on Iran. As long as the house of Saud is playing along with that overall strategy their position should be relatively secure.

The Saudi Arabian Military is receiving large deliveries of new weapons systems. The delivery of new F-15 fighter jets and upgrades of older models to the highest standards was, as mentioned in a previous article, surprisingly not met by Israeli complaints, which indicates a closer co-operation between Israel and Saudi Arabia. (22) Saudi Arabia is receiving 84 brand new Boeing F 15SA fighter jets and it receives upgrades for its existing fleet of 70 F 15s. The deal is worth 29.4 billion USD. The deal also includes 150 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles and three different types of helicopters.

According to Russian Military Analyst Andrei Akulov, Saudi Arabia also wants to buy between 600 and 800 German made Leopard battle tanks. Akulov states, that his modest 25 years military experience tells him that the tanks can not be separated from other weapons systems which Saudi Arabia inevitable will have to add to the shopping list. Together with the significant increase of the Saudi Air Power and increased anti-tank capabilities, the massive upgrade of armor will significantly change the regional military balance. (23) Although Akulov is off target with respect to Hamas, Palestine and other details, he is very well informed about military developments.The massive increase of Saudi Arabia´s fleet of high tech German battle tanks is worth noticing when one considers information that was published in a previous article, written in response to both the Russian and Chinese military having been put on highest alert late in 2011. In it, the Russian general command is quoted for expecting US/NATO militay strategy in the Middle East to rely on massive ammounts of armored vehicles. (24) The fact that Israel has not objected to the massive boost of Saudi Military capability may be the most disturbing aspect, and reinforces suspicions for an Israeli, Arab, NATO deal to include the “Final Solution” for Israel and Palestine” as well as plans for the annaexation of the Golan and Southern Lebanon. (25)


Israel is in deed, together with Saudi Arabia the main Middle Eastern beneficiary of the Arab Spring. Good working relations and business as usual in Israel Turkey relations continue. The expected annexation of the Syrian Golan and the Palestinian West Bank promises a greater Israel. The occupation of Southern Lebanon as bargaining chip and possible area for a resettlement of displaced Palestinians and displaced Syrians from the Golan is being planned for. That way, the people of Lebanon will be dealing with the Palestinian problem while Israel can contain the fighting inside Lebanon. This is typical for Israeli strategy. In fact the article referred to above includes all necessary information and it is not necessary to repeat it here. (ibid.) I would advise the reader of the present article to read the referred to article separately after reading the present one, to arrive at the best possible understanding of what that “final solution for Israel and Palestine” implies. Much more will be written on Israel in other sections and there is no reason to elicit it here without the proper context.


The Kingdom of Jordan is playing a crucial role in the subversion of Syria. In fact, Jordan has also been playing a vital logistical role in the aggression against Libya. Currently Jordan is providing the logistical “hinterland” for the mercenaries of the L.I.F.G. and Saudi Al-Qaeda brigades. In fact, the entire border region around the city of Al Mafriq is functioning as a staging area for transgressions against Syria.; Turkey is entertaining an intelligence room and recruitment office in Amman, Jordan. (27)

Jordan will be a vital partner in any Saudi military transgression against Syria by providing passage for Saudi troops and by providing forward military bases. Considering that Jordan has been playing a pivotal role in facilitating of negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel,  considering that Jordan has been playing a pivotal role in facilitating the U-Turn of Hamas, away from Iran and Syria and into the folds of the Qatar based International Muslim Brotherhood, one could say that Jordan´s royal family is “finally” having its revenge against Syria and the PLO, and they have been waiting for it for decades. (28)

It has taken a long, long time to get this revenge. After all, the “Black September” when the Jordanian military and the PLO battled it out in Amman; the Black September, when Syria sent tanks to Jordan to prevent the wiping out of the PLO by the Jordanian military; that Black September, when King Abdullah the First of Jordan called on Israel, on the Zionist enemy of Arabs, to stop Syria´s rescue operation for the PLO, that Black September and all that happened all the way back in 1970. That Black September when Arafat had to be smuggled out of Jordan and to Egypt, disguised as a girl, in order not to be murdered by the King of Jordan, who called on the Zionist enemy of Arabs so he could murder Palestinians. Only then, after that Black September, the Arab nations still had an Egyptian president of the caliber of Abd El Nasr so the Hashemite King would not dare what his son most likely has in mind today.

Revenge for his father at last ? King Abdullah the Second of Jordan is an Arab ruler much to the liking of London and Washington. A King, like those in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates. That is, off course, the best possible qualification to support the fight for “Democracy and Freedom” in Syria.

Developments in Targeted Nations


The Arab Spring in Egypt was from beginning to end manufactured with the aid of foreign influences. The Egyptian population and most significantly the class with the lowest incomes and the massive numbers of unemployed, the masses which with the aid of media were marched and paraded in front of TV cameras from throughout the world as useful pawns are the loosers. Used, abused, and nothing in fact will change for them for the better.

The will be no improvements in social justice, since the Muslim Brothers made it clear from the very start that they would co-operate with the IMF. So much to the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic principles in banking.

There will be no improvements with respect to gender equality and most likely setbacks can be expected. For Egyptians it would be good to recall one of the prolific speeches of Gamal Abd el Nasr, where he stated that the Egyptian government really wanted to compromise with the Muslim Brothers in 1953, if they were willing to be reasonable. The first thing the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood asked for was a law that would make the wearing of the hijab mandatory. Nasr politely asked, if he, the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood, who had a daughter who studied medicine at Cairo University, and who did not wear the hijab, would not rather try to make his own daughter wear the hijab before he asked him, Nasr, to try to make every woman in Egypt wear it. The speech is in deed a historical moment which Egyptians would be wise to recall. (29)

For those who still confuse “The Arab Spring” with democracy it may be good to recall that Egypt´s new president stated that Islam and Democracy were incompatible with each other. Mursi´s words were in fact an insult against both Islam and Democracy, but they clearly represent what brand of Islam and what brand of Democracy the Muslim Brothers have in store for the people of Egypt.

One of the main reasons for the targeting of Egypt was that President Hosni Mubarak had solidly positioned his son as ayer of the Egyptian presidency and that Mubarak and the Egyptian military were solidly in control of the country. Egypt had become to self-confident. Egypt was not unstable enough and Egypt had its own thoughts about Middle East politics. Thoughts that opposed a greater influence of the GCC member states. A policy that would not lend itself and Egypt to a war on Syria for the benefit of Israel, and a policy that would not abandon Palestinians in the West Bank for the benefit of a Hamas led Palestinian Emirate of Gaza.

The Presidential election and the Muslim Brotherhood Presidency of Mursi guarantied that the military still remained a strong influence in Egypt, but that it became politically weakened and thus more easily controllable by the West. It is here interesting to notice that the initial discontinuation of US military aid to Egypt was lifted after Mursi´s election victory. Egypt receives 1.3 billion USD worth in military aid from the USA.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood will together with Hamas be playing key roles in the implementation of what could best be described as a Final Solution for a Greater Israel and Palestine. As detailed in a previous article, this final solution includes the permanent annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan, the permanent annexation of  the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the establishment of a Hamas led Palestinian Emirate Gaza, and the annexation of parts of Southern Lebanon by Israel. (30)

In spite of flaming election speeches by Mursi during his campaign, in spite of words such as those that he will not accept any other solution for Palestine than a Palestine within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine, the political reality looks quite different. The established fact is, that the highest cadres of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are pulling into the same direction. A Palestinian Emirate in Gaza. A recent Grad rocket attack on Israel from the Northern Sinai was one example of how Hamas and the Muslim Brothers cooperate. The Grad Rocket attack was in deed part of the campaign that helped Mursi to secure his election victory. (31)

The Arab Spring in Egypt was a post-modern coup d´etat that aligned Egypt with the NATO/GCC/Israeli Master Plan towards the “Comprehensive Solution for the Middle East” Obama mentioned when the UN General Assembly discussed Palestine’s bet for statehood. (ibid.)

Gaza / Palestine

As explained below, and as detailed in several articles by the author, the polit bureau of Hamas has since 2010 been working towards the Arab Spring, taken part in cleaning out the anti Syria war ranks within the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood, actively betrayed Syria and Iran, and is co-operating with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The price Hamas has been offered for its realignment with the Qatar based International Muslim Brotherhood is the promise of a “leading role within a Palestinian Arab Spring after the fall of Damascus”. Keeping the Palestinian Emirate Gaza in mind too,it is not surprising that the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, DFLP, the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP, and even Mahmud Abbas and Fatah voice that Hamas is sabotaging national reconciliation. As long as Syria, which in fact is the sole Arab nation that consequently and consistently has supported the struggle for the Liberation of Palestine is destabilized, there is very little international support to be expected for those Palestinian fractions who actually attempt to resist the “Final Solution”.


Reoccupation by Israel to be blamed on Hezbollah – As reported in a previous article about Israel´s final solution for Palestine and a Greater Israel, Israel has plans to reoccupy Southern Lebanon and to either permanently annex Southern Lebanon together with the occupied Syrian Golan, or to use it as a bargaining chip for the eventual relocation of displaced Palestinians from the West Bank. This information is not “merely” based on a long discussion between the author and a reliable Palestinian intelligence source who the author has known for decades and who has provided valuable and correct intelligence on Turkey, Syria, Palestine and other matters over the last months which has been published in various articles by the author. The information is also, so to speak” coming straight from the horses own mouth.

In a recent article published in the Israeli daily newspaper Haarez, Brigadier General Hezi Halevi of the IDF informed that a new war on Lebanon is planned to be initiated subsequent to an expected fall of the Syrian government. The new war and invasion, which is planned to be even more ferocious that the 2006 invasion that mainly targeted civilian targets in what only can be describes as systematic and cynical terror bombing of civilians, will be blamed on Hezbollah and it´s establishment of bases in southern Lebanon. The 2006 war on Lebanon resulted in the death of approximately 6.000 human beings. The vast majority of the dead were civilians, and a large proportion of the civilian victims were in fact children and non combatant women.

Israel regularly blames Syria for delivering weapons, including modern rockets to Hezbollah, which in spite of the fact that it is registered as a legal political party and holds several seats in the Lebanese parliament is designated a “terrorist” organization by the USA and Israel. The Shiite Hezbollah, Party of God” was established as a response to repeated and illegal wars of aggression by Israel against Lebanon and repeated occupations of large parts of southern Lebanon. Both Iran´s support of Hezbollah and Syria’s support of Hezbollah, even with arms, is legal according to international law.

During the 2006 invasion of Lebanon Israel in fact had to retreat after one month without being able to decisively defeat Hezbollah. Both systematic bombing of civilian targets in Beirut, and probably the bombing of a UN Peace Keepers post are emblematic for the fact that Israel does not shy from terror bombing to achieve political and military objectives.

The Israeli objectives in a coming war will however be different from those of previous campaigns. This time the objectives will be the establishment of a permanent presence or even annexation of Southern Lebanon, together with a long term destabilization of Lebanon by creating a civil war.

Should the war on Syria be successful, and the criteria for success is not necessarily a regime change but a protracted civil war, Israel will make sure that this civil war spreads into Lebanon. In that situation, Israel would be able to fight a Hezbollah that has to engage domestic enemies.

The Lebanese Al Jamaa Al Islamiya, which previously was allied with Hezbollah may in fact become one of Hezbollah´s contenders in a civil war situation. It is extremely difficult to make an accurate prediction. What is certain is, that Al Jamaa Al Islamiya has aligned itself with the Qatar based International Muslim Brotherhood and away from Iran. This move may under any circumstance weaken Hezbollah´s domestic support in case of an Israeli invasion. As far as the author is aware there are ongoing talks between both Hezbollah and Al Jamaa al Islamiya.

The leader of the Lebanese Druze Community and Secretary General of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt is currently involved in financing and arming insurgents in Syria. As previously reported in an article by the author, Jumblatt is providing among other shipments of Israeli weapons and ammunition to what is called the Syrian Opposition of Free Syrian Army. As explained in the article “Attack on Syria likely before March?” (ibid.) one such delivery of 50 ton at a value of 250 million USD was delivered by the Israeli Raphael Industry. Jumblatt is a long standing US and Israeli asset in Lebanese anti-Syrian power brokering. His track record is going back all the way to the Lebanese civil war where he inherited his post after his father who was assassinated for his anti Pan-Arabic dealings. Even though the Progressive Socialist Party was part of the progressive alliance during the civil war, it was also constantly driving a wedge in between those parties who were pro or anti Pan Arabic, which then meant pro or anti Syrian ad Egyptian.

It is very likely that Jumblatt is attempting to maneuver his party and the Druze community in Lebanon into a similar position in Lebanon, and that he is and will be co-operating with NATO, the GCC and Israel in an attempt to persuade or force the Syrian Druze community to demand autonomy from Damascus, to break with the national unity government, and to disrupt national reconciliation in Syria. So far attempts to turn the Syrian Druze community against Damascus have not been successful. Most likely, the Druze community, as well as the ethnic Kurdish community in Syria and other are well aware that a disintegration of Syria would be disastrous.

The Movement of the Future Party led by Saad Hariri and in particular Saad Hariri himself is heavily involved in financing and arming insurgents in Syria. Saad Hariri has previously been Prime Minister of Lebanon. He is the son of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri who was assassinated. The author has in a previous article f´drawn attention to both the involvement of Saad Hariri in financing and arming the insurgency in Syria as well as the fact that Saad Hariri has been involved in manufacturing evidence and buying false witness testimony for the trial pertaining the assassination of his father at the special court at the ICC in the Hague. The article on nsnbc also contains a video with a covertly recorded audio file recorded while Hariri is talking about the details pertaining the fabricated evidence and false testimony. (34)

Saad Hariri is a Saudi-Lebanese national, and he as well as his party are heavily backed by and representing Saudi interests in Lebanon. It is very likely that much of the money and weapons that are provided via Saad Hariri and his party are addressed to Saudi Arabian Al Qaeda brigades which are operating inside Syria, such as the Omar Brigade which is under the control of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of the Interior. Saad Hariri has been slowly but consistently been working at containing Hezbollah as well as Syrian and Iranian influence in Lebanon. In case of a deterioration of the situation in Lebanon it is likely that his party will create a united front with among other Jumblatt´s Progressive Socialist Party against Hezbollah and eventually Palestinian fractions in Lebanon.

There are three scenarios that are worth considering with respect to Hariri and his movement. Should the subversion in Syria be successful and the country be “balkanized”, he will continue to be an agent of Saudi and US-American as well as also French influence in Syria and attempt to keep Syria divided rather than united. In the case that Israel attacks Lebanon and occupies Lebanon, as planned, he will be involved in politically scapegoating Hezbollah for the Israeli invasion and occupation, and he will be involved in sabotaging Hezbollah´s as well as eventual Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation.

The Holy Cow of Lebanon if one can say so, the “National Pact” that was established when Lebanon gained independence is for many Lebanese perceived as a “holy cow”. The national pact is an agreement which in essence contains the following points. That Lebanon is an independent nation. That it defines itself as being of Arab nature. That the political offices of President, Prime Minister, and Speaker of the Parliament are divided among Christian Maronites, Sunni and Shia. While many perceive it as the three horses that are pulling the Lebanese chariot, it is in fact the seed of division rather than of national unity, and it is a perfect tool for foreign nations to divide and conquer.

Should the catastrophe of a new civil war in Lebanon, the disintegration of Syria, and a reoccupation of Lebanon be prevented, it would be highly recommendable for those who act in the interest of the “nation state” Lebanon to realize that this holy cow in fact is a Trojan Horse. One of the typical symptoms of the national pact is that Lebanon can come in a situation where it is attacked by Israel and that the national defense is maintained by one party, Hezbollah, while the Lebanese military remains in its barracks. To call that construct a “National Pact” is in deed Orwellian.

The Palestinian Diaspora in Lebanon and Syria has been suffering not only from the displacement caused by the Israeli occupation and countless Israeli transgressions against Palestinians in Lebanon. It has also suffered heavily from intra-Lebanese rivalries, rivalries between anti Syrian fractions in Lebanon and Syria and so forth, not to mention intra-Palestinian rivalries. The Palestinian diaspora in both Syria and Lebanon are attempting to remain neutral with respect to the ongoing crisis.

It is questionable how long the Palestinian diaspora in Lebanon and Syria can remain neutral. In Syria attempts have been made to turn Palestinians against the Syrian government. False flag attacks have been carried out by the “Syrian Opposition” to enrage Palestinians against the Syrian Government. Other attacks against Palestinian refugee camps were carried out as reprisals for Palestinian declarations that stated that Palestinians remain neutral. (35)

Unless a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Syria is found within a matter of a few months, it is very unlikely that the conflict does not spread into Lebanon, as planned, and that the Palestinian diaspora in both Syria and Lebanon can maintain a neutral posture. Palestinians will have to answer serious questions within the Palestinian communities in Lebanon and Palestine.

With respect to Hamas it should be self-evident that any cooperation with Israel, Turkey and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to establish a Palestinian Emirate Gaza and abandon Palestinians in the West Bank is in fact treason. Unless Hamas fractions in Lebanon and Syria are confronted with some pertinent questions and choices that must be regarded as assets of those who want to bring about “the comprehensive solution for the Middle East” as described above. For the Palestinian diaspora it is high time to reconsider whom one supports, and the same is true about Hamas supporters in Gaza.

Unless Hamas conducts a new U-Turn and realigns itself with “Palestine” it must be considered and will be considered a political and military liability. With respect to Fatah, it would be high time to consider to confront Mahmud Abbas and the majority of P.A. Ministers, as well as the PLO negotiations team with the fact that the two state solution and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, in fact the entire “Oslo Accord” and everything that came along with it was a carefully manufactured trap. So far the sole effects of the Palestinian Authority have been the following:

  1. The establishment of a Palestinian Authority which is impotent with respect to representing the occupied state of Palestine in foreign affairs.

  2. The self-administrated genocide on Palestinians by Zionism.

  3. The abandonment of any military credibility of the PLO that previously made it a “credible” political factor, for the privilege of administrating the systematic genocide on Palestinians.

These are the greatest achievements the Palestinian Authority and the PLO have in deed achieved since Oslo.

Given the fact that a fall of Damascus is equivalent to the loss of the sole Arab partner who consistently and consequently has supported Palestine and Palestinians, neither the Palestinian Diaspora nor the PLO can or should remain neutral.

A viable solution for the rescue of Palestinian aspirations for their rights will have to include the following points, which implicitly mean that some more holy cows, or Trojan horses will have to be abandoned.

  1. A return to a unified Palestinian demand for a one state solution.

  2. The unalienable right for Palestinians to return.

  3. Stop of Jewish immigration which significantly offsets the demography of Palestine.

  4. Unequivocal support of Syria in it´s struggle against an Israeli, GCC, NATO backed insurgency.

  5. Unequivocal support of and solidarity with Syrians in the Israeli occupied Golan.

  6. A return to a militarily credible PLO as a basis for political credibility.

  7. If necessarily, the arrest of any member of any political fraction who overtly or covertly negotiates any division of Palestine into a separate state in the Gaza strip and the abandonment of any Palestinian territory.

The Comprehensive Solution for the Middle East.

The comprehensive solution for the Middle East that is envisioned by NATO is, as already detailed in a previous article a solution that is directed against Russia and China, and a solution that is about to bring the world to the brink of a conflict of global proportions.(36) As outlined in the previous article, the war on Syria and the Arab Spring has the following interchangeable objectives:

  1. To destabilize Syria and Lebanon and to bring about long lasting civil wars that significantly weaken Iran in preparation of an attack on Iran.

  2. To engage Russia in a Middle Eastern Conflict, counting on one of three possibly attainable objectives. These objectives are strategically interchangeable and may be achieved simultaneously. All of them however, aim at engaging Russia directly or indirectly in a regional conflict with global geo-political consequences.

  3. To contain Russian involvement in the Middle Eastern theater due to the threat of NATO´s plausible first strike capability against Russia, thus forcing Russia to surrender it´s strategic allies to NATO and the GCC. Preventing Russia from direct engagement while the NATO,GCC, Israel Coalition destabilizes and brings about regime change in Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

  4. Weakening Russia, and preparing a long, protracted, Chechnya style war of attrition against Russia via a destabilized Iran and Syria. A continued and intensified attempt to destabilize Russia by proxy in Georgia and other former Soviet Republics like Moldavia. Color revolutions in Belarus and other allied nations with the aim to bring about “regime change” in Russia. Denying Russia access to the Mediterranean by destabilizing Syria.

  5. Alternatively to draw Russia into a long, protracted proxy war in Syria, Iran and Lebanon with an Afghanistan like defeat of Russian forces, in preparation of a direct engagement of Russia via Georgia, Azerbaijan, and the region in general.

  6. To these one should add, that an end to any “Palestinian Problem” is part of the comprehensive solution too.

All of the objectives are pursued with the possibility of initiating what NATO perceives as a plausible nuclear first strike capability against Russia to contain Russian interference into NATO´s Middle Eastern Conquest. The risk of a thermo-nuclear war on Russia is perceived as a calculable risk and plausible, viable possibility, if not as a goal in an on itself.

Considering the recent decades geo-political developments, the coagulation of loose alliances like the BRICS, SCC and ALBA into more solid blocks that counter Western Ambitions of Global Full Spectrum Dominance, a final war against China becomes plausible only, after a military and political defeat of Russia.

Some final Words to the Citizens of NATO Member States.

  1. The Middle East may seem far away as long as one does not consider that the murder and violence originates very close to your homes.

  2. Naturally both Libya and Syria had internal problems, but they were after all the most democratic, most tolerant among the nations in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Let there be no doubt that those political and other forces in Europe, the USA, Canada, Israel and Turkey, who cooperate with the Gulf Dictatorships and terrorist organizations will have no scruples to unleash the same terror in Europe, the USA, Canada, Israel or Turkey.

  3. The cooperation with Al Qadea and Muslim Brotherhood will invariably lead to blow backs in NATO countries. Some of these blow backs will be genuine. Most of these blow backs will be manufactured by the same deep state, the same cartels that manufactured Western Terrorism on Westerners, from Gladio to 9/11, London and Madrid.

  4. If that sounds like an “outrageous conspiracy theory” to you, mind that the former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar stated that Abdelhakim Belhadj, the Military Governor of Tripoli and Free Syrian Army Commander, is a notorious Al Qaeda Terrorist, with whom NATO co-operates, and that this Abdelhakim Belhadj was the man behind the Madrid bombings.

  5. Unless progressive political fractions, peace movements, anti war coalitions, and citizens in NATO countries wake up to the realities of the ongoing crisis, it is very likely that there will be a rude awakening in store.

  6. It will be a rude awakening to a new NATO wide fascism more dangerous than that of Germany, Italy and Spain up to and during the second world war, and most likely, it will be an awakening to a third world war.

Christof Lehmann

Friday 13th of July 2012

MONDAY, 02 JULY  2012


The US subversion model: Bosnia v.4, Kosovo v.3, Libya v.2 and now Syria v.1?

Does anybody remember how the USA prevented the Bosnian-Serbs from participating in any negotiations about their own future?  The USA came up with trick to say that the only Serbs invited to any negotiations would be the Serbs from Yugoslavia, representatives of the Milosevic regime.  With the brilliant move, the USA made it look like the Bosnian-Serbs were nothing but a proxy for an expansionist Serbian Yugoslavia hell-bent on creating a “Greater Serbia”.  That option also made it possible for the USA to use a very compliant, if not subservient Milosevic, against the Bosnian-Serbs (does anybody remember that Yugoslavia participated in the NATO blockade of the Bosnian-Serbs or is that fact totally lost in the memory hole?).
Anyway, the USA has now pulled off a similar trick.  Check out who is participating in the negotiations over the future of Syria:
  • The Secretaries-General of the United Nations and the League of Arab States
  • The Foreign Ministers of ChinaFranceRussiaUnited KingdomUnited StatesTurkeyIraq (Chair of the Summit of the League of Arab States), Kuwait (Chair of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the League of Arab States) andQatar (Chair of the Arab Follow-up Committee on Syria of the League of Arab States)
  • The European Union High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy
Now if we set aside the official nonsense about all these folks being independent actors we have the following parties in presence: the US/Israeli Empire represented by the US and its vassal states (UK, Turkey, EU, Kuwait, Qatar) while all the others are I would call “independent third parties” including Russia, China and Iraq (present only as the chair of the Summit of the League of Arab States and not as a sovereign country).  The only real ally of Syria, Iran, has been prevented from participating by the categorical refusal of the USA.  Russia expressed “regrets” about this state of affairs, but accepted it.
This is very reminiscent of the tactics used by the USA against the Bosnian-Serbs or, for that matter, against the Palestinian people and Hamas.  How does the current situation of the Syrians compare to situation of the Bosnian-Serbs?
I would argue that it is marginally better a simple reason: Russia and China are large and powerful nations which cannot be blackmailed, pressured or co-opted like Milosevic was.  Regardless of the US/NATO propaganda, Milosevic was used by the US and NATO against the Bosnian-Serbs, and that is most likely not going to happen with Russia and China.
And yet, I don’t think that these countries can be trusted to represent the interests and views of the Syrian regime so, just as was the case in Bosnia, these negotiations are hopelessly lopsided and heavily skewed against Syria.  So it is rather unsurprising that all what these folks came up with is yet another vague and rather insipid statement about yet another a “road-map” for Syria beefed-up by some equally vapid, if well-meaning, remarks by the UNSG.
From the US point of view the key sentence in this text is the following one:

The establishment of a transitional governing body which can establish a neutral environment in which the transition can take place. That means that the transitional governing body would exercise full executive powers. It could include members of the present government and the opposition and other groups and shall be formed on the basis of mutual consent.

 Muammar at  UNO SEPTEMBER 2009

Hillary Clinton immediately “explained” that this meant that “Assad will have to go because “he will never pass the mutual consent test”.  Well, both parties can play this game.  For example, Assad could follow the Israeli “negotiating model” and declare that he will never negotiate with “anybody with Arab blood on their hands” thereby excluding the entire insurgency.  Or Assad could do the exact opposite: declare that he will negotiate with anybody, even the worst of the worst, and set no preconditions.  Such a move could make it very easy for him to blame the insurgents for refusing to talk to him.
Regardless, the insurgents immediately rejected this plan (just as they had after every single offer to negotiate or cease-fire made by Gaddafi).
All this immediately brought back memories of the Bosnian war to me, especially when I read the following sentence of the “Agreement”:

All parties must cooperate with the transitional governing body in ensuring the permanent cessation of violence. This includes completion of withdrawals and addressing the issue of the disarming, demobilization and reintegration of armed groupsEffective steps to ensure that vulnerable groups are protected and immediate action is taken to address humanitarian issues in areas of need.

This is exactly what happened in Bosnia: the USA declared that all parties must be disarmed and civilians protected (in safe areas), only to initiate a massive arms transfer to the Bosnian-Muslims who used the “safe areas” as rear bases and assembly points for their armed groups.  Today, as is now well-known, the USA is already arming the Syrian insurgents while various Gulf States (lead by Qatar) are financing it all.  Finally,  just as in Bosnia, Wahabi Jihadists (aka  “foreign fighters”) are being brought into the country from all over the region.
Of course, all of the above applies to the wars in Kosovo and Libya.  We can really speak of a “Bosnia v.4, Kosovo v.3, Libya v.2, Syria v.1” model.  Let’s summarize it here:

1. Identify some minority and/or opposition group and “help” it (in the name of democracy and human right, of course) by providing it with money and visibility
2. Try to foment some civil unrest and/or violent incidents
3. Encourage and assist the minority and/or opposition group to denounce any governmental reaction to the unrests/incidents
4. Spread rumors about all sorts of atrocities already committed or soon to be committed
5. Back up these rumors by making sure that atrocities are actually committed against the minority/opposition, against the regime and against civilians, bystanders and random people
6. Initiate phase one of a strategic psyop campaign in the corporate media which will present a simple narrative explaining that the minority/opposition are “innocent victims who only want freedom, democracy and human rights” while the “hated regime” in power is “bloody” and “dictatorial”
7. Begin sending special agents tasked with unifying the various minority/opposition groups and take control, via typically via exiles, of the top echelons of the opposition
8. Initiate phase two of the strategic pysop campaign in the corporate media which will present the unified opposition as the “sole legitimate representative” of “the people”
9. Demand negotiations between the “sole legitimate representative” of “the people” and the regime and create some “troika”, “quartet” or “action group” composed of vassal states to participate in the “negotiations”
10. Declare that the regime has lost all “credibility or “confidence” and therefore reject any and all offers of negotiations or cease-fires proposed by the regime as “not credible”
11. Create one or more false flag atrocities against the minority/opposition
12. Initiate phase three of the strategic psyop campaign in the corporate media and flood the public with outraged statements about “crimes against humanity” and even “genocide”
13. Demand an arms embargo on all the parties to the conflict and immediately initiate a large scale deliveries of weapons and “foreign fighters”
14.  Seize the assets of the regime and its officials and use it to covertly finance the insurgency
15. Respond to any military success by the regime by demanding the “protection” of civilians, preferably under Chapter VII of the UN Charter
16a.If a Chapter VII UNSC Resolution is adopted, make sure that NATO countries provide the bulk of the military forces engaged
16b.If a Chapter VII UNSC Resolution is not adopted, vehemently denounce the UNSC members which vetoed it, and create a “coalition of the willing” justified under the “Duty to Intervene” (“le devoir d’ingérence” in French) theory
17. Send special operation forces, including forward air controllers, to coordinate the insurgency and the upcoming air campaign
18. Apply the Combined Joint Task Force doctrine to send enough troops (and mercenaries) to secure key facilities and objectives in the country
19. Hunt down ex-regime officials and send them to the Hague
20. Declare victory, built a few military bases and let the corporations take over the resources of the country

With a few variations, this is the model the USA has used in Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya and, is now applying to Syria.   The case of Iraq under Saddam, and Iran for that matter, are somewhat different since they did not have a minority/opposition strong enough to be used as a lever by the USA, hence all the propaganda about these countries developing (or even having) weapons of mass destruction.
So will this model work in Syria?
It’s hard for me to tell as there is practically zero useful information coming out of Syria right now.  And while during the Bosnian war I could get UNPROFOR intelligence delivered to me every morning,  now I only have access to public, and mostly unreliable and uninteresting, sources. Still, as far as I know, the insurgency currently controls no territory at all, at least not permanently.  Or, if it does, it is not a significant amount.  This tells me that the insurgency is currently rather weak.  Hence the endless stream of bomb blasts in Damascus and other major cities.
Turkey is clearly acting as a rear base for the insurgency and a forward command post for US/NATO forces, just like Croatia did during the war in Bosnia, but the incident with the Phantom shot down in Syrian air space seems to indicate that the regime is serious about keeping control of the Syrian-Turkish border.  Finally, Russia and China have made it quite clear that no Chapter VII UNSC Resolution will be adopted against Syria.  All in all, it appears that the situation is currently frozen somewhere around phases 14-16 of the model above.  In other words, Syria is at the brink of a complete collapse, but its not quiet over yet and as long as the regime can hold on to most of Syria’s territory the US will not be able to implement the latter stages of its subversion model.
I might be mistaken here, but I don’t see a “coalition of the willing” (aka “NATO”) simply attack Syria, not only because the Syrian military might offer some non-trivial resistance, but because the public opinion is currently not in the type of hysterical interventionist frenzy which is needed to justify an illegal intervention.
Furthermore, NATO will not send in special forces and forward air controllers if there is a real risk of them being captured by the regime.  Libya is a big country and the Libyan insurgents controlled large parts of the country, whereas Syria is rather small and most of it is controlled by the regime.  This being said, there is a very real risk of Turkey triggering some kind of military incident with Syria and then demand a NATO response under the Article 5 of the NATO Charter.  That is definitely a possibility, but the blowback from such a decision could be formidable as the reality of Turkey essentially aggressing an Arab country will not sit well with the so-called “Arab street”.
My feeling is that Turkey will grandstand and shake its fists, and that it will gladly provide a rear base for US/NATO covert operations, but I am not quite convinced that it would be willing to trigger a real, full-scale, war against Syria.  Turkey might be a far superior military power then Syria, but the Syrian military is not completely toothless either and the example of Iraq has shown that an easy initial victory can rapidly turn into a nightmare for the “victorious” occupying force.
My other hope is that Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are all using their formidable intelligence capabilities (some of the best on the planet) to disrupt US/NATO covert operations and to assist Syrian security forces.  Contrast that situation with the one of the Bosnian-Serbs were completely alone and whose intelligence capabilities were minimal.
If all these speculations are not too far off the mark, then it appears that the US/NATO and the Syrian regime have arrived at some kind draw in which neither side can really “win” or “loose”.  There appear to be little or no prospects for phases 17-20 to be implemented by the US, but neither can the regime achieve a convincing victory against the insurgency, in particular if it decides to follow the Chechen model and transform itself into a purely terrorist underground, capable of blowing up bombs here and there, but with no hope of actually achieving anything meaningful.
So in the long term it is likely that the Syrian people themselves will have to decide whom they dislike least – the regime or the insurgency – and herein lies a very real danger for Syria: the majority of Syrians are Sunni Arabs (74%) with the rest of the population consisting of various Shia sects (for a combined total or 12%), Christians (10%) and Druze (3%).  Officially, Syria is a secular republic founded by the Baath party, but just as in Iraq most of the people in power are from a religious minority and this fact could potentially be used to turn a majority of Syrians against the regime.  I honestly don’t know.
The Syrian people are really facing a terrible choice: on one hand, a corrupt, despotic, secular, Baathist regime with roots in a minority of the population and on the other, a federation of various Jihadi groups, federated and overseen by the US/NATO puppeteers.  *** My hope is that the Russians, Iranians and Chinese have some kind of plan to slowly ease him out of power and replace him with an anti-Wahabi Sunni leader (like Ramzan Kadyrov in Chechnia).
The Bosnian, Kosovan and Libyan model can still be avoided in Syria, but very strong and concerted action needs to be taken by the countries who do not want Syria to turn into yet another US/NATO colony in the Middle-East.  So far I see no signs of that, but I will keep hoping.
The Saker


***: This comment of SAKER I had to delete because I MUST OBJECT to the statement Saker made –which is a hideous lie and very spiteful and I do not know why SAKER says “At least Assad is a clueless megalomaniac Baathist clown like Saddam or Gaddafi, but so far his performance in dealing with the conflict as been mediocre at best.”
We all know the foresight and great understanding, holiness and wisdom of Muammar al-Qathafi–who is the farthest thing from a “clown” (as he is now on the brink of VICTORY with the Green Resistance)—and as for Bahear Assad, he has withstood American attacks no for well over a year …
It is a shame that SAKER has to be so prejudicial, when so much of his thesis is sound.


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  • **: Christof Lehmann  writes:
     “…Levy is involved and it´s
    absolutely valid to point it out.
    That said, it would be less than productive not also to draw attention
    A) The fact that France, Spain, Italy and other are working towards the Mediterranean Basin Alliance which Ghadafi blocked for.
    B) The fact that 8 African nations in the CFR region ( West Africa) have
    their currency printed in France, that the French national bank
    autonomously without the countries influence decides these nations
    fiscal and economical policy, that 80 % these nations foreing valuta
    reserves are administrated by the french national bank, that France and
    in fact the EU would be bankrupt within one week if the eight nations
    abandoned the CFR – that Ghadafi, together with among other Laurent
    Gbagbo of Ivory Coast lobbied against the CFR – that is why Gbagbo was
    ousted before Ghadafi.
    C) That NATO would like boyh Libyan oil, plus the base in Libya as a
    military staging area in a coming war on Iran. (In that respect Iran´s
    policy with respect to Libya was utterly stupid )
    D) That Libya was the sole nation that stood as a bastion against the
    division of Africa into two regions – North – South.
    and a lot of other geo-political factors.
    You are making a valid point with respect to Levi – to Israel etc. but
    it would be misleading only to attribute the war on Libya one of the
    many causes.
    I hope that clarifies what I meant when commenting your comment. 😉 I´m
    quite busy.
    Best regards.
    ChristofDen 15-07-2012 17:03, Christella Bernardene Krebs skrev:
  •   yeas, I know about “A”, thanks for re-itterating “B” which is significant; “C” has been always obvious a the Mediterannen ports are gatways to the middle-East and have been always desirable bu the West and especially now that the West wants to destroy Syria and IRAN, etc., —and I did not say that Israel was the sole cause!!! never have IF you read my writings and publications readily available online since April 2009
    In EGYPT: 15 JULY 2012 WITCH HILLARY  received a small taste of what she deserves:
    LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLAsham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)
    Day 15 \ 7
    Asham home …… Because we are more powerful (Page challenging the rats ….. Page green flag)Our correspondent in Cairo
    Free to attack Alexandria Ali Jerzh Clinton a bitch with eggs, tomatoes and rotten shoes …. They run away from the garage back to the consulate in Alexandria
    The Brotherhood Almqji protect the consulate and protect Jerzh Clinton ..عاااااااااااااااااااااجل
    اليوم 15 \7
    عشم الوطن …… لاننا الاقوي ( صفحة تتحدي الجرذان ….. صفحة الراية الخضراء )مراسلنا من القاهرة
    احرار الاسكندرية يعتدون علي الجرذة العاهرة كلينتون بالبيض والطماطم الفاسدة و الاحذية …. وهي تهرب من الجراج الخلفي للقنصلية في الاسكندرية
    وجماعة الاخوان المقملين يحمون القنصلية ويحمون الجرذة كلينتون

BTW–It was not a suicide bomber that hit Assad’s palace meeting yesterday–It was the USA and a Turkish agreement

Washington’s Plan B for Syria
Posted: 2012/07/23
From: Mathaba

by Stephen Lendman

Replacing independent governments with pro-Western puppets is official US policy. So is war on Islam.

After Soviet Russia dissolved, Muslims replaced communists as public enemy number one. Since the 1990s, millions were ruthlessly killed. Many more die daily. Dozens succumb every day in Syria. US-sponsored death squads murder them.

On July 20 or 21st, Ramadan began. It continues for 30 days until August 18. It’s a time for prayer, fasting, reflection, spiritual purification, self-sacrifice, charity, and forgiveness.

On July 20, Obama hypocritically “extend(ed) warmest wishes to” American and global Muslims. He wished them a “blessed month.” He did it despite official US policy to murder them. It doesn’t stop in deference to Ramadan, Christmas, or any other time of year.

He contemptuously expressed support for their determination to achieve “democracy,” “equality,” “justice,” and “universal rights.” He said his administration stands forthrightly with them.

He lied. He’s a serial liar. He’s also a war criminal multiple times over.

America deplores these values at home and abroad. It won’t tolerate them. They’re anathema to the nation’s imperium. It seeks unchallenged global dominance. Ravaging the world one country at a time or in multiples is policy to achieve it.

Plans to get Security Council authorization for war failed. Russia and China vetoed three resolutions. Vladimir Putin said no to Libya 2.0.

He denounced efforts to circumvent Security Council authority. He said Russian National Security Council members deplore Western attempts to link ongoing violence to Moscow’s position.

Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov called Washington’s statements “hypocritical.” He added that America subverts efforts to urge opposition leaders to dialogue responsibly with Assad.

He called Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice accusations “absolutely unacceptable.”

Taking aim at Washington and Britain primarily, Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin said don’t “be misled by humanitarian discourse by some countries.”

“The policies on Syria are more geopolitical than humanitarian.”

“Unfortunately, the consequences of these policies will make the conflict and bloodshed continuous.”

He indicated that so-called aid is a prelude and pretext for military intervention, adding:

“The US and the UK intervened in Iraq under the most sublime of pretexts, causing (massive numbers of) civilian (deaths), let alone the displaced people inside and outside Iraq.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich warned of serious consequences if Washington intention circumvents Security Council authority and intervenes directly in Syria’s internal affairs.

He said doing so constitutes “a very very alarming signal.” He rejected US retaliatory threats. He criticized congressional action and Western media denunciations.

Russia’s Duma International Affairs Committee Chairman Aleksey Pushkov called Western nations’ position on Syria political cover to escalate tensions. He rejected calls for unilateral approaches.

He accused Washington and so-called “Friends of Syria” of “double standards.” On the one hand, they support diplomatic solutions. On the other, they further violence, bloodshed, and resolving Syria’s conflict militarily. Russia stands firmly opposed.

Last week, Washington upped the stakes. Killing Syrian officials at Damascus National Security headquarters Wednesday was strategically timed.

They happened ahead of the latest Western Security Council scheme to authorize military intervention. It failed. At the same time, battles raged in and around Damascus and elsewhere. They failed.

Efforts were made to hijack Syria’s satellite channel frequencies and silence other state run online media. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) was repeatedly hacked and shut down. On Sunday it was operating. It and other Syrian media remain vulnerable.

So far Western and complicit regional attempts to destabilize, weaken, and perhaps bring down the government failed. Expect continued schemes to topple Assad and his regime.

On July 21, a New York Times editorial headlined “Stymied at UN, US Refines Plan to Remove Assad,” saying:

Obama officials “abandoned efforts for a diplomatic settlement to the conflict in Syria, and instead it is increasing aid to the rebels and redoubling efforts to rally a coalition of like-minded countries to forcibly bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad, American officials say.”

Obama officials are meeting with Israeli, Turkish, and Western counterparts. They’re also discussing policy with Syrian opposition leaders.

Internal Washington “daily high-level meetings” are held. At issue is Plan B “to help map out a possible post-Assad government.”

“The administration has had regular talks with the Israelis about how Israel might move to destroy Syrian weapons facilities, administration officials said.”

Washington is directly involved in arming, funding, training, and directing Syrian opposition mercenaries. They’re cutthroat killers. They’re enlisted to commit mass murder.

They target pro-Assad civilians and others randomly. Expect stepped up efforts ahead of direct Western and/or regional allies’ intervention.

Unnamed US officials said:

“You’ll notice in the last couple of months, the opposition has been strengthened. Now we’re ready to accelerate that.”

According to hawkish, pro-Israeli Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) member Andrew Tabler:

“We’re looking at the controlled demolition of the Assad regime.”

He left unsaid that official Washington policy includes all options. They include full-scale war.

International Crisis Group member Robert Malley warned of “war that never ends.” Syrians won’t tolerate being ruled by elements now fighting them.

Josh Rogin reports on national security, foreign policy, and defense issues. On July 20, his Foreign Policy article headlined “Inside the quiet effort to plan for a post-Assad Syria,” saying:

Senior Syrian opposition group representatives are meeting covertly in Germany. The State Department provides funding.

For “the last six months,” they’ve been working with so-called US Institute for Peace (USIP) members. They’re planning a post-Assad government.

USIP is a pro-Western front group. According to the Weekly Standard:

Washington supplies millions of dollars. “Since 1985, taxpayers have forked over more than $720 million (inflation adjusted).”

“That has included support for a gleaming new 150,000 square foot office building in the shadow of that other taxpayer-supported institution (allegedly) devoted to peace: the State Department.”

USIP’s Steven Heydemann heads the initiative. In June, he met with Friends of Syria representatives in Istanbul. The project is called:

“The day after: Supporting a democratic transition in Syria.” Heydemann said USIP is “working in a support role with a large group of opposition groups to define a transition process for a post-Assad Syria.”

USIP shortly plans releasing a report. It’s a regime change strategy document. Implementing initial priorities needs to start now, said Heydemann. He disingenuously claims pushing Assad from power isn’t discussed.

“We have very purposely stayed away from contributing to the direct overthrow of the Assad regime,” he said. “Our project is called ‘the day after.’ There are other groups working on the day before.”

Of course, they’re interconnected. As the lyrics to the well-known spiritual “Dem Bones” say, the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, etc.

USIP board chairman J. Robinson West is a corporate CEO (PFC Energy). President Richard H. Solomon is a former Assistant Secretary of State. Vice chairman of the board George E. Moose is a former Assistant Secretary of State.

Other board members include:

Judy Van Rest: right-wing International Republican Institute (ISI) executive vice president.

Michael H. Posner: Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

Of course, all US administrations deplore these values. They tolerate none of them at home or abroad.

James N. Miller: Obama’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Nancy McEldowney: Interim president of the National Defense University (NDU).

Eric S. Edelman: A retired US Foreign Service Career Minister. He also held senior Defense Department positions.

Judy Ansley: Previously she held various high-level national security and Senate staff positions.

Syrian opposition members support violently overthrowing Assad’s government. Most Syrians support it. In May, free, fair, and open parliamentary elections were held. Ruling party members won most seats.

Washington, key NATO partners, and so-called Friends of Syria don’t recognize them. They represent Syria, not Western interests.

Replacing them with subservient puppets is policy. USIP was enlisted to help. It’s a wrongly named imperial tool. It supports war, not peace. It’s well paid for furthering Washington’s imperium. Destroying Syria is prioritized.

witch Hillary Clinton made with them to do it!

“Libya style” fake fall of Damascus

The Assassination of Minister of Defense, planned by Clinton!

Syria: the assassination of Minister of Defense, planned by Clinton!

According to IRIB, “Islamic Times”, quoted by Farsnews, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew about the terrorist operation, which targeted the security complex in Damascus.

On tour last week in the region, Clinton tried to coordinate the operation and the countries that are involved, namely, QatarSaudi ArabiaIsrael and Turkey. The head of diplomacy even oversaw the content of the debates that took place in the context of multiple security meetings of the above countries, before the terrorist attack. No wonder, therefore, if the Israeli authorities claimed, following their meeting with Clinton, the Assad regime’s days are numbered.(****SO ARE HER’S) Three days before the attack, Israel has even made the decision to deploy troops along the borders with Syria. As for Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the new head of the intelligence servicesPrince Bandar bin Soltan andQatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassem had assissté, while two preparatory meetings in the presence of intelligence agents. Last week, the press had reported a secret meeting between Hamad bin Jassem and a senior Israeli security. The Prime Minister had then asked the caller, to leverage all possible means, to overthrow Assad. Clinton’s tour was, therefore, less for taking the pulse of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt, or to reassure the Israeli ally to plan and coordinate a broad terrorist operation, which was supposed to bring about the fall or least significant weakening of the military in Syria. A 50 kg bomb exploded in Damascus safe seat, killing the minister of defense and security officials of many countries.

(****editor’s note: It’s time for all Arabs to wake up and to live aside religion and come together to defend their country against the West and Zionism if We the Arabs do not WAKE UP now by the time we do it will be too late! The Gulf has already lost its soul so has Saudi Arabia as they are old and hungry for gold like the beggars they always have been they will never be satisfied with all the gold given to them they want more they will even sell Mecca to Israel if they have too so they can stay in power! Please I BEG YOU ALL SANE ARABS WHO HAVE A LITTLE BRAIN NOT MUCH WAKE UP! THEY ARE USING US AGAINST EACH OTHER! DON’T LET THE MISTAKES OF LIBYA DESTROY SYRIA! WAKE UP!)


Source – by MKERone


NATO starts disinformation campaign; suicide attack last attempt to make President Assad fall
NATO starts disinformation campaign; suicide attack last attempt to make President Assad fall

It’s been a few days now that we can hear western news channels and radios saying that the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are making major pushes into the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The Syrian government and hundreds of witnesses on the ground confirm this is a complete lie (as reported by Russia Today journalist). Though, fake news keeps spreading.

This morning, in what presstitutes called the “Battle for Damascus” we learned that a suicide bomber has struck a national security building, killing the Defense Minister Daoud Abdullah Rajha and wounding many other officials. We also noticed that the SANA website is not working and we have many reasons to believe that it was hacked. One of the reasons are the threats made by the Anonymous movement, which is as we all can notice, just another tool serving the Empire.

In this article we want to point out the similarities between what’s currently happening in Damascus and what happened in Tripoli. Indeed, the exact same scenario is unfolding before our eyes: Mainstream lies and fake information about the government forces loosing ground, military operation launched on the ground (the today bombings) and then heavy fighting in the city (that’s what the FSA has been trying to do).

The main difference is that NATO is not “directly” involved in the Syrian crisis. We all know and many reports have proven that NATO has mercenaries on the field. What we mean is that NATO doesn’t have its army with all its equipment on the ground as they had in Libya. This is a huge difference.

Another huge difference is that more and more people realize they are being lied to by the mainstream media (MSM) and by their government. Hence the propaganda is harder to disseminate in the masses. (Even though a huge majority remains unaware of what’s really unfolding and relies on MSM and their corrupt leaders to “understand” the situation).

As soon as we realized what was going on, we immediately thought about an article, written by Thierry Meyssan a few weeks ago, that warned us about such a scenario.

After the complete failure of their latest disinformation attempt (the Wikileaks “Syrian files” scam) NATO/GCC/EU/USrahell are playing their last card. It is their last move to make Assad fall. And we all hope it will fail. And in order to foil this desperate attempt, Syrian government needs to respond with full force and avoid the FSA terrorists to implement the CIA/US army created scenario of Urban guerrilla

Mr. or brother …,,,
In the days of ignorance before Islam was master and slave, and Islam came a mission of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him, and when the migration is to be supporters and immigrant brothers, and, of course, in order to implement the order of God Almighty ((The believers are brothers)) great truth of God, and passed the days and years and centuries , and came from the sets of Mr. on the land of Islam and was in the Prince of the Kingdom client and the official discourse and popular with Mr. so and so and HE so and so, and after came the Great Revolution, led by Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi to say in accordance with the laws of religion, for the acid and Amseod on the land of Libya, and the disease discourse official and popular equally among all firing recipe brother, and then came the era not prolonged when God so that brings us back We Libyan people the Great to the ignorance, the first to Mr. So and so, when we liberate any written formal or even a wedding invitation write brother and now regrettably referred to the employee who writes the brother so and so to the official investigation or oral discretionary within the institution and is accused of being loyal to the former regime as described in the description or the increase in ignorance of them.

How can we accept that and how long, you may you come  Obama, NATO, Bernard Levy and John McCain Drifters, Lahu thought Muammar, or  al-Islam, or who fight you Alsdj tobacco yes, you can not or odds Mshron and ends, I do not think you deviant Zalon.

السيد او الاخ…,,,
في ايام الجاهلية الاولى قبل الاسلام كان السيد والعبد , وجاء الاسلام ببعثة الرسول الكريم عليه الصلاة والسلام وعند الهجرة امر بأن يكون الانصار والمهاجرين اخوة , وذلك طبعا لكي ينفذ امر الله عز وجل ((أنما المؤمنون اخوة))صدق الله العظيم , ومرت الايام والسنين والقرون , وجاء من يرسي السيد على ارض الاسلام وكان ذلك في عهد المملكة العميلة وكان الخطاب الرسمي والشعبي بالسيد فلان ومعالي فلان , وبعد جاءت ثورة الفاتح العظيم بقيادة الاخ قائد الثورة معمر القذافي لكي يقول طبقا لشرع الحنيف ,,لاسيد ولامسيود على ارض ليبيا ,, وبداء الخطاب الرسمي والشعبي متساوي بين الجميع باطلاق صفة الاخ , ثم جاء عهد لا اطال الله فيه لكي يعيدنا نحن الشعب الليبي العظيم الى الجاهلية الاولى الى السيد فلان , عندما كنا نحرر اي مكتوب رسمي او حتى دعوة زفاف نكتب الاخ والان للاسف الشديد يحال الموظف الذي يكتب الاخ فلان الى التحقيق الرسمي او التعزير الشفهي داخل المؤسسه ويتهم بانه موالي لنظام السابق حسب وصفهم او يزيدون في الوصف بجهاله منهم .
كيف لنا ان نقبل ذلك والى متى , ابهذا انتم قد اتيتم بالناتو وليفي وجون ماكين ايه التائهون , اهو فكر معمر او الاسلام الذي تحاربون ايوه التبع السدج , ايمكن انكم مغيبون او مسحرون , لا انني اظن انكم ظالون منحرفون..

During the boom in Libya stole an estimated eight thousand artifacts were stored in the basement of concrete in the
city of Benghazi. Stolen items is estimated eighths of them a few million euros, but some artifacts stolen and
found their way out of Libya where they are traded on the black markets of neighboring countries .
The effects of a Libyan stolen millions of euros – Video. Mp4
12 JAN 2012
The Free Officers Movement حـركـة الضبـاط الأحـرار

History Lesson:
Channel Sirte on Facebook

What is like today, yesterday, I Rsafa when we look to history are aware that history is repeating itself and that the attitudes and events are repeated, but the heroes and means different at different time and place. When we look simple on what may and confident that the poets of yesterday from the tragedies and pain experienced by our nation
Moved the feelings and the experience of emotional expressive than riven nation, of the difficulties, we feel that these poets as if they were describing our day, these poets did not Aasroa U.S. occupation of Iraq did not put their hands on his crimes, but they have lived through an enemy fierce as the U.S. occupation wreaked havoc and destroyed, killing and looting resources of the country did not come out But Besnaúa League.
on what evidence is this?? Is it made by chance?
of reading history and reading the current reality we infer that the methodology of the occupation – and that his name was Astamarava the past – at any time and place is one, systematic killings, destruction and plunder of wealth (and sow discord), and methods of salvation is also one of this occupation ugly will not be served on innovative approaches “recently” in the salvation of it. Maybe I did not intend to go deep in this matter and wished that Mark who read little books known Rusafi discover this fact known to Abdul Ghani Rusafi Iraqi poet in 1875 in Baghdad where he completed his studies, then go to Constantinople and Jerusalem, and after completing his studies he returned to his homeland. characterized by style Rusafi strength of his language and the gravity of his style, and has many implications in prose, poetry and language and literature most famous of his office [Office Rusafi] where arranged to eleven Pope in the universe, religion, sociology, philosophy, description, and war and lamentation, history, politics and the world of women and Almoktat poetry beautiful,

I have participated Rusafi in cases of nation political, social, and when he occupied the British Iraq in 1920, quickly erected Faisal king of the country and issued a constitution and They set up a parliament fake and become things of the country into their own hands Thar Iraqi people and there was Rusafi with them as they sang the poem, which states: science and the Constitution and the nation, all about the correct meaning of the typeface names we do not only wording that the meaning is not known from reading the Constitution knew that in accordance with instrument of assignment workbook was the Constitution, enacted in his view is not only a new document to mandate imposed by the British in Iraq, the Constitution of a false and science of the state a fake, too, Even the Council, which is called the National Assembly was also a fake,

Then note the poet Rusafi screaming sarcastically and say: O my people Do not talk the talk forbidden slept not wake up he wins only Alnoam and they were late for everything that requires that go the extra mile and called for understanding aside goodness will abide that do not understand the policy, rebuking never do not regret , and after a period of time ministry formed by the mandate government so he told that ministry Almenkadh to execute the orders of their masters, where he says: God, O our ministers, Why are ye if we Jadlnakm not Tansvo rave chairs the ministry governed almost to excessive modesty Taatqcef you out and foreigners above you all his authority you Musharraf, Ayad pride to the minister sat down with joy on the chair which is sufficient (((It is his poems wonderful poem on Fallujah uttered in praise of the city of Fallujah, the heroine and resistance against colonialism in 1941, says ~

Dear English will not forget Bgyekm in houses ‘Fallujah’ that punk will not heal God only Bmoadi wounded and Hgejeh is anguish refuses to diet I Feminist sword Neptga Tafrejeh is speeches cried Iraqis and the Levant and corner structure Amahguge solve your army wants revenge , a seductive Balsaknin Aluge day wreaked wolves [Athor] where Aath bear Aelchenasmejeh Vasthent Muslims Svaha and you would have from the Jews and Liege , and you have guided the segregation, a glass of the blood of treachery was blend and Astbhtm money and cut is between the people home all the glue Avhma urbanization, and Alaa your people claim to Aruge or Skrtm what Glaptm war were not in the Anavathabndejeh may Ntjna to Qouhha for prematurity.

Vlmak ended bad result you forgotten army you Mbzara saw cheese coasts of the Aegean and Hui Banazamh fortress ‘Ogarit’ and at night mote the ‘eye Vejeh’ will distance ignominy and Avar for the country you want them out does not this present window senior became Asttiyadna woven are not today in the tract, but a camel under the chest roller homeland I lived an unhappy life free will refuse to eternity crooked I hope the happiness but I do not have a camel his product the most fertile is his land, even if I do not look after the sport and has put out every day with dignity sing making said Azza Omzojh what human life humiliation only once when Hassoha repugnant Fetina [of the tributaries].

Thank you and peace upon you, O Fallujah Vhaarna Rusafi many scenes in the government, descriptions and Aloqasis sad showing of misery and poverty of the nation during the colonization of foreign and resistance to tyranny and injustice, as well as his views marginal in politics and criticism of authority, has called for a social revolution and political as well as the armed revolution that was not for the people an option other to achieve independence and to spread prosperity and to enjoy the country’s freedom and equality. this view summary Ogaynaha on the life of this believe the poet as he was an interpreter for the pains and sorrows of his people in the past and believe it probably is a translator for our pain and our grief now ~ what today is like yesterday, died Rusafi year 1945, may God have mercy on him – – c 69
هل انه من صنع الصدفة ؟ من قراءة التاريخ وقراءة الواقع الحالي نستدل على ان منهجية الاحتلال-وان كان اسمه استعمارافي الماضي- في اي زمان ومكان هي واحدة,,منهجية القتل والتدمير ونهب الثروات (وزرع الفتن) وان اساليب الخلاص ايضا واحدة من هذا الاحتلال البشع ولن تنفع الاساليب المبتكرة “حديثا” في الخلاص منه . ربما لم اكن انوي ان اتعمق في هذا الموضوع وودت ان اجعل من يقرأ القليل مما كتب معروف الرصافي يكتشف هذه الحقيقة معروف عبد الغني الرصافي شاعر عراقي سنة 1875 ببغداد حيث أكمل دراسته فيها ، ثم انتقل إلى القسطنطينية والقدس ، وبعد إتمام دراسته عاد إلى وطنه . يمتاز أسلوب الرصافي بمتانة لغته ورصانة أسلوبه ، وله آثار كثيرة في النثر والشعر واللغة والآداب أشهرها ديوانه [ ديوان الرصافي] حيث رتب إلى احد عشر بابا في الكون والدين والاجتماع والفلسفة والوصف والحرب والرثاء والتاريخ والسياسة وعالم المرأة والمقطعات الشعرية الجميلة ، لقد شارك الرصافي في قضايا أمته السياسية والاجتماعية وعندما احتل الانكليز العراق سنة 1920م ، سرعان ما نصبوا فيصل ملكا على البلاد وأصدروا دستورا وانشئوا برلمانا مزيفين وأصبحت أمور البلاد بأيديهم ثار الشعب العراقي وثار الرصافي معهم حيث انشد قصيدته التي جاء فيها: عـلم ودستور ومـجلس امـة كل عن المعنى الصحيح محرف أسماء ليـس لنا سـوى ألفاظها أمـا معانيها فليـست تعـرف من يقرا الدسـتـور يعلـم انه وفقا لصـك الانتـداب مصنف فكان الدستور الذي سن في نظره ليس إلا وثيقة جديدة للانتداب الذي فرضه الانجليز على العراق ، دستور مزيف وعلم الدولة مزيف هو الآخر ، وحتى المجلس الذي يسمى بمجلس الأمة أيضا كان مزيفا ، ثم نلاحظ الشاعر الرصافي يصرخ ساخرا ويقول: يا قوم لا تتكلموا إن الكلام محرم ناموا ولا تستيقظوا ما فاز إلا النوؤم وتأخروا عن كل ما يقضي بان تتقدموا ودعوا التفهم جانبا فالخير أن لا تفهموا أما السياسة فاتركوا أبـدا ولا تنـدموا وبعد فترة من الزمن شكلت الوزارة من قبل حكومة الانتداب فقام مخاطبا تلك الوزارة المنقادة لتنفيذ أوامر أسيادهم حيث يقول: بالله يا وزراءنا ما بالكم إن نحن جادلناكم لم تنصفوا هذي كراسي الوزارة تحتكم كادت لفرط حيائها تتقصف انتم عليها والأجانب فوقكم كل بسلطته عليكم مشرف أيعد فخرا للوزير جلوسه فرحا على الكرسي وهو مكتف ((( ومن قصائده الرائعة قصيدة يوم الفلوجة قالها في مدح مدينة الفلوجة البطلة ومقاومتها ضد الاستعمار عام 1941يقول~ أيها الإنكليز لن نتناسى بغيكـم فـي مساكـن ‘الفلوجـة’ ذاك بغي لن يشفي الله إلا بالمواضـي جريحه وشجيجـه هو كرب تأبى الحمية أنا بسوى السيـف نبتغـي تفريجـه هو خطب أبكى العراقييـن والشـام وركـن البنيـة المحجوجـه حلها جيشكم يريد انتقاماً وهو مُغـرٍ بالساكنيـن علوجـه يوم عاثت ذئاب [ آثور ] فيها عَيْثةً تحمل الشَنـارسميجـه فاستهانت بالمسلمين سَفاهاً واتخذتم من اليهـود وليجـه وأدرتم فيها على العُزْل كأساً من دماء بالغدر كانت مزيجـه واستبحتم أموالها وقطعتم بين أهل الديـار كـل وشيجـه أفهـذا تمـدن، وعـلاء شعبكـم يدّعـي إليـه عروجـه أم سكرتم لما غلبتم بحرب لم تكن في انبعاثهـابنضيجـه قد نتجنا لقوحها عن خِداج فلذاك انتهـت بسـوء النتيجـه هل نسيتم جيشاً لكم مُبْذعرَّاً شهدت جُبنه سواحـل إيجـه وهوى بانهزامه حصن ‘أقريط’ وأمسى قذىً علـى ‘عيـن فيجـه’ سوف ينأى بخزي وبعار عن بـلاد تريـد منهـا خروجـه لا تغرنكم شِبـاكْ كبـارٌ أصبحـت لاصطيادنـا منسوجـه لستم اليوم في المسالك إلا جملاً تحـت صـدره دُحروجـه وطن عشت فيه غير سعيد عيش حر يأبى على الدهر عوجه أتمنى فيه السعادة لكن ليـس لـي فيـه ناقـة منتوجـه أخصب الله أرضه ولو انّي لست أرعى رياضـه ومروجـه كـل يـوم بعـزّه أتغنـىّ جاعـلاً ذكـر عـزّه أمزوجـه ما حياة الإنسان بالذل إلا مـرة عنـد حَسْوِهـا ممجوجـه فثناءً [للرافديـن] وشكـرا وسلامـاً عليـك يـا فلوجة فلشاعرنا الرصافي مشاهد كثيرة في الحكم والأوصاف والأقاصيص الحزينة التي تظهر بؤس وفقر الأمة في اثناء الاستعمار الاجنبي ومقاومتها للاستبداد والظلم ، بالإضافة إلى آرائه الحدية في السياسة وانتقاد السلطة ، فقد دعا إلى الثورة الاجتماعية والسياسية الى جانب الثورة المسلحة التي لم يكن للشعب خيارا غيرها لتحقيق الاستقلال و ليعم الرخاء ولتنعم البلاد بالحرية والمساواة . هذه النظرة الموجزة ألقيناها على حياة هذا الشاعر إذ كان اصدق مترجم لآلام شعبه وأحزانه في الماضي ولربما هو اصدق مترجم لآلامنا واحزاننا الان ~فما اشبه اليوم بالامس توفي الرصافي سنة 1945م رحمه الله — – ج69

The Free Officers Movement In the name of God the Merciful To free our people .. To our mothers and sisters ..
You who have received the skin of the pride of seven months and 30 000 raid and tens of thousands of rockets and the treachery of the Atlantic .. traitors and agents You are patient steadfast ..
Alankiee pious faithful sons of Libya .. Loyal to the Covenant of my epic Strtm jihad ..
Your blood and you wrote a new page of light and fire in our history Supervisor O descendant of the mujahideen ..
Who were expelled Turks and Italians .. O descendants of the conquerors ..We received your letter and here we meet the appeal ..
And will not let you down ..
and the middle of this mess ..
and the blood flowing and to the immorality of political, economic, and in front of this exclusion ..
For nearly half of the citizens and the displacement of one and a half ..
And tens of thousands of people who suffer the worst kinds of torture ..
Our comrades of family Announce today ..
Reconstruction of the Free Officers Movement After Tnadina and Taahidna ..
And swore ..
That spillovers to the dignity of this nation and the honor of the military ..
And expel these unclean spies who herded Libya dear to the Holocaust ..
They began their doors, allowing the Crusader West and of the aloe and grown up under the banners and missiles ..
To implement his plan is not to destroy the infernal system .. But to destroy the homeland We promise you ..
Trust in God and the sons of soldiers and noncommissioned officers and officers of the armed forces ..
Who draw the appeal to them in this crucial hours of the edge of Tobruk, and even visitors to the commando south ..
As we had the honor to drop the puppet regime in light of September and the expulsion of the rules and Italians ..
We will honor us in these hours that meet the call of Libya dear To release it from this corrupt junta client ..
and will reach out to all the revolutionary forces of living ..
We recall the victims who Ansaqgua behind those that enter their homes and that evil will not suffer ..
and assure the international community and the Security Council that this work for Libya and its internal problems ..
We will honor all treaties and international norms and abide by them And our people will decide that satisfies their own ..
The sun will rise again to everyone Covenant will not betray ..
And a promise not Nkhalafh.  
Mercy on the martyrs of the nation.
Curse on the traitors who sold it.
Glory to the masses.
We have sounded the hour of work….
Colonel President of the Free Officers Movement
Tripoli: Thursday 2 – August –1 433 AH

Photo: morning withstand the challenge and the morning of victory, pride and good morning sir Alhmokh commander good morning to me all are free and silks of the Great Jamahiriya

1976 BBC Video Interview

Lieutenant al-Qathafi 01 SEPT 1969 al-Fetah:
Al-Fetah 1969
September One On September 1st, 1969
The months of planning and the years of dedication and discipline came to fruition.
With one determined blow from the Free Unionist Officers the reactionary regime of King Idris collapsed and a new day dawned in the history of Libya, the Arab Nation and of the world’s struggling peoples.
Not a military coup d’etat it was the beginning of a revolution the ramifications of which were to reach every part of the globe and touch the lives of all peoples.
It was the beginning of a revolution which answered the inner call of humanity and was inspired and led by Muammar Qadhafi.
Shortly before his death the father of Arab nationalism, Gamal Abdul Nasser, while speaking at a rally at Benghazi noted the world historic role that Muammar Qadhafi would play.
The great Egyptian leader declared:
“I am leaving you, I say to you: My brother Muammar Qadhafi is the representative of Arab nationalism, of the Arab revolution and Arab unity. My dear brothers, may God watch over you for the well-being of the Arab people. May you go from victory to victory, for your victories are the victories of the Arab people.”
The Revolution which began on 01 September 1969,  was unlike previous coups and so-called revolutions.
It had as its aim not the glorification of another ruling clique or exploiting class,  but the victory of the dreams and hopes of the masses for final emancipation.
On 01 September 1969,  a Revolution dawned under the leadership of Muammar Qathafi which answered the cry of the people,  and responded to the examples of the Prophets and Apostles of God.

Today, many years after the formation of the first Revolutionary Committee, the organisation of the Free Unionist Officers and 1st of September 1969, Muammar Qathafi still holds to these sublime values and lives them as the Leader of the World Revolution.

Photo: daily minimum home 21 \ 7 \ 2012 said As'ad Ambah Aboqilh journalist and author Libby independent reporter minimum home in Libya in a press statement "with Bmaah holy month of Ramadan is most competitive media between official channels Jamahiriya and the channels of the rats to bring the largest possible number of viewers But there is a satellite channel won the admiration of many scenes of Libya and private supporters of Gaddafi, but has become a channel of choice for them and Atart a big debate in the street, the Libyan government is trying to Libyan closed it channel valley space is a special channel in bin Walid owned by the tribe and Rafla and broadcast on the satellite Nile Sat and almost this channel Photocopy of channel Great Jamahiriya space system Gaddafi former was broadcast channel valley on Friday with the first day in the month of Ramadan programs, some channel mass, including the series-Haj Hamad, who criticizes the negative phenomena in the Libyan society in a comic and the series-Haj Hamad was regaining the follow-up is very popular from the Libyans and even follow-up figure of Colonel late Muammar Gaddafi as Ptt channel images of the victims of NATO bombing on the city of Al Walid broadcast channel protest of Population and Rafla to visit the Crown Prince of Qatar to Libya and broadcast channel valley of many popular songs that were Tptha channel Gaddafi official public space and adding happier Aboqilh benefit sources of middle Libyan news circulating widely among the Libyans, especially supporters of Gaddafi said channel valley space is preparing to broadcast video tape depicts the fierce fighting that took place in the city of Ben-Walid and the city of Sirte between rebel forces and NATO against al-Qadhafi and his supporters, according to sources that the tape is visible showing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi personally shoot down NATO aircraft whenever he heard voices of these aircraft flying on the sky bin Walid and the city of Sirte and the video shows some of the meetings that reward Colonel late Muammar Gaddafi with the elders and the elders of the city of Al Walid and walked Otina war Libyan fifi fifi

In the words of Vanity Fair journalist T.D. Allman:
“If Kirkegaard was right, and purity of heart is to will one thing and one thing only, then Qadhafi was the purest-hearted military conspirator ever to seize control of a nation. He did not drink or smoke, there are no tales of youthful passion; he appeared to have no personal life at all.”
This purity of heart, single-mindedness, courage, dedication and self-determination are the cherished aspects of a revolutionary life and they can be seen in abundance in the life of the Leader Muammar Qathafi. These noble qualities enabled Col. Qathafi, with profound insight, to develop the principles of the Third Universal Theory and apply them in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.
Since the Bolshevik uprising in Russia the world had been locked in a struggle between the forces of Marxist communism and liberal capitalism.
Revolutionaries who rejected both of these ideologies could find no leadership or coherent worldview which articulated their positions and was responsive to the real needs of the masses.
This was only the case until the publication of  The Green Book.
Muammar al-Qathafi has commented that:
“It is not like writing an ordinary book. It was simply an attempt to explain the dialectic which exists between Marxism and capitalism. The world has reached a political and economic impasse, and humanity simply cannot accept this impasse and accept to die. There must be a way out. That way out is this new theory”.

(‘Heart to Heart With Qadhafi‘, New Africa, Feb. 1983.)

Original Radio Broadcast 1969, 01 September Listen now: English/Arabic
** COMMUNIQUE NUMBER ONE by Muammar Al-Qathafi
(Arabic and English translated)
This Original Radio recording from 1969 is an document of greatest value!
[This communique was read by Mu`ammar al-Qathafi over Libyan Radio at about 7 AM local time on 1 September 1969;
Photo: قناااااااااااااااااااااااااة Tunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa letter and letter waw and i .............  Symbolize the Revolution 69
he had drafted it in the radio studio only minutes before.]
“People of Libya! In response to your own will, fulfilling your most heartfelt wishes, answering your incessant demands for change and regeneration and your longing to strive towards these ends; listening to your incitement to rebel, your armed forces have undertaken the overthrow of the reactionary and corrupt regime, the stench of which has sickened and horrified us all.
At a single blow your gallant army has toppled these idols and has destroyed their images.
By a single stroke it has lightened the long dark night in which the Turkish domination was followed first by Italian rule, then by this reactionary and decadent regime, which was no more than a hot-bed of extortion, faction, treachery and treason.
“From this day forward, Libya is a free, self-governing republic. She will adopt the name of The Libyan Arab Republic and will, by the grace of God, begin her task.
She will advance on the road to freedom, the path of unity and social justice, guaranteeing equality to all her citizens and throwing wide in front of them the gates of honest employment, where injustice and exploitation will be banished, where no one will count himself master or servant, and where all will be free, brothers within a society in which, with God’s help, prosperity and equality will be seen to rule us all.
“Give us your hands. Open up your hearts to us. Forget past misfortunes, and, as one people, prepare to face the enemies of Islam, the enemies of humanity, those who have burned our sanctuaries and mocked at our honour.
Thus shall we re-build our glory, we shall resurrect our heritage, we shall avenge our wounded dignity, and restore the rights which have been wrested from us.
“You who have witnessed the sacred struggle of our hero, Omar al- Mukhtar, for Libya, Arabism and Islam …
You who have fought at the side of Ahmed al-Sherif for a true ideal; you, sons of the desert and of our ancient cities, of our green country side, and of our lovely villages,
— onwards! For we have work to do!
And the hour is come!
“On this occasion I have pleasure in assuring all our foreign friends that they need have no fears either for their property or for their safety;
they are under the protection of our armed forces.
And I would add, moreover, that our enterprise is in no sense directed against any state whatever, nor against international agreements or recognised international law.
This is a purely internal affair concerning Libya and her problems alone.
“Forward, then, and may peace be with you.”
Photo: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl today 16 \ 7 Asham home ......  Because we are more powerful (Page challenging the rats ..... Page green flag) the participation of our correspondents ...............  Our correspondent from Ain Zara not to large voice in the song ...  The weakness of the whole Aaaqid ~ ~ Vheni Libyan your people in them ...  Soldiers swore that would not deviate ~ ~ God's soldiers took up arms will not be satisfied ... to live like slaves.
الصورة عندما قصف منزل شقيق زعيم في عام 1986، وقال انه ركع وصلى داخل قوقعته المتبقية
 picture is when brother-leader’s home was bombed in 1986, and he knelt down and prayed within its remaining shell


Letter of  al-Qathafi to Winnie Eldrup, 1986:

SEPT. 1999:
SIRTE, Libya—
In the face of mounting competition from global economic blocs and the threat of neo-colonialism, African leaders meeting here for the 4th Extraordinary Summit of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) determined that Africa would become the world’s largest economic and political bloc, and perhaps the leader of the next millennium.

A record 43 heads of state answered the call of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi for the urgent Sept. 8-9 sessions to discuss the pace at which Africa is moving in the face of such global challenges. Col. Gadhafi, following the example set by the great revolutionary and Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah, and others, specifically called for the establishment of a United States of Africa, with its own central bank, military and parliament.

The extraordinary meeting culminated a 10-day celebration of the September 1st Revolution (The Great Al-Fatah Revolution). The colors of each African nation’s flag decorated cities throughout Libya, African dance troupes performed nightly on the central square in Tripoli and revolutionary slogans and photographs of African presidents draped walls and billboards.

A massive parade 07 Sept.  in Tripoli witnessed by nearly two dozen heads of state, Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat, Algerian revolutionary Ahmed Ben Bella, a Nation of Islam delegation led by Chief of Staff Leonard F. Muhammad, and others marked the official observation of the Revolution. The parade was delayed until 07 Sept. for the presidents’ arrival.

“Africa has the right to take the place that is hers in the world ” — Muammar al-Qathafi

Throughout the summit meetings, Col. Gadhafi worked with a determination to re-emphasize the need for [African] unity. He dressed in his traditional Arab garments for the official meetings and dinners, but journalists and delegates alike were well aware of his focus on aligning himself closer to his African neighbors, particularly following their decision at an OAU summit in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, to defy the UN ban against flights into Libya….Col. Gadhafi had accused Arab leaders of the Middle East of not standing with him in the face of sanctions.

“We’’ve been waiting for this day with a particular eagerness,” Col. Gadhafi said to foreign ministers 07 Sept. , at a preliminary meeting in Tripoli prior to the official opening the summit. He said any union Africa determines must be comprehensive—economics, politics and culture.

Mr. Gadhafi invoked the name of Mr. Nkrumah as the catalyst for the meeting. He also said that everything needed for a new charter already exists in the Abuja Treaty.

The institutions were there, he said, but they were bodies without souls. “We want something considerable … a new soul to bring life to these institutions and bodies,” he said.

Among the special guests at the summit were Gamel Nkrumah, son of the late Kwame Nkrumah, and Roland Lumumba, son of the late Congo freedom fighter Patrice Lumumba. At the close of the Summit, after giving Revolution Awards to the heads of state present, Col. Gadhafi, in a symbolic uniting of the past, present and future, awarded both sons the Revolution Award. With a horde of photographers chasing them, Col. Gadhafi walked out of the hall hand-in-hand with Nkrumah and Lumumba.

“My father would have been proud of Gadhafi today,” the young Nkrumah told The Final Call in an interview. “I wish he could be around to see that somebody else has taken up his dream very seriously. It would have been a great day for him.”

Copyright © 1999 FCN Publishing

Martyr Dr. Billah honors his father:


this must be early pictures of the Shop keeper ALI MAJD al-ANDALUSI of SIRTE.
early Shop-keeper Andalusi when young  (PLEASE remember these are NOT MUAMMAR at all!):

المرحوم حسن اشكال القدافي سرت ليبيا

حسن اشكال

These are early pictures of Ali MAJD al-Adalusi by which NATO and WITCH HILLARY saw the family

resemblance and began their scheme-

These EARLY archived Sirte pictures, are of the habadasherie shop-keeper ALI MAJD AL-ADALUSI.
By this resemblance,  witch Hillary began to formalise her devious plot (but so many of Andalusi’s  features

are obviously wrong. Too full and round of face, no lip cut, no full lower-lip, straight hair with wrong hair-line, etc.

This is the man TNC RATS/NATO eventually killed.

You can readily (without doubt) see that this man is the same man as the wounded man presented here

in the Misrata ambulance pictures!…

(This is that same man–but with age, as he must have lost hair.) …THIS IS definitely the man in the Misrata

ambulance in October 2011.
I am sure–please look and compare the facial feautures.

(The archived Sirte video pictures are prehaps from about 25 years ago, showing him  many years  younger than

when he is in the ambulance video of 19  or 20 October 2011.): – Ali Majd al-Andalusi in Ambulance badly wounded;  and  RATS painted-on him

a brown mutasache and goatie!


34 thoughts on “Marionnettes dernière seulement aussi longtemps que leurs cordes sont attachées / Marionettes last only as long as their strings are attached

  1. I just received this note from a WINNIE ELDRUP:

    Winnie Eldrup writes:

    Thank you, Christella. I will look at your wall for information about Libya.
    I have a personal letter from Gadaffi from the year 1986 when america bombed Tripoli. I wrote to him – and he answered.
    I am taking care of this letter….

    Best regards:
    Winnie Eldrup



    Can you share it with us?
    Can you image/SCAN it and post it?

    We all would love to see it!

    Thank you.
    This 1986 letter, although addressed to you, is part of the great legacy of our brother-leader; and you posting a copy would be a great contribution on your part. Thank you again!

    I received this letter afterwards:
    Auteur Lars LIndquist, Ph.D.

    “I hate to rain on your parade, but WINNIE ELDRUP typed the letter you posted while a patient in a Danish mental institution in 1986. It was one of several letters she wrote and later claimed to have received from historical figures including Mao, Mohammed, his Excellency Herr Hitler and O.J. Simpson. Her medications and Internet access are now strictly monitored.
    Voulez-vous vraiment faire cela ?”

  2. Alex Beck of
    Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi
    wrote us:
    “When you be in War , it’s wonderful feeling , you maybe don’t believe that but Ask me I’m Libyan , I was fighting in Gaddafi forces , It’s incredible when you hear the command of Attack . you feel power , you feel immortality .
    When NATO flying over to bomb us the area became hell it’s not because NATO bombing , NO , it’s because We Open the hell doors .
    Friend saying .”

  3. Morning of victory and pride and dignity to all free of Libya

    God, Libya and Muammar Obs

    صباح النصر والعزه والكرامه على كل احرار ليبيا

    الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس

  4. Yes, Muammar is under special protection by God–and ALLAH/God never takes away before one’s total mission is fulfilled.

    –also did not you read where there is the promise to today’s Imam who recite the Friday night prayers faithfully? They will fight the anti-Christ …

    And then there is also the promise given by Christ to Simon of Cyrene who obviously was a Libyan!
    Muammar is a special instrument in this; and it will occur—Believe it or not—all you athiests and doubters out there—Without God, man is nothing…and nothing can exist without God—EVIL has had its day–Good will Triumph again very soon….Muammar will be the Instrument to break the backs of the Oppressors.

  5. Mourad Ben Ammar writes:

    her (JAMAHIRIYA’s) return, God willing, because what is built on falsehood is false and will return the Great Jamahiriya under the supervision and after the death of traitors and customers.
    لها عودة باذن الله لأن ما بني على باطل فهو باطل وستعود الجماهرية العظمى بأشرافها والموت بعدها للخونة والعملاء

  6. Let all righteousness regain its AUTHORITY–the EVIL exposed for what it truly is, the truth be known to all, and the GOOD be properly honored.

    Let not all the shed blood to have fallen in vain, but rather as a purifiation of the earth (to purge it of the EVIL that has befallen her). Have Muammar’s “Third Universal Theory” be known widely throughout all the earth, and the dissemination of these truths that have been revealed through him, be on the tongues and lips of every innocent child and good human–Let this epoque in history finally come to closure; that those who have needlessly suffered and lost their lives be remembered as the hallmark of ridding this infestation which has overtaken these troubled times (and as a renewal of Goodness and abundance of Life on an earth as it was intended—from the very beginning— for the happiness of man) to finally come to pass away!

    Permit Muammar al-Qathafi to rebuild Libya (& the entire world as a Universal and Holy Jamahiriya) and permit him to see his work in fruitation. Let Muammar finally get the honor he deserves and was born for–a work he began as a child and never ceased striving for..(THIS he knows to be his undeniable mission); therefore, have the whole world enabled to partake of his hard labors now…It is for these things, that all good “men” should be praying each day at 12 Noon and 12 midnight…in other words, for the complete success of the Green Resistance and for it to be recognised for what it remarkably is in these Last Days…

    Muammar the Mahdi

  7. Muammar in 1982 with ASSAD:

    معمرالقذافي في عام 1982
    Kadhafi Le défis Perpétuel ‎ تحقيق تلفزيوني عن ليبيا ومعمر القذافي في عام 1982 وكان بعنوا

  8. When NATO destroyed Saif’s House in SEPT. 2011

    وثائق تكشف خفايا عائلة القذافي
    وثائق وصور عثر عليها في مزرعة سيف القذافي الخاصة

  9. Today from LISA KARPOVA:
    The FUKUS axis versus Syria and civilization

    I can no longer tolerate getting these reports that people who previously lived in peace, tranquility and harmony now have to face terrorism, beheadings, kidnappings, mutilation and a myriad of other horrors. And it seems odd, too, that all of this is happening in countries whose people previously gave refuge to other beleaguered, tortured, murdered peoples.

    Throughout the continuing horror of terrorist attacks, the Syrian people have been amazing. A source says that life is normal in Damascus, people are voluntarily joining in to clean up…adding that authorities, along with locals, are also chasing terrorists down in the streets.

    They don’t even know this stupid term FSA (Free Syrian Army), they merely refer to them as what they are: armed terrorists. Refuse from God knows where…

    When western diplomats engage in high-level meetings about international affairs, making irrational, unreasonable, pig-headed, intransigent demands, who are they representing?

    Simply put, they are the minions of the power elite, the transnational corporations…those who think they are the gods of this world. They certainly do not represent the people of the world, those who actually labour and create the wealth. Those who create the wealth have largely been dispossessed of it.

    Discussion at a recent conference revolved around the proposal by Kofi Annan to persuade Syrians to put together an all-inclusive government of ‘national unity.’

    The western FUKUS axis, however, insisted that officials of the Assad government should be kept out of any new Syrian government. By what right do they take it upon themselves to circumvent the will of the Syrian people by demanding that their leader and his officials not be part of any “new” Syrian government? It is for the people of Syria to determine, not some hot dogs in the west.

    Clearly the west wishes to set up another farcical election like they did in Libya: Choose Puppet No. 1 or Puppet No. 2. Big choice, the Libyan Jamahiriya government was not allowed on that ballot either.

    Russia and China alone stand for the right of the people to choose who they wish to lead them. Russia and China alone stand for dialogue, as opposed to violence, force and blackmail.

    How ludicrous it is for the west to accuse Russia and China of being responsible for the continuing violence when they, the FUKUS axis, are the ones insisting only one side stop the violence (the one clearly and obviously not responsible for it) instead of both sides.

    We have an opinion from Russian Middle East analyst Dr Vladimir Isayev:

    “Annan’s initiative is good, but lacks detail and clarity. Excluding the Assad side is bound to make things even worse. Including the opposition supposes clarity as to exactly which of the opposition factions are to be included. Giving a say to the radicals who wage a terror campaign is unlikely to be welcomed by the Syrian people.”

    The FUKUS axis, with the Gulf GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), has been waging an intense media war against Syria. Just like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the babies thrown out of incubators…every single time a vote is coming up at the UN or a meeting is about to take place, predictably an incident is set in motion…a “massacre” perpetrated by the terrorists (as the government has done a sterling job of capturing them), while they attempt to blame the Syrian government for said massacres.

    It has happened so many times in Syria, just like it did in Libya, that one knows before even examining the evidence that it’s just another attempt to defame, slander and demonize the Syrian government and army, and as many Syrian citizens have told us, “This is impossible that our soldiers would do this. How could that be because these men are our husbands, our brothers, our sons?”

    How many countless instances were there, exactly the same, in Libya? No one is fooling or putting one over on Russia and China again.

    When the terrorists were moving chemical weapons recently, an alert was put out in anticipation that once again, they would try to blame the army and the government, as though the government and army are fond of slicing off their own noses. “Sure, a meeting is happening tomorrow, let’s make ourselves look like savages!”

    The latest tactics also involve inflated reports of their proxies’ success, as well as trying to distort Russia’s position about Assad remaining as leader of Syria. A French news outlet falsely reported that the Russian ambassador had indicated that Russia was willing to concede that Assad should leave, but the lie was later totally exposed. Additionally, in the past 17 months, Assad supposedly fled ten times, the Syrian army collapsed 1,000 times and over two million soldiers re-defected.

    Plans are underway to construct false scenarios where a government collapse and mass defections will be played out, just like a bad soap opera. Never do they report the successful operations against the terrorists, but they try to create the impression that the terrorists are quickly taking over large areas of the country, which is completely false. The opposite is true. The vermin is being liquidated, the areas are being sterilized of the invading, foreign supplied, funded and salaried filth.

    There is photographic evidence taken from a house in Turkey where the FSA is holed up, that much of their sophisticated communication equipment comes directly from the USA. Now what was that about accusations that Russia and China are responsible for allowing the violence to continue when they are providing communication equipment so that terrorists can coordinate attacks? Eh, stupid big mouths, Clinton and Rice?

    If the lies and false accusations were not bad enough, we have the so-called exponents of “freedom and democracy” vigorously attempting to shut down the voice of the other side. They are trying to perpetrate a Libya style blackout on all Syrian state media.

    Nothing like freedom of speech and freedom of the press, bombed, squashed and destroyed in the name of freedom and democracy. A favorite target of these terrorists happens to be Syrian media.

    The terrorist proxies and their masters are doing everything to prevent the world community from seeing the Syrian side of the story via government-backed satellite channels. This site has already given the details. See, Syria: The cemetery of western credibility.

    We have seen countless attacks against independent media reporting the truth about the situation in Syria. The SANA website had been blocked in some western countries until alternatives were set up. Al Manar, Al Alam and NBN TV will carry the broadcast of the Syrian Satellite Channel if the broadcast is cut in the coming hours.

    Just a note to those clowns: Hollywood props depicting scenes in Syria will not work to destroy the morale or the resistance of the Syrian people. Neither will reporting fake defections, as in the case of Manaf Tlass.

    Four members of the Syrian government were just recently assassinated in a terrorist attack, but western officials and media celebrated as though it was a victory, instead of the tremendous tragedy it was to those they served, those who loved them and those who love true freedom and fight against fascism and imperialism. The Syrian people should be sent condolences, not more terrorist filth, not more threats about no-fly zones or sanctions.

    Truly we live in terrible times, times of great evil and deception. This is a crisis of civilization. We don’t need nuclear weapons to destroy civilization. Not just these small, helpless countries are being attacked, assaulted and subjugated, but civilization itself is being attacked and lawlessness is taking over. Civilization may not survive the 21st Century with these flagrant transgressions against international law being maintained by the barrels of guns and Bombay doors.

    It’s really up to us, the citizens of the world, who know the truth. This isn’t just about Assad, it never was. This is about the sanctity of Syria, the right of self determination, the right of people to control their own destiny and resources, the continued existence of international laws that were created by mankind throughout the horrors that beset generations in the attempt to make this a better world.

    We must have a world that is safe for life, safe for human dignity, where we share this globe, this little insignificant planet, during the brief flash that is Life…a holy moment in time in the infinite abyss. People’s worth as human beings must not be determined by how much money they do or do not have, but by their character and dedication to truth and humanity.

    These terrorists and those who support them do not understand. They are only capable of greed and all the vices that are born from it, the worst being the bearing of false witness, which is, in reality, the same as murder.

    Lisa Karpova

    This article, again from Lisa, is a most excellent exposé for the Truth and the blind eyes of “the World” aka WITCH HILLARY.
    Please never stop Lisa–we can always count on you for the truth and not being among the mesmorised.

  10. A Nun from Damascus: We have no trust in these so-called ‘revolutionaries
    Source – by Agenzia Fides
    Nun says the armed actions have nothing to do with religion

    Refugees continue to knock on the door of the Shrine of Tabbaleh, dedicated to the Conversion of St. Paul in Damascus. The Franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land and the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who run the Church, have welcomed eight families permanently and provide maintenance to 45 other families, Christians and Muslims. They are refugees from Damascus, the civilian victims of the clashes between the regular army forces and revolutionary groups that in recent days have put the city to fire.

    “We walk in hope and try to comfort all in these tragic hours,” says to Fides Fr. Romualdo Fernandez OFM, Rector of the Sanctuary, telling a crowd of people who come every day to pray in the Church, and spontaneous circles of Christians and Muslims are formed to pray together for peace and ask for God and the Virgin Mary’s protection.

    Suo Yola, one of the Franciscan women religious who every day help the families of refugees, told Fides: “We are doing our best to help the displaced families. People cry and hope for better times. The cost of living is very high, there are no medicines, the impact of the embargo that we suffer is all on the civilian population and on the poorest. We hope and pray that this suffering will end soon. We have no trust in these so-called ‘revolutionaries’. Who are the revolutionaries who harm the people? They have corrupted all, Christians and Muslims, many families who have lost everything.”

    “In these armed actions and in this suffering – the nun continues – religion has nothing to do with it. With Muslims we have always lived side by side and we will continue to do so. The Syrian government has hitherto been secular, has guaranteed security and stability to Syria. Today we have only chaos, insecurity, and suffering. And what will happen tomorrow? But we know, as Christians,

  11. Robert Newton writes on Hillary Clinton:

  12. Adil Naji a écrit :

    « Today sheikh spoke about him at the mosque where we pray.. He’s a man with greatest sadaqatel jariya.. He’s secured water from deep desert and gave it to his people to use it for thousands of years to come.. Above all he’s turned a desert into a basket.. May Allah be pleased with him »

  13. Voix poème New exclusif et Mouammar Kadhafi
    poem composed by and with the exclusive voice of leader Muammar Gaddafi
    Start of Shalahi
    16 OCTOBER 2011
    This poem is sold by the Brother-leader, God willing, with a group of Mujahedeen youth of Bani Walid, who were accompanying him and ordered them to return to their parents on the day he landed in the Bani Walid on 16 -10 -2011 P after the realization that he is about to get certificate and where he says God’s mercy: Yally Marawah words and connected = total milk and salami and Walid Ali, peace Hlha Rafla

    apparently, then, Israel was behind this NATO / Libyan War from the beginning – in their attempt to dissolve the Jamahiriya and Assassinate Muammar al-Qathafi, in so much that the Israelis gained Libya (as a second homeland in Misrata ) and a perpetual airbase in the Nafusa Mountains.

    SATAN’s PACT: for thirty years the ISRAELIs will be given an air and military base in the Nafusa Mountains, and thereon for renewable negotiable: Channel Sirte on Facebook /

    Israeli document
    photo.php? fbid = 265361330244017 &set = a.227145677398916.52068.227140320732785 & type = one & theater
    These gentlemen Libya close agreement between Israel and the transitional Libyan surprise in a controversial document alleged
    Israeli alliance and the existence of an agreement between Israel and the Council (IGC) against the Libyan regime of Libyan “Muammar Gaddafi”. Revealed the document circulated by the Conference of the Arab tribes in Cairo, attended by more than a thousand participants between sheikhs and mayors of the tribes, politicians, writers, journalists and military experts and professors, the existence of a security agreement between the Ministry of War and Israel’s military intelligence and the Council (IGC) in Libya to help him achieve his goal, and access to power in Libya and bring down the system Gaddafi. According to the document, has shown the agreement bearing the logo of the Ministry of the Israeli war that Israel will provide assistance to the Transitional Council of the Libyan weapons to combat and arming and training of its members to stand against the forces of Gaddafi.

    The two sides agreed during the security agreement on Israel’s support for Libyan opposition, which he described the agreement as “rebels” through logistical support, as well as the creation of Israel to exercise pressure for the NATO, “NATO” to continue its operations until the overthrow Gaddafi. Did not stop temptations Israel at this point – According to the document – it will also exert pressure on European countries in order to obtain the transitional Libyan on their recognition of him as a representative of the Libyan people.

    As the gains for Israel, which will return to Israel in return for that support, the text of the agreement provided that the Israeli army a large military base in the Green Mountain area for thirty years, renewable.
    Download the agreement and the signing of the Interim Council of Libyan and Israeli military intelligence.

    This Libya gentlemen , and document an agreement between Israel and the transitional Libyan in surprise controversial claims and document Israeli agreement exists an alliance between Israel and the Council (IGC) Libya against the regime of Libyan leader “Muammar Gaddafi.”

    and revealed the document circulated by the Conference of the Arab tribes in Cairo, attended by more than a thousand participants are between sheikhs and mayors of the tribes, politicians, writers, journalists and military experts and professors, the existence of a security agreement between the Ministry of War and Israel’s military intelligence and the Council (IGC) in Libya to help him achieve his goal, and access to power in Libya and overthrow Gaddafi.

    According to the document, has shown the agreement bearing the logo of the Ministry of the Israeli war that Israel will provide assistance to the Transitional Council of the Libyan weapons to combat and arming and training of its members to stand against the forces of Gaddafi. The two sides agreed during the security agreement on Israel’s support for Libyan opposition, which he described the agreement as “rebels” through logistical support, as well as the creation of Israel to exercise pressure for the NATO, “NATO” to continue its operations until the overthrow Gaddafi.

    Did not stop temptations Israel at this point – According to the document – it will also exert pressure on European countries in order to obtain the transitional Libyan on their recognition of him as a representative of the Libyan people. As for the gains Israel, which will return to Israel in return for that support, the text of the agreement provided that the Israeli army a large military base in the area Green Mountain for thirty years, renewable.
    Download the agreement and the signing of the Interim Council of Libyan and Israeli military intelligence
    fifi fifi

    fifi Fifi Par: channel Sirte on Facebook

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  16. I hate to rain on your parade, but WINNIE ELDRUP typed the letter you posted while a patient in a Danish mental institution in 1986. It was one of several letters she wrote and later claimed to have received from historical figures including Mao, Mohammed, his Excellency Herr Hitler and O.J. Simpson. Her medications and Internet access are now strictly monitored.

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