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The below photo of the kidnapped elderly Sirte Tribal elder spokesman on 07 OCT. 2012.He was incarcerated and beaten.

Hosam Hosam writes:
“Hero Muammar forsakes saving lotion”

(27 DEC. 2011) SIRTE ELDER.

Hamed Key says:
“to know that this lion in battle and was smiling while the front O decoding captured, O Lord, and protected.”

. مقاومة حتي الموت     RESISTANCE TO DEATH!

Visit of French FM to Libya Postponed Due to Ongoing Occupation Crisis
Posted: 2012/10/05
The visit of the French Foreign Minister to Occupied Libya has been cancelled. His visit had intended to set colonial foot on sacred African soil to stamp French approval upon its puppet regime in Tripoli. The visit had to be cancelled because the puppet regime is not in place and unable to form a government more than one year after the occupation of Libya.

This is due to the ongoing mass uprisings and popular Resistance victories across the Libyan Jamahiriya which have rendered all Libyan territory unsafe for occupation forces. All foreigners have been served notice since over a year that their presence in Libya unless giving active support to the resistance will be considered unlawful.

Foreign business persons and others not actively assisting the Resistance will be taken to be siding with the occupation and are thus legitimate targets. A powerful message has been sent with the dispatch of the four top American spies in the Great Jamahiriya back to the Great Satan in coffins.

22 September 2012

we read:

“…One day, either in a new world of freedom — a Universal Jamahiriya — or otherwise on the Day of Judgement in the Hereafter, these stories and others will become known and the manifest evil of what they wrought shall be laid bare for all to see….”

review Phase 1 and 2 of the evil plans of those who wish to cross Libya and steal the wealth of All Africa once again.

[THIS IS HOW IT BEGAN- with Hillary Clinton’s announcement and formulated North African Causway Formulated PLAN]:


Hillary Clinton Creates History by calling Nearly all US Ambassadors for Foreign Policy Meeting

 The EVIL WITCH HILLARY!,  Safya Farkos al-Qathafi (wife of Muammar)

01 February 2011

Hillary Clinton  

creates history by calling nearly all US ambassadors for foreign policy meeting!US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called US ambassadors from different countries to attend a wide-ranging foreign policy meeting, the first of its kind ever, in Washington on Monday.Ambassadors from almost all 260 U.S. embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries are expected to gather at the State Department to attend the meeting, Politico reports.

The meeting would include discussions on several issues, including foreign policy priorities for 2011, and damages caused due to the release of hundreds of secret US diplomatic cables by Wikileaks, American officials said.Clinton will meet individually with diplomats working in unstable countries, they added.The ambassadors would reportedly hold meetings with their regional bureaus Monday and Tuesday. Clinton is set to address the ambassadors on Wednesday about “leading through civilian power.”U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice will then forecast the year ahead at the United Nations, and Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Bill Burns will do the same for the year ahead in foreign policy, the report said.The ambassadors will also hear from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen on civilian-military operations in the 21st century, and USAID chief Raj Shah will speak on results-based development, it added.


Monday, 07 February  2011

All Ambassadors Called Back to Washington!

Editorial at 


 U.S. Ambassadors of the world called back to Washington
IN an unprecedented move, apparently one that has never happened before, nearly all U.S. Ambassadors to all nations have been called back to Washington for a summit conference this week. reports, “Ambassadors from almost all 260 U.S. embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries are expected to convene at the State Department for what’s being billed as the first meeting of its kind.”, “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is convening an unprecedented mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors.”The first logical thought that comes to mind…Looking back at all previous world crisis, what might now be so important, evidently more-so than anything ever in the past, to call all Ambassadors back to Washington?
The sky’s the limit with ideas and conspiracy…BUT THE OBJECTIVE WAS CLEARLY the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and the disposal of Muammar al-Qathafi, (including his World Islamic Call Society which extended, with charitable works and Missions, throughout the Globe).

Le dirigeant libyen Mouammar Kadhafi, le 11 mars 2009 à Nouakchott

The USA saw Muammar al-Qathafi and the Great Jamahiriya as a threat to her power and dominance, fearing loss of the subjegation of the people’s of the entire world.

by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
February 25, 2011 from Exopolitics Website

On Monday, 14 Feb 2011 in the first meeting of its kind, 260 U.S. ambassadors began meeting in Washington D.C. for a week long conference to discuss foreign policy priorities for 2011.

Among the priorities scheduled to be discussed are regional political upheavals, the rising international influence of social networks, and North Africa…

Hillary Clinton addresses the ambassadors on Wednesday about “leading through civilian power.”

Hillary Clinton meeting with Laurence Rockefeller in 1995

Photo: Clinton Presidential Library

This is what Politico had to say about the agenda of the Ambassadorial meeting:

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called top envoys from U.S. embassies to gather in Washington on Monday for a wide-ranging foreign policy meeting. Ambassadors from almost all 260 U.S. embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries are expected to convene at the State Department for what’s being billed as the first meeting of its kind…”

The ambassadors hold meetings with their regional bureaus Monday and Tuesday.

Clinton is set to address the ambassadors Wednesday about “leading through civilian power,” after a welcome from her chief of staff and counselor, Cheryl Mills.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice will then forecast the year ahead at the United Nations, and Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Bill Burns will do the same for the year ahead in foreign policy.

The ambassadors will also hear from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen on civilian-military operations in the 21st century…

Phase 1 was a bloody war, under the cover of fake resolutions from the United Satans Organization “UNO”. These included a “no fly zone” where nothing except those bringing death and destruction would be allowed to fly. Over one hundred fifty-thousand dead was the result.

In addition, the extensive non-stop bombing for the greater part of the entire year of 2011, from March through October, was aimed to destroy as much infrastructure as possible, and to attempt to physically remove Muammar Qadhafi from the Earth or at least silence him.

[The Law and Order of the Great Jamahiriya, which was an example unto the world, (was) governed by the Holy Qur’an without any intermediaries of fake “muftis, imams, and scholars”, where all faiths, all peoples, all colours were free…

Where the masses themselves held the power, the wealth and the arms, and where the one who helped bring this about before resigning from government one year after the creation of the Libyan Jamahiriya, was loved by his people and could drive around its cities, even amidst the war of aggression, without any security.” ]

Phase 2 was to allow complete chaos to reign, with armed thugs, criminals and mercenaries to commit the most heinous crimes across Libya, all the while shouting loudly Allahu Akbar in order to let the world think these are Muslims.

In addition, all memories of the benefits of people’s power, direct democracy, and the Libyan Jamahiriya, but also the very thought of the Third Universal Theory were to be wiped out and replaced by trauma, resignation and despair.

The result was over one million Libyans fleeing into exile — a quarter of the population — and another 20,000 thrown into make-shift jails where they under go torture, with only a third of this number being admitted by the “human rights” organizations of the aggressors….”


PRESENTLY, we are experiencing PHASE 3 (BUT with the strength of the Green Resistance, HOPEFULLY this stage will never see the light of Day: IN FACT, it has almost been  extinguished.) as the above articles says:

“the popular Resistance continues to score victories against the aggressors no matter what sheep’s clothing they are dressed up in…”

BUT  on Saturday, 04 OCTOBER 2012, this came in:

Channel Sirte on Facebook
Unmanned aircraft heading to Libya

The U.S. administration plans to launch a new military operation in Libya. Military must capture the gunmen who took part in the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi or physically liquidated, sparking protest in Libya.

Asked the Voice of Russia political and human rights activist Libyan Khalid Torgoman comment on the attitude of the Libyan authorities on this issue. He said:

Do not rule out the possibility that the unmanned aircraft and compromise for the politicians of both countries. Libyan authorities will save water and her face because the feet of foreign soldiers will not Toti territory of Libya. American voters will see a bloody military operation is. Of course it will be bloody for Americans only as inevitable casualties among Libyans, as a military expert believe Igor Korothenko who said the following: unmanned aircraft hit targets with missiles, not bullets. And kill fragments both located near these goals. There is also another problem is the accuracy rocket hit the target. Fathlq unmanned aircraft at an altitude of a few hundred meters and very quickly. And so I do not see who runs the technical plane and flying precision missile targets through the lens screen. And therefore can make an incorrect decision on hitting the target. And it is not unlikely that the child is in the woods armed men. This means that the military operations using unmanned aircraft can not be made without information reconnaissance confirmed by ground forces ..

Believes in increasing the volume of information to increase the accuracy of injury. But a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department Victoria Noland announced that it has not yet been possible to establish cooperation between the U.S. and Libyan intelligence. The Americans said they will achieve the military operation on the basis of their own reconnaissance information. Is it possible to believe that they will take into account the risks that would be inflicted locals? Most people think that the lives of ordinary Libyans are not cheap price when some seek to achieve their political goals.

  • To them 1 Yankee is worth 4 million Libyans…

  • not to mention the FACT that it was not a real Embassy or consolate and that they were illegally trespassing on Libyan soil…and that the GNC is totally made up of Americans, yes Americans and 1 Canadian citizen…not Libyans….   The puppet GNC “government” is a true disgrace & a farce.

    This cannot Muammar has said–”This must be “CLEANED-UP” NOW: No more waiting! Yankees must goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.’

    Is the whole world so scared to help the Great Jamahiriya? But Russia will stand by Iran and Syria—why not the Jamahiriya?–Putin thinks himself Muammar’s friend–Then why not stand up for the real Great Jamahiriya??

    BTW: THE DRONES HAVE ALREADY COME INTO LIBYA/BENGAZI for weeks already..and they never even asked their puppet government either!


CIA Terrorist Stray Dog Magarief Joins Globalists in Jew York
Posted: 2012/09/25

The stray dog with the blood of countless Libyans on his hands with service in the CIA spanning 3 decades and behind numerous terrorist incidents against the Libyan Jamahiriya before being awarded position as head of the rat congress after the invasion of Libya by U.S. and its allies, attends globalist meet up
Rat Congress President Stray

 Dog Mohammed Magarief was to speak at the annual meeting of the US-based Clinton Global Initiative which started Sunday, in New York, according to a statement by the globalists.
Libya’s president, Mohamed Magariaf, who met with Mrs. Clinton and other American officials on  24 Sept. 2012
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi a heretical islamist of the so-called Muslim Brotherhood, an organization set up by the British to subvert the Muslim world, is also attending.
Mohammed Magarief (li.)
Foto © Reuters—-Mohammed Magarief (li.) with Muslim Brotherhood
They will join more current and former heads of state, government and major political, business and media personalities who have all served the globalist zionist bankers agenda faithfully.
These include US President Barack Obama, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Queen Rania of Jordan, President Felipe Calderón of Mexico, President Joyce Banda of Malawi, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, former UK Prime Minister and war criminal Tony Blair and his wife Cherie, Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein and Zionist Minister of Defence Ehud Barak.The organisation was founded in 2005 by former US President Bill Clinton allegedly to assess and find solutions to international issues and raise funds for international aid projects.
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 – 11:17 AM
“Secretary Clinton is in Kosovotoday, and many people there love the Clintons. In the capital, Pristina, Clinton visited an 11-foot statue of her husband Bill, who as U.S. president backed the 1999 NATO air campaign that stopped a crackdown by Serbian forces on Kosovo’s ethnically Albanian majority. When he attended the unveiling of the statue last year, he was greeted with a giant cake bearing his portrait. And, both Hillary and Bill have been lauded on billboards in Pristina….”



Click to access 153139.pdf

QDDR — Comrade Clinton’s Globalist Agenda — EXPOSED!!

16 February 2011

On Wednesday, 02 February  2011, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton convened the “first-ever” QDDR Meeting at Washington D.C.   This involved bringing in MOST of the 260 U.S. “Ambassadors” (now referred to as “Global Chiefs of Mission” by Clinton) at an unknown cost to taxpayers.  The meeting was closed to the media;  however, Clinton’s opening remarks at this “Global Chiefs of Mission Conference” can be heard (and read) in their entirety at the following link:

The whole meeting was to inform the U.S. Ambassadors of a whole new direction for them & the USA. (It was an exposé of her plan for a NORTH-AFRICAN CAUSWAY, a Middle-East crossroads, and totally new developement:  intended to destroy the supposed threat –to the USA — of  the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Muammar al-Qathafi and his World Islamic Call Society which was  performing charitable works and Missions throughout the entire Globe. The USA saw this as a threat to their power of subjegating all the World’s Peoples to the USA.)  The media would be a major tool in the new USA Objective.

Here is a sampling of some of the new terminology coined by Clinton and explained at the QDDR summit:

1.  “Civilian Power”.  She defines this as: “the combined force of all the civilians across the United States Government who not only practice diplomacy and carry out development projects, but who act to prevent and respond to crisis and conflict.“  In other words, it is the power of un-elected, appointed BUREAUCRATS of the United States as opposed to “THE PEOPLE” of America, and our elected officials!!  My comment:  “Development Projects” is synonymous with covert black-operations of the CIA, MOSSAD, and British MI5, just as the term “Mechanic Contract” is synonymous with assassination and murder in the Jewish Mafia.  This criminal cabal always cover their true meaning with coded euphemisms.  Never forget the equation “problem, reaction, solution” — they create the problem, (crisis and conflict), foment the public’s reaction, and have the “solution” already to implement well before the “problem” was ever created.  Invariably, the “solution” is greater centralized power at the expense of freedom, life, and liberty.

2. “Global Chiefs of Mission” a euphemism for “ambassador”.  My Comments:   Comrade Clinton, what is wrong with the term “ambassador” and why do you feel the need to change this term??  Furthermore, what exactly is the “Mission” that these “Global Chiefs” are supposed to attain?  I submit a close analysis of the “AGENDA” outlined at the “QDDR” will give Americans the answer!!

In the “Executive Summary” of the “Conference of Global Chiefs of Mission” we read the expanded stated goals of the “Civilian Power” that Comrade Clinton conveniently omitted in her opening speech:

“Civilian power is the combined force of women and men across the U.S. government who are practicing diplomacy, implementing development projects, strengthening alliances and partnerships, preventing and responding to crises and conflict, and advancing America’s core interests: security, prosperity, universal values—especially democracy and human rights—and a  justinternational order.”

Always the skilled attorney, Comrade Clinton chooses her words very carefully.  She knows better than to use “New World” Order – but she is now calling the elitist’s Global Empire a “Just International Order”.   Comrade Clinton, a pigsty known by any other name would still not smell any sweeter!!

Key to this new agenda of America’s “Civilian Power” is the implementation of the following new levels of federal/global bureaucracy now expanded to follow an elitist global fast-track agenda (all to be financed by America’s central bankers, one has to assume.)

1.  “Creating an Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment to enhance our effectiveness on these interconnected global issues.”  My comments: Don’t we already have an EPA, and Dept. of Energy that is already wasting enough tax dollars?  (The D.O.E. has done very little to develop such national reserves as the massive BAKKEN oil deposits in America, that apparently are bigger than the Middle Eastern fields.  Why has this oil not been drilled and processed??)

2.  “Establishing a new Bureau for Energy Resources to unite our diplomatic and programmatic efforts on oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, renewable energy, energy governance, strategic resources, and energy poverty.”    My Comments: See comments on Number 1 above.  Why spend U.S. dollars on global energy resources, when America’s vast resources are being ignored??

3.  “Elevating economic diplomacy as an essential strand of our foreign policy by expanding State’s role on geo-economic issues. This includes appointing a Chief Economist, who will create a new early-warning mechanism—coordinated with other similar systems throughout the U.S. government—to identify issues at the intersection of economics, security, and politics.”   My Comments: Excuse me, Comrade Clinton, but what the hell is Fed Chief Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Geithner doing these days?  What does the “State Department” need with yet another “Chief Economist”???  Can’t you read the quarterly Federal Reserve and Treasury reports and/or CAFRs??  Is “geo-economic issues” another way of saying that you need someone exclusively to map out and plan profitable “Event Contracts” worldwide so you and your buddies at Goldman Sachs can map huge futures profits??

4.  Creating an Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights to organize our efforts most effectively to advance human security.  My Comment:  You mean to promote Egyptian-styled change and insurrection in other countries worldwide under the disguise of “promoting democracy” instead of the more accurate of prescribed “regime change”????

5.  Expanding the capacities of the Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs by establishing a new Bureau for Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance and restructuring the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation.  My Comments:  In other words, dismantle the 2nd Amendment in America as well as the entire world?  What about “diplomat” Davis and the Global Mission Chief occupying the American Embassy in Pakistan?  (See related stories on this blog below.)   Is it only Global Missionaries like Davis who will be allowed to carry handguns in order to shoot and kill concerned security police in other “independent” countries under the disguise of “Diplomatic Immunity”?   Or will people with the military training of Davis be recruited for your new “Bureau for Arms Control”?  (I.E. only WE will have the arms so we can control the world??)

6.  Working with Congress to establish a Bureau for Counterterrorism, which will enhance our ability to counter violent extremism, build partner capacity, and engage in counterterrorism diplomacy.   My Comment:   WTH????  The global reach of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security is not enough for you Comrade Clinton??  The expansion of the National Security Agency (NSA) is not enough?   TSA body scanners are not enough?  (What’s next x-ray machines to scan body cavities and though-scanning machines to read our minds??)

7.  Establishing a Coordinator for Cyber Issues who will lead State’s engagement on cybersecurity and other cyber issues, including efforts to protect a critical part of diplomacy—the confidentiality of communications between and among governments.  My comments:  Again, the many billions spent annually by the NSA is apparently not enough.   There will always be hackers, Comrade Clinton – no matter how modern the “fire-wall” there will always be a “back-door” or a window.  I submit that dealing with foreign governments should be honest and full of integrity.  There should be no covert black-ops manipulating economies and drug cartels involved in child abductions and black-market peddling of organs and body-parts worldwide.  Then, there would be no “Above Top Secret” files needing protection from prying eyes like Julian Assange now, would there??  Besides, don’t the taxpayers deserve to know what their tax dollars are doing?  If your bogus “agenda” is truly and honestly to “promote Core American Values”  why should anybody care who listens in or intercepts posts about water projects and crop harvests???

In short, it is my personal opinion that this entire “QDDR” is in reality America’s “Queer Death and Destruction Review” and Americans should be outraged with this in every way, shape and form.  It is beyond the scope of reason to assume this is anything but a Socialism on Steroids review, (SOS) and freedom-loving people the WORLD OVER should be incensed by this.  The underlying precept, of course, is that Comrade Clinton and her elitist cabal alone know what is best for the planet, and they alone must determine the destiny of entire regions of this globe.   Change you can believe in?  How is this Agenda any different than the driving forces behind Hitler’s Third Reich in the 1930′s?  The so-called “Master Race” destined to govern the entire planet!!     Take away the euphemisms and veils of this now overt agenda, and one can quickly see that it is the same money-powers and bloodllines at work once again – seeking to own the world while losing their own souls.

My, but the cockroaches are getting bold these days!!

A. True Ott

Watch this short, animated video interview of John Perkins: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

[you tube=]

15 FEBRUARY 2011

In demonology, secret names have power inter-dimensionally when reversed or “mirrored”.  Thus Illuminati becomes itanimulli.  Check out what happens when you add .com to itanimulli:

Click on it, and see what comes up.  DOES ANYBODY THINK THIS IS JUST COINCIDENCE???


There is no coincidence that the CIA led RAT UPRISING in LIBYA occurred officially on 17 FERUARY 2011

PLEASE, in connection to the ABOVE, it is very important to read the following HISTORY about American Relations  with LIBYA since America’s beginnings:

‘Historical Background
CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIBYA: Historical Background

In order to clarify the background of the crisis, we must go back to forgotten files on the American-Libyan conflict in particular, and the conflict of America with the countries of the Arab Maghreb in general. In May, 1784, the U.S. Congress set up an ad hoc committee composed of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, (who later became U.S. Presidents), to negotiate an agreement with the North African countries. In 1786, the Committee succeeded in concluding an agreement with Morocco by virtue of which the United States would pay several thousands of dollars as dues to that country for the protection of American commercial ships against pirates. However, the Committee failed to conclude similar agreements with Algeria and Libya. Adams proposed to increase the dues to be paid to Algeria and Libya, but Jefferson suggested that, instead, such funds be disbursed for the setting up of a military force to protect American ships.

In January, 1791, the Committee of the Congress which dealt with trade problems in the Mediterranean, approved the proposal of Jefferson, who was then Secretary of State, to constitute a naval armed force. In March ,1794, the U.S. Congress authorized the American Government to build six military ships to be used against Libya and Algeria. This was the first American fleet, which still exists in the Mediterranean under the name “the Sixth Fleet”.

On the 4th of November, 1796, an agreement was concluded between the United States and Libya by virtue of which the United States would pay Libya $56 thousand. In August, 1797, another agreement was concluded with Tunisia for US $107 thousand. When the naval units were constructed, however, the United States reneged on the agreements and the North African countries expressed immediate objections.

In 1801, the United States declared war against Libya, its first declaration of war after independence from Great Britain. On the basis of this declaration of war, the United States sent four of its military ships to the Mediterranean under the command of Commander Richard Dahl, the first Commander of the First American Fleet in the Mediterranean. The failure of his attack on Tripoli was the first American military defeat in the Mediterranean and compelled Dahl to retreat to Gibraltar. He was replaced by Commander Richard Morris who besieged Tripoli in June, 1802. However the Algerian and Moroccan naval forces sailed against him and compelled him to retreat. He renewed his siege in May, 1803, but had to retreat again in September of the same year. His successors, Commanders Edward Brill and Samuel Baron also failed to secure a victory. Despite this defeat and the failure of the invasion of Libya it is ironic that this military operation is now considered a glorious victory of the United States’ Navy. To this day, the anthem of the American Naval forces chants of their victories: “…from the halls of Montezuma to the walls of Tripoli…”

This anthem clearly represents an unbroken link between what occurred two centuries ago and what is taking place today. Libya still remains in the mind of American soldiers a hateful enemy which must be vanquished and destroyed. The American and Western attitude toward the Arab and Muslim peoples remains one of disdain and scorn that easily escalates to racial discrimination and outright hostility.

The new Western imperialist campaign thus has a clear historical basis reaching back over two hundred years, but the campaign had been particularly expected over the past two decades. In September 1969, The Al-Fateh revolution launched its revolutionary achievements by dismantling British and American military bases in Libya. The Revolution eradicated the cancerous Western ascendancy over the Libyan society, toppled the despotic monarchy, lent support to national liberation movements in all Islamic and Third World countries, recovered national resources from foreign exploitation and hegemony, and devoted such resources to securing autonomous development and the advancement of progress. In the wake of this, there was immediate expectation of American imperialist retaliation.

علي سالم الورفلي السبايع writes:

Just a reminder, O customers NATO and the Israeli Mossad …: –
21 February 2013 resolved the memory drop Zionist enemy aircraft passengers Libyan airspace Egypt in 1973 (Boeing 727 and a subsidiary of “Libyan Arab Airlines” in flight “114” flight from Tripoli to Cairo via Beni Ghazi) killed 108 passengers out of 113 civilian passengers were on board and were among those who were killed and former Libyan foreign minister Saleh Boiasir and Egyptian TV presenter Salwa Hegazi

“The Israeli media quoted a Phantom aircraft pilots the plane that dropped by the Israeli Civil confession to feel a guilty conscience to participate in the strike aircraft, despite his certainty of the absence of any threats to Israel after seeing the naked eye civilian plane full of passengers.”
* Real picture attached to a Libyan plane hit and picked up a few minutes before shooting.

This American retaliation against Libya gained full force in the early 80s, with the beginning of the “Reagan era” which revived the policy of direct interference and the role of the U.S. as World policeman which had prevailed in the 5Os and 60s, and subsided only after the infamous defeat in Vietnam

In this period there are important historical political landmarks that are noteworthy:

In June, 1984, The Study and Research Section of the U.S. State Department drew up Report No. 110 entitled “The Libyan Question” which emphasized the contrary role played by Libya against American policies and against what the report referred to as “American interests in the Arab World and Africa”. The report focused on the role of Colonel Moammar Qaddafi in impeding American initiatives for a political settlement in the Middle East, starting with the Camp David Accord in 1979 and ending with the initiative of President Reagan in 1982. The report also addressed the Libyan support of forces hostile to the United States in Central and Latin America, and the danger that such support directly posed to the strategic security of the United States.
The report stated that since the evacuation of the American forces from the Wheelis base on the 11th of June, 1970, American control over Libyan political decisions had ceased to exist. The report suggested that measures be taken to restore American influence in order to safeguard the interests of the United States and the interests of its allies in the region and elsewhere in Africa and Latin America.

there is a long and tangled history of secret American efforts to oust the Libyan ruler.Heftir’s elevation also signals that Obama’s intervention in Libya is now not just about saving civilian lives but is aimed at removing The Great Jamahiriya and its visionary founder, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi: a mission begun a quarter of a century before by a President regarded as an American Conservative icon and supposedly the polar opposite, politically, of the White House’s current resident.The story of Khalifa Heftir’s entanglement with the CIA begins with the election to the White House of Ronald Reagan in 1980 amid gradually worsening relations with Gaddafi’s Libya and a growing obsession on the part of Reagan and his allies with removing the young Libyan marabout.

Reagan was obsessed with overthrowing Gaddafi – will Obama fulfill his dream?
A year before Reagan’s election a Libyan mob, imitating Iranian revolutionaries, burned down the US embassy in Tripoli and diplomatic relations were suspended. Two years later the Libyan embassy in Washington was closed down while US and Libyan jets skirmished over the Gulf of Sidra, which Gaddafi claimed to be part of Libya’s territorial waters. (IT MOST CERTAINLY IS..look at the MAP!)

Later in 1981 American press reports lyingly claimed that Libyan hit squads had been sent to the US to assassinate Reagan, shots were fired at the US ambassador to France while the ambassador to Italy was withdrawn after a plot to kidnap him was uncovered. After explosives were found in musical equipment at a US embassy sponsored dance in Khartoum, Sudan, Reagan ordered a travel ban and ordered all Americans out of Libya.(All this later was proven to be fabricated lies so that the USA could justify its attaks on Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and the Great Jamahiriya.)

In 1983 there were more air skirmishes off the Libyan coast; two years later five US citizens were killed by bombs planted at Rome and Vienna airports and US officials blamed Libya. The worst clashes came in 1986, beginning with more air skirmishes over the Gulf of Sidra and the destruction of Libyan SAM sites by American missiles. In April a bomb exploded at the LaBelle nightclub in Berlin, a bar frequented by off-duty American servicemen. Three people were killed, two of whom were US soldiers and of the 200 wounded, sixty were American citizens. President Reagan falsely blamed Libya and on April 15th, some 100 US aircraft, many flying out of bases in the UK, bombed Libyan bases and military complexes. The Libyans said that 170 people were killed in the attacks which also targeted Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli, killing his adopted infant daughter, Hana. One account claimed that nine of the jets had been directed to blast Gaddafi’s compound in a clear attempt to kill him.

By the mid-1980’s, the Reagan administration and the CIA contrived the story that Gaddafi was supporting terrorist groups or helping fellow radical states throughout the globe. In a November 3rd, 1985 article for the Washington Post, Bob Woodward listed the countries where “Gaddafi was said by the White House to be active”. They included Chad, Tunisia, Sudan, Iran, Syria, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Lebanon and Iraq. Gaddafi was also supporting the IRA in Northern Ireland and significantly stepped up supplies of arms and cash to the group after a British policewoman was shot dead and diplomats expelled following a confrontation and lengthy siege at the Libyan embassy in London in 1984.

In May 1984, less than a month after the London embassy siege, gunmen launched rocket and gun attacks against the Tripoli army barracks where Gaddafi’s family compound was located. The initial assault was repulsed and most of the insurgents killed when Libyan tanks shelled the building overlooking the barracks where the gunmen had taken refuge. It was though the most serious challenge to Gaddafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, made all the more threatening by the fact that it had happened on his doorstep.

The attack was claimed by a group calling itself the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), composed of anti-Gaddafi exiles, some of them supporters of the Idris monarchy overthrown in the 1969 revolution. Claims that the NFSL was at that time supported by US intelligence derive some support from a leak to American newspapers a few days before the attack in Tripoli that President Reagan had recently signed a new directive authorizing US agencies to “take the offensive” against international terrorism by mounting retaliatory or pre-emptive attacks. But the Americans were, at this stage, not directly involved in supporting the exile group’s activities.

The NFSL was getting aid mostly from Saudi Arabia whose ruling family despised Gaddafi after he had accused them of defiling holy Islamic sites in their country but also from Egypt and Tunisia in whose internal affairs Gaddafi had meddled. Sudan was another sponsor. Gaddafi had tried to foment an uprising against its pro-Western leadership and in response Sudan supplied the NFSL with bases from which the May 1984 attack was planned.

The Sudanese, according to one account, kept the CIA informed of the plot. CIA Director, William Casey, was heartened by the attack even though it had failed and renewed his efforts to persuade Reagan to authorize specific covert action against the Libyan leader. From thereon the NFSL was put on the CIA’s payroll.

It was after the unsuccessful effort to kill Gaddafi in his Tripoli compound that Reagan took the intelligence offensive. Bob Woodward revealed Reagan’s move, first in the Washington Post (November 3rd, 1985) and then in his account of Reagan’s secret wars in his book Veil, published in 1987. A secret presidential directive, which Woodward was able to quote, signaled that the exile groups like NFSL would be an important weapon wielded in this campaign against the Libyan leader: “…the exile groups, if supported to a substantial degree, could soon begin an intermittent campaign of sabotage and violence which could prompt further challenges to Qaddafi’s authority.”

The Reagan directive had listed ten options for action against Gaddafi, which ranged from regime change to economic sanctions, although it was obvious that the operation could only be judged a success if Gaddafi was dislodged: “…no course of action short of stimulating Qaddafi’s fall will bring any significant and enduring change in Libyan policies”, the document read.

The former French colony of Chad on Libya’s southern border had already been a major battleground in the war between Reagan and Gaddafi and after the 1984 bid to kill the Libyan dictator it assumed even greater importance. Chad had gained independence from France in 1960 but its history for many years thereafter has been one of coups and civil wars, often sponsored by foreign powers using Chad as an arena for their rivalry.

Libyan interest and activity in Chad pre-dated Gaddafi’s 1969 revolution and centered on a piece of land in Northern Chad called the Aouzou Strip which is rich in uranium and other rare minerals. Gaddafi formed an alliance with the government of Goukouni Wedeye who allowed the Libyans to occupy the strip but in 1982 Wedeye was overthrown by Hissene Habre who was backed by the CIA and by French troops.

Hebre’s was a brutal regime. During the eight years of his leadership some 40,000 people were estimated to have died in detention or executed. Human Rights Watch observed:

“Under President Reagan, the United States gave covert CIA paramilitary support to help install Habre in order, according to secretary of state, Alexander Haig, to ‘bloody Gadafi’s nose’”.

Bob Woodward wrote in Veil that the Chadian coup was William Casey’s first covert operation as head of the CIA.

During the years following Habre’s coup, Gaddafi’s army and the forces of the Chad government, the CIA and French intelligence clashed repeatedly. In March 1987 a force of some 600-700 Libyan soldiers under the command of General Khalifa Haftir was captured and imprisoned. Gaddafi disowned Heftir, and the former Libyan General then defected to the major Libyan opposition group, the NFSL.

A Congressional Research Service report of December 1996 named Heftir as the head of the NFSL’s military wing, the Libyan National Army. After he joined the exile group, the CRS report added, Heftir began “preparing an army to march on Libya”. The NFSL, the CSR said, is in exile “with many of its members in the United States.”

In 1990 French troops helped to oust Habre and installed Idriss Debry to replace him. According to one account the French had grown weary of Habre’s genocidal policies while the new resident in the White House, George H W Bush did not have the same interest as Reagan had in using Chad as a proxy to damage Gaddafi even though the Libyan leader formed an alliance with Debry.

A New York Times report of May 1991 shed more light on the CIA’s sponsorship of Heftir’s men. “They were trained” it said, “by American intelligence officials in sabotage and other guerilla skills, officials said, at a base near Ndjamena, the Chadian capital. The plan to use the exiles fit neatly into the Reagan administration’s eagerness to topple Colonel Qaddafi”.

Following the fall of Habre, Gaddafi demanded that the new government hand over Heftir’s men but instead Debry allowed the Americans to fly them to Zaire. There Libyan officials were given access to the men and about half agreed to return to Libya. The remainder refused, saying they feared for their lives if they went back home. When US financial aid offered to Zaire for giving the rebels refuge failed to materialise they were expelled and sent to Kenya.

Eventually the Kenyans said the men were no longer welcome and the United States agreed to bring them to America where they were admitted to the US refugee programme. A State Department spokesman said the men would have “access to normal resettlement assistance, including English-language and vocational training and, if necessary, financial and medical assistance.” According to one report the remnants of Heftir’s army were dispersed to all fifty states.

That was not, however, the end of the Libyan National Army. In March 1996, Heftir returned to Libya and took part in an uprising against Gaddafi. Details of what happened are scant but the Washington Post reported from Egypt on March 26th that travelers from Libya had spoken of “unrest today in Jabal Akhdar mountains of eastern Libya and said armed rebels may have joined escaped prisoners in an uprising against the government….and that its leader is Col. Khalifa Haftar, of a contra-style group based in the United States called the Libyan National Army, the travelers said.”

The report continued: “The travelers, whose accounts could not be confirmed independently, said they heard that the death toll had risen to 23 in five days of fighting between security forces and rebels, including men who escaped from Benghazi prison thursday and then fled into the eastern mountains.”

What part the CIA played in the failed uprising and whether the then US president, Bill Clinton had given the operation his approval are not known. By coincidence or not, three months later, the lie was spread that al-Jamahiriya forces killed some 1200 political prisoners being held in Tripoli’s Abu Salim jail. It was the arrest of the lawyer representing many of the prisoners’ families which the CIA used to spark the ‘February 17th’/CIA / NATO uprising against Mu’ammar al-Qathafi; and, with that, the return of Khalifa Heftir.

In September, 1985, “The National Security Centre” drew up a report entitled “The Principle of Qaddafi.” This report explained that Libyan interests ran counter to those of the United States and that Libyan policies “pose a danger to American security and to NATO plans” and even to some Arab countries friendly to the United States. The report added that if it was not possible to shoot Qaddafi, “an operation must be worked out against him with accuracy never before encountered by Libya since the toppling of the monarchy in September 1969.”
On the 13th of January, 1988, the American magazine “Newsweek” published an article entitled “Six Strategic Points,” referring to the six points outlined by a second ranking official at the National Security Council and endorsed by that Council. These were the following:
Project President Qaddafi as a negative personality on the international scene, and slander him so as to create a public opinion within the United States and at the world level that would support any American project hostile to him.
Continue the persistent demand that the Western allies oppose Libya at political, economic, and military levels.
Threaten to boycott the countries which refuse to boycott Libya even if that boycott involves the cessation of American military transaction with some allies such as France and Belgium.
Mobilize all forces hostile to Colonel Qaddafi, and finance, equip, and encourage his enemies.
Invite all the countries of the world to exercise a strict control over Libyan diplomats, even if it involves the violation of their diplomatic immunity.
Organize a military operation against Libya.
On November 3, 1985, an article appeared “The Washington Post”, written by Bob Woodward, the journalist who revealed the Watergate scandal in l972 which brought about the resignation of President Nixon. This article contained information on a report drawn up by the CIA stating that President Reagan had empowered the CIA to implement a secret operation to destroy the Libyan regime headed by Colonel Qaddafi and that the plan included providing assistance to other countries in North Africa and the Middle East. On March 30, 1986, the Egyptian newspaper “Al Ahram” published an article stating that the United States had three times asked Egypt to wage a military action against Libya but that Egypt had refused to do so.
The relevant American departments persistently tried to goad Colonel Qaddafi into a reckless external action or into concocting a terrorist act to enable his enemies to seize power, or to give one of Libya’s neighbours “Algeria or Egypt for example” justification to retaliate forcefully against Libya. The paper affirms that this plan was submitted to the external Relations Committee of the Congress and that both George Schultz, the Secretary of State, and William Casey, the CIA Director, had stated that they were seeking the approval of Congress. The real objective, according to the paper, was to “impose changes that could be sustained in Libyan policies.”

The changes that could be sustained were attempted through the CIA primarily by impairing the relations of Libya with Arab countries at first and later, with friendly countries. As a first step, all Libyan initiations to create a union with the Arab Mashrek or Maghreb were aborted. Libyan-Egyptian relations were disrupted to the extent of an aggression by Sadat against the Jamahiriya in 1977. This was followed by a plot to strike at the relations of Libya with the Sudan and then Algeria. Even the Understanding Agreement of Libya with France regarding Chad signed on September 17, 1984, was impeded by the United States who undermined it shortly after the meeting of Qaddafi with Francois Mitterrand. When all such manoeuvres failed to impose “sustained changes,” terrorist units were trained in the Sudan by the ClA. These units arrived in Tripoli but failed to achieve their purpose and their paymasters and provokers were uncovered. Assassination then became the new tool. There was an attempt to assassinate Muammar al-Qathafi in 1984, but the conspirators were apprehended and they revealed the role played by the CIA in the attempt.

The major American attempt to stifle Al-Fateh revolution was that of 1986, namely the military aggression waged by hundreds of planes against Tripoli, Benghazi and the residence of the Leader of the Revolution, Moammar Qaddafi. Residential areas were bombed in a deluded attempt to terrorize Libyan citizens and goad them into ridding themselves of their revolutionary leadership.

The argument of the American Administration for this blatant aggression was that Libya was responsible for a terrorist act against a Berlin night-club which killed one American and wounded others. Washington persisted in its claim that Libya was responsible for the Berlin incident and provided its European allies with what it alleged to be conclusive proof. Based on this, the United States started a far-reaching campaign to mobilize Western and American public opinion and set its allies against Libya.

After the collapse of East Germany and the seizure of the files of German intelligence, it was revealed that the blowing up of the night-club was planned by the East German Intelligence Service in cooperation with the German Organization of the Red Brigade. It was reaffirmed by Herr Wolf, the head of the Intelligence Service, when he was apprehended and questioned by (West) German and American intelligence. This information, which would have exonerated Libya, was kept secret, not only because America wished to protect its “credibility”, but also because it wished to persist in its schemes against Libya.

America, ultimately, did succeed in its attempts at portraying Libya as the leader of the forces hostile to the West and a dangerous supporter of liberation movements in the Third World. It imposed collective political and economic sanctions on Libya and managed to rally the support of some States for its military aggression, including Britain, Spain, France, and Italy.

In 1989, when George Bush became President after Ronald Reagan, the Libyan diplomacy earnestly sought to open a new page of relations between Washington and Tripoli, on the basis of a principle of balanced relations between states, and laying the blame for the aggression against Libya on President Reagan and his Administration alone. But this Libyan initiative was repulsed by Washington and its European allies, and the accusations and plots against the Libya continued. It became clear that the campaign against Libya was not the result of the will of particular leaders but was firmly entrenched in the world view of the imperialist Western nations.

In 1990, the campaign of these nations against Libya took a new turn, in the form of allegations of the existence of a chemical arms factory at the village of Al-Rabita. They persisted in their allegations, although the Libyan authorities and the European firms which had set up the factory firmly stated that it was a pharmaceutical factory for chemical products.

The Libyan diplomacy succeeded in aborting this new campaign by inviting Arab and foreign delegations, composed of journalists, politicians, and members of parliament to visit the factory and verify its equipment and production. These delegations were headed by President Hosni Mubarack of Egypt. Each and every visitor unequivocally stated that the American allegations were unfounded. Yet, early in 1991, an unknown arsonist set fire to the factory. The arson allowed the Western nations to stick to their accusations and claim that the fire was an attempt to cover up the truth.

During the incident of the Rabita factory, the alleged purchase by Libya of 25 000 tons of Semtex from Czechoslovakia was raised. This material is known to be used for lethal explosives and plastic bombs. The new Czechoslovakian officials said that Libya had bought 2 500 Kg (2.5 tons) of Semtex, but in the pursuance of its slanderous plan, the United States enhanced that figure to 25 000 tons to prove that Libya had bought an astronomical quantity beyond its real needs and that it must, therefore have links to terrorist organizations throughout the world.

In October, 1990, in the German magazine “der Spiegel”, the Leader, Moammar Qaddafi related his side of the story. He said that he had called the new Czechoslovakian President, Vlatislav Havel, and asked him to clarify the situation and deny the lies disseminated by America. Havel replied that he had issued an official denial without being asked to do so, but the denial had not been published. He then issued another denial, but the Western media did not even refer to it….’

Economic Hitmen

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An animated interview of John Perkins, author of ‘HoodWinked’ and ‘Confessions Of An Economic Hitman’ 
Copyright of the audio belongs to John Perkins.
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قنـــاة ســــرت على الفيــــس بــــوك.

the following is NOT GREEN CONFIRMED! It may be just “goating” as it comes from the dubious source of al-Libya-TV:

Allibiya TV – قناة الليبية
بيان غرفة العمليات الرابعة لرئاسة الأركان
مصراته الصمود
أكدت غرفة العمليات الرابعة لرئاسة الأركان ..درع ليبيا، وجود أبو بكر يونس جابر والمعتصم القذافي وخميس القذافي..في بنى وليد وكما شوهد أيضاً وعزالدين الهنشيري في ترهونة.. ويشاركون في العمليات القتالية هناك . وجاءت تلك المعلومات بعد الإمساك بثماني أسرى من كتائب القدافى الهاربين من العدالة وتأكيدهم لذلك .
فأن ثوار مصراته المنظمون تحت لواء رئاسة الأركان عاقدون العزم على تحرير المدينة من هؤلاء المجرمين والقبض عليهم وتقديمهم للعدالة.
والله أكبر ،،، وعاشت ليبيا حرة .

Allibiya TV – Channel Libyan

“Fourth statement from the operating room for the presidency of Staff:
Misurata withstands!
Fourth, it is confirmed from the operating room for the presidency of their (rat) Staff .. That there is shielded within Libya, the presence of Abu Bakr Younis Jaber and Mutassim Gaddafi and Khamis Gaddafi .. 
They are in Bani Walid; and there has been seen also Izzedine Hinhiri Tarhunah ….
And they are participating in combat operations there. The information came after constraining eight prisoners from the al-Gaddafi forces fleeing ‘justice’; and they have confirmed it.
Misrata rebels organizers, under the banner of their General Staff, are determined to liberate the city from these ‘criminals’ and arrest them and bring them to ‘justice’.
God is great,,, Long live free Libya.”


Humility Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s visit to the people of the rural areas of Bani Walid and inspect their living conditions
mercy of God be upon you, O commander
Inspects parents and ask them to monitor their humbly asks you reached water them or not and why rely on pension.
Publiée le 05 oct. 2012 Golden par Gen
Is on zootechnical or Agriculture and ask for a place studying children, how humble you, O commander did loves life palaces and opulence not soirees and percussion Alkoas with rulers of the West did not not you seaside resort and boats,
Gen. Golden

قنـــاة ســــرت على الفيــــس بــــوك
تم بحمد لله من شباب المقاومة من أحفاد المجاهدين الابطال وللمرة الثانية منذ الامس ولكن هذة المرة كانت اقوى من التى قد سبقتها.
وبفضل الله قام أبطال ترهونة الجهاد منذ قليل إست

هداف بوابة أم الرشاش الواقعه فى جنوب ترهونة على الطريق الرابط بين ترهونة وبنى الوليد
وماكان من الجردان إلا الفرار وكانت قوتهم لا تتعدى 15 سيارة ولكن أبطالنا قامو بضربهم بيد من حديد ولم يبقى منهم أى شخص فقد فرو فرار الجردان إلى حجورهم
وسنوافيكم إن كان هناك خسائر لهم.أم أبطالنا فهم بخير ومعنوياتهم تعانق السماء
والله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدى
خاص بصفحة شعبية ترهونة العظمى…
Channel Sirte on Facebook
· 07 OCTOBER 2012
Publiée le 08 oct. 2012 par MutasimGaddafi
Rafla Sirte Day 08 – 10 – 2012
ورفلة سرت اليوم 8 – 10 – 2012
Praise God from young descendants of the Mujahideen resistance Champions for the second time since yesterday, but this time it was stronger than that had preceded it.
And thanks to God the Champions Tarhunah Jihad since a few target gate or machine gun in southern Tarhunah on the link road between Tarhunah and Bani Walid
McCann Jerdan only escape and strong they were no more than 15 cars, but our heroes lose beat them with an iron hand did not keep them any person has fur Jerdan to flee Hgeorhm
And we bring you that there was a loss for them. Or our heroes understand the fine and morale hugging sky
God is the greatest above Kidd victim
The popular page to Tarhunah Great …
تم بحمد لله من شباب المقاومة من أحفاد المجاهدين الابطال وللمرة الثانية منذ الامس ولكن هذة المرة كانت اقوى من التى قد سبقتها.
وبفضل الله قام أبطال ترهونة الجهاد منذ قليل إستهداف بوابة أم الرشاش الواقعه فى جنوب ترهونة على الطريق الرابط بين تر

هونة وبنى الوليد
وماكان من الجردان إلا الفرار وكانت قوتهم لا تتعدى 15 سيارة ولكن أبطالنا قامو بضربهم بيد من حديد ولم يبقى منهم أى شخص فقد فرو فرار الجردان إلى حجورهم
وسنوافيكم إن كان هناك خسائر لهم.أم أبطالنا فهم بخير ومعنوياتهم تعانق السماء
والله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدى
خاص بصفحة شعبية ترهونة العظمى…
تونا |tona
‏Photo : تم بحمد لله من شباب المقاومة من أحفاد المجاهدين الابطال وللمرة الثانية منذ الامس ولكن هذة المرة كانت اقوى من التى قد سبقتها.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
وبفضل الله قام أبطال ترهونة الجهاد منذ قليل إستهداف بوابة أم الرشاش الواقعه فى جنوب ترهونة على الطريق الرابط بين ترهونة وبنى الوليد<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
وماكان من الجردان إلا الفرار وكانت قوتهم لا تتعدى 15 سيارة ولكن أبطالنا قامو بضربهم بيد من حديد ولم يبقى منهم أى شخص فقد فرو فرار الجردان إلى حجورهم<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
وسنوافيكم إن كان هناك خسائر لهم.أم أبطالنا فهم بخير ومعنوياتهم تعانق السماء<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
والله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدى<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
خاص بصفحة شعبية ترهونة العظمى...<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
تونا |tona‏


May Allah and his Angels surround BANI WALID, protect the citizens and the fighting WARFALLA and the Green Resistance: especially our Supreme Leader Muammar al-Qathafi!
Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |
Morning News joyful victory of Andallah alone and Ali Phil trusts believers ..
Morning victory, pride Aaahrar Great Jamahiriya


Mass Protest at Tripoli `Rat Congress` Demanding Lift of Bani Walid Siege
Posted: 2012/10/08

From: Mathaba,net

Protesters demand action against Misrata and freedom for at least 500 political prisoners being held there and for the lifting of the siege recently imposed again upon Bani Walid where the Libyan Jamahiriya masses remain out of the control of the occupation regime. Photo: SIS

The protesters who numbered at least 1,000 gathered at the so-called General National Congress of Rats in Tripoli on Sunday 7th October to demand an end to the unjust terrorist siege of Bani Walid, the central Jamahiriya stronghold.

Bearing rat flags in order to be able to approach the rat congress without being shot, and claiming to be supporting the fake February 17 “revolution” by mouth but with strong ongoing support for the return of Jamahiriya, they succeeded.

Then the slogans turned against the rats of Misrata which are holding thousands of political prisoners but who are demanding that Bani Walid hand over 5 captured terrorists.

Just a few days ago the rat congress was invaded by at least 200 armed men mainly from Zawiya who convinced the rat security guarding the rats to allow them to pass without what would otherwise have been a blood bath.

As a result of the mass uprisings against the heretics, terrorists, traitors and outlaws allied to the occupation regime, the latter has been unable to form a government and instead formed an “emergency” committee to attempt to rule.

Amidst the mass shouting of slogans demanding freedom for the city of Bani Walid and action against the Misrata terrorists which could be heard inside the building, rats debated the dismissal of the rat “Prime Minister” Abushagur.

The “Congress” was also debating the acute security crisis in Libya with the regime unable to command the loyalty of its own brigades, unable to protect top military and political officers and unable to command respect nor control.

“We won’t give up on Bani Walid” could be heard among other slogans including “No, No Siege” and “Bani Walid calls for a free world” making it difficult for the panicked rats to hold their meetings about the survival of the illegal regime.

Bani Walid is currently surrounded by a random rag-tag rabble array of rats mostly from Misrata armed with rocket launchers and Grad missiles aboard their usual 4×4 ratmobiles, wearing dirty clothes and with no discipline or decorum.

In contrast the Revolutionary Committees of the Brother Leader of the Revolution in defence of the Great Al-Fateh Revolution continue to drive around in smart clean white Hyundai fast cars, busy assassinating stray dog traitors.

Bani Walid was surrounded by Misrata rats since a few days while “deadlines” for Bani Walid to free the detained terrorists and to hand over those who questioned a Misratan rat over his claims made to rat media, are extended again.

The Misrata Rats and Bats (flying rats) launched cowardly air-strikes on Bani Walid injuring several elderly women and an old man yesterday morning, according to reports emerging from the besieged city.

Meanwhile at the same time as the demonstrations demanding the release of political prisoners and the lifting of the siege of Bani Walid, operations continued in further attempts to free political prisoners.

The demonstrators outside the Rat Congress in Tripoli could also be heard shouting “the valley of the 50 tribes will destroy Misrata in one night”.

With most of the Libyan Jamahiriya again out of the control of the rat occupation regime and even with the rat stronghold from which sewers most had emerged — Benghazi — having also mutinied against the Tripoli-based regime, a continuation of the siege and attacks on Bani Walid and failure to release political prisoners can only fuel green fires.

The “President” of the Rat Congress and long-term CIA employee since over three decades as well as wanted terrorist for crimes against the Jamahiriya, Stray Dog Megarief, held a closed-doors meeting in the rat congress with emissaries from Bani Walid led by Salim Al-Ahmar Ali.

Salim had entered the rat congress as one of many independents, but had been ejected because the rat congress only allows membership of rats although some have managed to infiltrate who are able to conceal their true human identity.

Salim was one of two “representatives” from Bani Walid and was suspended by a rat commission for failing the rat identity and loyalty test “look like a rat, smell like a rat, squeak like a rat and scurry like a rat” on October 2nd.

The rat occupation regime has sent many rat delegations to Bani Walid in recent days, said to include Rat President, CIA Agent and Stray Dog Chief Terrorist Megarief himself, along with military traitors and rat congress members.

The people of Bani Walid however have refused to succumb to attempts at bribery, trickery, coercion nor threats of force, politely preferring to die standing rather than live on their knees under a rat occupation of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

At first the British sponsored rat media spread the lie that civilians have left Bani Walid, so as to prepare world media to accept another siege and bombing of Bani Walid which held out for months last year without food, medicine or water.

Now however the same media is threatening large-scale civilian casualties on Bani Walid, with British Secret Intelligence Service media asset George Grant calling in the Libya Herald yesterday for action against Bani Walid.

“Should an attack be ordered on the town, there are fears of large-scale civilian casualties and the possibility of retaliatory strikes elsewhere in Libya. In spite of this, however, Bani Walid cannot be allowed to continue its defiance of the new government and must be brought into line, even if that means using force to do so”, he ends one report.

In an attempt at obfuscation the “deputy editor” who claims that his publication operates under “very difficult circumstances” while at the same time Tweeting that he is enjoying coffee and shisha at the Royal Cafe on Algeria Square, Grant attempts to put the call at the feet of “many both inside (rat) congress and on the street.

Any survey of the Libyan masses in any part of Libya other than rat-infested Misrata will show absolutely no support whatsoever for a rat and bat assault on Bani Walid, and that continued defiance of the rat regime is now near universal.

Thank you to all those who have made it possible for us to continue this far as the only remaining official news source for the revolutionary committees movement of Muammar Qadhafi where it essential for us to keep publishing.

Libya: Occupation Regime Facing Resurgance of Popular Resistance, Mulls Over Bani Walid Attack
Posted: 2012/10/01

With Benghazi all but declaring itself

independent, Tripoli resistance resurging, Sebha, Ghat, Brak all showing numerous successes against rat forces, now the regime is faced with what to do about Bani Walid, yet againThe “rats” are in dire confusion, panic, and unable to form a government that has any credibility. With top military generals, even top U.S. officials and agents in the country losing their lives to the resistance, the regime heads know that they’re next in line.Increasing divisions have left the regime of the so-called Prime Minister trying to form a government even weaker, Jibril abandoned by his own party members, and CIA agent and ‘Congress’ head Magarief calling for Libya to become a secular country without Qur’an as Law.Islamist militias ganging up with the popular resistance in a Jihad which Muammar Qaddafi called for, and the popular masses gaining confidence across the country and even openly celebrating Al-Fateh and the victories in Benghazi, with pro-Qadhafi Al-Fateh slogans.
The main terror wing of the regime, the Supreme Security Committee in open fights with the regime which has abandoned it, a weak national army, a police force in full mutiny, while a British “Deputy Editor” has a hard time smoking shisha and drinking coffee.Americans telling the regime what to do, the regime unable to implement those directives, the media now totally silent over Ghat, Sebha, the south of Libya, and truing to put a brave face and twist the fact in the east and west, what is happening at the centre, in Bani Walid?
Open display of Jamahiriya flags, open resistance, and clashes with so-called “Libya Shield Forces” at checkpoints, and continued defiance of the regime. Now the occupation regime is faced with a hard choice, what to do about Bani Walid?Their current solution lies once again in using the murderous terrorists of Misrata. Reports indicate they intend to give the orders to the Misrata militias to attack Bani Walid. The problem is these militias are allegedly supposed to be under the National Army.And the National Army, the Libyan masses, even those who are not engage in resistance, expect to be there to protect Libyans, not to oppress and massacre them. So if the militia in Misrata, which now belong to the army, attack Bani Walid, the whole plot unravels.
The regime is thus left with no support among the people, a weak national army, and militias which for the most part are unreliable with only the Misrata militia and a few other small ones left to do the dirty work, with many islamist brigades now in open war with the regime.“We are waiting for the command of the army chief of Staff [Yusuf Mangoush]“, Misrata Local Council chief Saleem Baitelamal said this afternoon October 1st. “The situation is that all militias belonging to the army have been alerted. All are ready.”
And the occupation government is even still calling upon the Supreme Security Committee, which is out of control and now in limbo, with “Interior Minister” Fawzi Abdelali today saying on rat television that an order had been issued to the SSC, which is still separate from the national army and tasked with “security” (terrorising the people), to prepare itself for a possible assault on Bani Walid.On Tuesday, CIA agent Megarief’s “National Congress” issued an ultimatum to Bani Walid to hand over those suspected of involvement in the killing of rat Omran Shaban, the Misratan “first credited with discovering Muammar Qaddafi in a drainage pipe in Sirte last October.”
The “Congress” voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion authorising the ministries of interior and defence to “use all necessary measures to arrest the suspects” — the deadline expires 5 October.
Yet the “Prime Minister” is at odds with these pronouncements saying that “no action has been authorised against Bani Walid and no mobilization order issued”, in an attempt to distance the occupation regime from any action that it gives the militia in off-record orders.Shaban had been killed in Bani Walid after being sent there as part of an effort to retrieve some journalist spies from Misrata who had been captured in Bani Walid.Foreign occupation media says reports of a “sizeable invasion force” mustered at the front line checkpoint of Bir Durfan, around 20km NE of Bani Walid are false, with the British propaganda publication “Libya Herald” having claimed to have visited the area.
The Libya Herald is a publication tasked with creating pro-occupation regime anti-Qadhafi and anti-Jamahiriya propaganda under the guise of independent journalism, and feeding western media outlets with fake and “spun” news reports.In this it has been successful due to the western media outlets requiring only something which they can later pin the blame on others (Libya Herald), however the direct readership of the Libya Herald remains miniscule and it complains of Mathaba’s wide reach.The occupation regime is apparently hoping that the “threat of force” against Bani Walid will be enough for them to hand over the alleged suspects who carried out justice against the rat from Misrata, however they are clearly being naive.
As much as Bani Walid has suffered what most people in the world would not have the strength to endure, the news has spread fast around Libya about the weakness of the regime, the inability of its foreign backers to protect it, or even their own key personnel.The resistance has continued to grow and adapt, developed networks and communications, renewed its strength and endless motivations, fired by the desire of every true Libyan Muslim to free his or her land from the rats and crusaders, and to exact revenge on the traitors.– This article was compiled by the Mathaba News Agency from information received from various Libyan Jamahiriya sources.
 First Jamahiriya TV channel
Context for the news former Fahda names of the dead “in the attack on the gate Suse / / /
died at dawn today three belonging to the other Army Almottagrdn and room care
after an attack on them Sousse gate did not know the perpetrators so far and the dead are …. 1 /
Magdy Saad SMN …
Breaking News 07 OCTOBER 2012 
Fighters of Bani Walid city defeated Misurata rats on Al Sadada check point (about 30 km far from city).
Also they got 4 tanks from rats of Misurata, because rats ran leaving it.
Takeda what we already published …intense security alert and overflights sky Sousse / / /
expired since few funeral of the victims of the attack Sousse in the city cemetery in the presence of people dead and a number of the city’s population. …

Promise and soon Baden God Aawaldna … And Aafajrna … And Aaazna …. And Aamjadna …. And Iafarsna … And Green are moving

from 04 OCTOBER 2012 Victory:

URGENT / / / / spotted shortly before 8 car Msarit type {transfer} large Mottaghae to Alroagh Mountains

and the in receiving local council {Dan, Jufrah} and a battalion brigade Jerdanih ..

The car loads of ammunition and weapons from the mountain … To go out into the battlefield.

Jerdan Aigadwa and Aarsoa … Every moment out inventory and professes Btfahat proof Tnaqdahm it without sovereign state / / / /

now …. And arrival جردان troops shield Libya’s eastern zone of the General Staff to Bani Walid led inventory and Sam Bin Humaid …

Now Ktaib Jerdan of the Allaotuny army are besieged Bani Walid only without progress to implement the instructions of the chief of staff … inventory.

02 OCTOBER 2012
BANI WALID: The FINAL STORM before the Sun breaks….

Alexander Beck of Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi writes us:

Breaking news


Allibiya TV – قناة الليبية
for help .. help .. help
Town of Bani Walid yesterday capture and was beaten with a weapon of mass destruction of toxic gases … .. .. Grad missiles and chemical and germ rockets … that the people of civilian citizens die every day and houses destroyed over their heads. And their children are dying from lack of drugs and wome

n, pregnant women die on the road .. because besieged gangs and prevent the entry of drugs with serious cases, as a result of the constant bombardment .. prevent medicine, lunch and kill all displaced religion, age over 14 years
Civilians ask UN Where are you from reports by humanitarian organizations because all organizations said that there is a disaster in Bani Walid
To all the honest world please Altdahir front of embassies and missions of the United Nations to find an urgent solution Rescue Bani Walid and civilians were genocide by Misurata gangs at all to move to save at least one child
They killed tens of willful media blackout….

#Bani Walid #Libya

“Rats attacking right now Bani Walid, Libya from place called Marduum ( near East side of city) with heavy weapons.
Their ultimatum was a trick, in order to reduce level of warning for defenders.
Wait further news from battlefields”

  • Artist Resistance – Bani Walid O line
  • von John Schacher

    Leider liegen so gut wie keine Neuigkeiten aus der von allen Seiten massiv belagerten Warfalla-Hauptstadt Bani Walid vor. Die Nachrichtenverbindungen sind restlos gekappt, Versorgungsgüter kommen keine in die Stadt – Benzin und sogar Sauerstoff für das Klinikum sind Mangelware.

    Auf dem Blog von Leonore wird berichtet, dass in Libyen derzeit vielerorts Warfalla-Bürger aus Universitäten und von der Strasse weg verhaftet und “Befragungen” unterzogen werden, um möglichst viele Details über die Stadt und mögliche Wege zum Eindringen in diesselbe zu erhalten.

    Das folgende Video zeigt Folgen der jüngsten Terror-Bombardierungen, die auf Kosten von Frauen und Kindern stattfindet:


  • Libya: Bani Walid under fire
    John Schacher writes:
    Unfortunately, as good as there are no news of the massive siege from all sides Warfalla Capital Bani Walid. The communication links are completely cut off, no supplies are eligible in the city – and even fuel for the hospital oxygen is scarce.

     the blog of Leonore is reported that in Libya is now in many places Warfalla citizens from universities and from the road arrested and “surveys” are subjected to get as many details about the city and possible ways to entry therein.
    The following video shows aftermath of the recent terrorist bombings, which takes place at the expense of women and children.

    Important for each Adinmah our pages Resistance
    “We hope that all pages not to publish anything for Resistance in Bani Walid and field achievements
    And assure everyone that the situation and things are all excellent and und
    er the control of
    Helena in Bani Walid honorable and all Libyans Liberal now present in the fronts are their national and religious duty toward home
    Please everyone’s obligation not to transfer News fronts Bani Walid
    And forward the revolutionary struggle continues”

    هام لكل ادمنيه صفحاتنا المقاومه
    نرجو من جميع الصفحات عدم نشر اي شي يخص المقاومه

     في بني وليد وانجازاتها الميدانيه
    ونطمئن الجميع بان الاوضاع والامور كلها ممتازه وتحت سيطرة هلنا في بني وليد الشرفاء وكل الليبين الاحرار موجودين الان في الجبهات يقومون بواجبهم الوطني والديني اتجاه الوطن
    نرجوا من الجميع اللتزام بعدم نقل اخبار جبهات بني وليد
    والى الامام والكفاح الثوري مستمر
    Solidarity for BANI WALID from the EAST of LIBYA:
    Déclaration Rafla dans la province de l’Est en solidarité avec Bani Walid
    Publiée le 8 octobre 2012 par MutasimGaddafi
    Siege of Bani Walid crime against humanity

     written by a good al-Zentani:  

    writer Abdul Majid Souissi Alzentani

    Of the worst forms of crimes against humanity sieges of towns and villages and cut by the Food and Drug Administration in order to subject them and force them to accept a de facto in Libya means acceptance by virtue of armed militias and including committing torture and looting of public and private money and a violation of the symptoms .. This crime which Cherant decision of the highest authority in the Libyan state and implemented now with affiliated form not subject to the so-called legitimacy is historical precedent whatever means sense of the word. History of contemporary human knows that the State imposes sanctions on countries or the international community imposes sanctions on countries but did not know that the parliament and the government under pressure armed militias impose a blockade to prevent food and medicine to the city and entrusted implementation of these same militias that are not subject not to the law nor knew and led accused ugliest crimes. 

    this ongoing crime being committed in Libya being systematically blackout. It blackout can understand you do not understand through the use of two explanations Either some prior agreement on covering it from the media, public and non-exposure so as not to rise up Libyans against the siege of a part of them and fail therefore plan to force the city and break its will in the interest of a certain class seeks to achieve purposes unrelated the interests of the Libyan nation and its citizens. But if there is a compulsion material or at least significant impact on the media local different in order to avoid provoking public opinion in order to ensure they continued plan drawn up details in the basements of armed militias away from the basements of the parliament and government. 

    this crime affecting human conscience and show the imbalance in the values ​​of Some of the human race who share our air and water with him and news on this earth added to other crimes is not stated at the lower seriousness continue fascists or neo-Nazis in Libya in the perpetration 

    In order to increase the opacity for such offenses created militia supporters as he did the previous regime. Which led to the emergence of the ousted militia as an alternative to what is known Bozlam system and those deployed in government departments, parliament and militants in the newspapers and the media, especially Facebook and Mokhtrkon of civil society and Manmtm specific justify action militias, defend and Mhajhh of being what you do and determine who is a threat to them from journalists The jurists and even politicians to take over the militias measure ordered. 

    To put the reader Karim fact what is going on it thus: 

    1 / read Resolution No. 7 for the year 2012, and determine the cause of issue and answer the following question: Why did not issue such a decision in the case of Abdul Fattah Younis In the case of liquidation officers in Benghazi and in the case of displacement Torghae and tracking and killing their children across Libya??. 

    Why not take a similar step to end torture in the prisons of the militias who knew by the proximal and distal documented by local and international organizations for human rights? Knowing that this crime occurred and located a victim of thousands of Libyans and on a daily basis. 

    2 / media blackout systemic blockade where not mentioned in the channels Allepieh private, public and timidly under the title (the so-called blockade) only after the revelations, Amnesty International and the reports of Arab and international satellite channels. 

    3 / blackout on every move the people of Bani Walid and civil society organizations against the blockade.Where local channels does not appear any image to rally the people of Bani Walid in front of the National Congress in the heart of Tripoli and described some channels they were dozens of demonstrators and fearing that compares scenes between the number you mentioned. In return, showed Arab channels images and reported detailed reports was first to respond in the Libyan media. 

    For these reasons it is clear that the state will not be upright and there will be directed my grandfather to build only after a trial of criminals for serious crimes committed daily which crimes against humanity does not become obsolete and accept the amnesty. This appears to be unattainable in the government, parliament and media obeys orders armed militias led to the destination you want. Perhaps the first priority today is to take what it takes to keep the National Conference general and the government for the power of these militias and Tswart it moved to Benghazi فطرابلس open to all militias intervention whenever and graduated whenever, including what is a resident.

      writer Abdul Majid Souissi Alzentani

    Urgent ::: Bani Walid now the use of internationally prohibited weapons in the bombing .Alataba Hospital Bani Walid suspect in the use of weapons and internationally prohibited gases by armed militias that surround and bombard the city as a result of the symptoms on the bodies of the injured by shelling and wounded ..

    Provide Bani Walid in the battle and wound Jews Misrata in Zliten full hospital from his wound and killed God largest and Rafla proven to withstand News

    عــــــــــــــــاجل بني وليد .

    تقدم بني وليد في المعركة وجرحة من اليهود مصراتة في مستشفي زليطن ممتلئ من جرحه وقتلا لله اكبر ورفله الصمود لاخبار المؤكدةMu LION

    Urgent – rocket on the city of Bani Walid Eyewitnesses reported from the city of Bani Walid that 8 rockets fell on the area Almrdom in Bani Walid shortly before by gangs Misrata criminal besieging the city a week ago and prevent the entry of drugs and Alagdeh and prevent the entry and exit of families from the region

    The region has witnessed Almrdom morning bombing locusts missiles and artillery howitzers randomly at homes of the region’s population in the absence of civil society organizations and the silence of the Arab and international media
    For the crimes and massacres committed against civilians in the city of Bani Walid
    by gangs and terrorist militias Misrata
    He told one of the members of the fact-finding committee in the city of Bani Walid
    about the severe shortage of medicines and food and children Agmaah
    which threatens a humanitarian catastrophe

    موقع الرصيفة ألأخبارية موقع أخباري احدي المواقع التابعة لشبكة الرصيفة للاعلام

    ‏Photo : عــــــــــــــــاجل بني وليد .<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
تقدم بني وليد في المعركة وجرحة من اليهود مصراتة في مستشفي زليطن ممتلئ من جرحه وقتلا لله اكبر ورفله الصمود لاخبار المؤكدة</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />


    Resistance in Bani al Walid ~ Resistenza a Bani Walid ~ (ENG-ITA~Text & Video)
    Posted on 05 October 2012 by libyanfreepress

    *Armed gangs of Misrata attacked a small village 60km distant from Bani el Walid and Resistance fighters in Bani el Walid have responded with great courage.
    Bani el Walid, 02 October 2012 –
    The first attack resulted in the death of a Libyan Resistance fighter from a small town near Bani el Walid, but the heroes of Bani el Walid have responded with great courage causing huge losses in the ranks of NATO/mercenaries from Misrata, pushing them out of the city. The defendants then celebrating the martyrdom of their heroic citizen.
    Then, variosu Kabaael came in Bani el Walid for the condolences to the tribes.The NATO/mercenaries from Misrata had begun to attack a town near Bani Walid that had refused to accept the government of the NTC in their area. The murder of a citizen of that village caused the reaction across the country, a majority loyalist, who rejected the rats and pushing them out of the city, causing them heavy losses.All fighters resistant from Bani Walid who had been injured days ago are now in good conditions and have already left the hospital.
    The people of Bani Walid said that they are always ready to defend Bani el Walid. Mobile units of the NTC mercenaries were placed outside of the town.False news are circulating, stating that the citizens of Bani Walid have fled and have abandoned the town. All citizen are in the village and in their homes.The Council of the tribes of Bani Walid had a meeting to discuss the latest attacks on the city and how to deal with more attacks in the future.  The citizens of Bani Walid condemn the intentional blackout in the media about the news about their city, especially with regard to the latest news.
    At the time, terrorist groups of jihadist NATO/mercenaries are blocking the two entrances of the town of Bani el Walid, to the north and south, to stop access for oil and food.This is not the first time that the population of the town and the whole area resists and reacts to these attacks: the joining of forces of the tribes will maintain Bani el Walid free from the presence of the NATO/rats, traitors and mercenaries.*
    Resistance in Bani al Walid ~ Resistenza a Bani Walid ~ (ENG-ITA~Text & Video)

    THIS is to insure that the BANI WALID mission is successful–and not undermined by unsuspecting BUT STUPID journalists wishing to cover the events.

    Misrata is now the ONLY city that is not GREEN–all Libya is backing BANI WALID; and if and when Misrata deems destruction; Muammar will give the word and destroy Mistrata–sofar not that situation…

    Rat Forces Poised to Stike Bani Walid, Response in Tripoli Predicted

    Libyan People’s National Movement
    Word now:. Militias stationed in the eastern Djihh Bani Walid are shelled residential areas rocket Braszmat and mortars!

    Posted: 2012/10/05 & 6
    From: Mathaba
    As rats gather outside Bani Walid with the aim to again terrorise the free people of the Libyan Jamahiriya, popular resistance response at the seat of power in Tripoli and other locations around Libya is expected should an attack take placeWith the rat occupation regime failures to establish a government and inability to govern the Libyan people nor to protect its own security forces, military and guardians from attack, it is now gambling with an assault on Bani Walid.The regime hopes to send a clear message to the Libyan Jamahiriya stronghold and what the occupation forces call “Qaddafi loyalists” that it will continue to target any who dare to fly the green Jamahiriya flag of Islam and freedom.One problem with the strategy lies in the already overstretched rat resources which are unable to provide security and protection to their own leaders and commanders, or to control brigades who are now turning their guns on the regime.Another problem is that the Jamahiri resistance is aware that another attack on Bani Walid will provide another excellent opportunity for further victories around the country and even inside the rat headquarters at Tripoli.Hundreds of rat vehicles with rocket launchers are poised to again strike terror and death from afar, unable to fight man to man with the lightly armed masses of Bani Walid.False reports have already been circulated by war criminal occupation media notably the British intelligence operation Libya Herald that civilians have evacuated Bani Walid, so that world media can say that only armed men remain there.The fact is that the entire civilian population remains in Bani Walid and has again vowed to die standing rather than live on its knees. Popular masses around the Jamahiriya are poised to score more victories in response to any assault.Thousands of rats along with hundreds of 4×4 ratmobiles equipped with rocket launchers, as well as Grad missiles and tanks are reported by rat media to be poised for a rat assault on the free people of the Jamahiriya city of Bani Walid.A year ago the city underwent a gruesome siege and massive non-stop bombing campaign by U.S.-led imperialist “NATO” allied terror forces along with rat mercenaries on the ground, resulting in months of massacre as the citizens of these towns refused to surrender their power, wealth and arms to the occupation forces in spite of the terrible siege.Occupation was only achieved after the bombing and terror campaign, along with a total denial of all food, water and medicine, and without media coverage, when both towns were all but eliminated in scenes reminiscent of the siege of Stalingrad.Meanwhile the rat forces have been unable to prevent massive ongoing victories of the Jamahiriya resistance fighters and citizens refusing to be cowed across the heavily destroyed country of Libya which western capitalist companies hope to “rebuild” into a slave outpost for the recolonization of Africa.However, the rats outside Bani Wali are — even according to pro-rat media — disorganized in a rag-tag random rat array.Megarief, long-term CIA agent and imposed President of the unlawful General National Congress, acutely aware of the dangers of attacking Bani Walid while occupation regime forces have lost control of most of the country, requested that the “deadline” imposed on the regime for Bani Walid to surrender citizens who carried out reprisals, be extended.In spite of numerous ultimatums and warnings for the Libyan Jamahiriya citizens in Bani Walid to stop abducting terrorists that had been sent to assassinate citizens and to release those rats already being held, the town has instead responded by apprehending yet more terrorists and refuses to acknowledge the illegitimate occupation regime.Megarief wants the 7 October deadline extended to October 10. Rats constantly extend “deadlines” and never meet their targets and have already lost control over many parts of the Libyan Jamahiriya which is wresting itself free from occupation and preparing to revive the Jamahiriya People’s Authority.
  • Sylvia Habib

    they will be more and more afraid now………
  • this is great although it makes them more dangerous . if somebody has nothing to loose ……….
    The battle of BANI WALID was decisive and remarkably quick–WITH GREEN RESISTANCE and BANI WALID
    Celebration residents of Bani Walid, buoyed by victory and the resultant expulsion
    For Almusratih militias that attacked the eastern border of the city of Bani Walid.
    Celebration residents of Bani Walid victory and the expulsion of criminal militias Misrata
    the battle had been done from the east side of Bani Walid it resulted a big lose to the rats ranks ,
    5 cars with heavy weapons destroyed , 16 captured rats , more than 30 injured rats in Misurata Hospital ,
    People of the city rejoicing after big victorious for today . »
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel correspondent of Bani Walid today in clashes, 1 – killing 18 rat Musrati 2 –
    the destruction of 6 cars 3 – the seizure of 4 launchers 4 – capturing 12 rat
    Martyrdom Warfalli 2 –
    4 of heroes injury and Rafla
    إحتفال أهالي بني وليد بالنصر الذي حققوه وما نتج عنه من طرد
    للميليشيات المصراتيه التي هاجمت الحدود الشرقية لمدينة بني وليد.
    Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |
    Il y a 17 minutes
    Your involvement
    URGENT: remarks Colonel Salim Allowaar on Radio Bani Walid local said that Misurata fleeting and we سننزل Zahvin to Tripoli every Maautina of forces and will dock with us Be

    nghazi and the rest of the tribes honest and and Rishvana said its statement on Radio Bani Walid announces joining us in deeds, not in words and Misurata gone their actions Desperate for trying to control the Bani Walid and members of the Libyan National Congress of suffering for them and turn in to control the situation ended the permit.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel voice thick pencil in Friday Amayem in Zliten of rats to convince people that they Mentsrien
    correspondent incognito among rats rats Misrata are afraid of opening a
    front in Zliten so as not to be besieged Misrata from all sides ……
    The violent clashes on the outskirts of Zliten.

    Muammar Al-Qathafi – Transcript of a speech of the Leader of the Revolution in front of a crowd

    35 years of the revolution – 2004 (transcript of the Leader of the Revolution in front of a crowd of the events of the Libyan people)

    Muammar al-Qathafi Tripoli 01 SEPT. 2004 al-Fateh anniversary

    TRIPOLI, LIBYA – 2004

    Transcript of the Leader of the Revolution in front of a crowd of the events of the Libyan people

     Of the popular leaders and the people’s congresses and trade unions and federations, professional associations, and the revolutionary force in the thirty-fifth of the world revolution historic Great Revolution ..
    We declare that the power to the people conferences People’s Committees, but from my leader of the revolution that has in such night since thirty-four years, my colleagues and I who have the Revolution door revolutionary legitimacy It is our duty National us the right to extend to you accountability and even accounting for what you have by since Tzlemtem power in 1977, Christian, we are who we handed revolution you power in that year, and arrested who have power revolution that was their hands by virtue of their revolution .. Accounting should start from here, what did you do to that which delivered it to you in 1977 ..

    The any Effectiveness us after (77) is as a volunteer, as a matter of national service, of incitement door ..The responsibility of the rebels to incite the masses to exercise power ..When we accept your power in (77) as they are known we Nhredkm to do Ti_jawa and trust in yourselves and exert power and direct popular democracy, It Tstgnoa so any behalf, fangs peoples and the masses and people

    Text talk Leader of the Revolution in front of a crowd of events Libyan people
    this came in the era of Old when people were illiterate and ignorant and poor, and economically they call the era of scarcity, they call the era of scarcity any because of the scarcity of things, where food was rarely and medicine rarely, communications, transportation and information are rare because Ignorance, Ignorance in the scarcity of information .. There is a dearth of housing and clothing in communications .. In that era the majority of fans in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, people need to governor, to vice, to broker .. In that era was a favorable opportunity for charlatans and sorcerers and charlatans and Alhadeghin and smart .. Was a favorable opportunity for them to exercise their magic and frantically trying .. Took advantage of their intelligence and Hzgahm to take over the minds of the people and the people’s wealth and power of the people .. This is the philosophy and a Governor, a government, a parliament, a party, but to continue those old tools, Tools Middle Ages and before even in the age of abundance, abundance of information, abundance in culture, abundance of experience, plenty of food, plenty in communications in transportation in all possibilities, has become a farce, and this is what the world is in now the world ..

    Now lives in a farce .. Templates from the Middle Ages are trying to human Icolbwa in this era of the masses .. The masses are now in the twenty-first century is not in need of the ruler, and unbelievable magician ..Of which is still incredible magic .. In the past decade was the charming people believe because people were ignorant and magician was everything, everything works .. This talk is in the Scriptures and is in the Koran, the magician has had a role because people were naive at that time, limited expertise and specific culture and Dr. AH

    If sustenance of livelihood where it comes from, money .. Sky to Atemtr gold or silver .. You are a thief is motivated revolution, not a revolution carried out by military and carried out by officers, carried out by a conscious or crazy or courageous, not carried out by the masses .. Now unhappy this revolution without arms, all the Iranian people at the level of the Shah and the best of the Shah thousand times and Asagtoh without a weapon .. From you so that control the great Iranian people. This is the reason for the crisis experienced by the world now .. Unite the world remind the world that old templates measures must be shatter and break down and people should exercise direct democracy without a veil, without governor, without behalf, without a government, these are all farces .. People forming in popular congresses and climb to the popular committees .. Conferences decide and implement commissions, and this secret that Libya does not get the problems that happen in the world .. Haters ignorant and Alstahion and short-sighted say that there seems to be an iron fist .. There seems to be a dictatorship .. Dictatorships in the whole world collapsed, and the iron fist crashed .. Who said that the iron fist continued .. Said Aldekaturia old Long, vice versa if the dictatorship against the people’s interests are constitute a provocation even shorten life .. Iron Fist If suffocating people and their freedom and creativity that is provoking factor for people to break the iron fist .. The ignorant and superficial and haters say Gaddafi ruled for 34 years, which governs how .. Tell them Gaddafi if he governs did not stay 34 years old .. Gaddafi does not rule .. Even reporters’ questions how do you control 34 years old, I do not judge .. It is the people who govern .. Avoided all the pitfalls ..
    As long as people judge you to change the regime in Libya means imprison the whole people or to execute the whole people of age 18 and older, because each one reached the age of 18 and older, male or female imposed that power is exercised by a member of the People’s Congresses, and climb in the People’s Committees , then you are what change in Libya .. How America 30 years can not change the regime in Libya Bjbrocha and strength, and how colonial powers and how states reactionary Zionist alliance dirty could not regime change in Libya, because he found popular authority, how varied by, if there is party be ousted by ..Governor could oust him, even if the killing of Gaddafi Gaddafi died conferences People do not die ..
    People’s Committees do not die .. Revolutionary Committees do not die .. People do not die control ..
    Social People’s Leadership, these exist, what does it matter if Gaddafi remains or did not stay because the natural old continues to this time, not because he continued in office .. There is a need to question, how do you stay? I do not judge, if you were wiser than Zaman went like their rulers who overthrew .. We come to the second point, colonialism, imperialism expanded and conquered continents of the world and form phenomenon colonial and colonial era and all Titles
    These are the same reasons that we talked about in the power and the era of scarcity in everything, and now the era of abundance, we no longer need to governor nor the party nor the Shura Council does not Parliament nor layer, all the stuff worn this colonization of what is weak peoples were conscious could not fight does not have a weapon, you can not make weapons, who make weapons limited number, transportation is very limited, which has ships to colonize the world .. Who has a machine to colonize the world ..
    Who has many soldiers and capable funded and trained like Hulagu or Genghis Khan or Hilter or Alexander the Great could sweep the world, find the masses fool, give them some livelihood, food or money, because the era of scarcity, these things are rare, and this is what is not far Italy when it came colonized Libya .. Libyan people do not know Italy, and he has a problem with Italy, I do not know where Italy is located, and the bombing started on Libya to destroy the Libyan cities, and we in the absence of this we do not know want to separate the country and separate Arab Islamic country and separate the Islamic world ..
    This British colonies, Portuguese, German, Dutch and English and French .. Where do you divide the hemisphere shares that are owned by the people .. Of latitude as well as the king of Italy, and along the line as well as the king of Britain .. Algeria is an integral part of France .. Libya beach fourth Rome .. India Durra in the British crown .. Gave you the right to these ridiculous labels brazen .. This great nation of India has given you right you Tholunha to Dora in Tajkm .. How Libya where people say the beach fourth to Rome, not to Rome, not at all know Rome .. Algeria is an integral part of French territory ..
    This was permissible in the colonial era was possible, because it is like what we told people fool, did not have a weapon .. Came strong colonized. Armies sweeping all invasions people not aware of them, no one knows that Timor because you or Hulagu or Genghis Khan or Alexander those who overran the Near and Far East and the whole world, no one knows until the advent of soldiers like locusts because people oblivious There is no information nor contacts no radios or newspapers nor Tlgravat there was not only homers, it’s something funny that emerged phenomenon colonial, now that imposes this phenomenon blasphemes against the tide against the nature of the times moronic and ignorant dreaming dreams Middle Ages, and now people are able to resist and able to understand the intentions of discount and watching everything and see everything and understand everything and know that when the State Fulani then greed colonial must prepare for it and you can make a weapon and this evidence is clear the land of Palestine embers,
    the land of Iraq embers and this we said before the occupation of Iraq and by the occupation of Palestine and told them, gentlemen, O Western O imperialists O colonial era in which dreaming of this is over, this not Asrkm nor the colonial era, now people can make weapons .. Car even Afajkhuha now there were not explosive belts Zaman, now every one can wear a vest packed with explosives and trust in God and blow himself up and the enemy is or die, now that you can settle in the land of others impossible to revive the past .. They said no we Sngahr Iraq and Sngahr Palestine and Sngahr Arabs Yours saw Vietnam you can not be تقهروا Somalia, did not appreciate that تقهروا Palestinian people you can not be تقهروا people of South Africa, black you can not be تقهروا peoples other African, did not overpower the conquer all ..colonialism colonial era colonial phenomenon of colonial antiquity came to these areas, settled it entered a new chapter separation of the awareness of the people, the era of information and knowledge and industry awareness, people began to say about them, what’s this .. Colony where I come from ..
    this rule .. This new base of this ruling was a foreigner and what will we do we .. This is our land, the land of the owner .. Malik White and this is not our land said yes ours when I came back and became the happy days of your fathers and grandfathers, they brought crackers Make You arms Tie yourself belt, mine car Buy rifle Kalashnikov began peoples know 🙂 The, the era of the existence of colonialism is the era of awakening, this colonization is still considered himself to be is the world does not change that people are people no .. The most important thing is the people .. India began to resist, Asia began to resist, and China resist, Indonesia resist and keep one person and kills alpha, Arab playboys their riding and destroying aircraft ..
    This is what was present time, this new crisis, which is now a dream colonial impose himself in is his time and lose there is no concern or fear, reactionary lose when dreams of the past, we night revolution in this day and found five bases U.S. opened our eyes what this, these rules U.S. British base Omar Mukhtar Street they call the Institute bin perspective British base camp british red Tajoura tells you these british red, since I entered the military college Arsdna door Aziziyah, we students and when we went to military college and stood in front of Camp Tajoura and Agafohna why now they all red with English Camp Tajoura what this said our colony for that we are entering the Military College wrote on the wall in Arabic forbidden to approach, sniffer dogs, dogs of war barbed wire.
    camp plateau and found Englishmen continuing to move their furniture and said abandoning the army Libi, who is now condominium, this was a camp an English , means when you get into the military college was English camp a year before the revolution, this Wattayah U.S. base,
    navigation U.S. base, Tajoura U.S. base .. 67 and I are planning how to operate an attack on Camp Dededosta center for the English after the aggression against Egypt means 67’re planning officers with civilians known in the story, we commando operations and attacks on Camp Diddosta in this Diddosta camp camp .. The name that they call now a camp hospital in Benghazi were all red british soldiers not to mention that they call nothingness base now base Gamal Abdel Nasser Tobruk ..
    Sabha castle was occupied by the French bombed our country rules were people the awareness came after what happened this colonization, said this navigation base Wells .. Said this navigation, said this base Wells this Wells we are meaning what do we do this our country occupied this our home Enter Military College and trained to be revolution, to be editing.
    this happened on this day, I write in order operations Bedi ordered operations number one I take responsibility for writing when my hand ..
    On the last day, which like the one who had his hand in Dyer his head this time we write in the order of operations in circumstance and Nhimh red and write upon Doe Battalion .. All Brigades Libyan army that duty as well as the duty as well as I started as soon as we distribute in order operations on units in the Kingdom at the time I wrotemy own hand because there were not a secret to the last day Ivkhroa it themselves like today this is exactly on August 31 at the time.
    I mean that those who are dreaming of being Sistamrn peoples The Christkmunha again from the inside or from the outside this is not their age or era rulers and the colonial era. Is not insane and dupes of the ignorant that they abandon their deceptive tactics they possible Atalhoa peoples and Agmoha or they يستعمرون peoples and take and take its oil wealth and take cultivation and take strategic positions .. Not Istmarw in this because they’re idiots. But people in the era of the last era of the masses era vigilance .. Enough that now anyone decides death comes to him Libyan forces, Egyptian forces would receive U.S. believes that the Dutch supposed to kill any foreign troops entered Iraq, God willing, ringworm on his head. This holds now. Any one death decides to hell in the whole world did not decide to death Enough. The man who carried out the horrific attack on the towers in New York and the Pentagon these people decided to death.
    Here’s how this when investigators but we are in terms of the result we know that these people have decided to death did not do it by mistake do an exhibition organized way .. The attack on the Pentagon only someone who wants to die and is convinced that the Commission and the certificate may deem obligatory so .. This is what they say they are .. These confessions. This is a dangerous thing is really scary when they say terrorism is something that terrorizes true that young man comes and installed a civilian airliner and fall on the Pentagon. The Soviet Union is now reckoned thousand even come down to the Pentagon بصواريخه intercontinental atomic Baknabulh and everything he has .. The Soviet Union is impossible to believe that the blow to the Pentagon .. If all this has resurrection ..Someone can call what they call a suicide bomber .. Terrorist .. Crazy .. Was able to hit the Pentagon this really terrible thing .. This is what made ​​people counted for everything, and there is no strong and weak and its major and its junior Palestinian kills himself and kills him one hundred Israeli finished and signed the incident .. The massacre took place because everyone decides death and this resolution does not give him a not withdrawn him one does not take approval from a ..
    For you are free to yourself decide to die and actually say terrorism, yes this terrorism thing terrorizing correctly .. I told you that I ground after this we will talk about the Lockerbie case and the issue of so-called Paleo-T any hot because these issues always hear people say why Libyan radio to Atvea this talk that we hear on the island .. Look island marked with an official other radio Radio Qatar visual .. They compared them .. Can not speak, who say Al-Jazeera say Qatar Radio .. Qatar Radio Radio responsible, state radio .. The island even now people do not know who owns .. One says owned Israel and the other says the king of the Americans and another says the Mossad and CIA .. Each one lives so we said maybe we get to share them if for sale .. So far we do not know who owns .. These radios and satellite channels that you see is a free hand .. Broadcasting and exciting is not responsible for Aémha What do you say .. Do not expect this from the Libyan radio ..
    Radio Libyan society, which is an official of the society .. Not strange that we expect them to sink to this level can not be .. Become a farce ..Unreasonable responsible radio say rumored or said .. Never .. Radio broadcast speech in charge of your official and which benefits does not create confusion rather than rumor or to اتقول, if excitement broadcasters are trying to be closer than people even talk about it .. Long as it is in this way .. These radios will lose credibility and become rigging radio stations instead of be enlighten broadcasters .. Each of the bear and each one is a liar has come speak on the clock radio .. People know that this is not true .. Who know this thing and say this radio which she said is not true when the leader Muammar Gaddafi yesterday and say that Gaddafi meeting was held today at a secret location ..People say you’re here in Tripoli .. Is Valamaah that lie which says that Gaddafi meeting was held in a secret location, to raise this lie and thus lose credibility, people will not believe it, this satellite will fall in one day .. Fall in terms of credibility and become fraud and radio stations are not enlightened and become a liar .. Are the Arabs finished ..
    Will return to Omjadehm .. Opposite direction .. These are all exciting. If the do not expect Aasadh that Maatkm radio listener radio Libyan which are not the property of the company and not the property of the individual and Lahi property of traders to do not expect them they work exciting and says things are not official, but broadcasts excitement say things informal and says you rumored said .. But users Qatar radio can not say things about Qatar and says rumored said .. Never .. Radio is committed to Egyptian state radio saw that respects itself and respect the Egyptian state can not intervene in the nonsense of this speech says the official in charge .. But these other radio broadcasters Nile this melody and radio broadcasting Dream this exciting radio stations, radio stations brokerage ..But the Almighty to the Egyptian state radio that respects itself and respect the Egyptian state can not interfere in these things and says rumors and said ..
    This state has done .. I hear the words of the radio stations on Libya is incorrect .. Sold Libya .. Libya bought .. Is all wrong, all the talk you hear about the transition part of the excitement and trade Altdjal. Why Libyan radio did not say like any other radio .. Al Jazeera or Abu Dhabi .. There broadcasts of excitement .. Is responsible .. I remember anytime we received the people and the people fasting three or four days, said Malcolm tired of fasting.told them still six days and people laugh, imagine this person such stations and such newspapers, if a reasonable person Vmacol say still six days in Ramadan and people silent days or three, said Ramadan is still six days and people laugh, fasted two or three days, and he told us that Ramadan will end soon, this thrills the same thing, this was a radio at that time one of visualizations or newspapers .. Official stuff be formal, and not in our interest we that Naziaha in radio, they are, of course, criticize and Iveonha order trade, but we are not going to do it, it is not possible to those things unless the path of formal and useful such as the Official Gazette .. Official Gazette can not publish an article or a joke ..
    Publishes laws .. Official gazette and publish an article, you can not is the official newspaper ..Laws shall be published only, while the official gazette says why did not publish such and such, and this thing is in the country and we heard .. This in other newspapers .. Daily newspaper this go and read it, which publishes news, but this official newspaper .. This community newspapers as well as radio stations and other can not deal with this stuff .. Free work in accordance with on your home, over your head, and you believe him sincerity and who does not believe him do not believe him .. These radio stations once tell the truth once opposite of the truth .. We come to talk about the Lockerbie case or / UTI / that I told you about, how it started this issue (Lockerbie), did not start now, not Bush nor Bush nor Clinton nor even Carter and Ford, this issue started since the revolution, began confrontation with America, the rules that I told you about that existed in Libya since the expulsion of U.S. bases and the nationalization of U.S. oil companies and the face of America revolution with all peoples liberated from colonialism, and this Kmusbandh confrontation began actually, meaning Libya is not friendly to America, accumulations of hostilities, this accumulations that created the Lockerbie case in the end ..
    How did the confrontation with America, began in 72, of 72 means by all presidents Americans who Arafnahm, began America harassment and moves aircraft and fleets and reconnaissance intense provocation in Libyan territorial waters, were intercepted to reduce this insulting aggressive since 72, so Americans do not know who is their president in 72, I do not know who is and I do not remember now ..In 73 U.S. warplanes began باختراقات different dates on the Libyan coast after the first harassment and approaching the Libyan territorial waters, began penetrations of Libyan territorial waters into Libyan airspace in 74 until 76 aircraft came to cluttered space Libya Libyan coast .. Look at this injustice and harassment, one might say Gaddafi American wealth and money .. America emerged after the revolution, why not keep him friendly and avoids these problems ..One says America emerged after the revolution ..
    Problems of who came, we did not go to America did not Nkriq atmosphere U.S. and Nhddhm Bosatellna and Btaúratna, who came here and had penetrated our airspace and threatening our sovereignty of 72 and 73, 74, 75, 76 and 77 to at 80 is a list of this provocation, this penetration, and provoked to find out where Libyan Alrdarat, where Libyan rocket launchers, where Libyan bases and base navigation, how they work Libyans where we were, and what worked in. ..
    Existing base Wattayah why Libyans work .. Tajoura why Libyans work .. They took يستطلعون and rummaging why our work new aircraft, of new airports, ports of new missiles, from Rdarat continuously from 72 to very 80’s, looking information by all means air and sea, and have in 80 to interception of civil aircraft and they drop the jet Italian over the island Ustica believing that Gaddafi is in. ..So who tried to kill the owner, who tried to carry out a non-humanitarian and non-project work terrorist hits civilian airliner us or them, are the first dropped a civilian airliner, believing that Gaddafi in this plane, Gaddafi was not bad assaulted America work a revolution in his country and Trdekm free his people, and the problem in 81.
    shot down two planes to Ebian in international waters Why? .. They said Libyan planes attacked the U.S. fleet and on the aircraft carrier and we self-defense Dharbnahm and this is not true Libyan planes were patrolling in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea and they are shooting down and this was the first confrontation between us and them, they said Libyan planes fired missiles at our planes and we Osagtnaha.
    In 1982 they b 12 air breakthrough hundred and eighty-one sorties, look this provocation and insulting .. Now you can any one say we threaten America and why Gaddafi to Aasadeg America what would America .. America is that we’ve got ..Indeed, after all this conflict between us and America finally America said why we struggle, and why we struggle always Lockerbie Come open the door of understanding what they said you’d Libyan Tphahoa you and the families of the Lockerbie victims of these families Tfahmua you and her and if you have agreed the U.S. government no longer then a problem with you here. .
    Went Libby’s lawyer said I represent the Libyan side formally attended the lawyer for the families of the victims and began discussing with them in the Lockerbie now the case means the ruling ended the Lockerbie and we will tell the final chapter where but say these things still and we have received to the final chapter the victims’ families said we want to Tawwadohna all victim ten million, they said no this many, said never even ye Libyans slain every Libyan killed by America in 86 slain him ten Americans and forty Amrakane how Tcetktron money and Tstkhosroa in lives and blood for America every Libyan slain him ten are of course Albsuna Lockerbie as what I said because Libya worked is Libya until now still say this case is over, but does not have the Abdel Basset nor any another Libyan said why Tsttkron money nor Tcetktron victims Americans who Guetltamohm you versus raid 86 told them the Americans who have been talking to is not the government that the victims’ families and their lawyers told them if Oh Libyans to
    Do you want to Have the us this case will go to court and Washington and will govern the twenty million to one billion each and every one will pay us the U.S. government this amount then demanding the U.S. government to Libya, even if you book on oil resorting to the Security Council and make a decision for this already in America this normal .. Old woman 64 years smoke in smoke made ​​in a U.S. company specific listed company name and exist in the files, women these suffered cancer of the lung as a result of smoking cigarettes company this, sued the company one billion paid by the Company for the women because they suffered, but in America they take Billion two billion by genetics This unusual company against her will pay billion for these women, here present in the file name of the woman and the name of the court and the name of the company that was hit by cancer, America has a law because it is a major force ..
    State Fulani have no immunity for America you can prosecute and تصدرون provisions and if applied verdicts go to the Security Council can do this easily Libyans said no such counsel Libyan not we are going unless we understand something meaning the case goes to court to end may control more than this amount, the lawyer Libyan told them Hear We do not judge in Washington and only we reach an understanding with you in the best manner they Well told them we us from the so-called United Nations this No. 1 and No. 2, we sanctions from America bilateral No. 3 America bearing Libya on the list of the name list of state sponsors of terrorism and this entails things other serious ..
    and agreed on this basis, and said – Imagine – U.S. President himself said this large sum but what will work let them go to the families of the victims يتفاهمون with each if يتفاهموا file a case in court and the U.S. government will pay them and start calling in Libya back problem between the U.S. government between Libyans ..
    Lee said President Mbeki met U.S. President in South Africa last month, we were in Maputo in Mozambique and told me about it and said this large sum, but what we, the U.S. government has no relation with it, and actually cause this unrelated to the U.S. government, on the contrary, the U.S. government facilitated the solution of the problem, well the U.S. government is not against Libya in this subject, that you and the families of the victims, Tfahmua million on ten to twenty, amount Ttfahmun by, tell us and agreed .. Libya writes a letter to the Security Council that it pay compensation amount as well as, the first paragraph if lifted Libya from the list first, and the second paragraph if Libya lifted from the second list, and third if Libya lifted from the third list ..
    The U.S. government and the British sent messages to the Security Council and said to him, we agree with the message by Libya, and Libya had fulfilled its obligations by bad decisions that were issued against them, and the rest of the payment of compensation, number three America bearing Libya on the list of the name list of state sponsors of terrorism, and this entails other things serious, and told them that the ten million will not give you its direct is not compensation to the Lockerbie victims at all, Well how said to buy the output of Libya from this list pay you four million on the victim if sanctions were lifted Libyan Security Council and drew a letter from the Security Council and said lifted sanctions on Libya pay you for the victim four million, has nothing to do families of the victims and the victims of Lockerbie, and I told you money this I pay money for out of Libya from the list the second list pay you four million if America lifted bilateral sanctions on Libya, Alumblyunan other two Ndfhma you if America issued a decision that Libya is not a terrorist state .. The Libyan lawyer said I bought Libya of these black lists against which the three pay the price of two billion .. They are not compensation and nothing paid money, go to the victims of the Lockerbie first go for the Libyan lawyer is not important to.
    Image description
    Leader of the Revolution teach new converts say prayers in Arabic:

    A continuation of the thousands of converts to Islam from around the world by saying the testimony that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah .. In front of the Leader of the Revolution Command World Islamic People Achhara Islam on his hands ..Each of:

    King’s biggest tribe / Afallaro Babaao / – King / Ndabago Malala /.

    and the king of the tribe Basmo Kndje Natedo / King Korotatuma /.

    and / Amaysa Anuema / President World Association of seeking for peace.

    and Gireno Lumumba one family struggling African Grand / Patrice Lumumba / head women associations and daughters of the Great Lakes and the number of their members and members of associations of more than ten million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo .. They and members of the delegation accompanying them above to proceed and publicize Islam at the hands of the leader and the Tripoli before noon yesterday in the presence of the heads of a number of delegations bodies, organizations and institutions and centers, associations and federations and Islamic scholars and preachers and political actors involved in the work of the General Conference Seventh Islamic Call Global held these days in the Great Jamahiriya.

    At the beginning of this meeting, the Secretary General of the World Islamic Call Society Dr. “Sharif” These new converts and attendance .. Saying:

    “In the name of God the Merciful .. Leader Leadership World Islamic People:

    these scholars and leaders, preachers and heads of associations and Islamic institutions came to meet you .. as their brothers in Seventh General Conference of the call .. but come with some visitors who Jaauona of southern and eastern Congo .. and who are our African brothers, including two angels and religious leader great .. along with some helpers them .. They came and they wish to be announce their Islam on your hands .. and regions that have influence when these kings population of more than 10 million .. But the Sultan and influence literary The moral of these two kings and the rest of the kings who converted to Islam by the hands .. beyond large numbers of millions of people in these areas, and areas around it.

    that your attention, dear brother leader calling for Islamic and encourage work in the process of the way of Allah .. who encouraged these scientists and these preachers and encouraged those who wish to In guided to this great religion .. and thank you. ”

    He then one of these converts a “Amaysa Nuema” President World Association of seeking for peace, addressed initiated by expressing appreciation and gratitude for the continuing efforts of the Leader of the Revolution in order to prevail peace and stability in Africa, especially in the Great Lakes region from which they came .. Stressing that the Leader is the maker of the African Union .. Then proceeded to make new converts to the leader and their presence and definition are:

    King largest Ndabago Malala king tribe “Avuliro Babaao.”

    King Kruta Thomas King tribe Basmokondjy Batedo.

    and spokesman “Amaysa Anuema” President World Association of seeking for peace.

    and “Gervez Lumumba” President of the Association “vibe” of the Assemblies of women and girls the Great Lakes.

    and ” to Ubakuza Emmanuel “secretary king” Korota Thomas. ”

    and “Mbala John Bear,” advisor to King “Ndabago Malala.”

    and “Opanja Banabas” Prime development program area Kivu.

    and “Kabila Masenqgu” private secretary to the king, “Malala” and head of the Elders tribe Babaao .

    “Cargo Patrick” Assistant king “Thomas” in the northern region and Nebbi Ubwari Kalemie.

    subsequently occur Leader of the Revolution captain the World Islamic People’s Leadership for these new converts .. Saying:

    “In the name of God .. which سيعتنق Islam and before seeing it must have been convinced .. must certify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and this must be convinced and this requires reading the Koran and to meditate in the Qur’an in order to understand that Islam is the first religion and other religions ..

    I mean that Abraham Islam began .. Abraham was a Muslim was not a Jew nor a Christian .. if that Jesus exists after Muhammad came to Jesus was a Muslim though Moses was present when Jesus came to Moses was a Christian .. and so mean Every prophet comes must be followed by employers religions or sects … Muhammad is the seal of the prophets must be for all the people that follow the religion of Muhammad .. say that religion with Allah is Islam, and seeks a religion other than Islam will not accept it “It is      the best word to those who called God and the work of valid and said I am a Muslim “..

    So Islam is the religion directed to all humanity .. After Muhammad any one stayed on religion by Muhammad error .. then that faith in Islam there are acts of worship after the witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah establish prayer The fast of Ramadan month in the pilgrimage to the Kaaba if you can so there Zakat .. these acts of worship that should be.

    and morally there behavior must be followed .. Muslim does not kill not steal does not lie not Atdens to last morality and this should Taatalmoha .. If convince this you have to gird the testimony that is to recognize that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and this Tntqoha language that you want them first language that you know even know the meaning of the certificate either .. whether language African local or French as well as in the end in Arabic to tell testify that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. ” The Leader has then teach these new converts say prayers in Arabic .. They also Bntgaha in French.

    then read everyone Al-Fatiha and then the Leader Pthenithm Bahtdaúhm to Islam.

    During this meeting gave members Seventh General Conference of Islamic Call Global Leader of the Revolution three-dimensional of a mosque and Islamic Propagation Centre in Tripoli pride and recognition of them pioneering role in the victory of Islam and Muslims The spread of Islam and call him wisdom and good advice in every corner of the globe.

    has delivered this gift to the Leader Sheikh “Hassan Shinawi” Chairman of the Supreme Council of Sufi Orders in Egypt.

    while the Islamic preacher great Dr. “Ahmed Omar Hashem,” a former director of Al-Azhar University to offer this gift to the Leader word, which stated:

    “In the name of God the Merciful Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah .. as conference delegates oldest this gift to the leader of the Great Revolution Brother” Colonel Muammar Gaddafi “.. Mtdharaan to Almighty God to protect him and to protect this nation and other Muslim countries to prevail peace, stability and security .. behalf of the delegations offer you this gift. ”

    This has been, or Leader of the Revolution Command World Islamic People new converts to Islam on his hands and heads of a number of delegations bodies, organizations and institutions and centers, associations and federations of Islamic scholars and preachers and political actors involved in the work of the General Conference of Seventh .World Islamic Call who attended the meeting .. All of their mother in the noon prayers for the day.

    Transcript of the Leader of the Revolution in the Arab Summit Conference XVII in AlgeriaTranscript of the Leader of the Revolution in the
    Arab Summit Conference XVII in Algeria 

    ( APRIL 2005)
    ‘The name of God.First as dean of Arab leaders, I applaud their name my brother the president, “Abdelaziz Bouteflika” and the brotherly Algerian people for the hospitality and fraternal all the facilities placed at our disposal for the success of this summit and tell him we are not guests in Algeria .. We are in our country and among our people as Ohnyh their name on good management and tact and success in guiding this conference towards the desired and their name also salute our brother President abroad, “Zine El Abidine”, which bore the responsibility of chairing the summit of the Arab League in the previous period and express satisfaction for the effort that had been made during the previous year At the same time, we salute their brother name of the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States “Amr Moussa” effort, which is still his no less his which is still his to do this difficult task and tell him we feel that we are lucky because weRandom man Danoa and zealous for the nation and made it in this site is difficult to Secretary of the Arab League and the Naazarh He deserves it.At the same time giving us the opportunity for the men of a very important of the world and we have allowed them to exploit Arab summit this platform to ask their ideas to prove to them that we are not racists because when we say Arabs means the Arab element but we are around this platform ..
    Tribune Arab summit to platform where international participation as we heard yesterday letters from a number of international figures that are not Arab and culminated today’s speech and attend Brother “Kofi Annan” Secretary General of the United Nations until we prove that our concerns are not racist, not an Arab, but only we are a part of the world that turns something gradually to one village and therefore we are here to hear the views of these important symbols in the international forum and listen to others in every capacity Pal and patiently.We hope that our voice also given him this opportunity in their pulpits when it meets EU hope to hear the voice of the Arab League or the Arabs and when she meets other regional organizations should allow the Arabs to make their voices heard as we have allowed others to say what they want from the platform Arabic here at the summit Arab belief that there are challenges facing all of us We are the human family and that it is impossible to live every human group now in isolation from the rest of the world what is happening in anywhere in the world on any level at the economic, political or social reflected immediately on the rest of the world .. If an explosion took place in Indonesia ¯ I do not want to say in Qatar ¯ will affect the stock market in New York ..
    The statement on energy from any official affects the price of oil worldwide has increased or decreased.Furthermore, we recognize that the challenges posed by modern times greater than that faced by the state and national alone .. And sometimes even greater than the capacity of regional grouping Ktgmana which requires Arab unity to face the global challenges common .. Environmental Kalthdiat and sick and consequent upon the problems need to be an international effort to confront them .. We know that this era is not the era of the national state.National state now fall and fade to give way to the great melt space where the Group of National ..
    This space is based on demographic .. Is no longer based on race, no religion, no color .. There the European Union, which fade in which the national state and the national currency and all national data which has been replaced other new federal data .. There African Union (AU), which combines colors, languages and varieties and different religions, but fade when all these data in order to be replaced by a single African identity .. There are North America gathered NAFTA .. The same thing there assembly, which combines Latin America that will become like Europe, such as the Africa Union dissolve the national state .. There pool / SAARC / or South Asia, which brings together all those who look in the Indian Ocean from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and replace the wolf or the Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan, who will become a state in the future, despite the differences that we see now between the members of this assembly because the nature of the times imposed itself ..
    There ASEAN, which combines ten Asian countries and slowly turns to the union or to the State .. There’s a new Commonwealth of Independent States, which was formerly known as the Soviet Union .. This is the map of the world in front of us.But at the same time I openly express my deep concern for the future of the Arabs in the new map of the world .. I have no any beach safety wins the ship Arabs in the future as long as the world Atksm So to spaces and these spaces will be transformed as a state will have one army and one security and a single currency and a central bank and one single market and bargaining power and one export and one import and one .. one identity .. But we have each of these spaces to be a viable space .. Where are we Arabs from the new map of the world.For two-thirds of the Arabs who are in Africa landed on the beach to escape and now they have become part of the African space and we no doubt we will be Africans as Europeans become Americans ..
    Means Americans are Europeans but are now American .. We are Arabs, but now we will be Africans in Africa.But I am I am concerned about the fate of one-third of the Arabs who are outside Africa, who are not in the ASEAN and are not in the EU, not in the new Commonwealth and not in / SAARC / South Asia means organization where they will be in the futureFor this I floated the idea of the Arab-African Union .. The third Arab who is outside Africa to join the African space and become the Arab-African Union or the Arab-African space I think that this is a sanctuary and this is the beach salvation ..
    Arabs who are outside Africa outside Europe outside Asia .. May say there are Arab blocs .. We can work this space is impossible .. All Arabs ¯ If we talked racist ¯ domestic income of their output to 40 per cent of the output of a country like Italy in southern Europe, which they consider backward means Italy trillion income and half of their gross national product .. With this scientific reports say that Italy will disappear within thirty years unless part ofEuropean Union .. So You Stakhtvon if you continue on this situation and Sttgazpkm other spaces means two-thirds of the Arabs were drawn and are in Africa may be part of the Arabs in the Levant in the region and the Levant not only Damascus the whole region its name Sham has attracted the middle east ..
    European Union .. I do not know what is their status .. Oman, for example, the map colored the South Asia / SAARC / which is India, Maldives .. Attracted such a large space to attract a large part of the Arab Amman and could attract others.I am talking about the Arabs .. Of course Iran and Iran this certainly does not have any future in the situation that it is now, unless the space joined him: it may be the Indian Space may be the Arab space ASEAN block or working within Asia .. That which made Turkey insists on joining the European Union because they do not have a future on its own as long as world Atksm to spaces.The thing that worries us also that the whole world now in the morning and evening speak terrorism .. Terrorism ..
    Terrorism.We’re not dumb We can speak .. What is terrorism .. Is there a U.S. plane blew no .. Is there a U.S. pack belt and came to Cairo and the dawn of something or came to Tripoli and blew something or came to Algeria did not get .. Is there an Indian went to China and blew no .. Is there a Russian this does not work .. Is there an Italian .. Is there a French does not .. If is the terrorist who blew which you call terrorism .. There .. This limited .. Clearly limited in Palestine and in Iraq and Afghanistan ..So mean that Islamic terrorism is in the end .. Why just say terrorism .. Why do not …………
    Islamic terrorism .. Because they are outside these regions to Aatkelmon need the name of terrorism .. Irish Republican Army (IRA), which Libya was supported by the arms, and this thing is over, and Britain negotiated with them in Cairo, and ended with this problem .. Republican Army, which was supported by Libya with weapons for the independence of Ireland. This is considered a terrorist organization .. But old earned a notorious reputation or international publicity.Ireland has been fighting for 30 years and did not hear that when international terrorism .. Red Brigades in Italy fought, fought, and snatched up the Prime Minister of Italy, and when now is not the propaganda like now .. Terrorism Terrorism .. Basque, which is struggling for the independence of the Basque region between France and Spain, and ETA followed, they consider a terrorist organization, but there was no talk of terrorism never.From decades these movements operate but where the propaganda campaign against terrorism or against terrorism no if when they say the war against terrorism means the war against Islamic terrorism ..
    Be clear in this way.Then something else: What is terrorism and what are justified, but the war now and the campaign speak about Aigsdon global terrorism .. But that no Islamic terrorism that is that we know caused the two sections Palestine Section and outside Palestine.That in Palestine there is no reason to waste time in which to learn causes unknown reasons for what is happening in Palestine feature terrorism or feature Macit .. Palestinians consider themselves martyrs and holy struggle, but of the holiest types of struggle and enemies of the Palestinians consider it terrorism .. SMH as you call it, but it is important that there is no need to waste too much time even looking causes .. causes people expelled from their land and their land occupied fight back ..
    Only because the Palestinian people .. Give him a home end up.If you want to be Tnhua terrorism in Palestine you must be serious .. I guarantee it nor returned bomb explode in Palestine if the Palestinian people returned to their land and to have their rights .. Palestinians are not a crazy they are owners of the sacred cause the whole world recognized.How 4 million Palestinians out of their land now since it came out in 48 this is not in the interest of international relations is not in the interests of Arab-American relations and Euro-Arab nor is it in the interest of the Jews themselves is not in their interest that never .. Their interest to live in peace.What is the justification for non-recognition of the so-called Israel .. It is very, very clear .. People declared state of one party and Hugar illegal in 48 came a declared state of one party this land is not where one party where parties any one of them declared state has unilaterally by international law void if you can not be recognized and examples exist, O brothers ..
    Cyprus where two parties: Greek and Turkish Turkish side Advertise unilaterally to this moment did not recognize any country in the world in this Turkish Cypriot State but Turkey only is only recognizing the Republic of Cyprus Turkish why because according to international law announcement party on the one hand and one state .. Wrong as long as his party must agree is the other party that did not happen in 48 .. Otherwise agreed between the Israelis and Palestinians about how one of them gives himself the right to declare a state permit can not recognize this unless Turkish recognition of the Republic of Cyprus.
    Taiwan can not be recognized for what because China then right .. She said that Taiwan is part of China unilaterally declare an independent one that is wrong .. They said this is set .. What does it mean Cyprus is like this .. Taiwan and China look like this but Palestine should even be so as long as the declaration of the state of one party an error of law .. Vlaitbak Palestine, on the other.I mean, I personally, as long as you exist .. Can not recognize Israeli state and a Palestinian state .. Two because Israel is not Israel ..
    And Palestine is not Palestine .. And then I say on this occasion that the Palestinians .. (where Brother Abu Mazen Well Anchov Vic Matzalh) Israelis and Palestinians are stupid stupid .. Why .. Snguenekm .. We’ll show you that they are stupid:First the Israelis left the West Bank and Gaza Strip twenty years and did not pay attention to it .. Her Highness declared state of Israel in 48 and left the West Bank and the Gaza Strip .. So long as they are indispensable and is important to them .. Why are fighting now for it .. This stupidity ..
    Now the Jews are dying by the dozens by Palestinian guerrillas, even in Tel Aviv because of their presence in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip .. If the West Bank and the Gaza Strip be so important .. Why ye left them 48Well Palestinians stupid because this land was their hands and left them twenty years why did not establish a State has meaning now dying by the dozens to work state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip has been the West Bank and Gaza Strip own hands: the West Bank were tracking Jordan .. Gaza was followed Egypt by the end of 48 ..
    Why did not Tamiloa Palestinian state .. So the case where you went before 67 P from here to become a moral issue and an initial legal and can not be recognized neither this nor that .. The indictment Monday of stupidity.Of course, you say that this called Sharon enemy of the Palestinians and the Arabs and the butcher and etc. .. Another theory says that Sharon this client for the Palestinians and the Arabs .. Client How they said it works things lead to the slaughter of Israelis in tenths and hundredths .. So is tucked inside the Israelis .. One cause for the people of these tragedies and massacres means this enemy of the people ..
    Because the whole business that he does reflect on the Israeli evil .. So this stupidity.Solution does not come from the outside .. Solution comes from the Palestinians and the Israelis.But I think that the old guard that now exists does not have the ability or the courage to bear this responsibility and solve this problem, but the new generation of Palestinians and Jews are the ones who will sit with some working one democratic state.
    The solution is this: do one democratic state for Palestinians and Jews between the river and the sea because the area between the river and the sea is not never allow the establishment of two states and frankly tell if a Palestinian state in the West Bank – let out of the Gaza Strip – will be an Israeli state in the true sense of the possible that the Israelis have realized this The reason that you will not have a state .. State depth of 14 kilometers between Qalqilya and the sea 14 kilometers allowed to work for the same state depth of 14 km and next to it a traditional enemy ..
    Not adversarial emergency. So really if the state in the West Bank, there is no longer an Israeli state and at the same time if any Israeli state there is no Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, particularly if one demilitarized and other armed with weapons of mass destruction.Then in this regard .. Tale of solving the problem of refugees hope the word “solution” to be removed it altogether from the Arab dictionary please word .. “Solution” .. Very serious means even genocide refugees is a solution .. Of course if Ibateke longer a solution .. Say solved their problem how Zbhnahm dissolved the problem is no longer there for refugees We do not say “solution” Please say “return” instead of the word solution: the return of refugees.
    If Falashas who is already known origin said they have the right to return to Palestine .. How Palestinian who was sent off in the 67 and 48 does not have a right to return to his home any justice exist in the Arab world where voice, who said these words to America and the European Union .. United Nations, if any, have not heard that sound .. Why not say that I have not heard talk about the so-called recognition of Israel void international law because of a declaration by one party and did not work a comparison between the Republic of Cyprus and Palestine and between Taiwan and China and between Palestine we do not do this comparison .. Must نعملها now ..
    If it was permissible to recognize the declaration of a unilateral Why do not recognize the Turkish Republic of Cyprus and why do not recognize Taiwan.The solution is the establishment of a single state because the two states this is impossible and I heard a European head of state does not want to mention his name now told me we do not think like you or as you think you are .. Stone seventy years before he told me we do not think so .. “We think about how to stop the fighting now in this moment between the Palestinians and the Israelis while they are living in peace in security after how many years this to Aémna this way .. we come to any solution that means dwelling come to any solution that tale of two states, two good”.
    Who speaks two says if put in front of the map surprised and says unreasonable that I accepted the two states in this place this place does not accept two never .. So these people want the Palestinians and the Jews are fighting each other until the Day of Resurrection this solution is this mentality official is responsible .. Radical solution, historical and which will save Jewish blood and the blood of the Palestinians and wants them to peace are the two is: democratic state for two and if he returns Palestinians all tended weapons of mass destruction from the Israelis there is no longer a problem you name as you want to call it a state like this would be acceptable .. Returned three million four million Palestinians porters moved and put away Israeli weapons of mass destruction there will no longer be a problem ..
    I am one who no longer have a problem of do like this, but this is now as long as they are refusing to: .. No .. Do not pay the price of the cursing and say Palestinian terrorism martyr on his way to the land occupied fighting You Say terrorism as you want .. So this so-called terrorism .. I’m going to talk about terrorism that terrorism so-called Palestinian terrorism resolved very clearly returned the Palestinian people to their homes on the Jews who lived in the Volga along age in the Volga in Russia do not know something called Palestine to find them and find their grandfather have بإحضارهم and told them you have the right to come to Palestine from all over the world and said the PalestiniansWho were expelled forcibly in 48 and 67 you do not have the right to go back to your homes .. What is this logic that rejects this and says this is wrong This means that we can not reach an understanding us and him this one stupid one crazy and one passenger head.
    This terrorism in Palestine would end the establishment of a democratic state for both parties .. End final and there will be no terrorism, never die Jew nor Palestinian dies .. This solution is clear and which is rejected to pay the price.We come to terrorism outside Palestine .. There are only so-called al-Qaeda said causes of poverty is poor bin Laden is not a poor family is very rich.So rule out the word that Islamic terrorism is caused by poverty .. Never .. must fall this justification .. Poverty is not .. In addition to bin Laden, a millionaire .. So what is the cause of Islamic terrorism do not want to talk about how to create bin Laden and those with him in Peshawar and you know the whole story .. And fighting against the Soviet Union and the .. And turned to his companions ..
    So the story of poverty this wave them off.They said because your country is not a democracy that is the cause of terrorism .. No .. Never .. Muslim terrorists against democracy .. They considered this argument against democracy Islam .. And you heard tapes of bin Laden and his group .. They speak and say this is heresy and democracy came from the West and we do not recognize them .. This is not of Islam .. So they Democratic Aabgeson.And vice versa whenever moved toward democracy whenever increased enmity against you for them .. So should fall this justification, which they said when you your societies are not democratic For this reason out terrorism .. No .. Never .. Those who named them are terrorists .. These anti-democratic and do not want democracy and democratic Aabgeson .. So What is the reason for the existence of this phenomenon. Reason is very clear my brothers .. There injustice .. There injustice .. There arrogance .. There jumped .. No insult .. No disrespect .. There are violating these nations, born terrorists ..
    The word for terrorist Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda and all of these people .. Word is not bad .. Word Mokhodh Koran .. “And prepared them all you can of power, including steeds of war to threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others without them not تعلمونهم God teaches them” .. So they say to you: God commanded terrorizing our enemy and the enemy of God so that we do not know and know God, we needed Nrhbh For them the word terrorist this. . Word, according to the Koran .. It is not a disadvantage for them.So why backs of this injustice .. Really really.We are not terrorists but we share with them the feeling .. Can they crossed him in a way that terrorist and we cross him now in a peaceful manner .. Share with them in the sense .. My brother, how they tell us our history what .. Our law what the law .. Our policy Mahe .. Our economy what the economy .. What heritage heritage .. Our language what language .. What nonsense this .. يحاكمونه Sudanese outside Sudan .. Libyan يحاكمونه outside Libya .. Syrian يحاكمونه outside Syria ..
    What nonsense this .. We have laws .. They not you Maandkm spend ye laws and backward.If we fall backward we even duties because responsibility to know .. If You Mandk know nor are you a refined .. So not bear responsibility.How do you say to us Arise duties well and in Naaqpkm you, you would have such and such .. And tell us you are behind in your presence .. If we treated us Kmtkhalafan retarded and over ..
    Nor Taakhdhuna any thing.They said you أنظمتكم corrupt political how Idaohma not to take revenge and answer and how revolution tell us you your political system is corrupt and you came to teach us and want to fix .. Against corruption reform means we are corrupt.When they accuse of corruption this raises Hfaztna us revolted how we are corrupt and respond to it and tell him you are corrupt and Atercna compare these systems .. If you tell us you are corrupt and need reform and you children want Aisalgm and Adharpkm on your fingers as you what you have and recent marriage law is wrong and Khtankm wrong and your Social wrong relations, freedom and human rights.
    Íaakhi whether the Islamic religion is telling me, for example, women are veiled if the Koran says this and if God comes heaven will not respond ..
    This religious Thus .. Jump إختصم you and God so God says salvation .. If the Buddhist religion tells him wear yellow and wear half naked come you and says I wear as well as you say does not affect special needs holy .. When you come in India Slay says the cow in the street tells you I have touched something sacred cow sacred Indian the cow Ayabdon as You Vahmun but a sacred cow when you untouched touched something sacred .. Indian thou say to him retarded cow in the street does not affect them .. I sensed something sacred to the Day of Resurrection keep the cow in the street do not touch one.If a woman wants to have the Koran to be veiled remain veiled until the Day of Resurrection only if they are the same stripped her headscarf but not on the orders of a ..
    Even God says, “Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers” Say only .. Means Say Say them to wear the dress decency is not Say to them and said I’m between man and between .. Do not move the present and God our Snhalah women but give us a chance step by step .. It is reasonable .. We say God will will Nhalahha .. If whether Thalah themselves Thalah .. If God told her he dedicates himself to wear hijab.I went to them in Brussels told me these words and they told me you Takhtnon your children and this personal freedom that you said that this child wants circumcision .. Imagine .. They said you are behind will not cooperate with you and you barbarians and barbarians because you exercising circumcision we told them we came to talk about the economy and security of the world or circumcision and Scrap women and Here even my brother President Abdelaziz Bouteflika went to them once they took telling him things I can not say now silliest of so ..
    I told them I came to speak with you about the economic cooperation and security of the region and not to speak with you about these things imported They said no, we want to see .. You people are behind.When we say you there are no eliminate Acash in democracy, no you have not reform understand and have come to inform you that create a million bin Laden.I am talking about and combat terrorism .. If we will fight terrorism must respect us .. The diversity-based life carbon copy one end of life .. Life based on diversity Male and Female long and short, black and white animal, plant and inanimate and humans, angels and ghosts and spirits and a certificate and the unseen world These are all of the diversity in the universe This is the basis of life .. The basis of the universe is diversity.Tafradwa we have to party with you ..
    They said why do not you do a party like Britain, I told him I do not have the lords of how we work party of Lords .. ÇĘäě Blordat even work .. Does one of you has even works lords party. None Work republican party said this kingdom’s how it works this Republican party Sultanate of how it works Republican party means must operate Republican party, even when you are the Kingdom .. Can not.You must hear our voice even though they said this talk we have not heard .. I told me these words that you say we have not heard before .. I told them you by you gagged mouths and when we had the chance to Ntlkm you who judge you Tstamrn you from you ye shall point out the map and you of ye thing do you want and you say that you are an Arab and you Burberry and even barbaric is origin Arab told him you Burberry not an Arab .
    We now want to hear you voice .. We have an opportunity Snsamakm voice .. last time Asamanakm voice of guns and cannons, which was the liberation movement in this land Algerian which was not reassuring in this way .. There were bombings and martyrs in Algeria gun here was when we finished this phase begins tongue voice begins with the voice of reason and reach an understanding we and you .. So Hear Our Voices .. the first time you hear our voice.O brothers must we as Arabs or Arab League to go to the Americans for the European Union and the Russian Federation and the entire world and the UN and tell them these words: to Atadhaawa time and stay Tkhaddonna and you will lose If Tgahltona …. What has ignored the Palestinian people and the rights of the Palestinian people Here pays ..
    Alkyl Killeen here they are dying by the dozens and hundreds because they ignored the right of this Philistine.They said eight million Iraqis despite hazardous conditions grouped themselves in elections lines correctly .. But the explanation given interpretation error and shocked the Iraqi people will not benefit the countries that occupies Iraq and lean not the world and world peace .. eight million went in conditions too dangerous and it was possible to die during the vote because they said them if Ammeltoa Iraqi national government will end the occupation. . So they went to expel foreign forces from their country for what you give them an erroneous interpretation of why give them the interpretation they had gone in favor of what is happening in Iraq! They are against what is happening in Iraq and for this they offered themselves to danger in order to give support and create an Iraqi national government to get out of foreign troops ..
    This sound should hear Thirty which occupies Iraq and the United Nations needed hear this speech and our brother Kofi Annan is with us needed hears this talk : Iraqis have offered themselves to the risk of actually voted for what they expected as you you said to them: that when you do an Iraqi government we will go out and for that they will work Iraqi government at whatever cost in order to graduate you .. foreign If this did not come out of the occupying forces after this sacrifice .. eight million are going to turn to fighters say you Khaddatamonna and lied us .. this fact.
    You, of course, now may accuse our brother Yawar الجربة or Kurdish freedom fighter .. Taathmunhma how working in government under occupation .. They will say we believe that when we offer ourselves in this circumstance danger in order to be there going national tool Iraq in order to get out are not walking our issues this is the only .. if Iraqi Ammeltoa and then Ammeltoa them occupy management dealing here become as if they were customers ..
    These are not clients I know them are militants honest.Atatoa an error message to the world and اتدعوا error continues and Atsdmoa Iraqi people and Tkhaddonh .. you think that when the voice is the voice of the occupation .. I voted against the occupation … and many good eight million who went in a peaceful manner and said no to the occupation… Because others have gone non-peaceful manner and presented themselves and die every day because they said no to the occupation ..
    Even U.S. President himself said that now exists in Iraq, I said if my occupies fight .. Do you offer roses to the invaders that he himself has said.If the road to democracy convoys of martyrs and rivers of blood and destruction in this way be thankful we do not want.When Saddam Hussein was present in spite of all our positions against him .. But it was not possible to enter al-Zarqawi, Iraq .. So acts that occur now are in favor of terrorism .. All of which is now being supported bin Laden unfortunately .. You are not against bin Laden .. We are against al-Qaida against Islamic terrorism .. Of course ..
    There is no terrorism more than this .. But all that is happening in their favor.When the regime fell and his dictatorship in Iraq .. Income bin Laden and Zarqawi entered Iraq. And plotting now on strong regime in Syria .. When the regime falls in Syria will come out another Zarqawi in Syria .. Hezbollah will emerge Syrian .. Al Qaeda will emerge in Syria .. And will emerge Front for the Liberation of the Golan Heights in Syria .. And Jihad in Syria becomes .. Here to open another front for jihad .. This security Islamist terrorists to open them another front until connected from Afghanistan to Palestine burning all .. And you see it extended operations.If they want to fight Islamic terrorism .. First leave the Islamic world .. Leave the Arab world and يحترموه .. But to tell us absolutely everything wrong and tell us you Do you know and corrupt .. Please.To talk about a reward Syria, which occupied territory .. Syrian army out of Lebanon and the Israeli army to stay in Syria .. How this .. And any logic of this.You want to speak words like this .. That nothing in the world except the Syrian army out of his country .. We all agree and decide each state then army outside its borders and withdraw due .. In this case will end the occupation of the whole world and not only Syria .. Is Syria only by then army outside its territory. Well: Syrian army in Lebanon .. Firstly Syria and Lebanon one country .. And then at the request of Lebanon .. But armies in other countries and occupied without a request from her family .. What can we say about them.Syria should be rewarded .. Because this whole long time sacrificed it for the end of the civil war in Lebanon .. Graduated Syria will see what will happen in Lebanon .. Rededicate world I now .. You will see what happens in Lebanon after the withdrawal of Syria.Sorry to now when the security of Lebanon depends on the Syrian Venice, and this challenge for the Lebanese to prove their merit and not fighting each other, and be a democratic state, and do not become the needy of the Syrian gun .. but they will need for the Syrian gun or rifle foreign .. O Allah, Syria and rifle gun of NATO.Syria should be rewarded internationally .. Means a country occupied territory .. The whole world says the Golan is Syrian land occupied must be returned to Syria without restriction and the requirement, but compensate Syria for the period of occupation of these, however Syria patient did not fight hoping to return home peacefully, and how much of a decision issued by the Security Council against the occupation of the Golan Heights, was not implemented .. Why are sacred only to Security Council resolution 1559, and other Security Council resolutions are not sacred.

    This is an injustice, and this creates terrorism .. How will fight terrorism and you fed every day and provoke people.

    Security Council resolutions against Libya mandatory, Chapter VII .. Against Syria mandatory, against any state compulsory Glbana, against Israelis are not mandatory .. Against Western countries are not mandatory .. Is the Security Council met in its history once and issued death to America or Britain, for example .. Is not possible.

    So for us this is not a Security Council .. But the horror Council .. here we come to this talk which tell the Security Council .. The expansion of the Security Council .. I mean, is a terrorist organization .. How do we increase expanded and these things that we in the Arab League, the Arab summit ourselves about them, my brother President must call of the world, the call of the United Nations .. Show and tell them we do not recognize only the General Assembly of the United Nations that we are always .. permanent membership .. Why look for a permanent membership in the Security Council we have a permanent membership in the General Assembly .. Assembly of the United Nations, is the world’s parliament, which should underpin reform is the transfer of the powers of the Security Council to the General Assembly .. because United are all present, and the resolutions of the General Assembly which must be binding .. brother Omar Moses imposed speak with this institutions, and we have seen in this summit .. This is our opinion we totally ignore the Security Council .. We speak for the General Assembly of the United Nations .. decisions must be binding in peace and war in penalties in everything .. and accept this when there are democratic.

    You say a democratic state, Fulani dress, while the United Nations dictatorship … You’re working democracy first in the top of the world, and a democratic world parliament will make him .. then speak for other countries.

    Went to Swaziland, and told her dress democracy, do you first democracy in the United Nations, which is now a dictatorship .. say we have not heard this speech before .. For why Rady this world .. we are not satisfied .. This is the frustration born bin Laden .. this injustice, this injustice .. , This insulting, if we want peace must be serious, not afraid, and we are ready to die in the end .. Death is better than Tesfihna this way.

    Ahakmonna abroad .. They say canceled the marriage .. Until marriage say this freedom .. And come ¯ woman in Mahad and nifaas and say her peace with Muslims this last recklessly.

    Know what is the reaction when bin Laden and the people who were not in favor of bin Laden yesterday joined bin Laden thousands when they saw a woman in the case of Mahad in case nifaas say go and pray with Muslims .. This is an insult .. Recklessly .. They say: This is Islam .. Look at Islam we came to you b ¯ menstruating woman pray you imam .. This is not permitted at all a woman can not be an imam for this reason .. This is an insult to women means mocked women .. Exploited women أهانوها to this degree Amloha towel wiping the dirt .. Are women’s rights are in this format to be lead when she is menstruating this exploitation of women.

    For me .. For all of us: women and men these two human beings .. To me they are in a state of the masses rally community meaning men and women .. Women take their rights as men and the duties that fits is only by biological and social nature .. If you are volunteered and want to make the duties of such a free man this speech, which I want to say no approach for women and men approach if women like to take a free man approach to Anghebrha .. But to say: No, Necessary be a single approach .. This is a mistake .. Asv This is an injustice to women .. Oppressed women in the West and forced to be a man against her will is not a civilized development but never because of the First World War and the Second World War when he killed the men forced women to go out and drive trains and operates in the coal and operate the roads .. يعتقدونها gains are not gains for women this oppression of women .. Women in the West, unless the man does not live .. But to us who are women remain feminine women by nature and but live we respect nature and live in nature do not say you needed to be to live a man like men if she would like to be a man P ¯ Welcome be a man .. This is freedom.

    Come to teach us how to be women and how to be a child .. What is this nonsense .. And fight terrorism .. In this way is possible they were fighting terrorism.

    After Friday missed and which reached a menstruating woman to Muslims and recklessly disregard certain behind official bodies .. Do you look for gain, which earned bin Laden thousands of people that were against him joined him and said bin Laden has the right because the recklessness reached range .. Unbearable .. And they came you Baqran new Is it possible that there is a new Koran Quran I did not like how this speech “The True Furqan” .. This is unreasonable and say we fight terrorism .. Ye ye “Farrakhan right” and you come to us Bhaúd men pray .. Muslims and tell us this shall be deemed null and void and there is no genital mutilation the WEDDING illegal and then you say to fight terrorism, especially as the religious terrorism Islamic terrorism .. This whole pouring fuel on the fire Nbasharham that terrorism will flourish by their actions.

    Must sit We are Americans and we are Europeans because I am serious and I want to find a peaceful solution really for the world and not ours we be America against us or that we are against America .. Not in our interest as Palestinians that we are the enemies of the Jews.

    You must cook this opinion and that we identify and go quietly to speak with these people: you want to cooperate .. Want peace .. Want to solve the problems .. You want to eliminate terrorism Yours such and such and such and such. If you You want .. Between us and you “double edged sword and grandparents” .. Yours Pay the price God Ghalib.

    I’ll tell you that business .. So Pay the price will not withdraw from this land then Pay the price .. One occupies your land and you say I will not withdraw Stqatlh let him pay the price .. How long we stay we like this courtesies, and under the table .. Why not world نصارح this format.

    Why do we say God, Mr. President, you have right circumcision true need is incorrect and we will leave.

    No .. If this part of our religion or our customs or traditions and God will not leave if it comes the whole heavens.

    I am not a politician or a diplomat and very, very sorry that I find myself in these platforms and in political circles this .. I am an educated man and hand man, philosopher, read philosophy and read history and read all the books that export, now .. Globalization and wrote to him and civilizations and the clash of civilizations and the things that speak them all.

    Democracy in Eastern societies is real democracy .. Of course, this talk is rejected them .. When you go to the West say you dictatorial أنظمتكم and corrupt and you must work and pluralism election Tamiloa.

    In Asia or in Africa when pretending to people in the street down the government .. In the West out of millions, even remain until the Day of Resurrection in the street you will not fall down the government .. So where people who can to overthrow his government and the people audible voice is in Asia and in Africa .. I do not say in Latin America that still heinous dictatorships and now is on its way to get rid of these dictatorships.

    I read all this stuff and studied scientific study because I do not need to be scientifically neutral and not be emotionally and only challenged my credibility .. In Georgia a demonstration government fell .. Ukraine government fell demonstration .. Lebanon government fell demonstration .. In any state demonstration Down Down with the President of the Republic government demonstration Let the President of the Republic in the West falls demonstration .. Millions demonstrated against the invasion of Iraq told them (to hell), God willing, stay until the Day of Resurrection and you are against the war .. The president wants war, the government wants war.

    So where now these parties dictatorship Western capitalism is a dictatorship. We hope the West is to become a democratic system .. For this I opened the green room at the amphitheater world because they come in order to learn the Democratic People .. We do not have a problem with English people and not with the American people, nor the Italian people not even the Israelis as citizens .. Jews do not have a problem with them, but they give them power and tomorrow we become loved ones we and them.

    If that power, however, peoples .. Yesterday went out of millions in Britain and America, the anniversary of the occupation of Iraq and demanding to get out of Iraq .. Initially demanded not to enter Iraq and now are demanding to get out of Iraq Watch out for this voice that the voice of the people is heard .. So where democracy democracy in Asia Whatever sockets In Africa the best democracies because it tied to the social order and the tribal system .. In Africa where I walked on my feet and not a plane .. Republic in Africa within the kingdoms No one believes that Uganda, which they consider in the West and there is no dictatorship pluralism .. Republic says dictatorship

    While it is in the middle of the kingdoms (!) Of the Kingdom of Tori and Buganda kingdom .. Very cool social system from within Uganda .. Tribes and people are comfortable with the local monarchy not think of pluralism or in the elections or all of these things are in harmony .. Why come and say I work pluralism and even undermine elections this social stability of you know Ghana .. Ghana in the middle of the kingdoms of the largest kingdom is the kingdom Canti .. I visited the king visited the Canti this .. This republic, whose president was / Nkrumah /, which is an extremist and a Marxist and so on but the social system so .. / Idi Amin / fell because when the rule of Uganda abolished the kingdoms .. Shake social order in Uganda Vosagtoh .. The / Museveni / attributed this system .. I mean there are democracies within Africa why Nicodha there democracies in Asia Why Nicodha Swaziland this one tribe say I work parties .. He said: O my world one tribe and how Nksmha ‘


     Leader of the Revolution in a meeting of Trustees of the Basic People’s Congresses in Great Jamahiriya –

    2005 (transcript of the Leader of the Revolution in a meeting of Trustees of the Basic People’s Congresses in Great Jamahiriya Shaabeyat responsibility to know and who does not know liability Aithml) – TRIPOLI, LIBYA – 2005

     Transcript of the Leader of the Revolution in a meeting of Trustees of the “Basic

    People’s Congresses” in Great Jamahiriya Shaabeyat
    responsibility to know and who does not know Aithml responsibility

       “In the name of God” ..

    “Welcome” ..

    Which made me meet you this day is the announcement of the start of the Basic People’s Congresses to set their own agenda .. I have words I want to say on the agenda of the Basic People’s Congresses and have already alerted the things related to the agenda of the Basic People’s Congresses.

    You Trustees of the Basic People’s Congresses and you are involved in this speech and you are calling to the meeting of the Basic People’s Congresses .. The Basic People’s Congresses meaning all the Libyan people, men and women who have reached the age of majority and bore legal responsibility are members of the Basic People’s Congresses .. I mean all the Libyan people .. You Trustees LBPCs means you تجمعون all the Libyan people, men and women in this conference to set the agenda.

    Urgency “and are you walking,” This does not create the future of the country in question is in your hands .. the country’s internal policy and external between your hands as you .. In the hands of the Basic People’s Congresses .. You who are guiding the country where you’re going at home or abroad .. You who you put industry policy agriculture, health, education internal security foreign policy .. If there is thinking that there is no one else outside the Basic People’s Congresses think you these things that they and leaves you without service without work .. No one offers you a service

    Kharjkm you.

    I that I see if people so “walking are you” in the Basic People’s Congresses and Trustees conferences do not have information and people’s committees do not attend conferences and give information and information incomplete and an Act and demanding someone its issuance, the same law that issued and things finished and one of them demanded complete it is finished ..This means that he was not aware of the responsibility to know .. Who does not know does not assume responsibility .. How to deal with anyone if you do not know his illness is not known which complain .. How.

    Knowledge is the most important thing .. To be the people’s congresses and Trustees of the People’s Congresses who you should be with you full knowledge domestic and foreign policy, and these budgets, files, and all things are all popular committees be distributed to the Basic People’s Congresses be present with you at the meetings and explain everything.

    You you are given the powers of even the Commune .. Powers in the Commune People’s Committee, such as the powers of the General People’s Committee and with this are people ignorant and not knowing .. So how do you give them this big powers.

    Next year you bear responsibility

    Now in the Commune .. People’s Committee exercised within the limits of the Commune in the range of the Basic People’s Congress the same powers exercised by the General People’s Committee at the level of the Great Jamahiriya Commune this small mass and popular mass medium and then the Great Jamahiriya or major .. How do you exercise the powers of the General People’s Committee in the Commune and you do not have the know-how and knowledge all of these things and all of these files.

    You should Massadon by the masses and deserved this responsibility Otherwise why Assadokm if there escalation that means this is a mistake and canceled and return again to the people and telling them they went up people that are eligible and be able to serve you and be then knowledge and Vahma erudite trained and politicized .. If on the basis of the latest escalation of this to اينفع and Avid companions .. Impose Assadtm illiterate Basic People’s Congresses and came in front of the General People’s Congress to choose one of them to be faithful to the General People’s Committee or the Secretary of the People’s Committee for Finance and keep illiterate .. Who is responsible .. You are responsible who Assadtmoh .. You masses .. People that stepped up this illiterate person is responsible .. Pay the price of a single mother ..Commune Committee be Arefh everything and assist Congress in developing its agenda ..People’s Committee .. General Committee of the same thing.

    I want to say you have a month, two, three .. Month 10, 11 and 12 of these three months .. You take the length and breadth of the development agenda of the discussions to draw even formulated policies in the General People’s Congress at the beginning of the year .. I am innocent of you .. And any other one is innocent you .. This your policy does not comment on a ..Any Tsmunha you need and which will begin next year, you bear the responsibility .. There is not one that draws you your Kharjkm policy.

    You have three months Think about all of you men and women, young sensible illiterate intellectuals educated workers .. Think of any need posed by the Basic People’s Congress .. If approved by the Conference become a point on the agenda of all the Basic People’s Congresses .. If Conference Svhaa and drop Think of the other meaning this does not work ..Estimated impose your opinion as an individual on the conference unless the conference adopted the opinion .. Had a key conference popularly adopts the opinion of even a single individual and his idea was convinced all the Basic People’s Congresses .. Then the Basic People’s Congresses may accept .. Embrace the notion that the Basic People’s Congress, or it is also drop and Tesfhaa says this popular conference fundamental vision is not correct and this idea if they served in the conference and be overlooked in the whole mass fall at the mass level.

    To be the particular industry

    Ideas that benefit at Commune Otrahoha level in limited regular meetings held in half a year or other .. Need related to your own Balkmonh not belong to other communes in the Great Jamahiriya.

    These are offered during the regular session of this league but reconvened this which you Stbdaouna ideas that will be when all belong to the Libyan because the Libyan people all now سينتظم in the Basic People’s Congresses to develop an agenda .. What is the meaning of the agenda ..Meaning any agenda need Libyans want: What is the policy they want.

    If there are special sessions agriculture and ye shall point out the policy on agriculture until you become you are responsible for them all goes Agriculture .. Wrong .. What went ye who Smtamoha .. Who carried out did not execute well You Haspuh .. Plan from the first idea does not work you have placed Do not blame anyone … Do not tell God, this is responsible for agriculture does not work .. You did not work .. You Put Agriculture Policy and ascended to the Committees on Agriculture committees responsible for the implementation of this policy and monitored .. If the idea does not work is your idea and if people do not work you who Assadtmohm Vonzlohm Total Reviews and climbed one another.

    It must be the particular industry in the industrial policy .. Where awareness .. Do not go back again .. Responsibility to know you must be knowing everything belongs to you for this, otherwise you will not be able to draw policy in these fields to talk about it .. There is the particular industry and studying the industry how to be and say we want to collect “Alavico” We will continue to collect until the Day of Resurrection .. Walker and the price more expensive than imported and are ready when brought in from the country .. This is clear .. And you want to Tagafloa this policy and say this assembly ends and say we want to make oil only .. Present we make stuff only and there is no need to run behind other things that crudes from abroad and its technology from abroad and even the experts and technicians sometimes are brought from abroad .. Yes decided this policy .. Hate when it stops other industries and the oil industry only “petrochemical” “Petroleum and turns into chemistry Chemistry” .. To become the petrochemical industry is an industry just does not come one and say why this country does not have a petrochemical industry is everywhere why not do such and such an industry, such as the state Fulani .. Tell him no, no you who Smtm this and you who said we want these industries only because the material available.

    Possible decide ceramics and you become the largest state in the manufacture of pottery .. Someone comes to say why Pottery .. Pottery .. Pottery .. How why .. You painted .. You who said this stuff available, and we will work the most important industry on this raw material instead of industry working on material imported from abroad

    You do not have only oil

    And there is the special health .. And Tafrgon and ye shall point out health policy .. Do you ensure the state health and if it ensures the state where you come from costs and how much amount and you know that these costs should it be deducted from such and such .. You are free Aamloha at the expense of the state .. But Tell me where the cover health costs if they are all at the expense of the state say we want health as Doe .. Medicine free of charge .. And treatment free of charge .. And such and such .. And be in the hospital every street you are free .. But think about it.

    You have a budget in your hands .. And you have sold Barrel Oil .. And how much the price and barrel oil is not you have something else ..Production showed me that we have done we Libyans so that we can come get the money from oil is not fool yourself .. You do not have only oil ..When oil is any calamity this catastrophe Tsaibna we all .. And who has a national and who has altruistic and who has the conscience must attend conferences and participate in shaping this policy because this is the future of his family and the future of his children and grandchildren and homeland .. However, if one accredited to escape and come out to the outside say this ruined country or did not spoil .. If good sitting in. .. And if it is so I abdominal national .. And homeland stomach this, God willing, not attend nor want known that which does not attend does not have a national or has a conscience and does not want to bear the responsibility not thinking of his children and grandchildren.

    It must be a special session on education .. For example, how education should be at the expense of the state .. Participatory .. Capitalist .. Any one runs a clinic estimated one estimated runs a hospital – laissez-faire let him pass works as it pleases.

    As we have said about health education each one assesses any activity in these fields is free and comes to make and enslaved .. Otherwise not even be without slavery .. Is the best hospital be king of one of the Libyans rich and only be the property of the whole Libyan people and to be so what are the benefits and what are the disadvantages .. Are schools better be owned the Libyans they own and they come to Pay teachers and pay them money, but education this state have continued and if a follower of the cost of state and where we come from and how much amount ..Possible someone comes tomorrow and says this hospital so no alcohol in it and bring the pillow with you from your home .. Who is this curse where it is that you want to download responsibility you have identified this policy field .. You say health is like this: The hospital on the state of the building and the road and the bed was empty and bring up your bed, and your cover and spoon and pay for medicine .. Orteuroha this way no one speaks ..Say We Orteurnaha .. Why we decided so .. Because we left our hearts right and found significant costs not estimated the state to continue in this way .. These things come alone .. Well Here the state building its currency .. State and where its currency currency State oil .. State of the State you.

    Laws issued in Libya

    People’s Congresses

    To be convened for each of these fields and ye shall point out policies and Thddunha .. So tomorrow early next year, God willing, one can not comment responsibility on anyone else .. Not complain of any other one does not complain to one another.

    Even pointing the security policy .. Justice pointing the policy .. Laws .. Not to say one came to us from the Security and lifted so and so from his home oppressed poor person accused him of hashish and he did not touch the grass, sending it .. This policy ye .. ارسموا policy .. Make to Atchetki ..Cannabis is prohibited .. As long forbidden arrested the owner of the accused and walks with loops up to reach the court .. Ottcolon cannabis is not forbidden why Tqdon because hashish and every time one complains and God says stormed our house, دخلوه, accusing me of hashish .. These complaints I receive always .. If cannabis is prohibited owner continues and punished .. If you were going to say cannabis is not forbidden permission salvation Why Ttabonh .. This complain needed to be with us .. You my brother you are with us when we decided our domestic and foreign policy and said cannabis is prohibited .. God said is true cannabis we foreclosed .. And said his sentence as well as well .. He said yes .. Ok the way people arrested in the lawn or in the theft or other crime you be at night or be in the day .. Are invade homes with the permission or without permission .. Family know that he had been caught .. Why arrested him and where they went visiting or not visiting and when you visit and how long remains in detention and attended a court or not attended by a lawyer provided by the community or is looking for a lawyer .. And if it does not have the funds not obtained a lawyer .. And who has the money obtained on his famous lawyer arguing before the court .. Otherwise you say he has or does not have the money funds is society that provides lawyer .. Court is necessary to have a lawyer .. Things become clear in this format to be looked up to you that Tsmoha and work files in this format .. This security file these things prohibited and punishable by law, which must enact and how and to arrest and release .. So that no one complains of a .. Achtk for yourself because you are you who made this policy you who made these laws .. There is no law works in Libya only if issued by the Libyan people basic people’s congresses, men and women.

    Treated how Tqllon buildings

    Housing issue .. This ye Anakada special .. Is the housing problem in Libya from the large housing and compete with even ruled on agricultural land and only a few houses .. Which seems to be the problem is the large number of housing and the large marble tiles and the large reinforced concrete and frequent balconies Aldoblexat and villas and buildings even ruled on agricultural land .. Maybe that is spent on agricultural land ..Maybe Tqllon of housing .. Perhaps the way in which you are moving it will kill your future no longer have agricultural land. Whether Gallo .. Where the Basic People’s Congress Gallo .. You know a place called “Allbh” .. Know now narrowed the ground including welcomed in the desert in which Gallo and the oases do not you build houses only in “Allbh” and “Allbh” best place to grow palm and this Ahtah palm old work ancestors and not you and lived them generation after generation and fought it .. Dates this until Omar Mukhtar hired him and fought him Ktamoan Mujahideen .. Come with you, and you build in Allbh and do you cut palms as if the world narrowed .. Is there one does not know Saharan oases.

    Yes housing crisis that we build on the palm trees and .. Come oranges and olives and we go back to the palm oasis and keep his place buildings Mtkalpan buildings .. So the problem the problem of housing in Libya is the large number of buildings and snapping up buildings .. Yes .. This is the problem .. This is that Tajawnha .. Treated how Tqllon buildings .. How buildings Thompshon. Now Misurata to Sabratha overlapped in some .. This is the agricultural coast .. This is an agricultural area in Libya and that comes its rain each year along with the Green Mountain .. And Green Mountain, you will see how it would km becomes even villas and buildings, shops and warehouses .. Grizzled instead becomes what is green.

    You Did not see the area of ​​Misratah to Sabratha this agricultural region overlapped in each between each house and the house of the house ..This is a crisis .. This housing crisis .. Is this .. This problem .. Treated her .. And you say, despite this we have no houses for example Think How Thlon this problem .. What makes you you do not have housing did not get the money Well they gave him money. Money where it comes from comes from oil .. How much money oil Here we have said .. There is no one in his pocket Here fabricators to you .. And you can have to work a committee of specialists technicians you or Tajrōha you – Basic People’s Congresses – and go stand on the port for the export of oil .. Perhaps there is oil stolen rightly say exported million is exported a million and a half .. The half and put it in their pockets .. Go stay there .. Look how barrels sold per day and the price how and look at the money that comes Is interview a number of barrels or not .. Where do you put the received .. The central bank then those who turn it to a safe financial .. And financial set before you and Tqtonha you piece by piece between popularities.

    Power of 77 we have left you

    You are a member of the Basic People’s Congress .. You people Mr. .. Control You said foreign labor should be stopped and replaced by Libyan labor .. Libyan and employment did not come to replace them .. The foreign labor did not come because we We Mnanaha .. For You, decided to prevent House is not built .. Become knowledgeable of why the house was not built because there is such and such .. You worked as well as I said foreign workers is prohibited .. There Libyan workers .. Workers did not come Libyans this is a problem .. House was not built .. If things were not clear in this way we decided to fifty thousand why house built twenty thousand homes .. “Oh صفتكم Loya Natkm” .. Who do so thanks or bank or Moneisi .. You’re in charge, who decided this policy .. Shukri, Moneisi or Zaid, slaves does not come with money out of his pocket and gives it to you and you do not do something not determined .. Tomorrow tells him who told you allocate a billion and a half billion for housing .. We just decided billion of who gave you the right to allocate five hundred million for housing .. Who said we want it how do we play when we said billion we studied and our Planning Board and our planning councils in popularities and the General People’s Committee and its secretariat and the secretariat of the General People’s Congress and the world and all these .. Studied and said the Libyan market does not assume a billion and a half billion of the money .. Billion only and only happens inflation .. Scientists say so – do not eat fat and carbohydrates too much so you do not get diabetes medicine say so – do not work billion and a half billion and only get inflation .. And inflation means that money become many and when you want to buy a pen instead of what was the price becomes twenty piasters because there is so much money there.

     This policy draws you ye shall point out this policy .. I do not want from now onwards that anyone taking me I am responsible, we defend ourselves .. Power since 77 we left you do not accept any one say why Muammar not turning inward and God abroad Sfina our problems with great powers and with the major powers and avoided great storms they can Taksv us and went out of Libya safely and our African Union and our own Africa and become Africa such as the United States and will become a superpower like the United States, such as Europe .. But now turn to the inside .. not ..I’m not responsible and I’m not governor since 77 .. You’re in charge you people you turned to the inside .. Who said you Do not turn to the inside ..You are staying at home .. Here you will stay in your country, the African Union was dissolved Lockerbie Alliot ETA problem Labelle .. And which gave him the right hand Rdjanah left hand and thank God .. Yes .. You are staying at home and say that these things at home and this guy in the income housing and income in the health and income in education and income in the sewers and in the parks and sanitation.

    The beginning of the next year no one carries anyone else who gets responsibility you are responsible for it.

    GPC member

     Absent without conscience

     Leader: Well lectured lectured intervene when necessary when you need to intervene present .. Here such intrusive now .. If the interference is not revolutionary legitimacy What brought me here and now .. Power is in your hands and you would have a declaration in You said Stgtmon and come together .. Mubarak .. May peace and God’s mercy and blessings .. Why come here .. This is like talking you Houdrtk say good intervene when necessary .. Today I saw there was a need to intervene .. Why intervene and you are not the President of the Republic, nor king nor the Prime Minister .. Said revolutionary legitimacy .. This good God bless you in the name of revolutionary legitimacy came and told us these words .. We and if we do not take the Lord will reward you the words that I said Bhan neck and we are free and Snmshee our heads.

     These are all fields of internal and external foreign policy that should the General People’s Committee for Foreign Liaison explain them to you now when Takaddoa meetings .. This shows you the foreign policy even tell you as long as foreign policy in this way this state are dealing with it as well and this state we are dealing with such and such we invest these do not invest in. These Anaaqubha These Nkaviha and this is not overfed them and this does not concern us and this reduced with diplomatic representation what we want from him and this Qowa relations with them .. Until tomorrow with the state gets such and such and such as well as do not tell see God’s foreign policy .. God this talk .. Someone comes in the street say whether the reasonable man went to the Philippines did not find the Libyan Embassy and found the People’s Bureau or embassy reposed in Indonesia .. God this talk .. No I do not say to those who .. This People’s Congresses resolutions .. You where you are you a member of the People’s Congresses did not attend .. You do not have a conscience and you do not have a national not interested and I’m not alive, never, never … Just know that come afterwards and say where People’s Bureau People’s Bureau You said you for Popular Committee General for Foreign Liaison Identify us states that we strengthen our relationship with them, which are reducing diplomatic representation with them and underestimate expenses on these offices scattered all over the place and that walking with her well .. We told you this is not a benefit and this benefit and this benefit and carried out your policy .. This implementation of the policy that you Smtamoha.

    Awan says a man entering the place steal your car .. He graduated from home find stolen .. This is a good security this problem .. Work with a solution .. You Mr. prevents people .. Make a quarter of a million police and every one I work in prayer five hundred dinars a month .. And اضربهم in some kilometers Atalon .. And this money take it from oil income .. When we take from oil income may decrease for education and health and roads, sewers and other needs .. Said: missing and only what is missing masterminded are you if lack of this number .. Well, then think of the People’s Security .. This is good .. Why we do not guard .. And each one guarding alleys trading .. Mamala .. Why do not we patrol at night or in the day .. If we find criminals or thieves or people coming from abroad are hungry want to steal Nmskhm .. Kept you from working with safer


    When fool not only fool yourself

    Why one remains lying on I and Ejammlna .. Muammar said Public Security ..


    Come on we need call of People’s Security, a polis, a salary that salary, that’s Forty thousand in the People’s Security Why is this lying .. Here is one of those lying on the .. He told me forty thousand in the People’s Security .. If the country where forty thousand popular security permission bread is sold without the need for a vendor .. Put a table with bread and comes one takes a loaf of bread and put a penny goes .. Regardless of that we are civilized and we have a conscience and so Trgina that our conscience is watching us and our Lord is the one who is watching us .. Put a penny take a loaf of bread … not Forget We Let the material needs .. We still have not gotten to this point at least I know that there are eyes to see me .. Pay attention and put you piasters take two loaves of bread the first what look Imeskunk .. Come tell you I see you .. Newspaper penny took two newspapers Come to what took two copies of the newspaper .. You paid the price for one copy .. When you know they are watching you get used to that when you put piasters take one loaf .. Put piasters take newspaper .. If there were forty thousand security people really what to say when I came out of the house and his grandmother stolen ..

    Home in the Empty Quarter .. In the city and in the street and rue and imposed on him and the reality in the security box is responsible security agency who stole home .. Security official is placed in solitary is stolen .. Either he or agreement with another was the one who did this work .. Or leave this place for thieves .. I mean if these things compliment me I you Tkhaddon yourselves, will not help you and will not benefit your children, do not serve your country .. Muammar said trained school days of confrontations and Aamloha barracks .. Write barracks and go .. Spread the Revolutionary Committees Revolutionary Committees East Asia .. Revolutionary Committees southern Europe .. Revolutionary committees Caribbean It does not exist .. Why because Muammar come and say my peace this headquarters of the Revolutionary Committees .. That the world has photographed and told you where going .. You workers camps to terrorize the world and we’ve filmed .. These camps you everywhere entitled such and such .. Oh wish she is actually camps of the Revolutionary Committees and liberation movements .. Is a compliment to Muammar even tell him said revolutionary committees work revolutionary committees. Trick you fool yourself I do not deceive .. I do not need it and want it.

    Three months continuous Anakadat

    Do private Anakadat, security .. People’s Committees of security or Justice Tklfonha the implementation of this policy and when Thacbunha fail .. Hit it and ultimately.

     Have, as I have said month 10/11/12 and I do not distinguish between the development agenda

    And between session .. These three months must be continuous Anakadat even initiate the greeting in 1374 and the death of the Prophet 2006 of the birth of Christ to be domestic and foreign policy and clear to every citizen .. Of the shop from the garden to the beach from the desert of the forest from the river industrial iron and steel from the defense of security of sewage from education to health .. All fields .. Tourism hygiene housing pension salaries ration goods export supply .. All this Asmoh freely and you are free of this money on the table and here you are sitting on chairs.

    As God willing next year there is no justification and no one wants to hear that this Shukri policy or this a policy الحويج or Baghdadi, Nasr Mabrouk or tall .. No .. No .. This your policy you put him policy if said I appreciate that Onfzha Well Steke and if said no one at any level of the Commune to General People’s Committee said not appreciate Oavoh and say to him, Well You are right as long as you can not because the Savior and cleaner is who says I can or can not and Hugar who bribe people even Asteke .. This is what he wants .. This bribe people even Asteke .. This in anything greedy .. This patient this thief this intends to something that has a personal interest wants to obtained the advantage .. supposed you are behind one says you please Oafna of the Holocaust and not what you say Take you and Danak this a factor request wants to include them and wants to join this .. If you really want to work and be responsible for saying what me and money problems to get it back one last .. You collect all and become emperor Why meaning you if you want to earn for yourself or for your family did not come to serve the people … This is the meaning.

    We have Qasr Ahmed port .. You eyes director of this port .. Works and God says demand port from which he makes iron and steel until it is possible Tdmonh me .. Where are you going you came to take responsibility or come looking for something .. Sure there is a need in the other port .. Possible in Misrata three ports next to each annexed me why every port alone, man was annexed three and I’m willing to manage it! .. This I swear from the beginning that he does not want to serve the port or two or three or has a conscience and national .. This one came to steal, but why comprising the whole.

    If they say to me three ports Come to say no, no-run Please, I can not port and, God willing .. Not every port Look him for another one I can not ..This is true.

    The beginning of next year

     Put a policy

    Now hear them say this policy thanks .. This policy Baghdadi .. not your policy .. You draw your policy .. If the former policy Shukri good .. The beginning of next year draw your policy and tell him thank carried out .. If you Onfzha said his followers to very good be implemented and if Palace Haspuh after before taking responsibility .. If I told you I of this policy can not Onfzha this man knows of and known for its ability and clean and you said no and look me for another place something else estimated it any committee popular general quality of another or of these sectors which have bodies and institutions the same thing ارسموا her Politics and boarded the person who you say it appropriate to implement this policy .. If he lectured his followers and if Palace Aaqboh and if completed exactly perfect Ashkrōh and Kavioh .. But you Stdon policy .. Tell us this is our policy .. We Libyans want education to be as Doe and hygiene in Doe and housing as Doe and security as Doe and justice as Doe and import supply as Doe as Doe and trade in this way .. ارسموا these policies and boarded responsible for the implementation of these policies .. Who says I can not, God bless it .. Who says I can cut and follow and be held accountable.

       I tell you the fact that he passed on a long time I am not aware that the agenda of the Basic People’s Congresses placed in this way that I discovered recently .. I in my mind you, you set .. Because I do not attend meetings of the Basic People’s Congresses .. I think that the Basic People’s Congresses like your presence this Suppose that popular conference essential .. Table clean and there is no thing and we want to put our agenda .. Agenda contribute like the rest of the conferences we all are all with other conferences in the policy of the Great Jamahiriya at home and abroad

       Begin clause laws .. Is there one of you sees the need for a new law Oaqtrah modify an existing law is valid .. Are you nobody wants to propose repeal of the existing non-Nafi ended his time .. Out one and raises his hand and says I see that a law passed after the revolution about the example the People’s Court this ended his time and there is no reason to him and the courts are now enough existing laws suffice no need for the law which was passed in as well as for the continuation of the People’s Court or renew People’s Court this court My brothers shape of the Revolutionary Command Council to hold men accountable Testament dictatorial since he announced the formal independence of Libya fake

    Very revolution means since 52 until 69 and prosecute those responsible for this period and after it is prosecuted must be abolished .. Why inflicting further need. You want other people Hacbohem accounting and think about them .. But this court is over and should be repealed this law .. Says my brothers what do you think you are the members of Congress say the God talk reasonably we did not believe that in this way .. So constituted court decision of the Revolutionary Command Council to prosecute those who carried them revolution in 69 .. He said yes .. And prosecuted .. Yes prosecuted .. God, this is true and you have the right to do so why keep this court .. May not .. Some of you want to try Do other courts, and look at regular Mhakmkm and your laws pre-existing probably good.

    You put policies

    Why these exceptions even يستهجنها world and human rights Tstahjnha .. They say they have exceptional courts and this dictatorial regime and we are accused of arbitrary system while we direct popular democracy and preach the whole world, and the world will turn to them.

    If you agree to abolish the People’s Court is placed on the agenda of the Basic People’s Congresses that this conference has decided to cancel the Law on the People’s Court .. and displays in this manner all the Basic People’s Congresses.

    When there are people Vahmun explain this popular conference .. They say God is true .. The words that came to us from the Basic People’s Congress and one that’s really true we agree it over .. People issued a law to cancel the People’s Court and no one suggested this .. Not even come so and so suggests that Tgua People’s Court .. Not even come to you people from abroad .. Not even come to you Muammar .. Even if he is compelled to say I talk like this.

      I think that the Basic People’s Congresses practiced politics and power in this way .. I figured that someone comes and says I’ve got an opinion on health .. God, this is something very important .. Why .. Said you satisfied with the health .. They are not satisfied .. Hospitals Mpehdlh .. Said God Mpehdlh .. What is the reason why costs big and we are not trained and if we want to bring foreigners cleaning and Atabbon and treated until this want a big budget and we budget as you know want to bring them drinks “line and waved and Nfajat and Core” and many things we are in need to ..How Namlha health just does not come .. We did not get money for health .. Why Tguetroa on health in this way they do not get money for health ..Money to where it went exist .. Yours look at how you go .. This bought cars and materials imported from abroad .. Why did food .. What are the food said this chewing gum and This Mcetkh and Casper and thyme and drink this drink I do not know what is and I do not know where they come from .. Came from the Gulf .. This brought him from Italy .. This brought him from the Caribbean .. So really the money went in these things, leaving nothing for health .. Perhaps these things Tlgunha تبقون on a few of them and save for perhaps the best health .. If you good Aafqatkm .. If you want to continue first policy continues .. Health and God says I am out of my mind to be a clinic .. A doctor is a freelance clinic .. Be free .. You give freedom .. Why Tmanonh .. I am a doctor why I Tmanonna to work I clinic and nursing element with me .. They gave me a license .. We say do not operate with us something .. I live from my office said.

    This way you walk things like clockwork

    I do not work clinic and worked with you in the hospital and take a salary .. And steal from the public hospital and I put in my office as Taathmunni ..Sometimes the innocent and sometimes convicted .. And then bring a doctors working participatory medical and go, we are paying them money and share with them and let our files have every region covered by participatory and people of the region their files when these participatory Medical is responsible for Ttaamana and is responsible for the prevention and treatment, a which takes samples and analyzes in America, Europe and Japan comes out us as we are sitting here .. God this is a good idea .. Perhaps a group of Libyans 500 Libby A. Libby worked great Hospital where 500 beds .. They have money and collecting money and working hospital .. Why do not you allow them .. God is true .. and why not work after that general hospitals state can spend on him .. Not come Bacharashv or spoon or cushion .. State needs saving why that one hospital in this region and the state can spend it .. Because a limited number of public hospitals that the state can spend it .. But the state can not afford to spend on this talk .. Because we have seen how that we could not distribute money .. When Zaanah little pollen .. When we have compiled some pollen lot .. God this is a good idea attained and we agreed on all of us .. They put on the agenda of the Basic People’s Congresses .. All conferences take a full day or session and discuss health .. No proposal or points on our agenda, which is the origin of the people .. A doctor or nurse or a citizen its Basic People’s Congress Jpth idea espoused displayed on the Basic People’s Congresses all .. Conferences discussed .. Possible modify .. Possible find a great idea adopted .. And thus be the Libyan people decided that health policy in the Libyan Doe is in the form of this .. Clear .. If appeared do not work do not blame anyone … and less where the Secretary of Health where she described and labeled .. Why not this policy is not useful. You currency if they do not work .. If he was offended and around the calculator application and brought suit one another.

     I think that the Basic People’s Congresses was like this .. Held before it is nothing .. Empty table and each one raises his hand raises the idea of ​​belonging to domestic and foreign policy and discussed in the conference .. Do not work .. Another idea from another member adopted by the conference .. Finds good amends the increase or decrease or accepted as they are turning it and become a point on the agenda .. I calculate it so .. But after that I found Libyans complain and say this policy so and so .. This new committee that Ammeltmoha .. Do not you its currency policy ..Why is this locked open and why this and why these have been achieved and why this did not materialize .. You are the one who decided this ..Open this door why this door is open .. You who decide to open this door .. Yes, we decided to open this door, but why did not open this door ..Here responsible for opening the door Shortened .. We decided to open the door Why did not you open it you other busily need .. This Aaqboh ..Given you a chance once two three .. And we found the same thing .. Say no .. This one Blade does not work .. Transformed, and do suit one another .. So people feel that he is responsible for everything .. Ordinary citizens say what worked for us .. Of are Almim this group M back .. Any group .. Is you .. Why did not plan so then you why you are acting, which it says is planning policy and draw in your conference and go up the people that will be implemented this policy and sequencing.

     This way you walk things such as time and bred to the world comes from beginning to end, watching you and come to attend .. Which is a neutral and impartial person seen and says this system misses the whole world, and he needs the whole world .. This system Badi .. This is a wonderful system .. This is democracy .. Dimo chairs .. People on chairs .. Just go people know them is decided by its domestic and foreign policy .. Not like America nor Britain nor Russia nor India nor Sindh.

    Session to discuss the allocation of each sector

    You meet in the Basic People’s Congresses tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and dedicate Anakadat .. And one for education and one for health and one for Public Security and People hear what you say and you are present .. You Secretary of the Conference presented this story to your conference and telling them to look at .. Why we use Mu `ammar or so and so or Alan .. You ارسموا us health and education policy and public security .. They tell you a good morning session today on education, for example, discussed how education as well as well as we’ve discussed ..Aardoh the people’s congresses at the agenda discussed by all conferences .. Overnight on health .. What do you think of the health .. Is well well ..Public Security tomorrow .. What do you think about it .. Well well .. And who does not

    Attend this does not hear his words falling under and plopped argument and the word we do not hear his words .. Recommendations and proposals unions and professional associations that you want to display on the Basic People’s Congresses for inclusion in its agenda items, including housing item: activating the role of housing associations .. Expansion of urban plans .. And a commitment to urban design and unifying architectural style and urban identity of the Libyan cities .. Reasonable words .. This means that it is possible to be Engineers Association is said these words, and this of its own and hear their opinion in this regard to consider the privacy of producers with regard to housing .. Ok .. Producers say we deserve category by other care, for example, by traders and by the officers and by employees and by doctors .. Reasonable that workers or producers perceived privacy for accommodation .. Zain supporting studies for the design house appropriate for the Libyan family and this is the other perhaps Engineers Association is said these words that make sense .. This is placed before you on the agenda of the Basic People’s Congresses and discussed .. I if a member of the popular conference essential when subjected to these points I have no objection and say this really concerns them.

      Third: we come to the maintenance .. Attention to preventive maintenance .. They say this is a good idea and concern you but you must to Chrahoha us and you have a program that demonstrates what preventive maintenance and They Nlzmanm by imagining them.

    Then: requiring suppliers to train elements of national maintenance .. These companies that come with these things is that train Libyans .. For example, and gives us one of these air conditioners tell him coached us Libyans .. Reasonable idea placed .. Policy if established by the Basic People’s Congresses say God this idea came from unions .. Say each company supplying goods to Libya, especially of durable materials should Nlzimha trained Libyans and Nlzimha also set up a workshop for the manufacture of spare parts and training in Libya .. We can add to what she said such unions.

    Conferences unions

    Then be coordinated with all parties when conducting maintenance of infrastructure .. True .. When you do streams and Tmdon phone lines and electricity .. Correctly, you must coordinate possible engineers say you talk like this .. Reasonable phone owners union and union power could say words such as this make sense .. Escalation: IV do producers process escalation of the People’s Committees of the productive and service companies .. Casual unions that our companies are climbing them .. This experience had existed before and you said proved unsuccessful .. How God said that Almassadh Commission for cement plant, for example, subject to the workers because they are the ones who Assaduha can not penalize you can not harden them can not impose on them anything

    Says you these Assadona .. Say SHUT We Sadnak .. Permission Assadtamona even I can not do something in front of them .. Then the most important is that the elements that are escalating within the plant may not be able to manage facilities such as cement .. These experts want an expert you want to manage the installations of this type cement factory ..When we choose from Congress whatever the group manages these facilities management bad result in the deterioration of production in this institution ..

    This topic discusses .. Is good and this is their opinion in this way discussed by the people’s congresses .. Reasonably say your words ..Etc. ..

    But got our work how many years

    this way and arrange them such and such does not want to continue again in failure .. Share we and you in the solution .. This model, for example .. They spoke of the

      escalation .. Stay away from the practice of negative phenomena such as intolerance of tribal and clannish and lots ..

    Yes it is true agree .. Structural setting of the conference according to population density and geographical area here tell them not .. This does not follow these unions when exposed exposed when you enter the Basic People’s Congress, which sets the agenda and says I am a citizen of a member of the Basic People’s Congresses .. My opinion .. What is your opinion .. Is restructuring conferences by such and such because these need not union or professional .. Ncdobaa and tell them this is not your competence in order to rationalize the trade unions in the future not to offer only the topics that concern them are related to her profession .. But concerning the Libyans as a whole displays this union as a member of the Basic People’s Congress .. Be clear in this form.

    Must of culture in this way to practice democracy .. The need to provide leadership qualities and attributes of selected .. Also presented at the conference.

      We come to Fifth item: ownership .. Pass legislation that regulates the ownership of these good workers or producers Imlkounam some institutions where they are .. Want to pass legislation last regulates this process .. Take into account the socio-economic dimension of ownership possible to maintain the strategic companies and factories public ownership possible say it the people as a whole .. Even union as a possible factor this acceptable .. Has the right to 50 per cent that displays part of solving the problem of redundancy: put us envisioned him

    Image descriptional_gaddafi_interview_with_abudabi_tv_2002

    Meeting of the Brother Leader With Members of the Russian Duma, Thinkers, Writers and Men of Letters

    The Brother Leader:

    First I would like to welcome you in Libya, and thank you for responding to the invitation from the Green Auditorium. The entire world heard on March 2nd, 2005 that I had addressed an invitation to all the influential activists in the world, including professors, thinkers, students, politicians and writers to come to the Green Auditorium, which would open its doors to them to study the Green Book.I felt that the world was in dire need of studying it, and asked the people’s congresses to set aside a special additional budget to accommodate these visitors, scholars and researchers seeking to study the Green Book, the Jamahiriy system and direct, popular democracy. This is a historic day, because this is the first meeting held in response to that appeal.It is a meeting at the global level with people from friendly Russia, including professors, thinkers, writers and members of the Duma. This is a very important meeting, because it is held with the first vanguard of politics and thought in the world.It is our hope that this vanguard that came from Russia will be followed by other vanguards from the U.S. Congress, the Chinese People’s Assembly, the British House of Lords and House of Commons, India and Europe. We also hope that, in addition to members of parliaments, writers, thinkers, researchers and students will come to sit in the Green Auditorium, and study the Green Book.

    ‘I believe that the solution lies in the Green Book, but the world has yet to understand it, because it has been the subject of a blackout and has been banned in most countries in the world since they know that the Green Book aims to change the world, from a world of injustice and exploitation to a world of direct, popular democracy and popular socialism. Those who hold the reins of power do not want to share it with anyone.

    They ban the Green Book because it instigates those who have never had a stake in power and never participated in it. The Green Book instigates ordinary citizens, common people, the man on the street, the poor and all these great masses that are marginalized from power and wealth, and are used as cannon fodder in oppressive, exploitative societies, where they sustain themselves with the leftovers of the rich, and live off the service they provide for the those who control power and wealth. This is an unfair, unacceptable, unjust, dictatorial, exploitative and inhuman situation.

    It is intolerable and unbearable for us, the simple people, the masses, the poor people who have a right to the land and a right to life. We, the overwhelming majority, do not accept this strategic, historical marginalization or this abuse.

    We do not accept to be in the service of the rich and the exploiters, and protect the society of exploitation as soldiers and policemen guarding the institutions of the rich and ensuring their comfort. We do not accept to be used by the elite that have imposed itself through dictatorship as cannon fodder in wars for the sake of its capitalist, economic, imperialist interests. The simple, poor, common soldier has no interest in fighting a war outside his country. When he comes back after fighting, assuming he does come back, he has gained nothing. Rather, if he comes back, he is missing an arm, a leg, his sight, his hearing or even his mind, and sometimes he loses his life itself…

    It is the ideology of oppression and exploitation that is prevailing in the world today, according to which oppressive forces, by using money, win elections and assume power, while a handful of the moneyed elite enlist this political tool in their service, and force the simple and the needy, the overwhelming majority, to suffer, endure hardships and die for their sake.

    This handful of politicians and rich people attained this position by the unnatural and illegitimate means of exploitation and the use of money, money which was acquired by sucking the blood of the workers.

    A rich man is only rich because there are poor people who serve him out of need, thus he becomes rich, having sucked their blood and exploited their efforts to become rich. These moneyed handfuls are to be found in every country in the world, and are the cause of the tragedy of mankind now, and of wars, terrorism, actions and reaction.

    It is they who are the source of power, because a poor man cannot become president except with the backing of the rich, so that every power now is the power of money. There is no democracy at present, but there is only money which is the source of power. It is illicit money which did not accumulate in the hands of a wealthy handful because it descended on them from heaven, but was the result of exploitation.


    This duo of capitalists and oppressive politicians is the cause of the woes and problems plaguing the world. At no time in history and nowhere in the world, have ordinary citizens had the readiness, the desire or the need to go to faraway places to destroy then and colonize them, but those who have financial interests are the ones who want to seize the wealth of others and the power, which is their handiwork, force those simple people out of their homes and send then faraway to enter other homes with which they have no enmity to plunder and destroy them and kill their inhabitants as has happened in every stage of colonialism experienced by mankind.

    Unfortunately, we had thought that colonialism had come to an end, only to find out that it was renewing itself in a brutal manner. However, it is both positive and tragic that it is now certainly difficult to colonize the land of others, settle in it and seize its resources, because it is clearly possible now for the colonized to resist and to have access to very effective means of resistance.

    The ordinary citizen is capable of packing his car with explosives and blowing it up and blowing himself up.The possibilities are now widely available thanks to the information revolution and the spread of science and knowledge, thus arms smuggling and arms trafficking are no longer under control. In the past colonialism succeeded, because it was not possible for peoples to resist fiercely as is the case now.

    Back then, arms were limited and factories were owned by the invader or the colonizer, while the others were unarmed thus making them vulnerable and exposing their land to invasion, destruction and seizure. It was not. It was not possible then for the peoples to make weapons or explosives, because all these things were unknown to them.
    Now, some arrogant powers do not take this transformation into account, and believe that colonialism can be affected easily as it was in the past, but colonialism now, unlike the past, is a difficult enterprise; it is short lived and cannot take root in the land of others, because those others are now capable of manufacturing weapons and explosives. Manufacturing these has become universally accessible, thanks to the internet which provides access to the state of the art sciences.

    Colonialism is still practiced, but, this time, in the face of fierce Resistance that was possible in the past. Such a development is, of course, tragic, as one person can blow himself up and kill scores pf people. From a humanitarian point of view, we say this is tragic, because large numbers of people are killed using modern means, but this same colonialism possesses lethal means, including nuclear bombs, and the means of destruction are now unfortunately, available for both sides.

    However, the positive aspect is that it makes it difficult for the imperialists and the colonialists to seize the land of others and settle therein, but achieving this result involves great sacrifices and major losses for both sides.

    The world in now in the grip of a crisis; there are demonstrations, protests, unemployment and inflation everywhere, and grievances, discontent, arrests, rebellion revolt and victims. There is virtually a world war, and no peace, stability, safety, peace of mind, or hope in the social, economic and political environment prevailing in the world now.

    The world is based on the theory of colonizer and colonized, master and slave and rich and poor, and on the theory of wage, hiring, trafficking, representation, marginalization, negation and cynical disregard for the broad masses.
    Thus, hundreds of millions are represented by hundreds of individuals, which is regrettable, ridiculous and futile. For instance, we find a country of 300 million people with a parliament of three hundred members, which is laughable, unfortunate and problematic. The three hundred million have realized that the three hundred representatives do not express their desires, share their dreams, or represent them, and, hence, bypassed them and declared that representation is a fraud.

    It is fraudulent to bring three hundred people and claim that they are the three hundred million; the three hundred representatives only represent themselves, and cannot dream for the millions or share their desires and their feelings.

    Therefore, representation failed and the peoples have gone beyond it, thus, the people and the representatives are not on the same page. There may be a parliament which claims that it was elected, and it is possible that the election, in few cases, was not rigged, but the peoples have given up on parliaments and representatives, and we see them out on the streets expressing their demands directly.

    This is proof that the representatives have failed to speak for these peoples. When some governments decided to go to war against Iraq, millions demonstrated against the war. What does this mean? It means that the representatives did not express the demands of these peoples that had elected them, because if they had spoken for the peoples and shared their wishes and dreams, they would have opposed the war.

    Therefore, representation is a fraud, which means that scores of peoples are ruled by dictatorial regimes, and are not represented by parliaments, because these parliaments approved the dispatch of forces. How can the parliament approve when the people do not?

    Hence, the parliament does not represent the people, representation is a fraud, and mediation, representation and parliaments must be abolished. This farce must be placed in the museum as an ancient relic, because peoples can rule themselves. But how can a people of hundred of millions rule themselves?

    We are accustomed to a government consisting of twenty, fifteen or ten ministers who govern, and a parliament consisting of scores of people or hundreds of people sitting in a chamber that accommodates scores of people or hundreds of people who decide for the people .But how can the people rule themselves by themselves?

    How can the people, men and women, sit in session and rule themselves by themselves? Naturally, the short –sighted view would say that that is impossible, and settle for representation, with a few people representing millions. This view is erroneous, as it views democracy as a matter of distance and size of chambers, but that is not the way to view it.

    Wherever the people are found, whether in the neighborhood or the village, they convene in people’s congresses in which all adults, men and women, participate and decide what they want. Then, if the entire people decided to declare war against a state , then that war would be legitimate, because the people felt that war was inevitable with that neighboring state or a state that is separated from it by an ocean and continents, although that would be highly unlikely.
    If a law was passed, it would be passed by the people, the adult men and women sitting in session. Then, if you were sentenced to death under that law, that law would be sacred, because it was passed by all the people, who felt that such a crime should be punishable by death, and you yourself were among those who deliberated and eventually decided that the perpetrator of such a crime deserves the death punishment.


    All the criteria and the structures in use now are obsolete; the flow, the demands, the requirements and the challenges of the masses are too great for partisan structures, which are museum pieces. If the dialogue continues with you, Russian friends, members of the Duma, professors, writers and journalists, it will be possible to begin thinking of convincing the people in Russia, for example.

    In this regard, would like to answer a question asked by a friend whether it would be possible to establish a Jamahiriya with out violence. We do not need any violence at all; we only need persuasion….’

    So, you would willingly submit to the punishment, because you took part in drafting the law, and were convinced of it, because it would not be fair for you to submit to such a punishment under a law passed by others. Those others may be called a parliament, a government, a revolutionary council or what you will. Such a law that you had no hand in, you would not obey, not only in regard to capital punishment but even in paying a fine, imprisonment or arrest…

    This defect in the social, economic and political structures in the world today has precipitated the crisis besetting the world at present, and produced the rulers who brag, fabricate and distort the truth to justify their rule and their unjust policies. This policy is of no use to the peoples and the world and cannot solve problems.

    When a reaction occurs, the people would say: “This reaction against us was by a person for whom we caused a problem”.

    However, the ruler would not only transgress against another, but would not admit his error. Such fraud and deception does not serve the people, peace, mankind or even those who espouse such logic. Since the social, economic and political structures are based on error, so all actions are taken to justify this error, which breeds injustice, exploitation and dictatorship. Peoples do not rule themselves and there are no Jamahiriya and no popular socialism, because all social relations are based on injustice and exploitation.

    Peoples are ruled by proxy, and laws are not passed by the people, but by someone else in the name of the people, which is a sham. The wealth of the earth belongs to all the inhabitants of the earth, and the wealth of every country belongs equally to all the people of that country.

    But this is not the case, because power and wealth are controlled by a handful which only attained its position by crooked means. Therefore, whatever policies are pursued is only designed to justify this fallacy.

    We, the common citizens, hear astounding things from governments and politicians; they tell us that black is white, and white is black. What we see as black they say is white, and we are expected to accept such distortion. This is amazing! The truth is that if you say: “

    This is white not black,” then you are a rogue, a deviant and wrong. They tell you, “We said that it is black, and you say that it is white, which means that you disagreed with us, and whoever disagrees with us is a rogue and insane.” This is a falsehood and a fallacy which is prevailing in the world today as a result of the marginalization of the peoples from wealth and power.

    If it was the peoples who passed laws, made decisions and crafted policies, the world would be a world of peace, equanimity, stability, love and cooperation, because peoples do not hate each other and seek peace and stability . No people would leave their land to occupy the land of another people.

    An army that leaves its country to occupy other countries is made up of needy people drafted by an unjust authority which is the product of the wealth owned by a handful of exploiters, who made the politicians, who drafted the needy to form an army, and ordered them to go and die outside their land, and if they come back, they are missing a leg, an arm, their eyesight or their hearing.

    This is happening in the world today. If those soldiers, who left their land to occupy and destroy another land, had stayed home as ordinary people they would not have had the desire to cross their borders and commit such heinous acts, but orders and need forced them to become soldiers for the politicians and the exploiters, and as long as they were soldiers, they would be given orders to die and colonize.

    Thus, in the world today, a blackout in imposed on the Green Book. They say: “The Green Book is a dangerous book written by Algathafi, whereas in actual fact the Green Book was not written by Algathafi, but by the history of mankind.”

    The Green Book is the lessons learned from our history as human beings; it is an analysis of all the facts of our past life, both sweet and bitter. The Green Book states, “Such and such a problem occurred, because things were not handled this way; handle them this way and there will be no problem.” Why were people unhappy in the past? We have found out that he who is not free cannot be happy.

    We have found out that he who is need cannot be free. Therefore, freedom lies in need, and in freedom lies happiness. You will not be happy unless you are free. We found out in the past that people were not happy, because they were not free, and they were not free, because they were in need.

    For people to be happy, they must be free, and to be free they must not be in need, according to the Green Book. It is the history of mankind which says that on the basis of lessons learned. Humanity, which says this, authored the Green Book.

    Now, thank God, the Green Book and the ideas of the Green Book may have launched the Third Universal Theory, which is beginning to be heard and studied in the age of the internet, satellites and the information revolution. Nobody, no matter how hostile to humanity and the Green Book, can stop the ideas of the Green Book from spreading, and they will spread despite those who do not want that.

    The Green Book and its ideas will be diffused over the internet and through all the modern mass media all over the world. Now, in Russia, in the Duma, professors and friendly writers have organized societies for the Friends of the Green Book, which shows that the Green Book is beginning to reach America. Some say that a country like Libya with a small population is suited to the Jamahiriy system.

    On the contrary, a small state does not need the Green Book, the Jamahiriy system, and people’s power as much as the big state. The greater the population of a state, the more it needs the Jamahiriy system. If we take China as an example, it is inconceivable for a single individual or entity to rule this empire.

    Also, one in Beijing cannot know the problems of people all over China, and no government, no matter how sincere, intelligent and concerned with the people’s interests, can manage the affairs of the population of China. This is not possible, because the representatives, who will be in the hundreds, cannot represent people in the billions.

    We were in the process of answering the question regarding the manner in which the people can rule themselves by themselves. It is the government that rules and the representatives who rule, but how can the people rule?

    We have said that the people rule themselves not by bringing them to a single chamber, which is a very superficial view. The people stay wherever they are, and convene people’s congresses, where they decide whatever they want.

    These congresses, unlike assemblies, include all the population without exception. There is a difference between assemblies and congresses; assemblies are elected by the people, but the congresses comprise all the people, leaving no one outside them.

    These congresses form people’s committees, which implement the decisions of the congresses. This is self – management. Thus, no law is passed unless endorsed by all the people. It is not proposed by the government or the parliament.

    They, if present, have the right to make proposals, but every ordinary citizen who has an idea for a law is entitled to propose it to the entire people. If the people endorse the law, it goes into effect. However, in view of the prevailing injustice, the ordinary citizen is marginalized, and cannot propose an idea for a law in his country.

    Who would listen to a citizen in India, who says, “I have a wonderful idea for a law.”? No one would, because this is not considered within his competence. Why? Because that citizen has been robbed of his will, and even his dignity, for the sake of the representative. Since you have elected a representative for you, then you are a member of a constituency represented by him, and he proposes the laws.

    Then can one as an ordinary citizen contact this representative? No, that is impossible, because your relation with him and been completely severed the day you placed that ballot in the ballot box. He became a representative and you became an ordinary citizen robbed of everything it is the representatives who are entitled to propose or pass laws. Then, the millions who make up the people, the entire nation, do not have this right and are marginalized.

    Al long as the nation is marginalized and has no right; thin what’s the need for this whole process, including the representation, the government and all these mechanisms?

    This shows the invalidity of these mechanisms and structures extant in the whole world. It is impetrative to sweep away the representatives, the rulers, the classes and the parties, and leave the people to rule themselves by themselves. Partisanship Itself is an obsolete tool among the classical structures that cannot stand the challenges and the requirements of the modern age….

    All the criteria and the structures in use now are obsolete; the flow, the demands, the requirements and the challenges of the masses are too great for partisan structures, which are museum pieces. If the dialogue continues with you, Russian friends, members of the Duma, professors, writers and journalists, it will be possible to begin thinking of convincing the people in Russia, for example.In this regard, would like to answer a question asked by a friend whether it would be possible to establish a Jamahiriya with out violence. We do not need any violence at all; we only need persuasion.
    If, through your efforts, together with other groups, the Russian people were convinced that power must be the prerogative of the people through the people’s congresses and the people’s committees, there will be direct transition from the republic to the Jamahiriya, from injustice and dictatorship to direct popular democracy without having to go through certain stages.The Marxist Leninist theory, the ideas of Marx and Angles, are utopian ideas which, if applied, would have created an earthly paradise However, because they are utopian, they did not succeed. That is a lost paradise which we would have wished to attain, but we did not achieve communism.
    We have an image of communism, but we have never seen it, because it is a long process, and we have to go through the national phase followed by the socialist stage under the slogan” He who does not work does not eat. “Then from socialism we go through several stages until we reach communism, when the slogan becomes”To each according to his need, and from each according to his ability. “When would that be achieved?When production accumulates, property becomes communal, and even the proletariat disappears, and the whole people becomes one class.This would have been beautiful had it been achieved, but it was not, because we got tired before reaching it. Communism was not achieved, because there is a defect in the theory.
    What is to be done? The lesson learned is that if there is a possibility to skip stages, it should be seized. For instance, in Russia, through the active members of the Duma, the professors, the students and the intellectuals, we can quietly teach the Green Bookand distribute it.When that takes place, there will be a transition in Russia from the current situation to the status of the direct Popular, Democratic Jamahiriya. It is certain that the whole world will adopt the Jamahiriya system one day. We are now only going through a phase but everything in the world is moving forward, and as long as this is the case, the world will certainly reach the Jamahiriya without violence, which we do not need at all. 
    Some people think that since the Green Book is the work of Algathafi, it must involve violence and the use of weapons, which reflects ignorance of the Green Book. They should read the Green Book. I hear some attributing certain statements erroneously to the Green Book.They say that the Green Book states that the Koran must be the Sharia of society, but this is not in the Green Book at all. It speaks of the sacred law in any society and says that it is customs and religion, which means the mores and the traditions which enjoy consensus and respect.
    If a society believes in any religion, be it the religion of Buddha, Muhammad or Jesus, then that is a fixed, unchangeable law. Every people have their own mores and traditions which can only be changed through social evolution and not by decree. People have always agreed on certain rules of behavior, which are the genuine, fixed Sharia that cannot be changed by the parliament or the government.They represent a belief in something which is not necessarily the Koran; it is the Koran only for Moslems. When we speak of Moslems, we say that the Koran is Sharia because it is the Sharia for all those who believe in Islam, and those who believe in the Bible, the Torah, Buddha, Zoroaster or Confucius hold these beliefs sacred and unchangeable, and this is Sharia.
    As for the constitution and such, that can be called a law, because the parliament may meet tomorrow and change the constitution, as constitutions can be changed at any time in any country in the world. However, we cannot trust nor have faith in something that can be changed by a handful of people meeting in a room like this, but we trust and have faith in something that can only be changed through evolution.The Green Book says that your Sharia is the Koran if you are a Moslem, but if you are not a Moslem then your Sharia is based on your holy book. 
    Every nation has its own Koran; one calls it the Bible and another calls it the Torah, so each one gives it a name. Such statements are attributed wrongly to the Green Book.  It must be translated accurately, since I have seen confusion in some of the translation. For instance, I saw in the English version the word ‘participation’, which is not the right word, since it is not a matter of participation with the people. The people have no partner.When the Green Book is translated in this manner; the meaning differs from the meaning in Arabic. I have said that this meeting or this day is a historic occasion, because it marks the first response to the global appeal I launched on the 2nd of February of this year, when I asked nations to come to the Green Auditorium to study the Green Book.
    Our aim was not to serve the interest of Libya at all, but rather to resolve the present crisis of humanity. It was the elimination of the societies of injustice and exploitation, of colonialism, terrorism, arms, dictatorship, poverty and exploitative capitalism.
    We wanted to treat our sick world body, purge it of disease and create it anew. That was the aim of inviting all the peoples to come to the Green Auditorium; it was in the interest of t hose peoples and of mankind. Those who are hostile to the Green Book or the Green Auditorium are sick with the disease of racism, chauvinism and narcissism. Isn’t this human thought?
    If you study it and find it useful, why don’t you embrace it? Every thinker, philosopher, analyst or prophet in the world belonged to us all. We study them, quote them and benefit from their ideas, and if we excluded them, we would be petty and racist.Then why should one reject the Green Book? Read it, study it and then judge it. The ideas of Angels, Smith, Bakunin, Montesquieu, Rousseau and Tolstoy belong to the world. When we reject the ideas of Ibn Hayyan, Avecine, and Al-Razi, we would be depriving the world of astronomy, mathematics, marine science and medicine.The ideas of Avicine in medicine have benefited all of mankind. Had they rejected the ideas of Avicine because he was a Moslem and oriental, the world would have been deprived of these great benefits, every drug is called ‘medicine’.
    How do they say it in Russian? ‘Ibn Cina’A member of the audience:” Ibn Cina”The Brother Leader: Go any where in the world you will find that this ‘cine’ must be a reference to Avicine. Therefore the contribution of Avicine to medicine belongs to the whole world. Had he been rejected out of prejudice, ignorance and narrow – mindedness, we would have been deprived of medicine, which would have still been in its infancy.
    If we had fought the ideas of Jabber Ibn Hayyan, Al-Idrisi and Abu Bakr Al-Razi, we would have been deprived of many sciences from which the world is benefiting now. Algebra was developed by Jabber Ibn Hayyan, medicine was developed by Avicine.and astronomy and marine sciences were developed by oriental Moslem scientists.If we had been prejudiced and said this one is oriental and that one is a Moslem. We would have been now deprived from astronomy, medicine and many of the sciences, from which we benefit now.By the same token, if we had said that electricity and the telephone were developed by Western Christians we would have been prejudiced and would have hurt ourselves. So, the person who developed electricity was not a Moslem, yet, as Moslems, we benefit from it, and the person who developed medicine was not a Christian and yet Christians benefit from it.
    This also applies to the Green Book.Whoever fights the Green Book is sick, petty and needs psychotherapy. They wonder how come such ideas can emerge from Libya. Such hatred is pathological. If you have a political dispute with Libya, that is something else, but, as the famous Greek historian, Herodotus, said, “From Libya comes the new…”
    Then, brothers pay attention! Perhaps the new still comes from Libya. If you happen to have a dispute with Libya over a gulf, a sea, oil or borders, that is something else, but don’t say:“If a book comes out of Libya, I will not read it.” Now, if the rulers of the Western countries were to come to the Green Auditorium and study the Green Book they would contribute with us to resolving the global crisis and curing the world from its sickness. .I actually gave up some of the time of my afternoon nap for this meeting, in view of the importance of this delegation, and because it was the first delegation to respond to the global appeal which I launched on the 3rd of February this year. I wanted this to be an encouragement and a model for other nations to come as this vanguard came from Russia. Thank you very much and hope to meet you again.
    Dr. Rajab Abou Dabbous: “First, I would tile to thank you for addressing us. I would like, as a footnote, to refer to one of those who have stated that the Green Book possesses a destructive power. A professor in the Sorbonne, Edmond Joffi, said in his book entitled “Algathafi: My Vision”,“Al-Ghathafi gave up the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons, because are not viable, but he has a much more potent weapon which does not destroy buildings but destroys the old order. Therefore the old order will be hostile to him.”
    The Brother Leader: “While listening to Haikal, I heard him refer to subtle force and brute force, and say that subtle force, culture and thought, will triumph. But bombs and steel will be defeated. It is the Green Book is actually the subtle force which will triumph.
    Dr. Rajab Abou Dabbous:” Brother Leader, some comrades have some souvenirs they want to present to you.
    The Brother Leader: “Please go ahead.”
    Intervention: “This is the emblem of the Russian Federation; a double-headed eagle and the victorious knight…”
    Intervention: “I am from the Republic of Azerbaijan. The leader of Azerbaijan visited you seven you. There have been some changes in the Republic. I would like to give you this book to see those changes. I would like to tell you that the leader always has a great, difficult job because it is extremely difficult to manage social and political relations. But peoples understand each other much more quickly through culture.I would like to give you the music of the Caucasian peoples. Since thee can be no music without dancing, I want to give you these pictures of this national dance troupe (several pictures)
    The Brother Leader:“When the delegation visited me, they visited the house that America destroyed, so they gave me a house in the Republic of Azerbaijan.”
    Intervention: Muammar, Leader of the revolution, I am speaking on behalf of a working group in the Russian Parliament. This group is studying the problem of democracy in the modern world. We know your book very well, and respect the ideas included in it, and your ideas and achievements in this regard…We would like to express our great acknowledgement, and to present you with the symbols of our national culture. This is a symbol of our culture; it is an expression of Russian fertility and procreation and sufficiency in life. We wish you courage, steadfastness and continuous victories, and prosperity for your dear people.
    Intervention: Honorable Leader, today you have spoken a lot of the casualties of war, and the suffering of peoples and soldiers in these wars. It so happens I have worked in all the hot areas in the world over the last twelve years. After this I published a book about the people who fight these wars and their lives. This book may help us know and understand what is happening in the world.
    Intervention: Honorable Leader, 22 years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the Green Book. Since then, I have been dreaming of this meeting. On behalf of the revolutionary movements in Russia and in Moscow, I would like to present you with this book about the Russian Parliament and the media. I would like you to sign a copy of this book, and we are waiting impatiently for the Russian edition of this book.”
    Libya `Democracy` Bars Any Pro-Democracy Pro-Jamahiriya Members of `Congress`
    Posted: 2012/10/09
    From: already excluding any candidate who has or ha

    d any connection whatsoever with the Jamahiriya democracy from elections, thus excluding over 90 percent of Libyans from candidacy to the so-called General National Congress, still it ejects any Libyan without absolute loyalty to the occupation regime.
    The 200 member so-called “General National Congress” that was set up some four months ago in a failed attempt to replace the lawful General People’s Congress, consists of only those candidates who completely shunned any involvement in the direct participatory democracy of the Jamahiriya system of people’s power.
    Only those who displayed loyalty to the occupation regime and its foreign backers from the outset of the bloody war against Libya in 2011 are exempt from this rule. Most of the “congress” consists of Libyans who lived in exile throughout the past 30 or so years, similar to the situation in Iraq with the imposed regime there.
    Patriotic Libyans often termed “Gaddafi Loyalists” by the former in turn refer to these elements as “stray dogs” and “rats” in view of the bankruptcy of morals and principles, having sold their souls for materialistic trinkets, or committing heinous sins as heretics and misguided elements devoid of any humanity in their dealings.
    Unable to form even a puppet government for the past year and facing major advances of the resistance the “rats” have locked up some 20,000 political prisoners, all those popular congresses secretariats and people’s committee secretaries who had refused to allow force of arms to triumph over the people’s authority.
    Even in this context with all Jamahiriya democratically elected officials having been killed or incarcerated or driven into exile along with an estimated one million Libyans — a quarter of the Libyan population — the so-called GNC “rats congress” still censors and ejects members it considers to be unfaithful to the regime.This takes place via an “integrity commission” which itself has no integrity but serves merely to ensure that all GNC members pass the “100% rat test”.  
    Although in the last few months since its unlawful creation after the sham elections, the GNC has so far thrown out independent non-party members considered to have less than 100% loyalty to the occupation regime mafia elite, now also one of the “political parties” which are banned in the Jamahiriya, has been ejected.Maryam Ali Ahmed Farda of the so-called National Forces Alliance of Bankster Jibril “the gerbil” lost her appeal Monday against being ejected by the (rat) integrity commission. She is from the BuSlim area of Tripoli which is famous for its loyalty to the Libyan Al-Fateh revolution and its resistance against the occupation.  
    The Al-Fateh Revolution of 1 September 1969 led by Muammar Qaddafi placed the Libyan people into power without deputation, representation nor political parties. They exercised power directly by way of people’s congresses and people’s committees since 2nd March 1977, the “Declaration of People’s Power.”

    By early 2011 when the conspiracy was launched against the Great Libyan Jamahiriya there were over 6,000 People’s Congresses in each neighbourhood of Libya. The General People’s Congress of Libya thus included over 10,000 members, in contrast to the 200 now in the sham General National Congress.

    A half dozen other independent members including those from Bani Walid were also denied membership of the GNC although they had been voted in by their constituencies.

    •  Prime `Rat` Minister Abushagur Sacked After Announcing `Emergency Cabinet` (Updated)
      Posted: 2012/10/08
      From: Mathaba to form a government and unable to avoid otherwise being sacked due to the October 7 deadline set by the rats congress, the U.S.-Zionist-Crusader poodle declared an `emergency cabinet` of 10 members in lieu of the originally intended 29 and then was sacked before he even had a day as `Prime Minister`With only minutes to go before being sacked before he could become &quot;Prime Rat Minister&quot; for even a single day, Abushagur came up with his &quot;emergency&quot; cabinet of 10 names, instead of the 22 which had been rejected outright by rats, after having been imposed upon them by the foreign crusader forces for which the occupation regime is puppet.The Prime Rat squeaked his announcement live over Rat Tell-Lie-Vision in Tripoli at the end of Sunday, 7th October at the same time as a new world record was set in Venezuela, following the Green March in Tripoli on July 1, 2011 organized by Mathaba Libya Coordinator Mohanned Magam.
      Contrasting sharply with the panicked and cowering rats at the Tripoli rat congress who were surrounded by thousands of demonstrators demanding a lifting of the siege against Bani Walid, almost 3 million people came out in mass demonstrations of support for President, Revolutionary and Man, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.The previous record for popular support demonstrations had been held by the almost 2 million who came out in support of Muammar Qadhafi in Libya last year.
      Venezuela has honourably led Latin America in denying representation and recognition to the illegal and unlawful terrorist alien Rat Regime occupying Libya.The Libyan people and their historic revolutionary leader declared the rats as rats after they had engaged in mass rape, murder, torture, pillage, plunder and treason, acting as a terrorist ground force for the invasion and occupation of Libya and the attempted overthrow of democracy and freedom in the African country.Instead of then voting on whether or not to accept the 10 head rats as ministers, the rats instead voted on whether or not to accept Abushagur as prime rat minister. The vote was overwhelming: 125 rats voted to dismiss him immediately, with 44 rats voting to keep him and 17 abstaining. Abushagur thus became the world’s shortest &quot;prime minister&quot;.His sacking came hours after an &quot;impassioned plea&quot; (begging on his rat knees to congress rats) for &quot;unity&quot; in the face of the collapse of the occupation regime attempts to form its illegal government more than a year after being imposed by force of arms upon the Libyan people, and the ongoing resurgence of the Jamahiriya.One rat party member said of Abushagur: “When he submitted his first cabinet, he couldn’t stay and fight for his
      decision for even half an hour. As soon as people started protesting,
      he left, which shows a weak character and somebody who doesn’t stick to
      his decisions”The rats have no idea now on what to do or how to go about forming an alternative rat regime. Governments around the world who recognized the rat regime take note: when your turn comes the Jamahiriya will be everywhere and will form alliances with the people’s communities not with regimes which days are numbered.Rat media have observed that &quot;international businesses have already voiced their concern
      that the lack of political certainty raises the prospect of reduced
      investment in the Libyan economy in the near-term.&quot; But it is much worse than that. These &quot;international businesses&quot; will find themselves in the dock for crimes against humanity in their attempts to use the blood and tears of the formerly free Libyan people to make money and profits on the back of their oppression.Rat would-be Prime Minister Abushagur had also declared himself foreign minister on the orders of his foreign masters who wish to ensure that they are dealing with a reliable slave who will follow their orders and deliver. Observers note that this is an impossible feat given that his U.S. master cannot even save their own asses in Libya.Four such donkeys for capitalism and the new world order of slavery were dispatched a month ago from Libya back to the USA in coffins. These included the top four U.S. spies and CIA operatives in Libya working under the cover of the U.S. State Department of Hilary Clinton, including the U.S. Ambassador Stevens.

      Stevens had been illegally present along with other foreign agents in the Libyan Jamahiriya since early 2011 and refused to follow the law and leave Libya and apply for a visa for the Libyan Jamahiriya. Currently no visas are being given to any other than those directly assisting the liberation of Libya and despatch of Al-Qaida.

      The penalty for illegal presence in the Libyan Jamahiriya and actively assisting the terrorist regime is death. The sentence was carried out against the top U.S. agents operating in Libya, as well as against numerous other traitors even at the highest levels of command within the military forces.

      The rats in the so-called General National Congress are upset at the imposition of ministers without any consideration to geographical representation, which Abushagur has refused to consider given he has to follow orders to install certain people, with an ever dwindling number considered &amp;quot;reliable&amp;quot; by the imperialists.

      The foreign imperialists who are now seeking the recolonisation of Africa after breaking down the iron gate of the Libyan Jamahiriya, are still calling the shots via their long-term employee of over 30 years active service in the CIA, stray dog Megarief, who they appointed as &amp;quot;President&amp;quot; of the so-called General National Congress.

      The occupation regime has sought to replace the real General People’s Congress after throwing all its members into jails, swelling the ranks of over 20,000 political prisoners in Libya who are being held incommunicado and mostly in unbearable conditions, often killed, and almost always undergoing torture and abuse.

      The lawful General People’s Congress of Libya which has been unable to convene since the imposition of war on Libya since March last year and the rat invasion of Tripoli in August and was made up of members from over 6,500 Basic People’s Congresses around Libya on a geographical basis.

      The rats are thus demanding yet again exactly what they had before but which had not been under their control even though as an appeasement to the imperialists some of them had been illegally awarded key positions without nomination from the grass-roots, which enabled the conspiracy to succeed last year.

      Daily victories across the territory of the Great Jamahiriya have resulted in the occupation regime having little or no remaining control over the country.


    British Disinformation Campaign Against Jamahiriya: Bani Walid
    Posted: 2012/10/04
    From: Mathaba

    Already with the blood of the Jamahiriya on its hands the arch enemy

     of Africa is using its media tools to create disinformation regarding Bani Walid which again faces the threat of siege and annihilationThe British propaganda outfit in Tripoli “Libya Herald” claimed (in its item #15453) that it had visited the area at the front line checkpoint of Bir Dufan, around 20km North East of Bani Walid, and found no military build up there, contradicting facts on the ground.This disinformation was put out on October 1. However on October 2 the very next day (in its item #15547) it was forced to admit that heavy clashes had already taken place at the very same checkpoint as terrorist forces amass once again against the town of Bani Walid.The same publication Libya Herald in countless articles gives voice to “Libyans” who pen long “factual” articles stating that no one outside the Qadhafi family ever supported Muammar Qadhafi even though the majority of Libyans support the African Muslim revolutionary leader.Suddenly once again the paper sees no contradiction in stating that an entire city is full of pro-Qadhafi “loyalists” and anti-occupation, whenever military action becomes necessary to quell all legitimacy and then giving voice to garbage that the Jamahiriya has no support.All yesterday troops had continued to amass on the outskirts of Bani Walid in order to attempt to penetrate today and wreck havoc and destruction again upon the town of upright citizens who refused to be ruled by a foreign western colonialist imposed regime.The regime had at first denied that it had ordered an assault, due to not wanting to put Bani Walid on maximum guard, and for the rat forces to have problems on their rear ends, as most of the South and Central of Libya remains loyal to the Jamahiriya people’s authority.The rats wish to revenge against Bani Walid for its punishment of rat terrorist Omran Shaban, who was held for two months after capture in July. After his release his remains barely alive were sent to Paris in an attempt to revive, but he died the slow painful death he deserved.The rat forces wish to keep the media away from the fact that more than a year after a 7 months massive bombing and mercenary campaign, the Libyan city of Bani Walid is still, like Sirte and other towns, loyal to the Libyan Jamahiriya and resisting the occupation.

    Protesters storm Libyan congress over ‘unrepresentative’ govt make-up

    Source – by RT
    Libyan Security Members in Tripoli

    the ongoing lawful government of Libya is the Jamahiriya and should be demanding the release of all political prisonersA full year after the wind-down of the illegal war against Libya which had as sole aim the assassination of the Revolutionary Leader Muammar Qadhafi and the overthrow of the Libyan Jamahiriya,
    the unlawful occupation regime “government” still lacks legitimacy.This in turn means that the funds of the Libyan People’s Jamahiriya, which amount to an estimated funds total close to $200,000,000,000 abroad of which it is believed half may be in “cash”, and of which the People’s Republic of China is holding some $25 billion, must not be given to the Tripoli regime nor any so-called “UN authority” given that the UN violated its own charters and allowed colonial powers to commit war crimes.
    Pushed by the UN which has stated that a stable government must be in place in Libya before funds can be handed over, the regime has been attempting by farcical elections which were postponed many times and barred almost all Libyan citizens from participation, and later by installing an illegitimate “General National Congress” headed by CIA front man Megarief, to install a “government” on Libya.This is failing and even the so-called GNC is rejecting the lists of government members drawn up by the unlawful “Prime Minister”, who has until October 7 to come up with a functioning government (by the definition of the occupation forces) or face dismissal.While most of Libya remains in full rebellion and resistance against the outlaw regime, the latter continues to lose control over more cities including the pro-occupation regime stronghold of Benghazi which is now in open conflict with the Tripoli dispatched forces of oppression…

    Youth and Rafla eastern region Atnadon to victory Bani Walid

    Publiée le  08 octobre 2012 par 

    Démonstrations à Benghazi dénoncer des actes Almzarat à Bani Walid

    Libby objected boat fishing boat Italians and Ajbarhama to walk to the port of Benghazi
    Libby opposé bateau de pêche Italiens bateau et Ajbarhama à pied du port de Benghazi
    Libby objected boat fishing boat Italians and Ajba

    rhama to walk to the port of BenghaziChannel quoted “SkyTG24” Italian Nicolo Kristalde, Mayor of the City of Mazara del Vallo in South west of the Italian island of Sicily as saying that Libya objected boat Italian fishing boat in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and forced them to walk to the Libyan port of Benghazi.The official pointed out in an interview with Italian made on October 7, that the Libyan boat opened fire on two compounds Italians without causing any injuries among crew members, according to what he said to him the captain of one of the two compounds in a telephone interview.It was not yet known who that belongs to the Libyan boat.Referred to the number of members of the crews of the two compounds Italians 14 people, including citizens of Italian and Tunisian .Canal cité “SkyTG24” italien Nicolo Kristalde, maire de la ville de Mazara del Vallo dans le sud ouest de l’île italienne de Sicile comme disant que la Libye s’est opposé bateau bateau de pêche italien dans les eaux de la mer Méditerranée et les ont forcés à marcher sur le port libyen de Benghazi.Le fonctionnaire a fait remarquer dans une interview à l’italienne faite le 7 Octobre, que le bateau libyen a ouvert le feu sur deux composés Italiens sans faire de blessés parmi les membres d’équipage, selon ce qu’il a dit de lui le capitaine de l’un des deux composés dans un entretien téléphonique.Il ne savait pas encore qui il appartient au bateau libyen.Fait référence au nombre de membres des équipages des deux composés Italiens 14 personnes, y compris les citoyens de l’italien et tunisien .
    شبكة الرصيفة الاخبارية – زورق ليبي يعترض مركبي صيد إيطاليين ويجبرهما على السير إلى ميناء بنغازي
    موقع الرصيفة ألأخبارية موقع أخباري احدي المواقع التابعة لشبكة الرصيفة للاعلام

    لحظة اقتحام المؤتمر اللاوطني

    شردمة من جردان الزاوية تتباكى امام فندق ركسوس اعتراضا على عدم حصول اي احد من الز

    اوية على حقيبة وزارية!! و هل توزيع الحقائب الوزارية يعتمد على الكفاءة أم علي

    -all fake puppet Americans and Muslim Brotherhood listed on everything!
    Muammar always told us the party system cannot work–read the repost I made of part of Muammaral-Qathafi‘s MARCH 2005 speech. (see  far below)

    200 Armed Militia Occupy Tripoli Occupation Gov`t, List of Ministers Torn Up
    Posted: 2012/10/05
    From: Mathaba continues to reign in Libya as the occupation regime loses control of all corners of the country, poising to strike again against Ban Walid which proudly flies Jamahiriya flag on most houses, and with even Benghazi, the strongest point of support to the unlawful regime, having declared war on TripoliMore than a year after being swept to power by U.S.-led neo-colonialist imperialist crusader forces the occupation regime head-quartered in Tripoli is now even unable to defend itself against attack.At least 200 militia forces from Zawia entered the so-called General National Congress to deliver a clear warning to the regime that it has no legitimacy and should give up its power attempts.
    The Libyan people want to activate the popular congresses system which had become corrupted in recent years due to the imposition of returned stray dogs into seats of power.Stray dogs were those Libyans who had been stripped of citizenship and forced to live a low life of indignity as hostile traitors in the care of Britain, the USA and other imperialist powers.After the unpopular compromise reached without the Authority of the People to install stray dogs into key positions over the heads of the masses, the Jamahiriya became weakened from within.Now is the time to put aside passed differences and to allow the Libyan masses to once again rule themselves by themselves without deputation nor representation within the popular congresses and people’s committees.

    All political prisoners, numbering some 20,000, should be released unconditionally and the Jamahiriya restored with fresh nominations, and the holding to account of all rats and criminals.These are the positions put forward by the revolutionary committees, should there be peace and abundance once again in Libya, it will necessitate the removal of all corruption and high treason.The occupation by more than 200 armed people from Zawia angered at the lack of People’s Authority and the fake pretences of the so-called General National Congress took place yesterday October 4.The storming of the rat congress just hours after Mathaba had broadcast a warning that regime officials will not be able to protect themselves against the wrath of the masses and its popular jamahiri resistance.
    This has been clear after top U.S. officials and agents were unable to be protected by the world’s Great Satan, and top military generals and traitors have been unable to prevent their liquidation in the dozens at the hands of the revolutionary committees.Contrary to false media reports, the so-called rat prime minister Abu Shagur had extensively consulted with fellow rats and his foreign backers before drawing up the list of proposed ministers which had to be torn up days later with the rat government thus still unable to be formed.The deadline for the formation of the rat occupation government of Libya had been set for October 7 and it is unlikely this deadline will be met, thus resulting in the dismissal of Abushagur and the failure of any lawful regime to replace the de jure and de facto Jamahiriya.At least 50 members of the rat congress walked out on Wednesday October 3, in protest at the list of rats put forward by the occupation regime’s attempt at Prime Minister, Abushagur, and his foreign backers.Hundreds of rats at the so-called congress called Abushagur to be dismissed. He had planned to present the cabinet list to be voted upon member by member, but such was the hostility that he decided to scrap the entire list and start afresh, with his impossible job to satisfy at the same time Satan and the Libyan people.Rat Abushagur, who is predicted by the jamahiri resistance to have a life much shorter than that of a chicken, said on Wednesday that he would present a new list on Saturday, October 6.Discussions among rat traitors on the matter with him had continued until three o’clock on Thursday morning.
    The Congress of rats met later in the morning again to continue discussions on the crisis and whether or not they should vote on the names on the list. There was split between those who wanted to do so and those who wanted to wait for a new list.However, proceedings were then thrown into chaos when some 200 militiamen from Zawia managed to break into the rats’ Congress hall despite the strong military presence outside.As a result of its inability to protect itself from the wrath of the armed masses, the rat Congress decided to postpone the session with no clear plan on what to do next.Many rat congress members had accused the occupation regime’s rat Prime Minister-elect and the present rat Prime Minister Abdurrahim Al-Kib of being “out of touch” having been too long away from Libya. They were “not informed” about the country they said. However, they vigorously denied the suggestion that Abushagur had not negotiated his list.
    “He almost killed himself consulting”, a rat congress member said, saying that anyone had been able to submit a name. Abushagur had taken opinions from all sections with Congress”, he insisted. Five hundred names, he said, had been submitted and assessed.Almost killing himself is what Abushagur and other rats are good at, pro-Jamahiriya observers note, and predict that they will soon succeed, unprotected by the alien foreign elites they serve.

    Source – by RT
    Libyan Security Members in Tripoli

    Editor’s note: The below article which like all corporate media refers to the so-called Libyan General National Council (GNC) as “the Libyan government” though it is nothing more than a NATO-installed puppet regime, clearly shows that the Libyan people aren’t and don’t want to represented by a regime that only came to power after more than eight months of NATO terror bombing. As the GNC was elected after a 100,000 Libyans were killed, after approximately one million Jamahiriya supporting Libyans had to flee their country for their lives and after numerous Libyans who had lived abroad for decades and who conspired against the Jamahiriya have returned to the country, the GNC already for that reason doesn’t represent the Libyan people.
    More and more Libyans seem to wake up to the fact that this “government” was imposed on them by foreign aggressors that destroyed their once prosperous country in the name of “fighting for democracy”, and their voices calling for the return of a Jamahiriya government as taught by Muammar Gaddafi now become more and more clear.
    Gaddafi sets 120 Political prisoners FREE!
    It was reported somewhere on 12 Friday October 2012  that more “horror” was about to hit Libya. A few days later on Monday it is reported that the sighting of Gaddafi took place at the Tripoli Prison.
    Today, 120 prisoner have escaped the Tripoli prison. How did they escape? Who let them out?It has been reported that Gaddafi himself had opened the jail cells, letting all 120 prisoners escape. The guards were frozen with fear at the appearance of the resurrected Gaddafi. Gaddafi just walked past the guards. The guards did nothing.At least that is the story as told to the media by spokesman for the prison a one named Abdel-Moneim al-Hurr.Is it easy to believe that Gaddafi himself let all the prisoners go?Many of the inmates were terrified at the sight of the risen Gaddafi. One inmate is reported to have yelled that Gaddafi has risen from the grave to take his revenge. (CCTV feed from the Prison is monitored here, and translated by an Arab – who I don’t trust for obvious reasons.)
    Benghazi Remains Out of Control For Libya Occupation Government
    Posted: 2012/10/05
    From: Mathaba where the support for the Libyan Jamahiriya was in some places below 90 percent and thus the lowest support level due to a small minority of heretics which conspired with foreign forces to occupy Libya last year, remains out of control to the Tripoli regime since over 3 weeks…Since the massive

    victories of the popular resistance in Benghazi early Al-Fateh (September), Benghazi has remained out of control to the Libyan Occupation Government which started from Benghazi in February 2011 before moving its headquarters to Tripoli after the U.S.-led invasion in August 2011.More than 3 weeks after top U.S. officials were killed for being unlawfully present in a war zone and administering direct support to the enemy and local terrorists since early last year, the U.S. agencies and special forces are still unable to visit their mission and facility in Benghazi let alone visit the city itself.After an initial admission by the Benghazi officials of the Occupation Regime that the heroic popular jamahiri resistance carried out the successful operation, which they term as Qadhafi loyalists, these officials were swiftly sacked by the regime based in Tripoli for speaking the truth about the matter.
    The U.S. masters of the occupation regime in Tripoli had ordered that at all costs any other culprit must be found and blamed other than the resistance, because of the zionist media propaganda lies that continue to state that the Libyan revolutionary leader and the Jamahiriya People’s Authority have no support.The sacking of the Benghazi officials who refused to resign from their posts was followed swiftly by statements from Tripoli after CIA agent Megarief was ordered by his U.S. handlers to wait for U.S. officials to decide which lie to use to explain the loss of the most senior U.S. personnel in the African and ‘Middle East’ region.
    Days later the order was given to place the blame on an islamist group “Ansar Sharia” which had as its popular role the guarding of a Benghazi hospital. Ansar Sharia vehemently denied any involvement in the operation but stated that it would join the popular resistance forces should it be made a scape goat.The Tripoli based regime then organized with the assistance of the usual foreign sponsors a “Benghazi 2.0” operation aiming to disarm all militias and place them under the control of the weak national army under direct control of the Tripoli occupation government.This move proved unpopular and has resulted in non-stop clashes between regime forces and local armed groups which are engaged in an all-out war with the regime and thus joined forces with the resistance.
    Ansar Sharia went underground taking its weapons with it instead of surrendering them to fake amnesty rallies.Meanwhile popular protests have taken place at the hospital demanding Ansar Sharia be allowed to return to protect it, since those which have been dispatched from Tripoli have been unable to do so. Protests today entered a 4th day against the lack of security at the hospital since the withdrawal of the Ansar Sharia brigade.There have also been reports of patients and visitors bringing weapons into the hospital and firearms being used to threaten doctors and nurses. Drug misuse is said to be yet another problem at the facility, and some hospital workers say they have witnessed recreational drug-taking in hospital rooms.Benghazi has been a center of drug abuse for many years since the Zionist regime started dropping drugs for free in order to weaken the Libyan youth, and drugs played a major role in the events last year from the outset, along with Al-Qaida groups funded and supported by the USA.
    Furthermore the dispatch of pro-U.S. commander to take control of the police forces in Benghazi following the successful operation against the U.S. spy den resulted in the entire Benghazi police force coming out in open mutiny defying orders and refusing to accept the replacement of the police chief by the pro-U.S. commander.Police forces are refusing to intervene or even to protect their weapons arsenals in the face of attacks by the resistance forces which do not wish to kill any police but simply liberate their weapons for use in the resistance. Those few police and military forces which have attempted to fight back have suffered routine losses of life.Meanwhile a fourth policeman has died as a result of Wednesday’s attack on a rat security checkpoint at the western entrance to Sousa, 200 kilometres east of Benghazi.Rat Said Saleh Al-Sakrran died in Beida Hospital on Thursday evening. He had been shot three times.His three rat colleagues, Wissam Ahmed Ben Omran, Majdi Saad Aljaali and Abdul-Wahab Mohamed Buqusisa, were killed in the attack. They were buried Wednesday in the rat adopted flag of the former pre-1969 puppet regime of Libya.
    D-Ahmed Alhadj:
    To every young Tarhunah present knows absent:
    Ali all youth Tarhunah everyone without exception to prepare fully to fight destiny and begin actually there is no longer room for waiting and let’s start multiplying supply lines
    Alta next to Bani Walid Ali everyone move to do whatever Tsttiau, age, pause Ezz Ya Brothers 7000 martyr blood of the martyrs is Emcich Hba.
    Media room for youth resistance Tarhunah green.
    ‏Photo : الي كل شباب ترهونة و الحاضر يعلم الغائب :<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
علي جميع شباب ترهونة الجميع دون استثناء بالاستعداد التام لخوض معركة المصير و البدأ فعليا لم يعد هناك مجال للانتظار و لنبدأ بضرب خطوط امداد العدوا القادمة الي بني وليد علي الجميع التحرك للقيام بكل ما تستطيعو و العمر و قفة عز يا اخوان 7000 شهيد دم الشهداء ما يمشيش هبا.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
الغرفة الاعلامية لشباب المقاومة الخضراء ترهونة.‏
    More than 100 protesters have broken into the Libyan National Congress, disrupting the MPs’ work. The demonstrators are infuriated by the proposed make-up of the country’s new government, saying it is not representative enough.The demonstrators, who come from the western town of Zawiyah, one of Libya’s oil hubs, traveled 50km from their home to the capital after the prime minister failed to select their nominee as oil minister.”After we heard the list, everyone in Zawiyah was angry. Some even began protesting in Zawiyah’s main square last night,” one protester told Reuters.Dozens of angry people breaking into the congress’s main hall forced a special session studying nominations for a transitional government to be canceled.”[PM Mustafa Abushagur] said that he would form a coalition government, that he would look at experience. Zawiyah proposed candidates for oil minister, but he’s brought in someone who is not well-known,” the protesters said.They further accused the PM-elect of putting ideology first when choosing candidates, which resulted in several members of the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood appear on the list. At the same time, the liberal National Forces Alliance was not represented at all, says the leader of the liberal coalition, Ibrahim al-Gharyani.The protesters left the congress, but carried on with their demonstration outside.
    Protesters storm Libyan congress over ‘unrepresentative’ govt make-up
    The article is written from a very wordly angle–by those who know nothing of the true Great Jamahiriya, the real authorised “body of the people”–Therefore, I only presented the beginning of the article—The rest of it is a POLITICAL, disgusting mess…Showing how the warped thinking of the world will always be in trouble until they fully adopt the Third Universal Theory of Muammar al-Qathafi and the grassroot peoples.
    About PARTIES and the NWO From Muammar June 1992-A MUST READ:

    The fear that the Green and Alternative Movements may become a part of the New World Order whose change they seek 
    Muammar Al Gaddafi – (PROPHETIC speech of 13 June 1992 in SIRTE)

    Image description

    Speech delivered by the Leader of the Al-Fateh Revolution, Muammar Al-QATHAFI
    International Conference for Green-Alternative and Peace Movements
    (Sirte, 12-14 June 1992)   ….

    I welcome the participants of this conference to our country. I highly appreciate, as well do the Libyan people,
    the convening of the International Greens’ Conference at this time in our land, especially because it is a time in which they face a new attack in the chain of new colonialism’s attacks. This attack is motivated by the imperialistic spirit, which believes in invading the world for its own greeds, without any regard for the independence of peoples and their right to life.

    Imperialism does not give any weight to freedom and human rights. Also, as you are well aware, imperialism is responsible for the destruction of the environment and the spoiling of the Earth. Imperialism is responsible for the horrific damage caused to the ozone layer, which obliged the nations of the world to meet at Rio de Janeiro in a desperate attempt to convince imperialists to live in peace on earth.

    The correct path is the one taken by the International Green Movement; it is the path of non-coexistence with the evil forces of injustice and aggression. The right path is to search for an alternative, and I am glad that the term “alternative” was added to the name of the movement. The point we should stop at is the word “alternative”, which is the essence of the Green Book. Hence, the Greens’ slogan coincides spontaneously with the slogans of the Green Book and the Third Universal Theory. The Green Book says that the world is turning without changing, and we are duty bound to change it.

    When the Green Book stated the above, it was not expected then that Communism (or rather Marxism-Leninism) would collapse throughout half of the globe. The prevalent belief at that time was, instead, that the world had begun to change and that this change was to be attributed to Marxism.

    However, the Green Book stated that the world was turning, not changing. In other words, Marxism was only one of the turns which occurred in the world. This saying was proven correct after 15 years. Today, we are witnessing a world which has not changed but continues to turn. We hope that the International Green Movement will contribute towards changing the world and creating the alternative.

    We would like to draw attention at this important meeting of the International Green Movements to the fear that the Green and Alternative Movements may become a part of the New World Order whose change they seek. I fear that these movements might become a complementary picture of the current world order. I would like to illustrate this by citing one simple example in a given state in the world. For instance, there is a state whose regime is authoritarian and exploitative where opposition emerges against it, but instead of changing the regime, the opposition contributes to it by giving it a democratic character without changing it….

    Hence, this opposition helps the authoritarian regime. It gave the regime the appearance of a democracy only, because the opposition became part of the regime. Thus, the opposition gave the regime a prolonged life by coexisting with it and by playing its games. In other words, it is the regime which tamed the opposition and made it one of its components. It is feared that the Green Alternative Movement will become another tool for the continuation of the world order instead of becoming the alternative to this order.
    The understanding was that the Green Movement would not join the World Order. Also, it was agreed that the movement refuses the parties, parliaments and the contribution in the present political process because of the failure of this process and its uselessness to citizens everywhere.

    But with the passing of time, the Greens became members in parliaments. Thus, the Green Movement turned into a political entity with party structures in some parts of the world, which is exactly what is wanted by the current evil World Order, i.e., to contain and tame the Movement by having it participate in the game.

    This should be rejected. When we contacted some of our friends in the Green Movements throughout the world, expressing our dismay at their entry into parties and then parliaments, their reply was:

    “By entering parliaments, we wanted to ridicule them.”

    However, after some time, we did not see any effect from such action. Moreover, the Green members became like the conventional deputies, presenting their opinions, objections and needs, like all the others.

    This process is leading to the death of a movement on which we pinned great hopes. I would like to assent, to the best of my knowledge and information, that the present World Order is an illusion and has lost its reason for continuity, for it has lost the progressive character needed to enable it to match the movement of history. Thus, this order is suffering greatly from its inability to advance, and the evidence of its approaching death is very clear. The countries leading the world order have no arguments to convince others, nor do they enter into dialogues, except for the resort to force, which means bankruptcy in terms of ideology and logic. We notice that this order is approaching its end because of its resort to force and to state terrorism in solving their problems. The prevailing language now is that of military option, embargo, blockade and economic sanctions. This is the only dictionary left to the current World Order which has proven its bankruptcy. Now, when I see the world map, it is a joke and a mockery. Should the world continue in this manner, the globe will be turned into a colossal prison. There is an embargo and boycott against Libya, hence, there is an international prison zone in North Africa issued by the World Order which prohibits people from contacting each other by air. The same prison zone was imposed in the Balkans on the peoples of Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia. Iraq, a major country in Asia, and the Balkans in Europe were also ordered to be kept incommunicado with an air, sea and land embargo against millions of their people.

    There are other areas which will be targeted by the World Order for similar treatment. Henceforth, after a while, we will find that the globe will be turned into prison zones in the name of this World Order. As a forerunner of this totalitarian World Order, which began to imprison peoples, some local racists and aggressive forces, like the Israelis, started to follow this system by imprisoning the whole Gaza Strip, banning any air, land or sea contacts as well as cutting off its electricity and telephone lines. Who can protest against this?

    The Security Council cannot seriously protest being that it was the mastermind behind the whole idea. It is imprisoning peoples instead of solving their problems. It has become very easy for the Security Council to adopt sanctions or imprison peoples      ]

    Even when the Security Council protests, it does it only on blatant and absurd matters and to no effect.This pattern will continue as Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Cuba, Korea and China are all targeted for imprisonment. Many countries in the world are expected to meet equal treatment. This collective imprisonment of peoples is clear evidence of the bankruptcy of the present World Order. But the “New World Order” being referred to by the mighty forces of the World, is not the same as our alternative World Order. The present World Order went bankrupt and had nothing left except force, terrorism and embargo. It is a corrupt force which is speaking and nominating itself for the establisment of a New World Order which will be, by all means, doomed. If there will be any New World Order, it must be created by the forces opposing the current World Order. The present forces of evil can never create a New World Order, because if these evil forces tried to do anything of the kind, they would only be developing their evil methods. And indeed the prison created in Serbia in the Balkans, Libya in North Africa and Iraq in the Gulf, these are, good or bad, the first signs of the New World Order. This is its prelude … Why? Because the same forces seeking to create the New World Order are the forces from which we are suffering, the evil forces which went bankrupt      ]

    I would like to conclude this statement by saying that the nature of the present World Order is very clear to us. What is needed is for the Green Movements of the world to undertake the task of setting up a New World Order, free from the corruption and disease characterized by the present World Order. A big launch, therefore, is needed throughout the world’s continents by the Green Movements for an alternative World Order so as to increase their membership, organize their ranks, penetrate every place, carry their slogans – to cover the whole globe. As I have already told you earlier, according to my information and analyses, the present order is bankrupt and unable to resist, of which its constant resort to force, terrorism, threat to use force, sanctions, embargo, and siege, are the evidence.

    The Greens should go forward by abandoning all existing parliaments, since they are a dead instrument that fails to represent the voters. All elections in the world are rigged. Only the rich win elections. It is the rich who are ruling the world, polluting the environment and manufacturing and buying weapons. It is the rich who are creating slaves and the poor, for without the rich, there would have been no poor. Wherever there are the rich there are the poor. Wherever there is a slave there is a master, because without comparing, how do we know that a given person is a slave or is poor? The rich are able to afford medical treatment, education, and to live in unpolluted ivory towers. They use technology for their own benefit, but are not interested if the people’s earth is polluted. The rich are the leaders of parliament and parties. They are the leaders of the tyrannical forces and political party movements. They have been there during the First and Second World Wars. They have fuelled these wars. They are even now still fuelling world wars everywhere on earth. The present state of war around the globe is the result of an accord between the major countries – for when they ended the confrontation between themselves, they exported their wars to other parts of the world. Everywhere and on every continent, there are wars; daily, people are being killed and injured. This is no coincidence, for it was planned by this World Order itself.

    The power centres which are running the world, and are now creating evil, must be ransacked by the masses so that parliaments are ridiculed from within. People should not go to vote or take part in the farcical elections. When someone is nominated for the presidency in any given state in the world, people should not go to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This denial will be the most important expression of their will, for people do not need to say ‘no’ to someone who does not deserve it.

    Ballot boxes should be left empty. Your task as a Green Movement is to instigate voters to keep away from this farce, to leave the ballot boxes empty. No right party nor left party … No moderate … No president … No deputy … And no ministers. All of these labels are absurd.
    I advise you to study thoroughly the Green Book at a time when it has been said that the Green Movement has no theory. Hence, they try to ridicule you for having no theory. But the Green Book represents a historical theory which you should benefit from.

    Once again, I thank you for choosing Libya as a place for your conference, which constitutes a support for the Libyan people in its just stance in confronting the forces of evil which are, now, running the world.

    WASSALAMU ALAIKOM (peace be upon you)

          Posted 13th June 1992
    Muammar al-Qathaf’s 26 June 1993 interview with Reverend Jesse Jackson
    EXCERPTS FROM REV. JESSE JACKSON’S INTERVIEW WITH COL. MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI. (26 JUNE 1993) in relation to the CIA FALSE FLAG OP of “LOCKERBIE”TRIPOLI, LIBYA      26 JUNE 1993  ….. JJ: Col. Qadhafi, thanks for joining us tonight for this very special interview. Assuming that President Clinton and his key advisors are watching this program, what message would you like to send to President Clinton and to America tonight?Picture of Col. Qadhafi and Rev. Jackson MQ: First of all, I think, to restore relations and normalize relations, and to exchange economic interests between the two countries; and the return of the American oil companies to Libya and the trade and investing in Libya and Libyan money in America. I think it is better than the sanctions and the escalation, the threats, the enmity. My advice to my Democratic friends in America this day is to look at the positive things instead of the negative things, and we open a new chapter.

    JJ: Are you willing to assist in releasing the two Libyan suspects that are such a big factor in the sanctions now being imposed on Libya?

    MQ: No, I can’t force them to go there, because it is against their human rights and against the law.

    JJ: Would you encourage them voluntarily to go and face a trial in U.S. courts and British courts?

    MQ: They are afraid because they are ordinary citizens. They are afraid of America, of England — these countries are against their country; they bombed their country, they killed the children and innocent people in 1986. How can they go to these two countries where there are facts such as these?

    Really, in the view of the ordinary people, the Americans, the Britains, particularly America in the times of the administration of the Republicans, they feel it is terrorist, it is a bad place, because they saw how they did here in this country, innocent people killed here by aircraft, American aircraft coming from England. How can they go to these two countries to be tried there?

    JJ: Col. Qadhafi, assuming that they are afraid of U.S. and British courts, where else would you assist in releasing them and encourage them to go?

    MQ: It is necessary for Libya to prove that Libya is an innocent country, and not a terrorist country and Libya is against terrorism absolutely. For us it is very important they be tried as soon as possible. But they are afraid to go, for instance, to America or to Britain; and we can’t force them really and we must look for another place, for another country to try them — a place where they can go and not [be] afraid.

    JJ: Would you release them, and to whom, and under what conditions?

    MQ: You are a respected person on the level of the world. All peoples know you and respect you and the Libyan people admires you, and we trust you. Our friends in America, of course, trust you. All the world trusts you — I think from my side I find no one is more suitable to take these people than you. We must all of us — not Libyans, our friends, our American friends also and the British — if they agree, I think these two people can hand themselves to you, because they trust you. But they are afraid if they find themselves later on in America or Britain….

     JJ: So your point is that you would be willing to release them, indeed, release them to me —

    MQ: To you, OK. Not to America or to the British, to you.

    JJ: So to any place other than the U.S. or Britain, you would encourage their release.

    MQ: No objection. We must do this and solve this problem and normalize our relations and go forward with the future.

    JJ: Your people took us on a tour of your home which was bombed in 1986 — an air raid in which more than 200 people were killed. Indeed your own two-year-old daughter died in that bombing attack. And there is a great sense of pain throughout Libya about what happened at 2 o’clock AM on that morning in 1986. Was PanAm 103 your revenge?

    MQ: I don’t think so, but we have to get these two accused people to the court to know the truth. It is important for us to know the truth.

    JJ: Do you believe, given all the accusations, that Libyans were involved in this act?

    MQ: I don’t think so because it is far from Libya. It is a plane that came from the Far East, through Frankfurt, and crashed on Lockerbie. What is the relation of this accident to Libya? The flight was not from Libya, no Libyan luggage, no Libyan passenger, what is the relation of Libya with this tragic accident? We heard about it in the media, like any other viewer.

    JJ: So you are saying: to you it was not an act of revenge, not that of any of the Libyan officials.

    MQ: Of course, of course! I told you, we heard about this accident through the media like any other one heard about it, and we were very sorry that night when we heard about this disaster.

    JJ: There are real concerns, of course, about the plane that you have addressed in this interview so far. The issue about Libya’s strategic role in the world — are you willing to lead some new, bold initiatives to change how people view Libya in the world?

    MQ: I think if these two people release themselves to you, for example, and a trial takes place for them [in order] to know the truth about this disaster, and we finish all this hostile climate and atmosphere between the West and East, between Libya and America particularly, and we exchange visits and we meet together —

    JJ: Exchange visits?

    MQ: Yes, between Libya and America, between Clinton and me — to meet together in America, or in Libya, or in any other place — it will be a big change.

    JJ: So you feel that by encouraging the release of these two suspects and having that trial, that represents a bold step in a new direction, and you would be assertive in leading that —

    MQ: Yes, of course. And, for me, I am ready to go to America —

    JJ: It sounds like Qadhafi going on the offense.

    MQ: OK — to solve this problem and to change the world for the better!

    JJ: There’s a peace process under way now that includes Egypt and Israel and Syria and Jordan and the like — do you support that process?

    MQ: If it is the way of peace, we support it. But if it is a waste of time, that is another matter. I don’t think it is the best way to achieve peace in the Middle East. To achieve peace in the Middle East, we must solve the problem of Palestine radically and historically and finally — to let the Palestinian people come back to Palestine, and to create a new, democratic state in Palestine for Israelis and Palestinians, like what is going on in South Africa: free elections under the supervision of the United Nations, all blacks and whites together. Palestinians and Israelis together, voting in a free election under the supervision of the UN and to create a democratic country: it is the historical and ethical solution.

    JJ: Back to Libya and your own determination to come out of isolation. One of the accusations levelled at Libya is that you still have terrorist camps inside the country, training people from other countries to engage in warfare. Are there any such camps in Libya today?

    MQ: First of all, these camps are not terrorist camps. And they finished now, although they are not terrorist camps. These camps were the camps of SWAPO and SWAPO now is an independent country —

    JJ: Namibia —

    MQ: Sam Nujoma — is he a terrorist? No! Then what do they mean his camps in Libya were terrorist camps? The camps of President Museveni of Uganda, they finished because he won the war, and he now is the president. Is he a terrorist? No! The camps of Zimbabwe, of Mugabe, the forces of Mugabe were here —

    JJ: There are no more such camps?

    MQ: Of course not! There are no camps now.

    JJ: Would you allow the UN to inspect them to satisfy themselves that —

    MQ: Yes, yes! We have many times invited the UN to send an international committee from [the] UN to inspect and to see these camps. It is very important for us, and we challenge them: we challenge them to come here and to see these camps.

    JJ: What about the question of Libya making chemical weapons?

    MQ: We want the United Nations to form an international committee to inspect all the area, including Libya.

    JJ: So if the UN formed a committee and came to Libya —

    MQ: Not only Libya. All the area. To see where these weapons are and to destroy [them].

    JJ: So you are saying, if they were to come to Libya and find such a manufacturing apparatus for chemical warfare, they could destroy it?

    MQ: Yes, if they come to the area, to inspect all the area: Israelis, Libyans, Egypt, any other countries in the area.

    JJ: [What do you think of] U.S. President Bill Clinton?

    MQ: I described him as a bright star coming from the darkness of the middle of the Western Hemisphere. He is good, really, a good man, very acute — a good man, and no complexes.

    JJ: What do you think of Libya’s maximum leader, Mu`ammar Qadhafi?

    MQ: [Begins to answer in Arabic]

    JJ: Talk to me in English now …

    MQ: [laughing] In English? Describe myself in English?

    JJ: Yes.

    MQ: Qadhafi is a man who — The ordinary citizens like him, and he wants to live for them. But the centers of power in the world are against him. His picture has two sides, his image, — a good one and a distorted one.

    JJ: So there’s a clear picture of Qadhafi, and there’s a distorted picture. Thank you tonight for sharing your thoughts.
    CLOSING THOUGHTS from Rev. Jackson: Final thoughts from Tripoli. Col. Qadhafi clearly wants the sanctions off. He wants to get PanAm103 behind him. He says ‘Take these two Libyans to a court anywhere in the world except Britain or the U.S.’ Will the Clinton Administration buy into this? We really do not know. Here in Tripoli, they hope he says ‘Yes’.

    (This is an unofficial transcript. Any errors it may contain are my personal responsibility, and I apologize for them. — I.S.))

          Posted 01sh September 1993
    Again the Brits and Americans lied. The falsely accused were tried in Britain with American “legal-aid”. It was not held in a 3rd neutral country as was agreed upon..and the trial was a farce making Al Megrahi a “scape-goat” as it is a certain fact that no Libyan had anything to do with tragic Pan-Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland….and oooo how wrong was Muammar’s innocent assessment of Bill CLINTON–a proven evil, as well as of later Barack Obama (both whom Muammar had hope in) !

    Martyr Al Megrahi with Saif a-Islam after his final release
    • al-Qathafi’s son to throw party to celebrate release of Al Megrahi one year ago
      UPDATED: 11:31 GMT, 16 August 2010Saif Gadaffi will attend the revelry for Al Megrahi in his house in Tripoli
      The son of Muammar al-Qathafi is to celebrate the first anniversary of Al Megrahi s release by giving a party for him.
      Saif Gadaffi, whose friends include Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson, will attend the revelry for Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi in his two-storie house in Tripoli.
      He will foot the bill for food and drink, following a day’s fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.Megrahi, 58, was released on 20 August last year.
      Saif Gadaffi will attend the revelry for Al Megrahi in his house in Tripoli   

      ‘Saif Gadaffi was instrumental in pulling off a public relations masterstroke to get him released on the 40th anniversary of the Libyan revolution.
      ‘We understand the celebrations are meant to be more low key this time.’
      Mr Duggan added that the victims’ relatives did not want to focus on Megrahi on 20 August.
      Megrahi’s arrival in Tripoli from Scotland last year was met by scenes of jubilation.
      He was showered with rose petals by supporters who waved the Scottish flag.
      Libyan authorities have insisted they want to avoid a repeat of the falsely caused international revulsion sparked by Megrahi being treated to a hero’s homecoming.
      (We insist that no Libyan had anything to do with the Locckerbie incident.)
      Instead, they will ‘pray’ to ‘give thanks’ for those who freed Megrahi, the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill.
      A spokesman for the Libyan leader said: ‘He does not want wish to cause offence in other parts of the world, especially in Britain and America.’

      All Megrahi at home in Tripoli
      Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi died in 2012 after being unable to obtain his medicine in  the RAT hospital.

    Muammar Al Gaddafi – Leader’s speech on the occasion of the student revolt on the 7th April 1976

    (Leader’s speech on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the Palestinian student revolt in 7 of the bird 1976) 

    TRIPOLI, LIBYA – 7.04. 2002   ..

    Leader 7th April 2002

    The 39th anniversary of the day transit Oct. 6 on Victory Day
    October War or October Liberation War is a war fought between Egypt and Syria on the one hand and Israel on the other in 1973. 
    received IDF blow in this war has been penetrating the line of military essential in the Sinai Peninsula, a Bar-Lev line.
    was successful Egyptian landslide even 20 km east of the canal, but aid
    Alomrakihlasraúal and events then reduced gap from the Egyptian victory. The
    President Almbaronor Sadat works personal and close with the leadership of the Egyptian army on
    Altaktitalhzh war that brought surprise of the Israeli army. – of the most important results of the war: 

    1 – recover full sovereignty over the Suez Canal, 

    2 – and recover part of the land in the Sinai Peninsula. Other results 

    3 – destroys the myth that the Israeli army is not invincible and that he would say the military leaders in Israel, 

    4 – and that this war paved the way for the Camp David agreement between Egypt and Israel, which was held after the war in September 1978 following the initiative Sadat’s historic inNovember 1977 and his of Jerusalem. 

    5 – The war also led to the return of navigation in the Suez Canal in June 1975.

     (Summery of Brother-Leader’s speech on the occasion of the Palestinian student revolt in “7 of the bird, 1976”) (speech of 2002 )

    Attended by the Leader of the Revolution and the African fighter President Robert Mugabe / President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, yesterday morning celebration of the great student held Fateh University Btarabs Ahiaellzkry twenty-sixth of the student revolt in the seventh of April 2002.

    We are here sidewalk network platform for media and on behalf of all free Libya congratulate the Egyptian people on this historic occasion of the Victory Day on the Israeli Zionist enemy is a historic day in the history of the Arab nation as a whole.







    The Brother Leader of the Revolution threw a speech in which he stressed that strong words we have heard by one of the leaders of African liberation brother revolutionary fighter President Robert Mugabe over our morale and force our will hardness and that Africa with us .. Noting that this confirms that Libya was yesterday want them to be under siege became an entire continent.

    The brother leader lamented to commemorate the twenty-sixth of the student revolt in Joe painful and sad and angry hangs upon submission Arab official one hand and anger on the other .. But he stressed that thing that raises morale is that there is a popular revolt burst took permeated the Arab world and there mass awakening and feet on the death and martyrdom without hesitation in defiance unprecedented doing the sons and daughters of the Palestinian people as they prepare thousands of sons and daughters of the Arab people to enter Palestine and carry out these operations.

    Leader noted that the Arab countries, which does not know the demonstrations where popular anger exploded as angry demonstrations in Muscat and burned U.S. flags and Zionist also angry demonstrations exploded in Dhahran remote remote country in the Arabian Peninsula and violence, clashes and demonstrations in Mauritania .. The Leader expressed regret for the suppression of demonstrations by police force collide with angry mobs .. Likening it to what is happening in Palestine and the Zionist terrorist army collision with the Palestinian people.

    The brother leader that the spirit of revolution is once again rose in the streets of Egypt Photos Nasser again that absent thirty years, and in a wonderful challenge confirms explosion Arab anger again .. Explaining that there is a shift and global sympathy with the Palestinian people in a time when this sympathy is decreasing for the Israelis.

    s brother leader pointed out that the whole of Africa with the Palestinian people and the people of Europe have become stand by the Palestinian people .. Citing in this regard Parliament Brussels, which cut ties with the Zionists.

    And expect the Leader of the Revolution to become Zionists in Hitler standing in place of the Nazis and people in positions will be all over the ground such as the position of the Zionist Nazi Fassia .. Stressing that the Zionist criminalize as Vassih movement Nazi. Anyone who sympathizes with the Israelis becomes like a sympathy with the Nazis and Fassi.

    leader 7april 2002              leade r7 april 2002
    The Leader expressed his regret for a major state such as America was supposed to be sentenced and protect the vulnerable in the world to criminalize the martyrdom operations and the criminalization of die for home and considers it a terrorist but supports the Zionist terrorist organization in killing the sons of the Palestinian people. He explained Brother Leader of the Revolution stated that America can not only do this as if criminalized what is happening in Palestine, they criminalize what is happening in Afghanistan and what happened in Yugoslavia, stressing that if America criminalized acts of the Zionists, they criminalize same.He attributed the brother leader why that weapon used by the terrorist organization Zionism is the weapon of dollars and that the money that supports this entity is taxpayers’ money Americans and actions of the army terrorist Zionist in Palestine is the same acts committed by the U.S. military in Afghanistan and other parts of the world .
    Speaking of those who decide to cut their contacts with the Zionists or who decide to freeze these relations .. Said brother leader should make the General People’s Committee for African unity a formal request of the Arab League to form a committee of the university to monitor the boycott and freeze relations ..
    Explaining that ordinary citizens to Aasedkon or reassured that there is a boycott of Israeli soldiers .. Adding that he could not be sure of ads every Arab government on the province or freeze only by the Oversight Committee this .. Explaining that unless watching this committee positions of Arab governments, the words that we hear will be nonsense and meant to throw dust in the eyes and laughter on the Arab citizen.The brother leader addressed in his speech initiative adopted at the Beirut Summit and refers to a full withdrawal and normalization or vice versa .. Wondering if approved Israelis to withdraw which is impossible, then continued Palestinian organizations in the war, what would you Israelis and why would you who have adopted this initiative in Beirut and would be responsible, especially because they know they can not control these organizations and on the Palestinian people and the masses of the Arab nation other.
    He also questioned the brother leader of the pledge in front of the world can ensure there is no continuation of the Palestinian people and its organizations in fighting the Israelis, even if they withdrew from the territory of 1967 syphilis .. Calling on Arab rulers not to involve themselves in things they are not able to fulfill them, especially as it since the exit of that initiative, the Palestinian organizations rejected as rejected by all the living forces in the Arab nation.
    The Brother Leader that America itself, which supports full force of the Zionist regime and protect Fleet sixth and give aircraft a range of up four thousand miles and refuses stripped of weapons of mass destruction can not be committed to peace for the Israelis never because it can not be prevented and one wants to die and blow himself up and kill him a hundred.The brother leader said that if America can not, then what vows Arab rulers incomplete at Beirut conferenceB ..
    Noting that / Abu Ammar / himself who held accountable and besieges now is unable to control the Palestinian organizations, including Fatah, which is the founder and headed in carrying out any operations against Israelis.The Brother Leader of the Revolution that what is happening in Palestine is not a matter of attacks or raids, but the issue of genocide of an entire people being slaughtered every day dozens of Palestinians knife in cold blood .. Urged not to ratify Mirog of allegations of Israeli incursions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip under the claim of their search for what they call terrorists or insurgents .. Explaining that the Israelis want a final liquidation of the Palestinian youth and want to kill Palestinian women even Eldon youthful fighting the Zionists.He Leader in this regard that the two thousand Girl in Alexandria تقدمن to volunteer for Commandos shift, but they sense the U.S. and Israel are considered terrorists and every volunteer is considered a terrorist in their view should be killed without trial .. Stressing that according to American and Israeli logic, it must die all Arab youth.
    Leader noted that America, which it should have respect for the humanity of human beings and to defend the weak supports terrorism and supports the Israeli slaughter of women and children, and justified by saying that this is a legitimate right and condemns those who defend his family and himself.
    The Leader of the Revolution that the future will not be decided by America, no missiles, no aircraft carriers, but decidedWant to die in order to shape the future for themselves and their children .. He who will win because they chronicling blood and souls
    Brother leader described the meeting of Arab foreign ministers last deceased and silly to support the invitation of U.S. President immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces .. Wondering of ينطلى this American-Israeli agreement, which allows the destruction and the slaughter of the Palestinians and then ask the immediate withdrawal of American Zionists ..Wondering Did not the Arab ministers that they want to apply Chapter VII on Israelis .. We said tell them ..
    This chapter will not apply to the Israelis, and we will see in the future meetings of the Security Council.The Leader of the Revolution that the battle now is not a battle ground it is a battle of life and death .. He pointed out that the Palestinians want to destroy the sword hanging on their necks after turned the battle into the houses and streets and the battle for the demolition of houses and killing of children and women and desertification faithful physical every youth of Palestine and want to break the knife that Tzbham which requires arming every Palestinian to pay death for his family and his home.He called Brother Leader of the Revolution Arabs not to joy and confidence after that they offered the Palestinians an offering and a sacrifice to train and sacrifice because imminent death Saisalhm soon after the liquidation of the Palestinian people .. Will be liquidated Syrian people and followed by the Lebanese people and the Egyptian and Jordanian then begins the rush to seize Mecca and the city ..
    Explaining that the Israelis are coming to Egypt long time Umm Qasr to occupy the Nile Valley, according to the blue line in their knowledge. explained brother leader of the revolution that the danger Israeli will not be limited to those who live between the Euphrates and the Nile, but will extend to a new confrontation in North Africa, which will be in danger of subjected to state that extends from the Euphrates to the Nile and therefore subdue Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya ..Stressing that the embassies and trade offices and Israeli interests will not be protected by a prelude to death train. Brother Leader of the Revolution stressed that the world is now living in a jungle where there is no law and legitimacy .. Pointing out that the international legitimacy that they are talking about now is the legitimacy of the darkness and the legitimacy of adults and dictators and tyrants ..
    Noting that this legitimacy is rejected as legitimate injustice and slavery and the law of the absurd. brother leader pointed out that today’s world is no longer the right nor the United Nations nor justice which requires each and every one that is preparing to defend himself and his home and his family .. Stressing that he is not there, but ready to die and defend our right under the sun and above the earth.

    Of Abu Dhabi TV , TRIPOLI  

    Welcome to this special meeting with Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi the night نأتيكم directly from the Office of the Leader in Tripoli.


    Is what is going on the massacres in Palestine usurped is a natural extension of the history of Sharon a terrorist? The implementation of the scheme thoughtful colluded many quarters for its implementation? Does the answer lie in Arab emergency Arab summit? Or at the Islamic summit? Or in a unified Arab step and effectively implemented on the ground strongly and loudly? Is it is wise to adhere to the Arab leaders summit in Beirut and its initiative? Or they have to revise their accounts again? And whether Iraq has halted oil exports to the United States for a month, do you think the Leader of the Libyan Revolution similar step? Finally ask if the raging Arab street may be fed up with humiliation and destruction suffered by the Palestinians and Yasser Arafat, is it wise to drop the option of peace or the Arab peoples to restore their accounts again and stationed their communities?

    The brother leader said that if America can not, then what vows Arab rulers incomplete at Beirut conference

    So .. Noting that / Abu Ammar / himself who held accountable and besieges now is unable to control the Palestinian organizations, including Fatah, which is the founder and headed in carrying out any operations against Israelis.

    The Brother Leader of the Revolution that what is happening in Palestine is not a matter of attacks or raids, but the issue of genocide of an entire people being slaughtered every day dozens of Palestinians knife in cold blood ..Urged not to ratify Mirog of allegations of Israeli incursions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip under the claim of their search for what they call terrorists or insurgents .. Explaining that the Israelis want a final liquidation of the Palestinian youth and want to kill Palestinian women even Eldon youthful fighting the Zionists.

    He Leader in this regard that the two thousand Girl in Alexandria تقدمن to volunteer for Commandos shift, but they sense the U.S. and Israel are considered terrorists and every volunteer is considered a terrorist in their view should be killed without trial .. Stressing that according to American and Israeli logic, it must die all Arab youth.

    Leader noted that America, which it should have respect for the humanity of human beings and to defend the weak supports terrorism and supports the Israeli slaughter of women and children, and justified by saying that this is a legitimate right and condemns those who defend his family and himself.

    The Leader of the Revolution that the future will not be decided by America, no missiles, no aircraft carriers, but decided who want to die in order to shape the future for themselves and their children .. He who will win because they are what they write in blood and lives.

    Viewers around the clock and more .. About an hour and a half we hope to Neptdi with the leader, but he was praying .. First rule commander denied.
    Leader: crowdBroadcaster: directly get into the topic What do you think being evaluate you what’s going on now is conspiratorial scheme against the Palestinian uprising, what you see is in fact a vicious circle of Palestinian uprising offset Israeli terrorism?
    In the name of God I salute all viewers everywhere around the world this is not new can people who have lived in the past these strange what is happening now, I think that this episode in the series Israeli after 48, I always stress that the problem is not with the governor with individual not with [Eshkol] or [Begin] or [Golda Meir] or [Netanyahu] or [Sharon] or others ..
    No problem that the Arabs always trying to work one of these Mhjba pin the whole problem, we are our problem with Netanyahu, now gone Netanyahu .. Now Mchktna with Sharon, Sharon might go .. The problem is not with this, nor with that .. The problem with the Zionist plan, which applies a particular strategy to achieve the goals of Zionism .. In the end, unfortunately, that the ultimate goal of Zionism goal scary too, and serious, and it seems like a fantasy, a control Fertile Crescent and control the sources of oil in the Gulf, and the Mecca, Medina, and the Judaization of North Africa, said the Zionist scheme, and therefore Zionism covet the control of the whole world and not only this region .. Whoever is happening now is an episode of this series, and the historical part of the script.
    Broadcaster: If this series is a long-term and will take from the point of view of Israel and Zionism a long period of time if we stayed at the current stage, there conspiratorial scheme? Now what’s going on over the past two weeks, we have seen Western Zionist collusion? Is there anything specific is on the ground now?Leader: For me this is very clear, I always like to make it clear to the average citizen poor Buster and the dreamer, the facts that bumped, but at the same time caused me embarrassments with the official Arab regime or with hostile forces ..
    These hostile forces do not care .. But you get embarrassments.First: to never know being ground conflict, can be analyzed is expected to say ..
    Now first: Hamas movement ..Hamas is the Islamic Resistance Movement and I summarized by Hamas, the movement grew out of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) .. Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), despite Splits in which there is the so-called rejection organizations, or reject abroad that did not enter with Abu Ammar always called rejectionist organizations, but they all involve under the banner of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) that eventually its president Abu Ammar … Hamas is something else outside of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and therefore at the moment and to the end there will be no understanding with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) ..
    The final command is as long as Hamas exists, means that resolves this issue, such as one holding Ernpin in time and that one can not deal with Abu Ammar, or with Hamas with each other. I mean I mean phenomenon this [enthusiastic] Although she against Abu Ammar from the political point, and orientations but they are Palestinians and with him in the fight and sympathize with him now, is for America terrorist organization and for Israel organization very serious, more serious than Hezbollah, and comes after Hamas Jihad Palestinian call the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.Broadcaster: After your ear Leader to stop at Hamas, mean Palestinian President Yasser Arafat is the first of L and then Rabin when he told him You Hdjatm Hamas you one way or another tried to support Hamas movement Islamic stand against secular orientation of the PLO, Hamas has adopted since the beginning Multi All, or nothing …
    In other words they want to fully liberate the land of Palestine, but I want to understand you, why are you now focused on Hamas?Leader: that is the crux of the matter, because she … No any تلفيقي solution accepted by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and accepted by the Abu Ammar, and accepted by the Arab governments, can not be no solution as long as Hamas exists. Hamas out of the game as a whole, Hamas common enemy of all is for them a discount for all, even the Palestinian rejectionist organizations against Hamas.Announcer: But equitable right leader, Hamas took seats rear when the Palestine Liberation Organization, is negotiating with the Israelis of 93 that arrived to the subject [Oslo] This is no longer the benefit, Israel backed away from many of the agreements signed by the
    is this the truth , Hamas is not in the game at all, do not accept this at all, and therefore Hamas factor anomaly should eliminate it from all sides, now the battle is for the physical liquidation of young Hamas, in fact, means Hamas has captured the majority of young people because they are an emotional, religious and martyrdom strike a chord with the delicate and sanctuaries , and God, and heaven, and all these things just as bin Laden hits this chord, and was able to recruit young people and able to wash their brain, and he was able to lead them to suicide, and work very strange things.
    Even Hamas hit on this chord, and thus acquired all the young adolescent boys and girls, and thus walk to the death all Mmno faith. If in fact Hamas is representing fighting force and Palestinian youth, possible subsumed all under the banner of Hamas, and thus filter Hamas means liquidation of Palestinian youth, and what is happening now is the physical liquidation of the generation Palestinian existing now, which is possible that fall under the banner of Hamas. Alan battle with Hamas, in fact, to be filtered until it passes then any solution whatever تلفيقي.
    Broadcaster: Hamas leaders may be ..
    Offices may be .. May be a set of ideas, but on the street in the Palestinian territory have a very large support, and there is fertile ground for these people to cite, but arrived at the conviction that there is no other solution.
    Leader: Yes, this is the words that I say … Is exactly this.
    Announcer: You see that there is a plan, what are the parties behind the liquidation of Hamas and the Islamic trend?
    Leader: all parties that want to play the game Allviqih Althuria and compromise, etc., are all against Hamas.Leader: all parties that want to play the game Allviqih Althuria and compromise, etc., are all against Hamas.
    Broadcaster: If we know that Israel’s number one in the attempt to liquidate Hamas from the regional side, is there any movements, or parties say Hamas kept in the corner?
    Leader: I said from the outset that Hamas No. anomaly in the game, in the calculation now taking place, and thus all are agreed on the liquidation of Hamas, besides being coverage in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, to destroy the Palestinian Authority, and destroyed now by the Israelis, or by Osmo A. Sharon, is not an objective in itself, the purpose of this maneuver is Tauiqih to disable the establishment of a Palestinian state, in the sense that the Israelis occupying the rolling process solutions continuously forward. All that is blocking solutions years .. Two years .. Or three .. Or four years have been better, and so on until the turn increase new data. You must understand that there is no possibility of two states between the river and the sea never. Hamas and Israelis meet in this, Hamas says no Israeli state between the river and the sea, a single state. Israelis, or Israeli extremists say there is no Palestinian state between the river and the sea, is impossible.
    Did you know they say now if you become borders of a Palestinian state open with Jordan and Egypt via Gaza and the West Bank, meaning that all Palestinian refugees seven million will return to this area, which means also that this weapon will enter this statelet which should be dead without a weapon, will enter arms , and then pose a danger to Israelis, and describes the map developed by the Israelis turned over artillery, if were put guns in this caliber within the West Bank, will be the cities that called Israeli blocks spring or Tel Aviv, all under the extent of the artillery, if they do not feel safe existence of the State in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and therefore they really want to destroy the Palestinian Authority, even if only temporarily to adapt reality to something else.
    [Note commentary on the map]
    Broadcaster: If this is the will of the Israeli Zionism and we understand more than fifty years, the international system and led President Bush called for a Palestinian state, there is a resolution of the UN Security Council [1397] advocated the establishment of a Palestinian state, there is an Arab consensus west to a Palestinian state, There is the Arab initiative adopted in Beirut says, two coexisting with each other, you see something else?
    Leader: For me this is nothing new, this is new for people idiots, I’m in front of me the date, and I can tell you ..
    Let’s start with since the days of Eisenhower and the so-called Eisenhower deal where this speech, which is said to now, and there has been nothing, and then came the Johnson initiative of the Five Principles of 1967, where did you go? A written confession says each state the other state’s right to live, that there be justice for refugees, respect for the territorial integrity of all States, curbing the arms race, the right of all States in transit. Where did this initiative? Then came Rogers Initiative in 1969, the same thing these same points raised. Then came the Reagan initiative in 1982 in which this same speech. The initiative came Prince Fahd when he was the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in 1981 where did you go? And now the initiative of Crown Prince Abdullah. This series of initiatives are not implemented anything.
    Announcer: You do not see in these initiatives any success until the Arab initiative after the Saudi initiative Will it succeed?
    Leader: will not succeed … Will not succeed because it is no blueprint, either planned to destroy this, but there is no initiative to succeed.
    Announcer: But Libya agreed to this initiative at the Beirut summit, you are you are one of the group who voted for this initiative unanimously.
    Leader: that if the vote or not vote what does it mean vote Arabs? Does not mean anything .. It means something America .. Or recognition of America .. Or say that America must play a Palestinian state. This does not mean anything .. The problem is not with America or with the Arabs .. The problem with the Zionist plan, which does not accept all of these things.
    Broadcaster: the rule of the leader is a conflict of wills, there will of Western Zionism that you like on the other hand?
    Leader: Of course.
    Broadcaster: Ok little while ago I said there embarrassments Arab and hostile forces .. To indicate?
    Leader: What a needless embarrassment, I said all Arab parties against Hamas fact, including the Palestinian parties, and other Arab, and the whole world against Hamas, because these institutions such as the police, and buildings of the Palestinian Authority can be restored and re-recruited again, but the problem with Hamas , Hamas says no Israeli state between the river and the sea, and Israel says there is no Palestinian state between the river and the sea. Are the two meet at this point. And actually there is no solution for the creation of a Palestinian state or the Israeli state, but the situation remains as it is .. Blood .. Suffering .. Conflict .. And an ongoing struggle. The solution is a single state in doubt, I still consider that the giant project submitted by me, who says Isratine .. This project like a stick of Moses when they came all magicians, and threw their ropes and their rods, and they thought the impact of magic she bites, they thought that she will actually live, and live it, when Moses Asath threw devoured all the power of sticks and ropes. All the initiatives that are introduced such sticks. Moses stick is the solution that I have provided to the world .. Submitted through the Arab League, and the Amman summit, which is the establishment of a democratic state and one for the Jews and the Palestinians, between the river and the sea, there is no possibility of never for two states between the river and the sea, and will continue to struggle even if a Palestinian state is established, will be destroyed again.
    Broadcaster: Leader will go back to the subject of the Libyan initiative but to remain first in the Arab initiative, which Saudi origin, what is to keep you on the Saudi initiative? And why do you think that the entire Arab world immediately prior, and the Western world applauded, and the United States hailed her and think it is a good step?
    Leader:First Summit Conference Beirut minus Conference, until a quorum is illegal, half or more Arab leaders especially important countries have not attended, this one. After that initiative this like initiatives that spoke them, is not new, by King Fahd when he was crown prince, and by Eisenhower, and presented by Johnson, and presented by Rogers, and by Reagan, there is no need new, all like each, I’ve got a protest immoral .. On the other hand there is an Arab project was adopted in Oman, has been formed a committee headed by Secretary of the Arab League and is now under study. Why do we bring new things before we finish this project, which is in our hands? Meaning that the Arab League play young .. Arab League assure you that Libya would cut relate final Arabs, and will write off the Libyan Arab word, and even its language will become the Amazigh language, or Negro, and Sentuary in Africa, will not ننتسب to this shame at all, and there is no reasonable .. He played Eyal .. This is nonsense.
    Broadcaster:Leader Is this discontent, this anger expressed by Libyan You Is it because of the Arab League and the Arab summit did not adopt the Libyan initiative, which it believes are integrated, they decided to missing the Saudi initiative?
    Leader: I do not speak for the Libyan initiative, not approved, I’m talking about the principle of our hands, not Nfrg him to ignore it, and start something new … This is just.
    Broadcaster: when it comes to Amr Moussa here when you threaten to withdraw from the Arab League, could you explain to us what happened between you? Are you can to Tageloa, the process of withdrawal from the Arab League? Definitely the man you transfer something from President Mubarak.
    Commander:No poor person, I’m waiting for the Beirut conference and what result for? I was expecting to be in Beirut say O Juana, we have given the draft we adopted in the Amman summit, and we formed a committee of foreign ministers of seven countries, headed by the Secretary of the Arab League, must that Nfrg him first, and then we come with new initiatives. I speak in terms of moral principle, in terms of assets. From this perspective for me this initiative is not new, but I’m for me there is something else essential between me and the Arabs, even if what I fought, even if you leave the Arabs, even if I went to Africa, or went to Mars, there is something fundamental, is that I can not subscribe, do not accept rubbishing and the assassination of the heritage of the nation, or holy struggles or sacrifices year after 48.Why the author sacrificed thousands, and sacrificed our economy, we are tired extreme fatigue after 48. West Bank and Gaza Strip was under our hands in 1948, and was found to have until 1967. Why not a Palestinian state in 66, 65, 64, why not a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip before 67? Because these areas were the hands of the Arabs, the West where you went before 67?
    Announcer:But time is possible the establishment of the state, the Arab world can not say the Gaza Strip and the West Bank would be a Palestinian state, and only hit Israel during the hours?
    Leader:Why now demand that the Gaza Strip and the West Bank?
    Broadcaster:through agreement and through negotiations.
    Leader:It was up to us from negotiations.
    Broadcaster:I realize this well was part of them Egyptians, however, and some of them Jordanians, however .. This statement is true.
    Leader:Why not a Palestinian state there .. Palestine Liberation Organization established by Abu Ammar, or open, or harbingers of the storm in 64 .. Edit what? As long as the land occupied in 67 .. They established why? Do the liberation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which was, however, Arabs .. What is this farce? There is something tentative .. Be overwhelmed but do not say white black and black white, defeated, do not have the ability, God Ghalib God Ghalib, trample us with shoes, but not blown our struggle and our heritage and Tdhaanta, and say we Gltanin, meaning that we believed the words of the Israelis, who said Arabs boys dog and aggressors, and we carry middle and Biatdoa wolves us, it became clear the health of their words.
    Broadcaster:I have to ask why did not attend the Beirut summit, but was Balojdr Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to defend the idea of ​​a single state in Palestine?
    Leader:This project has formed a committee under study. How things are thrown before we finish this, from any party whatsoever? You must know very well that my relationship with Prince Abdullah a very intimate relationship. I am not talking about people, talking about the principle of our part we are, we are all Arabs, means there is no credibility, and the reasonableness of, begin permission university played Eyal, if we decided to draft and Tgahlnah, and begin after subtracting other things!!
    Broadcaster:Ok we are now at a crossroads, perhaps in the Arab world there is a meeting will be held in the twenty-fifth of this month between Saudi Crown Prince and President Bush in Crawfr Texas, do you expect him success Do you expect that the representative of the Arab world, can be marketed this initiative Arabia , and managed, whether it is a strategic mistake from the point of view of Gaddafi?
    Leader:I do not expect success for anything Madame Zionist project continues like it is, the problem is not in the face of Zionist project, which I told you it is the border, wants to reach the bay and take the oil, and wants to arrive to Jerusalem and the holy places, wants to take the Fertile Crescent between Mecca and Iraq, and he wants to threaten North Africa, and the border official now at least now between the Nile and the Euphrates, the Zionist project intends to reach the Nile River to the border with Egypt.
    Announcer:What the Arabs do?
    Leader:they could not do anything.
    Broadcaster:Why three hundred million people?
    Leader:why the question of balance of power, after the end of the Soviet Union occurred imbalance in the international balance, the party that attracted the world and still there is the party which Israeli ally, and thus occurred prevail on the Arabs. The problem that must be understood by the Arabs, which is that America is an Israeli settlement, like Palestine Israeli colony. U.S. President such as Abu Ammar are Monday Zionist Thazarethma, this has been besieged by its influence, money and elections and to him, and this has been besieged by tanks and machine guns. Yasser Arafat helpless him. Now before the Israeli siege, and U.S. President regardless of whether Bush or Eisenhower not powerless against Zionism.
    Broadcaster:Leader this argument exists in the world since then maybe war 67 m believe that the United States has become a subsidiary of Israel, some believe that this is just justification are peg to attach them failures, including the United States became the king and captive to Israel, if able Arabs to do , is it really well, or the distribution of roles, could the United States to scream at Israel, and therefore will respond, or do you not think so?
    Leader:They say that six million Jews control the money, banks and speculation and stock exchanges and direct elections, and they have prevailed in the U.S. Congress .. 250 million Americans last these poor even a map of the world does not know, understand Asians, Africans and Indians and most recently, this mixture of U.S. … Etc., they are not a nationality is not sex, but the effectiveness of the six million Jews that they knew how to take over America thus U.S. President, who is elected by the Jews. Money Jew is their president and not the American people, and what is Bush, but one of them, God willing Muammar Gaddafi becomes nationality American Petrah, if the Jews are not with him will not succeed, then, is the head of the Jews, he is the author of the Jews, was manufactured by the popular will in America. Must understand two things in America, in the past, and now ..America does not have any interest in that sacrifice Arabs, allied with Israel, even in the map, they are mini-state microscopic has no oil, no gas, no consumer market, not a link, not a point detailed, not transportation, it does not mean anything. So in terms of American self-interest is not in their interest to align itself to the Israelis, and sacrifice Arabs.
    America can not be bad conscience, as demanding the arrest of Sharon, and submit it to the International Criminal Court, no one can say that this man of peace, or that the massacres which are wholesale in children is the work of justification, is not possible, U.S. says these words, Zionism are telling these words, Israel is in control of the complete control before the American Eisenhower, Kennedy-era, America was not biased to the Israelis, and the Arabs and the world knows that the Soviet Union are the first provided the Israelis with weapons after 48.The Nasser had been sent to Sabry presidential adviser for aviation to America looking theme aircraft that can sell them America to Egypt, and the last name William Foster, the agent of Defense, came to Egypt, and discussed with Nasser about how to sell America a weapon to Egypt to fight him Israelis, and went Ali Sabri inspect the weapon, then the deal failed because of the presence of Jews in the U.S. Congress, especially the Senate rejected this.But America was not the enemy of the Arabs, and the Arabs were not America’s enemies, we are colonized Britain, Italy, France, did not Tstamrna America in the past, what happened?
    The Jews of what they saw in the American superpower is thus controlled it, how controlled it? Controlled it with money, and therefore turned to banks, stock exchanges and hid until their Jewish identity. And worked themselves not like the Americans themselves not like Muslims who say We Muslimon want secession from Chechnya the separation Oonrid from China.They do not say words like this. Jews do not demanding secession of any state and arrived already, and became everything under control took over American public opinion, because the American public superficial, moronic everything said in the newspaper believe him, they took control of the newspapers, and took control now on radio broadcast and became a Zionist, they could that they bend the American public as they want. You know that India with a population seven hundred million people, where ninety million just who their hand solution and connectivity, 250 million U.S. six million Jews who own hands bind and loose, Egypt’s area one million square kilometers Triangle beneficial is Delta, Libya 2 million square kilometers Triangle beneficial is Green Mountainis not as often, but the active force.
    Broadcaster:Leader point became clear are a lot of writers and a lot of analysts who write in this process, but some see the compatibility of the U.S. and Israel is imposing this U.S. policy. The United States is not stupid and U.S. leaders are not stupid.
    Leader:can not do anything against the Jews.
    Broadcaster:there is collusion who govern themselves are most Jews, especially in the era of Reagan and Clinton in the sense that they govern the Jews .. Defense, National Security Council, Foreign White House were all Jews.
    Broadcaster:listen to you now Leader get frustrated if the United States this giant country is supposed to be impartial mediator became a Jewish colony.
    Leader:I call for an alliance with America … and the American people in order to get rid of the Israeli colonization has not allied with the Palestinian people to get rid of the Israeli colonization .. There colony must help them to get rid of this nightmare.
    Broadcaster:Under no circumstances may sacrifice the America Israel especially since the day Bush says that Sharon is a man of peace.
    Leader:You may not have to sacrifice because America is Israel .. If America one day ended as ended the Soviet Union or liberated became an independent state its own hands and not in the hands of Zionism in America, and withdraw its fleet sixth of the Mediterranean, which is now to protect the Jewish state withdrew its capabilities in this case, the regret of Zionism, and regret ultra Zionism, on not too late will find themselves at the mercy of the Arabs and say wish we did not do the Arabs in Ramallah and Jenin and Deir Yassin … etc.. Aalitna we do not do this for the Arabs ..
    Protects them from the Arabs in the future? American phenomenon …Such as the Ottoman Empire, such as Hitler … and the Abbasid state like Jankis Khan and the Mongols, is a phenomenon empire will end, it is a country protected by the American Sixth Fleet in the Middle East always, it is not possible to remain the future of the Israelis in the Middle East, conditional on the American Sixth Fleet.
    Broadcaster:Leader there are those who believe that the policy of the United States in the Middle East since 48 and so far can be summed up in two words and two non-controlled balance.This means that the interest of the United States that are Arab countries stretching from Morocco to Djibouti to Saudi Arabia in a state of constant dislocation allow them to control them, and allow them to kind of dependency through Israel .. Do you not believe this? .
    Leader:I Acolk Ali Zionist plan and we do not want to get into details, maneuvers near and far, etc. .. There Zionist scheme if successful Arab nation will disappear, and possible disappears even Islam, and be controlling for the Children of Israel or the Jewish religion or God’s chosen people, as they think, and if it succeeds will be in danger, and therefore will defend their presence ..I consider that the policy of the Sharon now a very stupid policy and suicide, that one day may dispose America and are independent and become an independent state. The long term will end Jewish way of agitating now.
    And therefore to see that in order نتقد Jews and Palestinians and world peace must state Isratine, and any other name you want to call them, they are from the river to the sea democratic state we want peace, we do not want arrogance and arrogance and sadism, nor Ntlzz torturing others. If we want to arrogance and control will be resistance, and owners pay the price, and if we want peace for Jews and Palestinians and the world must accept the coexistence of everyone in a single state.Broadcaster:Leader how to convince Israel which was based on any religious reference it’s a Jewish state, a purely Jewish state for the Jews how to convince them that abandon their Jewish identity and to live in a secular state and one with equal Palestinians and Israelis? .
    Leader: This speech did not say I’m just … President of the Zionist Research Institute in Tel Avivon 1/1/2001, said that the tale of two states impossible and that Israel controls between the river and the sea impossible. And expel the Jews also impossible Zaiev, president of the Zionist Research Institute said there must be a federal between Jews and Palestinians in one state, but increased it said there call the state confederation .. Jordanians, Palestinians and Israelis were all single confederation said that 48 was before subtraction is offering now exists, which advocates a Jewish and Arab state one.
    Broadcaster:but controls Jew.
    Commander:No, no, not necessary .. If the Arabs at that time have the majority, it is not necessary that governs Jewish. Commander / Wiseman demanded a binational state.Broadcaster:Leader this reminds us of what Sharon says I am a man of peace on the one hand slaughtered Palestinians hand say I am a man of peace.Leader: one named Mordechai sees that he must be the Jews the right to live in the Arab countries in return for the Palestinians will have the right to return and stay anywhere they want .. This is the solution that imposes itself.Broadcaster: Why not cut off oil to the United States and you’ve threatened to do so earlier? .Leader: First: the science of listeners .. Libya do not buy anything from America needle anything bigger ones, nor America nor sells oil and one point for more than twenty years .. Libya, the only Arab intersection of U.S. goods, not sell them something of oil, and the intersection of aircraft and ships. Perhaps there are people who did not know so ..People poor, ignorant, the day in the Al-Jazeera reputations Atsalon why Gaddafi did not interrupt the oil to America?.. I actually cut oil for the last twenty years .. I boycotted America final in everything .. And was not aware of the poor Quizzical such a thing.Broadcaster: U.S. disturbed over the weekend from Saudi Arabia, because Saudi Arabia has campaigned very popular in order to collect money for victims of the Israeli aggression, and you are here in Libya I saw during the two days or three days past you a major campaign and expanded very, you Taeron any attention to this U.S. anger against Saudi Arabia or perhaps against you or even against Iraq? .Leader: I always say you issued in the command is not America, but the Zionist control of the United States, and I say that only a major country such as America, to be without feeling, without conscience to the point that she did not condemn the genocide now taking place, and opposes Council Security to send a commission of inquiry and opposes sending international forces to protect Palestine. The state can not sane major country .. Responsible state be this policy, and this position before the ugly massacres against children and unarmed people, such as the Palestinian people. Can not be speak only words of Zionism, and therefore what Ttmawa America that is say no to Zionism because Zionism in control of the U.S., complete control. So we tell you that the Arabs should do something.First: for America in the Arab countries, and in the area of ​​oil, and in the Arabian Sea, Red, in the Gulf in the Arabian Peninsula and its presence was reportedly because communism afraid of communism afraid of the Soviet Union to take oil. Well ended communism and the Soviet Union ended, what is the justification for the presence of U.S. fleets so far in these areas? Yesterday was with me the President of China and told me that 60% of the imports of oil to China come from the Gulf, and King Fahd himself told me that only 3% of imports America come from Saudi Arabia, then China is the stakeholders in the oil in this region, and not if America why we stick in America, as long as the oil does not matter much to America, but important for China? As long as communism and the Soviet Union no longer exist, then what justification Alto.

    Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi
    ‏Photo : من الاخير<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
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    Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement


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    Muammar Gaddafi’s speech prohibited from publishing Hear, O Muslim l frank from smart on Vimeo .

    Speech martyr Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is banned from publication Hear, O Muslim



    Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement

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    Text of the meeting, which was conducted by the Abu Dhabi satellite channel with the Leader of the Revolution

    Of Abu Dhabi TV Welcome to this special meeting with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi the night نأتيكم directly from the Office of the Leader in Tripoli.

    Is what is going on the massacres in Palestine usurped is a natural extension of the history of Sharon a terrorist? The implementation of the scheme thoughtful colluded many quarters for its implementation? Does the answer lie in Arab emergency Arab summit? Or at the Islamic summit? Or in a unified Arab step and effectively implemented on the ground strongly and loudly? Is it is wise to adhere to the Arab leaders summit in Beirut and its initiative? Or they have to revise their accounts again? And whether Iraq has halted oil exports to the United States for a month, do you think the Leader of the Libyan Revolution similar step? Finally ask if the raging Arab street may be fed up with humiliation and destruction suffered by the Palestinians and Yasser Arafat, is it wise to drop the option of peace or the Arab peoples to restore their accounts again and stationed their communities?



    Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement


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    Leader speaks at the opening session of the General People’s Congress on Tuesday, 2 spring (March) 1372. T

    The following is an interview Leader of the Revolution ..

    In the name of God .. We congratulate ourselves, brethren, this day commemoration of the establishment of the people’s authority and the establishment of the first above-ground mass to achieve direct democracy so that the people exercise power without behalf and without mediation and without تدجيل .. We hope in this day to win all peoples and reach of power and exercised directly without behalf ..



    Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement


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    The Leader of the Revolution word of the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies and heads of the judicial bodies in the Great Jamahiriya

    Met Leader of the Revolution members of the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies and heads judicial bodies in the Great Jamahiriya has delivered brother leader newly whatever appealed to the Libyan people be abolished People’s Court exceptional and the like as well as the penal laws issued by the Revolutionary Command Council before the power of the people and re-work laws procedures and penalties regular.



    Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement


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    Leader of the Revolution speaks in the activities of the Libyan people at the height of the folk big twenty-eighth anniversary of the proclamation of the People’s Authority on Wednesday, 2 spring (March) 1373. T

    The following is an interview Leader of the Revolution ..

    In the name of God the Merciful ..

    Brothers .. We are happy that we meet on this historic day to salute him and glorify Him and Nprzh and we show to the world and offer the peoples of the world and congratulate ourselves We Libyans بالإنعتاق final solution to the power problem that is still struggling peoples everywhere to get the part.



    Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement


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    Emphasis on the role of the Leader of the Revolution in consolidating and strengthening the power of the people power to all the people

    Leader of the Revolution meets the figures of the Libyan people

    Affirmation of the role of the brother leader of the revolution in consolidating and strengthening the authority of the people the power of all people and inciting continued to exercise the masses to its popularity across the People’s Congresses and People’s Committees and decide domestic and foreign policy community mass without behalf or tutelage .. met Leader of the Revolution yesterday morning figures Libyan people ..Where he spoke Leader in these events .. Expressing a number of observations about how to set the agenda and stressed the need for active presence of the masses of men and women conferences to discuss the crucial issues of internal and external .. Stressing the importance to put the masses of its agenda with all seriousness and responsibility and then discussed informed debate starting from the Basic People’s Congress of the locality and then at the level of the People’s Congresses Shaabeyat down to the General People’s Congress .. The Leader in an interview: –

    In the name of God ..

    Reason of meeting you is to try to correct the exercise of popular power ..Because I noticed that how much time we are talking about the style of the exercise of power but we find that did not happen .. because it seems when Tassadon Trustees new they to Aigron speech of the former and lectures and explanations nor Green Book Firtkpon same mistakes made by those who before them and come back again to zero. . Now so we had to cancel the first session on the development agenda of the People’s Congresses and compelled to say again I have no relationship Bakzaiakm administrative Oalssayash .. I am talking about how they practiced LBPCs power .. There is a bug .. You know that there is an error for many years and continues with us since the establishment of the power of the people did not notice him one ..

    I myself did not pay attention to him, but since a close .. When briefed on the agenda of the People’s Congresses .. I found people are members of the People’s Congresses, who are all the Libyan people .. When we say popular conferences means that the Libyan people because members of the People’s Congresses are all adults of the Libyan people, men and women who have reached the age of majority and can take responsibility for the authorities .. We found this ملجومة and banned from the development of domestic and foreign policy of the Libyan which they are responsible and required them to put them ..Because you you put in front of them ..

    In front of the People’s Congresses all reports and all proposals that come from the People’s Committees and if the People’s Congresses held annually to discuss the reports submitted by this party or proposals usually of the General People’s Committee and related .. People attending the conference People can not say any word ..Because you you put in front of, for example, the report of the Central Bank of Libya and popular control report and the report of the Court and the budget report .. The General People’s Committee requests such and such and the General People’s Committee quality required to amend this law .. Required to pass this law conference and Trbikun so these things that you provide to them .. Well people what to do .. Do you just discuss these things that you have placed ..

    The meaning of this fact that people do not paint agenda of internal and external policy of the country .. We believe that when the People’s Congresses held without any intervention and without being put in front of any paper put its agenda, which paints the politics And proposes in the first session on the policy agenda, which want the country to travel on them at home and abroad when conferences put on its agenda .. Citizens say what they want and are shaped and filtered from the People’s Commune to the Great Jamahiriya, etc. .. and then comes the last session in which they are to discuss the agenda ..

    There are two hearing sessions to set the agenda for the People’s Congresses and Atoda through them, to the conferences of any paper because this session is not to discuss this agenda-setting session ..Conferences free to set their own agenda and each citizen suggests Maizhae on the agenda and the second is holding to discuss this table ..Second session is where progress reports and suggestions received from the People’s Committees .. Each of the authorities an annual report provided by the conference to discuss it .. Reports and proposals that come from public bodies will be discussed in the second session .. When complete discussion of the proposals for the agenda and when conference recognizes these points are supposed to be after the conference to discuss what has been approved along with reports, budgets and laws .. If there is a proposal of the laws are being studied and discussed and approved can be adopted and write off what can be written off ..

    This report will and Tdauh in the agenda and discuss and Andaa time .. Ok this point, we do not want to waste time .. Again conferences held and has no thing to one Aaugeha .. only remains why people want to tell you Janas collectively decide the internal policy of your country and you are responsible for external power and no one else will decide your fate on your behalf Let the people speak .. This brings us to the other way class discussion, of course, the first session canceled for several reasons, including that you you stay discussing the reports that brings you as well as how to develop the agenda was a mistake too, which is why the second led to the cancellation of the first session .. Suppose we peoples Basic conference and we had a session in order to keep the agenda regarding our lives and discuss which concerns us and not, as was happening ..

    This paper in front of me and to reconsider the law of 15 .. Then comes member of the Basic People’s Congress of between four hundred or km and raises his hand assume that the Secretariat of the Basic People’s Congress and one raises his hand and says Wayne Hosni Wahayshi raised his hand, for example, a member of the conference raised his hand .. I tell him I prefer what you want .. Conference hears this say to reconsider the law No. .. 15 members of Congress heard the Secretariat, which draws debate him please explain to us what persuades Congress to accept this idea, but be a point on the agenda and the Hosni explain Law No. fifteen is related to salaries of the Year as well as a frozen .. What is the reason .. How we submit it in where we submit should be discussed in the People’s Congresses must take the decision .. People talk about the law fifteen when he says Hosni this talk notice everyone ..

    We Secretariat of the Conference here I am Secretary of the Conference and the group that me tell you, the people of the Basic you hear the words of this User What do you think you agree to reconsider the law fifteen placed on the agenda or not .. Raise your hands agrees to put this raises his hand ..

    It does not raise his hand to Aikgel .. There is nothing wrong we all want to reconsider the law No. (15) I wish you raise us in salaries. Tayyip seen raised our hands now to assume that the vast majority raised their hands on the need to develop this proposal on the agenda remained range did not raise their hands Conference Secretariat monitors in this, God willing a thousand and one remained, five of them did not raise their hands do not say we agreed ..

    you Eachmsh who did not raise your hands, why did not you raise your hands you who prefer not raise your hand .. We prefer to say why did not raise your hand Explain to us your situation might be convinced.

    Wait this is one of the five thousand seated said this opinion and say you Aamatmr .. The objection made by this member on the proposal first member you agree with it or not what you think .. There are those who say this is a proposal to اينفع raises his hand, who say the proposal this benefit raises his hand .. First we have this User a Hosni suggested this proposal, the vast majority raised her hand and said must be placed on the agenda .. Law to reconsider the law (15) .. Most of you will agree ..Majority and minority agreed but did not agree and we hear now in the minority opinion And one from the minority, assume that the minority is one ..

    You raise your hands, but this did not raise his hand .. I say objector to reconsider this law for a particular reason if we were present were convinced this objection User say this understanding something we did not know already, then someone else before we saw .. This user has convinced us that this issue should not be put on the agenda .. Convinced .. Drop the idea .. Nctab Suppose the contrary .. Majority agreed to put this issue on the agenda and minority did not agree .. We hear in the opinion of the minority, why did not agree and after that we heard these opinions did not convince us majority says we are still insisting on the inclusion of this matter on the agenda and ten minority of those who did not raise their hands when they heard we were not convinced their opinions So we insist on our position ..

    So in this case included in the agenda item named reconsider the law No. 15 record in this conference suppose that this conference named Conference No. 1 and after liquidation go to the secretariat of the General People’s distributing it to all the people’s congresses of the 400 because there are conference request to reconsider Law No. 15 as long as there is a conference of conferences request to reconsider this and agreed to inclusion in the agenda is placed on the agenda of each conference ..

    Thus No. 400 Conference held elsewhere in session in Tazrbu has another point to assume that other point is remodeling of Law No. 13 of 81 on social security .. Conference, for example, at Tazrbu convened on the same day that we are holding the conference here we are No. 1, a No. 400 .. We hit us, for example, Law No. 15 and agreed upon us at this conference, then will become a point on the agenda of all the 400 conferences .. In Tazrbu reconsider in Law No. 13 on social security .. This point dealing with the same treatment this in Tazrbu ..

    The same thing and one raised his hand said to him, prefer said reconsider the law 13 .. Conference secretariat says the conference Do you agree with this idea .. They said we agree if they agreed to include in the agenda of the General People’s Congress distributes all of the People’s Congresses ..

    So this point has become the agenda if one assumed reconsider this law in Tarsbo treated the same treatment. And if people are not satisfied intercepted minority, which said we disagree and that their arguments are not strong to persuade Congress to drop this proposal cancels this proposal considering that these opinions are not convincing .. Thus a tiger on the 400 conference .. Secretariat General People’s Congress and the General People’s Committee, etc. of these committees surprised agenda has no income when set by the conference, for example was envisaged People’s Committee that there are calls to reconsider in Law No. 13 of 1981 on social security means an Act of 1981, may not Notify the one that there is a need for review ..

    But demanding conferences .. Citizen demanding this and Uaqoh the rest of the citizens who are members of the Basic People’s Congress for this citizen Thus, all the people’s congresses to discuss it .. So each one has posed point .. Comes agenda topic of conferences of citizens ..

    Successful all the points that have been adopted in the proposals become the agenda of the People’s Congresses .. Also second session discussing this table along with reports that we said and which is prepared and ready to be put up for debate in the People’s Congresses .. When you begin conferences discussing these points on the agenda may fall despite adopting a point on the agenda, but what we had hoped as a policy and we have decided, People’s Congresses when it was put upon to reconsider the law No. (13) for in 81 private social security possible conferences drop this proposal was discussed and kept it all conferences and even minority which has custody of her mind and said the opinion is not convincing ..

    So was the reservation to this law, so do not go to the General People’s Congress in drafting .. Same first proposal of the conference began with the number one, which is the law No. (15) of what came second session to discuss the agenda discuss this after clarifying things and after that the speech will come brother said this, many are saying, be discussed at the conference .. People Possible this proposal down and say this finished him and has no reason .. So does not repeat submission to the General People’s Congress even يصيغه .. Ended falling finished it ..

    This is the correct way every citizen says his opinion .. When re-examined in the Law No. (13) for in 81 issued since twenty-two years and be re-considered actually look the average citizen in Tazrbu and who left his farm and his shop and came to the conference and said this view and believe that this proposal has been successful and embraced by mass whole Libyan people adopted and actually decide reconsider the law No. (13) of this citizen feels that he is Mr. Hu His power really .. and say ‘I who suggested this proposal Tazrbu do not say what his income Omoatn Normal spoke and went but when people say their opinions do not happen from something or does not allow them to say suggestions despair of this process and says the citizen why I am going to the agenda for the conference if you are going to set the agenda to understand and put the table and is ready for some time includes the reports, which approves agrees and so on.

    Thus the four hundred Conference basically where all citizens who have reached the age of majority felt that politics in end of the year are the ones who painted the laws passed are the ones who approved them and approved of the proposals this are the needs that have not been implemented are the ones who said they were not implemented and when to ايعاد consider the Law No. (15) citizens who have said should not be reconsidered felt that their decision already been implemented say We objected to reconsider this law tells him is true, and I objected, and I objected thousands of people say we objected to reconsider the law, as our policy implemented only resolution that was removed or which was adopted owner feels that he is the one who decided that people feel they are actually which power is exercised issued in laws and allow this does not allow this and not come her’s agenda ready from you as you and tell held conferences to set their own agenda this agenda and laid him ye this point, other point of what one says a word like Mahassany said reconsider the law No. ( 15) who I am here.

    Secretariat, who wants to speak Ansgel recorded reconsider the law No. (15) one else wants to reconsider the law No. 13 one another preferably UMA Why is unsuccessful go to the Arab League to what is a failed type as say how the exact price, such as dirt gasoline escape where it’s cheap to neighboring countries, Arab citizens because treatment in Libya is free and easy come to work surgeries here in Libya and not even an intruder says “uh .. Uh, “he has appendicitis or gallbladder is Awalclae transmit it quickly go to the hospital it’s free and does not pay anything to why it clear that as you go to an Arab country to pay the price multiplier until the process work for you and then not know how to behave honesty. In this points

    Telmlmoha this form and says he moved to the agenda how the agenda does not conform to the exam these are all points she discussed the way in which we have stated. Talking about gasoline cheap smuggled to neighboring countries one person uttered attained one how necessary tell them my brothers, O CPPCC members this member has this proposal said the gasoline cheap so that the cars out of the border and sells gasoline mobilize tank and from there work Khozanyen of his car and some of them work drums increase all خزاناته to fill his car with petrol cheap from Libya and crossed the border half a kilometer nearest station to the border, whether east and only the west and not south sells gasoline Balgali due and fills his car again this is done consistently is pumping gasoline Libyan cheap to neighboring countries is an important point how they lodge and salvation Let Congress say his mind where comes the conference say I hear we live this way gasoline cheap and want to sell in other countries Balgali and salvation What do you think they agree if the proposal people want so people said no this is wrong and waste of our money and our wealth and we have done cheap for ourselves, not for others who are not needy.

    This process despicable Are they hungry exact dirt cheap Why work this says one this is true this idea is correct and should adopt it Aamatmr What do you think raised their hands, all they agree were set did not raise their hands to why you did not raise your hands did not agree to put this point on the agenda said God does not this what the thing said a member of the Conference God ask said the same Conference Secretariat Where are you inhabit said inhabit in Amsaad have a car, said yes, what kind said as well as remains Nvchua where additional reservoir and only what Fahash Give us a number and assigned one look at the car this citizen who did not agree that this beneficiary says Hear Iaagena O CPPCC members this because he beneficiary of this process this is one of the people who Gana them remains his mind what Aakhzh people say you are one of those who are fleeing in gasoline cheap in this way you factor reservoirs extra in your car you this is your business drain gasoline from us your opinion, what remains Aakhzh you say true this conference Raya to ايؤخذ fall this view we want to discuss democracy free Nhss people she paints in her country’s policy of internal and external point placed on the agenda this point we are discussing and the way the discussion. And then the audience base established for a long time been ignored is not allowed by ignoring it so vital to the people’s authority task Qaeda said population Commune or popular entail services of health education, goods Tamoinh supported and Transport and communications etc..

    This number is measured compared to the presence of LBPCs. Popular population of 100 thousand or twenty thousand are able to attend the Basic People’s Congresses this Ksmoha five. Becomes that it is twenty thousand families twenty thousand family is supposed to be head of the family head of the family is who is attending and the others assume they young in age, women are unable to reasons and men are unable to because they are old or illness, etc.. But means remain so estimated that a quarter of the population are able to exercise power the rest are children or women are unable to attend the People’s Congress for any reason or men are not able to attend the People’s Congress of the cause of the disease, age or etcetera. meaning of this popular population 100 000 must attend twenty thousand citizen People’s Congresses and Ntacdoa in sessions that actually who attended the agenda ..

    and attended the discussion if we twenty thousand say this popular population 100 000 if she Item ration subsidized for these popular enough 100 000 citizens and mobile phones to impose this number and roads in this issue and educational institutions need how school and we need kilometers College and this number We need other security services as police or security center be in this popular health institutions how much we need a hospital or clinic, etc. .. You must be a hundred thousand Assume that this popular number inhabited already 100 thousand found attendance five thousand meaning of this we always say who attend are quarter if these popular a population of 20 thousand and void 100 thousand found in records significant only in the presence of the Popular Congress and this talk we have mentioned before, if we found five thousand because they attended the rallies meaning that this popular a population of 20 thousand only Aémna in 80 thousand others ignore them completely, but they do not exist ..

    Item subsidized ration for these popular with a population who are 20 thousand distribute and consumer associations, be twenty thousand communications, transportation, educational services and health services .. Be 20 thousand if these popular a population of 20 thousand how hundred thousand .. We do not know 100 thousand because who attended the five thousand and we appreciated quarter if a 5 in 4 equal 20 if you 20 thousand. These are essential to the exercise of the power of the people, because the worst is that the minority who attend are taking policy decisions and acknowledge possible to be so serious and affects each and every one in his life ..

    Surprised he did not attend the conference, and is not able to object to it .. Who prevented from attending the conference .. Issued Law says What is Tleghanon .. You because you Taatvsh did not attend the conference .. These masters who practice in sovereignty and who were present at the conference are the ones who endorsed this policy implemented you against your will .. You want to complain go to Attend People’s Congress objected you did not attend, you have no right to object and every one understands possible tomorrow does not implement this proposal ..

    That every quarter is the one who must attend to find one who is attending the twenty salvation this one which twenty policy recognizes twenty .. Not every twenty attend one of them this one person who attended .. Policy determined by the twentieth implemented against their will, God willing, tomorrow become related to eating, drink, shelter and clothing requirements and بحريتك .. Because there is no one puts public policy and internal and external decide its fate, but her family any popular congresses, but the Libyan people fully regular in the People’s Congresses from the age of 18 and older, men and women ..

    Graduated against women needs to Onken did not Thoudrn .. Prevent women from the audience did not want to attend with other men were taking hall gather pass laws only Iderioha men are free to apply to women because women to Aearden attendance .. Prevented from attending .. Woman protesting against this decision tomorrow comes men and taking legally if the man divorced women take home and take the children and leave her in the street and tomorrow comes and one says divorce should be men, however, neither the court nor an agreement between the parties íÇááĺ .. Women come .. Invoke one will be launched tomorrow takes her children and take them home crying ..

    For you did not you bring the conference .. Women did not attend the conference Ahoudrn conferences conference we told you where your life on your life Bmasirkm boys Bmenzlkm Bmskinkm Bmoklkm Bashrapkm defend your security everything Ahoudro and decided .. You are wasting time .. Play Rth and Taatvsh .. In the People’s Congresses people are free to understand today attend .. This required attended, who is attending is the one who decides his fate and you do not have the right to object ..

    Possible pass laws that pertain to doctors to lawyers, engineers Prisoners nurses in any class of society until you climb and did not attend the conference say I’m a lawyer, I am a doctor, or a doctor or a professor or professor did not attend .. You are free to attend or not attend .. This factor, which you Msthz by Alhvian .. This farmer and the owner of the workshop poor .. This conference is attended and decide their fate and against you will be subject to the authority of the People .. What does this ordinary citizen who works with his hand and cleans the street and which sponsors or sell coal, which comes to decide the fate of lawyer, lawyer says abolished, and such and such and comes angry lawyer says not this unfair this unjust law and I do not accept it .. In the street there is no such thing as I do not accept it ..

    Enter the People’s Congress and defended the right to either accept or not accept people hear your opinion can Taiedk or not Taiedk .. Doctors tomorrow may be issued a special resolution doctors there is no doctor takes four salaries even in America do not have this I You have a private clinic and you have a general hospital to have a participatory and you have four Medical College incomes come for one person .. American capitalism there is no leader this and do not allow it .. You have income from the clinic to have entered a professor at the college Welcome professor at the college have participatory medical tomorrow we come we in the People’s Congresses and decide this do not come you doctor tomorrow protesting and say no I do not accept this and organize a strike no no no because you did not attend personally attend is the one who decides the fate of the absent will not defer to self-determination that you should come to us the new year ..We have limited hours and days of limited decide our destiny .. We have a date for the conference, let him hear all of these people who do not attend conferences should understand now, not tomorrow so as not to surprise them things from people who attended the conference and then protesting ..

    You do not have the right to protest and this Yashik Zanaty Loya Dr. Shokry you all gain about you conferences that Taatbekm and committees which Taatbekm this be legislation if there is something that does not exist in the laws should exist if there is no legislation in this way must be initiated and approved by the conference and presented to conferences .. We want to who is attending is the one who decides the fate of the absent there is no one says you .. If you want to defend your right you should attend, services and to him by the number of attendees in the conference, which is estimated a quarter of the population of any actual policy of the present and apply the Absentee ..

    Important secretariats LBPCs and conferences popularities are screening the agenda because there are people who put things level local put it on the agenda for convening the final like things that are at the level of the Libyan Great not be placed on the agenda of LBPCs are discussed in the People’s Congress. Such screening of Commune and the secretariat of the conference says that O User Hazrat you who spoke this does not belong to the Libyan .. Comes another example of members of the Basic People’s Congresses back again for this Basic People’s Congresses number one to ask permission and talk about anything in his mind says I want to be on the agenda of the People’s Congresses Conference Secretariat be conscious and aware directly even without submission to the conference does not not point this because it does not all belong to the Libyan can Tardoha these belong here we are of our conference in the Commune ..

    If we talk about the road, or that school or the hospital about this phenomenon for a gas pipeline disruption in the place designated for sewage swamp said no, no this does not belong to the Libyan these belong here we are this discussed when we met at the level of the Commune from the beginning if there things like this This is not within the business when it comes to the popularity of the People’s Conference Agrplha not say this at the popular level and at the level of the Commune is our stuff does not turn it into People’s Congress nor Tholoha Great Jamahiriya What does this have to do .. One speaks about market darkness and market Ruwaisat and market whale honesty this popular what relationship people in languages ​​not known market darkness is not known market whale nor collector Bourguiba this belong here we Ngrplha if passed secretariat Basic People’s Congresses popular تغربل but in Basic People’s Congresses should these things remains at the level of the Commune ..

    If communes lifted things that are not at the level of public and popular concern only Well removed from the agenda and leave it at the level of popularity in order not to get into people’s congresses in the final session things are not necessary ..

    Agenda of the People’s Congresses in the session, such as this annual now must be limited in order to be discussed at length in order to be in front of the secretariat of the General People’s Congress limited things in order formulated .. We find things that are not the first nor the last calculated on LBPCs and then brought to the General People’s Congress of the formulation .. Supposed to be the least thing in people’s congresses at the annual session and less things brought by subjects placed in front of the General People’s Congress of the formulation ..

    These are all due to lack of screening and lack of awareness of the secretariats of the Basic People’s Congresses and conferences popularities conscious if they do not leave these things pass on the level of public or to the General People’s Congress .. Supposed to be there for the internal regulations organized Yashik Zanaty. Domestic issues related meetings conferences popular annual is not up to the People’s Congress, but which at the state level level Libyan entire Well Well this whole page is Okmlnaha and we come to another page of these measures Okmlnaha These are measures how تنعقد المؤتمرات

    How to set the agenda their agenda how تغربل onto business until you reach the conference and how to reach the General People’s Congress?These procedures and we come to the last page other issues which are can be told again in the General People’s Congress when you ask to impose salary increase, such as what is at stake in Law No. 15 should be clear that this oil income, an issue to you .. This oil income before you this revenue customs and taxes and fees and to him on any level made it through customs and passport of tax income as well as from fees inside gather them together how brief billion dinars Batwa oil pollen him as well as what the Tjnoh of oil you decide to spare the oil income fully said they took three billion of oil Zaid the permission Djaltoh billion of other income km became four billion four billion against the Libyan people acting where you want to increase the salaries but Wayne Btzateke from billions they say no ..

    Four billions clouds at other doors and other expenses. There is a note for the same amounts they said billions of distributed services and projects and the other things we increase the salaries increase it is not Ramlet said, hoping Shawal Shawal is not enough then I work five Sacks .. Ahawalat this when Ramlet But what are the money they presumably mean four billion instance before you and Zaaohm want that you will publish salaries lack of which Zaatoh them from this or this or this and Zaid salaries this like the cover and only bed Guetak Ptcol I Bnmd my body on the length and Bengty legs on Alsqa Bngty legs and put bedding under your feet do not fall from them and you sleep the meaning of this thou Ptary your face does not say Bengty my face and Bengty legs at the same time because the bed is this cover this cover length meter and a half and you’re height meters and sixty-eight minimum acceptable in the army meters and a half you Pettmd legs body which is meters and sixty-eight and cover length hundred and fifty have (13) centimeter extraneous without a cover chose to cover your feet leave (13) centimeters from above without cover says not cover my face and my head left (13) centimeters from your legs without a cover Mesh possible cover your feet and cover your head at the same time says this solution with the contraction thou shrinking your projects and your spending ..

    100 kilometers long road that you make this category فعملها fifty kilometers only is this solution are reduced spending and says Bnqls project Doe enough .. Reduce drinking eating of transportation of education of health everything your job. Do not buy stationery this year and bought cars for state this year and I deal with gasoline this year needed people were without understanding because tale Anzid salaries not we all with increased salaries and we hope to increase our salaries, but security of the existing generosity of existing and this is located this existing budget of thee divided Ptaty including more than Salaries meaning Ptnqs from the other side of these shortages and exceeding salaries to 500 million half billion ياتوكم experts speeds Atalaaolkm 500 million How briefed her ..

    You say tax Fulani Izidoha and customs Item Fulani Izidoha and fees to enter the compost entry as well as not for this place and this place Izidoha ticket aircraft example Izidoha this item to increase in value 500 in this way accept you Tcoloh any yes Zdwa price such and زيدوا price such and زيدوا taxes and زيدوا fees we offer you .. They can not be provided from anything else, but so any one of you sane says does not work as well or offer ..

    Where will come out where سنجدها oil whatever income hundred billion five hundred billion four billion ten billion Whatever be the line before you this revenue that you have you and be clear before you and we have to Nfemoha people a million times income from oil revenues and outside oil that outside oil can be Aodhoha you and clear you have a tax and fees and to him Tgmauha each other and to work shift budget and the budget steering Ptozaaoha you .. Is of course the responsibility known that what he has to know he can not take responsibility for Watkin You do not have to know and was not conscious will protest this be Arif has to be defined in order to bear the responsibility you make thing you can not enter it responsibility how to enter them and you do not know let people understand a million times

    They Understand all means at the conference and in the radio and in the newspaper and in lectures in schools first lesson in everything starts per Arif everything exactly tells you will of this lack of this tomorrow received fees this Zaida Item these taxes Zaida says how invoke it, but argues it is agreed to increase as well as we would if we speak in the second page, the first page of the budget measures and salaries amazing transformation with you here in Libya every year more than .. Correct development budget each year decrease this base How Nscherhoha These explain any one theory of the learner and the economy and stuff these known you built a house so the person illiterate built house at 50 thousand you acted the new year 50 000 Other general who later put in your budget family 50 000 on the house, which then 50 thousand on the house and after sixty thousand on the house and then 70 thousand on the house to reach 100 thousand this shift budget do you have going in this way .. How House paid a 50 thousand and structure how the new year that it? Acted upon what can be a less maintenance this house .. You to where you are going how do we find the development budget each year increase?

    There are no budget Final budget shift stop everything we have done and there was no choice but thing that we have done .. Xi wondrous enough things that have done stop then and Nasinha even if you want to increase development projects or transformative Btzidha few percent compared to its currency in the past means for example you would have you how plant soil these six or seven you have built seven cement factories and Dftm them how much money impose costs one billion after that you want to pay tribute to a factory least the factual or manufacturers begin the seventh Stzadh one of seven or two on the seven How to request a budget for the cement or the shift is worth a thousand million times the other you paid one billion in the first and built by seven factories after a period protested to plant another plant only the last hundred million meaning shift budget actually decreases maintenance of these plants as possible fifty million Suppose Thus begins budget shift constantly decreasing maintenance begins just how do we find here in budget Mizantm transition over .. More .. Increase the budget in the end will become an administrative budget ..

    Budget shift stopped and now here must stop Tamiloa like Macal group who has worked fence cemetery Tzmoh shift Tamiloa fence stadium you call shift Tamiloa mosque with four minarets you call turning you Lord for hear a or how even Tamiloa have four minarets in order to Taznoa them Ruba overhear even and you speak in your secret is not even working his four minarets remain authorize them told you this, renamed turning this farce this Rizk Libyan people Tbdrunh like this White Shark benefit in Black Day invitation when end oil when it comes anything Atafrtoa in oil money the way this this budget shift transformation imposed budget is decreasing and you you have increase decrease decrease up to turn into administrative budget .. If overflowed from the budget of any popular money from its budget in the year that I went naturally turning to next year’s budget and this I think issued the legislation of the time but Saodhaa more because there circumvent them this I complained Li group who Benvzu People’s Congresses and People’s Committees, such as General People’s Committee and other complained Li things told me, Please, help us to clarify for people that made me I was brought here and only I do not do me this this whole this is your responsibility you Libyans you do you have power and you are free not this mission we our mission we revolution of sakes you take power only ..

    As for us, we have the revolution and remain liable for power. Popular Suppose in its budget 40 million overflowed 10 million budget from the year ago did their disposal come appreciate in its budget for the new year we even budget New Year 40 million, for example why turn has 30 because 10 Mtovrat from the budget last year, then not the talk of these tell you circumvent One thing is moral when you know this rule and says budgets 40 million overflowed last year 10 million meaning Abietony this year 30 million

    How Orthm order to give me 40 million behave in 10 million this at the last minute and this gimmick and play and theft and corruption for everything and must subject to the law, which works something like this and there is censorship popularity must be lookout for this there are witnesses to have everything under tight control Is this an ethical How come in the last year and says these 10 million instead of the availability and Ihspunha on is I deal with them work out anything If cemetery wall like what we said this is forbidden to sabotage the economy of this criminal who works so pulls him confidence surplus .. Surplus acetic respectable and patriotic and have good manners remained have 10 million remaining ten million but last year, then this necessary work with a base Yashik Zanaty this secretary General People’s Committee Dr. Shukri Tamiloa base as possible in the fourth quarter year Last each exchange be dropper known not bad contract for Thinketh because they are Sataakedoa without Briefing hiring contract begins decades tells you ten millions, which overflowed contracted by No

    If contracts does not recognize them if you’re in the quarter year Last accomplish actually built a school or hospital or through already currency if contracted by just hiring you the meaning of this dodges steal ten million this way or another and deny Shaabeyat other of this money because when we daresay you ten million and give you fortieth million and give you thirty million ten million are ten million Snasrvha to other people in need in mass to other popular You circumvented us and dragged it to yourself to your popularity will not operate things useful for popular for thou want to disposal only even Aenqson you next year’s budget want to increase your budget Increase your productivity Z collection write them have ANZ your productivity Inc. Jpaytk If you want to increase your budget decreased you ten million obtained from unpopular produced Zaid fees Zaid taxes on unpopular free.

    The Times did not need to increase taxes and fees need to be effective in levied because the fees first and the taxes first for you to Atjma the minus you combine people and put you one hundred orange told you Almighty are ready Take us each and every one of us a hundred people each one to give the orange of Hgerth you collected five oranges because you helpless failed and says Zadony five and ninety orange given scraps price of five and ninety orange does not exceed that for thou failed to collect cent they gave you collect taxes so assessed and fees and have income brought revenue of your popularity and this start of the year this and, God willing to ايبدأ large number of us convert to court people on this charge is found now in the last year the rest of the budget spent and contracts. Contracts for ايعتد out and Attma by this excess surplus done physically in a year that is true, which contracted in the last year this is false because the unknown you Stthaal this concern you, but the Secretariat of General People’s Congress General People’s Committee say Li these observations, including budget People say must act at the popular level, not at the level of the Commune ..

    Because when we distribute the communes begin budget a few not enough to accomplish any action hence Commune dispose of in trivial things because it is less than it was working a big project, but the People and the Commune found in popular means when it meets Trustees communes Trustees popular committees of communes and the People’s Committee at the level of popular decide and say this budget rather than distributed to ten communes let them in our popularity we work this way, which includes three communes .. Good but if private give you Mizaana the by the Commune possible transport not enough road but when we take the entire transportation budget and we work through it was decided that this road enough for three communes this Tdersonha and look where this group exhibited and complained of Trustees committees .. People’s Committee attaches say if we agree that the budget spent on the popular level and the Secretariat of the General People’s Congress and even the General People’s Committee told me that the budget of the Commune is not controlled and acted too trivial things.

    Annual budget include items in the budget popular consist resources of 1 what is allotted from the general budget 20 What allotted fees from local revenues and taxes levied in its scope, but exceeding the appropriations approved him from the general budget 30 What approved Basic People’s Congresses of fees and levies Article 12 specialties People’s Congress of the popular respect by choosing his integrity choose Amin choose Amin Planning Board assembly resolutions and recommendations of the drafting of resolutions adopted and distribution budget steering and development budget on LBPCs and sectors paragraph 6 adoption of the budget allocation steering and development budget on people’s congresses in any case the popular free in this matter is responsible then the budget if spent face right not properly and there has been trivial things that will be accountable to the people’s congresses and then in front of General People’s Congress

    and you are free of course these things administrative concern you, but this is subject to assessment that the budget when distributed to the communes best and only when be one budget per popular and popular distributed to specific projects for the communes and then when we say popularity is popular is popular is communes now Conference People consists of Trustees conferences communes are Trustees popular committees of communes This is popular in the end when their cleavage turn into communes.

    You owners communes Tgtmawa and Nsemekm then popular and decided your budget you take each one takes his share and not tell Nksmha projects include Kmonatna after the General People’s Congress and the General People’s Committee .. I noticed there counterfeiting such as what is known when the point has manager why Atcoloa is the manager or head of the Fulani kid in from when we say Amin Popular Committee as well as there are things you laugh at all where one person say Amin People’s Committee, for example, we come to the center in which “the proof “Collectibles popular heritage this charged Dr. Hu earned graduate from doctoral recognized or recognized in any case Valdctor” Ali Burhan “This president of the Center holdings when Tketbouna you say Amin People’s Committee Holdings is one person runs it we come to Dr. Jirari in History Center is the president and secretary People’s Committee Aasadh People’s Committee meaning stepping up from the Conference of the peoples of whether this conference essential or non-essential when stepping in People’s Congress of the masses called the Popular Committee.

    Lama is so haram that this director and this president and this commissioner you Taanon in person at the company and then you call Amin People’s Committee for a company that counterfeiting this then entail responsibility popular that employ new staff or workers are free but act of domestic resources salaries of these people could not be employing people in your popularity and requests of the Libyan people distract them salaries you are free to People may need to labor needed to staff any facility of your own free, but salaries at your own risk making him because there is a problem comes one running thousands of people and say the state Come and dress them salaries that is not in the owners of this illegal action comes people say we staff our years without salaries this that and Zvk bear People’s responsibility ..Conferences, God willing, will be held again and put the agenda as proposed is not in front nor the paper every people say that you want to draw policy Libya internal and external in anything and honesty Conference Secretariat be conscious when things local say no this this was followed by the Commune is not in session at the Libyan Greater where these things finished User can clear to him and gave him when things are clear and let every one says his opinion and submit it to the conference when the conference adopted the manner in which we have stated becomes point on the agenda of both the People’s Congresses want people ..

    What do you say how you are going country to Anjad reports of General People’s Committees in session II, which will discuss the agenda you show reports public bodies and we want measures to be this way attendance entails things are very important attend or to Athdhar free but it would be the population of each popular and offers her services and to him by attendance rate, which we have said quarter any number attending in the popular hit him in four brief population People Abarv have something not treated solely on the basis of this number the second point in the audience also who will attend its window on which to Aahoudr whatever is satisfactory for what to Aahoudr.

    The struggle continues … Peace be upon you



    Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement


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    Text talk Brother Leader of the Revolution in the opening session of the 35th edition of the Assembly of the Union of African lines companies

    First to welcome you to your country of the Great Jamahiriya and wish you a pleasant stay and I hope that your business will be successful in this event .. I have a note before I talk I heard some of you say, and I heard even in the Conference of the African Union (AU) and repeated this time here .. They say .. Libyan leader .. Libyan has no leader or president, this state of the masses conferences popular decide and popular committees implemented, sovereignty of the masses, and the People’s Congresses are not elected, the people’s congresses are all the people who reached the age of majority of male or female is a member of the Basic People’s Congresses in his district, all the Libyan people in basic popular congresses They have the authority, which issued laws, which declare war and peace, and to him, and draw domestic and foreign policy.

    And the Basic People’s Congresses in which all adults of the Libyan people, men and women a step up, including popular committees executive to implement its resolutions .. Trustees of the People’s Congresses and Trustees of the People’s Committees and secretaries of trade unions when they meet make up the so-called General People’s Congress, which does not have any powers, but formulate decisions LBPCs .. There Revolutionary Committees Movement incite the masses to exercise power without behalf and without the tutelage .. There Social People’s Leadership that social Tattabrmerdjaah ..

    This system does not need to head, no leader, no to the king and when we hear that the leader is the leader of the revolution and not the commander of the Libyan revolution may be anywhere in the world .. Let me remark .. So I am very happy to be for Africans will and the ability to form such an organization in this vital area, a field of air transport and to have attendance ongoing since the founding of this organization and this Assembly is keen to meet annually for a period of thirty-five years ago the same thing African summit what is now called Conference AU before the African summit and the Organization of African Unity since it was established in three and sixty It meets annually without delay in addition to extraordinary meetings and there other institutions African on the same token, and this distinguishes the African continent that has the will and then vitality and perseverance and continue to work uniformly in all areas, and this is not in the rest of the continent until the European Union which cut finally great strides and fast until he reached the single currency the euro and is now working to establish a European defense “Aliorovors”

    and now almost movement where visa and one is aspiring visa / Chengl / until this European Union did not moving collectively from the beginning, I mean was a small group of five countries then began to join some European countries, to join up in the coming years to join almost all of Europe east and west of the Union .. I mean his movement was incomplete and its institutions were incomplete and limited to some countries, but Africans are moving en masse since the founding of the Organization of African Unity in Sixty-three and all African institutions such an organization, which meets here today moving collectively, and we will persevere to the meeting unlike Arab organizations and even League its meetings were stalled Arab much and there were no annual Arab summit only recently been agreed upon .. This gives us confidence in ourselves we as Africans that we have the ability to work and continue ..

    Least an you that the world now turns and forming in the spaces, means the world map in the future is not map states and national but is a map spaces major, which means that the map of the world which now consists of more than two hundred national state tomorrow will map to seven or ten countries any affiliate of the national states and replaced by a federal grand satellite institutions, spaces, for example, after the central banks in both countries national may disappear and be replaced by central banks of spaces for each space a central bank and a single issue of the same coin.

    Multiple currencies now in the world will disappear and Mlhaa solved spaces such as currency the now Matakhtfa power.

    These regional organizations will disappear and be replaced by federal organizations and national banks disappear, for example, and replace the central banks of spaces that concerned with the affairs of the single currency and monetary control and release so that there is no longer a need for national central banks .. When space becomes every currency permission currencies that are more than two hundred currencies are now in the world as possible to become seven or ten currencies currencies lot in the future.

    Europe currency now disappear and be replaced by the euro, banks are central could disappear in the European Union and replaced by the European Central Bank, we will not pass on all the institutions that will disappear at the national level and be replaced by federal institutions or major space including We in Africa that space African Union African means from now on The future of the federal institutions and not of national institutions, and will be effective operational tool is the federal tool, means the Assembly of the Union or the African summit will be the base for Africa in the African Union (AU) ..

    African parliament in the future, God willing, will be the tool of legislation for the African Union and will apply all laws enacted by all over the African continent, the African Union spaces success in integration, and limitations and restrictions and obstacles and Almatlat and the gates of the non-word break and shatter before the merger in all spaces, as we have in the Union European no obstacles in front of the whole visa crashed and won a visa and one in Europe, the future is such an institution .. فالمجال which it now is air transport, the consortium of African air transport is his future at the expense of the national airline and the reason is that the challenges of the times and the demands of life in this day and age .. the national state and its institutions dwarf Aadzhan response, for example, the problem of air transport can not any African country on do it alone from now on because of the cost, because of the strength of global competition .. Now in Europe hear about European car and volatile European will replace all the cars made in European countries .. Each EU would work one car why because of intense competition with other spaces can not face each European country separately unless collected possibilities for the whole of Europe in one car industry be able to compete,

    But Spanish car, Osearh Swedish Italian, for example, would not have been able to compete in the future and Sasnon one European aircraft inevitably are made / Concorde / but will try again .. National state will not be able to volatile industry from now on and even a car because of strong competition and because of the costs and that the reason lies in the formation of the big markets fits does not live with her and her dwarf industries and institutions weak .. Aircraft maintenance and pilot training, technicians and administrators, and to him and the whole flight services Giralmagdi that each State shall be separately carried out.First is unable .. Each of our countries in the African Union, for example, is able to be manufactured or manufactured aircraft batteries or trained pilots, it is not possible means 50 African countries, each one working a school to teach pilots Btakrejehm pilots .. Firstly these costs are many and this work is economic, and the African countries are unable to each and every one of them operate a school to train pilots or graduate technicians or administrators or hosts ..

    With regard to aviation services can not be carried out and if its currency begin the process does not have the benefit will be too weak and have no value, no ability to perform and can not all African countries that manufactured aircraft or spare parts can not all African countries should work center Saanataúrat ‘umrah and so forth. .Is impossible, there is no escape, but one solution is integration ..Integrate all this industry, any aviation industry in Africa in one body, one institution, and forget that you are from Benin or thou from South Africa, this is the solution that we think then in the collection possibilities in the African Union to serve the aviation industry, this is solution .. We have to think after that in the collection of the possibilities in the African Union to serve the aviation industry, and these centers, assets or property of the data AU, belong to this organization to serve regardless of their location .. I visited in the Year of the past years and aviation maintenance workshop in Ethiopia, this center is very advanced truth ..

    Ethiopia alone can not manage this facility and did not need him just as Ethiopia .. Must be at the service of the African Union in the service of your organization this in the service of aviation African and this will not be from now on is the king of Ethiopia is located in Ethiopia, but it must be Africa at the end, and should be financing and costs of the center of Africa and not Ethiopia only. . And we will further drive it and be king for all of us, and we should look for other centers like him .. I now asked for information on aviation maintenance workshops in Africa, and ship maintenance workshops in Africa .. I have information that the Ghana Center for Advanced respect to the marine industry for ships .. I am unanimous in this information in order to work through the African Union and through my fellow African leaders to update these sites in order to turn it into a federal sites to serve the African Common Aviation.

    And are you looking for resembles maintenance center located in Addis Ababa, if found in Africa .. I think that there is possible in South Africa ..I think there is something like this Rpmamusr something .. If we found three four five .. Combine our assets are in the center and serve both the aviation industry in Africa consolidated .. If we also schools or institutions for the training of pilots or technicians or managers we identify and Namlha federal and be of service to this organization, I mean these ideas, which will be based on information and study of reality will extend them, God willing, in the future in a timely manner with the African Union in order to be adopted AU Conference and Nahilha to the specialized committees of the African Union, there is no escaping the unification of all African aviation ..

    Unify maintenance centers and Mrakzaltdreb .. Everything related to this industry consolidation service federally funded so suffice self at least cover the continent’s air transport .. Air Transport Dear Sirs tied to something else very important, for sure it is not your power, but you can force you to be pressure to create this new policy tied freedom of movement, the movement of people movement of goods if the movement of citizens within the African continent, Africans restricted prohibits flight .. Aviation is not required in the same aircraft, required humans or goods, of course, you are here interested in transporting passengers ..

    Passengers who ride the plane must have freedom of movement .. Instead take a visa from African countries to African countries and get them after ten days or twenty Aomawaltaúrh can not that Tmhlk ten days or twenty days this is reasonable, this loss ..Should be free movement are African citizen .. Traveling anywhere from the African continent, this statement reminds us we called the appeal ..2002.2.2 means appeal on two in two of the year two thousand and two …I call and worked part of Africa, and the real part of African citizens told them better not wait for official visa, gates and rebelled against it ..You must be the identity .. African thou enter from anywhere of the border and headed for the border enter you and your goods and your animals because it was the movement of the lack of freedom of movement even for the animals, in order to graze from region to region say there is a political borders Animals do not want there are political boundaries ..The Fahashab and منطفة waterless says God will judge between them on political boundaries .. Animals in the arid region can not be driven to the region in which the herb why because there is a political borders Animals do not know political boundaries ..

    You can not give them a passport means animals .. Laugh to be the lack of freedom of movement even for animals from within Africa Fmae humans means important and I appealed two and two thousand and two is for your information that must be freedom of movement accessible to citizens of Africa and was present with me that day on two and two thousand and two brother President Omar Konare who is now President of the African Commission, I mean the good luck that he was and after a word in favor of this appeal, are fortunate that then became commissioner of any President of the African Commission .. You must push all African governments as an organization even recognize freedom of movement and calls for the integration of Africa because the citizen’s freedom of movement is to encourage African aviation and air traffic .. But the plane without passengers on what we do with it .. Need to passenger traffic to move and move from airport to airport in Africa … Now there are difficulties you should work for Tdleilha I think that there is a fee and high signals in African airports do not know you know possible imposed by the Civil Aviation .. I see income will attend the party that imposed these fees but Tarsal and make substantial costs must be re-considered and seizures.

    I mean that your organization should be the pressure on governments and the African Union to hear her voice and take their opinion and suggestions for policy-making serve Africa and African industry. Not enough that Gaddafi offers the African Union projects and memoranda relating to the aviation industry in Africa. And have your voice does not exist .. You say we did not feel under pressure from the African Aviation Organization (ICAO) for this trend should not feel under pressure and support for the ideas of this kind .. Secretary-General in his value reputation calls for the establishment of a fund for the development of African air traffic and help existing businesses to integrate with each other .. I heard that he spoke in this regard with President Omar Bongo, of course I support this idea with full force and I think that Libya will contribute the lion’s share of such a fund .. We must from now that we proceed in this direction is to work on integration and standardization, consolidation funding, consolidation of the industry because it very clearly there is no hope never to succeed every African country to establish airlines and buy planes are expensive or even rent them or the ability to maintain or can afford to create pilots and technicians, engineers and ground and air services and administrative, means this is something impossible hopeless do not think that any African country that can succeed in this, AU means full and hardly possible to achieve a minimum of feasibility in this industry because it is not easy, you all of you know that some industries are expensive and without the support of not living, including such industry or the rail industry such as ..

    Where the African country at which the ability to support the aviation industry .. Africa Tsouro country can have a transport aircraft for passenger or cargo planes for trained pilots and ground maintenance .. A large number of African countries unable to manage the task of civil aviation and give to foreign countries. I once wanted to disembark in Mauritania and found that the pilot speaks with Dakar .. I told him I’m going to Noaq Shat told me that Noaq Shat tower continued to Dakar tower.When I saw Tower Dakar at the time / / now possible change / / I was told this continued France. Since the revolution in Libya and found that when a look at the map find bearing the Libyan airspace Malta, and if you want to enter Chad graduated from the atmosphere of Malta to enter the atmosphere of Chad, Tklmk Valletta anywhere. You are Valletta, capital of Malta. They then said that Libya is not able to civil aviation services at the time. Of course a very shameful thing that you enter Chad and I am still in touch at Malta airport until he graduated from Libya to Chad or come from Sudan or Chad and Libya intervention Tstlmk atmosphere Malta.

    The possible yet exist in African countries like this for sadly means our weakness in this area .. If we can not overcome this weakness, but the consolidation of this work, the work of one African Airways, one African and maintenance, financing and one such fund .. I said how many times reiterated that this policy possible AU be issued but which I ask of you is that you will be a means of pressure on the African Union, the African Summit, a means of pressure continues to adopt the policy of this kind and when I like to note for Athadalavriqi regarding unification of aviation and something such maintenance center consolidation and it must be supported by Bmoukvkm you Dgotkm African leaders to agree and say we really face the pressure of our airlines ..

    The solution is this merger, is to unite the industry at the level of the African Union seems to note this actually meet these demands, this map came a little late for the paragraph that you’re talking about, this map shows the world of tomorrow, which on the basis there will be a single industry in the aviation or in the car or in the currency, export and supply in the movement. visa something means to be this way each color represents a new state in the future, which is a space like the European Union. This European Union this based this space and one that will serve as a single state will be flying one and aviation industry and one and financial assistance in economic activities .. AU this same thing must be well this county / NAFTA / now / NAFTA / means the United States of America from Mexico to Canada this region / NAFTA / WTO means free trade so-province / NAFTA / Latin America even is a candidate to be union, such as the African Union like the European Union, such as the territory of NAFTA. means this Europe, Africa and South America, and this by the possible one hundred countries and only How will four countries, now the national state can not be faced with any task from tasks ancient usual can not be locusts or face up to AIDS because of diseases and pests and climate knows no political boundaries and the need to zone itself, the continent itself, if this must unite and four spaces now, three of them list and fourth.

    This is the color yellow this space last fifth, which is the Commonwealth’s New or Independent States that were in the former Soviet Union red this organization list is space exists now said to him ASEAN Philippines and Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia etc. mean ten countries this almost called ASEAN space-based will have even the same institutions that space may regulate his New Zealand, Australia and even China speak the ASEAN +1 China example ASEAN +2 China, Japan or ASEAN +4 Japan, China, Australia or ASEAN means 5-4 with New Zealand and Australia this which is similar to heart this subcontinent Indian this space named Organization of South Asia this fact will be in the future of space and one union and one because of its institutions uniform consists of the Maldives and Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and some states this space two – three – four – five – six – seven located now seven spaces which can seven countries that in the process of integration to merge that there is no future for the country outside spaces not a deal with the trade between the spaces this be Petrleon and not one million dollars in an African country imports ten million or issued ten million still stands out or wasting time to speak with them until one minute of these giants, say you stand with the State of imports ten million dollars and imports $ 10 million in precious minute of talking with the state of these exports and imports and imports this how you will live and buy me tell you how million vehicles .. Tell him I’m coming to buy a hundred car tells you I do not have time to waste with you to talk to buy a hundred cars go in are you Ptstrae million two million 3 million speak with each other at this level only.

    She tells him Onasastrae you plane Why aircraft Nsnawa you dozens of aircraft as possible while plane Jump Khodha of scrap I’m not ready to waste my time even to work for you on paper, paper and time, this most precious of modern buying one aircraft or sell one plane this state of the world today our level really unreasonable if we’re still talking about companies planes African Per African country airline worker learned you do not have the value of this science that we put on the plane worth something is not working very funny hopeless hope from now to think seriously about moving from this meeting to unity and integration and made suggestions and projects to the state and companies Private and heard Brother Secretary-General calls for privatization this is positive as possible encourage private capital to invest in the industry and get rid of government restrictions,

    but at the same time, we must have to calculate the expense of exploitation of some socialist governments that follow systems socialism when have anything owned even be to serve the citizens, but when leave it exploits against living citizen but other governments is a socialist when owns thing exploited against citizen I mean the government budget is weak and this unfortunately is available with a large number of our want to come income when owns aviation flying price on the citizen until you get entered in the budget in this case become like private sector freeloader who is looking for profit means one works private airline to Ayamlha God but worked by for-profit and profit means pulls it from the pocket citizen and the citizen as possible to be a pauper and economic condition of Atemknh of this deprived of the service of this facility goes by car or on foot or riding a donkey or camel or horsepower does not go God says Ghalib

    I can not go on the plane because the ticket is expensive and the owner of the plane raise the price gets even profit should keep in mind when we call for privatization to remember exploitation. Privatization for a country like Libya are the property of socialism is not an individual owns, a large number of individuals have a company even if it won distributed to a number of citizens is not for one person becomes a capitalist and exploitative become rich from the pockets of other people who are paying him this privatization draw the attention of Brother Secretary General, who called them and we know that his intention is good. means the call should we be mindful of these things in Libya, for example the state is not in need of funds for its budget to take from the pockets of people are not in need for this Vtof Libya now Libyan Airlines is a state-owned ticket where R_khasah very simplified movement of people within Libya Otholt to the private sector will change and rising cost the owner of the private company says I I can not walk by what state was going ticket means pay 65 dinars back and forth between Tripoli and Benghazi and the company becomes a private owner new company says Aasaadena This Erphani I spend a hundred on this passenger as he pushed me 65 meaning I’m losing 35 dinars.

    And tell you that round-trip ticket to Tripoli first must be one hundred dinars to cover the cost and increase the profit that I want and be a hundred and ten dinars or one hundred and twenty or one hundred and thirty by the profit that suits him and only says he could not be spent on passenger hundred dinars, will pay 65 dinars if I I’ll pay it out of my pocket, and say I am not responsible for the airline Libyan is general, but the Libyan citizen pays 65 dinars only five thirty dinars other borne by the state, meaning possible Libyan citizen now shuttling between Tripoli and Benghazi for 65 dinars and perhaps say these are expensive, but is not knows that the state pay at 35 dinars at least this Default can more pay them 35 dinars and only company go bankrupt immediately if the Libyan state comes to aircraft Libyan says her Aataúrh انقلي this Libyan citizen of Tripoli and Benghazi back and forth and you will be paid 65 dinars and I pay you 35 dinars rest of State,

    TAKE 35 dinars and move this citizen .. Thus the company can navigate the citizen and ترجعه through distance mean what Ntlkm Company government in African countries and the private company and the privatization and him must keep in mind after that of the citizen, this if we want to be flight service for the benefit of all citizens Africans, but if we want to be for the benefit of the rich as possible to let governments raise pricing even is obtained on a budget and properties hoist pricing until they get profit and which is capable of this traveling in the plane, which is capable of acting, but we want to achieve the prosperity and service for all people, especially the needy and not remain flight service, comfort and luxury and travel only for the rich atmosphere and who are not rich means riding on donkeys have the right until they are enjoying the progress reached by a human movement by air instead of the ground .. Overall I am confident of seriousness African and determined African and attendance and therefore even the words that I said to you now confident that he will be interest in him and I نسندكم level African Union, at the level of the African continent, at the level of governments, at the level of the African Union, but you must Tsendwa.

    This work on your part at other levels, and then must Taatnaakecoa how Tadmjohn companies all together government and private, and how government turn it into a private, so not taking place exploitation, and how to be a reasonable profit, there is no escape from this and only we will open our skies to foreign powers and Tstglna and we announced our inability on our ability to cope with life and age, I mean if we were We are people who are not able to live and their costs and say any one comes Istglna as he wants this is the end .. If you did not succeed in unifying the aviation and consolidation of the aviation industry in Africa and unify maintenance and training centers and to him and you have achieved integration and Asrtamoh activity the AU and Dguettm citizen for unification and Dguettm to remove obstacles to the movement of people and goods .. If Maamlna this die aviation industry in Africa and are unable to lose the advantage of a movement era and atmosphere, but give it to foreign powers exploited come to the continent and take the sky place and intends to this matter and that means something shameful to us why are men and we men? ..Why foreigners can work flying and benefit at our expense and we can not we have to work flying ..? We have no choice but to integrate and Union.

    And thank you for this opportunity and I invite you to success and lived the great African Union.

    Peace be upon you.


    The text of a lecture Leader of the Revolution in the Oxford University students about Africa in the twenty-first century. Text the word Leader of the Revolution in the session eighth summit of the Group of CEMAC text of a speech Brother Leader of the Revolution in the great festival held by embers LBPCs commemoration of the anniversary of 92 for battle Alkarzabih Leader leads Presidents and the masses of Muslims from all over the world in Agadez historical Leader of the Revolution meets events medical Libya Great transcript Leader of the Revolution in the morning session of the meeting of the second ordinary to the General Planning Council text dialogue between the Leader of the Revolution and events legal on a proposed draft amendment to the Penal Code Libyan transcript Leader of the Revolution in a meeting of Trustees of Basic People’s Congresses in Shaabeyat Great Jamahiriya transcript Brother Leader of the Revolution in the Arab Summit Conference XVII in Algeria transcript Leader of the Revolution on the occasion of Eid thirty-fourth to the Great Revolution transcript Leader of the Revolution in the officers of the armed people and public security, customs modern text important speech Leader of the Revolution to the masses of women in Sirte Day meet Text talk Leader of the Revolution in a meeting with the General Planning Council


    Leader of the Revolution in the opening session of the edition of the 35 General Assembly of the consortium lines African emphasis on the role of Leader of the Revolution in consolidating and strengthening the authority of the people the power of all people Leader of the Revolution meets figures Libyan people Leader Revolution speaking at events Libyan people at the height of the celebrations for the popular Grand Day twenty-eighth of the proclamation of the People’s Authority on Wednesday 2nd spring (March) 1373 and. R. word Leader of the Revolution in the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies and heads judicial bodies in the Great Jamahiriya leader speaking at the opening session of the General People’s Congress on Tuesday, 2 spring (March) 1372. R. text of the meeting, which was conducted by the Abu Dhabi satellite channel with the Leader of the Revolution



    Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement

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    Transcript of the Leader of the Revolution in a meeting with the General Planning Council

    People’s Congresses should really count on the General Planning Council that will take care of the planning process because all the mass society actors found it

    The following is an interview Brother Leader of the Revolution: – The composition of the General Planning Council composition is very good and has all those with specialties and disciplines and the different responsibilities and when heal such a council to these figures, these are all reassured that there is a possibility to study any problem and solve it and after studying in-depth study certainly then turn to conferences People approved by the legislative and if approved of the People’s Congresses and proceeded to take the popular committees implemented I mean, I want to make clear is wonderful ..


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    Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement


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    Brother Leader of the Revolution in modern important speech at the masses of women in Sabha: I hope that the Libyan people to agree to withdraw from the Arab League, without wasting time

    Leader renewed his call to the masses revolution LBPCs to withdraw from the Arab League and the speed to do so without a waste of time ..Stressing that the Arabs do not benefit in them and they then abstain, especially in light of the spaces and major unions such as the African Union and ASEAN and other space from other spaces .. Wondering who will be the Arabs .. They alone can not form a space?.

    He Brother Leader of the Revolution to the Great Jamahiriya submitted a draft Arab Union to save the Arab reality, but the Arabs ignored waiting to come to them one to trample on them, such as what is happening in Palestine and Iraq.

    And stressed that what has happened in Libya was due to nationalist positions .. Where he did not have a problem with one and all the positions they have taken was only for Arabs ..

    Explaining that Libya as part of the Arabs assumed its responsibilities and all you have paid for them .. While Arabs left and set up relations with America and the Zionists and confessed them and allied with them ..This came in the important modern delivered by the Leader of the Revolution in the masses of women in Sabha .. The following is the text of this talk: –

    In the name of God ..

    This historic occasion being the meeting on this occasion, which was founded by the secret cells first popular revolt when we were students and now passes almost forty-four years to establish a secret cells revolutionary civil revolution in this city at the same time remember now the demonstration of unity that took place in this day day tomorrow for Arab unity and including the thirty-fifth year of the intervention of the revolution has been allocated for women to fill appreciation and honor and abetting so this meeting is the episode in a series of mass revolutionary movement .. Astmatn stench certainly to talk, which I said in the masses of women in the city of Rabat front and if the media could not be summarized butter speech which I said in Sirte In Tripoli In Alaskaraat the speech of Abia any that I Sal_khash finally at any meeting of the meetings because the words that I said in the meeting, the military Ladies in Tripoli and Sirte in the masses of women in Sirte opens the door for a new march and a further escalation of the popular revolution and carries responsibilities on women in the face of challenges and not just a passing meetings and hear him talk in time and go .. This is where a new task and the responsibility, but in this meeting in particular Sabha and the historic start of the event, a founding revolution since fifty-nine of this place.

    The start of the demonstration on June 11 in the city of Sabha and Fezzan is not an event in itself, but which I mean what the event .. We established a movement called the Liberal Unionist Movement of the students and the army eventually phase Liberal Unionist officers were assigned to this movement conditional build Arab unity in the demonstration in such a place .. Have been prepared in this day and launched tomorrow morning, which was a protest against the separation but has to be a serious stand in front of this historic event of Arab nationalism Arab unity Arab world Arab nation Arab reality that now exists ..

    We we have our duty and ready for such a sacrifice for generations nation and Tazibna so we students for Arab Unity for demonstrations and entered prison for Arab unity and advocate for Algeria, Palestine, and the unity between Egypt and Syria and revolution of July 14 and the revolution September 26 and the movement of Ben visited and the Arab people in southern Yemen, but stage was stage Strong anywhere in the world and the stage of armed struggle and liberation, and that any nation to Ataatouhd under the banner Qomatha will not have a future for this we at that time sacrifice and organize and get into prisons and liberate and warn the khutbah and say that the Arab nation unless achieved unity nationalism will not have a future ..

    Regrettably, including that the Arabs failed to achieve unity nationalism became a question mark on their future and their presence is now their future on their far this meant that there was the Arab nation is now being crushed permission to fought and organized and a prison and when our publications confidentiality and when exposed ourselves at risk the revolution and after the revolution for something which we on the right was something fateful in life we ​​insist that the nation must unite quickly and the Arab unity from the Atlantic to the Gulf not for emotional reasons, for reasons related to the presence of the nation .. We said if they unite this nation will not have a future have the greatest potential of oil and gas, minerals, raw materials and wealth ..

    Nation geography include keys strategy in the world .. Strait of Gibraltar Gulf of Sirte Suez Canal Bab el Mandeb Strait of Hormuz dominate the seas Mediterranean and the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea and Indian stretches two continents major Asia and Africa, however did not work this nation these possibilities which are not due to the masses did not succeed in the revolution and is clinging to power adopted the Arab peoples in that period the armies and the military are the revolution on its behalf in this tradition because Abdel Nasser has revolutionized military said all the Arab armies were the officers are free until they are Revolution such as Abdel Nasser this was a mistake was a mistake because the military coups that took place in the Arab world were coups failed .

    Even if the revolutionary slogans and Ouhdoah but did not achieve anything .. Military failed to achieve their program and even within the group Revolutionary or unitary within groups Vassih looking for power and aborted revolutions where aborted revolution of July 14 was aborted revolution twenty-six September and held sixtieth attempt to abort the July 23 Revolution and attempts to abort the Revolution and this was interactions internal within the groups that has revolution military The groups of sick and superficial and Vassih and looks forward to the authority Mendsh attempted to use its presence within the revolution to work on aborting the revolution worked like germs in the body are working from home this who got means were aborting all the Arab revolutions and the public has supported the armies and the officers Liberals and the result was zero .. Armies defeated in the battles against the foreign enemy and worked / Vito / People on the move and on the popular revolution and aborted revolutions military unity and nationalism and socialism.

    The United Arab Republic of Egypt and Syria, three years after changing reality began separation are the same military who consider and حدويين Syrians themselves who have to separate Syria from Egypt and remained demonstrations and protest to a demonstration October 5 this which Tbhdlna where and expelled and deprived of the study and Tazibna We and our families .. She then uprising against secession has revolutionized March / said today downed separatists joy we mean secession fell went to Syria and Unionists trying to return Syria to the unit and to when the day did not go back Syria unit did not return the United Arab Republic again still separation existed since 1961 until 2003 P when it was the threat to Iraq, Iran and Syria before what happened in Iraq, we told them you must work the front and one from Iran to very Syria to Iraq.

    Regardless of nationality or religion or denomination you all of you in danger you must work the front and one .. Reply to Iraqi President at that time told me please if you want to speak spoke on Libya do not talk about Iraq that is united with Syria or Iran told him ok .. Prefer to wait and you’ll see as a result of isolation that you put yourself where Iraq was singled and A_h now shed even Hulagu this does not work and after Iraq began threat now to Iran and Syria .. Fought Algeria ten years alone did not fight with the Arabs, but Abdel Nasser because there someone named Abdul Nasser only one person before he was after he was no any Arab solidarity and no support Arabic to Arabic at all their list unfortunate and very historic because Algerians have sacrificed a million and a half martyrs did not fight with the Arab nation .. Why have not seen thousands and hundreds of thousands of volunteers fighting in Algeria ..Borders were open and a decade-long battle .. Libyans fought twenty years against the Italian colonization .. We are located in the center of the Arab world did not fight with us a .. Twenty years and the Arabs are watching us why we have not seen thousands of Arabs come and fight with the Libyan people.

    South Yemen before its union with the North boarded in 67 since the sixty-seven and the Arab nation watches mean colonization since the eighteenth century and continued to the very end of the twentieth century and the people struggling alone .. Palestine in 48 when war was declared against the Palestinians only time fought by all Arabs as one people and one nation volunteers went from Libya and all the Arab countries to Palestine Arab armies regular from Egypt to Iraq and Sudan fought in Palestine at that time days Farouk days Faisal II and Noor Saeed and King Abdullah and Imam Yahya They consider them reactionaries were ousted been murdered, but these were a thousand times better than the Arabs who are now who do not no have Nakhweh no dignity, no blood, no altruistic and did not give up their honor not to their wives and their children .. Not in Palestine or in Iraq or in Libya or anywhere in the Arab world .. Now Oikdron to recruit their armies and go to Palestine or Iraq and fight with the Iraqi people or with the Palestinian people can not be watching all of them ..

    They have one million troops at that time and was a million Arab soldiers and ten thousand cannon silent so far, and a thousand and five hundred fighter aircraft existed until this time .. Watching what is happening in Gaza and the West Bank and what is happening in Iraq and attacked America and Britain in eighty-six on the Libyan people Mdaumtin NATO Atlantic and when he started the British people held accountable Thatcher tells her what your income in America if the feud between Gaddafi and Reagan or between Libya and America for what you تتدخلين .. She told them not you do this in order not to cracking the Western alliance told them if Britain did not fight with America against Libya did not participate with the U.S. in the raid on Libya could be cracking the Western alliance .. Means in order to preserve the unity of the West forces of Christian capitalism NATO North Atlantic compelled became British pilots and enter Britain in the battle.

    In an attack left a coward like this in order to preserve the unity of Arabs Tayyip Arabs They can not now maintain our blood or we one nation or our heritage and honor of our history that we are going fight with the people or with the other people why they did not come fighting with Libya in 86 P and said such Thatcher said .. She said women are better than all the Arab rulers as they entered and adventure plot.

    She said this in order to preserve the unity of the Western camp even Aatsda why Arabs did not say we maintain our nation and our unity and our destiny per We are fighting with Libya in 86 and Antrkha alone in front of nuclear states are watching .. passed the 170 aircraft as well as naval fleets and bases ground that are present in all the Arab world and the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean passed them as they watch Where did the campaign this was going to Libya uh Libya and wealth Adharboha here we pretend to Syria and Egypt for the unity of the nation and enter the prison and deprived of the study we and our families when it came circumstances where you need to your brother Arab started watching you what worked Arab nation of Somalia which Hommzk hundred pieces of this Arab country and a member of the Arab League watching him what did the Arabs of the Comoros this Arab nation and a member of the Arab League torn coups and differences يستنجد world and UN and can not Arabs to intervene .. They said this country for us and this Arab country, which is happening now in Palestine .. Arabs watching it every day, such as cinema watching the evening bloody blood mixed with tears and sweat .. Watching the Arabs of Palestine and women Istnjdn Arabs and where Arabs and where you Aaarb Ivkrnhm name Where you Aaflan where you Aaflan and Arab heads of state .. did not intervene.

    Arabs ago period, which was where Arab nationalism and Arab unity factors that move people and cattle in currency market went this era of nationalist era of nationalism and entered in the era of looser that did not pay at the time that we took away their light be Arabs, such as the Iranian nation, such as the Turkish nation .. Such as the Indian nation .. say the Arab nation state .. Iranian Iranian nation peoples united all in one country called Iran, they say sixty nationalism found in Turkey is important to Turks finally united in a single state called Turkey ..Indians 700 national united in one country called India Americans ..

    from all over the world fifty countries united consisting American nation said the Arabs at that time and in such a day 5 October and only four Oct. 61 and in 59 when it was founded revolution in this place we Arabs Unite Work such as the Iranian nation, such as the Turkish nation, such as the Indian nation of the Chinese nation, such as the American nation with it’s not American nation but they have become a nation .. At least until such as Italy were republics and kingdoms and provinces and united in recently these were all commemorated those who advocate Activity Alasrmthel nationalities, such as units and more particularly I era soldiers .. Globalization era of globalization now continents .. Africa unite the American continent unite the European continent unite if I saw you Qomatk where Audiantek from Wayne and only madhhab you where.

    Now You can not speak about Arab unity and Arab nationalism now you Aamsry Aasudany Aaliby Aatunssa Aadzaúry Aamory Aamoretany you African American when talking on the Arab nationalism not mean that you racist when speaking about Arab unity talks about AU You are part of this continent you African American if Africa is not your land Go to your land .. Refer to the Arabian Peninsula go íÇáíĘ all Arabs from Mauritania to the very Egypt return to the Arabian Peninsula at least in order to get a share of oil and with this now .. Now that Arabs knew they became a laughing stock before the world because they did not think about the future and Adersoh mathematically or scientifically and they said no we must unite not never, but because they saw the world around them unite in small entities and large entities unite together and become an entity big and started laughing stock and the whole world is telling them you .. And asked the Arab Maghreb countries and I told them ‘Do union .. Maghreb Why risk them now Union Maghreb We were advocate for Arab unity of dug sea now we advocate for EU UMA we did statement Djerba Djerba Declaration and the unity of fusion Republic and one between Libya and Tunisia we worked announcement Hassi Messaoud and signed and I Eboumdan on Shan be one country if Egypt recognized Israel and this happened not a single state our treaty, Jeddah and Jeddah Union between Libya and Morocco.

    Why did not materialize and everyone withdrew and dispersed and tore the papers have What does it mean now Union Maghreb This is not the brainchild of Moroccan Arabs These directives came from the European Union They said We can not have to deal with you for Libya itself and Tunisia itself and Algeria itself and this Morocco itself, Mauritania is combine with some working union one and only we مانستطيع deal with you dwarfs .. EU big this great in which nuclear weapons states and industrial how to deal with dwarf Libya, but dwarf Tunisia The dwarf Mauritania told them what we are dealing with you is a straw you straw in the air and we have to unite with one another until the market extends from Libya to Mauritania are dealing with one comes bought a hundred car and one like him bought ten cars from Europe laughing at him say what we are dealing with you in order you buy We want one bought us a half million cars look for market accommodate half a million cars now Libya thousand cars purchased for the low-income and the Revolutionary Guards and the infirm.

    Which is self-cars bought this and Tunisia are also like Libya from the same or less Algeria the same thing, such as Tunisia, Algeria and Mauritania Work union .. Even the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) What risk they now talk of this from the first time we know we are Moroccans first time we know our location .. Europeans are the ones who told us steadfast Arab Maghreb Union and Oqamoh and could not maintain it and in that period the period of Arab nationalism and Arab unity was really necessary because now while this be like the Turkish nation, such as the Iranian nation U.S. did not get in that time we worked unit let to unit fusion with Egypt and Oukanaha and torn Sadat our unit Triple Libya, Egypt, Sudan, torn by Nimeiri and we have established a unit triple Libya, Egypt, Syria and Mzkoha and the Charter of Tripoli and the integration between Libya and Sudan and unity fusion between Libya and Egypt are all gone air .. We entered globalization can not say that Arab nationalism and says why Arab unity and Arab unity Arab nationalism and unity and African unity and European unity Asian and U.S. unit ..

    These units still respect the emotions and mirage and these dreams .. I came and I told them Aajuanna reviewed them this speech, which I told you we since the revolution we movement unitary worked well as well as for Arab unity and become America enemy number one for Libya enemy number one for America because of Arab unity and Arab nationalism and the Palestinian cause and Libya became the enemy of the Jews and Libya became an enemy the whole of the West for the Arabs and the only problem, which is between America and Libya and between Libya and even the Jews, but between Libya and Europe .. If not Nort ourselves in battles because of Arab nationalism and Arab unity, we told them all the calamities that we’ve got and beat our homes and killed our children and beat bomb laser and attacked us and you Ttafrjohn all for your cause all for this issue for the Arab cause insulted and attack us to today’s attack us and insulted if we did not Let Arab country will not be insulted ..

    Heard an Arab newspaper, an Arab ruler or Arab radio spoke of a country called Lesotho never a country called Botswana state called Equatorial Guinea never to Aaarafunha because it not only an important Arab became Aatkelmon them .. Leave us because we’re Arabs تهاجمون us every day is enough of them we Africans Aattabrona Africans Aattabrona Suda Znoja move away from you and you Tptadon us to Atkelmohna not we Nkelmkm and Adthajmona not we Nhajmkm What that between Libya and Kuwait unit located in Africa and other located in Asia until the Day of Resurrection will meet with each one in Paradise and the other in the fire if Chtamonna and Taatamarwa us for Arabs no need .. We regard us as Africans and silence us and silent you there is an Egyptian journalist and only Egyptian newspaper and only Egyptian radio, for example, criticized and only attacked Malawi, but the dictator / Panda / do not know and never not spoken with him because he is not an Arab ..

    Even the Egyptian media, for example did not insult the President of Sao Tome and Principe because he Aiarafha never because Sao Tome and Principe is not Arab Tayyip my brothers in Egypt in Tunisia in Kuwait in Saudi Arabia in Morocco everywhere Aattabrona such as Sao Tome and Principe Aattabrona such as Guinea Conakry and Rihohna gave you the money we gave arms and tired with you without interest Finally all of you friends all friends of America and معترفون Israel but Libya did not recognize Israel and will not recognize course to the Day of Judgment, God willing, and in that time we are tired of you and Stmtamona in the last We gave 100 aircraft Mirage and Ohdenaha specifically to Egypt for the liberation of Sinai and gave 100 Mirage and Stmana Sadat then and Talaana like we never share the Egyptian poor people did not know the truth .. We are in the memory of close of October 6 all boats that hit the Egyptian army Suez Canal and rubber boats all Libyan and maybe even soldier who cross these boats to Edri it Libyan no one told him she boats Libyan not told him she Libyan and we do not want a penalty not thankful we were those in charge of our duty National and historical ..Mobile artillery on the Egyptian front the whole entire Libyan Italian self-propelled guns we bought from Italy we gave to Egypt .. Egypt, which they call the bulldozer did not have a bulldozer .. Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian army says we want bulldozer until we come out on-al .. And this needs to channel we bought until the bulldozer and even Supply in the battle ..

    We who have given the Egyptian army catering, clothing and even socks and applications base and base papers and I myself carried rockets on my shoulder and walked until we give to Egypt and the Israelis were reached within 83 km from Egypt .. I installed in aircraft and six umbrella with I am not an officer umbrellas opened Li cycle for five minutes how if the plane enduring How jump parachute at night and walked and Egypt were all dark at that time and we got the night before Eid to Cairo and found the Jews after 83 km and were going to fight, but that Sadat Li said the salvation I concluded battles and Eid Mubarak after I told him salvation with safety every year and you’re good.

    Palestinians .. Lebanese .. We give them as long as we give them our money we give them everything we trained and then in last Talaana we are terrorists and they hugged Americans in the Israelis in terrorist Westerners and Libya because they have trained Palestinians duty Adenah our money we gave weapons we gave him our vulnerability we were .. They put us in the black list so far this affair Arabs.

    Do not want to defend their dignity and their presence today and tomorrow I am in the festival of light offered a plan called the Arab Union instead of the Arab League and I held the Arab Union this means another shot of mercy to the Arabs.

    Asked union Arabs if Arabs can be establish a union to replace Arab League has a constitution and has the Presidency and the Council of Ministers and central bank and monetary fund Arabic and economic unit and a common market, etc. and a common defense, which is already exists and is applied and suggested that the structures are very important and new possible save the Arab reality deteriorating This is what now exists and we said the Gulf Cooperation Council must include Yemen, Iraq and extends from Yemen to Iraq if Iraq remains whether before or now or tomorrow the rest in the wind Mayaml Saddam who you afraid of it you said went Here Iraq now with you and enter Iraq in the Gulf Cooperation Council Yemen entered the country in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and begin at least a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) includes the entire region from Yemen to Iraq.

    This inside Arab Union in the framework of the Arab Federation, Syria, Lebanon exist Syrian in Lebanon and constantly carrying justification threatening Syria and blackmail and intimidate Aaasurea you why exist in Lebanon, the State Bank of America and Israelis why Syria is in Lebanon the Syrian army is in Lebanon to maintain security in Lebanon because the Lebanese are divided communities and fight in each and Astnjdoa Syria and Syria entered and since the Syrian army entered stop fighting Lebanese Lebanese fact exist but Lebanese saw the Syrian army occupying army and do not want to say how long the Venice Syrian protect Lebanese security proposed in this Arab Union to find worded constitutional between Syria and Lebanon becomes Syrian presence in Lebanon Parwaogir protester him from any one

    and the Lebanese situation in Syria if there starts a project and is protester him from another party and we solve the problem this why Syria foreign country into Lebanon as a foreign leave Syria in Lebanon is not a foreign country and is a foreign country within the Arab Union But the union and that the union between Syria and Lebanon must mean the existence of this state here, or existence of the state in those and not presence foreigners are not taken protesting it and headache get rid of it and a ticking time bomb explode at any time in Syria and Lebanon and then told them in this proposal of the Arab Union and inside the pillars I’m talking about the pillars of piety Arab Union like this hall a large hall with part of the walls of the four but within columns so stuck construction even Ainehar exactly want to be a part of this form of the Arab Union and its institutions but inside units integrated and united piety this construction federal Arab such as Egypt, Syria and Lebanon GCC from Yemen to Iraq ..

    and then UMA integrated more and become a real union if held sleazy or dead clinically as it is now means possible the unity between Libya or union of Libya and Algeria, which are states then gas and oil homologues in its organization and the possible long presence Arab in the Arab Maghreb if Tunisia replace Algeria Welcome If Morocco replace Libya Welcome important to be a pillar in the Arab Maghreb along with UMA be inside axis motor power fulcrum forces if not Libya, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia Arab stance Libya possible be union and unity etc. strengthens Arab Union if not Libya and Egypt were Egypt and Sudan all this proposed them in festival of light in the past month, Egypt and Sudan work union and one Oandmadja etc. or Egypt, Sudan and Libya rest Jordan Jordan does not have a bevy possible belong to him at the moment to Aasurea and Amsr nor Iraq for Jordan is not one of the countries that possible form the fulcrum but its scope Jordan is Palestine either a Palestinian state or Isratine or to end this place in Jordan and all these things possible form an Arab union and national foundations and pillars. Arab media order, of course, governments face and because feeling Arab dead even when individuals and journalists and broadcasters and media there is no thinking or in the future, the Arab and hope for the future Arab ie in the case a complete breakdown did not focus on Maglth did not say there is a draft Arab Union posed SMB example and has a constitution and components and structures at the same time this Arab Union asked to find the pillars within the unit fusion or federal or confederation that this state did not speak out because this is about destiny Arab This shows where Arabs are moving went talking to Gaddafi attacked the radio station spoke in Lockerbie ..

    And talked about compensation Alliotte AT with the French .. They took trivial news, which is not the responsibility of other issues have nothing to do with Lockerbie never Alliotte any solution how dissolved but they went talking on how Libya had paid no compensation was paid and the compensation paid .. All this talk of things like this and left the main thing imposed and this gave me the answer and you all of you. Arabs not including interest and are not willing to do something for Unity and the Union need not Menthen We have not finished with them we finally in our nation African continent .. but We must be our awareness and depth and we would have to consider the remote .. Now susceptible to the challenges

    نستوعبها Whatever the time, and we are working on the African Union (AU) and African integration and the African space .. This is that we become strong like the American continent such as the European continent either Arabs they will not become strong even if they unite those registered historic disgrace is not possible يمحوه never watching on being in Iraq and in Palestine finished there is no dignity and no blood there is no longer such thing as a blood Arab and Arab Aqomah no Arab unity and Arjulih Ansaúah not anything to the degree that women now Abadrn and Antzan initiative

    . Today a very serious commando operation inside the so-called Israel carried out by a Palestinian girl and not a man .. Now there is a poor peoples I gained I’m sorry .. I introduced in the Arab League, Mauritania, Djibouti and Somalia and the Comoros and tried to enter Eritrea, but now I can not speak to Eritrea because of the situation in which the Arabs .. These poor people who I introduced to the Arab League and look how Djinnit them .. أدخلتهم of a failed nation and a failed system and people who are losers .. If they were Africans for the better or Asians ..Even we build the African Union and desperate Arabs and anguished what is happening in Palestine and Iraq for this humiliation and this insult, however tried to give them collar to escape this sinking in which they provided a draft Arab Federation, who spoke with him and with this largely ignored .. This is essentially a movement when we told them you Aajuanna Bsalamtkm of how many years we’re going to Africa and Mnsahbun of the Arab League and we will enter Africa to the African Union one and fever began in the Arab League and the Arab countries where they insist on what your satisfaction

    And they say do not go and leave the Arabs Libya can not be left Arabs and wonder and insist how to get out of Libya from the Arabs ..Dangerous thing if it gets out of Libya from the Arab League first Egypt will become isolated from all quarters west of Egypt becomes an African country and not a member of the Arab League and the state is bordered to the east of a hostile have a Zionist entity and the north sea and southern desert and become Egypt isolated then the Arab Maghreb and Mashreq drop for some of them because there are countries in the middle will remain an Arab country .. They dropped the occupation of Eilat and the occupation of Palestine bright Arab world and now divided again exit Libya them .. But they now say Libya mission does not go and leave the Arabs .. So I told them moved say what you want, we told them rescued Arab reality that now exists .. Thrquaalemen worked projects ..Egypt worked projects .. Jordan work projects .. A number of countries …Sudan work projects .. Worked projects and submitted it and I’ve seen ..These projects are all merged in the idea that I told you about this .. I have not seen something this indicates lack of answer .. That the Arabs have no interest .. We can not waste time never .. Arabs then abstain ..Tomorrow Asia operates major unions and Africa is now within the Union and where you are, O Arab .. Will remain with the means Levant and the island will remain with .. They are the only is Aachklon entity space ..

    Is not possible to form a space never .. For this I am for the second time and a thousand I hope that the Libyan people would agree to withdraw from the Arab League, without wasting time .. These are people who not from Mvaúdh .. Their uniforms pitch to get rid of them from Stimithm from their problems .. Safety speaks of not Nkelmhm and even the Arab League, called by the Arab League, which is nothing in reality is now in these days since four months staff had not received their salaries because the Arab countries refrained from paying contributions .. Arab League’s budget is now not Thish or arise and does not have any value are waiting to come to them one يذبحهم and Islkhhm and cut them and Adzarham Ajnhm Atboukhm Achoum and eat them .. Waiting one comes and stomps on them and enter their homes and that’s what they expect the State of the State .. Waiting to be like Baghdad, like Gaza, such as Jenin and Hebron, which was expected to arrive they inevitably will come to them ..

    If we antagonize the world for what it not for them .. We do not have an occupied territory and no one attacked us .. Before them, they do not know America nor Britain nor France nor know Israel ..Were not a problem for us with a .. For Arabs only because we we’re part of them endured their responsibility and we paid our blood for them, but why America hostile to Libya for what Libya African countries ..America was occupying Libya and when we expelled American Revolution and we told her SHE came out and did not say Americans will not go out and what Harbnahm even become a problem between us and them .. They said the country changed from client retroactive royal system was Follow us now by people rebels are free .. Why fight them rushed silent .. Britain was occupied Libya from World War II after the revolution we told them to get out out .. Italians long ago were occupying Libya .. Italian colonialism told them get out they went out .. All Western countries when the Revolution surrendered and returned crane her hands above her head and said we want good relations with you and friendship .. We knew you would not Tqublohna colonizers .. Imposed continued good relationship with Libya with these countries ..

    All of this is for the Arabs, and then we let the Arabs and went to America and the Jews confessed them and allied with them against us and Stmona ..Whatever our Arab brothers Wallis We sakes Aadina this side .. How do you go and you become against us and we Aadenahm for you because it is not enmity between us and them .. We were disputing with the Americans on the things America had supported and we were against it … America was in favor of bureaucratic regulations religious rotting systems that exploit religion .. Admitted religion in government, in politics and in elections, sewers and parks and infrastructure .. This is reasonable .. Even dominate the human beings in the name of religion ..We were against this theory .. Against this ideology and America was in favor of systems that adopt this reactionary ideology that exploit religion and hence we were against America .. America now reversed position and said, I am with you against these systems that we have seen and outcome of the fruit .. These systems already rotten and corrupt exploit religion and does not have the benefit, we pose a threat and Libyan Oh you revolutionaries were right when you against the regimes that exploit religion and the right-wing and reactionary regimes and rotting .. We told them Senna We and you are enemies for you Taadonhm and us against them said they were not we made sure that these people are bad and must remove.

    America was supporting systems we considered dictatorial regimes ..America fought with Saddam against Iran and we were in favor of the Iranian revolution and the U.S. had supported Saddam and we were different on this .. Finally America have seen what I did Saddam Hussein said you were right when you are against this system this dictatorial regime means that America is no longer supported dictatorships and we are with direct popular democracy rather than representative democracy .. Direct popular democracy .. America was against us when we say must be disarmed of weapons of mass destruction .. Israelis have weapons of mass destruction, the Americans have weapons of mass destruction, and these countries are all major then weapons of mass destruction. I hope that you and we are small, poor countries can not afford to weapons of mass destruction demand to disarm this weapon .. Now America has Judgment against weapons of mass destruction ..

    We told them good, God willing, this campaign lead to the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction even of America and the so-called Israel .. We are with you and agree with you in this campaign to disarm all weapons of mass destruction because we do not interest us and we do not we make and are afraid of them and from you because you Tsnonha .. America was in favor of regime families and shed families of the family of the Shah of Iran to the family of Haile Selassie to the Senussi family and tell them We Kthoar against shed these peoples families and they were in favor of a system families.

    Now America has changed and said I am against this tyranny family and this dictatorship family of Saddam’s family to all families, which enabled her good ear we met we and you we first were against these things we’re not who we went to the U.S. line is America which came to the line Libyan This is great we going in our way is .. Is not changed. We come finally to the topic is important most important thing is you have heard the words that I said in Tripoli and Sirte that the war has changed and moved from fields of war, which we read it in books and military curricula military moved the war to homes and to apartments and buildings and inside cabins one house was that fighting each soldiers against soldiers .. Now soldiers fighting in women and fighting in Sabaya and fighting in children and from Baghdad to Gaza and to what will come from other cities violated like Baghdad and Gaza inevitably be fighting them in houses as if the states were unspent and applied in theory traditional old trained men to fight and get off parachuting behind enemy lines to fly The artillery and tank maneuvers large-scale military arenas extensive operation to fight and barricades, trenches and fronts of all kinds and maneuvers of all kinds these are the things that were taught and war being canceled now, all these theories is no longer the fronts and dropping parachute nor tanks nor artillery nor battlefields .. homes compartment Kitchen Bath and saloon car park city car carrying the children of women who sleeps at home ..

    Apartment architecture guns, planes and guns, but destroy the houses and get an explosion and blast believe that in the military objective and smells smoke and if done home destroyed and out of children and women dead Chelohm the cemetery how these victims of war which are now .. as long as the target women in the House must be trained women in the House be dupes from now on if we have not moved training indoors women Motahajiba located inside her house these are the first training on fighting because it is the goal now the enemy enters the house in which women undermines the house and kills children and if she defends her home and defend its existence and defend their children needed trains How fighting inside the house and how it works explosive belt and how torpedo itself and blow themselves and blow enemy soldiers, which has a car must be prepared and know how Algmha and become a car bomb car bomb because he is no longer there tank. now target civilian cars because the number of those killed in civilian cars more than those who killed in the tanks .. And helicopters and planes and missiles, now you see in civilian cars destroyed and became a target and we no longer see tanks became the target .. Target civilian vehicles on the streets, in the alleys in House lawn in the warehouse and in this House are military targets is now you are defending your children and your mothers and Jaddatkm needed Tdrbuhen on Disarmament is not fighting overseas, not .. No ..

    No battle Stgdan inside the house by saying why Tdrbun women not reasonable women will come out to the battlefields and the intervention in the theater of operations and the difficult thing for her, this woman did not get a share in military training never, except in medical care and in the rear lines here changed the battle has moved from the arenas this that was difficult for women as say moved Alyalmkan which exist where women .. the battle moved to the House for Architecture and the women’s rooms inside the house in the kitchen enter upon soldiers of the enemy soldiers and beat her funeral and you watch without a number of women and children from Baghdad to Gaza .. We Gltanin when we train in the men now men leave them and go to the houses you guy who is fighting house to go, and ordnance and kill your wife and your mother and your grandmother and your child baby until your son baby kill him until the others to fight them you Fedayeen, Palestinian house in a certain place the tank and plane Apache go and attack on this house erupted House interference House sees of him and graduation shot because he became the target is in the home your houses are military targets and instead soldiers and violence directed against the military now violence directed against women in the home and against children and now we must be ready to train women how they fight in Bedrooms now the enemy as possible enters them in the bedroom, both the grandmother and the only mother and only you and the enemy enters you in the kitchen and you cook in eating your children enter your enemy in the kitchen this which is now being and train you how Tqatly in saloon and how Tqatly in the home garden and how Tqatly above home and how Tfajkhy car How Tlgmiha against enemies and bombing car in enemy bombing House even located on the enemy soldiers and how you go out of the house and Taatrcnh ملغوما and when it enters the enemy explode when House and how ye traps dupes have Roeetmhohm They searched bags These bags must be mined even when opened explode the wardrobe women open them believe that they have a weapon embargo is training on how to mine these Treasury and how Tlgmy bag and how Tlgmy Pleasing and how Tlgmy shoe and how Tlgmy toys even explode in enemy soldiers civilian vehicles in Libya reaches half a million civilian car becomes a half a million tanks or half a million mines Ntdrb how Nlgm cars this whole van came to us the enemy is not repeated Alastbahh taking place in Iraq and Alastbahh which take place in Palestine because he will not Tnfk UN nor benefit you Arabs nor Muslims all of these Menthun no one will defend you must defend yourself and not trampled you trampled better if they kill either trampled you underfoot and Ahenok as يهينوا Arabs now Look shame and humiliation, shame and humiliation, which Payne on the faces of the Arabs before the world is watching .. Why did the armies and wands and budgets billions are spent on armies Why order to fight Arab state Arab state, but for the sake of Asultoh the masses .. if they fought now when will fight is important and we are coming to enter the year thirty-fifth of the revolution, which has allocated to women, packaged and abetting.

    So this whole year ready to know that the battle has moved from the fields of houses and men for women and children and trenches and fronts to compartments inside houses and tanks to civilian vehicles and fronts to gardens and homes must Tstaden Klkn Tstaden training and fighting inside the house and outside the home.



    Transcript of the Leader of the Revolution in the officers of the armed people and public security, customsLibyan Revolutionary Committees Movement


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    I am on the day of the Conqueror did not find time to speak with you and Ahaakn .. First to show the world why customize the look thirty-fifth year of the historic Revolution to be in honor of the women and a review of the armed force women .. This first want to clarify it .. We could say regrettably that minimum Arabs no longer men and women made ahead and filed in supply and preparedness and challenge in a state of the masses in the Great Jamahiriya


    Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement

    On this day October 7, 1970 The leader Muammar Gaddafi to expel the occupiers Italians from Libya, the same day of entry into Libya in 1911 …. Today, unfortunately, customers return the occupiers to Libya but will remove them and kill customers Jerdan led resistance green with our leader Moammar Gadhafi ……. waited for good news soon.

    “On this day, 07 October 1970, The leader Muammar al-Qathafi  expelled the occupiers Italians from Libya, the same day of their entry into Libya in 1911 …. Today, unfortunately, customers return the occupiers to Libya but will remove them and kill customers Jerdan by the Green  Resistance  led by our leader Muammar al-Qathafi .…… We wait for good news soon.”


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  3. 11 September 2001
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    The Leader of the Revolution Muammar al-QATHAFI has made the following
    statement to JANA:

    No matter what the political differences and conflicts with America were, such differences should not stand as a psychological barrier hindering humanitarian assistance and help top the American citizens, and all people in America who were severely effected by these horrifying attacks, particularly after the American
    hospitals announced shortages of blood needed by the victims.

    We call on the International Red Cross, the Red Crescent and the International Green Crescent and all international humanitarian organizations to speed-up humanitarian assistance regardless of political considerations or differences between America and the peoples of the world… We will not be hypocrites as to announce other than what we conceal… Irrespective of the conflict with America it is a human duty to show sympathy with the American people and be with them at these horrifying, and awesome events which are bound to awaken human conscience.

    We must think of how to ensure that supplies be dispatched to the victims and those effected in spite of the difficult circumstances announced in America such as halting air flights and communications breakdown. The world should think about practical means to deliver supplies to the victims. We are awaiting an American announcement on how to secure that such humanitarian assistance reach its destination.

    Everybody should work to make humanitarian considerations prevail over political stance and offer aid to the victims of this horrifying act.


    Thursday, 18 October 2001, the Leader of the Revolution, Muammar Al-Qathafi gave the following statement to the Libyan News Agency regarding the spread of Anthrax in parts of the United States.

    “If it is confirmed that Anthrax has spread in America by a deliberate act, which seems almost certain, then the matter is highly serious. In this case, it is useless to over-react, get angry, cover-up, engage in coveting or even take the semblance of patience. All that is futile.

    We are facing real terrorism this time. This is the worst form of terrorism, physically and psychologically. This weapon is the most vicious form of mass-destruction. It is not restricted to any peculiar time or place.

    The atom bomb, despite its huge destruction, is far more benign in comparison. It is usually dropped in a certain place and a certain time. It effects could be measured by the circles of diffusion. The one who uses the atom bomb is safe once he is out of its effect.

    As for Anthrax, its viciousness comes from the fact that its is uncontrollable and can not be monitored. It could affect its own use. I cannot imagine that a human being could use germs against an other human being , no matter the degree of hostility was between them.

    It is in fact a cowardly, satanic and irresponsible use. It is highly serious for the whole
    The matter requires an international meeting to represent the wisdom and conscience of the world, far from any moral or sentimental considerations, as all this is of no use in such hour.

    The international responsibility and reason require that all aircraft and all guns should fall silent, to listen to the voice of reason and to solve the problems of nations, which as a result of their problems produced such rebellious people of this kind .

    We have to acquire moral courage, not military courage. This is totally useless. All human hostilities or animosities have to end and disappear in the face of this real danger.
    This danger should be terminated at any cost. All military aircraft or cruise missiles must be placed inside museums. The best solution is to address the economic, political and medical bases. It is more viable”.

    • Muammar also poured millions into America’s suffering peoples in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (This is a matter of public record, that Muammar’s Jamahiriya contributed more assistance to the people’s suffering from Hurricane Kartrina, than any other nation on earth.)

      No American ever thanked him either.

  4. Vandals Strike Another Monastery in Holy Land
    Pro-Israeli Settlers Believed to be Behind Attacks on Christian Sites
    JERSUALEM, OCT. 2, 2012 ( Vandals have struck again at a Franciscan monastery in the Holy Land today, spray painting offensive remarks on the doors of the abbey located near the Church of the Dormition. This is the second such attack in less than on a month on a Christian monastery. The first occurred on September 11th in a Trappist Monastery in Latroun.

    Scrawled on the gates of the Monastery of St. Francis on Mount Zion were words denigrating Jesus Christ along with the phrase “price tag” written next to the blasphemous remarks.

    Price tag refers to the name given for vandalism or acts of violence aimed usually at Israeli security forces or Palestinians. Usually carried out by radical Israeli Jewish settlers, attackers will strike at a site, usually Christian or Muslim, as a price for being evicted from their settlements.

    The vandals, believed to be pro-Israeli settlement hardliners, have also attacked Muslim holy sites and other Christian sites.

    According to Reuters, Israeli President Shimon Peres denounced the “price tag” attacks, saying that such vandalism is contrary to the Jewish faith and “causes great harm to Israel.”

    “Holy sites must not be harmed,” he said.

    The news agency also reported that Palestinian officials and Israeli rights’ groups have accused the authorities of not doing enough to investigate the attacks.

  5. green victory

    Oh what a tangled web they weave

    When first they practice to invade

    A sovereign nation and deceive

    The world about their dark crusade.

    (Michael Leunig, Poet, Cartoonist, 1945:)

  6. CIA Employee Megarief . in GRAVE TROUBLE!
    Posted: 2012/10/02
    CIA M Megarief

    President of Occupied Libya as rat National Congress chief, long-time CIA agent …
    The entire issue of Islamic Law, secularism and non-secularism was solved long ago by the Third Universal Theory. Its application in the Libyan Jamahiriya, meant that the people themselves, through their people’s congresses, and thus forming the government themselves, decided that the Holy Qur’an is the Law of Society in Libya.

    The Constitution of Libya thus since 1977 has been the Holy Qur’an. However, the islamist heretics on the one hand, do not want the Holy Qur’an to be the Law of Society as they believe that they themselves should be in power, and rule over the people, and use their own misguided dogmas under the guise of Islamic Law.

    On the other hand, the secularists such as Megarief, also do not want the Holy Qur’an to be the Law of Society since again this would mean that they would not have a right to rule over others, nor to create parties, nor to enforce capitalism and exploitation, so they wish to rule under the guise of Secular Multi-Party Democracy.

    In response to the statement by the so-called rat General National Congress (GNC) head Megarief,


    who has been in the employ of the CIA for over 30 years and headed terrorist operations against the Libyan Jamahiriya for over three decades, dozens of GNC members walked out of its session today October 2 in protest.
    Ladies protest Magarief

    His main allies in the rat occupation regime are the British created Muslim Brotherhood organization which has a rat Justice and Construction (J&C) party.

    Majda al-Falah, GNC and J&C party member confirmed today that her party walked out this morning in protest at ‘the President’s (Magarief of the GNC) remarks of a secular state’.

    Later on in the morning session a heated debate regarding the remarks by Magarief regarding secularism took place.

    A number of GNC members were demanding that the GNC head clarify if these were personal remarks or was he speaking in his role as the head of the GNC.

    Others were demanding that Magarief either withdrew his remarks or apologised.

  7. Libya: Weak Unlawful Government Without People`s Authority
    Posted: 2012/10/02

    Foreign backers of the occupation regime in Libya would do well to consider that the Jamahiriya is returning and when it is back will be stronger than ever before and include much of the Sahel Sahara region. Friends who are offering help, mainly in Latin America, will not be forgotten but nor will those who betrayed and those who plundered.

    The attempts to form an illegitimate regime without the People’s Authority remain doomed for failure, with only the Jamahiriya being the lawful governing system in Libya. This is underscored by Libya still being in flames and with the popular resistance forces gaining strength each week with ever more resounding victories.

    The rat Prime Minister-elect Mustafa Abushagur again failed to meet self-imposed deadlines to form a new government for his foreign backers.

    On 19 September, Abushagur announced that he would finalise his proposed government for submission to the rat National Congress by the end of September.

    Having subsequently requested an extension, Abushagur was given until 7 October by the rat Congress or to face being dismissed from his post.

    The rat so-called General National Congress which seeks to replace the General People’s Congress but which has no legitimacy whatsoever within Libya, is headed by Megarief, an employee of the CIA for over 30 years.

    Then, a senior member of Abushagur’s staff stated that 1 October would be the latest that a government would be formed, although this deadline was also missed.

    Two rats both favoured by the foreign occupation forces after Megarief, are Abushugur and National Forces Alliance party leader and traitor Mahmoud Jibril.

    However the two had been unable to agree on how best to handle the resistance and militias as well as the never ending loyalties of the Libyan people to Muammar Qadhafi and the ideology of the Third Universal Theory, with the Holy Qur’an being the Law of Society in the Libyan Jamahiriya.

    Megarief himself has attempted to stamp western secularism on the government in a recent speech (see related news item).

    Jibril stood firm demanding that his program for how to deal with “Qadhafi loyalists” and the various militias which are now turning on the occupation regime, be adopted for him to agree to join the occupation government. A meeting between Jibril and Abushugur to negotiate did not materialise on Monday.

    Already on Monday many of Jibril’s party deserted him and put themselves forward independently to join Abushugur, driven by a desire to reach power. With the loss of the support of his own members, Jibril was forced into an acceptance to join the regime.

    All these games are being played out among the chosen elite puppets of the foreign occupation powers, and not with the blessing nor participation of the Libyan masses, who largely boycotted fake elections that took place in July after several postponements and barring the millions of Libyans connected to the Jamahiriya.

    Traitor Mahmoud Jibril’s acceptance to support the new attempt at rat government of Mustafa Abushagur was however announced on Tuesday not by him, but by Abushagur who did so in a short Tweet on his Twitter.

    Twitter, the platform basically owned by the U.S. State Department is the favoured means of communication by its stooge politicians around the world, and allows the handlers and paymasters of those politicians to monitor their developments.

    Jibril recently re-tweeted a Mathaba Tweet containing a link to an article denouncing the regime.

  8. Nkos’Entle Dalubuhle Dalindyebo says: ” I don’t know what the scientists claim,but,the African Belief is one..:
    To us…seeing is believing,and believing is expiriencing… Thenceforth, we know…
    Gaddafi’s presence in our lifetime marks a great era of history that can never be repeated…
    He will forever be in our/(their) hearts, whether they “LIKE” him or not.”


    Adil Naji figured something else out. Adil wrote me:
    “One thing came to mind now as I try to sleep..
    Qur’an came to Arabs for all humanity..(Islam)
    If Arabs fail to use Qur’an and free themselves as People… Then no one will be free on Earth…– al-Qathafi figured this out… Therefore he came up with Green Book so people could use and make Peoples Revolution… With Allah as Supreme (in Green Book) Islam will be globally embraced…
    So Qur’an will guide masses both muslims and non muslims…”

    FULL FaceBook conversation:

    Adil Naji He’s an example.. A father, a teacher, a guide, a friend.. All prophetic qualities are with him and yet he’s not a prophet..
    25 septembre, 16:29 · Je n’aime plus · 6

    Emhemmed Algaddafi the best picture i have seen it
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 16:32 · J’aime · 2

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Adil, he is in the tradition of the North African Marabout:

    and his people LOVE him–despite whatever other civilisations say-

    Photos du mur
    Allegiance to Our Brother leader
    Posted on 2012/01/20 by galantarie

    In April 20…
    Lire la suiteThe Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet
    Par : Christella Bernardene Krebs
    25 septembre, 16:34 · J’aime · 5 · Supprimer l’aperçu

    Laraa Anahita Majdoub Wonderful love. I can’t imagine obomba suckozy can have a beautiful photo like this. I heard news its wife wants to divorce Suckozi after his fail in election. But in great aggression people are there for him! ♥ Difference of a real honorable man! 🙂
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 18:23 · J’aime · 4

    Green Freedom ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you Dawn:)) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 19:41 · J’aime · 1

    Timothy John Bancroft-Hinchey are those the ones the FUKUS Axis murdered? The ones that neither Obama nor Cameron nor that revolting little napoleon even apologised for»
    25 septembre, 19:43 · Je n’aime plus · 3

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Timothy–30 April 2011 were Killed Aicha’s little baby girl. The other was Mohammed’s little girl, …and as seen in Dawn’s pic, the son of Hannibal as shown under Muammar left arm—Then, on 19 June, at the Hamedi party, SAADI’s little boy and SAADI’s wife–(who was Khaled Hamedi’s sister) were murdered by NATO—and NEVER was there any apologies ever for these murders, or for the 19 dead Hamediis (of which there was still another in Khaled’ Hamedi’s wife’s womb of almost 7 months).
    25 septembre, 20:15 · Modifié · Je n’aime plus · 3

    Christella Bernardene Krebs We must not forget Muammar’s innocent student son Saif-al-Arab, either—- who was killed while playing with his nephew & nieces that 6PM missile attacks of 30 April 2011. at his small bung-a-low…..(Later the Salafifts dug -up al-Arab’s grave and burned his body)—[They also burned the bodies of Muammar’s mother and other family members at the al-Qathafi sepulcher.]

    And on 20 October : the vicious savery of the Misrata wildmen who, after interrogations, shot Dr. Billah (on WITCH Hillary’s orders) when they were unable to get any information from him (while being held captive for 2 days in Misrata). What they did to his body before burial is another tale…
    25 septembre, 20:25 · Modifié · J’aime · 1

    Yasir Khattak so simple man…
    25 septembre, 20:47 · J’aime · 1

    Christella Bernardene Krebs @ Yasir: Simple on the surface; BUT very, very deep inside—He carries God/Allah with him at all times.
    25 septembre, 20:49 · J’aime · 3

    Louise Brown Christella, Such terrible crimes! And no one says a word.
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 21:03 · J’aime · 3

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Louise, USA never said condolances for StepHANIE when they deadly crushed her skull, gave internal injuries to Muammar’s wife (SAFYA) and severely burned al-Arab and KHAMIS from head-to-toe:—that the todler boys, in 1986, were in intensive care for months after the 1986 attacks…
    25 septembre, 21:42 · J’aime

    Dawn Ploe they’ll pay.
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 21:44 · J’aime

    Christella Bernardene Krebs ..or the hundreds in 1986 (of hundred of thousands again in 2011) of innocents killed, mammed and scared for life…
    25 septembre, 21:46 · J’aime

    Dawn Ploe you don’t wipe out whole families without paying the price
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 21:49 · J’aime · 1

    Christella Bernardene Krebs What did all those innocents do to the USA? (It is against all international law to go onto sovereign soil of another nation and hurt people and kill as well!) WHAT A UNO and “World Peace DAY” we just “celebrated”!
    25 septembre, 21:49 · J’aime · 2

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Dawn–they learn MAFIA ways–Mafia always do that–They did it in Corsica until Pasquale Paoli put an end to it…and then the Frenchies had to come in, as now, and totally destroy the Corsican Nation (1765).
    25 septembre, 21:51 · J’aime · 1

    Dawn Ploe but the difference between THEM and the mafia, the mafia kills their enemies…..NATO kills everyone else
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 21:53 · J’aime · 2

    Christella Bernardene Krebs …and the GNC is continuing the hunting down, incarcerating and executing innocents–whose only crime is that they carry the al-Qathafi name.
    25 septembre, 21:54 · J’aime · 1

    Andre Breton MAFIA DON T EXIST , power call mafia everything come before or without him , what means mafia ? nothing , worst than mafia banks where we can find examples
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 21:55 · J’aime

    Louise Brown Christella, I know! It’s all just too awful.
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 21:57 · J’aime · 1

    Susie B Anthony I was wondering if these were some of the children who were killled. The reason Nato attackes everyone, even people in their own countires, which we will see alot mroe of in the future, is that there is a very anti-human demonic aganda behind it, bent on controlling hte entire globe, all humans. It is a testimony to God and his angels that we are not all dead already. We should take it as a warning to get right with God while there is time.For as long as they can, they will try their hardest to make it look like one group against another, to bring the most death. WW3 will be zionists/west against Muslim/Islam. This looks like htier goal now anyway.
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 22:00 · Je n’aime plus · 2

    Susie B Anthony And they pitch one group against the other to confuse people who is really behind it, what is really going on
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 22:00 · Je n’aime plus · 3

    Louise Brown Susie, Good points!
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 22:05 · Je n’aime plus · 1

    Real Libyans DO NOT KILL THEIR OWN PEOPLE–no matter how many tribes! That is caused by the instigations of the Yankees—discord, fear and hate
    25 septembre, 22:05 · Je n’aime plus · 4

    Christella Bernardene Krebs By the bringing in of foreign elements (QATARI and bred Americans) who are not acquainted with Libyan or even North African customs and traditions….
    25 septembre, 22:06 · Modifié · Je n’aime plus · 3

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Hillbilly, inbred Yankee soldiers, who have a “superiority” complex and complete disregard for the worth of human life or culture—-who have totally been brainwashed from the reality of Christ and a LIVING GOD….who only idolise the GI JOE image and Terminator.
    25 septembre, 22:30 · J’aime · 2

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Because they have NO HONOR…they presume all people have no honor either–and laugh at the word “wholesome” !
    25 septembre, 22:36 · J’aime · 1

    Christella Bernardene Krebs in other words–they are ORC creations, exactly as Tolkien described.
    25 septembre, 22:38 · Modifié · J’aime

    Louise Brown Well said Christella! Look what they did in Iraq—absolutely appalling!
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 23:48 · Je n’aime plus · 1

    Christella Bernardene Krebs and what did ANY Iraqi do to the USA to deserve that?
    25 septembre, 23:49 · J’aime · 3

    Dawn Ploe nothing ninguno niente nin nil zero nadda
    25 septembre, 23:51 · J’aime

    Dawn Ploe zip
    25 septembre, 23:51 · J’aime

    Christella Bernardene Krebs But with Libya–Louise—the ratio is even worse—because there cannot be more than now 3 million or so native Libyans left in all Libya—and that is less than the population of any major Western city…
    25 septembre, 23:51 · J’aime

    Christella Bernardene Krebs all those Yankee soldiers overwhelming a small population!
    25 septembre, 23:52 · J’aime · 1

    Dawn Ploe actually, when you have the technology as the yankees do, you don’t NEED to overwhelm a population with numbers, just press a button and turn everyone to dust. America the beautiful
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 23:54 · J’aime · 1

    Dawn Ploe one very important white american sitting in a room somewhere can annihilate a townful of nothing foreigners just like that.
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 23:56 · J’aime · 1

    Dawn Ploe makes ME wanna put a you know what on an american you know what and you know what….but of course I won’t…
    Voir la traduction
    25 septembre, 23:58 · J’aime · 1

    Christella Bernardene Krebs “nothing foreigners” it that how they see non-Amerians?
    25 septembre, 23:59 · J’aime · 2

    Dawn Ploe Galacian?
    25 septembre, 23:59 · J’aime

    Dawn Ploe Yes, sarcasm was impliede….
    26 septembre, 00:00 · J’aime

    Dawn Ploe Of course that’s how they see foreigners….look at how they trash foreign countries
    Voir la traduction
    26 septembre, 00:01 · J’aime · 1

    Dawn Ploe Muammar was nothing, his grand babies were nothing, his children were nothing, his extended family and neighbors and countrymen were nothing….a country full of unimportant nothing people. So they bombed the hell out of them because they were in the way.
    26 septembre, 00:05 · Je n’aime plus · 3

    Christella Bernardene Krebs That is a strong SUPERIOITY COMPLEX–some American “revolutionary” republicans they are? (Even in the 18th Century, republican radicals did not see men as “animals expendable”—or did they?) Robespierre was appalling—and I was told that Thomas Paine was really an ugly human being—who did not adhere to “any” God—. French Republicans were no better; they threw away God too…That Napoléone despised them is no wonder; but the Napoléonic Code was never accepted because of their superiority complex and non-love of their fellow man—and Napoléone’s ideas and hopes had to be destroyed–just like Muammar now.
    26 septembre, 00:10 · Modifié · J’aime · 1

    Dawn Ploe these people couldn’t be any further from the truth…. there’s no words
    Voir la traduction
    26 septembre, 00:11 · J’aime · 1

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Yes Dawn–you hit the nail exactly with your last statement. Clinton could never understand the Green Book, probably laughed at it–and saw Muammar and the Jamahiriya as nothing..
    26 septembre, 00:12 · Modifié · J’aime · 2

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Just as the video I gave you–when people are so used to living in a state of sin, they cannot understand anything pure or good–and have a warped view of life.
    26 septembre, 00:14 · Modifié · Je n’aime plus · 3

    Dawn Ploe yeah, well if you keep your hand in a bucket of really warm water you get used to it after a while….before you ultimately get burned
    Voir la traduction
    26 septembre, 00:16 · J’aime

    Christella Bernardene Krebs She hugged and shook hands with Dr. Billah–but it obviously was not a genuine hug or handshake—to so easily to murder–same with Obama– with no afterthoughts except LAUGHTER!
    26 septembre, 00:17 · Modifié · J’aime · 1

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Now, that IS truly demonic!
    26 septembre, 00:17 · Je n’aime plus · 3

    Dawn Ploe I cant even comprehend that…I CANNOT comprehend how someone could DO THAT!!! The family only wanted to get along….I SWEAR to GOD, I SWEAR, if I ever got close enough to shake hands with the B!tch
    Voir la traduction
    26 septembre, 00:19 · J’aime · 1

    Christella Bernardene Krebs She tried to get Billah to turn against his father—She tried afterwards with the same non-success with Saif… What kind of morality is that????
    26 septembre, 00:22 · Modifié · J’aime · 2

    Christella Bernardene Krebs and Muammar never sought any position or any power what-so-ever for himself! That is totally contrary to his nature—so why should he have to leave LIBYA as the AXIS demanded–and now demands of Bashear–but at least Bashear is a President–Muammar was not.
    26 septembre, 00:25 · J’aime · 2

    Dawn Ploe what right did she have? Who the hell is SHE????
    Voir la traduction
    26 septembre, 00:25 · J’aime · 1

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Muammar always said that even if he was not around, that the people would now know how the take care of themselves—so the YANKS had to remove the infra-structure as well–take the power away from the people and ban the GREEN BOOK and any other treasures Muammar gave freely to the world.
    26 septembre, 00:28 · Modifié · J’aime · 3

    Louise Brown Christella and Dawn, You both ECHO my thoughts to the letter!
    Fantastic conversation and comments. So VERY TRUE!
    What I would LOVE to add I feel I can’t on FB.
    I love you for being able to see the truth of the situations.
    Voir la traduction
    26 septembre, 21:56 · J’aime · 3

    Laraa Anahita Majdoub :
    Bashar is a president, Muammar had been president of AU. How can they take the free mind of people? When sb opposes them they talk about decision of people, but I can’t see why ppl still vote for them. Just for increase of incomes? Its very blind.
    I am sick of this superiority complex, I am not western so I cant understand it. Can you explain the reasons of it? When I say to a western “Je suis Arabe”, he says “Oh you travel on camels right?” with a insulting look. Actually sometimes I think they are right because this rats who attack and kill innocent people with their Ehraubs(clothes wear in Hajj) are dirt for our name “Arab”
    Voir la traduction
    26 septembre, 22:17 · J’aime · 3

    Christella Bernardene Krebs for Laara:

    Obama’s War on God
    Obama is able to wage a war on religion because his father is waging a war on God.
    26 septembre, 23:47 · J’aime · 4 · Supprimer l’aperçu

    Akram Semwanga K may ALLAH forgive him
    Voir la traduction
    il y a 15 heures · J’aime

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Akram, forgive who? Muammar is pure and gracious, good and very much alive..and Muammar has done more for Islam than any other man other than The Prophet Mohammed!
    il y a 12 heures · J’aime · 1

    Sylvia Habib Christella I think he means Obama ……..
    Voir la traduction
    il y a 12 heures · J’aime · 2

    Christella Bernardene Krebs @ Sylvia: I hope so!
    il y a 11 heures · Modifié · J’aime

    Louise Brown Christella, That witch H Clinton is using Turkey to fight Assad.
    The crafty bitch!
    Voir la traduction
    il y a environ une heure · Je n’aime plus · 2

    Dawn Ploe and now Turkey has just attacked Syria!!!!!
    Voir la traduction
    il y a environ une heure · J’aime

    Dawn Ploe

    Turkey strikes Syrian targets retaliating to mortar attack on border — RT
    Turkey has fired back at Syria after Syrian mortar bombs killed five people and …Afficher la suite
    il y a environ une heure · J’aime

    Louise Brown Dawn, I know! Isn’t it awful? And the crafty devils are asking NATO allies to help.
    I can’t bear to think of it.
    Voir la traduction
    il y a environ une heure · J’aime · 1

    Nkos’Entle Dalubuhle Dalindyebo A GOD’S gift to mother Earth…
    Absolutely, Sirte got blessed with Muammar’s birth…
    Voir la traduction
    il y a environ une heure · Je n’aime plus · 4

    Laraa Anahita Majdoub Yeah I am almost crying because this, some say its wrong to hate blabla but think about it my country has not attacked anyone and if they are so interested in human rights why do they support qatar saudi arabia emir? Middle East is in mess now because of this sectarian wahhabis. I dont have problem with Turkish ppl but Turkey sees us as their colony slaves and support alCiada for it. Why we dont have right to live in peace? Why the so called political professors say diplomacy with nato Syria need transition blabla?? Why our voice for stability being ignored? Why Syria isnt for Syrians? I cant think about anything but my hate is justified by this questions.
    Voir la traduction
    il y a environ une heure · J’aime · 1

    Christella Bernardene Krebs @ Louise: Blame Israel and Zionist Nahtahnyu–They are the instigators in all this–They want a repeat of Libya in Syria–All allies of good need to be destroyed and then they can get Iran..They want to dominate the whole middle and near East and North Africa..Zionist power and evil incarnate.
    il y a environ une heure · Modifié · J’aime · 3

    Dawn Ploe I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I can’t say it enough Laraa…
    il y a environ une heure · J’aime · 3

    Dawn Ploe this is devestating
    Voir la traduction
    il y a environ une heure · J’aime · 2

    Christella Bernardene Krebs The show of Libya’s Green Resistance to all this Evil will encourage others throughout the world to withstand this great evil.
    il y a environ une heure · J’aime · 3

    Dawn Ploe Muammar help us all
    Voir la traduction
    il y a environ une heure · Je n’aime plus · 2

    Louise Brown Laraa, Your feelings are justified. It’s terrible.
    Christella, You are 100% right!
    Dawn, I feel the same as you!
    I’m sad and disgusted.
    Voir la traduction
    il y a environ une heure · J’aime · 1

    Nkos’Entle Dalubuhle Dalindyebo I don’t know what the scientists claim,but,the African Belief is one..:
    To us…seeing is believing,and believing is expiriencing… Thenceforth, we know…
    Gaddafi’s presence in our lifetime marks a great era of history that can never be repeated…
    He will forever be in our/(their) hearts, whether they “LIKE” him or not.
    Voir la traduction
    il y a environ une heure · Modifié · Je n’aime plus · 3

    Christella Bernardene Krebs Nkos, Adil figured something else out. he wrote me:
    “One thing came to mind now as I try to sleep..
    Qur’an came to Arabs for all humanity..(Islam)
    If Arabs fail to use Qur’an and free themselves as People… Then no one will be free on Earth…– al-Qathafi figured this out… Therefore he came up with Green Book so people could use and make Peoples Revolution… With Allah as Supreme (in Green Book) Islam will be globally embraced…
    So Qur’an will guide masses both muslims and non muslims…”
    Il y a 18 minutes · Je n’aime plus · 2

    Christella Bernardene Krebs
    Amen, Adil–You are right as ususal–and brilliant to understand this–God bless our Muammar, blessed of Allah…


    …the ongoing lawful government of Libya is the Jamahiriya and should be demanding the release of all political prisoners

    A full year after the wind-down of the illegal war against Libya which had as sole aim the assassination of the Revolutionary Leader Muammar Qadhafi and the overthrow of the Libyan Jamahiriya, the unlawful occupation regime “government” still lacks legitimacy.

    This in turn means that the funds of the Libyan People’s Jamahiriya, which amount to an estimated funds total close to $200,000,000,000 abroad of which it is believed half may be in “cash”, and of which the People’s Republic of China is holding some $25 billion, must not be given to the Tripoli regime nor any so-called “UN authority” given that the UN violated its own charters and allowed colonial powers to commit war crimes.

    Pushed by the UN which has stated that a stable government must be in place in Libya before funds can be handed over, the regime has been attempting by farcical elections which were postponed many times and barred almost all Libyan citizens from participation, and later by installing an illegitimate “General National Congress” headed by CIA front man Megarief, to install a “government” on Libya.

    This is failing and even the so-called GNC is rejecting the lists of government members drawn up by the unlawful “Prime Minister”, who has until October 7 to come up with a functioning government (by the definition of the occupation forces) or face dismissal.

    While most of Libya remains in full rebellion and resistance against the outlaw regime, the latter continues to lose control over more cities including the pro-occupation regime stronghold of Benghazi which is now in open conflict with the Tripoli dispatched forces of oppression…

    Benghazi Remains Out of Control of the Occupation Regime
    Posted: 2012/10/04
    From: Mathaba
    Print | Share | 0 Comments

    After an all-out mutiny in which the renowned Benghazi Police force refused to accept a new traitor commander appointed by the USA clashes are resulting in deaths

    With ongoing efforts by the weak Tripoli-based occupation regime to try and exert control over the country floundering, in Benghazi efforts to exert control are failing with military and police clashing and many reported dead.

    The ubiquitous white Hyundai vehicles of the Revolutionary Committees which have assassinated dozens of top military traitor officers already this year were again visible throwing bombs at various stations that were loyal to the occupation regime command.

    The regime’s newly created “national mobile force” within the army which is an attempt to deal with restive sectors and terrorise the population into submission also came under attack with rocket-propelled grenades fired at it.

    Widespread attacks are occurring and the media is unable to keep up with developments due to the danger in the war zone of Benghazi.

    Police vehicles recently delivered from Dubai were machine-gunned and grenades thrown at the regime force buildings.

    The police rank and file which are loyal to the popular resistance did not respond and an hour later the regime’s military “national mobile force” arrived on the scene.

    The regime is claiming that various people have been arrested in connections with the attacks but this has been denied by a senior police officer.

    Since the successful assault on the U.S. spy den in Benghazi which resulted in the deaths of 4 senior U.S. State Department and CIA personnel including the U.S. Ambassador Stevens, the regime attempts to crack down on militia which are not seen as loyal to it has driven some of these militia to side with the popular resistance.

    The attempts to disarm them have failed with the brigades simply taking their weapons and moving location in order to operate “underground” resulting in wide spread battles between regime security forces and the popular resistance and militias, whilst the rank and file of the police and army are averse to fighting them.

  10. water (Muammar) vital for a thirsty desert (the world)…

    Muammar is our LIVING WATER! WATER

    PLEASE, peoples of the world, drink from his fountain! (GREEN BOOK)

    Publiée le 05 oct. 2012 par Libyaforlibyanful
    By Victory Part 19 entitled: Nhdoa, voice artist artist resistance. New song blaring gift to the leader of the resistance and the resistance on the ground and green lovers

    new song for Muammar

    This new song dedicated to Leader of Resistance, to members of Resistance which are in battlefields, and to all supporters of Green Libya.

    English, Русский

    Green Libya! We going to get it back
    Our leader – Saadi Gaddafi
    Saadi is our leader, and our flag is Green
    We are still on the same direction
    We won’t give up!

    Это новая песня, посвященная лидеру Сопротивления, членам Сопротивления, которые сейчас на полях сражений и всем сторонникам Зеленой Ливии.

    Куплет песни:

    ” Зеленая Ливия! Мы вскоре вернем тебя обратно
    Наш лидер – Каддафи Саади
    Саади – наш лидер, и зеленого цвета наш флаг
    Мы все еще на том же пути
    И мы не будем сдаваться! ”

  11. Ahmed Moh writes us an historical report on the Military of Libya in 1973:

    Sahmu in October 1973 war

    May represent Libyan support for historical epic transit in the following: –
    First ground forces: –
    300 tanks — 47 — armored personnel carrier 110 freight cars —- 33 armored reconnaissance – 8 private tracked rescue vehicles – different cranes – a full field hospital equipment —- 8 self-propelled field guns 155 mm -2 driving vehicle -11 105 mm cannon.

    Second Air Defense: –
    28 cannons quadruple Chilka -12 23 mm caliber cannon (i) – 240 missile (Estrella) — secret missile Core French-made tall.

    Colonel Muammar Gaddafi receives accompanied by Colonel Abu Bakr Younis Jaber Libyan pilots involved in military operations

    Third Air Force: –

    70 aircraft MiG-21 — 54 Mirage aircraft to be Serbian and one manned by Egyptian and Libyan last manned — aircraft spare parts — helicopters with spare parts – aircraft ammunition and rockets — aerial reconnaissance equipment.

    Fourthly Navy: – Equipment submarines – naval radar – electronic devices freely.

    V. radioman (Signal Corps): – Number 5 mobile wireless stations.
    VI Armament: –
    Number 63 different mortar Bzkhaúarham bullets — 79-missile launcher with 5 thousand missiles – the number 93 machine gun – (3000) gun – materiel rifles and machine guns – 26 thousand artillery bomb

  12. From TNC to GNC: Jokers Amidst Anarchy
    Posted: 2012/08/28
    From: Mathaba,net

    The Transitional National Council (Terrorist Nutters Club) and the General National Congress (General Nutters Club) reveal the chaos, anarchy and idiocy prevailing in Libya as the rats scatter in all directions, says Libyan Jamahiriya News Editor

    In testimony of the veracity of The Green Book which warns of an “era of anarchy and demagoguery” if the state of the self-governing masses (Jamahiriya) should relapse, the foreign-imposed “rats” who have not read the book nor understood its teachings on democracy, would be the laughing stock of the Libyan people, were it not for their violent imposition which has forced a quarter of the population — one million people — into exile and killed one hundred and fifty-thousand more, with tens of thousands languishing in unlawful detention centers where torture is rampant.

    In an effort to merge western style “demoncrazy” with nomenclatures of the Jamahiriya Era, the “rat” servants of the foreign invaders and kleptomaniacs formed a so-called General National Congress in order to attempt to govern the Libyan people with a veneer of democracy that only fools those who live abroad and read the western press or view the “tell-lie-vision” media.

    Today the “speaker” of the GNC made his nervous inaugural speech, in an effort to mimic London’s Westminster (aka Yes Minister) parliament, which, as The Green Book points out, is the modern form of dictatorship under the guise of democracy, which excludes the masses from power.

    In what observers could only term a “tragic comedy of dunces” and after months of near-total anarchy and lawlessness across Libya, the so-called General National Congress (GNC) finally elected – broadcast live on TV – an “official spokesperson” last Sunday night.
    Mr Omar Hmaidan, GNC member for Zlitan and member of the global banking elite’s New World Order stooge dead-banker-eyed rat Mahmoud Jibril’s National Forces Alliance (NFA) took a few sentences to get over his press conference debut nerves before making an even greater fool of himself.

    ‘We have postponed the discussion on our internal rules and regulations due to the current situation’, he opened nervously, to the gathered members of the rat press, and mindful of the possibility of a rat trap or even a bullet silencing him, given the mounting resistance and termination of high profile termites recently.

    Referring to the ‘current situation’ with numerous attacks against the occupation regime and foreigners who are all unlawfully present in Libya if they don’t have visas issues by the Libyan Jamahiriya, taking place around Libya, as well as the destruction of mosques by the regime’s heretics, he said that the GNC had ‘called in the government yesterday (Saturday 25 August 2012) for clarifications on the security situation’.

    Resigned or not resigned?

    By the “government” the rat spokesperson Hmaidan was referring to the heated closed session debate held with rat Interior Minister Fawzi Abdelal as a result of which rat Abdelal subsequently announced his resignation from his rat post to the rat media.

    On the matter of the rat Interior Minister’s resignation, rat spokesperson Hmaidan insisted that as far as the rat Prime Minister was concerned, the rat Interior Minister had as yet to hand-in his official resignation. The rat “speaker” Hmaidan admitted that the GNC had first heard of the matter via the rat media.

    The role of the rat SSC

    ‘Today’, rat speaker Hmaidan continued, ‘we sought further clarifications from (rat) Prime Minister Al-Kib, as well as the (rat) Ministry of Defence and (rat) Chief of Staff on the role of the (rat) Supreme Security Committee (SSC) as the main instrument of (rat) security (and popular suppression)’.

    ‘During this debate we were surprised to receive a communication from the SSC expressing their unhappiness at our discussion of them and their role. We saw it as our responsibility to enquire about the security situation and the role of the SSC in it and to hold it accountable to the Libyan public. It should not be taken as insult when the GNC questions any department. That is our role’, he pleaded of his fellow rats, in yet another comedy of rats running in all directions and lacking unity now that there is no cheese.

    ‘We were then informed that a source at the (rat) SSC called upon its (rat) members to withdraw from their positions – an order that was not officially sanctioned by the appropriate (rat) authorities.’

    Rat speaker Hmaidan then went on to claim that SSC personnel had not withdrawn from their positions and that anyone who is proved to have given out such unofficial instructions will be held accountable.

    When forced by the rat press to comment directly on the SSC rat who had made the withdrawal announcement, the rat spokesperson said that ‘(rat) Ibrahim Sarkasiya should accept responsibility for what he had said during the earlier press conference…that the (rat) SSC will withdraw from its positions’.

    In further confirmation of the rats scattering in all directions, the usual “official spokesperson” for the rat “Supreme Security Council” (SSC) which like all rat groups has no popular mandate, rat Abdulmenom al-Hur had revealed earlier in the day live on local TV that rat Sarkasiya ‘had no authority as head of departments to speak officially on behalf of the SSC’, and that the content of his statement did not reflect SSC policy. Indeed, even rats within a single rat committee or rat council have no unity.

    Spokesperson for the rats Hmaidan then made a point of groveling to his armed rat colleagues who were responsible for the demolition of mosques, shrines and jamahiri institutions and infrastructure, thanking the rat SSC for its “security” work. ‘We compliment the SSC and the role that it has played in the security situation in Libya, but we must also insist on our role to question and hold accountable any executive department’, he added, given that the rat GNC is struggling for legitimacy even among rats.

    The destruction of mosques and heritage sites

    Regarding the destruction of mosques and heritage sites carried out by islamist heretics and what the rats are blaming on “Salafists”, rat occupation regime’s so-called General National Council spokesperson Hmaidan said that ‘the GNC supports freedom of thought, but does not support anyone group imposing its views on others. We condemn this action of the destruction of sites’.

    Asked what action the rat GNC and the rat government that created it will take, the rat spokesperson said that ‘we will hold those responsible accountable. We respect that they have a different ideology or interpretation, but their actions are against the law’.

    He did not however say how his rats in the GNC would do so, since they have no authority, given that all authority is now with those rats who hold guns and who are crazed by drugs and mental ailments. This led to an obvious question, even from among rat media:

    Criminalizing the holding of arms?

    Asked if the rat GNC was pushing for the criminalizing of the carrying of arms on the streets except for those “authorized security” rats, the rat spokesperson said that that needed to be part of a wider policy and reconciliation drive. In other words, that they have no power to do so, since the armed rats are out of control, and have been for over a year.

    Asked if the rat GNC was inclined to retain the current rat Prime Minister Al-Kib in his position, the rat spokesperson said that the GNC had not started to debate the choice of the next PM or government yet. In fact, they’ve been able to talk about nothing else than the lack of security prevailing in the country, and the danger to their own lives, even with arch-terrorist Magarief, behind three decades of CIA bombings and assassinations in Libya, as “head rat” of the GNC.

    The rat Kib occupation regime has a caretaker role only

    The rat spokesperson went on to reveal that the rat GNC had confirmed to rat PM Kib that his rat government of occupation and treason is to continue in a role as a caretaker of rats and that it should not initiate new policy, since otherwise the rat GNC would look even more stupid than it already is.

    it appears that the GNC have discussed nothing other than fears for their security, whilst the real People’s Congresses across the Libyan Jamahiriya in peace time devoted several weeks each year to lively and effective discussions, which resulted in policies and legislation that would then be carried out by People’s Committees nominated for various executive actions, and directly held accountable to the Congresses.

    The GNC’s inability to respond quickly to events on the ground?

    Asked about the GNC’s apparent inability to respond quickly to events on the ground, the rat spokesperson insisted that until the GNC got its internal rat house in order by passing its internal rules and regulations, it will not be able to function efficiently. After several weeks, it had not even been able to agree on internal rules and regulations, let alone public ones.

    The rat spokesperson then called upon the Libyan public minority which are not with the Jamahiriya to “put their trust in the GNC and understand and accept the situation that it finds itself in and is forced to work in.” This caused laughter and derision among the masses who continue to suffer the daily humiliation of the occupation of their country and the chaos and idiocy of the rat regime.

    The pro-Qaddafi TV channels broadcasting from Libya?

    Asked about pro-Qaddafi TV channel/s broadcasting from Egypt via Nilesat, and some of which are broadcasting from inside Libya as admitted by the rat regime, and what was the rat GNC’s response to them, spokesperson Hmaidan confirmed that this issue had been discussed in the GNC’s morning session, since it pertained to rat security and their fears on the eve of the Great Al Fateh and that rat Prime Minister Kib had confirmed that discussions with Egyptian Prime Minister Mursy were ongoing.

    Drafting the Rat Constitution?

    Asked about the deadline for selecting the ‘Committee of 60 rats’ for the drafting the rat constitution, spokesperson Hmaidan confirmed that the GNC had not started dealing with the matter yet. In any case, observers note, Libya has a constitution already and which was confirmed with the Sebha Declaration of 1977, namely that the Holy Qur’an is the Law of Society in the Great Socialist People’s Arab Jamahiriya.

    From TNC to GNC: Jokers Amidst Anarchy
    The Transitional National Council (Terrorist Nutters Club) and the General National Congress (General Nutters Club) reveal the chaos, anarchy and idiocy prevailing in Libya as the rats scatter in all directions, says Libyan Jamahiriya News Editor

    • Libya Without Government: Failure to Meet 7 October Deadline
      Posted: 2012/10/07

      More than a year after the cessation of 7 months of NATO bombing, one quarter of population in exile, tens of thousands held political prisoner and a hundred thousand dead, the colonialist-backed regime is still unable to form a government


      The Libyan people are accustomed to holding the power, wealth and arms in their hands directly without deputation to political parties and representatives, capitalist and bankers, army and militia.

      In order to attempt to overthrow the Jamahiriya system of direct participatory democracy, people’s power or the ‘authority of the people’, the capitalist elite had to conduct tens of thousands of bombing missions and use drugged mercenaries on the ground, sponsored by U.S.-NATO allies.

      This resulted through 2011 in a quarter of the Libyan population, an estimated one million people having to flee to other countries, mostly Tunisia and Egypt, for refuge. It resulted in around one hundred thousand deaths. Tens of thousands thrown into jails to be tortured.

      This was accompanied by a massive destruction of Libyan infrastructure, but care taken not to destroy the $22 billion Great Man Made River Project which is considered the ‘8th World Wonder’ for the scale of its engineering feat, and pumps pure mineral water from under the Sahara.

      While the world’s water supplies are being allowed to become contaminated by chemicals, toxins, radiation and other elements harmful to life, the French mineral water giants are poised to bottle the previously free water, which can give the entire region of Africa one thousand years supply of totally clean mineral water from deep under the Sahara, and sell it to all but the poor.

      While most of mankind is currently engaged in selfish pursuit of “survival” and closes their eyes to the numerous wars unleashed by the capitalist elite upon on nation after another, the enemies of mankind broke down the iron gate that protected Africa and made Libya one of the most stable, wealthy and democratic countries in the world, so that the plunder of Africa’s resources can resume unhindered while silencing the revolutionary voice and freedom of action.

      This took place with the help of organizations which have always been under the control of the long-term planners of “western” domination and total “full spectrum” control of the earth’s resources — including human — such as the United Nations Organization, Amnesty International, NATO, News Media, ILO, IMF, World Bank and other outfits designed to co-opt, neutralize and/or fool the masses.

      And yet alone with God on their side, the pure Libyan people who rejected the imposition of violence, anarchy, barbarism, occupation, servitude, capitalism, want, destruction, insanity, torture, rape, pillaging, pretence, hypocrisy, manipulation, disloyalty and shirk, rejected this state of affairs and have resisted by whatever means left available to them.

      One year since NATO bombing stopped after 7 months from March through October last year, what the Libyan people and fair-minded people the world over call the “rats”, those whose actions have betrayed every human value, have been engaged in a non-stop effort to destroy all memories of the Jamahiriya life in the minds of the people and the world community.

      They have attempted to erase history over the past years by every possible means: by traumatising the population, throwing those with knowledge and keys into jail or murdering them, chasing others into disorganized exile with no resources to survive, destroying religious sites, cultural sites, and educational institutions such as the World Centre for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, closing down all jamahiri media, taking over all embassies, destroying all jamahiri books and essential records.

      One would think that with such a situation people may give up and accept slavery, foreign masters, compromise, capitalism, injustice, right and freedom, just in order to survive. If so, one does not know the history of the Libyan people, who have ejected every attempt at foreign control, and then went on to master the world’s purest form of democracy.

      Even the feared “Great Satan” of the United States of America, first ever naval battle in the 19th century, took place off the coast of Tripoli and resulted in its prize ship being destroyed in flames, and its retreat with its tail between its legs. In the 20th century, having installed its largest overseas air base near Tripoli under the corrupt puppet King Idris, the U.S. Air Force had to withdraw its bases after the Libyan masses led by Muammar Qadhafi and the Free Unitary Officers which later formed the Revolutionary Command Council, stormed the base.

      And now, one hundred years after the first U.S. naval adventure went up in flames, the first U.S. Ambassador also went up in flames, this time in Benghazi, in punishment for his supervision of the neo-colonial, imperialist, crusader conspiracy against the Libyan people, mentioned above.

      Failure to form government while Libyan Jamahiriya remains

      In an attempt to install a compliant puppet government on the Libyan people, “elections” which eliminated most Libyans from any qualification as candidates (any connection with Jamahiriya, which by its very nature included almost all Libyans, and without absolute loyalty to the occupation regime, automatically excluded most Libyans) as well as participation in the sham elections. These themselves were postponed many times before taking place in July.

      The July “elections” which thus only “rats” could participate in, resulted in an approx. 200 member “General National Congress” which the Libyan people call the “rat congress”, but which lacks any non-rat participation. Yet, even now members are ejected on the basis of being “non-rats” i.e. having suspicion of loyalty to the Jamahiriya ideals of The Green Book.

      Three months later, a deadline set for today October 7, for the rats congress to endorse it’s “prime minister” Abushagur, and for him to present a cabinet of 28 ministers, is set to fail and our sources predict on the basis of numerous factors which cannot be disclosed here, that the so-called government will in fact never manage to see itself in power.

      The majority of “rats” are set to sack Abushagur and reject his latest and last attempt to submit an “acceptable” list of “cabinet ministers”. In addition, the Libyan masses around the country have become more united than at any point this year in their opposition to the regime and its forces, as well as to infiltrating it and assisting the jamahiri resistance.

  13. Russian military leadership agreed with the Algerian military leadership on the enhanced squadron of MiG-31 stationed in Algeria and enhanced squadron of up to 30.

    Putin sent with aviation squadron latest Russian rocket “Joe – Joe” is a kind of “Mirka” Add to that the strength of MiGs 31 sent by up to two and a half times the speed of sound and faster aircraft after obtaining the amendment.

    Moscow says it was treachery in Libya and it will not keep quiet about treachery and send squadron of Russian MiGs 31 advanced to Algeria is a response to Russia will not leave the area of ​​Libya and Tunisia to NATO but will be stationed at the nearest point is Algeria, as the largest country in North Africa

    Putin: I do not understand why the presence of NATO so far
    Russian President Vladimir Putin that he considered the current NATO “relic of the Cold War” and calls to transform this alliance to a political organization.

    Putin said on Friday during his visit to the Russian base 201 in Tajikistan that he did not understand the reason for the presence of NATO so far.

    The Russian president noted that Russia is seeking to not NATO expands its activity and not become a global organization, and expressed Moscow’s concern in this regard.

    Putin said the deployment of missile defense systems for missiles near Russia’s borders poses a real threat to the security of the country, stressing that Moscow would build its security policy to address this risk.

  14. Mr.  and Mrs. Abdul Senussi
    Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |
    Praise be to God are now between the arms of her family news downright contact my cousin Ahmed al-Sanusi God Gap neighborhood Anoud …. Sister cubs sneaked Black …. Daughter of Champions …. God bless you Iaacht men …. small age Asta Dalal …. Fondle Bedouin his Agroud attire ….. assure all honorable Liberal daughter Anoud Abdullah M’hamed Sanusi Amer al-Megrahi …. Fethiye Hlha and Almgarha general Fahda was the sister of men ….

  15. Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |
    Astt Jhezw Enough Zaba
    I swear ethnic cleansing of something named Rafla and Kdadfah and Mgarhh and others will intercede you that you stood with them after Anthu of Bani Walid will pay attention to you because they are walking plan and orders country Jewish because Hamad Mozah has disarm sexual and displacement and the displacement of the tribe of Bani times larger tribes Qatar .

    They indigenous to Qatar and Almzarat want to apply the same program orders and the idea of ​​country now is not the issue of Libya and the state and national matter of survival or not to remain either you or them,

    and God said Almzarat impure and grandsons Jews origins Turkish Mavermh good and history testifies.

    So be my tribes Sirte Astt and Khalokm mortgage signal and God bless.
    Misrata breed


    Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |
    An important message to you, are free from free to Tarhunah peace and mercy and blessings of God I ask you to clarify the following to all Liberals inside and outside Libya hordes Tarhunah not have had any pages for social networking, whether on Facebook or other,

    so as to prevent the publication of any news unfounded or caused the penetration strife within the ranks of the Liberals,

    therefore, the media coordinator for the hordes Tarhunah the transfer news directly to pages Liberal known as Cefankm precious,

    please attention, my brethren, such breakthroughs which aims to discredit our heroes Cjan broadcast poison in her words to plant doubt among us ,

    peace and mercy and blessings of God ((media coordinator for the hordes Tarhunah))

  16. Publiée le 8 oct. 2012 par 108morris108
    A doctor who is working at the hospital describes injuries and deaths at the hospital, and also that there are people reporting symptoms of gas inhalation.
    Bani Walid is on top of a mountain and is the home of the Warfalla tribe. It is currently besieged by other people – no food or medicine is allowed in and no one is allowed to leave.

    Doctor Reports From Bani Walid Hospital 9 Oct – Libya
    A doctor who is working at the hospital describes injuries and deaths at the hospital, and also that there are people reporting symptoms of gas inhalation. B…

    Last words of the hero martyr Omar Boubacar Taher

    Publiée le 8 oct. 2012 par MutasimGaddafi
    Last words of the hero martyr Omar Boubacar Tahir Ali entrance to Ajdabiya, along with his fellow heroes brave God forgive him and merciful


    Publiée le 8 oct. 2012 par MutasimGaddafi
    Lord saves Bani Walid and Hlha

    ربي يحفظ بني وليد وهلها

    30/05/2012 · ● the martyr Izz al-Din Hinhiri (Tarhunah) …kilometers from the eye tears on the absence O martyr of my code to meet Omoghair Amsberna to your absence provided to …


    The Libyan Civil War: Critical Views: Hay-andalus…
    “The Libyan Civil War: Critical Views” · Publié le 17/05/2012
    20/05/2012 · Ghazaleh Zia Friday Market

    Hinhiri Mohammed Ibrahim Aldaimi Altarhuni Tarhunah

    طرائف ثوار طرابلس فصيل الزنتان
    نجيب الترهوني 17 فبراير كتيبة ثوار طرابلس فصيل الزنتان مراد النعاجي هشام المعرفي سراج العباني هشام المعرفي معاذ صلاح القمودي عينزاره سوق الجمعه ليبيا الشهداء…

    THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2012

    Hay Andalus in the Battle for Tripoli
    May 17, 2012

    This is a lesser post I’m starting to bring together a few vague points and perhaps more. The issue of what happened in the Al-Andalus neighborhood. It started with the victims list from the mysterious morphing Qasr Ben Ghashir prison incident. One Arabic listing of the six killed (two doctors and four military officers (just as hospitals were being emtied with deadly force and the military crushed as much as possible).

    An additional five names were listed as – اسماء منفدين الاعدام – auto-translate: names Mnfdan death. As an aside until I understand the meaning, five more names are listed -taking Petri’s auto-translation:
    The names of the dead from [Mnfdan (?)]:

1) Mohamed Abdel-Qader Tagouri –”محمد عبد القادر التاجوري” – a police officer known as a keeper over Alsberati.

    2) Abdul Salam Altarhuni–
    3) Wajdi Zawi – “وجدي الزاوي
    4) Ibrahim Allohh Tagouri – “ابراهيم اللوشة التاجوري”
    5) Hamza Al-Surmani [Google gives Abmana – thanks to Hurriya for correcting me] – “حمزة الصرماني” – follower of Mohamed Mansour Dou

    I still don’t feel like I understand what “Mnfdan” means, but Hurriya points to a video (#21 on Petri’s Libyan Rebels playlist) where it’s associated with the Al-Andalus neighborhood (Hay Andalus). This is supposedly a higher-class neighborhood where regime loyalists were known to live, perhaps attacked by prisoners from Abu Salim released when NATO bombed the facility’s gates.

    Hurriya alerts me that “Higher loyalists , special from hay andalus , disappeared at the same time as the shed events and the freeing of the abu saleem prison.” She wonders if there might be a link between some of these people removed and the 45-50 bodies charred completely blank in the Khamis Brigade shed massacre. It’s an interesting thought, but I have little idea what it might be based on – how many missing, and who, etc. ?

    To start, Hurriya’s previous offerings collected, which I’ll offer a space for more comments and ideas, and come back to it.

    The relatives of one victim, Abdul Raouf Al Rashdi, a 33-year-old police officer, said he had been killed by a sniper several days earlier in the Hay Andalus neighborhood.

    The freed thousands of Abu saleem prison directed immediately to Hay Andalus . If the burned victims and shed victims are the same : then it explains why they were burned [ 2 times] beyound recognition and why no one has undertaken a research.

    Libyan Fighters in Hayy Al-Andalus and at Muhammad Gaddafi’s House (Tripoli, Libya) Aug. 21, 2011

    successfully escaped Abu Salim prison on 19/8 after NATO bombed the compound #Libya 28,000 prisoners :[ prison of the most notorious killers, freed prisoners immediately headed to richer districts as hay andalus]

    One I stumbled across:—823-from-a-good-source.html Al Khwayldi Al Hamydi Gadafi second in Command is surrounded in his home at Hay Andalus area. His guards negotiating his surrender.

  18. Video: A Message For Barack Hussein Obama
    09 Oct . 2012 02:41 pm
    I am fed up, and I tell Obama how it is… Related posts: Barack Hussein Obama And The Muslim Brotherhood It is surprising to me that an American President would… Blindly Following Barack Hussein Obama: A Theory Ever since the high profile emergance of Barack Hussein Obama…

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