La Jamahiriya reste malgré tous les obstacles à son encontre / Jamahiriya Remains


Dr. Moussa Ibrahim says: “Muammar al-Qathafi IS the unity, savior, strength and charisma of Libya….”

Alexander Beck of Millions Support Muammar Gaddafi writes::”to whom it may concern.
Prepare for battle. Final battle. To whom it may concern. Get ready for the decisive battle. Historic battle.
I am with you in this battle, as promised.”

Libya needs to Muammar Gaddafi to return as the great bony
ليبيا بحاجة الي معمر القذافي لتعود كما كانت عظمي عظيمة
Mr. Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will liberate
Libya Tida are not sustainable Amrak edit the entire soil of the homeland ..
سيدي القائد الاعلي للقوات المسلحة الليبية العقيد معمر القذافي سنحرر ليبيا تنفيدا لإ امرك المستديم بتحرير كامل تراب الوطن ..
“Libya people …….(Uttered Commander before when he said):
“dear Libyan people you live hours glorious, God we live hours glorious Loya weak people and my stateless honor,

and my Kalal good and my Mtma dignity and O Mtabla contracts Loya Mok.

htgay excuses and discord between the tribes and O traders and blood souls Loya usurpers of women and hopeless ..
section that you are mired in the Valley will not have a decision and will go out of your homes crouching …..
God is great, God is great, and God Praise ratified commander said Look sons commander and his soldiers
and not Almichdeghin Allowahmin who made the glory of imagination and hypocrisy ….
your time with time and that the time to close, God willing ……. Green lived Libya and fell Almtraahun.”
ليبيا الشعب …….قالها القائد من قبل حين قال ايها الشعب الليبي انك تعيش ساعات مجيدة , والله اننا نعيش ساعات مجيدة ويا ضعاف النفوس و يا عديمي الشرف و يا قلال الخير و
يا معدومي الكرامة و يا مطبلي العقود ويا مختلقي الاعذار و الفتن بين القبائل و يا تجار الدم و النفوس ويا مغتصبي النساء و يا فاقدي الامل ..قسما انكم غارقون في
وادي لن يكون له قرار وستخرجون من دياركم جاثمين …..الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد صدق القائد فيما قال و انظروا ابناء القائد وجنوده وليس المتشدقين
الواهمين الذين صنعوا مجدا من الخيال و النفاق ….ان موعدكم الساعة وان الساعة لقريبة باذن الله ……. عاشت ليبيا الخضراء وسقط المتراعشون

  •  Title of chanson: “I get up resisted íÇááĺ and oppressed with God”
United and prepared for the liberation of the city of Tripoli and the commandment of Colonel 
توحدوا و استعدوا لتحرير مدينة طرابلس وصية العقيد معمر القذافي للقبائل ليبيا الشريفة
الدعاء الدعاء يا أحرار لقبائلنا الشريفة التي تصنع التاريخ المُشرّف. الامور في بني وليد على احسن حال وادخلنا العدو في معركة جديدة من نوعها تكبد على اثرها بخس…

Letters of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi :
“want to subject us? … Hell will Tkhaddona, will never succumb, we welcome you to death … Life in which NATO life Anridha if was Btaúratkm and under your bombs do not want it, this is not a life; cite a million times better …
Dear Libyan people strong acetic Azimtk, and I know that strong Azimtk, and your heads held high, the Libyan people who Thsponh undergo the Libyan people is not subject of men and women in the m

Interface battle glory battle of life … I told you to accused life now does not matter until victory, and accused death, which concerns us is our duty that we should do, whether we die, cited, Anthrna, won;
to Aémna all this; opinion is our duty that we should do towards history, and toward the past, toward the future of our country and attack us in our homes, in our homes; until women come forward Agheid arms training thousands; great thing; Libyan women …
ÔćÝćÇ Libyan women come forward in the thousands of weapons training; fight … Will not be able to defeat the armed people.
Photo : الزعيم القائد معمر القدافي‎

Allibiya TV – Channel Libyan

Aasadh O Cram love Anbashrkm we did not lose the war, but thought Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is still fighting to create unstable situation and the lack of military institutions and security and constitutional help to control colonization convincing and his tools on Libya which Erbakhm and Duchhm and make them like Almjnyen do not understand something does not advancing step in their political process on the patched Alstranj …

Libya now apply the theory of the armed people stainless defeat of Colonel Gaddafi … Have confidence in yourselves and victory is near … green pen

al-Libya-TV are free after a quarter of an hour I Pennekml program yesterday. And is listed facts and evidence and photos of killed is not Gaddafi.
Give me cosine
– قناة الليبية
يا احرار بعد ربع ساعة انا بنكمل برنامج امس. و هو سرد حقائق و دلائل و صور على ان من قتل ليس القذافي.
اعطوني التمام
يا احرار بعد ربع ساعة انا بنكمل برنامج امس. و هو سرد حقائق و دلائل و صور على ان من قتل ليس القذافي.
اعطوني التمامترقبووووووووووناأدمن E.W.A
Photo: La paix soit sur vous, ô bienheureux sont Jmatkm libre ...  Hier Désolé vous Nqtat et Makmmelt emploi en raison de la perte fui et hostile retourné ..  Donc, je Talat Dahra et se dirigea vers son fort ..  Da Mer ..  Pour battus.  Bombardements mais Bseyeat.  Dayev.  Et nous quelque chose de plus Ndharbo ..  Important Maakm en continu.  T-Bone était complet jusqu'à vous.  Avait reçu 20 OK dans les commentaires complets accros EWA

Muammar al-QATHAFI on democracy:

Impossible show the Kaaba key and pressing Lake and Cher!!!:

  Key to this: 

Photo : آهٍ يا مكّة ، متى سيكون اللقاء ؟ :”)</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>اللهم أرزقنا الحج والعمرة جميعاً عاجل غير آجل ♥<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
عذب الكلام‎

Photo: toujours là-encore avec vous ..

  • حياة جداي سالمه اخت القائد والشهيد المعتصم بالله معمر,,,

  • The caption says Billah–BUT THAT IS NOT MOUTASSEM !
    “Grandparents life safety leader and martyr sister Billah Muammar,,,”

    Muammar’s mother died in 1978; so that cannot be Dr. Billah.

    and look at that head of curls !
  • Muammar’s mother was in her early 50’s when she supposedly had Muammar. The child looks to be about 8…so she would be about 60 in this picture.

    Impossible to be Billah–Billah was 36 when he died last year.
    If Moutassem was born in 1976, he would have to be the most 2 years old in 1978—and this picture is NOT of 1970’s vintage—impossible, as the woman shown is not 88.

V – Libyan channel

In the name of God the Merciful

We all Nsamao letters leader of what was seen interventions telephone channel opinion about the fall of Libya .. But one time we were surprised a clear statement from him said (Astmarw in resistance even if voice Tzmau) and became the repeated and emphasized by
The signal understand Allbeb

Means the House leader Hamadakhalh ad hoc Khater says Halkelmh???????
Downright Aref said he has plan Benvdha. And his absence is part of the plan …
As well as we come to the subject of the likes
I’m from close to the leader Muammar. And observed something more than once. He said each time the form is different from the times and the tone of his voice. And detail his mouth and the movement of his years .. The commander spoke in 1998 on Maaatkd .. He said that I have people replica formality
V – قناة الليبية

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

كلنا كنا نسمعو في خطابات القائد لما كان يطلع بمداخلات هاتفية على قناة الرأي قرابة سقوط ليبيا.. لكن احدى المرات فوجئنا بتصريح واضح منه قال(استمرو في المقاومة حتى ولو لم تسمعو صوتي) و اصبح يرددها و يشدد عليها
واللبيب من الإشارة يفهم

يعني القائد دار هالمداخلة مخصوص على خاطر يقول هالكلمة؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
اكيد عارف انه عنده خطة بينفدها. و غيابه هو جزء من الخطة…
كذلك نأتي لموضوع الأشباه
انا من المقربين للقائد معمر. و ملاحظ شئ اكثر من مرة. وهو ان كل مرة شكله يختلف عن مرة و نبرة صوته. و تفصيلة فمه و حركة سنونه.. والقائد تكلم سنة 1998 على مااعتقد.. وقال ان انا لدي اشخاص طبق الأصل عن شكلي

صفحة قناة الليبية|Allibiya tv

ادمن E.W.A
Libyan channel page | Allibiya tv

43 Anniversary of the Great Al-Fateh Revolution 1st September 2012

More Info >  Photo : JOMAA MOBARAKA.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
God bless you my fan. Gaddafi praying 

1. September 2012 – 

43. Anniversary of Great September Revolution in Libya 

People celebrating in the liberated areas and cities which are under control of the Green Resistance.

But they were also celebrating in cities that are still under occupation.

Thanks to the brave heroes, who were celebrating the 1969 revolution all across Libya!

Muammar al-Qathafi portrait by Johniain Iain Mellon.

Image description


(1st published in 2004 by World Islamic Peoples Leadership)

Image description


  • Introduction


Discounting the tragic usurpation of Palestine, the Arab-Islamic Nation has probably never, in its modern history, witnessed a political problem characterized by such confusion and contradicting stands and facts as the “Lockerbie” incident. The outlaws became legislators, judges, and prosecutors, and the righteous, the defenders of human justice and law, became the accused, the terrorists, and the outlaws.

The aggravating aspect in this case is that the forces of international arrogance and terrorism succeeded in escalating the problem to the United Nations Security Council with such ease that both observers and politicians were astounded. It was immediately clear that the United Nations was in danger of sliding into the fate of the earlier League of Nations whose facade crumbled when it was revealed as nothing more than a front for a Western colonial project.

The collapse of the world order which governed the balance of international political life since the end of World War lI left in its wake great confusion, and tempted the United States and its allies to revive the old colonial order, clothing it in new vestments so that they could raise it as the “New World Order”.

The blatant obstinacy manifested by the American and British political circles in their stand against the Jamahiriya with regards to the Lockerbie incident thus revealed a new figure in world politics: that of an overseer of the New World Order. This overseer is determined to oppress peoples, humiliate states, and doom Third World countries to dependence on the West, and to America and Britain in particular.

This arrogant attitude was the reason for the conceptual, political, popular, spontaneous, forceful, and determined solidarity stands of the Arab Islamic Nation with the people of the Jamahiriya. The Ummah realized that the problem went well beyond a penal dispute between America and the Jamahiriya, but was rather a stage in a new manipulative scheme and a desire to humiliate whoever would dare say “no” to the coercive policies that America wishes to impose on the world and on our Arab Islamic homeland in particular.

This essay aims to provide an overview of the “Lockerbie Incident”, outlining the historical background of American-Libyan relations, a comprehension of which is essential in understanding the sequence of events and setting this incident in its proper perspective. We will identify the overt and covert dimensions of the new campaign against Libya, and finally, shed light on the concept of “international terrorism.”

  • Historical Background

    18ème Siècle. Amérique du Nord. Dans, les 13 colonies américaines et la couronne britannique sont à l’aube d’une guerre sanglante. Les lignes de front sont en place. Le bain de sang est inévitable. Un nouvel assassin surgit des cendres de son village détruit. Mi-Mohawk, mi-Britannique, son combat pour la liberté naîtra dans les flammes de la révolution.
    Join or Die … a rallying cry that will determine if you are willing to fight for freedom or die of unjust oppression. Join us and ignite the American Revolution! There is a genuine medallion Assassins, the diary of George Washington:
    Join or Die… un cri de ralliement qui déterminera si vous êtes prêts à vous battre pour la liberté ou à mourir d’une oppression injuste. Rejoignez-nous et enflammez la Révolution Américaine ! Vous y trouverez un authentique médaillon des Assassins, le journal de George Washington et vous accéderez à de nombreux bonus exclusifsPhantom War. The course of the Revolution turned in favor of the Templars. Turn your enemies into defeat and unlock the Pontiac war club, a powerful weapon Indians.
    Fantôme de Guerre. Le cours de la Révolution tourne en faveur des Templiers. Mettez vos ennemis en déroute et débloquez la massue de guerre Pontiac, une puissante arme des Amérindiens.Assassin's Creed III sur PS3, Xbox 360 et PCDétails sur le produit

CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIBYA: Historical Background

In order to clarify the background of the crisis, we must go back to forgotten files on the American-Libyan conflict in particular, and the conflict of America with the countries of the Arab Maghreb in general. In May, 1784, the U.S. Congress set up an ad hoc committee composed of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, (who later became U.S. Presidents), to negotiate an agreement with the North African countries. In 1786, the Committee succeeded in concluding an agreement with Morocco by virtue of which the United States would pay several thousands of dollars as dues to that country for the protection of American commercial ships against pirates. However, the Committee failed to conclude similar agreements with Algeria and Libya. Adams proposed to increase the dues to be paid to Algeria and Libya, but Jefferson suggested that, instead, such funds be disbursed for the setting up of a military force to protect American ships.

In January, 1791, the Committee of the Congress which dealt with trade problems in the Mediterranean, approved the proposal of Jefferson, who was then Secretary of State, to constitute a naval armed force. In March ,1794, the U.S. Congress authorized the American Government to build six military ships to be used against Libya and Algeria. This was the first American fleet, which still exists in the Mediterranean under the name “the Sixth Fleet”.

On the 4th of November, 1796, an agreement was concluded between the United States and Libya by virtue of which the United States would pay Libya $56 thousand. In August, 1797, another agreement was concluded with Tunisia for US $107 thousand. When the naval units were constructed, however, the United States reneged on the agreements and the North African countries expressed immediate objections.

In 1801, the United States declared war against Libya, its first declaration of war after independence from Great Britain. On the basis of this declaration of war, the United States sent four of its military ships to the Mediterranean under the command of Commander Richard Dahl, the first Commander of the First American Fleet in the Mediterranean. The failure of his attack on Tripoli was the first American military defeat in the Mediterranean and compelled Dahl to retreat to Gibraltar. He was replaced by Commander Richard Morris who besieged Tripoli in June, 1802. However the Algerian and Moroccan naval forces sailed against him and compelled him to retreat. He renewed his siege in May, 1803, but had to retreat again in September of the same year. His successors, Commanders Edward Brill and Samuel Baron also failed to secure a victory. Despite this defeat and the failure of the invasion of Libya it is ironic that this military operation is now considered a glorious victory of the United States’ Navy. To this day, the anthem of the American Naval forces chants of their victories: “…from the halls of Montezuma to the walls of Tripoli…”

This anthem clearly represents an unbroken link between what occurred two centuries ago and what is taking place today. Libya still remains in the mind of American soldiers a hateful enemy which must be vanquished and destroyed. The American and Western attitude toward the Arab and Muslim peoples remains one of disdain and scorn that easily escalates to racial discrimination and outright hostility.

The new Western imperialist campaign thus has a clear historical basis reaching back over two hundred years, but the campaign had been particularly expected over the past two decades.


Maren Cronsnest   gives us more recent history:
‘To understand the presence, look in the history. Libya, June 1970: More than 150 000 Libyans stormed the former “Wheelus Air Base” first time in their history
(Photo: More than 150 000 Libyans stormed the former “Wheelus Air Base” first tim
e in their history, celebrating the closing of the US Base “Wheelus” on June 11, 1970, picture Collage, captured from the German Film (DEFA) “Bye Bye Wheelus” from 1971, Heynowski/Scheuman, GDR)
What was “Wheelus Air Base”?
The base was established in 1923 by the Italians and the 2nd World War II used by the fascist air force. Later on, among other things, the Strategic Air Command of the United States (SAC) was stationed. Its nuclear bombers Wheelus, one reads on Wikipedia, “the basis for planned attacks against the Soviet Union.” 4600 U.S. military are “here” a Little America stationed at the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean, “wrote enthusiastically the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. Gaddafi, however, saw in the military base near the capital, a symbol of colonialism, the U.S. and European countries. Today there is the Mitiga airport of Tripoli.

But in “Little America”, there were also things that were even more secret than the bombers stationed with their nuclear weapons. According to a multi-page memorandum from the U.S. State Department to the National Security Council (NSC) of 20 March 1953, which is signed by the Deputy Foreign Minister and former CIA Director Walter Bedell Smith, in Libya, the U.S. held for several decades one of its largest foreign arms depot to organize uprisings everywhere in North Africa and the Middle East in Washington’s interest and support. The weapons were brought with U.S. planes to the “insurgents.” It was about the few months later realized plan the Eisenhower administration, Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh, who had nationalized the oil industry to overthrow, and to recruit as an auxiliary and as a cover for the real coup and a certain tribe in southern Iran.

Under the heading “Specific policy operations,” it says in the paper of the U.S. Department of State for Education and support of guerrilla armies, “currently maintains the CIA a warehouse with light weapons, ammunition and explosives under the protection of the U.S. Air Force on the basis of Wheelus , Tripoli. The size of bearing arms is capable of supplying a guerrilla army of 10,000 men for six months without additional supplies. In addition, there is sufficient material for the basic equipment of a guerrilla force of 4,000 men (storage locations are New Jersey, Ismailia in the Suez Canal Zone and Tripoli) …’

Чтобы понять присутствие, посмотрите на историю. Ливия, июнь 1970 года: более 150 тысяч ливийцев ворвались бывшая “Уилус Air Base» впервые в своей истории
(Фото: Более 150 тысяч ливийцев ворвались бывшая “Уилус Air Base» впервые в своей истории, отмечает закрытие американской базы “Уилус” от 11 июня 1970 года, картина коллаж, захваченные у немецких фильмов (DEFA) ” Уилус Bye Bye “с 1971 года, Heynowski / Scheuman, GDR)
Что было “Уилус Air Base”?
База была создана в 1923 году итальянцы II и 2-й мировой войны использовались фашистской авиации. Позже, среди прочего, Стратегического авиационного командования США (SAC) была размещена. Его ядерной Уилус бомбардировщиков, читаешь в Википедии, “основой для запланированного нападения на Советский Союз». 4600 Американские военные являются “здесь” Little America, размещенных в сверкающих берегах Средиземного моря “, с восторгом писал посол США в Ливии. Каддафи, однако, видел в военной базе недалеко от столицы, символ колониализма, США и Европы стран. Сегодня есть Mitiga аэропорту Триполи.

Но в «Маленькая Америка”, были и вещи, которые были еще более тайные, чем бомбардировщики размещены с их ядерным оружием. По многостраничный меморандум Государственного департамента США по национальной безопасности (СНБ) от 20 марта 1953 года, который подписывается заместителем министра иностранных дел и бывший директор ЦРУ Уолтер Беделл Смит, в Ливии, США провели в течение нескольких десятилетий одним из крупнейших иностранных депо оружия организовать восстание повсюду поддерживают в Северной Африке и на Ближнем Востоке и в интересах Вашингтона. Оружие привезли с американских самолетов на «повстанцев». Речь шла о несколько месяцев спустя понял, расписание администрации Эйзенхауэра, Иран премьер-министра Мохаммеда Мосаддыка, который национализировал нефтяную промышленность, чтобы свергнуть, а на работу в качестве вспомогательного и как прикрытие для реального государственного переворота и некоторых племен на юге Ирана.

Под заголовком “Специальные операции политики”, говорится в статье Государственного департамента США по образованию и поддержке партизанской армии, “в настоящее время поддерживает ЦРУ склада с легких вооружений, боеприпасов и взрывчатых веществ под защитой ВВС США на основе Уилус, Триполи. размером с оружием в руках способно поставлять партизанскую армию 10000 человек в течение шести месяцев без дополнительных принадлежностей. хранения Кроме того, имеется достаточно материала для основного оборудования партизанские силы 4,000 мужчин ( мест являются Нью-Джерси, … Исмаилия в зоне Суэцкого канала и Триполи)

(Photo: Libyans celebrating the closing of the US Base “Wheelus” on June 11, 1970, captured from the German Film (DEFA) “Bye Bye Wheelus” from 1971, Heynowski/Scheuman, GDR)

[Please read this in context with:

IT IS Extremely important!]

Muammar al-Qathafi, the son of a Bedouin shepherd, became an officer in the Libyan army and in 1968 led a successful al-Fetah Revolution to overthrow King Idris in 1969.

Lie: “Gaddafi was bisexual and surrounded himself with handsome young men. He reluctantly admits Gaddafi tried to seduce him (FAISAL) and that he saw him bed young men.”—–

THIS LIE began with Anwaar SEDAT  and ISRAEL making false statements in 1969 because of Muammar’s adoration of Abdul Nassar..claiming his manhood would rise when he was beside Nassar”!!!!!!!!! This was nasty and as a pure Muslim, this hurt Muammar immensely!

Israel tried their utmost to shame our young Revolutionary when he a young contrast to the later NATO/CIA version that Muammar popped Viagra and bedded 5 women a day!!!
The NWO always uses sex to discredit their victims.

  • The truth is that Muammar abhored homosexualty and pedophilia. As a youngster, Muammar was appalled at KING IDRIS’ use of young boys (which was well known) and Muammar felt his duty to dispose this puppet rular especially over his debauchery and boy sex in the name of Islam!
  •  Muammar’s whole desire was to purge his society from “the defects accumulated under the monarchy”: alcohol, prostitution, debauchery, sex bars, brothels, drug inducements. This was all contrary to his concept of PURE ISLAM and “detrimental to the dignity of the Libyan people.”

    Muammar Qadhafi & Decolonizing Libya From The Yanks & The Brits
    (“Gaddafi was Swift, Determined and Successful in Expelling the Imperialists”)Sukant Chandan says on 15 OCTOBER 2012:
    “…Today the resistant town of Bani Walid is currently

    facing the full onslaught of these death squads and their nato masters, and are showing the world how a proud and defiant people stand tall for their tribe, land, families and dignity. Those who choose to justify what is happening to them and the Libyan people, and those who justify it are the enemies of the peoples, the enemy of Omar Al-Mukhtar, and God and the Ancestors will deliver the appropriate justice to them.”‘THE EXPULSION OF THE BASES’
    “Qadhafi’s Libya”, written by Jonathan Bearman, 1986, Zed Books, pages 76-79For Libya’s strategic patrons, Britain and the United States, the anti-colonial discourse embarked on by the new authorities had its most immediate and devastating impact in the elimination of their military bases. These were of no minor significance. The British and American military facilities in Libya added an extra dimension to the Western, NATO alliance, particularly regarding possible intervention in the region. The ranges around Wheelus Field and al-Adem were unrivalled in the scope they offered for military exercises. Whilst the RAF and USAF benefited from near perfect conditions for low level flying runs with live ammunition, in Cyrenaica the British retained access to terrain ideal for large scale practice manoeuvres. British and American resistance to the new regime’s stated intention of expelling the foreign military presence was expected. For the United States in particular, the closure of Wheelus Field would be a strategic loss, affecting their military capacity in the region at a time when the Soviet presence in Egypt was growing.
    The threat to the bases was the main concern in London and Washington after the sudden deposition of the monarchy. Indeed, the British and the Americans, in eschewing precipitous action in support of the Idris regime, had hoped to safeguard the future of their facilities in a fresh agreement with the new authorities. There was no guarantee, one the RCC’s official position had become clear, that either country would comply without the exercise of force. Despite the pro forma denials of the British Foreign Office, it was common knowledge in the Arab world that the British had a contingency plan for intervention in Libya. As part of the 1953 Anglo-Libya treaty, a secret protocol was attached providing for the invasion of Libya in case of an emergency. Details of the plan, code named Operation Radford were obtained by the Egyptians in 1965 from an archivist at the British Ministry of Defence. Published in full in Al-Ahram, the plan called for the movement of British troops from Germany, Malta and Cyprus n order the defend the King and restore order. According to Mohammed Heikal, Al-Ahram’s editor, the contingency scheme was intended precisely for the situation which had occurred in Libya. What deterred the British was the speed and decisiveness with which the Free Officers acted. Had a prolonged struggle ensued, Britain and the United States would have been handed a pretext for intervention.
    In Qadhafi, the British and Americans were faced with a new leader who would brook no compromise. N his keynote speech in Tripoli on 16 October, Qadhafi boldly pledged that he would turn the country into a ‘battlefield’ if the British and Americans failed to withdraw by ‘reasonable means’. Two weeks later, on 29 October, the RCC made its formal approach to Britain on the subject, demanded the prompt evacuation of British forces from Libyan territory. The British, under Defence Minister Denis Healey, assessed he situation carefully. Loss of the training grounds in Cyrenaica was considered damaging, but there seemed no alternative to acquiescence. The experience of Suez and the Algerian civil war, warned against further colonial adventures. The Wilson government responded with a call for talks; these lasted for two sessions – a total of six hours. At the first meeting on 8 December, the British Ambassador Donald Maitland, was instructed to concede the principle of withdrawal. After than, it was simply a question of working out the details. At the second session, a week later, Maitland announced a departure deadline of 31 March 1970. Even before the talks had commenced, the British had reduced their presence at al-Adem and Tobruk from 2,000 in October to 1,000 in December.
    In forcing the issue, the Libyans had adeptly deployed a number of powerful bargaining counters. The most important was their ability – particularly injurious in a rising oil power – to threaten the withdrawal of their sterling balances, standing at £384 million. If that proved insufficient, they could also initiate the reversion of the dispensable contracts, and nationalise BP and other British interests in Libya. The British, on the other hand, were in a relatively weak position; they could only counter Libya with a threat to suspend the contract for the supply of 200 Chieftain tanks, ordered by the previous regime to boost the Libyan armed forces’ ground capacity. It was a defiant gesture unlikely to be effective. At the time, British overseas commitment were under general review as the Labour government began Britain’s retreat from east of Suez. The British were simply disinclined for an entanglement with another nationalist government. Maitland’s mission, as far as Whitehall was concerned, was to urge on the Libyans a joint communiqué emphasising the mutual benefits of further Anglo-Libyan co-operation. For London it was a question of damage control, chiefly to protect extensive British economic interests.
    Flushed with success, the RCC turned its attention to the evacuation of the American air base at Wheelus Field. Talks commenced in December, soon after the British had conceded, but not without much disquiet at the prospect of handling over the sophisticated base – the regional headquarters of USAF – to a ‘radical Arab regime’. Indeed, had it seemed probable that the Libyans would hand over the facilities to the Soviet Union, the Nixon administration may have baulked at withdrawal. But Qadhafi was insistent that Libyan would not open the facilities to other foreign powers. ‘Revolutionary Libya will never substitute a foreigner for another foreigner or an intruder for another intruder’, he was quoted as saying in the Libyan Mail in May 1970. In any event, Britain’s decision to withdraw had already pulled the rug from under the Americans, so Washington submitted. On 24 December, the day after the British announced their withdrawal, a joint Libyan-American statement tersely announced that the United States would follow suit on June 30. In fact, the American evacuation, like the British, was finally carried out before the deadline, and with a minimum of fuss. The British finally left Libya on 28 March, and the Americans completed their withdrawal on 11 June. It was a historic achievement. Celebrating a ‘victory over imperialism’, the revolutionary authorities renamed al-Adem Airbase, Gamal Abdul Nasser Airbase, and Wheelus Field, Okba bin Nafi Airbase, after one of the original Arab conquerors of Libya.
    Any hope that either country had of maintaining some military influence in Libya, through supply and training arrangements, was soon dissipated. On 29 December, following up their initial success, the RCC cancelled the former regime’s contract with the British Aircraft Corporation … In November, the first tentative approached were made to the French government as an alternative arms supplier [..] The French saw in it a means to extend their influence in North Africa at the expense of the British and Americans. In January 1970, the conclusion of the deal was announced: France agreed to sell Libya an initial 50 Mirage V aircraft, 15 to be delivered by 1971.
    The Libyans wanted these highly coveted French warplanes to rebuild the Arab arsenal in the confrontation with Israel. Nasser viewed Libya as a conduit for arms that were otherwise blocked by the Western arms embargo. While the negotiation was still taking place he told Qadhafi: “If you can get Phantoms or Mirages, this will be a colossal addition to Arab strength.”
    [The final French deal with Libya] on 31 January totalled 110 warplanes […] No conditions were attached to their use in the Middle East conflict, other than that they just be ‘based’ and ‘maintained’ in Libya. The only real restrictions applied to their use in a clash French client states in Africa.
    The deal was another triumph for the revolutionary authorities. Not only had the RCC expelled the foreign bases, it had dramatically ended its military dependence on Britain and the United States; Britain had lost its place as the leading supplier of the Libyan Army and Navy, and the United States had been ousted from its role as the man contractor for the Libya air force. The switch in arms purchase to France permitted the RCC greater room to manoeuvre in pursuit of its nationalist objectives [..] The revolutionary authorities succeeded in their most important goal: the British and American military stranglehold on Libya was broken.SOURCE:

Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People

The Libyan Arab people assembled in the General Conference of the People’s Congresses, the People’s Committees, and the Professional Unions;

Having reviewed the recommendations of the People’s Congresses,  > Read More >

September 1st, 1969 Revolution

In September 1969, The Al-Fateh revolution launched its revolutionary achievements by dismantling British and American military bases in Libya. The Revolution eradicated the cancerous Western ascendancy over the Libyan society, toppled the despotic monarchy, lent support to national liberation movements in all Islamic and Third World countries, recovered national resources from foreign exploitation and hegemony, and devoted such resources to securing autonomous development and the advancement of progress. In the wake of this, there was immediate expectation of American imperialist retaliation.

A self-proclaimed mystic and “prophet” of Islam, al-Qathafi’s grandiose vision was the creation of a Great Arab Nation encompassing all of North Africa. This frightened the USA, Israel and their alies into a determination to destroy Muammar al-Qathafi (mounting over many years)…

In 1969, the British Special Air Service (S.A.S.) was contacted by the Libyan Royal Family and planned an assassination attempt to restore the Libyan monarchy. The plan was to release 150 Royalist extremists from a jail in Tripoli as a catalyst for a general uprising. The prisoners would be recruited for a coup attempt, and the British agents would leave them to take over the nation. The plan was called off at a late stage by the British Secret Intelligence Service because the United States government decided that Gaddafi was anti-Marxist and therefore acceptable.
Throughout the next decade, U.S. payed L.I.F.G. and other King Idris supporters to attack the home, offices and family quarters of Muammar al-Qathafi.

Media Lens contributor Richard Keeble discussed « The Secret War Against Gaddafi, » saying:

Soon after he assumed power in 1969, Gaddafi « became the target of massive covert operations by the French, US, Israeli and British » to oust him.

Muammar Gaddafi among the people, 1970 (Photo: Muammar Gaddafi among the Libyan people, celebrating the closing of the US Base “Wheelus” on June 11, 1970, captured from the German Film (DEFA) “Bye Bye Wheelus” from 1971, Heynowski/Scheuman, GDR)

Britain’s 1971 invasion plan failed badly.

كلمه القائد خلال مفاوضات أجلاء قواعد الأمريكية
The Leader of the Revolution word during negotiations evacuation of U.S. bases from Libya . 1970

(FROM U.S. STATE DEPT. REPORT N° 110 of June 1984):
The USA saw the Libyan support of forces hostile to the United States in Central and Latin America, as a danger that such support directly posed to the strategic security of the United States.The report stated that since the evacuation of the American forces from the Wheelis base on the 11th of June, 1970, American control over Libyan political decisions had ceased to exist. The report suggested that measures be taken to restore American influence in order to safeguard the interests of the United States and the interests of its allies in the region and elsewhere in Africa and Latin America.
21 February 1973: A Libyan civilian airplane was shot down by Israeli Air Force fighters over Sinai. 106 Libyans died in that terrorist attack. amongst the dead, aboard the civilian airplane, was former Foreign Minister Salah Masoud Bousair, who quarreled with the state of Israel.


November 14, 1974: The wayward “Revolutionary Command Council” announces a limited reorganization of the government. Abdelmonem Alhouni becomes Minister of Foreign Affairs and Omar Almhaishi becomes the Minister of Planning and Sceintific Research.

August 8, 1975: Omar Almhaishi who was a member of the wayward “Revolutionary Command Council” announced his opposition to Gadhafi and started a radio programme in the Egyptian government-run radio in which he opposes the Libyan system of government and asking the people to revolt and overthrow Gadhafi’s government.
(REVOLUTONARY COMMAND COUNCIL soon gets the total boot by the people and Muammar)

In 1976, Tunisia’s state television reported that Gaddafi had been fired at by a lone assassin. None of the shots hit him.


Over the years, Muammar al-Qathafi was blamed (false flags galore) for every terrorist act which occured—many of which were in reality caused and engineered by the rogue Mafia State of Switzerland (and its International Banking System “Elite”) which desired to destroy Muammar al-Qathafi –particularly after Muammar al-Gathafi formulated his Great Jamahiriya in March 1977….

The relevant American departments persistently tried to goad Colonel Qaddafi into a reckless external action or into concocting a terrorist act to enable his enemies to seize power, or to give one of Libya’s neighbours “Algeria or Egypt for example” justification to retaliate forcefully against Libya. The paper affirms that this plan was submitted to the external Relations Committee of the Congress and that both George Schultz, the Secretary of State, and William Casey, the CIA Director, had stated that they were seeking the approval of Congress. The real objective, according to the paper, was to “impose changes that could be sustained in Libyan policies.”
The changes that could be sustained were attempted through the CIA primarily by impairing the relations of Libya with Arab countries at first and later, with friendly countries. As a first step, all Libyan initiations to create a union with the Arab Mashrek or Maghreb were aborted. Libyan-Egyptian relations were disrupted to the extent of an aggression by Sadat against the Jamahiriya in 1977. This was followed by a plot to strike at the relations of Libya with the Sudan and then Algeria.

Libya bone!!! And the Cold War in the eighties of the last century
By ::: girl Alqmazfah this
Leader, global terrorism, believes in her mind infected with Alzheimer’s disease that has the whole world, and calling itself the Great America in terms of terrorism, which marketed and crimes committed against the people, the word Great no state تنالها but through the struggle and the struggle for national issues and issues Semitism, and for the positions of heroic.
Published American fleets Navy in the seas and oceans of the world (the fleet second in the Atlantic Ocean and the fleet third in the Pacific Fifth Fleet in the Gulf region while the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea (ie encircled the globe from all sides) and the presence of the Sixth Fleet in the average was the cause in air raid on Libya.
The brutal aggression against Libya bird in the month of 1986 was not pure coincidence and not aggression transient is pre reasons.
In 1973 declared leader Muammar Gaddafi that the Libyan territorial waters belong to Libby and nothing to do for America so, and what the presence of the Sixth Fleet, but a blatant interference in the sovereignty of the Libyan state, refused to America that statement, and like the shores of Libya belong to them and in this sense appeared Cold War between Libya and America.
In 1978 and 1979 got naval military exercises near the U.S. fleet of the Libyan coast ‘Faqamt the Libyan government expelled the U.S. ambassador and sent him a strongly worded speech, that did not stop America from that Libya will respond with determination and intensity.
America has also in the eighties of the last century using the rulers of some Arab countries to help client in a failed coup attempts against Gaddafi and overthrow the regime, but all Bah failure.
And in 1980 earned an armed conflict, where the U.S. aircraft broke the airspace of the Gulf of Sirte, responded to Libya on it by firing missiles _ Joe on the spy plane, and the Event of Armed Conflict air post in 1981 after a confrontation heroic between planes to Libya and other U.S. over the Gulf of challenge Sirte فاسقطت the American planes and killed them over the territorial waters of the Gulf of challenge.
And when exceeded U.S. borders and Ochterqat international conventions recognized them to not exceed the sovereignty of any state important were the reasons and motives and entered the territorial waters of the Gulf of challenge distance 12 miles, the leader Muammar Gaddafi himself determine the line of death (line 32 W) in March 1986 and was launched Name Bay challenge after he was named the Gulf of Sidra, Y overrun by the American Sixth Fleet line of death, Libya would respond and everything Aotaat of power about it, what was America’s only equipped aircraft warship in a failed attempt to assassinate the leader Muammar Gaddafi in 15/16 / bird 1986 and called on the name of the Eldorado and the operation was a process of a U.S. air and naval led by Crazy Reagan and the help of a British-led Achammtae Mariqrat Thatcher.

Did you know after the victory of Libya in 1986 and determine the line of death and of which America can not bypass this line leader Muammar Gaddafi, adding the name to Libya bone to become
Libyan Arab Great Socialist People’s Libyan
And add this name traces the American craze for they see Alazma her is only!!!
Did you know the name of the Gulf of Sidra changed to the name of the Gulf of challenge in the cold war in the eighties of the last century, and this is also America gig, because they always see that no one can challenge it!!
Did you know that the leader Muammar Gaddafi is one of the leading face of the aircraft and artillery in 14/1986 and the bird is in the cockpit and controller!!
Did you know that the leader Muammar Gaddafi is one of the fools himself and rode select line of death and did not cost a Procuratorate him, where the Sixth Fleet ships were not far from him, and a stone’s throw away, and it was possible to hit Fools not for the protection and care of God for him!!
Thus is the leader Muammar Gaddafi was struggling on behalf of the Libyan people, Ringer’s largest military force in the world on behalf of the Libyan people, scored great victories on behalf of the Libyan people
Line coolest epics of struggle in defense of the homeland and courageous response to aircraft barbarism Alambagth in America 14/15 / bird 1986 on behalf of the Libyan people
This today recognized engraved in the memory of history even though they tried to customers who hate, Mudallson and منهزمون hide the details, this day will remain a bright spot in the history of modern Libya.

ليبيا العظمي !!! و الحرب الباردة فى ثمانينات القرن الماضى
بقلـــــم ::: بنت القذاذفة
زعيمه الإرهاب العالمى تعتقد فى مخيلتها مصابة بمرض الزهايمر بأنه تملك العالم كله ، و أطلقت على نفسها أسم أمريكا العظمى من منطلق الإرهاب الذى تسوقه و جرائم التى أرتكبتها بحق الشعوب ، فكلمة العظمى لا تنالها الدولة إلا من خلال الكفاح و نضال من أجل قضايا الوطن و القضايا السامية ، و من أجل مواقف بطولية .
نشرت أمريكا أساطيلها البحرية فى بحار و محيطات العالم ( الأسطول الثانى فى محيط الأطلسى والأسطول الثالث فى المحيط الهادى الأسطول الخامس فى منطقة الخليج أما الأسطول السادس فى بحر الأبيض المتوسط ( أى طوقت الكرة الأرضية من جميع الجوانب ) و لتواجد الأسطول السادس فى متوسط كان سببا فى غارة الجوية على ليبيا .
فالعدوان الغاشم على ليبيا فى شهر الطير 1986 لم يكن محض الصدفة و لم يكن عدوان عابر من غير أسباب مسبقة .
ففى عام 1973 أعلن القائد معمر القذافى بان المياة الأقليمية الليبية ملك ليبى و لا علاقة لـ أمريكا بذلك و ما وجود الأسطول السادس إلا تدخل سافر فى سيادة الدولة الليبية ، فرفضت أمريكا ذلك التصريح ، و كأنه شواطئ ليبيا ملكا لهم و من هذا المنطلق بدت الحرب الباردة بين ليبيا و أمريكا .
ففى عامي 1978 و 1979 حصلت مناورات عسكرية بحرية لاسطول الامريكى بقرب من السواحل الليبية ‘ فقامت الحكومة الليبية بطرد السفير الأمريكى و وجهت معه خطاب شديد اللهجة ، أن لم تكف أمريكا عن ذلك سوف ترد ليبيا بكل حزم و شدة .
قامت أمريكا أيضا فى ثمانينات القرن الماضى بأستخدام حكام بعض الدول العربية العميلة لمساعدته فى محاولات أنقلاب فاشلة ضد القذافى و قلب نظام الحكم و لكن جميعها باه بفشل .
و فى عام 1980 حصل نزاع مسلح حيث قامت الطائرات الأميركية باختراق المجال الجوي لخليج سرت ، فردت ليبيا على ذلك باطلاق صواريخ جو _ جو على طائرة تجسس ، و حدث نزاع مسلح جوى أخر فى عام 1981 بعد مواجهة بطوليه بين طائرات ليبية و أخرى أمريكية فوق خليج التحدى سرت فاسقطت الطائرتين الأمريكيين و قتل من فيهم فوق المياه الأقليمية لخليج التحدى .
و عندما تجاوزت أمريكية حدودها و أخترقات المواثيق الدوليه متعارف عليها لعدم تجاوز سيادة اى دولة مهم كانت الأسباب و الدوافع و دخلت المياه الأقليمية لخليج التحدى بمسافه 12 ميل ، قام القائد معمر القذافى بنفسه تحديد خط الموت ( خط 32 عرض ) فى مارس 1986 و تم أطلاق أسم خليج التحدى بعد أن كان أسمه خليج السدرة ، واى تجاوز من قبل الأسطول السادس الأمريكى لخط الموت فان ليبيا سترد و بكل ما اوتت من قوة حيال ذلك ، فما كان من أمريكا إلا تجهيز طائراتها حربية فى محاولة فاشلة لأغتيال القائد معمر القذافى فى 15/16/ الطير 1986 و أطلق على أسم العملية الدورادو و كانت عبارة عن عمليه جوية و بحرية أمريكية بزعامة المجنون ريغن و بمساعدة بريطانية بقيادة الشمطاء مارقريت تاتشر.

و لكن !!!!
هل تعلم بعد أنتصار ليبيا فى عام 1986 و تحديد خط الموت و منها لم تستطيع أمريكا تجاوز هذا الخط قام القائد معمر القذافى بأضافة أسم العظمي الى ليبيا ليصبح
الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الأشتراكية العظمى
و أضافة هذا الاسم اثار جنون أمريكا لأنها ترى العظما لها هى فقط !!!
هل تعلم تم تغير أسم خليج السدرة الى أسم خليج التحدى فى حرب الباردة فى ثمانينات القرن الماضى ، و هذا أيضا أزعج أمريكا ، لأنها ترى دائما بأن لا أحد يستطيع تحديها !!
هل تعلم بأن القائد معمر القذافى هو من قاد و وجه الطائرات و مدفعية فى 14/ الطير 1986 و كان هو فى حجرة القيادة و تحكم !!
هل تعلم بأن القائد معمر القذافى هو من ركب السفية بنفسه و حدد خط الموت و لم يكلف أحد بنيابة عنه ، حيث كانت سفن الأسطول السادس ليست بعيدة عنه و على مرمى حجر و كان من الممكن ضرب السفية لولا حماية و رعاية الله له !!
هكذا هو القائد معمر القذافى كان يناضل بأسم الشعب الليبى ، قارع أكبر قوة عسكرية فى العالم بأسم الشعب الليبى ، سجل أنتصارات عظيمة بأسم الشعب الليبى
سطر أروع الملاحم النضالية دفاعاً عن الوطن والتصدي الشجاع لطائرات أمريكا الهمجية المباغثة في 14/15/ الطير 1986 بأسم الشعب الليبى
هذا اليوم مشهود نقش فى ذاكرة التاريخ حتى وأن حاولوا العملاء الحاقدين و مدلسون و منهزمون بإخفاء تفاصيله فهذا اليوم سيبقى علامة مضيئة في تاريخ ليبيا المعاصر.

Protesters stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, in 1979 and set the Embassy on fire, the weekend before.
The U.S. then threatened to break off diplomatic relations with Libya.

Muammar al-Qathafi’s Jamahiriya forces were increasingly involved in attempts to encourage Revolutions in the colonised region, including many former French colonies in North Africa. From the perspective of the French Government, the time had come to eliminate the problem of Qathafi.

In 1980, French secret service head Col. Alain de Gaigneronde de Marolles « resigned after a French-led plan ended in disaster when a rebellion by Libyan troops in Tobruk was rapidly suppressed. »

10 April 1980: The United States expelled 4 members of the Libyan People’s Bureau in Washington D.C.
This American retaliation against Libya gained full force in the early 80s, with the beginning of the “Reagan era” which revived the policy of direct interference and the role of the U.S. as World policeman which had prevailed in the 5Os and 60s, and subsided only after the infamous defeat in Vietnam.

An Assassination of International Proportions:
If new documents uncovered in Libya are to be believed, the opportunity to assassinate Qathafi presented itself on the night of 27 June 1980, when he was scheduled to fly home from Europe and across the Mediterranean in his personal Tupolev airliner. A pair of French Mirage jet fighters were readied for a very special mission — Qaddafi’s jet would be intercepted and shot down, leaving all parties involved with plausible deniability. If all went well, the wreckage would be lost at sea and the action would resolve the Libyan problem once and for all.
From the start, however, things didn’t quite go as planned. What should have been a simple interception turned into a confusing engagement with jet fighters involved from no less than four nations. The French, the Libyans, the Italians and the Americans would all converge toward a single point over the sea off the coast of Italy — and flying into the melee would come Itavia Flight 870, completely unaware of the unfolding drama ahead.
Unbeknownst to the French, however, their assassination attempt was doomed from the start. According to the newly uncovered Libyan documents, Qathafi was tipped off at the last moment about the plot by God or someone from within the SISMI, Italy’s secret service.

Thus, Qathafi made a snap decision and diverted his plane to land on the island of Malta. Notably, the SISMI maintained a degree of influence through high level contacts within Libya. Italy continued its close ties with Qathafi for years —
On that night in 1980, a Libyan Air Force MiG-23 fighter jet was already flying north to meet and escort the Qathafi plane home to Libya, when he diverted to land in Malta. Somehow, in the confusion of developing events, the MiG-23 pilot, Ezedin Koal, was neither notified nor ordered back to base. Instead, he flew north across the Mediterranean Sea, searching for Qathafi’s Tupolev. On the NATO side of the equation, the Libyan MiG-23 was immediately picked up as “fast mover” on air defense radars. As per standard protocol, the Italian Air Force and US Navy dispatched fighters to intercept the plane as it neared Italian airspace.

A Suddenly Confusing Engagement:

Minutes later, the Libyan MiG-23 was already off the coast of Sicily. Concurrently, three Italian Air Force F-104S jet fighters and at least one US Navy A-7 Corsair II (probably this was a flight of two aircraft) closed in separately from the east. The two French Mirage aircraft raced in from the north with the dark intent to perform their deadly assassination mission. Yet now, no fewer than seven and possibly as many as nine NATO fighter planes were converging on a single point on the map in the night skies over the Mediterranean Sea — and, completely unknowing, into the midst of the developing melee flew Itavia Flight 870.
Apparently, the Libyan MiG-23 pilot was first to spot the civilian DC-9 airliner on his radar. The aircraft was heading southward as expected. For the Libyan pilot, it was right where it should have been. He turned his MiG-23 to join into close formation with the airliner, which he apparently mistook for Qaddafi’s Tupolev in the darkness of the night skies.

For the French fighter pilots, this newly formed up pair of aircraft exactly matched their mission expectations — there was a large airliner sized target, clearly Qaddafi’s Tupolev, escorted by a single Libyan jet fighter that had joined up from the south. Together, the two targets were flying southward in the direction of Libya.
No warning shots were fired — this was to be an assassination, pure and simple. One of the French pilots launched an air-to-air missile aimed at the larger target. The missile struck home, hitting the forward section of Itavia Flight 870 with a perfect hit. The airliner never stood a chance — it was literally blown out of the sky. As the French Mirage pilots watched the fireball appear and disappear in the distance, their radars showed the Libyan MiG-23 break off and circle out into a counterattack.
There was only one loose end to tie up — they would have to shoot it down as well….
Tying Up Loose Ends — Finishing the MiG-23
Upon seeing the missile impact the airliner nearby, the Libyan MiG-23 pilot, Ezedin Koal, pulled away, searching for nearby enemy aircraft. In every direction his nose would have pointed, the radar would have suddenly shown more enemy fighter jets. A flight of three Italian F-104S Starfighter aircraft closed in from one side while one or two A-7 Corsairs from the US Navy came from another direction. Two French Mirage fighters pressed in from the north, their radars lighting up his early warning radar receiving systems as they tracked him and prepared to fire. From Ezedin Koal’s perspective, he was alone and in deep trouble. With few options, he would have to fight and somehow escape to the south. The odds of survival were clearly slim. There could have been no doubt of the hostile intent of the enemy aircraft — after all, they had just shot down and, in his mind, assassinated Col. Qaddafi himself, the very man he was to escort and protect.
What followed was a confusing series of high speed maneuvers and counter-maneuvers in the dark night skies over Italy. The French and Libyan jets maneuvered over the water in a turning dogfight while US Navy and Italian jets circled. The fight shifted eastward over the Italian mainland before the MiG-23 was finally either shot down or driven into the mountains that were hidden in the shadows of night below. Ultimately, the Libyan MiG-23 would crash into the Sila Mountains in Castelsilano, Calabria, located in the center of the lower boot of southern Italy. In a flash, Ezedin Koal would be killed in the crash.
Their mission accomplished, the French Mirage fighter jets turned to fly northward to France. With the last loose end tied up, it seemed assured that there would be no witnesses to their assassination of Muammar Qaddafi.

Qathafi had escaped clean and clear from the aerial assassination attempt. He would live on, the penultimate survivor…. France would never speak publicly about the events of that night. Italy too would choose a policy of silence. Italy too would choose a policy of silence and cover up. The United States would remain silent, being an outside, non-European observer. Amidst the deafening silence from official sources, the media would call the loss of Flight 870 the Ustica Massacre (“Strage di Ustica” — after a nearby island in the Tyrrhenian Sea).
Then, on July 18, 1980, fully 21 days after the shootdown, the wreckage of the Libyan MiG-23 was located in the Sila Mountains. The body of Libyan Pilot Ezedin Koal was still strapped to the ejection seat, his identity revealed by the name imprinted on his helmet. Officials were none too pleased when two news reporters were dispatched to document the crash site. They ordered that both be arrested and held until they agreed to turn over their film.
Despite these further efforts at cover up, the press would later uncover that the Libyan pilot’s body was inexplicably decomposed, as if consistent with the body having died three weeks earlier, at the time of the downing of Flight 870. This linked the two events and added yet more fuel to the fire of press interest. The pilot’s body would be repatriated to Libya after having been buried for a time in Italy.
Strange Coincidences and a Few Unexplained Deaths
The alleged cover up would extend yet further when radar tapes that documented the events of that night were somehow erased or disappeared. This may have been coincidental, but again, it was just another in a long series unlikely coincidences. Likewise, due to the roadblocks and cover up, it took nearly nine years for the recovered pieces of the DC-9 to be examined and written up into a formal accident investigation report — an unfathomably long time in the field of aviation. The report flatly concluded, “All available evidence considered unanimously confirms that the DC-9 incident was caused by a missile that exploded near the nose of the plane. At the present time, the evidence is insufficient to specify the type, origin and identity of the missile.”
Aviation Week and Space Technology bolstered the report by publishing that the damage to the airliner’s fuselage was consistent with that caused by a continuous-rod missile warhead as employed in air-to-air missiles. Any doubts of military involvement in the events were rapidly fading — but whose military? Were the Libyans responsible for an act of air-to-air terrorism? Was it someone else? Soon, the political left took up the banner that the Americans and the US Navy had accidentally shot down the plane.
Unexpected Deaths of Key Witnesses
Even more chilling, though perhaps once again coincidental, a number of those who were working that night and who would have been key witnesses to the events afterwards would die in strange circumstances. The commander of the Italian airbase from which the intercepting Italian F-104S fighter jets had launched would die suddenly in a car accident.

Two of the radar controllers who witnessed the full picture of the events of that night on their screens would commit suicide by hanging (an odd personal choice given the pain involved). Another radar controller also died, but this time of an unexpected heart attack — he was just 37 years old. A fourth air traffic controller who had direct knowledge of the events of that night was later found murdered. Finally, two of the three Italian Air Force pilots who had intercepted the Libyan MiG-23 died in a midair collision during an air show at Ramstein AB in Germany. For many conspiracy theorists, these deaths were all too coincidental.

Francesca Cossiga, former President of Italy, who released the bombshell statement highlighting the role of France in the shootdown.
The Final Word on Flight 870?
Finally, a formal inquiry was launched by an Italian judge named Rosario Priore, but even then, his efforts were stymied by roadblocks put up by NATO and Italian political and military figures. He would make note of the apparent cover up in his report and subsequently, four Italian generals would be charged with the crime of High Treason for obstructing the investigations. With the expiration of the statute of limitations, the cases would be dropped.
In July 2006, the recovered fragments of Flight 870 were re-assembled and brought to Bologna from Pratica di Mare Air Force Base near Rome.

A year later in June 2007, the reassembled fuselage was placed on public display at the newly opened Museum for the Memory of Ustica in Bologna. It stands as mute testimony to what was probably an attempted assassination that went wrong — terribly wrong — and the deaths of 81 innocent civilians and one Libyan MiG pilot.
Then in 2008, the former President of Italy, Francesco Cossiga, stepped forward to confirm that Itavia Flight 870 was downed by French fighter jets. His admission was a bombshell, yet still, the fine details of the events of that night were not released. Shortly afterward, France was served with a claim for damages. Less than two years later, Cossiga would die of respiratory problems.
Finally in 2011, the Italian courts would order $127 million in reparations be paid by the Italian government to the families of those who perished. The true story of what happened in the night skies over the Tyrrhenian Sea, is finally coming to light. With the release of the latest records from the Libyan government archives, the only question remaining is when public officials will finally accept responsibility for what happened — to confirm or deny the sequence of events claimed in the Libyan documents.
After 32 years, it seems that enough time has passed for the truth to be revealed.
The events described above are based on a mix of fact, carefully made judgments from public sources and — to a large extent — reports recently uncovered in Libya. This story assumes the Libyan documents to be valid…. As a reasonable disclaimer, we must state that portions may be inaccurate. If and when known, updates will be published and corrections made. At HW, we sincerely hope that the final official release will disprove French government complicity in the deaths of those aboard Flight 870.
Ultimately, however, we must also accept that we may never know the full truth of what happened during Italy’s Darkest Night.

In 1981, French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing plotted an assassination attempt with Egypt. His administration spoke with the Reagan administration for approval.

QUOTE from By Seymour M. Hersh:


“MANY IN THE INTELLIGENCE community believe that the Reagan Administration’s obsession with Libya began shortly after the President’s inauguration in 1981, and remained a constant preoccupation….”

From a report by TONY CARTALUCCI we read concerning the published article in “NEWSWEEK” 03 AUGUST 1981:
“US Support of Terrorism in Libya Stretches Back Three Decades” 
“The details of the plan were sketchy, but it seemed to be a classic CIA destabilization campaign. One element was a “disinformation” program designed to embarrass al-Qathafi and his government. Another was the creation of a “counter government” to challenge his claim to national leadership. A third — potentially the most risky — was an escalating paramilitary campaign, probably by disaffected Libyan nationals, to blow up bridges, conduct small-scale guerrilla operations and demonstrate that Kaddafi was opposed by an indigenous political force.” –Newsweek, “A Plan to Overthrow Kaddafi,” 03 August 1981
The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), along with its affiliates and predecessors, have been armed, trained, its leaders coddled and supported by the West for over 30 years. One of these predecessors, the US-CIA backed National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) made multiple attempts to assassinate Qaddafi and initiate armed rebellion throughout Libya during the 1980’s.

Many of these fighters would also line the US-Saudi created front, Al Qaeda, when first it was conceived in the mountains of Afghanistan in the 1980’s. Most of these fighters lived and operated from Libya’s eastern region of Cyrenaica, and in particular, the cities of Benghazi and Darnah.”
On the 19th of August 1981, it was revealed that the USA planned on assassinating Muammar al-Qathafi. The Sixth Fleet of America, began its manuevers off the Libyan Coast in the Gulf of Sirte (waters openly proclaimed as Libyan domiciled territory).

The Jamahiriya Airforce responded with a proposed air strike against the provocative American naval maneuvers in the Gulf of Sirte, [private waters that Gaddafi claimed for Libya].

The Jamahiriya airforce sent two S22 fighters over the area. The U.S. Sidewindermissiles aboard the U.S. Naval carrier in the Gulf of Sirte, shot these Libyan aircraft down!

In August, Muammar pleaded with other Mediterrannean nations to please deny the USA airbases…

In 1981, CIA elements established the anti-Gaddafi National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) and its militant wing called the Libyan National Army based in Egypt near Libya’s border. It was directly involved in NATO’s campaign to oust and kill Gaddafi.

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
from Sunday’s story:

Thirty-one years ago, on precisely this day of 19 August 1981,
occurred the first fingerprints challenge to the USA in the Gulf of Sirte.

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qahafi sent two of Sukhoi Su22 fighter jets to intercept 2 U.S. fighter planes flying above the Gulf of Sirte; but the American F-14 modern type jets are enabled to shoot down the two Ebian make Sukhoi Su -22 jets directly off the Libyan coast.
In the nineteen-seventies, Libya announced the extension of its territorial waters to include the complete Gulf of Sirte. The USA far-penetrated this water in direct provocation [which was regarded by all Libyans as part of its national sovereignty]. The Jamahiriya sent its Vaaatardtha Libyan planes, but the American- Asttaao shot them down with even more modern aircraft and called the Gulf of Sirte, their Operation Gulf of challenge.

The assassination plot was abandoned after French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing’s term in office.

This image:

shows the Gulf of Sirte being surely Libyan territorial water (as no other country’s port or borders is part of the Gulf of Sirte).
قبل واحد وثلاثين عاماً بالتحديد في مثل هذا اليوم 19 من اغسطس من عام 1981
حدثت اولى بصمات التحدي في خليج سرت
الزعيم الليبي القائد معمر القذافي يبعث طائرتين من نوع سوخوي سو – 22 مقاتلة نفاثه لتقوم باعتراض 2 من المقاتلات الأمريكية فوق خليج سرت ولكن الطائرتين الامريكتين من طراز اف 14 من النوع الحديث قامتا باسقاط طائرتين ليبيتين من نوع سوخوي سو-22 قبالة السواحل الليبية.
ويعود سبب هذا التصادم على خلفية ان ليبيا في سبعينات القرن الماضي اعلنت عن تمديد مياهها الاقليمية لتشمل خليج سرت كاملة وأخترقت الولايات المتحدة هذه المياه التي كانت تعتبرها ليبيا جزءا من سيادتها الوطنية فاعترضتها الطائرات الليبية ولكن الامريكان استطاعو اسقاطهما بفضل الطائرات الحديثة وسمي خليج سرت بخليج التحدي.
صورة توضح خليج سرت والمياه الاقليمية الليبية.

(GEORGE TREMLETT wrote): ” In December 1981:
The U-S. administration claimed that Muammar al-Qathafi sent a team of libyan hit-men to Washington to assassinate the US President–Wide publications in all the media showed roadblocks set up and armed guards on the White House roof–FALSELY, Reagan said:”We have evidence and Gaddafi know it”!

BUT when the names and photgraphs were published of the “Libyan Hot-men” they were actually photos of famous well-known and respectable Lebanese business banking contractors, with no connection to Libya or terrorism.”

Jonathan Azaziah wrote on 25 March 2011 in Mask of Zion:
“During the beginnings of the presidency of war criminal Ronald Reagan, the Zionist media vociferously promoted what would become a long-running FALSE propaganda piece about a Libyan hit squad operating in the United States. This hit squad’s mission was to assassinate Ronald Regan. The source of the story was Manucher Ghorbanifar, a former agent of the overthrown Shah of Iran’s secret police, SAVAK. SAVAK, the notorious apparatus known for its brutal torture techniques, learned everything from Mossad and Ghorbanifar himself had deep-rooted personal ties to the Mossad, the world’s leader in false flag terrorism. The purpose of this hit squad story was to drum up support from the American populace for a strike on Libya.”

This particular false flag vis-a-vis Ghorbanifar didn’t accomplish the mission to the degree that the Zionist entity designed it to. The illegitimate Israeli state subsequently turned up the heat and put Operation Trojan into motion. The Trojan is an Israeli communications device used by Mossad’s psychological warfare squad, LAP (LohAma Psicologit), as a relay station for misleading intelligence reports emanating from Israeli navy ships in the region. The Trojan is to be planted in nations resisting the Zionist Power Configuration, or in Israeli intel terminology, “hostile environments,” at targets where official state business is conducted, like an embassy. These false reports were to be picked up by states allied with Israel on separate frequencies, wherein the information would be confirmed by Mossad. Little do the ally states know, the reports themselves are being created by Israel.

Operation Trojan was a success as the device was planted in the heart of Libya’s capital, Tripoli, and the American government began retrieving numerous messages from the Trojan and processing intelligence proofs that Libya was closely linked with the planning and execution of terrorism. The chiefs of Mossad were exceedingly pleased .


In 1982, the Reagan administration helped install Chad’s Hissene Habre to « bloody Gaddafi’s nose. » It was Reagan CIA head William Casey’s first covert operation. Moreover, « throughout the decade, Libya ranked almost as high as the Soviet Union » as America’s bene noire.

Habre got considerable US military and financial aid to topple Gaddafi. Other countries funding him included Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, and Morocco.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan justified the attacks by accusing Libya of direct responsibility for terrorism directed against the United States and Americans. In his speech, said two hours after the attack of TV broadcasting, “When our citizens are attacked or abused anywhere in the world on the direct orders of hostile regimes, we will refund while I’m in this position.”

‎17 April 1984: The murder of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher – a perfect CIA assassination
Posted: 2012/04/17 From: Mathaba

Yvonne Fletcher was assassinated on the direct orders of the American CIA in a coldly calculated Psyop designed to generate intense British hatred against Libya.
by Joe Vialls Republished In an article published on April 9, 1996, the British newspaper the Guardianreviewed evidence presented in a British Channel 4 documentary which suggests the involvement of the CIA in the killing of a British policewoman outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984. The TV documentary cast serious doubt on the orginal claim that the policewoman was shot from a first floor window of the Libyan Embassy. Investigative journalist Joe Vialls first revealed the CIA involvement in the incident and documented how the Libyans were not responsible for the murder of the British policewoman.

He set out his findings in the following exclusive report for New Dawn published in September 1994. During the morning of the 17th April 1984 an unarmed policewoman by the name of Yvonne Fletcher was gunned down in cold blood while on duty outside the Libyan People’s Bureau in St. James Square, London. British accusations that the Libyan Government was responsible were incorrect. Yvonne Fletcher was assassinated on the direct orders of the American CIA in a coldly calculated ‘Psyop’ (Psychological Operation) designed to generate intense British hatred against Libya. The operation was a complete success. Two years later when the US used British air bases to launch a vicious bombing attack on Libyan civilians, only a handful of British voices were raised in protest.

Early in 1984 an American oil multinational with known, direct intelligence links to the CIA opened an office at 8 St. James Square in London SW1: the same corner of St. James square as the Libyan People’s Bureau located at number five. It was a strange choice as the multinational already had an office in London W1 and there was no clear corporate need for the extra office space. Perhaps stranger was the multinational deliberately choosing to locate this ‘hidden’ office space within spitting distance of the Libyan People’s Bureau, which represented an object of hatred for American oil multinationals and the CIA. All visitors to the building during 1984 were subject to rigid security checks, and it is known the telephone number was (01) 839 2102, with a 24 hour back-up of (01) 581 0918. The multinational facility at 8 St. James Square remained anonymous until early 1985, long after the last Libyan diplomat was expelled from London by the British Government.

What the new American multinational property had in common with the Libyan People’s Bureau was a clear view of the whole of St. James Square and a very similar field of fire. Assassination was not a new venture for the multinational, which the 1975 American Church Committee established had acted as a direct contact between the CIA and the Mafia on assassination matters. Later in 1985 American author Michael Drosnin expanded on the covert paramilitary relationship between the Dallas-based multinational and Langley-based intelligence agency. Evidence of the St. James Square CIA atrocity was freely available to the British public during 1984 on a BBC film called ‘Libyan Siege’ with sound by Mike McKay.

But the film was visually meaningless at the time simply because the British public had no knowledge of the multinational presence at 8 St. James Square, or its covert relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency. Even if that data had been available it would have been intellectually challenging for the British public to accept that CIA officials ordered the cold-blooded assassination of a young, unarmed British policewoman on the streets of London simply to achieve a geopolitical objective. That the Libyans were confused by the events of that day was shown clearly in the London-based paper Jamahiriya Review some weeks after WPC Yvonne Fletcher’s assassination: “Then came the news that elements hostile to Libya, with known links to the CIA, planned to stage a demonstration outside the Libyan People’s Bureau in St. James Square on 17th April.

“… On the eve of the St. James Square demonstration, in London and in Tripoli, Libyan officials made vigorous representation, urging the British government to ban the event to be staged outside the Libyan People’s Bureau. However, Britain ignored Libya’s request. “… It cannot have escaped the observation of most rational people that initially the police denied the presence of any firearms inside the bureau, and then the following day made claims they had discovered spent cartridge cases on the floor and weapons concealed elsewhere. In fact it was a stage managed media event which was totally irrelevant to solving or resolving the crucial issue of who shot WPC Yvonne Fletcher.” Clearly at that early stage the Libyan people knew well enough they themselves had not shot WPC Fletcher, but were at a loss to know how the assassination had been stage managed – and from where.

The sound of the shots came from the same corner of the Square as their Bureau but there was no muzzle flash, no smoke and no obvious disturbance in the crowd demonstrating below. It seems likely the Libyans did not work out the firing point until much later on, if they ever worked it out at all. The film narrated by Mike McKay could have easily provided the answers the Libyans sought, had they been privy to the multinational presence at 8 St. James Square. In ballistic terms the film confirms the shots could not have been fired from the Libyan Bureau, and further confirms the firing platform must have been located on the same side of the square as number eight, very close to the Libyan Bureau itself. Also curious is the fact that though the crowd demonstrating in the square all wore hoods, the British media failed to report on this strange phenomenon.

London is a free, open society not used to covert activities of this nature and the irregularity was therefore very newsworthy. Initially the film shows that extensive crowd barriers had been placed around the central garden pavements of St. James Square and also to one side of the Libyan Peoples Bureau. In addition, all cars apart from two official vehicles had been cleared from the square. Both features prove the Libyan claim that the ‘hooded’ demonstration had been planned well in advance. The tightly controlled grouping of the demonstrators in the central portion of the square also provided a clear killing ground devoid of any obstructions on the roadway surrounding the central gardens. The latter feature was almost certainly accidental but remains highly significant. With the demonstrators separated from the Bureau by a phalanx of British police it is very obvious from the film that Libyan personnel were under no immediate threat when the shots were fired.

Thus no ‘panic’ situation existed within the Bureau as might be expected if the building was under physical siege. At the time the shots were fired there was no visual motivation for any Libyans to have taken such action: quite the reverse because the police can be seen providing very tight security in front of the Bureau building. A camera crew positioned with its back to the Bureau was filming the hooded and masked demonstrators behind the barriers in the centre of the square. The camera traversed to its left, showing demonstrators stretching across the entire width of the central gardens. When the shots were fired this camera zoomed in and filmed the demonstrators flattening themselves on the ground towards the camera’s left.

So the instinctive fear response of the demonstrators was to a loud noise coming from their own left-hand side: exactly the position of No. 8 St. James Square. If the shots had been fired from the Bureau behind this camera crew, the spontaneous crowd reaction would have been away from the Bureau and camera, not to the camera’s left hand side. Perhaps most extraordinary was a policeman standing in the road roughly halfway between the Libyan Bureau and the crowd of hooded demonstrators. When the shots were fired he hardly batted an eyelid and merely looked casually to his right towards number 8, before turning round to look questioningly at his sergeant outside the main door of the Libyan Bureau. If the shots had been fired from the Libyan Bureau the supersonic ‘crack’ as they flew over his head would have produced a violent reaction. London policemen are known for being very cool in dangerous situations, but not as cool as that…

Although the noise of the shots sounds very loud on the sound track this was probably due to the proximity of the camera microphone to the source of the shots. In fact the sound of the shots swamped the microphone for a split second. What is even more noteworthy is that the crowd to the camera’s far left hand side facing the Bureau did not try to dive for cover, indicating strongly that the sound at that range was perhaps no more menacing than a car backfire. This is borne out by policemen filmed in other parts of the small square looking puzzled but taking no evasive action whatever. The intensity of sound generated by a weapon is generally very loud within 90 degrees of either side of the muzzle, then decreases the further back behind the weapon an observer happens to be, proving the Libyan Bureau was not the source. If it had been, reaction to the shots would have panicked the entire front line of the crowd facing the Bureau but failed to do so. Eye witness B. Cartmell stated on camera: “Whoever fired the machine gun must have fired between thirty and fifty rounds…”

This is proved incorrect by the film. A good average cyclic rate for an ordinary machine gun is around 600 s.p.m. (shots per minute) which implies a continuous three second burst for 30 shots or a continuous five second burst for 50 shots. The film sound track gives no indication that more than two, possibly three shots were fired with echo from the square adding distortion. There can be no doubt the clatter and whine of 30 to 50 jacketed military rounds striking the ground and ricocheting around the square would have had every policeman and member of the media diving for cover. Not one of them did so. A second TV camera located at the far end of the Square zoomed in to show WPC Fletcher rolling from side to side on the ground clutching her abdomen. The film shows clearly that there was no blood on the ground underneath WPC Fletcher at that point in time or much later on.

Thus the bullet that hit her did not pass through her body and leave an exit wound, which raises serious ballistic questions. The second camera crew also filmed police officers treating other injured persons who, like WPC Fletcher, did not leave any trace of blood on the pavement. Nor was there any evidence of bullet holes in the outer clothing of the other (hooded) injured. Indeed, a policeman was filmed looking without success for the entry point of a wound sustained by one of the masked, khaki clad demonstrators. The lack of blood generally is the most enigmatic part of the overall film footage.

If all 11 injured people were shot by a high velocity machine gun and were then treated on the same pavement, there would have been buckets of blood staining the paving. The film shows no blood on the pavement or road at all. There was a complete lack of gouge marks on the road behind WPC Fletcher as she lay rolling on the ground. If a long 30 to 50 round burst had been fired with at least one bullet hitting WPC Fletcher in the abdomen, there should have been at least two or three clear tracks on the ground behind her from near misses as the weapon wavered. No matter whether the bullets were fired from number five or number eight the path of the bullet that hit WPC Fletcher in the abdomen was downwards at an angle.

The lack of gouge marks to her rear at first seems inexplicable. Eye witness Brian Cartmell was a man with remarkable powers of observation which is very fortunate. His statement on camera was concise, assured and very detailed: “Whoever fired the machine gun must have fired between thirty and fifty rounds because the chippings came up from the pavement [between WPC Fletcher and the demonstrators], and I saw a young policewoman, blonde in her late twenties, fall on her right hand side and her hat rolled into the gutter, and she fell clutching her groin and her stomach. And about three officers ran to her assistance.” [Author’s insertion.] The direction in which a gunshot victim falls is dictated to a large degree by the retained kinetic energy of the bullet acting on the victim and the point at which the bullet hits the body. Therefore if WPC Fletcher had been shot in her right arm the tendency would be for that retained energy to spin her to the right hand side. WPC Fletcher was shot almost dead-centre in the abdomen, which is roughly her centre of gravity.

Thus the ‘fall on her right hand side’ proves the bullet came from her left, with its retained energy knocking her to the right towards the inner pavement where B. Cartmell saw the ‘chippings’ coming up. Any bullet fired from the Bureau would be in a straight line, knocking WPC Fletcher backwards rather than sideways and missing the inner pavement completely. Further, any stray bullet fired straight down the square from the Libyan Bureau that missed WPC Fletcher would continue straight on and bypass the crowd in the centre of the square. This is borne out by the limited noise ‘reaction zone’ in front of the Bureau, and the policeman standing in front of the Libyan Bureau looking puzzled when he should have been diving for cover.

If a very long 30 to 50 round continuous burst had been fired in a raking right to left traverse, it is certain that everyone standing in front of the Libyan People’s Bureau would have reacted instantly to the noise. It is no great secret that many embassies stock weapons for use in self defence, which are normally limited to handguns loaded with, jacketed or solid lead bullets of standard military type designed to remain intact and not expand on entry to the body. Such handguns (and compact sub machine guns which fire identical ammunition) have a strictly limited range and are generally inaccurate beyond about 25 metres or 75 feet. In like manner their retained kinetic energy falls swiftly over distance as they are only designed for close range work.

WPC Fletcher was well out of killing range for any such weapon fired from the Libyan People’s Bureau. Only 9mm defensive cartridges were allegedly found in the Bureau later by British authorities. In the case of the common 9 millimetre 123 grain bullet fired by these defensive weapons, energy falls from 341 foot-pounds as the bullet leaves the barrel to 241 foot-pounds at 100 yards. Quite enough to cause serious injury but rarely death if hit in the abdomen at extreme range with hospital facilities only ten to fifteen minutes away, especially if the victim is young, healthy and fit as WPC Fletcher certainly appeared to be on the film. Conversely, the retained energy from high velocity automatic assault rifles such as the American Springfield M14 or German Heckler and Koch firing a 180 grain standard military round is a massive 2,288 foot pounds at 100 yards.

Enough to go straight through two policewomen standing back-to-back if the bullet was a military full-jacketed variety. It seems unlikely the Fletcher autopsy report will ever be made public but it would provide one of the missing answers to what happened on that day: why WPC Fletcher died from a bullet in the abdomen which did not have the velocity to leave an exit wound, but nonetheless induced unconsciousness within minutes and her death shortly afterwards. There are three high velocity rifle bullet types specifically designed to cause massive damage without going through the body and exiting on the far side. The best known is the ‘dum-dum’ where a simple cross is cut on the nose of the bullet with a hacksaw, causing it to break up on entry and ensure heavy injury. The crude cross on the nose can cause severe inaccuracy so ‘dum-dum’ rounds are never used by professional assassins.

The ‘Hollow Point’ and ‘Silvertip’ fall into the second category and are professional hunting bullets. On impact either bullet uniformly expands to twice its diameter, causing the full retained kinetic energy to be expended inside the body, encouraging very rapid bleeding and swift unconsciousness. Third is a bullet designed for one purpose only – assassination. Known as the ‘Fragible’ bullet it is designed to enter the body and then shatter into tens of high velocity splinters or shot that cause colossal damage in the body cavity itself, though there is little external indication of the damage sustained. Although the film microphone recorded only two or three shots, the sound proves the bullets were fired by a high velocity weapon.

Eyewitness Cartmell stated he saw between 30 and 50 rounds judged by the ‘chippings’ from the pavement between WPC Fletcher and the demonstrators, so fragible bullets must be considered the most likely villains. If three fragible bullets were fired but only one hit WPC Fletcher the remaining two would explode on impact with the paving, throwing up dozens of minuscule razor sharp metal shrapnel fragments and hard granite chippings. Quite enough to injure a large number of bystanders but not kill them. This would also account for the blood missing from the pavement, and the policeman looking unsuccessfully for a bullet entry point on the demonstrator dressed in khaki. Each shrapnel puncture wound would be tiny and almost invisible to the naked eye i.e. blood on hands and faces, but no obvious bullet holes.

Once again, with the demonstrators carefully contained behind barriers in the central part of the square, the bullets must have been fired from a point to WPC Fletcher’s left-hand side rather than from her front as she stood facing the Bureau. Without access to the film, and knowledge of the CIA linked multinational located at 8 St. James Square, it would be very difficult for the police or public to comprehend what motive either side might have had in murdering an innocent, unarmed policewoman in the prime of her life. The Jamahiriya Review got very close to the truth with a single sentence in 1984: “It served the purpose for which the demonstration was staged, and fitted into the pattern of the American campaign to present a false image of the Libyan people…”

The demonstration certainly did that, but the Libyans apparently missed the main point of the exercise at that early stage in the proceedings. It was the assassination of WPC Fletcher which was to play the major role in presenting a ‘false image’ of the Libyan people during the years to come. There are few things more sacred to the British public than the safety of its proudly unarmed police force, a fact the Central Intelligence Agency was well aware of. Therefore the slaughter of a young unarmed policewoman on the streets of London itself would generate feelings of intense loathing in the British public and direct raw hatred towards the supposed killers. That it did, but the British public rem-ained unaware of the real culprits as the horrifying television film was flashed across the nation into millions of homes. The British police must have had suspicions of course.

The shots rang out for no obvious reason, and even the most junior constable would have realized that for the Libyans to kill an unarmed policewoman in broad daylight would be tantamount to committing complete diplomatic suicide. But what else could the British police do at the time? There were no other obvious suspects and the police (later) found 9mm cartridges in the Libyan People’s Bureau: cartridges that could easily have been planted by the occupants of 8 St. James Square the night after the last Libyan left the People’s Bureau. Number 8 was only a few metres away, and entry would have been simplicity itself for an agency as skilled as the CIA. The British Government and intelligence services were clearly certain that WPC Fletcher was not killed by Libyans located in the People’s Bureau, because after a bloodless siege that lasted until 22 April 1984, Britain broke off diplomatic relations with Libya and ordered the occupants of the People’s Bureau to leave the country within seven days. They were allowed to depart unhindered without a single ‘suspect’ being arrested and charged with WPC Fletcher’s assassination.

It was not until 2 May 1984 after the Libyans had left that the British suddenly ‘found’ 3,600 rounds of 9mm ammunition and an automatic pistol in the Bureau. If it was Libyan property it would certainly have been loaded into one of the 18 Libyan diplomatic bags which left the country unopened. The sceptical reader should compare British Government behaviour during April 1984 with later events in 1991 when the British Government stridently demanded the extradition from Tripoli on very shaky evidence of two Libyan nationals merely suspected of being ‘involved’ with the downing of American Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in Scotland. Back in 1984 the British Government had the entire staff of the Libyan People’s Bureau in the palm of its hand, but rather than make arrests it ordered all Libyan personnel out of the country within seven days.

Central Intelligence Agency motives for the assassination are not hard to establish. It is no great secret that the agency was outraged when the American military was ejected from Libya after Colonel Al Qadhafi came to power in 1969. Following on from that there are documented incidents of covert CIA action against Libya, primarily in the form of training insurgents in Chad to undermine the Al Qadhafi government in Tripoli, all of which failed. And so it was that American F111 bombers streaked off British runways during 1986 en-route for the civilian populations of Tripoli and Benghazi.

The choice of Britain as the launching point for that attack has long puzzled many strategic analysts. Why fly all that way in relatively old-fashioned F111s when the job could have been carried out more efficiently and with less warning by American carrier-based fighter-bombers in the Mediterranean? There is no answer other than CIA determination to reinforce hostile British sentiment against Libya. In addition the CIA awarded itself a bonus by murdering Colonel Al Qadhafi’s 15 month old daughter Hannah with a 2,000 pound laser bomb, guided unerringly to its tiny defenceless target by an American F111.


Years later it was established conclusively that the German ‘incident’ used as an excuse for the bombing raids was not the work of the Libyans at all but deliberate, calculated CIA disinformation. To judge by current developments with blanket sanctions continuing against Libya at the behest of the US, the CIA probably considers the calculated assassination of WPC Fletcher one of its finest achievements. With less than a handful of bullets the Central Intelligence Agency brought Libya to its very knees using deception alone. Anyone outside the CIA will probably view the assassination in a different light. Much is known about CIA assistance with the successful assassinations of Congolese strong man Patrice Lumumba and President Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, and of CIA assassination attempts against Castro of Cuba, Qadhafi of Libya and Hussein of Iraq.

Despicable though all those attempts were, they somehow seem distant and disconnected from the real world. But just like the events in St. James Square during 1984, every assassination or attempted assassination was planned for geopolitical motives, and to influence the populations of the countries in question. The CIA might even have sincerely believed that the human targets it selected deserved to die. Any such rationale vanished the day WPC Fletcher’s assassination was ordered by CIA headquarters. At that precise point in time the Central Intelligence Agency crossed an invisible ethical line when it decided to assassinate an innocent, unarmed British policewoman in a coldly-calculated, cynical psychological warfare operation designed to manipulate and distort the belief mechanisms of the entire British population.

That single bestial operation proved once and for all time what many have suspected for decades: that ‘Covert Action’ officials within the CIA have become mentally unstable and are now completely out of control. Joe Vialls is a Western Australia-based freelance journalist with [by the time the above article was published] 30 years’ direct experience of international military and oilfield operations.

Alleged ammunition in Libyan People’s Bureau -Whitaker’s Almanac, Annual Volume, 117th Edition 1985. Ballistics data St. James Square 1984 – Libyan Siege, TV documentary video 17 April 1984, sound by BBC’s Mike McKay. ABC TV Archives, Int. 84/431, Shelf VI84/19. Sydney, Australia. British expulsion of Libyan diplomats ’84 -Whitaker’s Almanac, as above. CIA: Earlier covert action against Libya – New DawnSpecial Supplement, Undated periodical 1992. CIA: Overseas political assassination planning – The CIA-Mafia Link, Ashman, J, Manor Books, New York 1975. CIA: Proven links with multinational – Citizen Hughes, Drosnin, M, Hutchinson, London 1985. Crowd reaction to shots in St. James Square ’84 – Libyan Siege, as above. Libyan reaction to WPC Fletcher’s death – Al Jamahiriya, The Main Event, Hillgate Street, London 1984. multinational presence, st. james square 1984 headed multinational documents, dated 1 february, 2 april and 6 april 1984. also january 85. Multinational telephone contact numbers 1984 – Confidential Multinational Memo, signed by the Group Vice President and dated 6 April 1984. Police and demonstrator positions St. James ’84 – Libyan Siege, as above. (Extracted from New Dawn Special edition, 1994) © 1994 by Joe Vialls

08 May 1984 plan to kill him failed.

During the decade, Washington recruited a secret anti-Gaddafi army. Britain was heavily involved.

In this period there are important historical political landmarks that are noteworthy:

In June, 1984, The Study and Research Section of the U.S. State Department drew up Report No. 110 entitled “The Libyan Question” which emphasized the contrary role played by Libya against American policies and against what the report referred to as “American interests in the Arab World and Africa”.

(The report focused on the role of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi in impeding American initiatives for a U.S. political settlement in the Middle East, starting with Jimmy Carter’s Camp David Accord in 1979 and ending with the initiative of President Reagan in 1982.)

Image description


Even the Understanding Agreement of Libya with France regarding Chad signed on 17 September 1984, was impeded by the United States who undermined it shortly after the meeting of Qaddafi with Francois Mitterrand. When all such manoeuvres failed to impose “sustained changes,” terrorist units were trained in the Sudan by the ClA. These units arrived in Tripoli but failed to achieve their purpose and their paymasters and provokers were uncovered. Assassination then became the new tool. There was an attempt to assassinate Muammar al-Qathafi in 1984, but the conspirators were apprehended and they revealed the role played by the CIA in the attempt.


In 1985, Reagan officials asked Egypt to invade Libya, but Mubarak refused.

May , 1985: The United States expelled all the employees of the Libyan People’s Bureau in Washington D.C
06 June 1985: American newspapers reported that the United States State Department had taken extraordinary actions to have Egypt participate in a military invason of Libya and occupy the Eastern part of the country.

In September, 1985, “The National Security Centre” drew up a report entitled “The Principle of Qaddafi.” This report explained that Libyan interests ran counter to those of the United States and that Libyan policies “pose a danger to American security and to NATO plans” and even to some Arab countries friendly to the United States. The report added that if it was not possible to shoot Qaddafi, “an operation must be worked out against him with accuracy never before encountered by Libya since the toppling of the monarchy in September 1969.”

On November 3, 1985, an article appeared “The Washington Post”, written by Bob Woodward, the journalist who revealed the Watergate scandal in l972 which brought about the resignation of President Nixon. This article contained information on a report drawn up by the CIA stating that President Reagan had empowered the CIA to implement a secret operation to destroy the Libyan regime headed by Colonel Qaddafi and that the plan included providing assistance to other countries in North Africa and the Middle East.



The major American attempt to stifle Al-Fateh revolution was that of 1986, namely the military aggression waged by hundreds of planes against Tripoli, Benghazi and the residence of the Leader of the Revolution, Moammar Qaddafi. Residential areas were bombed in a deluded attempt to terrorize Libyan citizens and goad them into ridding themselves of their revolutionary leadership.

The argument of the American Administration for this blatant aggression was that Libya was responsible for a terrorist act against a Berlin night-club which killed one American and wounded others. Washington persisted in its claim that Libya was responsible for the Berlin incident and provided its European allies with what it alleged to be conclusive proof. Based on this, the United States started a far-reaching campaign to mobilize Western and American public opinion and set its allies against Libya.

After the collapse of East Germany and the seizure of the files of German intelligence, it was revealed that the blowing up of the night-club was planned by the East German Intelligence Service in cooperation with the German Organization of the Red Brigade. It was reaffirmed by Herr Wolf, the head of the Intelligence Service, when he was apprehended and questioned by (West) German and American intelligence. This information, which would have exonerated Libya, was kept secret, not only because America wished to protect its “credibility”, but also because it wished to persist in its schemes against Libya.

America, ultimately, did succeed in its attempts at portraying Libya as the leader of the forces hostile to the West and a dangerous supporter of liberation movements in the Third World. It imposed collective political and economic sanctions on Libya and managed to rally the support of some States for its military aggression, including Britain, Spain, France, and Italy.

The major American attempt to stifle Al-Fateh revolution was that of 1986, namely the military aggression waged by hundreds of planes against Tripoli, Benghazi and the residence of the Leader of the Revolution, Moammar Qaddafi.

Residential areas were bombed in a deluded attempt to terrorize Libyan citizens and goad them into ridding themselves of their revolutionary leadership.

The argument of the American Administration for this blatant aggression was that Libya was responsible for a terrorist act against a Berlin night-club** which killed one American and wounded others.

Jonathan Azaziah writes:
“On April 5th, 1986, the final stages of Operation Trojan came to fruition when a disco club in Berlin was bombed, leaving one American soldier and a Turkish woman dead, in addition to severely wounding of 229 others. A heinous false flag blamed on Libya, the 1986 bombing of the La Belle disco was an extensive Mossad operation which was carried out with assistance from its allies in the CIA.

[To date, no evidence has been presented to support the involvement of Libya in the discotheque bombing which the AMERICANS gave as the excuse for the reason for the American bombings on Libya.]

Washington persisted in its claim that Libya was responsible for the Berlin incident and provided its European allies with what it alleged to be conclusive proof. Based on this, the United States started a far-reaching campaign to mobilize Western and American public opinion and set its allies against Libya.

After the collapse of East Germany and the seizure of the files of German intelligence, it was revealed that the blowing up of the night-club was planned by the East German Intelligence Service in cooperation with the German Organization of the Red Brigade. It was reaffirmed by Herr Wolf, the head of the Intelligence Service, when he was apprehended and questioned by (West) German and American intelligence. This information, which would have exonerated Libya, was kept secret, not only because America wished to protect its “credibility”, but also because it wished to persist in its schemes against Libya.

America, ultimately, did succeed in its attempts at portraying Libya as the leader of the forces hostile to the West and a dangerous supporter of liberation movements in the Third World. It imposed collective political and economic sanctions on Libya and managed to rally the support of some States for its military aggression, including Britain, Spain, France, and Italy.

In January 1986 Gaddafi proclaimed a “line of death” across the Gulf of Sidra, warning that if American ships or planes crossed that line they would be destroyed.

01 February 1986: The deadline by which all Americans citizens are required to end any cooperation with Libya and leave the country. The deadline was set by President Ronald Regan’s administration which one month later ordered its navy to attack Libya.

In March the U.S. responded with Operation Prairie Fire, consisting of 45 ships and 200 planes. Aircraft from the Sixth Fleet’s three carriers, Saratoga, Coral Sea and America, made forays across the “line of death.” Then three surface vessels crossed the line, supported by planes overhead and Los Angeles-class attack submarines beneath the surface. On Monday, 24 March  the Libyans fired several SA-5 surface-to-air missiles, but none came close to hitting an American target because they were diverted by jamming devices carried by EA-6B Prowler aircraft. Vice Admiral Frank Kelso, Sixth Fleet’s commander, waited until dark to respond. A pair of A-6 Intruders from the America hit a Libyan attack boat with HARMs (high-speed anti-radiation missiles). Several more Libyan vessels venturing near the fleet the following morning were struck, with one confirmed destroyed.

24 March  1986: The United States carried out a military air and sea attack on the Gulf of Sirte and other targets. Three air planes participated in the attack.
25 March 1986: The United States Navy planes in the Mediterranean bombarded some civilian targets in the Gulf of Sirte and a Libyan Coast Guard boat killing some civilians and injuring scores of Libyans.
The Sirte and Tripoli coasts were severely damaged.

Reagan congratulated the airmen and sailors of the Sixth Fleet, some of whom wore “Terrorist Buster” t-shirts and buttons, for a job well done, and on Thursday, 28 March 1986, the naval “exercises” were concluded. There were no American casualties; 106 Libyan civilians, mostly young children, had been killed….

At the time, Reagan said US air and naval forces « launched a series of strikes against (Gaddafi’s) headquarters, terrorist facilities, and military assets, (carefully) targeted to minimize casualties among the Libyan people with whom we have no quarrel. From initial reports, our forces have succeeded in their mission. »

On March 30, 1986, the Egyptian newspaper “Al Ahram” published an article stating that the United States had three times asked Egypt to wage a military action against Libya but that Egypt had refused to do so.
31 March 1986: The major government-run newspaper in Egypt “Al-Ahram” reported that the United States proposed to Egypt three times that year that Egypt and the US should conduct a joint military attack against Libya.

The argument of the American Administration for this blatant aggression was that Libya was responsible for a terrorist act against a Berlin night-club** which killed one American and wounded others.

Jonathan Azaziah writes:
On April 5th, 1986, the final stages of Operation Trojan came to fruition when a disco club in Berlin was bombed, leaving one American soldier and a Turkish woman dead, in addition to severely wounding of 229 others. 

[The discotheque bombing, was blamed by Americans on Libya without any true evidence what-so-ever.]

Washington persisted in its claim that Libya was responsible for the Berlin incident and provided its European allies with what it alleged to be conclusive proof. Based on this, the United States started a far-reaching campaign to mobilize Western and American public opinion and set its allies against Libya.

After the collapse of East Germany in 1989 and the seizure of the files of German intelligence, it was revealed that the blowing up of the night-club was planned by the East German Intelligence Service in cooperation with the German Organization of the Red Brigade. It was reaffirmed by Herr Wolf, the head of the Intelligence Service, when he was apprehended and questioned by (West) German and American intelligence. A heinous false flag blamed on Libya, the 1986 bombing of the La Belle disco was an extensive Mossad operation which was carried out with assistance from its allies in the CIA. This information, which would have exonerated Libya, was kept secret, not only because America wished to protect its “credibility”, but also because it wished to persist in its schemes against Libya.

 In April, Ronald Reagan tried to kill Muammar al-Qathafi again.

On 07 April, Reagan met with his chief aides to discuss another attack against Gadhafi and the Great Jamahiriya. “The president had maps all over the floor of the Oval Office,” recalled Edwin Meese III, U.S. Attorney General and Reagan’s close friend, in order to select potential targets. These included airbases at Tripoli and Benine, naval bases at Taranbulas and Benghazi, a terrorist training camp at Sidi Balal, and the Bab al Aziaya barracks where Gaddafi often stayed in a Bedouin tent equipped with telephones, heaters and a television set.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher signed off on the use of British bases in the operation, but Spain and France refused to grant American warplanes overflight permission; this meant the planes would have to fly 2,800 miles to reach their targets, and be refueled five times in the air. Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi spoke for many European leaders who refused to assist the USA and Britain in the attack.


On 14 April 1986 at 17:36 Greenwich Mean Time, twenty four F-111Fs of the USAF 48th Tactical Fighter Wing took off from the Royal Air Force base at Lakenheath, England. Twenty eight refueling tankers took to the air from bases at Mildenhall and Fairford, while five EF-111 Ravens equipped with high-tech jamming equipment soared skyward from a fourth base. Operation El Dorado Canyon was underway. The target: Libya. The American aircraft roaring through the English skies that evening were embarked on what would become the longest fighter combat mission in the history of military aviation, and the first major USAF combat mission in more than a decade.

(An F-111F in flight over the Gulf of Sirte)

The United States launched major air raids against Libya:

On the evening of Monday, 14 April 1986, as the F-111s from the British bases joined a dozen A-6 strike aircraft launched from the carriers Coral Sea and America and thundered through Libyan anti-aircraft fire to drop more than 60 tons of laser-guided bombs on five targets.

US warplanes struck Tripoli at 2 am. They bombed the Gaddafi family residence,

Five F-111s hit Gaddafi’s barracks compound with sixteen 2,000-lb. Paveway II gravity bombs. Five more American warplanes struck the military sector of the Tripoli International Airport. Army barracks and an airfield at Benina and the naval port at Sidi Bilal were also bombed. The raid lasted eleven minutes. Four Libyan MIG-23 interceptors, five Il-76 transports and two Mi-8 Hip helicopters were destroyed. Libyan radio reported many casualties, including Gaddafi’s 18-month-old adopted daughter Hana. An F-111 was destroyed by a Libyan SAM (surface-to-air missile); pilot Captain Fernando Ribas-Dominicci and weapons system officer Captain Paul Lorence were killed.
A total of 137 people, mostly civilian children, died in this raid, including Muammar Qaddafi’s 18-month old adopted daughter StepHANie, and wounding several of his family members [Toddlers Saif al Arab and Khamis had shrapnel and burns from head to toe and  were months in intensive care; Muammar’s wife Safya had internal injuries ending her ability to bear children].

In addition, dozens were wounded, [including two of Gaddafi’s young sons]. The French, Swiss, Romanian and Iranian embassies were damaged. So were Japanese and Austrian diplomatic residences.

Dozens of residential buildings were also damaged or destroyed. Libya’s Central Hospital reported up to 100 people needing treatment for serious injuries, including infants.

“The US planes also bombed a civilian apartment complex, miles from any military targets, killing dozens of children as they slept. I helped place flowers on the graves of these children in the Martyrs Cemetery located in the middle of the old Italian race track in Tripoli.”

The murder of Qaddafi’s daughter and so many other innocent Libyans was designed to boost Mossad’s image in the international intelligence community and display to the Arab/Islamic world that the United States stood with the Zionist entity, or more accurately, that the USA stood wherever the Zionist entity told it to stand. Muammar al-Qathafi was acutely aware of the deception that led to the murder of his child and the arrogance of the powers attempting to break him and the Libyan nation. Qathafi didn’t budge and his Resistance didn’t end.”


1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
AP Photo
En 1986, l’armée américaine a bombardé la Libye

In Britain, Prime Minister Thatcher was roundly criticized for going against the advice of her cabinet and supporting the American strike. In the House of Commons she stood firm — like a “lioness in a den of Daniels,” said the London Times — against shouts of disapproval from opposition members. The Iron Lady felt she owed Reagan for U.S. support during the Falklands War.

For a time there was widespread concern that terrorist revenge attacks would occur on American soil, and experts warned that the U.S. was woefully unprepared to deal with such a contingency. The attacks never came.

According to American Secretary Shultz*, the Reagan administration’s leading proponent of strong action against Libya, Muammar al-Qathafi “retreated into the desert”, after the United States bombed his Jamahiriya (including al-Qathafi’s home compound of Bab Azaiya) killing over 100 innocent in Tripoli alone and thousands injured. An Arab diplomat told Donald Gregg, U.S.national security adviser to Vice-President George Bush, that when al-Qathafi was seen “carrying the body of his dead child out of the wreckage, he lost all stature because it as shown that he couldn’t protect his family,” from the evils of the USA.

Photo : Muammar and his Daughter, Hana   T

The physical death of Muammar’s adopted daughter StepHANIE (HANA):

Media gag on alleged plot to kill Gaddafi

October 10 2002
By Paul Daley
The British media have been gagged from reporting sensational courtroom evidence of former MI5 spy David Shayler, including his alleged proof that the British secret service paid $270,000 for al Qaeda terrorists to assassinate Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 1986.

In its efforts to contain Mr Shayler’s allegations to the privacy of the court, the government has even stopped the media from reporting its successful attempt to win a gag order.

The decision by an Old Bailey judge to stop the media from reporting parts of Mr Shayler’s evidence came on Monday after two senior ministers, David Blunkett and Jack Straw, signed Public Interest Immunity certificates.

The certificates, which were submitted to the court, insisted that the media and the public leave the court if the activities of the security and intelligence agencies were raised by the defence.

The then Labour opposition strenuously opposed the Tory government’s use of the certificates during the arms-to-Iraq prosecution in the early ’90s. Some guilty verdicts were subsequently overturned on appeal because the defence successfully argued that it had been deprived of relevant information.

When such certificates are issued, it is standard practice for the judge to read the applications and publicly hear the arguments for and against a gagging order, before ruling. But in the case of Mr Shayler – a 36-year-old former MI5 officer who is accused of disclosing government secrets to the media and in a book – the government wanted the judge, Justice Alan Moses, to consider the application in private.

The British media widely reported on Monday that lawyers acting for Mr Shayler had accused the government of trying to “intimidate” Justice Moses. But on Tuesday the newspapers – many of which had mounted their own legal case against the application of the certificates – reported simply that the court had heard legal arguments relating to Mr Shayler’s trial. “The judge ruled that they (the legal arguments) cannot be reported,” The Guardian reported.

Although Mr Shayler’s jury trial is expected to begin next week in the Old Bailey, any evidence relating to sensitive security or intelligence matters will be kept private. After the judge’s ruling on Monday, several articles detailing Mr Shayler’s anticipated evidence – and the government’s efforts to keep it secret – were withdrawn from newspaper websites across the country.

It is believed the government successfully applied to have parts of the trial heard in camera. This applies to evidence on “sensitive operational techniques of the security and intelligence services”.

It is also believed that the court agreed to keep the identities of MI5 agents secret and to allow them to give evidence from behind screens.


معرض صور الزعيم “معمر القذافي “

Barbara Walters asks Gadhafi about chemical plant and meets his family.
But Walters remains very arogant and mean towards Muammar despite this interview.

A man of God, and never ever thinking of revenge, Muammar al-Qathafi acted with [uncharacteristic of Western manners] total holy restraint in all the years that followed even though the Western Nations continued to persecute Muammar al-Qathafi with total trade sanctions–(and using him a a BLACK-SHEEP scapegoat for the many acts of terrorism performed by the CIA, MI6, French and Israeli Intelligence throughout the world–most notably Pan Am 103/Lockerbie).


Psychological Warfare:
In 1986, CIA and State Department political officers proposed encouraging a coup against Muammar Gaddafi — a plan supported by CIA Director William Casey, National Security Adviser John Poindexter, and Secretary of State George Shultz.* President Reagan authorized a campaign of disinformation and destabilization which included CIA operations to aid and abet Libyan dissidents and exiles. The CIA and NSC leaked false information about Gaddafi, implying that he was impotent, insane, and a cross-dresser. The campaign came under fire when the “Washington Post” revealed the details of the scheme on 02 October 1986; but the dirty psychological warfare, against Muammar al-Qathafi, his Great Jamahiriya, Green Book and his whole family, never ended.

The Soviet Union responded to the 1986 raids by canceling scheduled talks between Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze and Secretary of State George Shultz that were intended to formalize plans for a summit meeting between Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who promised Gaddafi that the USSR would help Libya strengthen its military defenses.

22 December 1987: in the African nation of Chad, came the first American arm shipment to arrived in the Chadian capital Njamina.
“Terrorist” activity continued on the rise in 1987 and 1988, (mostly Western and NATO false flag operations) despite the USA’s hype of fighting “terroristm”.

On the 13th of January, 1988, the American magazine “Newsweek” published an article entitled “Six Strategic Points,” referring to the six points outlined by a second ranking official at the National Security Council and endorsed by that Council. These were the following:
Project President Qaddafi as a negative personality on the international scene, and slander him so as to create a public opinion within the United States and at the world level that would support any American project hostile to him.
Continue the persistent demand that the Western allies oppose Libya at political, economic, and military levels.
Threaten to boycott the countries which refuse to boycott Libya even if that boycott involves the cessation of American military transaction with some allies such as France and Belgium.
Mobilize all forces hostile to Colonel Qaddafi, and finance, equip, and encourage his enemies.
Invite all the countries of the world to exercise a strict control over Libyan diplomats, even if it involves the violation of their diplomatic immunity.
Organize a military operation against Libya.
The illegitimate Israeli state then kicked its next plot…” into high gear: the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 on December 21, 1988, better known as the Lockerbie bombing. 270 people died in the attack.

So was Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi. Scottish judges knew he was innocent but convicted him under pressure.

al-Qathafi never admitted fault. He took responsibility solely to have international sanctions removed. To this day, he and al-Megrahi stand falsely accused. Likely CIA /MI6/and/or Mossad involvement is never mentioned.

Witnesses at the trial later admitted they were paid $4 million each for their false testimony, and recanted their evidence. Yet the world media did not report that widely, while for years the Lockerbie « Libya did it » was circulated non-stop. Sanctions were placed against Libya for around 10 years by the United Nations Security Council, causing hardship for millions and lost trillions, but no apology nor compensation was given to Libya.


27 Jan. 1989: Gadhafi Introduces His Family

Barbara Walters asks al-Qathafi about chemical plant and meets his family.

(POSTED 02/21/2011)

BARBARA WALTERS remains very mean and obstructive to the truth concerning Muammar despite this interview.

In 1989, when George Bush became President after Ronald Reagan, the Libyan diplomacy earnestly sought to open a new page of relations between Washington and Tripoli, on the basis of a principle of balanced relations between states, and laying the blame for the aggression against Libya on President Reagan and his Administration alone. But this Libyan initiative was repulsed by Washington and its European allies, and the accusations and plots against the Libya continued. It became clear that the campaign against Libya was not the result of the will of particular leaders but was firmly entrenched in the world view of the imperialist Western nations.

In 1990, the campaign of these nations against Libya took a new turn, in the form of allegations of the existence of a chemical arms factory at the village of Al-Rabita. They persisted in their allegations, although the Libyan authorities and the European firms which had set up the factory firmly stated that it was a pharmaceutical factory for chemical products.

The Libyan diplomacy succeeded in aborting this new campaign by inviting Arab and foreign delegations, composed of journalists, politicians, and members of parliament to visit the factory and verify its equipment and production. These delegations were headed by President Hosni Mubarack of Egypt. Each and every visitor unequivocally stated that the American allegations were unfounded.

News 01 SEPT. 1989:

In October, 1990, in the German magazine “der Spiegel”, the Leader, Moammar Qaddafi related his side of the story. He said that he had called the new Czechoslovakian President, Vlatislav Havel, and asked him to clarify the situation and deny the lies disseminated by America. Havel replied that he had issued an official denial without being asked to do so, but the denial had not been published. He then issued another denial, but the Western media did not even refer to it.

Media Freedom International reported how « US and British Intelligence Have Repeatedly Tried to Kill Qaddafi – CIA Involved in Libya’s Civil War, » saying:

In the early 1990s, former UK MI5 operative David Shayler said « he paid a sum of over ($100,000) to Al Qaeda » to kill him.

« A bomb was placed inside what was thought to be (his) vehicle. » It wasn’t and the plan failed.

On 07 December 1990: A United States air craft left Chad carrying hundreds of Libyans to Nigeria. The Libyans were captured by Chad in its war with Libya. The Libyans were then taken to Zaire, then to the United States. Libya accused the CIA of recruiting some of the Libyan hostages and taking advantage of their situation. Some of the hostages were brainwashed and indoctrinated to became members of the” National Front for the Salvation of Libya” and joined its army; & then some of them began their own terrorist opposition group to the Jamahiriya…

Yet, early in 1991, an unknown arsonist set fire to the factory. The arson allowed the Western nations to stick to their accusations and claim that the fire was an attempt to cover up the truth.

During the incident of the Rabita factory, the alleged purchase by Libya of 25 000 tons of Semtex from Czechoslovakia was raised. This material is known to be used for lethal explosives and plastic bombs. The new Czechoslovakian officials said that Libya had bought 2 500 Kg (2.5 tons) of Semtex, but in the pursuance of its slanderous plan, the United States enhanced that figure to 25 000 tons to prove that Libya had bought an astronomical quantity beyond its real needs and that it must, therefore have links to terrorist organizations throughout the world.
22 December 1992: A Libyan civilian air plane exploded over Tripoli. 158 people died in the crash. Libya accused Western intilligence agencies of masterminding the explosion . The explosion happened days before the 4th anniversary of the Pan Am flight explosion over Lockerbie, Scotland.

In 1995, the CIA was instrumental in establishing the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) to topple Gaddafi. Ideologically allied with Al Qaeda, latter day elements fought Soviet forces in Afghanistan.

The State Department also said they were responsible for a failed 1996 Gaddafi assassination attempt. At the time, CIA and MI5 operatives were involved. America strategically uses Al Qaeda, LIFG, and other groups as allies and enemies.

Allied with CIA in the 1990s, LIFG often clashed with Libyan security forces. Former LIFG members joined Anti-Gaddafi rebel rats.

Led by US, UK, French and other special forces and intelligence operatives, they comprise the main anti-Gaddafi fighting force.

In February 1996, Islamic extremists attacked Gaddafi’s motorcade near the city of Sirte. Allegedly, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service was involved, which was denied by future foreign secretary Robin Cook. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office later stated: “We have never denied that we knew of plots against Gaddafi.”

The State Department also said they were responsible for a failed 1996 Gaddafi assassination attempt. At the time, CIA and MI5 operatives were involved. America strategically uses Al Qaeda, LIFG, and other groups as allies and enemies.

In June 1998, Islamic militants armed by MI6, opened fire on Gaddafi’s motorcade near the town of Dirnah. One of his Amazonian female Guards sacrificed herself to save his life.

In August 1998, former British MI5 officer David Shayler renewed his attacks on the secret services, claiming that MI6 had invested GB£100,000 in a plot to assassinate Gaddafi.

“The US Army’s West Point Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) noted in its report, “Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq,” that these same fighters, drawn in particular from Benghazi and Darnah, would then move on to fighting US troops in both Afghanistan starting in 2001, and Iraq beginning in 2003, as well as contributing to the sectarian violence that made up the backbone of Iraq’s so-called “civil war.”

Whether or not their affiliation with Al Qaeda was official throughout the last 3 decades, the CTC’s report confirms that by 2007, an announced merger was made:
The apparent surge in Libyan recruits traveling to Iraq may be linked the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’s (LIFG) increasingly cooperative relationship with al‐Qa’ida, which culminated in the LIFG officially joining al‐Qa’ida on 03 November 2007. 
It would seem unthinkable then that the US would pick what was the epicenter of terrorism in Libya to make contacts with militants who had carried out three decades of terrorism and had even fought directly with US troops across multiple theaters of war – especially after these terrorists officially announced their merger with Al Qaeda. But that is exactly what the United States did.

Allied with CIA in the 1990s, LIFG often clashed with Libyan security forces. Muammar al-Qathafi made a warrant out for Osama bin Laden/T. Osman who was aligned with LIFG.

Photo : The African leader 

The LIFG is one of the groups believed to have planned the Casablanca suicide bombings in May 2003….

Libya: Muammar Al Gaddafi: Share the oil wealth directly to all Libyan citizens!

16 February 2009 –

Muammar Al-Qathafi: Share the oil wealth directly to all Libyan citizens!

Muammar Al-Qathafi called for support of his proposal to dismantle oil income of the  Libyan [government] and to distribute the oil wealth directly to all citizens of Libya.

“Do not be afraid to directly redistribute the oil money and create fairer governance structures that respond to people’s interests,” Brother Leader Muammar Al-Qathafi said in a Popular Committee.

“The Administration has failed and the state’s economy has failed. Enough is enough. The solution is for the Libyan people to directly receive oil revenues and decide what to do with them,”

The Leader said in a speech broadcast on Libyan television. To this end, the Libyan leader urged a radical reform of government bureaucracy.

Despite this, senior Libyan government officials voted to delay al-Qathafi’s plans.

Only 64 [ministers] from a total of 468 Popular Committee members voted for the measure. There were 251 who saw the measures as positive, but chose to delay their implementation.

Given the rejection of the CommitteeMuammar Al-Qathafi affirmed before a public meeting:


“My dream during all these years was to give the power and wealth directly to the people.”

* The Popular Committees are the backbone of Libya. Through them citizens are represented at the district level.


Libya’s leader Moamer Kadhafi delivers a speech in the Sala Zuccari of the Italian Senate on June 10, 2009 in Rome. Kadhafi faced a boycott by angry Italian lawmakers on the second day of an official visit in which he has re-opened colonial-era sores, as his speech to the Italian Senate had to be moved from the main chamber to the lesser Sala Zuccari after the Italian opposition vowed to shun his address. AFP PHOTO / TIZIANA FABI (Photo credit should read TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images) AFP/Getty Images

Mu delivers speech in Rome June 2009

U.S. Air Force maintenance experts complete familiarization seminar with Libyan air force maintenance experts.

“Operation Trojan Horse”

News of August 2010 (from US Embassy Libya website at this time…)
U.S. Air Force maintenance experts complete familiarization seminar with Libyan air force maintenance experts.

A team of United States Air Force maintenance experts recently completed a familiarization seminar that is hoped to lead to a continuing training program for Libyan air force maintenance experts. …..

*** ;  WHAT were THEY doing really? 
“Training” Libyan Air Force “Experts” or rather collecting informations about the Libyan Air Force, directly on ground?
Checking out helicopters and jets of the Libyan Air Force, Libyan defence systems for
the upcoming US/NATO aggression some months later?
It is a clear sign of too much TRUST forward to a power, who is not a friend to Libya and the Libyan people!

“Operation Trojan Horse”

Statement by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the Occasion of Libyan National Day  (September 2010)

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Libya as you mark your National Day on September 1.

Statement by Secretary Clinton: Libya’s National Day

Office of the Secretary of State

‘On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Libya as you mark your National Day on September 1.

Our governments have not always agreed on every issue, but our people share the dream of a safer world, a better life, and a brighter future for our children. The United States is committed to working with Libya to achieve these common goals. Although we have only recently reestablished relations between our countries, I hope these new bonds will endure well into the future. We look forward to strengthening the partnership between our governments even as we work through difficult issues, and we seek always to strengthen the friendship between our peoples.

On this occasion, we honor your history and culture, and I offer the people of Libya our warmest wishes for a happy holiday and a peaceful and prosperous year to come.’

US Navy Seals, UK SAS Forces, and French Legionnaires were already active in Libya with CIA and MI5 elements.

They enlisted, armed, trained and funded opposition fighters in violation of UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973, as well as fundamental international and US constitutional law.

Their mission involved regime change and killing al-Qathafi.

Starting in March 2011, US President Barack Obama appointed Christopher Stevens as ‘Special Representative to the Libyan Transitional National Council,’ and sent him to Benghazi to coordinate US military, diplomatic, and financial support to a “counter government” constituted from Cyrenaica’s Al Qaeda terror battalions and a cadre of US-educated, politically cultivated proxies across the ‘National Transitional Council’ (NTC).

Eventually, Stevens’ mission would become a success. NATO-backed terrorists overran the Libyan government, overthrowing it in Tripoli, brutalizing the cities of Bani Walid and Sirte – with the help of several months of aerial bombardment from NATO – and exterminating or exiling the entire population (10,000 to 30,000 people) of Tawarga. And almost immediately after the US’ success in Libya, the very terror brigades NATO had been funding, arming, training, and providing air support for, set out for the Turkish-Syrian border where they began invading Syria. ”

For decades, America, France and Britain wanted Muammar al-Qathafi ousted and killed. Nothing tried earlier worked. NATO’s 2011 war was launched to undue past failures. Nothing so far is resolved. Jamahiriya loyalists continue their liberating struggle valiantly.


The Turkish government, of which the Foreign Minister Davutoglu has claimed at Goldman Sachs in November 2011, that they reject violence in the endorsed upheavals in the Arab world, had been among others an active part in the mass murder in Libya.For example: Turkish warships participated in the blockade of the Libyan coast and prevented weapon deliveries to the government, while they let pass arms supplies to the regime-change forces, which were fighting against the Libyan

government.The allegation that Turkey would oppose the use of violence in the upheaval in the Arab world, is so much a blatant lie as it was already debunked as a false assertion regarding Bahrain, that Turkey would support the democratic liberal-minded masses of the Arab world.And in order to prove these lies of the NATO country Turkey, one has not to elaborate it further, that the NATO states Britain and France had already planed the war against Libya by a major exercise for the bombing of an unnamed “Southland” for an alleged protection of civilians at least since November 2010, Libya has accurately met the characteristics of this “Southland” and the French bombing of Libya has just started at the time where it was planned within the major exercise against the unnamed “Southland”; long before the beginning of the mass protests in the Arab world.In the regime change in Libya in order, how Davutoglu called it, to help the masses, which feel humiliated by Israel, that they finally achieve democracy and freedom, Turkey and other NATO countries were also supported by the autocratic Arab monarchies of the GCC and Israel.The conclusion is clear: Turkey pursues the regime changes in the Arab world not in order to enforce democracy and freedom or to help the Arab masses, that feel humiliated by Israel, to achieve dignity, but rather, as Davutoglu has explained it at Goldman Sachs, in order to gain Turkish-dominated “hinterland” for the rapid rise of Turkey into a world power.
Turkey itself is a major target for destabilization
Understanding the Disastrous Foreign Policy of Turkey – Part 7
Syria is not Libya – The Israeli/NATO-led Turkish miscalculation

The law case of the century: Indictment against NATO military and political leaders

Source – by Timothy Bancroft Hinchey

The law case of the century: Indictment against NATO military and political leaders

The law case of the century: Indictment against NATO military and political leaders (UPDATED)

NATO: Indictment for breach of international law in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The military and political leaders of NATO are hereby accused of the following crimes committed in the Libyan campaign of 2011, in which the systematic breaches of international law are underlined.

Understanding that international law exists and that it is systematically broken by certain powers with impunity, understanding that such a situation is unacceptable and that the same set of laws should apply to all, equally, with the same sets of weights and measures employed in upholding it, I hereby accuse NATO and the below-mentioned individuals, party to its acts in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya from February to September (ongoing) 2011, of breach of international law;

1. Accusation:

NATO war crimes, crimes against humanity, breach of UN Charter, Breach of UNSC Resolutions, breach of Geneva Conventions, occasioning murder, attempted murder, actions occasioning grievous and actual bodily harm, destruction of private and public property.

2. Accused:

Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Denmark) NATO Secretary-General; Charles Bouchard (Canada), Commander of Operations; Nicolas Sarkozy, Édouard Guillaud (France); Rinaldo Veri, Commander Allied Maritime Command (Italy); David Cameron, Sir Stuart Peach (UK); Barack Obama, Carter Ham, Sam Locklear (USA); Harald Sunde (Norway), Abdullah II (Jordan); Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani (Qatar), Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan (UAE); Sverker Goranson (Sweden) and the Defence Ministers Pieter de Crem (Belgium), Anuy Angelov (Bulgaria), Gitte Lillelund Bech (Denmark); Panos Beglitis (Greece); Hans Hillen (Netherlands); Gabriel Oprea (Romania);Carme Chacón Piqueras (Spain); Ismet Yilmaz  (Turkey), Liam Fox (UK), Ignazio La Russa (Italy), Gérard Longuet (France).

William Hague (UK), Hillary Clinton (USA) Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini


3. Law and breaches:

3.1 Proper procedure was not followed: Under the UN Charter, any military action which comes outside a UNSC Resolution in any theatre of conflict must necessarily come from a separate Resolution in the UNSC and any military action must come after the Military Council is convened. This was not the case under UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) covering the Libyan conflict.

Why did NATO not convene the Military Staff Committee of the UNSC? Under the UN Charter, Chapter VII, Article 46: “Plans for the application of armed force shall be made by the Security Council with the assistance of the Military Staff Committee”. Such committee was never convened.

This is a violation of the UN Charter rendering Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) void; There is also evidence that such Resolutions were passed on the evidence from a false flag event. The supposed crimes committed by the Libyan authorities have been hotly contested and must be investigated;

3.2 Intervention in domestic affairs of a sovereign state: UNSC Resolution 2131 (XX) of 21 December 1965, containing the Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States was backed up by Resolutions 31/91 of 14 December 1976, 32/153 of 19 December 1977, 33/74 of 15 December 1978, 34/101 of 14 December 1979 and 35/159 of 12 December 1980 on non-interference in the internal affairs of States.

3.3 Bombardment of undefended buildings and structures: Article 3 of the Statute of The Hague International Penal Court which states clearly that one criterion for indictment for war crimes is:

“Attack or bombardment, by whatever means, against undefended cities, towns, villages, buildings or houses”.

Another clause of the same Article 3 could also be invoked:

“Massive destruction of cities, towns or villages or destruction not justified by military necessity”.

The attack on Libya’s water supply network on Friday July 22 and the attack on the factory making pipes for the supply system on Saturday July 23 in al-Brega were not covered under “military necessity” in which case, under Article 3, this was an act of wanton destruction of civilian structures with military hardware. This renders NATO liable for trial by its own court, the ICC at The Hague;

3.4 Support for outlawed organizations and individuals. Despite this admission:
proscribed-terror-groups/proscribed-groups?view=Binary …

There is evidence that armed groups fighting inside Libya include the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) which according to the British Government: “The LIFG seeks to replace the current Libyan regime with a hard-line Islamic state. The group is also part of the wider global Islamist extremist movement, as inspired by Al Qa’ida. The group has mounted several operations inside Libya, including a 1996 attempt to assassinate Mu’ammar Qadhafi” and for which reason is on the Home Office list of proscribed terrorist groups, despite this, the UK aided and abetted the said group;

3.5 Failure to apply international law: Under the UN Charter, Chapter VI, Article 33, member states must “seek a solution by negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, resort to regional agencies or arrangements, or other peaceful means of their own choice”.

3.6 The Jamahiriya Government of Libya had the right to defend itself without being attacked: Chapter VII, Article 51 refers to the right of States to defend themselves against armed insurgency:

“Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security”;

3.7 Mercenaries: UNSC Resolution 1973 (2011), in its Chapter on Protection of Civilians, in paragraph 4. states:

“4. Authorizes Member States that have notified the Secretary-General, acting nationally or through regional organizations or arrangements, and acting in cooperation with the Secretary-General, to take all necessary measures, notwithstanding paragraph 9 of resolution 1970 (2011), to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory, and requests the Member States concerned to inform the Secretary-General immediately of the measures they take pursuant to the authorization conferred by this paragraph which shall be immediately reported to the Security Council;

There have been numerous reports of mercenaries being used by NATO and the rebels it supported; French Foreign Legion, Egyptians, Qataris, UAE forces, among others;

3.8 Boots on the ground: UNSC Resolution 1970 (2011) Paragraph 16:

“16. Deplores the continuing flows of mercenaries into the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and calls upon all Member States to comply strictly with their obligations under paragraph 9 of resolution 1970 (2011) to prevent the provision of armed mercenary personnel to the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya;”.

If David Cameron has admitted that UK special services have assisted the terrorists on the ground, this is against the UN mandate which allowed NATO to intervene in Libya, and is a war crime.

A request has been sent (August 30) to the British FCO and Ministry of Defence to confirm or deny that troops have been used in the theatre of operations; no reply has been forthcoming;

3.9 Non-enforcement of UN Resolution, and violation of international law, by transporting rebel forces to enter the theatre of operations:

UNSC Resolution 1970 (2011):

In the Chapter on Enforcement of the arms embargo, Paragraph 13 of the same states:

“13. Decides that paragraph 11 of resolution 1970 (2011) shall be replaced by the following

paragraph : “Calls upon all Member States, in particular States of the region, acting nationally or through regional organisations or arrangements, in order to ensure strict implementation of the arms embargo established by paragraphs 9 and 10 of resolution 1970 (2011), to inspect in their territory, including seaports and airports, and on the high seas, vessels and aircraft bound to or from the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, if the State concerned has information that provides reasonable grounds to believe that the cargo contains items the supply, sale, transfer or export of which is prohibited by paragraphs 9 or 10 of Resolution 1970 (2011) as modified by this resolution, including the provision of armed mercenary personnel, calls upon all flag States of such vessels and aircraft to cooperate with such inspections and authorises Member States to use all measures commensurate to the specific circumstances to carry out such inspections”;

In violation of this: supply of French Milan anti-tank missiles, Swedish Carl Gustav 84mm rifles, 68mm rockets and mortars and Maadi assault rifles from Egypt; this, in addition to the British, French and Italian military advisors helping the terrorists.

3.10 Violation of Geneva Conventions:  NATO and the Transitional National Council have given the people of Sirte ten days to surrender or face a full military onslaught. This is not a cease-fire. While they await their fate, they will still be subject to artillery fire and NATO bombing, and food, water and electricity have already been cut off.

These siege tactics have been outlawed by the Geneva Conventions. In particular, Article 14 of the second Protocol to the Geneva Conventions states, “Starvation of civilians as a method of combat is prohibited. It is therefore prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless for that purpose objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population such as food-stuffs, agricultural areas for the production of food-stuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installations, and supplies and irrigation works.”

The 4th Geneva Convention prohibits all forms of attacks on civilians and the collective punishment of civilian populations, so virtually everything that the combined TNC-NATO forces are doing to the people of Sirte is strictly illegal and in fact criminal.

4. Sample Crimes:

21.03.2011. Tens of civilians killed on 31st of March in Gharyan city in western Libya (video).
07.04.2011. — NATO bombers killed 15 rebels and wounded 22 on the outskirts of Brega.
20.04.2011. TRIPOLI NATO Bombing The Libyan Arab Association For Human Rights (video).
27.04.2011. — NATO attacked the city of Misrata, killing 12 people and wounding 5 others.
30.04.2011. — The bombing of the Downs Syndrome School in Tripoli (video).
30.04.2011.— NATO killed inocent civilinas: The youngest son of our great leader Saif Al Arab gaddafi was only 29 years old, grandchildren of our Great Leader, Saif Mohammed Muammar Gaddafi was one year and 3 months (born on 30 January 2010) , Carthage Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi was 2 years and 9 months old (born on 2 August 2008) and Mastura Humaid (daughter of Aisha) was 4 months and half (she was born on 15 December 2010) (video).
09.05.2011. — 600 civilians are reported dead after getting into trouble on thier boat. They send urgent SOS messages to NATO, but they were ignored (video).
13.05.2011. The 11 imams (spiritual leaders of Islam) that were killed. The imams were killed in a NATO bombing in the city of Brega (east), which also injured about 50 people. (video)
17.05.2011.—The NATO attack on Libya’s Anti-Corruption Agency on May 17 was extremely convenient for some Westrern politicians (video).
12.06.2011. — The bombing of the University of Tripoli. Death toll not yet established. (link) or photo evdence.
15.06.2011. — At least 12 people were killed and two injured when a NATO air strike hit a bus Wednesday evening in Libya’s Kikla city (video).
19.06.2011. — 9 civilians were killed by a NATO air strike on Tripoli (video).
19.06.2011. — Massacre of Al-Hamedi family 15 civilians, including 3 children, were killed by another NATO air strike on Sorman (link).
19.06.2011. — Firetracs was bombed (video). 22.06.2011. — The bombing of the Great Man made Waterway irrigation system, which supplies most Libyans with their drinking water. Water for 4,5 million INOCENT CIVILIANS IN LIBYA (video).
22.06.2011. — Zliten – many civilians were chopped into pieces. (link)
28.06. 2011. — NATO air strike killed 16 civilians (one whole family killed) and more than 20 injured in public market in Tawergha east of Misurata (video).
04.07.2011. — NATO bombing civilian checkpoint in ZWARA. (video)
15.07.2011. — At least 12 people were killed and 2 injured when a NATO. The air strike hit the bus with inocent civilians in Kikla City. (video)
17.07.2011. — Multiple urban areas were bombed simultaneously this morning. Anywhere from 60 to 75 bombs may have been dropped mostly in the areas of Tajura and Seraj, according to eyewitness reports. (video)
23.07.2011. — The bombing of the factory which makes the pipes for the water system, and the murder of 6 of its employees.
24.07.2011. NATO bombing cattle and poultry project in Torghae city (video).
24. 07.2011. Libya war: NATO Press Briefing, 15 civilians are dead in Tawergha (video).
24.07.2011. —The bombing of the Hospital at Zliten. Resulting in the murder of a minimum, of 50 civilians many of them children.(video).
25.07.2011. NATO bombed food storage in Zlitan.(video).
25.07.2011. — 20 civilians were killed by NATO air strikes in Bir al Ghanam. (video) 30.07.2011. — NATO warplanes also repeatedly bombed a Libyan television station, killing 3 and injuring 15.
02.08.2011. — Law School In Zlitan (Zliten) (video).
04. 08.2011. — Woman and two children (video).
07.08.2011. — NATO bombed today the vegetable market in Tripoli (link).
08.08.2011. — Libya: NATO MASSACRED 85 CIVILIANS: 33 CHILDREN, 32 WOMEN and 20 MEN (video)…

The persistent on-going bombing of the civilian population in Zliten, Sirte and Tripoli, death toll not yet established. All4Peace & LibyaSOS.

5. Further documentary evidence of the crimes.

Drawn up by: Timothy Bancroft Hinchey


Director and Chief Editor Portuguese Version

Sandra Barr, Nada Pejnovic and Tatjana Dimitrijevic

Christopher C. Black, Barrister, Canada


Tony Cartalluci,13 SEPT 2012:
*: “Turmoil and Triumph”
George P. Shultz (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1993)


Mu 12 MARCH 2007

Jonathan Azaziah: “Mask of Zion” 25 MARCH 2011 (online)
“National Security Directives of the Reagan & Bush Administrations”
Christopher Simmons (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1995)
Thomas Van Hare at “Fly Historic Wings” 28/29 June 2012 (online)

CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIBYA: Concept of International Terrorism

Terrorism was considered an issue separate from political violence only in the early 60s. The distinction has to be made not only between crime and violence and between violence and terrorism, but also between terrorism and armed struggle and revolution. The nature of the relationship between the victim and the third party determines the nature of the action: terrorism, violence, or crime.

Violence is the deliberate direct harming of the victim. In other words, when the victim is first and foremost the objective. The perpetrator of a crime, on the other hand, deliberately seeks to harm his victim as a means of revenge or for any other selfish purpose. Terrorism is the use of violence to harm the victim in order to bring moral pressure to bear on another party. It is usually a tactic used by a weak group against a stronger hostile group to attain a political objective that has been perceived to be impossible to achieve through other means. Hence a terrorist is not usually qualified as a criminal. The terrorist usually believes in the personal innocence of his victim, and his only justification for harming him is his wish to communicate a message to a third party.

Finally, a distinction is made between terrorism and armed struggle. The United Nations has, in its instruments, declarations and resolutions, emphasized this distinction, legitimating the right to armed struggle in favor of self-determination, the liberation of an occupied territory, or the recovery of a usurped independence. However, the U.N. Charter forbids the use of force in international relations, doing so in various Articles of the Charter, in particular Article 1, paragraph 1. The Charter authorizes the use or threat of force only in two specific cases:

  • International security and the need for military measures (Articles: 41 and 42) particularly if the Security Council fails to counter the jeopardy posed to international security.
  • The right of self-defence (Article 51). The right of individual or collective self-defence under the aegis of the Security Council.

The U.N. Charter did not define the acts that could jeopardise international peace. However, GA resolution 375 of 1949 comprised a Declaration of the Rights and Duties of States. Article 9 of this Declaration stipulates that every State should refrain from the threat or use of force in its regional policy, that every State should also respect the territorial integrity, the security and independence of any other State, and refrain from any act incompatible with international law and the international order. Article 10 forbids assistance to any State that contravenes the provisions of Article 9.

Regrettably, none of these international instruments have been heeded. The United States provided Britain with assistance in its war against Argentina in 1982 and Britain assisted the United States in its bombing of Libya in 1986. Despite the Israeli violations of International Law, aggression against Lebanon, occupation of Palestine, parts of South Lebanon and the Syrian Golan Heights, the flow of military and economic assistance to “Israel” forthcoming from several States, particularly America, shows a sharp increase.

Furthermore, the United States has always countered the efforts and attempts made by the U.N. General Assembly to define the concept of “International Terrorism” and its context, to differentiate between State terrorism and that of individuals or groups of individuals, and to differentiate between international terrorism, and the right of peoples and liberation movements to self-determination. At the Special Committee on Terrorism, the United States insisted on removing the issue of State terrorism and the definition of the concept of terrorism from the scope of the committee. It did so because it had often resorted to State terrorism. A good example was the highjacking of the Egyptian civilian plane in international air space in l985 in which the plane was compel to land in one of the NATO bases in Sicily, Italy.

The concept of “State Terrorism” implies a state or a group acting on its behalf or employed by it to terrorize other parties outside its national boundaries. The other parties could be a State, a group, or individuals. The State embarking on such action makes use of either economic, political, media, or military means, or a combination of these.

There are various forms of State terrorism:

  1. To provide assistance to colonial expansionist racism of fascist regimes;
  2. To provide assistance to armed groups rebelling against national governments;
  3. To counter national liberation movements struggling to secure the right of self-determination for their peoples;
  4. To impose a given policy on a national government against the will of its people;

The U.N. General Assembly resolutions express a manifest condemnation of the forms listed above and others like it, yet the above four points clearly indicate that in its conflict with the Jamahiriya, the United States has practised all forms of “State terrorism.” America is still training a group of CIA agents to carry out acts of aggression against Libya.

The collapse of the balanced world order could be achieved today by terrorist means, thus posing a greater danger than ever before. The facility with which bacteriological and chemical arms can be produced, is a further encouragement to the hopeless and the downtrodden to make use of them to terrorize. Terrorism can be deterred only through justice and fairness The obstinacy manifested by American and British circles in their dealings with Libya, and their refusal to be just and fair, could provoke any nation and goad it into taking irresponsible and frenzied actions.

Libya, on the other hand, has always acted in a diplomatic manner, with great maturity, calm and self-confidence. It moved at Arab and international levels stressing its readiness to seek arbitration from any neutral international organization and to co-operate to achieve justice. Libya has at every occasion proclaimed its innocence in these two terrorist acts. The Libyan judiciary officially investigated the two international cases involving Libyan nationals. The Leader of the Libyan Revolution proposed several times to submit the two cases to the United Nations or to the International Court of Justice or to any other joint organ. The Libyan judiciary announced its readiness to cooperate directly with the British and American as well as French judiciary. The leader of the Revolution Colonel Moammar Qaddafi called for the convening of a session of the U.N. General Assembly to consider the issues of terrorism and compensations to the victims of international terrorism – past and current – calling those responsible to account for such acts, whether individuals, states or organizations, and calling for the enactment of international legislation to determine the definition of terrorism, and to forbid and penalize it.

Despite the manifest flexibility of Libya in endeavoring to avert this imperialist aggressive scheme against it, it never disregarded its sovereignty or political principles. It categorically refused to surrender its accused nationals for trial in Britain, the United States, or France because such an act was incompatible with its laws as well as with the norms of international law. It upheld its revolutionary and freedom-loving message, and stressed that Western nations had long been guilty of terrorism, including old and neo-colonialism, such as hijacking planes and killing innocent civilians in Libya and Palestine. All Arab and non-Arab countries, which had been exposed to Western colonialism and plots, called on Western and international justice to apply the principle of justice and retribution to each and every one.

Such stands of Libya and the way it handled this new campaign had positive and important results. All Arab countries condemned the Western threatening approach and stood against any military aggression against Libya whatever its justification. The Council of the league of Arab States adopted resolutions which angered and disturbed the Western nations because they did not expect such a strong collective stand, believing that the Gulf crisis they had planned had severed forever the unity of Arab peoples and countries. A number of Arab governments including those which had excellent relations with Western nations expressed their solidarity with Libya and their opposition to any political, economic, or military sanctions, before and unless Libya was indicted by a neutral international legal authority. Other Arab countries announced their firm determination to side with Libya in case of a military confrontation. This strong and unanimous support for Libya was reiterated at the Islamic Summit held in Dakar (December, 1991), and all Muslim Leaders condemned this threatening and aggressive approach.

This open and diplomatic handling by Libya of the Western slander campaign disclosed the blatant aggressive nature of the American-British-French scheme. Their refusal, in particular, to consider the acceptance by Libya of abiding by a neutral legal ruling, and persisting in their arrogance to stand by the alleged results of their investigations shows exactly who is the aggressor.

  • A great number of observers and writers wrongly believed that the end of the Cold War and the great changes in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republics would be reassuring to the American authorities and that they would relax and feel secure in the future of their status in the context of international relations and the new World order. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. America cannot maintain its dominant standing in a world where international relations lack the use of military force. An international community that seeks to establish relations governed by justice and law, equality of nations and peoples, multiple cultures and multiple civilizations and peaceful coexistence, on the basis of this plurality, implies some new criteria for distinction and differentiation other than that of a “comprehensive force.”
  • The standing of the United States would then recede, and the imperialist role it has played from the Yalta to the Malta Summits would disappear. Trying to sail against the tide of such major changes and seeking to confront a strangling internal economic and political crises, America and Britain exploited the Lockerbie crisis to shift attention to an external “enemy,” Libya, and turn it into the scapegoat of their crises.This was aided by the fact that over the past two decades their media had nurtured in the mind of the Western public opinion a picture of Libya as an enemy.
  • The “Libyan” case is one of long standing in the American mind. It goes as far back as two centuries ago (1790) when the American navy had its first military confrontation in Libya on the shores of the Mediterranean. The statement of Secretary of State James Baker, at the Madrid Peace Negotiations about the historical considerations for the choice of Madrid as a venue for the conference, exposes the “history” which American political forces are trying to fabricate so as to justify its hijacking of the European will.
  • Ultimately, the confrontation between the imperialist West and Libya is due to the fact that they stand at opposite poles in their international policies. The crises that emerge from time to time in their relations are but a reflection of a conflict which extends far beyond Libya and the Arab context, to cover a vast area of the planet.
  • At its roots, is the fact that the mainstays of the external policy of America, the Leaders of the West, do not stop at economic hegemony but seek cultural, ideological, and societal uniformity in addition to political and military subjugation. On the other hand, the official Libyan policy is based on the conviction that NATO, under the leadership of America, is the root of the problems of the world. It has the upper hand on the economic affairs of the world and seeks political and military domination of all its countries.While the Libyan position is in direct opposition to that of the United States, and has always been condemned and denounced by America, it is truly difficult to identify a single act of Libya that led the Western capitals to the brink of such madness.
  • Whatever Tripoli did it has been nothing more than an undrstandable attempt to counter colonial schemes: attempts at achieving “ideological dissimilarity”; repeated calls for Arab unity; opposition to the colonization of Palestine; endeavors to control oil prices through a production ceiling at OPEC; assistance for national liberation movements; support for the just causes of the peoples of the Third World struggling against colonialism; rejection of the policy of military bases and alliances; and refusal to submit to the U.S. claims on its territorial waters in the Mediterranean.Nevertheless, the policies of the Jamahiriya were, and still are, in the context of NATO strategy, “a zone of tension” that threatens the interests of the major powers on its designs in the “Third World.”
  • This was, and is, the basis of the hostile attitude of Western media toward Libya, and of the economic, political, and military boycott imposed on it. This, in addition to attempts to provoke it into a military confrontation with its neighbours in the region and with American forces culminated in such incidents as the air raid of 1986, in which 170 military planes bombed Tripoli and Benghazi.It is important, at this point, to expressly mention some points which highlight the covert dimensions of the on-going crisis:The accusations levelled coincided precisely with the expected stalemate of the so-called peace negotiations in the Middle East. They were partly aimed at preventing Libya from influencing the Arab world, whether at the level of the average Arab person, the Palestinian organizations, or the radical parties which endorse the Libyan position against Israel.
  • On Libya’s side, there was a need to divert the attention of Libyan Arab public opinion, the League of Arab States, and several Arab countries, and make attempts at countering the accusations and ready the Nation to repel any possible aggression.Meanwhile, other Arab and international parties would meet in Moscow to consider the steps to be taken to normalize relations between Tel Aviv and an untold number of Arab capitals, while Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine were boycotting the negotiations. The absence of Libya greatly curbed the expected Arab reaction against the multi-party negotiations which flagrantly bypassed the problem of the occupied Arab territories and addressed themselves to what is more harmful and dangerous than “Camp David”. The timing of these events was deliberately planned by America.After the success of the dangerous encounter with Iraq, and the West had rid itself of the problem of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and was envisaging a new decade during which the major powers could again overtly apply a policy of heavy artillery to repress their opponents in the world, the United States, which had viewed the United Nations as a mere arena for its confrontation with the Soviet Union, turned to the United Nations to exploit its organs, and provide international legitimacy for its aggression.What rendered the situation even more complex is that America wished to rid itself definitively of the “concept of balance” that prevailed during its conflict with Moscow. It was no longer satisfied with partial success, namely, that its conflicts with Libya would culminate into a stalemate or balance of power.
  • What America and its NATO allies continue to seek is the eradication of the Libyan revolution through the use of force, and total dominance of the new World order.It would be opportune to recall what the French journalist Jean Lacouture wrote when commenting on the American decision to raid North Vietnam in 1966:“The Americans believe that they have the absolute right to attack any place at any time if they so wish, as if the whole world was a prey of America, which would impose its domination, organize it in accordance with its supreme wisdom and subject it to the control of American forces.”A crucial element of the conflict in recent years is that the United States and Britain stand at the threshold of a crippling internal economic and political crisis, and there is an imperative need for them to draw attention to an external enemy to make it the scapegoat of this current crisis. In addition, both nations are seeking to prolong the life of NATO, although there is no longer any justification for its existence.
  • NATO is essential to America to maintain its hegemony over Europe and to halt European unity, or at least impede it by concocting an alternate enemy and a looming danger to compensate for the absence of a Soviet danger. This time, it is the Arabs and their societal and spiritual guide, Islam.It is indeed no exaggeration to state that the so-called “New international Order” announced by George Bush during the Gulf war, will continue its efforts to wipe out “the civilized East” and attack Libya before the Arab world can recover from the “Iraqi-Kuwaiti” catastrophe, unless one of its European partners becomes conscious of the seriousness of America’s intent in becoming the ruler of the new World Order. Unless this comes to pass, Europeans will soon have to bow down to American hegemony with no hope of release in the future, and the American strategic objectives will gain control over the natural resources of the South and impose total domination on all political systems.Unit of Political and Strategic Studies of The Islamic World studies Centre.(1st published in 2004 by World Islamic Peoples Leadership)
  • 01 MAY 2008

    Kadhafi et prison d’Abou Ghraib

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    Accounting Arab rulers and leaders of the colonial invasion scandal blood Qrati

    When War becomes Peace: European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize 2012


    Nobel Peace Prize
    Nobel Peace Prize

    In another Orwellian move, the European Union (EU) has been announced the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2012 on Friday.

    The 27-nation organization was awarded the prizing for its historic role in “uniting the continent” and its contributions “to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”, RT reports.

    The unanimous decision was made by a five-person panel chaired by Thorbjoern Jagland, a strong advocate of the EU in Norway.

    While obviously having chosen to forget about the immense death and destruction the EU countries caused around the world, including hundreds of thousands of victims of NATO’s “humanitarian” terror bombing in Libya last year, Jagland stated that “the EU helped transform Europe from a continent of war to a continent of peace”.

    The EU is also responsible for the increasing suffering of ordinary people in Iran as a result of the economic sanctions it imposed on the country.

    Martin Schulz, the president of the EU Parliament, said in a reaction that he is “deeply touched and honored” by the prize.

    In 2009 the Nobel Peace Prize was won by U.S. president Barack Obama, one of the main orchestrators of the war against Libya.

    Recently Russian Liberal Party leader Valdimir Zhirinovsky said in a statement that the U.S. president should be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize because “the developments in Libya are another outrageous act of aggression by NATO forces and, in particular, the United States.”

    Referring to the U.S. current arming of the terrorists who fight in Syria, something the EU countries are also taking part in, Bolivian President Evo Morales agrees with Zhirinovsky bycommenting: “How is it possible that a Nobel Peace Prize winner leads a gang to attack and invade? This is not a defense of human rights or self-determination.”

    The Nobel Prizes were established in 1895 by Alfred Nobel, a Swedish industrialist and inventor. He gave only vague guidelines for the peace prize in his 1895 will, saying it should honor “work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”


    “Gaddafi trial” written by VOICE RESISTANCE 


    Relations between Libya and the United States:

    A huge number of U.S. acts of aggression!

    Although diplomatic relations between the two countries did not break officially but the steps Atkhaddtha successive U.S. administrations have brought these relations to the lowest level up to the relations between the two countries without stage pieces official, where it is known that none of the sides of Libya and the U.S. did not officially announce severance of diplomatic relations between the two countries .

    This official and legally, but in practice, the American-Libyan relations are regarded as broken because the two countries have become in the case of a complete break politically, diplomatically and economically, there is no longer any communication or transaction between them.

    And who exactly happened is that the U.S. State Department issued an order in 06/05/1981 to close the Arab Libyan People’s Bureau in Washington, citing the accusing its members of what it calls a general pattern of behavior is acceptable and what is President and Foreign Minister of concern towards the continuation of what you are doing to Libya of provocations and abnormal behavior widely, including support for international terrorism and movements contrary to diplomatic norms to members of the Bureau.

    At the same time, the U.S. government locked its embassy in Tripoli and the withdrawal of its members, and it situation experienced by Libyan relations America and the status of stagnation and decline continuously throughout nearly three decades are almost unique in the modern era which nations seek to further cooperation and peaceful coexistence, and did not reach American relations this degree of peremptory full with any other country with the exception of Cuba.

    And we can say Libyan-American relations have not seen any positive developments since the initial years of the September Revolution great policies adopted since its inception, such as national trends in achieving Arab unity, and the evacuation of the British bases in 28/03/1970 and 07/11/1970 American, and nationalization Oil companies in the summer of 1973, and to gain control of the Great Jamahiriya on its natural resources, and the rejection of the dominance of the big countries, and to support and assist the liberation movements in the world, all that was considered a threat to the United States interests and its policy in the region, and a threat must be fought.

    It may be useful to provide an account of time, for example and without limitation, some done by the United States from terrorist acts and aggression against the Great Jamahiriya reveals the truth about the fact the victim of terrorist acts are classified as such (state terrorism).

    Rejected the United States of America in 1972 and dialogue to establish full diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level with Libya.

    Violated a U.S. aircraft on 30/05/1973 airspace during the exercises, which was conducted by the Sixth Fleet off the Libyan coast.

    U.S. administration halted in 1974 the delivery of eight aircraft model (130) to Libya despite paying for it (60 million U.S. dollars) in advance of 1972.

    Threatened and U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on 01/03/1975 possibility of resorting to force against the oil producing countries including Libya.

    Incorporated and the U.S. Department of Defense name of Libya on the list of enemies of the United States in 1977.

    Released 1978 decision to freeze civil aircraft deal Boeing contracted with Libyan Arab Airlines.

    Announced the U.S. State Department on 24.1.1978 that Libya in the forefront of countries that the United States plans to take action against it because of its stance on the Palestinian issue.

    Conducted the American Sixth Fleet on 27 to 07.30.1978 military exercises close to the Libyan coast that were repeated also on 09/08/1978.

    U.S. authorities on 10/04/1980 harassed members of the People’s Bureau in Washington and then ousted four of its members.

    In 06/27/1980 tried aircraft belonging to the Sixth Fleet dropped the plane carrying the brother Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, Leader of the Libyan Revolution, but the attempt led to the downing of an Italian over Oskita Island.

    President Reagan issued on 5.6.1981 ordered the closure of the People’s Bureau in Washington and the expulsion of its members.

    Search the U.S. Senate in 1981, the possibility of a province on the import of Libyan crude oil to America which resulted in the issuance of a presidential order on 10.03.1981 introduces the following:

    A ban the import of Libyan crude oil.

    Subjecting U.S. exports to Libya for a licensing system.

    C prevent the issuance of licenses for strategic materials and equipment, as well as technical relating to the oil and natural gas.

    As a result of further consideration of the Senate for that matter President Reagan issued a presidential order dated 01.07.1986 set a date no later than 01.02.1986 to stop U.S. companies as well as U.S. nationals for all aspects of cooperation with Libya …. Are renewed annually issued last renewal of this province by President Clinton on 12/13/1994.

    This was the Security Council had issued on 30.03.1993 a decision in this regard in which he called on President Bush to seek to impose an oil embargo by the United Nations on Libya and urged American nationals to leave Libya.

    The United States has stepped up on 05/23/1981 provocations send AWACS planes to monitor the south-eastern Libyan border, also announced the intention of the Sixth Fleet to conduct exercises off the Libyan coast in the Gulf of Sirte.

    United States on F 19/08/1981 Libyan airspace and dropped two Libyan poll over the Gulf of Sirte and within Libyan territorial waters.

    President Reagan issued on 09.08.1981 presidential order to ban the export of parts and aircraft parts owned or operated by Libya.

    U.S. Sixth Fleet began on 10.17.1991 military exercises off the Gulf of Sirte continued until the day 10.22.1991.

    Identified by the U.S. authorities on 10.12.1981 scale movement members Permanent Mission of the Great Jamahiriya to the United Nations twenty-five miles from the headquarters of the United Nations in New York City, and Libya was the only country that identified her that distance.

    Foreign Ministry issued U.S. on 10/12/1981 instructions calling for all U.S. nationals to leave Libya and exposing each of the opposers to disciplinary action and legal accountability, as well as stop visas to Libya.

    The United States in 1982 an intensive diplomatic campaign targeted to prevent a summit of the Organization of African Unity ninth century in Libya in order to deprive them of carrying out the functions of the presidency of this organization.

    Issued and the U.S. Department of Justice on 11.03.1983 decision to abolish visas for Libyan Arab students studying at U.S. universities in the field of aviation and atomic energy and the various scientific disciplines relevant.

    President Reagan ordered on 02/17/1983 move the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier Nimets towards the Libyan coast.

    Infiltration during the year 1984 the number of anti-Libya elements recruited by the CIA to carry out sabotage operations in Libya aimed at causing confusion and instability by disgusting and he was among the members Hassi current intelligence chief member of the CIA as well.

    U.S. authorities refused on 26.07.1984 to grant visas for athletes and Libyan journalists participating in the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles.

    Accused U.S. President Reagan in his speech on 08/07/1985 Libya, among other countries Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, the DPRK supporting terrorism and threatened to use force against it.

    The United States on 24 and 25.3.1986 transfer Libyans in Chad
    This work was carried vile coward (Ghaith Seif) and Vice disgusting
    Launched a sea and air aggression participated in three aircraft carriers on civilian and military targets Gulf of Sirte and flooded a number of Libyan boats did not the U.S. Navy rescued crew one the Libyan Alkhefrat from drowning

    Launched the United States on 4/15/1986 attack large-scale air on the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, killing hundreds of innocent civilians and led to the enormous material losses in an attempt to assassinate Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Leader of the world revolution, focusing the attack on his residence and led to its destruction and the death of his son.

    United States exercised on 14.5.1986 pressure on the Italian company Fiat and canceled contracts with them in order to force her to get rid of Libya’s contribution to this company.

    Ministry issued a decision on U.S. Treasury 06/23/1986 bans the export of U.S. goods to Libya.

    U.S. President issued on 30.06.1986 is terminated under which American companies work and suspend all activities in Libya.

    The U.S. Secretary of State (Schultz) at the end of December 1987 visit to eight African countries urged the bloc against Libya.

    In 1987, the United States dispatched elements hostile to Libya to Chad after being trained to carry out acts of sabotage in Libya and Libyan prisoners of war forced to change their attitude to their country and forcibly recruited against.

    U.S. fighter planes dropped on 1/4/1989 two Ebian were on a reconnaissance mission normal north-eastern city of Derna.

    Exposed on 01/10/1989 civilian plane belonging to the Libyan Arab Airlines was on a regular trip to Turkey harassed by a U.S. military aircraft.

    The United States of America to transfer Libyan Arab prisoners who were recruited to work against Libya across some African countries to the United States to train and use against their country.

    President Clinton on 04/10/1994 report to the U.S. Congress on the economic boycott imposed on Libya from within what is in it:

    A freeze of more than 130 treated with Libya worth $ 207 million.

    B continued follow-up program measures imposed on Libya in the framework of the so-called initiative impasse dead end inttiattve a program designed to monitor and control all Americans destined for Libya.

    C continuation of U.S. efforts to impose more effective international action against Libya from those stipulated by Security Council resolution No. 883 to include an international oil embargo.

    U.S. President Clinton threatened in his speech to the World Jewish Congress on 04/20/1995 must act to contain Libya and others under the pretext of sponsoring terrorism and seeking to destroy the peace and destabilize the region, and its aspiration to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

    Dana Milbank
    Dana Milbank
    Opinion Writer

    Letting us in on a secret


    By , Published: 11October 2012

    When House Republicans called a hearing in the middle of their long recess, you knew it would be something big, and indeed it was: They accidentally blew the CIA’s cover.The purpose of Wednesday’s hearing of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee was to examine security lapses that led to the killing in Benghazi last month of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three others. But in doing so, the lawmakers reminded us why “congressional intelligence” is an oxymoron.Through their outbursts, cryptic language and boneheaded questioning of State Department officials, the committee members left little doubt that one of the two compounds at which the Americans were killed, described by the administration as a “consulate” and a nearby “annex,” was a CIA base. They did this, helpfully, in a televised public hearing.
    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was the first to unmask the spooks. “Point of order! Point of order!” he called out as a State Department security official, seated in front of an aerial photo of the U.S. facilities in Benghazi, described the chaotic night of the attack. “We’re getting into classified issues that deal with sources and methods that would be totally inappropriate in an open forum such as this.”A State Department official assured him that the material was “entirely unclassified” and that the photo was from a commercial satellite. “I totally object to the use of that photo,” Chaffetz continued. He went on to say that “I was told specifically while I was in Libya I could not and should not ever talk about what you’re showing here today.”Now that Chaffetz had alerted potential bad guys that something valuable was in the photo, the chairman, Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), attempted to lock the barn door through which the horse had just bolted.
    “I would direct that that chart be taken down,” he said, although it already had been on C-SPAN. “In this hearing room, we’re not going to point out details of what may still in fact be a facility of the United States government or more facilities.”May still be a facility? The plot thickened — and Chaffetz gave more hints. “I believe that the markings on that map were terribly inappropriate,” he said, adding that “the activities there could cost lives.”In their questioning and in the public testimony they invited, the lawmakers managed to disclose, without ever mentioning Langley directly, that there was a seven-member “rapid response force” in the compound the State Department was calling an annex. One of the State Department security officials was forced to acknowledge that “not necessarily all of the security people” at the Benghazi compounds “fell under my direct operational control.”And whose control might they have fallen under?
    Well, presumably it’s the “other government agency” or “other government entity” the lawmakers and witnesses referred to; Issa informed the public that this agency was not the FBI.“Other government agency,” or “OGA,” is a common euphemism in Washington for the CIA. This “other government agency,” the lawmakers’ questioning further revealed, was in possession of a video of the attack but wasn’t releasing it because it was undergoing “an investigative process.”Or maybe they were referring to the Department of Agriculture.That the Benghazi compound had included a large CIA presence had been reported but not confirmed. The New York Times, for example, had reported that among those evacuated were “about a dozen CIA operatives and contractors.” The paper, like The Washington Post, withheld locations and details of the facilities at the administration’s request.But on Wednesday, the withholding was on hold.The Republican lawmakers, in their outbursts, alternated between scolding the State Department officials for hiding behind classified material and blaming them for disclosing information that should have been classified. But the lawmakers created the situation by ordering a public hearing on a matter that belonged behind closed doors.Republicans were aiming to embarrass the Obama administration over State Department security lapses. But they inadvertently caused a different picture to emerge than the one that has been publicly known: that the victims may have been let down not by the State Department but by the CIA. If the CIA was playing such a major role in these events, which was the unmistakable impression left by Wednesday’s hearing, having a televised probe of the matter was absurd.The chairman, attempting to close his can of worms, finally suggested that “the entire committee have a classified briefing as to any and all other assets that were not drawn upon but could have been drawn upon” in Benghazi.Good idea. Too bad he didn’t think of that before putting the CIA on C-SPAN (TV).

    Start of “Operation Trojan Horse” – Condoleezza Rice – U.S. Diplomatic Relations With Libya May 15, 2006  

    Image description


    This Statement Vanished From The Internet and is here re-published for your education. This was the begin of a US operation, what could be called “Operation Trojan Horse”..

    Left: PROJECT LIBYA – November 5-8, 2007 Tripoli International Fairgrounds Tripoli, Libya

  / صحيفة الجماهير / 2012-05-09


    U.S. Diplomatic Relations With Libya
    Secretary Condoleezza Rice
    Washington, DC
    15 May 2006

    Image description

    U.S. – Libya Oil & Gas and Energy Exhibition Infrastructure Libya Exhibition (2007)
    Energy Libya Exhibition
    U.S. Participation is Certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce

    I am pleased to announce that the United States is restoring full diplomatic relations with Libya. We will soon open an embassy in Tripoli. In addition, the United States intends to remove Libya from the list of designated state sponsors of terrorism. Libya will also be omitted from the annual certification of countries not cooperating fully with United States anti-terrorism efforts.

    We are taking these actions in recognition of Libya’s continued commitment to its renunciation of terrorism and the excellent cooperation Libya has provided to the United States and other members of the international community in response to common global threats faced by the civilized world since September 11, 2001.

    Today’s announcements are tangible results that flow from the historic decisions taken by Libya’s leadership in 2003 to renounce terrorism and to abandon its weapons of mass destruction programs. As a direct result of those decisions we have witnessed the beginning of that country’s re-emergence into the mainstream of the international community. Today marks the opening of a new era in U.S.-Libya relations that will benefit Americans and Libyans alike.

    Just as 2003 marked a turning point for the Libyan people so too could 2006 mark turning points for the peoples of Iran and North Korea. Libya is an important model as nations around the world press for changes in behavior by the Iranian and North Korean regimes — changes that could be vital to international peace and security. We urge the leadership of Iran and North Korea to make similar strategic decisions that would benefit their citizens.

    For Libya, today’s announcements open the door to a broader bilateral relationship with the United States that will allow us to better discuss other issues of importance. Those issues include protection of universal human rights, promotion of freedom of speech and expression, and expansion of economic and political reform consistent with President Bush’s freedom agenda.

    Released on 15 May 2006

    Image description

      Photo : ابومنيار ابو الاحرار

    Muammar Gaddafi addresses gathering at the Green Auditorium (with English translation).

    23 JULY 2005

    see also:


    Coronor last year admits that the body in MISRATA WAS NOT MUAMMAR! SirtBasic People’s Congress Elvis BuckyMara Ahmed

    Ăáíßă This news .. And convey to you honestly .. And I do not want to comment, I convey literally just ————————–
    on channel Libya Liberal on 10/19/2012 approved on Friday evening has been a report in the Bulletin News channel method of killing Mr. Leader Muammar Gaddafi God’s mercy, dead or alive .. And the content of this report to host the official channel of Misurata, a foreign doctor from Alheiomen Rights Watch Global human rights organization via satellite.
    important .. During the debate indicated Dr. she was in Misrata and had examined the body of the leader and says her speech addressed to anchor channel that the body it assessed not to leader Muammar Gaddafi .. And it has sent its report in particular the organization and to United Almtthdh to the International Criminal Court.
    making news anchor in the channel speaks in a hysterical manner deplored what she said Dr Houb not mention the subject and now very .. She replied Dr. that it has no interest with any party in Libya, but this is the truth. ————————–
    ended and no comment from me .. Despite knowing many things have been keeping them in a timely manner
    Mara Ahmed
    أليكم هذا الخبر .. و الذي أنقله اليكم بأمانة .. و لا أريد أن أعلق عليه فأنا أنقله حرفياً فقط
    علي قناة ليبيا الاحرار بتاريخ 19/10/2012 الموافق يوم الجمعة مساء تم عرض تقرير في نشرة اخبار القناة لطريقة مقتل سيدي القائد معمر القذافي رحمه الله حياً أو ميتاً .. و علي فحوي هذا التقرير استضافة القناة مسؤول من مصراتة و دكتورة اجنبية من الهيومن رايتس وتش المنظمة الحقوقية العالمية عبر الاقمار الاصطناعية.
    المهم .. في اثناء النقاش اشارت ا

    لدكتورة بأنها كانت في مصراتة و قد عاينت جثة القائد و تقول موجهة حديثها الي مذيعة القناة بأن الجثة التي عاينتها لم تكن للزعيم معمر القذافي .. و انها قد ارسلت تقريرها بالخصوص للمنظمة و الي الامم المتتحدة و الي محكمة الجنايات الدولية.
    مما جعل مذيعة الاخبار في القناة تتكلم بطريقة هيستيرية عن استنكارها لما قالته الدكتورة و وحوب عدم ذكر الموضوع و الان بالذات .. فردت عليها الدكتورة بأنها ليس لها مصلحة مع اي طرف في ليبيا و لكن هذه هي الحقيقة.
    انتهى و لا تعليق مني .. رغم معرفتي باشياء كثيرة أحتفظ بها في وقتها
    Photo : Mara Ahmed<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
أليكم هذا الخبر .. و الذي أنقله اليكم بأمانة .. و لا أريد أن أعلق عليه فأنا أنقله حرفياً فقط<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
--------------------------------------<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
علي قناة ليبيا الاحرار بتاريخ 19/10/2012 الموافق يوم الجمعة مساء تم عرض تقرير في نشرة اخبار القناة لطريقة مقتل سيدي القائد معمر القذافي رحمه الله حياً أو ميتاً .. و علي فحوي هذا التقرير استضافة القناة مسؤول من مصراتة و دكتورة اجنبية من الهيومن رايتس وتش المنظمة الحقوقية العالمية عبر الاقمار الاصطناعية.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
المهم .. في اثناء النقاش اشارت الدكتورة بأنها كانت في مصراتة و قد عاينت جثة القائد و تقول موجهة حديثها الي مذيعة القناة بأن الجثة التي عاينتها لم تكن للزعيم معمر القذافي .. و انها قد ارسلت تقريرها بالخصوص للمنظمة و الي الامم المتتحدة و الي محكمة الجنايات الدولية.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
مما جعل مذيعة الاخبار في القناة تتكلم بطريقة هيستيرية عن استنكارها لما قالته الدكتورة و وحوب عدم ذكر الموضوع و الان بالذات .. فردت عليها الدكتورة بأنها ليس لها مصلحة مع اي طرف في ليبيا و لكن هذه هي الحقيقة.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
------------------------------------------------<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
انتهى و لا تعليق مني .. رغم معرفتي باشياء كثيرة أحتفظ بها في وقتها‎
    20 OCT. 2012

    Libya – The Curse of the Libyan leader (20 October 2012)

    Source: ALGERIA ISP

    Libya - The Curse of the Kadhafi (20 October 2012)

    ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama, the photo of rebel commander Hamali Ahmed Hamali Hatmani killed. It was he who arrested the son of the guide, Seif El Islam Gaddafi has been killed.

    News we received from the liquidation of inventory Mustafa Ahmed Alhmala Alahtmana in Brguen brother who Inventory dry yesterday Alhmala who sold Saif al-Islam Gaddafi .. God is great above Kidd aggressor

    Kadhafi retaliates day by day those who betrayed theJamahiriya. Nobody is immune to all those who planned this conspiracy againstthe Jamahiriya will never be alone at home they will never sleep peacefully. They shall become insane or they will die.



    Libya Comment: Death of the `New` Old World Order As Emperor Stands Naked

    Posted: 2012/10/18
    From: Mathaba                     
    Not only is the emperor (Anglo-American-Zionist capitalism) long standing naked in front of the world with its muscle (USA), brain (Israel) and heart (Satan), but also its many `gate-keeper` organizations have all been exposed and stand naked too with the world now turning to Jamahiri solutions to fill the void.By Mark CooperFor me the illegal invasion and destruction of Libya (a sovereign people and country) and the mass murder of Libyan people, exposed for all to see, the criminality, brutality and loss of legitimacy of NATO, the UN, the national governments of the UK, US, France and Italy among others that took part as well as the International Criminal Court.I realised that these organisations were acting above the law and that they now were working together, abetted by media to destroy any opponents to a bankster-led New World Order.I also realised that this time the target was a country and people I had never known, but that next time it could be my family, my children being bombed, executed and my country being destroyed through state sponsored terror.I learnt I had been propagandised against Muammar Qadaffi all my life and I felt both humbled and ashamed.I could no longer sit on the fence. That is why I made the video ‘Libya Truth’: that is why I can no longer, in conscience, support a terrorist government through paying taxes.I had to ACT. I can no longer cooperate with criminals that murder with brutal arrogance and impunity.For that, I honour Muammar and the Libyan people.Many, many people feel the same, I know.It’s time we ALL refuse to OBEY the psychopathic, inhuman, murderous criminals who control these organisations.We need to remember we are ALL children of the Creator and begin to ACT as such.– Mark Cooper can be reached

American soldiers are en route to Benghazi

Yankee soldiers give every LIBYAN, Syrian, African and Afghani child nighmares.


Libya - American soldiers are en route to Benghazi (12 September 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / According Yawm 17 February Thida FiLibya, American soldiers en-route to Libya Benghazi.

The American embassy in Tripoli closed its doors.

A German plane was targeted by gunfire in the same base. This aircraft had carried the body of the consul and American diplomats.

Security has been strengthened at the military airport in Benghazi Benina. Foreign diplomatic delegations begin to evacuate Benghazi.


Libya – News from the predators of democracy in Libya (8 October 2012)


Libya - News from predators democracy in Libya (8 October 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama, Parliament removed the NTC trust for second time the government of Abu Shakur knowing that MEPs want the government is composed of members of parliament.

The rebel leader Jomoa Kamati was kidnapped yesterday by gunmen. The photo of his car.

The execution order of General Younes Abdelfateh – Video

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama AdnanNajah which is part of the army of NTC states on the television that the Libya NTC was instructed to kill Abdelfateh Younes one week before the execution.


1) Urgent
1 Two strong explosions struck Tripoli by now …….. The reasons are still obscure 2 communication breakdown on the city of Bani Walid ……….
Oh God, make Enduring guile Nharham2)News of the kidnapping of CIA-puppet President Mohammed Maqrif President conference Allaotun
أنباء عن اختطاف محمد المقريف رئيس المؤتمر اللاوطني من قبل مليشيات مسلحة تتبع مصراتة في طرابلس, وذلك بعد أن قرر الذهاب بشكل طارئ مع مجموعة من اعضاء المؤتمر الى بني وليد.
Photo : أنباء عن اختطاف محمد المقريف رئيس المؤتمر اللاوطني من قبل مليشيات مسلحة تتبع مصراتة في طرابلس, وذلك بعد أن قرر الذهاب بشكل طارئ مع مجموعة من اعضاء المؤتمر الى بني وليد.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama in Tripoli, the National Congress MP Adel Charchari* was kidnapped this morning in a fake checkpoint.

Libya Herald Disinformation Outlet Admits: Qaddafi Supporters Attack Camp 27
Posted: 2012/10/21

With the siege and attack on Bani Walid by Misrata rats being seen as a betrayal even of the `February 17 revolution` the Libyan masses are increasingly united against the current regime with all manner of protests and actions taking place across the country as popular anger hits an all-time high

The British Secret Intelligence Service “Mi6” operation “Libya Herald” funded via its London Times newspaper publication while ostensibly financed by a Libyan “businessman” and edited by George P.B. Grant — a self-confessed activist during the anti-Jamahiriya “revolution” of last year — has been publishing numerous articles claiming that there are no supporters of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya.

Having been a mouthpiece for the failed academic “Rat Prime Minister” Abushagur who turned out to have the shortest life of any prime minister in history, with his demise and the inability to hide any more the realities of Libya especially in the wake of Grant’s “personal friend” U.S. spy ambassador Stevens death along with the deaths of three other top U.S. spies in the country and the subsequent flight of thousands of U.S. mercenaries from Libya, the paper is forced to report half truths.

It is also publishing articles designed to erase history and replace it with a fake version, which may work with some American-Libyans who only returned to Libya during the last year, but which is devoid of all reality and fact. Then at the same time the publication frequently refers to admissions of “Qadhafi loyalists” and jamahiri resistance fighters carrying out actions across the country.

Today Grant published a story on “Sirte one year on” in which he is forced to admit the near total support for Muammar Qadhafi in Sirte, in spite of its brutal razing to the ground after months of total siege last year and non-stop bombing by U.S.-led NATO forces that all but wiped out the town and all life in it. Wary of foreigners and Mi6 assets such as Grant, the residents nonetheless were keen to show him their green flags and loyalty to Qadhafi and his revolutionary principles.

*: Again today, another story appeared in the British Herald which operates in occupied Libya while Mathaba is banned from doing so, revealing that the independent “congressman” for Sorman, National Congress MP Adel Charchari*, was attacked west of Tripoli today and his car stolen. Car jackings are a daily occurrence along with much more serious crimes across Libya nowadays, whereas previously to the conspiracy of February 17, 2011 and subsequent events, Libya was the safest country on earth.

The Herald says that Adel Asharshari, (National Congress MP Adel Charchari) the independent rat congress member from Sorman was “driving not far from Camp 27, which at the time was under attack from Qaddafi supporters, when he was stopped.” It also says that it is now rumoured that he has been held prisoner. But the paper attempts to lay the blame on thieves and not the Qaddafi supporters who were busy attacking Camp 27.

The entire Libya is out of control with the masses — including those who were against the Jamahiriya and its corruption in recent years and most of the corrupt elements who destroyed the integrity of the Jamahiriya and the Al-Fateh Revolution who are now side by side with foreign American-Libyan terrorists such as “Congress President” Megarief — are now vehemently opposed to the regime which does not represent the interests of the Libyan masses. #

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)star
3) Tripoli 3 dead rats as a result of the clashes has been a little harsh in front of the Military College and Lord Maigb them scourge Enduring

08 OCTOBER 2012:

Libya: Prime `Rat` Minister Abushagur Sacked After Announcing `Emergency Cabinet` (Updated)
Posted: 2012/10/08
From: Mathaba

Unable to form a government and unable to avoid otherwise being sacked due to the October 7 deadline set by the rats congress, the U.S.-Zionist-Crusader poodle declared an `emergency cabinet` of 10 members in lieu of the originally intended 29 and then was sacked before he even had a day as `Prime Minister`

With only minutes to go before being sacked before he could become “Prime Rat Minister” for even a single day, Abushagur came up with his “emergency” cabinet of 10 names, instead of the 22 which had been rejected outright by rats, after having been imposed upon them by the foreign crusader forces for which the occupation regime is puppet.

The Prime Rat squeaked his announcement live over Rat Tell-Lie-Vision in Tripoli at the end of Sunday, 7th October at the same time as a new world record was set in Venezuela, following the Green March in Tripoli on July 1, 2011 organized by Mathaba Libya Coordinator Mohanned Magam.

Contrasting sharply with the panicked and cowering rats at the Tripoli rat congress who were surrounded by thousands of demonstrators demanding a lifting of the siege against Bani Walid, almost 3 million people came out in mass demonstrations of support for President, Revolutionary and Man, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

The previous record for popular support demonstrations had been held by the almost 2 million who came out in support of Muammar Qadhafi in Libya last year.

Venezuela has honourably led Latin America in denying representation and recognition to the illegal and unlawful terrorist alien Rat Regime occupying Libya.

The Libyan people and their historic revolutionary leader declared the rats as rats after they had engaged in mass rape, murder, torture, pillage, plunder and treason, acting as a terrorist ground force for the invasion and occupation of Libya and the attempted overthrow of democracy and freedom in the African country.

Instead of then voting on whether or not to accept the 10 head rats as ministers, the rats instead voted on whether or not to accept Abushagur as prime rat minister. The vote was overwhelming: 125 rats voted to dismiss him immediately, with 44 rats voting to keep him and 17 abstaining. Abushagur thus became the world’s shortest « prime minister ».

His sacking came hours after an « impassioned plea »; (begging on his rat knees to congress rats) for « unity » in the face of the collapse of the occupation regime attempts to form its illegal government more than a year after being imposed by force of arms upon the Libyan people, and the ongoing resurgence of the Jamahiriya.

One rat party member said of Abushagur: “When he submitted his first cabinet, he couldn’t stay and fight for his
decision for even half an hour. As soon as people started protesting, he left, which shows a weak character and somebody who doesn’t stick to his decisions”.

The rats have no idea now on what to do or how to go about forming an alternative rat regime. Governments around the world who recognized the rat regime take note: when your turn comes the Jamahiriya will be everywhere and will form alliances with the people’s communities not with regimes which days are numbered.

Rat media have observed that « international businesses » have already voiced their concern that the lack of political certainty raises the prospect of reduced investment in the Libyan economy in the near-term.” But it is much worse than that. These « international businesses » will find themselves in the dock for crimes against humanity in their attempts to use the blood and tears of the formerly free Libyan people to make money and profits on the back of their oppression.

Rat would-be Prime Minister Abushagur had also declared himself foreign minister on the orders of his foreign masters who wish to ensure that they are dealing with a reliable slave who will follow their orders and deliver. Observers note that this is an impossible feat given that his U.S. master cannot even save their own asses in Libya.

Four such donkeys for capitalism and the new world order of slavery were dispatched a month ago from Libya back to the USA in coffins. These included the top four U.S. spies and CIA operatives in Libya working under the cover of the U.S. State Department of Hilary Clinton, including the U.S. Ambassador Stevens.

Stevens had been illegally present along with other foreign agents in the Libyan Jamahiriya since early 2011 and refused to follow the law and leave Libya and apply for a visa for the Libyan Jamahiriya. Currently no visas are being given to any other than those directly assisting the liberation of Libya and despatch of Al-Qaida.

The penalty for illegal presence in the Libyan Jamahiriya and actively assisting the terrorist regime is death. The sentence was carried out against the top U.S. agents operating in Libya, as well as against numerous other traitors even at the highest levels of command within the military forces.

The rats in the so-called General National Congress are upset at the imposition of ministers without any consideration to geographical representation, which Abushagur has refused to consider given he has to follow orders to install certain people, with an ever dwindling number considered « reliable » by the imperialists.


The foreign imperialists who are now seeking the recolonisation of Africa after breaking down the iron gate of the Libyan Jamahiriya, are still calling the shots via their long-term employee of over 30 years active service in the CIA, stray dog Megarief, who they appointed as « President » of the so-called General National Congress.

The occupation regime has sought to replace the real General People’s Congress after throwing all its members into jails, swelling the ranks of over 20,000 political prisoners in Libya who are being held incommunicado and mostly in unbearable conditions, often killed, and almost always undergoing torture and abuse.

The lawful General People’s Congress of Libya which has been unable to convene since the imposition of war on Libya since March last year and the rat invasion of Tripoli in August and was made up of members from over 6,500 Basic People’s Congresses around Libya on a geographical basis.

The rats are thus demanding yet again exactly what they had before but which had not been under their control even though as an appeasement to the imperialists some of them had been illegally awarded key positions without nomination from the grass-roots, which enabled the conspiracy to succeed last year.

Daily victories across the territory of the Great Jamahiriya have resulted in the occupation regime having little or no remaining control over the country.


Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Tripoli (Libya) Attack on Consulate in Benghazi
Riots/Civil Unrest
Near East > Libya > Tripoli
Please be advised that the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was attacked this evening. We strongly encourage all American citizens to take appropriate precautions as the security situation in Libya is volatile. Review your personal safety plans, remain aware of your surroundings, including local events, and monitor local news stations for updates. Maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security.

The U.S. Embassy in Tripoli will be closed Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

We strongly recommend that U.S. citizens traveling to or residing in Libya enroll in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) at http://www.Travel.State.Gov. STEP enrollment gives you the latest security updates, and makes it easier for the embassy or nearest consulate to contact you in an emergency. If you don’t have Internet access, enroll directly with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Regularly monitor the Department’s website, where you can find current Travel Warnings, (including the warning for Libya), Travel Alerts, and the Worldwide Caution. Read the Country Specific Information for Libya. For additional information, refer to A Safe Trip Abroad

Contact the embassy or for up-to-date information on travel restrictions. You can also call 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the United States and Canada or 1-202-501-4444 from other countries. These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays). Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and download our free Smart Traveler iPhone App to have travel information at your fingertips.

If you are a U.S. citizen in need of urgent assistance, the emergency number for U.S. Embassy Tripoli is 218 91 220 5203. reported that even the GNC was surprised how many Americans were at the Airport on the 12th of SEPT. to leave Libya! -There were hundreds of Americans!!! all without the knowledge of even the American Puppet GNC « government »!!!

NOW THEY ARE GONE–HOPEFULLY, thank goodness because of Muammar and the GREEN RESISTANCE ARMY which has scared them.

After the announced ultimatum and warning to aliens by the GREEN RESITANCE army:

Hundreds, if not thousands, of U.S. mercenaries, spies and other agents fled Libya last month in the wake of the successful popular resistance operation against the U.S. spy den facilities in Benghazi on September 11.

Other foreign ambassadors have also left, numerous events cancelled amidst the inability of top military personnel to even defend themselves, and with the puppet regime itself having had close calls to its traitorous opportunists.

and for OBAMA to attack Libya more-so than he already is already, is the hypocritical election prop of the day–
We all know that Muammar and the Resistance warned all aliens out of Libya or else— He gave them all due warning ahead of time…
Obama’s blame on the al-Qaeda is not only silly (as al-Qaeda work for the American CIA), but it is to make like the Resistance does not really exist (or a so few that it means nothing)….

The USA/GNC will never admit to Muammar or the Resistance…and they already took 5 innocent political prisoners out of Misrata prison and shipped them illegally (kidnapped) to the USA to make them appear to be al-Qaeda terrorists!
With the 150 000 innocents NATO/USA killed in Libya (which they claim as being only 4 souls) the 4 CIA spies they are calling ambassadors and company–who died of smoke annihilation because they were HIDING in a building the Resistance believed EMPTY is really assinine! Who is being tried for the innocents death–and Obama taking revenge on a rented set of Villas that DID NOT EVEN BELONG TO THE USA is sooooooooooo hypocrital…
So Obama plans a major bomb attack? Obama is nothing but a psychopath.

    200 Armed Militia Occupy Tripoli Occupation Gov`t, List of Ministers Torn Up
    Posted: 2012/10/05
    From: Mathaba

    Now is the time to put aside passed differences and to allow the Libyan masses to once again rule themselves by themselves without deputation nor representation within the popular congresses and people’s committees.

    All political prisoners, numbering some 20,000, should be released unconditionally and the Jamahiriya restored with fresh nominations, and the holding to account of all rats and criminals.

    These are the positions put forward by the revolutionary committees, should there be peace and abundance once again in Libya, it will necessitate the removal of all corruption and high treason.

    The occupation by more than 200 armed people from Zawia angered at the lack of People’s Authority and the fake pretences of the so-called General National Congress took place yesterday October 4.

    The storming of the rat congress just hours after Mathaba had broadcast a warning that regime officials will not be able to protect themselves against the wrath of the masses and its popular jamahiri resistance.

    This has been clear after top U.S. officials and agents were unable to be protected by the world’s Great Satan, and top military generals and traitors have been unable to prevent their liquidation in the dozens at the hands of the revolutionary committees.

    Contrary to false media reports, the so-called rat prime minister Abu Shagur had extensively consulted with fellow rats and his foreign backers before drawing up the list of proposed ministers which had to be torn up days later with the rat government thus still unable to be formed.

    The deadline for the formation of the rat occupation government of Libya had been set for October 7 and it is unlikely this deadline will be met, thus resulting in the dismissal of Abushagur and the failure of any lawful regime to replace the de jure and de facto Jamahiriya.

    At least 50 members of the rat congress walked out on Wednesday October 3, in protest at the list of rats put forward by the occupation regime’s attempt at Prime Minister, Abushagur, and his foreign backers.

    Hundreds of rats at the so-called congress called Abushagur to be dismissed. He had planned to present the cabinet list to be voted upon member by member, but such was the hostility that he decided to scrap the entire list and start afresh, with his impossible job to satisfy at the same time Satan and the Libyan people.

    Rat Abushagur, who is predicted by the jamahiri resistance to have a life much shorter than that of a chicken, said on Wednesday that he would present a new list on Saturday, October 6.

    Discussions among rat traitors on the matter with him had continued until three o’clock on Thursday morning.
    The Congress of rats met later in the morning again to continue discussions on the crisis and whether or not they should vote on the names on the list. There was split between those who wanted to do so and those who wanted to wait for a new list.

    However, proceedings were then thrown into chaos when some 200 militiamen from Zawia managed to break into the rats’ Congress hall despite the strong military presence outside.

    As a result of its inability to protect itself from the wrath of the armed masses, the rat Congress decided to postpone the session with no clear plan on what to do next.

    Many rat congress members had accused the occupation regime’s rat Prime Minister-elect and the present rat Prime Minister Abdurrahim Al-Kib of being “out of touch” having been too long away from Libya. They were “not informed” about the country they said. However, they vigorously denied the suggestion that Abushagur had not negotiated his list.
    “He almost killed himself consulting”, a rat congress member said, saying that anyone had been able to submit a name. Abushagur had taken opinions from all sections with Congress”, he insisted. Five hundred names, he said, had been submitted and assessed.

    Almost killing himself is what Abushagur and other rats are good at, pro-Jamahiriya observers note, and predict that they will soon succeed, unprotected by the alien foreign elites they serve.


    Guide to the lack of state and government … residents Laithi in Benghazi campaigning for removal of the haphazard construction in the region, ”
    Bengazi do as they did before NATO, take matters into their own hands:
    Bengazi do as they did before NATO, take matters into their own hands

  3. Haaam / / / will Athdt tomorrow afternoon and through the channel sunrise Algerian stadium / name Hashemi Sol … Altdt as Libyan tribes honest and live in news bulletin sunrise Algerian note that he would Athdt in an important aspect for the Liberation of Libya to knead For Liberal spreading the word note that frequency channel sunrise Algerian 11393 ask God him luck ….

  4. Libya Split: Benghazi and Tripoli Fight Over Oil Encouraged By Western Companies
    Posted: 2012/10/13

    The vast majority of Libya`s oil wealth is in the east of the country and Benghazi wants it having been denied funds by Tripoli-based occupation regime

    In early 2011, Benghazi was promised 22,000 million (22 billion) to make the city a paradise with the Libyan Jamahiriya.

    However, a conspiracy was already in full swing, and the revolutionary committees in Benghazi failed to defend the Al-Fateh revolution which had brought people’s power since 1977.

    As a result the gate was opened for foreign intervention and the mass exodus of one million Libyans along with the deaths of an estimated one hundred thousand and the incarceration of tens of thousands of Jamahiri citizens now held political prisoner.

    Benghazi has received only a few million, way off even one billion as a dream figure, and not the 22 billion it would have had. Thus in desperation with the theft of assets by the newly arrived “American Libyans” they have split off from Tripoli.

    Indeed much has become out of the shadows with the heroic victory achieved by the Libyan Jamahiriya resistance forces which are fighting back against the U.S.-led occupation of their country in order to dominate all of the African and Middle East region.

    With the deaths of four top U.S. agents including an Ambassador in Benghazi four weeks ago, much hidden even from the slave servant American-Libyans who dominate the puppet imposed regime, has come to light.

    The Ambassador Stevens himself was en route to Benghazi as part of a U.S. operation on behalf of U.S. oil companies, for secretive meetings there to muscle in on Benghazi given that it had become apparent that the split with Tripoli was fully underway.

    These liberation movement actions the U.S. media wrongly terms “terrorism” instead of labelling the massacres of one hundred thousand Libyans and countless other Africans and the destruction of their wealth and independence as terrorism.

    The result of the jamahiri liberation forces victories against the aggressor, terrorist and oppressor backbone is that huge numbers of Americans were discovered in Libya as they all ran out of the Tripoli airport with tails between their legs.

    The sheer numbers of Americans illegally present in Libya shocked even the American-Libyan puppet occupation regime.

    Meanwhile employees of the National Oil Company, aware of their duties to ensure Libyan oil wealth is shared among all Libyans under a Jamahiriya system have taken actions in Tripoli to attempt to reverse fully fledged NOC powers granted to Benghazi.

    They say that the oil wealth which is situated at least 80 percent in the east should be made available to all Libyans as before.

    Those in Benghazi disagree, given that they have been shut out of funding from the Tripoli-based “rat” regime which had been launched initially from Benghazi but failed to provided even minimal budgets for the operation of basic services in the city.

    Meanwhile Libyan students are on protests and even may be occupying some “embassies” abroad, perhaps even turning them once again into People’s Bureau.

    The only solution for the Libyan people is to remain steadfast and re-embrace the rights and freedoms of the Great Green Charter that they legislated and to ensure their full implementation.

    At U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Dennis Kucinich questions new U.S. ambassador who said he lacks intelligence on Libya, confirming his lack of expertise on Libya, while he was unable to answer any of the important questions put to him.

    Representative Kucinich had given a speech confirming that Libya was stable and peaceful prior to the unwarranted U.S.-led war against Libya and the suspension of the Libyan Jamahiriya direct participatory democracy.

    His speech came in response to the unlawful U.S. ambassador Kennedy who had said that U.S. values and interests are at stake in Libya. “Really!?” Kucinich retorted, saying that anyone would have thought that the U.S. would have learned the lessons of over 10 years war in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere and the consequences of U.S. intervention.

    He said those consequences are increased anti-U.S. militancy and activities world wide. He said that the U.S. Congress had done nothing to stop these many wars.

    Kennedy replaced the previous unlawful U.S. ambassador who along with three other U.S. agents supporting the overthrow of democracy, socialism, peace, stability and justice in Libya, was returned to the U.S. in a coffin.

    The U.S. has since attempted to pin the blame on anyone other than the Libyan resistance which is waging Jihad against the occupation of the country by proxy of heretics, criminals, stray dogs and rats, in the service of their foreign masters who wish to again have unfettered access to steal Africa’s resources.

    Kucinich confirmed that the way to stop the deaths of U.S. ambassadors is to stop U.S. interventions in other countries.

    When the US security personnel were evacuated after the events of September 11, 2012, the occupation regime’s U.S. puppet and later world’s shortest serving Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagour told U.S. media: ‘We were surprised by the numbers of Americans who were at the airport. We have no problem with intelligence sharing or gathering, but our sovereignty is also key.’

    At that point many more people were awoken to the extent of the integration between the large numbers of US intelligence and the competing militias in Benghazi which blew wide open these facts, as well as their own political puppets in Tripoli being kept in the dark, which further weakened their position in attempting to hold on to power.

    The Hearing before Congress failed to bring out the important role of the U.S. intelligence agents in Libya in the coordination of the present war in Syria using the same Al-Qaida mercenaries under the control of the C.I.A.

    Now there are at least 1,700 militia groups attempting to rule the country with each neighbourhood dominated by a faction that went into the business of using weapons as a means of gaining access to resources. After the death of “Ambassador” Stevens, US citizens were alerted to the existence of what the State Department called ‘security incidents.’ But the 230 ‘security incidents’ over the past year were the tip of the iceberg of the massive destabilization and killings that had occurred as the Libyan resistance mounted against the terrorist regime’s militia.
    Black skinned Libyans from Tawergha were expelled from their community and more than 30,000 displaced. Even the usual spokespersons for Western imperial missions had to speak out as pro-U.S. Human Rights Watch joined in the condemnation of the rule of the militias. Human Rights Watch brought out a ‘Report Rule of Law or Rule of Militias’ bringing into sharper focus some of the outstanding questions of the role of these armed marauders all over Libya.

    In June one of the Qaddafi loyalist militia took over the Tripoli airport in full view of European airlines flights which were delayed and stuck on the tarmac during the incident.

    With Benghazi separated from the Tripoli occupation regime, oil companies have been competing to establish deals and presence there, and it was in this context that Stevens had gone to Benghazi to negotiate quiet oil deals for his backers away from public scrutiny.

    As noted by analyst Horace Campbell:
    US oil companies did not want to be left behind in this new insensate struggle, hence US diplomatic efforts were now directed at Benghazi. Christopher Stevens had been appointed ambassador of the United States to Libya in January 2012 and arrived in Tripoli in May. When the uprisings had started in February 2011 and the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy was going into Benghazi to mobilize support for French interests, Chris Stevens was one of the first US diplomatic personnel to be on the ground in Benghazi.

    He had served as a ‘Special Representative’ to the Libyan Transitional National Council from March 2011 to November 2011 during the NATO intervention. Prior to this period he had served as the Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya from 2007 to 2009. At that time, Stevens described Gaddafi as an ‘engaging and charming interlocutor’ as well as a ‘strong partner in the war against terrorism.’

    Chris Stevens belonged to that section of the US Department of State that was very knowledgeable about the movements of militia members between Benghazi, Libya, and the current war against the Assad regime in Syria. Libyan Islamists from the Eastern region comprise the largest single component of the ‘foreign fighters’ who are playing an ever more dominant role in the war being waged in Syria with the aim of toppling the government of President Assad. According to some estimates, they comprise anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 of approximately 3,500 fighters who have been infiltrated into Syria from as far away as Chechnya and Pakistan.

    The purpose of Wednesday’s hearing of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee was to examine security lapses that led to the killing in Benghazi last month of the US ambassador and three others. What this hearing confirmed was what many knew; that there was no real ‘consulate’ in Benghazi, but a vast intelligence and private contractors web for the CIA and the oil companies. It was the testament of Charlene Lamb before Congress that gave away the fact that the ‘facility’ in Benghazi where Christopher Stevens and three others lost their lives was not a diplomatic facility.

    The events surrounding the death of Ambassador Stevens exposed the USA in Libya at a number of levels. First, the role of Stevens exposed the hypocrisy of the so called ‘war on terror’. Second, the evidence pointed to the integration between US intelligence and the militias. In the testimony before Congress, Charlene Lamb told US law makers that the intelligence compound depended on the militia in Benghazi known as the 17th February Brigade.

    Lamb, Deputy Assistant Secretary State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, told Congress on October 10 that in terms of armed security personnel, there were five Diplomatic Security agents on the compound on September11. ‘There were also three members of the Libyan 17th February Brigade’ – a reference to the Libyans hired to guard the American compound.

    The third level was the jockeying between French, British, Italian and US oil companies over political dominance in Benghazi. Traditionally, the Italians had been a force on the ground in Libya but during the NATO operations French, British and WE operatives muscled out the Italians as junior partners in the imperial operation.

    …as the diary of Ambassador Stevens showed, he was opposed to the presence of official State Department personnel because of the integration of the private contractors, the intelligence operatives and the militias. Earlier in June there had been an attack on the intelligence facility that was called a ‘consulate,’ a June 6 bomb attack on the Benghazi consulate, a June 11 rocket-propelled grenade attack on a convoy carrying Britain’s ambassador to Libya, and an August 27 State Department travel warning noting the threat of car bombings and assassinations in Tripoli and Benghazi. However, despite these attacks Stevens argued to the State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security that the matter of security should not be entrusted in the hands the Marines who usually guarded US diplomatic establishments.

    Stevens took this decision to ‘show faith in Libya’s new leaders,’ according to the Wall Street Journal, which wrote: ‘Officials say Mr Stevens personally advised against having Marines posted at the embassy in Tripoli, apparently to avoid a militarized US presence.’

    The operations of the CIA in Libya had backfired. The plan of the Republicans to make political capital out of this incident had backfired and the entire world was brought closer to the multiple roles of the US military, private contractors, intelligence operatives and oil companies in Libya.

    The number of CIA operatives in Benghazi was also a revelation to the ‘provisional’ government in Libya. When the US evacuated their personnel from Benghazi, the Libyans were surprised and wanted greater accountability from the US about their operations. However, for the US intelligence community, the major question was damage control.

    ‘It’s a catastrophic intelligence loss,’ a US official who had been stationed in Libya told the New York Times. ‘We got our eyes poked out.’ — Source:

    Prior to the war on Libya, Al-Qaida was non-existent in the country with its few supporters under lock and key and Libya was the first country to place Osama Ben Laden on an Interpol wanted list, seeking for his arrest. However, Bin Laden and his “Al-Qaida” were C.I.A. assets.




لا لا ثورة بعد ثورة الفاتح 1969 (الثورة البيضاء) writes:

“To both the Liberal and silks in Libya and in all countries of the world
What is happening in Libya and specifically the National Guard headquarters in Tripoli harsh plateau where there arrested more than sixty Libyan girl without trial or charge … The head of this device (((Khaled al-Sharif))) exercise various kinds of psychological and physical torture against detainees has revenge shaved their hair and revenge commissioned work has raped in front of him and a last resort does this creature dirty sprayed faces Silks water fire and make abnormalities their lifetime, and the yesterday burning the girl’s face: Najat Mohammed Mirghani ::

detainee has since five months and when Tzhort correctness taken to a hospital burns in Tripoli and offered to Dr. alternate in secret basement hospital and after asking Dr. necessity remain under hospital care was returned to the detainee without taking into account their status and Nsahah Dr:; one Liberal Take a picture of the girl when she was at the hospital ..
tortured girl

Are there men Nakhweh virility in Libya Ankaddoa daughters from the clutches of this rat Khalid Sharif

[Read how Khaled Shariff and BelHadj and other RATS were released through Saif al-Islam on 25 MARCH 2010 & 14 FEBR.2011—and the problems which insued thereafter…: ]

Answer Ntantzerha We silks Libya O honorable Libyans ..
Warplanes prowling the skies of Tripoli and low altitude and loudly
cause inconvenience and concern to owners.

Taking advantage of Green Forces dominantly in BANI WALID, Greens in TRIPOLI are being attacked!
Urgent – Tripoli: rats are waging an attack on unarmed citizens in the region, “Abu Salim” and randomly firing bullets.

Tripoli: Plateau: A group of rats Tripoli besieging peace in the school blouse {Plateau / Tripoli}, where he will meet a group of Rafla Tripoli there.
rats Tripoli are arrested demonstrators in the area of Abu Salim.
Attack government militias illegal demonstrators in Abu Salim prison in Tripoli area with heavy weapons did not Araau until older.

Tripoli / / / since yesterday night and day seeking Tripoli market is witnessing a state of extreme tension and differences Gerdanih voices resound weapons … The encirclement of by Jerdan Brigades and continuing clashes in the vicinity of the market Hayyes there … O Allaah Mark Kidd Jerdan Nharham …

Updated: Monday, 15 October 2012 19:01 | By AFP
Libya: 120 inmates escaped from a prison in Tripoli
Approximately 120 criminal prisoners escaped from prison Monday Jedaida in Tripoli, told AFP chief of the National Guard, noting that security services were placed on alert.

AFP / File
“About 120 common criminals escaped from prison today Jedaida. Security services were placed on alert and try to stop them,” said Khaled al-Sharif.

“We are trying to track them down and some of them have already been arrested,” he added.

The spokesman for the High Commission of Security under the Ministry of the Interior, Abdelmonem al-Hor, confirmed the number of escaped prisoners, saying an investigation had been opened into the circumstances of the escape.

“We have received instructions to investigate and participate in research prisoners. We expect the list of prisoners who have escaped,” he said.

In August, a mutiny broke out in the prison, injuring two inmates, some of whom had escaped.

Reserved for common criminals, prison Jedaida is managed by the Ministry of Justice.

(WHAT THEY MEAN IS POLITICAL PRISONERS who supported the JAMAHIRIYA as their only “crime”!)


news Tripoli enables some of the new prison detainees out of prison
ask our brothers Liberal approach to the prison area and help Liberals so that they can get out of the area to safety
please everyone to help secure safe places to Hola Liberal 

please publication and dissemination.

prison evacuation by Resistance

Ongoing Efforts to Free Libyan Prisoners
Posted: 2012/10/18
From: Mathaba

Tens of thousands of political prisoners are being held in Libya in an effort to prevent the Libyan Jamahiriya from functioning while the occupation forces attempt to install a puppet regime

On Monday a successful operation was carried out to liberate hundreds of political prisoners from the Al-Judaida prison in Fornaj.

The puppet regime claims the escape was facilitated by a lack of guards and the inability of the rat Ministry of Justice to fully man the jail.

National Rat Guard chief Khalid Al-Sharif has said that checkpoints have been established around the area and that a full investigation into the incident is now underway.

The escapees are said to be of various nationalities, and include “illegal African migrants” as well as Libyans held political prisoner by the regime.

Twenty-six inmates of Al-Judaida also managed to escape following a riot at the prison on 10 August.

It was rumoured by rat media that the escape was orchestrated by an inmate accused of involvement in serious financial crimes, who had persuaded a number of his colleagues to help him stage the breakout.

“Serious financial crimes” is code-word for refusing to hand over keys to the Libyan Jamahiriya financial coffers. The Jamahiriya still has $170 billion ($170,000 million) dollars in accounts abroad, which have been suspended while the occupation forces fail to install a stable puppet government and hold all Jamahiriya officials as prisoners to prevent the functioning of the Jamahiriya.

The Jamahiriya is a unique system of direct participatory democracy without political parties which functions with the Libyan people deciding their own policies and legislation directly by attending People’s Congresses of which there are over 6,000 in the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Most of these congresses are unable to convene due to the terrorism and force exerted by the “rat” mercenaries and militia in the wake of the invasion of Libya last year, but remain as the lawful de jure Government of Libya to which there is no alternative.


news Tripoli enables some of the new prison detainees out of prison
ask our brothers Liberal approach to the prison area and help Liberals so that they can get out of the area to safety
please everyone to help secure safe places to Hola Liberal
please publication and dissemination


  1. Muammar al-Qathafi on Democracy

    Ajoutée par Ajarab le 18 mars 2007
    Pour en savoir plus:

  2. Muammar on Saudi Arabia

  3. ______________________________________________________________________
    1) Urgent
    1 Two strong explosions struck Tripoli by now …….. The reasons are still obscure 2 communication breakdown on the city of Bani Walid ………. Oh God, make Enduring guile Nharham2)News of the kidnapping of CIA-puppet President Mohammed Maqrif President conference Allaotun
    أنباء عن اختطاف محمد المقريف رئيس المؤتمر اللاوطني من قبل مليشيات مسلحة تتبع مصراتة في طرابلس, وذلك بعد أن قرر الذهاب بشكل طارئ مع مجموعة من اعضاء المؤتمر الى بني وليد.star
    Photo : أنباء عن اختطاف محمد المقريف رئيس المؤتمر اللاوطني من قبل مليشيات مسلحة تتبع مصراتة في طرابلس, وذلك بعد أن قرر الذهاب بشكل طارئ مع مجموعة من اعضاء المؤتمر الى بني وليد.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

    The Green Resistance is searching the mercenary terrorist Ibrahim Mlitane Misrati
    Posted on October 13, 2012 by libyanfreepress


    The Green Resistance is searching the mercenary terrorist Ibrahim Mlitane Misrati, accused of killing several Libyans in Sirte at the outbreak of the plot against Kadhafi.

    He was the person who gave informations to the Nato-intelligence about Moatassem Gaddafi.

    Font: Network reload 13/10/2012


    Sky Benghazi المستباحة
    since the murder of the U.S. ambassador in the U.S. consulate in Benghazi became scouring skies aircraft sound annoying and on 16 Oct. uninterrupted voice over the city of Benghazi, sparking curiosity I have to search for unique and areas that fly over it, the important thing was:
    this plane is Type EP-3E ARIES II crew of 12 people between the command and control of the aircraft and equipment of this aircraft normally used in Altg

    Lat various types such as mobile communications and communications equipment the army and police, as well as to spy on the Internet of various kinds, and rarely used in image capture.
    in the picture accompanying explanation of the plane’s trajectory over the city of Benghazi, where the aircraft spin full circle on this track in a time of $ 8 minutes, and this aircraft focusing on the region specified path red because height and speed of decline in this region as well as aimed at some objects above and is a Ballonat some black and some white.
    higher plane in the path of the Blue 7000 meters to 8000 meters while in the path Red Fartfalla reduced to less than 6,000 meters and the speed of the plane about 320 kilometers per hour about.
    According to my observation, focusing on each plane of Benina Sidi Mansour and Sidi Khalifa and Alkwyfah and Budzirh.

Muammar in MALI 07 DEC. 1985
Mali 3
Mu in Mali pic 1


Mu photosession 1 1985
Mu photosession 2 1985
photosession 3

Mu beau

1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
AP Photo
Kadhafi arrive à Beyrouth, capitale du Liban, le 6 juin 1970, dans le cadre d’une visite au Moyen Orient, peu après son coup d’Etat en Libye.
1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
AP Photo/Harry Koundakjian

Le 19 aout 1971, Kadhafi organise une réunion avec des leaders politiques arabes à Damas, en Syrie, pour présenter le document qui fondera la Fédération des Républiques arabes. Kadhafi voulait rassembler la Libye, l’Egypte et la Syrie en un état arabe uni. La proposition fut approuvée par chacun des trois pays en mars 1972, cependant ils n’ont pas réussi à se mettre d’accord sur les points techniques de cette union. La fédération sera mise en place du 1er janvier 1972 à Novembre 1977. On ressent déjà dans cette tentative de rassemblement, la soif de pouvoir et l’envie d’avoir la mainmise sur le monde arabe.

1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
AP Photo
Kadhafi salue la foule, au dos de son cheval, le 10 octobre 1976, lors d’une cérémonie à Adjedabia qui marque le 6ème anniversaire de l’expulsion des italiens hors de la Libye.
1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
AP Photo
En avril 1977, près de Tripoli, Kadhafi fait un discours annonçant la création de  la « Jamahiriya arabe libyenne», « Etat des masses » avec laquelle Kadhafi entend développer une politique se réclamant du panarabisme et du socialisme. Ceci le conduira à tenter, à nouveau, des fusions avec d’autres Etats arabes, mais sans succès. A l’extrême droite de la photo, on peut apercevoir le Premier ministre libyen, Abdel Salam Jalloud.
1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
AP Photo/Yurchenko
Kadhafi arrive à Moscou le 27 avril 1981. Il doit rencontrer Leonid Brejnev, à la tête de l’Union soviétique.


1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
AP Photo
la Chine, en octobre 1982, où il va rencontrer le Premier ministre chinois Zhao Zyang.
1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
AP Photo/Mohamed El-DakhakhnyA
En octobre 1997, le président d’Afrique du Sud et prix Nobel de la paix Nelson Mandela est chaleureusement accueilli par le colonel Kadhafi.
Le voyage du président sud-africain.
1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
Jacob Zuma, le Président de l’Afrique du Sud, rend visite à Kadhafi le 30 mai 2011, à Tripoli.

Mu teaches 3

Kadhafi a dépensé des millions de dollars pendant près d’un quart de siècle pour construire un spectaculaire  système d’irrigation transsaharien, qui consiste à pomper les nappes aquifères du Bassin de Nubie, située à grande profondeur sous le désert libyen, puis de répartir cette eau grâce à une grande rivière artificielle. Ce projet avait pour but de mettre fin aux pénuries d’eau dans le pays. Cette image montre des citoyens libyens se baignant dans l’un des nouveaux réservoirs qui ont ouvert en aout 1991. :

1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)


young Senussi behind Muammar:
see young Senussi

mal Jaloud:
mal Jaloud

Mu honor

Kadhafi a rencontré l’ancien Président français Jacques Chirac à Tripoli, en novembre 2004. Les deux leaders ont fait le vœu d’améliorer les relations entre leurs deux pays et d’encourager la France à investir en Libye. Il y a des promesses qu’on aimerait oublier. :

1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)    

1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
Lors de sa visite européenne, Khadafi s’est aussi rendu en Espagne pour rencontrer Luis Zapatero, le chef du gouvernement espagnol. Le Premier Ministre espagnol a rencontré le leader libyen le 17 décembre 2007. Comme quoi, les chefs de gouvernement ont tous reçu Kadhafi, qu’ils soient de gauche ou de droite!
1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
REX Features
Kadhafi a rendu visite à Berlusconi en juin 2010.

with ARAFAT:

1 an après sa mort, voici quelques clichés de ses rencontres avec les plus grands chefs d’Etat de ce monde (© AP Photo/Farouk Ibrahim)
AP Photo
En 1990, Kadhafi et l’ex président égyptien Hosni Moubarak visitant une exposition d’armes ayant été utilisés lors de la guerre israélo-arabe en 1973, aussi connue sous le nom de la Guerre des Six Jours.

with MARBARUK in Tent:
w MARBARUK in tent
Tent 2   

given great honors in tent 

We all love Muammar al-Qathafi:

we love Mu

Mu smiles with Guards 


Mu w Ivar Morales of Bolivia:

When Muammar went to FRANCE :


Rats their Lipo Ihto form Mr. Sanusi and Minister of the Interior because security in Libya under zero .. God if rats…

Vidéo Série: Kadhafi prédit la guerre avec l’OTAN depuis 1999

Killing Gaddafi: Longstanding US Policy
Posted: 2011/10/29

Mathaba Analyst Stephen Lendman takes a further look at the history of aggression and attempts against Libya and the Leader of the World Revolution, Muammar Qaddafi

by Stephen Lendman

Absent reliable independent proof, some sources believe a double was killed, not Gaddafi. More on that below.

Nonetheless, clear evidence shows Washington wanted him dead for years.

On October 27, Algeria ISP headlined, « Libya – On what Sarkozy and Obama killed Gaddafi? » saying:

« It’s confirmed, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy have indeed ordered (Gaddafi’s) assassination…. »

« According to Le Canard Enchaine (on October 26), the Americans had located (him) on October 19. »

Claude Angeli’s article « is unambiguous. » Titled « Gaddafi condemned to death by Washington and Paris, » it said both leaders ordered his extrajudicial killing because he knew too much. Preventing a public show trial was key.

US and French Special Forces were involved. Numerous bombing attempts failed. War still rages across Libya. The country « has entered a no man’s land policy, an area of (unpredictable) turbulence….This should worry » Western and regional leaders because eight months of fighting resolved nothing.

Toppling foreign leaders by coups or assassinations is longstanding US policy. William Blum’s done some of the best research on it. His books, including « Rogue State, » are must reading.

He documented dozens of successful and failed US interventions post-WW II, including:

• toppling Iran’s Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953, its first successful coup after an initial failure;

• ousting Guatemala’s Jacobo Arbenz in 1954;

• failing to kill China’s Chou En-Lai in 1955;

• failing numerous times to kill Fidel Castro;

• failing to kill France’s Charles de Gaulle; and

• plotting Gaddafi’s assassination for decades.

Media Freedom International reported how « US and British Intelligence Have Repeatedly Tried to Kill Qaddafi – CIA Involved in Libya’s Civil War, » saying:

In the early 1990s, former UK MI5 operative David Shayler said « he paid a sum of over ($100,000) to Al Qaeda » to kill him.

« A bomb was placed inside what was thought to be (his) vehicle. » It wasn’t and the plan failed.

From 1978 – 1987, CIA operatives were involved in Chad’s intermittent wars with Libya.

In 1981, CIA elements established the anti-Gaddafi National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) and its militant wing called the Libyan National Army based in Egypt near Libya’s border. It was directly involved in NATO’s campaign to oust and kill Gaddafi.

In 1995, the CIA was instrumental in establishing the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) to topple Gaddafi. Ideologically allied with Al Qaeda, latter day elements fought Soviet forces in Afghanistan.

In December 2004, the State Department designated LIFG a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). Its members were accused of being allied with bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

In 2007, the State Department said « Libyans associated with the LIFG are part of a broader international terrorist movement. The LIFG is one of the groups believed to have planned the Casablanca suicide bombings in May 2003….The LIFG constitutes a serious threat to US interests and personnel. »

The State Department also said they were responsible for a failed 1996 Gaddafi assassination attempt. At the time, CIA and MI5 operatives were involved. America strategically uses Al Qaeda, LIFG, and other groups as allies and enemies.

Allied with CIA in the 1990s, LIFG often clashed with Libyan security forces. Former LIFG members joined Anti-Gaddafi rebel rats.

Led by US, UK, French and other special forces and intelligence operatives, they comprise the main anti-Gaddafi fighting force.

Well before bombing began on March 19, US Navy Seals, UK SAS Forces, and French Legionnaires were active in Libya with CIA and MI5 elements.

They enlisted, armed, trained and funded opposition fighters in violation of UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973, as well as fundamental international and US constitutional law.

Their mission involved regime change and killing Gaddafi. In 1986, Washington falsely accused him of bombing a Berlin discotheque.

In April, Ronald Reagan tried to kill him. At the time, he said US air and naval forces « launched a series of strikes against (Gaddafi’s) headquarters, terrorist facilities, and military assets, (carefully) targeted to minimize casualties among the Libyan people with whom we have no quarrel. From initial reports, our forces have succeeded in their mission. »

In fact, over 100 died, mostly civilians, including Gaddafi’s infant daughter when his personal compound was bombed.

In addition, dozens were wounded, including two of Gaddafi’s young sons. The French, Swiss, Romanian and Iranian embassies were damaged. So were Japanese and Austrian diplomatic residences.

Dozens of residential buildings were also damaged or destroyed. Libya’s Central Hospital reported up to 100 people needing treatment for serious injuries, including infants.

In 1988, Gaddafi was falsely accused of downing Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. So was Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi. Scottish judges knew he was innocent but convicted him under pressure.

Gaddafi never admitted fault. He took responsibility solely to have international sanctions removed. To this day, he and al-Megrahi stand falsely accused. Likely CIA /MI6/and/or Mossad involvement is never mentioned.

Witnesses at the trial later admitted they were paid $4 million each for their false testimony, and recanted their evidence. Yet the world media did not report that widely, while for years the Lockerbie « Libya did it » was circulated non-stop. Sanctions were placed against Libya for around 10 years by the United Nations Security Council, causing hardship for millions and lost trillions, but no apology nor compensation was given to Libya.

Media Lens contributor Richard Keeble discussed « The Secret War Against Gaddafi, » saying:

Soon after he assumed power in 1969, Gaddafi « became the target of massive covert operations by the French, US, Israeli and British » to oust him.

Britain’s 1971 invasion plan failed badly. In 1980, French secret service head Col. Alain de Gaigneronde de Marolles « resigned after a French-led plan ended in disaster when a rebellion by Libyan troops in Tobruk was rapidly suppressed. »

In 1982, the Reagan administration helped install Chad’s Hissene Habre to « bloody Gaddafi’s nose. » It was Reagan CIA head William Casey’s first covert operation. Moreover, « throughout the decade, Libya ranked almost as high as the Soviet Union » as America’s bene noire.

Habre got considerable US military and financial aid to topple Gaddafi. Other countries funding him included Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, and Morocco. A May 8, 1984 plan to kill him failed. In 1985, Reagan officials asked Egypt to invade Libya, but Mubarak refused.

During the decade, Washington recruited a secret anti-Gaddafi army. Britain was heavily involved.

For decades, America, France and Britain wanted him ousted and killed. Nothing tried earlier worked. NATO’s 2011 war was launched to undue past failures. Nothing so far is resolved. Jamahiriya loyalists continue their liberating struggle valiantly. They’ve tied down NATO’s killing machine for over eight months.

Its rebel rat army would have been routed long ago without air and special forces ground support and direction. NATO claims Operation Unified Protector will end October 31. Its name may change, not daily air and ground attacks against loyalists wanting to live free.

Eight months of terror bombing and rebel rat atrocities took a horrific toll. NSNBC said hardly any Libyan hasn’t lost a loved one and/or friend.

Gaddafi – Dead or Alive?

On 27 October 2011, headlined, « Dry your tears and continue the fight: the one you were shown was not Muammar Al-Gaddafi, » saying:

Videos and photos reputed to be Gaddafi have « been identified as….Ali Majid Al Andalus…. » A Sirte resident, he closely resembled « the brother Leader of the El Fateh Revolution. »

« The man in the photo with the bullet hole in the head was not (Gaddafi), but his double. » Examining his face closely shows noticeable differences.

Mathaba calls its source « reliable. » Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, and TNC officials know « they did not kill » him. However, their purpose is served if people believe it.

Mathaba endorses information written in French. Since Gaddafi’s announced October 20 assassination, it’s been skeptical about official reports, not least because accounts shifted from one version to another.

NATO’s credibility is in tatters. Nothing it reports is reliable. Nor are regurgitated major media accounts. Throughout the war, their daily lies were exposed. They continue to be about a war far from resolved. It rages across Libya.

Evidence Mathaba found showed Gaddafi « was no where near Sirte on 19 – 20 October. » He’s also taller and older than the man killed. Photos used are suspect. Specific Gaddafi marks weren’t visible.

An emailer to this writer said here’s « proof » Gaddafi’s alive, saying:

• his 1971 appendectomy scar was absent in photos;

• the dead body shown isn’t « a 70 year old man who lived in the desert all his life; »

• « Gaddafi almost always sent doubles on official business, and almost always remained in secret due to (numerous) assassination attempts; »

• Gaddafi has (had) a « distinct look, distinct eyes, and that is why his doubles almost always wore sunglasses; »

• only about 10% of public photos shown are him; nearly all are doubles;

• « Gaddafi was too smart to walk around looking like a ‘Gaddafi double’ in the middle of » NATO’s war; and

• he never would have exposed himself in a convoy, let alone 75 vehicles speeding out of Sirte under attack.


Qadhafi: May is a tragic day for the workers of the world
Posted: 2006/05/02

MAY DAY 2006 SPEECH of Muammar al-QATHAFI

Emphasizing that the first of May is a tragic day for the workers of the world, the leader of the Libyan revolution speaks for the first time on May Day


Emphasizing that the first of May is a tragic day for the workers of the world, the leader of the revolution speaks for the first time on May Day

To expose the domination of voices of governments, rulers and head of states – on this first day of May- over the voices of the oppressed and exploited workers, and to underline that the first day of May is a tragic day for the workers in the world, the leader of the revolution spoke today, and for the first time on the first of May, stressing that this day is the day of the exploited striving poor workers, whose rights are usurped, and efforts stolen in favour of their employers.

He explained that he always tried to eschew speaking on the first day of may, because he viewed the commemoration of the tragedy of the workers on this day of 1868 in America, in Chicago City, was distorted and hijacked, as the rulers themselves started to commemorate this day, making speeches, governments celebrate this day and speak on this day, although they are not allies of the hard working class, because all political systems prevailing in the world today are a product of the capitalist class, the class hostile to the laborers.

The leader defined in his analysis in this address, the causes of unemployment that the entire world is suffering from, in three causes, first the emergence of the power of the machines and the highly technologicaly specialized people in the workplace, wiping out the masses of laborers outside work places.

Secondly, the exploitative capitalist theory which contributed to the hardship of the world laborers, which is another strong cause of unemployment, especially in the light of freedom of movement of capital across national borders. The third cause is the social injustice, represented in inequality in distributing work opportunities.

The leader underlined in his address that the basis in the labor relations is ‘partners not wage earners’ explained by the second part of the Green Book and addressed to the world. calling for the need to disseminate this basis to the workers around the world, workers must turn into partners, or else the world economy would be destroyed and become more in crisis than it is now.

The text of the leader’s speech is as follows:-

« In the name of Allah

You know I did not speak in the past on the first of May, probably I for the first time meet you on this day in particular- This day is an historic day as the Secretary General of the Union Producers expressed. It is a tragic day for the laborers of the world. This tragedy took place in 1868 in America, in Chicago City- The reason is that because I see that this day was distorted and hijacked, as the rulers themselves started to commemorate this day, making speeches, governments celebrate this day and speak on this day, although they are not allies of the hard working class, because all political systems prevailing in the world today are a product of the class, hostile to the laborers. the product of the capitalist class. The poor never succeed in elections at any level. There is no president from the poor, because he cannot afford to buy votes and hire propaganda means. The poor never succeed at local, parliamentary or presidential level.

Since the political systems are the product of the rich capitalist class, therefore, they are not allies of the toiling labourer class which is in constant conflict with the employers and the rich and the exploitative capitalism, for this reason I always avoid to speak on the first of May, because I see celebration of this day, or commemorating this day was distorted and hijacked.

We should rather hear the voices of the oppressed labourers and the exploited by the exploiters, but the voices of government, rulers and presidents reigned on this day. we may hear today many speeches in the world by head of states and governments, and we may not hear an audible voice of the labourers.

However, I speak with you on this particular day for the first time, among the reasons in order to expose this matter, that this day is the day of the toiled exploited poor labourers, whose rights are digested and their effort stolen infavour of their employers, as stated in the Green Book.

The old traditional labour class is declining to be replaced by another forces, material and human forces, material forces is the force of machines, and the human forces are the technicians and the technologists, the high specializations, they are the ones who are programming, operating and maintaining such machineries.

This led to flushing out the masses of laborers outside work places.. This is one cause of unemployment the world is suffering from. The world is no as we know is in crisis. We may hear today demonstrations and sit- ins and clashes with the forces of suppression and exploitation across the globe, one of the causes that lead to such clashes is the situation as a result of the introduction of the machines, and the introduction of the highly specialized people into the work field, and flushing out the mass majority of labourers outside the work place.

I mean like this tent, we used to need 100 labourers to clean it manually. However, a machine and one person is introduced, or programmed by another person, and operates automatically, to clean this tent. We may take long time with one-hundred workers to clean however, with this machine we only take a very short time.

Therefore, the one-hundred workers whom we used to need to clean this tent are out of work. And so forth, it means thousand and hundreds of thousands have become without work. This is one of the causes of unemployment from which the world suffers.

To solve this dilemma, for us in Libya for instance or any other country, we must recognize reality and make use of , that is to switch to technology and high specializations, and enhance our standards, because this is the sort of work required now.

Any how, this is development, even if its effects are negative now, however, it is scientific development which is required and useful to humans, because the ultimate goal from philosophical perspective in this regard is that human beings should not work as the machine works. The human being is God’s vice-regent on earth and is sacred. His blood should not be permissible and shed, and should live a master on earth, and render other resources granted by God to him  » Who creatheth, then disposed  » to work on his behalf.

We are not machines to clean and do some things as such which should be carried out by the machine.

The Africans because they are despised in Europe and America, because they are blacks and discriminate against based on colours, which is one of the signs of God, you find most of them doing dirty jobs. In the tunnels ‘underground’, loading coal, bags of coal, cleaning subways and underground and dirty places with smoke. It means, whenever you despise a person and oppressed him you employ him in such things, but when you respect the human being you should not allow him to do these things.

These works must be done by something else, by machine or by robot, meaning that man creates a robot to replace him in carrying out these works. this is a great thing if scientific progress, without a setback, to make man comfortable, the hard works that he used to do, is now done by the robot, the machine.

This progressive trend must be desired and required and to work to succeed in that work. the educational and training system must go in this direction. We create people with high degree of competence, that is technicians that can create a robot and machines to replace us at work. This is the way the system should be, a system of innovation and development to provide man’s welfare and comfort.

The workers were forced to revolution because they were the ones that work instead of the machine. Every thing was done by man’s effort, a handful of business owners, exploiters and usurers of blood suckers who were stealing their effort and exploited millions to serve them. There was a wiping out like what had happened in Chicago in 1886, there was expulsion, beating, and forced labor. This is the reason for transferring millions of Africans from the African continent, their native home, to America and Europe to work by force, beating and killing, to fill up swamps in the new land and to build rail roads where they were used like machines and instead of the machine. This period and this treatment, I regard it a mean treatment of man and a tragic and inhuman period and historically condemned and must not last. Man must not be exploited like this, he should be respected and he carries out the works that suit his holiness and vicegerence on earth.

Someone may say , God who prepared man(Thou,veryly,art working toward thy Lord a work which thou wilt meet (in His presence) ). This hard work may be to make a machine that replaces you, you are the one who makes a robot , you are specializing in order to be a doctor, you learn sensitive sciences, meaning to strive to reach this end.

Therefore, instead of showing false sympathy, that is taking place every where in the world with workers to and by tickling their emotions. We must look for the solution, that is , we have to be a technical society that can create a man who can create a robot. This is the way the system should be, and we think that our curriculum needs revision with a serious stand in order to meet the international trends of this era, because this is a dangerous transfer , we can not ignore or overlook.

Man, originally, was created to worship God and to take his share of this world, supposedly, he is to in security, in peace and in comfort and to get rid of work problems, hard, physical and dirty work.

In Belgrade I visited a factory for the production of gun powder, underground. I found all humans working in this place were women, I saw them with dust, their hair and bodies were covered by the dust of gun powder. This was despicable. It was a work that needed accuracy and patience, it needed women to work in it.

I do not think that man or women were created for this purpose, as I saw the Africans in the underground in London, carrying bags of coal, and work in the chimneys and clean dirty places. I do not believe God created the black Africans to be so, man is made distinctive from many of other creatures.

I believe that human, the historic, the philosophical and mental revolutions, are the ones that make man happy and get him rid of the hardship from which he is suffering trying to create a lost paradise on earth. We must be committed to that, and be aware of and make it as a syllabuses to learn from, in order to put man in Libya at least in the appropriate position in terms of dignity, respect cleanness and comfort.

Among the causes of unemployment also, besides the introduction of the machine which ejected the human beings outside the work filed, the exploitative theory. The capitalist theory contributed to the hardship of the workers in the world, yet another strong reason of unemployment, because the capitalist never thinks about the humanity of the labourer nor his social and psychological aspects. He views himself as a human machine that produces to the maximum to the capitalist, the employer, the private company, in order to reap profit.

This s very clear in the world now, they now complain of unemployment and such problems, but complaint should be from the theory they are applying. From philosophy they are applying, upon which their society is based, the theory of capitalist exploitation.

If a company owner sees that the company would profit if he lays-off half of the workers he would do it. How come a company with one-hundred thousand workers can lay-off 50,000. What would they do? would they demonstrate in the street! They would say freedom of expression, we are a free society! Free to take 50,000 workers who lost in the street and their lively hood are lost? and free to express this tragedy. This is the freedom which they speak about, freedom of expression or freedom of work?

Unemployment now, the crisis and the demonstrations and sit-ins. Today we may watch on world TV screens clashes as a result. All capitalist companies are playing with the fate of human beings, their livelihood and the livelihoods of their families, based on their profit only. The capitalist would not accept that agricultural land should remain to society to benefit from it as agricultural land. After transferring it into warehouse, shops and profitable building, he would destroy it and never care about the future of society, especially now that there is a freedom in the movement of capital transnational borders. The capitalist and the exploiter destroys even his country. He moves such capital which he gained through such destruction to another country. As the saying goes  » His homeland is his stomach » i.e. profit is his homeland.

We can release the exploiters even in Libya, this small country, which has no significant capitalist class. However, let us free those seeking individualist gains and see what they would do, and you have seen that! A land which used to be olive grove we see turning it into buildings. I personally in the seventies gave to some body, who was a guard in a district , he was poor and has children, I told him to take the land with olive trees restored from one named Garghur. All Libyan know him, he was an alien who exploited the Libyan land during the time of the decadent regime, bribed officials and gave him Libyan land and even he named it after himself (Garghour). Even this district may named after him- in the hope that he cultivates it and live on it, afterwards he thought if he sells it as a building he would profit better. After so many years, I thought let us see that man, what has he done with the farm, his life must be better now, however I could not find the farm.! Where is the farm? They told me he sold the farm, one block after another, even if yourself come to buy from him he will sell to you.

Forests we used to know it as a resting place for people family go there for picnic and fresh oxygen, we looked for it but we never found, where are the forests?. They said a swindler came looking for gains, they cut the trees and sold the land.

Let alone the big capitalists, at the level of the big and strong industrial countries, which means he would destroy the planet. Indeed, the private sector and the capital the one that destroys even climate, the ozone layer and cause green house effect.

The whole planet is effected due to such behavior by the people of the capitalist theory, which means you alone make profit, and to hell with others, and instead of one makes a farm, or a workshop to produce a certain equipment, we find he makes a shop or land to hire or any other thing for rent.

So when the private sector or those seeking gains for themselves continue, the earth will be destroyed and you have seen how the agricultural land was almost wiped out in Libya, and even city planning was ruined , because there is no compliance with anything , no respect to man’s health or the street and city view, the important thing is that brings more profit, you can even build a tent in the street, without paying rent and you gain from others. If you want to build a shop on the pavement, you do so, as long as there are people who can buy sandwiches or cigarettes . The capital owner does not care about workers , their families or the way they live, what he cares about is his own profit, he adores profit.

I think that world current direction will lead to strong reaction and anti-capitalism revolution and anti-business owners returns, it is possible to return once again and now there are signs. There are leftist forces re-emerging, extremist forces, forces calling for the down fall of capitalism. Sometimes, we hear of Seattle masses , anti-globalization masses and the anti- globalization protests and these are signs of new social revolution.

No one should be happy that market economy, private sector and capitalism will succeed and that represent the solution; on the contrary, this trend faces serious challenge. In America this led to new phenomenon, completely, not in line with the economic theories studied in the world, it is like the anti-immunity virus different from all those studied by the world and it is not subject to vaccination or control.

The same thing appeared some years after 2000, in America appeared economic growth with out employment growth, and it was called « growth without jobs » – How ?

The economic rule is that when there is economic growth ,there is also increase in employment, jobs opportunities increase, but the contrary had happened since jobs opportunities declined and growth increased, what this means?

This is the class growth, in capitalism I can get rid of workers and leave only few of them , and I can raise the price of the product for the consumer , and when the local gross of this country comes out, it shows a false growth, as if you come to a certain country and say its local gross is a trillion, you would say, O , this is a rich country and its national gross is a trillion; when you go to that country you find poverty and people living on pavements, How come?

When we divide this trillion among the population, each would get say, 20.000 dollars. So that is the yearly income in this country, but in fact, people do not have even one dollar. This is the real income and these are correct figures. this is the income of this country and when divided among the population , the actual individual income of this national gross, that is for example, 20.000 dollars. This means people are rich, but you will find that all people are poor, what this means? How is that explained ?

The explanation is that this trillion lies in the hands of small group and it is not actually divided among the number of the population, but suppose that we divided this trillion on the number of people, then each one will have 20.000. this is true if we divided it among all people, rather it is in the hands of the few that gain this trillion.

This is exactly the trick, the world is going through now, as if capitalism brings revenues, and income increases. Well, nice the income of one individual in this country is 20,000 dollars per annum, you go to him and do not find with him -such money. You find him poor and begging, how com your income is so from where it came? he says, the GDP of your country is so and so, if we divide it, his income would be 20,000, he would say if it is distributed to us, but it is not. Indeed this is a GDP but in the hands of the few capitalist group. This is the product of unemployment currently in the world , and the crisis of the world including these issues.

Another unfair thing is the bad distribution of opportunities. I mean work opportunities, a job or any other work. When there is social injustice, there would be a disorder in this. There is no social justice, so a set of opportunities accumulate to one individual at the expense of other group deprived of such opportunities, you find some body rich and a group poor. There should be social justice and opportunities should not be concentrated on one hand, but every one with one work opportunity.

If we are going to speak in a revolutionary way, and face the fact and reality we live in and wanted to create just society, free of social injustice, and destroy poverty caused by social diseases, we must review this matter, it is not possible to be a peasant, a merchant and a civil servant in the same time. This is impossible. This is injustice. This society, must sit-down in 30,000 communes and decide this matter.

We know that there are 2% or so would oppose to this, because they are the ones who have these opportunities, but the majority is deprived of such opportunities which ought to take the decision. This is a clear matter, this is the cause of revolutions in the world, which prompted the socialist, the social, and the communist revolutions, and to atheism. These are all the problems that shaken the world.

The money has accumulated with the few group, rather than to be distributed to the majority. Work opportunities at the hands of the few and the majority is deprived. The few enjoy prosperity, comfort, and good life, and the rest is deprived. What is the outcome? Those who accumulate money and opportunities for their interest should not be happy, because all these lead to a revolution against themselves. we as a free society must think about it, people who rule themselves by themselves, without a government, who issues laws, legislations and endeavours to be a new socialist society, a happy society based on social justice, and have no problems. This must be decided.

How come, we find Libyans seeking work, yet we have two millions or more of foreigners in Libya. What a paradox? How com you employ one million foreigners? it means you have one million job opportunities and you did not find some body to occupy them. Suppose you have one million Libyans seeking jobs, how come you bring one million foreigner. What is the reason. The reason is that work opportunities and employment of manpower at the hand of one group? This group chooses who ever it wanted. It brings one from the Philippines and does not employ a Libyan?

Now according to figures, we have one and half million foreign workers entered without registration and official request, who has employed them? employed by those who can employ people, and money accumulated with him as well as work opportunities.

Someone would say I have ten shops which need ten shopkeepers to run them.

I will not recruit a Libyan. I want nothing to do with him as he could become a partner and then there will be social revolution to seize the shops exactly like the seizure of homes for living. We have villas and buildings, we have benefitted from the whole world, then the revolution of social housing came and each family has its house. And now they are saying the shop is for the one who works in it. Therefore we will recruit foreigners. Another says Ihave ten workshops and I will recruit 100 foreigners. Someone would say I have four farms in various cities. Who will work on them? I have to bring foreign workers, not Libyans because they will ask where did you get thim?

You can’t have four farms unless you have a land distribution official who is your relative or your friend and you use all your acquanitances in various cities to have a number of farms.

I once discovered a problem about land. I am speaking about the facts.

This is the truth and not mere speculation. There was a problem and I was aware of it. They told me that this person has five hectares and we want to take one hectare from him. He objected and refused. I asked how did he get five hectares in the first place. He is not from the region. Who brought him here?

They told me he was brought by the land distributing official. He has land in another town and he should not have a farm in Tripoli. He said I do not have a farm in Tripoli and I want to remain here. That is why I applied for farmland in Tripoli even though he had farmsland in Sebha. The land distribution official said I did not know he had farmland. So what shall we do in this case? Why should we allow someone to acquire several farms here and there.

On the other relations between Libyans are not political, administrative or business relations. There are only social relations and I spoke about this during Ramadhan.

At that time I told you we have to restore our relations. We are tied by social relations. We said the head of any group should be the elder or the most respectable or the most distinguished. It is not by voting.

This May bring a child not more than 20 years old and he becomes the head of the Writers and Literarians Union for a group that published a thousand books and we respect them all and they are contributing to heritage, literature and art.

Voting is not fair and therefore we go to the social base.

That is why we created the General Social Peoples Leadership which will restore us to our origins. The whole world is now looking at this social aspect.

They want to restore social relations because their social relations disintegrated with time and through industry, the industrical revolution, colonisation, immigration etc. They are now looking for social and industrial relations to establish a club, organisation or society. The people want to create a body to link them and that club will be their refuge and resort because some people do not have families anymore and they have no problem. We say we wish to restore the social origins for all those people.

The presence of America which consists of people from everywhere say we hope to restore social relations. I read statements by the notorious American president Reagan saying that the Americans are relying on the state and the state and the state. Everything is from the state and the government.

Where are the social relations? Where are the people who used to solve their problems by themselves? Where are the families and where are the clans? Reagan is appealing to this aspect. He is searching for that within his state. I say so because his state is known.

That is why we are part of these things which we resort to. I mean the social things. But in this case we do not exploit it like that man who I told you about.

These statistics show that those who obtain farms in various cities mean there are plenty of opportunities stacked in favour of one against the others and the others are deprived. This is one of the reasons for unemployment which we are tackling and which is affecting the world. That is the stockpiling of opportunities and the lack of fair distribution of job opportunities.

By job opportunities I do not mean administrative jobs. I mean the fair distribution of opporutnities and the fair distribution of production which we did not achieve. Such a problem has no solution. No problem is solved.

These statistics and these figures show that foreign labour is categorised as registered labout meaning that it is limited. The figures say that there are 36,000 foreigners ranging from teachers, doctors and foreign workers.

These 36,000 jobs could have been filled by Libyans. It could have provided a livelihood for at least 36,000 Libyan families but its benefit may have reached 300,000 Libyans. These jobs have gone to foreigners.

The statistics say there are about a million and a half registered labourers.

This means that there are around a million and a half foreigners working in place of Libyans The figures indicate that in the construction sector there are around a million and a half non registered workers who are basically not required here. They were came here nevertheless and they are working in construction. Don’t we have half a million Libyans who could work in construction?

This is basic employment and people can do it without machines we have discussed.

Statistics also show that there are around 300,000 foreign workers in agriculture and these jobs are not filled by Libyans. Why shouldn’t Libyans work there in place of these 300,000. There are 130,000 engaged in live stock and animal grazing. If you have sheep or goats you should raise them yourself. If youave livestock you have to raise it yourself otherwise you have to agree with the Libyan. There are ten thousand in fishing. They could all be replaced by Libyans. Marine fishing is not difficult.

There are 25,000 foreign workers who are self employed. They include those who opened a shop or a workshop, farm or work as taxi drivers or truck drivers,hairdressers or owners of pastery or bakery shops.The statistics also indicate that 16,000 foreigners are working as domestics and house servants. But this fiture is not correct because I am sure that we have at least half a million domestic servants. We could have 16,000 as registered but those who are not registered are half a million. You are aware of these figures because we have seen them before.

Regarding commerce the statistics indicate that 40,000 foreigners are working with Libyan traders. Why can’t we employ 40,000 Libyans seeking employment in trade and there are enough regulations guaranteeing the rights of these people who want to be partners and they want to get the right share according to the agreement.

There are around 50,000 of those working as cleaners meaning that that they clean the waste left by the same 50,000. And if they were not here in the first place there would not have been any waste. Where does all this waste come from? From where to those 50,000 come? Why should they work in cleaning the streets and we pay their salaries and we keep them because we want them to clean.In hotels, cafes and restaurants there are around 45,000 workers. Why shouldn’t the Libyans work in cafes, restaurants and hotels? »

Intervention: « Salaam Aleikum, The Greetings of the Great al Fateh To the Leader

« This is a great opportunity to meet you and to speak without any fear thatI could be sacked or removed from my job. I am a free workers and I do not accept any insult directed at me or at any women in Libya.

« In fact the ordinary workers or employee, whether a man or a woman, is meanly treated by the directors, managers and chief executives because they only see things from a single angle: the interest of the sector or the enterprise which they see as a personal interest as they have stocks.I am a bank employee and those who hold senior posts bring their relatives,brothers and cousins.

« They give them the job opportunities. The ordinary citizen could not bring anyone and in fact he remains concerned about his job because he might be sacked. Such a person always waits for his salary at the end of the month in order to meet the needs of his family. As for the directors they have luxury cars and many rights which ordinary workers do not have.

« Without the workers the establishment will not develop.

« Unfortunately when someone speaks about his rights he is considered a trouble maker and they could refuse to meet him and say he is interfering in affairsabove him. This is a fact. Such a person is fought against until he is removed.

« We are now in the era of technology and science and everyday there is new information and because the ordinary worker could not obtain such technology the directors issue penalities which are very unfair for the ordinary employee and at the same time gives the directors lots of rights.I am speaking in all frankness and I am not afraid of anyone. I am not afraid of being removed. »

The Leader: Yes.

« Therefore we ask the Leader to give us advice so that legislation defend the rights of employees and appoint the manager who is capable. »

The Leader: Are you a member of the Banking Union?

Answer: « Yes, I am a bank employee, that is the Sahara Bank.

« We have held a union conference. They have issued new regulations. In fact regulations for salary increases. The increase is very modest for the ordinary employee but it is huge for the directors. With respect to some good directors who feel the suffering of others. »

The Leader: « Well, this takes us to the issue of trade unions. The trade unions are not successful in our societies. They could be successful in other societies where there are classes, industries, and disintegrated societies. But there are other criteria as we said.

I meet some people who have vocational jobs. I ask them are you members of the union? For example hair dressers who say they do not have a union and therefore they are not members. The truck owners say they do not have a union.

Why should we have a union? If we have a union we have to pay dues and that will restrict us and will force me to follow their regulations? I want to be free and work whenever I like. I don’t want to be restricted by specific working hours. I want to be free.

This may be a fact. There has to be freedom and we should not bring restrictions on ourselves. But the trade unions are a must and have to be established.

There must be social and just legislation regarding your work or employment in a car, shop or house. There is legislation issued by the nation whichguarantees the rights of all people. For example if a truck owner is involved in an accident which leaves him disabled rather than employing a foreignerwe could bring a Libyan We have dealt with this before and it was supposed to be transferred to the Peoples Congresses Agenda for discussion.

If they agree they issue regulations. This would guarantee all workers their rights and a fair partnership.

This is right.No car will move without a driver. And the driver will not work without a wage.Therefore every part needs the other part. Both parts are essential in the production process. Therefore the matter is settled.

People have to be partners.

There has to be legislation to guarantee the rights of each party. Some people might not need trade unions because they do not see any benefit in the union.

Many people only seek their wages and the fruit of their toil. »

Intervention: « Greetings and salutations for the Leader as we celebrate yourpresence on this happy day.

« My name is Nagi from Al Jafarra District.

« Firstly our brother Leader concerning the vocational trade unions,those people who do not wish to join the unions have one alibi which is the main alibi. That is the duplicity of the vocation and the duplicity of the job.

« Those workers who work in their shops are the capitalists and they work for themselves and do not wish to join the union on the pretext that it would restrict him and would limit his actions and his status in legislations The current law says there is no duplicity in unions. You could not do a mechanics job if you are a state official. Therefore such persons avoid subscription.

« For example the chair of the Peoples Committee is a teacher or anything.

« In the first place the trade unions are the body that organisers workers movement and the vocational movement in the state. Law No 23 has approved these conditions. Therefore those who do not join are evading and they form around 90 percent. That is proved. »

The Leader: « This is true. If we have someone who has a shop and an employee who has a taxi cab for example then which union would they join?

Therefore they believe that it is better to be free and no one will ask you who you belong to. This is really why we have low participation in the unions.

You can’t be a trader, an employee, a farmer or a hairdresser at the same time.

We have tackled this before and the opportunities have to be fairly distributed. »

Intervention: « In the name of God, the most merciful, the most gracious.

« Assistant Secretary General of Tourist Professions Union. Our dear Leader. I want to speak about what exists. In respect of job opportunities, they are abundant but there is a lack of co-ordination between man power and the trade union.

« This trade union is an umbrella for 13 vocations established in the Jamahiriya.

« Now these vocations have a large number of foreigners. There has to be co-ordination. This is quite simple. We have to hold meetings between.

« The general secretaries of trade unions at the Jamahiriya level. There has to be co-ordination with man power. We have to get this opportunity in the tourism sector. You have always encouraged the tourist sector in the hope that it replaces oil. And now we have stastics indicating how many work in this sector.

« We are in need more vocations because thousands of tourists will come to the Jamahiriya and we have to be ready.

« The people are not reluctant to work, but they are reluctant to co-operate and at the same time they want to guarantee the rights of both sites.

« There is legisation and there has to be co-odination between the General Peoples Committee for Manpower and the General Union of Trade Unions. I am sure that this will guarantee employment for thousands of Libyans in various vocations.

« This has to be supervised by the vocational unions in co-ordination with other bodies. I see that your instructions regardimg co-operation between various bodies. »

The Leader: « This shows that the trade unions did not solve the workers problems and it means that the workers do not rely on the unions and want to be free.

What concerns us here is Peoples Authority and Peoples Congresses.

These are the things that matter and then the social legislations. The just and fair legislations which guarantee the rights of all these peoeple. Such legislations are issued by the people. As for unions, we are not at that level because we do not mistreat others. If I do not want to join a union and I do not need a union or the union is not active then we have what matters: legislation and people’s authority. »

Intervention by the Secretary of the Bakeries and Milling Union in Al Wahat District: « My dear Leader, I refer to the issue of unions following the question by our sister who said she is an affiliated member. This means that if therewere a real, active union then the problem would have been solved.

« What I want to say is that we hope the re-activation of the union’s role because as unions are activated they will perform their role and we will have a presence in Peoples Congresses. »

The Leader: « Thank you. In any case we are not talking about the revolutionary role of unions. This is done with and we are sure of it. We are talking about something else, that unions should be able to protect their members and defend their rights and solve their problems. That is what is required.

It seems that in a society like ours the trade union could not take its rightful place because there are other affiliations at the expense of affiliation to unions. There is a social culture which is dominant and there is also the individual and the organised work. Unions are like parties.

The work of the parties is political action. It is not social work. It requires societies in which parties work is unavoidable. Otherwise nobody will agree or understand others because the people have no one to organise their affairs in order to participate in authority. Therefore each class establishes a party and brings their deputies. Even those with vocations have to do so in order to defend their rights. But there we are practising authority in a direct manner without any party and without any representation. Further more we do not have classes. They have classes abroad and these classes nominate those who represent them. I believe we can develop this. We can develop the role of unions. But sometimes we could do without trade unions. That is when we satisfy our needs without a union. We are practising authority in the Peoples Congress which issues laws and legislation. This is a matter of social development. »

Intervention: « We salute our Leader. My name is Ali Zaid from Al Breiga Company a member of Al Breiga mathaba. As for unions, we take the example of the oil sector. We haven’t seen the general union defending its members. We have capabilities in the sector. We have engineers and experts who left the company and joined other companies in the same field. For example we have a foreigner who takes $10,000. His Libyan counterpart with the same qualifications takes only 500 dinars. There should have been quality between the foreigner and the Libyan.

« As for the example given by our sister who talked about administration you have always encouraged us to practise peoples authority. You have encouraged us to hold meetings and elevate people from the base. There should be elevation from the base. If there is elevation from the base this is okay and correct.

« Those who do not work properly, their elevation should be reviewed. »

The Leader: « There is a resolution of the General Peoples Secretariat No 240 for the year 1372 i.e. 2004 which states the approval of financial incentives for national experts. This is the solution you are talking about. It is covered by this resolution. If the Libyan has the same qualifications and expertise as that of a foreigner and if the foreigner is taking $10,000 than the Libyan who replaces him has to take 10,000. This resolution is there and is valid.

We come to labour which is recorded as they say and as indicated by this report.

Whwere are they registered? Are they in national companies?

How can we employ 2,000 people? Do we have 2000 thousand Libyans to replace them?

This is not the private sector. The national companies working the oil sector are Libyan companies but employ 3,000 foreigners. As for foreign companies, they have 7,000 employees. This has to be reviewed. Why shouldn’t we employ 7,000 Libyans. But if we have Libyan companies employing foreigners then how can we deprive foreign companies and tell them to employ Libyans.

If you have Libyans let them work for you. We shouldn’t say there is unemployment in Libya as long as there are cases like this. As long as we have a limited number we have to employ them. They are supported by others. We are a few million and we are served by other million. We should not hear the word ‘unemployment’.

What is unemployment? Employment is defined in international law and international agreements. In respect of protecting the unemployed and compensating them in line with international agreements should be observed. When you choose some work there are conditions and duties This employee has to pay subscriptions and insurance in case he is unemployed. In that case he obtains his reward which is not obtained by those who do not pay. This is line with the international agreement. If the concerned person tried to obtain these rewards through deception it would not be right. If such a person is redundant without a legitimate cause then he has to be moved to another suitable job and if thereis a need he must be rehabilitated and trained. He must get proper training and has to be fit for the specific work. Any claim by him for unemployment is not accepted. He has to fit in some place. When such a person refuses to work he losses his rights.

Unemployment is defined in the agreed law in line with the international labour laws used by most countries. It indicates that those who are unemployed are those who could work and are ready, willing and able to work. »

Intervention: « One of the reasons for unemployment in the Jamahiriya is the lack of protection for national industry which causes more unemployment.

« We ask the Leader to issue the legislation stipulating that anything manufactured in the Great Jamahriya must not be imported. In this way we will end all unemployment and I am ready to issue a memo in this respect. »

The Leader: « Thank you. When production only meets ten percent of consumption demand you could not ban imports. For example if you want to manufacture pens there are 500 workers producing pens. But the production covers only ten percent. You can’t ban imports of pens from abroad. When the production meets local consumption 100 percent then you can ban imports. However the production has to be of good quality in order to match the demand.

Otherwise you could not protect local production. There has to be competition. If you are able to compete your enterprise survives. But if not you are out of it. This is what happens. »

Intervention by Dr Abdel Hafiz Zuleiteni, Director of the General Planning Council: « Good morning. Your comment is correct in respect of national industry.

« If it was not competitive or if it was highly priced or if it did not satisfy consumption needs it would be difficult to protect because its production would cause problems and we want to solve the problem of national industry without creating other problems. We have to concentrate on if we are not competitive in respect of quality, we have to be competitive in respect of price. In respect of efficiency we could not have a competitive industry and at the same time we have increased unemployment. »

The Leader: « Therefore the definition of unemployment becomes the lack of readiness to work or seek work. International agreements have stated the rights of workers in work and the state is responsible for providing thatfor all those capable of work without any discrimination and on the basisof equal opportunities. But if you are working you can’t go to the state and tell them to find another job for you. »

Intervention: « The major problem, our dear Leader, has been tackled in yourspeech. We did not distribute the opportunities equally. In the General Union of Vocations we have a problem. The General Peoples Committee issued the act for the organisation of economic activitiy licenses. But this does not focus on the technical side for doing the work. Accordingly it allows the persons with property to engage in activity and therefore he becomes in need of others to manage the business. Such matters have to be regulated and the technical side has to be taken into consideration when such activities are licensed. »

The Leader: « At the end of the day the rule it that we are partners not hired workers but I see that this is not the case in some Libyan production facilities.

I saw that some workers still get material returns rather than in kind in the form of a share in production. This is not compatible with the theory and it made us exactly like others and other states are in crisis.

This has been clarified in the second chapter of The Green Book which reveals what we have to do. Any failure to work or any limited production and related unemployment are there because the labourer is hired. As long as he is hired he is antagonistic because he works, for example, seven hours but he receives a return for four hours only. This means he has lost three hours. But this goes are profit to the employer the employer could sack him but if he is a partner he could not be sacked. If anyone failed in his duty he has tobe held accountable.

If workers are not partners in production the problem of incentive would not be solved. If you want to increase your income you have to increase your production. But if you are working in return for a specific salary you are not very much interested in production or whether it goes up or down, whether it is excellent or bad.

This has been revealed in the second chapter of The Green Book and we are drawing the attention of the whole world to this. The whole world has to know. All workers have to know that they have to move from waged labour to partners otherwise the world economy will face an even greater crisis. »

(End of the speech of the Libyan leader Colonel Mu’ammar al Qathafi.)

Viewers can read The Green Book online or print out at the following link:


LIE: RICHEST MONETARALLY in all the world!
Truth: No money was in any of Muammar al-Qathafi’s personal Bank Account—all were in charitable Organizations…all exceess income was placed in these charitable works and especially for Orphans.
Sadly, now, all these charatable works have come to a halt…The recipients are again all destitute!
Muammar always said–personally he has no need or love of money or wealth.
education, health-care, advancement of people’s and nations now have been stopped by the freezing of the assets and giving them instead to the various WAR MACHINES to squander.
Gaddafi wealth more than 200 billion dollars.flv
  • Here is an explanation of the Wealth–where it really was and what it was used for!

    LIBYA The Truth Of “Gaddafi’s Money” & How This Oil Wealth Betters Libyan People & All Africa

    No money was in any of Muammar al-Qathafi’s personal Bank Account—all were in charitable Organizations…all exceess income was placed in these charitable works and especially for Orphans.
    Muammar always said–personally he has no need or love of money or wealth.

    • Sadly, now, all these charatable works have come to a halt…The recipients are again all destitute!
      education, health-care, advancement of people’s and nations now have been stopped by the freezing of the assets and giving them instead to the various WAR MACHINES to squander

    The title is actually misleading since all wealth belonged to the Libyan people

    Muammar Gaddafi named Richest Man of the 21st Century


    The title is actually misleading since all wealth belonged to the Libyan people
    The title is actually misleading since all wealth belonged to the Libyan people

    Who still believes in the genuineness of the foreign-orchestrated Libyan “February 17 revolution” should take a look at the list of the world’s 25 wealthiest people of all time, published by the Daily Mail on 15 October 2012.

    The first person on the list who is born in the 20th century and lived in the 21st century is nobody else than a poor Bedouin from the Libyan city of Sirte who used to live in a tent; his parents even lived in a tent until their death. He led a quite simple life himself, as you can see in the video below. Still Muammar Gaddafi, who freed Libya of the corrupt monarchy of King Idris Senussi during a bloodless coup in 1969, managed to end up on the 8th place at the list, before famous names such Bill Gates and Henry Ford.

    The list, based on an October 13 publication of Celebrity Net Worth (CNW), claims Gaddafi had “a secret net worth of $200 billion” before “his capture and death in 2011”. Being known as a propaganda outlet, the Daily Mail builds on stories of the Gaddafi family’s extremely luxurious lifestyle, which stories have been circulating widely in the Western media, especially after the beginning of the American-European war against the sovereign country in 2011.

    In an earlier article, CNW claims that above the reported $200 billion, “it’s believed that Gaddafi had billions of dollars worth of gold hidden in Libya, which has yet to be discovered”. Libya also contains the largest known oil reserves in Africa and prior to the imperialist war and ongoing NATO-occupation of the country, 1.5 million barrels per day were being produced.

    The Daily Mail propaganda article claims that a plane containing “various luxuries including a jacuzzi” which allegedly was found by a BBC News reporter in 2011 proofs that Gaddafi robbed his people of Libya’s wealth while living in luxury himself. It therefore will be interesting to take a look at the actual everyday life of the richest man the 21st century has known so far.

    Muammar Gaddafi in fact believed that economic democracy only can be achieved when a country’s wealth is dispersed to every citizen of that country. In the March 2, 1977 “Declaration of the Establishment of the People’s Power” he stated:

    The Libyan Arab people assembled in the General Conference of the People’s Congresses, the People’s Committees, and the Professional Unions […] support the march of the Revolution towards complete popular authority and consolidation of the People’s Society where only the people control leadership, authority, wealth, and arms to realize the Society of Freedom.

    In practice this meant that a part of the money from the Libyan Jamahiriya’s oil revenue was directly deposited into the bank accounts of all Libyans. The country officially attained the highest standard of living in Africa and the Libyans benefited from many advantages such as free electricity, no interest on loans, free education and medical treatments and $ 50,000 for all newlyweds. Therefore, the title Richest Man of the 21st Century as well as being 8th on the list of the world’s 25 wealthiest people of all time is actually misleading since all wealth belonged to the Libyan people.

    Gaddafi, who according to CNW “built his massive personal wealth thanks to a violent and domineering control over Libya’s natural resources”, also initiated the construction of the Great Man Made River, often referred to as The Eight World Wonder and the Largest Civil Engineering Venture in the World. The project made fresh water flow from an enormous ancient aquifer, deep below the Sahara Desert, through 1200 kilometres of pipeline to the north where 90% of the Libyan people lived. The Great Man Made River used to deliver about one million cubic metres of pure water per day to the cities of Sirte and Benghazi, but water pumping stations stopped operating when their electricity supply was attacked by NATO in 2011.

    Great Man Made River

    Contrary to what the corporate media want us to believe, the generosity of the so-called Richest Man of the 20th and 21th Century was boundless – and not only towards the Libyan people. He also connected the entire continent by telephone, radio broadcasting, television and several other technological applications and supported organizations and political parties such as the ANC in their fight against Apartheid.

    Another giant thorn in the eyes of the American-European aggressors were the three financial key projects initiated by Gaddafi: The African Investment Bank in Sirte, the establishment of the African Monetary Fund which was supposed to be based in Cameroon, in 2011, and the African Central Bank in Nigeria. Gaddafi believed that “the economy of any country which relies on the slavery of blacks is destined to descend into hell the day those countries awaken” – and the Western powers knew too well that as a result of Gaddafi’s revolutionary leadership the African continent was about to wake up and free itself from political, economic and social slavery.

    With the so-called Richest Man of the 21st Century now being ousted by desperate powers of the Western bankrupt countries, “new democratic” Libya is merely ruled by armed gangs, its resources are stolen by the occupiers and the NATO-installed regime is increasingly criticized by both “rebel” and Jamahiriya supporters. The below late 2011 video shows the wiped out “pro-Gaddafi” town of Tawarga, whose citizens were given thirty days to leave by the so-called Misrata brigades that ransacked the area – if not, they would be conquered and imprisoned by the U.S. and NATO oppressors. So every single one of them has left, and they will never be allowed to come back, a rebel officer told the Telegraph.

    Currently the Libyan city of Bani Walid, another city that refuses to bow for the haters of freedom and true democracy, faces the same fate as Tawarga. Obviously none of this is the result of the so-called avarice, greed, selfishness, ruthlessness and dictatorship of the so-called Richest Man of the 20th and 21st Century – contrary, this is what the “dictator”‘s country actually was about:

    But not so surprisingly, the Daily Mail and the Celebrity Net Worth are silent about that.


    • New Statement of Dr Moussa Ibrahim. Not dead or captured.
      تصريح د موسى إبراهيم لتوضيح سبب الش�
      أرجو النشر للفائدة

      They made the same lie , if you remember, with the fake airplane photos in January of this year! ..Dr. Ibrahim is staying with his inlaws somewhere in the suburbs of Berlin–He is not even in Libya!!!!

      meter at 07:25
      “”I am still faithful to my pledge and al-Qathafi is still my chief and IMAN…”

      أرجو النشر للفائدة

      Durée : ‎7:20

    • The NTC Military aircraft flying over the area Chaebiya Zawiya causing a panic among the population.
      Dawn Ploe

      and he said that Muammar is the leader and the pride of the country

    • Good!

      I am telling you the Rats are desperate and all the GNC lies is just to bring down the morale of the Green Resistance and the people’s of the Great Jamahiriya. Just like all the gore videos of death in BANI WALID.
      Truth is the Zentani are airlifting goods, medicines and supplies to the raged people in BANI WALID, and they are holding out well, despite the mustard gas and bomb attacks—and their spirits are high.

      Here is some background information. There was the recent report:
      “Zentan will hand over to Saif, BANI WALID in Victory “!

      To understand this, you have to know that Saif heads the Zentan Brigade…

      Saif is safe and, most Zentan are loyal to Muammar…IT is the ZIONIST Misrata and American, French and QATAR mercenaries who are fighting the Warfalla.

      Bernard Levy plans on making Misrata a second homeland for the Jews… Levy was already made “an honorary citizen of Misrata” by the ZIONIST RATS !

      The evil Qatari mercenaries are a good portion CIA Al-Qaeda. Yankees and French Zionist Levy instigated this terrible genocide against the Warfalla.

      This is why “officially” the GNC is laid-back on this—unofficially the GNC/USA puppets are backing the Misrata militias and mercenaries.

      If the GNC/CIA cannot break BANI WALID, they know that they have failed—and Libya will return to be OFFICIALLY Green Jamahiriya again.

      The Zentani have double measure to fight MISRATA and Back BANI WALID (their kin)…The Israelis plan on using the Nafusa Mountains as their airforce base in Libya!!! (The Israelis already signed a contract for the Nafusa Mountains with the puppet GNC regime–for a period of ten years–and renewable upon expiration!) THE GNC has pledged €130 Billion to Israel already as a restitution!

      The brother of the rebel commander who arrested Seif El Islam Gaddafi has been killed.

      Source: ALGERIA ISP   22 OCT. 2012

      Libya - The brother of the rebel commander who arrested Seif El Islam Gaddafi has been killed.  (21 October 2012)

      ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar LibyaElmokawama, the rebel commander Ahmed Hamali Hamali Hatmani, who arrested the son of the guide, Seif El Islam Gaddafi was killed yesterday. So this morning, his brother rebel Mustapha Hamali  was also killed.

    Gas and bullets prevail in place … Rixos
    Ivory (Tripoli) :: silks and Rafla and silks tribes dishonest يعتصمن front of the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli and Mlishat Jerdan prevent the press from filming and trying to attack the Silks Wayne you Iaahrar and Rafla and honorable tribes in Tripoli HBO to rescue the sisters.
    Urgent ::::: Tripoli news of the martyrdom of the child Lutfi Aqnuer one of the protesters in front of the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli protesters bare before the Committee pencil and delusional.

    ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar LibyaElmokawama the demonstration in front of the Rixos hotel in Tripoli leaves with a record of three protesters injured by bullets.

    In Benghazi, protesters held a sit-in outside the Tibesti Hotel to denounce the bombing of Bani Walid.

    Photo: in the city centre of Benghazi people are asking the `government` in Tripoli to stop the killing and attacks on the town of Bani Walid
    shooting boiled protesters outside the Rixos Hotel
    Armed militias shoot alleged peaceful demonstrators in front of the Hotel Rixos:
    High number of wounded in front of the Hotel Rixos to 3 people because of the use of live weapons against peaceful demonstrators. No God but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah
    and continue defending the angry crowd from all neighborhoods of Tripoli Square to sit Hotels Rixos against genocide occurring for the people of Bani Walid by militias Misrata criminal.
    There picket similar now in front of Hotel Tibesti in Benghazi. Allahu Akbar thankfully.
    all cities to go out and condemn this genocide.

    God is Greatest Kid aggressor.and Obinma .. Youth area AboSaleem go hundreds of Nasr sisters protesters outside hotel Roxos Forest victory. Tripoli towards liberalization Hoaaza fighting force, ready to defend the Bani Walid and located in Bani Walid from all the tribes reached forty thousand fighters in all its facilities belonging both tribes honest without Astina epic jihadist big start and victorious honorable in Bani Walid God and Cbrrrrrrrrrr Amiyeyeeyeeyeeyeeyean Iaaaaaaaaaaaaaarb and O Maulana Vanasrna Aalqom oppressors Iaaaaaaaaaaaaarb امييييييييييييييييييييييين
    Today many Libyans protested at the “National Congress” of the CIA butcher Megarief “President” of Libya in Tripoli saying “stop the killing in Bani Walid” and “We are all Libyans, get out Megarief!”


    Taha Kniouir shot by the gun of a body gourd of President Megarif directly at the protest outside the “National Congress” today because he was one of the people asking for the killing at Bani Walid to stop.



    Tripoli Protest: President Bodyguard Shoots Protester, Crowd Dispersed by Tear Gas

    Posted: 2012/10/21
    From: Mathaba
    A large protest outside the so-called General National Congress of CIA agent and `Libya President` Megarief has been dispersed by tear gas after at least one demonstrator was wounded by gun fire from Megarief`s body guardAs predicted by Mathaba’s Jamahiriya News editor last week, the response to the siege of Bani Walid and the brutal attack and invasion of the town by forces sent by “President Megarief”, a well-known CIA stooge responsible for over 30 years of terrorism, is nationwide.In Benghazi protests have taken place in the city center today and also in Tripoli, where they have been dispersed by tear gas and at least one protester has been shot, by one of Megarief’s body guards, as the protest took place outside the so-called National Congress hall.

    Adam King/Louis Sçondzy continues from MATHABA.NET:
    ‘Water was cut to Tripoli following actions against part of the electricity supply to pumps of the Great Man Made River, in solidarity with Bani Walid, and the entire country is coming out in support of the besieged, and now invaded and brutalized town, with the exception of Misrata.

    Green flags are being unfurled by the many supporters of Muammar Qadhafi and the Jamahiriya, but in Tripoli today the protesters compared Megarief to Qadhafi and said that the former has much blood on his hands, and is a CIA stooge. Megarief has been CIA agent since around 1980.

    The many Libyans who protested at the “National Congress” of the CIA butcher Megarief “President” of Libya in Tripoli were shouting slogans including “stop the killing in Bani Walid” and “We are all Libyans, get out Megarief!” before being shot at and dispersed by tear gas.

    Libya has been without a government since U.S.-led NATO forces bombed the country non-stop for 7 months and one million citizens fled into exile to neighbouring countries while an estimated 100,000 died in a bloody war that continues with recriminations.

    Tens of thousands languish in prisons with the most brutal torture taking place in Misrata which holds some 500 Bani Walid citizens. International “human rights” organizations and news media have been largely silent. An entire city of 35,000 Black Libyans was exterminated by Misratans.’


    From 06 OCTOBER 2011:

    Original published by

    “I will definitely go back to Libya – Kamis and my friends are waiting for me” – an interview with a Russian officer – one of Moammar Gadhafi’s military adviser. Alexander Grigoriev, published at 05October 2011 on , from Russian …
    Libya: Interview with a Russian military

    We met with the former major in the Special Forces Ilya Korenev. He spent nearly six months in addition to and with Colonel Gaddafi and his family. He he is currently in Latin America for the treatment of injuries he has sustained in the Libyan desert near the border with Algeria.


    Original published by

    I will definitely be back to Libya.  Khamis and our waiting

    A sensational interview with a Russian officer – a military adviser to Muammar Gaddafi

    05 October  2011, 16:18 [“Arguments of the Week” by Alexander Grigoriev]

    I will definitely be back to Libya.  Khamis and our waitingKhamis al-Gaddafi (center) with comrades

    Chechnya. January 9, 1995. On the basis of federal troops Khankala flowing GAZ-66 “shishiga.” Canvas awning ripped by shrapnel. Behind the wheel unshaven major. “Shishiga” slows near the field hospital.Wounded soldiers in the back … So we met with the then Major Guard special forces Ilya Korenev. Then met a lot of time. Both Moscow and the Caucasus.

    So he called when in August of Libya, the big surprise was not. Work like that. Almost six months he spent next to Colonel Qaddafi and his family. Ilya has already spent a week in Latin America in the treatment of: wound, contusion in the Libyan desert near the border with Algeria.

    The trip through the “caravan”

    – How did you get into Libya? But Russia does not officially support Ooops Gaddafi.

    – The trip was discharged in the spring of this year in Algeria, a trade mission. But the main problem was to get it to Tripoli. By arrangement through the embassy, ​​for “caravan” I went to headquarters to Muammar Gaddafi. Almost immediately we began to prepare the personnel of the 32nd Reinforced Brigade, Which was commanded and commands Khamis al-Gaddafi. Coaching and training for combat in urban environments. The fact that Tripoli will not be able to hold, it became clear in about June or July. Therefore began to prepare the brigade staff to conduct clashes small autonomous groups in urban areas, and outside the settlements. Have focused on commando training.

    Soldiers and officers of the 32nd well prepared. Some trained in SAS, France. But Libya is highly respected Russian military school.

    The tactics of fighting in small groups Formed from the experience of the guerrillas in the Great Patriotic War, and – in Chechnya. Small groups – 20-30 people attacking military convoys, mine and country after committing sabotage recede to safe areas.

    – You say “we” We – this is Russia, or are you about someone else who was with you in Libya?

    – Of course, there I was not alone. All I can say right now, our guys have Qaddafi is. From Russia, mostly retired officers, abbreviated from the Russian army, as well as specialists from the former Soviet republics.

    – You did not answer – why you were sent to Tripoli, where the Russian authorities officially announced – Gaddafi must go?

    – Who can deny a senior officer to send a subordinate in Algeria on a business trip? For example, in military-technical cooperation? And so what are the introductory word of mouth in the office, it’s not for one’s ears is not intended. My work Judged by results rather than on planning and timely reports.

    Professionals understand that the attack on Libya – is part of the planned actions. Next: Syria, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Central Asia and Russia. No matter in what sequence. But Russia is likely to cost the most recent. While it is surrounded by unfriendly to her puppet regimes, radar, military bases, strongly contribute to the growth of corruption and dissent within the country.

    – After this mission you remain in the service?

    – I have already sent a report on the dismissal. I know that I have requested a personal matter. Definitely not for reward. But the seniority and the apartment is. Families do not. And to return to Russia I’m not going. This year things have changed, I made Certain decisions for themselves. Without papers, I never cease to be military.

    Brest fortress in Tripoli

    – You say you keep Tripoli was impossible. What went wrong in the defense?

    – This error is not in defense but in the assessment of the conflict. It was that Gaddafi was living intwo parallel worlds. He has not adhered to this policy, seeking as North Korea’s leader. He did not twitch – the oppression of his own. But Gaddafi did not believe the attack on the country until recently. Even in mid-August, when applied missile and bomb strikes on Tripoli. In other cities, he talked with Berlusconi and Sarkozy They assured him that the ground operation in Tripoli will not be. Several years ago, Gaddafi offered to create a powerful air defense system in its entirety. This could be done through some of the former countries of the Union. But he Believed that these actions will only tease the U.S. and Europe. Repeat, and Italy, and even France and Britain assured him that the ground war against Libya will not.

    Error has therefore been a long observation of the Libyan officers bribed. It Was Necessary to arrest them immediately, not to spread contagion with impunity. But Gaddafi wanted to identify as many traitors. Indecision Gaddafi because of his personal views on the conflict what the way, and the factor that persuaded several high-ranking officers to take a pair of million dollars and go to the rebels.Imagine, everywhere is the rain, fall on your head stones, and you say – would cost a party will be held. Many do you convince to go for you?Especially those who want to be important and the primary targets for the enemy. The human factor even in Africa the human factor.

    – How did you manage to get out unscathed from Tripoli?

    – We were warned, “Al Jazeera” and CNN. We saw footage of “victory” insurgents captured in Qatar. It was already known about the scenery of the Green Square, Tripoli, in the desert near Doha. They knew what they were. These shots were the signal for the attack to rebels and subversive. Immediately after these shots all over the city “sleeper cells” of the rebels began to Establish roadblocks, breaking into the command centers and apartment officers who have not betrayed Gaddafi. The port began landing of foreign troops. One of the flanks has stopped responding. General Eshkal surrendered the position without a fight. Gaddafi ordered not to put out the fire and fire away.Do not turn into a cauldron of Tripoli, # in which the “grinding” and army units and Civilians. Several hundred bombers refused to comply with this order and were fighting in the city, at. To attempt to inflict maximum damage to the enemy, to divert him from Pursuing leadership and command They still continue to resist. For more than a month in Tripoli, there are areas where even the Islamists do not agree well. It’s their choice, it is their city, and I understand them.

    The assault began. We left the house near the base of the Bab al-Aziz in a small house in the south of the capital. Just a few hours to several cars left the city and moved to a safe place. It turned out just in time – to hit three consecutive home GBU – bunkerbasterov, heavy bombs. The machines were common jeeps, there are no specially built for Qaddafi “Mercedes”. Why attract attention? Although I have no doubt that Americans often know where Gadhafi. But the rockets and bombs flew back after 5 minutes after departure. They seem to have shown him that at any moment he might be destroyed but, so far, apparently, there is a prohibition on destruction. In the Libyan conflict a lot of attention paid to information and psychological attacks.

    – Family members who Remained in Libya, stay together?

    – No, Gaddafi family split almost immediately. This is the most effective solution. Ordinary Libyans say that if he did not return Gaddafi, then certainly one of his children. Now someone has gone to Tunisia, one in Algeria, who in Niger. But the borders are transparent.Khamis was in the suburbs of Tripoli to organize resistance. Safe in the Bani Walid. Neither the colonel nor his children are almost the same place, constantly on the move. The most difficult problem – communication. Ether is controlled by the military and technical equipment of the 6th U.S. Navy, DIA and NSA USA. So I could not risk transfer photos and video clips. It takes more time than the release of a “package” of textual information. But Internet access is rare, NATO knows about areas # in which we, and blocks any connection.

    – Yes, the photos of captured British soldiers apparently did not suffice. How it all happened? How did you know that this is the army of SAS, since the documents on military operations Tellows take?

    – Photos will be. Themselves prisoners of war and the fact that public humiliation of the enemy army – it’s arguments. War is war, and talks are always close by. The more trump cards, the easier it wants dialogue. It was a subversive group about 30 people. Most of Qatar’s army, 13 English and French. They Carried out further exploration in the Bani Walid. Apparently, for the main forces. But the neighborhood of the city is not well known. Local reports that the group gads about town. We were able to carry out the operation and capture them.Katartsy were executed by the Libyans. They just hate the wild. As well, they say, came to the house of a Muslim to another Muslim and killed his family? So – “iadam” (“shooting, the death penalty”) and a point. Englishmen and Frenchmen were separated, interrogated and brought to the shelter. Actually – and what they hide it? Recorded the names and personal numbers and the name of, and photographed Transferred via e-mail to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain and France. They offered to give them the soldiers without any conditions, for example, anywhere in Libya.

    By the way, the machine from Which Carried out what the information transfer, the rocket was destroyed in just a few hours when returning to the city. That is broadcast monitored very closely. When Britain gave up its soldiers, we are considering the option to remove them in Algeria. They collect a press conference to show the world. I was in a convoy with the children Moussa Ibrahim ehavshimi in Algeria to agree on a press conference. Many diplomatic difficulties in the capital would not give to hold still, it was a frontier village. On the way we shot from helicopters. I threw open the explosion of a jeep body. Tuareg fighters have picked up and helped to move abroad. From there I came here for treatment. Not that everything went according to plan, but alive.

    – In Russia there is a threat from NATO and the United States?

    – Of course. Open confrontation in the first stage will not be. First priority – to blow up again with radical Islamists immerse Caucasus, in the south of Russia, though local, but large-scale was. Now in power in the Maghreb come radical Muslims. Militants from the “Al Qaeda” and other extremist groups. And between Russia and the Mediterranean distance is much smaller than it was before Afghanistan, and the smaller and lower mountains. U.S. is profitable, Europe and Russia. Abd al-Hakim Belhadj – the military commander of Tripoli, claiming to the forefront of the new government of Libya. It’s the first person Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a recognized terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

    – Most applicants Tellows have?

    – Yes. Col. Khalifa Haftar defector, who has lived 20 years in the U.S..A former military judge at Gaddafi – Muhammad Bashir Al-Haddar. You can say for the sake of brevity – Belhadj protege of Qatar. Al-Haddar – misratskih of the oligarchs supported by France. Haftar – protege of bengaziyskih oligarchs supported by the United States.

    If Belhadj enter the government, as he enters, then it will take in world capitals. “Beautiful” – Action, Which is associated with our Caucasian underground, coming to the Kremlin, the President shake hands.

    So, in addition to radical Islam in Libya is the uncontrolled plundering of arms from the Libyan army depots. And most of these weapons will go to the Caucasus in the holds of freighters. From the ports of North Africa to the shores of the Caucasus – a couple of days running. It is unfortunate that those who are called to think about the safety of our citizens who are not able to read at least the reports of NATO analysts. They clearly indicate that the illegal export of stolen weapons in Libya – one of the major challenges to global security.

    – What is unique about the Libyan was How is it different from the armed conflicts that have you been?

    – Every war is unique. In Libya – is eclectic. Massive propaganda of WWII, burning areas, as in Vietnam, corruption and desertion, as in Iraq. There are thus “the Belarusian partisans.” As in all wars, killed a huge number of Civilians. But the conflict is really unique. On the one hand, the Tuareg – the warriors of the desert with a rifle in 1908, and the Amazigh people with a machete. On the other, – guided aerial bombs and laser guided missiles, drones, reconnaissance. Clash of civilizations and eternity.

    On the territory # in which there is a conflict, perhaps it is one of the largest since World War II But the number of interests, the mixed into this, was if not superior performance of the Second World, the exact equivalent.

    Very severe sectors – is a psychological and informational. Constantly hanging over the territory of Libya U.S. aircraft special propaganda, dropped leaflets. Provocative stories, “Al Jazeera”, BBC, CNN, Reuters and others are going through the coordination of NATO information center.

    Alternative version of events, special propaganda operation – “fear and Fog” a more accurate slogan “Operation Joint protector.”

    – What are the main challenges now facing the supporters of Qaddafi?

    – It’s simple. Pure mathematics. At 100% of the population is always 5-10% and 5-10% of the opposition loyalists. Whatever happens in the country, no matter how the leader behaved, some will always criticize it, while others will always be loyal to him. Neither other really solve nothing. Solve the remaining 80-90% of the population Whose opinions can vary in either direction. With skillful provocation of bribery and propaganda through the leading Western media balance has been broken. But the enemies too Gaddafi shook his pendulum, with the same force he was destined to swing in the opposite direction. And it will manifest itself not necessarily in the military or the political sphere. I would say: not necessarily limited to the territory of Libya. So the main task of the advocates Jamahiriya – in court – properly present evidence and arguments. The people are special. But my heart feels all right. Who is a friend who is an enemy that is good and what is bad. The problem is actually not even the military. The military is like a small addition.

    On the military side, much will depend on the support of the rebel forces of NATO. In general aviation and radio. If they stop, or at least reduce the number of sorties, as promised, and stop “push” broadcast, then knock the clowns NPC in flip-flops will not be a big problem. On the radicals will be more difficult. They trained boys from Afghanistan and Pakistan. They know how to handle weapons. And they have nowhere to run, Libya alien to them the country.

    Probably, now the country wants to enter private military companies, who will take custody of pipelines and refineries. Already have this information from Bregy and Ras Lanufa. They tried to land troops and to gain a foothold. So far unsuccessfully. Therefore, the challenge will be at least – to blow up these facilities permanently. Protect them from missiles arriving from the desert – is impossible. In Europe, the need to understand that every barrel of oil they will be very expensive.In terms of both dollars and human lives. The guys from the PMC is thus not idiots, they hall a price for their services that support them will simply not profitable. A regular troops put on the protection of silly. They have other problems.

    – Who are the all the same Libyans support Gaddafi and the new government?

    – “New Power” power, I would not hurry to call. Of course, ordinary people support those who work and give them food, and most importantly – security. In Libya there were people who Criticized the action of Gaddafi, it is true. But it was a reasonable opposition, to take up arms and cut people just thought none of them was not. For it was in the minority. New so-called authorities, and the more radical can not Ensure stability in Libya now. Nor can the foreseeable future.Because the Majority silent if not for Gaddafi, then a “time of Gaddafi.”

    But in the East is traditionally solve the power and money. If the loyalists win a number of convincing wins, then people will support them. While some cities resist, but the country now and then here come daring raids kaddafistov, people waiting at a loss as to what their “liberated” and for what. Goes on to compare what happened before and what is after. And nobody does not like the conclusions. If you want to be put in the position of Sirte, Bani Walid, other hotbeds of resistance, then public opinion will be on the side of the new authorities. Because of the fear. Because no other choice left.Developments in the region in the near future will be very rapid. In the coming months vyrisuetsya direction of further developments. Still in the normal information support the causes of war and victory will be successful at Gaddafi loyalists and supporters of the Jamahiriya.

    – What common sense today Libyans (not Gaddafi soldiers, rebels not MSP)?

    – The closest definition – they feel duped beaten, raped, and – not free. Well, imagine that in 1991, NATO started to bomb to the Soviet Union under the pretext of humanitarian aid. And no time to end the bombing, as the country came running to the capitalists to divide the oil fields and refineries, and the radical priests began to break into the house at all … Both would say that we’ll show you how to live now .And the last would be added – not willing – be shot. People would cower in the instinct of self-preservation, survival would have even signed some papers and put up new flags, not to kill them to give rations to include water and electricity. People were waiting to return to the army, gone into the woods, waiting to return to the old days.Around and in Libya are now thinking. But since a lot of spilled blood – nothing will not return to their original positions.

    – Do you speak Arabic?

    – “Man Kuman aaesh Arbain yauman minhum cap.” This is an Arab proverb – “. He who has lived with people for 40 days, he became a part of it” If he did not know would not have sent. Arab proverbs and sayings quite amusing. I’ve been recently put in another collection, when some 100 rebels wall in the shales of the AK and RPG bomb burst into the palace reception of foreign delegations near Sirte, the last thing they saw in his life, was a big sign on the – “Al-Aryan TYZ fahaua bit almiz” – Iraqi officer saying – “Where are you from bare-assed, but in the officers’ mess. ”

    – Do you ever plan to return to Libya?

    – A few days later will be in a Neighboring country. The boundary at 90% is not controlled by insurgents. There is a link with Khamis, and with our own. They are waiting.

    Khamis Gaddafi: We will win or die, give up or run no one is going

    In a telephone conversation with his classmate on the Academy.Frunze operating officer of the Russian army Sergei Khamis Gaddafi gave thanks to the people of Russia, Which supports the struggle of the Libyan people against the invaders. “AN” Khamis Gaddafi quotes entirely, removing only the full name of the classmate.

    – Thank you to all our classmates and teachers who could give me a little bit of the spirit of your people-winner, and taught to adequately assess the combat situation, gave valuable combat experience and skills. I am proud that I had such a teacher, I deserve them – time will tell.

    Thanks to all those who support us while in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. And especially – those brave souls of your people who were with us shoulder to shoulder to defend my country against aggression. We will win or die, give up or run no one is going. To die fighting side by side with warriors – a dream for any defender of his country. In any case, to have friends in the Russian people – an honor for the Libyan, and it’s already been written on the pages of the history of Libya, Allah witness. In the words of your Russian song – “This land will be ours if we do not die in battle!” But Libya will always be ours, even if we perish!

    Now much has changed in the world. Who would have thought that all that will turn out. But do you remember – that’s what we prepared and studied. And we endure this trial with valor. No matter what the British / French / or American newspapers and TV – most of the population supports us. And we will not abandon them, will not allow looting and massacre. Maybe we made a mistake, long rastsenivaya the conflict as a conflict vnutriliviysky. So it is. But our enemies are traitors Carried him outside Libya, sells to the capitalist-colonialist lists. I ordered through any media to inform the international community about NATO and their crimes the rebels, to spread the information after each raid on civilian targets and Civilians, after each battle or massacre of ordinary Libyans and foreigners. I want to be sure that Libya is now a river flowing blood is not for nothing that the world will finally see what are the UN and the so-called civilized West.

    Our blood is not cheap. None of the traitor and indifferent will not sleep until the end of my days, I swear by God and honored the Libyan army officer. Take care of yourself, your family and your country. Once again, our friendship, Sergei, an honor for me.




    Libya: Interview with a Russian military 
    (Source: 07 October 2011, Inomine, my-metropolis ) | Comment
    “I will definitely go back to Libya – Kamis and my friends are waiting for me” – an interview with a Russian officer – one of Moammar Gadhafi’s military adviser. Alexander Grigoriev, published at 05 October 2011 on , from Russian …

    Libya: Interview with a Russian military
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    We met with the former major in the Special Forces Ilya Korenev. He spent nearly six months in addition to and with Colonel Gaddafi and his family. He he is currently in Latin America for the treatment of injuries he has sustained in the Libyan desert near the border with Algeria. How did they get to Libya? From Russia there are no official support for Gaddafi. 

    Korenev Ilya: In the spring I went to a commercial contract with a business trip to Algeria. Through contacts made ​​by the embassy, ​​I reached Muammars (Gaddafi’s) headquarters. Almost immediately after we started the staff of the 32nd Brigade, which is led by Khamis Gaddafi to step up and prepare. With special emphasis on the education and training for close combat in urban environments. The fact that it will be impossible to hold Tripoli, was aware as early as June or July. This is why people have been trained in such a way to carry out military operations in small autonomous groups, both in the city and outside. The officers and men of the 32nd Brigade are very well prepared. Some have been trained by the SAS in France. But in Libya, the Russian military school enjoys high reputation. The tactics to fight in small groups resulted from the experiences of the Second World War and Chechnya. Small groups of 20-30 people attacking military convoys, mine the soil and then bring them to safety. WE say – “WE” … Russia is or is somebody else with them in Libya? Ilya Korenev: Of course I was not alone there. All I can say is that there are still a few of our people at Gaddafi. Mostly retired officers of the Russian army and specialists of the former Soviet republics. You have not answered. Why they were sent to Tripoli although the Russian authorities have officially announced that Gaddafi must resign? Ilya Korenev: It is not forbidden to send people on mission-for example in the context of military-technical cooperation. My work is also judged on the result rather than by planning or reports at the right time. Professionals understand that the attack is part of a Pan on Libya. The neighbor who’s your turn are Syria, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Central Asia and Russia. The order does not matter. . Russia juletzt their turn , Russia is surrounded by hostile puppet regimes of radar and military bases, oday be corruption dissent encourages the country to take. Will they remain to Libya in service Ilya Korenev: I have already submitted my resignation. But I do not mind to return to Russia. This year, many things have changed and I have taken certain decisions for me. Even without command I will not cease to be military. They say that it had been impossible to keep Tripoli. What was wrong with the defense? Ilya Korenev: This was not a mistake in the defense, but in the assessment of the conflict.Gaddafi has lived almost two parallels worlds. He ran not the kind of politics as the leader of North Korea. Gaddafi did not believe in a ground operation to NATO. Even in mid-August, when NATO has already bombed Tripoli and other cities, he spoke with Berlusconi and Sarkozy. This assured him that they would never carry out a ground operation against Tripoli. Several years ago Gaddafi was offered a strong air defense system to instalation. He believed, however, that such a measure would only irritate the U.S. and Europe. I repeat, both with a Italy, France and even England have assured him that there will never be a ground operation in Libya. Similarly, it was a mistake by the West bribed Libyan officials so long to observe. They would have to arrest just does not extend further to the ulcer. Gaddafi did not identify as many as possible. Gaddafi’s indecision because of his personal assessment of the conflict led to several high-ranking officers took against a few million dollars, and have gone over to the rebels. The human factor is just in Africa, the human factor. How they ever managed to get out unscathed Tripoli? Ilya Korenev:We were warned by Al Jazeera and CNN. We’ve seen the pictures of the “victory” of the rebels, who had been shot in Qatar. It was also announced that the scenes from the “Green Square” in Tripoli have been built in the desert near Doha. We also knew to what purpose.These images were then the signal for the attack by the rebels. Just after these images have been broadcast “sleeper cells” of rebels in Tripoli have begun to set up roadblocks across the city to enter into command centers and in the homes of officers who have not betrayed Gaddafi. Foreign troops are landed in port time simultaneously. One of the edges is no longer answered. General Eshkal surrendered without a fight and left his post. Gaddafi gave the order to retreat to not put out the fire with fire. He did not turn Tripoli into a cauldron in which all would have been killed, civilians and soldiers. Several hundred volunteers but refused to obey the order and remained in the city to inflict maximum damage on the enemy and divert to follow the lead command. These groups are still continuing their resistance today. There are quarters in Tripoli in which dare not penetrate the Islamists. It was their choice, it is their city and I understand them. As the storm began to Tripoli we left the house near the Bab al-Azizya base and drove to a small house located in the southern part of the capital. Just hours later, we left the city and went to a safe place. It turned out that we have this done just in time, because immediately afterwards three GBU bombs have hit the house. The flight vehicles were simple jeeps, no fine Mercedes to attract any attention. I think Americans knew where Gaddafi was. The rockets and bombs fell 5 minutes after we left the place. It was as if they wanted to show us that they could kill him at any time. Apparently there was a command, not to eliminate it. The Libyan conflict is devoted to the information and psychological attacks much attention. the Gaddafi family is still together? Ilya Korenev:No, the family was immediately divided. This is the most effective solution. Normal Libyans feel when Gaddafi is no longer alive then certainly one of his sons. Now one has traveled to Tunisia, another to Algeria, one in Niger. But the borders are permeable. Khamis HaT on the outskirts of Tripoli in order to organize the resistance. Saif al-Islam is in Bani Walid. Neither the colonel nor his children hold on to the same place but are in constant motion. The biggest problem is communication. The ether is dominated by the military and technical equipment of the American 6th Fleet, DIA and NSA. Therefore we could not risk sending photos and videos. NATO knows about where we are and blocked the transmissions. :: pictures of the captured British soldiers would have been finds ritual helpful.How did this happen? How did you know that these are SAS forces? It takes so in military operations are no documents with it. Ilya Korenev: These images come. Prisoners of war itself, and the fact of the humiliation of the enemy army is the argument. War is war, but you can always have a dialogue. The more you have in your hand grips the easier it is to have a dialogue. It was a subversive group of 30 people. Most people in this group were from the army of Qatar and 13 Englishmen and a Frenchman. They have operated reconnaissance outside Bani Walid. Apparently the main forces. The local population has us erzäht of this group. We were able to perform a successful operation and capture them. The soldiers from Qatar were executed on the spot by the Libyans. They hate it downright. They say, “How can a Muslim enter the house of another Muslim, and killed his family?” That’s why the death penalty, the Englishman and the Frenchman were separately interrogated and taken to a safe place we have listed their names and numbers are.. They photographed and this information sent by e-mail to England and France. We have the soldiers offered without conditions where pass ever in Libya. Incidentally, the car from which this information has been transmitted in a few hours later on the way the city hit by a missile. Ether is therefore being monitored very closely. Since England did not want his soldiers have we pulled into account the possibility to bring them back to Algeria. We wanted to hold a press conference and show them around the world. I was in the column, together with the likes of Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, on his way to Algeria at this press conference to prepare. Due to many diplomatic difficulties we could this not deter the agerischen capital, instead, they should be held in a village on the border. way we have of … helicopters bombarded I was thrown by the explosion of the car picked me Touaregs have been collected and brought across the border from where I was brought here for further treatment, it was not go to plan but I live.. Is it is a threat to Russia by the U.S. and NATO? Ilya Korenev: . Certainly every beginning it will not come to an open confrontation Your first priority is to destabilize with radical Islamists in the Caucasus and southern Russia to engage in a local but extensive war. . now in the Maghreb come radical Islamists, al Qaeda and other extremist groups to power. Abdelhakim Belhadj, the military commander in Tripoli, is in search of a leading role in the new government of Libya. He is the most important person of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group ( LIFG), which is on the U.S. State Department classified as a terrorist organization Are there any other candidates? Ilya Korenev: Certainly every Colonel Khalifa Hiftar – defectors – who spent 20 years in the U.S. A former judge under Gaddafi – Muhammad Bashir.. Al-Haddar To make a short -. Belhadj is Qatar’s pupil Al-Haddar is one of the oligarchs from Misurata, which is supported by France Hiftar is a protege of the oligarchs in Benghazii, which is supported by the U.S. If Belhadj in… The government is, what he creates with security, he will be welcome in the capitals of the world. fine! A terrorist, in conjunction with our Caucasian terrorists, visited the Kremlin and shaking hands with the President. finds Besides the spread of radical Islam in Libya. uncontrolled looting of weapons from the depots of the Libyan army instead Most of these weapons has been associated with cargo ships in the Caucasus from the ports in North Africa to the Caucasus, there are only a few days’ journey.. What is so unique on Libyan ? war How does it differ participated from armed conflict to which they? Ilya Korenev: Every war is unique Libya is a blend There are massive propaganda as in the 2nd World War, in flames areas such as in Vietnam, corruption and desertion, as in.. . Iraq As in all other wars also killed large numbers of civilians, but this conflict is really unique on the one hand we have the people, the Touareg -.. desert warriors with guns from 1908 and tribesmen with machetes – steered on the other side flying bombs , laser-guided missiles, drones, reconnaissance. A Clash of Civilizations and the eternity. The area in which this conflict is happening may be the biggest since the 2nd World War. But when we speak of the number of interests, which this war is, then There maybe more, but at least as many as in the 2nd World War. Difficult to be controlled sectors, the psychology and the information. U.S. propaganda aircraft are constantly in the air and throw propaganda from Libya. reports from Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN and Reuters are coordinated by the information center of NATO and abgegichen. What are the biggest challenges and goals for Gaddafi supporters? Ilya Korenev: This is simply pure mathematics at 100% of the population there are 10% and 10% opposition loyalists.. . Whatever happens in the country, regardless of how the leadership behavior, the first will always criticize him and the others have always been loyal to her gegemüber. None of these groups actually defines something. problems are solved by the remaining 80-90% can vary their opinion in either direction. With clever provocation, bribery and propaganda have been the leading Western media destroys this balance. But the enemies of Gaddafi have exaggerated, however, the pendulum will strike back with the same force. This is not only in the military and political fields Show my opinion, this area will be even bigger and beschränkent not only on Libya The main role of advocate for the Jamahiriya will be there -.. as in court -.. evidence and arguments to present properly the people here are something special you feel with the heart. Whoever is an enemy who is a friend who is good, who is bad. The problem is not even practically the military. The military is only a small supplement. On the military side, much will depend on how the NATO Rebel support If NATO sets the air raids or at least limit -. as it promises – it will be a big problem to beat the clowns in flip-flops is more difficult that with the radical extremists to train young men from Afghanistan and Pakistan… They know how to handle weapons. And they have nowhere to go, Libya is a foreign land for them. Probably soon private military companies coming into the country, which will take care of the pipelines and refineries. Such information we already receive from Brega and Ras Lanuf. yet it is the Western troops did not succeed to grasp a foothold there. Our challenge is to go beyond these plants permanently in the air. These systems must be protected against our missiles coming from the desert, impossible. in Europe must be .. understand that each barrel of oil will get very expensive in dollars and in human lives, the people of the private companies are not idiots and will make their services pay dearly – it will not be worth Regular troops can not send too. that would be stupid. who support the Libyans, Gaddafi and the new government? Ilya Korenev: . I would not be too hasty to call the “new power” Certainly every assist the ordinary people who will give them work and food, and before especially -. safety in Libya, there were people who criticized the Gaddafi, that’s true, but it was a reasonable opposition and they had no intention to kill the people and they were a minority, the new, so-called “authorities” and… the radical extremists can not guarantee stability in Libya, and not in a foreseeable future. As most people, though not all are personally for Gaddafi, at least for “the Gaddafi era” are. But in the East traditionally solve money and power all problems. Win the loyalists a few times convincing wins, the people will support them. While some cities provide resistance, waiting for the rest of the people, and wonders what they are “exempt” and why.People will compare how they egangen is before the ‘revolution’ and like it. Nobody finds the current situation well. If Sirte and Bani Walid werdem lose then people turn to the new rulers. Out of fear. Since then they have no choice. The development in the region will progress in the near future, very quickly. In the coming months, the direction of development will become clear. The causes of the war and the reports presented objectively, will win the loyalists, Gaddafi and the Jamahiriya loyalists. What does the common sense of the ordinary Libyans? Korenev Ilya: You feel betrayed, beaten, raped and not free . Just imagine that NATO had bombed 1991, the Soviet Union under the guise of humanitarian aid. The bombings have not even finished the capitalists already come running to divide among themselves the oil refineries and the radical Islamists from entering the homes of people … and they both write to the people how to behave now needs. Nor to explain the Islamists euten that “stands on the death of disobedience.” Of pure self-preservation, people will flock together.They are to survive, they sign that paper ever and hoist which flag whatsoever. People are just waiting for the Libyan army is coming back and they freed and return to the old days. That is what the people think at the moment Sun . Because many of bloodshed but nothing will ever be the same they speak Arabic? Ilya Korenev: “Мэн ааэш куман арбаин яуман сар минхум” This is an Arabic proverb – a “who has been living with people for 40 days, is Some of them have become. ” Otherwise I would not have even posted. (In the original text follows here yet another Arab proverb that was painted on the wall of the hotel in Sirte, in which one has blown up about 100 NATO invaders in the air and quoted from an Iraqi officer is that I’m not able to translate it) Have they planned to return to Libya?Ilya Korenev: In a few days I will be in a neighboring country. The limit is not 90% controlled by the insurgents. There is a link to Khamis (Gaddafi) and our own people. Wait. original article, published on 05 October 2011> Read more about:

    1. From Dr. Yusuf Shakir:

    2. CARDINAL DOLAN is a disgrace–The leadership of the Church has turned its nose against GOD!

      Just as I told you they would make a false video, as they did with Muammar!

      URGENT Misurata preparing a FAKE General Khamis Gaddafi
      Source: ALGERIA ISP

      ALGERIA ISP / Haraka According Elmokawama Libya, Libyan Resistance request to be careful because the NTC militias PREPARE a big STUNT to justify their barbarism in Bani Walid. They WILL show a PERSON that LOOKS like the son of the guide, General Khamiss Gaddafi. With FOREIGN specialists, they will do COSMETIC surgery to a person AND give him the SAME FACE as the General Khamis Gaddafi.


      Fake death 2

      Adel Naji:

      FAKE death 2

      They forgot that since the original photo was taken, that Khamis has since gone BALD.

    4. Grand Mufti Describes Libya`s `New` Political System As `Failed Experiment`
      Posted: 2012/10/22


      The rat-appointed “Grand Fool” and “Sheikh” Sadiq Al-Ghariani said the new political system in Libya which appointed him as Grand Mufti, a meaningless title within Islam and a heresy, as a “failed experiment”.

      “Libyans will have to pay the price of their hyprocrisy” he said, referring to the multi-party system he deems unsuitable for the country.

      Libya with the Jamahiriya system was a no-party government of the people with over 6,000 people’s congresses across the country.

      The islamist (not Muslim) heretic groups and individuals such as Ghariani who have no knowledge of Islam nor leadership abilities and whose “blood is halal” (lawful) are incomparable to the Muslim revolutionary philosopher militant combatant struggler Qaddafi.

      They instead want a “one party” system in which they are in power and dictate to the masses their fake and false “Islam”.

      In a commentary entitled “Latest Surprises from the General National Congress” the rat-appointed Grand Fool criticises the “people and parties that currently make up the National Congress” and calls the political system created by the ratvolution a “failed experiment”.

      The first “surprise” according to the Grand Mufti-Fool is that two rival factions agreed on Ali Zidan to be the Libyan ratverments next prime minister.

      Also surprising he says is the calm manner in which he was chosen, and waflles on in an attempt to prove his non-existent credentials as a “thinker, philisopher and author” no doubt inspired by Muammar Qaddafi who he attempts in vain to emulate.

      “While Congress (rat) members proved their maturity and impartiality (?!) by choosing Ali Zidan as prime minister, their move was in fact an admission that the political entities are weak and unable to govern the country at this stage”, he confirms, in an attempt to distance himself from the ratverment and ingratiate himself with the Libyan people.

      He blames this on “Libya’s lack of experience with political parties, whose creation should have been postponed until after a Constituion is drawn up”, whilst in fact any reader of The Green Book by Muammar Qaddafi already knows why political parties are not the form of government allowed by the masses since they usurp power and split society.

      The only form of democracy acceptable to the masses are popular conferences (which pass legislation by consensus) and people’s committees (which replace administration as the executives to carry out the legislative decisions of the people).

      He also thus reveals his anti-Muslim agenda by seeking to replace Libya’s Constitution which is the Holy Qur’an, with one that favours one group over another rather and is man made. Qaddafi correctly pointed out that constitutions are not only the property of the living but also the dead the not yet born. Only a timeless constitution such as the Holy Qur’an is acceptable to Muslims.

      As the Grand Fool never read The Green Book he is only slowly waking up to the very issues that Muammar Qaddafi warned about for decades and even repeated during the war against Libya. The answers for those who are slow off the mark, slow in the brain, and thus unable to correctly interpret basic tenets of the Holy Quran, lie within the pages of The Green Book which Ghariani has not read and yet is slowly coming around to its very same conclusions and facts, although he cannot do so since then he’d be Qaddafi.

      “Party politics has resulted in quarrels, self-interest seeking and regionalism within the Congress, to the point where “principles were sacrificed for the sake of partisan and regional gains”, the “Grand Mufti” paraphrases The Green Book. “There is no lack of examples that illustrate the weakness of the General National Congress” he says, wishing for a strong rule preferably under his guidance.

      He laments the lack of government in Libya which has only a ratverment, even though this is a new low in the history of humanity and thus a noteworthy historic achievement, and he points out that “Congress” still operates without a proper government, making it difficult to implement decisions (reached by himself or others or even by congress members) and follow up how public funds are being spent, and that little is known even about the Congress members (since they are almost all American-Libyans who grew up in Britain, America and other western capitalist countries and had not been to Libya until this past year).

      “Are the Congress members aware of what is going on or will it come as a surprise to them some day”? he wonders, again in his attempt to emulate the style of the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Qaddafi but unlike the latter, he makes little sense or impact.

      He says that “even the media” now acknowledge the mutli-party experiment as a failure, but of course he does not say or even know that the entire first short chapter of The Green Book already explains why along with historic evidence known the world over by all those who have tried the “mutli-party experiment”.

      Once again exposing his popular title “Grand Fool” rather than his self-appointed one of “Grand Mufti”, Ghariani says of the Libyan people’s voting for candidates to the Congress: “Expecting a male candidate, they eventually get a woman, or the other way around”. He did not explain how people could be expecting a male and get a woman or vice versa and what that has to do with political representation and views.

      He also said in his “Surprises” nonsensical simple treatise that “Libyans, however, made the mistake of climbing the ladder from above so that they could not be accused of opposing democracy or the participation of women in politics” and will have to “pay for this leap” before even acquiring the basics. II could say [we will pay] the price of our hypocrisy”, he concludes.

      Wonder not, the man is for real. He exists and he really says what he says. He is attempting to emulate the enemy-version of Muammar Qaddafi, which attempted to make his utterances look stupid by twisting and taking out of context, yet Ghariani actually says the things for real that even the Zionist media could not have made up to insert to make an enemy look more stupid.

      It appears that psychologically the “Grand Mufti” is immensely jealous of the love and respect that Muammar Qaddafi commands of the Libyan people for four decades in which he constantly opposed power and the “consensus reality” as a visionary. He thus attempts to use the style of language and process of Qaddafi but, unlike him, can utter only nonsense which makes him feel satisfied within himself but which he fails to see exposes him as nothing other than a pretentious fool. #

    5. `Banker` Moon `Alarmed` at Bani Walid Fighting
      Posted: 2012/10/22
      From: Mathaba,net
      Banki-moon puppet for Obama

      The United Nations servant to the “bankster” elite Ban-ki Moon says he is alarmed at the fighting spirit of Bani Walid in defending itself against the aggression of rat forces and the growing casualties there.

      He is alarmed because should the world find out what is going on in Libya the project of the bankers to put the country under control which was completely debt-free and outside the capitalist sphere of control will be doomed to fail.

      Solidarity has spread across the Libyan Jamahiriya setting the masses on fire and threatening the already hopelessly weak ratverment installed by the “bankster” elite via its tools the UN, NATO, EU, WB, HRW, AI, AL, ICRC and ground rats.

      Around 50 people are believed to have been killed in the rat attacks against the free city of Bani Walid and hundreds wounded, many by illegal chemical weapons used indiscriminately against civilians including women and children.

      In a statement released in the Jew York Times yesterday Banker Moon called on the Libyan ratverment “and those in the town” to immediately start a process to solve the stand-off pissfully and reminded them of “their obligations under international humanitarian law”.

      The state “and those militias acting in its name” have, he said, a responsibility to the people of Libya to act fully in accordance with international law, in particular international human rights law”.

      The statement of the representative of bankers is designed to save the image of the UN which is already hopelessly in tatters in Libya and the world after Muammar Qaddafi exposed the United Nations at a speech there in 2009.

      The UN is the reserve back-up for the occupation of Libya and has recently sent a new Muslim-named poodle as its agent to Libya.

      Having conducted surveys it has found that since the speech of Qadhafi at the UN General Assembly in 2009 and the overt use of the UN Security Council in the service of genocidal criminal regimes under the sway of bankers to occupy Libya last year, the UN Organization reputation has reached an all time low. This came also in conjunction with its actions elsewhere in Africa, notably in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

      Banker Moon said that “the international community is closely monitoring the situation.” By “international community” is meant the code word for “banker elite”, rather than the world community which is under its domination. Yet, the news media networks of the “international community” have remained almost completely silent on the aggression against Bani Walid.

      Banker Moon also made it plain that the bankers want the ratverment to extend its authority over all Libya and the elimination of all vestiges of the Jamahiriya: He said the Libyan ratverment “authorities must be able to extend Libyan (bankers’) sovereignty and state control and services throughout the territory of Libya”.

      His public statement said that he believed the situation in Bani Walid could be resolved in a peaceful manner and yet he remained silent on the use of illegal chemical weapons as well as some child soldiers against Bani Walid and the hundreds of casualties there.

      Instead of condemning the ratverment and placing sanctions upon it, and instead of ordering a no-fly zone and invoking “responsibility to protect’ and launching a 7 minute war against the banker stooges in the Tripoli-based ratverment, he privately has given the nod for the actions against Bani Walid while publicly attempting to save the irrevocably tainted and exposed UN image. #

    6. at Tell-Lie-Vision Station Attacked in Benghazi
      Posted: 2012/10/22 1

      BENGHAZI: Protesters attacked the HQ of the private TV stat Al-Hurra in Benghazi, claiming the channel’s coverage of the Bani Walid events was used to justify assaults against the city .
      They also allegedly lashed out against the channel reporting the capture of Khamis Gaddafi, the ousted leader’s youngest son.
      Demonstrators broke into the building Sunday, damaging the equipment and starting a fire in one of the offices according to an AFP journalist who witnessed the scene. He says protesters were shouting “Warfalla” – the name of one of the Bani Walid-based tribes.
      They also attacked at least one of the channel’s employees, while others ran away.
      The channel stopped broadcasting after the attack.

      Revolutionary forces attacked the tell-lie-vision station of the ratvolutionary media in Benghazi.

      Dozens of demonstrators broke in and ransacked the headquarters of the “Libya Al-Hurra” Tell-Lie-Vision station in Benghazi.

      They were said to be members of the War-for-Allah tribe of Central Libya which is loyal to leader of the revolution Muammar Qaddafi.

      They accused the station of not supporting Bani Walid, the city where the Warfallah tribe dominate and which remains out of control of the Tripoli-based ratverment which was brought to power by the ratvolution which started by the February 17 ratspiracy in Benghazi last year.

      They accused the rat tell-lie-vision station of not telling the truth about the siege and attack on Bani Walid by rat forces from which it is defending itself.

      Programming was suspended as a result of the “attack”.

      The rat tell-lie-vision “Libya al-Hurra” station was started by rat Mohammed Nabbous who was sent to rat hell on March 19 last year.

      It was the first rat tell-lie-vision station of the ratvolution ratspiracy to broadcast against the Libyan revolution. #

      DID YOU READ THE LIES BROADCAST BY RT (RUSSIAN TV) even in that article above ? !!!
      On Saturday, it was reported that Khamis Gaddafi, the seventh son of former dictator, was captured and killed during the fighting in Bani Walid. Gaddafi’s last spokesman Moussa Ibrahim was allegedly also seized. LIES
      Sunday’s attack on the channel also came after almost three weeks of the pro-government forces’ assault on Bani Walid.
      At least 26 people were killed and over 200 more injured in Saturday’s violence alone, AFP reports.
      The fierce shelling in Bani Walid, the town of 70,000 people (LIES AGAIN, originally 157,000 before the CIA/NATO/AMERICAN LED WAR and now at least 100,000) and a former >Gaddafi’s stronghold(IT REMAINS A JAMAHIRIYA) has been continuing almost non-stop since early October.
      The latest round of fighting was inflamed by the death of rebel Omran Shaaban on September 25 after two months’ detention in Bani Walid. Shaaban, from Misrata, was credited with capturing Muammar Gaddafi, who was hiding in a drain pipe in Sirte on October 20, 2011(LIES AGAIN: MUAMMAR WAS NOT EVEN ANYWHERES NEAR SIRTE AT THAT TIME!)
      Pro-government forces and militias besieged the town in order to find those responsible for the death of “the hero of a new Libya”, as Shaaban was dubbed.(LIES AGAIN: It was to save face for the puppet GNC—who if the GNC does not destroy BANI WALID will suffer extinction by the Libyan people’s themselves.) 
      Bani Walid commanders accuse the pro-government troops and militias of “shelling the town with long-range weapons and even targeting the hospital.”

    7. It is not funny that people are hurting or dying! Even Muammar gave total amnesty to former, BUT REPENTIVE RATS…The war is not against Libyans–It is against the foreign alien intruders..The Americans who fake being Libyans and Qatari outlaws were were given citizenship in exchange for fighting—and evil like Bernard Levy , McCAIN and Clinton who instigated and began this horror against the Great Jamahiriya.
      LIBYA is still a JAMAHIRIYA..the GNC are not the rulars over Libya….The Colonialists and SPIES MUST GO–

      OCTOBER 29, 2012 BY KRIS ZANE

      Obama has been running guns to Islamic Jihadists and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, using Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Turkey as middle men in the nefarious enterprise.

      Lioness Fierce predators:
      “All Mizaiqgua and Aahassoa that the Libyan people are preparing to pounce on them and climb of the resistance and that the Libyan
      people reject them the horns Etjhoa shame and villainy Arab radio broadcasts donkeys Gulf and Aicololha quickly Asafeena, Asafeena dress, any rumor dress any lie quickly Angdhuna.”


      In the Hour of work

    9. I will tell you, without any doubts, I KNOW that Muammar not only lives, that he does lead and co-ordinate the Green Resistance,–and that there is no one who is just impersonating him…I know his style, inflections, and I am 100%+ sure what I have posted since 21\ OCT 2011 IS THE GENUINE MUAMMAR al-Qathafi and no one else impersonating our Supreme Leader!

      and that MUAMMAR himself has done so much in this past year, it is incredible; and May God/ALLAH always protect and keep Muammar strong, healthy and LUCID (ER musste haben Die Stärke
      Das Festigkeit
      Der Kraft
      Der Macht
      Die Steifheit
      Die Gesundheit):
      alles ist diese mit Mu’ammar…He is the MADHI–just wait and have a little more patience.

    10. Reissued: It Mua’ammar giving Commands to Sirte ld for 2012.
      It is the same as this recording of 03 JULY 2012
      Tips and Talmat
      leader Muammar Gaddafi is fasting in the War of Sirte

      تعليماتـ الزعيمَ معمَر القدافٍى فى حربــ سرت �
      : #Subscribe to my channel: | | Like us on FB:

      There was another recording made on 08 JULY 2012 (which has been pulled off of Youtube!):

      08 JULY 2012

      Instructions leader Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte war

      Publiée le 8 Juil. Two thousand and twelve par WALDxxALMASHASYA

      “Nader’s speech and did not broadcast and media – Help mujahid leader Muammar Gaddafi-day siege of Sirte to withstand the Resistance and the sons of Libyan tribes striving – steadfastness in Sirte” –Libyan Eagle


      Hear Muammar audio on 20 October:

      عآجل: كلمة العمٌيد ميلآد الفقهَي 20-10-2012
      Al-shababiya channel | قناة الشبآبية

      Mu’ammer voice is smoother there; no longer so agitated.
      He was angry with a different temperament in his address to Sirte this past RAMADAN.

      Mu’ammer was at Sirte in SEPTEMBER 2011…and that was a public recording.
      I have it among my SEPTEMBER 2011 recordings of Muammar.

      But as you can hear Mu’ammer voice usually flows smoother and was very smooth, deep and calm
      by 30 AUGUST 2012 when he spoke with other Resistance leaders over Pal-TALK.

      25 SEPT. 2011 in SIRTE:

      Here he is addressing the tribes of Sirte–but he himself is not in Sirte.
      Speech of leader Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte Jihad
      Ajoutée par Saleh2300 le 09 Janv. 2012
      This audio recording of the Supreme Leader Muammar Gaddafi
      on 25/09/2011 and is directed to the tribes surrounding areas in Sirte 
      , who answered the call and remained on the Covenant
      Fethiye them homage us …
      with regards Conqueror 69 Muammar Gaddafi Forums

      by October 2011, Muammar was somewhere in the south of Libya; but kept in contact by privately masked communications system.

    11. Muammer al-Qathafi in 1993 speech in the events of 1993

    12. Ajaned Libya فاصبروا وصابروا والله معنا بعون الله
      فاجدادنا هجرهم الفاشست الطليان حتى النيجر والجزائر و تونس ومصر و تشاد والسودان ومع هذا رجعنا وسنرجع بعون الله يوما قرب ام بعد ونستعيد ليبيا من الفبرايريين الفاشست ومن اتى بهم ويدعمهم و يمدهم بصور الاقمار الصناعية عن مدننا وقرانا
      رحم الله الشهداء البواسل و شفى الجرحى الشجعان و فرج على عشرات الالاف من الاسرى و خفف عن المهجرين في داخل البلاد و خارجها و لطف بالارامل والثكالى واليتامى فانه ولي ذلك والقادر عليه
      وكل عام وانتم بخير وليبيا كذلك
      Ajaned Libya patience and endured and God is with us God’s help
      Vajaddadna abandonment fascists Italians even Niger and Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Chad and Sudan, and with this we go back and will return with the help of God days near or after and regain Libya Alfberaarien fascists came to them and support them and provide them with satellite imagery for our towns and villages
      God bless the brave martyrs and healed the wounded brave and Farag on tens of thousands of prisoners and commuted all displaced within the country and abroad and kindness bereaved widows and orphans, it is Able him
      Every year, you okay and Libya as well as

    13. A Scapegoat was Murdered in Egypt for The Green Resistance’s Victory Against U.S. `War Criminal` Ambassador Stevens
      Posted: 2012/10/25

      Innocent scapegoat murdered in Egypt to `close the file` on U.S. `illegal` ambassador to the Libyan Jordaniya, Chris Stephens, who was killed along with 3 other U.S. spies in the Libyan Jamahiriya last month. Tunisian scapegoat being held in Tunis jail.

      An Egyptian was murdered in Cairo yesterday in a set-up aimed to blame the killing of U.S. ambassador Stevens, the `war criminal` who had assisted the Libyan ratvolution for the past year, with the `deaths and suffering of millions of Libyans on his hands`.

      Steven and thousands of other U.S. citizens were illegally present on the soil of the Libyan Jamahiriya which is under occupation in attempts to establish a “Jordaniya” in the service of neo-colonial crusaders and imperialist banksters.

      The innocent man named only as “Hazem” was murdered by security forces at an apartment in Nasr City northeast Cairo. They had been sent to assassinate him on agreement with the CIA in order to “close the file” on Stevens death. They claimed he had recently returned from Libya.

      Many Egyptians — at one point up to one million — had been working in Libya due to the mass unemployment in Egypt while the Libyan Jamahiriya had under-employment, with only lazy Libyans unable to find work but still having many state benefits. Even in the war many Egyptians remained to earn something rather than head back into poverty in Egypt. It appears “Hazem” was one of these hapless poor Egyptians.

      The Egyptian security forces followed orders throwing a bomb into his apartment killing him, while the Egyptian interior ministry released a statement claiming that “Hazem” had thrown the bomb and that it had “bounced back”. They followed with tear gas and gunfire to ensure that is he had survived the bomb blast he would not be able to escape the building wounded and live to reveal his identity and targeting by the CIA-instructed Egyptian regime’s security forces.

      In order to make totally sure, they also set fire to the building, and also to satisfy those in the USA who wanted revenge so that it could be said that “Stevens killer” also died in fire. This was also done in order to incinerate the body so it could not be identified. After the fire was put out, police say they found the man’s body completely burnt.

      They also found 17 bombs, four Rocket-Propelled-Grenades, three automatic weapons and large quantities of ammunition, all of which had been planted in the building earlier as part of the set-up.

      On the same day in Tunisia, the other Arab neighbour to Libya where also up to a million citizens had been working in Libya, a local man was also accused of being involved in the attack on the Benghazi U.S. spy den. The man was being held in a Tunis jail by the puppet regime on terrorism charges. This man is called Ali Harzi and was one of two Tunisians arrested in Turkey on 3 October, allegedly having entered the country on false passports.

      Later it was reported that both were “believed to be linked to” the killing of Stevens and 3 other U.S. spies in Benghazi on September 11 and had been sent back on October 11 by the Turks who are also a client U.S.-C.I.A. and MOSSAD-friendly regime. Harzi is reported to have been in Libya before and it is claimed by Turkish authorities that he was trying to head to Syria.

      His lawyer Ouled Ali Anwar, said Harzi has been charged with “membership of a terrorist organization in a time of peace in another country” and insists that his client is innocent saying he is a “scapegoat to satisfy the Americans”.

      Tunisian puppet interior ministry spokesman Tarrouch Khaled confirmed the arrest saying the case “is in the hands of justice”. The convenient point in Tunisia being that all judges are appointed by the puppet government, meaning that there is no independent judiciary at all in the country.

      U.S. officials claim that Harzi “appeared on the US intelligence radar when he posted information about the attack [on the U.S. ambassador] on a social media site shortly afterwards. Many Arabs had posted comments such as “God is Great” on social media sites when hearing that the U.S. ambassador and other `infidels` in Libya were killed and thousands of others were sent running out of the country last month. #

    14. USA- Evil from DAY ONE:
      Assassin's Creed 3

      Join or Die… un cri de ralliement qui déterminera si vous êtes prêts à vous battre pour la liberté ou à mourir d’une oppression injuste. Rejoignez-nous et enflammez la Révolution Américaine ! Vous y trouverez un authentique médaillon des Assassins, le journal de George Washington et vous accéderez à de nombreux bonus exclusifs

      L’édition Join or Die inclut :
      Le médaillon des Assassins et son pochon.
      Le journal de George Washington révélant toute la vérité et les secrets sur les Assassins et les Templiers durant la Révolution Américaine.

      Contenu de jeu additionnel :
      Mission du mode Solo : Fantôme de Guerre. Le cours de la Révolution tourne en faveur des Templiers. Mettez vos ennemis en déroute et débloquez la massue de guerre Pontiac, une puissante arme des Amérindiens.

      Le Pack Multijoueur Tireur d’Elite :
      Soyez impitoyable en multijoueur avec un nouveau personnage, le Tireur d’Elite, ainsi qu’une relique, un emblème, une image spéciale et le titre du ” Bouffon”

    15. “One of the reasons for the invasion of the Atlantic on Libya fears of enhanced brigade 32 and Golden Gen. Khamis Gaddafi
      Enhanced Brigade 32 led by Major Corner Khamis Muammar Abu Minyar Gaddafi may God have mercy on the Zionist enemy force terrorizes has become scare this young enthusiastic professional military Bashha …”

      13 July 2012

    16. Anne Prucha writes:

      “Muammar did well. My father told me yesterday that he had heard a geopolitic’s conference in which he heard that Obama was the worst of all Americans Presidents. Under his administration, state crimes, assassinations of persons, even of disturbing Americans citizens all around the world, increased dramatically, that spies nests, like the one Muammar destroyed in Libya, were everywhere, as well as drones survey. But those specialists who spoke added that, at the same time, almost all that he tried turned to disaster for America.”

    17. Morris Herman on Libya – “Turkey provided weapons to the rebels and it just recently held a trade fair in Tripoli for Turkish goods.”

    18. Muammar and the 1973 Resolution of the UNO:


      Russian President
      Vladimir Putin Appeal. Dear Mr. President, We ask you to cancel or modify the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.03.2011 N 286 “On measures to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1970 of 26 February 2011″ for all applications to the Decree . Following the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1970 of 26 February 2011, which calls for a series of restrictions on the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Libya), Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree, in fact, introducing a number of restrictions on Libya and its leader Muammar al-Gaddafi and his family. March 17, 2011 the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1973, which effectively authorized the military intervention and the complete destruction of Libya. Under the pretext of a no-fly zone, NATO aircraft bombed the Libyan civilians, destroying civilian infrastructure and bombed residences Muammar Gaddafi. Western politicians did not deny that the main purpose of their operations is the physical removal of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Now we see what turned the once prosperous country. In Libya, there is no legitimate authority, its place was taken by the occupation government. In the country there are not any laws and regulations in all the cities of Libya rampant gang of radical Islamists and mercenaries. In fact the international community sanctioned genocide of an entire people, which in our time is a terrible crime. So far, none of the Western politicians and the military have been brought to justice for human rights violations and genocide of the Libyan population, according to international law. biggest strength of the separatists and terrorists moved toward the town of Bani Walid, located in the north of the country. Now the situation is catastrophic in a continuous fire from all weapons, including heavy artillery, the rebels fired at civilian areas, killing civilians. The city turned off all means of communication, lack of medicines and drinking water. Militants do not provide humanitarian corridors to bring civilians from the residential areas. Despite the difficult situation, the city and the tribe Varfala hold, resisting the onslaught of bandits. Each day the number of victims among the civilian population, increases. In the city there is a situation of humanitarian catastrophe. Residents of the city are asking for help from the international community, in order to prevent the extermination of the whole tribe. Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly come out with an initiative to punish the murderers in Libya, and to urgently address the issues of armed aggression by militants. Western countries are actively supporting separatist and radical Islamists in their efforts to kill more people. Russia has always stood on principled positions and a multipolar world, and we can not ignore the fact of direct genocide in the African country. Russian authorities should intervene in Libya’s political process, and to give an accurate assessment of the legal action, the so-called government of Libya, which every day reduces the country’s population by the use of direct violence. situation every day more and more out of control. The Russian leadership has to find the strength and lift the sanctions against the family of Muammar Gaddafi, for continuing with the family to resolve the situation. We the undersigned ask you to cancel or modify the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.03.2011 N 286 “On measures to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1970 of February 26, 2011 “with all the applications to the decree. And to start a direct dialogue to resolve the Libyan crisis.

    20. Declaration of Unity
      30.10.2012 02:49 | Психиатр

      Destiny has commanded that prosperity and happiness has been destroyed by forces from outside. The honest and righteous have become suppressed by bandits and murderers. At such times of grave danger and instability the weak must take up arms.
      When thousands of citizens are imprisoned, when women have no more rights and are being raped and mutilated, when children are murdered daily, no form of government may be legitimate.

      The Libyan people no longer have a margin for discussion. The choice is to fight for life or be destroyed one by one by the bandits and murderers who have grabbed control. In such times of peril, those who unite, overcome. The choice is to stand up today or to die tomorrow or in a couple of years.

      The free tribes of Libya have no other choice but to unite under the green flag and seize the control of their future.
      Unanimously no longer recognizing the governmental form of the NTC or its pseudo-elected representatives. Forming a government of their own, which will represent all the united tribes and free people of Libya, willfully joined into the NEW JAMAHIRIYA COUNCIL.
      The Libyan people choose to represent themselves daily, by the means of peoples green committees. Such form has proven to be more progressive and direct then the one, currently forced upon us form of corrupt elected representatives and profiteering gluttons, bandits and criminals who act in the interests of the foreign invaders.

      The New Jamahiriya Council sets upon it the following goals:

      – Provide orderly distribution of materials and resources for the adjoining tribes.
      – Form on the territory of united tribes and cities a territory named “United Libya”.
      – Call out a capital where the council will confer.
      – Protect all Libyan people who seek refuge and all adjoining tribes and cities by forming the Libyan Liberation Army.
      – Continue expanding the territory of the United Libya, until the bandits and criminals have been driven from the territory of all Libya.
      – Form militias and police forces on the territory of United Libya to ensure safety and stability of each civilian.
      – In areas occupied by the bandits and foreign invaders, supply freedom fighters with equipment and support in order to fight insurgent warfare, destabilize enemy organization and prepare for liberation.
      – Liberate all men and women from the prisons under bandit control.
      – Form tribunals, which will deal with questions of crime, including captured bandits.
      – Form a council of elders, consisting of 3 elders of each tribe who will have an advisory opinion to the New Jamahiriya Government.
      – Promote peace and unity among the tribes of United Libya
      – Commence the draft of a new constitution, based on the ideas of the green book where the power belongs to the people’s green committees.
      – Green committees are to be formed ubiquitously among the people of Jamahiriya.
      – Promote the purpose of the Jamahiriya that natural resources such as oil, gas and water and profits gained from them are to be distributed evenly among all members of the United Libyan Jamahiriya.
      – Promote the purpose that each person has a right to education, healthcare and safety.

      As of this day, the United Libya will grow until all territory is recaptured from the bandits and invaders.
      All men and women of all races and tribes are equal in their rights and duties. All men who take up arms for the noble cause of United Libya, no matter of their origin in Africa, will have a right to be called Libyan, once the territory is liberated.
      It is a duty of every person to fight for the freedom of his/her country.

      Today, having formed the New Jamahiriya Council, The leadership of the Libyan Liberation Army, the Council of Elders we, the Libyan people have taken the first step of taking our future and security into our own hands.


      Xx By Alexandr Lipen

    PRECIOUS CHILD  by Johniain Iain Mellon:


    Black DEATH in Sheep’s disguise

    [TRUE LIBYANS do not fight Libyans, Those fighting are mercenaries, Zionists, psychopaths and American bred for more than 32+ years.
    Those like al-Kieb, General Hefter, JABRIL, and are like Megarief (who) had left Libya in 1980 for the USA where he remained throughout until 2011, for 31 years heading a CIA-created and funded terrorist organization “National Front for Salvation of Libya”. During his tenure, Magarief ordered several terrorist incidents against Libyans for which he has not yet faced punishment, and has now added to his crimes by heading up the puppet regime for the CIA.]


One thought on “La Jamahiriya reste malgré tous les obstacles à son encontre / Jamahiriya Remains

  1. When we remember all the tragedies of the world that the United States had a hand that is not only responsible, as Martin Luther King said 40 years ago was “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world”.

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