Solidarité avec la Grande Jamahiriya / Solidarity with the Great Jamahiriya

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This text is made at the request of the delegates of the “Green Resistance,” in the near future it will be supplemented translated into Arabic and sent to the elders of the tribes Livii.Takzhe this petition will be read out on the radio resistance: psychiatrist at 30/10/2012 5:01.
“Declaration of Unity”
30.10.2012 02:49 | Психиатр

Destiny has commanded that prosperity and happiness has been destroyed by forces from outside. The honest and righteous have become suppressed by bandits and murderers. At such times of grave danger and instability the weak must take up arms.
When thousands of citizens are imprisoned, when women have no more rights and are being raped and mutilated, when children are murdered daily, no form of government may be legitimate.The Libyan people no longer have a margin for discussion. The choice is to fight for life or be destroyed one by one by the bandits and murderers who have grabbed control. In such times of peril, those who unite, overcome. The choice is to stand up today or to die tomorrow or in a couple of years.The free tribes of Libya have no other choice but to unite under the green flag and seize the control of their future.
Unanimously no longer recognizing the governmental form of the NTC or its pseudo-elected representatives. Forming a “government” of their own, which will honor all the united tribes and free people of Libya, willfully joined into the NEW JAMAHIRIYA COUNCIL.
The Libyan people choose to represent themselves daily, by the means of Peoples green Committees. Such form has proven to be more progressive and direct then the one, currently forced upon us form of corrupt elected representatives and profiteering gluttons, bandits and criminals who act in the interests of the foreign invaders.The New Jamahiriya Council sets upon it the following goals:-
– Provide orderly distribution of materials and resources for the adjoining tribes.
– Form on the territory of united tribes and cities a territory named “United Libya”.
– Call out a capital where the council will confer.
– Protect all Libyan people who seek refuge and all adjoining tribes and cities by forming the Libyan Liberation Army.
– Continue expanding the territory of the United Libya, until the bandits and criminals have been driven from the territory of all Libya.
– Form militias and police forces on the territory of United Libya to ensure safety and stability of each civilian.
– In areas occupied by the bandits and foreign invaders, supply freedom fighters with equipment and support in order to fight insurgent warfare, destabilize enemy organization and prepare for liberation.
– Liberate all men and women from the prisons under bandit control.
– Form tribunals, which will deal with questions of crime, including captured bandits.
– Form a council of elders, consisting of 3 elders of each tribe who will have an advisory opinion to the New Jamahiriya Government.
– Promote peace and unity among the tribes of United Libya
– Commence the draft of a new decree [as the only “constitution” and LAW Green  Libyans will accept is the Holy Quaran], based on the ideas of the green book where the power belongs to the People’s green Committees.
– Green Committees are to be formed ubiquitously among the people of Jamahiriya.
– Promote the purpose of the Jamahiriya that natural resources such as oil, gas and water and profits gained from them are to be distributed evenly among all members of the United Libyan Jamahiriya.
– Promote the purpose that each person has a right to education, healthcare and safety.

As of this day, the United Libya will grow until all territory is recaptured from the bandits and invaders.
All men and women of all races and tribes are equal in their rights and duties. All men who take up arms for the noble cause of United Libya, no matter of their origin in Africa, will have a right to be called Libyan, once the territory is liberated.
It is a duty of every person to fight for the freedom of his/her country.

Today, having formed the New Jamahiriya Council, The leadership of the Libyan Liberation Army, the Council of Elders we, the Libyan people have taken the first step of taking our future and security into our own hands.


Xx By Alexander Lipen

Travaille à Political-Psychological AdvisorA étudié Droit international public à
Né le 24 juillet 1986Parle Anglais, Russe, Néerlandais e
Libyan Jamahiriya TV from Sirte:
ФОБОС: погода в г.Триполи   GISMETEO: Погода по г.Бенгази
At Tumur (October), 30
1379 year d.P. (2011)
Bani Walid, Libya 29th October, 2012
October 29, 2012
Bani Walid, Libya
Message for mediaThe city is still fighting, its defenders are gradually sweeping rebels.

After the NATO (most likely USA) special forces attack on the night of October 25 and 26 the defenders had to pull back further into the city, into Dahra and Souk districts, which make up to 36% of the overall territory of Bani Walid. Other territories were ravaged by May 28 Brigade bandits which is comprised of local criminals and Libya’s Shield Brigade band where the majority are mercenaries from Egypt, Tunis, Qatar and the Saudi Arabia and other countries. Besides local al-Quaeda militants joined in the ravaging.The bandits which rob and burn housed, kill civilians, had been since October 26 destroying any evidence of that night attack. On October 25 Misurata bands were caught in the largest trap in Bani Walid, up to 1000 militants were killed, locals and defenders celebrated the victory. Surviving Misurata troops declared that they are retreating from their positions, Vershifanna tribe attacked their troops. In the evening of October 25 we read the news about the victory in Bani Walid, and after several hours we knew that a night had started in Bani Walid.The information was scarce, the attack must have been massive and unexpected. Defenders’ positions identified previously must have been destroyed during bombing. Bombs with massive killing effects were used including unconventional ones: cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs, bombs with depleted uranium (likely). They aimed to kill people leaving no trace of the bombing. The surviving were killed by the NATO (most likely USA) special forces, probably dressed in Qatari and Jordanian armies uniforms. Early on October 26 May 28 Brigade and Libya’s Shield Brigade militants entered the city. They were killing any witness of the night assault on the city and destroying evidence that could prove the use of unconventional weaponry, included destroying houses that were the evidence of the bombing and that the attack was indiscrimately bombarded during the siege. Alongside men in chemical and radioactive protective suits were spotted, they collected bodies of locals and defenders who died of the banned weaponry in order to take them out of the city and incinerate them.Besides they were robbing the city, raping and murdering the locals and disposed of their bodies. Along side with them snipers came. A few days before a small ship arrived in Misurata load with modern armament. Bandits and snipers had been terrorizing 65% of the city up to October 26, in two days they were pushed back from a part of the city in spite of continuous artillery shelling and bombing.Here are some messages received from Bani Walid during October 26 – 28:
“Bani Walid defenders captured some Misurata rats’ cars”
“Misurata rats were killed be 28 May rats during a clash near Al-Dinar”
“We see dense smoke over the districts where rats entered”.
“May 28 Brigade thugs are putting houses on fire”.
“We are under a heavy bombing during the prayer on the holy day of ‘Eid Al Fitr’.
“Bani Walid heroes swept the rats off the Quader district”.
“Violants clashes are taking place between the rats and son of Bani Walid in Almrdoum district”.
“The rats were defeated during the attack on Dahra district and now are violently shelling it”.
“Explosions and violent clashes with RPGs being used in Arada Algrarat districts”.
“Dozens Almashia tribe sons are coming to their brothers in Bani Walid”.

When the occupational regime said that Bani Walid had been taken refugees tried to return there but were not allowed into by the armed bands. No one is still allowed into the city while occupational media are lying that people may enter Bani Walid.

Bani Walid defenders took women and children from all districts they could to save their lives but men stayed to fight, so did some women.

The number of massive shelling and bombing victims is growing, 2000 civilians had died in recent days in Dahra district alone. Simple fascism.

There is no information on how many died in the districts were the militants were ravaging freely. It became known that bands abducted families from Bani Walid most likely to get a ransom for them or to exert an influence on the elders of the Verfalla tribe. The number of the Bani Walid prisoners in Misurata concentration camps WILL INCREASE by several thousand people.

We want to remind you that the Bani Walid siege commenced practically on September 25 when the occupational regime signed the resolution No 7, which gave a complete freedom to the Misurata bands while those had built up roadblocks and limited access to the city. First shelling came on September 25 which can be named as the day of the beginning of the siege. Today it has been 35 days remaining habitants are surviving and fighting the bands.

Bani Walid situation has again shown double standards of the western countries, they ruined Libya under pretexts fabricated by the international funds and media on civilian victims. Now that in a single Libyan city up to 10 thousand people have been killed, now that a whole tribe is being exterminated and its capital is being destroyed on false pretext that a rapist and criminal was killed. They are not shrieking about a criminal regime killing its own citizen. Western officials and all kinds of experts claim that its Libya’s internal affair’s to restore order etc. They denied NATO involvement in the genocide but than how could a city that had fought back all attacks be taken in a single night?

They tried to demonize Kaddafi to justify any war crime against Libyans in any city. Although men referred to as kaddafists are patriots of their country they fought militant bands and NATO troops in 2011. Now they try to restore order in Libyan cities, and some of them they succeeded. Now France, England, USA incited local bands on these cities like they did in 2011 when they supplied them with arms and militants, if necessary they use their own forces from the bases in Libya and neighboring countries.

On Saturday 27 October 2012 military equipment was transported from Misurata to the city of Zuvara. The aim of the attack are 3 cities in the west of Libya at the border of Tunis, Al ejelat, Al Jmail and Regdalin. The so-called ministry of interior of the occupational regime in Libya sent its militants and armed vehicles. Misurata, Zuvara and probably Zintana militants and mercenaries from Arab countries will take part in the fight. The aim of the attack is to destroy and pillage these cities. Besides Zuvara militants will take control over the border with Tunis in this sector.

Zuvara militants since 2011 have been assaulting farms near these cities, robbing houses and abducting people. Tribes and habitants of these cities organized a defense and control over their territory. Now they want to break them claiming that they are kaddafists. No wonder that patriotism and combat against militants are deemed a crime in the occupied Libya.

Bands which are preparing to take the cities and rob them soon, intend to rape every woman and child in these cities and record it.

This action aims to bring shame on families from these cities. As in Libya rape is deemed to be the worst shame for the family. That what those how made this plan up count on. Families would have to leave the cities they were born in and even resort in suicide. That is the use of sexual violence as against civilian population which the West blamed Libyan army of, and that was and is being committed by the militants the West supports.

Western countries that occupied Libya deliberately provoke intertribal feuds and constant chaos so that tribes could not unite and free Libya.
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Muammar was speaking  on:

It is repeating right now on
The sound is kind-of muffled–probably purposely
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It says it was recorded 10-26-2012.

(was at Tripoli time 22:30 finished–remember, Tripoli does not work on DST)

  • This was Dr. Shakir’s program…
    Channel Sirte on Facebook
    Heavy rains are falling now on the city of SirteAmatarnna thanks to God and His mercy, God Ziba Nafaa, O Post mercy among people Amen

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    • It is a prayer of thanksgiving for RAIN.
      Gel rats burn a number of factories in the manufacturing area of Beni Walid.plume of smoke from different places in the northern axis in Bani Walid.Bani Walid Ali Misrata in rats Alkarem Misurata ……. And clashes with heavy weapons now.

      number of powerful explosions rocked southern Misrata.

      violent demonstrations against the rat Erdogan …….. And clashes with Turkish security.



      عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااحلمظاهرات عنيفة ضد الجرذ اردوغان …….. واشتباكات مع الامن التركي

      Demonstrations of solidarity with Libya, Muammar Gaddafi has traditionally held two or three times a month at 18.00 in Moscow at the monument to the fighters of 1905 (Ulitsa 1905). You can learn about them on Facebook


      redaktor #


      SHARE IN YOUR CITY TO ADDRESS redaktor (at)

      ALL OVER THE WORLD Wear Green In Support Of Muammar al-Gaddafi and Libya. All dressed in green! ( FB Page )

      A symbol of solidarity with Libya – Jamahiriya green banner – you can put on your site or in your avatar. Code: <a href=""> <IMG border="0" SRC=""> </ A>

      Список участников Парижского саммита 19 марта 2011 года, принявшего решение о нападении на Ливию:

      ”plant trees, buy flags, symbols, being green, books, newspapers, organize international meetings, video, perform online support Green Movement.
      ….become a party to the Green Movement…our work closer to the victory of good in the world. Sincerely, an asset for Gaddafi.”


      On the 40th anniversary of Al-Fateh Revolution of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences issued a 460-page historical-biographical book by Professor Anatoly Egorina “Muammar Gaddafi”.

      Muammar al-Gaddafi

      The inevitable confrontation

      247 page book Muammar al-Qathafi 2001-2008.pdf

  1. Yankess in Africa
    Yankees in Africa

    Yankee Orcs:
    Yankee Orcs
    read that second agreement about WB giving information to the USA

    31 October 2012 at 11 h 25 minutes

    Mu’ammar at prayer:

  2. Mu at prayer

    About 11 Sept. 2012 in Bengazi:
    FIRST, it WAS NOT a true “Embassy”–but a collection of rented villas for CIA SPIES. Second Stevens was running heavy weapons through Bengazi to Syria and other places to cause unrest.
    Third, Stevens died of smoke innihilation..The Green Resistance who set fire to the “offices” did not know anyone was still in the building.
    Again, The uSA and GNC puppets do not want anyone to know that it was the Green Resistance, because they want to deny the existance of the Green Resistance (instead say “a few scragglers of ‘Gaddai-supporters’ are only left”) …so they can continue their charade and façade of ‘legitmacy’ !!
    THIS WAS NOT an al-Qaeda operation, as Al-Qaeda work for the USA.

    Maria Van Der Meel writes:
    “What a total cover-up. Thanks Christella”

    Maria, I was told that that Obama has made similiar spies nests throughout the world.

    31 October 2012 at 11 h 35 min

  3. Will someone speak out for the heroic Libyan people?
    Source – by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey
    The heroic people of Libya fight on against the occupation of their beloved country by NATO and by their Islamist terrorists who have visited terror on peaceful communities living together side-by-side for decades, their needs met by the Jamahiriya government of Muammar al-Qadhafi. Let us take a look at the situation today and apportion the blame.

    The Jamahiriya government provided free housing, free healthcare, subsidised public utilities, a wedding gift of 50,000 dollars, free land and seeds and agricultural equipment as the Sahara Desert was turned into a gigantic oasis, education was free, even education abroad in foreign universities and Libya’s 700-plus tribes and sub-tribes lived together in peace.

    One day along came NATO, and more specifically its evil and vile sidekick, the FUKUS Axis (France, the UK and the US), disliking al-Qadhafi’s African projects which saw the lobbies that control the Governments of these ex-Imperialist powers lose billions, and once again terrorists were groomed and supported, even those on the Foreign and Commonwealth’s own proscribed list, rendering William Hague open to trial for breaking his own law in any State of Law. A rebellion was organised, a false flag event was set up, the Libyan Air Force was blamed for strafing its own people, which it did not and in walked NATO with a hastily pushed through Resolution to impose a no-fly zone to protect the civilians, devoid of details and with promises made to Russia and China “believe us, we’ll fill in the details later”.

    The result? Well, who trusts a word NATO says these days? Yet again, a spectacular Mission Creep, yet again all the rules in the book breached, along with all the international charters and agreements from the Geneva Conventions to the UN Charter as NATO took sides, attacked the Libyan Armed Forces and protected the terrorist elements it was defending and placing into power.

    Murder, torture, looting, rape, arson, child sex abuses, robbery were all widely reported and documented – much of this evidence since cleansed as usual from the Net – as NATO and its terrorist darlings set about destroying the country, placing murderers and torturers into positions of power.

    But did it work? No it did not. Pravda.Ru sources in Libya paint a picture of utter chaos, with each district and town having its own bands of militants, some of these being Islamist terrorists and others, patriots trying to defend their communities against this NATO-backed scourge.

    One of these heroic groups of Libyans is in Bani Walid, holding out against terrorist forces coming from Misrata, the same that committed ethnic cleansing right under NATO’s nose and nobody said a word. Fortunately these heroes holding out against massive odds have now been reinforced. Other groups of patriots are active from east to west, north to south, with the “Government”, a motley collection from the fringes of Libyan society, including known terrorists, holed up in Tripoli and Misrata where they are protected by Islamist thugs controlled by Bel Hadj.

    More and more brave Libyans are taking up arms to defend their communities against NATO’s pro-occupation forces, backed by the regional pariah Qatar, doing the FUKUS Axis’ dirty work for them by murdering fellow Arabs. And where in all of this is the indictment against NATO?

    Surely there are names to blame? Let us start with the following indictment which was sent to the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court at The Hague and did not even receive the courtesy of a reply:

    And what has NATO to say of Libyan civilians being shelled by the terrorists they themselves engineered into a position where they could wreak this havoc?

    The good news is that the tribes are coordinating to set up a united front to rid the country of the NATO terrorist pro-occupation Islamist scourge and then create Jamahiriya councils to again run the country for themselves. One year after Colonel Gaddafi was last seen, the Jamahiriya is ready. Those who wished to destroy it are either dead or else have a number over their heads. The fact that their karma is nearing was seen recently with an explosion beside the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli where the NATO pro-occupation “government” is holed up.

  4. Waihopai three walk free

    Three activists who freely admitted breaking into a government spybase near Blenheim and slashing an inflatable plastic dome covering a satellite dish have walked free.

    Their defence – that they mounted the attack to prevent others’ suffering – has been successfully used by Iraq-war protesters overseas, but is thought to be a New Zealand first.

    Teacher Adrian Leason, 45, Dominican friar Peter Murnane, 69, and farmer Sam Land, 26, were charged with burglary and wilful damage at the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) base at Waihopai.

    The prosecution said the trio cut their way through fences into the base on April 30, 2008, then slashed the plastic cover over a satellite dish with sickles.

    The three men readily admitted attacking the base, but said they were driven by a belief that the satellite caused human suffering and their actions to shut it down, if only temporarily, were lawful.

    A jury in Wellington District Court took two hours to acquit them of all charges yesterday. A similar defence – known as the greater good defence – has been run by protesters in Britain, Ireland and Germany.

    In 2006, a jury acquitted five peace campaigners who used an axe and hammers to cause US$2.5 million damage to a United States Navy plane that was refuelling at Shannon airport, Ireland, in 2003 on its way to Kuwait to deliver supplies for use in the impending war.

    In the US last month, anti-abortion campaigner Scott Roeder was convicted by a judge of murdering an abortion doctor after failing with a similar defence. His lawyers had argued for a lesser conviction because Roeder believed that the killing was justified to save the lives of unborn children.

    Auckland lawyer Peter Williams, QC, did not know of the greater good defence being used in New Zealand before.

    “I would have thought it would have been looked at somewhat sceptically by the conservative New Zealand judiciary.

    “I’ve always thought it was quite a good defence myself. It’s very democratic.”

    Wellington lawyer John Miller said that, in acquitting the men, the jury would have to have decided whether they genuinely believed their actions would save lives and, if so, whether the force they used was reasonable. “If you believe someone’s in grave danger of suffering and you prick a balloon [at the spybase], that seems quite reasonable, given your subjective belief.”

    Outside court, Father Murnane, who represented himself at the trial, said the action taken by the group had been successful. “We wanted, in going into Waihopai, to challenge these warfaring behaviours and I think we have done this. We have shown New Zealanders there is a US spy base in our midst.”

    He had told the court at the beginning of the trial that the trio felt strongly about the unspeakable evil caused by activities enabled by spybases, such as torture, war and the use of weapons of mass destruction, such as depleted uranium.

    He told TV3′s Campbell Live he was “not entirely surprised” but still relieved by the not guilty verdict. “I had a gut feeling all along that we would get an acquittal – but you can’t be sure of that.”

    Asked if he would do it again, he said he did not need to. “The nation [now] knows much more about the spybase and the harm it does.”

    Mr Leason said the group “broke a law protecting plastic to uphold a law to protect human life”.

    A spokesman for Prime Minister John Key, who is also minister for the SIS and the GCSB, said Mr Key would not comment on the decision as it was an intelligence and security matter.

    The US embassy also did not comment.

    Green Party foreign affairs spokesman Keith Locke said evidence presented at the trial showed that Waihopai was collecting intelligence to help the US Government. “This included intelligence to help the United States prosecute the Iraq war, even though the New Zealand government was opposed to that war.

    “I hope that the not guilty verdict will help break down the blanket of secrecy that successive governments have imposed around the operations of the base, and its true purpose.”

    A lobby group has called for the Waihopai spy base to be closed following the acquittal.

    The Christchurch-based Anti-Bases Campaign urged prosecution of the base operators for crimes against humanity.

    Spokesman Murray Horton said the “Domebusters” had believed they had the law on their side and were proud of what they did.

    “They did it because Waihopai operates, in all but name, as an outpost of US intelligence on NZ soil…” he said.

    He said the base should be closed immediately.


    The acquittal of the three does not set a legal precedent, but other defendants may consider using the same “greater good” defence, a criminal law expert says.

    Law Society criminal law sub-committee convenor Jonathan Krebs told Radio New Zealand he had never heard of a defence referring to a greater good before.

    The “claim of right” defence used by the trio was enshrined in statute law, but usually used in property cases.

    An example of its regular use would be as a defence when stolen property was unwittingly purchased, with the purchaser believing the seller owned and had a claim of right to the property, Mr Krebs said.

    “[The Waihopai defendants] claimed that they honestly believed that they had the right to do so because they needed to, for certain honestly-held beliefs.”

    No precedent was created by their acquittal, because precedent was only set by judicial decisions on matters of law, not jury decisions on facts, he said.

    “I can imagine, as often happens when a defence is raised and receives such widespread publicity and discussion, that others might be interested in at least considering advancing it but…there’s actually no binding effect from the decision of the jury.”

    – with NZPA

    – © Fairfax NZ News

    break spies

    WAIHOPAI 3: Adrian Leason, Father Peter Murnane and Sam Land acted “for the greater good”.

  5. Mummar Al Qadhafi: Yasser Arafat Was Poisoned

    Mu 339
    14 August 2012

    The poisoning of Yasser Arafat with polonium just made it to mainstream news in the past few weeks. Muammar Al Qadhafi called for a full investigation into his death 7 years ago.
    Webmistress Mudiwa
    22 October 2005
    The declaration of the Committee of the Revolution at the Jamahiriya Press Agency (JANA) giving a report on the creation of an international investigation commission on the murder of the President of the Palestinian authority – Yasser Arafat who left us on November 11, 2004. In a few days we will commemorate his death.
    Thus a certain media showed the portion of the declaration of the Guide of the last 8 October where he affirmed that the results of the analyses of the circumstances of the death of President Yasser Arafat illustrate that he would have been poisoned and he stressed that he calls for the constitution of an international investigation commission to know the authors of the crime and murder of Abu Ammar.
    The British “Reuter”, French “AFP”, Egyptian “MENA”, German “DPA”, Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria and Angola Press agencies and the satellite chain of Aljeezra, stressed also on the same declaration of the Guide of the Libyan Revolution regarding the necessity for the whole world and especially for the martyrized Palestinian people which would like to know the real fact of the tragedy of this famous warrior of freedom.
    RCM editorial board.
    Yasser Arafat ‘poisoned with Polonium’

    Yasser Arafat may have been killed with a lethal dose of the highly radioactive substance Polonium, it has been claimed.
    Adrian Blomfield

    By Adrian Blomfield, Middle East Correspondent8:39PM BST 03 Jul 2012
    Tests performed by a laboratory in Switzerland found significant traces of Polonium-210 on the late Palestinian leader’s clothes, adding a new twist to a case that has obsessed the Arab world for years.
    Polonium-210 is the same substance used to poison the Russian dissident Alexader Litvinenko in London.
    The claims are likely to renew long-held Palestinian suspicions that the Israeli spy agency Mossad assassinated Arafat, who died in a Paris hospital in November, 2004.
    The Institute de Radiophysique in Lausanne found elevated levels of the element on Arafat’s personal effects. A urine stain in his underwear registered a level of 180 millibecquerels of Polonium-210, more than 20 times the dose to kill an average human being.
    “I can confirm to you that we measured an unexplained, elevated amount of unsupported Polonium-210 in the belongings of Mr Arafat that contained stains of biological fluids,” Dr Francois Bochod, the director of the institute, told Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab television station.

  6. La vérité, ne croyez pas les chiffres MSM:
    martyrs de Bani Walid à la guerre dans la mesure 120 Shahid ……. Comparativement à plus de 5.000 cadavres de rats

    tué un certain nombre de rats Misrata dans la vallée de dinars sur les mains du héros Walid Bani dans l’axe nord

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel tente rats à Bani Walid ……… Montrer la violence sur les bâtiments vides ……… Même apparaître aux gens qu’ils étaient la force victorieuse …….. et non pas des rats armes antiaériennes et chimiques

    martyre d’un certain nombre de dommages La tribu au cours de leur défense du peuple de Bani Walid en Tineyaa …..

    martyre Aaaagel d’un certain nombre de héros de Bani Walid devant une mosquée dans le quartier de Dahra Beni Walid.

    Gel très petit nombre de rats à Bani Walid …………. Et la plupart des routes libres de rats ……… Et le retour de milliers de personnes de Bani Walid à leurs zones.

    The TRUTH, do not believe the MSM numbers:
    martyrs of Bani Walid in the war so far 120 Shahid ……. Compared with more than 5,000 cadaver of rats

    killed a number of rats Misrata in the valley of dinars on the hands of the heroes Bani Walid in the northern axis
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel tries rats in Bani Walid ……… Show violence on empty buildings ……… Even appear to people that they were victorious force …….. and not rats aircraft and chemical weapons
    martyrdom of a number of damaged The tribe during their defense of the people of Bani Walid in Tineyaa…..

    Aaaagel martyrdom of a number of heroes of Bani Walid in front of a mosque in the neighborhood of Dahra Beni Walid.
    Gel very few numbers of rats in Bani Walid …………. And most of the roads free of rats ……… And the return of thousands of people of Bani Walid to their areas.

    Rats Misrata steal Furniture residents of Bani Walid

  7. Aaaaaagel news Strong explosion shakes Janzour near reference
    reported between Tripoli rats and rats Misrata now in Tripoli.

    جن معمر really? it is fantastic it is freedom
    correspondent counter market Friday aviation and fire shots now in front of the Hotel Rixos ..

    Mu defends

    Gel correspondent in violent clashes Friday Market in Tajoura.

    correspondent of Zliten killing 6 of rats now in one coral Bani Walid Ali Wade heroes….

  8. Great Jamahiriya

    I hope publication and dissemination: the people of Bani Walid Thursday 01/11/2012


    Land your land since time immemorial …
    no Ttrkoha you return to your homes ….. no Ttrkoha you report your fate … Do not leave home … Do not let Jihad and Rafla pride … Do not let the land of grandparents and grandchildren
    you return to your homes …. to your city .. to your land
    Make this day, the day of your return .. No one is pleased with injustice and God be with you
    ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــAnd Our our appeal – both humanitarian organizations and human rights in the world … – Ka channels and Libyan newspapers and childhood. – all Libyans honorable – all media honest – to Nasseri oppressed stood with right and do not want only the safe return of the people of Bani Walid .. Solidarity with the words right and transfer Honesty and defending the oppressed. capacity as organizations and people you care rights wherever it was … We make you call and urge you to intervene in the stand with the return of the people of this city ….. to make this day, the day of the return of irreversible and Be with us, God with us because we are right …… ………… توكلنا God to return to our city ……………. – – Sartaoa

    American Drones over the Green Nafusa Mountains:

    Ahmed Aujali navigational observer Benghazi
    on the blast, which hit basket ammunition car Derna area in 30/10/2012
    inform you Dear Sirs that more than 12 flying between espionage and unmanned flight on 10/28/2012 at dawn on 29/10/2012 circular circumference Benghazi area 250 miles … On even areas west of Tobruk through the desert and mountains in a circular motion conducting combing operations .. Where I noticed an increase and tighten the perimeter flying objects Green Mountain area suggests beginning to initiate military operations in the region

  9. Channel Sirte on Facebook

    I hope publication and dissemination: the people of Bani Walid Thursday 01/11/2012

    Land your land since time immemorial …
    no Ttrkoha you return to your homes ….. no Ttrkoha you report your fate … Do not leave home … Do not let Jihad and Rafla pride … Do not let the land of grandparents and grandchildren
    you return to your homes …. to your city .. to your land
    Make this day, the day of your return .. No one is pleased with injustice and God be with you.

    And Our our appeal – both humanitarian organizations and human rights in the world … – Ka channels and Libyan newspapers and childhood. – all Libyans honorable – all media honest – to Nasseri oppressed stood with right and do not want only the safe return of the people of Bani Walid .. Solidarity with the words right and transfer Honesty and defending the oppressed. capacity as organizations and people you care rights wherever it was … We make you call and urge you to intervene in the stand with the return of the people of this city ….. to make this day, the day of the return of irreversible and Be with us, God with us because we are right …… ………… توكلنا God to return to our city ……………. – – Sartaoa

    Derna yesterday, and this morning a series of explosions rocked the city this morning and it seems that drone aircraft were started Blfl Execution of operations , according to the citizens of the city.

    American Drones over the Green Nafusa Mountains:

    Ahmed Aujali navigational observer Benghazi
    on the blast, which hit basket ammunition car Derna area in 30/10/2012
    inform you Dear Sirs that more than 12 flying between espionage and unmanned flight on 10/28/2012 at dawn on 29/10/2012 circular circumference Benghazi area 250 miles … On even areas west of Tobruk through the desert and mountains in a circular motion conducting combing operations .. Where I noticed an increase and tighten the perimeter flying objects Green Mountain area suggests beginning to initiate military operations in the region
    احمد الاوجلي مراقب ملاحي بنغازي
    بخصوص الانفجار الذي اصاب سيارة ملئية بالذخيرة بمنطقة درنة في 30.10.2012
    نعلمكم ايها السادة بانة أكثر من 12 طيارة بين تجسس وطيران بدون طيار يوم 28.10.2012 وفجر يوم 29.10.2012 بمحيط دائري منطقة بنغازي 250 ميل ب… معني حتي مناطق غرب طبرق مرورا في الصحراء والجبال بشكل دائري تقوم بعمليات التمشيط .. حيث لاحظت زيادة وتشديد في الاجسام الطائرة بمحيط منطقة الجبل الاخضر ما يوحي ببداية الشروع في عمليات عسكرية بالمنطقة

    Obama and Margarief
    Obama’s drones are bombing Libya again!!! (He has NOT learned a lesson from God–OBAMA is still defiant!)

    RATS surrounding BANI WALID:
    Rat Misrata and NATO nations surround BANI WALID


    الليبية FM

    31 octobre 2012 03:20

    Karma coming back around? Sandy-hit NYC resembles NATO-destroyed Libyan city of Sirte
    By Quoriana

    Don’t mess with Karma and thou shalt not be messed with
    While the hurricane Sandy caused destruction currently blows most other news off of the global media’s front pages, the destruction of the Libyan town of Sirte has gone largely unreported by the same media. A reader however pointed out to me that a photo of the NATO-destroyed hometown of Muammar Gaddafi shows surprising similarities with a photo of destroyed homes and businesses in the Rockaway section of the Queens borough of New York City which was hit by Sandy.

    Sirte, a coastal town of around 100,000 residents, once was considered to be the center of urban development in Libya but became the target of NATO and its “revolutionary Libyan rebels” soon after the so-called fall of Tripoli in August 2011, not in the least because of its imperturbable loyalty to Muammar Gaddafi and the Jamahiriya government. After weeks of siege and horrifying war crimes committed by NATO and the rebels in the Orwellian version of “protecting civilians”, Sirte’s inhabitants turned into homeless refugees and the city was named the modern day Stalingrad.

    Spokesman of the Libyan Jamahiriya government, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, reported to Reuters on September 17, 2011:

    “NATO attacked the city of Sirte last night with more than 30 rockets directed at the city’s main hotel and the Tamin building, which consists of more than 90 residential flats. The result is more than 354 dead and 89 still missing and almost 700 injured in one night. In the last 17 days more than 2,000 residents of the city of Sirte were killed in NATO air strikes.”

    The results of the criminal NATO attacks carried out under United Nations mandate – the same United Nations that prepared to bestow an award on Muammar Gaddafi for its achievements in the area of human rights months before the start of the Western war on Libya – are shown in the second photo below.

    Fasting forward to today, we find one of the main orchestrators of the Libyan war being hit and partially destroyed by what to the eye appears to be a random whim of Mother Nature. National news networks warn that the upcoming elections could be directly affected because of the devastation and independent analysts for cogent reasons label the so-called Frankenstorm a “HAARP and Aerosol geoengineered hurricane”. Meanwhile the consequences of both destructions are ultimately the same: innocent civilians lost their homes and businesses and were either forced to flee their country from the occupying forces (Libya) or likely will be forced to leave their destroyed properties to be put in densely packed “civilian buildings” in order to hasten the process of Agenda 21 (U.S.).

    I am no prophet, neither do I want to claim that the Higher Power directly punished the U.S. for its crimes committed in Libya by somehow demanding a destructive hurricane to do what it did and to cause what it caused. I simply want you to look around and read the signs. If you in some way have been participating in the imperialist war on Libya or if you still contribute to other imperialist activities and wars, e.g. by spreading propaganda or even by having chosen to be silent and to rest your case because you considered it to be none of your business, it may be about time to desist.

    Hands off Libya, hands off Syria, hands off Iran. Don’t mess with Karma and thou shalt not be messed with.


    1. People look at homes and businesses destroyed during Hurricane Sandy in the Rockaway section of the Queens borough of New York City (Spencer Platt, AFP)


    2. Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown, the Libyan city of Sirte, after being “bombed into democracy” by NATO (EPA)


    October 31, 2012 21:30 (UTC) Written by Quoriana

  11. Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)
    لتواصل مع الدكتور يوسف شاكير ولأرسأل أقتراحاتكم ومعلوماتكم الرجاء مراسلة الدكتور علي أيميله الخاص وشكرا لكم
    To communicate with Dr. Yusuf Shakir and send us your suggestions and your information please contact.
    Dr. Chakir

    correspondent of Zintan mountain and Zintan Lennon stand against rats Misurata to prevent them from control of Tripoli and clashed with the Airport Road….

    correspondent incognito among rats out a large convoy of Misurata to control the Tripoli….
    correspondent incognito among rats hours will dominate Mlishean Misrata to Tripoli all …. Will dominate on Gran Tripoli camps….correspondent incognito among rats hours and will be occupying HOTEL RIXOS rats Misrata…

    rats Misrata I Inoowoowon arrested battalion commanders rats Tripolitan them Belhadj. !!

    Car anti-Libya now entering from Misrata to Tripoli ……. The rats Misrata say that he will be cleared of Tripoli today.,,,,,,,

    Aaaaaaaagel number of dead and injured rats up now to Green Mountain Hospital.

    news about the arrest of rats Misrata for a number of ministers and leaders of the National Chicken…

    deaths of a number of rats Tripoli at the hands of rats Misrata,,,,,,, in the ongoing clashes in Tripoli….
    Rats escape Tripoli far from the camps and Ktaúbhm ……. Fear of rats Misrata militia begin to control the weapon battalions Jermanah Tripolitan

    Order correspondent appointed heavy Ministry proliferation of rats in the eye of the Ministry of.

    Order correspondent in Friday Market unidentified car fired bullets on a group of rats in the green arena ……….. And shut down the streets leading to it.

    now you liberation of prisoners from the prisons of rats ………. Moved endowed …… To liberate your little ones from the prison of the Police College …… And Motaiqh prison….
    news escape rats market Friday from Motaiqh Airport….

    unconfirmed sacking militias rats Almusratih to Ali Zaidan ……… The puppet “GNC-government” will announce now headed Swehli….


    1. Mu 342

      Mu takes notes

    2. Libya: Ratocracy Failure As Misrata Rats Continually Invade Congress
      Posted: 02 NOV. 2012


      The Libyan masses — including the rats — are all aiming at Jamahiriya exactly the system of people`s power that they had railed against

      The rat militia from Misurata, who returned from weeks of besieging and terrorising Bani Walid, are now since many days invading the so-called ‘General National Congress’ also known as the Rat Congress in Tripoli on a daily basis.

      The heavy armed security at the Congress is no match for the determined rats who enter freely each day at will, leading now to a suspension of all meetings of the so-called ‘government’ also known as ‘ratverment’ and its attempt at ‘ratocracy’ in lieu of democracy.

      In spite of the obvious elephant in the room, namely the ongoing total absence of any functioning democracy in the Libyan Jourdaniya, the racist imperialist reactionary zionist crusader fascist elite regimes of France, England, and their stooge organization the so-called “United Nations” have praised the ‘new government’ in Libya.

      Everyone else is aware that there is no government in Libya but only attempts of rats to meet which are always broken up by other rats as all rats are divided and found the holes in the cheese offered them by NATO actually much bigger than the cheese itself, which they are unable to get their fangs into.

      NATO itself stopped its war against Libya because it felt that to continually support its rats would back fire and lead to more resistance, whilst Jibril the gerbil has now complained that NATO should not have left as the situation is too bad for the rats and their is chaos and Libya will turn into a new Somalia.

      This all is exactly as predicted by the Leader of the Revolution who warned of exactly what will happen in Libya and all this has indeed come to pass. There is no way out for the rats, neither backward nor forward, neither with nor without NATO, with or without Al-Qaida, their demise is imminent and inevitable.

      However as rats have a resilient constitutional make-up that is resistant to poison, toxins, waste and thrives on chaos — they can even survive a nuclear war — although the cheese they could have eaten would have been healthy and abundant, it will be a hard road ahead as the Libyan masses are seeking Jamahiriya.

      The constant occupations of the so-called rat congress, the constant protests in spite of machine gun and anti-air craft gun firing over the heads of the masses, and in spite of murders, death, destruction, unlawful imprisonment and torture, are proof that the masses, including the rats themselves, are seeking Jamahiriya.

      Jamahiriya means occupying the work place and seizing control to become partners and not wage slaves, exactly what the masses are attempting to do at some locations, contrary to the wishes of the ratverment. #


      Rat Conference HALL 1
      Conference in front of the headquarters of a national non-occupied by a few bands Misrata now
      Ibrahim Ghariani confirms occupation conference Allaotunai by armed groups
      Ibrahim Ghariani confirms Conference of no occupation by national groups on YouTube

      Exodus of most of the members of the National Conference of no Rixos Hotel after the events of yesterday
      In front of the Hotel Rixos: Republic Mzrath are a military coup on the illegal government
      Rat Conference Hall 2

      من امام فندق ريكسوس : جمهورية مزراطة تقوم بإنقلاب عسكري على الحكومة الغير شرعية.
      Par : اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)

      TRIPOLI AIRPORT ROAD had explosions 15 hours ago:
      hear now 3 explosion metal blasts NATO forces near the airport road — and heard the explosion in Abu Salim and plateau —- I wish you could wear knows why Aoavi Beah – knowing that the voices of weapons Altqilh still hear so far – and Ruba relieves them scourge…
      Clashes near the Central Post Street corner.

      Urgent large spread enumerate of NATO rebels front of palaces hospitality and Jerdan numbers are increasing all types of weapons and inspections across the gates of Tripoli.

      Rat Conference Hall 3
      Tripoli 4
      الادمن, … no sit for NATO rebels wounded in Tripoli’s Green Square demanding corner constantly treated and only tomorrow will transfer their sit-in in front of the corner to lock refinery until the acceptance of their demands treatment queues … equipped with gasoline.

      powerful explosions rocked Benghazi.
      Ivory (Benghazi): hear with powerful explosions and heavy shooting in Benghazi and initial reports suggest that the reason is the problem of between Alawakir tribes and Albrasp.

      Central Bank of Libya

      Was not Mokhtar reported as assasinated by RATS?::
      here is good news then from the State Radio of Zintan:
      ‘Mokhtar head of the “Green military Council of Zintan” warns Misrata Militias, that they are a threat to the security of Libya….”
      مختار الاخضر رئيس ما يسمى المجلس العسكرى الزنتان…

      يحذر مليشيات مصراتة من المساس بأمن الدوله على راديو الزنتان قبل قليل.


      He was reported dead on 16 June 2012:
      “Libye – La mort de Mokhtar Akhdar, le directeur de l’aéroport international de Tripoli (16 juin 2012)

      Publié le 16/06/2012 à 16:09 –
      Source : ALGERIA ISP

      ALGERIA ISP / Selon HarakaElmokawama Libya, des informations parlent de la mort de Mokhtar Akhdar ; responsable

      de l’aéroport international de Tripoli qui est un commandant des Zenten.
      Tripoli airport

      remember this:
      Green Al-Zentan Leader gives a warning to the rebel-traitors of alZentan:
      Alzentan (Mukhtar Green) 16 NOVEMBER 2011:

      last June, I remember writing:
      Mokhtar Akhdar (GREEN) was a great humanitarian warrior and they killed him…
      Mohktar (Mucktar) kept the airport out of TNC hands and never let Saif be taken—He was faithful to the al-Qathafis always.”
      THAT DEATH REPORT MIGHT (HOPEFULLY) BEEN PREMATURE, as he was on the radio 01 NOVEMBER 2012 speaking against the Misrata Militias!
      I remember that they said a bullet ricoshayed to his forhead as he was fighting to keep the Airport in Zentan hands instead of giving it up to the TNC (at that time in June).
      Now I am beginning to wonder if Algeria ISP was given misinformation!…as obviously, a dead man would not be speaking live on the radio!
      GLAD Mohktar is ALIVE!

      News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
      il ya 13 heures/ 13 hours ago:
      For the first time in the world to break into the conference hall of the presidency state 3 times in less than 24 hours before armed criminal militias
      لأول مرة في العالم اقتحام قاعة مؤتمر رئاسة دولة 3 مرات خلال اقل من 24 ساعة من قبل مليشيات اجرامية مسلحة.
      Rat Conference Hall 5

      Rats Almsarit angle control of the airport in Tripoli and Green Square and the conference hall of no national, and rats that Tripoli had been beaten by them, and nobody knows what will be in the country in the coming hours.
      Rat Salah Badi is and his militia Almusratih seized the headquarters of the National Conference of no coup and wants to work on the illegal government to govern is Germanh country Almsarit.
      Green Square

      TRIPOLI at dusk:
      TRIPOLI at dusk

    3. Kofe Annan

    4. good Mu
      Af U. pres

      Mu 343

      Mu awalk


      Mu in Algiers

      ann. picture


    5. arrival

      Special – Abdel-Fattah Younis Lebos by Gaddafi?


      Memory of Dr. Billah (Moutassem):

      Last words of the martyr Mutasim Gaddafi to his father –

    6. Muammar prays with grandchildren:
      28 octobre 2011 11:24
      القائد معمر مع احفاده شوفو البساطة

    7. Mu 347

    8. British Foreign Sinister Meddles in Libyan Jamahiriya Affairs
      Posted: 2012/11/01


      From: Mathaba

      The British `foreign secretary` praises the backwards step from direct participatory democracy of the Jamahiriya

      to anarchy, chaos, death and destruction of the Jourdaniya.

      The Britsh Foreign Sinister Alistair Burt praised the death and destruction in the Libyan Jamahiriya saying it was worth it in order to set back participatory democracy and natural socialism in order to bring about an end to Jamahiriya
      and the inauguration of a Jourdaniya.

      This came in his second illegal visit to Occupied Libya where he used the forked-tongue and lies for which British “diplomats” have been famous for many centuries, since emerging from the caves and installing “representative” demoncracy upon the areas it occupies.

      The very existence of parliaments is testimony to the absence of the masses, and “representation is fraud”, as shown since the publication of The Green Book

      in the 1970′s. As the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Qaddafi

      pointed out “no one knows the needs of the masses better than the masses themselves.”

      The British regime along with other “New” Old World Order regimes of the Zionist bankster elite which rules the masses by way of disinformation

      and parliaments as well as political parties — under which the worst dictatorships of the world have existed — has occupied Libya by proxy after a long war in 2011.

      The occupation has taken place in order to prevent Africa from reasserting her genuine sovereignty and her masses from exercising their true human rights and freedoms,

      which included a continent-wide no-go area to U.S.-Western military forces, and the creation of an African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank and African Investment bank to replace the World Bank and so-called International Monetary Fund (better known in Africa as International Mercenary Front). (See

      for more information).

      However, the attempts have so far failed with Libya thus far being the first Jourdaniya

      as predicted by The Green Book

      which warned that if the Authority of the People should lapse, an age of anarchy and demagoguery will ensue until the masses again assert their power via People’s Congresses and People’s Committees in a Greater Jamahiriya.

    9. Libya Al-Hurra Tell-Lie-Vision (TV) station in Benghazi attacked
      Posted: 2012/10/31


      Demonstrators attacked the rat trumpet and damaged it in popular anger at its failure to cover the siege, attack, death and destruction at Bani Walid

      22 At-Timur 2012 — Dozens of demonstrators this evening broke into and ransacked the Benghazi headquarters of the Tell-lie-vision (TV) channel “Libya Al-Hurra.”

      They were said to be members of the Warfalla tribe. They accused the station of not supporting Bani Walid in the present clash between it and the armed forces. The majority of Bani Walid’s inhabitants are Warfalla.

      Programming was suspended as a result of the attack.

      The station is close linked to the Libyan ratvolution. Founded by Mohammad Nabbous who was dispatched to rat hell on 19 March last year, 2011, Libya Hurra was the first Libyan rat Tell-Lie-Vision station to support the ratvolution.

    10. Misrata Rats say ZINTAN is next in line to destroy!!!!
      FROM: Alashika Rouhifike
      Alashika Rouhifike
      Page Libyan Resistance Movement:

      معمر هو محض ومسلم متدين فضلا عن كونه إماما وهو مهدي إن شاء الله، وسوف إنقاذ كوكبنا. وقد فعلت معمر أكثر للإسلام من خارج أي إنسان آخر للنبي محمد نفسه!
      Muammar is pure and a devout Muslim as well as being an IMAM he is the Mahdi, God willing and will save our planet. Muammar has done more for Islam than any other human outside of the Prophet Mohammed himself!

      ‘During the past two days in one of the cafes near the Tunisian Libyan border to the cafe was attended by a number 8 men and sat down and we knew through their talk they Misurata because they speak a lot about Macamoa of theft and destruction of city of Bani Walid men .. And were carrying bags with large amounts of money demanded lunch and sat for the evening and in the evening I attended 4 cars Libyan by 13 people and sat with other people and said one of them on the corner cafe distant little from the rest of the people and asked dinner and wine of all kinds and learned that most of them were bearded and Dar, including talk follows:
      eight people from Misurata who are starting to talk with others سردوا them about Mafloh Bani Walid and Bani Walid will only be for Misurata spoke a people who had confirmed that the whole mountain of Nalut and Zintan must take the palm like Bani Walid .. And Multi Zintan would be easier than Bani Walid then spoke last and confirmed that Misrata ready to deliver arms to visitors and also to pay any amounts to provide fighters also confirmed someone that France and Qatar will not stand with Zintan and war Zintan will end in two days a lot, because the battle will be by visitors and mountain will be pressure p Zintan full force also there is a chance to enter supplies to the mountain through the port Zhabh and spoke someone tribes Alnoaúl and Mahamid and some tribes in Tunis sympathetic Zintan stressed someone that Alnoaúl will not stand with Zintan because they did not stand with them against the visitors and also spoke someone asked from the audience that make things clear Vmasrath does not want from Zintan anything but (Saif al-Islam) have as well as some Cronies Who in Zintan then names including girls were working with Gaddafi ..
      then gave one of them bags that were with the eight people who attended after them, stressing that the amount is enough for processing starter and there will be other amounts and talked someone Western countries another individual we have the green light from each country do not be afraid What did the world when we were fighting
      Bani Walid and agreed that arrive to the corner and Zuwarah Features required and also will fly the delivery Mainqs people mountain to fight the battle is important is recognizing Saif al-Islam neighborhood ..
      and tell you in Zintan strike next and not, as is rumored now to draw attention away from the real target them .. God testify .. God has reached …. Moved’….


      Comment from me: Ofcourse Misrata Zionist RATS want to destroy Zintan. The Israeli already contracted to use the Green Nafusa Mountains as their Airbase for the next 10 years and renewable upon expiration indefinitely.

      لفهم هذا، عليك أن تعرف أن يرأس لواء سيف Zentan …

      Saif غير آمنة و، Zentan معظمها موالية لمعمر … IT مصراتة هي الصهيونية والأمريكية والفرنسية والتركية والمرتزقة QATAR الذين يقاتلون Warfalla.

      برنار ليفي يخطط على جعل مصراتة وطن الثاني ليفي اليهود … تم بالفعل “مواطن فخري في مصراتة” من قبل الجرذان الصهيوني!

      المرتزقة الشر القطرية هي جزء جيد CIA القاعدة. حرض يانكيز والفرنسية ليفي الصهيوني هذه الإبادة الجماعية الرهيبة ضد Warfalla.

      هذا هو السبب في “رسميا” في GNC هو مسترخي غير رسمية بشأن هذه الدمى-GNC / USA وبدعم الميليشيات مصراتة والمرتزقة.

      إذا كان GNC / CIA لا يمكن كسر بني وليد، وهم يعرفون أنهم قد فشلت ليبيا وسيعود ليكون الجماهيرية الخضراء رسميا مرة أخرى.

      وZentani وقياس مزدوج لمكافحة مصراتة وبني وليد عودة (أقاربهم) … وخطة الإسرائيليين على استخدام جبال نفوسة وقاعدتهم في سلاح الجو لى
      بيا! (الاسرائيليون وقعت بالفعل عقدا لجبال نفوسة مع دمية GNC النظام، لمدة عشر سنوات قابلة للتجديد وعند انقضاء!) تعهدت GNC € 130 مليار لاسرائيل بالفعل على أنه رد!
      يجب ألا يكون هذا الوفاء بها.
      To understand this, you have to know that Saif heads the Zentan Brigade…

      Saif is safe and, most Zentan are loyal to Muammar…IT is the ZIONIST Misrata and American, French, Turk and QATAR mercenaries who are fighting the Warfalla.

      Bernard Levy plans on making Misrata a second homeland for the Jews… Levy was already made “an honorary citizen of Misrata” by the ZIONIST RATS !

      The evil Qatari mercenaries are a good portion CIA Al-Qaeda. Yankees and French Zionist Levy instigated this terrible genocide against the Warfalla.

      This is why “officially” the GNC is laid-back on this—unofficially the GNC/USA puppets are backing the Misrata militias and mercenaries.

      If the GNC/CIA cannot break BANI WALID, they know that they have failed—and Libya will return to be OFFICIALLY Green Jamahiriya again.

      The Zentani have double measure to fight MISRATA and Back BANI WALID (their kin)…The Israelis plan on using the Nafusa Mountains as their airforce base in Libya!!! (The Israelis already signed a contract for the Nafusa Mountains with the puppet GNC regime–for a period of ten years–and renewable upon expiration!) THE GNC has pledged €130 Billion to Israel already as a restitution!

    11. Government
      Libya: `Ratverment` Continues as `Government` Fails to Supplant Jamahiriya
      Posted: 2012/11/01
      From: Mathaba
      Print | Share | 0 Comments

      The farce of the Libyan occupation regime aka `ratverment` continues with a third storming of the `congress` by Misrata militia and delays in announcing `cabinet`. Photo: Ali Zeydan

      The traitor Zeydan puppet of Zionism and imperialist occupation forces attempted to form a `government` also known as `ratverment` naming more than 30 `ministerial` positions in an attempt to give top position to every region and anti-Jamahiriya party.

      However a member of the `congress` from Misrata interrupted the proceedings to shout at Zeidan that if he does not appoint people from Misrata all the rat member from Misrata would need to do is press a button on his mobile phone and then Zeidan will see what will happen.

      Indeed the rat member of the `general national congress` pressed the button sending out a prepared SMS message and soon after hundreds of armed rat militia from Misrata stormed the congress hall making this the third occupation and disruption over the past month.

      Other sessions of congress have drawn the ire and contempt of the masses for the penchant of rat congress members to discuss issues such as how much pay they would award themselves, how many cars they would have, how they would give each other special loans and other perks.

      The list of people presented by Zeydan as his ‘ministers’ included many unknown people, with the regime being composed largely of ‘dual-nationality’ aka ‘Libyan Americans’ who came back to Libya after living four decades in exile, only last year after the suspension of the Jamahiriya with the imprisonment of thousands of Libyans.

      His list of 32 people included 2 women and 30 men and the creation of numerous ministries in an attempt to form a huge ratverment to satisfy as many rats as possible by awarding positions. However, the rats from Misrata who have largely provided barbaric violent and criminal service to the regime, were sidelined.

      Tripoli has also been under-represented in the ratverment leading to some protesters from Tripoli joining the storming of the `congress` causing delay in its vote.

      The 32 `ministers` included 3 `deputy prime ministers` given that the expected life of a rat `prime minister` in the new Libyan Jourdaniya is expected to be very low.

      Earlier attempts to hold votes on his `ratverment` were postponed because large numbers of rats were not present. Some twenty or thirty rats had been sent to Canada to attend some venue on all expenses paid travel from this small country of 4 million, while China with a population of 1,300 million sent only 3 officials.

      The massive shouting matches and fights that took place in the `congress` prior to the pressing of the `send` button on the Misrata rat’s phone and subsequent storming of `congress` by both armed and unarmed rats primarily from Misrata, lead to the abrupt suspension of live broadcasts of the event by rat tell-lie-vision (TV).

      Rat TV continued broadcasts later to give coverage to a speech by the traitor Ali Zeidan in which he claimed that the formation of the `government` (ratverment) heralded the `start of government and democracy in Libya` in an effort to persuade the world community that the billions in assets of the Libyan Jamahiriya be handed over.

      Zeydan highlighted the role played by the outlaw “United Nations” organization in establishing the February 17 `ratvolution` and said that he would ensure that the ratvolutionaries received benefits and power in his new ratverment.

      Only half of the rats were present in the vote on the ratverment ratification and six of his proposed ministers were referred to the `rat integrity commission` for evaluation by rat inspectors to ascertain and verify beyond all reasonable doubt that they are indeed rats, since non-rats are not allowed within the ratverment.

      Foreign Affairs Rat Minister Ali Al-Aujali; Justice Rat Minister Salah Bashir Margani; Interior Rat Minister Ashour Suleiman Shuwail; Health Rat Minister Nurideen Abdulhamid Dagman; Culture Rat Minister Habib Mohammed Al-Amin; and Religious Affairs Rat Minister Abdulsalam Mohammed Abusaad were referred to the rat integrity committee for inspection to test for rat authenticity.

      Abdusalam Abusaad is accused by heretical islamist `munafiqeen` and `kafiroon` as being a Sufi Muslim. Sufism is the heart of Islam and those around the Prophet Muhammad were called Sufi (“woolen ones”) due to the poor clothes they wore and their full time dedication to spiritual matters, and are shunned by Sunni “islamist” heretics.

      Rat Congress guards continued to shoot mainly into the air outside the building in an effort to stave off further rat invasions. Machine guns and even anti-aircraft guns have also been used in recent days to disperse demonstrators incensed at the attack on Bani Walid by the rat forces.

      The invasion of the free Jamahiriya city of Bani Walid has led to up to one thousand deaths and several thousands injured, for refusal of the population to fly the rat flag throughout the city and refusal to hand over free jamahiri citizens to the Misrata rats who are already holding an estimated 500 political hostages from Bani Walid. #

    12. Lavrov

      Russia Demands ICC Investigate War Crimes Committed in Libya
      Posted: 2012/11/01
      From: Mathaba

      Sergei Lavrov suggested that war crimes had been committed in Libya since the occupation of the Jamahiriya

      Russia has demanded that war crimes in Libya committed since the proxy occupation rat regime be investigated by the so-called International Criminal Court.

      Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday that Moscow believed that all those responsible for killing civilians had to be held accountable.

      Referring to last year’s decision by the Security Council to refer Libya to the ICC, he said: “All the decisions were made that those responsible for bloodshed, murders of civilians, violation of the laws of war and international humanitarian rights must be punished. We don’t hear any news on how this has been doing upon the crisis in Libya.”

      He was speaking at a press conference with visiting Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter.

      Explaining Moscow’s position, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich later said that such a probe had to focus on crimes committed since the forced suspension of the Jamahiriya in October last year.

      The call follows a move by Russia in the UN Security Council on Tuesday to table a motion about the crisis in Bani Walid. The draft, which was blocked by the US, would have expressed “grave concern” about the situation in the town and what it called the growth of violence towards the civilian population, and called on the Libyan ratverment to take urgent action to resolve the situation by peaceful negotiations.

      Russian media have been claiming a massacre in Bani Walid in which as many 600 people have been killed and thousands injured. #

    13. Mu in France 1973


      on flight 1973

    14. Map BANI WALID

      correspondent in Bani Walid to yesterday noon ……………. Dahra neighborhood Samed did Adnasseh rats …. And also areas beyond and snipers Bani Walid deployed on rooftops

      Tank blow-up in Sirte
      in Sirte Blow up a tank of rats on the hands of the heroes Bani Walid.

      killed 4 of Zliten rats at the hands of Champions Bani Walid ……. They are now present in Zliten Hospital.

      bombing of the headquarters of the channel in the capital Tripoli


      Gel Misrata rats are stealing generators from homes of the people of Bani Walid.


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