PEUPLES JAMAHIRIYA libre et indépendante du gouvernement imposée Alien/ JAMAHIRIYA PEOPLES FREE and Independent of Alien Imposed Government

Declaration № 7 
Social Council Warfalla tribe
02 NOVEMBER 2012

The brave Warfalla and peoples of BANI WALID demand to stay and retain their own LAND and their full civil rights, including the unhindered ability to have their own People’s Committees and to rebuild, themselves, their own community without interference of the illegal puppet GNC. The imperialism of USA/NATO is fully stated.

1 – All forcibly displaced fam

ilies need access to return to Bani Walid, in their home town and to prevent bandits infiltrated the city made the looting and burning of houses in Bani Walid …
2 – The whole family Warfalla rejects the claims of the “government” to move them to a field in the Tahwerga, first because we will not abandon our city and second by Tahwerga has its own inhabitants who were cruelly forced out of their city .. .
3 – Calling all DD.HH organizations and civil organization of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and United Nations to cooperate fully and return of people to their area of the city of Bani Walid …
4 – The whole of the Warfalla tribe and noble families in all areas of Libya to act in unity and strength against what is happening in Bani Walid – ethnic cleansing and expulsion of residents who the traitors, thieves and mercenaries from Misurata conducted in the city of Bani Walid
5 – The Tribe Warfala in all regions of Libya requires establishing committees to collect a sum of money in 150 dinars, at least for each family Warfala, and there is no prohibition for those who want to pay more than this amount. This confirms that they have not waived their tribe, and deserve praise for their willingness to work with us. Remember that these funds will be used for the rehabilitation and construction of the city of Bani Walid, mother, and we hope that Congress “national” rule on the restoration of Bani Walid after demolished houses over the heads of its inhabitants .. .
6 – Invoke the nobles and elders of Libya, who have seen the tragedy of Bani Walid, especially the elders of the western mountains to urgently take immediate steps for the release of members of the Board of the Tribe Warfala, including Sheikh Mohammed Barghouti, who was kidnapped by mercenaries of Congress “National” and elements of “security l serving government”
Tribal Social Council Social Warfala Friday 26/10/2012
– Green Resistance condemns the death of Mohammed Nasrallah Seer of the tribe of the sons of Sheikh Zliten after being tortured in prisons illegal militias government.
(This Tomb colonizer Bani Walid
tomorrow will write grandsons colonized us metal Maketb ancestors
Bani Walid immortal in history)


Thousands of civilians of Bani Walid forced out of their city

Civilian survivors of the tribe of Bani Walid Rafla displaced

After the genocide orchestrated and silenced by the invading powers

from  we read:


international campaign to document evidence of crimes militias Almusratih in the city of Bani Walid both find evidence of participation and documentation ….”

Leonor writes:
” mm very team official page collection of evidence in the events of Bani Walid on facebook international campaign consists of Libyan personalities “

The Arab and foreign and international experts in the collection of evidence and in dealing with cases which are classified as war crimes against civilians. campaign aims to authentication based on the legal grounds for blockades and indiscriminate shelling and killing, liquidation and arrest on identity theft and looting of public and private property and arson, destruction and razing of public facilities and private and documenting prevention cases of entry and removal from the city and the inspection humiliating at the crossings. consists documentation of several stages as follows: 1 – still images (must documentation and explain the history and the image capture on paper to include is a snapshot overview of a house or property from the outside and footage of the damage and a picture of the property owner).
2 – scene visual (video) is documentation install paper with the date and the area and the owner of the house and must work to meet with the homeowner affected does not exceed two minutes to prove the violation suffered property owner aggrieved.
3 – taken it samples of fragments and remnants of indiscriminate shelling of (missiles and bombs) and preferably photographed before picked up and assembled and must be clarified Date Picture Taken and place on activists in the city documenting the damage that occurred to the facilities of public and private and industrial in the case of non-existence of those responsible for them, preferably coordination with work teams volunteer residents of the city each team by his district system boxes housing.Please send cases Powell to site of the International Campaign for documentation
all materials that will be sent will be kept confidential and will only committee in charge.campaign will show successively the number of sites that have been documented and brought to the campaign website.

Dr. Hamza Tohamani – Nations addresses the world

Charity Campaign burn everything and everybody in the bin Walid Damn Aadolh Jerdan
Zratm us grudge against yourselves will never end slain animals before humans you….

to Htaltkm Bani Walid lived at the summit

A Civilian from Bani Walid who was kidnapped by mercenaries from Misurata accounts:  managed to escape and was subjected for 3 days to cruel torture and said  that he witnessed hundreds were subjected to torture and then disappeared.

  • Stephen Gule has said — that Muammar lives is a “military secret” —-

    SYLVIA HABIB  writes to me:
    “lol — Muammar himself seems not to know about this ‘military secret. ‘”

  • Yes—BUT SOMEONE is supressing what Muammar says and speaks out as saying…I wonder who! The world is blind to all his wonderful supportive and instructional messages.

    Who is covering up Muammar’s messages from being universally known?

Muy interesante…
شروط الحصول على الجنسية الألمانيةهل انتم سدج لهذه الدرجة ؟
سؤال طرحه الاخ قائد الثورة في خطابه الشهير في باب العزيزة ونقه زنقه دار دار .
اليوم اكتشاف كبير الى ما مدى سداجة من سأ

لهم الاخ القائد عن مدى سداجتهم .
رئيــــــــــــــــــــس وزراء اتباع فبراير الماني .؟
زيدان رئيس وزراء اتباع فبراير الملعونة باذن الله , يملك الجنسية الالمانية , والغريب في الامر ان القانون الالماني يشترط لمنح الجنسية الالمانية اسقاط اي جنسية اخرى لمن منحت له , فزيدان مثلا بكل تاكيد لم تمنح له الجنسية الالمانية الا بسقوط الجنسية الليبية عنه , فماهي سداجة هؤلاء التائهون وماهي درجتها ياترى سؤال يصعب الاجابه عنه .

Conditions for obtaining German citizenship

Are you Sdj to this degree?
Question raised by the Leader of the Revolution in his famous speech at the door dear Ngah ŇäŢĺ Dar Dar.
Today a great discovery to what extent Sdajh Leader asked for over Sdajtahm.
Prime Minister German follow February.?
Zidane Prime Minister follow February cursed God, have German citizenship, and strange thing is that German law requires to grant German citizenship to drop any other nationality who has been granted, Vzeidan example certainly did not give him German citizenship, but the fall of Libyan nationality him, Vmahi Sdajh these drifters What degree of wonder question is difficult to answer.

Do you know why the ZIONIST RATS fighting in Libya chose 17 February as the Glory-date?
because on 17 February 1949 election Chaim Weizmann, became the first president of the State of Israel:



Nfjart violently shook the Green Mountain chain and after the explosions heard parents and residents of the area votes for aircraft flying over the area stretching from Prairie City in the west to the city of Derna in the east.

He said many of strong Alanfjart and anonymous became a hit areas of eastern Libya and occurred days before the blast, which hit a car filled with ammunition Derna area which the United States considers the headquarters of al Qaeda.

And quoting Libyan officials in the city of Derna in eastern Libya said more than 12 aircraft “spy drone” flying since the days in the sky of the city of Derna.

The White House spokesman said a week ago that the air strikes against “al Qaeda” targets in Libya could start at any moment, especially if the desired goal.

And until this moment did not issue a formal statement of the Government of rats explains the reasons for green explosions mountain on Wednesday, and the explosion of the Libyan city of Derna days ago.

And continue Republicans criticism of the U.S. administration…

Muammar Lives, and the whole world should know the lying and EVIL that the Demon and witch preplanned.

On the Support for Muammar site,

spreading the following TOTAL LIE:
Ironsides to
after re-reading one of your comments further up the page, Gadhaffi did utilize Al-Queda warriors any time he needed to. One point I need to make to all you supporters is this: sometimes misinformation happens, because people post bits of information without knowing enough. So, right now I want to clarify the point, that through the years, the Colonel did include Libyan Al-Queda fighters. They are flip-flops; one day they are allies, and another day they enemies. The INTEL’s don’t give-a-shit, but at the first sign after somebody defects to the NTC’s side, that person needs to be identified permanently. If Gadhaffi loyalist brigades discover somebody who everybody knew was a loyalist, and they arrive in your area after defecting to the NTC, no conversation should take place. A cintinuous updated list of defectors needs to be sent to every brigade throughout Libya, as well as any brigades outside Libya. I have no authority to suggest anything to Gadhaffi’s Loyalists.–But I only share this as a friend.”
THE TRUTH is that Muammar was the first to put a warrant out for OSAMA bin LADEN, and never permitted any elements to infiltrate the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. While the NATO bombing was at its height in 2011, Muammar repeatedly complained that the people have to remove all al-Qaeda elements, as they were the major obstacle in winning the War against NATO for a free and independent GREAT JAMAHIRIYA…he spoke how they were being dropped-off in huge numbers in the Green Mountains with French aid and ammunition and causing mass terror.And for Ironsides to say such a thing, means he never read the Great Universal Charter of Human Rights, so beautifully penned by Muammar al-Qathafi, as a present to the entire world.
The facts show that it is the USA who uses and “created” al-Qaeda exactly like Sorman and the Orcs !

It is the spreading of LIES that I despise.

 People will trust what IRONSIDES has said–and it is soooooooo untrue!
  1. Message of page “Great Werfalla”, one of official pages of Bani Walid in Facebook

    Message of page “Great Werfalla”, one of official pages of Bani Walid in Facebook
    03 November 2012

    Meme Alwerfaly writes us:

    Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings endowed recognize on the members of the People’s Congress and ÇäÔÇááĺ elmota bridge doing fine Lord ÇäÔÇááĺ Tdkrtona and Mancitona because Leah period long Madkhalt ÇáŢŃćČ me special reasons ..

    Lord bless you and protect you, and we meet in the near near Baden God in our own green Golo Secretary Lord God is greatest over Kidd aggressor morale Foowoowoouk.

    Peace to all of You.

    First, honour to all our faithful martyrs who fell meanwhile defending Bani Walid and we ask God that they may rest in peace.

    We apologize to all members of Great Werfalla page (Facebook) for the long absence and assure You that admin № 1 and admin № 3 are fine, that their condition is better now – they are receiving treatment.

    Bani Walid had not fall on knees and will not fall on knees, except to God. Even if we lose this battle, we will not lose the war!
    We do not consider defeat!
    We will rearrange our ranks and our papers again as we have done previously. Further, we will not rely anymore on those tribes who let us down and who enjoyed to stand by and watch how our children got slaughtered. The government who killed our children will not represent us … It is now a tribal war – just as they wanted – we will announce this soon.
    Bani Walid will not die and it will stay steadfast as a fortress and a stronghold, despite the dark forces attempting to invade us. Do not think that we will leave our city in the hands of animal gangs.
    The admins of the page send to You all greetings and promise You that the page will soon be active as before, God willing.

    Long live Bani Walid and great Werfalla’s tribe, with it’s honest people.

  2. Libya gorgeous mu

    mu is Libya

    mu omment one
    mu comments

    Mu statement

    time in October 2012
    BANI WALID 22 SEPT. 2012:

    12 SEPT. 2012:
    Glory this Angdwo Libya to try something Iaahrar before Madia out of our hands Brigade 32enhanced glory:
    Be equipped spirit of the American occupation declared Libya theirs with their same “terrorist” argument (“freeing the world from Terrorism”!)….
    Mu 350
    Mu in uniform now

    Mu 351
    Mu leader
    Mu 352
    Mu combo
    Mu King of Kings
    Mu is the Mahdi
    Mu mosque

  3. From Leonor we read:

    ‘I want to explain that Misurata is divided into five sections:

    the first section are folks out Misurata. They are a Ma’dan and Alsoaoh minority now, because of displacement by other two “sections” who now buy their land and their property. A large section of them migrated to the valleys of Sirte and to areas west of Libya.
    In the booty and ileus and Palace are good guys — This “Section” is careful: they are Awlad El Sheikh who are descended from Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar (and these are Dhana Abouchaalh and Ahawahdh and Lafrattsh and others who are a minority and do not have full rights). —-

    Section Altalt:
    They tribes of other Libyans who settled in Misurata with the establishment of a seaport and booming trade them because of some Altarat in regions Mattel are of the family Haniah and of the family Sweep andthe family Haninh and the family Azzouzh and the family “mourning” and other, with other tribes, such as blessings and Almzauge.
    And this “section” is Imitl consisting of more than 25% of the population ofMisurata— But they are vulnerable and violators of human-rights; because they’re being Tlahmanm and thus dispersed in their opinions —–

    and sections Atalath:
    first are Temtl which are more than about 60% of the population of Misrata, [but there are found digestible in majority rights]——-

    Section IV is controlled as a “section” in Misrata Aqtsaaa, and are commercially and politically minded since they are Circassians (who are residents of South East Asian in origin from the Turkish Anatolian plateau) and it follows that they are Alkrglah and their families bin Ismail and head Ali and Darrat and Alzkdh and Alhdoba and López Ben Hamida and the Alzerada and Ayb and others —–

    last section are the Jews and Imitlon which gain 15% of the population of Misrata. Amongst them Almquaobh esists a religion of Highness Ali grandfather Almqhob, who is the biggest of the family Kaplan and Ramalli (knowing that Almqaoppe Baldat to Azalo speak in Hebrew even today).

    This section announced his conversion to Islam after the campaigns of displacement, which began in Libya for Jews after year 48; and knead to ward off the danger to them and to maintain their property, but are not truly convinced of Islam doctrine; and we note that the flag of Israel, (which has been referred to the whole higher at the beginning of the outbreak Alahaddat in Misurata) was instituted by the Almqaoppe as evidence that Ali belongs to the Jewish state (as all contacts made with the Jews in Turkey and Europe are made by Jewish families in Misurata: the metal Kaplan family and Alfortiba).

    Most Almqaoppe this science information which is Mukdh.’

    What Leonor is trying to show us that Misratans are a polyglut of Jews and Turks, who fibbed when they said they converted to Islam…and still hold dear to their Zionist ways and are loyal to the state of Israel rathan than a Green Jamahiriya, etc.

  4. for Muammar

    Mu falcon

  5. This is why Muammar and the Green Resistance raided the building…also they had a list of the Green Resistance names which the Resistance had to remove from their access and their computers….

    FIRST, it WAS NOT a true “Embassy”–but a collection of rented villas for CIA SPIES. Second Stevens was running heavy weapons through Bengazi to Syria and other places to cause unrest.
    Third, Stevens died of smoke annihilation..The Green Resistance who set fire to the “offices” did not know anyone was still in the building.
    The US does not want anyone to know it was the Green Resistance and will deny the existance of the Green Resistance, to continue their charade and façade of ‘legitmacy’ !!

  6. trouble in Tripoli

    Ivory (Tripoli): evacuation Courts Complex in the capital Tripoli caused violent clashes taking place in Tripoli!
    News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
    Aimé (e) ·
    “National Chicken” seven heavily in the Institute of Tripoli and fears of a student uprising as happened last month which led to the closing for a period of time.

    Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only) (DR: SHAKIR) writes us:

    عااااااااااااااااااااااااجل spread snipers click Mail and hospital burns on a street corner ……. The missile hit the intelligence headquarters ……. And the voice of lead around Tripoli.

    columns of Misrata heading support Germanha in Tripoli ……… Liberating Tripoli and control.
    Clashed groups armed criminal rival, Sunday, in a street corner in front of the Libyan intelligence amid the Libyan capital Tripoli and wounded the building with rocket propelled grenades.
    said Haitham light, a doctor at a nearby hospital he received five victims, at least as a result of engagement, which began in the early hours of Sunday morning. He added that never fire also damaged parts of the hospital
    Tripoli rockets

    War Aaaagel now in Tripoli ……. Alliances between rats became Misurata, Friday Market * and through the fence and street corner and Zintan.

    number of dead and wounded in the clashes now in the way of the fence ….. Between rats Friday market and rats Misrata.
    Market violent explosions rocked Algrarat and Arada Friday market.

    violent clashes now in a street corner between rats Misrata and the people of the street.

    Gel correspondent in Friday market concentration Misurata dogs now in the island historic Bab Al-Manar in preparation for an attack on the road to the fence.

    fierce street battles taking place now in Tripoli Tu Jeeben Arabiya correspondent in Tripoli over the roofs of one of the buildings.

    © AFP – A Reshef
    The rival Libyan militias set fire to security headquarters in downtown Tripoli and looting stores with continued clashes.
    Kindle militiamen Libyan fire at the headquarters of a security in central Tripoli on Sunday and looted its contents with fighting raging with an armed militia competition.
    Residents said district Sidi Khalifa south of the capital that the fighting broke out after midnight a little night when controversy raged between rival groups men who work commissioned by the UN High Commissioner for security on the detention of a member of one group.

    Militias exchanged earlier fire security around the building.
    . wounded at least five people in the clashes and bullet pierced the hospital soon, causing panic.
    Street corner story does not end HBC RPG lobby KTN and sniper Gelatina and click Mail and 14.5 , a hospital burns lead and even arrived in the buildings Andharbo by the people of the region and Lord Lester and saves needy civilians.

    After clashes lasted for more than ten hours of continuous street corner in Tripoli
    reported Seen cars armed Germanah tracking device attribution security headed by Belhadj and so resolve the bloody conflict by force, which scared people in the late hours of last night and early morning hours and lasted until now
    the security building

    gunfire echoed in the neighborhood forced civilians to close the street corner where fighting intensified to prevent cars from entering the scene. And many civilians went to their homes to bring their personal weapons.

    Photos du journal
    Par : اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)
    clashes in Tripoli

    Still smoke rising from Libyan intelligence building in the capital Tripoli:
    intelligence blg in Tripoli
    Photo shows the damage suffered by the Building E Street corner in the capital Tripoli
    Tripoli Seurity buliding under fire

    GNC Government has no communications for 4 hours already!—
    Tripoli streets a battlezone

    Mu prays
    Photo showing the plume of smoke Foouk based intelligence and clashes are continuing to this moment
    Tripoli Troubles 2

    Again, the “official” announcements and MSM are saying “rat militias vs Rat Militias”
    [The “official” story: “We have received information that the cause of the clashes are taking place in the street corner building intelligence is the kidnapping of seven daughters and a 3 bodies of them in the region and Elly Khatafhm Mohammed Warfali existing building intelligence is Germanh impure”.]

    when it is clearly the Green Resistance who has torched the Intelligence Offices in Tripoli…Citizens as well, are picking up arms and joining in the fight.

    Even in BENGAZI:
    explosion of rats security station in Benghazi gardens ……
    and here is a picture of Bengazi this morning submitted 5 hours ago after a morning huge explosion:
    A picture of an explosion this morning in Benghazi, which targeted a police station garden Bmahlh
    Bengazi bombing morning of 04 NOV. 2012

    image showing smashed Alusband Foreign Family Center in gardens in Benghazi Street detonate a bomb exploded in the center opposite the gardens Center There is no power but from God Ruba ايعوض shop owners good…
    Alus Band Family center in Bengazi

    British authorities closed its consulate in Benghazi and is now transfer their contents
    Bengazi riots
    Photos du journal
    إغلاق السلطات البريطانية لقنصليتها في بنغازي ويتم الآن نقل محتوياتها.
    Par : اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)

    Resistance fights back
    The “official” story in Bengazi is that it a a family clan in revenge of the attempted rape of one of their girls—-ALWAYS EXCUSES–but never mention of the GREEN RESISTANCE!

  7. There is no rule of Libyan state military official: 15 U.S. aircraft monitoring the southern regions Quryna new
    Yankee drones

    Sirte Today:
    Sirte today

  8. Corner Street clashes in Tripoli
    Publiée le 4 nov. 2012 par SirtNews
    زوروا موقعنا لأي جديد

  9. Resistance
    A tribute to the NATO rebels who demonstrate to us every day that we were right when we stood against them and their actions did not join these corrupt.

    gasoline ration
    Overstock cars at petrol stations in the capital Tripoli and the western region in general because of the siege imposed by militias corner on gasoline, where the closure of a refinery corner while treating wounded rebels NATO goals in the streets without treatment for more than a year and a half

    Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)
    il y a 5 heures
    عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجFor rats Misrata want the Ministry of Defense and Interior ……… الادمن and NATO Akieyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyed Oil Ministry wants …….. The U.S. and French forces want to Brega and Ras Lanuf.
    Aaaaaaaaaagel stop producing oil from the field in Ubari and spark Hammadi field ….. result corner refinery stopped production.

    Anne Prucha writes to me:

    “I just heard Arnaud Montebourg, the so-called Minister of the Redressement Productif announce that he had receive a proposal from a Libyan sovereign fund which wants to buy the Petroplus refinery. But the money of this fund has been stolen by the Rats to the Jamahiriya ! And it is for the enrichment of the corrupt ratvernment ! How can Arnaud Montebourg accept even to study such a proposal, as he knows the situation in which Libya is, almost bankrupted, divided, with fighting everywhere and no money for the strict necessary. Since I have heard this I am in a terrible anger. And this stupid man dared to add that it was logical, because ” France helped the country to gain freedom and democracy ” !!!! I am furious, and I really hope that someone, somewhere in the French government will have the decency to block this.”

    France is copy-tag of USA–both need enormous renovation…neither will last–Pray for a Universal Jamahiriya–no mor fake French Republic or USA either. French and Imperialist Yankees are colonialists, entrepeunists, cold-hearted greedy idiots!

  10. Muammar victor

    عاااااااااااااااااااااااااAaaaaaaaajl correspondent sister of epiphyseal Champions will back Zintan in their war against rats Misrata …………. As supported Zintan Bani Walid.

    Muammar LIVES
    MU lives!

    اااااااااجل مراسلنا من الشقيقة ابطال المشاشية سوف يساندون الزنتان في حربهم ضد جرذان مصراتة ………….
    مثلما ساندت الزنتان بني وليد

    Tripoli’s Green Nafusa Mountain Zentani are believed to be in victory or street plateau Mullachm of Zintan ……… And Zentani are now in full control of Tripoli !.

    Lion King

    Yes, Mu

    Mu bibical Lion

    22 FEBR. 2011 Bab Azaziya
    Mu TV days

    Mu the one & ONLY

    Mu salute

  11. شخص يقاطع باراك اوباما اثناء خطابه
    اثناء خطاب الرئيس الامريكي باراك اوباما امام ناخبيه في مدينة سينسيناتي بولاية اوهايو. تم مقاطعته مرتين من قبل احد الجمهور مما ادى الى استدعاء رجال الامن واخر…

    BASTARD YANKEE POLICE apprehended and arrested the innocent man—People did not care at all!

    YANKEES are totally mesmorised and cold blooded too!

    شخص يقاطع باراك اوباما اثناء خطابه
    اثناء خطاب الرئيس الامريكي باراك اوباما امام ناخبيه في مدينة سينسيناتي بولاية اوهايو. تم مقاطعته مرتين من قبل احد الجمهور مما ادى الى استدعاء رجال الامن واخر…
    from the arabic: “Publiée le 5 nov. 2012 par RTarabic
    During a speech by U.S. President Barack Obama in front of voters in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Was interrupted twice by one of the public which led to the call security men and take him out of the stadium”

  12. mu smiles upclose2

  13. partagé la photo de ‎كلنا الصاروخ الحراري الأول الذي سينطلق من بني وليد‎.

    المجلس الإجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة يتقدم بجزيل الشكر و الإمتنان لكل القبائل الليبية في ربوع ليبيا الحبيبة و التي قدمت يد العون لأهالي مدينة بني وليد أثناء الحصار الظالم المفروض عليها و في فترة نزوح العائلات من المدينة
    Social Council of tribes and Rafla make sincere thanks and gratitude to all Libyan tribes across Libya beloved and provided a helping hand to the people of the city of Bani Walid during the unjust siege imposed on it in the exodus of families from the city

    Libyan Warfalla
    المجلس الإجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة يتقدم بجزيل الشكر و الإمتنان لكل القبائل الليبية في ربوع ليبيا الحبيبة و التي قدمت يد العون لأهالي مدينة بني وليد أثناء الحصار الظالم المفروض عليها و في فترة نزوح العائلات من المدينة

  14. The Turning Point: NATO WAR CRIMES

  15. AMERICA:

  16. Mu happy

  17. Assassination of the evil RAT National Army officer, “Abdul Karim Mahfouz Warfali” ranch in Benghazi in the Hawari area this evening

    assassinated Abdul Karim Mahfouz Warfali

    Salem Mohamed Milad member of the so-called five local council confirms killing of a national security committee, rats and 8 others were wounded in clashes yesterday that took place in the popular five.

  18. اغنية دون بلادي [HD]- قناة المقاومة2012
    Song without my [HD] – channel resistance 2012

  19. Clashes and heavy bullets and burning tires and throwing launchers on the headquarters of the Government of the miserable rats in popular Sabha meantime especially Mounhih and due to the uprising of the people on the dire situation in which they live in this popular and us months without electricity, no communication and if we are not human beings.

  20. Last May, Muammar told us that his army had a heat-ray arsenal–But we never heard him using them. In the summer, we were told that the Resistance had the army surrounding all the portal cities–and a warning was issued—-
    In September the CIA rathold-out in Bengazi was destroyed; and day before yesterday the Security Intelligence building—
    We heard of the Zentan alliance; and the Zentan dominance over Tripoli–the fall of the GNC—BUT where is the Green Resistance now?
    The last announcement we had of Muammar was 26 October 2012 when BANI WALID was under siege—and it never was translated into a western tongue–Why, I do not know why–and only “libya24″ carried the message—nowhere’s else—-
    and there are still blind & dumb bunnies running around calling Muammar dead…and cry that all is lost!___ keeps repeating Muammar’s message of 26 OCTOBER 2012 over Dr. Shakir’s program.
    I do not know why it has not been recorded for everyone on Youtube and translated!
    it was at the height of the siege of BANI WALID.

    when the station aired the older recorded meassage this morning, it said 06 June 2011…NOW, This one is plainly 26 OCTOBER 2012. Muammar coughs twice in it, is hyper and mentions BANI WALID numerously and Misrata.

    It is not short–as you hear, it has him talking a good while & there are 3 pauses in it…
    Someone is purposely covering up what Muammar says–BUT Libya is brave to keep on airing this…just as Jamahiriya-TV was in November 2011 to keep running Muammar’s letter at that time (from 28 OCT. 2011)–(But now al-Jamahiriya TV (arabic) is silenced…)

    Someone is muffling whatever Muammar does or says; so most are blind to all of this!

  21. I pity the leader Muammar Gaddafi and his sons brave

  22. Knight Mutasim Gaddafi tame horse rare Mutasim Gaddafi (Dr. Billah)
    Billah born in 1974 and not, as they say, 1977 and this is a mistake .. Was the beginning of the life lived existence sons of kings of fun and luxury … In 2009 and especially after his tenure as head of security …


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