01 OCTOBER 2013:


Message to Zintan

Zintan eradication scheme and outsource:

1 – a media war and propaganda against ……………….. Succeeded

2 – inciting the people of Tripoli against ………………….. succeeded

3 – kill them and wipe them out in Tripoli ……………….. succeeded

4 – ignite sedition between them and the easy Alajafar of) and Rishvana (allied …… In the process of success

5 – expelled from easy Ajafarh the killing and siege in the mountain ………

6 – inciting the people who have a mountain Thaer with Zintan like a to Mchacheh and Riyaana ……………………………… …………………………………

7 – incitement Amazigh Aladowo the eternal (old-new) of xanthan …………

8 – attack on Zintan Malgaha the …………………………………

9 – Do not pro-xanthan after decoding each Thafeladtha with Avaúha solution …………….

10 – Zintan displacement.

Oh God, I reached YOUR FRIENDS ..

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‎تَعرفْ على مدينة الزنتـــــان الليبية بالـــصور .‎

تَعرفْ على مدينة الزنتـــــان الليبية بالـــصور .


Zintani Riders 2

Battalion black day (FB group)

“Safe people their word short, Ezz say Maiderio Itab, the matter voted to voice ammunition, Dima over me when the clouds, Ajwad Akram their word famous, how Falcon Mahajh Ihab, existence and honor Maidirosh other, masters Alqah and chole Taiab, them Marat known and famous, owners Okhcom how high the clouds, like Jet Qasdhm Vhirh, said Zein, done right

Astoa free to light all over the green.”

(author: “Great Gal”)


Green in My Blood Tu  الاخضر في دمي تو


News confirmed that a delegation from the NATO Asswehly visiting the city of Tobruk and the dome and dirt these days ….

Reasons is known monopoly Balzntan and control of the Western Region…


Just as the RATS did in BANI WALID, the so-callec GNC “government” NATO/al-Qaeda/ ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood mercenariies and MISURATA are kidnapping the young Zintan boys and men….
Zaidane sent out a call to his al-Qaeda compatriots in DERNA to come help him in Tripoli clean-up the Zintan battalions.
In Tripoli, these Rats have OILED the streets and made it very flamable–They forcably removed all the residents from the Abu Salim area and closed all the Friday Market Shops. Then they arrested all the parents who have sons aged 16-32…claiming they support the Resistance, Qaqaa Battalion and the 32 nd Brigade.

Gheoh’s militias have murdered young people just for being near Abu Salim. There is beheading as well going on and display.

Tribal alliances of the Zintan have come down from the mountain to help the people of Tripoli who are now being terrorized by the Zaidane and Gnoeh militias….

MAY God /ALLAH be with the just; and help put an end to this murderous GANG-Muslim Brotherhood regime of ALI ZAIDANE….
God bless the tribes of the Western Green Nafusa Mountains (who sincerely desire a healthy and lasting peace under a just JAMAHIRIYA) !

Question: Do you sell people of Zintan tenderly?? (28 MAY 2013)

(Tariq Al Mansouri)
From the city of dome


Very important .. Very dangerous .. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I do not know that we know their movements and their influence for some time:

1: Sets of dervishes chattel Islamic groups reach Tripoli by air to airbase Mitigua.

2: sets of Misurati and arrived in Tripoli full materiel.

3: There is a rally for the number of dervishes in the corner now from all regions of the Western Region (steady – Sabratha – Surman) to go to Tripoli, all to hit Zintan and control of Tripoli under the pretext of protection Among these groups and leadership (Algerians, Tunisians, Afghans, Soadin, Egyptians, Yemenis, Bengal), in addition to the groups returning from war Mali.

There also exist militant groups in Sirte and valleys, in Jufrah, In مسلاتة, what role? What are you waiting for?

There are groups in the south are recruiting African cross-border smugglers What’s their role? Is it to be sent to Syria? Or to kill Arab nomadic tribes and private Zintan !

في غاية الأهمية .. خطير جداً ..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
لا يعلمون بأننا نعلم تحركاتهم وتأثيرهم لبعض الوقت

1 : مجموعات من الدراويش متاع الجماعات الإسلامية تصل طرابلس عن طريق الجو إلى امعيتيقة

2: مجموعات من مزراطة وصلت طرابلس بكامل عتادها

3: هناك تحشيد لأعداد من الدراويش في الزاوية الآن من كافة مناطق المنطقة الغربية ( المطرد – صبراتة – صرمان ) للتوجه إلى طرابلس كلهم لضرب الزنتان والسيطرة على طرابلس تحت مسمى الحماية ومن ضمن هذه المجموعات وقيادتها ( جزائريين ، توانسه ، افغان ، سوادين ، مصريين ، يمنيين ، بنغال ) بالإضافة إلى المجموعات العائدة من حرب مالي

وأيضاً هناك مجموعات متشددة تتواجد في سرت ووديانها ، فى الجفرة ، وفى مسلاتة ما دورها ؟ وماذا تنتظر ؟

وهناك مجموعات في الجنوب تقوم بتجنيد الأفارقة المهربين عبر الحدود ما دورهم ؟ هل هو لإرسالهم إلى سوريا ؟ أم لقتل القبائل العربية البدوية والزنتان خاصة
Par : الفاتح ابدا مباشر

Conspiracy against Zintan
Recently emerged that two people are Mohammed Kilani and Mohamed Triki, one of whom represents the city in the corner of the so-called Council.
These people strangely intervention in problem Mellitah complex located near the city of Sabratha and the problem happened between visitors and Zintan.
And the Khrjoha Media marketer serves a mysterious party for strategic reasons to burn a Zintan and marketing of a political hit ..
False in the media statement, Muhammad said (ALLFIBS AND DOWNRIGHT LIES) Triki Zintan arms sellers and contribution in the smuggling of weapons to Mali .. (THEY ARE NOT SMUGGLERS!)
And the time passes so manifested in front of our eyes pictures .. It is behind these people, but intervention Misrata state .. Directing Swehli understand his friends ..
Via folks Zintan .. You like it or you refuse .. Will be Hriqkm what you only honorable acceptance by a row .. Forewarned is forearmed.

22 APRIL 2013: 

Zintan militia stormed the Interior Ministry in the way of the airport and the haunt of force inside the headquarters.


A Repeat of what MISURATA & NATO did to BANI WALID?

Rhett rats Mottagoyen / and of Zintan p / God Kiedkm is in Nhrkm Iabl NATO /
NATO Asswehly declares war on Zintan

Statement of the common room Western Region
Friday ..
After more than two years of the Declaration of the country’s liberation and the establishment of the General National Conference year and securing its elections and deliver the country to the state’s fledgling support and fell revolutionaries real step backward for the purpose of enabling the state of the building itself and let her order of priorities in the hope of us in the establishment of the state of justice, equality and law and thinking of us that the country تطهرت and the revolution succeeded and it the time of building the state and its institutions ..
Vtfajina that the state was not built and the army was built and security was restored and the country did not purify herself from the remnants of the former regime, which slipped into the joints of the state and its institutions and managed to reach the decision-making circles and formed battalions security and military and staged their ranks with the help of some rebels criminals and opportunists who have material interests, military and their political purposes external support from the remnants of the arrows and some countries which have interests in the country, and affect those on the public and even on the rebels
Themselves as recorded many of the abuses and violations of physical, moral, and physical and killed many of the people of this country honorable at the hands of those most recently killed two brothers area os crushed cars in a manner ugly and to the public, and even assault repeated on the legitimacy of the state and its officials who Bayanahm and Artadhanahm Olah our issues ..
Resulting in congestion Street Libyan and the deterioration of the security situation and the wrath of the Libyan citizen of these acts, which seeds resulted in a meeting Thoarha real and military councils and local western region and the establishment of this room for the purpose of addressing all of these abuses and serious violations and take a series of decisions that are inevitable and irreplaceable and that will adjust the security and the reduction of these abuses and support the legitimacy and pave the way for a constitutional order and build institutions ..
The decisions are: –
1 – solution (Brigade Qaqaa) abroad for legitimacy and Almtmitrs successor Battalion (Emhemed Maqrif) (Major General 32 booster: KHAMIS al-QATHAFI) and many “criminals and agents of the former regime” [The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA], led by the so-called B Mliqth who was to the end of the month (7/2011) supports all the power in the system Previous ..
2 – Solving (battalion lightning) beyond legitimacy and Almtmitrs the left many of the ousted former regime, criminals and supported by the State (UAE) with money and equipment and weapons
3 – solution (Martyr Brigade Muhammad al-Madani), which is exploited by criminal gangs took over the state institutions and negotiate where to deliver the money ..
4 – Delivery of all these headquarters, equipment and machinery of the state for the purpose of use in building the state and its military ..
5 – Calling all brothers associate these brigades and battalions to withdraw them and deliver everything Bahdthm to the state through (a week from today) so we believe them to join the Libyan army ..
6 – Granting the leaders and employees of the military and security formations outlaw (a week) to resolve these formations and join the State or commitment in their homes and their regions and tribes bloodshed and maintain the capabilities and successes of the Libyan people ..
7 – Notify the (RAT) General National Congress and the interim government in this statement for taking all the procedures and measures that would remedy the implications of this matter and its impact on state-building
8 – within one week from the date that you did not make all these points mentioned above will be the use of force and the storming of these dens and delivered and contents of the Libyan state ..
Of the importance of hope all the honorable people of this country to cooperate with us in controlling the security and stability of the country and state-building, which has long dreamed of, God is great and God is great and thankfully …

The common room of the local and military councils and rebels of the western region

Youth Resistance – Tarhuna
Ezz men’s sister

RATS  begin siege of ZINTAN:

Interpol issued international arrest warrants in the red leaders belonging to Ansar al-Sharia was circular at airports and ports…

NOW, for a change, this is good warrant–(except the Western Governments in actuality are SUPPORTING THESE TERRORISTS !)

and now these terrorists, with NATO‘s help, are sieging both TRIPOLI and ZINTAN because of the QaQaa Batallion, the Khamis 32nd Brigade, and SAif al-Islam.

Statement of the people Zintan on threats Jerdanih of the battalion against Qaqaa:




 al-Qaeda Derna leaders to lead the fight …under the command of NATO & MISURATA!

 20 JUNE 2013

Libya Gate
بداءت the drums of war knock against Zintan .. the the NATO‘s anti-xanthan (Misrata + Gheryan + the some battalions corner + some battalions market Friday) …

Was one involving the city of al-Qaeda Derna leaders to lead the fight …

If the aim was to end the militias .. No threats were all militias, which occupies the capital only in Gharghour or through the airport .. Yes Qaqaa and the rest of the Zintan militias and presence against the construction of the state .. But militias Faraj Asswehly, the other in the capital and its existence against the building of the State

(WE ALL KNOW  THE ZIONIST REASONS for the Attack on ZINTAN, “KALZINTANSTAN”, LEVY and SAIF—just to name a few!)

Citing the First Brigade of the border guards, facilities and vital and strategic objectives

Do you joined the brigade members 32 and enhanced M’Hamed Makrif St. battalion yesterday to the Qaqaa brigade or are they from the beginning in the district?

Why then talk now about Qaqaa, Sheikh Salem Derby?

(I think the 32 Brigade enhanced sentenced him Misurata during the “liberation war” and remains at the Gardens Hotel Misurata like what destroyed KHAMIS and the rest of the arrows in Bani Walid)

Are the people of Tripoli complained Qaqaa Brigade or of militias Sowaihili in college girls, Gharghour and the other militias?

For me Qaqaa base ÓÇßĘ the good and bad .. I have not heard they were arrested, imprisoned or besieged or killed as I’ve heard from others.

ONLY reputation need them two days before they are and battalion lightning Tripoli supported Thunderbolt Benghazi military armored vehicles and mechanisms to assist in the protection of Benghazi after the problem shields in Benghazi.

For this reason, Sheikh Salem become Enhanced brigade?

O Sheikh Salem if you have a military force have the ability to fight Qaqaa is better you have to believe and protect them annihilated in tuber to كملوا the killers every day one of them either dead or the first Valagherbon bombing Virtue .. And give Qaqaa and non-Qaqaa for the people of Tripoli Wahl Mecca know بشعابها.

Personally I am against all militias legally or illegally, and with the national army and national police, which are subject to the legitimate orders and ordered people not threaten the legitimacy and the people.

God save Libya without ideologies…

RAT Derby (SHIELDS under USA TRAINING) gives the government a week to resolve the battalion Qaqaa (of ZINTAN) and the Atmosphere of the country:  by Abdul Hamid Alamrna

Shura Council Balzntan disown from Qaqaa battalion and confirms that it has nothing to do have Zintan Bthoar.

Urgent .. Holding Osman Mliqth, is Qaqaa Brigade expanded meeting with the battalion commanders of the military council of Zintan

to discuss in the face of threats to the brigade of Rav Alshata Brigades. and the remnants of Libya and shield the martyrs AboSaleem.

Statement Qaqaa Brigade:

The Brigade first Bracken border and vital and strategic objectives closely cited some of the media channels and social networking pages containing some of the threats against the brigade by some Individuals that Oaljamaat and indicate the weakness of the argument owner and slander charges.
Recalling what was said Mufti Sheikh the “sincere Ghiryani” about the difficult phase experienced by Libya and the emergence of strife began to show signs visible aiming to undermine the stability of the country, and his call for all to the need for restraint.
The First Brigade of the corner borders and vital goals and strategy reaffirms joining under the legitimacy of the Libyan state represented in the National Conference year and the interim government, and it is subject to the instructions of the presidency of the General Staff of the army-Libi, and comply with the orders of Chief of General Staff-designate Maj. Gen. corner “Salem Guenida” Judge not tolerated wants the attack on the legitimacy of the Libyan state and prejudice to the prestige of the military and endanger the security of the homeland and citizens at risk, assuring full allegiance to God and the homeland.

First Brigade Bracken border guards and oil facilities and vital and strategic goals
Issued in Tripoli 20/06/2013

Salem Derby Martyrs Brigade commander Abu Salim Ali Libya T now threatening the Qaqaa بالويل the battalion and destruction and annihilation after a week if not resolved! !

The battalion commander gave “Salim Salim Martyrs of Derby” a week to disssolve the anti-RAT-government “Qaqaa battalion”, which he said includes a number of former employees of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of al-Qathafi .

The Rat Derby Militia receives training at the hands of U.S. forces.

Derby threatened in a statement to the atmosphere of the country on Wednesday to transfer the battle to Tripoli if it is not a solution “Qaqaa battalion” and hold all of transgressed against the Libyan people – according to the recipe.

The people blamed the RAT-government (Shield derby) for the deteriorating security situation in the cities of Benghazi and Derna, which “Tktoyan fire result of Thoarha refusal ousted Gaddafi.”

Darby-Commander’s comments came in sync with resolving all claims battalions and their members to join the RAT national army.


03 MARCH 2013 (SUNDAY):
Rat disgusting (MAQRIEF) announced a campaign against Zintan … And issued orders to his militia to attack their headquarters in Tripoli.

RAT GOVERNMENT HAS stopped the producing of oil fields belonging to the Zintan.

Rats security committee want to control rats headquarters Zintan in the way of transmission …………….. The Zintani refuse.

02 FEBR. 2013:

the Zintan Red Army coming in to secure Tripoli

It was pre-arranged by the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya and Mu’ammar himself!
Correspondents from the road to the airport and from Abu Salim…

A convoy of 100 vehicles of Zintan …. been watching in the highway and Janzour ………………
فهي ليست الفئران الزنتان … وهذا هو الأحمر الزنتان الجيش المقبلة في طرابلس لتأمين — وتم الترتيب لها مسبقا من قبل الشعب لتحرير القوات المسلحة الجماهيرية العظمى ومعمر نفسه!
They are not rats Zintan … This is the Red Army Zintan coming in Tripoli to secure — been pre-arranged by the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya and Muammar himself!

Znguetna – Liberal Youth Libya ::  Forum Political  Discussions  breaking news

Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)

NATO and the rebels of violating the sanctity of private homes!!

Our correspondent incognito among ratsAttempts of rats Tripoli and Misrata for the attack on the headquarters of Zintan in Airport …….. And dismantling Qaqaa brigade stationed in the airport road and the Faculty of Islamic Call and Sawani Road.
عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااجلPages backer (Thunder fighter battalion)
arrested rat Gneoh Alkkla Prime rats Salim at the hands of Zintan !! (GREAT) Zintan threatened to close the oil pipeline connecting
the refinery and passing through the mountain in protest against the non-arrival of gasoline
to cities and Arabian mountain Shaabeyat.

Urgent .. Misurata militias vying for control of the road linking Arab Ajeelat mountain as free of the mountainous terrain and access to encircle Zintan. (Heaven HELP THE Zentani!)

WHY HAS ZINTAN BEEN MALIGNED BY BOTH THE RATS/WEST and BY THE “GREEN”: The Plot thickens as Zintan is falsely accused of every crime in the book, both by the WESTERN NATO ALLIANCE as well as by some who term themselves “Green” (wolves in Sheep’s atire)!


“Zintan wrestling time”
8:57 MUAMMAR GADDAFI presents Comments by the one calling himself “musician” :
the Gaddafi International News Agency – (green pens):

“The sole tribe Zintan today, since the visit birds Alababil recent her and attend the elephant of the city forcibly him in calling for the elephant that has passed him approximately one thousand four hundred years, I wonder who is the owner of this illusion evil tribe drank illusion buzz, how it would be aircraft condom French birds Alababil and how to be weapons and missiles Milan, which dropped by aircraft to support the tribe or to kill members of the armed people such as stones of baked clay?

And Maalaqh elephant in the zoo the French illusion plot? All of these questions have become need to be answered, after they started to withdraw illusion clears, to find the tribe Zintan itself in weird inside her homeland after renounced all ….

Thafattha caused by the common denominators with allies from other tribes, in the state depends social fabric on the interdependence of the tribes abandoned Zintan on This ligament in greatest need times to him,

and says that the tribes allied with Zintan are abandoned, he is mistaken because Zintan Atkhaddt decision individually conviction plot which is not binding on other allies who decided to address the plot, became tribe Zintan today: prone to order those new allies to Aterbthm.

tribe Zintan only ligament conspiracy and here the plot has ended chapters, became Zintan in the eyes of its allies neo is responsible for all robberies Tripoli (while the customers are stealing billions of people’s money Libyan) accused Zintan allies wicked as one of supporting the rebels in Mali with weapons through smuggling trade,

and Zintan today is From behind the attack Western interests and killing of hostages in Algeria, everything necessary to distort the tribe Zintan became supported terrible either media or Mkhabertaa by allies enemies, 

through all these data must think Shura Council Zintan in addressing this serious situation which went to him Zintan tricks and intrigues, this Council must يتخد decision because the time battling the future of his tribe are all facing shading a media at home and distortion unprecedented internationally.

Council resolution Shorey Zintan become clear and no alternative, which is to refer to the alliances of old xanthan because allies neo seeking to destroy as soon as, for xanthan paper.

Strong has a specific time if you used to came out of the tunnel, even if delayed will sink tribe are a result of delays and the absence of Shura Council resolution Alzentani and allies enemies are betting on this delay,

what you going to do, O Zintan these days crucial devour the time everything? “


10 FEBR. 2013:
“Gado demand the expulsion of Zintan from the mountain to Bani Walid ….. Considering the land Zintan as theirs and that Rafla of repatriation.” !!!!!!!

“Meeting in the area of castle led Misrata with princes Amazigh battalions and brigades Friday Market and The Alhzv of the meeting disarmament of Zintan and the expulsion of any battalion track to Zintan outside Tripoli ………”

Default from Ajeelat City Aoavi news of clashes there.

Responded to us .. The final round of exercises near Zintan start now waiting for the upcoming final between militias Misrata under the cover of Libya and armor battalions Rantan.

Urgent .. Clashes strong in all kinds of weapons in the gate Shakshūk Atfesel engagement parties or causes.

four members of militias Urgent … Are free Ajeelat visitors and injuring another direct hit and is still ongoing confrontations.

Hello today between Yafran and Zintan Arkh and beaten and Saddle three of Zintan and Hpsohm Jabaliya Yafran and the Default recumbent in the hospital and downright not necessitated this ČÓ Hator it because Zintan Miahbuh Yafran and vice reason to Madhan it when one of Yafran Amct cars Halba and Molly Millionaire and boat and weapon and Zintan course Meyboh somewhat stronger than them and, God willing, complete each other and lived to Libya Khashh in the Takes greetings in.


In Zintan …. Where you all this, O xanthan. ^ _ ^ –


With Zintan Alrajaban the but …!!

Will remain Zintan and Alrajaban (the nomadic Arab tribes), Khot row of old.
These tribes won the respect of many tribes to their positions in the Libyan war Italian in 1911, and we all mention (Nakua) in Sabha continent, and the martyrs of severe cordon and languages ​​and Mrsat ….
We recall in contrast Mujahid (Vkina) and its historical role with the martyrs in Hamada mountain.
We disagree with these tribes in each other’s involvement in the (Brotherhood), Trapped in a trap and trap (Qatar), and its tool (Misurata).,
And science have left all sensible people and intellectuals of these tribes, and seized control of a simple set on the leadership of the tribe, (it is important we are all victims, and we all Amadhok us) by (groups Almtfgnnh, some Circassian activists, part of the families Alqriteleyh and Jewish support), and those who hate (Bedouins) in the blood, in addition to foreign bases group (Ben Halim and his clique, Maqrif and the rest importers (Almazkry)) associated with foreign agendas, were able to plunder the country’s wealth and shred.
This talk will not help ….!!
We are with (Zintan Alrajaban the) If you come to the painful truth, and spread awareness among them.
We are with them in the coming battles if they are with the truth against falsehood.
Therefore, as a prelude to goodwill call on honorable young Bedouin tribes in Tripoli and west of the fusion of peaceful demonstrations is suspended.
And all the awareness and caution keep up with events, and we await the coming days.

Moved by (initiated Muhairi) Page Chiaan of the Aalvespock.

(Admin challenge)

.. The news coming to the defense support of Arab Zintan (from the mountain), against the invading Zionist Jews of Misrata and Qatari (who intend on usurping the whole Green Mountain area).
26 APRIL 2013:
URGENT :: /Hear the sounds of bullets and hit 14.5 and some say even rocket launchers .. In the city of elephant owners …. Sorry I mean Zintan.

Aaaaaaaaagel of the western mountain …… Called .. Inventory Ahmed Fnaire Alzentani adviser to the inventory Kabarmokhtar Fernana Alzentani was captured today Mlishh armed Amazigh after the event brawl gunman between Mlishat armed Zintan and Amazigh injured on the impact of two of the Amazigh seriously injured … on the track was captured Alzentani mentioned previously in retaliation for the Zintan and air now is very charged and is subject to escalation of .. hope circular ..
(Admowona 1)

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GMT + 8 hours Message to Zintan one Liberal

Input Sister party men on Sunday 21 October – 20:03

Resistance eyes for 12 minutes. Is Aasenthan position,,,, …. We hope that all pages publication and transfer Liberal published in the pages of Zintan and others to one of Elon us and as you wish Liberal honorable and joined to the correct path of the sons of Libya wounded. Bani Walid glory has proved what it …
now, you will not beg but one, religious attitudes and national requests or beats her door, the Middle Libyan point of change, and the West Libyan beginning of victory, and the South Libyan equilibrium point home, and dividing the back of the enemy and defeat,
God willing, your position Yakbalh Zintan , Aasenthan you in front of religious duty and national levels, you as you have said that you want to Islam in Libya and Attlpon money and prestige without Islam, the situation now can Tkvro him before God after to see you that Makharjtm for it has stolen from you and those who came with you, decreed jihad in the first events Libya is the same came out and said right after months that mentioned Hadith of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) ((departed from the group Lynx stick obedience died dead ignorance)) ratified beloved peace be upon him, you know history well, and you know who claims courage now in Libya are Cherdma sons of Misurata captured, which steal everything under the supervision of a Western infidel hateful, and Wayne descend origins Ottoman and Jewish, and they study and planning put Zintan at the site is not for her and Aimit her onion start fomenting tendentious want them ridicule Balzntan when الصقوا Thmt theft of the zoo is a rumor managed of Alktherin minds to it well thought I offend you,
and you know very well that the so-called national conference are a different nationalities Libyan nationality retained to implement the orders the infidel West is the enemy of God and His Messenger and the Muslims. Remind the leader of a great had a profound impact in the victory of the nation and state-building is no different when Muslims remind myth Islamist leader hero Khalid ibn al-Walid may Allah be pleased with him and grant him, he was in the battle of one historical reason defeat of Islam with other factors, but when right behind and knew certain knowledge Matkhadl and follow the devil such Jahiliyyah Lobo flame, entered Islam and repented of his sins was like a role model in all things large and small, and I’m here to ask you to repent and Akfrckm God only knows Mavi chests.
Will not prolong because it is not time talk, but I thought that tell you Yakbalh Zintan that between ايدكم Municipality belonging to Islam and belong to the Islamic nation and belonging to the homeland Libya beloved, we on our part does not matter now everything has become accustomed to that Nkonowa addresses resistance for the sake of God and the homeland, but we must recall that we said you did the right position Sankonowa brothers in God and will be reconciliation for the nation, and also said our leader symbol withstand Muammar Gaddafi is our leader, انديرو Mnbu in the state system and Ntfahmua and put points on the letters, and you know that supporters of the regime legitimacy all to know the hatred and do not know hatred and private If for religion and the homeland.
That Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has the ability to negotiate for the Advancement of Libyan state from the inside, and outside it knows them well, and this is the transition truth emanating from the national will on the basis of religious sound, and we will change to Libya for the better without weapons among us, would be to اوجود Walid foreign like Qatar to interfere, nor of the West, negotiate and on our own terms, he Advancement of Libyan state for Islam.
Finally, we never accused minimum and our Akhratna concern and God Maulana Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. And tell Aasenthan beware that forget Torghae and prisons unjust and kidnapping, rape and Dubin presence of law and police, and loss of dignity and magnanimity to the world the Arabs and the whole world that in Riqpetkm as is our duty not deflected it never and you may Khbertmona well and know that we the owners right certainty and makers from adenovirus, Rajai that accustomed us us in a single row.
Children’s blood Bani Walid shed in the days of the Holy Mosque is not this enough evidence that drives Malkm Zionist militias are motivated to violate the limits of God. Wrote these lines of Libyan Muslim jealous realized the depth of wound homeland and uncertainty that the target is Islam and to sow discord between the Libyans Agheiurien supervision from all regions of Libya green. – with the presenter Abdo Warfali ..
Muammar al-Qathafi accused the General National Council formed by the rebels of treason
Published 09 March 2011 10:39 edited in the door of the world / 

Tripoli –
accused Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in a televised speech broadcast early Wednesday Transitional National Council formed by rebels who took up arms to topple his regime, (b treason), stressing that the violence in the country stands behind al-Qaeda and “conspiracy” Western to seize the country’s oil. Gaddafi said in a speech in front of the youth of the tribe Zintan state television broadcast a recording dawn Wednesday “These traitors are willing to betray …. These are known to have foreign links, any traitors. “
Gaddafi launched a blistering attack on former Justice Minister Mustafa Abdel Jalil, who defected from the regime and headed Transitional Council.He said that “some people from the revolutionary forces were Aotona mentors and they tell me this traitor, this client, Abdul for Snoch …
Recommend to the General People’s Congress for disqualification … I think that the General People’s Congress was Siqilh in its next congress.”He added that Abdul Jalil “is the only one who contacted the British ambassador … said to the British Come and Take former military bases, you are our masters and We Abedkm … because he Sanusi, Senussi family worshipers of Englishmen and Italians, any colonist comes to be a slave to him.”The Gaddafi that Abdul Jalil “unveiled in front of the people of Benghazi, related Palmstamaren English and tells them Come Take Benghazi”, stressing that “no solution except to get out sons Benghazi” on the rebels, warning them that they if they do not, the “your sons Segndhm in Afghanistan …
you must free Benghazi, people from within the Benghazi will come out. “The teams Libyan leader between what he described as traitors and between comrades in arms they shared in “Revolution Free Officers” four decades ago and announced their joining to the revolution, stressing that these officers “مغلوبون on ordered” and “prisoners” They said what they said, “under the threat of slaughter on the way Zarqawi” .He added to the beat cheers of dozens of tribesman Zintan “had been expected to youth Zintan stronger than that Iftershm bin Laden or al-Zawahiri, or one heretic,” stressing that the sons of Zintan who joined the rebels no more than a hundred or two hundred young came a group of “terrorists “Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine” Genoa them and their Grroa and washed their brain and gave them hallucination pills and money and guns and weapons. “
Gaddafi stressed that the Zintan tribe “They say give us a weapon to eliminate the deviant group”, and that “people in Benghazi a Sasfi account with those who insulted him.”Libyans warned of the ambitions of the United States, Britain and France in their country’s oil, confirming the existence of a conspiracy to grab Libyan oil.Gaddafi said that what is happening in Libya today is because of its oil which many envy him and said “Libyan Hasudain: small people and a large area and have Petroleum and Aychen safely and happily and their heads held high.”
The Gaddafi said there was “a conspiracy” of the United States, along with Britain and France “to humiliate the Libyan people and servitude and control of oil … try to افتكاك to top people from his mouth … a great adventure committed by States in order to control the oil … if the Libyan people want to live again under ember the distinguished colonialism “, and once again interrupted by a shout, with the last public is” to hell once Tanih America and Britain, “and chanting also repeated Gaddafi raising Qdtah in the air and then left amid a stampede of the crowd to shake hands with him.
Sister of men

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Input By Taiob country on Sunday 21 October – 21:20

The lives of those who advocate

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Cinema being released about NATO’s conquest of Libya made by al-Zentani to counteract the West’s Propaganda LIES:Important:
a LYING EPIPHYSEAL SAYING THE ZENTANI “HIDE UNDER THE OUSTED LEADER” . This LYING EPIPHYSEAL is supporting NATO (and has agreed to live under the TNC and has rejected our brother leader) to gain Western sympathies, as the true film is being released, to hide the truth he writes:
“Beware Movies Alzentan fiction and detective of the film and had a sword in Tarhunah to film the death of Ibn Aljowaily to the movie to break the world and is the Sheikh to speak four or ten languages and has been Dsh with a delegation of International Court of Justice and Votoh them and strange rolls up on their guest sword to Arefhm individual to individual, and not dined Maah Maah Mngda …… And thus continue Alzentan movies and waiting for more and the next will be the heroes militias who attacked the people and elders and children in the barrier of epiphyseal sister and will represent the role of the victim and the children and women and elders are the executioners and sister at the end of the film God knows what will happen ..
Avatar the right to have the rest of Libya’s population have no idea on how some of the slag Alzentan and their skill in making films .. We know them well and how much is sore on us …..
And also know of finances in the production of their films …………PROBLEM IS THEY HIDE UNDER THE OUSTED LEADER, defeat the hanger is used by weak people to gain public opinion …………
We all know very well that in every tribe there are pro and exhibits good and bad and they wanted to marginalized tribe epiphyseal being ousted for all but hard Kdavy and the marginalized histories and Oagaftha when went to the aid of Libya to defend against aircraft and Cross Adnabh …..
Problems now, just do not have a tribal relationship nor Bazlam system ….. Are betrayed and Srko apparent darker and will not tolerate them again the owners of the elephant, the force option would be the only solution because they did not respect the reconciliation and flare tribal war like no other over the mountain and the Arab ourselves and our enemies, O God is great … Black Mountain District on Jihad”
Zentani Muhammad az-Zentani, general secretary of the Libyan People’s Congress
translation of another part of Muammar’s talk :

from Diana Abbassi

This is hur he said that now in Lebya there is a small revolution or civil war between Mshasheya and Zentan. 

the rats kill people of Mshashya ! and he said that rats from Zentan stole the arms from Lebyan people and they kill people ! 

then he said about we are coming and we will make Lebya green and it will happen soon and Zentan will pay so much !

Diana Abbassi

GOD’s Torment will coming soon !
This abandoned village outside the city of Zintan was populated by pro-Gadhafi families from the Mushashya, a nomadic tribe from southern Libya.Sean Carberry / NPR

(the following is edited from rat reporter PETER KENYON)

In Libya’s Nafusa mountains southwest of Tripoli, the sight of abandoned villages and idle fighters hanging onto their weapons gives bleak testament to the fact that not everyone in the country is ready for the violence that overthrew the Great Jamahiriya.

In one windswept mountain village outside the city of Zintan, the only sound is the lonely clatter of a door against the gate of an abandoned house. Burned-out cars and a foam mattress soaked from the rain litter the street; most of the houses look as if they’ve been looted.

The village used to be populated by members of a nomadic southern tribe called the Mushashya, whom Gadhafi imported to the area decades ago.

Now, a sign in the town bears a handwritten Rat scrawl that says, “Mushashya: Gadhafi dogs.”
Zintani joined with the loyalist forces against their neighbors.
It’s a story that’s being played out in other parts of Libya as well. Outside Misrata, the town of Tawergha remains abandoned after its residents let the Gadhafi army launch assaults on Misrata from there.

Rat Misrata fighters have committed great atrocities, and are attacking the Zintani (whose fighters are said to be fiercely independent warriors, but extremely humane). An unannounced visit to a makeshift prison in Zintan reveals a few dozen prisoners with no visible signs of abuse who say they’ve been treated well. Libyans, other Africans and even one Serb are sprawled on mattresses in a dimly lit basement, awaiting an unknown fate.

One prisoner, a former general in Gadhafi’s army, says he had not seen any combat. Husni Mohammed Katy hopes to be allowed to join the new army because that is all he knows after 30 years in the military.

The volunteer head of the Zintan local council, Attaher Tourki, says he’d like to release some prisoners for the holiday, but they first need to determine those who have blood on their hands, who will need to stand trial.

Reluctance To Turn In Weapons

A slim, energetic man with salt and pepper hair, Tourki was studying for an advanced engineering degree in Britain before the revolution. He says getting fighters to turn in their weapons is the top priority, but so far he has no alternatives to offer these young men.

The Zintan fighters have given back some of their tanks to the TNC, Tourki says, but when asked for other weapons, they say they will turn them in only once they see a Jamahiriya government formed.
“That’s the main concern. Because all of them [are] young people; they lived for six months in war. And I can’t promise them, because, as you know, I have nothing,” Tourki says. “To be honest with you, yes, we have some guys or some young people out of control.”

The worst incident in recent days was a deadly shootout at a Tripoli hospital involving different militias, including one from Zintan.

Zintani fighters are in charge of security at Tripoli’s International Airport. Their commander, Mukhtar Akhdar (also known as Mokhtar Greene), whose leathery face is framed by a traditional turban, acknowledges there was a problem at the hospital.
Mukhtar Akhdar says the fighters can’t relax their vigilance now especially, or the new “al-Fateh” could still be undone.

Copyright 2011 National Public Radio

Mokhtar was falsely reported as  shot dead:…/libye-mort-mokhtarakhdar…juin-2012.html

Libye – La mort de Mokhtar Akhdar, le directeur de l’aéroport international de Tripoli (16 juin 2012) à lire sur Algéria ISP. Tous les articles sur l’actualité …

ALGERIA ISP / Selon HarakaElmokawama Libya, des informations parlent de la mort de Mokhtar Akhdar ; responsable

 de l’aéroport international de Tripoli qui est un commandant des milices de Zenten.

from “Libyan News Press:
The clashes between fighters from the town of Zintan and members of the El-Mashashia tribe have killed 14 people and wounded another 89 this week, the interim government reported on Wednesday. The government has ordered the army chief and the interior ministry to consider the area of clashes a military zone and to use force and all means necessary to stop any shooting against innocent civilians”. It remains unclear what exactly triggered the current round of violence, but sources cited by the news agency AFP said that the clashes erupted when a Zintan resident was killed by Mashashia tribesman at a roadblock . The tribesmen, meanwhile, accuse Zintan fighters of shelling their village, Sheguiga, with tank and rocket fire.”
18 June 2012:
(I SMELL RATS intervention—this was all NATO pre-planned—to get troops into Tripoli and NAFUSA Green Mountain area!!!)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl horror controlled on Zintan …… people….


The GREEN NAFUSA WESTERN MOUNTAINS:Tribe Riyaana of the oldest tribes that inhabited the mountain this Arab tribe that made lots and lots and was the first all Libyan tribes pro in many I will Bzla the things you It is located to the east of the tribe Alzenthavil traitors
Apes in the minds of most Libyans especially in remote areas that Riyaana halves half east of exhibitions and a half west of the supporter who is now displaced by the Zintan but this fallacy I request you to catching people the truth and I Powered on my word and can be sure of before you, and I’m here do not want you to remember and glorify Riyaana as What I want to clarify the fact that I will mention you visible and you to me very much:
Riyaana not two halves west and eastern supporter shows the fallacy Zintan and Tbloa of the planted her after being fed by the scourges Ashaws Riyaana. Truth that Riyaana five shops and 14 stores tribe as arranged from west to east any of limits Alzenthavil to المشاشية limits as follows:
Mahala Bank and the three tribes (Awlad Ryan – العقيبة – Distinguished) Hola are displaced in terms of Zintan + + locality Abolgam and the tribe (El Aziz) + + locality eye a Center Riyaana and largest locality and the four tribes (Awlad Jabir – Allaaúbah – Awlad Amer – Annan Sons) + + locality in the middle and the two tribes (Awlad Bouhcine – Yahya Sons) + + Mahalla fifth and final one of the limits المشاشية hand from the east by four tribes (Lhalalbh, – Moroccans – المنعة the – Ruladh and realize what Ruladh) ….. ………..
14 tribe Nati on the tribe Ruladh which are of the East this tribe is a branch of the tribe Ruladh known and inhabiting Sabha and Bani Walid, unfortunately, that this tribe are the approaches treason despite that some of them stayed on the Covenant ČÓ about 3/4 Ruladh in Riyaana traitors Only and the rest Riyaana the East, including their on تسلحوا Testament, like the pro-tribal legitimacy, is it permissible to say that the Eastern Riyaana traitors because no tribe, numbering more than 500 people???!!!! Eastern Valryayna 4 3 tribes in favor and one part of the chosen approach treason …………………
If fell Ntria the Eastern Riyaana traitors ……
Bachnsar can say that Riyaana the 14 tribes and the number of residents who live in the city about 25 thousand people, of whom less than 500 traitors they of Ruladh tribe
ماقدمته Riyaana War:Recorded Riyaana precedent over other tribes pro It is the first tribe in support of the legality of تتواجه with the tribe opposed to the legitimacy of the face-to-face and arms when they entered Zintan to Riyaana force of arms are heavily باعتى kinds of heavy weapons, tanks and armored personnel carriers and heavy machine guns for the purpose of closing the road ascending the mountain via Riyaana (Cleoni ) on the pretext that the army Bejém him and held a confrontation between the two tribes killed on the track martyrs Hassan Alsuval and Mohamed Massoud Riyaana and wounding about 10 heroes and killing of Zintan about 30 inventory and dozens injured, although the difference was significant in gear and weapons Vashaws Riyaana rifles and light machine guns and Jerzman of Alzenthavil and Sabratha and Surman The Amazigh and even a secret from the Middle heavy weapons assessed that day acclaimed recorded incident of a famous, namely raising the white flag by Chaib large Zintan after he knew that their children were ambushed in the area Riyaana Bank and they said Zintan greatness of their tongues (O Ryayna will Nnoi raised for science White Turabkm Nhna what رفعناه even Brigades tyrant by saying) On that day, no one has heroes burning personnel carrier Bakazv RPG and burn 3 rats inside in addition to about 27 people in alleys and streets after they penetrated into the city … the confrontation fierce this took place in Riyaana Bank and this allowed Ryayna other reference and prevent the Bank despite the fact that the beginning of their entry was toward the eye (Alsntr) and killed us two and killed them 3 there during their withdrawal heading for xanthan did not walk the main road Bangah Zintan but have gone the other way, which passes Gharbia before Zintan was to them Liberal lookout and event Roenah and Brfhm ended the white flag then enter one of the leaders and Champions of the Mujahideen said no longer and began Alzenthavil withdraw their bodies from the place ……………………….
Aayda After that enables rats from taking over entire regions of the mountain Arab Hub youth Riyaana and formed the Legion fighter was joined by some young people from the cities noble Sabratha and العجيلات and even Rafla and stationed in protected Bir Ayad famous Protectorate Khuwaildi to prevent rats from progress towards the coast and there was Brigades of the army near them led by Ibrahim light of the strength of this Aljkhvl about 150 young man who was present, including 130 on the day of the attack of rats Zintan and with them began Aamarkh famous vs. attack described it worst by more than 600 rat with tanks and heavy weapons, led Hmah sensory Alzentani Vqhobl attack repelled sweeping At first glance fell Dozens dead in the ranks of the enemy
In the meantime, he said voluptuous F (O rebels of Ewaghecm now is not Ketaab he Ajehvl Riyaana because there استماتة in fighting)
That’s to say known Boil people in the mountain region where it was F voluptuous field commander Alzentani the he had hoped join Riyaana for spree because he knows them and knows their manhood and toughness ………
When fighting intensified one الجحفل member went to call Jess Ibrahim, he found the light Withdrawn and Bakqgua they are on their own face death and spent most of martyrs and prisoners and some of them could withdraw and lost Riyaana the Aqraah 15 martyr
Security remains from الجحفل withdrew to Surman, العجيلات and Sabratha and contributed to the suppression of rats there, no one denies the joy Silks bug that areas Ashaws the Riyaana when they entered to overthrow العجيلات and Sabratha and put out the insurgency there and the story known far and wide ………….. ……..
Home-Ghali and licensed everything in Sabah and do not want Riyaana Thank nor glorifying history guarantor that records the name of the tribe struggling in the most poignant pages of history but surprisingly that some members do not they have only the glorification of their tribes, although they did not provide half of what made by this tribe small and find one even mentions the door ticket …………………
Congratulations to Ryayna to positions heroic timeless and God bless the martyrs
The main الادمن
قبيلة الرياينة من اقدم القبائل التي قطنت الجبل العربي هذه القبيلة التي قدمت الكثير والكثير وكانت السباقة على كل القبائل الليبية المؤيدة في اشياء كثيرة سأقوم بذكرها لك وهي تقع الى الشرق من قبيلة الزنتافيل الخونة
مايدور في اذهان معظم الليبيين خاصة في المناطق البعيدة ان الرياينة نصفين نصف شرقي معارض ونصف غربي مؤيد وهو الان مهجر من قبل الزنتان ولكن هذه مغالطة ارجو من سيادتكم ابصار الناس بالحقيقة واني مسؤل على كلامي وبالامكان التاكد من قبلكم وانا هنا لا اريدكم ان تذكروا وتمجدوا الرياينة بقدر ما اريد توضيح الحقيقة التي ساذكرها لك للعيان ولك مني جزيل الشكر:
الرياينة ليست نصفين غربي مؤيد وشرقي معارض هذه المغالطة زرعوها الزنتان وطبلوا لها بعد ان ضاقوا الويلات على يد اشاوس الرياينة.الحقيقة ان الرياينة خمس محلات و14 قبيلة المحلات حسب ترتيبها من الغرب الى الشرق اي من حدود الزنتافيل الى حدود المشاشية كالاتي:
المحلة الغربية وبها ثلاث قبائل(اولاد ريان – العقيبة – الافاضل) هولاء هم المهجرين من ناحية الزنتان ++محلة ابولجام وبها قبيلة (اولاد عبدالعزيز) ++ محلة العين وهي سنتر الرياينة واكبر محلة وبها اربع قبائل (اولاد جابر – اللعائبية – اولاد عامر – اولاد عنان)++محلة الوسط وبها قبيلتين (اولاد بوحسين – اولاد يحيى )++ المحلة الخامسة والاخيرة وهي من ناحية حدود المشاشية من ناحية الشرق بها اربع قبائل (الحلالبة – المغاربة – المنعة – القوايدة وما ادراك ما القوايدة )…………….
من 14 قبيلة ناتي على قبيلة القوايدة التي هي من الشرقية هذه القبيلة هي فرع من قبيلة القوايدة المعروفة والتي تقطن سبها وبني وليد وللاسف ان هذه القبيلة هم من كان على نهج الخيانة بالرغم ان منهم من بقى على العهد بس حوالي 3/4 القوايدة في الرياينة خونة فقط وبقية الرياينة بما فيهم الشرقية هم على العهد وقد تسلحوا مثلهم مثل القبائل المؤيدة للشرعية فهل يجوز ان نقول ان الشرقية في الرياينة خونة بسبب قبيلة لا يتجاوز عددها 500 نسمة ؟؟؟!!!! فالرياينة الشرقية بها 4 قبائل 3 مؤيدة وجزء من واحدة اختار نهج الخيانة …………………
اذا سقطت نطرية ان الرياينة شرقية خونة……
باخنصار نستطيع القول ان الرياينة 14 قبيلة وعدد سكانها ممن يقطنون المدينة حوالي 25 الف نسمة منهم اقل من 500 خونة وهم من قبيلة القوايدة
ماقدمته الرياينة ابان الحرب :سجلت الرياينة سابقة على غيرها من القبائل المؤيدة وهي انها اول قبيلة مؤيدة للشرعية تتواجه مع قبيلة معارضة للشرعية وجها لوجه وبالسلاح حين دخلوا الزنتان الى الرياينة بقوة السلاح وهم مدججين باعتى انواع الاسلحة الثقيلة من دبابات وناقلات جند ورشاشات ثقيلة لغرض اقفال الطريق الصاعد للجبل عبر الرياينة (الشليوني ) بحجة ان الجيش بيجيهم منه ودارت مواجهة بين القبيلتين استشهد على اثرها الشهيدين حسن السوفال ومحمد مسعود من الرياينة وجرح حوالي 10 ابطال وقتل من الزنتان حوالي 30 جرد وجرح العشرات مع ان الفارق كان كبير في العتاد والسلاح فاشاوس الرياينة بالبنادق والرشاشات الخفيفة والجرذذان من الزنتافيل وصبراتة وصرمان والامازيغ وحتى سرية من الشرق باسلحة ثقيلة وقي ذلك اليوم المشهود سجلت حادثة شهيرة الا وهي رفع العلم الابيض من قبل شايب كبير من الزنتان بعد ان عرف ان اولادهم تعرضوا لكمين في منطقة الرياينة الغربية وقالوها الزنتان بعظمة لسانهم(يا رياينة لن ننسوا رفعنا للعلم الابيض في ترابكم نحنا ما رفعناه حتى لكتائب الطاغية حسب قولهم) وفي ذلك اليوم قام احد الابطال بحرق ناقلة جند بقاذف ار بي جي وحرق 3 جرذان بداخلها بالاضافة الى حوالي 27 قتيل في الازقة والشوارع بعد ان توغلوا في المدينة …المواجهة الشرسة هذه دارت في الرياينة الغربية ولهذا سمحوا للرياينة الاخرى بالرجوع ومنع الغربية بالرغم من ان بداية دخولهم كانت باتجاه العين (السنتر) واستشهدوا لنا اثنين وقتل لهم 3 هناك اثناء انسحابهم متجهين للزنتان لم يسلكوا الطريق الرئيسي بانجاه الزنتان وانما سلكوا الطريق الاخر الذي يمر بالغربية قبل الزنتان فكان لهم الاحرار بالمرصاد وحدث ما رويناه وانتهى برفعهم للراية البيضاء حينها تدخل احد الابطال القياديين وقال للمجاهدين كفوا وبدأوا الزنتافيل بسحب جثثهم من المكان……………………….
اايضا وبعد ان تمكن الجرذان من الاستيلاء على كامل مناطق الجبل العربي هب شباب الرياينة وشكلوا جحفل مقاتل انضم اليه بعض الشباب من المدن الشريفة صبراتة والعجيلات وحتى ورفلة وتمركزوا في محمية بئر عياد المشهورة بمحمية الخويلدي لمنع الجرذان من التقدم نحو الساحل وكان هناك سرايا من الجيش بالقرب منهم بقيادة ابراهيم ضوء قوام هذا الجخفل حوالي 150 شاب كان حاضر منهم 130 في يوم الهجوم من جرذان الزنتان ومن معهم بدأت اامعركة الشهيرة فس هجوم وصف انه الاعنف من قبل اكثر من 600 جرذ بالدبابات والاسلحة الثقيلة بقيادة حمعة حسي الزنتاني فقوبل الهجوم بصد كاسح وفي الوهلة الاولى سقط عشرات القتلى في صفوف العدو
في هذه الاثناء قال جمعة حسي (يا ثوار من يواجهكم الان ليست الكتايب انه لاجحفل الرياينة لان هناك استماتة في القتال)
وهذا القول يعرفه اغلي الناس في منطقة الجبل العربي حيث عرف على جمعة حسي القائد الميداني الزنتاني انه كان يتمنى انضمام الرياينة للفورة لانه يعرفهم ويعرف رجولتهم وصلابتهم………
وحين اشتد القتال ذهب احد افراد الجحفل لاستدعاء جيس ابراهيم ضوء فوجده منسحب وبققوا هم لوحدهم يواجهون الموت وقضى معظمهم بين شهيد واسير ومنهم من استطاع الانسحاب وخسرت الرياينة قراية 15 شهيد
امن تبقى من الجحفل انسحبوا لصرمان والعجيلات وصبراتة وساهموا في قمع الجرذان هناك فلا احد ينكر علة زغاريد حراير تلك المناطق على اشاوس الرياينة عندما دخلوا لقلب العجيلات وصبراتة واخمدوا التمرد هناك والقصة يعرفها القاصي والداني ………………….
الوطن غالي ويرخص كل شي في سباه ولا تريد الرياينة شكرا ولا تمجيد فالتاريخ كفيل بان يسجل اسم هذه القبيلة المناضلة في انصع صفحات التاريخ ولكن ما يدعو للاستغراب ان بعض الاعضاء لا هم لهم الا تمجيد قبائلهم بالرغم من انهم لم يقدموا نصف ما قدمته هذه القبيلة الصغيرة ولا نجد احد يذكرها حتى من باب التذكرة …………………
هنيئا للرياينة بمواقفها البطولية الخالدة ورحم الله شهدائها
الادمن الرئيسي
The NATO people probably pre-planned this skirmish:

Mokhtar al-Akdhar in Tripoli. Damien Spleeters




Night falls on Tripoli . I look out the window of the Mercedes which leads us to the airport to meet Mokhtar al-Akdhar, the commander of the Libyan militia’s most important post-war . The soldiers are waved through without leaving their vehicle. It’s too cold outside. In the main hall, travelers waiting taxi drivers warm. We do not talk much, there.

And then the signal comes. We made out. Mokhtar al-Akdhar will receive us in a building nearby. Commander arrives, greets us, invites us to wait in a room while he will isolate himself to pray. His men call him “uncle” Mokhtar, out of respect for his age and rank. The man leading the Zintan brigades, western Libya, which control several hotspots of the city, including the airport.

“Security, I know”

Mokhtar al-Akhdar appears larger than he is when he sits in the comfortable sofa in the “Hall of Presidents.” He asks what closes the door, so they decrease the volume of the television. He puts his hands on his knees without ring. His cheeks are hollowed. He seeks your eyes, and when he speaks it takes time. His answers are long. His rank is his uniform: a parachutist badge to the left, an eagle on a background reptile right. It is also his 38, he puts on the table. A cartridge in the barrel less for safety.”Security, I know,” said in Arabic, the man who controls the airport. It smoothes his gray mustache, adjusts her scarf, this scarf which frames the face. “The Arabs were before the Tuareg.” Before the war Mokhtar al-Akhdar ran a travel agency.

He expects the journalists’ questions. When his men will they surrender? Do not they participate in the country’s instability? What this former Libyan ambassador in France, that his men are accused of torturing to death? What is he the next elections, scheduled for June? But Mokhtar al-Akhdar do not know anything about politics, he argues. It is not very optimistic, he said. All he knows is that he is “the seat belt of the Libyan state” .

The man who holds Seif al-Islam Gaddafi

And how many men under his command? Why, he asks. He hesitates to answer. That would show his cards. He knows that the answer is important to estimate the forces, the weight in any negotiations. But it has its advantage, Saif al-Islam, son of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi , held by his men and still awaiting trial . “Call him Saif al-Gaddafi,” says he, “this man has nothing to do with Islam.” He insists, yes, he must be called something else. What then Mokhtar al-Akhdar, the Green Mokhtar, should he also change his name? He laughed.

“There’s  no true green in the new Libyan flag.” Then silence, he thinks. He explains. Impatient that does not include: around the city, there are fourteen katiba under his command. Each with one hundred to one hundred and twenty men.

And during the war, in the Nafusa mountains in western Libya, he continues, “there were three airdrops of weapons by France . During one of the loading exploded. Ammunition, Milan. Three operations in all. “

Finally, he got up, said a few words in French, as an omen: “Tonight, you are set on fire.” And the name of the show, “the Hall of Presidents,” as an omen? “I want that Libya is doing well, the rest I do not care,” he says. Then: “You need to stay away from money and power. This is how people will appreciate you. “Diplomacy? “Maybe in France?”.

A phone call, it goes away. Snatches of conversation: it is the media team. A drunken man was arrested at a checkpoint. Exchanges of gunfire. Must publish a story on Facebook. One of the men tells me: “Before the war, Zintan, Libya, I did not care. Today. Libya is all that matters. ”

Mokhtar Al-Akdhar back, he smiled, smaller than when sitting. It offers a flower. He jokes. He walks away. A plane takes off outside.

Damien Spleeters in Tripoli

Brigade 32 Internet army

In May 2013 the Americans began new phase of the occupation of Libya under the guise of fighting al-Qaeda. Somewhere in the Green Mountains according to available information, they started the construction of a military base back in spring of 2012. . Most likely it will be a base using drones. In summer 2012 was unconfirmed information that Israel is building a military base in the Green Mountains also.

Americans cooperate with al-Qaeda, create its network in different countries, and then occupy countries under the pretext of combating it. The Americans were never fighting a war against al-Qaeda and will not fight their own creation. American relations with Al-Qaeda are identical to the relations of nationalistic gangs with the Nazi-regime in occupied territories during the Second World War. In both cases these gangs are used to terrorize the local population and suppress Resistance (guerilla). Americans have sheltered Nazis in their territory and adopted their methods.

Les brigades de Zinten détiennent un véritable arsenal militaire, parmi lequel 257 chars et quantité de missiles.


Gharyan Rebel-RATS are seeking Zintan blood.
Indicate called local Gheryan Council on demand extradition between the number 8 of Zintan:

Admona 5 writes:

Zintan / first Khan in mountain Alachm /
Zintan Dar safety / Zintan Khot seriously / Zintan cycle and are /
Because forgive Aasenthan the / otherwise Aazaama to assume Zintan revolution Shield /
Aaasir him / Shen behind you Aeshrfa / Anslmhawwa and Nafoa and returns Zintan costume Makant and the only Hnowoowoowoowo /
Each Sharif given purports to he just wanted /

Les brigades de Zinten détiennent un véritable arsenal militaire, parmi lequel 257 chars et quantité de missiles. | © Marco Salustro/Marco Salustro

The Zintani cling to their guns
THE WORLD | 13.07.2012 at 15:35 • Updated 13/07/2012 at 15h44
Slightly edited from Helene Salon – Zinten (Libya) Special Envoy
In the desert, some 200 kilometers south of Tripoli, a door with two lions announces the lands of Zinten. The road stretches to the foothills of Jebel Nefoussa, on top of which stands the village, made up of scattered dwellings and bare. It is a quiet town of 40,000 inhabitants

The War left thousands of weapons lying in the streets. But the calm is only apparent. Everyone here jealously guards the treasures of War Zintan, asking the comings and goings of the curious. Katibas seven of the city are sitting on a military arsenal, the Red Army of Gaddafi forces, among which 257 tanks and missiles quantity concedes Qor Khaled, head of media relations in the council of elders of the tribe.

It follows step by step the many who are interested in the illustrious prisoner Zinten held since 16 November 2011. “Saif Al-Islam [son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi captured in November 2011] is placed under the authority of the Attorney General. Even local authorities must ask permission to view. We accept on condition that remains Zintan.

Zinten was erected guardian of the gains of the revolution. His booty, assures us it is the guarantee of his safety and that of the country. “This is better than weapons remain here to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands,” said Mokhtar Al-Fernana, military commander of the West since the revolution. The former army colonel is investing in the construction of the future national army from his office in Tripoli, facing the Department of Defense, occupied by another zinteni leader, Osama El-Joueili.
The warlords with their thouwar taken place in the capital. Until April, the brigade commander Mokhtar al-Akhdar exercised control without sharing Tripoli airport and continued to refuse to hand the Airport over to the TNC.

“There is no police, no army. Us, we want to keep the city until the re-establishment of the Jamahiriya national army,” defends Al-Akhdar, which receives wearing a scarf and black a Bedouin robe in a luxurious villa on the outskirts of the airport, once property of Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, Abdullah Senussi. The warlord said work for the country, without personal ambition. But, “if I am named Chief of Staff of the National Army and that let me work freely in four months, and I all I réorganiserais assurerais the country’s stability and peace between the tribes,” suggests he.

The Zintani refuse to give way to the transitional authorities, considered weak and corrupt. “The members of the transitional authorities are thieves. Older former Gaddafi officials, some are (like Shalgram and Jalil). They create parallel security forces with Islamists,” says Mr. Al-Akhdar, who accuses them of trying to “marginalize what is truly revolutionary.”

If any part of the city of Tripoli returned to its pre-war occupations, thousands of Zintani more still retain strategic locations in Tripoli borders and oil fields in the south of Libya.
Posted at Tripoli airport for eight months under the dual symbol of the Ministry of Defence and the brigade of Colonel Mohammed Madawi, Mohammed Ragab, a 32-year-militia, is on the verge of signing its first contract to defense. So far, only 350 men of Zintan were integrated forces of the (RAT) Ministry of the Interior of its 3000 considered for the RAT defense.

But not all intended to integrate the security forces and few have actually desire. “We demand rather that the State aid these students to continue their studies because we need them to build the city,” said the head of the local council, Sheikh Mohammed El-Waqwaq. Expect much more. “They have excessive demands as credits, work, home, and everything goes very fast …” blame Mokhtar El-Fernana, which is hard to imagine without these revolutionary Discipline integrate in the future army.

A Zinten the thouwar champing at the bit, splitting the streets driving sedans former chiefs of the regime. Their disarmament is a key concern. The fighting between ten days in June katibas the city to those of the neighboring tribe and traditional enemy of Machachia amplified the fears of the old tribal conflicts turn deadly wars.

The Zintani claimed to have saved the country from a new threat of Salafists. “The Machachia cut roads and killed several people in Zinten.

When we launched the assault against Cheguigua and Mezda, we found ourselves faced with heavily armed SALAFISTS,” said Mokhtar El-Akhdar. The katibas of Zintan have used heavy artillery, killing more than 100 people dead and 500 injured, before a cease-fire – yet fragile – is negotiated by tribal leaders of the country.

But this show of force has lost some credit warlords Zintani. A low profile, they refuse to hand over their weapons and Saif El-Islam to GNC authorities. They will hand over only once the legitimate Jamahiriya is restored and a Green national army is in place.
Vigilance remains appropriate-


Green Al-Zentan Leader gives a warning to the rebel-traitors of alzentan:
Alzentan (Mukhtar Green) 16 NOVEMBER 2011:

16 AUGUST 2011 :Green: the entire city editor Sorman

التقت أخبار الان القائد العسكري مختار الاخضر وتحدث إلينا عن كيفية تحرير مدينة صرمان من سيطرة كتائب القذافي
11 DEC. 2011: Clash Tripoli airport and the need to force the rebels to withdraw

عاد الهدوء إلى محيط مطار طرابلس العالمي وفُتح الطريق المؤدي الى المطار بعد إشتبا…
 14 DECEMBER 2011: A meeting with the commander in the field chosen green:

29 FEBR 2012: Green Alzentani selected word to the Government of Cape

22 FEBR. 2012: 

الجرذ مختار الاخضر للعربيه
29 FEBR 2012: Green Alzentani selected word to the Government of Cape

كلمة مختار الأخضر الزنتاني لحكومة الكيب

Mukhtar Green Hakim said Belhadj was in-fact stopped at the airport, 28 NOVEMBER 2011:

مختار الأخضر الزنتاني امر كتيبة امن مطار طرابلس العالمي , يوضح حقيقة ايقاف عبدالحكيم بلحاج في مطار طرابلس العالمي … الزنتان
Libye – La mort de Mokhtar Akhdar, le directeur de l’aéroport international de Tripoli (16 juin 2012)

Publié le 16/06/2012 à 16:09 – 412 visites

ALGERIA ISP / Selon HarakaElmokawama Libya, des informations parlent de la mort de Mokhtar Akhdar ; responsable

de l’aéroport international de Tripoli qui est un commandant des Zenten.
Une photo d’un des résistants de Warfala.

  • Mokhtar Akhdar (GREEN) was a great humanitarian warrior and they(THOUGHT THEY) killed him…
    Mohktar (Mucktar) kept the airport out of TNC hands and never let Saif be taken—He was faithful to the al-Qathafis always.
    THIS DEATH REPORT MIGHT BE PREMATURE, as he was on the radio 01 NOVEMBER 2012 speaking against the Misrata Militias!

    Was not Mokhtar reported as assasinated by RATS?::
    here is good news then from the State Radio of Zintan:
    ‘Mokhtar head of the “Green military Council of Zintan” warns Misrata Militias, that they are a threat to the security of Libya….”
    مختار الاخضر رئيس ما يسمى المجلس العسكرى الزنتان…

    يحذر مليشيات مصراتة من المساس بأمن الدوله على راديو الزنتان قبل قليل.


    He was reported dead on 16 June 2012:
    “Libye – La mort de Mokhtar Akhdar, le directeur de l’aéroport international de Tripoli (16 juin 2012)

    The Zentani are fiercely independent. They hold allegiance really to no-one. Muammar used to have all his generals of Zentani origin. They are fierce fighters of mostly Italian and arabic stock. The Tribal leaders and elders are, and always have been pro-al-Qathafi. The al-Qathafi tribe and Zentani are blood kin. The Jamahiriya RED-ARMY are the Zentani, and these comprise Muammar’s air-defense, as they have the jet-fighters for the Green Resistance, called the Green Angels….

  • Now unfortunately, there are gangs of al-Zentan youths who are traitors, are bigotted against black–in other words are bullies, who have been paid to disrupt the tribal elders. Wherever these gangs are, the trbal leaders try to eliminate them. They are harshly handled by the Zentan Courts and in most cases, thes young gang traitors are executed! These really are not the majority of the Zentani.

    The Zentani never gave Saif to the TNC or ICC and the only way NATO and the TNC got back (in April) the Tripoli Municpal Airport from the Zentani was by NATO bombing them!

    Unfortunately, a blessed soldier, Green General Mokhtar Akhdar was hit by rat schrapnal in the head. He was one of the Zentan Generals and chiefs who fought for the protection of Saif and the Triploi airport, and would not give in to the RATS.
    • 15 NOVEMBER 2011 TUESDAY: Equestrian Festival Held in Zintan

      Mukhtar Kalifah Shahub al-Akhdar, a former Libyan navy officer, who leads the Zintan Brigade, was sitting under a canopy with national leaders and foreign ambassadors. He is a former al-Qathafi army colonel who played a critical role in leading the Zintan forces to take control of Tripoli International Airport.
      (We must remember too, that the present GNC puppet government will not permit anyone formerly associated with the Great Jamahiriya to hold any office; and such are also banned from “voting” and partipating in the RAT “National Council”. Therefore, it will be impossible, by present rules (laid-down by the USA and NATO), for al-Akhdar to fulfill any aspirations he thinks he has in contemporary Libya.
      Still a militia leader, Mr. Al-Akhdar did not address the crowd. But in an interview after the speeches, he made it clear that he intended to pursue a significant national role. He said his forces did not plan to surrender their weapons until they were satisfied that a good national army and police force had been formed to protect the country.
      “The people of Zintan will safeguard Libya’s well-being and stability,” he said, adding that even if his forces disarmed, “we know how to get weapons if anything happens to Libya.”
      Zintan has a population of only 50,000; but, it is also one that celebrates horsemanship and poetry, and there was plenty of both on a sunny day. A young boy wearing a flowing white traditional robe recited a poem to the crowd, declaring, “Freedom is like a flower, like a bird flying over the sky.”
      During the festivities, according to Zintan security guards, as many as 80 people taken prisoner during the war — mostly those suspected of supporting the Qaddafi government — were released. It was done without being announced, so as not to anger the people celebrating their recent victory, the guards said. A woman held a Green Libyan-Jamahiriya flag and markings that said “Brigade of the Martyr Muammar Gaddafi”during the festival in Zintan.
      There were many pitch-perfect calls for competing militias, towns and tribes to meld together as one nation, as were the cheers and responses of “God is great” from a crowd of 5,000 gathered on the the hilltops above an equestrian field used for Zintan festivals. hilltops above an equestrian field used for Zintan festivals.

    • It was the following week that Zintan took Saif…and then gave Saif-al-Islam, in Zintan, by their Tribal Elders, an open and fair trial, in which Saif was totally acquitted of any wrong doing by them (11 DEC 2011). SAIF stayed under their protection until late March 2012 (when the Green Army escorted Saif out of Zintan to be with his brother SAADI).

      In June 2012, when the Tarhounah took the Tripoli Airport (for a few days) after the NATO forces helped take it from the UNWILLING and fighting Zintani, Saif was transported out of Libya on a jet headed for Cyprus (under orders to gain support for the Great Jamahiriya, by command of his father, Muammar al-Qathafi), where it was reported SAIF landed safely…
      So do not believe the propaganda going on about Saif.

    Zentani Muhammad az-Zentani, was the General Secretary of the Libyan Jamahiriya “People’s Congress”


     FLASH Zintan pearls … Znguetna

    Contribution By frank on Thursday, 01November 2012 – 16:41

    This letter we received from one of the Liberal Znguetna correspondents Tunisian-Libyan border, two days before a very important message to Zintan are free as he was still the name of God the Merciful .. 
    brothers in Znguetna site 
    Greetings … 
    I hope that you reach this message to whom it may concern in Zintan area and very urgently, consider its importance ….. 
    During the past two days in a cafe near the Tunisian Libyan border to the cafe was attended by a number 8 men and sat in the corner in the cafe and we knew through their talk they’re from Misratah because they speak a lot about what they have done harassment Balahale Bani Walid area ….. And were carrying bags with large amounts of money ..Asked for lunch and sat down for the evening and in the evening I attended four cars by 13 Libyan people and sat with other people .. After the peace and asked what they want .. Asked processing a place to sit down and one of pointed at an angle in the cafe a bit far from the rest of the people and asked for dinner and wine of all kinds and science, most were Mmelthieddin ……. and modern house, including the following :
    people from Misratah eight are the ones who start talking with others .. حكوا them for folks Rafla and how they were displaced .. And built Walid will not be after today, but for Misratah
    occur one person who was asserts that the whole mountain to Nalut and Zintan must take the palm like Rafla ….. and that subject will be easier than Bani Walid
    spoke last confirmed that Misrata ready to deliver weapons Pearls visitors …. And the payment of any amounts to provide fighters … Also one of them stressed that France and Qatar will not stand with Zintan and Multi Zintan will end in two days on a lot .. Because Almarkh will be by the visitors and the mountain will be pressure on Zintan full force …. Also there is a chance to enter supplies through Thuhayba
    port. someone spoke about tribes Alnoaúl and Mahamed Tunis and some tribes sympathetic to Zintan. Confirmed someone that Alnoaúl will not stand with  Zintan because they did not stand with them against the visitors in the last time. (Forums
    Znguetna) also spoke person and his voice was very severe and asked the audience to make things clear Vmasrath does not want from Zintan something if Sui انتصرتم that Saif al-Islam recognizes her as well as some of the arrows .. It was mentioned some names, including the names of the girls worked with Gaddafi.someone made ​​bags that were with those who attended the eight after them stressing categorize the amount is enough for processing starter .. There will be amounts Akhari the 
    talked about the Western countries .. 
    Another member of our Daw green all states do not be afraid what the world did when we were fighting Bani Walid …. Taking tried, 
    we have always are with us.
    finally agreed to be ready and will arrive in the corner and Zuwarah possibilities required .. As well as the airline will deliver what is missing the people of the mountain to fight this battle .. Is important that we recognize Saif neighborhood …. and what you see in Zintan .. Here’s one of them spoke, stressing to them that the same time Rafla the same time Jews and Ladd dog Monday .. 
    and some of them got up and left the Coffee … After about an hour left of them remained Coffee shop. … 
    and tell you the next strike in Zintan and not, as is now rumored to bring attention away from the real target them .. . O testify … God has reached ….. Source ….. Forums Znguetna the
    Card Personal
    Znguetna: Explicit

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     Re: very urgent Zintan pearls … Znguetna

    Contribution Libya party challenge on Thursday, November 1 – 16:48

    Ruba brother Saif saves and protects and ايفك family InshaAllah

    المصدر : زنقتنا …منتديات شباب ليبيا الاحرار:

    18-20  JANUARY 2013:
    News of the death of a number of warriors of Zintan …… After the bombing of their headquarters at the hands of rats Gneoh near the Tripoli International airport.
    from the airport road
    Continuing to hear the voices of ambulance in Abu Salim. Golo الادمن crazy …………..الادمن h said clashes occur in the road to the airport and Abu SalimNow
    Our correspondent in Airport
    Violent clashes with heavy weapons in hand through the airport and Abu Salim.News of the death of a number of warriors of Zintan …… After the bombing of their headquarters at the hands of rats Gneoh near the Tripoli International airport.Approached the final battle between Misrata & Zintan,After rats Misrata blew and Tripoli headquarters Zintan in Equestrian.Zintan asking for a truce in Tripoli ….. And rats Misrata refuse and insist on leaving Tripoli.Parade of Zintan in rats Gargour and peasant ……… And carrying out the attack on the headquarters continued to rats Tripoli
    The constant sounds ambulance.Peaceful picket told you before’s shape Ptkhc Staff each Almzarat Lippo chiselled and Zintan lead in Lippo Ihol pool.
    A nerve all this time and seems in chiming in each.
    The chiming began last Thursday.Military information on Walker …..Content with the weapon Zintan not enough ……… Sui for only two months ….
    With and will not survive in front of Misurata and Tripoli rats frequently.from Abu Salim:Clashes between security committee rats led by Hashim humans and Khaled al-Sharif and the internal control rats on the headquarters of the Interior Ministry near the Ninth Regiment in Airport.Strong explosion shakes Janzour.
    Two powerful explosions rock the airport road near the airport in Tripoli …. The news about rats Misrata attacking the Zintan  to control the airport (taking it away from Zintani).Zintan transporting medium and heavy weapons Many transmission (battalion Mohammed Maqrif) …… who in Airport.

    Now 4 explosions near Tripoli airport ………… Such explosions NATO.

    Emergency meeting for all Saraya and Brigades rats Tripoli today at the base of Mitiga and it was agreed to expel

    all battalions from outside Tripoli “Zintan” and give time limit 3 days Battalion Qaqaa for extradition by the use of force that killed the young Thami الدويبي son angle Dahmani at his ranch in the way ofairport in cold blood.

    Emergency meeting for all Saraya and Brigades rats Tripoli today at the base of Mitiga and it was agreed to expel all battalions from outside Tripoli “Zintan” and give time limit 3 days Battalion Qaqaa for extradition by the use of force that killed the young Thami الدويبي son angle Dahmani at his ranch in the way ofairport in cold blood.

    News militia attack on hospitality palaces in Tripoli.

    from the airport road
    Continuing to hear the voices of ambulance in Abu Salim. 

    Golo الادمن crazy …………..الادمن h said clashes occur in the road to the airport and Abu Salim

    Our correspondent in Airport
    Violent clashes with heavy weapons in hand through the airport and Abu Salim.

    News of the death of a number of warriors of Zintan …… After the bombing of their headquarters at the hands of rats Gneoh near the Tripoli International airport.

    Approached the final battle between Misrata & Zintan,

    After rats Misrata blew and Tripoli headquarters Zintan in Equestrian.

    Zintan asking for a truce in Tripoli ….. And rats Misrata refuse and insist on leaving Tripoli.

    Parade of Zintan in rats Gargour and peasant ……… And carrying out the attack on the headquarters continued to rats Tripoli
    The constant sounds ambulance.

    Stereotyped the people of Zintan  as a gang for the rest of the rats …. image captured today in Tripoli:

    Peaceful picket told you before’s shape Ptkhc Staff each Almzarat Lippo chiselled and Zintan lead in Lippo Ihol pool.
    A nerve all this time and seems in chiming in each.
    The chiming began last Thursday.

    Anti-aircraft voices heard now in the capital intermittently.

    Military information on Walker …..

    Content with the weapon Zintan not enough ……… Sui for only two months ….
    With and will not survive in front of Misurata and Tripoli rats frequently.

    • About the direction of Zintan “gunmen” who protect the Algerian-Libyan border due to the events of Algeria:
      It is centered around the oil fields
       MOKHTAR GREEN of the Red Army is now fighting the French on the Libyan Algerian border.

    • Modern weapons used by financial groups and the Algerian near the al-Qaeda supporters such as religion and Mokhtar

      Ben Mokhtar front in the war against the French forces with a population of more than three thousand fighters is a
      French weapons … sent former President Sarkozy to Zintan in the Arab Nafusa Green Western mountain west of Libya.

      The Magic has turned against the magician!

      In GHADAMES: The Zintani control the airport Ghadames ….. And kill Gerven of Ghadames …….

      And intended to take control of the crossing Ghadames – Aldbdab – Green Tower..

    GHADAMES: Zintan control the airport Ghadames .…. And kill Gerven of Ghadames ……. And intended to take control of the crossing Ghadames – Aldbdab – Green Tower.Armed militias besieged city of Ghadames and threaten Bagthamha.  Unidentified besieging the city of Ghadames and threaten enters or leaves them with murder 20/01/2013

    The vigil today 01/20/2013 in front of the so-called local council Ghadames. 

    Ghadames siege imposed on by unknown armed gangs who surround Ghadames and threaten people and prevent them from entering or leaving.  Zintan shut down the main road to Ghadames …….. And prevent supply trucks and vegetables from entering it …….
    • Violent clashes in Abu Salim, Tripoli ……….. Between Zintan and rats Gneoh.
       News on GREEN support from the mountain of Zintan in Tripoli (ASHAM HOME).
    •  Clashes between Zintan and Friday Market and Cavalry Regiment at Tripoli airport.
    •   Anonymous writes:
      “Pottery breaks some of it!! Shen who Darōh Kues people all Lthm. Opposed by people respected in Zintan her” guardian would have, but after a flurry Algahaar whole Bhhhh ….. Dero Ray Aasenthan Rdjao love honest people to complement and Khalokm التريس Elly Narafohm. This is not begging but words from the heart to the heart because I love Zintan and Allah guides me which is good. Slaaaaaaaaaam”


    also ZINTANI prevented aircraft Libyan Airlines from taking-off.Algeria Military are figting in Libya with 87 intrusians already!—The people are blaming Zintani for what is happening in Ghadames—[which is clearly not their fault as they are trying to keep al-Qaeda from coming into Libya at the Algerian border through Ghadames].

    Since the days held a three-way summit between Libya, Tunisia, Algeria

    This summit was about securing Algerian Libyan-Tunisian border and to prevent any unrest that might threaten the security of the three States

    After the summit, Fuji people of the city of Ghadames armed groups led by a person named spears and has stationed outside the city and declared a closed area and prevents people from entering or leaving them .. It threatens stormed the city of Ghadames by force of arms …. in favor of this act of aggression for the benefit of increased tension and bloodshed Libyans … note that the area of Ghadames is a subsidiary of the southern military region and have nothing to do with other militias
    And there is a very large congestion of folks predicts explosion at the situation there.News gathering of Ghadames ……. rats Forwards on Zintan Ctrien rats Ali airport.
    Presently, the good green Al-Zentan are fighting (within their midst) the Jerdan gangs roaming the streets and hills of Zentan–In an effort to extinquish them from amongst their people.
  • TRUE REASON FOR THE CONFLICT w Ephyseal, published 16 JULY 2012:

    Channel Sirte on Facebook

    Moved from Forum Libya green the city Alzentan upside down on some of them are not natural and the expectation that the major war between them and the reason is kidnapped girl from Alzentan before the Faculty of Education, Miss Sunday at two after the back and to this moment did not find them and the kidnappers are three people, witnesses notables were in the place, it is important from yesterday on the lower Anglbh Alguetah Today, the tension became too large and aesthetics, including the use of weapons (ie, those of them) because of the kidnapper and the kidnapped Alzentan of Alzentan ….. Fifi fifii


    منقول من منتديات ليبيا الخضراءان مدينة الزفتان مقلوبة على بعضها بشكل مش طبيعي…Afficher la suite
  • الزنتان يقولون ان الناتو طيور ابابيل

    Alzentan say that NATO Ababil birds

    زوروا صفحتنا |

    • One epiphyseal poets entitled Assaabh sister Wayne missed NATO

      Publiée le thirty juin 2,012 par WALDxxALMASHASYA
      ON OUR PAGE :: ÃŁmâšhâÿã Facebook | Facebook ChâNNeŁ ON —
      OUR PAGE ON TWITTER :: Ðâñgér |

      احد شعراء المشاشية بعنوان صعيبة الشقيقة وين غاب النيتو
      THIS IS THE GOOD GREEN al-Zentan station!


       OUR PAGE ON TWITTER :: Ðâñgér | Mãşhãí — https…
      YESTERDAY: very importanat
    • now the outbreak of clashes in Tripoli airport between rats and a battalion Alzentan conquest bin Ghashir Palace ….
      Al-Zentani want to enter for the exchange of prisoners in BANI WALID too—as they also have prisoners lingering in Misrata prisons.
    • Zintan attacks RAT general staìff in Tripoli Zintan militia
      message before the last wise Alzentan
      The message before the last wise Alzentan
      Posted by: d / on the sincere, and published by: Dr. Commander 
      Read 1217 times, since the date of its publication in 07/19/2012

      Message before the recent wise Alzentan

      This article is one in which rats warns Alzentan warned of a plot of Dr Saif al-Islam already arrested him when … Seems to be what Dr Saif al-Islam from the beginning it was a reality for people thinking of him after

      the article and you have: – 

      is in despair began to alternate self from the Office of Policy Alzentan …. You have already made the warning again and again to the wise of the consequences of their policies Alzentan, and explained to them that the French are the most cunning in dealing with armed groups. And by virtue of their experience in war and in the countries of Africa to deal with such people throughout history.
      They have gained experience to get rid of those who do not Aroukounam most convenient ways. Alzentan politicians tried to flirt with the French re-send the invited to visit the ungrateful masters at the beginning of the month 5. Of 2012. And his meeting with leaders of the senior assured them that Alzentan against extremism and they even had to carry out the attack is for the purpose of the reform has worked the last advice of his advisor English. and the fact that this visit had renewed confidence and zeal the idea as it was Osama Aljowaily source of cynicism in the corridors of the French Defense Ministry was the advice of the British benefit for the ungrateful, and can not predict or detect hidden agreement denier with the French learned Qatar client American in Libya that there is something happening in the Mount Nefoussa, was that he went a man of intelligent men I have met in my life and despite his intelligence that he came back empty-handed.
      Because of their intent did not know something, and so asserted politicians Alzentan new to politics losing the political war as a result of their mistakes tragic because the decision was confined to a narrow circle uncontrolled by the Boards of Alzentan with the marginalization of the whole of the Shura Council of the latter which is not powerless. problem each of Qatar and they are trying to deal Alzentan and play with adults and a much larger roles than the roles assigned to them extras. Both as a puppet that Qatar is a U.S. puppet and at the same time a puppet in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. And here was the timing of military action is very suitable in harmony with the federal requirement in the east.
      And achieve the dream of France to extend influence over the south and west natural extension of its influence in Africa and the Maghreb. and so the format is to be a move before the election; was the direction to the south is not the goal but the aim is to achieve a quick victory on the tribes of epiphyseal regions kiss and scary for other cities.
      Indeed, calculations were accurate and realistic as that after this stage will be all the mountain tribes in the unformed, according to the old alliances are fully in line with the new orientation.
      And the road to the throne of Libya should be through this gate. as if it is a puzzle historical chessboard Almcaflah killing the minister (epiphyseal) that region can be politicians Alzentan finish the game shift one so that the King is threatened directly and options are limited for safety.
      The control of the sister Mizdah means isolate the north from the south and surround the life of all sources of water and oil and the road then the road to Tripoli will be furnished with flowers harmony with HD Thredah campaign against the government, the Council and flirt with some Kaúb rebels. But the player’s unknown is greater than that Istgari politicians Alzentan Tlassmh or that Lefkow blades thinking it is bigger than the government itself and the largest of its board. it is foolish to believe that the strength in a very precise movement and preparation and timing are just a reaction to Fey, raising suspicion that spies Western media penetrates all places and is closely monitoring what is happening without any signal.
      And a far cry from the human world will be witness to the largest ethnic cleansing operation in the mountain area, which would move the government to end the power of armies and their allies Alzentan of comrades in arms and spoils, mercenaries and national. Everything collected Alzentan of weapons and all of its fighters and mercenaries will be this time away from civilians uncovered in the desert easily catch and eliminate even forced the state to use Air Force is well known and the unknown.
      The game will be just like a computer game with a background of open sand and dunes. and dims the local media has been blocked any military action over the five days, though the potential for this in the hope that talk of war crimes. The government is not involved nor the Board, but all movements powerful related to a powerful invisible international relations are stronger than the state itself, and in order not to anger the Minister (epiphyseal), who left in the open ground facing the arsenals and asylum throne Libya new they send Phil and his enemy Paljoad when needed.
      Here, the Minister poor did not know that the game had ended a capacity of Mtafaezkih metaphysics and its end evaporation of the dream of the Office of Policy and exposed revealed very evident this time that all his work no more than a Khialat inspired Khialat Gaddafi boards Saif al-Islam sad. and before that attack me Bedouins Alzentan comments heaped Balstama without thinking just because they feel that you write something against them. Before we try to harness the power of their intelligence to delete my article published from everywhere in it. Before you accuse me all Senthana Boukyanty to the homeland and the citizen and the Libyan ……
      I ask you all mentality that retracted my previous and my warnings to you If they are not perfectly matched for what is happening to you now chickpea my words that the wall if you continue to dream away from reality and deliver Omorkm to mob people and battalion commanders who prefer to work amid the chaos and have no aim but to fill the pockets, even if the price for the columns of the dead despising the state of the system. I tell you, not mine Ptnjame but to history and read it I am, gentlemen I see visions of the eye legions and battalions and aircraft come from all of Libya Balzntan to surround the center of the joy of everyone in the neighborhood. I woke up from this negligence, and know that the cow that fell many knives around.
      Then everyone will know of them and some of them do not know students do not pay bills before you have no capacity to repay. This called for ideas from you mob and ask yourselves why the thieves did not have those millions in real estate Alzentan. Why turned to exchange their money stolen in the real estate and hotels outside Alzentan. But in the streets of France and Tunisia.الرسالة-قبل-الاخيرة-لعقلاء-الزنتان.html

        1. 26.01.2013, 10:22#1


          Dachau, Germany
          Записей в дневнике

          Lightbulb #Ghadames Siege – A prequel for #Misrata’s and #Qatar’s planned war against #Zintan

          It seems the tragedy of Bani Walid massacre by the troops of the rats regimes and criminal gangs will repeat in other towns and cities all over western Libya. Ghadames is surrounded by militias, while the tribes of Libya sent an dramatic letter to the Governments of Russia and China, calling for urgent assistance to prevent the total escalation of violence in the country. Russia was the only country that tried to discuss the incidents related to the Siege of Bani Walid at the UN Security Council. US blocked an discussion about the cruel acts committed against the “City of Heroes” as Bani Walid is called since its fierce resistance against the rats armies in Libya War of 2011. The same Title was given to the Iraqi City of Fallujah during their two major battles against American occupation forces. Libyans gain new hope for Russian and Chinese support since the fierce defense of Syria by Putin. And Russia as well as China lost credibility and influence in Africa since their betrayal of Libya in 2011 that led to the deaths of some 160,000 Libyans and the total destruction of the Northern African State.

          Нажмите на изображение для увеличения. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Название:	402906_418322518204708_1725049583_n.jpg <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Просмотров:	4 <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Размер:	22.7 Кб <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
ID:	576

          Yesterday independent Journalist Konstantin Sheglikov of Russian Green Committees’ World Jamahiriya Radio gave a report from arround 20 January, stating, that western Libyan City of Ghadames was surrounded by an unidentified militia. Since that day the powerless NATO dogs of the GNC did nothing to help the people of Ghadames. Instead the blamed the Brigades of Zintan for the crimes. But there is no sign that Zintan had any intention in occuying the city 543 miles from Tripoli. Zintan Gangs themselves are under massive pressure from other faction of the counterrevolutionary regime that took power in 2011.

          Rats report Zintan gunmen are attacking.. rats lie. Misrata militias have been in Zuwarah port for months. They have Apache helicopters”, independent Journalist Russel Vogt says. “Misrata rats plan to invade Zintan and have over 400 armored vehicles in Zuwarah”. Without help Zintan was doomed to get defeated in a direct confrontation with the militarily superior Misrata gangs. The only hope for them seems to be cutting ties with the coalition of rats gangs and to side with Green Resistance and resisting tribes and cities. Leader Saif al Islam, Son of the Great Muamar al Gaddafi, hold and tried by Zintan is the key to such an alliance. Otherwise Zintan will pay the price for their betrayal in 2011.

          Russel Vogt, a reliable source for Real News from Libya on twitter explained the situation: “Ghadames has had attacks for weeks, many have been killed and injured. Misrata traitors plan to annex Western Libya. The so called rat occupation GNC only has control over few buildings in Tripoli. They are talking about moving to Casablanca for security reasons.” he stated.

          Since weeks the Criminal Gangs of Misrata get massive military supplies from Qatar sources from Libya report. The feudal absolutist regime at the Arab Peninsula, known for backing the overthrow of the Socialist Jamahiriya sytem of Green Libya from beginning, delivers heavy weaponry for a new civil war to their loyal dogs in the occupied coastal city, including tanks and helicopters.

          Some clans in the city of Misrata have a long tradition in collaboration with colonial powers of Italy, England and United States over the last century. Even when Libya was the first people of the world that took up arms against European fascism while the major imperialists of entente powers still conspired with the Hitler Regime of fascist Germany against the smaller peoples of Europe, the forefathers of the traitors conspired with fascist Italy of Mussolini against the Libyan Resistance.

      Zintan 1
      Zintan 2
      Zintan 3
      Zintan 4
      Zintan 5
      Zintan 6
      an Elder of the Zintan tribe.
      15 JANUARY 2013:

      Battalion lightning (Zintan) Re-occupies Tripoli International Airport now in Victory!
      كتيبـة الصواعـق (الزنتـان) تحتـل مطـار طرابلـس العالمـى الان
    • Recent letter to the leadership of the resistance of Alzentan
    • 10 DEC 2008

      اغاني ليبية — ابناء الزنتان “خود الرساله alzentan libya

      فرقة ابناء الزنتان – ياطير طاير طير ياطير بلغ سلامي من فرقة ابناء الزنتان اولاد الزنتان الابطال – مكحول الحاجب – يخطر علي في كل رنة عود اغاني ليبية –
    • اغاني ليبية — ابناء الزنتان ” قارات alzentan libya”
    • فرقة ابناء الزنتان,مكحول الحجا my regard for alzentan people
    • اغنيه ليبيه رائعه وكلماتها تعبر عن نفسها كل الحب والوفاء لارض الاحرار ليبيا وكل الحب والتقدير لقائد التورة العضيمة
    • مجرودة الشاعر خالد الزنتانى بصوت الشاب مهند الوافى الزنتانى والشاعر هنا يصف معان…Afficher la suite
      and this one is beautiful too:
    • اغاني ليبية — ابناء الزنتان ” ىخطر على” alzentan libya
    • اغاني ليبية — ابناء الزنتان ” قليل المال alzentan libya

    • Give this song a minute or two before it really begins–have patience with the long intoduction! Soon you will see the beauty of this chanson!

      alzentan– اغاني ليبية فرقة ابناء الزنتان يا ليبيا
      alzentan–اغاني ليبية فرقة ابناء الزنتان ياليبيا

      alzentan–اغاني ليبية فرقة ابناء الزنتان ياليبيا
    • متسابق رقم (136)
      غسان ابوعبداللهمسابقه بماسبة العيد المبارك لافضل صورة وعلى ال…Afficher la suite
    • متسابق رقم (174)
      Villa Barcelonaمسابقه بماسبة العيد المبارك لافضل صورة وعلى
    Villa Barcelonaمسابقه بماسبة العيد المبارك لافضل صورة وعلى ا

    لراغبين في المشاركة ارسال صورتك الي بريد الصفحة. الصورة التى تتحصل اكبر عدد من المعجبين(Likes) سيفوز:
    1.المركز الاول : كرت ليبيانا او مدار 200 دينار
    2.المركز التاني : كرت ليبيانا او مدار 150 دينار
    3.المركز الثالت : كرت ليبيانا او مدار 100 دينار#علما بأن اخر يووم للمسابقه 20/9/2012
    وذلك برعاية: معمل المروج بالقرب من هافانا – قرقارش .::باتوفيق للجميع::@ادمنز الصفحة .
    • عاجـــل ::/ 
      بعد مقتل المدعو خالد محمد الخباشة الزنتاني ,, ميليشيات الزنتان تهاجم ورشفانة من ناحية السواني وطريق الفلاح باعتى انواع الاسلحة منها الجراد والهاون والراجمات … ندعو كل رجال وشباب القبيلة الانتفاض والمقاومة ومناصرة كل الشباب المقاوم

      URGENT :: /
      After killing called Khalid Mohammed Alkhpashh Alzentani, Zintan militias attacking Rishvana Sawani hand and by the farmer mightiest kinds of weapons, including locusts, mortars and mortar … We call on all men and youth of the tribe to rise up and resistance and advocate for all young people resistor
      عاجل :: مدينة الزنتان

    • إعلان حالة الطوارئ القصوى داخل مدينة الزنتان والمجلس العسكري بالزنتان يطلق النفير العام عبر إذاعة الزنتان المحلية ويَطلب من جميع أفراد السرايا الالتحاق و التواجد داخل سراياهم مع التأمين التام والكامل لمداخل مدينة الزنتان.

      ومجلس المحلي والعسكري ولجنة الشورى في حال انعقاد دائم..

      Declaration of a state of extreme emergency within the city of Zintan military council Balzntan called general alarm over the local radio Zintan and asked all members of Saraya enrollment and presence inside Soeriahm with full and complete insurance for entrances to the city of Zintan.

      And the local council and the military and the Consultative Committee in the event of permanent session ..
      Declaration of a state of extreme emergency within the city of Zintan military council Balzntan called general alarm over the local radio Zintan and asked all members of Saraya enrollment and presence inside Soeriahm with full and complete insurance for entrances to the city of Zintan.

    • And the local council and the military and the Consultative Committee in the event of permanent session ..
      عاجل :: مدينة الزنتان 

      إعلان حالة الطوارئ القصوى داخل مدينة الزنتان والمجلس العسكري بالزنتان يطلق النفير العام عبر إذاعة الزنتان المحلية ويَطلب من جميع أفراد السرايا الالتحاق و التواجد داخل سراياهم مع التأمين التام والكامل لمداخل مدينة الزنتان.

      ومجلس المحلي والعسكري ولجنة الشورى في حال انعقاد دائم..4
    • Hour ago kidnapping poet Solomon Albesbas Almchaa epiphyseal from the tribe of gangs and mercenaries Zintan in Sawani area which is in legal proceedings for Tfaad and according to preliminary information Oottagho about Camp Supply and we do not know his fate .. These gangs are stationed in Sawani In Bridge Zahra 27
    • Photo Gallery “Muammar Gaddafi”
      What lay down and Rafla .. And who been associated Mahoush and Pay resolved, O Baiein nation Maerkdoa Rafla

      What Nrkdoa O servile .. Lilly Bdettoa today Znetaval
      Mkhanb and behind rats Balttabal .. Makm my tresses reduce Milli
      Bdettoa Juaat (e) Israel’s grandfather .. And Batoa Juaaa name and Rafla
      Tu will benefit Bernard and Qtraial .. And acetic banana Bgerzankm amused
      Batoa home and honor representation .. For a corrupt Mandalh revolution
      Dharptoa ideals today, client .. And that combing Osalkm under the umbrella of (1)

      What lay down and Rafla .. And who been associated Mahoush and Pay resolved, O Baiein nation Maerkdoa Rafla

      And flies Mzrath .. Not bump Alnetoa Btiarath
      Nor flies Benghazi nor Sabratha .. Nor flies Gharyan Ahi slip
      Arfoh Tres home mother-in-law .. Unknown origin L. heavens Vowoq,
      Lilly leader with him what Khanath .. Anchehrt Bazmy name and Rafla
      How many stray rat Btalegath visited us .. Spirit L. sight and lives gone
      Cried Amimith and Juath .. Ihsaboa Rusaifa Sahlh Mnzlh
      Yama Ktaab Jane tanks .. Admrt destroy the whole entire
      And destroyed every rat with his troops .. Littered and I find Amavenh in the hill
      Without ammunition, market Afsath the .. No Dahra no manufacturing Atderoa views

      What lay down and Rafla .. And who been associated Mahoush and Pay resolved, O Baiein nation Maerkdoa Rafla

      مآ يرقـدوآ ورفلة .. و آللي ارتبط مآهوش وآعر حله ,, يآ بآيعين آلوطن مآيرقدوآ ورفل..
      FAITHFUL al-ZENTANI will NOT PARTICIPATE AT ALL in the Siege of BANI WALID– Promise is given and note of Solidarity:

      Named Fathi Yusuf spokesman called junta Gado denies participation of …Afficher la suite
      المدعو فتحي يوسف المتحدث بإسم ما يسمى المجلس العسكري جادو ينفي مشاركة أي أحد من جادو في حصار مدينة بني وليد و نوه إلى أن هناك سيارات عسكرية مكتوب عليها “جادو” و هي ليست تابعه لهم بل جرذان مصراته يزجون بأسماء هذه المناطق لخلق الفتنة بينهم.
      وقال ايضا ان اهل جادو و الزنتان والمنطقه الشرقية إتفقوا على عدم المشاركة في حصار المدنيين وقصف الأبرياء والأطفال بمدينة بني وليد.
      إذا اتضحت الصورة الآن من يحاصر بني وليد هي مليشيات وقطاع طرق من مصراته لغرض الإنتقام فقط لا غير.
      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel correspondent in Bani Walid:

    • Zintan supplying Bani Walid weapons and food to fight rats Misurata …. And Zintan held an agreement with Bani Walid
      Was not Mokhtar reported as assasinated by RATS?::
    • here is good news then from the State Radio of Zintan:
      ‘Mokhtar head of the “Green military Council of Zintan” warns Misrata Militias, that they are a threat to the security of Libya….”
      Misrata Rats say ZINTAN is next in line to destroy!!!!
    • FROM: Alashika Rouhifike on
      Page Libyan Resistance Movement:

      ‘During the past two days in one of the cafes near the Tunisian Libyan border to the cafe was attended by a number 8 men and sat down and we knew through their talk they Misurata because they speak a lot about Macamoa of theft and destruction of city of Bani Walid men .. And were carrying bags with large amounts of money demanded lunch and sat for the evening and in the evening I attended 4 cars Libyan by 13 people and sat with other people and said one of them on the corner cafe distant little from the rest of the people and asked dinner and wine of all kinds and learned that most of them were bearded and Dar, including talk follows: 
      eight people from Misurata who are starting to talk with others سردوا them about Mafloh Bani Walid and Bani Walid will only be for Misurata spoke a people who had confirmed that the whole mountain of Nalut and Zintan must take the palm like Bani Walid .. And Multi Zintan would be easier than Bani Walid then spoke last and confirmed that Misrata ready to deliver arms to visitors and also to pay any amounts to provide fighters also confirmed someone that France and Qatar will not stand with Zintan and war Zintan will end in two days a lot, because the battle will be by visitors and mountain will be pressure p Zintan full force also there is a chance to enter supplies to the mountain through the port Zhabh and spoke someone tribes Alnoaúl and Mahamid and some tribes in Tunis sympathetic Zintan stressed someone that Alnoaúl will not stand with Zintan because they did not stand with them against the visitors and also spoke someone asked from the audience that make things clear Vmasrath does not want from Zintan anything but (Saif al-Islam) have as well as some Cronies Who in Zintan then names including girls were working with Gaddafi ..
      then gave one of them bags that were with the eight people who attended after them, stressing that the amount is enough for processing starter and there will be other amounts and talked someone Western countries another individual we have the green light from each country do not be afraid What did the world when we were fighting 
      Bani Walid and agreed that arrive to the corner and Zuwarah Features required and also will fly the delivery Mainqs people mountain to fight the battle is important is recognizing Saif al-Islam neighborhood .. 
      and tell you in Zintan strike next and not, as is rumored now to draw attention away from the real target them .. God testify .. God has reached …. Moved’….


      Comment from me: Ofcourse Misrata Zionist RATS want to destroy Zintan. The Israeli already contracted to use the Green Nafusa Mountains as their Airbase for the next 10 years and renewable upon expiration indefinitely.

      FIRST, a clarification: No agreement by the GREEN ARMY has been negotiated!!!! (…Afficher la suite
      عاااااااااااااااااااااااااAaaaaaaaajl correspondent sister of epiphyseal Champions will back Zintan in their war against rats Misrata ………….
      As supported Zintan Bani Walid.
    • اااااااااجل مراسلنا من الشقيقة ابطال المشاشية سوف يساندون الزنتان في حربهم ضد جرذان مصراتة ………….
    • مثلما ساندت الزنتان بني وليد
      Tripoli’s Green Nafusa Mountain Zentani are believed to be in victory or street plateau Mullachm of Zintan ………
      And Zentani are now in full control of Tripoli !.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel rats Misrata meet sheikhs Chiaan to agreement to enter into a war against Zintan against the captives in Kapaau …………..

and sheikhs Chiaan ………. Will not be your scapegoat…

news of the attack Elly Bchnh Misurata p Zintan true and suggested days prove this thing.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel correspondent incognito among rats begin to establish a U.S./ISRAELI base Zionism in the Green Mountain area.

Gel delegation from Zintan up to the beach ……. Want to support Almgarhh.

Zintani riders OneSaif glum


Resistance News 14 DEC 2011:

Zintan Tribe is currently fighting Belhadj brigades and also against North Misrata
brigades and also fought NTC Hefter brigade. Zentan they are people in the mountains, Zentan tribe is related to
Bani Walid and to Gadhadffa tribe, they are the
tribe of the leader Moammar Gadhaffi, a mixture of Africans, Arabs and Jewish, they are very strong and tough,
rest of the rats (rebels) fear them and their real orientations will be clear to everyone latter. This group has many
great elements as well as good people,…Geno wrote on 12 Feb 2012 08:24 AM “The Zentan were divided in joining
with Nato’s mercianary forces from the beginning. Most of the Zentan Elders
never agreed to join the so-called “revolution”. However, because of the overwhelming force of media manipulation,
they were not able to unite the Zentan to oppose the assault against the Jamahiriya. Many of the younger officers
betrayed both the Elders and the Jamahiriya early in the war. Many of them too believed the lies of Nato and the UN.
Now however, the fog of war is lifting, and most now realize their mistakes. However, as with any group of people, be
they a nation, a tribe or a sect, there are also traitors among them.

Perhaps one true blessing for the people of Libya, Saif al Islam was apprehended by the Zentan, and with their tribes
holding an historical ‘Tribal Code of Honor’ he was treated well and given the chance to speak his mind. The truths he
brought forth about the nature of the Jamahiriya’s struggles has found an open ear with the Zentan Elders and the people
they advise and lead within the tribe. With each passing day the lies of the international press and their rats in the NTC
become more obvious, as does the truth of the words of Saif.
(1) Full written on paper security guarantee from the Green army, that includes stopping of all attacks and imprisonment.

(2) Economic security, allow the people of Zentan unfettered access to the South and open all doors and borders to Africa without hindrance.

(3) Issue Zentan with 5 to 10% of all the medium range to high ranking posts in the 8998 global military board of the Green army.

(4) Equal access of 5 to 10% of all green capital, liquidity, including national savings, global savings, resource bank, gold bank, agriculture bank,
worldwide tribal federation banks, communication systems and technical support.

(5) Security material pact (2), transfer of 5 to 10% Southern green missile and ballistic base to Zentan, including desert cruisers, jets, migs,
helicopters and fighter planes, 2 million space based air, surface and ground missile units.

(6) Academic exchange for people of Zentan and Zentan children, include Zentan children access to all priveleges awarded to the children
of green people, education abroad with pay, allowances, medical care, transportation and passport.

(7) Collective security for all people of Zentan, issue natives of Zentan green passports in times of war and peace.

(8) Zentan needs 20 air medical ambulance and 100 land mine heavy duty mine clearing vehicles and machines.

(9) Freedom of sky travel agreement, landing rights for Zentan airplanes and the modernization of Zentan transport planes, civilian, military and cargo.

(10) Complete green funded hospital and new airport.

(11) Zentan be awarded the Abrahamic and Jacobean code of conduct, trust, honor and the law of humanity in applicable to all the green charter.

(12) Ceasation of hostility with Zentan, removal of all proxy green army units in Zentan territory, open the border to Tunisia and Algeria.

(13) Military and Civilian technology pacts.

(14) Tribal federation pacts.

(15) Higher stake in the energy bank, not to exceed 10% of all national income and green budget.

(16) Repair of damaged Zentan infrastructure to green levels and capacity.

(17) Treatment of Zentan as real national army, not as a proxy army.

(18) 100 billion dollars not enough compared to the worldwide secret treasure of green army and Gadhaffi clan, the whole wide world
is aware of this fact, why do you think Qatar is in Libya, not Somalia, not Sudan, don’t they all need democracy?

(19) Zentan must be updated every 30 days.

(20) Emissary from the green army.

(21) Setting of a green councilorship in Zentan based on tribal federation and green alliance federation, not treat Zentan based on NATO,
American or the European code of conduct.

(22) Truth and Reconcilliation committee with competent national dialogue.

(23) Every day supply of 250 000 gallons of gas and jet fuel.

(24) Authorize every green support base to see Zentan as friends, not enermy.

(25) Allow Zentan the honor to see Moammar Gadhaffi, he is some-where in Algeria, we know this business of military tricks, every war
is based on giving the enermy wrong information, the Green army has national duty to meet it’s obligations to national unity in order to regain Zentan trust.

(26) Truth must be told, replace all proxy Green army with Zentan militia.

(27) Stop all executions of “the red army and red brigades of Zentan”, till a competent authority in place.
more recently this past-APRIL 2012: -Brigadier Salim Alzentani accused Zuwara militias of bombing city of Jamil and hurting the people of Jamil because they stopped
fighting on their part, but Zuwara militias continuing to bomb civilians, as it was mentioned by Alzentan/ According to Algeria ISP:
Explosion rocked the city of Sabratha, Libya *** NTC/NATO and Berbers from Zuwara are comitting crimes against Rackdalin children,
women & elders, and no one cares! Zuwara fighters are continuing a heavy shelling of residential areas in Jamile city! Zuwara gangs bombed civilian house in Jamile and Rackdalin. The Zintan Resistance have commandoed attacks against the Zuwara
very successfully.

(In fact, the Red Army helped Mu’ammar build his underwater prison for political prisoners and interrogations…somewheres off the coast of Libya in the
Mediterrannean, last year.)

الزنتانى غير


  • Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl news of the death of a large number of rats Misrata by Zintan wrap them.

    Report from the GREEN MOUNTAIN:

    A group of Misrata militias were heading to Yafran hit me defeat by Zintan Mechanisms completely destroyed According
    Maurdna three dead and several wound of Misrata ..

    This morning the news.


    News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

    We all Libyan green hero martyr Mahdi ZEW
    words very serious alternative homeland for Qatar after warnings from scientists in climate sinking island of Dr. Abdullah Masoud in minute forty during his intervention in the program for the alternative homeland Second.

    Qatar is the process of implimenting where Qatar bought large tracts of Green Mountain.

  • So not only ISRAEL brokered for the Nafusa Green Mountain home of the Zentani; but also, apparently QATAR!
    Here are some of the You-Tube comments:

    Sobh this need to مقبور time shows in the country lost in Him God you Balash of hangers Alfadah Nhna ousted and Ntfajr Muammar what Atani Shi and no prophet Xi important you and your likes what govern Libya this boom Mtaatkm Jbhetwa Qatar and Jbhetwa Israel and Jbhetwa and Jbhetwa Qatar plays the role of a public still Israel’s role France America hidden role and walk on the peg companions board ousted and proud and Muammar what Nbwa him Shi Sadunfaq on some
    Samir Ahmed 

    God bless you, a. Salam,,, and I wish all young people unite with some against Qtaraail agents in Libya who stole our revolution and sold the blood of our martyrs for dirhams!!!

    I say to this adoptee hypocrite who is still deaf ears words master buried which proved accidents to be the first traitors and agents when he handed his weapon and all his possessions of the secrets to Asaaadeh Americans even liked him and Athbtoh in governance and refuse God but يذيقه shame and humiliation at the hands of the yesterday Ivegahm torment Year God’s creation and thank God first and foremost and, God willing die Muslim
    Abdulrazag ashur 
    Give me something positive and one work buried within 42 years only empty slogans and crazy, Health: Libyan Iejaw in Tunisia and Jordan, education: a collapsed, infrastructure: zero,,, this is murder and hangings, despite a wealth of Libyan enormous, was considered a tyrant in Libya corral and domesticated animals Libyans, who are defending the tyrant are the people benefiting and Surveyors shoes, people corrupt and Shameless edema, and, God willing, are crammed with the tyrant
    Traitors clients Emtemliqin and Mqmliyn you Brats and parents infidels and NATO. Gaddafi drop the West to be a man did not kneel to them .. Important Alsoal is why always lie on Gaddafi and is a dead man and Why not Tkove about distortion Gaddafi and why this attack it and do not stop. You empty drums and do not know, but lying on Gaddafi and busy living and dead because he is a man worthy of respect, living and dead young and you try to distort the lion .. Tasefn treachery time for as long as she danced on the bodies of black dogs do not Think Briqsa are superior to black remains black dogs and dogs

    ZINTAN:Zintan attacks RAT general staìff in Tripoli

    Video Zintan elders threaten and insult Mohammed Maqrif at home
    تهديد وإهانة شيوخ الزنتان للمقريف داخل منزله.
    لأي جديد زوروا صفحتنا على الفيس بوك


    At home:

    LIBYAN torture Sheikh at the hands of the rebels to free LIBYA
    تعذيب شيخ ليبي على يد ثوار ليبيا الحرة
    نعتذر عن هذه الألفاط ولكن هذه أخلاق ثوار الناتو… لأي جديد زوروا صفحتنا على الفيس بوك

18 JAN. 2013:
The Zintani said there will be a “so-called” TRIAL for Saif in May 2013 ! (even though they already tried and acquitted him in December 2011)…
as I said–The reason is not al-Bagdadi or Senussi, but the fact that Saif is not even in Libya at Present….The Zintani took excellent care of Saif until the People’s Liberation Army were able to wisk him off to SAADI last year in MARCH 2012…In June 2012 (when the Tarhounah took Tripoli International Airport), Muammar placed Saif on a transport to Cyprus to gain support of the Great Jamahiriya…
As for real news (and not the NATO/GNC PROPAGANDA) we have heard nothing accurate since then.
THIS STATEMENT was made to counteract the LIES—as I said it was directed at Zintan, not for us.

The al-Qathafi family had to counteract the lie that Saif was going to face trial in Zintan..when all along they protected Saif and then just this the other day about a “trial” just to appease the people.
This is why the text of the family speech was directed at Zintan, who appeared to be good friends with Saif and helped him—and then, just to appease the crowds about Saif, they falsified a “trial” and then a “trial to be on MAY 2013″…

The family mentions Saif in this address because the whole thing is really about the lie concerning Saif…and why the Zintani must stop lying and defend the truth…as they have an honorable relationship with Saif…

“Manifest of the family of Muammar al-Gaddafi to the Tribe of ZINTAN:In the name of God the MercifulGreetings to you, sons of Libya strugglingWhat we saw happening yesterday [In Zintan] was aimed at pleasing Libya’s occupiers. It did not comply with tribal traditions, but was the result of pressure from tyrannical & oppressive, external forces.[To The Zintan tribe] Do not make of yourselves Ethiopian Fascists -who were mercenaries for Italy and were then executed, by the hero Khalifa Bin Askar in 1922.History does not have mercy and may Allah not bless Paris and Washington – & remember, the road to heaven is not through the gates of Paris or Washington. Look at beautiful Libya; nearly two years after the US-led invasion, it has been turned into another Somalia.

All around the country is the smell of death, misery, despair, hunger, ignorance and disease. Killings and torture, kidnapping & rapes are all part of the endless horror, going on in secret prisons. There is continuing demolition of centres of learning and science and wanton destruction of Libya’s priceless historic heritage.

We call on the Tribe Zintan, not to be new Ethiopians and not to be dragged behind the foreign agendas. Seek to preserve what remains of poor, wounded Libya . In addition, we do not believe that impartial justice exists in Libya, under the ‘system of guardianship’ by Foreign Powers – similar to that in the shameful WW2 Vichy regime in France.

The Mujahid hero Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi is a hope for the future of Libya – and earned that position in defending the territory of Libya against the foreign invasion. He has a family, tribal and patriotic duty to stand up and fight for Libya. He is the grandson of Mujahid Abdul Salam Abu Menyar [father of Muammar Gaddafi].

Have to keep the last thing stay to You and don’t listen to the horned demons around You…

In the name of God the Merciful 
Glory to the people”

Distress call from Shahat ………………………
Fire besieging the city of Shahat from Eastern Jhettiha and Bank and up to the seashore and destroys the environment

and animals there at this time midnight May 28, 2013
And all attempts failed to extinguish and Ali al-Saadi stressed that the large scale of the devastation fire probably

will be extended to the city and surrounding areas.

Turkish civil defense aircraft on its way to extinguish fires Green Mountain.

According to Turkish sources, said on Wednesday that the pilots of the Turkish Civil Defence approaching from the Libyan airspace, to contribute to the fire in the country.

A. Success Salouh the
The fire is still burning forest devoured Green Mountain.

Aircraft بالاطفاء to can not land because of poor air and lack of vision.

Fire engines belonging to the Brega oil now heading towards the fire place strange thing is that the mountain since ancient

term going through waterless years and the lack of rain and did not occur this terrible series of fires!!

These are not natural fires. Dr. Hamza Thami has proof that these fires were caused by Obama’s bombs..

A. Success Salouh the
Another fire in the Green Mountain and the cause is unknown and the fire devour everything and everybody and families of

the detained and we are now in full swing to end this crisis:


Free channel Cyrenaica:

Now under heavy fire devouring forests apse and Alakharab of the area and publication and Aguwayt

the Driss Alaaatih and I’ve Hub residents of all to put out fires and migrating animals and to provide a helping hand.

Vast areas of the Green Mountain forest fire burning now and out of control, and reports of injuries in livestock civilians near Prairie Farms.

Other fires in the Cove Valley and Shahat I have no doubt it is now the hands of criminality There is no power but from God:
. Success Salouh the

Free channel Cyrenaica

Free channel Cyrenaica _ arrived in the praise of God Aviation Turkish and Spanish to help in extinguishing the fire, but the wind prevented him from starting the mission, ask God to Tahedoriyah so that the teams can help put out the flames.

Aaaaaaagel ::
Prairie Farms fires:

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News
il y a 8 heures
Flames came entirely on the Valley area and Rdama between white and Shahat eastward as could the inhabitants of those areas of control temporarily fire west of the city Shahat next to the archaeological area with injuries burns to varying degrees among the population and climatic conditions increase the intensity of the flames and vision-existent from the dust and smoke increases the concern of the population there The populated areas prone to stretch it fires with the intensification of the wind and the temperature rise.
And Edith fire to cut off the power and coverage of Internet and partly Communications stricken areas
And there is no any signs of improvement in the situation with stretch flames to affect large areas of Algaba.

Ali al-Saadi

Khobar – white –

Eng “Abdullah Matrudi”, Italian Relations Coordinator
Libya, he has been contact with the Italian Embassy to the capital Tripoli
And b Rome, which expressed approval and call for fire suppression
Green Mountain areas “south apse,” and “Guendaforh”
Flames devoured everything matched, but for bad weather
Aircraft could not Italian Altugeh to Libya for fire suppression
While devouring protected the people of Green Mountain waiting on the flame
Mild weather, in order to put out the flames.

And fire on Tuesday is the largest and larger than Hriqi of Ras Al Hilal
Which burn approximately 900 hectares, and fire Abelknh the intermediate and
Which burned approximately 1,200 hectares.

Fires “Permit a member of the so-called Conference …. From White City. Success Salouh to Libya’s international channel about Green Mountain Fire:– A fire broke out the green mountain close to the former fire place in the intermediate region:- There were families trapped between the fire and was taken out and was panting and Praise God Now they are in good health.- Now there’s fire engines on the way to the mountain of Brega– Italian firefighting planes not able to enter Libyan airspace due to bad weather.- We are now we feel as if these deliberate fires.- The Jordanian now that there is another fire in the forests of the Valley Cove and in Cyrene.Moved “
 Photo : ‎كمـَ شخصُ يعشقَ هـدآ البطلـ. . ؟. أدا كنت من محبيَ الجنرالـ خميس معمرُ القدآفي أضغط لايك وشير لـ صفحةَ : Al-shababiya channel | قناة الشبآبية. . . .!‎
 Dr. Moussa Ibrahim of BANI WALID

21 octobre 2012 GENERAL CORNER

Urgent: Major doctrinal birthday on Saturday 20/10/2012 Please publishing widely


– Nafusa Mountains – This is very general, but I could write dozens of posts on the different things in the Green Nafusa Western Mountains. Anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock for the last 8 months will have seen some of the breathtaking plains and mountain scenery in this region.

 (Credit: James Wheeler)

Zentani Vert résistance, l'Armée rouge


Snow in the Nafusa Green Western Mountains by الزنتان  08 FEBR, 2012:

No respect for God, the Earth or man..all they are is ZIONIST RATS!
News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
Green Mountain yelling before becoming Red Mountain
Where it is now a cliff and cut Green Mountain Forest !!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel rats Misrata meet sheikhs Chiaan to agreement to enter into a war against Zintan against the captives in Kapaau ………….. and sheikhs Chiaan ………. Will not be your scapegoat…
  •  Hello ..Liberals welcome, even confident victory .. I wanted Aletbih to a very important topic and dangerous may pass unnoticed these days without notice him Ahrar, a forest fire Ras Hilal, which I think is normal, especially after Talatna news [that there are deals to sell public land for the state to customers Gulf of Qataris and Emiratis and other foreigners, Do you think with me that the fire was an accident due to weather conditions or similar, I ask you to link the sale of land and forest fire and especially that the fire broke out in an area between Svha Mount from the opposite side of the sea and the coastal road!!

    ĆĎăĘă Dkhra Great Jamahiriya and never lasted Conqueror

    News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

    السلام عليكم .. تحية الأحرار حتى النصر الواثق .. أردت التبيه الى موضوع هام جداً وخطير قد يمر مرور الكرام هذه الأيام دون أن ينتبه اليه الأحرار , وهو حريق غابات راس هلال والذي أعتقد أنه غير طبيعي وخاصة بعدما طالعتنا الأخبار [ان هناك صفقات لبيع أراضي عامة للدولة لعملاء الخليج من القطريين والاماراتيين وغيرهم من الأجانب ، فهل تعتقدون معي أن الحريق مجرد حادث بسبب الأحوال الجوية أو ما شابه ،، أرجو منكم الربط بين بيع الأراضي وحريق الغابة وخاصة أن الحريق اندلع في منطقة تقع بين سفحي جبل من الجهة المقابلة للبحر والطريق الساحلي !!

    ودمتم دخراً للجماهيرية العظمى ودام الفاتح أبداً

    اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)

    Par : اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)
     ازودك the most important information on the fire place in Ras Helal and forests burned; is that those spaces king now for banana bought some patients souls, which sold and betrayed the homeland handful dirty money for the benefit of Israeli General Staff to establish military base own indirect ways according to the scheme Royal Idrissi obsolescent client period vanquished to Earth home; and renewed this scheme at the hands Alfberarien customers where prices reached land and buildings to dozens of dozens of price real;;; mention the destruction of evidence and buildings and archaeological according to the plans and agendas systematic and migrate content to outside home; where there are groups of Israeli, Jordanian and Egyptian and Italian for drilling and exploration there.
الصهاينة يريدون كله جبال نفوسة الغربية الأخضر و. برنار ليفي (المواطنة وهمية مخلة بالشرف) يرغب الملوكية من “Kalzintankhan” له. الإسرائيليون لديهم بالفعل إقامتهم الدائمة الجوية هناك، دمرت الغابات البكر .. واستولت على القصدير والمناجم المعدنية. هذا كله جزء من خططها لمنزل ثان للالصهاينة الإسرائيليين الذين تطير القذرة الراية البيضاء والزرقاء على العاصمة من مصراتة.
Zionists want the whole Green Western Mountains and Nafusa. Bernard Levy (of dishonorable fake citizenship) desires Kingship of his “Kalzintankhan. Already Israelis have their permanent airbase there, destroyed virgin forest..and took over the tin and mineral mines. This is all part of their plans for the second home for Israeli Zionists who fly their dirty white and blue flag over their capitol of Misurata.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel and Haaaam ………… and our response from the source of the spot fires in the Green Mountain forest of 800 hectares of the most beautiful forests in the Middle Libyan … Unfortunately remained 5-day fire and Covenant …. destruction and devastation of the nation systematically …. God to tolerate was the cause of this calamity black and a disastrous their called  “17 February” !عااااااااااااااااجل وهاااام …………وردنا من مصدر من عين المكان ان الحرائق في غابات الجبل الاخضر بلغت 800 هكتار من اجمل الغابات في الشرق الليبي … للاسف وبقيت 5 ايام النار والعه فيها….دمار وخراب للوطن ممنهج….الله لاتسامح من كان السبب في هذه النكبه السوداء والكارثيه المسمي 17 فبراير
14 JAN. 2013:MISRATA ZIONISTS UNDER BERNARD-HENRI LEVY are proclaiming the state of “KALZENTANKHAN” as the sole legitimate ruling entity over all LIBYA and its newly announced name !
They think they have usurped Zentan and all the former Zentani territory of the Western Green Nafusa Mountains is now theirs! They plan on a referendum to declare themselves as the new rulars and all must be subject to them as a Federation (whose capitol is Misrata) forming a Federal Libyan Government! Since the bankruptcy of Libya, Qatar and France have promised them financial Support and Official recognition in this endeavor. IMF has promised funding in whatever amounts needed to establish them as the LEGAL and sole government of Libya, to be known henceforth as “KALZENTANKHAN”…..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel correspondent incognito among rats begin to establish a U.S./ISRAELI base Zionism in the Green Mountain area.
الجبل الاخضر يستغيث قبل ان يصبح الجبل الاحمر
حيث يتم حاليا جرف وتقطيع غابات الجبل الاخضر
ISRAEL plans on annexing the Green Mountains for the airbase they contracted 30+ years with the RAT-puppets of GNC to own, besides getting 80 billion equivalent dollars and MISRATA as a second homeland for dispersed Zionist Jews !
 FOG in NAFUSA Mountains 24 December 2011:
Tripoli’s Green Nafusa Mountain Zentani are believed to be in victory or street plateau Mullachm of Zintan ……… And Zentani are now in full control of Tripoli !.
Miss for my writes:
Zintan in Khzer!!!! go Suleiman Forte with Mellecat Musratih and shield Libya sister of the steadfastness and to discuss and study entry and trapping Zintan and display Forte on epiphyseal either elmota bridge with us and taking Tharkm of Zintan or Tbako in Ardakm and Saeetm use Ardakm to cross towards Zintan .. and besiege Send weap
ons of all kinds average Altqil from Misrata to the corner and Azoarh It was going up arms to Nafusa Mountains sense to Jabaliya after what has been agreed with them by the delegation of Sri Musraty that Nafusa Mountains you alone and Zintan leave metal Torghae and Atfqo them to manage the mountain autonomy by Aljebalih after Mhasrt Zintan all Djihat and eliminate them 

Because Misurata have all the information on Zintan how siege and the amount of weapons found to have: the number of battalions in the Zintan and found in Tripoli study full (money Iderio by the sea) Zintan lying some warn and others not interested in God smite oppressors for Death and cast out of them safely erase history Libyan
Autonomous forces in Misrata hire mercenaries around the world
The plan of the armed forces for control of Misrata Libya.

Armed militias of Misrata trying to overcome the forces of the transitional government to rule militarily and economically on Libya.
IIn Misrata, the port city of Libya, they present themselves as the new national army, the “Shield of Lib

ya.” Its objective: to establish a military dictatorship and establish its economic power by controlling the eastern borders of Libya.Autonomous forces in Misrata, Libya powerful trading city, wish to free themselves completely from pro-government forces.
From 20 to 25 October 2012, they attacked the tribe of Bani Walid, 250 km east of Tripoli, killing hundreds of death with the green light of the provisional government of Libya. He wanted to finish with a “pocket of resistance” pro-Gaddafi while weakening one of the most important tribes of the country houses burned, use of phosphorus bombs … the international community is called upon to aid in vain.

They are now preparing to attack the Zintan region, a mountainous region in north-eastern Libya in the District of Al Jabal al Gharbi. Not with the support of pro-government forces to which they are allegiance but with the backing this time forces recruited from outside, including mercenaries experienced in mountain recruited from around the world.

The reasons for this new civil war in preparation are primarily economic: traders Misrata wish more than ever side control Libyan borders Algeria Tunisia and side to facilitate better access of goods into the country, the region of Zintan being close to the Tunisian border, Al Thahiba and the other Tunisian border at Ras Al Jadure.

Strong men of Misrata to tribes allied Berbers Zoira city, located near the Tunisian border, and, in time, were driven from the region of Zintan in favor of Arab tribes. Misrata militias allied Berbers would like to place on two moving boundaries in the Arab inhabitants of the region to secure this strategic location to control the arrival of the goods.

In addition, people of Zintan did not want “to Saif Al Islam”, Gaddafi’s son, who it was thought being held in the area of Zintan. Misrata which had suffered counter-attacks by pro-Jamahiriya forces in 2011  still want revenge, they THINK THEY have killed Gaddafi father [but he still lives as Supreme Commander of the Green Resistance] and killed his son Dr.Moutassim Billah, secretary of Jamahiriya’s defense.

Finally, they invoke a third reason to make war on the people of Zintan: Former Libyan Minister of Defense, Osama Al Juilli, originally from Zintan, supported the tribe of Bani Walid in the last attack in October 2012, forces autonomous Misrata.

Destabilized after the tribe of Bani Walid, which has about 1.3 million people across the country, the Zionist people of Misrata and the “Shield of Libya” now aspire to hold in their hands the military and economic power in Libya.

Vaea Devatine
Mardi 20 Novembre 2012

Les milices de Misrata - Photo : DR.Les melices de Misrata

Les milices armées de Misrata tentent de s’affranchir des forces du

rats Misrata send arms to Sabratha rats by Wattayah base! Aaaaaaajl rats Gharyan support rats Kapaau …………. Where are you, O Mchacheh fingers Araban?Photo : Nope.

Aaaaaaajl rats Misrata and Friday Market (TRIPOLI) demands Zintan to hand over their weapons to the Ministry of Interior or Defense Almusratih.

City Tighe – Libya occupied – 11.11.2012 homes exposed to indiscriminate shelling and families Bdtkhalhm by armed gangs.
Home was bombed, and the family included a number wounded more than 5 some of them in serious condition

Photo: home was bombed, and the family included a number wounded more than 5 some of them in serious condition

A house in the town of Taiji was bombed by missiles locusts from Kapaau armed gangs.
12 novembre 2012 00:33

A house in the town of Taiji is being bombarded by missiles from Locust Kapaau

Houses were bombed and is Maholh populated by gangs Kapaau backed government to displace imported tribes Chiaan
Homes in Taiji after bombing
Houses were bombed and is populated Maholh … In lost silence and violence and use of force and indifference national patriotism because became under the power and the logic of power is the dominant Imposer and the rest of the terms.

المنازل تعرضت للقصف و هي مؤهولة بالسكان … في ضل صمت رهيب و عنف و استخدام للقوة

 و عدم الاكتراث بالوطنية لان الوطنية اصبحت تحت بند القوة و منطق القوة هو الفارض و المهيمن على بقية المصطلحات
Durée : ‎0:31
Tank shell falling on one of the houses in the town of Taiji by government gangs imported

Photo: tank shell falling on one of the houses in the town of Taiji by government gangs imported

منزل في مدينة تيجي يتعرض للقصف بصواريخ الجراد من مدينة كاباو

Durée : ‎0:10

Ahmed Top writes:

Akaddadfah new …. 

Who appointed in each of these functions sovereign Will the rest of Libyans from Myanmar Venaúb President National Congress Fri Aotaiqh Misrati and Chairman of the Committee for the Defense National Congress Abdulrahman Swehli Misrati Committee Chairman legislation National Congress Omar Boulifa Misrati and Chairman Media Committee National Congress Hassan secretary Misrati and five Zarah on her head, internal facilities and approximately 19 and Under Secretary of Proverbs Fawzi dates 
and Mohammed Al Moghairby and beloved secretary and Omar Alchukmak and and and also obtained the presidency largest economic institutions and military chief of staff to Joseph carved Misrati and Central Bank of Libya to a friend Omar Big Misrati and the National Oil Corporation Nuri Balrwin Misrati and committee Treatment Abroad Omar carved Misrati and the National Foundation for Supply Commodities Abdulhakim Zoppi Misrati Fund Altzamn to key bin Drdv Misrati and company Socialist Ports to suck 
Rati Mohammed Tainashy and Libyan Stock Market for Musraty Mohammed Fakroun Relief Allepieh key Atoalb Misrati Red Crescent Libyan Abdel Hamid hardness Misrati foreign investment and fund economic development Mahmoud Paddy Misrati General Administration of Civil Registry Libyan Mohammad and all most of ambassadors and all channels Allepieh Vguenah Free Libya Braúash favor Majdoub Misrati and channel Libya national headed Faraj bin invaded Misrati and channel capital Nabil Shibani Misrati, Libya TV is Mrbuah the hardness and the support Dbeabh Misrati biggest thief of public money in the history of mankind is Presidents and توباكتس channel Ibrahim Misrati yolks and channel Misrata Mohamed Kulaioan Misrati and and and and Nqta Sobh —- you God for Libya. For rats Misrata demanding sacking 6 of ministers rat Zidane from the eastern region …….. And the appointment of Misrata their place.

 For those who do not know, the question: who are these machine/ORCS Misrata amatar specifically? Who knows … what this scheme? Who is the original manufacturer? Misrata wants atomic missiles (from USA and Israel) to destroy and erase all good from the face of the earth! عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجلكم صاروخ تريده مصراتة لتدميرها ومسحها من علي وجه الارض
عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجلكم صاروخ تريده مصراتة لتدميرها ومسحها من علي وجه الارض
Aaaaaaajl rats Misrata send delegation to Almgarhh Sri in the beach for an alliance with them against Zintan ……….
 And Almgarhh refuse.
Gel support of Nalut to rats rats Kapaau to fight the people of Chiaan.
martyrdom of a number of people Chiaan ……. And tank shelling continued until now.
 I activist Mujahid a Partagé le statut de sniper AboSaleem Alsoiei 
writes us:

“The story also received from eyewitness \ \ \ \ \ \ 
secret volcano of anger, O Khoi correct for your information that Jerdan not Adkhalo camp Tighe not Asatro. And story Come advent of some of Jerdan to enter the camp and the seizure of some heavy machinery and without any instructions and refused tribesmanChiaan knead occurred skirmishes about rejection and one Jerdan drew his weapon tumor by the gate I answered him gate person was killed and Harpo Jerdan and after stings provide a convoy of dogs Kapaau but Cano Champions lookout for them were used Balrajmat but heroes Atohm Ali Roshm and Harpo to mount again and this whole story

Been retrieved camp Tighe after clashes between residents Chiaan honorable and between جردان Kapaau infidels 
were killed 4 of جردان Kapaau and sometimes are shelling between the two parties 
and now and thank God Tighe and Badr their affairs fully fullness under the control of his sons brave 
and why this fighting جردان Kapaau Galo when ordered from inventory Maj. Gen. Joseph ornately control on Tighe ACLU camp on their heads and Rkpo to the mountain They Menhzmin 
and Matsamaosh rumors who اتقول that Tighe and Badr Khash some 
live to sons Chiaan and youth brave 
and Tfoowoowoowoowoowo Ali Jerdan Almottagrdnyin”.
Iaaaajmall Iaaaabashr. God Matvtnoa but Aaderoa Joe data Omh Arefh Henw Alassaaan Lord protect her and saves her family and spared the war and murder Lord …
Menbosh bin Walid Tanah bowed each page down in a statement
and Altanah lie and Altalth enchanting Raho Mottageyeyish Mottageyeyish.
Think people Chiaan before not every need and beaten and killed salvation I AM zero hour.
Aaaaaagel news for the destruction of a number of cars rats Kapaau the hands are free Chiaan …….
And 4 of rats killed so far.Order Zintan supports now Chiaan against rats Kapaau …..
Fear of treason expected from rats against Zintan.
rats Gado agree with the attack on Zintan!
– Zintan : Strong movements “prepare for war” with Misurata. Those in turn have negotiated with the tribes living in the vicinity of Zintan have bound together to counter the attack of the Misrata Zionists whose pretext is that Zentan is safely harboring many of the Warfalla tribe of Bani Walid. But: the real reason – is that Zintan is the latest strong opposition to Imperialist tyranny in western Libya, as they have access to the oil fields of Ghadames and Ubari, and they defend their Green Nafusa mountains from Israel taking over and using the Green Mountains of the West for an Israeli airbase.
continued bombing BY rats from over the mountains to areas tribe Chiaan in Taiji.
violent clashes with heavy weapons in Taiji around the Green mountains  with rats…
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel young Chiaan control of the camp Tighe ……….
and expel rats Kapaau, to the extent of farm jazz splint
Powerful explosions rocked southern Misrata night ……..
The voice thick pencil for the fifth night in a row.
MISRATA GOING TO GET “IT” from the Green Resistance !
News Libyan Resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)News refers to launch a ground offensive to the Zionist enemy in the next 48 hours .. Where rebels Bernard Levy
الاخبار تشير إلى إنطلاق هجوم بري للعدو الصهيوني في 48ساعة القادمة..أين ثوار برنار ليفي
اليوم عبيد مصراتة يغيرو في ضي المنارة يلي قدام ميناء مصنع الحديد والصلب لإستقبال سفينة شحن اسرائيلية جاية بتغرف حديد باش تبني بيهم مستوطنان في فلسطين.
correspondent in Qatar Hamad divides rat in front of everyone to destroy Zintan:
  • From “ASHAM HOME”:
    Order credibility Asham home ……..
    Because we are the strongest when we asked about what happens in Jufrah ……..
    Of foreign troops …? Today we are honest and make sure you ……..
    Why Turn Qatari rats with advanced equipment to Jufrah.
عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااجلOur correspondent of Zintan: Unconfirmed for a convoy heading from Zintan to and then Rishvana to Tripoli within hours Misurata delegation heads to sister agreement to the attack on Zintan ……..
Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)عاااااااااااااااااااااااااجل correspondent incognito among rats rats corner sending volunteers to Zintan to defend it against rats Misrata Friday Market
  • Leagues of RATS mounting against Zentan!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel market Friday rats supports rats Misrata in their Zionist WAR AGAINST ZENTAN!
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel number of young families Chiaan one of the gates at the hands of rats Kapaau …….. And Chiaan demanding release It is well known that rats Kapaau backed by rats Misrata.
    correspondent in beautiful still displaced there Hellbe families of flies as a result of the bombing rats from Kapaau
  • delegation Asabah and Alnoaúl mediating reconciliation between flies and rats Kapaau.
    · Many tribes support with Zintan against Misrata in an emergency meeting them
  • disgusting rat ……… Epiphyseal describes the people of the land of Jihad and the Mujahideen ………. and epiphyseal folks responded it (play remote O …… client will not fight Zintan for Germankm)
An armed clash between the corner and Zintan militias for control of the gate and casualtiesErupted Sunday armed confrontations between such groups including one track popular corner and the other came from Zintan and in an attempt to acquire Gateway considered them.
This has led the clash to the fall of a number of wounded on both sides, while supported militias of Zuwarah militants corner forcing who came from Zintan to step back and escape.
Epiphyseal and refuse to rats.

31 octobre 2012

Image for Misrata rebels yesterday from the heart of the event in Bani Walid … Allahu Akbar. Heard bullets and clashes heavily at night in Misrata since 3 days. 

I hope that you get the message whom it may concern in the area of Zintan and very urgently because of its importance .. in the past two days in one of the cafes near the Tunisian Libyan border to the cafe was attended by a number 8 men c

Sawa and we knew through their talk they Misurata because they speak a lot about Macamoa Secret of Ge and destruction in Bani Walid men .. And were carrying bags with large amounts of money demanded lunch and sat for the evening and in the evening I attended 4 cars Libyan by 13 people and sat with other people and said one of them on the corner cafe distant little from the rest of the people and asked dinner and wine of all kinds and learned that most of them were bearded and Dar, including talk follows:
eight people from Misurata who are starting to talk with others سردوا them about Mafloh Bani Walid and Bani Walid will only be for Misurata spoke a people who had confirmed that the whole mountain of Nalut and Zintan must take the palm like Bani Walid .. And Multi Zintan would be easier than Bani Walid
then spoke last and confirmed that Misrata ready to deliver arms to visitors and also to pay any amounts to provide fighters also confirmed someone that France and Qatar will not stand with Zintan and war Zintan will end in two days a lot, because the battle will be by visitors and mountain will be pressure  Zintan full force also there is a chance to enter supplies to the mountain through the port Zhabh and spoke someone tribes Alnoaúl and Mahamid and some tribes in Tunis sympathetic Zintan stressed someone that Alnoaúl will not stand with Zintan because they did not stand with them against the visitors
and also spoke someone asked from the audience that make things clear Vmasrath does not want from Zintan anything but (Saif al-Islam) have as well as some Cronies Who in Zintan then names including girls were working with Gaddafi ..
then gave one of them bags that were with the eight people who attended after them, stressing that the amount is enough for processing starter and there will be other amounts and talked someone Western countries another individual we have the green light from each country do not be afraid What did the world when we were fighting Bani Walid and agreed that arrive to the corner and Zuwarah Features required and also will fly the delivery Mainqs people mountain to fight the battle is important is recognizing Saif neighborhood ..
and tell you in Zintan strike next and not, as is rumored now to draw attention away from the real target them .. God testify .. God has reached …. Moved.
Zintani in Tripoli threaten to kill the rat disgusting and rat ornately

Warning to Zintan ! There are columns of Misrata heading south in abundance these days ……..

I think it is encircle Zintan and  Ghadames hand now….

Zintan are doing a large poster in the gate well Ayad him the names of their dead sister in the battle. fears abound on Zintan pages concerning the attacks by Misrata RATS upon those in Zentan. Zionist rats of Misurata aircraft heading to the stopper.

Anne Prucha writes: “I hope Zintan will be able to resist to Misrata’s Rats. Those monsters and their Israelis allies MUST be stopped. This battle will be of capital importance for the Greens.” kilometers Misrata wants atomic missiles (from USA and Israel) to destroy and erase all good from the face of the earth! Clashes Aaaagelbetween Zintan militia and guard rat Abdul Rahman Swehli after epiphyseal try to persuade the attack on Zintan.

Gel from the pages of ratsunconfirmed deaths rat Abdul Rahman Swehli Ali hands Zintan.  

Interruption loss and poor communications in Taiji and the Green Mountain.

 Misurata trains, finances and build their own army to buy weapons from Qatar

 to kill Libyans.

Evidence was taken from a transport vessel “SEA AMAZON” free zone in the port of Misurata,

where they were unloaded 481 military vehicles with heavy weapons and camouflage strange!!.

* Say that Misurata wants to fight and gave charges of Zentan helping Bani Walid ..

Zentan in Tripoli, say  they have contacted the Warfalla tribe and try to help and negotiatewith them.


عااااااااااااااااااااااااجل between Zuwarah and Ajeelat in a new area near Mellita.
Default from Ajeelat City Aoavi news of clashes there.


This is today’s in Zintan occasion God I know is important to the three important observations on the picture ..
First: – Minister of Defense Mohammad Barghathi walker Jay Zintan imposed Icheroa his monsters in Zintan ..
Second: – Suit stun white pleasures Hamid the Hassi prophet we know either Heca wears army launched now in the first dou …
Third: Colonel Mukhtar Fernana popular uniform rotation and serve in the military and police on duty canceled and Bari the mayor Mapdlash Red .. A Mbth picture of the situation Messy in suitable Mbth ..

Senthana voiture peigne électrique du village de palme et le soulèvement du xanthane leur ai dit Achteraatha Zintan lui a donné un certificat breveté .. Ils ont le droit et le droit ..

Calamité ignorance
Zentan voiture électrique

Rat Swehli demanding the expulsion of Zintan from the southern oil fields!!

8 thoughts on “al-ZENTANI

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  2. Algeria Military are fighting in Libya with 87 incidences already!—The people are blaming the Zintan for what is happening in Ghadames—[which is clearly not their fault as the Zintan Red Army (under Moktar Greene) are trying to keep al-Qaeda from coming into Libya at the Algerian border through Ghadames]….and in one case, the Zintan fought French soldiers too.

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  4. Mokhtar al-Akdhar (MOKTAR GREENE), who was falsely listed as dead last June, has many truths to say and expound upon. I would never consider him to be a rat. Zintan did go into an alliance with the Green Army, (they are known as the “Red Army”); and, they helped rid Tripoli recently of the mafia-Rat so-called “security”. Their air-command is very honorable, and they did protect Saif, giving him a public fair trial in December 2011 and an unbreakable honorable bond exist between the Zintan and al-Qathafi tribes.

  5. Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)


    Post correspondents ……… Our correspondent from Tunisia

    I think that there is a conspiracy against Zintan. ستحاصر Zintan happen what happened in Bani Walid.

  6. concerning the Great Man-Made River;
    I am in Tears! The Great Man-Made River has been poluted by the US and UK bombings and elsewise—it is not being threatened by others
    (whom they will spin on the blame):
    This is there excuse to get out of responsibility for any polution
    and also to use the Zentani as “scapegoats” again..
    They will blame it on the Zentan.
    It is part of their conspiracy against Zintan.

    The following is a CIA fabrication:
    The Embassies of America / Britain / Germany / France / Netherlands in Libya Received the Following Message:
    External messages from their countries is as follows:
    Not to use Great Man Made River water in industrial washing or drinking and cooking.
    These warnings come as part of intelligence arrived in the intelligence of those States that the disappearance of large amounts of the substance Methanol from the Military Metiga to Libya and that militant groups have gotten on that substance and seek to use it in water sources say also to some cities.
    This information has been published on the website of the U.S. intelligence agency CIA today that mass killings, in the past two days in Libya there was an incident with Wines affixed with the substance of Methanol.
    Its believed that a group of security leader extremist in the facilities of Matiga Military Airport, West Libyan capital, and the next planned to poison water sources within Capital to create a state of confusion and chaos and pull the eyes of Western intelligence Street penetration radical jihad movement inside Libya.
    سفارات كل من :: امريكا / بريطانيا / المانيا / فرنسا / هولندا / بليبيا
    رسائل من خارجية دولهم تقضي بعدم استعمال مياه النهر الصناعي في الغسيل او
    الطبخ اوال شرب وتأتي تلك التحذيرات في اطار معلومات استخباراتيه وصلت
    لمخابرات تلك الدول مفادها اختفاء كميات كبيره من مادة ال مثانول من قواعد
    عسكريه ذاخل ليبيا وان جماعات متشدده قد حصلت على تلك المادة وتسعى
    لاستخدامها في مصادر المياه التي تغدي بعض المدن واضافة المعلومات التي
    نشرت على موقع وكالة المخابرات الامريكيه CIA اليوم ان عمليات قتل جماعي
    تمت خلال اليوميين الماضيين بليبيا عن طريق توزيع خمور مضافه اليها مادة
    ال مثانول من قبل قيادات امنية متطرفه تسير بعض مرافق الامن ذاخل طرابلس
    الغرب العاصمة الليبيه ، وان المخطط القادم تسميم مصادر المياه داخل
    العاصمة لخلق حالة من الارتباك والفوضى وسحب اعين المخابرات الغربيه
    والشارع عن تغلغل التيار الجهادي المتطرف داخل ليبيا.

  7. A statement of the local council of the city of Zintan

    – Need to work on building the army and police, according to assets
    – Support for the decision of 27 and his development of a program of ministries
    – Must include the resolution of all Titles of armor and backing and security committee, crime Mkafjh and recognized labels sufficiency.
    – Delivery of all prisoners, the Ministry of Justice
    – Develop a charter between all the cities and tribes and representatives of the parties to break the impasse.

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