AYNAR 1423 FDP: la nouvelle année 2013 / New Year 2013

 AYNAR 1423 FDP:  la nouvelle année 2013 / New Year 2013
Mu'ammar al Qathafi at prayer 555
“The western media is silent on the new picture of Moammar Gadhafi disclosed in the media of the Libyan Resistance.

The photo shows a Gadhafi aged, but strong, which would coordinate resistance efforts in several Libyan cities in the liberation struggle of the country. Weeks before the end of the war and occupation of Libya, the spokesman of the government of the Libyan Jamahiriya, Ibrahim Musa , said that “Gaddafi was in a safe place, where no one could catch him.” For any questions about the death of Gaddafi, the Libyan puppet government (dominated by colonial powers) sent to the genetic material DNA Laboratory of Sarajevo (ICMP) through a fully confidential report. The result arrived last week and is being kept in absolute secrecy. The final report on DNA analysis of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi “reveals that the DNA does not match with his son Mutassim Gaddafi – says the ICMP Sarajevo, the world’s largest center for DNA analysis.

Once the DNA of the body displayed like Moammar Gadhafi does not match the body presented by the Western press, the only possible answer is that the body martyred by mercenaries in Sirte would be a lookalike of Gaddafi. To further complicate version official martyrdom of Gaddafi, the Libyan resistance showed a photograph which they said would be recent, internationalist leader, to the delight of all the combatants who fight to oust the Libyan territory mercenaries and foreign troops who invaded the country to steal oil.

For all of you doubters and misinformed, Muammar al-Qathafi is the Supreme Commander of Libyan People’s Liberation Army and the co-ordinator of the Green Resistance. He is actively fighting the imposed Yankee puppet regime, has never had a stroke or been murdered, and is the author of the only solution for our ailing planet: The Third Universal theory….(explained fully in the “Green Book”).
He conceived and financed the multi-billion Great Man-Made River Project and innumerable charities, especially through the World Islamic Call Society. He has built marvelous mosques, schools, clinics, hospitals, parks and even 2 Catholic church buildings. He has made the Holy Quaran available in every known language throughout the world in print…He is the master-mind now behind the Green Resistance, and has helped so many people this last year alone with food, supplies, medicine, sanitary facilities and even MONEY! He monitors (with a team of scientists) the GM-M River’s water and warns peoples of any dangers in drinking (as well as doing as many repairs to it as possible, since much destruction was done from NATO bombings). He and his teams have dismantled land-mines, and destroyed open mustard gas containers left from NATO’s mercenaries.
Whatever possible that is good and of-which he can do something, Mu’ammar alone is supervising and doing—as the puppet GNC does absolutely nothing to help the Libyan peoples.
URGENT: International Criminal Court challenging the fairness of the Libyan judiciary. | News agency Gaddafi International dlvr.it Urgent:
 Mu like Jesis, ISSA

Fact~ while lies and tall tales about Muammar Gaddafi are still circulating among people who don’t know better, and the damage of this campaign of slander is embedded into too many minds, the truth about Muammars good nature and kindness towards others is becoming more known than ever…And in time we’ll again witness the grace in which Muammar has always reacted to such ugliness….

  • May the whole earth know this truth and his Third Universal Theory explained in the “5th Gospel” of the Green Book
     Mu’ammar al-Qathafi never has and never will preach “revenge”…justice will be handed out by GOD/ALLAH–and no man has this right. Man must learn to dialogue (shara) as the prophet taught:
  • In the name of God the Merciful

    “And ordered them to mutual consultation”….

    (THIS IS) The difference between our direct-democracy (THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY as outlined by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) having been taken from the Koranic Islamic law (SHARIA), and the western representative-”democracy” !
    Telegram given by Muammar al-Qathafi to all the Rulars of the World for the New Year, 1975:
    Diplomatic able
    Telegram given by Muammar al-Qathafi to all the Rulars of the World for the New Year, 1975:

    “The people of the earth, and even the angels of heaven, have despaired of the meaningless exchange over hundreds of years of the greeting, ‘Happy New Year’ ! Every rular repeats this greeting, and yet goes on striving to make the year one of misfortune, rather than happiness.

    Can we therefore stop for a moment to ponder some verses of the Scriptures: the Quaran, the Torah, and The Gospels ?

    The Quaran says: ‘Assist one another in works of righteousness and piety,, and assist not one another in works of wrong-doing and transgression.’ Let us remember how Christ reproached people because they forgot the Word of God; and instead gave themselves to conceit. He upbraided the priests for their neglect of God’s word and for their greed. He reproached the scribes for spreading false teachings, and for abandoning the Law of God. All this he declared in his first sermon which he preached in Jarusalem. Now because we are without a Christ to reproach the conceited, the greedy, those who propagate false teachings, and those who oppose God’s Law, we must reproach one another for our sins….

    We must realise that we are far removed from the teachings of Christ, and are instead close to the teachings of Satan.The SUPERPOWERS spend large sums on producing more nuclear bombs and the development of intercontinental missiles. They are engaged in the conquest of Space and the spread of propaganda and psychological warfare while the rest of the people of the globe suffer the scourges of disease, hunger and rocketing inflation.

    In reality, these nations are guided by Satan, his scriptures and by the theories of Marx, and NOT by any Holy Scripture. We are in great need of the teachings of Christ, which would command us, saying: ‘Lift your hands from Palestine (the birthplace of Christ, peace be upon Him), from Eire, Southeast Asia, and your colonies in Africa !’How greatly in need is the world today of having Christ; in order that it may turn away from the bar-rooms and the vain pleasures on every Christmas and New Year. People instead, should turn to houses of wordhip, to offer prayers, seek God’s forgiveness, and reflect upon His Law.

    With Season’s Greetings.Muammar al-Qathafi2013 w Mu Quoting: Khaled Khuwaildi:

    “Survival to God in love and unity in fraternity Cyprt and humanity which were abandoned, my Granny prompt consolation comrades who assembled a row to differentiate Jihad the sedition grandchildren and turn them to Cilod and torturer.”

Parmi les meilleures femmes au monde selon l’islam: Mariame (Marie) mère de Issa (Jésus)

Marie, la mère de Jésus, occupe une position très spéciale en Islam et Allah affirme qu’elle est la meilleure femme que l’humanité est connu.  Il l’a préférée à toutes les femmes à cause de sa piété et de sa dévotion. « Et un jour les anges dirent à Marie : « Ô Marie!  Certes, Dieu t’a élue et purifiée, et t’a préférée à (toutes) les femmes de la création.  Ô Marie!  Obéis à ton Seigneur, prosterne-toi et incline-toi avec ceux qui s’inclinent (en prière). » (Coran 3:42-43) Allah, Exalté soit-Il



Jésus dans le Coran Le chrétien ne sait pas que l’esprit de charité que le musulman témoigne à Jésus (P) et à sa mère Marie jaillit de la fontaine de toutes les sciences, le Saint Coran. Il ignore que le musulman ne peut prononcer le nom sacré de Jésus (P) s’il ne le fait suivre de la formule Hazrat Issa (Béni soit Jésus), ou Issa alayhi As-Salam (que la paix soit sur lui). Chaque fois qu’un musulman mentionne le nom de Jésus (P) en omettant formules il est considéré comme irrespectueux, grossier ou barbare. Le chrétien ne sait pas que dans Le Saint

Dans la fête du premier janvier, bien des fils s’entrecroisent. Pendant des siècles, ce jour fut consacré à la circoncision du Seigneur. C’était logique puisque l’évangile dit clairement que ce rite, fondamental dans le judaïsme, a été accompli huit jours après la naissance de l’enfant. Simultanément, l’enfant recevait son nom : Joseph et Marie l’appelèrent « Jésus », selon l’indication de l’ange Gabriel.

L’histoire du prophete Jesus (sidna Issa) selon le Coran, sa naissance, sa vie, sa mission, son message, sa mort.


Mu confident

ஜ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ● Libyan Arab Jamahiriya ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●

الجماهيـــرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية العظمـــــــــــــى ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●

ليه فكر القائد مازال مستمرا الي الان Asham el-watan ( alla, moamer , libya only ) Les thought leader is still going to make now.

 Enjoy the great postage stamps of the Libyan Jamahiriya and the great Libyan music in the videos below:

Libyan Post Company burns $279M worth of Gaddafi stamps

By   https://worldmathaba.net/items/2189-libyan-post-company-burns-279m-worth-of-gaddafi-stamps?ref=email

Stamps of the Libyan Jamahiriya
Stamps of the Libyan Jamahiriya
On December 25, the Libyan General Post Company burned all postage stamps that carried the image of Muammar Gaddafi or an image of his work or projects. The burned stamps, according to Saudi Gazette website 259,434,634 in total, were worth 341 million Libyan dinars, equaling $279 million. They were destroyed as a part of an ongoing so-called cleansing process by the occupation forces with the intent to rid the country of means to “glorify” the Leader of the Al-Fateh Revolution and his achievements. In a similar method of mind control in May last year, a law ridiculously titled “Criminalizing the glorification of the Tyrant”, was passed by the NATO-installed Libyan government. The law (Law 37) criminalized “any glorification of Muammar Gaddafi, his ideas, his regime and his sons” (Article 1) as well as “any publishing of news, propaganda or rumours which harm the February 17 Revolution” (Article 2). Article 3 declared that “Any rule which contravenes this law shall be overturned”. Violation of the Law, which eventually was revoked after lawyers and human rights groups around the world strongly disapproved it in the media, could have been subject to a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Now let us assume just for the sake of the argument that the images of Muammar Gaddafi or his achievements on the postage stamps are nothing but an expression of plain glorification of the man and his projects and works. To be more specific, projects like the Great Man-Made River, which made Libya a source of agricultural abudance, capable of producing adequate food and water to supply its own needs and to share with neighbouring countries, and works like the Green Book which include definitions such as:

Democracy is the power of the people, not only the expression of the people. We declare that power belongs to the people. It is exercised directly, without intermediary or representatives in the popular congresses and the people’s committees.


We are liberated from any feudalism. The land is nobody’s property. Each person has the right to exploit it and to benefit from it by labour, agriculture or animal-keeping, throughout one’s life, that of one’s heirs, and within the limits of personal effort and the satisfaction of needs.

Let us assume for the sake of the argument that the images are not in any way affiliated with a sense of pride, gratitude or solidarity the Libyans may have experienced during four decades of Gaddafi’s leadership which made Libya the most prosperous country of the African continent.


“Wiping Countries Off the Map”: Who’s Failing the “Failed States”

Global Research, 29 December  2012
“Across the world, a dangerous rumor has spread that could have catastrophic implications. According to legend, Iran’s President has threatened to destroy Israel, or, to quote the misquote, “Israel must be wiped off the map”. Contrary to popular belief, this statement was never made, …” (Arash Norouzi, Wiped off The Map: The Rumor of the Century January 2007) The United States has attacked, directly or indirectly, some 44 countries throughout the world since August 1945, a number of them many times. The avowed objective of these military interventions has been to effect “regime change”. The cloaks of “human rights” and of “democracy” were invariably evoked to justify what were unilateral and illegal acts. (Professor Eric Waddell, The United States’ Global Military Crusade (1945- ), Global
Research, February 2007 This is a [Pentagon] memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” (General Wesley Clark, Democracy Now, March 2, 2007) * * * Washington is in the “business of destroying” a very long list of countries. Who is “Wiping Countries off the Map”? Iran or the United States? During a period which is euphemistically called the “post-war era” –extending from 1945 to the present–, the US has directly or indirectly attacked more than 40 countries. While the tenets of US foreign policy are predicated on the “spread of democracy”, US interventionism –through military means and covert operations– has resulted in the outright destabilization and partition of sovereign nations. Destroying countries is part of a US Imperial project, a process of global domination. Moreover, according to official sources, the US has a total of 737 military bases in foreign countries. (2005 data)
The Notion of “Failed States”
The Washington based National Intelligence Council (NIC) in its Global Trends report (December 2012) “predicts” that 15 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East will become “failed states” by 2030, due to their “potential for conflict and environmental ills”. The list of countries in the 2012 NIC report includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, DR Congo, Malawi, Haiti, Yemen. (see p 39) In its previous 2005 report, published at the outset of Bush’s second term, the National Intelligence Council had predicted that Pakistan would become a “failed’ state” by 2015 “as it will be affected by civil war, complete Talibanisation and struggle for control of its nuclear weapons”. Pakistan was compared to Yugoslavia which was carved up into seven proxy states after a decade of US-NATO sponsored “civil wars”.
The NIC forecast for Pakistan was a “Yugoslav-like fate” in a “country riven by civil war, bloodshed and inter-provincial rivalries” (Energy Compass, 2 March 2005). While the failed states are said to “serve as safehavens for political and religious extremists” (p. 143), the report does not acknowledge the fact that the US and its allies have, since the 1970s, provided covert support to religious extremist organizations as a means to destabilize sovereign secular nation states. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan were secular states in the 1970s. A Yugoslav or Somalia-style “failed state status” is not the result of internal social divisions, it is a strategic objective implemented through covert operations and military action.
The Washington based Fund for Peace, whose mandate is to promote “sustainable security through research”, publishes (annually) a “Failed States Index” based on a risk assessment (see map below). Thirty three countries (included in the Alert and Warm categories) are identified as “failed states”. According to the Fund for Peace, the “failed states” are also “targets for Al Qaeda linked terrorists” “The annual ranking of nations by the Fund for Peace/Foreign Policy for failing/fragile-state trouble-signs comes as international alarm grows about al-Qaeda-linked extremists setting up a state-based sanctuary in northern Mali for jihadi expansion.” Needless to say, the history of Al Qaeda as a US intelligence asset, its role in creating factional divisions and instability in the Middle East, Central Asia and sub-Saharan Africa are not mentioned. The activities of the jihadist Al Qaeda units in most of these countries are part of a diabolical covert intelligence agenda.
“Weaker” and “Failed States”: A Threat to America In a twist logic, “weaker failed states”, according to the US Congress, are said to constitute a threat to the security of the US. The latter includes “several threats emanating from states that are variously described as weak, fragile, vulnerable, failing, precarious, failed, in crisis, or collapsed“. As the Cold War concluded in the early 1990s, analysts became aware of an emerging international security environment, in which weak and failing states became vehicles for transnational organized crime, nuclear proliferation pathways, and hot spots for civil conflict and humanitarian emergencies. The potential U.S. national security threats weak and failing states pose became further apparent with Al Qaeda’s September 11, 2001, attack on the United States, which Osama bin Laden masterminded from the safe haven that Afghanistan provided. The events of 9/11 prompted President George W. Bush to claim in the 2002 U.S. National Security Strategy that “weak states, like Afghanistan, can pose as great a danger to our national interests as strong states.”
CRS Report for the US Congress, Washington, 2008) What is not mentioned in this Congressional CRS report is that the “hot spots of organized crime and civilian conflict” are the result of US covert intelligence operations. Amply documented, the Afghan drug economy which generates over 90 percent of the World’s supply of heroin is tied into a multibillion dollar money laundering operation involving major financial institutions. The drug trade out of Afghanistan is protected by the CIA and US-NATO occupation forces. Syria: Categorized as a “Failed State” The atrocities committed against the Syrian population by the US-NATO sponsored Free Syrian Army (FSA) create conditions which favor sectarian warfare. Sectarian extremism favors the breakup of Syria as a Nation State as well as the demise of the central government in Damascus. Washington’s foreign policy objective is to transform Syria into what the National Intelligence Council (NIC) calls a “failed state”. Regime change implies maintaining a central government. As the Syrian crisis unfolds, the endgame is no longer “regime change” but the partition and destruction of Syria as a Nation State. The US-NATO-Israel strategy is to divide the country up into three weak states. Recent media reports intimate that if Bashar Al Assad “refuses to step down”, “the alternative is a failed state like Somalia.”
One possible ”break-up scenario” reported by the Israeli press would be the formation of separate and “independent” Sunni, Alawite-Shiite, Kurdish and Druze states. According to Major-General Yair Golan of Israel’s IDF “Syria is in civil war, which will lead to a failed state, and terrorism will blossom in it.” The Israel Defence Forces are currently analyzing “how Syria would break up”, according to Major General Golan (Reuters, May31, 2012) In November, United Nations peace envoy Lakhdar Ibrahimi intimated that Syria could become “A New Somalia” ,… “warning of a scenario in which warlords and militia fill a void left by a collapsed state.” (Reuters, November 22, 2012) ”What I am afraid of is worse … the collapse of the state and that Syria turns into a new Somalia.”
“I believe that if this issue is not dealt with correctly, the danger is ‘Somalisation’ and not partition: the collapse of the state and the emergence of warlords, militias and fighting groups.” (Ibid) What the UN envoy failed to mention is that the breakup of Somalia, was deliberate. It was part of a covert US military and intelligence agenda, which is now being applied to several targeted countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, which are categorized as “failed states”. The central question is: who is failing the failed states? Who is “Taking them Out”? The planned break-up of Syria as a sovereign state is part of an integrated regional military and intelligence agenda which includes Lebanon, Iran and Pakistan. According to the “predictions” of the National Intelligence Council, the breakup of Pakistan is slated to occur in the course of the next three years.
False Taliani Musayyib all the problems of Libya and killings, kidnappings and fighting and Jay Halhayeb speak language Tamazight Henw is a teacher of languages ​​and Henw story Bernard-Henri Levy Ghariani: Amazigh charm nor demarcated in the Constitution! Forgive for Libya home but do not forget: before the revolution of February 17 was Amazigh cm and plot

* The bandit and corrupt (FALSE) NATO cleric, Ghariani,


 issued a fatwa forbidding  all mobilization and protest in Benghazi,

but people continued defiance and protest on Friday, 28 December 2012.

– Laws enacted that violate human rights: The National Transitional Council (NTC) passed laws that violate human rights, contrary to international conventions, treaties and protocols, which Libya is a party, including the International Covenant on Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the Provisional Constitutional Declaration of NTC. These laws are:

1. Law No. 17 (2012) on the National Conciliation Rules and Transitional Justice. This law limits the actions of reconciliation for processing human rights violations and injustices committed by the previous regime, ie, only the period from 01.09.1969 to date that the law comes into force. Therefore, the law does not include violations committed by the authorities of the Council and the government. On the other hand, provides for the exclusion of members of the revolutionary committees in the composition of national reconciliation commissions.

2. Law No. 26 (2012) on the High Commission for the Standards of Integrity and Transparency. This law establishes the criteria that exclude two-thirds of the Libyan population related to the functions of any public office for public officials in the legal doctrine regarding the ideological, political opinion and freedom of expression. Function is governed by 16 categories, including members of the people’s congresses and people’s committees at all levels, from the Declaration of the People’s Authority in 1977, ie over 35 years, members of the Popular Social Address , members of the Committees of Transparency, the Revolutionary Guards, the Popular Guard, revolutionary action teams, members of the Revolutionary Committees, Student Union Member “glorified individuals never ideology of the Green Paper in the media or through direct contact with the public, the people who carried out a study in the thought of Muammar Gaddafi, the Green Paper, all business partners with the leaders of the legitimate system and who received grants of the same.
3. The law identifies 18 types of people in jobs in those categories are prohibited from holding at different levels of management such Council offices and the Government, embassies and diplomatic missions, leaders and members of local authorities, governors, mayors and municipal councils, public enterprises, organizations and institutions, the first and second levels of security, military and immigration services, and financial controllers. The remaining types of jobs presidency bars include universities, institutes and university departments; running schools, colleges and all educational and research institutions, which assume roles as leaders and members of trade unions, professional associations, labor unions and student, and to be a candidate for the election of a chairman or a member of the National Assembly, and that no task is assigned by the Council and the Government.
4. Law No. 35 (2012) on amnesty for all crimes committed by the militias of the Council and the Government of the prosecution of all criminal and civil offenses committed in the process of ensuring the success of the revolution and its protection.
5. Law No. 37 (2012) on the criminalization of the glorification of the “Tyrant”, which criminalizes any praise for Muammar Gaddafi, his sons, his regime and his ideas. Praise includes glorify these people and show them in the guise of kindness or heroism and devotion to the country, or do any publicity for the system and its people in any way. The law provides penalties for these actions ranging from 3 years to life in prison.
6. Law No. 38 (2012), concerning certain transition period established procedures for implementation of Law No. 35 (2012) as follows:
• Article 4 states that “no punishment for what has been necessary for the revolution of February 17, military action, civil or security held by the rebels in order to ensure the success of the revolution or protection “;
• Article 5 eliminates the right of victims to bring civil or criminal court those responsible to stop or take him into custody;
• Article 6 grants from the Ministries of Defense and Interior to take measures that restrict the freedom of some people including:
–  Forcing attend a specified security center.
–  prohibit certain places;
–  Prevent them from staying in a particular place or area;
–  Put them under surveillance;
–  prohibit exit a specific area;
–  I can not travel;
Deportation  –  (for foreigners).

• Article 10 extends the powers of the Ministries of Defense and Interior to detain without permission of any party.

source: by Mirko Senda- libia-sos.blogspot.ch Congratulations on you after Libyan police cars Annabah country Jabolkm Israel police cars. How he returned to the revolution Bernard-Henri Levy hopes.

What is happening now cut communications and trapping conference Allaotuny by Almsarit Muslim Brotherhood is the guidance of Shater and Alankl Badi.
Brotherhood Khairat Al-Shater spirit from Tripoli to Cairo billions of dollars in order to raise the deficit for the Egyptian economy.

Deal looming

Egyptian President plans to visit Libya this month to compromise on delivery Libyans who are in Egypt, and continue unloading Treasury Allashi, whenever government faced illegal failure looking for completion of such, search for “Cronies” just people that it has achieved its will not learn how paid for Tskyth.

ياااااااااااااااااااااااهو Qatar, Egypt and Turkey do not want stability in Libya oil الليبيى exported to Turkey after sanctions on Iran and Egypt strategic reserves of hard currency on the verge of force, Libya is pumping billions to support the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood ….. But Qatar and knows what Qatar stolen 40 billion in the middle of the day and Alqaalh testimony Bo Hakor who agreed to drop the Muslim Brotherhood and Jabril after the scandal of 50 billion looted by the United Arab Emirates. Mahm religion / / grimy in Ochkarh and Qalin humiliation / / Bnawit Suleiman Mahm religion / / / / the Maraauha / / scared old Qaysm Ncioha / / days Seif curse Buha / /. Elders hypocrisy and the dollar:

Qatar & Saudiis blocking the Satellite Channels: The question that baffles What is the meaning of this calf, channels and fold for the day out of Libya:
السؤال الذي يحير ما معنى تواجد هذا العجل وقنواته وامثالها لليوم خارج ليبيا
Photo : ‎السؤال الذي يحير<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
ما معنى تواجد هذا العجل وقنواته وامثالها لليوم خارج ليبيا‎ 
  • Because we are the strongest …………..(Asham home .. will not die) Channel Qatari capital incite people killed Ajeelat ………. channels Lafrasin and Dardanelles in coma
     Earlier today we were told of a Qatari conference deciding their strategy for an Invasion of Libya. (read below)
Gerzh Palmatmrallaotunai says Revolution 69 has the goal of Sami Emigrated Qayedi in its defense of the “Al-FATEH September 1969 Revolution” says:

“Free is a Liberal Unionist soldiersAnd actually when the public system for the goal of Sami. “

Watch the video:

Achievements offered by the fragile security establishment in Libya (of all kinds of militias and battalions)
Is the arrest of a group of illegal immigrants is not only???
And if they are addressing Wad EU indirectly so pleased with their masters.


In a strange reading of history Libyan ::::: History repeats itself :::::
Colonialism is the same whether colonialism intervention on the ground or planting ousted him carry out his agenda …. Do you know that ::: – Exposed have Torghae displaced four times in its history: First by the Romans ::::::
And the second time :::: by the Turks when they refused to pay “Miri” Osman came Pasha Alsaqzle in 1668 a large army and met army Torghae and due to the difference in the number and defeated Torghae gear and their commander were killed burning Ngelha and farms and the expulsion of its people for a limited period
And third images by the Italians in 1914 and turned it into a military garrison and expelled her family and returned to it after the victory of the mujahideen in Battle Alkarzabih in 1915 and still older يؤرخون so and say “Alahjh” And fourth images and unfortunately by Jews Misrata in the Nakba of 2011. Vatminoa Hey folks Torghae kilometers Ahjrtm previously promised …. You train also be long-time or short …
The tragedy in our country, which were subjected to colonialism and carried out his agenda I can accurately colonialism Dath Tidha ĎăĘă safely
 Jamahiriya Resistance Break East-West Communications in Libya
Posted: 2013/01/03
From: Mathaba.netAs part of the jamahiri resistance operations targeting local and foreign companies an attack on cables broke communications between the east and west of LibyaThe fibre optic cables were targeted by jamahiri resistance which destroyed the telecommunications cables with fire and resulted in the break of communications between Tripoli and the east of the country including Benghazi.The resistance act cut non-radio communications in general as well as the Internet.The popular (jamahiri) resistance against the traitors and occupation assets including companies operating illegally in the Libyan Jamahiriya has ensured that the occupation regime has been unable to install a properly functioning government even though the Jamahiriya democracy has been suspended under force.Jamahiriya democracy has been suspended due to the ongoing liberation jihad, as well as the exile of around one million Libyans, the killing of around one hundred thousand Libyan citizens including many elected officials, and the unlawful incarceration, torture and murder of many thousands of Jamahiriya supporters and officials including those from the People’s Committees and over 6,000 Basic People’s Congresses.http://www.mathaba.net/members/?
In Green Square Mmeltqana Iaahrar prepared: Allah is the greatest forward

تنبيه هام لجميع الاعضاء ………….. بما ان اليوم ليلة رأس السنة الميلادية وفي هذه الليلة نعلم بحفاوة الكثير من القنوات الفضائية بالعرافين والكهنة لتكهن ما سيكون في هذا العام من احداث بارزة !!! وكأنهم اتطلعوا على الغيب والعياذ بالله …لذلك وبما ان الدين النصيحة فانصح نفسي واياكم واذكر نفسي واياكم ببعض الادلة مما ذكرت عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في الصحيح في باب اتيان الكهنة والعرافين او سؤالهم او السماع لهم …. فياريت فضلا وليس امرا قراءة التالي :قالت عائشة رضي الله عنها وارضاها : ((سأل أناس رسول الله عن الكهان، فقال لهم رسول الله: ليسوا بشيء، قالوا يا رسول الله فإنهم يحدثون أحياناً الشيء يكون حقاً، قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: تلك الكلمة من الجن يخطفها الجني فيقرها في أذن وليه قر الدجاجة فيخلطون فيها أكثر من مائة كذبة)) . رواه مسلم. قال الإمام النووي في شرح مسلم: الكهانة في العرب ثلاثة أضراب، أحدها يكون للإنسان ولي من الجن يخبره بما يسترقه من السمع من السماء، وهذا القسم بطل من حيث بعث النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم، الثاني: أن يخبره بما يطرأ أو يكون في أقطار الأرض وما خفي عنه مما قرب أو بعد، وهذا لا يبعد وجوده لكنهم يصدقون ويكذبون، والنهي عن تصديقهم والسماع منهم عام. الثالث: المنجمون وهذا الضرب يخلق الله تعالى فيه لبعض الناس قوة ما، لكن الكذب فيهم أغلب، ومن هذا الفن العرافة، وصاحبها عراف، وهو الذي يستدل على الأمور بأسباب ومقدمات يدعي معرفتها.. وهذه الأضراب كلها تسمى كهانة، وقد أكذبهم كلهم الشرع ونهى عن تصديقهم وإتيانهم.اهـ. وقد وردت الأدلة الصحيحة على تحريم الكهانة، وتحريم سؤال الكهان، منها حديث معاوية بن الحكم السلمي عن مسلم قال: (( قلت يا رسول الله: كنا نأتي الكهان. قال: فلا تأتوا الكهان)) . ومنها حديث عمران بن حصين عند الطبراني ((قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: ليس منا من تطير أو تطير له أوتكهن أو تكهن له)) . صححه الألباني. ومنها ماروى أحمد والترمذي عن أبي هريرة قال:(( قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: من أتى كاهناً فصدقه بما يقول فقد كفر بما أنزل على محمد )) . رواه أبو داود بلفظ فقد برئ مما أنزل على محمد. صححه الألباني في السلسلة الصحيحة.وعليه فانه يمنع منعا باااااااتا وضع اي فيديو او كلام منقول كتابة لاي كاهن او عراف وممنوع تناقل كلامهم عبر التعليقات هنا في القروب …لكم مطلق الحرية على صفحاتكم الشخصية

Important to all the members ………….. Since the day of the New Year’s Eve In tonight know warmly lot of بالعرافين satellite channels and priests to predict what will be in this year’s notable events!!! And if they were unseen Attalawa and God forbid … to and including debt advice Advise myself and you and remind myself and you some evidence which said the Prophet, peace be upon him in right at the door of Etienne fortunetellers and soothsayers or question them or hear them …. Villarat well and not an order to read the following: Said Aisha and satisfaction: ((asked people Allah for priests, said to them,

Messenger of God: not something, they said, O Messenger of God, they are making a sometimes thing really be said, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: that word of the jinn snatches genie Fikrha in Les ear decided hen فيخلطون where more than a hundred lie)). Narrated by Muslim. Nawawi said in Sharh Muslim: Divining the Arabs three strike, one of the human guardian of the jinn tell him what Istrgah of hearing from the sky, and this section champion in terms of the letter of the Prophet peace be upon him, the second: to tell him what happen or be in diameters earth and hidden him than near or after, and this is not its existence but they believe the lie, and forbidding to believe them and hear them.

Third: Astrologers and this beating creates God when some people power, but lying in them most, and this art of divination, and its owner a fortune teller, who inferred on the causes and things introductions claiming to know .. All of these strike called divination, all of whom were Okzbhm Shara and forbade believing them and إتيانهم. Uh. There have been correct evidence on the prohibition of soothsaying, and prohibition question soothsayers, including an interview Muawiya ibn al-Hakam peaceful Muslim said: ((I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah: we come soothsayers.

Said: Do not come soothsayers)). And ‘Imraan ibn Husayn when Tabaraani ((said Messenger of Allah upon him: not one of us who fly or fly him Ottkhen or speculated him)). Horses. And AJ Ahmad, Tirmidhi narrated from Abu Hurayrah said: ((said Messenger of Allah upon him: came from a priest and believes what he says has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad)). Narrated by Abu Dawood, the wording was acquitted, which was revealed to Muhammad. Horses in the series proper. Therefore it Strictly Baaaaaaata put any video or quoted writing any priest or a fortune teller and prohibited the reporting of their words via comments here in ÇáŢŃćČ … you are free on your pages personal.

Photo : ‎عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل</p><br /><br />
<p>تحية الي اسود العجيلات الابطال ...........بعد حصارهم لجرذان درع ليبيا في معسكر بوعجيلة .........و الاستيلاء علي اسلحتهم وسياراتهم ...... وقتل عدد كبير منهم ......‎

Our correspondent from the leadership of the armed people:

Some notable names from rats …….. Will soon disappear ….. The rats are trying to show their strength in a desperate attempt them ….

************ Team Ali accent ***********

Fighting occurring in Libya now:
Summary of the events of the day Summery of 31 DEC. 2012: ………………..
1 – Toubou control over the border and opened Anda in rat Zidane
2 – escape Misrata rats and chickens National Alqtron
3 – languages …………….. Light skirmishes
4 – Ubari ……….. Storming the headquarters Jermanah by Commandos
5 – Sabha ……… National flight chicken ….. and clashes between rats Girls Suleiman and Alqmazfah
6 – infidels …………….. Clashes between Toubou and angular
7 – the beach and Jufrah …………… calm
8 – Ras worth …………. Injuring 2 in clashes between the Tunisian army and rats
9 – Ajeelat …………… Clashes between the people of Ajeelat, rats visitors and corner …………… support from news Alnoaúl folks Ajeelat
The General Company for Electricity on Tuesday, that due to the substantial shortfall in the supply of natural gas, “which goes to Qatar”, decreased generation capacity available to the General Electric Company. Rats Misurata has installed listening devices on all inbound and outbound communications for the city . According to company sources, that due to this has been to resort to put loads manually to maintain the stability of the network.

Cut power to most of the Libyan cities

Libyans received their new year unjust darkness, where the government customers to cut electricity for most of the Libyan cities and villages because natural Aalghaz loss that is running power plants. It is noteworthy that the small state of Qatar is one of the Libyan deplete natural gas at this time in order to maintain.
Youth town of Sousse, threatening to cut off due to submarine cable company did not respond to them. Suse youth demonstrating front E Atalibo headquarters connect the Inter Net to their area for information, there is no DC or Wi-Mex and coaxial cable, made of fiber-optic outside of the town of Sousse …. Icolo that is not connected to the Internet in the nearest time will be cut the cable that connects the Internet to the Eastern Province.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/#ixzz2GlM4SmxZ

Client “CIA” and a thief funds Islamic Call Society in India called Muhammad Maqrif visit South reassures his heart on oil pipelines, and so at the behest of his cousins ​​Americans “by virtue of that U.S. citizenship” and did not bother to intervene to resolve the bloody conflict in winning Sabha.

Communication breakdown in Sabha, Ajdabiya and Brega.
Because we are the strongest …………..(Asham home .. will not die) Our correspondent in the south Closure of a petrol station Alqtron ……….. Unusual and pull fuel from the plant scheduled for the purpose of smuggling. Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die) Our correspondent incognito among rats Presence of snipers Ukrainians and Filipinos in Sabha ………. Funders of Qatar sniping people Alqmazfah
SABHA: Helicopter gunships above Sabha now:
Disable study tomorrow Thursday 01/02/2013 at popular Sabha because of clashes there and the
ethnic cleansing war being fought against tribe Alqmazfah.
Ongoing fighting in Downtown – Sabha.
Tribe Alqmazfah trumpet a new martyr has fallen victim to a war of extermination waged by militias against this noble tribe. Martyr lamp Mansour Alkhtry “Gaddafi“, noting that he had been treacherously murdered when he was returning from his farm and has nothing to do with clashes that take place in popular Sabha.
Clashes in Sabha now …………… accommodate nearly half Sabha and the other half lump him electricity. As seen flying capacitor warplanes over Sabha and spread army Allaotunai vehicles to resolve the dispute between tribe Alqmazfah and Solomon Fbalh children.. Where are you, Mgarhh ……………. O Rafla Sabha .…………
Kinsfolk of Alqmazfah killed artillery, rockets and locusts. Fall of a number of rocket-propelled grenades to revive Toubou and Tuareg Sabha by rats Bouchmadh. Renewed tribal clashes in popularity Sabha between Alqmazfah tribe and the children of Solomon and the flight of intensive helicopters to the region.
Hadi formed a new best campaign on Akaddadfh in Sabha.
  •  As a result of armed clashes which Hdtt in popularity Sabha was this innocent child / Mender Nouri al-Sharkawy. Em (Pb) pierced his head as he sat in one of the rooms Bait uncle Gardah region near the clinic sugar
  • Was transferred to Tripoli quickly.
    God Maddenb you this innocent child who bears the responsibility for what happened to him.
    Aasana but say no power and no strength except God Almighty.
    Oh Arena wonders of your ability in NATO and rebels يواليهم
    Ruba heal and return it to his family unharmed.
    I call him a speedy recovery:
    the popular Sabha for the second day in a row.
    Continued the voice of lead far …………… And martyrs of Alqmazfah 7 ………… martyrs and the wounded are transported outside Sabha …
    Shells falling on the neighborhood rats Girls Suleiman in Gardah …..
    Support of Almgarhh to their families of Alqmazfah ….. in ongoing clashes since 3 days with rats Girls Suleiman Sabha.

    As a result of armed clashes which Hdtt in popularity Sabha was this innocent child / Mender Nouri al-Sharkawy.
    Em (Pb) pierced his head as he sat in one of the rooms Bait uncle Gardah region near the clinic sugar was transferred to Tripoli quickly.
    • Channel Qatari capital ………. Incite fight Alqmazfah in Sabha …. And they were the aggressors on girls Suleiman rats.
       News about the intention of the rat Barasi visit Sabha
    • Solomon girls collecting rats in arms Germanhm inside Gardah …. And Muskrien streets where
    •  Killing a Pakistani and African ….. were fighting in the ranks of rats Girls Solomon,  
      Our correspondent from the beach Bullets prevail again in Sabha.
      صور الجيش اللاوطني بقيادة الجرد بوخمادة عند دخوله للمنشية
      Photo the Allaotunai army led by inventory Bouchmadh when he entered the Manshiet

      Thunderbolt battalion graduated from Benghazi and heading to Sabha

      Thunderbolt Battalion left today announced the official based in Benghazi and headed to Sabha even unsealed conflict happening between tribe Alqmazfah boys Solomon. …

      Yesterday was killed in cold blood or three young brothers Akaddadfah
      And this issue is not resolved
      And tomorrow will kill or three of the tribe children Sulaiman This undoubtedly means a story that has no end

      Today killed Osman Jubairi

      Filter National Congress candidate in year Sabha

      Killing Altbawi “Ali Shah,” former candidate in General Allaotunai Congress representing Sabha.

      المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/#ixzz2GiqyU9WT

      المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية Clashes between rats Girls Suleiman and Tabu Al_husaona in Sabha now ……..

      Sabha clashes 01/02/2013 Manshia

      Clashes continue in the popular Sabha Two people were injured tribe Alqmazfah and kidnapped another
      and clashes targeting the homes of children اعمر Bureau.
      Most rats National Chicken Sabha from Misrata rats ….. sound and supporting girls Ballaslhh

      المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

      http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/#ixzz2GprWt1au http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/#ixzz2GipeQHfe

      SABHA and the Saheel:

      Violent clashes now in Mansheya tribe Alqmazfah and Awlad Suleiman .… after it was treachery by two sons hazardous little while ago … one of them, Dr. Abdulsalam Boshnav God’s mercy. National rats chicken escape for the second time from Mansheya ……….. They continued clashes with heavy weapons ………. And rats quietly promoting the region after learning support of Almgarhh in the beach to their families in the Fatih Abdul Kafi and Mansheya.

      Mortar who hits in Alqmadfah in Sabha Mansheya get out of the neighborhood Almpaysh before appointed elders Hevchm eyes near Schell Mansheya
      Morocco yesterday after mortar hits from Triki Baain house lawn.

      War in the long-term Sabha …………….. Could last months and years and will expire
      1 – burning houses rats Farroukh Sacred ……. And displaced outside Sabha despite the support of Qatar and rats Misrata them
      2 – the martyrdom of thousands of Alqmazfah Almgarhh.

    •  Post addicted Page
    • I tried Asham home page ………….. more than once to defend children Suleiman ………….. and tell them honest…. who fell in Front Brega and Red valley …….
      But we do not know what their ………… Alice them or tribal leader ….. pain only to find rat Seif even be Cikhm ….. Is not there a wise Sons of Solomon ……
      Asham defended home …………. Awlad Suleiman during the war with Bani Walid ….
      And insist rats Sons of Solomon in the south …………. To offend every tribe …………………………….
      Oh sons Solomon chose the right path ………………. because the spark with you ………….. and the sons of Muammar with you …. ….

      عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل لاننا الاقوي ………….Afficher la suite
    Wounding two young men from Alqmazfah by rats Girls Solomon

Continued clashes missiles and heavy mortars between Alqmazfah and rats Girls Suleiman for the second day in a row ……. news out tanks and artillery to support girls Suleiman rats battalion of Persia   Post addicted Page I tried Asham home page ………….. more than once to defend children Suleiman ………….. and tell them honest …. who fell in Front Brega and Red valley ……. But we do not know what their ………… Alice them or tribal leader ….. pain only to find rat Seif even be Cikhm ….. Is not there a wise Sons of Solomon …… Asham defended home …………. Awlad Suleiman during the war with Bani Walid …. And insist rats Sons of Solomon in the south …………. To offend every tribe ……………………………. Oh sons Solomon chose the right path ………………. because the spark with you ………….. and the sons of Muammar with you …. ….

Misurata ==== rats rats Farroukh Sacred Sabha

Kill them mercilessly

 Salute to Black Ajeelat Champions ……….. after the siege of rats Libya shield in camp Bouajila ……… and seizing their weapons and their cars …… And killed a large number of them ……

You’ll find out the value of the Community of Sahel-Saharan “XY” after the end of military operations in northern Mali,,! We have executed the great Greek philosopher Socrates on charges of madness! And still live theses after hundreds of years of execution But getting Haata every increased forward ALJeNeRaL


Our correspondent from Kufra
Rat the Boshna is it one named Mahmoud Katani inventory was ordered Battalion 24 Mchae desert border cutter infidels … And the headquarters of the camp after Alsntr 3 kilometers in Ramle name camp Shaibani _ Salahuddin _ and Cbrdq ….

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)Our correspondent from the south Tabu do open borders ……….. And access to Libya free and without customs ………….Border and under the control of the Tabu no trace of the existence of national chicken.To live by the South, but the green flag together ………………
Great ****** Nag said Abnona _ and close Aitjona absence ****
Unconfirmed news that rats Misurata will go to Ubari …. then rally around Ibrak.
Great ****** Nag said Abnona _ and close Aitjona absence **** UBARI Green Freedom
مشاركة مراسلينا …………….. مراسلنا من الجنوبلاحياة للجنوب الا معا الراية الخضراء ……………… ****** نجع العظمى قال ابنوني _والغياب قريب ايجوني ****

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die) Our correspondent from the south: Rats Almsarit withdraw the rest of their belongings machinery companies …. fearing reprisals from the people of the area in tabular and Alqtron …

Our correspondent from the leadership of the armed people Rat pond and Droko tries coalition together Almsarit after losing most Brigades Tabu ………. And its accession to the green flag ….. ******************** Team Ali accent *****
From the pages of the Resistance (Thunder fighter battalion) News editor of a number of prisoners of armed people from Motaiqh prison ..

2 janvier 2013 22:55
Part of the visit, Mr. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government to the city after their visit to the beautiful city of Rkdalin .. but they met a number of people affected by recent events and violations.

Militias retaliating corner of the citizens after the death of their leader Militias rebels NATO and shield Libya assaults a young man from popular Rkdalin (Khairy seam) and launches him dead because he refused to play these gangs assault on the sanctity of his home as he sat in it and it is not irrelevant, either closely or from afar any problem (God rest his soul
Exposure Jendouba market (Asabah)   to a large fire very long all parts of the market early this today Alatnen, 31December 2012 fire has led to serious damage.




Jamahiriya Resistance Attack on Al-Madar Telecoms in Bani Walid
Posted: 2013/01/02
From: Mathaba.net

The Jamahiriya Resistance has pledged to attack any local and foreign companies which are operating illegally in Occupied Libya without approval of the Libyan Jamahiriya

Almadar telecom company has been forced to stop its services in the Bani Walid area after one of its stations was destroyed, was confirmed by a statement by the Ministry of Communications’ issued via its page on the U.S. data-mining facility “Facebook” on Sunday.

The report said that an Almadar station between Washtata and the entrance to the town of Bani Walid was attacked with rocket propelled grenades in the past few days.

According to the statement, Almadar has had to suspend its services to the whole of Bani Walid as a result of the attack, and has sent a maintenance team to the area to carry out emergency repairs.

Theft and combing plasma screens from Allaotunai Conference.
Enter more than 300 vehicles armed with 23 and 14.5 of the eastern entrance of Tripoli coming from Misrata crossed Tajoura and not far from the Friday market without anyone speaking with them and Atjho to Allaotuny Congress ………..
Picture of the gunmen who surrounded and beat members conference Allaotunai which is considered the highest authority in the State of rats!:
What happens in the capital Tripoli confirms MISRATA militia control the reins in Libya even politically and this will have an international reaction, especially from our neighboring countries in the near future. Dissolve the supreme national security committee, which belongs to about 145 thousand Misratan rats.
It seems that all rats Tripoli Sabaya or he is masterminded by night.


URGENT: striking members of the National Conference and besieging their headquarters in Tripoli

Member Conference Allaotunai fugitive Huda Banani says: God we were able to adjust to leave the conference room through jungle paths and unfortunately there are no security forces to the members of the conference.
Shen Thsabiha state law? What Arefh Albert, covered gangs and militias.

 Beating a member of the National Conference Tawfiq Shuhaibi and fellow key Hablos in front of the headquarters
of the National Congress by the protestors and trapping the rest of the members inside the headquarters.
The members of the Supreme Security Committee Tripoli involved in trapping the conference.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/#ixzz2GlNMSlE0

URGENT: striking members of the National Conference and besieging their headquarters in Tripoli. gaddafimedia.blogspot.com Beating a member of the National Conference died. Closure of roads leading to the Rixos Hotel and only allows the passage of ambulances. Gunfire inside the headquarters Conference Allaotunai and militias Supreme Security Committee want to dismiss “Ashour Hotel” The cut international communications and the Internet by Qatar, which monitors groups on the Internet illegal. Security Committee and Hotel ::::: Conflicts and alliances :::::
Muslim Brotherhood struggle to control the state. …. Some may wonder about the secret refusal to join branches of internal security committees to private and both parties affiliated with the so-called new Libya after he dropped the Crusader alliance and its agents legitimacy green in international forums. …. In fact, the body established security committee, not for the sake of the security of the citizen security word became non-existent from the dictionary of the Libyan citizen, These committees were established to be Draa security of the Muslim Brotherhood and warlords Misurata and followed from the cities, you do not need a lot of gumption even realize that most of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya Misurata or assets Musratih, to cite: brotherhood hardness and Mahmoud Sawan and Abdul Rahman Swehli and many others. As the shield Libya to neutralize the army from his legitimacy which it was established Both objects follows the warlords of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies of the group fighter …. Here’s security committee, as expected, rejects convergence under the banner of the Interior Valmilchetin formed for the same purpose and is controlled by an alliance Brotherhood + Misrata on joints rule in Libya to satisfy the Egyptian Brotherhood Project Qatar Turkish-sponsored (U.S. carefully) ..
Finally, my beloved sons of Libya, O sons of  Muammar Colonel O ye a thorn in the side of NATO and heretics Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and clients Britain and the Americans …. Offer you two options ::::: First: – rise up against these armed militias they have become a hindrance even in the face of supported and not only in the face of the opposed The second option: – is merely the sight of the sons of February this creature running out of the door: Pottery breaking some …… Personally اجنح the second option, what you choose??? ĎăĘă safely
Hear the voice of lead in parts of Tripoli ……….. With Air flight rats in the skies.
Tripoli: militias armed criminal controls the headquarters of the so-called National Congress and stationed it to be sacked Ashour Hotel.
Ivory (Tripoli): beating Member Allaotunai Conference: Tawfiq Shuhaibi and fellow Rat key Hablos in front of the headquarters of conference Allaotunai by protesters .besieging the rest of the members inside the headquarters.

Armed Clashes Between Police and `SSC` in Tripoli
Posted: 2013/01/03
From: Mathaba.net

Illegal occupation regime says the clashes will be `investigated`

A committee made up of unknown persons is to carry out an “investigation” into clashes that took place between members of the police force and the Supreme Security Council (SSC) militia force of the illegal occupation regime in Tripoli Saturday.

The incident which is one of many ongoing clashes around Libya occurred after men from a unit of the Rescue Section, part of the so-called National Security Directorate, stopped a patrol vehicle belonging to the SSC to check the contents of his vehicle.

When the police officers found weapons on board, they detained the driver until his unit commander could vouch for him and verify that he was carrying out his orders.

He was taken to the Judicial Police headquarters in Tripoli, and when his patrol commander arrived to confirm that the SSC member had been acting on his orders to transport weapons from one unit to another, the commander himself was detained by the police officer in charge.

It was reported that the incident led to armed clashes between members of the SSC and police officers at the station, with unknown casualties.
O people these convoys Jaya to protect the back corner of and Rishvana during the first war on Ajeelat and Kabylie Alnoael. Of Avanmoha O people reasonable 300 cars and 14 text Khater Hall Dat people in Allaotuny conference. Goal or supervision popular “Ajeelat”
Rats corner asking for support from rats market Friday to fight against Ajeelat and Alnoaúl …… and rats market Friday, sending a convoy of them.


ASHAM HOME: “…from the airport road Votes pencil thick heavy weapons in a strange way ……….. and hear from all sides in Tripoli hour ago”

Armed convoys moving from Misrata to Tripoli

Enter more than 300 cars loaded with armed 23 and 14.5 of the eastern entrance of Tripoli coming from Misrata and crossed Tajoura and not far from the Friday market without anyone speaking with them and Atjho to the headquarters of the National Congress to tighten control demanding the dismissal Ashour Hoael. …
Ashour Hoael: the capital Tripoli, under the control of six battalions led by the owners of a criminal record and that the only solution to joining the security services and the police is a dialogue with them and pressure from civil society institutions on them.

The first time I hear that a state ruled by gangs and cap it all, they want dialogue with the owners of a criminal record.
Our own sources: the fact storm and hit members General Allaotuny Congress Yesterday was the meeting in conference Allaotuny to discuss isolate chiselled and was in attendance in Ashour Hoael session … And came to give his security confidence of the conference and its provisions to stop salaries to the Supreme Security Committee temporary …… But Chairman of the Defense Committee called Abdulrahman Swehli contacted Misurata came convoys to support the ornately Misrati …. The fist fight broke out between the Brotherhood and the mass Jibril on armor and security committee and block Gabriel withdrew from the hall before the arrival of Misrata and remained in the conference hall block the Muslim Brotherhood and independent ………….. Upon arrival Misrata militias except the attack on parliament from the Brotherhood error ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ and make God guile Nharham ….. Has been smuggling Ashour Hoael of the conference and the militias Misrata hit deputies tenderly and including Vice Tobruk Shuhaibi and vice white and they said to them, O “R Shin” Oh Masarweh and mean by O Egyptians fear that graduated gently in half the night as exited the night rejected the oil minister the decision to move the institution and demonstrations demanding federalism in Benghazi and Ajdabiya, white and Tobruk …….. So let us know to cut off communications.
 After ordering deputies Conference Allaotuny gently transfer the conference sessions for white …. Hampered by the refusal of brothers Musrati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muslim Brotherhood might want to transfer sessions to Doha, there are more security.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/#ixzz2GlLYievG

A poet apartment (Moroccan supporter of Saif-a-Islam and prisoners, posting on his FB page) Page Knight

من صفحة الفـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــارسجرذان مصراته وأزلامها نواصي سوق الجمعة يهاجمون مقر المؤتمر باش يضمنوا كرسي الأركان .. وحكومة الريكسوس هربوا من الباب الخلف (متعودة دايما) .. وجرذان طرابلس مافاهمين شي ويطمنوا في ارواحهم بالخير جاي .. وجرذان بنغازي خايفين يكون زواق الجعب فال أسود يطير وراه شوايل من الداخلية .. وجرذان سبها يعوموا في شط الصرف الصحي .. وجرذان الزاوية كل نهاية شهر يسكروا المصفاة باش يبعتلهم المقرف الأتاوة من بيت مال المسلمين .. وزيدان ركبه السكر والضغط من الرعايش .. والمفتن هاتفه مشغول مع موزة يراجع فيها علي فتوى الهجوم عل المؤتمر حلال او حرام .. وباب الطوارئ معبي كنادر وبطم طايرات من الأعضاء الفارين وكل واحد ( اخطى راسي وقص) .. والشعب يتابع في حلقات توم اند جيري ويضحك من الهم ويهون علي خاطره شوية .. والمغرر بيهم عرفوها خشت في حيط .. Photo : من صفحة الفـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــارس جرذان مصراته وأزلامها نواصي سوق الجمعة يهاجمون مقر المؤتمر باش يضمنوا كرسي الأركان .. وحكومة الريكسوس هربوا من الباب الخلف (متعودة دايما) .. وجرذان طرابلس مافاهمين شي ويطمنوا في ارواحهم بالخير جاي .. وجرذان بنغازي خايفين يكون زواق الجعب فال أسود يطير وراه شوايل من الداخلية .. وجرذان سبها يعوموا في شط الصرف الصحي .. وجرذان الزاوية كل نهاية شهر يسكروا المصفاة باش يبعتلهم المقرف الأتاوة من بيت مال المسلمين .. وزيدان ركبه السكر والضغط من الرعايش .. والمفتن هاتفه مشغول مع موزة يراجع فيها علي فتوى الهجوم عل المؤتمر حلال او حرام .. وباب الطوارئ معبي كنادر وبطم طايرات من الأعضاء الفارين وكل واحد ( اخطى راسي وقص) .. والشعب يتابع في حلقات توم اند جيري ويضحك من الهم ويهون علي خاطره شوية .. والمغرر بيهم عرفوها خشت في حيط ..

Page Knight

Misurata and rats Ozlamha corners market Friday attacking the headquarters of the conference bash ensure chair of Staff .. And Alricksos government fled from the back door (accustomed always) .. And the Tripoli Mavahmin Rats Shi and Atmnoa in their lives well Jay .. The rats Benghazi Jaivin be Zoaq backpacks Val black fly and Rah Hoael interior .. The rats Sabha floated in the Shatt al-sanitation .. The rats every corner end Eskeroa refinery bash Abatlhm disgusting royalty Baitulmal Muslims ..
Zidane archetype sugar and pressure of Alraih .. And phone المفتن busy with banana which Ali fatwa review attack at the conference halal or haram .. And the emergency door primed Knader and BTM Taarat Members of fleeing and every one (nonlinear Rasi trimming) ..
The people follow in Tom & Jerry’s and laughs from worry and trivialize on his mind a little .. The seducer Bayhoum knew Khst Takes .. in Photo: from rats Knight page Misurata and Ozlamha corners market Friday attacking the headquarters of the conference bash ensure chair of Staff .. And Alricksos government fled from the back door (accustomed always) .. And the Tripoli Mavahmin Rats Shi and Atmnoa in their lives well Jay ..
The rats Benghazi Jaivin be Zoaq backpacks Val black fly and Rah Hoael interior .. The rats Sabha floated in the Shatt al-sanitation .. The rats every corner end Eskeroa refinery bash Abatlhm disgusting royalty Baitulmal Muslims .. Zidane archetype sugar and pressure of Alraih .. And phone المفتن busy with banana which Ali fatwa review attack at the conference halal or haram .. And the emergency door primed Knader and BTM Taarat Members of fleeing and every one (nonlinear Rasi trimming) .. The people follow in Tom & Jerry’s and laughs from worry and trivialize on his mind a little .. The seducer Bayhoum knew Khst Takes .. in Rats Nawasi go to Rixos now.
Rats Nawasi storming Social Security in the Friday market and are paid on a number of staff.
Rats Brothers Almqji (Security Committee) ………….
Besieging rats Conference.
Of course a picture of the accumulation of garbage in front of the stands Ring in the Al-Fateh University ..
little Tanihgamah to assume a garbage dump with assurances of my highest consideration ..!! Where the new cleaning company contracted by the university and everything walker pocket Zeid Obeid.
The spread of deadly bacteria in the corridors of Galaa Maternity Hospital in the capital Tripoli, killing more than a hundred and fifty newborn baby inside during the past four weeks only. The source revealed to news agency Gaddafi.

Fatih University School of Science shut down and why student stabbed with 7 stab wounds to the chest

Closed today the Faculty of Science at the University of Fatih doors to students on the back of student stabbed with a knife “seven stab wounds” inside the auditorium.

According to eyewitnesses, who did this act is a drunken who enter daily to the university because of the insecurity that had existed at the time of the mass. Where this drunk access to one of the halls, Faculty of Science in visible view of everyone and tried to steal uniforms graduation of a student and when he refused to give him him he stabbed him with a knife in his chest and student drowned in blood while drunk remained in place and no one dared to speak to him. Today, the college closed its doors and students staged a sit in front because of the deteriorating security inside the university, which was considered one of the finest Arab and international universities. Informed sources said that the classification of Al-Fateh University has fallen to its lowest level during the past year and a half and almost be a certificate private institutes best ones and that what ails the university administrative and security problems.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية Gifts Santa Claus Filter attempts to of rats market leaders Friday and Tajoura …..

The General Company for Electricity on Tuesday, that due to the substantial shortfall in the supply of natural gas, “which goes to Qatar”, decreased generation capacity available to the General Electric Company.According to company sources, that due to this has been to resort to put loads manually to maintain the stability of the network..
ZINTAN: Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)Oh folks Almgarhh in beach ………….. you بالجرذ disgusting ……. kill him and brought his body ……….. retaliation for the people of Bani Walid ……….. Endowed …………… AntvdoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPost addicted Page Where Ante O Rishvana ………… O Noaúl ……….. fingers …… O Sien …….. Are you waiting for help Zintan against the MISRATA RATS ??. ..The people Ajeelat .………… And you do not ……. Where are you …..? Or ……………………….. Who are you …? Post addicted Page Day 2 \ 1 \ 2012 ………………… الادمن birthday The day began with sad martyrdom of 4 of our folks Alqmazfah …………….. And, God willing, will end the biggest losses in the history of Western Region rats …… And ادعوااااااااااااااااااااااا our people be confirmed. Martyrdom 4 sons Alqmazfah in clashes with intact rats Girls and rats Massarth stationed in Pettmnhunt Military Industrialization. Rat disgusting calls on the people of the beach and Almgarhh fighter Zintan ………….

Because we are the strongest …………..(Asham home .. will not die) News Zintan support for families Ajeelat 15 armed car … After heavy shelling of angular rats and Misrata.   Photo : ‎مانلحقوش الحوق ... ان جينا نجوا فى راسها من فوق ومانعقبوا ...<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
يانركزوا العوالى ... يانتركوها ترك للى والى ... حتى ان جينا ما نجوا فى التالى ... سابقين ديما علمنا مرشوق ... وشرينا امنين الشراء بالغالى ... وبيع مانبيعوا كان طاح السوق‎
Germana Airlines flight dense Ali Ajeelat ……….. And burning a number of houses of the people of the lattice …. Because we are the strongest …………..(Asham home .. will not die) Where are you, Noaúl …………. O Sien ……….. and Rishvana ……. my fingers …….. Save the people Ajeelat ……………… People Ajeelat Mhasrien far from rats.
I hope in publishing all pages definite information Mer Palme just Talaan جردان NATO Friday Market of Ajeelat City to catch free Ajeelat and the catch on Ajeelat youth, bringing with them all kinds of weapons I hope publishing Lord saves my youth the Ajeelat Lord of the Worlds … Please Alhdz.
Sabratha corner and visitors ….
Because we are the strongest …………..(Asham home .. will not die) Resistance from the pages of Green Sabratha: Heavy fire in Tallil بصبراته gate now.
O people these convoys Jaya to protect the back corner of and Rishvana during the first war on Ajeelat and Kabylie Alnoael Of Avanmoha O people reasonable 300 cars and 14 text Khater Hall Dat people in Allaotuny conference. Goal or supervision popular “Ajeelat”. اااااااااااااااااااااااااجل Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die) People Ajeelat refuse to leave the city ……… Although burning their homes Voir la traduction
Clashes continued for a third day in a Ajeelat among the inhabitants Ajeelat and rats corner and visitors.
News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence) Killed a Libyan citizen of popular Ajeelat by rats shield Libya Exotic Brigade following the killing of a field commander of the shield, and the situation over Tension now in Ajeelat and there is a dilemma between rats to Libya to shield the Western Brigade.
Post addicted Page:  Where are you, Noaúl ……… Oh and Rishvana ……. O Sien ……….. what are you waiting until the liquidation of the people Ajeelat ……………. Moved ….. endowed …… Rebelled.
Ivory (Ajeelat) for: a campaign of mass arrests carried out by militias corner of the right of citizens to Ajeelat against the backdrop of the killing of their leader, Field beauty Alaaúb.
Rats corner will help them aircraft Jermanah in bombing Ajeelat.
Violent clashes P Aajeelat ………….. and sons Ajeelat doing work within the city gates …… And Alnoaúl preparing to support the people of Ajeelat. The killing of a number of rats corner at the hands are free Ajeelat ….. In the clashes now.

the popular Ajeelat:

Corner militias backed by Libya shield you blew up the homes of unsuspecting residents Ajeelat and terrorize women and families have been bombing military brother Ahmed house and Afihrio obstacle Ramadan and Ali Auida …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية Because we are the strongest …………..(Asham home .. will not die) Killed a rat of Ajeelat called (Mohammed Lamama) at the hands of the Liberal ….. After support rats corner and Misrata in the destruction of homes and burning cars and within people ……

Military and humanitarian situation now in Ajeelat
1 – a tragic situation for the people after the burning of a large number of houses and shops and her family refused to get out of them …..
2 – despite the large numbers of rats Misrata and corner are more than 200 car Musratih entered to and from Tripoli corner and Zuwarah …. Aouma rats Ajeelat ……… he was trapping a large number of them near Camp Ajeelat
3 – The Zintan cut the road between the corner and Ajeelat to prevent support
3 – Rishvana her password in this battle.

Are free Ajeelat Alnoaúl destroying a number of cars rats ……… And seizing a number of them

Corner militias backed by Libya shield you blew up the homes of unsuspecting residents Ajeelat and terrorize women and families have been bombing the house Ahmed and military obstacle Fihri Ramadan and Ali Oweidat
Because we are the strongest …………..(Asham home .. will not die) Our correspondent from the corner ……….. Warning to the people of Ajeelat Rats were searching cars corner …… and they kidnap cars people Ajeelat as booty …… The rats aged not more than 19 years.
ZLITAN: Because we are the strongest …………..(Asham home .. will not die) Our correspondent from Zliten Prevent college students medicine, Chidalh and medical technology from Zliten …… From entering the five universities …………. and expelled from the   Violent clashes with heavy weapons in the coastal road five as and Achristl year ………….. and hear the ambulance
Rats Jermanah Committee led by Hashim humans beating rat rats members Conference Misrata.
Rats of Misurata go to the headquarters of rats after taking control of Congress …. Cat eat Ladha ……………….. The rats Misurata will attacking on rats cities who assisted them in their war against the Bani Walid. Rats Misrata promise rats Zliten of death of children Hammadi ……….
Misrata rats threaten to close Misurata Airport …
 In a telephone conversation with the director Abraq International Airport confirmed that armed groups were stationed at the airstrip and prevent off or landing of any aircraft. O Libyans do not lie to yourselves and I in Mekdmtkm .. We are not students freedom nor democracy, but students purely material personal interests .. It became clear that democracy is not one of our priorities, not even in the last peace concerns and evidence of this sit-ins and intrusions that occur .. Libyan citizen has the right to claim their rights and their right to access to all civilized ways of demands so, but has no right to close airports for salary not to close an oil port for all Libyans … Today closing the airport for lightning and not allow the aircraft landing for salaries .. Is this act civilized democratic .. He rowdy with all sense of the word .. Stop the oil port of Zueitina Is it within the freedom and democracy that we cry .. If this freedom and democracy can go to hell .. Legitimate asylum your rights and I’m with you, but in a way that does not hurt them the homeland and the citizen Finally, we say God bless Col. who love every day over
Government rats apologize on what was done by militias of the bombing of the church Misurata,
while it did not apologize to destroy mosques, as happened in Zliten, Tripoli and elsewhere.
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Bomb Attack on Benghazi Prosecutor Office

Posted: 2013/01/02
From: Mathaba.net
The North Benghazi Prosecutor`s office after the Jamahiri Resistance bomb attackJamahiri Resistance targeted the North Benghazi Prosecutor’s Office in a bomb attack late Sunday night, causing damage to the building and unknown casualties.The bomb was a TNT device placed against the wall of a building next to the office. It smashed nearby car windows as well as damaging the Prosecutor’s building itself.This comes just one day after the Occupation Regime’s Minister of the Interior Ashour Shuwail and Army Chief of Staff Major General Yusuf Al-Mangoush visited Benghazi to unveil their plans to improve the security situation in the eastern city which has been in turmoil since the launch of the war against Libya last year.Shuwail had spoken of the necessity of clearing the streets of weapons and suggested that citizens found carrying arms would have them confiscated and could face 24 hours in jail.Benghazi has been the scene of a string of killings targeting security officials this year, culminating in the killing of the imposed police chief Faraj Drissi, as part of a coordinated campaign of assassination against traitors to the Libyan people.Clashes and pitched battles between resistance and regime security personnel have been frequent in Benghazi.
Is been Abdulsalami المهدوي Head Search Ganaúb Benghazi same fate Bouajila Abyssinian????? I wonder of the following which will disappear palace in Libya????
 Words sound

Kidnapping by Abdulsalam المهدوي President a purely criminal Benghazi?
Imagine Dear Citizen sensitive security chief is kidnapped then what about the ordinary citizen? !!!!!

~ Alsabhawi ~

To storm the headquarters of the local council of Benghazi

Benghazi fans angry storm of the so-called local council in Benghazi shortly before demanding the dismissal of his boss. …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/#ixzz2GpqkygS0

Mobile phone networks become completely paralyzed, and the disruption of the Internet in Benghazi. gaddafimedia.blogspot.com
A young man from Benghazi on Gamal Abdel Nasser Street people are forced to stand by force of arms to review his car for an hour amid fear and surprise everyone! The question is how long the remains of lawlessness in Benghazi, Libya in general!?
Benghazi fans angry storm of the so-called local council in Benghazi shortly before.
Benghazi: the attempted assassination of the organizers of Friday Benghazi will not die

Assassination attempt Mahmoud Barasi and Mahmoud Ferjany before few in Benghazi who are the organizers of Friday Benghazi will not die where unidentified they بالرماية, but were not injured and damage was in the car .. It is believed that these anonymous are genuine criminal militias of the heretic Ghariani .. ..
It is believed that these anonymous criminal militias heretic sincere Ghariani.
Abduction head of CID in Benghazi

Body Found submitted Abdulsalami المهدوي Head CID in Benghazi

Details of the abduction of the President of CID submitted “Abdalslamamahdoa” displays “المهدوي” Head of Criminal Investigation Department at the police station or the so-called Department of Homeland Security in Benghazi Wednesday evening kidnapped by unidentified armed elements and masked. Sources R

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/#ixzz2Gw0ENgbU

Photo : ‎الأن من أمام فندق تبيستي مظاهرة من أفراد الشرطة والبحث الجنائي مطالبين بإطلاق سراح ومعرفة مصير المقدم عبدالسلام المهدوي رئيس قسم البحث الجنائي الذى اختطف مساء اليوم رافعين لافتة مكتوب عليها "أين رجال بنغازي؟"‎

Prime Benghazi Security Directorate Colonel Mustafa slave was Wednesday evening at eight o’clock pm kidnapping head of CID in Benghazi provided Salam المهدوي in Venice Street Benghazi. Said slave المهدوي was kidnapped when he was accompanied by friends civilians …

Of dialogue members page:
Ask my folks Benghazi area (Guenderha) Allthei old for the Friday sermon that was the Sheikh, who was expelled continued to supporters and members of (SAUDI-STYLE) Sharia bookseller Ruff Alshata speeches revolted Vzana in Ouzai this mosque indicates the location provided Abdulsalam المهدوي.
Mu in wonderland
Bomb explosion in front of the People’s Court in Benghazi special dawn Monday News Agency | Gaddafi International gaddafimedia.blogspot.com MONDAY, 31 DECEMBER 2012 Bomb explosion in front of the People’s Court in Benghazi special dawn Monday Benghazi (Libya) (and a BC) – a bomb exploded at dawn Monday in front of the headquarters of the People’s Court exceptional or what is now known behalf north of Benghazi in eastern Libya, which led to the destruction of the front of thebuilding and smashed cars parked near some glass surrounding buildings. The blast did not result any damage mankind, according to the government illegal. And an AFP correspondent reported that the blast left behind almost half a meter in diameter near the entrance to the headquarters of the General Prosecutor’s newly-opened after maintenance carried out on the building. An expert in explosives work in the Libyan police have previewed the place that “preliminary evidence indicates that the device is a bag loaded Pkalwat of TNT high explosive.” The expert added to AFP on condition of anonymity said, “This is the deadliest attack against the headquarters of the prosecution for the third time within a year.” Previously, this headquarters targeted in 2012 two, and did not know attacks in both the cause of targeted or who was behind the attacks, according to a security official in the region.
Now front Tbisti Hotel demonstration of police and CID demanding the release and the fate by Abdulsalam المهدوي President CID who was kidnapped Thursday evening waving a banner that read “Where Men Benghazi?”
المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمي
ة Auction weapons in the streets of Benghazi.
News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence) Wayne owners Alswaba Tirtaria God Atrtr your days how and Drto Burka, capital Benghazi This is a list of ambassadors and Owoowoowoowoowoowoowooan you tenderly Haltbejh Quoted informed sources in the ranks of the rats: List ambassadors proposed for approval: Fawzi Abdel Aal – Bahrain Ramadan Pazama – Yemen Mohammed Reza الدوكالي – Sudan Mohamed Mukhtar Abbas – Algeria Hassan Alqrj – Oman Winner Gabriel – Egypt Ashour Bzhd – Arab League Anwar Faitouri – Malaysia Salah Bashari – China Sadiq S. – Indonesia Ahmed Aoun – Japan Ashour Ben imagination – Portugal Break Souissi – Netherlands Sanusi Koider – Germany Ibrahim tick – Denmark Mohammed Saleem – Sweden Salah Shalli – Ukraine Mohammed Badri light – Czech Republic Ahmed Omar Omeish – Romania Murad intimate – EU / Belgium Ibrahim Albesbas – Austria Hafiz bin Olive – Slovakia Noureddine ice – Cyprus Ahmed Yacoub Yousef – Greece Abdulrahman Bin Omran – Hungary Joseph Zargani – Bulgaria Key pilot – Mexico Sanusi Peugeot – Panama

Curfew Imposed in Sirte

Posted: 2013/01/03
From: Mathaba.net
Occupation regime media admit that the town is not under regime forces controlSirte has had a curfew imposed since last week in the wake of the increase of assassinations, smuggling and irregular migration. One issue to be addressed is the prevalence of cars with tainted windows and no (or misleading) number plates. Among the measures that were decided on is a curfew for people and vehicles after midnight.Several days of protests by local residents against the precarious security situation preceded the meeting. Reports say that inhabitants of one of the residential areas in Sirte were threatening to cut and boycott local services, including schools, government institutions and banks, until the occupation regime’s “Ministry of Interior” responded to their demands for better security. According to the report, protesters blame Misratan residents of Sirte for the assassinations the town has witnessed recently.The situation in Sirte has been the object of discussion in various meetings over the past few months, without results. Establishing a joint operations center was first mooted last October.

Failure all Sirte applicants doctors for fellowship exam Libyan

 Failure all Sirte applicants doctors for fellowship exam Libyan and why??? Council delegate for medical specialties Sirte stadium / friend Ferjani not bother to deliver the answer sheet for examination until it is corrected in Tripoli .. Where he sends through taxi …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Hearing voices lead the night in Sirte …… And one sniper rats Misrata.
Dr. displays “Fathi السنيني” Today battered by Armed, and was holding an emergency meeting and urgent in the Faculty of Medicine Human popular Tobruk.
Clashes on the border with Tunisia.
Libby shoots two Tunisians in the Ras Jedir border crossing.
Tuesday, January 1, 2013 Libby shoots two Tunisians in the Ras Jedir border crossing Special – and the Gaddafi International News Agency Libyan gunman fired on two Tunisians Tuesday on the border between the two countries, while the crossing was open, “Ras Jedir” border to the movement of goods more than a week after the close. According to Radio “Sun FM” in Tunisia The Tunisian nationals transferred today to the University Hospital Sfax Governorate after injury gunshot wounds in their legs. She added, quoting hospital officials they had been shot by the owner of the estate on the border south of Tunisia. He pointed out that illegal Libyan authorities turn a blind eye to the incident. And frequent incidents of sporadic violence on the border between the two countries which led to the closure of the border crossing Ras worth to the movement of goods and commodities more than a week ago, and resumed his day of crossing the Tunisian side remains closed from the Libyan side. The Radio “Tataouine” south of Tunisia that was agreed on Monday to open the crossing beginning of the day in front of trucks transporting goods after the Libyan Tunisian authorities made commitments and guarantees required for the Libyan side to ensure the security and safety of the Libyan trucks transporting goods into Tunisian territory. The Organization of Tunisian customs warned earlier in the deterioration of trade exchanges between Tunisia and Libya, which are estimated at more than $ 2 billion because of the deteriorating security situation on the border between the two countries. She said that the situation is alarming and cause significant damage to the Tunisian enterprises exporting to Libya legally and led to record losses for clients with them. Source: News Agency Gaddafi International

Libby shoots two Tunisians in the Ras Jedir border crossing

Special – News Agency Gaddafi Libyan armed Alaalmihotaleg fire on two Tunisians Tuesday on the border
between the two countries, while the crossing was open, “Ras Jedir” border to the movement of goods more
than a week after the close. According to Radio “Sun FM” in Tunisia that citizens.


Tunisian traders are forced to Libya on the transfer of goods on board the frigates

Tunisian traders are forced to Libya on the transfer of goods on board the frigates
Tunisians today traders were forced illegal Libyan authorities on the transfer of goods from Tunisia to Libya across Vriqtat and naval boats after he closed the front of them the Ras Jedir border crossing again in the early morning hours, and prevents entry of any goods merchants across Almabrmanma was kind.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/2013/01/blog-post_3383.html#ixzz2GwigO05u

Ungoverned and Ungovernable under the boot of colonialist’s NATO and U.S.


– Tripoli: More than 300 criminals who serve as members of the Senior Tripoli Safety Commission, which brings together several bands of “rebels”, besieged headquarters Tuesday spurious “Libyan Parliament” and even attacked some traitors who serve as deputies, as it was found.

The miscreants attacking vehicles with weapons used to surround the Parliament and took up positions at the entrances of the building in protest at the decision of their de facto heads of government of NATO to dissolve the Security High Commission and to integrate its members in the Interior Ministry.

 Criminals “rebels” did not require the Commission to become part of the police and having an indefinite period, while demanding the resignation of Interior Minister.

The treacherous Saluj deputy Najah said the decision to dissolve the commission and integrate in the police forces was taken by the Minister of Interior, Achur Chuayel.

Saluj added that many of his accomplices in parliament were hit by former militants, who followed last afternoon blocking access in and out of Parliament.

* We report that the Library Saleh in Tripoli was burned by terrorists “rebels”

– Resigns traitor who acted as chancellor of Libya: Ali Aujali, former Libyan ambassador to the UN , resigned as foreign minister, who had been appointed by the head of the band Prime Minister Ali Zeidan. Aujali  now  no longer serves the interests of NATO and the U.S. is accused of being a loyal Muammar Gaddafi (left the UN office in Tripoli as a representative on March 22, 2011, one month after the start of the uprising), but said to resign “for personal reasons”.

– In Benghazi terrorist and traitor who acted as head of the Security Directorate, Colonel Mustafa, a spy and NATO slave was kidnapped on Wednesday night at eight o’clock when he was accompanied by his entourage of security and other mobsters.

 – Benghazi:  The bombing of the prosecutor’s office in the Libyan city of Benghazi.

 ”The explosion of a bomb in the prosecutor’s office in the Libyan city of Benghazi has resulted in property damage, but no one was killed,” – said the source in the “security services” on Monday.

A man looks at a car damaged in car bomb explosion in front of the police inBenghazi, Libya. Violence continues in the country after the revolution against imperialism led by U.S. and NATO., Pan-African News Photo.

“Initial data indicate that an explosive device was a case of high explosives (TNT),” – said the coroner at the scene AFP, adding that they were all victims.

“Night explosion was the third attack on the office in 2012″ – the year, he said.

The explosion damaged the facade of the newly renovated building that was once (last year -.) took the People’s Court, a special court created “by the former regime,”Muammar Al-Gaddafi to “crack down on the opponents, especially the Islamists. “

The bomb also exploded the funnel into the ground and shattered the windows of nearby buildings and damaged vehicles.

December became violent months in Benghazi, the “cradle” of NATO theft “, overthrew the regime” of Qaddafi and “end in murder”, one of the “oldest dictators in the region.”

In the attacks on police stations killing seven employees this month that prompted the police chief to request sending reinforcements to restore security.

In 2012, residents of the second largest city in Libya witnessed the murder of the “safety” of officials and judges, many of whom served in the “old regime”.

Benghazi has become a center of jihadi groups, including militants “killed Ambassador Chris Stevens” and the other three Americans on September 11 in the “consulate” in the U.S..

 In another incident on Saturday in an explosion Coptic church in the city of Misurata, killing two and injuring two other Egyptians, according to local sources and diplomatic.

Sell ​​weapons to terrorists in broad daylight in the streets of Benghazi

Anarchy in the streets of Benghazi, a terrorist along with other well-armed criminals  recklessly doing pirouettes without immortals that there are children and bystanders.

source: libia-sos.blogspot.ch

Report from the Libyan Jamahiriya (02/01/2013): Ungoverned and Ungovernable

under the boot of colonialist’s NATO and U.S.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية


http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/2013/01/blog-post_2118.html # ixzz2GkmjNWJw


30 December  2012

Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A new Foreign Military Intelligence (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today is saying that United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton [photo 2nd left] was injured, and a top US Navy Seal Commander killed when their C-12 Huron military passenger and transport aircraft crash landed nearly 3 weeks ago in the Iranian city of Ahvaz near the Iraqi border. Iranian intelligence agents quoted in this GRU report confirm that the C-12 Huron aircraft is still in their possession in Ahvaz, but will only admit that the plane was “forced to land because of technical problems.” The US Navy Seal member reported killed in this bizarre incident, this report says, was indentified as Commander Job W. Price [photo 3rd left] who as a leader of this highly specialized American Special Forces unit protects high-ranking diplomats traveling in Middle Eastern and Asian combat zones. Curiously, US media reports on Commander Price’s death say it being investigated as a possible suicide as he died from what the American Defense Department describes as “a non-combat related injury.”


Equally as curious, US media reports state that Secretary Clinton will return to work next week after her having suffered what they describe as a “nasty bout with stomach flu” and a “concussion” which have kept her missing from public view the past three weeks. This GRU report, however, states that US military flight logs recorded by Russian air and space forces confirm that Commander Price, and other members of US Navy Seal Team 4, left their base in Urozgan Province, Afghanistan on a flight to US Naval Support Activity Bahrain where they met up with Secretary Clinton and all of them transferred to the C-12 Huron that began a flight path to Baghdad, Iraq. Within minutes of leaving Bahrain airspace, this report says, the C-12 Huron carrying Secretary Clinton and her US Navy Seal protectors, “without notice,” deviated from their assigned flight path heading, instead, directly towards Iran’s Ahwaz International Airport where, coincidentally, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had previously landed on an “unscheduled” visit.


Important to note, GRU analysts say in this report, was that when the C-12 Huron entered into Iranian airspace neither American nor Iran air force units responded clearly indicating that this secret mission was sanctioned. Upon the C-12 Huron landing at Ahwaz, however, this report says it encountered “extreme turbulence” causing it to leave the runway where its main landing gear then collapsed causing it to crash. Within seconds of the C-12 Huron crashing, this report continues, Iranian emergency and security personal responded freeing the victims, including Secretary Clinton who was reportedly unconscious and “bleeding profusely.”


After emergency aid was given, GRU agents stationed in Iran state that another US military flight was dispatched from Bahrain to Ahwaz which evacuated all of those wounded and killed in the crash including Secretary Clinton. Strangely to note, this report says, is that in the aftermath of this crash, Iran’s main oil company announced today that they were buying the Ahwaz airport with the intention of moving it because, they say, oil was discovered beneath it. To what the Americans mission to Iran was about this report doesn’t speculate upon, other than to note that with the Gulf State Monarchies rapidly approaching a union of their oil rich nations to counter Iranian power, and with President Obama signing a new law this past week to strengthen American borders against threats from Iran, and with the highly-publicized “Velayat 91” Iranian military exercises now taking place across a wide area from the Strait of Hormuz, a new and catastrophic  war in this region is much closer to being a reality than many realize.


To if Secretary Clinton’s mission was meant to forestall such a war it is not in our knowing, other than to note, that with the United States continued backing of some of the cruelest dictatorships in the world, our entire planet is but one spark away from a fire that could very well consume us all. 30 December 2012 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed underCC-BY and GFDL.


AYNAR 1423 FDP: Les choses semblent bonnes pour la nouvelle année 2013 / Things Look-up for the New Year 2013

Mu 527


المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية


Saturday, 29 December 2012
Revolutionary Struggle continues until victory

Asham el-watan ( alla, moamer , libya only ) [Dr. SHAKIR]:

“I want to hear the word (God is greatest) …….. Of all ………… Our delightful news!”

 Like the Phoenix bird gets up Qaddafi for the Libyans and joy of the world’s oppressed and rage for the imperialists and Zionists

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Like the Phoenix bird gets up Qaddafi for the Libyans and joy of the world’s oppressed and rage for the imperialists and Zionists
Qaddafi could be alive at some safe location, [HE IS ALIVE!] remember all the brave Mousa Ibrahim spokesman [last year] for the [GREAT] Jamahiriya when he assured that
“Qaddafi was at a safe location where no one could catch him.”

On a wholly confidential report arrived today – the final report on DNA analysis “the colonel Muammar Gaddafi” think tank issued in Sarajevo, said the DNA of the body, which is thought to belong to the leader “Muammar Gaddafi” does not match with DNA from his son Mutassim Gaddafi – says a specialist center in Sarajevo, the world’s largest center for DNA analysis, the results went to“Libya” for the government, which seeks to silence the report, fearing the spread of news, and by God, good news, hopefully the news is 100% safe!
If true [IT IS TRUE] this news would confirm that the rearguard Qaddafi prepare for a long hard fight with thousands of loyal military and patriotic united the people ….
 “This cover image by the newspaper La Domenica del Corriere Italian and are issued on 12.11.1911 and the main title is (the battle near the oasis of Tripoli) and one is talking about battles Libyan Jihad against the Italian occupiers and you can see my father’s flag was struggling Libyans It symbolizesof Islam and jihad and not inventions Gaddafi also believed ignorant

And so do not accuse me of a photoshop Here Gazette listed on Alaepaa site”
http://www.ebay.com/itm/230733332301?ssPageName=STRK% 3AMEWAX% 3AIT & _trksid = p3984.m1423.l2648


La Domenica del Corriere 45 del 12-11-1911 La battaglia nell’oasi di Tripoli in Collectibles, Paper, Newspapers | eBay
Maria Van Der Meel writes us:
“Bless him that blesses the Lord…Viva Ghadaffi.”
Mu 541
القائد معمر القذافي شخصية وهيبة وآناقة منقطعة النظير ، رجل بمواصفات لامثيل لها ..
Photo : ‎القائد معمر القذافي شخصية وهيبة وآناقة منقطعة النظير ، رجل بمواصفات لامثيل لها ..‎ Mu
TRANSLATION of caption: “Leader Muammar al-Qathafi is of personal prestige and elegance unrivaled, a man with unmatched specifications ..”
Alexander Beck explains :
“100/100 Gaddafi in people hearts , nobody could see What’s inside hearts but if u look deeply into green people eyes U will see the brother leader of revolution Muammer Gaddafi . People here saying it , if u ask them about what said u support ? They answer it from their hearts we support Gaddafi , my friends honestly I tell U next battle people will fight men and women even kids will contribute in the next battle against the agents of imperialism .”
  •  the Green Book of Libya’s revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi, from which the Third Universal Theory has sprouted which was the foundation of the Jamahiriya government (meaning government by the people), says on the right to bear arms:

    The Third Universal Theory heralds emancipation from the fetters of injustice, despotism, exploitation, and economic and political hegemony, for the purpose of establishing a society of all the people where all are free and share equally in authority, wealth and arms. Freedom will then triumph definitively and universally.

    The political and economic problems of minorities can only be solved within a society controlled by the masses in whose hands power, wealth and arms should be placed. To view the minority as a political and economic substrata is dictatorial and unjust.

    Democratically, no individual or team has the right to monopolize sport, power, wealth or arms for themselves.

    Why was it that the people of Libya endured the invasion of the most powerful military alliance in the history of time for over eight months? Simply because there was an armed population fighting NATO and the tens of thousands of rebel ground troops that were funded and supported by NATO.

    It is no coincidence that Libya among other countries with a similar concept of “guns to the people”, such as former Yugoslavia, had to be invaded and destroyed prior to the eventual introduction of gun laws in the invaders’ country itself. In the case of Libya, the problem of “a cruel dictator who was about to kill his own people” was created in order to make ignorant, frightened and docile souls turn to NATO for their perception of safety. Subsequently, in case of the United States, the problem of “omnipresent child killers” was created (and likely will be further built out in the near future with similar horrendous events up to come) in order to make ignorant, frightened and docile souls driven by the same perception turn to their government for protection.

    Is Libya free at this very moment? Will the American people feel safe and protected when being micro-chipped and surrounded by surveillance cameras and armed uniformed people wherever they go? Contrary; both are and will be suppressed by the globalist powers that ultimately care about only one thing: total control of the world through total control of your mind.

    With another year of (information) war, violence and death nearing its end, let us no longer turn to our supposed leaders, politicians, army forces, police officers or any “representative” who we consider to be our safety or hope. Let us instead stop passing on our responsibility to someone or something else, even though the entire world seems to encourage us to do so. You will soon be labeled a terrorist when you refuse to hand over your ammunition and power to government figures and for much less reasons than that. However, when you and I will take responsibility for our own actions and thoughts, the credibility of the control system will fall before our very eyes, and a true Jamahiri society will arise from its ashes – it is as simple and easy as that.

    29 December 2012 20:10 (UTC)  Written by  (Updated: 29 December 2012 21:27)

    It follows Bicola it until he was commander gives our goods to others!!!
    Say was giving the name of the Libyan people in aid to poor countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and before the era commander what Canc where Libby lying Djaan and Canc the camps Torghae Before what Canc where one million text Libyan immigrant minors from Libya and Canc Haldmar in homes and public and private property exists .

    Lying and naive to believe .. What fools you even give the world drones? If they just laughed at you and Anatonkm crime and extremism!
    Hadi U.S. drones to Mlahaktkm you and your group extremist because thanks to Libya became one of America reserves spy planes fly overhead without impunity Even الإمعة and gone commanded Hamad became his hand over the security file and the military, foreign affairs and oil .. And according to him can collect arms so white you within 24 hours .. Narrated any aircraft you are talking you are stupid

    يكذبون والسذج يصدقون .. يا أغبياء من أنتم حتى يعطيكم العالم طائرات بدون طيار ؟ إذا كانوا يتهكمون عليكم وينعتونكم بالإجرام والتطرف !
    هادي طائرات بدون طيار امريكية لملاحقتكم انتم وجماعتكم المتطرفة لأنه بفضلكم أصبحت ليبيا أحد محميات أمريكا تحلق فوقها طائراتها التجسسية بدون حسيب أو رقيب وحتى الإمعة و ولى أمركم حمد أصبح بيده الملف الأمني والعسكري والخارجية والنفط .. ويستطيع حسب قوله جمع السلاح حتى الأبيض منكم في خلال 24 ساعة .. فعن أي طائرات تتحدثون يا أغبياء
    Obama drone

    First statement of September Revolution of Benghazi Eyea 01 September 1969:

  • O great Libyan people
    Pursuant to your will free To Omanic precious, and genuine response to your call the repeated calls for change and cleansing, and urges to work and initiative, and incites revolution and pounce, has your troops armed overthrow of the regime reactionary backward rotting which Ozakmt smell stinking noses, and Aqhart see features chilling, and one stroke of your army Hero tumbled idols and crashed idols Vanakeca at the moment and one of the moments just terrible darkness Ages, from the rule of the Turks to Gore Italians to the era retro, bribery and mediation, nepotism and treachery, and so now since Libya is a Republic of free and sovereign under the name of (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya), an emerging, With God’s help to work to Ela, moving in the path of freedom and unity and social justice. Foster the children the right to equality, opening them doors honest work, not digested nor aggrieved not oppressed or master nor blackish, but brothers are free in a society fluttering it _ God willing _ banner prosperity and equality, فهاتوا hands, and open your hearts, and forget Ahkadkm stood united against the enemy of the Arab nation Islam the enemy of humanity, who burned our holy places and broke our honor, and so we will build glory and salute the heritage and avenge wounded dignity and the right raped. Yamen شهدتم to Omar Mukhtar jihad holy for Libya, Arabism and Islam, Weah of Qatltm with Ahmed Sharif fighting really, O sons of the desert, O sons of the desert, O sons of ancient cities, Aaibina countryside pure, O sons of villages, villages beautiful beloved, Ha had sounded an hour of work , how forward, and he pleased at this moment to reassure our foreign that their property and their lives will be in the protection of the armed forces, and that this action is not directed against any foreign country or international treaties or international law recognized and it is an act purely domestic terms, Libya and problems chronic.
    Forward the peace and blessings Rahmhallah
Wealth Bomenaar (Muammar Gaddafi)!!!
from 20 MARCH 2012
The people of Benghazi raise conditional on their shoulders after they kill them and burn their headquarters in 2011.
Bengazi 2011What charitable know Lin try someone else.

Muammar al-Qathafi’s life story – 4000 a day of secret work
Story of 4000 on secret work for the liberation of Libya – a documentary film documenting

events before the al-Fateh Revolution of September 1969

Mu'ammar forever
Mu commemorative coin

“The leader of the Green Revolution (Direct democracy without the participation of representatives of government, national committees, conferences)

Author-Green Book
-The creator of the “Libyan Islamic-Arab Jamahiriya Socialist” (people’s Union)”
-Chairman of the “African Union”;
-Founder of the World Islamic Call Society” and the “Islamic Leadership” Committee”
-benifactor of innumerable world charities
-builder of schools, clinics, hospitals and sport stadiums.

In our hearts will always remain our brother and leader, statesman best of all time.
We will never let that frays contours of time.
Let your name echoes corridors future.
With pride and respect.

thankfully Mankind”

God bless @ Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who resided Islamic complex in Malta out of the ears every prayer @
Prepare for World Jamahiriya Conference:  
The Revolutionary Committees Movement invites interest to a World Jamahiriya Conference.
The following are called upon:* All those who support the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.* All those who support the struggle of the Libyan masses for unity, socialism and freedom.* All those against the foreign occupation and violation of the Jamahiriya laws, rights and principles.* All who will commit to support the Conference with publicity via social media networks and other means.* All who are active or responsible within governments and other entities that support the GREAT Libyan Jamahiriya.* All who wish to present papers to the Conference concerning the Jamahiri legitimacy, freedom struggle, political prisoners, interests of the Libyan people, strategies in all fields.To widely circulate this communication in order to prepare to receive and react favourably to the convening of a World Jamahiriya Conference, addressing the issues raised at Conference, unity around calls for action concerning the situation in the Libyan Jamahiriya that result from the Conference.To be ready to participate in and contribute to the success of the Conference.The agenda of the World Jamahiriya Conference is to be announced in future update releases after being informed of the outcome of the meetings of the Revolutionary Committees Movement.To pre-register your interest and to receive further updates subscribe free of charge to the World Jamahiriya Conference mailing list at:
The Revolutionary Committees Movement is the movement of Muammar al-Qathafi, the red nerve that moves the masses.
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Great Man-Made River water covered political isolation?? Because Gaddafi oversaw the construction of this huge project, brick by brick!
مياه النهر الصناعي العظيم هل يشملها العزل السياسي ؟؟ لأن القذافي أشرف على بناء هذا المشروع الضخم طوبة طوبة!
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)Post correspondents ………….. Our correspondent from Friday MarketWho wants glory remembers the evacuation of the Italians and the evacuation of the Americans and the evacuation of the British and the Great Man-Made River and popular power and the return of the oil that was 90% of it at U.S. companies and you now you have 10% 90% to complement and 10% of the U.S. company only ………… ..,, who wants pride, dignity and glory out of your houses Akharjo of your houses get out of the streets Amno streets …..
Ademowoowoowoowooha you are free ………. despite the use of link ustream ……… A slow link ………….
We would have preferred to link justin ……….. it is the best and fastest
قناة ليبيا الخضراء اف ام
Mu'ammar deeply in prayer

Kdah Lake me Halotflh Lord saves
~ Alsabhawi ~

Tribe Alawakir incite militias coup:

Tribe Alawakir incite militias coup

Tribe Alawakir incite coup militias …
Document :: Alknottal Hardy army chief Sanusi!!!!!!!!!
Libyan news par, samedi 29 décembre 2012, 02:56 ·
Asamg ears brown February trophies flimsy and honor and chastity enjoyed by Idriss Senoussi king Libya Saiga and lineage and his family and its history, but did not dare one of those who devoted their time to bleaching and polishing that era that Eidahroa and or mention such fact compelling, namely, that the so-called army Sanusi captain was British any of the occupying Libya then a walking work of this army and it gives the Snossin ranks and I will leave you thinking about recipes and ethics and national was well satisfied colonial power at the time as I blame very much on the system mass for hide these irrefutable facts about the Libyan people, even if its purpose not remind the Libyans Psoad and Icheah that era of the history of Libya. ”

Who are you .. Where was your fathers and grandfathers?? “Did you know now what he meant by the former Muammar al-Qathafi??Colonel Hardy British army chief Sanusi granted Touati Jalil exiled rank of lieutenant!!
Arab press mocks NATO rebels, calling superstitious myths pant after what they are in Syria without NATO.
http://www.arabi-press.com/index.php?page=article&id=57672Names and images … “Legends” Libya the convergence died in Syria – Arab Press (HURRAH–after what these RATS did to Libya)Jawad Al Sayegh – Private Press reads as follows:”….the Libyan arrivals of Benghazi, Derna, and Zintan, and Misrata.
Mahdi Alharatne battalion commander “Martyrs Tripoli” was the first arrivals to Syria to fight alongside the armed groups, took Alharatne who has that killer in Kosovo and Iraq from rural Idlib based and his armed entered northern Syria to the Turkish border, established Alharatne Brigade nation in Syria, which now includes fighters Libyans, Syrians, and Arabs, is up leadership of this brigade to group Alharatne alone.
flocked fighters Libyans to Syria began in late in 2011, specifically when I put the Libyan revolution ended after rebels cities of Sirte and Bani Walid, the Syrian government announced that “terrorists Libyans” fighting the Syrian army, but the Syrian opposition wings military, and political was always denies this novel, and considers fabrication of فبركات system to delude community International Syrian Revolution has become a key incubator of terrorism, extremism and militancy….”(and it goes on with pictures of the dead RATS/Mercenaries trained by al-Qaeda in Libya: BUT ENOUGH NOW ABOUT the fake “Libyan” RATS!)http://www.arabi-press.com/index.php?page=article&id=57672
Dead mercenary is Muhammad Boukran Abu Musab al-Libi, new Dubai Street Benghazi resident,
killed by a mortar shell in Aleppo by the Syrian Arab army.

Is from supporters of Sharia battalion …. but in fact is one of the supporters of the infidels and the West

(full beards covering the whole face were taboo under the Great Jamahiriya; and one could not be  photographed for I.D. with such beards.)

Video presents for the first time on the Dardanelles satellite channel (BANI WALID)

Great difference between the ethics people of Bani Walid customers in the treatment of prisoners of war and morality militias criminal NATO rebels.

Treatment of the people of Bani Walid each of Omran Shaaban Mohammed Ayb
Treatment of the people of Bani Walid each of Omran Shaaban, who died in France after being transferred from a hospital Bani Walid and appears in the video and is in good condition and also Mohammed Ayb talking about how with …

Paradoxes Germanah
Some tribesman slaves make up a group of Libyan mercenaries in Syria and Syrian Arab Army fighting.
Mesh Do Kintua say Gaddafi was answering the mercenaries “and, of course, a lie?”
Tu you Henw your website to express my school Ptoa?

The West Wants The Muslim Brotherhood To Rule Arab Countries – Homs PrPubliée le 30 déc. 2012
Supporting the Muslim Brothderhood will result in them turning into factories for terrorists.
The West Wants The Muslim Brotherhood To Rule Arab Countries
Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood will result in them turning into factories for terrorists. The Assad government will never be overthrown by weapons As the …

The West Is Creating And Supporting Extremism The West needs an enemy so it can enslave its own people This is the second part (in the order I am uploading) …
OBVIOUSLY, RATS have always used mercenaries. USA brought in thousands of Afghani’s and prisoners from their Abu Garab and Guantanamo
Prisons to fight for the “rebels” (CIA) [as their means of “freedom”] in Libya AGAINST THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.
l-Qaeda affiliated member from Libya killed in Algeria, 3 terrorist training camps destroied ~ Membri di al-Qaeda libici uccisi in Algeria, 3 campi d’addestramento per terroristi distrutti
Al-Qaeda affiliated member from “Libya” killed in Algeria,
[ recently “nationalised” by the GNC, he, amongst a large group of others, are NOT NATIVE LIBYANS, but are really Qatari promised Libyan citizenship by USA if they fought against the Great Jamahiriya and Muammar al-Qathafi.]
3 terrorist training camps, for mercenaries to send in Syria, destroyed.
Algerian army killed an al-Qaeda affiliated member from “Libya” (recently “nationalised” by the GNC, he, amongst  a large group of others, are NOT NATIVE, but  are really Qatari) in an anti-terrorist operation in the Wilaya of Khenchela in the east of Algeria, El Khabar newspaper reported.An Anti-terrorism Unit of the Algerian Army carried out a special investigation, described that the 30 years old man, with a Libyan national identity, was “one of the most dangerous members of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb”, but did not mention a name.In the operation three “terrorist training centres” were discovered, including one in Tunisia’s Jendouba province, which was supervised by Libyans who had crossed the border to military train youths mercenaries, looking to go and fight against government forces in Syria.Three other terrorists were captured in the operation, El Khabar said, but one member of the Algerian security forces lost his life in the fighting.———

Kill then …………. They say God is great ….!!!
Burn and say Allahu Akbar ……….!!!
Abducting and raping then …………. say Allahu Akbar ….!!
Incite and tested and then …………… Say Allahu Akbar ……………..!!!!
Butchered corpses representing and cut …………….. And shouting Allahu Akbar ….!!!!!
Dig graves …… then say Allahu Akbar …….!!!!!!!

Any god تكبرون???????? Any god تنادون????????

Tdjalohm يسلبوا us zoom Valtkber Liberals honorable believers and not for the traitors Alandal apostates Vkbroa sisters grew up on the Jews and the Christians and their associates grown up on them, they are unjust and God does not forget one victory coming despite noses Jerdan –


(FALSE) SAUDI-STYLED “Sharia” al-Qaeda supporters, who gathered in an office were attacked by the Resistance.

Real mercenary!
Allibiya TV – Channel Libyan
Aimé (e) · il y a 3 heuresAjdabiya :::
URGENT: one human traffickers from the area of Ajdabiya in an attempt to smuggle Africans to the one western regions in a truck Ras European loaded withbuilding materials, cement, beneath barrier iron beneath 80 African migrants from Somalia and other nationalities and upon arrival at the beam Valley as a year at the eastern entrance of the city of five on the pitfalls of the beam collapsed metal barrier and crushed Africans under construction materials were intercepted the truck in the gate as a year after hearing the voices of distress was stopped so he shut down the car and escape in a car accompany him was an ambulance Africans to hospital Zliten and five were killed on the spot approximately than 20 immigrants, including 6 pregnant women and injured approximately from 20 others were injured and were fractures to know the owner of the car, a young man born in 1986 after having his passport inside the car.

Perform Misurata criminals smuggling and reckless act has killed 18 Somali immigrants. Somalia’s ambassador in Libya reported that 18 Somali migrants were killed and over 20 were injured when the truck they were traveling overturned near the city of Misurata.
The ambassador, Mohamed Abdikani Waeys, told the BBC that the truck, which was also carrying cement, was carrying about 120 people to the coast in order to enter them smuggled to Europe.

Do you actually been liquidated Sheikh Ali Abu voice in the prisons of prostitutes?


News Filter Sheikh Ali Abu voice in the prisons of the militias.

News Filter Sheikh Ali Abu voice in the prisons of the militias.

Large body of us reports liquidate customer of Sheik Fadhel Ali Abu sound under torture in a prison deployed in the country.المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/2012/12/blog-post_6938.html#ixzz2GU7zHwTC
Was arrested on a truck in gate as contraband five year 18 Sudanese men from Kufra under cement
and all died, and now is buried in the cemetery of Sidi Ali Ferjani as a year.Rats Tu supersize week Tani and say we met the mass grave.

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Our correspondent from Zliten
Security committee in rats as a five-year transporting 120 people to Libby in liquid cargo trailer for a sum of money.

strongest we also Audnakm …….
It’s only Asham home …………….. Land Event

We published the news about the 120 is Libby in two trucks belonging to the security committee in rats as a five year ……………. 5 hours ago
Here fields now published
Killed 18 illegal immigrants and injuring 18 others injured in Zliten eastern Libya

War fool .. war accuracy .. War planning .. want war time .. War .. war intelligence skill sobriety war war war goals scrutiny
War for us in the end ………………….

Allibiya TV – Channel LibyanHarvest February twenty-two months of horror.
Says Mnzeroa 17 February they went out against injustice, and raised their arms in the face of tyranny, and Ostjaroa enemy to ward off oppression, and came nationalities campaign buffer to power of corruption, and working on the administration of justice and serve the people.!!
But the lessons of the findings and malate reasons and no words …. to ask where they are today after twenty-two months Exactly? … Any injustice? Had? Or that the Ombudsman after February affected everyone individually and collectively, of murder, التعديب and displacement and violation of privacy? … To look at the size of the displaced to the outside, which became a record after the Second World War saluting exceeded the number of displaced from Palestine.
Did not give a reason and a real one can put Kadhafi Zmn the tyrants if Estninae list hollow words and false accusations and some of the stories woven from fiction … but their revolt produced dozens of tyrants Alhakiqin who did not hesitate to do the most horrendous acts against innocent and defenseless citizens.
As for oppression given by February and there is nothing wrong happened. .. Has long individuals and groups Murder identity became commonplace, التعديب ugliest means to death Saremchada daily increasingly replicated with time Alfberaary, kidnapping for money, rape of women and men alike, burning of houses including the previous criminal was known by the modern world, not to mention the Policy combing Everybody knows what combing, the displacement of entire villages and cities and emptied of its people is a registered trademark of February in the twenty-first century, and Torghae not a unique case.
Corruption is the title of February unchallenged, will find those who want to check it difficult to see the reality of corruption that long everything .. from stealing public funds and private in the absence of state institutions to regulate the mediation and nepotism in employment under Draúa protect the revolution .. Vllthoar alone without other Libyans right Almkvoh and treatment abroad, work and study abroad adding that jobs and took key positions .. forcing thousands of people to fraud and registration lists alleged rebels even exceeded their numbers hundreds of thousands.
Put Alfberarion of justice and faces another, Aftrhawwa unabashedly and revive the idea of ​​transitional justice, which means simply justice tailored to the victims to enable the executioner of the extension of whims and issue rulings whatever Georha .. and let the rebels from prosecution for crimes they may have committed during and after the revolution, even if not relate .. and put strange criteria for measuring individual integrity and national fire burned large numbers of them, and they insist on issue legally stranger to political isolation under the pretext of establishing democracy and secure Alfberaaria, and reality ensure monopoly of a particular group in power in Libya
Important ATP achievements of February is not difficult, it did not provide any physical work can be measured, except for those relating to the work of repression and terror, intimidation and retaliation. . Image February will not be polished whatever Counterfeiters tried to escape to the last criticism and research in hanger attached to them failures February and towels wipe dirt Romozh.
You will not find polemics of the so-called National Council on democracy, not fatwas Mufti which separates religion on the whims of his group in February as a project for advancement, it is just a major setback for Libya, which lost no reasons and lost her family and become prey Taatnahishha monsters.
Inviting to Libyans are all, without exception, to those who settle political isolation on Mqasathm, and those who targeted, and those millions who sit behind closed doors claiming God and waiting for relief, to stop for a moment with self .. revise it lens national away on justification, no matter of errors and hit, Valmassab very gravely missed, and the risks are increasing, and the fire of sedition burn everyone, including of أوقدها .. To sit together, all Libyans, through tribal and civil institutions and discuss deeply and unconditionally future, Libya tomorrow, and do not leave ours in the hands of not fear God nor mercy, those who call themselves elites of this party or that they only Abhton their interests against any price Even though Toyota car from Qatar.
0 at night are LibyaProgram “Spotlight on events”:
We highlight the treatment of prisoners in prisons and compared between the treatment of prisoners in Bani Walid and the rest of the prison in Libya … Where video will be displayed for the first time for the treatment of the people of Bani Walid each of Omran Shaaban, who died in France after being transferred from a hospital Bani Walid and appears in the video and is in good condition and also Mohammed Ayb talking about how it treats in Bani Walid.
الليلة وعلى تمام الساعة العاشرة 10:00 ليلاً بتوقيت ليبيابرنامج ” أضواء على الأحداث”
سنسلط الضوء على معاملة الأسرى في السجون و مقارنة بين معاملة الأسرى في بني وليد و باقي السجون في ليبيا … حيث سيتم عرض فيديو لأول مرة لمعاملة أهل بني وليد لكل من عمران شعبان الذي توفي في فرنسا بعد نقله من مستشفى بني وليد و يظهر في الفيديو وهو في حالة جيدة و ايضا محمد العويب يتحدث عن كيفية معاملته في بني وليد .
Abu expresses Trabelsi 12/28/2012

Because we are the strongest …………..(Asham home .. will not die):

Just Hassi leader rats tenderly Army became the first American man in the Middle Libyan # and get modern weapons, including …

Wanted dead or alive ………….. Rat Gneoh Alkkla:

Imported DRUGGIES:
If reply for his name received a following Talaan criminal from captivity
And Anicolh champion hashish Raho Hoerbak though blacks
alternate translation:
Is this follows Tboh army??? Criminal gangs ratified spirit
If reply for his name received a following Talaan criminal from captivity
And Anicolh champion hashish Raho Hoerbak though blacks
هل هو هذا الجيش يلي تبوه؟؟؟ عصابات اجرامية صدقت روحها
لو تجيبو اسمه تلقوه أحد المجرمين يلي طالعين من الحبوس
وانقوله بطل الحشيش راهو شواربك ولو سود
Misurata on Thursday came out the first batch to guard for the Imperialists their oil fields Alsoal that presents itself to wage income Misrata in the oil fields and Henw Gap to Gap?
Delirious ticks new Lotto your souls Moroccans next target after Bani Walid and Harouge Sidra and Ras Lanuf and Brega.
Intellectual adolescence only .. imagine some possibility of building a community of virtue decision of the American or NATO!!
JUST ONE of more than 60,000 Green Army martyrs:

Prophet 200 Lake and only Bnicot Elvis
Aamatsam Yanjm incandescent light ~ keep p over time legend
Frankly guidance of the most powerful image of her lip of the martyr and I Hatha background ^ ^

~ Alsabhawi ~

Dr. Billah

Pictures shown me the first time;
Martyr ABU JABBAR BAKER-YOUNIS with his Family
Lt. Abu-Bakr Younis Jaber mediates his family, History will record that this hero symbol of loyalty and companionship ..

In order to Annsay martyrs:

The hero martyr father Ahmed Ramadan Nasr Alomla Gaddafi son captured Ramadan Nasr ibn Ramadan Alomla
Died 9/24/2011 and Hua defending Ali Sirte withstand God forgive him and merciful and have mercy on all our martyrs and dismantling of all families Liberal Lord right chapeau.

A tribute to the brother and friend Ali Stadium Handb:

Juma blessed you are free

Haji Mohammad Omar Mukhtar : 
Passes unwell ask God has healing hence claimed both national and honorable people
with compassionate hearts kind to stand with him .. He told me that he does not have any
official since the Nakba visit or stand on his needs when he is old reached the age of what you can see ..
Does not have only superannuation a seat did not cost the state and Germanha her sake of the billions
that drained here and there that dealt with this honorable Sheikh Ibn code jihad Sheikh martyrs
Omar Mukhtar is not begotten not give him God seed care about him a seat while ago yes all his sons.
The interview was conducted by Sabry Abidi
Mucktar's son

Dr. Hamza Thami – light of the room as soon as Ever –
Suitable for the so-called with numerous exploitation – 12/24/2012 –
With near pray for victory –
د حمزه التهامي – 24-12-2012
الدكتور حمزه التهامي – من غرفه الفاتح فور ايفر – مناسبه ما يسمي بعديد الاستغلال – 24-12-2012 – مع الدعاء بالنصر القريب –

Did not stop youth Resistance since the early hours of the bombing channels mass and stopped broadcasting the pursuit of launching channels reach the truth to the world, but those efforts were hampered always many obstacles, including the fight against Althelp corrupt traitors who control the reins things in Jmahiritna beloved and lack of financial resources that enable them tomeet those challenges … But now, thanks to God, enables young people to broadcast on Arab satellite SAT without other, although we hope like you and everyone that we get the license to broadcast on the Nilesat satellite for he was the most popular in the region … Does not believe one there had been an opportunity to broadcast on Nilesat Adanaha versa so far attempts are underway to broadcast on Nilesat or any satellite in orbit but the administration moon Nilesat impose restrictions on the rest of the satellite, which broadcasts in orbit, such as not broadcasting any channel loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi … So اعذرونا that we were not able to broadcast on Nilesat satellite and tried to follow us on Arab satellite SAT it can be done …
… Billah …
(Now, in speaking about Muammar al-Qathafi):
Was narrow and had patience her companion _ God’s help be vulva spring and seal _ and safe wronged darkened except Ozhpth sun its light _ and of betrayal Hdtt only death was destiny _ and class engaged in God but the victory was its ally _AND THE FACT CONCEALED, HOWEVER, HAS NEAR ITS APPEARANCE!كانت ضيقه وكان الصبر رفيقها _بعون الله يكون الفرج ربيعها وخاتمها_ومامن ظلمت أظلمت إلا وأذهبته الشمس بنورها_وما من خيانة حدتت إلا وكان الموت مصيرها_وما من فئة استعانت بالله إلا وكان النصر حليفها_وما من حقيقة أخفيت إلا وقد قرب ظهورها.
كانت ضيقه وكان الصبر رفيقها _بعون الله يكون الفرج ربيعها وخاتمها_ومامن ظلمت أظلمت إلا وأذهبته الشمس بنورها_وما من خيانة حدتت إلا وكان الموت مصيرها_وما من فئة استعانت بالله إلا وكان النصر حليفها_وما من حقيقة أخفيت إلا وقد قرب ظهورها.
Photo : ‎كانت ضيقه وكان الصبر رفيقها _بعون الله يكون الفرج ربيعها وخاتمها_ومامن ظلمت أظلمت إلا وأذهبته الشمس بنورها_وما من خيانة حدتت إلا وكان الموت مصيرها_وما من فئة استعانت بالله إلا وكان النصر حليفها_وما من حقيقة أخفيت إلا وقد قرب ظهورها.‎
Mustafa Qdereboh Ali Al Green on the Moon Arab Sat ninth hour ……


Opening of green satellite channel on the Internet

alkhadra Channel

 Was the opening of a Web site for green channel of existing space over the moon Arab Sat Badr 4 because some brothers do not show them the channel on the future because of the high precision reference broadcast channel for the Administration considered open site on the Internet so as to be in touch with viewers.
WIKIPEDIA HAS CORRUPTED the history of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. It is totally being edited by RATS and Green revisions are not permissible..

Wikipedia and propositions corrupt
period of history Libyan been destroyed and طمسه presence on the hands of a handful of traitors renegades and assisted major countries to blur history Jamahiriya Date Libya Arab Great Socialist and obliterate referring to Shahid fasting
but lookout for them please everyone help us and to rewrite history as it is not He also wants the traitors registered everyone amendment may theses Wikipedia. This company will not be able to non-media fair to impose changes added to the history of the Jamahiriya and martyr fasting was time the likes of Shahid know that he will not stand still.
Abu Sami

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/#ixzz2Gca3qxvo


Brothers who know you in internal security service, beware of the tricks of rats…

إخوتي الذين اعرفكم في جهاز الامن الداخلي احذروا من ألاعيب الجرذان

Ali trained Commander Muammar al-Qathafi moving! (30 DEC. 2012)

Clashes pedicle Banzour OS now

Photo : ‎علي درب القائد سائرون‎

PRESENTLY (as of 25 DECEMBER 2012), Major-General SAADI al-Qathafi is at Yarmouk Camp out of  Tripoli, Libya.


Dr. Shakir writes:
“Stand up and fight … Steadfastness and Tguenis …………… steadfastness and revolted …. Steadfastness and challenge the steadfastness and struggle ….. steadfastness and jihad ………… steadfastness and ready Tam ………. steadfastness and high morale steadfastness steadfastness even great victory _____ God and Muammar heroes and Great victory.”
صمود وقتال… صمود وتقنيص ……………صمود وثار…. صمود وتحدي صمود ونضال …..صمود وجهاد …………صمود واستعداد تام ……….صمود ومعنويات عاليا صمود صمود حتى النصر العظيم _ _ _ _ _الله ومعمر وابطال العظمى والنصر
Photo : ‎صمود وقتال... صمود وتقنيص ...............صمود وثار.... صمود وتحدي صمود ونضال .....صمود وجهاد ............صمود واستعداد تام ..........صمود ومعنويات عاليا صمود صمود حتى النصر العظيم _ _ _ _ _الله ومعمر وابطال العظمى والنصر‎


No bodies found at Yarmouk camp: official

(Ashraf Abdul Wahab reporting in Tripoli, 12 December 2012) http://www.libyaherald.com/2012/12/12/no-bodies-found-at-yarmouk-camp-official/ No bodies nor any money had been found at  Yarmouk camp in Tripoli [at which RATS and WEST claimed General KHAMIS al-Qathafi burned 150 people alive on 23 AUGUST 2011]! Turns out another piece of dire propaganda has been proven FALSE. (This was the LIE of

“bodies found and executed by Gaddafi’s wicked shock troops”.         )

http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.fr/2011/12/tripoli-massacres-yarmouk-mosque-dump.html Photo

The Yarmouk base was in a neighborhood called by some Khalet al-Ferjan (Furjan), among other names.

By virtue of the base, some call it the Yarmouk neighborhood. The Yarmouk military base is the headquarters of the 32nd battallion, Khamis Katiba.

The satellite images of Airport Highway suggest four lanes each direction. Not far away to the northeast. Diagonally across the patch of 15 giant “crop circles,” one kilometer east of the top row, at the curve in al Hadhbah Road, is a perfect match. It’s got the right cross-roads, matching double-pillar gate structure, wall dipping further from the road to the south, covered walkway things out front to the north, built-up interior . The dramatic gate of the Yarmouk military base just south of Tripoli, next to which the Khamis Brigade:

(see here for precise location).

The immediate base surroundings is sometimes called the Yarmouk area of the district named Salaheddin or a couple of variations, or alternately Khalet/Khelet/Khalid/Khalida Ferjan/al-Ferjan/Forjan. Arabic for the last: خلة فرجان.   

LIES, LIES & MORE LIES: http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.fr/2012_02_01_archive.html Seems like even those Journalists who were HOODWINKED BY OBAMA & NATO concerning Libya in 2011, are now awakening to the truth!


Citizen’s Investigation Into War Crimes in Libya {Masterlist}

29 February  2012 last edits June 19Announcing the launch of:

Citizen’s Investigation into War Crimes in Libya(CIWCL) Logo by me – hopefully adequate and not too corny.

http://ciwclibya.org/ Sub-posts: (the lead up to forming the group) – shed massacre follow-up work – the big investigation group thing – Report: A Question Mark Over Yarmouk (The following content may be re-arranged into new posts in time) CIWCL signatories as of June 19 (alphabetical): – Stewart Dredge, Edinburgh, Scotland

– Maximilian Forte
associate professor of anthropology, Concordia University
Montreal, Canada

– Petri Krohn Chairman, Finland without Nazism Helsinki, Finland – Adam J. Larson blog administrator: libyancivilwar.blogspot.com Spokane, USA – Peter Schönfeld, Cologne, Germany – Myra St. Clair, Spokane, USA Active Members: Krohn, Larson, Schönfeld Others have expressed interest in signing/joining/helping, but haven’t yet submitted a formal signature. One is momentarily de-listed, one perhaps permanently.

Khamis w Machine Gun


The Strike on Khamis’ Convoy: Really?

27 February 2012When it was reported (but then denied) that Muammar Gaddafi’s most militant son, Khamis, was captured alive recently, (LIES) it seemed time to revisit the last time he was declared dead. Six months earlier almost to the day, in late August/early September of last year, he was reported killed in a rebel strike on his retreating convoy just after the fall of Tripoli.
Al-Fargi’s FAKE Account: Allegedly, this strike came right after his father and Libya’s onetime symbolic leader Muammar Gaddafi and parts of his core family met at Khamis’ Yarmouk military base and fled from Tripoli. That was August 26, one week into the rebel assault on the capitol, four days after they claimed 90% of the city, three days after the alleged massacre of over 150 prisoners there, and about the same exact time rebels finally acknowledge holding the Yarmouk base itself (or, as the clues suggestthree days after the rebels violently took the base).This is according to a baby-faced teenage captive who was presented to Richard Pendlebury of the UK Daily Mail, for an article run September2: “The car was armoured like a tank. But that wasn’t enough to save Gaddafi’s son Khamis when the rebels took their vengeance.” Seventeen-year-old Abdul Salam Taher al-Fargi is described as “a child of the southern desert,” who “has witnessed history.” So he says, anyway.
(Photo of al-Farji speaking with Pendlebury)In his story, he was the youngest recruit to Khamis Gaddafi’s bodyguard, picked for his youth, innocence, possibly his big hair, and his origin in the Loyalist town of Sabha. His very recruitment handily proved the desperation of the dying regime. Al-Fargi was given three days’ training shooting a gun, then sent to Tripoli with big promises following victory. He survived days of fighting “around Green Square and in the Bosleem [Abu Salim] district.” Pendlebury continues:

Then, on Thursday last week [Aug.25], when it was clear that the regime was finished, he was summoned along with other hand-picked soldiers to Khamis’s compound in the Salahuddin district. The soldiers stayed there overnight. Then, on Friday, things began to happen. A Hyundai saloon arrived through the front gate and out got the ‘King of Kings himself’ — the nation’s leader — in a flowing robe and desert headdress. With Gaddafi Snr was his daughter Aisha, said Abdul. The father spoke to Khamis and then left with Aisha in a military vehicle. Another brother, Saadi, was reported as also having been in their convoy. Abdul and his comrades were given lunch, then Khamis told them to get ready to go to Bani Walid. They would be meeting another brother, Mutassim, there. The 60-vehicle convoy left Tripoli at around 4.30pm, Abdul recalls. Khamis was travelling in a heavily-armoured Toyota Land Cruiser.

This base is apparently the Yarmouk one, the only base of the 32nd brigade in the Salaheddin district, and among their two largest in the Tripoli area. Khamis had reportedly been there three days before when he ordered that 150 prisoners in the shed out back should be killed. 4:30 on Friday the 26th is apparently just ahead of, or even just behind, the photographer Daniel Berehulak who followed the rebels into Yarmouk. His set of eight photos of the shed massacre site are dated August 26 and, by the angle of sunlight seen (this image is the best help), it was mid-late afternoon – anywhere from about 4:00 to as late as 6:00PM (time analysis, uncertain, discussed here). Further, it’s about four hours after the rebels finally conquered the base, according to the unnamed fighter who spoke to Human Rights Watch. He said they entered the base around noon on the 26th, and to prove it, said that’s when they first smelled and then saw the burning remains in the shed. At the same time, we’re to accept, the Gaddafi family themselves were enjoying lunch alongside that smell some feet away, and then casually departed four hours later, before it was too late! Just past Tahouna, near Bani Walid, an ammunition truck in Khamis’ convoy was hit by rebels, Pendlebury was told, leaving a smashed bed that looks to me like a NATO bomb hit it from above. Photo of ammunition truck Pendlebury described the convoy’s last mission so:

What would appear to be happening is a fighting retreat, to buy time for the Gaddafis to escape into the desert wastes. Some regime forces have already left Bani Walid and moved to Sofe Aljane, 50 miles further south. Gaddafi himself is also thought to have gone.

Abdul al-Farji was with them. He said:

‘We were told the road was clear, and my pick-up truck was sent forward to make sure it was,’ said Abdul, who was manning a heavy machine gun mounted on the back.

‘We ran straight into rebel vehicles. I opened fire first and they shot back.’

But as the driver of his own vehicle tried to turn away from the rebel positions, Abdul lost his footing, fell out and was captured.

The last time he saw Khamis’s vehicle it was on fire, but still moving slowly.

The jeep apparently was hit too, but the kid survived, because he fell off of it. He was captured and told his story like so. The witness seems quite confident, open, and eager to explain all he saw and knew. He said he had been misled about the kind rebels, but now wanted to help them, and he was. And they were kind, to him.

It is clear, though, that Abdul has become something of a pet for the rebels. As we talked, another colonel came in, ruffled his hair, pinched his cheek and kissed him.

‘We are all one country,’ he beamed. ‘And this is still a Libyan child.’

It was the convoy battle by Tahouna that proved the kid was right, Khamis was in that convoy, and he didn’t come out alive, so was presumed among the charred dead. Pendlebury added:

The rebel colonel describes the demise of the dictator’s son. ‘His vehicle was well protected, but we hit it with a 23mm gun and it burned,’ he said.

I viewed the charred and melted remains of the Toyota by the side of the empty road. The glass was almost an inch thick and the armour on the doors would not have disgraced a tank. The bodywork did not appear to have been penetrated. 

Photo of the armored Land Crusier. Does it add up well? Other Evidence for Khamis’Death forthcoming.


When Was This Photo Taken?

26 Febr. 2012Photographer Daniel Berehulak took a series of photos of the massacre site dated August 26, sometime in the mid-afternoon, from the general direction of sunlight. Image 2 is the only one I found useful for trying to set the exact time. External link, new window:http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/4j2SQVwCzEZ/Burnt+Bodies+Discovered+Tripoli+Mass+Killing/7l_03GCUoMV An enhanced crop of this is inset at left. The men in the door are bathed in two types of light: ambient (from our left, mostly, and all sides of them but the front) and brighter, direct sunlight (apparently from our right/their left and somewhat above them). The door frame and even shadows inside will also help. But still, I can’t decide on even a narrow range. Maybe another reader can help decide.For now, I’m dealing with solar azimuth only, direction to the sun in its east-west arc across the sky. Solar altitude I can only say is above horizontal, so well before sunset. In the image below, the Google Maps image of the shed oriented to true north. The green line is an approximate line of sight within the shed. The yellow lines are possibly consistent sunlight directions shining towards the camera. The earliest is approximately 222º from north (southwest), with the others at 244º, at 267º, and as an outlier, 280º (just north of due west).

Anyone? Which of these four, or other angles within our outside that range, do you think best explains what the photo shows? I have the correlating times, and a reason for wondering. But just to keep it about the imagery, I’ll hold off explaining until I or someone figures out what’s the best reading among those.

Rape Allegations Ganging Up on Gaddafi

Friday, April 29, 2011 last update Feb. 4, 2012Note June 10: The top prosecutor for the International Court that’s Criminal (ICC) has just added mass rape charges to the arrest warrants sought against Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and brother-in-law Abdullah Senoussi. Therefore, the cartoonishly thick allegations below have taken on more importance suddenly (see also, at bottom, update for June 13.Iman, in Passing: A PR Stunt for War?

The issue of rape as weapon in the Libyan Civil War is, by design, tied in with its most vivid and personal allegation, by Iman al-Obeidi. On March 26, the soon-to-be anti-Gaddafi icon dramatically revealed a multi-day ordeal of gang rape, abuse, and himuliation by 15 of Gaddafi’s troops, one of whom she was able to identify as a high-ranking officer and a relative of Col. Gaddafi’s. The effect was huge. No one could be factually sure – even if the allegation was all true – that this was a crime of the regime as opposed to some drunk soldiers behaving very badly. But of course it was generally taken as the first. The appearance of cover-up hasn’t helped, from her famously being dragged away to the government smears and insults, and the fear of being silenced she’s expressed to the several western journalists who’ve been able to speak with her just fine. But her story, which I’ll cover separately in more detail, is far from established truth. — Update June 10: In fact, her later exploits raise further doubts – she later escaped to Qatar, only to be shipped back to Benghazi battered and bruised anew, this time she said by the Qatari government. — An article of April 28 in the Nation of Islam-linked journal The Final Call gave the al-Obeidi story as reason 10 of “Ten reasons why the US War in Libya is a CIA Operation.”

Rape is charged. A distraught, English-speaking, Arab woman fortuitously finds her way from days of gang rape by Gadhafi’s soldiers into the only hotel in Tripoli where foreign journalists are encamped (apparently dropped off by her tormentors) where she reports of her ordeal to the gathered media who immediately, unquestioningly, broadcast the brutal crime to the world as proven fact. She claimed that she was detained at a checkpoint, tied up, abused, then led away to be gang raped—all whilst her assailants were defending Tripoli against a Western bombing campaign. “They defecated and urinated on me and tied me up,” she said, her face streaming with tears. “They violated my honor, look at what the Gadhafi militiamen did to me.” Everybody who heard this woman’s claims—except 100 percent of the Western media—immediately remembered October 1990, when a sobbing 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl gave unsworn testimony in a Congressional hearing chaired by Zionist congressman Thomas Lantos in which she described what she saw in a Kuwaiti hospital with her own eyes: “While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where … babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.” The girl was actually the daughter of a Kuwaiti ambassador, and had been coached by the public relations firm Hill and Knowlton to give false testimony. Three months passed between the hearing and the start of the first Gulf War during which the fabricated incubator story was repeated over and over again by seven U.S. senators and ten times by President G.H.W. Bush himself. It was recited as fact in congressional testimony, on TV and radio talk shows like Nightline, and at the UN Security Council. It is cited as the single most persuasive reason that the American public backed the first Iraq War. None of those involved with the hoax have ever faced legal reprisals. CIA √

Actually, that highly relevant stunt has a better parallel, subject-wise, in the fakery-supported claim of Gaddafi’s snipers picking off young children. But this additional charge has been more effective and convincing than that cartoonish claim. AsWikipedia explains it “[al-Obeidi’s] insistence on telling her story in public had the effect of challenging both the Gadaffi regime and the taboo that surrounds discussion of sex crimes in that country.” In a time of no shortage of challenges to Gaddafi, this one was always sure to “win the women’s vote” for regime change, as it were. And the impression given by the “taboo” part, is that this social pioneer is our first glimpse into a dark pit of systematic sexual violence. Prurient puritanical imaginations tend to run wild with things like this, and it’s been widely presumed Iman represents but a screaming tip of a silent iceberg. Africans Here to Rape our Women! Indeed, it’s much larger, say the balanced experts in rebel territory. The fear of rape by big, black, African mercenaries is a common theme of the alarmism of the early days. First, there are valid questions over how many foreign merceenaries there ever were in this war. Many or all of those captured as such, who have been double-checked, are either Libyan fighters from the south, or foreign workers (see below). Yet these peoples’ pigmentation had allowed a near-hysterical conflation of these into a mostly phantom enemy – the foreign, black African fighter. They were largely killed, forced into hiding, or chased away. They were captured in the hundreds by armed rebels, bludgeoned to death by gangs and de-pantsed in public, shot execution style in the dozens, hacked down, hanged in the squares, burned to a crisp, and in once case, awkwardly decapitated at the center of a night-time celebration in Benghazi’s main square. (see: Rebel Atrocity Videos) A few hundred other black African workers die each time one of the vessels carrying them capsizes in the Mediterranean, trying to flee this madness to Italy. Gaddafi is blamed, and it’s called an attack on Europe. With their skill identifying the nationalities or combatant status of their victims, one wonders if any of the rebel claims of the mercenary rape spree were reliable either. This from the Monthly Review, April 20

The Independent’s Michael Mumisa observed that “foreign media outlets have had to rely mostly on unverified reports posted on social network websites and on phone calls from Libyans terrified of Gaddafi’s ‘savage African mercenaries who are going door-to-door raping our women and attacking our children’,” and he speaks of “a Twitter user based in Saudi Arabia,” who “wrote how Gaddafi is ‘ordering african mercenaries to break into homes in Benghazi to RAPE Libyan women in order to detract men protesters!'”

Some of the particular Twitter tweets of rumors that managed to get in and out of Libya, despite the internet shut-down, and might have wound up stoking that ethnic cleansing:

LibyanThinker URGENT!!! From contact in the Army: So far, 1300African Mercenaries have arrived in #Libya to date. Cant’ the World hear our cries??? Sat Feb 19 2011 23:21:00 (Eastern Standard Time) via TweetDeck Retweeted by you and 84 others […] Tripolitanian I URGE THE LIBYAN ARMY TO SIDE WITH THE LIBYAN PEOPLE – don’t let these African mercs kill your family! #Libya #Feb17 Sat Feb 19 2011 20:23:04 (Eastern Standard Time) via web Retweeted by you and 54 others […] LibyanThinker NEW! #Gaddafi has given the African Mercenaries full freedom in raping Libyan women. #Libya Sat Feb 19 2011 19:57:04 (Eastern Standard Time) via web Retweeted by you and 20 others

Might be A Hundred / Family Values Assaulted On April 17, The First Post in the UK ran a more scholarly article supporting this tactic by the more regular forces, if not the mercenaries. It’s entitled “Gaddafi’s Men use Rape as a Weapon of War,” and reads in part:

Horrifying accounts of the systematic use of gang rape as a weapon of war by fighters loyal to dictator Colonel Gaddafi have emerged from Libya. Women have been violated in front of their own children – and some have asked their relatives to kill them rather than face Gaddafi’s men. Khalifa al-Sharkassi, a German-trained doctor based in al-Baida in north-eastern Libya, told the Sunday Times he is collecting the testimony of abused women. He believes as many as 100 have been subjected to gang rape. […] Sharkassi decided to speak out despite rigid taboos on discussing rape or “dishonour” as it is known in Libyan society. He told the story of one 28-year-old mother of two, identified only as Leila, who was violated with one of her young children in her arms. Leila told Sharkassi she was raped on the night of March 14 by Gaddafi’s soldiers who came to her home when her husband was away fighting for the rebels. She said: “The soldiers told me they would kill my children. They sneered ‘you or your children’. I held one son close but one of the men forced me down onto the bed, then it happened…”

The attack took place as her children, aged 4 and 5, watched. Such is the shame associated with rape in Libya that Leila’s husband will not see her and she is contemplating suicide. Reporter Hala Jaber says this is just one of many cases he [sic – a she] has been told about. In another, a woman was raped over several hours, losing consciousness and waking again to find a bad bite on her breast.

These stories are emotionally upsetting and such atrocities are possible enough in a war situation. But they are neither confirmed nor proven, serve a suspiciously useful role as anti-Gaddafi propaganda, and even if true do not prove – or even strongly suggest – any government sanction for mass rape as a tool in their campaign. Only Regime Change can Save these Kids Social taboos are cited for the lack evidence of widespread sexual violence in this war. But children can be so much more open, with the social norms of the adult world not as firmly imprinted yet. It was so that Michael Mahrt, with the organization Save The Children (and who could disagree?) oversaw hundreds of interviews with children displaced by the fighting. Reuters reported, April 23:

Save The Children said it had spoken to nearly 300 children in six temporary camps in rebel-held Benghazi and heard reports of rapes and murders committed within the last four weeks in Ras Lanuf, Ajdabiyah and Misrata. […] In one case mothers who had fled the fighting told the charity that a group of four or five teenage girls in Ajdabiyah had been abducted, held hostage for four days and raped.“The stories are similar that we get across these camps. I am completely confident that this happened,” [Mahrt] told Reuters.
Please note that Mahrt “said the families and children spoke of “soldiers” committing the assaults, but the charity could not say which side they came from.” This leaves it open, in some instances at least, that rebel fighters could be responsible. In fact, if all of them used the same vague term – “soldiers” – it might be a sign of coaching. It is well-established that a majority of child sexual abuse is committed by those within the home, or from near it.The interviews were carried out in “temporary camps in rebel-held Benghazi,” and detailed attacks “within the last four weeks.” But these were newcomers, with tales from “Ras Lanuf, Ajdabiyah and Misrata,” places where fighters of both sideshave had some free reign. In civilized and loyalist-free Benghazi, rape of children has probably been eradicated, we’re to believe.
Clearly, the effect of that STC report, like the others, is more demonization of the regime. Even leaving the identities of the pedophiles unclear (perhaps because 2/3 of the kids described rebel attackers?), few people out there will read this and decide we have to “save the children” from perverts among the freedom-fighter camp. That would be rather an uphill battle to start without even offering any specifics, considering this media climate and that the rebels are becoming the recognized government of Libya day by day. Now more than ever, the bad things must have been done by the bad guys.

“Male Enhancement” from the Regime of Rape As if it’s not enough that “Gaddafi’s men” are using sexual violence against women and children, the United States’ top voice at the United Nations is taking a cartoonish new twist on a new offensive for international support. The US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, says Gadhafi troops have been issued Viagrato enhance their drive to war-sex-crimes! As reported by MSNBC, April 28

UNITED NATIONS — The U.S. envoy to the United Nations told the Security Council Thursday that troops loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi were increasingly engaging in sexual violence and some had been issued the impotency drug Viagra, diplomats said. Several U.N. diplomats who attended a closed-door Security Council meeting on Libya told Reuters that U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice raised the Viagra issue in the context of increasing reports of sexual violence by Gadhafi’s troops. “Rice raised that in the meeting but no one responded,” a diplomat said on condition of anonymity. The allegation was first reported by a British newspaper. […] Several diplomats said Rice provided no evidence for the Viagra allegation, which they said was made in an attempt to persuade doubters the conflict in Libya was not just a standard civil war but a much nastier fight in which Gadhafi is not afraid to order his troops to commit heinous acts. “She spoke of reports of soldiers getting Viagra and raping,” a diplomat said. “She spoke of Gadhafi’s soldiers targeting children, and other atrocities.” Rice’s statement, diplomats said, was aimed principally at countries like India, Russia and China, which have grown increasingly skeptical of the effectiveness of the NATO-led air strikes, which they fear have turned the conflict into a protracted civil war that will cause many civilian deaths. Most council members, diplomats said, had expected Gadhafi’s government to collapse quickly. They said the frustration felt by India, Russia and China would likely grow if the war dragged on.

Ouch. That didn’t go well. One should hope. No one else finds it reputable. MSNBC again reported on April 29

There is no evidence that Libyan military forces are being given Viagra and engaging in systematic rape against women in rebel areas, US military and intelligence officials told NBC News on Friday. […] While rape has been a weapon of choice in many other African conflicts, the US officials say they’ve seen no such reports out of Libya.

Not only the Viagra aspect of the rape campaign, but the rape campaign itself is unsupported, say these unusually square-sounding (but unnamed) military and intelligence sources. This claim is cited as originally coming from the British tabloid press, but it seems to have been aired earlier yet on al-Jazeera, March 28, and that came from those trustworthy rebel-affiliated doctors:

Several doctors say they have found Viagra tablets and condoms in the pockets of dead pro-Gaddafi fighters, alleging that they were using rape as a weapon of war. They say they have been treating female rape survivors who were allied with pro-democracy forces.

The stuff allegedly found in the pockets of dead men was evidence for the allegation. The only evidence, for the highly useful allegation. The UK Daily Star was one to repeat it on April 18:

A Libyan doctor says there has been over 100 cases of rape and Gaddafi has even issued troops with Viagra to fuel their attacks.

Sounds like our good friend Dr. Khalifa al-Sharkassi, whose work I gave some credence to above. A bit less now. The Daily Fail was another, on April 18:

Details also emerged yesterday of gang rape being used by Gaddafi’s soldiers, many of them African mercenaries supplied with Viagra by the Libyan leader’s officials.

And now after Rice they’re recycling it, predictably mixed-in with Save The Children’s Concerns. The MirrorApril 27:

Gaddafi thugs ‘rape children while pumped up on Viagra’ CHILDREN as young as eight have been raped in front of their families by Viagra-fuelled troops loyal to Colonel Gaddafi, aid workers claim.

Otherwise, it’s a repeat of the previous findings, with no support for the Viagra part, from aid workers or otherwise. Who Else in Libya can Combine Violence and Penises? Recall the frenzied tweets about Afro-Mercs and therir door-to-door rape sprees. The new authorities caught some of these dark foreigners and managed to get them into a jail alive. The proof was shown, about 50 captured Africans, paraded before journalsists in late March. Unexpectedly, one of the trophies spoke up, and was noted by a writer for the Los Angeles Times:

“I am a worker, not a fighter. They took me from my house and [raped] my wife,” he said, gesturing with his hands. Before he could say much more, a pair of guards told him to shut up and hustled him through the steel doors of a cell block, which quickly slammed behind them. […] Times reporter David Zucchino, our interpreter and I skipped the bus ride back and instead got a lift from a passing motorist. In the car, our interpreter, a Libyan national, asked Zucchino: “So what do you think?Should we just go ahead and kill them?

Between these two exchanges, the man in question was argued down, by a gaurd producing his Gambian passport, which “proved” he was a mercenary killer, not a Gambian worker living in Libya with his wife. His name was written down, as Alfusainey Kambi, and someone should check up on him. One can only wonder, if this brave man’s story is true, does it show a fluke incident, or is Mr. Kambi the vocal tip of a silent iceberg? It’s also said this video’s audio track is of a woman explaining how she and at least one other young woman who supported the government were punished – with gang rape – by part of a rebel mob. I can’t understand spoken Arabic, but it’s said“she is calling for the Libyan army to come to save them!” As is sometimes said of the rebels making their i-phone videos, this girl might be risking her life to come forward with this charge, living as she is behind enemy lines and there’s no one coming to the rescue. I’ve always wondered what life is like for known Gaddafi supporters in Misrata. The rebels are in charge there but under siege from without, and maybe looking for fifth columnists within, or seeking to intimidate them into silence or death. Here is a horrifying account of systematic mass rape, murder, dismemberment, and so on that I’m inclined to doubt. I hope to God it isn’t true and we have a desperate lashing back in the rape-baiting ring of this propaganda war.

Update May 23: Rape Parties in Misrata

New allegations from the BBC’s Andrew Harding of mass rape come from two young black men captured in Misrata. They confess in some detail to being forced into a huge cue to rape some young rebel women. Analysis and de-bunks split off to this dedicated post. In summary, the two boys, aged 17 and 21 and apparently from nearby Tawergha, said they were compelled (and paid a bit) to partake in the gang rape of four daughters from a certain family. There was smoking and dancing to pop music, and family members were bound, shot in the legs, and forced to watch. They said they heard broadcast on the military radio bragging about doing this to 50 families. When they were later interviewed seperately by a professional from Amnesty International, the captives’ stories changed, conflicted, fell apart. All in all, I conclude there’s a damn good chance they were just coerced by the racist rebels. The myth of mass rape by black Tawerghans was seeded in the minds of Misrata’s rebels and told to the world outside, to pump up the one for the coming purge of the enemy town, and to explain to the other why their final solution for their southern neighbors was justified.

Update May 30: Male rape in the Benghazi underground Considering the social taboos against discussing rape, and additional taboos against homosexual behavior, a Youtube video conveys something I find odd. To the whole world, a young male allegedly freed from an underground dungeon at the Katiba base in Benghazi, openly speaks of his rape and that of others, by government soldiers. He tells of the sodomizing of an old man with a stick, and their being urinated on – as well as generally tortured and humiliated, starved, and finally slated for hanging, in a busy five day ordeal. Much of this was done by African mercenaries, the rest by col. Gaddafi’s own son Saadi and his trusted aide Abdullah Senoussi.  The brutal end of all this was only averted at the last minute, he says, by the fall of the Katiba. Praise God and pass the popcorn – it’s like a snuff movie where reality itself is the victim.

Update June 13: The ICC’s announcement of expanded charges to include mass rape led to a small controversy. A top UN investigator who’d just been to Libya finding facts dismissed the broad sweep of charges, if not each and every one, as the product of a “massive hysteria,” leading to impassioned rebuttals. But he had reason to say that, citing a questionable claim of 70,000 questionnaires being mailed in the midst of the war and receiving 60,000 responses with 259 reports of rape by regime forces. His mission asked for copies, but the woman responsible was unable to produce any for them.

Yet it was her claim of “proof” of mass rape that convinced the ICC to add it to the reasons to arrest the three most powerful men in Libya today. One of them. Sennoussi, was indicted for not planning but “participating” in attacks on civilians. See the previous entry and ask yourself, were these alleged attacks Moreno-Ocampo cites below ground level? We don’t know – the ICC’s evidence is redacted and secret.

Updates, Feb. 4, long overdue: Allegations and Crimes of the Takeover Period and no more Gaddafi regime to blame anymore:

UK Daily Mail, Aug 31: Father slit throats of three daughters in ‘honour killing’ after they were raped by Gaddafi’s troops This was in Misrata, reported by Physicians for Human Rights. As the Mail put it, among other uncovered alleged crimes, “Gaddafi’s men … used rape as a weapon of war with deadly consequences.” Even if the allegation is true, we can see they had a little help with the deadly part.

Richard Sollom, who was the lead author on the report, concluded that no one had evidence that rape was widespread – but the fear of sexual assault was endemic. ‘One witness reported that (Gaddafi) forces transformed an elementary school into a detention site where they reportedly raped women and girls as young as 14 years old,’ the report noted. Distress: Iman Al-Obeidi claimed she had been raped by Gaddafi’s men when she rushed into the Rixos hotel in Tripoli It added that it had found no evidence to confirm or deny reports that Gaddafi troops and loyalists were issued Viagra-type drugs to sustain their systematic rapes. Researchers also heard reports of suspected honour killings – including the murder of the three sisters by their father. But PHR also noted that ‘some in Tomina have stood up against this practice, including a well-known sheik who has publicly advocated for raped women and girls to be seen as brave and bringing honor to their families’.

Gaddafi’s Revolutionary Nuns: Raped by Gaddafi and Friends? Routine abuse of his own female bodyguards and other female soldier types, covered in a post here. Gaddafi’s Revolutionary Nuns: Raped and Killed by Rebels? The flip-side.Again, both sets of allegations have problems and are less than totally convincing. Male Rape at Abu Salim Prison Araya Human Rights Organization reports, Oct. 3 the story of “eyewitness 1”:

– Taken by force to the criminal investigation general administration –Tripoli. – Confined to a collective crowded cell with neither places to sit nor to sleep. – Bad smells intensively and intentionally hurt the prisoners. – Garbage, rubbish, and waste products were accumulating and amassing every day, when prisoners asked to remove these material they were answered “shut up O’garbages” . – Limited meals and drinks, just few loaves of bread, cheese and water. – The guardians were all black skinned, non-Arabic speakers. – Ten prisoners were raped and filmed to compel the others to stop talking about these crimes. – A cousin of the witness (who had helped bringing the witness to the prison) visited him in the prison warning him that he would face the same fate if he didn’t accept to fight with Al-Gheddafi brigades, our witness said yes I would, he got out of the prison and fled immediately to Tunisia. – Unfortunately, the witness family still supporting Al-Gheddafi and refused to receive our witness calling him a traitor.

Did they add “liar?”


Once Again, Khamis NOT Dead

February 25, 2012Thanks to Felix for this fascinating tip – for at least the third time in a year, Khamis Gaddafi, believed to have been killed, was not. At least according to the following dispatch from the Tripoli Post.BREAKING NEWS: Khamis Gaddafi Captured by Zintan Forces, Another Blow to Pro-Gaddafi Remnants 24/02/2012 22:45:00 http://tripolipost.com/articledetail.asp?c=1&i=7941#.T0g07JVu-Dc.twitter

The Tripoli Post has learnt from reliable sources, that Khamis Gaddafi, one of the sons son of the dead dictator of Libya, has been captured by Zintan rebels near the towns of Regdalin and Jmail in western Libya near the borders with Tunisia. Khamis who was also a commander of the Gaddafi forces during the revolution and participated in the killing of the civilian protesters in Zawiyaha, Tripoli, Misurata and other Libyan cities and towns was well known for his brutality and crimes. His most feared brigade, named the Mechanical 32 Brigade, played a major role in the suppressing of the uprising and also committing many war crimes. Zintan forces captured Seif Gaddafi three months ago in the Sahara desert and he is now imprisoned there. Khamis has been reported dead many times during last year’s conflict but he always turned out to be alive. More to come. Unconfirmed reports say that his doctor has also been captured and that Khamis has an amputated leg.

His convenient death story with no proof in late August was less than convincing, and I suspected he might still be around, although we sure didn’t see any proof. Now Zintan’s oddly positioned forces, already holding Saif al-Islam incomunicado, say they can confirm that. Now he can go on trial for the shed massacre he allegedly ordered personally. This makes us and our findings suddenly more significant. Unless he now dies. But even that only lasts until he emerges alive yet again.


On the “Gaddafi’s Dead!!!” Party

The Capture, The Killings, and Those Who Don’t Know Right From Wrong October 21, 2011 last edits, Oct. 28So it’s more than 24 hours later and still no retraction, and a pretty convincing video exists. It seems Muammar Gaddafi himself was captured, roughed up and bloodied pretty bad, and then shot dead by a hyped-up teenager. Sounds about right for how the rebels work. Celebrations worldwide have greeted the images. What a splendid little war that finally gave us this rush of fulfilling a long-programmed desire. All it took was a lot of scheming, lying, stealing, manipulating, and the often brutal deaths of several tens of thousands of people, and… I could go on.I have created this space for comments in case someone else finds anything interesting on the reported murder of Muammar. I have nothing to add, aside from the image at left. Thanks to Petri Krohn for the tip on this from al Jazeera of a black man taken captive, strapped to the barrel of anti-aircraft gun as greatly-amused “government forces” drive through Sirte displaying him to general cheers. One doubts they’ll be able to resist the temptation to fire off some celebratory rounds with this baby, perhaps until the prisoner dies of shock as his back is seared through to the spine.Allahu Akbar!Update October 25:  Pleasesee the comments below for full  video cataloguing, additional links and thoughts, and so on. In addition to other revelations and questions I haven’t included here yet, yesterday news was broken of a video analysis by Global Post’s brilliant Tracey Shelton. I caught it via CBS News, but the original video stills and explanation are here at Global Post. From two different camera views, it looks like the former Libyan leader was casually sodomized with a knife, by a playful captor, before his untimely execution.More, October 28: Among Muammar Gaddafi’s last recorded lines is apparently this “laughable” but truly apt line, which I’ve adopted partially as the site’s new by-line: “Do you know right from wrong? What you are doing is wrong.” There is also Mutassim Gaddafi’s execution and odd wounds to consider, the story told by a self-described South African security man who tried to help the Gaddafis escape, how the leader came to be inside that storm drain, and so on. Again, see below.Update Feb. 23, 2012: Long ago, I starter another post to discuss Muammar’s torture and murder, which got many comments but few updates from me. Reader Stan Winer has also written a short PDF report on the episode and its implications. This report, Lies Killed the Colonel, is currently available (the link downloads the PDF) at his site Truth-Herz.net.


Kufra Battles Kill Over 100

February 22, 2012 edits 2/23Thanks to Global Civilians for Peace for keeping up on these and other recent news stories.Unstable Libya as militias clash in desert town. AFP via Al Akhbar English, Feb. 14

Fresh tribal clashes erupted Tuesday in Libya’s remote southeastern desert, with one man saying five members of his clan had been killed, a toll that could not be independently verified. Clashes between the Zwai and the Toubu tribes in the town of Kufra broke out for a third consecutive day on Tuesday after 17 people were killed in fierce fighting over the first two days.

More than 100 killed in clashes in southern Libya: Tribes AFP via Times of India, Feb. 22, 2012

Fierce clashes between two tribes in Libya’s remote southeastern desert have killed more than 100 people over the past 10 days, tribal sources said on Tuesday. At least 113 people from the Toubu tribe and another 23 from the Zwai tribe have been killed in the town of Kufra since fighting erupted on February 12, the sources said. “We are under siege since a week. Since the start of the clashes, 113 people (from our side) have been killed, including six children,” Toubu chief Issa Abdelmajid told AFP by telephone. He said another 241 members of his tribe have been wounded. Abdelmajid, a former opponent of Moamer Kadhafi who fought the slain dictator’s forces in last year’s conflict, was previously tasked by the ruling National Transitional Council with monitoring Libya’s southeastern border.

So he was at one point a trusted revolutionary. But somehow his people (presumably dark-skinned southern Libyans ??) are under attack by the Zwai tribe’s army (lighter-skinned ??) and the NTC isn’t taking the Toubu’s calls.

At first, both groups used light arms, but eventually started firing rocket-propelled grenades and anti-aircraft guns, local sources said. “I appeal to the international community to intervene and stop these clashes which are aimed at exterminating my tribe,” said Abdelmajid. “We tried calling the NTC but it has not responded,” he added.

The NTC probably is on speaking terms with the attackers here, the Zwai people in charge of Kufra. It seems they suspect Mr. Abdelmajid of doing his job backwards, and bringing Africans in instead of keeping them out, and apparently plotting some black-backed Green counter-insurgency.

“People from the Toubu tribe are being helped by foreign elements from Chad and Sudan. We have arrested several Chadian and Sudanese fighters,” said Yunus Zwai, spokesman for Kufra local council.

Supporting the impression of a Green resistance in Kufra that’s got the Zwai so agitated, reader Sam1 alerts me: Some members of the green army where in al kufra today as well the green flag was raised and the old athem was also played.  The video (saved): Libya, Al Kufra today – the green lions are back! From: InomineX A better posting from “Mutassim Gaddafi’s”channel: Not the best way to avoid being attacked by NTC-affiliated militias. See comments for more. It’s quite possible this is an early event, an angle Petri’s looking into. Technical points aside (later…), from the quick view I gave it, it had the feel of people responding in early 2012. But it could be the more fresh defiance of early last year, re-cycled by someone to “explain” the fighting, which could only have so many. Straight-up ethnic cleansing I don’t think is it.


“Bombing His Own People.” Really?

Evidence and Over-Acitivist Imaginations August 1/2, 2011 last edits Nov. 22 bumped Feb. 21, 2012, for app. one-year anniversaryThere has been virtually no Libyan Air Force presence over Libya’s own territory since the March imposition of a no-fly zone and swift enforcement of it by NATO. Just how much aerial bombardment there was prior to that, and of what kind, is the matter of some deabte.The pre-no-fly period can be further broken into two main segments. The first is late February, the 16th to about the 25th, when the rebellion is generally understood (incorrectly) to have been strictly protest oriented and peaceful. The other span is after cities had fallen, starting Feb 19 really, but only a solid fact to respond to by the last days. By then, no one could reasonably deny the government’s opponents were armed bligerents to be called “rebels” or “freedom fighters,” not “protesters.”It’s the earlier reports of bombing simple protesters that had the shocking effect on world conscience driving intervention, especially in the skies NATO would seize to bomb Libya. These came in quick, in a rapid burst from Feb. 21-23, and then stopped.Supporting evidence beyond the flimsy early reports never surfaced. We saw no videos of jets over head, let alone of bombs falling from them. There are no photos of craters in the streets, or of homes or anything flattened by these attacks. Remains of the exploded bombs, or any unexploded ones, never surfaced. No victims among the hundreds claimed have ever been shown or named.The only evidence is as follows:Videos from Labraq Airport: Der Spiegel reported on Feb. 26 about “the first solid proof that the dictator’s regime had bombed his own people.” This they cited an activist’s “shaky” videos of the Feb 18-20 battle for Labraq airport, near al Baida. Among other things, this footage was said to show “a Libyan fighter jet roaring over al-Baida and dropping a bomb not far from the airport,” itself not clearly against protesters, but there was also “a helicopter shooting into the mass of people.”The video was said, by Der Spiegel, to have been posted all over the Internet, but as I said there, I cannot find it now, nor any other allusion to it. It seems likely this claim of widespread dissemination – or the content of said videos – was just a miscommunication.
Orders to Bomb Benghazi
The most high-value moment that really made an impression on the world community, and shaped the coming “no-fly zone,” was when pilots defected to the rebel side and claimed they were ordered to bomb innocent people. It happened twice in a three day span.As I’ve written about elsewhere, two Libyan pilots in their single-seater Mirage jets defected and landed on Malta February 21. They didn’t just land quietly either, but swooped around in an air-show manner to draw attention prior to landing, a witness tells me (see the link). They claimed they’d been ordered, at least as Reuters put it, citing Maltese officials, “ordered to bomb anti-government protesters in Libya’s second largest city of Benghazi.”Benghazi had just the day before fallen under rebel control, in a military sense. So even if the order was true, it’s not obvious why the government would be interested in killing those still only protesting, rather than the heavily armed and ruthless gangs declaring war on the government.But we don’t know for sure the order, or even a more legitimate version of it, was ever truly given. We have only the word of those two pilots. They remain unnamed, but were both reportedly high-ranking colonels, not unlike their fellow Air Force colonel Abdullah Gehani, arrested by the Libyan government a couple of weeks earlier on suspicion of helping set up some kind of overthrow with French involvement (see here).The defecting colonels also seemed to be – possibly – escorting two helicopters ferrying undocumented, mysterious Frenchmen who arrived on Malta just before them. One set of craft escaping from Benghazi without clearance, the others allegedly sent to Benghazi but veering off without clearance, both meeting up on Malta. Hmmm…Strange as it this alleged order was, two days later came confirmation of the charge. Two more Libyan air force pilots ejected from and ditched their two-seater SU-22 jet near Ajdabiya. They landed and surrendered to the rebels, claiming they too were ordered to bomb Benghazi but just couldn’t follow through. News 24, Libya pilot rejects orders, crashes plane:

Tripoli – A fighter pilot disobeyed orders on Wednesday to bomb the opposition stronghold of Benghazi and ditched his plane after he and his co-pilot ejected, a Libyan newspaper reported on its website. The Russian-made Sukhoi 22 crashed near Ajdabiya, 160km west of the city which has fallen to anti-regime protesters, a military source said, quoted in Quryna newspaper. “Pilot Abdessalam Attiyah al-Abdali and co-pilot Ali Omar al-Kadhafiejected with parachutes after refusing orders to bomb the city of Benghazi.”

On the co-pilot, there is a variant story where the pilot refused and al-Kadhafi (Gaddafi – of the ruler’s tribe) pulled a gun on him to continue, but he ejected anyway, the rat had to follow suit, and was then arrested and put in prison. See comments below for more details. So, to summarize: three jets were allegedly sent to the rebel capitol to kill protesters only. Four pilots, two missions, all aborted by the pilots, none carried out. Both the puny alleged attempts and the near-universal rejection of them reflected poorly on the regime, whose orders no one seemed to follow anymore. And their 0% success rate might explain why they stopped allegedly trying to bomb Benghazi just three days after it fell. Ammunitions Depots, Not Protesters Successful air-strikes in rebel-held areas were nonetheless implied in a February 22 interview with Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi. The leader’s son told Christiane Amanpour that the military had not attacked Libya civilians. “Show me a single attack, show me a single bomb. The Libyan air force destroyed just the ammunition sites.That’s it.” he said.” [source] Again, no one has shown him or anyone the evidence that any bombs were dropped on protesters as opposed to raid-worthy ammo dumps and possibly other fully military targets the “protesters” had already stolen. Aerial Bombing of Tripoli Neighborhoods While the government failed to bomb actual enemy fighters or civilians in the east, there were contemporaneous claims of successful attacks on their own capitol city to snuff out the relatively small violent protests that had started there. At first, I thought it came down to a single bold claim by one Adel Mohamed Saleh, a “political activist”, to al Jazeera. It was translated and reported by Reuters, filed 1:43 PM EST (6:43 GMT).

What we are witnessing today is unimaginable. Warplanes and helicopters are indiscriminately bombing one area after another. There are many, many dead. Our people are dying. It is the policy of scorched earth. Every 20 minutes they are bombing. It is continuing, it is continuing. Anyone who moves, even if they are in their car they will hit you.

“There was no independent verification of the report,” Reuters noted, and in fact the evidence suggests he didn’t witness any of that at all. Another message of the day, via Twitter (See here and/or here), said:

sultanalgassemi: Al Jazeera breaking Multiple reports confirm that military airplanes are bombing protesters in Tripoli. The rulers in Libya have cut off most international communications, but Al Jazeera is broadcasting ways that their jammed TV feed can be picked up, other agencies are offering land lines so that Tweets can be passed on to the world.

Multiple reports? Indeed. Another Tripoli witness came out in support of the activist Saleh who spoke to al Jazeera. This time it came in via al Jazeera, from “Soula al-Balaazi, who said he was an opposition activist.” As Reuters again translated, filed actually before the other report (5:11 PM GMT, one hour, 32 minutes before).

Military aircraft attacked crowds of anti-government protesters in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Monday, Al Jazeera television said. A Libyan man, Soula al-Balaazi, who said he was an opposition activist, told the network by telephone that Libyan air force warplanes had bombed “some locations in Tripoli”. He said he was talking from a suburb of Tripoli.

Again, “no independent verification of the report was immediately available,” said Reuters. But a while later there would be, and the second time, that same statement wasn’t true. Or were they suggesting these two were not independent reports? One way or another, they probably weren’t. A Version by Sea Possibly related is a similar accusation of insane naval bombardment of Tripoli on the 21st. This time, it was an activist, named Salem Gnan, “a London-based spokesman for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya,” speaking to the UK Guardian (I presume) and reported at 5:07 PM GMT – four minutes before al-Balaazi and 96 minutes before Mr. Saleh. Gnan said eyewitnesses in Tripoli told him the navy ships were firing into one part of the capital, on the outskirts. “Many people have been killed,” he said, and added that “[Gaddafi’s] plan is to use absolutely everything he can to stop what is happening.” But there’s no mention from these witnesses of jets – which Gaddafi had – dropping anything. (See here for more on Mr. Gnan and theNFSL – he would also be the only source to allege bombing – by planes – of nearby az Zawiyah on the 24th.) Both versions of the attack of Feb 21 share multiple deadly explosions across town, but differ on what was happening in the sky. And they all three came in over a span of about an hour and a half. Quite strange. My guess is this: something blew up loudly at about 5:05 PM, heard by many people who would be left wondering what it was. This triggered the first two dramatic guesses what it was. Then Mr. Saleh thought for a bit before he decided to “corroborate” and expand the airplanes version with his over-activist imagination. Thus “multiple reports” can sometimes be born. What it Meant If not the evidence, the implications were certainly clear. As Reuters reported (the second one cited here), citing a total genius:

An analyst for London-based consultancy Control Risks said the use of military aircraft on his own people indicated the end was approaching for Muammar Gaddafi. “These really seem to be last, desperate acts. Ifyou’re bombing your own capital, it’s really hard to see how you can survive, ” said Julien Barnes-Dacey, Control Risks’ Middle East analyst.

Just like ordering protesters shot, running to Venezuela, hiring mercenaries, resorting to mass rape, sniping children dead, and so on. All of these and more fantasies yet strongly hint to to us that Gaddafi is over. It’s been said worldwide, daily, for over five months now. Each time, the big “if” was the big problem. It wasn’t a problem for whoever made this image, seen at libya-watanona.com.

Never mind the dramatic relevance of this parallel for the grinding down of Sirte, October 2011, it’s rather telling that in the absence of a single damn photograph, rebel supporters had to rely on a 74-year-old painting to get their point across. Video Evidence from Tripoli There are videos from Tripoli claiming to show the aftermath of these air attacks. By one of these I’ve seen, but didn’t save and cannot re-locate, we might have been seeing the effects, over a whole neighborhood, of some type of bomb that sprays graffiti, burns out a few buildings, and drags junk across the street. Does such a weapon exist, and is Gaddafi known to have acquired them? Another with very similar effects is still around. This is given as the rebellious Tajoura district: bombing in tajoora tripoli 22.02.2011.mp4. There is smoke rising in the distance, perhaps from an air-strike. But this bomb does nothing, on closer inspection, than burn a car and perhaps the insides of a building, sending up a plume of smoke. There’s also gunfire from men perhaps guarding a hilltop building in the distance. But a horde of civilians is unafraid of the warning shots into the air, charges the security line, and breaks through as the guards retreat. Others clamber over a wall and join their march towards that green-domed building. Another interesting video on Youtube is a re-broadcast on Jazeera English, it seems, of the original Saleh phone call (dubbed in English). Here it’s specified he’s calling from and speaking of the Fashlum neighborhood “where the revolution erupted in the city of Tripoli.” He claims that anyone who comes out to help the wounded and dead are shot by pervasive snipers, and that bombing runs were ongoing and aiming for people. Yet the B-roll footage under the audio shows many hundreds of people calmly walking away from somewhere, towards somewhere. A few run in and out of that column, for unclear reasons, but no one is falling dead. There’s no mass panic as if suddenly attacked, and there are no jets or anything shown. Mr. Saleh’s rant is worth a listen. He’s clearly fired up and shrieking over these things he says happened. And he knew just what was needed to stop them: outside intervention. From the video:

The Libyan people need urgent help! People are crying, death is everywhere! Why is the world silent on these atrocities? Why? This is the question. Why are the Arab countries keeping silent? Why? Within the next few hours, the entire Libyan population can be wiped out if this continues …

On March 4 Sky News had a look at Fashlum and Tajoura and brought back video:

“This is Fashlun, this is the centre of Fashlun,” Saif al Islam Gaddafi said. “Show me a single attack, one drop, one attack on Tajoura.” I was invited to tour around the suburbs of Tripoli with Col Gaddafi’s son. He insisted there have been no bombings in the capital designed to intimidate anti-government protesters – and prevent them from launching an uprising in the capital. During our drive we saw no evidence of airstrikes, but this was just a short, unscientific exploration of the city.

There was no time for science, just journalism, and they failed. Sky was given a chance to visit any site they wanted. They had the reports of which areas (vaguely) were bombed. If they didn’t ask to go there, it was their loss. If they did, they saw nothing. Nothing but people loving Seif, even in the neighborhoods supposedly bombed for their insurrection. Sukhat Chandan was part of a UK delegation that spent longer and was more thorough. Here in late April he speaks with Russia Today about one of the first fact-finding missions. Mr. Chandan started with what he considered the most important claim, vis-a-vis unleashing the bombing of Libya. This was the alleged bombing of “three particular districts in Tripoli: Souk-al-Jouma, Fashlum, Tajoura,” all well-stocked with men like the ones we just heard from. “We visited these areas and there was no indication whatsoever of any aerial bombardment,” he said, along with many other fascinating findings. Looking for these scant videos of or about Tripoli bombings in February, I saw a very large number of non-hits roll by. Bombings of Tripoli, flames, flattened buildings, craters, unexploded ordnance, mangled or charred bodies, including baby-sized ones, damaged civilian infrastructure,  etc. But these were all after mid-March, and exclusively carried out by NATO, for months now aggressively  bombing civilians to protect them from bombing that was itself only rumored to begin with.

Update Aug 14: The Russian Evidence

Goodness, did I completely neglect for weeks now to even mention the Russian evidence against Gaddafi “bombing his own people?” Most, like this scholarly article by Ronda Hauben, cite an alleged Russian satellite-based information proving there were no airstrikes carried out in Libya in these early days I don’t really like this evidence, especially in its wide re-use as a lazy crutch. The allegation comes from a Russia Today broadcast, re-posted on Youtube here, for example. There are no supporting explanations or even specifics I’m aware of. It was satellite-based, perhaps photo-based. But if so, to prove a negative like “no airstrikes,” you’d need something like constant security camera footage over numerous Libyan military bases, showing no craft leaving, or over all cities, to prove no bombs dropped. Perhaps it was based only on photos looking for damaged buildings or craters in the streets. Or maybe it was something different, like monitoring military communications that would have heard such an order. Again, no specifics were given. Besides, Saif al-Islam admitted there were air strikes, just at ammunition depots, not on protesters in the street. When this notion was put before the skeptics at the JREF forum, it didn’t do so well. A reasonable-sounding consensus emerged among people of middling knowledge that this wasn’t possible. That’s not scientific disproof, and the forum has a mixed record, but I can’t see why I should embrace this as a leading point of evidence. If the claim is ever explained better and shown to be proof, or even as inconclusive supporting evidence, so be it. Until then I’ll call it an alleged support for an idea that’s still apparently true and is better illustrated in other ways. Oct. 17: Grimaldi’s View From a recent interview with 73-year-old Italian filmmaker Fulvio Grimaldi, “the legendary Italian (and former BBC) journalist and filmmaker who shot and smuggled out video footage of the Bloody Sunday massacre from under the noses of the British army almost forty years ago,” who’s now working on a film about the Libyan war which I very much hope to see finished:

I began by asking Grimaldi how closely his recent trips to Libya matched the impression given in the mainstream media: “Not in the least. I personally visited areas around Tripoli where Gheddafi had allegedly “bombed his own people”, but not a bomb had fallen before Nato started its attacks. And this was confirmed by Russian spy satellites. Wherever I went – only in the company of other Fact Finding officials, talking freely to people of my choice, and stopping wherever I wished – I came across multitudes of young and old, men and women, who declared themselves committed to Gheddafi. They are the people who withstood a 7 month war by 27 military powers who had promised a two-week victory, those who defended Tripoli for over a week, those who today hold out in Sirte, Bani Walid, Sabha, Kufra and in 75% of the still free national territory – against genocidal bombings, special Nato troops and mercenaries.”

Oct. 26: Shammam’s Explanation Mahmoud Shammam, currently the NTC lying sack of an information minister, was back in February just a Libyan dissident giving a fair-minded account of what was happening inside Libya. On the 27th, he spoke with Al Jazeera English’s Inside Story, along with French defector and schemer Nouri al Mesmari. At 10:10 he’s confronted with Seif assertion that there were no airstrikes against the Libyan people. His response:

They were for the last four days working day and night to clean areas to look – Tripoli looks like a normal city. And we warned against it. We warned the media, and we helped them come from the eastern part, from Salum (?) and they come starting from the eastern part.

That was all he could say before veering off. Wherever he’s speaking of, one presumes that, unlike in any videos or photos ever presented, one will see … what? Roads patched over where there was a crater? A house being torn down to sanitize its visible bomb damage? Who did this “cleanup” and why was none of that filmed either? If bombs like those evidenced in videos – ones that trash, burn, and loot – were used, a standard “clean-up” will suffice. But normal bombs like people meant will require heavy work crews to erase the signs of. Shammam blames the cover-up on “public relations firms in Europe, especially in Italy,” who were apparently doing this urban reconsructive surgery in complete secrecy within dissident areas of the capitol that we know were flooded with cell phone cameras. Shame on those PR firms who hadn’t yet nullified their contracts and defected to the rebel side!


Amnesty Int’l on Out-of-Control Militias

19 February  2012 
Amnesty International (AI) last week released a report that’s sure to have Misrotten militia jailors fuming mad. Rebel fighters are still not being called out for conducting most of the horrific mass-scale “Gaddafi atrocities” of the war. But they are criticized for widespread torture, illegal detentions, war crime mass expulsions (Tawerghans, Mshashiya tribe, Misratans who dared to leave) and more. Refugees are raped, “suspected loyalists” tortured to death, common criminals and foreign black men are “interrogated” and beaten, and the “feds” don’t even bother investigating any of it. (see the article Mainstream “Concern” Over Rebel Torture for previous examples and notes on this issue).Well, AI been collecting lots of consistent testimony, photos and video, plenty of evidence of things that’ll make those in the civilized wold who bombed these guys into power want to puke. AI did their part, among so many others, making the moral case against that old regime and for the rebels. For their part, they’re doing a decent job on the clean-up half of the job, to the effect they able.
Here’s their own article announcing the report: http://www.amnestyusa.org/news/news-item/amnesty-international-says-out-of-control-libyan-militias-are-commiting-widespread-abuses-against-su  And a direct link to the report (English): http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/asset/MDE19/002/2012/en/608ac5a8-95d0-4a3b-89de-b4a1b585feee/mde190022012en.htmlI’ve just had a look at much of that report, and it’s pretty horrifying. And what they saw, bad as it was, can only be a sampling, the stuff so common it can hardly be covered up. What’s happening in the more remote chambers can only de guessed. The farthest edges glimpsed by AI from morgue photos include dead people half covered in black bruises, whipped until their flesh came off, toenails are pulled out, extremities sliced and carved up. And I didn’t read the whole thing yet. From the report, one heart-wrenching example:

Abdellatif (Lotfi) Iyad Mohammed Zbeida was detained on 11 September 2011 by a militia from Misratah near Tripoli but immediately handed over to a local council. He was subsequently moved to the Sidi Khalifa Military Council, in the former Internal Security building in downtown Tripoli (Jumhuriya Street, now 17 February Street). The family was able to visit him once and on occasions he was able to call them on the phone of a sympathetic guard. The last call came on 22 October, asking for food for Lotfi, which the family took to the detention centre and it was accepted. On the night of 25/26 October, Abdellatif Zbeida was badly beaten and at 7am he was taken to the nearby central hospital. He died almost immediately. Video footage filmed at the morgue shows Abdellatif Zbeida’s back completely black with deep bruising from the shoulders to the knees, open wounds and missing flesh in his lower legs and chest, and deep whip marks and cuts on his upper arms. The forensic examination found deep bruises and abrasions all over the body, as well as marks on his head, ears and nipples caused by electric shocks. It concluded that death resulted from the severe abuse which also caused these wounds.

On the upside useful insights on the limits of human suffering, and maybe intel useful in hunting down the rest of the known Loyalist thought criminals, is likely flowing like a geyser in Libya. It’s a new great manmade river of brutally stolen information, allegations and confessions, true and false, closing old cases and creating new ones, requiring more arrests yet. It’s largely the rawness of the militia abuses, apparently, that’s at issue to Amnesty. And the fault, as always, goes right back to the villified Gaddafi system. Donatella Rovera said in their article:

“A year ago Libyans risked their lives to demand justice. Today their hopes are being jeopardized by lawless armed militias who trample human rights with impunity. The only way to break with the entrenched practices of decades of abuse under Colonel al-Gaddafi’s authoritarian rule is to ensure that nobody is above the law and that investigations are carried out into such abuses.”

It’s not really hard to meet these criteria. Just conduct an “investigation,” not necessarily a fair one, and make sure the exculpations are legal. The thuggish way they don’t even bother is what’s really making it hard for the West to just accept, as-is, the fruits of their sponsored revolution. From the article:

At a detention center in Misratah, an Amnesty International delegate saw armed militia members beating and threatening some detainees whose release had been ordered. An older detainee from Tawargha was cowering, squatting against the wall, and crying as he was being kicked and threatened by a militia member who told Amnesty International that “those from Tawargha will not be released or we’ll kill them.” In an interrogation center in Misratah and Tripoli, Amnesty International found detainees who interrogators had tried to conceal and who had been severely tortured — one so badly that he could hardly move or speak. Not a single effective investigation is known to have been carried out into cases of torture, even when detainees died after torture at militia headquarters or in interrogation centers.

The NTC remains unwilling or unable to offer the people of Libya protection from these abuses unlocked by anarchy. There once was a government in place both willing and able to put these thugs in theirs. But someone killed that government in a long process that provided plenty of time to re-think things. That persistence has now given us a chance for a longer-yet process where, if possible, every heart who supported that system is tortured to some kind of death or other.


See-Through Salem: An Innocent Explanation?

16 February 2012 (incomplete)<< See-Through Salem: Dr. Salem al-Farjani Or, What Ever Became of Dr. Rajub? I just drafted a short interim report on the Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre, drafted first for the consideration of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR). In it, I described the apparent deceit of Dr. al Farjani calling himself Dr. Rajub and claiming to be a massacre witness. Speaking to that group, who consulted Dr. al Farjani for their report on the massacre, made me feel compelled to include the following:

There are relatively innocent possible explanations for the apparent deceit of his testifying under a pseudonym (or even two of them), and PHR would be better situated than I to know. Did he mention to PHR that he was also a direct witness to the massacre, who tried to help, but was driven back by snipers? Or is Dr. Rajub supposed to be a different person from him? (that is, did he fail to ever mention that?)

That in turn makes me want to bring it up here for more group thoughts to consider before I finish up the final report. Is it possible, or very likely, that “Dr. Salim Rajub” had a relatively innocent reason for coming into existence? What if he makes some argument to that effect, true or not? If he’s always been up-front about his witness activity, that would be a sign of no deception intended. I’ve never heard him mention it as Dr. Farjani, but I haven’t heard a whole lot from him at all. Is Rajub a False Name Even? First, is this even a false name? Some Arabs, especially ones connected to this massacre, have rather plastic names that change from one report to the next. Perhaps his name is Dr. Salem Rajub al Farjani? It’s not terribly likely. I found few Internet hits for Libyans of his name in English beyond his recent “professional” work. Some of those refer to a soccer player of the same name. Only one seems to help here: The Arab Society for Plant Protection had its 9th congress organized in al Baida, Libya, 2003. The year before, the 8th Congress had a “Dr. Salem O. El-Ferjani” on the organizing committee, and a “Dr. Salem Omar El-Ferjani” on the fundraising one. He doesn’t seem to pop up in later conferences. He’s not a plant science guy, we hear, but a cardiac surgeon perhaps (that remains vague). But the skills he’s shown – knowing people, saying things, networking – work great for the committees he’s listed on. It could well be him. So unless his name is Salim Omar Rajub al Farjani, this is not likely a version of his real name at all. False But Innocent? But even using a pseudonym can have a non-nefarious explanation. Petri Krohn brought this up in a very open-minded comment a while back.

I do not think you can discount or discredit al-Farjani for not revealing his true name. This happened on August 27th when the Battle of Tripoli was far from over – or if it was, you cannot expect locals to know about it. Dr. al-Farjani had every reason to be worried about his own security, even more so if he truly believed the shed victims were murdered by “Gaddafi” soldiers. We also have to excuse Dr. al-Farjani for not disclosing his true mission to the base: documenting massacre sites. Living near by is a perfect cover story. In understanding the events we must keep in mind that people meeting the press are often dragged into far more publicity than they vouched for. Also, Sky News might have pressed him into giving a 1st person account of the events of August 23th – he must have seen something, didn’t he just say he lives next door.

I gave these thoughts some consideration, but not in enough detail at the time. I’ve been making a big deal of the shady appearance of the whole thing, and need to re-think it. Let’s imagine the most honest version: he did witness the attack, and returned to the Yarmouk shed to learn and share. Although it rings false, maybe he really is a local and his witness account is true. Certainly the coincidence that this expert on loyalist massacres would happen to live right by and directly witness the worst among them is eyebrow-raising, but it’s possible. So, he returned and happened upon the media feeding frenzy, and perhaps out of fear, gave a false name, and explain how he was a close neighbor who witnessed it. But here’s a problem – if he really is a local who saw it, by saying so he gave his approximate address (“200 meters” from the base). He called himself “Dr. Salem” and mentioned Tripoli Medical Center. Not good ways for a Dr. Salem from TMC to obscure his identity. Adding his distinctive face to this mysterious Dr. Rajub on the news camera certainly sounds unsafe as well, but he did that. But maybe being a local was part of his cover story along with the name. It’s not a very good one, if so, but it would mean he’s probably lying about witnessing the massacre, since he explained that with the fact that he’s a local. If it’s a false story, we can’t be sure if he dreamed it up for his own reasons prior to arriving, or improvised on the spot to impress the news crews, as Petri postulated. As for fear and the war, I think the battle of Tripoli was considered pretty much over by the relevant date. 90% of the capitol was claimed as under rebel control by the 22nd, and Bab al Azizyah was loudly overwhelmed on the 23rd. Both of these were simplifications of the issue, but four days later even Abu Salim was contained, all bases under control and, in my opinion, there should have been little to fear from the coming days from any effective loyalist reprisals. Further, the vast majority of the witnesses gave full names that, as far as we know, aren’t false ones. So, again, fear of Greens as a reasonable motive for dishonesty is possible but not well-illustrated. As noted above, he showed his face, used half his name and his title, mentioned his workplace, and gave what he said was his rough address. Anyone trying to hide could leave out or changed any of that. He could drop “doctor,” or “Salem,” or “al Farjani,” or all three. He dropped only one of those. (And he might have picked it right back up with Ahmed al Farjani, the unseen 42-year-old local construction worker who took in the same survivor – Mustafa el Hitri/Atiri – that Dr. Salim escorted to the world stage a couple of days later.) Barely anything of his identity was, in fact, hidden here. So as effective camouflage for any deceit, it also fails, and that itself is a thing I’ve wondered about.

Why be so transparent about it?  There’s another possibility that answers a lot of these questions… eh, I’ll explain that later.

Early Special Forces Operations in Libya

18 February 12012As Petri alerts me in a comment that would have gone here if there was a here when he posted it yesterday: —
The BBC has finally “revealed” the extent of the Western conspiracy to intervene in Libya and take out Gaddafi. “Revealed” in quotes as this is only news to readers of the mainstream media. Everyone has known all about this from the very beginning.Inside story of the #UK’s secret mission to beat Gaddafi
The BBC story is also discussed in this Global Research post:

The “Spontaneous Uprising” of February 2011

18 February 2012
There’s plenty of evidence of some kind of pre-planning for the protest/insurgency that started just over one year ago. The question is, how far back and among whom does the evidence suggest these plans originate?I’ll start it with a recent comment from Petri: —
Two interesting discussion on Twitter between Green Resistance @GreLYeN and papiliono24 @papiliono24: Green Resistance @GreLYeN: @papiliono24 Stupidly fabricated story! how about armed gangs since FEB 14, & Suicide Mombers ? papiliono24 @papiliono24@GreLYeN what happened on Feb 14? I’m only aware of Feb 15 onwards… Green Resistance @GreLYeN: @papiliono24 ok the US embassy in Libya called US citizens in Libya on the 9th, for a meeting to be held on the 15th of FEB @papiliono24 here is part of it: This Warden Message is to announce a town hall meeting for American citizens. 1/2 @papiliono24 US Embassy invites American citizens living in Libya to a town hall meeting @ the US School of Tripoli on Tue, Feb15 at 5:30 pm @papiliono24 and on the 13th an email was broadcasted from Libya17feb@yahoo.com with instructions on what to do in each city, @papiliono24 That email contained the gathering places, where to put road blocks, and even instructions to control the border with Egypt@papiliono24 There was a PDF attachment with all these details, I have a copy @papiliono24 on 15th : “U.S. Embassy Tripoli Warden Message – Possible Demonstrations on Feb 17 & 18” warning Americans on Feb 15, 2011 All the US Embassy messages are available here:
The 09 February  2011 message is here:
I didn’t notice the 14 Febr. part being explained, other than suggesting an e-mail of the 13th should lead to action by the next day. But it was violent by the following evening, that much at least is clear.

Jazeera correspondent in Berlin opens fire on the Qatari channel before he submits his resignationAnd confirms that the coverage in Libya national agenda.!!
Aktham Suleiman stressed office Jazeera correspondent in Berlin that “the channel became lack of professionalism on the contrast of the same when I joined them in 2002.”Suleiman said in an interview published by the German Deutsche “in the last two years abandoned the island for a lot of professionalism, in favor of a specific agenda Qatari government is trying to impose.He considered political coverage of Al Jazeera Arab Spring Agenda country trying to pass through the canal. He cited the press on the Libya conflict and non-imaging method to kill Gaddafi in its proper context as a mistake.
It goes beyond the artificially imposed killing of Gaddafi and then something else is more important.He added that “the artificial killing of Gaddafi was also staged killing by another group, and that is the actual environment that prevails in Libya, which is not transmitted by the island.””As in Syria, there are exclusion of a team against the glorification of another team and keeping the error and make a saint compared to demonize another team along the line without providing an accurate picture of the division of society in Syria, and that is what spark a crisis and fueled.”
A political solution rather than political isolation!! (WHY NEVER in this situation)
By: D. Saleh Ali Tagouri, 27 DEC.2012
I have followed the debate our Almaqr conference political isolation law .. Was a farce par excellence .. Where the struggle for power looted and made revolution in the West .. And competing gangs inside and outside the hall Balthrig and arms .. In the end, so God Libya .. If we remained silent on it .. Actual Libya peace.I want to make it clear to those who Ansaqgua behind this illusion some points:*
Talking about a revolution in Libya is “a big lie” .. Sedknaha through the island and the infernal media machine of the West .. Involving all opponents Revolution and the enemies of Arabs and Muslims .. Perhaps the most famous of this lie is told Britain’s foreign minister .. When stressed that Gaddafi left to Venezuela?!* Then I do not think that the revolution made by gentlemen NATO crusader and تفخرون .. Whatever the justifications, led the Zionist Bernard Levy .. And can not be a Muslim to grow up under the banner of the Crusaders and يواليهم .. And fighting under the leadership and تزغرد wives a Tri Apache helicopters destroy our valiant army?! .* Without them fell Gaddafi ..
And his supporters, who fought valiantly eight months NATO and supporters of Libyan customers who carry the banner of the monarchy which drop the Libyan people did not fight with him one in the white revolution .. Fateh Revolution.* And announced its leader Muammar Gaddafi .. On September 16, 1969 in a statement on the radio .. On all citizens to return to their jobs with the exception of Minister .. And military and even the rank of captain .. Large and distributed ranks other jobs and become ambassadors and directors of companies .. Perhaps this trivial Highest “Sd” smelting “Maqrif” one of those .. Gaddafi said the Libyan revolution will not exclude one ..
Will not do harm to one .. Established a symbolic trial of the era, not the people .. For ticket .. Libya was a country teeming with the rules .. The Italians .. And deprived of their sovereignty and the will .. Where Libyans live as slaves to foreigners .. Keeps the west .. Mufflers and nudist clubs and discos and promiscuity .. Ali said the army to return to barracks and form a civilian government .. and stayed after the power conferences, you participated in all of them .. The tapes exist .. And Ichofm all ye cruciate Libyans political isolation.* As you .. Vtakimon standards will not survive a single coup emphasizes revolution where it becomes ruled Libya are they nominate stray dogs .. West customers and holders of nationality and heretics .. Graduates Afghanistan .. Salim .. This became a source of pride?! And became owners of artificial beards ..
The enemies of Islam Lifton us after 1400 years of the message and the honorable Sheikh mark civil Alchuirv in Misrata prisons .. And became the man who made his country free from alcohol and promiscuity million Hafez of the Koran and Islamic Call Society, which published Islam around the world, millions accused of being a Jew??!! In front of young change and the Libyan people are slaves when those yes revolution!! Yes religion!! .Gentlemen .. You do not have to lie on some .. When challenged .. Is not in the position of love .. I am one of those who does not honored to work with “the ousted NATO” ..
Who were the cause of the destruction of our country safe .. And an insult to the good of our people can not Libby Sharif to be a party in the government led by nationalities enemies will leave during the year in the best of circumstances, to take with them after last dollars in the balance of this poor country?.*
Then I do not know the bidding?? Ali tyrant and his men .. Abu Salim and peg coup Mahiche and spy disgusting .. I wish to form a neutral committee to study these files .. Why had left Libya and where they were for the benefit of those who are working and why were put in prison?? National and what is their balance .. I challenge.*
You will discover that it is not a source of pride but also a source of shame for them and their families .. Perhaps foreign missiles that brought them to power makes any citizen absent knows the answer and even if Gaddafi and his men .. This atrocity that they promote to market themselves .. Is what NATO and Levy something Musharraf .. And his remnants of NATO during the killing .. And tortured .. And displacement .. And seize .. The comb .. The spoils .. And degeneration .. No one preceded him .. As you all know what’s going on in the prisons of “sodomites” and who no longer reside any weight Libby outside their city .. Fndhm money, weapons and iron factory and their capital “Istanbul.” Do Tatqon that the Libyan people Ihtermkm?? Or blinded by the dust of the raids??
I want you to quietly .. That you will be fair even for once before the flood came and evaluate the solution us away from history and hatreds.*
If what I said now this is just an outline of the divided reality .. And remember that the party against whom removal is the strongest majority after NATO took .. And became battalion commanders Thrskm buy their homes in Tunisia and Egypt .. Fear of the volcano that surrounds Tripoli and inevitably explode .. Because they are the owners of the right partners in this country and will not leave it to the traitors and customers .. Will not accept .. “Lying revolution” and ousted NATO control in the fate of the earth which flowed the blood .. Their children and still provide all become convoys of martyrs ..
Their prisons are overwhelmed and suffer a million and a half of them .. In the largest abandoned place in the history of Libya as a result of the lie that we have lived revolution!!! .* So the whole call our Almaqr conference and head of our government helpless .. And overlapping Ktaúibna .. To “political solution” rather than political isolation .. We all we committed in this country right .. Will build hatred and exclusion .. Will only builds everyone .. Whatever Dhirvtm tears or Svictm blood .. Political solution means a national dialogue leading to reconciliation before it is too late.D. Saleh Ali TagouriUniversity of Tripoli .. Fatih previouslydrsaleh.altaagory @ gmail.comTripoli 12/27/2012
25 DECEMBER 2012:
Nearly 1224 schools need to be rebuilt in Libya, after the NATO rebels gave coordinates for NATO even Ikcefha. We are not surprised by the crusader alliance that does this understanding we spiteful nature if this is normal But what hurtful is the son of your country which cooperates with the Crusaders in order to destroy the home. Some members of Congress Allaotunai threatened with weapons by a few at the Rixos Hotel by gunmen demanding political isolation … Hrdamesa The so-called National Congress General is responsible for sending children to Libya to hell battles in Syria and systematically. Clashes revolve around the Rixos Hotel. Some members of Congress Allaotunai threatened with weapons by a few at the Rixos Hotel by gunmen demanding political isolation … Hrdamesa TUESDAY, DECEMBER 25, 2012
Overnight clashes in the capital Tripoli

Clashes erupted on Tuesday evening about Rixos Hotel located in the capital Tripoli, which is the headquarters of VIP calculated on the new system illegal and the reason lies behind the several armed groups from Misrata trying to break into the hotel to compel all members of the Conference Allaotunai to enact the decision political isolation. 
as similar clashes erupted in Each of the Plateau neighborhood of Abu Salim did not know the causes. They wrote this today on one of the banners column National Congress falls and algae returning ^ _ ^
Rat Fawzi Abdel Aal Misrati (and former Interior Minister rats) ambassador to Libya in the State of Bahrain decree of Ali Zaidan, ratification and approval General Allaotunai Congress.

Rachid Mohamed Barasi  writes us:

“Of partisanship Khan is identical to the reality in which we live in Libya, regardless of their origin?Of course not necessarily be the meaning of the word Khan is a betrayal of the degree of employment Alrdih that offend morality, but possible to be a betrayal of some promises and citizen Albest who was seen in the “PARTY” savior Afif for everyday problems. (REMEMBER a JAMAHIRIYA has no “PARTY or PARTIES” !)

Follow through the Libyan political movement represented in the national conference illustrated the following from my point of view, of course,-

After the election directly disease long and bitter struggle between the two parties most members within the National Congress or Balasah between coalitions National MUSLIM Brotherhood and the front which expose these parties in it Tgerdt of all humanity for their interests and left the problems of citizens and the nation as if they were things marginally not Msolan them and evidence in largeBeen assigned or election Abuscakor who get the most votes from members of the National Congress, which provided the two governments and parties but will not accept them or because they did not take their share of the feast home was thwarted without Subject to time and Living situation of the country.

Start a new conflict and take a long time until it was agreed between the alliances on Zidane, who form the government I considered very acceptable and want that Raina Jmiekev work painstakingly partisans in foil through the various committees and the whole course under the interests of the party and not the nation.

One may say this is the game of politics is known and knowledge in this way in all countries of the world tell him yes is well but Living situation the country now to tolerate this conflict partisan narrow, especially as their period of very limited as they left important and most importantly, focus on the Interest partisan and personal from where they left.

Safety and security and focused on Almazia personal benefit of salaries, Markob and others.

Left displaced problems and focused on embassies and Alsalehyat.

Left of national reconciliation and focused on political isolation and all of them wanted on a whim without Subject to the feelings of the people affected by the war and NATO or the realization of the right to everyone.

Trquamahasabh in the loss of public money from a file wounded and 68 billion and many thefts and focused on representing Libya in foreign posts and travel to represent Libya though nominally

And it agrees with me that these alliances have forgotten the nation and focused on the conflict between them to thwart each other, demonstrating the applicability say partisanship Khan (regardless of source) on these two coalitions now Almujdan in the National Conference.”

 Shatar of Egypt’s “MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD”! (EVIL on FOOT)

Reason for the visit Brotherhood Khairat Al-Shater to Libby

هبوط الجنيه المصري لمستوى قياسي أمام الدولار – شبكة اخبار مصر

Secret visit to invited Shater, deputy guide of the Muslim Brotherhood to Tripoli and meeting with Alkaty and Flint and the rest of the boys, “a branch of Libya”, the owner of the Renaissance project in Egypt …!!! Of course at the expense of Libya and is raising project income when the Egyptian citizen and pay debts owed ​​by Egypt and raise national income of hard currency from the Egyptian National Strategic after calamities following Jet at the head of Egyptian President Morsi.

Falling pound to a record low against the dollar

Fell Egyptian pound to a record low against the dollar on Sunday, as nearly Egyptians are worried for their money in the local currency after introduced the Central Bank of a new mechanism to maintain foreign exchange reserves. Bank announced the new mechanism on Saturday and include tenders periodically for buying and selling the dollar and appears to constitute a shift doomed to float free of the pound After the Central Bank spent more than $ 20 billion of reserves to support it, according to bankers. shows currency crisis size of the economic challenges facing President Mohamed Morsi suffer his government from the repercussions of the political crisis that erupted as a result put the Constitution and his allies of the Islamists. raised shift towards free-floating fears that score pound a further drop or may impose government restrictions over the money, prompting the Egyptians to turn to buy dollars when the market opened today. said Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil told a news conference that the country’s economy is fragile and passes position very difficult expected to resume talks with fund International Monetary for a loan worth $ 4.8 billion in January. Egypt got approval fund the initial loan in November but delayed final approval until January after frozen implement a series of tax increases to give the government more time to clarify a package of measures economic austerity faces sharp criticism of the citizens. and spent the Central Bank, which allowed the pound to move in a narrow range against the dollar more than $ 20 billion of foreign exchange reserves to support the local currency since the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak in early 2011 and led to the reluctance of tourists and foreign investors. At tender on Sunday sold Central Bank already amount offered by all and reached $ 75 million with less exchange rate of the pound at 6.2425 pounds to the dollar, down from 6.185 pounds against the dollar earlier in the day Sunday. fell pound later in dealings between banks for up to 6.30 pounds against the dollar down 1.8 percent since morning and registered a low level similar to an earlier decline in October 2004. bankers said bidding system means that the pound will reflect supply and demand for the currency the Egyptian more accurately. It is expected to pose the central bank bids a day. Banker said “absent arms central bank that existed in the market will be a free market for the first time.” And launched Qandil economic initiative and a national press conference on Sunday described as efforts to rally support for the government’s program of economic. His Government will seek to connect with the community so that its economic plan and national real, adding that the government’s program can be modified to reflect the views of the other. expressed Qandil hoped that no changes relating to the factors underlying the government’s plan with the International Monetary Fund will be invited team Fund in January to resume talks Go ahead and deal loan. Analysts said it was not clear yet whether the new mechanism would stop the stampede to sell pound to buy the dollar and the size of the reserves of foreign exchange, which is preparing the central bank to spend to continue to support the pound. bankers said the central bank imposed a series of measures to reduce demand hard currency in the short term at least, including determining the amount eligible for corporate clients withdrawn at 30 thousand dollars per day, while pay individuals a management fee of between one and two percent on their purchases of foreign currency. added bankers he would not allow banks to acquire long positions in U.S. dollars exceed one percent of its capital, down from ten percent. In a memorandum predicted Pharos Securities Tauima free to come down the Egyptian pound to 6.5 pounds per dollar from 6.185 pounds now. Under the new system will remain the maximum allowed for withdrawals individuals at ten thousand dollars a day. Bankers said that the bank will continue to monitor all transactions to ensure that it meets the needs of “legitimate” and not for speculation. Market will continue interbank work next to the new mechanism with allowing banks to add a slight margin.

Actress Sirte in Allaotunai Conference says “changed the people of Pakistan and Agmoh”:

Member “representing Sirte” in Allaotunai Conference mockery of rats on the law of political isolation and Tcolhm changed the Libyan people and Jibwa judge Pakistan.

Laugh with rats Conference: opinion just in front of the conference sessions:

Member Allaotunai Congress Abdel Fattah Boroaq Shalawi of a Brotherhood Party claimants political isolation

Abdel Fattah Boroaq Shalawi Member Conference Allaotuny currently tuber, has entered the election as an independent which continued for Justice and construction, “the Muslim Brotherhood”, this photograph was taken in Mmqr based popular when the arrival of Brother Abdullah Sanusi to popular tuber end of 2010, and was at the end of adulation for Sanusi.
Far this trumpet is one of the largest claimants political isolation on the way the Brotherhood, including, but not my love, O 69th Nazlo and Come Jay O Balash him.
Henw Jay laughing Halhab lying
If ruled Brotherhood Bchowoa scourges of them because they are a carbon copy of the rule.



In the name of God the Merciful

“And ordered them to mutual consultation”….

(THIS IS) The difference between our direct-democracy (THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY as outlined by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) having been taken from the Koranic Islamic law (SHARIA), and the western representative-“democracy” !

(Atracson within their  “Allaotunai Conference”, which goes no-wheres, means nothing but talk, and nothing gets implemented; as none of this is for decision making and  practical laws, …for the LAWS are actually  decided upon by an elitist few “in power”, no matter what the people themselves desire, need or want). These are “elected” officials, “elected” through electronically rigged voting machines, whose outcome is pre-planned! It is a mirage (an illusion) of democracy; but has in reality no substance as the “representatives” do as they  want (or as they are told by “higher-ups”), not what their constituencies have asked or desired (as is the case with the secretaries in PEOPLE’s Congresses and People’s Committees within a JAMAHIRIYA). There is nothing to stop these “representatives” from doing all things contrary to the actual will of the peoples they are supposed-to “represent”!

If you recall the last part of Mu’ammar‘s warnings (o5 DEC. 2012) asked for dialogue—It does not mean we must accept less than the full return of the Great Jamahiriya...

It only will be a means of dialogue and exchange, a good tool to show how the Jamahiriya under the Third Universal Theory can satisfy all minds that are good, and that the Third Universal Theory, as I always said, is the only solution for our ailing planet.

Jamahiriya people's Congress  Jamahiriya People's Committee Meeting in Libya

Game political isolation

Very nice to be there at the apostasy illegal this thing is ridiculous between the parties that wish to obtain the power of racing in foreign labor with its agenda …..

Do you hear turn magic magician … They kill themselves …. It’s a dirty game will not survive parties …..

Game parties are liberals and the Muslim Brotherhood ….

Political isolation concept Brotherhood isolate liberals arguing their participation in the system where the insulation includes work in the system during the past 10 years and specifically required exclusion Jibril of the political equation ….

Alliperalan In response to Vanity Muslim Brotherhood Henw concept of war on and on my enemies
Vtaliboa isolation for the duration of the Revolution and mean Raeads Brotherhood-affiliated headed Maqrif of them did not work and actuation in the Revolution?

Of here let them disputed and will Istfikon regret we return to the words of the martyr ….. Will Tendmon on to اينفع remorse

ĎăĘă safely

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Our correspondent incognito among rats

Law political isolation ….. Act by order of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt guide to rats the Almqji Brotherhood in Libya (Abuscna – Khalid Sharif – Swehli – Hashim humans – Abdel Raouf hater).

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Ironically …..!!!! If shame then do Macit ‘!!
More people to leak and drip Atalibo isolation …!!!!!!
Ghaida Touati …. on the basis of media and activist Owoo a double agent has been serving brighter in the Revolutionary Committees Liaison Office abroad
(NOTICE SAIF al-Islam in the photo below)

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

After a request from a member of the National Alliance applying political isolation the named Ali hardness known “B Ajehy” in connection with a known engineer Saif Gaddafi before and during the events and contact leadership even in 5, 6, 7
Re members of the Muslim Brotherhood that suit small and said Hitch Khayat before
Unfortunately Khayat CP controlled sizes worn on the faces.

Those of the leading advocates of the law and political isolation Nassien they are their Lippo dismisses spirit ……
Ahmed Khalifa trumpet “MUSLIM Brotherhood” and official page Manara Media …

Muammar Gaddafi addresses gathering at the Green Auditorium (with English translation).

Mu’ammar with CIA rat GNC head Magrief: Mu w traitor CIA Magriff

Fell Fig-leaf:

Mu’ammar in Paris 2009:

Mu UNO 23 SEPT. 2009:

Dr. Billah was with Muammar at the UNO on 23 SEPT 2009….

http://www.diogenis-press.gr/?p=113025 In the hunt for “treasure” of the Gaddafi family, amounting to tens of billions of euros, has served the Government of Libya, using every means at its disposal. directed The RAT puppet-American/Libyan government (GNC) to seek the assistance of the Greek government to identify those funds either are investment accounts and dummy corporations, or invested in real estate and land in expensive and tourist areas. The puppet-government of the African country, which gathers more information from former members of the regime, has already requested the services of well-known law firms Athens to identify money that the “family Gaddafi ‘smuggled’ in Greece”.


God launched in rats became uncertain Jtahm chills and Daru gates.

27 years ago, same as now, though not as disaterous:
عاش الطاغي بوشفشوفه…………..سمح الشوفه. يطرب عقلي وين أنشوفه……………..عاش الطاغي …….. وصقرالامه صاحب همه…….روى وطن العز بدمه…….فارس ما نقدرش أندمه…:


Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)


The military situation in Tarhunah ….. rats and places Ktaúbhm

1 – gang battalion headed idiots Tramp Abojeelh Habashi
2 – gang جردان sister on her head traitor Abdulmohsen Lafi Asojse
3 – Gang جردان Martyrs Tarhunah foremost client to اوباش Qatar Abdulbaset Abubakar ostrich
4 – a criminal gang Abdaheitan master obedient Servant Hakim Belhadj
5 – a criminal gang Arif Mahmood Ahmed at the head of Qatar Jerdanih Committee
6 – a criminal gang Jibril Ahmed Ahmed’s Guide to Abdulmohsen Lafi Asojse
7 – a criminal gang Khalifa Idriss Ameri obedient Servant traitor Hakim Belhadj
8 – a criminal gang Faraj Kosher client for اوباش Jews Mzrath
9 – a criminal gang Abdulhakim Chaouch continued criminal Faraj Kosher

Filter rat Abojeelh Habashi by rats – Filter Faraj Kosher Abdul Basit Abongama Ali Liberal hands …… and now the role of the milk ………..

Hey folks Tarhunah …………….. blood of your martyrs and Agmokm rats …….. Are Drtm shame …?
Oh Mzawgh ……………….. blood of your sons Inadekm …… raised us

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Our correspondent from Zliten:
Blackouts and weakness of the net in Zliten …………..


Hospital Mizdah subjected to an armed attack.

Exposure Mizdah General Hospital, on Friday, was attacked by an armed

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية



The rats the Jermanah committee supervising the colleges receive the radios …. I do not know how to use them.

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Our correspondent from Friday Market,

News Libyan resistance (green brigade battalion-mail)
Fire in Alashoura market .. Tripoli.


A huge fire broke out in the Alashoura shopping center this morning and actually in the Friday Market.
– boys Haj seems to be the upper part of the center had burned as shown on the picture. & Nbs …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية


Hit the young Abdullah Blaau population Qsirn Ghashir today shot in his right foot by armed Melcaat Zintan, which occupies the capital Tripoli
Saluting except violating the sanctity of private homes in the holy Friday.

And still Tcolo country where safety! Was this Ihdt days before the leader Muammar al-Qathafi is impossible for sure, but now not expect everything.

Arrested two cars follow Supreme phantom Committee Branch Abu Salim Gneoh in popular مسلاته

they came to arrest the young are free مسلاته honorable stood جردان مسلاته

by placing them in the prison of the castle and scoured their cars.
Oh hit oppressors harmdoers.

Martyrdom 500 – 600 of young Torghae in prisons rats …..

The list of names up to their families in the camp peasant.

Numerous attempts of masked for the Liberation of Abu Zeid Alldordh and Abdullah Senoussi ………

This caused the clashes in Plateau Police College harsh daily.


The road leading to the No. 1 stronghold Almzarat.

Post الادمن

To our people in Bani Walid …… you help your people in Sirte …. Ahjmoa Ali rats Misrata in the plug immediatelyعااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل
لاننا الاقوي ………….. ( عشم الوطن .. لن تموت )مشاركة الادمن
الي اهلنا في بني وليد ……عليكم مساعدة اهلكم في سرت ….اهجموا علي جرذان مصراتة في السدادة فورا
Capturing a number of rats Misrata by Galt battalion in Sirte
News about crowd Benghazi rats in Sirte to face the rats Misrata.
(News Sirte) witnessing popular Sirte wounded since yesterday fabricating the chaos security and closing of streets by teenagers of the sons of Misrata pretext of searching for the shot Born Akeshirh and killed bin Bashir Ben Sassi, alias Balhdoba, despite the fact that the hunt was directly and who firedthey fire was not masked, and son Okchireh who moved to Tunisia knows him his Ahavrli who chased and fired them dead, and still Almsarit looking for murder and wreak havoc in the region, burning tires and street Aagaflon and public entities.

Post addicted Page
I hope the brothers Admenz Page Libyan resistance 24 \ 24
Not to mention anything about white Chevrolet cars in Sirte ……. Please please

and explained that the protestors from Misrata for Residential No. 1 in Sirte have Wednesday morning closing a number of schools and service institutions Sirte containers and cars litter and they broke some stores to claim the interim government illegal activating the role of the Directorate of Security, the police and other security agencies do not exist, after growing killings against them at the hands of unknown these days. noted a “Fawzi Abu Zeid” that the youth and families of the residential area No. 1 decided yesterday that sit open to that the state imposes its authority to achieve security and safety for residents Council Aeltsiara and all the city.
Martyrdom of a number of the sons of Bani Walid, Tarhunah Zliten in rats Misrata prisons.

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Our correspondent from Zliten:
Rats who went to Sirte to support Misrata rats does not exceed 20 rat.

Powerful explosions and violent clashes in Sirte ………… And smoke fill the sky …. held between Benghazi rats and mice Misrata.
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)Rats Misrata pay money to rats Zliten and five to help them break into the neighborhood of 2 and 3 in Sirte …….
The news of the escape rats security committee ……
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)Rats Misrata pay money to rats Zliten and five to help them break into the neighborhood of 2 and 3 in Sirte …….
The news of the escape rats security committee ……
Security Council President Aeltsiara Sirte Center “Fawzi Abu Zeid” was Wednesday closing roads main and branch region by the protestors there.
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die): Rats Misrata in Sirte …… demonstrating SIT and closing the roads in Sirte ……….. Objection to the killing of 23 rat bewitching them the past few days ….. and forced displacement of Sirte.
Champions Sirte withstand ………… Liberal waited ……………..
Post addicted Page:
Ali free to Galt battalion ………. Ali Al Furjan and Alqmazfah in Sirte ….
not to participate in the war between Misurata and Benghazi rats ….. only protect your region. Call To Liberal ………..
backer in rat battalion Buhulaiga ….. Withdraw immediately ………….
The leave Benghazi rats and rats Misrata fighting. Votes violent shells exchanged between Benghazi and Misrata rats in Sirte ….
The news is supported by the stopper, Misurata Germanhm.
Intelligence situation: Rats and Sam Ben Hamida will dominate the battalion corner of the rats Buhulaiga at the beginning of the clashes …..
Expected Killed the rat Buhulaiga …………….. The control rats Misrata on Sirte Number of rats killed rats battalion corner of the
Buhulaiga and destroyed a car in the ongoing clashes between tenderly rats and mice Misrata in Sirte.
News of the escape Misrata rats from the streets of Sirte
News was published yesterday for Sirte ……… No one was absorbed by …… But will explained ……………
Attack on Sirte by rats Almsarit of District 1 …… After killing the rat Ben Sassi .. The number of cars and closed roads ……
clashes occurred between rats Aaganh security and Makhlouf, including ………. There is support from Misurata continues to fully control the Sirte…
Review الادمن …. Why did not publish yesterday on the page? We wanted to be assured of Msaddaqatanta yourselves …….
We published yesterday publication clashes will occur in Sirte ……
And heavy yesterday pencil in Sirte between rats and security committee Almsarit Makhlouf Shawarma ………..
When you say Asham home something …………….. We must be sure of …… and confident it’s true.
URGENT: Toyota 24 white Duckh high speed on the road to the river area Sultan Sirte.
“Today I saw a house that burned clients NATO in Sirte during their occupation of the city under the cover of NATO aircraft and Ketbo this phrase.”

Because we are the strongest …………..(Asham home .. will not die)

l post addicted …………… Warning

Channel Mkmadas subsidiary of rats Misrata in Sirte ……….

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die) We will publish now the military and intelligence situation in Sirte
1 – The military situation for the rats in Sirte …… previously explained places and numbers …..
2 – rats Misurata want to expand their area of influence after breaking Tarhunah and Bani Walid and Zlitan
3 – Current Status
A – killing a rat Musrati
b – agitating public opinion against the people of Sirte
c – they close the roads and shut down schools
d – clashes and burning shops between rats security committee and rats Makhlouf and between rats Misratata –
Rat Buhulaiga was in Benghazi p – support from rats Misrata to Gerznhm in Sirte
g – Galt battalion, Alhamalh and rats 17 … out of the game
 Report: official statistics on the destruction that took place in Sirte

Eng / Mahmoud Abobriv, Chairman of the Committee limited device Execution of housing projects and facilities – Office Sirte thank you very much for all the engineers of the sons of the city of Sirte who participated in the inventory process, which lasted for several months of hard work in the toughest conditions and was hum start racing in the reconstruction of the city at the earliest . ======================== – the number of homes that were damaged during the war period exceeded 11,000 (eleven thousand dwelling) varying ratios damage it. === ===================== – inventory was completed …
In order not to forget ..

American soldiers in the city of Sirte ..

Publishing ÇŃĚćÇ

هل هؤلاء صحافيين فى مدينة سرت؟؟؟..!!!Are these reporters

هل هؤلاء صحافيين فى مدينة سرت؟؟؟..!!!Are these reporters

Mise en ligne le 22 déc. 2011

Names of some of the brothers Altaorgeyen killed by the militias Misurata was the publication of photographs their bodies by the Red Cross and everyone knows that lates mostly kidnapped from Tripoli and Jufrah and God and yes proxy God and yes agent ask God to Itagmayorm mercy and Eskinhm rest in peace and Asberna in Massaibna and يقدرنا Nakhaddo right

1 – Ashraf Saleh Mohammed Mahmoud 447
2 – Key Mabrouk Ahmed 533
3 – Mohamed Osman 497
4 – Abdul Salam Khaled birthday 614
5 – carp Abubakar Saad Younis 573
6 – Mohammad Omar Toumi 426
7 – Faitouri Ahmed avid 436
8 – Ibrahim Ammar Rashad 617
9 – Ahmed Omran Chalghoum 426
10 – Osama Mohammed Faraj 544
11 – Zayed Faraj Zayed 446
12 – Haitham Mostafa Bhron 502
13 – Juma Ali Mabrouk 485
14 – Mohamed Belkacem 574
15 – Walid Muhammad Mishri 551
16 – Haitham Mohammed Oawaj 612
17 – Saleh Mohammed hyena 642
18 – in favor of the Word of God Faraj 530
19 – Salim Mohammed Kerio 518
20 – Ali Muammar Youssef Saad God 158
21 – Alian Muhammad Alian 444
22 – Ahmed Mohammed Oalian 447
23 – Nasser Mahmoud Bouhbl 587
24 – Jibril Ahmed Jibril Abuhabl 321
25 – Muhammad Ali Faraj 433
26 – Moses hastily Abraham 434
27 – Naji Khamis Otalihh 545
28 – Khaled Saleh Oqrifah 467
29 – Mohammed Juma 428
30 – Ashour Salem gift 442
31 – Key Mohammed Abdel Sayed 515
32 – Abdul Hamid Mohamed عبدالسيد without grave
33 – Abdulkadir Juma Abdullah 423
34 – Nice Ali Saleh Faitouri 620
35 – Muhammad Ali Faraj M’barek 433
36 – Saad Ali Mohammed Abudoih 137
37 – Abdul Hamid Abdul Salam Ghaith 442
38 – Saleh Mustafa Rajab 420
39 – Said Mohamed Znagher 618
40 – Mohamed Ibrahim Asheim 618
41 – Juma Ibrahim Abdullah 588
42 – Belkacem Ibrahim Abdullah divine 589
43 – Saad ID ID 169
44 – Abdelkader Khamis Ali 299
45 – Muhsin Idris Saad 68
46 – Juma Ali Ali 516

Remember MISRATA is the biggest trouble for the Green and the return of the Great JAMAHIRIYA in all Libya.
Orders from rat Swehli ………. Province of Misrata includes (Misurata – Bani Walid – Tarhunah – Zliten – Sirte – five – مسلاتة) …..
Under the command Council Jermana in Misrata.
Martyrs family of Bani Walid, Tarhunah Zliten ……………. Mujdon now in Misurata clinics complex
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Our correspondent incognito among rats
Reported the onset of the NATO air strike on arms camps in Misrata after the church bombing.
(Finally NATO has decided to target the correct terrorists?)

Misrata: Egyptian was killed and 3 others after the bombing of a church building | news agency Gaddafi International
Misrata: Egyptian killed and 3 others injured after bombing Knyshocalh building Gaddafi International News


Exclusive photos of the church destroyed by the rebels NATO Baldavnih in Misrata


Exclusive photos of the church destroyed by the rebels NATO Baldavnih in Misrata
NATO rebels in Misrata are destroying the Coptic Church after they detonated in Aldavnih area, west of Misrata. 
The two Egyptians were killed. 
The church was built between 1936 and 1937 during Italian colonial rule. 

The Messenger of Allah Muhammad, peace be upon him \ your religion and I have mine 
this may not be legally

He told to respect others of differing faiths, not to do harm to them. Let them live in peace beside you.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/2013/01/blog-post_7017.html#ixzz2Gpw3MKg7




From the pages of the resistance (channel Friday Market)
Fire in Alashoura center market Friday ……..

 God bless Joseph Arab one the epic AboSaleem Champions, and promises free AboSaleem that blood and blood of all the martyrs of AboSaleem pride will not be wasted

الصورة الاولية لرجوع اول جرذ في بنغازي الي بيته ….

Misrata: Egyptian was killed and 3 others after the bombing of a church building

The minister said Commissioner Amr Roshdy Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli had received a call this morning from Rev. Timothy Bishara Adly pastor Coptic Orthodox Tripoli where reported exposure building services continued to the Egyptian Church in Misrata for bombing late Saturday evening, which killing an Egyptian citizen and wounding three others. conducted adviser, Hatem Abdel Qader, the Chargé d’affaires of Egypt, contact immediately with the Rev. disco Zaghloul priest of the Church Misurata to check on members of the church, also went advisor Tariq Dahrouj Consul Embassy to Misurata to inspect the church and its members, while conducted in urgent contact with the embassy and the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs to take urgent action to secure the Egyptian church buildings in Libya and follow-up investigations and the case of the injured in the accident.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/2012/12/3.html#ixzz2GY4kQeMm

Hoda Image from Gerdanih page written underneath Tripoli before the fateful 1969 coup.
But following Mayarvoh Jerdan The guidance was the largest church in Tripoli before Torre Conqueror after Torre Conqueror 1969 became the city’s largest mosque amid Alpine race دساس and compassion for churches.

~ Alsabhawi ~

The rats everywhere …………………. Now they are concentrated in two regions (Friday Market – Misurata) ………..

We are the majority and the majority …..

Liberals should be focused on these two sniper ………. regions and killed each rat Musrati and seek market.

Muammar al-Qathafi:

“(I’m in the midst now ………. I’m with you my gun will not surrender _ will not leave Tripoli for traitors .…..

we will redeem blood Aatarabuls).”

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Powerful explosions rocked Tripoli (Tajoura – Friday Market – Janzour – Salim – Plateau – Airport Road – Ben Achour the – Vhlom)
Our correspondent from the airport road
Heavy aircraft flying rats ………. Aitwajd one of the rats of the gates, where he lying today Lippo in Asohroa Breaks.


Clashes in the capital Tripoli and a secret meeting of the leaders of the militias in the corner.

Clashes in the capital Tripoli and a secret meeting of the leaders of the militias in the corner.

I heard several explosions rocked the capital Tripoli tonight followed by heavy shooting, as I mentioned some informed sources from within the ranks of the militias that there is a meeting of the leaders of the militias is taking place in the popular Nook and you do not know the reasons for this meeting.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية


l post addicted Page
O people of Vhlom ……… O families of the market Friday ……. O people of Dahmani angle ………..

Armed clashes in Janzour

Armed clashes broke out Friday night in the suburb of Janzour near the capital Tripoli, and specifically in Bridge Aldjaafarh between a so-called security committee and between Lakeh family has fallen several wounded between the two parties. And continue the occurrence of such clashes frequently due to daily dismissed the citizens of these criminal militias that claim to freedom. & Nbs …

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Our correspondent from Ben Ghashir palace:
Kidnapped 20 rat of rats Nawasi with their cars and their weapons at the hands of Almltmyin Friday Market.

must break into battalion Nawasi and edit your captives ….. seize arms now
You must kill the rat Abdel Raouf Karah and brother

Photo : ‎عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>لاننا الاقوي .............. ( عشم الوطن .. لن تموت )</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>lمشاركة ادمن الصفحة<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
يا اهالي فشلوم .........يا اهالي سوق الجمعة .......يا اهالي زاوية الدهماني ...........يجب اقتحام كتيبة النواصي وتحرير اسراكم .....و الاستيلاء علي السلاح الان<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
يجب قتل الجرذ عبد الرؤوف كاره و اخوه‎

Egyptian Brotherhood leader and deputy supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and former
candidate for the presidency Shater fly to Libya for a visit did not announce the details …!!!!
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=468522246516249&set=a.267363996632076.54295.267151173320025&type=1&theaterZOUNDS,  AN ALARM !!!!!!!
القيادي الاخواني المصري ونائب المرشد الاعلى لجماعة الاخوان المسلمين والمرشح السابق لرئاسة الجمهورية خيرت الشاطر

Photo : ‎القيادي الاخواني المصري ونائب المرشد الاعلى لجماعة الاخوان المسلمين والمرشح السابق لرئاسة الجمهورية خيرت الشاطر يطير إلى ليبيا في زيارة لم يعلن عن تفاصيلها ...!!!!‎

Rats Muslim Brotherhood Almqji still Iatsamua front Rixos Hotel …. in order to isolate Mahmoud Jibril.

Rat puppet-client Mahmoud Jibril looming threat lining for UNO intervention in the case of dismissal.
Photo : ‎الجرذ العميل محمود جبريل يلوح بالتهديد المبطن بتدخل الامم المتحدة في حالة عزله.‎

Our correspondent from Ben Ghashir palace: Process sniper one rat in Bab Azizia when he tried to enter into the house of the leader at the hands of the Liberal. Rats bisexual slave scandals NATO crusader:

Photo : ‎يدٌ تسرق ويدٌ تقتل.....ثوار الناتو‎

Revolution combing … enlarge

By stealing Lloyd NATO rebels kill …..

NATO rebels crimes against the Libyan people:

Series of assassinations moves to Biar where the assassination of Lieutenant “Awad Mohammed Fakhri”

in Abyar evening in front of his house.
And injuring his mother by a bullet when I went out speeding after hearing
The hail of bullets inhabited the body of her son.
“Fakheri” famous Mayor is one of the first officers who defected
In Bdaahalahdat and joined NATO and Bernard Levy, a commander of the investigations and follow-up

بمدينته Brigade Abyar 52 under the command of Colonel rat of Hamid good.


URGENT: in the slip field shooting between rats battalion island and Hamza battalion and

disagreement among themselves about the field gate WHDH images from the front of the gate of the field ………!!!!

Armed clashes in Tripoli Bnizgah الدريبي “Street Brew”

T. Zionist revolution Levy glorious!!!!!
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Our correspondent in Airport
Interruption loss ……………. And Mnwachat between rats chicken and National Security Committee ………….. rats and demanding dissolution.

Our correspondent from the airport road
Hear the voice of 3 powerful explosions hand Salim

Union doctors Tripoli:

Image of Tripoli Central Hospital … The transfer of patients between departments either for the purpose of

conduct or sometimes for diagnostic images and other .. What is lacking here is to put a light signal (Cimafro)

to ensure the priority given the way for the passage of patients before cars!!!!!!!!!

Rat Col. Hamad bin Fetais Marri national commander of the so-called Special Forces country

is the first entrants to Bab Azizia and with his own band. Mazzika Jbnaha zoom. NATO crusader from above

and below and country Amaaha and other dogs. Shame on rats bisexual dogs NATO crusader.

What do you know about the Battle of the Bab Azizia?? How was the withdrawal?? The rats were condoms inside.
However losses were reticence in Hadi battle and missing so far not يجدوهم.

There will be voices lead the God in the Abu Salim and the airport road …………

Do not worry. Our Btzla Bgerman Gneoh Rebekah Khamis pay Tripoli.

Our correspondent from Abu Salim …….. Warning Rat and Sam Gilani works with rat Hashim humans …… rat and Sam Gilani Tarhuni of AboSaleem population gathered Salahuddin Green member of the Revolutionary Guard

Tripoli: targeting two vehicles belonging to the security committee

Were reported by a group of unidentified and believed to be rebels Conqueror the targeting of two

vehicles belonging to the security committee in Tripoli Agheiran Island o’clock pm …


in Tripoli Alumblyowoowoowoowoowoonah demonstration Sarc this entire work and Hevch nor armed car.

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Our correspondent from the airport road
Tripoli residents Mtakdaan very green flag return ………. And militias Jermanah to demise
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Our correspondent from the corner
Abnormal fear of rats corner ……. With heavy proliferation of rats in the past two days ……… With no searching cars …

Clashes in the capital Tripoli result wounded

Hit the young Abdullah Blaau population Qsirn Ghashir today was shot in the right foot by armed Melcaat Zintan, which occupies the capital Tripoli 
saluting they violating the sanctity of private homes in the holy day Friday.

The protestors demanded in this vigil they held in front of the headquarters of General People’s Committee in Tripoli, need for government intervention Almaguethagheir legitimacy, and work on take necessary action to disburse compensation which was scheduled for delivery some time ago. as systems workers National Company for Textile and Arab Company for furniture, in Tripoli this morning vigil in front of the same office to protest against the non-payment of their salaries. and workers demanded during this pause regardless salaries overdue since confirming , they do not know the fate of their jobs so far, and how it will be dealt with in the future which, in addition to that they are not being any addition or feature in a career of them all. prevails poet Libyan resentment or because lied government Zidane them where reneged promise that made ​​a given value of A. Libyan dinars as a gift on Eid al-Adha, but this did not happen. Our correspondent from the corner:

Refinery shutdown corner and the expulsion of workers and protests in Green (Martyrs’) Square in the corner ……. even achieve the demands of rats. Attack with light and heavy weapons on the electricity company headquarters … And the destruction of the company’s cars …… For the third consecutive week …….. Powerful explosions and clashes overnight in the eastern plateau and harsh, green, and Salim and the airport road …..

An armed robbery targeting Attorney General tuber

Arab tension in the mountain between banditry and Kapaau after the death of a young man of banditry.

Lawyer year Green Mountain Court of Appeals Judge Mohammed drowsiness to an armed robbery amid popular tuber,

where insurgents revealed advisor and took his car and within the limits of eight o’clock in the evening.

Referred to the spread of similar robberies affected citizens’ cars in the region in the absence of full security in all its forms.

Cut power to large neighborhoods in the capital Tripoli.

Photo : ‎قطع التيار الكهربائي على أحياء واسعة في العاصمة طرابلس.‎

Thursday a meeting in Tripoli until late at night meeting included Qatari Ambassador and Tabat Qataris and head of the ruling Justice for homeland called Abdulrahman Swehli and also members of the Justice and Development Party leaders and the Supreme Committee delusional and Fawzy Abdel Aal.

An armed group attacked today CID headquarters in Aasmatarabuls.

Attacked Saturday morning by an armed group in the Libyan capital Tripoli CID headquarters using heavy weapons.

The source said that a number of officers based protection headquarters were battered by the attackers.

He added that the force charged with the protection of hired a battalion of the so-called Chamber of securing the capital and a battalion of the dam adjacent to the headquarters of research, pointing to enable the force to besiege the attackers and is currently being negotiated with them to reach a peaceful solution.
Referred to the attack in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Number of rats killed in clashes between rats Vhlom and rats Nawasi …………

The number of carrion to Plateau Medical Hospital

THURSDAY, 27 DECEMBER 2012 Protesters forced administration oil port in eastern Libya to stop operations.

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Vice Libyan Oil Corporation Omar Alchukmak on Wednesday that protesters forced management major oil port in eastern Libya to stop operations for the fourth day in a row. And receives the oil port of Zueitina located just 790 km east of Tripoli, oil is being pumped from at least three fields in the Libyan desert and is exporting between 60 to 70 thousand barrels per day. Said age Alchukmak the protesters stormed the offices of administration at the port on Saturday and ordered the manager to withdraw from the port and stop operations. He added “They want to make illegal government jobs for them and think they can pressure the government by disrupting work in oil-related companies.” And a number of protests outside oil refineries and oil-related installations, a challenge to the new Libyan government illegal that depend on oil for most of its revenue. The government is still Albgazh face difficulties in imposing order in a vast and divided country awash with weapons and militia after the overthrow of Mu `ammar al-Gaddafi last year with the help of NATO. They stopped operations in the main oil refinery in western Libya at least four times since October, causing a shortage of gasoline in the capital Tripoli due to war casualties protests demanding that the government pay them compensation. An armed robbery targeting Attorney General tuber

Lawyer General Court of Appeals Green Mountain Justice Mohamed drowsiness to an armed robbery amid popular tuber, has revealed to insurgents advisor and took his car and within the limits of eight o’clock evening. Referred to the spread of robberies similar long citizens’ cars in the region in the absence of full security in all its forms. ..


Sabha: Clashes Balqoazv and lead in Mahdia between rats …   Our correspondent from Sabha Heavy airline flight in the skies Sabha rats


Communication breakdown for the entire South.


Fierce battles now with heavy weapons among the population area الغريفة. Ubari. And TABU.

Ubari OasesOne of the wonders of the south-western Fezzan are the Ubari oases with their palm fringed saline lakes. Around the lakes rise beautiful sand dunes. After crossing the desert a swim in the lake followed by a rinse with nearby fresh well water is a most wonderful experience. Often Tuareg traders from the Niger stay near the oasis selling a variety of souvenirs.Recent lowering of the water table has caused the water level in some of the Ubari lakes to drop. Mandara, once on of the biggest, is now almost dry.

 Gabroun     Um el Maa Ubari traders

.. Are rats Misrata meeting with rat swimming and Darko cause of the clashes in

Ubari now …?

The arrival of 6 killed Tabu now I Ubari Hospital and Jttin charred and five injured

OTR clashes between Toubou population area الغريفه (Ubari)

Dead and wounded in clashes in the south of Libya.

Libya puppet GNC killing and wounding dozens after clashes and rivalry of the south of the country.

The arrival of 6 dead Tabu Ubari Hospital, including two charred corpses and five injured

following clashes between Toubou population area الغريفه (Ubari). …

Violent clashes in the south Libyan

Violent clashes with heavy weapons between rats Thumama and black with free Alqmazfah in the Mansheya ………………
And burning cars and burning monsters …………. The killing of a number of rats.

Death of a child and a woman from Alqmazfah ……….. After a mortar shell fell on their house in Mansheya

Martyrdom young Alqmazfah in the hospital after his death at the hands of Solomon rats Girls

Fierce battles spin now with heavy weapons between area residents الغريفة Ubari and Tabu. 
did not know the reason until this moment. 
At 4:11

Erg d’Ubari – Gabraoun

Sixičme jour

Erg d'Ubari Passé le premier cordon de dunes de l’erg d’Ubari, nous plongeons dans de grandes étendues de sable blond. Toute la matinée nous roulons dans ce paysage immense et mollement vallonné. Nous franchissons des crętes de dunes et de nouveau une vaste cuvette s’offre ŕ notre regard.
Ce sont alors les premičres touffes de végétation, puis un palmier émerge des sables comme pour nous signaler la présence d’un premier lac.
lac de Larla Le lac de “Larla” est presque ŕ sec occupé par de nombreuses concrétions salines. Les palmiers sont nombreux et nous dégustons nos premičres dattes du désert.
Un nouveau cordon de dunes et nous découvrons deux autres lacs “Tamiz” et “Mafou”. Lac de Mafou
Lac de Gabraoun Une autre cuvette plus vaste se signale ŕ notre regard par de nombreux palmiers et les ruines d’un village abandonné. C’est Gabraoun habité il y a 10 ans par un millier d’habitants. Ce village est entouré de haies de palmes. Nous nous y installons pour pique-niquer et y passer la nuit.
L’aprčs-midi nous nous baignons dans les eaux salées du lac. En surface l’eau est encore fraîche mais avoisine les 40° dans le fond. Lac de Gabraoun

Nous allons rendre visite ŕ “Martine” une française seule habitante de ces lieux pendant l’hiver. Avec les touristes et la présence du Winzirk Camping, elle n’est pas seule. Elle possčde un chameau et fait 48 heures de marche pénible dans les dunes pour aller se ravitailler ŕ la ville. Elle habite une “Zériba” sorte de cabane en palme exposée ŕ la pluie et aux vents. Elle tire son eau potable d’un trou d’eau au milieu des roseaux.

Ruines de Gabraoun Nous terminons la soirée par une promenade au bord du lac et la visite du village abandonné. Le cuisinier nous a préparé une Tagella une galette cuite dans la braise et émiettée dans une sauce épicée.

Conscience Libyan tribes may have Altbwa mercenaries access to الغريفة area south this evening and the attack on the home of the people of الغريفة and beat him with heavy weapons ……….
They have tribes Altbwa access to الغريفة area this evening 29/12/2012 Saturday … The attack on the house of the people الغريفة and beat him with heavy weapons ………. Was wounded people from the people of the region الغريفة


24/24 LIBYAN INTELLIGENCE:”Say Atmn O lousy revolution not you their capacity NATO is following her home. As you’ve needs a second theft, murder, rape Hadi needs have right you Drtoha and Ibdatwa candor because this aim. They responded.”
الجرذان الحمير بعد انتهاء مفعول حبوب الهلوسة و بعد أن دمروا ليبيا هذا وين يسألوا؟؟؟ لماذا قمنا بالثورة؟؟!!!!! نقوله
إطمن يا مقمل الثورة مش انت درتها الناتو هو يلي دارها. أما انتم قمتم بحاجات ثانية
سرقة ,قتل ,اغتصاب في الحاجات هادي عندك الحق انتم درتوها و أبدعتوا فيها الصراحة لأن هذا هدفكم. ردوا عليهم


Angle of vision :::::

What is happening in Benghazi and what will happen :::

On Friday the political landscape in Benghazi differs popular Faalantalaqh that came out to reflect the narrow Pmaihdt and rejection of the unjust Mufti بفتواه changed Mozaan Gahaar of Islamic currents …. and it seems that the scene in a gradual escalation … news Aftalatna that unknown assailants threw a hand grenade at the center Sharia supporters in Benghazi pond ….. As usual unknown behind the attack …..

Analysis of this three-dimensional attack

First hardly be a text message of the liberal Alliance for those their deterrence power Lada it took this ….

Second unsung are the unsung themselves murderers to Faraj al-Drissi and Fattah Younis to Eachdoa the law is another mastermind particle … And be supporters of sharia justified itself respond Bhada …

Third Brotherhood strife between base of supporters Riah and NATO liberals … Vansar Sharia thought Sylvia needs Alajoanin to support it in the next phase …. They noted that the victory of Sharia on Fri Rescue Benghazi withdrew without friction with the masses the Brotherhood Brigades Benmta fired bullets and killed killed in the Friday …. No different two that Salafist Sharia supporters to now and despite the seriousness of her thought did not come into contact directly with the masses ….

Ali any case, the sincerity of vision or have not ratified The Sodoah view of what is happening in the east of Libya and across Libya granular

In every second, minute and hour and day hurry complicated and political Mhhdna disappears …. When Tstfikon O great people the people who made the glory  phenomenon legendary Muammar Colonel.

ĎăĘă safely

Official like understand Atduch!!


Members of the civil defense apparatus Benghazi walk in the open-ended sit for the lack of response

from Tripoli to their demands which provide them with car ash trays.

Aware of the popularity of Benghazi where the fire engines and one inside the service and this is a crime.
Alsoal car here where 54 trays made ​​from Kuwait to Libya, down 19 car in Port Geleanp Where is it??????????????

The people of Benghazi preparing for a demonstration tomorrow, renamed “Juma save Benghazi” to expel armed militias and extremist groups and to demand the return of the Libyan police and army.
And tempted Diar Libyan named Sadiq Ghariani quick and gasping for companies that send contact “Libyana orbit” messages to its subscribers a statement warning and threatening the people of Benghazi and force them not to go out until the remaining criminal Mlishath protected.

All these cars were armed encircle simple demonstration that emerged in Benghazi militia to expel!!!!

Reasonable for hydrogenation Sayer them and Jaivin???

Clashes between rats and Sam Ben Hamida and chicken national police in Benghazi ……….

Rats Qaeda expelled police in front of the University of Garyounis ………..

Now they are university security الادمن Each student union has to wear black ………….

women must be chaperoned and wear their full barka. Get ready for freedom.

Since yesterday Battalion 17 February and Raf God battalion Alshaty in coordination with the Justice and Development Party Alajuanjy country and sponsored …….. Distributed leaflets at the University of Benghazi and Arab Medical and all possible in Benghazi against the demonstration pro expel militias and the return of the army and police to Benghazi and describe street Abannghazy that move came agenda hidden and called Fri save Benghazi which killed the battalion Ruff God Alshaty country demonstrators collecting swamped Benghazi

Ivory (Benghazi): Almazhard started out in the neighborhoods of Benghazi to expel criminal militias.

News assume battalion supporters security law University of Benghazi. Rejoice image to Aaasaver …

(Love Square) at the University of Benghazi. Will become a battleground between Habayeb and supporters of (Saudi-style) of Sharia.

Was one of the Libyan families inhabiting the slave market area Wahayshi near Umm Salamah School Benghazi, was attacked by its neighbors Thursday afternoon.
The attack resulted in the death of father and son and access to the family’s two girls from intensive care, and did not yet know the reasons for the attack.

About an hour ago at the Academy of Graduate Studies and one of the following transcends their scarce revolutionaries in the spirit girl sword in car Barakdjo and threatening runs in what Tnqc movements of the girl, crying and this person to wearing Pants lightning and operates in the following side gate studies.

Protect your daughters O people from Hjerman to they are without honor.

“Honest” people of Benghazi resemble Ghariani & Khomeini.

Message of Benghazi’s youth to the Muslim Brotherhood who have been driven out Mufti NATO Ghariani.

Why fatwa O Ghariani Benghazi rats suffer.

Along you Ptqta age Obaid Qatar Oh rats

The people of Benghazi responding to tempted Diar Libyan named Sadiq Ghariani banners

Penetrate sincere heretic Ghariani site because of his fatwa on preventing demonstrations on Fridays.

Benghazi will not die and solidarity of young white and sent Read to the children of Benghazi through the official website of the heretic.

Shortly before the news bulletin Ali Al-Arabiya, a movement in today’s demonstration in Benghazi … elders and youth participants say we Anaterv Saadiq Ghariani absolutely Aamthelna We the people of Benghazi not Mufti us which only represents himself or from ambush any Brotherhood, Qatar

Massive demonstrations in Benghazi demanding the expulsion of the militias, February 17

Emerged today the angry masses of Benghazi demanding the expulsion of the armed militias of their city has raised slogans against the Mufti of Libya called “honest, Ghariani” which he accused of sedition and they described Boukmina Libya. & Nbs …

“Mufti” Ghariani is NOT and IMAM. He is an Imperialistic Puppet-Imposter, planted by the USA and the so-called GNC.


NATO penetrate Mufti Sadiq Ghariani

  Penetrate sincere Ghariani site because of his fatwa on preventing demonstrations on Fri Benghazi will not die and solidarity of young white and sent Read to the children of Benghazi through the official website of the Mufti of NATO …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية


Bye Bye Ya Ghariani – demonstration in Benghazi 28/12/2012

A picture of a demonstration Friday renew Benghazi … There is a noticeable disappearance of the science of rats and shows the size of the demonstrators, although rat Ghariani fatwa prohibiting out!!
So Ahlgreaana know he Özen him. Even embarrassed he resigned.

Benghazi demonstrators to militias owners: Go back to your Orchkm and actions which have been stalled since the start of the Nakba February, to Fawzi Boktef Go and free your country of Palestine.

Benghazi protesters deride militias and Fawzi Boktef

Your contributions: equation correct The ::::: logic speaks!.

Many of us are wondering clear why Benghazi …. Why Benghazi always active …. motionless Habouap political separatist Tcefoa several things inside ..


Many raises the question why Benghazi woke up and the demonstrations to oust militias and people who sacrificed for their positions, while in the western region neither mobility nor attention to what is happening …. Is it the result of a culture ….. Or there is a secret we do not know?

Personally conclusive cause and find out why the people of Benghazi rising up after 17 Gahaar Ali militias but the western region does not bother you and analysis …..

Middle of the Bgahaar and led himself to perish and apply the theory became popular proverb follows with which your hands dissolved Psononk … Because he injured Forth failed because it caused him scourge Fbcolhm became Bnghazastan and Aafarahtkm O Arabs Middle …..

Why the western region does not care about virtue west Libyan militias boorish did not know the case with the Erie how Atnahron on power …. The western region is aware of what happened but greater Kmjml and a large percentage supports the legitimacy of the Conqueror and his leadership chose a clear position clear … When dropped NATO legitimacy …. Stay away Libyan people of the West from the political scene by saying Pottery breaks some of it ….

But we call here Nlmlm wounds popularly ننتفض them because we are the majority and deserve to Libya Ndhawwa Balgali and precious …. Will leave for importers … will not leave it to a banana to make her farm …. We will not accept that deviate from Colonel thought …… America will never Nlak oneness as licking … Will not Nlht behind the dollar as jackal …..

Vobcroa victory signs looming near

Safely ĎăĘă.

Image demonstrators gathered in front of the Tibesti Hotel in Benghazi now.

The people of Benghazi admit that there is no safety and security and for the transformation of their city to Walker nests Qaeda فأسموها “Bnganstan”



Vacolk O tempted Diar

Benghazi now ::: Square Quiche

This false case Taliani day after a demonstration in Benghazi.
Slogans against NATO Mufti Ghariani rise now in a demonstration in Benghazi.

Benghazi state terrorism Almazkra: – flights for pilots war at a low level … The reason Jaivin of Benghazi volatility on group Rksus and before Uncle Ghariani sold messages in stretchers not for the demonstration … eluted expulsion íÇĚăÇÚÉ the 10,000 dinars and 45 000 eighth car and 30000 one thousand housing allowance is permitted Alzheimer Maqrif bought for 200 million Tunisians and Egyptian born in Egypt Alsohali brother killer and ÔáÉ hypocrites Ibtain banana and Tiotadtha Antoa you Abnakm enjoy the wealth of the country and the people sitting in poverty.

Spread extensively for armed vehicles in Benghazi for fear of the demonstration:

Benghazi convulsed in order to expel criminal militias that robbed them security … 

The national channel of false Taliani Jaybh Fufu:

Warplanes flying over Benghazi to intimidate protesters demanding the expulsion of criminal militia

on February 17 and the aircraft took off from air base built.

Libyan warplanes over the skies of Benghazi!!

Demonstrators begin gathering!!!

Even helicopters to shame militias flying over Benghazi.
Many fear of the demonstration aspirations Tayrat the

Warplanes flying over Benghazi

Warplanes out of the air base built in order to prevent the demonstrators claimants means rejecting the militias of clustering …

Benghazi: explosions shaking the capital of eastern Libya

Heard two explosions rock Wahayshi area near the center of Arabism in Benghazi
tonight and did not know their causes some …
Leaflets distributed in Benghazi ………. chills, my dear:
Sélectionner une languefrançaisafrikaansalbanaisallemandanglaisarabearménienazéribasquebengalibiélorussebulgarecatalanchinois (simplifié)chinois (traditionnel)coréencréole haïtiencroatedanoisespagnolespérantoestonienfinnoisgaliciengalloisgéorgiengrecgujaratihébreuhindihongroisindonésienirlandaisislandaisitalienjaponaiskannadaLaotienlatinlettonlituanienmacédonienmalaisienmaltaisnéerlandaisnorvégienpersanpolonaisportugaisroumainrusseserbeslovaqueslovènesuédoisswahilitagalogtamultchèqueteluguthaïturcukrainienurduvietnamienyiddish

Fourni par Traduire


Saws in Benghazi, warning them not to demonstrate.

Peaceful demonstration in front of Tibesti Hotel Benghazi citizens who have given their trust to those who sadly Aisthakunha …. demonstration to bring down the so-called Benghazi local council … this council, elected members, on the grounds that they are independent and will serve Benghazi and its people … What was their only to Zarroha worse their positions shameful … to show its members current on what they are ..
a group of Muslim Brotherhood and takfiris who went on in Benghazi, Libya havoc across تسلقهم of power in the country .. and care of the battalions and militia groups and personalities extremist do not want police and do not want the army does not want the law in the country .. .. They also chanted these falls and fall …. battalions fall corrupt. They want the return of the army and police, but after what? Benghazi: demonstrations of regret in front of the Hotel Tibesti.
Benghazi: attack on the headquarters of supporters of  SAUDI-STYLE-sharia:

The headquarters of supporters of SAUDI-STYLE sharia in the area of the pond in Benghazi attacked by unknown without causing casualties. …

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)
Post correspondents ……… correspondent of Benghazi
Greeting to Alawakir tribe ……. continuing on the path of the leader ….. and did not participate in the elections alleged previous ……
And shame on NATO slaves rats

The people of Benghazi tricked Bayhoum Boshna:


Spread gates intensive Germanah in unusually Sorman. Because we are the strongest …………..

Killing rats field commander Jamal absent and his ambushed by unknown assailants near the popular Ajeelat wounded Baaara bullet on the track has been moved to a hospital Sabratha and died.

Prominent field commander was killed in Ajeelat

Free Libya ambush styled field commander Jamal absent in Ajeelat killing him and injuring 3 of his companions who are in critical condition with the effect that draws a convoy of cornerstone of Jeelat and precisely these moments in an area called the lattice and this column each provider kinds Alaslh …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.com/#ixzz2GZhup8Fo

Photo Commander rats field corner called absentee beauty who followed armor battalion Western Libya brigade has been liquidated in popular Ajeelat “Triangle of Champions”

Rat commander killed shield Libya in steady hands are free Ajeelat …. and wounding another, and are now in hospital Sorman.
Violent clashes in Ajeelat between rats corner and residents Ajeelat … The news from the burning of shops for the people Ajeelat.

Unidentified ambush styled field commander Jamal absent from the corner and hit 3 of his companions

who are in critical condition with the effect that draws a convoy of cornerstone of Jeelat and precisely these

moments in an area called the lattice and this column with all kinds of weapons provider.

(Asham home .. will not die) Resistance from the pages of Green Sabratha tells us: Keep shooting and sound 14.5 in Tallil بصبراته gate …….

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Where are you, and Rishvana ….. Oh Noaúl ………. O Sien ……. how you leave folks Ajeelat between rats Sabratha and rats corner …?
When Stthrcn …………… Endowed انتفضواااااااااااااااااااااااااا

The intensification of the janitor in Sorman:

Pass عاااااااااااااااااااااااااجل on my addicted

Brothers are preparing for a demonstration Mazadeh.

We learned from our sources in Burraq and Allibahaleom lines Friday all morning flights have been booked

by the Muslim Brotherhood of bankrupts to ship owners demonstrators white hats of the country Trabelsi

to disrupt the demonstration Friday 28/12/2012 …

Omar Peugeot.

VIDEO is O.K. but there is no sound!
Please channel ………… Lafrasin address the problem of sound


BANI WALID: The march of the people of Bani Walid now ………. On channel Dardanelles.
قناة الدردنيل الفضائية | صوت من لا صوت له
قناة الدردنيل الفضائية | صوت من لا صوت له
Rats 28 died outside Bani Walid ………. But they are carrying out the infiltration inside Bani Walid …..
and they kidnap and shooting houses ….. And the army, all of the sons of Bani Walid ……………..
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)Traction Salem Allowaar ………… was his goal is to break the power of the elders and Rafla …. And make Bani Walid without value …….
1 – This rat bearded son who reads the statement
2 – appears from the video ….. he not Balzarh or market
3 – Do not get out the people of Bani Walid ………. Which indicates that the video on the outskirts of Bani Walid, believed to be near the airport
4 – shows video …………. rat Salem Allowaar lost ……
5 – video playfulness …. And frequent media shame ……… Which indicates that the video salary of rats and not of the sons of Bani Walid.
Photo : ‎عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>لاننا الاقوي .............. ( عشم الوطن .. لن تموت )</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>هل تتذكرون في يوم 22\ 10 الماضي ..........قبل انسحاب ابطال بني وليد بامر من الاخ الساعدي </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>تم قتل اكثر من 600 جرذ مصراتي .............. عندما ارادوا تعليق صور السويحلي ...........<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
السؤال ............ اين ذهبت السيارت و الاسلحة التي كانوا بها‎
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)Do you remember the day 22 \ 10 last ……….
before the withdrawal of Champions Bani Walid on the orders of brother Saadi.
Been killed more than 600 rat Musrati ….………. When they want to comment Photo Swehli ………..
Question ………… Where did cars and weapons that were?

Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Bombing send Libyana network in Ashimikh region Beni Walid by rats.

Who benefits??
It wants to sever contacts Bani Walid??

Martyrdom “Rahim Ali Faraj” and wound Fathi Bashir after exposure to fire from armed militias present in Bani Walid.

It is understood that station was vandalized communication link between Tarhunah and Bani Walid during the past two days.

The rats with 40 countries with modern weapons, aircraft and intelligence … And Nhna us the People’s Armed Forces about 200 thousand troops …….
Now we have more than 5 million ….. are a few of thousands of rats with weapons yes …… but we are not less of them in the arms
Did not enter the city of cities resistance (epiphyseal – beautiful and Racdalin – Terhune – the beach – to revive Sabha – Chiaan – and Asabah)
Did not enter Swe Bani Walid ………………. After Jeff 5000 rat …… And come out very quickly ……… Because we are the majority … We are winning steps
Ademowoowoowoowoa channel Dardbel and Lafrasin on Nilesat
The green channel on the Arab Sat

The rats everywhere ………… Over time we tried to open the media channels ……….. channel after the other (Libyan – Gina – our home – the valley) … .. The rats tried to quell the voice …….. and stood us lookout
Opened Dardanelles and Lafrasin …
Now channel Germanah called the T Mowowoodm ….. Trying to attract the sons of the green flag because they are the majority .. as did Libya Chat channel …
They want to Nsamoa Kherfathm …… and earn money at our expense …
Forced them to divulge Music Conqueror ………………. Because we are the majority … We are winning steps.
To اتدعمووووووووووووووووووووووووووووها ….. dirty channel

Act of sabotage aimed at sending station in Bani Walid

Another act of sabotage affects network’s transmitter station in orbit road link between Bani Walid and Taninayman area the beneficiary?? And wants to sever contacts Bani Walid?? It is understood that station was vandalized communication link between Tarhunah and Bani Walid during the past two days …

Oh God, make his plot in his throat Lord of the Worlds.

Scandal: Al Madar new spying on its customers in Bani Walid.
Burning station transmitter to new orbit between Bani Walid and Tarhunah ….. since shortly after news of spying on calls by the company orbit on its users.
Burning station transmitter, a subsidiary of new orbit between Bani Walid and Tarhunah …..
since shortly after news of spying on calls by the company on its users in Bani Walid.
The network has been broken orbit about the popularity of Bani Walid last period until the installation
of the new spy system, but information leaked from the company and quickly spread, which led to
anger everyone, whether supporters or opponents because in flagrant breach of the privacy Alansa .
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)Our correspondent in the leadership of the armed people
Rat Salem Allowaar the reporting of the Mujahideen of Misrata rats and 28 died ….. They kidnapped at night ……………..


Bani Walid: demonstrations in Bani Walid calling for the disbanding and the expulsion of the militias

Demonstrated the people of Bani Walid today in the presence of Colonel Salem Allowaar in central popular Bani Walid,
demanding to dissolve militia May 28 Teit amok and kill citizens and torturing and you provoked Alohal …
Treatment Nawasi militia of Sheikh Mohamed Al Cndolee
Interruption loss for fully Bani Walid…
Back electricity to Bani Walid after a two-hour interruption.
اااااااااااجل ……. WARNING:
Not in the battalion the Salem Allowaar rat more than 23 …… All Bani Walid was with the green flag ………..
The reason for the defeat of Bani Walid …… after Tell rats Misurata on the whereabouts of our …… And opened more than 9 axes in the war ….
This rat has returned from America to broadcast the poison and hatred for the people of Bani Walid against the leader by 1993 ……..
The reporting of elders and Rafla places to get rid of them ….. And becomes the leader of the Bani Walid ……….. which is why the arrest of Sheikh Mohammed Barghouti ….

Aqtlowoowoowoowoowoowoh O Rafla before he runs shame in you and caught Ali Trickm …
(Fled to Zintan then south, then America, which persuaded him to return to Bani Walid)
Rat Buhulaiga request the support of Army rats tenderly ……….And gives out the rats Misrata today or are displaced from Sirte.

The dawn of Colonel “Salah Buhulaiga” to try a new assassination by “unknown” which led to a car bombing

just a brother Salah “Buhulaiga” in front of his house in Al Sabri.
Because we are the strongest ………….. (Asham home .. will not die)

Confirmation of the credibility of the Asham home …… Despite our confidence in the news we publish

17 hours ago news was downloaded from rat Salah Buhulaiga ….. And news about what’s going to happen in Benghazi ………
You know we strongest ………………….. And deployed by rat Salem Allowaar ………….. Will Tsedkonna ….. and Incredible go to hell

Buhulaiga killed in Benghazi …………… Zero hour attack Misrata rats on Sirte

Benghazi: the attempted assassination of Salah Ibouhliqh battalion commander corner

The dawn of Colonel “Salah Buhulaiga” to try a new assassination by “unknown” which led to a car
bombing just a brother Salah “Buhulaiga” in front of his house in Al Sabri Bnghaz …

Spread heavy gates of the rat Buhulaiga in Sirte


Sabha Bannar

Now been battling in the Downtown area Sabha, where abused person named Mansour Black (belonged to the tribe

of the children Suleiman) on the family chicken (Qmazfah).

bha: Renewed clashes morning

Number martyrs Alqmazfah 2 and Jeff Almpaysh 2 ……. Solomon rats Girls besiege Alqmazfah in Mansheya …….
And heavy weapons out of the Naga age to defend their families in Mansheya.
Martyrdom young Alqmazfah in the hospital after his death at the hands of Solomon rats Girls
Rats Misrata Who in Tmanhunt area and airport Sabha participating girls Solomon in rats attack Ali Alqmazfah in the Sabha
After a night of violent clashes between the children of Solomon and Alqmazvh today Etjddullqa and meanwhile in
hospital March 2 and Aqthamalospy by gunmen trying to kill everyone there …
After a night of violent clashes between the children of Solomon and Alqmazvh renewed
The meeting today and the meantime Sabha Hospital and medical storm
Hospital by gunmen trying to kill everyone there.Our sources confirmed that the situation is not enviable place teeming with militants
Shooting continued between the two parties and no reports of injuries so this
Moment.Widening clashes in Sabha to include Fatih district and Naga sons Omar.

Voice Resistance
Strong clashes on the island Mansheya Sabha between Akaddadfh tribe and the children of Solomon and there were casualties on both sides …

Heavy weapons out of the camp Fares to help girls Suleiman rats against Alqmazfah ..

Oh Mgarhh ………… O Touareg ……….. TPU ……… helped kinsfolk Alqmazfah ……….. and Ahjmoa Ali Gardah and burned the homes of rats Girls Suleiman ……………….

Interruption loss Sabha …………. With the continued violent clashes … With the news that the clashes will continue until tomorrow morning ….

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl …
Yakmazfah blood of your martyrs calling ………… Burned the homes of rats Girls Suleiman …………. Ahjmoa them in Gardah …… not Tdafo
_ Martyr Hussein Khalifa
_ Martyr Maher M’Hamed
– Martyr Gaddafi Idriss Ibrahim small
_ Martyr Hamad Hussein
_ Martyr Abdullah Zidan
_ Martyr Dou Ibrahim
_ Martyr Kdafa Sharif
_ Shahid Hassan Hussein
_ Martyr Omar Amin birthday

Sabha now
Hdtt clashes since few in Downtown in front of the Institute of parameters and burning type Verna car, road closures and news

p wounding 2 young one Khatri and we bring you the full news after ascertaining.

~ Alsabhawi ~

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية


Martyr Abed Alkhatri ………….. One martyrs Alqzmafah on Eddie Solomon rats Girls.
Martyrdom 3 sons Alqmazfah and killed 4 Jeff of Almpaysh ….. in ongoing clashes so far in Sabha.


Clashed in the Downtown area Sabha, where abused person named Mansour Black (belonged to the tribe of the

children Suleiman) on the family chicken (Qmazfah). Did we receive any further details. .

Heavy weapons out of the camp Fares to help girls Suleiman rats against Alqmazfah ..

URGENT: – Sabri police station exposed to very fierce bomb attack in these moments.
What is the truth in clashes Sabha? Do you actually stand behind Misrata Ki-controlled militias south Mnavd?
News of the martyrdom of Bezzar Alkhatri ….. to become the second martyr for Qmazfah in the clashes so far in Sabha …..
Aviation helicopters flying rat’s Bouchmadh Ali Sabha ……. With continued heavy launchers.

Violent clashes with heavy weapons between rats Thumama and black with free Alqmazfah in the Mansheya ………………
And burning cars and burning monsters …………. The killing of a number of rats.

News of the martyrdom of child Alqmazfah Ali Wade rats Girls Solomon.
Toll in clashes Sabha 4 Solomon kill children and 2 of the tribe Akaddadfh
One person was killed Pakistani Atina clash

And the image of the fall of Arby’s Ji launcher tonight on one of the houses in Sabha after the clashes..

Basic People’s Congress free Elvis Bucky:
Urgent .. Cities in the world drowning in sea water but now Sabha sinking in sewage have do rats and destroyed
their General Synod main house of Sanitation in Sabha.
The collapse of the main complex of sewage Bsabha ………..

Libya, news: The crash сconsequences at the Sabha sewage plant. 30-12-2012

The crash сconsequences at the Sabha sewage plant.

According to eyewitnesses, the sewage plant was damaged by NATO bombing and shelling of the city by rats in 2011.

The occupation regime did not try to repair it, At the end of the last night, they are partially destroyed, sewage formed a stinking lake near the town of Sabha, the roads and the lands around are polluted.

These are direct consequences of the coming to power of the people, which do not care about the state, but only their own profit. These people come to power, under slogans of freedom, democracy and much better life, but in act they are invaders for own country and people.

First picture of the environmental Karth tsunami sewage Sabha:

The reason behind this:
lood of sewage is the explosion of the main complex of sewage Bsabha because it affected NATO strikes

became complications led to a split and then collapsed walls.

عاجل .. مدن العالم تغرق في مياه البحر لكن سبها تغرق الان في مياه المجاري لقد فعلها الجرذان ودمروا بيتهم الرئيسي المجمع العام للصرف الصحي في سبها
Photo : ‎عاجل .. مدن العالم تغرق في مياه البحر لكن سبها تغرق الان في مياه المجاري لقد فعلها الجرذان ودمروا بيتهم الرئيسي المجمع العام للصرف الصحي في سبها‎
  •  The collapse of the main complex of sewage in Sabha and sinking stones in farms Sabha
    sewage and death herds of sheep and coup another car flooded the whole family.

When Stthrcn …………… Endowed انتفضواااااااااااااااااااااااااا

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

For the second time attack on the water company’s headquarters in Gallo.

Yu said that the gang had attacked earlier in the Passport Office, and services company and a week ago was their attack on the remote environment and the water company and sanitation as well.


Asham el-watan ( alla, moamer , libya only ) Our correspondent from Zliten:
Activity 4 cars to Poh each car of 5 people do neighborhood and bearing the logo of al-Qaeda p coastal road ….


Tension on the Libyan-Tunisian border


She Libya and Tunisia have expressed concern about the security situation on the border between the two countries and trade wild across the border region shared. 

and announced Economic Chamber Libyan and Tunisian Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts in a joint statement Tuesday evening broadcast in Tripoli – grave concern the deteriorating exchange movement trade between Libya and Tunisia because of developments of the security situation, which she described as unstable on the border between the two countries now. 

explained the two sides in their statement that “the flow of goods between Libya and Tunisia has been witnessing since more than a week standstill due to lack of necessary security conditions for transport trucks in both directions, which harmed the interests of traders and economic exchanges between the two countries. ” 

Both sides added that “the border situation is grave concern and cause significant damage to the Tunisian enterprises exporting to Libya legally and led to record losses for traders and merchants and individuals between the two sides.”

Killing of Libyan al-Qaeda Algerian army killed Libby is a dangerous al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in the process of his eastern parallel with the arrest of three other militants and the assassination of an item from the municipal guard. reported (news) in its edition of  Wednesday preliminary investigations initiated by a special squad of the army after elimination of a number of militants in the recent military operation state Khenchela / 500 km east of the country / proved that someone of sexual Libyan (30 years). there is information unconfirmed reports monitored three training centers for terrorist groups, in Jendouba Tunisia / 60 kilometers from the Algerian border. And preliminary information confirms that these supervisors training centers came from Libya to Tunisia, for the purpose of training young people wishing to enroll in Syria and Iraq, but it includes other terrorist targets that would threaten the internal security of the islands. The newspaper (news), in its issue dated Wednesday that preliminary investigations initiated by a special squad of the army after the elimination of a number of militants in the recent military operation state Khenchela / 500 km east of the country / proved that one of them of Libyan nationality (30 years old). There is information unconfirmed reports monitored three training centers for terrorist groups, in Jendouba Tunis area / 60 kilometers from the Algerian border. And preliminary information confirms that these supervisors training centers came from Libya to Tunisia.

Closure of roads in eastern LibyaMain road was closed dome and set fire to tires expression of them to claim Balvedrala …المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية
وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية | الصفحة الرئيسية
موقع إخباري يقدم على مدار الساعة الجديد في عالم السياسة والمجتمع مع تركيز على العالم العربي وخاصة الجماهيرية


Report: NATO rebels suffering on the Egyptian border- Crossing Amsaad Frontier / Report exclusive news agency Gaddafi during a trip to the Libyan border Egyptian Day 12/25/2012 AD out Libyan citizen is not Astagafh of the first gate by the Libyan side and stops to seal and then moves to the lounge and look as a market for cattle and not the limits of the state. When the first gate on the Egyptian border begin disaster for supporters of February travelers and harassment by the tribes and clans that lived in Salloum “the children on” nomads and Imitlkoncefat nomads known, man Egyptian army Aokhadd passports and complements them and you inside your car meets around you scores for view services for stamp and visa. hypothesis or assumption they impose themselves and if you close the glass car they hit the car and complete you walk up to move to the second leg of the seal and the third is the inspection and belt electrical and measures the car and all the procedures are strictly from the army Egyptian and photography is forbidden in the Egyptian border. and continue harassing Libyans performers for February and their families treated miserable too and way overcrowded car transport waiting on the side of the road in days.
As supporters Gaddafi are welcoming them and facilitate their procedures and open the way for them 
and most of the cafes along the way revolutionary songs glorifying Revolution and continue journey harassment by “boys” up to the last point 
in the Egyptian border attack Bldharb on Libyan cars so 
that families NATO rebels and the Egyptian army outside the scope of coverage and like 
like the situation and they are attacking the refuse their services 
Bolvat disturb Alfberarien such as “rats and NATO rebels” and chanting pro-Gaddafi phrases 
saying that “God have mercy on Gaddafi, rebel gang and say” 12/25/2012 
from within the Egyptian-Libyan border. Reports are that they are also playing Gaddafi videos on the live cam billboards to scare Libyan rebels moving across the border.


Zueitina port stops working after two days

Zueitina port stops working after Ummenqal the so-called Oil Minister Abdul Bari Laroussi Saturday work in the oil port of Zueitina will stop after two days because of threats of the protesters, pointing out that the current operations are conducted when limited to unload the rest of the oil wax in the pipeline transport for fear of freezing . said that the protesters had threatened to expel all workers in the oil port end of this month, adding that their demands beyond the oil sector. Laroussi pointed out that …
different translation:
Zueitina port stops working after two days

Zueitina port stops working after two days said the so-called Oil Minister Abdul Bari Laroussi Saturday work in the oil port of Zueitina will stop after two days because of threats of the protesters, pointing out that the current operations are conducted when limited to unload the rest of the oil wax in the pipeline transport for fear of freezing where. said that the protesters had threatened to expel all workers at the port oil end of this month, explaining that the demands exceed the oil sector. pointed Laroussi that were referred demands the protesters for those involved, warning that the continuation of this work in parallel in other cities will lead to collapse of the state, according to him .

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية


Reports of clashes in Morocco 

VICTORY & The blogspot of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi: http://gaddafimedia.blogspot.fr

Mu 412
 Below shown here is Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and the crewe leadership of the People’s Liberation Army (our GREEN RESISTANCE):
Because we are the strongest …… (Asham home ……… will not die)We are sorry for all Liberals in the Libyan ……… Drop yesterday from publishing news ……………. Because of our follow-up to a meeting yesterday between the Colonel Mu’ammar al-Qathafi … Commander of the Legion of the martyr commander Saif al-Arab and resistance Saadi Gaddafi … To put the final touches on the re-formation of a new legion of …. and it will be his mission.* Help the people of Bani Walid and Zintan in the war on Misurata **

في تقرير سري للغاية وصل اليوم التقرير النهائي لتحليل الحامض النووي للعقيد معمر القذافي من مركز التحليل في سراييفو ، وبعد اكثر من تحليل واخد عينة من الحامض النووي للدكتور المعتصم بالله تأكد ان الحامض النووي للجثة التي كان يعتقد انها للقائد معمر القذافي لا تتطابق مع الحامض النووي للقائد معمر القذافي ولا مع ابنه المعتصم بالله وقد صادق المركز المتخصص في سيراييفو وهو اكبر مركز في العالم على هذه النتيجة يوم الامس واحالها الي الحكومة الليبية التي تتكتم عليها خوفا من انتشار هذه الاخبار والله العظيم الخبر مؤكد مائة في المائة ..

In a confidential report very arrived today the final report to analyze the DNA of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Analysis Center in Sarajevo, and after more than an analysis Wakhd a DNA sample to Dr. Billah make sure that the DNA of the body, which was believed to be the leader Muammar Gaddafi does not match the DNA of the commanderMuammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim has ratified the specialist center in Sarajevo, the largest center in the world on this result yesterday and forwarded it to the Libyan government, which keep quiet about it for fear of the spread of this news and God great news for sure one hundred percent ..

في تقرير سري للغاية وصل اليوم التقرير النهائي لتحليل الحامض النووي للعقيد معمر القذافي من مركز التحليل في سراييفو ، وبعد اكثر من تحليل واخد عينة من الحامض النووي للدكتور المعتصم بالله تأكد ان الحامض النووي للجثة التي كان يعتقد انها للقائد معمر القذافي لا تتطابق مع الحامض النووي للقائد معمر القذافي ولا مع ابنه المعتصم بالله وقد صادق المركز المتخصص في سيراييفو وهو اكبر مركز في العالم على هذه النتيجة يوم الامس واحالها الي الحكومة الليبية التي تتكتم عليها خوفا من انتشار هذه الاخبار والله العظيم الخبر مؤكد مائة في المائة ..


سؤال عشم الوطن ,…………هل تظهر قناة الخضراء عند احد في الجماهيرية ……………….؟
Photo : ‎سؤال عشم الوطن ,............هل تظهر قناة الخضراء عند احد في الجماهيرية ...................؟‎  

Juma blessing upon you are free Loya silks.
جمعة مباركة عليكم يا احرار ويا حرائر.
Song delirious and Rafla
No comparison between the Libyan army and NATO mercenaries.

la photo de Nebahat Boz.

Rats in a constant state of horror …… pending publication in the Al-Fateh University …………

Coming our civilization (by: GADDAFI MEDIA):

Coming our civilization

Europe still look at us as if we were slaves to them .. Working in the fields and farms and factories how you want and as you want … not forget Europe civilized they day was carrying the Arab world according to the divisions of the Treaty (( Sykes-Picot )) under which share Europe Booty abundant profit low-cost and of occupation and annexation of parts of the Arab world, whether in Africa or Asia .. What is important is the occupation and add its settlements and its citizens and give them the land occupiers and farms and fiefdoms, real estate and other confirming its hegemony and impose a policy of force and weapons and guns on this great nation. And also terrorize and Tjoaana but agony and Tguetellna without regard for what a civilization .. What a civilian .. What a brutal and oppression and injustice and tyranny …

I’m not on this subject now dwell therein would require many pages and many days I do not know plentiful or number.
But I wonder? Do you really civilized, civilized Europe?! . Will Chambers imperialism waged a civilized and civilized? .
and why this circuit comes from a new and open case file was sentenced in absentia unfairly and slanderously people have nothing to do with the subject of the case in the first place? ..
but manipulate these circuits on someone Leader of the Revolution for hurling his name in the issue has nothing to do with either closely or from afar!! .
something wondrous Thus circles mingled everything is piggledy.

These mentalities diseased Zionist ideology and Jewish origin, affiliation and conscience and Masonry direction.

What is only a puppet in the hands of others were purchased with money Ihrkunha as endocrine move their pawns.

Has taken away pride unrighteousness and without learning to expose the Zionist plans global what that has pressing buttons until moved these dolls and destination whatever she wanted, thinking that we are slaves to have and they are still Istamrnna accuse us whenever they wish and Ikdmonna the courts whenever they pretext or without argument charges or without charge.

Once they saw the man who was his people of the world all the love and appreciation and respect, tirelessly يؤازر brothers in the occupied territory and deliver a speech in the university professors Jordanian and explain the Arab cause and attempts unionist according to the vision the great revolution that has exceeded all limits and proved it again and again.

He explained that the real thrust of the Arab nation must be within the African space – in the world of blocs and spaces – in which we live now.

The strategy of building the African Union, the Arab and the Sirte Declaration 09/09/1999 P’s first was not in vain, but to support the Arab cause and build a common African Arab entity able to face the challenges according to scientific bases and correct revolutionary line and see the world of the twenty-first century.

As well as to meet the Leader Syrian university professors to explain the dimensions of this Union and the possibility of entering the Arab countries within this space that has been made and who took the position under the sun and above the ground and capped the Sirte Declaration in the second week of spring (( March )) 2001 P.

All this move deep hatred of international Zionism and imperialism during wise leader for his role in the unification of the African continent and the building of the Arab-African Union.

Colonial Europe even after being driven out of our country and its claim to the city and civilization and human rights Ahvo to from time to time that we served and loyal and has a thin .. And stubborn clearly in all that would elevation of Africans and their prosperity and progress and build their present and their future into their own hands and demolished loyal sons.

Europe is difficult to see the man from the desert as he leads a global revolution has provided radical solutions to the common problems of humanity in all international Almaatarkat and internationalism and global.

Provided thought that never focused taken from reality stemming from life and who aspire to human hearts in the East and the West.
It is here envy, injustice and calumny focus Europeans Crusaders rage on someone (( Muammar Gaddafi )) at the behest of Zionism and imperialism.

Forgetting that the whole Libyan people (( Muammar Gaddafi )) and that the Libyan people would not agree to such nonsense our convertibles. Even the peoples of the earth hungry for freedom will not satisfy and will not accept brutal slanders of those colonial circles as well as the peoples and leaders of Africa and Asia who cross every day for continued solidarity and would stand and support for the people of Libya and its leader Commando.

In conclusion, we say that the unity of Africa became a true reality and Arab-African space coming.

We are not afraid of Europe, Zionism and its power will defeat them in the next arena also like what beat them in the past and ancient and contemporary history testifies.

And we will always be loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, who taught us the championship and feet and victory over the enemies of his wisdom and his courage and adult Frosath.

Photo : ‎صباح الخير‎
The Gaddafi International news agency
GLORIOUS VICTORIES are now Happening:Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)
Allahu Akbar
Mu is King of all Africa

Mohammed a écrit:

“glory and victory for the Third Universal Theory !”

Our correspondent from the leadership of the armed people
There is delightful Jaddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa news the way you

Morning challenge and expression and green flags Aaahrar Aljmaheriaalazmy __ live hour of glory and challenge and struggle, honor and jihad, and God willing, great victory
___صباح التحدي والشموخ والرايات الخضراء ياأحرار الجماهيريةالعظمى __ نعيش ساعة المجد والتحدي والنضال والشرف والجهاد وبأذن الله النصر العظيم
Photo : ‎___صباح التحدي والشموخ والرايات الخضراء ياأحرار الجماهيريةالعظمى __ نعيش ساعة المجد والتحدي والنضال والشرف والجهاد وبأذن الله النصر العظيم‎

To all the heroes and black commandos armed people struggling free-Sharif >>>>> Astt Astt the battle of justice and the challenge and expression and great victory, God willing ……..
إلى جميع ابطال واسود ومغاوير الشعب المسلح المجاهد الحر الشريف >>>>> استعدو استعدو لمعركة الثار والتحدي والشموخ والانتصار العظيم بأذن الله ……..
Photo : ‎إلى جميع ابطال واسود ومغاوير الشعب المسلح المجاهد الحر الشريف >>>>> استعدو استعدو لمعركة الثار والتحدي والشموخ والانتصار العظيم بأذن الله ........‎
The Low-Down:
1 – The military situation in Sirte…
2 – Committee Jermanah security …… It is the most dangerous rats include the Brotherhood Almqji Rats and Al Qaeda, mostly from Derna and Benghazi … Claim Islam and Eskeroa and kill people …… Their number does not exceed 500 rat ….. People are concentrated in
3- rats Makhlouf Shawarma ……. Few in number and their borders to bin Sinai Hospital …. And characterized by cowardice and fear …. and outside the ho…Afficher la suite
عاااااااااااااااااااااااااجللاننا الاقوي ………….. الوضع العسكري في سرت
1- اللجنة الجرذانية الامنية …… وهي اخطر الجرذان حيث تشمل جرذان الاخوان المقملين و القاعدة معظمهم من درنة و بنغازي … يدعون الاسلام ويسكروا ويقتلوا في الناس …… عددهم لايتجاوز 500 جرذ ….. يتركزون في الشعبية
2- جرذان مخلوف شاورما ……. عددهم قليل و حدودهم الي مستشفي بن سيناء …. ويتميزون بالجبن و الخوف ….وخارج المستشفى مافيهمش وااحد يفتح ف فمه3- كتيبة الجالط ….. واغلبهم مؤيديين في جحفل الفرجان …في رقم 3
4- جرذان مصراتة ……في حي رقم 1 …..ولايخرجون في شوارع سرت
5- كتيبة جرذان الزاوية و فجر فبراير …. جرذان من بنغازي ….متواجدون في بوهادي …..وجرذان الزاوية تابعة لجرذ بوحليقة وهي اقل ضررا
6- كتيبة الفاروق ورفلة …. تابعة لجرذان اللجنة الامنية …ليس لها تاثيرا
7- كتيبة الزعفران هماملة ….. ليس لها تأثيرا
Just one of the over 150,000 Libyan People’s Army martyrs of the Great Jamahiriya Armed professional Forces:
Green Army 2
من اجل 60 الف شهيد من قواتنا المسلحة ………… يجب الانتفاضة
Photo : ‎من اجل 60 الف شهيد من قواتنا المسلحة ............ يجب الانتفاضة‎
Some information about the political and military entity of Libyan Resistance:
With God’s help was the conclusion of the Forum formed entity that unites the Libyan resistance successfully unexpected everyone has emerged from the Gathering body new (movement Libyan Fighting) and joined under this movement doctors and economists and political analysts and intellectuals, engineers, officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers and the rest of spectra of the Libyan people.
It This vein structure was the work of the movement and a decision of the members of the Movement No. 3 on the establishment of the movement as Supreme Next presidency. Headed submitted engineer Corner is a graduate of the Military Academy and the recipient of 6 years studying in Moscow and participated in the war, Chad, Egypt, Lebanon and obtained. Carpaccio and light training. Najma military and security reasons we can not mention his name now the financial wing / Dr. Graduate of the University of Damascus. We can not explain more than this for reasons of security of the military wing / technical Nqyib Postgrad Military College. Wing tactical / political analyst, researcher in the field of human rights.
شعر ثورة مبروك علينا قناتنا الجديدة
 Revolution Congratulations we felt our new channel
The First amongst the Khadir Riders:
Mu’ammar’s LION RING:
Muammar ups to another the same
   Mu 521Mu 517
A bit old but more relevent now than ever before!:
Even ordinary citizens became chooses to Muammar Gaddafi features characterized so are
heroes history everyone wishing to be like them, but God bestows one star and Eachdh when knows that the subjects Atsthakh.
  Photo : ‎تحية الي سيد السبيب ............ ملك ملك افريقيا‎ Mu 518
Tribute to Sir horsehair ………… King King of Africa
Good evening to you, O Frasin:
Live to the owner thought the mass !…. We Muammar fuel for the world revolution.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=302974293147763&set=a.151115618333632.27804.151114345000426&type=1&theater
تحية الي صاحب الفكر الجماهيري …. ونحن وقود معمر لثورة العالمية
Photo : ‎تحية الي صاحب الفكر الجماهيري .... ونحن وقود معمر لثورة العالمية‎
Tahloob Akhdar writes:
“pray to God so” 
Libby Libby writes: “God willing attributable green led by Sir commander”

Heart Sweet writes: “Lord your ability with us”

Mohamed Mohamed writes “Chatti Inch Allah Lord”

 Mu painted in 3D

READ: (QUOTE) ” Leader Muammar Gaddafi is fine and in good health, one of the lead editorial…”Dr. Moussa Ibrahim …
Reassures Liberal imminent victorySpoke yesterday, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim in “a Light room” immediately Ever Balbaltok …

He spoke in detail about the events from the beginning and spoke on the status of the Resistance now ….
He was his very cool and very reassuring ….. I will summarize for you some of the most important presented by Dr. Moussa Ibrahim:

– Mundd beginning events in
Tunisia and Egypt, before it starts in Libya the commander directing a group of officers and soldiers, equipment

and military vehicles to neighboring countries .. He knew that the goal was to occupy Libya and destroying its strength.
– It was possible to prolong the war years, but will be Altantijh is the destruction of Libya and the loss of strength in final.
– Now with military force and resistance organization and spread in all parts of Libya … It has the ability to retrieve legitimacy.
– As previously identified zero hour three times … The goal was to see lurking among us and know the power of the enemy

and his reaction and driven to the ground
– There was zero hour was imposed on us, a war on Bani Walid ….

It was decided that the elimination of militias attacking and do all of the cells control the cities and the country’s liberation,

but hours before departure we discovered that the organization of 93 wants to convert to something they called the Liberation

correct path revolution on 17 February ….

And social leadership has rejected in Bani Walid this matter …

No waiver of legitimate green led by Muammar Gaddafi ….

So, Social Council Beni Walid take all the young people who, Watteau from other areas to fight with them …

And let us know to take their fighters and their vehicles, and weapons ….

And told the leadership of the resistance of all cells and groups to cancel the zero hour.
Leader Muammar Gaddafi is fine and in good health, one of the lead editorial
– The world began looking for legitimacy began looking about us …

The world can not possibly be Libya chaos ….

Libya air transportation node ….

International companies operating in Libya parked …

Illegal immigration to Europe is in full swing these days … Al-Qaeda and Wu
– Finished a political body configuration represents resistance represents the Libyan people of all classes …

And we had contacts with the parties and organizations and so many countries …

And there are too many confessions ready as soon as the announcement of this political entity
– African countries stand with us strongly
– One of the countries that met with a recognizing us Tunisia
– Victory is very close Vosbero and Sabero …. Libya Independents


Denis Serdyukov
Аминат Сабирова
دكتور مـــــــــــــــوسى إبراهيم … يطمئن الاحرار بقرب النصر

تكلم بالأمس الدكتور موسى ابراهيم فى غرفة الفاتح فور ايفر بالبالتوك … تكلم بشكل مفصل عن الاحداث من بدايتها وتكلم عن وضع المقاومة الان…. وقد كان كلامه رائع جدا ومطمئن للغاية ….. سالخص لكم بعض اهم ما تناوله الدكتور موسى ابراهيم :

– منذد بداية الاحداث فى تونس ومصر وقبل ان تبدأ فى ليبيا قام القائد باخراج نخبة من الضباط والجنود والعتاد والاليات العسكرية الى دول مجاورة .. فقد كان يعلم ان الهدف هو احتلال ليبيا وتدمير قوتها
– كان بالامكان اطالة الحرب الى سنوات ولكن ستكون التنتيجة هى دمار ليبيا وضياع قوتها بشكل نهائى
-الان لدى المقاومة القوة العسكرية والتنظيم والانتشار فى كافة ربوع ليبيا … ولديها القدرة على استرجاع الشرعية
-تم فيما سبق تحديد ساعة صفر ثلاثة مرات … وكان الهدف هو معرفة المندسين بيننا ومعرفة قوة العدو وردة فعله وتحركه على الارض
-كان هناك ساعة صفر فرضت علينا وهى الحرب على بنى وليد …. فقد تقرر ان يتم فيها القضاء على المليشيات المهاجمة وقيام كافة الخلايا بالسيطرة على المدن وتحرير البلاد ولكن قبل ساعات من الانطلاق اكتشفنا ان تنظيم 93 يريد ان يحول التحرير الى شىء اسموه تصحيح مسار ثورة 17 فبراير…. ولقد رفضت القيادة الاجتماعية فى بنى وليد هذا الامر … فلا تنازل عن الشرعية الخضراء بقيادة معمر القذافى …. فقام المجلس الاجتماعى ببنى وليد باخراج كافة الشباب الذين اتو من مناطق اخرى للقتال معهم … وقامو باخراج مقاتليهم والياتهم وسلاحهم …. وابلغت قيادة المقاومة كافة الخلايا والمجموعات بإلغاء ساعة الصفر
– القائد معمر القذافى بخير وبصحة جيدة وهو من يقود التحرير
– العالم بدأ يبحث عن الشرعية بدأ يبحث عنا … العالم لا يمكن ان يحتمل ان تكون ليبيا فوضى …. ليبيا عقدة المواصلات الجوية …. الشركات العالمية العاملة بليبيا متوقفة … الهجرة غير الشرعية الى اوروبا فى اوجها هذه الايام … تنظيم القاعدة وووو
-انتهينا من تكوين جسم سياسى يمثل المقاومة يمثل الشعب الليبى بكل شرائحه … واجرينا اتصالات مع اطراف ومنظمات ودول عديدة جدا … وهناك اعترافات كثيرة جدا جاهزة بمجرد الاعلان عن هذا الكيان السياسى
– الدول الافريقية تقف معنا بقوة
-من الدول التى اجتمعنا معها وهى معترفة بنا تونس
– النصر قريب جدا فأصبرو وصابرو …. وليبيا للأحرار


Mu 537

Mu 523

Denis Serdyukov
Аминат Сабирова

Sylvia Habib
Dr.Moussa Ibrahim (d. Moussa Ibrahim)
My personal:Do you love to snatch estimated hearts from the grip of hatred? How to grow home tree to tree, flower flower, and sleeves tremble of anger and bitterness? What is the smell of the streets and squares in the country ravaged by employment and falling Khulaki resounding? Did Libya has chest who Echtzelna mother that her milk became poisoned Boukmrh Sarkozy (may Allah be pleased with him) forever?
Honestly hurtful you guys: Do we have to Nhtmi Bhoudn home or to the homeland itself has become a trap for the children, and a breeding ground for strangers? Do you withdraw from the memory of the nation?This is an attempt to answer:ÍíÇß Lord Almcherqan
قصيدة للدكتور موسي أبراهيم، في ذكري رتل العز
في ذكرى استشهاد سيد الرجال، ورفاقه الميامين، قصيدة للدكتور موسى إبراهيم حباً ووفاء للقائد العظيم، وتصميماً على الجهاد من أجل الكرامة والوطن. حياك رب المشرقين…


Mu 527

24DEC. 2012:

aah…news that Mu’ammar did contact Aischa today:
Colonel Mohammed Abdullah Mansour ordered Yarmouk camp …..

and in charge of the restructuring of the Legion of Saif al-Arab Resistance with  leader & Sir Saadi Gaddafi …..

sends congratulations to Raed Abu birthday Zenata the birthday Queen of Hearts.


 Senussi’s daughter sent Aicha a beautiful bouquet of flowers and said:
” God willing, next holiday in Tripoli “

the al-Qathafi family commissioned as Hashemi Sol “spokesman Libyan tribes loyal to Colonel Gaddafi

to be speaking on their behalf. noting that For family rest assured the Libyan people,

and ensures that all its members were in good health, and herald the Libyans that ‘God will right’ soon.
The sources added that the appointment of Sol spokesman family comes for several reasons,

the first being that the family did not want to cause embarrassment to the state to be hosted by the hand,

and so are always in contact with the Libyan people, on the other hand due to the activity of Sol growing,

and follow-up of developments in the situation in Libya, noting that the latter residing in Algeria,

which is these days a tour to a group of Arab and foreign countries.

National assembly of the descendants of Abu Minyar Gaddafi
Hello my brothers customers want to inform you that today in a room of God and Muammar and Libya ups on

Paltalk Cetkono on a date with the program ((Libya national wounded Episode Alaolh)) and audio directly from

the room of God and Muammar and Libya ups on at 10 pm EST mass;,

[It was suppose to start at 16:00 our time here, or 1500 Tripoli]

which will be broadcast on the green channel after tomorrow, God willing.
Refutation of the lies of rats
Brother who appeared in the torture at the hands of rats Zuwarah is now found in the prison Motaiqh

From watching channel Lafrasin now ………………….. Who watched works Lake …………….. Who does not watch must be watched ….

Penetrate Libya Chat channel broadcasting revolutionary songs:

Monday morning penetrate Libya Chat channel space on the Egyptian Nilesat satellite by green military-mail

and they broadcast the song “Vito not NATO”, which in turn led to the suspension of the broadcast channel for

several hours was again resumed. (24 DEC. 2012)

Video: People’s Armed Forces fired Scud missiles at NATO warships
Do ing the same as they did in 1985 with Yankee aggression in Gulf of Sirte.
قوات الشعب المسلح تقصف بوارج حلف الناتو بصاروخ سكود


News about the presence of Ayman al-Zawahiri, in the city of white …..
  •  Gate Mellita under the control rats Zuwarah ………… They bombed the beautiful and constantly city of Racdalin !!

Financial losses and a hidden disaster Zueitina port

Daily losses between 50 to 70 million dollars in today amid discreetly media too.

This was announced by Faraj Bojvol to Al-Watan newspaper, a specialist safety first former Port Azwaitna:

“4 Days ago Ten gunmen infiltrated the port of Zueitina pretext sit Baltoatye with 63 guard Vergmoa workers Western Region to leave and blocked the port and stopped exporting oil completely. 
causing loss of an 200 to 300 million dollars during these days and it’s still going on. Not only that, but if it’s in the intensity of risk because disable the port and the departure of staff can cause disabling system cooling posing a real threat explosion at the gas plant “me Atja” a serious and up 15 to 25 kilometers, especially with the presence of electricity, gas station adjacent to the port of Zueitina. ” Perhaps one bullet rounds caused a disaster.

Our correspondent from Qrgi:
Heady mass street …….. And remained closed through Mansoura for the second day …………..

There Atta rate seared.

News Libyan Resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

After abounded assassinations and bombings in our beloved country and the grace of God has absorbed some

brown February that these bombings and assassinations have nothing to do Ansar al-Qadhafi and that is clear

in their comments as ordinary and as officials considered neutral and non Madlgin where they pointing fingers

directly to militias jihadist militant .

When he is certain others that of Gaddafi and his regime face them and detained by the kills them in prisons are not angels
but they are devils of mankind and what he was doing the public is not unjustly him or aggression do not even for the sake
of slaves and the nation you Aigntm now how serious are those in our society? ?
Are you know the fact of you Taatpacon them and accuse the regime to kill them and to our country خربتهم for them?
Or you will be when Gyekm usual ..
Brothers I hope that you will be realistic, Houdarien and is created in the responses from You and me me ultra-friendliness and respect.
by Abdo Hun.
Shooting dense between rats in Sirte.
The situation is very bad ………. The killing Werfalli market on the island of district No. 2 …..

Continuing clashes between security committee rats the tuber and rats Makhlouf on the ground who Avckoha …. Ali sanatorium life.
The rat Makhlouf locked up in Liberal.

Post الادمنTomorrow we’ll show you the military situation in Sirte, God willing
Not to forget the crimes of NATO rebels: crime neighborhood saffron Sirte:

Perhaps many do not know about the crimes committed by the militias rebels NATO armed against the Libyan people because of the blackout Media deliberate about what is going on in Libya to kill and liquidate and executions and collective punishment.

this image for a family was murdered in cold blood in Sirte when raided militia district saffron in the world last year, we do not see any investigation on this crime and other crimes that have become countless and committed against the sons of Libya honorable who did not turn to the NATO to destroy their country. 
marvel of international organizations and international claims of human rights that are still silent until this moment and turn a blind eye on violations daily perpetrated by the new government militias unrecognized by a large section of the Libyan people.
Addressed the doctor striving for her birthday ….. I have to be the word of the heart until it reaches the heart –

Because we are the strongest ……………. (Asham home ….. convoys of martyrs)

May be surprised to know that only 1,000 rat base and Makhlouf Shawarma control in Sirte …..
The strangest thing is that you find not to exceed 3,000 rat … in control of Tripoli, which number more than a million ……
The rats do not know how to move ….. and Ayarfum.   What does a military parade???

Sirte: Libyan resistance kill a wanted and infect another.4 hours ago from now been liquidated and killing inventory waiters “Bachir Ben Sassi Misrati” and over 13 bullets in his body and is one Jerdan who have to “liquidate brave conqueror of the people of Sirte in a convoy splendor on 20/10/2011″ (LIE),  was also injured inventory Bugger ” Zain Aqchireh Misrati “where he was accompanied by the now existing in the intensive care unit on the road to the sea in District No. 2 of Sirte.
conqueror never .. The Revolutionary Struggle continues.

To the sons and Rafla in Sirte ……. Rafla Sabha …… Almgarhh ….. Alqmazfah ……. Tarhunah …………

And Rishvana ……. Alnoaúl …. Chiaan … Asabah …….…………. Taatrquaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bani Walid …..
Rats Lennon attack tomorrow from the plug and Gharyan and Jufrah …….

Strong explosion shakes the city of Sirte in District No. 2.   

Shooting thick on the Commission’s headquarters bottom Jermanah in Sirte.
Post الادمن …………. Warning to Sirte:
What is happening in Benghazi now ……………………. Intended to control the Sirte.

Filter to inventory and killed the local Bechir Ben Sassi Misrati B 13 rounds is one Jerdan who Valiant liquidation are the conqueror of the people of Sirte in Rthel splendor on 20/10/2011 was wounded the Bugger Zine Aqchireh inventory Misrati with him, and now in intensive care house on the road to the sea in 2 Sirte this less revolted me young Sirte Aakhals religion and Rah and Les Aabal religion and Rah Arjal less Shi.

Addicted Page:
Warning to our soldiers in Sirte from the offender Salah Buhulaiga … He lured green flag youths to join him,,,,,,,, فأحذروا ….
This rat wants to repeat the scenario rat fugitive  Salem Allowaar   to America.

Because we are the strongest …… (Asham home ……… will not die)

l post الادمن
Also warned you before …………… We told you that the rat Salah Bou curl lured Balahrar in Sirte to join them ……..

Especially battalion fighters Saadi and fighters Torghae …..
And we told you ….. he wants to make you against green flag …. Will sacrifice you in losing battles in Benghazi …….
The sincerity of our words …… فأحذروا you are free

“24” border month hotbed of smugglers and legitimate traders others,,!

“69” a week and the country’s no law for police and army and lack of security and safety,,!

“3540 days” and did not post February exert control over cubic meters of earth Libyan,,!

People Tmann and Tohmanm well Jay can not achieve 3% of its promises,,!

And now send a team of officials to their American masters to teach them border security technology to improve

the security of the Libyan border and to achieve security and national and regional stability, they claim,,! ?


for the stray dogs that were abroad which incite years ago to burn and destroy tons of Libya.
Libyan opposition incite murder and let the burning and destruction of Libya

لمعارضة الليبية تحرض على القتل و تدعوا الى احراق و تدمير ليبيا


Demonstrations of last night in Ajdabiya and the closure of the main road, demanding the Great JAMAHIRIYA back.

Our correspondent from Ajdabiya
News of the suspension of the victory oil field.

Head of the local council Ajdabiya escapes assassination attempt.

The prime is called the local council to the popularity of Ajdabiya “Nagy Hussein Moroccan” of an assassination attempt by unknown but survived them miraculously.

a number of masked persons sending a hail of bullets
to try to assassinate President called the local council Ajdabiya after it was on the raised radio Ajdabiya local, but This attempt failed.

from tuber:
Citizen killed: Saad Ramadan Ariqik …… By rats beards Almqji .

Warplanes flying on the shores of Zliten and unknown reasons ……. With weakness in the net.


Shut the gate as the year in popular Zliten protest leaks divide provinces

Now …… Gate as the year closed completely by the people of Zliten protest the leaks division provinces according to which grants small cities independence Adaraah mayor while marginalizing popular Zliten fourth largest popular in terms of population 235 thousand people and make them part of the province comprises five Tarhunah and مسلاتة and Qamath and Bani Walid!


Demonstration of rats in Sabratha in front of Hall of the People to support rat Abu Shana!!
The names of 327 martyrs and prisoners of Tarhunah …………. Tarhunah not moving1 – Ammar Makhlouf carp “Margna tribe” restricted freedom by the emirate of Jews Bjrdan Alanaajh.
2 – Omar gift lamp Masood “tribe Aldoaam” restricted freedom by the emirate of Jews Bjrdan Alanaajh.
3 – Ibrahim Mahmoud Ibrahim “tribe Alhamalh” restricted freedom by the emirate of Jews Bjrdan Alanaajh.
4 – Ammar Ibrahim Almzogy “tribe Almzawgh” restricted freedom by the emirate of Jews Bjrdan Alanaajh.
5 – Mohammed Ahmed Aspaqh “the Margna tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
6 – Faraj Salem on HUBAISHI “the Margna tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
7 – Faraj Saleh hyena “Margna tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
8 – Imran Salim Fiki (Vandy) “tribe Sawaleh” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
9 – Mohamed Ibrahim Saket “Margna tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
10 – Abdel Basset Mohamed Bashir HUBAISHI “tribe Aldoaam” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
11 – Ahmed Salem Fiki (Vandy) “tribe Sawaleh” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
12 – Abdel Salam Ammar M’barek “the Margna tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
13 – Ibrahim M’Hamed Alcanony “Kuanyin Kharouba” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
14 – Abdamoly Daou Alnaajy “tribe Alanaajh” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
15 – Walid Muhammad Muammar Abdulhafeez “tribe Alhamalh” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
16 – Abdel Salam Ibrahim Alhvian “thalamic tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
17 – Muammar Alhmaly Kara “tribe Almuammrien” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
18 – Muammar Mohammed Juma “tribe Awamer” restricted freedom battalion stupid Jews مسلاته.
19 – Mahdi Salem M’Hamed “tribe Alhamalh” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
20 – Hussein Omar Alhmaly “tribe Aldoaam” restricted freedom battalion stupid.
21 – Hadi Hussein mourning “blacksmithing tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
22 – Key Mohammad Omar “tribe Alhamalh” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
23 – Fathy Mohamed (Basbousa) “Margna tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
24 – Mohammed Attia (Basbousa) “Margna tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
25 – as the birthday Khalifa “Margna tribe” restricted freedom seeking market Tripoli.
26 – in favor lamp (Pasta) “Margna tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
27 – Faraj birthday “Margna tribe” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
28 – Salah Abdul Samad Sultan “tribe Sawaleh” restricted freedom idiots battalion and a raid on his home by Abdaheitan Supreme Qatar Jerdanih Committee For three times.
29 – Mahmoud Mohamed Embarek “tribe Margna” raiding his house of before battalion fools.
30 – home of the martyr Muhammad birth Herodh “tribe Margna” raid on his house by a battalion idiots
31 – Recep key Almkhozom “tribe children ID” raiding his home and imprisoned by a battalion idiots.
32 – Abdul Karim Abdul Salam “tribe Almuammrien” raid on his home by a battalion idiots and gang Saleh Khalifa and Almzaratadd four times.
33 – Younes El Mahdy “tribe Alhamalh” raid home from Almzarat and Alzenthavil Mount Nefoussa and Tajoura.
34 – Ahmed Ibrahim Khalil “tribe Awamer” raid on his home by Saleh Ali Khalifa Al Ameri.
35 – Mustafa al-Kilani Ameri “tribe Awamer” raid on his home by Saleh Ali Khalifa al-Amiri and Almzarat.
36 – Mohamed Mukhtar al-Amiri “tribe Awamer” raid on his home by idiots and Saleh Ali Khalifa Al Ameri.
37 – Key Abdullah Anueja “tribe Awamer” raid on his home by a gang of Saleh Ali Khalifa Al Ameri.
38 – favor Anueja “tribe Awamer” restricted liberty in Tripoli.
39 – Tahir carp Trchany “tribe of the deaf” raiding his home and imprisoned in the Wave by gang Abdaheitan.
40 – Muammar Abdullah Bossbihh “tribe Alhamalh” raiding his house of before battalion fools.
41 – Karim Salem Zayani “tribe Azib” raid on his house by a battalion idiots.
42 – Salem Omar Sayeh “tribe Alhamalh” restricted freedom battalion idiots.
43 – Nasser Hussain Fadel “tribe children Terhune” restricted freedom of corner gangs.
44 – Ahmed عبدالعاطى nominal the “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom Ain Zara prison.
45 – Majed Ramadan El Abani “tribe Alabanat” restricted freedom of Gharyan gangs.
46 – reconstruction of Abraham “tribe Alhamalh” raid on his home by a battalion idiots.
47 – Yusuf Abdul Karim al-Sharif “tribe Alhamalh” raid on his home by gangs seeking market Tripoli.
48 – Nasser Salem Abussninh “tribe Alhamalh” restricted freedom new prison.
49 – Abdaly M’Hamed El Mahdy “tribe Alhamalh” restricted freedom of gangs seeking market.
50 – Noureddine Imran Sayeh “tribe Alhamalh” restricted freedom seeking market.
51 – Mahmoud El Fiki (Vandy) “tribe Sawaleh” restricted freedom idiots battalion and a raid on his home ranch by idiots.
52 – Asaad Mahmoud El Fiki (Vandy) “tribe Sawaleh” restricted freedom battalion fools and by gangs seeking market.
53 – Saleh Salem (Vandy) “tribe Sawaleh” restricted freedom by gangs seeking market and the raid on his house by idiots.
54 – MP Abdullah Aghannay “tribe rifts” raid on his house by idiots.
55 – Tahir Abdullah Aghannay “tribe rifts” restricted freedom by Abdaheitan and a raid on his home by idiots and demolition the ranch Astraanh by idiots.
56 – Abdullah Ayad Aghannay “tribe rifts” restricted freedom by idiots.
57 – Essam Sultan Ahmed Hassouna “tribe Sawaleh” restricted freedom by idiots.
58 – Ahmed Sultan Ahmed Hassouna “tribe Sawaleh” restricted freedom by idiots.
59 – Khalid Al-Mabrouk Baccouche “tribe Margna” raiding his home and restrict his freedom battalion idiots
60 – Emad Mabrouk Baccouche “tribe Margna” raiding his home and restrict his freedom battalion idiots
61 – Mohammad Bashir Al-Sayeh “tribe Almuammrien” raiding his home and restrict his freedom battalion idiots
62 – Imran Azim Abdul Salam Zgulwt “tribe Margna” raid on his house by a battalion idiots.
63 – Muhammad hunting Abozzoadh “tribe Alanaajh” raid on his home by a battalion idiots and جردان Alanaajh.
64 – Ayman Ammar Abozzoadh “tribe Alanaajh” raid on his home by a battalion idiots and جردان Alanaajh.
65 – Khalifa Jaber Aghannay “tribe rifts” restrict his freedom and a raid on his home by a battalion idiots.
66 – Arafat key fishing “tribe children Terhune” restrict his freedom and raid home from Abdaheitan.
67 – Omar Ahmed Grira the “tribe Alforjan” restrict freedom to seek market.
68 – Khaled Salem “Vandy” tribe Sawaleh “raid on his home by gangs Abdaheitan.
69 – Mohammed Abdul Karim Mabrouk “tribe Alabanat” restricted freedom of before battalion idiots and now Ain Zara prison.
70 – Cognitive Khaled Ammar “tribe children ID” raid on his house by a battalion idiots.
71 – Sam Saket Salem Saket “Margna tribe” storming his house of before battalion idiots.
72 – Ibrahim Salem Salem Saket “Margna tribe” storming his house by a battalion idiots and restrict his freedom higher Jerdanih committee.
73 – Abdel Fattah key Ahmed Sassi “Margna tribe” restrict the freedom to pursue market.
74 – Salem Mohamed Saket Saket “Margna tribe” restricted freedom seeking market.
75 – Mohammed Ammar Ahlap key “the Margna tribe” restricted freedom seeking market.
76 – Mohamed Ramadan Abdullah Aghannay “tribe rifts” restricted freedom seeking market.
77 – Mohammed Hadi Cftery “tribe Alchwetrh” restricted freedom seeking market
78 – Ahmed Hadi Allowaar “tribe children Amaraf” restricted freedom seeking market.
79 – Jamal’s birth “Margna tribe” restricted freedom seeking market.
80 – Adam Agherirh Imari “Awlad Hamad” restricted freedom seeking market.
81 – the birth of Siwi “Margna tribe” storming his house of before battalion idiots.
82 – Ramadan Abdullah Aghannay “tribe rifts” storming his house of before battalion idiots.
83 – Ahmed Awad Sultan “tribe Sawaleh” restrict his freedom by gang Abdaheitan.
84 – Adel Ramadan, “tribe children Terhune” restricted freedom by Abdaheitan gangs
85 – Ibrahim Imran Abussninh the “boys Amaraf” restricted freedom of before battalion idiots.
86 – Joseph lamp Chico “tribe Alanaajh” storming his house and arrested by Supreme Jerdanih Committee.
87 – Amr lamp Chico “tribe Alanaajh” storming his house and arrested by Supreme Jerdanih Committee.
88 – Abdul Hameed lamp Chico “tribe Alanaajh” storming his house and arrested by Supreme Jerdanih Committee.
89 – Khairy lamp Chico “” tribe Alanaajh “arrested by Supreme Jerdanih Committee.
90 – Mohamed Tahar Abdullah Aghannay “tribe rifts” restrict the freedom of the before battalion idiots.
91 – Fri Abdulsalam lamp “tribe children Amaraf” raiding his home and restrict his freedom of before battalion idiots.
92 – Hassan Hamed Ahmed Sultan “tribe Sawaleh” raid on his house by idiots.
93 – Sayeh victory “tribe Almzawgh” restrict freedom battalion idiots.
94 – Salah birth Alnaajy “tribe Alanaajh” freedom restricted by idiots
95 – Jalal Faraj Baccouche “tribe Margna” restrict his freedom by Supreme Jerdanih Committee.
96 – Hamza Imran Abogerdan “tribe Azib” restricted freedom seeking market.
97 – Gate key Ghaith “tribe Alhamalh” restricted freedom seeking market.
98 – Ahmed Saad Azavilh the “tribe Alforjan” storming his house by idiots.
99 – Abdel Fattah Ahmed Saad Azavilh the “tribe Alforjan” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
100 – Easa Saleh Khalifa Herodh “the Margna tribe” restricted freedom by Supreme Jerdanih Committee.
101 – Mahdi Younis Mahdi “Qbielh Alhamalh” restrict his freedom by gangs the Jews مسلاته.
102 – Mahdi Salem M’Hamed “Qbielh Alhamalh” restrict his freedom by gangs the Jews مسلاته.
103 – Ahmed Mohamed key nominal “tribe Alforjan” storming his house by idiots and restrict his freedom of gang Abdaheitan.
104 – Mahmoud Ahmed key nominal “tribe Alforjan” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
105 – Faisal Ahmed Mohamed key “tribe Alforjan” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
106 – Hasan Masood Hasan “tribe Aldoaam” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
107 – Mahmoud Yahya birthday “tribe Almzawgh” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
108 – Mustafa Mahmoud Yehia “tribe Almzawgh” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
109 – Faraj Mohammed key nominal “tribe Alforjan” freedom restricted by idiots.
110 – Ashraf Fawzi Mahmoud Nasr “tribe Alforjan” restrict the freedom of the idiots.
111 – Fathy Mahmoud Nasr nominal “tribe Alforjan” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
112 – Abdulbaset عبدالعاطى Nasr the “tribe Alforjan” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
113 – Abubakar عبدالعاطى Nasr the “tribe Alforjan” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
114 – Abdel Salam Massoud Salem “Aljas tribe” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
115 – Mohammed technical “tribe Alforjan” freedom restricted by Jews مسلاته.
116 – Zidane Alnoary the “tribe Alforjan” freedom restricted by gang Abdaheitan.
117 – Abdel Salam Gomaa Mabrouk “tribe Alforjan” storming his house by idiots.
118 – Martyr key M’Hamed Fazzani “Margna tribe”
119 – Martyr Abdullah Saleh Qarah “tribe Margna”
120 – Martyr Muammar safety Burgan “Margna tribe”
121 – Martyr M’Hamed Abdulkadir Algelah “tribe children Terhune”
122 – martyr Salah Saqr السموعى “tribe Asamoat”
123 – martyr Omar Salim Omar Al-Sayeh “tribe Alhamalh” NATO bombing of Brega.
124 – Martyr Mohammed Ramadan Belaid “Aljas tribe”.
125 – Martyr Mohammed Bakir Ferjany “Furjan deep”
126 – martyr Khaled Ramadan Salem Trchany “tribe of the deaf”
127 – martyr Khaled Abdel Hady Trchany key “tribe of the deaf”
128 – Martyr Hamza favor Almargeny “Margna shaved camel”
129 – Emad Salem Ahlap “Margna tribe” restricted freedom seeking market.
130 – Ahmed Abdulnabi “tribe Aldoaam” storming his house by idiots.
131 – Osman “tribe children ID” storming his house of before battalion idiots.
132 – Martyr Hossam Mohammed Abdel Salam “tribe Sawaleh” confrontations Brega.
133 – Martyr Mohammed Abdulsalam “tribe Sawaleh” confrontations Brega.
134 – Shahid free carp Rahman “tribe Sawaleh” white confrontations.
135 – Martyr Ayad Ahmed Key Zlaith “tribe Aldoapm” Misurata clashes.
136 – Martyr Mohammed Ramadan Belaid “tribe Margenh”.
137 – Martyr Salem Saad Allah Ferjani the “tribe Alforjan”.
138 – Martyr Ashour Abdel Salam Triki “Margna tribe”.
139 – Ayad El Mahdy Khalil “tribe children Terhune”
140 – Martyr Salem Alambn Belaid “tribe children Terhune”.
141 – Shahid Masood Mohamed Saad Servant of God “tribe children Terhune”.
142 – Shahid Salam Ahmed Amarhamed “tribe Margna”
143 – Martyr عبدالعاطى happy wholesome “Furjan Al Qarara.”
144 – Martyr Mohammed key Ashhab “tribe children Amaraf” confrontations Mzrath
145 – Martyr Assem Abdel Basset Mohamed plus “tribe Alabanat” confrontations Mzrath.
146 – Martyr Sobhy Alfbtory Mohammed the “Barakat Alchuirv”
147 – Martyr Suleiman Mohammed Hammad “tribe Azib” confrontations Zintan.
148 – Key Abdullah Altapt “restricted freedom battalion idiots
149 – Ayad Ammar Alhmaly tribe Aldoaam storming home from by Mohsen Asojse gang
150 – Little Ghaith Abdul Nabi tribe Aldoaam storming his house by Alagbouapa
151 – Abdulbaset key Hamid tribe Aldoaam storming his house by idiots
152 – Mohammed Saleh Mahfouz children to break into his home by a gang Abdaheitan
153 – Kaddoura Hassan al-Saadi “boys” storming his house and restrict the freedom of the by Abdul devil gang
154 – Abdul Salam Mohammed al-Zaidi “boys” storming his house and restrict the freedom of the by Abdul devil gang
155 – Safety and Nice “tribe Aldoaam” storming his house and restrict the freedom of the by Abdul devil gang
156 – Tohamy and Nice “tribe Aldoaam” storming his house and restrict the freedom of the by Abdul devil gang
157 – عبدالعاطى M’Hamed Omar Abuchras “tribe Alhamalh” restrict his freedom to the corner gangs and gang’s Kdlk Abdaheitan
158 – Yusuf Omar Karim “tribe Alinvashh” restricted freedom of gangs Tajoura
159 – Gbut Altapt mourning “tribe blacksmithing” restricted freedom seeking market
160 – Abdul Hamid Jibril and Nice “blacksmithing tribe” restricted freedom Bszk seek
161 – Mustafa Nbs Ghany “blacksmithing tribe” Qubdt freedom to seek market
162 – given Nice Abdullah Altapt “tribe Aldoaam” restricted freedom of gangs Jews مسلاته and Kdlk gangs seeking market
163 – Karim Ramadan beautiful “Margna tribe” restricted freedom of gangs Abdaheitan.
164 – عطى God Ahmed God عطى “tribe Aldoaam” restricted freedom of gangs Abdaheitan.
165 – Nasser Yousef “tribe children Amaraf” storming his house of before battalion idiots.
166 – Mabrouk Mohamed Farahat “tribe children Amaraf” storming his house of before battalion idiots.
167 – Juma Saad Ashhab carp “tribe children Amaraf” storming his house of before battalion idiots.
168 – Ammar Ibrahim Youssef “tribe children Amaraf” restricted freedom of gangs Abdaheitan ..
169 – Fouad Youssef “tribe children Amaraf” storming his house by a battalion idiots
170 – Pacific Mohammed Alzabty “tribe children Amaraf” storming his house by a battalion idiots
171 – Adel Youssef “” tribe children Amaraf “storming his house by a battalion idiots
172 – Sharif Abdel Salam Ahmed “tribe children Busv” storming his house by Abdaheitan
173 – Abdel Basset al-Sharif Abdul Salam Ahmed “tribe children Busv” restricted freedom by gangs Tajoura
174 – Abdul Khaliq Sharif Abdel Salam Ahmed “tribe children Busv” restricted freedom by gangs Tajoura
175 – Abdul Salam Mohammed al-Zaidi “the sons of Joseph tribe” storming his house before Abdaheitan.
176 – Ammar Sassy “tribe children to” break into his house by Abdaheitan
177 – Azim Hamid Saad “tribe Aldoaam” storming his house of before battalion idiots.
178 – Humam Hamid Saad Azim “tribe Aldoaam” restricted freedom of gangs seeking market
179 – Hashim Alnfeache Salam “tribe Aldoaam” restricted freedom of gangs seeking market
180 – Murad Abdul Wahab Amtir “tribe Aldoaam” restricted freedom of gangs seeking market
181 – Rafik Ramadan Abdalones “Sons Terhune” restricted freedom of gangs seeking market
182 – Martyr Omar Faraj Muammar Osman “tribe Awamer”
183 – Martyr Muammar Salam Khalifa “tribe of the deaf” Misurata Front ”
184 – Martyr Shaaban Abdel Salam Khalifa “tribe of the deaf” Front Misurata
185 – martyr Walid Ramadan Salem “tribe of the deaf” Western Mountain Front
186 – martyr Walid Mohammed Altohamy “tribe of the deaf” Front Zintan
187 – the martyr Hussein Ahmid Hussein “tribe the deaf” front Zeliten
188 – Martyr Mahmoud Gbut Mohammed Agnpoh “tribe of the deaf” Front Tajoura
189 – Martyr M’Hamed Ramadan Ragab “tribe of the deaf” confrontations Sabratha
190 – Martyr Sha’baan M’Hamed “tribe of the deaf” confrontations angle
191 – Shahid Ahmed M’Hamed Attia “tribe Alanaajh” routers Alfornaj
192 – martyr Abdel Hady key Jibril “tribe Alanaajh” Front Zintan
193 – Shahid Mehdi Mabrouk Trchany “tribe of the deaf”
194 – Shahid Imran Saleh Dou Ameri “tribe Awamer”
195 – Shahid Salim Abdullah Mahdi “tribe Aldoaam”
196 – M’Hamed Mohammed Altmtam “tribe Alamarien” storming his house by Abdaheitan gangs
197 – Muammar Mohammed Altmtam “tribe Alamarien” storming his house by Abdaheitan gangs
198 – in favor of Muammar Mohammed Altmtam “tribe Alamarien” storming his house by Abdaheitan gangs
199 – Walid Ambah “tribe Margenh” storming his house by Mzrath gangs
200 – Abdulrahman Khalifa term “Qbouaplh Alhamalh” restrict the freedom of the corner gangs
201 – Salem Omar Sayeh Ahmed “tribe Alhamalh” storming his house by a gang of idiots.
202 – Siddiq Mohammed Asojse “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul Satan gangs.
203 – Faraj Salem “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul Satan gangs.
204 – Abdaly Ramadan Shibani restrict his freedom by a gang of idiots
205 – Ahmed Taher carp “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
206 – Mohammed Abdul Salam “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
207 – Abdul Salam Mohammed “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
208 – Salam Salem Khalifa “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
209 – Lamp Salem Khalifa “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
210 – Ramadan Salem Khalifa “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
211 – Salam Salem “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
212 – Faraj M’Hamed Mohammed “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
213 – Salem Saad “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
214 – Ahmed Rashid “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
215 – Ashraf Ahmed Rashid “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
216 – Muhammad Mahfouz Mohamed “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
217 – Key Mohamed Milad “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
218 – Ibrahim key Mohammed “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
219 – Ahmed key Mohammed “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
220 – Mustafa key Mohammed “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
221 – Abdulsalam ابديو Lafi “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of by Abdul devil gang
222 – Faraj Saad carp “tribe children ID” storming his house and restrict his freedom to the gang of idiots
223 – Salim Salam Salim “tribe of the deaf” restrict his freedom by a gang of idiots
224 – Mustafa lamp Kelani “tribe Awamer” storming his house by a gang of Saleh Ali Saleh Al Ameri
225 – Key Abdullah Faraj “tribe Awamer” storming his house by a gang of Saleh Ali Saleh Al Ameri
226 – Saleh Faraj Mohammed “tribe Awamer” restrict حربته by of Jews مسلاته gangs
227 – Mohammed Masood and Nice “tribe Awamer” storming his house by Saleh Ali Saleh Al Ameri
228 – Mohammed Muammar Osman “tribe Awamer” storming his house by Saleh Ali Saleh Al Ameri
229 – Abdullah Abojeebh Zarouk “tribe Alanaajh” storming his house and restrict his freedom the Almzarat.
230 – Mohammed Abdullah Abojeelh Zarouk “restrict his freedom of Almzarat
231 – Faraj Mansour “tribe Awamer” storming his house and restrict his freedom to ring Abdaheitan
232 – Juma Faraj “tribe Awamer” restrict the freedom of gangs Almzarbt
233 – Khalid Faraj Mansour “tribe Awamer” restrict حربته the gang of idiots
234 – Hamza Ramadan Abdullah Aghannay “tribe rifts” restrict the freedom of Abdel Satan
235 – Nasr Abojeelh Salem – Misurata
236 – Riad Salem Zaid – Brega
237 – Arab martyr Mahmoud righteous Arab “tribe Alchwetrh” confrontations Aldavnih.
238 – Martyr Abdullah Hussein “tribe children Hamad confrontations and balanced
239 – martyr Nasser Mohammed Ramadan Tohamy
240 – Martyr Alvazaa birth Almzogy “tribe Almzawgh”
241 – Martyr Haitham Kamal Almzogy “tribe Almzawgh”
242 – Martyr Hisham Mokhtar “tribe children” confrontations Zintan
243 – Martyr Muammar Faraj Almrom confrontations Tide
244 – Martyr Bouchebh El Abani “tribe Alabanat” NATO bombing on the enhanced brigade camp 32
245 – martyr Nasser Hadar “thalamic tribe” confrontations Zliten.
246 – the great martyr Abdel Fattah Khalid confrontations Sirte
247 – Shaheed Abdul Khaliq Hussein Abussninh “tribe Alhamalh” Tighe confrontations.
248 – Shaheed Muhammad will on Friday “tribe Alhamalh” bombing NATO Balzntan.
249 – martyr Abdel Mahdi al-Sharif “tribe Alhamalh” bombing NATO Qurayyat.
250 – martyr Amer Hamza Ramadan “tribe Alhamalh” NATO bombing Zintan.
251 – Shaheed Abdul Razak Abdulla on Bossbehh “tribe Alhamalh” confrontations Misrata.
252 – martyr Khaled Omar Hassan al-Sanusi “tribe Alhamalh” confrontations Misrata.
253 – Martyr Mohammad Hashemi gift “tribe Alhamalh” confrontations Zliten.
254 – Martyr Hamza Muammar Salem “tribe Alhamalh” confrontations Sirte.
255 – Martyr Khalid Mohammed Key Althleeb “tribe Azib” confrontations Sirte.
256 – Martyr Khalid Mohammed Khalifa “tribe Azib” confrontations Brega.
257 – Mohammed Ahmed Guenib “tribe Alhamalh” storming his house and restrict the freedom of the gang of idiots.
258 – Key Mohammad Omar term “tribe Alhamalh” storming his house by a gang of idiots.
259 – missing Omar Abdel Salam term “tribe Alhamalh” of Misurata confrontations.
260 – missing Mohamed Saad remittances “tribe Alhamalh” of Misurata confrontations.
261 – missing Ayad Ahmed Saleh “tribe children Hamad” of Sirte confrontations.
262 – missing Mohammed Abdul Salam Al-Hamdi “tribe children Hamad” of Sirte confrontations.
263 – missing Mohamed Mohamed Mohammed Aldwaoy “tribe Awlad Hamad”
264 – Hassan Overture Jeroshi “tribe Alhamalh” storming his house by idiots and gang Abdulbaset Abongama gang Mohsen Souissi.
265 – Nasser Faitouri Mohammed Trchany “tribe of the deaf” to restrict freedom of gang Almzarat.
266 – Abdulrahman favor Abussnana “tribe Alhamalh” restrict freedom the Tajoura gang.
267 – Nasser Salem Abussnana “tribe Alhamalh” restrict the freedom of gangs Almzarat.
268 – Shaheed Muhammad fishing fishing “tribe Alabanat” confrontations tuber ”
269 – Shaheed Abdul Razak Ammar Saleh “tribe Alabanat” confrontations Misrata.
270 – martyr Abdel Mahdi al-Sharif “tribe Alhamalh” confrontations Zintan.
271 – Martyr Saleh Omar Abussnana “tribe children ID” confrontations corner.
272 – Martyr Miloud horse carp “tribe Alabanat”
273 – missing Yousef Abdulsalam Yousef “tribe Alabanat” confrontations corner.
274 – Key Saeed Khalifa “tribe Alabanat” storming his house by gang Abdaheitan.
275 – Mustafa Amer Ramadan “tribe Alabanat” storming his house by Abdaheitan gang and gangs Tajoura.
276 – M’Hamed Hassan Kamel “tribe Alabanat” storming his house by gangs Abdaheitan and Tajoura and seek market
277 – Charafeddine carp “Margna tribe” storming his house by a gang of idiots.
278 – Mohammed Hassan Haddad “blacksmith Alabanat” storming his house by idiots.
279 – Majeed on Massoud mourning “blacksmith Alabanat” storming his house by idiots
280 – believer Abdullah Salam “alien tribe Barakat” storming his house by idiots
281 – Recep key Makhzoum “tribe children ID” storming his house Zatqaad liberty by a gang of idiots.
282 – Awad Abdul Rahman Sultan “tribe Sawaleh” storming his house by a gang of idiots.
283 – Ahmed Awad Abdel Rahman Sultan “tribe Sawaleh” restrict his freedom by gang Abdaheitan.
284 – Martyr Abojeelh Ajili Mohamed Ibrahim “epitopes tribe” confrontations Misurata
285 – Mukhtar Abdul Salam “tribe Almatik” storming his house by gang Abdaheitan.
286 – Sultan Mohammed Sultan “tribe Sawaleh” storming his house by a gang of idiots.
287 – Hassan Hamid M’Hamed Sultan “tribe Sawaleh” storming his house by a gang of idiots.
288 – Mohammed Sultan Abdulhamid “tribe Sawaleh” storming his house by a gang of idiots.
289 – Mohammed Ayyad Salem as thanks “tribe children ID” restrict the freedom of the Committee Jermanah Petrhona.
290 – Shoukry Ayyad Salem as thanks “tribe children ID” restrict the freedom of the Committee Jermanah Petrhona.
291 – Martyr Bouajila Salem Nasr “tribe children the” confrontations Mzrath ”
292 – Martyr Salem Abdel Hady “tribe Alchwetrh” Bani Walid confrontations.
293 – missing Khalid Ahmed Mohamed Mabrouk “tribe Alchwetrh” confrontations Mzrath.
294 – Ahmed Farag Ahmed Moussa “tribe children Terhune” restrict freedom to seek market.
295 – Ayoub birthday “tribe Alanaajh” restricted freedom by gangs seeking market.
296 – Mohammed Saad Salem “tribe children Terhune” storming his house of before battalion idiots.
297 – Martyr Hamdan Mohammed Abdul Salam “tribe Alforjan”
298 – Martyr Salem Abourioy Saleh the “tribe Alforjan”
299 – martyr Essam Mohamed Salem al-Rubaie “tribe Alforjan”
300 – Martyr Mohammed Masood Abdullah Saeed “tribe Alforjan”
301 – Martyr Saad Saad Aldndon M’Hamed “tribe Alforjan”
302 – martyr Ibrahim key Amtir the “tribe Alforjan”
303 – Martyr Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Abdul Salam Aborzisah the “tribe Alforjan”
304 – Shahid Salim Faraj Saadallah “tribe Alforjan”
305 – Martyr Saad Ramadan Imari “tribe Alforjan”
306 – Shahid Ahmed Aahmoudh Alnoary “tribe Alforjan”
307 – martyr Walid birthday Aborzisah the “tribe Alforjan”
308 – Martyr Salem bin Midoun birthday “tribe Alforjan”
309 – martyr on behalf of the birth of the Aborzisah the “tribe Alforjan”
310 – Martyr Muammar Mohammed Ben Nasr key “tribe Alforjan”
311 – missing Abdulsalam Mohammed Ramadan Imari “tribe Alforjan” confrontations Misurata
312 – missing Hossam Omar Saleh “tribe Alforjan”
313 – missing Abdullah Saadallah Faraj “tribe Alforjan” confrontations Sirte
314 – Ayad Mansour Ahmed al-Rubaie “tribe Alforjan” restrict the freedom of five rings
315 – Mohammed Abdulsalam Grira key the “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom seeking market
316 – Zidane Massoud Saad “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of battalion idiots
317 – Birthday Alzoam Birthday Ben Midoun “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of gangs seeking market
318 – Ibrahim Mohammed Ausaidh Faraj “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of Gharyan gangs
319 – Recep gerbils key “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of gangs مسلاته
320 – Anwar Albaraky Alnoary “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of gangs seeking market
321 – Saleh Omar Saleh “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of Jews gangs Mzrath
322 – M’Hamed Ammar Masood “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of gangs مسلاتة
323 – Emaar carp Massoud Saleh “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of gangs seeking market
324 – Abdullatif Mohammed Faraj Milligan “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of gangs seeking market
325 – Mohammed Saleh Eboumsoaq the “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom by criminal gangs
326 – Samir Salem Zlaith the “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of Benghazi gangs
327 – Ramadan Mohamed Mansour trigger “tribe Alforjan” restricted freedom of five rings.
To liberate Benghazi from armed criminal gangs that control them:
JOHN KERRY is on his way:
And that these gangs supported from abroad and was Western military intervention in Libya only to protect these bands for the implementation of the agenda I think it’s now become clear to all where the West was known that the state was on its way to eliminate them Fujb rapid intervention by the failure of the planned,, |
  • “They are coming to take you away…” and everything that you think you possess!
    (Zionist John Kerry is on his way!: warning to all in Libya)
    Their plan is for Misrata ( the “new Second Homeland” for the dispersed Jews) to rule over you all. Not only will you be a protectorate of Qatar; but your flag will be that of Israel. [a white & blue star; and Green will be banned from sight!]…and you will have to grubble to every dinar that they throw at you: as you will merely be used as their slaves.)
  • A great shock to rats today
    Today the Constitutional Chamber ruled Libya’s Supreme Court against her will unconstitutional text of Article 2 of the Law of the People’s Court on referral.
    This was by the tall lawyer Mujahid Bouzid Dorda, it is important who Haasir measures would be referred to the criminal court became illegal not huh ČÓ all Liberals, for example, Mohammed Azwai عبدالعاطي Obeidi as well as al-Baghdadi and others.

    In other words, that the investigation procedures and assignment will be returned in accordance with guarantees more rights and meaning deciding cases Hatoul Lin becomes who Bali mind the power of God, and برضو meaning shock to the militants Mgvla Gahaar and Hatalaao protesters on the court and its judgment and Haattabrōhm ousted and salads grow more Mmahe Cabrh even increased problems because this could claim to try them abroad in accordance with legal safeguards by human Rights returned because the scandals and follows Sayer in prisons shows the world every day.
     The continued kidnappings and killings and torture in Libya by NATO rebel militias.

  • Kidnapped last night Fathi Ben Mansour of five popular at the hands of armed militias.

    استمرار الخطف والقتل والتعذيب في ليبيا من قبل مليشيات ثوار الناتو.

    اختطف ليلة البارحة المواطن فتحي بن منصور من شعبية الخمس على أيدي المليشيات المسلحة.

  • Ansar al-Sharia terrorist spread in the streets of Benghazi.

  • تنظيم أنصار الشريعة الإرهابي ينتشر في شوارع بنغازي.

Violent clashes in Benghazi next to the Bank of the Republic.
Our correspondent in the eye of the Ministry of
A number of explosions and clashes overnight in the eye of the Ministry ….. And killing and wounding a number of rats
 Burning a number of cars in Benghazi
  • Message from Brother Saadi Gaddafi:

  • Salute to our people in the general public … Wali Liberal in Benghazi private …..
    Conspiracy started from you ………. And will end with you too …. Start of the war of liberation of the city of the first statement ……

Tell A Libyan Resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Explosion rocks Benghazi sleep after a bloody day in the Garyounis and followed by intensive shooting dead.

Mercenaries Mustafa Abdul Jalil who اشتراهم money out on the streets of the capital Tripoli and blocked roads so as not to be tried this criminal.

Spread of armored vehicles in the streets of Benghazi.
Spread of armored vehicles in many places of Benghazi in case of any confrontations with extremists and noted that

these vehicles are not part of the Libyan military arsenal, but are among the weapons supplied to Qatar NATO rebels during events 
Turnover is from the island of Arab Medical Benghazi.

Urgent .. Explosions shake the Hawari area in Benghazi and ambulances rushing to place explosions Please have details provided to us for the purpose of publication ..
A number of explosions shake Benghazi now …………
An armed attack on the CID BenghaziExposure CID attacked by gunmen after dawn on Sunday, which resulted in the killing a member of NATO rebels, wounding a number of members of the research and security Allaotunai.The source, who declin

ed to be named, said the gunmen kidnapped the members of the Security Allaotunai, also threw headquarters center shot, and fled, causing a state of confusion and chaos.

Benghazi rocked by months of ongoing attacks

Posted: 2012/12/18
From: Mathaba.net
One of the two vehicles damaged during the attack on the Garyounis police station.Benghazi, 17 December 2012:Two more police stations were attacked in Benghazi in the early hours of Monday morning, marking the second consecutive night of severe unrest in the eastern city, with months of daily occurrences of murder and mayhem.Shortly after midnight, Garyounis police station was hit by explosives, resulting in damage to two civilian cars, but no reported casualties.Al-Oruba police station was then subsequently hit, with both explosions and exchanges of gunfire being witnessed, although as with Garyounis, no casualties have yet been reported.A potential third attack on Al-Hadaeq police station was prevented when the security services managed to apprehend the likely perpetrator in possession of two RPGs, pro-regime media claim, but could not be verified if the apprehended person was involved.There have also been reports of drive-by shootings directed at police patrols, although these too are not reported to have resulted in casualties.The police have not revealed the identity of the arrested man, and to date no group has publicly claimed responsibility for either last night’s attacks or those of the night before.The assaults follow the arrest of a potentially vital suspect linked to the spate of assassinations directed against senior security personnel in Benghazi that continued over the past year.On Sunday, a senior police source informed pro-occupation regime media and British intelligence agents working under the cover as journalists for the “Libya Herald” that the man had identified as many as seven prominent Islamists in connection with the attacks including: leading Derna Islamist and former Guantanamo Bay inmate Sufyan Ben Qumu; Obeida militia chief Ahmed Bukatela; Ansar Al-Sharia chief Mohammed Zahawi; Rafallah Al-Sahati chiefs Mohammed Al-Gharabi and Ismael Sallabi; and Zawia Martyr’s brigade member Salim Nabous.However, others say that this information cannot be trusted since the regime authorities are under pressure and direction from their U.S.-N.A.T.O. masters to implicate certain groups while leaving out the strong equation of mass popular discontent, anger and popular resistance against the occupation of Libya and its symbols and agents.Two separate assaults were launched on a police facility adjacent to where the man is being held on Sunday morning, resulting in the death of four policemen. The first was killed in the initial attack whilst three reinforcements died when their car was shot at upon arrival.In the Jamahiriya, the Benghazi Police were highly respected for their professionalism and ethics and operated one of the few well designed and functional web sites in Libya. The Benghazi Police were the first to be attacked at the launch of the February 17 “Ratvolution Ratspiracy” following the shooting of peaceful demonstrators from Egypt in support of the Egyptian uprising across the border.It is believed that French and Israeli “businessmen” in Benghazi along with British agents took up positions in buildings overlooking the marches which were joined also by Libyans demanding some reforms and an end to corruption within the Jamahiriya after key persons were installed without popular participation upon the orders of western intelligence in collaboration with “reformist” reactionary elements.These then shot a number of the peaceful protesters in the head, causing the crowd to great confusion and anger, and directed by those who had been trained in the USA under various Libyan exiles who would soon return to take up leading positions and even presidency in the country, they marched on the police stations and seized weapons there. Police in the Jamahiriya are trained to serve the people unlike in most countries where the police serve government, wealth and power.The police thus vacated their stations in order to avoid having to shoot unarmed protesters or otherwise be killed themselves, and the peaceful demonstrators turned violent under the direction of their “leaders” seizing the weapons and then leading the angry crowd, now armed, toward military facilities.The same situation repeated itself at the military facilities one after another with the crowd obtaining increasingly powerful weapons, and then was able to quickly take over Benghazi by force of arms after freeing dangerous criminals from the jails who joined and swelled their ranks.The military were under orders from the Leader of the Libyan Revolution Muammar Qadhafi, not to retake Benghazi into people’s authority and to let the situation be resolved peacefully. However, NATO using the cover of an erroneous and deliberately introduced “UN Security Council Resolution” by USA, Britain and France, embarked upon an 8 month long violation of their imposed “no fly zone” in tens of thousands of bombing sorties which left around 100,000 dead.The Libyan people along with their armed forces, police and special forces battled valiantly for all this time against an array of the world’s most powerful military forces bent upon destroying Jamahiriya socialism, direct participatory democracy and its historic leadership, with some parts of the country holding out until now.The most famous resistance was in Bani Walid and Sirte, two towns along central northern Libya coast which were all but destroyed after being surrounded by NATO “rat” forces for months with rockets being fired upon the innocent citizens day and night until the towns were invaded and prisoners taken.More than 10,000 political prisoners now languish in jails — many of them makeshift — across the country, and one million citizens — a quarter of the population — having been forced into exile to avoid unlawful imprisonment, torture or death at the hands of the “ratvolutionaries”.Occupation media mouthpiece for British regime, the newly installed illegal publication “Libya Herald” claims that there were no supporters of the Jamahiriya and the symbolic and historic leader of the 1969 Al-Fateh Revolution which launched people’s conferences and committees which took power abolishing traditional government monopoly in 1977. Yet the publication cannot explain the anarchy and violence, nor the years long valiant resistance of the Libyan people.

pointed out that this operation was designed to bring out the existing strengths in the
Department of Criminal Investigation in charge of guarding a suspect including the killing of the
director of security Benghazi, to enable him to escape. The information provided to us stating the
existence of a cell trying to release the detainees in the case of the victim Faraj al-Drissi was then
heard shooting and archery intense in several regions of Benghazi, were also targeted a police patrol
in the country housing shell “RPG” was Offered First Aid hospital immediately.

P (Benghazi) in order to: a cell trying to release the detainees in the case of the victim Faraj al-Drissi was

then heard shooting and archery intense in several regions of Benghazi were also targeted a police patrol

in the country housing shell “RPG” was Offered First Aid
To the hospital immediately.

Benghazi: Night bloody result in deaths and injuries


The names of the dead and wounded incident of the attack on the CID at dawn today in Benghazi 
1 – Walid Merhi امراجع 
2 – Osama Hassan customar Faisl Warfaliad 

1 – Abdul Hamid 
2 – Ahmed Hussein 
3 – Salem 
4 – Abdulsalam Warfali

Bloody night in Benghazi
Photos from events to storm the headquarters of the Criminal

URGENT: Benghazi police ask citizens through local radio and loudspeakers protect police stations from armed criminal gangs ….!!!


Garyounis police station after the bombing
For the latest news, visit our site:


A series of explosions rocked Tripoli and Benghazi:

Number of rats killed in continuing clashes in front of the Directorate of Security in Benghazi

Air flight intensive ……….. And a car bombing rats in Benghazi.

Benghazi: burn CID headquarters offices

Combustion CID headquarters office after it was targeted by armed groups on Friday in Benghazi.

Several explosions shook Benghazi on Monday morning has been shown that the attack on the police station “Garyounis” 

Source: attacking two police stations in Benghazi in eastern Libya

Mon 17 Dec. 2012 1:46 am GMT

Benghazi (Libya) (Reuters) –

Libyan police source said he was targeting two police stations in the near-simultaneous apparently in the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya in

the early hours of Monday morning.

The source added that an explosive device was thrown at the car-free was parked in front of a police station Garyounis in the west of Benghazi.

The explosive device was thrown also another in front of a police station in the east of the city which led to the damage in the wall of the facade.

The source said “the attacks apparently simultaneous. Were no casualties.”

The uprising against Gaddafi began last year in Benghazi, the second largest city in Libya, but is now a hot spot for violence with easy

access to weapons and confront government security forces difficulty in extending its authority.

And unknown persons fired on Sunday, a rocket-propelled grenade at a police compound in Benghazi includes patrol cars, which led to the occurrence of damage in one of the offices and killed a policeman. The police spokesman said that a gun battle followed, and three policemen were killed.

It is believed that the attack was linked to the arrest of two men finally in connection with the assassination of several security officials in the city since it was signed on the building next door to the police station where the men were held.

(Preparation Ahmed Subhi Khalifa Arab Bulletin)

Continuing explosions and clashes in Benghazi to the morning ….. And fear controls on the people …. The interruption loss.

© Thomson Reuters 2012 All rights reserved

ideo: raised the bombing of the police station Garyounis in BENGAZI


In pictures: the bombing of the police station Garyounis in Benghazi:

Ambulances rushed to the spot and fall victim
The attack on a police station Garyounis in Benghazi.

Police surround the building Benghazi armor country after the death of two NATO rebels inside.

A picture of a car belonging to Stun rats (Martyrs Brigade Nook. Buhulaiga) came under mortar RBG by people who carried out the attack on the CID headquarters after demonstrations Asalmaho killed two members of this battalion.

station in Benghazi 20 DEC. 2012:

Another attack targeted a police station Sabri Benghazi now.

Benghazi: injuring peaceful protesters in front of the police station:

17 injured in Benghazi after battalions of the new government launched live bullets on demonstrators in front of the police station in Benghazi 20 DEC. 2012.

Benghazi: two dead and injured in an attack on police headquarters:

Killing of Abdul Karim Abu-Ghazaleh of the region’s population Laithi Khaled Alsaqzle and

wounding Salah Abouhliqh ordered Martyrs Battalion corner during the attack, which targeted the main police.

Continuing explosions and clashes in Benghazi to the morning ….. And fear controls on the people …. The interruption loss.
Benghazi Brotherhood Council and the San heretic Muhammad Altaib accused Salah Buhulaiga using what he described as “soldiers of Torghae” belonging to the system in the protection of the Directorate?!
Say a lie charity O footmen mind Andkh.


A picture of one of the victims of government militias in Benghazi

Image Khalid Alsaqzle who today shot dead by government militias illegal in front of the police station in Benghazi.

Photo shows the concentration of snipers who killed protesters in front of the police station in Benghazi 20 DEC. 2012

News of the withdrawal of rats and Sam Ben Hamida to a farm on the outskirts of Benghazi ………….. After killing 5 of rats Buhulaiga.

Or martyr Anis Jehani, who was assassinated by extremists tells the story of his life
God and yes proxy unfair of you and God willing, right martyr and of other martyrs Mesh will

get the vain {glory for Hhadaaae} Yes Yes police and army not to ideological and extremist militias.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=476847392353521&set=vb.100000847922210&type=2&theater   VIDEO FB

URGENT: head of the police station in Benghazi Alakorah exposed to an assassination attempt.
Confirm the news of the assassination of head of the local council Petragn Abdulkadir Ali birthday and wounding his brothers afternoon.
Security alert for militias in Benghazi and panic in the capital Tripoli:
Police car from the property of the Libyan people burn group Mslhhomam Ras Obeida Center – Benghazi..

Our correspondent incognito among rats writes to inform us:
Misrata rats and their agents are planned bombings Benghazi ……. Responding to threats tenderly Army.

Came at dawn today force charged with securing Hospital evacuation of rats Brigade shield Libya in Benghazi attacked by one of the gunmen and led the wounding one member of the force withdrew the power of the hospital evacuation and fled doctors from the hospital was looted expensive hardware from a hospital evacuation.

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence):

There leaflets demanding young in Benghazi Balthhid before Directorate

The national security committee issued a statement a clear threat to the people.

Benghazi corral Hchakm God ………. National and chicken if desired ……….. And citizens to walk in traffic

Post addicted Page:
Will appear phenomenon Almltmyin in Tripoli and Benghazi in abundance in the coming days ……….

Supreme Security Committee demanding Tripoli branch beat with an iron fist in the face of all of approaching security centers in Benghazi!!

When اقتحمتم police stations in 2011 withdrew the police so he does not get one, what are you going to do now, O tyrants?

The today Benghazi poor become branded sound of explosions and bullets and assassination and did not bother even their channels Teth of Qatar these things. You simply laughingstock been utilized with regret been thrown to the trash .. Expired.

We watched these gangs and they are killing and abusing members of our military and our brothers who were in the Eastern Province and brutally, and here they turn against them now as if God sees those wrongdoers bad as their and Saazbhm in this world and the Hereafter because they Astnasroa infidels against Muslims.

Oh proven we reason and religion.
And the arrival of a number of Jeff rats to the hospital medical …….

Targeting Arabism Center in Benghazi Friday night 21_12_2012 by masked.

E 24/24 (Libyan intelligence):

Arrested red-handed in the process of assassinations and bombings in Benghazi

Is a former prisoner at Abu Salim Street 14.
And Zeido weep Abu Salim prisoners back to ye, O rats.
المقبوض عليه متلبسا في عملية الاغتيالات و التفجيرات ببنغازي
هو سجين سابق في أبو سليم من شارع 14.و زيدو أبكوا على سجناء بوسليم تو ينفعكم يا جرذان.
Question Asham home …….. Is there an uprising in Abu Salim and plateau ..
For the fourth consecutive day of explosions and clashes at night to the morning ..?
Votes thick ambulances in Tripoli now.

URGENT: shortly before smuggling (David Korak) in charge of the EU mission to Tripoli because of the dire security situation in Benghazi has stated extremist group tracking al-Qaeda intention kidnapped Hotel تبستي.

Channel capital

Denied this morning the official spokesman of the so-called Interior Ministry categorically denied the occurrence of any explosions or clashes in the capital Tripoli, “shape Ayesh in Tripoli, Lebanon Mesh Tripoli, capital of Libya”

Hearing voices heavy bullets in different parts of Tripoli ……

If there were no clashes or any explosions, he said, to ask someone about this car that exploded in the late hours of the night in Tripoli, specifically district of Abu Nuwas?

They want to cover up the disasters that occur because a series of assassinations and bombings had already begun creeping from Benghazi to Tripoli more than ever before.

NATO & the Yanks are back—protests! 21 DEC. 2012:Ivory (Tripoli): demonstrations against the presence of armed rebel militias NATO led to the closure
of streets in the airport road in front of the so-called Ministry of Interior and also shut down by Shat.
“American rat sexual Juma Qomati: Importers must be isolated!!!!
Does he not know that Imported From America?”
Homage to Almltmyin in Friday Market ……… A tribute to the special forces armed to the people.
Friday Market channel

URGENT / / shut down the highway and coastal to Albive and the spread of rats gunmen in front of new prison.
 Our correspondent in the eye of the Ministry:
Many bodies discarded in the FRIDAY MARKET; and appointed the Ministry of …… 
who were some of the prisoners in the other prison Motaiqh and rats.
Rats they raping volunteers in the armed people in the Women’s College before the Friday market on Tuesday.
Warplanes flying thick on the beach.
Martyrdom one sheikhs Social Council and Rafla tribes in Tripoli.
Martyrdom of Sheikh Mohammed Ahmed Cndolee the age of 78 years, and who passed away in
one of the prisons armed criminal militias in Tripoli (militia Nawasi).
Will abound bombings and theft in the coming days in Tripoli ….. rats and security committee, a battalion Nawasi.Our correspondent from the beach:
Words echoed rats …………. corner on their way to the beach to avenge Almgarhh.Misrata rats trying to purchase from as far away from Tripoli …………
Some of them try to buy it in the corner and beautiful Ajeelat and Janzour Surman in order
to protect himself from their impending evil ……. because they are afraid and they became afraid Aktar the …..

Tripoli: besiege the headquarters of the channel of the capital and threatening to kill workers

 Tripoli: besiege the headquarters of the channel of the capital and threatening to kill workers

Saturday morning surrounded a number of gunmen channel DC headquarters located in main Qrgi route Tripoli has threatened workers with death has stopped the channel from its daily. 
reasons for this are still the siege imposed on the unknown channel.

فمن أي فئة أنت؟
Hit the eastern gate to the popularity of the turf since a few light arms attack by unknown without causing any injuries.
We strongest …………………. (Asham home ………. will not die)
Green Flag
TRIPOLI: the abduction of a military rank of colonel. Kidnapping Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Fourth Special Conference
of Army Allaotunai “Colonel Salim Lafi” by an armed group in Tripoli.
فمن أي فئة أنت؟

The fact Lock Street Arada in Friday Market

 The fact Lock Street Arada in Friday Market

Folks woke Arada specifically near Mosque Alzklaa Ali terrible scene, where they found a young man dead claiming Majeed Zaaakh and a very ugly way, unfortunately … Forcing the population and the people who died to protest publicly armed militias specifically battalion Nawasi criminal and chanted against terms rejected kill their children as the victim one belonging to so-called revolutionaries Arada and the name was similar as one of those involved in the Lockerbie case where in the past escaped Majeed Djaakh Aleghant in Friday Market area Arada from Libya to Malta and then to America Laidlaw information caused the involvement of Libya in the Lockerbie case … We are not sure is the same person or is the similarity … knowing God and the victim’s relatives.
Our correspondent from Ben Ghashir palace: 
Rats in Tripoli are located in Bab Azizia and Abu Salim ……
Clashes in the corner ……….. The sound of ambulances.
And drive their own cars ….. because cars Rats become a target.
  • Our correspondent in Airport
    Ships arriving at the port …….. All escorts were expelled port … And a large convoy arrived and took Maverm …….
Hear the voice of lead in different areas of Tripoli

Our correspondent from the beach:
Rats Almtugeon to border …………. Now present in Military Industrialization Tmanhunt

Rat Khaled al-Sharif the arrest of a number of girls plateau …… The now Baghtsabhm in Police College.

During the events in the capital Tripoli last night in different parts of igniting tires and blocked roads were burnt a number of

shops and steal some by people affiliated with the nano-revolutionaries in the demonstrations paid the price.

Closing borders Tripoli for fear of forces entered from the south ………. And rats Lennon set up demonstration now ……
Tajoura and families succeed in the open roads now

Tripoli 12.18.2012 burn

Tell A Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
il y a environ une minute
Went out and closed the roads to protest the trial of an accused person and responsible for the murder of Mark bolting system
What you see them active if one thought of sons Torghae or Bani Walid or any human being sued militia leaders and symbols and asked to try them??
Abdo Hun

Closing borders Tripoli for fear of forces entered from the south ………. And rats Lennon set up demonstration now ……
Tajoura and families succeed in the open roads now
  •  “Judge” JALIL order the closing of the Tripoli gates!
  •   Our correspondent from the airport road
    Tripoli some Khashh in a state of fear and problems everywhere, especially in the market Friday and Alsreem Street and Ark Dahmani ……
    And rats said Tripoli all Btaatskr on Khater Amash Lippo Ali Zaidan ..

Friday Market channel

URGENT / / shut down the highway and coastal to Albive and the spread of rats gunmen in front of new prison.


عاجل// اغلاق طريق السريع والساحلي الى البيفي وانتشار جرذان مسلحين امام سجن الجديدة

Durée : ‎0:20
News about the arrival of a large number of wounded to medical hospital in Tripoli.
News of the death of a large number of rats in the Friday Market and explosions Tajoura.
Clashes overnight between Aelovesazna and Almpaysh after rat Mpaysa killed.
Hear the voice of lead in the Huns Paljfrh …….. And attempting to kill the rat Ali Zqhob.
A number of explosions shaking the FridayMarket and Sheba.
The spread of smoke shops in the Friday Market.
All periodicals bound for Friday Market and activate the gates and hear the vote consecutive explosions.
Soon …………… There will be no rats nominate Balnoasi Friday Market.
Clashes in Tajoura and Friday Market.
Reported a number of explosions shaking the Abu Salim and the plateau ….
Death of Mohammed Ali Hamidi Sroahih spectrum of the district’s population Khadija Bdrnh by unidentified \ Shen Drnalhm Aahabibta
Notre correspondant de la route de l’aéroport
Fille qui Talat dans Clean ……. ledit véhicule Afst balayage et les jeta dans la décharge ……

Suspicious movement of warplanes within Mitiga Air Base

Told us some informed sources inside Tripoli for the presence of unusual movements of military aircraft

since the morning inside the Mitiga air base controlled by armed.

(SEE BELOW FOR THE “HOLLYWOOD” MOCK-UP of a supposed “terrroist BLOW-UP disastor by ‘GADDAFI LOYALISTS’ of a  civilian commercial jet-liner”]*

From the pages of the Resistance (Thunder fighter battalion):
Filter rat Walid sleepiness at the hands of the Liberals in Tripoli …..

Who painted on the wall of the door splendor ……… Mockery Sidi commander
As for the capital Tripoli Kadifah Arby Ji fall in Tajoura Gate Bridge.

As for the capital Tripoli has seen other explosions in a row, mostly in the area of Friday Market and angle Dahmani.
while at this time I went several patrols belonging to NATO and the rebels with ambulances to the Friday Market.

Close the streets of the capital Tripoli by mercenaries Mustafa Abdul Jalil.

Mercenaries Mustafa Abdul Jalil who اشتراهم money out on the streets of the capital Tripoli and blocked roads so as not to be tried this criminal.

from the airport road
Spread heavy gates Jermanah in Tripoli …… And intensify guard Ali battalions and special battalion Bashir Saadawi ……
With heavy hear bullets around Tripoli.
 Photo : ‎تحليق لطيران أباتشي "استطلاع" بشكل مكثف علي شعبية تراغن ظهر هذا اليوم وذلك بعد مقتل رئيس مجلس الجرذان المحلي هناك وعصيان مدني شامل بالمنطقة.‎

Baauk ..

“They said freedom
Aghtsabok .. They triumph
Burned everything you pretext of development to Downgrade
But I still steadfast despite wounds and despite the destruction
Only the Great Jamahiriya Habiba Ibomenaar Knight -”

Commend the Libyan
Libyan … popular authority …. Muammar is national secretary Amin .. National Secretary
Our strength … a revolutionary force …. objectives consolidation of popular power .. People’s Power
Our strength … a revolutionary force …. objectives confirm power العبية … People Power
Mass …. popular authority … and Muammar is the secretary .. Secretary of the National .. National Secretary
Muammar told us … are all partners … Amsod acid in people’s power .. People in power
Mass …. popular authority … and Muammar is the secretary .. Secretary of the National .. National Secretary
Mass …. popular authority … and Muammar is the secretary .. Secretary of the National .. National Secretary
We are messengers of evangelization … the era of the masses …. we are a role model to others .. advocates of freedom .. advocates of freedom
Mass …. popular authority … and Muammar is the secretary .. Secretary of the National .. National Secretary
I swore God .. And Habibi Messenger of Allah …. Conqueror Mannsah .. as long as you alive .. as long as you live
I swore God .. And Habibi Messenger of Allah …. Conqueror Mannsah .. as long as you alive .. as long as you live
Mass …. popular authority … and Muammar is the secretary .. Secretary of the National .. National Secretary –

The people of the city of Bani Walid out in huge marches advertisers support for the legitimacy of the state and

standing up for the Libyan People’s Army to maintain security and safety and the complete rejection of the presence of armed militias in the city.
Huge marches for the people of Bani Walid …… Celebrate the expulsion of rats, May 28 ..

Our correspondent in Bani Walid:
Murder of a young Abdul Wahid Saleh Sloss Warfali by rats Misrata in the plug.

The people of Bani Walid يأسرون number of rats Misrata and 28 dead ……. On the outskirts of Bani Walid ….

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

Will come out of the people of Bani Walid today in a demonstration denouncing the rule of the city of militias and security committee,

gang “May 28” and affirm in this rally their support for the Libyan people’s Army in the city.

Only the Plain Green Flag in Bani Walid–Banner of the Great Jamahiriya and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.
This is the beginning ………….. escape militia Jermanah of Bani Walid dragging tails disappointment ………
Dardanelles channel ……….. Martyrdom 3 of Bani Walid in prison Friday Market …… And throw their bodies in the street.
And pinned down outside Bani Walid …..
And rats Misrata aircraft., …… Try

to help Germanha stopper to storm Bani Walid.
Our correspondent in Bani Walid
Stolen cars to rats of the people of Bani Walid present at the airport ….

The solution is that people come in all classes to demand the return of the people and armed security

forces on the day called the Day of the return of the legitimate ..


A witness to history: epic steadfastness Gaddafi and the Libyan people. Mpg

Rat fugitive Salem Allowaar + rat Buhulaiga + rat Abu Agila, Habashi + rat and Nice Bo Khmadh + rat Hamid Hassi + rat the Osama Juweili == those traitors behind the defeat of Bani Walid in ink latest Bmaholthm form regulation 93 ….. To seize power and corruption of youth light …..
Rat Salem was hit bumpy green at the hands of the resistance in the south …. And fled to America.
The killing of a number of militias, (called) “May 28” at the hands of the Liberal.
1 – rues de tireurs d’élite de guerre et dans les faubourgs de la ville
2 – la destruction d’un certain nombre de mécanismes de rats
3 – central sécurisé Vdraj et de la Vallée de dinars
4 – National poulet rats Bashluwa rongeur de l’axe sud
5 – portes et les rats faux de personnes enlevées en dehors la ville
Sur Discount maintenant …………. عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل
Notre correspondant à Bani Walid
Martyre 2 des gens armés de fils de Bani Walid.

Warfali ………………….. His head must be lifted now ………… Will not enter the rats died and 28 rats Misrata …… Second to Bani Walid ….

Must control, O, Ravel payment immediately

Maintenant, la situation militaire dans Bani Walid.
De nous écrit maintenant (Dieu Mentsrowoowoowon prêts).
Dans une tentative désespérée pour les rats, le 28 mai ………….
Ils créent des portails dans certains endroits autour de Bani Walid ……..
En M Jrfan et Yanar vallée…. Les résidents kidnapper ………. Vahdhirowoowoowoowoa.
انقذواااااااااااااااااااااا Bani Walid …………….. Où êtes-vous, et Rishvana … Oh tribus Zliten …. Oh Furjan ……
Oh Qmazfah ….Prise en charge des rats avec des chars et des armes lourdes de la Tchétchénie porte ..
Où vous.Honte canaux ……………… dit Bani Walid Skeroha Ashan boussole Ali voulait ………………..
الادمنWalkman et nous voulions Bndor Ali.
We have adult rats to Misrata in Gado !
  •  News of the escape convoy rats Gado of Bani Walid ………. With trying to break into the news Bani Walid today.

    Our correspondent in Bani Walid
    Stolen cars to rats of the people of Bani Walid present at the airport ….

    Bani Walid free ………………… And rats libra.

    Photo : ‎بني وليد حرة ..................... و الجرذان برة‎

    Our correspondent from Winnie Walid:

    Complete control of the sons of Bani Walid Ali Bani Walid Airport.

    Focus rats fleeing Bani Walid in Tarhunah …………
    Perhaps this image Tarhunah wake of her death.


DR. SHAKIR dit: «Je pense que le Parti libéral Namowoowoowoowoowoowoa …………….
Moi aussi je veux dormir. »Agrandissement et appels au jihad des fils de Bani Walid supérieure dans chaque rue .
…………… Le tireur d’élite guerre maintenant à des rats fuyant …
Silence après jour عاااااااااااااااااااااااار ……………… Le feu sous la neige.
Image from the front now in Bani Walid:
Conseil économique et social est le message …………. Tous les fils de Bani Walid doivent s’unir ……. Et tuer les rats fortement aujourd’hui.

Samedi 15 décembre 2012

Avions volant bas au-dessus de la populaire Walid Bani

Sur les avions militaires de plusieurs RAT Air Force Academy à Misrata [voir l’emblème tail]

RAT Misrata air de commande

Décembre 2012 à 22 h 21 min 
Samedi 15 décembre 2012

Avions volant bas au-Dessus de la populaire Walid Bani

Sur les military Avions de plusieurs the RAT Air Force Academy à Misrata [voir l’emblème tail]

vers Bani Walid et au Québec, since L’AUBE DU JOUR, ET APRES UNE Venu est Couleur Nuit d’affrontements

déclenchés nominale des milices Criminelles À l’intérieur de Bani Walid écoulement terroriser Les Gens, la population

a plus de la Bani Walid Leur grande digue de La Survie de la SCÉ milices, Qui are venus de l’extérieur Vous de Leur région.

vers Bani Walid et que, depuis l’aube du jour, et est venu après une nuit d’affrontements déclenchés par des milices

criminelles à l’intérieur de Bani Walid pour terroriser les gens, la population a plus de Bani Walid leur grand dam de la

survie de ces milices, qui sont venus de l’extérieur de leur région .

Mu & Martyr Gibran in BANI WALID

Almngar Allibialjmahirih Great War (Bani Walid), has
14 octobre

اذاكان olive irrigated with water Vzaton bin Walid Sagenah Badam and attested to by the olive swore allegiance to his head,

and witness the olive swore allegiance to his head that will always be alive generation after generation because blood Sagenaha.
Leader of the Revolution.

Almngar Allibialjmahirih Great War (Bani Walid), has
16 octobre

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
(And Athspen who are killed in the way of Allah dead, but alive and well in the Lord).
The great truth of God.
Today marks the 17 / Dates / 2012 P, the first anniversary of the martyrdom of 26 martyr Zvo to Jannat Mole, after NATO bombing cruciate convoy Mujahid Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, in Vskah dam of Wadi Zamzam, including:
1 – Shahid Ahmed Muhammad Yunus idiosyncratic.
2 – Hussein Hussein idiosyncratic birthday.
Congratulations to them to testify, and an honor for us to be from the tribe of those sample than avoided.
Blessed martyrs and shame of traitors, customers and defeatists.

l post addicted Page

Ademowoowoowoowoowoowoa channels Lafrasin and Dardanelles ….. even Atfkaddohm …….
Although the complaint was made ​​in the channel of the Dardanelles ……. Where I think it’s a pro-Orvlh more than Mwaltha green flag.

Enters Bani Walid ………………. Will not come out ……. And begs rats channels Bani Walid.

Warplanes flying low over the popular Bani Walid 
Out several military aircraft from Air Force Academy in Misrata toward Bani Walid and that since
the dawn of the day, and came after a night of clashes triggered by militias criminal inside
Bani Walid to terrorize people, has over population Bani Walid their dismay of the survival
of these militias, who came from outside their region.
Our correspondent in Friday Market:
Warplanes flying thick …… Going to hit the Bani Walid and Tarhunah.


Pictures: some crimes militias NATO rebels in Bani Walid

Burn divided Libyana fully located in Building E in Bani Walid

The destruction of homes in the neighborhood Zubaydat in various

neighborhoods in Bani Walid, as well as shops for the purpose of revenge.

Burning of the headquarters of the security committee in Bani Walid:

The people of Bani Walid burned the headquarters of the security committee, which was inside.

Criminal gangs and militias evasion in the region’s population, all now have been expelled these gangs out of the city.

Capturing a number of rats, “May 28” (RAT MILITIA) at the hands free to Bani Walid.


Most pages Jermanah ……… Recognize the control of the people of Bani Walid ……….. And the presence of rats National Chicken Island bridge ..
Volunteer campaign to help the people of Bani Walid

A number of volunteers and philanthropists of charities help people Bani Walid 
homeowners affected by the indiscriminate shelling of the long 
city during the past period, and the owners of the houses that were burned 
by the troops who stormed the city after that stole some 
houses and shops and ignited into flames as acts of revenge 
in the next week.
 rat Swehli pays Bgerman and national chicken to the south to get rid of them
from Dr. Shakir’s “ASHAM HOME PAGE“:
“Our correspondent from Zliten
Celebration of National Chicken rats in Zliten ……….
Knowing they were from Morocco is present in the streets”.

Our correspondent from Zliten:
Ambulances not subsided two days ago ……… Of dead and wounded were taken from Bani Walid.


Demonstration of rats in Sabratha in front of Hall of the People to support rat Abu Shana!!!

Asham El-Watan (alla, Mouammar, la Libye seulement) nous informe:

Notre correspondant à la direction des hommes armés
Oh Tarhunah ………………

Appel de frère Saadi: 

Et maintenant dirigé vos armes à des rats près de chez vous ………….. immédiatement.”

Our correspondent in the leadership of the armed people
Oh Tarhunah ………………

Appeal of Brother Saadi: “youAnd now directed your weapons to rats near you ………….. immediately!”

Muammar’s great son Saadi
أحد أبناء الجنوب الذين غرر بهم يقول نريد م.الساعدي القذافي يحكمنا
أحد أبناء الجنوب الذين غرر بهم يقول نريد الساعدي القذافي يحكمنا والكفاح الثوري مستمر.
وذلك بعد أن تم الضحك عليهم ووصفهم بالمرتزقة لأن بشرتهم سمراء وحتى الطعام واللباس استخسروه عليهم بعد أن تم الركوب على ظهوره واستغلالهم أثناء فترة الحرب.
وقال لا توجد دولة ولا جيش ولا أي شئ لذلك ونريد المهندس الساعدي القذافي أن يأتي يحكمنا.

One of the sons of the south who deceived them say we want Saadi Gaddafi ruled by the Revolutionary Struggle continues.
And after that they were laughing and describing them mercenaries because their skin is brown and even food and dress Astkhosrōh them after he was riding on his appearance and exploitation during the war period.
He said no country, no army, no anything for it and we want to engineer Saadi Gaddafi to come ruled.

Photo : Muammar's great son Saadi 
and they are lying about SAADI too–the rats claim to have given Niger 300 million dinars to hand over SAADI–
This is so full of it!! SAADI has ben free for aeges and as MAJOR-General in the people’s Liberation Army
(under his father, Mu’ammar) he is fighting; and SAADI even was in BANI WALID to receive an honor’s medal..:


Message from rat to
Addicted:“The Prophet Wind Spirit and Uday Rest You writes Alsti and Tnod attached and operates in Allaakat Spirit costume Alabit ….

Uday earn your health Khirlk ăÇÍĎ Amadl you and you Dima Bagel Amtaek Amehada.”

I think he has the right O Ahbab Asham of the nation …… And Osov work his advice.

Annaaaaaaaa live Saaaaaaaaat glorious-this challenge Hoowo P more Alsamuowoowod and Baden God Mentsrowoowoowoowoon.
هااااااااااااااااااااااااام جدا وفي غاية الاهميةهدا هو حال الحكومه العميلة التي تبدر الاموال في كل مكان بدون حسيب
ولا رقيب واخر عملياتهم الدنيئة هناك اجتماعات سرية للغاية تبرم في ليبيا من اجل دفع مبلغ 300 مليون الى
حكومة النيجر من اجل ان تسلمهم المهندس اللواء الساعدي معمر القدافي ودلك لاسكات الشارع الليبي عن
المطالبة بحقوقه ولكي يقدم زيدان شيء الى الشعب فهل له القدرة على تسليم خاله الريفي وغيره اللي يملكون اموال طائلة ومسروقة من الشعب الكادح..؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
Photo : ‎هااااااااااااااااااااااااام جدا وفي غاية الاهمية</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>هدا هو حال الحكومه العميلة التي تبدر الاموال في كل مكان بدون حسيب ولا رقيب واخر عملياتهم الدنيئة هناك اجتماعات سرية للغاية تبرم في ليبيا من اجل دفع مبلغ 300 مليون الى حكومة النيجر من اجل ان تسلمهم المهندس اللواء الساعدي معمر القدافي ودلك لاسكات الشارع الليبي عن المطالبة بحقوقه ولكي يقدم زيدان شيء الى الشعب فهل له القدرة على تسليم خاله الريفي وغيره اللي يملكون اموال طائلة ومسروقة من الشعب الكادح..؟؟؟؟؟؟؟‎
Zaidan visited Niger, to broker a deal to hand over Saadi Qaddafi to the Libyan occupation regime.—
THIS is TOTALLY ABSURD since SAADI has been out of Niger and been actively fighting with the
People’s Liberation army under his father, Muammar al-Qathafi. As I said, Saadi even received in BANI WALID an honor’s Award medal for valor last month.


Our correspondent from the ssouthern beach:
Rumor about Hannibal Homes Alqmazfah and Almgarhh Sabha.
Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)


Our correspondent in the leadership of the armed people
Asham Home (Muammer, libya only)
Rebekah Mu’tasim Matoli:Are you still on the principle ………… If configured Arab Legion of the martyr Saif ………
Will you participate ….? …………… Are Sttoa …….?
There is an initiative of one of the brigade officers 32 enhanced …. The orders of the commander of Resistance Saadi Gaddafi …………. Form a legion ….

Very great optimism in the operating room, led by the brother Saadi and his assistant Colonel
Mu’ammar al-Qathafi … one of the best officers enhanced brigade 32 ……
He says in the strongest resistance stages ….

Message from Brother Saadi Gaddafi:

Salute to our people in the general public … Wali Liberal in Benghazi private …..
Conspiracy started from you ………. And will end with you too …. Start of the war of liberation of the city of the first statement ……


wisdom from Mujahid Saadi al-Qathafi:  The Third Universal Theory is the Only Salvation for our Ailing Planet

Our correspondent from the ssouthern beach:
Rumor about Hannibal Homes Alqmazfah and Almgarhh Sabha.

Fire huge Fezzan Hospital in popularity Sabha:

Large fire in Fezzan boarding facility WHDH clinic was the palace of the so-called King Idris al-Sanusi days the

Italian occupation and fire trucks to extinguish the fire accelerates.

Quoting Page Sabha now | Sebha Now
Large fire in Fezzan boarding facility WHDH clinic was the palace of the so-called by King Idris days

count Italians and fire trucks at the scene of the fire.

Notre correspondant à Sabha
mort d’un jeune homme dans le quartier de Mahdia.

Our correspondent in Sabha
Death of a young man in the neighborhood of Mahdia.

Many spoils for the people of the south ….. TPU and commandos are free Sabha and are free beach ……. light and heavy weapons in the way you ……..

Misrata aimed rats all rats other areas you ……
Warning to our people in Sabha ……. Wali Almgarhh ……..
Rats Lennon inspect your homes ……

For weddings rats to begin in Tripoli and Sabha

The global news agency Gaddafi: Libyan woman giving birth in a corridor in the Green Hospital.
  •  The health sector in Libya after the catastrophe of February 17, another turn a Altahedor and deliberate neglect. 
    today where the woman put her baby on the green tile hospital did not help them one.

Water problem .. South popular corner

Suffering people living south corner of the shortage of drinking water, and supports most of the population on the transfer of water from the city center or from desalination plants small by the parents installed in some mosques to help solve this problem, which began worsen and pose a great danger to people …

water shortage affects also agricultural wells that began to lose its ability to provide water for agriculture and become farmers need to deepen their wells in order to get water, but the lack of agricultural loans or aid from the state illegal led to the decline of agricultural production in those speaking that depend heavily Agriculture!! And this has led to higher prices for some crops, as well as meat, … and waits farmers and rural population in general and promises Libyan government Alkazbho local council to be able to resist these problems and return to agricultural production and achieve some sort of self-sufficiency within their city and therefore Ankhvaz prices in general!!!

Break all connections for popular Heathens

Mu’ammar al GATHAFI:
Interruption of all types of communications from my Libyana orbit and landline popular

infidels and unknown reasons.


Tuber cry ……….. The lack of bread today …. And electricity cut off ……..
We our light today Dr Mujahid

Libyana: stop service for the eastern region due to some violations!!
A source in the company Libyana: stop service for the eastern region due to some violations!!source in the company Libyana Telecom, on Saturday evening, the service company cut off from the eastern region due to some violations on the numbers secret.said source who preferred anonymity that “there is penetration of accounts Confidential company, “noting that the company is in the process of changing the numbers secret.source confirmed that the service will not return for the east coast even change those numbers.

10:45 AM

Demonstrations in Sabha in solidarity with the people of Bani Walid.

Our correspondent from Sabha:
Misrata rats are present now in Sebha airport .…… Attacks on the Fatih district, Abdul Kafi and Mansheya.

Reports of clashes in the neighborhood of Abdul Kafi Sabha ……. And hear the voice of launchers.

Al Dardanal quoted space that the mass demonstrations of the sons and Rafla.

 emerged in popular Sabha green arena, demanding the release of members of the Social
Council of detainees in prisons in the armed militias outside of the law and calling on the
government to investigate the murder of Sheikh Mohammed Ahmed Cndolee.


Crime: Air Force’s NATO bombed  illegal immigrants in the south

Large body of news to us from sources familiar with its content to do the rebel Libyan Air Force,

which is controlled by rebels NATO strike convoys of illegal immigrants on the border of Chad and Sudan

and are in the process of combing extensive coordination with ground forces ..

Urgent ..Then arrest the killers of the President of the Council the local Tragn and will be

transferred to the Murzuq because the crime occurred in the Murzuq …

The youth coalition Fezzan source .. What stronger security and stun our hours and the

south area of 500 square meters .. ÔćÝćÇ lie second destruction of Fezzan ..


In the first image on the right Abdulkadir head of the local council birthday Tragn assassinated

this evening is the first legitimate Khan in Tragn and the first to pay the price for it this fact justice ..

The first to betray the first to be killed.

Air shaved Apache “poll” extensively on popular Tragn this afternoon and after the death of

Chairman of the Board of the local rats there and a comprehensive civil disobedience in the region.


Notre correspondant dans le sud
Rat tuer Abdul Qader Ali, président du Conseil des rats naissance Tragn mains locales sont libres Tabu …………… Et frères blessés

Our correspondent in the south
Rat killing Abdul Qader Ali, President of the Board of birth rats Tragn local hands are free Tabu …………… And wounded brothers.
Tabu you filter head of the local council of the popularity of Tragn.

Because we are the strongest ……………. (Asham home ….. convoys of martyrs)

Our correspondent from the leadership of the resistance
Niger group thank rat weapons and vehicles that went to the border ……………
The remainder of the rats GO walking …… Thankfully all the weapons and vehicles with the People’s Armed Forces.

Was last night filter head of the local council of the popularity of Tragn by members of the Tabu tribe
in the gate called the gate 17.
Front save Tabu refuses to consider the South Libyan closed military zone.
Front Tabu refuses to rescue and Moses cosmic object to the National Congress’s decision to declare the south military zone and seal the border.

3 columns of rats passed Balzizih heading to Gharyan …… Ambulances with them.
  •  Killing one person and injuring 2 ups in clashes Balzhra.
  •  Passage of a convoy of about 30 rats car in Sawani …… Unknown entity.


Storming the Commercial Bank of Libya in Tripoli and stolen.

Tripoli: Libyan gunmen stormed the Commercial Bank of Libya and seize

A large amount of foreign currency at gunpoint

Rats begin the siege of Bani Walid for a third time ……. Tarhunah dead. 19 DEC. 2012
J’Rats have lost threaten to break into the Bani Walid …..
page 4: Proceeds clashes last night in Bani Walid
Ali Liberal in Gheryan ……… Speed ​​the release of prisoners of Bani Walid immediately …………. Or will be freed by force

Kidnapping of a number of the sons of Bani Walid by militias on located on the edges


Clashes within the popular Bani Walid between parents and criminal gangs


Clashes within the popular Bani Walid between parents and criminal gangs
Martyrdom Fouad lamp Mabrouk Abu Hamra after clashes that Haddtt

Killing of Ahmed Salem Haj militia affiliated to the security committee and another person in yesterday’s clashes with the people of Bani Walid.

dawn today in the Dahra Beni Walid

The people of the city of Bani Walid out in huge marches advertisers support for the legitimacy of the state and standing up for the people’s Liberation army to maintain security and safety and the complete rejection of the presence of armed militias in the city

Will come out of the people of Bani Walid today in a demonstration denouncing the rule of the city of militias and security committee, gang May 28 and affirm in this rally their support for the People’s Liberation Army army in the city.

Martyrdom of a number of Liberal Tarhunah and Bani Walid in rats Misrata prisons including Ali Imran widget

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel fulfilled

Only the Plain Green Flag in Bani Walid – Banner of the Great Jamahiriya and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

 KHAMIS now, and below as a teen:

Golen General Khamis when teen

Khamis w binoculars

 Photo : ‎رفقة خميس ما تولي .......‎

Qatar will NOT govern us …. We will not sell home to the Americans …. Will not keep customers …. Will not accept humiliation …… Green flag flying …. God is greatest over Kidd aggressor

Forward … forward … forward

KHAMIS is in BANI WALID  in a safe place (report from Basic People’s Congress free Elvis Buckey)

Alive and in a safe place and will liberate Libya this everything we can tell you right now ..

24/24 Intelligence asked 7 hours ago:

“Is Gen. Khamis returned to Bani Walid? We will hear a lot of arguments flimsy and false rumors as usual about what is happening now in Bani Walid, and the only truth is that what is happening is a natural reaction for all what has been happening of violations and provocative actions of the people by the militias, which consists of a group of thieves and owners precedents. … The issue is indivisible but Bani Walid, and it will evolve Aktar Aktar because Bani Walid is not the appropriate place to exercise Gogaúatkm O foundlings.”

Riders of the BANI WALID


Please all of the people of Bani Walid out now and take part in a demonstration denouncing the rule of militias and support the national army

“Return to normal life in Bani Walid after rid residents of the criminal gangs that had been occupied.”


Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia’s position has not and will not change the direction of Syria


Alexander announced Ukashević spokesman and the Russian Foreign Ministry said Moscow did not change its stance on Syria, stressing that Washington’s comments in this regard are wrong.
And told Ukashević on Friday, December 14 / December, Victoria Nuland, spokesperson for the U.S. State Department has said with admiration that Moscow “woke up” and change its position.
The to Ukashević: “We were not asleep never change our position.”
He added: “Our position remains stable and has not changed.” Commenting on the remarks Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, saying that Bogdanov “reaffirmed our initial proposal to implement the Geneva agreements that have been reached on the basis of consensus in June 30 this year.”
The situation in Syria is very complex and you must use the possibilities statement Geneva
Assured Ukashević that the situation in Syria is very complicated, and you must use the potential of the Geneva statement approved on June 30 / June 2012.
And told Ukashević that “the situation is very complex, and does not hide that one. Government forces face opposition groups on the weapon more and more sophisticated. Increased the terrorist activity which is gaining a sectarian character.”
He added: “It seems that the increased political and moral support and material support to the opposition by hardline members of the international community, especially the so-called” Friends of Syria “, paid gunmen to activate their business.”
He added: “We are convinced that the confrontation will only lead to trouble can be unpredictable regional and wider. Emphasize Russia’s readiness for effective cooperation with all those who want to prevent the realization of a tragic scenario in Syria.”
He added: “In this regard, we will work to achieve accurate statement Geneva. It’s a real new opportunity to contribute to a peaceful solution, and should be exploited to the fullest.”
Russia does not negotiate over the fate of Assad
He to Ukashević again that Russia does not negotiate over the fate of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, saying: “We are not conducting any negotiations with our American counterparts, or in any other frameworks. Russia are looking hard for ways to settle the insistence political situation in Syria.”
He added that “the application of the Geneva Accords is the basis for such a settlement. Should stop violence and come to the negotiating table.”
Russia has a plan for a possible evacuation of its nationals from Syria
To Ukashević declined to comment or answer a question about the possibility of the use of force to protect Russian citizens in Syria, describing him as a “default and strange.” He added: “Simply put, I do not know of any historical reality used where such scenarios.”
However, he pointed to Ukashević to have a plan for the evacuation of a possible Russian citizens from Syria, saying: “In any difficult situation, there are, of course, the necessary plans, and adjusted regularly taking the changing situation quickly into account, especially in Syria, where we note the complexity conditions residence and work our diplomats Russian citizens day after day, so, the plans exist, of course. ”
Moscow renewed its negative position toward the deployment of missiles “Patriot” in Turkey
Told Ukashević the deployment of missile systems, “Patriot”, including systems of America, does not contribute to the achievement of a political settlement of the situation in Syria.
He added: “We expressed our concern over the development of events in this way, aware that the orientation of the accumulation of additional weapons, especially of this kind, on the border and Turkish territory does not contribute to the search for ways to achieve a political settlement, but increases the tension between the two neighbors.”
Source: “ITAR – TASS” + “Interfax” + “Russia Today”
Ilya Kornev military adviser to Libyan leader @ @ @ @ @ @ Muammar al-Qathafi said in a statement to Russia today ………….
“Colonel Gaddafi he knew the officers traitors but the delay in the arrest.”!
 FRIDAY,  14 DECEMBER 2012Brawl inside the battalion Nawasi market Friday combing the inside of the battalion’s headquarters
30 people of Nawasi Ansahbu Battalion Headquarters last night after a brawl including House
Quoting Page Sabha now | Sebha Now
Large fire in Fezzan boarding facility WHDH clinic was the palace of the so-called by King Idris days
count Italians and fire trucks at the scene of the fire.
Libyan Resistance destroys NATO rebels and wounding another five in popularity

Last night was targeting a vehicle of the invited Abdul Bari Al-Ajmi in popularity five before Baghdad market
has died immediately after the attack was with him inside the car everyone else is Muhannad Parvad
who sustained serious injury and was taken to the hospital.
recalled that two days ago was targeting a vehicle of the United United in the popular five led to become corrupted.
 Some prisons raped by Silks of volunteers armed people …
1 – Prison Police College harsh plateau
2 – prison Motaiqh market Friday
3 – college girls prison before the market Tuesday
4 – Ain Zara prison

Airlines threaten to stop flights to Sabha because of indiscriminate shootingBeen notified Libyan Arab Airlines
across the Arab airlines and international resentment of random shooting that occur in popular Sabha, south
of the Libyan because that in turn may affect the safety of flights, have expressed their intention to stop
running these trips if the situation continues as Huallah.
At 12:27 am
local radio Derna in eastern Libya, which led to the crash blow up local DERNA blew up the
local radio Derna in eastern Libya, which led to the crash of the channel and damaged several nearby houses by
  a failed assassination attempt on the security chief for the city of Derna
  • was president of the “so-called” Security Directorate Colonel tuber “useful Almsora”
    survived assassination attempt since few lounge near the blue dove and tuber steam station
    on his way to the headquarters of the Directorate of Security tuber .

    Our correspondent in Derna:

    A number of explosions and armed clashes near the blue dove Bdrna

Our correspondent incognito among rats
Almltmyin who Iguenson rats Nawasi ……… Follow rat Mukhtar Fernana Alzentani

THURSDAY, 13 DECEMBER 2012The fact trial Mustafa Abdul Jalil
http://sphotos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/406708_461700200531787_975808131_n.jpgAppearance rat traitor Boshna Abdul Jalil before the courts pretend everyone everyone that
justice be realized that no one is above the law in order to bring supporters and tried later, but the truthknown to the Libyans, particularly those who home is the lack of any judicial body or even police stationsreal because what there is now Libya militia is just is not criminal.

his paper you distribute management Fateh University all students, urging them to demonstrate for treason adviser and employment and villainy named Mustafa Abdul Jalil nicknamed Bboshna, copies were also distributed similar to school administrators, businesses and factories ……… etc.

Why Tgbron people to demonstrate for a criminal?

Do not they even went up to the lure of money

Exclusive document: Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Warfali earns arranged!
Document proving litigation named Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Warfali two salaries one of the so-called Ministry of Health and the other from Conference Allaotunai.
When Muammar al-Qathafi (early on in the first days of the Great Jamahiriya) made it his top priority to house every Libyan citizen, no matter who they were…The Torriga (people) were among the first to benefit with the beautiful city of Torgae–and brick and stucco community beautifully planned for the Torriga peoples of Libya, where each family owned their own beautiful and sturdy home, with no

 mortgage ever to pay, or any electric or water bills.
NATO & the their rat Puppets destoyed all this wonder and healthy happiness:
Lorsque Mouammar Kadhafi, (dès le début dans les premiers jours de la Grande Jamahiriya) en a fait sa priorité absolue pour loger chaque citoyen libyen, peu importe qui ils étaient … Le Torriga (personnes) ont été parmi les premiers à bénéficier de la magnifique ville de Torgae et de brique et de stuc communauté magnifiquement prévu pour les peuples Torriga de la Libye, où chaque famille étaient propriétaires de leur propre maison belle et robuste, sans hypothécaire jamais à payer, ou de toute facture d’électricité ou de l’eau. 

OTAN et les marionnettes de leurs rat destoyed tout cet émerveillement et la joie saine:

Tawerga: Noirs Libye en très mauvais état Plus d’un an après le génocide Près

Posté le: 17/12/2012
De:  Mathaba.net
Ville de 35.000 disparu, victimes du nettoyage ethnique par les proches Misrata racistes. Survivants dans des conditions effroyables dans les camps impropres à la vie humaine dispersés à travers la Libye.La ville de Misrata Tawergha à proximité le long de la côte nord libyenne a accueilli quelque 35.000 Noirs libyens. Dans la Jamahiriya ils avaient leurs droits de l’homme comme l’ont fait tous les autres citoyens. Cependant l’année dernière avec l’arrivée au pouvoir par la force des armes de la ville de Misrata qui a une longue histoire de racisme et pro-capitaliste a pris sa revanche contre les Libyens noirs qui n’étaient pas autorisés à être victimes de discrimination dans la Jamahiriya libyenne. L’Misratans généralement vu l’ Tawerga proximité comme «esclaves» et a saisi l’occasion de mettre le feu à la ville et se lancer dans une tuerie de masse en Août 2011. Ceux qui ont survécu ont fui dans le désert. Ceux qui ont survécu dans le désert et n’ont pas été pourchassés et tués de leur par la Libye «rebelles» soutenus par l’ouest régimes capitalistes et leurs forces militaires de l’OTAN, ont été contraints de survivre dans faire des camps de décalage ou à l’air libre.Maintenant, presque un an et demi plus tard, la situation ne s’est pas améliorée. Ils ne peuvent toujours pas retourner dans leur ville et de tenter de le reconstruire, comme cela a été démontré que chaque fois que quelqu’un essaie elles sont attaquées, et ce qui reste des maisons là-bas sont de nouveau mis le feu. Ils sont actuellement exclus du reste de la société libyenne plus d’un an après avoir survécu à ce qui équivalait à une tentative claire de génocide par les Arabes Misrata. Leur état ​​reste aujourd’hui l’un qui se détériore. Ils font face à des problèmes de santé et de la nutrition, de l’assainissement et de traumatismes. 30 à 40 mille Tawerghans sont dispersés à travers le pays, même selon les statistiques du régime d’occupation. La question est loin d’être résolu avec la ville de Tawergha reste une coquille brûlée et les conditions de vie précaires dans les “provisoires” ont pas vu beaucoup d’amélioration dans les 16 derniers mois.Aucune solution politique ou autre a été trouvé à leur sort avec les rebelles divisés sur leur émission. La plupart des «rebelles» veulent semblent eux tout simplement effacé ou mourir de faim ou de maladie. Le régime de criminels dont les rebelles ont cherché à placer au pouvoir, mais qui fait face à des conflits quotidiens avec les rebelles mêmes, manque aucun pouvoir effectif de faire quoi que ce soit. Il n’a même pas réussi à avoir de nombreuses réunions dans son bâtiment réunion en raison des fréquentes attaques des rebelles et d’autres manifestants mécontents du régime qui est composé principalement de «Libyens américaine». Tawerghans la plupart installés dans des camps de Tripoli et de Benghazi, craignant encore attaques des combattants de Misrata qui les accusent d’être pro-Kadhafi. La condition de onze mille personnes déplacées à travers Tawergha sept camps de Benghazi est particulièrement préoccupante. Certains de ces camps ont été initialement mis en place pour les entreprises de construction et sont impropres à l’habitation humaine. Déjà les conditions sanitaires désastreuses y sont encore aggravées par la pluie et le froid. Certains enfants y sont morts l’année dernière aussi. Ils ont été tués par le froid que la nuit la température baisse considérablement et l’insuffisance des vêtements et un abri tué les enfants dans ces conditions et cette année encore, certains meurent. Comme si ce n’était pas tout assez mauvais ils ne peuvent pas aller à l’école ou universités en tant que ces applications sont rejetant des étudiants Tawerghan. Le «gouvernement» a fourni aucune aide financière, pas un seul dollar, affirmant qu’il a peur que si elle ne de sorte que le Tawergha va acheter des armes. Pourtant, dans le même temps la demande de machines de propagande qui en Libye ne soutenait le système de la Jamahiriya libyenne de la démocratie participative directe et que Kadhafi était un dictateur Mouammar craint que tout le monde détestait. Il est bien connu et a été démontrée dans le plus grand à chaque manifestation de masse de près de 2 millions de personnes, la moitié de la population libyenne, qui sont sortis dans les rues de Tripoli en faveur du dirigeant libyen Mouammar Kadhafi (voir liens ci-dessous). Ceux qui voulaient installer un système de pro-occidental avec une monarchie pré-révolution drapeau, un nouvel hymne national et une nouvelle constitution étaient une petite minorité, mais soutenu par l’énorme puissance de feu des armées les plus puissantes du monde de l’OTAN. L’agent de la CIA Mugarief qui a été installé en tant que “président” de la Libye a promis de faire quelque chose, mais n’a rien fait plusieurs mois plus tard. La plupart des Libyens voir le traitement de Tawergha comme une punition collective injuste pour des crimes qu’ils n’ont jamais commis, mais ils sont impuissants à faire quoi que ce soit étant donné le sentiment anti-Noirs racistes et actions des rebelles, avec l’aide de n’importe offre aux Noirs d’être automatiquement considéré comme un Kadhafi ” partisan. ” 

Town of 35,000 extinct, ethnically cleansed by nearby racist Misrata. Survivors in appalling conditions in camps unfit for human life dispersed across Libya.The town of Tawergha nearby Misrata along the north Libyan coast was home to some 35,000 Libyan Blacks. In the Libyan Jamahiriya they had their human rights as did every other citizen. However last year with the coming to power by force of arms the city of Misrata which has a long history of racism and pro-capitalism took revenge against Black Libyans who were not allowed to be discriminated against in the Libyan Jamahiriya.The Misratans generally saw the nearby Tawerga as “slaves” and seized the opportunity to set fire to the town and embark on a mass killing spree in August 2011. Those that survived fled into the desert. Those that survived the desert and were not hunted down and killed their by Libya’s “rebels” supported by western capitalist regimes and their military NATO forces, were forced to survive in make shift camps or out in the open.Now, almost a year and a half later, their situation has not improved. They still cannot go back to their town and attempt to rebuild it, as has been shown that every time anyone tries they are attacked, and what remains of homes there are again set ablaze. They are now being excluded from the rest of Libyan society more than a year after surviving what amounted to a clear attempt at genocide by the Misrata Arabs. Their condition remains today one that is deteriorating.They face health and nutrition issues, sanitation and trauma. 30 to 40 thousand Tawerghans are scattered across the country even according to the occupation regime statistics. The issue is far from resolved with the town of Tawergha remaining a burnt out shell and the precarious living conditions in the “temporary” shelters have not seen much improvement in the past 16 months. No political or other solution has been found to their plight with rebels divided over their issue.Most “rebels” want to seem them simply wiped out or die of starvation or illness. The regime of criminals which the rebels have sought to place into power but which faces daily conflict with the very same rebels, lacks any effective power to do anything. It has not even managed to have many meetings in its meeting building due to the frequent attacks by rebels and other demonstrators unhappy with the regime which is made up mostly of “American Libyans.”Tawerghans settled in camps mostly in Tripoli and Benghazi, fearing further attacks by Misrata fighters who accuse them of being pro-Qadhafi. The condition of eleven thousand displaced Tawergha people across seven camps in Benghazi is especially worrying. Some of the camps were initially set up for construction companies and are unfit for human habitation. Already dire health conditions there are further aggravated by rain and cold. Some children died there last year too.They were killed by the cold as at night the temperature drops drastically and inadequate clothing and shelter killed the children in those conditions and again this year some are dying. As if this was not all bad enough they also cannot go to school or universities as those are rejecting applications from Tawerghan students.The “government” has provided absolutely no financial assistance, not a single dollar, claiming that it is worried that if it does so the Tawergha will purchase weapons. Yet at the same time the propaganda machinery claim that in Libya no one supported the Libyan Jamahiriya system of direct participatory democracy and that Muammar Qaddafi was a feared dictator that everyone hated.It is well known and was demonstrated in the largest every mass demonstration of almost 2 million people, half the Libyan population, who came out into the streets of Tripoli in support of Libyan Leader Muammar Qadhafi (see related link below). Those that wanted to install a pro-western system with a monarchy pre-revolution flag, a new national anthem and a new constitution were a small minority but supported by the massive fire-power of the world’s most powerful armies in NATO.The CIA agent Mugarief who was installed as “President” of Libya promised to do something but has done nothing many months later. Most Libyans see the treatment of Tawergha as collective unjust punishment for crimes they never committed but they are powerless to do anything given the anti-Black racist sentiment and actions of the rebels, with anyone offering assistance to the Blacks being automatically seen as a “Qadhafi supporter.”
RAT Government customers agreed with the desired internationally Omar al-Bashir on the deployment of a
joint military force on the border between Libya and the Sudan.
Illegal aliens commanding RAT ARMY SPECIAL FORCES IN LIBYA:
This Nice Abouchmadh commander of special forces and bolt in Libya, meaning Mafeesh illegal immigration in Libya ..
Now become Benghazi city terrorism, bombings and assassinations not Aasbua passes only hear disaster,,!
U.S. Congress considering sending American soldiers to Libya to protect its “embassy” (SPY & GUN RUNNING QUARTERS) in Bengazi !From channel Russia Today:
should be noted to the continued flight of U.S. drones continuously over Benghazi and the eastern regions of the country.
Trading news reaching us that the U.S. Congress has extensive meetings these days to discuss sending troops American Marines. 
and Decker source that were more than 150 people for the protection of representatives of its illegal, so-called “embassy” in Libya.
  • How can a group of RENTED (Rent being illegal under the Great Jamahiriya) VILLAS be considered an”embassy” or legal USA property?
     and we all know the true purpose of this so-called “embassy”! (GUN RUNNING to Syria for the al-Qaeda working with the American CIA to topple the legallly “elected” Syrian Government headed by Bashear ASSAD.) It also was financing the Muslim Brotherhood and other al-Qaeda militia groups; and giving strategy as to how to continue turmoil and terror in Libya.
NATO rebels were blocking Algerians to Libya:
Authorities refused rebels NATO illegal in recent days to open the borders to tens of Algerians who want to enter their territory, where the government issued illegal clear guidance for customs officers and police stations southern border Algerian, confirming prevent every person whatever described, from entering the soil Libyan both it comes nationalities Algerian.happen in time , which has Libyans freely to enter the Algerian territory, at all times, which prompted Algerians to claim the highest authorities in the country should be treated the Libyans, who come Algeria Similarly, preventing them from entering Algerian territory. Dozens Algerians traveling to Libya, across the land border Bmabbari “Aldbdab” and “Tin Kom” city “Illizi”, south of Algeria, who were coming from various Algerian cities, preventing them from entering Libyan territory in order to check on the conditions of their children and their families residing in Libya , and this despite repeated attempts, but the NATO-rebel militias refused to allow them to pass ..

News Libyan Resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

The puppet-RAT national non-conference decided to close the border with Algeria, Niger, Chad and Sudan. Consider all of the languages ​​and

Ghadames and the south Libyan military zone, and declared a state of emergency.


Our correspondent from the leadership of the armed people:
Rats believe that the People’s Armed Forces abroad …… Will enter into mass of Niger, Chad, Algeria ……..
Really are اغبيااااااااااااااااااااااااااااء …………. Our troops are inside Libya …. Soon in the port of Misrata …..
Close the border with Chad, Niger, Algeria and Sudan came under the direct orders of the United States and France to the Government of traitors and agents
This comes after approaching the impending Schnha strike group of countries on what they called al-Qaeda in northern Mali.
They will not admit to the People’s Liberation Army / Green Army attacking MISRATA now.
D. Hamza Thami -14-12-2012
Light of the room as soon as Ever –
د.حمزه التهامي -14-12-2012
من غرفه الفاتح فور ايفر –
  • This is our offensive against MISRATA, to save Libya and expose the masque placed upon the world by the ZIONISTS through Bernard-Henri Levy.

Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)


Hroowoowoowoowoob number of rats Misrata to the outside of the Libyan … After the liberation of Bani Walid


قريباااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا Dardanelles channel built in Eyeeyeeyeeyed ……
After the end of the battle to liberate Bani Walid ……….. The beginning of the end for Misrata.

Real reason is that the People’s Liberation Army is on the move to destroy MISRATA.

The Green Army troops are already within Libyan borders, and Zentani’s Red Army

is protecting and retaining the Liberation of the south and the oil fields.

Libya entrusted to its weak army mission impossible
Mockery of Western analysts and the international press capabilities and possibilities of armed militias

in their ability to implement the decision of closing the Libyan border with neighboring countries and

not being able to impose its control over the north, let alone in the south

Tripoli PUPPET-“Government” authorities failed to form an army to impose any forced-security in

the country, then what would be the closure of a southern border sprawling?

Quoting: Middle East Online

Tripoli – over his decision to shut down Libya’s southern border, ithe General Allaotunai Congress (PUPPET “Government”) is highest political body in the occupied country, entrusted to his “army” causing a near-impossible task in a desert land where smuggling flourishes of all kinds.
The Prime Minister said NATO rebels leader Ali Zaidan before members of the (PUPPET “Government”) General Allaotunai Congress “should not make decisions in a hurry, especially when we are not able to be applied.”
The General Allaotunai Congress (PUPPET “Government”) ordered Sunday close to Libya’s border with its four neighbors in the south, Algeria, Niger, Chad and Sudan because of the deteriorating security situation in the south of the country which declared “closed military area of operations.”
The Foreign Ministry announced to the rebels belonging to NATO on Monday, that the decision was made in agreement with the United States and all parties concerned.
The military spokesman said Ali الشيخي said Libya are considering establishing a border with each of these four countries, warning that “anyone entering or coming out of these centers will be considered an agent offside.”
And even then it was possible to cross the border from any point.
The analysts consider this measure as a response to the crisis in Mali, but they warn that it would be very difficult to apply due to the nature of the Libyan south easily breached.
Said John Mark, an analyst at Chatham House in London, said, “and a lot of fighters and weapons arrived in Mali from Libya ..

and financial dispute forced the world to focus on the situation.”
The financial shares a border with Libya, but fighters and weapons to get there through traffic border states like Niger, Algeria and by taking advantage of the chaos after the NATO Libyan conflict that led to the ouster of the Great Jamahiriya in the year 2011.
While attending international military action against Islamist extremists who occupy the north of Mali, record population displacement towards the south MP also warned Libyan Jamahiriya in recent Suad Ganor.
Nations fear the region fell Islamist fighters into its territory also drew Marc.
The decision to declare the southern military zone, too, worried illegal Libyan authorities about possible attempts to change the government in the country may be behind former officials of the Gaddafi regime and many of them sought refuge in Algeria or Niger analyst also said Libyan Saleh al-Sanusi.
But Shashank Joshi, an analyst at the Royal United Institute PGS “expressed doubts” about the ability of the Libyan authorities illegal vast border control or reduce arms trafficking or the movement of people and goods.
“We’re here in front of the armed forces are very weak and face difficulties in imposing itself in the densely populated coastal areas.”
Illegal Libyan authorities have failed to yet form a real army and national police to impose security in the country.
These authorities work hard to control the land border (4 thousand km) and marine (thousand km) and request the assistance of European countries to cope with the influx of thousands of illegal immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa and wishing to reach Europe.
In 2010 a request by Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to acquire about 5 billion euros a year was then agreed upon from the European Union to stop illegal immigration.


Chamber of God, brother
News ………… Libyan …………….
Tunisian security interests confiscated dawn 7000 bottle of whiskey on board a truck bound for Libya.
A source from the territory of the National Guard Medenine correspondent Libya future that security
agents stationed barrier on the road to Ras Jedir and specifically in the town of Chbanah suspected
something truck was loaded with pebble construction and they be subjected to inspection where they discovered
a large amount of fine wines hidden under gravel estimated price one hundred and fifty thousand dinars.
The source added that preliminary inquiries with the truck driver and his bodyguard proved that the huge
amount was en route for smuggling to Libya in cooperation with the smugglers of the two countries.
free call to detect all agents and traitors
(This here is another green free Resistor speaking up for
Mu’ammar, Libya ups and the Great Jamahiriya TWO WEEKS AGO.)

Uniform are free room of God, Muammar, Libya ups and Dr. Hamza Tohamy in the late hero Ahmid Abdulsalam Eboumnyar Gaddafi
3 Weeks ago
Console free room of God and Muammar and Libya ups and Dr. Hamza Tohamy in the late hero Ahmid Abdulsalam.
تعزية احرار غرفة الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس والدكتور حمزة التهامى فى المغفور له البطل احميد عبدالسلام ابو
تعزية احرار غرفة الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس والدكتور حمزة التهامى فى المغفور له البطل احميد عبدالسلام ابومنيار القدافى والذى فى الصورة ابنه الشهيد البطل محمد احمي…
An armed clash between the corner and Zintan militias for control of the gate and casualties.
Erupted Sunday armed confrontations between such groups including one track popular corner
and the other came from Zintan and in an attempt to acquire Gateway considered them.
This has led the clash to the fall of a number of wounded on both sides, while supported militias of
Zuwarah militants corner forcing who came from Zintan to step back and escape.


This is today’s in Zintan occasion God I know is important to the three important observations on the picture ..
First: – Minister of Defense Mohammad Barghathi walker Jay Zintan imposed Icheroa his monsters in Zintan ..
Second: – Suit stun white pleasures Hamid the Hassi prophet we know either Heca wears army launched now in the first dou …
Third: Colonel Mukhtar Fernana popular uniform rotation and serve in the military and police on duty canceled
and Bari the mayor Mapdlash Red .. A Mbth picture of the situation Messy in suitable Mbth ..
Rat Swehli demanding the expulsion of Zintan from the southern oil fields !

عبدو الهوني :: عاجل .. ازلام القذافي يفجرون طائرة مدنية في قاعدة معيتيقةع … !!!

par ‎الإخبارية الليبية‎, jeudi 13 décembre 2012, 19:07 ·
Libyan news par, jeudi 13 décembre 2012, 19:07 ·
Abdo Hun urgent ::
.. Gaddafi ousted blowing up a civilian airliner in Mitiga base … !!!

Managed today by an armed group belonging to the ousted Gaddafi from infiltrating Mitiga International Airport
and carried out the terrorist where they blew up a civilian airliner full of passengers killed 150 people, mostly “children,
women and elders” and material damage estimated at $ 500 billion ….Moment dear reader, the fact the news is not as well ..
but the images that you see is the process of training and evacuation ambulance took place with the cooperation between
the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Libyan Red Crescent on the floor of Mitiga International Airport.
The purpose of the commentary on the images Newsflash in the first is to make you compare your mental and mental.
Whenever you read the words of the news first and between what I read about the fact these images
and to show you also the ability to manufacture moments death bloody almost real through simulation
to make a killing, burning or bombing technique uses audio and visual effects. ..And such a simulation,
and unfortunately the scenes and still some channels that belong to the countries that lie under the tutelage
of U.S. Zionist laugh and stir peoples Hfadthm to create chaos and hoopla in their countries Tida for Guardians intelligence orders.
Notice how accurate the scene out of the blood and even features actor on the ground.
Here noted plastic body parts, blood stains and even clothes paramedics scene and appear like a realistic.
Notice a representative of the role of the victim cry.  How Come realistic and also medic and focus like a real
running the ambulance.
Fire and smoke also needed to increase the illusion through bloodshed sceneDahr actors
in this picture and if they are living a tragedy if that ordinary people see this picture without knows her story
Ldhan it a massacre and a real crime.
Another picture that can be used in enriched the ire of the people and using a bloodied woman, as in this simulation.
There is no harm in filming scenes for Sarath ambulance racing at the scene to extinguish the recipe realistic simulation.

عبدو الهوني :: عاجل .. ازلام القذافي يفجرون طائرة مدنية في قاعدة معيتيقة … !!!

تمكنت اليوم مجموعة مسلحة تابعة لازلام القذافي من التسلل الى مطار معيتيقة الدولي و قاموا بعملية ارهابية حيث قاموا بتفجير طائرة مدنية مليئة بالركاب راح ضحيتها 150 شخصا اغلبهم ” اطفال و نساء و شيوخ ” و اضرار مادية تقدر بـ 500 مليار دولار ….

لحظة عزيزي القارئ فحقيقة الخبر ليست كذلك ..انما الصور التي تراها هي لعملية تدريب على الاخلاء و الاسعاف جرت بتعاون بين اللجنة الدولية للصليب و الهلال الاحمر الليبي على ارضية مطار معيتيقة الدولي .

اما الغرض من التعليق على الصور بشكل خبر عاجل في الاول هو لكي اجعلك تقارن حالتك النفسية و العقلية عند قرائتك للكلام الخبر الاول و بين ما قرأته عن حقيقة هذه الصور و لكي اوضح لك ايضا مدى القدرة على صناعة لحظات موت دموية تكاد تكون حقيقية وذلك عن طريق محاكاة لاحداث قتل او حرق او تفجير يستخدم فيها تقنية المؤثرات السمعية و البصرية . ..

و بمثل هذه المحاكاة و المشاهد للاسف قامت و لا زالت بعض القنوات المحسوبة على دول التي تقبع تحت الوصاية الصهيو امريكية تضحك بها على الشعوب و اثارة حفيضتهم لخلق الفوضى و الهرج و المرج في بلدانهم تنفيدا لاوامر استخبارات الاوصياء .

لاحظ مدى دقة اخراج المشهد من دماء و حتى ملامح الممثل على الارض 

 هنا لاحظ الاشلاء البلاستيكية و بقع الدماء و حتى ملابس المسعفين تظهر المشهد و كأنه واقعي 

لاحظ صرخة ممثل دور الضحية كم هيا واقعية و ايضا تركيز المسعف و كأنه يخوض عملية اسعاف حقيقية

النيران و الدخان ايضا لابد منها لزيادة الايهام بدموية المشهد 

يضهر الممثلون في هذه الصورة و كأنهم يعيشون مأساة حقيقة ولو ان شخصا عادية شاهد هذه الصورة دون ان يعرف قصتها لضن انها مجزرة و جريمة حقيقية 

صورة اخرى يمكن استخدامها في اثراة حفيظة الشعوب و ذلك باستخدام امراة ملطخة بالدماء كما في هذه المحاكاة

لا ضير في تصوير مشاهد لسارات اسعاف تتسابق في المكان لاطفاء صفة الواقعية على المحاكاة 

بالاضافة الى النساء الشيوخ و كبار السن لهم تأثير كبير في اتارة حفيظة الشعوب 

صورة اخرى تحاكي انتشار الاشلاء و و تصاعد الدخان و هرولة المسعفين لاعطاء واقعية للصورة


Nominale nouvelles libyen, jeudi 13 décembre 2012, 19:07 ·
Abdo Hun urgent :: .. Kadhafi évincé exploser un avion de ligne civil en Mitiga de base …!

Géré aujourd’hui par un groupe armé appartenant à l’déchu Kadhafi de s’infiltrer Mitiga aéroport international et mené les terroristes là où ils ont fait sauter un avion de ligne civil complet de passagers tués 150 personnes, pour la plupart “des enfants, des femmes et des personnes âgées” et des dégâts matériels estimés à 500 $ milliards de dollars ….Moment cher lecteur, le fait les nouvelles ne sont pas aussi bien .. mais les images que vous voyez est le processus de formation et d’ambulance d’évacuation a eu lieu avec la coopération entre le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge libyen sur le sol de Mitiga aéroport international.Le but du commentaire sur le Newsflash images dans le premier est de faire de vous comparer votre mentale et chaque fois que vous lisez les mots de la première et nouvelles entre ce que j’ai lu sur le fait que ces images et de vous montrer également la capacité de fabriquer des moments mort sanglante quasi réel grâce à la simulation de faire une mise à mort, de brûlure ou de bombarder technique utilise des effets sonores et visuels. ..Et une telle simulation, et, malheureusement, les scènes et encore quelques canaux qui appartiennent à des pays qui se trouvent sous la tutelle des États-Unis sioniste rire et remuer les peuples Hfadthm pour créer le chaos et tralala dans leur pays pour Tida tuteurs commandes de renseignement.Remarquez la précision de la scène du sang et même acteur dispose sur le terrain
Voici noté pièces de carrosserie en plastique, des taches de sang et même des vêtements paramédicaux scène et apparaissent comme un réalisteAvis d’un représentant du rôle de la victime cri How Come réaliste et aussi médecin et de se concentrer comme un véritable fonctionnement de l’ambulanceLe feu et la fumée également nécessaires pour accroître l’illusion grâce à la scène effusion de sangDahr acteurs dans ce tableau et si elles vivent une tragédie si que les gens ordinaires voir cette image sans connaît son histoire Ldhan un massacre et un véritable crimeUne autre image qui peut être utilisé dans enrichie la colère du peuple et à l’aide d’une femme ensanglantée, comme dans cette simulationIl n’y a pas de mal à filmer des scènes de course ambulance Sarath sur les lieux pour éteindre la simulation réaliste recetteOutre les femmes du Sénat et plus ont un impact significatif sur les peuples Atarh ireUne autre photo simule la propagation de chair et de fumée s’élevait et les ambulanciers se précipiter pour donner un réaliste.
Libya entrusted to its weak army mission impossible
Mockery of Western analysts and the international press capabilities and possibilities of armed militias in their ability to implement the decision of closing the Libyan border with neighboring countries and not being able to impose its control over the north, let alone in the southTripoli PUPPET-“Government” authorities failed to form an army to impose any forced-security in the country, then what would be the closure of a southern border sprawling?Quoting: Middle East Online
Tripoli –
over his decision to shut down Libya’s southern border, ithe General Allaotunai Congress (PUPPET “Government”)
is highest political body in the occupied country, entrusted to his “army” causing a near-impossible task
in a desert land where smuggling flourishes of all kinds.
The Prime Minister said NATO rebels leader Ali Zaidan before members of the (PUPPET “Government”)
General Allaotunai Congress “should not make decisions in a hurry, especially when we are not able to be applied.”
The General Allaotunai Congress (PUPPET “Government”) ordered Sunday close to Libya’s border with its four
neighbors in the south, Algeria, Niger, Chad and Sudan because of the deteriorating security situation in the south
of the country which declared “closed military area of operations.”
The Foreign Ministry announced to the rebels belonging to NATO on Monday, that the decision was made in
agreement with the United States and all parties concerned.
The military spokesman said Ali الشيخي said Libya are considering establishing a border with each of these four
countries, warning that “anyone entering or coming out of these centers will be considered an agent offside.”
And even then it was possible to cross the border from any point.
The analysts consider this measure as a response to the crisis in Mali, but they warn that it would be very difficult
to apply due to the nature of the Libyan south easily breached.
Said John Mark, an analyst at Chatham House in London, said, “and a lot of fighters and weapons arrived in Mali
from Libya .. and financial dispute forced the world to focus on the situation.”
The financial shares a border with Libya, but fighters and weapons to get there through traffic border states like Niger,
Algeria and by taking advantage of the chaos after the NATO Libyan conflict that led to the ouster of the Great Jamahiriya in the year 2011.
While attending international military action against Islamist extremists who occupy the north of Mali, record
population displacement towards the south MP also warned Libyan Jamahiriya in recent Suad Ganor.
Nations fear the region fell Islamist fighters into its territory also drew Marc.
The decision to declare the southern military zone, too, worried illegal Libyan authorities about possible attempts to change the
government in the country may be behind former officials of the Gaddafi regime and many of them sought refuge in Algeria or
Niger analyst also said Libyan Saleh al-Sanusi.
But Shashank Joshi, an analyst at the Royal United Institute PGS “expressed doubts” about the ability of the Libyan authorities
illegal vast border control or reduce arms trafficking or the movement of people and goods.
“We’re here in front of the armed forces are very weak and face difficulties in imposing itself in the densely populated coastal areas.”
Illegal Libyan authorities have failed to yet form a real army and national police to impose security in the country.
These authorities work hard to control the land border (4 thousand km) and marine (thousand km) and request the assistance of
European countries to cope with the influx of thousands of illegal immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa and wishing to reach Europe.
In 2010 a request by Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to acquire about 5 billion euros a year was then agreed upon from the
European Union to stop illegal immigration.

Report: Libya’s prisons harder than Abu Ghraib

Closing borders Tripoli for fear of forces entered from the south ……….
Rats’ fear of going to South …………. And border closure process and fake.
Hospital receives a number of medical Jeff rats …….
Beware of spies rat Gneoh follows in Abu Salim and Aiderio in their lives supporters because it deals managed weak people so Abulgo Liberal until the release of their relatives.
And rats Lennon set up demonstration now ……
Tajoura and families succeed in the open roads now!
The RATS think this is how they will again get NATO /UN/USA/BRITAIN & FRANCE to
intervene in this final battle going on to destroy MISRATA:

another fabicated video for the gullable and unaware.
Les RATS pense que c’est la façon dont ils seront de nouveau obtenir l’OTAN / ONU / Etats-Unis /
BRETAGNE FRANCE et d’intervenir dans cette bataille finale passe de détruire Misrata:
une autre vidéo fabicated pour la gullable et inconscient.
Soon ……………..
Misurata upside down since the murder in Sirte ….. and most shops were closed …. and people Mtadmron of their social status caused them pitch their sons ……..
In the port of Misrata.  
Our correspondent from Séa
Two hand R. Hill of inventory n Bathah borders and the airport Wiig loaded weapons Altqilh and Mdamon fly …..
Naive rats and Pawns to take advantage of them now become process is liquidated by their masters.

Our correspondent from Misrata:
Most shops in Misrata closed era ………………

Juma blessing upon you …………… And, God willing, the green flag high in the sky of Misrata soon.

From the pages of the Resistance (Thunder fighter battalion):
Edit 6 prisoners of armed people
in a prison Misrata.
Some people have mentioned that Qadf RPG has fallen Gate Bridge Tajoura. 
The explosions took place Bakdaúv Larbi AG in Dahra door Tajoura ::: Tajoura door I do not know why ….
Dahra against the backdrop of shops keep up behindthe cemetery, Mr. Booker between Vhlom militias
and Mlisheh Nawasi.Guile in Nharham.The Sodom city of MISRATA is being destroyed by the Resistance:

Khrti Qatar Shalgham forced to resign from his post at the United NationsAfter death threats dogged is and

 his family members by intelligence Qatar Abdel-Rahman Shalgam resign from work as a delegate to Libya at the United Nations and calls for the farewell ceremony
officially him on Jan. 15, the United Nations and attended by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, delegates and ambassadors.


The Gaddafi International news agency
Mouammar Kadhafi: The Escape to Hell
by Muammar al-Qathafi
translation from Mathaba.netEssai par le chef de la Jamahiriya 1969 Révolution Al-Fateh.par Mouammar KadhafiComment les gens peuvent être cruels quand ils éclatent en même temps! Qu’est-ce une inondation écrasante qui n’a aucune pitié pour ceux qui, à sa manière! Il ne tient pas compte son cri ou prêter une main quand on est dans un besoin urgent d’aide. Au contraire, il jette un sur inconsidérément.
La tyrannie de l’individu est le plus facile de la tyrannie. Il n’est qu’un parmi tant d’autres, qui peuvent se débarrasser de lui quand ils le souhaitent. Il pourrait même être liquidé en quelque sorte par quelqu’un sans importance. Mais la tyrannie des masses est le plus cruel genre de tyrannie.Qui peut résister à contre-courant de concassage et de la puissance dévorante aveugle! Comme j’aime les masses libérées sur le mois de mars! Ils sont sans entraves, sans maître, le chant et joyeux après leurs terribles épreuves! D’autre part la façon dont je le crains et de les appréhender! J’aime les masses autant que j’aime mon père. De même, j’ai peur d’eux au moins je le crains.
Dans une société bédouine, où aucun système de gouvernement existe, qui peut dissuader un père de persécuter un de ses enfants? Oui.
Combien ils l’aiment, et combien ils le craignent en même temps! C’est comme ça que je l’aime et craint les masses. Exactement comme je l’aiment et craignent mon père. Comment aimer les masses peuvent être quand ils sont heureux heureux! Ils portent leurs fils préférés élevés sur leurs épaules.Ils portaient Hannibal, Barclay, Savonarole, Danton, Ropespierre, Mussolini et Nixon! Mais comment ils peuvent être cruelle quand ils sont en colère excitée! Ils complotèrent contre Hannibal en l’empoisonnant. Ils ont brûlé Savonarole sur le bûcher; ils ont apporté leur héros, Danton, à la guillotine; ils ont cassé la mâchoire de Robespierre, le fiancé bien-aimé, ils ont traîné carcasse de Mussolini dans les rues de Milan, et ils crachaient au visage de Nixon comme il a été forcé de quitter la Maison Blanche, où on l’avait inauguré solennellement avant. Quelle terreur!Qui peut parler de l’entité insensible à la conscience? Qui peut affirmer avec un esprit de masse ne s’incarne pas dans un individu? Qui peut tenir la main de millions?
Qui peut comprendre un million de mots répandaient des millions de bouches en même temps? Qui peut parler raisonnablement à qui dans cette excitation terrifiante? Qui accuse qui?Avec cette flamme brûle sociale le dos, et une société qui vous aime, mais n’a aucune pitié pour vous, et les gens qui savent ce qu’ils veulent de cet individu, mais ne faites pas attention à ce que la personne veut, ils valoir leurs droits, mais négligent leurs devoirs envers vous, avec les mêmes masses qui empoisonnées Hannibal, brûlé Savonarole, écrasé Robespierre; qui vous adore, mais n’a pas réussi à réserver une place pour vous à un cinéma maison, une table dans un coffee-shop …
ils vous aiment, mais ils ne montrent pas leur amour à vous en aucune façon tangible, comme un siège ou une table dans un café-maison. C’est ce que les masses ont fait pour ces personnes.Alors, qu’est-ce que je peux espérer, un pauvre bédouin, perdu dans une ville folle moderne, dont les gens me bombarder avec leurs exigences quand ils mettre la main sur moi? Ont fait construire une maison pour nous mieux que celui-ci … Obtenez-nous un meilleur service téléphone …
Avez-construction d’une route pour nous dans la mer … Faites des parcs publics pour nous … Attrapez des poissons assez pour nous … Rédiger des amulettes pour nous … Conclure des contrats de mariage pour nous … Obtenir que le chien errant hors de notre chemin … Acheter un chat pour nous …Ils demandent que beaucoup de confusion bédouins pauvres, qui n’a pas eu même un certificat de naissance, qui porte sa canne sur l’épaule, qui ne s’arrête pas au feu rouge, et il ne broncha pas quand il se dispute avec un policier. Il ne nettoie pas les mains quand il mange.
Il débutera quoi que ce soit qui a entravé ses mouvements, même si elle a atterri sur une vitrine, une sorcière a frappé sur le visage, ou brisé les vitres d’une maison intelligente blanc. Il n’a jamais goûté à l’alcool ou encore Pepsi Cola ou de l’eau Soda …On le voit à la recherche d’un chameau dans la Place des Martyrs, un cheval dans la Place Verte, ou de conduire ses brebis à travers la place de l’arbre. Ces masses, qui n’ont aucune pitié, même pour leurs sauveurs, semblent me suivre partout, me brûle … même quand ils applaudissent, ils me semblent piquer … Moi, étant un bédouin illettré, ne connaissent pas la peinture des façades ou le sens de l’évacuation des eaux usées.
J’utilise mes mains pour boire l’eau de pluie et l’eau de puits, et utiliser mon manteau pour filtrer les têtards. Je ne sais pas nager, ni brasse ni dos. Je ne comprends pas le concept de l’argent, mais les gens me le demandent. En fait, je ne la possède pas, je ne le lui arracha des mains de voleurs, de la bouche des souris et des crocs des chiens et il a donné sur les citadins sous le nom d’un bienfaiteur du désert et en ma qualité comme un libérateur de l’esclavage et de chaînes.
Ce qui a été volé et détourné par les mains coupables (l’un d’eux étant un camarade des troglodytes et les rats) a besoin d’un temps et l’effort de beaucoup un homme de droite, mais les habitants de la ville moderne folle me demander pour en tout de suite. Je me sentais le seul qui n’avait rien, et si, contrairement à eux, je n’ai pas demandé les services d’un plombier, maçon, peintre, coiffeur etc Et comme je n’avais pas demandé quoi que ce soit parce que je n’avais rien, je suis devenu bien connu, ou plutôt un homme étrange.C’est ce qui me dérange et fait encore presque toutes les heures.
Mais je dois avouer que je suis tout autant à blâmer. Je l’ai fait moi-même un grand tort quand j’ai gagné Moïse bâton avec lequel j’ai frappé le désert où un ressort a jailli, parce que, comme je l’ai déjà mentionné, je ne sais pas d’égouts, de plomberie ou conduites d’eau étroites, et espère que ce printemps soulagerait moi de toutes ces demandes, et la cause première d’entre elles.Même mon mépris du policier causé une sensation comme dans tous les quartiers de la ville, où mon nom est devenu populaire: une m’ont applaudi, et d’autres m’ont appelé mauvais noms. La police a voulu se débarrasser de moi.
La mère du policier avec qui j’ai eu une altercation, rajeuni, a pris goût à moi. Quand j’ai refusé ses avances, elle a essayé de me causer des ennuis. La police aurait même mis leurs chiens stupides sur moi, et pourtant je les ai encouragés à aller dans les fruits de mer en apprenant à pêcher, afin qu’ils puissent me laisser avec mes moutons seuls dans la paix.Je suis un homme simple pauvre, je n’ai aucun diplôme et je n’aime pas les médecins, simplement parce qu’ils sont appelés médecins. C’est pourquoi je n’ai pas été vacciné contre la sensibilité. J’ai donc grandi pour être très sensible à la différence de citadins, qui ont été régulièrement vaccinés pendant une longue période à des intervalles historiques en commençant par les Romains, puis les Turcs et enfin les Amelicans.
Une grande partie de votre amusement que vous lisez ceci, vous voyez que je ne prononce pas le mot «Américains» d’un (R) comme vous le faites, je me sers (L) à la place parce que je ne connais pas le sens de «l’Amérique». En autant que je sache, il a été découvert par un prince arabe et non Columbus.Mais alors, il a un grand pouvoir, il a des agents, elle dispose de bases dans des endroits sous son influence, et il a le droit de veto, qui l’utilise volontiers pour le bénéfice d’Israël. Il a récemment fait l’acquisition d’une maison à la tête du delta, où le Nil se divise dans la branche de Rosette et de la branche de Damiette. Il ya une ferme de bison qui entoure la maison.
Elle pratiques politiques impérialistes; par conséquent, il est AMELICA. C’est ce que mon cousin, dit Hajji Mejahid. Il est le fils de ma tante Azza, la fille de ma grand-mère, Ghanima qui est la sœur de la comtesse Maria.Dans l’ensemble, je l’ai fait moi-même un mauvais service quand je suis arrivé à la ville de mon libre arbitre, il n’ya pas besoin de dire pourquoi, la chose est: c’était un moment de défi, pas plus. Par conséquent, s’il vous plaît laissez-moi tendent à mes brebis, que j’ai laissé dans le lit de l’oued sous la garde de ma mère, qui est décédée récemment, et n’a donc ma sœur. On m’a dit que j’avais des frères et sœurs tués par les moustiques. Alors laissez-moi seul avec mes propres angoisses! Pourquoi pensez-vous me suivre et me rappeler à votre enfant? Eux aussi, ils me harcèlent maintenant.
Ils courent après moi en criant: «Je jure que c’est lui!” Pourquoi ne pas me laisser un peu de repos ou, du moins, se promener tranquillement dans vos rues? Je suis un être humain comme vous, j’aime les pommes, alors pourquoi ne pas me laisser marcher sur le marché? Et d’ailleurs, pourquoi ne puis-je avoir un passeport? Mais alors, à quoi bon, c’est que pour moi! Je ne suis pas autorisé à aller à l’étranger en vacances ou pour un traitement médical, je peux aller à l’étranger seulement quand je suis en mission.C’est pourquoi j’ai décidé de dépêcher loin de l’enfer! Je vais maintenant vous raconter l’histoire de ma fuite à l’enfer, et décrire le chemin qui mène à elle et puis décrire l’enfer lui-même pour vous et comment je suis revenu de là le long de la même route.
En effet, il était une aventure, une histoire très étrange factuelle, qui, je le jure, n’a rien à voir avec la fiction. En fait, j’ai échappé deux fois à l’enfer juste pour obtenir loin de vous, en espérant que pour me sauver.Votre respiration me gêne, envahit ma vie privée, viole ma vie intérieure et aspire violemment à me presser pour boire avidement mon essence, me lécher la sueur et inspirez mon souffle. Puis il s’arrête, il s’arrête me molester que d’attaquer à nouveau avec autant de vigueur qu’auparavant.
Ton souffle me poursuit comme un chien enragé, ruisselant de salive dans les rues de votre ville moderne fou.Ils me poursuivre partout où je vais à travers les toiles d’araignée et de papier d’alfa. J’ai donc décidé de dépêcher loin de l’enfer pour me sauver. Le chemin de l’enfer n’est pas ce que vous attendez, ou comme décrit à vous par l’imagination malade de certains equivocators. J’ai, après avoir traversé deux fois, viendra vous le décrire.J’ai eu un peu de sommeil et de repos paisible au cœur de l’enfer. J’ai vécu l’enfer, je vous le dis, et les deux nuits plus heureux de toute ma vie étaient ces deux nuits que j’ai passées au cœur de l’enfer.
C’est mille fois mieux que de vivre au milieu de vous. Vous me harceler et me priver de mon droit à la paix et la tranquillité, et j’ai donc dû échapper à l’enfer.La route le long de laquelle j’ai joyeusement se dirigea vers l’enfer est recouvert de tapis naturel tout au long de l’horizon. Lorsque le tapis naturel peu à peu à sa fin, j’ai trouvé la route tapissée de sable fin. J’ai vu des bandes d’oiseaux sauvages du genre que vous connaissez et même trouvé le pâturage des animaux domestiques et le toilettage.Mais j’ai été étonné de voir pentes et les zones de plaine avant moi ce qui m’a fait arrêter avec hésitation et regarder à l’horizon.
Et il y avait l’enfer se présenter à l’horizon. Il n’était pas rouge comme le feu, ni comme la braise rougeoyante. Je me suis arrêté non par peur de l’approcher.Au contraire, je l’adore et j’aime être en contact physique avec elle, parce que c’est mon seul refuge quand vous me harceler dans votre tricorne ville … quand il m’est apparu à l’horizon, j’ai failli folle de joie. Je me suis arrêté pour contempler les raccourcis pour elle, et a choisi le plus proche de son cœur, et écouté pour savoir si elle avait des soupirs déchaînés.
À mon grand plaisir, j’ai découvert que l’enfer était très calme, très calme et inébranlable comme les collines qui l’entourent. Un drôle de silence, il se remplit d’une solennelle impressionnante atmosphère qui la recouvre. Je n’ai pas vu les flammes en elle, que des nuages de fumée s’élevant au-dessus. J’ai glissé le long des pentes vers elle joyeusement pressé de l’atteindre avant le coucher du soleil, dans l’espoir d’obtenir un lit chaud dans son cœur avant de me cerné par les gardes de votre enfer, qui me poursuit comme un fou, en utilisant la mise à jour des moyens de détection et de poursuite.Enfin, je suis venu à la portée de l’enfer et a pu le voir très clairement. Et maintenant, je peux vous le décrire exactement comme je l’ai vu, et de répondre à toute question concernant l’Enfer, où je suis sorti si près.Tout d’abord – l’enfer doit escarpés, tortueux, sombre, brume couronnées de collines dont la pierre a été brûlé noir depuis des temps immémoriaux. J’ai été frappé d’étonnement de voir des animaux sauvages sur le chemin de l’enfer devant moi.
Apparemment, ils étaient trop vous déserter: leur vie est en enfer; leur mort parmi vous. Tout autour de moi avait fondu, sauf mon amour-propre existence, que je me sentais plus fort qu’à n’importe quel autre moment ou lieu avant: Les collines s’est brisé et écrasé loin, les arbres asséchés et les animaux hors hésité et a plongé dans les jungles de l’ L’enfer, chercher refuge loin de l’homme.Même le soleil semblait sortir peter quand il a été coupé de moi par l’enfer. Il n’y avait rien d’autre éminent sauf l’Enfer, dont le cœur était la partie la plus intéressante de celui-ci. Alors je suis allé droit dans le mur sans trop de difficulté. J’ai fondu en moi-même, qui à son tour fait fondre en moi pour protéger et cajoler l’autre jusqu’à ce que nous sommes devenus une nouvelle entité pour la première fois.
Non pas parce que moi-même l’avait jamais été absent de moi, mais parce que votre enfer m’a donné aucune chance d’être avec lui, à le contempler et à parler avec amour pour elle. Je m’étais toujours senti que nous – je veux dire moi-même et I – étaient comme deux criminels dangereux dans votre ville, qui vous infligeaient à une surveillance constante et d’interrogation.Même quand nous étions innocentés et notre identité était connue, vous nous avez mis en prison sous surveillance spéciale. Votre but étant de me tenir loin de moi à tout prix afin que vous puissiez vivre dans la paix et la tranquillité. Oh, combien doux enfer est beaucoup plus doux que votre ville! Pourquoi avez-vous me ramener une fois de plus? Je veux y retourner, et que vous souhaitez y vivre.Je n’ai pas besoin d’un passeport pour aller en enfer, je n’ai besoin que moi … moi-même, que j’ai découvert, vous avez impitoyablement mutilés pour tenter de gâcher sa nature innocente! Vous avez essayé de me séparer de moi-même, mais en échappant à l’enfer je l’ai récupéré chez vous.
Je ne veux rien de vous, je vous laisse avec les ordures et poubelles.J’ai aussi laissé mon casque d’or vous au Caire … ce casque autorité que j’ai attrapé par le gardien après avoir entendu et lu tant de choses à ce sujet … et j’ai appris que les anneaux magiques (désir-satisfaction des anneaux) sont faits de ses pièces d’or … et que celui qui l’a mis sur deviendrait immédiatement sultan … et serait ostensiblement assis sur le trône … et que les rois, les présidents et les princes devraient disparaître avant lui.Il serait en mesure d’apporter la Meitigah petite fille à la vie. Il serait capable de ramener à la vie de tous les martyrs, même Omar Al-Mokhtar, Saadon, Abdul Salam Abu-Meniar, Al-Jalat et d’autres qui sont morts honorablement comme soldats inconnus. Et que celui qui l’a mis en aurait environ quatre mille millions de dinars en espèces, il pourrait passer comme il le souhaitait.
Dans l’ensemble, il ne disposerait l’anneau (Shobeik Lobeik) qui puisse satisfaire tous les désirs: Demandez à tout type d’armes à partir d’un fusil ordinaire à un missile sophistiqué, et vous l’avez … susciter encore un mirage et il est là à votre service, sans parler d’un avion de chasse MIG ou ce que vous voulez, et vous pouvez verrouiller un Anglais et n’ont Mme Thatcher subir une rebuffade. Dans le même temps, si vous mettez sur ce casque magique, vous pouvez aller dormir paresseusement, même si vous avez vu les yeux grands ouverts un loup sur le point d’attaquer votre mouton.Donc là vous êtes, vous pourriez sommeillent loin dans les tas d’ordures et de déchets de loisir créatif qui vous semblent être privé que j’entends de la Voix des Arabes. J’ai aussi lu et entendu que cet acier … Pardon, je veux dire la magie casque autorité a déjà prétendu par Iblis qui portait le numéro 0 +1. Il a déposé une réclamation pour le sous prétexte qu’il était un ange, et que Churchill et Truman témoigne de sa demande.Vous avez été pris en charge par ce mensonge et trompés par la ruse à la perdition comme la fin résultante de votre comportement naïf jusqu’à ce que je me suis senti avec vous dans votre triste état de choses et entendu le prédicateur vendredi dans vos mosquées dire cette prière: «Ô Allah, notre triste état ne peut pas être caché, ni notre impuissance être clair pour vous. Il n’y a pas d’abri pour nous, mais avec vous. Pour vous nous revenons. Labbayek! Labbayek! “


Mu 519

Mu 520


How cruel people can be when they flare up together! What a crushing flood that has no mercy for anyone in its way! It does not heed one’s cry or lend one a hand when one is in dire need of help. On the contrary, it flings one about heedlessly.

The individual’s tyranny is the easiest kind of tyranny. He is only one among many, who can get rid of him when they wish. He could even be liquidated somehow by somebody unimportant. But the tyranny of the masses is the cruellest kind of tyranny.

Who can stand against the crushing current and the blind engulfing power?! How I love the liberated masses on the march! They are unfettered, with no master, singing and merry after their terrible ordeals! On the other hand how I fear and apprehend them! I love the masses as much as I love my father. Similarly, I fear them no less than I fear him.

In a Bedouin society, where no government system exists, who can deter a father from persecuting any of his children? Yes. How much they love him, and how much they fear him at the same time! That is how I love and fear the masses. Exactly as I love and fear my father. How loving the masses can be when they are happily excited! They carry their favourite sons high on their shoulders.

They carried Hannibal, Barclay, Savonarola, Danton, Ropespierre, Mussolini and Nixon! But how cruel they can be when they are angrily excited! They plotted against Hannibal by poisoning him. They burnt Savonarola at the stake; they brought their hero, Danton, to the guillotine; they smashed the jaws of Robespierre, the beloved fiance, they dragged Mussolini’s carcass along the streets of Milan, and they spat at Nixon’s face as he was forced to leave the White House, where they had ushered him in ceremoniously before. What terror!

Who can talk the unfeeling entity into consciousness? Who can argue with a mass mind not embodied in one individual? Who can hold the hand of the millions? Who can comprehend a million words pouring out of million mouths at the same time? Who can talk sensibly to whom in this terrifying excitement? Who blames whom?

With this social flame burning your back, and a society that loves you but has no mercy for you, and people who know what they want from this individual but pay no attention to what the individual wants, they assert their rights but overlook their duties towards you; with the same masses who poisoned Hannibal, burnt Savonarola, smashed Robespierre; who adored you but failed to reserve a seat for you at a cinema house, a table in a coffee-shop … they love you, but they do not show their love to you in any tangible way, such as a seat or a table at a coffee-house. This is what the masses have done to such individuals.

So, what can I hope for, a poor Bedouin, lost in a mad modern city, whose people bombard me with their demands whenever they get hold of me? Have a house built for us better than this one… Get us better telephone service… Have a road built for us in the sea… Make public parks for us… Catch enough fish for us… Write out amulets for us… Make wedding contracts for us … Get that stray dog out of our way… Buy a cat for us…

They ask that much of a confused poor Bedouin, who hasn’t got even a birth certificate, who carries his walking stick on his shoulder, who does not stop at the red light, nor does he flinch when he gets into an argument with a policeman. He does not clean his hands when he eats. He would kick off anything that hampered his movements even if it landed on a shop window, hit a hag on the face, or broke the window panes of a smart white house. He has never tasted alcohol or even Pepsi Cola or Soda water…

You see him looking for a camel in the Martyrs Square, a horse in the Green Square, or driving his sheep through the Tree Square. These masses, who have no mercy even for their saviours, seem to follow me everywhere, burning me… even when they applaud, they seem to prick me… I, being an illiterate Bedouin, do not know about house painting or the meaning of sewage disposal.

I use my hands to drink rain water and well water, and use my cloak to filter out the tadpoles. I do not know how to swim, neither breaststroke nor backstroke. I do not understand the concept of money, yet people ask me for it. As a matter of fact, I do not possess it; I only snatched it from the hands of thieves, from the mouths of mice and from the fangs of dogs and gave it out to the townsmen under the name of a benefactor from the desert and in my capacity as a liberator from bondage and fetters.

What has been stolen and misused by guilty hands (one of them being a comrade of the cave dwellers and the rats) needs a long time and the effort of many a man to put right, but the inhabitants of the mad modern city ask me for it right away. I felt I was the only one who had nothing, and so, unlike them, I did not ask for the service of a plumber, builder, painter, barber etc. And since I had not requested anything because I had nothing, I became well known, or rather an odd man out.

That is what bothered me and still does almost every hour. But I must admit that I am to blame as well. I did myself a great wrong when I stole Moses staff with which I struck the desert where a spring gushed forth, because, as I have already mentioned, I do not know sewerage, plumbing or narrow water mains, and hoped that this spring would relieve me of all such demands, and the root cause of them.

Even my defiance of the policeman caused such sensation in all quarters of the city, where my name became popular: some applauded me, and others called me bad names. The police wanted to get rid of me. The mother of the policeman with whom I had a row, rejuvenated, took a fancy to me. When I refused her advances, she tried to get me into trouble. The police would even set their silly dogs at me, and yet I encouraged them to go in for seafood by learning how to fish, so that they might leave me with my sheep alone in peace.

I am a simple poor man, I have no degree and I do not like physicians simply because they are called doctors. That is why I have not been inoculated against sensitivity. So I grew up to be very sensitive unlike townsmen, who have been regularly immunized for a long time at historic intervals beginning with the Romans, then the Turks and finally the Amelicans.

Much to your amusement as you read this, you see I do not pronounce the word ” Americans ” with an (R) as you do, I use (L) instead because I do not know the meaning of “America”. As far as I know, it was discovered by an Arab prince and not Columbus.

But then, it has great power, it has agents; it has bases in places under its influence, and it has the right of veto, which it willingly uses for the benefit of Israel. It has recently acquired a house at the head of the Delta, where the River Nile splits into the Rosetta branch and the Damietta branch. There is a buffalo farm surrounding the house. It practises imperialist policies; therefore it is AMELICA. This is what my cousin, Hajji Mejahid said. He is the son of my aunt Azza, daughter of my grandmother Ghanima, who is the sister of Countess Maria.

On the whole, I did myself a disservice when I came to the city out of my free will; there is no need to say why, the thing is: it was a time of challenge, no more. Therefore, please let me tend to my sheep, which I have left in the wadi bed under the care of my mother, who has died recently, and so has my sister. I was told that I had brothers and sisters killed by mosquitoes. So leave me alone with my own anxieties! Why do you follow me and point me out to your children? They, too, harass me now.

They run after me, shouting, “I swear it is him!” Why don’t you let me have some rest or, at least, stroll undisturbed in your streets? I am a human being like you, I like apples, so why don’t you let me walk about at the market? And by the way, why can’t I have a passport? But then, what good is that to me?! I am not allowed to go abroad on holiday or for medical treatment, I can go abroad only when I am on official business.

That is why I have decided to hurry away to Hell! I shall now tell you the story of my escape to Hell, and describe the way leading to it and then describe Hell itself to you and how I came back from there along the same road. Indeed it was an adventure, a very strange factual story, which, I swear, has nothing to do with fiction. As a matter of fact, I have twice escaped to Hell just to get away from you, hoping only to save myself.

Your breath annoys me, invades my privacy, violates my inner life and viciously craves to squeeze me in order to thirstily drink up my essence, lick my sweat and inhale my breath. Then it pauses, it stops molesting me only to attack again as vigorously as before. Your breath chases me like a rabid dog, dripping saliva in the streets of your mad modern city.

They chase me wherever I go through cobwebs and esparto paper. So I have decided to hurry away to Hell to save myself. The way to Hell is not what you may expect, or as described to you by the sick imagination of some equivocators. I, having twice walked through it, shall describe it to you.

I had some peaceful sleep and rest in the heart of Hell. I have experienced Hell, I tell you; and the two happiest nights of all my life were those two nights I spent in the heart of Hell. That was a thousand times better than living among you. You harass me and deprive me of my right to peace and quiet, and so I had to escape to Hell.

The road along which I merrily walked to Hell is covered with the natural carpet all through the horizon. When the natural carpet gradually came to an end, I found the road carpeted with fine sand. I saw flocks of wild birds of the kinds you know and even found some domestic animals grazing and grooming.

But I was astonished to see slopes and areas of lowland before me which made me halt hesitantly and look in the distance. And there was Hell showing up against the horizon. It was not red like fire nor glowing like embers. I stopped not out of fear of approaching it.

On the contrary, I adore it and love to be in physical contact with it, because it is my only sanctuary when you harass me in your three-cornered city … when it appeared to me in the horizon, I nearly went wild with joy. I stopped to contemplate the short cuts to it, and chose the nearest one to its heart, and listened to find out if it had any raging sighs.

To my delight I found out that Hell was very quiet, quite peaceful and steadfast like the hills surrounding it. A strange kind of silence fills it with a solemn awe-inspiring atmosphere covering it. I saw no flames in it, only clouds of smoke rising above it. I slid along the slopes towards it joyfully in a hurry to reach it before sunset, hoping to secure a warm bed in its heart before I got hemmed in by the guards of your hell, who were pursuing me crazily, using up-to-date means of detection and pursuit.

At last I came within range of Hell and was able to see it quite clearly. And now I can describe it to you exactly as I have seen it, and answer any queries concerning Hell, which I came so close to.

Firstly – Hell has craggy, tortuous, dark, mist-capped hills whose stone has been burnt black since time immemorial. I was struck with astonishment to see wild animals on their way to Hell before me.

Apparently, they too were deserting you: their life is in Hell; their death among you. Everything around me had melted away except my own self-existence, which I felt stronger than at any other time or place before: The hills broke up and dwarfed away; the trees dried up; and the animals shied off and plunged into the jungles of Hell, seeking sanctuary away from Man.

Even the sun seemed to peter out when it was shut off from me by Hell. There was nothing else prominent except Hell, whose heart was the most interesting part of it. So I went headlong towards it without much difficulty. I melted into myself, which in turn melted into me to protect and cuddle each other until we became one new entity for the first time.

Not because myself had ever been absent from me, but because your hell gave me no chance to be with it, to contemplate it and to talk lovingly to it. I had always felt that we – I mean myself and I – were like two dangerous criminals in your city, whom you subjected to constant surveillance and interrogation.

Even when we were proved innocent and our identity was known, you kept us in prison under special surveillance. Your purpose being to keep me away from myself at any cost so that you might live in peace and quiet. Oh, how sweet hell is, much sweeter than your city! Why did you drag me back once more? I want to return to it, and wish to live there.

I do not need a passport to go to Hell, all I need is myself… myself, which I discovered, you have mercilessly maimed in an attempt to spoil its innocent nature! You tried to separate me from myself, but by escaping to Hell I have retrieved it from you. I wish for nothing from you, I leave you with rubbish and dustbins.

I have also left you my gold helmet in Cairo… that authoritative helmet which I grabbed from its guardian after I had heard and read so much about it … and learnt that magic rings (desire-satisfying rings) are made of its gold parts … and that whoever put it on would become sultan immediately … and would conspicuously sit on the throne … and that kings, presidents and princes would have to disappear before him.

He would be able to bring the little girl Meitigah to life. He would be able to bring back to life all the martyrs, even Omar Al-Moktar, Saadon, Abdul Salam Abu-Meniar, Al-Jalat and others who died honourably as unknown soldiers. And that whoever put it on would have about four thousand million Dinars in cash, which he could spend as he wished.

On the whole, he would possess the ( Shobeik Lobeik ) ring which would satisfy all desires: Ask for any kind of weaponry from an ordinary gun to a sophisticated missile, and you have it … call forth even a mirage and it is there at your service, let alone a Mig fighter or whatever you wish, and you could lock up any Englishman and have Mrs Thatcher suffer a snub. At the same time if you put on this magic helmet you could go to sleep lazily even if you saw with wide open eyes a wolf about to attack your sheep.

So there you are, you could slumber away among the heaps of litter and rubbish of which creative hobby you seem to be deprived as I hear from the Voice of the Arabs. I have also read and heard that this steel … sorry, I mean magic authoritative helmet was once claimed by Iblis who, bore number 0+1. He laid a claim to it on the pretence that he was an angel, and that Churchill and Truman bore witness to his claim.

You were taken in by that lie and fooled by the trick with perdition as the resultant end of your naive conduct until I felt with you in your sorry state of affairs and heard the Friday preacher in your mosques say this prayer, “O, Allah, our sorry state cannot be hidden from you, nor can our helplessness be unclear to you. There is no shelter for us but with you. To you we return. Labbayek! Labbayek!”

Excerpt from “Escape to Hell and Other Stories” by Muammar Qaddafi
©Stanke Publishers, NYC 1998

Extrait de “Escape to Hell and Other Stories» par Mouammar Kadhafi
© Publishers Stanké, NYC 1998

Super Moon over Athens

Mu lounge interview

The al-Qathafis on PILGRIMAGE:

Here is Aicha, Mohammed, + Senussi’s son and daugher with Mu’ammar:

SAIF al-ISLAM al-Qathafi:
Photo : ‎ولد سيف الإسلام القذافي في 5 يونيو/حزيران 1972 حيث تقيم أسرة الزعيم الليبي معمر القذافي بطرابلس, وهو الابن الثاني للعقيد القذافي من زوجته الثانية الممرضة صفية فركاش، ولسيف الإسلام القذافي خمسة أشقاء من بينهم أخت واحدة.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>الدراسة والتعليم: درس سيف الإسلام بمدارس طرابلس وتخصص في الهندسة المعمارية وتخرج سنة 1994 في كلية الهندسة بطرابلس, ثم التحق بكلية الاقتصاد بجامعة "إمادك" بالنمسا سنة 1998 وتخرج فيها سنة 2000. كما التحق بمعهد للاقتصاد في بريطانيا لنيل شهادة الدكتوراه.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>الوظائف والمسوؤليات: التحق سيف الإسلام بعد تخرجه بمركز البحوث الصناعية في طرابلس, وفي سنة 1996 عمل في مكتب استشاري. ثم أصبح رئيس مؤسسة القذافي الخيرية للتنمية التي أنشئت سنة 1998.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>التجربة السياسية: قاد سيف الإسلام مفاوضات بين ليبيا وجهات أجنبية، واستطاع تسوية العديد من القضايا الشائكة. و قام بإصلاح سياسي واقتصادي في ليبيا مع محاولة عدم الخروج عن المسار الذي رسمه النظام الجماهيري.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>الحرية للمهندس سيف الإسلام.‎

19 DEC. 2012:

Sending HUNDREDS of Marine forces to Libya to protect the new U.S. ambassador to Libya.

WASHINGTON (ASHA) announced U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in a message to Congress

attached to a government report on the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, that the United States

is sending hundreds of “Marines” Additional to protect U.S. diplomatic mission in LIBYA.

NATO, “NATO” Breastfeed Thoarh hatred Libyans and apparently it does not wants to Aaftmanm!

And their actions today against our people, but the best evidence on the health of our position from the outset, we were aware that the road going down the wrong because freedom does not come on the 40 countries fleets infidel!!
But to no avail that it is here split up our people and the dimensions of this long war will not forget their virtue.

“Post addicted Page
Ali nearly two years ……. We were the strongest … The we imprint owners in all Facebook pages at the level of the whole world ……
Thank our correspondents ………. Thank each Aladmenz in this page and our homepage that was impenetrable ……….
Thanks to all lovers of Asham home …… Thanks to Dr. Shakir and Thami …. Despite the skepticism us ………………..
It is time that the rest ….. never lived Conqueror ……….”
“Because we are the strongest ………………. (Asham home …. for Atamot)
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Pressed result Ahbab Asham home ………… We decided to continue our fight …. Because we are the sons of the commander ………. We men armed people
We will continue to show the truth ……….. Even crushing rats …. high green flag

.And important

Because we are the strongest ……………. (Asham home ………. will not die)”

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“We publish news on the pages of the net rather than for Lake or comment …..

We publish news and offer the lives of our correspondents to the testimony ….In order to reach the information to every Libyan in the street ….. from Amsaad to Ras Jedir”

Rebekah Khamis pay ………………….

Not only to suspend or Lake ……………… Share and share …. So as not to Facebook closes

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi:

” Lord is Khamis and his Lord”

do not know what it exactly means from Dr. SHAKIR:
رفقة خميس ما تولي
Rebekah Khamis pay

U.S. State Department: Terrorists are active in Libya without impunity.

Admitted coordinator working for Counterterrorism in the U.S. State Department Denel Benjamin that a group of terrorist extremists are active in Libya without limit or repel, and the situation where j Zdad worse.
said Benjamin in a new report submitted to the ministry for threats of terrorism in the world “created the war in Libya suitable atmosphere and great potential for activity of extremist groups,… weakness in the institutes to protect security and order in the country created a fertile soil for the growth of terrorism, and the case in Libya is that terrorists can use All transitional difficulties for themselves.

LAROV denounces the UNO Security Council.
What happened in Libya was NOT a revolution at all. A revolution is led by the people; not the SECURITY COUNCIL.
The best proof of Libya. Security Council destroyed and was not a revolution. All the Libyan people supporter of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi.
Lavrov told Russian Foreign Minister that Assad will never leave by force and those who want his departure ask him to do so, not due to any foreign country, not even Russia.
continue the Syrian people in their steadfastness on the international conspiracy hatched against him, despite the fierce media campaign and unprecedented.
Clashes on the Libyan-Egyptian borderPort Amsaad – reporter – Urgentskirmishes on the Libyan-Egyptian border.
Asham home …………….. And questions to sedition channels1 – Why now the story of the criminal Abdul peace Khchibh after the emergence of video citizen of Zuwarah
2 – Why all recent videos on the net this year
3 – Why did not speak or publish channels this video by ….This is why we believe that the video fabricated …….
  • Asham home …………….. Um Al-Jazeera
    Or rat offender Abdul Salam Alandab …. who appeared on channel strife …. Without a good leader Sir ……….
    This was the rat in the grave now ….. Not to be appointed in one of the foreign investment …

     Ntadhir to publish this video and we hope the sisters not to listen to him, because speech Alkhadsh modesty.
  • Join this between Mqmla supporters law and the so-called Security Directorate officers gas structures.
    Words streets Farroukh and betrays that they are the sons and Farrukh haram.

    نتعذر لنشر هذا الفيديو ونتمنى من الأخوات عدم الاستماع له، بسبب الكلام الخادش للحياء. هذا التسجيل بين مقملي أنصار الشريعة وما يسمى ضباط مديرية الأمن بنى الغاز..
News of the closure of all Libyan companies working in the field of oil ….
Confirms that the shipment of oil through the ports of export counters are without measure, and the party that holds the export of Libyan crude oil is Qatari companies and technicians Libyan national is deported and tries to speak or ask are threatened with death and dismissal from work.

… He added / to Qatari bring in foreign labor infected with contagious diseases ((disease epidemic hepatitis)) rate hundred workers
daily substitute for labor technical Jamahiriya, Libyans are fighting for trivial reasons and wealth oil only source of life Istnvzha
princes of Qatar and their helpers from Libyan traitors.
On the evening of Friday 21/12/2012 Fahakl Majid oil of the Gulf, which is located south of east of Gallo Bhali City 75 km, Alosorali sauce in a contaminated in an attempt to steal equipment belonging to the field where he was number four and number two cars desert type Tiotia.

Special – was before hours from now surrounded users in Port Zueitina oil who are logical western and demands band displace workers who are from the western region and the appointment of members of this band instead of them than Aztr users lock the flow of oil from both field victory and Amhluwa users to 8 am tofree port and is now equipped buses to transport workers at 6 am from Ajdabiya to Tripoli tomorrow
I hope spreading the word to Aarafo Libyans misled that Libya threatened division and wake up from this dirty game

  • correspondent from Ajdabiya
    News of the suspension of the victory oil field
     Reported trapped workers from the western region in the oil port of Azwaitnah by an armed gang …..
    With the claim deported him before 8 am today …….
 photo de ‎علي سالم الورفلي السبايع‎.
Rats gate container in the corner close the refinery to protest the lack of transfer injured rats to abroad.
What God willing, our hospitals are gone costume Dubai .. and goodness Jay
Angle close the refinery to protest the lack of dispatching wounded Alamadhok them to Germany.
Ali Salem al-Warfali Sbaya
The Liberal Mbroowoowoowoowoowok every now been opened green channel picture and sound from victory to victory,
and the first rain drops now began hours of glory, resilience, the waited Allarroa and that you and we have been waiting two years ………..
As we will not disappoint the blood of the martyrs and God is greatest over Kidd aggressor victory was closer than the jugular vein ……..
Wait Khaddibna Dear Jerdan ..
Caution has Bdabut green channel now on the moon Arab Sat Badr 4 frequency H 27500 12073
I hope every publishing Liberal
يااااااخوتي مبرووووووووووووووووك لكل الاحرار الان تم فتح قناة الخضراء صورة وصوت ومن نصر الي نصر واول الغيث قطرة
الان بدأت ساعات المجد والصمود وانتظروا الاروع والذي كنتم وكنا ننتظره من سنتين
……….. وكما قلنا لن نخيب دم الشهداء والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي النصر بات اقرب من حبل الوريد …….. انتظروا خضبنا ايها الجردان..
تنبيه لقد بدابث قناة الخضراء الان على قمر العرب سات بدر 4 على الترددH 27500 12073ارجــــــــــــــــــو النشر لــــــكل الاحرار
Martyr Billah:
One gorgeous memorize, the perfect exemple who heros daying for beloved homeland. Salute Mutassim .
Your birthday is day when all of us , must find power in ourself and got fight !!!!
Martyr Billah

Syrian Arab Army spends on a new batch of mercenaries Libyans are:

Mohammed centrist – Libyan

Mohammad Huda Al-Sayari – Libyan

Khalid Omar Sakhi – Libby

A. Alhzlawi – Libyan

Ahmed Al-Haddad – Libby

Car Qatar roam freely in the streets of Libya free!!!!
Qatari cars roam freely and no one can stop it or violation of led in the new Libya!!.
Forces backing the security Nawasi of the Friday market refutes 
torture of citizens “Alzoubir Bouhmrh Warfali” who was jailed on 
identity in prison Maatakih and refutes also that prison has. During prisons scattered the militias
Almlessha and battalions rebels NATO and other Titles there prisons do not know about them state
illegal and every battalion or Mlisheh have a special prison also confirmed our sources.
 Killing Libyan citizen as a result of systematic torture in prisons in the illegal government

Torture in prisons Alfberaaria æ militias that claim to freedom and democracy.
Citizen “Alzoubir Bouhmrh Warfali”, who was jailed on identity
In the capital Tripoli by companies bonds æ Nawasi market
Friday, Tripoli. This picture of the people who died in prisons Air Meitqh Base, which sits on the throne Kharijites and heretics Altkvrien. “Bouhmrh” killers under torture Blackie fire electrocution æ æ skin electrical cables until he passed away in the hands of Alsjanien there æ throws in the street until he found it æ citizen, informed people they æ body was transferred to the hospital street corner æ identify him. “Alzoubir” æ likes a lot of young Libyan in Libyan prisons æ There imprisoned identity systematically without trial or claim even æ throwing the most powerful types of sadistic torture. ‬

War criminals in Libya
Name and title workplace1 Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil Chairman vengeful former
2 Mahmoud Jibril Warfali Chairman of the Executive Board “government” earlier
3 Mohammed Yusuf Maqrif Prime National Congress
4 Sadiq Abdul Rahman Ghariani Mufti Jamahiriya. Fatwas to kill civilians
5 Joseph carved Libyan chief of staff and a cover for armed gangs
6 Fawzi Abdel Aal Libyan Interior Minister and a cover of the armed gangs and issued orders to liquidate opponents abroad.
7 and Sam Bin Humaid Shield Forces commander Libya. Criminal
8 Ismail hardness Battalion Ruff Alshata criminal
9 Sufian bin Qmo a battalion commander supporters criminal law in Derna
10 Abdul Hakim Alhsada tuber criminal junta
11 Abu Bakr فلاق Director attribution security apparatus criminal
12 Faraj Swehli is battalion Swehli criminal
13 Salah Badi member of the General Conference of a criminal
14 Abdalrav hater battalion commander Nawasi criminal
15 Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khuwaildi junta leader in Tripoli earlier terrorist murderer
16 Khalid Sharif commander of the National Guard criminal
17 Ahmed Bouchtalh is Martyrs Brigade AboSaleem criminal
18 Tariq Doukkali Security National Zintan criminal
19 Mustafa battalion Alsaqzely 17 February Benghazi abduction and detention, murder and torture to Moatnpin
20 Ayoub Senate is prisons battalion Nawasi responsible for torture and murder
21 Ghani Alklki President Council AboSaleem military
22 Khaled Baseer battalion Nawasi
23 Mohammed Kunduz battalion Misrata withstand
24 Essam Alvreis Libya Brigade Liberals
25 Abdul Wahab Kaid brother of Abu Yahya al-Libi Assistant Chief of Staff for Border Protection
26 Omar Alkhaddrawi and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Tripoli
27 Nice Sharef and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Benghazi
28 Solomon Alfortah board member transitional national non-
29 M’barek Saleh Alaftmany member National Council of no transition from the city of Bani Walid
30 hunting Osama bin Mansour battalion commander Zenata
31 Nasser Mohammed Lhalala executions directly to civilians
32 Fawzi Aboktf Chairman Council gathered Saraya rebels in eastern Libya earlier
33 Abdulhakim LIFG Alhsada
34 Fawzi USTA battalion commander Bashir Saadawi
35 Osman Mliqth commander of a brigade Qaqaa
36 Khaled Al-Shibli field commander
37 Bhrralden Midoun field commander a former narcotics trafficker (Hashish) and accused of armed robbery, murder and torture in the South Libyan
38 Salem Barrani Derby former battalion commander Abu Salim
39 Fathi poetic executions directly to civilians
40 Abdelkader Azzouz executions directly to civilians
41 navigational Ibrahim implementation executions directly to civilians
42 Faraj Akrebh implement executions directly to civilians
43 Abdul Salam Sheikh executions directly to civilians
44 Saad satisfaction Alchertaa destruction and burning and stealing houses in Bani Walid
45 SE Ajmi destruction and burning and stealing houses in Bani Walid
46 Abdul Rahman Kaddoa destruction and burning and stealing houses in Bani Walid
47 Mahmoud the Cub torture of citizens in prisons Friday Market
48 Hashim humans torture of citizens in prisons Friday Market
49 Ala-Shaibani the second commander of the secret cross
50 Adnan al-Shaibani, deputy commander of the second secret attribution
Wrong is right, death is life, good is evil, a lie is the truth, nail in wrist, crucifixion
Stephen Lendman writes concerning John Kerry:
Kerry voted for “America’s war on terror, military force against Iraq, Obama’s war on Libya, ravaging Syria, targeting Iran, imposing tougher lawless sanctions, Israeli lawlessness, energy policies benefitting Big Oil, Obamacare, reduced food stamp funding, and freedom threatening cybersecurity legislation among other undemocratic measures.He wants special forces death squad numbers doubled. He wants them deployed globally. He wants their role in America’s war on terror enhanced.He wants America’s military modernized. He wants it better able to wage global wars. He wants stepped up intelligence gathering. He favors tougher anti-terrorist policies.He supports offensive national missile defense. He’s against cutting nuclear weapons below START levels.He’s hostile to Russo/Chinese ambitions. He endorses 9/11 Commission distortions. He wants its recommendations implemented. He has close Wall Street ties.Sourcewatch said his extended family accumulated great wealth. His parents were upper-middle class. His maternal grandfather, James Grant Forbes, was born in Shanghai, China.He got rich trafficking in opium and China trade. Kerry is distantly related to four US presidents and European royals. He and George W. Bush are distant cousins.His father, Richard, worked for America’s Foreign Service. He was also an attorney for the State Department’s Bureau of UN Affairs. Kerry’s mother, Rosemary, is a Forbes family member.Kerry and George W. Bush both attended Yale. Kerry is class of 1966. He was president of Yale’s Political Union. He belonged to Skull and Bones. So did Bush, his father, and grandfather.In 1832, it was founded as an all-male secret society. Women were excluded until selectively admitted in the 1990s. Its headquarters building is called the Tomb.Alumni include former presidents, Supreme Court chief justices, CIA officials, cabinet members, congressmen, senators, business leaders, and other prominent members of society.Around 800 living ones remain.It’s Yale’s elitist secret society. Members are carefully vetted. Alexandra Robbins is one, or was. She’s a Yale class of 1998 summa cum laude graduate.

She broke Skull and Bones code of silence. Her “Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power” discussed it. Members no longer talk to her. That means “I’m out,” she says.

It’s much more than a club. It exists only for itself and its enormous influence. Fifteen members are chosen annually. It may be America’s most elite network. Inductees are considered potential future business, government, legal, and other type prominent leaders.

“Skull and Bones has curled its tentacles into every reach of American society,” said Robbins. Its alumni reflect enormous power. It’s increasing. Former members infest virtually “every major research, policy, financial, media, and government institution in the country.”

They run America. They’ve done it for years. Dominant Skull and Bones alumni families control it. They include Bush, Bundy, Harriman, Lord, Phelps, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Taft, and Whitney, among others. Inter-marriage is encouraged.

One observer calls it “an international mafia – unregulated and all but unknown.” Its agenda reflects New World Order dominance. It wants personal freedoms compromised. Ceremonial silence is sworn.

Bonesmen automatically advance to positions of power. They’re expected to serve prominently. Former members financed Hitler. Current ones are neo-Nazi.

Many Bonesmen have close Wall Street ties. At least a dozen are linked to the Fed. They control America’s media, prominent legal institutions, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission.

Silence is Skull and Bones’ golden rule. Bonesmen comply. Rare exceptions deviate.

Robbins calls the organization “not just the story of a remarkable secret society, but a remarkable society of secrets, some with basis in truth, some nothing but fog.”

Nothing mythical reflects its alumni’s influence. They run America. They seek global dominance. Kerry role at State will be to further that agenda. Expect him to go all out to do it.


RAT Minister Al February “Ali Zaidan” meets French-Zionist ambassador today.

رئيس وزراء آل فبراير “علي زيدان”يلتقي السفير الفرنسي اليوم.
Photo : ‎رئيس وزراء آل فبراير "علي زيدان"يلتقي السفير الفرنسي اليوم.‎