La victoire finale est en marche/FINAL VICTORY HAS BEGUN

Mu in wonderland

Still alive O fire hepatic and Akedh O prestige .. The fire firewood gang colors hepatic fire Assaiba ..” (جبران حسين الورفلى) 

“And ŰáĂß Aeboumnyar life …………………………………………….
………………………………………….. Libya remains a flame of fire

…………..Libya fire and Sharar”

Afess Afess Green

Green McIff Wali automated ● ● ● ● day bash becomes High
Coming coming, O Libya Nasr Leszek day
Allahu Akbar and Glory Libya, Mjahidiha, the commander may God protect him
I eluted here Miczbosh you AM BACK ‘
Jihad Jihad for the Promised Day
We are here .. Alcan market paints to Mieh years .. Frasin helmets Testament
Aavs ®
Afess © 2012

_Mu’ammar is a great flame eternal for Libyans..and The flame is Mu’ammar who is very much alive..

Hacen Madjede writes:
“Mu’ammar said Boumediene Hawari God’s mercy friend Gaddafi proud of our democracy, democracy has free education, democracy is Industrial Revolution and the agricultural revolution, proud democracracy- medicine which is free,  proud democracy which there is no master in this country as the people are Master of their own  Alshahurh.
We are with Palestine, as unjust Aomazloma live Boumediene. God’s mercy and Gaddafi and Saddam and victory, God willing, to Bashar al-Assad we are with Gaddafi and Bashar and Saddam. Oppressors or oppressed us millions of Africa with Gaddafi with Saddam with Bashar al-Assad and crushed to rats Libya and Srasar Syria and the Resistance never Arab armies to victory, God willing, we will not forget our proud democracy. NEVER have Levy Jewish Sarkozy Judeo-false-Christianity.
God is greatest over Kidd aggressor.”
vendredi, à 14:54 ·

Great Saqra writes: 
“proud of being our leader”
Sermon of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi
لاثوري خارج اللجان الثورية

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi IS ALIVE (the newspaper shows a photo of a reporter who resembles Mu’ammar and is trying to make a point)


Publication du grand public 
Bataillon révolté Syrte combattant 
Au nom de Dieu le Miséricordieux .. 
{… Parmi les croyants, des hommes sincères dans leur engagement envers Allah, certains sont morts et d’autres attendent encore même chemin} .. 
Grande Vérité de Dieu 
Pour l’ fils du grand peuple libyen de notre peuple aux heures de Syrte ligament croisé antérieur approché partout dans la libération de la Libye, alors soyez prêt à recevoir victoire Chaque jour sera libéré par le coin de la bien-aimée Libye et Antfadtkm est devenu proche préparé .. Ajhezwa .. Nous demandons à chacun des chefs d’accusation à la Libye d’être dans une résistance de ligne son leadership honnête et intéressant Bzhvha attention .. Creep n’a pas et ne le verrez pas l’histoire jamais vu .. Honte Snmho tous Alavaqan et les courtiers qui se délectent du sang des libyens .. Nous Ktaúibna combattant avertir tous les traîtres et les agents qui cible seront partout les jambes تدوسه .. Aux portes .. Dans leurs voitures .. Dans leurs maisons .. Dans la caserne .. Et que nous puissions nous mettre Brigades de la Résistance a commencé un travail sérieux dans leurs propres maisons et dans leurs camps et des casernes .. Ktaúibna chasseur avait formé des cellules suicide dans toutes les parties du Attmy Sert et libyen. Cher honorable Libye n’est pas à vendre pas pour les traîtres .. فأستعدوا à saisir à la fois l’esprit de décision trahi et vendu Ksaah sont plus proches que ce que les ranger .. Dans cette publication, nous nous dirigerons vers les membres des forces armées et de sécurité du personnel et à toutes les tribus nobles jeunes vont parcourir volcan sacré ne fera que يخمده libéralisation totale ne veut pas croire qu’il Salle surprises .. Notre leadership est bien et notre grande moral et nos forces sont prêtes et nos armes dans nos mains et vous les gens qui nous Satfd zéro heure à la fois dans chaque aimée Libye .. 
Faction du martyr Izz Hinhiry
Publication of the mainstream
Battalion revolted Sirte fighter
In the name of God the Merciful ..
… {Of the believers are men true to their covenant to Allah, some have died and some are still waiting same path} ..
Great truth of God
To the sons of the great Libyan people our people in Sirte anterior ligament hour approached all over the Liberation of Libya so be ready to receive victory Every day will be liberated by the corner of the beloved Libya and Antfadtkm became close prepared .. Ajhezwa .. We ask each of the charges to Libya to be in a row resistance its honest and Bzhvha leadership Interestingly attention .. Creep has not and will not see him history ever seen .. Snmho shame all Alavaqan and brokers who relish the blood of Libyans .. We Ktaúibna fighter warn all traitors and agents that target will be everywhere their تدوسه legs .. At the gates .. In their cars .. In their homes .. In the barracks .. And that we may we put Resistance Brigades has begun serious work in their own homes and within their camps and barracks .. Ktaúibna fighter had formed suicide cells in all parts of Sert and Libyan Attmy. Dear honorable Libya is not for sale not for traitors .. فأستعدوا to capture both betrayed and sold Ksaah decisiveness are closer than that stow them .. In this publication we drive to members of the armed forces and security personnel and to all young noble tribes will crawl sacred volcano will only يخمده full liberalization will not believe Hall surprises it .. Our leadership is fine and our morale high and our forces are ready and our weapons in our hands and you people who Satfd us zero hour at a time in each beloved Libya ..

Faction of the martyr Izz Hinhiry

Muammar and his men ……………. Jaenkm Aajhalh
Jaenkm ranks among … Saraya Jaenkm Manarafosh fear
Jaenkm secret? Whatever … And Jaenkm Amsaad Gzaya
Thar Ghawali Bnerjahoh Gifts … Both Fahim Uige Oh whatever
Ezz how Leafage Moktov … Have Nrdoh right who compelled person
معمـــــــــــــر ورجالــــــــــــــــه ……………. جاينكـــم ياجهالـــــة
جاينكم صفـــوف صفــــــــــــوف … وجاينكم سرايا مانعرفوش الخـــــــوف
جاينكم ســــــــــــــــــــــــــــر?ايا … وجاينكم من إمساعد للغـــــــــــــزايا
ثار الغوالي بنرجعهوه هـــــــدايا … وكل من فاهم يجــــــــــــــــي يا لايا
والعز كيف ورق الشجر مقطوف … نردوه حـقـــــنا اللي ملهوف

al-Qathafi Green



Early Mu’ammar fights SAUDI ARABIA:

Supreme Commander of the armed people: Mu’ammar al_Qathafi

Channel Green greeting to all free to great conqueror and a greeting to all the steadfast and the resistance will continue until victory.

Mu arrives

the Iraqi General which Mu’ammar uses…remember how devoted Izzy Ibrahim was to SADAAM?

خطاب الرئيس عزة ابراهيم خطاب تاريخي 4/1/2013

A poet apartment
“What has narrowed, but the brush” still yes commander O hero and still yes symbol O faithful to approach the leader Saddam Hussein, O faithful to the era leader Saddam Hussein God supports you and God Icoakm to retrieve the homeland and to recover dignity made resistance goal and made resistance your phrase broke Army Americans and flogged Army traitors God Maakm you champion God Maakm and popular revolution that frees Iraq and Back honest Baath
And free Iraq, Arabs lived lived Saddam Hussein’s Iraq

Our correspondent from the leadership of the Libyan Resistance:
Mu 569

Libyan ** my words to the Government of Qatar last ** right Libyan Lord Raho,


Mustafa hyperbolic” sent the following into “24/24 Libyan Intelliegnce“:

“Say to those who are wise
What is like today to yesterday!!
To forget history and claiming to be from the heart of the glorious past .. Those first two stories .. perhaps anniversary in vain believers.
When confronted by Othman Ibn Affan may God bless him rebels Kufa, led by Amr Ibn deaf, and Zaid bin mace Abdi, and rebels Egypt led Ghaafiqi ibn Harb, and Abdullah bin Saba, and rebels Basra led Harqous bin Zuhair al-Saadi, and Hakim Ben had formed Abdi, and met with proof and evidence in response to the claims Vtdahiroa satisfaction

and returned to their homes only group Egypt who claimed they found Mrcola holds orders Caliph kill leaders of Egypt, then besieged the Caliph in his home and prevented him from praying in the mosque when he is old Osmaniny, ordered the Caliph not fight to preserve the blood of Muslims and that is to argue gentle persuasion

but they sneaked him and hit his head with the sword is reading a Quran Bdraah he was an infidel and that his blood and killed one of the ways of jihad. In 35 of the migration to spark discord breaks out the great still chasing Islam and Muslims to this day … and people disagree about the place of burial but hard that he was buried secretly in a small number of his companions for fear of outsiders.
It is worse results Battle of Siffin year 37 for Migration, which died when a group many of the finest companions of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him whom Ammar bin Yasir Dhour band Kharijites who disbelieve Othman and Ali, Muawiyah and other companions and followers Vqatlhm Caliph Ali Ibn Abi Taalib and dissipated reunited in battle Nahrawan, he met Abdul Rahman Ibn-Stayed, ponds bin Abdullah, and Amr ibn al-Bakr and agreed to the killing of Supreme Commander of the Faithful and Sid Amr Ibn al-Aas.

Able son-Stayed with Wardan and Shabib of folk fiancee was requested by the head of the Caliph as her dowry Qtam girl Aelchenjh, one of the outsiders, which killed her father and brother in the battle of Nahrawan, managed to hit the top of Ali ibn Abi Talib sword as he prayed dawn on 17 September in 40 of the Immigration and died after Days … buried secretly in Kufa probably say that his companions dug more than twelve graves and buried either singly and Gmrōha water does not even know his grave Vinbash of outsiders or worship of Shiites.
Today a group claiming hyperbole in defense of Islam kill Muslims Bdraah protect Islam and retribution of apostates and infidels who did not judge what God has revealed Yatton ugliest acts of the first two who accuse Baldilalh of long deeds heinous head Osman and on and before them the age and beyond Hussein … Quban their work and their shame in minimum and curse to the Day of Judgement.
They turnoff no shame from God Almighty they buy His signs a dirt cheap price of the pleasures of this world.
They turnoff misguided Ikdvon hatred in issuing and Asoukounam children to death and misery in the afterlife in the name of jihad in the way of Allah and meet nymphs Paradise, kill selves which Allah has forbidden, violate privacy, and spread corruption in the land.
When you become a culture of neglect and blur the facts and the adoption of fraud and misrepresentation, even long words of God, which is not Oh, lost falsehood, approach to life, the greater disaster than some imagine,
Dear perseverance over injustice do not despair of God’s mercy we have fellowship Ancestors good example even dig up some dark images of the history of Islam they provide a method for their actions contrary to all standards of Charter One God Sunday.
Sincere invitation to all national no matter how varied opinions to work hard to stop the charade, and overcome adversity, and to address those who destroy the nation and tampering with the true religion of Allah.”

Lord brings reunion, God willing Tell Secretary

Mustafa hyperbolic

Share باقتراحك ……………….. Campaign (Green Color of Paradise) ……. For the greening of the public again ……….. How

…………. Amrak Amrak Amrak – Amrak Amrak Amrak ……………
Commanded us sir Anar Nhna Anad our guiding lights of glory Beck Alkhtaua Onmd …
Ready time ÇáÝŇÚÉ order right Ntzaah ……………….. Naqvi at a time seriously
…………. Amrak Amrak Amrak – Amrak Amrak Amrak ……………
Amrak we have a duty to Jendk we and your supporters at every moment Anusband Hanna any moment Aasark
If ready ranks Manmot not Aoukov time periods Nstd
…………. Amrak Amrak Amrak – Amrak … Amrak Amrak ……………

Greeting to Znabil iron …………………

My greetings to all the remaining rebels Conqueror of the Covenant inside and outside Libya.

Photo : ‎تحياتي لكل ثوار الفاتح الباقون على العهد داخل وخارج الجماهيرية.‎ 

The truth about pscychopathic killer and CIA Agent SARKOZY:Important: Ziad Takieddine detonating a bomb and expose the reality of war on Libya
Scandal “” Ziad Taqi al-Din “,” or money and the work of man with dual nationality (French – Lebanese) and political and media mediator for former French president, graduating its silence and exposes the secrets of French presidency … Scandal “” Ziad Taqi al-Din “,” or money and the work of man with dual nationality (French – Lebanese) and political and media mediator for former French president, graduating its silence and exposes the secrets …
المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية
Takieddine balance: Les 400 millions d’€ de Khadafi, la guerre en Libye, le rôle du Qatar / ONPC
« On n’est pas couché » : Ziad Takieddine, l’homme d’affaires Franco-Libanais qui affirme détenir les preuves d’un financement de la campagne présidentielle …

.The way it has been re-worded..It is meant to tell us tha Major-General Corner, plus Khamis and Muammer—

ALL THREE–” will be shown on the video–so there really is nothing wrong—I was at first taken aback;

but now I understand..They added Corner to the list (because the rats said he died as a prisoner) and about,3 months ago he announced that he too was very much alive and NOT a prisoner.

Here is Major-general Corner (standing beside Dr. Moussa Ibrahim who the RATS also lied about, saying that they captured):

SEE! so now we can all understand why they changed the ticker from the original–so all three an be seen alive.

KHAMIS is raising the green flag …… for the martyrs and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s sons:

KHAMIS the Golden General Khamis on field

When I graduated Libby and raise the green flag in the Green Square

Mayor-General of the Resistance, Saadi Gaddafi sends one delegate to the African countries …….

The one holding military deals of the People’s Armed Forces ……..
And demands of our people in the Libyan targeting gun stores …… And the seizure or purchase of arms of rats …
20 décembre 2012
Jekin O his studentsRevolution is the cornerstone of the Liberal camp, peoples and emancipation defend more people and countries is to defend the right and principle and values thoroughbreds Shaaban people and the world worlds … I’m green with him –
ثورة الفاتح هي حجر الزاوية لمعسكر الاحرار والشعوب والانعتاق الدفاع عنها اكبر من الاشخاص والبلدان هو دفاع عن الحق والمبدا والقيم الاصيلة الشعب شعبان والعالم عالمان …انا مع الاخضر منه
  Here is one from Mohammed HASSAN:
Legend Muammar Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi is greater than your parties level from Avqkm from Okhalaqkm when She closed world around him has not diminished under Dhishtkm said .. sitting Honey what is Akzbosh you …. I am with me my gun and I will fight to the last drop docked with a brilliant history and glory and faith … alone saved the draft destructive chaos .. both act now against the plot draws from the spring of Muammar Gaddafi and Capper

Who has followed the green channel now,,,,,,,,,,,,.?
من يتابع قناة الخضراء الان ,,,,,,,,,,,,.؟

Receiver hd …………… Green channel frequency 12073 Horizontal Arab Sat

B JD 60

Posté le: 6 janvier 2013 11:03 PST

معمر القدافي اكبر من احزابكم ومن افقكم ومن منسوب اخلاقكم حينما اطبقت الدنيا حوله لم يتراجع تحت دهشتكم قال ..قاعد هني ما يكذبوش عليكم….انا معايا بندقيتي وساقاتل لاخر قطرة التحم مع التاريخ الناصع والمجد والايمان …بمفرده تصدى لمشروع الفوضى الهدامة..كل من يتحرك الان ضد المؤامرة ينهل من نبع معمر القدافي وان كابر
Durée : ‎5:45

Mu 564

Still your children, O great
Muammar Gaddafi are taught glory and pride and honesty .. on his path, to NATO, even though the haters either Jerdan not talk with you, we can not afford to look at the trash

معمر القدافي هم من علمنا العز والكبرياء والصدق..على دربه يا ناتو ولو كره الكارهون اما الجردان فلا حديث معكم فنحن لا نطيق النظر الى سلة المهملات

Durée : ‎7:46

The butter goes staleness …….. remain Dar sire Casablanca – avec Sہmہa Tہhalہobہh affairs affairs, Afnan

اما الزبد فيذهب جفاء……..تبقى الدار لمولى الدار

Durée : ‎5:20
Share with Asham home in Green campaign to spread knowledge in every place in the Libyan ……. Campaign (Green Color of Paradise):

For Our Martyrs:

shown here,one of  a million Libyan martyrs:

Morning victories and steadfastness and resistance and expression Libya morning ……..
Morning challenge and expression, steadfastness and high morale Aaahrar Aeshrfa Aljmaheriaalazmy…

Mu’tasim Matkhoun (Dr. Billah)

Abu Bakr Younis

Peace be upon you and blessed Jmatkm…

By God, who estimated how program registers, who is just in the capital recorded by channel and carries on YouTube very Dharowowori.

Mu 561

Mu’ammar with his grandsons:
Receiver hd …………… Green channel frequency 12073 Horizontal Arab Sat

B JD 60


ايتها الجردان لانكم تفتقدون البطولةوتعرفون انه بطل تحقدون عليه…ايها الحكام انت…Afficher la suite
Durée : ‎1:04

معمر يصنع جيلا
ايتها الجردان لانكم تفتقدون البطولةوتعرفون انه بطل تحقدون عليه…ايها الحكام انتم تربون اولادكم على زهو السلاطين لذلك ترونه غريبا وتتضاحكون…ايها العربان انتم تستعذبون من يعذبكم ويتفاخر عليكم ومن يلبس غير لباسكم ويتكلم بلهجة غير ما تقولون وتسمونه عبقرياء وتسخرون في النهاية من انفسكم…معمر القدافي عنوان للعزة والصدق والبطولة وهي اشياء لا تدركوها …هاهو في احلك الظروف يعلم احفاده الشرف والتضحية بكلمات لم يقلها مثقفوكم في مجلدات ولم يقررها ساستكم في مؤتمراتهم…على درب معمر القدافي ولو كره الجاهلون


جبران حسين الورفلى:

Claimed the stallion and began Rah Akahilh Taratih launched Bilmha Tbalh .. Was Vhlha was her master and Cayenne to Chamlha .. Today, free Gbet Erdem Menhalha who before were in spring Hmalh .. And Zat scabies in their skins and fruit and has Gval and Sahlh p Sheila .. And returned without Fares FAFSA and resolved and Adunha and my Dad formed .. Acetic free remained acetic Menhalha after a large master Bona Eila …. –

Posted: 2013/01/04


The Revolutionary Committees see foreign companies operating in Libya in cooperation with the illegal occupation regime as enemies of the popular masses.

Given that the Jamahiriya with direct participatory democracy, natural socialism and national unity, social justice, freedom and harmony is the height of the aspirations of the Libyan people;

Given that the imposed war upon Libya by the former colonial powers and global capitalism imposition as well as the attempts to impose an alien dictatorial regime on the heads of the Libyan people is against all humanitarian values and principles;

Given that any and all companies operating for profit on the territory of the Libyan Jamahiriya thus constitute enemies of the Libyan people since they are at best providing band aids for the enemies of the values, principles and lives of the free people and at worst are providing direct support to these enemies;

The “Corporate Social Responsibility” program of Toyota, launched in the hot bed and home of the worst criminals against the people, Misrata, which oppressors form the highest number of capitalist class within Libya, wiped out an entire city of 45,000 Blacks, and carried out murder and terror in Sirte and Bani Walid;

This irresponsible corporate criminal activity of Toyota therefore no matter how it is dressed up as “benefit for the people” constitutes a clear violation of the principles and norms of humanitarian action and places the Japanese globalist corporation on the list of enemy companies that may be legitimate targets of the resistance.

The above was the advice given by revolutionary committees concerning the recent announcement of Toyota that it is launching a “CSR program” starting in Misurate and aimed at covering all of Libya.

It places Toyota at risk world wide of reprisal actions by the various movements, committees and groups in solidarity with the Libyan people and their efforts to throw off the foreign capitalist invasion and occupation of their territories and the decimation of their lives as well as the shattering of the peace in the country.

The Libyan Jamahiriya was among the most wealthy, peaceful and secure territories in the world until being plunged into chaos, misery and destruction by the actions of the foreign forces assisting the minority criminal element in order to impose capitalism and dictatorship under the guise of western democracy.

TOYOTA LIBYA Launches “Discover Your Talent” TRAINING PROGRAM !

31st Dec 12:

Toyota Libya FZC (Free Zone Company) based in the Misrata Free Zone launched its ‘Discover Your Talent’ training programme for young Libyan mechanics at the end of November.

WORLD Council May HelpBring Credit Unions to Libya!!!!
(remember, under the Great Jamahiriya, usury was illegal)

31st Dec 12:

The new Libyan ambassador to the United Kingdom Mahmoud Nakua presented his credentials to Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, and praised the support provided by the United Kingdom to Libya.

3rd Jan 13:

Soon after completing an Islamic finance programme in Afghanistan, the World Council of Credit Unions has begun exploring opportunities to develop credit unions in a new country: Libya.
The World Council said President/CEO Brian Branch, along with Steven Stapp, president/CEO for the $822.5 million San Francisco Federal Credit Union, and Lara Thomas and Allaeddin Ghadyi of the human rights organization The MILLA Project, travelled to Libya in December.

America: Libya will be Regional Focal Center for LIBYANINVESTMENT.COM
Monday, 31 December 2012 14:51
31st Dec 12:
The United States sees that Libya could become a regional focal center in the near future according to the American strategy that will work in the African continent during the year 2013.

America: Libya will be Regional Focal Center for LIBYANINVESTMENT.COM
Monday, 31 December 2012 14:51
31st Dec 12:
The United States sees that Libya could become a regional focal center in the near future according to the American strategy that will work in the African continent during the year 2013.
RAT NEWS of Amerian Businesses Taking over Libya!

The United States sees that Libya could become a regional focal center in the near future according to the American strategy that will work in the African continent during the year 2013.

According to the Italian site, “Tribuna Del Popolo” in a report in which it highlighted on that strategy, the administration of President Barack Obama will be faster and more effective regarding the protection of their interests in Libya and other African countries.

The site confirmed that this strategy will be based on the protection of American interests in general to cope with the strong Chinese competition on the economic level and fight the “Al Qaeda”, which is threatening the region.

The site mentioned that 2013 will be an African year to the United States. The U.S. State Department will support the position of Washington towards Africa, especially after the successful overthrow of the former regime in Libya which marks a starting point for other successful journey in Africa.

The site predicted that the American presence of U.S. will not only be diplomatically, but will also be militarily in many tense areas, and in this sense the White House will work to change its policy in Africa, making it a priority in the coming year.

 Yankee Culture, rotten teetn, obesity & diabetes soon to spread to Libya!
The Libyan sweet tooth has embraced American sticky buns at Tripoli’s Cinnabon outlet, where sales are three times higher than the chain’s global average.

The Libyan sweet tooth has embraced American sticky buns at Tripoli’s Cinnabon outlet, where sales are three times higher than the chain’s global average.


URGENT: libyens police décide de prendre sa retraite plutôt que de travailler avec les milices Février 17


Des milliers de policiers libyens retirer volontairement de l’insécurité et de crainte pour eux-mêmes criminels qui sortaient de prison et à leur recherche. Ceci est un appel à l’ensemble des agents de police et honorables que vous retirer le privilège de ces institutions illégales qui sont devenus un repaire …
Thousands of police Libyans retire willingly result to insecurity and fear for themselves from criminals who came out of prison and looking for them.This is a call to the rest of the police officers and honorable you withdraw honorably from these institutions illegal, which has become a haven for heretics and graduates prison and joined the oppressed people who suffers from and يلاتهم.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية
Is there one ……………….. Green channel continues now …
Channel Lafrasin now.

Information for understanding
Algae and Shakir al-Saadi and the net and channels …….. Why rats Union ……….. And others will fight rats with each.

Roissy tall
The People’s Armed Forces electronic
Mustafa Abdul Jalil uses Bassahrh to escapes death sentence

Arrested a few days before the witch in the Tajoura invited the “Aisha Qomati” where she was arrested متلبسة which you open graves with someone African citizenship at night in one of the graves, then told them the guard found in the tomb area residents were arrested.
After her interrogation appeared unexpected surprise, a use of named Mustafa Abdul Jalil, head of the former Interim Council until you Banqadeh from any judgment has been issued against him in the case of the victim Abdul Fattah Younis.
But Mufti Libyan named Sadiq Ghariani after meeting hurried Bnbaritha immediately of all these things for no reason but charming with which the boob Mustafa Abdul Jalil


Mohammed Maqrif exposed to an assassination attempt in Mahdia Bsabha neighborhood 01/04/2012

News of the assassination attempt invitee Mohammed Maqrif head of the so-called National Congress in his place of residence Fezzan Hotels Bsabha and tight wraps on this Alhadth and that during his visit to South and after visiting the city Ahat ...
 Photo : ‎صباح الانتصااااااااااااااااااااااااارااااااااااااااااااااااااات‎

Mu 563
smile with ASHAM HOME:

What happens Bucky O Sirte withstand ………..

There is a crowd of rats from Benghazi …….. Under the name of commandos
There is a crowd of rats Misrata ……. Under the name of protection force Sirte
There is a crowd of rats Tripoli ….. Under the name of National Chicken.

Do Takdtm credibility Asham home ………. When conveyed a message from the team on the accent ……… For the disappearance of fat rats ……
And also mentioned ………. The cat will eat her children ……

LARGEST YANKEE AIRBASE (in QATAR) READY TO STRIKE LIBYA with thousands of jet bombers:

The largest U.S. base in the world .. Saliyah base (Qatar)

After the assassination of another officer in the CID since a few … Do you understand now, my rats, value-Assad Abdullah Sanusi and the value of prison, “Salim” … You now Tendmon day not too late … oh Benghazi … Oh spark … Oh of Tmrdta commander …. Here Benghazi sweetheart O commander of losing her children one after the other … But hey Benghazi not going to save you this time … Taste bitterness that made your hands …

We knew the risk of these when the commander talked about them … We know that when he speaks about something, it is worth it …. But you did not تصدقوه and rebel for??? For Hamad and Sarkozy and for the money that did not reach you and stole dual nationality.

Ansba mourning tents, O Benghazi and Odei your children one after the other …. Cry O Benghazi blood “the blood of your sons” did not find someone who will stop the tears and بكائك because he left you were his words for you:

Tu Taameer and take state Terbti and analysis
And Tu enjoy safe Lin dictate which … And Tu Haka Nnzera Mthenne
Tu Taameer Bjdiedk … And Tu heal your wound to ريدك
Enkhav Tendma Days of Penitence what Avidk … Ali تندبي and tears Eardena
Just take the … And everything you still has a brick
And Tu Ya my Aamrk Boshna … And manages Vic Baaa wish
And Tu balances freezers Aaceng … And good and I find the way Astna
Salvation Relax … Ni Taht if Hina Tiahi
Using safety my country سماحي … They were ratified miserable and disappointed ضني
Tu Atemsa Rivk and wound hostile not forget … And well you just become Athompsa
My will free you and what Bnusi …. and Ni Arefh Aaikhyee in you ضني
If so what Samato sensory … Jihad us there a Tolo
It ČÇáÓáÇăĺ Aablad Thenne … Tu Taameer Ankana Jarapk me

Libyan Resistance Movement 


Because we are the strongest we told you ……………… The big names will disappear from rats ………….

.Based on team orders to accent …..

We ask ………….. Where rat Mahdi Alharta …… Although the Liberal wounds only.

Mu 565

At the GADDAFI BLOG SPOT site, the headline ticker reads that “we will soon have the definitive Mu’ammar and Khamis video showing both as alive.”

They just added Major-General Corner too will be in the video.


    Beware of rotten meat and poisoned because country Mahbokh without censorship and traders to Aqaanha chance.

Photo : ‎احذروا اللحوم الفاسدة والمسممة لأن البلاد مهبوكة بلا رقابة والتجار لاقيينها فرصة.‎

Our correspondent from the beach
Message on the mobile telecommunications company …………… (Will be cut net Libyan cities for the purpose of maintenance and development).

Child at the age of 14 years – (((Mohammed Naji Shaban))) of popular مسلاته population is absent from his home for more than a week – was driving his father’s car CHEVROLET ovoid his last appearance in a petrol station late (Shell Nasr) it has not been foundSo far in the case provide any information about this child contact
0924757747 Ramadan

Also our dear to our subscribers, please help spread the news of God mocks find him and traced back to Douai unscathed Maava.

Assassination commander shield Libya
Car, which carried out the assassination of RAT commander occupied Libya shield type Range Rover:

A car bomb …….gets  rats, was carried out by masked from the People’s Armed Forces.


Prime American client Allaotunai Congress Mohammed Maqrif points in a television interview
That the salaries of the year 2012 amounted to 19 billion (8 billion in 2010), the Government of Cape rat spent 5 billion to equip offices, there are a number of ministries 60 units to its employees, offices and supply contracts which do not exist on the ground.

Article by: Abu expresses Trabelsi.
Corruption before publicly

Could not exchange Maqrif to swallow the amount of five billion dollars to only Toc offices and nineteen billion dollars except cash Mhaya and salaries at the time did not pay the salaries of most of its staff, the question is where spent those billions? … And those who spent? For comparison only, what was allocated to the budget management during the first ten years of the reign of al-Fateh Revolution surpasses the three did not exceed five billion did not happen all because expense actual was always much less than allocated because measures are complex, which follow when exchange administrative budget for the thirsty not load Treasury expenses unnecessary .. Group February claim that they have against corruption, and to establish a system based integrity and transparency, and to accelerate the pace of construction on the basis of only that Altagah! Was wasting money and puts it in obedience to God .. Altagah! The proposed distribution of oil revenues directly to citizens obtained all Libby on his share of Tharwat, e nature Hadaq استهزءوا thing, and Svhoa subtraction, but the insistence commander led in recent years to allocate a few hundred millions on item distribution of wealth where obtained more than three hundred thousand families on financial investment portfolios worth generate a monthly income of less the 500 Libyan dinars.
The most important question for those who spent those billions? .. Rebels and screaming SIT day because they did not get what they were promised for their work on the job revolutionaries!!, Either for the wounded and their demands let alone critical screams did not stop and Aatsamathm arrived lobbies Alrxs, and debt hospitals did not pay in most countries of the world, management does not exist confession Cape and after Zidane, paralegal work is turned off in most government departments and companies, to whom equipped and furnished offices? If the staff does not working in Galbhm, whoever does not receive a salary in most sectors, electricity cut off most of the time and communications operating at less than the minimum, a military and police two they constitute the greatest burden on the administrative budget out of service … Where did billions if? Is it liquid and Mujib? It’s beyond the imagination of human beings and can not be held by Zmn known calculation rules whatever try Bohakor search in theories of physics is as the saying goes “Baekhalha عماها” Vtbrerath explained size Almsah that experienced stricken Libya.
But it may be that you dislike Hia which is good for you … This is the promised good from February to group themselves, and these are the leaders who filled the world with noise about fairness and justice until they then turned to the demons Fbant their actions to reveal the falsity of their statements .. This is the new Lipa they want … Nmudja corruption corresponded visible .. No news Kyan … but it does not vacate of some benefits in spite of very gravely missed injured, these are the children and grandchildren of the men of the monarchy who called falsely era of independence, and in truth era counterfeiting independence, they Bosmaúm and titles bestowed by the colonizer them from owners state, Excellencies, and happiness , and compassionate, and in order to have their stay higher in the pyramid of the state and are happy which promised Vimknon from kindness to people they have to a few billion Vtemtli pockets and bellies and Tmlae to others Vtsthy eyes.
This Nmadj real governments of the monarchy .. either government victor first Awalthanih, or government Badriyah, or Ben Halim or spy Baccouche, and Hussein trouble those corrupt governments, which have offered Libya on a gold platter to the colonists, and stolen oil wealth for themselves and kept Libyans in huts living misery and live on waste international relief and food school students, day shouted popular poet Jaafar Alahbuny “Wayne’s wealth Petroleum O brokers to changer Ajeraúd Nsmawa of news” he denied to his goal .. governments run by advisers Englishmen behind the offices and the U.S. Ambassador and settlers Italians in public. . And theatrical National Congress, which you see today such as entertainment is a modern version of the theater the House of Representatives, although I disagree representatives, .. just so Libya was in 1969 a hotbed for foreign rules and settlement companies, as it is today managed remotely from the palace, Crown Prince of Qatar minor Tamim … this message with the leg of God to see the new generation fact of the Covenant, which was dropped Revolution … remember who disbelieve grace and with cursing denominations Valzkry served believers.

Aboiarb Altarabuls

Green minutes ::::::

Eye on the occupied homeland ::::::

Comparisons ::::

Have you heard the comparison between deer and monkey images we had after you dropped the Crusader alliance led by l, renamed Kharijites infidel Ababil birds and their customers of dual nationality and the elders of apostasy and which call themselves liberals traitors ….. After that detect dual client disgusting exchange for 5 billions of dinars office furniture transitional government did not last for a period of 8 months and fifty employees …..
Mesh Aref felt pleasure in the heart and sometimes Alhsrh and spitting on each of the supported Gahaar structure or in bad faith or climbing them …..

Furniture 5 billion school students sitting on the ground in Zliten and Mizdah Mustahbun them Alntoa school unfortunately …..

5 billions Furniture and displaced structures popular in the thousands inside the refugee camps is not suitable for life definitively ….

5 billion and displaced abroad are suffering the ravages of alienation … Displaced in the census Mzdadon ….

Furniture 5 billion and goodness Chen campaigns to bombard cities for identity and the stability of its position

This flood of few, alas, we will enter the comparison between deer and monkey …. Akhosi monkeys ::::

When the NATO Cross your cooperation Dear monkeys dropping legitimacy green Tkalptm on the doors of splendor in the Bab Azizia Nggon what you expect Fujdtm humility and authenticity Bedouin tent …. Vasapkm numbing and oppression from the simplicity of living this humble man who captured our hearts with an idea and do Galilee …. Vahtemtem walls door Ezz Qhrkm ….

Abe in his time of Abe and willing willing, there was no Libyan aggrieved Vtkalptm Ali theft the country and Srvatm money 5 billion for your office furniture that we accept that this happened and did not steal …. While we PAL 5 billion we have built roads, schools and hospitals ….. MATCH was our accomplishments …. Illiteracy have intervened in Libya in his time Yamen you doubt education …. And each family became a doctor Yamen Health Achtkeetm … Everyone became Markob Yamen you doubt drift Gulf …. and became each family dwelling Yamen ye palaces Dubai ….

But you only Anjazakm 5 billions Office Furniture Cape and his entourage and one and a quarter billion to Mauritania prisoner deal …. And 200 million success of the Brotherhood’s agenda in Tunisia … to 14 billion Shater deal stability Alakhunjah in their judgment on the Arab country fall ….

And compare the most dangerous for those who do not know that we expelled the colonizer and evacuated five bases …. Colonizer and you you brought all kinds, O Sacred darkness sons …. and we return on the anniversary of the evacuation of the rules soon …..

And honestly said يازمان Somersault ::::

And Aazemn became Aouar the mufti and the monkey Ghazal :::::

ĎăĘă safely


Mohammed Maqrif video confirms the attempt on his life in the south by the Libyan resistance

Chairman of the so-called National Congress confirms assassination attempt in insulting …

Began to show the true face of rats:

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Entire South Libya Declared a `Military Zone`

Posted: 2013/01/03
Libyan `CIA Stooge President` Magarief (photo: center among faces of evil) to Visit `Military Zone`The imposed “president” of the illegal occupation regime which continues to fail to govern Libya for its foreign bankers and capitalist corporations, had embarked upon a “tour” of the south of the country after declaring the majority of the Libyan territory a “military zone”.Magarief who was groomed by the CIA as an operative and terrorist since the 1980’s and recently imposed as president of the illegal occupation regime seeking to rule Libya, has a long and bloody history of coordinating terrorism and leading a CIA front in Libya for three decades.The above photo was taken at a recent conference on “Libya’s future” as envisaged by the enemies of humanity. British spy “Tom Little” working for the disinformation publication “Libya Herald” which operates illegally on the territory of the Libyan Jamahiriya as an “information laundering” operation took the photo of the faces of evil.Megarief arrived at Sebha in the South of Libya, which is out of the control of the dictatorship regime, in an effort to show support to the traitor forces and the imposition of a “military zone” covering the majority of the Libyan territory which reveals daily the fact that the country is not under the stable control of enemy forces.The commander of the Sebha military council acting for the illegal occupation regime, the traitor Major General Omran Al-Tawil, and the commander of the regime’s army operations group in the area, Colonel Wanis Bukhamada, also welcomed the visit of the CIA agent Magarief and his “General National Congress” delegation.The military zone covers much of the South of Libya, with the dictatorship regime’s army units around Kufra having carried out sweeps around the town over the past two days with support from units of the regime’s air force.Last month, Megarief’s GNC passed a “law” sealing Libya’s southern borders with Chad, Niger, Algeria and Sudan for “internal security reasons” and declared much of south Libya a “closed military zone” in an effort to stem the popular resistance forces operating throughout the region.Since the legislation was passed, the illegal occupation regime’s air force jets and army units have attacked popular resistance groups and committees in the region.Mathaba analysts believe that the US-European forces of NATO and AFRICOM will this year engage directly in the bombing of the Sahel Sahara region of Africa covering the South of Libya, North of Chad, West of Sudan, South of Algeria, and other regions westward to Mali and Burkina Faso in efforts to plunder and rule.It is also believed that they will resort to the use of “tactical nuclear weapons” and drop these atomic or neutron bombs across the region in an attempt to rid the resource rich territories of central Africa of human life and obstruction to the plunder by increasingly bankrupt, immoral and desperate western capitalist elites.Mohammed Maqrif head of the so-called National Congress says the total salaries of the Libyan people and reached 19 billion.Meaning the case of each individual pension million dinars!!!

Al-Hurra correspondent Omar Touati: Close the road to Mahary Clasico expected between Qaqaa and militia group Dahmani.

Follows close to the site tells us of developments


“It seems to me that, Muhammad Maqrif fear of rebellion Benghazi.”

Al Arabiya correspondent quoted Mahmoud Ferjany: Mohammed Maqrif says to one of the members Conference Allaotunai that channel capital should be closed in any way!

A second attempt to assassinate disgusting rat at the hands of Champions beach.

Rat disgusting meet with rats Alahtmana at the beach …….. To stir up trouble…

Mr. Abdullah Sulaiman abduction معيوف Head of Committee Aeltsiria people Torghae displaced in the south at a meeting

with Libyan rat of Mohammed Maqrif with knowing that he is not wanted by the rats and the reason that Almsarit Havoh

speak on the suffering of the people of camp Torghae.

Are untrue to conclude an agreement or truce between Alqmazfah and girls Suleiman rats …. And Metrddh satellite channels not baseless.

Mr. Abdullah Sulaiman abduction معيوف Head of Committee Aeltsiria people Torghae displaced in the south at a meeting with Libyan rat of Mohammed Maqrif with knowing that he is not wanted by the rats and the reason that Almsarit Havoh speak on the suffering of the people of camp Torghae.


الأدمن T is Ofatholna office imaging Aamajanb

~ Alsabhawi ~

Participation Hana Warfali:
Large sum ČÓ prophet know Wayne Petrkpohm T is Dero halls of the following sections
Sitting for Akaro trailers.

This rat climber addicted Page 17 February Sabha sitting in Britain are being Bgermanh ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ O Gerdhun important Rafie green flag and Image Commander Malishe O O climber and Cal paws حاس Alknader
~ Alsabhawi ~.

Youth Caucus for Torghae
J’aime cette Page · hier

To each of the bears conscience …
• I Ayesha Abdullah معيوف daughter of the president of the Council Altsere Torghae southern region want reported kidnapping of Abu Abdullah Sulaiman معيوف yesterday evening after he delivered his speech at the meeting of the National Congress leader Mohammed Maqrif and you can watch the meeting, which was attended He was arrested on the air told him we want a little bit and Akhaddoh accuse Maqrif Bmsalath so where you haram Maihdt 64-year-old man and he has the heart does not bear all this we hope to cooperate with us united kidnapping Thursday at 11 directly Aalhoa in Sabha 01/02/2013
Quoting Page “Sabha today”

Shares rise girl Altbawih in Sabha ……… After hitting girls Farroukh Solomon

Are untrue agreement or truce between rats Farroukh Solomon and Black Alqmazfah ……………. In honor and Alqmazfah still in mourning.

Kidnapped head of the local council Torghae

Post responded to the agency.

I Ayesha Abdullah معيوف daughter of the president of the local council Torghae southern region
want reported kidnapped father named Abdullah Sulaiman معيوف last Thursday evening
after he delivered his speech at the meeting my father held Congress President Allaotunai Mohammed
Maqrif and you can watch the meeting parents attended He was arrested on the air said
to him we want a little bit We Akhaddoh accused Maqrif Bmsalath Bdlk Where you is haram Maihdt
64-year-old man and has a heart does not bear all this Ntmana cooperate with us united kidnapping
on Thursday at 11 Aalhoa Mbacrha Sabha 02/01/2013

The fear of the spread of bacterial and viral epidemics fatal in Sabha as a result of decomposition Jtt dead animals from the flow of contaminated wastewater already in the stone and we all know not to Tofber rats medical facilities in the region to cope with such situations. …. Please attention before the disaster that did not happen already ….. God save everyone…


The battle is over Champions Alqmazfah and Sons جردان Suleiman after the temporary truce that Taraet Calm returned to the city of Sabha after the bloody conflict
Results of the battle where the tribe Alqmazfah lost five of their men in exchange for lost جردان Awlad Suleiman four of Gerantm with relatively equal in terms of outcome wounded
With comparison between the force of arms between the parties hailed جردان Awlad Suleiman have all kinds of weapons while Alqmazfah owned light weapon and this shows that the tribe Alqmazfah owns The weapons of men is men remain Kalasay No benefit of
He killed men Alqmazfah insidious saluting was kidnapped child lamp Mansour Abdullah in front of his house were killed and thrown in the way of farms as well as kill all of M’Hamed survivor Abdeslam Abdulsalam Najaabdalslam and Abdulsalam Othman Abdulsalam insidious is the presence of weapons understanding unarmed while killing Bezzar is in the field of battle, but before his death, one person was killed Solomon of جردان boys and injured another person while جردان sons Solomon died, they have the force of arms.

Latest developments in Sabha 05/01/2013 Saturday:
News about the boys Boucif tribe oversees the signing truce between Alqmazfah and the children of Solomon.

And after violent clashes erupted last week between the two tribes and in which dozens of people were killed and wounded on both sides.

Close streets in Downtown …….. The rats Girls Suleiman closing the roads in Gardah.

Rats girls Suleiman they بالرماية Ali procession rat disgusting ……

News of the martyrdom of one young Almgarhh ……. tried to defend one of the wounded in the hospital district, Abdul Kafi …… at the hands of Solomon rats Girls.
Rumors about Misrata rats went to the beach ……. And the tense situation now ………
To the people of the beach ………. Editing Jufrah ensure safety and security for the beach and Sabha.

Sabha clashes on Friday 01/04/2013 latest events and developments in Sabha

Poor communication and the net at the beach and Sabha. Reports of clashes in the Sabha.

– Fire in the Accomplish and lead voice intermittently
– The burning of the house Ahmed Yahya
– The attempted assassination of the President of the so-called National Conference, Muhammad Maqrif Fezzan Hotels
– Hospital March 2 closed and free from doctors and nurses for fear of clashes

– Targeting Mahdi Abdullah M’Hamed Almiasa.

Clashes continue in the Downtown and forty Street Bsabha …… And a number of Jeff Farroukh Solomon up to the hospital March 2.

In 3:23 p.m

Alexander Beck (of Millions Support Gaddafi) WRITES US:

اسكندر بيكاقسم بالله شكلي بندخل لسبها بنهدها فوق روس هلها يا جماعة و بيريح فيها الظالم و المظلوم . أقسم بالله كتيبة وحدها من كتايب براك تحتل جنوب ليبيا كلهاو بشأن خوتنا الابرياء في سبها اللي يتم دبحهم فيه حاجات مانبيش نكتب عنها في الفيس و لا عندنا احني علي الدعايه ولكن افعالنا هي اللي تشهدلنا و رب العزه رح يرسم يومها قريب

Now my speech in EnglishI swear God , If i want i can enter Sebha City and destroy it all on it’s people , I swear one Battalion From Brack Shatti City Can Control all the south of Libya . Also about our innocent brothers in Sebha City whose getting killed by the armed gangs , i say we don’t want to say much details on Facebook , also we don’t want and need propaganda on our support or the power we have , but our actions , movements are witness and the Almighty knows too what we are doing , it’s day is coming , and i mean by this the hour will be rung.

from a Libyan Torghae:

Our correspondent from tuber

Transport Security Directorate dirt to the area of Umm packets because of the large number of attack by al-Qaeda in the dirt .. And the area of Umm packets away from the dirt about 60 kilometers east .. Knowing that the PSD no role except administrative affairs for police recruits only had nothing to do with security in the dirt.


Asham battalion home …………Everywhere
Near the station antenna to Ybana in the corner ………… Evening hunting:


It phenomena …. He glory ….. he history :::::

Mlaowonaat ::::::

Subject of Aechtlv about everyone of us witnessed the two so-Arab Spring led by Lawrence of Arabia Zionist Levy …. The market has Hamad bin banana country …. And recruited him important mouthpieces of the media and mocked island these Bantlaguetha deceived us throughout the years of this century, but we discovered absolute truths ::::

Island was shopping for Egypt Mleoniat in editing and massing just dupes of ordinary peoples that millions came out of it deems says shot down and leave …. After careful research and reflection we discovered that deception and fabrication regardless of media we support the Egyptian regime or not ……

I sat observers of history and I wanted this picture very Va you and horns island … If the Egyptian Tahrir Square pushing Bmlaenkm Fmar think this is and Mastcolon them first …..

Did not see millions of Libya in the Green Square and mathematically those who did not know space arena the scientifically Hectaran Green half a hectare … Each square carries four people comfortably … And Amtlit Green Square on a reel of her father in addition to the city’s streets in September and Maqrif Mazran chosen and the valley and major trauma large garden in front of which Atti feet and announced its position with legitimate green …..

And Mastcolon Magdy Rady that supported Hitler in 1944 during the Second World War … Stsamuton you will not find an answer for you Do you know only forgery, deception and fabrication … Atantsron not swear by the devil

We either victors though media Satrtkm … victors Dmaúrna relaxed and victorious faith victorious Bembdina the … Dear pranksters.

ĎăĘă safely


Injury and death of a number of rats and Nice Bouchmadh by unidentified snipers …..



Burning the National Directorate of Security in Zuwarah and wounded gunman.

Exposure of the so-called National Security Directorate Bzoarh attacked yesterday by an armed group wounded evacuated a NATO rebels within the Directorate and did we get the name.

and headquarters were burned so-called national security last night …

Exposure of the so-called National Security Directorate Bzoarh attacked yesterday by an armed group evacuated a wounded rats within the Directorate and did we get the name and headquarters were burned so-called national security last night.


Names of dead employees of the Supreme Security Committee in Turkey

Names of dead employees of the so-called Supreme Security Committee trainees in Turkey today:
1) Captain / Salem Mohamed Mansour 2) Student / Ramsey Salim Kdmor 3) Student / Ibomenaar M’barek Alorvleguelm,
know the real reasons behind the deaths are only three …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية


Al Qaeda in Libya, particularly Benghazi and Derna!!

Takfirist approach has consequences arising from extremist fatwas permitting the blood and symptoms of Muslims .. Then fight Imam Ali, may Allah be pleased with him to kill him, he says (that provision only God) his killing, imagine that kills an infidel his killing, imagine that supports the law of God!!

Therein lies the risk .. Libya will not list …
Will not as long as these have the decision by force of arms in Libya … The so-called state helpless and ashamed to mention it .. !!

patrol the so-called national security exposed to shootings

URGENT: patrol the so-called national security exposed to shootings

Benghazi – Urgent

Patrol the so-called national security Friday morning in the area of housing Buatunai Benghazi to fire without injuries.
Vehicle type (IBM) black bullet fired randomly in the housing area and fled.


Explosion rocks area Laithi Benghazi

Unknown mattered threw a homemade bomb “Julatina” on the house “Ahmed Bouchtalh” in the Laithi Benghazi, exploded when transferred subsequently to the center of Benghazi medical injuries multiple in the body.

noteworthy that Bouchtalh is one who named in the assassination case of killing of Major General Abdel-Fattah Younis


Killing Khaled mentioned brother Nasser stated keeper Abdel-Fattah Younis in the area Laithi Benghazi

Explosion rocks area Laithi BenghaziUnknown mattered threw a homemade bomb “Julatina” on the house “Ahmed Bouchtalh” in the Laithi Benghazi, exploded when transferred subsequently to the center of Benghazi medical injuries multiple in the body.noteworthy that Bouchtalh is one who named in the assassination case of killing of Major General Abdel-Fattah Younis


المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Killing Khaled mentioned brother Nasser stated keeper Abdel-Fattah Younis in the area Laithi Benghazi

Killing Khaled mentioned brother Nasser stated “the bodyguard, who was assassinated with Abdel-Fattah Younis,”
and that when he tried to take revenge of his brother
Obeida battalion commander Abu wounds betrayed by Abdul Fattah
Younis and fellow known radical Pityarha “Ahmed Bouchtale”

Urgent Benghazi: coup assez Newtala Pepsi rue Fwyhat

Une explosion a secoué la très forte zone de Benghazi peu avant Fwyhat a été rapporté que l’explosion s’est produite à l’intérieur assez Newtala et de la rue a été fermée immédiatement par les milices armées …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Resignation “Mohamed Soualem” from the membership of the so-called local council to Benghazi stricken.


In Benghazi Colonel Abdul Qadir was kidnapped Bahour Associate General Mdiraladarh purely a criminal to see the home this afternoon.

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)
Aimé (e) · il y a 10 heures

Unknown had intended to throw a homemade bomb “Gelatinh” on the home, “Ahmed Bouchtalh” in Benghazi Laithi area, and it exploded when transferred subsequently to the Benghazi Medical Center for multiple injuries to his body.

Noteworthy that Bouchtalh is one who named in the assassination case of the death of Major General Abdel-Fattah Younis..

Urgent Benghazi:

blow enough Newtala Pepsi Street in Fwyhat

A very strong explosion shook the area Benghazi shortly before Fwyhat has been reported that the blast occurred inside enough Newtala and the street was closed immediately by the armed militias

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Our correspondent in Benghazi:
Doctors abroad expel rats from European hospitals for the spread of lice in their hair.

Anger in Benghazi due to honored invitee rat “Mustafa Abdul Jalil” on Saturday by a local council elected non Marg!

Occupation Regime Pushes Demonstrators to Join Popular Resistance
Posted: 2013/01/03

Regime warns it will crack down violently on demonstrators

The illegal occupation regime last night launched a stinging attack on those who “disrupt the work of the government and state institutions in an irresponsible way” at a press conference in Tripoli.

In the statement, the illegal occupation regime spokesman slammed “the shutting down of public facilities, the committing of highway robberies, breaking into buildings and taking control of them”, bemoaning the “huge losses to the state” that they incurred.

The statement comes in the wake of a number of incidents where several groups have disrupted state activity to protest their own demands. Earlier this month, predominantly Tebu demonstrators closed the Sharara oilfield near Obari for nearly two weeks over claims that they were not being given the opportunity to work on the fields.

In a speech earlier this month, illegal occupation regime’s Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said that the protests had cost Libya nearly $350 million in lost revenues, and criticised the demonstrators for causing losses to the state.

Most recently, local protesters are reported to have occupied the Zueitina oil terminal on 22 December, apparently also to call for more opportunities to work there.

However, the statement given yesterday made it clear the illegal occupation regime would not tolerate long-term disruption caused by such moves, saying: “The government will not give in to any kind of blackmail… and will take all necessary measures to prevent any harm to Libya, its security and stability.”

The illegal occupation regime said it would take “all necessary measures to protect Libya’s vital installations” saying it would not show any tolerance to those disrupting state activities.

It was also made clear in the statement that the illegal occupation regime would seek to prosecute anyone taking part in any demonstration causing major disruption to the state.

The spokesman said: “Taking into account all constitutional and legal rights of citizens, the government will refer any violations or crimes perpetrated by these outlaws the Attorney General to start legal proceedings in the regard”.

The popular resistance welcomes the swelling of its ranks with every move by the illegal occupation regime to further oppress the Libyan people.

Mosques all day Atabl tempted Libyan Diar after grinding its market in the middle Jermana .. Bye Bye Ghariani.

And Riqnalk Illagraany ::: Sorry Riqnalk Aamasraty :::: Sorry Tani brothers

Case with farce :::: disaster :::: In Libya actually pension Bengamad eyes ::

Just Ghariani and dogs yesterday near Aqurmoa us Endowments and say how Friday sermons ready and elders Gaddafi to catch ææææææ and learned that the speeches were not forcing Endowments Sheikh and culture …. Mavi Day sermon chattel Endowments was the glorification of a person Ghaid speeches were directed Kuaa political nation …. and this is standard practice in Islamic law Valjmah address the problems of Muslims social, economic and political, legislative …. Endowments were speeches derived from this …. With this we Nicoloa wrong political interference in the text and we coming to Nsaloa for not Bagolna Chad ….. Tleghana complaining somewhat of Endowments speeches …. And when the events in our country Talat elite class of Senate in the idea and belief of them Sheikh Alchuirv who was an opponent of the pre Endowment events and agreed to bear the religious responsibilities towards the nation ….. And brothers Jerdan Talaaoh clutch Talaaoh Mrchi and ææææææ two argument to what he says Aouar Muslim Brotherhood, Sadiq al-Misrati or Erdogan Ghariani how Matbwa understand Avhmua …….

God often I’m sitting here country Mtalaath and prayer Friday appointed walked imposed of Bnsali Mosque Fridays, Mangalkm and God tear in the eye and self-interrupted and Ntfjr close you see this whole of Henw ….. ?

Khatib reprobate Tayeh glorification in Dar Alavsa chattel Aouar Ghariani says Dar law and the right to a House victory, pride … It is prejudiced against Sheikh reprobate Ghariani is misguided ææææææ …. And this is part of what you saved a jealous Lin said spoiler …

Just my جردان Alchuirv NATO said not Qltoa it Mrchi … NATO said Ababil birds this is to understand the religion …. And Maalina

Tu glorifies the regime fairly Libya for 42 years infidel Bakhsh fire despite you knowing what extent NATO fought and died a martyr for God …..

Bah not you against the glorification reasonable Khtpkm yesterday glorifying the Antichrist … reasonable Aashyuh apostasy Friday dedicated to the glorification of Halaaour … Tie and God a defect Mapadh defect …. and Awar writes sermon in his own handwriting and dictated to you and you kneeled ….

Aashyuh sedition and banana ÇÍäÇ clients Ghaid learned Nrkawa God ČÓ … You of the first Wind blowing Tercawa eyed …

ااااااااااااااااااااااااااااه and salvation ….

ĎăĘă safely

Libyana SMS service stops the visual Balamaat Jamahiriya and on the back of prohibition by the Mufti of NATO false Taliani.

Electronic copy of the letter sent by the company Libyana to video and audio channels messaging service learning to cut what caused these messages of threat to security.

Corps Brigades and outside the state apparatus phantom unusual but very serious risk messages.
Sanatorium and their faces greater recognition by them that is somewhat Abém


The leaked document from Libyana explain why stop short messaging service on satellite channels


المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Do Takdtm credibility Asham home ……….. When we published the news that he is going to happen wa Nfjarat clashes in Benghazi yesterday …….. And accuse us that we charlatans and we page rats., ……
Is sincerity of our words …………. or you still are not convinced we are more powerful thanks to God and the virtue of our correspondents.

Libyana SMS service stops the visual Balamaat Jamahiriya and on the back of prohibition by the Mufti of NATO sincere Ghariani ..

Cannabis and ecstasy are sold openly in the streets and squares of Benghazi.
(THIS WAS TOTALLY ILLEGAL under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA/ NO “DRUGS”  that were not medicinal were permitted.)

Reported clashes will fall between the National rats chicken and Alshata militia and 17 February:

News about trapping chicken National rat battalion Feb. 17 ……….. It is said that rats Alshata

and 17 February are put eavesdrop on communications devices.

Kidnapping of Colonel Abdul Qadir Bahour Associate General Mdiraladarh purely criminal in Benghazi

In Benghazi Colonel Abdul Qadir was kidnapped Bahour Associate General Mdiraladarh purely a criminal to see the home

Kidnapping of Colonel Abdul Qadir Bahour Associate General Mdiraladarh purely criminal in Benghazi

In Benghazi Colonel Abdul Qadir was kidnapped Bahour Associate General Mdiraladarh purely a criminal to see the home.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Benghazi Abducted CID chef de la police

Benghazi: Moroccan killed Nasser CID officer
Body Found Moroccan Nasser CID officer in the region of Sidi Fredj Benghazi injured by a bullet in the head.

Posté le: 03/01/2013
La résistance populaire se poursuit avec les événements quotidiens et horaires de la dépêche de l’ambassadeur américain et d’autres agents de la CIA à l’assassinat de traîtresLe chef de la police judiciaire de Benghazi (CID), Abdulsalam al-Mihdawi, a été enlevé hier soir à Benghazi par les conflits armés combattants de la résistance populaire. Porter des masques les combattants ont attaqué Mihdawi et ses deux collègues dans leur véhicule alors qu’il était immobilisé à un feu rouge dans le quartier Hawari de Benghazi. Cet enlèvement intervient après une année d’incursions de sécurité en cours, y compris les attaques contre les postes de police vertu de la nouvelle commande sans l’autorité du peuple et des dizaines d’assassinats de personnels de sécurité haut de traîtres dans la ville de Benghazi. L’événement vient également en réponse aux soi-disant le régime d’occupation illégale de “ministre de l’Intérieur» et Shuwail Ashour traître, ainsi que le ” Rat “chef d’état-major Yousef Mangoush visité Benghazi et annoncé de nouveaux plans pour contrer la sortie de la situation sécuritaire de contrôle. L’enlèvement des traîtres vient également en réponse à propos du régime Ali Zeidan trahison occupation illégale qui a proclamé sa volonté de remettre en question certains de la non conformes membres des forces de sécurité réactionnaires, y compris les «brigades révolutionnaires» ou des milices hérétiques armés. tentatives successives pendant et depuis la suspension forcée de la Jamahiriya et tentative de renverser l’autorité du peuple pour former un gouvernement opérationnel ont échoué et ont été incapables de contrôler les différents groupes armés formés dans la défense de leurs familles et groupes en fonction de l’anarchie. Beaucoup de traîtres qui ont aidé à la brutale occupation de la Libye par les forces de “rat” sous le couvert de américano-européen »de l’OTAN” bombardements qui ont conduit à une millions de Libyens qui fuient à l’exil et l’on estime qu’un cent mille morts et une dizaine de milliers retenu prisonnier politique, ont aussi été résistant au contrôle central par le régime. Il n’ya pas de représentants légitimement et démocratiquement élus et les organes de l’Etat qui interdit la plupart des Libyens de toute participation à se gouverner et ont interdit le système de démocratie directe libyenne pacifique qui place les masses au pouvoir directement, sans représentation ni députation. Hier, par exemple, que les principaux représentants du régime d’occupation illégale ont été saluant leurs soi-disant “forces de sécurité” à la une célébration dans une partie de la capitale Tripoli, un autre groupe de ces «sécurité suprêmes du comité« mercenaires manifestaient de manière indisciplinée au régime d’occupation illégale du “Congrès national général», qui se compose essentiellement de traîtres et des éléments étrangers, dite «à l’américaine Libyens “ou” double nationalité “. L’régime “forces de sécurité” ont été s’opposant à contraints à entrer dans la police et réclamaient la démission du mentionné ci-dessus “ministre de l’Intérieur.”Les tentatives du régime Zeidan occupation illégale n’a pas réussi à exercer une contrôler ni sur ceux qui ont tenté de l’amener au pouvoir ou sur les masses libyennes et leurs forces de résistance populaire, se moquer des bailleurs de fonds étrangers du régime, qui sont les impérialistes, capitaliste et néo-colonialiste impopulaires occidentaux banker-régimes. La gouvernements démocratiques et socialistes continuent à reconnaître la Jamahiriya légitime libyen et l’autorité du peuple libyen basé sur des conférences populaires et les comités. Les analystes disent que Benghazi était le siège du le 17 Février complot sioniste contre la Jamahiriya utilisant des éléments hérétiques islamistes, les fonctionnaires corrompus et libéré dur prisonniers de base comme les fantassins, et a fait face à l’anarchie effrénée, le chaos et la criminalité galopante – l’absence totale de sécurité -. depuis observateurs notent que le régime étranger imposé par l’occupation illégale a été incapable de convaincre le citoyen moyen libyenne les rues de Benghazi qu’ils sont plus en sécurité quand il est resté tout à fait clair que le régime est incapable de protéger ses propres agents de sécurité haut – les fonctionnaires mêmes qui vont être chargés de loi imposant l’ordre public, ni même le plus ancien des Etats-Unis fonctionnaires et agents de la CIA. Voir les liens ci-dessous pour en savoir plus sur les actions de résistance horaires auront lieu partout dans les villes du nord de la Libye, avec tout le sud ayant été déclarée «zone militaire» en réponse à la perte totale de la commande là par . le régime d’occupation illégale et de ses bailleurs de fonds étrangers – Gardez nouvelles Jamahiriya bel et bien vivant, faire un don dès aujourd’hui pour soutenir ce service en l’absence de budgets. – Plus de nouvelles de la Libye: #

The popular resistance continues with daily and hourly events from the dispatch of the U.S. ambassador and other C.I.A. agents to the assassination of traitorsThe head of the Benghazi Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Abdulsalam al-Mihdawi, was abducted yesterday evening in Benghazi by armed popular resistance fighters.Wearing masks the fighters attacked Mihdawi and his two colleagues in their vehicle while it was stationary at a traffic light in the Hawari district of Benghazi.This abduction comes after a year of ongoing security incursions, including attacks on police stations under new command without the Authority of the People and with dozens of assassinations of top security personnel traitors in the city of Benghazi.The event also comes in response to the illegal occupation regime’s so-called “Interior Minister” and traitor Ashour Shuwail as well as the “Rat” Chief of Staff Yousef Mangoush visited Benghazi and announced new plans to counter the out of control security situation.The abduction of the traitors also comes about in response to the treasonous Ali Zeidan illegal occupation regime which proclaimed its determination to challenge some of the non-compliant members of the reactionary security forces, including the “revolutionary brigades” or armed heretic militias.Successive attempts during and since the forced suspension of the Jamahiriya and attempt to overthrow the People’s Authority to form a functioning government have failed and have been unable to control the various armed groups which formed in defence of their families and groups in response to the anarchy.Many of the traitors who assisted the brutal occupation of Libya by “rat” forces under cover of US-European “NATO” bombing which led to one million Libyans fleeing into exile and an estimated one hundred thousand dead and around ten thousand being held political prisoner, have also been resisting central control by the regime.There is no legitimately and democratically chosen representatives and organs of the state which banned most Libyans from any participation in governing themselves and have outlawed the direct democracy peaceful Jamahiriya system which places the masses into power directly without representation nor deputation.Yesterday, for example, as the leading representatives of the illegal occupation regime were saluting their so-called “security forces” at a celebration in one part of the capital Tripoli, another group of these “security supreme committee” mercenaries were demonstrating in an unruly manner at the illegal occupation regime’s “General National Congress” which consists largely of traitors and foreign elements, so-called “American Libyans” or “dual nationals”.The regime’s “security forces” were objecting to being forced into joining the police force and were calling for the resignation of the above-mentioned “Interior Minister.”The Zeidan illegal occupation regime’s failed attempts to exert any control either over those who attempted to bring it to power or over the Libyan masses and their popular resistance forces, make a mockery of the foreign backers of the regime, which are the imperialist, capitalist and neo-colonialist unpopular western banker-regimes.The democratic and socialist governments continue to recognize the legitimate Libyan Jamahiriya and the Libyan People’s Authority based on people’s conferences and committees.Analysts say that Benghazi was the seat of the February 17 Zionist conspiracy against the Jamahiriya using islamist heretic elements, corrupt officials and released hard-core prisoners as their foot soldiers, and has faced unbridled lawlessness, chaos and rampant crime — the total absence of any security — ever since.Observers note that the foreign-imposed illegal occupation regime has been unable to convince the average Libyan citizen on the streets of Benghazi that they are any safer when it has remained abundantly clear that the regime is unable to protect its own top security personnel – the very officials that are going to be charged with imposing law and order, nor even the most senior of U.S. government officials and C.I.A. agents.See the links below for more on the hourly resistance actions taking place across the cities in the north of Libya, with the entire south having been declared a “military zone” in response to the total loss of command there by the illegal occupation regime and its foreign backers.


Clarification on this ancient document

Said Magdi Barasi and military prosecutor was investigating before her resignation in December in the case of the killing of Younis told AFP that Abdul Jalil “was banned from traveling until compliance as a defendant before the military court” next month.
An official source said the Permanent Military Court in Benghazi Monday to AFP that “Mustafa Abdul Jalil asked for permission from the military court to travel to Turkey to oversee the treatment of his daughter that comply in a timely manner before the court that will be assigned rather than the previous.”
He added the source, who asked not to mention “Abdul Jalil did not take permission to travel to Tunisia for an official visit apparently.”
And Major General Abdul Fattah Younis, the highest military rank joined NATO and criminal militias against the Libyan people in 2011, was killed in July 2011 in mysterious circumstances after he was summoned from the front of the interrogation.
And vowed members of the Obeidi tribe to which he belongs Younis earlier Ba to economically PO his death if it continued illegal Libyan authorities “ignore” the issue.
The tribe believes that the so-called Transitional National Council played a role in the assassination of Younis.

Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi said “terrorist Ismail hardness in revolutionary dress”

  “Terrorist Ismail hardness in revolutionary dress”
With these words, the Obeidi Ismail hardness and went on saying
“This man is the one who attacked demonstrators in the city of Benghazi. As he and his gang kidnapped Iranians and they Guests Libyan Red Crescent, and who surrounded the U.S. embassy from afar, did not save the consulate which is under attack, but remained spectators and supporters of Sharia burn and kill ..

. This man even more ambitious than his patriotism, which is abducting one of the officers and was released. And I know you wish زمرتك to Tguetleueny personally, and I’m afraid but I’m afraid to kill others to start a war such as brackish war.

This is considered in response to the book, addressed to the Minister of the Interior on December 20, in which he called his innocence and his love for the city of Benghazi, which accuses the others and in fact he and his coterie of Qatar Islamists who store weapons and money order Atzlto this home.

Not slept the eyes of cowards ”

Maj. Gen. Suleiman Mahmoud 
05 January 2013

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

No `Bright News` in Benghazi So Let`s Fake It!

Posted: 2013/01/03
In the absence of any `bright news` in war-torn Benghazi which faces ongoing chaos, violence, resistance, crime, theft and murder, occupation media decided to post some `bright news` along with an edited photo (courtesy occupation media)The photo is black and white, but the painted pipes are shown in colour, in an attempt to add more colour to what is an insignificant piece of news.The news item posted in the British occupation media “Libya Herald” under the headline “Benghazi – some welcomed bright news!” clearly was not bright enough so it had to be faked or “spun” in the typical manner of the disinformation outlet which seeks to falsify Libyan history, past and present.”It is too easy to associate the city of Benghazi with bad news. Bombings, shootings, assassinations – successful and failed attempts – have unfortunately meant that too often the only news that is covered about the city – is bad news”, the British publication operating illegally in Libya, said.”There is much good, however, that is happening and being done by volunteers, individuals and civil societies at grassroots levels in the city that does not get news coverage”, the report continues. However, in its one year of coverage it has not been able to give any real “good news” about Benghazi, because there is none.The “much good” therefore remains a mystery and why the British intelligence information laundering operation “Libya Herald” has been unable to find and cover it, or even to mention it in this first “good news” article.As its one good news example it chose the Benghazi al-Khayer campaign “that is a campaign to do some good volunteer work such as cleaning and painting the city”, but had to fake the photograph in order to make the coloured pipes look more significant than they actually are in a city riddled with graffiti, crime and violence.

Bomb Attack on Benghazi Prosecutor Office
Posted: 2013/01/02
From: Mathaba
The North Benghazi Prosecutor`s office after the Jamahiri Resistance bomb attack 

Jamahiri Resistance targeted the North Benghazi Prosecutor’s Office in a bomb attack late Sunday night, causing damage to the building and unknown casualties.

The bomb was a TNT device placed against the wall of a building next to the office. It smashed nearby car windows as well as damaging the Prosecutor’s building itself.

This comes just one day after the Occupation Regime’s Minister of the Interior Ashour Shuwail and Army Chief of Staff Major General Yusuf Al-Mangoush visited Benghazi to unveil their plans to improve the security situation in the eastern city which has been in turmoil since the launch of the war against Libya last year.

Shuwail had spoken of the necessity of clearing the streets of weapons and suggested that citizens found carrying arms would have them confiscated and could face 24 hours in jail.

Benghazi has been the scene of a string of killings targeting security officials this year, culminating in the killing of the imposed police chief Faraj Drissi, as part of a coordinated campaign of assassination against traitors to the Libyan people.

Clashes and pitched battles between resistance and regime security personnel have been frequent in Benghazi.

Disappearance of the police and the National Chicken from the streets of Benghazi …….. fear of murder at the hands of rats Qaeda.

Disappearance of the police and the National Chicken from the streets of Benghazi …….. fear of murder at the hands of rats Qaeda


One certificate Libyans
Ghani victor
I announced “Abdul Ghani Abul Qasim victor” mental and full my strength and my freedom (I think and I think) ..
Announced that I had Nbarit of my finger left hand forefinger and that you Bngtish in ink elections.
And for having HTP with our involvement now ..


Security Committee rats and mice battalion Nawasi they will kidnap members of the police and CID in Tripoli.

VHLOM area:

From the pages of the resistance (channel Friday Market)
People Vhlom blocking roads after the death of a young man of them at the hands of rats Nawasi

Road closures in area Qhlom due to found the body of a young stellar El Abani

Body Found young “stellar El Abani” distorted and sparked brutal torture and visible, after the RAT militias February 17 criminal “Ktibhalnoasi” the arrest of “victim” a few days ago ..
the people area Vhlom they close roads and demanding punishment fair. * gang Sheikh Abdul Rauf hater and his partner Sheikh Haitham Tagouri “Nawasi” claiming that it applied the law of God and the victim traded in drugs! family victim says “we were to Anmana in brought to justice and are satisfied judgment” but has no right to whatever that is torturing, maiming and killing a human being in this way ugly and which are forbidden in our Islamic and all human and moral values !

Tribe Alhamalh reside checkpoint in the Zafarana after finding someone from the tribe Slain in sweeping ………. It is believed that the security committee of the Rats killed him.

A hand grenade exploded (pomegranate) inside the headquarters of the so-called security battalion attribution Gargour, resulting explosion injured person was taken to the Tripoli Central Hospital suffering shrapnel across his body.

Resistance from the pages of (Terhune Mujahid)
News of the attack on the headquarters of the security committee in rats five …. The sound of ambulance ….. and clashes with heavy weapons.

Small-arms clashes in the neighborhood of Andalus far between rats.

Our correspondent from the airport road

Several explosions shake the hand of the University of Nasser and Ben Achour hand noon ……………

the airport road
Horror controlled rat in Tripoli …………. Intense and gates of rats in front of hotels.
Flight intensive warplanes overflew the capital Tripoli
Witness the Libyan capital of Tripoli since Sunday morning flight intensive military aircraft that come out of the Mitiga air base.

Rats Alahtman at Alkirh beach trying to kill rat Salah Abu Khuzam

Body Found citizenship famous Alsoiei slaughtered in Tripoli

After an absence of four days of citizenship (famous Alsoiei) working Tripoli Central Hospital were found slaughtered in the city’s old DC Trabul
Clashes between members of the police and rats of Libya shield circumference hospital evacuation hospital was closed now..

Clashes revolve around a hospital evacuation

Clashes erupted between members of the police and members of Libya shield circumference hospital evacuation hospital was closed now. We do not know the causes of these clashes until the meet.

Gunmen attacking the prime minister’s residence in Tripoli

Today’s event on 01.06.2013 assault on a building prime minister in Tripoli after a sit for an armed group then turned this sit to an attack on the headquarters and nearby shops him and they destroyed with bullets and shooting random evacuated prevailed chaos engulfed the place and panic Hardy …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Our correspondent in Ben Ghashir palace:
Reports of violent clashes between the rats near the Tripoli airport now.

Targeting one obese rats in the airport road near the palace bridge ……………

And who was in the car a lioness pride color black with live ammunition ………. And with one single rats pagan Conference.

Rivalry militias NATO rebels near the airport in Tripoli to prevent the entry and exit of vehicles crews of the Libyan Airways, which offer many flights delayed ..

Libyan Arab Airlines.

Event on 01/06/2013 in front of the headquarters of the General People’s Committee or what is known as the premiership??

Assault on the so-called prime minister in Tripoli armed car
And residents say these????? Where they smashed shops and horizontal shooting
Ahtguen the region’s youth and have gone the streets in front of the so-called ministry..

Abdul Rahim Cape: ăäćŃíä 5 billion O dupes.

3 Africans killed in the Tajoura after Tadibam by the Supreme Security Committee

Supreme Security Committee dropped the arrest of a group of Africans and investigated them
after a body was brought to a Africans in front of a police station Tajoura car belonging to the security committee Tajoura

and bearing signs of torture ..

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Armed Clashes Between Police and `SSC` in Tripoli

Posted: 2013/01/03
From: Mathaba
Illegal occupation regime says the clashes will be `investigated`A committee made up of unknown persons is to carry out an “investigation” into clashes that took place between members of the police force and the Supreme Security Council (SSC) militia force of the illegal occupation regime in Tripoli Saturday.The incident which is one of many ongoing clashes around Libya occurred after men from a unit of the Rescue Section, part of the so-called National Security Directorate, stopped a patrol vehicle belonging to the SSC to check the contents of his vehicle.When the police officers found weapons on board, they detained the driver until his unit commander could vouch for him and verify that he was carrying out his orders.He was taken to the Judicial Police headquarters in Tripoli, and when his patrol commander arrived to confirm that the SSC member had been acting on his orders to transport weapons from one unit to another, the commander himself was detained by the police officer in charge.It was reported that the incident led to armed clashes between members of the SSC and police officers at the station, with unknown casualties.

Rain interruption loss and poor communication ….. most important characteristic of Tripoli now.

Close to roads in Tripoli ……….. And burning tires.



NUARY 6, 2013
Targeting two security gates in Sabratha

Last night mortar shells landed on gateway Tunaibat and other fall the Aldbabashah area in Sabratha



Violent clashes between named rats Tripoli (Sirte protection force) … Rats backed Misrata battalion Buhulaiga.

Sirte …………. Is the only city in which they are raised green flags of some Liberal


A car bomb explosion in front of local radio Sirte

  •  SUNDAY, JANUARY 6, 2013
    A car bomb explosion in front of local radio Sirte.

    A car bomb exploded in front of a popular local radio Sirte killed evacuated one of the gunmen in this explosion 
    has been luring armed force that protects the radio out of the area was then put the car bomb and detonated by remote control and could not constipation Balvaal.

    المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

 Sirte on the brink of collapse ……… The news went Car rats Misrata it.

  Quoting Sabha now | Sebha Now

A car in front of Sirte audio radio Jerdanih decide toxins against the people of Sirte and did not know if there was damage or casualties so far.

~ Alsabhawi ~

Continued sniping campaigns by Liberals in the market Friday, Sirte and corner

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Car who Tu thrown at the point in Sirte alert
Please Liberal caution because they Dayrin ambush in the middle of the streets without cars, especially in the street 5..

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Target inventory (on Alguenazza Ferjani) on the road to the highway Sirte barrage of bullets and was suffering a direct hit and now is in the hospital seek treatment and, unfortunately, the injury was simple in the leg with the knowledge that this inventory of debt except to liquidate and kill Champions Sirte in epic Alkarzabiah Altatah battle Sirte meeting.

Set rat Musrati ordered military Sirte ……….. Buhulaiga demands by reference to Benghazi

Libyan resistance heroes injuring Ali Alguenazza for Ferjani in Sirte

Target inventory (on Alguenazza Ferjani) on the road to the highway Sirte barrage of bullets and was suffering a direct hit and now is in the hospital seek treatment and, unfortunately, the injury was simple in his knowing that H 1 a inventory of who lose liquidate and kill Champions Sirte in an epic …
Brown car explosion in Sirte in front of Radio rats Sirte ….. Believed to be affiliated to rats Misrata called strongly protect Sirte, which was soon to enter into Sirte ….

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Almngarh Rasi Sirte Sirte ♡

Was one of the heroes of Sirte …….. Removes rag shame from rat Khbur house Almzraty contrast to school

Vanguards victory and a green flag Paradise aware of the Great Jamahiriya.

Inventory waiters / Makhlouf bin Nasser Ferjany (aka Shawarma Makhlouf) …

One جردان Sirte residents No. 3 was working in a restaurant for sale الشورما was nicknamed (Makhlouf Shawerma) Share this inventory in fighting with Jerdan against the sons of Sirte in the east with جردان Middle has this inventory tender coordinates of NATO against civilian and military targets in Sirte participated was the بالوشايه against our heroes and our families Anda exit of Sirte after Ahtll Sirte by criminal gangs form booklet called (battalion Alkarzabiah) has beat students at the University of Sirte and hit nurses in Mstvy Ibn Sina Ashan carrying in their hands badges green participated in the murder of Champions when families and stole farm Alabhat And now the harassed the Sirte supporters of Champions legitimacy of all the tribes and as especially tribe Akaddadfh and seizure of their homes and killed publicly, the heroic resistance of the sons of epiphyseal
It annoys tribesman Alqmazvh Alkhatri injured who were brought from Sabha on Thursday to Ibn Sina Hospital education in the city of Sirte they asked medical staff of House Alkhatri that go their sons with the house after being treated because it is trying to kill them and that the hospital is not safe with it there is one young condition health is stable and they are all protesting medical attention and see this man and where to reach him villainy
Was one of the heroes of Sirte ……..

Removes rag shame from rat Khbur house Almzraty contrast to school Vanguards victory and a green flag Paradise aware of the Great Jamahiriya.

Clashes with heavy weapons in Sirte …………..

Gunmen tried from Misrata to enter Sirte on the south side, but they were surprised export an battalion Martyrs corner and battalion Galt them to prevent them from entering, and trading news that they wanted to enter Abohadi and arrest wanted as they claim.
Some said that the cause of the clashes is competing militias for control of the armories.
fell wounded by these clashes and now flock to the Ibn Sina hospital.

Sirte, dream-city of Mu

Libyan resistance heroes injuring Ali Alguenazza for Ferjani in SirteTarget inventory (on Alguenazza Ferjani) on the road to the highway Sirte barrage of bullets and was suffering a direct hit and now is in the hospital seek treatment and, unfortunately, the injury was simple in his knowing that H 1 a inventory of who lose liquidate and kill Champions Sirte in epic Alkarzabiah Althatah battle Sirte meeting.المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية
أبطال المقاومة الليبية يصيبون علي القنزاع الفرجاني في سرت | وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية
أبطال المقاومة الليبية يصيبون علي القنزاع الفرجاني في سرتوكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية
Number of rats killed Misurata …… in the clashes in Sirte with the people Furjan Galt battalion and Buhulaiga.

Dushka exotic cars entering the Sirte written Sirte protection force of Zliten and Misrata rats …… And rats seeking support from Tripoli.

News of a meeting of rats in Sirte …… And does not include rats Benghazi and Derna.

Found dead shortly before in Sirte and did not know the identity of the body is back because the hospital

surrounded and the presence of large numbers of people in it and a thorough inspection.

Our correspondent of Sirte
Seen gate Buhulaiga rats on the island of rotation …….. And security committee in rats Homeland Security in popularity

and is now stationed in the area Alsoaoh.

Al-Hurra correspondent Omar Touati:

Close the road to Mahary Clasico expected between Qaqaa and militia group Dahmani.

Follows close to the site tells us of developments.
D-Ahmed Alhadj writes us:

D. Ahmed al-HadjKawaldy Hamedi (pic)

Abdullah Issa carp young Sartaoa from third residential area residents born in 1987, a student this young merlin at the hands of religious scholars and keep the book of God save many parts of the Quran progress in his studies until he arrived at the university and studied at the Faculty of Arts until 2011, when the war began in Libya ….
Abdullah lived like other young people during this crisis Asrha and coexistence with it … Until the close of the war from the city of Sirte specifically in the fifteenth of the month of September that date, which has been associated sad anniversary of the city’s population, where he spent more than 50 young people under the NATO planes bombing … Also clashes began on the outskirts of the city much ..
Abdullah sixth out of the house, meaning the west of the city to return to members of his family ago minutes P hours and hours and did not return Abdullah to his home went out of his brothers are looking for a night on the outskirts of the city after the fighting calmed down and moved away NATO planes … To Atfajúa car Abdullah has burned completely and Abdullah inside … Differed novels there said that Abdullah had his car collided with one of the cars involved in the clashes and another says it bombed by mistake and others confirmed that his car was hit NATO planes differed novels, but the fact that Abdullah let Ahbabo and he keeps leaving behind notorious good despite his young age respect of his friends and family members and congregants who are used to his presence and back is to spend a lot of time.”



Video monitoring violations of the corner and steady militias in Ajeelat.
Video Watch the size of the devastation of the corner and militias steady Ajeelat the right of citizens and their property.
المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية
شاهد الدمار الذي قامت به مليشيات الزاوية في العجيلات
لأي جديد زوروا صفحتنا على الفيس بوك

Rats corner put eavesdropping devices in the school lattice Bajeelat.

Part of sabotage and crimes carried out by the corner and steady rats in Ajeelat the right of citizens and their property.

Black Ajeelat يأسرون 8 of rats shield Libya ………… The rats are trying to attack to Ajeelat again!

Publishing urgent hope all Facebook pages

Default sitting sells in youth Ajeelat:

The Aalém is inventory Omar Sayed Artima born 88 lives next bathroom tourism

Information downright Mer Palme and News confirmed with the knowledge that the person that one of the biggest criminals and has several precedents and Hua person drunkard and seller drugs and has done abducting many girls and violated honor …. God and yes the agent …

Please Alhdhirmn this person and eliminate as soon as possible.



Champions and Rishvana they attacked rats Misrata Who after a bridge …… 27 Chanting (God, Muammar, Libya ups) … and removing containers ……

A car side the house rat Almqml Ahmed Bouchtalh initial suspect in the murder of Abdel Fattah al-Obeidi in Bani the area Laithi invader.


Jamahiriya Resistance Attack on Al-Madar Telecoms in Bani Walid

Posted: 2013/01/02
From: Mathaba
The Jamahiriya Resistance has pledged to attack any local and foreign companies which are operating illegally in Occupied Libya without approval of the Libyan JamahiriyaAlmadar telecom company has been forced to stop its services in the Bani Walid area after one of its stations was destroyed, was confirmed by a statement by the Ministry of Communications’ issued via its page on the U.S. data-mining facility “Facebook” on Sunday.The report said that an Almadar station between Washtata and the entrance to the town of Bani Walid was attacked with rocket propelled grenades in the past few days.According to the statement, Almadar has had to suspend its services to the whole of Bani Walid as a result of the attack, and has sent a maintenance team to the area to carry out emergency repairs.

Even the people of the popular Prairie aspirations ousted.

the young man who gows under the alias ofGibran Hussein Warfali, gives us this poetic image:

“I have appointed slept the night .. To conquer fiber Xialt us .. Sherida Dom intends Arahil .. Damaged damaged and Ataaud Apka .. Eye Ataht and Ataaud Atchel .. And deport Shore Mukar Algla .. Notify Zeul Galleha Atmel .. Tgbd dirt and pass and rip .. Complemented tear Macft Atsel .. Abandoned sleep Javaha Jaffa .. And prestige Elias Aallagha a .. Monument Peten Vaii appeared .. Consolidated Akul torque and long .. And Ksoa Jaap عذبني Abha .. Gap Jdhar and Alersal dimension .. Sacrifice towards Devthm ….”


“Meaning in the belly of the poet ..

Atoal travel omitted and they saw her .. And cherish Bayhoum Alajawad Amaaha .. TAKES for Hlha they throttle, Wayne Alsgy lead them .. Loya garnish send on Menhalha and Akeanha Musrmat and saw her .. NATO master never sleeps not Aaklha .. Majestic ride Alawi pasture .. And Alajawad Dima Abahloa covered .. And Mtaib meat that was congratulated .. The horses Tsrz fly Anolha .. Not pamper gunshot and saw her .. Gathered on Socc tusks Jmlha .. Says military Kdamha and Ouraha …. – Avec withstand Bedouin eternal rebel, Khawla Libyan Gibran Hussein Warfali, Anfal and Rafla, Adہrb greeting Qہdamk Rvlہah, Ezz life, Tahlobh me proud, Jeje Mejloo, Knights of Bani Walid, the pride of Bani Walid et sister cavalry heroes.”

Z Libya only .. Offender chooses where to be tried!!

Channel capital: Yoshna Mustafa Abdul Jalil, “I choose to Prairie City for my trial for my faith in its judiciary and its people and its officers!!!”

Gunfire and explosions after clashes in the popular Prairie after visit Boshna “Mustafa Abdul Jalil”.

Clashes with medium weapons in Prairie City

Violent clashes with light and medium weapons accompanied by explosions today in a battle between the family called Hassan and sentenced family Clmana, against the backdrop of the decision of President named Marg Hassan Council ruled, dismissing Clmana director Almaaqa

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية



There are reports we have received that Misurata sent a delegation to Gharyan and their henchmen in other cities under the banner of reconciliation, but in fact they are massing for the purpose of political isolation until the being a popular demand and to complement the conference of b and a national theater at gunpoint and the desire of others to the exclusion of their opponents and show the media thattheir decision is in line with demand and visions of the people

Combustion fuel-laden truck at the gas station Valley in central popular Gharyan.


Sit over 2,500 teachers in Zliten to unpaid wages for more than a year
The schools suffer from lack of maintenance by the destruction caused by the NATO bombing of Air Crusader

Is Libya’s oil is unable to exchange teachers’ salaries? Where’s the money?



News for the interruption of the road between Bin Jawad and Ras Lanuf.



Cannibals ate 60 of humans Torghae!!

Nearly 400 bodies of young Torghae killed in prisons battalions armed in Misrata, images were disclosed recently by the Red Cross, did not know the circumstances of the killing of these, and is said to be an initial set and there are hundreds unnamed, should open an investigation under the supervision of the United Nations, to learn how to kill them , died under torture in prisons or were liquidated identity!

Followed Torghae in Misrata prisons (35 photos)

Akram Altaorga his body was burnt with boiling water in the detention camps gangs February barbarism within Misurata:
Violent clashes between rats in Misrata.

The battalion collected pilgrim attack on Misrata security committee, and hit the members of the

committee and the looting of cars Committee and the reason is that the committee members were expelled Juma Haj Committee that Abraham client Circassian.

RATS Misrata trying trapping Zintan …… Ptfawd with the people of the beach and Asabah epiphyseal, Chiaan and ……….

Waged a failed war Ali Ajeelat and Alnoaúl.

URGENT / / clashes in Misrata on the headquarters of the security committee

The battalion collected pilgrim attack on Misrata security committee, and hit the members of the committee and the looting of cars Committee and the reason is that the committee members were expelled Juma Haj Committee that Abraham client Circassian.

Martyrdom of a number of the sons of Bani Walid in Misrata prisons.

Martyr Knight: Ayman Ahmed Almusharouha .. Known as Muammar Almusharouha ..
Died under torture in the prisons of Misrata ..
For information: the Forces arrested martyr on 10.17.2012 in the Chinese company in axis Vdraj a fight with his gun.

نحتسبه God as a martyr ….
Martyrs and Rafla brave.


Emirati Dahi Khalfan:
2013 will be the year the disappearance of the Muslim Brotherhood …… The news of the indictment of rat Morsi set up a terrorist cell in the United Arab Emirates.

The arrival of the body of an Egyptian citizen was killed as a result of torture in Libyan jails in Misrata

after being arrested by a battalion called shield Libya.
CBC channel Egyptian.

Egyptian tortured to death in the prisons of Misrata, Libya, militias

The arrival of the body of an Egyptian citizen was killed as a result of torture in Libyan jails in Misrata after being arrested by a battalion called shield Libya. Arrived at Cairo airport on the Libyan plane coming from Tripoli, on Friday, the body of an Egyptian citizen was working in Libya. As stated in the report …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

D-Ahmed Alhadj
Clashes in Misrata on the headquarters of the security committee

The battalion collected pilgrim attack on Misrata security committee, and hit the members of the committee and the looting of cars Committee and the reason is that the committee members were expelled Juma Haj Committee that Abraham client Circassian

Injury mercenary Ayman coastal “of Libyan nationality of Misrata”
When he was fighting in the Syrian people.

This rule hikes awarded Muslim Brotherhood
You are past and we Subsequent
Lord Lester


Violent clashes in Misrata in front of the Supreme Security Committee

Fierce fighting in front of the headquarters of the security committee Misurata between battalion Juma Belhadj and members of the security committee Misurata has been destroying the headquarters of the security committee Misurata and steal all armed vehicles …

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Rat Abu Shana agreement with the Office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ….. they blew up the church in Misrata.

Head of Libya`s Coptic Christians speaks out on Misrata killing
Posted: 2013/01/02

Father Timothaus Bishara Adly of Saint Mark`s Church in Tripoli (Photo: Tom Little)

The head of the Coptic Church in Libya, Father Timothaus Bishara Adla, on Monday condemned the bomb attack in the port city of Misrata that left two Egyptian Christians dead and several more wounded.

Father Timothaous Bishara Adly said that he visited Misrata on Sunday to visit the church in Dafniya that was targeted by a bombing late on Saturday night, saying the families of those killed were facing a “very difficult situation.”

He said that the two men killed in the blast had been attending a service late on Saturday night in a building attached to the church when the bomb went off.

Members of the congregation present at the time of the attack told Adly that there was a “huge explosion”, which they thought had been caused by a bomb placed next to the building some time before. Adly, however, was keen to stress that the investigation into the attack was in its early stages, and that it was impossible to give more precise details at this time.

Adly said that the two victims of the attack were both male, and had been living and working in Libya with their families for some time.

Both men were married he said, and one, 42, had three young daughters who are also living in Libya. The second, he added, was 25 years old, and his wife was six months pregnant.

Adly said that the church, Saint George’s, was a focal point for the Coptic community in Misrata, and catered exclusively to Egyptian Christians, estimating that there are around 20,000 members of the church in Libya.

Adly said that the Egyptian ambassador in Tripoli, Hisham Abdul Hamid, had called for more security outside Libya’s Coptic churches, and the Egyptian foreign minister had also condemned the attack.

2013 Black on Misrata??????????????????? He also said Asmari.

Sit-of Misrata channel rats to the lack of their salaries ……….. Songs are broadcast only now.
(a Torgae Green gave us this news)
مراسلنا من الزاوية ……… تحذير
للاخوة الذين يتواصلون مع الفيس بوك عبر الهاتف المحمول …… سوف يتصل بكم اشخاص مجهولة الرقم ……وتقوم بتهديدكم …فاخذرووووووووووووا
خصوصا بالقرب من مصراتة و الدفنية
Our correspondent from the corner ……… Warning
The brothers who communicate with Facebook via mobile phone …… Will contact you people unknown number …… based Btahediedkm … Fajdhirowoowoowoowoa
Especially near Misurata, Aldvinyh.

Courts in Derna region suspend work due to lack of security
Posted: 2013/01/02

Benghazi, Misrata and Derna the major stronghold cities of the traitor forces which conspired with foreign powers to wage war on the Libyan Jamahiriya face constant turmoil, violence, unchecked crime and anarchy as well as jamahiri resistance attacks

Courts in the Jebel Akhdar have temporarily suspended their work in the region until the security situation improves, a local judge said Sunday.

Chairman Abdul Aziz Mustafa Al-Trabelsi, head of the Court of Appeals for Jebel Akhdar, said that the courts had suspended their work until improvements were made in security arrangements for their buildings and workers.

He said that the poor security situation in Derna was preventing the courts from carrying out their work properly, pointing to threats made against members of the judiciary in recent months.

Al-Trabelsi gave no indication of how long he thought that the courts’ work would be suspended for.


“Early in December, the Tunisian-Libyan border crossing of Ras Jedir was closed temporarily following protests by Tunisian traders from the border town of Ben Guerdane who complained about new Libyan customs’s measures to restrict their trade.

Since then, there have been tensions between both Tunisian and Libyan authorities at the border crossing. There have also been reports of Libyan cars being attacked by Tunisians.– “

The war is continuing between Libyans who seek to regain their freedom and the forces of the illegitimate foreign-backed regime.

More than half a million Libyans who are pro-Jamahiriya (self-governing socialist masses society) are in exile in Tunisia which borders Tripoli to the west, with almost as many in exile in Egypt to the east.

Early in December, the Tunisian-Libyan border crossing of Ras Jedir was closed temporarily following protests by Tunisian traders from the border town of Ben Guerdane who complained about new Libyan customs’s measures to restrict their trade.

Since then, there have been tensions between both Tunisian and Libyan authorities at the border crossing. There have also been reports of Libyan cars being attacked by Tunisians.

Warning to our people in Tunisia ………………. Do not trust only in yourselves and Khdhu precautions NATO rats.

Detention of 7 (LIBYAN) cars Tunisian city corner.

Tunisian radio Tataouine

Radio Tataouine

Armed group to book 11 cars and a bus Tunisia, Libya
Our sources confirmed that an armed group holding cars Tunisian corner area in Libya in the process appears to be a reaction to the Tunisian authorities detain Libyan car arriving to Tunisia, carrying people wanted by the international police by our correspondent Farah Handol
Voir la traduction
Armed group to book 11 cars and a bus Tunisia, Libya
Our sources confirmed that an armed group holding cars Tunisian corner area in Libya in the process appears to be a reaction to the Tunisian authorities detain Libyan car arriving to Tunisia, carrying people wanted by the international police by our correspondent Farah Handol.

As in Egypt, now Tunisia: so the world Bank/IMF can legally take you over

News officially declare bankruptcy Tunisia in the Tunisian news bulletins.

Post addicted Page

Wondrous thing that find Maigal in Egypt ….. said in Tunisia ……. said in Libya ………. And as if in front of a single enemy …….
After the political isolation and the Constitution ……… Now when you exit any legitimate demonstration say ….. Legitimacy of the funds that brought them to power ….
We tell them no legitimacy except arms …… The liberation of the plot.

Prime Minister of Tunisia, “Jabali” heading to Libya to save his country from bankruptcy.

Prime Minister of Tunisia Hammadi Jebali Tripoli on Monday morning, to visit a hurry after the government announced the Tunisian bankruptcy officially. 

was greeted Jebali and the ministerial delegation accompanying him on his arrival land Airport Ameitikh International, head of the so-called interim government Ali Zaidan, and participated in the reception, Minister Foreign and International Cooperation Mohamed Abdelaziz, and interior ministers Ashour Hoael, economy and trade Mustafa Mohammed Abovnas, and Defense Mohammed البرغثي, and Chief of General Staff Joseph carved, and the Ambassador and members of the Embassy of Tunisia to Libya, and a number of security officers and the so-called national army. and accompanying Tunisian Prime Minister On this visit, a ministerial delegation including Foreign Minister Rafik Salam, the economy Reza Saidi, and internal broadband, and defense Karim al-Zubaidi, and Chief of Staff Rachid Ammar. 

and there seems to be a new deal on the horizon like its predecessors to deliver what they call supporters Gaddafi to Libya for a bribe new revive the Tunisian economy and save the country and its economy from collapse is inevitable. 

Jabali also trying to convince the Libyan authorities illegal opening of the Ras Jedir crossing.

And continues to this day about a month ago to close the border crossing with a worthy front of trucks transporting goods between the two countries, contrary to what was expected.

Several assaults on Libyan nationals on the side Altons

Closure of the border crossing at Ras Ajdir between Libya and Tunisia, against the backdrop of riots taking place in the Tunisian Ben Guerdane between the people of the region and the Tunisian army and clashes came after the decision been Atkhada on stop the movement of trade exchange between the two sides Libyan …

Quoting Radio Tataouine armed Altoncehmjmuah book 11 cars and a bus Tunisian executives Blibiaokdt to an armed group holding cars Tunisian corner area in Libya in the process appears to be a reaction to the Tunisian authorities detain Libyan car arriving to Tunisia on board …
Mustafa Abdul Jalil flee to Tunisia despite travel ban ordered by a military courtAFP – Benghazi (Libya) (AFP) – The media agencies on Monday the arrival of President so-called Transitional National Council former Libyan Mustafa Abdul Jalil to the Tunisian capital on Sunday night, despite the travel ban on the orders of a military tribunal local consider assassination case Army Commander his former Gen. Abdel-Fattah Younis.
agency said Abdul Jalil “arrived last night to Tunisia at the invitation of Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki.”
the agency said “received officially happened to Abdul Jalil Airport Tunisia (Carthage) international,” noting that “he received by Senior Advisor to the President of Tunisia, and Libya’s ambassador to Tunisia beauty Gernaz. ”
and accused Abdul Jalil after compliance before the military prosecutor in December 12 last with “abuse of power” and “participating in the killing of Abdel-Fattah Younis,” and “trying to break up the unit National “, but was left in the case of release after his release to ensure his residence in Belarus (Eastern) were prevented from traveling until compliance defendant before a military court on February 20 next year.
said Magdi Barasi prosecutor military was investigating before her resignation in December for the killing of Younis told AFP that Abdul Jalil “were prevented from traveling until compliance defendant in front of the military court” next month.
source said court official permanent military in Benghazi (eastern) Monday told AFP that “Mustafa Abdul Jalil took ear of the military court to travel to Turkey to oversee the treatment of his daughter that comply with the deadline before the court, which will be set rather than the previous. ”
said the source, who asked not to be mentioned, “did not take Jalil permission to travel to Tunisia for an official visit apparently.”
was Major General Abdel-Fattah Younis, the highest military rank joined NATO and the militias criminal against the Libyan people in 2011, was killed in July 2011 in mysterious circumstances after he was summoned from the front of the interrogation.
vowed members of the tribe Obeidi which he belongs Younis earlier بالاقتصاص to death if it continued illegal Libyan authorities “ignore” the issue.
tribe believes that the so-called Transitional National Council played a role in the assassination of Younis.المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية
6 wounded in clashes broke out this morning at the Ras Jedir border crossing
Quoted sources familiar with the Libyan-Tunisian border clashes between the Tunisian army and armed militias on February 17 in the Ras Jedir border crossing which killed 6 wounded.The closure continues because of the tension between the two countries.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Libyan fighter confirms that Rashid Ghannouchi helped him to travel to Afghanistan for jihad

Revealed former fighter in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in the “industry of death” on Al-Arabiya, he received support from the leader of Renaissance Movement Rached Ghannouchi, who is easy for him and a number of his comrades process of entering Afghanistan to fight after fleeing from the grip of Muammar Gaddafi one thousand nine hundred and Eighty-nine .(1998)
And said the fighter Nasser Warfali security grip imposed by the Gadhafi regime on the militant group, forced them to go to Tunisia to meet with Rashid Ghannouchi, who they see as inspiring and savior as he put it, where the security of their home and stay away from the eyes of the Tunisian regime at the time.
The Warfali, he faced difficulties the company of his friends to get a visa to travel to Pakistan and then to Afghanistan, noting that thanks to the mediation of Ghannouchi managed to secure exit visas from Tunisia, where he was supposed to get it from their country of Libya.
And between the fighter he was after their visas have entered Pakistan and from there to the battlefields in Afghanistan, adding that he met al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and others who know the Arab Afghans.

As in Egypt, now Tunisia: so the world Bank/IMF can legally take you over

News officially declare bankruptcy Tunisia in the Tunisian news bulletins

Tunis Appeal decides to prosecute Ghannouchi and others before the ICC.

Decided party leader «movement Tunis Appeal» Beji Caid Essebsi, Prime Minister of Tunisia earlier, prosecute politicians and security officials, including the leader of the «Islamic Renaissance» Rachid Ghannouchi, the International Criminal Court on charges of assault on Mqarh and his supporters. 

said member movement Tunis Appeal and lawyer Beji Caid Essebsi Sattar al-Masoudi in remarks reported channel «island» TV, Friday, The Party «movement Tunis Appeal» made a decision to go to the International Criminal Court to prosecute some of the parties that target, and his supporters and Mqarh and exercised his right a crime against humanity. 

stressed «Masoudi» that party movement Tunis Appeal prepared a dossier documented several evidence to prove the involvement of a number of parties to the target, including evidence in writing and other audio, as well as videos documenting the attacks against the headquarters of the Tenseekiet movement Tunis Appeal in a number of regions of the country, including Sfax and Ttaiwin and Kulaibh and Ksar Helal, Djerba, Testour and Tunisia capital and other. 

Tunis Appeal movement is founded in July last second force in the country, was able to attract many of the political figures until now seen as a political force capable of balancing with the Islamic Renaissance Movement in the coming elections.

Achievements unhappy “Nakba February 17” RATS:

The U.S. Air Force is preparing to strike military targets in Libya

قالت صحيفة “يو إس إيه توداي” الأمريكية إن ليبيا باتت مصدر إزعاج لشبه جزيرة سيناء المصرية التي تحولت لسوق إقليمية لبيع الأسلحة المُهربة من ليبيا والمتجهة في كثير من الأحيان إلى غزة أو تستقر داخل مصر. The newspaper “USA Today” America said that Libya…

The U.S. Air Force is preparing to strike military targets in Libya

The newspaper “USA Today” America said that Libya was a nuisance to the Egyptian Sinai peninsula, which turned to a regional market for the sale of weapons smuggled from Libya and destined often to Gaza or settle in Egypt.
and demonstrated the paper on analysis by highlighting the missiles six , American-made, and seized by the Egyptian authorities in the Sinai peninsula desert on Friday, noting that security officials reported that it had been smuggled from Libya on its way to the Gaza Strip through the Egyptian territories.

The newspaper pointed out that the coup armed happened in 2011 and the subsequent civil war I left the country awash with weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades and automatic rifles and other munitions, in the hands of militias and extremist groups armed.

newspaper added that the post-conflict Libya, which lasted for nearly eight months, began smugglers arms transfer for Islamist militants in the Sinai Peninsula, which faced the other vacuum security since the uprising in January 2011 that toppled former President “Hosni Mubarak”, and the Sinai to Gaza neighboring tunnels illegal underground.

During the past year, seized the Egyptian Interior Ministry, hundreds of weapons smuggled from Libya, often near the city of “Marsa Matrouh” Egyptian , and enables security personnel in the past month to adjust the 17 rockets French-made near the town of “El Arish” before being smuggled through tunnels into the Gaza Strip invasive.

paper went says “The views Egyptian security usually turn a blind eye on the smuggling of commodities such as food, cars and Musical Instruments to the Gaza Strip, which witnessed Israeli Egyptian blockade since 2007, stressing that the Egyptian authorities become more stringent about what the arms smuggling. ”
The newspaper sources did not rule outlaunched raids to hit military targets, including a battalion Ruff Allah Alshata and supporters of Sharia and shield to Libya, headed by al Qaeda base participated in the war in Afghanistan to cripple their movement active inside and outside Libya.

المصدر: وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Mahmoud Shammam wants to Libyan women to return to that era which was worn (Lafrahih linked motion on her shoulder) and (alveus resulted in milk) .. Oh footmen shame on you and God Let Mahtermenk less thing ..

Quoting Ahmed Khalifa.

6 thoughts on “La victoire finale est en marche/FINAL VICTORY HAS BEGUN

  1. Fraud, Money Laundering and Narcotics. Impunity of the Banking Giants. No Prosecution of HSBC
    By Tom Burghardt
    Global Research, December 31, 2012
    Url of this article:

    In another shameful decision by the US Department of Justice, earlier this month federal prosecutors reached a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) with UK banking giant HSBC, Europe’s largest bank.

    Shameful perhaps, but entirely predictable. After all, in an era characterized by economic collapse owing to gross criminality by leading financial actors, policy decisions and the legal environment framing those decisions have been shaped by oligarchs who quite literally have “captured” the state.

    Founded in 1865 by flush-with-cash opium merchants after the British Crown seized Hong Kong from China in the aftermath of the First Opium War, HSBC has been a permanent fixture on the radar of US law enforcement and regulatory agencies for more than a decade.

    Not that anything so trifling as terrorist financing or global narcotrafficking mattered much to the Obama administration.

    As I previously reported, (here, here, here and here), when the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations issued their mammoth 335-page report, “U.S. Vulnerabilities to Money Laundering, Drugs, and Terrorist Financing: HSBC Case History,” we learned that amongst the “services” offered by HSBC subsidiaries and correspondent banks were sweet deals, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, with financial entities with ties to international terrorism and the grisly drug trade.

    Charged with multiple violations of the Bank Secrecy Act for their role in laundering blood money for Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, as a sideline HSBC’s Canary Wharf masters conducted a highly profitable business with the alleged financiers of the 9/11 attacks who washed funds through Saudi Arabia’s Al Rajhi Bank.

    While the media breathlessly reported that the DPA will levy fines totaling some $1.92 billion (£1.2bn) which includes $655 million (£408m) in civil penalties, the largest penalty of its kind ever levied against a bank, under terms of the agreement not a single senior officer will be criminally charged. In fact, those fines will be paid by shareholders which include municipal investors, pension funds and the public at large.

    With some 7,200 offices in more than 80 countries and 2011 profits topping $22 billion (£13.6bn), Senate investigators found that HSBC’s web of 1,200 correspondent banks provided drug traffickers, other organized crime groups and terrorists with “U.S. dollar services, including services to move funds, exchange currencies, cash monetary instruments, and carry out other financial transactions. Correspondent banking can become a major conduit for illicit money flows unless U.S. laws to prevent money laundering are followed.” They weren’t and as a result the bank’s balance sheets were inflated with illicit proceeds from terrorists and drug gangsters.

    Revelations of widespread institutional criminality are hardly a recent phenomenon. More than a decade ago journalist Stephen Bender published a Z Magazine piece which found that “99.9 percent of the laundered criminal money that is presented for deposit in the United States gets comfortably into secure accounts.”

    According to Bender: “The key institution in the enabling of money laundering is the ‘private bank,’ a subdivision of every major US financial institution. Private banks exclusively seek out a wealthy clientele, the threshold often being an annual income in excess of $1 million. With the prerogatives of wealth comes a certain regulatory deference.”

    Such “regulatory deference” in the era of “too big to fail” and its corollary, “too big to prosecute,” is a signal characteristic as noted above, of state capture by criminal financial elites.

    Indeed, HSBC’s private banking arm, HSBC Private Bank is the principal private banking business of the HSBC Group. A holding company wholly owned by HSBC Bank Plc, its subsidiaries include HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA, HSBC Private Bank (UK) Limited, HSBC Private Bank (CI) Limited, HSBC Private Bank (Luxembourg) SA, HSBC Private Bank (Monaco) SA and HSBC Financial Services (Cayman) Limited. All of these entities featured prominently in money laundering and tax evasion schemes uncovered by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee in their report. Combined client assets have been estimated by regulators to top $352 billion (£217.68).

    According to Senate investigators, HSBC Financial Services (Cayman) was the principle conduit through which drug money laundered through HSBC Mexico (HBMX) flowed. “This branch,” Senate staff averred, “is a shell operation with no physical presence in the Caymans, and is managed by HBMX personnel in Mexico City who allow Cayman accounts to be opened by any HBMX branch across Mexico.”

    “Total assets in the Cayman accounts peaked at $2.1 billion in 2008. Internal documents show that the Cayman accounts had operated for years with deficient AML [anti-money laundering] and KYC [know your client] controls and information. An estimated 15% of the accounts had no KYC information at all, which meant that HBMX had no idea who was behind them, while other accounts were, in the words of one HBMX compliance officer, misused by ‘organized crime’.”

    In fact, the “normal” business model employed by HSBC and other entities bailed out by Western governments fully conform to the “control fraud” model first described by financial crime expert William K. Black.

    According to Black, a control fraud occurs when a CEO and other senior managers remove checks and balances that prevent criminal behaviors, thus subverting regulatory requirements that prevent things like money laundering, shortfalls due to bad investments or the sale of toxic financial instruments.

    In The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One, Black informed us: “A control fraud is a company run by a criminal who uses it as a weapon and shield to defraud others and makes it difficult to detect and punish the fraud.”

    “Control frauds,” Black reported, “are financial superpredators that cause vastly larger losses than blue-collar thieves. They cause catastrophic business failures. Control frauds can occur in waves that imperil the general economy. The savings and loan (S&L) debacle was one such wave.”

    Indeed, “control frauds” like HSBC “create a ‘fraud friendly’ corporate culture by hiring yes-men. They combine excessive pay, ego strokes (e.g., calling the employees ‘geniuses’) and terror to get employees who will not cross the CEO.” In such a “criminogenic” environment, the CEO (paging Lord Green!) “optimizes the firm as a fraud vehicle and can optimize the regulatory environment.”

    In their press release, the Department of Justice announced that HSBC Group “have agreed to forfeit $1.256 billion and enter into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Justice Department for HSBC’s violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA).”

    “According to court documents,” the DOJ’s Office of Public Affairs informed us, “HSBC Bank USA violated the BSA by failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering program and to conduct appropriate due diligence on its foreign correspondent account holders.”

    The DOJ goes on to state, “A four-count felony criminal information was filed today in federal court in the Eastern District of New York charging HSBC with willfully failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering (AML) program, willfully failing to conduct due diligence on its foreign correspondent affiliates, violating IEEPA and violating TWEA.”

    However, “HSBC has waived federal indictment, agreed to the filing of the information, and has accepted responsibility for its criminal conduct and that of its employees.”

    In other words, because they accepted “responsibility” for acts that would land the average citizen in the slammer for decades, those guilty of “palling around with terrorists” or smoothing the way as billionaire drug traffickers hid their loot in the so-called “legitimate economy,” got a free pass. In fact, under terms of the agreement DOJ’s “deferred prosecution” will be “deferred” alright, like forever!

    Why might that be the case?

    The New York Times informed us that state and federal officials, eager beavers when it comes to protecting the integrity of a system lacking all integrity, “decided against indicting HSBC in a money-laundering case over concerns that criminal charges could jeopardize one of the world’s largest banks and ultimately destabilize the global financial system.”

    Keep in mind this is a “system” which former United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime director Antonio Maria Costa told The Observer thrives on illicit money flows. In 2009, Costa told the London broadsheet that “in many instances, the money from drugs was the only liquid investment capital. In the second half of 2008, liquidity was the banking system’s main problem and hence liquid capital became an important factor.” Costa said that “a majority of the $352bn (£216bn) of drugs profits was absorbed into the economic system as a result.”

    Glossing over these facts, Times’ stenographers Ben Protess and Jessica Silver-Greenberg, cautioned that “four years after the failure of Lehman Brothers nearly toppled the financial system,” federal regulators “are still wary that a single institution could undermine the recovery of the industry and the economy.”

    “Given the extent of the evidence against HSBC, some prosecutors saw the charge as a healthy compromise between a settlement and a harsher money-laundering indictment. While the charge would most likely tarnish the bank’s reputation, some officials argued that it would not set off a series of devastating consequences.”

    Devastating to whom one might ask? The 100,000 Mexicans brutally murdered by drug gangsters, corrupt police and Mexican Army soldiers whose scorched-earth campaign kills off the competition on behalf of Mexico’s largest narcotics organization, the Sinaloa Cartel run by fugitive billionaire drug lord Chapo Guzmán?

    “A money-laundering indictment, or a guilty plea over such charges,” the Times averred, “would essentially be a death sentence for the bank. Such actions could cut off the bank from certain investors like pension funds and ultimately cost it its charter to operate in the United States, officials said.”

    Many of the same lame excuses for prosecutorial inaction were also prominent features in the British press.

    The Daily Telegraph reported that the “largest banks have become too big to prosecute because of the impact criminal charges would have on confidence in them, Britain’s most senior bank regulator has admitted.”

    “In a variant of the ‘too big to fail’ problem, Andrew Bailey, chief executive designate of the Prudential Regulation Authority, said bringing a legal action against a major financial institution raised ‘very difficult questions’.”

    “‘Because of the confidence issue with banks, a major criminal indictment, which we haven’t seen and I’m not saying we are going to see… this is not an ordinary criminal indictment’,” Bailey told the Telegraph.

    Echoing Bailey, Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer said the decision not to prosecute HSBC was made because “in this day and age we have to evaluate that innocent people will face very big consequences if you make a decision.”

    This from an administration that continues to prosecute–and jail–low-level drug offenders at record rates!

    “Breuer’s argument is facially absurd,” according to William K. Black. In a piece published by New Economic Perspectives, Black argues:

    Prosecuting HSBC’s fraudulent controlling managers would not harm anyone innocent other than their families–and virtually all prosecutions hurt some family members. Breuer claims that virtually all of HSBC’s senior officers have been removed, so his argument is doubly absurd. Mostly, however, Breuer ignores all of the innocents harmed by the control frauds. SDIs [systemically dangerous institutions] that are control frauds are weapons of mass economic destruction that drive global crises and are the greatest enemy of ‘free’ markets. They are also the greatest threat to democracy, for they create crony capitalism. We are all innocent victims of these control frauds–and the Obama and Cameron governments are allowing them to commit their frauds with impunity from criminal prosecutions. The controlling officers get wealthy without fear of prosecution. The SDIs controlled by fraudulent officers have to purchase an indulgence, but the price of the indulgence is capped by the ‘too big to prosecute’ doctrine at a level that will not cause it any real distress. Breuer’s and Bailey’s embrace of too big to prosecute should have led to their immediate dismissals. Obama and Cameron should either fire them or announce that they stand with the criminal enterprises and their fraudulent controlling officers against their citizens.

    As Rowan Bosworth-Davies, a former financial crimes specialist with London’s Metropolitan Police observed on his web site, “When you get a bank which admits, like HSBC has just done, that it is nothing more than a low-life money launderer for Mexican drug kingpins, and when it serves powerful vested interests to get round internationally-ratified sanctions against rogue nations, what possible benefit is achieved by trying to pretend that they cannot be prosecuted and charged with criminal offences?”

    “Oh, excuse me,” Bosworth-Davies wrote, “it might impact the confidence they enjoy? Whose confidence, their Mexican drug traffickers, their international sanctions breakers, their global tax evaders, or the ordinary, law-abiding clients who are entitled to assume that their bank will obey the laws imposed on them and will provide a safe place of deposit?”

    “Confidence,” the former Met detective averred, “what bloody confidence can anyone have when they know their bank is an admitted criminal? When their money is deposited with a bank that breaks the criminal law at every possible opportunity, which cheats them at every turn, sells them fraudulent products, launders drug money, evades international sanctions, moves foreign oligarchs’ tax evasion, safeguards the deposit accounts of Third World dictators and their families, then what is that confidence worth?”

    Instead, as with the 2010 deal with Wachovia Bank, federal prosecutors cobbled together a DPA that levied a “fine” of $160 million (£99.2m) on laundered drug profits that topped $378 billion (£234.5bn).

    Although top Justice Department officials charged that HSBC laundered upwards of $881 million (£546.5m) on behalf of the Sinaloa and Colombia’s Norte del Valle drug cartels, federal prosecutors investigating the bank told Reuters in September that this was merely the “tip of the iceberg.”

    In fact, as Senate investigators discovered during their probe, the bank failed to monitor more than $670 billion (£415.6bn) in wire transfers from HSBC Mexico (HBMX) between 2006 and 2009, and failed to adequately monitor over $9.4 billion (£5.83bn) in purchases of physical U.S. dollars from HBMX during the same period.

    Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, said in prepared remarks announcing the DPA that “traffickers didn’t have to try very hard” when it came to laundering drug cash. “They would sometimes deposit hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, in a single day, into a single account,” Breuer said, “using boxes designed to fit the precise dimensions of the teller windows in HSBC Mexico’s branches.”

    While Breuer’s dramatic account of the money laundering process may have offered a gullible financial press corps a breathless moment or two, a closer look at Breuer’s CV offer hints as to why he chose not to criminally charge the bank.

    A corporatist insider, after representing President Bill Clinton during ginned-up impeachment hearings, Breuer became a partner in the white shoe Washington, DC law firm Covington & Burling. From his perch, he represented Moody’s Investor Service in the wake of Enron’s ignominious collapse and Dick Cheney’s old firm Halliburton/KBR during Bush regime scandals. Talk about “safe hands”!

    Appointed as the head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division by Obama in 2009, Breuer presided over the prosecution/persecution of NSA whistleblower Thomas A. Drake on charges that he violated the Espionage Act of 1917 for disclosing massive contractor fraud at NSA to The Baltimore Sun.

    More recently, along with 14 other officials Breuer was recommended for potential “disciplinary action” by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General over the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal which put some 2,000 firearms into the hands of cartel killers in Mexico.

    “A Justice official said Breuer has been ‘admonished’” by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, “but will not be disciplined,” The Washington Post reported.

    Breuer had the temerity to claim that deferred prosecution agreements “have the same punitive, deterrent, and rehabilitative effect as a guilty plea.”

    “When a company enters into a deferred prosecution agreement with the government, or an non prosecution agreement for that matter,” Breuer asserted, “it almost always must acknowledge wrongdoing, agree to cooperate with the government’s investigation, pay a fine, agree to improve its compliance program, and agree to face prosecution if it fails to satisfy the terms of the agreement.”

    As is evident from this brief synopsis, when it came to holding HSBC to account, the fix was already in even before a single signature was affixed to the DPA.

    Without batting an eyelash, Breuer informed us that HSBC has “committed” to undertake “enhanced AML and other compliance obligations and structural changes within its entire global operations to prevent a repeat of the conduct that led to this prosecution.”

    “HSBC has replaced almost all of its senior management, ‘clawed back’ deferred compensation bonuses given to its most senior AML and compliance officers, and has agreed to partially defer bonus compensation for its most senior executives–its group general managers and group managing directors–during the period of the five-year DPA.”

    Yes, you read that correctly. Despite charges that would land the average citizen in a federal gulag for decades, senior managers have “agreed” to “partially defer bonus compensation” for the length of the DPA!

    As Rolling Stone financial journalist Matt Taibbi commented:

    “Wow. So the executives who spent a decade laundering billions of dollars will have to partially defer their bonuses during the five-year deferred prosecution agreement? Are you fucking kidding me? That’s the punishment? The government’s negotiators couldn’t hold firm on forcing HSBC officials to completely wait to receive their ill-gotten bonuses? They had to settle on making them ‘partially’ wait? Every honest prosecutor in America has to be puking his guts out at such bargaining tactics. What was the Justice Department’s opening offer–asking executives to restrict their Caribbean vacation time to nine weeks a year?”

    “So you might ask,” Taibbi writes,

    “what’s the appropriate penalty for a bank in HSBC’s position? Exactly how much money should one extract from a firm that has been shamelessly profiting from business with criminals for years and years? Remember, we’re talking about a company that has admitted to a smorgasbord of serious banking crimes. If you’re the prosecutor, you’ve got this bank by the balls. So how much money should you take?”

    “How about all of it? How about every last dollar the bank has made since it started its illegal activity? How about you dive into every bank account of every single executive involved in this mess and take every last bonus dollar they’ve ever earned? Then take their houses, their cars, the paintings they bought at Sotheby’s auctions, the clothes in their closets, the loose change in the jars on their kitchen counters, every last freaking thing. Take it all and don’t think twice. And then throw them in jail.”

    But there’s the rub and the proverbial fly in the ointment. The government can’t and won’t take such measures. Far from being impartial arbiters sworn to defend us from financial predators, speculators, drug lords, terrorists, warmongers and out-of-control corporate vultures hiding trillions of taxable dollars offshore, officials of this criminalized state are hand picked servants of a thoroughly debauched ruling class.

    Writing for the World Socialist Web Site, Barry Grey observed: HSBC “was allowed to pay a token fine–less than 10 percent of its profits for 2011 and a fraction of the money it made laundering the drug bosses’ blood money. Meanwhile, small-time drug dealers and users, often among the most impoverished and oppressed sections of the population, are routinely arrested and locked up for years in the American prison gulag.”

    “The financial parasites who keep the global drug trade churning and make the lion’s share of money from the social devastation it wreaks are above the law,” Grey noted.

    “Here, in a nutshell,” Grey wrote, “is the modern-day aristocratic principle that prevails behind the threadbare trappings of ‘democracy.’ The financial robber barons of today are a law unto themselves. They can steal, plunder, even murder at will, without fear of being called to account. They devote a portion of their fabulous wealth to bribing politicians, regulators, judges and police–from the heights of power in Washington down to the local police precinct–to make sure their wealth is protected and they remain immune from criminal prosecution.”

    Regarding America’s fraudulent “War on Drugs,” researcher Oliver Villar, who with Drew Cottle coauthored the essential book, Cocaine, Death Squads, and the War on Terror: US Imperialism and Class Struggle in Colombia, told Asia Times Online, it is a “war” that the state and leading banks and financial institutions in the capitalist West have no interest whatsoever in “winning.”

    When queried why he argued that the “war on drugs is no failure at all, but a success,” Villar noted: “I come to that conclusion because what do we know so far about the war on drugs? Well, the US has spent about US$1 trillion throughout the globe. Can we simply say it has failed? Has it failed the drug money-laundering banks? No. Has it failed the key Western financial centers? No. Has it failed the narco-bourgeoisie in Colombia–or in Afghanistan, where we can see similar patterns emerging? No. Is it a success in maintaining that political economy? Absolutely.”

    Equally important, what does the impunity shamelessly enjoyed by such loathsome parasites say about us?

    Have we become so indifferent to officially sanctioned crime and corruption, the myriad petty tyrannies and tyrants, from the boardroom to the security checkpoint to the job, not to mention murderous state policies that have transformed so-called “advanced” democracies into hated and loathed pariah states, who we really are?

    As the late author J. G. Ballard pointed out in his masterful novel Kingdom Come, “Consumer fascism provides its own ideology, no one needs to sit down and dictate Mein Kampf. Evil and psychopathy have been reconfigured into lifestyle statements.”

    Paranoid fantasy? Wake up and smell the corporatized police state.

    Tom Burghardt is a researcher and activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to publishing in Covert Action Quarterly and Global Research, he is a Contributing Editor with Cyrano’s Journal Today. His articles can be read on Dissident Voice, Pacific Free Press, Uncommon Thought Journal, and the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. He is the editor of Police State America: U.S. Military “Civil Disturbance” Planning, distributed by AK Press and has contributed to the new book from Global Research, The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century.

    Copyright © 2013 Global Research

    world bankers

  2. The intensive international efforts to intervene militarily in northern Mali intended not to get rid of what they call al-Qaeda in North Africa and the Islamic Maghreb, Somalia disbanded and fun rule not one of these countries, graciously and said he will intervene to end regulation there.
    The Western mind sees in Algeria is the only country which is still a stumbling block in front of colonial ambitions in Africa.
    Algeria has been judgmental when they canceled their participation in the Plan recent military intervention in hours because they are aware of the seriousness of this matter to its national security.
    God حفط Algeria people and leadership.

    Mu in Algeria 5

  3. À : Christella Bernardene Krebs


    Hacen Madjede a également commenté son statut.
    Hacen a écrit : « ‎لقذافي بلغة الارقام القدافي تقسيم رعاع النفط و مداخيل النفط على جميع الليبين كبيرا و صغيرا متعلما و جاهلا مثقف و غير الكل له حقه له امواله جميع الشعب الليبي الكل يا من لم يعجبكم القذافي و الله لن تجدوا خيرا من القذافي في ليبيا باسرها القذافي رمز دولة ليبيا بدون هذا الرمز ليبيا لا تساوي شيء ليبيا القذافي ليبيا عائلة القذافي شئتم ام لا نحن نحب القذافي من نحن نحن البملايين من العرب من افريقيا و اسيا و حتى من امريكا وروسيا و وووو العالم باسره انه احلى ملك انه ملك لا يظلم عنده احد انه ملك ملوك افربيقيا صاحب النظرية العالمية الثالثة صاحب الكتاب الاخضر و العلم الاخضر و صاحب الجماهيرية وهي اعظم من الجمهورية فالجمهورية عندما ترقى تسمى جماهيرية و الحمد لله كنتم الجماهيرية العظمى كان العالم كله يحسب لكم الف حساب و الان انتم مجرد جرذان درذان مثلما قال القذافي جرذان امسخين كلاب امهلوسين تاكلوا الحبوب‎ »
    Hacen a écrit: «Gaddafi language Gaddafi split mob figures oil and oil revenues to all Libyans great and small, educated and ignorant educated and not everyone has the right to him his money all the Libyan people total O dislike Gaddafi and God will not find better than GaddafiLibya entire Gaddafi code state of Libya without this code Libya is not worth anything to Libya Gaddafi Libya Gaddafi family you like it or not we like Gaddafi we we Alpmlaen of Arabs from Africa and Asia and even from America, Russia, and Wu whole world that he sweeter king he king does not oppresshe has one he king of kings Avrbiqia His third Universal Theory author of the book green, green flag and the mass is greater than the Republic republic when a mass amount called and thank God you are Great Jamahiriya whole world was reckoned you and now you are just rats Drman as Gaddafi saidrats Amskhin dogs Amhlosan eat cereals »

  4. President Assad: The so-called Arab Spring is a soap bubble that will burst soon
    By World Mathaba

    Bashar Assad
    Syrian president Assad
    Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has delivered a rare TV speech at the Nobles Palace in Damascus on Sunday. Below is a summarized transcript of the speech.

    “We meet today while entire Syria is struggling, there is no place of safety and joy left in the country. Many parents have lost their children, many children became orphans. Siblings have been separated, there are many martyrs, refugees and missing people. But hope will be born from out pain, and the best solutions often come from the deepest tragedies.

    Only national dialogue will solve this crisis which is bigger than anything we have ever experienced before. This conflict is between our nation and the conspiracy, between the people and the criminal killers.

    The terrorists cut off power, food and fuel supplies from civilians. They left the people starving for bread. They destroyed the infrastructure, they destroyed the schools. They are the enemies of the people and the enemies of God. This is a fight between the people looking for food, water, a living, and those preventing them from this.

    The country is ours and we defend it collectively. This so-called revolution is fake and illegitimate. Those people are not revolutionaries, they are a bunch of criminals. Revolutions need leaders, who is the leader of this alleged revolution? A revolution is made for the people, not against them. Revolutions are based on knowledge and thoughts; who is a thinker in this so-called revolution?

    These criminals speak no language but the language of slaughter and murder. Those people who call themselves revolutionaries and are in fact takfiri jihadis. Those are the people we are fighting. We are fighting foreign aggression.

    There is a regional plan to divide and weaken Syria by supporting the terrorists. The enemy calls it a revolution, but it has nothing to do with revolution. Those people are backed by Al-Qaeda. But the Syrian people are stronger than the terrorists, they have promised them they will not succeed. We promised we will never give in, and this is what makes the foreigners hate us. The West wants us to surrender but Syria will never surrender.

    Many countries, however, refuse to get involved in the crisis in Syria, like Russia, Iran and China; and we thank these countries. Their values are the reason they are standing with us.

    Syria is in a state of war. Such war can only be faced by unity and reforms. Reforms without security are like security without reforms. So a political solution doesn’t mean we won’t defend ourselves. I protect the nation, this is my duty to God and my duty to the people. We have been forced to be proud and steadfast, and this is how we will remain.

    We always wanted political dialogue, but we did not find a partner for dialogue. We are ready to open dialogue, but not with proxies. We never rejected a political solution but the West has blocked any dialogue. Let me compare this to marriage; if someone wants to get married but can’t find the right person, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to get married. We are willing to talk to parties and individuals who did not sell their country to strangers, and who are willing to put down the arms.

    Syria’s victory will be the political end of our enemies. The situation in Homs and Daraa has improved following our initiatives in the cities. There should be a comprehensive solution as partial solutions won’t prevail.

    Solution to Syria has several stages. The first stage is to stop the funding of terrorist groups by foreign countries. The second stage involves sealing porous to prevent terrorists from entering country, and it will start by a general dialogue, a new constitution, and a referendum. Regional powers should stop aiding and financing the armed groups and we will then ceasefire. The third step involves forgiveness and amnesty. Through national reconciliation, the amnesty is possible. All these plans do not mean an end to the anti-terrorism operations. Anti-terrorism will continue.

    We live in times of falsehood and manipulation, in an era of fabrication.

    The homeland is for everyone. Everyone defends it, each by his own way. The attack is on all the country. We don’t need political help from abroad. Every change must come from within the constitutional parameters. Syria is open to advise but not dictation. Any initiative we take will be based on the nation’s sovereignty and the people’s will only. The Syrians are forgiving but they will not give up their dignity.

    We will continue to support the resistance in Palestine. Golan is ours, Palestine is our cause, and we’ll continue to support the resistance. Any attempt to involve the Palestinians in the conflict is a deviation from the real enemy.

    The so-called Arab Spring is a soap bubble that will burst and disappear in the near future. Our martyr’s blood has exposed the fake Arab Spring.

    I praise the villages that fought against the terrorists who wanted to enter Syria from Turkey. I salute who deserve the best salute in the Syrian Army. Glory to each soldier who died while protecting the nation’s land.

    I was born here, and I will die here, in Syria. I am one of the people. Positions don’t last forever, but the country will last forever. I grief for the loss of loved ones just like you. After this Syria will be stronger than ever. Strength runs in our blood. We fear nothing but God and he is always right.”

  5. Prophecies of SAIF al-ISLAM al-Qathafi:
    Saif elegant

    «Prepare ye the Libyans to engage in confrontation and division of Libya piece by piece and to engage in a civil war, and forget that there is such a thing as oil, and forget that there is such a thing as a gas. Libya will be destroyed now with gas and oil, and the intervention in a mess, and now, as happened in Benghazi will attack everywhere in Libya. And your sons forget their education and health,

    * Good Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    «Thank you for the last time before the judge and resort to arms all Klepien if it disintegrated and entered into a civil war and the secession and chaos ..»

    «We will enter into a spiral of violence fiercest of which were in Iraq, and that came to Yugoslavia, as any division in the world, he must of civil war»

    «Blood would flow. Rivers of blood in all the cities of Libya. You Sthegron from Libya because the oil in this country and foreign companies will stop tomorrow will leave Libya and foreigners leave Libya and oil companies will leave Libya Oil Corporation will stop »

    «Will burn and destroy everything in Libya, and we will need another 40 years until we agree on the management of this country, because each and every one of us now will himself president will himself a prince, and each one will work from their own region state.

    «Prepare ye the Libyans to engage in confrontation and division of Libya piece by piece and to engage in a civil war, and forget that there is such a thing as oil, and forget that there is such a thing as a gas. Libya will be destroyed now with gas and oil, and the intervention in a mess, and now, as happened in Benghazi will attack everywhere in Libya. And your sons forget their education and health, because this day in white and Cyrene in Benghazi a very sad thing..”

  6. Rudolfo Valentino responded to reporter’s questions:

    “People are not savages because they have dark skins… The Arabian civilization is one of the oldest in the world…the Arabs are dignified and keen brained.”


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