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“New Zimbabwe” author: Gaddafi’s Libya Africa’s most prosperous democracy

by Garikai Chengu
published in:

Gaddafi and Mugabe 
Gaddafi and Mugabe

Contrary to popular belief, Libya, which western media described as “Gaddafi’s military dictatorship”, was in actual fact one of the world’s most democratic States.

In 1977, the people of Libya proclaimed the Jamahiriya or “government of the popular masses by themselves and for themselves.” The Jamahiriya was a higher form of direct democracy with ‘the People as President.’ Traditional institutions of government were disbanded and abolished, and power belonged to the people directly through various committees and congresses.

The nation state of Libya was divided into several small communities that were essentially “mini-autonomous States” within a State. These autonomous States had control over their districts and could make a range of decisions including how to allocate oil revenue and budgetary funds. Within these mini autonomous States, the three main bodies of Libya’s democracy were Local Committees, People’s Congresses and Executive Revolutionary Councils.

In 2009, Gaddafi invited the New York Times to Libya to spend two weeks observing the nation’s direct democracy. Even the New York Times which was always highly critical of Colonel Gaddafi, conceded that in Libya, the intention was that “everyone is involved in every decision…Tens of thousands of people take part in local committee meetings to discuss issues and vote on everything from foreign treaties to building schools.” The purpose of these committee meetings was to build a broad based national consensus.

One step up from the Local Committees was the People’s Congresses. People-Appointed Local Secretaries from all 800 local committees around the country would meet several times a year at People’s Congresses in Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, to pass laws based on what the people said in their local meetings. These congresses had legislative power to write new laws, formulate economic and public policy as well as ratify treaties and agreements.

All Libyans were allowed to take part in local committees meetings and at times Colonel Gaddafi was criticised. In fact, there were numerous occasions when his proposals were rejected by popular vote and the opposite was approved and put forward for legislation.

Libya graphic popular congress people's committees

For instance, on many occasions Gaddafi proposed the abolition of capital punishment and he pushed for home schooling over traditional schools. However, the People’s Congresses wanted to maintain the death penalty and classic schools, and ultimately the will of the People’s Congresses prevailed. Similarly, in 2009, Colonel Gaddafi put forward a proposal to essentially abolish the central government altogether and give all the oil proceeds directly to each family. The People’s Congresses rejected this idea too.

One step up from the People’s Congresses were the Executive Revolutionary Councils. These Revolutionary Councils were elected by the People’s Congresses and were in charge of implementing policies put forward by the people. Revolutionary Councils were accountable only to ordinary citizens and may have been changed or recalled by them at any time. Consequently, decisions taken by the People’s Congresses and implemented by the Executive Revolutionary Councils reflected the sovereign will of the whole people, and not merely that of any particular class, faction, tribe or individual.

The Libyan direct democracy system utilised the word ‘elevation’ rather than ‘election’, and avoided the political campaigning that is a feature of traditional political parties and benefits only the bourgeoisie’s well-heeled and well-to-do.

Unlike in the West, Libyans did not vote once every four years for a President and local parliamentarian who would then make all decisions for them. Ordinary Libyans made decisions regarding foreign, domestic and economic policy themselves.

Several western commentators have rightfully pointed out that the unique Jamahiriya system had certain drawbacks, inter alia, regarding attendance, initiative to speak up, and sufficient supervision. Nevertheless, it is clear that Libya conceptualised sovereignty and democracy in a different and progressive way.

Democracy is not just about elections or political parties. True democracy is also about human rights. During the NATO bombardment of Libya, western media conveniently forgot to mention that the United Nations had just prepared a lengthy dossier praising Gaddafi’s human rights achievements.

The UN report commended Libya for bettering its “legal protections” for citizens, making human rights a “priority,” improving women’s rights, educational opportunities and access to housing. During Gaddafi’s era housing was considered a human right. Consequently, there was virtually no homelessness or Libyans living under bridges. How many Libyan homes and bridges did NATO destroy?

One area where the United Nations Human Rights Council praised Gaddafi profusely is women’s rights. Unlike many other nations in the Arab world, women in Libya had the right to education, hold jobs, divorce, hold property and have an income. When Colonel Gaddafi reigned in the “al-Fateh” in 1969, few women went to university. Today more than half of Libya’s university students are women. One of the first laws Gaddafi passed in 1970 was an equal pay for equal work law, only a few years after a similar law was passed in the U.S. In fact, Libyan working mothers enjoyed a range of benefits including cash bonuses for children, free day care, free health care centres and retirement at 55.

Democracy is not merely about holding elections simply to choose which particular representatives of the elite class should rule over the masses. True democracy is about democratising the economy and giving economic power to the majority.

Fact is, the west has shown that unfettered free markets and genuinely free elections simply cannot co-exist. Organised greed always defeats disorganized democracy. How can capitalism and democracy co-exist if one concentrates wealth and power in the hands of few, and the other seeks to spread power and wealth among many? Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya however, sought to spread economic power amongst the downtrodden many rather than just the privileged few.

Prior to Colonel Gaddafi, King Idris let Standard Oil essentially write Libya’s petroleum laws. Gaddafi put an end to all of that. Money from oil proceeds was deposited directly into every Libyan citizen’s bank account. One wonders if Exxon Mobil and British Petroleum will continue this practice under the new democratic Libya?

Democracy is not merely about elections or political parties. True democracy is also about equal opportunity through education and the right to life through access to health care. Therefore, isn’t it ironic that America supposedly bombarded Libya to spread democracy, but increasingly education in America is becoming a privilege not a right and ultimately a debt sentence. If a bright and talented child in the richest nation on earth cannot afford to go to the best schools, society has failed that child. In fact, for young people the world over, education is a passport to freedom. Any nation that makes one pay for such a passport is only free for the rich but not the poor.

Under Mr. Gaddafi VISION of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, education was a human right and it was free for all Libyans. If a Libyan was unable to find employment after graduation the State would pay that person the average salary of their profession.

For millions of Americans health care is also increasingly becoming a privilege not a right. A recent study by Harvard Medical School estimates that lack of health insurance causes 44,789 excess deaths annually in America. Under Gaddafi’s vision of the Great Jamahiriya, health care was a human right and it was free for all Libyans. Thus, with regards to health care, education and economic justice, is America in any position to export democracy to Libya or should America have taken a leaf out of Libya’s book?

Muammar Gaddafi inherited one of the poorest nations in Africa. However, by the time he was forcefully removed from his home in Tripoli, The Great Jamahiriya was unquestionably Africa’s most prosperous nation. Libya had the highest GDP per capita and life expectancy in Africa and less people lived below the poverty line than in the Netherlands. Libyans did not only enjoy free health care and free education, they also enjoyed free electricity and interest free loans. The price of petrol was around $0.14 per liter and 40 loaves of bread cost just $0.15. Consequently, the UN designated Libya the 53rd highest in the world in human development.

The fundamental difference between western democratic systems and the Jamahiriya’s direct democracy is that in Libya citizens were given the chance to contribute directly to the decision-making process, not merely through elected representatives. Hence, all Libyans were allowed to voice their views directly – not in one parliament of only a few hundred elite politicians – but in hundreds of committees attended by tens of thousands of ordinary citizens. Far from being a military dictatorship, the Great Jamahiriya under Mr. Gaddafi’s VISION, was Africa’s most prosperous democracy.

Garikai Chengu can be contacted at chengu@fas.harvard.edu

The Interview , complete, now in Print in Arabic.

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“AFP. Times:” Do you regret the West to overthrow Gaddafi?Asked the newspaper “Financial Times” British about whether France, Britain and the United States would regret its decision to overthrow Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.The newspaper said in the context of comments aired Monday on its website that it does not deny a stakeholder strong that existed for the United States and its allies to intervene in Libya the spring of 2011.
explained that after almost two years, may impress some argue that deportation Gaddafi came against the strategic interest of the West in light of the events of successive in North Africa and the Middle East.
confirmed the British newspaper that the first reason to go back to look at the consequences of the fall of Gaddafi is what is happening now in Mali, where France announced that it is leading military operations to stop the advance of militia groups strong al Qaeda-linked, which was founded itself a foothold and significant impact in the country.
The newspaper pointed out that France and its allies say that their intervention is necessary because the rebel militias problem of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb threaten eventually the wider region and the Western countries.
added that with this, there are strong reasons for the claim that the rise of the rebels and بروزهم Mali is a direct result of the decision of NATO (NATO) overthrow Gaddafi in 2011.
She drew the paper that according to Paul Millie from the Institute of “Chatham House” British research it at the end of last year, causing the fall of Gaddafi in surprise return for thousands of Tuareg fighters to Libya They recruited by Libya since the nineties of the last century.She drew the newspaper “Financial Times” British to dismantle the security forces of Libyan leader flooded Saharan African arms, which makes it easier for al-Qaeda and its allies afford where they enjoy an income from the drug trade and taking ransom the hostages.
added that the second reason in looking back at the impact of deportation Gaddafi is impact on Syria….but said the question now is whether the decision to overthrow Gaddafi had come to reinforce the strategic interest of the West, or against it.
newspaper added that the British really difficult for Western governments is to intensify the civil war in Syria creating more room for group Jihadi Front victory one militant groups Albarzzh in fighting against the Assad regime.
The newspaper pointed out that both turned out to be al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Mali or Front victory in Syria are movements ambitions of wide challenge Western interests or not remains something needs to be time to unfold.
The newspaper considered that which can not be no doubt it is that the overthrow of Gaddafi, who was eventually ally of the West in the fight against jihadist groups in the region, is a factor in its rise and emergence.
Muammar with young son
Green Army 4  
A. Arabs writes on the Ultimate and Final true VICTORY:

“… I have written with America’s blood.And in the eternal account for profits and losses … and in the historical record …

do not waste a single drop of blood … and do not waste a victim … but for everything role in the formulation of the final victory.
And victory always right and good.”

“Steadfast because we are with God and God is with us, God has said: (If ye help Allah, He will help you and your feet) .. And confident of victory because we are the owners of the right to certainty and we will be victorious, God willing, even after a while, he says: (to justify Truth and prove wrong, distasteful though criminals) … Patience Zadna and our determination and faith in God توكلنا, he says: (O ye who believe, be patient and endured and stationed themselves and fear of God, that ye may prosper) …..”

Beautiful Vsbera and God ÇáăÓĘÚÇä, they see far and we see around the corner ..

ASHAM HOME (Dr. SHAKIR) writes:”

Through watching the Facebook pages for more than two years and until now …… Asham was one of the pioneers of the pages of world resistance ….. where there were only pages (Libyan channel and Jordanian الادمن – Page nessbook) ……. Then came Asham home to paint Pkorh organized Alalaalami action through the largest network of correspondents in Libya ….

And now …… This page I do not know who is الادمن whether it was a rat or not .…. Will convey through correspondents or transferred from other pages …
But I think it is an extension of Asham home ….. Vadamowoowoha.

al-Bagdadi trial
A. Arabs:

This is a quote from an article writer and is prevalent in inventory pages Jerdan ..
And its regrets Mon form and I deleted some lines because the abusive words and you quote …

Contradictions February
They said the word great conqueror haram because the greatness God
If tighter word revolution of the seventeenth of February glorious? Is it halal or haram? Or glory, not God, Praise God?
Galo 20 Ramadan is a day similar to open Mecca, but the conquest of Mecca did not spill a drop of blood and one while (20_8_2011) was a day of bloodshed in Tripoli and the days of looting and breaking and theft and vandalism
They said Gaddafi achieve political successes Order of the Libyan people’s money
… If in any way been arrested Abdullah Sanusi and Astglabh? All of you know very well!!!!!!!! …!
They said Gadhafi Libyan funds thief
Where sixteen billion stolen by the Cape? Where Ninety billion stolen by the sons of Sheikh Zayed? Where Alumblyonyen donated by Mohamed Maqrif Tunisia against certain policies and personality and all of you know!!!!!!!!!!
They said Gaddafi is a liar
Where Moussa Ibrahim’s body, which they said he was killed in events Mzbjh built Walid famous? Where Khamis Gaddafi, who they said they captured him in the massacre of Bani Walid famous?
They said that Gaddafi murderer
If kill and displace people of Torghae Now? Of the killing of innocent children in Bani Walid? Of young people killed in a civil and peaceful sit-ins in front of the headquarters of Abdul Rahim Cape? “

Moved from Page

(ǁ Organization Jamahiriya green ۞ ǁ Organization Libyan Green

LIES of RATS/GNC that  under Great Jamahiriya no Amazigh Festival possible!!!

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Muammar rides again, a second al-Fetah

IF SO, then what is this?:

Green minutes.

Celebrate Amazigh strange!
Yesterday we witnessed a ceremony at the mountain so-called Arab Amazigh New Year … and in the presence of staff of the self-styled government of Libya .. We have followed the major media coverage and the ensuing hustle and bustle and political flatter for Amazigh shows .. ..

The participants tried to celebrate Amazigh Libyans delude Libyan citizen that the rights of the Amazigh digestible in the era of Al-Fateh Revolution of September … As tried ايهامنا that leader Muammar Gaddafi to prevent Amazigh New Year’s Eve Tamazight …. This has resulted in demands and recommendations of the conference and the most important of those recommendations ..

1 – constitutionalizing Tamazight language.
2 – to contain the flag and anthem, currency and postage stamps the subject Maystdl in Amazigh identity.
3 – Recognition doctrine Alada religious reference Amazigh Libya.
In addition to other points can not field Dla.

Hence, we want to acknowledge the historical facts participants at the conference tried to forge ..

1 – New Year’s Eve celebration Tamazight earlier spoke for the first time since 1400 … If not, as has been said that the commander is prevented.
2 – that the citizen Amazigh in Libya in the era of Al-Fateh Revolution has all the rights and duties enjoyed by any another Libyan citizen.

As for the outcome of the Amazigh Libyans .. Vennoh the following alert: –
1 – do not deny the right of the Amazigh speak their language and Tortija for their children, but has no right to them that Evradwha all the sons of Libyan society community Libyan Arab language, the language of the Koran, which is spoken by Arabs from the Atlantic to the Gulf.
2 – that any symbol of the Libyan state should be reflective of all components of the Libyan society and not a sect or minority itself.
3_ community cohesion reasons Libi is believed to religion per the true Islamic religion and the doctrine of Imam Malik.

Do you understand what Amazigh New Year’s Eve?

When Libyans will stay so dear?

That you fast Sasepkm partition to Amehal and other prejudices and sectarianism.

ĎăĘă safely


Libya leader’s green-tinted spectacle

Gaddafi Land’s Brave New World which is seen only through the idiosyncratic leader’s green-tinted spectacles.


Dancers perform at a lavish private dance spectacle thrown for African Heads of State by Libyan Leader Col Gaddafi

A cast of dancers, acrobats, actors, and scores of galloping Bedouin horsemen recreated Libya’s history

The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been celebrating the 40th anniversary of the military coup which brought him to power in 1969. David Willey, who first visited Libya seven years before Gaddafi took over, witnessed the festivities.

It could stand comparison with any Cecil B DeMille Hollywood production – a lavish one-night seafront spectacle costing millions and ending with an apocalyptic firework display in the steamy heat of an African summer night.

Imagine a monster Bedouin tent, the sort that the nomadic Libyan tribesmen from whom Colonel Gaddafi claims descent call home during their journeys through the unending desert wastes of the Sahara.

The colonel still likes to take a tent with him to stay in when he travels abroad. A sort of home from home. And a useful place for meeting and greeting foreign dignitaries.

The flaps of the plastic and steel mock-up mega-tent opened to reveal a stage larger than that of La Scala opera house in Milan or the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi

The often eccentric, unpredictable leader has come in from the cold

A cast of nearly 1,000 dancers, acrobats, actors on stilts, and scores of galloping white-robed Bedouin horsemen recreated the history of this huge country during a three-hour sound, light and laser extravaganza.

All this against a running backdrop of films of the resistance movement in the early years of the last century against the often brutal Italian colonial occupation, and of the achievements of Colonel Gaddafi’s 1969 revolution.

It all ended at 0300 in the morning in a paean of praise for African unity with a voiceover giving a roll-call of all the countries of Africa.

The image of the Lockerbie bomber recently returned on compassionate grounds from a Scottish prison to Libya had also flickered very briefly before our eyes.

What interested me was the size of the audience.

The colonel and his distinguished guests sat on a raised platform to watch the show and we journalists sat in front of them, with a dramatic view of the galloping desert horsemen thundering past.

Political bible

But where were the people?

The streets around had been closed to traffic for hours and only a few thousand had managed to make it through the police security cordon thrown around the whole of central Tripoli to watch the show, magnified on giant TV screens around the park.

Where were the people, I asked myself, whose committees now run this country in an idiosyncratic political system invented by their leader which has dispensed with all the normal trappings of democracy?

His revolutionary political bible, the Little Green Book, with its – to our ears – strange slogans such as “partners not wage workers” featured prominently in the show we had been watching.

 Oil, that was the real backdrop to this week’s mega-show on the Tripoli waterfront 

Actors on stage opened its pages while the slogans were projected on screens.

Mu pure and good  Mu horse dedication
False Norweigen Ad–also denies (forgets Rasmussen under U.N.O’s NATO) who did the destruction
leading to this situtation…. as under the Great Jamahiriya, no one was cold, hungry or homeless—NO ONE!News Libyan Resistance 24/24 (Libyan Intelligence)

“This is a picture I took of the announcement in the newspaper Norwegian issued today 15.01.2013 requesting help children in Libya and says the need for there great and ask your support means in Arabic eloquent they collect in donations for children in Libya …

this topic Akhartha O February 17 Alzheimer Mavi state Makedmt to complement the help .. .

Ask valve of any transitional countries received aid from Bangladesh and Pakistan were brought in-kind assistance and how much Iran has given?
Win the media and journalists corrupt immoral degenerates Elly Atbloa and played Roessna lying and decadence and Bathos Wayne associations collaborating groups, conferences and forums and downlink Digalh empty .. no child Libya Mesh specialization and this announcement does not mean that the resurrection!!!!

In the era of Gaddafi praise and despite all the circumstances during the war traitors and agents, criminals and the Crusader alliance Libya did not receive any outside help, but offered a hand to every Libyan needy at home and abroad …

This is an honor for Gaddafi not يطوله any ungrateful and corrupt and متملق patient …

Commented also commented on the news that the patient follow the February 17 Alzheimer …

Aaovernmh Rksus dear Aattabrona a sister how Tunisia and Egypt …

Drtoa shame Iaahvad traitors and agents and owners delusion and hypocrisy and follow God Jews and Christians disgrace and curse minimum etc.”

هذه صوره أخذت لإعلان في جريده نرويجية صادرة اليوم 15/01/2013 يطلب مساعدة الاطفال في ليبيا وتقول ان الحاجة هناك كبيرة ونطلب دعمكم يعني بالعربي الفصيح انهم يجمعوا في التبرعات للاطفال في ليبيا …هده اخرتها يا17فبراير زهايمر مافي دولة ماقدمت ليكم مساعدة … اسألوا المحبس الانتقالي من أي دول تلقى المساعدات من بنغلاديش وباكستان كانوا يقدموا في مساعدات عينية وكم قدمت ايران ؟
وين الاعلام والاعلاميين الفاسقين الفاسدين المنحطين اللي يطبلوا و عبوا روسنا بالكذب والانحطاط والاسفاف وين جماعات الجمعيات المتواطئة والمؤتمرات والملتقيات الفارغة والهابطة الدجالة ..ولا اطفال ليبيا مش تخصصهم وهذا الاعلان لايعنى ان تقوم عليه القيامة ـــ !!!! في عهد القذافي الحمدلله ورغم كل الظروف اثناء حرب الخونة والعملاء والمجرمين والحلف الصليبي لم تستلم ليبيا أي مساعدة خارجية بل قدمت اليد إلى كل ليبي محتاج في الداخل أو الخارج … هذا شرف للقذافي لن يطوله أي جاحد وفاسد ومريض ومتملق … علقوا كما علق على الخبر هذا المريض من اتباع 17 فبراير زهايمر …ياحكومة ركسوس العزيزة اعتبرونا دولة شقيقة كيف تونس ومصر …درتوا العار يااحفاد الخونة والعملاء واصحاب الضلالة والنفاق واتباع اليهود والنصارى الله يخزيك ويلعنكم دنيا واخرة.

Boshna after the scandal of his application for political asylum in Tunisia following the Tunisian newspaper published,

said Walker told Tunisia even Ickramona!!!!
Excuse is worse than guilt
Oh rat Bickramok Khiantek and firm Nmaltk O client!


and this was an appointed JUDGE for the Great JAMAHIRIYA ? and the first installed puppet PM for the old TNC?
Tomorrow will expel the traitor “Abdulrahman Shalgam,” delegate rats in the United Nations,

retired from the client after the what anointed Bay.

Say the word in the right of this strange creature!

Shalgam image departs from the United Nations headquarters to the dustbin of history …… who after night
(The world should realise by now, not just Shalgram, but the whole bunch were dirty thieving RATS!)

Rat Cape shortly after Petklm channel Libya Allaotunaih .. Ashbh Henw Bakzb Tani Acab lying.

A. Arabs writes:

“Are you Aalazmy if Ataib Dotai between canines Wolf,,
Cape told you,,,,
Said distributed budget on all ministries means that the ministries downright including education, industry and their salaries and then, said Ndfau in salaries education, industry and sparkling Piech Aizido Aiforo more Lin غازهم complement of within 30 Bnz dedicated Lehne 18 billion from the budget hopes How was education Mafany special budget for salaries or industry.
Cape said Bo 5 billion he then delivered the budget and expenses in accordance with the legislation in force for the new government 30 \ 9 \ 2012 warn and how dimensional said Iowa
He then Tselm 61 billion did not happen, how can they say that he did not remain of the budget, but six billion meaning Zidane and Maqrif عادو of the alliance as they were in the story of India until Haya Maqrif ambassador Zidane Deputy Ambassador of India to Hassoa 80 million just scoured 55 billion Aaasb and God told you comb my follow February, damn all liars curse on all الافاكين who Baau religion and the homeland and in the future and money.”

“Cape told you,,,,
Said distributed budget on all ministries means that the ministries downright including education, industry and their salaries and then, said Ndfau in salaries education, industry and sparkling Piech Aizido Aiforo more Lin غازهم complement of within 30 Bnz dedicated Lehne 18 billion from the budget hopes How was education Mafany special budget for salaries or industry.
Cape said Bo 5 billion he then delivered the budget and expenses in accordance with the legislation in force for the new government 30 \ 9 \ 2012 warn and how dimensional said Iowa
He then Tselm 61 billion did not happen, how can they say that he did not remain of the budget, but six billion meaning Zidane and Maqrif عادو of the alliance as they were in the story of India until Haya Maqrif ambassador Zidane Deputy Ambassador of India to Hassoa 80 million just scoured 55 billion Aaasb and God told you comb my follow February, damn all liars curse on all الافاكين who Baau religion and the homeland and in the future and money.”

Libya Liberal channel “bad guys” Jaiba seminar entitled “Mdkrat Levy برناد”!!!

Immorality of the channels NATO rebels are introduced and explained Mdkrat Zionist Bernard Levy!!!!

See, Bernard Levy, now has Zeiden, and the GNC under his wings too—so it will be a co-alition

with MISRATA as the Capitol of “Kalzentan”:

RATS Prime Minister rat by Zidane and Minister for Foreign Affairs and head Alastakbarathm

Salem Hassi and Adakhlathm Minister Ashour Hoael and Erkanam President chiselled go to Qatar

to offer loyalty and obedience to Qatar Khrti.

Mesh Galo Mnau usury in Libya, not even in Hadi laughed Libyans!!!!!
In the first breakthrough to prevent usury law and a violation of state sovereignty Misrata inseparable from

Occupied Libya and meet International Monetary Bank and Libya will be charged the consequences of a

global loan usurious Dharben flouted the law to prevent usury!!

A car bomb in Misrata where targeted in front of the Mosque of Omar bin al-Khattab in Misurata Sheikh Fakhri

Hussein Jehani leading to his death and injuring 5 other people whom or three forest condition and undergoing

operations now and a child lost his eye.

AFP: Qatar announces that the Taliban will open office in Doha “at the earliest opportunity”

What is the reason behind the call Khrti Qatar Zidane, chiselled and Ashour Hoael and other clients??
Do you give them the plan “B” to complete the laughter on the Libyan people after he woke up to what they are?!

Dictator Mohammed Maqrif says today that the solution of the constitutional amendment and that the period of

his stay in the presidency of the Conference unspecified!!

Shape Jbh chair

Warez home (91)

National .. Writing poems victory by the blood of your children .. Elhnon poetry fragments youth wings ..

Dmark title victory .. Cutting your body liberty .. Looting money source of wealth .. Invent a God that blesses

their crimes you .. Take home your Holiness .. And make you a nightclub for both abusers and criminals

National .. Leave u to sink in the mud .. sink into death traps .. leave in a hurry .. Traveling without their papers .. Fear of being angry guardian .. Atafon Doha .. Accept hands Mozah .. Worshiping Balselah .. Listening to the godfather of foreign plots .. Recited to them Sidhom disobeys orders by virtue of Mohammedan message

National .. Fear for themselves .. And do not fear you .. Ikdmonak sacrifice for their security .. Make haste force to protect them, which made ​​.. And Atrkk Tnhishk militias .. And fun Vic drug dealers .. Internal and advocates thought .. And messing your intelligence and die makers ..

National .. You do not care about anything .. You just zeros on the north in their accounts .. You just safe Asergoha in order to redouble their wealth .. You just cross platform from which all their whims … You just viewing chair Kievthm ..

This thou national day

Vhalk crying stone .. And grieves the trees .. And sea Adzr .. And eclipse of the sun .. And sink the moon ..
How can you ask me about grief that dwelt

15 – 1 – 2013 AD

From “24/24 Libyan Intelligence”, a comment about Pure Islam (Melokite form of PURE Islam as practiced by St. Melok of North Africa):

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

Many of you against or with the so-called Arab Spring and alleged that Arab revolutions and did not know why he was against or with this or that and I wanted to understand you and that God does not guide the unjust people who are the unjust people with whom must stand

Who are with the Arab Spring are infidels are assisted infidel gorgeous and they will help them infidels and they are Salafi Jihadi Salafist and are scientific

Part III

Cultural invasion and conquest of minds and ideas
Cultural invasion targeting the occupation of the mind, it is the invasion of the home, which is more dangerous, because it ensures that, in cases of weakness and self-sabotage autoimmune, dominating the time management and the nation as a whole and potential ideas.
Cultural invasion is part of plans for the Judaization of Arab region from the Gulf to the ocean and the Jewish Empire.
To come enemies of the Arab nation and the enemies of the Islamic religion to long-term plans to eliminate Islam and Muslims that armed invasion is not enough to weaken Islam and Islamic culture and Muslim Fmdoa to invade the minds and ideas to achieve the objectives which weaken Islam and Islamic culture and Muslim invasion unarmed through modern methods and means of old.

He saw Mbashroa and Mnzeroa colonialism, that the possession of the mind and occupation is the highest and the greatest degree of occupation and usurpation of land only, because the ground no matter how long the occupation may recover and liberation by the mind free and catalyst for editing.

The occupation of the mind provides a control factors and rape without Mngs or hindrance, from here, I started (American Western strategy of Zionism) in the first half of the last century, is planning to process control and mind control the Arab and Muslim world.

(Politically, economically, socially) that a military invasion is the occupation of the land, and the cultural invasion aims to occupy the mind; is more dangerous than military invasion, and a sign that the military invasion draws its strength from the external mechanisms subjugation, while facilitating cultural invasion internal mechanisms subjugation.
And this Fujb attention to the means of unarmed invasion.

Means unarmed invasion

Media: used various media for a war of Islam and this media in all its forms directed mainly to people with souls circle of every thought and knowledge, it is he wanted to find where they are most affected and ratifications of each lies and do style media disinformation and the heart of the concepts and even discharged from the content of the resulting heart facts or falsification awareness, and the formation of the mind gets in the absence of awareness of Arab media and Muslim tackled every falsely published by the other party, according to a scientific approach thoughtful away from demagoguery circle of all meaning and logic, that the occupation and usurpation of reason is the most difficult of the occupation of the land make the human mind hostage to the occupier and delivery.

Mind cheap misanthrope and religion, shreds rights through various media beast wandering grazing that the media and the means to occupy minds.
It is no longer secret over the impact of media on different forms (reading, audio, video) in the formation of public and private culture of many individuals and groups. By the remarkable evolution of modern media techniques and speed of communication and access to information.

Since there are differences Individual uncertain, in terms of knowledge and the capacity to assimilate or to make sure and to distinguish between true or not, a large number of people Sikon easy prey for the media hostile the intelligence community (Western Zionist-American) has paid to this aspect of great interest, and accorded attention and Here comes the seriousness of the hostile media and router that works to discouragement and corrupting the receivables, and the heart of the facts, distortion of belief and tradition and history, and it shows a defeated nation from the inside when it is the tradition of its enemy.
And result in mortgage will nationalism and patriotism, including national decision Asttba and national – which should be independent – the dominance of the center, led by the United States, and makes sure that the cultural and media dependency dangerous than economic dependency.
As we explained that he plans to Judaize Arab region from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf in a struggle inside through the media if shall industry event from the inside of the Arab find bodies and encourage funerals way exploit means different media for a war of Islam and parodies media defeated and industry event shall the existence of traitors to be a tool for crime and a tool of the image to the heart of industry concepts Faihol false sincere and Secretary to the thief and traitor and criminal oppressor and oppressed and follow procedures Dhann they Reformers on earth but God they are not spoilers in the ground after repair.

To Hzawa flags of Islam in no thing in matters of religion, and lower the flags read and audible and visible
God said:

Burooj verse 10
In the name of God the Merciful
Those who persecute believing men and believing women and repent not, theirs the doom of hell fire and torment them
Great truth of God

Surat Al-Nur verse 19
In the name of God the Merciful
Those who love to spread outrageous in those who believe them a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter, and Allah knows and you do not know
Great truth of God.

To Hzawa spying on telecommunications and the Internet and other things in life, and even defamation in the media.

Al rooms verse 12:
In the name of God the Merciful
O ye who believe Avoid a lot of conjecture that some conjecture sin not spy nor backbite one another does not like you eat the flesh of his dead brother فكرهتموه and fear Allah, Allah is observing Rahim
Great truth of God.

Means of cultural invasion and conquest of minds and ideas.

Dependency: began economically, and then he extended to other cosmic fields, with the transformation of the world itself to a small global village, thanks to the evolution of the modern era of communications, finance, economy and informatics.
So become a center followed, and the parties or margins subsidiary, has alerted many to the risk of this development oriented to the outside, it increased the risk of dependency, isolating development dimensions of comprehensive and integrated and independent, if overlooked dimensions of social development and political and cultural guarantees cultural identity, and political independence, and harmonize Options for historical specificities and environmental, social and cultural.

Means of cultural invasion and conquest of minds and ideas.

Religious deception, which harness the debt Kaldaph.”


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is a true MELOKITE MUSLIM!


Quoting For Hebrew:



Most Libyan cities experienced violent clashes in recent days ….. Except one city ……… What ..???

Arabiya correspondent Mahmoud Ferjany:

Islamist militant groups in the Middle Libyan issued a statement warning the Libyan RAT government

from any support for military intervention which targets northern Mali.

Also, as you know, in lower southern Libya at the border, and abit even acroos the border, is where

the People’s Armed Forces headquarters are for the Green Resistance..

Green Army headquarters.

and now there is an
Increase in tension on the southern border …….. And the French aviation are targeting tribal gatherings

and targets of the (JAMAHIRIYA) People’s Armed Forces in Mali and Niger too!!!

Heavy bombing aircraft Jermanah on the southern border ………. And overflights of planes in the sky الويغ .


I hope that you have lesson of Astoapettm and you know why Muammar Gaddafi to contain the Tuareg in the Sahara desert,,!

A idiots I heard him say that Gaddafi was behind what is happening in northern Mali and that Gaddafi was always trying to instability in the region,??

Perhaps with the right to Gaddafi was behind what is happening in northern Mali, but in his absence, and not as “senile” this fool,
You who Tnamun stomachs in North Africa in general Death is coming to all of you, without exception, and believe me that the new rulers who came under the shadow of the NATO planes are just traitors customers their loyalty to their country of nationality,, |

Do you think that Bernard Levy was supporting Arab Spring plot only a matter of space,? ! ?

Know that France will not be able to accomplish that task alone will interfere with the rest of the Crusader alliance and in the “near future”.

Mu in MALI

Bbagm fragrant remembrance Rahman my good brother apologized for the inconvenience and me in particular, but I like to alert you that battalion has been compromised Thunder fighter the alert Varjua because there are free send important messages and we do not want one hurt
  •  New morning with renewed hope
    Has Mzelna from strength to strength their Gsbn before and just.



“Italy suspend the activities of its consulate in Benghazi and crew evacuates

ROME (Reuters) – Italy on Tuesday suspended the activities of its consulate in Benghazi and crew evacuated

for security reasons after an armed attack on its consul at the weekend, highlighting the precarious security situation in Libya.

The unknown assailants opened fire on a car Consul “Guido De Sanctis,” in the city of Benghazi Libya’s second

largest city on Saturday. Diplomat was injured in the attack, which recalled the September 11 attack on the U.S.

embassy, which killed the ambassador and three other Americans.

The Italian Foreign Ministry “attempts to destabilize” Libya shows that the international community needs to

increase support for the Tripoli government.”

 Post addicted Page
Nothing strange ………..? Why does America and France-Qaeda collects rats who visits Afghanistan in the eighties in Syria and Benghazi …..
America was backed in the past and is now trying to Tsfihm …


GREEN IS IN MY BLOOD….. ……… And we are on the right …. We are steadfast … continue to kill rats!

Al Qaeda in Libya issued a statement in which he vows to launch retaliatory attacks inside Benghazi.

Islamist Michdon threaten two bombings today in Benghazi in retaliation for the government supporting Zidane of France in the war onBaja Mali Knindza

Ivory (Benghazi):

Reported that the blast took place at the Museum of Benghazi located in the pool area with hand grenades.

A powerful explosion shakes the very popular Fwyhat Benghazi shortly before.

Targeting a police car Germanah shell RPG and killed four people near the junction since a few olives.

Car of the police battalions rats that have been targeted in Benghazi.


Explosion car in Laithi area in the city of Benghazi since the few and the death of the owner of the car and named key Wazzry a

security officer in the Directorate and a former “officer in the Homeland Security”

The victim’s car key Alozyre since few.

Car “Salah Key Alozyre” Chief officers and Security Directorate Allaotunai Benghazi, which was an explosive device

was detonated his car when he returned at night to his home.

Were also hit a car belonging to the lightning strike near the housing (Buatuny) in the city of Benghazi Bakazv Larbi G and the death of another person on board.

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

If you in Benghazi beware you in the most dangerous Libyan cities were surprised by a car bomb here or there someone you may open fire.

Because of explosions and assassinations may occur at any moment, so notes the spread of civilian cars “called an ambulance and a national” to rescue the injured from these explosions.

Square tree – Benghazi

Question was acquitted of Second Deputy Prime Minister rats
His almost two months Idhwr in the street once broom holder and once the brush holder Azoaq …… etc.
Question how long this thing, but he believes there are more important things than this ridiculous electoral propaganda
Benghazi soaked in security Alanqlat and soaked in water and garbage in every street, every Rue, as well as frequent interruptions of electricity and communications, as well as South Libya and the suffering and Kdlk West …………… and the list could go on.


Friday’s meeting 01/02/2013 P in Benghazi elders and notables tenderly tribes stationed and Toubou and Saada, where continuing meetings committee charged with arranging this meeting to review all items and the recommendations and there reports of a delegation from the Committee to London to meet the invited Prince Mohammed satisfaction and heir of King Idriss king Libya former emir BurqaThe news is Mukdh about the possibility of the presence of the prince tenderly historic meeting as quoted Prince’s office in London.


اجتماع يوم الجمعه 1.2.2013ف في بنغازي لشيوخ واعيان برقه من قبائل المرابطين والتب…Afficher la suite

Benghazi: the assassination of three policemen yesterday in Junction Pepsi.

Naim Ozoa

Benina airport in Benghazi disabled and Egyptian workers are hired to transport the bags and luggage.

Awad Qoira of Benghazi broadcaster and presenter of the channel called Libya recognizes and

authorizes that overnight NATO rebels raid Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi they are drunk and Mkhshchin nurse kidnapped and raped her.

These are Thorarkm and this is their actions.

Demonstrations are not to protest the looted money and not for the prisoners and detainees, not even for national cohesion ..

But to offer apologies and Terje Italy tolerance in an assassination attempt consul in Italy.
Instead of condensation in order to establish security … Kindly Btheloih Italian flag ..

San your clients what they say we can not live without you.
Mahecma was once the Libyan people!



What happens in the pages that publish lies ……… They say that rats 28 died Dkhaloaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to Bani Walid

and “liberated” rat Mubarak Alaftmana …………… These are lies spread by rats was no truth to them.

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Embarek favor Alaftmana from Rrh to steal copper.

The son called M’barek favor Alaftmana stealing cables copper ground wire poles Faqamt forces called national army arrested him yesterday approved 14 / 1/2013 was transferred to the Security Directorate Bani Walid is less than half the time from the date of the letter entered militia of militias May 28 and let us know raided Security Directorate to take out the thief, the son of sheikh boob M’barek favor Alaftmana!!!! This is a revolution which Jelbtamoha us and Hola are Kaddotkm of theft fodder to steal copper and copper revolution.

Of a quarter of an hour from the Directorate of Bani Walid security …
Embarek favor Alaftmana from Rrh to steal copper ….
The son called M’barek favor Alaftmana stealing copper ground cables and electric wire pole Faqamt forces of the so-called national army to arrest him yesterday approved 01/14/2013 and was transferred to the Security Directorate Bani Walid is less than half the time from the date of the letter of militia entered militias May 28 and let us know raided security Directorate to take out the thief, the son of sheikh boob M’barek favor Alaftmana!!!! this is a revolution which Jelbtamoha us and Hola are Kaddotkm of theft fodder to steal copper and copper revolution.



 Weakness of the net in the corner.

We draw to the people Thursday Market Achristl that there solid information on the cooperation of the so-called Committee phantom and the Counter Crime (blessing crime) with criminal gangs knead to kidnap citizens of the region to blackmail in order to obtain sums of money knowing that kidnapped from the region do not have any relation with politics previously and now will we name Pfdham.
It please be customize الحدر this corrupt Acharadm.

Responded to the news agency killed a brother named Abdul Rauf hater order battalion Nawasi on the hands of an armed group belonging to the Friday market day in the capital Tripoli..

killed Hisham Gomaa Saqr Altqazi a member battalion Nawasi.

Killed Salah Ramadan Baccouche Alsakba Warfali in Plateau – Tripoli.

Killed Salah Ramadan Baccouche Alsakba Warfali in Plateau – Tripoli Sidi Hussein harsh after he was shot
and is driving. Funeral prayers by Maalmana it tomorrow at noon in Alsakbh cemetery in Beni Walid ..
Burning shop in the market area Bajeelat ……… One rats by Liberal

One of the members was assassinated booklet Nawasi eleventh secret glory in Tripoli which is named Hisham Gomaa Saqr Altqaz
Mr. Salah’s death Ramadan Baccouche Alsakba Warfali in Plateau – Tripoli.
Sidi Hussein harsh after he was shot and is driving.

Tripoli :: assassination of a member of the battalion Nawasi eleventh secret glory .. just a Hisham Gomaa Saqr Altqazi and according to what was stated he was betrayed by the unknown and is believed to be retaliation for victims Vhlom and market Friday that killed them hater
The slain within Jerdan who entered Bani Walid, south and killed innocent people.

News about green flag comments in Green Square at the hands of the Liberal …… The rats in horror.
Demonstrations (green mountain – white) demanding the resignation of chiselled.
 a car bomb explosion on a bridge Qrgi capital Tripoli 16/01/2013.

انفجار سيارة مفخخة فوق كوبري قرجي بالعاصمة طرابلس 16-1-2013. A car bomb explosion on a bridge Qrgi capital Tripoli 16/01/2013….
French USING TRIPOLI Metiga Airbase as a French BASE for their killings in MALI:

News on the transfer of weapons of Qatari and French to Motaiqh base …… For use in beating Mali or Algeria.
Battalion lightning (Zintan) Re-occupies Tripoli International Airport now in Victory!

كتيبـة الصواعـق (الزنتـان) تحتـل مطـار طرابلـس العالمـى الان
 Alert in Tripoli: clashes between Zintan and RATS Misrata ……. After claim Zintan expel rat ornately….
News about national chicken escape from the vicinity of the airport in Tripoli ….. After the control of Zintan!
An armed clash between militias in Tajoura eve Marina today.

Tajoura Marina
Hear the voices of ambulances in the Friday market and Tajoura ……

Strabismus tell a Liberal and my good brother {Anntr Milan} n name inventory follows died yesterday {Khalifa Faraj}

and when the title {Bashiq} p basis باشق overthrew Seada / 33-Q
And residents of Spring Valley /

Gateway Airport Road traffic signal Amderan lists and pressed than half an hour when

Tu and Omar Mukhtar Street triangle till is pressed please Report of Independents.

Bnghazastan resume recital explosions of new
About half an hour ago, police car Tfake in Cimafro Zaytuna ..

Find two people with their throats slit white Famedinh.
Was found Wednesday morning Orouba Street in white on the bodies of two people Mzbouhan a blunt object, and it turned out they were from the city of Derna.______________________________

Close the main road in the area of ​​”Ras Lanuf,” a half-hour after finding a bomb dating back to fighter aircraft

Russian-made “Sukhoi”, and fitted Besmami bombing, was found near the line of crude oil to the company

“Harouge” oil Brass Lanuf and weighed about 650 kilograms.



Akaddadfah respond avenge their son and killed Ali Issa residents Gardah Sabha.

مقتل علي بن عيسى من اولاد سليمان من قبل القذاذفة “الخطره” رداً علي مقتل ابن الفروجي في شهر رمضان الماضي. Killing Ali Issa Sons of Solomon before Alqmazfah “dangerous” in response to the killing of son Alfruja in the last month of Ramadan…..

French are also using Sabha airbase and Air Academy for their bombing warplanes into MALI:
Heavy warplanes Sabha and the beach ……. French aircraft believed to be.

Oh Lkhoti Sabha Rzrzoa p News Omh needed fireworks and hit the lead for Tzmau any joyful news.

Sabha chanting Long live the revolution cowards
This picture express the poverty that has reached the country in light of the plight of February 17, where billions looted

and newborn baby in Sabha placed on his head a large bottle of water so as not to die.

South Libya (tuber):
Tuber turned into Afghan city prerogative where people walk around a strange city and the forms they hold certain

meetings in houses and disbelieve any person employed in the state, even if that person is just an employee at the

bank they Petkverh and kill him too!!!



Monsters جردان Elsafrony Almzaarat in Sirte:


Our correspondent from Tunisia:



Tunisian police leave town Ben Guerdane after renewed violence 01/15/2013.

Quoting Page Bnqirdan

Libyan … Now that Anthectoa sanctity of Tunisian soil of the homeland and you have the assassination of citizen were simple Bnqirdany and wounded 2 of his bodyguards inside the dust of Tunisia 5 miles …..
We We give your government even arrest criminals, killers of bulls corner and bring them to the punishment … The soul self this Maalmana our religion and what it brought up ..
Tell you that you do not know Abannqirdanah right knowledge .. and say you also both Gertoa road from Alzhabh gate or whether Tunisia Kdmtwa in aircraft .. we’ll Basttiyadkm wherever you even know that blood for blood and an eye for an eye and apparent Adilm
Residents Ben Guerdane demanding to hand over the killers of Tunisian who was killed yesterday by rats in

Ras Jedir or will attacking them at the crossing.


Tunisian police leave town Ben Guerdane after renewed violence 01/15/2013.

Left and police units Tunisian city of Ben Guerdane border with Libya after the outbreak of the second wave of violent clashes with young demonstrators ………………. “Marzouki”: Tunisia turned into weapons to the corridor Islamists in “financial” 

He Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki to Islamist fighters in northern 
Mali pose a threat to Tunisia, which transformed into a “corridor” to send arms to them, 
avoiding provide clear support for the military operation French in Mali. 

said Marzouki said in an interview with the channel “France – 24 “” The situation in Mali preoccupies since 
the beginning because we we’re learning that Jhadina between double living relationship with these 
terrorist forces. seems to Tunisia turn into a corridor between Libya and these areas “in 
reference to the northern Mali. 

pointed Marzouki to the existence of trade weapons from 
Libya after that weakened arsenal of weapons, which was Imlkhaaljeic Libyan pre-occupation of Libya by NATO, 
so Pat arms transfers from Libya through Tunisia and Algeria to the Islamic forces in 
northern Mali. 

added Tunisian President: “We are following a lot of attention what 
is happening in the hornet’s nest this, because this nest could pose a threat to the security of several countries, 
including Tunisia. “

Tunisia condemns what it calls a violation of its territory by armed Libyans.

Said the Tunisian news agency that a Tunisian national Tiday (Mohamed Ben Omar Al Mansouri) and after suffering a gunshot wound during the chase car by 3 cars in the Libyan time inside Tunisian territory only 7 km.

Tunisian Foreign Minister considered that the incident is unacceptable and affect the safety of Tunisian territory and hoping not affect relations Libyan-Tunisian. 
on the other hand is still crossing Ras Jedir locked according to the agency, which attributed the reason to reject the Libyan authorities illegal allow goods Tunisian before meet customs duties which Tunisians reject.


Mu’ammar w Mubarek:
Mu w Mubarek
Mu poses w singer
Mu Libyan revolution
Mu collage 1
Mu airfield
A picture of the body of French mercenary Chairman of the Task commando was killed in Somalia.
French Intervention in MALI:
Shock for the French presidency: financial fighters better equipped and trained than the French troops.
Mali fighters vowing to launch attacks the quality of central France.

Shock for the French presidency: financial fighters better equipped and trained than the French troops.
Bamako – (AFP): Shen Islamist fighters counter-attack amid Mali, where controlled the city, 400 km north of Bamako, also threatened to beat France «at the heart» on the fourth day of air strikes French on their sites which cause them heavy losses. 
It is expected that The UN Security Council meets at the initiative of France, which want to keep their partners on the situation in Mali and its military intervention in the country. 
announced French Defense Minister Jean-Yves to Odrian that insurgents took control of the small town of Diabala 400 km north of Bamako, near the border with Mauritania. For his part, a security source said Mali that «Abu Zeid, a leader of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb took personally Operations Management». 
On the other hand, Moussa AG Asarad official in the National Movement for the Liberation of Azoad, that the rebel Tuareg «ready to help» French army to respond of the armed groups, through «move on the ground. This was denied by a spokesman last name Tuareg. 
in contrast, said Abudrdar one officials Movement Tawhid and Jihad in West Africa, northern Mali «France is attacked Islam, and we will hit France in the heart». 
has killed more than 60 civilians yesterday in the city of Gao in northern Mali and its environs heavy bombardment of the French forces also announced residents and a security official.

Mauritanian President proud of his country’s participation in the war in Mali.

He Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz during talks with his French counterpart demise today in UAE Abu Dhabi, expressed his pride his country’s participation in military operations in Mali. According reported Agence France-Presse close to the French President, the Mauritanian president expressed to his French counterpart for “welcomed the participation of his country in the military operation and open the way for France to launch its troops from Mauritania “, without the movement of more details about the nature of this review. previously Mauritanian president announced in a press conference …
اشتباك مسلح بين المليشيات في مرسى تاجوراء عشية اليوم.
Terrorist Jafar Azzouz, a former TRIPOLI Abu Salim prisoner, one of the dirt in Mali.

2 thoughts on “VÉRITÉ, par Allah / Dieu sera toujours l’emporter / TRUTH, by ALLAH/GOD will Always prevail

  1. Mali and the Scramble for Africa
    By Ben Schreiner
    Global Research, January 14, 2013
    Url of this article:

    The French military intervention into Mali on Friday — France’s second in as many years into a former African colony — was reportedly “seconded” by the United States. This ought to come as no great surprise, given the Pentagon’s deepening penetration into Africa.

    According to the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), the Pentagon plans on deploying soldiers to 35 different African countries in 2013. As NPR reports, upwards of 4,000 U.S. soldiers will “take part in military exercises and train African troops on everything from logistics and marksmanship to medical care.” (The Malian army officer responsible for the country’s March coup just so happened to have received U.S. military training.)

    Of course, the U.S. military already has a significant on-the-ground presence in Africa. For instance, the “busiest Predator drone base outside of the Afghan war zone” — with 16 drone flights a day — is located at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti.

    But as the Army Times notes, “the region in many ways remains the Army’s last frontier.” And in order to satiate the U.S. appetite for global “power projection,” no frontiers are to be left unconquered.

    Thus, as a June report in the Washington Post revealed, the preliminary tentacles of the U.S. military already extend across Africa. As the paper reported, U.S. surveillance planes are currently operating out of clandestine bases in Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Kenya, with plans afoot to open a new base in South Sudan.

    The Post reported further that, “the Pentagon is spending $8.1 million to upgrade a forward operating base and airstrip in Mauritania, on the western edge of the Sahara. The base is near the border with strife-torn Mali.”

    And with such assets already in place, the Pentagon was in position to not only “second” France’s intervention into Mali, but, as the New York Times reported, to weigh a “broad range of options to support the French effort, including enhanced intelligence-sharing and logistics support.”

    Illuminating what such U.S. support may come to eventually look like in Mali, J. Peter Pham, director of the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center in Washington and a senior strategy advisor to AFRICOM, commented: “Drone strikes or airstrikes will not restore Mali’s territorial integrity or defeat the Islamists, but they may be the least bad option.” A rather ominous sign, given that employing such a “least bad option” has already led to the slaying of hundreds of innocents in the U.S. drone campaign.

    Of course, much the same as with the drone campaign, the Pentagon’s push into Africa has come neatly packaged as an extension of “war on terror.” As a June Army Times report notes, “Africa, in particular, has emerged as a greater priority for the U.S. government because terrorist groups there have become an increasing threat to U.S. and regional security.”

    But what intervention hasn’t come to be justified by employing some variant of the ever handy “war on terror” refrain? As French President François Hollande declared on Friday, “The terrorists should know that France will always be there when the rights of a people, those of Mali who want to live freely and in a democracy, are at issue.”

    “The ideology of our times, at least when it comes to legitimizing war” Jean Bricmont writes in his book Humanitarian Imperialism, “is a certain discourse on human rights and democracy.” And, we might add, a certain cynical discourse on combating terror.

    Naturally, then, the notion that the West’s renewed interest in Africa is derived from an altruistic desire to help African states combat terrorism and establish democracy is rather absurd. It was the NATO alliance, lest one forgets, that so eagerly aligned with Salifi fighters to topple Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Moreover, it is this very same military alliance that is now simultaneously cheering Salifists in Syria, while bombing them in the AfPak region, Somalia, Yemen, and now Mali.

    Clearly, only those practicing doublethink stand a chance of comprehending the ever shifting terrain of the Western “war on terror.”

    Indeed, for once the veils of protecting “democracy” and combating “terror” are lifted, the imperial face is revealed.

    Thus, the imperative driving the renewed Western interest in Africa, as Conn Hallinan helps explain, is the race to secure the continent’s vast wealth.

    “The U.S. currently receives about 18 percent of its energy supplies from Africa, a figure that is slated to rise to 25 percent by 2015,” Hallinan writes. “Africa also provides about one-third of China’s energy needs, plus copper, platinum, timber and iron ore.”

    What’s more, as Maximilian Forte contends in Slouching Towards Sirte, “Chinese interest are seen as competing with the West for access to resources and political influences. AFRICOM and a range of other U.S. government initiatives are meant to count this phenomenon.”

    And this explains NATO’s 2011 foray into Libya, which removed a stubborn pan-Africanist leader threatening to frustrate AFRICOM’s expansion into the Army’s “last frontier.” And this explains the French-led, U.S. supported intervention into Mali, which serves to forcibly assert Western interests further into Africa.

    Intervention, we see, breeds intervention. And as Nick Turse warned back in July, “Mali may only be the beginning and there’s no telling how any of it will end.”

    All that appears certain is a renewed wave of barbarism, as the scramble for Africa accelerates.

    Ben Schreiner is a freelance writer based in Wisconsin. He may be reached at bnschreiner@gmail.com or via his website.

    Copyright © 2013 Global Research

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