News of the Libyan Day 29 JANUARY 2013


Alhmokh and Glory and victory ………….. And the glory and the immortality of the Libyan.

Libyan back and they are mortal
By :: Author axis of the river
No secret to anyone if the political situation in Libya
and NATO mercenaries maintained the lead in the state
and their brutal war on the former supporters of the legal system more than two years ago and people suffering from NATO and the rebels crimes more than suffered by other people on earth!!!

Displacement of people and the displacement of structured and killed, beaten and humiliated daily for men and women and assassinations and arrests of the mujahideen, systematic starvation and impoverishment of the people insults to sanctities as smashing shrines and the desecration of graves and the falsification of history.
This is all the eyes and ears of the world,

Ola purpose behind this war is a desperate attempt to world Tahtimkm
and end your presence and the truth has been relatively successful at it!!

Today I see defeatism and apathy in the eyes of many of you!!!!!

There Tibhoa a fifth column who deride your struggle and resources will ignore your accomplishments and weaken Manotm sowing false rumors and distinguish between you Albin!!!
Valjmaheria back and they are mortal!!!

Matter how much aggression and power and we will resist and resist and live free or die honest.
Raise your heads high, young people and prepared for an uprising!

You are the nucleus of the Resistance:

as you say the final word that will not accept humiliation and shame, bowing to the occupier.

and Ostt to defend the dignity and honor and history of struggle for fathers and grandparents.

Ahrso to miss the opportunity to المرجفين and defeatists and traffickers blood of the martyrs who Aterbsoa for your mistakes

and maimed Ptdhtm and bet on your failures

and cheer yourself that you are winning as long as the Resistance continues

and options every day evolve and multiple and the more
Dafkm delayed return of the Libyan Tzkro days your Jihad.

Aichoha in yourselves to live in you your cause.

when Libyan born and bred to remain the symbol of the tender

and established a new world of Revolutionaries Alhakiqin

not born to die and end!!!! Remember this topic words.

In the cities of African countries are still flying the green flag which cities visited by the commander zone area.

  • If the government is so helpless for payment of salaries of citizens and called for months it JD Smonham thousand occasion
    Today, bonuses and recognizes remain ink on paper and continue to laugh at chins because billions go to support terrorists by Qatar Syria
    And you the news as it is:

    Altdt official spokesman tribes loyal of الليبيى leader Muammar Gaddafi: “
    “Qatar received from the Libyan government billion dollars to support terrorists in Syria”
    k / Nazir Karimi 01/29/2013 10:49:00

    Spokesman of tribes loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said:
    a week signed Maqrif and Zidane and his government on the sum of one billion dollars to support armed gangs in Syria with the knowledge that the Libyan people need for these funds that go dams under orders country and the new government tries to laugh at people extradition amount thousand dinars, which will be something imam amounts looted from Rizk Libyan people and transfer abroad to destinations unknown and added Sol:
    “We are sure that the Libyan people conscious fully of these methods to try piracy on state funds, stressing that this topic government imported from abroad are trying to dodge the people in this small amount which is considered ‘a joke’ on the people while girl Maqrif and sons government members hanging people’s money without uncontrollably. He also stressed that the Libyan people great and free to the Great Jamahiriya will rising up on this topic government imported during the day as they ravage the people’s money not to mention the torture of prisoners in prisons astray by gangs and rebel sons Torghae and Rullish who is still suffering from poverty and housing in the open.”
  •  Mu’ammar is speaking up…and they acknowledge it comes from Mu’ammar!
    TUESDAY, 29 JANUARY  2013 Corruption prevents dreams Libya 2:35
    The global news agency Gaddafi
    Libya corruption and rampant cronyism and tribal-backed regionally, as well as the continuing militarization of the Libyan reality and the inability of successive governments to close the file of the militias, became a Libyan citizen living on dreams.
    Libya: the production of 1.45 million barrels of oil per day Libyan oil exports back to pre-war levels Italy’s largest importer of Libyan crude oil
    And knew Observers of the situation in Libya indicate that corruption is the biggest impediment to the development of the economy, as it appears the country’s rich natural resources are unable so far to overcome these obstacles because of the lack of control, in addition to control traitors and agents in the joints of governmental institutions that are stolen and depletion through the control of lucrative government contracts.
    and in a study on Transparency International ranked Libya ranked 130 in corruption, bribery and bureaucracy of the total 180 countries surveyed where the first order for the least corruption, bribery and bureaucratic—-
    was WISHES Libyans to improve economic conditions, as the country suffers from high unemployment and widespread poverty and the absence of the most basic services.
    The government faces challenges the conduct of client balances of the country and its oil revenues for reconstruction and advancing development, in addition to the fight against corruption, which taste it every day.
Night Oh rats government Pay I ask God to not be rats officials in France now. We are not willing to pay one dinar to save France from bankruptcy .. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::
According to The Telegraph: Minister of Labor Michel Sabine France completely bankrupt, which led to a big shock in France yesterday and according to the Telegraph.
The minister said French labor on Monday in a radio interview that France bankrupt entirely, prompting French President Francois Holland straining to contain the complications that dangerous statement in which he said Sabine:
“We in the State but the State bankrupt entirely, so we had to develop a plan to reduce the deficit and there is no stop us to achieve that goal. “
That statement came at the stage of working where French President to improve the image of the economy after his pledge to cut the deficit through spending cuts nearly 60 billion euros over the next five years to raise taxes to collect 20 billion euros. France suffers from many economic problems, including unemployment, where analysts say it recorded growth between one comma five percent and two percent to reduce unemployment with International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for growth this year to zero point three percent.

يلا يا حكومة الجرذان ادفعي أسأل الله أن لا يكون مسئولي الجرذان فى فرنسا الان . ف…


Mufti rats scandal sincere Ghariani Chic “million, six hundred and eighty thousand dinars” pay for “Mufti NATO sincere Ghariani” through Trade and Development Bank, which owns the Qatar 49%!

The amount paid is likely that peer counseling and Islamic Clerics intercontinental God over us from scientists to Libya, who are our wealth to contribute to the pumping billions through their fatwas and dispense oil soon!

Before you name “company picnic Exchange and Financial Services” and the history of the instrument and the instrument to make sure! …

With thanks to bone statelet of Qatar! I wonder how much paid Qatar until this الإمعة came out against Muammar Gaddafi?!

ĂäćŃíä Oh rats pages Tat us what Tnschero in light saws rebels ^ _ ^ and this required..

“CIA traitor and client Magarief asks to discuss uprising of 15 February, urgently work to stop it in any way.”

Alaa Mostafa dispatch Maqrif nephew Maqrif the fractious to attend Emirates international exhibition and conference for communication!! Send Mohammed Ali Abdullah Naseeb Sd, Sd who is Nassib Maqrif, Republic of Germany to attend the Third Congress of the foreign policy!!

The Libyan people suck Leem a Alhvhi or dispatching of Somalia in order to learn how to live and adapt with al-Qaeda and militias!!

RESISTANCE does just enough to scare CRUSADERS to Go BACK HOME OUT OF LIBYA: (no real damage; and no life loss)

Throwing a grenade at the headquarters of the United Nations!

Spokeswoman United Nations Mission in Libya “is” satisfied Ashour “says: was throwing a grenade at the building of the United Nations in Tripoli of the fence back and Valley bomb to minor damage to the building, and there was no damage to human, was not one of the members of the mission is in place with the exception of the building’s guards did not hurt any of them harm.

Nearly one million and 81300 dinars salaries of members of Congress Jermana + Add to establish Balricksos b 400 dinars night mostly.

Adequacy laughing!! Who show them my eyes what Anhto so forgiven!

(Remember that under the Great Jamahiriya you needed NO PAID “representative” as you were your own voice!)

DESTRUCTION that this “New Order” BRINGS:

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence):

Banks experiencing withdrawal of balances in an unprecedented way by what he said to me in

a bank employee and said they were apprehensive about the lack of liquidity.

So make this appeal both Liberal Libyan that Abachro withdraw their assets

to create a real crisis for the government customer the money Nahph Libyan people.

Libyan banks are under the control of the Gulf States!

Announced the RAT Central Bank of Libya, on Tuesday, to start in the new Libyan currency trading will be next Thursday.

As we said liquidity Fish.

Thanks to everyone who pull his money and Khalahm in Hosah:

(The NEW Qatari CURRENCY has clearly printed on top “QATAR CENTRAL BANK” and no longer any historical pictures of the pride of the

GREAT JAMAHIRIYA‘s past or the glories of the revolt against Italy.)

Jerzh Ghaida Touati client double Tfdvd in stoppage time:


Post of student Qally Matcolh sublime:

– Today in Janzour in Ladd Khco of land college and Akhaddan pills and Rkpo above لقو girls in the bathroom Skro them the bathroom and Hdadeh rape, who saved the situation that in the girl know Born at the university his bash Rkplhm,

Nzloh Lot of office two and Hua climber Takatit I Weah طبس graduate and Wenta today بنروح unit of you, who in the Qt home office in while Alolad students

overland Qt Atnaakeco two íÇĺă,

Then Jet PSP Klmohm Qalolhm Mandna Mndero Haddow youth and Akhaddan “hallucination pills” and melodic Mandnac even weapon and the right two Rouht dimensional Mnarafh Shen became ..

…………………….. Alone in official shows Halkalam known Kdah Amaanaat colleges in security … but at night in sweet Nahbua speech Nicowololha (God and yes Suffice agent and salvation)

..Ecstasy became a lie!!!!

This safety and security following Tboh Koloa.

from 24/24 Libyan Intelligence: “Important disclaimer:

Please Liberal special meeting their needs in secret and confidential because it all come down video or the publication rats to arrest many of the young and innocent families and they raided the homes.”

TUESDAY, 29 JANUARY 2013 Book “Gaddafi speaks” by Lebanese author Ali Handb caught on in the CAIRO BOOK FAIR 2:11


The news agency the Gaddafi International –

Cairo received the book “Gaddafi speaks” which participated by the Lebanese writer Handb at the Cairo International Book Roja and accept readers.

He wrote on his personal Facebook :

” as thank all the brothers and friends who attended the signing ceremony of a book Gaddafi speaks, especially from Libya all cities and especially Bani Walid and Tarhunah and Ubari and Sirte and languages and Benghazi and Derna and Misrata, white and Cyrene and mountain west and Zintan and Ajeelat and corner and Tripoli Mermaid and the river, without to forget mention proceed Egyptian, Palestinian and Syrian , Lebanese and let me acknowledge the participation of some guys Libyan leader who attended despite their health conditions signing ceremony writers are brothers professors key Kaaabh, Omar Khalifa Hamidi, Ibrahim Abdel-Salam, Mohammed Jibril, Ahmed Mujahid warrior, Ali Mahmoud Maria and Omar Abdul Hamid forms, and a constellation of young and Rafla and Almgarhh and intellectuals Tarhunah and Zliten and Ajeelat and five Orishvana and epiphyseal and other Aaina villages and Libyan cities interested in learning the truth unprecedented disaster that befell their country and still raised and its repercussions continue … is to be noted that the book, which saw turnout pointing Available a limited quantity at the Pavilion Bisan Publishing House until the end of the show. “


another realled installment on the HISTORY of the 2011 NATO WAR:

“News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Green minutes :::

another recalled installment on the HISTORY of the 2011 NATO WAR:

“News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Green minutes :::

Uncover the truth :::

::::: The sixth …. Champions of the armed forces and commander orders sir:
After that deceived Jassim Ihsanoglu Baljuj NATO and the UN Security Council held as soon as the date for the issue: –

Unjust decision which was carried out by NATO on the Great Jamahiriya. Ordered Mr. Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces nationalized Libyan oil fields in the desert east of Libya to the city of Tobruk in the east.

The commander of the National Colonel Muammar Gaddafi strict in identifying targets task asked of members of the armed forces nationalization of oil without losses in oil advised not to perish any field whatever the cost to be the source of livelihood of the Libyan people and it must be kept vandals who seized weapons caches.

What was the military leadership commissioned members of the College of Military Engineering and members of the People’s Armed Forces of the rustic and the commando battalion of the accent … And Go heroes of the armed forces in a small number where engineers four members of the armed people 14 people and 8 members of the commando.

And began to move from the point I walked through the desert down Bjalo and Awjila, oases, and bed and Tobruk … And that the battalion would Tariq protection SoC …

Was the great heroes of the armed people what he wanted and they fully nationalized oil process, but did not result in the disruption of bed field blew the only power plant .. And field Musla where NATO planes bombed our brave soldiers accused of the destruction of oil to create extra congestion of the eastern region youth.

And, of course, the People’s Armed Forces already on 7-4 have reached for Musla field away from the center of the city of Tobruk 83 kilometers.

Will recall that Gallo and Awjila soon as these individuals entered their celebrated and raised green flags fluttering and without any form of little or register.

Will recall that misled in Musla field when arrested confessed بتناولهم hallucination pills.

This first part of the sixth round of the People’s Armed Forces ….

Tomorrow, we will discuss with you the NATO losses in the battle, which was not permissible equipment and several.”
(By) ĎăĘă safely

ĎăĘă safely


Prisons in the angle at which you must edit the family soon, God willing ..

1 – Forest Goddaúm on the coastal road,halkarzabih,

3 – Item prison ration, the People’s Armed Forces and volunteers

Liberal Gen. Mahdi Arab sheikhs and Rafla age Aleghanqa the


from the pages of (News resistance in Sirte) Burning military headquarters Jermana Council Sirte ……..

And sit of front المجلش rats Local



A campaign of arrests of Egyptians and Tunisians in Misrata at the hands of rats …

Rats Misrata …………….. Appeal to the rats in outside speed return to it to protect it …..

(HAH!..not after what you rats have done!)

Misurata decide to use warplanes to bomb any encroachment coming from the eastern region in the

direction of Brega or Ras Lanauf noses in day 15 Febr. 2013

Council recently issued a domestic pleasures rats Misrata decision on curfew dark cars, and also to cars without plates,

a decision LG chills and fear But striking is very strange that he patrols deployed inside the city and on the dark entrances their car and license plates.

How do you want me I am the fittest myself and you’re on your own crooked cake.

Do not like what they said people Zaman (sentences what Ischofh in Og neck) What Tadlosh O Arabs Misrata Khalokm dark good strong sun.



AJEELAT: Tension and lead voice in Ajeelat …… After entering a convoy of rats corner …..


BENGAZI: News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence):

One of the publications in Benghazi, which calls for the so-called revolution 15/02/2013

one of its demands split evenly embassies on the cities of Libya! Alpine Alsqa Mather Aaltvkir.

On this day: 29 fire / January 1942 – Germans take on the Libyan city of Benghazi during the Second World War.

And the like today to yesterday:

Post الادمن Will not talk about Benghazi …………..

Because Benghazi is the only city that will come out in demonstrations and clashes with rats on 15 \ 2.

British Deputy Ambassador to Libya “Gel Fraser” confirms that urged Raaém to leave Benghazi came for risk is expected to occur in eastern Libya.

He noted the risk of another possible damage to the British Embassy in Tripoli has been reducing the number of their employees.

And our response now: ornately cost shield 1 ….

Sam Ben Ahmid battalion on February 17 …..

led by Mohammad coracoid them the insurance Cltamy Benghazi as of February 10 next.

Hear sporadic gunfire exchange in old Allthei area – Benghazi and God knows what is happening there.



Aaarb and per Rishvana income Alzaoyen Mdayrin in place gate of containers and a formal inspection of each car.

Our correspondent of Sabratha:

Seen dense gates of Tripoli to Ras Jedir

Sabratha west entrance gates جردان Palace full Alalalgah inspections and remove the opaque glass of the car.

Gate imaginary place inmates gateway between the corner and Orishvana inspect flour.



New African Airlines which landed at Sebha today …
All green:



URGENT: kidnapping Colonel Musa Abdul Salam coordinator of the so-called Ministry of Interior with the institutions of civil society in front of the headquarters of Conference Allaotunai – Tripoli


“Your involvement
Protector Haramiha
Militia calling itself the martyr battalion Salem bin Kinh and responsible to protect the popular drawer now proceed with its business of stealing electricity generators in Martyrs’ Square.
Analyzes these public acts after Mafshlt recent achieve the consent of the people of the region to approve a draft federal Zintan in Planet (López) It is worth mentioning that there are voices resound from Zintan to participate in the revolution 15-2….,”

Buhulaiga ordered a battalion corner bolt and join the so-called revolution tenderly 15/02/2013.

Defections began in intruder Allaotunai.

Just on channel Libya Allaotunaih announced a total of member bloc Generation “Loyalty to the Martyrs”
Anhab Anguellahm you missed the train ….any fulfillment

Which Tgo it your intention to fulfill to Qtraúal O Sacred and Ladd

People are stocking-up:
Wholesale in Alkremiah known high market pull in huge quantities of foodstuffs and note Ozdhaaaaam in petrol stations.

Khudoa Ahtiatkm Narafosh rats 15 launched Naoyen on.

Egyptian embassy in Tripoli: Deportation of 149 Egyptian nationals in Libya for different reasons.

Government customers transporting armored cars in the capital Tripoli and specifically the Gargour 01/29/2013 area.

Rats and plan is to move and concentrate in cars individually around Tripoli

and without any suspicion and reduce gates even Liberal Johmo that there are no gates

and facilitates the arrest of Liberal Fargo cautious movements, especially at night

and lack of confidence in anyone of rats whatever near you.

Last night in Tripoli, specifically the Gargour clashes Gerdanih area between Zintan and Misurata

and voices, including bullets and heavy weapons. _______________________________________________________



Published on 29 January 2013 in Report

Houthi wave Green Flags on the Prophet's (PBUH) Birthday
When Abdul-Malek al-Houthi, the head leader of the Houthi movement, started his speech, dead silence swept the rocky landscape, followed by chants of Houthi slogans, “Allah is great… Death to America… Death to Israel… Damn the Jews… Victory for Islam.” (They claim this is for the governments – who can blame them when shells of American missiles are found on their mountain slopes?)

Houthi leaders were adamant that the day served as a means of celebrating a religious occasion and not a politically-motivated event.

“Today all principles and ethics have been abandoned. Our country has been trampled underfoot by the enemies,” said Sheikh Shams Al-Din Sharaf Al-Din, the head of Yemen’s Clerics Association. During his speech, the sheikh blamed acute failures and problems in Yemen on those who do “not follow the regulations of the Prophet Mohammed.”

“We’ve been celebrating this occasion for a long time,” said Mohammed Abdul-Salam, a Houthi spokesman, who added that they extended an invite to all Yemenis to attend the occasion, not just those of their religious influence.
al-Houthi said, “This day is supposed to be a national holiday with formal and popular celebrations.” But, he rightfully slammed the government repeatedly. He described it as “shameless” and as an “American agent.”

“Unfortunately, the government prevented us from commemorating this great day in a stadium in Sana’a, but it opened military bases for America and that indicates that this government doesn’t respect the prophet,” he said. “We come here to say for those who offend the prophet that their abuse of the prophet will make us more adherent to him,” he said.

Thousands of posters and banners were present at the event and throughout the whole of Sa'ada‭.‬

chewing qat :



Shater militias get weapons from Libya and the infiltration of fighters from Hamas to the various governorates of Egypt to support the rule tumbling Muslim Brotherhood.

Military spokesman: control a large amount of weapons during smuggled from Libya to Egypt
Colonel Staff Mohamed Ahmed Ali, a military spokesman on behalf of the armed forces that the border guards managed to thwart an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of weapons from inside the Libyan territory to Egypt.

The spokesman said the military had been set quantity of weapons which number [4] Mobile inside them, the number of [7] missile, and the number [4] gun types, and the number of [114] safe gun Bertha, and that in the South the international mark No. [19] distance [1.5 km north and Salloum land port SPACE [8] km.

Also found on another mobile phone and inside [3] a machine gun while trying to smuggle in the region south of the international mark No. [41] distance [1] miles south and Salloum land port distance [13] kilometers.

The military spokesman stressed that it comes within the intensive efforts made by the border guards to secure the borders of the state all directions as one of the main tasks to abort all plans and attempts aimed at undermining the stability of the security of the Egyptian society and harm national security.

Ali concluded that it had been located on the competent prosecution to take all legal proceedings regarding the seized weapons.

Salah Albornaoy WRITES: “These tax subservience O Egypt You could lock the border in the Libyan crisis to prevent mercenaries from entering but you Astslemtem temptations country money and Sahemtem in the ruins of Libya and today, you have to taste the mercenary heat until proverb applies cook poison Ivogah.”


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