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شباب الفاتح شباب التحدى 23-1-2013 بمدينة ترهونة بمنطقة الخضراء ترتفع رايات العزة والكرامة دام الفاتح ابدا رغم انف الجردان
 Publications and raise green flags in some Soara Sirte withstand.


البيان رقم1من امراللواء32 المعززغرفة الجماهيرية العظمي

‏البيان رقم 1 من امراللواء 32 المعزز واللواء اسد الصحراء نجل القائد العظيم علي غرفة الجماهيرية العظمي علي البالتوك
KHAMIS the Golden General
24 avril 2012, 09:14
 Statement No. 1 of 32 KHAMIS Brigade of the Great Jamahiriya

  • GENERAL KHAMIS son of the great Lion of the Desert leader, on the Chamber of the Great Jamahiriya/PALTALK radio show.

Gaddafi became too dangerous for Sionistan-PART I

AlQaida does not asserted Muammar Gaddafi, What is wrong we Gaddafi in reality?International (LVO): When the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi says loud and clear that the problems affecting Libya are the result of AlQaida, the French press and categorically denies that talk of so-called experts that nobody knows who all say of the same sounding as “Gaddafi ment.”

We have known for years that AlQaida is an American invention to justify his many attacks against the Muslim world and despite the insistence of coarse manipulation Western agents wanting to convince them of the existence of this organization, less people today believe in this “nebulous” and called it the President of the French Republic, Sarkozy, before being elected by the French.

Curiously, the media have repeatedly shown the specter of “Islamic fundamentalist”, since 2001 to nowadays, most especially do not want to hear about AlQaida when it comes to Libya. A 180-degree turnaround “miraculous.”

But today, Libyan officials say the organization AlQaida trains would attempt to establish an “Islamic Emirate” in the region of eastern Libya and is the cause of unrest in the country. Policies and European media does not want to hear this version and put all their political and media means to reach out to hunt Gaddafi of Libya. We are witnessing a new exploitation of the legendary Alqaida, but this time in reverse. Alqaida that exists or not, it is one way or another the interests of the enemies of the Arab Muslim accustomed to this kind of manipulation.

Gaddafi asserts that this organization is the cause of unrest in Libya while some time ago, he gave an interview from Tripoli to RFI, during which, he asserts that “Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb n does not exist, “he returns to the stagnation of the peace process in Darfur and the situation in Somalia that does nothing to help, he said, the policy of the African Union. A few days before a summit of the organization in Kampala (Uganda), the Libyan leader to get tough on him and stresses its commitment to the creation of the United States of Africa.


“Khalil Ibrahim is not our” protected” ‘

Libya is home for a few weeks Khalil Ibrahim, leader of the Movement for Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), a rebel group active in Darfur refuses to enter into the negotiation process e s initiated in Doha between the Sudanese government and armed militias.

“His presence is embarrassing, and it is normal that Chad and Sudan in concern . But he withdrew his papers, he can not go in any other foreign country. And we have not broadcast any message unless it is a message of peace or a call to disarm. (…) It is not our” protected” We’re just trying to maintain our role, which is the Reconciler, regional intermediary. There is no other solution than the Doha process. ‘

Muammar Gaddafi reiterated he not recognize the International Criminal Court (ICC) and therefore the arrest warrant against President Omar al-Bashir , saying it would be ready with his Sudanese counterpart in Libya. He called the ICC “instrument in the service of colonialism and international terrorism.” “Before judging El-Bashir should try a number of Israeli and Western leaders (…), all those who have committed genocide and continue to do so, not respecting the United Nations Charter. ‘

“No other solution that the Referendum in Western Sahara”

According to the Libyan leader, the conflict between Algeria and Morocco in the Western Sahara can only be resolved by a referendum on self-determination of the Sahrawi people. “There is no alternative to the referendum or plebiscite. Morocco is hesitant but Hassan II (King of Morocco from 1961 to 1999) was in favor, we agree on this. Obviously, the Polisario rejects autonomy as a solution, “he said.

“Bin Laden can behave responsibly”

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ( AQIM )? “There is no such organization. That’s the rumor, mere propaganda. There is not even al-Qaeda . In reality, there are small criminal groups, such as the Italian Red Brigades at the time. Even Bin Laden is not responsible for their actions. It can behave as a reasonable person, he also offered a truce to Europe. ” According to Gaddafi, attacks and claims of AQIM n “have nothing to do with religion, with Islam, and these groups have no program.”

“The UNI0N for the Mediterranean is a stillborn baby”

“I did not excited for UNI0N for the Mediterranean, but for UNI0N Mediterranean, that is to say countries – specifically African and European – bordering this sea I’m against accession Asian States, but Nicolas Sarkozy had to listen to German Chancellor (Angela Merkel) in bringing the whole of Europe in this UNI0N. So I suggested, why not bring back all of Africa. But it was not accepted. The UPM is a baby born dead . “

“The negotiation is impossible with the Shebab”

” The Shebab person will not listen. With them, negotiation is impossible, they do not even have formal leadership. (…) The Politics of African UNI0N Somalia is not good, and the troops is only a formality (AMISOM peacekeeping force in the countries of the AU is present Somalia, Ed). There should be a veritable army of African UNI0N with more than one million soldiers if they wanted quell the rebellion. And not Burundian troops , the Ugandan troops whose missions are poorly defined. (…) We must let the Somalis solve their problems … “

“We must unite Africa as the United States of America»

To solve the problems in Africa, such as Somalia, for example, Muammar Gaddafi believes that “it is necessary to unite Africa . ” According to him, coups, military coups reveal the failure of state policies, national elections … “After the establishment of the AU, nothing has been done. These countries are encouraged to division, so that foreign powers can establish their domination. ” “Africa must unite in one state like the United States of America, with one army, one economy, one currency. ‘

End of the interview

But what do we blame Gaddafi in reality?

Muammar Gaddafi , Guide of the Libyan revolution, too disturbing international establishment set up by psychopaths who dream of seeing the birth of their so-called “New World Government” originally scheduled for 2012 but delayed by the international resistance.

Colonel for some, the other brother, he is a respected guide in Africa. Africans have named “Amir Al-Mouminine” (Emir of the Believers) giving authority to make jealous former colonial powers who strive to make their own borders disappear and to impose other in Africa as we have to see recently.

It has continued in recent years, as working for the Creation of a “United States of Africa.” The African Unity is a priority and has organized many successful events and meetings that will remain etched in history.

He has worked extensively for the reconciliation of heads of state in conflicts in Africa, such as October 25, 2007 in Chad or a peace agreement was signed in Sirte ( Libya ) between the Chadian government and the four main rebel movements, theUNI0N of Forces for Democracy and Development (UFDD) General Mahamat Nouri , the UFDD-Fundamental (UFDD-F), the Rally of Forces for Change (RFC) Timane Erdimi and the Chadian National Concord (CNT) of Hassan al-Saleh Djinédi .This peace agreement, signed in the presence of Muammar Gaddafi , Chadian President Idriss Deby and Sudan Omar al-Bashir , provides for a cease-fire immediately, the total respect of the constitution and the release of prisoners. to cite one example.

Constructive action to Gaddafi are too numerous to list in a single article. But what is certain is that because of him, the principal architects of poverty in Africa lose a lot of money and see this manna, which represents sales of weapons and ammunition, disappear more and more. His project “one army, one economy and one currency in a country United States of Africa” ​​represents a significant danger to the West is accustomed plunder the wealth of Africa.

It is therefore logical to see their media mobilized to lie about this “uncontrolled and uncontrollable element” that Muammar Gaddafi is some going so far as to get mad. And yet, are certainly the wildest Western leaders who believe that too many of us on this planet who would like disease, famine and wars continue and multiply to reduce the world’s population at the expense of Africans and Muslims.

The most recent action that is alleged to have cetainement Gaddafi called Palestinian refugees to march against Israel and has press reported on 14 February on the website WWW.IRIB.IR who published a article saying “The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi urged Palestinian refugees to follow the example of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions and massaging Israeli border until the Zionist regime bends to their demands. “We live in the time of popular revolutions in the Arab world, and this wave of revolution should not save the Palestinians, said Gaddafi. “This is not a declaration of war that I run here, but an appeal for peace that will lead crowds of Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and Syria to the borders of Israel, mobilize them there until they succeed, he told state television. The Libyan leader proposed the installation of camps near the borders of the Zionist entity, if it refused to bow.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Tuesday called on Western countries to arm the Libyan protesters to “topple the regime of Colonel Gaddafi,” while the Washington Post suggested “bring the leaders of Tripoli before international justice.”
Under the title “Free Libya,” the daily “business” accuses Gaddafi of “murdering his own people, as he did so often during his reign of 42 years obscurantist.”

“The United States and Europe must do more to help the Libyan people to put an end to the dictatorship of Gaddafi,” says the WSJ, which advocates threaten air force to bomb Libyan air bases if it continues to suppress the demonstrations. Then, the Zionist press told us of so-called “desertion of Libyan pilot area” to encourage drivers to abandon the Libyan army national defense.

Forgetting that throughout the world, armed men are not peaceful demonstrators in a half admission of U.S. involvement in the unrest in Libya, Wal Street Journal said: “We should not rule out arming demonstrators “(…)” The worst would be to encourage the protesters without giving them the means to win. ”

Trying to forget the American-Zionist massacres in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, the newspaper reminder various anti-American attacks the Zionists accused the Libyan regime since the 1980s, the newspaper claims that Colonel Gaddafi “more American blood on his hands than anyone other than Osama bin Laden. ” (Sic) He forgot Bush and co.

The Washington Post said that the atrocities taking place in Libya “requires not only a conviction, but also acts on the part of the world,” without providing evidence on the real sponsors of these abuses.

Denouncing the “crimes against humanity”, the newspaper of the capital suggests that the United States should “publicly call for regime change” in Tripoli. (A Washington puppet regime of preference: Ed)

Libyan satellite channel broadcast a number of confessions of criminal agents who confessed on television “participate in a destabilization operation against the Libyan people moyenant finance foreign”

According to a source in Libya, “accompanied by a gang of foreigners was keeps spreading, they were in possession of hand grenades.”

To discourage the Libyans to defend themselves against armed officers and trained by the U.S., the newspaper added that the “Europeans and Americans must warn the Libyan regime that” if it can be maintained by violence, it will face comprehensive sanctions, including against its oil industry. ” (Here we are then, the magic word “oil” Ed)

The threat against the Arab and Muslim countries that are fully aware of the manipulation being to the idea and would oppose it, up a notch when the paper said “whether or not they manage to maintain in power, Gaddafi (father and son) must be brought to justice for the bloodshed they have caused. “(…)” The authoritarian Arab regimes and dictatorships around the world must know that they can kill their people with impunity. ”

For those who do not have the information and are not used to decode this kind of language, this means that American Zionists who introduced and supported dictators tooth and nail in the past, have in their possession records and plans for any “diet” that would show the failed implementation of the new world government expected soon. International political map is already drawn and the challenge for the proponents of the new world order is crucial. So they will not tolerate any failure on the part of anyone!


Gaddafi became too dangerous for Sionistan – PART II

Al Gaddafi speaks at UN - Sep. 2009

Statement of the Brother Leader at the General Assembly of

the United Nations

In the name of the African Union, I would like to greet the members of the General Assembly of the United Nations, and I hope that this meeting will be among the most historic in the history of the world.

– Read More

In Observance of the Anniversary of the Birth of the Last Prophet, Muhammad (Peace and Prayers be upon Him), The Brother Leader leads Presidents and Muslims from Various Parts of the World in Prayer in the City of Kampala    –  Read More

Full text of the speech’s Guide CPIM during the 64th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations
Wednesday, September 23, 1377 MP (2009)

On the occasion of the 64th session of the UN General Assembly, the Brother Leader Command World Islamic People has, in the day of 23 September 2009, made an important speech in which he distinguished himself by the clarity the credibility and objective analysis of the travels of the United Nations and the Security Council, setting out the international situations that led to the founding of this organization.
Then he pointed to the contradiction between constitutional laws and their content allowing the dominance of the colonizing nations and outlined the historical evidence showing the failure of the United Nations Security Council’s mission to restore peace, security and defense of the weak nations.
Convinced of the values ​​of justice and equality that promotes the message of Islam, the Brother Leader Command World Islamic People addressed the fundamental supports for the construction of human civilization.
Showing a Muslim who believe in truth and its inevitable victory, the Brother Leader outlined his vision of reconciliation by Islamic thought which embodies human ambitions of weak peoples and nations dominated as it reveals aspects of falsification and domination.
The pride of the Muslim community is one of his obedient son, Gaddafi did not use flattery about the interest of humanity when he analyzed the reality of the United Nations, nor even in its vision reconciliation due to a life free of the man according to God’s will.
It is true that the discourse of Brother Leader Command World Islamic People was an exceptional event that shook the foundations of the United Nations to establish justice.
This was the speech of the brother’s Guide Command World Islamic People prepared in the light of the message of Islam and the voice of truth that rang at the 64th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations which reads in full speech:

Ladies and Gentlemen: 
You know that the United Nations was established on the basis of three or four countries united against Germany .. here is what we call the United Nations, not the United Nations.
The United Nations, where we are now is different from the United Nations against Germany during the Second World War. These countries formed the Security Council, is giving permanent seats and veto power without our presence.

This is the truth, and this is the basis of this international organization. This occurred in the absence of (165) nations here today.
They made ​​the Charter you know – I have the Charter of the United Nations with me – its preamble is one thing, and the materials are something else.
How does this happen?!.

Those who attended the San Francisco 45, are involved in the establishment of the preamble, and they let other materials, including internal regulations of the so-called Security Council to experts, technicians and politicians interested in this case, which states that the Security Council represents the states which are united against Germany.
In the preamble, there is no objection to, but all that came after is totally inconsistent with the preamble. For which our protest against this preamble, because it is more period after the Second World War.
The Preamble states that people are equal, large and small.
Is this permanent seats as we are equal? Ever, we are not equal.
The preamble states that the United Nations, both large and small have equal rights.
Ok .. Is that the right of veto for we are equal?!.
The preamble states: “The nations large and small, are equal in rights.”
So the veto is against the Charter, the permanent seats are against the Charter, and that’s what we do not recognize and do not accept.
The Charter in the preamble “We are committed not to use military force, if it is in the common interest” ..
But there were 65 wars, after the creation of the United Nations and the Security Council.
These wars took place, the aggression that took place and the force used in 65 wars, they are in the common interest?! Never .. they represent only the interests of a country or two or three countries.
This is in contrast with the Preamble of the Charter, we have agreed to join this organization.
And if things do not go according to the preamble, we have agreed, even our presence in the body will not work now.
We are talking now about the fate of the world, the fate of the planet, the fate of humanity .. In this important field, there is no hypocrisy or diplomacy, because complacency, hypocrisy and fear led to the emergence of 65 wars after the creation of the United Nations.
If an attack from a state against another, after 1945, the year of the creation of the Organization, the United Nations is combined to prevent the attack.
I mean – for example – in case of attack against Libya France, the United Nations should deter aggression Libya because France is an independent member of the United Nations General Assembly and sovereign .
We are determined to defend the sovereignty of nations, collectively, but there are 65 wars have not deterred by beeing the United Nations. Nations with permanent seats on the Security Council and the owner of the right of veto, have conducted eight major wars with millions of victims.
States that we believe have the desire to protect the safety and protect the independence of the people, they are the ones who threatened the independence of peoples and used brute force.
Nothing in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any State. 
This means that the system of governance is an internal affair of a state, no one has the right to interfere in it. System or dictatorial, democratic, socialist, capitalist, reactionary or progressive, it is the responsibility of the company itself .. An internal matter.
Rome voted a day for “Julius Caesar”, a dictator, the Senate gave him a mandate to be a dictator, because they believed that the dictatorship was useful to Rome ..
This Preamble is the thing we agreed, and the advent of veto is not mentioned in the Charter.
If they had told us that the veto was, we would not have joined the United Nations, we had joined in what we are equal.
States but appears entitled to oppose all our decisions, then a permanent seat, it is assigned a permanent seat?!.
These four countries are given a permanent seat. The only state voted by the Assembly, is China, China we gave our voices to have a permanent seat on the Security Council.
It is the only state presence is democratic, while the other four seats are not democratic.
Reforming the United Nations, ladies and gentlemen – not resolved by the increase in seats.
Increase the number of seats “add insult to injury” I do not know how the interpreter translated this proverb because it is difficult to translate into English. I will help you: when you say “add insult to injury,” it simply means “do worse.” Because the big countries will be added to the large states that face us.
So here, we reject the increase in the number of seats in this manner.
The solution is not to increase the number of seats, and the most dangerous thing is to allocate seats to major states .. because they can crush the peoples of the Third World, which now form the so-called “G100” .. There are “100” small countries, gathered in a forum called “FSS” “Small States Forum.”
This is unacceptable, and we close the door to the increase in seats, and we strongly oppose.
The increase of the Security Council, would increase the injustice and inequity, increase world tension and competition between states very important.
There will be a competition between Italy, Germany, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, Iran, Greece, Ukraine.
All these nations require to have a seat on the Security Council, in this case, the race will continue until the number of members of the Security Council to reach the number of members of the Assembly, it is not practical.
So what is the solution?

The solution which is currently before the General Assembly, chaired by Mr. Ali Triki, the organization submits to vote, it is the binding decision of the majority in the General Assembly without any consideration apart. close the door to accession by States and the increase of seats in the Security Council.
The membership must be based on the basis of non-unions and states, because if you open the door of the Security Council in the United States, this would lead to competition between countries. Each country has the right to appear. Who has the right to stop them?!.
Who has the right to say that Italy did not find a seat, if you give a seat to Germany?.
If we are given a seat in India, for example, Pakistan will protest .. because they are at war, it would be a dangerous thing.
If you are given a seat in Japan, why not give Indonesia the largest Muslim country in the world?!
So what about Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Brazil and Argentina, Libya, which canceled its nuclear weapons program, it also deserves a seat on the Security Council, because it served global security?!
And then Egypt, Niger, Algeria, Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, they are all important countries.
So the solution is to achieve democracy in the Congress of the world, which is the General Assembly, which is to transfer the powers of the Security Council to the General Assembly and the Security Council is only one instrument for implement the resolutions of the General Assembly.
The General Assembly is the parliament of the world, it is the Congress of the world, it is the legislature, its decisions are binding because it is democracy. This is the legislative authority .. its members are legislators in the General Assembly.
It is written that “the General Assembly on the work of the Security Council recommendation” .. This is incorrect and should be corrected, the Security Council must work on the orders of the General Assembly ..
Today we have before us .. 190 nations They are the United Nations, not the Security Council in the next room, ten people .. it is this democracy? What security?! How to ensure world peace if our destiny lies in the hands of ten people, dominated by four or five, or controlled by the State stronger. But we 190 nations, we are like the garden of “Hyde Park” .. A scenery?!.
You, you are setting .. You’re not important, as if you were walking in the garden “Hyde Park” is exactly the same ..
The executive power of the Security Council resolutions should only be the UN General Assembly, the Security Council when it became a port for resolutions of the General Assembly .. In this case, there will be no competition for seats in the Security Council.
The Security Council must be representative of all nations, but not by the State, which is submitted to the General Assembly is to find a permanent space for each .. each UNI0N:
– EU-27 countries, a permanent seat on the Security Council
– UNI0N africaine53 the country, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
– The UNI0N Latin America, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
– ASEAN ten countries two or three or four, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
– Russia, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
– The United Nation of America, which consists of fifty states already have a permanent seat.
– SAARC, which is being a permanent seat.
– League of Arab States 22 countries, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
– Organisation of the Islamic Conference 45 countries, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
– The Non-Aligned States 120 countries, a permanent seat on the Security Council.
– The “G100” the “Forum of Small States”, a permanent seat too.
And if there are countries outside the uni0ns I mentioned, we can assign their permanent seats.
This is the solution submitted to the General Assembly for a vote.
Mr. Ali Triki and Ki-moon Will work on administrative and legal forms, as well as the formation of committees to vote. And now the Security Council shall consist of uni0ns.
It is justice and democracy and to end the occupation of the Security Council by certain countries .. they have atomic bombs, those have economic power and other technology .. This is pure terrorism. 
We can not live in a Security Council dominated by those who have overwhelming force .. This is terrorism. 
If you want a world united and peaceful lives in safety and peace, we must work on these proposals. But if we want to live in terrorism, in conflict .. therefore remain intact on our positions.
These seats, they have a right to veto it or not all right.
In all cases, the Security Council in its new composition proposed by the General Assembly for a vote, is the operational tool of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
Sovereignty is the 190 nations present here .. Thus, all the nations are also present in the Security Council, as it is also in the General Assembly.
We are here at the General Assembly in equality, we must also be equal in the Security Council Chamber.
The fact that a country has the right to veto .. And the other has no veto, the State has a permanent seat .. And the other does not have a permanent seat on the Security Council, we reject it now. We do not recognize at all, even if there is, we do not succumb to acune decision by the Security Council in its current form.
We were colonized .. We trust we are independent now and we met to decide the fate of the world in a democratic way, to preserve peace and security for all peoples and nations, large and small.
Terrorism is not only Al-Qaeda, the current situation is also terrorism. 
Democracy is not the strongest, nor the richest, or the terrorists … It is for all nations equally.
The Security Council today is a feudal policy for holders of permanent seats. They use it against us, this is why we do not name the Security Council, but the Council of horror. 
You see my brothers in our political life, if they want to use the Security Council against us, they are to be applied to the Board, but if there are not useful, they forget the Council. 
Assigning a permanent seat and veto power to that power, it is outrageous, we can not tolerate and live under its shadow. 
The Security Council since it was created 45 so far did not provide security, but provided us with sanctions and terror .. Used only against us, that is why we are not obliged to obey Security Council resolutions.
There was after the creation of the Security Council 65 wars against the Third World .. Against small states, they either fight them, or they are attacked by large countries, the Security Council has not prevented the aggression in violation of the Charter.
The General Assembly will vote on these historical solutions, and then either we remain united, or divided into two parts: equal nations with their own Security Council on the one hand and the other owners holding permanent seats veto, four or five or three whatever, but we’re not with them. They apply the veto them ..
But we can not now remain under the control of the owners permanent veto it are with themselves.
We do not have their given this, we are not fools to give veto power to the States and give them a permanent seat, despising other nations and deprive permanent seat and veto.
Why despise nations?!.
We have not decided that these are sacred notions and respected .. It agitdes 190 nations of the earth ..
The Security Council can not be used against the owners of permanent seats and veto holders ..
Which mean that the Security Council is made ​​against us, and therefore its decisions are ignored.
And, most importantly, all international groupings began to form their own safety tips. Gradually, the Security Council in its current form will be isolated:
– The African UNI0N now has a Security Council.
– The UNI0N would become a European Security Council.
– Form an ASEAN Security Council.
– Latin America will have the Security Council.
– The Non-Aligned “seventy-State”, will also form a Security Council.
This indicates that the Security Council has abused our trusts, because it does not provide us with security, so we retreat to regional councils.
We are not obliged to obey the Security Council in its current range, because it is not democratic and nobody can force us to stay in the Security Council or to obey his orders. 
Now, my brethren, there is no consideration for the United Nations .. The basis of the General Assembly of the United Nations has no consideration or impact on the lives or safety of the world.
The International Court of Justice is an international judicial institution, and its resolutions are applied to third world countries, and rejected by the major powers.
I have in front of me and provisions issued by the International Court of Justice rejected by other states.
The International Agency of Atomic Energy is an important institution of the United Nations, its decisions are not subject to large states.
Mr. Ali Triki to the General Assembly may ask the Director of Atomic Energy and its predecessor Mohamed ElBaradei. If we find that they monitor the growth and reduction of stocks of nuclear countries, we also abide by the institution.
But if they say they can not address the major powers regulators atomic bombs, so we also we lock our doors.
I must inform you that I called ElBaradei during the crisis atomic Libya and i told him “ElBaradei: Agreements reduction of weapons of mass destruction, you control? If a State has increased its atomic bombs or nuclear missiles, are you informed? “He told me,” Never, these great powers, I can not ask them, or even get close. “ So you do not control us … out! 
This is not an international agency .. that is not controlled by us. 
It’s not fair .. This is not peace, it is unacceptable. 
For Africa, Dr. Ali Triki, the Assembly of the United Nations, whether repaired or not and even before the vote on the current proposals, Africa needs from now on a plain with a permanent seat on the Security Council powers. Even if you do not Retire United Nations.
Africa is a continent isolated colonized and oppressed considered animals and then slaves and colonies under guardianship. 
The continent .. The UNI0N African deserves a permanent seat, such as China. 
Nobody has the right to say that Africa .. The African UNI0N does not deserve a permanent seat. 
Who said he had evidence that the African UNI0N not deserve a permanent seat, or the African continent does not deserve a permanent seat?!. 
Nobody can answer.

The General Assembly should organize a vote appropriateness of compensation colonized countries. To avoid re-colonization and be repeated plundering the wealth of nations
Why Africans go to Europe? Why are Asians in Europe? Why Latin America towards Europe?!.
This is because Europe colonized Africa, Asia and Latin America, and took the gold, silver, copper, diamonds, iron, uranium, precious metals, oil, fruits, vegetables, animals and humans. 
Now a new generation of Africa, Asia and Latin America, leaving behind their wealth plundered, they have the right and we are unable to stop them. 
Africa deserves compensation to the tune of “777” trillions .. Seven hundred and seventy-seven billion dollars in compensation to African States required by the colonized, and Africa will be prompted to do so. 
If you replace “777” billion, African go where you have invested these trillions. 
There is no exodus from Libya to Italy, which is the nearest country to Libya. 
Why there is no migration from Libya to Italy? Italy has approved the payment of colonialism, apologized and signed a treaty with Libya, approved by the Italian people and the Libyan people. 
Italy will not allow any aggression against Libya and by land, sea or air of Italy, or any other attack against Libya. The treaty was approved by the Italian Parliament, compensating Libya for 20 years for colonization.Italy will pay each year a quarter billion, and will build a hospital for victims of mines planted by Italy during the 1st and 2nd World War. 
Italy now has the glory after this historic act the President “Berlusconi”. 
To prevent re-colonization, we must try and criminalize the countries responsible for colonization, to access compensation for damage caused by colonialism.

I have another very sensitive issue which I invite you to respond with patience. But before this I will say the following:
W e Africans in particular, are proud that a son of Africa governs the United States of America. This is an historic event.
There was a time when “black” does not share the restaurant or drink with “white”, but today the American people voted for “Obama” an African Kenyan to make a President of the United States.
This is interesting, we are proud, and we believe it could be the beginning of change.
But for me, I think “Obama” like a flash in the darkness for a period of four or eight years.
We will be satisfied if “Obama” to remain in power for ever in the United States.
Discourse of our son “Obama” is totally different from any other American president we’ve ever experienced. 
Presidents at the time said: “We will send bullets, bombs, Grapes of Wrath, summer rains, the Operation Desert Storm, or pink toxic children sent to Libya in 86 ..  
It is this way that were addressed to us, terrifying the world: “We will send you a rolling thunder or lightning rampant as it was in Vietnam, we will send you the Operation Desert Storm sent Iraq, we will send operation knight sent to Egypt in 56, we will send you a pink toxic Reagan sent in 86 children Libyans “.
Imagine a President of a great state, a member of the Security Council, which was to protect our independence and protect against any aggression. Allows himself to say “We have decided to send the children to toxic Rose Libyans.” 
But Speech by our son “Obama” is quite different. He invites us to get rid of nuclear weapons.
He said that America can not solve the world’s problems alone, the world has to solve its problems.
“The United Nations has always been a platform differences.” It is true we must unite in international institutions or we are all equal.
He said: “Democracy can not be imposed from outside.  
While President Bush said: “We must impose democracy on Iraq ..  
And we must also pay attention to a critical thing, which is the expression of a multipolar world.
Is it necessary to be a multipolar world?. Why not be equal nations? Is it necessary to have a patriarch? having a pope?. Why a multipolar world?!. We want a world where large and small nations have equal

Crucial point is the headquarters of the United Nations .. this seat.
You all came from behind oceans and continents, you crossed the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific, Asia, Europe and Africa to reach this place .. Why.
Is it in Jerusalem? Is this the Vatican? Is this Mecca?!.
Each of you is tired, and his schedule is modified in a deplorable state in terms of physics .. You ask a person who spent twenty hours of flight, deliver a speech on the fate of the world.
I woke up today to four hours in New York before dawn, which is eleven hours of Libya ..
Why this fatigue?, If this is the case since 1945, it must always continue?.
Why not think about having another quiet?.
This is the first point.
Another matter, America is the host country for which the burden of ensuring the United Nations Headquarters, ensuring permanent missions, hosting dozens of heads of state who come every year to this place.
I want to relieve this burden .. You will reduce the burden on America .. Say thank you to America, we want to help you.
Suppose a terrorist blew up the airplane or the car of a President, what shall we do?.
This building – FYI – is a target of Al Qaeda.
Yes, this building, you wonder how he has not been beat 9-11?. Maybe the planes were aborted, was associated with this place.
The next target is there.
I do not speak in a vacuum .. We have dozens of members of Al-Qaeda in prison, arrest and confession are very disturbing.
We want to rid America of this concern .. “Say thank you, we want to help you, we want to move the headquarters to a place that is not the target. ‘
Normally every 50 years, the Siege moves to another part of the globe.
Fifty years in the Western Hemisphere, is sufficient.
The other 50 years in the middle of the globe or in the Eastern Hemisphere, and thus every 50 years in another part of the world.
We stayed 64 years now, with a 14-year period more than equal.
This is expected to vote in the General Assembly because Article 23 26/7/47 says: “The head of the United Nations, can be moved by the decision of the General Assembly simple majority. ” If 51% of the General Assembly accepts the transfer .. the seatmoves.
We are not forced to bear all this fatigue, coming from India, Philippines, Australia, and the Comoros.
I am surprised that my brother the president, “Ahmed” spent 14 hours flying, how can he deliver a speech …!?
There are certain requirements annoying .. America has the right to make severe restrictions, because it is targeted by Al-Qaeda .. By terrorists. We do not deny these requirements, but we assume that we are not obliged to undergo these procedures.
Why? Why come to New York?!.
A President has complained to me, he said they told him that your co-pilot did not come to America because he sanctions. He asked, how can we cross the ocean without copilot?! They told him to cross the ocean without copilot.
Another president complained to me, he told me that his aid camp, does not the United States because his name is on file.
They said the third, that your current doctor has a visa problem.
If a country has a problem with America, they say that .. You have 50 steps in this section .. You have 500 meters in this region, as at Guantanamo.
He is a member of the United Nations, or a Guantanamo prisoner!?.
This is the table of the General Assembly to be put to a vote, Dr. Ali “.. The vote on the transfer of the seat or not.
If “51” percent decided transfers, we will vote in the second place, where the seat should be in central or eastern hemisphere?!.
Suppose they said the central hemisphere, we propose the city of Sirte and Vienna.
1000 km or there will no stopping you .. Bring your plane plain, even without a visa you are entitled.
It is reasonable to say that a person walk only 500 meters?!.
Libya and has no enmity with anyone, and it is not targeted, and Vienna too, I do not think it will have such restrictions.
If we vote the Eastern Hemisphere, I propose the capital of India Delhi, Beijing or the Chinese capital.
Nobody will say that the United States reduce its contribution poura.
Why do you think bad things probably America?! .. Ever, America was a country committed to its obligations to the United Nations ..
We come to the other issues that the General Assembly chaired by Ali Abdel Salam Triki, to consider.
We will try .. Judge the United Nations, because this réuni0n is extraordinary. Even my son, “Obama”, said these words before me, he said that this meeting is extraordinary and historic.
First: Why the wars took place after the existence of the United Nations?, Where was the Security Council and the General Assembly? How did it happen? Where is the Charter.
– We will start the Korean War, this occurred after the existence of the United Nations .. Leaving millions of victims.
Must prosecute those who caused this war to be tried and convicted.
– We then move to the Suez war of 56, we must examine the record of this war.
Why countries with a permanent seat on the Security Council and the veto, to attack a member of the General Assembly .. Member of the United Nations .. A sovereign state is Egypt, destroying its cities and its army, and killed thousands of Egyptians, because they have exercised their right to nationalize the Suez Canal?!.
– Returning then to the Vietnam War, 3 million people. Bombs used in the Vietnam war in the past 12 days, are more numerous than those used in 4 years in WWII.
How can we remain silent about these facts?!.
After the Second World War, we have created the United Nations to prevent wars.
Then the question of Panama.
The invasion of Panama, which is an independent member of the United Nations .. Member of this House, 4000 Panamanians were killed, the president was arrested, tried and imprisoned in another State.
This matter should be referred to the General Assembly, we must liberate “Noriega. ‘
Similarly, the war of Granada .. The invasion of a country that is a member of the United Nations by seven thousand, five thousand warships and dozens of fighters in the smaller countries of the world.
After the creation of the United Nations, after the existence of the Security Council, the country was attacked, whose name is Grenada, killing President Maurice Bishop.
How to ignore this tragedy?!.

W e will also investigate the bombing of Somalia.
Somalia is a member state of the United Nations .. Member of this House, bombed in the era of “Farah Aidid.” Why and allowed the bombing?
-As the war in Yugoslavia, a peaceful country like Yugoslavia built brick by brick, after its destruction by “Hitler,” we have to destroy it again as “Hitler.”
The Yugoslav Federation, is a peaceful country built by “Tito” the hero of peace, brick by brick. After the death of “Tito” you just dépiécer Yugoslavia for personal interests of imperialism.
Similarly, the Iraq war, “which is the mother of sins”, would also be investigated by the General Assembly of the United Nations, led by ‘Ali Triki. ”
The war in Iraq raises four serious issues:
-First: the invasion of Iraq without justification, is a violation of the Charter, the main countries with permanent seats on the Security Council. Iraq is an independent member of the General Assembly .. Why not apply the Charter, which provides for the abolition of the assault.
I read early on that the United Nations repressed aggression, and I’ll give you an example:
“When Iraq attacked Kuwait, they came directly to the Charter, stating that the United Nations must suppress aggression. We all agreed that Arab brothers in Iraq took part in the war together with foreign countries to deter Iraqi aggression against Kuwait.
And why not apply the Charter, when the attack took place against Iraq?.
In the first World War, the Charter was sacred, but it was completely ignored during the second World War, because they have environmental attack Iraq. ”
– Second: After the invasion of Iraq, there is a genocide .. They killed more than a million and a half Iraqis in the genocide.
Tell us where did the International Criminal Court to try those who have practiced genocide against the Iraqi people?!.
It is easy to say “Bashir” to go to court, and that “Slobodan”, “Tylor”, “Habré” and “Noriega!”.
So the comment of genocide in Iraq are not going to the International Tribunal?!.
Each of us, large and small, should be submitted to the International Criminal Court ..
We are not animals in a pen, to be sacrificed on the day of the party.
We have the right to live above ground and under the sun, ready to fight to the death.
– Thirdly, the death penalty against prisoners of war in Iraq?.
How to execute prisoners of war? President of Iraq and its government when they were arrested, countries occupiers of Iraq stated that they are prisoners of war.
The prisoner of war shall be released after the actual operations.
Who executed the president of Iraq? Repondz me.
The judge’s name is known, and his face and identity.
But who executed the president?. The day of the party? Who wants to go?. People masked cagouléstus perform the death penalty.
If the world is civilized, under international law, How to perform a head of state and government, people dressed in drag?.
Do you know what people say?.
Some people say that it is the American president and the president Columbia, who are disguised in order to apply the death penalty, the Iraqi president and his government.
Why run the president of a member state of the United Nations and the Government of the mysterious ways?
So far, we do not know who committed the death penalty on the day of Eid.
-Fourth: Abu Ghraib Prison, which has been shameful acts for humanity.
I know that America will lead the investigation into the scandal. But the UN will not let this issue.
The General Assembly of the United Nations examine this issue .. The issue of Abu Ghraib, where prisoners of war were tortured, raped and mutilated by dogs.
Even the devil can not make this act .. Men raping prisoners of war, in a Member State of the United Nations.
This is intolerable humanitarian issue, we must look to obtain a solution.
So far – my dear brothers – there is a quarter of a million Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, between men and women.
It should not be forgotten or left, we must investigate.
Then the war in Afghanistan must also be investigated.
Why oppose the Taliban? Why antagonize Afghanistan?.
If the Taliban want to make Afghanistan a religious state, where is the problem .. This is like the Vatican, the Vatican is a danger to us? Yet it is a religious state, very quiet.
If the Taliban want to make Afghanistan an Islamic emirate, it is like the Vatican.
Who says the Taliban are enemies, so that mobilized armies to fight them?.
Is Bin Laden Afghan? Is it Taliban?! Ever.
Bin Laden is neither Taliban nor Afghan.
Is that the terrorists who struck New York, where we are now, are Afghans? Are the Taliban?! Never .. They are not Afghans or Taliban.
If I wanted to deceive my American and British friends, I encourage them to send more troops to Afghanistan. For they drown in the bloodbath because they succeed or not a conclusion in Afghanistan or Iraq.
You saw what happened in Iraq is a desert country and open. Unlike Afghanistan is a mountainous country, it is not possible to overcome.
But I have to protect environment and save the son of the poor .. Fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. I ask them to leave Afghanistan to Afghans, Iraqis and Iraq .. Let them fight among themselves, they are free.
There was no civil war here in America?
No there was no civil war in America, Spain and China, there were civil wars around the world?.
Let the Iraqis are free to beat them, let the Afghans that fought them.
Who said that if the Taliban rule in Afghanistan will become a danger.
Does the Taliban have intercontinental missiles? Is that the planes that hit New York – this place – came from Afghanistan or Iraq?.
They left the airport “Kennedy” here in New York, and why knocking Afghanistan?
How can we remain silent on this? We are not dumb demons.
It is our right, we want peace in the world .. And the fate of the world.
The same “Ali” the General Assembly should also investigate the murders.
– You need to open a new investigation into the assassination of Patrice Lumumba .. Who killed Patrice Lumumba and why. 
We want to record in the history of Africa, how they murdered a direct li eder and African Independence. 
Who killed him? We note in our history, to teach our children that the hero of the story, “Patrice Lumumba” the hero of Congolese liberation was killed in such circumstances. 
Who is the author of the murder of United Nations Secretary-General Hammarskjöld?. 
Who blew his plane .. 61 The same year, the assassination of “Lumumba”?. 
And the murder of “Kennedy” in 63. The General Assembly of the United Nations, to open the folder of the assassination of U.S. President “Kennedy”. We want to know. 
He was killed by a man named “Lee Harvey”, the latter was killed by someone called “Jack Ruby”. Why “Lee Harvey” killed the murderer “Kennedy”? 
“Jack Ruby”, which is an Israeli killed “Lee Harvey” the assassin of Kennedy. Why this Israeli kill the killer of Kennedy?. 
In addition, “Jack Ruby” killer assassin “Kennedy” died under mysterious circumstances before a new trial .. Why? 
I’ve read the story, “Kennedy” had decided to inspect the reactor in Dimona Israel?. For this reason, it has been eliminated.
We also need to open the file “Martin Luther King”, the black pastor, who was killed in a conspiracy. And the record of the Palestinian Khalil Wazir “Bugead”, who was killed in the Tunisian capital, following an attack by a four ships, two submarines and two helicopters, without respecting the independence of a sovereign state. 
How can we remain silent on an issue like this?.
– After that, we investigate Operation Al-Fardan, in which Kamal Nasser, Kamal Adwan and Abu Youssef Al-Najjar, lost their lives. 
Three Palestinians were attacked in the Lebanese capital. In a sovereign country and a member of the General Assembly. 
How they killed, “Maurice Bishop”, following the attack on Grenada. 
We have clarified that Grenada was attacked by 7,000 troops and 15 warships and dozens of fighter. They killed the country’s president, who is a member of the Assembly. 
We can not tolerate these crimes remain face. We do not sacrifice animals .. We are defending our existence, of our children and grandchildren. 
We do not fear, we have the right to life. This planet is not made ​​by the big states, God is for us all. 
And then we will open an investigation into the horrific massacres:

– The massacre of Sabra and Shatila victims 3000. 
This region was under the protection of the Israeli occupation army, which massacred 3,000 men, women and children Palestinians.
– The massacre of Gaza in 2008. 
1000 women and 2200 children have been victims of this massacre.
The destruction of 50 UN agencies belonging to this Assembly, as well as 30 non-governmental institution and 60 clinics.
They were killed 40 nurses and doctors who were only doing their humanitarian work.
The perpetrators of this massacre are still alive, they must be brought before the International Criminal Court.
Another thing, piracy .. Is it possible that spread in all seas and becomes a threat as terrorism.
For Somali piracy. I tell you that the Somali pirates are not .. It is we who are pirates. Because we exceeded their fish, which is the sustenance of their children. Because we did not meet their economic waters and territorial waters.
After the collapse of the Somali state collapsed we came to their wealth. Somalis to defend the wealth of their children .. Became “pirates.”
They are not pirates, they defend the survival of their children.
In any event, I met the pirates, and I told them that I will work for a treaty between you and the world. The world respects the economic zone of Somalia, all marine resources of this region are the property of Somalia ..
Second, all states will refrain from dumping toxic waste in Somali waters and on the shores of Somalia. In case you stop attacking ships.
We will return to this Treaty and the Convention to the General Assembly of the United Nations.
This is the right solution and not send ships to bombard the Somalis.
Our treatment of piracy is bad .. and our treatment of diseases?.
Our treatment of diseases is bad. Because if the vaccine disease, which is spreading like swine flu, factories intelligence services operate widely. Because in reality it is the trade ..
It’s a shame, do not sell drugs or vaccines.
Read the Green Paper, it does not allow the sale of drugs.
Then, the Ottawa Convention banning the manufacture and sale of mines is not just.
Mines are not a means of attack, they are a means of defense.
Mine does not move, it stays where you put it.
I ask you to review the Ottawa Convention.
This speech is in the Internet, on the website “Gaddafi speaks.”
This agreement shall be canceled or modified.
When I decided to plant mines in front of my house and to my farm .. It is a defense and not a means of attack.
Abolish atomic bombs and intercontinental missiles.
As to the question of Palestine, two state solution is impossible ..
The correct solution is to create a single democratic state for Jews, Muslims and Christians as Palestinians in Lebanon.
The two state solution is unrealistic .. it is impossible:
First, these two countries are closely related .. There are no two states …
In the West Bank there are half a million Israeli settlers in the so-called “Israel” there are a million Palestinians .. How can of course be two states?!.
The world must impose a democratic state without considering religion or language, because racial intolerence is reactionary.
The two-state solution are the ideas of the Third World War such as Yasser Arafat and Sharon. 
The new generation wants a democratic state, and we must make every effort to impose a single state where all people will live in peace.
The White Paper presents a solution based one country called “Isratine.”
The Arabs have not hostility with Israel. They are cousins ​​and live in peace.
That Palestinian refugees return home, for they live in the only country in peace.
For it is you against Westerners who have caused the Holocaust, you put them in gas chambers in Europe.
It is you who hate the Jews, and not us.
We have protected time of the Roman Empire after the expulsion from Andalusia, and during the war of “Hitler.”
We have protected .. Yet you have driven in their calling to fight the Arabs.
Let us expose the truth .. We are not the enemies of the Jews .. Our cousins, the Jews will need the Arabs one day.
Look at the work of “Titus” from “Hadrin” than “Edward I” and “Hitler”! ..
The Kashmir issue is to establish an independent state between India and Pakistan .. It will neither Indian nor Pakistani, to end this conflict.
As for the “Darfur”, I call humanitarian agencies to initiate development projects, industrial, agricultural and pastoral.
Darfur is now at peace, there is no more war.
I ask why the examinations of these issues by the General Assembly?.
This is because you have transferred the problem of Hariri – God have mercy on him – the United Nations .. Why.
You want to sacrifice the blood of Hariri and Hariri to settle scores with Syria.
Otherwise, Lebanon is he not an independent state, with the courts and the police?
So, the question of Abu Iyad Khalil Al-Wazir, the “Kennedy” and “Lumumba” and Hammarskjöld, must be transferred to the United Nations as the others.
In any case, the General Assembly is chaired by Libya. Libya, will help the world to move from stage to stage .. Wandering this world now .. Miserable .. Scared .. Threatened.
I will continue this work with the General Assembly, with “Triki” and the Secretary General of the United Nations, because it Sagit the fate of humanity
And the struggle of humanity to live in peace, the struggle of the Third World in particular and 100 small states, all deserve life, the sun and the earth.
The struggle continues until the end, peace be upon you. (

Gaddafi became too dangerous for Sionistan – PART III

Gaddafi became too dangerous for Sionistan - PART IIIInternet (LVO): The more we look at the recent history of Gaddafi, the more it becomes clear that the actions of the latter over the years, had a positive and constructive peace in the world at the service of Human Rights.

This is certainly one of the main reasons, apart from oil biensur, for which the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, had resumed diplomatic relations with the Libyan leader to surprise the French.

On 07 August 2010, Mu’ammar al-Qayhafi himself had posted on its website as follows:

Enclosed seas and foreign armadas

If we really want to maintain peace in the world and make people avoid the war and its horrors. If we want to be clear, forget the campaign promises and stop rehashing the old theory in vogue, there are concrete measures on which we must all agree and begin their implementation immediately. The first of these measures is to get rid completely – not partially or gradually-all weapons of mass destruction. A topic that I will discuss in another article. And since we are about to examine the question of the seas, we must have the courage to do the following if we want to achieve peace in the world:

Agree to prohibit warships in the seas, bays and with the exception of those of neighboring countries: the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea to the Red Sea, the Persian Golf.

This is what to do if we are sincere in our quest for world peace. Peace is the hope of the people because they are ordinary citizens who die by the millions in wars. By cons, despots, dictators like Hitler and illuminated do not care about peace.

The United Nations should adopt this proposal. All agencies and institutions loving peace and on behalf of humanity must impose this proposal dominating forces, who despise peoples and threaten peace. These organizations should take the necessary steps to avoid the presence of these forces fleets in the seas, until the last bend this requirement.

While this proposal is not formally adopted, all the forces working for peace must take steps to ban the Straits of Gibraltar, the Dardanelles, Hormuz, Bab Al Mandab and the Baltic Sea to foreign warships, except those of neighboring countries.

Civilian ships of all countries of the world have a right of way without restrictions. ‘—english-prudence-before-reaching-the-north-pole-take-your-hands-off-the-north-pole—1

INITIATIVES                     AUDIO


Al Gaddafi speaks!

Prudence before Reaching the North Pole

Prudence before Reaching the North Pole …..Take Your Hands off the North Pole
My concern in tackling this new challenge is world peace and the security of peoplessaid the law will deal ruthlessly with anyone wishing to foment trouble during the elections.

 – Read more

On 18 November 2010, the Libyan leader was also expressed about the danger posed by the ambitions of some countries to appropriate resources from the North Pole and was expressed in these terms:

“The caution is advised when it comes Pole North Pole … Let the quiet

In meeting this challenge I hope to achieve peace and security of peoples, like the concern that was mine when I dealt with other international problems. I wanted in this case contributed as much as possible to maintain peace and security, and attracted the attention of major players, people and thinkers of the world about the seriousness of these issues. It is now the North Pole, the coldest place in the world. Pacifists and peoples of the world were saddened by the statements which tended to indicate that the Cold War has returned to the North Pole, the coldest place on earth, which could seriously be the theater of war very inflamed . This is a very likely possibility, since this is a different problem all the others who have caused the Cold War. Because it was so ideological and political problem and not geographical. During the Cold War, the only problem was serious enough to start a war ‘hot’ was the crisis of the ‘Bay of Pigs’, precisely what it was a geographical problem and not ideological or political .

The North Pole is a geographical problem, not ideological or political. Therefore, if we do not give it the proper attention it may leads to a hot war. To date, four states are potentially in competition. They also expressed for this purpose. It is the United States, Russia, Canada and Denmark. Each claiming a part of the north pole and tries to take ownership.

Ideas displayed by the States of the Arctic coast are truly terrifying. They evoke an economic partnership in the North Pole, a conflict between these states, a conflict of interest policy, geographic, and economic use of intelligent technology, the establishment of protectorates national, drying and development of land, the existence of oil, diamonds and a plethora of resources in the North Pole. They also plan to establish routes, to tap into the wealth of the pole, which is at the stage of concept to date. Finally, they discuss the need to master the technology and intensifying human activity. These are serious indications that portend a conflict or a disaster of global proportions.

Scientists say that human activity is the cause of greenhouse gas emissions, which led to the melting blocks of ice at the north pole. Imagine what might happen if human activity had to move to the north pole itself, the heart of the Arctic. This may aggravate the situation by increasing emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating recession of glaciers, causing climate change in the North Pole, with its share of storms and hurricanes. The sea level rise and ocean several meters, changing the marine environment and causing serious disruptions in the atmosphere of the north pole, causing the melting of ice by human activity, flooding areas Bass and coastal cities of the world, as well as the release of methane gas sequestered in glaciers north pole.

States of the world, including four states applicants must understand that the north pole is the pole of the globe as a whole and not just another anywhere in the world. They should think twice before taking actions that could affect our north pole. It belongs to us, we the people of the earth. It does not belong to the United States or Russia or Canada or Denmark. Do not they understand that greed, the four States could lead the world towards disaster???!

That the whole world understands that the North Pole belongs to no one and is the property of all humanity and all continents. Manipulate nature north pole is playing with fire. And this could have serious consequences for the entire planet. If this program continues and ends up giving the results predicted by scientists, the balance of the globe could be altered forever. But the expansionist and colonial veil the perception of this reality by these states. The Arctic Circle must remain an inviolable sanctuary for all, and nobody has any rights. Regarding the coastal states of the Arctic zone, they can exploit their exclusive economic zones in the limit of two hundred nautical miles, as long as the area remains outside the Arctic Circle. Any activity beyond this limit must be adopted by the world at any price. Because manipulating the Arctic Circle will lead the world to disaster.

Gentlemen, think twice before you start a race, or a dispute over property rights at the north pole. This is a unique area of ​​the Globe! The Arctic Circle is a universal and common area and must remain, untouched for eternity. It is imperative to consider the subject as universal and that any attempt to use economic, political or security to be deterred. ‘


Al Gaddafi speaks!

Inland Seas and Foreign Fleets


On 6 March 2010, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi published another message in which he speaks of an inevitable clash between the U.S. and China

“The inevitable clash

Al Gaddafi speaks!

China..America..The inevitable Confrontation

I addressed the issue of Ukraine and its impact on international peace. It is for the same reasons as I look at the Sino-US issue. I come from a small country concerned by the issue of international peace. It is for this reason that I try as much as possible to help maintain peace and security.

A direct confrontation between the great powers is bad for everyone. That said, and despite the efforts of leaders who aspire to peace, the Sino-US problem can not be solved. It is deeply disturbing to me that I have to announce to the world that the Sino-US problem does not lend itself to any mediation or solution. This is an unavoidable problem. What is happening now is simply preparation for direct confrontation or attempts to differ. However, it is an inevitable clash. The United States wants to be indirect confrontation while China hopes to delay as much as possible. However, it is quite natural that the two parties are inexorably sucked into this confrontation. Reconciliations current and skirmishes here and there are only tactics to delay it, to save time, or move towards a confrontation indirect as desired by the United States.The leaders of this world who yearn for peace must not be distracted by the tree that hides the forest and maneuvers such as disputes on trade, tariffs, dumping, or pressure on China to it increases its consumption, is the exchange rate of its currency, or attempts aimed at using the degradation of the environment as an excuse to hinder the progress Chinese.

The fact is that China is a global competitor very dangerous, far more dangerous to the United States than the Soviet Union was in the past. Because the USSR was leaning to the ideology to defeat the United States politically and depended on his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Ideology is a philosophical question which relates to the belief. Its strength depends on those who believe. As soon as the ruling class has changed in the country formerly known as ‘left’, politicians have turned from left to right. Even some leftists have made the same shift.

However, China is a competitor other. It is a rising economic power that the United States is unable to stop. China has a wealth unprecedented human, while holding nuclear weapons and a member of the Security Council. Everywhere in the world, China is drilling the economic, human, and political. Unlike the United States, who have opted for the brute military, China makes inroads through the gentle and subtle. The United States continues to blatantly interfere in the internal affairs of third countries in the name of democracy and human rights. AFRICOM is an instructive example. Such interference is no longer acceptable. The United States themselves have been convicted of human rights. They usually take losers as allies. (As sarko elsewhere: NDLVO)

Those who are not aware of what is happening think that the current crisis after the transaction arming Taiwan is a temporary crisis. There is nothing to it. The United States are aware of the danger posed by China and are well aware that the next game will be international with this country. The new policy adopted by the United States is to develop instruments for regional deterrence to ensure that the confrontation is indirect. On a strategic level, the United States aims to deal with China’s deterrent these regional instruments and avoid direct confrontation with it. These instruments are India, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and possibly also! The most important are Taiwan, India and Japan. The United States wants China deal with these regional instruments deterrent avoid direct confrontation with it. It is a proven fact that the United States had used China as a regional instrument deterrent against the USSR when Maoism broke with the Soviet Leninist Marxism. Create a schism between the USSR and China has benefited greatly from the United States, and they want to continue to enjoy the benefits of this kind of tactics. This is the equivalent of a Euro-American confrontation. Such a confrontation would be a substantial gain for China and Russia. It is for this reason that the United States does not cease to arm Taiwan against China or India support against it.

Accordance with the policy of creating instruments of deterrence against China, it is in the interest of the United States to see Japan become a major military power. This is what is happening now. Constraints implemented against Japan after the Second World War now no longer serve American interests, now that the United States face a real danger and are moving towards an inevitable clash with the Giant Yellow. ‘

It seems that Gaddafi is a man who knows too much and understood too much. It bothers talks too much because the tastes of the architects of so-called “New World Order” working to establish their so-called “New World Government” originally planned for 2012 but delayed obviously by the popular resistance which international efforts appear to have been “returned” successfully in recent months. (

Gaddafi became too dangerous for Sionistan – PART IV

Gaddafi became too dangerous for Sionistan – PART IV

Gaddafi became too dangerous for Sionistan - PART IVInternational (LVO): In the previous article , we brought to your attention three messages written by the Libyan leader is now portrayed as a dictator by the Zionist propaganda accused of massacres against his own people.

Our sources of information report that civilians were killed when they responded to the call Gaddafi launched a few days ago, asking them to resist the invasion of their country. These massacres were immediately charged to press Gaddafi by Zionist international heads of state of countries have seen some footage with specific goals and objectives. More than 250,000 people were forced to flee.

Independent experts have analyzed the videos and photos and media reports have confirmed that it is a huge operation. These analysts confirm previous reports that have reached us in Africa relating to crimes committed by the rebels and Gaddafi charged to.

According to these experts, “Some scenes show fighting without an opponent, there is gunfire and explosions but nobody in front, some plans are chosen by reporters totalements subjective and play with the viewer’s imagination to see planes there or n ‘there is not, it will also be rebels Gaddafi men, especially if a so-called civil sufficiently well paid to say on camera that they were men of Gaddafi who massacred civilians. Everyone knows that everything can be said with a video that is not even reality.
At the time of Saddam Hussein, there was the same type of manipulations, the daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomat had given false testimony, crying and accusing the Iraqi President. The reality of the false testimony was revealed much later, once the target had been reached.

According to informed sources, the agents working on behalf of the invaders would be equipped with more sophisticated weapons than those of civilians who tried to resist. Logistics supply weapons, water, food, medicines, medical devices and mobile hospitals, well developed service would also be called rebels whose main mission is to take control of Libyan oil. The remainder come away foreign armies.

The reports state that the work of officials would be “done” when they would control the oil areas and actions these days simply would seek to convince Europe and the USA to accept military intervention in Libya in order to preclude any threat against an attack from the Libyan Armed Forces and was intended more to discourage countries from the United States and Africa arabomusulmans to assist the Libyan people.

The demonization of Kadhafi is the same as that used against Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini Rouhoullah, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, and many others … This strategy of psychological manipulation of the masses, used through media orders, is used against anyone who constitute a danger in opposing the looting of the wealth of the country or going against the objectives of the slave history of mankind. Once demonized these people, everything is allowed, because public opinion will not dare to challenge the international laws are violated because we defended against “monsters”. What chance do we have heads of state as benevolent, is not it???!

On 15 February 2009, Gaddafi had offered courses to students at the University of Meiji Japan. We just learned a terrible 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami hit the country today, Friday, March 12, 2011. The provisional toll is 1,000 dead while a nuclear leak is now officially considered and a new quake hit west of the archipelago.

Below to better understand, here’s a report that we were able to get on the website Gaddafi continues to teach us.

Brother lecture guide to students and teachers of Meiji University in Japan.

I salute you my children Meiji University students and professors of this university steeped in history. I would like to thank Professor Fokoda for preparations and for his presentation. My appreciation for the leaders of this institution for their interest in Africa.

Briefly, I would say that Africa is a continent that has been destroyed because of slavery, colonization and finally exploitation of foreign powers and interference in its internal affairs.

Africa is a continent that has suffered looting and atrocities on the part of some white racist and colonialist who is left in a dismal situation. Foreign Companies and Western Zionism took over the forces of evil in the perpetuation of suffering in Africa.

She underwent all impacts of epidemics, underdevelopment, desertification, drought due to emissions from complex industrial countries and air pollution that generates greenhouse.

Africa has become a prey around which the competition is fierce.

The United States are trying to find an entrance by force, through AFRICOM. It intends to build military bases, trying to get their hands on the new oil and claims to use force to protect them, as if the continent has no people, no future or defenders .

China, meanwhile, seeps gently, unfortunately. It does not adopt the same procedures violent than the U.S., but work to implement some of its African population through immigration hidden. With an area of ​​thirty-two million square kilometers and less than one billion inhabitants, some tend to believe that Africa can absorb the surplus population in China and India.

Africa is the target of a colonization process smoothly.

The United States is interfering in internal affairs, trying to establish military bases involved in elections and in the nature of regimes. All that this country does not comply, he tries to experiment in Africa and gives orders to the continent on what to do or not do.

Here is the situation in Africa.

Japan does not have a surplus population transfer in Africa and is not, as the United States, a dominant military force.

Japan can choose the easy way to get a place in Africa through cooperation.

I’ve always avoided addressing this topic with my Japanese friends at all levels, for fear of embarrassing saw my duty and my outspoken to people. I always tell the truth when it comes to vital issues.

When I talk about Japan, I know that my words would be embarrassing and some froisseront sensitivity. It is for this reason that I avoided even give interviews to the Japanese press.

But since you have asked me to speak to you – thank you for what I can tell you that Japan can become a force benefactor not only for Africa but for the world. However, and I apologize for the uncomfortable truths that I’ll disclose, Japan is not a country free of its decisions.

Japan fell under American occupation during the Second World War. He suffered two atomic bombings and was terrorized by this weapon of mass destruction and is totally submitted to the U.S. force has not hesitated to use it its most destructive.

Since then, tens of thousands of American soldiers occupying Japan.

According to estimates, there are 50,000 U.S. troops currently in the country, backed by military bases and armadas in the Sea of ​​Japan.

Since World War II until recently, Japan was under American occupation total. It is even considered a colony.

His situation is similar to that of Germany. A situation unworthy of a great nation like Japan and Germany, can not have an army or acquire weapons like the other countries of the world.

It is even forbidden to talk about the Japanese armed forces. We speak Japanese defense forces or using a similar term.

Why Japan Can not speak of “Japanese armed forces” or “Japanese Air Force” or “Japanese Navy”? it is forbidden. It is a humiliation and contempt for this country.

Although the country has an army, he can not say “armed forces” but rather “popular defense forces” or “self-defense”. An intolerable humiliation.

The Japanese people are a people capable of competing creative Americans, Europeans and Chinese in technology. This is a people who deserve to live in dignity and respect.

The strangest thing is that the legacy of two atomic bombs are still apparent in this country, but the Japanese are close friends of the Americans. ? Strange situation.

How can you be friends with someone who you hit with an atomic bomb, you humiliated before the world, you have imposed unacceptable conditions!!

How to be close to someone who killed your ancestors, your grandparents and your loved ones!!

I am not advocating hostility between Japanese and Americans. I hope that I would not be understood incorrectly.

However I am surprised and I asked about the reasons for this rapprochement between the two countries. Such a friendship can only be imposed.

I doubt that the Japanese have any friendship for America. I do not believe they can be their ally.

I understand that Canada and Mexico are allies of America. Japan, a country in the Far East should be allied with China, Russia and the Philippines. But he can ally with America unless no choice.

Recently, after the defeat of the Liberal party elections, voices began to be heard and books began to appear asking if Japan could free itself from its dependence on the United States, and finally be able to say “no.”

These books reflect a renaissance in Japan, an attempt to recover the lost dignity.

I deeply regret that Japan, with its creative power and strength of its people, its supremacy in the field of technology is unable to save his dignity and freedom. This country is still considered a colony and a satellite of the United States.

The Basics of American would be dismantled immediately. Japan should be the equal of the United States, free to make their weapons to defend themselves.

I am against rearmament and I support the total disarmament. Disarmament and peace is just one of the projects of your university project that I support with all my strength. However, since the Americans claim the power to acquire the atomic bomb, Japan is the first country in the world to acquire this weapon because it is the only one in the world that has suffered the pangs and who should have to deterrence. So it does not bomb again.

As Japan does not release the American yoke becomes independent and has an army to defend themselves and peace in the world, it can not take advantage of its high technology or its potential and its extraordinary creative abilities.

This is even more true that Japan has neither wealth nor own natural resources. This is a country that depends mainly on its unparalleled creativity.

Japan needs to supply energy and raw materials from abroad. But if his freedom of decision is bound, it can not do anything in this area.

I’m near the affairs of Japan. In politics, for example, Japan can not support the United Nations when it adopted a position consistent with that of the United States. A real humiliation.

Japan may have interests that are consistent with those of China, India, North Korea, the Russias or Libya, but it may be that the United States want a stand against these countries to the United Nations .

Japan is in this case against its own interests and contradicts its relations with these states. He is forced to please the Americans, to oppose those countries with which it has common interests. In doing so, it serves American interests and serves its own interests. It also undermines its relations with countries.

Suppose that Japan imports oil it needs Libya. United States and then oppose Libya to the United Nations on any matter, and requests the support of Japan, while its interests assume the contrary, given that Japan needs energy. The United States has no consideration for the interests of Japan and ask him to vote with them against Libya despite the fact that it does not serve the interests of Japan. This is just one example. This is an unfortunate situation.

Japan endangers its interests is a staunch ally of the United States.

The world is changing and new entities emerge as we see. Look at the map and you will note that the European Union is gradually transformed into state. It has its own currency and it will soon be his army, its central bank and a unified policy for foreign affairs.

The African Union is also in the process of form, like the European Union and also transform one day into a single state.

South America is also organized and can be a South American space will come soon. Step towards the creation of a single state in the future.

The United States, themselves with Canada and the countries of NAFTA, like a single entity.

Russia in Asia is a separate state, China is a giant that is sufficient in itself. We find also in Asia, the group consists of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives. The day Pakistan and India closer together, this group will become a state.

There is also the ASEAN countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and ten other countries, including the Philippines and form a quasi-state.

Are only Japan and the two Koreas. How do they organize themselves and what is their situation? They remain marginalized?

These three countries have not created space or own group but need to belong to an entity.

Should have been no differences between the two Koreas and disputes between North Korea and Japan, the three countries would be a space. In any event, Japan’s position on the world map future raises questions.

It was not allied with Russia or China is not a member of ASEAN, the European Union, the African Union, the North American bloc or alliance of South U.S..

This is a question to ponder: Where is Japan today?

Al Gaddafi speaks!

The Address to the Students and Faculty of Meiji University, Japan

The United States would like Japan does not seek to secure its future so that they use a satellite remains in international organizations, especially the United Nations, as workhorse.

The purpose behind the presence of the U.S. military to terrorize Japan: “if you were the way you were traced, we are here to give you a lesson and you will experience that you endured during World War II . Do not forget that we are present. “

This is the situation today. Damage.

Thank you for raising this issue and I hope I answered your questions briefly.

Thank you my children and students the teacher Fokoda.

If you have any questions or require clarification, I am ready to answer.

Professor Fokoda:
Thank you Brother Leader.

Brother Guide: 
It is I who thank you.

A participant:
Despite the enormous natural resources of African countries and we need our Japanese growth rates and progress are very low and slow. What is the reason for the poor economic performance?

Brother Guide:
I already answered this question. I said that Africa is in a dire situation because of slavery, colonization, external interference and foreign exploitation. In addition there are the impacts of climate change due to the activity of the industrialized countries and causing desertification, drought etc ….

I also said that Japan can help Africa if the country was free. But it is not and especially in its relations with other countries. The cause is the American domination of Japan.

These are the reasons for the current situation in Africa.

A student:
Thank you your the best guide I have a question for you:
The Obama administration has decided to increase the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. However, I think it is useless. This country will turn into a quagmire for the Americans and nothing will be solved.

Personally I am against such an initiative. What is the opinion of the Guide?

Brother Leader:
Thank you. Of course, the situation is clear. President Obama announced that he will withdraw from Afghanistan in 2011. The decision is made, and the increase of forces will change nothing. This increase is a way to justify its withdrawal in 2011. It is a cover for military withdrawal. I think it is his general recommended decision.

In the military field, the strategy is that when you intend to withdraw you an edge, you increases the pressure and the firepower to allow safe removal and prevent the enemy to oppose the operation or to fail.

Thirty thousand soldiers will be sent to cover the American strategic and military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Personally, I am convinced that Obama is different from white American presidents. He condemned the Vietnam War, the Iraq and announced that he will withdraw from the country because he believes that this is a war without foundation. No American president before him has made such statements.

I hope he will take the same position vis-à-vis Japan and withdraw U.S. troops. I hope he will say: “Japan is a free country. We bombed the atom. It is not just that occupies more. “

All of it depends on many Japanese people.

They justified their presence in Afghanistan by the September 11 attacks or the attack on New York. Obama said that in any case it can not be the guardian of the country or the guarantor of its security. He even lamented the corruption within the Afghan government. “This is a corrupt government. We are not the guardians of Afghanistan. This country must assume himself the responsibility for its security. We will help but we withdraw our troops. ”
All this is rational. Analyzes of President Obama and his vision of international politics are logical, at least so far.

In fact, I am satisfied with the policies of President Obama, unlike all its predecessors with whom I was in conflict. There was even a war between us at the time of President Reagan. Thank you my son. `

A student:
Mr. Guide Question: I read the Green Paper, some chapters deal with education. What do you mean by the diversity of education, sources of education? What is the primary purpose of education?

There has currently a controversy in Japan on the themes of education. What do you think is the ultimate goal of the educational process? Can you give us some examples.

Brother Leader:
I know that the Green Paper deals with education. But your question is not clear. I did not quite understand the meaning of your intervention.

The Brother Leader read the third chapter of the Green Paper, which deals with education “education is not limited to programs or systematic formal courses that students are required to take for hours on the banks of classes – as you now-or in books.

This mode of education that prevails in the world, is contrary to the principle of freedom.

Compulsory education states that boast of having imposed their youth is one way of deprivation of liberty. It prevents the expression of talents and direct the person in his choices.

This behavior is dictatorial and draconian act because it denies the right to choose freely prevents creativity and excellence.

Impose a curriculum is a dictatorship.

Impose someone an education is synonymous with despotism.

Compulsory education is a formal and illiteracy imposed on the people.

All states who run education through formal programs and impose on people, and officially determines the materials and learn the nature of knowledge to acquire the arbitrary exercise towards their citizens.

All teaching methods that prevail in the world must be scanned by a cultural revolution that frees the minds of extremists who direct programs, strength, tastes, perceptions and thoughts of human beings.

This does not mean depriving people, or away from education as some may think the superficial reading of the Book. On the contrary, it means giving people the freedom to choose the education they want.

It also means that the educational establishments provide all kinds of education and knowledge. Do not allow access to knowledge appropriately and limiting freedom and imposing a current of thought at the expense of another.

Brother Leader: 
If this is the purpose of your question, I would answer that the Green Paper is against the fact that the state decides on a course or program of formal education and the burden on students. The book advocates the freedom of students to choose their materials themselves and their curricula.

Women, for example, must be able to choose courses that are appropriate to its nature. These courses must be available and the institutions concerned.

Everyone should be able to choose the knowledge of his choice and the state must provide them.

Currently we choose the course and are required …. as history, geography, natural sciences.

I mean there must be complete freedom in education. If a student wants to study the Law of the Sea, he must do so. The state must allow, creating schools and recruiting teachers in this area.

It must start this discipline at the secondary specialization before university.

Another student may choose science of space. Instead of being forced to study another discipline, he must make his choice studies.

Today men and women follow the same curriculum, unfortunately, while the curriculum should be different. If the woman prefers to study the same subjects as men, they should have access.

If instead she prefers programs that are specific and appropriate to its nature, the better. It must also be able to learn the trade of their choice. A job better suited to his needs.

Thank you.

Ms. Yuri Ki Kwiki, president of the US-Japan Friendship Association Jamahiriya:

We have a beautiful country, do you not see?

Interpreter: I do not know if you understood the question in Arabic. The president of the association of friendship between Japan and Libya asks if you plan to visit Japan?

Brother Leader:
I thank this lady and I commend his mastery of Arabic. It was clear and I express my gratitude for her role as president of the association, for the strengthening of ties between the peoples of Japan and Libya.

I have no problem to visit Japan and I’m happy to be here one day.

The commenter. Professor Fokoda:
If you happen to come to Japan your excellence, we invite you to visit once again, the university “Meiji” so that you can give us a lecture.

Brother Leader: God willing, if I come to visit Japan, I’ll come visit you happy.

A student: 
I was listening to you talk, especially the role of the United States in the world. My question is the following: The Arab states have been unable to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

Many Arab countries and North Africa have natural resources and have that far exceed those of Israel. Yet these countries have been unable to resolve the Palestinian problem, despite the resources and abilities they possess. Why such a failure?

Brother Leader:
Thank you. You know that Israel is under American protection. The U.S. fleet (Sixth Fleet) still present in the Mediterranean and whose role is to protect the Jewish state.

Imagine a country whose existence depends on a fleet of a foreign country. This is not a state. The so-called Israel is an illegal entity in the eyes of international law, as the Israelis and Palestinians live on the same earth, Palestine, which is located between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. Although this land is subject to dispute between Israelis and Palestinians.

The majority of inhabitants in 1948 was Palestinian … Three quarters of the population. The remaining quarter was perhaps Israel. Cependant, ceux-ci ont réussi à chasser les palestiniens de leur terre et déclaré unilatéralement un état qu’ils ont appelé «Israël».

C’est un acte illégal du point de vue du droit international que de déclarer unilatéralement un état sur un territoire disputé. C’est nul et non avenu.

On ne doit pas reconnaitre un état ainsi déclaré sur un territoire d’où on été chassés quatre millions de palestiniens. Un état dont les habitants actuels ont été acheminés de toutes les régions du monde afin de prendre la place des habitants palestiniens expulsés.

En fin de compte, le soi-disant Israël est l’un des état des Etats Unis. Un protectorat américain.

Si les arabes déclarent la guerre à Israël, ils se retrouveront face aux Etats Unis. C’est un fait avéré dans toutes les guerres précédentes. Les américains sont toujours intervenus aux cotés d’Israël en mettant à leur disposition toutes leurs capacités militaires.

On peut se demander pourquoi… Peut être à cause de la domination du lobby juif ou israélien sur les banques et les média aux Etats Unis.

Ces lobbies mettent la pression sur l’administration américaine pour leurs propres intérêts. Les juifs ont une domination quasi-totale sur ce pays.

Ceci d’une part.

On the other hand, the Israelis do not want peace because they know they can count on the United States.

In such cases, if there is an appeal to vote in favor of the Palestinian people or the so-called Israel, and if the Americans ask Japan to vote in favor of the latter, Japan will even sympathize with the Japanese people the Palestinian people and Arabs.

The Israelis want to especially prevent the return of Palestinians expelled them. They actually want to exterminate the Palestinians now living on their territory.

It is a known Israeli policy: to prevent the return of the Palestinian refugees of 1948 and 1967 and exterminate those who live in Palestine.

The solution lies in the ‘White Paper’ which I presented to the world. A single democratic state will accept all Palestinian refugees who were expelled from their homes and proceed with the decommissioning and arsenal of mass destruction in Dimona.

Indeed, Israelis have hundreds of nuclear warheads. But the world does not speak and do not require their destruction. They are not even inspected. When President Kennedy has expressed its intention to inspect the Dimona facility, he was assassinated.

The dismantling of these facilities is vital.

Japan provided the use of its good relations with the United States, which is a key ally, to convince them of the need to dismantle the Dimona reactor. Especially as Japan has tasted the horrors of the atomic bomb.

The White Paper proposed that the world I advocated the creation of a single democratic state, provided the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homes and the dismantling of weapons of mass destruction. A state that is the image of Lebanon multiethnic and multireligious where people live in peace.

This state would be accepted in the Arab world and may even join the Arab League. Democratic elections to be organized. It is not important that people elect a president Palestinian or Israeli. The important thing is that those who have been expelled from their lands back there.

I suggested as a name to such a state “Isratine”, a combination of the names of Palestine and Israel. “Israel” for Israel and “tine” for Palestine.

You will be convinced if you read the free. Thank you.

Professor Fokoda: Thank Excellence

We would like to translate this book to Meiji University to publish it in our language.

Brother Guide: Excellent, thank you.

Professor Fokoda: I would like to express our gratitude to the Great Leader Gaddafi in the hope that the Centre for Peace Studies and the disarmament of Meiji University contributes to the strengthening of relations between Japan and Libya.

We’ll be grateful to guide us to support the creation, Centre, Gaddafi flesh of Peace Studies, who will teach your theory: the theory of Grand Guide.

Brother Leader: I thank you and your students. I am grateful for such an initiative and I promise you my support. I would be a friend of this university and you can already consider myself a member of your faculty.

I am available and I hope that such meetings will increase in future satellites. If I come to Japan, your university will be the first place I visit.

Thank you.


Gaddafi became too dangerous for Sionistan – Part V

Lecture by the Leader of the Revolution to the students of Oxford on Africa in the 21st CenturyInternational (LVO): The University of Oxford is one of the most famous in the world. Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher or Bill Clinton, came out of the university .. The University of Oxford was already present at the time of the Middle Ages. In fact, you can go back at least to Henry II in 1167. He forbade English students to take courses at the University of Paris, which is why the University of Oxford has grown rapidly in order to attract as many people as possible. And it was done. Then, colleges have multiplied and administrative framework has been seriously implemented. Today, the University of Oxford is one of the most prestigious schools in the world and not even arise the question of why. More than 17,000 students at the University of Oxford each year and can count on at least a quarter coming from abroad. 16-05-2007 The Guide of the Libyan revolution had given a lecture to students this University which here is the transcript.

Lecture by Libyan Leader of the Revolution to the students of Oxford on Africa in the 21st Century

Hi all,
Let me first extend my thanks to all those who organized this meeting. I also thank the Oxford University, its faculty, students and their union. I am honored by this event and I hope it will be followed by other friendly exchanges to help the world cope with challenges and crises affecting all continents politically, economically and socially. You asked me to talk about Africa in the 21st century. I hope my comments will be useful not only for Africa, and for you Oxford students, but also for the rest of the world.

During the Cold War, Africa was coveted by NATO countries and those of the Warsaw Pact. The struggle between these two blocks had a very negative impact for both the African continent and the rest of the world. At Africa, it was the scene of conflict ideological, political and military relations between the United States and the Soviet UNI0N who wanted to subjugate the continent, putting his hand over his wealth while gaining maximum support collaborators among Africans in international fora. Thus the conflict between the two blocs moved from Europe to Africa fell victim to turn the conflict between East and West at a time when the Cold War was in full swing. This conflict was not long to bleed not only the African continent, but the great powers themselves. The UNI0N Soviet and the United States spent huge sums so that everyone can have a stranglehold on Africa. This struggle between the two powers had disastrous consequences on peace, stability, security and the global economy. Revolutions, wars, violence, assassinations and liquidations shook Europe and Africa, including North Africa. Therefore, this meeting will allow us to understand some aspects of the past and learn from it. Any continent or region is the scene of battle between the great powers suffer the negative consequences of this struggle, not only regionally but also globally. The once divided Europe between the two blocs knows now an era of stability, economic, psychological and political. It is a buffer zone between the Russian Federation and the United States. Hence the importance to preserve its unity and stability.

I would now like to talk about Africa. The subject of this conference. Soon rid of conflict from the Cold War, as I briefly mentioned, Africa is faced with another conflict which may throw in the tragedies of the past. It is becoming the scene of tension between China and the United States. We must dare to speak of this problem and we must sound the alarm before the continent becomes once again the scene of confrontation between the great powers. In this conflict, the two protagonists are the United States and China are likely to be anemic. It should be noted that the interference of the United States is through the use of brutal military weapons, and military bases in Africa. Seeking a military preeminence, the United States is deeply interferes in the internal affairs of Africa under the pretext of defending human rights, it is no event or home, or elsewhere. The U.S. talks about democracy, good governance, human rights, principles that are all great defect in this country. If a country may stop an agent of the U.S. Secret Service, the United States will hold accountable and interfere in the affairs of that country. No state dares to do so vis-à-vis the United States! … Interference in China is much more subtle. China does not care about human rights or good governance or freedom of expression or of the press etc. ….. China does not intervene in the military, but on a different plane. More than 600 successful companies to establish themselves in Africa. Whole Chinese community settled in Africa. Africans welcome their presence as they fear that the United States, which demonstrates the folly and ignorance of American politics and explains its setbacks in Vietnam, Somali and Iraq today. China, meanwhile, entered peacefully into the Continent and eventually succeed because African countries want China to win their side against the American giant, against imperialism and American colonization. But we must be vigilant. We will be on the side of China as it does not become a colonial power that operates commodities of this Continent. If we do a survey among African countries, China prevail far in the United States.

Secondly, the future of Africa lies in the African UNI0N. Africa must unite, as Europe is unified. The unification of Africa is useful not only for Africa, but also for the rest of the world. A united Europe has ceased to be an area of ​​confrontation.Certainly, the U.S. military continues to find in Europe since the Second World War. This question relates to the first Europeans themselves, but their presence threatens the peace in Europe and in the Mediterranean. It is clear that Europe strengthened politically and economically provide more stability in the world. To do this, we want Africa to be united, whether a central bank commute, a common currency, common security, common market, the same tariffs. We are 50 states in Africa with 50 different currencies, 50 and 50 central banks economic systems unimportant. The economy of countries like Malawi, Gambia, Guinea Bissau or is insignificant in the face of UNI0N European, U.S., China or Japan. A delegation from one of those countries that negotiate the purchase of ten cars is no match for these economic giants. By cons, a delegation negotiating on behalf of the African UNI0N to purchase half a million cars, this is a client that can listen and with whom we negotiate, not with the Gambia, Madagascar, Malawi , Guinea-Bissau or any other State even Libya, except that the latter is an oil country .. In short, the disintegration of Africa is not in the global economy. I sincerely hope that the big players understand the importance of the unity of Africa, the African UNI0N or the United States of Africa was born because it is important for peace, security, stability and prosperity of Africa and the world. In this respect, we see no objection to companies from China, Japan, U.S., Europe are created on the African continent, but we categorically reject all impulses of colonization, vexation, terrorism, or exploitation. African countries have experts and researchers have reached a degree of maturity that allows them to not be fooled as they were in the past.

I have a proposal. Why not spend exorbitant amounts Africa dedicated to the manufacture of intercontinental missiles, atomic bombs, weapons of mass destruction, aircraft carriers, military bases. Why Europe, the United States, China and Japan cooperate with us in the Inga Dam project in Congo. This tank will supply electricity to the whole of Africa, Europe and Asia. A billion is enough to carry out this humanitarian project. Instead, we talk about good governance and freedom of expression.How governance s’git it when we run out of newspapers and media to express ourselves freely. Our freedom of expression is at the moment to save Lake Chad, why no country listens. I myself presented a paper at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg on Lake Chad. It is the tenth of this lake. It is likely that 9/10 is unrecoverable. This is an environmental disaster for Africa as dangerous for the rest of the world. We can save with the help of these countries digging in the river network of the Congo and the Central African rivers Chari and Logone in Cameroon. Work is needed in rivers Congo and Central African Republic as well as the cleaning of the rivers of mud and trees that block the irrigation of Lake Chad. Details about the Lake Chad are on my site (about Gaddafi). We call on the World to save Lake Chad, we build with Inga. Do not forget that both lungs that allow the planet to breathe the forests of the Amazon and those of the Congo. I call on the whole world to keep these forests in fighting against desertification, drought, exploitation of rivers, devastating conflicts that are taking place right now in Congo. For this reason, I would like to reiterate my thanks for the opportunity you have given me to expose these important issues for Africa that person, to my knowledge no one dares raise. I have with me two books, the Green Paper and the White Paper, and I would now like to answer your questions.

Question: I would like to warmly thank you Mr. guide for the analysis of the situation in Africa. This question was asked by a student about the main actors. Why do not you use your forces in solving certain African conflicts such as Somalia or Zimbabwe?

Guide: Thank you. Most UN forces, I would say three quarters of them are in Africa, given the magnitude of conflicts inherited from colonization. These are tribal conflicts and border. Africa was torn apart by colonialism. Take the case of Côte d’Ivoire. The people of Upper Volta, now Burkina Faso, and Côte d’Ivoire was once a single country, the Upper Volta. This country was cut in two by the colonial states, the first was called the Ivory Coast and Upper Volta other, later called Burkina Faso. The inhabitants of the same countries were divided between the two states. The people of northern Côte d’Ivoire is a problem because tracing the border between them and Burkina Faso. They are rejected by the Côte d’Ivoire on the pretext that they are not part of the indigenous population. There is also the Great Lakes conflict, which in turn is a colonial conflict that colonization creates Rwanda, Burundi, the Congo, the Tutsis and the Hutus and fueled the struggle between them.

Another colonial conflict the Congo and the physical liquidation of Lumumba. The struggle for the diamond, raw materials in Congo, in particular uranium with which the atomic bomb launched on Hiroshima was made. Who is behind the conflict in Somalia? Colonization has created a Somalia Italian Somalia and British Somaliland Somaliland. Why unity of Somalia has not been preserved. Simply because the Italians colonized the North and the South English. Another case is the incredible Gambia. There are at the center of a river Senegal, the Gambia, which was occupied by the English. They created a state and taught English in its population, granted him his independence. This state is now surrounded Gambia Senegal, meanwhile occupied by France.

My answer to your question is that there is sufficient United Nations forces in Africa. We UNI0N African parties and we are at its disposal when it decides to send troops to any country. We can not, of ourselves, go for peace. This requires integrating African resolder Africa and overcome the legacy of colonialism. Should establish a UNI0N Confederation of African or African Etas includes all African countries. We strive to achieve this goal. The problem is not to send troops, who need financing.UN refuse to fund the troops if they are not part of the United Nations or quotas if they do not wear blue helmets who do not enjoy a good reputation and some states refuse, as the case of Sudan in Darfur . This refusal was due to the expansion of the UN mandate under U.S. pressure so that the UN can intervene in the capture and trial of the citizens. In other words, it is a new colonialism creates another conflict. Sending troops is as you see a very thorny issue. Thank you.

Question: Mr. Guide, my name is Tarek, I am Tunisian, I’m in Oxford. My question relates to the idea of ​​unity and democracy and the crisis of the Sahara. Do not you think it is high time that African leaders overcome these crises. When will he national legitimacy? When will we see common markets? When will we overcome the bureaucracy?

Guide: If only the leaders could hear what reasoning! I have the same expectations as you. It is for this reason that I always call to establish the power of the people. The people who govern themselves without a leader, without a government. The Algerian people and the Moroccan people are brotherly peoples. It is the position of governments differ. This is the power of the people who will bring true and lasting peace in the world. People do not hate, do not invade. The invaders will be the leaders and their armies. They are threatening the peace in the world. We are not talking about people Mongol invaders or German, but Hulagu, Timor Link, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Napoleon, Mussolini, Bush and others … without Hitler, the German people are a peaceful people as is France without Napoleon. Me, personally, I think the Arab and Muslim conquests were colonization of Europe. The Arabs occupied Sicily for 300 years, the Iberian peninsula for 800 years. Of which they receive orders?Leaders who sought riches and spoils. It is the same for the elections. The Republican party that wins the President, not the people, must have oil strategy.

Question: In your opinion, would it be appropriate for the African UNI0N intervene militarily in Sudan without the consent of all the Sudanese people?

The Guide: about Darfur, I always talked about how brave generally about issues discussed by diplomats. I am neither a diplomat nor a politician, I am a revolutionary guide, a social reformer. I can understand the social and psychological aspects related to this issue. I deployed my efforts to resolve the Darfur issue. Hundreds of Sheiks, Sultans of Darfur and people came to see me. We tried to solve this problem together. But while there is an international relief in Darfur or elsewhere, the Darfur issue will not be resolved. Darfur people leave their villages to seek refuge in camps. They receive supplies of flour, rice, canned goods and milk. People think if this problem allows us to receive food why stop it. In Libya, we opened the port of Benghazi to deliver supplies via Kafrah airport in Darfur, which lies on the border with Libya. Once the news spread, people are told why do you stop this conflict, invent any problem, even at night out of your villages and come in the morning to refugee camps to receive your rations, then return at night your villages. This happens not only in Darfur, but also elsewhere. In addition, conflicts bring foreign troops who create new jobs. For their part, the rebels politicians and military leaders acquire a name, they are listened to, they become champions of causes people oppressed, marginalized and victims of injustice. It is in their interest to prolong the problem, otherwise they would disappear from the scene. So I think that for problems like Darfur must leave people in peace. Sudan, without foreign intervention, could solve this problem. What complicates this is the interference of other countries. We often hear that there is a rivalry between China and the United Etas about Darfur because of oil. Various leaders in Darfur are not accountable to an international force that fuels the conflict. This is another colonial conflict.

Question: Excellence Guide, we would deal with other issues during the conference of interest to the audience of the BBC and the people here in Oxford. How can we solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

Guide: thank you. This conflict is chronic. It affects the whole world. The problem of Palestine explains the animosity between the Arabs and the United States, since the latter is stored on the side of Israel. All military and peaceful attempts were unsuccessful. I know a former president of Italy who had announced the need to find an interim solution, given that the region will go to hell later. In other words, he sought a sedative that bad. This is very serious. It is as if the doctor instead of treating the patient, gives him a sedative which prevents bad smell which continues to blight his body. Existing players interested in peace as it serves their security objectives or business. Some leaders take the opportunity to consolidate their power.

Take the President of the United States, when he speaks of the problem of the Middle East, it is perspective to be reelected, or if its mandate is ultimately someone of his party. It is the interest of the party before the premium in the Middle East, Palestinian or Israeli. I do not play this game, or for the United States, nor the Israelis nor the Palestinians or other Arabs. I addressed the problem of the Near East and I treat under “Isratine” in the White Paper (Israel-Palestine). My solution is very convincing because it is the synthesis of the Palestinian and Israeli parties. Zionist leaders and soldiers who founded the state of Israel have their position, just as the Palestinians and the great powers. The real solution to my mind is the creation of a single state for Palestinians and Israelis. A democratic state under the auspices of the United Nations, later followed by elections. No matter who wins, Palestinian or Israeli. Must avoid any racism. After all, they are both Semites. They are cousins.Then the Israelis were chased across the world. They have chosen to live in this part of the world, they must be in perfect harmony with each other and not as an aggressive power. The United States does not protect much. Sooner or later this fall protection. It must consist with the other party who recognize under the new state. But talk of a pure state of Israel, with its own religion, its own language and its own race is a theory. Vision regressive, intolerant and impossible. Israel is surrounded by Arab states. A million Palestinians live there. Then suppose that a Palestinian state is created in the West Bank that is in the heart of Israel, 14 km from the sea A military maneuver Israel into two share. These are not just my words, these are the words of the great Zionist leaders who created Israel, knowing that this state is a volcano since 1948 and will be doomed to failure. The error lies in the fact that Palestinians and Israelis are fighting over a piece of land, Palestine. Everyone says state unilaterally. For that Arabs do not recognize Israel because it is null and void a portion unilaterally declare a state. When Turkey announced the creation of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, no one recognized him except Turkey. Cyprus is the Cyprus and Palestine is for all Palestinians and all Israelis, all Jews, Arab Muslims …. In addition Palestine does not lend itself to sharing. Wedged between the sea and the river, it is a very narrow area that can not support two states. Jews in the world is 12 million. Suppose that 2 million decided to return to Israel. The number of Palestinians in the diaspora is 5 million. The State exists de facto is one that I called Isratine. The West Bank is a mixture of Israeli settlements and Palestinian cities. The two communities depend on each other. Moreover, the Palestinian and Israeli youth wants the creation of a single state, they want peace. That’s what I’m talking about in the White Paper.

Question: Excellence Guide, we want to hear your opinion clearly. What you think of Egypt and Jordan have established diplomatic relations with Israel. Yasser Arafat has also established links with Israel on behalf of Palestinians. Why Libya has no diplomatic relations as did other Arab states?

Guide: This is what I tried to explain. The problem is not that diplomatic relations, but the solution of a question. Do not put the cart before the horse.

I thank you all, especially the University of Oxford, UNI0N Student, students, performer and speaker. I hope we will have the opportunity to get together another time.

Intervention of a student: Given your political view, what would be your advice to Iranian and American leaders to resolve their differences?
Guide: I want to finish this conference in order to meet the schedule, but I will answer your question. If Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, why he raised so much opposition? Iran says try to deny the benefits of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is depriving third world countries of this energy. Or program is not peaceful, what Iran would respond that all states should destroy their nuclear arsenals and cancel their programs. Middle East arsenal of weapons of mass destruction is a Daymounah near Iran. Pakistan has nukes, India has nukes, china has nukes, Russia has nuclear bombs. All these countries are around Iran.
Thank you all
Intervention: Guide Excellency, on behalf of the audience, thank you for your presence at Oxford and for the time you devoted to this dialogue.


Gaddafi became too dangerous for Sionistan – PART VI

Gaddafi became too dangerous for Sionistan - PART VIInternational (LVO): At a time when a nuclear disaster seems to threaten Japan following the earthquake and tsunami on Friday, the G8 ministers recently declared “trust” the Japanese authorities to cope with the crisis. But what is Libya, another disaster, a political one, continues to occur in France and the Arab world.

Libyan authorities have reported Thursday that the revelation of a “grave secret” would mean the fall of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, shortly after the Paris recognition by the National Council of the opposition as representative of the Libyan people. The Libyan news agency Jana said it had “learned a secret grave will cause the fall of Sarkozy or judgment in connection with the financing of his campaign” without giving details on the content of the secret.

In response, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy have issued a joint letter to the European Council in which they write that “Gaddafi and his clique must leave.” And that “France and Britain planned strikes to prevent Gaddafi using chemical weapons or air power against his opponents. ‘

The Arab side, the Arab League meeting in Cairo Saturday voted a resolution asking the Security Council of the United Nations to impose a no-fly zone over Libya. “The decision was taken by unanimous vote, after a long and stormy meeting.”

The Arab League was founded in 1945 and comprises 22 states. Two years ago, when the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant against Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, whom she accused of war crimes, the League has supported unhesitatingly Whereas these proceedings were action motivated by political rather than judicial.

The only time the League has taken action against one of its members, it was in 1979, when Egypt had been removed for concluding a peace treaty with Israel. Since the Zionists took over to the point that even when the Zionist entity bombed civilian populations in Palestine and Gaza, the organization is content to “strongly condemn”.

But this time, the League did not take long to respond. Once against Muammar Gaddafi attacked the commandos armed to the teeth who try to take power by force of arms, the organization immediately resumed accusations without proof of the media against the Libyan leader and excluded its ranks. Saturday and therefore, it is the other 21 Member States who have called for help from the UN.

Surprisingly, several members of the League are facing popular uprisings even within their own borders. Calling for a military action against Gaddafi, they create a precedent difficult to understand for the uninitiated. But in reality they hope to gain the indulgence of the “architects of popular revolutions” that manage to dethrone the incorrigible dunces of the “new world order”.

You should know that Gaddafi is no unanimity among its neighbors. In 2009, at a meeting of the League, he had taken out the King of Saudi Arabia, accusing him of being a puppet of Washington. When other members of the league tried to calm him, he emptied his bag and said all he thought of the man who claims to guard the holy places of Islam, noting that the Saudi had himself was elected Commander of the Faithful by Africans and was also Emir of believers.
Arab dignitaries who want to keep their monopolies and making huge financial profits of trade of religion, see it as a dangerous competitor that makes them shade and they would like to get rid of. Thus we understand why Qaradawi issued a fatwa, or he simply legalized murder, prompting the army to kill Gaddafi .

By calling the Security Council to physically eliminate Gaddafi because that is what he is actually because the leader of the revolution is one of those who fight to the end, the League has crossed a line that may to question its own legitimacy.

This involvement of the Arab League at the same time can make it difficult to speak of a new Western aggression in the Middle East since this time, the intervention would follow the request of the Arab countries. Journalists Freemasons even suggesting that some of these countries might even lend a hand in the operation.

There are even “experts” in the field who believe that the procedure is quite feasible. “I can not imagine an easier problem,” said Merrill McPeak General, former Chief of Staff, in an interview with Nicholas Kristof, New York Times. Insulting the Libyan military, he argues that “the mere fact that their devices risk being slaughtered encourage drivers” pro-Gaddafi “to change sides” he said.

Houshang Hassan-Yari, the Royal Military College in Kingston meanwhile predicted that the only decision to protect the Libyan sky has already an impact. That show that the world has had enough of Gaddafi and is not afraid to act accordingly, “he pretend, obscuring the will of the people who seem determined to keep and defend his” brother Kadhafi “and remind world not to interfere in the internal affairs of Libya as this could have serious consequences for many countries.

The defense of democracy is it not also respect the choice of people to choose their representatives? Precisely procrastination today send this message.

Libyan troops are steadily gaining ground. Yesterday it was the turn of the city of Ajdabiya to be released. The next is Benghazi. The headquarters of the “terrorists” as he likes to remind the Libyan leader, the city where the so-called “transitional government” backed by Saudi Arabia and guided by his friends in the CIA.

Benghazi fell once, it will be the end of the coup. Gaddafi will show the world the reality of manipulation that he was the victim. It can no longer be accused by the Zionist propaganda Tel Aviv and Paris want to bomb the cities of the country. And the fly will have no raison d’être.

Behind the scenes of the world politicofinancier not catch anything in the monstrosity of the architects of globalization. With, in some countries, the freezing of Libyan assets, we are witnessing a real rule scam under the pretext that these investments are the property of Gaddafi, according to their claims. It would be really popular investment of the Libyan, which means that the owner of the property is the Libyan people themselves.

Europe and the USA in full recession, found nothing better than to “steer” the Arabs for their capture, under the guise of popular revolution, their oil, their investments and assets in foreign banks.

The white collar crook, thus encouraging the Arab peoples to rebel against their leaders to place new puppets, if possible, and to be able at the same time deprive peoples. They tell us “it’s for their own good, we support them in their quest for democracy.”But in reality, the only thing they are interested in the end, is to ensure the continued looting of the wealth of other countries. ( (

About the video right aboveNational Webcast with Libyan Brother Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi The World Affairs Council – Washington, DC, in cooperation with the World Affairs Councils of America, participated in a luncheon with an interactive video feed with H.E. Brother Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. Al-Gaddafi spoke live from Tripoli, Libya. The program was hosted at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on April 26, 2010 and was moderated by former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Herman J. Cohen. Leader Gaddafi spoke on the future of bilateral relations between the United States and Libya. Libya’s role internationally, nuclear nonproliferation, the difficulties presented by terrorism and the conflicts in Israel and Palestine.

The live feed from Tripoli was broadcast via webcast and satellite to participating World Affairs Councils across the United States. Leader Gaddafi delivered his remarks to the audience after which guests from World Affairs Councils, organizations and corporations were able to directly address their questions to the Libyan leader. Note: Even Muammar Al Gaddafi did not recognise the “Trojan Horse” B. Obama. (

DRIS for all Mankind

28 February  2011 11:30

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Al Gaddafi speaks!

In Observance of the Anniversary of the Birth of the Last Prophet, Muhammad

Gospel of Barnabas


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Chapter 1 40
Chapter 40 to 80
Chapter 80 has 120
Chapter 120 to 160
Chapter 160 to 200
Chapter 200 to 222

Prologue of the Gospel of Barnabas:
Barnabas, apostle of Jesus the Nazarene called Christ, to all who dwell on the earth, wants peace and consolation.
Very expensive, the great and wonderful God has visited us, these past days, by Prophet Jesus Christ in great mercy of teaching and miracles. This is why many, deceived by Satan, in the guise of mercy, preach a doctrine very wicked: they call Jesus the son of God, reject circumcision covenant with God forever, and allow any kind of unclean food. Among them, Paul himself is in error, and I do not speak without pain.
Accordingly, I am writing the truth that I’ve seen and heard by attending Jesus, you are saved, you do not be deceived by Satan and you do not perish in the judgment of God. Beware of anyone so you preaching a new doctrine opposed to what I write, so that you are saved forever. The great God be with you and guard you from Satan and all evil! Amen.

Chapter of the Gospel of Barnabas 1
The first chapter contains the announcement of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary about the birth of Jesus.
These past years, a virgin named Mary, of the seed of David, of the tribe of Judah, was visited by the angel Gabriel, sent by God. This virgin living in all holiness, without scandal, without rebuke, in prayer and fasting. One day she was alone, the angel Gabriel came to her room and greeted her with these words: “May God be with you, Mary! “At the sight of the angel, the virgin was frightened. It comforted her by saying, “Fear not, Mary: for thou art pleasing to God. He has chosen you to be the mother of a Prophet that he will send to the people of Israel to walk in his law with a sincere heart. ” The virgin answered: “How would I bear children because I do not know man? “. The angel said: “Mary, God who made man without a man is capable of producing in you the man without a man because for him nothing is impossible.” Mary said: “I know that God is all powerful, so that His will be done! “. The angel said: “Now, you designed the Prophet, you will call Jesus. You will preserve the wine, the fermented drink and any food impure, because the child of God. ” Mary humbly bowed and said: “Behold the handmaid of God. It according to your word!”.
The angel went blank and glorified God, saying: “O my soul. recognize the greatness of God! And you my mind rejoices in God my savior who has watched so humility of his handmaid I’d called blessed by all nations! In fact, I made him who is mighty high. His holy name be blessed for his mercy extends through all generations that fear! He made his powerful hand. He has scattered the proud in his designs. He has put down the mighty from their thrones. He has exalted the lowly. He has filled the hungry with goods, and the rich they sent them back empty, because he remembers the promises made to Abraham and his son forever.

Chapter 2 The Gospel of Barnabas
Warning of the angel Gabriel to Joseph on the design of the Virgin Mary.
Once known the will of God, Mary feared that the people would be shocked that she was pregnant and the stones as guilty of fornication, elected a fellow of his race, a man named Joseph, of blameless life. Indeed, just as he was, he feared God and serving Him in fasting and prayer, living the work of his hands, for he was a carpenter.
Knowing such a man, the Virgin chose a companion and revealed the divine plan.
When Joseph discovered that Mary was pregnant, he wanted to abandon it just as it was, because he feared God.
However, while he was sleeping he was rebuked by the angel in these words: “Joseph, why do you abandon Mary thy wife? Know that everything that is done she came by the will of God! The virgin birth to a son.You will call Jesus. You will preserve the wine, the fermented beverage and any impure food, for it is holy to God in the womb. He is a Prophet of God sent to Israel to convert Judah in his heart for Israel and walk in the law of the Lord, as it is written in the law of Moses. It will come with a great power that God will give him and he will do great miracles, so many will be saved. ”
On awaking, Joseph thanked God and Mary remained with all the years of his life serving God in all sincerity.

Chapter 3 of the Gospel Bbarnabé
Admirable birth of Jesus and the appearance of angels praising God.
At that time Herod reigned in Judea by decree from Caesar Augustus, Pilate was governor, being priests Annas and Caiaphas. It is then that by decree of Augustus, everyone was identify. For this purpose each went to his own country and has presented his tribe to be enumerated.
Joseph, from Nazareth of Galilee, set out for Bethlehem with Mary, his wife, who was pregnant, to be identified according to the decree of Caesar. It was indeed his city because he was of the race of David.
Arrived in Bethlehem, as the town was small and the crowd of pilgrims was great, he found no place. Also he lodged outside the city, a place for shelter shepherds. While Joseph lived there, the time came that she should give birth.
The virgin was surrounded by an immense splendor and travail her son without pain. She took him in her arms, wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in the barn, because there was no room at the inn. A multitude of angels came to the inn with joy, praising God and preaching peace to those who fear God. Mary and Joseph praised the Lord for the birth of Jesus and ate with extreme joy.

Chapter 4 of the gospel barnabé
Angels announced the birth of Jesus to shepherds. They found after the announced (in turn).
In that time the shepherds were taking care of their troops according to their habit. And here they were surrounded by an immense splendor. That’s when an angel appeared to them glorified God. The shepherds were filled with fear because of the sudden light and the appearance of the angel. As the angel of the Lord comforted he saying: “Behold, I bring you good news of great joy: he was born in the city of David a child, prophet of the Lord. He brings great salvation to the house of Israel. This child you will find it in the barn, and her mother that glorifies God. ” At these words, there came a multitude of angels praised God and announced peace to those of good will.
The angels left, the shepherds and spoke them: “Come to Bethlehem and see the word that God has announced his angel!” Many shepherds came to Bethlehem in search of the newborn. Outside the city, they found the baby lying in the stable as the angel had said. They therefore revered and gave the mother they had while telling him what they had heard and seen. But Mary kept all these things in her heart, as well as Joseph, and they thanked God. The shepherds returned to their flock by telling everyone what they had seen.
Also all the hill country of Judea was it filled with fear every man asked himself in his heart: “What will this child be?”.

Chapter 5 of the gospel barnabé
Circumcision of Jesus.
When the eight days were accomplished according to the law of the Lord, as he is writing the book of Moses, they took the child and carried him to the temple to circumcise. They therefore circumcised and named “Jesus” as stated by the angel of the Lord before he was conceived. Mary and Joseph knew that this child should be for salvation and the ruin of many. They also feared God and served the child with fear of God.

Chapter 6 of the Gospel barnabé
D’Orient in Judea, three wise men were guided by a star. Having found Jesus, they revere him and offer him gifts.
In the eastern regions, during the reign of Herod, king of Judea, after the birth of Jesus, three wise men searched the stars of heaven. Or a star of great splendor appeared to them. Having deliberated among themselves, by mutual agreement they went to Judea. The star guided them by preceding them.
Come to Jerusalem, they asked where was born King of the Jews. Hearing this, Herod was afraid and all the city was disturbed. So Herod called the priests and scribes and asked them where Christ should be born.They said he was born in Bethlehem, as it is written by the prophet: “And thou Bethlehem, you are not little among the princes of Judah, for out of you will come a leader who will lead my people Israel “.
So Herod called the Magi and asked them about the reason for their visit. They answered them that they had seen a star in the East, she had led them up to this place, they wanted to worship this new king showed his star and offer him gifts. Herod said, “Go to Bethlehem! Carefully ask about the child. And when ye have found him, come tell me, because I also want to go to worship. ” He said this to deceive.

Chapter 7 of the gospel barnabé
The visit of the Magi to Jesus, they return home and warning that Jesus gave them in a dream.
The Magi went out of Jerusalem. And lo, the star which had appeared in the East went before. In his view, they were overjoyed. Reached Bethlehem, away from the city, they saw the star stopped over the inn where Jesus was born. Mages went there then. Entered the room, they found the child and his mother and prostrating themselves, they revered. While telling the virgin everything they had seen, the Magi offered to the child and spices, silver and gold.
Then, while they sleep, they were urged by the child not to go to Herod. So they went by another route and returned home telling what they had seen in Judea.

Chapter 8 of the Gospel of barnabé
Flight into Egypt where it carries Jesus, Herod killing innocent children.
Seeing that the Magi did not return, Herod considered himself played by them. So he decided to kill the child or newborn.
But now during sleep joseph, the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said: “Quick! Arise! Take the child and the mother and go to Egypt. They remained there until the death of Herod.
The latter, who felt mocked by the Magi, sent his soldiers to kill all newborn babies in Bethlehem. The soldiers therefore came and slew all the children that were there as Herod had commanded. Then were fulfilled the words of the Prophet: “Lamentation and tears are abundant Rama: Rachel weeping his son, but there is no consolation, because they sound more”.

Chapter 9 of the gospel barnabé
Returned to Judea, Jesus has a wonderful discussion with the doctors, it is twelve years old.
On the death of Herod, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him: Get in Judea, because they are dead those who wanted the death of the child “Joseph took the child at the age of seven years, and Mary, and he came to Judea. There, he learned Archelaus, son of Herod reigned in Judea, fearing to remain there, he went into Galilee. They came to live in Nazareth. The child grew in grace and wisdom before God and men.
At twelve, with Mary and Joseph, Jesus went up to Jerusalem to worship according to the law of God written in the book of Moses. The prayer, they departed having lost Jesus, they believed that he had returned home with their families. Mary and Joseph returned to Jerusalem, seeking Jesus among the members of their families and neighbors.
On the third day, they found the child in the temple among the doctors, discussing with them the law.Everyone was astonished at his requests and responses and said: “How can there be in him a beautiful doctrine, since he did not learn to read!”
Marie rebuked: “Son, what have you done? Behold thy father and I have sought thee us three days in pain! “Jesus answered:” Do you not know that the service of God must come before father and mother? “. Jesus went down to Nazareth with his mother and Joseph. He was subject to them with humility and reverence.

Chapter 10 of the Gospel barnabé
Thirty years on the Mount of Olives, Jesus receives from the angel Gabriel the gospel in a wonderful way.
At thirty, as he told me, Jesus went picking olives with her mother on the Mount of Olives. At noon, while he was praying, reached the words: “Lord, with mercy …”, he was surrounded by an immense splendor and an infinite number of angels who said: “Blessed be God! ‘
The angel Gabriel brought him a book as a brilliant mirror. This book descended into the heart of Jesus’ there appeared what God has done, what God said, what God wants, so everything was bare and open for him, and he told me “believe me, Barnabas, I knew every Prophet, so that everything I say out of this book.”
According to this view, knowing Prophet sent to the house of Israel, Jesus revealed to Mary his mother, saying he would suffer great persecution for the honor of God and could not be more continuously with to serve it. At these words, Mary said: “Before you were born, son, everything was announced. Also that the holy name of God be blessed! “That day, Jesus left his mother thus to indulge his prophetic mission.

Chapter 11 of the Gospel barnabé
Jesus heals a leper wonderfully, and went to Jerusalem.
Down the mountain to get to Jerusalem, Jesus met a leper. By divine inspiration, it knew that Jesus was the Prophet. Also he prayed in tears: “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me!”
Jesus replied, “What do you want me to do for you, brother?” The leper answered: “Lord, give me health!” Jesus rebuked him: “Are you crazy? Pray to God who created you and will make you health, because I am a man like you “The leper said,” Lord, I know that thou art a man, but holy of the Lord! Therefore pray to God yourself and it will make me health. ”
Jesus then said with a sigh: “Lord God Almighty, for the love of the holy Prophets, make health that cripple!” After these words, touching the sick with his hands: “In the name of God, brother says it covers health! “No sooner had he uttered these words when leprosy was cleansed, so that the flesh of the leper becomes like a child.
When he found himself healed the leper cried out aloud: “Israel, just welcome the prophet that God sends” Jesus asked him, “Brother, hush, do not say anything!” But more he begged, plus another shouted: “Here the Prophet! Here is the Holy One of God! ”
At these words, many of those who left Jerusalem retraced their steps and went there with Jesus saying that God had made the leper by Jesus.

Chapter 12 Gospel barnabé
First sermon, an admirable doctrine that Jesus made to the people about God’s name.
These words roused the whole city of Jerusalem, as Jesus entered into the temple to pray, they all ran to the point that they could scarcely stand. The priests prayed thus Jesus: “These people desire to see you and hear you, so goes the pinnacle and speaks for the Lord God giveth thee to speak!”.
Jesus went to the place where the scribes and spoke of a waving, having asked for silence, he opened his mouth and said: “Blessed be the holy name of God, in his goodness and mercy , wanted to create creatures that glorify! Blessed be the holy name of God who created the splendor of all the holy prophets and foremost to send to the world’s salvation as he said through his servant David: “Before Lucifer, splendor of the saints I’ve created! “Blessed be the holy name of God who created the angels they are! Blessed be God who punished and reproved Satan and those who followed him because they did not want to worship that God wanted them to worship! Blessed be the holy name of God who created man from the mud of the earth and its works on the set! Blessed be the holy name of God, who drove out the man of heaven because he had transgressed his holy precept! Blessed be the holy name of God looked with mercy the tears of Adam and Eve, first parents of the human race! Blessed be the holy name of God justly punishes Cain, the fratricide, who sent a flood upon the earth, which burned three cities villain flagella Egypt, engulfing Pharaoh in the Red Sea, scattered the enemies of his people, chastised punishes the unbelievers and unrepentant! Blessed be the holy name of God who graciously took care of his creatures and accordingly sent his holy prophets for they walk in front of him with truth and justice! Who delivered his servants and gave them any harm this country as he promised to our father Abraham and his son, forever! Then, through his servant Moses he gave us the holy law so that Satan does not deceive us, and we rose above other peoples. But we, brethren, what do we do now to avoid being punished for our sins? ”
Then, with great force, Jesus criticizes the crowd had forgotten the word of God and deal only vanity. He criticized the priests for their negligence in the service of God in vain doctrine and weaken the law of God.He blames the doctors to destroy the law of God with their traditions.
Jesus admonished both the people all wept, and most of their greed. He reproaches the scribes to preach was the greatest, they asked Jesus prayed forgiveness and pray for them, except the priests and their leader who took Jesus hate that day because he had thus spoken against priests, scribes and doctors. They began to consider his death, but they blew word for fear of the people who had received the Prophet of God.
Lifted up his hands to the Lord, Jesus prayed. And the people said in tears: “So be it, Lord, let it be so! ‘After the prayer, Jesus went to the temple. He left Jerusalem that day and many people followed him. Priests and them saying bad things about Jesus.

Chapter 13 of the Gospel barnabé
Significant fear of Jesus’s prayer, and wonderful comfort of the angel Gabriel.
A few days later, having heard in mind the resolution of priests, Jesus went to the Mount of Olives to pray.
In the morning, after praying all night, Jesus said in his prayer: “Lord, I know that I hate the scribes and priests plan to kill me, me, your servant, therefore, the Lord Almighty and merciful God, in your mercy hear the prayers of thy servant, and save me from the traps, because you are my salvation. You know, Lord, that I, your servant, I seek only you and I speak your word, because your word is truth that lasts forever! ”
Jesus had spoken these words, behold, the angel Gabriel came to him saying, “Do not fear, Jesus, for thousands and thousands of people who live above the sky keep your clothes. Thou shalt not die before it accomplishes anything and that the world is nearing its end. ” Jesus fell on his face against the ground, saying: “Lord, Great God, it is great mercy towards me! That I give you, Lord, for what you gave me? “The angel Gabriel said,” Arise, Jesus, and remember Abraham! To fulfill the word of God, he wanted to sacrifice Ishmael, his only son. However, as the knife could not cut his son, he offered, upon my word, to sacrifice a sheep. Therefore thou shalt well, too, Jesus, servant of God, “Jesus answered,” Willingly, but where would I find the lamb, because I have no money, and it is not allowed to fly. ” Then the angel Gabriel brought him a ram and offered it as a sacrifice Jesus praising and blessing God is glorious forever.

Chapter 14 of the Gospel barnabé
After fasting forty days, Jesus chose twelve apostles.
Jesus came down from the mountain, and only during the night, he passed by on the other side of the Jordan. He fasted forty days and forty nights, without eating anything, nor day nor night, continually praying the Lord for the salvation of his people whom God had sent.
Forty days past, he was hungry. Satan appeared to him and tempted him with many words, but Jesus drove under words of God. Satan left, angels came and served Jesus what he needed.
Income in the region of Jerusalem, Jesus was found by the crowd with extreme joy. They begged him to stay among them, because his words were not like those of the scribes said with authority, they touched the heart. Jesus saw that great was the company of those who returned to their heart to walk in the law of God, ascended the mountain. All night, he stood in prayer. The day came, he went down the mountain and chose the twelve apostles, and among them, Judas, who was put to death on the cross. Their names are: Andrew and Peter his brother, fishermen, Barnabas wrote this, and Matthew the publican who sat at the counter, and Jean Jacques son of Zebedee, and Jude Thaddeus, Bartholomew and Philip, Jacques and Judas Iscariot, the traitor. They always communicated the divine secrets, but he did Judas Iscariot steward of what he gave to charity. But he wanted the tithe of everything.

Chapter 15 of the Gospel barnabé
Miracle performed by Jesus at the wedding, changing water into wine.
As we approach the feast of tabernacles, a rich man asked Jesus to the wedding with his disciples and his mother. So Jesus went there. While they ate, the wine they missed. His mother came to him and said: “They have no wine.” Jesus replied: “No matter what, my mother! “Her mother ordered the servants to obey everything that Jesus would ask. There were six jars for purification before prayer, according to the custom of Israel. Jesus said, “Fill the jars with water!” Servants did. Jesus said: “In the name of God. Give drink to those who eat. ” So the servants carried to drink butler who scolded the servants: “Bad servants, why have you kept the best wine until now? “In fact, he knew nothing of what Jesus had done. The servants answered: “Master, here there is a holy man of God because he has made wine with water.” The butler thought the servants were drunk, but those who were sitting next to Jesus and had seen everything, rose from the table and revered by saying, “Truly you are God’s holy, true Prophet who was sent to us by God. ‘
Then his disciples believed in him, many returned to themselves and said: “Praise be to God who has mercy of Israel with love and visit the house of Judah! Blessed be His holy name! “.

Chapter 16 of the Gospel barnabé
Wonderful teaching that Jesus spoke to the Apostles about the change of life.
One day Jesus called his disciples and ascended the mountain. When he sat down, his disciples came to him. Opened his mouth, and taught them, saying: “Great are the blessings of God for us! So we must serve him in truth of heart, for the new wine is put into fresh wineskins. So you too must become new men if you want to understand the new doctrine comes out of my mouth.
I tell you in truth, even that man can not see his eyes, at the same time, the sky and the earth, so it is impossible to love both God and the world. We can in no way serve two masters enemies of each other, because if one loves you, another will hate you. I tell you the truth: you can not serve God and the world, because the world is established in lies, greed and wickedness. It is therefore impossible that you will find rest, but rather persecution and injury. Serve God and therefore despise the world, because you will find me rest for your souls. Listen to my words, for I speak the truth: they are really happy are those who deplore this worldly life, they shall be comforted!

Blessed are the poor who really hate the delights of the world, because they will be filled delights of the kingdom of God! Oh, really blessed those who eat at the table of God, because the angels will! You are traveling as pilgrims is that the traveler is responsible on his way home, fields and other earthly things? Of course not! But he wears light things, valued for their usefulness and little embarrassment. Well, here’s your example!
And if you want another example, I will give it to you to do what I tell you. Do not burden your heart desires land, saying, “Who will clothe? which will give us to eat? “But look at the flowers, trees and birds. God, our Lord, dresses and feeds more beautifully than all the magnificence of Solomon!
God who created you and called for its service is able to feed yourself, who for forty years in the wilderness rained manna from heaven for his people Israel and did not let their clothes wear out or fall to pieces! And they were six hundred and forty thousand men besides women and children. I tell you the truth, heaven and earth will fail, but his mercy toward them that fear not fail.
By the rich against the world, in their prosperity, are hungry and perish. There was a rich man whose incomes were rising. He said: “What shall I do, O my soul? I tear down barns because they are small, and I will make other larger. So you triumph, O my soul! “Wretch! he died that same night. He should think of the poor and make friends by giving them the alms of the unrighteous mammon of this world, because it is they who carry the treasures in the kingdom of heaven. Tell me, please, if you give the bank a publican and that you should render ten or twenty for one, do not you give this man everything you have? but I tell you the truth of all that you give or leave to the love of God, you will receive a hundredfold and eternal life. Look how happy you must be to serve God!

Chapter 17 of the Gospel of barnabé
In this chapter, we learn clearly infidelity Christians and the true faith of the believer.
At these words of Jesus, Philip said: “We are happy to serve God, but we want to know God, as the Prophet Isaiah said:” Truly you are a hidden God! “. And God said to Moses his servant: “I am who I am.” Jesus said: “Philip, God is good, without which there is no good. God is a being without which nothing exists. God is life, without which nothing lives. It is so big that it fills all and is everywhere. He is the only one that is without equal. He had no beginning and it will never end, but it gave beginning to everything and it will end. He has neither father nor mother, he has no children, or brothers or companions. And as he has no body, he does not eat, he does not sleep, he does not die, it does not, it does not move, but abides forever, without human likeness, because it is intangible, without composition, immaterial substance perfectly simple. It is so good that only like goodness. It is just that if it punishes or forgives, we can not take it back. Anyway, I tell you, Philippe, down here you can neither see nor know perfectly, but in his kingdom, you will see forever. In him is all our happiness and our glory! ”
Philip answered: “What do you say, sir? As it is written in Isaiah that God is our Father, so how did he any children? “Jesus said,” Many parables are all written in the prophets, yet you must not understand by the letter, but according to the meaning. Indeed hundred and forty four thousand prophets that God sent to the world, spoke obscurely, but after me comes the splendor of all the prophets and saints, he will enlighten the darkness of all the prophets have said, because he is the Messenger of God ”
That said, Jesus sighed and said, “Have mercy on Israel, Lord God! kindly watching over Abraham and his descendants they may serve you in truth of heart. “His disciples answered:” So be it, O Lord our God, “Jesus said,” I tell you the truth: scribes and doctors have made vain the law of God with their false prophecies prophecy contrary to the true prophets of God. God is also displeased against the house of Israel and against this unbelieving generation! “At these words, the disciples wept and said,” God, have mercy temple of the Holy City! Do not give it a reproach to the nations so that they do not despise your holy covenant, “Jesus replied,” Let it be so. Lord. God of our fathers! ”

Chapter 18 of the Gospel of barnabé
We show in this chapter persecution of the servants of God in the world and the protection of God who saves.
Jesus said: “It is not you who chose me, it is I who have chosen you that you are my disciples. If the world hates you, you are truly my disciples, because the world has always been an enemy of God’s servants. Remember the holy prophets killed the world! At the time of Elijah ten thousand prophets were killed by Jezebel, Elijah the poor fared with difficulty, and seven thousand prophets that hid son of the captain of the army of Achad. O wicked world, you do not know God!
But you, fear not, because the hairs of your head are numbered so that they will not be destroyed. Look sparrows and other birds: they only fall out a single feather without the will of God. God would he care so more birds than the man for whom he created everything? He would be a man who accidentally take more care of his shoes as his own son? Of course not! Well, much less do you think God will abandon as he takes care of the birds! and I say, birds? A leaf falls without the will of God!
Believe me, I tell you the truth, the world will fear greatly if you keep my words. In fact, he hates you because he is afraid to see his malice discovery. He fears being discovered, so you hate and persecute you. If you see that your words are despised by the world, do not you highlight, consider that God is bigger than you and it is so despised by the world that passes for wisdom folly. If God bears with patience the world, why would you grieve, dust and mud of the earth? In your patience you shall possess your soul. That is why, if someone gives you a slap on the cheek, show him the other so that typing!
Do not render evil for evil, for thus are the worst animals! But give good for evil, and pray for those who hate you! It is not the fire that extinguished the fire, but by water. So I tell you, you do not conquer evil, but rather by the well. See God: he brought the sun on the good and the bad, and the rain! This is why you also need to do good to all, as it is written in the law: “Be holy because I, your God, am holy! Be pure because I am pure, and be perfect because I’m perfect. ” I tell you the truth: the servant strives to please his master and therefore does not dress that displeases him. Your clothes, it is your will and love. Beware of will and love nothing displeasing to God our Lord! be sure that God hates luxury and lust of the world. So for you, hate the world! ”

Chapter 19 of the Gospel of barnabé
Jesus predicted that he will be betrayed, and down the mountain, he healed ten lepers.
At these words of Jesus, Peter said, “Master here we have left everything to follow you. What will happen to us? “Jesus answered,” Verily, the day of judgment, you will sit with me and you testify against the twelve tribes of Israel. ”
That said, Jesus sighed and said, “Lord, how is it: I chose twelve, and one of them is a devil? “At these words the disciples sad. So whoever wrote this, secretly questioned Jesus, crying: “Master, Satan deceive me there? Will I be condemned? “Jesus answered:” Do not grieve, Barnabas, because those whom God has chosen before the creation of the world will not perish! Rejoice because your name is written in the book of life. “Jesus consoled the disciples, saying:” Fear not, who hate me do not be sad my words, because there is in him divine feeling. “At these words, the elected consoled. Jesus gave his disciples the prayer and said, “Amen! So be it, Lord God, almighty and merciful! ‘
After the prayer, Jesus came down from the mountain with his disciples. He met ten lepers who cried far: “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on us! “Jesus called him near and said to them:” What do you want me brothers? “They all shouted:” Give us health “Jesus replied:” Alas, poor you! Have you lost the reason to say: give us health? Do not you see that I am a man like you? Call our God who created you and He is almighty and merciful will heal you! “The leper replied in tears:” We know that thou art a man like us, but holy Prophet of God and of the Lord. Therefore, pray to God yourself and it will heal! ‘
Thereupon the disciples begged Jesus saying, “Lord, have mercy on them! “Then Jesus moaned and prayed to God saying,” Lord God, almighty and merciful God, have mercy and hear the words of thy servant. For the love of Abraham our father and thy holy covenant, have mercy upon request and makes them healthy! “Then Jesus turned to the leper and said,” Go introduce yourself to the priests according to the law of God! “The lepers went and on the way they were healed.
Then one of them, seeing healed, turned back to Jesus, it was an Ishmaelite. Having found Jesus bowing, he revered, saying, “Truly you are the Holy One of God!” With thanks, he begged the servant to accept. Jesus answered, “Ten were healed, where are the other nine? “And he that was healed:” I did not come, he said, to be served but to serve. So with you and will tell what God has done for you, so they know that approaching the promises made to Abraham and to his son, and the kingdom of God. “The left and the healed leper, who arrived in his country, he told all that God had wrought in him by Jesus

Chapter 20 of the Gospel of barnabé
Miracle wrought by Jesus at sea: Where Jesus Indicates the Prophet received.
Jesus Went to the Sea of ​​Galilee, he got into a boat and sailed to Nazareth, his hometown. Then a great storm Motions, so que le boat was sinking Almost. Jesus was asleep in the bow of the boat. So his disciples cam to him, and awoke him, saying, “Save us, Lord. Forum we perish!” They were experiencing a great terror Because of the wide headwind and the din of the sea Jesus Motions, and looking up to heaven, he said: “O Elohim Sabaoth, Have pity on your servants!” Jesus HAD Hardly words he uttered thesis as the wind dropped and the sea Became calm.
While husbands and Were Afraid Said, “What is That Which obey the sea and the wind? ‘
Came to Nazareth, sailors filled the city’s account of what Jesus HAD done. So the house was Where They Were Invaded by the inhabitants of the city. The scribes and teachers presented Themselves to him: “We Heard All That you Have Done at sea and in Judea, They Said. So give us a sign here in your homeland!” Jesus Answered, “This faithless generation seeks a sign, he intended will not be granted, no prophet is accepted Because in his homeland. The days of Elijah, There Were Many widows in Judea, he was intended to feel a widow in Sidon so That It Gives him to eat. Were There Many lepers in Judea in the time of Elisha, yet only the Syrian Aman was healed! “While the townspeople Were angry, And They Took him and Brought him to the edge of a cliff to throw down, drank Jesus, walking in the midst of ’em, Went his way .

Chapter 21
Jesus healed a man possessed; pigs are thrown into the sea, and then he heals the daughter of a Canaanite woman.
Jesus Went to Capernaum. As he Approached the city, possessed Went serious. No chain Could hold him and it was very difficulty for men. Demons by shouting his mouth: “Holy God, why have you come molest us before the time?” And They begged him not to expel em, he Asked Them How They were. They said: “Six thousand six hundred sixty six!” On hearing this, the disciples and Were Afraid They besought him to go.
Jesus said, “Where is your faith? It is the devil who HAS to go and not me!” Demons therefore cried: “We come out! Goal let us into Those pigs!” There was passing near the sea, about ten thousand pigs to the Canaanites. “Go away, then Said Jesus, and enter the pigs!” With a crash, the demons Entered the swine, and rushed to the sea Those who kept pigs Fled the city and everything cam Told by Jesus. The men Went out of the city and found Jesus and the healed man. Were the men filled with fear and begged Jesus to leave Their region.
Jesus went away from home and Went up the side of Tyre and Sidon, and behold, a woman of Canaan, leaving his homeland in search of Jesus with two of her, cried on seeing him come with his disciples: “Jesus, son of David , have mercy on my little girl who is tormented by the devil. ” Jesus replied, not even a word, Because They Were proportion of uncircumcised people. Were the disciples filled with pity and Said, “Master, have mercy on them! Way As They scream and cry They like” Jesus Answered, “I am not sent to the people of Israel.” Then the woman to him with his cam her, crying and saying, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” Jesus Answered, “It is not good to take the bread from the hands of her and give it to the dogs,” Jesus said this Because of Their impurity, Because They Were proportion of uncircumcised people. The woman replied, “Lord, dogs eat of the crumbs fall from Which Their masters’ table!” Then Jesus Admired the words of the woman and Said, “Woman you have great faith!” And hands up to heaven, he Prayed to God. Then he said: “Woman, your daughter is released. Go in peace!” Went The woman returned home and, she found the little girl who blessed God. This is why the woman said: “Really there is no other God than the God of Israel!” And all his kindred agrégea the law of God is selon the law written in the book of Moses.

Chapter 22
Miserable condition of the uncircumcised, because a dog is better than them.
That day, the disciples questioned Jesus, “Master, why did you respond to this woman they were dogs?” Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, a dog is better than uncircumcised!” The disciples then saddened and said: “These words are harsh. Who can understand them? ”
Jesus answered, “O fools! If you consider what the dog to serve his master, when he has no intelligence, you will find that I have just spoken. Tell me the dog, he keeps not the house of his master? does he exposes not his life against the thief? Certainly yes! But what do they receive? Many stroke insults and some bread, and always present to his master mine happy, is not it? “-” Yes, it is true, Master! “Answered the disciples, Jesus said, “Now consider all that God has given to man and see how it is unfair not to observe the covenant that God made with Abraham his servant.
Remember what David said to Saul, king of Israel, against Goliath the Philistine, “Lord, said David, Thy servant kept when the flocks of thy servant, the wolf, the bear and the lion arose and took the sheep of thy servant. While your servant was going to kill them and take their sheep. Well, what is this uncircumcised, if someone like them? therefore thy servant depart in the name of the Lord God of Israel, and kill the impure blasphemy the holy people of God! ”
So the disciples said, “Teacher, tell us that because man must be circumcised!” Jesus replied: “Suffice it that God commanded Abraham in these words: Abraham circumcised your foreskin and that of your whole family, because it is a covenant between me and you forever! ”

Chapter 23
Origin of circumcision covenant of God with Abraham the uncircumcised damnation.
That said, he sat near the mountain facing Tyre and his disciples came to him to hear his words. Jesus said: “In heaven, after Adam, the first man deceived by Satan, had eaten food forbidden by God, his flesh rebelled against the spirit. Then he took the oath in these words: “By God, I want to cut you!” And after breaking a stone, he took his flesh cut with the knife. So he was rebuked by the angel Gabriel. He replied: “I have sworn by God to cut and I’ll never be fitter! ‘The angel then showed outgrowth of his flesh, and he cut her off. This is why, as every man is flesh of the flesh of Adam, and he is obliged to observe all that Adam promised with an oath. Adam applied it to his son and the requirement of circumcision was transmitted from generation to generation.
However, at the time of Abraham, idolatry being multiplied on the earth, few were those who were circumcised. So God revealed to Abraham, saying: “He who will not circumcised the flesh, I dismiss my people for ever.” At these words of Jesus, the disciples trembled with fear, because he had spoken in the vehemence of spirit. Jesus said: “Let his fear that he has not circumcised his foreskin, because he is deprived of paradise!”
Then Jesus said, “For many, the spirit is willing in the service of God, but the flesh is weak. This is why the man who fears God must consider what the flesh, where it took root and what it will be reduced. God created the meat from the mud of the earth. In it, he breathed the breath of life by blowing into it. So when the flesh is an obstacle to God’s service, it must be despised as mud and trampled because he who hates his soul in this world will keep it for eternal life. What the flesh now, his desire the manifest: it is a cruel enemy of all good, because it only wants sin. The man should therefore, for the sake of his enemy, cease to please God, its creator? Judge for yourself! All the saints and prophets were enemies of their flesh to the service of God. Therefore spontaneously and with joy, they went to their deaths as not to offend the law of God, given to Moses his servant, going to serve false gods and liars. Remember Elijah fleeing from desert places mountain, eating only grass and dressed in goat skins. How many days he fasted it! How cold does he endured it! how the rain soaked! And all this during the seven years that lasted the bitter persecution of the impure Jezebel! Remember that Elisha ate barley bread and dressed in clothing more rude! I tell you the truth, those who were not afraid to despise the flesh, were terribly feared by kings and princes. This would be enough to despise the flesh, O men! but if you look at the tombs, you will know what the flesh! ”

Chapter 24
Outstanding example of how we should flee feasts and orgies.
Jesus said, weeping: “Woe to those who are the servants of their flesh, because they are assured of having no good in the afterlife, but only torments for their sins! I tell you, it was once a rich man who dealt only orgies. Every day so, it was a splendid feast. At the door stood a poor covered with wounds, named Lazarus. it wished to have the crumbs which fell under the table bon vivant, but nobody gave him. Instead, all laughed at him. Only the dogs took pity and licked his sores. It happened that the beggar died and the angels carried him into the arms of our father Abraham. The rich man also died and the devils carried in the arms of Satan.
Then tormented to the extreme, he looked up and saw Lazarus away in the arms of Abraham. The rich man shouted, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me! Send Lazarus to bring me a drop of water on his fingers to cool my tongue, because she is tormented in this flame! “Abraham replied, ‘Son, remember that thou in thy well received in the other life and Lazarus received his evil. This is why you’re now in torment and Lazarus in consolation. “The rich called again:” Father Abraham, at home I have three brothers send Lazarus so tell them everything that I suffer, for they do penance and do not come here! “Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses and the prophets, let them hear!” the rich replied, “No, Father Abraham! But if the dead rise again, they will believe! “Abraham replied:” He who does not believe in Moses and the prophets, did not believe the dead, they are raised! ”
“Look they are blessed are the poor, Jesus says, they are patient, they want the necessary hating the flesh! Miserable as they are those who lead others to the tomb where they give their flesh fed to worms. They do not learn the truth, but instead act here, as immortal! So they build big houses buy large rents and living beautifully. ”

Chapter 25
How we should despise the flesh and live in the world.
Whoever wrote said: “Master, thy words are true and that is why we have left everything and followed you. Tell us how we hate our flesh, since it is not permissible to kill, and if you live, you have to feed. ”
Jesus answered, “keep your chair like a horse and live in safety because a horse is measured as its food, but does not measure the fatigue he puts the bit for it to work in your own way; is the attachment so that it does hurt anyone; it is housed in a rough spot and beat him when he is not obedient. Thus shalt thou, too, Barnabas, and live forever with God! Do not be shocked by my words because David, the Prophet did the same, as he admits, saying: “I am like a horse beside you, I am always with you.”
Now tell me what is the poorest, who are content with little, or someone who wants a lot? I tell you the truth, if the world was sane, he did amass anything individually, but would be common recognizes his folly in this, the more he collects, the more it desires, and everything raises, it raises for the rest of the other body. This is why you only one garment. Take your purse. Do not wear no bag, no shoes on his feet and not think: “What will happen to us? “Think about doing the will of God and He will supply your needs so you will not miss anything. I tell you the truth, raise a lot in this life is good evidence that we have nothing to receive the other. Indeed, who has not built Jerusalem homeland house in Samaria, since there enmity between these two cities. Do you understand? “-” Yes, “answered the disciples.

Chapter 26
How we should love God. This chapter also contains admirable quarrel Abraham and his father.
Jesus said: “A man is traveling. Along the way, he discovers a treasure in a field that is sold for five deniers. Hearing this, the man sells his coat to buy immediately this field. Is it believable? “. – “He who would not believe him for a fool,” answered the disciples. “You’ll be mad, Jesus says, if you do not give your senses to God to buy your soul which is the incomparable treasure, as for those who love God, God is with him, and the one that God has it all! ‘
Peter interjected: “Master, how should we love God true love? Tell us “- Verily I say unto you, Jesus said, whoever does not hate his father and mother, and his own life, his children and his wife to the love of God, that one does not deserve to be loved by God. ”
Peter replied, “Master, it is written in the law of God, the Book of Moses:” Honor your father to live long on earth. ” And it is also said: “Whether cursed the son who will not obey his father and mother!” This is why God ordered that such disobedient son was stoned by the people’s anger before the gate of the city. So how can you say he must hate father and mother? “.
Jesus replied, “Each of my words is true because it is not me but God who sent me to the house of Israel. I also tell you that everything you have is God who gave it. What is therefore more precious the gift or the donor? When your father, your mother, anything else is a scandal for you in the service of God, abandon them as enemies! ”
“God did not he said to Abraham,” Get out of the house of thy father and thy kindred, and come to live in the land that I will give your descendants as well. ” Why does God say this? But because Abraham’s father was a sculptor and he fashioned and worshiped the gods lie. Also was there enmity between them to the point that the father wanted his son to burn ”
Peter replied: “Your words are true. So tell us how Abraham mocked his father! ”
Jesus replied: “Abraham was seven years old when he began to seek God. One day, he said to his father:
– “What was the man? ‘
– “This is the man, the father replied stupidly. Because I’ve done and my father did. ”
– “Father Abraham answered, it is not that. Because I heard an old man say, crying: “My God, why did not you give children?”
– “That’s right, son, ‘replied the father, God helps man to man, but there is no hand. It is only necessary that the man go pray to his God and he gives lambs and sheep and God will help. ”
– “How many are there gods, father?” Abraham replied.
– “There is an infinite, son,” replied the old man.
– “Father Abraham said, What shall I do if I am a God and another wants to hurt me because I do not use it? Discord between them certainly will rise and there will be war among the gods. But if by chance the God who wants to hurt me kill my God, what shall I do? It certainly kill me too! ”
– Son, laughingly answered the old man, do not be afraid, because God does not make war to another God. Indeed, in the great temple, there are a thousand gods with great Baal. Well, I’m almost seventy years old and I’ve never seen one another slap in God. Yet all do not serve the same God, but it is one and that one another. ”
– “They are at peace with them.”
– ‘Yes,’ said the father, they are in peace. ”
Abraham said: “Father, how are the gods? ‘
– “Fool replied the old man, every day I shape a God that I sold to buy bread, and thou shalt not know how the gods!” Just at that moment, he made an idol. “This one, he says, is palm wood. This olive wood. this little one is ivory, look how beautiful it is! Does not it look like he’s alive? Sure, it lacks the breath! ”
– “Father Abraham replied, they do not breath the gods? How then do they breath? They are lifeless, how they give life? Father, they are certainly not God! ”
At these words, the old man became angry:
– “If you were old enough to reason, he said, I would break the head with the ax. But shut up because you have not yet right! ”
– “Father Abraham replied, if the gods to help man, how is it that man make gods? And if the gods are manufactured with wood, it is a great sin to burn wood! But tell me, father, why, when you have so many gods fashioned, do not they helped to make so many children? You’d be the most powerful and the world! ”
The old man was beside himself to hear his son say so. This added:
– “Father, for a time the world was empty of men, is not it?”
– ‘Yes,’ replied the old man, and why? ”
– “Because that Abraham said, I want to know who made the first God.”
– “Get out of here right now, said the old man! Let me make this quick and God does not speak to me, because when you’re hungry you want bread, not words. ”
– “A beautiful God certainly told Abraham that you prune as you want and do not defend himself!”
The old man then began angry and said:
– “Everyone says that this is a God, and you, fool, you say it is not? By my gods, if you were a man, I’ll kill you! “So saying, he gave punches and kicks to Abraham, and he drove home.

Chapter 27
In this chapter, we see clearly how laughter is unsuitable for men. We also see the prudence of Abraham.
The disciples laughed at the folly of the old and admired the prudence of Abraham. Jesus rebuked them saying: “You have forgotten the words of the Prophet: The laugh is this an ad tears to come. And again: Thou shalt not go where have laughed, but sit where you cry, for this life through the miseries. ”
Jesus said: “Do you not know that in the time of Moses, God changed into animals stupid many men who were in Egypt because they laughed and they made fun of others? Beware! Do not laugh because you cry. ” The disciples said: “We laugh at the folly of the old.” Then Jesus said: “Truly I tell you, everyone likes what it looks and it delights. So if you’re not crazy, you would not laugh of madness. ” They replied, “May God have mercy on us.” Jesus said, “So be it.” Philippe intervened: “Master, how he arrived that Abraham’s father wished his son to burn?” Jesus answered, “Abraham reached the age of twelve, his father said:” Tomorrow This is the festival of all the gods. We will go in the great temple and we will bring a present to Baal, my great God. And you, you will choose a God, because you’re old enough to have a God. “Abraham, rusant answered,” Willingly, my father. ” So they went to the temple early in the morning, before anyone else. But Abraham was an ax hidden under his clothes. Once in the temple, while the crowd grew, Abraham hid behind an idol in a dark temple. His father believed in going that Abraham had gone home before him, he did not put his research.

Chapter 28
When everyone had left the temple, the priests went and closed. Abraham then took the ax and cut off the feet of all the idols except the great god Baal with which he laid the ax. As the statues were old and made of several pieces, pieces they collapsed. Then, as Abraham left the temple, he was seen by some who suspected to have been there to steal something. So they kept him, and arrived at the temple, seeing their gods broken in this way, they cried, weeping: “Come, men, and kill the one who killed our gods.” Nearly ten thousand men and the priests and asked Abraham ran to why he had destroyed their gods. Abraham replied: “You are fools. Is that a man can kill God? This is the great God who killed them. Do not you see the ax off his feet? It certainly does not companions. ”
Abraham’s father then arrived. Remembering all speech Abraham voted against their gods and recognizing the ax with which Abraham had broken the idols, he exclaimed: “This is my son traitor who killed our gods, because this is my ax “. He then told them all that had happened between him and his son. Men thus gathered a large amount of branches and after tied the hands and feet of Abraham, they laid him on the branches and they set them on fire. And behold, God by his angel commanded the fire does not burn Abraham his servant. Caught fire and burned with great fury nearly two thousand men among those who condemned Abraham to death. Abraham, however, was free and supported by God’s angel near the house of his father, without seeing who wore it. Thus Abraham escaped death.

Chapter 29
Philip said: “Great is God’s mercy to those he loves. Tell us, Master: How he managed to Abraham the knowledge of God? “Jesus replied:” When he came near the house of his father, Abraham feared to enter. It away in a little and sat under a palm tree. As he stood there, he said: “God must have more life and strength that man, as man does.” So, looking at the stars, the moon and the sun, he thought they were God, but considering their mutability and their movements, he said: “God does not move and the clouds are not obscuring, otherwise men would be annihilated. ”
Then, while he hesitated as he heard himself called by name: “Abraham!” But being back and seeing no one on either side, he said: “But I have heard that m ‘ called by my name: “Abraham!” Then two other times, in the same way, he heard his name called, “Abraham!” He replied: “Who calls me?” Then he heard it said: “I am Gabriel the angel of God.” Abraham was filled with fear. The angel comforted him: “Fear not, Abraham, for you are God’s friend. In fact when you put pieces the gods of men, you have been elected by the God of angels and prophets, and you’re entered in the book of life. ”
Abraham asked: “What should I do to serve the God of angels and holy prophets?” The angel answered: “Go to the source and wash yourself, because God wants to speak with you.” Abraham answered: ” But how do I wash? “Then the angel appeared to him in the same handsome young man and washed in the source saying:” Do so, too, Abraham! “After Abraham had washed, the The angel continued, “is on this mountain because it is there that God wants to talk to you.” Abraham climbed the mountain as the angel had told him.
He sat down on his legs, he said: “When the angels speak to me of God he? “He heard suave tract called” Abraham! “He said,” Abraham! Who is calling me? “The voice said,” I am your God, Abraham. ” Filled with fear Abraham fell on his face against the ground, saying: “How can your servant he listen to you, he who is dust and ashes? “Then God said,” Do not fear, but get up, because I have chosen you to be my servant, and I will bless you and make you grow into a great nation. That is why, out of the house of thy father and thy kindred, and come to live in the land that I will give your descendants as well. ” Abraham replied, “Lord, I will do that, but to protect me no other God hurt me.” God spoke these words: “I am alone and there is no other God but me. I hit and I heal, I kill and I give life to hell and I’m driving I get out, and nobody can get rid of my hands. ” God then gave him the covenant of circumcision. Thus our father Abraham knew God. That said, Jesus lifted up his hands, saying, “To thee be honor and glory, our God, Amen!”

Chapter 30
Approaching the Scénopégie feast of our people, Jesus went to Jerusalem. Having learned scribes and priests held a consultation to catch him in his words. A doctor then came to him and said: “Teacher, what must I do to have eternal life? “Jesus replied,” What is written in the law? “The tempter said:” Love the Lord your God and your neighbor. You shall love your God above all, with all your heart and with all thy soul, and thy neighbor as thyself. ” Jesus replied, “You have answered correctly, and will therefore do well, I say unto thee, and thou shalt have eternal life.” But he said: “And who is my neighbor?”
Jesus answered, looking up: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, the city was rebuilt into a curse. Along the way he was taken by robbers, wounded and robbed. Leaving him half dead, they departed. It happened that a priest came by. Having seen the wounded, he passed without greeting. Likewise a Levite passed without a word. He also spent a Samaritan came. At the sight of the wounded, he was moved with pity: he dismounted, lifted the wounded man, washed his wounds with wine and anointed them with ointment and bandaged. In the comforting, he put on his horse. Evening at the inn, he confided to the care of the host. The next morning, he got up and said: “Take care of him, I will repay you everything.” He gave gold injured four pence for the host, and said to him: “Good luck. I will be back soon and I’ll take you home. ”
Tell me, Jesus said to them, who was next? The doctor replied: “He who made mercy.” Then Jesus said, “You have answered correctly. Go therefore and do likewise. ” Confused, the doctor went.

Chapter 31
The priests approached jesus1 “Teacher, they said, Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar?” Jesus turned to Judas and said to him: “Have you any money? “- After taking a penny in hand, Jesus turned to the priests and said to them:” It bears an effigy denier, tell me who she is? “They said,” Caesar’s. ” – “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, Jesus said, and what is of God, give it to God.” So confused, they went.
And behold, a centurion came up and said, “Lord, my son is sick. Have pity on my old age. ” Jesus answered, “May the Lord God of Israel have mercy on you!” The man went and told Jesus: “Wait for me, I pray you go on your son.” The centurion replied, “Lord, I am not worthy that you, Prophet of God, you come with me: the word that thou hast spoken for the salvation of my son just because thy God hath made him lord of all disease and, as I said the angel while I was sleeping. Then Jesus was seized with admiration, and turning to the crowd, he said: “Look at this stranger, he has more faith than I have found in Israel.” And turning to the centurion, he said: “Go in peace, because God wanted to restore health to your son because of the great faith he has given you.” The centurion went and en route he met his servants told him how his son was healed. The man replied: “At what time the fever she left?” They said: “Yesterday, at the sixth hour, the fever left.” The man knew that when Jesus said, “May the Lord God of Israel have mercy on you,” his son had recovered. The man believed therefore our God, and returned home, he broke in pieces all their gods, saying, “Only the God of Israel is the true and living God.” That is why, he says, that nobody eats my bread if not worship the God of Israel. ”

Chapter 32
An expert in the law asked Jesus to dinner to try. Jesus went with his disciples. Many scribes were also waiting at home to try. But the disciples sat down to table without washing hands. Scribes interpellèrent Jesus in these terms: “Why do your disciples not they observe the traditions of our ancestors and do not wash their hands before eating pain1”?
Jesus replied, “And I ask you: Why did you delete the commandment of God in order to observe your traditions? You say to children whose father is poor “offer and vow at the temple.” They hope the little they should feed their father. When their fathers want to take the money, the children exclaimed, “It is consecrated to God, that money.” And fathers suffer. Oh, false scribes, hypocrites. Does God spends that money? Of course not, because God does not eat, as he said through his servant the prophet David: “Do I eat the flesh of bulls, and I drink the blood of rams? Give me the sacrifice of praise and offer me your wishes, because if I was hungry, I will not ask anything, because everything is in my hands and the abundance of heaven is with me. ” Hypocrites, you do this to fill your purse and you collect tithes on mint and rue!
Miserable, why do you show very clearly the other way by which you do not want to go? You, scribes and doctors, you load the shoulders of others intolerable weight, but you do not want the same touch of a finger.
I tell you the truth, all evil came into the world under the guise of the ancients. Tell me, idolatry, which ushered in the world but the use of old? Indeed, there was a king who loved his father greatly, the latter was called Baal. On the death of his father, the son, to console him make an effigy likeness and put it on the town square. He decreed that he would be killed who would approach his stature within fifteen cubits and that, under no circumstances no one should molest him. As criminals because of the profit they would gain, they began to offer the statue roses and flowers. In a short time, this turned into offering money and food, so that for the honor they called God. This habit turned into law, so that the idol of Baal spread throughout the world.
Oh, God complains by Isaiah the prophet, saying, “Truly this people I love in vain, because they destroyed my law that I have given them through Moses, my servant, and they follow the traditions of their former “.
“I tell you the truth, eat bread with unwashed hands does not defile the man that defiles him, not what goes into it, but what comes out.”
A scribe said: “So if I eat pork and other unclean food, they do not defile my conscience?” Jesus answered: “Disobedience can not enter into man, but it can get out of him, his heart, he will be unclean if he eats the forbidden food. “A doctor said:” Master, thou hast spoken much against idolatry, as if the people of Israel were idols do you insult us! ” Jesus answered, “I know that today in Israel there are no statues of wood, but there are statues of flesh.” All scribes, angry, replied: “Are we idolatrous”? Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth: the commandment does not say” you’ll love “, but he said:” Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy soul, with all your heart and with all your mind. “Is it true?” Jesus said, “It is true,” answered them all.

Chapter 33
Jesus said, “Verily, all that man loves, why he leaves everything else, this is God. And the fornicator there for the prostitute idol who eats and drinks has its own idol flesh for the miser idol silver and gold. And so every sinner. ”
One who had invited him said, “Master, which is the greatest sin? “Jesus replied,” What is the biggest ruin for a home? “All were silent. Then his finger, Jesus showed the foundation and said: “When the foundations are crumbling, the house is falling apart and we must rebuild. But when collapses any other part of the house can be repaired. Likewise, I say unto you, idolatry is for man the greatest of sins, in fact, it deprives totally faith and, therefore, of God, and he can not have any spiritual fruit, while than any other sin let him hoping to obtain mercy. I say that idolatry is the greatest of sins. ” All were amazed the words of Jesus, recognizing that nothing could be resumed.
Jesus said, “Remember what God has said and what Moses and Joshua were written in the law, and you will see how this sin is serious. Speaking to Israel God said, “You shall not make yourself any representation of what is in heaven or what is under heaven, thou shalt not you not what is on earth or what located under the earth or of what is on the water or which is in the water. because I am your God, strong and jealous to avenge this sin of the fathers and their children to the fourth generation. ” Remember that when our people had fashioned a calf and he had loved, Joshua and the tribe of Levi drew the sword of God’s order and killed one hundred and twenty thousand of those who did not ask for forgiveness God against idolaters! ‘

Chapter 34
Before the door stood one whose right hand was bent so he could use it. Then, raising his heart to God, Jesus prayed. Then he said: “In order that you may know that my words are true, I say:” In the name of God, man, sick stretch out thine hand. “He stretched it out, cured, as if she had never been ill.
Then they began to eat with fear of God. After a little eating, Jesus said: “I tell you the truth, it is better to burn a city that will leave a bad habit. In this regard, God is angry against the princes and kings of the earth which he gave the sword to destroy inequities. ‘
Then Jesus said: “When you are invited, I remind you not to put yourself in the first place, lest, if it happens a friend of the host more important than you, it does not tell you” Arise and sit down, “which would be a shame for you. But go sit in place so that the smallest seeing you, whoever invited you say: “Arise, my friend, come and sit here earlier,” and then it will be for you a great honor. For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. I tell you the truth, Satan became not reprobate for another sin as pride, as the Prophet Isaiah said in cursing in these terms: “How art thou fallen from heaven, Lucifer, you who were the beauty angels and shone like the dawn? Really your pride is dropped. “I tell you the truth, if man knew his miseries, he always cry here and he would consider himself more vile than anything else. It is not for any other reason that the first man and his wife wept hundred years without stop asking God for forgiveness. Because they recognized that they really had fallen by pride. ‘
That said, Jesus gave thanks. That day, were made public in Jerusalem all that Jesus had said and the miracle he had done. Also thanked the people he God bless his holy name. But as the scribes and priests had heard that he had spoken against the traditions of the elders, they kindled a greater hatred and hardened their heart as Pharaoh. They therefore sought an opportunity to kill him, but they did not find.

Chapter 35
Jesus left Jerusalem and went into the desert on the other side of Jordan. When they sat down, his disciples said to him, “Teacher, tell us how Satan fell through pride, because we heard that he fell through disobedience, and tell us why he always pushes man to do evil. ‘
Jesus answered: “God created a mass of earth and having left for 25,000 years without doing anything else, Satan, who was kind priest and leader of the angels knew, thanks to the great intelligence that was that God would take this land mass hundred forty four thousand marked the character of the prophecy and the Messenger of God which he had created the soul sixty thousand years before anything was. Also in his indignation, he excited the angels: “Take care, he said, one day God want us révérions this earth. But consider that we are spirit, and therefore it is not appropriate to do so. “So far separated from God.
Then one day that all the angels were gathered, God says: “Quick, everyone of those who regard me as their Lord revere this land. Those who love God prostrated themselves, but Satan and those who thought like him said, “Lord, are spirit, and therefore it is not just that we révérions the mud. “No sooner had he said that Satan became horrible, terrible to behold, and his followers became hideous, because, because of their rebellion, God replied that he had given them beauty created them. Raising his head, saw the holy angels terrible monster had become Satan and his followers, and fear, they fell on their face against the ground.
Satan said, “Lord, you made me unjustly hideous, but I’m glad, because I want to destroy everything that you do.” Other devils said: “Do not call him Lord, Lucifer, because you are the Lord. “God said to Satan’s followers:” Repent and acknowledge me for God, your creator. “They said:” This is revered to have you as we repent because you’re not just while Satan is right and innocent. He is our Lord. “God said,” Go away from me, you cursed, because I do not pity you. ‘
As he went, Satan spat on the mass of earth that spit the angel Gabriel lifted with a little earth. Hence the navel that man now has in his stomach.

Chapter 36
The disciples remained very struck by the rebellion of the angels. Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not pray is that Satan and wicked suffer greater penalties. For Satan before his fall did no such fear, God sent him not to invite any Prophet to do penance, while the man, now that all the prophets came, except the Messenger of God which will after me, because God wants me to prepare his way, but man, I say, despite the examples he has infinite justice of God, lives alone, without any fear, as if God did not exist. As said such men, the Prophet David: “The fool says in his heart there is no God” So they were corrupt and abominable are they now without doing any good ”
Pray without ceasing, O my disciples to receive him for who seeks finds, to him who knocks, it opens and asks receives. In prayer, do not bother to talk much because God pays attention to the heart, as he says by Solomon: “My servant, give me thine heart.” I tell you the truth, thank God, the great prayer hypocrites are everywhere in the city to be seen and considered holy by the people, but their heart is full of wickedness.
Also do not they understand what they want. We need you to understand your prayer, if you want God to receive it. Now tell me, who would speak to the Roman governor or Herod, without first understanding his own heart, where it goes and what he will do? Person, certainly. And if the man is so to speak with the man, that man should be to talk with God, asking forgiveness for his sins and thank him for all he has given? I tell you the truth, very few have a true prayer.
That is why Satan has power over them, because God does not want those who honor Him with their lips, in the temple, their lips and ask mercy heart cries justice. As it says in Isaiah the prophet: ‘Get me this people, it bothers me, because they honor me with their lips but their heart is far from me. I tell you the truth, who will pray thoughtlessly mocked God. Who would speak to Herod, turning his back and looks good in his presence governor Pilate that he hates to death? Person indeed. However, the man who will pray and who do not prepare, turns his back on God and Satan has his face. It speaks well of him, as he has in his heart the love of iniquity which he has not repented. If someone you swore you said with the lips: “Forgive me,” and with his hand, he gave you a slap, how do you forgive him? God will he pity those who say with their lips: “Lord, have mercy on us! “While their heart likes inequities and think of new sins? ‘

Chapter 37
The disciples cried to Jesus’ words. They asked him, “Lord, teach us to pray.” Jesus answered: “Consider what you would do if you stopped the Roman governor to put you to death. Well, it even made it when you pray. Let your words be these: the Lord our God, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come in us. Thy will be done in heaven always. Give us daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Do not let us fall into temptation. But deliver us from evil. For you alone are our God belong glory and honor forever. ”

Chapter 38
John answered, “Master, will we stop to wash when God commanded by Moses? Jesus replied, “Do you think I came to destroy the Law and the Prophets? I tell you the truth, thank God, I am not come to destroy, but to observe. All Prophet indeed kept the law of God and all that God has said in other prophets. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, no one can please God if it abolishes a small precept for it. There will also be small in the kingdom of God, and even there will be no further part. Even more, I tell you, one syllable of the law can not be abolished without very serious sin. Instead, I must warn you that watch what God said through the prophet Isaiah: “Wash and be clean. Take your thoughts to my eyes, “I tell you the truth, all the water of the sea will not wash at heart who loves inequities. And I tell you that nobody will even a prayer pleasing to God if it is not washed the contrary, it will load his soul like a sin of idolatry.
Believe me, if the man prayed to God as he should, he would certainly get all he wants. Remember Moses the servant of God, through prayer flagella Egypt and opened the Red Sea to swallow Pharaoh with his army. Remember that Joshua stopped the sun Samuel frightened the innumerable army of the Philistines Elijah who rained fire from heaven, Elisha resurrected the dead, and many other holy prophets who got what they wanted through prayer. Is that these, in truth, does not seek themselves in their own business, they sought only God and his honor.

Chapter 39
Jean said: “You have spoken well, Master, but we still have to know how man sinned by pride. Jesus answered: When God had driven Satan, and the angel Gabriel had purified the land mass where Satan spat, God created all living things, both animal flying that those who walk and those who swim, and adorned the world of everything he has.
One day Satan approached the gates of heaven and seeing the horses eat grass, he told them that if this land mass was given a soul, they suffer a lot and they would do well to tread this earth so it is no longer good for anything. The horses snorted and prepared with passion to ravage the land that lay among lilies and roses.
Then God gave breath to the piece of land on which was impure spittle of Satan that Gabriel was removed from the ground, and he raised the dog. This barking, filled with fear horses fled. Then God gave the soul of man, while all the holy angels sang. “Blessed be thy holy name, O Lord our God.”
Standing on his feet, Adam lives in the air, an inscription bright as the sun. She said: “There is one God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God” Then Adam opened his mouth and said: “I thank thee, O Lord my God, for having deigned to create me, but tell me, I pray that these words mean: Muhammad Messenger of God? “There have been other men before me? “God replied:” Welcome, O my servant Adam! I’m telling you, you’re the first man I’ve created. Whom you saw is that your son will be ready for many years in the world. It will be my messenger. It is for him that I created everything, He will give light to the world when he comes. His soul is in a celestial splendor, in which it was put sixty thousand years before I do anything. Adam prayed to God saying, “Lord, write it on my nails” God wrote it while on the thumbs of the first man. On the nail of the right hand, there was: “There is only one God,” and on the nail of the left hand, there was: Muhammad is the Messenger of God. ” Also, with fatherly affection the first man kissed those words. He rubbed his eyes and said: “Blessed be the day when you come in the world!”
Seeing that the man was alone, God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone.” So he did sleep. He has taken the side of a hill and heart filled this place with flesh, he made this coast and he gave Eve to Adam as his wife. He made both masters of heaven and said: “Behold, I give you all the fruit to eat except potatoes and wheat.” At about them he said: “Beware absolutely eat these fruits, as you would become so unclean that I would not suffer you to stay here. I Chasing out and you would suffer great misery.

Chapter 40
Having learned Satan was taken rage. He approached the gate of heaven that kept a horrible serpent whose legs were like those of a camel whose toenails cut on all sides like razor. The enemy said, ‘Let me enter Paradise. “The snake replied,” How do I let you go because God has commanded me to chase you? “Satan replied:” Here is God as love: He has placed you out of heaven to guard the pile of mud that is man. But if you make me enter Paradise, I will make you so terrible that everyone will flee and so you can come and go as you please. The snake said, “how do I get you? “Satan replied:” You are great, thus opens his mouth, I go into your belly, so when you come into heaven, thou shalt besides these two piles of mud that work recently on earth. ‘
The snake did so and put Satan to Eve, for Adam, her husband slept. Satan appeared to the woman as a beautiful angel and said to him: “Why do not you eat these beautiful apples and also wheat? “Eve answered:” Our Lord told us that if we eat, we become unclean and we chase paradise. “Satan replied:” That is not true. You must know that God is wicked and envious. That is why he does not want equal and considers each as a slave. This is so that you do not become his equals he told you so, but if you and your companion you follow my advice, you shall eat the fruit like any other and you will not be subject to the other. Instead, you would know good and evil as God and you will do what you please, because you equal to God. “So Eve took and ate. Her husband once woke up, she told him all that Satan had told him. He took what he had and his wife ate. Then, while the food down, he remembered the words of God, and stop wanting food, he put his hand into the throat, where every man has the mark.

Chapter 41
Then they realized they were both naked. Shame they took fig leaves and made clothing for their secret parts. In the afternoon, behold, God is revealed. He called Adam: “Adam, where art thou? ‘
He replied, “Lord, I’m exempted from thy presence, because we are naked, me and my wife, and we are ashamed to appear before you. “God said:” And who robbed you of innocence, if the fruit you ate? It is because of him that you are unclean and you can not stay here in heaven. ‘
Adam said, “Lord, if I ate it, it is the wife that you gave me has asked me to eat. “God said to the woman:” Why did you give your husband the food there? “Eve replied:” If I gave is that Satan has deceived me. “-” And how is it frowned upon in here? “Said God. Eve said: “A snake that stands at the door of the Tramontane brought with me. “God said to Adam,” Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten the fruit, that cursed is the earth in thy work. It will produce thorns and spines for you and the sweat of your brow you shall return land. ‘
Then he turned to Eve and said, “And you who listened to Satan and who gave food to your husband, you will stand under the influence of man, it will take you to a servant and bear the pain “.
Having called the serpent, God also called the angel Michael, who holds the sword of God. He said: “Hunt first the serpent of paradise villain, and once outside, cut her legs. If he wants to walk, he dragged his belly on the ground. ” Then God called Satan who came in laughing. He said: “Why, you’re condemned, did you cheated and did you become unclean? I want each of their soil, as well as those of their children who will really serve me and penance, between, leaving their bodies in thy mouth, and thou shalt be stuffed with dirt. ”
Satan uttered a horrible roar said: “Since you want to do more harm, I still do what I can. “God said,” Damn, going off in my presence. “And Satan went.
Then God told Adam and Eve both crying, “Come out of paradise and do penance. And your hope will not be lost because I send your son, so that your seed will remove Satan’s empire of mankind. Because I give everything to the one who will be my messenger. ” God hid and angel Michael drove them from paradise. Adam turned and saw written on the door: “There is only one God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God. “So, weeping, he said:” Please God, my son, that thou comest quickly we learn from misery. “And so, Jesus says that Satan and Adam sinned by pride, despising the one male and the other wanting to be equal with God.

Chapter 42
At these words the disciples wept. Jesus also wept. Then they saw a lot of people who came to him because the chief priests had concerted to surprise him with words.
They sent the Levite and the scribes asked him, “you, who are you? “Jesus confessed and said the truth:” I am not the Messiah. “They said:” Art thou Elijah or Jeremiah or one of the ancient prophets? “Jesus answered,” No. “They then resumed:” Who are you, tell us so that we to bear witness to those who sent us. “Jesus said:” I am a voice crying throughout all Judea. She cries prepare the way for the Messenger of God, as it is written in Isaiah. ” They shouted: “If you are neither the Messiah, nor Elijah, nor a Prophet, why do you preach a new doctrine and you do you go for more than the Messiah?” Jesus answered, “The Miracles God is by my hands show that I speak what God wants and therefore I do not pretend to do what you say. For I am not worthy to untie the straps or laces stockings sandals of the Messenger of God you call Messiah. One is before me and come after me. It will bring the words of truth and faith will not end.
Levites and scribes went confused, and they reported all that the chief priests said: “He has the devil on the back that tells him everything.”
Then Jesus said to his disciples: “I tell you the truth, the princes and the elders of our people seek occasion against me.” Then Peter said, “Do not go to Jerusalem.” But Jesus told him, “You’re crazy. You do not know what you say. I have suffered much persecution, and suffered because all prophets and saints of God. But I am not afraid, because they are with us rather than against us. ”
After these words, Jesus withdrew. He went to Mount Tabor that ascended with him Peter, and John his brother Jacques, and one who wrote this. At this time, there was about him a great light. His raiment was white as snow and his face shone like the sun. And behold, Moses and Elijah came and talked with Jesus about what would happen to our people and the holy city. Peter spoke these words: “Lord, it is good to be here: if thou wilt, we will make here three houses, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah. “As he spoke, they were covered with a white cloud, and they heard a voice saying:” Here is my servant whom I am well pleased, listen to him. “The disciples were filled with fear and fell face against the ground, as dead. Jesus came down and lifted his disciples, saying: “Fear not, for God loves you he did this to you believe in my words.

Chapter 43
Jesus went down to the eight disciples who were waiting downstairs. And four to eight all told what they had seen. So from that day, Jesus left any doubt about their heart, except for Judas Iscariot who believed in nothing. Jesus sat at the foot of the mountains, and they ate wild fruits, because they had no bread. Andrew said: “You told us a lot about the Messiah, but, thanks, tell us everything clearly. “And the other disciples asked him the same way.
Jesus said: “Whoever comes, comes to an end in which he delights. But I tell you the truth, God, because he is perfect, does not need to indulge in anything because it is in him that he delights. That is why, wanting to act, he created before all the soul of His Messenger, which decided to create everything so that creatures take joy and happiness in God and His Messenger rejoice in all the creatures he made his service1. And why, if not because he wanted it that way?
I tell you the truth, the prophets, when they came, were given the stamp of God’s mercy only one nation: their words were addressed to the people to whom they were sent. But when the Messenger of God comes, God give him a kind of seal of his hand, so he bring salvation and mercy to all the nations of the world to receive his doctrine. It will come with power upon the ungodly, and shall destroy idolatry so that Satan will be confused. This is what God promised to Abraham, saying: “Behold, I will bless in thy seed shall all the tribes of the earth. And as you in pieces the idols, Abraham, and make thy seed. ‘
Jacques said: “Teacher, tell us then about who is made that promise? For the Jews say it is about Isaac and Ishmael Ishmaelites about. “Jesus replied,” David, that he is the son and what breed? “Jacques said:” In Isaac, because Isaac was the father of Jacob, and Jacob the father of Judah, of the seed of David is. “Then Jesus said:” And the Messenger of God, when he comes, what race he descend? “The disciples answered:” Of David. “Then Jesus said,” You are mistaken, as David in spirit call him “Lord” saying: “God said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. God will establish thy scepter which dominate the midst of thine enemies. “When the Messenger of God, whom you call Messiah were son of David, how David would call it Seigneur8? “Believe me, it is in truth I tell you: the promise was made about Ishmael and not Isaac. ‘

Chapter 44
So the disciples said, “Master, it is written in the book of Moses, the promise was made about Isaac1.” Jesus replied with a groan: “This is what is written, but it is not Moses wrote, nor Joshua, but our rabbis who do not fear God. I say to you that if you consider the words of the angel Gabriel, you will discover the malice of our scribes and doctors, for the angel said: “Abraham, everyone will know / how God loves you. But how the world will he love you bear to God? It is absolutely necessary that you do something for the love of God. “Abraham replied,” Here the servant of God, ready to do whatever God wants e. “Then God said,” Abraham, take your first born son, Ishmael, and come to sacrifice to the mountain. “How is it Isaac the first-born, because when Isaac was born Ishmael was seven years old?
The disciples then said: “The lie of our doctors is obvious. Tell us the truth, because we know that you were sent by God. “Jesus replied:” I tell you the truth, Satan is always trying to destroy the law of God. This is why his supporters hypocrites and evil – with one false doctrine and the other with a very bad life – they have now almost all contaminated so easily found the truth. Woe to you hypocrites! For the praises of this world will change for them insults and torments in hell.
So I tell you, the Messenger of God is a splendor that give joy to nearly all that God has done, because it is adorned with the spirit of understanding and counsel, the spirit of wisdom and strength, a spirit of fear and love, the spirit of prudence and temperance. It is adorned with the spirit of charity and mercy, the spirit of justice and piety, the spirit of gentleness and patience. God gave him three times more than all his creatures. Oh, blessed time when he comes to the world! Believe me, I’ve seen and I revered, as well as all the prophets have seen, as it is his spirit that God gave the prophecy.
When I saw him my soul was filled with consolation and said: “Muhammad, may God be with you! He make me worthy to untie the laces of your shoes, because when I have achieved, I will be a great prophet and holy one of God! “After these words, Jesus gave thanks to God.

Chapter 45
Then the angel Gabriel came to Jesus and told him so that we also hear his voice. He said, “Arise and go to Jerusalem.” Jesus went away and went up to Jerusalem. The Sabbath day he went into the temple and began to teach the people. Then the people ran to the temple and the Pope and priests. They came to Jesus and said, “Master, we were told that you speak ill of us. Beware that some misfortune happens to you, “Jesus answered,” I tell you the truth, I say evil hypocrites. If ye hypocrites, I speak against you. “They said,” Who is a hypocrite? Tell us clearly. “Jesus answered,” Truly, I say to you, whoever is a good thing for men to see it, it’s a hypocrite. Indeed, as its action does not enter his heart that men can not see, he leaves all impure thoughts and lust all dirty. Do you know who is a hypocrite? This is the one who serves God with his tongue, but serves men with his heart. Oh unhappy! Dying, he loses his reward. Prophet David says in effect to this: “Do not put your trust in princes, in the son of man, in them there is no salvation, for their death their thoughts perish.” Even before the death they are deprived of the reward, because man, as Job says, Prophet of God, is so unstable that it never remains in the same state, if thee today, tomorrow he will invective and if you want to make a gift today, tomorrow he wants to rob you. Woe to you hypocrites! Because their reward is in vain. As God lives, in whose presence I stand, the thief is hypocritical and sacrilegious, because it uses the law to look good, and flying the honor of God, to whom alone belong honor and praise forever!
In addition, I tell you, the hypocrite has no faith, because he believed that God sees all and he punishes the wickedness in a dreadful judgment, he purify his heart, but not having the faith, it keeps full of iniquity. I tell you the truth, the hypocrite is like a tomb, white on the outside, but full of stench and worms inside. So if you you do priests serving God because God created you and he tells you to, I do not speak against you, because you are God’s servants. But if you do not all interest and you buy and sell in the temple as a place, without considering that the temple of God is a house of prayer and not a business, and you turn it into a den of thieves, if you do all this to please men and if you have forgotten God, I cry against you, you son of the devil, not Abraham’s son who left his father’s house for the love of God and wanted to kill her own son. Woe to you, priests and doctors, if you like, because God will take away the priesthood! ”

Chapter 46
Jesus said: “I offer an example. He was a family man who planted a vineyard and surrounded by a hedge so that it is not trampled by animals. In the middle, he built a wine press. Then he rented to farmers. The time of the harvest came, he sent his servants. When the farmers saw him, they stoned them, burned and stabbed those others, and they were many times. Tell me, what will the owner of the vineyard to these farmers? “They all said:” He will destroy death of male and give the vineyard to other farmers. ”
“Well, Jesus said, do not you know that the vineyard is the house of Israel and that farmers are the people of Judea and Jerusalem? Woe to you, because God is angry against you. You have indeed killed so many prophets of God, there was not enough time Achad men to bury the saints of God. “At these words, the pontiffs wanted to seize him, but they feared the crowd that boasted.
Then seeing a woman who since birth had his head bent toward the ground, Jesus said, “Woman, in the name of God, lifts his head, so that they know that I am telling the truth and that God wants me to the announcement. “the woman straightened then cured, glorifying God.
The high priest shouted: “It is not sent from God because it violates the Sabbath he heals a crippled today.” Jesus replied: “Tell me, is it not allowed talk on the Sabbath and pray for the salvation of others? And if you his ass or his ox fall into the pit on the Sabbath, do not withdraw in the Sabbath? Nobody, of course. And I have broken the Sabbath for making health a daughter of Israel? We recognize there your hypocrisy. As there are many today who fear that the straw that someone in the eye and injures themselves a beam slice their head! As many of those who fear an ant and do not care about an elephant! ”
That said, he left the temple, but the priests gnawing not be able to take it and treat it as they wish, as did their fathers to the saints of God.

Chapter 47
During the second year of his prophetic ministry, Jesus went down from Jerusalem to go pure Nain. As he approached the gate of the city, behold, the people were at the tomb the only son of a widowed mother, and everyone cried about it. With the arrival of Jesus, the men realized that Jesus, the Galilean Prophet arrived, so they began to pray for the dead because he was resurrected Prophet and his followers did the same.
Then Jesus felt great fear and turned to God, he said: ‘Get me the world, Lord, for the world is crazy. Soon, they call me God! “Having said this, he cried, when the angel Gabriel came to him and said,” Jesus, do not fear, for God has given you power over all infirmity: all that you will grant to name of God will be fulfilled. “With these words, Jesus sighed and said,” Thy will be done, O Lord God, almighty and merciful. ”
That said, he approached the mother of the dead and said with compassion, “Woman, do not cry!” He took the hand of death, and said: “Young man, I tell you the name of God, arise healed you. “So the boy revived. Everyone was filled with awe and said, “God has created a great prophet among soft: he hath visited his people.”

Chapter 48
In that time, the Roman army was in Judea. Our region was subject to their sins of our fathers. But the Romans were wont to call God and worship Him who made something new for the benefit of all the people. As some of these soldiers were in Nain, they were to blame each other and saying, “One of you visited your gods and you do not hold any account! Surely, if our gods we visited, we would give everything their best we have, you can see there how we fear. ” Satan stimulated so aroused in this language that the people of Nain, a conflict that was not unimportant. But Jesus did not stop way to Nain. He instead turn to go to Capernaum.
Discord Naïnites consisted of some said this: “This is our God whom we visited.” Others said, “God is invisible. Nobody has seen, not even Moses, his friend and servant. It is not God, but his son. ” Others said, “He is not God, nor the son of God, because God has no body to generate. But it is a great Prophet of God. ” Satan is employed as the third year of the prophetic ministry of Jesus was a great disaster for our people out.
As Jesus went to Capernaum, the people heard of the city and gathered all the patients they had. They stood before the atrium of the house where Jesus lived with his disciples. They called out and begged him to heal them. Then Jesus laid his hands on every saying: “God of Israel, thy holy name, restores health to the sick!” And everyone was cured.
The Sabbath, Jesus went into the synagogue and all the people gathered there to hear him speak.

Chapter 49
That day, the scribe read the psalm where David says: “When I take the time, I judge justice.” After reading the Prophets, Jesus stood up and waved his hand to be silent. Opened his mouth, he said: “Brethren, you have heard what the Prophet said our father David: when he has taken the time, he considers justice. I tell you the truth, many believe, and they fall in the same judgment, only because they feel that does not concern them. As to what concerns them, they think ahead of time. The God of our fathers cry by Prophet David: “Judge rightly, O son of man.”
Miserable are those who stand on street corners and do judge that those who pass by saying, “This one is beautiful, it is ugly, this one is good, this is bad.” Woe to those, because they remove the hands of God the scepter of judgment. It is God who said, “I am a witness and judge, and my honor I will not give to anybody.” I tell you the truth, those reflect what they have seen or heard and they judge without having been constituted judges. Also, in the eyes of God, they are horrible on earth. On the last day, it will make a terrible judgment.
Woe to you! Woe to you who call good evil and evil is that good, because you condemn God as guilty, and you innocentez Satan the root of all evil.

Chapter 50
Tell me, O man, you who judge others, do not you know that all men have taken origin in the same mud? Do not you know that God alone is good and therefore every man a liar is a sinner? Believe me, O man, if you feel that others sin, your heart also has something to be judged. Since it is dangerous to judge! How many have died because of their false judgment! Satan thought that the man was more vile than him, also he rebelled against God his creator and since he is unrepentant as I’ve noticed in talking to him. Our first parents judged that the language of Satan was good, as they were expelled from paradise and they condemned and all their descendants. I tell you, as God is, in whose presence I stand, the false judgment is the father of all sins, for nobody sins unintentionally and nobody wants that he does not know. Woe to the sinner in his trial judge that sin is worthy and well is unworthy, and therefore chooses the good and rejects sin! It certainly suffer intolerable pain when God will judge the world. Oh, how many were ready to perish! Pharaoh thought that Moses and the Israelites were wicked. Saul thought David was worthy of death. Ahab thought Elijah. Nebuchadnezzar ruled the three children who did not worship their gods liars. The two old Suzanne judged, and all the princes judged idolatrous prophets. Oh, terrible judgment of God, who died and thought that that was considered was saved! And why, O man? But because knowing they judged wrong the innocent.
In addition, as were close to their loss good to have misjudged! Joseph’s brothers sold him demonstrated that the Egyptians; Aaron and Miriam, sister of Moses, who thought their brother. Job’s three friends judged Job, innocent friend of God. David and Mephibosheth thought Uriah. Daniel Cyrus condemned to be eaten by lions. And many others who were close to their loss because of this. So I say to you, do not judge and you will not be judged. ”
Jesus stopped there and his speech.
So many were converted and did penance. Bewailing their sins, they would give up everything to go with him. But Jesus said, “Stay home, abandon sin and serve God in fear. So you will be saved, because I am not come to be served but to serve. ”
After these words, he left the synagogue and the city and retired to the desert to pray, because he loved the solitude.

Chapter 51
When he had prayed to the Lord, his disciples came to him and said, “Teacher, we want to know two things. First, how have you talked with Satan, as you say he is unrepentant? Then, how God will he judge the day of judgment?
Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, I had compassion on Satan and his fall knowing I had compassion of mankind that to sin. So I prayed to God and I fasted. He told me by his angel Gabriel: “What do you want, Jesus, and what is thy request? “I said,” Lord, you know what evil Satan is the cause, and that many perished by his temptations. It is the creature, Lord, thou hast created. Also, Lord, let him mercy! “God said:” Jesus, I am willing to forgive him, then do so he says, “Lord, my God, I have sinned, let me mercy” and I forgive him and I will make his first condition. ”
On hearing this, I rejoiced greatly, Jesus said, thinking he made this peace. So I called Satan, came and said, “What can I do for you, Jesus? “I said,” You’ll do for yourself, Satan, because I do not like your servitude, but I have called you for your own good. “Satan replied:” If you do not want my service, I will not I do not want more of yours, because I am more noble than you. Both are you unworthy to serve me, you who are mud, while I’m mind. ‘
Leave it, I say, and tell me, would not it be nice if you return to your original beauty and condition your first? You should know that the angel Michael must hit you a hundred thousand times the day of judgment with the sword of God, and every shot you will just as ten hells. “Satan replied:” We’ll see that day, that the prevail. I have so many angels and idolaters powerful for me that God will look bad and he will know what mistake he made chasing me as a vile mud. “I said,” Satan, your mind is sick and you do not know what you mean. “But Satan to laugh, shook his head, saying,” Come, let the peace between me and God, and you, Jesus , tell us what to do, you who is sane “I replied,” It must be said that two words. “Satan asked,” Which ones? “I said,” These: j ‘ I sin, let me mercy! “Satan said,” I’ll Gladly this peace that God provided me to tell me those words. “” So going in, damn, I replied, because you are the author of any villain injustice and sin! But God is just, without sin. ” Satan went uttering shrill cries, and he said: “It is not true, Jesus, but you lie to please God.” Well see for yourself, Jesus told his disciples, how to find he mercy? “They replied,” Never, Lord, for he is unrepentant. Now we speak of God’s judgment. ”

Chapter 52
“The day of God’s judgment will be so terrible, I tell you the truth, that the reprobate choose ten hells than go to hear God speak in anger against them. Testify against them as all that is created. In truth I tell you, fear not only condemned, but the saints and elect of God. So that Abraham will not rely on his righteousness, and Job will not rely on his innocence. I say that the Messenger of God himself afraid because God, to know his majesty, he will remove the memory so it will be remembered more than God gave everything.
I tell you the truth, and speaking my heart trembles, the world and God calls me I must noticing. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, I am a mortal man as other men are, and that God has made me Prophet of the house of Israel, for the salvation of the sick and the recovery of sinners, I am the servant of God. You will witness what I say against the villains who after my departure from the world destroy the truth of my gospel by the operation of Satan. But I will return towards the end, and I will come Enoch and Elijah. Then we will testify against the wicked whose end shall be a curse.
That said, Jesus wept. Then his disciples wept noisily and raised his voice to say: “Forgive, O Lord God, have mercy innocence of thy servant” Jesus answered: “Amen! Amen! ”

Chapter 53
“Before that day comes, Jesus said, there will be large ruins in the world wars so cruel and so pitiless adviendront the father kill his son and the son kills his father because of the divisions of the people. The cities will be depopulated and regions will be deserted. Such that plagues adviendront not find anyone to bury the dead, they become animal feed. To those who remain on earth, God will send a famine such as bread will be more appreciated than gold. So we all eat garbage. O wretched century, in which almost no one will hear someone say, “I have sinned, God, have mercy on us!” But with horrible voices they blaspheme that which is glorious and blessed for eternity.
After that approaches this day, every day for two weeks, a sign horrible come upon the inhabitants of the earth. In the first day, the sun will do its course in the sky no splendor but rather as black dye fabric and push it groans like a father who weeps over her son nearly died.
The second day, the moon will turn to blood, and the blood will come to earth like dew.
The third day, we’ll see the stars fight them as an army of enemies.
On the fourth day, the stones and rocks hit each other as bitter enemies.
On the fifth day, all the plants and herbs weep blood.
On the sixth day, the sea without leaving its place will rise to a height of one hundred and fifty cubits, and remain so throughout the day like a wall.
On the seventh day, it will lower all, to the point that we can barely see.
The eighth day, birds and terrestrial and aquatic animals come together side by side, and they grow roars and complaints.
On the ninth day, there will come a horrible hail and kill so that no escape barely a tenth of all that lives.
On the tenth day, come lightning and thunder so horrible they break and burn a third of mountains.
On the eleventh day, all the rivers will flow in the opposite direction that will sink of blood and not water.
On the twelfth day, everything that is created groan and cry.
On the thirteenth day, the sky will roll like a book and it rains so much fire that everything is alive will die.
The fourteenth day, there will be an earthquake so horrible that the tops of the mountains will fly in the air like birds and the whole earth will be flattened.
On the fifteenth day the holy angels die and God alone will remain alive. To him be honor and glory! ‘
Having said this, Jesus smote his face with both hands, and then he struck the ground with his head. Having raised his head, he said: “What will be cursed anyone in my words that I am a son of God.” At these words, the disciples fell as dead. Jesus then rose, saying: “Let us fear God now, if we do not want to be in fear of that day.”

Chapter 54
After these signs, there will be forty years of darkness in the world, God is living alone, who be honor and glory forever.
Past forty years, God give life to His Messenger, which arise like the sun, but resplendent as a thousand suns. He will sit and not talk because he will be delighted beyond itself. God will resurrect its forty favorite angels who seek the Messenger of God, and having seen him they will escort four sides.
Then God will give life to all the angels who will turn around the Messenger of God like bees. Then God will give life to all the Prophets, one by one after Adam will kiss the hand of the Messenger of God, by recommending him.
Then God will give life to all the elected officials who cry: “Muhammad, remember us.” In their voices, pity the Messenger of God will awaken and think that it must be fearing for their salvation.
Then God will give life to all created things, and they return to their existence, with the difference that each will be endowed with speech.
Then God will give life to all the reprobate. Seeing them reappear, all God’s creatures will fear because of their hideousness and cry: “What mercy did not forsake us, O Lord our God!” Then God will resurrect Satan. At the sight of all creatures will be dead with fear because of the horrible shape it will. Please God, Jesus says, in that day, I do not track such a monster! Only the Messenger of God not fear these figures, because it will not fear God. ”
Then the angel that we have risen to the sound of the trumpet will sound the trumpet again to say: “Come to judgment, O creatures as your creator wants you judge” a resplendent throne appear in the sky above the valley of Jehoshaphat, and a white cloud come over him. Then the angels will cry: “Blessed is our God, who created us and saved us from the fall of Satan!”
The Messenger of Allah then be afraid because it knows that no one loved God as much as he should. Indeed, anyone who wants to get a penny should give gold in exchange for sixty minutes, and if he has one minute, he can not change. But if God’s Messenger feared then, what will the wicked are filled with evil?

Chapter 55
The Messenger of God will go gather all the Prophets. They talk and pray God to pray with him for the faithful. Then, fearing, each excuse. God lives, I would not myself knowing what I know. Seeing this, God will remind His Messenger he has created everything for his love. Also the fear she will leave, and with love and reverence, he will go to the throne while the angels sing: “Thy holy name be blessed, O our God! “When will he approached the throne, God will reveal His Messenger, as the friend turns out to friends when they have not seen for a long time. The Messenger of God will speak first, saying, “I adore you, I love you, my God, and I thank you with all my soul and all my heart, because thou hast deigned to create me to be your servant . It is my love that you did everything, that I love you for everything, in all and above all. This is why every creature makes you thanks, O God. “All things created by God will say:” We give thee thanks, O Lord, and bless your holy name. “I tell you the truth, at that time, the demons and damned Satan and cry so that more water will come out of the eyes of one of them that did the Jordan. And they will not see God. God says to His Messenger: “You’re welcome, my faithful servant. Also ask me anything you want and you will get. “Messenger of God will answer,” Lord, I remember that creating me, you say you wanted to heaven and the world, the angels and the men for love of me, that they may glorify me by your servant. Lord God, merciful and just, I pray thee therefore you remember the promise you made me, your servant. “God will answer as a friend who jokes with his friend. He will say: “Did you witness this, my friend Muhammad? “With reverence, he will say,” Yes, Lord. “God will answer:” Gabriel, will be called “The angel Gabriel comes to the Messenger of God and say,” What are your witnesses, Lord? “The Messenger of Allah say, ‘This is Adam, Abraham, Ishmael, Moses, David and Jesus, son of Mary.” Angel shall go and then call the aforesaid who approach with fear.
When they are presented, God will say: “You remember what my messenger? They will say: “What, Lord? “God says:” What I did everything for his sake, that all praise me for it. “Everyone will answer:” There are three witnesses with us better than we are, Lord. “God then ask:” Who are these three witnesses? “Moses then says:” The first is the book you gave me. “David answered:” The second is the book you gave me. “He who speaks will say,” All the world, deceived by Satan, said I was your son and your companion, but the book that you gave me said, it is true that I am thy servant, and recognizes all that said your Messenger. ” The Messenger of God then declared: “This is what the book that you gave me, Lord.”
After these words of the Messenger of God, God declares: “All that I have done, I have done so that everyone knows how much I love you. “That said, God gave His Messenger a book that records all the elect of God and all creatures revere God, saying:” To you alone, our God, be praise and honor, because thou hast given to thy Messenger ! ”

Chapter 56
God will open the book in the hand of his messenger. In reading, the Messenger called all the angels, all the prophets and all the elect. Will each inscribed on his forehead the faith of the Messenger of God and in the book shall be entered the glory of heaven. Then everyone will go to the right hand of God. Near him sit His Messenger, and the prophets shall sit beside him. Saints will sit near the Prophets, and the blessed saints near. Then the angel sounds the trumpet and called Satan trial.

Chapter 57
The miserable and will be charged with supreme disgrace by all creatures. And God called the angel Michael. The latter hit a hundred thousand times. With the sword of God will strike it. And every blow is heavy as ten hells. Then it will be the first to be cast into the abyss. The angel called his followers to be similarly outraged and accused. And the angel Michael, by commission from God, who hit percent, which fifty, that twenty, that ten, five times. Then they descend into the abyss, as God says: “Hell is your home, damn! ‘
Then be summoned to trial all unbelievers and reprobates. Against them will rise first all creatures inferior to man. testifying before the God they served and that they have blasphemed God and his creatures. Every Prophet will rise up and testify against them. Then they will be condemned by God in the flames of hell.
I tell you the truth, a terrible day, there will not be a single word or a single thought unnecessary remain without punishment. I tell you the truth, sackcloth shine like the sun and every power that man has endured for the love of God will be changed gemstone. O blessed three and four times, the poor who have served God with all my heart, in true poverty, because they are deprived in this world all earthly care, will be free of many sins! In that day, they will not have to account for how they will spend the wealth of the world, but they will be rewarded for their patience and their poverty. I tell you the truth, if the world knew, he chooses rather than purple cassock, lice rather than gold, and fasting rather than orgies.
When all is considered, God says to His Messenger: “You see my friend, as their wickedness was great! Me, their creator, I put at their service all that is created, and them, they have dishonored me in everything. It is therefore can no longer just that I do not make their mercy. The Messenger of Allah answered: “It is true, Lord, our God, glory! None of your friends and servants ask you for their mercy. Moreover, I, your servant, I ask, before all, justice against them. Just the Messenger Will he pronounced these words than all the angels and prophets and all the elect of God – and I say: elected? I tell you the truth, spiders, flies and stone and sand – cry against the ungodly and will demand justice. God will then become earth every living soul inferior to men. Then send the wicked in hell. These, as he went, that land will be returned where dogs, horses and other animals vile, and they say: “Lord, let us also return in this land.” But they ask they will not be granted.

Chapter 58
As Jesus spoke, the disciples wept bitterly. Jesus also shed copious tears.
After this weeping, Jean replied: “Teacher, we want to know two things. First, how is it possible, that this day, the Messenger of God is full of compassion and mercy will not pity the wicked, so that they are drawn from the same mud? Second, how should we understand that the sword of the angel Michael is heavy as ten hells? Is there therefore a hell? Jesus replied, “Have you not heard what the Prophet David: the right to laugh at the loss of the sinner and despise saying, Behold the man who put his hope in his own strength and his riches and has forgotten God? “” I tell you the truth, therefore, despise his father Abraham, Adam and all the reprobate. It will be because politicians will rise so perfect and so united to God that their minds not conceive the smallest thought against his justice. As each will claim he justice, and more than any other the Messenger of God. As God lives, in whose presence I stand, if I cry now pity for human nature, in that day I will claim justice without mercy against those who despise my words, and especially against those who contaminate my gospel! ‘

Chapter 59
“There is only one hell, O my disciples, and the damned eternally suffer their punishment, although there are seven mansions or regions, one deeper than the other, so as that will go into the deepest suffer greater pain. Yet what I said about the sword of the angel Michael is quite true, because it makes one sin deserves hell and one that does both is worthy of two hells. Also they feel condemned in one hell much trouble as if they were themselves divided into ten, a hundred or a thousand hells, because Almighty God, with his power and his righteousness, so that Satan will suffer as much if it was in ten times a hundred thousand hells, and each other according to his own wickedness. Peter said, “Master, it is really great justice of God, and you are very experienced to talk about today. You will do us the favor to rest and tomorrow you will tell us how is hell. “Jesus said,” Peter, you tell me to relax. Peter, you do not know what you are saying and that is why you have spoken well. I tell you the truth, the rest in this life is a poison for all godliness and a fire that burns every good work. You is he out of memory how Solomon, Prophet of God, and all the Prophets condemn idleness? The fact is, he says: “For fear of cold, lazy does not work the land, and he will therefore beg in summer.” Then he said: “Whatsoever thy hand can do, do without the rest!” And what Job says of our lives, Job, very innocent friend of God? “As the bird is born to fly, and man is born to work. “I tell you the truth, I hate above all the rest. ‘

Chapter 60
Hell is the opposite of paradise, and winter is the opposite of the summer, the hot and cold. As one who would tell the miseries of hell should see the delights of paradise God. Oh, still cursed God’s justice to curse infidels and reprobates. Job, the friend of God, said to her: “Here, there is no order, but everlasting horror. “The Prophet Isaiah said against the reprobate:” Their flames are extinguished forever, and their worm shall not die. “And our father David said in tears:” It will rain on them lightning arrow, sulfur and large storm. “Oh wretched sinners, because there, the delicacies, clothing precious, beds searched and singing sweet harmonies of their queasy.
Oh, what cause repulsion in them ravenous hunger, the burning flames, embers, which skin is flaking, and torments cruel and bitter complaints! “Here, Jesus groaned pitiful and said:” Really, it would be better never been born to suffer a cruel torment! ‘
Now imagine a man tormented in all the parts of his body without anyone caring for him and despised by all. Tell me, this sentence would not it be great? “The disciples answered:” Very high. “Jesus said,” Well, it would be a delight to hell, because I tell you the truth, if God put in balance all the trouble that all men have suffered in this world and they will suffer until judgment and, on the other hand, just one hour of hell, the damned undoubtedly choose the tribulations of this world, because they come from the hands of men, and as these come from the hand of devils who have no compassion.
Oh, how cruel he fire torment! Oh, what a bitter cold, but only if their flames are moderate! Oh, what gnashing of teeth! Oh, how many tears and complaints! Alas, wretched sinners! Jordan has since less water than the tears coming out of their eyes for a moment. Here, the language curse everything that is created as well as their parents, and their creator, who is blessed forever ”

Chapter 61
After these words, Jesus washed his disciples according to the law of God written in the book of Moses, and they prayed. that day, his disciples saw so afflicted, it does not say anything, but everyone was in fear because of his words.
After vespers, Jesus opened his mouth and said: “Who is the father of the family sleep, knowing that the thief wants to force home? Certainly no. He watched, and would be prepared to kill the thief. Well, do not you know, Jesus said that Satan is like a lion prowling, roaring and seeking to devour? Thus it seeks to human sin.
I tell you the truth, as if the man was a merchant, it shall not fear anything that day, because we find well prepared. There once was a man who gave money to his neighbors so they can do business, and the profit is shared equally. So did some trade clothing if they doubled the money, but others expended for the enemy of the one who had given them and said bad things about him. Well, tell me, when the neighbor to call its debtors accounts, how happens it? It will surely be a respectable reward those who traded well. For others, it prevail against them and will insult. Then punish them as required by law. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, the neighbor, it is God who has given man everything he has, and his life, so that he lives well in this world, God removes the praise and glory of paradise man. Also, those who live well double the money by their example, because the sinner is converted and do penance seeing such an example. This is why men who live well will be rewarded with a great reward. but sinners villains who, by their sin, are at the service of Satan, the enemy of God, all that God has given them as well as their own lives, blaspheming God and giving scandal to others, tell me, what will their worth it? “-” It will be immeasurable. “answered the disciples.

Chapter 62
“Therefore whoever wants to live well, Jesus said, is such that the merchant his shop and locks the guard day and night with great vigilance. Reselling, he wants to win on everything he bought, and when he sees that he loses, he does not want to sell, not even his brother. Well, do the same, because in truth your soul is a merchant, and your body is the shop. In fact, everything that the soul receives and gives out through the senses, it buys and sells. Money, in truth it is love. Beware therefore buy or sell your love even with little thought that you will not gain anything! But whether you think, is that you talk, whether you act, that everything is for the love of God. By doing so, you will be safe in that day.
I tell you the truth, many will make ablution and pray, fast and do a lot of charity, much study and preach to others, but their end is abominable before God, because they wash the body and not the heart, they ask lips and not of the heart, and they fill up fast sins they give to others what is not good for themselves to go for good, they study to be able to speak, not to act; they preach to others the opposite of what they do themselves. They also condemn their own mix. God lives, those do not know God with their heart, because they knew him, they would. And as the man has received from God all that he has, he would distribute all for the love of God. ”

Chapter 63
A few days later, Jesus spent close to a city of the Samaritans. They would not let him or sell bread to his disciples. Then Jacques and Jean said: “Master, you like it that we pray to God to send them on fire from heaven? “Jesus answered,” You do not know what spirit guide you, so you speak, remember that God would destroy Nineveh because in this city there was someone who feared God. She was so wicked that God had called Jonah the Prophet to send to her, he wanted to run away to Tarsus fear of these people. Then God threw him into the sea, and gathering fish by rejecting near Nineveh. However, in his preaching, these people are converted and did penance so that God would have mercy. Woe to those who call for vengeance, because it cometh upon them, as every man has in him the material vengeance of God! Now, tell me, did you create this city and these people, you’re crazy? Of course not! For all creatures put together can create even if a new fly from nothing, and this is creating. If the blessed God created these people and this city still maintains this city, why would you destroy it?
Why did you not say, ‘Master, you like it that we pray the Lord our God to convert these people to repentance? “This is the mark of my disciple, pray for those who make wrong! Abel did it when his brother Cain, accursed of God killed him. This Abraham did to Pharaoh who had taken his wife, and that is why the angel of the Lord did not kill him, but he hit only infirmity. This Zechariah did, when, by order of evil king, he was killed in the temple. This, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and David, and all the friends of God and his holy prophets did. Tell me, if your brother gets sick of madness, would you kill him, because he speaks evil and it strikes anyone who comes? You would certainly not, but rather you efforceriez him back to health with appropriate medications to illness.

Chapter 64
As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, in the sinner who persecutes a man, it is the mind that is sick. Tell me, someone would break it head to tear the mantle of his enemy? Is it sane one? He separates himself from God, head of his soul, to offend the body of his enemy!
Tell me, O man, what is your enemy? This is of course your body as well as those who praise you. That is why, if you were sane, you kiss the hands of those who mistreat you and you better gifts to those who persecute you and you hit hard. And why, O man? Because you will be persecuted and mistreated in this life for your sins, and you will be under the day of judgment. But tell me, O man, if the saints and prophets of God were persecuted and vilified by the world when they were innocent, what will happen to you a sinner? And they bore all with patience and praying for their persecutors, who do you do this, O man, thou art worthy of hell? Tell me, O my disciples, do not you know that Shimei cursed the Prophet David, the servant of God, and threw stones at him? Well, that David said to those who wanted to kill Shimei? “What you doing, Joab, Shimei want to kill? Let him curse me, because this is what God wants. It will change the curse and blessing. “And it was so, because God saw David’s patience and freed from the persecution of his son Absalom. Even a leaf stirs not without the will of God. Also, when you are in tribulation, do not think that you endure, nor one who mistreats you, but consider how you deserves to be abused at the hands of devils in hell because of your sins.
You are angry against the city because it would neither receive you, nor you sell bread. Tell me, these are people your slaves? Did you give this city? Have you given them the wheat? Or have you helped harvest? Surely not, because you have never been here, and you are poor. So why do you talk so? “The two disciples replied,” Lord, we have sinned. God forgive us! “And Jesus said,” So be it! “.

Chapter 65
As the approaching Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem with his disciples and went to the pool Probatic. The bathroom was so called because each day an angel of God moved in the water, and the first infirm that entered the water after agitation was cured. A large number of infirm stood so close to the pool which had five porticoes.
Jesus saw a patient who had been there for thirty-eight years, suffering from severe disability. Having known by divine inspiration, Jesus took pity that crippled him and said: “Wilt thou be made whole?” The cripple answered, “Lord, I have no one who plunges me when the angel stirs the water, and when I want to enter, it comes a faster than me who enters. “Jesus raised his eyes to heaven and said:” O Lord our God, God of our fathers, have mercy on this cripple! “Then Jesus said, “For God’s sake, brother recovers, Arise and take up thy bed! ‘The cripple stood up praising God and took his bed on his shoulders.
He went home praising God. Those who saw him shouted: “Today is the sabbath, in it you are not allowed to carry your bed!” He replied: “He who healed me said, take up thy bed and going at home. “They said, ‘What is that?” He replied: “I do not know his name.” Then they said, “This must be Jesus of Nazareth.” Others said, “No, God is holy, and that whoever did this is bad because it is breaking the Sabbath. “Jesus was come into the temple and a large crowd having approached him to hear his words, the priests gnawed envy.

Chapter 66
One of them came to him saying, “Good Teacher, teaches you good and truth, so tell me, what reward we will he in heaven?” Jesus answered, “You call me good and you do not know that God alone is good, so good, as Job says, friend of God, a child of a day is not pure. He even says that angels are objectionable to him. He said the chair attracts sin and iniquities collects as sponge collects water. ”
Confused, the priest was silent. Then answered Jesus: “I tell you the truth, there is nothing more dangerous than talking. This is why Solomon said: “Life and death are in the power of language.” Turning to his disciples, Jesus said: “Beware of those who flatter you because they deceive you! With its language, Satan flattered our first parents, but his words had a miserable end. Similarly, the wise Pharaoh of Egypt flattered. Similarly, flattered Goliath the Philistine. Similarly, four hundred false prophets flattered Ahab, but their praises were so wrong that was rented perished with his admirers. It is not without reason that God said through the prophet Isaiah: “My people, those who flatter you deceive you!” Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees! Woe to you priests and Levites! Because you have so corrupted the sacrifice of the Lord that those who come to sacrifice believe that God as a man eats cooked meat! ”

Chapter 67
Why do you tell them: bring the temple of your God, sheep, bulls and lambs do not eat, but do present to God for all he has given you. And why do not you tell them the origin of sacrifice? It was a reminder that life was made the son of our father Abraham, that do not fall into oblivion neither faith nor obedience of our father Abraham, nor the promises made to him by God, nor blessing was given.
So God says by the prophet Ezekiel: “Take away your sacrifices, for your victims are an abomination to me.”
Approach is that the time to do what our God through the prophet Hosea: “I will call the people elected who was not elected.” And as he says in the prophet Ezekiel: “God will make a new covenant with his people, but not according to the covenant that I gave to your fathers, and they have not observed “and” he shall take away their heart of stone and give them a new heart. “And this is all because now you do not walk in his law. “You have the key and you do not open, even you block the road for those who want to walk.”
As the priest went to get the side of the temple where the pontiff was and tell him everything, Jesus said, “Wait, I’ll answer your question.”

Chapter 68
“You ask me to tell you that God will give us in heaven. I tell you the truth, those who believe in reward, do not like the teacher. Indeed, if the pastor who has a flock of sheep, sees the wolf, he seeks to defend his sheep, but the servant does not. When he sees the wolf, he abandons the sheep and runs away. As God lives, in whose presence I stand, if the God of our fathers, was your God, you would not think to say: what God gives me! But as you say David, His Prophet: “What shall I give to God for everything he has given me?”
I’ll talk to you compared me to understand. There was once a king who found a way a man stripped by thieves and seriously injured. He had compassion. So he ordered his servants to bring this man to town and heal, which they did with all diligence. The king took a great love for the hurt he gave him to wife his own daughter and he made his heir.
Surely the king was supremely merciful. But the man struck the servants disdained remedies, insulted his wife speaks ill of the king and urged his subjects to rebel. When the king asked him a service, he said: “Let me give the king as a reward?” Hearing this, that the king made such an ungrateful? “They all replied:” Woe to him, for the king deprived everything and punishes terribly. ”
Jesus said: “Priests, scribes and Pharisees, you pontiff who hear my voice, I will tell you what God said through his prophet Isaiah:” I have nourished servants and I excited, but I have them despised! “This is our God, King found that Israel in this world full of miseries and gave it to his servants, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron, to take care of. Our God felt so much love for the people of Israel that flagella Egypt, Pharaoh swallows, one hundred and twenty scattered kings of Canaan and Midian, and he gave his law making inherit all the territory that inhabits our people.
But how does Israel? How many prophets did he not killed? How many prophecies did he not contaminated? Did he not violate the law of God? How well have left God to go and serve the cause of your idols scandal, O priests! Do not you dishonor God by the way you live? And now you ask me that God will give you in paradise! You should have asked me what it will be worth that God will give you hell and what you need to do true penance for God to have mercy on you. That I can tell you, and this is why I have been sent.

Chapter 69
God lives, in whose presence I stand, me you will not flattery but the truth. But I tell you, repent and return to God as did our fathers after sin and harden not your heart! “At these words, the priests consumed with rage, but for fear of the people, they blew word.
Jesus said, “Doctors, scribes, Pharisees and priests, tell me you want horses like knights, but you do not want to go to war. You want nice clothes like ladies, but you do not want to run or feed children. You want the berries but you do not want to cultivate the land. You want the fish of the sea, but you do not want to go fishing. You want to honor as citizens, but you do not want public office. Want tithes and firstfruits as priests, but you do not want to serve God in truth. Low since here all the goods you want without any harm, what God will do for you? Verily I say unto you, He will give you a place where you have all the evils no good! ”
After his words, they brought him a madman who did not speak, did not see and did not hear. Saw their faith, he raised his eyes to heaven and said, “Lord, God of our fathers, have mercy on this infirm and give him health, that this people may know that thou hast sent me!” That said, Jesus commanded the spirit to leave, saying: “Under the name of the Lord our God, come out, bad, man.” spirit went, and the dumb man spoke and saw with eyes.
Everyone was filled with awe, but the scribes said, “It is by virtue of Beelzebub, the prince of demons he casts out demons!” Jesus then said: “Every kingdom divided against itself is destroyed and houses fall one on the other. If it was under Satan that I hunted Satan, how shall his kingdom would he? And if your son chase satan by the scriptures that gave them the Prophet Solomon, they testify that I chase satan under God. God lives, the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable in this century and in the other, because the wicked voluntarily condemns himself, knowing his conviction. “After these words, Jesus left the temple and the people glorified. It also brought him all the sick they could muster. Having prayed, Jesus went to all health.
However, that day in Jerusalem, at the instigation of Satan, the Roman army began to incite the people to say that Jesus was God in Israel and that he had come to visit his people.

Chapter 70
From Jerusalem after the Passover, Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi. The angel had told sedition which began in the people, he asked his disciples: “What men say to me?” They replied, “Some say you are Elijah, others Jeremiah you’re , still others one of the ancient prophets. “Jesus replied,” And you, what do you say I am? “Peter answered,” Thou art the Christ, son of God, “Jesus got angry and then resumed angrily: “Go away from me, because you’re the devil and you want me to cause harm.” And he threatened the eleven, “Woe to you who believe, as I asked God a great curse to those who believe. “And he wanted to hunt Pierre. Then the eleven besought Jesus to him, and Jesus did not cast out, but he rebuked again by saying, “Take guards not to say this, because God repugnant.” Peter wept and said, “Lord, I talked like a fool. Pray God to forgive me! ”
Jesus said: “If God did not want to show Moses his servant, nor his beloved Elijah, or any prophet, do you think God would prove this unbelieving generation? Do not you know that God created everything in a single word out of nothing and that all men have their origin in a little mud? How then could God have some resemblance to the man? Woe to those who are deceived by Satan! ”
That said, Jesus prayed for Peter, while Peter and the eleven wept and said, “So be it! so be it, blessed Lord our God! “Then Jesus went into Galilee, that dissipates the foolish opinion that the people began to make him.

Chapter 71
As soon as Jesus was in his homeland, the news spread throughout Galilee that the Prophet Jesus came to Nazareth. We went to fetch hastily sick and they presented him begging him to touch his hand. The multitude was such a rich paralyzed, unable to pass through the door, was carried on the roof of the house where Jesus was. Having discovered the roof, he was down with sheets before Jesus which remained some time without doing anything. Then he said: “Fear not, brother, because your sins are forgiven!”
All were shocked to hear it. They said: “What is the one who forgives sins?” Jesus said, “As God lives, I can not forgive sins, nor any man, but only God forgives! However, as a servant of God, I pray for the sins of others. So I prayed for this lame and I’m sure God has answered my prayer. Also, so you know the truth, I tell this crippled “In the name of the God of our fathers, the God of Abraham and his son, get up, healed.” When Jesus had spoken these words, the cripple healed up, and glorified God.
The crowd then asked Jesus to pray for the sick who were outside, and Jesus went out to them. The hands, he said: “Lord God of hosts, the living God, the true God, Holy God, who will never die, have mercy on them!” And everyone said “Amen” However, Jesus laid his hands infirm, who regained health. And they glorified God, saying, “God has visited us by his prophet! God sent a great prophet. ”

Chapter 72
During the night, Jesus said to his disciples in secret: “Verily I say unto you, Satan wants to sift you as it did for the form. But I have prayed for you, and only those who perish in wait behind me. “Jesus said this to Judas, because the angel Gabriel had told her how Judas spawned with the priests and reported all that Jesus said.
Whoever wrote came to Jesus crying and said, “Teacher, tell me who betrays you!” Jesus answered, “Barnabas, it is not yet time for you to know, but they soon discover the villain, as I leave this world. “Apostles wept while saying,” Master, why do you leave us? It is far better that we die rather than be abandoned you! “Jesus replied,” Let not your heart be troubled and do not be afraid because it is not me that you have created. God is our creator who created you. It will keep you. As for me, I came into this world to prepare the way for the Messenger of God to bring salvation to the world.
But beware of being deceived, because many false prophets who will spoil my words and contaminate my gospel. “Andre said,” Teacher, tell us what sign we recognize, “Jesus replied,” He will not come of your time, but many years after you, when my gospel shall be deleted if it only remains scarcely thirty faithful. In time, God will have mercy in the world.
Then he will send his Messenger, upon whose head pose is a white cloud. Will also he recognized by God’s chosen and will be shown by him in the world. It will come with great power against the wicked and destroy idolatry upon the earth. I am glad that our God is known and glorified him, and they know that I am true. Then he take vengeance to those who say I am more than man. Verily I say unto you, as a child the moon will sooth his sleep and had grown up, he will seize his hands.
As the world keeps to hunt on the grounds that kill the idolaters, because Moses the servant of God, and Joshua killed many. They did not forgive the cities, they burned and killed children, because old wound, it ignited.
It will come with the truth, clearer than all the Prophets and reprove what the world misused. The towers of the city of our father greet with joy. And when we see idolatry fall to the ground and I recognize man like other men, I tell you in truth, the Messenger of God comes.

Chapter 73
I tell you the truth, if in the future Satan tempts you, is that you are friends of God. Person effect storms its own cities. If Satan had his way home, he will let you run on your own, but he knows that you are his enemies, he will do everything possible to make you perish. But fear not, it will be against you like a dog attached, because God has answered my prayer. ”
John said: “Master, not only for us, but for those who believe in the gospel shows us how the old tempter draws its pitfalls to man?” Jesus answered, “The wicked attempts in four ways. The first, when he tries itself in thoughts, the second when he tried in word and deed by his servants. the third when he tries a false doctrine. And the fourth, when he tries by false visions. Oh, man must be careful! Especially as the chair of man is favorable to Satan! She loves sin as one who loves water fever.
I tell you the truth, if a man fears God, he will complete victory. As David says, His Prophet: “God will send his angels, and they will keep your ways so that the devil does not hurt you. For a thousand shall fall at thy left hand and ten thousand at thy right hand, but they do not come near you. “Moreover, by the same David, our God promises us in his great love we keep saying:” I will give you because that will teach and on roads where you chemineras, I will fix my eyes on you. “But what am I saying? He himself says by Isaiah: “Is it possible that the mother forget the child of her womb? Well, I tell you, even if she forgot, I will not forget you! “” Tell me who so fear Satan has angels for guards and protective for the living God? It must nevertheless be said that the Prophet Solomon, my son, that you went to serve God, you prepare your soul for temptation. I tell you the truth, I might not sin against God his creator, man should examine his own thoughts. banker looks like a coin.

Chapter 74
There have been and there still in the world, men who argue that there is no sin of thought. Their error is very large. Tell me: How Satan sinned he? He sinned he was certainly thinking more worthy than men. Solomon sinned by thinking invite to eat all the creatures of God, but the fish corrected by eating everything prepared. It is not without reason that our father David said: “If exalt his own heart settled in the valley of tears.” And why God shouted it from the Prophet Isaiah: “Take your bad thoughts before my eyes? ” But why does he say Solomon: “With all thy guard, guard your heart”? As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands: all that is said against evil thoughts by which one commits sin without thinking.
Tell me, when the farmer plants his vineyard, he does not deeply buried plants? Of course! Well, Satan does the same. When plant sin, he does not stop to the eye, or ear, but it goes to the heart which is the abode of God. As God said through Moses his servant: “I will dwell in them in order to walk in my law.” Tell me, if you gave Herod the king to keep a house in which he would live, would you let the enemy Pilate enter or drop their business? Certainly not! Well, even less should you let Satan into your heart and place his thoughts, because our God has given you in keeping your heart, which is his home!
Look at the banker looks like the coin: the image of Caesar it is correct, the money is good or wrong, does it weight? And he turns a lot in his hand. Alas, crazy! if you are careful in your business on the last day you reprendras the servants of God and thou taxeras neglect and inattention as your servants are undoubtedly more cautious than are the servants of God! Now tell me what is the one that looks like a thought is the banker for a penny of money? Nobody, certainly! ”

Chapter 75
Jacques said: “Master, how can we consider a thought as we look at a penny?” Jesus replied, “In your mind, good money, it is piety, because every thought is of the devil wicked. The exact effigy is the example of the holy prophets is that we should imitate. The weight of thought is the love of God for which we should all do. This is why the enemy will send wicked thoughts against the next line in the world to corrupt the flesh and the thoughts of earthly love to corrupt God’s love. ”
Bartholomew asked: “Teacher, what should we do to think little so as not to fall into sin? “Jesus answered:” Two things you need. The first is to practice a lot and the other is to say little. Idleness is indeed is a sink or any impure thoughts come together is the chatter is a sponge that collects injustices. Therefore, it is necessary not only your actions keep the body busy, but that the soul is occupied in prayer as it should never escape the prayer.
I tell you by comparison: he was once a man who paid badly and for this reason no one who knew him veiled to work his fields. This evil then said: “I myself will find the place idlers who do nothing and they will work in my vineyard.” This man left his house and found many foreigners who were without work and without money. he spoke to them and led them into his vineyard, but in truth, no one who knew him and had plenty to do there went. This deadbeat is satan, he gives the task and service man receives eternal flames. But he came out of heaven and is looking for workers. It is sure to outline its work idle, whatever they are, but especially those who do not know. It does not hurt to know to avoid it, but it must do good to outweigh it. ”

Chapter 76
I tell you by comparison: he was once a man who had three vines: he gave three farmers. The first did not cultivate the vine, it produced only leaves. the second to the third taught how to cultivate the vines, the latter listened to his words very well and cultivated the vine as he had said. So that the vine produced many of the third. But the second left his vines without cultivate and has used his time to speak.
When the time came to pay the rent to the owner of the vineyard, the first said: “Master, I do not know how to cultivate the vine, I have nothing harvested this year!” The master replied, “You fool! But you were not alone in the world! why did not you seek advice from my second winemaker who knows cultivate the land? Sure, you’ll pay! “With these words, he was sentenced to work in prison until he paid his boss. The latter took pity because of its simplicity, freed, saying: “Will I do not want to you to work in my vineyard! I forgive your debt, and that enough for you! ”
The second came, the boss says, “Let my winemaker is welcome! Where are the fruits that you owe me? You know so prune the vines the vines that I have entrusted will certainly good product! “The second answered,” Master, thy vineyard is up! because I did not cut the branches or destroyed the field! But the vine does not produce fruit, so I can not pay you! ”
Then the boss called and said third with astonishment: “You told me that the man to whom I gave you a second vine perfectly taught to cultivate the vine that I have confided, how is it then that vine that I have entrusted did not fruit, yet all does one land? “The third said,” Master, the vines are grown not only with words, whoever wants them to produce fruit every day to sweat blood. How your vine grower of fruit it occur, Master, if he does nothing but waste time talking? It is certain that if he had translated his words into action, he would have given thee the vineyard of income for five years, since I do not know that much about it, I have given you the rent for two years! “The boss was angry and he said with contempt the winemaker:” Ah! thou hast done much not removing the vines and not raking the vine! ‘
It is therefore necessary to give you a reward! ‘
Called his servants, he was defeated without any pity. Then he put him in prison in the custody of a cruel servant who fights every day. He would never release it, even the prayers of his friends.

Chapter 77
I tell you the truth, in judgment, many will say to God: “Lord, we preached and taught to your law.” The stones themselves will cry out against them: “When you preach to others, you are doomed with your own language, evildoers! ‘” God lives, Jesus said, he who knows the truth and acts in the opposite direction, be punished so bad that Satan will almost pity! Now tell me, our God he gave the law to know or to act? I tell you the truth, all science is to wisdom, and it is all she knows.
Tell me, if someone is sitting at the table saw with his eyes delicacies, but chose his hands and eat unclean things, would not it crazy? “-” Yes, of course! “Answered the disciples, Jesus said:” O mad more than anything else, are you crazy, you, man, know the sky your reason and choose the ground with your hands! Because, you know, God, and the desire you want the world! “For you know the reason the delights of paradise, and your works you choose the miseries of hell! Brave soldier who really wants a night walk light itself, but to see the right way to get to the hostel safe?
Oh wretched world it takes a thousand times contempt and abhorrence, our God, his holy prophets, always wanted him to know the way to get to the homeland and its rest! But you wrong, you not only do not work, but, what is worse, you despise the light! It is true the proverb of the camel who does not like to drink plain water / because he does not want to see his ugly face.
So does the wicked who does evil hates the light because, that are not known his deeds. But whoever receives wisdom and who is not only wrong, but, what is worse, is used for evil, is like one who would use the property (which he received) to kill whoever he has given.

Chapter 78
I tell you the truth, God felt no pity for the fall of Satan, but he experienced the fall of Adam. And that is enough for you to know the unhappy state of one who knows the good and the evil. ”
Andrew said: “Master, it is good to stop studying not to fall into such a state.” Jesus answered, “If it is good that the world without sun, man without eyes and soul without reason, then it is less good for the life time for the study of eternal life! do not you know that it is a commandment of God that study? God says in effect: “Ask thy elders and they will teach you! “And the law, God says:” Grant that my precept is before your eyes and think about it, you’re sitting, walking or email any time! ” Judge in yourselves therefore it is good not to study! Oh. it is unfortunate he who despises wisdom, he is sure to miss eternal life! ‘
Jacques said, “Teacher, we know that job has not learned from a master, Abraham either, and yet they became saints and prophets! “Jesus answered,” I tell you the truth, one that belongs to the house of the husband does not need to be invited to the wedding because he lives in the house where the wedding have links, but those who are far house in need. Or do you not know that the prophets of God in the house of the grace and mercy of God? Also the law of God is manifest in them it. As said this about our father David: “The law of his God is in his heart, as his road will not be stoned.”
I tell you the truth, in creating man, our God not only created the right, but he put a light in the heart show him he should serve God. Although this light is obscured after sin, it was not extinguished. And all nations have the desire to serve God and serve false gods and liars. It is therefore necessary that man should be taught by the prophets of God. They indeed clear light to teach the road to heaven, our homeland, serving God well, as it is necessary to be guided and helped him who has the eyes sick.

Chapter 79
Jacques said, “What the prophets teach us they, if they are dead? And how those who do not know the prophets will he teach? “Jesus answered:” Their doctrine is written and must be studied: it keeps you place a prophet. Verily I say unto you, he who despises the prophecy, despise not only a prophet, but he also despises God who sent him as a prophet. For those who like pagans, do not know the prophet, I tell you, if, in these regions, as a man who lives his heart told him to do without another what he does not receive them but instead gives his neighbor what he wants to receive, such a man will not be abandoned by the mercy of God. At his death, if rather God mercifully and show him his law. Do you think maybe God gave His law for the sake of the law? Certainly not! but God gave the law so that man does good for the sake of God. So if God is a man who, for his love, makes good, despise it? Certainly not! Instead, he will love more than to which he gave the law.
I tell you by comparison: he was once a man who had large property in the area there was barren soil that produced only sterile plants. One day he was walking in the desert, from its sterile plants, he found one that was good fruit. The man said: “How can this plant produces fruit as she beautiful? I certainly do not want it cut or you put the fire with the other. “Having called his servants, he was transplanted into the garden. Thus, I tell you, that our God will preserve the flames of hell those who act according to justice, wherever they are.

Chapter 80
Tell me, Job did not he lived Hus among the idolaters? And time of the flood, Moses writes, tell me? He says Noah found grace before God really. Our father Abraham had a father who had no faith since it was itself false idols and he loved them. Lot lived among the greatest villains of the world. Daniel child Aananie, Mishael, and Azariah were captured by Nabuchodnosor. They had only two years old when they were high among the crowd of idolaters. God lives, as the fire burns what is dry and turns it into heat without taking care if it’s olive, cypress and palm, and our God is merciful person acting according to justice, without taking care if it is Jewish, a Scythian, a Greek or an Ishmaelite!
But your heart does not stop there, Jacques, because where God sent the prophet must waive all to your own judgment and follow the prophet and not say: Why does he say this? Why is he defending or orders does he do that? But to say the opposite: God willing! God commands! God says to Moses when Israel despised Moses? “It is not you but they have despised me! ‘
I tell you the truth, one should spend any time in his life, not to speak or read, but knowing how to act. Now tell me, what is the servant of Herod, who does not try to please him by serving well and any concern? Woe to the world because it’s not trying to please the body is mud and filth while not looking, but he forgets the contrary, the service of God who made all things and who is blessed forever!

Chapter 81
Tell me: “Had it been a great sin if the priests who carried the ark of the covenant of God, had dropped on the floor? “On hearing this, the disciples trembled because they knew that God killed Uzzah for having inadvertently touched the ark of God. They said: “It would have been a very serious sin,” Jesus said, “As God lives, it is a greater sin to forget even the word of God which he did everything by which he offers you eternal life! “And after these words, Jesus prayed. After the prayer, he said: “Tomorrow we have to go to Samaria, because that’s what I was told the angel saint of God!”
One early morning, Jesus came near the well that Jacob did and he gave to his son Joseph. tired by the journey, Jesus sent his disciples to the city to buy food and sat down by the well, on the edge. But a Samaritan came here to draw water from wells. Jesus said to the woman: “Give me to drink” the woman said, “Have you no shame, you who are Hebrew, ask a drink of me who Samaritan?” Jesus answered, “Woman, if you know who it is that asks you to drink, maybe you ask him yourself to drink! “the woman replied,” And how would you give me to drink because you do not have a bucket to draw the water or rope and the well is deep! “Jesus answered,” Woman, one who drinks of this water will thirst again, well, for cons, whoever drinks the water I give no more thirst, but to those who are thirsty I will give to drink so they go to eternal life. ”
The woman said, “Lord, give me your water!” Jesus answered, “Go and call your husband, because it is the two of you I would give to drink.” The woman said, “I do not husband, “Jesus answered,” It is well, you said the truth! for thou hast had five husbands, and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband! “On hearing this, the woman was confused and said,” Lord, that I see you are a prophet! Tell me, please, Hebrews pray on Mount Zion in the temple built by Solomon in Jerusalem, and they say it is here and nowhere else, they find grace and mercy of God, while ours love these mountains and say that it is only on the mountains of Samaria to be worshiped. What are the true worshipers? ”

Chapter 82
Then Jesus sighed and wept, saying, “Woe to you, Judea, and makest thy boast, saying: Temple of God! Temple of God! and live as if God did not exist, all addicted to the pleasures and interests of this world! For in the day of judgment you will condemn this woman to hell it seeks to know how to find grace and mercy from God! “Then turning toward the woman he said,” Woman, you Samaritans worship what you you do not know, but we Hebrews we worship what we know. Truly I tell you, God is spirit and truth, and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. The promise of God is fulfilled in Jerusalem in Solomon’s temple and not elsewhere.
But believe me, there will come a time when God will give mercy in another city. Anywhere, we can worship Him in truth and in any place will mercifully pleasant true prayer. “The woman said,” We expect the Messiah when he comes he will teach us! “Jesus said,” Woman, you know that Messiah is coming? “She replied,” Yes, Lord! “Then Jesus rejoiced and said:” As far as I see, you are faithful wife! Know therefore that is by faith in the Messiah of God that every elected shall be saved. It is therefore necessary that you know the Messiah. “The woman said,” Lord, may be it is you the Messiah? “Jesus answered,” I’m really sent by God to the house of Israel, as the prophet salvation, but after me will come the Messiah sent by God to the world, it is for him that God made the world. Also, throughout the world, we worship God and receive mercy, and the year of jubilee, which now comes every hundred years, will return each year and at any place, because the Messiah! “So the woman left her water jar and ran to tell the city what she had heard from the lips of Jesus.

Chapter 83
While the woman talked with Jesus’ disciples returned. They were astonished that Jesus spoke thus with a Samaritan woman, but nobody told him: “Why were you talking with a Samaritan woman?” The woman part, they say, “Lord, come and eat.” Jesus answered, “I have to eat a other food. “Then the disciples said to one another:” Perhaps some way he talked with Jesus and he went to get him to eat. “And they asked him who wrote:” Barnabas, someone he came to bring food to the Master? “The writer said:” There was a woman here that you have seen who brought his bucket to fill with water. “Then the disciples were in astonishment and waited after the words of Jesus.
Jesus said: “You do not know what real food is to do the will of God? This is not the bread that sustains man and gives him life, but the word of God by his will. Also the holy angels do not they eat, but live, fed only the will of God. Thus Moses, Elijah, and still another, we stayed forty days and forty nights without food. ”
Looked up, Jesus said: “How long does it take for the harvest?” The disciples answered: “Three months,” Jesus said, “Well, the hill look like white wheat! I tell you the truth, there is a great harvest to do today! “And then he showed the crowd that came to see him because the woman once entered the city had moved the whole saying,” Men Come see a new prophet sent by God to the house of Israel! “And she told them what she had heard from the mouth of Jesus. Arriving there, the multitude asked Jesus to stay with them. Jesus entered the city and stayed there two days, healing the sick and teaching the kingdom of God. The people of the city said to the woman: “We believe more his words and miracles that we have believed in your words, because in truth, it is God’s holy prophet sent for the salvation of those who will believe. ”
After midnight prayer, the disciples came to Jesus and said unto them: “At the time of the Messiah, the Messenger of God, this night will be the anniversary every year, every year now as she returns every hundred years. This is why I do not want us to sleep, but we prayed, bowing his head a hundred times to revere our God, mighty and merciful who is blessed forever. And every time we say: “I thank thee, O God our single! You who have had no beginning and will have no end. You who, by your mercy, didst all original and in thy righteousness, give it to all end! You who have no resemblance to the man, because in thy great goodness, you know neither movement nor accident. Have mercy on us, because thou hast created and we are the work of your hands! ”

Chapter 84
After praying Jesus said, “Thank God because he made us great mercy because of that night. Indeed, he has focused on this night is the time, so we prayed with the Messenger of God. I heard his voice! ”
At these words the disciples rejoiced much and said, “Master, teach us some precept that night! “Jesus said,” Have you ever seen the balm mingle and junk? “They replied,” No Master, because nobody is crazy enough to do it! “-” Well, Jesus said, I will say, in the world there are even bigger fools, because they combine the service of the world in the service of God, to the point that many who lived a blameless life were deceived by Satan. Praying, they mixed the affairs of this world unto their prayers and they have become abominable before God. Tell me, when you wash to pray, do you not care to be touched by something impure? Yes, of course! What do you do when you pray instead? You wash your soul from sin by God’s mercy. Would you therefore speak of the things of this world while you pray? Beware of doing so, because every word worldly turns to junk the devil on the soul of one who speaks! ”
The disciples trembled so because he had spoken in the vehemence of spirit and said, “Teacher, what shall we do if we pray for a friend we just talk?” Jesus replied, “Let him wait and finish prayer! “Bartholomew said,” But when he sees that we do not talk to him, he will go and scandalized! “Jesus answered,” If shocked, believe me, it is not your friend neither a faithful but an infidel and a companion of Satan. Tell me, if you were talking to a squire of Herod and you find talking to the ears of Herod scandaliseriez you if you did you expect? Certainly not! But you would be comforted to see your friend at court to the king, do not you? “Jesus said. “It is quite true,” answered the disciples. Jesus said: “I tell you the truth, when someone prays, he speaks with God. Is it just that you stopped to talk with God to speak with a man? Is it fair that your friend was shocked because you have more regard for God for him? Believe me, he is shocked that you do expect is a good servant of the devil, because the devil desire is that God forsaken for man. God lives, in every good deed, one who fears God should withdraw from world affairs, not to corrupt the good work!

Chapter 85
“When someone acts or speaks evil, Jesus said, and another undertakes to correct and prevent his evil deed, what does that? “The disciples answered:” It is good, because it is God who is always looking to prevent evil. as the sun is always trying to chase away the darkness. ”
Jesus said: “And on the contrary, I tell you that when someone acts or speaks, he who seeks to prevent the AA pretext to suggest something better serves the devil and even becomes his companion, because the devil seeks nothing other than to prevent all good.
But what can I say now? I’ll tell you what Solomon says, holy prophet and friend of God: “Among a thousand you know, one is your friend!” Matthew said: “We can not love everybody?” Jesus replied: “I tell you the truth,” it is permissible to hate sin, to the point that you can not hate Satan as a creature of God, but as an enemy of God. Do you know why? I’ll tell you: because he is a creature of God and that everything God created is good and perfect. Therefore he who hates hates the creature creator. But the friend is a separate being that is not easy, but that is easily lost because the friend did not suffer that we contradict those he loves above all.
Attention, be careful! Do not choose one for a friend who does not like what you like! Do you know what that means “friend”? “Friend” does not mean anything other than “physician of the soul.” Even then it is rare to find a good doctor who knows the disease and know to apply remedies, as are the few friends who know the mistakes and know how to guide towards good. By cons, what is wrong is that many have friends who pretend not to see the faults of their friend the other excuse and, what is worse, there are friends who help grow and sin . Their end will be similar to their wickedness. Keep you friends to take because, in truth, they are enemies and executioners of the soul. ”

Chapter 86
“Your friend is also able to be corrected to correct you, and wants you to leave everything for the love of God, which he accepts as readily as you abandon himself to the service God. But tell me, if a man can not love God, how will it be like himself, how will he love others? It is absolutely not!
So when you want to choose a friend, because in truth, one that has no friends is in extreme poverty, is looking forward to the nobility nor any of his relatives, nor the nobility of his family, nor the beauty of his house, or the beauty of his garments, or the beauty of her body, not his rhetoric, because you would easily deceived. Examines whether against God-fearing, if despises the things of this world, he likes to do good, and especially if hates his own flesh. You easily find a true friend in this way: he feared God above all, he despised the vanities of the world, it is always busy and always do good, and he hates his own body as a cruel enemy.
However, a friend like that, you do not love so much your love stops him, as you would idolize but love him as a gift that God gave you and God will promote giving even greater. I tell you the truth, he who has found a true friend, found one of the delights of paradise, and even the key to paradise. ”
Thaddeus said, “But if by chance someone had a friend who was not as you said, Teacher, what should he do? Should he quit? “Jesus answered,” It must be like the sea with the boat. It remains on board as long as he sees his interest, but when he realizes that he loses, he gives up. So will you do with a friend worse than you: for you when it is the object of scandal, abandon it if you do not want to abandon you that God’s mercy!

Chapter 87
Woe unto the world Because of offenses! It is necessary that the scandal happens, because everyone is in wickedness, but woe to those by whom the offense cometh! It would be better that man’s neck a millstone and threw it at the bottom of the sea, rather than offend his neighbor! If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, because it is better that you go to heaven with one eye rather than two hell! If thy hand or thy foot offend thee, act the same, because it is better that you go into the kingdom of heaven with one foot or one hand rather than go to hell with two hands or two feet! ”
Simon called Peter, said: “Master, how do I do it? In a short time I would certainly no more a member! “Jesus answered,” Peter abandons the prudence of the flesh and soon you will find the truth. It is your eye that teaches you, it’s your foot that helps you to do, it’s your hand that brings you everything and when it is for you to sin, let them, because it is better for you to go to heaven, ignorant, poor and with little realized that going to hell as a scientist, with great achievements and rich. Anything that prevents you from serving God, blowing it away, like the man hunt everything that prevents us from seeing. ”
That said, Jesus called Peter near him and said: “If your brother sins against you, go and fix it! If change of conduct, rejoice because thou hast gained thy brother! But if not fine, still called two witnesses and again corrects it! If not change behavior, will say to the Church! And if he does not change, consider it as an infidel. You do not dwell longer under the same roof as him, thou shalt not eat at the same table more than him, you do not talk to him more and if you know where he puts his foot in walking, there shalt thou want more! ”

Chapter 88
But beware of taking you for better than him. Instead, you say, “Peter, Peter, if God does not help you with His grace, you would be worse than him!”
Peter answered: “How do I fix it? “Jesus replied:” In the same way you want to be corrected yourself, and as you want to be supported, also supports other! Believe me, Pierre, truly, I say to you, whenever you corrigeras mercy with your brother, you will receive God’s mercy and your words will bear fruit. But if you made the rigor of justice, thou shalt be rigorously punished by God and you shall not bear any fruit! Tell me, Peter, these pots of soil in which the poor cook their food, wash their stones with a hammer and iron? No, of course, but with hot water. Stones, they break with the iron on the wood burning with fire, but the man is fine with mercy! That is why when you corrigeras thy brother thou shalt say to yourself: if God did not help me, tomorrow I’ll do worse than this one did today! ‘
Peter answered: “Lord, how often should I forgive my brother? “Jesus replied:” As many times as you would have them forgive you! “Peter said,” Seven times a day? “Jesus answered,” Every day, forgive him not only seven times but seventy times seven. Because we forgive those who forgive and he who condemns shall be condemned! ‘
Whoever wrote said: “Woe to the princes, because they go to hell!” Jesus answered and said, “Are you mad, Barnabas, having spoken thus? I tell you the truth, the bath is less need for the body, the brake for the horse and the tiller of the ship, the prince for the Republic! Why did God give it Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Solomon and many others that made justice and he gave the sword to extirpate iniquities? ”
Whoever wrote said: “How should we judge, condemning and forgiving at the same time?” Jesus answered, “Everyone does not judge the judge alone belongs to condemn others, Barnabas! The judge must sentence the offender as a father orders that are cut to his son a rotten member that the body does not rot! ”

Chapter 89
Peter said, “How long should I wait for my brother to repent?” Jesus replied: “As long as you like it waited for you!” Peter said, “Nobody will understand this, so tell us more clearly ! “Jesus replied:” Wait your brother as long as God is waiting for you! “” They will not understand it either, “said Pierre. Jesus replied: “Wait until it has time to repent! “Then Peter saddened with others, because they do not understand what that meant.
Jesus said so: “If you were of sound mind and if you knew that you are a sinner, you would never close your heart to mercy on the sinner. Well, I tell you clearly, we must wait for the repentance of the sinner until he has the soul of his teeth to expire, because this is how God expects our powerful and merciful. God did not say: “At a time when the sinner will fast, will alms, pray and go on pilgrimage, I forgive him,” because that, many have done who are damned forever. But he said: “At a time when the sinner repents of his sins for me, I no longer remember her iniquities.”
Do you understand that? “Jesus said. The disciples answered: “In part, yes, partly no,” Jesus said, “What is the part you do not understand? “They said:” What many of those who have prayed and fasted are doomed! “Jesus said:” I tell you the truth, the hypocrites and the pagans are more prayers, alms and fasts that are not the friends of God! But as they are without faith, they can not repent for the love of God, and they are damned. ”
Jean said: “For the love of God, teach us faith! “Jesus answered,” It is time for the dawn prayer! “And they arose and, after washing, they prayed to God who is blessed forever! .

Chapter 90
After the prayer the disciples came to Jesus again, and he opened his mouth and said, “Come, John, because today I will answer what you asked!
Faith is a seal with which God marks his elect. He gave it to his messenger and seal it from the hands of one elected each received faith. Also that God is one, and faith is. Having created his messenger, first and foremost, God gave him before any other faith that is as a representation of God himself and a representation of what God has done and said. As a result, the faithful sees everything through faith better than eyes, because the eyes can deceive, and even they are almost always wrong-but faith is never wrong since its foundation God and His Word .
Believe me, it is by faith are saved all the elect of God. Without faith it is impossible to please God about whatever. This is why Satan is not trying to destroy fasts, prayers, alms, pilgrimage, it grows even infidels, because he enjoys seeing the man work without pay. By cons, it takes all kinds of pains and care to destroy faith. It is therefore with extreme care must be retained.
The greatest effort is to abandon the “why” because the “why” drove out the man of heaven and Satan changed very beautiful angel devil horrible. “Jean said:” How, then we abandon the “why”, since it is the gateway to science? “Jesus replied:” On the contrary, it is the gate of hell! “Jean was silent then. Then he said: “When you know that God said something, who are you, O man, to say:” Why hast thou spoken thus., O God? why do you act this way? “The pottery will say to him that made it,” Why hast thou made to contain water and not to keep the balm? “I tell you the truth, it must be ensured against any temptation with these words:” God said, God did, God willing! By doing this, you will live in safety. ”

Chapter 91
At that time, there was a great uprising in Judea for the love of Jesus, for the Roman army, at the instigation of Satan, urged the Hebrews to say that Jesus was God come to visit. So it raised a conflict such as Lent approaches, Judea was in arms, so that one was the son against father and brother against brother. Some of them said that Jesus was indeed God came into this world, others say no, but he was the son of God, while others said no, because God is nothing like a man and it therefore generates no children, but that Jesus of Nazareth is God’s prophet. All this arose because of the great miracles that Jesus did.
It was to appease the people, the priest ascended on horseback, dressed in pontifical vestments, the holy name of God, “tetragmmaton” at the front. Also went horseback Governor Pilate and Herod, three armies gathered together to Mizpah, each consisting of two hundred thousand men capable of bearing the sword. Herod told them, but they do not subsided. Then the governor and the priest spoke in these words: “Brethren, this war is driven by Satan because Jesus is alive, and it is to him that we must resort and ask to give us testimony on itself so that we believe in him according to his word. “At this, all calmed down and deposited arms, they kissed and say to each other:” Forgive me, brother! ”
That day, each therefore decided in his heart to believe in Jesus as he seems. As a result, the Governor and the pontiff promised great rewards to those who would say that Jesus was.

Chapter 92
In that time, we went with Jesus to the Mount Sinai, according to the word of the holy angel, and Jesus did with his disciples Lent.
Past Lent, Jesus came to the Jordan to go to Jerusalem. One of those who felt joy, he ran screaming all the time: “Our God is coming!” Arriving in the city, it disconcerted the whole saying: “Our God is coming! O Jerusalem, prepare yourself to receive it! “And he testified that he saw Jesus near Jordan.
All out of the city to see Jesus, from smallest to largest, so that the city remained deserted. The women wore even their small children in their arms. And they forgot to take in food.
Having heard the governor and the pontiff mounted and sent a messenger to Herod, He also mounted his horse to go find Jesus so that the conflict subsides people. They sought therefore for two days in the desert near the Jordan, and on the third day, about noon, they found.
He was trying to purify his disciples to pray according to the book of Moses. Seeing the multitudes who covered the earth, Jesus marveled

After these words, the crowds came and when she recognized him, she cried out: “Be well located, O our God!” And they began to revere as we do for God. But Jesus gave a loud groan and said, “Depart from me, you crazy, because I fear that the earth opens and devours me with you because of your abominable words!” So the people were filled with terror and began to cry.

Chapter 93
Having raised a hand to silence, Jesus said: “Truly you have sinned greatly, O Israelites, in calling me your God, who am a man. I fear that God inflicts great scourge to the holy city because of it, and that pound in foreign servitude. That is a thousand times accursed Satan who you are pushed! “That said, Jesus smote his face with both hands and such a clamor arose crying that nobody could hear what Jesus was saying.
Then he raised his hand again to silence her tears had subsided, he added: “I declare in the face of the sky and I take è witness everything that lives on earth that I am a man, born of a woman, mortal, subject to the judgment of God, enduring the miseries of eating and sleeping, cold and hot like other men. That is why when God will judge my words like a sword shall smite all those who believe that I am more than a man. ”
After these words, Jesus saw a great multitude on horseback, and he knew that the governor, Herod and the Pope came to him. Jesus said, “Those also are they mad?” The Governor Herod and the Pontiff had arrived, all dismounted and formed a circle around Jesus, so that the army could roll back the people who wanted to hear Jesus speak to the Pontiff. Jesus approached with reverence the pontiff. It would fall down and worship Jesus, but Jesus cried: “Take heed what thou doest, O priest of the living God! not sin against our God! “The Pope replied:” Judea is now so upset by your wonders and your doctrine they scream that you are God then forced by the crowd, I came here with the Roman governor and King Herod. So we pray with all my heart that it may please thee to appease the conflict which you are involved, because some people say that you are God, some say you are a son of God, and some say that you are prophet. “Jesus replied,” And you, High Priest of God, why do not you calm this conflict? Have you lost your mind too? Prophecies and the law of our God, are they released into oblivion? Oh Judea unfortunate mistake not Satan!

Chapter 94
Then Jesus added: “I declare before heaven and I take to witness all that lives on earth I am a stranger to all that men have told me, that I would be more than a man. I am a man, born of a woman, subject to the judgment of God, living here with other men, subject to the common miseries. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, you have committed a grave sin, O pontiff, saying what you said. It pleases God that much revenge does not come to the holy city because of this sin! ”
The Pontiff said: “May God forgive us! And you, pray for us! “The governor and Herod said also:” It is impossible for a man to do what you do, Lord! We do not understand what you say, “Jesus replied,” What you say is true, for it is God who works well in humans as it is satan who operates evil man is in effect is like a shop in which he enters, and is sold at will. But tell me, Governor, and you, King, you say that because you are foreign to our law? If you read the testament and covenant of our God, you would see that Moses, a wand, turned water into blood, dust fleas, dew storm and light for darkness. He brought Egypt frogs and rats, and they covered the earth he killed the firstborn and opened the sea where it engulfs Pharaoh. I did none of the things, and yet everyone admits that Moses is a man now dead! Joshua stopped the sun and opened the Jordan that I have not done either, yet everyone agrees that it is a man now dead! Elijah brought down fire from heaven visibly and rain that I have not done, and yet everyone admits that Elijah was a man! And many other holy prophets, friends of God, under God did things that can not understand why those who do not know our God Almighty and merciful God, who is blessed forever!

Chapter 95
The Governor, the pontiff and the king prayed gift of Jesus ride on a high place and talk to people to calm the crowd. Jesus then went on one of the twelve rocks was extracted from the middle of the twelve tribes in Jordan when Israel spent on dry ground. Then he said aloud: “Let our priest ascends a high place, for me it confirms my words:” The pontiff went up to Jesus and said, “Say it clear for everyone to understand: it is written alliance in the will of the living God and that our God has no origin and will never end? “The priest replied:” It is what it is written, “Jesus said,” Y is he wrote that our God has created all things by his word alone? “” It is so, “said the pontiff. Jesus said: “There it is written that God is invisible and hidden to the human intellect, being incorporeal, without makeup and without movement?” – “It is true! “The pontiff said. Jesus said: “There it is written that all the heavens can not contain God as it is huge? “-” This is what the prophet Solomon, Jesus, “said the pontiff. Jesus said: “There it is written that God does not need anything as not eating, not sleeping and not suffering from any disability?” – “It is so,” said the pontiff. Jesus said: “There it is written that God is everywhere and there is no other God but him, and strikes that heals and does everything he wants? “-” Thus it is written, “replied the priest. So, hands up, Jesus said: “O Lord our God, that is my faith that I will come to your judgment, whosoever believeth in testimony against the opposite!”
And facing the people, he added: “Do penance, because you recognize your sin at all what the pontiff said and what is written in the book of Moses, God’s covenant forever! In fact, I am a visible man, a little mud walking on earth, mortal as are other men, I who had a beginning and will have an end, and as I can not even create a fly from scratch. ”
The people then raised his voice and wept and said, “We have sinned against you, Lord our God, have mercy on us!” All begged Jesus to pray for the salvation of the holy city, so that our angry God does not allow that the Gentiles trample the feet. Then the hands, Jesus prayed for the holy city and the people of God, each exclaiming, “So be it! Amen! ”

Chapter 96
After the prayer, the pontiff said in a loud voice: “Stop, Jesus, for the tranquility of our people, we lack to know who you are.” Jesus answered, “I am Jesus, son of Mary, race David, mortal man and God-fearing. I use that honor and glory be rendered to God. ”
The pontiff said: “In the book of Moses, it is written that our God must send us the Messiah. It will announce what God wants, and he will bring to the world the mercy of God. I beg you to tell us the truth: “Are you the Messiah of God we wait?” Jesus answered, “It is true that this is what our God has promised, but it is not me, because it is before me and come after me. “the Pontiff continued:” Anyway because of your words and your miracles, we believe that you are a prophet and holy one of God, so I beg you in the name of Judea and Israel, we say, for the love of God, how come the Messiah. “Jesus answered,” As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, I am not the Messiah expected by all the tribes of the earth, as God promised to our father Abraham, saying: “In thy seed I will bless all the tribes of the earth” But when God will remove me from the world, Satan will raise again this accursed sedition: he will believe that I am the wicked God and son of God, and my words and my doctrine shall be contaminated if it will scarcely thirty faithful. Then God will have mercy on the world and he will send his messenger to which he did everything. It comes with Midi power and destroy the idols and idolaters, because it will remove Satan’s empire it has on men. He will bring with him the mercy of God for the salvation of those who believe. Blessed who believe his words! ”

Chapter 97
I, who am not worthy to untie his shoes, I had the grace and mercy of God to see! “The Pope, the governor and the king then replied:” Do not worry, Jesus, Holy God, this conflict will not happen again in our time. We write indeed the sacred Roman senate, and by imperial decree no longer call you God or son of God. ”
Jesus said: “Your words do not comfort me, because the darkness come from where you expect the light. My consolation is in the coming of the messenger of God who will destroy any misconception with me “.
“His faith and seize broadcast around the world, because that is what God promised Abraham, our father. What consoles me is that his faith will not end, but that God will keep intact. ” The Pontiff continued: “Other prophets they will after the messenger of God?” Jesus replied: “After him, it will not come true prophets sent by God, but there will come a number of false prophets, and it causes me of the sentence, because it is Satan who will lead a righteous judgment of God, and they cover the pretext of my gospel. ” Herod said, “How is it a just judgment of God will come from such wicked? . “Jesus answered,” It is just that he who does not believe the truth to his salvation, to believe in the lie to his damnation as I tell you, the world has always despised the true prophets and loved the false, as can be seen at the time of Micah and Jeremiah. because everyone loves his fellow man. ”
The Pontiff said: “How is called the Messiah? And what sign will prove his coming? “. Jesus answered: “The name of the Messiah is admirable, for God himself gave him when he had created his soul, and he was placed in a celestial splendor. He said: “Wait Muhammad love for you I want to create paradise, the world, and a great multitude of creatures which I am now. Also the one who blesses you will be blessed and those who curse you will be cursed! When I send thee into the world I shall send thee as my messenger of salvation. Your word is so true that heaven and earth will pass away but your faith will never fail! “Muhammad is his blessed name.” Then the people lifted up their voices and said:
“O God, send us thy messenger! O Muhammad, come quickly for the salvation of the world! ‘

Chapter 98
After these words, the crowd went as the pope, the governor and Herod, making grand speeches about Jesus and his teachings. The pontiff asked the governor to write it all in Rome, the senate. What did the governor. As the senate, to please Israel decreed that the risk of losing life, no longer call Jesus of Nazareth Jewish prophet, neither God nor son of God. This decree was placed in the temple in copper letters.
Much of the crowd being gone, there remained only five thousand men besides women and children. Tired from the trip, they were held for two days without bread, because in their desire to see Jesus, they had forgotten to take and had eaten raw herbs, they could go like the others. The learner, Jesus took pity and said to Philip, “Where shall we find bread to keep them from dying of hunger?” Philippe replied, “Lord, two hundred denarii would not be enough gold to buy enough bread for each receives one bit! “Andre said:” There is a boy here who has five loaves and two fish, but what are they among so many? “Jesus answered:” Do sit the crowd! “They sat on hay in groups of fifty and forty.
Then Jesus said: “In the name of God!” He took bread and begged God. Then he broke the bread and gave it to the disciples, and the disciples gave to the multitude. He did the same for fish. They all ate and were satisfied all. Then Jesus said, “Gather what is left!” Therefore the disciples gathered up the pieces and filled twelve baskets. Each and rubbed his eyes and said, “Am I awake or do I dream?” All remained as a full hour outside of themselves because of this great miracle. Then Jesus gave thanks to God and took leave of them, but seventy-two men would not abandon it, and Jesus, having recognized their faith, chose disciples.

Chapter 99
Having retired in depression desert bordering the Jordan, Jesus summoned the seventy-two and twelve. He sat down on a stone, he made her sit beside him and opened his mouth, he said with a sigh: “Today we have seen so much wickedness in Judah and Israel, that my heart trembles still in the chest by fear of God. I tell you the truth, God is jealous of his honor, and as a lover, he loves Israel.
You know that when a young man loves a woman who does not love but loves another, moved by indignation, he kills his rival. I tell you, God is the same as when Israel loved something to the point of forgetting God, God destroyed that thing. But what is more pleasing to God here on earth, the priesthood and the holy temple? However, at the time of the prophet Jeremiah, as the people had forgotten God and glorified the temple only because there were not similar to the world, God raised his own anger Nabuchodnosor king of Babylon. He take the holy city by the army and burned the sacred temple, so that the sacred things that the prophets of God were trembling touch trampled by the infidels filled with wickedness.
Abraham loved a little more than he should his son Ishmael. God also told him he killed his son to kill the love of his bad heart. He would have done if the knife had cut.
David loved Absalom strong, as God made it so that the rebellât son against the father, he was suspended by the hair and killed by Joab. Oh terrible judgment of God, loved his hair as Absalom above all and they changed the rope to hang!
The Job was innocent near loving her seven son and three daughters, then God put it into the hands of Satan, this one in a single day, not only deprived of wealth and son, but the hit of a great weakness. for seven years came to him in the flesh!
Our father Jacob loved Joseph more than his other son. Then God made the sale and made by his son Jacob deceive themselves, so he believed that the beasts had devoured his son and cried for ten years!

Chapter 100
God lives, brethren, I fear that God is angry against me! This requires that you go through Judea and Israel preach the twelve tribes of Israel to the truth they are keyed! “With fear and weeping, the disciples answered:” We will do everything that you shall command us. “Jesus said: “Let us three days of prayer and fasting, and every night when you see the first star and where we pray to God, we will now be three, three times asking mercy because of Israel’s sin three times worse than the sins of others. “disciples answered,” So be it! ”
After the third day, in the morning of the fourth, Jesus summoned the disciples and apostles and said to them: “Just stay with me that Barnabas and John. You guys go around the region of Samaria, Judea and Israel preaching penance, because the ax is placed near the tree to cut it! Pray for the sick, because God has given me power over all weakness! ”
Whoever wrote said: “Master, if you asked your disciples how they should do penance, that they answer?” Jesus replied: “When you lose a scholarship, eye he returns back only to see? or hand to the back? or language to query? Of course not, but it is the whole body to go back and employing all the powers of his soul to find it, is it not? “The writer said:” It is quite true! ”

Chapter 101
Jesus said: “Penance is the opposite of bad life, because each direction must become the opposite of what he did in sinning: pleasure, we must resist the pain, the tears of laughter, the orgies, fasts, to sleep, watches, idleness, activity, lust, chastity. Stories that turn into prayer and alms avarice! ”
Asked who writes: “But if you ask them how we suffer, how we cry, how we fast, how we act, how we must remain chaste, how we pray and give alms, that meet- they? AND how will they do a good penance if they do not repent? ”
Jesus replied: “That’s a good question, Barnabas. I want to respond fully please God. So today, I will speak of penance in general. And what I say unto one I say unto all. Know that penance, more than anything, should be done by pure love of God. Otherwise, it would be vain to repent. I will therefore speak by comparison. Any construction, if we take away its foundations, crumbling, is it not true? “-” It is true! “Answered the disciples, Jesus said:” The basis of our salvation is God without it there is no salvation. When a man has sinned, he lost the basis of his salvation. Also it should start with the basics.
Tell me, if your servants had offended and you learn that they do not suffer you have offended, but they have lost their only reward you forgive them? Of course not! So I tell you, God will he repent for those who have lost paradise. Satan the enemy of all good, very sorry to have lost heaven and hell to win. But it will never find mercy. Do you know why? Because he does not like God and he hates even its creator.

Chapter 102
I tell you the truth, every animal, according to his own nature, he loses what he wants, although he regrets the lost. This is why the sinner who really wants to do penance must have great desire itself that acted against his creator. And praying it will not have the courage to ask for paradise, or that God frees hell, but confusion with prostrate before God, say in praying: “Lord, here is the culprit that has offended you without Therefore, in the very moment when he had to serve you! This is your hand that comes here to seek punishment for what he did and not from the hand of Satan, your enemy, for the ungodly is not happy with your creatures. Punished, punished as you please, Lord! You never give me much torment than deserves the villain that I am! “If it is in this attitude, the sinner found in God even more that ask mercy justice.
This is really abominable sacrilege for the sinner to laugh because our father David rightly called this world “valley of tears. “There was once a king who adopted a son and one of his slaves who was master of all he possessed. It happened that the deception of a villain, the poor fell into disgrace with the king. So he endured great hardships, both in its mode of existence of how he was despised and robbed of what he earned by his daily work. Do you believe that such a man laughed for a moment? “. “Certainly not, ‘replied the disciples, as if the king had known, he would have killed to see him laugh at his disgrace! But it is likely he wept day and night! ”
Jesus wept and then said: “Woe to the world because it is assured of eternal torment! Oh, wretched man, our God had elected almost as a son and gave you heaven and you, miserable, prompted by Satan, you fell out of favor with God, you were expelled from paradise and doomed world where foul you get nothing with difficulty and where every good deed eludes you because you sin continually. And yet the world laughs, and what is worse is that the greatest sinner laughs more than others! It will thus as you said, God damn the eternal death of the sinner who laughs and not crying sins.

Chapter 103
Crying sinner must be like the father who weeps over her son nearly died. O foolish man, you’re crying on the body and soul left and you do not cry soul that God’s mercy has left because of sin!
Tell me, if the sailor, when his ship was wrecked, by his tears could recover what he has lost, what would he do? It certainly cry all the time! Yet I tell you the truth, man sins crying whenever something unless crying sin. Indeed, all the misery which comes from God for his salvation, so should rejoice! On the contrary sin is of the devil for the damnation of man and man does not get sad! Memorize where man seeks what he night not name what is useful! ”
Bartholomew said, “Lord, will those who do not cry because his heart is a stranger to tears?” Jesus answered, “Bartholomew those who shed tears do not cry either! God lives, there are men whose eyes never shed a tear and cried more than a thousand of those who shed tears! Crying sinner is the consumption of land by force feelings of pain, so that consumption preserves the soul from sin, as salt preserves from putrefaction that what we put on. If God gave the true penitent tears as the sea water contains, it would much more. Also this desire he consumes the little humor that would come out like a fiery furnace consumes a drop of water. By cons, who burst into tears easily as the horse is walking more quickly it is less loaded.

Chapter 104
In truth, there are men who have both inner feelings and tears outside. But who is this? There is only one Jeremiah! Actually crying. God sees more pain than tears. ”
Jean said: “Master, how man lost it crying for something other than sin?” Jesus answered, “If Herod gave you warning a coat and then removed it to you, would Because you crying? “-” No, “said Jean. Jesus then said: “Well, the man has even less reason to cry when he loses something, or he did not want it, because everything comes from the hand of God. Is that God can not use its discretion in its business? O foolish man, you have to you that sin is to him you have to cry and not for anything else! ”
Matthew said: “Master, thou hast proclaimed before all Judea that God has no resemblance to the man and now you say that man receives from the hand of God. If God has hands, it has a resemblance to the man! “Jesus answered,” You are in error, Matthew! And many are deceived in this way ignoring the meaning of words, because man must not consider the external words, but their meaning. The human voice is indeed as an interpreter between us and God. Or do you not know that when God chose to speak to our fathers on Mount Sinai, our fathers cried: “Tell us, thou, Moses, but God does not speak to us, lest we die ! “And God said it through the prophet Isaiah: God’s ways are so different from those of men and God’s thoughts the thoughts of men that heaven is distant from the earth.

Chapter 105
God has this huge that I tremble to describe. Yet I must speak to you. I will tell you that the heavens are seven in number, distant from each other as well as the first heaven is from the earth, yet it is far from five hundred years away. the earth is distant from the highest heaven of three thousand five hundred * years away. I say to you that the relationship between a needle and the first heaven is the ratio between the first and the second heaven, and similarly for all the heavens. Yet the greatness of the earth that has added all the heavens is from heaven, like a needle point and even as a grain of sand. Is it not the immeasurable greatness? “The disciples answered:” Yes, indeed! ”
Jesus said, “As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, any small before God is like a grain of sand! God is many times larger than it should be grains of sand to fill all heaven and paradise, and more! Well, then see if there is any proportion between God and man that is a bit of mud that is on the earth! “Be very careful to understand the meaning and not the letter if you want eternal life.!”
The disciples answered then: “Only God can know himself! It really is as said the prophet Isaiah: “He is hidden within the meaning of man.” Jesus said, “It’s true. And when we get to heaven, we know God here on earth as we know the sea with a drop of salt water!
To return to my subject, I must tell you that crying only because by sinning man abandons God his creator. But how does he mourn who participates in orgies and feasts? He will cry like ice gives the fire! If you want to dominate your senses, you must change the orgies fasting because it is our God and prevailed. ”
Thaddeus said, “God is there some way to dominate?” Jesus answered, “You start to say this … God God is like that …! Tell me, man he sensitivity? “-” Yes, “replied the disciples, Jesus said,” Is there a single man living in that sensitivity is not at work? “- “No,” answered the disciples. “You are mistaken, Jesus says, because where is the sensitivity of one who is blind, dumb and crippled? And when the man fell into fainting? “Then the disciples were embarrassed. Jesus said: “There are three things that make the man, the soul, the sensitivity and flesh, each with its own life. As you have learned, God created our body and soul, but you have not yet learned how he created the sensitivity. That is why tomorrow, God willing, I will tell you. “After these words, Jesus gave thanks to God and prayed for the salvation of our people, each of us saying,” Amen. ”

Chapter 106
After the dawn prayer, he sat under a palm tree and his disciples came to him. He said: “As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, many mistakes in our lives! Indeed, the soul, the sensitivity and the pulpit are so united that most men say that the soul and sensibility are one and the same. Dividing by its activity and to its essence, they call sensitive soul, vegetative and intellective. But in truth I tell you, it is the same soul that understands and lives. Oh, fools, when they find one that is intellective soul without life? Certainly not! By cons, life can meet without sensitivity, as in one who is half dead and the sensitivity drops.
Thaddeus said, “Teacher, when sensitivity abandon life, the man is dead!” Jesus answered, “It is not true! It is when the soul goes that man is dead, because it will not come back into the body by a miracle. But the sensitivity goes away because of the fear she feels great pain or qu’éprouverait soul. Sensitivity, God has indeed created for fun and she lives only for this, as the body lives on food, and the soul of knowledge and love! She rebels against the soul now because of the indignation she feels to be deprived of the pleasure of Paradise by sin. It is therefore of utmost importance that those who do not want her to live in carnal pleasure, nourished by the spiritual pleasure. Do you understand? I tell you the truth, God created after the condemned to hell, snow and ice intolerable because she said she was God. But when he starved and deprived him of food, she admitted that she was a servant of God and his handiwork. Now tell me, in wicked, how sensitive is it? Certainly it is in them as God, they follow and they abandon reason and the law of God. They also become abominable, without doing anything good.

Chapter 107
That is why the first thing after the regret of sin is fasting. Indeed, one who sees a food made him sick, sorry to have eaten first and then abandoned to not get sick because he fears death. So must the sinner. Knowing that pleasure, depending on the sensitivity in the goods of this world, did sin against God his creator, he regrets having done so, because it deprives him of God is life, and gives the eternal death of hell.
But since man must use the goods of this world to live, he must fast down here to reach to mortify his sensitivity and knowledge of God his Lord. When you see that the sensitivity hate fasting, show him the state of hell where takes no pleasure, but where we feel infinite pain and show him the delights of paradise are such that only grape paradise is better than all the delights of the world. In this way it will easily calm. It is better to be content with little effect to receive a lot of being unfettered in small things but all in private torment.
For many fast, you have to remember the rich alive, for trying all day on this earth to do good cheer, he was deprived of a drop of water in eternity. While Lazarus, merely crumbs on this earth, to be held forever in the boundless delights of paradise.
But the penitent be careful because Satan seeks to destroy every good work, and in a more penitent than others, as in the penitent rebelled against him and has changed faithful servant rebellious enemy. Satan therefore seek at all costs to prevent fast pretext of illness. And when it will not be worth it to invite a young extreme he gets sick then and live in luxury. And if he does not succeed, it does not seek to do that fast food body, to be like him who eats and who never sins forever.
Thank God! it is abominable to deprive the body of food and fill his soul with pride while despising those who do not fast and claiming they best! Tell me, the patient does it glorify the diet that makes it follow the doctor and he will treat fools who do not make it? Certainly not! It rather deplore the disease for which it is to diet. Likewise, I say unto you, the penitent must not boast of fasting, nor despise those who do not fast, but it must deplore the sin for which there fast.
The penitent fasting does not provide food searched, but merely roughage! Is that the man wanted to give food and dog that bites the horse that rebels? Certainly not! But just the opposite! Suffice it to you about fasting!

Chapter 108
But listen to what I tell you vigils, as well there are two kinds of sleep, the body and the soul, so he must be careful in the eve that the soul does not sleep while the body before, which would be a huge mistake!
Tell me by comparison, here is a man who hits a stone and walking, to encounter more of the foot, hit the head. What do you say to such a man? “The disciples answered:” It is an unfortunate, a madman! “Jesus said,” You have answered. Verily I say unto you, he who watches with his body and sleeps with his soul is broken. It is especially difficult to cure than spiritual infirmity is more serious than bodily infirmity. So it is unfortunate that glorify his body which is the base of life, not sleeping, while he does not see in his misery, his soul sleeps, she is the head of his life !
The sleep of the soul is forgetfulness of God and his terrible judgment. And the soul that day, it is one that recognizes God in everything and everywhere, is that thanks in all his majesty, for everything, above all, always recognizing that at any time it receives grace and God’s mercy. Therefore, in fear of his majesty, angelic voice still resonates in his ear: “Creatures come to judgment, because your creator wants you to judge!” So she remains usually in the service of God.
Tell me, what do you prefer, see the light of a star or the sun? “Andre said:” In the light of the sun, Master! Because in the light of the star we can not see the mountains that are close, while in the sunlight, we see the smallest grain of sand. It is with concern that we walk in the light of the star, while in the sunlight we walk with confidence. ”

Chapter 109
Jesus said: “Well, I tell you, this is how you watch with the soul under the sun of justice is our God. But do not boast vigils body! It is very true, however, that body must flee sleep as much as you can, but it is impossible to avoid it altogether, since the sensitivity and the flesh are burdened and food business reason. Whoever wants little sleep, thus avoiding too many business and avoids eating a lot! As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, it is possible to get some sleep every night, but it is never allowed to forget God and his terrible judgment that such an omission is the sleep of the soul ! ”
Whoever wrote asked: “Master, how could we always remember God? It seems quite impossible! “Jesus said with a sigh:” This is the greatest misery that can suffer man, Barnabas! On this earth. it does not always just remember God its creator, except those who are holy, because they always keep in mind: they have so much in them the light of the grace of God he can not forget God.
But tell me, have you seen those who work for squaring gemstones? They learned so much struck by a continual exercise they talk with others while watching the indiscriminate stone chisel work. And yet they do not hit on your hands! Thus made yourself! Have the desire to be holy if you want to completely overcome the misery of oblivion! It is certain that the water breaks the hardest stones when a drop falls into it for a long time. Do you know why you do not overcome this misery? Because you do not know that it is a sin! I will tell you this: when a prince you a gift, O man, it is a mistake to close your eyes and turn your back. Similarly, those who forget God made a mistake, because the man receives God’s gifts any time and mercy.

Chapter 110
Now tell me, every time you do it is not given by our God? Yes, certainly, because it gives you constantly breath which you live. Verily, verily, I say unto you, whenever your body receives the breath, your heart should say, “God be thanked!”
Jean said: “Your words are very true, Master! So teach us the way to achieve this happy state! “Jesus answered,” Truly I tell you, we do not succeed with human power, but by the mercy of God our Lord. It is true that man should desire the good that God gives him. Tell me, when you’re at the table, do you think these foods that you do not even want to see? Of course not! Likewise, I say unto you, you will not receive what you do not want. If you want to holiness, God is powerful enough to make you holy in less time than it takes to blink an eye. But our God wants our expectations and we ask for the man to recognize the gift and the giver.
Have you seen those engaged in archery on a target? Granted, they often take in vain. Yet they never want to take in vain, they still hope to reach the target! Well, you would always have that in mind our God, do it yourself. When you forget it, lament it, and God will give you grace to achieve all that I have told you.
Fasting and spiritual day are so joined together as soon as we broke yesterday, it also breaks the fast. Indeed, by sinning man breaks the fast of the soul, and forget God. Therefore our soul and those of all ensure fast and constantly, because it is not permissible for anyone to sin.
When to corporal fasting and vigils, believe me, you can not always do, and not everyone can do them, for example the sick, the elderly, pregnant women, travelers, children, and those with delicate complexion. So that each chooses his fast as he dresses custom! Because, as a child’s clothes do not go to a man of thirty years. and vigils and fasts one they are not made for each other.

Chapter 111
But beware: Satan will make every effort to get you to watch the night, after that you were asleep when the command of God you should pray and listen to His word! Tell me you like it that your friends eat meat bones and leave you? “Peter replied,” No, sir! Such a man should not call friend, but insulted! “Jesus said with a sigh:” You say true, Peter. In truth, the more the body before it is needed or will sleep the sleep of heavy head while praying or listening to the word of God. This unfortunate insult God the creator and he is guilty of this sin. It is even a thief steals time must give to God and he spends it when he pleases and to the extent that it pleases him.
Barrel of fine wine, a man gave drink to his enemies as the wine was good, but came to the dregs, he gave his lord to drink. What do you think will be the master of that servant when he learns that the servant and will be in front of him? Obviously, he whip and kill in righteous indignation by the laws of the world! And God, what will happen to the man who employs his best moments in business and its worst in prayer and study of the law? Woe to the world because his heart is heavy with this sin and even worse!
So, when I told you: that laughter be turned to mourning, orgies in fasting and vigils sleep, I have summarized in three words what you heard, that is to say, on this earth you always cry, but the tears should come from the heart because we have offended God our creator, you have to fast to dominate the sensitivity and ensure not to sin, and should be measured tears, fasting and vigils corporal complexion of each.

Chapter 112
Jesus said, “You must looking fruits and herbs to sustain us, because there are eight days we did not eat bread. I pray to our God and therefore I will wait with Barnabas. “All the apostles and disciples therefore went four and six according to the word of Jesus. Whoever writes remained with Jesus.
Jesus said in tears: “Barnabas, I must make you aware of the great secrets you révéleras world when I’m gone.” He who writes answered crying: “Master, crying let them to us, to me and other men, because we are sinners, but you holy prophet of God, it is not appropriate as you cry, “Jesus replied,” Believe me, Barnabas, I can not cry as much as I should! If men had not called me God, I have seen God here on earth as we will see in heaven and I would have been sure not to fear the day of judgment! However, God knows I am innocent, I never had the thought of being taken for anything other than a lowly servant. I tell you even if I had not been called God, I should have been carried to heaven leaving the world, while I did not repay before the trial. You see I have reason to cry!
Know, Barnabas, I have to be greatly persecuted for it and I’ll be sold by one of my disciples for thirty pieces of silver. Thus, although I am sure that that will sell me killed in my name because God will remove me from the world and transform the traitor so that everyone will think it’s me, die as well, I will tarry long with this disgrace in the world.
But when it comes Muhammad, God’s holy messenger, this infamy will be removed. God will do because I proclaimed the truth of the Messiah. It is this that will give me the reward they will know that I am living abroad and this infamous death! ”
Who writes answered: “Master, tell me what is this rascal I strangle him!” – “Shut up, Jesus answered, because God wills it and we can not do otherwise! But do this: when my mother will afflicted, tell him the truth so as to be comforted! “Answered he who writes:” I will do it, Master, please God! ”

Chapter 113
The disciples reported gears and found a good amount of dates by the will of God. After the noon prayer, then they ate with Jesus. But the apostles and disciples saw that the writer was sad, afraid that Jesus had to leave soon the world, Jesus reassured them by saying: “Fear not: time is not yet come when I leave you. I’ll stay a little more time with you. Therefore I teach you now, you go to preach penance throughout Israel as I have told you, that God forgives sin of Israel.
So that everyone keeps idleness, especially one who does penance, because any tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. There once was a city dweller who owned a vineyard. In the middle there was a garden planted with a beautiful fig tree. During the three years came the master, the fig tree did not produce fruit. Seeing that the other trees instead of fruit produced, he said to his gardener, “Cut it wrong tree: it occupies the ground unnecessarily!” The winemaker said, “Do not do anything, sir, because it is a beautiful tree ! “-” Shut up, ‘said the master, I do not care Beauty useless!
You should know that the palm and balm are more noble than the fig tree. Yet I had planted in the yard of my house, a palm plant and plant balm I had walled expensive, yet as they do not produce fruit but the leaves and rotting spoiled the ground before the home, I did remove both. And now I’d thanks to a fig tree away from the house and unnecessarily occupying my garden and my vineyard, where any tree produces fruit? No, I will not stand anymore! “The winemaker said,” Lord, the land is too fat, wait a year, I émonderai the foliage, I dégraisserai earth by putting the lean earth and stones, and it bear fruit! “boss replied:” Well, do it! I will wait until the fig tree bears fruit! ”
Do you understand this parable? “The disciples answered:” No, Lord! Explain to us! ”

Chapter 114
Jesus answered, “Truly I tell you, the master is God, the vineyard is its law. It is God who had paradise palm and balm. The palm is satan, and balm is the first man. Since they do not produce good works and they said words ungodly who condemned many angels and many men, he drove. Now, God placed man in the world, in the midst of all his creatures who serve as his precept, while man produces nothing, as I said. Willingly would shave it and send to hell because he has forgiven nor angel nor the first man and he punished the angel for eternity and man for a time, but the law God comes and says: “Man has too much good in this life, it must be distressed and that he takes the goods of this world to do good.
Our God therefore expects man to do penance. I tell you the truth, God condemned our people to work, so that the words of Job, friend and prophet of God: “Man is born to work as a bird to fly and fish swim.” and the prophet of God, our father David, says: “We are happy and we will be good to eat works of our hands.” Let each according to his works so long! Tell me: if our father David, and Solomon his son, worked with their hands, what must the sinner? ”
John answered, “Master, it is good to work, but the poor do it!” Jesus replied: “Yes, they can not do otherwise, but do not you know that the property to be Well, must be free of obligation? The sun and the other planets are forced by God’s order and can not do otherwise, he will not have merit! Tell me, when God ordered to work, he does not say, “The poor man live by the sweat of his face!” And Job does not say, “The poor man is born to work as a bird to fly! “But God said to the man:” In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread! “And Job says that man is born to work. Therefore he is not man is free from this order.
If everything is expensive, it is because there are crowds of idlers, and nothing else. If they worked or cultivating the land or fishing, the world would be extremely abundant. But it will account for its scarcity in the day of judgment formidable.

Chapter 115
The man told me a little that he has brought into this world to want to live without doing anything! It is clear that he was born naked, unable to do anything! It is not the boss of everything he found, but the steward who will report to dreadful day.
You should fear the many abominable lust makes man like animals without reason, because your enemy is so familiar that you can not go anywhere without him come too. Oh how many have perished by lust! Because of lust, the flood came, and the world died before the mercy of God, and only Noah and eighty-three people were saved! Because of lust, God buried three cities and one evil Lot flees with her two daughters! Because of lust, the tribe of Benjamin was almost extinct! I tell you the truth, if I enumerate all who have died because of lust, five days would not be enough! ”
Jacques said, “Teacher, what does lust?” Jesus replied: “Lust is unbridled desire of love, which is not directed by reason, intelligence and so invaded the feelings of the man that it, not knowing himself more, like it was hate. Believe me, when a man loves something, not because God has given him, but as the owner is an adulterer because he united with the creature’s soul to be united to God his Creator. God also complains by Isaiah the prophet, saying: “You have fornicated with many lovers. However, back to me and I would get! “As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, if the man had no lust for indoor, in his heart, there is no fall in outside, as the tree dies quickly once torn root.
That man’s wife so happy that his creator has given him and he forgets all else! “Andrew asked:” How can a man forget it women while living in the city where they are in large numbers? “Jesus replied:” Yes, Andrew, who lives in the city will be difficult, because the city is a sponge that absorbs all unrighteousness! ”

Chapter 116
In town, the man must live exactly as the soldier whose fortress was besieged by enemies on each attack, he defends himself and he always feared betrayal of the people. It pushes the same, as I said, any invitation external sin and fear sensitivity, as it desire above all dirt.
But how can he defend if it restrains not his eye is at the origin of sin in the flesh? As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, he who is deprived eyes of the body is sure to not receive punishment in the third degree, while he who has eyes will u seventh degree.
At the time of the prophet Elijah, it happened this. A blind man who saw her weeping was a good man, Elijah asked, “Why are you crying, brother?” He said. The blind man replied, “I cry because I can not see Elijah holy prophet of God,” Elijah replied then: “Stop crying man, he says, because you sin crying!” The blind man answered: “Tell me, is it a sin to see a holy prophet of God who raises the dead and makes fire come down from heaven?” Elijah replied: “It is not true: Elie can not do this you say he is a man like you, and all the men together can give rise to a single fly! ”
The blind man replied: “You say it, man, because you have criticized Elijah sin that you have committed. That’s why you hate him! “Elijah replied:” God grant that you say true, brother, because if I hated Elijah, God I wish! And the more I hate him Elijah, the more I want God! “At these words, the blind man very angry and said,” Long live God, you’re an infidel! So we love God and hates the prophets of God? Going on at the moment, I do not want to hear you! “Elijah replied,” Well, brother, you can see with your mind as it is wrong to look with the eyes of the body: you wish to view look for Elijah, but you hate him with your soul. “the blind” Will in it! You’re the devil and want to sin against the Holy One of God! ”
Elijah sighed and said in tears: “You are right, brother, my flesh because you want to see separates you from God.” The blind man said, “I do not want to see you even if I had eyes, I would shut them not to see you! “Elijah said,” Know, brother, that I am Elijah! “said the blind man:” You are not telling the truth! “Then the disciples Elijah said,” Brother, truth is God’s prophet said the blind, he told me what tribe I am, and how I became blind! ”

Chapter 117
Elijah replied, “You are of the tribe of Levi! Our God will deprived of sight because at the time of entering his people, while you were near the sanctuary, you regardas so bad a woman! “Then the blind man said, weeping:” Forgive me, holy prophet of God, for I have sinned in talking to you.
If I saw you I would not sin! “Elijah replied:” May our God forgive you, brother! As for me, I know you told me the truth. In fact, the more I hate myself more than I love God, If you saw me, your desire to appease, which God forbid! Because it is not your creator Elijah, but God.
According to you, I am the devil, says Elie crying because I’m away from your Creator! Cry, brother, because you do not have the light that you would see the true from the false. If you had, you would not have despised my doctrine. As I say, many who despise my words and want to see me from afar for it. It would be better for their salvation they have no eyes, for he who delights in the creature whatsoever and do not endeavor to gratify God, became an idol in heart and abandoned God. ”
Jesus then said with a sigh: “Have you understood all the words of Elijah?” The disciples answered: “Certainly, we understand and we are shocked to learn that very few on this earth are not idolaters. ‘

Chapter 118
Jesus said: “You say the truth, because Israel recently wanted to take me to God, performing idolatry in their heart! Many of them have despised my doctrine on the grounds that I could become master of all Judea recognized me God. They say I’m crazy to want to live in poverty in the wilderness instead of staying continually among the princes in luxury. Oh, wretched man, you appreciate the light that we have in common with flies and ants and you despise the light that is not shared by the angels, the prophets and saints friends of God!
If you do not watch his eye, André, I tell you, it is impossible not to fall in lust! In this regard, the prophet Jeremiah said precisely and crying: “My eye is a thief who steals my soul!” And with great fervor, your father David prayed our Lord to divert his eyes they do not see vanities, because in truth, all that a term is vain. Tell me: if someone had two sub to buy bread, spend it to buy smoke? Certainly not, because the smoke hurts the eyes and adds nothing to the body. That man does so well: he seeks out the look in his eyes and in the eyes of his understanding, to know God his Creator and the good pleasure of his will! The creature is not its purpose and does not stray far from the creator!

Chapter 119
For verily every man sees something and forget that God has made for him, there is sin! In fact, if your friend gives you something to keep in memory of him, but seeing that you forget himself thou hast offended. Well done man. When he sees a creature and he does not remember the designer who created it for his sake, he sins by ingratitude to God his creator.
Therefore, one who sees a woman who forgets God has created for the good of man he loves, desires and lust overflowing so he loves everything that resembles it loves. Thus was born the sin of which he is ashamed to remember.
But if a man puts a stop to his eyes, he will dominate the sensitivity, which can desire that which is presented, and the flesh will be subject to the spirit. For just as no wind the boat can not move, so the flesh without sin sensitivity.
Then it is necessary to abandon the penitent tales for prayer, this is what shows because if it was not already an order from God.
The man indeed sins in every word useless, while God removes our sin through prayer. But prayer is a lawyer of the soul is the soul of medicine, it is defense of the heart, the weapon of faith, brake sensitivity, salt meat it prevents rotting in sin. I tell you, the prayer is in the hands of our lives!
Also the man who prays he will defend the day of judgment, because in this world it heals the soul from sin, he has preserved his heart the achievement of evil desires and Satan offended maintaining its sensitivity in law of God. Walk in his flesh the law of God and receive what he asks.
As God lives, in whose presence we are, without prayer it is also impossible for man to do good than to say its a dumb made a blind as a wound to heal without ointment, as impossible as to defend without moving, attacking unarmed, without rudder or navigate preserve meat without salt. For verily, he who has no hand can not take.
If man could change garbage into gold and mud sugar, what would he do? “As Jesus was silent, the disciples answered:” Not everyone would look at making gold and sugar! “Jesus said,” Why man he turns in prayer not the stupid habit of telling stories? Time it is it given by God to the offense? Certainly not, what would prince indeed a city about it for he make war? God lives, if the man knew the soul deforms by vain words, he would decide the language with the teeth rather than talking! Oh, unhappy world today men do not gather to pray, but under the portico of the temple and the temple itself Satan and receives the sacrifice of empty words, and what is worse, things we can not talk without shame!

Chapter 120
Here is the fruit of vain words: they weaken the mind so that it is more likely to obtain best the truth. Just as a horse accustomed to carry an ounce of cotton can not carry a hundred pounds of stone.
Even worse is when a man spends his time jokes. Satan gives him his pleasantries in memory during the prayer, and when he should weep for her sins cause the mercy of God and receive forgiveness, it causes anger, laughing. God will punish and reprove. Woe to those who tell jokes and talk unnecessarily.
Yet if God our e abomination who joke and those who speak unnecessarily which case he will of those who whisper and defame next? And what condition are those dealing with sin as a matter absolutely necessary? Oh, vile world, I can not imagine that you will receive the punishment of God!
I say to you, whoever wants to do penance must give his words to the price of gold! “His disciples answered,” Who will buy the words of a man with gold? Surely anyone! And how would he penance? It would certainly mean! “Jesus answered,” Your heart is so heavy that I can not lift it. Should I therefore give you the meaning of each of my words? But thank God who has given you the grace to know its mysteries. I’m not saying that the penitent must sell his words, but he must think when he speaks he throws gold. As we do not spend the gold for the things needed, only talk when it is necessary to speak. Since nobody spends that night or for the body, and not he speak not the night to the soul!.

Gospel of Barnabas (2)

Chapter 121
While the governor considers the criminal he was arrested and that the chancellor wrote, how does this man speak he tell me? “The disciples answered:” He speaks with awe and respect, not to betray it takes care not to say that displease the governor, and instead it seeks to say what could be released. “Jesus replied:” This is what the penitent should be not to lose his soul, because God gave each man two angels as chancellors, register for one good, the other evil that the humans. So if the man wants to receive mercy, he watches his language even better than we watch gold.

Chapter 122
As for greed, it becomes a charity! Verily I say unto you, the miser term for hell as a lead term for the center of this earth, for it is impossible that the miser has anything to paradise! Do you know why? I’ll tell you. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, while the miser is silent with his tongue, he proclaims his works “There is no other God than me.” Everything he Indeed, he intends to spend at its discretion without considering or where it comes from or where it goes when he comes into the world naked and leave it while dying. Tell me, if you gave Herod t keep a garden, but you want to have a master, without sending any fruit Herod, if you hunt he would send envoys to demand fruits, tell me, do you constitueriez not you yourselves kings of the garden? Yes, of course! Well, I tell you, man miser is God himself and his goods that God has given him! Greed is a thirst experienced by the sensitivity. As she lives with pleasure and she can not take pleasure in God who is hidden because it has lost by sin, it tries to raise ‘temporal things she considers her well. It is even stronger than it is deprived of God, for the conversion of the sinner from God who gives the grace to repent. As our father David: “This change comes from the right hand of God!”
I must tell you what the man if you want to know how he should do penance. But today thank God that made us the grace to communicate his will by my words. Then the hands, he prayed: “Lord God Almighty and merciful God, you who created us in Thy mercy, we accordas the rank of thy servants, and thy messenger true faith, we will Thanks for all of your kindness and we want to love you, you alone, all the time of our lives, our sins, crying, praying, giving alms, fasting, studying your word, educating those who are ignorant Thy will, suffering from the world for your love, and we mortifying to serve you, O Lord, save us from Satan, the flesh and the world, as you save thy chosen for your love, for love your messenger that you holes pancreas, and for the love of all your saints and prophets! “The disciples always answered:” So be it, so be it, Lord! So be it, our merciful God! ‘

Chapter 123
At dawn on Friday morning, early Jesus called his disciples after prayer and said, “Let us sit down and, if it please God, I’ll tell you what man, since it is today that God created the mud of the earth. “Everyone sat down, Jesus said:” To show his creatures his goodness, his mercy, his omnipotence, his liberality and justice, our God composed in a single four things to be opposed to the other. This being is man. These things are: earth, water, air and fire, so that each temper its excesses by the other. He did these four things a receptacle which is the body of man flesh, bone, blood, marrow, skin, nerves and veins, and everything in it.
Inside he put the soul and sensibility, like the two hands of this life. ü gave to your location for all sensitive parts of the body and it aired in him as your oil. A Soul, he gave his heart to location. United sensitivity, she directs all life.
Having created man, God put him in a light called reason. That? Should unite the flesh, the sensitivity and soul for the sole purpose of working in the service of God. Then he placed this work in paradise. But having seduced the sensitivity due to the instigation of Satan, the flesh lost the rest, the sensitivity lost the pleasure which she lives and the soul lost its beauty. And the man remained in this state. Sensitivity is no longer led by reason, not appeased in working on the contrary, it seeks pleasure and follows the light
show him the eyes. But as the eyes can see vanity, it is wrong and choosing earthly things, it sins.
For that reason knows right from wrong and true pleasure, it must therefore be further illuminated by the mercy of God. When she distinguishes the sinner is converted to repentance. That is why I tell you the truth, if God our Lord does not illuminate the heart of man, the reasonings of men are useless! ‘
John says: “What are the words of men thus” Jesus answered, “The man, as man, is useless to convert someone to repentance, but as a means God uses, it converts. Therefore, as God is secretly in man for his salvation, we must listen to each other and receive as one in whom God speaks to us. ‘
Jacques asked, “Master, if by chance a false prophet or a doctor is present lies and pretends to teach us, what should we do? ‘

Chapter 124
Jesus responded with a parable: “A man goes with his net for ‘sin. Ii takes a lot of fish, but he throws those are bad. A man goes to seed, but only the grain that falls earth fruitful, good. So you need to do: listen to everyone, but only receive the truth, because the truth only grows to eternal life.
Andre replied: “But how do we recognize the truth? “Jesus replied:” Get as true everything that is consistent with the Book of Moses. For God is one, the truth is one. Accordingly, the doctrine is the meaning of the doctrine is and why it is such a faith. I tell you the truth, if the truth had not been erased from the book of Moses, God would not have given the second book in our father David. And if the book David was not contaminated, God would not have sent the gospel as the Lord our God is immutable and has held one language to all men. That is why, when the messenger of God will come, he will purify all that the wicked will be tainted in my book.
Who writes answered: “Master, what can man do if you are infected and that speaks a false prophet? “Jesus answered: Great is thy request Barnabas! Well, I tell you, in this case, no escaping! Because then people do not pay attention to God who is their goal. Thank God He in whose presence my soul stands, any doctrine which diverts man from his purpose, that is to say, God is a doctrine abhorrent. Thou hast offended God and that the offenses every day, you considéreras three things in doctrine: the love of God, love of neighbor and self-hatred. Any doctrine contrary to these three points, flee? Her, she is nasty! ‘

Chapter 125
go back to the greed, and I tell you this: when sensitivity wants to take a thing or keep it with tenacity, the reason to say, “This thing will end.” It is clear that if it has an end, it is folly to love and to be loved and keep what will not run.
That avarice is thus transformed into charity! The miser ‘is what he has raised for evil and to take care that his left hand does not know what his right hand gives! These are the hypocrites who want to be seen and praised by the world when they give alms. In truth, they are stupid, because it is the one for which he works that man receives his salary. If it is God that man wants to get something, he must serve God!
Be careful in giving alms: Consider that everything you give to God’s love, you give it to God. Do not mind the giving! Donate to the love of God that you have the best! Tell me, would you receive from God a bad thing? Certainly not, dust and ashes! So how do you have faith in you if you give something wrong for the love of God? It would be better to do nothing than to give something wrong.
In fact, if you do not give anything, you have some excuse that the world, but if you give something wrong with keeping the best for you, what “will be your excuse! That’s all I have to say about penance. “Bartholomew said:” How long should the penance? “Jesus answered,” The man must repent and do penance as long as it is in a state of sin. However, human sin forever. Hence it must always do penance! unless you want to do more if your shoes as your soul, as you repair whenever they are damaged! ‘

Chapter 126
Having summoned his disciples, Jesus sent them out two by two in all of Israel, saying: “Go and preach as you have heard! “They sat down and he put his hand on their head, saying” In the name of God, go health to the sick, cast out demons and Israel think again about me saying what I said to the priest! ‘
And all left except one who writes and Jacques and Jean. They went throughout all Judea, preaching repentance as Jesus had told them, and healing every kind: disability to the point were confirmed in Israel the words of Jesus: God and Jesus is a prophet of God, since large crowd saw them do what Jesus himself did, that is to say, to heal the sick. But the son of the devil, that is to say. priests and scribes, found another way to persecute Jesus. They began to say that Jesus aspired to reign over Israel. But they feared the people, so that they are secretly plotting against Jesus.
After traveling Judea, the disciples returned to Jesus. He received as a father receives his children, saying, “Tell me what is the Lord our God. Yes I saw Satan fall beneath your feet as you piétiniez vineyard grapes. “They replied,” Moor, we have cured a multitude of sick and cast out many demons that tormented men. ‘
Jesus said, “God forgive you, brother, but you sin by saying:” We have cured, “It is God who has done everything! “They said:” We talked like fools. So teach us how we should talk! “Jesus answered,” In good action, saying: “God did it”, and in any wrongdoing, saying: “I have sinned.” ? “So do we! “Said the disciples.
Jesus said: “And what did Israel do after seeing God through the hands of many men he did with mine” “The disciples answered
“They say that there is one God, and that thou art a prophet of God. “Jesus answered, happy face Blessed be the holy name of God did not disdain the desire of His servant.” That said, they went to rest.

Chapter 127
Jesus left the desert and came to Jerusalem. All the people ran to the temple to see. Also, after reading the Psalms, Jesus ascended to the pinnacle where rose the scribe. Having! Hand has called for silence, he said: “Brethren, Blessed be the holy name of God to us. Created in the mud of the earth, not fiery spirit, because when we sin we find mercy with God while Satan will never find because it is incorrigible in his pride. It. always say it is because it is noble fiery spirit.
Have you heard, brethren, that our father David says our God: he remembered that we are dust, and our mind will not return and that is why we did mercy? Blessed are those who know these words because. They not sin against their Lord forever, as they repent after their sin, it does not last.
Woe to those who exalt themselves will be humbled as they ‘in fiery flames of hell! Tell me, brother, why exalt? Does draws on some good down here? Certainly not! as saith the prophet of God, Solomon: “Everything under the sun is vanity! ‘
But if things in the world does not give us. ” reason to exalt us in our hearts, much less gives us our life, it is tormented many miseries. All creatures inferior to man fighting against us indeed! Oh, how many were killed in hot! How many killed and frozen winter cold! How many have been killed by lightning and hail! How drowned at sea by the violence of the wind! How many died from the plague, famine, devoured by wild beasts, bitten by snakes, choked by food! Oh, wretched man that exalts even as counterweight that expose it to be attacked in any place by all creatures!

Chapter 128
But what say? I of the flesh and who do not want sensitivity that iniquity? I say that the world has only sin? reprobates who to serve Satan, persecute those who want to live according to God’s law? Yes, my brothers, if a man opened his eyes, as David our father, he never sinning ‘!
Exalt himself in his heart, it is not anything other than close the door to compassion and mercy of God that He does not forgive! Our father David says that our God has remembered that we are dust, and our mind is and does not return. ” Now he who exalts himself denies that he is dust. As it does not recognize the need where it is, it does not call for help, and it irritates God who could help him. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, God forgive Satan if Satan recognized his misery and asked mercy to his Creator, who is blessed forever!
Now, brethren, I, a man of the dust and mud walking on earth, I tell you acknowledge and repent your sins! I know, brethren, that Satan has deceived by the Roman army when you said that I was God.
Beware therefore believe them: they fell into the curse of God by serving false gods and liars and our father David the inveighed: “The gods of the nations are silver and gold, covered with their hands: they have eyes and see not, ears and hear not, noses and do not smell, mouth and do not eat a language and do not speak, hands and do not touch, feet and walk not! “That’s why our father David said our living God by praying:” Let them be like those who make them and trust in them! “They do all sorts of wickedness. I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess! ‘
The publican stood afar. prostrate on the ground. He said, slapping his chest and his head bowed, “Lord, I am not worthy to look at the sky nor thy sanctuary because I have sinned. Have mercy on me! ‘
Verily I say unto you, the publican went down the temple better than the Pharisee, because our God made him just forgiving him all his sins. But the Pharisee down worse than the publican because our God who shares his abomination, the reproved.

The ax glorify she have cut the forest where the man has a garden? Certainly not, because it is the man who has done everything with his own hands. And he made the ax itself. And you, man, you should boast of having done something good, while our
Oh, incredible pride that men created by God from the earth, they forget their condition and want to be a God at their discretion. Without saying anything, they mock God, this is like saying: “It is useless to serve God! “Because that’s what show their works.
This is what Satan wanted you reduce, brethren, to believe that I am God, while I can not be of any use, that I can not even create a single fly “and who am mortal and liable . If I myself need everything, how should I help you at all, as is the nature of God? But we who have our great God who created all things by His word, we moquerons the Gentiles and their gods.
Two men went up here in the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other publicans. The Pharisee went near the sanctuary. Praying head high, he said: “I thank thee, O Lord my God. because I am not as other men are sinners, and especially as this publican God created you from mud and it operates in you all the good that is done why dost thou thy fellow? Do not you know that if God does not keep you from Satan, you’d be worse than Satan? Do not you know that one sin transformed the most beautiful angels in the most hideous demons? Adam turned one sin t, the most perfect man who has come to the unhappy world, subjecting him and his progeny everything we soutirons?
What do you decree that allows you to live as you please without fear of anyone? Woe to you, mud because you want to have exalted above God your creator, you will prostrate under the feet of your tempter Satan. “That said, Jesus prayed, his hands raised to the Lord. And all the people said, “So be it! So be it! ‘
touch! “Jesus said,” Simon, I have to tell you something. ” Simon answered, “Speak, Lord, for I want your word!”

Chapter 130
Jesus said: “There was once a man who had two debtors. One owed him fifty cents and the other five cents. Since they did not pay. took pity, he handed each debt. Which the creditor loved most? “Simon answered,” He to whom was given the largest debt! “Jesus said,” Thou hast well said! ‘
So I say to you, consider this woman as yourself. Both of you were debtors of God. one for the leprosy of the body and the other for the leprosy of the soul, that is to say, sin. Took pity by my prayers, God our Lord. you wanted to heal the body and soul in it. But you love me
When he finished the prayer, he came down from the pinnacle. He then presented many infirm health that he went and he left the temple.
So Simon the leper, he had cured, invited him to eat bread. Priests and scribes who hated Jesus told the Roman army that Jesus had said against their gods. As they sought a way to kill him, but they did not find it because they feared the people.
Jesus went into the house of Simon, they sat down to table. While they ate, behold, a woman named Mary, public sinner, entered the house. Prostrate on the ground, behind the feet of Jesus, she washed them with her tears, anointed them with ointment and wiped precious of her hair. Simon and those who ate were scandalized. They said to themselves: “If he were a prophet, he would know who and how is this woman and he does not let little bit because you received: When I entered into thine house, thou gavest me no a kiss, you did not anoint my head. For against this woman, you saw that as soon as you entered in it is placed at my feet she washed them with her tears and anointed a precious ointment. This is why I tell you truly, many sins are forgiven her because she loved it! ‘
And turning to the woman, he said: “Go in peace, for the Lord our God has forgiven your sins! But beware of sinning no more! Your faith has saved you! ”

Chapter 131
After the night prayer, the disciples came to Jesus and said, “Master, how should we do to escape the pride? “Jesus answered,” Have you seen a poor, invited by a prince to eat bread? “John answered:” I ate bread to Herod, because before you know, I went fishing and I sold the fish to your house of Herod. One day one? Gave it a meal, I brought a beautiful fish and it made me stay to eat.
Jesus said: “How? You ate bread with infidels! May God forgive you, John! But tell me, how did you compony table? Have you tried to have the place! Was more honorable? Have you asked the foods most wanted? Did you talk without being questioned? Have you thought that you were more worthy than others to sit at the table? ‘
John replied, “Vive Dieu! I saw me, vile sinner badly dressed, sitting among the barons of the king, I dared not look up! Then the king having given me a piece of meat, it seemed that the world fell on my head because of the greatness of the favor. I say truth, if the king had been our law, I wanted to serve all the time of my life! ‘
Jesus shouted, “Shut up, John. I fear that God does not swallow as Abiram because of our pride! “The disciples trembled with fear the words of Jesus. Then he added: “Let us fear God swallow us up because of our pride! ‘
“Brethren, you have heard John and how it’s done in a prince. Woe to the men who come into the world because they live in pride, they will die in shame and will go there in confusion.
This world is indeed a house where God invites men to eat all the saints and prophets of God have eaten. I tell you the truth, whatever man receives, he receives from God. Also the man should remain in extreme humility, recognizing its meanness and greatness of God, and it gives us great benefit in feeding us. It is not permissible for a man to say: “Why is this and why do you say that in the world?” He looks at himself and to accept otherwise unworthy? it is in truth, to stand in the world at the table of God.
As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, in this world we do not receive anything from God so small that no man should lay down his life in return for the love of God! God lives, you have not sinned, Jean, eating with Herod, because God will be disposed for you to be our master and that of those who fear God. Make sure, Jesus told his disciples to live in the world as John lived when Herod margea bread with him. and, in truth, anything you free of pride! ‘

Chapter 132
While he walked beside the Sea of ​​Galilee, Jesus was surrounded by a great multitude of people. then went in a boat to herself a little away from the shore, and stood close enough to the ground so we can hear his voice. All came from the sea, sat down and waited for him to speak.
Having thus opened his mouth, he said: “Behold, the sower went out. Sowing, some seed fell on the whole, she was trampled by men and eaten by birds. Some fell on the stones, but pushing, as it had no moisture, it dried in the sun. Some fell in the hedges, and pushing the thorns choked the seed. Finally some fell into good soil and produced up to thirty, sixty or even a hundred. ‘
Jesus said: “Behold a father sowed good seed in his field. Then, while the servants slept the brave man, the enemy of their boss came and sowed tares over the good seed. When wheat rose, we saw that a large amount of chaff with the wheat was grown. The servants came and told the boss
“Sir, did you not sow good seed in thy field? Why a large amount of chaff she raised? “The boss said:” From good corn, I planted, but while men
Jesus said: “This is a city whose source provides water to all its neighbors to wash their dirt while leaving himself deteriorate his own clothes. ‘
Jesus said: “Two men went out to sell apples. One wanted to sell the skin of the apple to the weight of gold, without dealing dice the pulp and the other sought only to give apples against a piece of bread for the journey. But men bought the skin of apples weight in gold, without addressing the one who wanted them, and furthermore they despised! ‘
And so, on this day, Jesus spoke to the crowds in parables. Having dismissed it, he went with his disciples to Nain where he raised “the son of the widow. He and his mother received at home and served.

Chapter 133
The disciples came to Jesus and asked him: “Master, give us the meaning of the parables that you tell the people! “Jesus answered slept, the enemy came and sowed man tares over wheat! “The servants said:” Do you think we were going to remove the tares from the wheat? “The boss said:” Do not do it, because you arracheriez the same time wheat instead wait the coming of the harvest time, then you will remove the tares from the wheat, and ye shall cast into the fire. As for wheat, you put it in my attic! ‘
Jesus said: “many men left to sell figs. Once on the site, here is that men not looking good figs, but beautiful leaves. For this reason, men could not sell figs. Having seen it, is a bad citizen said: “I can certainly get rich! “So he called two of his son and went to gather a large amount of leaves with bad figs. They sold them at exorbitant prices, because men really appreciated the leaves. Thereafter, eating figs, men fell seriously ill. ‘
“The time to pray approach. But when we have done! Vespers prayer was, I’ll tell you the meaning of the parables. “The prayer of the disciples came to Jesus. I! said, “The man who sows on the road, on your stones, thorns and on the good ground is he who teaches the word of God. It falls on a large number of men. It falls on? Road when it reaches the ears of sailors and merchants, as Satan takes away their memory of the word of God because they are long journeys and diversity. nations they attend.
It falls on the stone when it reaches the ears of courtiers, because it does not penetrate them because of the great care they take to serve the body of a prince, even if they retain some memory of the word of God They forget when they have some hassle. Not serving God because they can not expect help.
She fell among the thorns, when it reached the ears of those who love their own lives. Even though the word of God grows in them, when carnal desires grow, they choke the good seed of the word of God, cal ‘satisfactions are carnal abandon. the word of God.
The word of God falls on good ground when it reached the ears of those who fear God the door when she finishes eternal life. I tell you the truth, therefore, in any life, if a man fears God, God’s Word will bear fruit in him.
About this father, verily, I say unto you, that God is our Lord, the father of all things created because he must. But there is no father in nature, because it has no movement, and no movement can not generate. This is our God, therefore, belongs to this world. Its scope is men. The seed is the word of God. When doctors neglect the preaching of the word of God to look after the affairs of the world, Satan sows error in the jalopy men. Thus are born endless sects detestable doctrine.
Saints and prophets cry: “Lord, do you not give a good doctrine to men? Why are there so many mistakes? “God responds,” I gave a good doctrine to men, but as men are addicted to vanity, Satan sowed errors to destroy my law! “The saints say,” Lord, we disperserons these errors by destroying men! God says, “Do not do it, because the faithful are so united by the infidels relationship we lose the believer with an unbeliever? But wait until judgment! In time? There, infidels will be collected by my angels and hell will be cast had with Satan. So good faithful will

Chapter 134
Those are the good figs. these are the real doctors who preach sound doctrine, but the world delights in lies seeks to doctors leaves rhetoric and flattery. Seeing. Satan joins the flesh
in my kingdom. “It is certain that many fathers infidels will generate loyal son and because of them, God expects the world to do penance.
and sensitivity and provides a large number of leaves is the amount of earthly things in which it hides sin. Receiving it, the man falls ill and turns to eternal death.
The city quia water and gives it to others for its washing water impurities while leaving their own clothes deteriorate, it is the doctor who preaches repentance to others while itself remains in sin. Oh the poor! They are not angels, but his own language written in the air just suits him! If someone had the tongue of an elephant and the rest of the body as small as an ant, would it not monstrous? Yes, of course, well, I tell you in truth, it is even more monstrous one who preaches to others penance but does not repent of his sins.
And these two men selling apples? One preaches the love of God and flatters. Instead, he preached the truth and seeks only food of the poor. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, such a man is not well received by the world, but rather despised! By cons, who sells skin weight in gold and gives apple is one who preaches to please men. By flattering the world, he loses his soul that accepts flattery. How many have died as well! ‘
Whoever writes me: “How should hear the word of God and how do we recognize who preaches the love of God?” Jesus replied: “We must listen to those who preach, when he preaches the doctrine as if it was God who spoke for God speaks through his mouth. But he who does not condemn sins and instead respecter of persons by flattering them, it must be run like a horrible serpent, for in truth he poisoned the human heart. Do you understand? I tell you the truth, as the injured need not beautiful bandages to heal his wounds, but good ointment, and the sinner does not need rhetoric, but good to blame he stops sinning. ‘

Chapter 135
Then Peter said, “Master, the man fled to sin, tell us, how the damned will be tormented and how long they remain in hell! ‘
Jesus answered: “Peter, you have great demand, yet it pleases God, I will answer you: Know that hell is, although it has seven overlapping circles: it finds all seven sentences as there are seven kinds of sins that caused Satan as the seven gates of hell.
Indeed, the proud, that is to say, the most haughty of heart, will precipitate in the lowest circle passing through all the intermediate circles and there with all the penalties therein. As he strives to be down here than God wanting to do as it pleases the opposite of what God commands and he does not want to know any higher it will be placed there? Low under the feet of Satan and its trample the devils as the grapes when making wine. And it will be forever ridiculed and mockery by the devils.
The envious who eats well down here in the next coming and looks forward to his misfortune, descend into the sixth circle, there will be plagued by a large number of snakes infernal it seem that everything is hell rejoices in his torment and grieves that it is not down to the seventh circle. Indeed, while the damned are likely to rejoice in any way, God’s justice will ensure that the miserable way as well. As one who believes in dreams see someone who despises him and is in turmoil, so will he for the miserable envious where there is no joy, it seem that everyone is looking forward to laments his misfortune and that it is not worse happened!
The miser descends to the fifth circle there suffer extreme poverty suffered like the rich man, to increase his torment, the demons submit to him what he wants, but when he has the hands, of other devils will remove him violently, saying, “Remember that you do not want to give God’s love So now, God does not want you to receive” Oh, wretched man! resource pressures there and seeing the present shortage and remembering the past abundance, and could, with the property that can not be, acquire the eternal delights!
Fourth circle will go on luxurious. Those who have transformed the way that God had given them, will be immersed in hot excrement of the devil as the wheat is cooked, they are entwined by serpents horrible hell. For those who have sinned with prostitutes, all their impure actions will change in union with the infernal furies are demons in form of women, their hair is snakes, their eyes burning sulfur, their mouths are venomous, language is gall, their body is curled curved hooks such as those with which we take the unwary fish, their claws are like those of a griffin, their nails are razors and their meaning for nature genital fire. Each luxurious enjoy with them infernal embers will be his bed!
The third circle. go down the lazy who do not want to work now. It builds huge cities and buildings must be destroyed as soon as they are done under the pretext that one stone is not well placed. Their stones, very large. are placed on the shoulders of lazy. That? Did not free hand to cool the body while walking or lifting the load, laziness took away the strength of his arms and his feet are shackled by snakes hell. What’s worse. behind him are demons that push and often fall to the ground under the load that nobody helps lift and as it takes too long to raise a double burden is imposed!
The second circle, descend the greedy. But here, the famine is so great that there eats scorpions and snakes living: they provide such a torment it would be better never been born than to eat such food.
Wanted him food are well presented in appearance by demons, but his hands and feet bound by chains of fire, it can take up this wind which seems to be a food. And what is worse, the same he eats scorpions for him they devour the belly, unable to leave quickly shred his secret parts. When they came out, dirty and filthy, the greedy remange the dirty as they are!
The angry down to the first circle. He is outraged by the devil. All who go down, damned inferior to him, laugh at him and beat him. They are lying on the road where they spend it and set foot on the throat. He can not defend himself as he hands and feet bound. What is worse is that it can give to his anger by insulting others because his tongue is hanging by a closed similar to that used by the butchers.
In this cursed place, there will be a general penalty, common to all circles, as mixing the grains to make bread as fire, ice, storm, lightning, sulfur, heat, cold, wind, rage, terror will all be so united in righteousness, that the cold does not temper the hot, ice or fire, but everything will torment the miserable sinner!

Chapter 136
In this place cursed the unbelievers will always ensure that if the world was full of millet grain and if, for the empty one bird removing a grain every hundred years, and if infidels were to go to paradise that once emptied the world, they remain there with joy. But this hope does not exist. Their torment can have no end, because they would not stop their sin for the love of God.
As the faithful will be relieved and their torment will end. “On hearing this, the disciples were frightened and said:” The faithful should they then go
Hell? “Jesus answered,” Everyone, whatever it is, must go to hell. It is true, however, that the saints and prophets of God will go there to see, without suffering any pain and they withdraw the same fear.
But what say? I? the messenger of God himself will go there to see the justice of God, and hell tremble before him. And, as will be human flesh, all those human flesh and who find themselves in trouble, trouble will be free as long as the messenger of God will look to hell. But there remains the time it takes to open and close the eyes. God will do this for every creature knows she has benefited from the messenger of God. When it will be, all the devils seek to hide under the embers, crying and saying to one another: “Flee, flee, because here comes Muhammad, our enemy! “Hearing this, Satan will strike the face with both hands and tell shouting:” To my shame, you are more noble than me and it’s not fair! ”
As the faithful, divided into seventy-two degrees, those last two degrees who have had faith but do good? some were sad to have to do the right thing and the other rejoicing evil? they remain in hell seventy thousand years. After these years? There, the angel Gabriel will visit hell and he hears say, “O Muhammad, where are the promises that have been made that those who had faith would not remain in hell forever? ‘
Then the angel of God returns to heaven, and after having approached with reverence the messenger of God he will tell everything he hears. Then send the messenger to God and say, “Lord, my God, remember that you promised me, your servant, that those who have received my faith would not remain in hell forever!” God will answer: “Ask whatever you want, my friend, and I will give you whatever you ask! ‘

Chapter 137
The messenger of God will say, “Lord, it is the faithful who remained in hell seventy thousand years! Where is Lord, your mercy? I pray thee, Lord, to release both bitter! “God then order his favorite four angels, to go to hell, to remove all those who have faith in His Messenger, and to lead them to paradise. What they do. This will be the advantage of faith
messenger of God, those who believe in him, even if they have not done well, the moment they died with this time, will go to heaven after I just said.
The next morning, early, all the men of the city, as well as women and children, came to the house where Jesus was with his disciples and begged him, “Lord, have mercy on us! This year, the worms have eaten wheat, and there will be no bread this year in our region! “Jesus answered,” Because you are afraid! Do not you know that during the three years of the persecution of Ahab, Elijah, the servant of God did not see bread, and that is fed herbs and berries? Our father David the prophet of God, persecuted by Saul remained two years eating only wild fruits and herbs z; neither ate bread twice. “The men answered,” Lord, they were prophets of God, nourished by spiritual joy, which is why they have survived! But how will these children? “And they showed him the multitude of their children.

Chapter 138
Then Jesus took pity on their misery and said, “How long does it take for the harvest? “They said:” Twenty days! “Jesus said,” Make sure we use those twenty days to fast and pray, and God will have mercy. Verily I say unto you, it is God who has caused this shortage, because it is here that began the folly and sin of Israel, when they said that I was the son of God or God.
After nineteen days fasting in the morning of the twentieth, they saw the fields and hills covered with ripe wheat. Then they ran to Jesus and said to him. Having heard Jesus gave thanks to God. Then he said: “Come, brothers, collect the bread that God gave you! “The men reaped corn as they did not know where to keep it, it was because of abundance in Israel. The townspeople held a council to make Jesus their king. Knowing this, it runs away from them, and the disciples toiled fifteen days to find it.

Chapter 139
He who writes and Jacques and John regained Jesus. ‘ They said in tears: “Why did you flee, Master? Full of pain, we will have tried. All your disciples seek you in tears! “Jesus answered,” I fled because I learned that an army of devils preparing me what you will soon see. The chief priests and elders of the people your stand against me and will power of the Roman governor to kill me, lest I do not want to usurp the kingdom to Israel. In addition, I will be sold and betrayed by one of my followers as Joseph was sold into Egypt, yet God will fall just as the prophet says David: “He will fall into the pit which tends to trap his neighbor. “For God, save me from their hands and remove me from the world. “The three disciples were afraid and Jesus comforted them saying:” Do not worry, none of you will betray me! “And they received some consolation.
The next day, thirty? Six disciples of Jesus came two by two. Meanwhile other, they went to Damascus. All were distressed because they knew that Jesus had to go around the world.
Then he opened his mouth, he said: “He who walks without knowing where to go is obviously unfortunate, but more unfortunate still is the one who can and knowing how to reach your destination, wants to stop, and wants on the muddy road in the rain and danger of thieves. Tell me, brother, this world is it our country? Surely not, because the first man in the world was driven in exile, in order to suffer the penalty of his fault. Is there one exile who, finding themselves in poverty, aspires to return to his homeland rich? The reason of course denies it, but experience proves, as friends of the world do not want to think about death, and even when we talk, they do not want to hear it.

Chapter 140
Do you, O men, I came into the world with a privilege that no man has had and will not have even the messenger of God? Our God did not create man to put it in the world, but to place in paradise. Certainly, one who expects nothing from Romans they are a law other than his own, does not leave his country and all his possessions without ever returning to Rome to live. And much less would he still be offended if he was Caesar! I also tell you the truth, and Solomon, the prophet of God cries with me: “O death, as your mind is bitter for those who rested in their wealth! ‘
I do not say as if I were to die now, because I’m sure to live up to! End of a world, but I will tell you that you may learn to die. God lives, everything we do so only once, we hurt. To do something, it needs to be exercised. Have you seen the soldiers in time of peace, carrying them as if they were at war? Instead how he died a good death the man who does not learn to die well? “It is dear to God the death of the saints,” says the prophet David. Do you know why? I’ll tell you is that all things are expensive and rare that the death of those who die are rare. Their death is so dear to God our creator. Admittedly, that man undertakes, not only wants to finish it, but he strives for his coming to fruition. O wretched man that appreciates more than his shoes himself! Indeed, when the fabric size, measure it carefully
before cutting. Once cut, he sews carefully. But life is born to die? because only one that does not die is not born, why men do not they want the measure to death? Have you seen the masons? Each stone they ask, they are the foundations’ by measuring whether it is in place, so that the wall does not fall. O wretched man building his life falls into a huge collapse because it is not the foundation, that is to say, to death. ‘

Chapter 141
Tell me, when man is born, how he was born? He obviously born naked. And when you put it dead in the earth, that he harvest? A coarse shroud in which the envelope is the reward that gives the world! Well, if by any means work must be proportionate to the beginning and end so that it comes to a good end, what purpose will have the man who wants earthly riches? He died, as God’s prophet David said: “The sinner dies of mate death!” If a tailors put beams instead of wire into the hole of the needle for sewing clothes, how
his book he succeed? It obviously would work and it would be in vain mocked by his neighbors. But man does he not see that this is what he does constantly when he raises earthly possessions, because death is the hole of the needle beams of earthly goods can not cross! However, the crazy continually strives to achieve his book, but in vain!
Anyone who does not believe in my words, he looks at the graves and he will find the truth. Whoever wants to become wiser than the others, he studied with the fear of God Book graves and he will find the true doctrine of salvation, because seeing that human flesh is retained for the food of worms, he will take care of the world, the flesh and sensitivity. Tell me, if there was a road made so by walking in the middle, the man would be safe while walking on the side that it will break your head, how do you see men oppose them and that would compete with the more sides to kill? What would your stupor! You would certainly they are crazy and deranged, and if they are not deranged, they are desperate! »? “That’s it! “Answered the disciples. Jesus said in tears: “In truth, yet they are as friends of the world, because they lived according to reason stands in the middle of the man, they follow the law of God and death would save eternal. But according to the flesh and the world, rivaling that live in the more proudly and more lasciviously, they are deranged and cruel enemies of themselves.

Chapter 142
Seeing that Jesus had fled, Judas, the traitor, lost the hope of becoming powerful in the world. It was indeed the purse, which contained what Jesus was given to him for the love of God. He hoped that Jesus would become king of Israel and thus luimême become a powerful man. Having lost this hope, he said to himself: if he were a prophet, he would know that I steals the money. Knowing that I do not believe in him, he would lose patience and chase me out of the service. If ‘was wise, he would not flee the honor that God wants to give. It is better that I put myself in agreement with the chief priests, with the scribes and Pharisees, and I manage to deliver their hands. So could I get some good.
Having made his decision, he made it known to the scribes and Pharisees that had happened in Nain. They took counsel with the high priest and said, “What shall we do if he becomes king? This will be really bad for us because it can not suffer our traditions he wants to reform the worship of God according to ancient custom. And what do we do under the domination of such a man? We all certainly perish with our children, for our driven functions, we must beg our bread. We now have, thank God, a king and a governor foreign to our law. They do not care about our law, as we do not take care of their own. So we can do what we want. And even if we sin, our God is so merciful that soothes the sacrifice and fasting. But if he becomes king, he did not subside until it has not been established the worship of God as written by Moses. And what is worse, he says that the Messiah will not come from the seed of David as we said one of his main disciples, but he says he will strain Ishmael and the promise was made for Ishmael and not Isaac. What happens if we let him live? The Ishmaelites certainly win the esteem of the Romans who give them our region and Israel will again be reduced to slavery as it was in the past. ‘
Having heard what was being proposed, the pontiff said he had to deal with Herod and the governor, “because the crowd is so well disposed towards him without an army that we can not do anything. Please God with the army we can conclude this deal! “Having taken counsel together, they then decided to take it at night when the governor and Herod had decided to intervene.

Chapter 143
Like the disciples had all arrived in Damascus by the will of God, and that day Judas the traitor was more than any other he had suffered from the absence of Jesus. Jesus said: “Beware all of those who, without having occasion strives to show you he loves you! “God took from us the understanding that we can not understand what purpose he said.
All the disciples were come, Jesus said, “Let us go to Galilee as the angel of God told me that I must go there!”. One Saturday morning, Jesus came to Nazareth residents of the city having recognized each wanted to see. Then a publican named Zacchaeus small stature who could not see Jesus because of the great multitude, climbed a sycamore. He waited until Jesus comes along to go to the synagogue?. Arrived in this place, Jesus looked up and said, “Achee, come down, for today I want to stay home! . “A man came down and received him joyfully made a splendid feast.
The Pharisees murmured and said to Jesus’ disciples, “Why is it your mature input eat with publicans and sinners? “Lésas replied:” Why is the doctor from there in a house? Tell me and I’ll tell you why I came here, “they said,” to heal the sick! “? “You say true, Jesus said, it is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but the sick. ‘

Chapter 144
God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, God sends His prophets and servants in the world so that sinners would repent. He does not send them to your right, because they have no need of repentance, as well as does not need the bathroom is clean.
But I tell you the truth, if you really were Pharisees, ye would rejoice that I am joined sinners for their salvation. Tell me, do you know why your origin and the world began to receive Pharisees? I’ll tell you, since you say do not know. So listen to my words.
Hénoche friend of God, who walked with God in truth, regardless of the world, was transported to paradise and remains there until the judgment as to the end of the world, it will in the world with Elijah and another. Having learned men began by desire of paradise, to seek God, their creator. “Pharisee” indeed means precisely “seeking God” in the language of Canaan, since this is where we began to use this word to mock the good. The Canaanites were actually addicted to idolatry, that is to say, to worship (works) of human hands. Seeing those of our people who stood apart from the world to serve God and the Canaanites when they saw one, said by way of mockery “Pharisee”, that is to say: “seek God.” as if to say “crazy, you do not have statues of idols and you love the wind! Thoughtful and just serve our gods! ‘
In truth, Jesus said, I tell you, all the saints and prophets of God were Pharisees, not by name, as you, but in fact, because every action they sought God their creator. For the love of God, they left the cities and their own property. For the love of God, they sold them and gave them to the poor.

Chapter 145
As God lives, in Elijah’s time, friend and prophet of God, there were twelve mountains inhabited by seventeen thousand Pharisees, and there was no one condemned to so many people but all were elected God. But now Israel has over a hundred thousand Pharisees, would to God there were an elected official in a thousand! Outraged the Pharisees answered, “Are we all so damned? Forsaken you our religion? Jesus answered, “I do not condemn, I agree to the contrary true religion of the Pharisees and I want to die for it. But see if you Pharisees.
At the request of his disciple Elisha, Elijah, God’s friend, wrote a little book in which he shut all human wisdom and the law of God our Lord. “Confused appointed to hear the little book of Elijah, the Pharisees knew their traditions that nobody watched this doctrine, wanted to go on the pretext of having to.
Jesus said, “If you’re Pharisees, you will abandon any other business to take care of that? There because the Pharisee seeks only God! “Confused, so they stopped to listen to Jesus who said:” Elijah, God’s servant – so begins the little book? wrote to all those who wish to walk with God their creator.
Those who wish to learn a lot, little fear God, because who fears God, just know what God wants. Those looking for rhetoric, not seeking God who does nothing but take us from our sins.
Those who want to seek God, they close the doors and windows of their house, because the teacher does not let get out of the house, where it is not loved. So close your senses and keep your heart, because God is not outside of us, in this world where he is hated.
Those who want to do good, they are paying attention to themselves because it serves no purpose to gain the whole world and lose his soul.
Those who want to teach others, they live better than others, because we learn nothing from those who know less than us. Is the sinner fine his life when he hears worse than him teach?
Those who seek God, they fled attendance, men as Moses alone on Mount Sinai, God found him and spoke with him is like a friend who speaks with his friend.
Those who seek God come out once a month in the world where men are, because the one who seeks God can do in a single day for two years with respect to its business. When he walks, he does not look his feet when he speaks, he says only what is necessary, and when he eats, he gets up table with hunger every day he thinks he fail the following: he uses his time as they use their breath, a habit of skins Suffice it
he sleeps on the bare earth as it is heaps of earth himself every night, it will suffice to two hours sleep, he hates anyone but himself, he does not condemn anyone but him itself, in prayer, he takes in fear as if it were already coming judgment!
“Well, look at it in the service of God, and the law that God has given through Moses, and you will find God. In all times and places you will find that you are God and God is in you. ‘
This is the little book of Elijah, Pharisees! This is why I tell you, if you were Pharisees you would be happy that I entered here because God has mercy on sinners.

Chapter 146
Zacchaeus said, “Lord, here I want to give to the love of God four times more than what I received wear! “Jesus said,” Today salvation has come to this house! Verily, verily, many publicans, prostitutes and sinners will enter the kingdom of God and those who believe themselves righteous will go to eternal fire! “This having heard, went the Pharisees, indignant.
Then Jesus said to those who were converted to the state of penance, and to his disciples: “A father had two son. The youngest said, Father, give me my share of the property! “Her father gave her. Received his share, he went into distant country where he spent all his property with prostitutes living in lust. It happened a great famine in that country went unhappy that serve a city dweller who began to graze pigs on his farm. Keeping them, he deceived his hunger by eating them with acorns. Returned to himself, he said: “How many treats abound in the house of my father, and here I am dying of hunger! So I get up, I will go to my father and say to him: “Father, I have sinned against heaven (and) against you! Do to me as one of thy servants! ”
The poor went and it came about that the father saw him coming from afar and he was moved with pity for him. He went out to meet him. Happened to his son, he took her in his arms and kissed her. The son bowed and said: “Father, I have sinned against heaven (and) against you, do it for me as one of your servants, for I am not worthy to be called thy son! “The father replied,” Do not say that, son, you are my son and I will not suffer you to be like one of my
servants. “Having called his servants, he said,” Bring here some new clothes, dress my son, give him new shoes, put her ring finger, quickly kill the fatted calf and make party for my son was dead and was resurrected, he was lost and is found! ‘

Chapter 147
Day while we were in this house, the eldest son returned. On hearing that party was, he marveled, called a servant and asked him why it was such a feast. “Your brother has come, ‘replied the servant, thy father hath killed the fatted calf, and they are a treat. “On hearing the eldest son is very angry and would not go in the house. Then the father came to him and said, “Son, your brother has come, come and rejoice with him!” Indignant, the son replied, “I’ve always been a good service to me thou hast never given a lamb to eat with my friends. And wicked left you wasting its full part with prostitutes, now he’s back, you killed the fatted calf! “The father replied,” Son, thou art ever with me, and everything is yours, but he died and was resurrected, he was lost and is found! It should therefore rejoice! “Eldest son was angry more and said:” Go yourself, rejoice, because I do not want to eat at the table of fornicators! “And he left his father without receiving a single penny. God lives, Jesus said and did? Party is among the angels of God over one sinner who repents. ”
When they had eaten, he went because he wanted to go to Judea. “Master, the disciples then said, do not go into Judea, we know that the Pharisees and the Pope have taken counsel against you,” Jesus answered, “Before they did so I knew, but I do Fear not because they can not do anything against the will of God. So they do what they want: it is not them, but I fear God. ‘

Chapter 148
Now tell me, are they now Pharisees Pharisees? Are they servants of God? Surely not! I also tell you the truth, there is nothing worse in this world than a man who covers the profession of the religious habit and to cover his own wickedness.
I want to tell you one example of the old Pharisees that you know of today. After the departure of Elijah, this holy congregation of the Pharisees’ dispersed persecuted by the idolaters. Same time of Elijah, in fact, in one year were killed ten thousand prophets who were true Pharisees.
Two Pharisees live on the mountains. They remained there for fifteen years without knowing one another even though they were neighbors an hour’s drive. See how they were curious! Severe drought happened in these mountains, and both began to fetch water. This is how they met. The eldest then said, “because as usual, the oldest spoke before anyone else and they held great sin to speak before a young former?, The oldest, I say”, said: “Where dwellest- you, brother, “replied the other pointing to the location of the finger:” I live here, “because they were near the place where lived the youngest. The former asked: “How long have you lived there brother? “-” For fifteen years, “replied the young. The former said: “Maybe when you come Ahab slew the servants of God? “-” That’s it! “Replied the young. And old: “Do you know, brother, now king of Israel” Young said, “Brother, God is the King of Israel, because the idolaters do not reign over Israel, they persecute! “- This is true, ‘said the former, which is why I wanted to say is that it persecutes Israel now? “-” These are the sins of Israel who persecute Israel, said the youngest, because if they had not sinned, he would not send the idolatrous princes against Israel. “-” What then, said the old, infidel prince whom God has sent for the punishment of Israel? “-” How should I know, ‘replied the young, fifteen years I have only seen you; and as I do not read, we do not send me letters. “the former said:” As your sheepskins are new! who gave them to you if you have not seen men? ‘

Chapter 149
The younger answered: “He who for forty years kept in good condition in the desert clothing the people of Israel kept the skins as you see them. ‘
The former recognized when the young was more perfect than he who had treated each year with men, and to obtain the attendance, he said, “Brother, you do not read. I can read and I have at home the Psalms of David. Come, I will make each day reading and I’ll explain what David said! “The youth replied,” Let’s go now! “The former said:” Brother, two days ago I did not drink water. Looking for a little water! “The younger answered:” Brother, there are now two months that I did not drink water, but let’s see what God says through His prophet David! The Lord is powerful enough to give us water. ” And they returned to the house of the former. At the door, they found a spring of living water. The former said: “Brother, you are God’s holy, this is for you that God has given this source! The youth answered, “You say that with humility, brother, but it is certain that if God did this for me, it would have been a source close to my home so that I do not go. I confess indeed, that I have sinned against you when you told me you were looking for water because you did not drink for two days while I was held for two months without drinking . So, I felt the excitement in my sensibility, as (if I was) better than you. “The former said:” You have spoken the truth, brother, you do not sin! “-” Brother, said the youth, you have forgotten what our father said Elijah, the one who seeks God must condemn as himself. It is obvious that he did not write that, but we know that we were watching! “Recognizing the truth and justice of his companion, the eldest said,” That is true, but our God has forgiven you. ‘
That said, he took the psalms and read what our father David said: “I will put a guard over my mouth so that my language does not give in to evil words of excusing sin.” Here, the older made a speech on the tongue and the youngest went.
Then they remained fifteen years before getting changed because young homes. Having so found, the former said: “Why do not you back to my brother? The youth replied, “because I still have not learned what you said” – “How is it possible, said the former, since fifteen years have passed? “-” The words replied the young, I learned in an hour and I’ve never forgotten, but I have not yet seen. What good is learning too much and not see? Our God does not want our intelligence is good, but our heart is good. This is why not ask us, the day of judgment, what we have learned but what we have done. ‘

Chapter 150
The former said: “Do not talk so, brother, you despise science and our God wants to be appreciated.” Young replied: “How do I speak now so as not to fall into sin? Because your word is true and5 mine too! I would say that those who know God commendements written in the law must be observed if they then want to know more apparendre. Everything they learn, that soitb to observe not to know! ”
The former said: “Brother, tell me who you’re talking about since you acknowledge that you have not heard what I said!” – “Brother, said the youngest, I talk to myself. Every day, in fact, I put before me God’s judgment to account for myself and I still feel that excuses me someone my faults. “The former asked:” Brother, what fault have you because you’re perfect? ​​”-” Do not talk so, brother, ‘said the youngest, I found two major flaws. One is that I do not know that I am the greatest sinner. The other is that I do not want more than anyone else to do penance. ”
The former said: “How would you know that you are the greatest sinner, since you’re the perfect-?” Young replied: “When I took the habit of a Pharisee, the first word that I said my master was that I had to consider the kindness of others and my own malice. If I did, I know that I am the greatest sinner “-” In that you see goodness and defect, said the former, since there is no man in these mountains? The younger answered: “I should see the obedience of the sun and planets, they serve their Creator better than me, and I condemn them, either because they do not want as much light queje, either because they too hot, either because they water too much or too little ground. ”
Hearing this, the former said: “Brother, where did you learn this doctrine, because I ninety years, seventy-five of the past as a Pharisee …?” – “Brother, replied the younger you say it with humility, for you are God’s holy, but I tell you that God, our Creator does not consider the time, but the heart. This is why David, fifteen years younger than her six brothers, was elected king of Israel and became a prophet of God our Lord. ”

Chapter 151
One was a true Pharisee, Jesus told his apostles. God grant that we, in the day of judgment, have as a friend. ”
Jesus went up on a boat. Disciples regretted having forgotten to bring bread, Jesus réprimenda saying: “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees today because a little leaven spoils the whole mass of flour! “The disciples then said to one another:” But what we leaven? We do not even have bread! “Jesus said,” Men of little faith you have forgotten what God has done in Nain, where there was no sign of wheat and how ate and were satisfied with five loaves and two fish? The leaven of the Pharisee, is to distrust God and think only of itself, but has corrupted not only the Pharisees of the present time, but it has corrupted Israel, for the simple, and can not read into the Pharisees saints, they are doing what they do.
Do you know what the true Pharisee? It is the oil of human nature, as well as the oil is above any liquid, and the goodness of the true Pharisee stands above all human goodness. It is a living book that God gives to the world, because everything he says and does is according to the law of God. The true Pharisee is salt that does not leave the pulpit of the corrupt man by sin, as all those who are to submit to penance. It is a light that illuminates the road of the pilgrims, for all those who consider his penance pauvereté and know that our heart is not in this world to stop. But the fact that Huie rancid, corrupt book, insipid salt and light off, this is what makes the fake Pharisee! So if you do not want to die, take heed to what the Pharisees of today. ‘

Chapter 152
Come to Jerusalem, Jesus entered the temple on the Sabbath day, soldiers came to him to try and take him, they said, “Master, is it lawful to fight? “Jesus replied:” Our faith tells us that our life is a constant struggle. ”
The soldiers shouted: “So you want to convert us to your faith, and you want us to abandon the multitude of gods – Rome alone has twenty-eight thousand that we see – to follow your God is unique, but as do not see, we do not know where it is and maybe it is an illusion. “Jesus answered,” If I had created you as our God has created you, I would try to convert you. “They said:” How can your God created because he does not know where he is? Show us your God and devienderons Jews! ‘
Jesus said, “If you had eyes to see, I’ll show it, but because you are blind, I can not show you.” Soldiers answered: “Sure, that makes you the honor that people should have you removed from reason, because each of us has two eyes in the face and tell you that we are blind! “Jesus answered,” The carnal eyes can only see things gross and external, so you can not see your gods of wood, silver and gold can not do anything. But we of Judah, we have spiritual eyes are fear and faith in our God, so everywhere we see our God. ‘
The soldiers replied: “Take care what you say, because if you despise our gods, we will deliver the hands of Herod and avenge our gods are all-powerful.” Jesus replied, “If they are all -powerful, as you say, forgive me, I love them too. “The soldiers réjuirent by hearing and they began to praise their idols. Jesus said: “In this case, there is no need for words, but facts. So do your gods create a fly and then I love them! ”
On hearing the soldiers were confused and did not know what they say. Jesus said so: “It is obvious that they do not fly one from scratch, I do not want to abandon them because of this God who created everything with a single word and whose name alone horror armies. “The soldiers replied:” Well, let us see it, because we’ll take you! “And they wanted to get their hands on him.
Jesus said: “Adonai Sabaoth! “Immediately the troops were driven out of the temple as it pushes the barrel when washed to put wine, so that heads and feet struck the earth turns without the person has touched. They were taken such and they fled so far that no one saw more in Judea.

Chapter 153
Priests and Pharisees murmured among themselves, saying, “He has the wisdom of Baal and Astaroth, which is under Satan he did that!” Having opened his mouth, Jesus said: “Our God commanded that does not steal what belongs to our neighbor, since this one precept is violated and contaminated tellememnt he has filled the world of sin, and a sin that will never be given as presents the other sins, indeed, if they wish, if they are more committed, if June, if you pray and if you give alms, our mighty God and merciful to forgive, but that sin is such that will never be given unless we make what was wrongfully removed! ”
A scribe said, “Master, how the sin of theft he filled the world? It is obvious that now, thanks to God, there is little thieves, and hardly have they seen they are immediately arrested by malice. “Jesus answered,” Those who do not know what property can not know what the thieves. And even in truth I tell you, many fly and do not know what they do. Also their is sin greater than the other, because the disease is not known can not be cured. ‘
The Pharisees came to Jesus and then said, “Master, since you only in Israel know the truth, teaches us” Jesus answered, “I’m not saying that I alone know the truth, because the word” only “belongs to God and not to others it is he who is the Truth, and He alone knows the truth. If so I would say that I would be a thief even greater because as I steal the honor of God. If I said that I am the only one who knows, God would fall into a greater ignorance than others. Also did you a grave sin by saying that I alone know the truth. I tell you, if you avezit to tempt me, it is a greater sin again! ”
In voynt while all were silent, Jesus added: “Although I am not the only one in Israel # has to know the truth, I speak alone. Listen to me, since you asked me. Everything that is created belongs to the creator, so that nothing can claim anything. That is why the soul, sensitivity, skin, time, property and honor, everything is God, and if they are not aquiet as God wants, you become a thief. This is why I tell you: God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, when you Take your time saying “Tomorrow I will do this, I will say this, I will go to such a place,” and adding no “God willing”, you are thieves. And you are thieves even greater when you dila pidez the most of your time at your pleasure, not the pleasure of God. And when you use the worst of your time in the service of God, you really are thieves. Whoever commits sin, whatever it is, is a thief because he steals time, the soul, and his own life to serve God and Satan gives the enemy of God.

Chapter 154
So if a man has honor, life and property, and that he steals his wealth, the thief be hanged. If we take away life, the murderer will be beheaded. And this is just because ordered. But if you steal the honor of others, why the thief is he not crucified? The goods they are preferable to honor? Has God ordained that he who steals goods to be punished, he who steals the life and property should be punished, but that honor is that flies except? Certainly not! For it is because of their complaints that our fathers did not enter the promised land, but their son, and it is because of sin that snakes killed about seventy thousand of our people. God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, he who steals the honor is worthy of greater punishment than that stolen property and human life. And the one who listens quyi recriminates is similarly guilty because that Satan receives one language and the other in the ears! ”
The Pharisees were consumed with rage on hearing it, because they could not condemn his words. A doctor then approached Jesus and said: “Good Teacher, tell me why God has forbidden wheat and potatoes to our fathers. Since he knew they were to fall, he should have been allowed or wheat then do not let them see the man! “Jesus replied,” Man, you call me good, but you’re wrong, God alone is good. And much more you cheat when you speak, because God did not act according to your Servelle. But I will answer everything. I say gift, when God is our creator, he did not comply with us. It is therefore not possible for the creature to get his way and convenience, but the honor of God, the creator, so that the creature depends on the creator and not the creature creator. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, if God had any pemisà man, the man would not know it is God’s servant, and he was like the master of paradise. This is why the Creator – who is blessed for ever – forbade the food so that the man be held subject to him. I tell you the truth, whoever has the clear eye sees everything clearly and it takes light from the darkness themselves, that is not blind. I say therefore, if man had not sinned, we would not, neither you nor I, nor the mercy of God his righteousness. And God made man inpeccable, it would have been equal to that God. As the blessed God he created man good and just, but free to do what he pleases of his own life: salvation or damnation. “The doctor was amazed and confused he went.

Chapter 155
The pontiff then secretly called two old priests and sent them to Jesus. He was out of the temple and sat in the portico of Solomon until the time of the noon prayer to pray. Near him stood his disciples and a multitude of people. The priests came to Jesus and said, “Master, why man he ate wheat and apple? God wanted it that they ate or not? “They said to try it as if to say:” God wanted. “They would say,” Why not it? “And he said:” God does not want, “they would say,” Man can therefore since God is against God’s will. ”
Jesus answered, “Your request is like the way of the mountain there is a precipice on the right and left, but I walk in the middle.” On hearing this, seeing that he knew their hearts, the priests were confused, Jesus said then: “Every man is for his benefit, as he needs. But God does not need anything, is for his good pleasure. In creéant man, he left open for him to know that God did not need him, as does a king for example, which gives freedom to his servants to show his wealth and his servants the more in love. God created man to free it more like its creator and recognize his liberality. Indeed, although God is all-powerful and that nit not need the man since he created by his omnipotence, he left free, in its freedom, so it can resist evil and do good. God had been an obstacle to sin, but he did not contradict his generosity – there is no contradiction in God – so, as I said, the omnipotence and liberality which had acted in man does not oppose human sin and God’s mercy and His justice can act in man. For a sign that I tell the truth, I tell you that you Pontif sent to tempt me. This is the fruit of his priesthood! “Old men went and told all this to Pontif. It says: “He who the devil told him everything, because it sucked to reign over Israel. but God will provide! ”

Chapter 156
Leaving the temple after the noon prayer, Jesus met a man born blind. The disciples asked, “Master, who sinned in him that he was born blind, his father or mother?” Jesus answered, “Neither his father nor his mother have sinned in him, but God has established and demonstrated the Gospel! “Having known him nearly blind, he spat on the ground, made mud, put it on the man’s eyes and told him:” Go to the pool Siloam and wash! ‘The blind man went and washed as he lives as he was returning home, many of those who met him said: “If one was blind, I would certainly say that CEST he who sat at the beautiful gate of the temple! “Others said,” This is it, but how does he see? “And they held him by saying:” Are you blind man who sat at the beautiful gate of the temple? “He replied,” It’s me, why? “They said:” How then is it that you see? “He replied:” A man made mud spitting on the ground, it I put that mud on my eyes and he said, “Go and wash in the pool of Siloam!” I went, I washed, and now I see. Blessed be the God of Israel, “When the blind was returned to the beautiful gate of the temple was filled full Jérusalème this news.
So we took him to the high priest This plotting plotting against Jesus the priests and Pharisees. The Pontif asked him, saying, “Man, do not you born blind?” – “Yes,” he replied. “Well, give glory to God, says the Pope, and tell us which prophet appeared to you in a dream that gave you the light? This was our father Abraham or Moses, the servant of God, or some other prophet, because others can not do such a thing! ‘The man born blind replied: “I have seen Abraham, Moses nor, nor any prophet who has healed me, but while I was in the mud with his spit, he put the mud on my eyes and sent me wash in the pool of Siloam. I went, I washed and came back with the light of my eyes. “The pontiff asked the man’s name. The man born blind replied: “He did not say his name, but a man who has seen it called me saying,” Go and wash as the man said, because it is Jesus of Nazareth, prophet and holy God of Israel. “the pontiff said:” Is today the day that you healed on the Sabbath? “The blind man replied:” Now is the healed me. “On Pontif said:” Well, you see that as a sinner who does not observe the Sabbath! ”

Chapter 157
The man born blind replied: “Whether sinner, I do not know, but I know that I was blind and he gave me the light!” The Pharisees did not believe him. They said therefore to the pontiff: “Let sends for his father and mother, they tell us the truth!” They sent therefore seek the father and mother of the blind. When they arrived, the priest asked them, “Is this your son?” They replied, “This is really our son!” The pontiff said: “He says that he was born blind and now he sees how it happened? “The father and mother of the man born blind replied:” It is really born blind, but we do not know how he received the light. He is of age, ask him, he’ll tell the truth! “So they were dismissed and the pontiff spoke again to the blind man:” Give glory to God, he says, and tell us the truth! ”
The father and mother were afraid to speak parcequ’un decree of the Roman senate had happened that no one should quarrel for Jesus, prophet of the Jews, under penalty of death, which is what the governor had called. That’s why they said, “He is of age, ask him!”
The pontiff said I, said the man born blind: “Give glory to God, and tell us the truth, because we know that this man you say that you are a sinner healed! “The man born blind replied:” Whether sinner, I do not know, but what I know is that I could not see and he gave me the light! It is certain that from the beginning of the world until now, no man born blind has received the light and that God does not listen to sinners! “The Pharisees said,” But how did he do when he gave you light? “The man born blind marveled because of their unbelief and then said:” I told you! Why do you ask me again? Do not you want, you also become his disciples? “The Pontif cursed while saying,” You were born entirely in sins, and you want to teach us! Going by yourself and become a follower of this man, for us, we are disciples of Moses and we know that God has spoken to Moses, but we do not know him where he is. “They drove off of the synagogue and the temple by forbidding him to pray with pure Israel.

Chapter 158
The man born blind went to Jesus, it comforted him by saying: “In no time, you have been as happy as you are now because you are blessed by our God. He spoke against the effect of friends by saying our father David and his prophet: “They curse, and I blessed.” And Micaiah, a prophet, he said: “I curse your blessings, because the earth is less opposed to the air, water, fire, light and darkness, heat and cold love to hate, the vouloire God is opposed to the will of the world! ‘
The disciples asked him then saying, “Lord, your words are high, then tell us the direction, because now we do not understand! “Jesus replied:” When you know the world, you will see that I said ainssi true and you know the truth in any prophet. Know then that there are three kinds of worlds for a single word. The first call lex heaven, earth, water, air, fire, and things below ALL THAT man. This world is all according to the will of God, because as david says, the prophet of God: “God gave them an order they transgress not.”
The second is called all men, and called someone’s house, not on the walls, but after the family. This world loves God as naturally as they wish God, insofar as God by nature all desire, even if they are wrong in seeking it. And do you know why all desire God? Because each desire an infinite good without any evil, ie God. Also merciful God he sent his prophets to this world for his salvation.
The third world is the tendency depraved men to sin. She changed law against God the Creator of the world and makes man similar to demons enemies of God. Now this world our God hates so that if the prophets had loved this world, believe, God would certainly removed their prophetic ministry. What am I saying? God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, when the messenger of God come into the world, if it took love for this wicked world, God would take away everything he certainly gave by creating and it repugnant, so God is opposed to this world! ‘

Chapter 159
The disciples answered: “Master, your words are very high but take pity on us, we do not understand! “Jesus said,” Do you perhaps God create his messenger to be his rival, who wants to be equal with him? Certainly not! But it is for his good servant who would not want that does not want his nmaître You can not understand because you do not know what sin is. So listen to my words!
Verily, verily, I say unto you, sin can not be born in man to contradict God, because only sin is that God does not want and what God wants is entirely foreign to the sin- . So if our pundits and priests and the Pharisees persecute me for the reason that the people of Israel called me God, they would be something pleasing to God and God would reward. But on the contrary, God is an abomination because they hate me and they want me dead they persecute me e effect because they do not want me to tell the truth, just as they have contaminated the book with their traditions of Moses and David, prophets and friends of God.
Tell me, Moses killed Ahab killed men and men Is this is a murder? Surely not, because Moses killed his men to destroy idolatry and to maintain the worship of God, while Ahab you to these men to destroy the worship of God and keep vri idolatry. The action of killing men changed Moses therefore sacrifice and sacrilege Ahab, so that the same action produced these two opposing effects.
As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, if Satan had spoken to the angels to see how they loved God, it would not be reproved because he sought to divert them from God. ”
Who writes answered: “How should we understand what is said of the prophet Micah about the lie that God commanded to utter the mouth of the false prophets, as it is written in the book of the kings of Israel? “Jesus answered,” Barnabas tells a bit of everything that has happened, we see the clear truth! ”

Chapter 160
Whoever wrote said: “In writing the history of the kings of Israel and Turans the prophet Daniel wrote:” The king of Israel and the king of Judah came together to fight the son of Belial, c ‘ is to say the reprobate, that is to say ammonites. Jehoshaphat king of Judah, and Ahab king of Israel sitting on their thrones all two Samaria, qutres hundred false prophets stood before them, that the king of Israel said, “Go up against the Ammonites, for God will deliver it into your hands and you disperseras Ammon! ”
Jehoshaphat said, “Is there here a prophet of the God of our fathers?” Ahab replied: “There is only one quyi is bad because I always predicted wrong. I kept in prison. “He said this:” There is only one “because all the others had been killed on his orders as you told us, Lord, the prophets were saved on mountains where men do not live. Jehoshaphat said, “Send for him and see what he says!” Achabn therefore ordered that Micah is brought.
He came, foot shackles and haggard as a man who is between life and death. Ahab asked him, “Tell us, Micah, in the name of God, we go up against the Ammonites? God he will deliver the cities in our hands? “Micah said,” Monte! Monte! thou shalt go even though you go down better! “False prophets Micah then praised as a true prophet of God and he loosed the chains of feet
Jehoshaphat feared that our God and whose knees ployèrent never had idols Micah asked: “For the love of the God of our fathers, tell us the truth: How did you see the outcome of this war? “Micah said,” Jehoshaphat, I fear your face, that’s why I told you that I saw the people of Israel as sheep without a shepherd. “Laughing, Ahab said to Jehoshaphat,” I told you that it does not predict the bad! But you do not believe it! ‘
Both then said: “How do you know this, Micah?” Micaiah said, “I heard a council of angels prepared in the presence of God and I heard God ask,” Who will deceive Ahab to that it goes against Ammon and be killed? “While some answered this, and some that came an angel who said,” Lord, I will fight against Ahab, I will go to his false prophets and I metterai lie in their mouth and it will rise and he will be killed. “On hearing God say,” Well, go and does so, you will conquer! “”
Then the false prophets became angry and struck the prince plays Micah saying, “God Forsaken, so when the angel of truth away so he came to us and you? Tell us when it came to the angel who brought us the lie? “Micah said,” You know when you flee from house to house for fear of being killed, having deceived your king! ”
King Ahab began when angry and said, “Take Micaiah, put her neck chains on his feet and keep the barley bread and water until I return, because for the moment I do not know death that I want to give him! ”
So they went and told it was like Micaiah, because the king of the Ammonites said to his servants: “Take heed that ye fight against the king of Judah, and against the princes of Israel, but kill Ahab, king of Israel , my enemy! “Jesus said,” Stop here, barnabé because it is sufficient for our purpose! ”

Chapter 161
“Have you understood all this? “Jesus said. The disciples answered: “Yes, Master!” Jesus said: “Lying is a sin indeed, but murder is a greater sin, because lying is a sin of one who says, while the murder, although it is the one who commits destroyed in what God has done more expensive here ur land, that is to say, the man. We can fix the lie by saying the opposite of what was said, so that there is no cure for murder because you can not restore life to the one who died.
But tell me, Moses, the servant of God, he sinned by killing all those he killed? “The disciples answered:” God forbid! God forbid that Moses sinned by obeying God who commanded! “Jesus said:” And I say: God forbid that the angel who deceived the false prophets of Ahab sinned a lie, because as God accepted the sacrifice murder, and acceptable t lemensonge it in praise. Verily I say unto you, as the dwarf who is wrong is to make shoes size giant and whoever would be wrong to submit to God the law, as he himself is subject to the law SINCE he is a man. This is why when you believe that there is sin that God does not, you will find the truth as I have told you. In fact, God is not made nor likely to change, it can not at the same time wanting and not wanting something, because there would be a contradiction in itself and therefore suffering and it would not be infinitely blessed. ”
Philip answered: “But how are we to understand the words of the prophet Amos: there is no evil in the city that God has done?” Jesus replied: “Well, you see here, Philippe , how dangerous it is to stop at the letter as do the Pharisees who made God’s predestination for the elect, so they come to saying that God is unjust, simulator and liar. Horrible judgment remain on them! I say therefore Amos, the prophet of God, instead of evil here that the world calls evil, for if he had just used the language, we would not have understood. Indeed, all the tribulations are good or evil that we purify that have done it or prevent us from doing evil, whether they are known to man the condition of this life, so we loved and we desire eternal life. So if the prophet Amos said: “There is no good in the city that God has done,” he would have reason to despair afflicted who are tormented while sinners live in prosperity. And what is worse, many craidraient serve satan and not to be tormented believing he has such an empire over men.
Amos did as interpreter Roman, speaking in the presence of Pontif, does not pay attention to the words but to the will and Jewish affairs, given that he does not speak Hebrew.

Chapter 162
If Amos had said: “There is no good in the city that God has done,” thank God, in whose presence my soul stands, he would have committed a serious error because the world does not consider although wickedness and sins that have committed by illusion. Men therefore acted unfairly much believing that there is sin and wickedness that God has made. The earth trembles at hearing this! “Just Jesus he said that it came a great earthquake, so that everyone remained half dead Jesus rose and said:” Judge therefore yourselves if I tell you the truth! Let this suffice. When speaking with the world Amos says: “God made evil in the city,” he says of trribulations only call evil sinners.
We now come to the predestination you want to know. I’ll talk about the Jordan, that we will tomorrow, God willing. ”

Chapter 163
Jesus went with his disciples to the desert beyond the Jordan. After making, a noon prayer, he sat near a palm tree and his disciples sat in the shade of a palm Jesus said: “Brethren, predestination is so secret, I tell you in truth, it is clearly known that one man expect that this nation, to whom the secrets of God are so clear that those who listen to his words will be happy when he comes into the world. Because God send his mercy on them as this palm is upon us and as this tree protects us from the sun’s heat, and the mercy of God defend Does Satan against those who believe in this man. ”
The disciples answered: “Master, who is this man you’re talking about and come into the world?” Jesus replied in the joy of his heart: “This is Muhammad, Messenger of God! His coming into the world carries abundant mercy, like rain that makes the earth fruitful when it has not rained for a long time will cause good works among men. Because it is a white cloud, full of the mercy of God, God will pour out upon the faithful like rain.

Chapter 164
I’ll tell you now what little knowledge that God has kindly medonner on predestination. The Pharisees say that everything is predestined so that whoever is elected can not become reprobate qt than that reprobate can in no way be elected. They say that God has predestined well as the way in which elected march towards salvation, that God has predestined sin as a way by which the reprobate is to damnation. Cursed be the language that says it, and the hand that wrote it, because the faith of Satan it is! It can be seen that there are Pharisees now, it is the faithful servants of Satan.
Predestination means that, if absolute will lead to something when its purpose has the means in hand. Because without means, we can achieve the goal. How to succeed it to build a house that has neither stone nor money to spend, or even ground or set foot? Certainly nobody could. Well, here’s what I say: if predestination denies human free will that God gave him by pure liberality and also deprives the law of God, it is not predestination, but abomination!
That man is free, the book of Moses demonstrated. When our God gave the law on Mount Sinai, he said: “My commendement is not in heaven that you excuse by saying,” Who will bring us commendement of God and that will give us the strength to the observe? “It is not beyond the sea that you do the same way an excuse. Moais my commendement is in your heart, so that you can observe when you want. ”
Tell me when King Herod ordered an old man young again and a patient back to health and they got killed because they do not, would it be fair? “The disciples answered:” If the ordered Herod would be unjust and impious. “Jesus said with a sigh:” Brethren, these are the fruits of human traditions, because that God has predestined the reprobate so that can not be elected, he blaspheme God by going to unjust and impious, who commands the sinner not to sin, and if sin d, make pénitemce. Such predestination indeed removes the researcher `p tot filled, if not sin, and totally deprives penance.

Chapter 165
Instead, God says through the prophet Joel, listen! “I live, I, your God and do not want the death of the sinner, but I em ploys to it to convert and do penance.” God prédestinera therefore he does not want it? See for yourself what God says and what the Pharisees say now!
Moreover, God said through the prophet Isaiah: “I called and you did not hear me!” How many times did God call! Listen to himself tell you the same prophet: “Every day, I extend my hands towards the people who do not believe me, but that contradicts me.” But when we say that the Pharisees condemned not not be elected if they say that God mocks ds men laugh like a blind man who would show him the white, like make fun of a deaf person who would talk to the ear.
As to whether the chosen perhaps reprobate, consider what our God says through the prophet Ezekiel: “As surely as I live, saith God, if just abandons his righteousness and commits abominations, shall perish and I do not remember any more of his justice, because while he trusts in her, she will abandon before me and will not save him. ”
When the destiny of the reprobate, God does he not by the prophet Hosea: “I will call the people I’ll call éluet not elected!” God is true and can not lie, because the truth is, he says truth. but the Pharisees now contradict God in everything by their doctrine. ”

Chapter 166
Andre replied: “But how are we to understand what God says to Moses: He will show mercy to those who want it and those that want to harden harden? “Jesus answered,” God said that that man does not believe that he not save his own virtue but know that it is in the bounty that God has given him life and mercy. He also said that the idea is rejected there are other gods before him.
That is why it has hardened Pharaoh, he did because he had flagelé our people and tried to destroy it by drown all the male children of Israel, to the point that Moses was close to ‘lose life.
So I tell you the truth, predestination basis for the law of God and the free will of man. In effert, although God can save the world and ensure that any should perish, he does not want to not deprive man of freedom to thwart Satan, so that even if this pile of mud despised by it was like fishing in mind, it can still repent and occupy the place where the spirit was cast out. Our God, I say, of His mercy wants to attend the free will of man and does not deprive the creature of his omnipotence.
And the day of judgment, nobody can invoke an excuse for his sins, because he will then clearly all that God has done for his conversion and how many times he called to repentance.

Chapter 167
Therefore, if your reason is not content and if you want to say, “Why is it so?” I would reveal “why” is this: Tell me why can not a stone remain in the water while the whole world stands on the water? Tell me why water extinguishes fire and why the earth is leaking air, so that nobody can unite in peace earth, water, air and fire, and they are nevertheless united in man and remain peaceful?
So if you do not know and even if all men as men can not know, how would they know only one word God created everything out of nothing? How they would know God’s eternity? Obviously they will not know that either. Why? because man is finite, it is composed of a body and that it is in corrampant, as the prophet says Solomon, adds soul. And the works of God that are proportionate to God, who can understand?
Seeing this, Isaiah, the prophet of God, exclaimed, “Truly you are a hidden God!” About God’s messenger on the way in which God created, he said: “His generation, who will the tell? “About God’s action, he said:” Who has been his counselor? “That is why God to human nature:” As the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. ”
I tell you so, how predestination occurs is not clear for men, although the fact that everything I told you is true. The man should therefore reject the fact pretext that do not know how? I’ve certainly never seen anyone refuse health even he does not know how God heals the sick when I touch it. it is still unknown to me. ”

Chapter 168
The disciples then said: “Truly God speaks to you as a man ever spoke like you! “Jesus replied,” Believe me, when God chose me to send me to the house of Israel, he gave me a book as a miroire clear that descended into my heart, so that everything I say fate When this book is finished this book out of my mouth, I would be removed from the world. ”
Peter replied, “Master, what you say now, is also written in this book? “Jesus replied:” All I said to the knowledge of God and the service of God, to knowledge of man and the salvation of man, all that comes out of this book which is my gospel. ”
Peter said: “The glory of paradise is it written well? ‘

Chapter 169
Jesus replied, “Listen, I’ll tell you how heaven and how the saints and the faithful will abide without end, because this is one of the greatest blessings of paradise Every thing indeed, so great that becomes small and is emptied when it ends. Heaven is a home where God keeps His delight. This is the point that the earth trodden by the feet of the saints and blessed is so precious a drachma of that land is worth more than a thousand worlds.
These delights then our father David, God’s prophet, saw, because God showed him by making him see the glory of paradise. Then returned to himself, he covered his eyes with both hands and said, weeping: “O my eyes, look over this world because everything is vain, nothing good! “From then delights the prophet Isaiah said:” The man’s eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, the human heart has not understood what God has prepared for those that like. ”
Do you know why they have neither seen nor heard nor understood these delights there? This is because, living here, they are not worthy to see. Although our father David saw them, I tell you the truth, he does not live with human eyes, but God drew his soul to him He saw then. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, since the delights of Paradise are endless and that man is finite, man can not understand, even a small clay pot can hold the sea .
So look like the world is beautiful in summer when everything grows and the peasant enviré joy at the sight of the crop songs resounds its valleys and mountains and greatly appreciates his labors. Well, just raise your heart to heaven! Everything grows there to the extent of one who has cultivated.
God lives, to find paradise, it suffice you to know that God created it to the house of his delights. Do you think that the sovereign goodness does not supremely beautiful things? Be careful of a very serious erreure enpensant it is not so.

Chapter 170
Here’s what God said to the man who faithfully serves: “I know thy works. This is the me that you made. As surely as I live forever, your love will not surpass my liberality. You serve me indeed as God, your creator, you are acknowledging that my work and you do not ask the grace and mercy to serve me faithfully. You do not still more 6n at your service as you wish to serve me for eternity!
Here’s what I do: I will reward you as if you were God, my equal. I not only put your hands plenty of paradise, but I give myself to you, and as you always want to be my servant, and will I still your reward. ‘

Chapter 171
“What do you think of paradise? “Jesus said to his disciples. Is there an intelligence which could comprehend such riches and such delights? II would that man has the knowledge of God to know what God wants to give to his servants.
When Herod made a gift to one of his favorites barons have you seen what gives? . “Jean replied:” I’ve seen it twice. A poor man is certainly satisfied the tenth part. Gives it. “Jesus says:” But if a poor person receives something of Herod what will it be? “Jean replied:” One or two small coins “Whether your textbook to find paradise, ‘said Jesus, for all that God has given to man this world to his body is comparable to the small coin Herod give to the poor. But all that God will give the body and soul in heaven, it is as if Herod gave to one of his servants all that he has and his life itself.

Chapter 172
God says to those who love and serve faithfully: “My servant, so will see how many is the sand of the sea Well, if you gave the sea a single grain of sand, that you seem little, although course. As true as I live, I, your creator, everything that I have given in this world all the princes and kings of the earth do not even like the grain of sand that would give you the sea, compared to what I will give you in my paradise. ‘

Chapter 173
“Just see what is the abundance of heaven, Jesus says, because if God gave man an ounce of good in this world, in heaven he will give ten, hundred and thousand measures. See the amount of fruits that are in this world. the amount of food. the amount of flowers and
many things that serve man. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, just as the rest of the sand at the sea when it receives a grain, and the quality and quantity of Paradise surpass figs figs so we eat down here. And so all the rest in paradise. But again, I say to you, along with a mountain of gold and pearls worth more than the shadow of an ant. so the delights of paradise have more prizes than all the delights that the princes of the world have had and will have until the judgment of God, when the world will end. ‘
Peter answered: “The body we will therefore now in heaven? “Jesus replied:” Pierre, beware of becoming Sadducee! because the Sadducees say that the flesh will not rise and there are no angels. This is why their soul and body are deprived of going to heaven and are deprived in this world of angels receive any service whatsoever. Did you forget Job, prophet and friend of God, who says: “I know that God lives, that last day, I will rise again in my flesh and my eyes shall I see God, my savior! But believe me, our flesh is purified if she no longer has any of the properties it has now. It will be purged of all evil desire and God will bring to the state in which Adam was before he sinned.
Both men serve the same master in the same job. One has only to look at the book and the second command, it executes that command first. Do you think it right, I say, that the master recognizes only one who sees and control, and out of the house which is exhausted to work? Certainly not! How then justice of God bear it then that the soul, the body and the sensitivity of the man serve God, the soul merely watch and control the service? because, since it does not eat bread, she does not fast it does not work, it does not suffer from cold or heat, it does not get sick, it is not killed because it is immortal, it suffers no corporal punishment as the body suffers due to the elements, is it fair, I say, it only goes to heaven and not the body that was so exhausted at the service of God? “Peter replied,” Master, since the body has been sinning soul, do not put it in paradise! ‘
Jesus answered, “But how the body would sin it without the soul? It would be quite impossible! Thus, depriving the body of the mercy of God, you condemn the soul to hell! ‘

Chapter 174
As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, our God promises mercy to the sinner, saying: “At the very moment the sinner regret his sin because of me. I do
ever remember her iniquities. Now, who eat food from heaven if the body did not go? Certainly not the soul, because it is spirit! “Peter replied:” The blessed in heaven then eat! But how the food produce does not junk? “Jesus answered,” What bliss would have if the body did not eat or drink? “It is quite convenient to give glory proportionate to that glorified. But you are mistaken, Peter, thinking that this will produce junk food because the body eats food this corruptible and putrefaction follows, while in paradise body will be incorruptible, impassible, immortal. free from misery, and foods without any fault occur putrefaction.

Chapter 175
Making fun of the reprobate, God speaks and the prophet Isaiah: “My servants sit at the table in my house, they will feast happily to the sound of harps and organs, and I will not let miss anything. But you who are my enemies, you will be driven away from me you die of misery, despised by all my servants. ‘
Chapter 176
“Why say they will feast, Jesus told his disciples! Certainly, God speaks clearly. But why four rivers of paradise in the precious liquid and why so many fruits? God certainly does not eat, nor angels, nor soul, nor the sensitivity! Against the flesh by eating it, the flesh is to say our body. And the glory of paradise is for the body in food, and soul and sensitivity in attendance of angels and blessed spirits.

This glory will be better expressed by the messenger of God who knows everything better than any
creature as God created everything for her love, “Bartholomew said:” Master, the glory of heaven Will it equal for everyone. If it is equal, it will not be right, and if it is not equal, smaller envy the greatest! “Jesus answered,” It will not be equal, because God is just, but everyone will be happy because there is no i1 envy. Tell me, Bartholomew, a pattern has many servants. He dresses them all the same stuff. Is that children have clothes children complain that they have no adult clothing? On the contrary, if the adults wanted to give them their great clothes, they would angrily, clothing is not their size, and they would believe laughed. Well, Bartholomew, lift your heart to God in heaven and you will see one and the same glory will produce in them no desire, though. Give preference to one and less than one. ‘

Chapter 177
Whoever wrote said: “Master, the paradise he world here as sunlight? “Jesus answered,” Barnabas, God told me this: the world in which you live, O sinners, was the sun, the moon and the stars that adorn for your benefit and your joy, this is what I created.
But do you think my home qu’habiteront faithful will not be better? You certainly mistaken if you believe me as your God, I am the sun of heaven, my messenger is the moon, which receives all of me and the stars, you are my prophets who preached my will. They are the ones who brought my word to my followers. Similarly, it is through them that heaven of my delight, my faithful receive pleasure and joy.

Chapter 178
“Let it suffice you to know the paradise”, says Jesus. Bartholomew said: “Lord, suffer me ask you something else! “-” Tell me what you want “, said Jesus. “-” Heaven must certainly be great, Bartholomew said to contain such great property! “Jesus answered,” Heaven is so great that no man can measure. I tell you the truth, there are nine heavens which lie between the planets. They are spaced apart from each other five hundred years of walking. The earth is also remote from the first sky walk five hundred years. However, stop yourself to measure the first heaven. In relation to the earth, as the earth is compared to a grain of sand. Similarly, the second heaven compared to the first, the third from the second, and so on until the last sky. Well, I tell you the truth, heaven and earth are set in relation to heaven as a grain of sand compared to the earth. ‘
Then Peter said, “Master, heaven must be greater than God because God is there! “Jesus replied:” Shut up, Peter, you blasphemy and you do not realize it! ‘

Chapter 179
The angel Gabriel came to Jesus and then showed him a mirror bright as the sun, in which he saw written these words: “As surely as I live forever, as heaven is greater than heaven and earth together and as all the earth is larger than a grain of sand, and I am many times higher than the paradise of sea sand, there are drops of water in the sea, that there is grass on the ground, there are leaves on the trees, there are hairs on the animals and many times it would take sand to fill all the heavens and all heaven and more! ‘
Jesus said: “revere God who is blessed forever. “A hundred times they bowed their heads and after the prayer, Jesus called Peter and told him and all the disciples what he had seen. I1 said to Peter: “Your soul is greater than the whole world sees through one eye the sun is a thousand times greater than all the earth” – “It is true,” said Pierre. Jesus then said: “Well, this is how you see God our Creator through paradise! “After saying this, Jesus gave thanks to the Lord our God, praying for the house of Israel and the holy city. And everyone said, “So be it, Lord! ‘

Chapter 180
One day as Jesus was standing in the portico of Solomon, a scribe who preached to the people approached him and said: “Master, I have often preached to the people and I have in mind a passage from Scripture that I can not understand. “Jesus answered,” What is it? “The scribe said:” What God said to Abraham our father, “I am your great reward! “How can a man so worthy? ‘
Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and then said: “You’re certainly not far from the kingdom of God. So listen to me and I’ll tell you the meaning of this doctrine there, Since God is infinite and man is finite, man can not merit God. Is this your doubt, brother? “The scribe said crying” Lord, you know my heart Speak, for my soul wants to hear your voice! “Jesus said,” Long live God, man can not even deserve the little breath he receives every moment. “Hearing that the scribe was amazed. The disciples were astonished too. They were indeed in mind that Jesus had told them they would receive a hundredfold for all that they gave for the love of God. He said: “If you lend someone a hundred denarii and golds you to waste the money, you might say to this man:” I give you a piece of rotten grapes, but you give me your house, because I deserve it? “The scribe answered:” No, Lord, for he must first pay his debt. Then, if he wants something, he will give good things. But what good is a sheet rotten! ‘

Chapter 181
Jesus answered, “You have spoken well, brother! But tell me, who created man out of nothing? It is God indeed. And God gave to man in the world benefit. But by sinning man has squandered everything, because the world is opposed to man because of sin. The wretched man that works has rotted by sin to give to God by sinning every day in fact, it rots his works. That is why the prophet Isaiah said: “Our righteousnesses are as filthy rags,” How then can man merit since it already can not pay its debts?
Is that man does not sin? Yes, our God says through His prophet David: “The just man falls seven times a day. “How often falls so that is not fair! And if our righteousnesses are rotten, how are abominable injustices God lives, there is nothing that man should avoid more than saying “I deserve.” As man seeth the works of his hands, brother, and he will soon what its worth. The good things that come from man, not the man who is, in truth, but it is God who performs in man, because being belongs to God who created . What the man is saying against God his Creator, and commit sin. And that he does not deserve reward, but torment.

Chapter 182
God not only created man, as I say, but he created perfect, he gave the world, after the release of Paradise, he gave him two angels who guard, he sent the prophets, he gave the law, and gave him the faith at every moment he delivers Satan, wants to give him the paradise and more, God wants to give himself to man. Look how debt is great! To turn it off, you would have created man for yourself from scratch, should you have created all the prophets that God sent you, and also a world and a paradise, and one more great and good God as our God, and should you give it all to God. Thus the debt would be extinguished. He would do that to thank God. But you, who can not even create a fly since there is only one God, master of all, how could you turn off your debt? Certainly, if a man lends you a hundred denarii of gold, you have to give him a hundred denarii of gold. But the meaning of it all, brother, here, is that God can say what he likes and what he likes to give as it is to the paradise and everything. He said to Abraham: “I will be your great reward,” Abraham can not say “God is my reward”, but he must say: “God gave me, it is my debt. “That is why, brother, when preaching to the people, you have to explain this passage as follows:” If a man does good, God will give him this and that. Oh man, if God said, “My servant, thou hast done well for my love, what reward do you want from me thy God? “Say: ‘O Lord, for I am the work of your hands, it is not worthy of me that is what Satan likes, that is to say, sin.
That is why, Lord, for your glory, have mercy works of your hands! “And if God said,” I have forgiven you, but now I want to reward you, “say:” Lord, what I did, I deserve to be punished, and that to have done, to deserve to be glorified. Thus punished me, Lord, that I did and saves what you have done! “And if God said,” What you just seems to suit your sin? “Answer:” Everything qu’endureront all the reprobate, Lord! “And if God said,” Why are you looking so great a punishment, my faithful servant? “Answer:” Because if each of them had received from you that I received, they would have served more faithfully than me! “And if God said,” When do you want to receive the death penalty and for how long? “Answer:” From now endless! “As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, such a man would be more pleasing to God than all his holy angels, for God loves true humility and hates pride! “. The scribe then thanked Jesus and said:” Lord, let the house of thy servant and thy servant will give you to eat as well as your disciples! “Jesus answered,” I will go there when you promettras of me call me “brother” and not “Lord”, and you say that you’re my brother, not my servant! “promised the man and Jesus went with him.

Chapter 183
While they ate, the scribe said, “Master, thou hast said that God loves true humility, so tell us what humility and how it can be true or false. “(Jesus said):” Verily, I say to you, whoever does not become like a child, you will enter into the kingdom of heaven “All were troubled when they heard this. They said to each other: “But how one who has thirty or forty years he will become a child? That word is hard! ‘
Jesus answered, “As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, my words are true! I say that we must become like a child, because that is where true humility. In fact, if you ask a child, who made the clothes he wears, he replied: “My father! “If you ask him who owns the house he lives, he will say:” In my father! “If you say,” Who ‘t learned to walk and pray, you answer: “My father! “But if you say:” Who hurt you at the front for the front and blindfolded? “He will say,” I fell and I hurt my head! “If you say,” But why did you fall? “He will say” Do not you see that I’m small and I do not have the strength to walk or run as a major? If I want to walk fast, my father must take my hand. But I learned to walk well, my father dropped a little, and I, wanting to run, I fell! “If you said,” What did your father? “He answered:” Well, why do not you market slowly? In the future take care of you away from me! ‘

Chapter 184
“Is it true that? Jesus said. “It’s true! “Answered the disciples and the scribe” – “Well, Jesus said, those who recognize the truth in the heart, that God is the author of all good and they are themselves the authors of sin, those will be really humble. Mats those whose mouths speak like this child but say the opposite in fact, that one would probably be a fake and a real humble pride, as the height of arrogance is to use humble means not to be reprimanded and trampled by men.
Humility is a real lowering of the soul by which man truly knows. But false humility is a fog that obscures the hell tenement intelligence of the soul that all humans should be attributed to himself, he 1’attribue God, and everything should be attributed to God, he ascribes to himself. And the false humility say he is a great sinner, but if someone says he is a sinner, he gets angry against him and persecute. The false humility say that God gave him what he has, but he has not slept and he has done well.
Tell me, brethren, the Pharisees now, how they work? “The scribe answered crying:” Master, the Pharisees of today are the clothes and the name of the Pharisees, but they are Chanaanitish in the heart and in their works! God grant they availed themselves that name, they deceive not simple! O time, as you have been cruel to us you have removed the real Pharisees and you left us all wrong! ‘

Chapter 185
Jesus answered, “Brother, this is not the time who did it, but the wicked world, because we can serve God in truth at all times, but if you approach the world, that is to say bad habits, it becomes evil at all times. Do not you know that Gehazi, the servant of the prophet Elisha, to the shame of his master, stole a lie money and clothes Aman Syrian? Yet Elisha avail many of the Pharisees and God was prophesying.
I tell you the truth, if soot men willing to do evil, the world grows so much, and so Satan seeks evil, that the Pharisees now leaking any good action and good example.
The example of Gehazi enough for you to know that they are condemned by God. “The scribe said:” It is quite true! “Jesus said,” I want you telling example
Haggai and Hosea, both prophets of God, that we recognize the true Pharisee “The scribe said,” Master, what shall I say? Many certainly will not believe even if it is written by the prophet Daniel, but I’ll tell you obey the truth.
Haggai was fifteen years old when he sold his patrimony. The giving to the poor, he went
of Anathoth to serve the prophet Obadiah. So the old Obadiah, who knew the humility of Haggai was using it as a book to teach his disciples. Him as he often gift clothing and food sought. Haggai but always returned the messenger, saying: “Will in, go home because you’re wrong! Obadiah send me it
such things? Surely not, because he knows that I am good for nothing and that I am only sin. “And when Obadiah was something bad, he gave the nearest neighbor of Haggai so it stolen. And seeing Haggai said: “You see Obadiah you have quite forgotten, because it is only suitable for me since I am the worst of all. There is no thing that is so gross to me a treasure if I receive Obadiah: it is God who gives me his hands. ‘

Chapter 186
When Obadiah wanted to learn how to pray to someone, he called Haggai and said: “Recite your prayers here for everyone to hear your words! “Then Haggai said,” Lord God of Israel, look with mercy thy servant calling you because you have created! Lord, just God, remember thy righteousness and punished for the sins of thy servant, that I do not contaminate your work! Lord my God, I can not ask you the delights that you give to your faithful servants, for I am only sin. But Lord, when you want to give a disease to one of your servants, remember me, your servant, for your glory! “Because it was Haggai says the scribe. God so loved that he gave the gift of prophecy to those who were with him at that time, and there is no such thing Haggai should ask in prayer, that God would grant him.

Chapter 187
In saying this, the cry good scribe wept as he sees his mariniquand the wrecked ship. He added: “When Hosea went to serve God, he was prince of the tribe of Naphtali, and fourteen years old. Having sold its assets and giving to the poor, he went to be a disciple of Haggai. He was so inflamed with charity, he said for everything we asked him: “God gave me this for you, brother, so accept it. “From. In this way, it soon had more than two garments: the tunic of sackcloth coat and skin. And I say he sold the property and gave it to the poor, because otherwise we would let anyone take the name of a Pharisee.
Hosea had the book of Moses, and read with extreme ardor. Thus, Haggai said one day, “Hosea, which you took everything you had? “He replied:” The Book of Moses! “It happened that a disciple of a prophet neighbor wanted to go to Jerusalem. But he had no coat.
Having heard of the charity Hosea, he went to him and said: “Brother. I would go to Jerusalem to offer a sacrifice to our God, but I have no coat and I do not know what to do! »? At these words, Hosea said, “Forgive me, brother, I have committed a great sin against thee, God gave me a coat for that I give you, and I forgot. So accept it and pray to God for me! “Adding faith, man received the mantle of Hosea and went. When Hosea went to Haggai. it said: “Who you took your coat” Hosea said he came a poor fled stripped by thieves and he remained naked. Hosea saw this, stripped off his coat and gave it to the naked himself remaining with a little goat skin on his private parts. Fool as he was not in Haggai Haggai good thought Hosea was sick. He went to him with two of his disciples. They found wrapped in palm leaves. Haggai said, “Tell me why you did not come home? “Hosea said,” The book of Moses took my coat and I was afraid to go there without a coat. “Then Haggai gave him another. It happened that a young man seeing Hosea read the book of Moses, said in tears: “I too would learn to read well if I had a book! “At these words, Hosea gave him the book and said:” Brother, this book is for you because God gave it to me so that I can give to that, crying. wants a book. “The man believed and accepted the book.

Chapter 188
Haggai was a disciple of neighbor Hosea. Wanting to see if the book was well written, he went to him and said: “Brother, take your book and see if it is like mine! “Hosea said,” I took it “-” Who made thee? “Said the disciple. Hosea said, “The book of Moses! “Hearing this, that one went to Haggai and said,” Hosea is mad because he says that the book of Moses took the book of Moses! “Haggai said,” Pray to God. brother. I am also crazy and all the fools are similar to Hosea! “As thieves Syria had crossed the country of Judea and took the son of a poor widow who lived near Mount Carmel. inhabited by the prophets and Pharisees, Hosea he arrived, having gone to cut wood. met the woman who was crying. Immediately he mil crying. because laughter when he saw, he laughed, and when he saw tears. he cried. Hosea asked the woman about the reason for her tears and
she told him everything. Hosea said, “Come, sister, because God wants to give you your son! “They went all two to Hebron, where Hosea sold himself and gave the money to the widow. It not knowing how it was avail these moneys, accepts and bought his son. Whoever had bought without knowing Hosea, brought him to Jerusalem where he lived. Haggai seeing that they could not find Hosea. remained distressed. The angel of God said to him when he was taken to Jerusalem avail as a slave. On hearing the good Haggai Hosea cried absence as a mother mourns the absence of her son. Having called two of his disciples, he went to Jerusalem. At the entrance of the city, by God, he met with Hosea bread to the workers of the city of his master. Having recognized Haggai said, “Son, how hast thou forsaken your old man looking for you in pain? “Hosea said,” Father, I was sold. “Then Haggai said angrily:” What is this evil that you sold? “Hosea said,” May God forgive you, father, for he who sold me is so good that he was not in the world, nobody would saint! “-” What is this one? “Haggai said. Hosea answered: “Father, this is the book of Moses! “The good Haggai remained as misguided and said” Please God, son, that the book of Moses sell me myself and my son, as he sold you! “.
Haggai Hosea and went with his master. It has recognized Haggai said, “May our Blessed be God who has sent his prophet to me! “And he ran to kiss her hands. Haggai said, “Brother, kiss the hands of your servant that you bought because it is better than me! “And he told her everything that had happened. The master then went to Hosea freedom. Is that what you want, Master? ‘

Chapter 189
Jesus said: “That’s right, God was certified. And for everyone to know that this is the truth in the name of God, stop the sun and it does not work for twelve hours! “What was the terror of all Jerusalem and Judea. Then Jesus said to the scribe: “Brother, what do you want me to know if you have such knowledge? God lives, that is enough for the salvation of man, for humility and charity of Haggai Hosea fulfill all the law and the prophets.
Tell me, brother, when you came to interrogate me in the temple, you thought maybe God had sent me to destroy the law and the prophets? No, God will not, who is immutable. But what God determined as the way of salvation for man is that he proclaimed by all the prophets. As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, if the Book of Moses and the book of our father David had not been contaminated by the traditions
Human Pharisees and false teachers, God would not have given his word. Nay, the
Book of Moses and the book of David? This is all the prophecies they contaminated to the point that today does not look a thing because God has commanded, but if you look at the doctors teach and observe if the Pharisees, as if God was wrong and that men could not be mistaken.
Woe to the unbelieving generation, as they come upon the blood of all the prophets and
just as the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, they slew between the temple and the altar! Which of the prophets did they not persecute? Which they have just left to die a natural death? Almost no! That is why they are now trying to kill me. They boast of being the son of Abraham and have the beautiful temple. God lives, they are Satan’s son, so they are his will! This is why the temple and the holy city shall go to ruin, and the temple there will not be one stone upon another.

Tell me, brother, you’re a doctor who expert of the law) a promise of the Messiah made to our father Abraham, about whom is it done? Isaac or Ishmael? 1 “The scribe said,” Master, I am afraid to tell you, there is a danger of death! “Jesus said,” Brother, I’m sorry for coming to eat at you because you love this life more than God, your creator. This is why you are afraid of losing their lives and you are not afraid of losing ‘faith and eternal life? Or you lose it when the language says the opposite of what the heart knows God’s law! ‘
Good scribe then said, weeping: “Master, if I had known that I could have some influence, I preached many things I kill not to incite sedition among the people. “Jesus answered,” Do not consider the people nor the world, nor all the saints, nor all the angels die when there offense against God. Let therefore perish without offending God yourself, your creator, rather than keep everything with sin, because sin destroys and does not retain. God is powerful enough to create many worlds that the sea of ​​sand, and more. ‘

Chapter 191
The scribe said: “Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned! “Jesus said,” May God forgive you, it is against him that you have sinned! “Then the scribe said:” I saw an old book written by the hand of God’s servants and prophets, Moses and Joshua, who like you stopped the sun `t. This book is the true book Moisez. It is written that Ishmael is the father of the Messiah, and Isaac the father of the messenger of the Messiah. This messenger will prepare the way for the Messiah. The book says that Moses said: “O Lord, God of Israel, powerful and merciful, manifest thy servant the splendor of your glory!” “Then God showed him his messenger in the arms of Ishmael, and Ishmael in the arms of Abraham. With Ishmael stood Isaac taking in / her arms a child’s finger
showed the messenger of God, saying: “Here is one for whom God created everything â! “Then Moses cried with joy:” Ishmael, you hold in your arms the world and paradise! Remember me, servant of God, that I may find favor with God by your son that he has done everything. ‘

Chapter 192
Not found in this book that God eats meat of sheep or lamb t. We do not find that God has reserved his mercy to Israel alone, but instead he has mercy on everyone who seeks truth in God his Creator. That book, I could not read it in full, because the pontiff in the library that I was, not me saying that Ishmaelite had written “. Jesus said, “See thou never silence the truth, because it is by faith in the Messiah that God will give salvation to men. Without it, no one will be saved. “And Jesus stopped here about it.
Then, while they were eating here that Mary, who wept at Jesus’ feet $ went into the house of Nicodemus, for such was the name of the scribes. She began weeping at Jesus’ feet and said: “Lord, your servant has found mercy through you from God, a sister and a brother. But it is sick, in danger of death. “Jesus answered,” Where is your house, tell and I will pray for his health! “Marie replied,” Bethany belongs to my brother and my saur, as for me, I live Magdala. My brother is in Bethany “. Jesus said to the woman: “Go quickly to your brother and wait for me, because I will heal him. Fear not, he will not die! “The woman went. Arrived at Bethany, she found that her brother had died that same day. So they put him in the sepulcher of their fathers.

Chapter 193
Jesus stayed two days with Nicodemus. The third day, he went to Bethany. Near the city, he sent two disciples ahead to announce his coming to Marry. It ran out of town, and having found Jesus, she said, crying: “Lord, you told me that my brother would not die
Now it is buried for four days. Would to God that you came before I called you, because he would not have died! “Jesus replied:” Your brother is not dead, but sleeping, which is why I come to wake up! “Marie replied with tears:” Lord, such a sleep he will wake up in the judgment by the angel of God who will blow your trumpet. “Jesus said,” Mary, believe me, he will be raised before, because God has given me power over his sleep! I tell you the truth, he is not dead, because only death is one who dies without mercy to find God. ‘
Mary returned quickly to announce his sweat Martha the coming of Jesus. On the death of Lazarus, a large crowd of Jews in Jerusalem and many scribes and Pharisees were rushed. Martha having heard from his soeure Mary that Jesus was coming, rose in haste and ran outside. The multitude of the Jews, scribes and Pharisees followed to comfort her, because they thought she was going to the tomb crying his brother.
Arrival at the place where Jesus spoke with Mary, Martha said, weeping: ‘Lord. Would to God that you were here because my brother would not have died! “” Mary came at this time crying. Then Jesus wept and sighed: “Where have you laid him?” They said, “Come here!” The Pharisees said to one another: “He who raised the widow’s son at Nain. why he left Lazarus die so he said he would not die? ”
Came to the tomb where everyone was crying, Jesus says: “Do not weep because Lazarus is asleep and I came to wake up! “The Pharisees said,” God grant that you sleep in that way! “Jesus said,” My hour has not yet come, but when it comes, I fall asleep in the same way and I will soon awake. “Jesus said:” Take away the stone from the tomb! “Martha said,” Lord. he feels bad because four days ago he is dead! “Jesus said,” Why am I came here, Martha? Do not you think that I wake up? “Martha answered,” I know that you are the Holy One of God who sent you to this world. ‘
So, hands up to heaven, Jesus said: “Lord, the God of Abraham, the God of Ishmael and Isaac, God of our fathers, have mercy on the suffering of these women and give glory to thy holy Name ! “Everyone who responded” Amen “u Jesus said in a loud voice” Lazarus, come out! “The dead arose. Jesus said to his disciples: “Untie him! “In fact, it was bound in the shroud with the shroud on the face, as our fathers are wont to bury.
A large crowd of Jews and some Pharisees believed in Jesus as the miracle was great. Those who remained in their unbelief they went to Jerusalem and told the chief priests and the resurrection of Lazarus had become Nazarenes how much. So they called those who did penance to God’s word preached Jesus.

Chapter 194
The scribes, the Pharisees and the Pope took counsel to kill Lazarus as much abandoned their traditions and believed in the word of Jesus 1. Indeed, the miracle of Lazarus was great he conversed with men, he ate and drank. But as he was powerful, well connected to Jeru-salem with his sweat and he was the owner of Magdala and Bethany, they did not know what to do.
Jesus came to Bethany, in the house of Lazarus. Mary and Martha served him =. One day Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to his words that Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, do you not see that my sweat does not take care of yourself and do not care what you and you need to eat your disciples? “Jesus answered,” Martha, Martha, occupied yourself what you should do, because Mary has chosen the one hand that it will never be removed! ‘
While he was sitting at the table with a great multitude of those who believed in him, Jesus said, “Brothers, I have to stay with you again soon, because the time is near when I leave this world. I also remember the words of God to the prophet Ezekiel: “As surely as I live eternally, I am your God, the soul that sinneth shall die, for cons, if the sinner repents, he will not die, but live. “The death this is not death, but rather the end of a long dead. Indeed, when the body is unconscious, senseless, it is no better than a corpse while the soul is in it, except that the body expects that God resurrected, while fainted expected sensitivity him back.
Take heed therefore that the present life is death if you do not have a sense of God.

Chapter 195
Those who believe in me will never die, because by my word, they will feel God in themselves and they will do their salvation t. What is death, but a note that is the nature of God’s command? As if someone was holding a bird tied by a rope that keeps in hand. If the head is that the bird flies, what does it do? She orders naturally hand to open and bird flees immediately. When the man is under the protection of God, our soul, according to the prophet David, like a bird freed from cunning hunter. Our life is like a rope by which your nature is the soul attached to the body and sensitivity. When God wants and directs the nature of open, breaks the life and soul takes refuge in the hands of the angel that God has established to receive souls.
That friends do not cry when their friend is dead, because this is our God fa wanted! But they cry endlessly when he sins, because when the soul dies, separates himself from God because his real life. Indeed, if the body is deprived of the soul is horrible, even more horrible is the soul deprived of God who gives life and makes it beautiful by his grace and mercy.
With these words, Jesus gave thanks to God. Lazarus said, “Teacher, this house belongs to God my creator and all that he has given me. warning to the poor, but as you are poor and you have a large number of followers, come live here when you want and as long as you want, for the servant of God will give you the love of God for all what you will need.

Chapter 196
Hearing this, Jesus rejoiced and said: “You see how good it is to die! Lazarus is dead once and he learned a doctrine so great that do not know the greatest scientists of the world, who have grown among the books. God forbid that any man should die once and return to the world as Lazarus, that men are learning to live! ‘
John answered, “Master, am I allowed to say a word? “-” Say thousand, Jesus answered, because man must distribute the doctrine as it must distribute the property to the service of God. And that duty is even greater than speech can) resurrect a soul by penance while the goods can not make the dead to life. This is
therefore a murderer who has the means to help a poor and let starve without help. But greater still is the murderer that can convert the sinner to repentance by the word of God and do not convert. stands, according to the word of God, as a dumb dog. ” It is against them that God says: “I will take of your hands, unfaithful servant, the soul of the sinner who perish, because thou hast hid killed word! “What state are therefore now the scribes and Pharisees! They have the key and do not want to enter the contrary they hinder those who want to enter into eternal life! John, you ask permission to say a word, then that thou hast heard one hundred miles from me. Verily, I say unto thee, I have to listen to you ten times more than you have heard me. Anyone who does not listen to the other sin whenever talk because we do unto others what we want for ourselves and not them that we ourselves do not want to receive. ‘
Jean said: “Master, why God did he not given to men once to die and come back like Lazarus they learn to know themselves and to know their creator? ‘

Chapter 197
Jesus answered: “Tell me, John, a father gave a great ax to one of his servants to cut it coppices which impeded the view of the house. But the worker neglected the ax and said: “If the boss gave me an old ax, I’d cut coppice easily! “John, tell me what was the boss? In his anger, he took the old ax and hit him in the head, saying, “Pares-Seux and villain! I gave you an ax with which you could easily cut the bushes and look for it only uses one with great fatigue and deep so it intersects all that is not good anything! I want you to cut the bushes so that / the job done! “Is that not right? “John answering said:” Quite right. ‘
Jesus said, “As surely as I live eternally, God says, I gave a good ax to every man, and this ax is seeing bury the dead. Those who do use this ax then removed without difficulty in their hearts coppice you sins so they receive My grace and My mercy, and I give them eternal life as a reward because they have done well. But he forgets that he is mortal so that at any moment he sees others die and said: “If I see another life, I would do it! “Is my wrath on him and I will smite with death as he will never no good! “O John, Jesus says he is the great advantage of those who fall through the other learning to stand! ‘

Chapter 198
Lazarus said: “Master, I tell you the truth, I can not imagine the pain worth the seeing at any time of the dead to the grave and brought no fear of God, our Creator! And the things of this world that will completely abandon it offends his creator who has given him.
Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Ye call me Master and you do well, because God teaches you through my mouth, but how you truly appeierez Lazarus is here because of all master teachers who teach the doctrine of this world? I have therefore taught to live well, but Lazarus will teach you to die well. God lives, he received the gift of prophecy, so listen his words are true! You should listen much better it is vain to live well, and die hard. ‘
Lazarus said: “Master, thank you to appreciate the truth. God give thee great merit. “The writer said:” Master, how Lazarus said he telling you the truth “mériteras you, since you told Nicodemus that man deserves the sentence? Will you therefore punished by God? ‘
Jesus replied: “Would to God that I received a sentence of God in this world, because I have not served as fdèlement I had to. Yet, in His mercy, God so loved that he denied me any trouble away. and that I will not be tormented in another person. Punishment suited me indeed as men God had called me. But as I confessed not only that I am not God this is the truth, but I’m not the Messiah, God took away the pain and he will endure a villain in my name . I will not shame.
So I tell you, my Barnabas, when the man speaks of what God gives to his neighbor, he says that his next merit. But when he speaks of what God gives to himself, that he be careful to say “God grant me” and not “I deserve”. God delights in effect accor-der his mercy to his servants when they confess they deserve / hell for their sins. ‘

Chapter 199
God is so rich in mercy mile sea water, as if he is, can not extinguish one spark flames of hell, one tear tirndis who complains of offended God off all hell by the great mercy with which God rescues.
Also, for the confusion of Satan and demon-strate its own liberality, God in his mercy will call “merit” good t! Oeuvre of his faithful servant and he wants the man speaks of his neighbor. But that man is careful to tell himself “I deserve” because it would be condemned! “.

Chapter 200
Turned to Lazarus, Jesus said to him: “Brother, do I have to stay a short time in this world when I’m close to your house, I will not go elsewhere. You serve me, not for my sake, but for the love of God. ‘
The Passover of the Jews was near. ” Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us go to Jerusalem to eat the paschal lamb! “He sent Peter and John to the city, saying:” Near the gate of the city you will find a donkey with a colt. Untie it and bring it here because I need to go to Jerusalem. If someone asks you, saying, “Why untie you? “Tell him,” The Master needs it! “And they let you take it. ‘
The disciples left and found things just as Jesus had told them. So they brought the donkey with a colt. read put their coats on the colt and Jesus straddled. However, having heard that Jesus of Nazareth approached, the men of Jerusalem, all eager to see him, went out with the kids. They were in their hands branches of palm and olive trees and sang: “Blessed is he who comes to us in the name of God! Hosanna, son of David! ‘
When Jesus had reached the city. Extended-men said their garments at the feet of the donkey singing, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of our Lord God! Hosanna, son of David! ‘The Pharisees rebuked Jesus’: “Seest thou not what they say? Make them stop! “Jesus said to them:” As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, if men were silent, the stones will cry out against unbelief wicked sinners! “At these words, all the stones of Jerusalem shouted loudly:” Blessed is he who comes in the name of our Lord God! ‘
However, the Pharisees remained in their unbelief. Having met, they took counsel together to catch him in his words.

Chapter 201
When Jesus was come into the temple, the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery. ‘ They said among themselves: “If he saves, it is against the law of Moses, and we want to blame! But if he condemns, it is against his own doctrine, because he preaches mercy! “Having presented to Jesus, they said,” Teacher, we found this woman in adultery. Moses commanded that she be stoned, but you what do you say? “Jesus stooped down and with his finger he ground a mirror in which everyone saw her iniquities. Yet, as they pressed for the answer, Jesus stood up and pointing to the mirror, he said: “Whoever among you who is without sin, he is the first to stone! “And again he stooped to form the mirror. Seeing this, the men went out one by one, starting with the oldest because they were ashamed to see their abominations.
Having raised and seeing no one other than the woman, Jesus said, “Woman, where are those thine condemned? “The woman said in tears
“Lord, they left and if you forgive me, thank God, I will not offend any more! “Jesus said,” Blessed be God, go away in peace and sin no more, because God does not send me to condemn you! “Having met the scribes and Pharisees, Jesus said:” Tell me, if you had one hundred sheep, and he lost one, do not you go and fetch leaving the ninety- nineteen? found and scratching, do would you not on your shoulders? After gathering the neighbors, would you not: “Rejoice with me, for I have found the sheep which I had lost! “Yes, you would! Now tell me, would our God any less the man for whom he made the world? God lives, this is how we welcomed among the angels of God over one sinner who repents, because sinners make known the mercy of (God)! ‘-

Chapter 202
Tell me, what are those who like the more the doctor? Those who have never been sick, or those that the doctor has healed from a serious illness? “The Pharisees said,” How can someone who is healthy would he a doctor? II did not love as sick. But as he does not know the disease, the doctor just love. ‘ ‘
In the strength of the spirit, Jesus said, “As God lives, your tongues condemn your pride. Yes, the sinner who repents and recognizes the great mercy of God to him, more like our God / that just because the just do not know God’s mercy! Also welcomes one more among the angels of God over one sinner who repents, than ninety-nine justes2. Where are the righteous of our time? As God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, there is great number of fair and unfair whose condition is equal to that of Satan! ‘
The scribes and Pharisees answered, “We are sinners? God will therefore mercy! “They said to try it because the scribes and Pharisees held supreme insult to be called sinners. Jesus said: “I fear that you are fair unfair. Because if you have sinned and you deny sin while calling you right, you’re wrong. And if in your heart you consider yourself just with your tongue but you tell sinners, you are doubly unjust fair! “At these words the scribes and Pharisees were filled with confusion and went peacefully leaving Jesus with his disciples. They went to Simon the leper, he had cured of leprosy. The inhabitants of the city-Rassem blèrent sick in the house of Simon and they begged Jesus to the health of the sick, Jesus knew that his hour was near, said: “Call all patients possible, God is merciful and powerful enough to heal. “They said, ‘We do not know of another patient here in Jerusalem. “Jesus replied pleu-rant:” O Jerusalem, O Israel, I weep for you because you do not know the visit you receive. I wanted to bring you indeed love God, your creator, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you did not want to s. This is why God tells you this.

Chapter 203
O hard-hearted city and the evil spirit! I sent my servant that thou mayest convertisses t in your heart and you to do penance. But you, O city of confusion, you forget everything I did against Egypt and Pharaoh for your love, O Israel! Often you weep for my servant heal your body from disease and you try to kill my servant because he seeks to heal you soul from sin!
Wilt thou the only one I will not punish? Will you live forever? Your pride will set you free he of my hands? Certainly not! For I will bring against you princes and armies. They fassiègeront and I will give thee in their hands so that your pride will fall into hell!
I will not forgive the elderly or widows, I will not forgive the children, but I will give you all the hunger, the sword and derision! And the temple, I looked with mercy., I will make the wilderness and city and you will be the talk, derision and a proverb of nations’. So my fury upon you stopped and before my indignation! ‘

Chapter 204
Then Jesus said: “You do not know if there are other sick! God lives in Jerusalem those whose soul is healthy are less likely than those whose body is sick! That ye may know the truth, I tell you, sick. ” the name of God, the disease away from you! ‘ “No sooner had he said that they were healed.
Men crying. having felt the wrath of God upon Jerusalem and they implored mercy. Jesus said: “If Jerusalem weeping for her sins and do penance, to walk in my ways, saith God, I will not remember their iniquity, and I will do him no sore I said. But Jerusalem mourns his ruin and not dishonor it by inflicting me blaspheme my name nations. Also ignites my rage does much more! As surely as I live forever, if Job, Abraham, Samuel, David, Daniel, my serv-ers, and Moses prayed for the people, my wrath did not appease Jerusalem! ‘ ‘
Having said this, Jesus withdrew to the house while everyone was still in awe.

Chapter 205
While Jesus took supper with his disciples at Simon the leper, behold Mary, Lazarus sweat, went into the house. Having broken a vase, she poured the perfume on his head and clothes of Jesus.
Seeing this, the traitor Judas tried to prevent Mary to do, saying: “Go, sell the perfume, reports the money and give it to the poor”. Jesus said, “Why are you prevented? Let it be as you have the poor always with you, but me you do not always have me! “Judas said,” Master, we could sell this perfume three hundred denarii. See how poor would be helped! ‘ “Jesus answered,” Judas, I know your heart, but be patient, I’ll give you everything! “All fear and ate with the disciples saddened because they knew that Jesus was soon to leave. But Judas, indignant at the thought of losing thirty pieces of perfume that did not sell, because flying tenth of all that Jesus gave ‘; went to the high priest. ” It meets in council of priests, scribes and Pharisees. Judas addressed them in these words “What do you want me to give and I give into your hands Jesus who wants to be king of Israel? “They said,” How you deliver them into our hands? “Judas replied:” When I know that he will pray out of town, I’ll tell you and I will lead you where it will be, because the city take not happen without riot. “The priest replied” If you book in our hands, we will give you thirty pieces of gold 6 and I will all the good that you want.

Chapter 206
When it was day, Jesus went to the temple with a great multitude of people 1. The priest approached him and said: “Tell me, Jesus, have you forgotten what you have declared that you are neither God nor son of God nor the Messiah? “Jesus answered,” Certainly not, I have not forgotten I proclaimed and I will proclaim the tribunal of God on judgment day all that is written in the book of Moses is absolutely true, that is to say that God, our creator, is uni-que, that I am his servant and I want to serve as a messenger of God whom you call Messiah. ‘
The Pontiff said: “What good is coming to the temple with such a multitude? You would try to make you roild’Israël? Beware that some misfortune happens to you! “Jesus answered,” If I was looking for my glory and if I wanted my part in this world, I do not’d fled when the people of Nain tried to make me king. Believe me, verily I seek nothing in this world! “The Pope said:” We would still learn something about the Messiah. “At this time, the priests, scribes and Pharisees formed a circle around Jesus. He replied: “What do you want to know about the Messiah? Lies, perhaps? I did not lie to you certainly. If I lied, you would have loved me, and the scribes, Pharisees, and all Israel. But as I tell you the truth, you hate me and you want to kill me! ‘”The Pontiff said:” Now we know that thou hast the devil, because you’re
Samaritan, and you do not have respect for the pontiff of God. ‘

Chapter 207
Jesus answered: “God lives. I am not the devil ‘, instead I try to chase the devil, that’s why it excites me against the world, as I am not of this world x. I wish instead that God may be glorified him who sent me the world. ” Listen to me, I’ll tell you who the devil! God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, he that doeth the will of the devil is the one who has the devil! The devil has imposed the bit of his will and he directs at his pleasure in doing to run all unrighteousness. Just as a garment renamed when changing the person, although it is exactly the same stuff, and the men even though they are all made of the same material, they are different because of aeuvres of one who acts in man.
If I have sinned, as I know, why do not you go back to me as a brother instead of me heir as an enemy? In truth, the members of a body succor one another if they are joined at the head, and they do not succor those who are cut off from the head. In fact, the hands, feel the pain of the feet of another body, but the body which / they are united. God lives, in whose presence my soul stands, whoever fears and loves God, his creator, a feeling of compassion for those whom God, its leader, have mercy. God, indeed, is not the death of the sinner, but he expects his penances and all that. If you were part of this body in which I am included, thank God, you would help me to act on my head.

Chapter 208
If I commit iniquity, correct me and God loves you because you do his will, but if I can not take sin t, it is a sign that you are not the son of Abraham, as you call and that you are not attached to the head which was attached Abraham ‘. God lives, Abraham loved God so much that he not only broke in pieces the false idols and he abandoned his father and his mother, but he wanted to kill his own son to obey God. ‘
The priest replied: “That is what I ask for, and I’m not trying to kill you! So tell us who was the son of Abraham? “Jesus answered,” The zeal of thine honor, O my God, I burn, and I can not keep silent. So I say to the son of Abraham was Ishmael, from whom the Messiah should descend according to the promise made to Abraham to bless him all the tribes of the earth. ‘
On hearing this, the pontiff was angry and cried: “this impious stoning. This is an Ishmaelite. He has blasphemed against Moses and against God’s law. “All the scribes, Pharisees and elders of the people took up stones to stone Jesus. But he vanished from their eyes and left the temple. However in their willingness to kill Jesus, are blind rage and hatred, they blessèrents so well each other, that a thousand men mouru-rent. Thus they defiled the holy temple.
Disciples and believers who saw Jesus out of the temple – because for them it was not hidden – Simon followed him home. Nicodemus came to Jesus and advised to leave Jerusalem and go beyond the torrent Cedron ‘: “Lord, I have a garden and a house beyond the torrent Cedron. So please, go ahead with some of your followers ”

Chapter 209
In that time, like the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, stood in prayer, the angel Gabriel visited her and told her the persecution of his son, then he said: “Fear not, Mary, God will preserve the world! “Then Mary left Nazareth crying, picking up his son in Jerusalem, his sister Mary Salome. But as he withdrew secretly beyond the brook Cedron, she could not see in the world after the height of disgrace, because then the angel Gabriel, the angel Michael, Raphael and Uriel presented to him by God’s command.

Chapter 210
Jesus’ departure had caused confusion in the temple. The pontiff then put in evidence and made the hand sign of silence. “Brethren, he said, what do we do? Do you believe that he has deceived everyone by his diabolical art? So how did it disappear if it is not a magician? If it were holy Prophet, he blasphémerait certainly not against God, and against Moses his servant the Messiah who is the hope of Israel. What am I saying? He has blasphemed all our priesthood through! So I say to, if not removed, Israel will be defiled and God will give us the nations. Look how this holy temple is defiled by him! “And the priest spoke so many moved away from Jesus.
While persecution, it was secret became open. The pontiff personally went to Herod and the Roman governor in accusing Jesus of wanting to be king of Israel. They thereupon false witnesses. General council was held against Jesus as the Roman decree frightened them; twice already in effect the Senate had issued a decree about Jesus. in the first, it was forbidden, under pain of death, to call Jesus the Nazarene, Prophet of the Jews, God or son of God. In the other, it prohibits anyone under pain of death to quarrel about Jesus Nazarene Prophet Jews. Also was there a big difference between them in this regard. Some wanted again wrote to Rome against Jesus, others said we should let Jesus in peace without worrying about any of his words like a madman, others alleged great miracles which he did.
But the pontiff told anyone, under pain of anathema, should say a word in defense of Jesus. And he spoke to Herod and the Governor in these words: “Anyway, we left a bad hands, because if we kill this sinner, we acted against the decree of Caesar, but if we let live and that makes the king, what happens there? ‘
Herod then rose and rebuked the governor saying, “Take care that your kindness to him by this nation rebelled, because then I accuse you of rebellion before Caesar”. The Governor feared the senate and then made peace with Herod because previously they hated to death, and they did more than the death of Jesus. They told the pontiff: “Whenever you know where this is criminal, do call us and we will give the soldiers! ‘
This happened to be fulfilled the prophecy of David concerning Jesus, Prophet of Israel: “The princes and kings of the earth have united against the Holy One of Israel, because he announces the salvation of the world”. And that day, we began to look around Jesus in Jerusalem.

Chapter 211
In Nicodemus, beyond torrent Kidron, Jesus comforted his disciples, saying: “The time is near when I leave the world, but cheer up, do not grieve, because where I go I will not suffer any tribulation. Would you be my friend if you grieve for my property? No, of course, rather enemies! When the world rejoices, you grieve, for the joy of the world turned to mourning. But your sorrow will turn into joy, and your joy no one will take it away, and the world can not take away the joy that the heart feels in God, its creator.
Take care not to forget the words that God has spoken by my mouth! Make sure you be my witnesses against anyone contaminate the testimony I gave against the world and against friends in the world by my gospel. ‘

Chapter 212
The hands to the Lord, he prayed: “Lord, our God, the God of Abraham, the God of Ishmael and Isaac, God of our fathers, have mercy on whom thou hast given me, and save them from world! I am not saying remove them from the world! because they need to testify against those who contaminate my gospel, but I beg you, keep the evil to come with me on the day of your judgment testify against the world and against the house of Israel who contaminated thy covenant.
Lord God strong and jealous avenge fathers idolaters idolatry in their son to the fourth generation, never cursed anyone contaminate the gospel that you gave me by writing that I am your son, because I am that mud dust and servant of your servants, I never thought I was good thy servant. In fact, I can do nothing to make you what you’ve given me since all yours!
Lord merciful God, who has mercy for a thousand generations of those who fear thee mercy to those who believe in the words which thou hast given me. For as thou art true God, and the word that I said is true because it is yours. In fact I have always spoken like that bed and can not read what is written in his book. So I announced everything you told me.
Lord God the Saviour, save those that thou gavest me for Satan can do nothing against them! Sauves them, and not only them, but also all those who believe in them!
Liberal and God is rich in mercy, grant unto thy servant be part of the congregation of your Messenger on Judgment Day. Not only me, but all those you have given me and even those who believe me because of their preaching. Do it for yourself, Lord, that Satan does not boast of against you! Lord God, who in your providence hast provided thy people Israel with everything needed, remember all the kindreds of the earth. You promised to bless them through thy Messenger for which you created the world! Mercy in the world and quickly sends your Messenger for Satan, your enemy lose his empire. ‘
Then Jesus said three times: “So be it, Lord, great and merciful God! “And they all answered crying:” So be it! “Except Judas because he did nothing.

Chapter 213
Came the day to eat the lamb, the lamb Nicodemus secretly sent to the garden to Jesus and his disciples and told them that Herod, the governor and the pope had decreed. Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said: “Blessed be thy holy name, O Lord, for thou hast not separate the number of thy servants, who were persecuted and killed by the world! Thank you, my God, for I have done your work. ‘
Then turned to Judas, he said: “What do you want, my friend? my time is near, and will therefore do what you do! “The disciples believed that Jesus sent to buy something for the day of the Passover. But Jesus knew that Judas betrayed him, but he wanted to leave this world, he spoke in this manner. Judas said, “Master, let me eat and I’ll go. “-” Let’s eat, Jesus said, because I have greatly desired to eat this lamb before you leave! ‘
Arose, he took a towel and girded up his loins. Having poured water into a basin, he began to wash his disciples’ feet, starting with Judas. When he came to Peter, he said to him: “Master, it is you who wants to wash my feet? “Jesus answered,” What I am doing now, you do not know, but you will be later. “Peter replied,” No, you never wash my feet! “Jesus stood up and said,” Neither are you, you do not accompany me in the day of judgment! “Peter replied,” Lord, wash not only my feet, but also my hands and my head! ‘
When the disciples were washed and were at the table eating, Jesus said, “I have washed, but you are not all clean, as the water of the sea will not wash those who do not believe me. “Jesus said this because he knew who betrayed him. The disciples were saddened to these words. Jesus then said, “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me, so that I will be sold as a sheep. But woe to him because he will accomplish what our father David says of them: “It will fall into the pit which he had prepared for others! . ‘”The disciples looked at each other with pain by saying:” What is the traitor? “Judas said,” Is it going to be me, Master? “Jesus replied,” You told me what one who will betray me! “But the eleven apostles did not hear.
Lamb once eaten, the devil entered into Judas and the latter left the house. Jesus said again, “Do quickly what you do! ‘

Chapter 214
Out of the house, Jesus went into the garden to pray according to his custom. He prayed indeed, a hundred times, bending the knees and bowing the face against the ground.
Judas, who knew where Jesus was with his disciples, went to the priest and said, “If you give me what you promised me, I will give this night in your hands, this Jesus whom you seek. He finds himself alone with eleven companions. “The Pope replied:” How do you want? “Judas answered:” Thirty purse of gold! “The Pope paid him the money and immediately sent a Pharisee to the governor and Herod to take soldiers. They supplied a legion for they feared the people. They took up arms and went out of Jerusalem with lights and lanterns on sticks.

Chapter 215
As the soldiers approached Judas and the place where Jesus heard it come many people. He was afraid and went into the house. Eleven were sleeping. But God saw that the journey ran his servant commanded Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel, his servants, to remove Jesus from the world. The holy angels came and took Jesus out the window that faces south. They carried him and put him into the third heaven with angels, praising God forever.

Chapter 216
Judas the first burst into the room where he had been kidnapped and that the eleven were sleeping. So God is admirable admirably: Judas was so similar to Jesus by his language and in his face that we thought that it was Jesus.
Judas, he has awakened us, was seeking where the Master. But, astonished, we said: “It is you, O Lord, our Master! Have you forgotten? “But we smiled and said:” Are you crazy? I am Judas Iscariot. ‘
As he spoke, the militia came and laid hands on him because he was just like Jesus. As for us, having heard the words of Judas and saw the crowd of soldiers, as outside ourselves, we fled. Jean sleeping wrapped in a sheet awoke and fled. As one soldier was seized by the cloth he left the cloth and fled naked, because God had answered Jesus’ prayer and saved the eleven from evil.

Chapter 217
The soldiers seized Judas and bound him, not without derision because he denied the truth that it was Jesus. They told him, mocking him: “Fear not, O Lord, we come to make thee King of Israel! We do not have you tied up because we know that you refuse the kingdom! “Judas replied:” Have you lost your head? You have come to Jesus of Nazareth with weapons and lanterns as a thief and you have tied me to make me king, I who have led you here! “Then the soldiers lost patience and punches and kicks they began to go to the Judas in his own coin and fury, they brought him to Jerusalem.
Far, John and Peter followed the soldiers. They said to the writer that they had seen all interrogations of the pontiff and the Pharisees gathered the council to put Jesus to death submitting Judas. It retailed so crazy that everyone was laughing, all believing he was Jesus and he was really mad by the fear of death. Scribes put a blindfold on her eyes and said, mocking him: “Jesus, Prophet of Nazareth, – for so they called those who believed in Jesus, tell us who hit you! “They souffletaient him and spat in his face.
The next morning, the Grand Council of the scribes and elders of the people assembled. The priest and the Pharisees sought false witness against Judas, believing that Jesus was. They could not find what they wanted. Nay, the priests believed Judas was Jesus! but all the disciples, and even those who believed written. The poor virgin mother of Jesus, itself believed, and his parents and friends and all the pain was incredible! God lives, the writer had forgotten that Jesus said he would be removed from the world, he suffers another and he would not die at the approach of the end of the world.
As he went near the cross with Jesus’ mother and John.
The pontiff did Judas get tied up and always asked about his disciples and his teaching. Judas as senseless said nothing about it. As the pontiff he adjured by the living God of Israel, tell him the truth. Judas answered: “I told you that I am Judas Iscariot who have promised to deliver Jesus of Nazareth in your hands, but you, I do not know what device you are out of yourself! You want at any price I am Jesus! “The Pope replied:” perverse seducer, by your doctrine and your false miracles you deceived all Israel from Galilee to Jerusalem so far, and now you think you escape the just punishment that comes back to you by the mad God lives, you will not escape! ‘
That said, he ordered his servants to give him boots and kicks him to recover minds. The servants of the high priest then made him undergo treatment unbelievable. They ingénièrent finding new pleasure to the board. They dressed in minstrel and gave both punches and kicks that he would have mercy to the Canaanites they had seen as well. But the priests, Pharisees and elders of the people had a heart hardened against Jesus so they took pleasure in seeing Judas treated this way by believing that Jesus really was.
Then, still tied up, they took him to the governor. But it secretly loved Jesus. Convinced that Judas was Jesus, he brought him into his room and asked him why the pundits and the people indulged in his hands. Judas answered: “If I tell you the truth, you will not believe me because you’re probably wrong as are the priests and the Pharisees. “Believing that he was referring to the Act, the Governor said,” Do not you know that I’m not Jewish and that it is the priests and the elders of your people who have delivered thee into my hand? So tell us the truth for me to do what is right because I have power to release you or give you death. “Judas replied,” Lord, believe me, if you give me the dead, thou shalt make a great sin because you kill an innocent person. Indeed I am not Judas Iscariot and Jesus. He is a magician. He thus transformed by artifice.
The governor was much surprised when he heard, so he wanted to release. He went outside and said, smiling: “Two things, there is at least one for which it is not worthy of death, but compassion. He says – he says the Governor is not Jesus, but a Judas who led the militia to take Jesus. And he says that Jesus of Galilee and was transformed by his magical art. If this is true, it would be a great sin to kill him, since it would be innocent. But if it is Jesus and he denies it, he certainly lost his mind and it would be wicked to kill a fool! “. Pontiffs, the elders of the people and the scribes and Pharisees cried with strength:” This is Jesus of Nazareth that we know, because if it was not this malefactor, we would not have delivered your hands. And it’s not crazy either, but deceitful, he seeks to escape from our hands by this artifice, but that foment sedition by fleeing would be worse than the first! “To dispose of this case, Pilate – that was the name of the Governor said: “It is a Galilean. Yet Herod king of Galilee and not for me to judge this case. then Take him to Herod! ‘
They then led Judas to Herod. Long it wanted Jesus to come with him, but Jesus had never wanted for Herod was a pagan and worship false gods and liars, living in the manner of unclean nations. For him, Herod asked Judas on many subjects, but Judas answered them irrelevant denying that he was Jesus. Then Herod mocked him with all his court and was dressed in white dresses as crazy. Then he sent him back to Pilate, saying: “Do not be unfair to the people of Israel! “Herod wrote that because the priests, the scribes and the Pharisees had given a good sum of money.
Having taken a servant of Herod, the governor pretended to want to release Judas, also to earn money. He scourged by his servants that were paid for by scribes killed under the whip.
But God had decreed what would happen to Judas kept the cross so that it receives the horrible death he had sold to others. He did not let Judas die under the lash, while the soldiers scourged as his body rained blood. Then in mockery, they dressed in an old purple robe, saying: “It is necessary to dress our new king and the crown. “They took the thorns and made a crown similar to that of gold and precious stones which kings wear on their heads. They put this crown of thorns on the head of Judas, he put in his hand a reed as a scepter and made him sit in a high place. The soldiers came before him, and bowed mockingly saluted as “King of the Jews! “They extended the hand to receive gifts as new kings are accustomed to give. But as they received nothing, they beat Judas saying, “How did you get crowned king crazy, or if you want to pay your soldiers or your servants? ‘
The priests, the scribes and Pharisees saw that Judas did not die under the whip and fearing that Pilate did leave him free, gave money to the governor. Having received it gave Judas to the scribes and Pharisees as deserving death. With him, they condemned two robbers to die on the cross.
They took him to Mount Calvary where criminals were hung. There they crucified him naked that mockery is greater. Judas did really other than shouting, “God, why hast thou forsaken me, because the perpetrator fled and I am wrongly killed? ‘
Verily I say unto his voice, his face and person so similar to Jesus that his disciples and his followers believed absolutely that it was Jesus. Some of them moved away from the doctrine of Jesus, believing that it was false Prophet and he made miracles with magic. Jesus actually said he would not die at the end approaches the world and at this moment it would be removed from the world.
But those who stood firm in his doctrine were so afflicted with pain seeing him die like that they did not remember what he said. Also with the mother of Jesus, they went to Mount Calvary. They stood not only present at death of Judas, still crying, but through Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, they demanded the governor the body of Judas to bury it. They took away the cross in such a grief that certainly no one would believe, and having wrapped with a hundred pounds of precious ointment, they buried him in the nine monument of Joseph.

Chapter 218
Everyone went home. the writer, and John, and his brother Jacques went to Nazareth with Jesus’ mother. Those disciples who did not fear God went by night to steal the body of Judas and hid spread the rumor that Jesus had risen. Thus arose a great confusion.
The pontiff prohibits anyone under pain of anathema, to speak of Jesus of Nazareth. A great persecution ensued. Many were stoned, beaten with rods and many many exiles, because they could not be silent about such a topic.
The news reached Nazareth that Jesus, their fellow citizens, died on the cross, was resurrected. So whoever wrote the mother of Jesus prayed to please leave her grief because his son was resurrected. Hearing this, the Virgin Mary said, crying: “Come to Jerusalem to find my son, because I would willingly die when I have seen! ‘

Chapter 219
The day seemed to decree the pope, the Virgin returned to Jerusalem with the writer, as well as Jacques and Jean. Also, as she feared God. she ordered those who lived with her forget her son knew that although the decree of the pontiff was unfair.
How each did he do? God who knows the hearts of men knows only the mother of Jesus we consumions between the pain of the death of Judas, we believe Jesus to be our master, and a desire to see resurrected.
As the guardian angels of the Virgin Mary they went to the third heaven where Jesus stood in the company of angels. They told him everything and Jesus prayed God to give him the power to see his mother and his disciples. Merciful God then ordered the four favorites angels, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel, lead Jesus with his mother and keep it there for three consecutive days, leaving only see that those who believed in his doctrine .
Surrounded by splendor, Jesus came where the Virgin Mary lived with her two sisters, as well as Martha, Mary Magdalene, Lazarus, who wrote and Jean, Jacques and Pierre. Fear, they fell as dead. But Jesus raised his mother and the other saying, “Do not be afraid, I am Jesus! Do not cry, I am alive, not dead! “At the sight of Jesus, they remained deprived of sense as long as they undoubtedly believed he was dead.
Then the Virgin said in tears: “Now, tell me, my son, why God gave you the power to raise the dead, you were left to die and to the shame of your parents and your friends, and the shame of your doctrine, so that all those who love you are pretty much as dead? ‘

Chapter 220
Embracing his mother, Jesus replied, “Believe me, mother: I tell you the truth, I’ve never been dead, God has reserved until approaches the end of the world. ‘
Having thus spoken, he prayed the four angels appear and testify how the thing happened. So the angels manifested themselves like four shining suns if that fear, all fear fell like dead men. Jesus then gave four sails to angels in that they couvrissent and his mother and his companions could see and hear. With the statements he comforted them saying: “These are the ministers of God: Gabriel advertisements secrets of God, Michael fighting the enemies of God, Raphael who receives the souls of those who die, which Uriel, the last day each call to the final judgment of God.
The four angels then told the Virgin that God had sent Jesus and had transformed Judas he receives the punishment he had sold to others. Whoever wrote said: “Master, am I allowed to ask you questions like when you lived among us? “Jesus answered,” ask the questions that you like, Barnabas, I will answer you! “The writer then said:” Master, since God is merciful, why he tormented into believing that you `silent death? Your mother cried so much that she was close to death. And why did God let fall upon thee, who art holy God, the shame of being killed among thieves on Mount Calvary? ‘
Jesus replied: “Barnabas, believe me, God punishes sin, for it is small, with a great difficulty, because he is offended by sin. Also, like my mother, and my faithful disciples loved me a little earthly love, the righteous God wanted to punish this love through this pain, that he is not punished in the flames of hell.
As for me, I was innocent in the world, but men have called me God and son of God, God has willed that I should not be mocked by demons on the day of judgment, than men trample me in world by the death of Judas by each believe that it was me who had died on the cross. Also this last derision she until the coming of Muhammad, the Messenger of God. Coming into the world, he détrompera this deception all those who believe in the law of God. ‘
Then Jesus said, “Thou art just, O Lord our God, for you alone belong honor and glory without end! ‘

Chapter 221
Turning to the person who writes, Jesus said: “Barnabas am very careful to write my gospel on everything that happened during my stay in the world! Write everything just happened to Judas, so that the faithful may be undeceived and that everyone believes in the truth! “The writer said:” I’ll do that, please God, Master, but I do not know what happened to Judas, because I have not seen everything. “Jesus replied:” John and Peter who saw everything are there, they will tell you how it all happened. ‘
Then Jesus commanded us to call his faithful disciples to see. Jean Jacques and therefore gathered the seven disciples and Nicodemus, Joseph and a large number of seventy-two and ate with Jesus.
On the third day, Jesus said: “Go with my mother to the Mount of Olives, which is where I will ascend into heaven and see who will take me to heaven. ‘
So all went there except twenty-five of seventy-two disciples who through fear had fled to Damascus. While all were in prayer, noon, Jesus came with a large crowd of angel blessed God. All were terrified seeing the splendor of his face and fell on their faces against the earth. With the statements, Jesus comforted them saying: “Do not be afraid, I am your Master! “He rebuked many who believed he was dead and resurrected:” We therefore think you, me and God for liars? God has given me to live up approaches the end of the world as I have told you. I tell you, I am not dead, it’s the traitor Judas died. Beware, Satan will do anything to go wrong! Try therefore be my witnesses in Israel and around the world witnessed what you have heard and seen! ‘
That said, he prayed to God for the salvation of the faithful and the conversion of sinners. The prayer is finished, he kissed his mother and said, “Be at peace, my mother, and rest in God, your Creator and mine! “Then he said to his disciples:” May the grace and mercy of God remain with you! So the four angels lifted him visibly to heaven.

Chapter 222
Jesus left the disciples were divided according to the different regions. The truth hated by Satan, was persecuted by lies, as is happening today. Some bad men indeed claiming disciples preached that Jesus was dead without revive while others preached that Jesus was really dead and risen, and others, and among them is Paul deceived too, preached and still preach now Jesus is the son of God.
As for us, we preach to those who fear God everything he wrote for them to be saved on the last day of God’s judgment. Amen!

End of the Gospel




Allan (2) request information for those involved in the events of Bani Walid

Responsible for detention facilities to which the victim is transferred and those responsible for the denial also includes identifying those responsible for the torture leading to death or killings in prisons or incitement to murder of detainees.
7 – Identify direct responsibilities for the operations of revenge and destruction, arson and theft by identifying and preparing lists of names and qualities and the role of each of the directly or inciting or covered
Operations mentioned above, regardless of whether an outlet directly from military officials or militia or aware of this and has not by responsibilities procedures to prevent this from happening and Aisttny of these responsibilities official levels of political or military or security is supposed to prevent such violations both by its responsibilities and duties.
8 – defining responsibilities direct operations to prevent people from returning to their city by identifying and preparing lists and the names and qualities and the role of each of the direct dimensions population about their city and stopped at the crossings and gates and abused them beat or insult and reason in their suffering and spare them the way and stopped and arrested and stole from them during the process their return to their city or departure.
International Campaign invites everyone from honorable to cooperate with them to achieving justice and to prevent impunity and prevent the recurrence of such crimes by bring the perpetrators to justice just fair, which do justice to the victim and the accused, justice must be done.


More on BENGAZI AFFAIR 11 SEPT 2012, written by Ronda Hauben:

In order to understand the nature of what happened on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, and how the State Department under Hillary Clinton has been a important part of the cover up of what this second September 11 is actually a part of, it is important to understand the problem with the State Department Report being used to carry out the US government cover up of what I call the Benghazi Affair.

On December 18, the US State Department released its report on the September 11, 2012 attacks on two US facilities in Benghazi, Libya. The US government had claimed that this report would shed light on what had become a contentious Congressional and media debate over the cause and details of the attack on these two US government compounds in Benghazi.

Soon, however, it became clear that the State Department Report issued by the Accountability Review Board (hereafter ARB Report), offered the public little information to add to what had already been made available by the State Department or the media. Instead, the public version of the ARB Report, referred to as the “unclassified” version, actually functions as part of the cover-up of what happened on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi. Most of this public document carefully refrains from any discussion of the role or activities of the CIA and what bearing this had on the events of September 11-12 2012 in Benghazi. But the role of the CIA in Benghazi and its bearing on what happened there on September 11 is the crucial question that any legitimate investigation into the situation must explore.

The trick of the Accountability Review Board (ARB) was that it issued two different versions of its Report. One version was an “unclassified” report that was available to the press, the public and the US Congress to discuss in public.(1) The other version was a “classified” report that was to be hidden from public or press scrutiny and was only to be available to Congress in a closed Congressional process. The unclassified version of the ARB Report could not mention the CIA activities. It could only discuss the role of the State Department in what happened.

The problem with such a restriction is that one of the US government sites in Benghazi that was attacked was a CIA facility referred to as the ‘Annex’ (hereafter CIA annex compound). The other site was allegedly a State Department administered facility referred to as the ‘Special Mission Benghazi Compound’ (hereafter special mission compound). This second compound, according to the WSJ, was actually created to provide diplomatic cover for the CIA facility.(2)

While some US Congressional Committees have been conducting investigations into what happened in Benghazi, they have agreed to discuss only the activities of the State Department in their open, public sessions, and to reserve any consideration or questions about the activities of the CIA for closed sessions of their committees, away from public view.(3)

Not only is the US Congress restricted from discussing the role of the CIA in Benghazi in open session, some of the mainstream US media have agreed to a request by the US government to withhold details about the CIA operations in Benghazi. The New York Times (NYT) is one such publication. (4) In an article briefly referring to the CIA annex compound, which the NYT says “encompassed four buildings inside a low-walled compound….” The NYT acknowledges that, “From among these buildings, the C.I.A. personnel carried out their secret missions.” But then the article explains that, “The New York Times agreed to withhold locations and details of these operations at the request of Obama administration officials….”

To declare an investigation into or discussion of the activities regarding the role of the CIA and its Annex compound as a forbidden subject during an open committee meeting of Congress, is to prevent the US Congress from fulfilling its oversight obligations over the US Executive branch of government. For the US government to require the US media to restrict coverage is to shroud the needed public discussion and investigation in darkness.

The effort to cover up the role of the CIA in the events resulting in the attack on the two US government facilities in Benghazi, however, demonstrates that something important is at stake and worth investigating.

Despite the US government effort to impose such restrictions, there are media accounts and some Congressional documents that provide a glimpse into the details of hidden CIA activity that the attacks on the US facilities in Benghazi help to reveal.

To understand the nature of this hidden activity, requires a willingness not only to critique the official explanations, but also to examine the events that can help to uncover the actual forces at work in Benghazi and the role they played in CIA activities in Libya.

One Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article is particularly helpful. The article, is titled “CIA Takes Heat for Role in Libya.” It provides a rare window into details of the murky world of the CIA operation in Benghazi and how it came about.(5)

The article notes that former CIA Director David Petraeus did not greet the bodies of the four Americans killed in Benghazi when they were returned to the US, even though two of those killed are acknowledged to have worked for the CIA. “Officials close to Mr. Petraeus,” the WSJ explains, “say he stayed away in an effort to conceal the agency’s role in collecting intelligence and providing security in Benghazi.”

Of the 30 or more American officials evacuated from Benghazi, only seven worked for the State Department. According to the WSJ, “Nearly all the rest worked for the CIA, under diplomatic cover, which was a principle purpose” of the special mission compound.

Soon after the struggle against the government of Libya began in February 2011, the CIA set up a compound in Benghazi for its spy operations. Eventually, the CIA gave its compound a State Department office name, the Annex, to disguise its purpose, the WSJ reveals. According to the US government, the role of the CIA in Benghazi was “focused on countering proliferation and terrorist threats….A main concern was the spread of weapons….”

“At the annex,” the WSJ explains, “many of the analysts and officers had what is referred to in intelligence circles as ‘light cover’ carrying U.S. diplomatic passports.”

Providing a cover for the secret operation of the CIA, however, created problems for State Department officials who felt the CIA was not “forthcoming with information,” even in the midst of the attack on the US facilities. As the WSJ notes, on September 11, 2012, “At 5:41 p.m. Eastern time, Mrs. Clinton called Mr. Petraeus. She wanted to make sure the two agencies were on the same page.”

Even after the attack was over and the analysts and officers had been evacuated, the accounts in the WSJ and McClatchy Newspapers, describe how quickly the CIA acted to clean out documents and equipment from the Annex. By contrast, the US government left the premises of the special mission compound unguarded and open to looters for weeks after the attack.

“The significance of the annex was a well-kept secret in Benghazi,” the WSJ reporters conclude. A McClatchy article documents how a well guarded secret was even the location of the CIA Annex compound. (6)

The implication is that the attackers at the special mission compound intended to flush out the covert location and presence of the CIA Annex compound so as to end its ability to continue its secret activities.(7)

An opinion piece, “The Fog of Benghazi”, appeared in the WSJ on November 3. It discusses what was at stake for the US government as a result of the September 11 attack in Benghazi(8):
“America has since closed the Libya diplomatic outpost and pulled a critical intelligence unit out of a hotbed of Islamism, conceding a defeat. U.S. standing in the region and the ability to fight terrorist groups were undermined, with worrying repercussions for a turbulent Middle East and America’s security. This is why it’s so important to learn what happened in Benghazi.”

The effort to learn what happened in the Benghazi Affair, is similarly the subject of a 10 page letter dated October 19 sent by two US Congressmen to President Obama. (9) One of the Congressmen, Darrell Issa, is Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The other, Jason Chaffetz, is Chairman of the House Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations.

Their letter raises ten questions for President Obama, the answers to which they explain are needed for the US Congressional investigation to determine the significance of the Benghazi affair. Also in their letter they include an attachment of 160 pages of data and photos which document the lawless environment in Libya, and particularly in Benghazi in the months before the Benghazi attack. This data was obtained by the US Congress from the State Department. (10) Though the data is labeled as sensitive, it is not classified material.

This data documents in a way that is now public, the perilous environment existing in Libya, providing a graphic description of the armed militias who carry out bombings, murders and kidnappings of government officials and others who try to challenge the lawlessness.

The data demonstrates the details of what the ARB Report acknowledges as “a general backdrop of political violence, assassinations, targeting former regime officials, lawlessness, and an overarching absence of central government authority in eastern Libya.” (11)

The Internet has made possible the publication of a number of investigative accounts of various aspects of the Benghazi Affair. Several of these propose that the CIA and even Chris Stevens were part of a gun running operation, gathering up weapons from Libya and facilitating their shipment to the insurgents fighting against the government in Syria. Some of the articles also propose that the CIA operation in Benghazi helped to send mercenaries from other countries to fight against the government of Syria. (12)

Fox News and a number of associated websites have featured articles which offer such accounts. Often, however, the articles rely on anonymous sources to support their claims.

Rarely, however, are media offering accounts that portray this reality able to present direct evidence to support the narratives they develop.

An important exception is an article that appeared in the Times of London on September 14, 2012. This was three days after Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed.

The article documents that a ship, the Al Entisar (also written as Intisaar or The Victory in English), sailing under a Libyan flag with a 400 ton cargo, which included SAM-7 surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and some humanitarian supplies, is said to have arrived September 6 at the Turkish Port of Iskenderun.(13)

The captain of the ship, Omar Mousaeeb, a Libyan from Benghazi, was accompanied by 26 Libyans who were on board to help smuggle the shipment from the Turkish Port across the border into Syria. The plan was then to distribute the weapons to insurgents in Syria who were allied with the Muslim Brotherhood.

This account by the Times of London provides specific details about the mechanisms and problems of this Libyan weapons pipeline to the insurgency in Syria. The article describes the conflict between the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) over who would get the weapons from the Al Entisar shipment.

“The scale of the shipment and how it should be disbursed, has sparked a row between the FSA and the Muslim Brotherhood, who took control of the shipment when it arrived in Turkey,” writes Sheera Frenkel, the author of the Times of London article.

Though the ship arrived at the port in Turkey on September 6, not all of the cargo had been transported into Syria by September 14, the article notes, though this is over a week after the ship arrived at the port in Turkey. While “more than 80 percent of the ship’s cargo,” the Times of London explains, “had been moved into Syria, Mr. Mousaeeb and a group of Libyans who had arrived with the ship said they were preparing to travel with the final load into Syria to ensure it was being distributed.” Actually their concern appeared to be to whom it was distributed, not how.

The Times of London refers to two Syrian activists with the FSA who complained that infighting within the insurgent ranks had delayed the arrival of the weapons in Syria, “There was widespread talk of Syrian groups who allied themselves with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement being given a larger share of the ship’s cargo.” One activist quoted objects that, “The Muslim Brotherhood, through its ties with Turkey, was seizing control of this ship and its cargo.”

While the Times of London does not directly link Chris Stevens or the CIA annex compound to the Al Entisar arms shipment to Turkey, the article does provide an important context for how the conflict over which insurgent group would get weapons from the shipment created a source of significant tension at the very time the attack on the two US compounds in Benghazi took place.

Given the question, “Why Chris Stevens would have traveled to Benghazi to be in this perilous environment on September 11,” an answer which points to some urgent matter which needed his attention, would help to provide the rationale for him to ignore the security considerations against his making such a trip.

Keeping in mind the importance of this shipment of weapons from Benghazi to Turkey, the need to work out the details of the weapons distribution process could very well have provided the motive for Stevens to plan a visit in Benghazi during such a perilous period as the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on the US.

By September 11, infighting among the Muslim Brotherhood and other insurgent groups, over who would be given the weapons from the Al Entisar shipment, suggests the likelihood that Turkey’s Consul General in Benghazi and the US Ambassador needed to discuss the conflict over the weapons and the problem of how they should be moved into Syria and distributed among the insurgent groups.

In line with this reasoning, it is not surprising that Chris Stevens had a meeting with Turkey’s Consul General to Benghazi, Ali Sait Akin on September 11 at the Benghazi special mission compound.

The description of the infighting over the Al Entisar shipment to a port in Turkey of weapons for the Syrian insurgency, raises the possibility that the Turkish Consul General to Benghazi and Stevens discussed the conflict over the weapons. As of September 11, there were weapons that had yet to be distributed and smuggled into Syria from the Al Entisar shipment.

On September 10, when Stevens arrived in Benghazi, the shipment of arms had only recently been received at the Turkish port of Iskenderun, and the conflict among the insurgent groups who were to receive the weapons was not yet resolved.

According to documents that Congress received from the State Department, soon after Stevens arrived in Benghazi on September 10, he visited the CIA annex compound for a briefing.

On September 11 he stayed at the special mission compound but had meetings scheduled with someone from the Arabian Gulf Oil Co. (AGOCO), and later in the afternoon with someone from the Al Marfa Shipping and Maritime Services Co. (The names of the individuals were blacked out.) Then he had dinner and discussion with Ali Sait Akin, Turkey’s Consul General to Benghazi.(14)

While there has been no specific information made available by the State Department about the content of the meetings Stevens had on September 10 and 11, Turkey’s role in the shipping of weapons and foreign fighters into Syria to assist the fight against the Syrian government is the subject of numerous articles. The Times of London article describes previous difficulty experienced in trying to ship a cargo of weapons to where they could be safely unloaded and moved to insurgents in Syria. Given this previous experience it is not surprising that it was necessary to have the Turkish government intervene to settle problems that arose with the Al Entisar weapons shipment. It had taken several weeks “to arrange the paperwork for the Turkish port authorities to release the cargo.”(15) The Times of London quoted Suleiman Haari, who worked with Captain Mousaeeb. Haari explained that “Everyone wanted a piece of the ship. Certain groups wanted to get involved and claim the cargo for themselves. It took a long time to work through the logistics.”

This could account for the surprise visit by the then head of the CIA, David Petraeus on September 2 to Ankara. (16) Petraeus arrived in Ankara for what appeared to talks with the President of Turkey and other Turkish government officials. Were Petraeus’s meetings with Turkish government officials needed to help make the arrangements for the Libyan ship to dock at the port in Turkey and unload the weapons that were to be smuggled across the border into Syria? This is a question Petraeus could answer if he were to testify at a US Congressional hearing again.

In light of the WSJ claim that the special mission compound had been set up to provide diplomatic cover for the CIA operation run out of the Annex, the question is raised as to whether the special mission compound was actually a State Department facility or a CIA facility acting under cover as a State Department operation.

According to the unclassified version of the ARB Report, Chris Stevens had arrived in Benghazi on April 5, 2011, “via a Greek cargo ship at the rebel-held city of Benghazi to re-establish a U.S. presence in Libya.” He had been appointed the US government’s “Special Envoy to the Libyan Transitional National Council” (TNC), acting as an official contact between the insurgents fighting to overthrow the government of Libya and the US government that was aiding them to bring about regime change in Libya. (17) Such an activity is contrary to international law and provisions of the UN charter (Article 2 Sections 1, 4, 7) which prohibit interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. (18)

Stevens’ mission, the Report states, “was to serve as the liaison with the TNC” for a post-Qaddafi government in Libya. The US embassy had been closed in February 2011, and was only reopened on September 22, 2011 with Gene Cretz as the Ambassador.

The ARB Report notes, however, that the CIA had set up the CIA compound in Benghazi in February 2011 soon after the insurgency arose against the Libyan government. This is a confirmation that the US government had put intelligence operatives on the ground in Benghazi just as the insurgency against the Libyan government was getting underway. This is also at least one month before Chris Stevens arrived in Benghazi.

The ARB Report also reveals that Chris Stevens stayed at the CIA Annex from the beginning of June, 2011 until June 21, 2011. Not until June 21 did “he and his security contingent move into what would become the Special Mission Benghazi compound….” According to the ARB Report the special mission compound in Benghazi was set up a few months after the CIA compound. (19)

This puts in perspective why the WSJ article on November 1 says that the special mission compound was established to provide diplomatic cover for the CIA facility, subsequently referred to as “the Annex”. Stevens remained as Special Envoy to the TNC and stayed in Benghazi until November 17, 2011. On May 26, 2012 Stevens arrived in Tripoli to replace Cretz as US Ambassador to Libya.

What was the State Department responsibility for the special mission compound? If its purpose was to provide diplomatic cover for the CIA, then what was the CIA responsibility? These are significant questions. But it is unlikely that such questions will be asked at the public Congressional oversight investigations because questions about the role of the CIA Annex in Benghazi have been declared to be a classified matter.

Though the NYT article, ”U.S. Approved Weapons for Libya Rebels Fell into Jidhadis’ Hands,” about the Benghazi affair doesn’t go into detail about what the CIA was doing in Benghazi, it raises a significant issue that is likely to be at the root of why there was an attack on both the special mission compound and the CIA Annex compound.(20) The NYT refers to the concern US government officials involved in the program raise about the problems created by the US government helping to provide weapons to insurgents fighting in Libya and Syria. According to the NYT, what these Islamic militants will do with these weapons worries high level US government national security officials.

While officially, the US government claims it is not providing weapons, the Times of London article about the shipment of weapons from Benghazi to Turkey, provides a striking example of how the US and Turkish governments, both overtly, and covertly, appear to be involved in collecting weapons in Libya and helping to ship them to be used against the Syrian government and people.(21)

The NYT claims that the US government has little control over where these weapons go and the harm they do when used in Libya, Syria, or other conflicts in the region. The NYT reports, “Concerns in Washington soon rose about the groups Qatar was supporting, officials said. A debate over what to do about the weapons shipments dominated at least one meeting of the so-called Deputies Committee, the interagency panel consisting of the second-ranking officials in major agencies involved in national security. ‘There was a lot of concern that Qatar weapons were going to Islamist groups,’ one official recalled.” (22)

These supposed ‘Qatar’ weapons, however, did not originate with Qatar alone. By way of an example, the NYT quotes one US weapons dealer who wanted to sell weapons to the insurgency in Libya during the war against Libya. The NYT describes how he applied to the State Department for a license. “He also sent an e-mail to J. Christopher Stevens, then the special representative to the Libyan rebel Alliance, ” reports the NYT. According to e-mails provided to the NYT by the arms dealer, Marc Turi, Stevens wrote back to Turi that he would “share Mr. Turi’s proposal with colleagues in Washington.” Eventually the weapons dealer was encouraged to communicate with contacts in Qatar.(23)

Such examples help to demonstrate both that there is concern among US government officials in Washington about the US government arming militant Islamists, the very people the US government condemns as “terrorists” in other situations. Also though the weapons pipeline may have on the surface been made to appear unconnected to the US actually supplying the arms that are being distributed by Qatar or Saudi Arabia, in the case of Marc Turi, as one example, the weapons pipeline was arranged for by a license provided by the US government to ship the weapons to Qatar.

Such examples provide the context for how the US government has covertly and overtly been helping to provide the weapons that are then used by those hostile to the US to inflict harm on the Libyan and Syrian people and even on Americans, as those killed in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. This situation, several commentators have noted, is reminiscent to the Iran Contra Affair where the US government entities covertly acted in a way that jeopardized the interests and even the physical well being of US officials and civilians. And it is likely that the actions being taken by US government officials to arm and provide other forms of support for the Libyan and Syrian insurgencies, are contrary to US laws and constitutional obligations.(24)

Such considerations reflect some of the salient concerns raised by a number of online commentators about the Benghazi Affair. One example of many that have been published online in the last few months is the article “Benghazigate: The Cover-up continues” by Bill Shanefeld published at the American Thinker website. The article raises two important questions (25):
“(1) The pre-”event” purpose of the compound and its Annex (since these operations probably motivated the perpetrators of the “event”); and
(2) Team Obama’s failed policies in North Africa, the Middle East, and Afghanistan.”

The article also refers to some of the many contributions made by other online commentators. These various commentaries help to clarify that the Benghazi affair offers a relatively rare window into the on the ground actions of the US government’s clandestine operations that are the partner to the role the US government is playing in the UN Security Council and UN in general in its efforts to turn the UN into a partner in its CIA and NATO activities. The Benghazi Affair is an important situation and the question remains as to whether the illegal activities of the US government acting contrary to the obligations of the UN Charter in Libya and more recently Syria will come to light.


1. U.S. State Department Public Accountability Board Report

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15. Sheeran Frenkel, “Syrian rebels squabble over weapons as biggest shipload arrives from Libya; Turkey,” Times (London), September 14, 2012, p. 23

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For the Green Resistance connection and why they destroyed the spy and gun-running illegal rented-compound,





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العقيد معمرالقذافي ينادي لقيام الدولة الفاطمية الثانية حفاظ على الدين الإسلامي…
By The LOFT 2011
(It is only then Egypt will find peace…to accept a leader who is of the lineage of the Prophet Mohammed [PBUH]. God blesses only that lineage to lead other men.)
BTW: Muammar al-Qathafi is of that lineage; and, that is why he can lead as IMAM.

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Juma Ahmed Vintage – Misrati – Senior Vice President of National Congress
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Libya: Gaddafi resurrected?!

Survival of Gaddafi, Algeria and France, this is not the end of the world.

 International (LVO): After 9 months of intensive bombing against the Libyan people, and seeing that it was impossible for NATO to achieve their objectives against Libya, NATO strategists, to save face, decided to make a false victory by trying to convince the world that Muammar al-Qaddafi was killed. To do this, they used their media propaganda war to show us videos or seen a man resembling the founder of the Libyan, captured by NTC-NATO mercenaries and murdered by a bullet in the head.

As we had announced at the time, in an article entitled “Dry your tears and continue the fight, the one we showed you was not Muammar Al-Gaddafi. “Published at , the victim was a resident of the city of Sirte called Ali Majid Al Andalusi. It was chosen for its resemblance to Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Today, information travels on the internet saying that:

“The Centre for DNA analysis in Sarajevo (Bosnia), the largest center in the world specialized in the research & identify DNA has just submitted its official report & final, under the direction of Dr. Billah.

It turns out, after months of research and medical & scientific investigations, the DNA from the body that have been exposed to the morgue of Misurata, the media had orders in the same concert as those presented & Muatassim of Muammar Gaddafi, “DO NOT MATCH OR THAT OF MUAMMAR GADDAFI OR THAT HIS SON Muatassim! ‘
This is now 100% sure, the Research Centre of Sarajevo took ALL the time required to perform the necessary checks ALL fully aware of the consequences of such an announcement, including any loss of scientific credibility in case of error them, so it seamlessly to the center issued its official report.
The so-called “Libyan government,” embarrassed by the findings of this report classified as confidential upon receipt by the NTC, “silent about it for fear that information spreads …”

في تقرير سري للغاية وصل اليوم التقرير النهائي لتحليل الحامض النووي للعقيد معمر القذافي من مركز التحليل في سراييفو, وبعد اكثر من تحليل واخد عينة من الحامض النووي للدكتور المعتصم بالله تأكد ان الحامض النووي للجثة التي كان يعتقد انها للقائد معمر القذافي لا تتطابق مع n الحامض النووي للقائد معمر القذافي ولا مع ابنه المعتصم بالله وقد صادق المركز المتخصص في سيراييفو وهو اكبر مركز في العالم على هذه النتيجة يوم الامس واحالها الي الحكومة الليبية التي تتكتم عليها خوفا من انتشار هذه الاخبار والله العظيم الخبر مؤكد مائة في المائة ..

(Google translation)

In a confidential report arrived today the very final report to analyze the DNA of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Analysis Center in Sarajevo, and Effective year more than a DNA sample analysis Wakhd Dr. Billah to make sour ce que le DNA of the body, Which was Believed to be the leader Muammar Gaddafi Does not match the DNA of the commanderMuammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim HAS Ratified the specialist center in Sarajevo, the Largest center in the world on this result it yesterday and Forwarded to the Libyan government, Which keep quiet about it for fear of the spread of this news and great news for sure God one hundred percent ..


If this information is confirmed, the Libyan government is saying now is not the only bothered by this report, and click Sarko are even more and that is certainly why they thought the blow up of the Franco- Algerian parties in Bosnia to provide arms to destinations in Algeria (see ) This would actually try to pressure to conceal the scandal of the conclusion of this report DNA analysis by another scandal.

According to some French sources, the French president, François Hollande, the mission had to be on his last trip to Algeria to support the “work” of BHL by manipulating the Algerian authorities to put pressure on their people, and have them sign agreements on intelligence and espionage under the pretext of combating terrorism because Algeria is at risk of a “terrorist conspiracy” and France propose assistance, thus taking the role of nice. Holland had to work to be able to convince the Algerian authorities to the people in this repression and to facilitate the efforts to convince the Algerian BHL trigger a so-called “Arab Spring”

According to the source, “attacks on Algerian soil and had even been considered a revolution Arab Spring type should be triggered.”

The source adds that “it is when the French intelligence were informed that their plan was about to be discovered, there are waived. ‘

DRIS for all the oppressed (

Jamahiriya Forum
Official Report of the Research Centre of Sarajevo DNA-Billah Dr.

# Here comes the time of truth, open your eyes & no more doubt, that time is over, we supported against winds and tides over a year in the CCSAL of, Coordination Libya African green, and all the sites, pages, groups & entities remained faithful to the truth, this science gives us reason & tomorrow, a new day will dawn for humanity insha’Allah, wake up, that information spreads & spreads like wildfire!

Benghazi is now under fire from the Libyan army loyalist Great & valiant Army green, Abdel Jallil is about to be sentenced by the International Military Tribunal for Libya’s involvement in the assassination of General Abdel Fatah Yunis, Bani Walid is green since last Friday & Clinton is “pale range” from his quote in the case of the assassination of the U.S. ambassador to Benghazi where she was scheduled to appear this week! Now here comes the information that will sweep once and for all the suspicions and doubts of each & every one of you, now is the hour of truth, now is the time for the media & institutions state of the world, who took part in the deceit & manipulation of this conspiracy treacherous world & lose officially the face, here comes the hour of accountability to humanity, here comes the hour of truth: That the eyes of the blind be opened!

# The DNA analysis center of Sarajevo, the largest
specialized center in the world in research and DNA identification, has just submitted its official report & final, under the direction of Dr. Billah.

It turns out, after months of research & scientific & medical investigations, the DNA from the body exposed to the morgue Misruatà, the world’s media had to unite together & presented as those & Muatassim of Muammar Gaddafi, “DO NOT REPRESENT THAT OF MUAMMAR Gaddafi, Muatassim OR HIS SON!”
This is now 100% sure, the Research Centre of Sarajevo took ALL the time required to perform necessary checks ALL fully aware of the consequences of such an announcement, including any loss of scientific credibility in case of error them, so it seamlessly to the center issued its official report.
The so called “Libyan government,” embarrassed by the findings of this report classified as confidential upon receipt by the GNC, “silent about it for fear that information spreads …”


Amended by Moutassim – 22/12/2012, 00:57

Bella Ciao Mu’ammar!  Video
 القذافي – أن      = AL-QATHAFI

(It is only then Egypt will find peace…to accept a leader who is of the lineage of the Prophet Mohammed [PBUH]. God blesses only that lineage to lead other men.)
BTW: Muammar al-Qathafi is of that lineage; and, that is why he can lead as IMAM.

العقيد معمرالقذافي ينادي لقيام الدولة الفاطمية الثانية حفاظ على الدين الإسلامي… By The LOFT 2011

Durée : ‎6:57



What they saying is true about Saif in November 2011—initially the pictures and videos were fake and they were not Saif on the airplane, etc.
I believe Saif was intentionally going to Zintan to make an alliance with the Red Army; and this “arrest” was a cover… as the Zentani pleaded

with the Resistance to show them Mu’ammar; and they vowed their allegiance just prior to the Saif “arrest” incident.

But, Saif was in Zintan and was tried by The Zentani Elders in December 2011. They fully acquitted Saif  and protected him from all harm until the People’s Liberation Armed Forces (THE GREEN RESISTANCE ARMY) was able to wisk Saif off to his brother SAADI in March 2012.

SAADI seated

In June 2012, when the Tarhounah temporarily took over Tripoli International Airport from the TNC RAT MILITIAS (who  forceably  took the Airport from the Zentani the month earlier, after a bloody battle–as the Zentani refused to hand the airport over), Saif was sent off on an air transport to Cyprus by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi (his father) to gain support for the Great Jamahiriya.

Saif al-Islam

RELAY of the GNC Scare that in August 2012, Mu’ammar was in BAB AZAZIYA, Tripoli Compound; and many rats fled.

Now about Mu’ammar being in Bab AZAZIYA…well there are loads of secret tunnels…one never knows—not all are known to the RATS who opened up many of the secret passage ways…. The house was build next to to a mountain wall—and there were rooms upon secret rooms, with secret doors and bomb shelters…so I cannot rule this information out as total nonsense. But for the last year or more, the RATS were using the remains of BAB AZAZIYA for their communications…since Mu’ammar had the latest of electronic equipment installed there.

Mu in his Library at Bab Azaziyia


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