The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA remains and the Zionists are Falling to the Dustpan

Mu has Vision

Nasrallah Recently WRITES TO US:

“Astrologers lie; do not ever believe them .. ‘We Shall we believe only in God’ and Ansedk words astrologers but with God’s help all indications point to return to Libya green and better than before and with the permission will led humans Amer.

This is by vision that he saw a man honest and by Aj this now HOLY said God and I was sleeping in the holy month of Ramadan by corruption Tripoli days ..

I saw that I was held in a place not remember, but I remember this place you reside where Vattani people named Amer told me Give me your room key I gave him and then I said to myself ÇäÔÇááĺ Maicon Jaen I heard the sound Walk Jaen and even Muammar Ahoua turned behind me and I found Muammar standing and smiling.

God Macolh witness…”

Mu Pensive

Gen.SAADI war hero

# Invitation of the Libyan people on the occasion of a Libyan currency required of all new, and one marked “green people want Muammar”

Colonel Oran # Rukn al-Din.

“We are a nation may forgive but not forget” ..Leader of the Revolution:


How sang homeland and how Tbahiena and رقصنا and Hllna being a Libyan … Fabalams near there was its name Libya .. inhabited people not to exceed a population of a neighborhood of Cairo .. We all cousins ​​and one we share sorrows before weddings sleep and advice on its note home نمتاز masculinity and bravery Nnat ourselves in terms of pride and pride and dignity and Svona million AQIM Hafiz of the Holy Quran in us rich and poor Fiqirna rich compared to neighboring countries ….
Nmtl As every decent life .. we lack the quality of life pseudo dreams were no more than small personal accessories and our security and اماننا enjoy … Suddenly came out people from developed forgotten his homeland and honor … security, integrity …
Nassau word of God says (and hit God example village was safe reassuring approach her ​​livelihood plentifully from everywhere Vkfr Bonam God Vomagaha God for bass hunger and fear of what they make.) Came out crowds fall home Tsafho to fall every impure land Astaano infidel and dopey … Kdbo Zoro Kill Gabro Megiddo infidel Astaano devil Ahramo and Hllo how what they want Tbako saying the end justifies the means Megiddo NATO burned everything and everybody … in the hope of falsity life and dirhams to sing and Atzmn of hunger .. ..
you Thrrtm!! you Shtm!! How bleeding from the blood and how much HTC show how Ahjrtm from this Mauadtamona person by a this Masnalmh for our people have lost consciousness …. maybe came to the conclusion it’s another world Vald on religion Kald on hot coals …. Astodahm our home we have lived in it and they Shmkm .. really are free, but had sold home …. and I’ll look at a map of the world I find a spot I call home and peace …… Salah
Libya’s continued theft of fuel and smuggledwhere last Friday 22/02/2013 adjust a ship registered in Panama, led by captain holds Norwegian citizenship, where the ship purchases of fuel smugglers at sea in the area visitors who يزودونها fuel getaway across Jervat where managed destinations Alomnahfa the Tajoura of the arrest of a ship after receiving information from the captain of a vessel that has been previously Zbtha ​​off the Libyan coast region of Sidi Ben Nour and now held with the ship. The ship was taken into custody at the port of coral …


Muammar al-Qathafi replica of glory:


Libyan hospital gives insults and curses, showing them as customers of NATO; and we can describe them being rats.

(poor man in hospital keeps calling out the beloved name of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, despite his torture within the hospital)

Closure educational corner of the hospital last Thursday and until now and cause insecurity and

medical displays items and medical assistance to beatings and insults and verbal abuse. truth, goodness Jay.


“Urgent call to save Libyan prisoners less Xi ins and universal rights – exposed many of the prisoners and Isra in prisons armed gangs to insult and psychological and physical torture and deprived of basic human rights that flaunt the West, and restrict freedoms and keep them away from their families and loved ones and transcended from age seventy years, because of their national and against the NATO attacks on Libya – the Crusader enemy angry vindictive – the Muslims in general.

. That fingerprint is a shame rebels NATO and so-called Council Allaotunai year to stay one day in prison and receive a maximum of torture and intimidation.
– Fa Where conscience in the Muslim world, Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and Mecca and Medina to launch an extensive campaign for the release of these heroes brave .. And where the OIC, Amnesty International and human rights associations other humanitarian.

– appeal to all international organizations sponsoring human rights and the universal conscience to intensify their efforts to expedite the release of Isra and prisoners who are languishing in the prisons of armed gangs in some areas, which committed itself to anti-Libyan through torture, kidnapping The prosecution and threatened to storm the subject areas, responded to the days of the rule of Libyan softening in the Turkish era. While providing a fair trial in line with international standards and applicable laws and regulations internationally.”


Meat transport vehicle without any preventive measures, moving down from the east coast obstacle tuber, it is likely that she was in one of the slaughterhouses, whether public or private .. Heading to a restaurant or the market.
تنبيه صحي:
سيارة نقل اللحوم بدون أي إجراءات وقائية ، تتجه نزولاً من عقبة الساحل الشرقي في درنة ، ومن المرجح أنها كانت في احدى السلخانات سواء العامة أو الخاصة.. لتتجه إلى احد المطاعم أو السوق.


The biggest robbery in the history of Libya from 100 billion dollars suddenly disappeared

The news agency Gaddafi International

about a week ago and the controversy exists, debate and public anger in the Libyan street and all media and satellite channels Libyan official and independent and pages of social networking, stating discovering the biggest theft in the history of Libya: the theft and the loss of 100 billion dollars.

according to sources middle Libyan that 60 billion dollars is capital the Libyan Investment abroad was stolen and transferred to accounts in several Arab countries, especially the Gulf.

The rest of the amount of 40 billion dollars is the sum of money that was lost after the fall of Tripoli very quickly from several banks in various Libyan cities in addition to operations corruption.

Financial and spend money without the right hand such as compensation …

to spend money without The point of the right such as compensation exaggerated and treat the wounded and other denied Mohsen دريجة head of the Libyan Investment and responsible for managing the funds Libyan surpluses and oil revenues.

Libyan abroad in press statements loss 60 billion dollars and stressed that these rumors about the organization by members of the Gaddafi regime, but this issue has become Libyan public concern and demanded a number of civil society organizations and associations anti-corruption investigation in the case of financial theft of 100 billion dollars
and indispensability to uncover the truth of the Libyan people.


God is great storm on the retro device ………. We brighter God Aakmst جردان and who with him God needed win, ………,
God is great storm on the retro device
الله أكبر عاصفه علي الرجعيه ناسفه………. ونحن معانا الله ياكمشت جردان واللي معاه الله لزم ينتصر,………,الله أكبر عاصفه علي الرجعيه ناسفه

Post addicted Page:

“after hard work over the past few days ……. The great achievements for the liberation of the country

from Alsalibben and mercenaries ….. it’s time to rest some time ……. We appreciate our each

Mtabaana and our correspondents on the effort made ​​……….. lived Fateh Revolutionary Struggle continues.”



Leaks: Libya gives Israeli companies for oil exploration license

The Gaddafi International news agency 

“source said on condition of anonymity «told Gaddafi that Libya was granted a U.S. company Energy Israeli first license to explore for oil in the Libyan territories occupied. The source said that the company «Jenny Energy got a license to explore after Israel decided last year to allow drilling for oil and gas in Libya after the catastrophe of February 17. The company continues, and based in New Jersey, you need to get more work permits before drilling begins, which could take months extra. .”



Series (new dinar) controversial

After the argument about the new dinar and return a picture of the leader and not only is his image Engineer Saif al-Islam …

The Government Resolution No. rats (7), which provides for each city to issue dinar own in which they are free …
Following this decision issued Misrata dinar your handbag as the image is distorted sportingly returned Ibsarh Rahe ČÓ.

version of the New Class Libyan dinar had descended to the street Libyan until everyone started criticizing and refusing, and was manifested in Scrabble them and write statements against NATO and Thoarh.
Even supporters of the plight of February rejected and said appears to be a picture Saif al-Islam Gaddafi on them.


Mu 643

Video displays for the first time on the media hero leader Muammar Gaddafi with Alillaz on 01/01/1969 الادمن main of the officers of the Revolutionary Command Council headed by Muammar al-Gaddafi

Bernard-Henri Levy acknowledges: Israel stands behind the “Arab revolution”

Henry Bernard Levy said – in his conversation with Netanyahu he was told the rebel revolution must succeed and Gadhafi’s time must end.


Video: affects thermal rocket vehicle for NATO rebels direct hit
The Gaddafi International news agency – videos

  • Our correspondent in the leadership of the resistance:

correspondent in the Leadership of the Resistance:

to the elders and Rafla interviews with tribal elders surrounding Tarhunah Zliten, Sirte and Jufrah ……. For a tribal conference.

Ali elders and Rafla interviews with tribal elders surrounding Tarhunah Zliten, Sirte and Jufrah ……. For a tribal conference.

# Warning for each head of a family of Libyan unconscious son learns commend rebels February @ Hvadwa sons commend the Libyan

Allahu Akbar over Akaatda # Rukn al-Din Oran.

…… ratio backer of the Commander in the beach 99.5% .
Summary of events ……… After the first march in Sabha
1 – Alrabb control the rat in all Libyan cities
2 – Sabha clashes between Toubou and daughters of Solomon
3 – Clashes in Kufra
4 – clashes in Benghazi
5 – clashes in the Friday market and the airport road.


Calls in the eastern region of the exit in rallies calling for the federal.

Southern Eastern Region: Demonstrations Fezzan tribes claim my federal,
For the first time in more than 42 years old flag was raised Fezzan region Bsabha today:

(remember, this is NOT pro-Great Jamahiriya!!!)

Marg graduated in march in favor of the demands of the Libyan south


Rat Doma assassination attempt Rahman Allam at the hands of the Liberal.


Page U.S. Embassy in Libya announces the discovery of fossils 28 million years old in the slip region in Libya by archaeologists.

Green minutes ::: Aawiham erected a beacon of blood to suggest tomorrow’s generation hatred …. Ali bin Abi Taleb and his face
URGENT: an emergency meeting of mayors and sheikhs Matrouh and Antho statement reject the

Libyan violations against the people of Egypt.

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)


Libya rats government requests to open a consulate in Marsa Matruh and the appointment of liaison officers to solve problems Salloum border crossing.



Battered and insulted daily on travelers from every February to Egypt and even outlaws them
by the people of Salloum and raise green flag and pictures of the leader
as a reaction to the imposition of the Libyan government imported visa them after Kano

exception and there sympathy with them by the people of the Amsaad border

Libby tried to control smuggling 600 thousand dollars to Egypt via the port Salloum

The news agency the Gaddafi International – Salloum

“Egyptian security authorities were able to Salloum land port to adjust the Libyan people in possession of 600 thousand U.S. dollars hidden inside a bag inside the car in his luggage without disclosure. The Police Department responded to Salloum record No. 4 conditions Police Department Salloum land port set “Orabi. C”, 40 years old, of Libyan nationality, dealer, a resident of Benghazi, Libya, during the termination proceedings and the arrival of the country coming from Libya. And searched his luggage was found on the amount of six hundred thousand dollars without disclosure and hidden inside a bag in his luggage in violation of the law No. 2003/88 by issuing central bank and the banking system and cash. Confronted, admitted.”
Libby tried to control the smuggling of 600,000 dollars to Egypt via the port Salloum

Deported 85 Egyptians from Libya and the accumulation of 350 truck in the port Salloum.

The international news agency Gaddafi – Salloum

“Egyptian security authorities managed port Salloum land possession Libby control person of 600,000 dollars of the United States in a bag hidden inside his luggage in the car without disclosure.

WordPress Division police record Salloum # 4 management conditions police port Salloum land set “Orabi. c”, 40, of Libyan nationality dealer, a resident of Benghazi, Libya, in proceedings dismissal and the arrival in the country from Libya.

searched his luggage and found the amount of 600 thousand dollars of dollars without disclosure and concealment in a bag inside his luggage in violation of Law No. 2003/88 m emission from the central bank and the banking system and cash.

faces and ceiling admitted seized property to buy goods from within the country, and refused to give up reconcile amount in exchange for not trigger criminal charge against him.

was kept on the amount of financial resources available to the exact car in pursuit , and was number 5 in the record in 2013 of smuggling offenses Salloum, and sitting on the prosecution .”

Deported 85 Egyptians from Libya and the accumulation of 350 truck in the port Salloum.

Deported 85 Egyptians from Libya and the accumulation of 350 truck in the port Salloum

The news agency the Gaddafi International – Salloum

Libyan authorities deported illegal 85 people of Egyptian workers, including 38 without passports, and 47 have their own passports, and Gary check their entry into Egypt. Major General Secretary Ezzedine, director of security Matrouh, has received notification from the Police Department Port Salloum arrival 85 Egyptians to the port deportees from Libya, while confirming the PSD accumulating about 350 truck loaded with goods within the port and next to the checkpoint at the entrance town of Salloum east on the international road in the direction of Libya, in light of the continued prevent Libyan authorities illegal entry of trucks into its territory. Devices Directorate has taken all the measures used in the insurance …

Libyan authorities deported illegal 85 people of Egyptian workers, including 38 without passports, and 47 have their own passports, and Gary check their entry into Egypt.

Major General Secretary Ezzedine, director of security Matrouh, has received notification from the Police Department Port Salloum arrival 85 Egyptians to the port deportees from Libya, while confirming the PSD accumulating about 350 truck loaded with goods within the port and next to the checkpoint at the entrance town of Salloum east on the international road in the direction of Libya, in light of the continued prevent Libyan authorities illegal entry of trucks into its territory.

Devices Directorate has taken all insurance procedures followed in this matter with the concerned authorities and the appointment of traffic services down the plateau to prevent the accumulation of car port.


Aborted attempt to smuggle 19 missiles from Libya to Egypt

The news agency the Gaddafi International – Salloum

“Egyptian border guards foiled attempt to introduce 19 rockets from Libya to Egypt through the Salloum border port. The Egyptian military spokesman Col. Ahmed Mohammed Ali, Tuesday, Feb. 26 that thwart the smuggling operation after an exchange of fire with smugglers, was seized 4 bags inside 19 rockets. Spokesman, did not refer to the quality of these missiles. The spokesman said that defendants has been set and display the competent prosecutor ‘and take all the legal procedures regarding seizures’.”


Egypt seized 19 rockets on the border with Libya
managed Egyptian border guards Tuesday foiled an attempt to smuggle 19 missiles near the crossing of Salloum on the Egyptian-Libyan border. after an exchange of fire with smugglers who fled,

Egypt seizes 19 missiles at borders with Libya –
Egyptian border guards managed Tuesday to foil an attempt of smuggling 19 missiles near Salloum crossing at the Egyptian-Libyan borders, state-run al-Ahram online reported.

Egypt seizes 19 missiles at borders with Libya

E-mailXinhua, 27 February 2013
Egyptian border guards managed Tuesday to foil an attempt of smuggling 19 missiles near Salloum crossing at the Egyptian-Libyan borders, state-run al-Ahram online reported.

After exchanging fire with the smugglers who fled the scene, the border forces managed to seize four cloth sacks that included the 19 missiles.

The case was referred to the concerned prosecution to take the necessary procedures in this regards.

Weapon smuggling has prevailed at the borders of Egypt, particularly with Libya and the Palestinian Gaza Strip, since the 2011 uprising that toppled the former regime of Hosni Mubarak.




عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااAaaagel correspondent of The RatRishvana telephone number Light Mahmoudi 0912220846.
commander backing band Thirteen of the Supreme Security Committee ….
Correspondent of Sirte demonstration to the people of No. 2 today for not giving them compensation ……….

Resistance from the pages (and Rafla now):

Explosion rocks near the city of Sirte public park.


Air heavy looped low in the sky Sirte 02/24/2013

Flying low over University of Sirte.



il ya 14 heures

Suhaib Faitouri = city of Derna
today: gangs Qaeda officially announced the city of Derna Islamic emirate .. And declares that it will apply Sharia (according to their understanding) in all walks of life .. This will be the emirate starting to build the Islamic state ((on the basis that Libya and Libyans are not Islam at all)) .. He also announced that even if he was activated the police and the military, they Saotmran orders Qaeda ..
And it prevents schools and institutes and Jam عات Derna any mixing between the sexes and that women should not exercise any action unless compatible with Islamic law and that the killer will kill the thief will break his hand .. The organizing gangs Qaeda has established a so-called Court legitimacy and consists of judges follow this organization offender and these judges to Ivgahon in the applicable laws in the civil courts with the knowledge that he does not have in the city of Derna any police station or public prosecutors, court or prison in

Explosion marks the Port of Derna. (Vger Port mercenaries Qatar and the UAE )- Derna—-



Douala Misurata Turkish 
Consolidated Contractors Company colonialEgyptian to win a tender for the reconstruction of the city of Misurata

investment cost of 1.50 billion dollars. T is Henw Ptamr stench Street ČÓ hit NATO.

Jews Osraúleon want to return to Libyan Mzrath.

What do rats Misrata infidels until you go armed vehicles and heavy it.



Today the population of Ghadames to seize homes Tunisian Company incomplete

construction for fear of giving of Ghadames displaced population after their reconciliation with some

Continuing arbitrary arrests in Zliten by Misrata rats who are waging a campaign of arrests and killings of locals

and rats Hammadi in Zliten.


Heard two explosions in Tarhunah targeting the headquarters of rats.



Announcement: good news for radio listeners Tripoli, work is underway in full swing so that you can listen to Radio Tripoli via your mobile phone.


Aljamaherya GreEn Coming


“It’s Very …. to Ahrarna and our heroes in Azizia and Rishvana you taking the greatest care and Thdhiroa of any strange car entering the area, the rats Committee Alqmili Btajurae has sent lists of wanted men in both) hunter and Alhachan hand bridge the 27 Maya and Albaronah (to the phantom Balzizih which refused arrested.

What was Altoager but turned to the corner to help them in that they refused to intervene for fear of consequence at the hands of the people Azizia Liberal honorable What was the rats Tajoura but Atkhabthoa develop an alternative plan is to go to the areas mentioned car ordinary where from the Liberal abducting wanted there …. Please urgently speed of publication and dissemination to all the free God save them and save them.”

There 2 of Aljtaat in Trbuls plateau region due to tribe Alkerkoty and Tani of Ahamidat tribe was liquidated by جردان Mzrth resort to God and the agent.
News Libyan Resistance (green brigade battalion-mail)
Water cut off to some areas in Tripoli
correspondent of news Rishvana for the expulsion of a number of rats of the security committee in Tripoli.
  • ݬحٱپ ٱڷڻݟٱݭ correspondent incognito among rats reported attack by rats Misrata, on Zintan headquarters in the capital.
  •  عاااااااااااااااااااااااجل targeting from rats Bakoazv gates RPG in Tripoli …. And killed a number of them.
Reports of clashes within the international airport built between the airport and one of the escorts militias,
and useful information on casualties between the two sides .. And heretics page Qaeda Bdrna adopt practical.
Damascus neighborhood in Tripoli youth set fire to a car belonging to the militia’s security committee near the Rixos Hotel
in response to the killing of one of them at the hands of RAT militias Misrata.
Specifically from the wireless signal has Liberal بالرماية on the gate in front of the Rixos Hotel
by a period of time and even now are in panic and fear God is greatest over Kidd aggressors.
Currently Image Lock Road front Al Rixsos Hotel Conference Allaotunai Country

Senthana drunk who commits a heinous crime at night in Tripoli

Rat killing of children Amari (lives in Heni against gas depot) ……… Under torture rats.

Abu Salim attempt are free are still aware of the shame of Green Square.

A quantum leap in resistance operations:

Liberal targeting the headquarters of the rats in the Rixos,  the Qatari rats headquarters in Motaiqh several launchers and explosions.

Filter campaigns among rats ……. The rats Misrata rats in Tripoli.
Exposure on Saturday afternoon rat Mohamed El Alsurroi, the armed attack by gunmen during the attack, which occurred near the traffic light on Airport Road, Mohammad Alsurroi for a big shock after hearing the fire on his car could not bear then position tragic subjected to unconscious and was taken to the hospital.
God to miss them scourge


Video: A militia beating an elderly woman driving


Video: A militia beating an elderly woman driving
The Gaddafi International news agency

Henw story helicopters over Tripoli.

Planes breaking the sound barrier in the capital Tripoli 23/02/2013

The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli

flight intensive warplanes in the skies of Tripoli today and did not know the real reasons behind the flight,

while living the capital Tripoli security disruptions in more than one district and region because of the

brutality of the militias and criminal gangs that claim to freedom.


The spread of kidnappings in Surman and visitors dramatically ……



Rocket launcher BM-12 107 for sale in the Libyan market on the Internet has Astdkhmha Jerdan in their war against the Bani Walid 2012 Russian rockets launcher BM-12 107 dd for sale in the Libyan market on the Internet Rat offering rocket launcher for sale and says that he is used it during the last war on Bani Walid 2012الادمن main Aadinm main

Salute to Qguaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat armed people …… Rjaaaal faced NATO and death Smile.

This video been Alator with one ousted Bani Walid.
Who doubt not grandparents ousted tyrant inside Bani Walid?

This is the biggest proof of the presence of the ousted Fido got it at one of the family from the city of Bani Walid:

Channel Lafrasin ………..

The people Torghae in Tripoli and Janzour Orishvana intend to return in the month of June to Bani Walid and then to Mudbnthm.



“Who shall lead in Benghazi; bombs in Benghazi; fires in Benghazi; tanks in the streets of Benghazi now, are all three tanks burned horrified Benghazi. They go to the airport, trying to Ikhrbuh; salvation aircraft stopped; Civil Aviation stopped, the plane that still Stenzel in Benina airport! , And ships said «could not Narcoa in the port of Benghazi, because the rats and what we come to attack us and take in ships. Derna, became T. ruins, and its ruler now one factor beard; say to women (not graduated as of today), you have seen this setback?!, And said to them (Bring me donations, I Khalifa followed bin Laden and followed Zawahiri)!!.God, this is still!! Zawahiri Okhrtha rule them?!.
families; masses in Derna, Go Azhvo the; cleansed dirt. Do you want America to come to you, you Tanlkm and works such as Afghanistan; such as Somalia; such as Pakistan; such as Iraq?!. This Oajpkm; that our country will become like Afghanistan?!. So get out if he does not like it, get out into the streets; whole Oagafloha, and grabbed them all and chased away and unscrewed them their arms; and arrested them and Hakmohm and handed them over to security. Anywhere you have heard that the movement, they lack a terrorist wants to turn Libya into emirates followed Zawahiri or followed bin Laden, Is this Okhrtha, to enter America; says it will not allow new Afghanistan here in North Africa?!. Want to come to us colonialists, and become our bombs

Close Street in Benghazi, from by angry Qatar mercenaries
who were promised regardless against Mali, a counterpart to protect their areas during Hrdmish celebrations

of the second anniversary of the Nakba, the invasion of Libya.

reports seizure called Recep Aladola force on a number of wireless devices of the communication system of national security Benghazi, which was stored at a policeman comes this disregard of security and its affiliates in Benghazi after getting mentioned by force on financial instruments of security chief Colonel slave himself and now called Aladola is leading the guard to claim money for the day 15-16-17 February and police Squatting in their tent inside the headquarters of the Directorate of Security in the housing .. Long live Libya also wanted Bernarleafa
NATO mercenaries Aagaflon Jamal in Bani Gay demanding their rights analogous to protect them
for a revival in the second period Ctphallat Nakba Hrdmish.

Loss Aablad oil .. Dhanak Aybeawa in Alqamol!!Leithy Benghazi area begging for road repairs.

Order correspondent of Benghazi:

number of bombings shakes Benghazi at night ………..

Now closed streets in Benghazi required to pay money for them. Gamal Abdel Nasser Street.

And rats sit in front of the Directorate of Security and closed for the fifth day.
Killing of Libyan citizen when his car exploded in Benghazi


The global news agency Gaddafi – Benghazi

“homemade bomb exploded Friday evening, inside the car of a Libyan citizen milkfish area in the city of Benghazi.

Sources said that a citizen was killed after the explosion and his body was taken to the hospital. …”

Two powerful explosions in the area of small Benghazi Buhedama before.

Dead, 3 wounded in the Hawari front PSD Benghazi because of a dispute over a piece of land Bien Aaúlttin. Hired one of Hatien Alaaúltien Bmlishea “Recep Aladola” who carried out the attack on the checkpoint rats destroying two cars for points. Mentioned that the family that hired Balmichillat Affiliated invited “Recep Aladola” captured on the ground force. He said the state of security alert has announced to catch the named “Recep Aladola”.
News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Benghazi: the death of a person after fighting gun on a piece of land in the area Hawari 02/23/2013

The news agency Gaddafi – Benghazi

“fight broke gun and rocket propelled grenades between family Circassian family Alkhchmi because a piece of land. Originally land belonged to the family of the Circassian someone Akora Pettmena squatters on by the prevailing law Anmakfaqamt family Circassian waive part of the land to the family Alkhchmi paid out Alakora from the ground. Nakba refused Alkhchmi out of the ground, which Addai sparked a brawl with light and medium weapons worth mentioning that there are deaths and one of the family Alkhchmi. …”


correspondent in the Leadership of the Resistance soon ……………

Group meeting on the porch with a row officers and enlisted the Libyan army forces Sabha

“Activists federal claim out now in all the cities of Cyrenaica Fezzan in solidarity with those who are now in mass

demonstrations in the city of Sabha, demanding federalism under total disregard of the Libyan media Almadlj ..”

popular demonstrations calling for federalism 23/02/2013

Cheers in today Bsabha demonstrations to demand the release of Anoud Abdullah Sanusi ..

(Scott recession freedom of Anoud) flags province of Fezzan.

Rats Misrata accuse Toubou of being behind the demonstrations Sabha demanding federalism.

Was liquidated young Akaddadfh of young people in this topic Alahtat by young Solomon  resort to God and the agent.

The Gaddafi International news agency – Libyan Sabha

“southerners marginalized out in huge marches to demand federalism .. Huge crowds of people of Fezzan in front of Hall of the People Bsabha Hailing federalism and demanding half-deprived south. .. Sons of towns and villages in the south flock to the Sabha fusion demonstrators demanding federalism and put an end to the marginalization and exclusion. .”

our correspondent from the beach:

beach residents claim to march today to call for federalism and the release of Anoud Sanusi

and support team Ali accent.


KUFRA & the Saheel SOUTH:

“Kufra Aasadeh experiencing sharp differences between جردان forces gathered Saraya so-called revolutionaries after travel group of them today by Morocco and were altercations between some of the soldiers at the airport in Kufra today and request to leave the city after prolonged and weakness of their leaders and got even drag and threats with weapons, including their refusal to the instructions of their leaders in the assembly and the instructions that were given they are not responding to the penalty for the gang of Chadian (Althbo) … 4 days ago and they are under threat from theseE gangs بالرماية them over their heads and told them we have no any interest so we will leave and accused the leaders of Saraya rebels that they are trying to cover up these gangs and now and then declare the Qderfa military zone until cleared of these group Tsol and toured under the auspices of gathering Saraya rebels and جردان Kufra warn rebel forces gathering Saraya intervention after failed them …. (Aawallah Tbejh Aajerdan)”
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl news draws some of the rats Misrata to Kufra to support the rats against Tabu ……………..
    الادمن It is well known that cars were destroyed Misrata Rats went to the southern border by Tabu when announcement southern military zone.
     Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel pages resistance Sabha now violent clashes in Kufra between Tabu and cabled.

Clashes in the town of Kufra Sunday result in a number of deaths and injuries 2/24/2013
The news agency the Gaddafi International – Kufra

Brahim Mustafa few hours ago, where they were shot at while they passed on the way.’s

Infected Ibrahim Mustafa Algadafi.

Death of Abdul Hamid Alcdoh injury Brahim Mustafa few hours ago, where they were shot at while they passed on the way. 

‘s infected Ibrahim Mustafa



Sabratha: hundreds of educational books are thrown culled just because it carries public word on the cover. Knowing she wrote purely educational.


I hope that you reach all pages pro all pages Liberal … so do not forget ..
These are not the children of Gaza nor Iraq nor Syria nor Somalia these kids tribe supervision epiphyseal Black Mountain
in the camps for displaced people after being occupied their city Alawyneh and angle Albacol Satan planes and their mercenaries .. .: –
These are a sample or a picture of the kids epiphyseal black mountain in camps and shelters injustice and humiliation in occupied Tripoli displaced
from City Alawyneh and angle Albacol by gangs and NATO rebels living in almost be miserable and difficult over the face bitter cold without
the cover and the many violations by NATO rebels ……. Including Camp Abu Salim others humanist …
Votsaúl sometimes tell where Liberal honorable Would these people have forgotten homeless families you forgotten what gave them
those heroes wonder and tell us died of conscience and humanity??? …. Are not 100 or 1000 but thousands Molfah .. .
Whenever Aajunhm consider ascertained and increase faith and insist that victory came and God is with us Fuelkm Yemen,
you participated in this plot Fuelkm by my clients colonialism Stlaqon fate of stray dogs and history will see.


Revolutionary Guard
(posted by “VICTORY SOON”)
on Saturday:
(Abdul Rahim Massak) was at the head of one of the battalions Jermanah
in the corner and the forest-based Ben Youssef was the arrest
of the volunteers and the Liberals have been liquidated at his home by several bullets in
his body and shot in the head.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel post addicted to greet the green channel Champions on the plate for the Great JAMAHIRIYA ……….
And congratulate them on the opening of their channel on the net ……
But I want to bring to their channel link on ustream relatively slow ……
and channel link on justin tv site quickly and more watch and never lived Conqueror …………
The Revolutionary Struggle continues.
  • Green channel link

    Green Ly
    Green Ly @ USTREAM:. Other 24/7 Ly
Green Ly @ USTREAM: . Other 24/7
Green Ly
Green Ly @ USTREAM: . Other 24/7

Anne Prushka on ASHAM HOME



Mu’ammar al-Gathafi sees no reason to hide his agenda:

“There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. Allah mobilizes the Muslim nation of Turkey and adds it to the European Union, that’s another 50 million Muslims… Europe is in a predicament and so is America. They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time or else declare war on the Muslims.”

below: 30 AUGUST 2010 in Rome, Italy

Mu draped in white

Colonel Gaddafi in state visit to Italy  second day  Colonel Gaddafi in state visit to Italy  second day Colonel Gaddafi in state visit to Italy  second day

3 thoughts on “The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA remains and the Zionists are Falling to the Dustpan

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