Pour la vie et l’amour de la Grande Jamahiriya / For Life and love of the Great Jamahiriya

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My home my home .. Majesty and beauty and السناء pomp in the heights in the heights:

Mu in Berlin pic

“Musician” writes in “24/24 LIBYAN INTELLIGENCE NEWS”:

“…. every sentence uttered in his speeches have had a day of the Libyan events, Muammar Gaddafi was not a prophet but was a messenger who did not claim being so, but predict all ماسوف happening in Libya killing, destruction and displacement, and finally the occupation, the man was known to Libya right knowledge and know its people more than their knowledge for themselves and this drawing his words sincere what Al has a future for Libya ….

no doubt that God Almighty has Huda leader Muammar Gaddafi to eye certainty became says the words of Aifamh only men of understanding and day they were first Kernels Few in Libya honesty road to salvation and Muammar Gaddafi left to are free Libya way out of the crisis through clarify all the facts in order that sacrificed with other men loyalty, honesty lives, years capable of making Moammar Gadhafi symbol honesty and courage in Libya and kiss visiting researchers for honesty in the world of swimming in a sea of ​​lies…”

Grace Warfali WRITES:

“Lord preserves the living martyr Muammar Gaddafi from all harm.”

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Fruits of the Paris Conference and Alstordh government obedient despite Lanuf people sundown ..

And the words of leader Muammar shock was مغرر them and became Amadhok them:

When we stated P earlier and we evidence that their master and commander of the February Revolution
and Mfjrha Hua Israeli vile Bernard Levy, the world and did not sit on they Jaboha zoom and victory of God
because they are right and Gaddafi Taghi and so as they claim Alsdj,!
Here Hua February Revolution authorized
bomber and say the words Sarahh and well-known, what Almqsowod
عندما صرّحنا ف وقت سابق و قدّمنا الدلائل على ان سيّدهم و قائد ثورة فبراير و مفجّرها هوا الاسرائيلي الخسيس برنارد ليفي قامت الدنيا
و لم تقعد علي انهم جابوها بالتكبير و نصرهم الله لانهم علي صواب و القذافي طاغي و ما الي ذلك كما يزعمون السدّج ,, !فها هوا مفجّر ثورة فبر
ايـر يصرح ويقـول كلمات صارحة و غنية عن التعريف ما المقصــووود بهـا
Sma Alfath :: /

This both stronghold saying they led the revolution for themselves and this is why resides with everyone:
Akhartha donkeys Gulf Ijmlo you? Someone commented, saying :
“Mustafa M. Elfandi Bastoloa Ali Alastmarat tourism in Libya like what Sayer in Tunisia
and forget my Libyan areas who expanded the Khatrkm ye Sgarkm Stbda monopoly on
looters and traitors and evildoers ups and tomorrow headmistress nearby days
Pena Sabda Shati Mushtaq give him a ride Libyan Sharif fair because of Metwally ordered
Halblad thieves, tyrants and mostly hum money.
And the other says :
“Faraj Mriues not surprised Shi in the presence of ministers in this way that you sleep and the
health of the theft of public money.”
And another says :
“Amir Amer visa are even Mibosh Aatohna.
What do you think that we Almidon going to say?? “
Armed robberies on the villas belonging to a criminal Mustafa Abdul Jalil in the White City
5:47 MUAMMAR GADDAFI The news agency Gaddafi International –
“white told us the source of the city of Casablanca that two houses of Mustafa Abdul Jalil under Finishing been robbery them from an unknown group and theft sanitary materials, ceramics and other air conditioners and other materials and is worth mentioning that these homes that have been established by the newly-style “Gulf” in the form of villas up to small palaces levels Jalil had embarked on building them after the events of Nakba February 17,
and his tenure as Chairman of the Transitional Council has donated some of the young white militants protect them after this incident but Abdul Jalil refused and cost them two guards of the Egyptian labor. & nbs …”
Dismissal of the Secretary-General of the Libyan Red Crescent Society because of “dereliction of duty”
and because the Assembly did not provide anything on the ground and displaced thousands homeless.
Not for the three did not located injustice or wielding sword: for Osog summit to summit, and the face has become the face, and the softest of wire cord:


O Amadag … Filas Filas

Atfdiloa Ealbaan … Badmaahmokm Balmkavih rewarding at Colt disgusting Abodvlh … Hahm sparkling Call for Libya to declare bankruptcy … And this Miakd bankruptcy intellectually and ethics …

Libya`s `Government` Flees Congress Hall to Hotel After Weeks of Occupation by Protesters
Posted: 26 FEBR. 2013
From: Mathaba.net
http://www.mathaba.net/members/?sh_itm=f4a30d16d03eac0a765fd424b84583fdRats without limbs have succeeded in occupying Libya`s `Rat Congress` for several weeks and `rat security` has been unable to dislodge them, forcing weary `Rat Congress` members to hold their `government legislative` sessions in the Rixos HotelIn the ever increasing tragi-comedy of “New Libya”, so-called amputee “war heroes” aka “rats without limbs” have been occupying the Libyan occupation regimes failed attempt at “democracy” since they entered the “General National Congress” (GNC) hall several weeks ago.Armed “rat security” forces at the building were no match for the “limbless rats” who managed to roll themselves into the chambers and have not budged since. They number around 30. At first the GNC “rat congress” members shared the cramped space for some weeks before their patience wore thin.With a complete lack of security in the face of a massive popular uprising and disobedience taking place across Libya, the so-called “Congress” passed a law stating that the war victims who lost their limbs in the NATO (US-European) war on Libya with the support of “rat” ground forces, should be removed by force.However, not one authority with arms has taken up on the new law, and none have come to evict the war victim protesters. Some claim that the protesters are “fellow rats” who took part in the war against the democratic Libyan Jamahiriya turning Libya from Africa’s most safe and wealthy state into its number one vassal.Mathaba has not been able to verify this or whether the protesters are from the Libyan army who fought against the rat occupation of Libya, since it is not allowed to operate in Libya because independent media which exposed the NATO war are not granted access. Meanwhile NATO-supported news media also complain that they cannot enter even the GNC Congress hall, being prevented by “rat security” from doing so, whilst “limbless rats” are able to enter and occupy the building.The 30 limbless protesters entered the so-called General National Congress hall while a debate was underway to pass legislation concerning a “66 billion Libyan Dinar budget” and “local government” legislation, disrupting the proceedings. The “rat” prime minister Ali Zeydan was attempting to pass a law allowing local government to function as a form of direct dictatorship rather than what most of his “congress” members want which is for them to be elected.Zeidan argued that due to the lack of security in Libya for the “rat regime” and in order to have at least a semblance of local democracy, the local government members should be appointed by the regime rather than elected by the people, who are generally boycotting elections, ignoring almost all “government” legislation, and in a state of general disobedience in the wake of calls by the resistance for a “popular uprising”.Yesterday (Monday) Zeidan faced a tough time fielding questions and attacks from “rat” congress members and even his friend Megarief since the 1980’s when he the latter defected to the CIA — and who is “puppet president” of the US-EU installed regime, has not come to his aid while observers not the ongoing trend of the past years under occupation for “each rat to defend himself”.

GNC “rat” member Nizar Kawan said that “we called the Prime Minister (Ali Zeidan) in for questioning to explain the absence of his Ministry of Interior and its failure to provide security to the GNC”.

Others were less circumspect. “Rat” Congress member Mohamed Zarug for example, took Zeidan to task on his visit to the “Paris conference” where the latter recieved instructions from his masters in the French Presidency. Indicating that Zeidan had not consulted the GNC prior to attending the “conference” and making deals without consultation. Zeidan promptly promised a “report” on the conference to the GNC.

Zeidan was also taken to task for his “attempt to circumvent the GNC” over the Local Government Law. In short, the GNC wants local government heads to be elected, under the existing ludicrous laws which exclude most Libyans from participation — anyone who has read The Green Book for example and agrees with its analysis of democracy, is banned. #


“Lawyer Hamid Doma published documents shame, theft and looting O جردان :: / documents relating to the issue of money smuggled abroad and say: in which he drew a letter to inventory Congress President الوطي client Mohammed disgusting to each of the embassies of Libya in Switzerland and France asked which grant all facilities for people listed on the assigning them to follow the money smuggled in these two countries.

The الاوروبيتين note that not one of these three persons carrying any qualifications or a recipe or an official function in the Libyan state only that the two of them Guys coached Mr. disgusting in years alienation “his companions shame only” either two problems biggest understanding that the fourth item of the resolution provides for the following: “allows people charged with acting in the value of 10% of the money raised for the completion of their mission” any reward them! For example if the

These funds worth 10 billion it and under generous Aekal Maqrif.

They may Jerdan act with $ 1 billion to account themselves and to complete what he called client Maqrif “some action” Maybe he was meant “commissions”! either the biggest problem is I contacted many of the customers and Jerdan within the Conference الوطى and not national has assured me not knowing Jmmelta and detailed subject and that this decision was made ​​without their knowledge and they had not heard about such a topic at all raises of Maqrif while the issuance of such a decision affects funds and profiteers Libyans requires to raise this issue on all clients members understand people’s representatives seducer even ask it to hold a private meeting, after which mandated financial and legal persons holding an official in the state recipes .. Libya lost in غوط falsehood O جردان and God what cattle before.”

المحامي حامد دومة ينشر وثائق العار والسرقة والنهب يا جـــــــــــــردان ::/ الوثائق تتعلق بقضية الاموال المهربة فى الخارج ويقول: وجه فيها رسالة الى الجرد رئيس المؤتمر الوطـــــي العميل محمد المقرف الى كل من سفارتى ليبيا فى سويسرا وفرنسا يطلب بموجبها منح كافة التسهيلات للاشخاص الواردة اسمائهم بشان تكليفه لهم بمتابعة اموال مهربة فى هاتين الدولتين الاوروبيتين علما بأن لا احد من هؤلاء الاشخاص الثلاثة يحمل اى مؤهلات او صفة او وظيفة رسمية فى الدولة الليبية سوي ان اثنين منهم من …
رفاق درب السيد المقرف فى سنين الغربة” رفاقة العار فقط ” اما المشكلتان الاكبر فهما ان البند الرابع من القرار ينص على الاتى: ” يسمح للاشخاص المكلفين بالتصرف فى ما قيمته 10% من الاموال المحصلة لأتمام مهمتهم ” أى كمكافأة لهم ! فعلى سبيل المثال لو كانت هذه الاموال قيمتها 10 مليار فأنه وبموجب سخاء العكيل المقريف يجوز لهؤلاء الجردان التصرف فيما قيمته 1مليار دولار لحساب انفسهم ولأتمام ما سماه العميل المقريف ” بعض الاجرائات ” ربما انه كان يقصد ” العمولات “! اما المشكلة الاكبر فهي اننى اتصلت بالعديد من العملاء والجردان داخل المؤتمر الوطــــى وليس الوطني وقد أكدوا لى عدم علمهم جملتا وتفصيلا بهذا الموضوع وان هذا القرار قد صدر دون علمهم وانهم لم يسمعوا عن مثل هذا الموضوع بتاتا يطرح من المقريف بينما صدور مثل هكذا قرار يمس اموال وقوت الليبيين يستوجب طرح هذه المسألة على كافة العملاء الاعضاء فهم ممثلى الشعب المغرر به حتى وان تطلب ذلك عقد جلسة سرية يتم بعدها تكليف اشخاص ماليين وقانونيين يحملون صفات رسمية فى الدولة .. ليبيا ضاعت في غوط الباطل يا جردان والله ماهي ماشية لقدام

(The Reality is that 40% is a low-end estimate; as in fact, much more damage and destruction was done by NATO bombing.)
Report: UNICEF confirms that 40% of schools in Libya have been damaged by NATO bombing in 2011
The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli

UNICEF today issued a report confirmed that approximately 40% of the schools in Libya have been damaged during the events of 2011. These results were reached through a national program to assess the schools, which UNICEF has performed recently, which enabled the ministry for the first time of an overview and complete information about the real situation of the education sector in Libya.

A team consists of 300 employees from the Ministry of Education visit and evaluation of 4,800 schools, the thing that made it possible to collect background information and comprehensive development of the education sector in Libya after the events of 2011. The study is based Altakiama indicators for education facilities, sanitation and hygiene facilities and requirements of children with special needs and the protection and safety of students in the educational environment.

Has been the use of GPS technology (GPS) to give more dimensions to analyze the data.This study shows that proposed UNICEF at the beginning of its work in Libya in September 2011 [the date reveals that this report cannot be complete; as much damage was done after 11 SEPT.2011] that 40% of schools were damaged degrees of shelling out by NATO aircraft and noted that those in the southern regions of the country need to reform and rehabilitation. The indicators show linked to the quality of education, such as student-to-teacher ratio, class size and the availability of facilities and educational materials to schools in rural areas are more in need than their counterparts in urban areas.”

UNICEF today issued a report confirmed that approximately 40% of the schools in Libya have been damaged during the events of 2011. These results were reached through a national program to assess the schools, which UNICEF has performed recently, which enabled the ministry for the first time of an overview and complete information about the real situation of the education sector in Libya. A team consists of 300 employees from the Ministry of Education visit and evaluation of 4,800 schools, the thing that made it possible to collect background information and comprehensive development of the education sector in Libya after the events of 2011. The study is based Altakiama indicators for education facilities, sanitation and facilities ..
Homeland bought and sold, and shouting Long live the nation, if you want something finest,
made ​​from blood-priced, and you heal the wound, if you are a discerning people:
Shame on rats!!!
Departure of creative and cultural scene called Libyan writer and storyteller entire Pacific godfather morning,
after a long illness, God bless the deceased and grant open deceased:
The leader of the African champions in the hearts of millions God helps O Champions Muammar Gaddafi, forward and Nasroa nearby Anchaouallah:
Green al-Fateh Revolution
sign on Highway shows GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER PROJECT:

Mu pop-up

Good morning, are free “Great Jamahiriya” Greats you, you will :

GREAT JAMAHIRIYA” a great name for a country’s greatest.

Great JAMAHIRIYA” remember when remember Alhmokh parents.

Great Jamahiriya” remember when remember the sacrifice of the martyrs.

Great Jamahiriya” land of steadfastness and challenge and struggle.

Great Jamahiriya” men their heart beats struggle Vasaad God صباحكم.

Mu uniform white

“I me my rifle suggested to fight to the last drop of my blood …”

Muammar al-Qathafi always is pure and very much alive. He has never done anything contrary to God or the good of Man (and His  holy creation). And Mu’ammar not only speaks, but puts his arm & fist  to whatever he has envisioned. He is a do-er: a worker for Allah.

Abdul Hakim Baao word addressed to the Libyan people:

To San Alhhal says O جردان … Goodness still to Aloraaaae and the country lost.

    Ahmed Salem    writes:
    “God used 
    God and graces agent in each of the Great Khan and commander.”


“Libyan south in the protection of God!!.
French base and troops on the ground, spies, drones, limits Mahtokh and smuggling of aliens. and hear from rats

but Altagah died and goodness Jay. Mother which come my rat you and him. God”



You call national and fear on Libya and remove Altagah and Aldilm Tcolo goodness Jay and better Taatuadon to Libya ..

Bahi What about large quantities of rotten meat contraband entering the assistance of the claim that they are security men ..

After seizing large quantities of rotten meat in Tobruk yesterday Monday getaway admitted it to facilitate

the shipment Alaolh has entered shipments to Benghazi and turf and white. . LIBYA’s “new” MAFIA GANGSTERS:

Abdul dollar expresses his feelings for Al-Qaida’s newspaper: Libya got rid of “Altagah” and took place in the hands of fools.

Finest bounces himself cantaloupe but is not part of corruption??? …


CURRENCY turned totally PAGAN:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl post of rat Zelitni seems that the image of Sheikh martyrs Amralmokhtar have no place on our currencies ……

Alndham current places portrayed Taliani on the dinar as if not for the sheikh pictures Vstnjdo Bcbah.


Libya Telecom and Technology notes to hit the weakness of its network

The news agency Gaddafi International – Tripoli

company Libya Telecom:

“We inform our customers Dear existence of breathlessness and weakness in the speed of the Internet in large part in the network services to Libya Max today at noon, and work is underway by the company’s engineers to repair holidays as soon as possible.”


Sister Hala Misrati quotes from Mahmoud Abdel Aziz:

“When I was in captivity was one of the people who came to gloat and explicitly told me that day God does not gloating we won and I I saw this position, I will pray to God rak’ahs Thank you doing .. Today after being sent off evil expelled tell him O gloating in you and in you the price you paid for the sale to Libya and Libyans and sale tribe Mujahid, shame, humiliation and shame Fattarichk former did not satisfy you climb in February did not liked it so your dog from dogs and live and eat elsewhere.”

Rat of the Friday Market are in Egypt pursuing Liberals …… please be careful.


The Girl who lies about Green Soildiers, gets “some medicine”:

This is dirty and on Hakladtha was lying on the People’s Armed Forces champion and accused of raping girls

February and now after being abducted and Azptha and raped February, making it “Tsnfr her life to Britain,” writes and insolently:

Exposure communicable diseases center near from Qderfa to looting and theft by gangs Chadian

and reported being subjected to severe damage to the building. Continued to say (Tabu gangs of Osol Chadian

mercenaries and they) and you will see what will happen to you,,!

Then called Isa Abdul Majeed you came Alboshna is appointed Chairman of the Board of the infidels

and the People’s Armed Forces was Tqatlh in Gallo now become an outlaw and an enemy to you?

T the same weapon who Atta you NATO Atta Isa

Oh hit oppressors harmdoers and cast out of them safely:


The series of kidnappings: Kidnapped not know his fate Name:

Muhammad Ali Mohammed ضوي Qomati. born: 1974 …


Clashes in the way of reasons Arada among Ailten are roasted family and the family of Marwan and so far there dead family of Ben Saber.


Crimes: Body found belonged to a young man born 1992 hands Mekplat, and found the body in a farm Ali Kilani:



Assassination attempt Jalal Alriqiei Brigades commander backing 15 Btajurae.
5:54 MUAMMAR GADDAFI The Gaddafi International news agency – Tajoura 
Arab brother :: / URGENT :: named Jalal Alriqiei commander (Saraya backing 15) is being attacked inside his office at the headquarters of the security committee become assholes Tajoura, and five shots.Jalal Alriqiei commander of what is known as (Saraya backing 15) is being attacked inside his office at the headquarters of the Supreme Security Committee Tajoura and injured five shots in the legs by an unknown and is now in hospital. …
Urgent what is known as sparkling Janzour battalion closed the coastal road Bagheiran west of Tripoli to protest the order issued by the Ministry of Interior to arrest the commander of the battalion.

Of correspondence Liberal …. immemorial salt fields channelAl Mayadeen Tv Libya: a local source of fields: a fire broke out in the oil field Mlita west of the capital Tripoli.

Hear the most dangerous words on Tripoli ردايو and Share the truth.
To say the most dangerous of the city of Tripoli one voice radios on FM by Nadmon and reality of what is happening in Tripoli

and said Libya their Mpioah Here Comment

Laugh Villa Albzkulaiv Tripoli that says Darrow Darrow, a Tripoli occupied Bkhalaighm.

 Friday Market boil after the killing of a number of rats in the clashes, including.
عاااااااااااااااااااااااجل targeting a number of gates rats on the outskirts of Tripoli ….. And killed a number of them.

Or three cars traveling 8 people جردان Mmeltmin hater storm shortly before the house of Mahmoud Qrychen reality 

in the Damascus neighborhood of Tripoli and lose smash and steal its contents can be stolen from home.

Family was not exposed to harm by source.

This chronicling of the people of the district of Damascus on the walls of palaces hospitality ..

Jews Mzrath not entry Isttaaon (Tarhunah) and (Bani Walid) and (Alchuirv) and (Qira) and several areas in the south,

and here they are deprived even of areas in Tripoli!! Evil to live as you O Mzarat ..

Far honorable of you and the Liberals .. Re: Damascus neighborhood youth militias Misrata that killed one young dotted

and started on the wall today Allaotunai Conference:

Youth area Wahayshi blocking the main road in front of passers-by and demanding and Conference Ahloteny

and local council implementation of promises and the return of companies to complete the infrastructure of the area

have closed the road tires that Adharmo fire and Odau stones to block vehicles and Hddo local council

sit in front of his headquarters that did not Aostagibo to their demands. Tripoli Friday Market …

Urgent ..Powerful explosions shake the Friday Market area now and the state of panic and terror dominate the people of the area ..

Thazirrrrr Haaaaaaaaaaaaam Liberal please those in Tunisia and who were linked to Someone named (Samida)

when he was in Tunisia and before arrest Upon by rats required of them now and at full speed change.

Their places because rats Friday Market they enter the gate of Ras Ajdir

About an hour ago He is with them to show them the places Liberals ..

I hope the importance of publishing Ali mail page of a Liberal Family (Alzktat) of Friday Market, named El Haj area in the loss of their son (Tariq) today

yesterday 25/02/2013 after falling from the roof of their role Aiit house which is attached in Allam shame was accepted Bashoa

and distributed in the Shahi on people and hilarious.

Urgent / Tripoli: – abducted human rights activist Jamal al-Hajji from in front of his house and there are reports indicating

that the reason for the abduction about recent statements by Haji in one of the news channels.

(abducted by Libya rat-state militias)

Killed and Taadib Hamza Bo ewes and his funeral today and no one speaks it now I’m in the water Arada collector sweet

and so far 6 Qguadf Arbjee shaking Arada you to all our stores are closing their shops ….

Killer is the favor with a little Farroukh with him Mdayr Bayhoum battalion kill young ….

Now in front collector bin Share Arada ..



Down the road from the slave market to Smafr Aldrabik area CNN RTL Of before Mqatliyn streets Mutalbeyen state بفلوس!!!!

The Security Directorate very deep sleep … Moved from the source page Jerdanih.


A thin market .. In Benghazi opened a new section in the market Vespers in Benghazi, another department Beside selling weapons and department sale loot, he Department slave, in this section are sold humans, unfortunately yes is sold immigrants Abanngladec and prices ranging from 200 to 500 dinars depending on age and physical strength Abdul (slave).


In the following documents showing assets and Culture Minister CNN beloved Tunisian where marital status certificate issued by the Civil Registry Office /

Misurata on 10/03/2007

Confirms that the Minister of Culture beloved CNN that his full name Habib Muhammad to his secretary and his mother Umm Saad

find in box place of birth / Tunisia;

and check the notes, we find the following sentence ((obtained citizenship)) ..

The word intake does not mean the return of the microscope and does not mean the original ….

While the word obtained mean that you get it ..

((Get)) legal term means that it is not true to him but you get …

And also enclose a photo booklet family in which he reflected check the place of birth (Tunisia).

CNN beloved obtained a salary from the ministry, a nine thousand dinars a month …

It is supposed to stop his salary in the office culture Benghazi but steady is the eleventh grade .. ,

About 850 dinars per month.

MISURATA: Aaaaaaagel evening arrested the featured player in the Gulf of Sirte team playing Hussein Amari

in Aldavnih gate Misurata Bhjt similarity in names ..

God and yes including agent:

Urgent explosion on the road Altqil Qasr Ahmed smoke and rising Bctavh hand road Moda iron and steel plant Misurata next oil tanks.




Port Salloum / increase in the number of Egyptian workers who were deported from Libya after being beaten to Egypt (more than 115 people)

Egypt seized 19 rockets on the border with Libya
managed Egyptian border guards Tuesday foiled an attempt to smuggle 19 missiles near the crossing of Salloum on the Egyptian-Libyan border. after an exchange of fire with smugglers who fled,

Egypt seizes 19 missiles at borders with Libya – China.org.cn
Egyptian border guards managed Tuesday to foil an attempt of smuggling 19 missiles near Salloum crossing at the Egyptian-Libyan borders, state-run al-Ahram online reported.

Egypt seizes 19 missiles at borders with Libya

E-mailXinhua, 27 February 2013
Egyptian border guards managed Tuesday to foil an attempt of smuggling 19 missiles near Salloum crossing at the Egyptian-Libyan borders, state-run al-Ahram online reported.

After exchanging fire with the smugglers who fled the scene, the border forces managed to seize four cloth sacks that included the 19 missiles.

The case was referred to the concerned prosecution to take the necessary procedures in this regards.

Weapon smuggling has prevailed at the borders of Egypt, particularly with Libya and the Palestinian Gaza Strip, since the 2011 uprising that toppled the former regime of Hosni Mubarak.



Egyptian in Tobruk severely beaten:

Gate .. Peace members less than an hour ago they attacked the people of Egyptian nationality beating

and cursing and after hitting the gate shield Tobruk have traced where Aaty after it came to port Amsaad

manager objected to this Fmakan treatment of members of the Peace Gate threatening manager port Amsaad

direct weapon and the situation became tense.



Libyan pirates on the eastern Libyan الشواطي

The news agency Gaddafi International – Tobruk 

“exposure ships port of Tobruk to armed robbery stormed by unidentified gunmen, in late night UAA on Monday, two ships anchored in the port of Tobruk. A source from inside the port anonymity that ‘unknown stormed two ships in the port of Tobruk and robbed of Site Albachrtin some their goods privacy such as mobile phones and wireless devices and some money. ‘ and added that ‘the attackers were traveling in three vehicles, and stormed Albachrtin exploiters free port of guards and non-existence of any kind of security protection for him.’ It is noteworthy that the port of Tobruk still suffers from instability administrative and security a long time ago …”

Exposure ships port of Tobruk to armed robbery 

“stormed by unidentified gunmen, in late night UAA on Monday, two ships anchored in the port of Tobruk.
A source from inside the port anonymity that ‘unknown stormed two ships in the port of Tobruk, robbed of the crew Albachrtin some their goods privacy كالهواتف mobile and wireless devices and some money.’ 
and added that ‘the attackers were traveling in three vehicles, and stormed Albachrtin exploiters free port of guards and non-existence of any kind of security protection for him.’
It is noteworthy that the port of Tobruk still suffers from instability administratively and security since a long time.


The militias subsidiary of Nalut closing the gas line coming from the field to meet and that that feed plants gas in western Libya as they had closed the pipeline coming from the same field “means a written gas and oil” … daily losses 5 million dinars if continued closure of the day tomorrow will be closewells will not return to work only after a month or more and cost re-run and clean up millions of dinars as the Ruwais plant that feeds most of the western region with electricity threatened to stop the supply shortage Az hyphen forth from the field to meet …..
The pretext that they did not receive financial allocations…

Losses of $ 5 million per day because of the closure of the militias field meet

The news agency Gaddafi International – Nalut

“has battalions Nalut closing the gas line coming from the field to meet and that that feed plants gas in western Libya as they had closed the pipeline coming from the same field “means a written gas and oil” … daily losses 5 million dinars though continued closure of the day tomorrow will be closing the wells and will not return to work only after a month or more and cost re-run and clean up millions of dinars as the Ruwais plant that feeds most of the western region with electricity threatened to stop the supply shortage Az hyphen forth from the field to meet …..”

“Te Gaddafi International news agency – southwest of Tripoli your money burn Aalippin Where is the government imported where the conference where Libyans Liberal, Valmlisheat stop pumping oil to the coast. Millions burn in Alliot …”


Urgent Jufrah now .. The tense atmosphere in the region Jufrah this evening ..

Terms of preventing rats Jufrah military convoy invited Abouhliqh of traffic on the pretext that he does not have

permission a Atklev military official to move with this column ..

The people in the queue بالرمايه heavy weapons ..

The intervention is the Sirte region military Bouchahua with his forces to prevent the queue of traffic ..

And still status quo of anticipation amid fears rats region of clashes.



Youth vigil district No. 2 in Sirte After the apparent delay in the disbursement of compensation funds

and which neighborhood youth accused Sirte local council of dragging its feet in dispensing for unknown reasons.

correspondent of Sirte rats distribute and wipe land Alqmazfah who land and divide …. Sirte in 700 behind SCA.

Comment green flag over the building of health care in Sirte
Watchful eyes resistance to any new

MAX FORTé Vimeo Video vimeo.com 51851726

Once independent, wealthy, and powerfully defiant, today Libyan resources are almost being given away to foreign powers that “mentored” Libya’s revolution. Foreign investors in Libya’s oil sector are being given years of tax exemption, as if they need it; specifically aimed at encouraging Gulf state investors, Libya grants the investor 65% from a project’s value;

“various large scale projects will be given Saudi companies in order to strengthen brotherly ties, remove previous disputes between the two countries, establish a new strategic partnership and benefit from the expertise of Saudi companies. Aarusi also said that all obstacles facing Gulf investors will be overcome…”

and, “last but not least Aarusi said he expected this Saudi company [whose name he refuses to reveal] to be totally in charge of starting up the sugar and cement factories in mid-2013,” whose aim is to export to Europe and Gulf states (Al Arabiya, 4/2/2013). Along with Gaddafi himself, what the “new Libya” buried in that unmarked grave was resource nationalism and a sense of integrity and dignity in the face of foreign vulture capitalists.

Then there is the IMF, in its newly acquired role of dictating to Libya, another reality permitted by the “street revolution” (Arabian Business, 6/2/2013). After all, as the IMF’s Christine Lagarde herself has recently said, the “Arab Spring” must be followed by a “Private Sector Spring” (IMF, 9/1/2013). Libya, formerly a significant actor in international investment, buying up properties and shares of lucrative enterprises across Europe, is now the target of investors (IMF, 9/1/2013).

The IMF knows when it can take advantage of a situation smelling of ripe disaster: “The budget deficit was 27.0 percent of GDP in 2011, compared to a budget surplus of 16.2 percent in 2010. Similarly, the current account surplus narrowed from 19.8 percent of GDP in 2010 to 1.3 percent in 2011″ (IMF, 4/5/2012). Thus the IMF can now instruct Libya to eliminate universal price subsidies, to reduce public sector wages, and to eliminate incentives for individuals to seek employment in the public sector: “the recent surge in the public sector payroll to 1.5 million (80 percent of the labor force) will need to be unwound” (IMF, 4/5/2012).

The IMF has had its sights on Libya from before Gaddafi was overthrown by NATO and NATO’s local neocolonial dependents: …the IMF had a mission on the ground in Libya (IMF, 20/10/2011) and had previously decreed its recognition of the rebel National Transitional Council as the government of Libya, thrashing international law as the Libyan government under Gaddafi still existed (IMF, 10/9/2011). But you won’t find Naomi Klein writing the Libyan chapter of the “shock doctrine” (Gulf News, 26/10/2011)–Naomi Klein was too busy throwing her support behind a Canadian politician, Nathan Cullen, who voted in support of NATO’s intervention in Libya, with little regret. The protection of civilians was paramount, of course, and here is another view of what that protection looked like:


Wholesale execution in Sirte at the hands of militias Misrata.
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaih cadaver, but Anta son dog Yally ‘Mtarafosh Lord … The demolition Hhadaaaaaa have understood my Lord … But not Zykm you You Iaaahakra destroyed the country and Naaasha….

…the fact rebels NATO and the fact of their crimes and their alliance with the West to kill people الليبيى in all cities which they set foot, along with troops of all nationalities Western, Arab and Arabhm and code revolution Bernard Henri Levy Zionist I follow this subject which should we publish the widest.


A meeting of the brigades, the armed militias in Tripoli to choose a successor for “Blaid”.


Splits after successive pressures and threats Wholesale named Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Saad resigned from his post Kwizera endowments!!


Sirte Council declares abduction Council member Muhammad Bouraoui
The news agency the Gaddafi International – Sirte 

“announced the so-called Council of Sirte for the kidnapping of a member of the Council Mohammed Bouraoui little while ago, a vector of Misurata. …”

Abduction: –
inventory, head of the local Council of Sirte “López” 
reported the disappearance of a member of the Council, “Mohammad Hamid Aborawi” while he was heading from the city of Sirte to the city of Misurata for a mission official.



 Gel transfer of mercenaries from Misurata to Sabha through the airport.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel post addicted Page: 
Do you know that more than tribe made ​​to kill me since day 19 \ 9 \ 2011 to now in Sabha ………..
Are children of Solomon ..… killed more than 250 people in disputes with Tabu and Tuareg, Alqmazfah and Almgarhh and Orvlh ….
Aowoowoowoowodoa to صوابكم …… And be under the rule of the team Ali but now ……….To post addicted page to Ataatjb when you know that the battle Taqrvat ……. Attended by the children of Solomon ……And to Ataatjb when you know that there are hundreds of martyrs killed against NATO ………but exclamation When grandparents see their grandchildren now Sons of Solomon:


KUFRA/ Southern Saheel:

France sends mercenaries from Chad and Niger to support the separatist insurgency in southern Libya

The news agency Gaddafi International

“remarks confirmed intelligence officer Libby, yesterday, the seriousness of the situation in the regions south of the country, and detect the presence of foreign troops armed within these areas, but declined to specify their nationality, while considered defense ministry Libyan that violations, which broke out in Kufra is a rebellion against power. The accused officer Mohamed Bokhalil, in an interview with Radio “jewel” Libyan directly France to play a dicey in this region, and said that “France and other Western countries did not provide assistance to the Libyans for their eyes,” adding “these colonial powers seeking to impose control and hegemony over the states” . He said that the Libyan state to lose control over southern regions at different rates, and pointed out that “what is going on in the city of infidels …”

Confirmed a Libyan intelligence officer, yesterday, the seriousness of the situation in the southern regions of the country, and detect the presence of foreign armed forces in these areas, but he declined to specify their nationality, considered the Libyan Defense Ministry that the violations, which broke out in Kufra is a rebellion against authority.
The accused officer Mohamed Bokhalil, in an interview with Radio “jewel” Libyan directly France to play a dicey in this region, and said that “France and other Western countries did not provide assistance to the Libyans for their eyes,” adding “these colonial powers seeking to impose control and hegemony over the states” .
He said that the Libyan state to lose control over southern regions at different rates, and pointed out that “what is going on in the town of Kufra of the killings and loss of security due to the Africans coming from Chad, Niger and Sudan.” He added that states “colonial and some African countries seeking to extend its influence to the south of Libya because they already know that this south includes the most important and more natural resources in Libya.”
And about 3 people were killed and others injured in clashes the past two days in the desert town of Kufra.

Newsflash from Kufra: The framework approach genocide and try to displace residents infidels Alosaliaan by Azwaiat gangs occupied ..

These criminal gangs have and cowardly operation targeting District Hospital medical staff Tabu

and treachery fire hit some of the nurses Altbawiat.

Where they opened fire indiscriminately Force Type 23 anti-aircraft i Ali district SC and in front of the district hospital

and injuring some of the nurses:

– reportedly of names so far Beautiful Juma Oucheh … Back injury Najat Sanusi Bundy …

Injury to the face Prior to this crime, of course, as usual!

Distortionary false media campaign in preparation and justification for crimes against innocent women and children,

and to justify the killing of innocent people …. God and yes agent.

Large moon at Water's edge

( MUST WATCH ) This video has been deleted by the CIA!!! CLIP TO 13:39 on the Meter for info on LIBYA:

Understanding the US/NATO Profit-Driven Military Agenda

Global Research, 26 February 2013

Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War

by Michel Chossudovsky

Available to order from Global Research in print AND pdf formats!


The US has embarked on a military adventure, “a long war”, which threatens the future of humanity. US/NATO weapons of mass destruction are portrayed as instruments of peace. Mini-nukes are said to be “harmless to the surrounding civilian population”. Pre-emptive nuclear war is portrayed as a “humanitarian undertaking”.

While one can conceptualize the loss of life and destruction resulting from present-day wars including Iraq and Afghanistan, it is impossible to fully comprehend the devastation which might result from a Third World War, using “new technologies” and advanced weapons, until it occurs and becomes a reality. The international community has endorsed nuclear war in the name of world peace. “Making the world safer” is the justification for launching a military operation which could potentially result in a nuclear holocaust.

Nuclear war has become a multi-billion dollar undertaking, which fills the pockets of US defense contractors. What is at stake is the outright “privatization of nuclear war”.

The Pentagon’s global military design is one of world conquest. The military deployment of US/NATO forces is occurring in several regions of the world simultaneously.

Central to an understanding of war, is the media campaign which grants it legitimacy in the eyes of public opinion. A good versus evil dichotomy prevails. The perpetrators of war are presented as the victims. Public opinion is misled.

Breaking the “big lie”, which upholds war as a humanitarian undertaking, means breaking a criminal project of global destruction, in which the quest for profit is the overriding force. This profit-driven military agenda destroys human values and transforms people into unconscious zombies.

Excerpt by author Michel Chossudovsky:

“The object of this book is to forcefully reverse the tide of war, challenge the war criminals in high office and the powerful corporate lobby groups which support them.

Break the American Inquisition.

Undermine the US-NATO-Israel military crusade.

Close down the weapons factories and the military bases.

Members of the armed forces should disobey orders and refuse to participate in a criminal war.

Bring home the troops.”

Michel Chossudovsky is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (Emeritus) at the University of Ottawa. He is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal and Editor of the globalresearch.ca website. He is the author of The Globalization of Poverty and The New World Order (2003) and America’s “War on Terrorism” (2005). He is also a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. His writings have been published in more than twenty languages.

Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War

by Michel Chossudovsky

ISBN: 978-0-9737147-5-3 | Year: 2012 | Pages: 102

Available to order in print AND pdf formats!



A New War Theater in North Africa
Operation Odyssey Dawn
Nuclear Weapons against Libya? How Real is the Threat?
America’s Long War: The Global Military Agenda
How to Reverse the Tide of War
World War III Scenario


The Cult of Killing and Destruction
America’s Mini-nukes
War and the Economic Crisis
Real versus Fake Crises


Hiroshima Day 2003: Secret Meeting at Strategic Command Headquarters
The Privatization of Nuclear War: US Military Contractors Set the Stage
9/11 Military Doctrine: Nuclear Weapons and the “Global War on Terrorism”
Al Qaeda: “Upcoming Nuclear Power”
Obama’s Nuclear Doctrine: The 2010 Nuclear Posture Review
Post 9/11 Nuclear Doctrine
“Defensive” and “Offensive” Actions
“Integration” of Nuclear and Conventional Weapons Plans
Theater Nuclear Operations (TNO)
Planned Aerial Attacks on Iran
Global Warfare: The Role of US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)
Nuclear Weapons Deployment Authorization
Israel’s Stockpiling of Conventional and Nuclear Weapons
The Role of Western Europe
Germany: De Facto Nuclear Power
Pre-emptive Nuclear War: NATO’s 2010 Strategic Concept
The World is at a Critical Crossroads


America’s Crusade in Central Asia and the Middle East
“Homegrown Terrorists”
The American Inquisition
Washington’s Extrajudicial Assassination Program
The Battle for Oil
The Oil Lies in Muslim Lands
Globalization and the Conquest of the World’s Energy Resources


Media Disinformation
A “Pre-emptive” Aerial Attack Directed Against Iran would Lead to Escalation
Global Warfare
US “Military Aid”
The Timetable of Military Stockpiling and Deployment
World War III Scenario
The United Nations Security Council
The American Inquisition: Building a Political Consensus for War


Building a Pretext for a Pre-emptive Nuclear Attack
“Theater Iran Near Term”
The Military Road Map: “First Iraq, then Iran”
Simulated Scenarios of a Global War: The Vigilant Shield 07 War Games
The Role of Israel
Cheney: “Israel Might Do it Without Being Asked”
US Israel Military Coordination
Tactical Nuclear Weapons directed against Iran
Radioactive Fallout
“The Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) Slated to be Used Against Iran
Extensive Destruction of Iran’s Infrastructure
State of the Art Weaponry: “War Made Possible Through New Technologies”
Electromagnetic Weapons
Iran’s Military Capabilities: Medium and Long Range Missiles
Iran’s Ground Forces
US Military and Allied Facilities Surrounding Iran


Revealing the Lie
The Existing Anti-War Movement
Manufacturing Dissent
Jus ad Bellum: 9/11 and the Invasions of Yugoslavia and Afghanistan
Fake Antiwar Activism: Heralding Iran as a Nuclear Threat
The Road Ahead
The Antiwar Movement within the State Structure and the Military
Abandon the Battlefield: Refuse to Fight
The Broader Peace Process
What has to be Achieved



“This book is a ‘must’ resource – a richly documented and systematic diagnosis of the supremely pathological geo-strategic planning of US wars since ‘9-11’ against non-nuclear countries to seize their oil fields and resources under cover of ‘freedom and democracy’.”
John McMurtry, Professor of Philosophy, Guelph University

“In a world where engineered, pre-emptive, or more fashionably “humanitarian” wars of aggression have become the norm, this challenging book may be our final wake-up call.”
-Denis Halliday, Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations

Michel Chossudovsky exposes the insanity of our privatized war machine. Iran is being targeted with nuclear weapons as part of a war agenda built on distortions and lies for the purpose of private profit. The real aims are oil, financial hegemony and global control. The price could be nuclear holocaust. When weapons become the hottest export of the world’s only superpower, and diplomats work as salesmen for the defense industry, the whole world is recklessly endangered. If we must have a military, it belongs entirely in the public sector. No one should profit from mass death and destruction.
Ellen Brown, author of ‘Web of Debt’ and president of the Public Banking Institute

Page last updated on Wednesday 27 FEBRUARY  2013UTF-8 at 19:31

Scandals “Arab Spring” could topple Pal second .. Qatar enter a stage of international isolation


Jouhina News:

Under the title “Qatar withdraw from the new Arab world and the global stage,” began newspaper (Independent) British analysis Qatar’s perception of the world around them, and how it would deal with the new Arab world, and the impact on its close relationship with America.

The newspaper said: For years, Qatar, the tiny emirate’s oil-rich, close partner of the United States in the Middle East – as host to the largest American military base in the region and a bulwark against Iran diplomat – and sought to overthrow the rulers of Libya and Syria. Two years after the beginning of the “Arab Spring”, Chost and fluctuated reputation Qatar partner the United States – and the role of neutral broker in the region – increasingly, as the financing of a new generation of Islamists throughout the Middle East has raised questions about its vision for the region, and whether some of its policies began to take the form of direct conflict with the interests of the United States.

The paper, that these questions are complex and difficult to answer because of the keenness of Qatar to retain influence in the West, and this was reflected by securing Qatar stature Western universities and research centers, including Georgetown University and the Brookings Institution, at home to help enrich and views Western region’s future and Qatar’s role in it.

When asked by some observers, “What exactly do you represent Qatar?!” Said a senior Arab diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity: I think this is tainted by many of the puzzles, but the Qatari government has close ties with the Gulf states.

And went on newspaper analysis, saying: expanded Qatar long to draw a picture of themselves as a nation are interested in serving the public good, and part of this effort, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the peace efforts in Darfur, Sudan and host armed rebels and refugees and tribal leaders in luxury hotels in Doha for talks. In Lebanon, Qatar gained internationally acclaimed skilled Osattha, which strengthened national government that includes Hezbollah and pro-Western movement.

The newspaper added: Qatar had a mysterious relationship with Iran, where it formerly signed a military defense agreement with Tehran in 2010; but now  maintains close ties with traditional agents, Hamas and Hezbollah and Israel. In recent times, worked Qatar to circumspect Iranian influence, and supported militarily overthrow the Iran’s nearest allies, Syria.

Said Ibrahim Gambari, diplomat Nigerian former traveled to Doha more than a dozen times during the peace negotiations on Darfur: The Qatar want to be seen as a big player is important and should be respected and ready to bring peace to other countries, but this seems a delicate task and very difficult, as the Qatar way to deal with these things depends on the checkbook diplomacy. But analysts say the country has lost some of its credibility as an honest broker through its support of specific players in the “Arab Spring.”

In Libya, for example, Qatar was one of the first countries which provided warplanes for NATO against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, but it went too far after the fall of al-Qathafi in support of the Islamic factions in order to care for the country’s transitional government.

Said Ibrahim Dabbashi, the Libyan ambassador to the United Nations: That Qatar was supporting certain groups in Libya, however, these groups have not been any popular support on the ground .. The main faction which was supported by them did not get any seats in the National Assembly, and I think that the Libyans are very sensitive to foreign intervention in their affairs, and I think that Qatari grasped that now.


2 thoughts on “Pour la vie et l’amour de la Grande Jamahiriya / For Life and love of the Great Jamahiriya

  1. TUESDAY, 26 FEBRUARY 2013
    Sources reveal Israeli plan to bring Jews of Libya, Yemen and Tunisia to Tel Aviv

    The news agency Gaddafi International

    Prepared by: Ahmed Hamran

    “hired Israel Asme revolutions Arab Spring, specifically in Libya, Tunisia and Yemen, and global regions that tense, in order to implement its to bring Jews living in these countries and persuade them to immigrate to Israel. It has already reached tens of Jewish families from Yemen to Tel Aviv, while called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the Jewish community in France and a population of 700 thousand to emigrate to Israel, and after a process Toulouse in March / March 2012 that killed four Jews. Israel is also seeking secretly to bring Tunisia’s Jews in conjunction with the campaign for the Israeli Foreign Ministry calls through which the international community and Europe…”

    “hired Israel Asme revolutions Arab Spring, specifically in Libya, Tunisia and Yemen, and global regions that tense, in order to implement its to bring Jews living in these countries and persuade them to immigrate to Israel.

    has already reached tens of Jewish families from Yemen to Tel Aviv, while called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the Jewish community in France and a population of 700 thousand to emigrate to Israel, and after a process Toulouse in March / March 2012 that killed four Jews.

    also seeks Israel secretly to bring Jews of Tunisia in conjunction with campaign for the Israeli Foreign Ministry calls in which the international community and Europe and America to put pressure on the Tunisian government to provide protection for the Jewish community, under the pretext of exposure to harassment and hostility by Islamic groups.

    urged Israel embassies all over the world to go to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the European Union with a copy of the messages calls for pressure on Tunisia to provide protection for the Jewish community, as well as a copy of the report, which includes videos and photographs show – by allegedly Tel Aviv – the effects of the destruction eightieth graves Jew and the desecration of a synagogue, and statements attributed to political and religious figures Tunisian contribute to the growing atmosphere of hostility to the Jews and the State of Israel.

    This campaign is in line with previous statements by Silvan Shalom, Deputy Prime Minister – a Jew of Tunisian origin – during which the public call to the Jewish community in Tunisia to emigrate to Israel. The refusal Shalom talk about semantics campaign launched by the Israeli Foreign Will coordinate Tel Aviv with the international community to bring Tunisia’s Jews.

    recruitment and assembly

    and see director Palestinian Center for Israel Studies (round) Dr. Hunaida Ghannam that Israel is using the circumstances of global and regional assembly of world Jewry in the land of Palestine in accordance with What is based upon Zionist ideology to accomplish project ‘Jewish state’, all the Jews who are recruited are settling in the settlements and seen bank reserves to meet the natural increase of the Palestinians and change the demographic balance.

    stresses Ghannam that Israel is trying to recruit Arab revolutions in this regard, and thus’ not unlikely there close relationship between the introduction of the remaining Jews of Yemen and deported to Tel Aviv, and the campaign Israeli Foreign demanding Tunisia to provide protection for the Jewish community as a first step to justify recruited to Israel in the future. ‘

    It pointed out that this campaign depends on the Israeli claim that the Jews in the Middle East and all areas where confrontations and conflicts, suffering persecution and anti-Semitism must be rescued, and this is consistent with the campaign ‘I refugees’ promoted by Tel Aviv to demand recovery of Jewish property in Arab countries and try to bargain on the issue of Palestinian refugees and cancel the right of return.

    Tunisia and Yemen

    and elaborated media Israeli Female analytical reports on the reality of the Jewish communities countries Arab Spring and the fate of the rest of them and Jewish property there, besides sounds official demanding Arab countries to compensate Jews for property, loud demands informal need to bring the rest of them in Tunisia, Libya and Yemen.

    According to a report on Jewish community in Tunisia prepared Control Section ‘anti-Semitism’ Foreign Ministry Israeli, with a population of Jews in Tunisia about two thousand people stationed in the city of Zarzis and Djerba Island, after he was numbered more than one hundred thousand in the fifties of the last century were bringing mostly to Palestine, and the rest of them After the outbreak of the revolution Tunisia in 2010 suffer – alleged by the report – of ‘incitement and statements hostile by the leaders and religious figures Tunisian, along with harassment and targeting properties and historical heritage of the Jews and the desecration of cemeteries and synagogues.’

    and unanimously Israeli media on a plan secret government to bring Jews from countries Arab, by which bring tens of Jewish families from Yemen, the latest family arrived secretly to Tel Aviv a few days ago, as revealed by the newspaper ‘Israel Today’ without disclosing how استقدامها, with an emphasis on the survival of dozens of Jews only out of 450 people who were in Yemen With the outbreak of the Yemeni revolution in February 2011, noted that the Jews of Yemen census amounted to about 40 thousand in 1948 Great Galaptém transfer to Palestine.”


  2. Libyan `Government` Places Security in Hands of the Militia Accused of Killing U.S. Ambassador
    Posted: 2013/02/26
    taken from ” DAILY BEAST” (not 100% approved by the Leadership of Green Resistance of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA):

    `Libya has tapped local militias — including the one blamed for the attack on the U.S. consulate — to patrol Tripoli and Benghazi amidst a spiralling crime wave.` Translation: `The Libyan regime has had to resort to militia accused of killing top U.S. officials to keep it the pro-U.S. regime power amidst a popular uprising.`

    Note the content of this article is from another source the “Daily Beast”, and is not approved by Mathaba. It is published here for informational and archive purposes.

    by Jamie Dettmer

    Libya’s RAT leaders have given the go-ahead for revolutionary militias, including the powerful Islamist Nawasi brigade and Ansar al-Sharia—the militia blamed for the assault last September on the U.S. consulate—to combat drug dealers and a crime wave that is disrupting daily life in the capital and in the eastern city of Benghazi.

    Many residents, fed up with petty crime, firefights and the growing threat of carjacking, have welcomed the move, which seems to have been forced on the government due to the slow process of establishing a stable police force and army since the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

    Yet some Libyans question the rough and arbitrary methods employed by the thuwars (warriors) in the militias and warn they have an extreme political agenda.

    Since the consulate attack that led to the death of U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens, Ansar al-Sharia has kept a low profile but recently—and noticeably at celebrations to mark the second anniversary of the revolution earlier this month—the militia was back manning checkpoints and guarding hospitals and other public buildings. Government payments to Ansar al-Sharia militiamen also have been resumed and are made through other Benghazi brigades, including the 17th of February brigade, according to sources in the General National Congress, Libya’s new Parliament.

    Since the attack by radical Islamists on the consulate, the city has grown ever more lawless.

    The sources say the chief of the defense staff, Yousef Mangoush, has been diverting operational funds from the fledgling armed forces to the militia. They worry the move is “playing with fire.”

    After the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libyan leaders promised to quickly to disband militias. Some estimates say there are 200,000 thuwars nationwide. But with violence escalating in the country’s major cities, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has a potential crisis on his hands. His advisers believe that crime is a major factor in the souring of the public mood toward the government, and Zeidan has identified the breakdown of law and order as one of his administration’s key challenges.

    “We’ve no choice but to use the militias,” said an adviser to Zeidan. “Security has deteriorated and we have to find ways to establish law and order.”

    In Tripoli, carjacking is rife and kidnappings are on the rise. In the past few days alone, the chairman of a major manufacturer and the deputy head of the fire service were snatched. Ashour Shuwail, the interior minister, said that the murder rate has increased by 500 percent since 2010. Prosecutors said they are examining over 100 cases of petty criminals invading houses and evicting their owners.

    Much of the crime is being blamed on drugs. “Drug trafficking is becoming one of our most serious problems,” says Abd Al-Wahhab Muhammad Qaid, chairman of Libya’s Parliament’s security committee. “You must understand that it is going to take us time to build up state institutions.”

    The Nawasi brigade was involved in nightly firefights last week with drug gangs in Tripoli’s Ben Ashour district. Nawasi militiamen have also cracked down on clandestine parties and recently detained a dozen gay men for several days, roughing them up and threatening to execute them.

    Nawasi militiamen were involved in the illegal demolition of an historic Sufi mosque in central Tripoli last summer—a destruction that was denounced by Libyan leaders, who said they had been powerless to stop it. “I challenged one of the militiamen as the mosque was being bulldozed,” said Naziha Arebi, a film-maker. “He told me as a woman that I should lower my gaze when talking with a man.”

    Away from Tripoli, militias remain powerful, semi-autonomous forces, ready to shrug off central authority. The commanders of the militia in Zintan, a town 85 miles southwest of Tripoli, have refused to hand over Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s son. They say that any future trial of Saif must be in Zintan rather than Tripoli.

    Militias in the eastern city of Benghazi are also too powerful for the government to be able to confront. The investigation into the assault on the U.S. consulate has made little progress in the face of the recalcitrance of the Ansar al-Sharia commanders.

    Since the attack by radical Islamists on the consulate, the city has grown ever more lawless. Police stations have been sacked, the public prosecutor’s office has been bombed three times and a rash of mysterious assassinations, mainly of security personnel, has spread panic. No one claims responsibility and the assassins are never caught.

    Outlying districts of Tripoli have seen firefights between rival militias. For several nights recently, two of the smaller militias have been clashing over territory in the Janzour district, near a major United Nations compound.

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