Mu’ammar al-Qathafi

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Muammar Al-Qathafi:
Encyclopedia of World Biography | 2004: PART ONE up to 1986
Muammar Al-Gathafi (born 07 JUNE1942) was head of the revolution that set up the Libyan Republic in 1969. In the Libyan Jamahiriyya, of which he was always the leader, Al-Gaddafi wanted to realize fully his concept of government by the masses.Muammar Al-Gaddafi (also transcribed into other Western languages as Qaddafi, Gheddafi, and Khadafi, among others) was born in 1942, (maybe 1943, in either spring or in September). His birthplace was near Surt in the desert region of Libya bordering the Mediterranean along the Gulf of Sirte. He was the last child and only son in his family, people of modest means who belonged to the Bedouin tribe of the Qadhdhafa which was engaged in animal herding. The cultural traditions of the desert certainly influenced Gaddafi’s and his sociopolitical ideas.
Involved In Student Movements.
After receiving instruction in the teachings of the Koran, the sacred book of Islam, he attended the elementary school at Surt from 1953 to 1955. When his family moved to Fezzan, the region south of Tripolitania, he continued his education at Sebha from 1956 to 1961. Inspired by the ideas and political actions of Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser, he organized student demonstrations which led to his expulsion from the city. He then moved to the large coastal city of Misurata, to the east of Tripoli, where he completed his high school education between 1961 and 1963.
At the same time he continued to organize a secret revolutionary movement.In order to enable himself to fulfill his political plans, he entered the Military Academy of Bengasi in October 1963 and persuaded other members of the movement to join him there. Together with these men and other converted members of the military he set up the central committee of the Free Unionist Officers in 1964, which was organized along strictly collegial lines. In the same period al-Qathafi was enrolled in the University of Bengasi for three years, attending courses for a degree in history. In 1966 he took part in a training course at the Beaconsfield Military Academy in Great Britain. Having been promoted to the rank of lieutenant and assigned to the army’s Signal Corps based at Gariunis on the outskirts of Bengazi, al-Qathafi broadened the base of the movement—the ramifications of which only he was fully aware—and acquired at the same time an ever-growing personal prestige.
Kingdom to Republic.
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Dhakrh Great Revolution: the last meeting of the glory Sir Colonel Muammar Gaddafi with his companions and another graphic features of the revolution and Tidha .. It was after this meeting every move the Liberal Alouhdwin officers to their positions and their willingness to zero hour..
During the night of September 1, 1969, at a time when King Idris had already been abroad for several months for health reasons, al-Qathafi gave the order—which had been deferred several times—for putting his long prepared plan into effect. The young officers easily seized power and proclaimed the Libyan Arab Republic. It was only on September 10 that it was noted that al-Qathafi, now a lieutenant, was the president of the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC), the chief organ of the new regime.The revolutionary will of the new leader soon expressed itself in a series of laws designed, among other things, to do away with the illegal benefits enjoyed by the representatives of the former regime and to overcome the traditional tribal differences. Following the example of Nasser, who had inspired his political development, al-Qathafi called for the removal of the American (Wheelus Field) and British military bases; this was completed in June 1970. A series of measures affected the Italians still present in Libya in large numbers, ending in their mass expulsion in October 1970.
Mu speaks to rid Wheelus and other foreign bases in Libua 1970 

O great Libyan people, Tida free to your will To Omanic ÇáŰÇáíä, and genuine response to your call which demands frequent change and cleansing. . Your armed forces has reactionary system Blaillsh and one stroke of your hero army crumbled statues and controlled idols, Hecda since now Libya is Free Republic leadership under the name of the Libyan Arab Republic leader with the help of God to work to Ela. . Is فهاتوا hands. .

At the same time extensive nationalization of the financial, industrial, and commercial sectors took place (in particular in the oil industry) and other significant reforms were commenced.    Among the modifications carried out within the institutions and political organization of Libya after the revolution one could detect al-Qathafi’s determination, desperately tenacious in the face of difficulties, to involve the people as far as possible in the direct exercising of political power. In February 1971 he announced the creation of the Arab Socialist Union (ASU), which bore the same name as the sole Egyptian political party. The ASU, formally set up on 11 June 1971, held its first congress in April 1972. Rejecting all expressions of regional and class interests, the ASU intended to provide a large popular base for the revolution. In July 1972 al-Qathafi vacated the office of president of the Council of Ministers, which he had occupied since January 1970, and dedicated himself from that time on to the theorization of the principles of the revolution which were later laid down in the “Green Book.” In April 1974, al-Qathafi also gave up all protocol and administrative duties   associated with the head of state (NOTE: By 1979, the only position he did not relinquish was Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces).
The People’s Revolution
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occasion of March 2 this treatise humble pen:

March 2, Knight said people of wealth guard and a difference between my mother and student, leader of conquering leaders Hsadeh Plain during the Libyan people and the power of the people announced ¤ ¤ ¤ tribute to Sir commander wherever and a tribute to the Libyan people in every place and every year and gentlemen Libyans Liberal fine Bmnash declaration of the power of the people and as long as our celebrations and long اعيادنا Bomjadna long as we and our leader always over the top and never from victory to victory ¤ ¤ ¤ lawyer leader.

At a time when new legislation was being introduced in the labor and fiscal sectors with the aim of creating true “socialism,” al-Qathafi announced the “People’s Revolution” in a speech at Zuara on 15 April 1973. By means of “delegated People’s Committees” operating in various sectors it was intended that the principles of the revolution and of Islam should be increasingly put into practice. At the second general People’s Congress in November 1976,  al-Qathafi proposed the creation of a direct democracy and the removal of the CCR; however, the delegates to the congress called for an adjournment, and during a special session of the congress on 02 March 1977, the Great  Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (a term which can be translated as “government by the masses”) was proclaimed.
Pas de démocratie sans congrès populaires:
02 March Holiday emancipation from slavery
The Gaddafi International news agency
Le pouvoir au peuple. . Aucune autorité à d’autres
The Libyan Arab people of society in the General Forum conferences People’s Committees, unions, unions and professional associations “General People’s Congress” from the first statement of the revolution, and speech Zuwarah historical Guided Bmcolat Green Book, was briefed on the recommendations of the People’s congresses and the Constitutional Declaration issued on 02 November one thousand three hundred and eighty-nine H, 11 December 1969. And on the decisions and recommendations of the General People’s Congress in the role of Convening the first from 4 to seventeen January 1 396, corresponding to five to January 18, 1976 and the role of Convening the second from 21 Dhul to 2-Hijjah 1396 AH, corresponding to 13 to 24 November 1976.He believes including Heralded by Fateh Revolution of September Great triggered by Thinker Rebel Commander teacher Colonel Muammar Gaddafi at the head of the Free Officers Movement Unionists Culmination of Jihad parents and grandparents of the democratic system of direct and sees the solution decisive and final problem of democracy.and it Embodies popular rule on the land Conqueror great recognition of the authority of the people who has no authority to others, announced his commitment to freedom and willingness to defend it on the land, and in any place of the world, and protection for the persecuted for it. And declares its commitment to socialism investigation of ownership of the people, and declares its commitment to comprehensive Arab unity , and declares its commitment to spiritual values guarantee of morality and behavior and Humane Letters
and confirms Sir revolution creeping led thinker Rebel Commander teacher Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi to power the popular full and install community people leader and Mr. whose hand power and hand wealth and hand arms, a society of freedom, and cut the road permanently on all types of tools traditional governance of the individual and the family, the tribe, caste, class, prosecutors and the party and the group of parties , and declares its readiness to crush any attempt counter to the authority of the people crushed completely.
The Libyan Arab people have recovered revolution reins ordered, and the king of the capabilities of the day, and tomorrow, using God adheres typing Quran forever a source of guidance and the law society, Such declaration marked the establishment of the people’s authority, and Bodes peoples of the earth Banblaj dawn era of the masses.
First: – be the official name of Libya (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya).
Secondly: – Quran is the law community in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. Thirdly: – People Power Direct is the basis of the political system in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya socialism, power is for people with no power to others, and people exercise his power by the People’s Congresses and People’s Committees, trade unions and associations, professional associations and General People’s Congress, and law defines system their workTel.Fourth: – defending the country the responsibility of every citizen, and through general military training are trained people and arming, and regulated by law setting tires warfare and general military training.
General People’s Congress issued in the city of Sabha on 12 March 1397approved 02 March 1977 m.
1977 called the “Supreme Leader”
Mouammar Kadhafi – 19 juin 1978
« Guide de la Révolution de la Jamahiriya libyenne »Il n’y a plus de président, le président c’est le peuple.Écouter (00:54)19/06/1978 par RFI Declaration
Libya – Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the People{ Adopted on: 02 March 1977 }
{ ICL Document Status: 02 March 1977 }[Preamble]Libya – Declaration on the Establishment of the Authority of the PeopleExcert From “September One: A Story of Revolution” by Frederick MuscatThe People’s PowerIndeed, on 02 March 1977 corresponding to the 12th day of Rabi Al Awal of 1397 of the Hegira, according to the Muslim calendar,the Declaration of the Establishment of the People’s Power took place in Kahira, city of Sebha. This was the beginning of a new stage in the historical period following the September 1, 1969 Revolution.The study of the “Declaration of Sebha” precedes, for methodological reasons, that of the spiritual and political bases of the Leader of the Revolution and also the principles and projection of the “Third Universal Theory” and the proposal formulated in the three parts of the Green Book.The meeting of the General People’s Congress began on 25 February and ended on 02 March 1977. On that day, according to Muammar himself, the political, economic and social principles of the new Jamahiriya were established.“What will the Libyan people announce to the other nations of the world?” asked the Leader to the numerous delegates meeting at the extraordinary session of the General Congress, “the setting up of the people’s power, the advent of the age of the masses, the application of the Third World Theory, the success of the Third Way from its starting point, surpassing all democratic experiences following schemes which have failed, and the end of dictatorial regimes.“With the setting up of the people’s authority, a popular Jamahiriya will be created. With the setting up of socialism, the Jamahiriya will be called ‘socialist’. It will also be a Libyan, Arab, Islamic and African Jamahiriya, consequently, we can discuss its denomination which will have great importance. We cannot decide lightly, as certain new regimes have done, where the name has nothing to do with the nature of the regime.”Muammar also stated: “We still cannot say it (the Jamahiriya) is ‘popular’ or ‘socialist’, since we have not achieved yet a state of popular and socialist government, but we can assign it new adjectives: if the authority of the people prevails, then it will be a Popular Jamahiriya, and if socialism is introduced, it will also be Socialist, but a socialism different from that of the East or West.”Drawing out expressions from the Green Book and numerous speeches, Muammar continued by saying:

“The law of society has been approved. It is the Koran. Together with the denomination of the Republic which will appear in the new Declaration, we will also set the law of society. If you accept the Koran as you have done before, then you must discuss the consequences. In this way you will no longer be governed by a Constitutional Declaration. We shall say no more: ‘According to the Constitutional Declaration…’ We will no longer have a Constitution. But if we incorporate the new law to the Declaration of the people’s power, the new law will never change. We must know the value of such historical things which will be included in this Declaration”.

Muammar is no doubt as cultivated as he is intelligent. If a great number of his works are criticised by some analysts who accuse him of being too simple, it is precisely because he must address his people in a language easy to understand. We must bear in mind that in spite of the intense literacy campaign launched by the Government, the large majority of the people sunk in the shadows of colonialism until 1969, is not capable yet of assimilating very complicated speeches, excluding the fact that a high percentage of the population still leads a nomad’s life.

All those of us who attended several international events held in the Jamahiriya, were able to ascertain how informed the Revolutionary Leader is on various sciences, a knowledge acquired after years of intense study of the Islamic, Catholic and compared theologies; of politics, philosophy, history, of the various literary and artistic manifestations and also of military strategy.

Muammar has the habit of explaining his views even for hours without the help of an aide memoire. Most of his speeches are heard throughout Libya with the respect and admiration with which students listen, to the oldest and most experienced professors.

No wonder the people call him, besides Leader, the ‘Master-Conductor’.

During the decisive meetings of the General People’s Congress which proclaimed the setting up of the Jamahiriya, he clearly explained the meaning of the proposals delegates were to discuss.

With regard to the procedures for the setting up of the People’s Authority, to its principles and to the way of exercising that power, Muammar said:

“The people will exercise power through the popular congresses, the popular committees and the professional trade unions and finally through the General People’s Congress. Everything has been provided for in the Declaration and you will discuss it.”

Then he said that nobody could speak to him, after the final decision had been reached, about the Revolutionary Command Council or about Muammar Qadhafi. Besides, he added:

“That would be contradictory… because the setting up of the people’s authority means that it is the people who govern. I will no longer govern, nor the Council nor anybody else. No such thing as leaders for the people – it is the people who are the leaders! No such thing as a government for Libya – the government is the people!”

…. Aristotle once said: “Something new can always be expected from Libya”. But to clarify this point, a new chapter is called for.

Muammar went on saying:

“When we speak of popular authority, we may no longer speak of a Council. Those are two contradictory things.

“Other contradictions: authority of the people and president, authority of the people and the prevalence of the struggle of classes, religions, tribes, families or parliaments.”

Muammar also urged the setting up of the people’s authority and the adoption of the corresponding rules to solve the “problem of democracy”, otherwise the question would remain unsolved and exposed to any sort of dictatorship existing in the world where

“a party imposes itself over the people and governs on its behalf”, or else “small groups agree to dominate it”.

“The same thing applies for a tribe, a class, a religion, a family, an individual, an army, a band, a king, an emperor… all possible instruments of dictatorship in which the world continues to suffer”.

“Everything will end with the advent of popular power. Only the Koran and the laws passed by the people will remain. There will be no more statutes for the Arab Socialist Union, nor Constitution, nor parliament.”

“Once popular power has been set up, you will have rendered a great service to Humanity: the creation of a healthy society without political diseases or any other source of conflict.”

“That is the reason for political parties, coups d’etats, revolutions, religions or civil wars; every day there is a struggle for power. The reason is that power is in the hands of a fraction of society, while the remaining fractions fight to seize that power or divide it”.

“The people’s authority ends with that sort of struggles.”

While the international press criticised Muammar acidly, a significant chapter in present political history was being written in Sebha. A charismatic leader, with “Public Power” in his hands, supported on the enormous operative capacity of loyal Armed Forces, owner of the economic resources of one of the richest countries of the world, having all the possibilities at hand to set up a veiled dictatorial system following any of the classical models in fashion, has been capable, in this agitated XXth century, to transfer to the Libyan people the responsibilities which, no doubt, make the people for the first time a genuine protagonist of great decisions.

Only by knowing Libya from within, speaking freely and without protocol or any sort of “agreements”, it is possible to understand the reality of this flourishing Arab country and the high degree of decision achieved by the People through the highest body of the “Jamahiriya”, though of course, the great guidelines of government action have been inspired by the young Leader and ‘Master-conductor’.

The Declaration of Sebha is considered the base for the setting up of popular power in Libya, which became the first country in the world to put into practice such a political system.

The question of opposition to Muammar in many countries where accusations have been lodged without real foundation, are originated in the fact that this political system unveils the true nature of existing “democracies”, both in the countries of the capitalist block as well as in the communist block, also involving of course various regimes within the so-called “Third World”.

Then, when the final document was approved unanimously by the delegates at the General People’s Congress, Muammar addressed a vibrant message to the country.

The Leader said:

“In the desert, associated with drought and sterility, a Revolution was born. People have quickly forgotten past events which occurred in Sebha at the end of the 50′s and which were the prelude to a great hope. Further, they forgot the first call, the first communique of the Revolution made in Benghazi at the end of the 60′s, that communique which has shaken Libya, pulling down the idols. They carried on with their daily life, thinking perhaps that this was just another coup like many others. That event has ended with an old fashioned monarchy to set up a progressive Jamahiriya and has put an end to the presence of foreign troops in our territory.

“Some years have passed since the historical speech in Zuara. That was the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet.” A speech which shook spirits, and consciences! “If that has shaken you, it is to guide you better through a joint action, new and out of the ordinary.

“Today, on the Prophet’s anniversary, the idea of the Revolution has sprung; in Sebha, in the middle of the desert, where the Declaration of the people’s power is proclaimed and with it, the establishment of the Jamahiriya.

“A new age is born to Humanity in the Desert; the age of the masses… The desert is neither sterile nor arid. In the desert today, in this last part of the twentieth century, our people ends with the age of traditional republics, in the same way that the French nation announced in the eighteenth century the end of the monarchy and the advent of the age of the republics.

“Though the desert prevents grass from growing, it produces values and originates eternal messages to Civilization. Today, in the corner of this vast desert land of the Arabs, of the Berbers, of the Tuaregs and the Tobus, the milestone of the age of the Jamahiriyas, the age of the masses is born.”

Not one place in Libya was left without Muammar’s clarifying words, from the coastal region bathed by the Mediterranean to the deep desert, and from the agitated cities to the remote oases full of picturesque palm trees, where caravans necessarily stopped anxious for a resting place.

On 02 March 1977 , to close the long and tiring sessions of the General People’s Congress, the “Declaration of Sebha” was read, which from that moment became the cornerstone of political and institutional life of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

The following is the text of the “Declaration of the Establishment of the People’s Power”:

“In the name of the most gracious and merciful God.”“The Libyan Arab people meeting at the General Assembly of popular congresses, popular committees, trade unions and professional associations (General People’s Congress), by virtue of the Revolution’s first communique and the historical speech of Zuara and guided by the principles set up in the Green Book; considering the recommendations of the popular congresses and the Constitutional Declaration of the 2nd day of Shawal of 1389 of the Hegira (December 11, 1969); the resolutions and recommendations of the General People’s Congress from its first session from the 4th to the 17th day of the Muharram of 1396 of the Hegira (January 5 to 18, 1976) and its second session of the 21st of Zul Kidah to the 2nd of Zul Hijjah of 1396 of the Hegira (from November 13 to 24, 1976).“Believing in what was advocated by the September 1st Revolution (Al-Fateh) conducted by the revolutionary thinker and Leader Colonel Muammar Al-Qadhafi at the head of the movement of free unionist officers to end the struggle of the fathers and forefathers in order to establish a direct democratic regime where he sees the effective and final solution to the democratic problem.“This people, assuming popular authority on the land of “Al-Fateh” in accordance with the power of the people which is not under the authority of one single person, declares its adherence to freedom, its desire to defend it within its territory and elsewhere in the world, as well as to protect the oppressed in the cause of liberty; declares its adherence to socialism in order to achieve the property of the people: it declares its commitment to achieve general Arab Union; it declares its identification with the moral values which guarantee moral and social human behaviour; it confirms the development of the Revolution, guided by the revolutionary thinker and Leader, Colonel Muammar Al-Qadhafi towards complete popular power; it confirms the consolidation of popular society, free society holding the power, wealth and the arms; it puts an end to all traditional instruments of judgement of the individual, the family the tribe, religion, class, parliament, one or several parties, and declares it is ready to crush any attempt contrary to the people’s power.
The Libyan Arab people, after recovering its rights by means of the Revolution, after reconquering the control of its present and future with the help of God and bound by its Holy Book, source of the right path and of social laws, issues this Declaration of the Establishment of the People’s Power and announces to all nations in the world the birth of a new age for the masses.”Article 1 [Name]
The official name of Libya will be ‘The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’.
Article 2 [Religion]
The Holy Koran is the Constitution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.
Article 3 [Congresses, Committees, Unions]
(1) The People’s direct democracy is the basis of the political system in the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, where the authority is in the hands of the People alone. The People exercise their authority through the People’s Congresses, the People’s Committees, and the Professional Unions. The regulations of the congresses, committees, and professional unions as well as the dates of their meetings are defined by law.
(2) The authority of the People is comprised of the following:
People’s Congresses;
People’s Committees;
Professional Unions; and
General People’s Congress.
(3) People’s Congresses:
The Libyan People is divided into basic People’s Congresses.
All citizens register themselves as members of the Basic People’s Congress in their area.
Every basic People’s Congress chooses among its members a committee to lead the Congress.
(4) The masses of the People’s Congresses choose People’s Committees to administer all the services. These Committees are responsible to the People’s Congresses.
(5) Members of each profession form their own union to defend their professional rights.
(6) The General People’s Congress is the national conference of the People’s Committees and Professional Unions. The General People’s Congress shall have a General Secretariat to execute the general policy of the State as defined by the People’s Congresses. The General Secretariat prepares the sessions of the General People’s Congress and draws up an agenda of the General People’s Congress, executing its resolutions and recommendations. The General Secretariat consists of a Secretary General and a number of secretaries; each shall supervise one of the sectors of activities in the State.
Article 4 [Chairman]
The General People’s Congress chooses a chairman to preside over its sessions, to sign the laws by order of the Congress, and to accept the credentials of the representatives of foreign countries.
Article 5 [Absence]
In the case of absence of the Chairman of the General People’s Congress or if something hinders him from performing his duties, the Secretary General will temporarily replace him.
Article 6 [Election]
(1) The General People’s Congress chooses the Secretary General and the Secretaries, dismisses them, and accepts their resignations.
(2) The Secretary General and the Secretaries are jointly responsible to the General People’s Congress while every secretary is responsible for the sector he supervises.
Article 7 [Budget]
The General Budget of the State is issued by a law and the General People’s Congress endorses the balance sheet of the State.
Article 8 [Departments, Employees]
A Law regulates the establishment of public departments and appointments and dismissals of Government employees.
Article 9 [Defence]
Defending the Country is the responsibility of every citizen. Through general military training, the People shall be trained and armed. Law regulates the method for preparing military cadres and the general military training.
Article 10 [Terms]
The terms ‘Council of Minister’, ‘Prime Minister’, and ‘Minister’ are to be replaced, wherever mentioned, by the terms ‘General Secretariat of the General People’s Congress’, ‘Secretary General’, and ‘The Secretary’.————————————–
The General People’s CongressThe General People’s Congress (Mu’tammar al-sha’ab al’âmm) (Arabic: مؤتمر الشعب العام الليبي) consists out of circa 2 700 representatives of the Basis People’s Congresses.
The GPC is the legislative forum that interacts with the General People’s Committee, whose members are secretaries of Libyan ministries. It is composed of the secretariats of some 600 local “basic popular Congresses.”
The GPC secretariat and the cabinet secretaries are appointed by the GPC secretary general and confirmed by the annual GPC Congress.Excerpt From “Al-Qadhafi Operation Jerusalem” by Horacio Calderon:The General People’s Congress.Kahira, city of Sebha, on the 12th day of Rabi Al-Awal of 1397 of the Hegira, corresponding to the 02nd of March, 1977.”The Declaration of Sebha became from then on the corner stone of the Libyan political system based on Muammar’s thinking formulated not only in the Green Book but also in a number of documents which have not been widely spread but which have great significance for their universal validity.
Muammar al-Qathafi was made the first Secretary General. (This position he gave-up in 1979).
With the intention of mobilizing the people, al-Qathafi began in 1978 to encourage the creation of “revolutionary committees” which did not have clearly defined powers and which were called upon to “defend the Revolution.” Starting in 1981 he began to impose a military character upon the organization of schools and universities.  al-Qathafi’s revolutionary policies affected many people both within Libya and elsewhere. Consequently, opposition emerged of varying types and intensities.
A number of attempted plots organized against him in the early 1980s, probably with foreign involvement, failed and were quickly repressed by the regime. Other plots reported by foreign sources were perhaps only aimed at serving propaganda purposes. al-Qathafi denied the legitimacy of all opposition and, in particular, issued warnings to Libyans resident abroad that opposed the revolutionary regime.  al-Qathafi’s idealistic aspirations guided Libya’s foreign policy, which after the revolution was characterized by an unprecedented degree of activity. al-Qathafi himself paid numerous visits to foreign countries, to virtually all Arab lands, and to many Communist states. Because of the many and various initiatives launched by al-Qathafi in differing directions, his foreign policy was judged by some to be erratic. Indeed, it achieved only limited results and led to a great deal of mistrust.
However, for al-Qathafi it was important to affirm with insistence and vigor a number of essential policy points, such as his intransigent opposition to Israel and his quest for Arab unity. This quest involved successive attempts at forming political unions with Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria, all of which ended, sometimes rapidly, in disastrous failures. A union with Morocco was announced in 1984.
In Chad, Libyan intervention beginning in 1980 led to Goukouni Oueddei being confirmed in power. But the search for political agreements and influence in other African countries had no success, and al-Qathafi failed to convene the Organization of African Unity in Tripoli in 1982. The struggle against imperialism preached by al-Qathafi along with the need for non-alignment led to Libya being diametrically opposed to the United States. Moreover, the United States accused Libya of supporting armed opposition and terrorist movements in other countries. Libya’s relations with Western Europe improved, despite momentary crises.
al-Qathafi claimed that his political concept, the Third Universal Theory, was derived from the principles of the Holy  Quran and hence in harmony with Islam. It was laid down with the purpose of providing an easily understood and complete approach in the “Green Book.” The first part (published in 1976) concerned the political aspects of the organization of society. The second part (1977) concerned economic aspects and the third (1979) focused on social aspects. The first part denounced the representative democracies as hoaxes and claimed instead that only the direct participation of the masses in government, as laid down in the Great Jamahiriya, offered a valid solution to political problems.
In the economic sphere, al-Qathafi intended to create a true socialist economy, completely opposed both to Western capitalism and to the Marxist-Communist concept; it was intended that workers become “partners, not employees,” and there was opposition to all forms of exploitation (many tertiary services are considered exploitative, in particular in the commercial field). The social concept of the “Green Book” placed great emphasis on the role of the family, and women, equals to men in terms of dignity and rights, were seen in the first place as mothers.
The manner in which the “Green Book” was formulated, deliberately populist in approach and not strictly systematic, obviously presented difficulties of interpretation and application with respect to various concrete problems. The book was frequently discussed by the people and at congresses organized both in Libya and abroad by Libyan institutions. The “Green Book” was praised by some, often in a completely a critical manner, while others have subjected it to minute criticism.
However, it would seem most valid to consider it as a manifesto for the revolution which al-Qathafi was endeavoring to bring about in the Libyan Jamahiriyya, rather than as a treatise on political philosophy and economics.Married and the father of seven children, al-Qathafi lives modestly, rejecting all luxuries and vices. Some considered him a messianic preacher who was intransigent and intolerant on the one hand, but sincere and even candid on the other. Others considered him an able politician who, though inclined to verbal excesses, was basically a clever man. In 1986 he made known to the press that he preferred the Western press to transcribe his name as Muammar al-Qathafi.
As acts of  international terrorism became more frequent in 1986, al-Qathafi drew much attention as the source of training and financing such activities.
On December 27, 1985, Palestinian terrorists attacked airports in Rome and Vienna. United States president Ronald Reagan accused Libya, but al-Qathafi denied any involvement. On January 1, 1986, President Reagan ordered all U.S. citizens to leave Libya. Finally on April 14 the United States carried out a retaliatory bombing raid against several Libyan installations. Nearly 110 people were killed in the attack. al-Qathafi claimed that he was innocent and that the raid was itself an act of terrorism.   
He cited as evidence that one of his children was killed during this raid.

Allegiance to Our Brother Leader
Posted on 2012/01/20 by galantarieIn April 2005, Revolutionary Guard commander Hasan al-Kabir al-Qadhafi said there existed a special relationship between the leader and God and called Muammar al-Qathafi a marabout (a living saint).PARAPHRASED FROM GEORGE TREMLETT:There is this unspoken bond between QATHAFI and his Libyan people, who have, for centuries, accorded a very special, theological respect to their leaders….And now this same loyalty, has as its repository in Muammar al-Qathafi: who was born of this land, knows its secrets, and in a real and symbolic sense, performs the role of a MARABOUT, a phenomenon unique to Islam and the deserts of North Africa…Mu’ammar has no interest in wealth, drugs, alcohol or vices (as far as one can tell), a family man–but also a man who can quite literally appear from nowhere, and just as easily vanish.Muammar al-Qathafi knows how to live without tap water or electric…a simple life; yet, he abounds in Satellite Technology, Tolkien, Beethoven, Mozart and late 18th century woodwork and furniture—

Muammar is a man of culture who is just as contentedly at home in a tent as he is in a majestic marbled-mosque. He is a mystic who can appear from nowhere and is always an honored guest amongst his people: –thoughtful and wise, and enabled to give sound advice on family matters, or as great as territorial disputes. He can recite the Koran letter for letter from memory and can shower others by giving them BARAKA (divine blessings).

MARABOUTS historicaly are only found in North African Melokite Islam,–where they have been cultivated for centuries. They are an alien phenomenon to Sunni Arabs of the Peninsula and Middle East, where such figures never existed; whose simple existance is opposed to beauty and grandiosity in both death as in life (except, for their shieks and rulars who abound in lavish wealth far beyond the capacity or dreams of their mindless, unquestioning subjegated vassals).

Muammar is a MARABOUT who loves the masses and has aspired to do everything in his power to share the knowledge, wealth, bounty and riches of his land with all of of his people and even with the world; having them all become as educated and lovers of beauty and life, as he himself is.

French writer, L. Rinn, author of (1884) “Marabouts et Khouan”, describes them quite literally as “living saints”…MARABOUTS heal sick children and animals, praise ALLAH, write talismans and teach the beliefs and laws of Islam—“Such a man (EVANS-PRITCHARD) was also a MUHAKKAM, one who arbitrates in disputes and says the FATIHA at settlements and undertakings to make them binding…a man of religion and not of the rains. They teach their people to respect learning and religion they are the holy-men who keep those twin lights burning….Bedoin do not forget them; nor do they forget to say a prayer for them, when they pass their tombs.—Throughout North Africa and the Sirte Desert, there are hundreds of such Shrine-Tombs, where they mark the places where zawiyas are established, where Bedoin bury their dead and where they meet with other tribes, feasting and discussing Tribal business.

Muammar al-Qathafi comes from this tradition, born to desert Marabtin, educated in a ZAWIYA…and thus, in Libyan’s eyes, Muammar has special status. He led their Revolution, established their system of Society and gave them their FREEDOM, Without question, Muammar holds the role of MARABOUT, for the rest of his natural days, with his title, Leader of the Revolution (and Supreme Leader of the People’s Armies).

Sayings leader Sir timeless :::::
The heroes of history are people who sacrifice themselves for the issues …


To acknowledge that Muammar al-Qathafi is a MUJJADID is NOT worshipping him. It is honoring a great Reformer who loves mankind without reservations. He freely gives amnesty and rejects the idea of vengeance. He has enabled great miracles to happen for Africans and Libyans. He has given the means to the world to live in just peace and harmony UNDER GOD if they humble themselves and follow the workings of the inspired GREEN BOOK   for the 11 June 1988 Universal Green Charter of Human Rights. He devoted his whole life to the betterment of humanity and for man to respect God and what God has created. Honor is not the same as worship. Our brother-leader would be the First to acknowledge this.

[At a conference on Euro-Arab relations in Tripoli in May 1973, the Leader of the Revolution expounded on the philosophical aspect of the Third Universal Theory and its relationship to national and social liberation. In this speech we see the highly developed awareness of the Revolutionary Muammar Qadhafi and his acute appreciation of the complex inner needs of all the world’s peoples. It is worth recalling his words which are still very relevant to life in the 21st century. ] He said:

“Humanity now urgently needs a cry of justice which would return it to its senses and to its Creator… We need to go back to God and turn away from evil… Atomic bombs, missiles, biological weapons and aggression can only be the making of the Devil. The ideology we propose to the world is humanitarian but not made by men, nor is it a philosophy, but it is based on truth…. This is Gods law, always one, immortal, and unchangeable, a universal religion of truth which belongs to all mankind. The Third Theory offers an alternative to capitalist materialism and communist atheism and calls for the return of mankind to the Kingdom of God. Mankind was never in greater need to rearm itself with faith than it is now. We all know that all the philosophies and ideologies have failed to disprove the existence of God, and as the truth of His existence is self-evident, it is quite clear that society must be reorganised in every country of the world in accordance with the will of God and the precepts of His Prophets.”


He says: Seek help in patience and prayer that God is with the patient, (Baqarah 153

MATHABA writes:

“…From our own impeccable sources close to the Leader Mu’ammar Qaddafi and within his own circle, at a sensitive time, without placing any risk to any source we published a denial on the same day that all world media declared — on the basis of video files alone — that Mu’ammar Qaddafi was dead. Once again, the minority in the world who have learned over the past 12 years that Mathaba stands alone with Truth, and who follow Mathaba closely, as well as our subscribers, knew the truth while the world was misled by tell-lie-vision media.

We also published on the very next day once again a rebuttal of the reports of Qaddafi’s death and called for the matter to be closed and not to become the subject of controversy, time wasting, deflection and endless discussion. However, we were attacked by a great many who feared we would “lose credibility” and “aid the enemy” because our detractors were convinced Mu’ammar was dead. Those who have followed Mathaba online since 12 years, know that we do not pay attention to perceived “credibility”, but only to the publication of truth, without fear nor favour, and without regard to political ideologies of left and right.

We had hoped that at least the minority in the world, the thinkers and truth soldiers would hear our message loud and clear, and we were not disappointed. They agreed with us that if anyone wishes to consider Qaddafi dead, let them do so, or alive, let them do so, we simply stated the facts of him being physically alive, and choosing not to communicate so that the world media who started this war, the bankers who bankrolled it in their attempts to grab African resources, and the other slaves of the “new world order” could “have their day” and their own perceived victory, even if it will be short-lived.

Yet others, including a few who should know better, still have a trust in the one and only difference between a Hollywood movie and a TV News Channel: that difference being, the channel. Turn channel to Hollywood movie and you know it is a movie, unless you are young and did not yet know that death on TV is for entertainment and faked. Turn channel to news, and the vast majority, including an incredible number of those who are otherwise in high positions: international human rights lawyers, political leaders, even heads of state — just find it hard to believe that a news channel would lie.

News Media

As to how and why news channels lie, this is a different and longer subject. We work in news, and have seen this for decades. Few know how it really works. It has a lot to do with editors. The ownership, funds, turning a blind eye, ratings, policy, the frightful practice of getting news 3rd of 4th hand and passing it off as fact, laziness, lack of education and critical mind, spin by staff in order to keep their jobs and obtain favour of editors, and the editors keeping favour of those who own them, all play significant roles in the picture of why the so-called mainstream media (MSM) which we prefer to call Money Slave Media (M$M) is so compromised from start to finish….”

To honor the man, al-Gathafi is not distortion of his cause! He gave us the GREEN BOOK, he is continuing to give us an example.

Mu 651

Muammar al-Qathafi plans in detail; leaving no stone unturned:

Mu’ammar al Qathafi at UNO 23 SEPT 2009 w son Dr. Bilah Moutassem:

Muammar al-Qathafi, the conscience of the world ..

Try assassination attempt upon the Supreme Commander that did not explode!

(as Mu’ammar is under Divine protection.)



Attempt to assassinate the Commander baller NH which did not explode!

(as I told you, Mu’ammar has always been under Divine protection!)

Declaration of the power of the people ..

Courtesy of the bodyguard of Gaddafi to all fans green flag far the proclamation of the power of the people ..

إهداء من حارسه القذافي إلى كل جماهير الراية الخضراء بعيد إعلان قيام سلطة الشعب..
Hanish captive Nasr Ramadan Alomla your driver to the leader Muammar Gaddafi enthralled in a convoy Ezz 20-10 O decoding our prisoners:
I wonder who speak in religion and they do not understand anything they say say and Thrmon! They do not know who said that

the campus is God … God guide:

“Receiving an interviewer from al-Jazeera television one day in his desert tent, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi talked of world affairs and Libyan politics, then suddenly gestured towards a figure in the distance. He said:

‘See that camel-rider over there? That camel-rider takes part in the process of decision-making in Libya.’

The interviewer struggled to restrain his laughter but the colonel was serious. Everyone is supposed to have a role in the government of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriyya.”

……People Power

” …mad as his actions might appear to ‘outsiders’, they usually have a certain logic if Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s bedouin roots and the political ideas expounded in his Green Book and the “Third Universal Theory” – which rejected capitalism and communism – were taken into account.  His point about money-throwing was that most foreign aid is misused or misdirected. By tossing it out of the car window at African crowds he could be more sure it would reach people in need….”

“…Mu’ammar al-Qathafi himself has been taking more of a back seat in the government of Libya, except where his passion for African affairs is involved. In the old days he would be on the phone almost 24 hours a day, giving instructions to officials, even on the minutest matters. Today, he rarely phones – with the result that many are left wondering what to do.”

“More changes were heralded by the people’s appointment last June of Shukri Ghanem as secretary of the General People’s Council. Mr Ghanem, a former deputy secretary-general of Opec, was persuaded to return to Libya to head the economics ministry, in line with a decision by al-Qathafi, that in a Jamahiriya, ministers should be chosen for their qualifications as honest followers of what the people ask, with total complete integity, not their connections. He was soon promoted (some say his arm had to be twisted) to the Secretariat. In addition, Mr Ghanem is overseeing economic reforms” of shared (non-state) companies.

Libya has no president and the colonel’s official title, ‘Leader of the al-Fateh Revolution of 1969‘, can never pass to anyone else.

Saif al-Islam

Saif al-Islam has been given a series of top-level tasks, as well as the freedom to criticise in public. His most high-profile mission to date was in negotiations with the French over the UTA bombing, though these have still not been resolved, leading some observers to suggest that he took on this difficult brief before he was ready for it.

As president of the al-Qathafi International Foundation for Charity Associations, Saif al-Islam was also involved in paying ransoms for hostages held by Islamists in the Philippines.

So far, few have taken the foundation’s charitable work seriously, but three months ago it published a surprising report on human rights.

Age 31, eldest son. Bachelor

Education Diploma in architecture and town planning from Al-Fateh University, Tripoli, and MA from Imadec University, Vienna. September 2002 began studying global governance at London School of Economics

Professional life Architectural designs include a large mosque, public library, and four-star hotel in Libya

Public role Chairman of al-Qathafi International Foundation of Charitable Associations, which combats poverty and drug abuse and acts as human rights watchdog.


Al Saadi al-Qathafi: Now Major-General in the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya. He was married to daughter of the once  head of Libyan Intelligence, Kawaldy Hamedi [sole survivor with his son (Saadi’s brother-in-law) Khaled Hamedi]. (She was MURDERED, with their son, and the whole family of 19, BY NATO’s bombing of the Hamedi Family Residence on 20 JUNE 2011)

Gen.SAADI war hero

Education Degree in military engineering

Professional life Made fortune from Libya’s state oil company. Worth £8bn. His company Lafico until recently held a 7.5% stake in the Italian football giants Juventus.

Football Signed to Italian Serie A side Perugia in July.  Honed talents at Al-Ittihad, team from Tripoli he owns, as well as national squad. President of Libyan football federation. Opponents said to have run backwards rather than tackle him

Friends Diego Maradona, former Argentina striker, was guest at his wedding. Saadi is said to be Mu’ammar’s favourite son.

Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement

Muammar Al Qadhafi

Muammar Al Qadhafi
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نص محاضرة الأخ قائد الثورة في طلبة جامعة أوكـسفورد البريطانية حول افريقيا في القرن الواحد والعشرين
نص كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة في جلسة القمة الثامنة لمجموعة سيماك
نص خطاب الأخ قائد الثورة فى المهرجان الكبير الذي أقامته جماهيــر المــــــــؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية إحياء للذكرى 92 لمعركة القرضابية 
الأخ القائد يؤم الرؤساء وجموع المسلمين من كافة أنحاء العالم بمدينة أغاديس التاريخية في تظاهرة التحدي الإسلامي الكبرى الثانية
احتفالاً بذكرى مولد خاتم أنبياء الله محمد( صلى الله عليه وسلم ).

الأخ قائد الثورة يلتقي بالفعاليات الطبية بالجماهيرية العظمى
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورةفي الجلسة الصباحيـة للاجتماع العادي الثاني لمجلس التخطيط العام
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في لقائه أمناء المؤتمـرات الشعبية الأساسية في شعبيات 
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في مؤتمر
الأخ قائد ثورة الفاتح العظيم العقيد معمر القذافي يتحدث أمام حشد من فعاليات
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في ضابطات الشعب المسلح والأمن العام والجمارك
الاخ قائد الثورة في الحديث المهم الذي ألقاه في جماهير النساء بمدينة سبها : أرجو من 
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في لقائه مجلس التخطيط العام 
نص حديث الاخ قائد الثورة في الجلسة الافتتاحية
تأكيدا على دور الأخ قائد الثورة في ترسيخ وتعزيز سلطة الشعب سلطة كل الناس
الأخ قائد الثورة يتحدث في فعاليات الشعب الليبي
كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة في المجلس الاعلى للهيئات القضائية
الأخ القائد يتحدث فى الجلسة الافتتاحية لمؤتمر الشعب العام يوم الثلاثاء 
نص اللقاء الذي أجرته قناة أبوظبي الفضائية مع الأخ قائد الثورة

Further Reading:
For information on Gaddafi’s personality (he was interviewed at length by the author) and for information concerning his activities during the first year of the revolution, see M. Bianco, Kadhafi, mesager du désert (1974). A journalistic, and well informed, source is J. K. Cooley, Libyan Sandstorm (1982). Detailed information is included in H. Bleuchot, Chroniques et documents libyens, 1969-1980 (1983). For information on relations with the U.S.A., see P. E. Haley, Qaddafi and the United States since 1969 (1984). A biography is George Tremlett, Gadaffi: The Desert Mystic (Carroll & Graff Publishers, Inc., 1993). The story of the raid is told by pilot Col. Robert E. Venkius, Raid on Qaddafi (St. Martin’s Press, 1992).

Mu’ammar in Italy:


“I am filing of يتقلدها positions presidents and fading, I’m a fighter; Mujahid; activist; Thaer Al Khaimah .. From the desert, and docked with me towns and villages and oases; historic revolution came Libyan بالأمجاد, enjoy generation after generation; Libya will remain at the top, leading Africa; leads Latin America; Asia is leading, but leading the world. Can not disrupt this triumphant march, a handful of paid Hmad prospects of these cats and rats That jump from street to street; Rue Rue, in the dark ..

I defended the price of being here; I’m serious ‘Abdulsalam Ibomenaar’ first martyr fell over in the first five battle in 1911. I can not be abused to this great sacrifice, can not be to leave the remains of my grandfather pure in the observatory. I was going to die pure and martyr in the end. Here are the remains of my father-in-Hani, Mujahid champion heroes Alkarzabih and Tala. Here my grandfather .. My uncle Sheikh «Saidi cemetery Mnedr. Do not leave this remains pure; these mujahideen.”



MARTYR Dr. Billah Moutassem al-Qathafi:





  Photo: the recognition of our enemies ..  Green flag was always the banner of jihad in Libya ..  And lifelike image in the city of Tripoli on 12.11.1911 from Italian archives 1911

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The Christian Science Monitor Gaddafi? Kadafi? Qaddafi? What’s the Correct Spelling?
Newspaper article from: The Christian Science Monitor …increasingly ironically named “Al– Gaddafi International Prize for Human…Variations on his given name include Muammar, Moammar, Mu’ammar, and…New York Times spells it “Muammar el- Qaddafi.” At the Los…Guardian, and the BBC go with “MuammarGaddafi.” The Irish Times…
Manila Bulletin Gov’t to Pursue Peace Talks, Not War — Bunye
Newspaper article from: Manila Bulletin …Juridical Entity (BJE). Adam said Saif al-Islam alGaddafi, president of the Gaddafi International Charity…Saif al-Islam, a son of Libyan Leader Col. MuammaralGaddafi, visited Manila on Dec. 12-14, 2007, during…___________________

We thank all employees Mujahid green channel .. and we send our warmest congratulations to manage esteemed Aalamiyha loyal and honorable, and singled out Media Excellence struggle .. And media activist Rjab sleepiness … and we hope that you will continue to transfer the voice of the masses green inside and outside Libya beloved .. and congratulate you and congratulate ourselves far the proclamation of the power of the people … and to forward the revolutionary struggle continues ..

With each passing day confirmed the fact that everything that happens in Libya today of armed clashes and kidnapping innocent, secret prisons and torture is the result of what they called the Arab Spring, which was built on a mountain of lies, slander and disinformation.

CONDITIONS NOW UNDER PUPPET YANKEE RULARS has reversed  the modern nation into inflation and poverty in 2013:
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا”Aaaaaagel high prices in the eastern region dramatically …… And special vegetables….”
says Dr. Yusef Shakir.
Libya in light of the plight of February :: Libyan families have become displaced in their homeland:
We will triumph
The Resistance is strong and the Great Jamahiriya will return in full.
Call for solidarity with the cause of the former Mufti of Libya civil Shaykh Muhammad Alchuirv based on the kind invitation and proposal of a honorable members to choose on Friday, 18 Rabi Thani 1434 AH 1 March 2013, the Day of Solidarity with the case of Sheikh Alchuirv:
“O Allah, veil my mercy Nstgat” solidarity with Sheikh prisoners Sheikh Sayyed Mohammad civil Alchuirv Mufti Libya former, pray to God for him to be released agony and FAFSA captured from the prisons of darkness after nearly two years he spent in prisons of darkness in Libya, if only for a fatwa legitimacy depriveFighting between Muslims each and some deny use of Muslim non-Muslim in their fight with the Brothers to them in Islam and war under the banner is the flag is no god but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah!
We hope you are all correspondence all the human rights in Libya and abroad, and we hope that the National Congress move to release the sheikh Galilee who reached the age of eighty-two years, and we hope to reach our voice to the sheikhs of Al-Azhar and scientists to come to support a Al-Azhar scholars and lift this injustice and inequity him solidarity with Sheikh prisoners virtue Allama Muhammad civil Alchuirv is (Muhammad al-Madani bin Mansour bin Ali Alchuirv) world Azahari and a months Shariah scholars in Libya.
born in Zliten Libyan village Algoalat year 1348 Hijri –1 930 
m. educational levels:starting from childhood reading Quran Mosque boys Khalil village Algoalat and in the year 1936,. moved to the corner of Sheikh Ahmed Bazh-old eight years to continue reading the Koran Karim to the end of year 1942,. where to turn to corner Sheikh Abdulsalam brown to finish reading the Quran by Sheikh Mukhtar Abdulkadir Ajwan.
In 1945 and angle Sheikh Abdul Salam brown in Zliten received forensic science and science grammar, rhetoric, jurisprudence and statutes and other sciences of Sharia and Arabic on by a number of senior sheikhs like Sheikh Mansour Abu Zubaydah and Sheikh Mohammed bin Hussein bin Abdullah Qomati and Sheikh Mohammed bin Hvlo Qomati Sheikh Tayeb Ben Taher Misrati Sheikh Solomon Alzoubi.
Including getting the certificate of eligibility. has taught at this angle along Mhaúkhh adults and Drّs a number of books, such as book-Sheikh on Alojromeh in grammar, book Aldmanhori in logic and Mayara bin Hamdoon in Jurisprudence and Qatar dew Ibn Hisham in as. in 1952, attended the University of Al-Azhar and began the study Faculty of Sharia at the beginning of the school year 1952 and was top students altogether for the duration of his studies and get a certificate of high Sharea “bachelor” in 1956. continued his education at Al-Azhar to receive a certificate of high Faculty of Sharia and international certificate (PhD) with degree in teaching.
returned for graded positions until he reached the position of mufti Jamahiriya, graduating the hands of many sheikhs Libya and oversees many of the Masters and PhDs for requested when Sheikh sheikhs University Misurata – Zliten, and retire public work permanently since 2006, even went discourse, advice and try to reform and bloodshed during the events of the Libyan war and even Tmّ his arrest on 10 August 2011 and so far .. We ask God to make him the balance of his good deeds and those with him, and his steadfast and weighing balance.
Call for solidarity with the cause Mufti Libya former Shaykh Muhammad civil Alchuirv based on the kind invitation and proposal of a member page customers to choose on Friday, 18 Rabi Thani 1434 AH March 1, 2013, a day of solidarity with the case of Sheikh Alchuirv therefore call upon all pages and forums and all Libyans solidarity with us in Sheikh image and profile history and circumstances of his arrest (and we will develop a formula for those who would like to quote them) on all pages tGuarantor with him and that at five this afternoon until it reaches our voice Perhaps consciences wake Perhaps sheikhs Libya يتنبهون that Cikhm Guantanamo for nearly two years, did not join one of them for our campaign to change us this evil, even the heart, this weaker faith hope publishing so widely shared more number of pages and individuals in our campaign and do not forget our brothers in God, pray for Sheikh blessed in this Friday and pray for all prisoners and displaced Faraj close victory from God popular campaign against the continued imprisonment of Sheikh mark civil Alchuirv.
infofroma former post of mine concerning  Shaykh Muhammad civil Alchuirv:
Sheikh elderly prisoner / Civil Alchuirv 83 years
Is (civil Mohammed bin Mansour bin Ali Alchuirv) Azhari world and one of the most famous scientists of Sharia in Libya. Born in the Libyan city of Zlitan village Algoalat year 1348 Hijri – 1930. Educational levels: started since his childhood reading the Holy Quran at a mosque boys Khalil village Algoalat and in the year 1936.
Go to the corner Sheikh Ahmed Bazh and eight-year-old to continue reading the Quran to the end of year 1942. Where to turn to corner Sheikh Abdulsalam Al Asmar to finish reading the Quran by Sheikh Mukhtar Abdelkader Ajwan. In 1945 and angle Sheikh Abdul Salam brown in Zliten received forensic science and science grammar, rhetoric, jurisprudence and statutes and other sciences of Sharia and Arabic by a number of sheikhs adults like Sheikh Mansour Abu Zubaydah and Sheikh Mohammed bin Hussein bin Abdullah القماطي and Sheikh Mohammed bin Hvlo القماطي and Sheikh Tayeb Bin Taher Misrati Sheikh Solomon Alzoubi. And get a certificate of eligibility.
Has taught at the corner along adult Mhaúkhh and studied a number of books such as Sheikh on Alojromeh in grammar, book Aldmanhori in logic and Mayara bin Hamdoon in Jurisprudence and Qatar dew Ibn Hisham in the way. In 1952 he joined the University of Al-Azhar and began to study at the Faculty of Sharia at the beginning of the school year 1952 and was one of the first students altogether for the duration of his studies and get a high degree of the Faculty of Sharia “bachelor” in 1956. And continued his education at Al-Azhar to obtain a certificate with World’s degree in teaching.From his scientific activities while studying at Al-Azhar University Sign in modern competition organized by the Faculty of Sharia and get a second in his debut in the following years was ranked first in each year. He also participated in the cultural clubs and Muslim Youth Association was important activists in the Libyan Cultural Club during the study period.
Jobs: Eye Institute Asmari religious teacher in Zliten 11/01/1957. Director of the Institute Ahmed Pasha religious city of Tripoli from 1960 to 1962. Director of the Religious Institute Sabha from 1962 to 1965.Director of the Religious Institute Asmari from 1965 to 1967. Director of the Department of preachers, guidance and mosques in the Islamic University in Casablanca from 1967 to 1971. Director of the Department of preaching and counseling and mosques, the General Authority for Endowments from 1971 to 1984. Where he moved in 1984 to his hometown in Zliten to settle until his retirement in 1994. Misurata mandated the establishment of the University of Islamic Sciences in Zliten 1996 and appointed elders of the University and Secretary of the Administrative Committee until he left in 2002. Religious functions: a member of Libyan Ifta House until 1983, when he was disabled advisory role.
Chaired and participated a lot of delegates to attend Islamic conferences and seminars in many countries of the world including Malaysia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Togo and others. It has also sent the preaching and guidance in Greece – Switzerland – France. Representative of Libya at the Muslim World League in Makkah in the delegation. Participated in a conference mosque, which was organized by the Muslim World League on September 20, 1975 in Makkah has emerged from the conference (committee mosque Muslim World League) and Sheikh Mohamed civil Alchuirv is one of its members. Presided over the religious mission of the Libyan pilgrims in a lot of years since 1960 to 2002.Studied Baharmin Mosques (Grand Mosque – the Prophet’s Mosque) in all his travels for Hajj until the year 1981.
Delivered lessons registered Balamaotain video and audio in preaching, counseling and Pilgrimage Affairs and the jurisprudence of worship and programs directly in the fatwas. Threw a lot of lessons, lectures, speeches and participated in events and religious ceremonies and opening mosques in most cities of Libya, editor Islamic guidance from 1967 to last issues of the magazine and has written many articles in newspapers and magazines ..
Sheikh now a prisoner Misrata prisons because he did not issue fatwas them fighting under infidels aircraft which elder 82-year-old feared escape or undermine the security of Libya???
Certainly Zionist Levy involved Germanh anniversary of the occupation of Libya.



The outbreak of armed confrontations area residents


” people broke out Friday evening armed clashes between members of the tribe Alawath and others from the tribe of turbidity area residents. He stated that the clashes obtained after a conflict between the two tribes on land zoned for grazing region resulting in the injury of two tribe Alawath injured led to the transfer to the hospital Mizdah Amoadhav reporter that the Supreme Security Committee Branch people issued orders to its members to intervene to resolve the dispute between Alaqbiltenkma explained that elements of the security committee managed control of the conflict some Qdinm six armed members of tribe Alawath and four others from the tribe Ekarhtgdr noted that a committee consisting of ten members of the Elders and chieftains boys the Abu Seif intervened and held a session …
A Ndlat Friday evening armed clashes between members of the tribe Alawath and others from the tribe of turbidity area residents.
said that clashes got after the conflict between the two tribes on land zoned for grazing region resulting in the injury of two tribe Alawath injured led to the transfer to the hospital Mizdah year
correspondent added The Supreme Security Committee Branch people issued orders to its members to intervene to resolve the dispute between the two tribes
also pointed out that elements of the security committee were able to control the conflict some Qdinm six armed members of the tribe Alawath and four others from the tribe of turbidity
should be noted that a committee consisting of ten members of the Elders The chieftains boys the Abu Seif intervened and held a reconciliation meeting between the two tribes to close the file of the conflict.”

Gel green flag was raised in all Mkaaan in Marsa Matrouh Mhaaafezh on hands are free Awlad Ali.

عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااOrder to post death inventory Hassan Turkish owner Zahrawi laboratory and pharmacy Zahrawi by militias Zintan …….
Adnan al-Shaibani chick Farroukh university pharmacy before climbing after
God waits but does not neglect.


عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل\ \ \ post strong explosions and heavy lead voices in Hawari Beni Ghazi after dawn …specifically the headquarters of the former Great Manmade River.



Statement was issued to all RAT councils Misrata now and reject the sacking carved Atalibo political isolation before any decision of the conference and said not to isolate some members of the RAT Congress considered a betrayal. Now Misrata satellite channel. betrayal for sprays intent…
  •  Dry inventory Mustapha Aburawi head so-called Committee Fatwa Misrata after being hit by a sudden illness ..

Corpse inventory Saber residents Sbaah something called Battalion patrol battalion civil and then put Responsible to transfer prisoners from Tripoli to Zintan was found dead in the Aziziyah area and the body has more than 3 days and rotten and even the sight of God dogs devoured them .. Thread citing pages in February says :: / ((Mtktmin owners of integrity and ethics members of the National Congress))

The truth is that one Melcaat جردان Friday market has to kill him and that Batarh confusion and discord between Zintan and and RishvanaGod hit oppressors harmdoers.



Security Director Matrouh: I have not got what works to reopen the border with Libya 
The Gaddafi International news agency – Matrouh 

“Brigade Anani said Hamouda, director of security Matrouh, on Friday, he did not if it is received stating the reopening of the border with Libya, and explained that he did not reach any notice whether Directorate of Salloum port authorities or from the Libyan side. Some Libyan media published a statement attributed to the Libyan Prime Minister’s illegal, Ali Zaidan, stating that he was re-opening the land border with Egypt, Thursday, after being closed in the past few days because of the bad security situation. The source confirmed the Salloum land port on the Egyptian side that the movement of cargo transit at a standstill and about 600 cargo truck once again returned to the country after Libyan authorities refused illegal to allow entry only after.
“Maj. Gen. al-Anani Hamouda, director of security Matrouh, on Friday, he did not if it is received stating the reopening of the border with Libya, and explained that he did not reach any notice either Directorate of Salloum port authorities or from the Libyan side.
Some Libyan media published a statement attributed to the Libyan Prime Minister’s illegal, Ali Zaidan, stating that he was re-opening the land border with Egypt, Thursday, after being closed in the past few days because of the bad security situation .
A source port Salloum land on the Egyptian side to the movement of cargo transit at a standstill and that about 600 truck cargo returned again into the country after the rejection of the Libyan authorities illegal to allow entry only after obtaining their drivers a visa in advance from the consulate or the Libyan embassy in Egypt, before entering the Libyan port city of assistant, and the source said that passenger traffic between the two countries is at a standstill and there is no traffic between ports wild Egyptian and Libyan .”



عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجSabratha cleansed # attack on a number of gates of rats and hear the voices of lead and 14.5 at night.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel correspondent of Sabratha continuing arbitrary arrests of young people in Sabratha.


ااااااااج’s correspondent in Sirte news hesitate to integrate Galt battalion honest Furjan with battalion Buhulaiga …..

To address the rats Shawarma and Misrata No. 1.

عااااااااااااااااااااااااجل correspondent in Sirte Galt battalion and Alhamalh not with them money to pay their salaries ……….
While rats Misurata take 2,000 dinars do not know where you-



Clashes the Hdtt today at 11 am in the city of Ajdabiya between tribe Azhoyh and tribe Jawaza and led to clashes killed rat Bugger Mansour Ali Fakroun cabled.



Armed clashes in the eye of the Ministry of Tripoli 02/03/2013

The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli

fierce fighting is now taking place in all kinds of medium and heavy weapons in the area of ​​Ain Ministry near the University of Nasser between the so-called militia and security committee, some armed militias …
جل of rats pages \ killing rat Saber ordered a battalion civil battalion patrols and Responsible for the removal of prisoners from 

Tripoli to Zintan at the hands of rats Friday Market.

عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااAaaagel kidnapped Hammam Warfali of the population through the airport at the hands of rats.
Conflict between rats Gneoh Alkkla and rats Nawasi to increase their influence in Tripoli …………..
The killing and wounding more than 23 in the clashes, including rat.

اااااااااااااااااااااااAaaaajl news of the closure of the refinery corner at the hands of rats, demanding money.


Urgent (Tripoli / Janzour) :: /
were storming the Secret two o’clock committee supreme security and that the killing of Dr. Hassan Triki by the family of the deceased and his friends has commanding Secret inventory Adnan rocket turned himself is Jerdan who lose torture, Dr. Hassan Triki, who was killed under torture in second secret attribution continued the old Supreme Security Committee did not exceed 39 and has only one son Dr. …
where he was tortured last night at the hands of seven secret of جردان this beat is now dead .. For your information it is Dr. processor for wounded prisoners inside this secret. The pictures will be published and effects Taadib and medical report.

The Alhachan area of Tripoli experiencing tension because of the death of Dr. Hassan Triki last night at the hands of the elements of a militia squad of the security committee.
Libyan FM.

Video victim Hassan Mabrouk Triki, who was killed by the militias Maqrif

Death certificate young Hassan Triki, who died under torture at the hands of the second battalion attribution, and bade “Adnan al-Shaibani,” and it comes and not spend two weeks on the celebration to mark the Nakba second … Is broken, demanding their right to live safely with the increasing cases of kidnapping and murder and torture at the hands of rogue battalions.

Video shows signs of torture on the body of the citizen. Hassan Treki carp owner Al Zahrawi Medical Lab who died before the second secret attribution

  clashes between جردان of before, but the Interior Ministry and between confidential Altanah in front of the University of Nasser accused Ptaadib inventory Hassan Triki:

Only in Libya rather than filed criminal in prison, are hosted on the channels and welcomes him as a hero! 
Adnan al-Shaibani Dr. Hassan Triki killer appears on channel Alkhpashh:



The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli
video showing signs of torture on the body of the citizen. Hassan Treki carp owner Al Zahrawi Medical Lab who died before the second secret attribution and dead people say that their son died under torture in an hour.
 held a session …

Murder of Dr. Hassan Treki at the hands of rebel militias NATO


The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli
“Tripoli’s Alhachan area experiencing tension because of the death of Dr. Hassan Triki last night at the hands of the elements of a militia squad Committee mother:

Pictures now in front of the Second Secret of the phantom committee was resolved and canceled by a decision of the Interior after the killing of the young victim Hassan Triki …. and appear in the form of armored vehicles and elements of the militia after it was storming secrecy, control and arrested a number of its members.”



FEZZAN governmor
Team in order to accent the military governor of Fezzan asked to extend the truce between cabled and Tabu.

Government militias plan to erase criminal district Qderfa tomorrow in Kufra..
The continuation of the civil war between the tribes in Kufra South mass COMBINES the lives of children by adults, and the repercussions of the Nakba 17 February 2011.
عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجAttempts of rats cabled to control the Kufra airport and the expulsion of national chicken him.
عاااااااااااااااااااااااجل clashes continued in Kufra …………..The news of the death of 3 of the National Chicken.

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