Marabout, un martyr vivant/ Marabout: a LIVING MARTYR

I WANT EVERYONE TO SEE THIS, here in Corsica I am being blocked from “GADAFFI MEDIA Blogspot“!!!! Muammar’s news International pages!!!

GOV blocks Gaddaif Media blogspot!

Family news agency Gaddafi International congratulates all the Libyan people and the free world on the occasion of the anniversary of the destruction of prisons and

tearing lists banned from traveling on the third of March 1988.

On this day the Commander opened prisons for all political prisoners and the tearing lists banned from traveling in a bold move the world has seen but not witnessing her …

This is the what the Western-stronghold terms tyranny and dictatorship! Our tribute to the spirit of the leader in this day.



The anniversary of the prison break


Statement of the Revolutionary Committees Movement. . According to the newspaper the Middle East:


Libya after that country of a million Hafiz of the Holy Quran in the era of the Great Jamahiriya (masses), what would you suggest to be today, land of a million …….!


3D image:

Mu uniformed in 3D

Mu commander relax

A man works hard on the ground …… Better than a thousand sitting on Facebook and live in illusions:


Jerry John Rawlings:

Did you know my glory that you are the only one who stood up against the biggest brute force on the face of the earth and I told them to hell??? glory Muammar: Ha ha. .I expel them from their land Atahira:

32nd Brigade on 03 MARCH 2013


Blocking “Russia Today” in Libya:

Surprised Mtabau site “Russia Today” inability to access the site, while sources said a Libyan official site blocking amid condemnation of a number of political activists Libyans.
The sources reported that the Libyan Internet communications company withheld “Russia Today”, which broadcasts in Arabic on the back of a court order issued against him. The official source in the company of such information, pointing out that the site blocking implementation of the judgment of the judiciary in the case of its view of the courts during the month of January.
The site “Russia Today” broadcast a statement saying: “We have noticed a decrease in the number of visitors to the channel” Russia Today “online Mtabaana residing in Libya. Ask the citizens residing in Libya that mention in the comments whether they faced any difficulties in entering our . preferably not mention the date of entry problem in matching even if rough. “
According to the newspaper Libya future that the ban was the result of a lawsuit, noting that the observers were unable to see the quality of the article published by the site and caused the suit. It quoted sources surprise at the speed of the Libyan judiciary in the implementation of the judgment.
The site “Russia Today” proportions last week, told President of the National coalition forces Mahmoud Jibril, in which he said that the last Secretary of the General Popular Committee (Prime Minister) al-Baghdadi Mahmudi was tortured in prison in Tripoli.
But press reports said that the site was quick to withdraw the remarks attributed to Gabriel, without reference to what enhances site reports.
A few days ago, Russia today said in English that the Libyan authorities have disturbed the channel “Russia Today” Arabic-language satellite.
The site that the international telecommunications network “RR Sat”, which provides satellite service, told him the occurrence of attempts to confuse the signal “Russia Today,” adding that Libya obscure reference to prevent citizens from accessing “coverage independent and impartial” of events in the country.
And “Russia Today” is the first Russian channel in Arabic, was launched in May 2007 “to provide a news article to viewers in the Middle East.”

Russia: the first victim of the financial plight of the Libyan

The news agency Gaddafi International – 

‘remarks pointed Russian delegate Permanent United Nations Vitaly Churkin, at a meeting of the United Nations on Monday that the “Nakba February 17” Libyan began receiving Btatheradtha negative states of the African continent, speaking for the first of these effects are embodied in the Civil War, Mali. The Churkin news published site of the United Nations that the leakage of weapons during the war Libyan reasons for the outbreak of war in Mali, also added that the war has given “a pretext for international intervention in the resolution of armed conflicts on the African continent”. According to reports the United Nations, France and its allies and the government of Finance has started the war Islamist movements and jihadist, in Ozoad region of northern Mali after a UN Security Council resolution late last year.’


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi still send students to study! rest students Aregwa in annexation matter Sntien, even,

who keep most of whom complain of mistreatment pleasures rats.


News Grant stopped communities delegates students to study abroad in some countries, notably Australia and abating in seconds countries such as Canada, America (next month). goodness Jay ..

Mu teaches grandchildren to pray

SAIF foresaw correctly:

“Libya will become a civil war.”

Saif al-Islam afield

An armed clash in the angle between the two families first one belongs to the children of “Hawk” and the second for the boys “paste”, has learned our sources that the reason for the clash do a tribe Aalghemamdh attacking the people of the children of Saqr, then fleeing fugitive for surrenders at the first secret of the boys paste.
What was the sons Saqr but attacked the headquarters of the secret demanding Ptslehm man for allegedly rightful punishment of it, did not we have the information on the outcome of the clash knowing that the situation is currently quiet streaked extremely cautious on both sides, without solving the problem between them and this is what may portend turns to the worst situation…


Ali Zaidan Prime Minister Rats:

“We apologize for the assault on some communications technicians coming to the maintenance of some telecommunications services in the country. came after a group of armed assault on some travelers, including workers for foreign companies in telecommunications today.”


Libyan RAT Minister of Culture beloved secretary says that the problem of culture Assaabh bribe in Libya and we Masedkna rolls on Jumhattash to the best

Starts from the dark night series Part II , citing the so-called Channel DC Annabah:

power outages for six days due to complex events Mellita gas (when they ousted the Zintani). Promise of good…

Mohsin Adrigh director of the Libyan Investment Authority holds a press conference and confirmed that he would not leave his after Ali Zaidane disqualification decision and appointment of Ali Habre place!! throb Prime Minister “Play!” enhanced danger of the same city Henry Bernard Swehli … Shalom.

Mohamed Maqrif: We will not go back on the decision to release the conference means Balliba that no sponsor or without hands LES God – Maaendash Miderlh Paris Abebath, London addresses – What is harvested truffles and who walks Ahouc sheep and rate oxidizes milking Nyak
Voice Resistance:

“Aallahm multiply Aldhalim Baldhalim. And cast out of them safely.”


Abduction Issa Gazoa, where today came out in the morning and found his car at the Ras Aobeidh Center did not find it now:

Today start voting on the law of political isolation, Libya
05-03-2013 – 2:43 PM

‘Declared the supreme coordinating body of political isolation in Libya that the vote on the law of political isolation will be on Tuesday at the headquarters of the (RAT) National Congress.
And called for coordination in a statement carried by the Libyan news agency (and the) “all Libyan citizens and the families of martyrs, the wounded and the political prisoners to support the issuance of this law, which is one of the basic principles and fixed to revolutionize the seventeenth of February,” according to a newspaper scene also.
The conference was agreed last month to pass a law for political insulation to everyone who participated in the corruption of political life in Libya in the era of the Great Jamaahiriya after protests quickly pass a law called for insulation.
The former Libyan Transitional Council has set up a “supreme body of national standards of integrity” for use in the adoption of senior positions and the membership of the Conference and government ministers.
The initial draft of the bill insulation had ruled that “deprived of political practice and administrative whether the right to run and run in the elections in the country of various kinds, as well as assume leadership positions or functional responsibilities, administrative or financial in all administrative sectors and public companies or civil institutions or security or military and all corporate bodies owned community as well as the establishment of political parties and civil society organizations and their membership as well as federations and associations, trade unions, clubs and the like for ten years for each of the held during the period from 1969 to 2011 “a large number of incumbents and collaborators with the former regime.’


remember what Mu’ammar al-Qathafi instructed us back in July 2012:

Frère de la liberté d’expression au peuple libyen pour l’élection présumée

Brother leader Muammar speaks to us concerning the false elelections in Libya, 06 JULY 2012

Brother of free speech to the Libyan people for alleged election

PART TWO of Muammar’s expression on 06 JULY 2012:
Frère de la liberté d’expression au peuple libyen pour l’élection présumée 2
Frère de la liberté d’expression au peuple libyen pour l’élection présumée 2
Brother of free speech to the Libyan people for alleged election 2


14 MAI 2012:

Publiée le mai in 2012 fourteen par GreatAljamahiriya

Brother of free speech to the Libyan people in and out Aldaakhl elections a farce entitled to a room on the Paltalk bone mass
Radioa sidewalk FM

room on Paltalk bone mass


Sfajh room Alhmaheria Great Logo

Libya Facebook Page on Facebook

La liberté d’expression au peuple libyen de la salle Grande Jamahiriya


READ ALSO (ABOUT “elections”):


Popular Movement of the Libyan National

“We call upon all Libyans … to boycott the farce of these so-called elections, and even struggle to make it fail,

Libya our beloved homeland, for all, and everyone, and for everyone.”
National Popular Movement statement on what is called the elections a farce:
“In the name of God the Merciful
The belief of the Libyan People’s National Movement, which seeks its objectives to achieve them, and strives for it,

and invites the public to engage the Libyans in their investigation.
Proceeding from our national and historical to our great people, and his great sacrifices, and standing in the face

of the conspiracy against his country, and expropriated the blood of his sons, and destroyed the infrastructure

of his country, we call on our people struggling patient, to the county electoral farce, and not selling out in the

process of systematic targeting legitimize the government imported, do not enjoy any popular support, and its

supporters only a handful of people with precedents and criminals.
Add to that, the religion, law, reason, logic, requires the honest people of Libya’s alleged boycott of these

elections for the following reasons:
● criticize Islam because of the legal conscious politicians and jurists, including:
A – the calling of the elections today illegitimate authority, and not competent to make such a fateful actions.
B – lack of credibility in the granting of electoral seats according to population representation, where granted

some areas populated seats, more than other population density far in excess of its counterpart.
C – jump on the concept of national identity, and overcome the issue discount with respect to the concept of

identity for people with dual nationalities, and the Libyan people to decide on that.
– Non-logical conduct of elections in a country teetering between the choice of whether or not the federal

system, and therefore are not properly conduct the election before discussing projects federalization, and

agreed upon, not least because of the Guide to Federal Kmenadah supporters in eastern Libya to boycott

the electoral process.
● Do not give any legitimacy or credibility of the armed criminal gangs, to legitimize their presence, and the

oppression of our people, and Abtha Bmekdrath, and wasted his fortune is no longer a secret to everybody.
● What was the laws of exclusion, marginalization, and racism practiced by government militias, which

seeks to create political legitimacy of one color to cover up the crimes relating to human rights.
● Do not be any political process in Libya that are unresolved and the dismantling of armed militias, and the

return of state institutions, the armed forces and police, and judiciary, and on behalf of, … and the establishment

of security, and the achievement of genuine national reconciliation inclusive, without exclusion or marginalization

of one because of political belief, or social affiliation, with the need for the immediate release of all detainees

in prisons Alumblyxiaoah.
Building on the above, we call upon all Libyans, in eastern Libya and the west, and north and south, on behalf

of the honorable in the National Movement of the People’s Libyan need to boycott the farce of so-called

elections, and even struggle all the way to make it fail, in order to Libya beloved homeland, for all, and

everyone, and for everyone.”
Al Akhdar

The direct participatory democracy in Libya which included more than 6,000 people’s congresses has now been banned from functioning with the seizure of power by force of a small elite backed by 7 months of western bombing, one fifth of the population forced into exile as refugees in neighbouring countries, notably Tunisia, and tens of thousands imprisoned.

In place of the more than 6,000 congresses which were the decision-making vehicle for the Libyan masses, who took direct part in the exercise of power rather than via representatives, and the tens of thousands of people’s committees, there is now to be a mere two hundred “representatives” to rule over the Libyan people, and this fact is celebrated by world media as a victory for democracy.

At the very same time, the world media presstitutes failed to cover the fact of the illegal detention of the General Secretary of the General People’s Congress of Libya, so that this farce could go ahead without people asking questions about what really happened to democracy in Libya, while the lies are repeated that multi-party democracy rather than the no-party democracy is the wish of the people.

The masses in the western world are tired of casting ballots into trash cans every few years. They know only too well that the parties bring no change, and that decisions are made by unelected bankers and other elites, while the masses are forced to sit aside and watch.

Were western style elections to really bring about change, they would have been banned long ago. Yet, these serve to fool some of the people into thinking that they live in a free society, unlike in the Libyan Jamahiriya where direct democracy was exercised twice every year in thousands of conferences, and not by the casting of a single vote every few years as in the sham western democracies.

The masses in eastern Libya, where the support for the direct democracy system of the Jamahiriya is claimed by western media to be the lowest, was where the most resistance to the farcical “elections” took place this weekend, with many polling stations coming under attack and western media reported deaths while at the same time hailing a victory for democracy.

“We don’t have a law to control political parties, we don’t have a constitution yet. How can they consider this a legitimate congress?” said 25-year-old student Abdelwahab Al-Ghazali in Benghazi, explaining why he boycotted the poll.

Only the lazy opportunist minority, who did not like to attend the People’s Congresses because it involved thinking, speaking, and decision-making, hailed the elections in Libya as a “new era”, the Era of Idiots to replace the Era of the Masses, where this minority of exploiters can be elected and the minority of those who love to be exploited, could reduce their responsibility to simply placing an X on a piece of paper once ever few years.
This is the best photo that the jewish progressive Haaretz newspaper could come up with, a handful of inbred degenerates in Tripoli’s central Green Square which they now call Martyr’s Square. Do they look like normal Libyans to you? Click to enlarge and look at the eyes of this nonce, and the faces of his few colleagues. A donkey or even a cow has more intelligence shining forth from its eyes.

After the elections, either one of the minority islamist parties will be the winner or the minority secular party, and the sectarian strife and division will continue, because western style democracy forces people to choose between parties, rather than to discuss each and every issue and arrive at the majority consensus, as was the case in the Libyan Jamahiriya.

In the Libyan Jamahiriya the issue of secularism versus theocracy did not arise, since it was the people themselves, who participated rather then sectarian parties which aim to come to power via the divisions of people into camps for and against.

On the eve of the vote, which had been put off several times due to the opposition to the denial of democracy, a helicopter carrying polling materials near the eastern city of Benghazi was shot down by anti-aircraft guns, forcing it to crash land, killing at least one 22 year old election worker, said Saleh Darhoub, a spokesman for the ruling National Terrorist Council, CNT.

Flush with money from George Soros et al, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party has led one of the best organized and most visible election campaigns and are hoping to become a political force in Libya like the Islamists of Egypt and Tunisia which serve the Jewish money-men.

Participation in the elections was not verified by any independent sources, with the ruling TNC making absurd claims that over a million Libyans participated, or 60% of the electorate, when in fact over a million Libyans have been forced into exile, tens of thousands remain languishing in torture centres, and the country now has the worst human rights record on the planet.

Three other parties are participating in the elections which have banned the majority of Libyans from participation: Mahmoud Jibril’s secular Alliance of National Forces, former jihadist and Al-Qaida allied rebel commander Ahmed Belhaj’s Al-Watan and the National Front party, one of Libya’s oldest political groups, which is credited with organizing several failed assassination attempts against Gadhafi but has only a few thousands followers.
This is the best image that the U.S. news agency U.P.I. could come up with, an old woman who still remembers the era of the puppet King Idris, and may have been among the 1% who suffered loss of their privileges under socialism. The ink on her finger, is to prevent her from placing two crosses, or even three multiple votes, for only one is allowed. The usual expression of the unintelligent are a dead giveaway, and the size of the cow alongside indicates it was fed on ham burgers at MacDonalds and thus only recently arrived in Libya from either Britain or the USA.
The new parliamentary dictatorship initially had two missions: to elect a new transitional government to replace the one appointed by the National Transitional Council in order to give a veneer of legitimacy to the occupation regime, and to put together a 60-member panel to write a constitution. Each of Libya’s three regions was to have 20 seats on the panel.

You read that correctly. The constitution of Libya, the Holy Qur’an, which was adopted by the millions of Libyan people in 1977 in their People’s Conferences as their Constitution, is to be replaced by islamists who wish to draft a replacement constitution to the Holy Qur’an which they claim to follow. Such is the reality of heretic islamists who serve their zionist masters.

Due to this obvious contradiction which not one of the media networks in the world mentions, in a last-minute move, the occupation TNC/CNT regime decreed that the constitutional panel instead will be elected by direct vote, leaving the parliament only with the task of forming a government, angering many candidates who campaigned largely on the basis of their role in overseeing the drafting of the constitution.

It still does not fix the fact that the constitution will thus replace the Qur’an to a more narrow one that they can control, rather than the masses of Libyans who are Muslim and not in favour of narrow opportunistic islamist heresy, hypocrisy and ignorant fanaticism.

A protester destroys computer parts set on fire with voting materials outside the office of the national election commission in Benghazi (Photo: Reuters). Yes, I know, don’t ask the obvious, why set fire to computer parts, but as it’s a western news agency and they never ask the obvious, Reuters did not ask, and think we are not supposed to either. What matter is that voting ballots were set on fire, not that the rat is using them to destroy computer parts in the same process.

Anti-election protesters stormed a dozen polling stations in Benghazi on Saturday, with several thousand ballot papers being publicly burnt in a town square in a sign of discontent at not having the people’s congresses convene, but instead being forced to merely vote. The actions took place right after the polling stations opened for voting.

The previous Sunday, gunmen ransacked the office of the electoral commission in Benghazi.

“Benghazi has always the leading city in political activism,” said engineer Khaled Jeroushi. “Even in Tripoli people say that if Benghazi fails then elections will fail everywhere in Libya.” Benghazi is the town where Muammar Qaddafi made his first radio broadcast at the dawn of the Al-Fateh 1st September 1969 revolution.

Of course, world zionist-controlled media will continue to hail the sham as a victory for democracy and “free and fair elections”, they’ll do anything to white-wash the blood of the kleptomaniac western predators’ invasion of Libya and occupation of its oil and water resources.

Another dead-eyed soul-less money-rat: Mahmoud Jibril

Mahmoud Jibril’s secular Alliance of National Forces, is tipped to win in order to give a democratic face to his ruling occupation TNC/CNT regime, is composed of more than 40 small parties, and will soon fight among each other and against the militias of Ahmed Belhaj who are already fighting among themselves, observers say.

However, it will likely declare a close result with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party, and offer the latter the ministries as per the instructions received from the Jewish paymasters of the CNT/TNC, which organized the take-over of Libya in order to create an environment conducive to a Greater Israel between the Euphrates and the Nile, with Libya being the first major water war in order to additionally control the massive thousand year reserves of pure mineral water of the Great Man Made River.

At least on death was reported in Ajdabiya when gunmen opened fire near a polling station.

Many polling stations refused to accept the ballot boxes and materials for the farcical vote, including most in Sirte and Kufra, and hundreds could not open due to sabotage.

National elections spokesman of the occupation regime, Nuri Abbar told a news conference in Tripoli Saturday night it was estimated 1.2 million people had voted during the day, the Tripoli Post said.

And yet, world zionist media and the zionist occupation TNC/CNT puppets were saying that 1.6 million Libyans took part in the farce, is a number lower than the 1.7 million who took to the streets with green flags on July 1st last year, in support of the Leader of the Revolution, Muammar Qadhafi and demanding NATO cease bombing and give up their attempts to occupy Libya.

The number “one point six million” probably emanates from the zionist psyche which claimed, echoing Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda minister) that is a lie is to be believed, let is be a big one, thus resulting in the “six million Jews gassed” holocaust myth, which even zionists have now been forced to lower to one hundred and fifty thousand.

Even the rats (mercenary rebels) are against the voting

Following report is verbatim from the Global Post, a western zionist press that is pro-elections:

Across town in the area of Hadaidek, would-be voters met a hostile greeting as federalist supporters blocked two polling stations, burning ballot forms and voting boxes.
“Federalism is the logical choice for Libya,” said militia commander Erheem Khamis as his fellow protesters chanted waving guns and fists at the line of traffic attempting to pass by. “Many model democratic countries like the USA have successful federal systems, but the National Transitional Council dictators are making this decision without asking the people. This is dirty politics so we will not support this election. We are not asking for segregation from the West. We are just asking for what is logical.”

In an interview prior to the election, Abdul al-Bast, head of Benghazi’s security Intelligence and a supporter of a federal system in Libya explained the complaints of many Benghazians who were calling for extra seats in the National Congress.

Al-Bast said traditionally Libya is split into three parts: Fezzan in the south, the greater Tripoli region and the eastern region of Barqa (Cyrenaica) of which the capital is Benghazi. He argued each region should have an equal number of seats regardless of population.

“All people would accept any election decision made in this way at this time,” he said. “But the NTC they did things differently. They took 100 from Tripoli, 60 from Barqa and 48 from the South. It is not fair, but they say it is fair because in Tripoli region there are too many people and in the other regions less. But Barqa is a large territory and the others are small and at the same time all the oil is here.”

Al-Bast voiced grave concerns that disagreements over election policy would lead to bloodshed but said his security forces were working around the clock guarding polling stations day and night to prevent it.

In Hadaidek, the federalists celebrated their minor victory over election supporters. Periodically, cars carrying new ballot boxes seized from other areas would arrive to joyful cheers. The crowd would frantically rip up the contents, spreading the paper through the streets like confetti or burning the pieces on a small bonfire in the middle of the square. Ballot boxes were ripped apart in a frenzy before being adding to the flames, but the violence remained relatively contained with some minor clashes occurring between pro election drivers and angry members of the mob.

“The country has been sold to Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood,” said Nassar Kafir, a militia commander standing guard at the closed school grounds that were to be a polling station. “We do not believe in these elections. If we are standing on the side of justice, even if we lose we can still be proud of taking a stand for our beliefs and our rights.”

Kafir said although his militia group has many heavy weapons at their disposal it was not their intention to resort to violence.

Not all shared the same resolve.

“We will not stop until our demands are met. We have forces standing by,” said protester Faithi Badri. Protesters claimed Gaddafi had built up Tripoli, neglecting Benghazi and the East. The federal system for which they ask would give Benghazi semi autonomy over a region stretching from the oil rich area of Sirte back to the Egyptian border. 80% of the countries known oil reserves are contained in this region.

By the end of voting at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Benghazi had seen three deaths in relation to the elections.

People’s Conferences and People’s Committees, made Libya the most democratic country on earth, prior to the U.S.-European-backed NATO occupation war on Libya

There were 1,554 polling stations according to the ruling TNC/CNT rat council, for their people to cast their votes, compared to the 6,500 people’s conferences that existed in Libya prior to the western-backed invasion and occupation by armed militias, where all Libyans could participate in the actual formation of policy rather than mere elections.

That the TNC/CNT could not even put up 6,500 polling stations manned by a few people each, compared to the People’s Conferences which had hundreds of members each, is a clear mathematical and indisputable fact proving that democracy has been stultified in Libya, the interim Secetary-General of the International People’s Conference Organization told Mathaba News.

Of the 1,554 intended polling stations, hundreds could not open due to protests and resistance of the Libyan people. Even British media reported 101 failing to open, while the real number prevented from opening was in the hundreds according to other reports.

On Thursday, ex-militiamen shut down three eastern oil refineries – in Ras Lanouf, Brega and Sidr – to press the transitional occupation regime to cancel the vote.

Militiamen also have cut the country’s main coastal highway linking east to west.

Libyan authorities closed the Wazen-Dhehiba border crossing with Tunisia late on Friday due to security concerns in light of the ongoing congress elections, Tunisian media reported on Saturday.

The border crossing will only be open for Tunisians and Libyans returning to their home countries, the official TAP press agency reported on Saturday.

Some 600,000 out of the one million Libyans who had to flee Libya due to the imposed dictatorship last year, out of a population of six and a half million, are in Tunisia and are opposed to the election farce.

In any case the election is a waste of time for the occupation regime, since no party will win an outright victory and they will be forced to form alliances that will not stand the test of unity, since the only unifying force in Libya was the entire population which had the only no-party and truly democratic system in the world.

Libya thus went from being the most stable and secure country out of 53 African states, and having a standard of living higher than Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Saudi Arabia, to being one of the most insecure countries in the world, and the worst human rights situation on the planet, with over one hundred thousand killed, and tens of thousands remaining in prison, the majority tortured.

Polling stations across Libya are only for pro-occupation votes, even the booths sport the monarchist pre-revolution black flag, while the green flag of the Libyan masses is banned and anyone wearing green or showing support for the Jamahiriya is imprisoned, tortured, killed, or all three.

Clinton Praises Violent Libyan Election

This headline was in a Zionist news publication, “Israel National News”. It reported that U.S. Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) Hillary Clinton is praising “Libya’s first national election since the ouster and murder of dictator Muammar Qaddafi.”

It reported the NTC/CNT as saying on Thursday that Islamic Shari’a law should be the “main” source of legislation and that this should not be subject to a referendum.

“During the voting that took place on Saturday, armed gangs stormed polling stations in Benghazi, Guba and Suluq”, the Israel National News reported.

“In one instance, ballots were torched; in several others, people were shot. At other voting stations, terrorists blocked ballots from being delivered altogether”, it said, adding:

“The last election in Libya took place in 1964, under then-King Idris al-Senussi. He was deposed at gunpoint in a 1969 bloodless coup by Col. Muammar Qaddafi”, 42 years ago.

The results of the election are not expected to be declared for several days with official results to be announced by the occupation regime on July 11th.

According to the United Nations, the elections are going very well and they are using the word “impressive”.

Human Rights Watch Lies

Human Rights Watch “researcher” Hanan Saleh, topped the ignorance table by saying that the elections in Libya gave people a chance to “take part in the decision-making process”, and that Libyans had never had a chance to take part in decision-making before! We have yet to find any other fool in the world who thinks that they have had a chance to take part in decision-making by merely voting for a political party who will decide all on their behalf.

What part of People’s Conferences did Hanan Saleh not understand? For her, the 6,500 congresses across Libya just did not exist. Yet, she conceded that there are tens of thousands of political prisoners. We truly are living in the Era of Idiots, when a U.S. “human rights researcher” cannot even know or honestly state the situation concerning “decision-making” in her own country, let alone Libya.
Sorry to bring you such an ugly photo but there is no better one of British Prime Idiot Hague, who called the elections in Libya a “landmark moment” and repeated the mantra that “for the first time in 42 years…” These fools, and look at the man’s eyes again, another one without soul, all keep repeating “42 years” because that is when Libya was lost to Britain, thanks to the heroic actions of Muammar Qadhafi and other MEN that the wimp Hague could never hope to be. Small boys need their hands on nuclear buttons in order to feel powerful. But even in the past 1000 years, Libya never had any western style elections, let alone 42.

Now learn about real democracy #

Crimes dread the devil …. and Radw play by Alamle and traitors to Libya

Crimes dread the devil …. and Radw play by Alamle and traitors to Libya



Channel hacked again!, and 2 days of audio failure…


Mu’ammar is under divine protection and has been thus so his entire life….But Mu’ammar will never bend, and is submissive to God alone. IF he was told to sacrifice his life, he would; but that is not the proposed and neeeded case with Muammar –Mu’ammar has sacrificed in all other ways — far greater than even JOB/AYOUB could be imagined! He lost everything material; but knows where true wealth lies. Muammar is truly worthy of the title: LIVING MARTYR!

Visit institution reform and rehabilitation of Dr. Baghdadi Mahmudi Farajallah agony and anguish of all prisoners:

Baghdadi prisoner


“But treason:Treason utter a strong impact on the self by ear, in our personal lives leads the occurrence of treason to destroy trust between individuals and the relationships between them, even if confined treason on non-fulfillment of a promise or covenant not to mention lead treason to destroy someone’s life or insulted and injured feelings.This respect us as individuals, but treason is the greatest and bigger than tolerate any same, and almost brings humans abhorred traitor, every act of shameful that one can find a justification for the perpetrator but treason; we can never be found justified, where was the reason it makes you feel for this shameful act is never intercede for you to sell your home country and become known traitor.Whatever we disagree in our thoughts, beliefs or principles, no matter how wronged children of our Father, and our people and the people of our country per this never can justify us treason.Three qualities one of them can only be done by the other: treachery, betrayal and hypocrisy. Valgdr requires treason and treason require hypocrisy, and all these qualities are of the worst and the very end of the qualities that may meet as a human being.Even uglier people recipes hates and abhors traitor and Yazdrah, because treason means not of virility necessarily, which does not have a human virility can display and sell his honor as he can sell his homeland, because the country is like supply and honor to man. Han and homeland cheer him simply display and honor.May disagree with the ruling has أمقته and detest his government, may national Azlmna, has revived it because of strange speech of a national children and talk to, but the immune custom or religion, creed or ideology justifies me a national betrayal. That shame himself to betray your country, that shame will not only be worn alone or even all your family and your offspring, will consider them people askance, will Yazdrunhm, not because people are evil, but because the offense for which it did great, so great, so you its grievance yourself and your family above wronged for your country and the people of your country, and nothing forgives sin of treason, unfortunately never safe thing.Even betray your country for them, look at you as a person tacky, they do not trust your not respect you among themselves and showed you respect, they conceal in their hearts detestation and contempt for you, they know it can not be any sane person jamon الخوان, and sells home sells homelands other easily. Han and his homeland, playing down the homelands of others.Will not go away in history so as not to disturb the dead in their graves, and just going to mention neighborhoods. فهاهو (Antoine Lahad) His army limit, militia military killed Lebanese and horrified innocent of them in favor of the Zionist entity, and while withdraw Zionists from the land of Lebanon pure, abandoned عبدهم traitor publicly them, abandoned him completely, they did not accept even granted asylum to their entity usurper.
Even the Jews abhor the traitor Fmae with others.Finally ..Everything goes and stays home so long as the heavens and the earth,
and whatever your excuse for treason, not Aadhir you, and the nation does not forget who betrayed him and Khan (secretly or openly) Valkhiana remain betrayal, face ugly not Ijmlh thing, and plated authorities traitor to the need of the same.
The homeland and history never forgive, and remain mention traitor even after his death. They do not never Agfran traitor.Says Sharif Qatada Abuaziz bin Idris:And Hunt on my dear ** if I to Oary hungryLi palm Durgham assets Bbtchha ** Asheri between mankind and sellRemain the kings of the earth Tlthm back ** In her stomach for Magdben SpringOojolha beneath then seeks ** salvation? I have permission to Odaa.”


fuel tanks found the area Tocra day loaded large quantities of alcohol and cannabis for NATO rebels:


Oil rig commemoration:


Important Altagah died …. Good Guy …… stronger Dskat Libyan on Jermanah arena …. We ask Allaah to guide you.


Son of Rat traitor Colonel Naji Moroccan battalion commander of the so-called Omar Mukhtar was kidnapped by masked, after they did it, found a bad psychological state. Chick Defiance kidnapped in the rat and his father traitor by Macalt Sources close. God smite oppressors harmdoers.

Day before yesterday when the Asr prayer in the mosque of neighborhood effects in Gargaresh warmed worshipers to pray and then pray prayers for a deceased person from the area and while they are praying group entered carrying on their shoulders the ark another and put him next to the coffin first and prayed worshipers on Alatnen, after the end of the prayer the first family of the deceased to lift the coffin to be taking it to the cemetery for burial, as usual .. And few remained in the mosque waiting for one of the second family of the deceased to bury him, but did not attend the one .. Doubt people interested and suggested opening the coffin to recognize the as their find the people listed in blood fully clothed in the coffin … Contacted the police and the Interior and the deceased rather go to the grave went to the refrigerator and then the morgue and identified the body … We are now in a deplorable case to him and God.



News ..

Battalion # Ajdabiya heading to the white blockade .. The exchange of heavy weapons shells between turf and the dome .. The tribe clashes in # Derna amid relative calm hangs over # Benghazi after a night bloody civil wars!! – after being driven in the morning .. Back heavily armed militias from Zintan and violent clashes broke out between them and between Zuwarah about militias Mellita oil complex. – Bani Walid receive displaced families of Mizdah and honor their hospitality!! – coming after February 15 Matalaaosh ousted!! Talat جردان NATO .. The murder of Sacrifice everywhere in the occupied.

Nothing strange 1 – clashes in Benghazi at night and explosions …… Residents have become accustomed to it 2 – the voice of lead in Sabha ……….. Standard 3 – Voice of heavy weapons in Tripoli ………. We are used to it and if people in the Libyan …… Accustomed to sleep to the sound of bullets.

Something strange, which tracks Facebook ……………Cons Liberation nearby and when you go down to the ground ……….. See everything normally when we go to the desert ………. We believe that we live in illusion and will not back the Libyan.

clashes continued for the fourth day in a row between rats Zintan, Alguentarar and epiphyseal between in Mizdah 2 – interruption loss coverage and in Mizdah 3 – dozens wounded in Bani Walid and Gharyan Hospital.

Asham home:

(Mizdah) Khashh some .. 
(infidels) Khashh some .. 
(Mellitah) Khashh some .. 
Hotel (Rixos) Khash some .. 
(south) on the verge of the federal announcement .. 
(Benghazi) kilo (tomato) (5) JD .. 
Tension on the border (Egyptian) (Libyan) .. 
aircraft (Israeli) roam the sky (Libya) .. 
base (French) South (Alqtron) .. 
(base) in the city (tuber) .. 
(Misurata) are not subject to ( state) .. 
(Ignaoh) criminal sentenced to life sentence controls (4/1) Tripoli .. 
(kidnapping) and torture of citizens to death on a daily basis .. 
spread (poverty) and (theft) and (prostitution) .. 
(million text) citizen immigrant .. 
(50) A. Libby died in the war .. 
(17) thousand prisoners, mostly on the identity, 
no rule of the state .. 
closing of a number of oil fields .. 
(thefts) and (smuggling money) .. 
(5) billion Serghen (Cape) .. 
(2) billion Sergthen (Ahamroch) .. 
(170) million Serghen (Fawzi Abdel Aal) .. 
(250) thousand them duplication of functions .. 
raped property of others .. 
more than (2) billion debt hospitals States other .. 
contempt (Libyan) all over the world except in the (Qatar) .. 
(5) and secede controlled (Qatar) .. 
(Qataris) have sex with (Lippiat) .. 
secret meetings and the signing of agreements with (the Jews). . 
(80) billion compensation for Jews on charges of abuse (Gaddafi) them .. 
disappearance (2) billion from the budget (Chief of Staff) .. 
(Bani Walid) is not represented by a (National Congress) .. 
people (Torghae) living in the open. . 
halt all housing projects .. 
(foreigners) have fled (Benghazi) .. 
(Hassi) intelligence chief citizen (Alomrakh) .. Long live free Libya


اااااااااااااااجل rats of the national chicken and rats Misrata heading to Bani Walid and people now aagain..

NATO is said to be backing this with 300 armored tanks and vehicles and air-support, just as they yesterday bombed Sirte again!

Bani Walid Honor :: / 
arrival of the body of martyr Omar birthday Alkamiay carp from Misurata after his arrest in the battlefields on 10/17/2012 
and I will raise the funeral prayer in the tomb Abungerh Palmrdom afternoon.

God bless the martyr and grant open deceased.  

post addicted to the people of Bani Walid …….. From there comes of rats Alguentarar or May 28, a fugitive from Mizdah …………

kill him and انصروا brothers of epiphyseal.

Voice Resistance:
Found on the body of Sheikh Ali Alaftmana, 89 years old, recalled that he was kidnapped 4 months ago at the hands of the militias that entered Bani Walid …



Voice Resistance:

“determination and insistence on freedom, sovereignty and dignity and glory.
do not Tkhcohm never Akhcoa God you closer to them are infidels and Kharijites are crusaders and infidels.
Djibo returns Jdodkm ..

Jibwa returns Jdodkm men and women this topic time must Azhfo the city of Tripoli to purify A this topic hour certificate or victory applied everywhere everywhere defeated enemy. Enemy and the most important.

Enemy and the most important because it depends on NATO Fight is owed ​​to them.
is owed ​​to them quickly you an overwhelming majority ye marches Magdy Rady Ammeltoha.

Work now the same marches Alumblyona be fighter this topic time Amlú streets believe Fight fields and so kill them they Cherdmh. Cherdmh few ćáÇßä you the vast majority you thundering masses of Libya to the Libyan people and not for customers.

Libya to the Libyan people, not to colonize.
Libya you not to France is not for Sarkozy. Dmrōhm Wayne Maogdtmohm Fight Takbohem Feltzhv audiences everywhere.”

voice resistance

sounds heavy bullets at night in steady and the coastal road corner.

correspondent of bad weather Friday Market …… And some armed with small arms hanging in the main roads only.

correspondent of the Friday Market:
bombed Mizdah and Zintan not base Motaiqh and there is no flight today or yesterday

Smashing National Conference Hall “Rixos Hotel” Today 03/03/2013 (Photos)

The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli, 

  • breaking news
    musrata armed groups siege members of national conference headquarter to impose issue the law political isolation by using forcibly weapon and president mohamed almagheryef fall down on ground consciously . there are armed groups belong to mohammed almagheryef they are existing with different equips now to lift the siege on the meeting 
    place and they release members forcibly . news rumors there are some wounds among members of conference


    Mohamed Maqrief has his vicious batallion too…and this just emphasis the discord among the RATS and
    Zionists who tookover FORCABLY the Great JAMAHIRIYA and installed a Mafia State.

  • Violent attack battalions Maqrief on Alambthurin – Rixos Hotel

    ألم يقولوا أن كتائب القذافي تقتل المتظاهرين؟؟ ماذا عن هؤلاء الجرحى المبثوري الاعضاء المغرر بيهم الذين هاجمتهم حكومة العملاء وهم نيام؟؟؟ هل يشكلون خطر على سيا…

rebel militias NATO today attacked the Rixos Hotel that customer Atkhaddh headquarters them and they have destroyed many of its parts, and that some of their government procrastinated in treat Massabém.

Tripoli 03/03/2013
achievements of the great conqueror customers, however, NATO destroyed
hotel Most Alricksos this today the headquarters of the so-called the Libyan Allaotunai Conference
storming group of militias to decode sit wounded inside the hotel.

Ammar Libya Ammar, the most important thing who destroy the whole of achievements Altagahthis case hotel Alricksos this the day after the battle between rats Alambthurin and rats pagan conference Mlisheh.

Limit members of Congress Allaotunai Muhammad Salim option for short-circuit tried to get out of the hall was prevented Mnmn rats protestors and traced back to the hall by force


Latest News:

Tripoli: Al-Rixsos “wounded Thoaralnato”
ended suitability “
was vacuuming and the expulsion of amputees or disabled from the armed rebellion after delivering Cherdma importers dolls America and the West to power ” funny topic there news, will be securing hotel rooms Almaatemrat by armed members of the sons of neighborhoods near Aalricksos “militias” do not follow any party security to the Government of importers!.Wayne Zaratkm and اجهزتكم security Aaamadag!? actually live state tykes “
Congratulations to you Pantsaratkm O importers on fools fools of rebels NATO, and Blfl deserve thanks for art tricks and laughter and clowning and scroll smoothly “

the Al-Rixsos Front gunmen are paid on the member Juma Sayeh as he tried to escape from the outer wall

so as not to vote on the law of political isolation.

:: /
militias Jerdan of Abdulrahman Swehli and Salah Paddy besieging customers Conference Wati in Hall meteorological Swany to impose law insulation force.
while resound Astjdaúat Alaamlae to lift the siege on them.
has registered a reported attack on TV cameraman capital Jerdanih and MP Mohammad tourist by Jerdan …
Oh God smite Aldhalim Baldhalim
and lived Libya siege and Mddihamat.

And the blessings of liberty and democracy 
rat Salah Badi collect signatures from members of Congress under threat while his militia surrounded the building .. The move came to know of disapproves the insulation to be pressure on him personally in ways that criminal gangs.

Hall conference Allaotunai after that, NATO Baguethamha militias …….. enlarge.

Juma Al-Sayeh member General Allaotunai Congress being beaten when he tried to escape from the siege by the armed militias on the members of the conference:

Fire eat each if you do not find what you eat ….An armed clash in the corner an armed clash between the customer and the traitors of the city of the angle between the two families first one belongs to the children of Saqr and the second to the children of a paste, has learned our sources that the reason for the clash do a tribe Aalghemamdh attacking the people of the children of Saqr, then fleeing fugitive for surrenders at the first secret of for the children of a paste. what was the sons Saqr but attacked the headquarters of the secret demanding Ptslehm man for allegedly rightful punishment of it, did not we have the information on the outcome of the clash knowing that the situation is currently quiet streaked extremely cautious on both sides, without solving the problem between them and this is what that threatens to turn the situation to the worst. You God, O Libya …

Witnessed the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Al Fateh day sit-in by a group of students in solidarity with their colleague / hostile دردور, and condemn them attack a group of senior members of the security committee on the graduation ceremony. It is noteworthy that this student had been insulted and beaten and stabbed بحراب guns by the so-called security committee:

Wounding four in the process of evacuating the conference hall Allaotunai of the wounded and amputees.

Commands allow the use of bullets and bombs, tanks and aircraft to evacuate the conference hall of the wounded who participated in the process of Operation  “Unified Protector”, NATO on Libya .. resolution provides for the use of all means available.

Wounded rats protestors inside Rixos obtained the salary of three thousand and five hundred dinars and treatment at the expense of society and the State ensures the house built and tickets for life at half the price, however, did not leave the hall was expelled from by militias guarding the hall and now Khashh each.

عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااج’s correspondent in the Friday Market with congestion tension … Warplanes in the air … by Rixos locked.
عااااااااااااااااااااااااجل Liberal pages (Channel Friday Market) shut down by Arada by rats.

Furnag – 5 km approx east from Tripoli, our beloved Militias beat to death a DOCTOR because they suspected him of helping the prisoners to escape. Of course these beloved militias were caught but I do not think they will be CHARGED!

  • Urgent corner an armed gathering Germana and alert area harcha before camp harcha and prepare for an attack on the steady pretext to arrest wanted.
    Convoy commander rats – a U.S. citizen – Mohamed Maqrif – former ambassador to India’s mass – and former client of the CIA CIA – and President Allaotunai Conference:
    Monday morning 04/03/2013 Court of Appeals
  • Tripoli postponed the trial of Mohammed cabled Secretary of the General People’s Congress and
    عبدالعاطي Obeidi and Foreign Minister to session 18 -3-2013
    At the request of the lawyer Suleiman Aezzabi who request a photocopy of the newspaper
    Lawsuit and see copies of documents relating to the case.
    Reports of injuries among the members of different conference Allaotunai by militias Salah Badi and Abdulrahman Swehli-
    “Today’s event on 2013.3.4 at six in the evening almost.
    initially say that I a young man from the city of corner you’re standing near a restaurant Moumen Bkerkarc and drew my attention that there is a group of young Ichagro then evolution fracas that have begun shooting at each other and that was between two person The first shoots a gun on the second person, but did not hurt anyone and then took his car and went separate ways (not shown in the video) The second person, a young man who appears in the video was the young shoots second by Clash N then pulled into the street opposite and Bdibatalaq bullets everywhere and at me, injuring someone Mar in front of the street where he fell to the ground and I think he had died and then back to the main road and began firing randomly as shown stanza and that was towards the west and the other person is lost came before the infecting a person passing and this patient was to resuscitate him, as is evident stanza (Vllohmah hope of page publishing this video to testify only might have died this person and possibly wounded another person at this time because, as evident in the section he shall release horizontally and I bear witness that this person is the only one who has Klashen at the time gave him another person younger than him).”

    حدث اليوم بتاريخ 2013.3.4 عند الساعة السادسة مساء تقريبا. في البداية اقول بانني شاب من مدينة الزاوية كنت واقفا بالقرب من مطعم مومن بقرقارش ولفت انتباهي بانه هناك مجموعة من الشباب يتشاجرو ثم تطور الشجار الى ان بدأو بإطلاق النار على بعضهم وكان ذلك بين شخصين الشخص الاول يطلق النار بواسطة مسدس على الشخص الثاني ولكنه لم يصب اي شخص ثم اخذ سيارته وذهب في حال سبيله (لم يظهر في الفيديو ) اما الشخص الثاني وهو شاب صغير وهو الذي يظهر في الفيديو كان يطلق النار على الشاب الثاني بواسطة كلاشن ثم انسحب الى الشارع المقابل وبدأبإطلاق الرصاص في كل مكان وبإتجاهي مما ادى الى اصابة شخص مار من امام الشارع حيث سقط ارضا واظن انه قد مات ثم ظهر الى الطريق الرئيسي وبدأ بإطلاق النار عشوائيا كما هو مبين بالمقطع وكان ذلك بأتجاه الغرب والشخص الاخر غير موجود فقد خرج قبل ان يقوم باصابة الشخص المار وهذا المصاب تم اسعافه كما هو واضح بالمقطع (فللأهمية نرجو من الصفحة نشر هذا الفيديو للشهادة فقط فلربما قد مات هذا الشخص وربما اصيب شخص اخر في هذا الوقت لأنه وكما واضح في المقطع انه يقوم بالإطلاق افقيا واشهد ان هذا الشخص هو الوحيد الذي لديه كلاشن في ذلك الوقت وقد اعطاه اياه شخص اخر اصغر منه )
    Durée : ‎0:21

Explosion occurred an hour were targeted battalion negative phenomena Jermanah in Salmani eastern central Buildings 602 were thrown on the headquarters of more than Julatinh and shootings on the headquarters and to an extent far have not seen the number of casualties, but as seen from afar most of the population buildings خرجو Mvzoaan and wounding vehicles belonging to the battalion.

Theft Andalus neighborhood bakery workers while performing Friday prayers us always at network news Alrsikh 

سرقة مخبز حي الأندلس اثناء تأدية العمال لصلاة الجمعة تابعونا دائما علــــــــــ شبكة الرصيقة ألأخباريةصفحة LIBYABOOK علي الفيسبوك https:…
Reported killed student at the Faculty of Engineering – Fateh University today after a gun battle inside.
Skirmishes in Tajoura night yesterday and injuries gate military camp Engineering.
Telegraph: Castle built by the Romans in Libya are now burglarized by militias.
Employment title ..
this traitor of Sirte users Hua Abubakar Pacific .. After being fired by Jerdan proud of treason and give the GPS data and evidence a video ..
keepers book of God and the sons of the People’s Armed Forces ..
More expose yourselves .. That tomorrow headmistress soon
03 MARCH 2013:

Very, very, very urgent …………
NATO aircraft bombed sites unknown to customers NATO Sirte challenge now!!! , And so far this fourth blast shakes the city and now just how it was ascertained that the explosion was not from the ground caused even let planes and their voices high and loud sky after the recent explosion, and a telephone call Express was monitoring some possible bombed and Haya specifically stores Alkhhom weapons!!! , Where the government unable to this violation.

Now a very strong explosion shakes the city of Sirte challenge
news did not make sure her health after reports that militias the armed Alguentarar dropped by military aircraft shoulder-portable missile.

Post correspondents ……… Our correspondent from Tunisia:

“I think that there is a conspiracy against Zintan. ستحاصر Zintan happen what happened in Bani Walid.”

عااااااااااااااااااااااااجلمشاركة مراسلينا ……… مراسلنا من تونساظن ان هناك مؤامرة ضد الزنتان . ستحاصر الزنتان و سيحدث ما حدث في بني وليد.
unconfirmed number of rockets on Zintan fired from center point of Amazigh.
Clown Maqrief eat and have fun while his militia are killing innocent people Mizdah.

Mizdah steadfast City bombing now in full view of rats and every satellite TV channels in the world .. Where the Security Council and where human rights or you you follow the policy of double standards ..
Allow this …..?

Tragic situation experienced by the city of Mizdah in these times where you militias Alguentarar and her May 28 and Qaqaa Mdaumtan blood of former security of Zintan .. bombed civilian homes and systematic scheme to disrupt the city’s landmarks and destruction and mess it up .. All kinds of heavy weapons … and in spite of all this is still epiphyseal Champions Black Mountain steadfast and stationed in stomata Iedkon nests this despicable militias by ……… O, O house clouds, oh Conqueror of the parties insist epiphyseal Ali Aldilma immoral vendors Milli religion ……. O victory which promised O victory which promised because they are defending their land and display ..
Rat Libyan planes bombed military Mountains the Mizdah today and fall at least 6 shells ..

While this sounds intimidating and terrorizing the warring parties.


General Staff spokesman: Libyan Air Force face strikes a cautionary area


    05 MARCH 2013

Country ambiance – Abdelhamid Alamrnaالناطق-باسم-رئاسة-الاركان-سلاح-الجو-ال

Spokesman Ali Chiefs of Staff الشيخي atmosphere to the country on Tuesday that the Libyan Air Force has air strikes warning of warring tribes in Mizdah area.

The warnings came after the threat issued by the Chiefs of Staff on Monday using the air force against any armed force is moving in the region or violate reconciliation carried out by area dignitaries and President of the National Conference Mohammed Maqrif.

The Mizdah region is witnessing clashes between now and then between epiphyseal tribes Alguentarar and, most recently one that began at dawn on Monday until the early morning hours of it.

of rats bombing pages Mizdah and Zintan aircraft.
rat killing of chickens which protects national Mizdah camp at the hands of security from Zintan and rats Alguentarar.
Very heavy shelling now Mizdah .. No God but God.
Hearing with a very strong explosion shakes the city Mizdah and now the city’s skyline raining rockets .. and renewed clashes.
Situation is very critical now in the city of Mizdah exchange gunfire violent heavy weapons, rockets and Grad There pilots follow the army Libyan Almottagrdn the pounding destinations concentration جردان Guentarar and Jerdan describe this Ptasef that he chickened out and clear from the state and stand with the what they called arrows they mean epiphyseal against tribe Guentarar Alvaúrh (rebellious … Almottagrdnh) .. Vaqhrkm Aajerdan

Clashes today in Mizdah
Situation Jaddaaaaaaaaaaa critical now in the city of Mizdah heavy exchange of gunfire from heavy weapons, rockets and Grad Unfortunately there Tirat track of the Libyan army is shelling destinations Tmrk …
Armed clashes in Mizdah for the third day in a row saw the city of Mizdah, on Monday morning, and the third consecutive day armed clashes with heavy weapons and medium resulted in dead and several wounded. reportedly clashes resulted in the deaths of Shield Forces Southern District shot by a sniper and a number of wounded in the interlocking bodies.

Massacres committed in the city of Mizdah isolated from the rest of the city after cutting off communication

The Gaddafi International news agency – Mizdah

“city was bombed Mizdah by Alguentarar militias locust Balrajmat and missiles, tanks have been demolished many of the city’s houses over the heads of its people. Details militias Alguentarar dawn yesterday bombed a house in the hock Bmzdh area resulting in serious injuries to family members in the home were also wounded many civilians in different places of the city. As heard warplanes flew over the city and cutting off communications.”

Now … Since yesterday Mizdah stymied .. Shelling from all directions on the epiphyseal … Of Guentarar and Zintan & battalion May 28 …. Have cited 2 of epiphyseal while defending their land and display … And still battles circle ….. Without the intervention of any party to calm the situation ……. Please pray for Mchacheh.

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl now in these troubled times on the city of Mizdah and its people innocent tamping now tanks looted by militias Qaqaa stores Mizdah Mizdah has been cited by a national city tank shell designed by gangs now Mizdah randomly to Atafrq between Baby Ashyuh nor women destroyed most institutions in Mizdah and here the tails and mercenaries Qaqaa-Alguentarar criminals after he gave them the infamous Battalion Qaqaa all kinds of weaponsHeavy to kill innocent people Mizdah here now things very, very bad in the city abandoned by most of its inhabitants and became a graveyard for the innocent and homes destroyed and looted and burned and, unfortunately, most of the pages and media movement News haves arms and influence and move around News of innocent people who are facing this war Alajermah bare most when their weapon is gun to protect his home and his children and his family and not to confront tanks, mortars and rockets locusts God and yes Suffice agent in each of does not say the right word Aenqlha God and yes Suffice agent in these criminal gangs corrupting messed up the country and the people.
Zintan RIDES

clashes continued for a third consecutive day heavy Yalaslhh in Mizdah between rats Alguentarar backed epiphyseal Zintan.

Epiphyseal martyrdom 4 in the bombing of rats epiphyseal and Alguentarar Ali in Mizdah  against Zintan.

عااااااااااااااااااااااااجل killed 2 of the national chicken after targeting rats Alguentarar,  and the Zintanwho are based in Mizdah ……….
And now clashes locust and tanks.

Uttar bombing on a house in the city of Mizdah, which was shelled by government-affiliated militias imported criminal.
Libyan government militias bombing Mizdah city.

there ‘s the body of a murdered girl and naked theme inside the barrel oils near the Ras Lanuf precisely Valley area near agricultural ploy so-called sparkling of Akahilh. 
It is clear that the body has a long and relatively decomposed been reported in radio Gulf of Sidra audio.
RacDALIN & the Beautiful City:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl are free Alnoaúl demanding rats visitors to hand over the killers in recent clashes is a beautiful and Racdalin:
God for Aigb you scourge willing God Halhal and Gadi
—————————————- —————-
after repeated attacks and threats on various media platforms such as rats Libya Pussy channel and channel capital and international radio channel Radio Phoenix jewel in the corner here’s suppression of the media fever Ajdabiya and inhale breeze of freedom .. Image of deliberate destruction of News Newspaper Office Ajdabiya dawn today
Strong explosion shakes the building negative phenomena in milkfish Benghazi area.
war correspondent in Benghazi 5 hours of continuous heavy weapons between rats and rats called “Sharia supporters” behind Camp 36 …
result in the death of 7 rats and 18 wounded and an unknown number of bearded.
Sheikh Mohammed was kidnapped Issa ..
professor in the Department of Islamic Studies at the University of Benghazi, Qmins
and Friday sermon in a mosque Bo Ghoula
22:28 – GMT 19:28

Attack on a Coptic church in Benghazi and an assault on priest

Former rebels were arrested about 50 Egyptian Christians last week

Sunday 21 April 1434 (H) – 03 March 2013


Tripoli – AFPAccording to the Libyan Foreign Ministry on Sunday that the gunmen attacked a church Egyptian Coptic in Benghazi and assaulted the priest and his assistant.condemned the ministry said in a statement “strongly this attack”, which was reflected in the “exposure Egyptian church in Benghazi on Thursday (last) to break into by a number of armed elements is responsible, where he was pastor.
Paula Isaac pastor and his assistant were attacked. “and stressed that “the government has formed a committee comprised of the Ministry of Interior and General Staff and the intelligence service, headed by the Ministry of Justice to investigate this incident, and have taken the necessary measures to secure the church and the residents inside.”
She Libyan Foreign for “deep regret and deep concern about what happened, “asserting that” contrary to the teachings of our Islamic religion and customs and international covenants on human rights and fundamental freedoms. ” Since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, showing the Christian minority in Libya fears of escalating Islamic militancy, especially after that members of the attacks and acts of intimidation .
and last week, former rebels were arrested about fifty Christian Egyptians in Benghazi accusing them into Libyan territory “illegally” and encouraging local people to convert to Christianity.

Jerkm Aaarb Benghazi اتقول of need you / / /
(Azmi drowsiness) headmaster (conciliation) b City (tuber) has threatened to murder and bombing school if open doors .. was closed school on Thursday last and expel students to complete by members bearded reason (hit) the daughter of one of them by saying!!
 Urgent Benghazi :: / 
students is dropping from Bridge of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Benghazi, now in Ibn Sina hospital under observation.



Flight for unmanned aircraft on the city of Sabha because, for information, for guardian week and conclude at this time.



Urgent now a
large fire now in bananas a forest project Surman and needs the support of a large neighboring cities fire

and can be up to the forest if you do not act quickly. . . .

Fire Destroys banana project Sorman forest .. And the possibilities of civil defense in the city stolen by rats.


  • Blame the RAT ZUWARAH and Maqrief’s militia men…not the Zintan in whose land this complex lies, and whom were employed as security guards.
     Militias in Libya hinder gas exports to Italy

     news agency the Gaddafi International  – Tripoli
    “official said the NOC in Libya Sunday that gas exports to Italy from Mellita Libyan compound in the northwest of the country stopped following clashes between militias in the region Saturday. Mustafa said God made deputy head of the institution that exports stopped completely. The security source said the clashes began after debate escalated between the former NATO rebels from the nearby area visitors and guards in Mellita from the city of Zintan, adding that the clashes over now. And Italy’s Eni said oil and gas, which manages complex Mellita in a joint venture with the National Oil Corporation that gas flows from the field stopped for security reasons, adding that he was notified and the Italian Ministry of Industry. He said God made the institution ..”
    SUNDAY, 03 MARCH 2013
    Militias in Libya hinder gas exports to Italy
    The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli

    “official said the NOC in Libya Sunday that gas exports to Italy from Mellita Libyan compound in the northwest of the country stopped following clashes between militias in the region Saturday.

    Mustafa said God made deputy head of the institution that exports stopped completely.
    The security source said the clashes began after debate escalated between the former NATO rebels from the nearby area visitors and guards in Mellita from the city of Zintan, adding that the clashes over now.
    And Italy’s Eni said oil and gas, which manages complex Mellita in a joint venture with the National Oil Corporation that gas flows from the field stopped for security reasons, adding that he was notified and the Italian Ministry of Industry.
    He said God made the National Oil Corporation and Libyan Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Defense illegitimate hold meetings throughout Saturday to find a solution to the situation.
    And oil source said that Eni’s production of Mellita around 115 thousand barrels per day of oil equivalent.
    The complex provides Mellita gas to Italy via Sicily through the Green Stream pipeline.
    Italy imports most of its gas from Algeria, Russia and Norway.

    Local militias they disrupt oil installations in recent months demanding political and social objectives, such as improving living standards or more autonomy for the regions and caused the July closure of three major oil ports.
    And hurt oil production in the country, who soon returned from the pre-war level of 2011 of 1.6 million barrels a day and at a faster pace than analysts had expected.
    It was not immediately clear why the conflict but a resident in Zuwarah presented himself as Ayoub said Saturday that tensions escalate a few days ago.
    He added “There were two rounds of clashes yesterday. No shooting now, but may be renewed fighting.”
    ‘I think that number were evacuated from the crew Mellita and others have come to visitors by boat from there.’
    He said militias loyal to the Ministry of Defense published Saturday to contain the fighting no longer exist Active.”
    Starts from the dark night series Part II , citing the so-called Channel DC Annabah: power outages for six days due to complex events Mellita gas. Promise of good.
    Misrata and Ruwais and part of the city of Benghazi, these areas will see an interruption in power after six days in the event of continuing clashes in the near Mellita oil compound came on the tongue and Electricity Minister rat Amehariv.
    04 MARCH 2013
    Electricity Minister Ali Amehariv warns against failure by

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli,
    Misrata and Ruwais and part of the city of Benghazi, both sectors experience a power outage after six days in case of continuing clashes in the compound came near Mellita oil language of what is known as Electricity Minister Ali Amehara …
    correspondent of Sabratha says:
    stopped production in Mellita ……….. Despite receiving national and chicken tension until now.
       tense situation in Mellita ………. compound With an expected outbreak of clashes my rats National Chicken and visitors with Zintan.
      Liberal correspondence .. Friend Almghebre Page steadfast .. eOr very :/
      within the city of Gallo smell of oil have begun to increase within the city, which has been observed in a clear and causes suffocation at times and strange thing is that Almsolon for the environment not loathing Sacunnina and more bizarre than they claim to officials in the city and in particular clients Council Gallo like they Atnhqon smell Walia beefy and Such pollution does not depart damaging only after long and short at times; and Amlm reasons that increase the emission of odor is an increase in production by 125% from neighboring fields in implementation of the government’s desire imported Talga ordered from France and Qatar to please her. They do not care residents of the city .. And the flag of the former regime less thing was assigned to protect the environment for the fields to visit the city and safety control and opening the doors for citizens to clinics treat .. And honestly was a city Gallo received the attention of the former regime and Aknr piece Fletzkr actions martyr Boubacar Younis Jaber What made ​​the city and to his family, O deniers beautiful.
      ((Olmghebre steadfast))
      Important note there is someone claiming to be a blogger and Hua Mohammed Almghebre wrote about this Aldahirh fraud and lack of credibility He accused the former regime did not mention the reasons Zadeh of odors within the city ..
      Vatqy God in yourself Yamen impartiality of your principles and your religion and Tlhvt gown Jerdan:

    Bank of North Africa in Kufra
    مصرف شمال افريقيا في الكفرة
    Voice Resistance:
    Doctor Egyptian name (Amal) Hospital white Tkashif yesterday about the existence of three cases in the care of infected ((bird flu)) and Dr. insisting diagnosed and confirmed the news and Dr. Faraj Buhtara said not sure of the news if wrong diagnosis will be separated this Dr.
    They cause spread chaos hospital care of people asking the vaccination against the disease to protect them and so far there is no confirm or deny this news
    “The difference between the rebels and gangs:Akhbar Libya tell us all become for the second year … since leaving NATO controlled waste …. And wreak havoc .. And looting .. And killed .. and destructive .. And prisons .. And torture .. And uprooting .. Even become a country that was a safe haven yesterday .. The bastion of Arabism and support of a neighbor .. And a symbol of pride and pride .. And became a disaster for everyone .. Perhaps what is happening with Tunisia and Egypt .. Actions give an indication .. Ali that these policies issued instructions from the West .. To customers who control the fate of Libya today .. Is isolated from its Arab favor of the West?!.And fabricate a crisis and the policy of extortion, which amount to insolence .. With both Tunisia and Libya .. Confirms this trend.After the Revolution, led by the leader Muammar Gaddafi .. The support of the neighbors .. And opened its borders, signed the Convention on the four freedoms .. But and Gaddafi Alhdodalta demolitions painted colonial including .. And among its Arab neighbors .. And shared the continental shelf with Tunisia .. The unit offered ((Islamic Republic of)) .. President Bourguiba .. The flock to Tunisia every year .. Million tourists Libya .. And treats residents of southern Tunisia treatment Libyans .. as well as with Egypt .. Having been to Libya before Gaddafi base for aggression .. In 1956, 1967 .. And thorn in the side of Egypt .. After the revolution turned Gaddafi to strategic depth .. And supportive of Egypt ..
    Vslan Egyptian army and opened its bases for training .. And participated in the war of attrition … And the 1973 war .. And called for a national battle .. The Arab Union signed an agreement .. Which is still legally exists .. Because it does not eliminate the only referendum.And pumped billions for Astmar in Egypt .. And received more than 3 million Egyptians working in. .. Unconditionally .. Never haggle Egypt Ali opponents .. Where King .. And the government have all resorted to Egypt .. And many, and one of them .. This disgusting, who came to Egypt .. Compromise on the leaders of the Revolution .. And tries to blackmail Egypt .. And forgot that if Egypt recognizes resorted to .. McCann client is the President of the Council in Tripoli today!!What we’re saying today than the attitude of the mob .. The arrest of Egyptians and imprisoned without trial .. Torture and fabrication of charges against them .. Is a systematic plan to isolate Libya .. To become a “mini-state” of the West, “such as Qatar.”Say after that revealed Those who Nsbhm West Crusader .. Ali Libya rulers .. That these games .. No fools Egypt Egypt is O ignorant customers .. Country has its traditions … and its institutions .. Ancient and values .. Will not be dragged to this insolence.The gang behavior and ethics spies .. We will not allow them to twist the arm of Egypt .. Fortified fort for the Arabs .. Egypt will not give up in her honor .. We will not hand jump out .. If you want a relationship based on mutual respect .. So welcome and vice versa .. And know that Egypt will not forget .. Supported and stood with them .. And fought with them ..It will not be Jahaddh, Nor sell nor buy .. Though pass .. tough .. Does not mean to be insulting .. And its citizens .. To both of you know .. Real size .. Before we speak about Egypt.
    Will Ntrahm Ali Shaheed .. Muammar Gaddafi .. We will not forget his attitudes toward Egypt .. Although absent from Libya .. We know that tomorrow .. Will come from Libya .. Gaddafi her last re .. Genuine Arab face which expresses the Libyan people .. It will not be an agent .. Comes to him the command of the Crusader West.

    Please Stop Amakm us .. And the Libyan people .. Prior to that, which embraces him to Egypt .. After the revolution of NATO .. Nearly one million displaced .. Released tens of thousands of prisoners .. Stop the torture and these methods filth .. That Tmarsonha against your people .. Free Revolution .. And we see every day.

    Stop God bless you .. Which will not have mercy and Alloa infidels in broad daylight ..

    ((O you who believe, do not take Jews and Christians, some parents some if any of you it them that God does not guide the unjust people))

    And we return,,,”

    authored by: Doctor Safwat Al-Orabi

    Ain Shams University

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel open Amsaad crossing to enter the Egyptians without the consent of the rats.

    (Saleh Mouawad) President (local council) for the city of (Amsaad) a decision to cancel the (visa) to the (Egyptian) and open the border gate, saying: I do not obey decisions (Hoael).

    Hamas refuses to receive a payment missiles smuggled from Libya, including long-range missiles, after it was discovered they contained spy devices. known them treason rats.

Mu at Arab Summit 

Libyan Ldr.Muammar al-Qathafi, attending Arab League summit. (Photo by Thomas Hartwell//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images) Thomas Hartwell)


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