RAT LIBYA under “Allaotunai Conference”: A Need for a return to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

Mu in Berlin pic

This is what defender of Islam .. Rebel Muammar Gaddafi:

This by Muammar al-Qathafi, the Islamic nation .. And Adhar force Muslims ..
happened will not be repeated:

Voice Resistance
Book the trip jihadist historic second; Oh criticize Muammar al-Qathafi:
N the safest on your hands??

ஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜ ▬ ▬ ▬ ۞ ▬ ▬ ▬ ۞ ▬ ▬ ▬ ஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜ▬ ▬ ▬ ۞ ▬ ▬ ▬ ۞ ▬ ▬ ▬ ஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜ
Bbagm Mubarak;; Bbagm victory; and Friday blessing ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢
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“Whoever reads ‘cave’ in ‘Friday’ lit him God of light between his feet and the sky” ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢ ◤ ◢
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ٱڸڸhm ٱna ٱsaڸڪ Emٱnٱ Dٱimٱ, ۇٱsaڸڪ Qڸbٱ Khٱhaٱ, ۇٱsaڸڪ Aڸmٱ Nٱڤaٱ, ۇٱsaڸڪ Iqinٱ Sٱdqٱ
ۇٱsaڸڪ Danٱ Qamٱ, ۇٱsaڸڪ ٱڸaٱڤah ڤa ڪڸ Bڸah, ۇٱsaڸڪ Tmٱm ٱڸaٱڤah, ۇٱsaڸڪ Dۇٱm ٱڸaٱڤah ۇٱsaڸڪ ٱڸhڪr Aڸy ٱڸaٱڤah, ۇٱsaڸڪ ٱڸgny ٱڸnٱ
Q ஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜ ▬ ▬ ▬ ۞ ▬ ▬ ▬ ۞ ▬ ▬ ஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜ ▬
▬ ▬ ۞ ▬ ▬ ▬ ۞ ▬ ▬ ▬ ஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜ
 Mu Friday Juma Blessings

Muammar's tent home by the Sea


“Message to the good people of Libya
.. Excellencies legitimate owners green .. It Astnasr God Almighty and delegated to the right and said God and yes Suffice agent … And the suffering and turn, but God Almighty .. And God and to Him we return …

To each of the arrested, tortured and abandoned and displaced at home or abroad and patience … Here Libya ex Kharijites and importers rats modern to Ataatkdm half a step forward, but the abyss descend and Derek bottom quickly awesome than the speed of U.S. missiles that bombed our legitimacy ..

But all of the income of his heart exponential and despair, tell them what we are right and his friends … God gives and Aéml … And you always see that prayer orphans and the families of the martyrs will be answered when calling to God Almighty, saying God smite oppressors harmdoers and cast out safely .. We are now watching closely what is happening on the ground between NATO and clients outsiders …. Oh for Achmath … With, but they will not survive … Will not reach the ship’s safety and their end they made with their hands and bashing each other and a check for more than what you’re seeing now.

Dear legitimate RESISTANCE does not work and plans Vlasber and shut up and say good To Enzadja this is the correct position of history …

And invite God’s victory sooner rather than later … God is the source of strength … We believe all Miketbh loyal to us, and we.”

اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)

رسالة للشعب الليبي الطيب

… لأصحاب السعادة اصحاب الشرعية الخضراء ..ومن استنصر بالله العلي القدير وفوضه للحق وقال حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل … ولاحول ولاقوة الا بالله العلي العظيم .. وان لله وان اليه راجعون …

الي كل من اعتقل وعذب وهجر ونزح في الداخل او الخارج وصبر … هاهي ليبيا بحكم الخوارج والمستوردين جرذان العصر الحديث لاتتقدم نصف خطوة للامام بل للهاوية تنزل وللدرك الاسفل بسرعة رهيبة تفوق سرعة الصواريخ الامريكية التى قصفت شرعيتنا ..

الا كل من دخل قلبه الأسي واليأس اقول لهم بما اننا الحق واصحابه … فأن الله يمهل ولايهمل … ودائما ترون ان دعاء اليتامى وأسر الشهداء مستجاب حين يدعو لله عز وجل قائلين اللهم اضرب الظالمين بالظالمين واخرجنا منها سالمين .. نحن الان نراقب عن كثب كل مايحدث علي الارض بين عملاء الناتو والخوارج …. واللهم لاشماته … ولكنهم لن يصمدوا … ولن يصلوا بالسفينة بر الامان ونهايتهم صنعوها بأيديهم وتناحرهم وشيكا اكثر مما ترونه الان .

ايها الشرعيون من لا يعمل للمقاومة ويخطط فليصبر ويصمت ويقل خيرا ولايتراجع وهذا هو الموقف الصحيح من التاريخ …

وندعوا الله نصرا عاجلا وليس اجلا … والله ولي التوفيق … ونؤمن بكل مايكتبه الموالي لنا وعلينا

Latest news in the morning (08 MARCH 2013),

Muammar al-Qathafi was spotted in the company of the delegation of the Great Libyan Jamahiriya at the funeral of Hugo Chavez!!
Dernière nouvelle de la matinée, Muammar Al Gaddafi aurait été aperçut en compagnie de la délégation de la Jamahiriya libyenne aux obsèques d’Hugo Chavez (…)

Muammar al-Qathafi aurait été aperçut en compagnie de la délégation libyenne aux obsèques d’Hugo Chavez !

Muammar al-Qathafi was spotted in the company of the Libyan delegation to the funeral of Hugo Chavez!

“I’m sitting here what is Akzbosh you. . I walked Venezuela!!! Ha ha and God??? I Ankhala!

The body of the martyr Abdul Salam Bo Minyar first martyr fell in five in 1911? And God. .

UNO Security Council under the pretext of French takes into account the activation of resolution 1970 and landing peacekeeping troops.!!!!

Effrontery and face health Address: Mahmoud Shammam,

Libya ahead black day …………… No, my footmen God prevail face and pants on bleaching faces on the Day of Resurrection.

NWO/MAFIA DAGOS VENDETTA on BERLUSCONI for revealing truth about NATO and the EVIL AXIS:

Italian court sentenced Berlusconi issued for a period of one year!


The NWO rats are trying to stop him from running again for PM of Italy.

Voice Resistance:

Believe Muammar Gaddafi said ..

“This world deceive you and Icolkm this civilized world this is a barbaric world Burberry retarded decadent which caused the disaster for mankind led war global Olawlh and second crusade;Will not hesitate in Tdmirkm.Even Pena cooperation, including mutual respect Pena and them not being not on the basis of force ..”When you said occupation ye evidences … 42 years no one dared to enter Libyan territory and seize territory.Today after Ahdhartm workmanship hands Tnashidon Libyans whatever their political color??For they Hakra February cowards .. After that Psou dress treason and stripped of values and principles and their religion (rats) Anashidonkm for the Salvation of Libya.

Not slept أعيون cowards.”

  • “So called February ambassador biggest enemies of Islam…
    Together to realize the size of the conspiracy against Islam

    (((And also made you a middle nation to be witnesses over mankind and the Messenger a witness over you)))

    Where were you when the march was reunited heading to Benghazi, carrying olive branches and campaign with them the Book of Allah?
    Why p blood family Alnaqrat Warfali, who was killed in cold blood in the Red Valley?
    Any reconciliation as you Albadion and you went out and came extended and our villages and our homes are slain and destroyed Astbhtm كبرتم to bomb us?
    Well you remember you said you went for 1200 Abu Salim prisoners ..
    We and the passage of time will not be silent on 33 thousand martyrs fell on our pure…

  • Who wants glory remembers the evacuation of the Italians and the evacuation of the Americans and the evacuation of the British and the Great Man-Made River:
    Oh the river
    The river became a miracle desert
    And the sun thought for the poor
    Vahoudn Alec men loyal
    They guys Green in the thirtieth century….
    and popular power and the return of…
    History records remains glory and pride and dignity .. And remains Ohamgah say he is obsessed with …
    Muammar Gaddafi remains leader of the nation and champion of Arab nationalism …
    The dogs go to Giftha(Voice Resistance)
    Zuhair [author]

Mu triple 651

07 MARCH 2013-Dr. Hamza Thami

حمزه التهامي

Members of prisoners and theft goodness Jay….Libyan father tells what happened to his son today (Libya)

A wide range of campaign tomorrow to support the prisoners and detainees in the prisons of darkness.
Feedback and suggestions in this regard and how to work and coordinate with some of the largest
correspondent number of international organizations … Please type what you want to do together under this publication.
Allah will not waste your reward, God willing, and this the weakest of faith.

No, but the only two or responded to us on the detainees in the prisons of militias NATO rebels, who are treated inhumanely.
Where human rights who claim to defend.

Claiming rats that Gaddafi has killed 1,200 people in the Abu Salim prison??

What is the reality of Abu Salim prison?

The truth is: One day the prisoners who were in jail (they heretics and Awahaban and al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic groups fighting) process revolt within Abu Salim prison and they Balastela arms and went out in armed rebellion and fell in the insurgency 450 of the guards and any other country that wants to maintain its security and depending international law, any armed rebellion confronted by force and dominated by force of arms as a kind of defense to the country’s security

The power that the shooting was the military police and they say killed 1,200 people in the insurgency between the rebel prisoners and guards

And no one can blame us because it is the right of the rights of the defense on the sovereignty and security of the State

As the insurgency in Bagram prison is a fortress were imprisoned most of the Taliban and al-Qaida out and U.S. forces are Responsible were genocide all in jail almost number was weakening doubling the number of prisoners Abu Salim .. did not blame one American to do so because it is the right confront any armed rebellion with arms

Another point: the rebels went gunmen were killed 450 of guards means more than a third of the prisoners and this is the biggest evidence indicates they armed, why did not we see videos and pictures on this massacre in their own words so far and two years after the fall of the country??? Everything exists pictures and videos then why did not we see something?? instance named Fathi Triple lawyer families of the victims in the Abu Salim prison, he brother died and left drum and يزمر wants Jtth brother and after ماقامت Forthm and saw the fact the incident was silenced Minister in the government of shame, and this that proves nothing indicates that they want power, not truth

Simply because after Maroa rats these videos sure that is not in their favor presented to the people, but just the opposite is in favor of Gaddafi

For your information also: Libyan intelligence then revealed sleeper cells outside the prison and was linked with so Seetmrd prisoners jailed first and then come out demonstrators abroad .. (This was revealed by investigations after the incident)

And need another: there is a point we still did not make sure of them so far, which is that you Leader Muammar Gaddafi had learned rebellion or not??, Because when people say the leader had been away for one African countries then, but does not matter whether he knew or did not know, international law with us This is our natural right to defend the security of Libya and the Libyan people, all the international laws and norms, anywhere in the world any internal armed rebellion entitled to a legitimate government that Tjabha gunpoint

But the error that occurred in this incident that the government did not announce it officially and dealing with the victims’ families also handled later, but God knows politics and what happens then is the revolt of the forces of extremism outside prison and inside if possible announced time for the gap enters through traitors and agents and owners agenda .. But the Libyan government acted wisely apologized to the families of all the victims, although they are traitors and the compensation everyone

This is the reality of prison Abu Salim Iaahrar, replied to them

And learned that the names of the victims, who was announcing at a Benghazi court after the Nakba not exceeding the 250 name, FINE rest of the 1,200 people?? This figure is exaggerated for science, but now when 1200 name does not appear. Who know for sure he fell 450 martyr of duty guards

Now, two years after the fall of the country and out of Abu Salim prisoners, seen Baam eyes of Kano imprisoned, the movements came up and God forbid we did not know what it is? , Each and every one and his religion and his religion,

Adhaan for Fajr whilst became is is authorized twice, the smashing and the destruction of the graves, assault on the sanctity of people, and of atonement and murder on the method al-Zarqawi, .. simply these from Kano in Abu Salim prison.

Source: See Event


صوت المقاومة (VOICE RESISTANCE):

The fact the dawn prayer and the arrest of worshipers:

That one of the biggest issues that the media seized upon hack accusing Libya in the mass arrest Testament both frequent the mosques and private dawn prayers .. This accusation was launched Altndeimat religious Brothers and LIFG and the likes .. Did not arrest any person claiming blasted the mosque but the truth has been arrested from Atkhaddoa religion as a cover to commit their crimes against the country and security was Itapahm to have cooled long and made them more than once has Atkhaddoa of mosques Star for them and their movement and Cano was growing including Atkhadd mosque Dirar in the era of the Prophet peace be upon him.
Did God commands demolish the mosque, and to punish those which
These groups provided promoted and covered up with religion and tried to mislead others and we see their actions after the receipt of power in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, etc. .. Fodh lies and hypocrisy and disease evident they were students authority
Of incredible country encouraged to memorize the Koran and work kept him treatment alumnus of the university regardless of the level until it reached more than one million memorizres Hafez portfolio ..

Who believes that the commander to spread Islam and the foundations of Islamic Call Society in 1972 means two years after the revolution and the name of the Libyan people built 521 mosques everywhere and on behalf of the Libyan people first international competition in the world to save the Koran and also on behalf of the Libyan people printed 10 million copies of the Koran full novel Qaaloon and was the first Arab leader to lead the 300 thousands of Muslims and gave his 3012 men and women have declared their Islam and celebrated his country in all religious events that prevents prayers in mosques.
That Gaddafi is produced film the message and this film safest him of the last century to now 11 million Muslims, Gaddafi was the first Arab leader to boycott countries that abused Ka’aba from Switzerland and Denmark, where ordered to lift earpieces on the Libyan embassy in every prayer when the authorities smashed minarets , Gaddafi was imposed on all French set foot in Libya headscarves Kurds on France’s decision to ban headscarves, Gaddafi was paying the fine to be imposed on all Muslim women when wearing the veil in France.
Who believes that my $ mosques highest percentage for !!
The population has become so each family and tribe more than a mosque to prevent the dawn prayer!!
The cover of religion and throwing unsubstantiated accusations is something used by the group until today Fberrt theft as booty, murder and torture
And displacement.
Each lives a lie is a lie Ankhvoa in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya
Pain stronghold of the “ ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” in Egypt need to cancel the Camp David and the expulsion of the Zionist ambassador
When he received the power what did they do?? All of you know the answer
Was not a Jewish commander of the February Revolution
By his own admission in his writings…

Source: See Event

Rats making fake photos and videos then lied that Libyan Jamahiriya and Gaddafi destroyed Islam. In fact their goal is to destroy value of Islam and Libyan society, they accused Gaddafi in crimes, which they committed and continue to commit themselves. Source of photo below is rat’s page:Источник: Libya news 8-3-2013|Greenkomitet.ru
RATHER SEE THE BEAUTY & PURITY in this move by the Great Jamahiriya on 8th MARCH 1996:
The first conference of the emancipation of women in Libya.
In International Women’s Day greeting for each silks Libya sisters men.
What is Akdhubash you O جردان. . Already Drtoa revolution Farroukh and Khalokm even seen Avruchkm Maakm Piech Talbohem and mercenaries from the Special Forces, French and U.S. and Qatari Wu kill in Valahrar and pounding them and Iedkoa including rocket and Nsawikm Ezgrtoa Homes and streets “Sean Penn” star Hollywood films and Bernard Levy and the rest of ÇáŢŃćČ, forward O gently forward. .
“Zionist Bernard Levy has become an Arab.
granted Libyan nationality. pools
ATX O spring. Blessings my ox. O Mother of the blind.
Brothers Libya granted Libyan nationality Zionist Bernard Levy in recognition of his effort in support for turning against the Libyan regime.And destroy them to their homeland. And its economy and build community.
[http://www.youtube.com/ed & v = lKVIVOKC7Vw]
Did not I tell you that it is not Rabiekm,  Dear Brothers he Spring Americans?”
Hello, my name is Ed.
“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black. Sorry about that.” Those horrifying words are now what greets anyone …
THis is not recent. On 19 April 2011, Levy was given a certificate of Misratan citizenship..We all know he is an Algerian Jew—but this is more..They honored him early in 2012, with full citizenship.
What Happened to the Plans for a Second al-Fetah?/ Qu’est-il arrivé aux plans pour un deuxièm

He also said that many Jews returned to Libya and obtained the Libyan nationality was the first of them Jewish thinker Bernard Levy, who has Misurata Libyan nationality granting him earlier for his role in the success of the Libyan revolution which toppled the Libyan …
It was the opening of an interests office in each of the Alasraúalh Misurata and Tripoli as well as the retrieval of some churches that come on now, mosques and synagogues restoration Misurata and Tripoli, as a prelude to open it in the near ..

In a move described Balsraah to normalize relations in a final between Libya and Israel … and he said that Mahmoud Jibril promised to abide by those agreements by the coalition government that will be formed later this week.


For more Pictures or Informations please contact – Thierry Tinacci – LightMediation Photo Agency – email: thierrylightmediation.com – mobile:
Last farces Jerdan day in five Trade and Development Bank closed its doors after the threat was received from inventory Abdelkader Sinan yesterday inside the branch staff rifle Kalashnikov and told them in case of opening the bank in the coming days, I will kill all staffand really did not open today informed that the employee has been dismissed and continue to play a farce Jerdan and there is no state apparatus Ruba be in Aoun bank account holders.

Alexander Mezyaev (SCF) writes:

Remember the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

For Russia Libya was the biggest loss in the Middle East. Former Russian Ambassador to Libya (1991-1992) Veniamin Popov says that while redeeming loans Libya paid to Russia more than any other country in the history of economic cooperation between the USSR and other states. The Libyans always paid in cash, if not, they exported oil supplies. The Libyan crude is a high-quality product, it has almost no sulfur. According to Alexey Podzerob, Russian ex Ambassador to Libya (1992-1996), even writing off a part of the debt was beneficial because the money was used for placing orders for Russian industry!

The lessons of Libya are to be drawn to rectify mistakes. Speaking at the press-conference by the end of December 2012, President Putin said Russia would not repeat the mistake. According to him, «We’ll not support any armed groups that try to solve internal problems by use of force». He also made a statement that just couldn’t go unnoticed. Speaking at the press-conference in Copenhagen in 2011 he said nobody has the right of interference into others internal conflicts. Today this stance acquires specific significance. The international intervention in other countries is not considered to be interference into internal affairs anymore. The position made public by Putin calls for leaving behind fictitious arbitrary decisions presented as legal acts and getting back to the real international law. It’s something to be remembered by all advocates of «new» parallel international legal system.

The elimination of Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya was the end of a large-scale world project, an alternative pattern of society… 

Remembering the Libyan Jamahiriya one should not forget the founder of the country, Muammar ql-Qathafi.


Dr. Mahmoud Jibril rat profeesor of Long Island University (USA):

Saleh Jaudh pleasures of the Rings who took U.S. citizenship through a gay organizations in America .. Hacking and swerved Sheikh in Libya.

Hurra television and sitting Lefty and analyzes and deprives:

Saleh Jaudh chattel Altyona Lauder map all now on Libya TV says that the sanctity of free satellite channels in Libya as sacred houses of God .. Qatari Sheikh on the way of course…



Urgent ::: bombs found in the Benina airport in Benghazi shortly before the flights stopped …

Rats live a sit-in in front of the Bureau of the Conference in Benghazi Aalkhatr Melcaat surrounded the hall and of need Valdakhl in Tripoli.

Bernard-Henri Levy Libyan Alfortah Misrati
Solomon client Qatar rat are Alfortah granted citizenship to Jewish Bernard Levy ..

I know say that Zionist and Zionist Sarkozy we منحناه that the main reason for moving NATO and French aircraft move to strike Gaddafi army heading for Benghazi.

Labor on assets.


Aowoowoowoowo Benghazi ..
Rebel hero offender required to justice Recep Aladola.

Recep Aladoly when he was arrested and his escape after the arrival of his group and helped him to escape by firing in the air Bmta.


عميل قطر الجرذ سليمان الفورتية يمنح حق المواطنة لبرنارد ليفي اليهودي ..ويقول أن…Afficher la suite
Durée : ‎2:41

front of the Bureau of the Conference in Benghazi Aalkhatr Melcaat surrounded the hall and of need Valdakhl in Tripoli.

Our correspondent from Benghazi:

Benghazi Ajaaaj Machbh Shi before thee ……. And the continued closure of the airport built.

Targeting the investigating officer of the police station Sabri Benghazi
Named Faraj stealth shot from a speeding car.

Young thieves seeking to withhold money on adult thieves.

Despicable bin Gazans from more people, Li says Libya was free and Libya safety and security …
And his father lived Hehehehe … Despicable arrived in good

Awakening dreams .. Our daughter even Medinnt to Lyon fare worse in infrastructure Aaroaba to adopt Li Benghazi. Hahaha!



(Abdul Rahman Ammar) ..
Born (1990) ..
Of the population (Bani Walid) ..
Belongs to the tribe (Chiaan Alfoqaan) ..

Kidnapped & Hidden two days ago…



Misurata join the demanding federalism after they had most of its opponents and even take over the western region in case the Implementation of this requirement.,,, It’s a game of interests.

Will Tendmon day not too late

Allahu Akbar … Allahu Akbar zoomed Buildings were burned warranty Ptorghae by Misurata Asbabat .…. and revolution Aaaaaaaaaaaaaacht (tykes …..).
This is a commercial market Ptorghae robbery by Asbabat Misrata. And Aaaaaaaaacht … 17Aaaaaaaaaaaaaacht revolution looting, theft and robbery

Of the worst prisons corner and Misrata detention centers where they are forcing detainees to recognize things they did not commit severity




Young Vhlom and angle Dahmani Benachour and Friday MARKET announce that tomorrow will be Friday save Tripoli ..

The private news of neutrality that there is a general alert in the Saraya Swehli escape several leaders after hearing the news ..

Muhammad Hun: broadcaster Channel # DC Jerdanih :/ and put me in a car for 10 minutes and turned me to the  Friday Market Arada.
Release inventory Muhammad Hun channel capital … The inventory also Mohammed Haj Director Jerdjmah Office Usta … 

The fate of every Friday from USTA and Nabil al-Sheibani Omar Touati and Malik Sharif as yet unknown
and Mowot Tervahm.

Surveillance cameras in channel DC identifying number 5 members of the armed gang that carried out the attack

on the channel. has been acquainted with the full names and the names of the militias which they belong …. (Hahaha are you?)

Back right and falsehood …. media grabber owner Sharif after his release says:

I am Omar Touati is no longer place for us in Libya, no freedom, no press, nothing is all a lie in a lie, tomorrow morning we will come out of Libya and we will ask for political asylum in a State which respects human beings, today instead carry the banner of freedom, we will hold the banner of homelessness.”

Omar Touati correspondent U.S. free who Akhttf front channel capital:

Break into the channel of the capital by the gunmen and detention of all employees hostage and forcing them to stop the broadcast channel and there is now the capital broadcast channel shared between the capital and the national The Yanaba wounded a guard channel during intrusion.

Canal Capital: kidnapping Juma USTA owner channel .. Nabil Al Shaibani, director of the channel by the intruders!!THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 2013

Armed militias attack on the headquarters of the channel capital and kidnap Mzieiha Tripoli 03/07/2013

The news agency Gaddafi International – Tripoli

stormed the headquarters of channel capital Tripoli by armed militia has been headquarters to attack and sabotage and hit some staff channel and kidnapped another, and before contact one Mutvin said they trapped and asking for help from the government illegitimate, but not life those who advocate…

After the release of journalists
We did not hear about the identity of the kidnappers…
And not even what is written on
Cars Madahmin or clothes
Or reasoning can build it even
Story of the children before going to sleep!!!

Media Rat “Mahmoud Circassian Almzrati” cry the moment of his release by his captors and will resign from the channel said the capital. Hadi freedom O rat!


Exaggerations Gerdanih:

Inventory Recep Ben Gazi in an intervention on Libya channel wicked … Been insulted, beaten and held me in a room and they told me O Greece mercenaries.

Kidnapping of the channel Libya evil …. Hamidi supporter ..


Powerful explosions and clashes now in Tripoli’s airport road between Zintan and rats rats Security Committee.

Voice Resistance:
Proving scandal involving Jerven Salah Badi Swehli.
Jerzh Fatima Almghebre Member Conference Allaotunai Gallo says that Swehli stop in Allaotunai Conference during protests Idayh before conference Allaotunai in (Meteorological headquarters) said that did not vote for isolating now will Tendmon …
Faqamt Jerzh Member Conference Allaotunai (names tax), said Tell protestors from our place, but Lada there were hands inside the conference Allaotunai ..So, (Salah Paddy) said stench You just have to be paired with women in your homes, not graduated and I (responsible for Hola protestors) will only come out one Ada signed the political isolation
Photo: proving scandal involving Jerven Salah Badi and Swehli Jerzh Fatima Almghebre Member Conference Allaotunai Gallo says that Swehli stop in Allaotunai Conference during protests Idayh before conference Allaotunai in (Meteorological headquarters) said that did not vote for isolating now will Tendmon …
Faqamt Jerzh Member the Conference Allaotunai (names tax), said told the protestors from our place, but Lada there were hands within the conference Allaotunai .. So, (Salah Paddy) said stench You just have to be paired with women in your homes, not graduated and I (responsible for Hola protestors) will only come out one Ada signed the political isolation.URGENT: Union ((جردان)) Libya declares no confidence Zidane!Union will announce جردان Libya parents includes militia leaders from Misrata and some western areas and a few Middle likes just Altarhuny and Sam bin Ahmid and western Izzedine next Sunday, a statement announcing the vote of no confidence donkey Minister Zaidane!Source page جردان here Burqa…Alllahm smite oppressors harmdoers and cast out of them safely.

Abdul Rahman Swehli Libya first channel now says:

La Paz to be Libya federal state but five states on the grounds that the mandate of Tripoli three states because it is Mtfahma!!!!

Jewish psychiatric patient traitor Rahman Swehli say I am with federalism in Libya provided that five federations, not three

Abdulrahman Swehli I’m with federal humans

EXORCISMs needed for the RATS.


الللهم اضرب الظالميــــــــن بالظالمـــــــــين واخرجنا من بينهم سالمين

Hassan secretary member Allaotunai Congress Misurata: I ask the people of Tripoli bear historical مسؤليتهم in front of the Hola vandals. I hope from Tripoli out now.

Mguethami channel the conference are Mguethami capital Allaotunai and advocates of political isolation.
Zaidane German nationality يستنجد Ballippin Ankaddo National Council ruin gang Swehli.
know Aamarb ‘you are illegal in power is with you in the National Penitentiary year you will not be legitimate as long as the love of Gaddafi in the hearts of six million Libyans.
You fled before awakening black.


The average news agency:
The so-called “internal defense force” raided apartment blocks and headquarters.

They are located Misrata Brigades groups which are outside of  the legitimate Security armed forces of Zintan (now outlawed by Mahommed Maqrief).

Low Air helicopter on the road to Tripoli airport.

Latest creations Jerdan seems to be unarmed passengers also included.
Thursday and One drunk Senthana in airport hit Bakstanin cleaners or climber police Wazwaz hit Maskin in the outer gate of the airport and Alzzouz care ……
farce continues.

Urgent Tripoli
now been closed the entire corner of the street by gunmen and sounds of fire of 14 text and sounds.

And Aketbir arrogant Moulay Mohammed Mosque and why Ajdo not their names in the lists of bonuses.

Ammar Aalibia Ammar …. Andalus district of Tripoli .. Khanb (steal gas tube 03/06/2013) …
Andalus district of Tripoli. Khanb “steals Nplh Gas 03/06/2013
Page Abu Salim rebels on February 17 the benefit of a surveillance camera. Andalus district of Tripoli. Khanb “steals Nplh gas 6.3.2013 http://www.facebook.com/Libya.Salim
Wait kicking people aspiration غدوا against militias in Tripoli

Where are the heroes Aldegetl which happens to the maximum today this is the right place for jihad real or that this is quite shocking to you because NATO will not be on your side–
“SAVE TRIPOLI FRIDAY” fizzles once more!

Published dozens of trucks equipped with machine guns on the Prime Minister’s Office, rats Ali Zaidan, and published similar numbers about Corinthia Hotel, home to many diplomats:



Our correspondent in the leadership of the Resistance:

News of unexpected meetings between the team and accent elders Fezzan to pledge allegiance military governor of Fezzan.

Tension in Sabha as a result of the death of a person from cabled before yesterday.

And our response to the news of the killing named Ahmed Ali bin Hamad, and very shortly before the object slain in his home Balzizih whacked dead.


Tense situation in Kufra and news about the death of a person from the angular …… And lobbing rockets revive Tabu.
Continuing skirmishes in Kufra between rats cabled and Tabu.
Now killing large inventory Mohammed Abdul Karim Al Majidi, the spectrum of clashes that get in Kufra / Ali idea huh largest inventory in the area Gallo.
Continued clashes between rats Zintan and Alguentarar between national chicken in Mizdah ………. The news kill me in the ranks of chicken.
Prompt, Quoting For fields: the Libyan city of Mizdah now witnessing fierce battles between epiphyseal tribe Alguentarar and Elsewhere.
Libyan city of Mizdah witnessing fierce battles now between Alguentarar tribe backed Zintan,
epiphyseal and other hand and Hesel initial battles today 5 dead and 20 wounded.
Red Cross confirms the exodus of thousands residents of the city of Mizdah because of clashes between epiphyseal and Alguentarar.



Touareg Libya.


Voice Resistance:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel ::: now car theft of me armor battalion Libya by Zintan

was theft (7) cars from the battalion and he is my shield alert battalion battalion next to the camp of them …..

Oh annihilated Aldhalim Baldhalim ..



Oh Gen. Thurs whatever time Awaj, Syoraa Tafraj, whatever time tends, and carefree begins on breasts heavy, and whatever bitterness in Lhalouk flowing, and eye Tderf tears Akjaj, Lord spirit slaves sponsor, Maintafa Noor tender fiery, and Syoraa Tafraj


National security adviser, Ali Zaidan rejected the idea of cutting the visit to Egypt and prefer to stay in Prime Minister Morsi

hospitality until the return of calm to the capital Tripoli.:

Are the grounds that the country’s security and safety!!
Zaidane in Egypt and the Leader of the Revolution receives delegations:
Urgent ..Prime Minister rat Zidane is former regime officials in Egypt to politicians and ask refugees from Egypt obligation to prevent political refugee from politics as opposed to his directions.
People Salloum Ieodon cut the road going to the international Libya.
People Salloum Ieodon international banditry going to # Libya.
Libyan military plane penetrates the atmosphere Egyptian border

The agency urgently Libya / Cairo now
Ali Zaidan at a news conference with Kandil:
– Study of compensation to affected Egyptians from the Libyan war of liberation either killed or wounded!!!

Mu 659
Qathafi charities shown w Saif
from Dr. Shakir for Dr. Billah Martyr Dr. Billah:
“The sake of God live and die in the life of splendor or death redemption ……. and if chanted calling for the victory of Islam Pena appeal.”
TRIPOLI’s St. Francis Church, 1957:

One thought on “RAT LIBYA under “Allaotunai Conference”: A Need for a return to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

  1. SORCHA FAAL is DAVID BOOTHE, a CIA_disinformation pro.
    The claim is that David Booth died in 2009 of a massive stroke/heart attack! HAH—and that he had evidence of Christianity being the greatest Hoax upon mankind!

    IF ANYTHING, all of this IS A LIE. David’s twisted disinformation, (by the so now called “SORCHA FAAL”! FAKE)–is a disgrace; and “it” has totally reworked all meanings of some historical facts….even his premise/treatis (so-called “last book”) of Prince Madoc has been distorted from the truth.
    If you see some strange info on members of the al-Qathafi family be sure that this is the odd source of that dis-information!

    Sorcha Faal

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