En avant vers la victoire / Onward to Victory

Mu Commands

“There is no power but from God Almighty …. so that God, O Libya.”

Mu rests

Each who deviated consciences and sold them cheap to the devil and all he had the honor to work with the commander and Khan …..

Preach only high time for the punishment just because Sahemtem by stabbing Libya dagger Cross in Dahrha and did act cowardly.

Where Sthrbun or where will Takhtbion of punishment Rahman.

Every drop of blood spilled in this sedition where you share day people line up on not Afkm no money nor Bannon

and only masters Americans inevitably, you torment fire like you like each flip-funky watering from the fire of hell

as God promised slaves Almdilomin in Koran Esbero that God Nasserkm not overcome you.

Mu at BAB AZAZIYA speaks

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Green Army onward to Victory

Battalion black day, Addicted 7 ➒ ➏ : The right of God Eachota coming to close to victory with the help of God suggested Nchofo science and Image this suggested Chowoha by in Alkhdharaaa arena victory day celebrations!

Mu N°1


THE TRUTH:These are the INVADERS who in fact took over your COUNTRY: THEY ARE NOT LIBYANS…but all aliens!
Jordanian special forces are fighting with rebels of Libya,,!


This newspaper published the news briefly expressed thatthe Arab forces fought alongside Western troops Demir Libya and the exploitation and undermining the wealth

Ok Come, you اوباش here, news like what Chowoa where you جردان published P year 2011 on 24 82 011 which means you knew and know what is going on around you, and inform you that the armed people were fighting on the right because he was fighting mercenaries brought money and Jelbtamohm you’d government shame, and as shown P newspaper: Britain, France, Jordan, Qatar, located on the ground in Libya and also mentioned in particular the “Britain” to be foreigners Jews Mind says, “and from Tolhm is one of them,” the truth of God great!

Greatest men affair is that standing alone along with his faith. . I’m here I’m here I’m here. .  

Song of the Great Jamahiriya Resistance:

The following is summerized from:


by Quoriana:

Green Book

The Green Book can be read for free here. Important topics of the Green Book are:

  • Political parties are undemocratic because their members are coerced to share similar views, even when those views differ from their own better judgment and from the demands of those whom they represent
  • Laws should be drafted and enforced by consensus, not by a dedicated branch of government
  • All forms of press should be controlled either by an individual or a group with common interests. It is wrong for the state to control the press, and it is also wrong for corporations to control the press, because both corporate and state media cannot honestly represent the views of all of the people in that society
  • Workers should be partners in their workplace, not employees, and people should work to fulfill their needs, not to make profit or exploit others- Land is owned equally by everyone and is used temporarily by people according to their needs, such as farming, shelter, leisure and so on
  • Members of a household should take responsibility for their own chores and should not employ an outsider to do the work they consider to be beneath them
  • Education is not a formal but a human process. It is the process of learning and development, regardless of exactly where and how it happens. Knowledge should be freely available to everyone in whatever form is most appropriate to each individual.

 the Green Book: Power to the People

Mu arabic stunning

the Green Book actually proves that the concept of representative democracy is misleading and therefore not democratic, as it makes citizens delegate their individual and collective power upwards to representatives, trusting them to act in good faith.

The Third Universal Theory  instead proposes many people’s committees, which make and implement collective decisions in accordance with a set of general guidelines. Thus the decisions are made by the people who will be affected and who are genuinely concerned with the outcome. Only those decisions which must be implemented uniformly on a broader scale are handled at a higher level: the popular congresses.

Title : Great Jamahiriya is people power and Muammer is Brother leader (Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces)
Comment : Falls on 02 March 1977
That the Libyan leader to give people power, wealth and arms
In order to be free to no one controls them
And by the Basic People’s Congresses
The leader has to step down from any political center;
But people always demanding leader to be the logo of Libya:
March 2, Leader of the Revolution committees …. Wealth and power and weapons Atana!
Good morning Great Jamahiriya

Libyan Jamahiriya

The following sums up some of the many of the benefits the Libyans enjoyed in the former GREAT JAMAHIRIYA under Muammar al-Qathafi’s vision, Mu distant

which Gerald A. Perreira has listed for us:

  • Electricity in Libya was free
  • There was no interest on loans, banks in Libya were state-owned and loans were given to all its citizens at zero percent interest by law
  • Having a home was considered a human right in Libya
  • All newlyweds in Libya received $60,000 dinar (U.S.$50,000) from the government to buy their first apartment
  • Education and medical treatments were free in Libya (remember: before Gaddafi only 25% of Libyans were literate; nowadays this is 83%)
  • When Libyans wanted to take up farming, they would receive farm land, a farm house, equipment, seeds and livestock to kick start their farms all for free
  • When Libyans could not find the education or medical facilities they needed, the government funded them to go abroad; above that they received U.S.$2,300/month for accommodation and car allowance
  • When Libyans bought a car, the government subsidized 50% of the price
  • The price of petrol in Libya was $0.14 per liter
  • Libya had no external debt
  • When a Libyan was unable to get employment after graduation, the government would pay the average salary of the profession, as if he or she was employed, until employment was found
  • A portion of every Libyan oil sale was credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens
  • A mother who gave birth to a child received U.S.$5,000
  • Food was subsidized: 40 loaves of bread in Libya cost $0.15
  • 25% of Libyans have a university degree
  • Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Manmade River project,
  • to make water readily available throughout the desert country.

its statements on the purpose of land:

“Land is no one’s property. But everyone has the right to use it, to benefit from it by working, farming or pasturing. This would take place throughout a man’s life and the lives of his heirs, and would be through his own effort without using others with or without wages, and only to the extent of satisfying his own needs. If possession of land is allowed, only those who are living there have a share in it. The land is permanently there, while, in the course of time, users change in profession, in capacity and in their presence. The purpose of the new socialist society is to create a society which is happy because it is free. This can be achieved through satisfying the material and spiritual needs of man, and that, in turn, comes about through the liberation of these needs from outside domination and control. Satisfaction of these needs must be attained without exploiting or enslaving others, or else, it will contradict the purpose of the new ‘socialist’ society.”

Viva Grande Jamahiriya! (31 sec. FB VIDEO)

Morning Glory and Alhmokh …………..

Fragrant morning as congratulations to our ………. Great conqueror morning:

Khalifa Alzletunai song Tqdmo crawl coming, God willing: Mu on horse at Family land

“Man Born calling for freedom, calling cited; and everything in between .. Free homeland, and united continent, and resisted NATO’s 40 nations, you glory sir, Commander.”

“Lord of glory”: God accumulated forget audience Union and Oagafth with Mr. horsehair and Lord bless you free O faithful, O Abu Salim Hush Hush and garden incident, and Darman and collector owner and blouse inspired Nasser Al Harthy, cruel and Al Ittihad and دريبي inspired Islamic and all all supporters and fans Al Ittihad loyal.

خليفة الزليطني اغنية تقدمو الزحف قادم باذن الله

General Khamis:

Khamis onward to Victory

Will not say التريس ماتواااااااااااااااااااااا ………..:

Not to kill innocent freedom. . And not to evade ethics freedom. .

And not in the betrayal and unfaithfulness and avarice freedom. .

And not in the tearing of Sharia law and freedom. .

Where Let freedom, midgets Veraar???

I will not say how much Lake Commander ……… Because the leader is still alive…. But who knows the martyr who was with him:

“We will remain steadfast despite Kidd Alkaúdan and spiteful hatred and greedy .. Will not be given up for you Iaotunna wounded will resist to the last drop of blood. Mathnni Aablad Aajmahiria Aaazemi Madame Vic men on the trail Muammar moving and Vic silks color green incorrigible Mathnni يابلادي beloved .. Dean concludes Rah and Les Aabal religion and Rah Arjal .. Matkhafa not grieve Iabld million Keep the book of God. God with you take care of you and makes guile in Nharham ..” (author: Fars Kadafi)

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=503740713015781&set=vb.475286872527832&type=2&theaterthe only libyan Falcon challenged them more We Are free Libyans and our Leader is Bomenaar
We Are free Libyans and our Leader is Bomenaar

Coming coming victors and the Lord of Glory and confident coming coming to Green Ravon national editors for Azza Mrtfon and for staying era and a symbol of the nation supporters and tails rats Qaton,, We scapegoat hero leader Muammar al-Qathafi. . God, Muammar, Libya ups!

A Salute to all the Honest of the Great Jamahiriya.

PARIS, FRANCE, Versailles 11 DEC. 2007:

Confident paced walking the property ..


Decision of the Minister of Health to open the emergency department daily in all hospitals and medical centers in Libya ..



THE HUGE CONSPIRACY concerning Italy’s MELITA GAS COMPANY against their former employed Zintan Security and causing in effect the NATO/MISRATA takover of all LIBYA:the introduction of heavy weapons to the fields without subject to the lives of people where NATO government of all of this, or that NATO government was aware that Italy will simmer for armies to impose control on the field because Mellita king of Italy your token of love from Jerdan for standing with them day war legitimacy.
رسالة مسربة من شركة بوناتي الايطالية بخصوص أحداث مليتة الامر العجيب الغريب أن حكومة الناتو التي تدعي الشفافية لم تتكلم علي احداث مليتة علما بأن الاحداث من اوخر شهر النوار حيث زحفت مليشيات الزنتان علي مراكز تعتبر سيادية في الدولة ومأنها اصبحت الان ملك المليشيات وادخال الاسلحة الثقيلة للحقول دون مراعاة لارواح الناس أين حكومة الناتو من كل هذا أم أن حكومة الناتو كانت تعلم أن ايطاليا سوف تجيش الجيوش من أجل فرض السيطرة علي الحقل لان مليتة ملك ايطاليا الخاص عربون محبة من الجردان لوقوفهم معهم ايام حربهم علي الشرعية

Fleeing كالجرذان when NATO miss:

Hakim Belhadj, was the commander of the Military Council for NATO rebels in Tripoli and also fought with bin Laden who is now head of a political party ..
Why did not you say about the West or militant base!

Fact the devil …
“” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “”
Libyan people do not deal with politicians in the ruling illegitimate came mostly from abroad but Atamlon with criminals nature thinking criminal professional people are not human beings but objects bloody dangerous to society, planned and implemented Mkhtttha criminal and hide evidence and worn after this masks the human rights and justice and the law and Altknaqrat and even go in Ganzat kill her, we have a criminal phenomenon ugly unprecedented in the history of Libya are not doing up to 16 thousand prisoners escaped from Libyan jails owners precedents and criminal offenses simple or primitive direct is planning to scale state,

we have to change our understanding and our thinking and Ndhartna to Hola from the government and their followers in the implementation of crimes until Ntsttia valley in the style of thinking and learn ways planning and is afraid of it like crumbs Eelmejrmon arena Libyan and international and how to address them by following scientific methods and knowledge characteristics psychological, illnesses of others together, these criminals who play in the land of corruption must be brought to justice and the law, it is the most prominent characteristics of judgment during and after the outburst February 17 disappearance of tens of thousands of Allbeyen continued kidnappings killings burning theft of public vandalism terrorism:

Social bring gangs, murderers and regrouped in Libya this is displacement torture prison tens of milliseconds without court nor the law of rape assault on private rights and public killing sons villages and areas The tribes in the genocide forgery fraud lying smuggling contraband and trafficking in human beings destroy the judiciary year headquarters CID burned files crimes and evidence, torture at the headquarters of illegal various methods of torture inhuman, gave legitimacy to crime and criminals and providing them with weapons and money and Alguety legal to kill collective and individual, convert religious edicts and the role of the bully to the means Chraeih begin killing Muslims

and shed their money and Aardhm the name of religion, spreading corruption in both public and private spheres destroy youth and society, beaten value systems and the heart of its concepts behind Totrat and mesmerized between the sons of the same society, cutting people and family in front of the crowd

I intimidate killing humans and charge to others even occur shocks and civil wars, gold smuggling money to dens of corruption global blur the facts in front of international human rights organizations to fight the media that reveal facts crimes reasons of political fabrication of charges used media in the practice of crime and cover it up and justify is theft of documents, drawings and public rights and burned and buy off people with money attempts to bring the organized crime community, already here we are facing the governments of Satan after a flurry of February 17, and this me the fact summary judgment on the ground …

* By Brother / Green *

 Musa w CLINTON !

MUSA KUSA was a spy from the start!
Followed. . With the signing Blastlam of the traitor Musa Kusa under documents and correspondence between the CIA, MI6, CIA, and other agencies intelligence European found on the shelves and desk used by Moussa Koussa, who has worked for years to spy long for MI6, CIA, against the regime and the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
Followed. .Papers and correspondence between the CIA, MI6, CIA, and other agencies intelligence European found on the shelves and desk used by Moussa Koussa, who has worked for years to spy long for MI6, CIA, against the regime and the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
يتبع . . مع التوقيع بلإستلام من الخائن موسى كوسا تحت المستندات والمراسلات بين وكالة الاستخبارات المركزية ، MI6 ، CIA ، وغيرها من وكالات الذكاء الأوروبية وجدت على أرفف ومكتب الذي يستخدمه موسى كوسا ، الذي عمل لسنوات تجسس طويلة لصالح MI6 ، CIA ، ضد نظام وحكم العقيد معمر القذافي .

Strictly Confidential (special): Thousands of papers and correspondence between the CIA, MI6, CIA, and other agencies intelligence European found on the shelves and desk used by Moussa Koussa, who has worked for years to spy long for MI6, CIA, against the regime and the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
Among the thousands of Aleroaq this paper leaked French intelligence agency after the Libyan occupation, and where cooperation traitor customer intelligence Musa Kusa with U.S. private and governmental organizations. No comment.


Yankee Client traitor Arab Mahmoud Jibril:
Libya live times nervous and arms create a new legitimacy and the country where you play foreign agendas and on the verge of collapse!!
This is what made ​​17 February 2011.


Urgent :/

Turkish security forces have arrested a Libyan citizen named (a. G) carries a bag containing $ 2.5 million, and before heading to the Jordanian capital of Amman in the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul.

After security investigations, it was found that the numbers on the money back to the Central Bank of Libya, so transferred to the Turkish Central Bank instructions issued by the Public Prosecution, while transfer Libyan mentioned to the court after taking his testimony in the Security Center.

It was reported that the Libyan citizen concerned claimed in his testimony that he intends to trade that money.

Inventory Colonel named (Abdullah al-Zaidi) who was Aatabl the leader Muammar al-Qathafi, particularly during military parades in al-Fateh “the festival of light 9/1” … and answers in the difference music reviews.
Today Sahan Kpod Libyans lying and fraud and sedition in جردان radio voice Libya shame and not Free ..
Every day in Jerdan criticize me and published in the uniform rumors how wig Niswan …
Chadha was in a jar Unity Bank branch managers last term day and all of a sudden and without warning lost cash and defamation in the bank, but an unknown reason …..
This document proving purchase edema client named Abdullah al-Zaidi ….


https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=503710503018802&set=vb.475286872527832&type=3&theaterPoetry written by al-Qathafi
On the day that NATO fired 60 rockets on Tripoli– à 7/6/2011 .
02:25 VIDEO

Spread terror and poured fire you will not find a coward
Poetry written by al-Qathafi
On the day that NATO fired 60 rockets on Tripoli– à 7/6/2011 .

02:25 VIDEO



Shen story abyss who Maskinh rats these days someone threatening and the other confirms it!!!!!!

End their Salahitk! Inevitably not necessarily be done by treatment (goods) Vijtamoa on your back (completing) and Salahitk is .. Libya to the abyss by rats.

NOW THE Militia RATS of Terror:

Best need in you Aajerman what Tnknqgua Xue begin right words looked unconscious subcontractors with you …

They continue to crack down on one another more State of injustice hours and the state has the right to do it !



Detained a member of the Association of Scientists Libya and faculty member at the University of Benghazi Sheikh / Mohammed Isa by gangs extremism battalion on February 17 …..
On charges of violating approach the Sunnis and the community:

So what Nzalo Jerdan and say Salem Fares Vaatna publish’s Memorial and the wonderful Hollywood movie star “Sean Penn” after I Zrdth mean a visit to the city of Benghazi after the occupation of Libya! .

In a press statement said: the most beautiful women Libyan Arabs are * _ * Hjo you Arabs of Benghazi with you today? They say Shin atmosphere. .


Greetings to students of the University of Garyounis ….

Tribute to the youth of the University of Garyounis brown invader, who are still on the principle and love of the LIVING martyr Mujahid

Muammar al-Qathafi.

Muammar is in the hearts of millions.

This note on the chalk board indicates, my agent on the ground in Benghazi has reached, he is sending greetings via Libya el watani, so please thumbs up!!.




The continuing tension in the Ras Lanuf oil and gas between the Moroccans with rats Misurata, and Benghazi.

Collection you have a state of law and institutions:

Ras Lanuf Abdul Majid Faraj Abdul Majeed star .. Month break from work and has net salary 2000 and an additional 4,500 dinars!!!
And cut off from the existing work means if how Petkady!!!



Martyrdom citizen Issa birthday Elahwal in Zliten under torture militias Misurata on Thursday, 07/03/2013.



School Shi’ism in the city of Gharyan
The Gaddafi International news agencyGharyan

Today in Friday prayer imam in a sudden الساجد blow this and says that thanks to the young people in the city of Gharyan,

was arrested all of them are occupying the school teaches the Shiite sect who was working in the shadows.



City Bernardleafa Swehli demanding federalism ..
Means Misurata will become an independent state …
Is one will get out of Libya rebels brave and prevent secession Misrata ..!!

Quoting Page Misrata Liberal against slaves

FLASH images confirmed information: rats and slaves of Misrata are equipped with a large force of armed vehicles and will go to Tripoli to “enforce (so-called) safety and security” there… clearing the armed militias and Zintan Security Forces who at present still control the capital .

It is the heart of Jewish Mzrath O Mzrath O hypocrites O, Farroukh.. And forcibly nose dogs Jewish Mzrath and Farrukh Hramanm. .

Misurata glorify glory Muammar Gaddafi put his clothes in a special place through and الذكره and anyone who wants to visit and take pictures Tdkarah for glory Muammar clothes. . ___________________


Filter field commander of the city, called Mackie corner Shehoumi Today 09/03/2013

The Gaddafi International news agency – 

the assassination Mackie corner the one Shehoumi field commanders of the plight of February 17, in the corner, and the region is witnessing Western disturbances after his death, witnesses said that there is a processing equipment Tqilh by militias to raid Azizia corner to search for the killers.

Urgent corner …
Yazawah Nbashrk mind
((Liquidation of the so-called field commander and Hua the Mackie Shehoumi inventory family Shehoumi)) and we bring you the details later

Now been closed the entire corner of the street by gunmen and sounds of fire of 14 text and sounds And Aketbir arrogant Moulay Mohammed Mosque and why Ajdo not their names in the lists of bonuses.

Manifestations front تبستي Hotel demanding the release of kidnapped Sheikh Mohammed Issa Ali Ibongellh of 17 Gahaar Battalion.

Seen more than 100 cases in the Tripoli Medical Hospital of the tourist area and غوط in Alhaal inspired Islamic infected poisoning and news about the number of deaths and the reason according to what the doctors from drinking homemade
(Bukha) …

A distress call and the situation is serious,,, I hope publishing widely

In contact exclusively Dr. Joseph adequate (director of medical affairs at Tripoli Medical Centre) Transparency says:

All hospitals in Tripoli early morning today and received Hlat poisoning and went to the Tripoli Medical Center so far 40 cases of poisoning was an ambulance and a laundry operations for 10 cases and unfortunately died 4 cases.

Useful information and confirm that the poisoning caused by homemade wines.

Wafi said no plan Tuari at Tripoli now final and the situation is very bad

Assassination attempt Broadcaster rat Hamid Net today when he came out of the headquarters of one of television channels in Tripoli …

Release Nabil Al Shaibani by his captors 08/03/2013 (Photos)

The global news agency Gaddafi – Tripoli

edit Nabil Shaibani, executive director of channel capital and arriving home after more than 24 hours on the abductions …

Editor Nabil Shaibani, executive director of channel capital and arriving home after more than 24 hours after he was kidnapped


The fact Ramadan Levy Swehli

Balthabut uniforms every time!

Increase in kidnapping cases and ethnic identity in Tripoli especially to Torghae Wu Rafla.

Support of Zintan up to Germanhm in Tripoli ……. In Airport. Militias funded channel channel Qatari capital pervades based ……

Until he gets famous fake ….. And idiots Based on Guenta Lafrasin and Dardanelles fall into the trap The kidnappers will be released ………….

Libya and Anjazatha new giant … No security or safety … Kidnapping murder harassed looting rape torture …. Etc..

Friday morning ordinary citizen from Tripoli residents named (Salah Ali Tabu) dark-skinned climber morning at 6 serves on the situation in the port of Tripoli, 37 years;
Hidden to this topic OT not Alator a resident Ben Achour .. The total is likely that he was kidnapped ..
Both these new Libya, gentlemen.

Fugitive harlot Majdoline Aobeid barking Solomon Dogh … And Alamadhok Mary demanding grant
God smite Aldhalim Baldhalim.



Conspiracy against Zintan
Recently emerged that two people are Mohammed Kilani and Mohamed Triki, one of whom represents the city in the corner of the so-called Council.
These people strangely intervention in problem Mellitah complex located near the city of Sabratha and the problem happened between visitors and Zintan.
And the Khrjoha Media marketer serves a mysterious party for strategic reasons to burn a Zintan and marketing of a political hit ..
Fa in the media statement, Muhammad said (ALL FIBS AND DOWNRIGHT LIES) Triki Zintan arms sellers and contribution in the smuggling of weapons to Mali .. (THEY ARE NOT SMUGGLERS!)
And the time passes so manifested in front of our eyes pictures .. It is behind these people, but intervention Misrata state .. Directing Swehli understand his friends ..
Via folks Zintan .. You like it or you refuse .. Will be Hriqkm what you only honorable acceptance by a row .. Forewarned is forearmed.

Quoting Page Misrata Liberal against slaves:

FLASH images confirmed information: rats and slaves of Misrata are equipped with a large force of armed vehicles and will go to Tripoli to “enforce (so-called) safety and security” there… clearing the armed militias and Zintan Security Forces who at present still control the capital .

What you are doing criminal militias February against the Libyans, especially in Tripoli make many joined them, hate them, and now Atrahmon Kadhafi and wish to live in safety and security as before….



Interruption of the net yesterday for Sirte because of attempting to kill the rat Shawarma bombing after a bomb at the box office.

Indeed I READINGS this message that the link on the page and mail failed to respond and the expression … But that’s what have you done my customers NATO of our children .. We pride them.
================================================== =========

O my enemy Alfberaara I simply child teenager do not go beyond the age of sixteen of the proud city of Sirte…
And NATO, and call them rebels are killed my family and my brothers and my father in front of my eyes .. But they forced me to see them as they enter the spire nail in the necks of the martyrs who fell beside me in the place which caught me ..
They all Hakda and severity crazy revenge Htkoa my dreams and my happiness and grown up over the bodies of my family and my friends and my home and, profaned my dignity and conquered my childhood and destroyed the cities and all saw my eyes Hua beautifully with my life.
What do want me to be and how I will live this time??
I’ll be a ticking time bomb will explode in the largest number of enemies and will kill the massive imagine them

So ask yourselves how many children became guerrilla fighter like me .. Not to mention the men who are fed oppress men and women Azmat revenge .. It Cioagafna is the will of God.

I know that many of you will say that the words childish but the fact that you should know everyone that this writing took me 15 days and I’m writing to tell you what my thinking and where to have reached and what obtained, could you please Taidoa read again perhaps cowardly accommodate the meaning of manhood and courageous absorb the meaning of bitterness and Magnifier accommodate Why make children

Indeed I eased when I saw the martyr Hamza al-Khamis, who linked his foot and said what Nradwh shame we are the descendants of those men kill with Omar Mukhtar and manage their uniforms and put his side 4 strips of machinegun bullets belts ..
When I saw Nasser obedient Trchana my friend who I met at the time of the fighting only how to say welcome Paradise Jet Tdna bullet in Rish is repeated.
And eased while seen as Hussein’s departure, Faraj the departure Asafouna and says the Lord touched me harm and You are the Most Merciful.
And was seen as Qasim, Fathallah says Heca that hour Heca end .. True I had a fear of what happened to a nationalist and I saw in front of my eyes .. I could not sleep with fear ..
But after I saw the martyrs how racing certificate realized that courage lies in the selection of how سنضحي ourselves and how we die ..
But make sure to die for the right is neither painful nor scary ..
But quoted the courage of those who saw them fighting and smiling blood drop and they
When seen as M’hamed, key Erhomh on how to give and attacked and fought and fill his body with bullets did not fall to the cowards fled and the last thing he said to me Matakafsh are cowards Juavin Ichbhok progressing escape .. When I saw Ali Chaouch How was running under the bullets and screaming says Stability Stability testimony today Tbaat and cited ..
When I saw our neighbor or goodness that was Therbna my sister and I to lead me to my mother how campaign launcher RPG over her shoulder and how to hit Bay car rats in the street that we were surrounded it and asked us to Nnbtah What was it not that throw them بقذائفها that أرهبتهم and left their car and fled
When I saw a lot of people smiling cities fall, but some say after that they make fear and dread and they mostly victory
Finally symbolic and angel and inspiration and my hero in courage Billah who took me my gun and said this small Shame on you without a fight Maakm cried and cried and told the Prophet die Ahmed Nasser Abdel-Salam and Fathi sons of my neighbors were killed shelling NATO smiled and Houdnni told me you Nbek grow Nbek loose neighborhood Lynn grow up and lead the front and take revenge.
In that day, they put me and منعوني and deny me the certificate stayed in the basement of the family home Alkrama that entered rats and killed Hussein Abu Bakr Al Suwaidi Emami ..
Today I say to you learn How to Make a small bomb size of tin box and I am among you drink
And obtained the 150 kilograms of TNT paste .. Tomorrow Sasana explosive drums you.
How a child and a man, woman and family has become like me.?

Guerilla on Gaddafi


The house a native of Sirte the day at 3 am to launcher RPG resident Street orbit, wounding his daughter that did not exceed the age of two has faster homeowner transported to the hospital, contact Bokhute and asked them to move to his apartment to inspect after it was bombed and housing owners were surprised that there Makhlouf Shawarma and his clique inside the apartment are in the process of combing and theft of computers and files have arrested the brothers and the owner of the apartment. And God and yes Suffice agent:

Harassment incident

Education Coordinator Sirte sexually harass female employee in the education sector:
Sender / employees in the education sector
Accused employee (n m o) education sector Sirte Coordinator education is the key Accomplish trying to assault her, that was last Thursday at the end always when poured employee mentioned key Accomplish a stream of curses, insults and shouting, has gathered a number of employees and guards assigned to guard the building and the number of reviewers, while left key Accomplish headquarters of a back door, and said the employee that the key to Accomplish had met her the first time in elementary school and offered work Diwan education

and began bestow upon bonuses and incentive pay additional pretext efficiency at work, and she said she did not expect that he has reached the this degree of lack of humanity, and the Guard connect people with the employee to open the record in particular and to take the necessary action. It should be noted that the employee mentioned a university graduate, a widow and mother of a child has lost her husband in the war …!!!

Publiée le 09 mars 2013

“I am confident that the draft African city economic reasons clamping Gulf states on Libya and support for NATO to destroy because their economy will collapse by virtue near Libya from Europe and its strategic location and its climate magnificent city was African Economic built in the center of Libya close to the city of Sirte,

to follow more and new always visit our Official Facebook:

http://www.facebook.com/Alestekhbarat …”


(Video): Draft African city one of the reasons for NATO’s war on Libya






Clashes between rats in Ajeelat.


Adjust the amount of material (food, cleaning and building) expired بصبراته



Girl Who built the gaseous active in Torghae camps there, said the channel Libya  did wicked to pregnant Torghae woman.

In this case  died due to deliberate negligence on the part of a nurse from Misurata.

Where is the women and human rights in Libya?.
Today a Tawhorgha woman went to the hospital to give birth, after the delivery, the nurse that was attending in delivery process, and separate the baby from the mother, by cutting umbilical cord of the newborn, never performed her duty, allowed this Tawhorgha mother to bleed to death, the nurse was found with the purse and possessions of this displaced woman, took 11000$ in cash from her purse. Because Libyan nurses, teachers, rebels and many civil servants who came with them or are workings with NATO have not been paid for more than 5 months, sometimes salaries are not paid in full. The nurse was from Misrata.
The nurse was caught via video camera installed by green army in many hospitals, rebel gathering centers, streets and shopping areas.
(1) What was going in this nurse mind?
(2) Why NATO abandoned these rebels in economic and social turmoil?
(3) How comes Libyans were easily fooled by NATO?
(4) What good does visiting hospitals make when nurses are stealing?
(5) Why are rebels motivated by money, not safety of mother and child first?
(6) What happened to the hundreds of billions of dollars of looted money?
(7) Is this how Libyan healthcare will be rated in the world?
(8) Was rebel revolution just about making money?
(9) Why the nurse never asked for payment and money?
(10) Will this define the character of new Libya?
(11) Who in the world has heard about these incidents during green Libya?
(12) Why rebels still feel green army has all the money and they were victims?
(13) What is the solution and way forward for Libya?
(14) Are these nightmares happening in other parts of the world?
(15) What would you like NATO & rebels to know?

If true, the novel separated on humanitarian and virility four.
Seeing God that Almzarat Jews, no mercy, no pity in their hearts, but for how long!!?



A number of bodies of Zintan and now Alguentarar in Bani Walid Hospital and Qurayyat result in clashes Mizdah.



Broadcaster Channel Dardanelles yesterday say ……. Number of obtaining a doctorate before 69 were 6 ……….. The number in the era of the commander of thousands …………… Thank Drdnal.

After drunkard dealer killed wine which is a field commander they say called ((Mackie Shehoumi)) at the hands of the sons and Rishvana ..
Now large concentrations of militants between the two sides the globe and Kerkozh area and Alariue and Abossrh after that attack occurred from the corner corner gangs were expelled. The situation is fraught between corner and Orishvana.



Number of rats killed Misrata in the road between Sabha and Ubari at the hands of the Liberals and the number of cars burning. ___________________

Algeria said it was concerned by a ‘noticeable increase’ in numbers of al-Qaeda in Libya. (These are the so-called “REBELS” who “began” an insurange on 17 FEBR. 2011!)

Meanwhile, a critical report by the Commons Committees on Arms Export Controls has disclosed that British companies were supplying Libyan “rebels” with arms as  far back as Autumn 2010.

That year, approval was given for the export of small arms ammunition, crowd control ammunition, tear gas and technology for the use of infrared and thermal imaging equipment!!

Slouching Towards Sirte: NATO’s War on Libya and Africa

Global Research, 07 March 2013
Url of this article:
NATO’s war in Libya was proclaimed as a humanitarian intervention — bombing in the name of “saving lives.” Attempts at diplomacy were stifled. Peace talks were subverted. Libya was barred from representing itself at the UN, where shadowy NGOs and “human rights” groups held full sway in propagating exaggerations, outright falsehoods, and racial fear mongering that served to sanction atrocities and ethnic cleansing in the name of democracy. The rush to war was far speedier than Bush’s invasion of Iraq. Max Forte has scrutinized the documentary history from before, during, and after the war.
He argues that the war on Libya was not about human rights, nor entirely about oil, but about a larger process of militarizing U.S. relations with Africa. The development of the Pentagon’s Africa Command, or AFRICOM, was in fierce competition with Pan-Africanist initiatives such as those spearheaded by Muammar al-Qathafi.
Far from the success NATO boasts about or the “high watermark” proclaimed by proponents of the “Responsibility to Protect,” this war has left the once prosperous, independent and defiant Libya in ruin, dependency and prolonged civil strife.

EGYPT in History with LIBYA:

Egypt and Libya: days of Gaddafi and after!

Mu in MALI 07,  DEC 1986, N°4 (picture is of Muammar al-Qathafi in MALI 07 DEC. 1986.)

For the second year, since leaving NATO waste controlled, and wreak the havoc, and looting, and killing, and destruction, and prisons, and torture, and uprooted, even has become this country, which was yesterday safe haven, and a bastion of Arabism and support of neighbor, and a symbol of pride and pride, and became a disaster for everyone, and perhaps what is happening with Tunisia and Egypt, from the actions give an indication, that these policies have been issued instructions from the West, to its customers who control the fate of Libya today, is isolated from its Arab favor of the West?! And fabricate a crisis and the policy of extortion, which amount to insolence, with both Tunisia and Libya, confirms this trend.

After the Revolution, led by our IMAM leader Muammar al-Qathafi, was in support of its neighbors, and has opened its borders and signed four freedoms, but the demolition of al-Qathafi border drawn by colonialism among them, and among its Arab neighbors, and shared the continental shelf with Tunisia, and offered unity ‘Islamic Republic’, with President Bourguiba, was flowing to Tunisia every year, million Libyan tourists, and treats residents of southern Tunisia treatment Libyans ….. As well as with Egypt, after Libya was before Gaddafi basefor aggression, in 1956, 1967, and thorn in the side of Egypt, after the al-Fateh revolution of al-Qathjafi turned to strategic depth.

Egyptian army with military weapons  opened its bases for training, and participated in the war of attrition, and the 1973 war, and called for a national battle, and signed an agreement of the Arab Union, which is still legally exists, because it is not repealed only by referendum. And pumped billions of investments in Egypt, and received more than 3 million Egyptians work in it, unconditionally, no Bargains for Egypt days dissidents, where he was the king, and his government have taken refuge all to Egypt, and many others, and perhaps including, disgusting himself, who compromise on leaders revolution, and tries to blackmail Egypt, and forgot that if that Egypt received resorted to, what was the puppet-President of the Council in Tripoli today!

What we see today is part of the attitude, and the arrest of Egyptians and imprisonment without trial, torture and fabrication of charges on them, is a systematic plan to isolate Libya, to become ‘mini-state’ belonging to the West ‘Qatar’.

Say after that revealed Those who set up are the West Crusader, rulers of Libya, that these games, not fools Egyptians, Egypt, the country has its traditions, and its institutions, and their ancient values​​, will not be dragged to this. The behavior of gangs, will not allow her to warp arm Egypt, fortified fort for the Arabs, and Egypt will not give up in her honor, we will not hand of jump out with, if you want a relationship based on respect, So welcome, and vice versa, and know that Egypt will not be forgotten, of supported and stood with her , and fought with them. Will not be rigid, not bought nor sold, was passing, tough, does not mean to be insulting, and its citizens.

Will translate the LIVING Martyr, Muammar Gaddafi, will not forget his stances toward Egypt,although absent from Libya, we know that tomorrow, will come out of Libya, al-Qathafi last restores her face authentic Arabic that expresses the Libyan people whole, and will not come to him the Command of the Crusader West. Please Stop Amakm us, and the Libyan people, before that, which embraces him Egypt, after the fake-17 Febr. “revolution” of NATO, nearly a million displaced, released tens of thousands of prisoners, and stop torture and these methods, which Tmarsonha against your people, and free-Fateh Revolution, and we see every day. Stop the mercy of God, who will not have mercy and Alloa enemies Libya in broad daylight .. (O ye who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians, some parents some if any of you it them that God does not guide the unjust people).

(****I am surprised that this newspaper for the first time since the fall of our leader has written such good words about our leader. It seems to me that slowly but surely as the dust settles down Egypt, Tunis and a lot of Libyans are realising the TRUTH, only NOW its too late, WE DO NOT DESERVE A LEADER LIKE QADDAFI).

source: D.Safwat Al-Arabi – Ain Shams University :alquds.co.uk/

Mu 663

Aackbyr Eila and pregnancy, dismiss, dismiss, but Shelah. . Bend Maak Dima Aackbyr Aila. . Aackbyr Naab and Lanta me your opinion properly and Saib and sings on the present and the absent and Alfdak Aamuammr Ndjana Balalh. . Not for you, Rana we go not Zhaab you, Maaltmina after Tstillh. . Bend our text is still in them Ghayeb homelands static Lehne injustice and night. . We walked to Egypt and the land of slaves Jlaep Jbrahm Agheram Roman p Altaqbilh. .

For remembrance and science:

Execution of the meeting in Egypt and those image Germanha and known that the whole session of the notice Abdullah Mansour and learned that the meeting this was محظر by her by do Alahaddat and Aalaamal were all ready installed voice remains the only artist … Now meeting again, but in the name of who was seized and focused ăÚÇí I kill you ready every business and registered by Alahaddat and Elly Mjhzha Abdullah Mansour, Contact Person artwork is Nasif Mahmoud composer and Nassef in Almrahltien exist???


# Libya

Salute to Liberal in # Tunisia.
This book is available in Tunisia and specifically complex (Carrefour) in the capital of Tunis,

Of Atsal book supply Tunis “Kadhafi greeting love and loyalty”
The book contains 250 pages Author Frenchman of Tunisian origin. Speaking on the size of the conspiracy against Libya and commends the heroism and courage commander and members of the armed people and how that most Libyans in favor of their leader, said Al February shame that they have brought to their country and ask how any national accept the destruction of his country from abroad. And more particularly here Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who described his Boukaún and Mahmoud Jibril said that he insisted on the destruction of the infrastructure even during the sacred month when Muslims and Shalgam said artificial tears because he does not have a strong character.


The free man whenever climbed a great mountain found from behind the mountains other Aassadha. .

And freedom can not be given in doses, fool either be free or not free. (FARS KADAFI)

Mu 664

MUAMMAR in 1969:

Muammar 1969

Mu with martyr son Dr. Billah Moutassem:

Mu and original Arab league, ASSAD and ARAFAT


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