Nous avais une Venir / We HAVE a FUTURE

love and loyalty and devotion to the public:

Very urgent ::: ::: now ::: CNN ::::

Director of the UN Office in North Africa Hassania girl desert ::: what is happening in Libya now a genocide of the people and the youth weapons prohibited international represented in toxic substances severe Iioter be mixed with food and diversion of the people in the silence of the Government of Libya, that the United Nations monitors so deeply and let the international community to immediately intervene about what is happening in Libya and not let people kill this dreadful shape, Cmat that take place in this country Tdkrna the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews, which was carried by poison gas.

I am in Tears! The Great Man-Made River has been poluted by the US and UK bombings and elsewise—it is not being threatened by others

(whom they will spin on the blame):

The Embassies of America / Britain / Germany / France / Netherlands in Libya Received the Following Message:
External messages from their countries is as follows:
Not to use Great Man Made River water in industrial washing or drinking and cooking.
These warnings come as part of intelligence arrived in the intelligence of those States that the disappearance of large amounts of the substance Methanol from the Military Metiga to Libya and that militant groups have gotten on that substance and seek to use it in water sources say also to some cities.
This information has been published on the website of the U.S. intelligence agency CIA today that mass killings, in the past two days in Libya there was an incident with Wines affixed with the substance of Methanol.
Its believed that a group of security leader extremist in the facilities of Matiga Military Airport, West Libyan capital, and the next planned to poison water sources within Capital to create a state of confusion and chaos and pull the eyes of Western intelligence Street penetration radical jihad movement inside Libya.
سفارات كل من :: امريكا / بريطانيا / المانيا / فرنسا / هولندا / بليبيا
رسائل من خارجية دولهم تقضي بعدم استعمال مياه النهر الصناعي في الغسيل او
الطبخ اوال شرب وتأتي تلك التحذيرات في اطار معلومات استخباراتيه وصلت
لمخابرات تلك الدول مفادها اختفاء كميات كبيره من مادة ال مثانول من قواعد
عسكريه ذاخل ليبيا وان جماعات متشدده قد حصلت على تلك المادة وتسعى
لاستخدامها في مصادر المياه التي تغدي بعض المدن واضافة المعلومات التي
نشرت على موقع وكالة المخابرات الامريكيه CIA اليوم ان عمليات قتل جماعي
تمت خلال اليوميين الماضيين بليبيا عن طريق توزيع خمور مضافه اليها مادة
ال مثانول من قبل قيادات امنية متطرفه تسير بعض مرافق الامن ذاخل طرابلس
الغرب العاصمة الليبيه ، وان المخطط القادم تسميم مصادر المياه داخل
العاصمة لخلق حالة من الارتباك والفوضى وسحب اعين المخابرات الغربيه
والشارع عن تغلغل التيار الجهادي المتطرف داخل ليبيا.


This would have watered the arid Sahara for millenia and given everyone a source of pure water; now the USA has polutted it with depleted Uranium for billions of years!
They have destroyed the 8th wonder of the World and are killing not only humanityu but the whole earth.
الله يسقيك شربة من حوض النبي صلى الله عليه و سلم لا تظمأ بعدها أبدا.
God Asagak drink from the basin of the Prophet, peace be upon him and not never Tzmo after.
Asham el-watan ( alla, moamer , libya only ):

“I have a notebook yesterday احتجتها in Multi and took Atcefhaa and browsing through national and religious occasions.
How amazed .. of this that we were under his command and bows height was to Tgeorna and the long is important on top of us ..
I did not find almost daily, but the anniversary of the completion or an event or gain a historical sense of the word “will remain in history forever”.
How would he accomplish all of that in almost 5 decades in tons تطحنه illiteracy and lack of scientists, intellectuals and skilled workers, and many skeptics.
How big I was, man
How much do you leap in the life of a nation dominated by cowardice and submissiveness.
Sorry you Mahieddina camber Dhrk from Anhanaúk to restrict Qamtna hear us and openly Tdoana then spoken to us Asrra and unfortunately did not Yazdna your prayer, but to escape until the wall was insufficient to open the horizons of our understanding.”

Mu upfront 
Muammar in Paris 11 DEC. 2007:
Mu in Car
Muammar went to Italy:
Mu went to Italy
Video: Israel has dropped documents Gaddafi
The Gaddafi International news agency – Videos

Calculated Tseker head is Maihsab you live under 11 thousand volts radiological disaster and also, God forbid, the cable fell on the home wage goin Vic.

Any right forgot to free Libya!

Here formless and not Fatwa confirm Libya Manscherna to the meeting on Libya peace:
Libya peace if this document was signed by the United Nations!!
There is no power but from God Almighty! .لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم

Blind German Ali Zaidane in the presence of his masters, but question what the sovereign Jewish recipe McCain until he meets of Zaidane!!.

Chairman of the American Head of State, or Head of the Congress, or intelligence???

Libyan die from diseases and disasters and the deterioration of the Community!!

Supreme Council for NATO rebels demanding Allaotunai Conference of no confidence in the Government of client Zaidane.


Gaddafi Award for Human Rights:


Oh Gen. Khamis whatever time Awaj, Syoraa Tafraj, whatever time tends, and carefree starts breasts heavy, and whatever bitterness in Lhalouk flowing, and eye Tderf tears Akjaj, Lord spirit slaves sponsor, Maintafa Noor tender fiery, and SyoraaTafraj:

Khamis Great



Smalgram & Son: Complete traitors to the Great Jamahiriya:

News From Occupied Libya

Ecstasy inciting Libyans to the fledgling state


Tripoli – A member of the parliamentary committee for national security in Libya Abdel Moneim easy on Sunday that the competent authorities in Tripoli airportseized 61 million tablets of hallucination estimated quantity of 48 tonnes.

Revealed the United Press International that this quantity seized was supplied fromIndia, referring to the that this amount is sufficient to create confusion to young Libyans and increase Hiajanam among the streets and force them to fire weapons deployed in the country, described this disaster real, nothing that the seized quantity custom apparently rate of 10 pills per Lippi including children. said that security national in connection with the Ministry of Interior and Customs to consider the status of these ports that receive threats from time to time of the armed battalions.

He attributed the easy what is happening in his country to aggravate drug trafficking and the lack of state control over the ports of entry land and air, explaining that control some battalions armed these ports as was the case control Brigades from the city of Zintan on Tripoli airport weaker leaders official and create Tgrat serious security. vowed that the Parliament pressing his government to assume control of these ports through its agencies official and allocate real budget to the Customs Department.

Pointed out that investigations are still underway to identify those responsible for this shipment that arrived by false names, explaining that it requires an international investigation to see people who have completed these procedures shipment that arrived in large wooden boxes on Emirates Airlines.

حبوب الهلوسة تحرض الليبيين على الدولة الناشئة

طرابلس – قال عضو اللجنة البرلمانية للأمن القومي في ليبيا عبد المنعم اليسير أمس الأحد إن السلطات المختصة في مطار طرابلس ضبطت 61 مليون حبة هلوسة تقدر كميتها بـ 48 طنا.

وكشف اليسير ليونايتد برس انترناشونال أن هذه الكمية التي تم ضبطها كانت موردة من الهند، مشيرا إلى أن هذه الكمية كافية لخلق البلبلة من الشباب الليبيين وزيادة هياجانهم في صفوف الشوارع ودفعهم إلى إطلاق النار من الأسلحة المنتشرة في البلاد.

ووصف هذا الأمر بالكارثة الحقيقية، مبينا أن الكمية المضبوطة مخصصة على ما يبدو بمعدل 10 حبات لكل ليبي بمن فيهم الأطفال.

وقال إن الأمن القومي في اتصال مع وزارة الداخلية والجمارك للنظر في وضعية هذه المنافذ التي تتلقى تهديدات بين الحين والآخر من الكتائب المسلحة. وأرجع اليسير ما يحصل في بلاده إلى تفاقم تهريب المخدرات وعدم سيطرة الدولة على منافذ الدخول البرية والجوية، موضحا أن سيطرة بعض الكتائب المسلحة على هذه المنافذ مثلما كان الحال سيطرة كتائب من مدينة الزنتان على مطار طرابلس أضعف القيادات الرسمية وخلق تغرات أمنية خطيرة.

وتعهد بأن يقوم البرلمان بالضغط على حكومة بلاده من أجل أن تتولى السيطرة على هذه المنافذ عن طريق اجهزتها الرسمية وأن تخصص ميزانية حقيقية لمصلحة الجمارك.

وأشار إلى أن التحقيقات لازالت جارية لتحديد المسؤولين عن هذه الشحنة التي وصلت عن طريق أسماء وهمية، موضحا أن الأمر يتطلب تحقيقا دوليا لمعرفة الأشخاص الذين قاموا بإتمام إجراءات هذه الشحنة التي وصلت في صناديق خشبية كبيرة على متن الخطوط الإماراتية.

طرابلس – قال عضو اللجنة البرلمانية للأمن القومي في ليبيا عبد المنعم اليسير أمس الأحد إن السلطات المختصة في مطار طرابلس ضبطت 61 مليون حبة هلوسة تقدر كميتها بـ 48 طنا.

وكشف اليسير ليونايتد برس انترناشونال أن هذه الكمية التي تم ضبطها كانت موردة من الهند، مشيرا إلى أن هذه الكمية كافية لخلق البلبلة من الشباب الليبيين وزيادة هياجانهم في صفوف الشوارع ودفعهم إلى إطلاق النار من الأسلحة المنتشرة في البلاد.

ووصف هذا الأمر بالكارثة الحقيقية، مبينا أن الكمية المضبوطة مخصصة على ما يبدو بمعدل 10 حبات لكل ليبي بمن فيهم الأطفال.

وقال إن الأمن القومي في اتصال مع وزارة الداخلية والجمارك للنظر في وضعية هذه المنافذ التي تتلقى تهديدات بين الحين والآخر من الكتائب المسلحة. وأرجع اليسير ما يحصل في بلاده إلى تفاقم تهريب المخدرات وعدم سيطرة الدولة على منافذ الدخول البرية والجوية، موضحا أن سيطرة بعض الكتائب المسلحة على هذه المنافذ مثلما كان الحال سيطرة كتائب من مدينة الزنتان على مطار طرابلس أضعف القيادات الرسمية وخلق تغرات أمنية خطيرة.

وتعهد بأن يقوم البرلمان بالضغط على حكومة بلاده من أجل أن تتولى السيطرة على هذه المنافذ عن طريق اجهزتها الرسمية وأن تخصص ميزانية حقيقية لمصلحة الجمارك.

وأشار إلى أن التحقيقات لازالت جارية لتحديد المسؤولين عن هذه الشحنة التي وصلت عن طريق أسماء وهمية، موضحا أن الأمر يتطلب تحقيقا دوليا لمعرفة الأشخاص الذين قاموا بإتمام إجراءات هذه الشحنة التي وصلت في صناديق خشبية كبيرة على متن الخطوط الإماراتية.



Mu 03 MARCH 1985

God’s mercy the leader of the revolution leader.

Story and a lesson …

Today a large Chaib in a Tripoli hospital .. Jabolh news that his son who infected 25-year-old poisoned, but sitting in the dialysis room ..

Win big Khc Shayeb Bischoff and his son to Gah Dr. said child Atovy ..

Shaibani sits unite in God … And then he raised his hands to my Lord and claim the top of his voice in the middle of the crowds

“God have mercy on Muammar … God have mercy on Muammar .. who Drnah when we received”

And silent Shui Dmath in the eye and come back pray for mercy on Muammar ..

…. God willing arrived Shayeb message …

Source … from the heart of the event today in one of the capital’s hospitals…

Someone wrote this in on VOICE RESISTANCE page:

“In my father’s time the nation is going through a humanitarian disaster really and death of our young people plagued by the story of poisoned wine and caused by arson, channel capital Jermanah establish today a barbecue !!*.. Actually prostitution sample where you are, O Canal capital when Aqthmuk gunmen kidnapped kidnapped .. The channel was turned upside down and with it all the channels claim people out to stand with the capital and claim their rights and Wardak ….
Actually, because this disaster Tnikm Let mean the simple people and you Tnikm agendas and personal interests largest WHDH spree February O shows …”


((If they were told not mischief in the land, they say we are peacemakers * They are not spoilers, but do not feel * If they were told Believe as the people believe, they say Shall we believe as the foolish believe, but they are foolish, but do not know))

Bokha Albouchh become a global brand pride industry Allepieh.

Five in the port there container loaded with chicken meat corrupt and Ihaulo space them out during


Our correspondent from Friday Market
Warplanes flying over Friday market – and the voice of a heavy pencil in Arada – and power outages on the market.

Mirage warplanes breaking the sound barrier over the capital, Tripoli.

Car aimed Gelatina (grenade) Ali camp shield:

In غوط Libya Tripoli Alhaal.

Now distributor of wines in the M Alkhaddrae this arena just after what has raid distributor Gargaresh:

Access’m Member Allaotunai Conference, Abdulrahman Swehli Mr. Bashir Swehli within cases of alcohol poisoning to the Tripoli Medical Center now ..

This is one of the lists of the names of young Libyan المتسمم of liquor and 99 of detection (4) to a Libyan mean girl in earlier detection of 1, 2 and 3 and glory beyond glory.

Close Afatholhm schools Hlat Albouchh:

Tripoli Central Hospital this morning are still flocking cases.

Urgent ::: poisoning death toll to 79 dead now ..


Libyan Ministry of Health announced the death of 51 people due to alcohol poisoning, manufactured locally!!

The Ministry of Health announced on Monday, the death of 51 people by poisoningdrinks of alcoholic manufactured locally. The ministry said in the latest statistics released yesterday evening, that 51 people have died due to poisoning drinks alcoholic manufactured locally, turned out to be mixed by a substance called ‘Methanol ‘, added to those  cases of alcohol poisoning was greeted by hospitals in the capital Tripoli reached of 378 so far.

Confirmed that it has taken immediate action and urgent to address the situation, and provide all the possibilities for Saving Lives from the alcohol poisoning, in turn, held the parliamentary committee for health emergency meetings to discuss the repercussions of the incidence of poisoning alcohol and take the necessary measures to provide medical drugs and drugs for poisonings and family dialysis. 

A medical source Libby said for the ‘United Press International‘ earlier in the day, the number of deaths from eating alcoholic beverages homemade blended material of‘methanol’, has risen to 16 people, and added that of the poisoning has risen to 310 people, likely high number of deaths. Source pointed out that hospitals are not able to afford a further influx of infected cases poisoning, especially those that need dialysis, calling the Ministry of Health to declare a state of extreme emergency, and demand from private hospitals to help deal with such situations.

There was a Libyan medical source Sunday the death of 4 to Libyans out of 69 others entered a hospital in the capital, Tripoli, as a result of poisoning critical to eating alcoholic beverages manufactured locally blended material of ‘methanol’.
The source expected to rise the number of deaths among sufferers, especially since there are 10 people in danger, and under artificial respiration.
The source explained that initial tests showed that the deaths resulted from poisoning alcohol led to the death and kidney failure as well as blindness and epileptic seizures.
Pointed out that most cases were in the capital Tripoli for age groups between 19 to 50 years.


Lets put things in perspective, the wines have been caught in the area of Garghares and Fashlum near Dahra by the Battalion Nawasi some of the drinks were stored in the warehouse of the KHATIBA AL NAWASI and was guarded.

Matiga Military airport: was reported on 06/03/2013 that 150 litres of “METHANOL“  IS missing. Investigation was formed and came out that one of the workers of the chief of the Battalion ABDARAFKARA called Rida Shwekh has smuggled the quantity by the orders of Mr. Kara after that the investigation was closed.

Some of the witnesses from the Battalion said that Mr. Shwekh took the quantity and sold it directly to the liquor dealers, the High Security Comity in Tripoli requested that Mr. Shwekh be brought for interrogation,  but  Mr. Kana rejected the order.

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Thursday poisonings … authored by “musician”

The news agency Gaddafi International -:

your involvement with the entry of the night hours on Thursday were arrangements death awaited has been completed there is no longer only a scene to see the dead or those who are on their way to death, plans and masterminded this crime sat waiting to hear voices ambulances and weeping mothers on their loved ones offender stripped of all the characteristics of human and became like monsters who hear them in science fiction novels, all wanted criminal check, including the dropping of the punishment, he knows well that the punishment needs to authority and no authority in Libya amounted over powers not thinking or planning amounts above his thinking and planning, this happens when they become human life in the hands of criminals, and criminal history has always emphasized that the major crimes committed by criminal.

This health minister in your government Aazeidan .. This Minister Mahmoud Jibril .. The Ministry of Health of nastiness of God Alliance and faces bear the brunt of the failed deal primitive and with the issue of poisonous liquor / / / now only comes out Doghman Minister of Health and, of course, is the same who was accused in the case of injection of the Benghazi children with HIV years ago ::::

Failed is not ashamed to mention poverty and the absence of the ministry of the simplest possibilities and the inability of the capital’s hospitals

Press Conference of the inventory and the Minister of Health responded to reporters’ questions: –

-60 Deceased from 700 infected a huge achievement for the ministry and we have tried Mabusana.
– Medicines conciliatory ending that you have evidence they gave us and Nahilha behalf.
– Cases do in the eastern region (Cyrenaica) is not bird flu.
– There are cases of poisoning Balbuchh only from Tripoli and that the five had been sent there to relieve the pressure on Tripoli hospital. Cases were sent also to the corner.
– Gastric lavage possible cases cured áÇßä cases of “Aunt” will not heal the injured.
– I’ve bought respirator devices from the market Suda.

Inventory Almafn Awad Barasi. Vice President Jerdan morning visit to Tripoli Medical Center to determine the health status of patients with disaster (Martyrs Albouchh drunk) and what has poisoned Atkhada of medical procedures for ambulance جردان Albouchh.


It’s time to escape, O cowards
Mohamed Lamine captain Artists Association Qik inventory Hassan Amin member of Congress, but national and brother of inventory drunkard corrupt Hurcbel Habib Amin, Minister of Culture

Series of kidnappings and abuse with Alsarah incessant in the new Libya.

Name :: / (pioneers of the past) was kidnapped on Saturday afternoon and so far unknown fate
He was kidnapped in front of his place of work in the city harcha outskirts corner:

3 FAMOUS CRIMINALS START LIBYAN-MAFIA COALITION:New coalition held yesterday between named Mustafa Abdul Jalil and called Khalifa Hfter and named Mahmoud Jibril to start a support division after what Astbt these personalities from the political scene in Libya and looks like they are coming into sharing cake Libyan whatever tax.
  • Farce February

    Imagine that this delegation a representative of the Ministry of Youth in Marrakech, young people die and Alhiapp Aychen their lives from state to state less and one of them between him and tomb شبرين.


In intervention over Libya channel wicked ::

Member Allaotunai Congress “good secretary” submit his resignation from the membership of pilgrims
The reason he and his family Taradw threat.

Resignation rat Hassan Secretary .. Turned against the backdrop of death threats to him and his family.

Rat Hassan secretary offers Asagalth live shortly before ..

Our correspondent from Friday Market:

Ambulances hear voices around the clock

in the palace:

War rumors now circulating in Tripoli about the process (Dawn Albouchh).

Warplanes flying over Friday market – and the voice of a heavy pencil in Arada – and power outages on the market.

Access’m Member Allaotunai Conference, Abdulrahman Swehli Mr. Bashir Swehli within cases of alcohol poisoning to the Tripoli Medical Center now ..

Ajdabiya civilian people raise a case against Maj. Gen. client Alkhaan Hamdi Swehli brother Alkhaan Abdul Rahman Swehli its naval bombardment period Nakba by order of the commander of Marine forces Hamdi Swehli and ask Abdul Rahman Swehli hand him over to the people of Ajdabiya trial.

Rats Nawasi want to control rats Brigades surrounding Friday Market and Gargash غوط Alhaal pretext of eliminating at alcohol and drug dealers.

Violent clashes in the Friday Market, Tajoura and powerful explosions near the Al-Fateh University in Tripoli.

Our correspondent in Abu Salim:

Good strong explosions shake palaces and Eastern and Alfornaj night.

Clashes in Gargash and some areas in Tripoli now.

Tripoli, the capital – Gargaresh

Violent clashes now in the specifically Gargaresh in (Alaqraakech) between the so-called Supreme Security Committee and promoters Almkhaddarat ..

New crime militias corner death under torture …

Murder under torture, Name: Saeed Abdul Qader Abdul Samad was arrested by the Cavalry in front of the headquarters of the military police (supply military Tripoli) and took him to the first secret (Sons paste) based women’s prison formerly NMRC, the reporting date for death 8/3 / 2013, the pathologist in his initial report stated that the rotting corpse and that the death was declared prior to the date …



Just in counting those from Rishvana and not elsewheres:
Killing 61 people dead and 700 cases of kidney failure and blindness and alcohol poisoning rats Committee Jermanah in only Rishvana



Young compensation sit in front of the secretariats and Close by entering.

Clashes between students of the College of Human Medicine and its staff and security committee shot ………. As a result students sit in protest at the appointment of Brigadjay of Germany’s cousin Ali Zaidan.



Shooting and assassination attempt the rat Hossam Harizi today in the city of Sorman ….

Maalishy O Hossam trust and make sure that goodness in others with the help of God.



Heard a big explosion far toward the center of the city of Benghazi
  •  Hyundai car you بالرماية on a BMW in the Hawari area led to the deaths of two people, one criminal and a drug known seller (Mustafa Cossa Saaty) from Ddina area
    Young suspects Ddina to avenge the murder of their brother at the hands of the criminal mentioned …

    Long live free Libya not ruled by law.
    Enables the Albrgth tribe in a green area near Benghazi (Ddina) last night from the liquidation of rat offender .. Saaty .. His precedents and murders numerous, most recently over a month ago killing of a person belonging to the tribe Albrgth inside the police station before and during Ramadan last he killed an old man Age belongs to Fbalh Alqmazvh inside his house in the mentioned area – note that this criminal was sentenced in crimes and consigned precedent in prison and was released from prison during the catastrophe that befell the country in the so-called 17 Gahaar.
    Green has been the scene of (Ddina) last night the conflict and an exchange of fire between both tribe Albrgth and tribe Saitat to which the offender belongs murdered and most of the people of the region stand to by the tribe Albrgth which delivered them from the offender, who wreaked havoc in their area.



Misrata militias kidnapped an engineer from his office!

Kidnapped engineer (Omar Chaouch) from the city (Yafran) …

Director of stations transportation management company General Electric .

Today this man was kidnapped by an armed Mlisheh from the city of Misrata has raided his office and arrested him on charges (Signed interruption for action against staff of Misrata during the events) between March and April 2011 …

Strange that this interruption of the foundation come from Misrata department head sector company there … and he in his capacity as Director of the Department of routine legal procedure



Evening demonstration in Derna demanding the return of lost security and safety.


The city of Sabha capacitor and warplanes low.

Alqmazfah Sabha release (after Muhammad lamp Belhoq Almgayera Abdulsalam Belaid Subaie) …….

After their families firing Ruldf Ali houses Alqmazvh in clashes that occurred with rat Warfali Ali Ajaj.


Our correspondent from the south

Our state disaster … Even Bouchtha multiplied. ^
Tuareg are free they expel rat Abraham and Moses and their families from cosmic Ubari.



In Zliten tensions between rats Hammadi and rats Misrata ……… The rats Misrata arrested rats of the security committee and seize weapons.



Restaurant way Sehli in town (Sabratha) called the owner name (Dawn Odessa), one of the operations (NATO) military (Libya) which Allav killed and crashed houses over the heads of their inhabitants!!
Who knows the name of the owner of the restaurant it Aicollna, Piech a Nzkrōh for future generations in the stories of history ..

Man in Sabratha set himself on fire today to protest against the expulsion of work and now exists burns Tripoli hospital in intensive care ..

NOW SABRATHA is on the opposite end of LIBYA–in the West, wheras DERNA is in the EASTern region–

but we have another case of the SWINE FLU PHENOMONIA !! GERM WARFARE is not ruled-out!
Citing the so-called Solidarity News Agency :: /

And the death of a woman in Sabratha mysterious flu type

Woman died infected with some form of influenza, Wednesday morning, in Sabratha Hospital.

A medical source said from the hospital for “solidarity news agency” that Mrs. died type suspected to be swine flu. ”

The source added that the hospital administration closed as a precautionary measure children’s section so as not to

move them infection while making sure of the type of influenza.

Today in the children’s section at the corner of Hospital intensive care unit ICU there is a child infected with h 1 n 1 swine flu in horror section note as the second case in the corner after the first case who died ..
We ask God for pardon and well ….

Add to disaster

29 cases infected with the H1N1 virus

Dr. Mohamed Aboghalah Director General of the National Center for Disease Control in charge of all flu cases detected in some areas of Libya and said the following information during a news conference attended several local media and Arab and international and the presence of inventory and Minister of Health on Tuesday 12 March 2013 the office of the Ministry of Health

• reported cases so far, 29 cases … Deaths 5 deaths ((1 Tripoli .. 1 .. 3 tuber corner)).
• infected cases, distributed as follows: –
Tuber Benghazi 6 … 2 … 3 … prairie white 1 … Misurata five 3 … 2 … Tripoli 10 … corner 2.
Was diagnosed three cases in Tripoli it infected Panevlonz H1 N1 and the rest of the cases are conducting the necessary analyzes laboratory center.
And said Dr. Aboghalah that the National Center is ready to respond to these situations by providing million Altamflo and 100000 ampoule spray and were distributed to the various branches of the center.

Announced what is known as the Minister of Health Libyan Noureddine Doghman, Tuesday, for five deaths in Libya as a result of infection (AH 1 to 1) known swine flu, and that in three cities in eastern and western Libya.
said Doghman at a press conference that was recorded 29 cases, including ten cases in the capital Tripoli.
adding that deaths five were recorded during the past two days, a two in city of Derna (300 km east of Benghazi) and two in Benghazi in eastern country and the fifth in the city corner west of Tripoli.
played down the Libyan minister of fears of the virus stressing that the situation was “under control and there are no worries of worsening the situation did not reach it to be designated as the epidemic yet.”
He added, “Once change weather factors and the high temperature weather will disappear injuries with the virus that causes the disease.”
said Director of the Center of communicable diseases and endemic in Libya Mohammed Boghalah that drug “Altamflo” dedicated to the treatment of this type of disease is abundant.


Solidarity News Agency.



Juma tourist exposes the fact militias Misurata to follow the new always subscribe to the channel and continued our Facebook

لمتابعة الجديد دوما اشترك بالقناة وتابع صفحتنا على فيس بوك


Killed an older man near Zguana cemetery Banzour and an unknown killer.

After the death of the offender and a drug known seller
(Mustafa Cossa Saaty) from Ddina area yesterday at the hands of young people from the tribe Albrgth

now there are clashes gun between Saitat and Albrgth in Ddina area.



Video: scolding the Libyan ambassador in Egypt and described donkey

Video: scolding the Libyan ambassador in Egypt and described donkey
Gaddafi news agency World – Egypt

لمتابعة أخر التطورات زوروا صفحتنا الرسمسة على فيس بوك ولا تنسوا الاشتراك بالقناة حتى تبقوا على تواصل دائم:

Free Egypt respond to the rat Bugger Qwaider

Felony blasted on Egypt

Mr. Ibrahim Qwaider
I talked to you a story about the Egyptian media and its role, described bias Gaddafi .. and it is located under the influence .. Revolution .. It did not give advantages to Egypt where they live for years .. And you are a representative of Gaddafi in the Arab League .. And see you in the all celebrations revolution .. The latest conqueror celebrations of September 2010.

We Sayed blasted Media Ancient .. not drift behind the falsehood .. Gaddafi attacked us when he made a mistake .. And Mdhanah when hit .. Not alter our skin .. with everyone who comes .. This is Egypt .. Gaddafi has made since he came to power all the best .. He gave us arms .. And open its borders .. And received Arab Bosalth .. More than 2 million Egyptians .. And signed four agreements .. How do you expect us today .. To Nhagmeh we’re not Jahaddan .. Lord blasted .. In contrast you .. what God wants us to say, ‘ More chaos in Libya .. The cross-border flow of weapons .. And that threaten our national security and humiliation Taamilon Egyptian brothers .. And torture .. And murder .. most recently happened with our Christian brothers .. What is happening on the border every day .. All are your government when they come to us is extortion .. Extradite Gaddafi supporters .. And bargains ashamed rights mentioned .. This is only with Egypt .. Without other countries, unfortunately.
It is strange that in the era of Gaddafi .. Most of you had been living safely .. our .. Gaddafi did not Isawmana .. Ali because it was great .. Carrying case .. and has a larger projects .. Of buying and selling in humans.!!

Mr. blasted .. What do you expect us .. to say on what is happening in Libya .. Not see what you are saying international organizations .. And human rights .. Maiena from the Libyan people .. In Ahdkm prisons .. and harassment .. And killed .. and ecstasy and Tsol and gangs roam .. No army, no police, no justice?? !!

As for NATO, this fact .. NATO فصواريخ .. That overthrew Gaddafi .. Is brought to you .. The whole world knows that.
Perhaps a statement .. Mr. Jalil … yesterday testament .. He said that 90% of credited Natwoohma for your choice .. and the Libyan people .. would have a word .. It is an internal matter .. We do not want to be a party to it.

Mr. blasted .. What do you expect us to say after all this you God?!!

All the Egyptian people .. Knows these irrefutable facts .. God bless Gaddafi .. Did not see him only good things .. After that fell upon NATO missiles .. And wound dripped seen barbaric behavior .. Has nothing to do with revolutionaries .. Nor of Islam .. Arabism not .. has been the displacement of one million and a half Libby .. In Egypt alone, 850 thousand out of 6 million citizens Is this revolution expel its citizens .. تنكل people.!?
Otridna to be false witnesses .. Not enough of the island and sisters!! Egypt Lord blasted!!
You will not find in Egypt revolution .. Defends void .. Verjoa that you stop us Amakm .. These Egypt .. Which seems you did not know yet .. Although you lived in. .. Has not yet come to the country on February 17 .. And do not want on Mibdoa .. Inhalation of freedom that came out .. Crusader NATO or you do not have the courage to only Internet and satellite TV .. Cguirk who are attacking Egypt, that patience will not be long.

Okasha lifted
Member of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate
Cairo: 03/12/2013


Egyptian workers blocked the border in response to prevent them from entering Libya

The news agency Gaddafi International – Salloum

closed group of Egyptian workers prohibited from entering Libya, the “bow” border separating the perpetrators of Salloum land and Assistant Libyan, and prevented the entry of Libyan territory Egyptian protest to prevent them from authorized Libya. Said Ibrahim Mohammadayn, Egyptian worker from Sohag , “We have walked the road between Egypt and Libya, and Libyan prevented vehicle access Egypt, in response to the intransigence of the Libyan authorities illegal assistant port and refused entry into Libya although we get the visa and the end of our actions of Salloum port.

Matruh – Mona Abdel Wahab:

Saw port “Salloum Land” Access 322 Egyptian citizens deportees from Libyan territory, including 191 with residence visas sound and valid, prompting a number of national security forces and the Department of Passports Egyptian to go to the Immigration Department Libyan port assistant, and to review the Libyan side in the reasons repatriate 191 Egyptian citizens carrying mostly stays in force the state of Libya, while carrying nearly 50 Egyptian citizens visas sound and valid.
For his part, announced a Libyan official – who requested anonymity – that the position of those Egyptian citizens deported from the occupied sound, and there are no reasons to force them to return from any official within the state of Libya.
He added that the citizens Egyptians deportees had already entered into the Libyan border distance 137 kilometers, even استوقفتهم security committee illegal, do not follow the Ministry of Interior Jamahiriya and the forcing them to return drawers, after refusing to pay $ 50 Libyan dinars for each individual, in exchange for allowing them to complete their way to workplaces, and stay within the state of Libya.
The Libyan official that it was yesterday deported 131 Egyptian citizens by managing Detectives passports Libyan Tripoli and the Ministry of Interior Libyan, cars belonging to the internal Libyan, for various reasons, including access some of them without passports, others were entering the country illegally, While some have been ruled out the other for health reasons.
As a formal measure for their return have been directed to the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli, to extract and travel documents, as well as the display on the Libyan security authorities, to make sure of their identity and make sure they were not wanted criminal state of Libya.



__ In disaster and the collapse of the five state Fberaa
__ Disaster in five
Video shows major crime in lost Anheier state and the absence of security and the security and the absence of border security and traffic in corrupt Fberar government collapsed claim to be in control of the country went to hell __
Video shows a Libyan citizen does not fear God escapes Africans his truck large and takes on one person 1000 dinars were placed and trafficked underfloor handwriting arbitrator, but unfortunately he wanted God scandal where it was losing balance the truck and Thkhrk tiles and collapsed on the heads of Africans and opened her door and killed about 22 illegal immigrants Zgaha underfloor and Allah is my Lord expose Halsoaq this state Farr 17



“Iraq is occupied, and his land is occupied and” his court occupied “:

(Quote) Leader of the Revolution (Muammar al-Qathafi)


a partial REPRINT from Rainbow Warrior:

The Libya American’s never saw on Television

You know I have to wonder if Americans know anything about Libya at all. There are many from other countries that don’t seem to know much about it either I am afraid.

Comments on different news sites tell me  how mislead many are. One of the most predominant comments is now Libya will come out of the Dark Ages.

Well I am not sure what dark ages they are talking about as Libya was quite advanced.

NATO has blown them back to the dark ages,

So take a tour of Libya with me and see how things were before US/NATO intervention and tell me if they lived in the Dark Ages.

Videos of how Libya was before the invasion are below. Definitely they did not live in the dark ages.

Before we start the tour there are a few things you need to know however.

1. There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens.
2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at zero percent interest by law.
3. Having a home considered a human right in Libya.
4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 dinar (U.S.$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.
5. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25 percent of Libyans were literate. Today, the figure is 83 percent.
6. Should Libyans want to take up farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kickstart their farms are all for free.
7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need, the government funds them to go abroad, for it is not only paid for, but they get a U.S.$2,300/month for accommodation and car allowance.
8. If a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidizes 50 percent of the price.
9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0.14 per liter.
10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amounting to $150 billion are now frozen globally.
11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation the state would pay the average salary of the profession, as if he or she is employed, until employment is found.
12. A portion of every Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.
13. A mother who gives birth to a child receive U.S.$5,000.
14. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $0.15.
15. 25 percent of Libyans have a university degree.
16. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Manmade River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.
17 Women’s Rights: Under Gaddafi, gender discrimination was officially banned and the literacy rate for women climbed to 83 per cent. The rights of Black’s were also improved.

To add to problems now facing those in Libya are the tons of DU dropped on them by US/NATO forces.

There was no DU before to make people sick, so now there will be numerous health problems never before seen in Libya.

1. Libya is Africa’s largest exporter of oil, 1.7 million tons a day,
which quickly was reduced to 300-400,000 ton due to US-NATO bombing.
Libya exports 80% of its oil: 80% of that to several EU lands (32%
Italy, 14% Germany, 10% France); 10% China; 5% USA.

2. Gaddafi has been preparing to launch a gold dinar for oil trade with
all of Africa’s 200 million people and other countries interested.
French President Nickola Sarkozi called this, “a threat for financial
security of mankind”. Much of France’s wealth—more than any other
colonial-imperialist power—comes from exploiting Africa.

3. Central Bank of Libya is 100% owned by state (since 1956) and is thus outside of multinational corporation control (BIS-Banking International Settlement rules for private interests). The state can finance its own projects and do so without interest rates

4. Gaddafi-Central Bank used $33 billion, without interest rates, to
build the Great Man-Made River of 3,750 kilometers with three parallel pipelines running oil, gas and water supplying 70% of the people (4.5 of its 6 million) with clean drinking and irrigation water.

5. The Central Bank also financed Africa’s first communication satellite with $300 million of the $377 cost. It started up for all Africa, December 26, 2007, thus saving the 45-African nations an annual fee of $500 million pocketed by Europe for use of its satellites and this means much less cost for telephones and other communication systems.

Some of the numbers above vary a bit from web site to web site but all are relatively close.

Great Man made River Project Libya Absolutely Amazing



The Great Man-Made River is a network of pipes that supplies water from the Sahara Desert in Libya, from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System fossil aquifer. Some sources cite it as the largest engineering project ever undertaken.

The Guinness World Records 2008 book has acknowledged this as the world’s largest irrigation project.

According to its website, it is the largest underground network of pipes and aqueducts in the world. It consists of more than 1300 wells, most more than 500 m deep, and supplies 6,500,000 m³ of freshwater per day to the cities of Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirt and elsewhere. Muammar al-Gaddafi has described it as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.

Great Man Made River Project Libya

Libya – Great Man Made River Project

Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT)

Libyan Farm–This is about half an hour driving from Tripoli,

Libya Footage

Libya footage II

Libya footage II.V

Libya Footage III

Photos around Tripoli, Libya

1. “Severan Arch, Leptis Magna”
2. “All roads lead to …”
3. “Detail of Severan Arch, Leptis Magna”
4. “Oration, Leptis Magna”
5. “Arches, Leptis Magna”
6. “Carved marble Leptis Magna”
7. “Detail on marble column, Leptis Magna”
8. “Doorways, Leptis Magna”
9. “Forest of columns Leptis Magna”
10. “Front terrace Villa Silin”
11. “Gargoyles on arches, Leptis Magna”
12. “Granite columns Leptis Magna”
13. “Leptis Magna”
14. “Majestic columns, Leptis Magna”
15. “Grave, Leptis Magna”
16. “Check the surf, Villa Silin”
17. “Market Leptis Magna”
18. “Market place Leptis Magna”
19. “Modern meets ancient”
20. “Tumbling into the ocean, Leptis Magna”
21. “Statues”
22. “The Latrines”
23. “View to the ocean Leptis Magna”
24. “Gum tree, Leptis Magna”

Photos from Libya

The Green Mountain of Libya

Libya as you never seen it

Libya Tourist Attractions

Libya’s beautiful beaches

Tripoli, Libya

Visit to Tripoli/Libya  A walk about.

Libya 2009

Pro Gaddafi Rally in Benghaziin May 2011

Massive Anti-NATO-Rebel Demonstrations in Tripoli, July 1, 2011 1.5 million people were at this rally.

Translation of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi‘s speech that day, translation by Karim Budabuss:

The leader is talking now. He is saying that this is a historical day, and he is challenging Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama to switch on their TVs and watch the crowds and he is saying that they will find out that they are delusional because they entered a war which they never win, he also says if you continue targeting our houses we can do the same coz Europe is not far away but he said lets not do this and watch the crowds , kids and women.

“They are not here because I ordered them to, it is they are free will. in this war you are not facing me you are facing these crowds. I am nothing, if you want peace with Libyans, it is up to the crowds.

If you want any thing , negotiate with the crowds. The regime is not al-Qathafi’s regime, it is a Libyan Great Jamahiriya ‘regime’ . Even if many got scared, defected and escaped, the Libyans will remain, and each coward will be replaced with a hero.

Is it a democracy to bomb the civilans, we don’t want a ‘democracy’ which comes with bombs. The socialist Jamahyria will win, the real democracy which serves the people. I advice you to stop bombing, and stop becoming mercenaries for some rebels.

The Libyans said their words, they marched, their tribes made it clear that the future is for Libyans, the oil is for Libya, Libya is ours. You are delusional, a group of traitors convinced you that Libya is easy to get, you hired mercenaries , propaganda, psychological war all that didn’t allow you to make any progress on the ground.

Turn on ur TVs and watch the longest Libyan flag 4.5 km, I didn’t make this flag, people donated to make this flag. Those rebels are no different from who betrayed Libyan during the Italian invasion.

Libyan people go in millions without weapons to liberate the regions under rebel control. You Libyan people are the only one who can finish this war with a victory. If they want to negotiate we welcome that, otherwise we are continuing and they are definitely losing no matter how many weapons they drop with parachute to the rebels.

We will not betrayed our history nor our children and their future. The glory is for you brave Libyans, the struggle will continue.” (end of speech)


Canada, along with other countries, was instrumental in handing Libya, its vulnerable population and its vast resources to a group of people who didn’t offer the slightest guarantee that they would turn the country into something vaguely resembling a democracy. In the process, Libyan women are being thrown under the bus. They will lose some of the rights they had under the previous regime. Source

Instead of reporting what was really going most main stream media fostered the Lies about Gaddafi.

What some of us knew all along is now coming out. To late.

Everything Libya has built now lies in Ruins Compliments of the US/NATO and other unmentionables .

So we have one report from Canada and one from the UK.

Small start for mankind.

Supporting Terrorists to to take over a country.

Shame on you.

Leaders who perpetrated this war, should be thrown in prison.

The entire war was based on lies.

This Video is about numerous things. There is information on Libya which is near the end of the video.

CIA WhistleBlower EXPOSES Everything!

Uploaded  on Sep 23, 2011

Former CIA Asset, Susan Lindauer, provides an extraordinary first-hand account from behind the intelligence curtain that shatters the government’s lies about 9/11 and Iraq, and casts a harsh spotlight on the workings of the Patriot Act as the ideal weapon to bludgeon whistle blowers and dissidents. A terrifying true story of “black budget” betrayals and the Patriot Act, with its arsenal of secret evidence, indefinite detention and threats of forcible drugging,

What happened at Lockerbie trial was that the US paid the witnesses $4 million apiece to testify against the Libyans, and those witnesses have now recanted their testimony,” says  Lindauer. “The Lockerbie trial made it clear that Libya had nothing to do with the case and that came as a great embarrassment to the West. Now Gaddafi has been trying to gain some compensation back – taking some fees from the oil companies. In October Occidental Petroleum and Chevron, two major US companies, pulled out of Libya.

Video is at the bottom of the page HERE

Now they want Libyans to pay NATO for destroying their country???

The War Criminals want to get paid. How dare they?

Check this link for details.

Libya: New Vice Roy, New Bills, New Fighting

NATO: Indictment for breach of international law in the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The military and political leaders of NATO are hereby accused of the following crimes committed in the Libyan campaign of 2011, in which the systematic breaches of international law are underlined. Go to site below for the rest.

The law case of the century: Indictment against NATO military and political leaders


Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia; The Project for the New Middle East and North Africa: The U.S., the E.U. and Israel join hands

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya


The Mediterranean Union: NATO’s Role in Conquering the Middle East and North Africa

In the first portion of this text, the longstanding plans for creating a Mediterranean Union, which predate Nicolas Sarkozy by many years, were revealed as were U.S. and E.U. efforts to turn the Middle East and North Africa into free trade zones and economic territories. The implementation of this project was planned through the 1995 Barcelona Process and the U.S. Middle East Free Trade Area (MEFTA).

Franco-German plans for extending the borders of the European Union in synchronization with the “Global War on Terror” were also discussed. The case of Libya was also discussed to expose the hypocrisy behind the economic agendas of the E.U. and U.S. that hide behind humanitarian causes and human rights. Finally the earlier portion of this text also confirmed the roles of Germany and the European Union as a whole in establishing the Mediterranean Union.

NATO Expansion in the Mediterranean: Paving the Way for E.U. Enlargement

France and Germany are partners in the Anglo-American wars and the Project for the“New Middle East.” This is not a recent development, this is the resumption of the strategic understanding that existed between the Franco-German and Anglo-American sides before the Bush Jr. Administration seemed to have diverged from Anglo-American geo-strategy. The global military deployments of Germany, France, Spain, and Italy coincide with statements of expanding the European Union’s security borders, which can in turn be equated to expanding the European Union’s sphere of influence.


In 2004 and 2007 E.U. expansion followed the NATO expansion of the 1990s eastward in the European continent. This pattern sets a methodological precedent that should be acknowledged with some value. This same NATO-E.U. template of expansion is also being applied in the Middle East and North Africa. This modus operandi of military-political expansion is also noted by Bzezinski: “In July [1997] Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary were officially invited to join NATO. Invitations to theBaltic [Republics; Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia], Romania, and Bulgaria soon followed. This expansion made Europe’s own expansion logical and unavoidable. With the former European Community having redefined itself as the European Union, Europeans themselves decided that it made no sense to exclude their newly democratic [neighbours] — already tied through NATO to both the United States and the European Union — from actual [European Union] membership.” [1]

However Brzezinski’s casual rationalization of NATO and E.U. expansion and his bumbling effort to casually link them as if it all was an unplanned accident that presented a sensible response is false. If this was true then why has, hereto in 2008,Turkey been denied E.U. membership since the creation of the European Union? The answer is that NATO and E.U. expansion were pre-planned objectives in Eastern Europe.

The Franco-German and Anglo-American agenda in the Mediterranean explains several other international developments and realities. Firstly, the objective of forming a bloc in the Mediterranean explain the earlier expansion of NATO in the area through what NATO terms the “Mediterranean Dialogue.” This so-called Mediterranean Dialogue is part of NATO’s “Mediterranean Initiative.” The framework of this relationship creates a de facto extension of NATO, which includes Israel as an informal member. Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia, Egypt, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and Israel are all members of NATO’s Mediterranean Initiative.The only Arab nations in the Mediterranean littoral that are excluded are Libya, Syria, and Lebanon. Through this mechanism the Mediterranean Sea has virtually become a NATO lake, almost surrounded entirely by NATO members or de facto NATO members. Albania and the coastline of the former Yugoslavia off the shore of the Adriatic Sea are also controlled by NATO.

Secondly, the German naval and French land commands over NATO troops on Lebanese soil and off the Lebanese shore are explained by the categorizing of the Mediterranean as an area under Franco-German management. It should also be noted that it was in 2001 that the E.U., particularly the French, started talking about sending troops under the banner of NATO into the Eastern Mediterranean, in particular Palestine.

Mediterranean and NATO

Israel to join the E.U. and NATO

The exclusion of Syria and Lebanon from NATO’s Mediterranean network can be used to explain the next point. Syria is the last Arab state in the Middle East that is independent in its policy making. Both Syria and Lebanon are slated to fall under the authority of Franco-German interests and the political sphere of the European Union.This is what the Israeli war against Lebanon in 2006 sought to partially accomplish.

The post-mortem facts of the 2006 Israeli aerial siege against Lebanon show that Syria was also an intended Israeli target. However, Israel was unable to attack Syria and hesitated because of its failures in Lebanon and Iranian threats to intervene militarily if Israel attacked Syria.

Strategic planners within the U.S., Israel, the E.U., and NATO have also formulated several contingency plans to partition Syria and Lebanon under several alternative arrangments and maps. This is part of the broader objective to control the coastline of the Eastern Mediterranean as well as both the Middle East and North Africa.

As NATO solidifies, its military presence in the western outer periphery of the “Arc of Instability,” the governments of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other E.U. members have also started close security dialogues with Tel Aviv over Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Iran. [2] Israel not only has a relationship within a multilateral framework with NATO, it also has strong bilateral ties with Brussels that were deepened in 2004.

images (16)

It is not by chance that Israel is a partner in Operation Active Endeavour, the force that has spawned the NATO naval armada off the coasts of Syria and Lebanon. [3] Nor is it coincidental that Israel announced it would fully participated in NATO naval exercises in May of 2006, right before attacking Lebanon. [4] This was under the pretext of a so-called “Iranian threat.”

Starting in August, 2007 Israeli ships have joined NATO warships in the Eastern Mediterranean, Red Sea, and Black Sea in full naval cooperation. [5] This has been marked by joint Israeli-NATO exercises that have taken place in the Red Sea and the Black Sea.

It should be noted that minesweepers have participated in the inaugural Israeli-NATO naval exercises. This alludes to possible action against Iran in the Persian Gulf. Many establishment figures in Germany, including those from the German Green Party, have also called for the inclusion of Israel into NATO as a full member. [6]

According to Avigdor Lieberman, an important figure in Israeli politics, “Israel’s diplomatic and security goal…must be clear: joining NATO and entering the European Union.” This is considered as the strategic path that Israel must take. [7]

Israel is expected to eventually join the European Union. The E.U.’s enlargement is tied into the process of NATO expansion. Israel and the E.U. will both manage, from an economic and political standpoint, the western outer periphery of the “Arc of Instability” under the framework of a Mediterranean Union.

Western Energy Security, NATO, Israel, and the Bigger Picture

The Mediterranean Union is tied to “energy security.” It is a process towards the economic domination of the Mediterranean by the European Union.

images (17)The balkanization of Lebanon and Syria serve the interests of Western energy corporations, amongst a host of other interests. The envisioned redrawn borders for the Middle East that are tied to the Mediterranean Union and the Project for the “New Middle East” are designed to secure energy corridors,“pacify” the region’s population, and ultimately set the stage for the economic colonization of the new weaker states.

Israeli security concerns through the Yinon Plan would be integrated into the equation, but only because of the regional security role Tel Aviv serves for the U.S. and the European Union.

This process of dividing and economically absorbing is similar to the pattern imposed in the former Yugoslavia by the Franco-German entente and the Anglo-American alliance through the E.U. and NATO.

Aside from neutralizing Iran and its allies in the Middle East, the main themes of the Herzliya Conference of 2008 in Israel were Israeli-NATO and Israeli-E.U. relations and integration. The latent role of Tel Aviv acting as a guarantor of energy security for the European Union and NATO was also an object of important discussions.

The February 2008 issue of Commentary Magazine, the official periodical of the American Jewish Committee, has also proposed in an article by Norman Podhoretz that Israel could launch a devastating pre-emptive nuclear attack against Iran and Israel’s Arab neighbours (including the countries of Arab regimes allied to Israel and NATO like Egypt) and militarily occupy the oil fields, refineries, and naval ports of the Persian Gulf countries to establish energy security. [8]

The pieces of the grand strategy unfolding over the strategic map are becoming clearer. Podhoretz asserts that Israel could liquidate large populations in the Middle East (“tens of millions”) and that Israel could virtually annex energy-rich areas in the Persian Gulf. The substance of these diabolical statements emanate from an American think-tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which is closely linked to the formulation of the U.S. foreign policy and military agenda in the Middle East.

images (18) These statements and notions from Norman Podhoretz and the Center for Strategic and International Studies act as a window of insight into the thoughts of the Anglo-American establishment and its European and Israeli partners. There is also a link between the concept that Israel could militarily occupy the oil fields of the Persian Gulf and the 2008 Herzliya Conference’s discussions about Israel acting as an agent of E.U. and NATO energy security.

The 2006 Riga Summit illustrates the full scope of the strategic objectives of NATO in securing energy resources in the Middle East, North Africa, and the former Soviet Union. In 2006, during NATO’s Riga Summit in Latvia, which included Israel, energy security was also a major theme; energy security was discussed to the point where it was pushed forward as an Article 5 (Mutual Defence Clause) issue. [9] If the case of Iraq were not enough, it is clear that a real and dangerous intent exists within the U.S., the E.U., and Israel to take control of the energy resources of other nations through force.

The Divided Political-Military Relations that exist in Europe are Replicated in the Mediterranean

images (19)

NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue, which began in 1994, and the 1995 Barcelona Declaration are the mechanisms for creating a Mediterranean Union.

The Barcelona Declaration pertains to the economic aspects of this proposed regional body and NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue represents the underlying military framework. It was in 2007 under Nicolas Sarkozy that the political framework was unveiled. It is obvious that this has been a calculated endevour that has been thought through in advance many years earlier without the knowlegde of the general public.

While NATO has already started the military integration of Israel, followed by the nations of North Africa and Jordon, a relationship with the E.U. serves to integrate these nations gradually through political association. It should also be noted that military ties are easier to implement between autocratic and supposedly democratic countries than political harmonization. E.U. and American principles on human rights are often used to challenge countries that do not conform to the economic tenets of the New World Order. The hidden face of globalization is exposed through the military-political brinkmanship, which invariably support an economic objective.

images (20)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         In the Mediterranean, there exists a divided, but inter-linked, military and political relationship. What is taking place is the replication of the same military-political relationship that allowed America through NATO to exert its influence in Europe.

Just like in the E.U., NATO’s framework in the Mediterranean region ensures that France and Germany do not monopolize the Mediterranean Union. [10]

Israel and Israeli influence will be projected into the Mediterranean to exert additional leverage on behalf of America and Britain. The inclusion of Israel is to guarantee Anglo-American influence. The joint Anglo-American and Franco-German roles and interests in the Mediterranean also explains the Anglo-American and Franco-German deals with Libya, which is an illustration of their shared economic interests. On top of all this, the placement of an American military base in Vicenzaa, Italy is tied to securing Anglo-American interests within the projected framework of a Mediterranean Union.

Europe and Mediterranean Region

NATO and the Persian Gulf: Rivalry with the Eurasian Heartland?

The divided European military-political relationship, which is being replicated in the Mediterranean, can also be observed in the Persian Gulf where NATO and NATO members have military and security agreements with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. Moreover, the GCC is creating a common market with a similar structure to the proposed bloc in the Mediterranean. The GCC common market is also slated for gradual amalgamate with the E.U. and the Mediterranean Union.

The E.U. has had a formal relationship with the GCC since 1988 and NATO initiated ties starting with the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative in 2004.

However, the process that has been underway in the Mediterranean is being fast-forwarded in the Persian Gulf. This could be because of a possible threat from the rising strength of the players in the Eurasian Heartland. Iran, Russia, and China are now engaging the GCC in economic as well military affairs.

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During a conference in Bahrain, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Saltanov called for the creation of a new collective security arrangement in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East, which would include Iran and could include Russia. [11] According to Chinese reports, Saudi Arabia and China have also had discussions on establishing military ties. [12]

The members of the GCC, which are all members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) aside from Oman, are clearly being tempted to switch camps. Both Washington, D.C. and Brussels are concerned by the overtures made to the GCC and the Arab World by Iran, Russia, and China. The U.S. National Director of Intelligence, Michael McConnell has even warned the U.S. Congress in an annual assessment that Russia, China, and all of the members of OPEC, which includes Iran and Venezuela, all represent growing financial threats to American supremacy. [13]

Plans for establishing a petro-rubble system for energy payments have also been the subject of numerous exchanges between Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This project, if realized, would challenge the financial centres of the U.S. and the European Union.

NATO, E.U., and U.S. military forces are deployed over a vast area: from West Africa, Central and East Africa to the Balkans, the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and a large portion of the Indian Ocean.

Brute force is being used as the muscle behind neo-liberal economic policies. NATO is playing a major role in enforcing the establishment of the Mediterranean Union andthe creation of the “New Middle East.”

These objectives are part of the reality behind NATO’s document Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World. The NATO document also puts a concept into the limelight that is being discussed by E.U. and U.S. officials: the amalgamation of the military assets of the U.S., the E.U., and NATO into one streamlined military body. [14] It is clear that the primary function of the military has been to aid economic objectives and the case is no different in regards to NATO’s role in the conquest of the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond.

General Wesley Clark reveals the US plan to invade and take over 7 countries, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, And Iran, before we even invaded Afghanistan. The first part of the plan was revealed 10 days after 9/11 and was expanded to included the other nations. Clark is quoted as saying the invasion wasn’t based on links to Al-Qaeda or any other intelligence reports but just because the US has an army that is great at taking over other nations.

[Wesley Clark] About ten days after 9/11 I went to the Pentagon and I saw secretary Rumsfield and Deputy Secretary Wolfweitz.

I went downstairs to see some of the staff who used to work for me and one of the Generals called me in and said “Sir, you have got to come in. Come in, you have got to come in and talk to me a second.”

I said “Well, you’re too busy”.

He said, “No, No, we have made the decision to go to war with Iraq”. This was on or about the 20th of September [2001].

I said “We are going to war with Iraq? Why” [emphasis added].

He said, “I don’t know” [crowd laughs]

He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do”. [crowd boos].

So I said “Well, did they find come information connecting Saddam to Al-Queda?”

He said, “No, No. There is nothing new that way, they just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.”

He said, “I guess its like, we don’t know what to do about terrorists but we have a good military and we can take down governments”

So I came back to see him a few weeks later and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan.

I said “Are we still going to war with Iraq?”

And he said “Oh, its worse than that.”

He reached over on his desk and picked up a piece of paper.

He said, “I just got this down from upstairs from the Secretary of Defense’s office today. This is a memo that describes how we are going to take out 7 countries in 5 years.”

“Starting with Iraq, then Syria and Lebanon. Then Libya, Somalia and Sudan. Then finishing off Iran.”

[Amy Goodman] “Go Through the countries again.” [crowd laughs]

[Wesley Clark] “Well starting off with Iraq, then Syria and Lebanon, and Libya, Somalia and Sudan. and back to Iran.”

06 JULY 2008
Muammar al-Qathafi was completely against the “Mediterrannean Union”.


The Libyan JAMAHIRIYA does not state its objection in secret, between two doors.

“No”, al-Qathafi exclaimed loudly during a summit he hosted at his home in Tripoli with other Arab countries bordering the Mediterranean.

… In a speech opening the summit, Muammar al-Qathafir immediately rejected outright any involvement in the UPM, and urged his counterparts to do the same. For al-Qathafi, the negotiations should go through the African Union or the Arab League as a whole. And to corroborate this idea, he drew a parallel with the concern of the EU to remain united, while the initial project of Nicolas Sarkozy which stated that only countries bordering the Mediterranean would take part in the UPM….

06 JULY 2008
Tripoli mini-summit قمة طرابلس المصغرة
Ajoutée par jalalothman le 7 juil. 2008
قمة طرابلس المصغرة لمناقشة مشروع ساركوزي
mini-summit of North African and Syrian leader
Kadhafi opposes “Mediterranean Union” plan of Nicholas Sarkozy(some of the following material comes from:
Tripoli mini-summit قمة طرابلس المصغرة
قمة طرابلس المصغرة لمناقشة مشروع ساركوزي mini-summit of North African and Syrian leader Kadhafi opposes Mediterranean Union plan

the “Mediterranean UNION” !

The Libyan JAMAHIRIYA does not state its objection in secret, between two doors.

“No”, al-Qathafi exclaimed loudly during a summit he hosted at his home in Tripoli with other Arab countries bordering the Mediterranean.

… In a speech opening the summit, Muammar al-Qathafi immediately rejected outright any involvement in the UPM, and urged his counterparts to do the same. For al-Qathafi the negotiations should go through the African Union or the Arab League as a whole. And to corroborate this idea, he drew a parallel with the concern of the EU to remain united, while the initial project of Nicolas Sarkozy which stated that only countries bordering the Mediterranean would take part in the UPM.

At this willingness to negotiate as a bloc, al-Qathafi expanded his remarks to add comments about the content of the UFM.

al-Qathafi’s main complaint concerns the fact that cooperation is directed only to countries bordering the Mediterranean:

“The UPM is an affront to the countries of the south shore,”… “This project would undermine Arab and African unity,”…”We are neither hungry nor dogs to throw us bones. ”

The host of mini-summit is the only one who has publicly expressed his reservations about such a “Mediterrannean Union”. The remainder of the meeting is being held behind closed doors. The outcome of the event has not resulted in a joint statement of the parties involved. The position of these countries remains unresolved….
The Side “south” againstthe “Mediterrannnean Union” is led by the intervention of Muammar Gaddafi who highlights the resistance (with which he will compose a diatribe) . The EU boasts of wanting to enhance multilateral relations with the Mediterranean while the countries of the south bank argue that the EU has nothing concrete to offer. In his diatribe, Gadhafi reminded the failure of the “Barcelona Process” launched in 1995, and lamented thoughts that the UPM fits into a continuity. al-Qathafi has already announced that he would not be present in Paris on 13 July 2008 .

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi has again rejected Tuesday in Cotonou (Benin) the proposed Union for the Mediterranean, wanted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. After his spectacular exit a week ago in Sirte during a conclave of Arab countries including Algeria, the Libyan leader is back this time on the same subject, but at the opening of the summit Community of Sahel- (CEN-SAD) which he chaired. Still fierce opposition to this project and he likens to a kind of new Franco-European hegemony, the Libyan leader said he would fight against it.

“If it is to gang up Europe and six African countries against our entire continent, it is not!” He said when opening the 10th summit of the CEN-SAD, which includes 25 states.

al-Qathafi added that “initially, the Sarkozy project was a union between the six countries of North Africa facing the Mediterranean and six European countries with a Mediterranean coastline. We agreed with this idea. But then it got all over Europe and the six countries of North Africa, against our interests, and it is against this that we will fight. ”

The Libyan leader is actually very clear on this project that the French want to start with great fanfare on July 13 2008 in Paris, including the agreement of Syria, whose head of state will be present among the countries that have endorsed this Sarkozy’s project. The project of the UPM divides Europeans, including Germans who do not look favorably the proposal of France, which would bring together, beyond the configuration of the EU, European and African countries bordering the Mediterranean. Especially as the German Chancellor is very cautious about the true intentions of a newly elected French President, very ambitious and obviously terribly lacking experience.

The Libyan leader was well aware of this danger, especially as he had already said last week that

“we will not take in any case the risk of tearing the Arab or African unity.” For him, “UPM is a bait and a form of humiliation” for the Arab countries who were going to throw “a bone” by giving them some “positions”* within the UPM.
[*: Clearly, it was Egypt, Morocco and other Arab countries that have expressed interest in joining the project of French President.]

Source: “Quotidien d’Oran”

Le Dirigeant libyen Mouammar Kadhafi a de nouveau Rejeté mardi à Cotonou (Bénin) le projet de l’Union pour la Méditerranée, par le président Voulue français Nicolas Sarkozy. Après sa spectaculaire sortie il ya une semaine à Syrte lors d’un conclave de pays arabes dont l’Algérie, le leader libyen revient cette fois-ci sur le même sujet, mais à l’ouverture du sommet de la communauté des Etats sahélo- sahariens (CEN-SAD) qu’il présidait. Toujours aussi farouche et opposé à ce projet qu’il assimile à une sorte de nouveau hégémonisme franco-européen, le dirigeant libyen a déclaré qu’il allait se battre contre ce projet. «Si c’est pour liguer l’Europe et six pays d’Afrique contre tout notre continent, c’est non!», At-il lancé à l’ouverture du 10e sommet de la CEN-SAD, qui regroupe 25 Etats. Kadhafi ajoute qu ‘»au départ, le projet Sarkozy était une union entre six pays d’Afrique du Nord qui font face à la Méditerranée et six pays d’Europe avec une façade méditerranéenne. Nous étions d’accord avec cette idée. Mais ensuite c’est devenu toute l’Europe et les six pays d’Afrique du Nord, contre nos intérêts, et c’est contre ça que nous allons nous battre ». Le leader libyen est en fait très clair sur ce projet que les Français veulent lancer en grandes pompes le 13 juillet prochain à Paris, avec notamment l’accord de la Syrie dont le chef de l’Etat sera présent parmi les pays qui ont cautionné ce projet de Sarkozy. Le projet de l’UPM divise les Européens, notamment les Allemands qui ne voient pas d’un bon oeil cette proposition de la France qui voudrait fédérer, au-delà de la configuration de l’UE, des pays européens et africains riverains de la Méditerranée. D’autant que la chancelière allemande est très circonspecte sur les véritables intentions d’un président français nouvellement élu, très ambitieux et visiblement manquant terriblement d’expérience. Le dirigeant libyen a bien senti ce danger, d’autant qu’il avait déjà affirmé la semaine dernière que «nous ne prendrons en aucun cas le risque de déchirer l’unité arabe ou africaine». Pour lui, «l’UPM est un appât et une forme d’humiliation» pour les pays arabes à qui on va jeter «un os à ronger» en leur donnant quelques «postes» au sein de cette UPM. En clair, il l’Egypte Visait, le Maroc et d’autres pays arabes qui leur ont Manifesté Désir d’Adhérer au projet du président français.
Source: “Quotidien d’Oran”



• UPM: Sarkozy defended it, Gaddafi rejects Pact- SM
President Gaddafi was right to reject this tool of deception that is the fact that UPM only serves the economic interests of the European Union increasingly threatened by China, emerging markets and solidarity / South South. Those states mostly from North Africa who have not even have to re-enter their people because there ganeront nothing. – Friday, July 18, 2008 – 04:30

• This project would not, but is an attack on African Unity and Arab – Dadou
Congratulations Mr. Muammar Gaddafi because he talks must go through the African Union or the Arab League as a whole, this is enough, when Sarkozy brought his project UPM he speaks on behalf of the EU then n ‘ there is no reason that the President does not require all the more so that this union will serve only the interests of EU, namely the maximum exploitation of fisheries, traffic (import more goods) and relay play guards at the borders of the EU – Monday, June 16, 2008 – 09:14


Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s Objection to the Mediterranean Union
23 July 2012 04:30 (UTC) Submitted by Quoriana
– by Muammar Qaddafi
Speech aired on Al-Jazeera TV on July 9, 2008
Following are excerpts from a speech by Libyan Leader Muammar Qaddafi, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on 09 July 2008. (Source)

“The word ‘union’ should be struck [from the name ‘Union for the Mediterranean’]. This is a very strong word, which has legal interpretations… This word has dangerous legal interpretations.

“What ‘union’? Is it conceivable for someone like me, who comes from an Arab country, to say to my people: ‘I’ve made a union for you with Scotland, Finland, Greenland, and Iceland?’ They would laugh and say: ‘What kind of nonsense is this?’ Then I would tell them that although this is an Arab country, I made a union with the so-called ‘Israel.’ Are all the problems resolved, and all that is left is to make a union with the Israelis? I wish that this problem had been resolved, that the Palestinian refugees had returned, that the Israeli WMDs had been destroyed, and that the Palestinians and the Israelis lived in the State of ‘Isratine,’ in accordance with my White Book.

“If all this happens, it may be acceptable. But is it conceivable for you to tell your country now that you made a union with the Israelis? What is being proposed is a union. Why are they using the word ‘union’? This is a very dangerous word. Before anything, they must erase this word. We Arabs are not united among ourselves, so how can we possibly unite with Scotland, Benelux, Scandinavia, with the Baltic countries, and with the Israelis? Is this conceivable?”

“Do we share a culture with Europe?… In Scandinavia, it is common to see people walk around naked – that’s their culture.”

“We in the Arab Maghreb Union have been in the freezer for the past 10 years. The Arab Maghreb Union has not convened in the past decade. I am the head of the Arab Maghreb Union, which has been suspended, because we in the Maghreb are not in agreement. We have problems. We have not done anything together, and we are incapable of forming a union. We have been trying for 40 years to form a union between Libya and Egypt, and between Libya and Tunisia, but it did not happen. The Arabs have not formed an Arab union. The Maghreb countries formed a union and stuck it in the freezer. We have not convened for 10 years.

“How can we, with such ease, join a union with the Baltic states, the Israelis, with Greenland, Iceland, and Finland? This is peculiar. What union? I will not advise my people to join such a ‘salad.’ It would cause us grave problems. North Africa and the Arab countries in the Middle East would be entering an international minefield, extending all the way to the North Pole. Why would I want to get my country into such a mess?

“I have good relations with France, Italy, Europe, the EU, Brussels, I don’t need anything else. I don’t need a union. How can we possibly be united? We do not share a culture, a religion, a language, or policies. Our disagreements on these issues are as deep as can be. Do we share a culture with Europe? Absolutely not. We each have our own culture. Our cultures are completely different. In Scandinavia, people walk around naked. Can you walk around naked in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, or Libya? They would stone you and throw you into a mental hospital. But in Scandinavia, it is common to see people walk around naked. That’s their culture. Is it conceivable for a union to be formed between somebody naked and somebody who considers this to be crazy? This is an example of the differences between our cultures. We do not even share the same religion.


“The capital [of the union] would be Brussels. If I told my people that Brussels would be the capital, they would stone me. If I told them that I went and formed a union with the Israelis, with the North Pole, and with the whole wide world, and that its capital would be Brussels – would they applaud me? No, they would boo me.” […]

“Is it conceivable for us to say to Europe… We will not give you oil or gas, and we will not cooperate with you… unless you agree to contacts with Bin Laden, Hizbullah, Hamas… and to stop exerting pressure on Iran’s nuclear project?”

“They say: ‘Like it or not, you will have to sit down with the Israelis. Israel will discuss things with you, it might be the head of the union, and Israel may invite you to a meeting in Tel Aviv or in occupied Jerusalem.’ What is this humiliation for? Why don’t we set conditions in return… Is it conceivable… Of course, this is far-fetched… Is it conceivable for us to say to Europe: We will not cooperate with you, we will not give you oil or gas, and we will not cooperate with you on issues such as immigration or terrorism unless you agree to have contacts with Bin Laden, Hizbullah, and Hamas, and unless you agree to stop exerting pressure on Iran’s nuclear project? Is this conceivable?”
Nicholas Sarkozy’s devious plan:


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