40-Nation NATO 50,000 troups return, disrupting the Plans of the Great Jamahiriya!

Mu raw

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings!

Prophet Anousel message to all free:

to Great Devoid Manotm high and Khalakm confident of victory

and we have to Matarafoa!

It’s actually the Resistance and the High Command of the Resistance and the things you Mtarafohash and can not know until after the liberation.
With the help of God (and we have to Matarafoa that liberation is still Menbich Anicollkm) اقريب اقريب but much Abaid Abaid ……..

required you patience, patience, patience ………..
anything happens in disasters Liberal …….. Masar uniforms to the martyrs of Bani Walid sticking killed rats and violations happening in the prisons of the militias and other damned …. :
what is it but a reminder of God Almighty Lena bash May Mannsuc recline occupiers of outsiders, and was told our Spilled Martyrs’ BLOOD CRIES:

We must not forget that the Libyan Islamic state is occupied by infidels …….. essential Mannoi all this …… . every of Aihol forget and acclimate with Eisha outsiders ………. Aegean alert from God Almighty ……..
Faith Aeshrfa if believed in Allah, and that this farce called “17 Gahaar” (of “17 FEBRUARY” 2011) is nothing but falsehood in false …….
ستكونوا victorious with God’s help

Liberal Lord preserves all candor I am today Farhana despite all Almase sticking Anmarwa omitted and so you rejoice because our Aahazulna Leadership (HOLY al-Qathafi) will in victory Mapadh be victory only with God’s help!

Forward Aeshrfa.
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
نبي انوصل رسالة الى كل احرار العظمى
خلوا معنوياتكم مرتفعة وخليكم واثقين من النصر ولازم ماتعرفوا انه فعلا فيه مقاومة وفيه قيادة عليا للمقاومة وفيه أشياء أنتم متعرفوهاش ولايمكن تعرفها الا بعد التحرير بعون الله ولازم ماتعرفوا أن التحرير مازال منبيش انقوللكم اقريب اقريب لكنه موش ابعيد ابعيد ……..مطلوب منكم الصبر والصبر والصبر ………..واى شيء يحدث من كوارث في الاحرار ……..زى ماصار لشهداء بنى وليد هلى قتلوهم الجرذان ومايحدث من انتهاكات في سجون المليشيات اللعينة وغيرها ……ماهو الا تذكير من الله سبحانه وتعالى لينا باش ماننسوش ان احنى محتلون من قيل الخوارج وأن عندنا ثأر يجب الا ننساه وأن ليبيا دولة اسلامية محتلة من قبل الكفار ……..لازم ماننسوا كل هذا …….وكل من ايحاول ينسى ويتاقلم مع عيشة الخوارج ……..ايجيه تنبيه من الله سبحانه وتعالى ……..
الايمان ياشرفاء أذا امنتم بالله وبأن هذه المهزلة المسمى 17 قهاير ماهي الا باطل في باطل …….ستكونوا منتصرون بعون الله

ربي يحفظ كل الاحرار الصراحة انى اليوم فرحانة برغم كل الماسء هلى انمروا بيها وحتى انتم افرحوا لان قيادتنا ايحهزولنا في نصر مابعده نصر بعون الله

الى الامام ياشرفاء

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Great Light of Libya

ÍÇĚăÇÚĺ News Libya has just come down on the page His Excellency the Bomenaar leader and follows Mesh Amsedk particular Ischofh
ياجماعه اخبار ليبيا توا تنزل علي صفحة فخامة الزعيم بومنيار ويلي مش امصدق يشوفه بعينه

How immense a burden, has the Lord placed upon Our Supreme Commander’s shoulder…But He has yet promised us Victory: Allah is Great (above the agressor). Created God Lord Aafarahna victory near Say آآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآمين Keep the Faith, and He has promised us Eternal Joy and protection:

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy: What is happening on the Arab and Islamic arena today and in these difficult days gloomy blackness in the history of the Arab and Islamic nation is no stranger has told us of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and all its details and do not overlook only Gahidon this is the last time … Zaman Alroidp and hoopla and infringement of privacy in the name of religion and Deceptive Almdahir and time men like women and women with men and time values ​​and morality and patriotism becomes a insult and shame Vibro also discharged a small crow prostitutes when he came out of Whitth … Honorable where strangers and pious Mlanon and loyal criminals and religion became a ride for relevance and prostitution by Fame Aljkal the Badhar became genitalia … Slaying the honorable Mudbh Masonic satisfy the devil and evil whims of their lives and to satisfy their egos who limited and an infringement on the sanctity of God and religion Sultan at that time for money and prestige to those who served and Satwa who buys souls patient and put their hands in the hands of the usurper infidel and اعتصمت rope Juggernaut and pardoned all dynamics God created the universe out and sold by the prophets and messengers to show cerebral us them and show us the way of salvation. ..

In this darkness opaque and Satwa harsh and prostitute المستتب Pena believe that salvation Ata not Mhaly and the light of truth will not obscured by clouds prostitute and the sun of Islam is stronger than winter ignorance That God’s promise to us and we are committed to him and believe that victory is coming and vulva close Horny Balbeef and patience …Via our people in the country of Great Libyan Jamahiriya patient and صابروا and landed your hands in the hands of hatred and Atkhaddoa decision Death is not something worth to live for him after what happened and is happening in our country Azerbwa rats NATO and crows West forcefully Qalehiah pause glory and death for the nation and the supply and honor the glory of honors in the pages of history for the next Agile increased and forward.(Ali Salem DLF)

SPECIAL GOOD FRIDAY BLESSING: Bbaaaah victory, pride and Alhmoowokh ………

And Juma Mbaaarkh each present and absent Ahrarna Acharfaaa inside and outside the Great ….

In this Friday blessed heading to God in every moment and ask him compassion to our martyrs and to loose the families of our prisoners, and to loose the anguish of our people and that is because every westernizers from outside the country Lord have mercy our beloved public and decimate all oppressors and usurpers ……

Lord family clients NATO and all of them … Oh Secretary… صبــــــــــــــــــااااح النصر والعزة والشمووووخ ……… وجمعة مباااركة لكل الحاضرين والغائبين احرارنا الشرفاااء داخل وخارج العظمى …. وفي هذه الجمعة المباركة نتجه الى الله وفي كل لحظة ونطلب منه الرحمه على شهدائنا ويفك أسر أسرانا ويفك كرب أهلنا وأن يرجع كل المتغربين من خارج البلاد يارب إرحم بلادنا الحبيبه الجماهيرية وأن تهلك كل الظالمين والغاصبين فيها …… يارب أهلك عملاء الناتو وكل من معهم … اللهم أمين Cave Full Abdul Rahman Al Sudais surah alkahf abdulrahman alsudes:


Mu Imam leads us in Prayer

(Admowona 1) Khaled Khuwaildi a publié sur Hamza Abuchnger:

“.. Doaa not send it only to those who trust that he will not stop him: Tell me {Iafarj anxiety .. And Aakashif gloom … Faraj placebo .. And warrants pleased .. and merciful twice .. And lack Hillete .. and Orozkni terms not calculated Lord of the Worlds} said the Prophet, peace be upon him: {tell people this supplication Farajallah energetic} Say God is a * God Samad * He begetteth not * there is none like unto him, amen…”


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GREAT JAMAHIRIYA fest Our Commander banner    Mu's growing Family

Tells me a person close to the leader (LIVING) martyr fasting ………. once we were in the desert with martyr fasting and was with us idiosyncratic and of Daman and Zadamh and Abdulsalam Ghaith, the atmosphere was between the summer and fall,,, but I intense heat,,,said the jurisprudential casting illiteracy before tent prophet smelt stench dirt and he loved water rain, ended in the evening and at night storm and rain, thunder and lightning could not be in that place,,, asked us not to say that never, but after his death…
الادمن main
يحكي لي شخص مقرب من القائد الشهيد الصائم……….كنا ذات مرة في الصحراء مع الشهيد الصائم وكان معنا الفقهي ودامان والزادمه وعبدالسلام غيث ،،، كان الجو بين صيف وخريف ،،، بس حر شديد ،،، قال للفقهي صب اميه قدام الخيمه نبي تفوح ريحة التراب وكان يحبها بماء المطر ،،،انتهت تلك الامسيه وفي الليل هبت عاصفه ومطر ورعد وبرق لا يمكن ان يكون في ذلك المكان ،،، طلب منا عدم قول ذلك ابداً الا بعد موته الادمن الرئيسي

  LJBC New LookMu beautiful joy Mu waits his turn


الادمن main:

I am proud that you Libby – GREEN LIBYA # # GREEN LIBYA – TV:


~ Page son of Libya ~


Muammar al-Saqr world Stop to greet Army Muammar worth trillion greeting.


The golden image of General {Khamis Muammar Gaddafi} accompanied by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Balijzaúr Otina military exercises
Mu in Wagon peering 1996
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صورة للجنرال الذهبي {خميس معمر القذافي} برفقة رئيس الاركان المشتركة بلجزائر أتناء المناورات العسكريةادمن الغام5ض
 Mu waves to us  FRANCE 2007


Destruction of Libya

after evening prayers shrine was bombed
Another in Alash named area “Mimita Khawla ……………
Brazier of free Karzabih withstand.

Urgent :: Rkdalin:
The bombing of the tomb of Sidi Bouziane and the tomb of Sidi Hbashob just whip was a strong explosion shook the city Rkdalin; and science, yesterday evening after evening prayers was the bombing of another shrine and Old in Alash named area Mimita Khawla.

Urgent reportedly now .. went a convoy of Mzrath to the Libyan desert after Ashbaca limited between powerful group unidentified armed chicken Alukna parents guarding desert!!!

(HE leader)


Read (to or martyr Muhammad) killed more than 22 inventory in fierce clashes in the Libyan desert between battalion Mutasim and جردان army pagan that protects in the desert

(Khamis Grant or rebelled like Mercy, O Umm Mohammed what pleases is revenge)

and directed a convoy of Misurata to Libyan desert and God is great.

(HE leader)

URGENT :: convoy heavily Blaslhh heavy جردان the shield Libya is heading for the Libyan desert.

(HE leader)


Green Liberals came to the camp of rats ……… And seized arms …………..

And now wait for a new operation soon… Killed more than 30 rat Senthana result violent explosions in one of their camps Balzntan …………

It is believed that corner are the reason rats.


(Urgent) Now please publication and Altaam Aahrar Aasfahtna glory please publication and dissemination Aaahrar now Zjul Oslahh French Haddat fashioned country by ship to Libya, please deployment Aaahrar Conqueror.
(Vlthia State tykes)
( عاجل ) الان يرجي النشر والتعيم يأحرار ياصفاحتنا المجد يرجي النشر والتعميم ياأحرار الان ذخول أسلاحة فرنسيا حديت الطراز عن طريق السفن القطريه الي ليبيا يرجي النشر ياأحرار الفاتح ( فلتحياء دولة الحقراء )



Laughter on Adakkon … Revolutionaries …! I mean .. Alamadag Alachoas; graduates America and Britain and all certificates owners who Sthm Great Jamahiriya calculated ..

Tariq Muhammad U.S. Joseph Maqrif son President الوطى Conference  (CIA emeployee) appointed a member of the Administration Council of the Central Bank of Libya.

He is also currently Tariq Maqrif also served as CEO of Link’s country Qatari government .. Lived Qatar .. America … Sorry Libya free ..


Health health Aalepien … Downright reverting base Elly Maigtl Weissman Nassien diseases and epidemics :: /


Interruption of Internet service company Libya Telecom and Technology Wimax subscribers and adsl on most parts of Libya for periods …. The reasons are unknown.


Zintan now explosions inside the battalion ((turbid Alzentanih)) have been killed 7 members of the battalion and the burning of a large number of individuals.

SIEZURE OF FORMER ZINTAN FARM-LANDS BY QATARI who bought Libyan lands in an illegal deal with RAT GNC ZAIDANE’s “government”

to pay for the extradition to Libya of  political refugees in lands such as EGYPT through Interpol.

Heavy weapons clashes between rats Zintan and rats corner near the sheep well. Urgent / Quoting p fields

Several explosions rocked a military detachment in Zintan and news about the existence of killed and wounded.

(Addicted to mine 5 Z)

(Urgent) Zintan now two large explosions now Makhal Battalion (turbid Alzentanih) have been killed (7) persons from the battalion and burning Ketar members of the battalion (Vlthia State tykes)

SIEZURE IF ZINTAN LANDS BY QATARI: One of the pioneers of Takeda news published about militias fought for land: Published this information Aaadinm by science disputed territory now is the largest marble mine in the world and country Icheroa in the ground to build the mine.

(posted by: Admona 4)

Urgent .. Clashes between militias Zintan militias well sheep and corner on the back of seizure of Sahah land in Beer sheep and sold to Qatari investors millions of dinars .. _____

The day but Zintan Penzal lists of volunteers from the town of Gharyan: To capture them ……. and people sticking Amnzlenhm Martyrs means are just in the homes of the right ……

However Mazel those Acharzm demanding their God and yes Suffice agent in them. And a thousand curse and a curse for the rats Wayne Mahtoa. (Admona 4)



Moved from Page Excellency:
leader Bo Minyar car by deterrence
and not to shield Libya
and Hey from the angle was a car bombing at Makhal camp in Sorman.
(Guards addiction Leader)



URGENT :: balance:

South Gate were burned to the entrance and balanced and awakened citizens of balance by live bullets you omitted a total of Alskarh affiliated with the so-called themselves revolutionaries under the silence of the state, of course, Dawlat جردان
Citizen was killed under torture in the first secret in the corner and why he owns the armored car they wanted to steal it from him and they said they killed him as he tried to outrun them and this Nude health.

The names of those who tortured him to death:
Khaled Ataiwarat
Hashim authorities
Mohammed paste
Imad Algoj
Mahdi Chaouch
Mahmoud Da’ak
Jamal Da’ak

Hazm who tortured him
And the name of the guy Mangdarsh ​​Anicolh Lin ask Ailth
And, of course, the person Kkla.


No master Surrey resident the Varahab last year and Haya of Syrian refugees and Aktar Valves Facebook account of them:

Surrey resident master the Varahab last year and Haya of Syrian refugees and Aktar Valves Facebook account of them:

(Or Amani and mother of the following, or king)

And dealing with witchcraft in all her life and has been exploited by inventory and five girls from each city of Tripoli hum destroy youth group of young people (***) residing there and unfortunately Asttaao ​​exploitation person (***) and dragged charm their way and did not notice.

However, the past few days and thank God that young man had reported to the police and interrogated with Mrs. and the recognition that has been exploited by young Aitah a whole youth of the tribe (***) through self-Valves and Facebook and their phone numbers and harness young me steal figures from جوالاتهم to discredit

And to clarify their sedition and Altafrikh goal between people and there is one Youth Srko No. sister they believe are his fiancee and here Anfdan STORY helped girls Palestinian and Soeriat by email

All that I want assala guys Rehab ÇÍĐŃć ÇÍĐŃć ÇÍĐŃć and girls مازالو Astglu overthrow youth and all of them claim to be from the tribe of so and so so and so Mrs. has Petklam youth last term and claimed that there young man was telling her Work through and Work through to earn Tguethm and of been dragged step by step.

  •  Ivory (Tripoli) :::

    Internet outage on the city of Tripoli for two hours now and the reasons unknown ….
    Now the time has come to dawn prayers condemned local time for the city of Tripoli and its environs
    (Born ٱltٱgah)
  • The sound of an explosion now Ayn Zara area

     Been confirmed by the news of the prisoners escaped from a prison stun the 14 prisoners /

  • (posted by: Addicted to mine 5 Z)

National Congress breakthrough year by Libyan army mail greeting for honest Liberal and soon fully expelled from the soil of Libya Tahir.

(HE leader)

(Urgent) Now been discovered a battalion that Makhal identity Airport Road headquarters and Heh out Tarhunah forward Aatarhunh ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ reasonable Tarhunah Idir Zjh Hadi whole in Tripoli / greetings to are free Tarhunah glory / (Vlthia State tykes) Hoael and security benefits by the state ..

(Urgent) Now clashes now get Makhal Airport Road headquarters by forces columns (140) (103) (105) and forces of Libya shield and bat battalion,

the spectrum me evacuation battalions Makhal headquarters has been injuring dozens and killing two members of the battalion headquarters Makhal

(Vlthia State tykes)

(Urgent) Now a column of Musrth starting coming to Tripoli glory and piece Lee assist the queue who tries Akharah Battalion of the site has been equipped with 30 to date

(Vlthia State tykes)

The Albrgth tribe seize the headquarters of Battalion 319 fully equipped and weapons and of mercenary bin Ahmid its inventory Boca Oraibi and criminals who Ogtsabo into British today Sidi Mansour area near the airport road, one of the battalions of the Organization of the General Staff under the name shield Libya.

(HE leader)

Column of joint forces (interior and defense) consisting of 50 cars enhanced mechanisms heavy heading to the airport road to purify from outlaws and dens of corruption and anarchists.
Leicester God … الادمن Keynote.

(Urgent) Now Zjul cars now Makhal leadership Allepieh door splendor not yet know how many cars and Heh far Makhal door Azizia and Delirious cars that were serving under the command forces brigade (72) Armored not yet know Why Ihdt Makhal leadership /

Ali Maaatkd Anchaouallah best ups the Gaah days Iaahrar /

(Vlthia State tykes)

(Urgent) Tadjourah now Tzkhal in clashes, specifically near the battalion two Altajoria companies by rapid Altzkhal forces and forces the moving force of me Janzour Haad has been injured Ketar Makhal clashes that you get there and there is no murderer, but now / Lord over them /

(Vlthia State tykes)

(Urgent). Now been killed members of the battalion (shield Libya) by the battalion headquarters in Makhal airport road and we do not know how many Alqatla there

(Vlthia State tykes)


Explosion now in the eye of Ministry..


(within dawn martyr process Muhammad) Ibn Mujahid 01 groups under its now targeting gates for جردان in the vicinity of the plateau, Salahuddin

and Ain Zara in Tripoli mortar Arby Ji and voice Alanfjarn and clear to the people of Tripoli.

(HE leader)

Hear people with a powerful explosion in the vicinity of Salahuddin in Tripoli.

Tripoli stitch tonight. Tripoli tonight protector. News from our sources / One was stepping p rats affiliated to shield Libya shortly before /

Street Ejrabh beside peace and complex named {Lance Sharif}, a resident of Ben Achour.

Default Badowo.

Hear packages shortly before in Tripoli. Sorry p delay in spreading the word net Ataib and I find I have Excuse Lkhoti.

(Addicted to mine 5 Z)

A powerful explosion rocked the city of Tripoli sleep now… Something from Libya this morning ********* Moved *********

From Tripoli today / / Today, after dawn prayers attended Salem Abdulnabi Miloud light to a police station port of Tripoli Marine told members of the police that while he was see his boat from the sea where he fisherman to the marina correspond with the number of two fishing boats Rubber Mtnhm people Mmelthieddin.

The citizen that this group was you link weights ores legs youth Mkkami mouths and receiving in the sea and also added he heard screams some young people who were fried their middle of the sea and noted that the more than ten young, moved the police with the citizen and boarded the boat for him to sea and actually found people who told them and found to Vem young bound with chains and when asked about their dependence reported that they:

followed a battalion Nawasi and charged with Bedouin Omneya into the sea and had threatened police and expelled, Vtm Contact Balmakhalah to inform them about it and did not intervene or send any support to a police station port, this news spread among the fishermen Marsa fish and ended Thread at this point, without follow-up or interest (submitted by: الادمن main) Hoael and security benefits by the state ..

Column of joint forces (interior and defense) consisting of 50 cars enhanced mechanisms heavy heading to the airport road to purify from outlaws and dens of corruption and anarchists. Leicester God … الادمن Keynote.


Found on Altaorga citizen kidnapped Fathi birth Abuharidh after that kidnapped yesterday morning is heading off to work in the area Rulrhh his car was stolen from him and after his captors had him detained in unknown farm and beat him and finds some bruises on his body and face. Has been found on one of the roads tied hands this morning.




Social Council and tribes Rafla declares official mourning in the city for 40 days and raise black flags in the city and the people and Rafla at home and abroad raising black flags on their institutions

(Admona 4)

ICAO you are free
الادمن main

Rafla now
Rafla now Yally want afraid Valley … Elly wants hostile Dhanah Nkhaloh Akhcna Normal … Must shroud with him…

O expensive Dunk spirit of Athun

Enduring Aladmona:


Rats “May 28” outside Bani Walid, and can not enter …….

They are in the plug when their masters rats Almsarit.

A state of tension and anger felt by the people of Bani Walid.

Agnehdon and the land of my ancestors, my commander without Vzain Without my commander us always at network news Alrsikh


site Rusaifa audio-visual media http://alrseefa.com/ sidewalk …

MARTYR HERO GIBRAN WARFALLI of BANI WALID with his batallion that perished by the hands of NATO 18 MARCH 2011



And confiscation Gdaúah material represented in (couscous) poisonous in the port of Benghazi.

Been confirmed by the news of the prisoners escaped from a prison stun the 14 prisoners /
One in our Liberal /
Now prisoners escape from prison battalion to shock íÇĚăÇÚĺ following Mesh Amsedk contacted his family following in Benghazi,

Icololhm Shani Sayer battalion was smuggled shock (14) prisoner of Makhal prison and we do not know until now you still smuggling or not
(Vlthiadolh tykes)
{Arab Allit}

Several of the prisoners escape from prison Thunderbolt in Benghazi

(Posted by:Addicted to mine 5 Z)


Largest water reservoir in the world in Benghazi Omar Mukhtar Reservoir:

Largest water reservoir in the world in Benghazi Omar Mukhtar Reservoir built by Shahid fasting Muammar Gaddafi God’s mercy in Benghazi and dubbed tank Omar Mukhtar,

expand the homage of the Mujahid chosen, each this Tanasth …

The largest reservoir in the world built by Shahid fasting Muammar Gaddafi God’s mercy in Benghazi and dubbed tank Omar Mukhtar,

Expand the homage of the Mujahid chosen, all this Tanasth

Benghazi and brought snipers hit bullets at demonstrators and Psoha in the army and got hoopla and because Ronthm NATO intervention which is masterminded revolutions spring Zionist to intervene and focus customers and traitors يمنحوه

Therautena like Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who calls Libyans ((Abuscna) )

VIDEO SHOWS SAIF OFFFICIALLY OPENS THE TAP TO THE largest water reservoir in the world in Benghazi Omar Mukhtar Reservoir.


The names of those who raped girls British (Muslim of PAKASTANI* origin) in Benghazi:
-1 … Abdullah Mohammed Oraibi born 85 of the region’s population Hawari ..
2 … Nabil Ali Faitouri born 89 from the eastern population of milkfish ..
3 … Ibrahim Abdel Atti Awami still at large ..
4 … Mohsen Dhiab Al-Zayani is still at large ..__
(*: These adhere to the false SALAFIST doctrine of raping 20 Virgins for Paradise)
  •  URGENT :: /
    Quoting called ((Journalist: Faraj Derbah)) and Nattabrk only trumpet corrupt Fberaara and lascivious and salacious screaming ‘::

    Suicide of a member of the infantry battalion involved in the incident Pakistani Benghazi

    Was found Friday morning on a member of the infantry battalion involved in the incident of rape of young girls Pakistani Benghazi committed suicide in his apartment بعمارات 7000

    Obaid Satan and heads of sedition in Benghazi are looking very hard on a solution to get out of trouble and scandal Aatsab girls into British and trying to link the incident Palmaadan director for Germanhm has reached the idea will stick this charge to supporters of Gaddafi as trying to market rumor suggesting that the rapists were employees of the battalion holy Bo age. . !!
    “With the rats you Mesh Hatkdr close your eyes”

    Kano yesterday rebels ………..
    Today aspirations you dogs members.
    Urgent Benghazi …. Observations only the voices of heavy lead and a very strong explosion in the vicinity of Buatuny. (HE leader)
    (Urgent) Now prisoners escape from prison battalion to shock íÇĚăÇÚĺ following Mesh Amsedk contacted his family following in Benghazi, Icololhm Shani Sayer battalion was smuggled shock (14) prisoner of Makhal prison and we do not know until now you still smuggling or not
    (Vlthiadolh tykes)
    Rat killing and injuring 3 and a car bombing in clashes between rats in front of a battalion of Ramadan Omar.
    Closure of a hospital to evacuate and Hawari after doctors sit ……
    The news about demonstrations front تبستي Hotel Dop.
    The bombing of the tomb “Mr. Bouziane” shrine “sir Hbashob”
    Shortly before …. He was also preceded yesterday evening after evening prayers shrine was bombed
    Another in Alash named area “Mimita Khawla ……………
    Brazier of free Karzabih withstand(posted by: Admona 4)

    Urgent :: Rkdalin:
    The bombing of the tomb of Sidi Bouziane and the tomb of Sidi Hbashob just whip was a strong explosion shook the city Rkdalin; and science, yesterday evening after evening prayers was the bombing of another shrine and Old in Alash named area Mimita Khawla.

    SABHA:Urgent: Sabha:
    Killing members of army Allaotunai and wounded others in an attack on the headquarters of the Military Industrialization Pettmnhunt Initial news reports that the armed group that carried out the attack are from Tabu and now aviation is still flying over the region since the beginning of the clashes in the morning.

    SATURDAY, 30 MARCH 2013
    Killed Colonel Musa Awami Salim Abdullah soldier and wounded two others in an attack on a camp Tmanhunt
    7:48 NEWS
    The Gaddafi International news agency – Sabha

    TRIPOLI, Libya — A Libyan military spokesman says more than 150 gunmen have attacked an air base in the country’s southern desert, killing two government troops.

    Saad al-Orfi says the attack early Saturday targeted a military air base about 45 kilometers (30 miles) north of the city of Sabha. He says the assailants were heavily armed and clashed with government forces stationed at the base.

    An Afghan Army soldier secures the hill overlooking the Kart-e Sakhi mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, March 20, 2013. Thousands of Afghans will celebrate on Thursday, March 21, 2013, the Iranian New Year Nowruz, marking the first day of spring and the beginning of the year on the Iranian calendar. (AP Photo/Ahmad Jamshid)

    A colonel and a soldier were killed in the fighting, and two more troops were also wounded.

    Al-Orfi identified the assailants as Libyan but said an investigation is underway to determine who they were.

    Attack at dawn on Tmanhunt camp by an unknown group that killed Colonel Musa Awami Salim Abdullah soldier and wounding two did not know the attackers so far.

    An increase in car theft cases through the gates of a fake on the road between Sabha and Tripoli.
    Clashes and come Assoaaat shooting now in Sabha and unknown causes.
    (HE leader)

    News Sabha from one of the pioneers of page
    Targeting The city of Sebha Military Industrialization and grab all Ola weapons and killing Barasi and with Sabha urgent tribute to the men of the Resistance

    (posted by: Admona 4)

    Image slain Musa Rizkallah Awami of the dome, which was killed today in Sabha at dawn today during the attack, which was carried out by unidentified rats headquarters of the southern military region Bsabha.
    Moses Rizk first officer defected to the power of the people and the system joined NATO against his own people after bolting announced on 17 .. 2 .. 2011 is among the rats who occupy the airport are Abraq and field commander on the battlefield with NATO against the Libyans.(posted by: Admona 4)
    The attack on the headquarters of the Rat Barasi governor rats in the south … And 9 of the rats killed at the hands of the Tabu.
    the other BIG RAT:

    Military governor of the southern region of Libya escapes assassination attempt led to the deaths of four soldiers
    Saturday, 30March  2013 15:56
    Alternative/RAT SURVIVED!!!!

    Survived the so-called military governor of the southern region of Libya called Ramadan Barasi Saturday, an assassination attempt armed attack at dawn today at his headquarters in Tmanht near the city of Sabha (750 km) south of Libya.
    Security sources said the region in a telephone interview with United Press International, said the attack, which was carried out by armed groups and described as outlaws, led to the deaths of four elements of Jermana army, including rat colonels.
    She added that a number of other military wounded after an exchange of fire between the armed group and army Jermana.
    The head of the National Security Committee Conference “country” (Parliament), Suleiman Belhaj, revealed over the weekend for what ails the region south of the problems especially with regard to smuggling, drug trafficking and illegal immigration and the presence of the non-indigenous population in the region.
    And The Jermanah government in Libya had decided to convert all regions of the south’s 25 city for the military under the command of a military ruler, and the closure of all border with the five countries bordering Libya in an attempt to stop the trade in human beings, arms and drugs.
    Lipa and live a state of lawlessness and chaos unprecedented after customers NATO control over the reins of power.

    (Posted by: Admona 4)
    Prompt Come Bullets within the city of Aziziyah and Rishvana state of confusion. (HE leader)


    Alguentarar fired two rockets in flagrant breach of the truce before the eyes of the army and one rocket hit a Grad home Bossdag eastern Baerqhob.

    A number of powerful explosions rocked Tobruk, Derna and white at night.


Exclude sons Alqmazfah from any government job or compensation for homes destroyed by rats.

2 of youth injury Alqmazfah firing bullets by rats in Sirte.



Offline from the city of Gharyan exposes the lie channel Misrata
I hope the publication of this section in all the pages of the world so that the world knows the truth massacre of prisoners of Bani Walid Ali Gharyan …….

Related channel Misurata and we will quote verbatim what this man said B_khas …

Video: lied scandal channels Misrata
The Gaddafi International news agency – Videos

أرجو نشر هذا المقطع في كل صفحات العالم لكي يعلم العالم حقيقة مذبحة أسرى بني وليد علي من غريان……. يتصل بقناة مصراتة ونحن ننقل حرفياً ما قاله هذا الرجل بخص…


Hear bullets keep downtown Misurata since few, bombings and hit with heavy weapons and reported dead and wounded _

and news of family leave Abdulrahman Swehli Libyan territories.

URGENT: heavy Baalaslha clashes between Libya and shield slaves in a dome area to the east led to the capture of the attacking group now fully engaged in negotiations to deliver with them and cause clashes attempt to shield Libya receipt of the army camp by force of science that is to shield Libya Musrati.

Admona 4

Misurata Khashh some are free O / Hearing voices of weapons Tqilh and pencil keep the center of the city and reported escape {Abdulrahman Swehli family}

(POSTED BY: Mines 5 Z)

Ania unconfirmed reports of family escape the rat Abdul Rahman Swehli of Misrata because of the clashes now.

News about freeing 14 prisoners from the People’s Armed Forces of the prison stun Misurata….

Reported clashes heavy Bllashalh near from the Military Academy in Misrata ………..

And hear the voices of bullets keep the city center.



News stopped working in the refinery at Ras Lanuf oil .……… And electricity for Ras Lanuf.



Tense situation in Tarhunah between rats Alanaajh and are free tribe Alemragna.


Former president of the French intelligence calls to open a file financing Qatar for international terrorism:



Clashes between Egyptian and Libyan port Salloum after the deportation of 500 Egyptian, and Egyptians in Salloum chanting against Libya!

Closed port security port Salloum land, the port for the movement of passengers and arrivals to and from Egypt after clashes between Egyptians and Libyans inside the port, after the arrival of 500 Egyptians relay from Libya, and the escalation of events to turn into clashes between compatriots Salloum and police ports.

The clashes coincided and close the port with crossing the U.S. delegation visiting Syrian refugees, and who see what is happening on the border.

Events began when the Police Department received Salloum land port number 500 Egyptian citizen, deportees from Libya, the lack of validity of their visas Libyan territory, and some infected hepatitis.

Egyptian workers expressed exiles resent being affected by the Libyan authorities to deport them without serious reasons, as they say, and ill-treatment, and chanted slogans against Libya, which aroused some members of the Libyan community, who happened to be the port.

The altercation occurred between Egyptian Libyan exiles and some port, evolved into scuffles, and security rushed to contain the situation, and scuffles broke out between the people of Salloum and port security police.

Subsequently, the members of the Security Police Department to close the port and ports to prevent the entry and exit to and from Libya, and allowed only to the Egyptians deported from Libya to enter the country.

(posted by: Admona 4)

Word now
Urgent Salloum: the Libyan-Egyptian border
Hussein Taher:
Clashes on Egyptian-Libyan border between Egyptian citizens and between gang just Almatarda on the border area arc insults is been torn passports carried by the Egyptian citizen and insulting citizens Egyptian and tortured Pellnar and skin weapons white than what angered people of the city Salloum and joined some residents to our people from the rest of the governorates of Egypt and now has some Egyptian citizens Blaatsam in barrier of arc boundary demanding Egyptian authorities me make informed decisions to protect the rest of Egyptian citizens in Libya and has some citizens editing records in the Office of the National Security and resorted some cases infected hospital Salloum year were transferred to a hospital Matrouh year!!

Atef was by the Green Resistance liberated Faraj Ali Burmelh: Brother of the hero martyr Massoud Faraj Burmelh

My father was kidnapped P Nasr City in Cairo Hamdallah p safety Iabtal

(submitted by: Admona 4)

By :: Political activist Mohammed seven:

Political activist Mohammed seven:

Urgent tomorrow the start of the investigation with Ahmed howitzer blood source told Powered by the Attorney-General Egyptian Anao tomorrow the start of the investigation with Ahmed howitzer blood on charges of possession of unlicensed Dkhirh and wounded officer.

Urgent pictures at the start of the investigation with Ahmed howitzer blood we will give a certificate to prove he gets the Egyptian nationality

# Shafik # howitzer blood provided a valuable service to Egypt and handed over to Libya shame in Egypt # right corner of religion Oran.

Word now Urgent Salloum: the Libyan-Egyptian border


Hussein Taher Clashes on Egyptian-Libyan border between Egyptian citizens and between gang just Almatarda on the border area

arc insults is been torn passports carried by the Egyptian citizen and insulting citizens Egyptian and tortured Pellnar.

and skin weapons white than what angered people of the city Salloum

and joined some residents to our people from the rest of the governorates of Egypt and now has some Egyptian citizens

Blaatsam in barrier of arc boundary demanding Egyptian authorities me make informed decisions to protect the rest of Egyptian citizens in Libya

and has some citizens editing records in the Office of the National Security

and resorted some cases infected hospital Salloum year were transferred to a hospital Matrouh year!!


Egypt: thwart the smuggling of 2 tonnes of copper and 70 cartons of cigarettes from Libya
9:19 NEWS 
Gaddafi news agency World – Egypt 

foiled by Egyptian border guards, Western Military Region, smuggling 2 tonnes of copper and 70 cartons of cigarettes of various types smuggled from Libya and illegally, across the border on the road to Siwa Mataro


1991 broke brother commander the Omsaad border gate between Egypt and Libya Can you hide these works,


O Today Taidon those enemies to homeland History records and men are making history, not customers

(HE leader)

The Great al-Fateh, never repeated



Ambassador of Tunisia, Libya was involved in a terrorist attack in Algeria and the recruitment of young people for Jihad in Syria.
Soon bombings and suicide attacks in Tunisia, Algeria and Mali.

  • Iaahrar Tunisia ŃĎć your mind your spirit Jerdan Amdayrin him again and forming a gang and who mastered in the information and one named Marwan.

    Oh God, I reached.

    (Addicted 7)

  • Astmau Liberal just on direct symposium in Tunis chanting the name of the conqueror of room light Forever direct broadcast on channel Libya Alkhadddhara FM – Liberal Atnadon of each Bekaa


Voice Resistance

Area Wazen border region of Tunisia gate Altanyh to Tunisia is witnessing tensions in the region of what happened at dawn this Friday hailed a group of Alskarh are جردان Nalut,

about the balance 60 kilometers me Aloatmae a policeman on patrol in the gate moisturizing the only entrance to the country beat and cracking lower jaw and named ::

(Qadir strength).

Was transferred to Tunisia for the purpose of embarrassing treatment for his condition in the attack and later had this group who call themselves revolutionaries and are not criminals drunk Bmdahmt police station balanced and closed dismantling of weapons from police.

And let us know بالرماية homes safe in the morning and arrested a citizen without any reason prevails Thotr and congestion in the area and motionless, not councils Jerdani or anyone a nerve in the absence of complete media Alfberara; As shown marginalization and utter disregard for that area and a lot of areas other; HAMZA THAMI on dispkaced Tunisians


Peace be upon you and the mercy of God are free and silks Great Jamahiriya We would like to draw the attention of the displaced Libyans in Tunisia that he will held a seminar and lectures and protest about the stopovers of the displaced Libyans in Tunisia And the conditions of Libyan prisoners in the prisons of darkness and Adthakat human rights of detainees and displaced people outside the Libyan homeland organized by legal and human rights supervision And Aerobien and Liberal Unionist Movement of the Republic of Tunisia, as well as international human rights organizations competent in this matter and are free and silks Great Jamahiriya revolutionaries This will be the seminar on Saturday 30 th spring (March) 2013 in Sfax theater mass street lover Aburguibh on at ten o’clock am Actual Libyans Liberal and silks Great Jamahiriya displaced in Tunisia to participate in this demonstration, which discussed their tragic situations and conditions of the detainees in the prisons of darkness And deliver the voice of displaced over the past two years to the world and international human rights organizations and international human rights organizations.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله احرار وحرائر الجماهيرية العظمي نود ان نلفت عناية المهجرين الليبيين في الجمهورية التونسية بانه سوف تقام ندوة ومحاضرات ووقفة احتجاجية بخصوص اوضاع الليبيين المهجرين في تونس واوضاع المعتقلين الليبيين في سجون الظلام واتهاكات حقوق الانسان للمعتقل الليبي والمهجرين خارج ارض الوطن ينظمها القانونيين والحقوقيين الاشراف والعروبيين وحركة الوحدويين الاحرار في جمهورية تونس وكذلك منظمات حقوقية دولية مختصة بهذا الشان واحرار وحرائر الجماهيرية العظمي الثوريين وسوف تكون هذه الندوة يوم السبت القادم الموافق 30 الربيع (مارس) 2013 بمدينة صفاقس بالمسرح الجماهيري بشارع الحبيب ابورقيبة علي تمام الساعة العاشرة صباحا فعلي كل الليبين الاحرار والحرائر الجماهيرية العظمي المهجرين في تونس المشاركة في هذه التظاهرة التي تناقش اوضاعهم الماسوية واوضاع المعتقلين في سجون الظلام وايصال صوت المهجرين طيلة العامين الماضيين الي العالم والمنظمات الحقوقية الدولية ومنظمات حقوق الانسان الدولية ايها الشرفاء الوطن يصرخ وينادي فكونوا في الموعد وتضامنوا صف واحد من اجل معتقلين في سجون الظلام ومن اجل المهجرين الليبيين في كل انحاء العالم وتونس خاصة للاستفسار يرجي الاتصال بالاخ ناصر علي الرقم 21629231944+ دمتم ودام الفاتح العظيم والي الامام والكفاح الثوري مستمر

D. Hamza Thami – appeal to support a seminar Tunisia Saturday / 30.03.2013

I hope publication and dissemination,,, @ Arobi  

March in Zarzis _ Tunisia …
The Libyan flag is present ….




Protest the Libyan community living in Britain

11:41  NEWS  
The news agency Gaddafi International – London
protested Libyan community living in Britain and a number of students studying in the United Kingdom in front of the Libyan Embassy in London
to express their displeasure to hit him Libyan schools in Britain:
practices changed the educational system prevailing and replace it with a sufficient a study of supporting materials only and cancel all other subjects without 

 Back to parents of students, protesters also denounced practices T. wrong and others studied and practiced by the Libyan consulate cultural attaché in London.




Warning !!
There is a video titled: “Bashar beaten by one of his aides”.

Do not try to open it and only device will penetrate!!!!!
تحذير هناك فيديو بعنوان: بشار يتعرض للضرب من قبل احد مساعديه لا تحاولوا فتحه والا سيتم اختراق الجهاز
يرجى النشر والتحذير

Please publishing and warning

(Posted by: Admona 4)

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