People’s Power Begins to Return to Libya

People’s Congresses:

People's Congresses

People’s Committees:

People's Committees

O sons of the desert, the sons of the desert, O sons of ancient cities, O sons of rural pure O sons of our beloved beautiful villages ….

Members of the Great Jamahiriya have the most love for their homeland. They have the most oppressed sense of what will be the outcome of the situation of their country and never يتباكون on material things as much as Talmanm to Libya ….

Everyone asks one question very logically .. What to do and how to rid the country of the customer oppressive ?

How can we remove the unjust category of drug and alcohol dealers, heretics and customers bisexual, and all forms of immorality… that has reinfested Libya since the Yankee occupation…not seen in the country since the end of days of the colonial rule of  King Idress (once the glorious al-Fateh of 01 September 1969 occured)?

Libya after a flurry of rats, dogs Cross, the appearance of one of the shops in Tripoli. Overthrew the pants to be Mopar rat!!:

Suffering supporters of the al-Fateh (Light) Revolution are owners pride and dignity, But with a state of extreme frustration for the loss of the country before their eyes and the absence of a role to play in any militant action helping to liberate Libya be rescued ..


Mu the visionary


Jardan Obeid and Khouna .. Kano adore the King corrupt .. Nor Zalo worship their masters West and love slavery and adulation ..
If Ofm era corrupt reign Ezz and prosperity as you claim why do you call Abadt fathers and grandfathers him ..? Why Akhveetm the fact history, Mnaspath and even .. anthem?
Our sincerity to our great leader … Saqr Arabism Muammar Gaddafi .. We worship …
O naive ÇÍäÇ our national anthem “God is greatest above Kid aggressor” What’s the name of Muammar Gaddafi, but he stated God is greatest over Kidd aggressors 32 times ..

And the fact Nciedkm Li and beginning what to say …
Section that Tmh even Istgflo the Jardan:

Idris, a descendant of the conquerors neighborhood *** he was in Libya Jihad code

Download Banners us perjury *** تبعناه for the country’s liberation

Vontny King and Open outlined *** and focused over the heads Ahmadinejad

Banner free *** misled بالعز, the nationwide

Net Idriss neighborhood .. Mesh neighborhood God does not live on the farmer does not live on jihad.

Muammar al-Qathafi has been described as the Arabic “pope”:

Muammar al-Qathafi appears as if a Roman Cardinal:
Mu appaears like Cardinal


Tquaot call Muammar Bomenaar al-Qathafi,,,,,,,,,,, complete text !

Morning steadfastness and challenge Aahrar to the

And a thousand million, a tribute to the leader of the Arab nation
Muammar al-ups

Will come out every Liberal
Bearing Bomenaar image….

Aazeim nation chosen
Against the traitors and infidels.

God protect him and who knows the boy Aqubla his forehead and optimistic it better …

One solution for choosers other /

Ktaaaaúb Gaddafi’s armed forces {people} is the only solution to the recovery of our country
Almqji Bo neighborhood Mafna Bedouins يهجو in each region

Swoov be crushed by the army green Orteuraba
(Admin 5)

 The Third Universal Theory is the ONLY CURE for our ailing sick planet…THE ONLY: THERE IS NO OTHER.


Glakm how science repellence usually high and uniform invincible in Hsadeh and the Anicollkm …………

God صبحكم the good you are free …… Great Muammar ups …. The morning victory
(Admoowona 1)

Mu’Ammar’s Birthday celebration: 07 JUNE

Support Page

Operations room at dawn light
Dear people of Libya Great Jamahiriya  pursuant to voluntarily submit Free To أمانيك precious, and genuine response to your call repeatedly demanding change and cleansing, and urges to work and initiative, and inciting revolution and pounce, has your troops armed overthrow of the regime reactionary backward rotting which Ozakmt smell stinking noses, and اقشعرت see with .. .

Tsubhowoon p Raih victory Germanah new ^ * …… Muammar al-ups
(Admowona 1)

Sthsmon Sthsmon … O Ansar rats and Jews
Greeting to all honest people who are struggling on the issue of home and green earth …

Forward O generations of mass thought O sons of the leader at home and abroad beloved Great Jamahiriya:


Timeline 10 NOV 1969 NYT

Timeline 03 MARCH 1970


Timeline 15 APRIL 1986

Plot hatched by USA in 1988 to kill Muammar al-Qathafi and overthrow the Great JAMAHIRIYA. USA admits the plan on 17 May 1991:
Timelime 17 MAY 1991 USA admits plot to  kill Mu

BRITS tried again to kill Muammar al-Qathafi in February 1996:

Timeline February 1986 Botched assasinationof Mu by Brits

Islam is the whole basis of the Great Jamahiriya…without Islam, this wonder would never have occurred. Allah blesses and inspires and directs Muammar al-Qathafi. Muammar is  more than a marabout; he is The Holy IMAM spoken of  throughout the ages. He made the desert bloom and gave mankind a means to live in harmony with his fellow creatures and have a life as envisioned by the Almighty when He created man.

I ask that Muammar al-Qathafi sees his work in fruitation…That the Green Book goes throughout the entire planet and is accepted and implemented in the lives of all people of Good Report..I pray that all that he sacrificed, and worked so very hard for, will never be in vain; but rather flourish…and that The Great Man-Made River is miraculously cured (and stages 4 & 5 completed)…I pray that Muammar is finally given his proper position in the history books of all good people; and that due honor is given to him…as he has lost more BUT even done more than Job (AYOUB)…(as Muammar is vitally important for our whole world)…. Help Muammar al-Qathafi to rebuild Libya, greater than it was, and for him to be able to cleanse it from the filthe that has infested within it since 2011. Have the cry, coming from the blood of the martys, purify the united  nation of the Great Jamahiriya!

.Bless Muammar, in so much that his childhood dream is fulfilled in that he can achieve the miracle of uniting all 3 of the Abrahamic faiths that know and love God. I also pray for his longevety and lucid mind and verile body… That he knows that God is with Him…I also pray that God is with the Green Resistance, and especially Muammar’s sons Khamis and Saadi: that The Great Jamahiriya finally triumphs and is restored…and that once agin Libya can become a model society for the entire world.

I also pray that the Guardian Angels remain always beside Muammar al-Qathafi..not only to protect him and warn him of all dangers; but also to continue instructing him, that Muammar may lead us as the true Mahdi..

We need more prayers coming from all decent people—Muammar and the Green Resistance can use all the prayers possibly imagined and more-so.

Prayers and Chants for the Return of the Great JAMAHIRIYA / Prières et chants pour le retour de la Grande Jamahiriya

 the Muslim Thaer Muammar Gaddafi leads the Muslims in the city of Durban in the noon prayer. Mu’ammar preparing to kiss the HOLY QURAN.Arabes A.  prière: “O, O Ghiath détresse أغثنا et mon voisin …

They tried again in 1998, wherein an Amazon angel-guard fell upon the grenade intended for Muammar al-Qathafi. She sacrificed her life for his….

23 SEPT 2009 UNO Historical Speech:

UNO 23 Sept 2009

The so-called  17 FEBRUALLY UPRISING (2011) was also orchestrated by the CIA:

Child studies Quran

The GREAT MAN-Made RIVER Project:
(Miracle must happen to repair it and complete stages 4 and 5.)

Extinction of Arabian gazelle of the oases and deserts of Libya after a fierce attack on biodiversity and

wildlife in Libya after the extinction of a ram Alodan has become rare to find deer in many areas of Libya,

which was revels in nature reserves in order to preserve them from extinction which made the fate of the animal mysterious beautiful .. !


Guys captive “Saif al-Islam” were killed in the NATO bombing on a convoy cruciate named “Saif al-Islam” in the area of Wadi Zamzam …. God bless the martyrs
(Admowona 1)
رفاق الأسير سيف الإسلام استشهدوا في قصف الناتو الصليبي على رتل سيف الإسلام في منطقة وادي زمزم …. رحم الله شهداء الوطن
ادمووونة 1

Word to us now from Liberal who are Vcefov الجرابيع
It’s a big possibility that Jardan will cut off all Internet services p some cities in Libya Tripoli first of them {}
And now Jardan via their wireless Bulban p car Chevrolet egg without Tarqat {the targeting two either ministry Jerdanih of patrols
Rail Road} shortly before

God saves the Liberal / (Admin 5)

The majority of students in universities and institutes in Libya entered in civil disobedience and refuse to

go to school because of the lack of security and the spread of crime.


Two dead and three injured including the head of the military council of inventory.

Jeelat “Yusuf al-Atrash” in an armed confrontation in city of العجيلات, القتيلان.

Mnzban Shield Libya and subsequently been supported by the city of troop جردان Zintan and Misratah and angle.

Farces never-ending in the governance of the state at the hands of corrupt traitors and agents :: /

Jardan Almzraat control the Ministry of Interior and Foreign
And a channel for Libya National Jerdanih …

Shut down the oil port of Harika Btabriq;

Following the closure of most foreign embassies and the closure of state television and conference sessions only national closed. Donkey and closure of the Office of Foreign Affairs and shut down the Office of Internal donkeys .. and shut down the oil port of Harika Btabriq …
Wait closure of their lives
Everything is closing .. Continuous and ruin the country forward :

Post Admin Page

We must move from the Web to the TV stage ……. Ahbab Asham home always races …….

Arise, make videos for the martyrs of the People’s Armed Forces at least half an hour ……. And send it to the channel Al Khaimah:



News announcement of an emergency government ………… Now by rats Misrata .. The tension in the Red Valley.

And Prophet Hduha the Aacherq Illagrb Aajerman Jerkm today my eyes Tholowoowoa the Maakm @ @
Melcaa of Melcaat city of Ajdabiya Red shut down the valley ….. And Jaaakm good and Chkchka the Aalibia
(Admowona 1)

Remember I told you that MISURATA made a deal with FRANCE, U.K: Qatar & ISRAEL–This was pre-planned:

Now the spread of French forces me sufficient in most areas of the capital Tripoli important and please Report

Aaahrar the distribution was approximately (235) French soldier and Ayatollah Ali Manicol the martyr.
(Addicted 3)

Urgent …
Clashes in Spring Valley between armed Mlishat and militias Abdel Raouf hater.

Enormous numbers of cars of armed militias coalesce now in Tajora and news confirms it will move after noon prayers

me occupy the prime minister and the National Conference of the year.

Misrata militias that surround the building of the so-called Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is currently the

African vacate the administration building the object angle Dahmani – Tripoli near the lanterns of staff

and director of the African Department holding called Mahfouz Rahim inside the building.
Break into the so-called Ministry of Finance and the attack on Tripoli minister guards and damaging the contents of the ministry ..

Ashour Hoael the internal boxed inside a building for several hours by gunmen?

To storm the Interior Ministry rats from cars to armed militias NATO rebels coming from the corner and Surman and Sabratha.

Of Page Jerdan … Libya state

Private Radio Sawa: Jamal Zoubih the Snguethm several ministries and even the prime minister building until it is clear the government of arrows ..

Oh God smite oppressors بالظالمين and brought us out of them unharmed.

Armed gangs that surrounded the building of the so-called Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the evacuation of the administration building of the African object Dahmani near the angle of his staff and lanterns holding so-called director of the African rat Mahfouz Rahim inside the building.

Rats turn on rats
God will smite evil-doers بالظالمين

Quoting,,,, the Libyan nation …
Incident of fire in the vicinity of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Libyan capital
Tripoli District Ben Achour launch a number of bullets, which يجاورها a number of other foreign embassies, including the Iranian embassy .. Ukrainian Embassy decided to stop issuing visas to Libyan citizens to travel to Ukraine indefinitely because of the unsafe situation around the embassy.
Diplomatic sources said the Ukrainian Embassy in Tripoli – in remarks
Press today in Tripoli – that the shooting was the purpose of terrorism crowd around the embassy of the Libyans and issued by one of the houses adjacent to the building Ukrainian Embassy because of the wrath of one of the region’s population of Noise and bickering because of the influx of tens of citizens and Tgmehrhm in front of the Embassy of Ukraine to apply for visas to travel to the Ukraine, and one of the police cars stationed place did not intervene in the incident, and left the place.

Foreign and under their control …

, Tells you Albuladamna and stable and Tsedkosh the rumors,
The country will not have a list, but a NATO rebels courtyard.

Minister of Health escape from the back door and Mdermketbh Badtlekayam connection Ban جردان-Misratah ستحاصر place for political demands isolation

Case with in Tripoli is a military coup.


The presence of drones now deteriorate in the sky Tripoli to Ahoudo the once time there is a strong flash in the sky Tripoli Unknown What next for Libya

Knowing that there are some commands Jermanah in several areas in the Libya wearing Alkiefah the full

And finally

Tquaot call Bomenaar,,,,,,,,,,, complete text.

Zaidane Dear shoe … True revolutionaries who Ahasronk day you bring them arms and you visited the

capitals of Western countries to give them legitimacy,,, carry Megik:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl …. far from News Channel Capital Almuammh Zidane received the Personal Envoy of Cameron,

British Prime Minister about the security file in Libya and prepare for the entry of British troops to Libya before the

agreement was reached with France to take their share of the cake Libyan compared to believe the South troop French

and also nostalgic America equipped intact and will return three regions Tripoli Cyrenaica Fezzan and each one and share ….

God uncertain Jaddaaaa the words of the Office of Zaidane.
(posted by: The main الادمن)

Zaidane agrees to dismiss Abdulsalam أبوسعدة Libyan Minister of Awqaf, an attempt to suck anger Jardan claimants political isolation.

U.S. warns militia leaders and their groups drunken murderers “We are monitoring the situation and does not lead us يستعدي any decision to deter”

NATO and America able Boukbuthm and دهائهم pitting the Libyan people on himself and on its mass let alone Pkmhh the criminals and drunk!.

Uncertain and urgent news ….!!!!!!!!!

Parks Center bombing leaves 20 dead at least 80 wounded and captured port explosion.

Zaidane yelling now the Libyan street

And admits to kill me and many wound prepare yesterday in العجيلات the
And the entry called Atrash head of the military armed الجرداني العجيلات to the intensive care unit and killed Senthana person and people Rajabana and two of جردان العجيلات and a number of injured enriched attack from the Liberal youth in العجيلات .. He also says that the German Embassy closed its doors today and in the state of collapse!!

Large demonstrations now in Victory Street and Dahmani angle street and Mazran Street and Tajora shouting fall Zidane fall Maqrif the O Zidane, you coward we saw in the field ….. Hahah and grown up Aajerman the Shakah Tshakkm ^ *

The prime minister Zaidane to family pressure from his family in Germany in order to leave work in Libya and return to Germany after the low level of security within Libya and noted that on Zaidane promised his family Bmkalmthm, the daily video and audio to Tminthm it.


Garmakdh news reports loss and Justice Minister Salah Marghany one eyes after beating Bakhms.

The so-called Libyan Minister of Justice الجردانى {income is now in intensive care Uttar Hdot bleeding}
Best of the best T-ÇäÔÇááĺ die / Admin 5

the gun Klashen Cove on the right cheek of his face transfer on Atrha to hospital.
The Minister of Justice to the Justice pirate Libyan **
(Admowona 1)

Haha every day _ak_inha the Altokh p and Ministry of Foreign البارح and today Justice, Doowoh Education and Health Lotto Roouhkm the ^ * …. In front of the Ministry of Justice now trapping Almelcaat insurgency her to this day.
(Admowona 1)

Green channel :: Urgent

Now building is Aqthaaaam the Libyan Ministry of Justice in the area of ​​the farmer .. From
Before signatory signatory and down Jermana Council ..

FLASH ::: Dar Al-Fatwa site :: false Taliani receives in his office, the acting U.S. ambassador to Libya and Atnaakeca in topics of interest to the interest of both sidesof Libya and the U.S.!!!!!!!!! Question What is of interest to the interests of Libya and the United States discussed with false Taliani???
Acting U.S. Embassy in Libya is a general U.S. intelligence agency CIA was commissioned from the U.S. administration after the ‘killing’ (smoke annihilation, as he locked himself in the bathroom) of their so-called “ambassador” (spy and gun-runner) in Benghazi!!! Story is clear and does not need thinking is the process of recruiting for this Bisexual false Taliani by intelligence America, especially after the articles French newspapers about greed and love of money and the degeneration of morals and willingness to provide anything for money, and will Nri in the coming days fatwas glorify America and Christianity and calling for the establishment of churches in Libya, as well as synagogues, especially the Jewish Cohen wanna adviser to the U.S. Embassy was accompanied by a business based on his visit.
(Posted by: The main الادمن)

To the young noble the tribes Chiaan awakening, residents in Tripoli …. Tripoli live now if confusion does not know where the wheat from the chaff, and these moments appropriate to take advantage of them to hit all of the related blood Awantme, or any link Aothalv him with those who are now attacking areas Tribe mother (Badr, Tighe and Georhma), after the organization ranks, and accurately draw your goals …. Confidentially …. It is not important (quantum) in this heroic action, but the required power and accuracy of the strikes and the extent of moral and material damage to the other party …… Forward O Black Mountain … O descendants of the mujahideen …. There is no longer what you lose, especially after attempts by these gangs prejudice to the honor of the tribe.

And Labee of reference to understand ……

Admin challenge
الى شباب الصحوة بقبائل الصيعان الشريفة ، المقيمين فى طرابلس …. طرابلس تعيش الان حالة إرباك لايعرف فيها الغث من السمين ، وهذه اللحظات مناسبة للاستفاده منها لضرب كل من له صلة دم اوانتماء ، او اى ارتباط اوتحالف له مع من يقومون الان بالاعتداء على مناطق القبيلة الأم ( بدر ، وتيجي وما جاورهما ) ، بعد تنظيم صفوفكم ، ورسم أهدافكم بدقه …. وبسرية تامة …. وليس المهم ( الكم ) فى هذا العمل البطولى بل المطلوب قوة الضربات ودقتها ومدي الضرر المعنوى والمادى للطرف الآخر …… والى الامام يا اسود الجبل … يا أحفاد المجاهدين …. لم يعد هناك ما نخسره ، وخاصة بعد محاولات هذه العصابات المساس بشرف القبيلة .

واللبيب من الإشارة يفهم ……
ادمن التحدي

BelHadj wanted his old job back!
Abdel Hakim Belhadj is once agian (by his own appointment this time): the military governor of “liberated” Tripoli

Urgent ..
Abdul Hakim Belhadj, head vigorously Mitiga thirty-strong armed car to the Central Bank of Libya and to enter into the governor’s office and ask the delivery room cameras Group’s principal brought by it in order to protect the bank says.


BelHadj TODAY:

In front of the so-called Ministry of Justice .. Mazzika state institutions and the law ..
The main الادمن:


Spains Prime Minister at the time of the Madrid Train bombingsJose Maria Aznar revealed in December 2011 on CNBC that Belhadj was a “well known jihadist” and “was one of the suspects involved in the Madrid train bombing of March 2004.”

In November 2007 Al-Qaeda’s then number 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri announced the formal alliance/assimilation between Belhaj’s LIGF and Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda.

DUBAI (AFP) — Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri said that a Libyan Islamist group had joined the network in an audiotape posted on the internet on Saturday.

“The esteemed leaders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group have announced their allegiance to the Al-Qaeda network,”

According to US contractor James F. Smith LIGF have contacts with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan Pakistan and Sudan. Al-Hariti according to reports entered Libya via Sudan. According to a 2007 Westpoint Study (page 10) claims that the “LIFG has long had ties with Egyptian Islamist groups. Al-Harati reportedly spent at least part of his “decade in no-man’s-land” in Egypt.


NOV 16, 2011

Abdel Hakim Belhadj is now the military governor of “liberated” Tripoli

by Thierry Meyssan from VoltaireNetwork Website Italian version
Voltaire Network has received letters from many readers enquiring about Al-Qaeda in Libya. To respond to them, Thierry Meyssan has assembled the main data available on the issue.
The facts confirm his analysis, defended since the events of September 11, that Al Qaeda is a hotbed of mercenaries used by the United States to fight in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Iraq, and now Libya, Syria and Yemen.
Historical leader of Al Qaeda in Libya, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, is now the military governor

of “liberated” Tripoli 

Historical leader of Al Qaeda in Libya, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, is now the military governor of “liberated” Tripoli and in charge of organizing the army of the “new Libya”.
In the 80s, the CIA instigated Awatha al-Zuwawi to create an agency in Libya to recruit mercenaries for the jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan.
As from 1986, recruits were trained in the Salman al-Farisi Libyan camp in Pakistan,under the authority of anti-Communist billionaire Osama bin Laden.
When bin Laden moved to Sudan, the Libyan jihadists followed him there,and regrouped in a compound of their own.
In 1994, Osama bin Laden dispatched Libyan jihadists back to their country to kill Muammar Gaddafi and reverse the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. 
On 18 October 1995, the group reassembled under the label of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).
During the three years that followed, the LIFG attempted to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi on four occasions and to establish a guerrilla in the Southern mountainous region. Following these operations, the Libyan army – under the command of General Abdel Fattah Younes – waged a campaign to eradicate the guerrillas, and the Libyan judicial authorities issued an arrest warrant against Osama bin Laden, disseminated internationally through Interpol as from 1998.
According to UK counter espionage agent David Shayler, the development of the LIFG and the first assassination attempt on Gaddafi by Al-Qaeda was funded by the British MI6 to the tune of 100,000 pounds [1].
At the time, Libya was the only state in the world that was hunting for Osama bin Laden, who still officially enjoyed the political support of the United States, despite his disapproval of “Operation Desert Storm.”
Under pressure from Tripoli, Hassan el-Turabi expelled the Libyan jihadists from Sudan. They transferred their infrastructure to Afghanistan, where they set up the Shaheed Shaykh Abu Yahya camp (just north of Kabul).
The lay-out lasted until the summer of 2001, when the Berlin negotiations between the U.S. and the Taliban on the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline fell through. At that time, Mullah Omar, who had anticipated the Anglo-American invasion, demanded that the camp be placed under his direct control.
On 6 October 2001, the LIFG was put on the list established by the Committee in pursuance of UN Security Council resolution 1267.
 It is still on it. On 8 December 2004, the LIFG was included on the list of terrorist organizations drawn up by the U.S. State Department. It is still on it. On 10 October 2005, the UK Department of the Interior banned the LIFG from its territory. This measure is still in force. On 7 February 2006, the United Nations adopted sanctions against five members of the LIFG and the four companies linked to them, which continue to operate unfettered on UK territory under the MI6 protection.
During the “war against terrorism”, the organization of the jihadist movement got underway. “Al Qaeda”, which was initially a large database from which Osama bin Laden chose the mercenaries he needed for specific missions, gradually morphed into a cluster of cells, the size of which decreased the more it became structured.
On 6 March 2004, the new LIFG leader Abdel Hakim Belhadj, who had fought in Afghanistan alongside Osama bin Laden [2] and Iraq, was arrested in Malaysia and then transferred to a secret CIA prison in Thailand, where he was injected with truth serum and tortured. Following an agreement between the United States and Libya, he was returned to Libya where he was again tortured, but this time at the hands of British agents at the Abu Salim Prison.
On 26 June 2005, Western intelligence agencies held a meeting in London of Libyan dissidents. They constituted the “National Conference of the Libyan opposition”, bringing together three Islamic factions:
·    the LIFG
Their manifesto set forth three objectives:
·    to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi
·    to exercise power for one year (under the name “National Transition Council”)
·    to restore the constitutional monarchy to its 1951 form and make Islam the state religion
In July 2005Abu al-Laith al-Liby succeeded against all odds to escape from the maximum security prison in Bagram (Afghanistan) and became one of the leaders of al-Qaeda.
He appealed to those LIFG jihadists who had not yet done so to rally Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The Libyans soon constituted the majority among the Al-Qaeda suicide bombers in Iraq [3] In February 2007, al-Liby led a spectacular attack on the base at Bagram just as Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit was about to take place.
In November 2007, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Abu al-Laith al-Liby announced LIFG’s merger with Al-Qaeda.
Abu al-Laith al-Liby was appointed deputy to Ayman al-Zawahiri, and in this capacity became Al-Qaeda’s No. 2 man, in the absence of news from Osama bin Laden. He was killed by a CIA drone in Waziristan in late January 2008.
During the period 2008-2010, Saif el-Islam Kadhafi negotiated a truce between the Libyan Jamahiriya and the LIFG. The latter published a lengthy document, The Corrective Studies, in which it acknowledged its error in having called for a jihad against fellow Muslims in a Muslim country. In three successive stages, all members of Al-Qaeda were pardoned and released on the sole condition that they renounce violence in writing. Of the 1800 jihadists, over one hundred rejected the agreement and preferred to remain in prison.
Upon his release, Abdel Hakim Belhadj left Libya and moved to Qatar.
In early 2011, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan made a series of trips with the aim of revitalizing Al-Qaeda by broadening recruitment, so far almost exclusively limited to Arabs and Muslims from Central and Southeast Asia. Recruitment offices were opened in Malaysia [4].
The best result was obtained in Mazar-i-Sharif, where more than 1,500 Afghans signed up for the jihad in Libya, Syria and Yemen [5]. Within weeks, Al-Qaeda evolved from a small dwindling group to a 10 000-man strong force. Such recruitment has been rendered even easier by the fact that jihadists are the cheapest mercenaries on the market.
On 17 February 2011, “National Libyan Opposition Conference” organized a “day of anger” in Benghazi, which sparked the beginning of the war.
On 23 February, Imam Abdelkarim al-Hasadi proclaimed the creation of an Islamic Emirate in Derna, the most fundamentalist city in Libya and home to the majority of jihadist who became suicide bombers in Iraq. Al-Hasadi is a long-standing member of the LIFG who was tortured by the United States at Guantanamo Bay [6].
The burqa was made mandatory and corporal punishment has been reinstated. Emir al-Hasidi has created his own army, starting out with a few dozen jihadists who currently number more than one thousand.
Tasked with coordinating the Allied operation in Libya, AFRICOM commander Gen.Carter Ham voiced his misgivings about the presence, among the rebels he was being asked to defend, of Al-Qaeda jihadists responsible for killing GIs in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was relieved of his mission, which was taken over by NATO.
All across “liberated” Cyrenaica, Al-Qaeda men have been spreading terror, resorting to massacre and torture; they have specialized in slitting the throats of Gaddafi sympathizers, eye-plucking and cutting off the breasts of immodest women.
The lawyer for the Libyan Jamahiriya, Marcel Ceccaldi, has accused NATO of “complicity in war crimes.”
On 1 May 2011, Barack Obama announced that, in Abbottabad (Pakistan), the US Navy’s SEAL Team Six had taken out Osama bin Laden, about whom no reliable news had been heard for almost 10 years. The announcement padlocked the Al-Qaeda file and enabled the revamping of the jihadists into the renewed allies of the United States as in the good old days of the Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya and Kosovo wars. [7]
On 6 August, all the members of SEAL commando 6 perished in the crash of their helicopter.
All across “liberated” Cyrenaica, Al-Qaeda men have been spreading terror, resorting to massacre and torture; they have specialized in slitting the throats of Gaddafi sympathizers, eye-plucking and cutting off the breasts of immodest women.
Abdel Hakim Belhadj returned to his country in a Qatar military plane at the onset of the NATO intervention. He took command of the Al-Qaeda men in the Jebel Nefoussa mountains. According to the son of General Abdel Fattah Younes, it wasBelhadj who sponsored the murder on 28 July 2011 of his old enemy, who had meanwhile become the military leader of the National Transition Council.
After the fall of Tripoli, Abdel Hakim Belhadj opened the gates of the Abu Salim prison, liberating all the Al-Qaeda jihadists who were still detained. He was appointedmilitary governor of Tripoli. He currently demands an apology from the CIA and MI6for the treatment inflicted on him in the past [8].
The National Transitional Council has put him in charge of training the army of the new Libya.  
2. “Libya’s Powerful Islamist Leader“, by Babak Dehghanpisheh, The Daily Beast, 2 September 2011.
3. “Once NATO enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan, now NATO allies in Libya ”, by Webster G. Tarpley, Voltaire Network, 24 May 2011.
4. “The Middle East counter-revolution ”, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 26 May 2011.
5. “CIA recruits 1,500 from Mazar-e-Sharif to fight in Libya“, by Azhar Masood, The Nation, 31 August 2011
6. “Noi ribelli, islamici e tolleranti“, a report by Roberto Bongiorni, Il Sole 24 Ore, 22 March 2011.
7. “Reflections on the official announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden”, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 8 May 2011.
8. “Libyan commander demands apology over MI6 and CIA plot“, by Martin Chulov, Nick Hopkins and Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 4 September 2011.
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Posted by Libya S.O.S Libya S.O.S. at 23:19

by Thierry Meyssan
7 September 2011
from VoltaireNetwork Website

Italian version

Voltaire Network has received letters from many readers enquiring about Al-Qaeda in Libya. To respond to them, Thierry Meyssan has assembled the main data available on the issue.


The facts confirm his analysis, defended since the events of September 11, that Al Qaeda is a hotbed of mercenaries used by the United States to fight in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Iraq, and now Libya, Syria and Yemen.

Historical leader of Al Qaeda in Libya, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, is now the military governor

of “liberated” Tripoli and in charge of organizing the army of the “new Libya”.
In the 80s, the CIA instigated Awatha al-Zuwawi to create an agency in Libya

to recruit mercenaries for the jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

As from 1986, recruits were trained in the Salman al-Farisi Libyan camp in Pakistan,

under the authority of anti-Communist billionaire Osama bin Laden.
When bin Laden moved to Sudan, the Libyan jihadists followed him there,

and regrouped in a compound of their own.

In 1994, Osama bin Laden dispatched Libyan jihadists back to their country

to kill Muammar Gaddafi and reverse the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

On 18 October 1995, the group reassembled under the label of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

During the three years that followed, the LIFG attempted to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi on four occasions and to establish a guerrilla in the Southern mountainous region. Following these operations, the Libyan army – under the command of General Abdel Fattah Younes – waged a campaign to eradicate the guerrillas, and the Libyan judicial authorities issued an arrest warrant against Osama bin Laden, disseminated internationally through Interpol as from 1998.

According to UK counter espionage agent David Shayler, the development of the LIFG and the first assassination attempt on Gaddafi by Al-Qaeda was funded by the British MI6 to the tune of 100,000 pounds [1].

At the time, Libya was the only state in the world that was hunting for Osama bin Laden, who still officially enjoyed the political support of the United States, despite his disapproval of “Operation Desert Storm.”

Under pressure from Tripoli, Hassan el-Turabi expelled the Libyan jihadists from Sudan. They transferred their infrastructure to Afghanistan, where they set up the Shaheed Shaykh Abu Yahya camp (just north of Kabul).

The lay-out lasted until the summer of 2001, when the Berlin negotiations between the U.S. and the Taliban on the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline fell through. At that time, Mullah Omar, who had anticipated the Anglo-American invasion, demanded that the camp be placed under his direct control.

On 6 October 2001, the LIFG was put on the list established by the Committee in pursuance of UN Security Council resolution 1267.

It is still on it. On 8 December 2004, the LIFG was included on the list of terrorist organizations drawn up by the U.S. State Department. It is still on it. On 10 October 2005, the UK Department of the Interior banned the LIFG from its territory. This measure is still in force. On 7 February 2006, the United Nations adopted sanctions against five members of the LIFG and the four companies linked to them, which continue to operate unfettered on UK territory under the MI6 protection.

During the “war against terrorism”, the organization of the jihadist movement got underway. “Al Qaeda”, which was initially a large database from which Osama bin Laden chose the mercenaries he needed for specific missions, gradually morphed into a cluster of cells, the size of which decreased the more it became structured.

On 6 March 2004, the new LIFG leader Abdel Hakim Belhadj, who had fought in Afghanistan alongside Osama bin Laden [2] and Iraq, was arrested in Malaysia and then transferred to a secret CIA prison in Thailand, where he was injected with truth serum and tortured. Following an agreement between the United States and Libya, he was returned to Libya where he was again tortured, but this time at the hands of British agents at the Abu Salim Prison.

On 26 June 2005, Western intelligence agencies held a meeting in London of Libyan dissidents. They constituted the “National Conference of the Libyan opposition”, bringing together three Islamic factions:

Their manifesto set forth three objectives:

  • to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi

  • to exercise power for one year (under the name “National Transition Council”)

  • to restore the constitutional monarchy to its 1951 form and make Islam the state religion

In July 2005, Abu al-Laith al-Liby succeeded against all odds to escape from the maximum security prison in Bagram (Afghanistan) and became one of the leaders of al-Qaeda.

He appealed to those LIFG jihadists who had not yet done so to rally Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The Libyans soon constituted the majority among the Al-Qaeda suicide bombers in Iraq [3] In February 2007, al-Liby led a spectacular attack on the base at Bagram just as Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit was about to take place.

In November 2007, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Abu al-Laith al-Liby announced LIFG’s merger with Al-Qaeda.

Abu al-Laith al-Liby was appointed deputy to Ayman al-Zawahiri, and in this capacity became Al-Qaeda’s No. 2 man, in the absence of news from Osama bin Laden. He was killed by a CIA drone in Waziristan in late January 2008.

During the period 2008-2010, Saif el-Islam Kadhafi negotiated a truce between the Libyan Jamahiriya and the LIFG. The latter published a lengthy document, The Corrective Studies, in which it acknowledged its error in having called for a jihad against fellow Muslims in a Muslim country. In three successive stages, all members of Al-Qaeda were pardoned and released on the sole condition that they renounce violence in writing. Of the 1800 jihadists, over one hundred rejected the agreement and preferred to remain in prison.

Upon his release, Abdel Hakim Belhadj left Libya and moved to Qatar.

In early 2011, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan made a series of trips with the aim of revitalizing Al-Qaeda by broadening recruitment, so far almost exclusively limited to Arabs and Muslims from Central and Southeast Asia. Recruitment offices were opened in Malaysia [4].

The best result was obtained in Mazar-i-Sharif, where more than 1,500 Afghans signed up for the jihad in Libya, Syria and Yemen [5]. Within weeks, Al-Qaeda evolved from a small dwindling group to a 10 000-man strong force. Such recruitment has been rendered even easier by the fact that jihadists are the cheapest mercenaries on the market.

On 17 February 2011, “National Libyan Opposition Conference” organized a “day of anger” in Benghazi, which sparked the beginning of the war.

On 23 February, Imam Abdelkarim al-Hasadi proclaimed the creation of an Islamic Emirate in Derna, the most fundamentalist city in Libya and home to the majority of jihadist who became suicide bombers in Iraq. Al-Hasadi is a long-standing member of the LIFG who was tortured by the United States at Guantanamo Bay [6].

The burqa was made mandatory and corporal punishment has been reinstated. Emir al-Hasidi has created his own army, starting out with a few dozen jihadists who currently number more than one thousand.

Tasked with coordinating the Allied operation in Libya, AFRICOM commander Gen. Carter Ham voiced his misgivings about the presence, among the rebels he was being asked to defend, of Al-Qaeda jihadists responsible for killing GIs in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was relieved of his mission, which was taken over by NATO.

All across “liberated” Cyrenaica, Al-Qaeda men have been spreading terror, resorting to massacre and torture; they have specialized in slitting the throats of Gaddafi sympathizers, eye-plucking and cutting off the breasts of immodest women.

The lawyer for the Libyan Jamahiriya, Marcel Ceccaldi, has accused NATO of “complicity in war crimes.”

On 1 May 2011, Barack Obama announced that, in Abbottabad (Pakistan), the US Navy’s SEAL Team Six had taken out Osama bin Laden, about whom no reliable news had been heard for almost 10 years.

The announcement padlocked the Al-Qaeda file and enabled the revamping of the jihadists into the renewed allies of the United States as in the good old days of the Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya and Kosovo wars. [7]

On 6 August, all the members of SEAL commando 6 perished in the crash of their helicopter.

Abdel Hakim Belhadj returned to his country in a Qatar military plane at the onset of the NATO intervention. He took command of the Al-Qaeda men in the Jebel Nefoussa mountains. According to the son of General Abdel Fattah Younes, it was Belhadj who sponsored the murder on 28 July 2011 of his old enemy, who had meanwhile become the military leader of the National Transition Council.

After the fall of Tripoli, Abdel Hakim Belhadj opened the gates of the Abu Salim prison, liberating all the Al-Qaeda jihadists who were still detained. He was appointed military governor of Tripoli. He currently demands an apology from the CIA and MI6 for the treatment inflicted on him in the past [8].

The National Transitional Council has put him in charge of training the army of the new Libya.


  1. David Shayler: ’I quit the British secret service when the MI6 decided to fund Osama bin Laden’s partners’”, Voltaire Network, 24 November 2005.

  2. Libya’s Powerful Islamist Leader“, by Babak Dehghanpisheh, The Daily Beast, 2 September 2011.

  3. Once NATO enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan, now NATO allies in Libya ”, by Webster G. Tarpley, Voltaire Network, 24 May 2011.

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  7. Reflections on the official announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden”, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 8 May 2011.

  8. Libyan commander demands apology over MI6 and CIA plot“, by Martin Chulov, Nick Hopkins and Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian, 4 September 2011.

Cómo Llegó Al-Qaida a Gobernar en Trípoli
por Pepe Escobar

30 Agosto 2011

del Sitio Web VoltaireNetwork

fuente – Asia Times Online
traducido del inglés para Rebelión por Germán Leyens

Versión en Italiano

El Relator Especial de Naciones Unidas sobre el Terrorismo nos había advertido ya en 2007 que el terrorismo estaba siendo utilizado por ciertas países como un espantapájaros para concretizar sus intereses geopolíticos.


Otros investigadores señalaban que ciertos grupos como Al Qaida eran en realidad piloteados por los servicios de inteligencia de ciertas potencias.

Historiadores nos demostraban con hechos fehacientes como los terroristas han sido manipulados y utilizados por poderosos intereses en un pasado reciente.


Lo que está ocurriendo en Trípoli es una fase más de este gran engaño.

Las fuerzas rebeldes en Libia

Se llama Abdelhakim Belhaj.

Puede que algunos hayan oído hablar de él en Medio Oriente, pero pocos en Occidente y en el resto del mundo habrán tenido la ocasión.

Es hora de ponerse al día. Porque la historia de cómo un hombre muy valioso para al-Qaida se ha convertido en el máximo comandante militar libio en Trípoli, todavía desgarrada por la guerra, seguramente hará añicos – una vez más – esa selva de espejos que es la “guerra contra el terror”, y al mismo tiempo comprometerá profundamente la propaganda, cuidadosamente construida, de la intervención “humanitaria” de la OTAN en Libia.

La fortaleza de Muamar Gadafi de Bab-al-Aziziyah fue esencialmente invadida y conquistada la semana pasada por los hombres de Belhaj – quienes estaban a la vanguardia de una milicia de bereberes de las montañas al sudoeste de Trípoli.

La milicia es la llamada Brigada Trípoli, entrenada en secreto durante dos meses por Fuerzas Especiales de EE.UU. Resultó ser la milicia más efectiva de los rebeldes en seis meses de guerra tribal/civil.

El martes pasado Belhaj ya mostraba un regocijo maligno por la victoria en la batalla, diciendo que las fuerzas de Gadafi escaparon “como ratas” (nótese que es la misma metáfora utilizada por el propio Gadafi para describir a los rebeldes).

Abdelhakim Belhaj, alias Abu Abdallah al-Sadek, es un yihadista libio.

Nacido en mayo de 1966, afinó sus habilidades en la yihad antisoviética en Afganistán. Es el fundador del Grupo de Combate Islámico Libio (LIFG por sus siglas en inglés) y su emir de facto – con Khaled Chrif y Sami Saadi como sus reemplazos.

Después de que los talibanes llegaron al poder en Kabul en 1996, el LIFG mantuvo dos campos de entrenamiento en Afganistán; uno de ellos a 30 kilómetros de Kabul – dirigido por Abu Yahya – limitado estrictamente a yihadistas vinculados a al-Qaida.

Después del 11-S, Belhaj fue a Pakistán y también a Irak, donde se hizo amigo ni más ni menos que del ultra peligroso Abu Musab al-Zarqaui, todo esto antes de que al-Qaida en Irak declarara su fidelidad a Osama bin Laden y a Ayman al-Zawahiri y potenciara sus horripilantes tácticas.

En Iraq, sucedió que los libios eran el mayor contingente suní yihadista extranjero, solo después de los saudíes.

Además, los yihadistas libios siempre han sido superestrellas en los máximos niveles de al-Qaida “histórico”, desde Abu Faraj al-Libi (comandante militar hasta su arresto en 2005, y que ahora sufre lentamente como uno de los 16 detenidos de alto valor en el centro de detención estadounidense en Guantánamo) a Abu al-Laith al-Libi (otro comandante militar, muerto en Pakistán a principios de 2008).

El momento de un «entrega extraordinaria»

El LIFG había estado en los monitores de la CIA desde el 11-S.

En 2003, Belhaj fue finalmente arrestado en Malasia, y luego transferido, al estilo de una ‘entrega extraordinaria’ a una prisión secreta en Bangkok, y torturado a su debido tiempo.

En 2004, los estadounidenses decidieron enviarlo como obsequio a la inteligencia Libia – hasta que fue liberado por el régimen de Gadafi en marzo de 2010, junto con otros 211 “terroristas”, en un acto de relaciones públicas publicitado con gran fanfarria.

El orquestador no fue otro que Saif al-Islam Gadafi, la ‘cara modernizadora/London School of Economics’ del régimen. Los dirigentes del LIFG – Belhaj y sus asistentes Chrif y Saadi – hicieron antes de ser finalmente liberados una confesión de 417 páginas llamada “estudios correctivos” en la que declararon por terminada (e ilegal) la yihad contra Gadafi.

Un relato fascinante de todo el proceso se puede ver en un informe titulado “Combatiendo el terrorismo en Libia mediante el diálogo y la reintegración”.

Nótese que los autores, “expertos” en terrorismo basados en Singapur que fueron agasajados por el régimen, expresan su “profundo aprecio a Saif al-Islam Gadafi y a la Fundación Gadafi de Caridad y Desarrollo Internacional por posibilitar esta visita”.

Crucialmente, todavía en 2007, el entonces número dos de al-Qaida, Zawahiri, anunció oficialmente la fusión entre el LIFG y al-Qaida del Magreb Islámico (AQIM). Por lo tanto, a todos los efectos, LIFG/AQIM han sido desde entonces, uno y lo mismo, y Belhaj fue/es su emir.

En 2007, LIFG llamó a una yihad contra Gadafi, pero también contra EE.UU. y una serie de “infieles” occidentales.

Lleguemos rápidamente a febrero pasado cuando, como hombre libre, Belhaj decidió volver al modo yihadista y alinear sus fuerzas con el levantamiento amañado en Cirenaica.

Toda agencia de inteligencia en EE.UU. y el mundo árabe conocen su origen. Ya ha asegurado en Libia que él y su milicia solo aceptarán la Sharía.

No hay nada “pro democracia” en el asunto, bajo ningún concepto. Y, sin embargo, no se podía excluir de la guerra de la OTAN a un hombre tan valisoso solo porque no le gustan mucho los “infieles”.

El asesinato a finales de julio del comandante militar rebelde Abdel Fattah Younis – por los propios rebeldes – parece apuntar a Belhaj o por lo menos a gente muy próxima a su persona.

Es esencial saber que Younis – antes de desertar del régimen – había estado a cargo de las fuerzas especiales de Libia que combatieron ferozmente al LIFG en Cirenaica de 1990 a 1995.

El Consejo Nacional de Transición (CNT) según uno de sus miembros, Ali Tarhouni, ha estado propagando que Younis fue eliminado por una sospechosa brigada conocida como Obaida ibn Jarrah (uno de los compañeros del Profeta Muhammad).

Sin embargo ahora la brigada parece haberse disuelto sin dejar rastro.

Cállate o te corto la cabeza

No es precisamente por accidente, pero todos los máximos comandantes militares rebeldes son del LIFG, de Belhaj en Trípoli a un cierto Ismael as-Salabi en Bengasi y un cierto Abdelhakim al-Assadi en Derna, para no mencionar a un activo clave, Ali Salabi, ubicado en el centro del CNT.

Fue Salabi quien negoció con Saif al-Islam Gadafi el “fin” de la yihad del LIFG, asegurando así el brillante futuro de esos “combatientes por la libertad” vueltos a nacer.

No hace falta una bola de cristal para imaginar las consecuencias de que LIFG/AQIM – después de conquistar el poder militar y de estar entre los “vencedores” de la guerra – no estén ni remotamente interesados en renunciar al control solo para complacer los caprichos de la OTAN.

Mientras tanto, en medio de la niebla de la guerra, no está claro si Gadafi planifica atrapar a la brigada Trípoli en la guerra urbana u obligar a la masa de las milicias rebeldes a que penetren en las inmensas áreas tribales de la tribu Warfallah.

La esposa de Gadafi pertenece a la Warfallah, la mayor tribu de Libia, con hasta 1 millón de personas y 54 sub-tribus.

En Bruselas se dice confidencialmente que la OTAN espera que Gadafi combatirá durante meses si no años; de ahí la recompensa por su cabeza al estilo de George W. Bush y el desesperado retorno al Plan A de la OTAN, que siempre fue su eliminación.

Libia puede estar enfrentando el espectro de una Hidra guerrillera de dos cabezas; las fuerzas de Gadafi contra un débil gobierno central del CNT y de soldados de la OTAN en el terreno; y la nebulosa LIFG/AQIM en una yihad contra la OTAN (si los excluyen del poder).

Gadafi podrá ser una reliquia dictatorial del pasado, pero no se monopoliza el poder durante cuatro décadas para nada, y sin que tus servicios de inteligencia sepan una cosa o dos.

Desde el principio, Gadafi dijo que se trataba de una operación con respaldo extranjero y de al-Qaida; tenía razón (aunque se le olvidó decir que se trataba sobre todo de la guerra del neo-napoleónico presidente francés Nicolas Sarkozy, pero ésa es otra historia).

También dijo que era el preludio de una una ocupación extranjera cuyo objetivo era privatizar y apoderarse de los recursos naturales de Libia. Puede ser que – otra vez – tenga razón.

Los “expertos” de Singapur que elogiaron la decisión del régimen de Gadafi de liberar a los yihadistas del LIFG la calificaron de,

“una estrategia necesaria para mitigar la amenaza planteada a Libia”.

Ahora, LIFG/AQIM están finalmente abocados a poner en práctica sus opciones como una “fuerza política indígena”.

Diez años después del 11-S, cuesta no imaginar una cierta calavera descompuesta al fondo del Mar Arábigo que ríe burlonamente hasta el fin de los tiempos.


Now العجيلات the encircled from outside the city by جردان Misrata, Alrajaban and the Zintan and some

Alagafagafh militias hoping that Adkhalo tomorrow morning to prosecute those who fought them ..

I hope discernible caution for free and the brave inside العجيلات.

العجيلات still besieged by militias and gates around.

Rats intend to march from Green Square to today Rixos Hotel.

in Gurji
The continued siege of Misrata rats to the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Interior in the airport road ..….

And gives out rat to rat and Interior Minister and after 24 hours they will use force.

Urgent …. Tripoli now
Militias regions فشلوم and the angle Dahmani and Aldahara congregate in order to break the siege of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to the

government’s call for the expulsion of imported Misrata militias …..

British National Security Adviser up Tripoli. !!

URGENT / / British Chief of Air Staff at NATO:

“We gave the minimum pounding any mechanism pose no military threat to civilians, we are our mission to protect civilians without regard to any other considerations, we have intense pressure from human rights organizations and humanitarian organizations, some of which were accused of failing.

Any mechanism outside the military camps will Asthmavha without notice and we have given explicit orders to do so to protect civilians

These groups are a source of concern for civilians and in this sense we act and offers the errors bear the consequences are not demanding a prognosis, everyone bears the consequences of his mistakes without أسثناء, only renew that friction civilians and unarmed weapons is forbidden.

Bombarded aircraft Alohmav anywhere and anytime it deems appropriate, military vehicles in public roads and residential neighborhoods are prohibited and these groups do not listen to one and now will let others hear every seat suspected and Kara have to be Osthmavh urban and suburban homes and stockist houses and farms, plains and deserts and valleys and even caves will not stop Even rid the country of them they have many opportunities and the lead, but they are challenging everyone, sorry about what will occur to them we would not wish that they chose an option Hzm home and Alaatmae on civilians and the threat of civil life and we will not allow this to happen, we are demanding the implementation of the resolution to protect civilians.”

Jack O death who does not pray @ @

Urgent ..A powerful explosion shakes the city of Tripoli.

Militias that surround the headquarters of the Government of customers in Tripoli said that tonight is the last chance to adopt a resolution or political isolation coup against the will of them are currently, note that Maqrief had fled to OMAN.

Vice Minister of Tourism of the Government of NATO and Bernard ”
Normalization is going on in full swing ”

A new exclusive image picked Vice Minister of Tourism with the Jews while performing
Rituals pilgrimage season of the world’s Jews “Jerba Tunisian” in these days …
Image date 04/28/2013

They said owners of tolerance!!!!? …. Among religions
Najat African Airways plane from falling after being struck by a bullet while landing where he was the left wing of an Airbus A320

I believe the source of bullet from the group that surrounded the building external accidentally Shat
This led to the deviation of the plane from the runway but stopped safely within the apron.

Injury African Airways pilot minutes before landing

The impact of a bullet struck the left wing of the Airbus A320 aircraft

Wade to exit the plane on the runway but stopped safely within the apron.

Very dangerous :::: and urgent Jma ::: now ::: arrival of two drops, one of the band Fight and other transport

aircraft work to Motaigah and confirmed information indicates that he will be transferred back to Libya of gold

and hard currency from the Central Bank of Libya to Qatar fear of theft…. This is your money and your sons, O money for Libyans.

From Mitiga reserve base gold and foreign exchange on the way from Libya to Doha with Qatar’s instructions

directly from a gang led by the Brotherhood, hardness and expectations of a collapse of the situation at any moment.

‘s Filled the gym in Tripoli, which has seen the tournament African Cup Champions volleyball ….
So is Amarena leader …

Libya’s Supreme higher authorities of the alleged power :/

Inventory intelligence chief U.S. citizenship holder importer Salem الحاسي reveals that he informed the presidency of the Conference of no

national and imported prime minister and the interior ministry alleged imminent attack on the French embassy three days before
And a donkey Interior Minister to answer the question ignores the members of the Conference about the validity of what the intelligence director
This came in a hearing held today in the presence of a number of ministers, including the ministers of interior, defense and intelligence chief to Libya.

The threat of from Cyrenaica rats to rats Tripoli.

Thus, if the traitors ….

News uncertain
Flowers stupid Alfberara that رمتها them blooming NATO aircraft in the faces of the future … Flowers

Mine explosion in the well of the sheep, which was one of the fighting on the fronts 4 children According to preliminary

information, bin one of the children had his hands amputated and another amputation of one of its members as the case

of the other two difficult and does not know how serious injury ….

There is no power but from God 
Oh, I do not ask you eliminate response but ask kindness it ..

News rat Hoael the resignation from office as internal جردان minister after storming his office.

Urgent ..Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, chief of staff required to send a force from the national army to protect the bank from intrusions.

Yield quick road traffic in Tripoli
The reasons are unknown /
Is Maadsh has fast and has a slow / Admin 5

Electricity cut off from Friday market area specifically Alhachan since more than two hours ….

Wayne Altagah O Friday Elly Muskr the market you loss time Delirious God Aterbgm.
(Admowona 1)

Grandchildren traitor Abualo.e. the world market Friday
Descendants of Abu الأسعاد world market Friday and Alsnocn in Cyrenaica history repeats itself descendants

Alkhiano and employment and also applauded their ancestors to Rome Kazi Abu الأسعاد world a إيطال appointed …

The OLAP Owoo
And a section via wireless Jardan Ataito p each Mavhmu of targets now now in some leagues in Tripoli.

Nhna Vstkm Aajerdano
God p is my witness
(Admin 5)

The members of the infantry battalion of 101 Tajora broke into stores for items owned Altamonah to famous العاشوري market in Tripoli and have found in these stores expired food items and also found workers Makhalh
They change the ending to the powers valid and workers may be admitted to this shameful act, which they are doing ….

Admona 4

Tarabulsowo /
Of Aokdlna news blackouts p wounded some neighborhoods in Tripoli
(Admin 5)

The members of the infantry battalion of 101 Tajora broke into stores for items owned Altamonah to famous العاشوري market in Tripoli:

Ivory (Tripoli) ::

Cut off electricity to large areas of Tripoli and fears among customers of the military coup and the stream will be separated for two hours every day and the decision issued by the Government of customers.
And armed vehicles “14.5” located in front of the Libyan radio and along the coast road to the green scene.
(Admowona 1)

The attack on the UN vehicle in the capital Tripoli this morning:


Closing Gate port Amsaad Peace border moments ago by some of the young people in the region are there to dissatisfaction with the port security situation



Mass demonstrations in the city of Benghazi demanding sacking Bisexual and corrupt and contemptible (GHARIANI)

and the son of the Grand ornately (son of MAQRIEF) brutal day the Liberals and honorable.
(Admoowona 1)

Unidentified are firing in the center of Benghazi, injuring 18 and the death of a person.

Flight for Alnatwa aircraft over the skies of Benghazi.

Benghazi now / / Alsalmanie the / الفويهات / streets of the war now raging between extremist groups tracking

terrorist Mohammed Zahawi and the inhabitants of the two regions and the first toll burning headquarters

Ansar al Sharia Balslmana and the number of dead and wounded with power outages regions

Urgent .. people now attacking the headquarters of Benghazi terrorist Ismail Salaabi, and they pull it down

a so-called protection headquarters “revolution” of February 17..

Unconfirmed reports burned the French occupation consulate in Benghazi.

villages,,,,,,, does this accomplish??!!!:

Against the backdrop of events in Tripoli today and promotes news for ornately dismiss Benghazi experiencing

severe tension between 36 Thunderbolt forces and militias bin Humaid Masrati and things are on the brink of explosion.

Stan Benghazi
Against the backdrop of events in # Tripoli today and promotes news for ornately dismiss Benghazi

experiencing severe tension between 32 Thunderbolt forces and militias bin Humaid Masrati and things are on the brink of explosion.

Of rats pages,,,, :/ /

Brackish war in the marshy area of Benghazi

Between tribe Jawaza and the whale tribe live ammunition and (Jawlatin)
There are injuries been Asaaffha to hospital

After Searatin intervention of the national army have been Asthdavhen Bjulatina
Was the escape of the owners of the security competence is to respond to the situation.

New explosion homemade bomb the milkfish Benghazi region.
Plume of smoke in the night Hawari.


People milkfish and its neighboring regions break on booklet Gerdanih P Buildings 602 and يدمرونها Ihroguenha.

Residents of neighborhoods milkfish and the land Azoaoh, Benghazi militia attacked the headquarters

of illegitimate called same Benghazi protection .. And burned the headquarters and is now being

demolished den Balbdozr so as not to take advantage of any other rounded up.

These are some of a flurry 17 Gaharir the product

The slave trade in Benghazi
Militias of the so-called preventive security raided the farm in the area of C-Faraj owned called (Mustafa Faitouri) where 70 people found illegal immigration Bangladesh .. The called (ببيعهم) at different prices
Ugliest phenomenon in the democratic era .. «Slave trade invade Benghazi»

The slave trade in Benghazi

The delegate News Press in Benghazi, the spread of the phenomenon of terrifying and ugly have not seen like hundreds of years ago, days out dealer to destroy all the concepts of revolutions and freedoms in the Libyan city of Benghazi, a dealer carries with goods or Foodstuffs, but came out a car (pickup) carries on board more than 15 people of Bangladeshi nationality handcuffed and kept loudly (Obeid for sale).
The delegate added Presse news that some people tried to imaging merchant refused and began screaming and singing insults, this is the news Press has learned that a number of citizens Contact broadcasting to local and Libyan reported this terrible phenomenon.

(Admin 2)



Kidnapping of a group of rats Ifrane they are drunk by Zintan militias.

Clashes between rats Yfran and Attia Sons area in Kef
The killing of a rat Alemczuhien Qubaúal Almazag after he was assaulted in a hospital in Ifrane.
Announced the so-called Libyan Minister of Justice Salah Merghany Monday that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

will be next Thursday in front of the Criminal Court of the city of Zintan. 

Saif and Libya
Explained the Minister of Justice that the incident occurred in the town of Zintan (180 km south of the capital Tripoli),

so it will hold a hearing in the city. 
worth mentioning that Seif al-Islam was arrested by French intelligence in November 2011,

while trying to get out through the desert to the state neighboring Niger.

This is mostly propaganda…and even they say it is not a “trial” but a “hearing” on an incident which took place near Zintan’s outskirts….nothing at all to do with the ICC accusations or Human Rights…

Last time in January thay had a fake mock-up photo-session (proven fake by innumerable sources)..Perhaps theat will be the case again–just to stop the RATS from invading Zintan…we shall see..




Director of National Control Mahmoud الورفلي the injury Ruwais gas station western mountain.
Ruwais gas station explosion in the western mountain.




The escape of a large number of prisoners from the prison Sabha for the fifth time.

Death of a young man from the city of Sabha in the city center at the hands of armed militias simply that he was driving an SUV.



Call (Badr flies)

In the name of God the Merciful
((And wrong, but they wronged themselves))
Great truth of God

To the youth tribes Chiaan in the city of Tripoli and the surrounding population and its extension geographical, that the areas of the tribe of the parent (Tighe, Badr) and Georhma from land and villages belonging to the tribe are now to sedition provoked, and in the darkness wove weaved, is likely in the coming hours we will hear Btpol war Stdq and target currently our tribe honest to what is known about it and their positions, and as everyone knows how much land the tribe areas imposed regional control groups on behalf of their revolution.
You prepare fully, preparation kit moral and combat to hit all of the same begging him whether a person or a group or a non-legal assault or prejudice to the tribe and its members, unjustly … And not to you, but hit all of his relatives Awantme of these aggressors, and the destruction of property and interests wherever they are, after organizing yourselves and organize contacts and linking groups, to ensure the power of strikes and geographic control.
And knight Mitosy.
Sons of noble tribes Chiaan

In the name of God the Merciful
{And oppression of God, but they wronged themselves * Vosabhm the disadvantages of their deeds and their catch what they were mocked}
{And wrong, but they wronged themselves}
After that hand is stretched treachery Fjrhma today, affecting the security of the tribe Chiaan Mujahid treacherously on the outskirts of the city of Taiji, the young tribe Chiaan brave to address this attack and gave orders to the families residing in the region in which clashes to go to Badr City in order to save them and their safety, but remain confrontations between men and rats Amazigh,
As for the situation there under control, and morale is very high when young the tribe Chiaan, and docked with the sons of this tribe in all diameters home wounded with each other,
Now young Chiaan in Tripoli are waiting for all of prejudicing the security of their tribe Alnwalat, Alhawwamd and consider their interests in Tripoli legitimate targets them
Hence, we Mujahid people of this tribe are not calling for sedition nor call to fight our neighbors there, but they pushed us so we are ready to die on the outskirts of this tribe to defend the view, and dignity
To Caution: Do not listen to all the rumors that circulated some of the rioters lying in the World Wide Web Internet, all what is happening there will be transferred to you through the pages and neutral resistance on Facebook
And God Manicol witness
Hama fever
Youth tribe Chiaan

In the name of God the Merciful

{Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you not transgress Allah loves not the aggressors}
Great truth of God.

Mujahid to Chiaan tribes and all the noble tribes .. As a result of what happened the day of the clashes between tribes Chiaan and Alhawwamd, we call tribes in Chiaan to restraint and awaken young people well and be prepared for anything, we do not know beyond that, and avoids all move away from passive resistance and non-deliberate collectively structured, because the enemy seeks to cause harm, and durable Try to moral attrition and hit the rows, permanent Kmaana search on sedition factors to impose his control, and when the enemy has a certain goal and مطمع …. Legend all its strength and its allies to arrive, with the open side of the fronts shading and opacity.
And all the tribes honest and struggling in such cases to be transferred to the battle to the city of Tripoli mixed, after organizing the ranks of youth resident out, and the role of them and Amanmh only hit all his relatives blood Awantme whatsoever to any party Aumajmuah was trying to tamper with one of the tribes noble or attack , and the destruction of property and interests Ainmaogdt in Tripoli and its environs.
We want to note on something very important, and everyone was taken into account: there may be a party seeks to fabricate this problem today to distract people from what is happening in Tripoli now cornered vital points by militias of Misrata, as well as the bodies arrived in Bani Walid and Tarhuna and العجيلات of Misratah detention
Do not rule out that have Misratah a hand in what is happening today, distraction public opinion and hide their crimes to the international community, to you this question: to what happened today is a quarrel between two young men from both tribes and here comes the question is: can Alhawwamd did not get off to Taiji for a long time .. Fmaalve pay this young man to go to Taiji today?? From behind it??
Kmanrad that note of something another: that Misurata (home of disease) It has alliances (clients Misratah) with a range of areas in the West (such as Jadu, Nalut, visitors, Kklh, Ifrane, corner) and some groups from different tribes, and certainly do not forget Azlamha in Tripoli (Friday Market, Tajura), and possibly the drums of war on the tribes of the West has sounded.
بســـــــــــــــــم الله الــــــــــرحمن الرحــــــــــــــيم

{وَقَاتِلُوا فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ الَّذِينَ يُقَاتِلُونَكُمْ وَلا تَعْتَدُوا إِنَّ اللَّهَ لا يُحِبُّ الْمُعْتَدِينَ}
صدق الله العظيم .

الى قبائل الصيعان المجاهدة وكل قبائلنا الشريفة .. نتيجة لماحدث اليوم من اشتباكات بين قبيلتي الصيعان والحوامد ، فاننا ندعو قبائلنا في الصيعان الى ضبط النفس وان توقظ شبابها جيدا وتكون مستعدة لاي شئ ، فنحن لا نعلم ماوراء ذلك ، والابتعاد كل الابتعاد عن المقاومة السلبية والغير مدروسة بشكل جماعى منظم ، لان العدو متربص ، ودائم المحاولة لعمليات الاستنزاف المعنوى وضرب الصفوف ، كماانه دائم البحث على عوامل الفتنه لفرض سيطرته ، والعدو عندما يكون له هدف معين ومطمع …. يجند كل قوته وحلفائه للوصول ، مع فتح جبهات جانبية للتظليل والتعتيم .
وعلى كل القبائل الشريفه والمناضلة فى مثل هذه الحالات ان تنقل المعركة الى مدينة طرابلس المختلطة ، بعد تنظيم صفوف شبابها القاطن بها ، ولا دور لهم ولامهمة سوى ضرب كل ماله صلة قرابة دم اوانتماء مهما كان نوعه لاى جهة اومجموعة كانت تحاول العبث باحدي القبائل الشريفة او مهاجمتها ، وتدمير أملاكهم ومصالحهم اينماوجدت فى طرابلس ومحيطها .
نريد ان ننوه على شئ غاية في الاهمية وعلى الجميع اخذه في الحسبان : انه ربما يكون هناك طرف يسعى لافتعال هذه المشكل اليوم لالهاء الناس عن مايحدث في طرابلس الان من محاصرة النقاط الحيوية من قبل ميليشيات مصراتة ، وعن الجثث التي وصلت الى بني وليد وترهونة والعجيلات من معتقلات مصراتة
ولا نستبعد ان يكون لمصراتة يد في مايحدث اليوم ، لالهاء الراي العام واخفاء جرائمها للمجتمع الدولي ، اليكم هذا التساؤل : ان ماحدث اليوم هى مشاجرة بين شابين من كلا القبيلتين وهنا يأتى التساؤل وهو : ان الحوامد لم ينزلوا الى تيجي منذ وقت طويل .. فماالذي دفع بهذا الشاب الى الذهاب لتيجي اليوم ؟؟ من وراء ذلك ؟؟
كمانريد ان ننوه لشئ اخر : ان مصراتة ( بيت الداء ) فلديها تحالفات ( عملاء مصراتة ) مع مجموعة من المناطق فى الغرب مثل ( جادو ، نالوت ، زوارة ، ككله ، يفرن ، الزاوية ) وبعض المجموعات من مختلف القبائل ، واكيد لا ننسى ازلامها في طرابلس من ( سوق الجمعة ، تاجوراء ) ، وربما طبول الحرب على قبائل الغرب قد دقت .
ادمن التحدي

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Urgent now
The primary outcome for Gerhi rats Nalut and Alhawwamd and most important is the 47 wounded Ivkhalo the

Tunisian territory and panic gripping the fighters O decide feet honest Chiaan the the brave
Admin challenge

Now Chiaan brave youth Adhro Nalut rats and rats Alhawwamd and they now move Grahahm in huge numbers to Tunisia,

the first for the first p what God tell Shahid.

Attack of the rats Alhawwamd the Nalut and Kapaau on the people of Taiji ….. And clashes since this morning until now.

Is happening now in this time of fierce fighting with heavy weapons and medium between noble Chiaan tribes

and جردان Nalut and their followers of Alhawwamd ..
Magistrate Commission of Rafla to reconcile between Alhawwamd and Chiaan after skirmishes, including at a petrol station Alhawwamd.

Mujahid word Muawiya Alsoiei, to the people Chiaan today :

“To our people Chiaan and Alhawwamd ..

That what is happening has nothing to do with the big event going on in Libya, and this is not a battle Avenue,, which Stkhalsna from the clutches of the invasion and client Adaute.The goal is distracted honorable side battles, and the depletion of our abilities, and causing a rift between brother and brother, neighbor and neighbor, an attempt to change the point of attention of the public opinion in the Libyan street.فالحدث most important and which sequencing all eyes of the world what is happening now in the city of Tripoli ..

Of the looting of the Libyan capital, and the occupation of the ministries and siege, and domination by those who believe he was the heir to the rule of the people in Libya.

And worthiest us console our people in Bani Walid and Tarhuna, العجيلات and others, and prepare for what is to come….”

Mujahid Muawiya Alsoiei,

In the name of God the Merciful
((Except those who believe and work righteous deeds, and remember Allah much and they were victorious after they did wrong and will teach those who do wrong any swerved turning))
Great truth of God.
To the Liberal our people in Nalut, who Reject to sell ذممهم to chiefdom Qatar, was linked in one day the French Augrbeh agenda.
We, young the tribes Chiaan awakening that we are against sedition, bloodshed, and with the National Social peace, safety and security of Libya wounded.
Forewarned is forearmed … I am here to speak to our people of Nalut those Tayyibis who lived with them in good times and bad, and we had still neighborly and fraternity, and I swear to you that he will not profit you one minute speeches great tragedy, especially those who are pushing you into the abyss, and direct events toward civil war, which will eat everything and everybody. …

Then Sterkkm’m the client (Maqrif) currently residing in (Nalut), and will return the remains of Jews (Djerba, and Tataouine) to her native motherland, and will return the family (bottles) to her country (Algeria), and disappear Turks (Misurata) and Atrkounkm, and disappear heretics (Algeria) Fugitive of justice in their country, and will miss (clients) Nalut associated abroad, Fodo to reason and to جبلكم, and Aterco subcontractors to his family, before a disaster occurs.
And remind you Pmahaddt the year 1916, and 1921 when whirled families and lost Arezagkm the lands and Bhaúr Chiaan tribes …. And yesterday Maqrb day.
And youth awakening tribes Chiaan, and along the homeland (Libya) interns to pounce on begging him himself compromising the honor of this ancient tribe, striking Bjdorha the depths of history … The lives of your sons and Amlakkm and your interests and your presence wherever it is legitimate targets, where there is no longer Mankhosrh, and the tribes Chiaan which exceed the population of a quarter million people is able to change the equation The region, and contribute to shaping the future in Tripoli and the whole of Libya.
(And guide غزيه of Arshad)

Clashes in Mizdah and Tighe and the siege imposed on the Foreign Ministry in Tripoli

Back clashes between Chiaan and Nalut and Alhawwamd.

To Chiaan tribes, after he assaulted Kapaau and Nalut bombing on our land has become imperative and a duty to defend them and make them legitimate targets everywhere ….

One of the pioneers of page.

Skirmishes between armed groups from the regions of Taiji and Alhawwamd because of an altercation took place on the evening of Monday, skirmishes between armed groups from the regions of Taiji and Alhawwamd because of a quarrel occurred area Zigzao, that the Council of Elders and the Shura Council and the Senate zones Tighe and Alhawwamd are making efforts to stop the skirmishes and تدراك position so as not to develop more.
By News on Monday, 29 أبريل, 2013 | 21:42

The Gaddafi International News Agency
News that تتوارد us from Libya confirms the occurrence of violent clashes in Mizdah between المشاشية Alguentarar,

also signed confrontations between the areas of Taiji “Chiaan” and Alhawwamd after the killing of one of them.
A blockade imposed on العجيلات by militias criminal after the killing of an armed Senthana where, and Almentdhar

issuance tomorrow’s decision by Zaidane named on the entry militia for Jeelat.

Chiaan brave
Quoting Cefjat the Jardan

Just this time on the island of rapid pressures Alshall group of outlaws clothed in military (Bzkulaiv) Aoagafo in people and Asalo was Jabali seems Adharbo it and Aksrolh his car and it turned out they Sien we Batsalatna combating crime and Ashbh wage becomes what extent has neighbor well as protection money Jebali spoke to him Mikhtmh pressures Alshall Island.
Hahahahah rats.

Now Chiaan brave youth Istron epic Aljehad and I swear to God my limited weapons, but they are my very large military force but praise be to Allah so far Chiaan youth brave dominant complete control
In the field and greetings strength challenge.

Of contribution has across the page ………. Commando Megrahi Mazrui
Very urgent appeal,,,,,,,,, Chiaan withstand

Aicolo people stick Alzlal Toowooelh mean This is what Qdro it cowards Adharbo missiles in families safe and Aicolk rebels and are free and talk فاضي O Aqaadkm Thrko in Libya Lin is sit them Shi No trees, no stone, reasonable three areas on a small area Zi Tighe, reasonable four battalions heavily arms the youth their capital Klashen Cove and Dkhirh limited Aidafo for their honor and display and livelihood

and Aicolk bent Champions and oxen and Ashaws and Black, God’s curse on all those who were the cause of the sedition who Saarh just in Chiaan and history will be remembered Chiaan they Sbero and Ahzbo and Samado and سيلعن those rats who do not يمتون to manhood and honor in any form and disgrace and shame on all droopy sitting and watching and waiting does not speak until the character, as long as Libya hole blood and burnt to the Libyans so as not to keep them Shi these come on the fact a 17 Gahaearerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr spree.
(Admowona 1)

. Now directed convoy Akharmn the Zintan to Chiaan the losses after they lost and Warning To every young Chiaan a الحدر of Albobat that Rsduha them outside the city
Please circular for the safety of the Liberal.
(Admowona 1)

Now now heavy and intensive shelling of Cabo and Mahmdwaljpelet p Tighe and Al-Ahli in a panic and great fear and Massey there

Now … are bombing Tighe …. All types of heavy weapons. Bombed buildings and homes …

Residents خرجو and Turku homes ……………. God is enough and yes, the agent.
(Admowona 1)

Amazigh Kapaau and Nalut and التبع of the Alhawwamd attacks on village Albuaiche near the island of rotation pressures Alshall to try them in the hostage-taking of human Families dwelling Chiaan in the neighborhood They have cordoned off the area.
(Admowona 1)


In the name of God the Merciful
“Think not of those who were killed for the sake of God dead, but alive with their Lord provision”
Great truth of God
Bakluba locked متألمة advance We tribes Chiaan to the tribes of our people and Rafla jihad deepest condolences to the sons and brothers of the sons of the martyrs, God willing … Oh أسكنهم paradise, and carefree parents and their families patience and fortitude.
And عزانا one … , Elly Abiezy and Rafla consolation.
Chiaan tribes

Now The tribe Chiaan exposed to Amazigh onslaught failed Baden God and so far tribe Chiaan written in terms of historical epics did not stand any Arab tribe so far with Chiaan tribe brave
And Chiaan Hlha me permission God
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News storm the prison Jendouba in Gharyan.



Tuber: stronghold Mqmla Qaeda Libya.
We received news of the storming of the so-called management passports Bdrna, by rats.
Oh hit oppressors بالظالمين.



Ivory (Zliten) for the: since the about a quarter of an hour was launched Qadf Arbeja…

the main emergency department Zliten Central Hospital did not specify the damage after.

A large number of owners beards walk to the Office of the fight against crime now …… The explosion at night in the old church.

A powerful explosion shakes Zliten after dawn prayers ……. The Aldavnih hand.
عاااااااااجل and very dangerous spot
A convoy of Misurata militia composed of nearly 200 armed car and Toyota Land Cruiser (lioness) centered

within seven Bzletn area now and you create portals within the city of Zliten and inspection of citizens’ cars.
(Admowona 1)

Zliten bombing today ……. (Admowona 1)



What Dr. Hamza Thami said occasion زف of 11 martyr to BANI  WALID  on day 29-4-213

Face Dr. Hamza letters in his first letter addressed to his family in the Bani Walid Althannih to the Libyan people.

First letter to the people of BaniWalid

“Hey guys Bani Walid, my kids Bani Walid, O women Bin Walid, guys Bani Walid, my elderlyBani Walid congratulate you on receiving accolades adorn Bani Walid and add to its credit historical addition distinctive and fresh, was promulgated BaniWalid filled Actinashin decorations, no doubt night sky stars descend hugging Three Bani Walid and accept the forehead of every mother and put Sam certificate on her chest.

These medals and decorations conferred by the Almighty, so kind of His servants, no doubt that the souls of their ancestors lined up to play tribute to the souls of the martyrs.
These young people a source of pride and a real balance and bright page in the history log, log in Bin Walid supervisor.

Enough pride and honor as witnessed by the records of the Ministry of Finance of Italy, there is no where and Rvlaa one earns a salary from Rome for his service to colonialism and you refer to the historical documents, and suffice honor certificate Aqratsana in his book (about Fezzan) literally when he speaks of  Bani Walid say (we can say Bani Walid was the spirit of revolution and rebellion)

That history is written by the great, writes great just is elected by God to be a role model and an example for future generations, studied schools Alnzal, sing for girls at weddings and تحكيها oldsters of Ahvaz, these tournaments will continue to be drawn on the mountains of Wallis and the mountains of Alqrjoma and on the slopes of the valley, echoed these mountains What remained lower

O Infallible martyrs,, I قضيتم in a noble battle dishonest in order to protect your land, your country, your honor and your honor did not Ttrkoha prey to dogs.
Carry your friends and brothers and sons Amomtkm ثاركم, will not remain silent any and رفلي Sharif, and real رفلي, Libby truly belong to this country or abroad for taking ثاركم for sleep quietly souls.
And flying your spirit which is more than our souls live in the sky of pride, and we will take revenge from those bastards tykes who جيشوا you dogs from all regions of Libya, murderers, criminals.

I tell you of the income of Bani Walid, I swear by God Almighty, I will not Ahina anywhere, in or outside Libya, stalker will remain wherever you, سيطاردك revenge every second of seconds age despicable despicable, Stalmon my dogs NATO.

[But you Hey folks Rusaifa, honor after honor, to be Bani Walid a graveyard for the invaders and provide the pure martyrs.
And you, O mothers of martyrs, every child born in the Bani Walid carries in his eyes and in his chest part of your sons.
O mothers Bani Walid Teach your children Revenge of the attackers before pronunciation, Tredauhm the holy spirit of revenge and put on مهدهم mascots of the martyrs of their guns and the remnants of their clothes to inhale the perfume of dignity and true freedom and grow up and Jasper in them the spirit of revenge.]

Nothing holiest man to die to live, these stars are related, because the luster that the reminder of the fact that the eye does not sleep, nor overlook, nor accept injustice.
God Aatsamana and God توكلنا and has strength, and the great truth of God when he said (and prepared for them Maasttatm of power, including steeds, ترهبون the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others do not تعلمونهم, God teaches them), but not one for all and all for one.
Lift up your heads high, hugging Hamatkm sky and Ikhads Alkhasún and will teach those who do wrong any swerved turning, and the eyes of revenge you dogs do not sleep

Today you saw with your own eyes what they wrote in their pages and what one of the doctors say rats who contacted now Misrata channel and said that the martyrs were killed in a “military Coup”  (LIARS!!!).
We do not want you to prove, proof rifles youth bin Walid, proof in the breasts of young bin Walid, proof when every brother and sister and a young man in Rafla or at the wrong Rafla Kajeelat, Alnoael, Alqmazfah …. everywhere, these proof have we not need to تبريرك to we know Khiantek the, we know Gdrick the, we know خيانتكم the, Gdrickm and but God Aagvl the nor sleep.”

Misrata militias that have killed and tortured kidnapped sons of Bani Walid in its jails Aoowom stormed the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice and infringe on the rat Justice Minister Salah Marghany to pick the autopsy report and its intention to issue a statement about the crime they tried to anticipate it to cover their crime … But in vain trying to Dear Criminals criminals are killers will not escape retribution even after a while
Inventory and journalist Bugger Mahmoud Masrati in his intervention on Arab and were attacked by the Minister of Justice armed militias Almusratih the was transferred to the hospital
Scourge you, in you scourge scourge in you.
(Admowona 1)



Latest developments in the explosion of Tobruk

Explosion at Camp (20) June Tmguetl about (7) people and Hrjalashrat, the explosion were identified starting

place missile who blew Almkanuebad up from the camp, about 32 kilometers
The type missile DAC which made ​​Russia and Haddat the style.

Clashes in the camp near Bir Ashhab on the outskirts of Tobruk.

Libya: sources fields: a huge explosion targeting 20 Brigade camp in the Libyan city of Tobruk and reported casualties.

Shortly before the explosion in the area of ​​Tobruk and specifically the camp (20) June have been killed around (7) Persons and awkward dozens of the explosion were identified starting place missile that blew the place and away from the camp, about 32 kilometers and the type of missile DAC which made ​​Russia and Haddatstyle and we do not know so far from my father the launch of this rocket .



Media kidnapping Hassan Bacouche a correspondent channel Libya villains until last October and now Qatari news channel reporter, which is preparing to launch soon.
Hours later told that he had been assaulted him severely, and they lose a resort near Palm throw ..

Abduction of the rat Hussein Bacouche the media correspondent channel splash Jermanah and beaten and then discarding.



Libya bribes Egyptian and eluted people dwell in the open two years and nothing happened in Sirte and their homes collapsed by the Alnatwa of the and Tawergha compatriots live outdoors and Mager displaced household to Amaay them and others and others are handing out and hold oil bribes

Libya provide Egypt with more than half of its oil imports

He said two senior Libyan officials that Libya will soon begin to ship oil to Egypt on concessional terms to help them avoid the shortage of fuel at a time when Egypt find it difficult to pay for imports of energy.

He said officials that Tripoli would extend Cairo with crude oil worth $ 1.2 billion at world prices with the deferral of payments for a year without interest. It is scheduled to arrive in the first shipment next month. Libyan deal drew more than half of the value of imports in 2012 and estimated by the central bank two billion dollars.

Ministry officials said that Libya oil shipments will be sent to refineries in Egypt every month under an agreement for the supply of 12 million barrels over 12 months.

And deposited Tripoli already two billion dollars at the Central Bank of Egypt.

The company declined to Libyan National Oil to comment on the details of the agreement, but one of the officials in the sector said that Libya will be issued to Egypt Srtica crude cheaper crudes at all.

The second Libyan official said that shipments imported at world prices.



You are the leader and master


Muammar al-Qathafi with Smalgram TRAITOR:

poem by: Ashraf Alarab

To every Fberaara a

How long night does not go around
All of this immorality is not ashamed?
And do not ask for leg leg
The door is not close Uri
When and Sheikh is not due
For a view, and the young man does not make sense
When wolves in our land
Howl, this debauchery يستبسل?
And easy not Ahvo to the easy
And the river neither river nor the agenda
And ignorance eliminates Bennkm and confident
And do not mind serving not separated

When Wenzhou on home sorrow
And cup of Ahatna getting drunk? !
And all the people of the land have learned
Kabbahatkm, but were purged and Aanloa
And you in Khianatkm Sea
Dishonest and death does not kill
Ratm treason without Azza
And your actions them Satan ashamed! !
Arno to those faces that
Which brightens the night but go
League is still in us free
Every day حبلها the spinning
Go and spend dawn in evacuated
Where see next our history.
(Page poet Ibn Badr)

Mu w Smalgram 1

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s Tent:


(BELOW): Mu’ammar al-Qathafi says “Thank you…from the bottom of my heart”! (which is also a greeting to visitors)

Mu says thank you.

Mu cut-out at port Jan 2011  

For information purposes only ….
When you make a call and hear the echo of your voice sound you close the phone for a period of not less than half an hour after removing the battery from it and then filled again.
Connect and make a call with anyone if I heard the echo voice again learn that your phone to probation and permanent organization but if you do not hear the echo (echo your voice) Valmracbh the random chance to see your character you are or what you are or what you say.
(Admowona 1.)


Mûr pour la victoire / Ripe for VICTORY

Mu conference cover

*** From Muammar al-Salam Ahmad Kadhafi ***
Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, he Hafez the Book of Allah (THE HOLY QURAN), and is Islamic preacher (IMAM) by pure decent from Prophet Mohammed (PBUH):1- Muammar al-Qathafi keeps the book of God, the Holy Quaran, as sole law.
2- Muammar al-Qathafi produced film “The Message”.
3- According to statistics the number who converted to Islam after watching a movie “The Message”, at 11 million.
4- founded the World Islamic Call Society in 1972.
5- first Leader of all Muslim Arab countries that called for the boycott of countries that offended the Messenger of Allah, particularly: Denmark and Switzerland.
6- Muammar al-Qathafi’s first act as an Arab Muslim, was for the cost the Libyan People’s Bureau in France to pay any fine imposed on any Muslim woman.
7- on behalf of the Libyan people built 521 Mosque around the world.
8- on behalf of the Libyan people established the first international competition in the world to “save the Holy Quran”.
9- on behalf of the Libyan people printed 10 million copies of the Holy Quarn, and ran Sharif telling Qaaloon.
10- Colonel al-Qathafi, as IMAM, is the First Arab Muslim Leader to lead number of 300 thousand worshipers at Friday prayers and make its embrace Islam.*** من يكون معمر عبدالسلام أحميد القدافى ***
العقيد معمر القذافي حافظ لكتاب الله و داعية إسلاميّ1 ـ العقيد القذافي حافظ لكتاب الله .
2 ـ العقيد القذافي أنتج فيلم الرسالة .
3 ـ حسب الإحصائيات بلغ عدد الّذين أسلموا إثر مشاهدة فيلم الرسالة 11 مليون.
4 ـ على مدى 42 سنة لم يدخل أيّ يهودي إلى ليبيا ؟
5 ـ أسّس جمعية الدّعوة الإسلامية سنة 1972.
6 ـ أول رئيس عربي مسلم قاطع الدّول الّتي أساءت للرّسول الدنمرك وسويسرا.
7 ـ العقيد القذافي أول رئيس عربي مسلم يكلف المكتب الشعبي الليبي بفرنسا بدفع أي غرامة تفرض على أي امرأة مسلمة .
8 ـ باسم الشعب الليبي بنى 521 مسجد حول العالم .
9 ـ باسم الشعب الليبي أنشأ أول مسابقة دولية في العالم لحفظ القران الكريم .
10 ـ باسم الشعب الليبي طبع 10 مليون نسخه من المصحف الشريف برواية قالون .
11 ـ العقيد القذافي أول رئيس عربي مسلم يؤمّ بعدد 300 ألف مصلي في صلاة الجمعة وجعل دوله تعتنق الإسلام .

~ ~ You rust hesitate to the hearts Hmokh Isdh in the souls and shake in the mountains prestige fluttering in the sky ~ ~
~ ~ Light girl ~ ~

Mu is loved by all

Mu draped

God ruing oh Muammar …

Why do you want to say a word to me now the الليبيي leader
Addiction (guards Leader)


Page : 40 personnes aiment

Mu’ammar & SAFYA:

hl as possible to Lake Iaahrar and thank you for complements
His Excellency leader Bomenaar

( جيش غلاك تراصف عندي …. لاغايب ضابظ لا جندي …. يهتف أناأمريإف يافندي )

Posted by:  The main الادمن:

In the name of God the Merciful …
O great Libyan people free to implement your will To Amanicm, precious and honest response to your frequent my father Attalib the appeal of change and cleansing and eroded work, Alambardh and incites Altorh and regularity ….
Behold, I have sounded the hours of glory and hours pride and approached promise right Baden-O God of proclaim freedom and emancipation oh proclaim the era of the masses, O sons of great conqueror oh Samadtm the Covenant and the promise of you who stood in the face of injustice and tyranny ye Liberal that hour victory that come only hours and days A few Be Kmma the Ahdnakm Be the Covenant Who you gave her has sounded the hour working hour of victory sounded the hour crawl forward …
You are entitled to be proud of yourselves and Besmodkm may Strtm epics victory was Adhrtm world steadfastness and ثباتكم on the principle and the Covenant ثباتكم on the right and stand against tyranny against the worst of the power of the world, life and pause Ezz and the voice of right and anger at injustice and falsehood and slander Here is today Illerf our voice either die under the soil of the homeland martyrs or we win and we click, territorial integrity and raise the banner of pride and dignity banner of jihad banner to uphold the right word banner stability of the Covenant and the promise that we made to ourselves sacrifice of the blood of our ancestors and the blood shed on the soil of this country and ارتوت the ground and adorned with pride in blood and نسطر finest Almmlahm in patience on the scourge to be a history and a lesson and a lesson to the whole world and our grandchildren after us that we are sons of great conqueror sons martyred-alive leader Baden God Muammar Kadhafi …..
Enough of pride and pride CVA magnanimity to carry his name ….
Yes Come hours a glorious Tachiha Jmaheratna beloved, O sons of Libya beloved, O Liberal Be the covenant and promise, and we do not say words haphazardly in vain and you will see Pam eyes how to go back home raped and dignity wounded go back right to the owners go back and tons him proud and Nalo and Nzdada honor ….
Commander Sir We are the sons of light and light wings drank, Arthuina and now all our blood, the blood of the martyrs blood in us pride and honor and gallantry …
O sons of great conqueror, O sons of Libya beloved, O sons of the tribes honorable Ya promised Povicm promise live today hours pride and hours of glory and hours Nasr Hato hands and forget Ahakadkm and open your hearts and stood united against the enemy of the Islamic nation an enemy of the Arab nation, which burned our holy places, and so we will build glory and brushed heritage and avenge for the dignity of injured and really raped oh شاركتم Omar Mukhtar jihad holy for Arabism and Islam Ya شاركتم قائدكم steadfastness and challenge against an enemy that humanity enemy of Islam are entitled to you today that proud of yourselves and Bakaúdkm and steadfastness of the sons of light and we are on the promise and the covenant that we have made and will return mass raise the banner of pride and dignity banner of Islam and to Forward to forward ….
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

Stainless …

Message to all free to Libya ..

Ba brother in the East, in all housing .. My brother in the West in every home

I call you .. Will you still know me?

Oh brother, I know, despite adversity .. I am torn darkness shrouds

I am knocking down the walls of weakness .. I no longer tells the wear and tear Cemetery

I no longer legs crying Waldman .. I no longer Abdul my bonds

I no longer Abdul pyramid past .. I no longer Abdul idol

I Khalid District though death the .. I am free, although time bars

Listen to me .. Listen to me

If we walked on thorns Snina .. And قينا from أذاه what قينا

If we Patna naked Jaúaana the .. Or we lived barefoot Baúsina the

If we had not أوهت ax our strength .. Foagafna challenge Alsakotaina the

The not Skharena a Jladena .. فبنينا aspiration prisons .. And رفعناه on our necks

But a feet Khasaina the price .. And filled his glass of blood .. Vtsacana surgeons and Ioannina

Oh brother .. Liberation from the exponential coffins .. ‘m Not Aajuptha or a Momciaha

Scurry up overnight and Msaha .. My brother had become a god people

Here and Irit grandparents .. Here .. They chose Theraha كفنا

I will spend I am after my father and will spend the after us

And will remain the land of Libya to us .. It would not have been changed folk

We Ahirguena them as long as we .. And مزجنا Butraha bones

And Hqguenaha sailors and raised .. And planted swords and Qena

We focused green above us .. And our challenge outdated

And will decide to grandchildren .. And will protect علاها like us

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم …
ايها الشعب الليبي العظيم تنفيذا لارادتكم الحرة وتحقيقا لامانيكم الغالية واستجابة صادقة لندائكم المتكرر الدي يططالب بالتغيير والتطهير ويحت على العمل والمباردة ويحرض على التورة والانتظام ….
ها قد دقت ساعات المجد وساعات الفخر واقترب الوعد الحق بادن الله يا من تنادون بالحرية والانعتاق يا من تنادون بعصر الجماهير يا ابناء الفاتح العظيم يا من صمدتم على العهد والوعد يا من وقفت في وجه الظلم والطغيان انتم ايها الاحرار ان ساعات النصر ما هيا الا ساعة وايام قليلة كونوا كمما عهدناكم كونوا على العهد اللذي اعطيتموه ها قد دقت ساعة العمل دقت ساعة الانتصار دقت ساعة الزحف والى الامام …
يحق لكم ان تفخروا بانفسكم وبصمودكم قد سطرتم ملاحم النصر وقد اضهرتم للعالم صمودكم وثباتكم على المبدا والعهد ثباتكم على الحق والصمود ضد الطغيان ضد اعتى قوة العالم فالحياة وقفة عز وصوت حق وغضب على الظلم والزيف والبهتان ها هو اليوم ييرتفع صوتنا عاليا اما نموت تحت تراب الوطن شهداء او ننتصر ونحن فوق اراضيه ونرفع راية العز والكرامة راية الجهاد راية لاعلاء كلمة الحق راية الثبات على العهد والوعد الذي قطعناه على انفسنا تضحية لدماء الاباء والاجداد ولدماء سالت على تراب هذا الوطن وارتوت الارض وازدانت فخرا بدمائه ونسطر اروع المملاحم في الصبر على البلاء ليكون تاريخا ودرسا وعبرة للعالم اجمع ولاحفادنا من بعدنا باأننا ابناء الفاتح العظيم ابنأء القائد الشهيد بادن الله معمر القدافي …..
كفانا فخرا به وكفا الفخر شهامة بحمل اسمه ….
نعم هيا ساعات مجيدة تعشيها جماهيرتنا الحبيبة يا ابناء ليبيا الحبيبة ايها الاحرار كونوا على العهد والوعد واننا لا نقول كلاما جزافا وعبثا وسترون بام اعينكم كيف نرجع وطن اغتصب وكرامة جرحت نرجع الحق لاصحابه نرجع وطنا به نفخر ونعلوا ونزدادا شرفا ….
سيدي القائد نحن ابناء الفاتح وسواعد الفاتح شربنا وارتوينا وباتت دمائنا كلها دماء الشهداء في داخلنا دماء الفخر والعزة والشهامة …
يا ابناء الفاتح العظيم يا ابناء ليبيا الحبيبة يا ابناء القبائل الشريفة يا من وعدتم فوفيتم بالوعد نعيش اليوم ساعات فخر وساعات مجد وساعات نصر هاتو ايديكم وانسوا احقادكم وافتحوا قلوبكم وقفوا صفا واحدا ضد عدو الامة الاسلامية عدو الامة العربية الذي احرق مقدساتنا وهكذا سنبني مجدا ونحي تراثا ونثأر لكرامة جرحت وحقا اغتصب يا من شاركتم عمر المختار جهادا مقدسا لاجل العروبة والاسلام يا من شاركتم قائدكم الصمود والتحدي ضد عدو الانسانية عدو الاسلام يحق لكم اليوم ان تفخروا بانفسكم وبقائدكم وبصمود ابناء الفاتح واننا على الوعد والعهد الذي قطعناه وسترجع جماهيرية ترفع راية العزة والكرامة راية الاسلام والى الامام الى الامام الى الامام ….
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
الادمن الرئيسي
المقاوم …

رسالة الى كل احرار ليبيا ..

با أخى فى الشرق , فى كل سكن .. يا أخى فى الغرب فى كل الوطن

أنا ادعوك .. فهل لا زلت تعرفنى ؟

يا أخاً أعرفه رغم المحن .. إننى مزقت أكفان الدجى

إننى هدمت جدران الوهن .. لم أعد مقبرة تحكى البلى

لم أعد ساقية تبكى الدمن .. لم أعد عبد قيودى

لم أعد عبد ماض هرم .. لم أعد عبد وثن

أنا حى خالد رغم الردى .. أنا حر رغم قضبان الزمن

فأستمع لى .. أستمع لى

إن نكن سرنا على الشوك سنيناً .. ولقينا من أذاه ما لقينا

إن نكن بتنا عراة جائعينا .. أو نكن عشنا حفاة بائسينا

إن نكن قد أوهت الفأس قوانا .. فوقفنا نتحدى الساقطينا

إن يكن سخرنا جلادنا .. فبنينا لآمانينا سجونا .. ورفعناه على أعناقنا

ولثمنا قدميه خاشعينا .. وملآنا كأسه من دمنا .. فتساقانا جراحاً وانينا

يا أخى .. قم تحرر من توابيت الآسى .. لست اعجوبتها أو مومياها

إنطلق فوق ضحاها ومساها .. يا أخى قد اصبح الشعب إلها

ها هنا واريت أجدادى .. هنا .. وهم أختاروا ثراها كفنا

وسأقضى أنا من بعد أبى وسيقضى ولدى من بعدنا

وستبقى ارض ليبيا لنا .. فهى ما كانت لقوم غيرنا

نحن اهرقنا عليها دمنا .. ومزجنا بثراها عظامنا

وشققناها بحاراً وربى .. وزرعناها سيوفاً وقنا

وركزنا فوقها اعلامنا الخضراء .. وتحدينا عليها الزمن

وسنهديها إلى أحفادنا .. وسيحمون علاها مثلنا
الادمن الرئيسي

(posted by: The main الادمن)

Of media sister Rehab drowsiness

Dear الثابتون the Covenant has fallen masks and ended the story and wrote the end of it, be on time victory nor Trddo in upholding رايتكم that Aangtm the glory and victories that you are now, you became a legend generations and Strtm glories and Tsdrtm history book, and now Esbero on what Aptulleetm and the words of God and Muammar and Libya ups Mcoltkm which you Trddunha always said that we see victory in mind just now prevail and do not look back and meet soon in that arena in which you and we rejoice and have fun, sing and prepare so Astt I and you and the story world and fulfillment…


Good morning Aahrar
Mnsourin God’s help
Muammar (al-ups) has not given his last breath

Number of displaced Libyans outside the country who reject the reality of the pension in Libya today, the fact that statistics from official sources:
Egypt 1300000 million and three hundred thousand.
Tunisia 500000 five hundred thousand.
Algeria 180000 hundred and eighty thousand.
Morocco Mauritania 50000 fifty thousand.
Niger, Chad, Mali, Sudan 20000 twenty thousand.
Almost the rest of the world a hundred thousand 100,000.
20000 Twenty thousand detainees.
Gross outside the homeland 2170000 million and two hundred and seventy thousand Libyan citizen outside the walls of the home.
Not to mention all the sons of cities and tribes who are at home and the naysayers are also realities, not to mention the families and the people displaced inside the country and referred to the above number.
For these pens will not vibrant and our words will not exuding and عزائمنا will not relent and our determination to tell the truth as a victory for the right and the nation, psychology and history.

Aaaaaaaajl and very Haaaaaaam …………
This is the mouthpiece of all Libyans simpletons, the weak and the great Liberal honorable they are stakeholders in the homeland of the Middle Great to the south steadfast to the west Almentvd to the north patient, who are not Atkhazloa or sell their home Bbtunhm did not betray their past and the sacrifices of their ancestors and their parents in all the battles of honor and dignity that fought against all kinds and forms of colonialism and cooperate with him in the twentieth century Aoqublh or now in the present century Vaaltarich repeats itself came the Italians to invade Libya in 1911 and now after a full century, in 2011 came NATO and collaborated with him  of traitors and agents and Ahmua some young people as ox and Owoalkh But now detect hidden and demonstrated the truth of these young Commando and who Centvadwa and rise up gift of one man and liberate their country from traitors and agents of the West and the Qataris and their followers and their associates, they say to you today ..
We will win …. Yes, we will win despite the pain … Will prevail despite the challenges and intrigues …. Will prevail despite the noses of customers and wage earners and owners of Western agendas …. We will win back the sun to shine again on the soil of this nation tall …. We will win and we are confident in it …. will not be wasted really behind demands …. Will not get lost blood of our martyrs down the drain …. we will win .. We are the owners of the issue .. Owners right .. This is our duty to religious, moral, and historical … We will win and cleanse this dirt that unclean villains …. Vauellah will not destroy the truth and the falsehood even though the Pagans hate … We will win … God Molina sire you, not cowards customers … We will win and we are confident and faith.

(The main Aladdinm)
عاااااااجل وهااااااام جدا …………
هذا لسان حال كل الليبيين البسطاء والضعفاء والعظماء الاحرار الشرفاء وهم اصحاب المصلحه الحقيقيه في الوطن من الشرق العظيم الي الجنوب الصامد الي الغرب المنتفض الي الشمال الصابر وهم الذين لم يتخاذلوا او يبيعوا وطنهم ببطنهم ولم يخونوا ماضيهم وتضحيات اجدادهم واباءهم في كل معارك الشرف والكرامه التي خاضوها ضد كل انواع واشكال الاستعمار ومن تعاون معه في القرن العشرين اوقبله او الان في القرن الحالي فاالتاريخ يعيد نفسه جاء الطليان لغزو ليبيا في 1911 والان بعد قرن كامل اي في 2011 جاء الناتو وتعاونوا معه شله من الخونه والعملاء واهموا بعض الشباب بانها ثوره ووووالخ ولكن الان كشف المستور وتجلت الحقيقه لهؤلاء الشباب المغوار والذين سينتفضوا ويهبوا هبه رجل واحد ويحرروا بلادهم من الخونه والعملاء من الغرب والقطريين واتباعهم واعوانهم وهم يقولون لكم اليوم ..
سننتصر …. نعم سننتصر رغم الألم … سننتصر رغم التحديات والدسائس …. سننتصر رغما عن أنوف العملاء والمأجورين وأصحاب الأجندات الغربيه …. سننتصر وتعود الشمس لتشرق من جديد على تراب هذا الوطن الشامخ …. سننتصر وكلنا ثقه في ذلك ….لن يضيع حقا ورأئه مطالب …. ولن تضيع دماء شهدائنا هباء منثورا ….سننتصر .. نحن اصحاب قضيه .. اصحاب حق .. وهذا واجبنا الديني والاخلاقي والتاريخي … سننتصر ونطهر هذا التراب الذي دنسه الاوغاد …. فاولله لن يهدم الحق ويقوم الباطل ولو كره الكارهون … سننتصر … الله مولنا ولا مولى لكم ايها الجبناء العملاء … سننتصر وكلنا ثقه وإيمان
الاددمن الرئيسي

(Admona 4)


Letter to Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi:

The notice poet Libya and the Arab hamlet companion … Arab and نداه millions .. He recommends Saif al-Islam …… Every Liberal in Libya, you know, a new movable him directly …

((Machwakec of injustice prisons .. Leszek light in the darkness .. The word Be recently Noon and Noon light Yasif Islam ..
Biting patience and اكظم the Balsnon .. And the imposition of values and down Achiam .. Mataklish heart lost Alkhot the stock يابال thumbs ..
Lost splendor and compassionate chest .. Free bird Svay Alkamam .. Ghali and missed but Mihon of a in the grave Natoh the cosine ..
After considering what a good eye and a good living from lasted .. And Matbalgch in mobilizing misgivings of some conjecture where iniquity, and haram ..
Look far Machbh to without my Lord individuals to bring down the system ..

Khalk Khadr Mangar even color had death Qalolk ..
Default Maybeh Lord of the universe and the were rad Mainqs the Aqram .. Vmah sight and shelving eyelids neutralizes coffins and wearing Ihram ..
Faster Malbriq the salvation of debt re-bar Kayna dreams .. Default of fire creates madness is Spirit collects in the bones ..
Aazam answers to the customer’s bass and build the house of and beats Alrmam the .. He is Leszek aid of his own agent thing for taking was عاطي the Jamam ..
Reproduceth Gah, money and sons pull back Aakectalk Ahzam ..

And is capable of how Macon universe and sat Aaerh in seven days ..
Walking Wind and make help neutralizes feet and prove feet .. هللي became p Adakkon but laugh was ماينفع words ..
Certainly where X and N. Alkhian and only arrows. Few origin and Alkhaan of betraying Maémash attic uncles ..
Km from Tess Scanner centuries Dar headband Darola $ shrine .. Paris and Doha, Bonn and greedy dogs media ..
Bernard and Clinton and John was home theater gram .. Mana and Nhna perished Khanon Hlha Wayne Masar Aellatam ..
Price Ashahur and we are steadfast under fire Ndhana are Malrkam ..

Attiyna livers Mana regret Ross tresses of the toughest figures ..
They are former and we Successors and How Guevara Macal and Sam .. Barakna Brooke Mana Haidun Judging pyramids and Nmotoa Pyramids ..
In Asdorena of appeals and in our hearts appeals هللي the Aahlna partitions .. cut the Russians Mahm Goldfinch Re revenge them g ..
Ladd originally promised maintain Makmlosh of Jawad valued .. Cordon recently Noon them back and squeeze Azam ..
Zintan recently Noon rad God give her bridle .. Rahman recently Noon and acetic Ken is keeping conclusion ..
Nur Noon Yasif Islam and acetic Ken is keeping conclusion.

[The main الادمن]رسالة إلى الدكتور سيف الاسلام معمر القذافي :من اشعار شاعر ليبيا والوطن العربي رفيق النجع … ونداه الملايين العربية.. وهو يوصي سيف الاسلام …… كل الاحرار في ليبيا تعرفه وهى منقوله منه مباشرة جديدة …(( ماتشفقش من ظلم السجون .. يجيك النور في وسط الظلام .. وكلمة كن آخرها النون والنون النور ياسيف الاسلام ..
عض الصبر واكظم بالسنون .. وقيم الفرض وانزل عالصيام .. ماتخليش في القلب مخزون فقدت الخوت يابال الابهام ..
فقدت العز والصدر الحنون .. الطير الحر سفاي الكمام .. غالي وغاب لكن مايهون وهو في القبر نعطوه التمام ..
وبعد النظر ماهو بالعيون وطيب العيش من طيب ليدام .. وماتبالغش في حشد الظنون بعض الظن فيه اثم وحرام ..
وشوف بعيد ماتشبح لدون ربي راد باسقاط النظام .. خلك خضر ماتغير اللون حتى كان قالولك اعدام ..
اللي مايبيه ربي مايكون وكانا راد ماينقص قرام .. فلمح البصر ورفيف الجفون يحيد اكفان ويلبس احرام ..
اسرع مالبرق خلاص الديون يعيد شريط كاينا احلام .. اللي من النار يخلق في الجنون يرد الروح يجمع في العظام ..
يجيب اعظام لباس الزبون ويبني بيت ويدق الرمام .. وهو اللي يجيك من عنده العون وتاخد كيل كان عاطي جمام ..
يعيده جاه وأموال وبنون يشد الظهر يقشطلك احزام .. وقادر كيف ماكون الكون وجلس عالعرش في سبعة ايام ..
يسير ريح ويبذل العون يحيد اقدام ويثبت اقدام .. هللي صار ضحكة ع الدقون لكن تم ماينفع كلام ..
وبالتأكيد فيها خاء ونون من الخيان والا من الازلام . قليل الأصل والخاين يخون مايهماش علية لاعمام ..
كم من تيس ماسح بالقرون دار عقال دارولا مقام .. من باريس والدوحة وبون والطماع وكلاب الاعلام ..
من برنار وكلنتون وجون تم الوطن مسرح للجرام .. ونحنا هلك مانا خانعون هلها وين ماصار اللطام ..
ثمن اشهور وأحنا صامدون تحت القصف نضنا مالركام .. عطينا اكباد مانا نادمون روس تريس من اصعب ارقام ..
هم سابقون واحنا لاحقون وكيف ماقال جيفارا وسام .. بركنا بروك مانا حايدون حكمنا أهرام ونموتوا أهرام ..
في اصدورنا طعون وفي قلوبنا طعون وهللي اقسام ياهلنا اقسام ..قطع الروس ماهم الحسون رد الثار تم لهم غرام ..
ولاد الأصل للعاهد تصون ماكملوش لجواد الكرام .. والكردون آخرها النون منها نعود ونشد العزام ..
والزنتان آخرها النون إن راد الله يعطوك اللجام ..والرحمن آخرها النون وخلي كن هي مسك الختام ..
والنون النور ياسيف الاسلام وخلي كن هي مسك الختام
الادمن الرئيسي
A large convoy of good Zintan heading to the Black City {العجيلات} please discernible caution O Khotna, the…

Close to victory
(The main الادمن)

See Towoowol /
Allah is the greatest click Kid aggressor /

Greeting Trisna in the field and Jihad also Nnso not role Hraúrna in editorial policy plan

Greetings to all Ahrar Plumquaoma, electronic greeting to all pages Khadra, it also is a large and important part in the approach of steadfastness and editing /

Hlha and very close to the sun light will emerge and shine again

And التريس serve Aaawaadna Aahlna withstand so Macal Patna Amoworh.

(Admin 5)

Has Oh Germano / people overwhelmingly outnumbered and knew that Hadi Mesh Torre Arafo that Hadi {Ttiyah, Saad ČÓ}
Vddt states you salvation Khaddo the frozen فلوسنا following Bforeig the Mso and oil Hvto / Khaddo following يبوه /

Just Nhna and you 0 Hnchofo and best Shi that you Tkzbo us with you sure that collapsed Black dusty click Orskm the Aajraabie Hbd

Muammar ups ups ups

A tribute to the young people wherever they are resistance and patience the key to victory.

Private greeting to the media and Diane .. And the Mustafa Qdereboh media .. and to every honorable Aalamiyna the God bless you .. رعاكم …:

Campaign raise flags green over public institutions and government campaign begins at dawn Saturday and will be through writing on the walls of schools, universities and institutions slogans against the government of customers and will raise flags green on all public institutions to prove to جردان we are and God is above the KDE aggressor.
Campaign raised green flags in all throughout the Libyan.

Mu Italian resist

This new email you are free ………. E-mail is locked Previous ………. From victory to victory. He lives great conqueror…

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on 27/04/2013 In conclusion, a wonderful prayer:

What came in a speech by Dr. Hamza since few (27-4-2013)

Talked about the video published by Channel Libyan war days, which is a word registered for Mgariv requesting cremation martyrs of the armed people, and here urged Dr. Liberal published in the pages and in particular sent to foreign media addresses meaningful example Hluxt Libya or the freedom of the new rulers in Libya … …. And said to ايعقل, even to order a simple function in Libya to Aatalb the burned bodies of his sons not to mention who came to be judged ()

Then he moved to talk about the impact of some of the words in rats, such as Muammar ups and other logos (on the whole Haaratna) he spoke of emergency in their militias and leave them do not sleep urged strongly typed on ships and walls, airports and stick the paper in cars rats and said that this affects them and يستفزهم and re-request do such acts which are in fact the word jihad

He then moved to the phenomenon of Cars Alqtreyen, stopped in front of the homes of some Libyans and the penalty of Khan and his homeland

And then moved to the phenomenon of rats which their pages are all Iman al-Obeidi are rare, said last era to find a prostitute inspiring people and deny also talking about page rats which we are all brothers raped, and even said the international press Ttendr them reported that they have in front of issued girls to Qatar

He returned to talk about the war, recalled the hero martyr Mu’tasim He said that the martyr remained a lump in the ring and his words remained Rackh in your mind, even the world forgot your actions and Astnejadkm NATO remained remember the words of the martyr heroic He said that most of those who danced on the bodies of the lions have been liquidated and the rest is their day data

And B_khasossalsaal commander commander cite Fanh cited his weapon and said they put a hundred question mark and refused to answer the commander neighborhood or Cited and hinted at something he knows Liberals in the room and said, Let the days to answer this question and days between us and the Libyan people are great people and led by only a great leader

Returned to talk about writing Muammar ups and its impact on rats and said it was اتترك enemy sleeps and Alnzal that اتترك enemy sleep, and called shook thrones Jertan they built on the skulls of the finest young Libyans and their blood reminding that the traitors do not reign them Kalmgariv, who met with the people of Bin Walid then led a campaign goodness them and Boshna them who swear on the Koran and Khan

Regarding the current international relations, said that the West despaired of rats and are looking for alternative and the international community agree on this

With regard to the criticism of one rat that Liberals have 170 tanks in the Niger and Dr. Hamza, who are free mode as a political analyst and are looking for editorial said Dr. Lu have 70 tanks including out of your home

Before that concludes Dr. words I swear to God three times that Libya retrieved and this is not the wish urged Ahrar Balnzal, in various ways and graffiti

He concluded beautiful prayer

Note Dr. Taban healthy these days ask God has healing

ما جاء في كلمة الدكتور حمزة منذ قليل(27-4-2013)تحدث عن الفيديو الذي نشرته قناة الليبية ايام الحرب وهو عبارة عن كلمة مسجلة للمقريف يطلب فيها حرق جثث شهداء الشعب المسلح,وهنا حث الدكتور الاحرار بنشره في الصفحات وبالاخص ارساله الى الاعلام الاجنبي بعناوين هادفة مثلا هلوكست ليبيا او هذه حرية الحكام الجدد في ليبيا……. وقال لايعقل حتى من اجل من اجل وظيفة بسيطة في ليبيا لايطلب ان تحرق جثث ابناء بلده ناهيك عن من جاء ان يحكم()بعدها انتقل الى الحديث عن تاثير بعض الكلمات في الجرذان مثل معمر وبس والشعارات الاخرى(على العموم شعارتنا) وقال انه تحدث طواريئ في مليشياتهم وتتركهم لا ينامون وحث بقوة على كتابتها على السفن والجدران والمطارات والصاق ورقة في سيارات الجرذان وقال ان هذا يؤثر فيهم ويستفزهم واعاد طلب القيام بمثل هذه الاعمال والتي هي جهاد في الحقيقة بالكلمةثم انتقل الى ظاهرة توقف سيارات القطرييين امام منازل بعض الليبيين وهذا جزاء من خان وطنهوبعدها انتقل الى ظاهرة الجرذان وهي صفحاتهم هي كلنا ايمان العبيدي وتندر وقال اخر العصر ان تجد عاهرة ملهمة الناس وتنكر ايضا عن الحديث عن صفحة الجرذان وهي كلنا اخوة المغتصبات,وقال حتى الصحافة العالمية تتندر عليهم وذكرت ان لديهم امام يصدر البنات الى قطروعاد الحديث عن الحرب فذكر الشهيد البطل المعتصم وقال ان الشهيد بقي غصة في حلقة وكلماته بقيت راصخة في اذهانكم حتى العالم نسي افعالكم واستنجادكم بالناتو وبقي يتذكر في كلمات الشهيد البطولية وقال ان معظم الذين رقصوا على جثث الاسود تم تصفيتهم والباقي يومهم اتوبخصوصالسؤال عن القائد القائد ان استشهد فاءنه استشهد بسلاحه وقال ضعوا مئة علامة استفهام ورفض الجواب ان القائد حي او مستشهد ولمح الى شيء يعرفه الاحرار في الغرفة وقال اتركوا الايام تجيب عن هذا السؤال والايام بيننا والشعب الليبي شعب عظيم ولا يقوده الا قائد عظيمعاد الحديث عن كتابة معمر وبس وتاثيرها على الجرذان وقال انها لاتترك العدو ينام والنظال ان لاتترك عدوك ينام,ودعى الى هز عروش الجرطان التي بنوها على جماجم خيرة شباب الليبيين ودماءهم مذكرا ان الخونة لا عهد لهم كالمقريف الذي اجتمع مع اهل بن وليد ثم قاد حملة الخير عليهم وبوشنة الذي اقسم على المصحف وخانوبخصوص العلاقات الدولية الراهنة قال ان الغرب يئس من الجرذان ويبحثون عن البديل والمجتمع الدولي متفقون على هذاوفيما يخص انتقاد احد الجرذان ان الاحرار يملكون 170 دبابة في ال نيجر والدكتور حمزة الذي وضع للاحرار كمحلل سياسي ويبحثون عن التحرير قال الدكتور لو نملك 70 دبابة بما خرجت من منزلكقبل ان يختم الدكتور كلامه اقسم بالله ثلاث مرات ان ليبيا مسترجعة وهذا ليس تمني وحث الاحرار بالنظال بمختلف الطرق والكتابة على الجدرانختم كلامه بدعاء جميلملاحظة الدكتور تعبان صحيا هذه الايام نسال الله له الشفاء


Softest O our leader We all Bagowon p Covenant and Samdwon the
We ar right and is now becoming clear to all

God Save the Liberals inside and outside Libya
God have mercy on our faithful martyrs
Oh strong determination of our prisoners and ÇäÔÇááĺ all our prisoners are freed

O blind slaves of the Cross and insight Hbd Farroukh Jardan the Mqaomina Lord, Lord

(Admin 5)
انعم يا قائدنا نحن جميعا باقووون ع العهد وصامدوون
فنحن ع حق والصورة الان اصبحت واضحه للجميع

اللهم احفظ الاحرار داخل وخارج الجماهيرية
اللهم ارحم شهدائنا الابرار
اللهم قوى عزم اسرانا وانشالله يتم تحرير اسرانا جميعا

اللهم اعمي بصيرة عبيد الصليب وهبد فروخ الجردان عن مقاومينا يارب يارب


His Excellency leader Bomenaar:

Will not care Bagayooowood is ….
But we will go to Khalowoowod ….
Lord íÓáăß Oh dear آدمنا “Long live state Alhakraaaa”
On February prisons word martyr kindest of detainee word ..

Very urgent news and rapid and successive:

The first news ….. Libya … Brigades stormed the corner office of the Minister of Interior and messing with its contents and steal mobile device to the minister Ashour Hoael the ….

The second news ….. Libya … Misratah Tajora gunmen stormed the national channel and declare fully control them ….

The third news …. Libya .. Gunmen kidnap Al Mahmoud Hebrew reporter Gheriani after describe foreign Mguethmoua today armed militias …

News fourth …… Libya … Zintan gunmen surrounding the Rixos Hotel and demanding to topple the Libyan army chief of staff, ornately Aosag ….

V news ….. Libya … The bombing of a military battalion in the Libyan city of Benghazi morning ticking time bomb planted behind the wall of the camp …

The latest news for this topic difficult evening ….. Libya … Protesters in Tobruk gunmen blocking the oil port of Harika …
Long live free Libya DAT absolute sovereignty ^ ^

Late awakening and goodness Jay admitted Hadaalmqal You may Tstikdon from سباتكم deep and discover that you just pawns of colonialism and Western clients

Naaaaaasht Libyan political conspiracy .. wake up from Libya … too late .. He says: In an article titled Mala knew Libyans!!
Did you know that his fifty-Libyan dinars with a picture of Gaddafi would have been a global currency in Africa and the Arab countries.

The Libyan oil حيكون sole source Alaktermbie in the Arab world.

And was حيكون for now shows projects in the state Aktar any means average citizen حيكون the Mstmitr outside Libya Kay global businessman ..

This global المثابه said by the leader … and to they lost Libyans.

Did you know that Libya was حتكون the biggest tourist Coast in the world and was حتكون country profited from tourism just money تربحه any country in the Arab world and she was حتكون competing Aktar tourism countries in the world ..

Did you know that Qatar contributed war Ddlibia Come and Dubai, so they do not excel in Libya towers to was Annebeny in Libya ..

Did you know that Saif al-Islam draw a global plan for Libyan Youth any be student ČÓ take in grant Touselh to America ..

Did you know that Gaddafi was in Africa contributes to Libya produces Aktar Aktar Libyan state ..

Did you know that Italy will build self-باموالها was devastated in Libya in 1911

. Did you know that Gaddafi was funded Iraq and Palestine in the construction of a state ravaged occupation.

Did you know that the Libyans they would be masters of the world .. And did you know that they are sponsored by the world.

(Admowoowona 1)


Libyan activist reveal for "freedom": we hold files and videos about Qatar and militias سننشرها in websites

Launched activist Libyan campaign – Cry homeland –

through social networking sites – Facebook and Twitter – since the 25th of this month and will continue until 15 May next, in order to detect violations committed against detainees Libyans at the hands of militias Misratah armed and the other working for al-Qaeda, as well as the massacres that claimed the lives of many Libyans insulation in various areas due to the repeated attacks of the armed battalions.
joined the campaign several associations from Arab countries as well as well-known personalities, including Tunisian lawyer Bashir fishing. She activist that the campaign does not belong area concerned, as the massacres committed in all regions Libya without exception.
confirmed activist Libyan Her initiative, said in a statement exclusive, summed up by the “freedom” that the campaign had received echo great, where joined by many associations, including the Libyan League for Human Rights in Cairo and Libyans displaced in neighboring countries and a coalition of young Arab tribes in Egypt and the lawyers and defenders of Libyans abroad, led by Tunisian lawyer known Bashir fishing as well as the movement stationed in Tunisia, as well as journalists from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and activists Human rights activists.
adding that this campaign, launched on 25th of this month and will continue until May next, and considered, the date of 25 \ \ 4 \ 2013 is on – a cry from the depths of Libya wounded – in the face of militia death, she said: “Together for blood flowed and the land was raped and children murdered innocence “to make this day a cry comes from the depths of national wounded, Cry renounce all forms of violence and the spread of mafia gun and kill minds.
confirmed activist Libya in the same context, that on April 25, is to unify the pages of social networking to spread All images of torture and videos in its possession and possession of human rights organizations, as well as to publish all information regarding the Libyans who have been subjected to torture at the hands of militias inside the secret prisons owned by without the knowledge of the current government and expose the methods of torture carried out in the right of these and the names of people who practiced against acts of torture, Even the international community stands on the size of Vdhaah what is happening inside Libya.
has vowed activist Libyan itself, that the campaign this launched, will be published in which all the crimes of armed militias in Libya and all violations of human rights has also pledged that it will be during this campaign also revealed each filament conspiracy and the role of Qatar in the destruction of the Arab nation with the support of Israel.
confirmed activist, launched the campaign of calculated profile and published, that “the campaign cry homeland” is for the delivery of voice of all the suffering and oppressed people in the prisons of armed militias, and said: “What we are seeing from the terrible silence of human rights organizations Omrgrayb “and added that all the participants in the campaign, they will work together to push also for organizing vigils in all the countries where there are displaced Libyans fled from armed militias. .. and rebels besieging the building Libyan foreign news agency reported Libyan that a number of “rebels besieged yesterday morning building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation weapons of light, medium and blocked all the streets leading to it and prevented staff from entering or approaching the building. ” The agency said the rebels demanded the application of the law of political isolation and disinfection of the Foreign Ministry who اعتبروهم “ousted the former regime and those who still occupy positions of leadership and the ambassadors of Libya abroad . ” There were no reports of clashes.

Mary Dloomy the


Now Tarhuna glory and access (23) Jth by Musrth were killed by torture in prisons Musrth was the arrival of (29) Jth to Sirte glory and do not know Tarhuna my Haad news please publishing and circular Aahrar on all the pages I Publishing Aaahrar we do not know what you will do Tarhuna when you hear me Haad News source of Tarhuna clinic and specifically in the city
(The bone Aljmaherh system)


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel جردان Misratah recognize follows …
RAT Misrata ‘rebels’ Sirte
Special anti-climbers. Shield Libya’s western region was in a raid in العجيلات me one of the criminals after the arrival of شكوة from one of the citizens, but it seems that he was ambushed and Taradw me heavy fire by some outlaws Alqnon and wounding four young people, two Sabratha and two from Zintan and the shield is preparing to respond to this no news about the attack and the death of that one young Althaar (Mohammed Abdul Salam al-Badawi of Zintan and another in critical condition and two in stable condition Leicester God and alert in the western region.
(The main الادمن)

Slot to honest the M Jersan tribe western mountain region, which survived until the end of June 2011 and that most of the population in favor of, and still the exception of some evil Adam whose numbers do not exceed the fingers and who Atoa where corrupt than the burning and looting homes Liberal….

Muammar al-Qathafi warned us in 2011 of the al-Qaeda terrorists who live in caves wild in the Green Nafusa Mountains and elsewhere…NOW PROOF—and they have come out of hiding and are reeking havoc upon the nation of Libya!:عاااااااااجل and Haaaaaaaaam … I swear by God Almighty now in France 24 Jayben report on a tribe of China number more than one million live in caves and under stones, caves and called (((Paljrdan))) because they live under stones and in caves and in drilling …. Episode Title روبورتاج aired at 2 and five twenty minutes from the early hours of Sunday morning, 28 \ 4 \ 2013 for credibility and can refer to the channel location to make sure تعليقنا … commander when he said جردان is intended to terrorists Islamist militants from al-Qaeda and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which live in caves and stones and had previously been encountered in years Eights and nineties and they hid in the caves of green Mountain and Owoowalkh …. they who now assassinate Libyan blow up in embassies and attack security men and police stations and have their own agendas and with the support and orders from al-Qaeda
The main الادمنعاااااااااجل وهااااااااام … اقسم بالله العلي العظيم الان في قناة فرانس 24 جايبين تقرير علي قبيله من الصين عددها يفوق المليون تسكن في الكهوف وتحت الاحجار والكهوف وتسمي (((بالجردان))) لانها تعيش تحت الحجاره وفي الكهوف وفي الحفر ….عنوان الحلقه روبورتاج بثت الساعه 2وخمسه وعشرون دقيقه من الساعات الاولي من صباح الاحد 28\4\2013 للمصدقيه ويمكن الرجوع لموقع القناة للتأكد تعليقنا …القائد عندما قال جردان فهو يقصد الارهابيين الاسلاميين المتشددين من تنظيم القاعده والجماعه الاسلاميه المقاتله التي تعيش في الكهوف والاحجار وسبق وان تم مواجهتها في سنوات الثمانيات والتسعينات وكانت تختبي في كهوف الجبل الاخضر ووووووالخ….وهم الذين الان يغتالوا في الليبيين ويفجروا في السفارات ويهاجموا في رجال الامن ومراكز الشرطه ولهم اجنداتهم الخاصه وبدعم واوامر من تنظيم القاعده
الادمن الرئيسي

Almnarhllaalam Home
Still devouring fire the مسلاتة Nature Reserve and no one interested in the subject. What of the many green spaces in Libya!
(The main الادمن)

A huge fire broke out in the natural protected مسلاتة the 04/29/2013

Broke out last night a large fire in the protected natural found Bmslath and containing dense forest, has appealed to residents illegal government that bring planes to extinguish the fire but did not respond to them, and still fire devoured the rest of the protected until now..

By News on Monday, 29 أبريل, 2013 | 06:19

Gaddafi news agency World – مسلاتة.



Who remembers lie World

Mizdah airport was bombed by aircraft Gaddafi ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ the / (Admin 5)



Chkchka O Bengazio, may in Benghazi Aashenk the country and the Lord only salad.
(Admin 5)

Suicide of a young man in Buhedama after the rats abducting his wife ….

And found the body builders of tribe العجيلات in Belarus after it has been amputated legs and hands .
as reported a few days ago, in a picture shown with his little grandson, was missing:We apologize for the ugliness of the image +18Murder Terrible in the White City … Dissemination of his family since the days of the news
The disappearance of their son after Otabhm the search for him. Ezzedine بوعجيلة white residents of the neighborhood “the new white.”
Disappeared days ago, where they found his car and stretcher inside the car, and the amount of 4000 dinars almost … After two days of publishing the news and found four limbs without the rest of his body and head, and found his own net in the valley of garbage on the outskirts of Casablanca, is also found in the same place cleaning tools stained with blood, was found next to these things a machine that is used to cut the body into small parts, also stained clothes blood, suggesting that the offender wanted to get rid of all the instruments of crime, including his clothes(Admona 4)

نعتذر على بشاعة الصورة +18جريمة قتل مروعة في مدينة البيضاء… نشر أهله منذُ أيام خبر
اختفاء أبنهم بعد أن أتعبهم البحث عنه . عزالدين بوعجيلة من سكان مدينة البيضاء حي ” البيضاء الجديدة “.
اختفى منذ أيام حيث وجدت سيارته و نقاله بداخل السيارة ،،ومبلغ وقدره 4000 دينار تقريباً … بعد يومان من نشر الخبر وجدت أطرافه الأربعة دون باقي جسمه والرأس ، وجدت مرماه في وادي القمامة على أطراف مدينة البيضاء ، أيضا وجد في ذات المكان أدوات تنظيف ملطخة بالدماء ، ووجد بجانب هذه الأشياء الآلة التي استعملت في تقطيع الجثة إلى أجزاء صغيرة ، أيضا ملابس ملطخة بالدماء مما يوحى بان الجاني أراد التخلص من جميع أدوات الجريمة بما فيها ملابسه

The bombing of the headquarters of (Maj. Gen. 319) belonging to the National Chicken at dawn today in milkfish, …… And resulted in material damage and human ….. The powerful explosions shake the housing and Buatunai.

A number of powerful explosions rocked Benghazi night

1 – burning car by a police officer by the employees of the same center and Hua Garden Centre
2 – severe congestion of people toward Ansar al-Sharia.
3 – Become presence of the families of means after midnight kidnapping and Ashe is Malk

Benghazi: the bombing of the headquarters of the 319 Brigade area milkfish
By News on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 | 15:54

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

The bombing of the headquarters of (Maj. Gen. 319) of the Allaotunai army at about four o’clock in the morning Sunday in Alsalmanie area Benghazi, next to the condominium of 602, which scared citizens who are near him.



Saaaaaaaaaaaaaal clear ………… Misratah today
From Come Misurata to talk about the sacrifices and martyrs of them where their balance from the slaughter of the Libyan army hero and abuse Bjthmanam Tahir Sharif and their actions heinous in all our areas noble, especially in Tawergha steadfastness and its people, who until this moment Mharidan from one place to another until you are satisfied Misratah Jews them in Bani Walid steadfastness and the slaughter of her sons and torture gruesome Wu … And where are they from rape Silks الشريفات all to pause and engaged them (Halhi I Admoowona 1 witness it and take responsibility of my words and the testimony of witnesses Mai and lie any one Aicola reverse Halkalam) and where are they from the torture of prisoners and prisoners of war and to this day suffer inside prisons Misratah unjustly or even Mqdhah of Justice of you even decide the fate of an entire people and spoke in what happened yesterday and accepted here in Tripoli and Aoowom of raids Melcaat Jewish nests of their clients and are free to Gharghour and other suburbs of the capital when given the chance and MAZDA to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (agency of non-doorman) already Misratah embodied a long history and unforgettable In wantonness and shame and hatred, employment and Zionism, selfishness and the employment did not ashamed then do Macit and shame taller than the old Aaehud Libya and stuffed Ahrarha the, Charfaúha and Aamasrath vacated your country will not forget and will not sailors slacken Vontzerohna the …. Muammar al-ups
(Admowona 1)

Rhythm Btonceat in the city of Misrata and employed in prostitution
By News on Monday, 29 أبريل, 2013 | 09:43

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Agencies.

affected in the case looked like any other young people to jobs guarantee them a decent life and on one occasion found the display served had been posted on one of the columns of daily newspapers expressed the intention of the Contracting Office recruit people to work in Libya and in all disciplines. I have contacted the affected manager office alleged a Tunisian nationality and agreed to be interviewed on purpose. 

during the deadline has been deluding affected by enabling them to contract work for the person Libby has several Mishari p was agreed to travel to Libya accompanied by the owner of a taxi «for duty» the second defendant in the case. Then delivered them a sum of money of 150 dinars Kedzbakh the employment contract to commit themselves in writing to pay the remaining amount when they arrive to Libya and work there. 

surprise . 

Upon arrival affected to Libya and specifically to the city of Misrata noticed that the facilities Libyan peace commission financially to the third accused, raising doubts . Two days later I was surprised the existence of other girls Tunisians and others. And Bastvsarhn for it learned that he had signed their pace of work in the field of vice and illegal relations. With reference to it, and upon arrival were افتكاك passport and other official papers. And I realized then that it has signed its role in the fraud trap. 

refused and threatened

to reject the merger affected in a prostitution and Alkhina the world, and its insistence on the return to Tunisia confronted with its threat and extortion demand which was reflected in their mental health and necessitated it transferred to a hospital in Misrata. In its way it had found her passport inside the car Vaanfezt the tags until they leave the hospital and was able to return to Tunisia. Following that made penal بشكاية in purpose and demanded that keeps track of the defendants for what was attributed to them by the actions and compel them to make reparation for material and moral damage happening to them.



Mujahid word Muawiya Alsoiei, to the people Chiaan today ::

To our people Chiaan and Alhawwamd ..
That what is happening has nothing to do with the big event going on in Libya, and this is not a battle Avenue,, which Stkhalsna from the clutches of the invasion and client Adaute.
The goal is distracted honorable side battles, and the depletion of our abilities, and causing a rift between brother and brother, neighbor and neighbor, an attempt to change the point of attention of the public opinion in the Libyan street.
فالحدث most important and which sequencing all eyes of the world what is happening now in the city of Tripoli .. Of the looting of the Libyan capital, and the occupation of the ministries and siege, and domination by those who believe he was the heir to the rule of the people in Libya.
And worthiest us console our people in Bani Walid and Tarhuna, العجيلات and others, and prepare for what is to come:

Now directed Arthal of Zintan and have lost and Kapaau and Alrajaban and Ifrane and Gharyan to Tripoli

and that the occupation of public buildings and control the banks and buildings vital, and will likely get a fight large in Tripoli,

ask the Liberal caution and not to approach places charged.

Concentration rats Mahasrien the for Jeelat in a desert road near area soft Sioux and Joseph and head west even logic الطو night.

Abu Salim:

Powerful explosion shakes the night ………… And the brightest future exactly where.


The continued closure of streets around the Foreign Ministry and Interior Jermanah …… The violent clashes between rats at night.

Welcome lovers Torre light /

Been stepping shortly before p patrol next to the General People’s Committee by rail and filter 3 جردان the follow p {band basis as a pedestrian 18}

Tersha base Hlha Khalasin and resolve {God is greatest above the aggressor Kid}
(Admin 5)

Aaaaaaaaaaagel now ….. Unconfirmed news that Misrata mobilize its forces for an attack on Tripoli and trapping National Congress on Tuesday, a day that is supposed to officially wool insulation / / reputation يعلوا the above voice ::: force this what he said is troops – Faraj Asswehly.


Committee for the Defense General National Congress formally propose the appointment of Abu Nice Khmadh chief of staff to replace Joseph ornately.

arabulso Aspul cooker may aim of including and after the Games firearms, Akzbo and Belato, Svenso and Zelzo and say Wedding in Tripoli

Hearing voices keep lead in several areas in Tripoli grabbed /
(Admin 5)

Lord of the Mighty Throne section shortly before / rat in one of the headquarters of the Andalus district was discernible 9 cars belonging to me one Spread Infantry Jermanah each car has a range of light weapons /
Lord saves Liberal Lord / (Admin 5)

OBAMA’s drones over Tripoli:

Parachutists landing in the skies of Tripoli in many areas and wide!!!

In Tripoli today in different areas and in large numbers and witnesses reached for military paratroopers landing did not allow for a knowledge or identify them until the moment for those who follow and whether they are Libyan or foreign

  •  To Anda end in Mazran near the popular security battalion Aischof and Traffic Bevdil the soldiers Tigers Tripoli.
     Urgent: They are entering Libya without VISAs or permission:

A powerful explosion rocked Tripoli.

Word to us now

Of telephone voice now because Rmi Balaslahi Tkiel and الخفيفي Jaht neighborhood Salami دريبي of Tripoli.


Very dangerous :::: and urgent Jma ::: now ::: arrival of two drops, one of the band Fight and other transport aircraft work to Motaigah and confirmed information indicates that he will be transferred back to Libya of gold and hard currency from the Central Bank of Libya to Qatar fear of theft…. This is your money and your sons, O money for Libyans

Pulling your belly laugh of Araour rats / the
Channels Jermanah /
Tripoli airport has become outside the control of the State (Airport controlled by Zintan Security).
P basis that in its ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ Aashenk States shame and salvation Hazelh the / Admin 5

Word to us now / Ham
Germana convoy Adhb to العجيلات City to catch the Liberals lose the liquidation of debt Table d Alzentani the shield of the Libya ….
I hope alert free العجيلات the the because

Clients NATO welcome Bashradm of the West:

Unidentified gunmen attacked the headquarters of a battalion stationed Uqba Ministry of Defense Jermanah
In dirt which led to the death of one of the elements of a battalion “Faisal Omar Okroch”.
According to the commander of the battalion obstacle ibn Nafi Bdrnh that after the attack and found a car bomb carrying
More than fifty kilograms of explosives type (TNT).

(6 addicted)

Libyan Foreign gunmen besiege Tripoli 04/28/2013
By News on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 | 13:38

Clashes strong perimeter and the Ministry of the Interior, through the airport,

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

An armed group surrounded the headquarters of the so-called Libyan Foreign Ministry in Tripoli on Sunday, ministry officials barred from entering the building.

The sources reported that the armed group demanded the application of the law of political isolation, and said that the ministry has a lot of followers of leader Muammar Gaddafi.
The military official said Essam drowsiness that 38 truck, each provider with machine guns, surrounded the ministry building.
It is alleged that many of the insurgents regime supporters still occupy high positions in the ministry and its diplomatic missions abroad.
Drowsiness added that negotiations were under way with the protesters, pointing out that he is not storming the ministry building.
The Libyan citizens and some activists belonging to civil society organizations have surrounded the members of the national conference at the vote on the political isolation in March, refusing to leave the place until the adoption of the law.
The car was head of the Libyan General National Congress Mohammed Maqrif of gunfire that evening, as he left the meeting hall amid the chaos of the demonstrators.


Confident of victory
News of the militias of Misrata and Tajura and Friday market coup
Military against importers government.

God willing, God is guile in نحرهم

Inventory corrupt German Ali Zaidan on Libya wicked channel: Libya collapsing ..

(Admona 4)

Rat commander killed Shield العجيلات on the hands of one rats in العجيلات of the

Series of extortion, kidnapping continues today has been kidnapped least two of the Ahrar Rkdalin by

جردان angle belonging to the so-called shield Libya (called Hussein doom \ and with someone else did not

اتحصل the name of science that Hussein perdition one Straighten Battalion Security Alash of the units of the

security and lose contact me Akhut kidnappedTalbo them ransom until it is released I hope publishing and God is witness to what I say.
(The main الادمن)

Shen story of the fire in the Tajora ya Hlha / Jana news that seven حيشان the Anhrguen / íÇŃíĘ limit Aokdna or deny the news.

A convoy of 20 vehicles for the armed rats heading to college girls or Gargash rushed frantically ……..

Urgent ……
A powerful explosion shakes the headquarters of rats fry supporters in the 602 area in popularity Ptghaza the news a little while ago and for the region’s youth attack on the headquarters of the negative phenomena and there are a large number of murderers ..
God does not miss them scourge
Word to us now /
Shortly before hearing the sound of an explosion in Abu Saleem area / (Admin 5)

  •  Tripoli radar picks up a number of armed drones Baldkhirh now over Tripoli at high altitudes.
    Armed militias from Misratah and Tajora surrounding Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Rule in TRIPOLI:

    Kidnapping Mahmoud Ferjani Arabiya correspondent in Tripoli
    By News on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 | 15:49

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.
    Called Mahmoud was kidnapped Ferjani Arabiya correspondent in the center of the capital Tripoli by armed militia when he was covering the events surrounded the building of the so-called Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    This comes in the complete absence of security in Libya for more than two years on the plight of February 17.

    The disappearance of Colonel Tawfiq Al-Sharif Idriss commander limits Language Center in mysterious circumstances and to conceal the incident.
    Last Monday was enrolled in a workshop at the invitation of the United Nations in Tripoli, and during the rest period gave him two and disappeared with them, mentioned known Besramth in the work and the fight against the smugglers, who has any information relating to the speed of reporting.

    اختفاء العقيد توفيق الشريف ادريس آمر مركز حدود غات في ظروف غامضة والتكتم على الواقعة .
    يوم الاثنين الماضي كان ملتحقا بورشة عمل بدعوة من الامم المتحدة في طرابلس واثناء فترة الراحة قدم اليه شخصين واختفى معهم، المذكور اشتهر بصرامته في العمل ومكافحة المهربين ،من لديه اى معلومة تتعلق به سرعة الابلاغ
    الادمن الرئيسي

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl and our response to the following ….
    Warning of xanthan youth leaders and Rishvana

    Announce joining with العجيلات Khot seriously Pkml strength and Atadana and Rishvana will send 5000 Khmshalav fighter tomorrow morning to Jeelat in the event that Zintan not Anshabha announced the of the land battle in العجيلات and the present knows absent.

    Friday Market

    Through the writings of on rats Mahasrien the cars of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of rats ………. They Msarit …….
    And they changed direction to walk to the corner Dahmati.

    God grants Tawfiq we Tricha for by to Abal ring the Drum.
    (The main الادمن)

    Warning me xanthan of youth and led Rishvana

    We declare our joining with العجيلات Khot my grandfather fulfilled our strength and hardware and Rishvana will send 5,000 thousand fighters tomorrow morning for the wheels in the case of xanthan not announces Anshabha from the battlefield in the wheels and present knows absent

    God grants Tawfiq bent Tricha by Iabl the drum sounded

    Mesh and I Rishvana sell Khutea

    (Admin team Corner)

    •  Urgent العجيلات: killing is beautiful Libya Jrdsenthana of inventory before’m Abu Mlash and hearing voices lead intermittently a convoy of Jardan the the vector to City العجيلات, please inform the honorable City العجيلات, honest God Save Libya from each Hralrjae publication and dissemination as soon as possible
      (The main الادمن)
      عاجل العجيلات: مقتل امر دلع ليبيا جردزنتاني من قبل الجرد ابن ابو ملاسه وسماع اصوات رصاص متقطع رتل من الجردان متجه الى مدينه العجيلات الرجاء تبلغ الشرفاء فى مدينه العجيلات اللهم احفظ شرفاء ليبيا من كل شرالرجاء النشر والتعميم فى اسرع وقت ممكن
      (الادمن الرئيسي)

      A tribute to audience Tripoli Flisch the private Umrah stood Ezz.

      Shooting in front of the Ukrainian embassy in the capital Tripoli
      By News on Monday, 29 أبريل, 2013 | 06:04The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.Incident of fire in the vicinity of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli in the neighborhood of Ben Achour launch a number of bullets, which يجاورها a number of other foreign embassies, including the Iranian embassy .. And decided the Ukrainian Embassy to stop issuing visas to citizens Libyans to travel to Ukraine indefinitely because of the situation unsafe around the embassy. Diplomatic sources said the embassy Ukrainian Tripoli – in remarks releases today in Tripoli – that the shooting was the purpose of terrorism crowd around the embassy of the Libyans and issued by a homes adjacent to the Ukrainian embassy building because of the anger of one of the region’s population of noise and the bickering because of the influx of tens of citizens and Tgmehrhm front of the Ukrainian Embassy to apply for visas to travel to the Ukraine, and one of the police cars stationed place did not intervene in the incident, and left the place.

    And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath the
    And the arrival of the bodies of the martyrs who Bani Walid Hospital

    “Think not of those who were killed for the sake of God dead, but alive with their Lord provision” great truth of God

    Zgrda O Mother of the martyr, it died without his land, his honor and his property is a martyr has been chosen by God to him,,, congratulations to them Paradise and promise them that avenge them, and we know very well that revenge is not murder and abuse it offers his soul to the nation wishes to return home as عهدناه safer assured independent dat rule ,,, it is gone in this process has paradise he who will complete the trail remained until we come to Libya to safety.

    The arrival of the bodies of the martyrs of and Rafla to a hospital Bani Walid
    The arrival of the bodies of the martyrs of and Rafla to Bani Walid hospital and finds religion and saw and Les يابال religion and saw men

    The arrival of the bodies of the sons of Bani Walid .. To a hospital in Bani Walid .. And receive them from all the people of the city
    God have mercyThe arrival of the bodies of the sons of Bani Walid .. To a hospital in Bani Walid .. And receive them from all the people of the city:

    God have mercy!
    Alkarzabih withstand Council calls upon the social tribes and Rafla that the funeral service for our martyrs heroes will be next Wednesday after the Asr prayer and receive condolences tent Aezzah next to the mosque, “village” and in honor of our martyrs and for this event solemn request all the people of Bani Walid cooperation and restraint instructions committees youth supervisor organizing this great event ceremony .. Glory and eternity to our faithful martyrs.

    Deeb Barghouti
    Gift to and Rafla Ezz



    Shortly before the explosion in the Tobruk area and specifically the camp (20) June have been killed around 7 people and dozens of critical blast
    It was starting to locate the rocket that blew the place and away from the camp about 32 kilometers and type missile DAC which made ​​Russia and Haddat the style and we do not know so far from my father missile launch Haad.

    (Admona 4)

    Urgent _ sit Modfa public Alndhavh company in front of the so-called local council Btabriq and knead in

    order to improve their conditions and exchange their salary arrears since the two and كدلك fusion of their colleagues in Benghazi.

    Urgent Tobruk _ chicken importer written on the cover _ the Islamic way while Ahoudo the neck of a chicken is Mudbouhh _

    Libyan currently on the market currently in Tobruk:


    Tawergha Tawergha living live on Mpadah of the:


    Flash floods washed away a road Home village Alchuirv a south-west ..

    Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ / bounties on people goodness blessed Rahman ”

    Alkhearerrrrrr Jay

    Cut the only road that connects between the north and south-west of Libya because of the rain.


    National assembly descendants of Abu Minyar Gaddafi
    Two people and the collapse of dozens of homes in Akharheselh to Seoul Murzuq and a complete absence of the role of government illegal

    قتيلين وانهيار عشرات المنازل في اخرحصيلة لسيول مرزق وغياب تام لدور الحكومة الغير شرعية



    Torrential rains and floods in most areas of the south.


    The main الادمن writes:

    Will begin the suffering people of Jendouba in the summer with a thirst which is strange because Jendouba غزان drinking water and irrigation has drawn many questions in the year 2012 to the Minister of Agriculture to take notice of the government to this dilemma in the year 2013 and proposed drafting a paper for water policy and the events of the Ministry or writing a state for the purpose of control on this file but he did not Watch a convincing answer and at my suggestion in the national Constituent Assembly neglect.




    Anniversary of the famous battle of Alkarzabih
    Passing us these days, the memory of a great, but a battle Alkarzabih famous 29 April 1915, which took place on the territory of the city of Sirte proud. Considered battle Alkarzabih Armageddon in jihad Libya against the Italians, they are known as the battle of national unity as the participation of all the people of Libya, as they formed Beginning to defeat Alaataliaan, Following this battle Italian garrisons fell one after the other and by mid-August of the same year in which they occurred battle Alkarzabih the left, however, the Italians, but the cities of Tripoli and five.

    In the era of Revolution we celebrate such occasions mirrors and ears of the media …
    Event On this day ..

    On this day 29 \ 4 \ 1915 Libyans defeated the Italian forces in battle Alkarzabih.

    What moves us notified?
    Man Amkiq the girl on the screen channels Alfberaria or Vtaat Ikmn exercises on a coast road ..
    Lived February Avarha the

    «Between Libyan epic sagas of victory and freedom Tgellna them Alkarzabih»
    (posted by: The main الادمن)

    The annual الدكرى day battle Alkarzabih the Sirte
    Thursday 15 of June Hereafter year 1333, corresponding to 29 April 1915
    Armageddon in the jihad Libya against the Italians, they are known as the battle of national unity as the participation of all the people of Libya, as they formed the beginning of the defeat of Alaataliaan, Following this battle fell garrisons Italian one after the other and by mid-August of the same year in which they occurred battle Alkarzabih did not stay, however, Italians only five cities of Tripoli and.

    Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)

    Anniversary of the famous battle of Alkarzabih
    Passing us these days, the memory of a great, but a battle Alkarzabih famous 29 April 1915, which took place on the territory of the city of Sirte proud. Considered battle Alkarzabih Armageddon in jihad Libya against the Italians, they are known as the battle of national unity as the participation of all the people of Libya, as they formed Beginning to defeat Alaataliaan, Following this battle Italian garrisons fell one after the other and by mid-August of the same year in which they occurred battle Alkarzabih the left, however, the Italians, but the cities of Tripoli and five.

    «Between Libyan epic sagas of victory and freedom Tgellna them Alkarzabih»


    Death of a young man of Ma’daan at the hands of and Rafla Sirte.
    Violent clashes between and Rafla Sirte and rats Almsarit the district No. 1.

    Currently there are a group of tribes Tabu Iqmon close by Tripoli next (petrol station near the Equestrian Club), where they are prevented cars from drivers in or out of the city of Sabha.
    (Admowona 1)
    Killed gunman inventory in Sabha after trying to steal an SUV of the desert Knight Battalion Jerdanih.
    News about the kidnapping one Alqmazfah sons at the hands of Solomon rats Girls ….. And violent clashes around headquarters of security Bsabha the Commission now.


    Gangland-style execution:

    A little while ago in the hunt by Shat led to the driver’s execution by firing squad .. Did not know the circumstances of the subject so far


Libyan head of the organization to combat corruption, “inventory Mohamed Boukaiqis” on Libya first channel:
According to the International Energy Agency of America said that Libya has lost 75% of
Crude oil reserves, equivalent to $ 7.5 trillion were monitored only 175 billion and declared him the time of issuance of the decision to freeze Libyan assets before the war and even this amount has been manipulated, and Mr. Ali Dbebh, explain where the money went.
And the people that know the decision issued by the Maqrif commissioned someone to return the value of $ 126 billion from Swiss banks, compared to 10% of any amount of 12 billion from the Libyan people’s money

(Admona 4)

خوتي I stay away p any periodically Aumajma the Germany all of them targeted sites
Oh God, I reached testified O
(Admin 5)

Zaidane announce and declare wicked in Libya seems that the state fell !
(The main الادمن)

Via Page

Uncertain and urgent news ….!!!!!!!!!

Zaidane yelling now the Libyan street
And admits to kill me and many wound preparation yesterday in العجيلات the
And the entry called Atrash head Muslj military الجرداني العجيلات to the intensive care unit and killed Senthana person and one Rajabana two people from جردان العجيلات and a number of injured enriched attack from Liberal Youth in العجيلات .. He also says that the German Embassy closed its doors today and in the state of collapse!!

And Aaaalan العجيلات from outside the city encircled by جردان Misrata, Alrajaban and the Zintan and some militias Alagafagafh the hope that Adkhalo tomorrow morning to hunt down those who fought them ..

I hope discernible caution for free and the brave inside العجيلات
(Admowona 1)

(as written above, under Tripoli News):

  •  Misrata mobilize its forces for an attack on Tripoli and trapping National Congress on Tuesday, a day that is supposed to officially wool insulation / / reputation يعلوا the above voice ::: force this what he said is troops – Faraj Asswehly. 

  • Security is strong now around Zaidane!

A tight security cordon around the RAT prime minister, ALI ZAIDANE, by the forces of Staff of the National Army.
Rat Zaidane :: Foreign important facility should not be besieged, and will not succumb to blackmail, and the Embassy of Germany and France left unlocked …
Created God Tngelt and Adjaanh embassies.

(Admona 4)

Britain closed its embassy in Tripoli, and stopped their work and ask their nationals to leave Libya immediately because of the deteriorating security situation….

Reported closure of the German embassy and Ukrainian in Tripoli.

Confident of victory
News of the militias of Misrata and Tajura and Friday market coup
Military against importers government.

Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)

The Desperate RAT Jerdan is now distributing leaflets which threaten RAT-yankee-puppet-government Jerdan:

Urgent .. From Misratah militia stormed the Ministry of Finance and messing documents which include treasury management mandates salaries and development projects.

God willing, God is guile in نحرهم


Battalion Black day


Libyan cities in the chaos and uncontrollable, mostly security now
Vote Lead in the streets of unknown persons and people
Families in horror, especially in the streets of Benghazi now ..
And everyone is upset by the situation has reached the country and insecurity
The great God if seen someone raises Image Commander or Green Flag.

Hattalaa people and marches in the streets and in all the cities of Libya to express
Their anger against criminal gangs February ..

Admona 4

Battalion Black day WRITES TO US:

Very urgent and very important and serious now and through the channel of Misratah rats Mmakhalh over the phone from the false Taliani program Hvet night in which he said literally (((armed manifestations that occurred today in Tripoli is the phenomena of democratic indicate that the Libyan people have known the way of freedom and that this government is unsuccessful in achieving the aspirations of the Libyan people, it is the Government of rogue for the law of God, and an extension of the government system collapsed system tyrant, am I, and this platform free say should receive the leaders of the rebels DVT conduct of the state and must be Misratah is leading the country in accordance with the merger with the tribes of the East and the corner and have lost and Zintan and regions rebels Tripoli, a market Friday and Tajura in order to achieve security and safety and the wise leadership of the state, and ask from Misratah that you are Bzven Aljtt that Vea, who were killed because they went out for Shara and non-delivery of Hola Aljtt tribes from which Hola dead so as not to become sedition and give the tribes justification for gossip as happened with Jtt dead and Rafla during the last term Vhola in Albmaah be their applications and their hope to receive their dead and after showing the ugly face of hatred and Terbsm Misurata Alnzal, and I Athzt you now over the phone felt بنسائم Islam come to me from Misratah and emergency souls Hhmae Misratah hugging heaven with the angels, you must the continuation of the demise of this government claim they are no longer a guardian, but is a threat to stability in Libya and all the rebels not to hand over their weapons because the end is from our predators and peace, mercy and blessings of God and to the people of Misratah salami))
[The main Aladdinm]
عاجل جداً وهام للغايه وخطير الان وعبر قناة مصراته الجرذان مذاخله عبر الهاتف من الكاذب الطلياني لبرنامج حذيث الليل قال فيه حرفياً ((( المظاهر المسلحة التي حصلت اليوم بمدينة طرابلس هي ظواهر ديمقراطيه تدل على ان الشعب الليبي قد عرف طريقه للحريه وان هذه الحكومة فاشله في تحقيق طموحات الشعب الليبي بل هي حكومة مارقه عن شرع الله وامتداد لحكومة النظام المنهار نظام الطاغيه ،، انا ومن هذا المنبر الحر اقول يجب ان تستلم قيادات الثوار دفت تسيير الدوله ويجب ان تكون مصراته هي من تقود البلاد وفق اندماج مع قبائل الشرق والزاوية وجادوا والزنتان ومناطق الثوار بطرابلس وهي سوق الجمعة وتاجوراء كي يتحقق الامن والامان والقيادة الحكيمة للدوله ،، واطلب من مصراته ان تقوم هي بذفن الجتث التي لذيها والذين تم قتلهم لانهم خرجوا عن الشرع وعدم تسليم هولاء الجتث للقبائل التي منها هولاء الموتى حتى لا تصبح فتنه ونعطي للقبائل مبرر لقيل والقال كما حصل مع جتث موتى ورفله خلال المدة الماضيه فهولاء في البذاية تكون طلباتهم ورجائهم استلام موتاهم ومن بعد يظهرون الوجه القبيح لحقدهم وتربصهم بمصراته النظال ،، وانا اتحذث لكم الان عبر الهاتف احس بنسائم الاسلام تأتي لي من مصراته وارئ ارواح شهذاء مصراته تعانق السماء مع الملائكه ، يجب استمرار المطالبه بزوال هذه الحكومة فهي لم تعد ولي امر وانما هي تهديد لاستقرار ليبيا وعلى جميع الثوار عدم تسليم اسلحتهم لان في ذلك نهايتهم من المتربصين بنا والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته وسلامي الي اهل مصراته ))
الاددمن الرئيسي

This is a new Libya gentlemen and the assassination plots the people الليبيى!!! Very dangerous —- very important —– ((Lamond newspaper, French investigative report published cases of alcohol poisoning in Libya came in ((the world has not seen since the years case death of a collective or mass murder Balkhmu … t also saw Libya, specifically Tripoli, the capital and according to information available to the French intelligence from the reality of contacts took place between leaders of the militias and the Director of the religious establishment in Libya sincere Ghariani the Hola leaders are who was behind this crime against humanity and summarized information documented sound in the following :: There are Islamic extremist leads the largest militias Tripoli known as Abdul Rauf hater Call a friend,


he named Belhadj told him about the campaign waged against him by some secularists and wine drinkers asked him Belhadj contact the religious establishment Almthmtlh in Ghiryani and tell him so and actually contact hater Bahlgreana which He said it to deal with the campaign strongly according to the Platform Islamist set him permits to get rid of the enemies of Islam and fortify the home, contact hater Bhadj and told him about Macalth his religious establishment, and asked him about the way the Implementation of fatwa Ghiryani, said Belhadj, the need to provide the amount of alcohol the hater and later added her any solution Sam to create confusion after distribution as a result the death or illness of alcohol and directing the public to the NYPD liquor dealers, already been done and through the connection was between a person called satisfaction Shuwaikh and hater request hating him grab substance

Almithelon airport is located inside Tripoli and Tell hours after Shuwaikh hater end of the operation asked him to add to the amounts of liquor are reserved for they have in several places and the use of dr called Faraj Aboukhcam in determining the percentage that is added contact Shuwaikh Dr. my father Ducker him that hater understood and said to him, you can add gain of liter or liter and a half of each thirty liters wine and left two hours After affixed and after the distribution is and actually happened and told Ghiryani this and his answer was that this act of Aakhalv Islam at Shea it is a just punishment for Hola, and began the process of extermination between the layer of young Libyans in this way, has been spotted Libyan intelligence those contacts and the instructions of the Deputy Director has been left exhausted

and follow-up and not prevented Kmuagah intelligence them, intelligence English and Italian as well as French obtained the recording of those calls and notified by the Libyan government, which asked for silence on the pretext that the state is not in the mood to such Alhzt to appear, took advantage of Italian intelligence Alhazth to pass an agreement on gas Libi was deferred from the period of the former prime minister, that is the case of mass murder against civilians by official institutions, religious, intelligence and armed militias.)))
هذة هى ليبيا الجديدة أيها السادة مؤامرات وأغتيال للشعب الليبيى!!!خطير للغاية —- هام جداً —– (( صحيفة لاموند الفرنسيه نشرت تحقيق صحفي عن حالات التسمم بالخمر في ليبيا جاء فيه (( لم يشهد العالم مند سنوات حالة موت جماعي او قتل جماعي بالخمو…ر كما شهدت ليبيا وتحديداً طرابلس الغرب العاصمه ووفق معلومات توفرت لدى المخابرات الفرنسيه من واقع اتصالات تمت بين قادة ميلشيات ومدير المؤسسه الدينيه في ليبيا الصادق الغرياني فأن هولاء القاده هم من كان وراء هذه الجريمة في حق الانسانيه وتتلخص المعلومات الموثقه بالصوت في الاتي :: هناك متطرف اسلامي يقود اكبر ميلشيات طرابلس يعرف باسم عبدالرؤوف كاره اتصل بصديق له يدعى بلحاج اخبره عن حملة تشن ضده من قبل بعض العلمانيين وشاربي الخمر فطلب منه بلحاج الاتصال بالمؤسسه الدينيه المثمتله في الغرياني واخباره بذلك وفعلاً اتصل كاره بالغرياني والذي اشار عليه بالتعامل مع تلك الحمله بقوة وفق منهاج اسلامي حدده له يبيح التخلص من اعداء الاسلام وتحصين الوطن ، فاتصل كاره ببلحاج واخبره عن ماقالته له المؤسسه الدينيه وسأله عن طريقة تنفيد فتوى الغرياني ، اشار بلحاج الي ضرورة توفر كمية من الخمر لدى كاره ومن بعد يضاف لها اي محلول سام لخلق بلبله بعد توزيعها نتيجة موت او مرض من تناول الخمور وتوجيه الراي العام الي نبد الخمور وتجارها وفعلاً تم ذلك وعن طريق اتصال تم بين شخص يسمى رضاء الشويخ وكاره طلب كاره منه الاستيلاء عن مادة الميثلون من مطار يقع داخل طرابلس واخبر بعد ساعات الشويخ كاره بانتهاء العمليه فطلب منه اضافتها الي كميات من الخمور محجوزه لديهم في عدة اماكن والاستعانه بدكتور يسمى فرج ابوخشيم في تحديد النسبه التي تضاف فاتصل الشويخ بالدكتور والدي دكر له ان كاره فهمه وقال له عليك ان تضيف مانسبته لتر او لتر ونصف لكل ثلاثون لتر خمر وتركه ساعتين بعد اضافته ومن بعد يتم التوزيع وفعلاً حدث ذلك واخبر الغرياني بذلك وكان جوابه ان هذا الفعل لايخالف الاسلام في شي بل هو العقاب العادل لهولاء ، وبدأت عملية الابادة بين طبقة الشباب الليبيين بهذه الطريقه ، وقد رصدت المخابرات الليبيه تلك الاتصالات وبتعليمات نائب مديرها تم تركها تنفد ومتابعتها وعدم منعها كموافقه من المخابرات عليها ،، المخابرات الانجليزيه والايطاليه وكذلك الفرنسيه تحصلت على تسجيل لتلك المكالمات واعلمت بها الحكومة الليبيه والتي طلبت السكوت بحجة ان الدوله ليست في حاله تسمح لها بمثل هذا الحذث للظهور ، استغلت المخابرات الايطاليه الحاذثه في تمرير عقد اتفاق بشأن الغاز الليبي كان مؤجل من فترة رئيس الوزراء السابق ،، تلك هي حالة قتل جماعي في حق مدنيين من قبل مؤسسات رسميه دينيه ومخابراتيه وميلشيات مسلحه . )))




Word to us now

Spokesman for the Libyan tribes loyal to Gaddafi, reveals for “freedom”: Ali Zaidane’s surprise visit
Revealed a spokesman for the Libyan tribes loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Prime Minister Ali Zaidane,

during his recent visit to Algeria, a student handed over personally to …
، الحرية، يومية، الجزائر، تونس، الأخبار، الإرهاب، القاعدة، ليبيا، سوريا، العراق، فلسطين، مصر، السعودية، جريدة الحرية الجزائر

A draft law for the benefit of artists at the government table


Spokesman for the Libyan tribes loyal to Gaddafi, reveals for "freedom": Ali Zaidan's surprise visit to Algeria was purpose تسليمي to Libya, the government rejected the request

Revealed a spokesman for Libyan tribes loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Prime Minister Ali Zaidan, during his recent visit to Algeria, a student handed over personally to the Libyan authorities, and stressed that Algeria rejected the request Libyan official, based on their positions humanitarian fixed, and stressed that the Algerian government has not and will not recognize Anyone supporters of Gaddafi. 
revealed Libyan behalf of al-Hashemi assets, told the “freedom” to the request made ​​by Ali Zaidan during his recent visit to Algeria, on handed over to the Libyan authorities, was rejected by Algeria, and considered this request to try to Libyan second of its kind on the delivery, spokesman for Libyan tribes loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to the Libyan authorities.
and the price of assets positions Algerian on this issue, and stressed that the Algerian government has not and will not extradite a person of supporters of Gaddafi in Libya, and considered this matter stems from the positions of Algeria humanitarian and fixed, and added: ” Libyan authorities want me and Algeria rejects completely تسليمي, “noting that the visit of Libyan Prime Minister last of Algeria, was sudden and unexpected.
was Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, called on African nations that harbor a number of followers of the former regime in Libya and wanted to have, to cooperate with Libya and handed over according to legal procedures as well as the repatriation of funds looted from the Libyan people.
stressed Zaidane in a meeting with a number of ambassadors of African countries accredited to Tripoli that “Libya will build its relations with all countries on the basis of reciprocity and non-interference in the internal affairs of those countries.”
stressed assets, that The Libyan government, which he described as “client” does not want to up his voice to the world to defend the truth and reveal “all conspiracies despicable that are not accepted by the mind,” referring to the statements made ​​by the person to many of the national media and foreign on battalions Libyan armed forces, The play of the attacks on areas of a Libyan, especially those inhabited by supporters of Gaddafi. 
and blasting the latter, which targeted the French embassy in Tripoli and wounding two guards, it was considered a spokesman for Libyan tribes loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, it is not the legitimacy of the Libyan government current , and argued that the bombing, which occurred near the French Embassy in Tripoli, and stressed that it was not the time anyone inside the embassy, ​​and considered this process a visa to enter the French troops to Libya openly.
adding that Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane moving and touring orders country, and the ills that his contacts that come out of Tripoli to Doha. He said there were media blackout great what is going on inside Libya violation of symptoms and stole public money in public, in addition to the torture of detainees on a daily basis and the displacement of families from their homes and steal their property by armed militias sponsored by the “government of Zaidane, which he said them that Qatar is headed.”
and referred to the The city of Tawergha are now deserted of the population because of the attacks carried out by armed militias, and explained that cities Libyan-style Bani Walid and the Palais Rullish and Riyaana and Sirte is still devastating, and most areas are still marginalized, in front of the inability of the current government, which did not move a muscle.

posted by:
Mary Dloomy


Algerian army in a clash and hunt جردان on board the four-wheel-drive car Haulo sequence to dust Algeria near Tinlcolm crossing of the border and use Gantt Algerian army helicopters and a weapon dismiss relied on the Algerian Air Force Suva and we will bring you the latest news

Note two days ago or Aktar it was the same attack from the south-eastern


Mu and Bouteflika in Algeria

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika transferred to Paris for tests after “clot trans – call for his recovery Iaahrar:
Urgent.Health status President Abotvliqh’s medically stable and left Paris shortly before.

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika arrives in Paris for treatment after suffering a stroke
By News on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 | 14:25

Per bulletin of the National Channel confirms that President thousand good and that he would return to the homeland and that his doctors contend that …. respite, ‘Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds Mutua Bgadkm the O Aaadaoualdzaúr,

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Algeria.

Transfer of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Saturday evening to Paris to complete فحوصاته medical after “Nuba cerebral cross” that sustained noon, as reported official news agency APS. 

agency said, quoting a medical source said the president, “the transfer on Saturday evening to Paris for tests complement based on recommendations of his doctors treated. “In the French capital, said sources close to the file that Bouteflika arrived at Le Bourget Airport in Paris at 18.00 GMT and immediately transferred under military escort to the hospital in Val – de – Grass military, a hospital often receives French figures and high-level foreign. The source said the medical agency APS that he and despite the fact that the case of public health of the President “not worrying”, the doctors asked him to conduct tests complement and eternity to rest for days. 
was the same agency announced on Saturday evening, quoting the director of the National Center for Sports Medicine Professor Rashid Bogharbal that “President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika presented Saturday in 1230 of a heart stroke transient did not leave marks.” 
She Bogharbal that “tests the primary has been initiated and should be subject to the President for comfort to continue فحوصاته,” explaining that the health status of the President “does not inspire concern. “and assured the Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal who did not interrupt his visit to Bejaia (250 km east of Algiers) that” the president’s health is not a matter of concern, “as quoted by state radio. 
According to Professor desert specialist in neurosurgery, such does not clot normally be dangerous. “The stroke cross is a blockage in a blood vessel in the brain resulting usually rise in blood pressure.” 

and added that “the transfer of the president to the center of sports medicine specialist more in heart surgery shows that the stroke may be the result of pressure in the heart.” 

and underwent Bouteflika end of 2005 for surgery to treat “led to a bleeding ulcer in the stomach,” in Val Dograc military hospital in Paris. And a year later confirmed that he was actually “very ill” but fully recovered.


عاجل . الوضع الصحى للرئيس ابوتفليقة مستقر طبيا وغادر الى باريس قبل قليل.

“I ask God the Holy Lord of the Mighty Throne, to heal and Aaaver.”

SEE! Bouteflika is NOT DEAD!!! Pray for his speedy recovery; we need him…

الرئيس الجزائري عبدالعزيز بوتفليقة ينقل إلى باريس لإجراء فحوصات بعد “الجلطة العابرة — ادعو له بالشفاء يااحرارأسأل الله الكريم رب العرش العظيم أن يشفيه ويعافيه
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel,,,, President Bouteflika in good health and will leave the hospital tomorrow … Source bulletin Arabiya now now.



The main الادمن of BLACK DAY BATALLION on Talt Laila Abdel Latif :Libya: Libyan ………..- Explosions, assassinations
– T Gaddafi modern international newspapers
NATO will return to support Saif al-Islam Gaddafi !!!
Expectations Laila Abdel Latif for Libya on 01/27/2013:
– The return to power tribes
– Ahmad Gadaffi blood out of prison…Egypt:– The military’s rise to power.
– The case of boiling in Alexandria….
– Pictures of Muammar Gaddafi in Egypt.
– The release of former President Hosni Mubarak and then his two sons Alaa and Gamal.

Real fighter Libya WRITES:

Qaadin the Hdenha on Almhaudin eluted seer of the country Janas Rah sin and the greatest sins trapped in God, fear of God in you and just hearing them do not accept your prayers forty days.


Shen Rkdtwooowo?
ĘÝÖáć brighter Shahi Green p how Kevkm the-O Khalasin and resolved

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Cairo NEWSPAPAR Libyan headliners:

GMT 10:05 2013 Sunday, April 28GMT 13:55 2013 Sunday, April 28 : Last Update

His lawyer asserts for Elaf his innocence and close the file and choosing to stay in Egypt

Ramahi: Gadaffi blood is free … Will not be handed over to Libya

Egyptian Attorney General decides to evacuate the blood Sabeel Ahmed Gaddafi and close the file handed

over to government Jardan with no possibility of appeal against the decision …

Sabri Abdel Hafiz Hassanein

Ramahi: Gadaffi blood is free … Will not be handed over to Libya
By News on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 | 13:33

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Egypt.

Egypt decided to release Ahmad Gadaffi blood, a cousin of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi, said his lawyer close the file handed over to Libya the final with the charges against him of trying to kill an Egyptian officer, and said that his spirits high and he decided to stay in Egypt after his release.
Sabri Abdel Hafiz from Cairo: Alaa said Ramahi, lawyer Ahmad Gadaffi blood, a cousin of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Egyptian authorities decided to release blood howitzer in the case handed over to Libya.
Ramahi explained in a statement that the case file delivery general coordinator of the Egyptian-Libyan relations closed permanently, noting that the administrative court ruling preventing blood howitzer delivery been implemented Bmsodth.
He pointed out that a team of lawyers defenders Gadaffi blood met with Assistant Attorney General in Egypt, and asked him to implement the ruling, especially that challenged the Libyan embassy on cases Nos. 35900 and 35901 for the year 67 BC, issued two rule preventing delivery Ahmed howitzer blood, is illegal.
High morale
Ramahi added that the case file howitzer blood delivery to Libya permanently closed, and will not open again. He stressed that the howitzer blood, live in good spirits, pointing out that he is happy by virtue of the administrative court refused to extradite him to Libya, and added that the howitzer blood celebrated in prison this provision.
Proof of nationality nearby
and explained that the Libyan embassy do not have the right to appeal the ruling, noting that the Court is now considering court papers, filed by the howitzer blood in order to prove his nationality Egyptian, and expected to issue a ruling in his favor in less than a month, especially that all the documents submitted in the case, issued by the Egyptian official views.
In regard to the charges against him to resist the authorities, and the attempted murder of a police officer Masri, said Ramahi, said that forensic reports proved injured Captain Mustafa Abdul Muttalib, an officer in the Special Operations in the index finger in his left hand, after being shot him during his arrest on a howitzer blood .
Did not kill
explained that the reports proved that the injury resulting from a bullet Mary, during an exchange of fire with the police force in charge of protecting howitzer blood, and pointed out that the incidence of Statistics and surface stresses patent howitzer blood of the attempted murder of an officer, especially that the process of the exchange of fire has inside the apartment closed, and the lights were turned off, is supposed to be more and more injuries from an injury in the index finger officer, as reported in the forensic report.
He pointed out that the patent is guaranteed in the accusations against Gadaffi blood to resist the authorities and the attempted murder of an officer, especially since the authorities did not announce itself during the process of arrest, but attacked the strength of masked his apartment in the neighborhood of Zamalek, and exchanged fire with the force appointed by the Ministry of the Interior to guard , which refers to two things, the first is that pecking howitzer blood in the beginning were not the Egyptian police, and the second the lack of coordination between the sectors of the Ministry of Interior, and the proof of non-reporting of force Almtalfah protection howitzer blood resolution was arrested, and charged with the reservation it, what led to the exchange of gunfire with the power that came to arrest him.
He predicted Rumhy release howitzer blood at the disposal of those charges as well, pointing out that the blood howitzer decided not to leave Egypt after the release of any other State.

– See more at:

MOHAMED MAQRIEF’s Battallion has a GREEN SITE?????

Battalion M’Hamed Makrif St.

Green channel :: Urgent

… Egyptian Attorney General issued a decision to evacuate Sabeel Ahmed howitzer blood and that decision was a statement released by his lawyer private and will not be handed over to the Government of Libya imported ..

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The release of Ahmed Gadaf-a-dam (Howitzer blood) in a deal between him and the Rat (‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) Khairat Al-Shater.



Muammar al-Qathafi did not kill al-Sadr and the killer in Qatar!!!

Asaad Ambah Aboqilh

Said Asaad Ambah Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independently in a press statement still follow every nook and cranny from the scene Libyan new scene in the Libyan Back file the disappearance of Imam Moussa al-Sadr after the big surprise unleashed by Ahmad Jibril, Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, who revealed through the channel fields space program in the fields provided by fellow media Ghassan Ben Jeddo revealed Ahmed Jibril that Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi did not kill al-Sadr did not give orders so revealing Ahmed Jibril, a close friend of al-Qathafi that al-Qathafi had asked several times about the fate of the chest and the answers al-Qathafi that he did not know about destiny thing revealed Jibril in another surprise that the killer Musa Sadr is Musa Kusa head of external security Libyan formerly located in the State of Qatar after a brawl personal between him and Musa al-Sadr and make sure this confidential information by asking Prime Libyan intelligence previously Abdullah Sanusi and a cousin of al-Qathafi, Ahmed howitzer blood Gadaf-a-dam and added Asaad Aboqilh citing private sources that Musa Kusa recently obtained Qatari citizenship and refused to Qatar handed over to Libya or to an international destination and seal Asaad Abu قيله saying is worth mentioning that Musa Kusa , pre-planned as CIA agent, defected during the war led by NATO in support of the 17 february uprising to overthrow the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Colonel  Muammar al-Qathafi Musa Kusa, a proven CIA planted agent, is now in the State of Qatar.  

Asaad said Ambah Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent
In press statements continue to follow every nook and cranny from the scene.

Libya’s new in the Libyan scene file the return of the disappearance of Imam Moussa al-Sadr after the big surprise sparked by Ahmad Jibril, Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command 
Which revealed cross-channel satellite fields in the program in the fields.

Information provided by fellow Ghassan Ben Jeddo detect the Ahmed Jibril that Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi did not kill al-Sadr did not give orders so revealing Ahmed Jibril, a close friend of al-Qathafii, that al-Qathafi asked several times about the fate of the chest….

The answers al-Qathafi that he did not know about his fate thing revealed Jibril in another surprise that the killer Musa Sadr is Musa Kusa head of external security Libyan formerly located in the State of Qatar after a brawl personal between him and Musa al-Sadr and make sure this confidential information by asking the President of Libyan intelligence previously Abdullah Sanusi and son al-Qathafi’s cousin Ahmed howitzer blood Gadaf-a-dam Asaad said Aboqilh.

Quoting private sources that Musa Kusa recently obtained Qatari citizenship and refused to Qatar handed over to Libya or to an international destination and seal Asaad Abu قيله saying is worth mentioning that Musa Kusa defected during the war led by NATO in support of the 17 February  CIA -led uprising to overthrow the regime of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and Moussa Koussa is now in Qatar.



from North Africa!
Marines after 6 hours from North Africa!
By News on Saturday, 27 April  2013 | 17:13

The Gaddafi International news agency.

Announced that the U.S. Defense Department that the Vanguards of the Marine Corps (Marines) that make up the strength of the band rapid intervention in North Africa have begun to reach Spain in an effort the U.S. government “to protect its citizens and facilities in the region.”

According to the network, “CNN” of America, will take the power of base “Moron” air south of Spain-based, allowing them to quickly access to North Africa on the grounds that the security risks are increasing since the attack that led to the killing of U.S. Ambassador in Libya Chris Stevens last September. expected to be such a force ready to move air through six hours from the moment of receiving the command, giving the Pentagon “a chance possess the ability to respond quickly to security risks,” and include tasks such forces to protect diplomatic missions and American citizens and rescue pilots who dropped their planes and the evacuation of American nationals when needed. was awarded the Spanish government final approval last Friday to deploy 500 Marines specializing in intervention and eight aircraft for a period of one year. Is expected to be completed and access all of the items within 30 days. The unit is composed of 225 troops specialist along with 225 soldiers run aircraft designed disposal unit, which could include “orders to carry out operations on the territory of countries without obtaining their consent.”

The U.S. Department of Defense has approved the formation of the unit early April this month and will be provided with six aircraft “In – 22” to move fast and light weapons and mortar in addition to equipment other individual will support the operations of clashes Ltd. and security functions. and put U.S. move several questions about the speed dial made by Washington and react very fast to the Government of Madrid, and this means that there is a real concern for the United States developments in North Africa, especially security ones, without specifying the center of this threat to American national security in the Maghreb, but the Spanish government’s recognition that the goal is “to respond to crises that may arise as a result of the Arab Spring” (..), gives half answer, especially since the issue geographically, confirming that the presence of the Marines at the base of Moron de la Frontera matter both from Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania because of geographical proximity, while the U.S. forces stationed in Italy and Greece covering Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

living area of North Africa, and regions of the Sahara and the Sahel, disorders security and unprecedented political, to the point opened the way for a number of questions about the Afghanization area and converted to “Ssahelstan”, re scenario of Afghanistan in the region, and the role of conflict, the American French about sharing “spoils of war” and riches that abound in the area at that. Returning to attack the French on Libya , and the war led by Holland Mali, and the U.S. military base in Niger, and repeated attempts to America establishment of AFRICOM” base “in one of the countries of the field, well-illustrated, according to experts, the path which placed the deployment of U.S. Marines in southern Spain.



Battalion Black day

Warning for Dr. Yusuf Shakir ... we received information that there is an ambush is to catch you in Turkey .. do not go to Turkey, no matter what happens and does not deal with the Turks, even in your … this is what we dictated duty and Ovaoua to months

I spent with us and we alerted the world. Yours Regards

(Admona 4)


Hazir … Warning …Warning

If Baghtk a thief and force you to spend his money from your bank account
Do not enter him in the controversy ……… Do not resist, you do not know what you would do, or what’s in store for you!!
All you need is to respond to him, but enter your PIN (upside down) For example: If your PIN number is 1254 enter that the machine is reversed, thus: 4521
At the moment they enter your number partially reversed emerge money
And get stuck in the machine
And more importantly, the Machine
Will be sent a distress message and ask for help to the police, the without Note thief to it.
I know that all ATM teller machines equipped with this feature
{Did you know this information … Publish it for the benefit of all} (girl Zliten)

حذير … تحذير … تحذير

إذا باغتك لص وأجبرك علي أن تصرف له نقودا من حسابك المصرفي
لا تدخل معه في جدال ……… ولا تقاومه ، فإنك لا تعرف ما الذي سيفعله بك ، أو ما الذي يخبئه لك !!
كل ما عليك هو أن تستجيب له ولكن أدخل رقمك السري (بالمقلوب) فمثلا : إذا كان رقمك السري هو 1254 فأدخله للماكينة معكوسا ، هكذا: 4521
في اللحظة التي تدخل فيها رقمك معكوسا ستخرج النقود جزئيا
وتنحشر في الماكينة
والأهم من ذلك أن الماكينة
سترسل رسالة استغاثة وطلب المساعدة إلي البوليس ، دون ملاحظة اللص لذلك .
واعلم أن كل آلات الصرف ATM مزودة بهذه الخاصية
{ هل كنت تعلم هذه المعلومة… انشرها ليستفيد الجميع } (بنت زليتن)


Oasis staff will stop production
By News on Saturday, April 27, 2013 | 15:23

The Gaddafi International news agency – the economy.

Contract Square Oasis meeting between staff and members of the union workers elected company Waha Oil has been discussing the most important outstanding issues such as taxes and building the headquarters of the company and the differences and consider the salaries that do not compare Party foreign and they decided that he will be setting a deadline for the NOC and the state does not exceed a month to you بتنفيد the
demands of users or oil will be stopped.

mentioned that Oasis is one of the participating companies and includes the National Oil Corporation and U.S. companies are ConocoPhillips, Marathon and Amerada Hess and an output of 300 thousand barrels per day.

Close the oil port of Harika Btabriq.




I had one of the heroes of steadfastness in the leadership of one of the tribes that refused treason and great Todh “Muammar”
Commander told me personally Miley has decided to write it:
He said that the commander at the crossroads of his teachers after revolutionaries that صافحنا all ​​sat down and talked a lot about death and train ways to confront it and that part is no doubt our e stop.
And said almost 1988 I was on a visit to China and the distance of time between the airport and the hostel almost within 20 minutes, during which I saw scenes show Bús the economic situation of the Chinese people
I saw people carrying pots of water on Dhorha, Dhour donkeys … etc. etc. views.
I asked the Chinese president said:
How to be China made ​​the atomic bomb, Alheidrojana and its people still suffer misery?
The Chinese president said meaning: Kpsona of belts on our stomachs and our own weapon to deter greedy in that war becomes ours field forces الطامعة.
He went to attend Commander: Where are we from it?
Now our brothers in the Gulf, riding and most luxurious cars and their heads in the ground and the Chinese riding donkeys and hugging their heads sky …….

2 Years ago, NATO killed Saf al-Arab and his 2 nieces and a nephew and neighbors too and destroyed his home, and pets, and we can go on & on non-stop describing the terrors of just one evening at meal-time 6PM…Lest we forget:

Tidbits: a Repost of ORWELL TODAY: The Libyan Truth by Jackie Jura


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~


Gaddafi’s love of tents and camels is in his blood – born as he was in a Bedouin tent in the desert near Sirte.


Camel pictures and facts
…An average milking camel will produce 5.28-6.6 gal. (20-25 L) of milk a day. A camel with well-formed udders may produce 8-10.6 gal. (30-40 L) a day. Camels can give milk even under harsh conditions and, unlike dairy cows, do not need much or any supplements to do so. A camel can produce 5.28 gal. (20 L) of milk a day without drinking any water for up to 10 days! Camel milk is chemically similar to cattle milk, but has a higher proportion of vitamin C. It also has more fat, protein, and minerals than either cow’s or goat’s milk… Camel milk is said to be an acquired taste….

The Muammar Gaddafi Story

(Libyan leader spanning six decades)

As a young boy, Muammar tended the family’s goats and travelled by camel between grazing grounds and oases. Noticed by his father and other elders as having an exceptionally brilliant mind, Gaddafi was sent away to school – at much sacrifice to the family – and from there he began his lifelong passion for knowledge and his mission to liberate his people from foreign occupation.


watch Libya hero Gaddafi with Egpyt hero Nasser in 1969
(Gaddafi’s model for Libya revolution was Nasser in Egypt)

watch Gaddafi in 1976: at work/at home documentary
(took Libya from Middle Age poverty to modern prosperity)



Gaddafi PowerPeople Libya Dinar

Gaddafi’s revolutionary democracy: power to the people
(wealth of Libya spread horizontally, not vertically)
Watch Gaddafi interviewed up close & personal in library
(explaining truth about self, Libya & world issues)
Gaddafi a patron saint to 31 sub-Saharan Africa countries

53 African Union nations will miss Gaddafi’s generosity
(financial/moral support to Africa unrelenting/wholehearted)

watch Gaddafi tell UN investigate Lumumba/JFK assassination
(“we want to know who killed JFK & Lumumba”)

watch video GADDAFI’S TRUE LIBYA read scrolling
(from poorest to highest standard of living in world)
(soundtrack Eye of the Tiger – the will to survive)
What I learned about Gaddafi & Libya is the truth
(people wake up/get informed/watch video & be shocked)
53 African Union nations will miss Gaddafi’s generosity
(financial/moral support to Africa unrelenting/wholehearted)

(I gave people houses/hospitals/schools/money/democracy…
made Libya into farmland from the desert):

(gave people houses/hospitals/schools/desert into farmland)


Gaddafi’s GREEN BOOK Islamic Socialism
(gov’t by the people not by parliament/party/class…)

(not capitalism or communism or corporatism)


On 01 September 2009 – a year and a half before the UN declared illegal, unjustified war on Libya and commenced assassination attempts on Gaddafi (and three weeks before Gaddafi’s historic speech to the UN where, as Chairman of the African Union, he blasted the UN Security Council for approving 65 wars against small nations in the 65 years since the UN was founded in 1945) – Gaddafi hosted dignitaries at the spectacular 40th anniversary celebrations of the “people’s revolution”.

Clip: Gadaffi’s historic 2009 speech slamming UN

(Security Council should be called “terror council”)

watch Gaddafi explains UN is illegal/undemocratic
(65 wars in 65 years since UNITED NATIONS was created)


Gaddafi blasted big powers USA/China/Russia in UN speech
(UN allowed 65 aggressive wars against small nations)

Gaddafi – “man of the people” – and his daughter Aisha arrived in a golf-cart for ceremonies held in a massive green tent. Gaddafi’s wife Safya was also photographed beside the golf-cart. In an interview Aisha gave last October 2010 – before there was any inkling that the UN would soon be attacking her country – she spoke about the relationship between her children and her father – and how they love to “visit their grandpa’s tent and drink the camel’s milk”. *1

Meet Gaddafi’s girl: daughter Aisha chip off old block, Telegraph, 10 Oct 2010

Aisha Gaddafi: Questions & Answers Interview, Telegraph, 10 Oct 2010
…People forget that before he is a great man and leader, he is also my father, my friend and my brother. He is very close to me, and I feel so safe when I am with him. My love for him is beyond description, and we spend as much time as possible together. I always advise him to look after his health and take things easy, but apart from that it is him who gives me advice. If I had to pick his single best piece of wisdom, it would be that he underlines being modest, not to be arrogant, and that we should shoulder our responsibilities…. The man is the man. He never changes. He is a man of principles, he believes in causes, defending the poor and underdog, he never changes the main ideas that he believes in. I would say that now the future of Libya is very promising, bright and optimistic. It is taking its rightful place in the international community and everyone is seeking good ties with us.

YouTube/Telegraph, 07 Sept.  2011


“I remember once we were on a holiday – my husband and I and the children.
And I remember the little boys were crying, they don’t want to enjoy their vacation,
they want to go back to the tent of their grandfather.
They want to drink the camel’s milk *1- they are so much used to it.
So we did our best to appease them and divert their attention.
But they never listened to us so we had, really,
to break our holiday and go back to their grandfather,
who is my father, of course.”

watch Aisha Gaddafi talks about her relationship with her father Muammar Gaddafi
to Colin Freeman in Tripoli, Telegraph video, Oct 21, 2010

“…Yes, I see him every day….I am very happy about this sort of relationship – the strong ties between my sons and my father. And I believe that I am very lucky and very fortunate to have such a father….

“Yes, he is busy, has a heavy schedule. But he has also made it a rule to himself to give as much time as possible to his family, to his sons, despite the fact that he is busy. And I agree with you that he is busy, of course, but I will say he gives quite a lot of time to his grandchildrenand his sons….

“When we get together it is normal, normal life. But now the grandchildren take the spotlight, they take most of the time. But this is a school, this is an education for us – so we like to be together and learn from this great man – who is my father, and I am proud of him of course….

“It does happen many times – people do not know who I am and suddenly, maybe, they find out that I am Aisha, the daughter of the leader. And so they gasp sometimes, and then they get so much friendly and welcoming and they take the chance to send greetings to my father and mother….”

Meet Gaddafi’s girl: daughter Aisha a chip off the old block
by Colin Freeman, Telegraph, Oct 10, 2010

To anyone in Britain who still thinks of her Dad as a tyrant, IRA quartermaster extraordinaire, and all-round Mad Dog of the Middle East, Aisha Gaddafi would like to extend a cordial invite. “Come to Libya, you are all most welcome,” she says, when asked about her father’s unique talent for planting thorns in the side of successive British governments. “I know what is said in Britain about my father, and most of it is just following a political agenda. So I would give the British people this invite: find out the real facts by coming and meeting us Libyans in person.”

First though, meet Aisha herself, the only girl among the eight children that Gaddafi has fathered in between his other duties as Brotherly Leader, self-appointed Saviour of Africa and Guide of the Revolution. Dubbed “The Claudia Schiffer of North Africa” in the Arab press for her striking good looks, the 33-year-old is arguably the most photogenic of Libya’s First Family, yet she is still very much a chip off the old block. A lawyer by training, her father’s regime is not the only contentious cause she has spoken up for over the years. In her youth, just like her Dad, she was a keen supporter of the IRA, and three years ago, she was on the legal team that defended that other controversial Arab leader, Saddam Hussein….

She agreed last week to a no-holds-barred interview at her home, a huge, high-walled villa in a Tripoli suburb. At first, it feels rather like being in a Gaddafi version of a Hello! shoot. Flawlessly turned out in peach jacket, white trousers and designer jewellery, Aisha holds court in a vast drawing room decked out with family pictures, and later poses for photos on a huge, mermaid-shaped settee worthy of her father’s extravagant tastes. Meanwhile, her three young children wander in – one of whom, three-year-old Muammar, is named after Grandpa. “People forget that as well as being a great leader, he is also my father,” she smiles, as the pint-sized Gaddafis scuttle about. “We are very close as a family, and while he is always very busy, every day I insist that we have a gathering with him. My boys love being in his tent, and they enjoy drinking his camel’s milk.”.*1
With that, The Sunday Telegraph’s time Chez Gaddafi is up, although the hospitality is not quite finished yet. As we leave, a housekeeper bustles in with gifts: for my photographer and I, there are smart Gaddafi-style robes, and for my six-week-old daughter, there is a dummy in a special presentation box. It comes across as a genuinely thoughtful gesture, although as the large gates of her villa clang shut behind us, I wonder if I am falling for the same kind of charm tactics that so successfully wooed Mr Blair.

Colonel Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha gives rare insight into her family’s struggle
(she fears that a bomb could take their life any day)
video report by David Kilpatrick, New York Times,  26April 2011

I received a phone call a few days ago from the office of Aisha al Gaddafi, the daughter of the libyan leader Colonel Muammar al Gaddafi and they said that she wanted to do an interview which, interestingly, I hadn’t requested. But I offered to fly back to Tripoli and they made that possible.

When I got there I was surprised by her tone and I think she was offering a window into how the family was feeling right now. It was much more fatalistic. She talked as though it had already happened, sometimes – about how much the West would regret driving her father from power; about the dire consequences that she predicted when Col Gaddafi was gone, in terms of an exodus of illegal immigrants into Europe; a terrorist foothold on the Meditteranean; chaos in Libya and other dire consequences that she forecasted… Miss Gaddafi is trained as a lawyer at a Libyan university…. She finds alot of parallels between the case of Saddam Hussein and the Libyan example….She told me she thinks that what would happen in Libya would be far, far worse…

She said that she tells her children bedtime stories about the afterlife and she finds that especially appropriate right now because she fears that a bomb could take their life any day. Her five year old, she said, is so afraid of the bombs that he is now suffering from incontinence.

That night, in fact, the UN/NATO airstrikes actually hit the Gaddafi compound for the third time in their most serious bombing of that facility. We were brought there shortly after the bombs had fallen. One of the buildings had a tangle of wires and antennae coming out of it so it may have been a communications and command control facility, a military facility. Other parts of the complex were inarguably non-military. One was a building used primarily for for meeting foreign dignitaries; another was just offices. Gaddafi’s official translator told me that his office was destroyed that night of the bombing and he was glad he wasn’t working late that night.
watch Home movies of Gaddafi in tent with grandchildren
(UN-rebels plunder family homes destroyed by UN bombs)



French Jewish writer met terrorist rebels in Libya
(delivered message to Israel premier in Jerusalem)
CIA/MI6/MOSSAD agents lead anti-Gaddafi ‘rebellion’
(agents on ground in Libya training/arming ‘rebels’)

UN warplanes blast Tripoli in heaviest bombing yet
(3 dead/150 wounded near Gaddafi compound)





BROTHER GADDAFI AT HOME IN TENTThroughout the four decades in which he has given his Vision to Libya,
Muammar Gaddafi has made sure to bring his Bedouin tent with him everywhere in the world.
The mobile “flying tent” is a replica of the original one set next to the ruins of Bab al-Azizia,
Gaddafi’s headquarters in the south of the capital Tripoli
which was bombed by the U.S. in 1986.

Before the BIG BROTHER UNITED NATIONS barbaric war on Libya began three months ago now – first bomb dropped on Benghazi on 19 March  2011 – I didn’t know much about Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, other than what I’d heard over the years – his picture often plastered on headlines screaming “MAD DOG FROM THE EAST” over hideously distorted images of him.

Gaddafi son says UN lied saying Libya killed civilians
(same as they lied saying Iraq had WMDs)

(Libya under attack by biggest military force in history)
Watch Gaddafi TV footage/spokesman Ibrahim press conference 
(it’s not Obama or UN who decides who leads Libya)

But when the bombing of Libya started I reflected back on having flown over Benghazi four and a half years ago and taking pictures from the window of the airplane.

Because of those photos – and the very name “Benghazi” sounds like something out of the Arabian Nights – I felt an irresistable draw to learn more about Libya and Gaddafi. I knew, instinctively and intellectually, that if BIG BROTHER said Gaddafi was bad, then Gaddafi must be good.

In the ensuing months of BIG BROTHER’S diabolical war on Libya – involving the country where I live, Canada (which is openly being taken-over by Communist China) dropping millions of dollars worth of bombs on Libya (paid for with money borrowed from foreign banks) – I’ve learned a great deal about Gaddafi and I was right – he IS good, and that’s WHY they’re trying to kill him – just like they killed JFK.

(totally opposed to communism & Islamic fundamentalism)

(truthful history of Libyan resistance to colonialism)
Watch Gaddafi warns UN stop bombing homes/offices/families
(radio speech to thousands at pro-Gaddafi rally)
Watch Gaddafi son Saif: Libya like McDonalds for UN-NATO
(fast war as fast food; snakes hungry for Libya gas-oil-cash)
Gaddafi daughter Aisha: UN spilling of Libyan blood must end
(father strong; will never leave Libya; a symbol, a guide)
Jul 4-23, 2011
Watch:  Saif: “To tell my father to leave the country is a joke”
(agrees to concessions but UN constantly refuses cease-fire)

The evil UN war against Gaddafi – a civilian holding no political office in Libya since 1977 but nationally honoured as “Brother Leader of the 1969 Revolution” and founding father of the democratic-socialist  conception of the Third Universal Theory as enshrined in “The Green Book” – began officially on February 17, 2011 with all-encompassing trade-embargo sanctions – including a NO-FLY ZONE – imposed against Libya based on totally-false UN accusations that Gaddafi was “killing his own people” for allegedly “protesting in the streets against him”. Canada, following orders from BIG BROTHER UN, pulled workers from Libya and stopped shipment of equipment worth millions of dollars toward the building of the 8th Wonder of the World – Gaddafi’s GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER project – which we’re now helping bomb under UN-NATO’s banner OPERATION UNIFIED PROTECTOR.

UN-NATO LIBYA MISSION: OPERATION UNIFIED PROTECTOR( “bombing civilians protects civilians” )
UN bombs hit hotel/apartment/bus/university/medical factory
(another night of NATO murder/terror/horror killing civilians)
( “bombing civilians protects civilians” )
UN bombs hit hotel/apartment/bus/university/medical factory
(another night of NATO murder/terror/horror killing civilians)
UN war on Libya: “Operation Unified Protector”
(killing civilians & destroying infrastructure)

The Orwellian ‘mission’ of OPERATION UNIFIED PROTECTOR – according to UN Resolution #1973 – is “to protect Libyan civilians by bombing Libya to prevent civilians from being killed by Gaddafi” (note: “prevent” means it hasnt yet happened and in fact it never has happened, and “protect” – to UN – means “kill” because that’s what bombs do – they kill). The bombing, as mentioned previously, began on 19 March  2011 as “support” to Jewish-backed non-Libyan agent-provocateur-Islamic-extremist terrorists (what UN refers to as “anti-Gaddafi, pro-democracy ‘rebels'”) who were rioting in the streets and attacking government military ammunition buildings and were consequently being put down by the Libyan government’s security forces – just as they’d likewise be put down in London, or New York, or any other nation on the planet. In Libya, the protestors aren’t disenfranchised poverty-stricken people. In Libya the people aren’t disenfranchised – they run the government through “people’s congresses” – and they aren’t poor – they’ve got the highest standard of living on the continent – as determined by the UN itself in recent reports.

Several times during OPERATION UNIFIED PROTECTORs ongoing bombing campaign on Libya, Gaddafi has called for a cease-fire so that civilized talks and negotiations can take place. He’s hosted world leaders – including the Secretary General of the UN – in his tent in Tripoli.

The African Union sent a so-called ‘peacekeeping’ mission to meet Gaddafi on April 10, 2011 and Gaddafi agreed to their proposal for a cease-fire. But the UN – as usual – refused to stop their one-sided bombing.

Last week the international media – the Orwellian Ministry of Truth (Lies) – was matter-of-factly reporting that BIG BROTHER bombs had obliterated the buildings in Gaddafi’s residential compound in Tripoli and his tent in the desert on the outskirts of Tripoli.

Pictures taken at the scene 07 June 2011 showed camels wandering around the burnt-out remains of a golf-cart.

Watch What you don’t know about Gaddafi
(“one of 20th century’s greatest freedom fighters” said Mandela)
Facing the bombs of UN-NATO in the Libya Jamahiriya
(every night thousands gather to support Muammar Gaddafi)

Canada needs more 500-pound “smart” bombs to bomb Libya
(ordering 1,300 laser-guided bombs @ $100,000 each)

UN-NATO vs Gaddafi: What all friends of Africa should know
(France-Britain-USA are the “F-UK-US” Alliance)
Watch UN-NATO bombs kill family of Gaddafi close friend Hamedi
(children/fathers/pregnant mothers/uncles/aunts/grandchildren)


Muammar al-Qathafi’s conscience has always been clear and his heart clean, with a total subserviance to God/ALLAH alone….and his principles have NEVER changed (so witnessed and testified to, by his daughter Aischa).

I remember seeing photos of Gaddafi in a golf-cart like that and it heart-wrenchingly symbolizes his humbleness.

A picture of Gaddafi in the golf-cart, holding an umbrella, was taken on 22 February 2011 just a few days after the so-called anti-government ‘rebellion’ had begun in Benghazi and ‘protestors’ were making their way to Tripoli.

Gaddafi drove the golf-cart to the Green Square – where millions of supporters had gathered – to prove to the people that he hadn’t left the country –

as had been lyingly reported in the BIG BROTHER-owned Ministry of Truth (Lies) world press.

Gaddafi was seen in the golf-cart again a week later, this time driving to the People’s Hall, the Libyan version of parliament – called “Congress of the People” – where he gave a speech on the 34th anniversary of his having stepped down as leader in 1977 wherein he handed the government of Libya to congresses of the people. This was 02 March 2011, two weeks before the UN started non-stop bombing of Libya on March 19, 2011 and since which time the Congress of the People – and other non-military government buildings and civilian homes – have been destroyed and thousands of Libyan civilians have been killed and injured.

On 21 March 2011 UN warplanes bombed Gaddafi’s residential compound in Tripoli – the same one the USA had bombed 25 years ago, the remnants of which Gaddafi has left standing as a memorial to his eighteen-month-old adopted daughter, StepHANIE  and the hundred plus other civilians injured and killed that day.


Since then, Gaddafi has mostly lived in a tent set up near his bombed-out former home.

NATO BOMBED the Home school for handicapped and Mongoloid children:

NATO bombed, and Bombed almost every buliding they could find, including schools and Mosques–:

This one killed 93 IMAM who were praying for peace:

From Gaddafi daughter: a glimpse inside the bunker, New York Times, Apr 26, 2011

From a Qaddafi Daughter, a Glimpse Inside the Bunker

Louafi Larbi/Reuters

Aisha el-Qaddafi, daughter of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, at a pro-government rally in Tripoli on April 14.


Published: 26 April 2011

Timeline: Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi



TRIPOLI, Libya — Aisha el-Qaddafi, the daughter of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya, likes to tell her three young children bedtime stories about the afterlife. Now, she says, they are especially appropriate.

“To make them ready,” she said, “because in a time of war, you never know when a rocket or a bomb might hit you, and that will be the end.”

In a rare interview at her charitable foundation here, Ms. Qaddafi, 36, a Libyan-trained lawyer who once worked on Saddam Hussein’s legal defense team, offered a glimpse into the fatalistic mind-set of the increasingly isolated family at the core of the battle for Libya, the bloodiest arena in the democratic uprising that is sweeping the region.

She dismissed the rebels as “terrorists” but suggested that some former Qaddafi officials who are now in the opposition’s governing council still “keep in touch with us.” She pleaded for dialogue and talked about democratic reforms. But she dismissed the rebels as unfit for such talks because of their use of violence, hurled personal barbs at President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and, at one point, appeared to disparage the basic idea of electoral democracy.

After arranging the interview last week, Ms. Qaddafi spoke for more than an hour late Sunday afternoon, just hours before NATO escalated its airstrikes with an attack that disrupted state television and another on the Libyan leader’s compound in Tripoli. Ms. Qaddafi, one of the many unofficial and sometimes rivalrous Qaddafi family power brokers who dominate Libya’s economic and political life, said the crisis had pulled the family together “like one hand.”

Ms. Qaddafi said that she and her seven brothers “have a dialogue between us and exchange points of view” before anyone takes a major step in their common defense. She acknowledged that she had seen news reports that her siblings had proposed easing their father from power in a transition under the direction of her brother Seif al-Islam, but she declined to comment on the details.

She also pointedly declined to answer when asked if Abdel Fattah Younes, a top rebel military official who was a longtime interior minister, was among the leaders who had kept in touch with the Qaddafi family.

“They say to us that they have their own families, daughters, sons, spouses, and they fear for them, and that is why they have taken those positions,” she said of those rebel leaders. “There are many members of the council who have worked with my father for 42 years and been loyal to him. Do you think they would just go like that?”

Instead of the angry defiance and vows of retribution issued by her father and her brother Seif, Ms. Qaddafi focused on how the West would rue the chaos she predicted would engulf a post-Qaddafi Libya. When pressed repeatedly on how her family could stay in power, she said more than once, “We have a great hope in God.”

Ms. Qaddafi has appeared in public twice since the bombings began, before cheering crowds at the colonel’s compound, but she seldom speaks in public. During the interview, she wore close-fitting jeans, Gucci shoes and a pale scarf that did not cover her long blond hair. At times, she laughed at her fate, recalling how the United Nations, after “begging” her to be an envoy for peace in the past, has now referred her to the International Criminal Court. Her staff presented an illustrated biography entitled “Princess of Peace.”

She said her experience as a volunteer on Saddam Hussein’s defense team offered relevant parallels.

“The opposition in Iraq told the West that when you come to Iraq they will greet you with roses,” she said. “Almost 10 years later they are receiving the Americans with bullets, and, believe me, the situation in Libya will be much worse.”

She taunted both President Obama and Mrs. Clinton, saying that Mr. Obama had “achieved nothing so far” and laughing as she posed a question to Mrs. Clinton: “Why didn’t you leave the White House when you found out about the cheating of your husband?”

Even as she deprecated the American leaders, she repeatedly called for talks. “The world should come together at a round table,” she said, “under the auspices of international organizations.”

At the same time, she ruled out any dialogue with the Libyan rebels who now control the eastern half of the country; its commercial center, Misurata; and the western mountain towns of Zintan and Nalut, dismissing them as “terrorists” who “are just fighting for the sake of fighting.”

Under her brother Seif’s unofficial leadership, she said, the Libyan government had been on the verge of unveiling a constitution as a step toward democratic reform when “this tragedy happened and spoiled things.”

At the same time, she also derided, and possibly misunderstood, the basic ideas of checks and balances and public accountability in an electoral democracy. “Let me say something about the Western elections that they say are a democratic system of ruling,” she volunteered, referring to handwritten notes she had prepared for the interview. In an election where one candidate won with 50 percent of the vote and another lost with 48 percent, she asked, “Do you call this democracy? Just this one vote? What happened to the 48 percent who said ‘no’?”

She complained of the “betrayal” of Arabs whose causes her father had supported and the Western allies to whom he had turned over his weapons of mass destruction. “Is this the reward that we get?” she asked. “This would lead every country that has weapons of mass destruction to keep them or make more so they will not meet the same fate as Libya.”

Without Colonel Qaddafi, she predicted, illegal immigrants from Africa would pour into Europe, Islamic radicals would establish a base on the Mediterranean’s shores, and Libyan tribes would turn their guns on one another.

Citing unconfirmed Libyan intelligence reports, she asserted that the weapons-starved rebels had actually sold arms to the Islamist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. “When my father was there, see how safe Europe was and how safe Libya was?” she asked.

Ms. Qaddafi initially dismissed reports of the handful of nights two months ago when protesters took over the streets of Tripoli and almost every other big city, pulling down Qaddafi posters and burning police stations. Then, told that journalists had seen the evidence, she argued the destruction proved they were not civilian protesters but “saboteurs.”

She also appeared to dismiss witnesses’ accounts of Colonel Qaddafi’s forces shooting unarmed demonstrators. “I am not sure that happened,” she said. “But let’s say it did: it was limited in scope.”

As for her father’s state of mind, she said with a laugh that he was not worried at all. “He is as strong as the world knows him,” she said. “He is quite sure that the Libyan people are loyal to him.”

Her family still hoped, she said, to go back to its previous position, what she called “a return to normal.” But, she added, “of course we can expedite that if NATO will stop bombing us.”

A version of this article appeared in print on April 27, 2011, on page A1 of the New York edition with the headline: From Qaddafi Daughter, Glimpses of the Bunker.

watch video Colonel Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha gives rare insight into her family’s struggle (she fears that a bomb could take their life any day)
by David Kilpatrick, New York Times, Apr 26, 2011

watch video: Gaddafi’s daughter gives defiant speechNPR15 Apr 2011
Aisha Gadhafi delivered a defiant speech speech in Tripoli today, saying “The suggestion of Gaddafi stepping down is a provocation to all Libyans. “Gadhafi is not in Libya but in the hearts of Libyans“. Aisha made the public appearance at her father’s Bab al-Azizia compound, where since the beginning of the Allied airstrikes Gadhafi supporters have gathered to act as human shields. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan ordered airstrikes on the compound that reportedly killed one of Gadhafi’s daughters.

Just a few hours earlier, NATO warplanes had flown sorties over Tripoli. Explosions and responding gunfire and anti-aircraft fire echoed around the capital, destroying at least one military site and causing blast damage to a nearby university cafeteria. Aisha’s message was one of uncompromising defiance. Referring to the strike in 1986, she said: “They rained down on us their missiles and bombs, they tried to kill me and they killed dozens of children in Libya. Now a quarter of a century later the same missiles and bombs are raining down on the heads of my and your children“.

Below her was a statue of a giant golden fist crushing a western warplane in its grip. The throbbing crowd – mainly men, but including hundreds of women separated to one side – appeared intoxicated on love and loyalty. Reuters reports that Aisha said the West’s demand that her father step down was an “insult” to Libyans“. The event was held to mark the 25th anniversary of the U.S. airstrikes on the compound.

Six months later – on 30 April 2011 – Aisha’s baby daughter was killed by UN bombs – as were two of her nephews and one of her brothers. Gaddafi’s wife subsequently gave an interview to CNN on 27 May 2011 decrying the war-crime horror being inflicted on Libyan civilians by UN’s bombing of their country.

(UN bombs killed Gaddafi son & grandchildren)

Muammar Gaddafi calls for ceasefire & negotiation in Libyan TV address (as air strikes hit government complex in Libyan capital)
Guardian, Apr 30, 2011
Muammar Gaddafi called for a mutual ceasefire and negotiations with Nato powers in a live speech on state TV early on Saturday, while UN-NATO bombs struck a government complex in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. The targeted compound included the state television building, which was not damaged. Gaddafi spoke from an undisclosed location. In his rambling pre-dawn speech, the Libyan leader appeared subdued but defiant, repeatedly pausing as he flipped through handwritten notes. “The door to peace is open,” Gaddafi said, sitting behind a desk. “You are the aggressors. We will negotiate with you. Come France, Italy, UK, America, come, we will negotiate with you. Why are you attacking us?” He said Libyans had the right to choose their own political system, but not under the threat of UN-NATO bombings. “Why are you killing our children? Why are you destroying our infrastructure?,” he said.

Rebel leaders [UN-backed foreign Islamic-extremist terrorists] have said they will only lay down their arms and begin talks on Libya’s future after Gaddafi and his sons step aside. Gaddafi has repeatedly refused to resign. Reporters visiting the scene of the air strikes were told two damaged buildings housed a commission for women and children and offices of parliamentary staff.

One of at least three bombs or missiles knocked down a large part of a two-storey building. In another building, doors were blown out and ceiling tiles had dropped to the ground. One missile hit the street outside the attorney general’s office. A policeman said three people were wounded, one seriously….

Video: Libyan opposition rejects Gaddafi truce offer, al Jazeera, 30 Apr 2011
…The rejection came hours after Gaddafi announced in an address on state television that he would not leave Libya. But he added that he was ready for a truce once “all sides” are involved and UN-NATO stops attacking his forces. “We were the first to welcome a ceasefire and we were the first to accept a ceasefire…but the crusader UN-NATO attack has not stopped,” he said. “We did not attack them or cross the sea…why are they attacking us? Let us negotiate with you, the countries that attack us. Let us negotiate“….Gaddafi urged opposition fighters to lay down their weapons and said Libyans should not be fighting each other. He blamed the uprising on mercenaries and foreigners. “We cannot fight each other,” he said. “We are one family.” Gaddafi denied mass attacks on civilians and challenged UN-NATO to find him the names of 1,000 people who had been killed in the conflict. After the pre-dawn broadcast on Saturday, state television said UN-NATO warplanes had bombed a site in the Libyan capital, Tripoli next to the television building during Gaddafi’s address. “A building adjacent to the Jamahiriya building was bombed during the broadcast of Muammar Gaddafi’s speech and that implies a target on the leader of the revolution himself,” the report said.

Gaddafi calls for ceasefire as NATO strikes Tripoli, Wash Post, Saturday, April 30, 2011
Tripoli – Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi called for a ceasefire and negotiations with UN-NATO Saturday but refused to surrender power, as UN-alliance warplanes struck a government complex in the capital. In a rambling address on state television which began around 2:30 a.m. and lasted 80 minutes, Gaddafi appeared both calm and defiant, describing military intervention by UN-NATO, designed to protect civilians from his regime, as a massacre.

In Brussels, a UN-NATO official told the Associated Press the alliance needed “to see not words but actions,” and that UN-NATO would keep up the pressure until the U.N. Security Council mandate to protect Libyan civilians was fulfilled. Rebels [non-Libyan Islamic-extremist agent-provocateur mercenary UN-bakced al-Qaeda terrorists] also rejected Gaddafi’s offer of a ceasefire as “lies.”

The gate to peace is open,” Gaddafi said, sitting behind a desk and occasionally glancing at copious hand-written notes. “You are the aggressors. We will negotiate with you. Come, France, Italy, U.K., America, come, we will negotiate with you. “Why are you attacking us? Why are you killing our children? Why are you destroying our infrastructure?” he asked, while denying his forces had killed Libyan civilians.

As he spoke, UN-NATO warplanes attacked government buildings close to the television center in Tripoli in what the Libyan government described as an attempt to kill Gaddafi. The TV images briefly went black on three occasions but the signal was quickly restored and Gaddafi, speaking from an undisclosed location, carried on without interruption. The TV center was not damaged. The Libyan leader, who has ruled for more than four decades, said he would negotiate and uphold a ceasefire if UN-NATO “stopped its planes”. But even as he made the offer he appeared to dismiss the possibility, describing his enemies as al-Qaeda operatives who did not understand what a truce meant. He also refused to step down or leave the country as the rebels [UN-backed non-Libyan Islamic-extremist agent provocateur mercenary al-Qaeda terrorists] and the leaders of the United States, Britain and France demand. “I’m not leaving my country“, Gaddafi said. “No one can force me to leave my country and no one can tell me not to fight for my country“….

Gaddafi has made sporadic appearances since the start of the CIA fostered uprising- revolt against him on 17February  2011, mainly to dispel rumors he had fled, to declare how much support he commands in Libya or to demonstrate his defiance. Sitting in front of a painting of tribal horsemen, he spoke on the anniversary of a famous battle near his hometown of Sirte against the Italian occupation 96 years ago, a battle he says his grandfather was killed in. He described young rebels as children “tricked” by UN-NATO, and promised to reward them if they lay down their weapons. “When Libya returns as it was before this conspiracy, you’ll take cars,” he promised. “The money will come to you.”

Gaddafi son & 3 grandchildren killed in UN airstrike on Saturday, April 30th
Daily Mail, May 2, 2011
Crowds of Libyans have gathered in the capital today for the funeral of Colonel Gaddafi’s son and three grandchildren. Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, 29, and three of the Libyan leader’s grandchildren were apparently killed in a UN-NATO airstrike on a Tripoli compound on Saturday….Libyan officials accused UN-NATO of deliberating targeting people and trying to assassinate Gaddafi….2,000 people carrying flags and pictures of Gaddafi attended the funeral. They pumped their fists in the air and chanted pro-Gaddafi slogans. One placard read: ‘We are all with Gaddafi’s Libya’. Saif’s coffin, covered in flowers and wrapped in the green flag that has represented Libya since Gaddafi took power in a 1969 coup, was carried through the crowds to the grave at Hani cemetery. Colonel Gaddafi did not appear to be at the funeral but Saif al-Islam, his most prominent son, attended in dark tribal robes. Saif had no children, but three of his nieces and nephews were also said to have been killed in Saturday’s blast. They were the children of his siblings Hannibal, Aisha and Mohammed. The air raid has provoked renewed debate on whether the British and French-led strikes are exceeding a UN mandate to protect civilians. The South African government, which has led an African peace initiative, condemned the attack and said the UN resolution did not cover the assassination of individuals….

Mourners vow revenge as Gaddafi son buried, WashPost, May 3, 2011
…Saif al-Arab was killed in a NATO airstrike on his home on Saturday evening, along with a friend and three of Gaddafi’s grandchildren, ages 6 months to 2 years, Libya’s government says. They were the children of Gaddafi’s sons Mohammed and Hannibal and of his daughter, Aisha. The government says that Gaddafi and his wife were also in the residence at the time of the airstrike but escaped unharmed and that UN-NATO must have had some intelligence about the Libyan leader’s whereabouts, perhaps from an informer or from communications intercepts….

2,000 Gaddafi supporters attend funeral of son, Telegraph, May 2, 2011
Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, the leader’s second youngest son, was killed in an allied air strike on Saturday night. Col Gaddafi himself did not attend the funeral, but two of his other sons, Saif al-Islam, who has the highest profile and was seen as his father’s intended successor, and Hannibal were both seen in the crowd. Some mourners fired weapons into the air. Others chanted “revenge for the martyrs” and carried placards reading “We are all with Gaddafi’s Libya”, according to news organisations. The body, covered in a green cloth and with a wreath was delivered to the Al-Hani Cemetery in a black ambulance. Three of Gaddafi’s grandchildren, identified by the authorities as being a child each of Hannibal, their oldest brother, Mohammed, and their sister Aisha, were also buried…. Despite denials from Western leaders that the UN air raid on the Gaddafi compound was an assassination attempt, it has provoked renewed debate on whether the British and French-led strikes are exceeding the UN mandate to protect civilians.

UN bombs kill Gaddafi son & 3 grandchildren, Tripoli Post, May 2, 2011
Crowds mill around the coffin during the funeral of Seif al-Arab in Tripoli. Mourners shouted for revenge in the Libyan capital on Monday as some 2,000 people greeted a funeral procession carrying Muammar Al Qathafi’s second youngest son, Seif al-Arab who officials say was killed in a UN-NATO airstrike. The crowd, carrying flags and pictures of Al Qathafi attended the funeral. They pumped their fists in the air and chanted pro-Al Qathafi slogans as they jostled to get close to Seif’s coffin when it was taken out of a black hearse to a grave at Hani cemetery in Tripoli. One placard read: ‘We are all with Al Qathafi’s Libya.’ Some people prayed, some flashed victory signs and others shouted for revenge. “Revenge, revenge for you Libya,” chanted the crowd around the coffin, which was draped in the green Libyan flag and was topped with a wreath of flowers that were wilting in the heat. Saif’s coffin, covered in flowers and wrapped in the green flag that has represented Libya since Al Qathafi took power in a 1969 coup, was carried through the crowds to the grave. The mourners were led by the leader’s most prominent and oldest son, Seif al-Islam, wearing dark tribal robes, but the Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi did not appear to be at the funeral. Despite earlier claims, it was reported today that Seif al-Arab had no children, but three of his nieces and nephews were also said to have been killed in Saturday’s blast. They were the children of his siblings Hannibal, Ayesha and Mohammed.

Libyan officials said 29-year-old Seif al-Arab was killed late on Saturday along with three of Al Qathafi’s grandchildren when UN-NATO bombed the family’s compound in Tripoli. Muammar Al Qathafi and his wife were present during the attack but were unharmed, they said. The deaths triggered attacks by angry crowds on the British and French embassies, and the U.S. diplomatic mission in the capital. Libyan officials also accused UN-NATO of deliberating targeting people and trying to assassinate the Libyan leader.

It comes as government forces kept up its attacks on rebels, shelling the port area of Misurata with rockets and artillery and disrupting operations to bring supplies in by sea to the besieged city. The UN-NATO air raid has provoked renewed debate on whether the British and French-led strikes are exceeding a UN mandate to protect civilians. The South African government, which has led an African peace initiative, condemned the attack and said the UN resolution did not cover the assassination of individuals. ‘The attacks on leaders and officials can only result in the escalation of tensions and conflicts on all sides and make future reconciliation difficult,’ it said in a statement. Rocket barrages hit the Misurata port area Sunday as an aid ship was trying to unload. Libyan state TV claimed it was shelled to stop UN-NATO delivering weapons to rebels [non-Libyan Islamic-extremist agent-provacateur/mercenty terrorists]. Another aid ship was still waiting off the coast Monday for bombing to stop and mines to be cleared before it could try to deliver supplies and evacuate some 1,000 foreigners and wounded Libyan, according to the International Organisation for Migration. Spokesman Jean-Phillipe Chauzy said: ‘We will wait until Tuesday noon. We are still hoping that things will improve.’ Rights groups say hundreds of people, including many civilians, have been killed in Misurata. [Gaddafi government] Officials in Tripoli deny targeting civilians and claim they are fighting armed gangs and Al Qaeda sympathisers [UN-backed non-Libyan Islamic-extremist agent provocateur mercenary terrorists].

Gaddafi says “give us peace” in speech hours before son & grandchildren die, Sunday Mail, 01 May 2011
Colonel Gaddafi called for a ceasefire and negotiations with UN-NATO in a bizarre speech on state TV yesterday. In the rambling predawn address, which lasted for more than an hour, he said: “The door to peace is open. You are the aggressors. We will negotiate with you. Come, France, Italy, UK, America, come, we will negotiate with you. Why are you killing our children?“.

The Libyan leader continued to deny that his forces had killed any of his countrymen, even as government shells rained down on the rebelheld town of Misrata yesterday. Despite his plea for peace, Gaddafi appeared to dismiss the possibility of a ceasefire, saying his enemies were al Qaeda operatives who did not understand what a truce meant. He also claimed the rebels were children “tricked” by UN-NATO promises and attempted to bribe them to give up their weapons. He said: “When Libya returns as it was, before this conspiracy, you’ll take cars… the money will come to you.”

Rebel leaders [UN-backed foreign Islamic-extremist terrorists] have said they will only lay down their arms after Gaddafi and his family step down but he refuses to resign. UN-NATO later rejected the ceasefire call saying they need “actions not words”. And they vowed to continue operations until all attacks and threats against civilians have ceased. Gaddafi’s speech came as the latest UN-NATO air strikes targeted Tripoli, including the state television building. Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim denounced the strikes as a crime and alleged they were meant to kill Gaddafi as it was known he was to make a live TV address. A government complex was also hit and reporters visiting the scene were told the damaged buildings included a commission for women and children.

UN barbarically bombing Libyan people/homes/schools/gov’t
(UN killing civilians goes unreported; conspiracy of silence)
Supporters worry about Gaddafi after bombing
(not seen since UN killed son & grandchildren)
Watch Funeral held for Gaddafi’s youngest son Saif al-Arab
(visible emotion on face of elder brother Saif-al-Islam)

Three explosions as UN jets overfly Tripoli, MSN, May 4, 2011
Three explosions have been heard as jets overflew the Libyan capital Tripoli, days after the regime said Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi escaped an air strike that killed one of his sons. Gunfire rang out following the second strike early on Wednesday. A witness said that there were three explosions in total, and that smoke could be seen rising from one of the sites in eastern Tripoli. Early on Sunday, government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said that Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, one of the Libyan leader’s sons, and three of his grandchildren were killed in a UN-NATO airstrike that he termed a bid to assassinate the strongman. An international UN-coalition began carrying out strikes on forces loyal to Gaddafi on 19 March 2011, under a United Nations mandate to protect civilians in the country. UN-NATO took command of operations over Libya on March 31.

Gaddafi not seen in public since son & granchildren killed, Reuters, 03 May 2011
USA intelligence officials believe Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who has not been seen in public since a UN-NATO missile attack reportedly killed his son, is still alive, CIA Director Leon Panetta told NBC television on Tuesday. “The best intelligence we have is that he’s still alive,” Panetta said in an interview with NBC News. Gaddafi, who seized power in a 1969 coup, has not been seen in public since a UN-NATO missile attack on Saturday struck a house in his compound in Tripoli. Libyan officials said Gaddafi survived, but his youngest son and three grandchildren were killed. UN-NATO could not confirm the reports that Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, had been killed….Critics say UN-NATO has already overstepped its mandate with Saturday night’s attack on the Tripoli house. UN-NATO insists it targets only military installations and was not attempting to assassinate the Libyan leader.

Watch Funeral held for Gaddafi’s youngest sonBBC, 02 May  2011
Amid some chaotic scenes and under the eye of UN-NATO planes that circled above, they held a funeral today. The remains of Saif al Arab were accompanied by one of the more prominent elder brothers, Saif al Islam, by now well known to western cameras. He is travelling in a heavily armoured vehicle with tight, close protection. His family feel threatened, though not within this fervent support….The crowds were vocal, around 2,000 came….We were given all the access we wanted, crowds were even pushed aside as we fought our way to the gravesite….They took great care lowering Saif al Arab into the ground and there was visible emotion on his brother’s face as the covered remains were interred. Nontheless Saif al Islam left this funeral displaying all the defiance of the Gaddafi family. There is no sign they are ready to stand aside.

Watch Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim announce death of Gaddafi’s youngest son & 3 grandchildren, BBC, Apr 30, 2011
Mr Saif al Arab, known as Aruba to most Libyans, who is the youngest of the leader’s children was attacked tonight with full power. The leader with his wife was there in the house with other friends and relatives. The attack resulted in the martyrdom of brother Saif al Arab, 29 years old, and 3 of the leader’s grandchildren. The leader himself is in good health, he wasn’t harmed; his wife also is in good health, she wasn’t harmed; and other people were injured in the attack. This was a direct operation to assassinate the leader of this country. This isnot permitted by international law, it is not permitted by any moral code or principle. If people claim that they want to protect civilians we have again and again declared that we are ready for negotiation, ready for roadmaps for peace, ready for political transitional periods, ready for elections, ready for referendum. UN-NATO does not care to test our promises, the west does not care to test our statements. They only care to rob us of our freedom, our wealth, which is oil, and our right to decide our future as Libyans.

  Aischa's martyred Husband, Ahmed

Picture to the right is Aicha’s martyred husband Ahmed, who was killed against in NATO action in JULY 2011.
From Gaddafi daughter a glimpse inside the bunker
(tells children bedtime stories about afterlife)
Gaddafi daughter taunts Obama & Hillary Clinton
(achieved nothing/stayed with cheating husband)

Gaddafi safe after bombs hit office library complex
(VIP room where African Union delegation met)
UN targeting Gaddafi for assassination
(3 civilians dead/45 wounded; 15 seriously)
Pakistan demands end to UN-USA drone attacks
(Hellfire missiles killing civilians, not Taliban)
Apr 25-May 24, 2011

On 20 MAY 2011, a huge quake of 8.3 was registered in the Nafusa Green Western Mountains…Apparently NATO thought that Muammar Gaddafi was staying in an underground bunker there. They used a nuclear depleted uranium tipped “bunker-buster” B3 supplied by the U.K.

UN warplanes continue bombing pro-Gaddafi-gov’t people
(dropped 7,500 bombs on Libya in 20,000 flights so far)

watch Bunker-buster bombs in action
(explode deep underground after penetrating surface)

(79th day of UN bombing; 10,000+ bombs dropped)
watch Raw video of Gaddafi son Saif/cheering supporters
(this is our country/the people are with us/we will win)
watch Gaddafi son Saif is safe in Tripoli, not captured

(press conference/victory sign/father safe)
UN-backed anti-Gaddafi al-Qaeda terrorist rebels storm Tripoli

(hooligan ‘rebels’ deface Gaddafi portrait/capture 3 sons)
NATO bombers backing UN-backed anti-Libya al-Qaeda rebels

(air assaults drop 5,000-pound bunker-buster bombs)
Anti-Gaddafi rebels are nothing without UN bombs
(only under cover of UN do cowards have courage)
UN answers criticism over civilian deaths in Libya
(Q: Does bombing civilians overstep your UN mandate?)

(UN: “All bombs we drop on Libya protect civilians”)
YouTube/News, Aug 20-27, 2011
Doublethink & MiniPax & Destruction & BB Tells Why

(Orwell 1984: “If you want a picture of the future,
imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever”)
UN/UK bunker-buster bombs blast Gaddafi hometown Sirte

(cost: bombs $2-million each; jets $75,000/hr)

16.MiniTrue & 12.MiniPeace & 22.Doublethink

Massive UN bombs cause death/damage civilian Tripoli
(defiant Gaddafi requests dialogue with Americans)
UN-backed al-Qaeda-rebels execute Libyan civilians

(hands behind back/bullets to head/streams of blood)

watch Gaddafi speaks to cheering crowds on TV by phone
(“he is a father for all Libyans”)

(Libyan people aren’t brainwashed or mad – they LOVE Gaddafi)
UN-NATO is urging Libyans to kill fellow Libyans
(majority of Libya remains faithful to Gaddafi)
Mu flags
Captured Libyan officer defiantly defends supreme leader Gaddafi
(Gaddafi is strong/safe/has support of key tribes)
Gaddafi turns tables on UK head Cameron over anti-gov’t riots

(say Cameron step down over violence to peaceful protesters)
UN bombs massacre 85 Libyan civilians in farmyard homes


(UN denies civilian deaths/insists bombs “protect” civilians)

(Gaddafi a prophet/revolutionary/fighter/visionary leader)
STOP BOMBING LIBYA & negotiate with Gaddafi”

(“bombing isn’t working/diplomacy only answer” says France…






Watch Canada helped Gaddafi build Libya’s Man-Made River
(now helping United Nations bomb it)
Canada company building Libya water pipeline halted
(equipment worth $11-million won’t be shipped to Libya)

UN wants to bomb Libya’s Man-Made River water system
(say Gaddafi hiding weapons in irrigation tunnels)

Serious water shortage in Libya from UN bombing
(UN now providing imported bottled water)
Harvesting Libya’s hidden water with Holland’s help
(UN bombs damaged Great Man-Made River water flow)
Oman/Tripoli, 03 Sept. 2011

UN war on Libya now water-shortage humanitarian disaster
(no fuel/power to pump Man-Made-River wells/reservoirs)

Listen to JACKIE JURA RADIO INTERVIEW talking “1984”
(explaing about Gaddafi building Great Man-Made River)
Patrick Timpone/One Radio Network, Aug 18, 2011
1.Winston’s Diary



(“eighth wonder of the world”)
Libya war seriously hurting Canadian water pipeline company
(equipment worth $11-million can’t be delivered)

Ministry of Plenty (Starvation) & BB Tells Why

UNICEF/AP, Aug 27-28, 2011

Gadaffi the man behind the Great Man-Made River
(5,000-km water-pipeline from 1,000 desert wells)
Mar 25-Apr 18, 2011




Libya running out of water
(UN agency trucking in bottled water from Tunisia)
(images over soundtrack of Jackie Jura interview)

UN warplanes targeting Libya’s Great Man-Made River
(water source for all humans/animals/crops in Libya)
(equivalent to flow of 200-years of water in the Nile)

UN warplanes bomb major Libyan oilfield & pipeline
(against international law & UN resolution)

UN-backed terrorist-rebels destroy Libya oil/electricity pipeline
(aim to starve/displace people/cause humanitarian crisis)
Watch Gaddafi son Saif interview at 5th month of UN war
(a media war from day one: lies/rumours/false reports;
why only bomb Libya? cash/oil/very delicious piece of cake)
NP/Telegraph/NYT, Aug 8-11, 2011

(people can watch & learn what’s going on)






MiniPeace & SuperStates & Reality Control

INTERPOL (UN Police) issues Gaddafi arrest warrants

(UN also wants Gaddafi son Saif & Gaddafi’s wife’s brother)
SkyNews/Reuters,  09Sept 2011

Gaddafi wanted dead or alive – $1.7-million bounty

(amnesty/reward to anyone capturing or killing Gaddafi)

(transformed Libya from tribal kingdom to modern state)
Contradictions in UN bombing mission to ‘protect civilians’
(thousands of Libyan civilians killed/injured/now refugees)
157 bombs obliterate Gaddafi home compound/desert tent
(proof UN targeting Gaddafi for assassination)
Audio Gaddafi vows to never surrender; never leave Libya
(tells gutless UN cowards to go back to their countries)
Gaddafi “will not kneel”
(UN attacks not about civilians/democracy/peace in Libya)

UN bombs hit Gaddafi home compound & Libya parliament
(UN-NATO ‘fuck’ head Fogh Rasmussen ‘protecting civilians’)
Gaddafi daughter sues UN-NATO over war-crime air strikes
(bombs killed civilian baby daughter/nephews/brother)
UN bombs killed 718 Libyan civilians; wounded 4,067
(UN says bombing civilians protects civilians;
UN refuses Gaddafi’s repeated calls for ceasefire)
Directing Libya airstrikes “like playing computer game”

(E-3D spy planes orbit 30,000-feet above battlefield;
our job is to speed up the kill chain“)
UN prepares ‘bunker-buster’ bombs for Libya assault
(2,000-pound bombs will target Gaddafi)


Helicopter gunships to join UN war on Libya
(urban-area Hellfire missiles/nose-mounted cannon)
UN jets bombed Gaddafi compound all week
(not known if Gaddafi was home)
Gaddafi’s wife Safia lashes out at UN 
(bombs killed son; committing war crimes in Libya)
NYT/CNN/BBC/Tel/Guard/GM, May 27-Jun 9, 2011



UN daily bombing of pro-Gaddafi desert towns continues
(200 special forces electronically hunting Gaddafi)

UN-backed rebels warn Libyan civilians to surrender
(UN-rebels prepare to attack pro-Gaddafi oasis towns)

Watch spokesman Ibrahim defend Gaddafi as leader 
(people scared Libya next Iraq/Somalia/Afghanistan)
Watch Gaddafi’s son Saif’s interview in Tripoli
(so-called rebels foreign terrorist group, not Libyan)
Watch Muammar Gaddafi’s interview in Tripoli
(media reports are a lie 100%)
Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha waves green flag for father
(denies false reports of leaving Libya)
Two loud explosions at Gaddafi’s Tripoli residence
(UN-NATO planes were seen firing missiles)
UN-USA Hercules gunships blast Libyan ground

(largest airborne gun in world; 10 tons ammunition)
Libya says UN-NATO terrorizing & killing civilians
(global plot wants to put Libya on its knees)
Follow UN’s illegal immoral war on Libya: in maps
(day by day airstrikes; ground attacks)
USA Sec’y Defense in Russia while bombing Libya
(blames civilian casualties on Libyan civilians)
Jewish billionaire’s fingerprints on Libya bombing
(global organization behind military doctrine R2P)

UN-backed al-Qaeda ‘rebels’ say Gaddafi surrounded
(UN-rebels getting ready to capture or kill Gaddafi)
TripPost/BBC, 07 Sept.  2011

Gadhafi’s daughter gives birth to baby while on run, AP, 30 Aug. 2011

Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha gives birth to healthy baby girl (names her Safiya after her mother)
by Habib Toumi, Gulf News, Aug 30, 2011
Manama: Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s daughter, Aisha, gave birth to a baby girl just hours after being allowed into Algeria, alongside her mother Safiya, brothers Mohammad and Hannibal, nieces, nephews and helpers. “Aisha gave birth to the girl at around 2 am,” Algerian daily Echorouk reported in its online edition on Monday. “The baby was named after her grandmother Safiya, and both she and the mother are doing fine, unlike media reports that the mother was in a critical condition,” according to the report. Echorouk reported that a seven-vehicle convoy carrying 31 asylum seekers, including members of the Gaddafi family, had arrived from Libya to Illizi, the province bordering Libya but had to wait for around 12 hours before they were allowed in. Echorouk, quoting sources it did not identify, reported that Aisha was nine-month pregnant and was in a critical condition, a fact that weighed heavily in the decision made by the Algerian authorities to provide assistance and allow the convoy in on humanitarian ground. The daily said that Algeria also based its decision to receive the high-profile fugitives on the fact that neither Gaddafi’s wife nor two sons or daughter were wanted by the The Hague-based International Criminal Court. The court had approved warrants for the arrest of Gaddafi, his son Saif Al Islam, and Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah Al Senoussi on charges of crimes against humanity. The family members and their helpers are expected to remain in Illizi. The sources ruled out they would be moved up to Algiers, the capital. Libyan rebels, however, are now demanding that Algeria return the fugitives for trial.

watch Gaddafi radio speech to Libyans listen
(millions braved UN bombs to show support)

Watch Gaddafi banner biggest in world/see from space

Gaddafi in radio broadcast vows to defeat UN-NATO
(we are in our country determined to stay & defend it)
Listen Gaddafi’s speech by phone to Libyan people
Thousands shout WE LOVE GADDAFI in Green Square

Gaddafi’s son Saif says Libya will hold elections
(the people will decide; may the best man win)
Jun 18-20, 2011

(BTW in contradiction to what the Western ‘Coalition’ “Powers” were asking, Muammar al-Qathafi held NO Political Office what-so-ever;

but he remained the Supreme Commander of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA Armed Forces (which he still holds up to this day).

Also, to say “GADDAFI-REGIME” is very erroneous, as the people held all power and the Law of the Land was the Holy Quran—nothing man-conceived; and was not Muammar al-Qathafi but rather God/ALLAH as the Supreme Head of the Nation…as no man ruled over the peoples (who had Popular Congresses and People’s Committtess which the people themselves  formed, organised and adopted for all matters).

Gaddafi spokesman offers peace bid to UN-backed rebel-gov’t
(UN refuses negotiate/continues bombing/executing Libyans)

UN-UK jets bombing Gaddafi hometown loyalists
(bombing Libyans to protect Libyans from Gaddafi)

Thousands killed battling for Gaddafi’s hometown
(UN bombers backing Al-Qaeda terrorist ‘rebels’)
BritishForcesNews/Telegraph, Sep 3, 2011

Hundreds-thousands rally in Gaddafi hometown Sirte
(people feel safe with leader Gaddafi)
Gaddafi radio broadcasts inspire millions of supporters
(we are in our own home/we will fight to the last drop)
Obomba won’t stop bombing Libya unless Gaddafi leaves
(UN says UN-backed anti-Gaddafi ‘rebels’ are new gov’t)
UN drops strange new bombs on residential Tripoli all night
(earthquake/mushroom-cloud/stink/burn skin/headache/panic)
UN Weapons of Mass Destruction are Instruments of Peace
(UN-head says “UN warplanes do not kill, they protect lives”)
Watch Millions of Libyan civilians rally supporting Gaddafi
(people love Gaddafi; defiant against foreign intervention)
Gaddafi willing to develop peaceful ties with Europe/UK/USA
(return to your countries/withdraw from Libya air/waters)
UN plans steal Libya $-billions & hand to UN-backed rebels
(UN-military on ground training/arming anti-Gaddafi rebels)

USA-Obama ok’s use of Predator drones in Libya
(UN warns civilians to stay away)

Proper pilotless Predator drone protocol
(raining all kinds of hell from console in basement)
Israel thanks USA for $205-million for missile-dome
(USA gives Israel $3-trillion per year for weapons)

Is UN adventure in Libya simply helping al-Qaeda?
(like what Lenin described as useful idiots)
UN warplanes in 3,000 bombing missions on Libya so far
(helping al-Qaeda terrorists attack Gaddafi gov’t)

Gaddafi accepts African Union ‘peace roadmap’
(calls on UN to cease fire & give peace a chance)
Foreign Islamic-extremist fighters behind ‘rebellion’ in Libya
(Gaddafi right: rebels are al Qaeda terrorists, not Libyan)

Canada politicians & media silent about bombing Libya
(role in UN-war not mentioned in election campaign)
Gaddafi spokesman Ibrahim a UK-loving true-believer
(no need for UN airstrikes; a crime against humanity)
UN-controlled Libyan oilfield now shipping oil to China
(UN recognizes non-Libyan terrorist ‘rebels’ as gov’t)
UN bombing creating humanitarian/environmental disaster

Since then, an arrest warrent was issued for Aischa, her brother Hannibal (who was a civilian Shipper) and her brother, Major-General SAADI. They killed her other brother Dr. Billah Moutassem after being interrogated in Misurata for 2 days with Gen.Abu Baker-Younis (after they were captured in Sirte at Dr. Billah’s professional offices), and falsified the death of their father (wherein the world was told Muammar Gaddafi was shot dead…a totally false scenario; but fed, and believed by, the entire world!).

MUAMMAR al-Qathafi remains to be the Supreme Commander of the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya.

Muammar al-Qathafi, Supreme Commander

Mu in Navy uniform

God is Great Above the Agressor!

Evening withstand challenge evening evening Ezz evening the evening

Shoumoukh dignity O free O sons Bomenaar the O honest to Libya Great withstand the to victory Baaaazn God.

Gaddafi Sniperالجيش الاكتروني (حملة الدفاع عن ليبيا عبر الانترنت)

Campaign raise flags green over public institutions and government campaign begins at dawn Saturday and will be through writing on the walls of schools, universities and institutions slogans against the government of customers and will raise flags green on all public institutions to prove to جردان we are and God is above the KDE aggressor.

Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only) Comment and pictures on the walls of our Commander in Ben Guerdane: Muammar kissing Koran 2  Muammar kisses Koran Koran and prayer beads

اقسم بالله العظيم ان اعمل جاهدا لعودة الشرعيه الليبيه لنصابها الصحيح ولن اخون ولن استسلم ولن اساوم ولن نتخلى عن قيادتنا التاريخيه بقيادة سيدي القائد معمر القدافي وسنجاهد بكل ما نملك حتى نطهر الارض والوطن الغالي من العملاء ومن الخونه والجردان ومن اعوانهم والله على ما اقول شهيد

“I swear by Almighty God that I work so hard for the return of legitimate Libyan straight and will not betray not surrendered and will not Asawm will not give up our leadership, led by Sir historical leader Muammar Gaddafi and Snjahid everything we have to purify the ground and dear homeland from customers and traitors and Jardan the and their associates And God is witness to what I say.”

Holy Quaran oath


Colonel Muammar Al Qathafi

The New York Times

19 January 2003

“A man of peace, a defender of human rights”

 JACKIE JURA writes:

“One of the first articles I read about Gaddafi and Libya (in my quest to educate myself on the latest BIG BROTHER UN war my country is involved in) was by a journalist who interviewed Gaddafi outside his tent in 2003. It’s a compassionate and informative overview of the man, his country and his people and for the benefit of ORWELL TODAY readers I’ve excerpted it below with photos interjected at pertinent passages.”

~ Jackie Jura

(edited from: SCOTT ANDERSON)

Wearing a gold robe and matching cap, Muammar el-Qathafi — “the Leader,” as he is universally referred to in Libya — paces a well-worn strip of land beside his tent. He stares down at the bare earth as he walks, stopping occasionally to gaze up into the surrounding trees. His is the preoccupied walk of a philosopher thinking deep thoughts, or of an actor memorizing his lines. An aide separates from the small pack of functionaries and bodyguards who have approached and hurries to Qaddafi’s side. He clasps Qaddafi’s elbow in an oddly collegial way and whispers in his ear. The Leader abruptly turns then, as if taking notice of his visitors for the first time. He is an imposing man, about six feet tall with a still-athletic build, and though his mouth is fixed in a tentative half-smile, there is something wary in his manner. His eyes are hidden behind brown-tinted sunglasses. “Welcome, thank you for coming,” he says in English as we shake hands, making it sound as if this was all his idea. His smile broadens, and he places his right hand over his heart, a traditional Arab gesture of friendship and greeting. “Welcome.” A white plastic table and three plastic patio chairs have been arranged in the shade of a nearby tree, and we sit there together with his interpreter while the rest of the entourage retreats to a discreet distance. As Qaddafi settles in, a retainer quietly comes forward to hand him a homemade fly whisk, several sprigs of rosemary held together by a crumpled sheet of aluminum foil. Beneath his gold robe, the Leader wears dark socks and ostrich-skin slippers. It has been 33 years since Muammar el-Qaddafi came to power in Libya — and for nearly as long the West has been trying to write his epitaph.
…(Qaddafi) wants to create a pan-African confederation modeled along the lines of the European Union…. (He) now advocates the forming of one nation where Jews and Palestinians would live together in peace. “It is no longer acceptable or reasonable to say that the Jews should be thrown into the sea,” he explains. “Even if you could do it, it’s not acceptable. The solution is to join the two — Israelis and Palestinians — into one state, because once a state like this is established, then the interests of both sides are fulfilled.” He pauses, gives a slight shrug. “They can call it Israetine.” There is also the hint that this new spirit of moderation has carried over into Qaddafi’s personal life. Supposedly freed from the daily demands of governance — he continues only as the nation’s spiritual leader, he says, with no official powers — he is able to indulge in life’s simpler pleasures. “I have time now for horseback riding,” he says. “I’ve always liked horses. Also, I enjoy hunting sometimes, and I do quite a lot of reading. Also, going on the Internet. I have a Web site.” But certainly the most significant changes have been the overtures Qaddafi has made toward the United States. He was among the first Arab leaders to denounce the Sept. 11 attacks, and he lent tacit approval to the American-led invasion of Afghanistan. To the astonishment of other Arab leaders, he reportedly shared his intelligence files on Al Qaeda with the United States to aid in the hunt for its international operatives. “It is strange,” he muses, with an enigmatic smile, “as far as Libya is concerned, that we find ourselves today in one trench fighting one common enemy with America.”

…Qaddafi (is) one of the Middle East’s most astute and visionary thinkers — as many throughout the developing world believe….Qaddafi’s official residence in Tripoli lies in the innermost ring of the Bab el-Azziziya Barracks in the southern suburbs. Other residences exist for the famously peripatetic Leader in other parts of Libya, but it is here that he normally conducts his business when in Tripoli. The barracks is virtually a city unto itself, a sprawling warren of walls and fortified bunkers and multistory buildings, and in its alleyways young children — presumably the offspring of billeted officers — play soccer and ride bikes. At the heart of the compound, past three rings of checkpoints manned by black-bereted commandos and plainclothes security men, is Qaddafi’s inner sanctum, a roughly circular plot of land of some 10 acres girdled by watchtowers and an eight-foot concrete wall. It is a surprisingly modest complex, bordering on the ratty, dominated by a round, dome-shaped building that resembles nothing as much as one of those awkward visitors’ centers built in American national parks during the 60’s. Off to one corner is Qaddafi’s Bedouin tent, a sprawling, low-slung affair, with an RV parked alongside. Upon this humble tableau, the Leader has added a few embellishments. Eight camels wander about the unkempt grounds, while just outside the tent three oversize birdhouses accommodate a flock of homing pigeons. A few hundred yards away is another curious sight: a three-story building with much of its facade shorn off, dangling ceiling tiles and electrical wires visible through its gaping holes. At one time, this was Qaddafi’s official residence in Bab el-Azziziya. On the morning of April 15, 1986, however, American warplanes destroyed the building…; the attack took the life of Qaddafi’s adopted 15-month-old daughter and very nearly killed the Leader himself. Ever since, the ruins have been preserved as a kind of monument to American perfidy — with the implicit suggestion that Qaddafi, too, has been the victim of terrorism — and are a favored backdrop for his infrequent media appearances. Sitting with Qaddafi is an odd experience.

He still possesses enough of the androgynous good looks and theatrical flair from his heyday in the 70’s and 80’s to make him instantly recognizable. From certain angles, he bears an eerie resemblance to that other aging former bad-boy celebrity, Mick Jagger. Yet there is a kind of studied languor about Qaddafi that, initially, seems quite at odds with his firebrand reputation. As he sat at the table outside his tent, he spoke in a soft whisper, barely above a mumble, and his gestures were noticeably slow and deliberate…. proof of his mystic, otherworldly aura — or, for that matter, a bit of role-playing designed to produce that aura? In repose, he tilts his chin up….the official line that lists him as a doting husband and father to his seven children….
… Behind the partial camouflage of his sunglasses and despite the aloof tilt of his head, he keeps intent watch over whoever is before him. As he grows more comfortable in a conversation, his voice takes on timbre and his gestures become more animated, and he will even occasionally indulge in a bit of self-deprecating wit. What emerges is the portrait of an extremely guarded and deliberate man, one who reveals of himself only what he wants to. In fact, this has always been a hallmark of his personality. In the wake of the 1969 junior-officers coup that brought him to power, Qaddafi, then a mere 27-year-old lieutenant in the signal corps, waited for more than a week before publicly announcing himself as its leader. And it was subsequently disclosed that this had been no spur-of-the-moment power grab but rather a conspiracy more than a decade in the making, dating all the way back to the day a teenage Qaddafi picked up a copy of the Egyptian President Gamal Nasser’s revolutionary treatise “Philosophy of the Revolution” and began planning his own Nasserite revolt with like-minded schoolmates. However much this tale, with its curious blend of zeal and caution, has been officially embroidered, it is obviously the way Qaddafi wishes to be viewed: implacable, a careful schemer, a man who likes to keep others in the dark for as long as possible.

“My very first impression of him was that he was extraordinarily intelligent,” recalls David Mack, a junior American diplomat in Libya at the time of the 1969 coup and now the vice president of the Middle East Institute in Washington. “He clearly had this very strong charismatic hold over the other junior officers, and he spoke in this high, literary Arabic form that was very unusual among Libyans. But there was also something quite strange about him. He possessed a near-total recall from one meeting to the next, but at the same time he seemed to have a hard time keeping his attention focused. In the middle of meetings, you’d feel him just kind of drift off, and it was very difficult to tell what it meant.”
…. in a nation of about five million people, it seems few Libyans have ever actually seen the Leader in person — so I carefully watched the interactions between him and his immediate retinue, the small handful of men who deal with him on a daily basis…. Among those around Qaddafi, by contrast, there was an excited air that veered toward the giddy, as if they were in the presence of some A-list celebrity and still couldn’t quite believe their good luck. It would be hard to imagine any nation that has undergone a more radical transformation than Libya has under Qaddafi. As late as the 1950’s, it ranked as one of the poorest nations on earth — and one of the most thoroughly dominated by foreigners. Whatever wealth did exist lay largely in the hands of some 110,000 Italian “settlers,” while a pliant, Western-installed king had made the nation home to a profusion of foreign military bases, including Wheelus Field, the biggest American air base outside the United States.

Even the exploitation of vast oil deposits in the eastern desert only accelerated Libya’s vassal status, with huge tracts of the country going under lease to Western oil companies. For a young Arab nationalist like Qaddafi, the son of a Bedouin shepherd and the first member of his family to attend secondary school, the way forward was clear: revolution. “We couldn’t even consider Libya an independent country at that time,” he recalled, referring to his fellow conspirators in the 1969 coup. “We felt it was our duty to liberate the country from the foreigners.” With broad popular support, Colonel Qaddafi and his Revolutionary Command Council shut down the foreign bases and ordered the Italian settlers from the country; in grisly payback for Mussolini’s savage colonial war of the 1920’s, in which an estimated quarter of the Libyan population died, they ordered the graves of Italian soldiers dug up and their bodies hauled away. When the foreign oil companies balked at Libyan demands for a greater share of profits, the military junta simply began nationalizing the oil fields. At the same time, Qaddafi set out to propel his country into the 20th century.

Bankrolled by a flood of oil money, schools and clinics and public housing complexes were built in the most remote reaches of the nation, sparking a sweeping social transformation that vastly enhanced the average Libyan’s standard of living. In deference to the conservative Muslim clerics who still held great sway, alcohol and Western music were banned, but at the same time, Qaddafi brought about the emancipation of women; today, many urban women in Libya have dispensed with even the minimal Muslim head scarf and, according to Libyan authorities, women compose slightly more than half of all university students. In a land riven by fierce clan loyalties and regional factionalism, such massive social upheaval naturally sparked resistance, and Qaddafi made it clear he wasn’t interested in any free-ranging debate.
As intrigues and coup attempts multiplied, Qaddafi developed a pattern of constantly transferring military and government officials from post to post and endlessly redrawing administrative boundaries — inflicting a certain chaos on the country but also ensuring that no one had the means to build a power base….To all this, the American government was initially sanguine. Under the Nixon administration, the United States was primarily interested in Qaddafi’s strong anti-Communist stance — and, of course, Libya’s light, low-sulfur crude — so what the colonel chose to do in his spare time was considered his business.
According to published reports, the American ambassador in Tripoli went so far as to betray a group of coup-plotting officers in the Libyan Army in 1971, first professing support for their plan and then handing their names over to Qaddafi. But then Qaddafi’s ambitions began to spill over Libya’s borders. Taking up the mantle of pan-Arab leader, Qaddafi zealously pursued the dream of forming a United Arab Republic with a host of other Middle Eastern and African countries….Throughout the region in the 70’s came persistent accusations of internal meddling by Libyan agents, including the financing of guerrilla groups and assassination squads. By the end of that decade, Libya had fought wars with Egypt and Chad and had been accused of fomenting revolt in Tunisia. What truly drew American ire, however, was Qaddafi’s leadership role in the devastating 1973 Arab oil embargo….
In the wake of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, Libya became a safe haven for a variety of violent Palestinian guerrilla groups, notably Abu Nidal’s Fatah Revolutionary Council, which used the country as a base for brazen attacks against targets in Western Europe. At the same time, Qaddafi was tilting Libya into the Warsaw Pact camp, buying billions of dollars of sophisticated Soviet weaponry and inviting in Soviet advisers, while giving support to a host of armed “liberation movements” around the world, including leftist guerrillas in Angola and Mozambique, the I.R.A. in Northern Ireland, the Basque group ETA in Spain and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines.

By the end of the 70’s, training camps situated in the Libyan desert were home to a virtual model United Nations of malcontents — reportedly including Japanese Red Army “soldiers” next to Yemeni socialists next to members of West Germany’s Baader-Meinhof Gang –….And through it all was the smiling countenance of Muammar el-Qaddafi in his sunglasses and outlandish costumes, hobnobbing with Idi Amin, playing gracious host in Tripoli to visitors seemingly handpicked off Interpol’s most-wanted list. “I think he was enjoying himself immensely,” says Mansour El-Kikhia, a Libyan emigre who teaches international relations at the University of Texas in San Antonio and who has long been one of Qaddafi’s staunchest critics. “Think of it. You have $10 billion a year at your disposal to do with what you want. Every word you utter is God-given. Twenty-four hours a day, you see your face plastered everywhere….”
…By the 80’s, however, Qaddafi had drawn the enmity of a powerful new adversary in President Ronald Reagan. While diplomatic relations with Libya had been scaled back under President Carter, Reagan severed them completely and then set out to lure Qaddafi into a confrontation by testing Libyan territorial claims off the country’s Mediterranean coast. When Qaddafi took the bait, American planes shot down two Libyan fighters. Before the end of his first year in office, Reagan ordered all Americans remaining in Libya — some 1,500, mostly oil workers — to leave or face legal action, and in 1982 he placed a blanket embargo on Libyan oil.
The next year, Palestinian terrorists hijacked the Achille Lauro, an Italian cruise ship, killing one elderly American. The mastermind was later given a hero’s welcome in Tripoli, and the United States charged Libya with involvement in the operation…. On April 5, 1986,…precipitated the American bombing that destroyed Qaddafi’s home in the Bab el-Azziziya Barracks….

Mary-Jane Deeb, an Arab specialist at the Library of Congress, says: “Certainly, the U.N. sanctions were a big factor, in that Libya was now a true pariah state. Qaddafi could no longer play the David versus Goliath game, because the whole world was against him. At the same time, world oil prices had dropped significantly, so he simply didn’t have the kind of money to throw around like before, and the sanctions compounded this by making everything much more expensive in Libya. Also, Qaddafi has just gotten older. He is no longer the young firebrand he once was, and if not wiser, he has certainly grown more sedate. I think for a long time he has yearned to be seen as a kind of elder statesmen in the region, and that can’t happen when you’ve been essentially quarantined.”
“The history of mankind is not fixed,” [al-Qathafi] offered, “and it does not go at one pace. Sometimes it moves at a steady pace, and sometimes it is very fast. It is very flexible all the time. The past stage was the era of nationalism — of the identity of one nation — and now, suddenly, that has changed. It is the era of globalization, and there are many new factors which are mapping out the world.” In the heart of Tripoli lies Green Square, a massive expanse of asphalt illuminated late into the night by powerful floodlights. In the evenings, flower sellers line the curb to offer their wares, and half a dozen photographers — each with his own brightly-painted ornamental carriage and sad-looking baby gazelle — patiently await customers. Despite these small touches of life, the overall sensation is of standing in an emptying stadium parking lot.
On one side of Green Square is the old Ottoman citadel, now a very fine archaeological museum, and immediately behind it lies the old medina, a vast labyrinth of alleys and small shops that still retain some of the exoticness of old North Africa. On the wall leading into the medina are two enormous banners, one depicting a map of Africa with Libya outlined in a golden light and the other showing a stern-faced Qaddafi looming sphinxlike over a desert scene. While such personality-cult icons are a common feature of many Arab and African nations, those in Libya are fundamentally different. Rather than merely extolling the virtues or eternal wisdom of the leader, nearly all the Qaddafi icons carry a broader exhortation to the Libyan people, with the Leader’s unsmiling visage serving as a kind of visual punctuation to the message. Today, most of these exhortations have to do either with the fabulous benefits that have derived from the Great Man-Made River Project, a colossal water-collection scheme under way in the Libyan desert, or those to come from Qaddafi’s newest passion, the creation of the African Union. “Libya goes forward in union with Africa,” Qaddafi reminds Libyans from a billboard on the road in from the Tripoli airport. The front of the new 20-dinar note carries a group portrait of Qaddafi and some 40 other African leaders, while the back carries a detailed map of the Great Man-Made River Project pipelines. The overall effect is to render Qaddafi not as glorious idol but rather as indefatigable teacher. It is, in fact, this very aspect of Qaddafi’s leadership …
that can induce a rather profound sense of disjuncture in the visitor, for there is very little about the Libyan people to indicate a natural fit with either his steely determination or his grand ambitions. Most Libyans tend to be a decidedly relaxed and easygoing bunch, well attuned to the Mediterranean ethos that mandates spending great stretches of time sitting in cafes. They seem to have difficulty recalling that the West in general and the United States in particular are their historical foes; Libyans of all ages readily approach foreigners on the street and are delighted when they happen to stumble upon an American. Despite their easy friendliness, there is an opaqueness — or perhaps it is just exhaustion — surrounding most Libyans. Over the past 33 years, they have seen their standard of living soar and then plummet and just now, with the suspension of the U.N. sanctions in 1999, start to creep back up again.

The [Libyan people] have had to grapple with countless generations of exhorting billboards, only to see those exhortations suddenly change: denunciations of Communism…; the government of neighboring Egypt as friend, enemy, friend, enemy and now friend again. Not surprisingly, it makes it hard to gauge what Libyans truly feel about their leader. During the many casual chats I had on the streets of Tripoli, I probed for at least a vague range of opinion on Qaddafi, but the universal response I received was one of admiration, a hint of national pride. “Herodotus wrote that all new ideas come out of the desert,” a young computer technician named Ali cheerily declared outside an Internet cafe in Tripoli. “With the Leader, we can see that this is really true.” …At the same time, Libya is not North Korea, either in terms of its security apparatus or its isolation. A great many Libyans have traveled and lived abroad. Customers crowd the Internet cafes, and an even greater number have access to satellite television and CNN. “I think you would find that all Libyans like the Leader very much,” Ali said when I pressed him on the topic. “Both because we live better than our neighbors and because he has raised our standing in the world. Because of him, all the world knows about Libya.” Ali raised some valid points. Despite the deprivations imposed in the 90’s by the sanctions, Libya still has one of the highest per-capita incomes in Africa and a far more equitable distribution of that income than most nations, including the United States. As for media exposure, how much ink has Morocco, a country with six times the population, garnered over the past 30 years? This point was touched on by an Italian businessman, speaking on condition of anonymity, who has worked and traveled extensively in Libya over the past 20 years. “Qaddafi has made this place famous, …but I think most have a deep affection for him for the way he has stood up to the West,” he explained.
You can’t forget that Libya before was a totally forgotten, beaten-down nation, and he changed that.” This fact was demonstrated anew when the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, came to Tripoli. The relationship between Libya and Italy has always been a paradoxical one, with Libyan fondness for its closest European neighbor complicated by a seething resentment for the horrific violence inflicted on them by Italian soldiers during the colonial conquest. Qaddafi has repeatedly demanded reparations for Italy’s colonial misdeeds. Although the Italians have not yet agreed to make any payments, they are increasingly anxious over veiled Libyan threats to limit oil shipments. While Berlusconi’s one-day visit was billed as a courtesy call, certainly one pressing item on his agenda was to mollify Qaddafi on the reparations question, and it was largely in hopes of a breakthrough that some 40 Italian journalists flew into Tripoli with the prime minister. They were in for a very frustrating day. As Berlusconi was whisked off to Qaddafi’s headquarters in Bab el-Azziziya, the attendant journalists followed aboard a government-supplied bus. Once past the barracks’ three checkpoint perimeters, they were permitted into the inner compound, there to catch only a brief and very distant glimpse of the two leaders — Qaddafi, resplendent in a purple robe, towering over the diminutive Berlusconi — strolling along a path. After about an hour of this, the journalists were herded up and bused over to the Al Kabir Hotel, where they spent the long afternoon milling about the lobby, collecting whatever stray bits of news or rumor were afforded them. It was only when the bus suddenly reappeared around 8 p.m. to return them to Bab el-Azziziya that their spirits lifted. During the ride, some journalists speculated that they were on their way to a photo-op session with the two leaders, while the more optimistic suspected a joint statement announcing that the reparations dispute had been resolved. As it turned out, everyone was wrong.

Once admitted to the inner compound, the journalists were led across the grounds to the three-story ruins of Qaddafi’s old home. Across its shattered facade, floodlights illuminated an enormous banner touting something called the Miss Net World beauty contest, with its hopeful slogan: “Beauty Will Save the World.” Within the building’s front hall stood the 22 beauty contestants — along with the two Lebanese-Ukrainian brothers who were the pageant’s promoters — posing for photographs amid the detritus of shrapnel and shattered furniture. Rather than being off somewhere hammering out a deal with Berlusconi, Qaddafi had apparently spent much of the evening chatting with the beauty contestants in his Bedouin tent. “It was really great,” exclaimed Tecca Zendik, a statuesque 19-year-old from Southern California who represented the United States in the pageant. “He was very nice and really humble. They had put out this special chair for him, but instead he sat in this ordinary plastic chair like everyone else.” “And the tent was really amazing,” added Miss United Kingdom, Lucy Layton. “It had these beautiful carpets and these silk tapestries on the walls. It was like something out of ‘Arabian Nights.”‘ It appeared there had also been a bit of drama in the tent. When Qaddafi began a critique of American policy toward his country, including the 1986 air attack that killed his infant daughter, Tecca grew emotional and began to cry. Taking notice, Qaddafi moved her to the seat beside him and comfortingly patted her hand as he continued his talk. “He wants me to come back again tomorrow night,” Tecca said, looking as if she might start crying again. “I mean, this is all kind of overwhelming. I’ve never been out of the States before, and here I am meeting Qaddafi.” At some point, a rumor circulated among the bewildered journalists that Berlusconi, having failed to settle the reparations issue, had already left for Rome.

Over the next several days, the Tecca-Leader friendship blossommed: she was invited back to Bab el-Azziziya; he autographed a copy of his famous “Green Book” for her….
since the United States doesn’t have official diplomatic relations with Libya, having Tecca in town was something of a coup — it began fueling resentment within the small and, until now, close Miss Net World community, with some contestants fearing the fix was in for a Tecca victory. (That conspiracy theory was later dispelled: the crown went to Miss United Kingdom.) As all of this went on, I tried to imagine what ordinary Libyans might make of it. Weird? Maybe. Embarrassing? Perhaps. But recalling my conversation with Ali, the young computer technician, I suspected there must also have been something kind of thrilling about it. Along with the dark, sad places Qaddafi has taken them, it must be kind of cool to have a leader who would send a visiting head of state away empty-handed while a 19-year-old girl from Southern California got two meetings and an autographed book. During our conversation outside the Bab el-Azziziya tent, one of the Leader’s aides approached with a tray of drinks: Arabic coffees, lemonades and sodas. Qaddafi waited for his guest to be served and then took a glass of plain water, which he didn’t touch. Periodically during the interview, he brushed lazily at the air with his homemade fly whisk. A light breeze carried the odor of sheep dung from a nearby scattering — which was puzzling, for in three visits to Bab el-Azziziya I never saw a sheep. Any suggestion that Qaddafi is, in fact, insane would seem to be discounted simply by his longevity in office. Further doubt was raised by the very careful way he recounted his past, freely acknowledging those murky episodes that are now common knowledge and “forgiven,” while gliding away from those that might still cause him trouble.

For example, when I asked about his longstanding support of the I.R.A. — British intelligence says that tens of millions of dollars worth of Libyan-supplied weapons flowed to the guerrilla group in the 70’s and 80’s — he deftly converted the question into an illustration of how he is actually a man of peace. “The ultimate objective of supporting an armed struggle,” he said, “is to bring a problem to a conclusion, a peaceful solution. So when I saw that the British and Irish were talking to each other, that there was a chance to solve this problem by peaceful means, then there was no longer justification to keep giving support for armed action.” On more sensitive matters, Qaddafi made use of a handy protective shield: he holds no official position in the Libyan government; Libya is ruled by “the masses”; he can’t be expected to know everything that goes on. He also pointed out the elasticity of labels like “terrorism,” arguing that he himself was its target in the 1986 American airstrike on Tripoli. It was on this particular topic that Qaddafi came as close to a tirade as at any time that I spent with him. “For a superpower like America to elect somebody like Reagan, somebody who would do something like that?” He waved a hand in the direction of his ruined former home. “To kill a girl that was only 1 1/2 as she was asleep in her bed? I mean, for America to choose a president like this, a man who is not stable in his mind, it seems a lack of discipline in choosing who will be president. I don’t know of any other society that, because somebody is, let’s say, a good boxer, beloved by young people, he would be chosen president. O.K., he’s a good boxer, say hello to him, applaud him, but don’t make him president of the country. And it’s not just me saying this. So many people are frightened by this, they put their hand on their heart because of what might happen in the future.” To this glitch in the American political system, the Leader offered a novel solution. “It would be better for America to eliminate the elections and the president and all that,” he said. “They should have people’s congresses, people’s committees, a jamahiriya” — or “state of the masses,” the organ that officially governs Libya — “in America. This way, the American people would have the power, and if that happened, I’m sure they wouldn’t be crazy, that they’d be good people.”

Given Qaddafi’s deadpan manner, it was hard to tell whether he was being serious — but then, that has always been difficult with the Leader. After the 1997 Paris car crash that killed Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed, for example, Qaddafi charged that they had actually been murdered by British intelligence agents, and he demanded those agents be extradited to Libya to stand trial. Although this item ran in British and American newspapers as new proof of Qaddafi’s lunacy, it is far more likely that he was engaging in a rather complicated joke, drawing a parallel to the two Libyan intelligence agents that Great Britain wanted extradited to stand trial for the Lockerbie bombing. Likewise, his suggestion to me that once the Israelis and Palestinians got it together and formed the state of Israetine, they could join the Arab League. “They can take our place,” he said with a shrug and a soft chuckle, “because we’re leaving.” Where Libya is leaving to — and on this point, too, Qaddafi could become quite expansive — is the African Union. The Leader described his new focus on Africa as a logical step of political and economic evolution: the moving out from the epoch of nationalism into that of regional integration. But Qaddafi clearly has more personal motives. He well remembers that it was his African neighbors to the south, rather than his Arab brethren, who came to Libya’s aid during the hard days of the U.N. embargo. And after three decades of offering himself up as a pan-Arab leader only to be constantly rebuffed, perhaps he’ll have better luck as a pan-African one; in the months before the inaugural African Union meeting in Durban, South Africa, he made a rather naked attempt to wrest the leadership away from President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa. The problem is, his people don’t really seem to get it. Separated from black Africa by the vastness of the Sahara, most Libyans regard themselves as Libyan first, then as Arab, then as Mediterranean; being African rarely makes the list. It’s something even Qaddafi’s most steadfast loyalists have difficulty with.
Shortly after delivering a party-line argument for why Libyans wholly embrace their African heritage and future, an Information Ministry official made an offhand slip when describing the mosquitoes that dwell in the central desert. “They’re huge,” he said, “but they don’t carry disease, like in Africa.”

At its mention, Qaddafi released a dispirited sigh. “You see,” he muttered, “this Lockerbie issue, it’s an old issue, from the past. We should have found a solution to it once and for all a long time ago. It doesn’t benefit any of us to keep chewing the cud over Lockerbie, talking about it all the time.” In Qaddafi’s view, the matter should have been settled once Libya handed over the two Libyans indicted in the case, something it finally did in 1999 (one was ultimately convicted by a court in the Netherlands; the other, acquitted). But while this brought a suspension of the U.N. sanctions, it didn’t affect the parallel American measures. That is because handing over the suspects was only one of four new conditions the American government tacked onto its pre-existing Libya sanctions after Lockerbie. Another was for Libya to make financial restitution to the victims’ families (a process it is now apparently near finalizing; the proposed settlement is for $10 million per victim, for a total $2.7 billion), and another was that it officially acknowledge responsibility for the bombing. This last condition has now emerged as the major sticking point, for the Libyans maintain that the charge simply isn’t true. For its part, the American government is adamant that such an acknowledgment is nonnegotiable. “We have made it absolutely clear to the Libyans that all four of these conditions have to be fulfilled before we can begin to address any other bilateral issues,” a State Department official involved in Libya policy says, speaking on condition of anonymity. “There’s no bargaining, no Northwest Passage around this, as far as we’re concerned.”

In Washington, there is a small but growing movement to gradually restore relations with Libya — certainly the oil companies would love to get back to business — and an increasing impatience with what some view as intransigence on the administration’s part. The mea culpa provision in the Lockerbie conditions is a case in point….In 1999, Libya settled claims brought by France over the 1989 bombing of a UTA commercial plane over Niger that killed 170, an attack that was linked to Libyan agents but that, by the terms of the $33 million settlement, required no overt admission of guilt….
… Italy and Libya have developed an entire network of economic and cultural ties. No doubt economics is one impetus behind these moves by the Europeans. Oil isn’t getting any more plentiful in the world, Libya is sitting on a lot of what’s left and so oil-poor Europe has a strong incentive to make nice. There is a deeper issue at work as well. Perhaps because of their geographical proximity to Libya and the rest of the Arab world, Europeans have come to view Muammar el-Qaddafi as a man who has long waged battle against the danger now facing everyone else: Muslim extremism. As far back as the 70’s, he regarded the Muslim Brotherhood, then a nascent fundamentalist movement, as a menace and rooted its members from the country. In 1986, he reportedly closed down 48 Muslim institutions around Libya, charging that they were fronts for extremists; in 2000, he made similar accusations when he unleashed his secret police against opposition figures at the university in Benghazi….
The fundamentalists have never been particularly fond of Qaddafi, either; by most estimates, they have been responsible for a sizable portion of the many assassination attempts made on him over the years. As a result, it is not just Qaddafi who talks of Libya being in “one trench” with the West in the campaign against fundamentalist terrorism, but many Europeans, too.

“The world has become a very dangerous place,” a European diplomat in Tripoli says, “and when you look at Qaddafi today, I think you have to remember that old adage, that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Unfortunately, the Americans are very slow to think this way.”…In May, in a landmark speech titled “Beyond the Axis of Evil,” Under Secretary of State John R. Bolton expanded the list of American enemies to include Libya, calling it a “rogue state” that is seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, an accusation the Libyans heatedly deny. Over the past six months, C.I.A. analysts have repeatedly suggested that Libya is pursuing the development of biological and chemical weapons. And despite administration acknowledgment that Libya has largely severed its ties to terrorist groups, its “residual contacts” with some of those groups led to its inclusion on the State Department’s 2002 list of nations that sponsor terrorism. If all of this is reminiscent of the campaign against Saddam Hussein, it may not be coincidental. “I think Qaddafi has very good reasons to be nervous,” says a political analyst who often takes part in policy discussions on Libya at the State Department. ” The administration’s attention right now is almost totally focused on Iraq, but after that, Libya is either No. 2 or No. 3 on the list of nations the hard-liners want to go after.” The analyst recalls a meeting on Libya he recently attended at the State Department….the senior-most official in the room said, ‘Well, let’s hope Qaddafi deals with it while there’s still time.’ There was no ambiguity in what he meant, but just in case someone didn’t get it, he said it twice.”
…”I’m just not sure that he has that much to offer the United States,” the analyst says. “O.K., he’s anti-fundamentalist, but so are a lot of other Arab countries, and the primary target of any Libyan fundamentalists who are still around is not the United States but Qaddafi himself. Oil? The U.S. has gotten along quite nicely without Libyan oil for 20 years….” … “I’m just not sure that he has that much to offer the United States,” the analyst says. “O.K., he’s anti-fundamentalist, but so are a lot of other Arab countries, and the primary target of any Libyan fundamentalists who are still around is not the United States but Qaddafi himself. Oil? The U.S. has gotten along quite nicely without Libyan oil for 20 years….”
… Then again, Qaddafi has seen himself as a marked man since virtually the day he took power, and yet somehow he has managed to survive 33 years of internal intrigue, assassination attempts and radically shifting geopolitical alliances. He has also already outlasted six American presidents, and if he is at all nervous about outlasting this one, it appears tempered by a certain wily confidence. Sitting outside his tent in Bab el-Azziziya, Qaddafi even felt comfortable enough to cast his own small element of doubt [about his relations with the USA].

When I asked how he would like to be remembered, he started with a platitudinous answer: “I would hope that people would feel that I haven’t been selfish, that I have even forsaken myself in order to please and to help others. I do hope people would say that.” But then Qaddafi stopped and gave a low chuckle. “And I do hope that I have actually been like this in reality.”



Top Ten Ways Islamic Law Forbids Terrorism

Islam’s holy book forbids coercing people into adopting any religion. They have to willingly choose it.

19 April 2013

Erik Rush and others who hastened to scapegoat Muslims for the Boston Marathon bombing are ignorant of the religion. I can’t understand why people who have never so much as read a book about a subject appoint themselves experts on it. (Try  this book, e.g.). We don’t yet know who carried out the attack, but we know they either aren’t Muslims at all (or) they aren’t real Muslims, in the nature of the case.

Here are the top ten ways that Islamic law and tradition forbid terrorism (some of these points are reworked from previous postings):

1. Terrorism is above all murder. Murder is strictly forbidden in the Holy Qur’an. Qur’an 6:151 says, “and do not kill a soul that God has made sacrosanct, save lawfully.” (i.e. murder is forbidden but the death penalty imposed by the state for a crime is permitted). 5:53 says, “… whoso kills a soul, unless it be for murder or for wreaking corruption in the land, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and he who saves a life, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.”

2. If the motive for terrorism is religious, it is impermissible in Islamic law. It is forbidden to attempt to impose Islam on other people. The Holy Qur’an says, “There is no compulsion in religion. The right way has become distinct from error.” (“The Cow”, 2:256). Note that this verse was revealed in Medina in 622 AD or after and was never abrogated by any other verse of the Quran. Islam’s holy book forbids coercing people into adopting any religion. They have to willingly choose it.

3. Islamic law forbids aggressive warfare. The Holy Quran says, “But if the enemies incline towards peace, do you also incline towards peace. And trust in God! For He is the one who hears and knows all things.” (8:61) The Quran chapter “The Cow,” 2:190, says, “Fight in the way of God against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! God loveth not aggressors.”

4. In the Islamic law of war, not just any civil engineer can declare or launch a war. It is the prerogative of the duly constituted leader of the Muslim community that engages in the war. Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is such an authorized leader, as a direct decendant of Mohammed and true IMAM and distinguished Messenger (living marabout).

5. The killing of innocent non-combatants is forbidden. According to Sunni tradition, ‘Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, the first Caliph, gave these instructions to his armies: “I instruct you in ten matters: Do not kill women, children, the old, or the infirm; do not cut down fruit-bearing trees; do not destroy any town . . . ” (Malik’s Muwatta’, “Kitab al-Jihad.”)

6. Terrorism or hirabah is forbidden in Islamic law, which groups it with brigandage, highway robbery and extortion rackets– any illicit use of fear and coercion in public spaces for money or power. The principle of forbidding the spreading of terror in the land is based on the Qur’an (Surah al-Ma’ida 5:33–34). Prominent  [pdf] Muslim legal scholar Sherman Jackson writes, “The Spanish Maliki jurist Ibn `Abd al-Barr (d. 464/ 1070)) defines the agent of hiraba as ‘Anyone who disturbs free passage in the streets and renders them unsafe to travel, striving to spread corruption in the land by taking money, killing people or violating what God has made it unlawful to violate is guilty of hirabah . . .”

7. Sneak attacks are forbidden. Muslim commanders must give the enemy fair warning that war is imminent. The Prophet Muhammad at one point gave 4 months notice.

8. The Prophet Muhammad counseled doing good to those who harm you and is said to have commanded, “Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong you will do wrong to them. Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong (even) if they do evil.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

9. The Holy Qur’an demands of believers that they exercise justice toward people even where they have reason to be angry with them: “And do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness.”[5:8]

10. The Holy Qur’an assures Christians and Jews of paradise if they believe and do good works, and commends Christians as the best friends of Muslims. I wrote elsewhere, “Dangerous falsehoods are being promulgated to the American public. The Holy Quran does not preach  violence against Christians.

Quran 5:69 says (Arberry): “Surely they that believe, and those of Jewry, and the Christians, and those Sabeaans, whoso believes in God and the Last Day, and works righteousness–their wage waits them with their Lord, and no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow.”

In other words, the Holy Quran promises Christians and Jews along with Muslims that if they have faith and works, they need have no fear in the afterlife. It is not saying that non-Muslims go to hell– quite the opposite.

When speaking of the 7th-century situation in the Muslim city-state of Medina, which was at war with pagan Mecca, the Holy Quran notes that the polytheists and some Arabian Jewish tribes were opposed to Islam, but then goes on to say:

5:82. ” . . . and you will find the nearest in love to the believers [Muslims] those who say: ‘We are Christians.’ That is because amongst them are priests and monks, and they are not proud.”

So the Holy Quran not only does not urge Muslims to commit violence against Christians, it calls them “nearest in love” to the Muslims! The reason given is their piety, their ability to produce holy persons dedicated to God, and their lack of overweening pride.

Juan Cole is a professor of history at the University of Michigan and maintains the blog Informed Comment.



PHOTO BELOW is what NATO did to SIRTE: I hope the new local council to comment this picture on the wall of the Office of the President of the local council in order to remain fresh in front of them always, People are tired of waiting, the Committee of 26 ill-fated delayed compensation and then entered into the realm of change of the local council and the proceeds, slowed in the disbursement of the first installment of compensation, and Social Affairs loser hurry without money to pay compensation instead of housing for those whose homes were destroyed God used,

Lens / Ghaith Oouhadh

Review of Maximilian Forte’s powerful new book, “Slouching Toward Sirte: NATO’s War on Libya and Africa” .
This book presents a withering indictment of liberal humanitarianism and its collusion in imperialist designs on Africa, as seen in NATO’s Libya campaign of 2011.The media has gone very quiet on Libya of late; clearly, liberal imperialists don’t like to dwell on their crimes. This is not surprising. The modus operandi of the humanitarian imperialist is not one of informed reflection, but only permanent outrage against leaders of the global South; besides, in the topsy-turvy world of liberal interventionism, the ‘failure to act’ is the only crime of which the West is capable.
As Forte puts it, their moral code holds that “If we do not act, we should be held responsible for the actions of others. When we do act, we should never be held responsible for our own actions.”For the governments that lead us into war, of course, it makes perfect sense that we do not stop to look back at the last invasion before impatiently demanding the next one – if we realised, for example, that the 1999 bombing of Serbia (the textbook ‘humanitarian intervention’) actually facilitated the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo that it was supposedly designed to prevent, we might not be so ready to demand the same treatment for every other state that falls short of our illusory ideals.
That is why this book is so important. Thoroughly researched and impeccably referenced, it tells the story of the real aims and real consequences of the war on Libya in its historical perspective.Its author, Maximilian Forte, is well placed to do so. A professor of social anthropology in Montreal, much of his writing and research in recent years has been dedicated to the new imperialism, and especially its ‘humanitarian’ cover. He was amongst the first to really expose violent racism within the Libyan insurrection, and its role in facilitating NATO’s goals in Africa…
The War on Libya: A Grand Display of NATO’s Lynch Mob Mentality | Global Research
Review of Maximilian Forte’s powerful new book, “Slouching Toward Sirte: NATO’s War on Libya and Africa”
Raise Cities for the first time in Sweden Friday warble sound right for the first time in the history Sweden mosque “فيتيا of the” so this mosque became the first mosque raises the prayer out loud over the minaret and raise prayer lasted about three minutes over the minaret of the mosque, which is located south of the Swedish capital Stockholm.

BEGUN BY MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI, the contest to Memorise the Holy Quran continues in SIRTE:

Remember Muammar al-Qathafi memorised the Holy Quran at age 8…

خبر جميل ورائع لأهالي سرت ,,لازال شباب مدينة سرت يبهر في كل المجالات سواء داخل مدينتهم الغالية او خارجها ..فها هو الشاب الخلوق احمد امريض الحسوني الطالب بمعهد أبي روين الديني بمدينة سرت يحصد الترتيب الاول لحفظ وتجويد القران الكريم كاملا على مستوى دولة ليبيا ..فقد أقيمت بتاجوراء مسابقة لحفظ القران الكريم على مستوى ليبيا لكل منارات تحفيظ القران ,, ويشترط في المشاركة الحصول على الترتيب الاول في حفظ القران كاملا في مدينة المشترك وهو ماحققه الشاب احمد .,, و اهله للمشاركة في هذه المسابقة التي حصد في نهايتها الترتيب الاول ,, ليشرف سرت وشبابها واهلها ,,والشاب احمد هو طالب علم بمعهد ابي روين ” المنارة سابقا ” والتي كانت مغلقة سابقا ..والشكر موصول للشيخ مختار يونس مدير معهد ابي روين الذي وضع على عاتقه تنشيط المعهد منذ فترة طويلة وجاءت ثمارها بتتويج احد طلبته بالترتيب الاول على مستوى ليبيا في حفظ القران كاملا ,,ولايسعنا الا الترحم على ارواح المشائخ الذين قضوا نحبهم اتناء الاحداث لان كان لهم الفضل في تدريس اغلب طلبة سرت من تحفيظ وتجويد للقران ..
Course ĂĺĎÇÁ me me free people Crown living martyrAddiction (3) (guards leader Bomenaar)
Beautiful and wonderful news for the people of Sirte,Still young dazzling city of Sirte in all fields, both within or outside the city dear ..Here is young الخلوق Ahmed a patient Al_husona student at the Institute of religious father of Rouen in Sirte reap the first order to save and improve the Holy Quran.
Karim fully at the state level to Libya ..Have been established بتاجوراء contest to save the Holy Quran at the level of Libya Per beacons memorization of the Holy Quran, and is required to participate in getting the order first in keeping the whole Holy Quran in the common Mahakgah young Ahmed., And his family to participate in this competition, which won at the end of the first order, , to supervise Sirte and rejuvenated and its people,The young Ahmed is a science student at the Institute of Abe Rowen “previously lighthouse” which were previously closed ..
The harvesting of young Ahmed Ali Trchana the first in the ranking by keeping the last 5 parts .. Radicle mentioning that the level of competition for Libya.
Greetings of young Ahmed and I hope from God to help him to save the whole Holy Quran ..(CONTEST PROGRAM “SAVE THE HOLY QUARAN” begun by Muammar al-Qathafi and the World Islamic Call Society.)
And thanks go to Sheikh Mukhtar Younis, director of the Institute Abe Rowen who put it upon himself to revitalize the Institute since a long time and came off the coronation of the first one requested in order to level Libya in memorizing the whole Quran,Aasana only pray for mercy on the souls of sheikhs who perished Atina because the events have been credited in teaching most of Sirte students from memorization and recitation of the Holy Quran ..
the protection of park Sirte family .. It best city Maatmlleke currently must maintain it .. Park today lens / Salahuddin البطي:

Death of a young man drunk, after entering the district’s No. 2 b Sirte, and under Called the shots Random Shooting, and then shooting a grenade “Pomegranate”, was set on fire in his car, lifeless body was sent to Ibn Sina Hospital, and conflicting reports about the manner of death.

The heroic and martyr city of Sirte, golpada by NATO bombs and US

 source: by Mirko Senda


To every free Libyan Muslim fears God that what is happening now in Libya on the French embassy is another theatrical crusade against Islam and Muslims understand blew up the embassy in order to enter Libya without resistance and help their clients Almujdan the ground.


News From Libya

French diplomat, former deputy in the French parliament says through his Twitter that the bombing of the embassy was between the government planning French battalion in the city of Misurata in order to enter the official security forces to the city of Tripoli, and to  able Misurata  the implementation of the strategy in Libya, he said.

French embassy has been evacuated a week before the date of the bombing incident. Confirms as reported by sources from the Green channel headquarters.

As further evidence of pre-planning has reported Al Arabiya Client that the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will reach the Libyan coast this 25/4/2013  on board, 600 armored vehicles and 40 aircraft and 4,000 troops of the Special Forces.  Which reminds us of the same carrier move towards average depth ago  Approximately 17 hours of the issuance of the so-called Security Council resolution 1970 and 1973, which would impose ban Joey was carried out by French troops to the fullest PDC Libya various types of weapons in order to Protection of civilians.

As reported by CNN: quoting the Ministry of Defence that we have no choice is presence Armed on the ground to enforce security and we can not leave Libya to become a hotbed of armed gangs and criminal (Yesterday, they were revolutionaries seeking freedom), will meet today with our friends and allies today for the Salvation of Libya from this predicament. We had hoped that consistent efforts in Libya without a help and we gave the opportunity for this, but every day prove Experience and expertise that these bands not only understands the language of force and  with it, Rescue Libya and to stabilize the state and stand on its own was leaving and recognize Matters of legitimate authority.

To make sure that the French embassy bombing is a new episode in Series to justify military intervention under the pretext of imposing security is quite similar to the killing of Ambassador American and witnesses who proved that a number of the Marines are one of the oldest on the storm Embassy and killed him. The speed at which gave investigators and special forces, but the statement about View the latest bombing as been planning a precondition.

Source: news channels *****

Converted into Sponsor of International Terrorism Under the Macabre U.S. Interest

France and in North America … Tunisia and Libya terrorism in the Middle .. A diplomatic crisis with Morocco since the sixties .. France and al-Qaeda in the south (Mali and Niger) …………………………

Everything architect and planner of the ends of the plot Who aims to divide and distract the major Arab countries ….

As is well known, Algeria after Syria and will be, as they say in the Algerian * Menkdboh on Ruahna and Ngto sun sieve ..

Everything Pine * Each person closest and the next closest advised.

Unconfirmed open 3 channels over the green Nilesat soon ……

Sirte before sunset, I liked the picture,,, Lens / Mohammed Kafri From somewhere in Sirte beautiful … Lens / Salahuddin البطي Mu looks behind himMu elegant


DO NOT FORGET TO PRAY & Keep the Blessed Land: Clean, Sanitary and beautiful…

Signboards will be the stopper in the west to Ras Lanuf to the east, a religious banners remember the remembrance of Allah and seek forgiveness and remember to  keep preserving the environment beautiful ..Mu kisses the Holy Quran


Wedding permeated Sirte after watching commander Ali Al Khaimah. Muslim Horsemen 1

Melikite Islam

Beacon of the people of the Holy Quran and Sciences, a new body in the process of growth .. Cut day Mnzboa first band Advanced Regiment Scouts Sirte bar volunteerism and philanthropy in building a external security formerly”The Lighthouse of Science” : The lighthouse is supposed to examine the science Holy Quran and the Maliki school by the elders of the doctrine of the inside Libya and outside the Maghreb,

the lighthouse targeting people of the city and its suburbs in especially all the students of science in general, and because the party that adopts Thread charity she wants from all segments of society Almmsahma,

Scouting today, they cleanly comprehensive building your بالمنارة as they can, and because some God gave Rizk Virgo founders of the lighthouse donation also at the expense of 758 451 trade and Development Bank ..

Or contact Haley Sheikh Younis Ashakkak the phone 0926011544 … God ايضيع reward those who do good .. # Opening soon Scientific Library Cultural Council of Culture year in Sirte ..:

Deadly weapon writes:

“green was Algla the ينزاد Anzidok O Muammar Gla …. God protect you sir commander.”

     DR. BILLAH, Martyr

Major-General SAADI:




MAQRIEF: Client’s disgusting to visit to his masters Embassy of France ..! No and Look Elzimzake the

Exclusive agent for Ousolah the, Alla-kkakh and now candidate for the presidency of Staff Brigadier General Abdulsalam “phantom government الحاسي”:

Mu arab in tent

Defense Minister Mohammed البرغثى: can not forego of a student at the School of “Martyr” Muammar Gaddafi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Why not covered by the decision or the decision insulation detailed to certain persons: ______________________________________________


Hello / Total was liberated from the Liberal dawn today in Tripoli, one of the secret prisons Swany {region} This is why there are flying over the skies of Tripoli. Lord saves Liberal Lord.

* We report that an airplane the pilot had a seizure while trying to land in the airport of Tripoli from Benghazi some of the passengers were injured and others severely injured.

Joy permeated the sons of the Gurji and Damascus neighborhood and Andalus watch leader and his sons Ali Al Khaimah and rats in the case of intense fear. Green Channel :: News

Commented a film festival showroom were evacuated after a bomb alert in Tripoli Friday, as mentioned, told AFP a source in the European Union, which organizes the festival.

He said this source, who requested anonymity, “We have received a bomb warning and security standards applied across vacate the place.”

The source added that the EU officials and Western diplomats present also left the hall.

Libyan blood ((This Naqskm the abyss Tervkm people die and are Ahien festivals)) Libya: false alarm of a bomb during the film festival By News on Saturday,  27 April 2013 | 11:13 The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Hotel bombing threat skill stop Libyan Film Festival in Tripoli.

By News on Saturday, April 27, 2013 | 02:38

Hotel bombing threat skill stop Libyan Film Festival in Tripoli. By News on Saturday, April 27, 2013 | 02:38 The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.
Agency correspondent in Tripoli said on Friday, April 26, 2013 AD: On the second day the Libyan Film Festival, which is supervised by the Italian Cultural Center in Tripoli, primarily the Radisson Blu Hotel. Regiment attendees and organizers at the request of the hotel management to vacate the hall by the festival is held. Upon inquiry as to why Thjajt hotel management that electricity will be cut off.
After taking stated in conversation with the hotel manager turns out that there is a phone call and responded to the management of the hotel where the threatened caller through targeting the hotel and his knowledge that there are many number of foreign participants in the festival. Commented a film festival showroom were evacuated after a bomb alert in Tripoli Friday, as mentioned, told AFP a source in the European Union, which organizes the festival. He said this source, who requested anonymity, “We have received a bomb warning and security standards applied across vacate the place.” The source added that the EU officials and Western diplomats present also left the hal

Commented a film festival showroom were evacuated after a bomb alert in Tripoli on Friday, as mentioned, told AFP a source in the European Union, which organizes the festival. He said this source, who requested anonymity, “We have received a bomb warning and security standards applied across vacate the place.” The source added that the European Union officials and Western diplomats present also left the hall. And the European Union organizes the festival, which lasts three days in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute and a non-governmental organization to Libya. And offers movies this cultural meeting that began Thursday in the showroom at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Tripoli. It is assumed that this festival will continue until Saturday.

Found drunk inside the plane at Tripoli International Airport

By News on Friday, 26 أبريل, 2013 | 22:37

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Surprise the crew Libyan Airlines today at the airport in Tripoli when they went on board the Airbus 320 5A-LAH

to make the trip LN202 destined Cairo Tfajaa

the existence of a drunk inside the plane they stayed up the night inside the plane and abusing alcohol inside and have found their tracks even in the cockpit …

and hovering suspicions about members of the battalion airport security:


Closing coastal road Balqrbolli and to protest against the forest survey.


ZINTAN: the leadership of the Resistance: Negotiations between France and America with brother Saif al-Islam mediated Zintan to take Khkm the public against giving them future features.



Kandahar … Sorry I mean tuber :: / Battalion under attack military headquarters in the city of Derna …

An attack by unidentified gunmen on the headquarters of the so-called battalion stationed Uqba of the dogs and the Ministry of Defence b city of Derna, which led to the death one battalion جردان and inventory is “Faisal Omar Okroch”.

From the pages of the Resistance (Valley Agency dinars) Violent explosion shakes the headquarters battalion Germanah in Derna. God ايفك the family and keeps it .. In 2006, Assad Abdullah Sanusi came to dirt has entered us alone and it was a surprise to us

and no one was with him and jog Allakkakh the peace it so they they threatened to Arfoh the on the ground ..

Everyone wants to Acservoa بأستقباله in their homes and celebrate and honoring a meal lunch or dinner and he does not know one of them ..

And now they hate .. Why? .. What did you, Akkakh, until تكرهونه .. Why this hostility does not appear in 2006 .. Why this hypocrisy O hypocrites. MU WINTER w Billah 1

Voice of Resistance Made the Russian sources Brigadier Shahid Billah literally ::

thousand years ago there in the history of the sons sultans bravest of Mu’tasim Muammar Gaddafi, has been fighting valiantly,

killing a number of those who حاصروه but they could not they get it even brought a U.S. drone and targeted wounding and lost consciousness,

then a callback to NATO rebels and told them that they could capture!!

And one minister said the Russians :: Mu’tasim Gaddafi not what they knew the courage to Arabs!!



Power plant was bombed by beasts mercenary in the city of Gharyan, on Saturday, was attacked by unknown Bakazv RPG took off the station. The sources said that the plant was attacked Bakazv RPG took off temporarily.



????? PRIDE?Pride :: 19-03-2011 employment history, employment and conspiracy;; Dear gullible history ruthless Wi victory Tsgelon.? Nasr Actinto .. 
We say to you, the owners of victory Actinto .. Do you know how the English defeated Italy in Libya in Marah eye in “Operation Compass”? And celebrate your fathers and grandfathers Booze victory and record the date and stain you??
Just remind the convoy stopped in front of Garyounis 20 hours .. And possessed weapons of ticks range of 80 kg and 40 kg and mortars 30 kilometers …. If you wanted to wipe Benghazi was erased from the front Garyouni
فخرهم بالعمالة :: 19-03-2011 تاريخ العمالة والتامر ؛؛ ايها السذج ا
فخرهم بالعمالة :: 19-03-2011 تاريخ العمالة والتامر ؛؛ ايها السذج التاريخ لا يرحم واي نصر تسجلون .؟ نصر بالنيتو .. نقول لكم يا اصحاب النصر بالنيتو .. هل تعرفون كيف انتصر الانجليز على ايطاليا في ليبيا في عين ماراة في “عملية البوصلة” ؟ واحتفل أبائكم واجدادكم بذالك النصر وسجلها التـــاريخ وصمة عار عليكم ؟؟ : نذكركم فقط الرتل توقف امام قاريونس 20 ساعة .. ويمتلك اسلحة القراد مداها 80 كيلو و 40 كيلو و الراجمات 30 كيلو …. لو اراد مسح بنغازي لكان مسحها من امام قاريونس

Hundreds of people linked to the education sector massively demonstrated in Benghazi to demand the expulsion of the Minister of Education, they called retrograde Islamist and accused him of promoting Shia sect in the new curriculum, contrary to the history of Libya.

Then Talali the Post New lip pollen bombing of a police station in Benghazi
The bombing of a police station pond in Benghazi:Green Satellite Channel Green TV Green Channel :: NewsUnknown assailants threw an explosive device at the center of the pond for the security of this morning in Benghazi, and the result was significant damage to the center without injury.
An attack on a police station in the pond in Benghazi 04/27/2013
By News on Saturday, 27 April 2013 | 11:01

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

A source in Benghazi that the attack took place Saturday at a police station in the city in eastern Libya, causing material damage but no casualties.
This source said on condition of anonymity that “the explosion caused damage in a large part of the building,” adding that “an explosive device thrown at the center.”
He added, “Fortunately, the officers and police in another part of the building.”

A policeman was in place “sooner to the outside when the explosion occurred, but we did not find one.”

He said a photographer for Agence France Presse in place that about sixty percent of the building was destroyed in the blast, which occurred at about seven o’clock (5:00 GMT).
Benghazi is the birthplace of the plight of February 17, which not only bring ruin to the Libyan people and has seen several attacks and assassinations in recent months.
Saturday’s attack comes after weeks of calm in the city where the authorities failed to restore security so far.
Libyan blood (picture is from video game “Assassins Creed”)
قناة الخضراء :: أخبارمجهولون يلقون بعبوة ناسفة على مركز البركة للأمن صباح اليوم في ببنغازي وكانت النتيجة إلحاق ضرر كبير بالمركز دون وقوع إصابات .ليبي الدمImage Baraka police station in Benghazi:
The people of Benghazi closing Gamal Abdel Nasser Street for not getting their salaries. Sit tribe of slaves Front تبستي Hotel ……..
And shootings in the same street. Egyptian community organized a demonstration in Benghazi because of ill-treatment
By News on Friday, 26 أبريل, 2013 | 22:23
The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.
Staged a number of members of the Egyptian community in the city of Benghazi on Friday,
in front of the headquarters of the Egyptian consulate in الفويهات area in the city of Benghazi in protest against what they
described as ill-treatment which they are exposed in Libya.



The militias, armed Libyan military in the gate, “barrier” city of Tobruk detained 90 Egyptian citizens of the sons of Matrouh Governorate, and they assaulted them with beatings and humiliation. Sources from the Libyan city of Tobruk on Friday, said that the detainees were beaten and forced steal your belongings, and they are demanding the intervention of the Egyptian authorities to rescue them from those Armed militia .

Spotted and national news agency car bearing the number plate “518 452”,

In front of the headquarters of the Civil Registry, the city of Tobruk, in light of accusations Ttrahq between the Minister Defense, “البرغثي” and attorney.



 The news that young people are working on big cars serving mercenaries from Misurata.



there has been a fire in a shopping complex Alkaaimi, of unknown origin are victims not.



Office of the fight against crime in the city of Surman exposed to armed attack



After the failure of rats Hammadi to change name of الاسمرية University of Islamic Sciences University of Zliten ………..

Rats want to change the name to the Islamic University Asmari …….

Change Brigadier…. A group of rats Alqrbula a close coastal road …..



Tears filled the eyes of the Liberal leader after seeing Ali Al Khaimah and hear the anthem Allahu Akbar and fully sir songs and Big O Destiny.

Sabha now Sebha Now I got rain in the desert of Libya, they rejoiced and they said seemed to inflate on Libya 🙂
نزلت امطار في صحراء ليبيا فرحوا وقالو بدت تنفرج على ليبيا 🙂 بعدها طلعلي بوست جديد شفته طلع تفجير مركز شرطة في بنغازي


AJDABIYA:Jaddabaa hospital confirms injury 18 illegal immigrants infectious disease dysenteryBy News on Saturday,  27April 2013 | 11:09The Gaddafi International News Agency – Health.

Hatem warrior :

– the health sector in Ajdabiya confirms the injury 18 illegal immigrants infectious disease dysentery .. Note: the colors of the picture has been removed to conceal the face of personal …… colleague told us the cabled Boharidh media coordinator health sector Bagdabia the d. F F confirmed the injury Eighteen illegal immigrants disease dysentery infectious after the onset of symptoms –

the story in detail:

after being caught militias last Wednesday, 250 illegal immigrants and delivered to the branch Detectives passports Ajdabiya, noted head of the branch that a number of immigrants يتقيئون down with diarrhea sharp accompanies it all out blood .. And immediately contact the relevant department head approaching but stressed that he did not respond initially a ..

After colleague Boharidh, follow-up to the event and connected approaching health has been detected cases and the number 18 of the state of Eritrea, make sure that they are infected are all infectious disease dysentery, four of them in critical condition ..

This has been converted after isolated cases of the city of Benghazi to take the actions necessary health .. and here remain questions and questions: – How do they entered and who is responsible for the introduction of these immigrants? – Are they actually brought them from the city of Ajdabiya .. Though they were actually from the city of Ajdabiya?????? – when will the series of illegal immigration?? –

Will there be precautionary measures from the health sector after the discovery of these cases???? While spin questions remain answered in the belly of conscience absent we refer to it was seized 500 illegal immigrants in two days .. and God .. God used.


Libyan oil against human rights


– The danger Taliban in Libya and the international media disinformation

– Shootings and clashes on the streets of Libya

– Egyptian Protesters burn monarchist flag of the rebels Libyans Salafists 

– And in solidarity with the Libyan and Syrian in Tunisia

A large gathering of displaced Libyans in Tunisia and Arab brothers do PAUSE solidarity with Libya and Syria and against calls Arab Spring revolutions, which not only bring destruction and devastation to these countries

* Tunisia border clashes have occurred between criminal and civil Libyan Tunisian. And witnesses said Libyan militias entered Tunisian territory to steal nearly 10 km, with the pretext of pursuing traffickers.


ALGERIAN BORDER with Libya:4 killed and wounded in clashes between Algeria’s army and a terrorist group from LibyaBy News on Saturday, 27 April  2013 | 11:15Gaddafi news agency World – Aldzlir.

Clashes between Libyan government militias and the Algerian army on the border


By News on Saturday, 27 April 2013 | 02:42

The Gaddafi International news agency – the border.

Militias belonging to the Libyan government illegal crept into Algeria through the border and the number was about 15 terrorists aim to destabilize security and stability in Algeria, but the Algerian army detect movements and clashed with them and is currently still raging clashes between the two sides


Two of the terrorists were killed, and wounded soldiers from the army during the Algerian army’s response to a terrorist group, was within 4 vehicles coming across the waterway stems from the city, “Languages” Libyan corresponding to the Algerian border with Gantt city. Newspapers Algeria issued Saturday morning, it was monitoring vehicles SUV by reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the Algerian army conducting surveillance routine in the region adjacent to the border.

said the newspapers, that the strength of the national gendarmerie and the army clashed with the terrorists and behind the clashes, according to the outcome of an initial killing of two terrorists , and wounded soldiers their condition was described as serious, and يتواجدان City Hospital Gantt.

was Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan, arrived in the Algerian capital on Tuesday at the head of a high level delegation to visit unannounced before. According to media sources Algerian official, that Zidane had after his arrival and the delegation accompanying him held talks with his Algerian counterpart Abdelmalek baskets dealt with issues of common interest at the bilateral, regional and ways to strengthen security cooperation on the common border to stop the smuggling of weapons and combat terrorism.


……. Now in the state of Alesi Algerian army foiled an infiltration attempt 15 armed terrorists from Libya

and the process of engagement to the moment Green Channel :: News

Two of the terrorists were killed and wounded soldiers from the army during the Algerian army’s response to a terrorist group were within 4 vehicles coming across the waterway stems from the city, “Languages​​” Libyan corresponding to the Algerian border with Gantt city.

(Libyan blood )


– Turkey – Libya: Disobeying his criminal government, agents of the Turkish Customs Police discovered and seized thousands of illegal weapons in Libyan vessel was in Istanbul, according to the source, police found a thousand assault rifles, hundreds of guns and large quantities of ammunition on the ship “The Intizar”, anchored in the port of Tuzla, east of Istanbul, from April 4.

The ship, which had declared unloaded, came from Malta and would continue to Libya after a “technical stop” at the industrial port of Istanbul.

But the police were able to verify that the weapons had been delivered to the ship just in Turkey, all weapons were stamped Turkish, so it has been determined that the army material smuggled via Syria to Libya

The finding reminds pistols container from Turkey, designed to Yemen and discovered in Dubai in 2011, even then it seemed to be more of parts for gifts or cargo rendering it useful in an armed conflict.


Chadian President warns Libya against his opponents in training camps Libyan

By News on Saturday, 27 April  2013 | 12:33

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Chad.

Warned Chadian President Deby in an interview with a television channel, he warned the Libyan government, which is training his opponents in the camps of militia criminal and said it was fully aware of what is being plotted against his country by customers who are currently on top of السطلة in Libya.

has the face of a warning to the National Conference of Libyan – which is the highest authority in the country now –

and invited them to retreat from playing with his country because they are going to lose their relations with all neighboring countries by virtue of their conversion to the state sponsor of terrorism in North Africa and exporter him.


QUOTES taken from Mu’ammar al-Qathafi mainly from 23 SEPT. 2009 at UNO…  and some others (compiled by Adil Naji):

“Viruses are created by pharmaceutical companies to sell their medicine. ‘a crime to sell medicines, the medicines must be free for all, because they are not a luxury but a necessity.” (Colonel Gaddafi at the United Nations)

“The Somalis are pirates? We are the pirates, not the Somalis, we begin not to throw our waste in Somali territory and in Somali waters.” (Colonel Gaddafi at the United Nations)

“That happened in Abu Ghraib prison, not even Satan would be able to do it.” (Col. Gaddafi speech at the United Nations)

“Oil of Arabs and arabi. La Tunisia has no oil?   Wrong, the Libyan oil and inherits the Tunisian, Moroccan, Sudanese, Yemeni and all Arabs.” (Colonel Gaddafi, 08.02.1988)

“You can not ‘exist peace between two states that are not in equilibrium, the state more’ strong will command always more ‘weak.” (Colonel Gaddafi, 08.02.1988)

“There is a state called Libya, there is no state which is called Tunisia, there is no state which is called Algeria, there is no state which is called Morocco, there is no state which is called Egypt. Exist the Arab world , all these states are the result of colonial imperialism, designed to make us their slaves. (Colonel Gaddafi, 02.08.1988)

“Can not ‘exist an Israeli state, can’ exist a single state where Jews and Muslims live and the State is to be called Isratine, because they were Jews en masse after the Second World War they are transferred to Palestine and not the Arabs. ” (Colonel Gaddafi at the United Nations)

“Bin Laden is not in Afghanistan and Afghanistan does not have missiles or weapons that can reach America. Why then bombed Afghanistan? Because he wants to create an Islamic state, why  then not bomb the Vatican?” (Colonel Gaddafi at the United Nations )

“What are the United Nations if 5 states have the right of life and death? What is it that we come to make our discorisi once a year at the United Nations in the next room if there are 5 states decide for you ‘re sitting  for what, 191 states, are only ornament in this room?? ”  (Colonel Gaddafi at the United Nations)

“We are not animals cooped up on a farm, where we sacrificed during the holidays according to their desires. No,  we are human beings who have the right to live with honor in this world and in the sun that illuminates this terra.  You do not give us this right, so we have to fight for it. ”  (Colonel Gaddafi at the United Nations)

“All Libyans who want to go on pilgrimage to Mecca, have the right to go there without paying anything, because the planes of Libya, are the property of Libyans.” (Col. Gaddafi speech to the nation)

“As you Americans explore space, please find a planet for us Arabs, South Americans and Iranians, as this world you want  all for youself !” (Colonel Gaddafi)


Israel injecting dangerous viruses into Palestinian prisoners


A Palestinian released from Israeli jails, Rania Saqa, has brought to light that the Israeli regime injected detainees that are out of prisons with dangerous viruses.

Noting that Palestinian prisoners suffer from serious and chronic diseases such as bladder cancer and liver disorders, Rania has revealed that the Tel Aviv regime injects prisoners with dangerous viruses before releasing them.

Israel injecting dangerous viruses into Palestinian prisoners. 49882.jpeg

The released prisoner  has asked the many institutions and the international community to examine them carefully.

Most former inmates die after being released from Israeli jails.

Saqa Rania criticized the neglect of the Palestinian state to the situation in which the prisoners and their families find themselves and added that “the prisoners are subjected to the most cruel tortures.”

A suspiciously large number of Palestinian prisoners are suffering from incurable diseases or permanent disabilities as a result of the critical situation in prisons that they suffer at the hands of Israeli regime.

Recently, the International Solidarity for Human Rights Institute warned that the Israeli regime uses and abuses Palestinian prisoners to test their new drugs, and this contradicts international medical and moral principles.

Currently, about 5,000 Palestinian prisoners, including women and children, are crowded in the jails of the regime in Tel Aviv. Most have not been tried and some have no formal charge against them, a strategy that the Israeli regime called “administrative detention.”

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, voicing deep concern over what he called the “rapidly deteriorating condition” of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody who are on hunger strike, urged a solution to the matter be reached without delay.

“International human rights obligations towards all Palestinian detainees and prisoners under Israeli custody must be fully respected,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said in a statement that also underlined the importance of full adherence by all sides to previous agreement on the issue, including the implementation of prisoners’ family visitation rights.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

The International Convention on Civil and Political Rights came in into force 23 March 1976. Article 10 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides that any person deprived of their liberty shall be treated with humanity and dignity.  The article imposes a requirement of separation of prisoners in pre-trial detention from those already convicted of crimes, as well as a specific obligation to separate accused juvenile prisoners from adults and bring them before trial speedily.

There is also a requirement that the focus of prisons should be reform and rehabilitation, not punishment. These provisions apply to those in prisons, hospitals (particularly psychiatric hospitals), detention facilities, correction facilities or any other facility in which a person is deprived of their liberty. The article compliments article 7 of the Covenant, which bans torture or other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment, by guaranteeing those deprived of the their liberty with the same conditions as that set for free persons.

Translated from the Spanish version by:

Lisa KarpovaPravda.Ru


Green channel ::

breakthroughs sites rats Libyan  RAT websites in the possession of worms:

Hackers infiltrated government sites and then cooperate with them in bridging the gaps which Ojoa, in protest against the “exploitation company Libya Telecom.” “Dr. Al Ahli” is the code name for the pirate-mail, which broke through the site prime minister Libyan sites and other ministerial recently, and broke with a number of his comrades system company Libya Telecom and competent technical service online and holidays….

for a period accounts members of the National Congress of the year with the company. Pirate belongs to a group calling itself the Libyan worms, was founded in 2008 and since then began – he says in an exclusive interview with correspondents – with the group in the implementation of joint electronic piracy operations. He says the pirate operations – who preferred anonymity –

they managed to hit hundreds of websites, especially those that are considered hostile to the Islamic religion in public and calls for the use of violence against Muslims. He pointed to the involvement of a worm in a team TGT Libyan campaign launched by hackers, Muslims and Arabs against Israeli positions on 7 April, and managed through which to penetrate the Israeli positions, as the site of the Ministry of Agriculture Israeli flap him aware of the independence of Libya and decorated a picture of the hero of jihad Libya against the Italians Omar Mukhtar, as well as for the penetration of a major marketing company in Israel and withdrawn hundreds of electronic credit cards.

Do not exploited In February this year, the group wide piracy campaign under the slogan “No to exploitation” and pierced websites under a hosting company Libya Telecom and Technology government and the dominant Internet service in the country. Justifies Dr Al Ahli attack on the company, saying “their services is very bad in terms of speed of the Internet and packet data communication, though they charge for their services low sums of money exaggerated a lot, and take advantage of their customers and did not offer something did not seek to develop themselves, they are the only company equipped with the Internet in Libya does not There is a competitor. ”

And corrects “We sent a number of communications and warnings of the company, Nktarham the fragility of the security system they use, and ease the possibility of sequencing and access to the accounts of their customers, but they did not uninterested so, so we Pachtrachm, and we did not realize that we will get to too much data, and with a depth beyond.” Official recognition In turn recognizes Murad Bilal Director of the Office of Information company Libya Telecom and Technology, told reporters the fact breakthroughs that have occurred for system company,

a reference to the lack of seriousness of actions and measures, having noted the technical management company of the existence of loopholes in the system key, but that was not taken – according to Bilal – seriously . Bilal explained, “there have been several attempts to penetrate, also came a programmers of the company, among them the possibility of penetrating the system via the Internet, and then enable a hacker cyber of impenetrable, but he (pirate) cooperation

then explain how he managed to penetrate the system and ways to bridge the gaps that across from which. ” Flaccid systems Pirate says that their mission of conducting piracy is to prevent exploitation and monopoly practiced by companies, stressing that if they have the intention of injury had to delete a lot of data, citing the penetration process carried out by the Syrian pirate sites Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and the team recover from it.

So long campaign “exploited” by the Libyan Spider Group, a private company offering hosting services and domain book, and according to Dr. Al Ahli Group has penetrated the company’s servers, and across carried out to websites hosted on it. However, the company issued on March 2 last statement in which it described the “direct targeting process for the purpose of distorting and hit its credibility with its customers.”

he explained via a statement that the penetration process was due to gaps in content management systems used by its subscribers and not doing updates despite ongoing Tnabihadtha, denying the control of hackers on the company’s servers. But Dr Al Ahli response to a company statement saying, “We tried to penetrate the sites under Hosting spider only manage their content and their systems were safe and were able to access the sequence it through gaps in the company, we have not sabotaging sites or change any of the content, but we put بصماتنا it only alert customers to the sagging the security system of the spider. ”

The company was accused of exploitation through hosting rates and reserve domain names “domain” exaggerated, and that they suffer from security vulnerabilities the conduct Fratha. It is very dangerous Dr Al Ahli Reporters Statistics said it indicates that a worm was able in a short period to control 99% of the websites of the Libyan government, however, complained of the indifference of those responsible on this matter and not to comment on the incident or taken to a tough stand to secure their websites.

And detection systems arrival to the Central Bank of Libya and the civil registry and the national number, in addition to penetrate the Libyan intelligence site, several banks and citizens’ access to accounts. He added “It is very dangerous, Fbasttaatna include the names and change the information can also be removed, but we did not do it and will not do at all,

Our message is clear that the government will secure this information and fortify its security system, and dealing with companies that provide services to ensure the safety of customer data, today Achterguenah We are tomorrow may penetrate may have other intentions. ”

Girl commander

((originally you from my Hello the government Mistodrh value مطيحة Mafna))



Today marks the birth of the martyr Engineer Ezzedine Hinhiri 4/27/1952 every year and the hero martyr live in our hearts:




Ahmed Gadaf-a-Dam & Dr. BILLAH MOUTASSEM al-Qathafi _______________________________________________________________________________


Mu will always be in Libya

Radio Muammar Bomenaar, the Liberal platform for each
19 avril 2013

“I want to start career Friday on the subject of talk time and has become the top pages and sites between Alehina and other Not the subject of a betrayal so and so came up Jaen Facets question for those who betray the people and the Liberal betray what national standards of integrity and absolute them which, if exceeded, someone applies recipe Alkhaan and shooting and being insulted. Will become a national instruments of Folan is given to Alan if presented his loyalty for anyone who wants to issue instruments. Is it measured by national standards mildly it trivial Oh be inclosed under flan or be a promoter to lie until you apply national standards. Now we have we are free Muammar Bomenaar and legitimacy to the integrity of the committee to match the standards of our situation if Gerdanna. Both pay tax Tax survival on the Covenant and his commitment to his country and not to sell and thought belonging to Muammar Gaddafi did not abandon his country are all people who and patriots apply them all standards .. And each أولائك the Ranters and الواهمون they have the Liberals and have their consciences and counted themselves that they can conduct free and Silks Libyan according to their whims tell them Feltkhosioa and Tnksfoa AS LIVING MARTYR SAID MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI and tell you. Libya and Kaid red lines and the rest Dvinqa the Zayed .. Hlha, Oicoloa Libya and Kaid. The problem we find Folan was Aokhadd of Bustat articles and recording interventions and provide opportunities space big and called it freedom fighter and brother Fadil It was found the same person may be issued pages and articles and leaflets, but not for the recipe Alnzal not find him has become a traitor in the eyes of had a fighter how to thank And then repent who thank him difficult for you corium and then, treason is treason do not need to the merits of put his hand in the hand of foreign and hyper at home and display it here, there is no controversy or difference here is the person Jaen and does not require the Commission Mtelma note these days, fear of God in people who have sacrificed Balgali and precious for the sake of stray Libya a beacon for that stray Libya leads the world. Per provokes in the Liberals and bargain in Aharaar tell him that Libya is the largest of all and legitimacy will return the legitimacy of the oppressed masses and the oppressed and home Sterd ..and I say also said the global thinker Muammar al-Qathafi in his statements
That we raised the slogan for the right .. they must die for it .. followed in another career ..”

Albdora 01

أريد أن أبدأ مشوار الجمعة عن موضوع أصبح حديث الساعة ويتصدر الصفحات والمواقع بين الحينة والأخرى
ألا وهو موضوع خيانة فلان وأن فلان طلع خاين
سؤال أوجهه لمن يخونون الناس ويخونون الأحرار ماهي معايير النزاهة والوطنية المطلقة عندهم التي أذا تجاوزها شخص ما ينطبق عليه صفة الخاين ويقذف ويتم سبه.
وهل الوطنية أصبحت صكوك تعطى من فولان لعلان أذا قدم ولائه لمن يريد من يصدر الصكوك .
وهل الوطنية تقاس بمعايير اقل ما يقال عنها أنها تافهة يا تكون منطوي تحت فلان أو تكون مروج لكذبة ما حتى تنطبق عليك معايير الوطنية .
الان أصبح لدينا نحن أحرار معمر بومنيار والشرعية لجنة نزاهة لمطابقة المعايير حالنا حال جرداننا.
كل من دفع الضريبة ضريبة بقائه على العهد وتمسكه ببلده وعدم بيعها وانتمائه لفكر معمر القذافي ولم يفرط في بلاده هم كلهم أناس وطنيون تنطبق عليهم كل المعايير ..
ولكل أولائك المتشدقون والواهمون أنهم يملكون الأحرار ويملكون ضمائرهم ويحسبون أنفسهم أنهم يستطيعون تسيير أحرار وحراير الجماهيرية حسب أهوائهم أقول لهم فلتخسئوا وتنكسفوا كما قال الشهيد الحي معمر القذافي وأقول لكم .
ليبيا والقايد خطوط حمر والباقي دفنقي زايد ..هلها أيقولوا ليبيا والقايد .
المشكلة نجد فولان كان يأخد من البوستات والمقالات وتسجيل المداخلات واتاحة الفرص الحيز الكبير ويطلق عليه المناضل والاخ الفاضل ومن تم نجد نفس الشخص قد تصدر الصفحات والمقالات والمناشير ولكن ليس لصفة النظال لا نجده قد اصبح خائن في نظر من كان عندهم مناضل كيف نشكر وبعدين اندم اللي تشكره يصعب عليك ادمه وبعدين الخيانة العظمى وهي خيانة الوطن لا تحتاج لحيثيات من وضع يده في يد الاجنبي وفرط في ارضه وعرضه هنا لا يوجد جدل او اختلاف هنا يكون الشخص خاين ولا يحتاج للجنة متلما نلاحظ هذه الايام اتقوا الله في أناس ضحوا بالغالي والنفيس لأجل أن تضل ليبيا منارة لأجل ان تضل ليبيا تقود العالم.
لكل من يستفز في الاحرار ويساوم في الحراير نقول له أن ليبيا أكبر من الجميع وأن شرعيتنا ستعود شرعية الجماهير المظلومة والمقهورة وأن الوطن سيترد ..وأقول كما قال المفكر العالمي معمر القذافي في مقولاته
أن رفعنا شعار من أجل الحق ..فلابد أن نموت من أجله ..يتبع في مشوار أخر ..
Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free
Very soon the first clues will appear in the dawn light to Libya ..
المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر
قريبا جداً ستظهر اول خيوط النور في فجر ليبيا ..
قريبا جداً ستظهر اول خيوط النور في فجر ليبيا ..

We are the enemies of NATO, we raided 140 Taarh led by America and Britain, NATO and the destruction of the house leader of the revolution in an attempt to assassinate him and silence the voice of the right became “home steadfast” kiss every Liberal in the world who want to live in dignity above the earth and under the sun ..

They Knader NATO, the Thoarhm real blow Embassy of France Vanma will launch under the name “Embassy steadfast” to be a place of pilgrimage for all traitors customers who sell their honor and trade symptoms 8000 Girl Fberaria from Misrata and Benghazi and Zawiya and visitors and the market Friday to say that mercenaries from Chad and Mali Aghtsbnhen …

(They talk about destruction of the Embassy; but say nothing of the destruction of BAB AZAZIYA or the HAMEDI HOME in Surman and thousands of other civilian homes destroyed by NATO, and all the civilian deaths!)
Mu at Bab Azizayia complex


Greetings to Mujahid fighter Engineer Brigade helped Muammar Abdul Salam Bomenaar Gaddafi

Arrived us Tmbactu as the

Mustafa Quartereboh speaks with Muammar al-Qathafi, Supreme Commander of the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya:Since the media occur fighter hours Mostafa Qdereboh in Muammar Bomenaar the radio, which he addressed to talk about international relations and the fact that the plot external and internal disease implemented now, he said, also addressed the problems that the Libyan people, flops.
منذ ساعات تحدث الاعلامي المناضل مصطفى قادربوه في راديو معمر بومنيار,تناول فيه الحديث عن العلاقات الدولية وحقيقة المؤامرة الخارجية والداخلية التي بداء تنفيذها الان كما قال,كما تناول المشاكل التي يتخبط فيها الشعب الليبي

    Mustafa Quartereboh is a very famous Libyan revolutionary Reporter with hundreds of TV programs and posts. He is well acquainted with Muammar–although he is is the age of Muammar’s sons. I have posted many of his radio/TV shows.
    He interviewed Muammar, as did Hamza Thami in the past. Hamza no longer accepts the role of Spokesman; so I presume that Quarterboh has now become the spokesman (or official reporter). He interviewed Muammar and gave this report…I do not yet have the transcript or video of this..As soon as I do, I will post it. I do not know if Quartereboh spoke with him face to face…It could have been audio over his radiophone or something like that…I am sure we will know more later.
    Media,  Mustafa Qdereboh on Radio Muammar Bomenaar, 23 APRIL 2013:
    when Mu’ammar first reappeared again for his troops:
    19 JANUARY 2012
    Quaretereboh was amongst the first to announce it.

Muammar Gaddafi was socially belongs Qmazfah and ideologically to every Liberal in the world.


انا فدائي ثائر حرI’m a free revolutionary commando!

the leadership of the Resistance

The leaders of one Jermanah areas Announces مبايعتها for Resistance leader Saadi Gaddafi ..……….

And will soon meet with the team on the accent military governor of the South:

We have delegation Jermana the names ……….. Which team will meet Ali accent military governor of the South ………….. We publish or not?

The Libyan satellite channel Al Khaimah
The day at six o’clock pm We will provide you new Be Amaaha,
Channel Al Khaimah


PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THE HAMEDI FAMILY..when on 20 JUNE 2011, NATO killed 19 Family members (and one in the womb) including SAADI’s wife and son.

NATO and allies
Oh killers of children Woe to you Where Takhtbion the
We will not forget our children who kill
We will not forget our right and with God’s help him Akhdhun
You see millions displaced
The end of the injustice brought and most of you عالمون
Woe to those who supported falsehood they Halkon to the
And will teach those who wronged any turning
(Admona 10)

Ali Zaidane in trouble since the NATO bombing in the coming days, will bear the responsibility and because NATO bombed the international legitimacy it will withdraw.


(ahhh, but they have anyway..despite what you asked):

FRENCH TROOPS ENTER LIBYA ILLEGALLY, despite Zaidane’s plea–as they claim Misurata gave them “permission”!

Of Jardan pages >>>> short film scenario>


French embassy bombing occurred on the seventh promptly at eight minutes in the morning. The French embassy has informed its employees that it targeted ……. Embassy on the morning of the explosion was almost empty, but from a group of the embassy guard was Camcorder completely Off ….. But one Embassy neighbors were Camcorder house operate …… This recording was the beginning of the thread ……. Government members flocked to the scene, including members of the Ground pass …… At half past eight and Mr. Prime Minister was on his way to the embassy building …… The phone rang the Prime Minister was addressing him say we have the knowledge and information was behind the bombing …. The call was an Algerian source ….. Mr. Prime Minister left his guests including the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France and flew to Algeria in a hurry … There was a date with the Algerian intelligence supplied by Mr. Prime Minister in the name of one of the accused bombing of the French embassy in Tripoli …. Mr. Prime Minister told the Libyan Interior on behalf of the accused …. Tunisian nationality and the Champions CID to arrest his partner Panama if the third and fourth escape ….. God save Libya and thanks for the Libyan government, which proved that it is capable of moving the helm of the country.
Quoting Voice newspaper Libya

Urgent ..Dr. Ali Zaidan Libyan “Prime Minister” asked his Algerian counterpart make it clear to the French authorities that any military intervention now will accuse him personally by the leaders of Islamic groups and the rebels in Libya are requested to refer the matter to the UN Security Council before taking any action in this regard.

Arrived, Dr. Ali Zaidan Libyan Prime Minister to Algeria on a surprise visit has been discussed with his Algerian counterpart, the bombing of the French embassy in Tripoli and asked him to intervene with the French presidency and calm atmosphere between Libya and France, after a series of phrases harsh and the threat of which was received by the Libyan government of its French counterpart after the embassy bombing French in Tripoli:

Boudeflicka and Zaidane 

Algeria Ali Zaidan provided the names of people fleeing from Mali to Libya and believed to be linked to the bombing of the French embassy in Tripoli and Algiers confirmed that all fleeing terrorists have close ties to me Hakim Belhadj Abdulwahab Kaid Libyan brother Abohristi the third man in al-Qaeda.

Algerian intelligence Libya supplied the names of who bombed the French embassy in Tripoli
By News on Thursday, 25 أبريل, 2013 | 00:28

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Algeria.

Press sources talking about the “Algerian intelligence” to provide (Libya) on behalf of one of the accused of the bombing of the French embassy in Tripoli. 
has arrived in the Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan day visit to Algeria in secret an

Urgent ..Libyan government today received requests from contracting with foreign companies on infrastructure projects, oil and gas include postponing Execution of these contracts, as well as apologize for التنفيد of some projects and these requests come after the blast, which hit the French embassy in Tripoli.

Urgent ..The suspension of many of the foreign embassies in Libya, which threatens the diplomatic representation of foreign countries in Libya.

so.called “Libyan Defense Minister Almottagrzn” publicly acknowledge the existence of foreign elements entering and exiting the Libyan camps uncontrollably British and American nationality .. And Mazzika Libya free:

Monkeys Tripoli Supreme Security Committee hold a meeting this morning in order to secure foreign embassies:

Deputy Director of the Libyan intelligence Mustafa Noah accuses Borussia Dortmund player to participate in the bombing of the French embassy in Tripoli for being one of the arrows. –

Atwaqa 500 Aajaaaab in half an hour to Habib Almlaan, ..?

Hashim humans, said the units had reached the place before the bombing and the Ministry of the Interior .. And the people said with one voice: Who are you???

Urgent. Colonel Juma Mishri of the CID who previously dismissed from work due to mental illness in the case of the Bulgarian now confirms arrest of Mnfda French embassy bombing…. This means that the source of the news a crazy person.

Comments received, deputy director of the Libyan intelligence on supporters of the Great Jamahiriya accused the French embassy bombing in Tripoli mockery and ridicule all the newspapers and the French intelligence services then described as the statements issued by someone who does not seem to have any experience in the field of intelligence work.

Initial information: Libby arrested and 3 foreigners in the French embassy attack.
URGENT: quoting France 24: “Algerian intelligence” supplied (Libya) on behalf of one of the accused of the bombing of the French embassy in Tripoli.

Noman bin Othman breakaway LIFG (al-Qaeda/’MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) accused the Salafist Group in Libya, bombing of the French Embassy ..

GSPC in Libya statement refund will be issued on charges of LIFG her of masterminding the bombing of the French embassy in Tripoli.

Dangerously very jihadist 200,000 in Libya .. Why? And those mentors?
United Nations envoy to Libya: There are 200,000 armed (jihad) in Libya .. which is equivalent to the entire British army .. there are strong links between the Islamic factions in the region this …
خطير جدا 200.000 جهادي في ليبيا ..لماذا؟ ولمن موجهون ؟
مبعوث الأمم المتحدة الي ليبيا :هناك 200000 مسلح( جهادي )في ليبيا ..أي ما يعادل الجيش البريطاني برمته ..هناك روابط متينة وبين الفصائل الاسلامية في المنطقة هذا…
  • ————————————————————-

    see JABRIL below Saif:

    History does not have mercy …;
    If you claim the national integrity and honor and honesty … Although we are sure that you customer .. But what about this rotten traitor client who had a hand in a project to Libya tomorrow Wade in treason and conspiracy and employment … Where you from Nozha dear managers my dolls Qatar and United Arab Emirates?

    The witness saw from her family;
    This is the sovereignty …; and on their tongues and Batrafhm ..:

  • Great Jamahiriya free

    The Captive sons hero martyr Abu Bakr Younis:

    seeing God you are heroes and sons of Hero


    الى شرفاء قبائلنا ( لننقذ ليبيا )
    بقلــــــم “بنت القذاذفة”
    يا شرفاء قبائلنا يا أهل النخوة و مرؤة و شهامة !!! أين أنتم مما يحصل الآن فى ليبيا ؟؟؟ قتل و أغتيال وتصفية و مجازر و محارق و حصار وإغلاق و تشويه وتضليل وأكاذيب ونفي و أغتصاب و تحقير وطرد وإبعاد و تكفير و تنصير !!!
    يا شرفاء قبائلنا واجبنا أتجاه وطننا أن ننظر في ديننا و في إصلاح أمرنا وإصلاح أُمتنا يجب علينا أن نقف وقفة رجل واحد و على قلب واحد وأن لا يكون همنا أكلنا و شربنا و متاعنا !!!
    يا شرفاء قبائلنا علينا جميعا أن نتنادى لكلمة سواء لعمل سواء لقول سواء لفكرة سواء لتضحية سواء لبذل سواء لأنتصار سواء لمجد سواء !!!
    يا شرفاء قبائلنا لا تتركوا ليبيا تضيع بين النفوذ الدولي المتعدد الطامع الحاقد وبين التيارات الحزبية السياسية وبين النعرات والحروب القبلية التى فرقتنا و شتتنا و ضيعتنا !!!
    يا شرفاء قبائلنا علينا أن نغير حالنا من الذكورة إلى الرجولة ، من الكسل الى العمل من القعود إلى النهوض ، من السكون إلى الحركة ، من الإدبار إلى الإقبال ، من الخوف الى الشجاعة و من الفرقة و تفكك الى الإتحاد و التلاحم و من الأنهزام الى الأنتصار !!!
    يا شرفاء قبائلنا أنتم من وقفتم فى وجه أكبر حلف بربى همجى بالإضافة الى دول الأعراب ، فهل عجزتم فى القضاء على ثله من الخونة و العملاء جاءوا من وراء البحار و على ظهور الطائرات الغربية و بجوازات أجنبية و تربوا فى أحضان الغرب الفاسق و تسكعوا أمام أبواب الملاهى الليلية !!!
    يا شرفاء قبائلنا علينا جميعا التكاثف و التعاون و الإتحاد من أجل القضاء على أخطر فئة على الدين الإسلامى وهى فئة المرتدين الخارجين عن الإسلام لذا قبل أن تكون معركتنا معركة وطنية فهى معركة لإعلاء كلمة أشهد أن لا اله إلا الله و أشهد أن محمد رسول الله !!!
    فهؤلاء الحل الوحيد معهم هو القضاء عليهم نهائى لأنهم أخطر من الغرب الكافر هؤلاء من شوه الدين الإسلامى و بأسم الدين أرتكبوا أفضع الجرائم فى حق البشر و الأرض و العرض ، لن تقوم معهم مصالحة ابدا لأن المصالحه معهم ستكون عواقبها وخيمة فى مستقبل !!!
    لأن هؤلاء عبارة عن ثلة فاسدة صنعها الحلف الأطلسى ( فحلف الأطلسى نشأة من مصالحة بين الأوربيين اليهود و الأوربيين المسيح ) و أطلق عليه حلف الناتو .
    و مسلمين المرتدين الذين أنضموا الى هذا الحلف فقدوا أسلامهم !!!
    ماذا أصابكم و أنتم تتفرجوا على ليبيا تنهب و تسرق و تغتصب و تدمر و تقتل !! هل نتبع القول( أخطى راسى و قص ) ، و نتبع قول ( ما جانى شئ ما دخلنى فى شئ ) !!!
    يا شرفاء قبائلنا عليكم أكمال الطريق الذى بداتموه لان التاريخ لا يرحم أحد و سوف تسألكم الأجيال القادمة و تحاسبكم الأجيال الماضية على التخاذل و الأستكانة
    فكلنا نريد مجدا و فخرا فى دنيا و فوزا بالآخرة لذا فلنتشارك فى هذا و لنكن يدا واحده و على قلب رجل واحد و كلمة واحدة .
    فقريبا بإذن الله سنقطف ثمار الجهاد التى خاضها أجدادنا فى ماضى و إباءنا و أبناءنا فى حاضر فنريد جميعا ان نتذوق طعم هذة ثمار ، و نريد جميعا أن ندخل فى صفحات التاريخ المشرف فكلنا نريد ان نقبض ثمن الوطنية و الأخلاص و الجهاد ، جميعا نريد أن نقف صفا واحد و نقبض الثمن فى نهاية و هذا الثمن غالى لا يقدر بالمال الدنيا أجمع هذا الثمن هو المجد و الفخر فى دنيا و الفوز برضى الله و رسوله الكريم فى الآخرة .
    هذة المعركة التاريخية التى سوف تسجل بأحرف من نور فى صفحات التاريخ المشرف ، شرفاء قبائلنا لا نريد أحد منكم خارج هذة المعركة نريد كلا منكم أن ينال هذا الشرف العظيم شرف المجد و العزة و خلود ، نريد منكم جميعا المشاركة فى رسم هذة اللوحة النضالية التاريخية الرائعة التى ستكون مدرسه يتعلم منها العرب و مسلمين و نحيى تاريخ معارك الشرف .To honest our tribes (save Libya)
    By “Bentelhalal Alqmazfah”
    O noble tribes people of chivalry and Mrah and the magnanimity!!! Where are you what is happening now in Libya??? Murder and assassination and liquidation and massacres, incinerators, and the siege and the closure of distortion and misinformation and lies and denials, rape and contempt, expulsion and deportation, atonement and evangelize!!!
    O noble tribes and our duty towards our country to look at our religion and in hurry reform and reform of our nation, we must stand up and stop one man and one heart and should not be our concern we ate, drank, and our luggage!!!
    O noble tribes we must all Ntnady to word whether for business either to say whether the idea of ​​whether to sacrifice both to make, whether to victory both for the glory of both!!!
    O noble tribes Do not let Libya be lost between the multilateral international influence greedy vindictive and partisan currents between and among political feuds and tribal wars that Our group and Sttna and Diatna!!!
    O noble tribes we have to change our situation of masculinity to manhood, from laziness to work from sitting to promote, from stillness to motion, from the backs to demand, from fear to courage and from the band and the disintegration of the Union, cohesion and from defeat to victory! !!
    O noble tribes you of you stood in the face of the largest NATO barbie barbaric addition to the countries of the Bedouin, is عجزتم in the elimination of a handful of traitors and customers came from overseas and the emergence of airplanes Bank and passports of foreign and brought up in the arms of the West womanizer and Tskawa front doors nightspots Night!!!
    O noble tribes we all condensation, cooperation and the Union in order to eliminate the most serious category on the Islamic religion, a category of apostates in conflict with Islam so before they fight the battle of national they battle to uphold the word I testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God!! !
    They only solution with them is a final eliminate them because they are the most dangerous of the infidel West these distorted the Islamic religion and in the name of religion committed أفضع crimes in the right of human beings and the Earth, and the show, will not play with them never reconciliation because reconciliation with them will be dire consequences in the future!!!
    Because these corrupt a handful of manufacture NATO (Atlantic swore emergence of European reconciliation between Jews and Europeans Christ) and called NATO.
    And Muslim apostates who have joined this alliance lost their Islam!!!
    What ye suffered and You are Taatfaragoa of Libya looting, stealing and raping, destroy and kill!! Do you follow say (Nonlinear my head and cut), and follow the words of (what Gani something Cafe Entrance in anything)!!!
    O noble tribes you completed road which بداتموه, because history is a ruthless and will Tsalkm the future generations and Thacpkm generations past cowardice and submissiveness
    We all want the glory and pride in the world and win Hereafter So Flanchark in to this and let one hand and the heart of one man and one word.
    Soon, God willing, Snktef fruits of jihad fought by our ancestors in the past and our fathers and our children in present Fenrid of all taste the taste of these fruits, and we all want to get into the pages of history we all supervisor want to نقبض the price of national loyalty and Jihad, all want to stand together One and نقبض price at the end of this price-Ghali money can not estimate the whole world this is the price of glory and pride in the world and win the consent of Allah and His Messenger Quran in the afterlife.
    This historic battle, which will be recorded letters of light in the pages of history supervisor, honest tribes do not want one of you out of this battle, we want both of you to receive this great honor, glory and pride honor and immortality, we want all of you to participate in drawing this painting magnificent historical struggle, which School will learn from the Arabs and Muslims and salute of honor battles.
    # News # Libya / / / /Greetings to Silks marrow on exposing each filament plot
    Libya where —–
    Libyan activist: Libyan land sold to قطرين and Jews wandering the streets of Tripoli
    Libyan sources familiar with, from the sale of land for the Libyan Qataris, and added that this process resulted in amazingly high land prices, high Libya did not know before, and confirmed that the value of land and reached the 2 million Libyan dinars. The source confirmed that he has a videotape serious and very important, shows the French and Jewish remarks Bernard-Henri Levy, which revealed that Israel is behind the Arab revolutions.Libyan activist revealed in a statement – of freedom – that the territory of Libya sold to Qataris, and explained it was noted the recent rise in real estate prices in Libya and dramatically.And explained that Allepiean in the beginning, did not understand the reason for this rise, however, and after investigation, it was found that there Qataris are buying Libyan territory. She pointed out that land sales shop located in the Green Mountain and other area exists in Sawani in Tripoli, sold to the Qataris, and pointed out that the price reached 2 million Libyan dinars.On the reason for the feet of Qataris to buy Libyan territory, the same activist pointed out, that is no reason to doubt that Qatar is trying to actually control of Libya and to enjoy the fruits and this is considered among the country plans to impose hegemony on Libya.
    It considered that the issue of transfer of ownership to Qataris plot, hatched against Libya and trying various means control of the country and all its resources.She activist Libya, for fear that the Qataris who bought Libyan territory to resell later to Jews and become Libya after that, “Palestine again,” and then adds with a spokeswoman – can not do anything – especially that Qatar has relations with Israel.The activist said in the same context, that Libyan officials “dual citizenship” and the Security Council when making the decision to bomb Libya and before agreeing to this resolution, contact Transitional Council to know the position of Israel, where the response of the Council agreeing to normalization with the Israeli occupation.And the Jews of Libya, the spokeswoman said, that they demanded compensation for the previous period they spent outside of Libya, and stressed that the Libyan authorities have responded to their demand and gave some of them billion Libyan dinars as a down payment.She emphasized that the possession of video tapes reveal Jews flocked to Libya, they are wandering in the streets, and try to open synagogues them to perform their religious rituals. She explained that they had entered Libya with armed battalions and NATO forces during the Libyan crisis.Activist predicted, that the next phase will see the participation of Jews in the pyramid of power, pointing out that the French writer and thinker with a Jewish assets Bernard-Henri Levy, who Libyan authorities recently refused entry to Libya, seen with armed militias in the land battles during the Libyan crisis.
    She added that she has a serious video, on the statements of Bernard-Henri Levy, which revealed that Israel is behind the Arab revolutions and confirmed that this tape was released in June of 2012. And this is considered as a formal recognition that Israel is behind the Arab revolutions.

    #أخبار#ليبيا ////تحيه الى حراير العظمي على كشفهم لكل خيوط المؤامره
    ليبيا الى اين —–
    ناشطه ليبية :أراض ليبية تباع لقطرين واليهود يتجولون بشوارع طرابلس
    كشفت مصادر ليبية مطلعة، عن بيع أراض ليبية لقطريين، وأضافت أن هذه العملية تسببت في ارتفاع مذهل لأسعار الأراضي، ارتفاع لم تعرفه ليبيا من قبل، و أكدت أن قيمة الأراضي وصلت الى 2 مليون دينار ليبي. وأكد المصدر أنه يمتلك شريط فيديو خطير وفي غاية الأهمية، يظهر تصريحات الفرنسي و اليهودي برنارد هنري ليفي، كشف فيها أن اسرائيل هي من تقف وراء الثورات العربية.كشفت ناشطة ليبية في تصريح –للحرية- أن أراضي ليبيا تباع لقطريين، وأوضحت أنه لوحظ مؤخرا ارتفاع في أسعار العقار بليبيا وبشكل كبير .وأوضحت أن الليبييين في البداية، لم يفهموا سبب هذا الارتفاع، إلا أنه وبعد التحري، تبين أن هناك قطريين يقومون بشراء أراضي ليبية. وأشارت إلى أن الأراضي محل البيع موجودة في جبل الأخضر و أخرى موجودة بمنطقة في السواني في طرابلس، بيعت لقطريين، و أشارت إلى أن السعر وصل الى 2 مليون دينار ليبي.وعن سبب إقدام القطريين على شراء أراضي ليبية، أوضحت الناشطة ذاتها، أنه مما لا يدعو للشك أن قطر تحاول فعلا السيطرة على ليبيا و التمتع بخيراتها و اعتبرت هذا الأمر من بين الخطط القطرية لفرض الهيمنة على ليبيا.
    واعتبرت أن مسالة تحويل الملكية إلى قطريين مؤامرة، تحاك ضد ليبيا ومحاولتها بشتى الوسائل السيطرة على البلاد وكل خيراتها.وأعربت الناشطة الليبية، عن خشيتها من أن يقوم القطريون الذين اشتروا الأراضي الليبية بإعادة بيعها فيما بعد ليهود و تصبح ليبيا بعد ذلك “فلسطين ثانية” وحينها تضيف ذات المتحدثة -لا يمكن فعل أي شيئ- لا سيما أن قطر لها علاقات مع إسرائيل.وذكرت الناشطة في السياق ذاته، أن المسؤولين الليبيين ” ذات الجنسية المزدوجة ” وعند اتخاذ مجلس الأمن قرار بقصف ليبيا وقبل الموافقة على هذا القرار، اتصل بالمجلس الانتقالي لمعرفة موقفه من إسرائيل، حيث رد المجلس بالموافقة على التطبيع مع الاحتلال الإسرائيلي.وعن يهود ليبيا، قالت المتحدثة، أن هؤلاء طالبوا بتعويضات عن الفترة السابقة التي قضوها خارج ليبيا، وأكدت أن السلطات الليبية استجابت لمطلبهم ومنحت بعضا منهم مليار دينار ليبي كدفعة أولى.وأكدت أن بحوزتها أشرطة فيديو تكشف توافد يهود على ليبيا وهم يتجولون في شوارعها، و يحاولون فتح معابد يهودية لهم لتأدية طقوسهم الدينية فيها. وأوضحت أن هؤلاء دخلوا ليبيا مع الكتائب المسلحة ومع قوات الناتو خلال الأزمة الليبية.وتوقعت الناشطة، أن المرحلة المقبلة ستشهد مشاركة يهود فى هرم السلطة مشيرة إلى أن الكاتب و المفكر الفرنسي ذو الأصول اليهودية برنارد هنري ليفي، والذي رفضت السلطات الليبية مؤخرا دخوله إلى ليبيا، شوهد مع الميليشيات المسلحة فى أرض المعارك خلال الأزمة الليبية.
    وأكدت أنها تمتلك شريط فيديو خطير، بشأن تصريحات لبرنارد هنري ليفي، كشف فيها أن اسرائيل هي من تقف وراء الثورات العربية و أكدت أن هذا الشريط صدر في شهر جوان من عام 2012. و اعتبرت هذا الأمر بمثابة اعتراف رسمي ، بأن إسرائيل هي من يقف وراء الثورات العربية.

    ناشطة ليبية لـ الحرية : أراض ليبية تباع لقطريين واليهود يتجولون بشوارع طرابلس

    ناشطة ليبية لـ الحرية : أراض ليبية تباع لقطريين واليهود يتجولون بشوارع طرابلس

    Special green channel :: /
    Antdharo the next episode of the Libyan national wounded provide free brother struggle fighter .. Channel on the screen of greenery introduce us to meet with one of the displaced families outside of Libya, which was to attack by NATO gangs

    A young man born in 1994, all the sins he was a supporter of the legitimacy of the martyr leader Muammar Gaddafi
    Has prosecuted day … 18_4_2013 front door of his house and assaulted him and try to kill him ..

    Suffice God and yes, the agent …



    Escape (160) illegal immigrants from prison Aburashadh,,, Gharyan

    Number of prisoners escape held in Aburashadh prison in Gharyan
    By News on Thursday, 25 أبريل, 2013 | 14:07

    The Gaddafi International news agency – Gheryan.

    The source pointed out that a number of prisoners detained on charges of illegal immigration with African origin took advantage of bad weather in Gharyan and attacked prison guards led to the use of lead has resulted in three wounded prisoners were taken to a hospital in Gharyan education for treatment. 
    added that “one hundred and sixty prisoners of them managed to escape out of four hundred “and that” the militias in the city is still looking for them until this moment. ”

    the leadership of the Resistance:

    Resistance controlled 75% of the land mass ………. And soon will fall Gharyan in the hands of the Resistance.

    Army country Khaadh and “carved” from “garbage” to the Gharyan …… Rally



    Tension between rats Aldbabashh the Sabratha and rats Alzeramqh a العجيلات.

    Director of Internal department at the University the faculties of Sabratha corner submit his resignation after a student hunger strike

    The director of internal department at the University the faculties of Sabratha corner Muhammad nutria, on Wednesday, to submit his resignation wish when the demands of the students of the Department of hunger strikers department procedure.

    Cape added that “the administration does not bear responsibility for the discovery of a bullet cut the meat to one of the meals provided to students because its role is limited only to monitor the situation of students in terms of B and registration departments of the university.”

    The nutria explained that “participatory contractor in charge of the affairs of the restaurant meals and department procedure is take responsibility for what happened because the role of the university administration is limited only on the administrative side.”



    Tuber: Assassination called Faisal Omar Krchlmnzb to a battalion of armed criminal “battalion Uqba” suffered several gunshot wounds by unknown car in front of the camp had died shortly before in the hospital.

    Tuber: Assassination called Faisal Omar Krchlmnzb to a battalion of armed criminal “battalion Uqba” suffered several gunshot wounds by unknown car in front of the camp had died shortly before in the hospital.

    An armed group attacked a battalion an obstacle bin Nafi Bdrna, the
    By News on Thursday, 25 أبريل, 2013 | 20:26

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – tuber.

    Armed group attacked the headquarters of a battalion Uqba city of Derna Wednesday, which led to the death of guard in front of the headquarters of the battalion. 

    said Director of the Information Office of the so-called local council in Derna Salem Alhsada today, Thursday, April 25, the group consists of 4 to 7 people shot in randomly at battalion headquarters. longer Uqba battalion of the first battalion of the Presidency of combat Staff of Allaotunai army emerged from the air defense sector in Benghazi after the Nakba February 17.



    Hundreds of students from Al-Fateh University camped insecurity
    By News on Thursday, 25 أبريل, 2013 | 14:24

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

    Hundreds of students from Al-Fateh University at nine in the morning rally, Faculty of Engineering condemnation of insecurity which جادت its revolution NATO march of scientific and on the various aspects to life for citizens in Libya.

    They also demanded the expulsion of all armed formations of the campus, which has become more like a Butkna military.

    , and carried the government Libyan illegal responsibility for what happens from attacks on students by armed militias which became hinder their studies.

    noteworthy that Al-Fateh University witnessed several disorders security, including the murder of one of the students during the past period carried out by a militia criminal.

    and Dkrt sources for “news agency Gaddafi” that the classification of the university has dropped to lowest Mistoayate during the past two years and the loss of security of the main causes.

    Commission on Crime Branch angle gate at the entrance to establish OS Where are free Janzur and and Rishvana, entered the corner in these areas!!!!

    A powerful explosion in the neighborhood of Abu Salim prison in Tripoli led to shake houses and buildings of severity.

    Explosions shake the area Tajora area Alnchea.

    in Gurji

    Skirmishes between security and passengers at the airport in Tripoli ……. Due to flight cancellation.

    The bombing of the gate rats the Alakorah area on the coastal road last night.

    Libya’s new ((Libya missing))
    Ezzedine بوعجيلة white residents of the neighborhood “the new white”
    Disappeared since yesterday, where they found his car and stretcher inside
    And until now did not know where his family is:


    Ghada الورفلى, a partagé la photo de Bani Walid in Tyre.
    ستبقين son Walid banner of splendor our whisk and song horizon mole and frequency Olson sacrifices honest.

    Bani Walid 7 letters
    And interpretation needs for love and magic folders, past and present, hope and suffering, nostalgia and longing, life and death,,,,,, Bani Walid, O source of groans

    Flower Valley




    Rats want to change the name of the University of Asmari to Zliten University based on the false fatwa Taliani…



    News of the assassination of the President of the Court case, Major General Abdel Fattah Younis.

    Now hear the sound of a very powerful explosion shook a nearby area of prefabricated housing in Buatuny in the city of Benghazi.

    Visit the United Nations Mission for the IDP camp residents of Tawergha in Benghazi and in the absence of full state visit and the picture shows that Long live free Libya without them ……………………. ………………………..

    The arrest of six people in the inner section the الأسمرية University Bzletn possession of 6 explosives (type Gelatinh):

    Is a result of an inspection campaign led by the so-called university Guard Garyounis University on the main gates medium-weapons morning!!! Wines campus in Benghazi:

    Libya .. lived Heliopolis Hardmish.

    1 – People in turmoil delayed salaries
    2 – news for the Liberal government and members of the battalion appeal sentenced to between 10 – 20 years old
    3 – boiling Bin people to grant Egypt a loan of Mali

    News of an internal conflict in the tribe Alawakir ……… From the sale of land for Qataris.

    Rats who burned the car of a young man and beat him near the Arab Medical University in Benghazi …….. he writes Ali his Elly Miarafna car seeks his sister.

    Clashes with heavy weapons in the city of Benghazi in the pool area Between tribe المهدوي and, رفلى and there were dead and wounded on both sides ….

    We ask everyone involved in this issue in your pages this person may be present in the Benghazi hospital or 1200 found slain and hands-sufficient in draft Elsafcefh of Benghazi since the 12 days
    It is located in hospital Altlajh (1200)

    Please help in publishing until it is identified

    And you pay for that, God willing,



    Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel …..
    Shooting at the Higher Institute of careers overall Sabha and one wounded by a bullet and students clash between some students with knives …. panic among students.

    فالساعات few years an explosion in the city of Sabha, a store Dkhirh continued south hawks battalion battalion Ahmed Abdulaziz الورفلي Battalion reality Porsche’s Fatih district … Mahdia (جردان God, not Trdhm) …



    The arrival of dozens of people injured poisoning condition to the hospital in the city of Ajdabiya as a result of drinking poisoned wines.

    The health sector in Ajdabiya emphasizes the injury 18 illegal immigrants infectious disease dysentery .. Afana God and Beware.






    Severe hearing a loud explosion in the city of Tobruk and preliminary information stating that close to the management of passports.

    Now and in the Libyan city of Tobruk in particular are detained nearly 100 people from the sons of Matrouh, who was officially allowed to enter Libyan territory after completing formalities and payment of the prescribed fees on all phones were taken and يلاقون treated since this morning.



    Chief of Staff (diagonal) enter (Libya) from the port (Salloum) without the government’s knowledge, and meet people belonging to the militia headed by the organization (al Qaeda) named (Ismail Salaabi) ..

    deal with RAT LIBYA:

    Tripoli .. and deposited two billion dollars in the Egyptian Central

    The central bank governor said the Libyan great friend, that Libya two billion dollars deposited in the Central Bank of Egypt and it is deducted from the Libyan investments in Egypt. He added that this amount and the Central Bank’s deposit and not a loan.

    He said that the Libyan investments in Egypt totaling about $ 10 billion and it is in banks, real estate and other sectors. He pointed out that Egypt’s stability is important for Libya.

    Patty and deposit the amount of two billion dollars in the Central Bank of Egypt, after Cairo Tripoli handed over, all of the “Ali Maria,” a former Libyan ambassador to Cairo, “Mohammed Ibrahim” spokesman brother “Gaddafi., Where already media sources revealed that there was a deal for the benefit of financial Egypt in exchange for delivery of Gaddafi supporters.

    The newspaper of America, “New York Times”, has revealed that the deal the financial agreement between the Libyan authorities and Egypt, against the delivery of supporters of Gaddafi in Tripoli, estimated at $ 2 billion awarded by the Libyan government transition to Egypt as part of the process of “exchange” is seeking to Libya from which to restore these.

    She reported that the move taken by the Libyan government transition on completion of an agreement with Egypt deposit of $ 2 billion in the Central Bank of Egypt, which aims to convince Cairo to hand over three of the loyalists prominent colonel Muammar Gaddafi after they fled to live in Egypt openly after the fall of the Libyan regime.

    The ‭ ‬ Dloomy Mary

    ..و طرابلس تودع ملياري دولار في المركزي المصري

    قال محافظ البنك المركزي الليبي الصديق الكبير، إن ليبيا أودعت ملياري دولاراً في البنك المركزي المصري و أنها استقطعت من الاستثمارات الليبية في مصر. وأضاف أن هذا المبلغ وديعة بالبنك المركزي وليست قرضاً .

    وقال إن استثمارات ليبيا في مصر تبلغ إجمالاً نحو 10 مليارات دولار وأنها في بنوك وعقارات وقطاعات أخرى. مشيرا الى أن استقرار مصر مهم لليبيا.

    و بأتي إيداع مبلغ ملياري دولار في البنك المركزي المصري، بعد أن سلمت القاهرة طرابلس، كل من “علي ماريا” السفير الليبي السابق لدى القاهرة، و”محمد إبراهيم” شقيق المتحدث باسم “القذافي. حيث سبق وأن كشفت مصادر إعلامية، أن هناك صفقة مالية لصالح مصر مقابل تسليم أنصار القذافي.

    وكانت الصحيفة الأمريكية “نيويورك تايمز”، قد كشفت أن الصفقة المالية التي أبرمت بين السلطات الليبية و مصر، مقابل تسليم أنصار القذافي إلى طرابلس، تقدر بـ 2 مليار دولار منحتها الحكومة الليبية الانتقالية لمصر في إطار عملية “تبادل” تسعى ليبيا من خلالها إلى استعادة هؤلاء.
    وأفادت أن التحرك الذي تتخذه الحكومة الليبية الانتقالية حول استكمال اتفاقية مع مصر بإيداع 2 مليار دولار في البنك المركزي المصري، يهدف إلى إقناع القاهرة بتسليم ثلاثة من الموالين البارزين للعقيداحل معمر القذافي بعد أن لجؤوا للعيش في مصر بشكل علني بعد سقوط النظام الليبي.



    Stormed Car led Germanah 3 rats drunk one Amoazat the the city of Hammam-Lif (near TUNIS)

    Thursday, 25 April 2013.
    Have caused the car smashed most of the contents of the shop fled three youths
    Fled. He has parents book the car until the arrival of the police officers
    (posted by: The main الادمن)

    ليبيا المحتلة
    جرذان ساكرين تصطدمون بمحل غدائية بحمّام الأنف بتونسسيارة جرذانية بتونس بمنطقة حمام الانف سيارة ليبية يقودها شباب ليبين سكرانين يصطدمون بمحل مواد غدائية يوم 25 ابريل وقد تسبّبت ذلك فى تكسير أغلب محتويات المحل فيما لاذ الشباب الثلاثة بالفرار، وقد قام الأهالي بحجز السيّارة إلى حين قدوم الشرطة.

    This topic is from Morocco to the masses of Raja Casablanca of Morocco …

    Liberal Greetings to everyone everywhere and Mutua Gahrtkm the Aaviran ((جردان))



    MORE “SALAFIST” TERROR!The bombing of the minaret of the Great Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo
    Are these the actions of Muslims, the bombing of mosques and places of worship
    Dear ignorant if you can see the Umayyad Mosque as a sacred religious symbol in your souls Venzero him as a symbol of ancient archaeological reviews Islamic history from the beginning of entering the land of Sham Castle Islam.
    Damn you and conferred and liberty dirty disgusting
    The Holy Prophet sent a guide and did not send suicide.



    Tripoli 17_5_1951 the

    During the attempted assassination of the corrupt King Idriss in Tripoli.




    When Dr. BILLAH was a little boy…and (at our extreme right) when Uncle Senussi was still very young watching his nephew:

Soyez au courant, Satan rôde / Be weary, Satan is Lurking

أن بالضجر، الشيطان يكمن

More than two months ago, the Great Jamahiriya (the sole legitimate force within LIBYA) declared war on FRANCE, USA and QATAR.

From BATALLION BLACK DAY (via  Admowona 1):

Via Page Document and swear allegiance to the era of the enemy to surrender to the Supreme Commander Sir Colonel Mujahid Muammar Bomenaar, the Gaddafi:

What Vienna Tanagal …. Betray my high Testament Ajabina Seem a bridge and you walk us …. Lin longer our goal and our intention You are the master and you bowed Safina …. Injustice Yakaad the doors rejection Justice Yakaad the palaces built …. Maak and Beck Aabona and سندنا Above humans Yakaad the us …. Apfkr unique p people Onfredna the Tmrt century in Asrk of a fetus ….

Valvrdos in your Custom Qadna the Maak Maak Uday Sir Pena …. Is eras Mapalk and back Lake and Lake owe our hands …. AFP Locker me and Valgarh the صمدنا Beck and Beck to the top of us …. To date our past Jbdna the And Vic and Vic Aamuammr the cursory …. A great person Pfkarh نجدنا Black Black what hour Gfena …. Years tyranny Dnitna the Nbdna ÍÇááĺ who Mai sold sir horsehair “Mathun we ياوطنى From What I heard the most beautiful green ..

Aaaaash home live in us forever, Shoumoukh and immortality of the armed people and Supreme Commander and all the young people to Libya and شاباتها, who did not Ahonowa or betray.” And Lord brighter Clear Clear / Atakin of victory for us and we have a large derivative Bnasnaaaa and Trisna / our patience Talmana, Angerhana and I intercostal See p my vulva and victory is very close to Golo ČÓ Lord, and I call on our people.

وربي معانا واضح واضح/واتقين من نصرته للنا وعندنا تقه كبيره بناسناااا وتريسنا/صبرنا تألمنا انجرحنا ولاكن وربي شاهد ع كلامي ان الفرج والنصر قريب جدا قولو بس يارب وادعو لناسنا ادمن5 (Admin 5)

Muammar made colonel

((In the name of God the Merciful)). Important Notice and very, very urgent …….. I hope publication and dissemination to all Facebook pages to teach the Libyan people, especially employees of the armed people and all the security services in Libya at home and abroad that there are rumors will be issued by the Jardan belong to take down the morale of the Libyan people and the armed people and Almquaomyin Liberal therefore hope you be معنوياتكم high nor Tabho these rumors are false because they are intended landing Bmanotm. Valielm all Jardan we them and inside them, and we know what they are planning. It please discernible caution all the false rumors. And light and never revolutionary struggle continues.

((بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم )). بيان هام وعاجل جداً جداً …….. ارجو النشر والتعميم علي جميع صفحات الفيس بوك ليعلم الشعب الليبي وخاصة منتسبي الشعب المسلح وكافة الأجهزة الأمنية بليبيا في الداخل والخارج بان هناك إشاعات سوف تصدر عن الجردان تخص إنزال معنويات الشعب الليبي والشعب المسلح والمقاوميين الاحرار ولهذا نرجو منكم ان تكون معنوياتكم عالية ولا تابهو بهذه الإشاعات الزائفة لانها المقصود منها هو الهبوط بمعنوياتكم. فاليعلم جميع الجردان اننا بينهم وبداخلهم ونعلم ما يخططون به . عليه ارجو أخد الحيطة والحذر من كل الإشاعات الكاذبة . والفاتح أبدا والكفاح الثورى مستمر

Mustafa Quartereboh speaks with Muammar al-Qathafi, Supreme Commander of the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya:

Since the media occur fighter hours Mostafa Qdereboh in Muammar Bomenaar the radio, which he addressed to talk about international relations and the fact that the plot external and internal disease implemented now, he said, also addressed the problems that the Libyan people, flops.


Mu elegant

(E of Mujibur!!!!???)

Why???? … A question I have in mind all that is happening today from the devastation and bloodshed on the land of their parents and grandparents .. Land pride and pride … Great Jamahiriya … Why??? ….. Why??? ….

People, relatives and members of our families have become in our lives just names we eat and Ntdolha among us as if they were not days with us were in minutes and moments of our past .. people got lost among us unlawful and unjustified Xi only because they were honest and did not liked humiliated and humiliating we are strangers in our home … We became displaced from place to place inside or outside and demanding from their government alleged … We became we intruders and customers for them because we did not ally ourselves with them and with their clients الأنجاس …. We became companions have …. Because we defended the right and we said our last word .. Um victory or martyrdom
Why????? … I want all of the this fabricated Revolution can answer me ….. Why????? … Are your demands deserve to be lost all those lives of brothers and Tgtsaboa the sisters and displaced families and open the doors to the invader and colonizer simply and without warning … Only for Zhi Oskn the salary or managerial position …. Why???? Are of Mujibur!!!!! .. Aloikvakm what you did all these pure blood shed …. Aloikvakm screaming and crying mothers losing their loved Okpadhn and children’s fear of Lahaul everything that is going on today … Why???? …. By God, Why????
I discussed many interlocutors with some of these revolutionaries, but I did not find the answer to all of this and I did not find what heals my chest and extinguish the bullet and burned my heart!!!! ….. But all what I found sarcasm and ridicule everything that has happened and is happening with us and joy to مصائبنا and if people’s lives are not worth anything it is already worthless for them …

And after all that we come and flaunt term Western freedom and democracy, which was their first that Ieihoha are and يمارسوها in their country with members of their sex …. why???? … Do of Mujibur Eattoar 17 February????? … And you Yamen Adaeetm Islam and Sharia and Ti_ddon religion do you call yourselves the Muslim Brotherhood …. Any Islam and any other religion!!!!!! …… Are Islam and the Quran urges you all this destruction and killing humans and indecent assault and displacement of slaves and owners of the land and theft of property other than you …..

Is this the Islamic principles and values!!!!!! … If you have a lesson and sermon in the scheme of Iraq and Afghanistan earlier this same names and faces and false allegations under the banner of freedom and live in dignity … And any dignity!!!!!! … Seen Amstm the bitter reality in front of your eyes, and with all this رضيتم do … And even Saratm to his presence among you honest with your parents and on the land of glory … Why???? …. Why all this hatred and violence and criminality???? ….

Why all this terrible thirst for treason and villainy and employment???? … Why all this sudden absence and distance from religion and Sharia and Islamic morality??? .. Where are these people’s minds??? … Where is the conscience of all those heinous acts that are committed every day against the Liberals and the masters of the earth???? …. Where are they from the wrath of God Almighty??? …. I do not understand what purpose or even to where would be the end of each it??? ….

Are these really are Libyans like us??? … Do you have lived with us on this good earth, and they ate of its resources and drank from its water pure Tahir … even begging them themselves by doing what they’re doing today displacement, murder and pillage and rape of symptoms in the right people supervision and Liberal??? … Why??? (Will of Mujibur!!!!!!) If ….????? … Regards هـــــــــ( مــــــن مجيــــب !!!!؟؟؟ )ـــــــــــل

لماذا ؟؟؟؟…سؤال يدور في ذهني لكل ما يحدث اليوم من دمار وسفك للدماء على أرض الآباء والأجداد .. أرض العزة والكبرياء …الجماهيرية العظمى … لماذا ؟؟؟…..لماذا ؟؟؟….أشخاص وأقارب وأفراد من عائلاتنا صاروا في حياتنا مجرد أسماء نتناولها ونتداولها فيما بيننا وكأنهم لم يكونوا يوما معنا صاروا في دقائق ولحظات ماضي لنا ….أشخاص ضاعوا من بيننا دون وجه حق ومبرر لا لشي الا لأنهم كانوا شرفاء ولم يرضوا بالمهانة والمذلة صرنا أغراب في وطننا … صرنا مشردين من مكان الى مكان داخله أو خارجه ومطالبين من حكومتهم المزعومة … صرنا نحن الدخلاء والعملاء بالنسبة لهم لأننا لم نتحالف معهم ومع عملائهم الأنجاس …. صرنا الأزلام لديهم …. لأننا دافعنا عن الحق وقلنا كلمتنا الأخيرة ..أم النصر أو الاستشهاد
لماذا ؟؟؟؟؟…أريد كل من قام بهذه الثورة المفبركة أن يجيبني ….. لماذا ؟؟؟؟؟… هل مطالبكم تستحق أن تزهق كل تلك الأرواح من إخوانكم وأن تغتصبوا أخواتكم وتشردوا عائلاتكم وفتح الأبواب أمام الغازي والمستعمر بكل بساطة ودون سابق انذار … فقط من أجل راتب زهي أوسكن أو منصب أداري …. لماذا ؟؟؟؟ هل من مجيب !!!!!.. الأيكفيكم ما فعلتموه وكل هذه الدماء الطاهرة التي سفكت …. الأيكفيكم صراخ وبكاء الأمهات على فقدان فلذات أكبادهن وخوف الأطفال من أهول كل ما يجري اليوم …لماذا ؟؟؟؟…. بالله عليكم لماذا ؟؟؟؟
ناقشت العديد وتحاورت مع البعض من هؤلاء الثوار لكنني لم أجد الإجابة على كل هذا ولم أجد ما يشفي صدري ويطفئ ناري وحرقت قلبي !!!!….. بل كل ما وجدته التهكم والسخرية لكل ما حدث ويحدث معنا والفرح لمصائبنا وكأن أرواح الناس لا تساوي شيئا وهي بالفعل لا قيمة لها بالنسبة لهم … وبعد كل ذلك يأتون ويتشدقون علينا بمصطلح الحرية والديمقراطية الغربية التي كان الأولى بهم أن يعيشوها هم ويمارسوها في بلادهم مع أبناء جنسهم ….لماذا ؟؟؟؟… هل من مجيب ياثوار 17 فبراير ؟؟؟؟؟ …وأنتم يامن أدعيتم الإسلام والشريعة وتتشددون بالدين وتسمون أنفسكم بالإخوان المسلمين ….أي إسلام وأي دين !!!!!!…… هل الإسلام والقرآن الكريم يطالبكم بكل هذا الدمار وقتل البشر وهتك الاعراض وتهجير العباد وأصحاب الأرض وسرقة ممتلكات غيركم ….. هل هذا من مبادئنا وقيمنا الإسلامية !!!!!!… كان لكم العبرة والموعظة في مخطط العراق ومن قبلها أفغانستان بنفس هذه الأسماء والوجوه والادعاءات المزيفة تحت شعار التحرر والعيش بكرامة … وأي كرامة !!!!!!…رأيتم ولامستم الواقع المرير وأمام أعينكم ومع كل هذا رضيتم به … بل وسارعتم لوجوده بينكم ومع أهلكم الشرفاء وعلى أرض الأمجاد … لماذا؟؟؟؟….لماذا كل هذا الحقد والعنف والأجرام ؟؟؟؟…. لماذا كل هذا العطش الرهيب للخيانة والنذالة والعمالة ؟؟؟؟… لماذا كل هذا الغياب والبعد المفاجئ عن الدين والشريعة والأخلاق الإسلامية ؟؟؟ ..أين هي عقول هؤلاء البشر ؟؟؟… أين هي ضمائرهم من كل تلك الأفعال الشنيعة التي ترتكب كل يوم في حق الأحرار وأسياد الأرض ؟؟؟؟….أين هم من غضب الله عزوجل ؟؟؟….لست أفهم ما الغاية أو حتى الى أين ستكون النهاية من كل ذلك ؟؟؟….فهل هؤلاء هم ليبيين حقا مثلنا ؟؟؟… هل عاشوا معنا على هذه الأرض الطيبة وأكلوا من خيراتها وشربوا من مائها النقي الطاهر …حتى تسول لهم نفسهم بفعل ما يفعلونه اليوم من تشريد وقتل ونهب وهتك للأعراض في حق أهلها الأشراف والاحرار؟؟؟…لماذا ؟؟؟ لمــــــــــــــ(فهل من مجيب !!!!!! ) ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــاذا ….؟؟؟؟؟…
مع تحياتي
قوتي تكمن في صمتي …… ادمووووونة 1
My strength lies in silence …… Admowoowona 1

Be aware!: SATAN WILL TWIST THE MINDS AND SOULS OF MEN!! He will discourage you and make you dispondant.

Be of godd cheer. God is with the Green Resistance; not with NATO or her allies.


Shown above:  leader and Jana Gana . Their minds Champions history … And honored ..

Bomb at the French embassy in Tripoli ~ Bombardear la embajada francesa en

Trípoli ~ Bombardée l’ambassade française à Tripoli ~ Bomba all’ambasciata

francese a Tripoli


Libya, bomb at the French embassy in Tripoli
Libia, bombardear la embajada francesa en Trípoli
Libye bombardée l’ambassade française à Tripoli
Libia, bomba all’ambasciata francese a Tripoli



Libya voice writes:  what Dr. Hamza in his intervention on 04/23/2013:

– Not for the Resistance related to the bombings, nothing to do with Resistance to what is happening in the home of their calamity, neither broke nor Resistance terrorize people, resistance is not a style car bombing, publicly facing resistance

– Of using the bombings are known: the military wing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Salafists, secularists .………, defined who want to ruin defined agendas owners, faced Resistance in broad daylight and resistance when you are able to work announcement nor afraid than done

– What he is doing now is to attract customers colonization by any means more than it is now, which is aware of their presence in Libya is impossible without the protection of colonialism

– There are tribes and the interests of the owners want to interfere any direct colonial occupation

– France did not intervene to darkening of the eyes of rats or Liberal, but intervened for the interests and economic forces are driving the world right now, all these countries are interested in the future of her children and not care our blood and our fathers It is true that the West like good the Arabs minus mind

– He said he was following Tweets thinkers and decision-makers in the West, and all of them claim explicitly to Western intervention direct in Libya and say has to be absolute control over the Arabs and when (with emphasis on the word when the meaning of a statement (metaphor) not out) ask us to Libyan government out we will come out

– Headline this international game is to control Libya no control over the oil wells near Europe, and Libya in the event of survival outside the control of the West will become a force for Islam and Muslims also wanted the leader, everyone knows that the commander had wanted to hit the dollar بالاورو currency monetary gold and economists know the importance of The seriousness of this and its impact on the world and the future of America and Europe, push back the game is to secure the future of Europe and cure its financial problems and the presence of a permanent source of funding Europe and dominate the capabilities of world economic development through their puppets (the inauguration of the governments puppet), as happened in the Gulf, is the world’s dictatorships of the hardest of the dictatorships of the Gulf? Scott West from them because these governments to service their

– Sanitary West and clear intervention in order to impose security and the main tool is the use of the base, the base appeared the first time in Sudan, attracted America and formed his camps Fajrb Sudan and then moved to Iraq and Afghanistan, wherever there hashish no basis for that source of funding, this research minutes and now Libya will be divided Libya Britain supports the Middle and France supports Tabu in the south

– Customer came Palmgariv, ask who is Maqrief! Maqrief try in the CIA and no document out to the public that the Maqrief receive a monthly grant of this agency. Nutria  (SWAMP HUGE RAT-type) is not Libby, but it is German, Zidane graduated from the French and German intelligence and Israeli by Bernard Levy

– When the customer fails in the success of the scheme are resorting to the West chaos, look at Misrata arm now? Israel, of course, and this to اغبار him and Qatar, which is the most hostile of Israel then تليهم France in armaments, Misurata was chosen to ease labor

Jews and the West are now looking in any way to create tension in Libya to intervene, now supply Tabu with weapons and military advisers, Britain supports the Middle to the federal separatism

– Where jihad operations base in Israel? Leader despite disagreeing ideological with the Amal movement, which is close to Hezbollah, although this when Kafr El Arab Hezbollah and conspired against him, the commander said soldiers from Hezbollah broadcasts terror in Israel, Unfortunately for Hezbollah was among those who support the Afattnafa Libya has changed the Liberals and the Libyans look at him

– Rats are stupid and naive and Amadhok them and their مغرر no sane person supports colonialism in his country and this is the inevitable result of those يستنجد West to hit children and the elderly

– We our faith does not accept to occupy our country and shed the blood of a Libyan one, my poor people could not be retrieved Libya, but the will and the fight against customers

– In the latter aspects of a message to our fellow Tunisians: Sealer which talked about the Tunisian media outside bin Walid does not control for the people of Bin Walid them, who believe they are behind the assassination of Shukri Belaid Wahl bin Walid nothing to do them this and the stopper under the control rats, which is located about 13 kilometers south of Bin Walid accused of unauthorized works cooker in the stopper and named Ahmed Rouissi, our fellow Tunisians them aware of the details mentioned these details at the invitation of the people of Bin Walid. in the latter drew his call to the lawyer Bashir fishing and are free to Tunisia to deliver information memory above (site stopper and the control rats them and Tbra folks bin Walid of no one shed blood and information on the accused) to the Tunisian media channels.

تعليق علي التفجيرات -23-4-2013
صوت ليبيا ما قاله الدكتور حمزة في مداخلته يوم 23-4-2013

-ليس للمقاومة علاقة بالتفجيرات,لا علاقة للمقاومة بما يجري في الوطن من هم وبلاء,المقاومة لا تفجر ولا تروع الناس,المقاومة ليس اسلوبها التفجير بالسيارات,المقاومة تواجه علانية

-من يستعمل التفجيرات معروفون:الجناح العسكري للاخوان,القاعدة ,العلمانيون……….,معرفون من يريدون الخراب ومعرفون اصحاب الاجندات,المقاومة تواجه جهارا نهارا والمقاومة عندما تقوم بعمل قادرة على الاعلان ولا تخاف مما قامت به

-ما يقوم به العملاء الان هو جذب الاستعمار باي وسيلة كانت اكثر مما هو عليه الان وهو يعلمون ان وجودهم في ليبيا مستحيل دون حماية الاستعمار

-هناك قبائل واصحاب مصالح تريد التدخل الاستعماري المباشر اي الاحتلال

-فرنسا لم تتدخل لسواد عيون الجرذان او الاحرار وانما تدخلت من اجل مصالحها والقوى الاقتصادية هي التي تقود العالم الان,كل هذه الدول يهمها مستقبل اولادها ولايهمهم دماءنا واباءنا ومن يصدق ان الغرب يحبون الخير على العرب ناقص عقل

-قال انه يتابع تغريدات المفكرين وصناع القرار في الغرب وكلهم يدعون صراحة الى التدخل الغربي المباشر في ليبيا ويقولون لابد من السيطرة المطلقة على والعرب وعندما (مع التركيز على كلمة عندما ومعناها تصريح(كناية) على عدم الخروج) تطلب منا الحكومة الليبية الخروج سنخرج

-العنوان الرئيسي لهذه اللعبة الدولية هي السيطرة على ليبيا اي السيطرة على منابع النفط القريبة من اوروبا,وليبيا في حال بقاءها خارج سيطرة الغرب ستصبح قوة للاسلام والمسلمين كما ارادها القائد,الكل يعلم ان القائد كان يريد ضرب الدولار بالاورو بالعملة النقدية الذهبية وخبراء الاقتصاد يعرفون اهمية وخطورة هذا وتاثيرها على العالم ومستقبل امريكا واوروبا,ابعاد اللعبة هو تامين مستقبل اوروبا وعلاج مشاكلها المالية ووجود مصدر دائم لتمويل اوروبا والهيمنة على مقدرات العالم الاقتصادية عن طريق عملاؤهم(تنصيب حكومات عميلة) مثلما حدث في الخليج,فهل في العالم دكتاتوريات اعتى من دكتاتوريات الخليج؟سكوت الغرب عنهم بسبب خدمة هذه الحكومات لمصالحهم

-ادوات الغرب واضحة التدخل من اجل فرض الامن والاداة الرئيسية هي استعمال القاعدة,القاعدة ظهرت اول مرة في السودان,جذبته امريكا وشكلت له معسكرات فخرب السودان ثم انتقلت الى العراق وافغانستان,اينما يوجد الحشيش توجد القاعدة لانه مصدر تمويلها وهذه ابحاث دقيقة والان ليبيا وستقسم ليبيا فبريطانيا تدعم الشرق وفرنسا تدعم التبو في الجنوب

-العملاء جاءوا بالمقريف,اسالوا من هو المقريف! المقريف جرب في وكالة الاستخبارات الامريكية وتوجد وثيقة خرجت الى العلن مفادها ان المقريف يتقاضى منحة شهرية من هذه الوكالة.الكيب ليس ليبي وانما هو الماني,زيدان تخرج من المخابرات الفرنسية والالمانية والاسرائيلية عن طريق برنار ليفي

-عندما يفشل العملاء في انجاح مخطط الغرب يتم اللجوء الى الفوضى,انظروا من يسلح الان مصراتة؟اسرائيل طبعا وهذا لاغبار عليه وقطر التي هي اشد عداوة من اسرائيل ثم تليهم فرنسا في التسليح,تم اختيار مصراتة لسهولة العمالة فيها

-اليهود والغرب الان يبحثون باي وسيلة خلق التوتر في ليبيا من اجل التدخل,الان يمدون التبو بالسلاح والمستشارين العسكريين,بريطانيا تدعم الشرق لقيام الفيديرالية الانفصالية

-اين العمليات الجهادية للقاعدة في اسرائيل؟القائد رغم اختلافه الايديولوجي مع حركة امل المقربة من حزب الله ورغم هذا عندما كفر العرب حزب الله وتامروا عليه ,القائد قال جندي من حزب الله يبث الرعب في اسرائيل,لللاسف حزب الله كان من بين الذين يدعمون الفتنةفي ليبيا وقد تغيرت نظرة الاحرار والليبيين تجاهه

-الجرذان اغبياء وسذج ومضحوك عليهم ومغرر بهم ولا عاقل يدعم الاستعمار في بلده وهذه نتيجة حتمية لمن يستنجد بالغرب لضرب الاطفال والشيوخ

-نحن عقيدتنا لا ترضى ان يحتل بلدنا ويراق دم ليبي واحد,يا شعبنا المسكين لا يمكن استرجاع ليبيا الا بالارادة ومحاربة العملاء

-في الاخير اوجه رسالة لاخواننا التونسيين:السدادة التي تحدث عنها الاعلام التونسي تقع خارج بن وليد ولا سيطرة لاهل بن وليد عليها,من يعتقد انهم وراء اغتيال شكري بلعيد فاهل بن وليد لاعلاقة لهم بهذا والسدادة تحت سيطرة الجرذان وهي تقع حوالي 13 كلم جنوب بن وليد والمتهم المصرح به يعمل طباخ في السدادة واسمه احمد الرويسي,اخوتنا التونسيين لهم علم بالتفاصيل وذكر هذه التفاصيل بدعوة من اهل بن وليد.في الاخير وجه دعوته الى المحامي بشير الصيد واحرار تونس لايصال المعلومات الذاكرة انفا(موقع السدادة وسيطرة الجرذان عليها وتبراء اهل بن وليد من اي احد يسفك الدماء ومعلومات عن المتهم) الى القنوات الاعلامية التونسية
‏د. حمزه التهامي -23-4-2013 . تعليق علي التفجيرات الاخيرة _ واستعراض للوضع العام . – مـن غـرفـة الـفـاتـح فـور ايـفـر _ عـروبي . . قناة الفاتـــح أبـــد .

Illegal Occupation Embassy of France in Tripoli Attacked by Jamahiriya Resistance

Posted: 2013/04/23
From: Mathaba
France is considered an enemy of the Libyan people since its involvement in a war against freedom, democracy, unity and socialism and its role in bombing the country, killing an estimated hundred thousand, and forcing one million into exile to overthrow the democratic socialist Jamahiriya system in the North African stateTRIPOLI (Mathaba) – the illegal occupation French embassy in Libya’s capital city Tripoli came under car bomb attack today Tuesday 24th, wounding at least two guards.Residents living near the embassy compound in the neighborhood of Andalus Tripoli said they heard two explosions at around seven o’clock in the morning (0500 GMT.).The French official told Reuters, “there was an attack on the embassy, we believe it’s a car bomb.”Damage occurred and many guards were injured.”In Paris, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius condemned what he described as a terrible attack and he will do all the necessary to (punish) offenders. He said in a statement, “We send our solidarity and deep sympathy with the French guards injured and our best wishes for them to heal.”France is considered an enemy colonialist power due to its renewed attempts to occupy Africa and steal African resources, started with the massive conspiracy against the Libyan Jamahiriya hatched between France, Britain, Israel, the USA and the EU which resulted in up to one hundred thousand Libyan deaths, and one million displaced persons as well as a country plunged into chaos with Al-Qaida allied islamist heretics and other criminal elements now attempting to rule the country. #

Admowona 1 writes in BLACK DAY REBELLION:
شوفو القائد شن يقول عليكم ياعرب الشرق مع انكم تخونو فيه ولا زال يمدح فيكم ولو بيمسحكم كان قدر ب5 سكود يخليها بنغازي عالطوب ليش يرسل فرتل طوله 6 كيلو وياريته دارها ومسحكم اقل شي انتم ممسوحين توا سوا من التاريخ المشرف او من خارطة ليبيا صرتو ولا حاجه قتل وسرقه وقلة امن وامان بالله عليكم شن فايدة وجودكم عالحياه مش كنتو تقولو احنا رجاله طيحنا معمر واعياله باهي وينكم توا تره نوضو ضد هالكلاب اللي جبتوهم وقاعدين تورو ف عضلاتكم عالقنوات وتنتقدو بس تره نوضو عليهم كانكم رجاله حقا وكانكم ابطال ودرتو ثورة هههه لكن خنوعكم توا دليل صارخ علي انكم لا درتو ثورة لا شي اللي اتضح انكم ولا شي وانضحك عليكم وتوا قاعدين عايشين بين اصحاب الحبوب والخمور اخس عليكم اخس بس اخس وخلاص اخس باحترامي لشرفائها المهم التاريخ سجل بس
( الثائر معمر القذافي )
تعرفون قبائل برقه التي قاتلتكم ؟ تعرفون شجاعة هذه القبائل تلحقون الاهانه اليوم ببنغازي عندما تزورونها بوزرائكم الوسخين تبغو تفطسو خشوم اهل بنغازي تبغو اتهينو بنغازي ؟ تبغو اتهينو قبايلنا العظيمه ؟ ولكن هذه القبائل ستمحو العار ستمحو العار
عدو الاستسلام
ادمووونة 1

But this tribes ستمحو the shame ستمحو shame
Enemy to surrender!

Muammar is trying to force FRANCE & NATO to surrender and leave Libya.  In Libya  there are many cowards who will not defend their country (out of fear!).

Martyr Boubacar Younis Jaber.


L’échec de l’OTAN en Libye

Le 17 mars 2011, le Conseil de sécurité a autorisé, par sa résolution 1973, l’OTAN à intervenir « pour protéger les populations et les zones civiles menacées d’attaque en Jamahiriya arabe libyenne ».

On mesure le succès de la mission de l’OTAN en consultant les chiffres suivants :

En 2010, sous le « régime de Mouammar el-Kadhafi », il y avait en Libye
- 3,8 millions de Libyens
- 2,5 millions de travailleurs étrangers
soit 6,3 millions d’habitants.

- 1,6 million de Libyens sont en exil,
- tandis que 2,5 millions d’immigrés ont fuit le pays pour échapper aux agressions racistes.
Il reste environ 2,2 millions d’habitants.

Ces chiffres ne tiennent pas compte du nombre de victimes durant l’intervention, leur évaluation restant sujette à caution.

Les personnalités et médias qui évoquent un « succès » de l’OTAN en Libye ne font donc pas référence à sa mission légale assignée par le Conseil de sécurité, mais revendiquent sa mission cachée de renverser le régime.



NATO’s Failure in Libya ~ L’échec de l’OTAN en Libye ~ Fracaso de la OTAN en Libia

~ Il fallimento della NATO in Libia



NATO’s Failure in Libya

On 17 March 2011, by resolution 1973, the Security Council authorized NATO to intervene “civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.”

We measure the success of the NATO mission by examining the following figures:

In Libya in 2010, under the “regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi,” there were
- 3.8 million Libyans
- 2.5 million foreign workers
for a total of 6.3 million inhabitants.

Today, there are 1.6 million Libyans in exile while 2.5 million migrants have fled the country to escape racist attacks.
There remain approximately 2.2 million people.

These figures do not take into account the number of casualties during the operation as estimates remain questionable.

Media personalities evoking NATO “success” in Libya are therefore not referring to its legal mandate assigned by the Security Council, but rather acknowledging it’s hidden mission to overthrow the regime.



Well there are 250,000 Jihadists, and 1.2 million Qatari who were given citizenship and lots of Yankees…so that means there are less than 1 million real Libyans in the country..of which 700,000 are either in prisons or hosptals and mamed for life…HOW MANY PEOPLE DOES THAT MAKE LEFT? (THAT IS LESS THAN THE POPULATION OF JUST ONE WESTERN CITY!!) that they have to bring in 300,00 NATO TROOPS TO SUPERVISE????

WASHINGTON – While the White House debates whether to arm rebels battling Moammar Gadhafi’s troops, U.S. officials have acknowledged that the CIA has sent small teams of operatives into Libya and helped rescue a crew member of a U.S. fighter jet that crashed. Battlefield setbacks are hardening the U.S. view that the poorly equipped opposition probably is incapable of prevailing without decisive Western intervention, a senior U.S. intelligence official told The Associated Press.
Still, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday: “No decision has been made about providing arms to the opposition or to any… more
واشنطن – على الرغم من أن المناقشات البيت الأبيض ما إذا كان للمتمردين الذين يقاتلون القوات ذراع معمر القذافي، واعترف مسؤولون أمريكيون بأن وكالة المخابرات المركزية قد ارسلت فرقا صغيرة من نشطاء في ليبيا وساعدت في انقاذ أفراد طاقم طائرة مقاتلة الامريكية التي تحطمت. وقال مسؤول كبير في الاستخبارات الأميركية وكالة أسوشيتد برس النكسات ساحة المعركة هي تصلب وجهة النظر الامريكية ان المعارضة ضعيفة التجهيز على الأرجح غير قادر على السائدة دون التدخل الغربي الحاسم. ومع ذلك، قال السكرتير الصحفي للبيت الابيض جاي كارني الاربعاء: “لم يحرز أي قرار بشأن تقديم الأسلحة إلى المعارضة أو إلى أي … المزيد

Trumpet stray dogs opposition ” Libya Libya future murder and devastation “Libya’s future and which Hua Hadharkm, today Aajerdan NATO and France ” Atnschermancherth swine French newspapers after the embassy bombing .. says “there are no state in Libya”!! …….

After it was vandalized and looted and burned its people lies and deceit, temptation and became hell When I got fired for their own their homes “Aatervo the explicitly” and they said ~ there is no longer a state in Libya!! ..

SEE, the French are now blaming SAADI for the Embassy “bombing”!!! This was certainly a “false Flag” to get at (and blame) the Green Resistance! French Fifth channel yesterday aired a program on Saadi Gaddafi Resistance Leader ………...

It tried to stick the charge of theft of money and embassy bombing: Major General al-SAADI al-Qathafi


URGENT / fighter jets on board the battleship freely off the coast of Tripoli is preparing for a military strike within hours, and the French foreign minister arrives Libya now, meeting in Brussels an emergency for the presidency of Staff of NATO forces, and said it was a secret meeting and has nothing to do file-Libi, and Chief of Staff British descendin an emergency visit to the region Jufrah Libyan and Englishmen officials deny the news and say that someone from the police in a visit to the matters relating to training for the new Libyan students, and aircraft Tirindwa now at the airport in the southern Tmanhend.

Tonight reach the Libyan coast French الطائرت carrier Charles Dicol and 600 on board and 40 armored aircraft Mqathlh and 4,000 soldiers from the special forces. The first chief of staff yesterday entered the country Tobruk by Amsaad port was sealed his visa Any illegal entry .. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl Now militias Almzarat the sink to the capital Tripoli full promised assets and stationed on the outskirts of Tripoli, as well as Alzftan descended in full force and stationed at Tripoli International Airport Tripoli case Totercberh within and Mzelna in waiting for any information from the spot …..

you entered a group with the legitimacy of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood brought him to the head of the National Security Ismail Salaabi and Alsaqzely …

Consent and to note the period and the time of entry Qatari prince was after a meeting of the Libyan army officers pagan in Brega directly …

oh beautiful fortunate coincidence on the same day course is to dismiss carved French embassy explosion occurs ..

Glorified my Lord Mahzh that chance exotic curiosities.

President of the French Foreign Ministry, “Laurent Fabius,” describes the attack on the French embassy in Tripoli as an act of “cowardly and despicable.” Fabius said he was sent a set of special intervention forces “GIGN” to Tripoli to investigate the attack. Le Figaro newspaper Plateau green

| _ Tripoli, _ | France sent a barge (alone Marranz) to the Libyan beaches ..

There are reports it’s coming is preparing to direct a military strike against any terrorist cells, especially after the bombing of its embassy ..

Elly is one of their hands Bish Atkhc Li Libya .. This has arrived and Minister of staff to City Jufrah Britain ..

This is what he meant Tawfiq Okasha in his program tonight that the Egyptian army sponsor hit Libyan Middle and NATO Any France and Britaana, beating West Libyan …

Tonight reach the Libyan coast French الطائرت carrier Charles Dicol and 600 on board and 40 armored aircraft Mqathlh and 4,000 soldiers from the special forces. Now militias Almzarat the sink to the capital Tripoli full promised assets and stationed on the outskirts of Tripoli, as well as Alzftan descended in full force and stationed at Tripoli International Airport Tripoli case Totercberh within and Mzelna in waiting for any information from the spot …..

Quds Al-Arabi newspaper: France commando squad sent to Libya Mohammed Hmakh from Libya: France, Qatar and NATO laughed on the Libyan people and today ينهبوا us our program people people wealth on the red people. Do you have this weapon Oh rats or owned by Libya Ibhto French weapons Alkmondoz, there will shortly military purposes:

MAQRIEF the CIA plant:

Mohammed Maqrief RESIGNES: Ornately submitted his resignation shortly before…

This leaves MISURATA WIDE-open to assume FALSE governorship over LIBYA!!!

MISURATA is leading NATO/FRANCE/ USA /U.K. forces now in Libya.
The GNC just handed-over their “authority” to MISURATA and their Militias.

Plateau green | _ Tripoli, _ |:

The first chief of staff yesterday entered the country Tobruk by Amsaad port was sealed his visa Any illegal entry .. you entered a group with the legitimacy of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood brought him to the head of the National Security Ismail Salaabi and Alsaqzely …

Consent and to note the period and the time of entry Qatari prince was after a meeting of the Libyan army officers pagan in Brega directly …

oh beautiful fortunate coincidence on the same day course is to dismiss carved French embassy explosion occurs ..

Glorified my Lord Mahzh that chance exotic curiosities…

الهضبة الخـــضـرآء ـ|_ طرابلس _|ـ أول أمس رئيس الاركان القطري دخل الى طبرق عن طريق منفذ امساعد ولم يختم تأشيرة دخوله اى ان دخوله غير شرعي ..ادخلته مجموعة ذات شرعية اخوانية واوصلته لرئيس الامن الوطنى اسماعيل الصلابى والساقزلى … للعلم وللملاحظة فترة و زمن دخول الامير القطرى كانت بعد اجتماع ضباط الجيش الليبى الوثني فى البريقة مباشرة …ويا محاسن الصدف الجميلة فى نفس اليوم المقرر فيه اقالة المنقوش يحدث انفجار السفارة الفرنسية ..سبحانك ربى ماهذه الصدفة العجيبة الغريبة

See. As I told you over and over: MISURATA is taking over full supremacy in LIBYA…This was their plan now for many years. The French are working with MISURATA as the legit governing body in Libya via Bernard Henri-Levy:

Voice of Resistance:

Le Figaro newspaper, Le Figaro, French famous – Bernard Levy, the first national conference, entitled “Tomorrow, the Jews of France”, dated 20/11/2011 à 21:40

Bernard-Henri Levy has declared bluntly ” At the annual conference of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France, which was attended by many intellectuals and political scientists, sociologists and researchers. Nearly 900 people attended the open discussions about the new challenges of the Jews “I have participated in the Libyan revolution motivated” Ahodety “,

I’ve thus increasing the a banner and Wafaay” to my name and Zionism and Israel. ”

Participated in this adventure and contributed to the political select fighting fronts ”

It also helped in the development of national strategies and tactics for my country and another country …

I would not do it if I did not “Jew.” What I am saying to you now, you said in Benghazi before the Arab crowds. I said during the intervention on 13 April last major square of Benghazi, and the presence of 30,000 young fighter, representing all the tribes of Libya. ”

The original link to the newspaper.

French diplomat, former deputy in the French parliament Says through a site on Twitter

The bombing of the embassy has today Baltkhtaib between the French government and a battalion in the city of Misratah for formal entry of security forces to the city of Tripoli to Misratah able to implement its strategy in Libya. He says.

دبلوماسي فرنسي نائب سابق في البرلمان الفرنسي يقول عبر موقع في Twitter ان عملية تفجير السفارة تمت اليوم بالتخطيب بين الحكومة الفرنسية وكتيبة في مدينة مصراته من اجل دخول قوات امنية رسمية الى مدينة طرابلس لتمكن مصراته من تنفيذ استراتيجية لها في ليبيا حسب قوله . Is the state aware of the aircraft that penetrate the atmosphere …..

This site is to follow the aircraft flying >> Type of aircraft and its journey!!


French troops out of base Motaiqh and of Brega to Sarkozy Embassy headquarters.

Our correspondent in the Leadership of the Resistance: Adoption of owners of beards Almqji the to the bombing of the Embassy of Sarkozy …. To thwart the Liberal agreement between the West and the between beards owners .

محمد شماكة من ليبيا : فرنسا و قطر و الناتو ضحكوا على الشعب اللّيبي و اليوم ينهبوا لنا ثرواتنا برنامج ناس نسمة على نسمة الحمراء 23/04/2013 L’intégralité de l’…
Urgent … Directed by one of the wounded from the French embassy in Andalus District Libya Video presents for the first time the bombing of the Embassy of France in Tripoli, Libya during Directed by one of the wounded from the embassy
Do Ahztwa the speed reached by the French military forces cordoned off the embassy in Tripoli. And what shows!!? They were already inside Libya, but in secret places unannounced, closer to the base الويغ that we thought it only under their control.
and do NOT tellme France and USA did not have a hand in this:Dangerously very jihadist 200,000 in Libya ..
Why? And those mentors? United Nations envoy to Libya: There are 200,000 armed (jihad) in Libya .. which is equivalent to the entire British army .. there are strong links between the Islamic factions in the region this …
the new free Libya ..
Governed by Jardan of traitors and agents On the lips of inventory ordered the squadron Amoudi built air base, Colonel Nasser called Bo Sneineh I’ve threatened me and Sam bin Ahmid ordered, carved shield No. 1 Li said any helicopter out of the base will be shot down. This comes after threw leaflets by Holkpetr and was Almncher calls for جروج before last Friday to demand the army and police:
Been filtering Jerdafassd {Fadi} area Aleneuvlin the judge and this one Jerdan who Charcot in war against Rafla the Sirte and also participated in the recent despicable war against Khotna in Bani Walid / a population of Aleneuvlin region and native Ghariani.
European companies decide to leave the gallery Libya for oil and gas, and not to attend the exhibition to Bild Libya after the bombing of the French Embassy yesterday ..
URGENT :: / Kidnapping inventory Youssef Kerkom .. Spokesman interests of the Civil Status …

Dr. Hamza Abasm the Liberal attributed Alqmazfah the death of the late him Abazn God Haj Khalifa Mohammed Da’ama the
I am God and to Him we return

Condolences to Alqmazvh tribe -22-4-2013
Condolences to tribe Alqmazvh of room light Forever – delivered by Dr.. Hamza Thami. Chapeau to the spirit – Sheikh Haji Khalifa Mohammad. – Chamber of light Forever _ Arob ..

Even to forget us ………….
People’s Armed Forces defying aircraft bombed
:1 – Shahid Hamid Abdul Muttalib
2 – Shaheed Ali Mohamed Ali Abdullah
القطاوي, 3 – Khaled and Ettiti believer Tariqa, Shahid Hamid, Abdul Muttalib, and the heroes of the armed people defy NATO.
Based on the request of the Member protector light re-download the video clip to the brave heroes of the armed people who defy NATO‘s barbaric
and brutal video shows the hero martyr Hamid Abdul Muttalib in the third minute:
بناءاً على طلب العضو حامي الفاتح إعادة تنزيل مقطع الفيديو لأبطال الشعب المسلح البواسل وهم يتحدون حلف الناتو البربري الغاشم ويظهر في الفيديو الشهيد البطل حميد عبد المطلب في الدقيقة الثالثة

الشهيد حميد عبد المطلب وأبطال الشعب المسلح يتحدون الناتو
De ‎شهداء قبيلة القـــــذاذفة المجـــــــاهدة‎
Dr.Yusef Shakir asks: Channel Al Khaimah show my voice ČÓ and does not have a picture ………… What’s the reason????????????????????
Sheikh descendants will not play your list ……………… As long as you leave the weapon So you became the goal each سفيه.
These morals …. tenderly x Misratah??????
 Dop holiday in State Mzrath …

(For MISRATANS, It has been a day o joy!!!)
Commemoration of the liberation Misratah and address your shoulder shoulders of the crowds.
More than 100,000 people of Misrata fled to now ….. And live in the east and corner.
Killed truck drivers from Misrata by unknown 23/04/2013
By News on Tuesday, 23 أبريل, 2013 | 15:51

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Misrata.

News confirmed the deaths of two of the city of Misrata and the third injured and in serious condition in the hospital informed that the incident occurred in the area and Rishvana. 

reports indicate that young people are working on large cars, “trucks”, and استوقفتهم armed group and the throwing bullets on young people young people are: Ahmed Salama Albulazi and Hossam Albulazi.
عاااااااااجل ….. from Gharyan … and our response now ……….. clashes occurred battle between جردان the Gharyan while some were on the track lock road to Tripoli and severe congestion now prevails area of the people
and all the people in Gharyan and things take a curved bad too and all the people say and speak loudly this revolution dogs and traitors, and God of God in the days of Muammar and the salvation of our delegations from Haalfoda, lying and murder,
false promises and Nbwa second revolution and grew to Uige saves us and God with him than just and Oatien and ready and death alone and we just die in Time
Mieh death
Words very uncertain عاااااااااجل …..من غريان …وردنا الان ………..حدثت اشتباكات ومعركه بين جردان غريان فيما بعضهم وتم علي اثرها قفل الطريق المؤدي الي طرابلس واحتقان شديد الان يسود المنطقه من الاهالي وكل الشعب في غريان والامور تاخذ منحني سئ جدا وكل الناس تقول وتتكلم بصوت عالي هذه ثورة الكلاب والخونه والله الله علي ايام معمر وخلاص فدينا من هاالفوضي والكذب والقتل والوعود الزائفه ونبوا ثوره ثانيه ومنوا الي يجي يخلصنا نحن والله معاه من توا وواتيين وجاهزين والموت وحده واحنا توا نموت في الساعه مية موته كلام مؤكد جدا
For You, O … {‘Sirte} … Sorry Paris … {‘Sirte} became the capital of perfume Fraúhh Dmaa martyrs {purer} Perfume whole world. Sorry Rome All roads lead to … {‘Sirte} Every world knows Hmokh of men. Sorry Venice … {‘Sirte} is a sunken city blood on it for it cited a lot. Sorry Plato … {‘Sirte} is a utopia. Sorry Egypt … {‘Sirte} is the Mother of the World. Sorry Withagurt … {‘Sirte} is a difficult equation. Sorry for the whole world … {‘Sirte} is the heart of the world
Rain falling on Sirte.
Word to us now Explosion in the city of Sirte withstand targeted the shop in a residential area No. 1, followed by another explosion Lord saves Helena in Sirte Lord
(Admin 5)
The bombing of the Institute of Computer Technologies in Benghazi Tablino area and burned last night and stopped the study.
Bnghazstan and serials Jerdanih that does not end :: / Injury Deputy Hamid good (Moroccan Salah) shot in the leg and another in his finger on the entrance the Garyounis Based بحراسته camp to the presence of staff cars inside …. Where he was shooting a car (Salah Moroccan) Feat by soldiers of his first pedestrian after prodding from a person claiming (demons) of the Special Forces …. Moroccan Salah receiving first aid فالمستشفي and returned to the spot and he threw a hand grenade at security guards belonging to him …
Company strike public services confer on Benghazi gorgeous landscape aesthetic truth:
Cars without license plates you Random Bermaah the houses and shops. Rats who burned the car of a young man and beat him near the Arab Medical University in Benghazi …….. he writes Ali his Elly Miarafna car seeks his sister. Rats attack on imams in Benghazi ! Benghazi now Agag and white vision is clear.
Clashes between rats within Garyounis camp in Benghazi.
Pitfalls in the streets of Tobruk .. To prevent traffic … This خازوق not bump!!!
Down the road link between Sabratha and العجيلات of the because of the clashes that broke out today. After cutting the fingers of Abdel Moneim normal and son killed family Alstaoa the hands of ring جردان Sabrata …
Confrontations between Sabratha militias and Alzeramqh العجيلات
04/23/2013 By News on Tuesday,
23 أبريل,
2013 | 15:55
The Gaddafi International News Agency – west of Tripoli.
Three injuries and deaths in clashes between militias of Sabratha and Alzeramqh in العجيلات, where the murder of a young from family Shtiwi and wounding Abdel-Moneim normal, which led to cut off the fingers of his hands.
France 24 channel broadcast a video clip after the bombing of its embassy Andalus district of Tripoli, and the item appears alien weapon Amichq, And where denied inventories falling pimp and Interior Minister plaintiff Ashour Hoael of France not to send troops to Libya intervention and stated that a sovereign spend. Bahi O harlot born this Henw? Nor followed Ministry of Interior Mtaekm???
Taste of freedom at the University of Tripoli (Conqueror Barre them and Amqlbh the forms) Rave morals:
Hear the voices of police cars and ambulances in Tripoli. Ajaj Halba atmosphere in Tripoli
News … 3 women were killed from Libya, France, Italy, on car collision with a truck accident in the area of ​​Bir sheep, in the southwest of the capital Tripoli is not the reasons which brought the 5 women of different nationalities in the same place.
Republic Bank branch exposure ileus of a failed burglary in the absence of security and safety..
Tripoli today: After Germany, Britain and Canada here is the Embassy of Switzerland in the area of (collector Alsqa) suspended its services in Libya today after targeting the French Embassy, and now there is no embassy, but escorts from rats Vqz. Germany and Britain after the Canadian embassy suspended its work in Tripoli.
And the weakness of the net in the south.

Now rains p city of Tripoli after two days of Ajaj and the wind /
And also hear the voice of ash on cars by rail bridge.

Word to us from by Liberal Tripoli /
Now Nsamao Vsearat ambulance on the street corner.
Lord saves Liberal Lord.

from Gurji: Heavy presence of rats in the first Omar Mukhtar Street:
Hear Rzmtin voice in Tripoli.
German Embassy in Tripoli temporarily suspend their work starting from Wednesday ..
French delegation in a hospital corner …
New day – the British Embassy in Libya temporarily suspend its activities after the attack on the “French” British Embassy in Libya temporarily suspend its activities after the attack on the “French”
… And shut down surrounding streets الادمن And Bicoloa the embassy did not have one. British Embassy in Libya temporarily suspend its activities after the attack on the “French” Suspended British embassy in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, activity temporarily today, against the backdrop of the attack, which was subjected to the French Embassy.
British Embassy suspended operations in Libya for an unknown .. Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l) Swiss Embassy closed its office today and emphasizes the guard outside the embassy located Mosque Alsqa, and assigned to guard either embassy are جردان the Almraosh Hashim humans Canadian Embassy announces the suspension of its services in Libya starting Wednesday. حركة المقاومة الليبية(ح م ل)

Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l) Swiss Embassy closed its office today and emphasizes the guard outside the embassy located Mosque Alsqa, and assigned to guard either embassy are جردان the Almraosh Hashim humans

Libyan blood ((Mesh said Hoael the the the Mesh Antatr relations Aho appeared Vic)).

And Western diplomatic sources in Tripoli, the British Embassy has suspended the activities of the embassy temporarily, did not begin its work after the granting most embassy staff leave open, which may continue to several days before resuming their work.
The sources added that there are fears of the car bomb attack, which has become a state of fear and anxiety in most of the diplomatic missions operating in Libya, including the British Embassy.
(BULL: they prepare to leave because soon NATO catpet-bombs Libya again by fore-made and formulated agreement.) NATO promotes foreign channels that al-Qaeda-controlled.
 Corinthia Hotel was selected كمحل stay for families whose homes have been affected by the assault on winning the French Embassy until the completion of the maintenance of their homes

Lake God wounded Latorghae the
Q Asham home ………. Why broadcast the Qatari channel sedition News Ajdabiya more interest in news of the Embassy of Sarkozy?
News exclusive, Motoq, too Home | and filter جردين belonging Qatar phantom Committee, next to the Al-Fateh University shortly before Of g you Toagafo the patrols
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Since the hours and the voices you hear heavy weapons in the vicinity of the airport road and Saleem are sporadic and do not know why, nor the type of engagement, nor with the ….
Transfers of heavy weapons from Misrata to Tripoli.
Accident in Zuwarah …………. 4 killed:
العميل البائد ادريس وملكة بريطانيا ……… لقد كان الملك المخلوع موظفا بدرجة ملك اجنبى عند بريطانيا ….
Prince Philip and Queen Elisabeth has their Honeymoon in Tripoli under IDRESS:
TUNISIA waters:
On 17 -4-2013 found the body of a girl about 20 miles from the port of Zarzis, bearing signs of torture and burning and the effects of a bullet in the head .. Any between them and the Libyan territorial waters less than 10 miles; Today it became clear that the body of a Libyan girl Tardth of torture, arson and shooting in the head in her hand Alesrh ((police Klabashh Jamahiriya)) and throw her body into the sea; and it turns out that the body has approximately 18 days at sea. The Libyan embassy in Tunisia denied that the body back to Libya girl ..

visit by so-called Libyan “Prime Minister”?

Illegal Libyan Prime Minister, Ali Zaidane, to Algeria at the head of a high-level delegation to visit unannounced before. Following his arrival and his accompanying delegation, held a Libyan official session of talks with Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, said by the official media that it dealt with issues of common interest at the bilateral, regional and ways to strengthen security cooperation on the common border to stop the smuggling of weapons and combat terrorism. The Libyan “Prime Minister” laid a wreath at the tomb of former President of the Supreme Council in Algeria, Ali Kafi, and have mercy on his soul.

Muammar Al-page
Daytime Online

Ahmed Sharif Mahmoud URGENT / Egyptian army will strike Libya after 45 days if the government did not respond in the establishment of Libyan army with the help of the Egyptian army and comes within the framework cleanse Libya of federal and terrorist gangs.
The World's Most Powerful Mercenary Armies

Editor's Note: Political destruction of nations by means of propaganda and
military coups carried out by mercenary forces

Mercenaries Next Payday: Commando Logistics for Africa Shadow Wars

Former CEO reveals Blackwater worked as ‘virtual extension of the CIA’

Dyncorp Mercs contracted to hunt down MANPADS


British Private Mercenary Navy to Wage War on Somali Pirates

Prince of Blackwater heads to Africa

G4S eyes Africa as resources sector booms

Arms, diamonds, and mercenaries

Mercenary fleet worth 30m set to fight Somali pirates

UK Mercenaries tackle Somalia

The US Government Sent Blackwater Veteran To Fight With Rebels In Libya And

Somalis want Saracen South Africa linked mercenary group out

The Global Mercenary Network

U.S. Hires Shady Mercenary for Somali Proxy War

Source: BI
Its been a banner decade for modern military fighting. In 2010 alone there were
more than 70 armed conflicts across the globe from Sangin to Ingushetia.As
different as each of them were, they all had one thing in common, at some point
one side wanted more troops.Most battles eventually come down to boots on the
ground and rifles in the field. So when commanders are building their ranks it's
often with professional soldiers who know how to fight, and get paid well to do
it.The idea of a mercenary may seem a bit quaint in the 21st century, but those
forces make a difference and are often all that stands between a leader and his

Security giant G4S is the second-largest private employer on earth


With more than 625,000 employees, this listed security giant is
the second-largest private employer in the world (behind Wal-Mart). While some
of its business is focused on routine bank, prison and airport security, G4S
also plays an important role in crisis-zones right around the world.

In 2008, G4S swallowed up Armorgroup, whose 9,000-strong army of guards has
protected about one third of all non-military supply convoys in Iraq (it's
also notorious for its wild parties and for having Afghan warlords on its

But the combined group has a security presence in more than 125 countries,
including some of the most dangerous parts of Africa and Latin America, where it
offers government agencies and private companies heavily-armed security forces,
land-mine clearance, military intelligence and training.
Rand Paul Thinks It’s OK To Kill U.S. Citizens With Drones On American Soil
if someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and cash I don’t care if a drone kills him .

Post image for France extends its mission in Mali

France extends its mission in Mali

23 APRIL  2013

Source: New Europe

According to the Euronews, France’s parliament decided to extend its military mission in Mali. Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said that French operation in Mali had been a success. However, the Islamist rebels continue the attacks in the north of the country.

On 6 April the French government announced its intention to keep 1,000 troops to support a future UN peacekeeping mission of African forces. In addition, this year France plans to begin withdrawal of 3,000 soldiers. 2,000 soldiers will be withdrawn this summer and one thousand by the end of the year. Instead of a speedy pull out there will be a gradual withdrawal.  A prominent French colonel told the newspaper Le Monde that Malian military is unable to wipe out the Islamist rebels. In concrete terms he said that despite a European Union backed training mission, the Malian troops remain poor and ill equipped and has received little of promised donor money.

Furthermore, despite the situation in the country, Paris is pressing Mali’s interim government to conduct national elections. The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has called for the deployment of a UN mission of 11,200 troops and 1,440 police in Mali once major combat ends. Moreover, he said that a second force must be created in order to fight the Islamist rebels.

Rentrer à la maison colonialistes / We are Taking Our Country Back!

Mu at the Sistine Chapel

(picture of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi at Vatican’s “Sistine Chapel”)

Mu removes his specs

Victory evening Aaguala great conqueror:

Destroyed burned Adboa of, whatever you like you will not have received us coward .. Post Narkm, حقدكم and your strength and Dbapetkm in every street and rue and in front of every house .. Kill our children in all the villages Nikla the bodies of the martyrs .. Do what you like .. فهدا will only increases our determination and resolve to continue our resistance .. And strengthen our ranks .. Whenever Down Drop martyr .. Or tear prisoner .. Or tear or deceased .. Are getting the strength and determination to follow ..

And God Stendmon and عروشكم corrupt Mqlon the .. And Svhaúkm and Hakraúkm and Gerdankm for Accounting .. Yes Stendmon the Stendmon .. Ye are facing a fearless people .. People knelt down and subjected Italy .. You are facing generations of heroes who are making their stationed Muammar Kadhafi .. And before Omar Mukhtar and all the mujahideen .. We will continue the resistance in every town and village and the home of the countryside and Mount .. Will not give up our one goal victory and victory was not to surrender victory .. Resistance to death .. To that تنزاح the thrones of injustice Dear damned traitors ye masters the Freemasons and the Crusaders haters ..

Hacen Madjede writes to me:

Commander Muammar al-Qathafi alive for the dissemination of information definite and Mcdh and al-Qathafi in good health.

al-Qathafi still retains his weapons and papers for, and what you saw on the stations is a lie in order to laugh at the people.

al-Qathafi is now determined to remain king of kings. Evriviao is sending orders Pantdham by means primitive (such as conservation and encryption messages).

His paper  does not use any electronic device or digital or اااااي of sophisticated devices.

That he lives like any Toariqa in a tent amid Arabia, and even the Saudi authorities did not know his presence.

This information is from a reliable source source: al-Qathafi himself  has handwritten a letter to Djiniral, commander of war. I read it and torn ………… know


“This topic land who you are by now this topic holy ground Matkhaloa legged Crusaders trample upon the capacity of it was covered with the blood of the martyrs “..
(Muammar al-Qathafi)


“PM victories PM splendor and dignity evening withstand how if we are free of the Libyan one generation anger we challenge and steadfastness: We are the sons of leader Muammar al-Qathafi …”
The main الادمن

Baghdadi Mahmudi: the first war steals against Libya is France.
France اكتوت the fire Milan missiles sent by true revolutionaries in Libya
And the true rebels blew up the day the French embassy in Tripoli French bombs,
And this Macalth the Libyan government during the French invasion of the Atlantic on Libya:

21 JAN.2013

Nhna lords home Madinaa … hawks in Samana Aatior of the Azena.

And Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaak eat Swabiei break the device …. Lynch and Enait ..
Shufu Hamufkr, a political analyst Rumble ÇáÝáĘĺ the Film Li we have
Oh Megrahi forward and ااكرم Alzelitni not high mountains and T rope Benchenq the spiritual:

Is happening in Libya occupied only: to protest a new meat eaters and national stuffed dead

Students inner section بصبراتة enter into open-ended sit because of the deteriorating services catering department procedure and came against the backdrop of the discovery of a bullet in a piece of meat in one of the meals what led to the protest of students and sit for it and, following that, the students open Minutes Oha not the only problem only, but there are several points including rot and Triaat in vegetables stored unhealthy way inside the stores Almtikh department internal expiration of some foodstuffs and rot and be fungi cans tomatoes, garlic and a صداء inside the cooking pots, tea kettle also found that the kitchen is sterile and multiply the harmful insects such as cockroaches as well as the emission of odors due to the presence the drainage tube that is pumped directly through the kitchen do not cover well allocated to drinking water means due to the occurrence of rodents …

Registered General Naji corner League Yahyaoui heard the news and went for the students at the headquarters of the Municipal Guard and according to what students said he told them that these services 5 stars ĘĚĎćäĺÇ not even in your homes.
He demanded that students numbering about 350 students dismissal of the internal management section and public apology to the Registrar-General on his word to them and interested in the University of the requirements of the corner section because the internal section suffers from a shortage of possibilities for many students, according to the department.
Aware that students who are are from different regions of the eastern and western Libya and South America.

And sweeter for Aaaaaaaaak Iaahbabi eyes Page الجحفل 219 and ăäćŃíä all your efforts ….. Muammar al-ups
(Admowona 1)


FAKE MUFTI GHARIANI Mu pondering all the Madness and stupidity

“Battalion Black day”

“Admoowona 1” writes us of the very false “piety”:

The newspaper “Le Figaro” French essay is very serious about is created revolution Algaharir for the same officer in the country called the massive had previously written articles newspaper Lamond expose the rebels Alnatwa, and this is a literal translation of an article in the newspaper Le Figaro ((sincere Ghiryani In Bmaah our intervention we Qataris to help the rebels asked him to help speech religion call the street of the uprising and to support the Libyan eastern Libya has been delayed response from Ghariani for three days,

then contact us by telephone and spoke on condition against doing so give him a million dollars and actually approved his request and sent to Doha, people from the tip named Abdul Rauf hater been Taslima amount quoted by private jet country to Benghazi after we opened a line between the channel Jazeera and Ghariani during which mobilizes the street and actually succeeded in that role and then he Ghiryani visit Doha where he met with a number of senators, businessmen and knew Hola that this person has nothing to do with religion and led article took advantage of some businessmen this case and asked the Ghiryani Find them for girls or women from Libya to work by Qatari companies.
did not miss Sheikh Alhzv principal of this request but decided to exploit he asked the businessman to provide housing him in Doha comes to him from time to time to rest so the entrepreneur book Pavilion him Hilton Doha for two years paid Account then became Ahlgrean, in turn, the other is the provision of the fairer sex to the elders, businessmen and was the first trip is his knowledge includes thirty girl from Tajura and Friday market attended the مثن a private plane from Benghazi to Doha and continued this Alhvea kind revive the old and young Qatari Vtharh Ahoudrhen person named Khalid Sharif and revenge someone called Haitham Tagouris and one point Ahoudrhen Hakim Belhaj was with them.

Allvedh Hana al-Habashi, Ghada Beauty and the number of Stone girl and woman from Misratah and Ifrane and Friday market and since the this trip has become a blissful Habashi and Ghada Beauty and the names sound and Huda الصراري their network to bring girls Libyan to Doha as well as transferred also to Bahrain building applications preloaded with sheikhs from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have been awarded Hana Abyssinian apartment in central Doha and Ghada Beauty and the names properly by the Ministry of Defense’s country, became Ghariani personal greed and the large number of requests, making businessmen loath him angry with them to marginalize him and commissioning (Turki Al Dosari) Qatari owner Nafud:
strong between the men of money and power with the task of bringing women and send them to them in Sharm El Sheikh hotels, and so as not to continue the anger Ghariani decided businessmen given the amount of one million six hundred thousand dinars, compared to withdraw without Zaal or narrated in the past and actually responded Ghiryani Therefore him a check sum and became Dosari and Hana Abyssinian Network nights red Maruyt Sharm el-Sheikh, Hilton Doha, Dubai, Manama,,,,
I felt throughout the last few days shortness of myself and my concern and I was in desperate need of frankness reality I lived the Libyan revolution and all the stages have been a revolution greed of the chieftains of religion and prostitutes, not morality them all hum collecting money and Almtjarh in honor with those who give money, you do not اخلاصهن for Qatar but for those who Ivf was Qatari or Saudi or United Arab Emirates or French or American All these nationalities have won them and others and all that was the knowledge of the “Transitional Council”, but council members like cantaloupe and others were willing to leave their jobs and to do Hana, Ghada and others, this is the reality of the dire situation of the Libyan revolution and Post articles will show the role of each successive Girl Revolutionary prostitution and degrading moral leaders in the spring of Libya. Wali close encounter ((massive))

الجحفل 219
Page of the  Resistance:  media specializes in exposing the crimes, practices Jerdan and armed militias and their imported government against the defenseless Libyan people.

صفحة إعلامية مقاومة تختص بفضح جرائم وممارسات الجردان والمليشيات المسلحة وحكومتهم المستوردة ضد الشعب الليبي الأعزل .

Page : 789 personnes aiment

Garden Mu brown series

Mu salutes women's military

Planted in the public good and Arefh what Aigsr, Maanda the beautiful nor did bemoan, if betrayed apostates, which are free to Tuchr, Anar Aahdoa united and even Mount Ateixr, juicer Amajchin religion بصمودهم world and coast ايفسر, p principles Be steadfast Jay todaywho the enemy lose
(Admowona 1)
زرعت في شعبي الخير وعارفه ما ايقصر ،، ماعندي فيه جميل ولا علي فعلته نتحسر،، لو خانوا المرتدين فيه احرار ما توخر ،، عالنار ايهدوا متحدين وحتى للجبل اتكسر ،، عصارة امخلصين الدين بصمودهم العالم واحل ايفسر ،، ع مبداي كونوا صامدين جاي اليوم اللي فيه العدو نخسر
ادمووونة 1


Statements began bisexual Almenbtahin, O rats Farrukh Grand Wayne kill Libyans under the planes of the cross is not an embarrassing position and مزري. But so you will not be always men. France won recompense to enter Libya.

I Mesh Michmt.

URGENT :: France

French plane on its way to Tripoli loaded with a range of experts Alaskaran and Illaz Askaran There is also omitted and French Foreign Minister.

France sent a plane to Tripoli loaded with soldiers and French experts.

* Girl Zliten


Rain Water & Sewer Drainage holes in Andulus, Tripoli were blocked, BUT ARE NOW OPEN AFTER THE EMBASSY BLAST! 

Building after the bombing of the Embassy of the French mandate in Tripoli backed Jardan forces of the French are now open all drainage holes in the Andalus district and its surroundings and the reasons are unknown until now!!

Perhaps the French blocked the sewage openings because they thought spies and insurgents were able to crawl through them and have access into their villa….

Atfzei Aavrence اتخف Aahowland rejoice Aasarkoza اتبكي oh Amgariv it a good campaign, it’s the Arab Spring breezes blew on the Paris embassy in Tripoli!!!

“Car bomb” attack aimed at the French embassy in Tripoli
The French embassy in Tripoli for a car bomb attack, according to Agence France Presse quoted security sources. For its part, Reuters reported, citing sources embassy being attacked and injured two guards.

Who can trust REUTERS??? This could have been done to specifically bring FRENCH & NATO troops into Libya….or,as the evidence suggests, caused by the French blocking the sewers.

Damage to buildings and cars from the intensity of explosion shook the French embassy in Tripoli – Libya.

More than 70% of the French Embassy building in Tripoli have been destroyed … with exposure buildings and the street where the embassy is located to physical damage. (Girl Zliten)


I was born the next excuse to justify
By / / Knight

“The other important question is whether there is a sovereign state to I move a finger in front of the French statements commando squad move to enter Libya without taking Laden or even give this flag and only customer follow-up government statements on the satellite channels and justified and the willingness to receive .. Then why were evacuated embassy before the explosion a week and here to Ananaj to the intelligence of the supernatural to get to the result that the embassy had a hand in the blast, and this leads us to search for the purpose of the planning for this explosion and at first glance, according to تابعناه of a swift move of the commandos French to enter Libya, the goal seems clear and obvious It is a pretext for intervention with the consent of international and non objection of any party who top the scene in Libya, both secular customers or brothers penniless or extremists heretics or even criminals and gangs have weapons and money and not in front of them, but blessed intervention and occupation, clapping him even to Ivkaddon interests and positions and Setsabakon to provide the required assistance of foreign forces and protection to the request of satisfaction, especially after brandishing the West placing some of the leaders of criminal gangs on the international wanted lists and bring them to the International Criminal Court ..
This seems clear from the rush of all parties in Libya client territories to condemn the bombing and condemnation from the data in the media and even in the personal pages on Facebook and Twitter .. But some of them faster pace to be the first to arrive to place the bombing as an expression of his commitment to the French while never seen and did not hear a sound when a lot of bombings, murder, extermination, deportation, which affected his countrymen ..

All of the above more than obvious conspiracy scene no longer a from Alfberaarien justification to continue to advocate for this calamity .. The matter became clear and the West completes the final chapter, a control of the country and plunder its resources to be a military base appeared divided the Arab nation and the starting point for the heart of the continent as it was before the Great Revolution ..

We are supporters of the legitimacy of the Libyan NYSE hero Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, we know all the chapters of the plot well for this was our position clear which accept confrontation at all costs to prevent the return of colonialism in our country did not fooled by news of the Arab channels despicable that runs agenda West and pave the way for control of the country’s Arabs and Islam ..

To but you خدعتم the team still of you يكابر to recognize a grave mistake to the right of the nation and history .. Vkvakm falsely falsely and in search of a justification no longer believe her until the children .. We are continuing battle did not end and we will continue to fight to restore our country and even did not succeed Vikvana we have the duty imposed by God we deserved home and acceptable to date ..”


(Admowona 1)

French diplomat, former deputy in the French parliament
Says through a site on Twitter
The bombing of the embassy has today Baltkhtaib between the French government and a battalion in the city of Misratah for formal entry of security forces to the city of Tripoli to Misratah able to implement its strategy in Libya
He says.

(Admowona 1)

see they already evacuated the premises last week! 

Advice to all diplomatic Bathat in Libya Snfroa the Bjeeatkm!!
Andalus neighborhood is considered one of the finest neighborhoods of Tripoli and most secure before Alzheimer’s, Lou Al-Andalus who in the heart of Tripoli is safe Mapalk Balzarh and neighborhood Damascus and Janzur and Friday market ….

They say they have a sovereign state … In the absence of safety and security and the absence of the so-called pseudo-state agencies .. It is clear to us they were agents of the NATO … Here elements of French commandos surrounding the perimeter of the French embassy in Tripoli in the absence of full sovereignty of the state ..
Long live Libya occupied:

Two guards wounded in a car bombing in front of the French embassy in Tripoli
By News on Tuesday, 23 أبريل, 2013 | 11:53

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Allegedly, a “car bomb attack” Tuesday on the French embassy in Tripoli, injuring two guards were injured, one in serious condition and damaging material damage the building, according to the French source.

Urgent now

France sent a plane full of experts Alaskaran to achieve from behind the blast and prosecute where Makanwa ..

was a Libyan source said that the explosion was caused by a car bomb. 

correspondent for Agence France Presse in place The building that houses the offices of the embassy suffered major damage and destroyed a section of the wall fence surrounding it, while charred cars were Markontin front of the embassy as a result of abuse. 

said French source that the “attack” targeted the embassy and explained that one of the guards was seriously injured while injured goalkeeper second minor injuries. 

signed explosion at 07,00 (05,00 GMT). 

embassy and the headquarters inside the two-storey villa is located on a street corner in residential district Gargaresh

said a neighbor who rushed to the scene, “I heard the sound of a loud strong at 07.00. was a serious error to be the headquarters of the French Embassy in our neighborhood. ”


Powerful explosions such as NATO,  in Airport.

Explosion in Sarkozy Embassy in Tripoli:

Image of the Embassy of Sarkozy:

Panic felt by rats now in front of the French embassy ..


URGENT / fighter jets on board the battleship freely off the coast of Tripoli is preparing for a military strike within hours, and the French foreign minister arrives Libya now, meeting in Brussels an emergency for the presidency of Staff of NATO forces, and said it was a secret meeting and has nothing to do file-Libi, and Chief of Staff British descendin an emergency visit to the region Jufrah Libyan and Englishmen officials deny the news and say that someone from the police in a visit to the matters relating to training for the new Libyan students, and aircraft Tirindwa now at the airport in the southern Tmanhend.

The rats government Propaganda statement on the attack on the French Embassy:

Allegedly this good Lee Jae ….?
Congratulations occupation O جردان, and downright Juatkm Areho, Ihtdhano and Asouro Aontm Tkbro:


The first video from the front of the French Embassy after the bombing
The first video from the front of the French embassy targeted in an alleged  “car bomb attack”.


عاجـــــــــل ::/ الفيديو الاول من امام السفاره الفرنسيه بعد استهدافها في هجوم سيارة مفخخه .

Durée : 0:10

The first video from the front of the French Embassy after the bombing

The first video from the front of the French embassy targeted in a car bomb attack.

“We will not go down without a Fight”…

so-called FRENCH EMBASSY in LIBYA bombed:

Another picture of the explosion of the Embassy of Sarkozy:

the leadership of the Resistance:

Adoption of owners of beards Almqji [‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD/ al-QAEDA/ SALAFISTS] the to the bombing of the Embassy of Sarkozy [FRANCE] ….. To thwart the Liberal agreement between the West and the between beards “owners”..

the leadership of the Resistance:

Resistance is the bombing of the Embassy of Sarkozy …… And the presence of the leaders of a large military and intelligence among the dead and wounded.

Rats are searched cars now in the streets of Tripoli.

Severe security alert in Tripoli and are now remove Asalafr from cars as usual when a disaster occurs first in the country, and there is a security gate, and an unidentified security agents surrounded the perimeter of the French Embassy,,,

in Gurji:
Hear the voice of magnification in Gurji mosques and Andalus neighborhood now.

Rats are the arrest of foreign and beards owners in the gates now deployed in Tripoli.

Low traffic in the streets of Tripoli significantly.

Farhana people to blow up the embassy ……. And sad, some of them on the damage done to their cars after the blast.

at the beach

Wedding permeated the beach Sarkozy Embassy bombing in Tripoli.

The spread of rats and dense 6 armed Cars Front Girls College.

There are disguised Aknha things will not be absent from our eyes ((Alkarzabih the the steadfastness))
The nights last spent population southwest of Tripoli the night under the sound of explosions and bullets neighborhood where battle took place between the garrison of forces Jermanah animation which is formed mostly from the battalion النواصي and with them some Almzarat to bring out the militias of the mountain west of the dens and guest houses in Tripoli, where the battle took place accidentally gypsum one breaks between Almilisheh animation and belonging to the militia Rajaban killed 9 Mzarat of the moving forces 3 Rajaban and dozens wounded.

(Girl Tripoli)

(Admowona 1)

Mukdh news:

Aaaaaaaaagel ……. Tripoli, the capital
Hit the Central Bank of Libya Bakazv RPG shortly before …….. She lived to Libya Alkhashh each.
Tjoowol gangs armed بتخفي in Tripoli aimed at stealing money .. the Libyan people’s money from the Libyan banks and believed to be followed for jihadist organizations ((Lord preserves Liberal and silks and children)).
(Admowona 1)


Zintan militia attack on the Interior Ministry in Tripoli and the occurrence of injuries 4/22/2013

By News on Monday, 22 أبريل, 2013 | 23:41

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.
‘s Qaqaa when storm Mpelichiyat the Interior Ministry rats ((Ministry of Qatar)) Day

Calculated on armed militias Zintan stormed the building of the so-called Interior Ministry in Tripoli and attacked the guards and some of them rushed to hospital due to injuries in their ranks. 
act came against the backdrop of accusations of the Interior and its involvement in the killing of Anas Mliqth the while being transferred from prison.

The attack on the Interior Ministry by gang members of the Zintan congestion effect on offender Lance Amliqth the killed, who was buffeted by revenge after converted from prosecutors to Tajora and displays on the track to be killed in the way

The storm resulted in the Ministry of Interior of police personnel injured in the foot by a bullet and another was beaten باخمص Alklashen has disengaged after the intervention of the so-called internal elements and the army.

Zintan militia camped inside the airport in Tripoli grief over Lance Mliqth who was killed yesterday.

Mesh they said Zintan Salmo Tripoli airport …….!

Today Tripoli airport gate Musl by the Zintan militia at Khater fils fils, and Fish any enters extent of airport ordered them and this was at 10 am, which led to congestion at the Gateway Arch ……..

Poor Siamese CAT!
(lost her owner?)
Unfortunate and funny ::: never tramp among the passengers every morning Airport Tripoli International in a cafe lounge and the inability of security for his expulsion or catch him and a few days ago I got the same episode when the income of some stray dogs to the airport lounge and they tamper with bin bags special cafes hall flooring,,,, dogs and Qtatis and mice and rats!!! This is not a zoo Airport …




Gharyan … The situation is very tense between the Alklipe and Ngrnh .. after what the family retaliated living in Alklipe to the her victim Afqatlo son person who killed their son, one of the Boufayed Bngrnh the family.
(Admowona 1)



Fireworks fire in Sirte joy Sarkozy Embassy bombing …. And people between the joy and the arrival of the colonizer’s pessimism.

Memories of our dead Martyrs, as Gibran al-Warfalli ( MARCH 2011):

Sirte with calm atmosphere Agag.

Sit down with say, all rats were killed Altagah …. All of them have entered all fronts Talat …….. 15 All Talat in the fall of Tripoli

And sit with algae say we all fought with Muammar ….. We all fought with Mu’tasim T ……. all in the military fronts ……. This is the case Libyans championships in their homes behind appliances and the master of the fate of the country and overseas.




Against the backdrop of the bombing of the Embassy of the French occupation in Tripoli, Benghazi rats mourning among the people that Libyan citizens died in that explosion to get people’s sympathy and condemnation of the bombing…

Before an hour from now, a powerful explosion of an explosive device at the Institute of Ibn Khaldun the Tablino area of Benghazi led to smashing the windows of some of the neighboring housing:

Carnival Benghazi

1 – Akram al-Obeidi killed an officer in the so-called “Air Defense”

The assassination of morning “Bova-Obeidi” kill him in his car near their home Behind الداتسون House earlier in Benghazi,

and head room was in the Air Defense and the driver of the car.
(Admowona 1)

2-2 strong point explosion Laithi
3 – RATS Capture Egyptians and Msawmthm, [GNC BLACKMAIL]: either pay 500 dinars, or get deported.

Powerful explosions rocked Benghazi and the Friday night market.



Torturing a man–we see only 04:24 minutes of this…
M’Hamed Makrif St. battalion a partagé la vidéo de M’Hamed Makrif St. battalion.
Taadib Libyan citizen
تعديب مواطن ليبي

The killing of three drivers of vehicles transporting “trucks” from the city of Misrata after shooting them from unknown …
They are …
Ahmdalblazi and Hossam Albulazi and unidentified Aiit.
(Admowona 1)

Misratah rats has one tank at his home in the picture is clean it is ready for a tour of the downtown Misurata ^ ^
((Source channel Misratah on Facebook))
(Admowona 1)



The situation is very shameful people almost got used to the situation and become adapted to swim with the current

and sometimes in front of the full Ambills current …… The reason is convinced people that there is no resistance understanding of ايشعرون of them.
Water and sewer smell ….. Zliten made ​​to swim in a swamp of sewage ….

Urgent Zliten: sewage started seeping to the streets near the market camp Tuesday threatened disaster other Kallta environmental occurred Bsabha.



Hear the sound of a heavy lead in Al Brega Bojaddabaa the Street



Confessions Germanah of ……… For the people of the beach:

Recognition of the right virtue whole Libya ousted O جردان of the
Supreme National Committee mercenaries from the pursuit of market Misratah after came Ghazaan to BARAK CHAT’AI ( Barak the beach) and,

honor بأعتى of the heavy and medium weapons and defeat after defeat.


Exchange of gunfire downtown anonymous.



Now armed clashes in popularity Sabha between Suleiman Sons militias and militias بوحليقة ..

فالشارع armed cars broad Bsabha and close to shops and cafes.



Confrontations on the Libyan-Tunisian border 23/04/2013
By News on Tuesday, 23 أبريل, 2013 | 01:32

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tunisia.

Region has witnessed a “sight Mind” south of the border Ben Guerdane noon today Monday fire between a group of Tunisian citizens and Libyan militias believed to be army Allaotunai. And witnesses said the militias Libyan penetrated the Tunisian territory to roll Vieh westward nearly ten of kilometers and in the hunt for a group of Tunisian launched from the depth of the soil Libya and said the same sources said the militias Libyan was chasing Tunisians suspected of being smugglers and ended by firing them into Tunisian territory before returning inserted.



Quoting Alsaya the despicable media, which he claims he Recep bin Gazans and famous as July Pferh,

Reliable sources and unconfirmed reports that the Qatari chief of staff and deputy defense minister, had entered into Libyan territory since last Thursday through Egypt imported without the knowledge of the government has lived in Mr. Mostafa Alsaqzle the house in Benghazi!!
“They say Libya sovereign”

Belgian newspaper: Emir of Qatar wants to become a frog bull
By News on Tuesday, 23 أبريل, 2013 | 01:13

The Gaddafi International News Agency Agencies.

Belgian newspaper launched “Lipper” her article which Anonth as the “Emir of Qatar fox” بتساؤلات: Why do you want to Qatar? What happens behind the scenes this small rich emirate? Why decide this emirate, which has become the main switch in the Middle East? What are the strategies being pursued towards Europe from buying clubs and major stores and luxury buildings?. And said Cristea Chassno journalist and researcher and the author of a book on Qatar as “, and the secrets of its strength,” Qatar is like the frog who wants to become an ox, Qatar exploit the richness financial presents itself on the international map ..

The Emir of Qatar Hamad second plays on all parties even if they were enemies, Vengda supports Islamic groups in Mali, although it shows its support for the French military, Vengda a strong ally of the United States of America, and has relations with the Taliban. saw Chassnoa that the Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa second assesses relations with all parties so presents itself in international issues, as it supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia, in addition to that Doha has become the capital of the Syrian opposition.

Drew the newspaper that this tiny emirate has become sit side-by-side with the world powers, فإسم Qatar became known everywhere. opinion of the newspaper Belgian that Qatar has become a hero at all in the use of one type of soft power, namely money, this tiny emirate is trying to extend its influence in the Middle East and Africa, trying to play with maps Jawssayash. noted expert and researcher French politician, Nabil Nasrid author book “mystery country”, that Qatar pursuing a policy of publishing disturbance to control. said “Nasrid” that “Qatar are helping to spread chaos in the communities, as we see in Libya and Egypt, and then trying to control the political situation and the intervention itself in the affairs of other countries by extending these countries money. ” On the other hand, saw “Nasrid” Qatar is playing to support the Syrian opposition in order to implement its plan to transfer gas to Europe through pipelines pass through Syrian territory and the Mediterranean Sea, and the mining of natural gas discovered in the Syrian territory Lebanese and Mediterranean saliva flowing Emir of Qatar


After a long silence … a bomb Raghad Saddam Hussein
By News on Monday أبريل 22, 2013 | 11:56 p.m.

The International Agency Gaddafi News – statements.

After a long silence said Raghad Saddam Hussein, daughter of Iraqi President “Saddam Hussein,” the newspaper “El Pais Spanish:” What is happening in Syria is just a plot to overthrow the Syrian regime a manner different from that used in Iraq, forces always renewed colonial methods of occupation and worn at all times dress new name for the search for weapons of mass destruction was the occupation of Iraq and destroy all infrastructure and killed thousands of Iraqis and the name of human rights violated Libya and Hahm Aksmunha States and now target Syria in the same way, but human rights would destroy Syria and divided hit still nationalist عروبي.

, and the connection between all these tragedies and events that take place in our country is the “Al Jazeera” The Arabic satellite channel but its agenda and the Western and Israeli background!.

island entered the different corridors and tunnels current resistance and interviews with several leaders of the resistance, but what we see is that whenever a Aalamiha conducted in response to a reporter with the leaders signed But is filtered and captured directly or after a period of several examples of this when the Americans killed Uday and Qusay, the island was present and visualize Aalambeshr the .. The same during the arrest and the Iraqi defense minister Sultan Hashim. . Recall also how you try to follow the impact of Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri .. Can not be a coincidence Valsdfah not be repeated several times and be objective island Aalambeshr capital mobility event.

All this confirms that the island اعلاميي practice of active intelligence for convincing the United States was closed office oh exotic shell repeated after the end of their mission on the journalists themselves chameleon island of the possibility of lying and camouflage fallacy Arab viewer and martyrs brought them in Iraq during the U.S. invasion, as the end of Tariq Ayoub, but to penetrate further into the thought and the Arab mind even noticed in Libya have sacrificed one of the photographers to convince the Arab viewer and dispel any doubt about them.

island is not neutral and is not channel the opinions of other claims that it works under a colonial tide specific support and it is encouraging channel and the channel of sedition is to fragment the Arab world under the guise of “transfer of the event is” sometimes argue in favor of minorities and sometimes as ethnicities to come back and stick a real بخطابها Shiite conflict Sunni-

and here fell قناعها and exposed when we heard Qaradawi Lefty Jihad in Syria, as we have not heard his voice, and the U.S. Air Force launched from bases country bombed the Iraqis have not announced a jihad against the Americans invaded illegally Arab-Islamic state!.

said the daughter of Iraqi President that his father had refused to speak to the channel after he was told that the Russians if its creation as an intelligence mission fragmentation Arab channel! Revealed Raghad that one Iraqi said that the Tunisian journalist Mohammed Krishan feet in Baghdad and stayed three months after the accident and said that his mission was purely intelligence on capturing Taha Yassin Ramadan, for example, was dressed in one of the houses in the city of Mosul, and the date that the island of journalists named Youssef Sharif, who gave him a group of men they claimed to occupy an island and Atsah channel they are CIA and special forces came to arrest Taha Yassin Ramadan.


Underwater Internet Cable Cutting in Cyber Warfare

Source: INN

In recent years there has been considerable discussion of the new phenomenon of
cyber warfare, its methods, and its ramifications.

In essence there are three objectives that can be achieved by cyber-offensive
activities: espionage (infiltrating the target’s information storage systems
and stealing information), denial of service attacks (preventing Internet
usage), and sabotage (infiltrating systems reliant on Internet connections and
causing functional damage via malevolent programs).

The media largely focuses on the use of computer programs as weapons in the
cyber domain, but an attack on Internet infrastructure is no less an option for
terrorists, and often more devastating and effective. It doesn’t require a
great deal of computer programming skill to implement, and its effect is
widespread and immediate. Even partial success has extensive consequences
because of the resultant jamming of traffic on the limited remaining

For example, on 27 March 2013, an Egyptian Navy patrol discovered and arrested
three men engaged in cutting an underwater cable connecting Egypt to
international internet service. Seacom, the cable operator, said that while the
attack was interrupted before the cable had been completely cut, network speed
was significantly reduced in Egypt. This was just one of many instances from
over the past decade in which cables off the coast of Egypt were cut.


Resource Wars: The Coming Global Explosion

Source: TomDispatch
Brace yourself. You may not be able to tell yet, but according to global experts
and the U.S. intelligence community, the earth is already shifting under you. 
Whether you know it or not, you’re on a new planet, a resource-shock world of
a sort humanity has never before experienced.

Two nightmare scenarios -- a global scarcity of vital resources and the onset of
extreme climate change -- are already beginning to converge and in the coming
decades are likely to produce a tidal wave of unrest, rebellion, competition,
and conflict.  Just what this tsunami of disaster will look like may, as yet,
be hard to discern, but experts warn of “water wars” over contested river
systems, global food riots sparked by soaring prices for life’s basics, mass
migrations of climate refugees (with resulting anti-migrant violence), and the
breakdown of social order or the collapse of states.  At first, such mayhem is
likely to arise largely in Africa, Central Asia, and other areas of the
underdeveloped South, but in timeall regions of the planet will be affected.

To appreciate the power of this encroaching catastrophe, it’s necessary to
examine each of the forces that are combining to produce this future cataclysm.

Resource Shortages and Resource Wars

Start with one simple given: the prospect of future scarcities of vital
natural resources, including energy, water, land, food, and critical minerals. 
This in itself would guarantee social unrest, geopolitical friction, and war....

JSOC M.E.K. operatives in Iran OPERATIVES in Iran
Source: New Yorker
Post image for JSOC M.E.K. operatives in Iran?
JSOC M.E.K. operatives in Iran? — Phantom Report

JSOC M.E.K. operatives in Iran?

22 APRIL 2013

Source: New Yorker

From the air, the terrain of the Department of Energy’s Nevada National Security Site, with its arid high plains and remote mountain peaks, has the look of northwest Iran. The site, some sixty-five miles northwest of Las Vegas, was once used for nuclear testing, and now includes a counterintelligence training facility and a private airport capable of handling Boeing 737 aircraft. It’s a restricted area, and inhospitable—in certain sections, the curious are warned that the site’s security personnel are authorized to use deadly force, if necessary, against intruders.

It was here that the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) conducted training, beginning in 2005, for members of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, a dissident Iranian opposition group known in the West as the M.E.K. The M.E.K. had its beginnings as a Marxist-Islamist student-led group and, in the nineteen-seventies, it was linked to the assassination of six American citizens. It was initially part of the broad-based revolution that led to the 1979 overthrow of the Shah of Iran. But, within a few years, the group was waging a bloody internal war with the ruling clerics, and, in 1997, it was listed as a foreign terrorist organization by the State Department. In 2002, the M.E.K. earned some international credibility by publicly revealing—accurately—that Iran had begun enriching uranium at a secret underground location. Mohamed ElBaradei, who at the time was the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations’ nuclear monitoring agency, told me later that he had been informed that the information was supplied by the Mossad. The M.E.K.’s ties with Western intelligence deepened after the fall of the Iraqi regime in 2003, and JSOC began operating inside Iran in an effort to substantiate the Bush Administration’s fears that Iran was building the bomb at one or more secret underground locations. Funds were covertly passed to a number of dissident organizations, for intelligence collection and, ultimately, for anti-regime terrorist activities. Directly, or indirectly, the M.E.K. ended up with resources like arms and intelligence. Some American-supported covert operations continue in Iran today, according to past and present intelligence officials and military consultants.

Despite the growing ties, and a much-intensified lobbying effort organized by its advocates, M.E.K. has remained on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations—which meant that secrecy was essential in the Nevada training. “We did train them here, and washed them through the Energy Department because the D.O.E. owns all this land in southern Nevada,” a former senior American intelligence official told me. “We were deploying them over long distances in the desert and mountains, and building their capacity in communications—coördinating commo is a big deal.” (A spokesman for J.S.O.C. said that “U.S. Special Operations Forces were neither aware of nor involved in the training of M.E.K. members.”)

The training ended sometime before President Obama took office, the former official said. In a separate interview, a retired four-star general, who has advised the Bush and Obama Administrations on national-security issues, said that he had been privately briefed in 2005 about the training of Iranians associated with the M.E.K. in Nevada by an American involved in the program. They got “the standard training,” he said, “in commo, crypto [cryptography], small-unit tactics, and weaponry—that went on for six months,” the retired general said. “They were kept in little pods.” He also was told, he said, that the men doing the training were from JSOC, which, by 2005, had become a major instrument in the Bush Administration’s global war on terror. “The JSOC trainers were not front-line guys who had been in the field, but second- and third-tier guys—trainers and the like—and they started going off the reservation. ‘If we’re going to teach you tactics, let me show you some really sexy stuff…’ ”

It was the ad-hoc training that provoked the worried telephone calls to him, the former general said. “I told one of the guys who called me that they were all in over their heads, and all of them could end up trouble unless they got something in writing. The Iranians are very, very good at counterintelligence, and stuff like this is just too hard to contain.” The site in Nevada was being utilized at the same time, he said, for advanced training of élite Iraqi combat units. (The retired general said he only knew of the one M.E.K.-affiliated group that went though the training course; the former senior intelligence official said that he was aware of training that went on through 2007.)

Allan Gerson, a Washington attorney for the M.E.K., notes that the M.E.K. has publicly and repeatedly renounced terror. Gerson said he would not comment on the alleged training in Nevada. But such training, if true, he said, would be “especially incongruent with the State Department’s decision to continue to maintain the M.E.K. on the terrorist list. How can the U.S. train those on State’s foreign terrorist list, when others face criminal penalties for providing a nickel to the same organization?”

Robert Baer, a retired C.I.A. agent who is fluent in Arabic and had worked under cover in Kurdistan and throughout the Middle East in his career, initially had told me in early 2004 of being recruited by a private American company—working, so he believed, on behalf of the Bush Administration—to return to Iraq. “They wanted me to help the M.E.K. collect intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program,” Baer recalled. “They thought I knew Farsi, which I did not. I said I’d get back to them, but never did.” Baer, now living in California, recalled that it was made clear to him at the time that the operation was “a long-term thing—not just a one-shot deal.”

Massoud Khodabandeh, an I.T. expert now living in England who consults for the Iraqi government, was an official with the M.E.K. before defecting in 1996. In a telephone interview, he acknowledged that he is an avowed enemy of the M.E.K., and has advocated against the group. Khodabandeh said that he had been with the group since before the fall of the Shah and, as a computer expert, was deeply involved in intelligence activities as well as providing security for the M.E.K. leadership. For the past decade, he and his English wife have run a support program for other defectors. Khodabandeh told me that he had heard from more recent defectors about the training in Nevada. He was told that the communications training in Nevada involved more than teaching how to keep in contact during attacks—it also involved communication intercepts. The United States, he said, at one point found a way to penetrate some major Iranian communications systems. At the time, he said, the U.S. provided M.E.K. operatives with the ability to intercept telephone calls and text messages inside Iran—which M.E.K. operatives translated and shared with American signals intelligence experts. He does not know whether this activity is ongoing.

Five Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated since 2007. M.E.K. spokesmen have denied any involvement in the killings, but early last month NBC News quoted two senior Obama Administration officials as confirming that the attacks were carried out by M.E.K. units that were financed and trained by Mossad, the Israeli secret service. NBC further quoted the Administration officials as denying any American involvement in the M.E.K. activities. The former senior intelligence official I spoke with seconded the NBC report that the Israelis were working with the M.E.K., adding that the operations benefitted from American intelligence. He said that the targets were not “Einsteins”; “The goal is to affect Iranian psychology and morale,” he said, and to “demoralize the whole system—nuclear delivery vehicles, nuclear enrichment facilities, power plants.” Attacks have also been carried out on pipelines. He added that the operations are “primarily being done by M.E.K. through liaison with the Israelis, but the United States is now providing the intelligence.” An adviser to the special-operations community told me that the links between the United States and M.E.K. activities inside Iran had been long-standing. “Everything being done inside Iran now is being done with surrogates,” he said.

The sources I spoke to were unable to say whether the people trained in Nevada were now involved in operations in Iran or elsewhere. But they pointed to the general benefit of American support. “The M.E.K. was a total joke,” the senior Pentagon consultant said, “and now it’s a real network inside Iran. How did the M.E.K. get so much more efficient?” he asked rhetorically. “Part of it is the training in Nevada. Part of it is logistical support in Kurdistan, and part of it is inside Iran. M.E.K. now has a capacity for efficient operations that it never had before.”

In mid-January, a few days after an assassination by car bomb of an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, at a town-hall meeting of soldiers at Fort Bliss, Texas, acknowledged that the U.S. government has “some ideas as to who might be involved, but we don’t know exactly who was involved.” He added, “But I can tell you one thing: the United States was not involved in that kind of effort. That’s not what the United States does.”


The Tower of Basel: Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency

Global Research, April 17, 2013

This carefully research article by Ellen Brown was first published in April 2009. It sheds light on the current crisis of the World monetary system. (GR ed. M. Ch.)

In an April 7 [2009] article in The London Telegraph titled “The G20 Moves the World a Step Closer to

a Global Currency,” Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote:

“A single clause in Point 19 of the communiqué issued by the G20 leaders amounts to revolution in the global financial order.

“‘We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn (£170bn) into the world economy and increase global liquidity,’ it said. SDRs are Special Drawing Rights, a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund that has lain dormant for half a century.

“In effect, the G20 leaders have activated the IMF’s power to create money and begin global ‘quantitative easing’. In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.”

Indeed they will. The article is subtitled, “The world is a step closer to a global currency, backed by a global central bank, running monetary policy for all humanity.” Which naturally raises the question, who or what will serve as this global central bank, cloaked with the power to issue the global currency and police monetary policy for all humanity? When the world’s central bankers met in Washington last September, they discussed what body might be in a position to serve in that awesome and fearful role. A former governor of the Bank of England stated:

“[T]he answer might already be staring us in the face, in the form of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). . . . The IMF tends to couch its warnings about economic problems in very diplomatic language, but the BIS is more independent and much better placed to deal with this if it is given the power to do so.”1

And if the vision of a global currency outside government control does not set off conspiracy theorists, putting the BIS in charge of it surely will. The BIS has been scandal-ridden ever since it was branded with pro-Nazi leanings in the 1930s. Founded in Basel, Switzerland, in 1930, the BIS has been called “the most exclusive, secretive, and powerful supranational club in the world.” Charles Higham wrote in his book Trading with the Enemy that by the late 1930s, the BIS had assumed an openly pro-Nazi bias, a theme that was expanded on in a BBC Timewatch film titled “Banking with Hitler” broadcast in 1998.2 In 1944, the American government backed a resolution at the Bretton-Woods Conference calling for the liquidation of the BIS, following Czech accusations that it was laundering gold stolen by the Nazis from occupied Europe; but the central bankers succeeded in quietly snuffing out the American resolution.3

Modest beginnings, BIS Office, Hotel Savoy-Univers, Basel

First Annual General Meeting, 1931

In Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time (1966), Dr. Carroll Quigley revealed the key role played in global finance by the BIS behind the scenes. Dr. Quigley was Professor of History at Georgetown University, where he was President Bill Clinton’s mentor. He was also an insider, groomed by the powerful clique he called “the international bankers.” His credibility is heightened by the fact that he actually espoused their goals. He wrote:

“I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960′s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. . . . [I]n general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

Quigley wrote of this international banking network:

“[T]he powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.”

The key to their success, said Quigley, was that the international bankers would control and manipulate the money system of a nation while letting it appear to be controlled by the government. The statement echoed one made in the eighteenth century by the patriarch of what would become the most powerful banking dynasty in the world. Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild famously said in 1791:

“Allow me to issue and control a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”

Mayer’s five sons were sent to the major capitals of Europe – London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Naples – with the mission of establishing a banking system that would be outside government control. The economic and political systems of nations would be controlled not by citizens but by bankers, for the benefit of bankers. Eventually, a privately-owned “central bank” was established in nearly every country; and this central banking system has now gained control over the economies of the world. Central banks have the authority to print money in their respective countries, and it is from these banks that governments must borrow money to pay their debts and fund their operations. The result is a global economy in which not only industry but government itself runs on “credit” (or debt) created by a banking monopoly headed by a network of private central banks; and at the top of this network is the BIS, the “central bank of central banks” in Basel.

Behind the Curtain

For many years the BIS kept a very low profile, operating behind the scenes in an abandoned hotel. It was here that decisions were reached to devalue or defend currencies, fix the price of gold, regulate offshore banking, and raise or lower short-term interest rates. In 1977, however, the BIS gave up its anonymity in exchange for more efficient headquarters. The new building has been described as “an eighteen story-high circular skyscraper that rises above the medieval city like some misplaced nuclear reactor.” It quickly became known as the “Tower of Basel.” Today the BIS has governmental immunity, pays no taxes, and has its own private police force.4 It is, as Mayer Rothschild envisioned, above the law.

The BIS is now composed of 55 member nations, but the club that meets regularly in Basel is a much smaller group; and even within it, there is a hierarchy. In a 1983 article in Harper’s Magazine called “Ruling the World of Money,” Edward Jay Epstein wrote that where the real business gets done is in “a sort of inner club made up of the half dozen or so powerful central bankers who find themselves more or less in the same monetary boat” – those from Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and England. Epstein said:

“The prime value, which also seems to demarcate the inner club from the rest of the BIS members, is the firm belief that central banks should act independently of their home governments. . . . A second and closely related belief of the inner club is that politicians should not be trusted to decide the fate of the international monetary system.”

In 1974, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision was created by the central bank Governors of the Group of Ten nations (now expanded to twenty). The BIS provides the twelve-member Secretariat for the Committee. The Committee, in turn, sets the rules for banking globally, including capital requirements and reserve controls. In a 2003 article titled “The Bank for International Settlements Calls for Global Currency,” Joan Veon wrote:

“The BIS is where all of the world’s central banks meet to analyze the global economy and determine what course of action they will take next to put more money in their pockets, since they control the amount of money in circulation and how much interest they are going to charge governments and banks for borrowing from them. . . .

“When you understand that the BIS pulls the strings of the world’s monetary system, you then understand that they have the ability to create a financial boom or bust in a country. If that country is not doing what the money lenders want, then all they have to do is sell its currency.”5

The Controversial Basel Accords

The power of the BIS to make or break economies was demonstrated in 1988, when it issued a Basel Accord raising bank capital requirements from 6% to 8%. By then, Japan had emerged as the world’s largest creditor; but Japan’s banks were less well capitalized than other major international banks. Raising the capital requirement forced them to cut back on lending, creating a recession in Japan like that suffered in the U.S. today. Property prices fell and loans went into default as the security for them shriveled up. A downward spiral followed, ending with the total bankruptcy of the banks. The banks had to be nationalized, although that word was not used in order to avoid criticism.6

Among other collateral damage produced by the Basel Accords was a spate of suicides among Indian farmers unable to get loans. The BIS capital adequacy standards required loans to private borrowers to be “risk-weighted,” with the degree of risk determined by private rating agencies; and farmers and small business owners could not afford the agencies’ fees. Banks therefore assigned 100 percent risk to the loans, and then resisted extending credit to these “high-risk” borrowers because more capital was required to cover the loans. When the conscience of the nation was aroused by the Indian suicides, the government, lamenting the neglect of farmers by commercial banks, established a policy of ending the “financial exclusion” of the weak; but this step had little real effect on lending practices, due largely to the strictures imposed by the BIS from abroad.7

Similar complaints have come from Korea. An article in the December 12, 2008 Korea Times titled “BIS Calls Trigger Vicious Cycle” described how Korean entrepreneurs with good collateral cannot get operational loans from Korean banks, at a time when the economic downturn requires increased investment and easier credit:

“‘The Bank of Korea has provided more than 35 trillion won to banks since September when the global financial crisis went full throttle,’ said a Seoul analyst, who declined to be named. ‘But the effect is not seen at all with the banks keeping the liquidity in their safes. They simply don’t lend and one of the biggest reasons is to keep the BIS ratio high enough to survive,’ he said. . . .

“Chang Ha-joon, an economics professor at Cambridge University, concurs with the analyst. ‘What banks do for their own interests, or to improve the BIS ratio, is against the interests of the whole society. This is a bad idea,’ Chang said in a recent telephone interview with Korea Times.”

In a May 2002 article in The Asia Times titled “Global Economy: The BIS vs. National Banks,” economist Henry C K Liu observed that the Basel Accords have forced national banking systems “to march to the same tune, designed to serve the needs of highly sophisticated global financial markets, regardless of the developmental needs of their national economies.” He wrote:

“[N]ational banking systems are suddenly thrown into the rigid arms of the Basel Capital Accord sponsored by the Bank of International Settlement (BIS), or to face the penalty of usurious risk premium in securing international interbank loans. . . . National policies suddenly are subjected to profit incentives of private financial institutions, all members of a hierarchical system controlled and directed from the money center banks in New York. The result is to force national banking systems to privatize . . . .

“BIS regulations serve only the single purpose of strengthening the international private banking system, even at the peril of national economies. . . . The IMF and the international banks regulated by the BIS are a team: the international banks lend recklessly to borrowers in emerging economies to create a foreign currency debt crisis, the IMF arrives as a carrier of monetary virus in the name of sound monetary policy, then the international banks come as vulture investors in the name of financial rescue to acquire national banks deemed capital inadequate and insolvent by the BIS.”

Ironically, noted Liu, developing countries with their own natural resources did not actually need the foreign investment that trapped them in debt to outsiders:

“Applying the State Theory of Money [which assumes that a sovereign nation has the power to issue its own money], any government can fund with its own currency all its domestic developmental needs to maintain full employment without inflation.”

When governments fall into the trap of accepting loans in foreign currencies, however, they become “debtor nations” subject to IMF and BIS regulation. They are forced to divert their production to exports, just to earn the foreign currency necessary to pay the interest on their loans. National banks deemed “capital inadequate” have to deal with strictures comparable to the “conditionalities” imposed by the IMF on debtor nations: “escalating capital requirement, loan writeoffs and liquidation, and restructuring through selloffs, layoffs, downsizing, cost-cutting and freeze on capital spending.” Liu wrote:

“Reversing the logic that a sound banking system should lead to full employment and developmental growth, BIS regulations demand high unemployment and developmental degradation in national economies as the fair price for a sound global private banking system.”

The Last Domino to Fall

While banks in developing nations were being penalized for falling short of the BIS capital requirements, large international banks managed to escape the rules, although they actually carried enormous risk because of their derivative exposure. The mega-banks succeeded in avoiding the Basel rules by separating the “risk” of default out from the loans and selling it off to investors, using a form of derivative known as “credit default swaps.”

However, it was not in the game plan that U.S. banks should escape the BIS net. When they managed to sidestep the first Basel Accord, a second set of rules was imposed known as Basel II. The new rules were established in 2004, but they were not levied on U.S. banks until November 2007, the month after the Dow passed 14,000 to reach its all-time high. It has been all downhill from there. Basel II had the same effect on U.S. banks that Basel I had on Japanese banks: they have been struggling ever since to survive.8

Basel II requires banks to adjust the value of their marketable securities to the “market price” of the security, a rule called “mark to market.”9 The rule has theoretical merit, but the problem is timing: it was imposed ex post facto, after the banks already had the hard-to-market assets on their books. Lenders that had been considered sufficiently well capitalized to make new loans suddenly found they were insolvent. At least, they would have been insolvent if they had tried to sell their assets, an assumption required by the new rule. Financial analyst John Berlau complained:

“The crisis is often called a ‘market failure,’ and the term ‘mark-to-market’ seems to reinforce that. But the mark-to-market rules are profoundly anti-market and hinder the free-market function of price discovery. . . . In this case, the accounting rules fail to allow the market players to hold on to an asset if they don’t like what the market is currently fetching, an important market action that affects price discovery in areas from agriculture to antiques.”10

Imposing the mark-to-market rule on U.S. banks caused an instant credit freeze, which proceeded to take down the economies not only of the U.S. but of countries worldwide. In early April 2009, the mark-to-market rule was finally softened by the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB); but critics said the modification did not go far enough, and it was done in response to pressure from politicians and bankers, not out of any fundamental change of heart or policies by the BIS.

And that is where the conspiracy theorists come in. Why did the BIS not retract or at least modify Basel II after seeing the devastation it had caused? Why did it sit idly by as the global economy came crashing down? Was the goal to create so much economic havoc that the world would rush with relief into the waiting arms of the BIS with its privately-created global currency? The plot thickens . . . .

Ellen Brown developed her research skills as an attorney practicing civil litigation in Los Angeles. In Web of Debt, her latest book, she turns those skills to an analysis of the Federal Reserve and “the money trust.” She shows how this private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can get it back. Her earlier books focused on the pharmaceutical cartel that gets its power from “the money trust.” Her eleven books include Forbidden Medicine, Nature’s Pharmacy (co-authored with Dr. Lynne Walker), and The Key to Ultimate Health (co-authored with Dr. Richard Hansen). Her websites are and


1. Andrew Marshall, “The Financial New World Order: Towards a Global Currency and World Government,” Global Research (April 6, 2009).

2 Alfred Mendez, “The Network,” The World Central Bank: The Bank for International Settlements,

3 “BIS – Bank of International Settlement: The Mother of All Central Banks,” (2009).

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7 Nirmal Chandra, “Is Inclusive Growth Feasible in Neoliberal India?”, (September 2008).

8 Bruce Wiseman, “The Financial Crisis: A look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain,” Canada Free Press (March 19, 2009).

9 See Ellen Brown, “Credit Where Credit Is Due,” (January 11, 2009).

10 John Berlau, “The International Mark-to-market Contagion,” (October 10, 2008).



29 MARCH 2012

On a tidy campus in his capital of Tripoli, Muammar al-Qathafi sponsored one of the world’s leading Muslim missionary networks. It was the smiling face of his GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and the world smiled back.

The World Islamic Call Society (WICS) sent staffers out to build mosques and provide humanitarian relief. It gave poor students a free university education, in religion, finance and computer science. Its missionaries traversed Africa preaching a moderate, Sufi-tinged version of Islam as an alternative to the strict Wahhabism that Saudi Arabia was spreading.

The Society won approval in high places. The Vatican counted it among its partners in Christian-Muslim dialogue and both Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict received its secretary general. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, spiritual head of the world’s Anglicans, visited the campus in 2009 to deliver a lecture. The following year, the U.S. State Department noted approvingly how the Society had helped Filipino Christian migrant workers start a Church in Libya.

Its active interest in interfaith dialogue also helped burnish its image. More than that, the moderate version of Islam that WICS preachers spread looked increasingly attractive after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States carried out by mostly Saudi hijackers.

Saudi Arabia has exported its strict Wahhabi Islam through its own missionary society, the Muslim World League, since 1962. Gaddafi’s bitter rivalry with Riyadh extended to Islam as well, and the Society competed with the League to build free mosques and schools around the world.

….Rev Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary of the Geneva-based World Council of Churches, delivered a lecture at the Society in January 2011. He says dealing with al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA required a delicate balance. “Our faith calls us to speak with everyone,” he said, stressing the WCC did not know any specific allegations against the Society when he visited. “We understand the risk involved and the complexity of situations such as this.

….few people knew the Society’s real size and influence. It answered only to al-Qathafi, and its financial transactions were exempt from all taxes and duties. Massoud Al Wazni, a member of the committee now overseeing it, said the annual budget was about $45 million and the central staff numbered about 900, with about 2,000 Arabic teachers and as many Muslim preachers around the world. Wazni gave no other details of the budget figure….


Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi (L) is accompanied by Ivory Coast’s President Laurent Gbagbo (R) during a welcoming ceremony upon his arrival at Felix Houphouet Boigny airport, outside Abidjan, at the start of a two-day visit to Ivory Coast June 27, 2007. REUTERS/Thierry Gouegnon

When he seized power in 1969 as a 27-year-old army captain, al-Qathafi dreamed of succeeding Egypt’s Gamal Abdul Nasser as the new champion of Arab nationalism and Third World revolution.

The Palestinian cause was central to his plans. He created a “Jihad Fund” to help finance Palestinian guerrillas and had the Palestinian militants who had been killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics buried as heroes in Tripoli. al-Qathafi also created an “Islamic Legion” that fought in the Sahel, Uganda and Lebanon. He supported liberation movements across Africa and shipped huge supplies of arms and money to the Irish Republican Army.

Muammar made colonel

Launched in 1972, the Society was presented as the human face of his revolution, building mosques, schools and clinics for needy Muslims around the globe. After the Arabs’ defeat by Israel in the 1967 war, calls for some kind of Islamic government were growing in the Middle East. Creating the Society was a nod in that direction and proved popular with Libya’s religious leadership.

Mu and his child via horseback

The Society was described as independent of the government, but financed from the same Jihad Fund as the Palestinians: a tax of three percent on all individuals and four percent on all companies working in Libya.

…The WICS’s focus was Africa, especially the large Muslim communities in West Africa and the Sahel region that al-Qathafi considered Libya’s back yard. But it also built mosques and Islamic centers in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Malta and the Netherlands. It contributed along with other Arab states to the construction of the huge mosque in Rome and the Central Mosque in London. It was also active in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia….

al-Qathafi created the World Islamic Popular Leadership (WIPL) as a separate department within the Society, answerable to General Secretary Sharif. The WIPL was to mobilize Islamic leaders around the world to support Muslim militants in Chechnya, Kosovo and Somalia, defend Muslim women wearing headscarves in Europe and encourage black Muslims in the United States. Among the allies al-Qathafi won was black nationalist Muslim preacher Louis Farrakhan.

The WIPL was “a foreign body embedded into the Call Society,” said Haraam, the Society auditor.

With its international network, the Society offered a handy cover to evade bans on financial transactions. As an independent NGO, it was not subject to the U.N. embargo or unilateral bans imposed by the United States….The WIPL office at WICS headquarters began to buzz with activity three years later….

in 1989 that the Society revived a dialogue with the Vatican begun in 1976 but lapsed since then. The Catholics weren’t sure why Tripoli wanted to restart talks, but agreed to two colloquia in 1990 and two more meetings in 1993 and 1997. According to a religious source in Tripoli al-Qathafi used the Society’s links to the Vatican in a last-ditch effort to avoid the U.N. sanctions…..Just before the U.N. embargo, then-foreign minister (now traitor/thief) Shalgam visited the Vatican looking for help. The Catholic bishop in Tripoli, Giovanni Martinelli, appealed to Western states not to humiliate al-Qathafi but seek dialogue with him. After this effort failed, al-Qathafi continued to woo the Vatican with promises of better conditions for the tiny Catholic community in Libya, for which he built two Catholic churches.

Vatican Foreign Minister Jean-Louis Tauran visited Libya in 1994. He made the last leg of the journey from southern Tunisia to Tripoli by car because of the embargo on air traffic. Washington watched with concern as the Church’s relations with Tripoli improved, and tried to persuade it not to establish diplomatic relations, but Pope John Paul went ahead and recognized Libya in 1997.

Asked why it marched out of step with Western countries, a Vatican spokesman said the Holy See maintained diplomatic relations with states, not governments. “Such relations have the primary aim of favoring the good of the local Church,” he said. The Vatican also felt that ties with Tripoli opened an avenue for a dialogue.

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi reads during a mass prayer during a celebration to mark the birthday of Prophet Mohammed in Agadez March 30, 2007. REUTERS/Samuel De Jaegere


In the 1990s, the Society expanded its work in Africa, stepping up its “Islamic convoys” of medicines, clothes and food as far down as southern Africa. It held conferences on education, culture and the links between African and Arab societies on the continent. It also funded Islamic radio stations in Togo, Benin, Chad, Cameroon, Mali and South Africa.

African leaders spoke out increasingly loudly against the U.N. embargo. South African President Nelson Mandela visited Tripoli in 1997 to thank al-Qathafi for supporting the African National Congress during the apartheid years and to condemn the embargo. He also had to make the final leg of the trip by car.

The highlight of al-Qathafi’s charm offensive came with a series of so-called “defiance tours” in convoys through West Africa. On the first of these missionary tours in 1997, the man who billed himself as “the Revolutionary Muslim” led huge prayer sessions in Niami, the capital of Niger, and in Kano in northern Nigeria. On his third swing through the region in 2000, he took in Niger, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Togo, “crossing more than 4,000 km through cities, villages, deserts, jungles, plains and modern towns,” as one Society report put it.

WICS staff were drafted in to help organize and support the visits. “When he went to an African country, of course he would use our infrastructure there –…

Haraam, referring to the local Society offices and the contacts the staff had. Among their tasks was helping Society preachers in the country to mobilize the crowds, and contacting local officials to arrange meetings between al-Qathafi and the influential tribal and religious leaders in the region…. “The WICS people on the ground would organize marches and receptions and take his picture everywhere,” said Shlmani….

If Western religious and political officials suspected anything untoward about the Society, its religious work and its leader’s personal diplomacy apparently dampened their doubts. Vatican officials met their Society counterparts in Rome in 2004, and Pope Benedict received a Society delegation at the Vatican in 2008.

A Catholic priest who took part in several dialogue sessions with the Society said the Vatican had heard rumors about its activities in Africa, but was more concerned that it was trying to bribe Africans into converting to Islam than about purported political high jinks. “There were suspicions (of bribery for conversions) but we didn’t find any proof,” he said.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams delivered a lecture on divine revelation to the Islamic Call College during a visit to Tripoli in 2009. His website describes the Society as “the world’s foremost Islamic benevolent organization with members from every corner of the globe.” Aides to the Anglican leader said they had no indications then or since that WICS was anything but a religious NGO interested in interfaith dialogue.

A WikiLeaks-revealed cable from the U.S. embassy in Tripoli in 2009 said the Society spread moderate interpretations of Islam in Africa and Asia, countering “the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism (invariably described as ‘Wahhabism’).”

The U.S. State Department’s 2010 International Religious Freedom Report noted approvingly the emphasis on religious moderation and interfaith cooperation in the Society, which it described as “the official conduit for the state-approved form of Islam” and “the religious arm of the government’s foreign policy.”

Among those who broke bread with the Society was World Council of Churches Secretary General Tveit, who lectured on the shared values of Christians and Muslims in Tripoli just one month before the preplanned CIA invented “ 17 FEBR. uprising” of 2011.

“In this particular situation, the WCC decided to work with the WICS because of its commitment to inter-religious dialogue and willingness to work with the WCC and its partners,” he said.

The firebrand U.S. black Muslim preacher Louis Farrakhan never hid his ties with Libya, but the uprising prompted even more disclosure than before. On 31 March  2011, Farrakhan defended “Brother al-Qathafi” at a rare news conference and said Libya had lent the Nation of Islam $8 million over the years.

At his news conference, Farrakhan, a deputy chairman of the WIPL, said al-Qathafi had also helped him take three tours to visit Muslim leaders in over 40 countries. “I’ve been all over the world because of that man,” he said.

The WIPL apparently lent a helping hand for Farrakhan’s pro-al-Qathafi media blitz. Officials reviewing Society files showed Reuters a recently found confidential memo dated March 15, 2011, indicating the WIPL would pay for U.S. newspaper ads that Farrakhan placed to defend him. The Nation of Islam did not respond to requests for comment.

Sharif dropped all pretence of independence once the uprising started. He met Bishop Martinelli in mid-March, urging him to help provide “accurate information” about the situation in Libya. In the months that followed, the Tripoli-based bishop gained notoriety in the West for sharply condemning the NATO bombings. Martinelli declined a request for an interview.

The WICS head had less success in May when he tried to convince Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to help mediate between Tripoli and the Benghazi-based rebels.(LAROV has always been for the Great Jamahiriya and Muammar al-Qathafi.)

Sheikh Saad Falah, head of the missionary department at the Society, said expenses for al-Qathafi’s Africa trips organized by the WICS were paid from the secret WIPL budget. “We don’t have any details about how much he spent and where,” Falah said.

The Society appears to have the money needed to carry on. Falah, the head of the missionary department, says it hasn’t received any financing in two years from the government, since its share of the Jihad Tax was “taken over by one of al-Qathafi’s sons.”

It does have revenues from some far-sighted investments made decades ago. Two real estate ventures – a five-tower complex on the Tripoli seafront, and an office building in Benghazi – are preferred addresses for oil companies, airlines and other foreign firms.

”  ‘WICS’ can be like a university modeled on Al Azhar, the revered seat of Sunni learning in Cairo.”  Aref Ali Nayed sees it countering the Saudi brand of Islam – the role it played under al-Qathafi.

“It could be a kind of anti-radicalization think tank,” he said.

Source: Reuters,  By Tom Heneghan, TRIPOLI

a New DAY


Tsubhowoon p Nasr nearby and certainly with the help of God and forward …….. Muammar al-ups
(Admowoowona 1)

correspondent Chiaan,

(Tribute of the resistance الساهرين the Champions dormant in many people to recover home))
Most of the last period you Track your articles to good and beautifully crafted language, Chronology and well-documented history of our country golden captain and well cared many بالمناشير that interested in reading the events.
This will not be feasible and country seeping from the grip of the hands of the abyss, I do not know the exact quantity, but we actually think of changing our strategy here the least.
We are all متشبعين sure the justice of our cause and do not need to increase the certainty, and we do not need to convince on their sight was blurred Time, and the wall will guarantee to do so.
Articles intellectually brilliant need to read and toast analysis, the elites in power mostly not recoverable for the actual tender now, the role very important after Ashahh of the black veil from the face of our country Trafalgar.
Slide lively tender and energy you need for only a few of the directive, to do Tzdja things traitors and rob them of their beds and restore the accounts of their gods and their masters.
.. Will not prolong the proposed on Adinmah pages pro, ÇáŢŃćČÇĘ and individuals popularity owners in Elvis, as well as what is available to us from the media, amplify every act of our youth and our daughters, no matter how small, such as:
* Writing on the walls and in classrooms, laboratories and factories, and others.
* Thija put irrigations green whatever the size, day and focus on that.
* Reverence and encourage and guide the individual processes possible armed and guaranteed results.
* Attention published a spirited songs and notification.
* Extreme secrecy resistance heroes and their operations no matter how joyful to us, to ensure the continued inaction of the traitors.
* Extreme reticence on the operations of the political movement and does not take us joy published Xbak the reflected negatively us our cause.
* Thija and dissemination of misleading information in coordination with the resistance of the actual campaign to intimidate the arms of traitors.
* Tghia deployment everything that would increase the congestion of the people (pros and cons) on beards owners programmers, because the conflict with them actually a struggle, and their projects necessitate them الاستماتة and the shedding of blood.
* Constantly re-publishing all the saws that appear barbaric and brutal practices of those tyrants soldiers West converts.

مشاركة مراسلينا ……….. مراسلنا من الصيعان(تحية إكبار للابطال المقاومين الساهرين في سبات الكثيرين على استرداد الوطن))
اغلب الفترة الماضية كنت اتتبع المقالات الجيدة و المتقنة لغة و تسلسل تاريخي و الموثقة جيدا لتاريخ بلادنا الذهبي و قائده و كذلك اهتم كثيرا بالمناشير التي تهتم بقرأة الاحداث.
لن يكون هذا مجدياً و البلاد تتسرب من قبضة ايدينا للهاوية، لا اعرف على وجه الدقة الكيف ,لكن فعلا علينا التفكير في تغيير استراتيجيتنا هنا اقلها.
فنحن جميعنا متشبعين يقين بعدالة قضيتنا و لسنا في حاجة لزيادة اليقين ,و لسنا بحاجة لإقناع من كانت على ابصارهم غشاوة فالزمن و الحائط كفيلان بذلك.
المقالات الرائعة فكريا تحتاج نخب للقرأة و التحليل , النخب في اغلبها ليست الطاقة القابلة للعطاء الفعلي الان, دورها مهم جدا بعد اشاحة اللثام الاسود عن وجه بلادنا الاغر.
الشريحة المفعمة عطاء و طاقة تحتاج للقليل فقط من التوجيه, لفعل اشياء تزجع الخونة و تقض مضاجعهم و تعيد حسابات آلهتهم و اسيادهم .
لن اطيل ..اقترح على ادمنية الصفحات المؤيدة و القروبات و الافراد اصحاب الشعبية الكبيرة في الفيس وكذلك ما يتاح لنا من وسائل اعلام ،تضخيم كل فعل من شبابنا و بناتنا مهما كان صغيراً مثل:
*الكتابة على الجدران و في القاعات الدراسية و المعامل و المصانع و غيرها.
* تشيجع وضع الريات الخضراء مهما كان حجمها و يوميا و التركيز علي ذلك.
* اكبار و تشجيع و توجيه العمليات الفردية المسلحة الممكنة و مضمونة النتائج.
* الاهتمام بنشر الاغاني الحماسية و الاشعار .
* التكتم الشديد عن المقاومين الابطال و عملياتهم مهما كانت مفرحة لنا، لضمان استمرار تراخي الخونة.
*التكتم الشديد على عمليات الحراك السياسي و لا تاخذنا الفرحة بنشره كسبق ينعكس عنا قضيتنا سلبا.
* تشيجع و نشر معلومات مضللة بالتنسيق مع المقاومة الفعلية لإرعاب حملة السلاح من الخونة .
* تجشيع نشر كل ما من شأنه زيادة احتقان الشعب (مؤيد و معارض) على اصحاب اللحى المبرمجين , لأن الصراع معهم فعلا صراع وجود , و مشاريعهم تحتم عليهم الاستماتة و سفك الدم.
* اعادة النشر باستمرار لكل المناشير التي تُظهر همجية و وحشية ممارسات هؤلاء الطغاة جنود الغرب المتحولون.

Mu triumphant in Victory pic from 02 MARCH 2011



Good evening on the Great are free
How case launched a sentiment that, God willing, fully
And a thousand million, a tribute to our hero Muslim leader Muammar al-Qathdafi.

(Admona 4)

Headed Shani News story Page enjoyable Excellency leader.


Free great conqueror :: Dauatcm j free
– Willing, God will soon open on ÇáäÇíáÓÇĘ channel by a heroes who Ahbpettmoh the base and has a great popularity and credibility when honorable.

– And will be opening a second channel and is among a bouquet of green and tracking channel Al Khaimah as Iiratih
– And a third channel will open with the help of God and is an individual effort youth of immigrant youth in the outside and would be on ÇáäÇíáÓÇĘ and as the voice of the nation and now Haya are audible on the Internet
Dauatcm to these people to complete their march struggle and instill another dagger in the side of the customers
(Admoowona 1)
Home Audio Feedback each national and and neutrality مايهمنا is injured home any inquiry, any note our concern will begin deciding the voice of the pilot home soon p satellite Nilesat
Any Stfassar p You Email Aatarichwitnesses
(The main الادمن

Mu Caliphate speech of 08 FEBR. 1988

People's Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya

There actually ARE some good MISRATANS!!!
Battalion Black day
Support and sweeter Lake Ahrarna the honorable from Misratah and greet the steadfastness of each challenge loyal everywhere
(Admowona 1)Misurata tribes Forum
Misratah will not be Salloum climb from colonialism to Libya

مــــصــــراتـــه لن تكون سلوم يصعد منه الإستعمار الى ليبيا

Page : 329 personnes aiment

Dr. Shakir writes: “نعم، الرجاء القيام بذلك (We have a picture of the People’s Armed Forces; should we publish it?) “YES please Dr. and crewe at “ASHAM el-Wantan”
مشاركة عبر بريد الصفحة من الاخت :: مصراتية وعشقي القذافيخلاص ياجرذان .. ماعاد ليكم في البلاد مكان .. قريب ترحلوا
خلاص جاكم سيله … زحف جيشنا تمم وحط رحيله
واللي يقود فيه اليوم بات العيله .. ومن عظمة إلسانه تسمعوا البيان
خلاص اهربوا مادام الطريق طويله .. قبل تغرقوا ويقلكم طوفان
قريب يوم جايكم ياكلاب مسود ليله … ونساكم حفايا فوق بن غيلان
وبات العويل فيكم يسيب عويله .. واللي اليوم لابس تشبحه عريان
حتى الغرب خلاكم وشال رحيله .. اللي يخون وطنه مايطوله شان
فواتير خونتكم اليوم ثقيله … لاعاد ليكم شرف لا عنوان
بعتوا تراب الوطن شيلا بيلا … حنيتوا لعهد الترك والطليان
لكن جايكم سيد السبيب وسيله … بسلاحهم خاشين للميدان
وايعدلوا الميزان بعد الميله … وتشوفوا الصقوره كيف يا غربان
يقولوا مع الفارس تنوض قبيله … وتموت كان خليت من الفرسان
قريب ايجيكم بوعباء وعويله … وايردن ايام العز كيف زمان البلاد ماهي ليكم .. ثورتكم توفت وانتهى طاريكم
خلاص أرحلوا ماعاد يصلح بيكم … ولاعندكم قدره على الطوفان
وصل جيشنا للوطن حيه عليكم … واللي دار موجعه للوطن تو ايبان
كمشة خوارج قطر تحكم فيكم …. واليوم خلتكم لها رعيان
المقريف نهار الزحف بيخليكم … وقبله ايسيبكم علي زيدان
زمان نرحموا ونقولوا مغرر بيكم … عقولكم صغيره وخشها شيطان
واليوم من مازال يشفع فيكم …. بعد بيعكم للوطن ياخوان
ولاعاد تلقوا من ايحز عليكم … والشعب منكم منكوي مليان
خلاص انتهت تم الرصيد عليكم … بتجيكم مصيبه مالها حسبان
حتى الارض ملت من خطا كرعيكم … قريب ينفجر من تحتكم بركانالادمن الرئيسى

News Libyan resistance (Green Brigade battalion-mail)

Video: steal the entire archive of the Libyan army calls under surveillance

The Gaddafi International News Agency – videos.

By News on Monday, 22 أبريل, 2013 | 08:17

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Salvation Aajerman the .. Maad to complement the country’s place .. Close ترحلوا the
Salvation Jaquem the way … Marching our army landed fulfilled the departure
Who leads the today Pat Eila .. It is the greatness of Elsanh hear the statement
Salvation Flee as long as the road is long .. Before Ngrkoa and Iklkm flood
Day of Jaykm near Aaclab blackish night … And Nsakm Hfalla over bin Gillan
, And Pat wailing you Yeceb Aoelh .. And who today to Labs Chbha the Aryan
Even West Khalakm and shawl departure .. Who betray and homeland Mitoulh the Shan
Juntekm bills today Heavy … To re-complements the honor does not address
Batwa dust home Sheela Bella … Hanitwa to the reign of the Turks and Italians
But Jaykm master horsehair way … Their weapons Khashin to the field
And balance Ayadloa after Almilh … And Chowoa Alskorh how my crows
Say with the knight Tnod tribe … And die was خليت of the Knights
Close Egikm the Buaaba and Aoelh … And Aearden the good old days how the country anytime What complements .. ثورتكم died and ended Tarikm
Salvation get out Maad fit Číßă the … But ye of the flood
Our army arrived home neighborhood you … Default Dar painful home to Iban
Control handful Kharijites Qatar in you …. And today Khaltkm have رعيان
Maqrif day crawl Bejlakm the … And before Ayecebkm, Ali Zaidan
Time Nrahmoa and Nicoloa مغرر Číßă … Minds small and Khcha the demon
Today, from the still intercede for you …. After Baekm home Aajuan
To re-received Aihz the you … And you Menkoa people Mlyn
Salvation Has Been balance you … Ptgium a disaster doomed husban
Even the ground malt error Kraeikm … A nearby volcano explodes from invoking

(The main الادمن)


Commend God is great …


Incidentally O rats NATO trivia, “John McCain,” said Lu hands to the Kaaba demolished.

Most students in the Libyan are now  studying in “trailers” after the destruction of their beautiful schools by  evil “NATO” at the instigation of the traitors and agents.



Summary of the so-called revolution: American and British intelligence, Israel and their clients in Qatar, Turkey and put projects to divide Egypt and the Arab region on the basis of ethnic and religious sectarian division includes Egypt to the four countries, Christian and Muslim Nubian and Senaweh. And these forces found that the best way to divide the community is the arrival of extremist religious currents to power. Conspirators took advantage of the Muslim Brotherhood in power, greed and agreed with them since the nineties coup against Arab governments for economic and political interests. Been spending billions of dollars on activists, politicians and the media devices ship people against their governments for years to stir up anger and hatred against the government and published lies and slander against governments even lies turned into facts in the minds of the public.

Inn as a front for activists to mobilize young people were payment agents such as ElBaradei to delude people as a civilian popular revolution and not Muslim Brotherhood Zionism. Deceived the people involved in the claim to topple the regime and chanted the slogan “The people want to topple the regime,” developed by the CIA. Joined politicians and activists of the plot in anticipation of positions. Regulations and were dropped pounced Brotherhood and other extremists on the referee to revolutions discloses its true face ugly. In front of people now have two options: either to continue the illusion that the popular revolutions that previous regimes are corrupt and therefore accept the Brotherhood, clients and projects division, or to recognize that they deceived and uttered the Brotherhood and clients and re-dropped by the regulations with an agreement to hold a new social reformer.

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رسالة الى مسلمين ليبيا هام


 Battalion Black day a partagé la vidéo de Mujahideen only.

What’s next???? It has become clear evident that Libya came under controlled al-Qaeda and it was he who runs the tide out, came the call Algerian terrorist and leader of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb after the death of Mokhtar Belmokhtar Abe Hassan Rashid, who face day to the group inside Libya to expose the fact that the revolution Veraar It carried out!!

Abe Hassan Rashid request from extremist groups not to lay down their arms but went to the need for declaration of Libya Islamic emirate like Kandahar and Tora Bora and Bdlk Tzkhal Libya a new phase very serious and Mzmrh at the hands of gangs of infidelity and extremism, and misguidance was evident from Bmaah this boom dirty and formats behind some of the sons Libyan people to find himself in the end delivers his country to groups murder and Altzmir and atonement,

it was planned from Albmaah continued planning was the release of terrorists from prison as well as the abolition of the security apparatus specialized in the fight against these activities Alhmamh ((internal security)) and the arrest of its members and its leaders and the displacement of the rest of the replacements leaders Omnia extremist likes of Belhadj and Hashim humans and Abdul Rauf hater and Hakim البركي and Khalid Basir and Ayoub Shuwaikh and Abdul Baset Azzouz and Muhammad Zahawi and good Alqaúda and Mustafa Noah, Haitham Tagouris and others.

Everyone knows that Hola extremists Islamists and were in prison, mostly known as the Afghan Arabs and led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Somalia !!! This is what his will Qatar and the West of Libya that تذمرها Qaeda and the lives of its people fear and terror, and find these countries after colonial justification for the occupation of Libya, control and plunder its resources!!! Will Tstfikoa Dear Libyans mists that covered the eyes Vqtar death is coming to you and you’ll find out any swerved Tnqlpon soon when ذبحكم is like sheep by Hola murderers terrorists and tomorrow headmistress soon.

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    Message to the Muslims of Libya Ham


CRIMES OF THE WEST/ & FAR EAST implemented now in the MID-EAST!

Inventory corrupt scandal Suleiman Dogh!!!!Image inventory Solomon Dogh with the the Moataz autumn and inventory inventory Mahmoud melon similar to a pig.
Afficher la suite
فضيحة الجرد الفاسد سليمان دوغة !!!!صورة للجرد سليمان دوغة مع الجرد معتز الخريف و الجرد محمود شمام شبيه لخنزير . ، دوغة كان يلبس كاب او غطا الراس ( طاقية ) مكتوب عليه باللغة الانجليزية (GAP) وهي الحروف الاولي لجملة (Gay And Proud)و تعني (( لوطي و فخور بأني لوطي )) هل الاعلامي المشهور صاحب القنـــــــــــــــــــــــوات المسموعة والمرئية المخضرم في عالم الاعـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــلام والذي كان مرشح لان يكون مدير القناة الليبية الاخبارية .. والذي يجيد التحدث الانجليزية بطلاقة وعاش في اوروبا لا يعرف ماذا تعني هذه الحروف !!!!
وعلي عينك يا تاجر ..
هذه الاسم وهوا اسم شركة gap و الناس في كندا و أمريكا و بريطانيا لا يلبسون من ملابس الشركة إلا فئة معينة هـــــــــــم الشواذ يا سادة !!!!

Voice of Resistance

Why are we talking about NLP? And Maalaqh that page?

Simply because most of the leaders of revolutions trained what is known as human development and been برمجتهم and برمجوا on their hands of thousands of young people across the Arab world and the senior sheikhs Brotherhood and Salafi practice NLP on viewers through the screens, satellite TV and loops, and the most prominent example of this What practiced Amr Khaled beginning of his appearance, where he spoke about the veil Vfujina thousands of girls wearing the hijab! Although many of the preachers talked about the veil before him, and although he has not added new Everyone knows that veil to impose new but it is March and NLP techniques to influence the unconscious mind and hypnosis answered him thousands, and it can also be used in the good that can be used in evil and it is what happened with the promoters of revolutions and chaos فغالبيتهم subject to the effects of hypnosis and programming they knew it or did not know, and there are a lot of secrets behind the fact killed Dr. Ibrahim Al Faki the first to introduce these methods to the Arab world and who was killed after completing the task directly to the implementation of revolutions ,,

على جميع الجرذان الانتقال الى مستشفى قرقارش للامراض العقلية آخر حل ليهم

All rats move to Gargaresh hospital for mental illness last solution to the matter:

Facts and revolutions confidential.

Issued Jewish Levy his new book, which will be called ((Diary writer in the heart of Spring Libyan)) which highlighted which each filament conspiracy hatched by Jews and he is implemented on the ground through Alfberaarien rebels of Libya, headed by Mustafa Abdul Jalil and Abdul Fattah Younis and others who called the leaders of the rebels. and in turn explained in this book that the transfer of the Israeli government that the government of the new Libya will not يكونو enemies of Israel …. he also pointed to his speeches in hot fields Libyan Misrata, Benghazi and Zintan, and how he carried on the shoulders by the rebels of Libya and dancing play in fields as mastermindand guide them, and also explained how he paints in the plans for the destruction of Libya and how the rebels had followed him from the back ……. it than that stated that he is of a promising first statement issued by the National Transitional Council, which was followed by Mustafa Abdul Jalil …. hehe was also in the next few days will be published another article in the newspaper to Ovigaro and will carry the signature of Mustafa Abdul Jalil ..

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Warning to all the Liberals and especially silks ….

My brothers and sisters are free and mass حرائر greatness Beware of the FB page bearing the name (Martyr Muammar Gaddafi never light) … He was a dirty page to someone may be rat rats NATO …. Puts in video clips for dancers and prostitutes in the page .. And the page bearing the name of the hero “martyr” Muammar Gaddafi and his own photo Did not respect the name of the hero leader Muammar Gaddafi The owner may be a rat haters If it is a Liberal and Hachehem of it … The same must be respected and respects the name of the hero Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, or change the name of the page and does not put pictures where the commander in front of prostitutes and dancers . Please you to beware of this page and the abolition of admiration.

Thoughts of the pride of the Great Jamahiriya (Libya)
Prestige ↓ ↔ force at and Hroshih, Muammar Army with personal


16 avril 2013 20:38
Allahu Akbar Ali are free bone ………….
الله اكبر علي احرار العظمي……………
Girls يبيات the receiving threats and extortion by unidentified due to eavesdrop on calls from a company Libyana Mobile morally qualified third parties.
Battalion Black day(Dawn Odessa)
Why he chose the invaders in the devil “NATO” “name the dawn of Odessa” and the story behind the label, which is the title of the military operations against Libya?
Dawn Odyssey is the title of the military operations launched by the European countries and the countries of Arab claims to Hebrew and pawns, mercenaries and let the customers that they are a US-led shows .. All of them met at NATO demonic NATO under the name “NATO” which carries the slogan Cross “†”
Gathered against Libya Great led “Muammar Gaddafi” How to not be a super small number of population and potential, great and great resistance and their response to the worst Satanic conspiracy and campaign in history against it has met all the devils of mankind.
But what a story
“Dawn Odessa” that no one knows many headed pawns and clients NATO in Libya?

NATO continues to cover-up the TRUTH and evidence, by BOMBING RECORDS HEADQUARTERS, and COVERT INFORMATION given to NATO Bombers for Missile Strikes:

Minister of Justice (Salah Merghany) in the government imported …. carries المسوؤليه criminal and full legal field commanders and Msaadenhm all the gangs and militias armed … on events and armed criminal occurred and occur in Libya, kidnap, torture and attack on the headquarters of the institutions of state collapsed .. And prevent them to do justice and justice in Libya …. and so on. In an explicit reference to it will convert their names and files of the International Court of the criminal and NATO to attack their positions and their headquarters …..


Minister of Justice (Salah Merghany) in the government imported …. carries المسوؤليه criminal and full legal field commanders and Msaadenhm all the gangs and militias armed on events and armed criminal occurred and occur in Libya, kidnap, torture and attack on the headquarters of the institutions of state collapsed .. And prevent them to do justice and justice in Libya …. and so on. In an explicit reference to it will convert their names and files of the International Court of the criminal and NATO to attack their positions and their headquarters .….
source tape news channel capital.

source:  tape news channel capital.

Ambulances louder voices after targeting the headquarters against Besrman Crime
Ahadaemn the Alsoaudh tribe to the Liberals and silks. Be patient patience Makifa

the patience Lin Ayoub day of death and the acetic heart مايعرف the chagrin underestimate Bay خلوق of tribulations.

Yankee-bred GNC General Hifter inventory exists at the University of Bright Star Balbraiqa ornately calls to drop … And this since the morning and so far there are protesters against a carved backed this moment where he visited the oil facility beside the guard walked Brega company ….


Moved from His Excellency page Bomenaar leader:
Now now Achbakat get Makhal Makhal the Tazrbu area who may forefinger in the burning some cars Makhal camp.



Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free:
Libya’s western mountain – Bisexual country Turkish Dosari awaited soon. It is graded in the photos yesterday in the car phantom Committee and today with their children tomorrow, with their wives. No one speaks of them because they are not men.
Is sex Algahaar they live among us.

  •  الزنتان
    من اخر متطلبات الجرذان الصطو على منطقة وتجريدها من اسمها
    من المعروف أن قبيلة الزنتان تعتبر من اكبر القبائيل العربية في الجبل الاشم والزنتان منتشرون في عدة مناطق ليس الكل يقطن شعبية الزنتان ……….ومن الزنتان الذين يسكنون مناطق ليست لهم الزنتان الشياب وهم يسكنون في منطقة الغنائيمة التى لا يتجاوز عدد سكانها الاربعة الالف نسمة …….وهاولاء بعد الفورة العينة بداوا يتمردون كثيرا على هذه المنطقة الصغيرة وموخرا طلبوا من اهالي المنطقة أن تسمى منطقة الغنائمة بالزنتان الصغيرة او زنتان الشياب …..هذه اخر شطحات الجرذان

    Last requirements rats Alsto on the strip it of its name
    It is known that Zintan tribe is one of the largest Arab Alqubaúal in mountain Alachm and Zintan are deployed in several areas not everyone lives popular Zintan ………. and Zintan who live in areas not them Zintan الشياب the they live in Aghannaúama area which does not exceed number four thousand inhabitants ……. How lae the sample after a flurry began rebelling much on this small area and موخرا asked of the people of the area to be called the Aghannaúma Balzntan small or xanthan الشياب …..

An ÔćÝćÇ Alqoenkers wil Zintan
Of strangest wonders combing in shame spree


Loose and threatening the security of judges

An unidentified armed group seized the car the President of the Court of Appeal Green Mountain Bdrnh the Mr. “Abdulaziz Mustafa Trabelsi” after the stop it on the public highway. According to Mr. “Trabelsi” – the correspondent of the News Agency Libyan city of dirt – that a car ride General was traveling people has بمضايقته area door Shiha west near his home and touched his car, and when he stopped his car, got out two people from a car Alrcoph and clouds by a firearm, “pistol” and boarded his car and fled on his amazement and confusion of what happened. (And – dirt)

Rjoowoo immediate deployment,,,,

From a bitter reality and suffered serious travelers on public roads in Libya,,,,

Achievements of 17 february revolution frequent phenomenon of banditry and armed robbery on public roads terribly, in the Memorial Mrsat road link between Bo West and Mizdah no gang Awlad Boucif Aicolo xanthan and Zintan Aicolo Awlad Boucif important region shared between Zintan and Awlad Boucif function this band Let’s work on thefts of car, money and begin the work of this band in the late-night and often their vehicles SUV and all the hum of armed robbery and when you talk to and tell them why they tell you to Libya free and the law of the jungle and the word is Darragh money just Maadsh dreams Bayhoum.



Battalion Black day:

There is a gate between Terg and Ajdabiya called Gateway Almitin where stationed where bandits assumed by a group of militias Shaheen family of slaves, فاثروا which then decided sold to Mlechih the other for 1.5 million
God on the country’s security and safety, and the poor fellow Egyptians victims of bandits and poor of our young people are drowning in debt drugs.
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Armed militias stationed at the gate or Rishrash the assault by beating and cursing at one of the sons of Bani Walid saluting they detained nearly “4” They have hours to release him after stealing his car every Maimlk.
Not the curse of God be upon you, O Acharadm

Beware of phantom gates rats and gangs February that resides on a private road and the coastal road, where they kidnapped citizen and was tortured and beaten by the kidnappers, and well as immobilization citizen and the seizure of his car after beating him.
(Admoowona 1)

Militias Tajora release Sheikh Ali Hadi زرقون, one sheikhs of Bani Walid ... Thank God for his safety!

Battalion Black day

Greet me all sons and Rafla of the steadfast
And greet me Khotna to exist abroad
And greet me all the noble tribes
(Admona 10)



URGENT / / /

Misrata was truncated territory in Tmana area for the construction of housing units for Jews displaced persons outside Libya by Muammar al-Qathafi.

God’s strange Henw Magistrate Healy Khast the Misratah and it became their not animate reconciliation with Tawergha or Bani Walid are the last to speak on reconciliation.

And يعدين pond Heleph Ageletm of Sabha:



Benghazi :: /

The killing of custom alone ((bill Abdul Aziralmazina)) of the air defense of Benghazi, just before with science and Nqlaan the witnesses I carried assassinated by car type (Toyota Fjah) bearing the logo of the so-called presidency of the General Staff
The reason for his assassination attempt to steal a car belonging to the air defense.

The arrest of several who were in the security agencies …. And they are arrested only by snitching or personal problems with some of the people …

under the pretext they are the owners of the yellow hats.

Garyounis people seize on a piece of ground for “lack of safety procedures”
Seized a number of the people of the Garyounis on the ground behind the University of Benghazi, claiming “incorrect procedures” and they are more worthy than others.

Volunteer Council of Local Garyounis Mokhtar Hassan said for the ambiance of the country on Sunday, “The local council is the owner of jurisdiction to adjudicate the matter through the interest of property realized from it and turn it to the court,” he said, adding that doubts arise about the nature of the allocation, which was that the land agricultural it is in the real land Spakhih.

The words of a serious recognition of the killing of Abdel Fattah Younis ~!!
Salem Al Mansouri – made ​​in front of the media screens in court two days ago abbreviated who is behind this .. And also gives some of the other details … .. We ask God Almighty:

Most of the issues that separates the judiciary for the benefit of citizens .. are invalidated by the militias by force of arms.
Break into the garden center and the smuggling of a group of prisoners ….. And lock the center and sit in front of the spectrum in protest against the lack of support.

Some of the wonders of this picture, and money everyone knows that there are Israelis working doctors at Benghazi Medical Center, but medicines imported Israeli and reticent by the Center …
Via from Taatdon manhood and Ttasaron to cover up the jihad for immorality and debauchery Grimkm in your land, desecration by, where is the manhood that Taatdonha Even masculinity of you experts …

Clashes between the owners of rats beards in Benghazi with one ……. The news for the campaign of liquidation, including.

Flight Aviation Germana thick and low to high.



Sabratha are now a total of heretics lock Almazinat the force ……



Rat Makhlouf disappearance from sight Shawarma …… The news says that in Turkey after killing to Joseph Aldalbh.

Close the road to Sirte from the west now by the people of No. 2 …… Because of the theft of funds by the compensation Alborawi.



Battalion Black day:

Prevent confidential knights from attending a ceremony in Tarhuna

Country ambiance Mustafa Ferjani

Prevented the military forces of the sons of the area Tarhuna a ceremony called for a popular people in the region in front of the north gate of the city under the auspices of a secret Cavalry Brigade Qaqaa.

And through the people of the region who are stationed at the northern entrance of the city for refusing to post the confidentiality of cavalry in the celebration because of the lack of prior coordination with the official and used with permission.

A member of the National Congress for the Tarhuna Ahmed al-Saadi said in a statement to the country ambiance that members of Congress from the area, local councils and Tarhuna military stopped the ceremony, which was to be held, also called the crowds military stationed at the entrance to the city to show restraint.

The al-Saadi that contacts were held with the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff and corner border guards to ensure the abolition of post secret knights at the ceremony step precautions to contain the situation, describing the call for the ceremony as “acted improperly aims to destabilize the region and entered into the mess difficult remedied.”
(Admoowona 1)



News about escape the rat Salah and Valley who tortured, imprisoned and kidnapped in free and Rishvana

to after that relates to information that the imminent liquidation, has sold state land to a people and fled Kjerz the outside Libya.

It is a client of the rats and shad Committee phantom in Rishvana and specifically in the mil-based.

Please emphasis O Ahrarna, in and Rishvana.

An important appeal to the people of and Rishvana to young people and are free of this tribe:

You Bhola rats and they (Hameed Alhmala the – Badr Charge – Hamouda Ben fronds – Ahmad safety – Osama bin fronds – Ayman Sassi – Wrought Abdullatif Al-Tahir – Almchklt – Adel Ashour القمودي – Ali Mukhtar Da’as – Nabil Alzentute – Nasser Alzentute – Ahmed Alzentute – Akram Alzentute _ Necati Ezzedine Miloud – Ismail Mohamed Omar – Abdul Baset Abulaúhh – Canadian Hamza al-Khalifa)
Hola people my brothers are the first enemy to you and are contributing significantly to the bottomed sons tribe in prisons are they enter militias to Rishvana and are Sahmu in guiding these militias to free the youth and Rishvana So we must acknowledge what he was doing Hola criminals in Rishvana as a whole, especially in the cities of the world and Azizia and what you just deter Hola criminals and in any way either Guensm or raided or targeting their cars and homes or whereabouts they might Astbaho honor and display the tribe so the duty we have to defend ourselves against those who are trying to prejudice Bashrva and offered it exceeded the wicked and you term them immediately at the earliest opportunity and Judhu caution from all Thrkatkm the Fdokm treacherous and should act in such situations strictly confidential.

نداء هام إلي أهالي ورشفانة إلى شباب وأحرار هذه القبيلة :

علــــيكم بهولاء الجرذان و هـم (عبدالحميد الهمالي – بدر صولة – حمودة بن جريد – أحمد سلامة – أسامة بن جريد – أيمن ساسي – عبداللطيف الطاهر مطاوع – المشكلط – عادل القمودي عاشور – علي المختار الدعاس – نبيل الزنتوتي – عبدالناصر الزنتوتي – أحمد الزنتوتي – أكرم الزنتوتي _ نجاتي عزالدين ميلود – إسماعيل محمد عمر – عبدالباسط أبولائحة – حمزة خليفة الكندي)
هــولاء الأشخاص إخوتي هم العدو الأول لكم و هم من يساهم بشكل كبير في قبع أبناء القبيلة في السجون هم من يقومون بإدخال المليشيات إلى ورشفانة و هم من ساهمو في إرشاد هذه المليشيات إلى أحرار وشباب ورشفانة لذا وجب علينا أن ننوه بما يقوم به هولاء المجرمين في ورشفانة ككل وخاصة في مدينتي المعمورة والعزيزية و ما عليكم سوى ردع هولاء المجرمين و بأي طريقة كانت إما قنصهم أو مداهمتهم أو إستهداف سياراتهم و منازلهم أو اماكن تواجدهم فهم قد إستباحو شرف و عرض القبيلة لذا واجب علينا ان ندافع عن أنفسنا ضد من يحاولون المساس بشرفنا وعرضنا فقد جاوز الظالمون المدى و عليكم بهم فورا وفي أقرب فرصة سانحة و خوذو الحيطة والحذر من كافة تحركاتكم فعدوكم غدار و يجب التصرف في مثل هذه المواقف بصرامة وسرية تامة.

Net is weak.

Virus, “Newcastle” eliminates 80% of the city of Tripoli, poultry and moving to the city corner ..
And the rest of the slighted Balchenbh wage income poultry die virus spread to Libya kitten!!!

((Wada spread injustice spread diseases to you with reference to God and piety only highlighted Hello God not what comes to the minds of human beings God باعد money between us and the Holy Lord))

The attack on the Interior Ministry by members of the ZintanMilitias congestion effect on offender Lance Amliqth the killed, who was buffeted by revenge after converted from prosecutors to Tajora and displays on the track to be killed in the way

The storm resulted in the Ministry of Interior of police personnel injured in the foot by a bullet and another was beaten باخمص Alklashen has disengaged after the intervention of the so-called internal elements and the army.
Zintan local council statement on the assassination of (Anas birthday Mliqth) in Tripoli:

Hallelujah ((RBC exist))

Inventory الجيفة Anas al-Makki Omar fishing Friday Market area Hinhir Friday market came before the attack on the town of Bin Walid in 10 months in one of the channels and accused bin Walid false accusations and incorrect and Atalma was Jardan owners of broadcast rumors and Almsph, lies and hypocrisy … And his family الحقارة the employment and treason … Here he fell after a reckless act and recklessly led to the injury of the deceased with a bullet pierced his heart

فأردته dead on the spot
And the words Arabs Alaolh .. “Aadayr Yalaqa”

And Ministry of Internal Jardan of set (29) people,
Including (12) persons junior certificate and less.

Gunmen stormed the headquarters of {} Interior Ministry for جردان

Good Guy, nepotism has.

in Gurji

Lead voice in the way of on airport and Gurji …… And the spread of gates in Omar Mukhtar Street.

Our correspondent from Ben Gasheer palace

Heavy fire at the airport in Tripoli now.

Today الاتنين 22 \ 4 \ 2013 per hour mass pm GMT

Sound bomb explosion “at Tripoli International Airport” and lead sounds louder after the blast in Dar big reason among citizens for a period of about an hour.

Today الاتنين 22 \ 4 \ 2013 per hour mass pm GMT

Explosion of a stun grenade “Airport Tripoli International” and Vote Lead louder after the blast, the cause of the Dar large among citizens for a period of about an hour and from then calm returned to the airport and to now did not know he blew Alguenilh and audio Is there victims among citizens Libyans or others at the airport.


Clashes inside the balance between Jardan in some before the local council demands my Aiqalh Council and change my full Aptdaút clashes sticks and ended my pencil neighborhood without Mrat people are terrified in their homes safe this case Jardan after the Nakba but at this moment prevailing tension in the region and loose security.

Tripoli (Tajora) 20/04/2013

Thankfully militias Tajora release Sheikh Ali Hadi زرقون, one sheikhs of Bani Walid … Thank God for his safety.
(The main الادمن)

Of Jardan pages

There is information that was agreed to dismiss the Chief of Staff of the army Libyan Almottagrdn (Bucket) ornately Joseph and appointed a committee of several officers holds the presidency of Staff until the appointment of a new Chief of Staff
They said that Libya then the sovereignty, security and safety … This new Libya :: /

Yesterday, in the middle of the day between the time the fifth and seventh pm inventory was kidnapped Ihab Ayadi while driving, accompanied by inventory Mohsin Ghiryani (nephew and director of the Office client Mohammed Maqrif) where he was surrounded by five civilian cars .. Inventory were kidnapped Ihab Ayadi alone and take down inventory wayward Mohsen Ghiryani (nephew and director of the Office of the President of the Conference customer Mohammed Maqrif) at the scene has not been kidnapped .. All the evidence according to the word prodigal Mohsen Ghiryani that hijacked the track the existing Jardan Brigades in the Gharghour led by a physical inventory called Joseph ..
Which in turn demanded a ransom of 850 thousand Libyan dinars or waive some land for him …. Note that the inventory called Mohsen Ghiryani who is considered one of the alleged leaders of the revolution continues with the kidnappers yesterday night and had to give a certified check on behalf of the company owned by Ihab Ayadi inventory, but the inventory named Yusuf real physical Rebel today has rejected the check and demanded cash .. ..

If it becomes now invited and outside the law after that was a client of NATO and a field commander under NATO planes .. Is this the sovereignty of the state …?

Tension between rats Friday Market and Misrata in Tripoli.

Abu Salim

Powerful explosions targeting rats Gneoh the Abu Salim in the night.

Are strong explosions rock Tripoli.

Support from news Misrata to Germanha in the Tripoli ….. And heavy weapons up to the headquarters of Zintan at the Airport Road.

Sporadically hear the voices of heavy hear رزمها the weapons in the vicinity of Airport Road in Tripoli.
Context what previously Dkrna … Now Rmaaaaah the Mkthagh in the vicinity of the airport road and a large gathering in Tripoli to battalion Agayqaan and fire peasant shows a clear smoke in the vicinity of the Ministry of Justice, and we do not know where specifically.

Is now in the side of the Sakra and Jardan the market Mscrin way because it is a big problem Alpine high and the sounds of bullets .. Traffic just Gadi Ballaslhh, and there are people carrying launchers:

Sporadically hear the voices of heavy hear رزمها the weapons in the vicinity of Airport Road in Tripoli specifically sourced Jardan headquarters of parents behind Ministry of Interior there …

specifically sourced Jardan headquarters of parents behind Ministry of Interior there …

Bkt heavily weapons in the hands of armed gangs existing Airport Road.

Flight flight in the skies of Tripoli rats ….. Amid great tension between Zintan and Misratah and Friday Market.

Clashes in Sawani road near the camp April 7 ….. Rats and force people to return from the path of Sawani.

Battalion Black day:

Armed militias in the corner are stealing manuals cars citizens and knead to register their cars stolen بهده brochures and purpose of massage is sold on behalf of this topic brochures and I registered our sources that more than 100 manual vehicle stolen in the period between the fourteenth to the sixteenth of this month, any solutions تلاته days stole more than 100 booklet representing 100 vehicles looted by criminal militias
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Now the voice of Rmi Ba 14.5 heavy weapons in the air in the Gharghour and voice thick pencil and to last resort Tqrabie the true ^ * …… Muammar al-ups.

5 Dqaig before now, an explosion rocked Tripoli and specifically in Gharghour.
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Rmaaaaah Mkthagh in Gharghour sports and rafting to battalion Agayqaan and Fire in Hahaha farmer T launched in Aajerman the Aasmona **

Inventory Faraj Asswehly says Radio Misurata that told the defense minister that the Brigades Misurata, which wants expelled from Gharghour are the liberalization of Sirte and Bani Walid is still able to edit Tripoli if exposed revolution me any risks also confirmed that he had told the minister that the Brigades Misurata all trace of the General Staff Department defense .…… Says the right words ^ ^
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Clashes for a second day in a row in Gharghour …. And explosions.

Urgent .. Misrata militias are killing children in Gharghour area of 14.5 ———-

Word to us now

Mando few in Gharghour area Misrata militia opened fire on a young man named ((RARE Almchaa)) is now a infected bullet hospital in the leg and a bullet in his side.

The Ministry of Defense indoor Jardan and fail to expel Misurata militia of Gharghour pretext agreeing on their adherence to legitimacy Jerdanih the … Simply the result / / /

Almuammh 0-1 militias … I mean rant Aazeidan a, Jardan and armed militias are the occupier of Libya nor the state no authority to you for them …

Rishvana the

Killed a number of rats النواصي a and Almsarit Ali Zintan in the hands Gharghour:

In great tension in Laselky channel DC Jardan or Aicolo run you and AT commander or Salkm, and archery bracket in Gharghour news uncertain
God Aigb them scourge ……. Muammar al-ups
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A new crime against youth Tawergha in Tripoli Medical Center
By News on Sunday أبريل 21, 2013 | 7:50

The International Agency Gaddafi News – Tripoli.

20 bodies of young Tawergha killed in Misrata, under torture, this Medical Center, Tripoli, rejected the reception of people because the medical autopsy report, by lies and deception, where the Lord of the report that some bodies were the causes of death and injury of pressure of sugar, while the death was under torture, and the news of the escape One of the doctors, because of the pressure on him for the previous version report, please everyone, move before the bodies are buried. And in order not to hide the evidence.

20 bodies of young people from Tawergha Nansabhm Martyrs when God, were killed in Misrata Jews under torture, Medical Center, Tripoli, rejected people’s receipt because the medical report of the autopsy, by lies and deceptions, where the Lord of the report that some of the bodies causes of death infection pressure and sugar, while the death was under torture, and the news of the escape of one of the doctors, because of the pressure on him to the earlier version of the report n please everyone, move before the bodies are hidden. Evidence fatality.

Urgent medical Libya crime!!!!

Kidnapping and murder of a young twenty Torga of Tripoli, in Misrata and returned to Tripoli dead and falsifying evidence of murder and under the supervision of medical reports

Boubacar Zarouk بعيو – Faraj Sowaihili – key or Fathi Ben Turkish not sure of the first name after – Hamad small – Abdarahman Vetolh – Abdo Mahiche

20 bodies of young people from Tawergha, were killed in Misrata, under torture, Medical Center, Tripoli, rejected people’s receipt because the medical report of the autopsy, by lies and deceptions, where the Lord of the report that some of the bodies causes of death infection pressure and sugar, while the death was under torture, and the news of the escape of a doctors, because of the pressure on him to the earlier version of the report, please everyone, move before the bodies are buried. To hide evidence

And the reality of the situation specifically, from a police hospital story involved a battalion of Misrata in the Ain Zara and battalion marina in Misrata itself and want to get out of the case and the battalion of Misrata kidnapping group of janzour and some aspects of Tripoli, and heard the Libyan Human Rights news and went to the hospital and identified the situation there.

And found that Aljtt tortured and died under torture, and the conflict between the doctors in the Department of Anatomy, where a forensic doctor is issued reports and the cause of death real and then was changed reports and hide the original, and the worst that it has to issue new reports student in medicine is not licensed to practice yet because it still in the final stages and this student of Misrata, and the organization is very concerned on the life of this student because he disappeared, police officers, medical contend that this process got when changed Tokh team security hospital and became Misrata are 4 shifts and pink Altalth are involved in this process, and now hid this Rosary in Gharghour, did not come to work after that position انفضح, and now do not respond to any communications,

“” MISURATA after heinous deeds scarring and Taatbra of their children “”
Human rights organizations from London will arrive this afternoon a special request from the parents to see what happened to their sons, and a جردان senior dignitaries Misrata in Tripoli says these killers innocent of them Misratah and their actions, and so-called local council Misratah is innocent of these gangs and carry responsibility for members of Congress and the government imported which took place handicapped in front of the actions of Misrata militias,
I am I will sign my name above everyone on any Mstnz the help of Misrata to get rid of these groups and what happens in Misrata worst بكتير of the thus consume newspapers and news centers,
Thanks to these groups are suspicious earned the wrath and hate everyone without justification.

Since the hours and hear the voices of sporadic Packages in the vicinity of the airport road which votes to hear heavy weapons from time to time,

without specifying the place … And now also continue …

in Abu Salim

Black Salim vows rat Gneoh the death ……… Based in Camp June 11 through who raise Omdurman.

Abu Salim

Rats Gneoh a strongly afraid ………… And rat Gneoh the threatening in the young owners of the tables in the market.

Ashour Hoael and rats interior minister says that there are a lot of foreigners others working in the Libyan security committees Jermanah.

Ashour Hoael the recognized eavesdrop on citizens’ calls

And Interior Minister Jerdanih “Ashour Hoael the

Wiretaps on networks deployed heavily and you teach Destinations to Analmha, all of which occur outside the control of the ministry

Downright Habibthm Qatar and its customers are Atsnt

 Ashour Hoael the recognized eavesdrop on citizens’ calls
By News on Sunday, 21 أبريل, 2013 | 07:39

The Gaddafi International News Agency – statements.

Ashour Hoael the capital channel admits to eavesdrop on citizens’ calls. 

said: that the eavesdropping operations on phones is currently very widespread views known and unknown
and not controlled by the Ministry of the Interior!!! And the total now to eavesdrop gallery at all times and I am sure that 
under the telephone tapping and this matter was discussed at a meeting of the prime minister of gravity and 
for violating personal freedoms and that he should not only be a court order.

By News on Sunday, 21 أبريل, 2013 | 07:39

Beating both Channel correspondent now .. TV cameraman, DC .. The correspondent channel Free Libya .. During their coverage of the “ceremony” of reconciliation in Tripoli after the failure of the ceremony and the skirmishes occurred ….

corresponding channel now in Libya, beaten and went to the hospital resuscitation
By News Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 2:37 p.m.

The International Agency Gaddafi News – Tripoli.

Reporter (AAN) Mohammed Gheriani between street recovery section area hospital after being beaten by the Brigades head Mohamed Maqrif General National Congress during its coverage of the