How Lake Syed horsehair and lion Arabism and Islam

Fully Arab Supreme Commander

How Lake Syed horsehair and lion Arabism and Islam

Mu rests  at evening in his tent

Mu page point

Voice Resistance:

Rebel of the word Muslim Muammar Gaddafi in meeting Balvaaliat and new converts in the Republic of Benin ..

Dear Jerdan and Almtelmqan … What did you bring to Islam?

News Libyan Resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Dark dress and red pen

At the time of fluctuations of international and regional became Alanglebatt and betrayals and rage and psychological warfare and murder precedes crusade My country Akram God upon Eramat on the ground to be buried where companions and guardians and the righteous and mosques For each house four mosques each way, a mosque and Akram God people with dignity safety and security and الطمئنينه and Nirvana

and familiarity tribes they became lineages and-laws and there is no differences الالون this black and this white and non-racial tribal Tbaatarh us harmony and love and compassion and we all love each other and we thank God most of us drive the book of God and our own God that we are all Muslims and the doctrine of one not Jewish nor survey and Adyanat other and also many angles to Allah for example Sufi and Alhalilih and Alasawiyeh and Qadiriyya and others better by God

ones for multiple such as gas, oil and other people’s dignity Infestations poverty to reward God patient and benefactors and came and got us the scourge of sedition became Brother with NATO kills and tortures his Muslim brother arguing foolish they with the tyrant and disbelief I’ll tell you Yamen aside God’s covenant after ratifying we have not seen ever that Messenger of Allah overturn a covenant not to a Muslim but to an unbeliever Omushark فستقف before God on Judgment Day and be asked of God Almighty Jabbar Abdi

why killed Abdi jihad has controls what is in the way of Allah and Palestine occurred what happened, Iraq and Fganstan and Somalia violate sanctities and sanctuaries where was your zeal and your revolution in the Day of Resurrection I will stand before Allah and Ohkukm him in this world Suffice God bless you and hereafter God Akadhikm Ahlltm Muslim blood unjustly Diatm my dignity and its resources, and Alsdj and foolish running behind illusions they do not Aridn truth because they do not want to Istikadwa of their dreams, what was puzzled dignities Safatt mentioned you gave to the people Libyan  rose dignities Glory to God even dignity ground rose dug up graves and taken even color wall

Whole green color loves Allah and His Messenger and the righteous removed to become colored churches and temples as we see in Aruba became meanings moral fade, tests His slaves to distinguish where Alkhbayt from the good Faoaha poor aspirants in the world over the years you Ognakm a day without God ye say good Jay lied and God Ootalaatm the unseen or you would have when Rahman era and some of them the seal of God on them understand Ivgahon truly modern we believers patient and صابروا the Nasrallah recently ,

God shooting right over wrong Vidmgh If is زاهق The butter goes Jfaa As for what the good of mankind remains in the ground, our war with them that for Anstrae them Shi Khan Testament throb when we asked for a loyal and buy them in their wares mage Lucan in splitter good when God commanded to kill him , Otkhaddon God and who believe but Tkhaddon yourselves what you feel …
Wallis and mercy of God be upon you.

Overthrew you not to Mr. Play tent ……. Lived Saqr Miredash day defeat.

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Overthrew you not to Mr. Play tent,,, lived Saqr Miredash day defeat

Overthrew Číßă Osadeg Avuadh responses to you,,, جردان Mavicm Oaqram determination

Onal cited proud of you in you,, Ochhd people Dima Dima

Mahristin Mazlto without your past,, Oncio pride Yaklal value

Kharijites Ookhonh enemy Harikm,,, Bato cohort home sold شينه

Brian called right is not to mention,,, great Ahmana today concludes his religion

Overthrew you not tent,,, lived free a day Miredash defeat.
And Aslmtwa ..

Muammar they told us ŃĎć We Nrdo.

/ Of course, we are members of the battalion the day all our morale hugging black sky and Mtakid most التقه that victory for us and God is with us /

Crown sitting Saher brighter and morale over Asafna Blake

Muammar ups {Aedaktibh daytime black}

Afternoon, evening light Mu’ammar Aaahak steadfastness and splendor,,,,, ^ ___ ^

To those who are on Alambda and Prince … National … Bbagm Azza and Hmokh … Steadfastness and challenge .. Good morning and afternoon,.
Scion Conqueror:



REAL RAT SPIES DOING DANGER TO “PEOPLE’S ARMED FORCES” and the total GREEN ARMY of Resistance led by Muammar al-Qathafi.

Shame longer-old

These cell customers villains who were working as mercenaries in the service to spy on the People’s Armed Forces and NATO are extending information and GPS data via the Internet.

Security Council / Libyan Branch / Agency Mkavhhjeraúm


began operations on the mainland on Sunday night in the late hours of the night in

Each military vehicle or mechanism, do not follow the state authorities will be Ohmava us.

Any military action on the ground outside the legitimacy of official state institutions will be intercepted, whether groups or individuals.

Libyan border in full will be the center of attention and a notice on the clock, on Libya’s southern border strip receiving support from friendly Russia.

Libyan Air Force operations will first go and be involved in a number of processes and sometimes pilots Libyans they will lead the NATO planes.

Convoys to and from Libya by land and sea, we will inspect the suspicious ones, and business we will inform the Libyan authorities to take the necessary action on them.

We will announce the number of names of wanted men and those involved in crimes against humanity.

21 thousand prisoners Libby exploited period Alahmat and got out of prison, of whom 17 thousand and break I almost do not mind figure in particular they are registered under the Bnz a danger to society.

Aktar 8000 Libyan people in prisons including at least 1840 people were involved in the killings and assistance.

There are 1,700 to 2,100 people are involved in crimes against humanity, and there were 453 people are killers and their actions will be repeated forcibly Aatqalhm.

Two giant eye sky surveillance AWACS Stgadran Sunday evening their bases from Britain and Germany.

Unmanned fighter jets will come to any vehicle recognizable materials ammunition on board and does not follow the Libyan authorities.

Libyan authorities have informed the movement of military vehicles will begin military orders only Wi-moving mechanism outside orders and important work will be intercepted.

Hada religion and Icololk Hardan Libya Aman-_-

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Exclusive photos of U.S. Marine Matthew Authorized who fought alongside NATO rebels in Libya and Hoiqatl in Iraq and Afghanistan is very serious and important please publish all the images on the broadest
O ye who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians, some parents some if any of you it them that God does not guide the unjust people. [Table: 51].
Zoom in!!!!!

Crusader NATO bombing to coincide with the high voice of right ears and mercenary crusaders fighting side by side with the rebels, betrayal and shame

Any Enlarge this then?
Any Islam who belong to him, agents of colonialism, O Bernard Levy rebels??

see BERNARD Henri-Levy:
Hypocrisy in its highest manifestations
Prayer and worship next to the infidel Bernadleafa a Zionist plan to attack Muslims and are a tool to help him on the boat in the waters of the land of Muslims …
Dear cursed will not fool the Lord of the Worlds will not benefit you Zionist Levy, the day of reckoning

Stand here in a very important point

Oh Belhadj and Aasvian Qmo Loya Abdulhakim Alhsada and you and others who were arrested in Qontamoa

Wallis Mathieu Authorized was يقاتلكم and Winkle you in Afghanistan
Wallis Marines Samokm mal suffering terrible at Guantanamo Qontnamu

How Lord, are fighting alongside of in Khrjtwa countries join battle Tgahdoa and kill of the reason for coming and your return of the detainee terrible and your response to your homes and your parents??

Alice Dr Mujahid captive Saif al-Islam was the cause after God Almighty came out of Qontnamua?
انسيتم this bounty, O ye of Islam and Jihad

Is Holy Prophet peace be upon him fought alongside the infidels in Azzoath against infidels?

How you are fighting with the Muslim infidel against brother? Any religion you belong him اجيبونا?

Do you expect that the world will remain on this case and will always prevail void?

Tell you after the night there will be a bright day for the right in the face of falsehood and Stendmon day to اينفع remorse

………………………………………….. ………

Source: Znguetna … Forums Libya Liberal: # ixzz2PsGbURSU

Rats Blakhalaq Admir held .. Kill, steal and destroy on the instructions of NATO operations rooms and Jewish Bernardleafa orders ..

They left even children’s games and their personal.

Oh God, make guile in Nhoarham. Kidnap each other and accuse each other and they basically criminals.


Oh God, make their scheme in Nhoarham
(((The Inventory Dogh))) pollen Maandash of national integrity: –
What is called the High Authority for the application of standards of integrity and only national
New decisions non-applicability of the standards of integrity and only national on Mottagddin or candidates for leadership positions in the state:

2 Resolution No. 299 for the year 2013 non-applicability of the standards of integrity and only national inventory on the client (((Suleiman Ali Suleiman Dogh))) candidate by the so-called Presidency of the Council of Ministers for the post of Director of Libya News Channel.
This penalty employment.:

Greeting to the hypocrite sound Dogh and brutal sound of it
Semiconductor men who claim to national and hide gown treason; Suleiman Dogh a hypocrite hypocritical and lying while Esmzak was say:

“I am a soldier of Gaddafi soldiers;”

Today, stripped of customers NATO has no honor and no dignity.


Thus destroyed people’s homes and stole their belongings and wreaked havoc:

Government rats you stop paying the costs of treatment and accommodation and subsistence for patients abroad.

Elders scandals dollar is going …


Registration Maqrief and ابوزعكوك .. mock tribes and Rafla Almgarhh
They represent the state …

God mocks them and provides them in their insolence blindly
Voir la traduction
Registration Maqrief and ابوزعكوك .. mock tribes and Rafla Almgarhh
Libyan opposition …. mockery of tribes and Rafla Almgarhh

Million Libyans as less estimate displaced outside Libya because of their political views.


Voice Resistance:

Supernatural broiling

In the name of God the Merciful;;;
A tribute to the heroes of the Resistance electronic;;;
A special greeting you addicted to this page deals Aarafiq struggle;;;
ازودك the most important information on the fire place in Ras Helal and forests burned; is that those spaces king now for banana bought some patients souls, which sold and betrayed the homeland handful dirty money for the benefit of Israeli General Staff to establish military base own indirect ways according to the scheme Royal Idrissi obsolescent client period vanquished to Earth home; and renewed this scheme at the hands Alfberarien customers where prices reached land and buildings to dozens of dozens of price real;;; mention the destruction of evidence and buildings and archaeological according to the plans and agendas systematic and migrate content to outside home; where there are groups of Israeli, Jordanian and Egyptian and Italian for drilling and exploration there; there are also several local groups in partnership Egyptian Cypriot national Emirati behave the same approach; turning gel monuments to Cairo as a collection and on to the capitals of bands mentioned beforehand; where they buy many pieces of the population and Aherbunha they turn; I will continue with you an update on this subject;;; God witness to what I say; ended.

Nstadn / But my prayer before everything
May God accept your prayers everyone {posted by: addicted 5)

Just Mu

Night Prophet Onchov Kadih all free and Sharif sitting Aalambda with leader All

(God and Gomorrah, Libya Mansoura)
Admancm (guard leader)


Block Facebook for several hours about Libya
2:36 AM NEWS

The global news agency Gaddafi – the Libyan government had technology illegal to block the social networking site “Facebook” all Libyan cities amid anger of citizens, as long as this interruption for several hours and did not justify government customers why even the flesh …

al-Qathafi fabulous treasure .. spear Nabulsia .. Oh Sagit enemies Kúos boys Kalqtaran .. Oh exceed stars Tervaa .. where from Aingit all this vigor …. Khadaffy O Khadaffy Where did you get all that greatness …

Aahzh minimum افيقى and Ashhdy …. Without heroes Angtdy

Channel Muammar al-Qathafi Speaks:
Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting Corporation | الهيئة العامة لإذاعات الجماهيرية العظمى » القذافي يتحد


Now Libya and wounded national media with the struggle of the channel green important about delivery Liberal puppet government and a guest through the loop and you can communicate with the program on the following numbers:
The workshop also will be transferred directly through the room of God, Muammar, Libya ups in mind Tok.


Sayings world leaders
I am not afraid of storms and Heh need Madae nor pilots aimed ruin Oswade I Samed here in my house in my tent in Almenenda I am the owner of the right of certainty and maker him Madae I here I am here I am here
Addiction (guard leader)

T Sawa Galo Astrologers Anrdja Khadra / and Sawa Jabu colonialism / if Riqso p Swabahm /
T attributed, Jalal God we are winning and Hanhdo HD Mapadh HD color green {learned} and black flag {Tarr flag} Fastadowo

Muammar Lopes {addicted 5)

InchAllah Lord Egikm news Alaaamat Gaah of joy Tqt Tgro Hfalla streets of / ÇäÔÇááĺ Lord Alaaamat Gaah turn Libya and take fire Hamra rights Ross rats.

Npat telegram on behalf of every Libyan and Libyan Leader bearer A greeting and decorated with Nawar Atabr types wholeheartedly, Nie and address of over six Asitar

Mass .. Arab … Libyan …. popular,,,,, socialism

And bone Zidha ability Irresistible.

Green satellite channel:
Your time this evening with a new episode of wounded national program for media struggle opened at 19:30 (07:30 pm) are the Great Jamahiriya
Your time this evening with a new episode of wounded national program for media struggle so be on time …
Mustafa Qdereboh: 
  •  and DR. HAMZA THAMI,  hosts

Softest Bochwhvovh mocking eyes Win Choovh /

Sahran sleep with me and my Lord Ajafany away after you, my dearest Nasi any God {Muammar legend will not be repeated}

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Green lived black Resistance ..…….. Sons, lived Muammar.
عاشت أسود المقاومة الخضراء ………. عاش, ابناء معمر

One billion tribute to the masters of Gen.
Khamis Gaddafi

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If you knew Yamen Tbjlon two things wrong with this person, isnaad / and Ashbh with respect to them /

only if you know the People’s Armed Forces officers Liberal ordinary Mada Flo in the war fronts

{section would be unable to Sankm p give them their rights in the honesty and courage}

Addicted 5


Khalifa Gaddafi Abdul Rahim brother to me Faraj, Ali Abd al-Rahim missingHada missing the latest news that reached to his family he was in the Middle prisoner

I hope he has no contact information page through letters and thank you.

Mohamed Ibrahim AliMissing from has information please contact Jordan via her e:

Faraj al-SharifMissing from has information about him, please write to page through messages:

Khalaf Allah Abdul Rahim from the city of SirteMissing from the had it Arusselna information on your:

Ali Abd al-Rahim from the city of SirteMissing please has Arusselna information in your

Farag Abdel Rahim of SirteMissing please has Arusselna information in your

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“Gsbn any limit / all cities made ​​martyrs of Tris Conqueror and revere SMB Baalan and Rishvana provided Ajeelat provided Rkdalin and beautifully presented and even corner provided and 32 enhanced and commandos Ishdo this / and Rafla provided Sirte provided Tarhunah provided epiphyseal and Asabah and Chiaan Users Say and Tripoli provided Sabha provided Almgarhh presented and Black Desert Users SaySorman also provided.

Libyan provided, we Hmaoajp still Hanqdmo Vespa and tons and Terna, and above all, Qaadna and our prisoners.

And am very sorry if I forgot any city.

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Bllah in Page Adinmha raised chick /

and Tayeh pick in the words climber descending / became Sirte affairs in good T Dule face and Orishvana and Tarhunah eat Vzbadi and Aychen our issues /

T Idols you Aashatr and play the role of sedition

far we walked Admrt and Ajeelat provided Tres Yael / and you Mac Werfalli / he stressed soul Ahsenlk and without strife.

Baden per idol /
Lee has prisoner ÇäÔÇááĺ back /

Lord Lord Lord paid our steps and blind the eyes of rats us Lord Lord grant victory to our men and our mothers Altkala joy with tears of joy Lord Lord /
P close ČÓ Golo Lord heart Lord Lord

Good Bbagm and Zain, green Bbagm morning challenge and steadfastness

Section Bllah yesterday became the subject of the HD regions tricks rats and break their backs / Xi Mavhmu and Khaddo them everything / and rats in a state of severe tension / intercostal Show AS Hdety this

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We Dom Muammar soldiers ……………………. Even Khc Pena was drowning
Nor what day Aalambdo back ………………….. What Nrkhosh who Lena Rafiq
In the struggle we like black …………… . What Noloh from the text of the road.

Tighten Ajnapk and Laugh p rats in any compound or any discussion convergence rats Ago heroism <p basis Qrndezr / two turn ĺĺĺĺĺ you just pawns combing NATO pray and you Taatqdmo Aanougat

Gbartkm Souda Aajerman Jaykm Ayamat blacks Black blackness of the night (posted by: addicted 5)


All February O fools, what have you done in this country .. You made yourselves slaves to those Almkhntin importers .. Made of criminals and villains and the Knights of eloquent rhetoric and governors Agmonakm and in order to get richer Suqeim land Libya our blood .. Ahjrtm and Azpettm Khrepettm Ahrguetm Ontzaatm from our hearts the love of beauty Antzaatm thrill of life .. Our hearts has become empty of human emotions of love, family and home in our eyes become empty words on .. You Bhada good for us .. We no longer care about this injury I’ve overcome them and their pain is no longer feared .. Fajyarena now is nothing but resistance resistance .. Vsbera O Natyon We are coming section.

February and Maaderak Mafberaar ……….
February religion of Kafr has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad!! Thus says the actions and practices Thoaraha and missionaries!! (((And ask forgiveness of God Almighty from every grave sin))

Kaafir, the aim Istbah wealth and display, and pronounced Mufti justified to kill him, and shows flags adorned the killer did.

If accused you Zlam, what you need to do is believe to February hastily and pretend to be blessed revolution, but be sure to zoom from time to time and the other!! You embarrassed then as long as your heart comfort in their disbelief.

Before approaching revolutionaries!! You الحدر all الحدر in acquisition or wear anything green color blends, it is the color of clouding what they called a troubled living, I take this color never unless accompanied by black and red, but you may be exposed to harassment and blasphemy!!!

Post addicted Page

Greeting Liberals steadfast fighters for the liberation of prisoners of the People’s Armed Forces.

Farces Libya :/

Citing the so-called (Agency average)

1800000 Thaer in Libya, according to the official statements of the State!!

Means the third most powerful army in the world!!

(posted by: الادمن main)

# al-Qathafi supporters begin to filter leaders Feb. 17 outside and inside Libya.

# Rukn al-Din Oran

Clashes and explosions in Kufra and Sebha and Sirte and Benghazi and Tripoli at night.

Will not waste our lives in front of screens net ……….. Resistance hit Vetodja ….

Antzerowoowoowooa our operations in Jufrah and Gharyan …. Antzerowoa editing plateau and Salim.

1 – targeting a number of cars rats in Tripoli neighborhoods and killing of rats

2 – tension of the situation in Sabha after killing Daughters of Solomon for one young Al_husaona
3 – painful blows to the camps rats in the corner and Benghazi and Sirte and Misrata.

Congestion on gasoline stations in the Western Region.


Girl was raped at the age of 13 years in school, “dove”, located Balsraj .. Near a service road .. She was raped by a bus driver who is addicted to alcohol while she was on her way to the house .. Where is the path way to based deed Aelchenaih.

Was to cover up the incident by the school administration and the Director and deny it .. They also said it rumors Bagdh threatens feature of the school.

Director Name: Sami Souissi .. Was covering up a criminal act because he has the evidence and facts on the school principal, which could lead to his imprisonment .. Publishing and must cooperate with us in spreading this issue .. Saket right dumb devil.

Note: make sure this process from more than one source

Photo : ‎تم اغتصاب فتاة تبلغ من العمر 13 سنة في مدرسة "اليمامة" الواقعة بالسراج .. بالقرب من طريق الخدمات .. تم اغتصابها من قبل سائق الباص المدمن للكحول حين كانت في طريقها إلى البيت .. حيث غير مسار طريقه ليقوم بفعلته الشنيئة.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>تم التستر على هذه الحادثة من قبل ادارة المدرسة والمدير وانكار الموضوع .. كما قالوا انها اشاعات باغضة تهدد سمة المدرسة.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>اسم المدير : سامي سويسي .. تم التستر على مجرم هذا الفعل لأنه يملك أدلة وحقائق على مدير المدرسة التي يمكن ان تؤدي إلى سجنه .. يجب النشر والتعاون معنا في نشر هذه القضية .. والساكت عن الحق شيطانُ أخرس.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>ملاحظة : تم التأكد من هذه العملية من أكثر من مصدر‎



Hello ..Liberals welcome, even confident victory .. I wanted Aletbih to a very important topic and dangerous may pass unnoticed these days without notice him Ahrar, a forest fire Ras Hilal, which I think is normal, especially after Talatna news [that there are deals to sell public land for the state to customers Gulf of Qataris and Emiratis and other foreigners, Do you think with me that the fire was an accident due to weather conditions or similar, I ask you to link the sale of land and forest fire and especially that the fire broke out in an area between Svha Mount from the opposite side of the sea and the coastal road!!
ازودك the most important information on the fire place in Ras Helal and forests burned; is that those spaces king now for banana bought some patients souls, which sold and betrayed the homeland handful dirty money for the benefit of Israeli General Staff to establish military base own indirect ways according to the scheme Royal Idrissi obsolescent client period vanquished to Earth home; and renewed this scheme at the hands Alfberarien customers where prices reached land and buildings to dozens of dozens of price real;;; mention the destruction of evidence and buildings and archaeological according to the plans and agendas systematic and migrate content to outside home; where there are groups of Israeli, Jordanian and Egyptian and Italian for drilling and exploration there;

ĆĎăĘă Dkhra Great Jamahiriya and never lasted Conqueror

News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

الصهاينة يريدون كله جبال نفوسة الغربية الأخضر و. برنار ليفي (المواطنة وهمية مخلة بالشرف) يرغب الملوكية من “Kalzintankhan” له. الإسرائيليون لديهم بالفعل إقامتهم الدائمة الجوية هناك، دمرت الغابات البكر .. واستولت على القصدير والمناجم المعدنية. هذا كله جزء من خططها لمنزل ثان للالصهاينة الإسرائيليين الذين تطير القذرة الراية البيضاء والزرقاء على العاصمة من مصراتة.
Zionists want the whole Green Western Mountains and Nafusa. Bernard Levy (of dishonorable fake citizenship) desires Kingship of his “Kalzintankhan”. Already Israelis have their permanent airbase there, destroyed virgin forest..and took over the tin and mineral mines. This is all part of their plans for the second home for Israeli Zionists who fly their dirty white and blue flag over their capitol of Misurata.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel and Haaaam ………… and our response from the source of the spot fires in the Green Mountain forest of 800 hectares of the most beautiful forests in the Middle Libyan … Unfortunately remained 5-day fire and Covenant …. destruction and devastation of the nation systematically …. God to tolerate was the cause of this calamity black and a disastrous called the February 17

عااااااااااااااااجل وهاااام …………وردنا من مصدر من عين المكان ان الحرائق في غابات الجبل الاخضر بلغت 800 هكتار من اجمل الغابات في الشرق الليبي … للاسف وبقيت 5 ايام النار والعه فيها….دمار وخراب للوطن ممنهج….الله لاتسامح من كان السبب في هذه النكبه السوداء والكارثيه المسمي 17 فبراير

14 JAN. 2013: MISRATA ZIONISTS UNDER BERNARD-HENRI LEVY are proclaiming the state of KALZENTANKHAN” as the sole legitimate ruling entity over all LIBYA and its newly announced name !
They think they have usurped Zentan and all the former Zentani territory of the Western Green Nafusa Mountains is now theirs! They plan on a referendum to declare themselves as the new rulars and all must be subject to them as a Federation (whose capitol is Misrata) forming a Federal Libyan Government! Since the bankruptcy of Libya, Qatar and France have promised them financial Support and Official recognition in this endeavor. IMF has promised funding in whatever amounts needed to establish them as the LEGAL and sole government of Libya, to be known henceforth as “KALZENTANKHAN”…..

.. The news coming to the defense support of Arab Zintan (from the mountain), against the invading Zionist Jews of Misrata and Qatari (who intend on usurping the whole Green Mountain area).



Oh Misurata no longer remember you only torture prisons and death and displacement, Nakba February manufactured you monsters and are not humans
Do not say that Muammar Gaddafi killed 1,200 and one in Abu Salim, “one of them free” belonging to a terrorist organization, sat trampled and Bach say it 14 years, Misurata every two days Adz in the body of bin Walid Mbhak I passed the first Boy
Salim even if the human rights violations but what I got to violate the honor of footmen .. ÔćÝć just homosexuals who Maskin prisons Misurata

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl Jmaaaaaaaaaa very dangerous ::: false Taliani through Misurata rats Canal ::: in Misurata program this evening ::: Jihad Almnakha one type of jihad which was approved by the Islamic religion has been allocated for Muslim women because bodily Tercepthen and that makes them unable to carry arms in somesometimes Vtm facilitate the task Jhadehn in providing comfort to the Mujahideen to Tmayorn force and patience to continue Jihad and Nusrat Islam can not prevent any girl or woman of this jihad condition of marriage, and previously for Muslim women to strive masturbation and play sisters now in Syria escort Mujahideen What isbut Jihad least Agra Jihad fighting, ask God victory mujahideen and Majahdat in all over the world to Nusrat Islam) finished talking)


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl Jmaaaaaaaaaa very dangerous ::: false Taliani through Misurata rats Canal ::: in Misurata program this evening ::: Jihad Almnakha one type of jihad which was approved by the Islamic religion has been allocated for Muslim women because bodily Tercepthen and that makes them unable to carry arms in somesometimes Vtm facilitate the task Jhadehn in providing comfort to the Mujahideen to Tmayorn force and patience to continue Jihad and Nusrat Islam can not prevent any girl or woman of this jihad condition of marriage, and previously for Muslim women to strive masturbation and play sisters now in Syria escort Mujahideen What isbut Jihad least Agra Jihad fighting, ask God victory mujahideen and Majahdat in all over the world to Nusrat Islam) finished talking)
\ \ ۅl ‘ډ Al’ i ‘ag’ j ‘e \ \

Urgent …..

Chinese company was stolen by Italian Misrata militias and burned completely.

Taorga E: –
And continue to be killed by gangs and militias Misurata ..
News uncertain effect .. He revealed the bodies handed over to Tripoli hospital coming from Misurata, which date back to some of the young bin Walid.
The news did not pop up that there were five bodies young Torghae.
They Kmalk been killed under torture.
Their bodies did not receive their loved ones to this moment.
These assertions from within the city of Misurata itself. He 5 bodies were handed over to youth
Torghae. Rebekah deceased bin Walid.
May God have mercy on and Escanhm rest in peace and that God and to Him we return.
And God and yes agent.

Admona 4



Green Resistance attack on one of the camps rats in Gharyan ………

Peace and mercy and blessings Alllah
And God today net uniform face rats Balzbt Maviy Any difference

Please All Liberal and on all pages

Rat Almqml mad dog key birthday Chenkadh
Powered holder Documentation and Information Office in Gharyan
This stinking in the fifth decade of life has three sons of the biggest rats in Gharyan one named Wasim infected in front Zintan and on behalf of the two Atajawa now in Germany, and the third Aslam and this dog is to be assisted in Bo against Liberal mission Altqfiqiv this family Alkhaana owns a Jasmine Wedding … …….
This miserable rat the collaboration with his son Islam no reports at any free Tahlob important Tahlob and Batalli arrest and interrogation and fabrication of charges and torture ugliest pictures ………
Please Aahrar on publishing the name of this depraved Hashae Liberal and honorable
To obtain a fair clip and the Liberals taking cautious and prudent him

God curse rats everywhere in our beloved country

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God used ……. safety and security that Gahaar brought ..
Murder the first time disclosed yesterday … been linked to slain (Habila) of the two men and the neck and put him firewood and lit it on fire …

Photo heinous murder occurred in Tripoli since the period +18
Gruesome murder reveals images for the first time yesterday 04/08/2013, has been linked slain (Tel) of the feet and neck and put a wood and a car tire and they …

New deaths cause of death appeal with a knife in the thigh:
Slain victim Beah (h p) of the population of Tajoura.
Old in the thirties.

One of our sources in Tripoli /
Hearing voices ambulances moving rapidly to a hospital street corner now

Garbage invade the Libyan capital Tripoli, my joy is Hadi achievements of February 17:


An unidentified man in Tripoli next mosque Aburguiba. . .
Heard several explosions and gunfire keep Airport Road.

Member AllaotunURGENT: inventory was a member of the conference from the corner

Wati Mohammed Kilani assassination attempt after his return from Tripoli to the city

corner across the coastal road and where the place of the attempt in the hunter;ai Conference Mohammed Kilani

escapes assassination attempt on the coastal road.
If Ssayaskm subjected to attempted murder and assassination let alone ordinary people.
Increased tension between the battalions Jermanah in Tripoli …… As a result the rats attacking them at their headquarters ….. grab it ………
Blow up the gate of rats in Rullish area at night.

Country aircraft flying in the skies of Tripoli.

Blast kills 2 in at the Higher Institute Iboseann Pegrean.

Barowon to kill rats rat Gneoh and control of the Abu Salim and weapons of Gneoh.

Welcome /
Hear the voice of several packages in the eye of the Ministry / Khallet Alforjan

Vchor weddings p Colt Jerdano.

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Middle – Prime Minister of Libya: venue Qreis still unknown
Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan, place his chief Mohammed Qreis, is still unknown.

Prime Minister of Libya: venue Qreis still unknown

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan

10:52 p.m.

Tripoli – agencies

Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, place his chief Mohammed Qreis, is still unknown after more than a week he was kidnapped from his car by unknown gunmen in a suburb of Tripoli.

And kidnapping Qreis a fifties after through a checkpoint heading to the suburb of Tajoura in the east of the Libyan capital on his return from the coastal city of Misrata on Sunday evening March 31.

Another Qreis spoke once to his family from his cell phone from inside his car before his kidnapping.

Zaidane said during a news conference on Monday, said that venue Qreis still unknown, adding that he hoped to be released soon.

Since the end of the uprising of 2011 that toppled Mu `ammar Gaddafi struggling new rulers of Libya to control a large number of armed groups that refuse to lay down their weapons and often implement the law into their own hands.



Hit rat works in Bajeelat radio announcer at the hands of the Liberal …. When commander Ali told the tyrant.



  •  Story he launched Facebook Minhch Galo in # Libya.

Decomposed body found unidentified in Almrdom area.
Corpse cuffed hands and head injury by bullets 9 mM body has been taken to hospital Bani Walid to take the necessary action.

Bani Walid without hospital
4:26 AM NEWS

The Gaddafi International news agency – Bani Walid,

hospital staff stands Bani Walid and some activists peaceful sit open to demand the resignation of the hospital administration, which they accuse of injustice and corruption. The protest comes after the incident to hit one nurses a serious health crisis led to the entry room care as a result of the death and signed it, her colleagues say it is unfair. This is a sit-in, continuous two days ago, according to one activist in solidarity with the protesters, and that he continued, that if successful it would be a pressure tool on all sectors of the city managers and alert them to carry out their duties to serve the people to the fullest. He said, Ali Muhanna, one of the organizers of the sit-in, “The protest comes after the painful incident that occurred to the nurse” flower key Ahmed Eboumharh “, …


Post addicted ……… How long Rafla …………..

How long we continue to hear from Rafla will avenge ……… When Cndolee died they will avenge., ….. Tortures elders in the prisons and they say will avenge ………….

Photos kill 28 …… and Galo will avenge ….. how long …… And when will Tteron ….??



Number of deaths in rats Girls Solomon in clashes yesterday with Al_husaona ……
The increase in the theft of money and cars from the Egyptian labor and African significantly.

Hearing voices lead intermittently in Sabha.



Violent clashes with light and medium weapons and rocket-inguinal LG now under way between the militias and criminal elements sons Tabu.

Even Tabu the Khash each / down 3 p launchers the Shura neighborhood and hit 6 of the population.

Renewed armed clashes in the town of Kufra for tribal reasons? (I thgink not):

Exposure Kufra military airport which is patrolled by elements of the army and national afternoon shooting using heavy weapons by unidentified armed groups.

Heathens – Urgent

Mortar shelling by Chadian militias infidels on residential neighborhoods, wounding four people valuable neighborhood Bushoq are 1 – Saad Younis Sultan
2 – dishonest Massoud Hamid Bomrez
3 – Fattah Ahanih
4 – Safety Hamad Saad
.. The shooting in front of the headquarters of the University of infidels leads to the injury of a citizen / Hadi Saleh Ibrahim, was seriously injured.

The security situation has exacerbated tenses in the coming hours



A powerful explosion in Benghazi specifically Bmnth Slaoui.
Powerful explosions rocked the city of Benghazi specifically {hand bolt through the airport camp}.

New Libya Thoarha criminals;

Thaer stabbing a teacher with a knife in front of secondary school for girls.

Exposure teacher school, “breezes of freedom” Secondary School for Girls in Benghazi, was stabbed with a knife sharp, in his left hand, at the hands of a young and Balasah Thaer harassers female students in front of the school.

The details of the crime, according to testimony witnesses, when he tried to teacher “Khalifa Amari” prevent rebellious when school located next to a market Zamzam of harassment female students during the leave, prompting someone to assault him stabbed with a knife, underwent evacuated for surgery within Benghazi Center Medical.

# Benghazi: sit pilots and employees of companies and institutions of civil society to demand the return of institutions from Tripoli to Benghazi and the abolition of the central 04/08/2013

Hospital evacuate Benghazi, Libya empty Arusha.

Martyrs Hospital in Benghazi (clarifying previously). Mp4

Urgent …. Benghazi
Still an ongoing series of assassinations saluting the car shortly before armed Aatalaq fire on “Colonel inventory” Bashir Juweili “According to the source, it was dead.
\ \ ۅl ‘ډ Al’ i ‘ag’ j ‘e \ \

Post addicted Page

Ali Liberal in the so-called “national police” and chicken who work with rats for money ………… Leave immediately ……

because there is a plan to wipe them out by rats beards in Benghazi and rats hater in Tripoli.

Evening seemed Jermanah /
May Shin hand Algrarat p Chicken basis and a national lobby militias {brackets Some rats}
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Benghazi chaos :/

Army vehicle involved in the construction booth smoke and Balahrh booth lawn .. In the Zeitoun neighborhood to Benghazi!!!!
And told you the security and army and Libya tail .. Long live Libya Khashh each.

Urgent / one free to our
Explosion shook the area Wahayshi in Benghazi
Abu Musa playing games in the Middle .


This young man Jihad Saad from Prairie City after suffering an electric current is doing his job in the electricity company;;
Libya money spent on luxury cars and steal and spend on luxury offices and of the sons of Libya Egged take care Addressing this.


Oh God, we ask you a good end:

Inventory “Khalid Alaclai” head of the so-called Supreme Security Committee tuber which was commissioned during the past period, along with inventory, “Akram Abel” inventory “birth of the judge,” after a traffic accident on the way Afattaúh Mrtoph; collection pieces.



In the eye of the Ministry of arrest 3 suspects “including two Tunisians” to the process of stealing Koran 5 centuries old archaeological Museum # Sabratha.


News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence)

Urgent popular Sirte: the arrival of trucks Dkhirh Middle rats to rats battalion Buhulaiga.

Why Aakalp NATO Aabouhliqh Lake period Atkhozn in Aldkhirh.

Ponticelli French oil withdraw from Libya because of the volatile security situation
Ponticelli French company decided to withdraw from Congratulations Basin, which is located in the south of Sirte, about 170 km.

The withdrawal justified that the main reason is the unstable security situation and said that 43 employees had Shpthm from Libya during the month of March and that the company suffered a loss of life in the field of Ain ​​Amenas in Algeria after the attack, which occurred in January by al-Qaeda.

The withdrawal surprise to French businessmen, as well as to the Libyans said the spokesman of the Ministry of Economy Ahmed Abdul Salam that he regretted the decision to withdraw, but understands that there is no reason for employees of foreign companies to die for Libya, I can not force them to stay.

One source inside the company that the security problems and the attempts by some groups wanted to impose itself to be the one to provide security for oil companies in the Libyan desert are caused by the company to withdraw.

The company Ponticelli in partnership with the National Oil Company.



“۞ Allah defends those who believe that God does not love the treacherous ingrate”

[Hajj: 38] # Quran

This Algerian who penetrated several sensitive sites in the United States of America .. He was arrested by Interpol .. The Zionists today Astnjdoa to immunize keep them from some of the web sites for the release .. But he refused
\ \ ۅl ‘ډ Al’ i ‘ag’ j ‘e \ \

Moroccan intelligence arrest young Marwan Alaaddour student computer networking technologies in Fez on charges of hacking Zionist websites
Knight hacker was arrested shortly before by the Tunisian police were to enter his house and took all his equipment and because of his participation in the electronic war against the occupation.

Jordanian intelligence has just been arrested hacker virus aser alrooh after his participation in the electronic attack on Israel

He formed a tribute to the rulers of humiliation and shame ĎăĘă under feet stink Yahoo and دامة case the property of men Vduha lives

Note: in Algeria will not be arrested because he is not a hacker there is a law that prevents them so I think that the war will remain the only Aldzaúaan.
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Bugger remains trivial matter what happens /
Mattel zero if hit by the largest number remains zero
This event Jermano /
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Radio reporter Tataouine: Tunisian release Monday from Bnqirdan area have been detained for two months in Libya.


Security concerns prevent aircraft Zamalek from African Championship in # Libya



New deal in sight
URGENT: President Allaotunai Conference Mohammed Maqrif meets Egyptian Chief of Staff. # Libya.

Ahmed Shafik our Lord Nasrana and going to an end system and manhood is zero

الفريق احمد شفيق ربنا نصريني والنظام رايح علي نهايته والرجولة انعدمت
The gang inventory “Salah Albaraky” ordered the Task bonds fourth attack on Thistle Street area “Salim” inhabited by Egyptian expatriate labor in large numbers and the attack was led by brother Salah inventory “Tmtm”
Passports were withdrawn from all Egyptian workers in the buildings and give them a paper stamped by the so-called Abu Salim junta which is written the name of the person and his passport, which have reservations
And any person who is arrested without this paper by Tani day based compensation in the amount of 3 000 Libyan dinars inventory nicknamed Tmtm and his brother Yusuf
Been forced to go out in a demonstration in front of the Egyptian embassy demanding my apology for terrorist inventory the Salah Albaraky which accused him of Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper belonging to the base as asylum-handed howitzer blood
And this afternoon I saw the lineup for Egyptians in front of the so-called Military Council while waiting to receive their passports from inventory which claims to be named Sheikh Ashraf Alch
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl and Haaaaaaaaaam ……….. Now client called Pacific Hqlov and on channel Libyan capital in direct encounter now … Athecm and harnesses are skeptical in the Egyptian judiciary and Athecm Egyptian authorities and the Egyptian government and the Egyptian intelligence and say they Mtoatian with howitzer blood appeared and Avcalo skit order to Eisselmoa howitzer blood because they Daanmoh at night at home and exchanged with fire .. note that he had diabetes his Balthecm and ridicule of howitzer blood and said he was traveling Bttiyarh especially as he has relationships with actresses and beauty queens and he was working with Gaddafi and continues in the Libyan opposition abroad, signaling that hateful is the Tripoli government currently on the howitzer blood personal malice and KDE and want extradited them to get back at him personally Ali Mmaidl he try to fabricate any malicious charges him and not, as presented in the indictment file, the embezzlement of money Libyan agricultural company in Egypt.
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 Electronic Resistance | “Maioush” expects to break the Internet today the Zionist entity after attacking the biggest server contains thousands of websites ..
Penetrate two new Zionists shortly before.

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Please do not receive any request friendship from strangers access requests Israeli friendship to Alvesbuqueh accounts Once the request is accepted penetrate your account .. Share as much as you can

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Finally Arabs one hand against Israel
Finally met Arabs to Israel:

Most Arab states share the global electronic attack on the Zionist entity:

From Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco …
Hours and isolate Israel from the Web completely and estimates a loss of millions and even billions of dollars in the stock market if the Zionist attack on this escalating pace.

Do you know how your strength and you combined???!!!!!



This Alfedo courtesy of page “Voice of Resistance” to Hana al-Habashi, her family and Majdoline and her family, Iman al-Obeidi and her family …. And to all the “Vans” exited with henna for Sarkozy and Cameron, McCain and Bernard Levy, Rasmussen and Qatari special forces soldiers.

Sana Mheidly
9 \ 4 \ 1985

Martyrdom Sana Mheidly Syrian Social Nationalist Party

On the anniversary of the martyrdom of Sanaa Mheidly
3:02 AM NEWS 

The news agency Gaddafi International – occasions

in my Aasina, women NATO Satan clapped and cheered, and in the bosom of McCain استكانوا, and honor high, Tsilwa and clapped enemies .. in my Aasina, strapless firewood and a puppet and a traitor who “lipo Ihrkona” Vhrkoa home and Azkharenah the history of clothing !! in my Aasina, an army of the sons of the homeland, Fajchth hands employment and their bodies honored daughter turkey Hana!! in my Aasina, darkening brow charge and descendants Alkraglh Magi home, drank wine last night fragments carcass Torghae!! in my Aasina, displaced men and children The elderly, women and ballooned rats in the veins of home and stole and abused and slaughtered and tortured in the name of God who is in heaven! my Aasina, worshiped the banner of infidelity and Kvrona …

The Gaddafi International news agency – occasions

In my Aasina, women NATO Satan clapped and cheered, and in the bosom of McCain استكانوا, and honor high, Tsilwa and clapped enemies ..
in my Aasina, strapless firewood and a puppet and a traitor who “lipo Ihrkona” Vhrkoa home and Azkharenah the history of clothing!!
in my Aasina, Army of the sons of the homeland, Fajchth hands employment and their bodies honored daughter turkey Hana!!
in my Aasina, darkening brow charge and descendants Alkraglh Magi of the homeland, drank wine last night fragments carcass Torghae!!
in my Aasina, displaced men and children and the elderly, women and ballooned rats veins home and stole and abused and slaughtered and tortured in the name of God who is in heaven!
in my Aasina, worshiped the banner of infidelity and Kvrona and decreed us Mufti death and annihilation!
in my only in my country, Olmmana Doha oil refinery delicious to the drinkers, and became banana Ayasgerta means obedience and loyalty

By writer: Iman Saad



Fields: news of an earthquake in Doha in the modern towers near City Center, which includes government ministries country and the evacuation of all staff.

Earthquake news Vdouhh towers Alhaddath area near the City Center, which includes most government ministries country and evacuated all staff.

Lamis Gaber: Qatar's prime minister a liar and stupid and Ali Qatar "imagination play with Elly Qdha"

Lamis Gaber: Qatar’s prime minister a liar and stupid and Ali Qatar “imagination play

with Elly Qdha”

Published by: Sobhy Hefnawy on April 9, 2013

Mounted writer journalist Lamis Gaber sharp attack on the State of Qatar, saying that the rental Suez Canal to Qatar means that Israel got them, saying: Ali Qatar “imagination play with Elly Qdha”, and how to say the Prime Minister of Qatar on the Egyptian armed forces they Askar, Valaskar mercenaries which Who knows, such as Hola and buying them from the market, and it is to speak this way, but a liar and stupid – by Macalth -.
She through dialogue media Azza Mustafa in the “newsroom” on channel “vibrated country,” Qatar is not in the size of the competition with us and that we can not Ntamr them, and if our Lord living “Bashoah money” let them go to build settlements for their sister Israel, which is what happened already .
And went on: Qatar product “Sykes-Picot” though he owns a lot of money, it will end at some time, and return Qatar to take care of sheep and goats again, because the money does not make a civilization.
She added: I am not afraid of Qatar has to pay money in the Suez Canal, but they will not get it and I tell them “conducted Play remote”, and easier for them to go and play in the “place second with people in their size, because Egypt great days will prove to them that.


Color revolutions is a military strategy developed by the United States of America to foreign intervention in the targeted countries without direct military intervention.

How so??
By building a fifth column within the target country, financed and fed and that’s what has already been and American intelligence agencies have launched a name on this fifth column is “Jeras Roots” meaning any grass roots branched this queue in each entity within the state such as cancer so difficult to uproot roots and in the name of spreading democracy and freedom and the this queue attracting members and his supporters in the state all the columns (Army – Police – Media – spend – on behalf of – Doctors – Engineers – intellectuals – writers – clerics – etc etc) and published this column curriculum revolution and rebellion.

Then succeed queue in paying people to get off the streets, revolution and rebellion against the regime under the pretext that it pro-Western!! While these leaders themselves are receiving support and financing from the West.

Then come those leaders Prime alternative be at the head of the opposition forces and most loyal of the West (ElBaradei).

If not this face resonates among the people was delivered last acceptable alternative but to rule (Mercy).

If the back of the face and a knee-jerk national account can stop the plot to assassinate him (Omar Suleiman) If any last is eliminated (Shafiq) or in the case of winning the presidential election is the revolution against him again right away and plunged the country into chaos and overthrow.

This alternative you choose the United States had to open the country for projects and foreign investments and that the privatization of government institutions and that the acceptance of loans and aid from the United States and dumping the state failed policies (Renaissance project) and all these scenarios lead to bankruptcy of the target State and disintegration at the end.

In the case of perception people for conspiracy and acting as a counter-revolution and national, the alternative now to the West that the customer support on both sides (opponents and supporters of President) of casualties on both sides and spoke mutual accusations and thus fall into civil war and chaos.

Where the main strategy depends in color revolutions to direct popular anger in a specific way, what is known as the psychology of crowds that destroy everything in their way and do not accept any rational dialogue.

This strategy has been implemented in a very large number of countries around the world Serbia – Georgia – Ukraine – Kazakhstan – Lebanon – Zimbabwe – Myanmar – Thailand – Belarus – Malaysia – Spring revolutions Hebrew.

This analysis interpreter Adapted from a foreign site

«Color revolution» fails in Iran | The grassroots takeover technique
Tehran’s «green revolution» is the latest version of the «color revolutions» which have allowed the United States to impose subservient (…) [Voltaire Network]


« Color revolution » fails in Iran

by Thierry Meyssan

Tehran’s «green revolution» is the latest version of the «color revolutions» which have allowed the United States to impose subservient governments in several countries without needing to use force. Thierry Meyssan, who advised two governments facing this type of crisis, analyses this method and the reasons for its failure in Iran.


JPEG - 42.1 kb

« Color revolutions » are to revolutions what Canada Dry is to beer. They look like the real thing, but they lack the flavor. They are regime changes which appear to be revolutions because they mobilize huge segments of the population but are more akin to takeovers, because they do not aim at changing social structures. Instead they aspire to replace an elite with another, in order to carry out pro-American economic and foreign policies. The « green revolution » in Tehran is the latest example of this trend.

Origin of the concept

This concept appeared in the 90s, but its roots lie in the American public debate of the 70s-80s. After a string of revelations about CIA instigated coups around the world, as well as the dramatic disclosures of the Church and Rockefeller Senate Committees [1], admiral Stansfield Turner was given the task by President Carter to clean up the agency and to stop supporting « local dictatorships ». Furious, the American Social Democrats (SD/USA) left the Democratic party and sided with Ronald Regan. They were brilliant Trotskyist intellectuals [2], often linked to Commentary magazine. After Regan was elected, he charged them with pursuing the American interference policy, this time using different methods. This is how the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) was created in 1982 [3] and the United States Institute for Peace (USIP) in 1984. Both of these institutions are organically intertwined: NED administrators sit on the USIP board of directors and vice versa.

Legally the NED is a not-for-profit organization under US law, financed by an annual grant voted by Congress as part of the State Department budget. In order to operate, this organization is co-financed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which is part of the State Department. This legal structure is used jointly as a cover by the American CIA, the British MI6 and the Australian ASIS (and occasionally by Canadian and New Zealand secret services).

The NED presents itself as an agency promoting democracy. It intervenes either directly or using one of its four tentacles: one designed to subvert unions, the second responsible for corrupting management organizations, the third for left-wing parties and the fourth for right-wing parties. It also intervenes through friendly foundations, such as the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (UK), the International Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development (Canada), the Fondation Jean-Jaurès and the Fondation Robert-Schuman (France), the International Liberal Center (Sweden), the Alfred Mozer Foundation (Netherlands), the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, the Friedrich Naunmann Stiftung, the Hans Seidal Stiftung and the Heinrich Boell Stiftung (Germany). The NED thus claims to have corrupted over 6000 organizations throughout the world over roughly 30 years. All of this, of course, under the disguise of training and assistance programs.

JPEG - 35.1 kb

As for the USIP, it is an American national institution. It is financed annually by Congress as part of the Defense Department budget. Contrary to the NED which serves as a cover for the three allied states, the USIP is exclusively American. Under the guise of political science research, it can pay salaries to foreign politicians.

As soon as it commanded resources, the USIP financed a new and discrete structure, the Albert Einstein Institution [4]. This small association for the promotion of nonviolent action was initially charged with designing a form of civil defense for the populations of Western Europe in case of an invasion by the Warsaw Pact. It quickly became autonomous and designed a model following which a state, whatever its nature, can lose its authority and collapse.

First attempts

The first attempted « color revolution » failed in 1989. The goal was to overthrow Deng Xiaoping by using one of his close collaborators, the Chinese Communist Party secretary-general Zhao Ziyang, in order to open Chinese markets to American investors and to bring China into the US orbit. Young supporters of Zhao invaded Tiananmen square [5]. They were presented in the Western media as unpoliticized students fighting for freedom against the party’s Conservative wing, when in fact this was infighting within the Deng entourage between pro-American and nationalist factions. After having ignored provocations for a long time Deng decided to use force. Depending on sources, the repression ended with 300 to 1000 dead. 20 years later, the Western version of this failed coup has not changed. Western media which recently covered the anniversary of that event presented it as a « popular uprising » and expressed surprise that people in Beijing do not remember the event. This is because there was nothing « popular » about this struggle for power within the Party. This was not a concern for people.

The first successful « color revolution » succeeded in 1990. As the Soviet Union was disintegrating, state secretary James Baker went to Bulgaria to participate in the electoral campaign of the pro-American party, heavily financed by the NED [6]. However, despite pressure from the UK, the Bulgarians – afraid of the social consequences induced by the transformation from soviet union to market economy – made the unforgivable mistake to elect in Parliament a post communist majority. While European community observers testified to the legality of the voting process, the pro-American opposition screamed that electoral fraud had occurred and took to the streets. They set up camp in the center of Sofia and threw the country into chaos for the following six months, until pro-American Zhelyu Zhelev was elected president by the parliament.

« Democracy » : selling your country to foreign interests behind the people’s back

Since then, Washington has kept instigating regime changes everywhere in the world, using street unrest rather than military juntas. It is important here to understand what is at stake. Behind the soothing rhetoric of « the promotion of democracy », Washington’s actions aim to impose regimes that are opening their markets to the US without conditions and which are aligning themselves to their foreign policy. However, while these goals are known by the leaders of the « color revolutions », they are never discussed and accepted by the mobilized demonstrators. In the event when these takeovers succeed, citizens soon rebel against the new policies imposed on them, even if it is too late to turn back. Besides, how can opposition groups who sold their country to foreign interests behind their populations’ backs be considered « democratic »?

In 2005, the Kyrgyz opposition contested the legislative elections and brought to Bishkek demonstrators from the south of the country. They toppled President Askar Akayev. This was the « Tulip Revolution ». The national assembly elected Kurmanbek Bakiyev as president. Unable to control his supporters who were looting the capital, he announced having chased the dictator and pretended that he intended to create a national union government. He pulled General Felix Kulov (former Bishkek Mayor) out of prison and named him prime minister. After the situation was back under control, Bakiyev got rid of Kulov and sold the country’s few resources to US companies with no invitation to tender but with significant backhanders. He set up a US military base in Manas. The population’s standard of living had never been lower. Felix Kulov offered to get the country back on its feet by federating it to Russia as it used to be. He was quickly sent back to jail.

A blessing in disguise?

It is sometimes objected that for states which were subjected to repressive regimes, even if these « color revolutions » only bring the appearance of democracy, they nonetheless constitute an improvement for their populations. Experience shows however that this is far from certain. The new regimes can turn out to be far more repressive than the old ones.

In 2003, Washington, London and Paris [7] organized the « Rose Revolution » in Georgia [8]. According to a classic scheme, the opposition blew the whistle about electoral fraud during legislative elections and took to the streets. The demonstrators forced president Eduard Shevardnadze to flee and they seized power. His successor, Mikheil Saakashvili, opened the country to US economic interests and broke off from his Russian neighbor. The economic aid that Washington promised to replace Russian aid never came. The already weakened economy collapsed. In order to continue to please his backers, Saakashvili needed to impose a dictatorship [9]. He shut down the media and filled up the prisons, which did not prevent Western media from continuing to describe him as a « democrat ». Continuing on his collision course, Saakashvili decided to bolster his popularity by engaging in a military adventure. With the help of the Bush administration and of Israel to which he rented air bases, he ordered the bombing of the population of South Ossetia, killing 1600 people, most of whom also held Russian citizenship. Moscow stroke back. American and Israeli advisers fled [10]. Georgia was left devastated.


The main mechanism of the « color revolutions » consists in focusing popular anger on the desired target. This is an aspect of the psychology of the masses which destroys everything in its path and against which no reasonable argument can be opposed. The scapegoat is accused of all the evils plaguing the country for at least one generation. The more he resists, the angrier the mob gets. After he gives in or slips away, the normal division between his opponents and his supporters reappears.

In 2005, in the hours following the assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri, a rumor spread in Lebanon according to which he was killed by « the Syrians ». The Syrian army, which had been maintaining order since the end of the civil war according to the Taëf agreement, was now booed. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was personally accused by the US authorities, which was as good as proof for the public opinion. To those who noted that Rafik Hariri, despite stormy episodes, had always been useful to Syria and that’s his death deprived Damas of a central collaborator, it was answered that the « Syrian regime » is so fundamentally evil that it cannot help but killing even its friends. The Lebanese people were calling for the G.I.s to come and get rid of the Syrians. But to everyone’s surprise, Bashar al-Assad, considering that the costly deployment of his army was not welcome in Lebanon any longer, decided to pull it back. Legislative elections were organized in which the « anti-Syrian » coalition triumphed. This was the « Cedar Revolution ». After the situation calmed down everyone realized that even if Syrian generals had looted the country in the past, the departure of the Syrian army did not change anything to the country’s economic situation. Furthermore, the country was now in danger: it was not able to defend itself from the expansionism of the Israeli neighbor. The main « anti-Syrian » leader, general Michel Aoun, thought better of it and joined the opposition. Furious, Washington multiplied assassination plans to get rid of him. Michel Aoun formed an alliance with Hezbollah on a patriotic platform. It was about time: Israel attacked.

In every case, Washington prepared the « democratic » government in advance, which confirms that these are takeovers in disguise. The names composing the new team are kept secret for as long as possible. This is why the pointing out of the scapegoat is always done without suggesting a political alternative.

In Serbia, young pro-US « revolutionaries » chose a logo that belonged to the Communist popular imagination (the raised fist) to hide their subordination to the United States. They used « he is done! » as a slogan, which federated the anger against the personality of Slobodan Milosevic, who was held responsible for the bombing of the country even though it was done by NATO. This model was replicated numerous times, for example by the Pora! group in Ukraine, or by Zubr in Bielorussia.

The deceiving appearance of nonviolence

The PR staff members of the State Department maintain the non-violent image of the « color revolutions ». They all put forward the theories of Gene Sharp, who founded the Albert Einstein Institution. Yet nonviolence is a combat method used to persuade authorities to a political change. In order for a minority to seize power and to exercise it, it must always use violence at some point. All « color revolutions » did.

JPEG - 5.4 kb
Srdja Popovic (on the left), Serbian leader of the Otpor movement, Gene Sharp, founder of the Albert Einstein Institution (center) and his assistant colonel Robert Helvey, most senior member of the training academy for embassy military attachés.

In 2000, Slobodan Milosevic called for anticipated elections despite still having a year to run as president. After the first round, neither he nor his principal opponent, Vojislav Koštunica, had secured a majority of the votes. Without waiting for the second round, the opposition claimed voting fraud and took to the streets. Thousands of demonstrators walked on the capital, including the miners from Kolubara. Their daily salaries were paid indirectly by the NED, without them realizing that they were paid by the United States. The pressure from the demonstration was insufficient so the miners started attacking buildings with bulldozers that they had brought, hence the name « bulldozer revolution ».

In cases when the tension is just dragging on, and when counterdemonstrations are being organized, the only solution for Washington is to throw the country into chaos. Inciting agents are then placed in both camps to fire on the crowd. Each party can then observe that the others are shooting while they are peacefully advancing. The confrontation spreads.

In 2002, Caracas’ upper-class took to the streets to protest the social policies of President Hugo Chavez [11]. Using clever manipulation, private TV stations created the impression of a human tidal wave. There were 50,000 people according to observers and 1 million according to the press and the State Department. Then there was the Llaguno Bridge incident. TV stations clearly showed armed pro-Chavez supporters firing on the crowd. In a press conference, the National Guard general and vice minister of domestic security confirmed that the « Chavez militias » fired and killed 19 people. He resigned and called for the dictator to be overthrown. The president was quickly arrested by military rebels. However millions of people descended in the capital’s streets and constitutional order was restored.

A subsequent journalistic investigation went over the details of the massacre of the Llaguno Bridge. It brought to light a deceptive picture manipulation, where chronological order was modified as proved by the protagonists’ watch dials. In reality, the pro-Chavez supporters were under attack and after having fallen back, they were trying to escape by using their weapons. The inciting agents were local policemen trained by a US agency [12].

In 2006, the NED reorganized the opposition to Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki. It funded the creation of the Orange party of Raila Odinga. He received the support of Senator Barack Obama, who was accompanied by destabilization experts (Mark Lippert, current chief of staff for the national security adviser, and general Jonathan S. Gration, current US special envoy to Sudan). During a meeting with Odinga, the Illinois Senator invented a vague family relationship with the pro-US candidate. However Odinga was defeated during the 2007 legislative elections. Supported by Senator John McCain as president of the IRI (the NED’s Republican pseudopod), he disputed the validity of the vote and called for his supporters to take to the streets. This is when anonymous text messages were sent en masse to ethnic Luo voters. « Dear Kenyans, the Kikuyu have stolen the future of our children… we must treat them in the only way that they understand… with violence ». The country, despite being one of the most stable in Africa, suddenly erupted in violence.

After days of rioting, president Kibaki was forced to accept the mediation of Madeleine Albright as president of the NDI (the NED’s Democrat pseudopod). A prime minister position was created and offered to Odinga. Since the hate text messages had not been sent from the Kenyan installations, one can wonder which foreign power was behind them.

Mobilizing the international public opinion

During the last few years, Washington had the opportunity to instigate « color revolutions » with the understanding that they would fail to seize power but that they would help manipulate public opinion and international institutions.

In 2007, many Burmans were up in arms because of the domestic fuel price increase. Demonstrations spread as Buddhist monks took a leading role in the protest. This was the « Saffron Revolution » [13]. Washington could not care less about the Rangoon regime; however they were interested in orchestrating the people of Burma in order to exercise pressure on China which holds strategic interests in Burma (pipelines and military bases for electronic intelligence gathering). It was therefore crucial to distort people’s perception of reality. Pictures and films shot on mobile phones started to appear on YouTube. They were anonymous, impossible to verify and without context. It was precisely their lack of reliability that gave them authority, and allowed the White House to fit them with their interpretation of the situation.

More recently, a 2008 student demonstration brought Greece to a grinding halt following the murder of a 15 year old young man by a policeman. Hoodlums were soon seen rioting. They had been recruited in neighboring Kosovo and brought in by bus. The city centers were devastated. Washington was trying to scare foreign investors away in order to secure a monopoly on the investments in the gas terminals that were being built. The weak Karamanlis government was portrayed as being iron fisted. Facebook and Twitter were used to mobilize the Greek Diaspora. Demonstrations spread to Istanbul, Nicosia, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, The Hague, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

The Green Revolution

The operation conducted in 2009 in Iran belongs to the long list of pseudo revolutions. First, a 400 million dollar budget was voted in 2007 by Congress to orchestrate a « regime change » in Iran. This was in addition to the ad hoc budgets of the NED, the USAID, the CIA & Co. How this money is being used is unclear, but the three main recipients are the following: the Rafsanjani family, the Pahlavi family and the People’s Mujahedin of Iran.

The Bush Administration decided to instigate a « color revolution » in Iran after confirming a decision by the Joint Chiefs of Staff not to conduct a military attack of that country. This choice was then approved by the Obama Administration. The plans for a « color revolution » which had been drawn up by the American Enterprise Institute in 2002 with Israel were then reopened. I had published an article at that time regarding this plan [14]. In it, one can identify the current protagonists: that plan has not changed much since then. A Lebanese chapter was added which predicted an uprising in Beirut in case of a victory of the patriotic coalition (Hezbollah, Aoun), but it was later cancelled.

The script included huge support for the candidate chosen by Ayatollah Rafsanjani, the disputing of the presidential election results, widespread bombings, the toppling of president Ahmadinejad and of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, setting up a transition government headed by Mousavi, restoring the Monarchy and creating a government headed by Sohrab Sobhani.

According to the 2002 plans, the operation was overseen by Morris Amitay et Michael Ledeen. It mobilized in Iran the Irangate network. Here is a necessary quick historical background: the Irangate (Iran–Contra affair) was an illegal arms deal. The White House wished to supply weapons to the rebels in Nicaragua (to fight against Sandinistas) and to Iranians (in order to drag the Iran-Iraq war for as long as possible), but was prevented from doing so by Congress. Israelis then offered to act as subcontractors for both operations. Ledeen, who has both US and Israeli citizenships, served as a link in Washington, while Mahmoud Rafsanjani (the brother of the Ayatollah) was his counterpart in Tehran. This took place over a background of widespread corruption. When the scandal broke out in the United States, an independent inquiry committee was headed by Senator Tower and General Brent Scowcroft (Robert Gates’ mentor) to investigate.

Michael Ledeen is an old fox involved in many secret operations. He could be found in Rome during the assassination of Aldo Moro. He also appears to have been linked to the fake Bulgarian connection after the assassination attempt on John Paul II, or more recently to the fake claims of Nigerian uranium supply to Saddam Hussein. He currently works for the American Enterprise Institute [15] (with Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz) and for the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies [16].

Morris Amitay is a former director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). He is today the vice president of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) and the director of a consulting company for the weapon industry.

On April 27, Morris et Ledeen held a seminar on Iran with Senator Joseph Lieberman at the American Enterprise Institute, regarding the Iranian elections. On May 15, a new seminar was held. The public part of the event consisted of a round table discussion headed by Senator John Bolton about the « haggling » over Iran: would Moscow agree to end its support of Tehran in exchange for Washington renouncing its missile shield project in Central Europe? French expert Bernard Hourcade took part in the debates. At the same time, the Institute launched a website, intended for the press, about the coming crisis: The website includes a section on the Lebanese elections.

In Iran, the responsibility for overthrowing old rival Ayatollah Khamenei rested on Ayatollah Rafsanjani. Born in a family of farmers, Hashemi Rafsanjani built his fortune on real estate speculation during the time of the Shah. He became the main pistachio dealer in Iran, and increased his wealth during the Irangate. His assets are estimated to several billion dollars. After he became the wealthiest man in Iran, he became successively president of the parliament, president of the Republic, and now chairman of the Assembly of Experts (an arbitration body for the parliament and the Guardian Council of the Constitution). He defends the interests of Tehran’s merchant class. During the electoral campaign, Rafsanjani required Mir-Hossein Mousavi, his former adversary who became his protégé, to promise he would privatize the oil sector.

With no connection to Rafsanjani, the People’s Mujahedin of Iran have been used by Washington [17]. This organization, protected by the Pentagon, is considered a terrorist organization by the State Department and has been considered as such by the European Union. Indeed, it is responsible for dreadful operations in the 80s, including a huge bombing which killed Ayatollah Beheshti, four department heads, six department head assistants and one fourth of the parliamentary group of the Islamic Republic party. The People’s Mujahedin of Iran is headed by Massoud Rajavi, who first married the daughter of former President Abol-hassan Banisadr and then the cruel Maryam. Its headquarters are located outside of Paris and its military bases in Iraq, first under the orders of Saddam Hussein, are now under the Defense Department. The People’s Mujahedin provided the logistics for the bombing attacks which took place during the electoral campaign [18]. They were responsible for instigating clashes – which they probably did – between Pro Ahmadinejad supporters and their opponents.

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Should chaos have followed, the Supreme Leader could have been overthrown. A transition government, headed by Mir-Hossein Mousavi, would have privatized the oil sector and brought back the Monarchy. The son of the former Shah, Reza Cyrus Pahlavi, would have ascended to the throne and would have nominated Sohrab Sobhani as prime minister. With this in mind, Reza Pahlavi published in February a number of interviews with French journalist Michel Taubmann, the director of Arte’s information office in Paris, and who presides the Cercle de l’Observatoire, the club for French neo conservatives. It is useful to remember that Washington had made similar plans for the restoration of the Monarchy in Afghanistan. Mohammed Zahir Shah was supposed to ascend to the throne again and Hamid Karzai would have become prime minister. Unfortunately, at age 88, the pretender had become senile. Karzai thus became president. Both Sobhani and Karzai hold United States citizenships. Both were involved in the Caspian sea’s oil sector.

As far as propaganda was concerned, the initial plan had been given to Benador Associates, a public relations firm. But it evolved with the influence of Goli Ameri, the United States Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs. This American Iranian woman is John Bolton’s former colleague. As a new media specialist, she implemented infrastructure and Internet training programs for Rafsanjani’s friends. She also developed radio and television programs in Farsi for the State Department propaganda, in conjunction with the BBC.

Iran’s destabilization failed because the main drive behind the « color revolutions » was not appropriately initiated. Mir-Hossein Mousavi did not manage to make Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the focus of popular anger. The Iranian people did not fall into the trap; they did not hold the outgoing president responsible for the United States’ economic sanctions against the country. Therefore the protests were limited to the northern suburbs of Tehran. The authorities refrained from creating counter demonstrations, and let the plotters expose themselves.

However, it must be noted that the propaganda was successful with the Western media. International public opinions really believed that two million Iranians took to the streets, when the real figure was ten times lower. The fact that foreign correspondents were under house arrest facilitated these exaggerations because they were exempt from having to provide evidence for their allegations.

Having given up war, and having failed at overthrowing the regime, what is Barack Obama’s remaining option?

[1] The numerous reports and documents published by these committees are available online on the following website: The Assassination Archives and Research Center.[2] « New York Intellectuals and the invention of neo-conservatism », Denis Boneau, Voltaire Network, November 26 2004.[3] « The NED, the networks of democratic interference », Thierry Meyssan,Voltaire Network, January 22 2004.[4] «  The Albert Einstein Institution: non-violence according to the CIA », Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, January 4 2005.[5] « Tiananmen, 20 ans après », professor Domenico Losurdo, Réseau Voltaire, June 9 2009.[6] At the time, the NED was relying in Eastern Europe on the Free Congress Foundation (FCF), operated by Republicans. Later on, this organization disappeared and was replaced by the Soros Foundation, operated by Democrats, with the assistance of which the NED would plot new « regime changes ».[7] Concerned with smoothing out relations between France and the US, French president Jacques Chirac tried to establish better relations with the Bush Administration on Georgia’s back, all the more because of French economic interests in Georgia. Salomé Zourabichvili, number 2 in the French secret services, was nominated as ambassador in Tbilisi. She then switched nationalities and became the Foreign Secretary for the « Rose Revolution ».[8] «The Secrets of the Georgian Coup», Paul Labarique, Voltaire Network, January 7 2004.[9] « Géorgie : Saakachvili jette son opposition en prison » (Georgia: Saakachvili jails the opposition) et « Manifestations à Tbilissi contre la dictature des roses » (Protests in Tbilisi against the dictatorship of the roses), Réseau Voltaire, September 12 2006 and September 30 2007.[10] The Bush Administration was hoping that this conflict would act as a smoke screen. Israeli bombers were supposed to take off simultaneously to strike neighboring Iran. But even before attacking Georgian military installations, Russia bombed the airports that had been rented out to Israel, pinning its planes to the ground.

[11] « Opération manquée au Venezuela » (Failed operation in Venezuela), Thierry Meyssan, Réseau Voltaire, May 18 2002.

[12Llaguno Bridge. Keys to a Massacre. Documentary by Angel Palacios, Panafilms 2005.

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[18] « Le Jundallah revendique des actions armées aux côtés des Moudjahidines du Peuple » (The Jundallah claims responsibility for actions with the People’s Mujahedin), Réseau Voltaire, June 13 2009.

English version by J.C.

Horn of Africa Security and Strategy: US clears way to arm, train Somali forces
Editor's Note: Department of Defense military strategy to arm and train Somali
forces has absolutely nothing to do with combating the franchise called Al
Qaeda. Horn of Africa Security and Strategy is aimed at controlling sea lines of
communication. A Military/Corporate management of  trade and oil routes,
 securing strategic maritime geographic locations against China, Iran,
Pakistan, Russia.
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