Terrorist sponsor NATO is back in Libya full force with the addition of 180,000 ground-troups!

Muammar dual
“ĂÇÔÇÁ Angels gaming is no power; but, God I ask guidance and meet all with chastity as these are my riches.”


When judged street children

That all revolutions in the world and revolutionary regimes did not succeed in a vacuum but were brick struggle and a constant struggle for years saluting find all this topic regimes ideologies built upon a juicer thinkers and activists Khado experiments in order to Icodo Bladenhm of liberation in terms of their faith cause of real a home.
But when we put the Libyan wounded urges telescope under the so-called (revolution Feb. 17) “Sorry to mention the name” did not find for this mess or thinker or even view certain ideology structure revolt
But I think that ideology became clear when we find (the thief, drug dealer, drug users, users at risk, mercenary, المتاسلمين) which is supposed to be present in the rehabilitation centers so that they can be sober citizens are able to adapt to society.
But to find Hola in the form of rule in the Libyan men this is absolutely unacceptable and cause a very serious flaw in the social fabric of Libya.
Did not find for this revolution leader or thinker or Mnazl it is here we are facing two options
Either ruling Atkiev with convicted or vice versa, but this is not going to happen the Baden God Almighty because Libya has the men and because the tribes accept conditioners with a handful of traitors and agents have sold their land and display occupied Saliaba.
After that exposed their ideas damned founded on groups of street children.
The crunch will remain incensed God willing Libya Cbrmn governed group Hradm.
God bless martyrs who resisted aggression Crusader
And sincere greetings to all Acharafa who sacrificed for home Balgali and cheap
Long live Libya ….. He lives Conqueror ……… And shame on the traitors and agents.
عندما يحكم اطفال الشوارع

ان جميع الثورات في العالم والانظمة الثورية لم تنجح من فراغ بل كانت لبنة كفاح ونضال مستمر لسنوات حيت نجد لكل هده الانظمة ايدلوجيات تبنى عليها وهي عصارة مفكرين ومناضلين خاضو تجارب من اجل ان يقودو بلادنهم للتحرر من منطلق ايمانهم بقضيه حقيقية وهي الوطن .
ولكن ما عندما نضع الجماهيرية الجريحة تحث المنظار في ظل ما يسمى ( ثورة 17 فبراير ) ” اسف على ذكر الاسم ” لم نجد لهده الفوضى مفكر او منظر او حتى ايدلوجية معينة بنية عليها ثورتهم
ولكن اعتقد ان الايدلوجية اصبحت واضحة المعالم عندما نجد ( السارق , تاجر المخدرات , متعاطي المخدرات , المسجلين خطر , المرتزقه , المتاسلمين ) التي يفترض ان تكون موجودة في مراكز تاهيل حتى يتسنى لهم ان يكونو مواطنيين قادرين على التكييف مع المجتمع .
و لكن ان نجد هولاء في شكل رجال يحكمون في الجماهيرية هدا غير مقبول على الاطلاق ويسبب خلل خطير جدا في النسيج الاجتماعي لليبيا .
فلم نجد لهده الثورة قائد او مفكر او مناظل فمن هنا نحن امام خيارين
اما ان يتكييف الحاكم مع المحكوم او العكس ولكن هدا لن يحدث بأدن الله عز وجل لان ليبيا يوجد بها رجال و قبائل لان تقبل التكييف مع حفنة من الخونة والعملاء باعوا ارضهم وعرضهم للصلييبي المحتل .
وبعد ان انكشفت افكارهم اللعينة التي تأسست على مجموعات من اطفال الشوارع .
ان ساعة الحسم لن تبقى اثارهم باذن الله فليبيا اكبرمن يحكمها مجموعة شرادم .
رحم الله شهداء الوطن الذين قاوموا العدوان الصليبي
و خالص تحياتي الي جميع الشرافاء الذين ضحوا من اجل الوطن بالغالي والرخيص
وعاشت ليبيا ….. وعاش الفاتح ……… والخزي والعار على الخونة والعملاء

Sabahak homeland;;

Safaa world addicted

Wayne Asamadan with the leader of the nation, Rafie Roessna (Muammar Abdul Salam the Bomenaar Kadhafi) and income Iaahrar

(ۅl ‘ډ Al’ i ‘ag’ j ‘s)

Green Raaaadja you are free and foliage Raaaadjah marches
And Anhajo Bsaaratkm Tfatho songs puns and Anzgrtun O حراير and mass Anrdja and Qguaam adult rats Crown been killed and Zbho found

The right of God due Ayamat of Ezz Baden Lord / Lord brighter Lord brighter and our men Turash base.

(Addicted 5)

Qallahm Picture engraved in the heart of the Liberal ..

May God protect you .. And protect you .. And long your age .. Expensive .. Girl ÇáŰÇáě .. Sidi leader Muammar Gaddafi.
Par: Nader Alkddafi

الحنون الباهى إللى طلته كيف الربيع الزاهى ..
إن شاء الله يرجع اليوم ..
تمام سيدى القائد معمر القذافى ..
“:.” ناااااااااادر “:.”

Compassionate Bahi Elly Talth how bright spring ..
God willing, due today ..
Tammam Sidi leader Muammar Gaddafi ..

الحنون الباهى إللى طلته كيف الربيع الزاهى ..
إن شاء الله يرجع اليوم ..
تمام سيدى القائد معمر القذافى ..
“:.” ناااااااااادر “:.”
ربي يحفظك .. ويحميـــــــــك .. ويطــوّل بعمـرك .. يــــــا غـاليـــــــة .. بنــــــت الغـالــــى .. سيدى القائد معمر القذافى .
Par : Nader Alkddafi
:”. Naaaaaaaaaader ”

Mu stamp issue of GB and children Love

This shows LOVE..The Green Book, Great Man-made River, children—health!

Post free Karzabih withstand via Page
Muammar ups

Morning victory

Tribute to heroes everywhere
A tribute to our leader Muzaffar Muammar al-Qathafi:

Greet me every ŢŃćČ and our members the following step-by-step Dima brighter green and Mmeltqana arena Baden God / Vpkm Ya are free to draw our strength and our determination after Lord Almighty and Blfl our souls licensed Vsbackm Dearest our people

God, Muammar and all Liberal ups {addicted 5)

Mido Mado
Is a definite ăÚáćăĺ 100% and challenge anyone ask me a rumor

You have learned that the commander who Athblo O جردان pollen Registered office door Aziziyah full name Endowments and Zakat Affairs!!!
Than two weeks Jet hand and Shui Brats and Qt Amesho and Bebno Bemcto of Bab Aziziyah headquarters suddenly Jtahm Affairs Endowments and Qallhm


Qallhm you launch Adero Raho Halmkan registered tyrant as Affairs Endowments and Zakat ĺĺĺĺĺ tyrant and registered in the name hand islamic Haha really Sdj and Nachrin beautiful important Alhasilo pollen commander Registered Habakah Enduring who left on the steadfastness of the legendary and who knelt where Boukimith all strong prostitute and aggression pollen Registrar as hand belong to Islam and Muslims _ Shen you say you are free?



09 APRIL 2013

Hamza Thami – 04/09/2013
D. Hamza Thami – 04/09/2013. – Chamber of light Forever _ Arobi. . Al Fateh Forever.

(Admona 4)

(Admona 4)

A tribute to the rule of Gen. Saadi al-Qathafi

Mansour with the help of God

Gen SAADI MANSOUR al-Qathafi 

Replies free steadfast brother Mu’tasim íÇááĺ Gaddafi
Zelitni lofty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
Greeting to the men and the People’s Armed Forces
Ride boarding behind in travel
And descend down between the mountains Falcon
Drain Safat flour in a sieve
And are going strong in the broken Mouhal
And affectionate and good Munk Rvel actions
The panic of the scared children Hilal.

(Admona 4)

Section will liberate Libya.

Dchriat withstand … Leader of the Revolution in the center of the masses in Bab Azizia
الادمن main
07:25 FB VIDEO
Knights four areas
04 APRIL 2011

Real Libyans have always and will always LOVE MU’AMMAR!


Review – The Story of a secret mission in the United Kingdom to overcome the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and the Vision of Muammar al-Qathafi:

British efforts to help topple Colonel al-Qathafi and the Great Jamahiriya were not limited to air strikes. On the ground – and quiet – special forces soldiers were blending in with rebel fighters ..

Review – Inside story of the UK’s secret mission to beat al-Qathafi:

Posts about Libya on Arcana Intellego
Posts about Libya written by Admin
WARNING: Beware of the rat Plants in the follow-up articles (as the ARCANAINTELLEGO is NOT A GREEN SITE AT ALL)!!!!



In the name of God the Merciful
To the elders and sages ancient Libyan tribes striving …
We highly appreciate your efforts …. To save face and get away from the chaos, and assault tribes against each other, as well as your attachment to custom social not allowed to pay themselves the blood of others unlawfully, and we commend the Mhafeztkm strong ties ratios and blood that binds us as tribes and families gathered link bagpipes and brotherhood and Islam.
But we, your sons and your daughters Liberals, It Almtamohm honor and nobility, and Zratm them courage and valor, and the meaning of manhood truth, and how to embody peacetime and war …. The Enough is enough exercise Hola villains traitors, they also know Hdada horizons, not social affiliations, and bookmarking them … Allastaana and bullying Cross بعباد and menorah.
Every day …. Wreaking havoc, violate the ground and supply, How long silence, and enough of Takovkm us from death, and the displacement of families, we die daily thousands of times what we see and hear about their actions that shameful, and chilling.
You know they’re scum their people, and Raall, they too cowardly to do anything, life and pause Ezz, blessed us jihad, and call us victory over Hola outlaws religion and law and custom, because form heavier you will see men fleeces them in detention customers or dead in the streets, and widowed women, and children orphaned as a result Takovkm and love us,, Let Anagarahm and fight them, and the field is Faisal between us and them, do not be an obstacle to the God satisfaction يرتضى and satisfaction.
Nnadakm …. That Tsaua to unite the entire Libyan tribes honorable stationed in a ditch defense of the homeland, which refused to be subject to the occupation and Garat mightiest force in the world, rather than sit and negotiate with the alliance with the forces of Satan, the prostitute, they not the ones who initiated the attack and ridicule on all free Sharif , said no …. What Ahak of a conspiracy against the nation and the people
Rushed before it is too late …. Otherwise Stfikon days you will not find from your sons and grandchildren of يستسيغ your positions, which some considered shameful to him, but you will not find from listening to you, and you will find yourselves marginalized and فاقدين to Chereitkm social and regional in your region and Qubaúlkm, Stop what you are doing to keep pace with this deviant group, which أضلت the road and forgot provisions religion tolerant, Vhola tearing it wants vandalism and looting, they do not have a project for the homeland only hatred underlying result accumulations satisfactory intractable suffer for some time, endowed O our elders and sages and take your decision before it’s too late, days are coming will gives you the opportunity, nor history will deny it.
Asset Admkm God for this nation and a Menhala for future generations
May peace and God’s mercy and blessings.

Oh God, make their homes and digging graves of fire pits:

ONCE, ALL PEOPLE of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (SINCE 1977), lived peacefully under the unchangable Law of the HOLY QURAN–nothing man-made and Only ALLAH/GOD as Supreme..

Mu kisses the Holy Quran
Now, a so-called “Constitution” is imposed upon the Libyan people wriiten by a mere 3 humans…
and includes LIES that the former “regime” was undemocratic (despite the FACT that it was all the people’s–THE MASSES–who ran things through People’s Committees and People’s Congresses) and that Imam Brother-Leader was a “dictator” and disregarded any notion that Muammar al-Qathafi was a messager of Allah whose mission was to show the world true Islam as God intended for man….
and the new document now states that “man is once more Free!!”:

Voice Resistance
Testour Oh Constitution:
Wedding Libyan democracy “Elly on the joints”!!! National Conference!! Approve amendments to the constitutional proclamation overwhelming popular majority of 140 votes, Balash!!!
Constitutional proclamation written by three people, two men and a woman are Mohammed Allagui, and Salwa Up Qaiqis, and passed 31 Libby carrying all foreign citizenship before being the expansion of the so-called Transitional Council appointed by the Emir of Qatar, very democratic!!.
Important to the Libyan people all, Bakdah and Qdeidah men and women, and future generations, too, that sanctifies the Constitution and obey absolutely and that does not break any of the sacred texts, especially those fortified against the appeal and the intervention of judges and lawyers.
Previous era, dictatorial!!! Imposed on the Libyan, Koran constitution, and he insisted that all citizens will discuss all laws in all its details, to be issued by the people, is not that summit dictatorship?
. Now we have become the Democrats and thank God!! And became our Constitution change it how he wants people to link, not the solution, and we no longer like Zaman “Altagah” When the law was and the constitution is the Koran, which no one can, even Mufti to find a gateway in and change it as the case, and said Mufti is supplementing the Constitution and thank God he pursue both large and small, the marriage of Jihad in Syria, which has nothing to do with prostitution legitimacy!!! Mufti piety Stuffer!! Jihad segregation law, which is the obligation and not an obligation, because the Mufti wants to easy for people both religious and worldly matters.
Rejoice O revolutionaries February, and Bhbhawwa democracy, just beware the burn your fingers!!
(written by: Abu expresses Trabelsi)
09 April 2013

تستور يا دستور
في عرس الديمقراطية الليبية “اللى على المفاصل ” !!! المؤتمر الوطني !! يقر تعديلات على الاعلان الدستوري بأغلبية شعبية ساحقة بلغت 140 صوتا ،يا بلاش !!!
الاعلان الدستوري كتبه ثلاثة اشخاص رجلان وامرأة هم محمد العلاقي ، وسلوى اب قعيقيص ، واقره 31 ليبي يحملون جميعا الجنسية الاجنبية قبل ان يتم توسيع ما سمى المجلس الانتقالي الذي عينه امير قطر الديمقراطي جدا !!.
المهم على الشعب الليبي كله ،بقضه وقضيضه رجاله ونسائه ، والاجيال القادمة ايضا ،ان يقدس هذا الدستور وان يطيعه بالمطلق وان لا يخلف اي من نصوصه المقدسة خاصة تلك المحصنة ضد الطعن وتدخل القضاة والمحامين .
العهد السابق ، الدكتاتوري !!! فرض على الليبيين ، القران دستورا ، و كان يصر على ان يناقش المواطنون جميعا كل القوانين بكل تفصيلاتها ، لتصدر من قبل الشعب ، اليس ذلك قمة الدكتاتورية ؟
.الان اصبحنا ديمقراطيين والحمد لله !! وصار عندنا دستور نغيره كيف ما يريد اهل الربط وليس الحل ، ولم نعد مثل زمان “التاغية ” حين كانت الشريعة والدستور هو القران الذي لا يستطيع احد ، حتى المفتى ان يجد مدخلا فيه ويغير الامر حسب الاحوال ، وعلى ذكر المفتى فهو المكمل للدستور ونحمد الله انه يتابع كل كبيرة وصغيرة ، من جهاد النكاح فى سوريا التى لاعلاقة لها بالدعارة الشرعية !!! حاشى المفتى الورع !! الى جهاد قانون العزل الذى هو فرض كفاية وليس فرض عين ، ذلك لان المفتى يريد ان يسهل للناس امور دينهم ودنياهم .
افرحوا يا ثوّار فبراير ، وبحبحوا بالديمقراطية ، فقط انتبهوا فقد تحرق اصابعكم !!
ابو يعرب الطرابلسي
9 ابريل 2013
Oil and oil and Libyan money has been plundered and fled to the outside of the puppet government and importers:

Hebrew crusade channel shopping for foreign intervention in Libya occupied again.

How will walk the dog Jab!!

Quoting Tunisian national television:
Security Council express serious concern about the situation in Libya and discusses are Astbartah reports Qaeda control over Libya and funding for 12 African countries by al-Qaeda heavy and medium weapons and light anti-aircraft. And acknowledges that Libya has become a major threat to the region and confirms that all weapons which faces the French army in Mali are from puppet Yankee government of Libya.

public opinion accuse Yankee puppet-Libya of funding terrorism :: /

Front victory in Syria تبايع terrorist Ayman Aldoahri .. It is known that the victory mostly Front terrorists to show numbering tens of thousand … And public opinion says that the United Nations in Libya is Responsible for the transfer of arms to private Front victory of Benghazi and Misurata, especially via Lebanon and Turkey are the officials for leaking weapons into northern Mali and neighboring countries and terrorist groups with the support terrorist Tkida to his presence in Libya ..

Report: Libyan arms flowing to Syria and Egypt
10:20 AM NEWS 

The report issued by the United Nations on weapons in Libya.

The news agency Gaddafi International – reports

said a report prepared by experts the UN Security Council that weapons Libyan spread rate alarming in 12 countries led by Syria, Egypt, Mali, as well as extremist groups and gangs in other countries. Working group of experts in the framework of a committee to monitor the arms embargo imposed on Libya since the beginning of the 2011, which led to the death of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the invasion of NATO to Libya. The report said the report that Libya has become a major source of weapons in the region, while seeking government is struggling to impose its authority. wrote experts in the report: “There are cases – some make sure others under investigation – for illegal shipments Libya violate the ban of up to over 12 countries and include heavy and light weapons – including systems…

A report prepared by the experts the UN Security Council that weapons Libyan spread rate alarming in 12 countries led by Syria, Egypt, Mali, as well as extremist groups and gangs in other countries. 

working group of experts in the framework of a committee to monitor the arms embargo imposed on Libya since the beginning of events 2011, which led to the martyrdom Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the invasion of NATO to Libya. 

The report said the report that Libya has become a major source of weapons in the region, while seeking government is struggling to impose its authority. wrote experts in the report: “There are cases – some make sure others under investigation – for illegal shipments from Libya violate the ban of up to Aktrmen 12 countries and include heavy weapons and light – including air defense systems carried by fighters and small arms and ammunition own explosives and mines. ”

report, which is located in the 94-page signed and dated on February 15, but it was posted on Tuesday, stated that the arms shipments to Syria – which descended into civil war older two and killed more than 70 thousand people – being organized from multiple locations in Libya, including Misrata and Benghazi and transported through Turkey or northern Lebanon. The report also found that over the past year seems to arms flows from Libya to Egypt increased significantly. He wrote the experts in the report:

“While the smuggling of weapons from Libya to Egypt is a challenge mainly for the Egyptian security forces, especially with regard to armed groups in the Sinai, some equipment apparently crossed Egypt to destinations beyond, including the Gaza Strip.” and the deterioration of security in the sub- Sinai desert on the border with Israel and that there are a number of hideouts of terrorists since the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising over two years ago.

were also being sent weapons from Libya through southern Tunisia and southern Algeria, northern Niger to destinations such as Mali, but some of those weapons remain in transit States for use by local groups. give the UN Security Council last month for Libya to get concessions on non-lethal equipment – such as bulletproof vests and armored vehicles – but expressed concern about the flow of arms from the country to the nearby countries.

Trial of 24 people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, convicted by the Court of First Instance harsh provisions, for their support with the leader Muammar al-Qathafi. And refused to stand with them!! (read below under TRIPOLI)

And Aashenk countries and salvation /
Storm center and the Ministry of Defence to inventory Bargta /

and let us know the militias Jermanah stealing offices and p infringement staff were smuggling inventory Bargta from the back door of the ministry.

Nlguena pension knew wheezing from another Aashenk rats and salvation.


Escalation Allsnt inflamed and smoke now in epiphyseal houses located near the main road separating the Zintan and Gharyan
Knowing that these houses Tema previously burned.
(Admona 4)



News sporadic Gharyan:

(1) were threatened Dean Faculty of Languages ​​بالقواسم in Gharyan area rural nominate (b Gazzan) saluting been threatened Dean with weapons and exited from the administration and was put a sign in front of college “is locked until further notice” and will not come students to be converted college to area Ngsat

(2) unidentified Btid attacks on College Accounting Gharyan two days ago and threatened burned

(3) a month or less were attacked School (April 7 secondary boys and girls) weapons by a student from drug dealers saluting been discernible girls and teachers to the scene of the secondary and has melee between the manager and professors with the student and his gang, who was beaten by the Director was closed school.
(4) College was blown Bouziane “languages” and according to the circumstances lies extremist groups Pegrean or Mataraf Qaeda and injuries left by the bombing Tze 150 between girls and young people and some of them have access to care rooms.
(5) the occupation of Gharyan Hospital two weeks ago by Staoh family are one of the biggest rats Gharyan due to the death of one of their relatives a traffic accident due to the negligence of hospital services as described.

(6) were killed a young man from the area last Saturday Alclaibh with bombing college events Bouziane Gharyan were killed by a criminal of Ngrna has escaped this criminal out of the country and regions Alclaibh and Ngrna threaten some of them (O Allaah, Mark Kidd rats in Nharham).

(7) girl was kidnapped in front of the Faculty of Pegrean denominators and the girl was abducted by 4 days and so far not found.

(8) was the attack on the shop gold Bngsat and killed four brothers and God knows

And eluted cord on jars ya Gharyan

(posted by: Admona 4)



Who remembers the operating room mobile me Brega lion {Dr. Mutasim Bllah al-Qathafi} officers with him Jaisalmer East Anizgah Liberation before Mikhc NATO

(posted by: Addicted 5)



Taste of freedom Sat Jews ….. Misurata threaten Prime Minister جردان Libya:

as I said, Misurata plans on being the new Capitol with Bernard Henri-Levy as King of the new State called “KALZENTANSTAN”—


The Gaddafi International news agency

Who is Ali Zaidan?

9:11  NEWS  

Ali Zaidan with ZIONIST Bernard Levy

Zaidane with the Zionist Bernard Levy

Aaaaaaaaaaagel and Haaaaaaaaaaaam …. برناد Bernard-Henri Levy Zionist .. godfather revolution NATO exposes the traitors and agents names, tribes and regions and all clues conspiracy that occurred in Libya ….. invite Aalepien to read a composed of 422 pages and line برناد Levy personally will see is inconceivableand will be shocked.
الادمن main

The true meaning of the word. . ./ /

Misurata Misurata, protect the leader and his accomplishments:



Media rat Shaaban pond came under fire within the local Almnschw Sorman By Almnschw Member on Alkoidera …. Hazelt ….



a story:

رزق الحلال يرجع لصحابه :/شاب من مدينة زليتن من قبيلة اولاد الشيخ اشتري صالون مستعمل من احد الاسواق وعند عودته به الي البيت قال لزوجته سوف اقوم بصيانة هدا الصالون وتغيير لون الغلاف,فعندما قام بفتح الغلاف وجد مبلغ مالي بقيمة مايقارب علي300الف دولار وبعض المجوهرات ووجود حجج اراضي ووجود موبايل..فقام هدا الرجل بفتح الموبايل والانتضار لعلا يتمكن من معرفة شي يخص هدا الكنز.فقالت له زوجته مادا ستفعل بهدا المال هل ستبلغ عليه..فقال لزوجته انا علي دراية ادا بلغنا علي هدا المال سوف يتم سرقته فانتضر لي ايام حتي قام بفحص محتويات الموبايل فوجد بداخله شفرة فقام بتركيبها في الجهاز فخرجت له اسامي مخزنه بالشفرة واحدي هده الاسامي مكتوبه باسم ( اخي محمد) فقام هدا الرجل بالاتصال فورا بهدا الاسم وعند الاتصال به ومكالمته تاكد ان الشخص اخو صاحب هدا المال واعطي الشخص للرجل مزايا الصالون ومادا يوجد به وتاكد كامل التاكيد بان الصالون كان من ظمن التمشيطات قام بها الجردان في احد المناطق المجاورة لمدينة زليتن علي مااظن من سكان مدينة بني وليد ,فقام الرجل بالتنسيق معهم وارجاع المال الي اصحابه..فتحية لك ايها الرجل في عصر قل فيه الرجال..القرضابية الصمود..والله علي مااقول شهيد

Rizk due to Companions :/

A young man from the city of Zliten of the tribe Awlad El Sheikh Buy Salon user of one of the markets and when he returned it to the House, said to his wife,  “I will maintain this saloon and change the color of the cover”,

when he opened the cover found a sum of money worth approximately 300 thousand dollars and some jewelry and the presence of arguments territory and the existence of Mobile ..

so, this man open Mobile and Alantdhar to Ola able to see something for this treasure. said his wife “Why do Bhada Does money will it?” .. he said to his wife,

“I am familiar with Lada reached on this money will be stolen Vantdhar me days” …until he examined the contents of the Mobile found inside blade

so he installed in the device went out to him Semitic warehouse hairs and one of this topic RACE written as (my brother Muhammad) stood up this man to contact immediately Bhada name and when contacted and his call make sure that the person’s brother owner this money and give the person the man advantages saloon and Mada there him and make sure full confirmation that the saloon was Zmn Altmhitat carried out Jerdan in one neighborhood of the city of Zliten,

Ali Maazn residents of Bani Walid, he took the man in coordination with them and return the money to its owners .. Fethiye you, O man in the era Say where men .. Alkarzabih withstand .. God Ali Maacol martyr



Benghazi: bacteria threaten the lives of patients in public hospitals Hawari and children
9:24 NEWS 
The global news agency Gaddafi – Benghazi

Pack their belongings and book airline tickets on board an airline travelers to one of the countries not Astjmama but in search of treatment so is the case with most Libyans often find them looking for treatment outside the country in light of the problems experienced by the health sector Valhmom and abuses are endless in the health sector, Quryna tried to shed light on some of the problems faced by the most important hospital in the city of Benghazi was our visit to the hospital Hawari General Hospital and children and we had this report.
explained Director of Technical Affairs and engineering Hospital Hawari General Khalid customary that the hospital suffering from the problem of electricity as broken power for a few seconds and when uncovered and found that holidays in the “UBS” and said that we we addressed the competent authorities the hospital administration and the Ministry of Health did not respond to us any response to this problem and added that the problem of central air conditioning that does not work has dealt hospital administration dissolved to make another problem if you decide installing conditioners Air normal “conditioners parties” and will be installed in operating rooms and in care rooms These air conditioners largest publisher of bacteria we already us and demanded repair central air conditioning before entering the summer.
pointed out that he was summoned to a meeting at the eleventh hour at night after the arrival of a committee of Tripoli to follow problem conditioners and we discussed the solutions, they will bring a company operation, maintenance and surprised the next day speech Administration, which requires installation of “conditioners parties” and Khatabnahm letter to teach them that it will publish the bacteria in the hospital and they said to us we will process the bacteria medicines but the heat inside the hospital can not be addressed only Palmkayvat order to preserve the the patient’s life, sending a message to released my responsibility, and in my attempt to existence solution to this problem we contacted agent company central air conditioners and agreed to attend and inspected the problem and gave us a presentation to the maintenance of central air conditioning in full for three years operation and maintenance of the amount of nine hundred thousand dinars and we we supply to the Minister of Health and expressed its readiness to agree but to now for five months there has been no new offer.
and there is also a problem to the water network and the erosion of pipe that leads to repeat leaks and burst pipes and this caused damage to many organs hospital and laboratory analyzes suffer from this problem and water up to the hospital contaminated completely.
adds customary that all these problems in the end comes the responsibility of maintenance have been subjected since the chemical engineer “Mahmoud assistance” to burn directly after entering a people we burned our office did not follow anyone from ministry or department if Eng injured and we have not stopped our work even during this incident, but our In the worst atmosphere and no one knows what is happening in the hospital Hawari no one cares our problems are not the hospital administration nor the Ministry of Health and we do not see them only when the disaster we us the Ministry of Health and asked the protection of the hospital personnel we Health Minister Noureddine Doghman letter in which he called the people of Benghazi garrison Benghazi Will this make sense?! All of the hospital vulnerable to bacteria that will spread through the air between the parties whether patients or staff.
says electrical engineer Hospital Hawari General Mohamed Fathi Alkrgla that the current administration was are going to work in the hospital and has all employees Batsamat even been excluded because they do not work as required and there problematic about Dr. “Izz al-Din Bin Omran” But we were surprised that the Ministry of Health attributed the old administration to head the Department of new and I draw a direct question to the Minister of Health why attributed this administration again and everyone had staged a sit-in order to sequester? And put the steering committee at the time and this administration that attributed to us again know all the problems at the hospital did not provide anything.
suffering doctor
and added that the problem of electricity that we are not easy fact that Dr. when it is in the operating room if the power goes out Sertbek and this risk on patient who under the process, I do not know how conducted operations in light of this problem being that cut off must return the second line automatically, but because the “UBS” does not work disrupted the return current minute or two and when he enters the generator needs to ten minutes in order to return power and this suffering her nearly a year.
and pointed out that he brought us the case to some extent pay some services out of our pockets and I do not know how to put “Air parties” and we suffer mainly from the electricity problem and surprised the committee coming from Tripoli comes company cooling, air conditioning and we had brought an offer from Company York agent factory to facilitate the ministry and science we worked only supervise only the maintenance but we found ourselves working with our hands and with the possibilities of very weak and crew maintenance is not enough hospital.
disable actions
and said mechanical engineer Hospital Hawari General Ashraf Almaadana we suffer directly from disabling actions, for example the problem of air conditioning where we cleaned conditioners and filters to work their last summer and us the ministry until maintenance conditioners winter period to be working accomplishing them before entering the summer again, but procrastination and disruption brought us to this problem and science offer from Company York held an integrated maintenance, spare parts and training of engineers for full year, internally and externally, and thus do not need any other company.
spoke Almaadana problem tank oxygen where he provides us for eight days فطالبنا tank large to become a supplied a full month and we bring Showing for this reservoir capacity 10 thousand liters and cost 80 thousand dinars, and high quality, but were surprised bring tank capacity of 5 thousand liters worth 250 thousand dinars a capacity half capacity offer from us but the price weakness to more than twice and this is a violation and manipulation and clear.
said maintenance technician Hospital Hawari General brother Hamad Yousef We lack the most basic materials that we need to permanently we We wire iron and remnants of tires in order to fix the faults that we face in our daily work and there is no us any addition risk and we come to work for our feeling that we have become one family and when we demand materials for maintenance do not find even when subjected colleagues to injuries did not bother them one and when he was a fellow of burns did not cost the hospital director himself to check on his condition.
lack of oxygen
, says Technical Director Children’s Hospital Engineer Walid Oraibi suffers Children’s Hospital of countless problems and there is a problem we have, for a long time, including the problem of oxygen We have already and we send out messages to the hospital administration and the Ministry of Health and led it to the Minister of Health Noureddine Doghman and explained where the situation fully, but after all correspondence surprised that the contract was given to the same private company that was provide Boxgen with purity is high and when Thaorna with a base built air in an attempt to solve this problem and found that the purity of the oxygen supply us it is of purity high up to 99.8%, but this cooperation did not last long because they have become fighting AFRA d base Benina who يمدوننا oxygen.
added Ureybi that were brought contract worth half a million system oxygen and “Naatrozz” and “Vacuum” This is the value of the contract fictional compared clades Exotic now holding site tenure Dr. Fatima Ahamroch the Ministry of Health, and this problem is of minor problems experienced by the hospital has us administration and the ministry, but not life those who advocate not seek them only stall and hold the system site do not have anything in terms of the approval or rejection has not been taking our in this decade and we had asked certain specifications and the contract does not match the required specifications and emailed the Health Minister Noureddine Doghman and sent us a commission of inquiry of inspection and follow-up and verified our words and said we will offer this investigation and this was about a year ago there was no change to now, has no aer only air generator and one even disrupt this generator will occur catastrophe praise consequences.
collapse of infrastructure
and the Director of Maintenance Department Children’s Hospital Nasser Riani longer infrastructure Hospital rickety whether of water that are not suitable for drinking and humidity afflicting ceilings and walls and there is no central air conditioning in hospital since years and works in the hospital is “Air parties”, which is the largest Mr antibacterial and children will not endure this atmosphere contaminated especially newborns and we miss the possibilities in all sections of the hospital and there is no basic services and none of Achin medical devices that are cost thousands of dinars and that each intact to storage containers and neglected everything here needs a lot of work, whether electricity or sanitation and humidity tragedy at Children’s Hospital great tale oxygen here is dangerous because companies present not conform to the specifications and this company was previously that Okhrzinaha by being were not working efficiently when outputting This company became gives us oxygen from the base built by excellently supplied to now.

URGENT :: / Benghazi … Prison Alkwyfah :: /

Suicide drug dealer (Mohammed Saleh Abdullah) inside Alkwyfah prison after he hung himself.

Targeting security gate in the city of Cyrene
8:44 NEWS 

Portal displays belonging to the so-called security backing band security Shahat armed attack with a shot from unknown, no injuries.

The Gaddafi International news agency – 

Shahat gate was thrown attribution security Shahat dawn on Wednesday, at four thirty in the morning shot t2 U.S. weapon simple made a hole in the wall of a building from the back gate and there is no loss of life by the bumper …


Bezid many are you, O political isolation group,,!!!

Tu God Henw Yassin???? …….. Sheikh strife, deceit, destruction, and no man’s land out of its shell and Lefty that the political isolation imposed adequacy .

………………………………………. O mother laughed of ignorance United ..

Al-Qaradawi bomb – not a rapprochement between Sunnis and Shiites and Ffenat Omri 04/07/2013

Story of political isolation and speech Alfada ……… defy largest and انزه the Commission on the globe to find a single family in Libya from Ras Jedir even assistant and sea to the southern border did not operate in the legal system for Libya Libyan everyone was working tempted bad false Taliani even they received their salary guarantee, members of either the Revolutionary Committees Awahars popular or military Awacharth Awahars Revolutionary or comrades or internal or external security or links youth or or … etc.

and coupes cars Guard popular and the Revolutionary Guards, the judiciary, health and the armed people all found it is to isolate him now? must isolate the Libyans are all really true because they were asleep in a deep sleep and handful of importers and Brothers customers to Qatar want to exclude all the people in order to lead them arena but Hiat Aaamlae this Asham Lucifer in heaven and soon سيثور you riot.
الادمن main



Tuber :: /

After the assassination of the citizen Shoaib Shaaery today becomes the number of murders and assassinations since 17/2/2011 ((43)) crime constrained against unknown people of Derna memory ..
The dirt in a state similar to the case of America in a time of ((cowboy)) but that ((cowboy)) Ashraf million times of the killers in the dirt because the cowboy killed in the face of dishonest either killers hidden in Derna, killing and the cover of darkness and they masked faces .. How long will this silence on these criminal rogue gang that blood استباحت people without being there Haseeb them committed their hands .. That this city cry it out cover government Almazkry no police, no army and heretics are the judge and jury, but they government of this city and all of the previously disagreed or even later kill inevitably .. God and yes agent in you O criminals killers, O enemies of God, religion and humanity.

Assassination “Shoaib poetic” Secretary of the People’s Committee of previously popular tuber
7:01 NEWS
The news agency the Gaddafi International – Derna

assassination “Shoaib poetic” Secretary of the People’s Committee of the popularity of Derna earlier when he came out of the mosque ….



up arms shipments from the east to support Buhulaiga in Sirte # # #

Selecting inventory Fattah Mohamed Abdel Fattah as the new local WC Jirdani in Sirte
Tu Ae.

# Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl # # # release Gaddafi second Salam Alcardsa a very tormented in Sirte # # # and a powerful explosion in Bohadi believed to be in the battalion Buhulaiga # # #

What he heard last night of the lead voices in Sirte is the arrival of the militias Almusratih expelled from Tripoli chattel inventory Aqhirh to Sirte last night amid intensive shooting to receive from جردان Farouk battalion in Sirte;
God Lancet grave O Qhirh.

Urgent popular Sirte: the arrival of trucks Dkhirh Middle rats to rats battalion Buhulaiga.

Why Aakalp NATO Aabouhliqh Lake period Atkhozn in Aldkhirh.


One of the largest member of theal-Qaeda group, Ansar al-Sharia, and accused of killing Maj. Gen. Abdel Fattah Younis (pictured above),

as well as accused of killing many of the officers and the military.
His name: Yahya Abdel Sayed.*1

Killed shortly before in the city of Sirte, and it seems that the liquidation began prosecute those accused of murder by the tribes killed and their families.

And eluted good Jay O جردان

*1: Killing “Yahya عبدالسيد Azwai” the first defendant in the assassination of Major General Abdel Fattah Younis in the city of Sirte.
God Ardekiedkm in Nhrkm Aajerman

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Urgent … Number of wounded from Tabu by the bombing of people from the tribe Azhoyh SC neighborhood in Kufra, home Tabu.

3 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel # 3 dead and a large number of ca# Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl # # # release Gaddafi second Salam Alcardsa a very tormented in Sirte # # # and a powerful explosion in Bohadi believed to be in the battalion Buhulaiga # # #sualties in the clashes between Toubou and angle # # # #


Mortar shelling by militias Tamslhh Chadian infidels on residential neighborhoods, wounding four people valuable neighborhood Bushoq are 1 – Saad Younis Sultan
2 – dishonest Massoud Hamid Bomrez
3 – Fattah Ahanih
4 – Safety Hamad Saad
.. The shooting in front of the headquarters of the University of infidels leads to the injury of the brother / Hadi Saleh Ibrahim, was seriously injured.

The security situation has tightened in the coming hours, and ask God for safety to citizens residing within the infidels and make this country safer unscathed.

Quoting … infidels newspaper today.

Violent clashes occur in the city of Kufra now.



Conqueror room Four Ever

Ham for free Sabha:
Please caution from Misurata named client Saeed Abdul Jalil Abusnana residents Sabha district Mahdia an employee Libya to secure the filming of young supporters and then converts the lists of their names to Misurata rats on a daily basis.

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Voice mess rung 23 in Sabha / from Aokd O Tris south.

Knight of the Knights of Alqmazvh:

{Suleiman Adamin Sanusi} Lord bless and Shahid Baden God

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aaaaaaaaaaaaahal # # # Jerdan Mtgerha Atabahm of what made ​​Buhulaiga forces and Jaivin Wajid, especially children of Solomon in Sebha # # #

Alexander Beck (originator MILLIONS LOVE GADDAFI), Resistance fighter who lost all his family (they awere from Sabha) and cousins (and a surving brother being tortured in prison) is now a martyr. May Peace Be Upon Him!
  • Hello Today I received news from Libya very sad namely martyrdom brother fighter Alexander Beck after he climber stitch is and a group of friends came to them periodically from rats and Haulo taking the car in their possession but Tsdo them and as long as fronting them at about killing Alexander Beck.
  • We are sad parting as much as we are sad to lose a brother Aziz we started SEWEN online struggle against traitors and follow NATO who Baau country, but they are so never recruited and supporters
    Lived activist and was a martyr
    Alemdar Morad



A Zintani honors school Madrsinha seal of the Great Jamahiriya … ; Great day



Trial of East European engineers opened and adjourned
(by Al Libya TV ) ..Tripoli, 10 April 2013:The Supreme Military Court today opened and adjourned proceedings against 24 foreign engineers accused of helping Qaddafi’s forces repair military installations to be used against NATO aircraft during the revolution.The defendants are 19 Ukrainians, three Belorussians and two Russians. They maintain that they are oil field workers. Defence lawyers requested more time to consult with their clients. The judges reset the trial date for early May:

Murder door Ben Ghashir ..
Began joy celebrate the occasion marriage son family Shunnaq presence Artists (EA Alaberdi and Murad Qaddura) in Barakidjo cars for cinema Republic door bin Ghashir was celebrated to the sound of music with fireworks and dancing by the Friends of the groom and his neighbors and was Hdtt crime and turned the celebration tragic end ..
The two brothers from a family Almkhozom They neighbors groom’s family and some their friends and their number was 9 people began firing at the victim (Khalid Bodib) aka (Khalid البيتسا) was born in the eighties Elashenkov a modern audience from Thailand to celebrate the wedding of his friend and neighbor, and shot him with his feet and shot the heart and then let us know stabbed him for by bayonet Kalashnikov in his entire body except multiplying his car Balokhms and lose friends بإسعافه and their eyes filled tears on malice and treachery of these nine people and when they arrived to the hospital street corner papers life ..
God bless and Aghafrlk Eachald and Aasber family

Keep shooting in Mazran Street in Tripoli.

Snfinuh seemed rats:

Votes pencil keep in Airport / Tripoli.

Tripoli costume Sboul cooker /

Hear people with four blast circumference base Motaigah.

Consecutive blasts with shootings keep P Motaigah before few Ashptakat permeated throughout the Friday Market.
Hearing with four huge explosions near the Mitiga air base in Tripoli. . .

Responded to us /
Powerful explosions next to the base Motaigah followed keep shooting there.

“Today and I convey to you the news I do not know whether to be Okhtafa I also or not and you will launch a Srahi or Tsfita this news respect for Mr. Fadil and the man Mr. Mohamed National Qreis ….
(After it had been leaking secrets, information and documents from the Government of Zaidane security plan documents imposed by Ibratania on the Government of Libya 2012.12.15 and owner of agreements after a meeting of security experts to countries that have supported Libya during the war on 2012.12.17 and leaked images contracts has with a French security companies, which took place after the Paris conference 2013.2.13 and resulted in a Security Council resolution to give legitimacy to work in Libya ... turns out that he abducted Mohamed Alqreis Secretary Libyan Prime Minister’s Office are Almlisheh armed guarding and chaired by Dr. Ali Zaidane and after being tortured and pressure on him by all means innocence was discovered that which led to his release and we do not know now the turn of his foreign minister or?).”

Quoting from / / d. Najla irons
Unit Manager for International and Regional Studies
Nile Center for Economic and Strategic Studies

Release Mohammed Alqreis director Ali Zaidan office after paying ransom
5:22  News

Were released “Mohammed Alqreis” Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Jermany Ali Zaidan 10 days after his abduction ..
Irreversible Agheribh Yakreis ………………….

The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli

first pictures of the invited Mohammed Alqreis Director of the Office of Prime Minister Ali Zaidan after his release by his captors. After paying a ransom of 200 thousand dinars, The Alqreis found thrown in a suburb of the capital, has said he was subjected to several violations during the period of his abduction and poured into tears.

Heavy presence of armed cars Thistle Street in Abu Salim.

Tripoli Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel:
Hooks little girl in front of her mother in the Omar al-Mukhtar Street shortly before

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Exposure afternoon headmaster Alhmokh area الدريبي to armed assault by three brothers to school, where the latter was absent from quotas and when the administrator recorded absent in the register of the school returned to her home and brought her brothers and they attacked the director beat with hands and legs and Bokhms weapon which caused him serious damage in the face, back and where the school announced full Btlaptha and teachers sit until further notice and stop the study until action is taken particular executive. !!!!!!! There is no power but from God this nanny who Aabeyen Petrba generation Alkarth Great veiled it .. God you look to where arrived recklessness …..
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(, Rishvana and seven drums) …

Carp have been filtering retribution Alorchwena his crime against the Liberals and the betrayal of the tribe and Rishvana
This tramp has been working with clients in 27 and NATO was violates delights Ataveb Liberal in jail and a response came quickly from free and Rishvana Valley hell
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Explosions were heard in Spring Valley and Ain Zara.



This Libyan case in the era of February … Egyptian occupancy in Alzarh ..


Libyan authorities decided to renew the imprisonment of 14 Egyptian fishermen for a week

7:20 PM  NEWS

The news agency Gaddafi International – Egypt Ahmed Abdo, Nassar captain fishermen Kafr El-Sheikh, that the Libyan authorities, decided to renew the detention 14 fishermen for a week. Pointed out that the fishermen of the 14 people on board the boat “Akhenaten”, was arrested for 40 days, was renewal imprisoned for three consecutive times, on charges of breach Libyan territorial waters. added, that the fishermen were on the fishing boat, 90 miles from the Libyan territorial waters, on their way to a fishing trip to the island of Malta, and stopped to disrupt Matturha, but Coast Guard Libyan forced them to engage in territorial waters Libyan, was arrested and charged with regional water penetration haphazardly …
 Libya offers $ 2 billion financial aid to Egypt
8:41 AM NEWS 
Gaddafi news agency World – Economy

Libyan government announced illegal they will provide to Egypt an interest-free loan size of $ 2 billion, to support the economy of its neighbor, as announced Thursday by the agency “Reuters”, citing local media. The loan will be provided for a period of five years, with a grace period of three years. According to the Ministry of Finance in Libya, and the purpose of the loan is to support the Egyptian economy, and the state budget and foreign exchange reserves of the country .
Qatar was said earlier, it had decided to give Egypt financial aid as much as $ 3 billion, and is expected to provide assistance in the form of bond purchases Egyptian or transfer of funds in the form of deposits to the Central Bank of Egypt .
After two years of the revolution, the spring of 2011, Egypt is witnessing a difficult economic situation. Negotiations are still with the International Monetary Fund for financial support as much as $ 4.8 billion has been going on for more than a year. However, they did not lead to any tangible results because of political instability in Egypt .

Africa for Evrivan. . And Stzhv millions of Sahara desert:



Qatar Pklha Tahtha in the state of Tataouine Maadsh Haymaker
Tfowoh customers Renaissance to sitting Aabieo in the country lab lab, Company, Dar Dar
Did you know that Israeli colonizers began procurement of companies and land in Palestine
The same scenario, but this time will not be
The State of Qatar, which was formed in 1971 and comparing the land of Ibn Khaldun, Uqba and others
Days between us and the Tunisians Liberal Satrdekm you and traitors
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Told you the Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa lying and is Tani legs afraid extends the leg to reach the limits of Kuwait, the small size of Qatar

Hahaha morning goods morning our enemy Mahdod Mhloc undefeated

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Belgian newspaper: Qatar frog who wants to become a bull

TUESDAY, 09 APRIL 2013 14:39 

qatar09042013Tunisia – Tanit Press – agencies

Attacked Belgian newspaper “Le Libre” in one of her articles who Anonth on behalf of “the Emir of Qatar fox” practices Qatari government, wondering why you want to Qatar?What happens behind the scenes at this small rich emirate? Why decide this emirate, which has become the master key to the Middle East? What are the strategies pursued towards Europe from buying clubs, supermarkets and luxury buildings?.

As described Cristea press Chassno and researcher and author of a book on Qatar as “, and its secrets” Qatar “frog who wants to become an ox”, Qatar exploit financial richness to put itself on the international map .. The Emir of Qatar Hamad second plays on all parties even though they are the enemies of, Vengda supports Islamic groups in Mali, although that show their support for the French military operation, Vengda a strong ally of the United States of America, and has ties with the Taliban.

The Chassno felt that the Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani maintains relations with all parties so presents itself in international issues, as it supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia, in addition to that Doha has become the capital of the Syrian opposition.

The newspaper pointed out that this small emirate became sit side by side with world powers, the name of Qatar has become known everywhere, and that Qatar has become a hero at all in the use of one type of soft power, namely money, this tiny emirate is trying to extend its influence in the Middle East and Africa, try to play with maps Jawssayash.

For his part, explained the expert and political scientist French, Nabil Nasrid author of “mystery country”, that Qatar pursues a policy of publishing turmoil for control, asserting that “Qatar is helping to spread chaos in the communities, as we see in Libya and Egypt, and then trying to control on the political situation and the intervention itself in the affairs of other countries by extending these countries with money. ”

Posted – Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Tunisia – Tanit Press – agencies

Attacked Belgian newspaper “Le Libre” in one of her articles who Anonth on behalf of “the Emir of Qatar fox” practices Qatari government, wondering why you want to Qatar?

Posted – Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Tunisia – Tanit Press – agencies


Belgian newspaper: Qatar frog who wants to become a bull
Belgian newspaper world: Qatar frog who wants to become a bull Tunisia – Tanit Press – and agencies attacked the Belgian newspaper Le Libre in one of her articles who Anonth on behalf of the Emir of Qatar fox practices Qatari government, wondering why you want to Qatar? What happens behind the scenes at this small rich emirate? Why decide this emirate, which has become Mufta …

Qatari press the Egyptians: “What have you done falafel disks?

Qatari press jumped Ahmed – Member of the Board of Directors press the “home country” – Egypt and its history and its culture and its people, describing it as the leading country in the coups.

And tried to press the country through his account on the social networking site, “straining”, humiliate U.S. aid the Egyptian people, saying, “Maybe Nl_huss boots America as it claims but we do not allow them to trample Bdzmtha on our heads as you do return you receive a conditional financial assistance”.
Adding that “America is the first supporter you in the Middle East for decades, and Matnsash annual financial aid conditional to you to implement their policies.”
Qatari press also took advantage of Egypt’s economic situation and to tarnish the political culture and industry, saying “in Japan, a U.S. base in Germany also, as well as Korea, which may be your phone is made, what have you done as you drive falafel?”.
He continued: “There are countries that are based on its long glorious past civilization such as Greece bankrupt and Musrsahbh deteriorating economy .. what Avadha think back Aasahab history?”.
And claimed that the Egyptians living on past civilization without planning for the future, saying: “you are talking about the industry and you are importing everything from abroad until (Ramadan lantern) Tstordonh from China .. and Hoy Aaouhoa Aaouhh.”
He concluded by saying: “You are living in the past Ianfrtia node, while the modern world is planning for the future, and that the cause of your problem that you look back and not forward.”
He accused the Egyptian people betraying their superiors and their quest to war power, saying “Aaraaagel Antoa Mapchbaosh of war to the point that you now you fight each other for power, and if the country was standing, and the economy collapsed. Pound and deteriorating”, and Amadvia “say (long age) to our rulers and our leaders because we are loyal to them and became agitated them as you did with Farouk, Sadat and Mubarak, and as you do now with Mercy. ”
And concluded Ngredath trying to dismiss would the Egyptians, saying “the tent came the Arabs who invaded Egypt, and the Honor the people of Islam, and placed blocks of Islamic civilization O Pharaoh.”
The Ahmed is the journalist who asked the trial cynical media as Yusuf on charges of insulting the country.

Read the original article on the electronic gate delegation delegation – Qatari press the Egyptians: “What have you done falafel disks?”

صحفى قطرى للمصريين:”ماذا صنعتم غير أقراص الطعمية؟تطاول الصحفى القطرى أحمد على – عضو مجلس إدارة صحفية “الوطن القطرية” – على مصر وتاريخها وحضارتها وشعبها، ووصفها بأنها الدولة الرائدة فى الإنقلابات.وحاول الصحفى القطرى عبر حسابه على موقع التواصل الاجتماعى “توتير “، إذلال الشعب المصرى بالمعونة الأمريكية ، قائلا”ربما نلحس جزمة أمريكا كما تزعم لكننا لانسمح لها أن تدوس بجزمتها على رؤوسنا كما تفعل بكم مقابل حصولكم على مساعداتها المالية المشروطة”.
مضيفا “أمريكا هي الداعم الأول لكم في الشرق الأوسط منذ عقود، وماتنساش معوناتها المالية السنوية المشروطة لكم لتنفيذ سياساتها”.
كما استغل الصحفى القطرى أوضاع مصر الاقتصادية والسياسية لتشويه حضارتها وصناعتها، قائلا” في اليابان قاعدة أمريكية وفي ألمانيا ايضا وكذلك كوريا التي ربما يكون هاتفك مصنوع فيها فماذا صنعتم أنتم غير أقراص الطعمية؟”.
وتابع: “هناك دول ترتكز على حضارة ماضيها البعيد التليد مثل اليونان المفلسة ومصرصاحبة الاقتصاد المتدهور..فبماذا أفادها تاريخها ياصاحب التاريخ؟”.
وأدعى أن المصريين يعيشون على حضارة الماضى دون تخطيط للمستقبل، قائلا:”تتحدثون عن الصناعة وانتم تستوردون كل شىء من الخارج حتى(فانوس رمضان)تستوردونه من الصين..وحوي ياوحوي إيوحه”.
واختتم كلامه قائلا:” إنك تعيشين في عقدة الماضي يانفرتيتي، بينما العالم المعاصر يخطط للمستقبل، وهذا سبب مشكلتكم أنكم تنظرون للوراء وليس للأمام”.
واتهم الشعب المصرى بخيانة رؤسائهم وسعيهم الى حرب السلطة، قائلا” ياراااجل انتوا مابتشبعوش من الحرب لدرجة انكم الآن تحاربون بعضكم البعض على السلطة ،وحال البلد واقف ،واقتصادها منهار .والجنيه متدهور”، ومضفيا” قول (طال عمرك) لحكامنا وقادتنا لاننا أوفياء لهم ولانفعل بهم كما فعلتم مع فاروق والسادات ومبارك،وكما تفعلون الآن مع مرسي”.
واختتم تغريداته بمحاولة للتقيل من شأن المصريين ، قائلا “من الخيمة جاء العرب الذين فتحوا مصر ، واكرموا شعبها بالاسلام ،وقاموا بوضع لبنات الحضارة الاسلامية يا فرعون”.
يذكر ان احمد على هو الصحفى الذى طالب بمحاكمة الاعلامى الساخر باسم يوسف بتهمة التطاول على قطر.اقرأ المقال الأصلي علي بوابة الوفد الاليكترونية الوفد – صحفى قطرى للمصريين:”ماذا صنعتم غير أقراص الطعمية؟”

Kuwaiti channel attacking Qatar and threaten the deployment of the rulers of Qatar scandals
Electronic newspaper Sama Syria http://www.sama-syria.com. To follow the latest news please visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Sama.Syria.electronic.new

Gaddafi news agency   World – remarks

British minister expose the reasons for the war on Libya planned 20 years ago

2:46 AM  NEWS  
British minister expose the reasons for the war on Libya planned 20 years ago
Gaddafi news agency World – remarksClare Short revealed the former Minister of International Development in the UK during the period from 1997 to 2003 that Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister and after the events of September 11 and the occupation of Afghanistan, “he said, referring to the fact that Libya should be the next target.”
This came when Adlaúha testify in the conference organized by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies Wednesday in the Qatari capital Doha and lasts for two days under the title “Ten years since the occupation of Iraq: Implications and effects.”
Short added that the interview Blair confirms “a weapon of mass destruction lie Iraqi taken as a pretext for invasion,” and pointed out that more than half of the British people and a decade after the invasion believes that the invasion was wrong and that Tony Blair should be tried as a war criminal. ”
She talked about “deceive and mislead the big event before the invasion of the British public and members of the government, too,” she shrugged that the British Foreign Office and before the invasion weeks told government ministers that “in the event of the overthrow of the Iraqi retain members by the Iraqi government their positions to maintain the stability and reconstruction process will be Links and effort the Iraqi state institutions and this did not happen as a whole. ”
She added that the invasion behind the tragedies and sectarian division and economic devastation imposed on everyone face the challenges to keep Iraq and its progress, especially since the Arab region undergoing historic outcome of the Arab revolutions.
, Said Naji Sabri Iraq’s Foreign Minister from 2001 to 2003, and Permanent Representative of Iraq to the International Atomic Energy Agency, who lives in Qatar that the American campaign against Libya had been planned since twenty years and specifically after the second Gulf War 1990.
He said in his paper entitled “What did Iraq to avert the threat of war?” The Iraq exert effort to thwart U.S. efforts “but inspection committees sent by the United Nations played a role Tgssea and conspiratorial on Iraq, which decided to stop cooperating with the International Atomic Energy Agency nuclear in 1998.”
He explained that in spite of Iraq’s attempts to re-work of the inspectors, but the United States has worked and lobbied actively for a resolution of the Security Council in 2002 authorizing wage aggression and after failing the individual and Britain step military invasion in violation of international conventions.
Said Hans von Sponeck United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Iraq (1989 – 2000) The international resolutions taken against Iraq was a way to step up against the Iraqi people “because it was open and obvious and intolerable interpretation according to the interpretation of each state.”
He added that more than $ 5 billion was withheld from Iraq and the Iraqi people with it was for humanitarian purposes.
The team confirmed the corner and former commander of the Republican Guard Second Raad Hamdani, who lives in Qatar weakness forces the Iraqi military before the invasion as a result of the second Gulf War and the continuing U.S. air strikes since 1990, and the economic blockade has hampered the development of the weapon system and Iraqi military industry in Iraq.
He continued “despite request equip the army for the war but it was not adequately equipped to believe the Iraqi leadership that the war will not because of international opposition positions her and she has will be limited.”
Get after the invasion, Hamdani said that “the Iraqi army did not have the ability to stop the advance of the enemy was his goal delayed not only President.”
Hebrew crusade channel shopping for foreign intervention in Libya occupied again.How will walk the dog Jab!!
قناة العبرية الصليبية تسوق لتدخل أجنبي في ليبيا المحتلة من جديد.كم كلب سوف تمشي فيه الأبرة!!
FIRST GET RID OF ALL “BABYLON” PRODUCTS & ENTRIES in your Computer!Share Share and Asiraaaaaaaaaaúal death and pro-Israel
Methods of self-protection breachThe first method: by file system registry Registry:
1 – Click to show Start
2 – Type in operating Run command box: regedit
3 – Open the following folders in alphabetical order list Registery Editor:
– Software
– Microsoft
– Windows
– Current Version
– Run
4 – and now from the window of the system registry Registry Editor see to the right of the split screen you will see a window under the Names list the names of files that work with startup list and the corresponding address in the list of Data file.
5 – Note well, the files and found to Aakablh file PAL Data address or has appeared in front of a small arrow <— It spy file it does not have a specific address Baloyndoz.
6 – get rid of it by clicking on the right button Moss then Delete
The second method by the command: msconfig
1 – show Start
2 – type in the box operating Run the following command: msconfig
3 – will show you the System Configuration Utility window Select the tab for San Start up
4 – we’ll give you the screen displays the programs that work directly with the primitive startup
5 – Check out these programs a good view questioned the existence of strange programs you did not install device uncheck signal phenomenon the small square opposite him so that she would have stopped the work program spying or other unwanted programs.
The third way by stomping Dos:
This method was used before the advent of Windows, one of the easiest ways:
1 – Open stomping of Inductor MSDos show list3 – if any patch file do swab in the following way:
C: Windowsdelete patch. *10 – see if your computer has been compromised or not: -A – start
B – run
C – type the System.ini
Will open notebook you see to the fifth line if the next ***** stars penetrative If you and the way they are not always as they are possible depending on the server settings that put the intervention in the system (System)
The second way: –
Tavaa after entering into the Internet shows you in the corner next to the clock Kmpiotran Okhaddran your opening if you see that the byte sent more than Bytes Received If you penetrative

‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD now empowered in SYRIA!https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=177304119087453
Up the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Syria as part of the planned “Zionist – Crusader”
Shaykh ordeal updated Shaykh mark d. Mohammed Saeed Raslan – may God protect him -:
((No longer there Syria, and all that in order to reach the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood to power in Syria as part of the planned “Zionist – Crusader” sponsored by the American Jewish, Muslim Brotherhood today but pray to power in countries through the Americans and Jews))

يقول شيخ المحنة فضيلة الشيخ العلامة المحدث د.محمد سعيد رسلان-حفظه الله-:
((ما عادت هناك سوريا، و كل ذلك من أجل أن يصل الأخوان المسلمون إلى الحكم في سوريا ضمن المخطط “الصهيو-صليبي” برعاية أمريكية يهودية، الأخوان المسلمون اليوم إنما يصلون إلى الحكم في البلدان عن طريق الأمريكان و اليهود))
Open Secret:Turkish and Western intelligence operatives allowing the flow of
jihadist foreign fighters into Syria 

Source: SacBee/McClatchy

For all the Obama administration's vocal concern about Islamist extremists
fighting in Syria, neither U.S. officials nor regional allies have taken
significant action to stem the flow of jihadists to rebel ranks.

The jihadist pipelines – mainly via Turkey, but also through Jordan and Iraq
– are an open secret, according to interviews this month with fighters and
eyewitnesses, as well as analysts who've closely monitored the 2-year-old
uprising against President Bashar Assad's regime.

The foreign fighters would be hard to miss for Turkish and Western intelligence
operatives – they stay at established safe houses, openly recruit comrades and
often stand out with distinctive appearances and habits – yet there's been no
overt effort to crack down on their presence in frontier towns.

"Even with this growing jihadist threat, there's a reluctance to do anything
more proactive on Syria," said Elizabeth O'Bagy, an analyst with the Institute
for the Study of War who recently spent two weeks traveling with rebels in
Syria, where she encountered Tunisian, Moroccan and Algerian fighters, she

2 thoughts on “Terrorist sponsor NATO is back in Libya full force with the addition of 180,000 ground-troups!

    What are the actual risks to strengthen Towers mobile networks?
    7:02 AM NEWS

    The news agency Gaddafi International – IT

    Unfortunately, according to a German study can be infected persons who live within 300 meters of the towers to strengthen mobile for 10 years with breast cancer, and prostate, pancreas, skin, and lung, three times more than others, who live away from the towers and others. And accumulate these risks radiation over the years, but human health harm suddenly after the failure of the body’s immune defense of the body. Prevention: conducted a lot of studies to prevent the risk of these towers and are advised to stay away from Relay Towers and away from residential areas at least 400 meters and a safe distance. But point out that not all have the same types of damage depending on the amount of radiation outside of the tower ….

    comm towers

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