un nouvel évangile pour l’humanité / A New Gospel for Mankind

Mu reading over Green Book edition

Victory is promised soon

Dear next of the unknown ……………… Where are you ……….. you near us yesterday ……. Today we burn Kiek ……….

await your return with every dawn of a new day …………….. dream became reality Game ………….

and mirage come true ……………… will not say tired waiting .……………. will to Arjua Haya decision.next ……….

only O of the unknown ……………. faster faster.

See you the Dove above, on the seat-back of his chair (above Mu’ammar’s crown)? and the sunrise too?
an elephant on Muammar’s crown as well–and elephants are deemed to be WISE!

Tribute to Mu


“Good morning, evening light …. Roses and good morning and friendliness and Algla of …. Grace morning, health and wellness … Victories and steadfastness morning eternal …. God is pleased Bbagm Íaagly ÇÍČÇČí”

And a thousand million tribute to the leader of victory and challenge…

Admona 4

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Mu’ammar in African Shop:

Mu Lightning



Night of the Fall of TRIPOLI by NATO, and two traitor rogue “Generals”:
Battalion Black day 
The night of the fall of Tripoli
Everyone says that the fall of Tripoli was behind the client Barrani forms!! But how Khan this client and what he has done?? Actually forms Albrani was a client and a traitor and was the cause of the fall of Tripoli and the death of many of our children will enumerate the brief story,,,,,,,,,,,
When I started the pressure on Tripoli from the eastern side ((Misurata)) and the western corner has prepared a plan to secure Tripoli and prevent the storming of rats through strengthening the case deterrence in the entrances and exits from all sides, and actually been done and they plan high-resolution involving all security units The military, including a battalion Emhemed Maqrif which was headed Barrani forms have been requested Barrani assigning the task of securing the roofs of high-rise buildings in Tripoli to prevent any case out of the rat central Tripoli put snipers on the buildings and vowed to put three thousand sniper above are under the command and present has already been done ,,, On the night of twenty Ramadan was bombed our troops by NATO in the neighborhood of Nasser and Hlgodh west corner making it easier for rats of Zintan and Gharyan and Ifrane down and docking with the rats in the corner and progress to the region mil and also bombed the gate securing Tripoli corresponding to the Academy of Graduate Studies بجنزور for continued progress Rats towards Tripoli, the same night the rats moved market Friday, فشلوم and Gargaresh to invade the center of Tripoli and was presumably on the strength ofBarrani have to deal with them over the rooftops, but he turned out to be Barrani had handed the plan to the leaders of rats, who in turn deployed snipers them and forces country above those buildings, which took snipe all detachments security and armed people on the ground, which facilitated the flow of rats to all the streets of Tripoli and alleys and control them with a large flow of rats across the five entrances to Tripoli, will not linger and rest on this, we turn to other important part is where the intelligence Ajhzat Barrani and betrayal???? You must mention the date that the Libyan intelligence discovered the betrayal Barrani forms and dealing with rats early and specifically of the month 5/2011 and available to have the evidence and not evidence only on that was state media that it is the status of Barrani forms worrying too, did not work the recommendations of the security, the judge set it or remove him from military action,,,, continued to frequent security warnings from the fact that Barrani forms and client must Tak a decisive stand against him, but no one answered … I do not know why I do not want to dive in his commentary on I اجهله!!!! That is the story of the client Barrani Naji very brief may be gone some details, but give a true picture of the betrayal of this client …. The day will come that lists the full story without knowing a shortcut to the Libyans km from Sharif a free man and a gentleman and the sons of this people were killed especially in Tripoli behind this client …… Valjuna and customers do not value them …..
The revolutionary struggle continues until victory
(publisshed by: Admoowona 1)
ليلة سقوط طرابلسالكل يقول ان سقوط طرابلس كان ورائه العميل البراني اشكال !! ولكن كيف خان هذا العميل وما الذي قام به ؟؟ فعلاً البراني اشكال كان عميل وخائن وكان سبب في سقوط طرابلس واستشهاد العديد من ابنائنا وسوف نسرد القصة مختصره لذلك ،،،،،،،،،،،
عندما بدأت الضغوطات على طرابلس من الجهة الشرقية (( مصراته )) والجهة الغربية الزاوية اعدت خطة لتأمين طرابلس ومنع اقتحامها من الجرذان وذلك من خلال تقوية حالة الردع في مداخلها ومخارجها من جميع الجهات ،، وفعلاً تم ذلك وكانت خطة عالية الدقة اشتركت فيها كل الوحدات الامنية والعسكرية ،، بما فيها كتيبة امحمد المقريف التي كان يرأسها البراني اشكال وقد طلب البراني اسناد مهمة تأمين اسطح المباني العالية بطرابلس لمنع اي حالة خروج للجرذان وسط طرابلس بوضع قناصه فوق تلك المباني وتعهد بأن يضع ثلاثة الاف قناص فوقها هم تحت أمرته وموجودين لديه وفعلاً تم ذلك ،،، وفي ليلة عشرون رمضان تم قصف قواتنا من قبل الناتو في منطقة حي ناصر وشلغوده غرب الزاوية مما سهل على جرذان من الزنتان وغريان ويفرن النزول والالتحام مع جرذان في الزاوية والتقدم الي منطقة المايه وكذلك قصفت بوابة تأمين طرابلس المقابلة لأكاديمية الدراسات العليا بجنزور لاستمرار تقدم الجرذان نحو طرابلس ،، في نفس الليلة تحركت جرذان سوق الجمعة وفشلوم وقرقارش لاجتياح وسط طرابلس وكان يفترض على قوةالبراني ان تتعامل معهم من فوق اسطح المباني الا انه اتضح ان البراني قد سلم الخطة الي قادة الجرذان والذين بدورهم نشروا قناصه منهم ومن قوات قطريه فوق تلك المباني والتي تولت قنص كل المفارز الأمنية والشعب المسلح على الارض مما سهل تدفق الجرذان الي كل شوارع طرابلس وازقتها والسيطرة عليها مع انسياب كبير من الجرذان عبر مداخل طرابلس الخمسة ،،، لن نطيل ونكتفي بهذا ونتحول الي جزئية اخرى مهمه وهي اين كانت اجهزت المخابرات من البراني وخيانته ؟؟؟؟ يجب ان نذكر للتاريخ ان المخابرات الليبية اكتشفت خيانة البراني اشكال وتعامله مع الجرذان مبكراً وتحديداً من شهر 5/2011 وتوفرت لديها الأدلة وليس القرائن فقط على ذلك وتم اعلام الدولة بذلك ومن وضعية البراني اشكال المقلقة جداً ،، ولم يعمل بتوصيات الامن القاضية بضبطه او ابعاده عن العمل العسكري ،،،، استمرت تحذيرات الامن بشكل متكرر من كون البراني اشكال عميل ويجب اتخاد موقف حاسم ضده ولكن ما من مجيب … لا اعرف سبب ذلك ولا اريد الغوص في شرحه لأني اجهله !!!! وتلك هي حكاية العميل البراني ناجي بشكل مختصر جداً قد يكون ذهب ببعض تفاصيلها ولكنها تعطي الصورة الحقيقية على خيانة هذا العميل …. سوف يأتي يوماً تسرد فيه القصة كامله دون اختصار ليعرف الليبيين كم من شريف حر ورجل شهم وابناء من هذا الشعب قتلوا بالأخص في طرابلس من وراء هذا العميل …… فالخونة والعملاء لا قيمة لهم …..
والكفاح الثوري مستمر حتى النصر
ادموووونة 1 Desert Warriors

Image taken from the air to one of traitors homes, thank NATO for the bombing of the Libyan people and infrastructure.:


Shalgam recognition Alkhaan on Qatar -.


Tent channel on Nilesat frequency 11257 Horizontal Symbol Rate 27500

Tent channel has been opened and now the revolutionary songs and frequency
P Moon Nilesat
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Press conference to Zidane rat …… On Libya Alaotunaih the …
The Libyan aircraft flying always and Bstmrar over the southern sky
It will bomb anything suspicious moves underneath
Libya after February 17 will not be wasted the right one
I Central سالغى and soon will begin first municipal الانتخبات …
Then portfolio
Problem of his Army National Guard
It would be neutral from a remote individuals and all political orientations
And tribal and religious …. Will be supportive of border guards
Forest guards and coastal protection
Ask the customs border to prevent the entry of any kind of birds and Aldoaj the
There are problems in poultry far, and its source Qasr Bin Ghashir
There are now طوارى committee dealing with the disease
The first priority of government Come support the rebels …
There Almharia Alsgrh young and middle-

Understand the need for this prophet tells Libya to where we are .. in Libya or other Ayesh in. ..?
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Just two days ago, said client traitor Maqrief the in a meeting on one channels Jardan he a civilian, not military, not military competence and that he was a teacher in one of the universities and Kmodv in SAI and then ambassador in India …. And Alan supreme commander of the Libyan army …..!?
How to become O جردن Maqrief of pollen top commander for despicable Melctm …?

O Henry Kissinger and his NWO Zionistsa think that they will live on forever!

Battalion Black day:

Post from free to Algeria ………… Amir Abdelkader
Tkpeyeaier and Muslim people will not surrender

Jerusalem we go martyrs in the millions!!!!!!!!!!!

After Aato the wealth of Libya to colonial now following their mission is to bring again colonization of Arab countries and continued in the phrase “Down Down system Hahahahahahah”
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Via Page
Please pay attention to the need .. So let speak colloquially:
Lena friendly poured a bowl of Baku farm and شربتها the juice .. It are in bowl Altanih of juicy pension me down take excessive and pour a little hurt and stop the important pacu opened with scissors and Bbath in Sonah launched pollen!!!
This pollen Mandarin (or mouse rather small Alguenchh) time units .. I think following pension Heca which is true??
As one friend commented .. “The same idea Rani بالحبيبات, but this Balviran”!!!
God reached .. I wish you publish the picture on a wider scale, to Libya Mesh Naqsa the now recovered epidemics of God and you ………..
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RAT TNC (NOW GNC) granted “citizenship” to more than 2 million  foreigners—mostly Qatari--to swell the population of Libya and secure  a “rebel” state.

Foreign mercenaries became Libyans!

Mercenary scandal Rahim nutria!!

Abdul Rahim importer nutria (nutria are Giant RATS found in Louisiana Swamps) and on his personal page says:

(We have to انكون scarce metal Kadhafi my father did not grant citizenship .. and therefore the Egyptian people have them here 2 million and I hope to be granted citizenship to the majority of them even increase the number of the Libyan people because they for Libyans Btaibthm)

Britain has decided to supervise the security field in Libya
By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 08:07

The Gaddafi International News Agency – London

Britain expressed its willingness to help the Libyan authorities illegal in the training of cadres, police and strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the security field.
announced Minister of International Development, the British government Alan Duncan, who is visiting Libya currently his country’s intention to support the capacity of Libya to develop security elements in all fields, especially the “anti- terrorism “and the criminal investigation and DNA and other security equipment, which would contribute in supporting security in Libya.
The announcement of this trend after meeting Libyan Interior Minister illegitimate called Ashour Hoael with the British minister on Tuesday in Tripoli.
expressed International Development Secretary British government Incidentally satisfaction with the level of relations growing between the two countries and offer to sell weapons and military equipment to Libya because they found the market profitably and can not rejection in front of the killer with them against their own people.
part, praised Hoael position of Britain in the bombing of the Libyan people, participated in the meeting, Director of the General Administration of relations and cooperation ministry, Colonel Jalal Ghaith , and Britain’s ambassador to Libya Michael Aaron.
Observers warn the efforts of some Western countries to exploit instability in order to exercise more intervention in the internal affairs of Libya and the imposition of certain dictates under the guise of providing aid.
Contributed to the publication Thread :

Britain will train 4000 Libyan recruits each year. There will be 2.5 million pounds for development projects for the private sector in Libya.

Congratulations to you my labor rats


They continued closure of colleges in Zliten, tuber and white and Tripoli …..

Maaspab explosions that occur on a daily basis in Benghazi and Derna ….. And sporadically in Tobruk, Ajdabiya and Ras Lanuf?.

Commander recommended to families of martyrs and missing, do we give them the right?!:




Our correspondent in the leadership of the Resistance:

Send threatening letters Resistance to Tarhuna rats on personal تليفوناتهم



Post addicted Page:

Ali rats Girls Suleiman do not ask for support from rats Tarhunah ….. Flee of Sabha best you ………… Mqratkm and Maskratkm ended.

From the pages of the Resistance (Sabha now)

News from the burning Hall of the People as a result of bombings and clashes yesterday.

News about the kidnapping family of Taorga in Sabha yesterday!

Closure of most of the shops in the Sabha ………..

And bringing Sheikh Ali Alfruja Gaddafi from Tripoli prisons into Gardah prison.

Kidnapping of a young man from Alqmazfah and 2 from Almgarhh by girls Solomon in rats Sabha ……..

The news of their presence in the prison Gardah.

Buhulaiga forces control of the gate 17 near Sabha.

Killing large inventory Solomon birth جردان and Rafla at the hands of the Rat Palo from Cavana House yesterday.

Fuel smuggling from Sebha to Chad and Niger:

Sabha :: /

Mazzika Hdina companions with them rifles vegetables and vegetables they stings from the 32 Brigade enhanced :/

Was thankfully launch of five young Tawergha displaced in the south and specifically the city of Sabha, who were arrested unjustly against the backdrop of events in Sabha last week, which inflated and portrayed by some as a coup attempt and breach of security, what was who they claim to those in charge of security only arrest Altaorgah and falsely accused,
Some of them are still detained at the moment and learned from their parents that some of them did not exceed the age of 17.

Successive explosions and heavy fire with light weapons and the average of the Knight Battalion of Suleiman Sons rats hour ago in Sabha.

de Tunis
Office of the Attorney General Sabha:
60 people escape from prison Sabha.

escape more than 60 detainees from the prison Sabha

Escape of more than 60 detainees from the prison Sabha

 The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sabha

By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 23:40

Attorney General’s office confirmed  Sabha escape more than 60 people from the prison of Sabha morning.

This is the fourth time that the prisoners from the prison smuggling Sabha.


Attempted assassination of the President of the local council and the Valley of the beach
By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 20:15The Gaddafi International News Agency – Valley of the beach.
Exposure of the so-called president of the local council Valley beach for an assassination attempt
near Qira causing the car to burst tires the car came under a hail of bullets.




Voice of Resistance:

What no one knows about the fire, “head of Crescent”:
The cause of the fire, which government is trying to shame and Shunnar hide, is the bombing of NATO planes tightly terrorist group under the leadership of a person named “Bo point”, which is the most criminal called “Sufyan Qmo”.
Where to fire the charges “a thousand and four hundred hectares.” This is what it is impossible to be caused by a fire albeit artificially caused by arson.
The fire was extinguished by two إيطاليتين million was paid agar each aircraft separately from the Government of rats, and the secrecy of its tip on the amount paid and the cause of the fire.



Tripoli: clashes in Alsqa Mosque 15/04/2013
By News on Monday, 15 أبريل, 2013 | 19:15

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli

Clashes erupted on Monday between armed groups amid the Libyan capital Tripoli area collector Alsqa, the clashes led to the traffic stop and there is anticipation of citizens.
Contributed to the publication Thread :

commemoration of 1 year ago:

Now in hit بمضاد the Tayrat in Motaiqh .. Matcolosh weddings.
(Admowona 1.)

Airline extensively on the capital Tripoli since the morning, there seems to be a personal Western had arrived to give last instructions to Germanha the customer.
Today I have got a new directly that is tomorrow will arrive to Tripoli airport an airplane. The boxes say they are carrying Ivory and pottery from a spanish company. But really they are carrying weapons for the mercenaries. : The weapons are from Belgium and France and also pistols (handguns) and ammunition from Italy
غدا ستصل مطار طرابلس طائرة تحمل صناديق مكتوب عليها هذه الصناديق تحمل فخارا وعاج من شركة اسبانية ولكن في الخقيقة هي تحمل اسلحة للمرتزقه وهذه الاسلحة هي من بلجيكا وفرنسا وايضا مسدسات والذخيرة ايطالية.


Ivory (Tripoli) :::

Hearing 3 loud explosions flout capital Allibayh Tripoli now.

Opened fire on Buraq plane in the capital Tripoli
By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 20:33

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli

Suffered since the few bright plane to shooting when landing at Tripoli airport coming from Benghazi some of the passengers were injured seriously injured.

Tripoli: clashes in Alsqa Mosque 15/04/2013
By News on Monday, 15 أبريل, 2013 | 19:15

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli

Clashes erupted on Monday between armed groups amid the Libyan capital Tripoli area collector Alsqa, the clashes led to the traffic stop and there is anticipation of citizens.
Contributed to the publication Thread :

Hear the sound of a powerful explosion shortly before the city of Tripoli.

16 avril 2013 20:38
Allahu Akbar Ali are free bone ……………

الله اكبر علي احرار العظمي……………

Airline extensively on the capital Tripoli since the morning, there seems to be a personal Western had arrived to give last instructions to Germanha the customer.

Today I have got a new directly that is tomorrow will arrive to Tripoli airport an airplane. The boxes say they are carrying Ivory and pottery from a spanish company. But really they are carrying weapons for the mercenaries. : The weapons are from Belgium and France and also pistols (handguns) and ammunition from Italy.
غدا ستصل مطار طرابلس طائرة تحمل صناديق مكتوب عليها هذه الصناديق تحمل فخارا وعاج من شركة اسبانية ولكن في الخقيقة هي تحمل اسلحة للمرتزقه وهذه الاسلحة هي من بلجيكا وفرنسا وايضا مسدسات والذخيرة ايطالية

Spread Albobat Jermanah medium and heavy weapons in the streets of Tripoli ……….. Including Omar al-Mukhtar Street.
Unconfirmed engraved on charging for rat Isa Abdul Majid to take control at the entrances of the infidels and the airport.

Jermana overflights heavily on Tripoli.

What this decadence? …… Rats honored invitee Gneoh Alkkla Chairman Salim military for his crimes against the Libyan people.!!!!

Prevent parents from visiting their family in the prisons in the eye of the Ministry of rats and Motaiqh.

Closure of Omar Mukhtar Street hand (Green Square) by the national security committee and a comprehensive survey of all the butterfly and tables in the street safe .. and the arrest of foreign workers who do not have official papers from the Al-Rashid Street and down to the green scene.
Uncertain news :: /
Last night in the way of Green Square convoy was hit Ahmid Attaybe and Monuments a serious and جردان injury Mtktmin on the news.

Tripoli yesterday

The last night, fire and hell on residents of the city of Tripoli and even had his house or his house he heard explosions and clashes that broke the stillness charged in the atmosphere of the capital Tripoli, actually last night was fighting almost does not stop until the dawn of day and explosions heard in Tripoli almost interview I had with the public street before half an hour from now, most of the residents of Tripoli say that Tripoli day is not Kleilha is, when the sun is absent from the streets of Tripoli, as if the world will turn against Raúsha and become Tripoli inhabited city committees and streets specter of deserted clashes cover every vote …. And is still good Jaykm and forward ^ *
(Admowona 1)

At the closure of ABU SALEM HOSPITAL:

Hospital Street corner still exists by gunmen and armored cars to protect him from the rebels drunken NATO and most of the medical staff did not come back after yesterday’s crime.
X rats rats.

Tripoli – Hospital Street corner

The so-called confidential support and backing 42 with the deterrent power of Ba arrested one youth in a hospital street corner he wanted to rape a patient in a hospital in the event of a total loss because of the ((grain)) and suffering and turn Aballah, was handed over to the competent authorities and also have been arrested five young people drunk in the hospital with 450 bar ترمدول,.

For the second day in a row continues cut power to the Salah al-Din, Tripoli, and suffering people of the area of difficult situations caused by this interruption where the consequent water shortages and corruption meat, also suffers residents Buildings Salahuddin of living conditions difficult because of this interruption, where they stopped most everyday services causing grumbling and anger of the population.



Assassinations in Benghazi, but did not stop the pace rose amid a media blackout on all levels, even Facebook pages of the rats seems it’s going according to plan in uniform opacity was the last of these assassinations killed an army colonel in front of his home region Laithi Day.

Urgent dirt: the assassination of citizen Mohammed القابسي .. Agricultural ordered police in the former dirt .. The actor always anonymous and never .. The dirt is witnessing a wave of assassinations affected many of those who were responsible in the city before Nakba February .. They Crime No. 44.
Folks who store food and gasoline significantly.

Exit a civilian cars in the street beauty …. Shouting to people telling them who have seen the country began …. And the possibility for mass demonstrations on Friday.
Attempting to kill the rat Ben Qmoa ………… As a result of disagreements between al-Qaeda and supporters of (SAUDI-STYLE) Sharia.

People who enabled the education sector Proboa Libyan them Aktar than ten months Athsaloa Fils red,

while Benghazi Khalsoum until month three. Tells revolution amended:

Rats receiving helicopters saws to Benghazi.

The plane throwing leaflets in Benghazi to beg people to come out in a demonstration on Friday 19/04/2013.
Aahto people ĘÚÇáć ČÓ …. case – avec was born Rusaifa.

Image of publications that are distributed in Benghazi:

If contrition in the eastern region (((Cyrenaica)))
Burqa Magdh Xi * Amvet remorse kills O Hei * New tenderly Majid * thousandth entertain feast * Thmdna and Derna قديد * and Tema Aegina loss leaves * Magdt need Amvet Libyan needy * Araak gunpowder * District gently Majid Xi.
Greetings my friend Warfali:

Pregnant rat drunk in his machete in Benghazi gardens …… The banning people from traffic ……….
The car came with chicken logo rats National …. They were afraid of it and fled.



NATO rats are carrying out a raid and arrested the Giza district of Sirte military.

Antzerowoowoowoowoowa are free Sirte ………. Antzerowa top one adult rats:

Fist minor skirmishes between youths from and Rafla Sirte Youth Net Alqmazfah in front of the People ….. Because the young man from and Rafla بمعاكسة daughter of Alqmazfah.

Very important .. Please publishing and alarm :/
Free Sirte challenge the resilience …
A Fberaara scheme vile agreement with جردان of Misrata inventory Qhirh and inventory Makhlouf and so-called Shawarma Farouq Battalion … To enable جردان to Misrata from entering the city and captured the Liberal pretext Elimination of Lahrr of ..
Two weeks ago, there was a list of names includes 130 name of Liberal in Sirte, mostly from the tribe Ma’daan and Alqmazfah and Alforjan brought battalion called Lhalboss from Misrata want to enter the city to catch the names required has intercepted a battalion called the Martyrs corner, led by inventory Salah Bu curl and prevented them from entering;
And planned in detail ((after a meeting جردان the Sirte who are at odds with the named Salah Bu they curl Makhlouf Shawarma “so-called secret Martyrs Alkarzabih; Qhirh and his gang Almusratih the Farouq Battalion; agreement with جردان of Misratah))
That Asmho Bmsert green flags green center of Sirte and incite young Liberals to attack the headquarters Jardan and storm to occur mandated managed جردان Misrata and جردان Makhlouf Shawarma and Qhirh and Farouk from storming the city and arrested the Liberal pretext of a coup attempt and the remnants Brigade 32 and a battalion Saadi, Taqrvat and they are ousted and trained to get rid of any a sense of Resistance ..
Please publishing and warning
And God is witness to what I say.


Tension in the Ras Lanuf refinery …………. The news about employees’ strike.

Ras Lanuf city residential completion of the achievements of the revolution oil stunning turn into a mess,,,,

dictated selling squares that were public parks and in front of commercial markets and clinics

View from the front of the Assembly of Ras Lanuf and return to the clinic residential.

and the destruction of all Green continues:

Aaaaaaaajl and Haaaaaam and dangerous جدااااااا the Libyan Per ………….. (((Goodness came)))

And Ziralnaftjerz Arousi. Now professes and Ras Lanuf, and during a meeting with staff and claimants بمرتباتهم and increase … And the transfer of the meeting in the channel Libya’s international on Monday 15 \ 4 \ 2013 three p.m. .. says literally …. follows .. (((that Libya Mediouna debt exceeds the water billion as a result of NATO intervention and the countries that helped us in the war and inform you that entered Libya 55 billion dinars Libby year that in the event that a barrel of oil sold Bmah dollars and above, says Hba reckon Mai the 55 billion Nozawa them as follows .. 20 billion in salaries and 13 billion to support the commodity and 20 billion Nsddoa them to companies that they serve and operate in Libya before 2011 and damaged and burned and stolen their headquarters and their mechanisms and compensate them for this period which amounted to more than two years, until returning to complete his work again ..

and the rest are about Milirien Mahtfdan them to طواري. unfortunately does not have any Provided because the billions that were abroad frozen funds Kaalsabak did we get them on something and the global crisis has affected countries that have the money and forget that they helped us We must appreciate their situation and there is no have liquidity .. God Ghalib Aalepien this is the truth and we Ankhva you Hia, patience and endured and, God willing goodness came and no need for these sit-ins and demonstrations We liked that the increase Mrtbaatkm, but unfortunately this is the truth and we no have stores of pain and bash Nachzu including flood and Natokm))) the end of the interview the minister …. God Maacol witness can refer to the channel and listen and watch.


News request rats Gharyan to support from the National Chicken to protect stores of arms of resistance attacks.



The arrest of a number of sons of Sheikh Ali hands rats Hammadi in Zliten



Newsflash from Misrata

Misurata militia members education on Scud leadership means. We teach our including health how Eachdo events for Scud how it is beating
Arms not Diem reduce and private Scud O Misratah.

Misrata »exercises on Scud missile carriers in Misrata.
Training on Scud missile carriers in Misrata.
By News on Wednesday, 17 أبريل, 2013 | 08:42

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Misratah

Military exercises taking place in the coastal city of Misrata these days, and between the military equipment used in training Scud missile destroyer carriers.

This came at a time when Libyan cities a popular movement against the Libyan government illegitimate, and also a clear split between the political blocs that have become betray each other.



Inventory corrupt Colonel Ahmed Bani file a lawsuit against the Dardanelles TV channel and accuses her of tarnishing his reputation as he put it
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Explosion rocks stillness city of Tobruk, before minutes from now, and has not been
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Violent clashes spin now in the Libyan city of Murzuq desert road between Toubou and Mlisheh of the armed Misratah .. news referring to the fall of the 20 people killed and wounded.

Clashes in the city of Murzuq predicted several wounded
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The Gaddafi International News Agency – Murzuq

Signed last night of violent clashes between groups of armed Tabu and follow the so-called national army, where many of the wounded fell as a result of this incident were rushed to the hospital.
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Congestion in the city of Kufra after committing militias tracking government murders
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The Gaddafi International news agency – Heathens

Seized control of a state of congestion on the city of Kufra by killings and intimidation that targeted innocent citizens – she was told – by government gangs.
Informed sources said that infidels General Hospital received, three cases have been owners of the sniper near the city’s Market Street.
Saw, infidels, during the past few days a number of intimidation that led to the death of a citizen and causing injuries to others.
And medical sources confirmed the infidels General Hospital, the emergency four of the wounded received injuries of varying severity, after armed clashes broke out in front of the random Higher Education in the city next to the Shura neighborhood in the city.
He cabled Ahmed, one of the doctors Kufra General Hospital “The emergency rooms received this evening, four of the wounded, with injuries of varying severity, after armed clashes broke out in front of the random Higher Education in the city next to the photograph neighborhood.”
And cabled continued, “the bombing of the town of Kufra long shy Bushoq and photograph after the fall of the mortar shells at a number of houses in the neighborhoods, and increasing the tragic situation in the hospital and the city.”
The long-bombing of the town of Kufra greeted Bushoq and the Shura Council after the fall of mortar shells at several houses in the neighborhoods, and witnessing the southern city of Kufra Libyan border region with Chad, Niger and Sudan tribal clashes frequent armed between tribes Azwaip and Tabu’s largest tribes.
The illegal Libyan authorities had announced the end of last year, the South private Libyan city of Kufra closed military zone, and closed its land border with the countries of Chad, Sudan and Niger in order to control the movement of transit of arms to and from Libya.
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الحرشة gate this morning ….

So is the treatment of Egyptian workers in Libya from NATO‘s rebels.


news of the release of President Mubarak!

Falah demanding the return of Mubarak’s rule of Egypt on sedition Qatari channel

Exclusive – Beni Suef Mubarak demanding a return to the rule
Many citizens gathered from the people of the village of the Center for carpets Nasser in Beni Suef after promise them contagious Al Jazeera to give Boaataradhm in a decision to release the …

احتشد العديد من المواطنيين من اهالي قرية الزرابي التابعة لمركز ناصر بمحافظة بني سويف بعد ان اعدهم معد قناة الجزيرة لكي يدلوا بأعتراضهم علي قرار الافراج عن ال…



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Stanza wonderful funny Ahmed Adam Lapidus on Qtraúal and dogs and slaves
Stanza wonderful Ahmed Adam funny and Mbeki, Lapidus where on Qtraúal and dogs and slaves of debt traders, opportunists and ignorant Almsthmaren
مقطع رائع لأحمد آدم مضحك بيدوس على قطرائيل وكلابها وعبيدها
مقطع رائع لأحمد آدم مضحك ومبكي، بيدوس فيه على قطرائيل وكلابها وعبيدها من تجار الدين والإنتهازيين والجهلة المستحمرين

Muammar al-Qathafi


( b.1942 )

Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar Mohammed al-Qathafi ( b.  07 June 1942 ) :

Though Muammar al-Qathafi holds no public office (except for Supreme Commander of the Great Jamahiriya Armed Forces) since 1979, he was accorded the honorifics “Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” or “Brotherly Leader and Guide of the al-Fateh Revolution of 01 September 1969” in government statements and the official Libyan press. (al-Fetah means “festival of Light”)

Early life

al-Qathafi was the youngest child born into a peasant family and grew up in the desert region of Sirte. He was given a traditional religious primary education and attended the Sebha preparatory school in Fezzan from 1956 to 1961. al-Qathafi and a small group of friends that he met in this school went on to form the core leadership of a militant revolutionary group that would eventually seize control of the country in the lat 1960’s. al-Qathafi’s inspiration was Gamal Abdel Nasser, president of neighboring Egypt, who rose to the presidency by appealing to Arab unity. In 1961, al-Qathafi was expelled from Sebha for his political activism.

al-Qathafi went on to study law at the University of Libya, where he graduated with high grades. He then entered the Military Academy in Benghazi in 1963, where he and a few of his fellow militants organized a secretive group dedicated to overthrowing the pro-Western Libyan monarchy. After graduating in 1965, he was sent to Britain for further training at the British Army Staff College, now the Joint Services Command and Staff College, returning in 1966 as a commissioned officer in the Signal Corps.

Military People’s Revolution

On 01 September 1969, a small group of military officers led by al-Qathafi staged a bloodless Revolution against King Idris I, while he was in Kammena Vourla, an area in Greece for medical treatment. His nephew the Crown Prince Hasan as-Senussi was set to become King on September 2 when the abdication of King Idris dated August 4 was to take effect. Before the end of the day the monarchy was abolished and the Libyan Arab Republic was proclaimed with the Crown Prince being placed under house arrest.

Unlike some other military revolutionaries, al-Qathafi did not promote himself to the rank of general upon seizing power, but rather accepted a ceremonial promotion from captain to colonel a few years later, a rank he remained at throughout his life thereafter. While at odds with western military ranking for a colonel to rule a country and serve as Commander-in-Chief of its military, in al-Qathafi’s own words, Libya’s utopian society is “ruled by the people,” so he needs no more grandiose title or supreme military rank. al-Qathafi’s decision to remain a colonel is not a new concept among military coup leaders;

Gamal Abdel Nasser remained a colonel after seizing power in Egypt, and Jerry Rawlings, President of Ghana, held no military rank higher than flight lieutenant. In the same fashion, the Republic of El Salvador was ruled by Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Osorio (1950-1956), Lieutenant Colonel José María Lemus (1956-1960), and Lieutenant Colonel Julio Adalberto Rivera (1962-1967).

Islamic socialism and pan-Arabism

a-Qathafi based his new regime on a blend of Arab nationalism, aspects of the welfare state and what al-Qathafi termed “direct, popular democracy” (THE THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY). He called this system “Islamic socialism” and while he permitted private control over small companies, the government controlled the larger ones. Welfare, “liberation,” and education were emphasized. He also imposed a system of Islamic morals, outlawing, illicit sex, brothels, plural-marriage, child spouses, pet-boys, alcohol and gambling. To reinforce the ideals of this socialist-Islamic state, al-Qathafi outlined his political philosophy in his Green Book, published in three volumes between 1975 and 1979. On 26 April, al-Qathafi set a deadline of  11 June  for dissidents to return home or be “in the hands of the “Revolutionary Committees.”  (The “Revolutionary Committees” were dissolved by 1988.)

External relations

With respect to Libya’s neighbors, al-Qathafi followed Nasser’s ideas of pan-Arabism and became a fervent advocate of the unity of all Arab states into one Arab nation. He also supported pan-Islamism, the notion of a loose union of all Islamic countries and peoples. After Nasser’s death on 28 September 1970, al-Qathafi attempted to take up the mantle of ideological leader of Arab nationalism. He proclaimed the “Federation of Arab Republics” (Libya, Egypt and Syria) in 1972, hoping to create a pan-Arab state, but the three countries disagreed on the specific terms of the merger. In 1974, he signed an agreement with Tunisia’s Habib Bourguiba on a merger between the two countries, but this also failed to work in practice and ultimately differences between the two countries would deteriorate into strong animosity.

Libya was also involved in a sometimes violent territorial dispute with neighbouring Chad over the Aouzou Strip, that Libya occupied in 1973.

This dispute eventually led to the Libyan invasion of the country and to a conflict that was ended by a ceasefire reached in 1987. The dispute was at the end settled peacefully in June 1994 when Libyan troops were withdrawn from Chad in full respect for a judgement of the International Court of Justice that was issued on 13 February 1994.[4]

al-Qathafi also became a strong supporter of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which ultimately harmed Libya’s relations with Egypt when in 1979 Egypt pursued a peace agreement with Israel. As Libya’s relations with Egypt worsened, al-Qathafi sought closer relations with the Soviet Union. Libya became the first country outside the Soviet bloc to receive the supersonic MiG-25 combat fighters, but Soviet-Libyan relations remained relatively distant. al-Qathafi also sought to increase Libyan influence, especially in states with an Islamic population, by calling for the creation of a Saharan Islamic state and supporting anti-government forces in sub-Saharan Africa.

Western Openness

Simultaneously, al-Qathafialso emerged as a popular African leader. The Libyan leader enjoyed a reputation among many Africans as an experienced and wise statesman who had been at the forefront of many struggles over the years. al-Qathafi earned the praise of Nelson Mandela and others, and was a prominent figure in various pan-African organizations, such as the Organization of African Unity (now replaced by the African Union). He was also seen by many Africans as a humanitarian, pouring large amounts of money into sub-Saharan states. Large numbers of Africans have come to Libya to take advantage of the availability of jobs there. In addition, many economic migrants, primarily from Somalia and Ghana, use Libya as a staging-post to reach Italy and other European countries.

al-Qathafi also appeared to be attempting to improve his image in the West. Two years prior to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Libya pledged its commitment to fighting Al-Qaeda and offered to open up its weapons program to international inspection. The Clinton administration did not pursue the offer at the time since Libya’s weapons program was not regarded as a threat.

 Following the attacks of 11 September 2011, al-Qathafi made one of the first, and firmest, denunciations of the Al-Qaeda bombers by any Muslim leader. al-Qathafi also appeared on ABC for an open interview with George Stephanopoulos…. Many foreign policy experts, however, contend that al-Qathafi’s announcement was merely a continuation of his prior attempts at normalizing relations with the West and getting the sanctions removed. To support this, they point to the fact that Libya had already made similar offers starting four years prior to it finally being accepted.

Libya improved its cooperation with international monitoring regimes to the extent that, by March 2006, France was able to conclude an agreement with Libya to develop a significant nuclear power program.

In March 2004, British prime minister Tony Blair became one of the first western leaders in decades to visit Libya and publicly meet al-Qathafi. Blair praised al-Qathafi’s recent acts, and stated that he hoped Libya could now be a strong ally in the international war on terrorism. In the run-up to Blair’s visit, came the British ambassador to Tripoli.

In July 2007, French president Nicolas Sarkozy visited Libya and signed a number of bilateral and multilateral (EU) agreements with al-Qathafi.

Internal dissent

In October 1993, there was an unsuccessful assassination attempt on al-Qathafi by rogue CIA elements which had infiltrated the Libyan army. In July 1996, bloody riots followed a football match as neo-monarchal elements staged a protest against al-Qathafi.

Personal life

Muammar al-Qathafi has eight children, seven of them sons. His eldest son, Muhammad Gaddafi, is by a wife now in disfavor, but runs the Libyan Olympic Committee and owns all the telecommunication companies in Libya. (NOTE: Mohammed’s daughter perished in the attack on his brother al-Arab’s bung-a-low on 30 Aprl 2011.)

The next eldest Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, was born in 1972, is a painter, runs a charity which has been involved in negotiating freedom for hostages taken by Islamic militants, especially in the Philippines.  After returning to Libya soon after  some years of schooling at the London School of Economics, Saif launched an environment friendly initiative to teach children how they can help clean up parts of Libya. He has also been on the forefront of resolving the HIV case of a Palestinian doctor and Bulgarian nurses described previously.

The third eldest, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, is married to the daughter of a military commander, Kawaldy el-Hamedi. Al Saadi runs the Libyan Football Federation, plays for Italian Serie A team U.C. Sampdoria, made billions of dollars in the petrol industry and produces films. (NOTE: SAADI’s wife and son perished in the Hamedi home massacre by NATO on 20 June 2011.) presently SAADI is Major-General of the People’s Libyan Armed Forces.

The fourth eldest, Mutassem-Billah Gaddafi, was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Libyan army and studied in Egypt. Mutassem-Billah returned to Libya where he now holds the post of national security adviser and heads his own unit within the army.  He is believed to have been martyred on 20 OCTOBER 2011 after being held as a captured prisoner from Sirte, in Misurata by NATO mercenaries.

The fifth eldest, Hannibal once worked for a public marine transportation company in Libya; and then headed his own shipping and Import Company. He is married to a model, Aileen..and their son was a victim of the 30 APRIL 2011 NATO bombing of his brother al-Arab’s small bung-a-low home, where they were engaged in a family dinner. (Muammar briefly went out to feed their pet-deers, when the missies landed.)

al-Qathafi had two younger sons, Saif Al Arab (who died under NATO bombs at his house at &PM on 30 APRIL 2011), and the famous  Khamis (of 9 LIVES), a young “golden” General reminicent of Napoléoné Bonaparté.

al-Qathafi’s only daughter is Ayesha Gaddafi, a lawyer who had joined the defense team of executed former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. She married Ehmed, a distant relative of her father’s in 2006. Ehmed died by NATO, as a miliary Officer in June 2011. Their daughter was also a victim of the 30 APRIL 2011 bombing of brother al-Arab’s home.

al-Qathafi’s had an adopted son, OMAR, and another daughter, StepHanie (who was killed in the 1986 USAF bombing raid). At a “concert for peace” held on 15 April 2006 in Tripoli to mark the 20th anniversary of the bombing raid, U.S. singer Lionel Richie told the audience:

“Hanna will be honored tonight because of the fact that you’ve attached peace to her name.”

In January 2002, al-Qathafi purchased a 7.5% share of Italian football club Juventus for USD 21 million, through Lafico (“Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company”). Though al-Qathfi is an avid football fan, this more importantly continued a longstanding association with the late Gianni Agnelli, the primary investor in Fiat. al-Qathafi has also become involved in chess: in March 2004, FIDE, the game’s world governing body, announced that he would be providing prize money for the World Championship, held in June-July 2004 in Tripoli.

Lahore, Pakistan’s primary cricket stadium, al-Qathafi Stadium, is named after him.

In addition to his Green Book, al-Qathafi is the author of a 1996 collection of short stories, “Escape to Hell”, and 67 other Thesis, poetry, Muslim-cathacisits and political-bound volumes. (i.e.: “Isratine”)

In November 2002, he hosted the Miss Net World beauty pageant, a first for Libya and as far as is known, the world’s first to be held on the internet.

al-Qathafi’s personal bodyguard, the Amazonian Angel-guard, is composed of women who are martial arts experts and highly-trained in the use of weapons. The Amazonian guard accompanied him on his 2004 visit to Brussels.

The Amazonian Guard sparked an international incident in 2006 when al-qathafi landed in Nigeria with over two hundred armed guards for a summit. Nigerian security officials refused to allow the Libyans entry based on their armaments, and al-Qathafi angrily resolved to set off on foot 40 km to Nigeria’s capital from the airport. The Nigerian President personally intervened, and a compromise was sought. However, the Libyans rejected mediation and threatened to fly home, whereupon the Nigerians revoked their compromise offers and announced that the Libyans could only bring in 8 pistols, which is the limit for international delegations. The Libyans finally backed down and complied with the Nigerians after several hours.

al-Qathafiafi holds a also 107 honorary degrees from throughout the world, and one from Megatrend University in Belgrade proclaimed by former Yugoslav President Zoran Lilic Marshal Josef Tito.


“Ronald Reagan plays with fire! He sees the world like the theater.”

“I have nothing but scorn for the notion of an Islamic bomb. There is no such thing as an Islamic bomb or a Christian bomb. Any such weapon is a means of terrorizing humanity, and we are against the manufacture and acquisition of nuclear weapons. This is in line with our definition of—and opposition to—terrorism.”

“Israel is a colonialist-imperialist phenomenon. There is no such thing as an Israeli people. Before 1948, world geography knew of no state such as Israel. Israel is the result of an invasion, of aggression.”

“I’ve got two idols in my life — President Lincoln and Dr. Sun Yat-sen.”

“Irrespective of the conflict with America, it is a human duty to show sympathy with the American people and be with them at these horrifying and awful events which are bound to awaken human conscience.” — September 11, 2001

“Man’s freedom is lacking if somebody else controls what he needs, for need may result in man’s enslavement of man.”

“We have four million Muslims in Albania. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. Europe is in a predicament, and so is America. They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time, or else declare war on the Muslims.”

“The Libyans said they’ll buy their way out of these three [terrorism] black lists. We’ll pay so much, to hell with $2 billion or more. It’s not compensation. It’s a price. The Americans said it was Libya who did it. It is known that the president was madman Reagan who’s got Alzheimer’s and has lost his mind. He now crawls on all fours.”

The U.S. Department of State uses the spelling: Mu’ammar Al-Qadhafi. In 1986, Gaddafi reportedly responded to a Minnesota school’s letter in English using the spelling Moammar El-Gadhafi. Though according to Gaddafi’s personal website he prefers the spelling Muammar Gadafi, the domain name gives yet another version: al-Gathafi.
 La société pour l’appel à un monde islamique : Une couverture pour les activités occultes de Kadhafi:





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Laurence Aïda Ammour

Malgré la méfiance relative dont il faisait l’objet de la part des dirigeants occidentaux, le colonel Kadhafi a pu subventionner l’un des plus influent réseau mondial de missionnaires islamiques, dont le siège se trouve sur le campus universitaire de Benghazi (cf. photos), et qui dispose d’un bureau à Tripoli : la Société pour l’Appel à un Monde Islamique(SAMI) (Al Daawa al-Islamiyah ou World Islamic Call Society, WICS), créée en 1972.

Une ONG aux buts apparemment légitimes

La mission déclarée de cette Société était la construction de mosquées, d’hôpitaux et de cliniques, l’aide humanitaire, la gratuité des études religieuses pour les jeunes sans moyens, ou encore le financement de la recherche scientifique. Ses missionnaires envoyés dans toute l’Afrique avaient officiellement pour tâche de prêcher un islam soufi pour contrecarrer l’influence du wahhabisme saoudien.

Le bâtiment principal de la Société Al Daawa al-Islamiyah, à Benghazi

La SAMI était financée via le prélèvement d’un impôt représentant 3% des revenus de chaque citoyen, et d’une taxe de 4% sur les bénéfices des entreprises installées en Libye.

Elle ne rendait des comptes qu’à Kadhafi lui-même et ses transactions financières étaient exemptes de toute taxe. Selon Massoud al-Wazni, membre du comité d’investigation actuel sur les activités de la Société, le budget annuel de la SAMI était de 45 millions de dollars, le personnel administratif comptait 900 personnes, et le personnel enseignant environ 2 000 professeurs d’arabe et autant de prêcheurs dans le monde. Mais ce chiffre n’inclut pas les montants en espèces remis de la main à la main. Un membre du personnel raconte qu’il lui avait été demandé de remettre à deux ministres africains, une enveloppe de 25 000 dollars chacun. Lorsqu’il a refusé il fut rappelé à Tripoli et jeté en prison.

Cette Société avait acquis une telle notoriété dans le dialogue islamo-chrétien qu’elle comptait parmi ses partenaires et partisans, des institutions et des personnalités prestigieuses :

  • le Vatican (les papes Jean-Paul II et Benoît XVI ont reçu son secrétaire général) ;
  • l’archevêque de Canterbury, Rowan Williams, qui a prononcé une conférence sur le campus de la SAMI en 2009 ;
  • le Département d’Etat américain qui, en 2009, se félicitait de la contribution positive de la Société envers les migrants Philippins de confession catholique qui s’étaient vu offrir leur église en Libye[1].

Parmi les proches de la Société on trouve aussi le Secrétaire général du Conseil mondial des Eglises qui a donné une conférence à Tripoli un mois seulement avant le soulèvement de février 2011.

Moummar  el-Kadhafi ait combattu les Frères Musulmans en Libye.


The company to call for an Islamic world: Coverage for occult activities Gaddafi




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Laurence Aida Ammour

Despite the suspicion on which he was the object of Western leaders, Colonel Gaddafi has been subsidizing one of the most influential global network of Islamic missionaries, whose headquarters is located on the campus of Benghazi (see photos ), which has an office in Tripoli: the Society for the Call to the Islamic World (SAMI) (Al Dawa Islamiyah al- or World Islamic Call Society, WICS) was established in 1972.

NGO seemingly legitimate goals

The stated mission of this company was the construction of mosques, hospitals and clinics, humanitarian assistance, free religious studies for youth without means, or the funding of scientific research. Sent missionaries throughout Africa were officially responsible for preaching a Sufi to counteract the influence of Saudi Wahhabism.

The main building of the Company Al Dawa al-Islamiya in Benghazi

SAMI was funded through the levy of a tax of 3% of the income of every citizen, and a 4% tax on profits of companies operating in Libya.

She was accountable only to al-Qathafi himself and his financial transactions were exempt from all taxes. According to Massoud al-Wazni, a member of the investigation committee on the current activities of the Company, the annual budget of the SAMI was $ 45 million, administrative staff had 900 people, and teachers about 2,000 professors Arabic and many preachers in the world. But this figure does not include cash amounts recovered from hand to hand. A staff member said he had been asked to submit two African ministers, an envelope of $ 25 000 each. When he refused he was recalled to Tripoli and thrown into prison.

The Company had acquired such a reputation in the Muslim-Christian dialogue that counted among its partners and supporters, institutions and prestigious personalities:

  • the Vatican (the Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI received the Secretary);
 Presentation to the World Islamic Call Society:

Presentation to the World Islamic Call Society

Presentation by the general secretary of the World Council of Churches, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, to the World Islamic Call Society, Tripoli, Libya, 10 January 2011

Presentation by the general secretary of the World Council of Churches, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, to the World Islamic Call Society, Tripoli, Libya, 10 January 2011

1. Who is my Neighbour?

First of all, thank you for the invitation to come and visit the World Islamic Call Society (WICS) and your head office here in Tripoli, Libya. This is an important opportunity for me and my colleagues to continue the relationships between our two organizations.

Who is my neighbour? The theme I have chosen for my presentation here today is a question that might sound as though it is coming from somebody who has just moved somewhere or somebody who is living next door to strangers. This question is, however, a very real one for many people in the world today. People move and change their context and country; the great movements of migration are significant features of our time.  In the Norwegian context which I come from, the question “Who is my new Muslim neighbour?”  is one of the most significant for the whole society today, and also for the  churches  as they look at how to contribute to the peaceful development of that society. The immigration of Muslims – and Christians – from other countries and continents has changed the rather monocultural society of Norway very quickly.

As we more and more realize that we all live in a global village, we need to ask the same question in a new way: Who is my neighbour? We are living in a time when we all need to realize that we do not live alone on our street; we are not independent, we are interdependent. In this new enlarged reality of neighbourhood and neighbourliness we all need one another.

In this way the question is also transformed into a different question: What kind of neighbour am I?

2. Introduction to the WCC Theme: “Being Neighbours to All”

The World Council of Churches is a worldwide fellowship of Christian churches, which brings together 349 Anglican, Protestant and Orthodox churches from around the globe. One meaning of the word “ecumenical” is “that which belongs to the whole inhabited world”.  The focus is on how we are called to be one as churches in God’s world. “Ecumenical” is also used in the Christian tradition to refer to what unites us as churches, what brings us to a common approach to service and to a common witness. The WCC’s threefold vision includes:

– Living out Christian unity more fully and more visibly

– Being “neighbours to all” – working together for the good of all

– Taking more responsibility and greater care of creation – for the sustainability of life.

Building healing and reconciling communities on the basis of justice and inclusivity, especially in contexts of violence and injustice, in contexts where we find a lack of care of creation, or even in contexts of terrible acts of terror – is at the heart of the WCC’s understanding of “being neighbours”. This vision can be seen in various programmatic areas of the WCC; among these, the commitment to interreligious dialogue and cooperation has a high priority.

In a document we refer to as the “Common Understanding and Vision of the WCC” (CUV) we clearly express our commitment “to foster dialogue and cooperation with people of other faiths in order to build viable human communities”. In our ecumenical vision, we say: “We open ourselves for a culture of dialogue and solidarity, sharing life with strangers and seeking encounter with those of other faiths”.

This year the WCC will celebrate the 40th anniversary of establishing its department for interreligious dialogue. This represents a significant step in expressing an understanding of fellowship in relation to people of other faiths and beliefs.

Christian-Muslim relations have always received high attention. The WCC has established good relationships with the Muslims and with various Muslim organizations involved in dialogue. Our cooperation with WICS is a clear example of this, and I am happy to see that through this visit we are now further developing it. I think this is an important service we perform for one another, but it is also a service we do together for the whole world. We had a very successful Christian-Muslim consultation in Geneva in November 2010, focusing on “transforming communities”. This was organized by the WCC and WICS together with another co-partner, the Aal al-Bayt Institute in Jordan.

The WCC as a fellowship of churches is served by a secretariat in Geneva. The churches represent the different traditions and the experiences of the Christian faith and the common life of the one Church. We are called to be one. Therefore, we need to share our life and experiences with one another, and express together our faith and our hope. First of all and above all else, we need to express our love for one another and together express our love for our neighbours. The call to the churches to be one is a call to be one in our love to God and to our neighbour.

The common Abrahamic roots that we have as Christians and Muslims, together with the Jews, mean we are able to share many of our values. The long history of coexistence of Christians and Muslims in different parts of the world is something we can all continue to learn from, both the difficult times and the experiences of being able to live well together. These two sides are important assets to us in our efforts to be good neighbours to all.

At the same time, global and local realities are producing new tensions that need to be addressed with urgency and determination. And the task of the WCC as a fellowship of churches is also expressed through our visit to Cairo and Tripoli this weekend.

The recent terror attack on the church in Alexandria on New Year’s Eve is a very sad reminder of how urgent it is to create and strengthen responsible relations of neighbourliness. The Coptic Church is one of the founding members of the WCC. The leadership of His Holiness, Pope Shenouda III,  following the attack is an outstanding example of how the churches not only believe but also convey a message of love and peace, even when massacres like this happen. I am proud of the way this member church has been able to handle this extremely difficult situation so far, and thereby made a very significant contribution to the future of living together as good neighbours in Egypt.  This is a message for Egypt, but it is also a message for the whole world.

The response from Muslim leaders and representatives, in particular the general secretary of WICS, Dr Sharif, and the visits of solidarity and condolences you and your colleagues have paid to Pope Shenouda in Egypt, are also significant expressions of how you take your role as good neighbour seriously. Similarly, the responses from Muslim neighbours in the streets of Egypt have been encouraging to all of us. The best protection Christians in Egypt can have is from a responsible state and from caring Muslim neighbours, in Egypt and elsewhere.

3. The Parable of the Good Samaritan

As I try to reflect here on how the question is transformed, from “who is my neighbour?” to “who am I as a good neighbour?” I recognize that this transformation of the question can be found in one of the parables Jesus told in the gospel.  The parable of the Good Samaritan is a parable told by Jesus to a group of teachers of the Jewish religion, summarizing his interpretation of the Ten Commandments.

According to the gospel of Luke (10:25-37) a traveller is beaten, robbed and left half dead at the side of the road. Unfortunately this is not an unknown situation in today’s world either. In the parable, first a priest and then a Levite come by, but both avoided the man. These figures represent the traditionally religious people and the authorities of those biblical times.

In the gospel, Jesus tells this story as a way to answer the question “Who is my neighbour?” This is a typical human question: How much should I do? How do I know when I have done enough? Where is the limit of my responsibility? The answer comes by telling a parable about the other, who does not belong to the community. Finally, a Samaritan comes by. Samaritans and Jews generally avoided one another, but in Jesus’ story it is the Samaritan who helps the injured Jew. By telling the parable in response to a question regarding the identity of the “neighbour” whom Leviticus 19:18 says should be loved, Jesus is trying to say that there are no limits to my responsibility towards my neighbour.

There is an important message in this parable and in how Jesus changed the question from: “Who is my neighbour?” to: “Who appeared, among these three, to be a real, good neighbour?” This is the question we also need to ask. When we focus on the Other and the need of the Other, the answer is not always difficult.

The change of perspective is the real message. How can I, how can we, be good neighbours? How can we, as Christians and Muslims, be good neighbours in the local village and in the global village? How can we live together in our nations and across the borders of nations taking care of one another? The good neighbour is not limited by any border but always able to cross the borders, to care and to be what we need to be to one another.

4. The Religious Neighbour and our Spiritual Resources

So this leads me to another question, about what we have to offer as people of faith, as spiritual leaders, to our neighbours in a world which lives in great need of a renewed understanding of neighbourliness and could learn so much from our faith perspectives.

Every religion comes with comprehensive claims. Every religion provides its followers with a set of values and expects the faithful to live according to these values. In multi-religious societies the interrelation of diverse values and ways of life needs to be developed on the basis of mutual respect in a public process of dialogue in society. This is not only about ideas and concepts but about our daily life.

From the outset the WCC posed the question to the churches: How does the one humanity belong together in the one world? We share the same planet. We share the destiny of humanity. We all, each one of us and every human being, wherever we live, whoever we are, whatever faith we have, share the dignity of being created in the image of God.

These deep underlying convictions mean that in all WCC interreligious dialogue we try:

First: to focus more on the living experience of people from all walks of life who are engaged in a living dialogue. Such a focus on dialogue of life embraces all aspects and spheres of human life.

Second: to understand the different contextual realities of dialogue. Christian and Muslim communities living in different environments are faced with different issues and concerns. This reality calls for a dialogue at many levels and in different forms. It also calls for an understanding of the specific agendas pertaining to concrete situations.

Third: to put an emphasis on interreligious cooperation “dialogue in action”, especially in addressing the common concerns that are threatening our world today –  concerns about poverty, pandemic diseases climate change and so many other issues. This implies taking joint initiatives and joint action to address situations as they arise and develop. This was one of the recommendations from our consultation in November last year and has been part of what we have been discussing with the WICS during this visit.

Let me again emphasize that we do all of these by putting our spiritual resources into practice; people who pray, and especially those who pray for other people, express in the deepest way not only their concerns for others but also their love for others. The deepest way we have for expressing our relationships with other human beings is to pray for one another.  These spiritual gifts should shape our spiritual leadership as religious leaders.

5. The Power of our Language

How do we speak about one another? Do we know the power of our own language?

Being neighbours in the same global community – where whatever happens to one of us affects all – how do we live and practice the call to be “a good neighbour” in the way we speak?

The power of language is very subtle. The use of one, small word can convey totally different messages.

If we take as an example our use of the word “we”, it can be a very exclusive word or, on the contrary, a very inclusive one.  There is a need for a new understanding of “we” that indicates an inclusive and not an exclusive identity.

None of us has only one identity. That becomes more and more clear to all of us in the global community, and we cannot chose only one identity – and shape it as if we were living in the past. I am not sure anybody really had only identity in the past, either. But when we say “we”, we can say it in such a way as to say “we”, not the Others, not the stranger, not the one who does not sharing our values and faith.  Or we can say “we” in a way which is inclusive, a “we” which is plural and includes different identities, values and faiths.

How do we talk about each other? How do we report on the concerns of faith communities different from our own? How can we counter the enemy images so present in the media? And how can we use language and the way we talk about one another positively for deepening our living together?

6. The Importance of Education in Transforming Communities

What are we able to do in our communities that are changing rapidly, locally, nationally and globally, to develop this concept of good neighbourliness in a way that leads to positive transformation in our societies? So that good neighbourliness can be seen in transformed neighbourhoods and communities.

We can do so much through the wise use of our spiritual resources, while working for transforming conflict and building peace.

The WCC sees itself as a space for bringing transformation and change. It has a role of defining rather than deciding, through words and practice, what the churches do.  The more than 60 years of existence of the fellowship have witnessed significant transformation towards mutual understanding, acceptance and more cooperation in addressing global challenges, in the relationships between member churches that belong to different Christian traditions, cultures and regions.. Their rapprochement also helped in the mending and healing of relationships between nations and conflicting communities. These encouraging examples can be taken further as we strive to transform relationships within our multi-religious communities. We need to do this both by taking initiatives for transforming realities and by allowing ourselves to be transformed by relationships and also sometimes by the challenges we face together. The outstanding solidarity that has grown between Christians and Muslims, at local, national and international levels, during the recent violence in Egypt, is a very powerful illustration and expression of this. .

The role of religious leaders is particularly important in how we develop speaking about the greater “we” – and how we include others in the good conversations we are able to have with one another.  We need to offer proof that we are responsible leaders, and able to prepare people to become responsible and faithful citizens in our multi-religious societies. Taking up responsibility for peace, justice and sustainability for all.

To bring to a conclusion what I have shared with you so far, I would like to emphasize the importance of relevant and balanced religious education.

In our Christian-Muslim consultation last November we committed ourselves to “… encourage the development of programmes designed to strengthen young people’s abilities to play a constructive role in a plural world, to reflect on the values of compassionate justice and mutual respect and to prepare them for future leadership roles.”

How do we educate our people to live together as good neighbours? To accept, respect and enable one another, so that each can have their own space and the chance to be themselves, share their beliefs and values within a framework of being co-citizens.

Adequate knowledge, based on proper teaching about the other and direct relationships with one another, is absolutely necessary. Such knowledge is required at the level of leadership as well as for the youth in our communities.

Being a believer can also open one’s heart to other believers, even if our beliefs are different and we disagree about both important and less important issues.

We are called to be good examples – to create new parables – from our own lives.

May God give us courage to do so.

  • the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, who gave a lecture on the campus of the SAMI in 2009;
  • the U.S. State Department, which in 2009 welcomed the positive contribution of migrants to the Society of Catholic Filipinos who were offered their church in Libya [1].

Among the relatives of the Company there is also the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches held a conference in Tripoli just one month before the uprising in February 2011.

Muammar al-Qathafi has fought the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.


Le campus de la Société à Benghazi


La face cachée de la SAMI

Cependant, derrière sa façade humanitaire et prosélyte, cette société avait d’autres buts non avoués. En Afrique des rumeurs insistantes ont couru sur les versements d’argent à de nombreux leaders politiques africains, sur l’aide financière apportée à des groupes rebelles sur le continent, ou à des organisations politiques[5].

En 2004, le responsable américain de la Société basée aux Etats-Unis, Abdurahman Muhammad Alamoudi, fut inculpé de complot dans l’assassinat du prince saoudien, une mission financée en partie par la Société[6].

En 2010, la radio suédoise rapportait que la SAMI, qui possède une mosquée à Malmö depuis 2008, avait été identifiée par les autorités néerlandaises comme une entité des services secrets libyens: « Bejzat Becirov (président du Centre islamique de la ville) a une longue relation avec la World Islamic Call Society (WICS), qui a payé 1,4 millions de dollars pour acheter le terrain de la mosquée à la municipalité de Malmö en 1983. En juillet 2008 l’organisation a fini d’acheter l’entière propriété pour un montant de 5,2 millions de dollars. Pendant plusieurs années, trois Libyens ont été à la direction du Centre Islamique, mais selon Becirov ils ne participaient à aucune réunion. Le seul avec qui il a été en contact est Nowesri Ahmed Ali Hadi, uniquement pour des questions liées à la religion. A la fin des années 90 Nowesri Ahmed Ali Hadi a été imam de la mosquée Omar al-Farouk à Utrecht, aux Pays-Bas, où la World Islamic Call Society a aussi un bureau. Les services de sécurité néerlandais (AIVD) se sont intéressés à l’organisation et ont compris qu’elle allait à l’encontre de l’intégration des musulmans aux Pays-Bas. En 2002, le AIVD confirma dans un rapport que la World Islamic Call Society était un instrument des services de sécurité libyens. A l’automne 2000, l’imam Hadi avait été expulsé des Pays-Bas »[7].

En 2011, le Canada a décidé de fermer définitivement un bureau local de la Société après avoir découvert que celle-ci avait détourné des fonds au profit du groupe radical Jamaat-el-Muslimeen responsable de la tentative de coup d’Etat à Trinidad et Tobago en 1990[8], et qu’elle était également impliquée dans la tentative d’attentat à l’aéroport J-F. Kennedy (New York) en 2007[9].

La SAMI est rapidement devenue un atout stratégique pour Kadhafi lorsque ses relations avec les pays occidentaux se sont améliorées à partir de 2003[10]. En réalité la Société était partie intégrante du réseau de renseignement libyen, comme en témoigne la présence en son sein d’officiers des services secrets.

Plusieurs zones étaient l’objet de la stratégie d’influence et de pénétration de la SAMI :

  • l’Afrique, où sont ciblés les larges communautés musulmanes d’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Sahel considérés comme les arrières-cours de la Libye, et certains dirigeants politiques;
  • l’Europe, où la SAMI a construit de nombreuses mosquées pour les «minorités»: en Belgique, au Danemark, en France, en Allemagne, à Malte et aux Pays-Bas. Elle a également contribué à la construction de la mosquée de Rome et à la Mosquée centrale de Londres;
  • l’Asie, où elle était très active aux Philippines, en Malaisie et en Indonésie.

Pour ce qui est de l’Afrique, principale cible de la SAMI, c’est à partir de 1990 que la Société a étendu ses activités sur le continent. Des « convois islamiques » de médicaments et de nourriture furent envoyés dans de nombreux pays, jusqu’en Afrique du Sud. La SAMI a fait de nombreuses conférences sur l’éducation et la culture et sur les liens entre l’Afrique et le monde arabe. Elle a aussi financé des radios islamiques au Togo, au Bénin, au Tchad, au Cameroun, au Mali et en Afrique du Sud. Plusieurs dirigeants africains ont apporté leur appui à Kadhafi au moment de l’embargo contre la Libye, et Nelson Mandela s’est rendu à Tripoli en octobre 1997 pour remercier Kadhafi de son soutien à l’ANC durant l’apartheid. Cette même année, des sessions de prières ont été organisées par les missionnaires à Niamey et à Kano, puis en 2000 au Burkina Faso, au Ghana et au Togo.

La SAMI s’est avérée être un instrument idéal de camouflage dans les années 80, au moment de l’embargo contre la Libye. Son statut d’ONG indépendante lui a permis de contourner les sanctions onusiennes et américaines, de continuer à envoyer des fonds à certains leaders africains et de poursuivre ses activités occultes[11].

Peu après Lockerbie, Kadhafi crée le Leadership Populaire Islamique Mondial(LPIM), un département distinct au sein de la SAMI, qui ne rend compte qu’à son secrétaire général, Mohammed Ahmed al-Charif. Le LPIM avait pour mission de mobiliser des leaders musulmans dans le monde pour soutenir les militants musulmans en Tchétchénie, au Kosovo et en Somalie ; de défendre les femmes portant le voile en Europe; et d’encourager les musulmans noirs aux Etats-Unis. D’ailleurs, parmi les alliés américains de Kadhafi on trouve le prêcheur noir Louis Farrakhan, converti à l’islam, dirigeant de Nation of Islam depuis 1981[12], qui s’est rendu en Libye en 1996 pour y recevoir le «prix Kadhafi des droits de l’homme» et une somme de 250 000 dollars.

Juste avant l’entrée en vigueur de l’embargo, Abdel Rahman Chalgam, alors ministre libyen des Affaires étrangères, fut reçu au Vatican pour y chercher de l’aide. L’évêque catholique de Tripoli, Giovanni Martinelli, a soutenu Kadhafi en appelant les pays occidentaux à ne pas l’humilier mais à dialoguer avec lui. Le ministre des Affaires étrangères du Vatican fut reçu à Tripoli en 1994. En 1997 le pape Jean-Paul II, en tant que chef d’Etat, reconnut la Libye malgré les recommandations des Etats-Unis.

La question est de savoir comment cette société a pu échapper à l’attention des pays occidentaux. Son implication dans le dialogue des religions et son message considéré comme «modéré» par les Européens comme les Américains, surtout après le 11 septembre, ont réussi à brouiller les pistes face au radicalisme islamiste émergent. L’attention des Occidentaux était alors focalisée sur l’islam wahhabite exporté par l’Arabie saoudite à travers la Ligue du Monde Musulman créée en 1962, et concurrencée à partir de 1972 par la SAMI libyenne.

Dans un livre arabe paru récemment (Men around Kadhafi), l’ex ministre des Affaires étrangères de Kadhafi, Chalgam, aujourd’hui ambassadeur auprès des Nations unies à New York, soutient que le dictateur utilisait la société comme un instrument de lutte contre les chefs d’Etat chrétiens d’Afrique et de soutien aux groupes musulmans désireux de prendre le pouvoir sur le continent. Il accuse l’ancien secrétaire général, al-Charif, d’avoir fourni lui-même des fonds en espèces à plusieurs leaders africains pour financer leurs campagnes électorales. «Dès le début Kadhafi voulait que la SAMI soit une arme extérieure qui lui soit personnellement affiliée» dit Abdel Rahman Chalgam. «Ici en Libye la société était appelée la Société pour l’Appel à la Sécurité du Monde[13] ».

L’apparente indépendance de la Société s’est fissurée avec la révolution libyenne. Durant les combats entre rebelles et forces loyalistes, l’ancien secrétaire général, Mohammed Ahmed al-Charif, s’est rendu en Russie et au Sri Lanka pour tenter une médiation avec les rebelles. Chalgam accuse aussi al-Charif d’avoir utilisé l’argent de la SAMI pour payer les mercenaires africains chargés de défendre Kadhafi[14].

Les dirigeants libyens actuels voudraient préserver la SAMI car ils la considèrent comme une entité religieuse dont le rôle reste positif et bénéfique. Ils veulent en faire un instrument du soft power de la nouvelle Libye. Un comité dirigé par un anti-Kadhafi notoire, le cheikh Al-Doukali Mohammed Al-Alem, a diligenté une enquête sur les activités passées de la Société. Pour autant, la majorité du personnel est encore en place et le Conseil National de Transition s’est contenté d’une purge de façade.

Laurence Aïda Ammour
Août 2012


Syria: Rebel Child Soldier in Deir Ezzor (05/01/13)

One of many instances in which insurgents arm children for use as military combattants in the Syrian conflict. The child shown here appears to be in his early to early-mid teen which makes him older…
Ajoutée le 05/01/2013
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France’s Media Admits that the Syrian “Opposition” is Al Qaida. Then Justifies

French Government Support to the Terrorists

Global Research, April 14, 2013

In a report published on the 11th of April French daily Le Monde admits that rebels fighting the government of the Syrian Arab Republic are dominated by Japhat Al Nosra, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaida. The admission comes after two years of non-stop disinformation trumpeted from all French mainstream media outlets from the official right to the official left, disinformation that has attempted to convince the French public that democratic revolutionaries are fighting a war for human rights and freedom against a brutal, tyrannical dictator, who is ‘’ killing his own people’’.

This puerile and deeply dishonest narrative has now been utterly discredited, as the facts about the terrorist nature of the Syrian rebels have become too obvious to ignore. In an article entitled ‘The New Visage of French Jihadism’ it is reported that French jihadists are leaving France in their hundreds to join the ‘holy war’ against the Syrian Arab Republic, with many more joining jihadist groups in Mali.

On the same page in an article entitled ‘Al Qaida extends its territory and unites its forces in Iraq and Syria’, Le Monde’s Christophe Ayad reports:

‘The head of Iraq’s Islamic state, the Iraqi branch of Al Qaida, announced in a recorded message on April 9th, that his group would be fused with the Japhat AL Nosra( Support Front), the principal armed jihadist organization in Syria. The new group will be called Al-Qaida in Iraq and the Levant. This announcement comes two days after the call of Ayman Al-Zawarhiri, the successor of Osama Bin Laden in the leadership of Al-Qaida ‘headquarters,’ for the establishment of an Islamic state after the fall of the regime of Bachar-Al-Assad, afflicted since two years by an insurrection by the Sunni majority.’[1]

So, here we now have the French establishment press, who has been working overtime since two years to convince us that those fighting Assad are democrats, admitting that they are in fact Al Qaida. According to an October 2010Fox News report, the above-mentioned Al Qaida leader Al-Zawarhiri dined at the Pentagon just months after 911. Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge claimed she had documents to prove this. Of course, Fox News being a corporate propaganda agency did not pursue this story any further, nor did any other international mainstream media outlets. In the war on terror ignorance is strength and questioning is stupid.[2] The Fox News reporter earns 900,000 dollars per annum.[3]

In order to soften the blow and reassure French readers that the Quai d’Orsay’s support for the ‘rebels’ does not contradict France’s commitment to ‘human rights’, Le Monde’s Christophe Ayad tells us that:

‘Contrary to the Islamic State in Iraq the Al Nosra Front have made an effort not to systematically target civilians. It has not insisted, for the moment, on imposing an Islamic order that is too strict in the zones under its control, and has even concluded honorable agreements with the Kurdish rebellion, as in at Ras Al-Ain and more recently at Aleppo’[4]

These rebels Le Monde attempts to whitewash have been systematically targeting civilians from the start of this conflict. They have put bombs in cars in busy market squares, they have bombed universities murdering and maiming hundreds of innocent civilians. They have been torturing and beheading civilians and soldiers alike [5], even forcing children to participate in the decapitation some of their victims. Children have also been used as soldiers.[6 ]

They have forced women to wear the chador in the ‘liberated’ parts of once beautiful Aleppo.[7] They have desecrated and ruined the country’s religious and cultural heritage. They have blown up pipelines and wrecked infrastructure. They have destroyed thousands of schools, libraries and public service buildings. They have used chemical weapons. They have slit the throats of little children in order to blame the Syrian government. They terrorists are now even taking photos of themselves with the decapitated heads of their victims.[8] None of this is a secret. They have continously posted videos boasting about their crimes.

Yet Le Monde wants us to believe that Japhat Al Nosra [image above] is a good, more civilized version of Al Qaida, one perhaps worthy of Western military support! Of course, Le Monde will reply that they do not support Japhat Al Nosra, that they support the secular rebels. But where are the secular rebels?Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states very clearly that ‘any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law’. [9 ] The attempt by Western journalists to portray terrorist groups as freedom fighters and the use of information sources emanating exclusively from these groups to justify foreign aggression against a sovereign state recognized by the United Nations constitutes a war crime.

The French ‘special envoy’ seems to lament the fact that the announcement of this new fusion of terrorist groups will discredit the French government’s attempts to convince its European Union partners to officially arm the ‘rebellion’. While the French press admits that the Syrian armed opposition is predominantly Al-Qaida, it continues to insinuate and suggest that the bulk of the armed opposition is in fact secular and liberal. However, no evidence to support such insinuations has ever been forthcoming, while evidence to the contrary is overwhelming and impossible to dismiss.

In another article published on March 5th entitled ‘The Syrian Rebels take control of the Village of Raqqa in the North of the Country’, reporter Khalid Sid Mohand tells us just who these ‘rebels’ are. They are, he admits a few lines into his report:

‘A coalition of armed groups, some of whom are affiliated to the jihadists of Japhat-al-Nosra, who are behind the fall of Rakka.’[10]

How lovely! Al Qaida have captured a Syrian town and the French liberal media seems to be very excited about the prospect of armed barbarians taking over the Levantine state. From the title of the article, one is led to believe that the Syrian rebels have taken the town, the Syrian rebels being the French media’s designated ‘Arab Spring’ good guys. So, even though the news is bad, the headline suggests that it is good. Reality is turned upside down.

This technique of editorializing terrorists as rebels, while at the same time admitting that they are terrorists has the effect of confusing the public and preventing the uncritical reader from understanding the real forces at play in the Syrian conflict. The technique was repeatedly used during the Russian-Chechnian war when Islamist terrorists were repeatedly described as ‘rebels’. The double-standard, double-speak and double-think are techniques which are now part and parcel of ‘professional journalism’.

While such villainous and schizophrenic behavior may appear to some as a diabolical conspiracy, the reality is far more complex. This schizoid way of thinking and speaking is simply the psychological reflection of a global economic system that is collapsing upon its own internal contradictions. The extraction of surplus value from labour and the globalization of this capitalist mode of production have made a tiny section of the global population extremely rich and powerful.

The rich and powerful not only own the means of production, they also own the means of communication and as rule by a financial oligarchy is objectively contrary to democratic principles, a double-language and double-think is necessary in order to make people believe that 2 plus 2 equals 5. As a result, armed groups that serve the interests of the financial oligarchy will be mediatized as ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘human rights’ activists. However, as reporters cannot always control or ignore the complex realities they report on, the truth also emerges between the lines, in the margins and interstices of their own discourse. However, the job of rational analysis and interpretation of information is only being carried nowadays out by alternative media outlets whose goal is to serve the public good and tell the truth.

Thus, articles reporting the ‘good news’ that the Syrian rebels have taking another town will also have to admit that these same rebels are actually Al Qaida. But because double-think is so deeply embedded in Western culture, the contradictions of these reports are rarely noticed or analyzed The task of molding the public mind to support the ‘cruel but necessary’ geopolitical strategies of the global financial elite falls to the mass media , who orient and distort information to suit imperial designs and the corporate interests of the media’s owners.

In a Guardian article of 2002, the Western establishment’s policy of total hypocrisy was eloquently expressed by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s chief strategist Robert Cooper who wrote:

‘The challenge to the postmodern world is to get used to the idea of double standards. Among ourselves, we operate on the basis of laws and open cooperative security. But when dealing with more old-fashioned kinds of states outside the postmodern continent of Europe, we need to revert to the rougher methods of an earlier era – force, pre-emptive attack, deception, whatever is necessary to deal with those who still live in the nineteenth century world of every state for itself. Among ourselves, we keep the law but when we are operating in the jungle, we must also use the laws of the jungle’[11]

Since unknown snipers opened fire on protestors and police in the town of Daraa on March 15th2011, the Syrian nation has been assaulted by death squads armed and trained by the Gulf emirates and Nato intelligence. The result has been the death of thousands and the destruction of a nation. This is a repeat of the Arc of Crisis created in Afghanistan in 1979 when US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Bzrezinski organized the arming and training of Mujahedeen terrorists in order to overthrow the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The result was the creation of Al Qaida, a data-base of military-intelligence assets, who have since the very beginning, always served Nato geopolitical interests. The same technique is now being used against Syria.

It is quite possible the French government’s admission that Al Qaida have taken over large parts of Syria could serve as an excuse in the weeks, months or years ahead for direct military intervention to ‘free’ Syria from Al-Qaida, just as French intelligence’s fomentation of jihadism in Libya and their transfer to Mali served the cause of military intervention there. Meanwhile,the media demonization of Bachar-Al Assad will continue. However, the existence of Al Qaida in Syria could eventually become the final justification for intervention if the terrorists succeed in sufficiently weakening the Syrian state and Russia can be persuaded to acquiesce in the loss of its Eastern Mediterranean client state.

The dupes of Nato’s media empire can continue to comfort themselves that their governments are fighting terrorists in some countries, while helping ‘democratic rebels’ to fight ‘brutal regimes’ in others, but as savage austerity cuts and the militarization of urban space afflicts European cities, the reality that it is the degenerate Euro-Atlantic elites who are fomenting jihadist terrorism, the nightmarish reality that this is in fact both the ‘brutal regime’, and the opaque, loose ‘terrorist network’ which wants to take away our freedoms and destroy civilization, this reality will become impossible to ignore. For in truth the war on terrorism is ultimately a war on humanity.

‘Contrairement à l’Etat islamique en Irak, Le Front Al-Nosra prend garde à ne pascibler systématiquement les civils. Il a évité, pour l’instant, d’imposer un ordre islamique trop strict dans les zones passées sous son contrôle et conclut même des accords ponctuels avec la rébellion kurde, comme à Ras Al-Aïn, et plus récemment à Alep.’

One thought on “un nouvel évangile pour l’humanité / A New Gospel for Mankind

  1. Mu visits Venezuela

    Declared president of the National Council for the elections in Venezuela officially Monday Nicolas Maduro victory in the presidential election Sunday in the country, noting that it provides a difference of 265 thousand votes over opposition candidate, Enrique Cabriles who stabbed this result and asked for the votes.

    The chairwoman of the Council Tapisaa to Uccina that “the National Election Board announces that the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a citizen Nicolas Maduro Moros,” which won according to official results on 50.75% of the vote against 48.97% for Cabriles.

    The Council announced this result despite the appeal addressed to him by the opposition to delay the announcement until collect all the votes.

    She explained to Uccina that only 54% of the ballot boxes have been counted, but stressed that the paper ballots are an electronic delivery to vote and therefore there is no need to collect all the cards in order to announce the final result.

    The President of the Council invited anyone who wants to challenge this result that exhibits “legal means” not resort to threats and intimidation and intimidation. “

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