Point de le retour / Point of Return

Mu contemplates his position

Free Brother illustrates the fact what is happening against the Libyan people

Mu returns

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, greeting each offers the People’s Armed Forces, which is preparing for the Liberation of Libya and the return of the Great Jamahiriya.


Victory evening Aeshrfa Aahrar
Aaahak majority Aaahak the freedom
How morale Day God Created Tamam
Mnsourin Mnsourin Mnsourin Mnsourin Mnsourin God’s help
And a thousand million, a tribute to the master of horsehair …

(Admona 4)

News of a military coup in eastern Libya and warned Tripoli

By News Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 1:22

International News Agency Gaddafi – Benghazi. Coup in Eastern Libya

Alert in the eastern region and supposedly Chiefs of Staff in Tripoli denies knowledge of new organizational Libyan military establish the “Coalition of the Liberal army officers” A group of Libyan military and former founder of the “Coalition military officers liberals “and called for a solution of the new Staff and organize a conference of their own Libyan army, the region has witnessed east استنفارا military authorities said that his Moaj target for smuggling.

confirmed partner for “gathering of the liberal army officers” in the statement of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference, Friday, they would organize a protest zone between forty towns of Brega and Ajdabiya Libya Middle calling for abolition Chiefs of Staff Libya and the appointment of an independent organization manages the military in Libya. conference save the army Libyan under the slogan “Together for the construction of the military establishment” in the presence of the leaders of the Libyan army and a number of members of the Libyan Allaotunai Conference (parliament) ,

and representatives of community organizations and the military in Libya to rebuild the Libyan army and the appointment of staff is made a national group of officers Libyans are known for their competence and their ability to organize the army. denied the so-called leaders of the Libyan National Staff Conference “Save the Libyan army,” saying that does not CIOs staff for organizing this conference and she had not received anything on those evening.

القائد الاعلي للقوات المسلحة العقيد معمر القذافي يقدم التحية لكل قوات الشعب المسلح التى تستعد لتحرير ليبيا وعودة الجماهيرية العظمي .

  1. Astt Dear steadfast rewind Libya how Makant the right to clean the blood of our martyrs Tahir that the brightness of the light coming and victory is very, very, very close /
  2. Zhao Belo Gerdano
  3. THE MASSES WILL ARISE! NEW MILLIONS MARCHES ARE ON THEIR WAY! الجيش الليبي لحماية القائد Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi  
    Astt of millions marches, is so close in all regions of Libyan Abashro., God willing…
    Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free:

    @Li Li and HP: Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi is capable and bestows himself in an inquiry seen

    ..المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحرا للى و هب ا لى ليبيا معمر ا لقذافي قادر ا ن يهب لها ا لتحر ير ..

      Soso Green (WRITES):
    “for as long as you gave us minds and think Mattel, Muammar Kadhafi Liberalization coming, God Baden, even after forty sixty and above us victory!”
    Thus, Salitni, and so I sent we are now a mass campaign of praise .. Hallelujah and praise the number of His creation and His pleasure weight and presentation of the ink of His words … sent per conquerors have now to continue to carry praise .. Atjolha the stands have / day.
    By News on Friday, 19 أبريل, 2013 | 23:29

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – articles.
    It is called the Western media barracks Bab al-Aziziya, or the headquarters of the rule of Colonel Gaddafi and the Arab world knew 

    Bab al-Aziziya tent Gadhafi, as Libyans have taken root in their minds the idea that the prestige of the door 

    Azizia prevent the foundation of thinking about it, but make it even consider him when traffic

    in front of the issue extremely difficult this obsession and phobias of others justified was one of the major mistakes 

    that exploited then the media Conspirator in knitting yarn plot, Libyans themselves 

    and who meet Bakaúdhm a Muammar Gaddafi in the fields and weddings and meetings with all 

    spectra planted in themselves, the fear of the place of each prestige was caused by a man majestic 

    know them and they know and this leads us to question important why fear the place you know well resides 

    and how to think? Not Bab al-Aziziya as the perception of some in the past that door that 

    enters him missing and come out of it births, this doctrine of ignorance and fear of knowledge, door is 

    Basoarh the high housed inside a man has the heart of the best much of those who are afraid to even 

    mention the name of the Bab al-Aziziya and Muammar Gaddafi himself did not close the Bab al-Aziziya on his people have 

    erected a lot of weddings and events and meetings and watched the majority of what has 

    Bab al-Aziziya and what existing buildings inside it, though images media to complete the 

    this this image of a part of dupes, taking advantage of the idea of a locked room in psychology, which 

    sees them every person illusions before they are opened and ending these delusions, who know the Bab 

    Azizia entered him in his days difficult to sing and dance and the challenge of the NATO bombing and the other part 

    of the people who live inside the fear was Conspiring for the purpose of storming Bab al-Aziziya to see 

    what’s inside, the theory of psychology locked room and come to an end by strikes NATO 

    and betrayal guard the door and entered the Mrgevoa yesterday’s Bab al-Aziziya did not find only prestige man who was 

    staying in this place and decided to continue their Steadfastness in ancestral Sirte, Atoa in Bab 

    Azizia corruption tried to change Mabdakhalh you scenes from above and by the history of the 

    decades, Miagdi that demolish the house steadfast and all the heads of the world had entered him 

    مهطعين their heads and 

    view to 

    drilling in Bab al-Aziziya and every one of them looking for illusions belonged to someone looking for 

    gold and the other is about money and the other for the missing from many years, and multiple illusions 

    diversity of ideas ignorant, door is like all other camps, but the prestige of the man who 

    inhabited not available anywhere else.
    (written by: Musician)
    وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية – مقالات.

    يطلق عليه الاعلام الغربي ثكنة باب العزيزية او مقر حكم العقيد القذافي وعربيا عرف باب العزيزية بخيمة القذافي ، آما الليبين فقد ترسخت في اذهانهم فكرة ان هيبة باب العزيزية تمنع في الآساس من التفكير فيه بل تجعل حتى النظر اليه عند المرور من امامه مسألة بالغة الصعوبة هذا الهاجس والفوبيا الغير مبررة كانت احد اهم الاخطاء التى استغلها بعد ذلك الآعلام المتآمر في حياكة خيوط المؤامرة ، الليبيون انفسهم والذين كانوا يلتقون بقائدهم معمر القذافي في الميادين والآفراح والاجتماعات بكل اطيافها غرسوا في انفسهم الخوف من مكان كل هيبته كانت ناتجة عن رجل مهيب يعرفهم ويعرفونه وهذا يقودنا لتساؤل مهم لماذا تخشى مكان انت تعرف جيدا من يقيم به وكيف يفكر ؟ لم يكن باب العزيزية كما تصور البعض في السابق بآنه الباب الذي يدخل له مفقود ومن يخرج منه مولود ، هذه عقيدة الجهل والخوف من المعرفة ، فالباب باسواره العالية كان يضم بداخله رجل يملك قلب اطيب بكثير من الذين يخافون حتى من ذكر اسم باب العزيزية ومعمر القذافي نفسه لم يقفل باب العزيزية على شعبه فقد اقيمت فيه الكثير من الافراح والمناسبات والاجتماعات وشاهد الاغلبية ماذا يحتوي باب العزيزية وماهي المباني الموجودة داخله ، بالرغم من ذلك صور الاعلام المتآم ر غير هذه الصورة لجزء من المغفلين مستغلا فكرة الغرفة المغلقة في علم النفس والتى يرى فيها كل شخص اوهامه قبل ان يتم فتحها وتنتهي هذه الاوهام ، الذين يعرفون باب العزيزية دخلوا له في ايامه الصعبة للغناء والرقص وتحدي قصف الناتو والجزء الاخر من الشعب الذي يعيش بداخله الخوف كان يتآمر لغرض اقتحام باب العزيزية لمعرفة ما بداخله ، نظرية علم النفس الغرفة المغلقة وصلت الى نهايتها بفعل ضربات الناتو وخيانة حارس الباب ودخل مرجفوا الامس باب العزيزية فلم يجدوا الآ هيبة رجل كان يقيم في هذا المكان وقرر ان يستمر في صموده بمدينة اجداده سرت ، عاتوا في باب العزيزية فساد حاولوا ان يغيروا مابداخله من مشاهد سبق وان كتبها التاريخ من عشرات السنين ، مايجدي ان تهدم البيت الصامد وكل رؤوساء العالم دخلوا اليه مهطعين رؤوسهم ومعتذرين عن قصفه ، رجل باب العزيزية كتب تاريخه طيلة اربعين عاما والمرضى النفسنين يبحثون عن اوهامهم في مكان ليس فيه الآ هيبة الرجل الذي كان يعيش فيه حتى هذه الايام لازالوا يآتون بالسحرة من السودان وموريتانيا بغية الحفر في باب العزيزية وكل واحد منهم يبحث عن اوهام تخصه احدهم يبحث عن الذهب والآخر عن المال والآخر عن المفقودين من سنين طويلة ، وتتعدد الآوهام بتنوع افكار الجهلة ، فالباب كغيره من المعسكرات الآخري الآ ان هيبة الرجل الذي يقطنه لا تتوافر في اي مكان آخر . (( الموسيقار ))

    One of the novels Adib and internationalist leader Muammar al-Qathafi:
    Herb Alkhlah and tree cursed
    Bushra Makhluaan and Almakhluat! I have found the herb in plain Benghazi, which is now being sold in a shop Hajj Hassan .. According to the interview and personally witnessed more than three million viewers, the herb cure for Makhluaan .. Those who did not yet خلعهم, not mention Hajj Hassan anything about them. But Once خلعهم be herb mentioned balm and medicine for them. This about the herb Alkhlah .. The rest of the diseases, Valdoa of it also available in shop Hajj Hassan but not بعشبة the Alkhlah ….. But other herbs .. Another herb for infertility in all its forms by confirming himself ..
    Reproductive infertility .. Productive and infertility .. And perhaps also the intellectual as well as dizziness drug .. If inside your head and rotor Osabk any reason even though Dkht and you’re looking for a shirt for your son was one dinar in the public market of the people owned .. Then and now grandmother of twenty dinars in the exclusive shop and returned to the market and did not find the shirt there .. And then return to your store and found it had increased its price to (25) Dinara five minutes during your absence, the Hajj Hassan confirms that the herb has a drug for such This Rotor taken from grassland plants ..Not to mention the panacea which was discovered by the same Haj Hassan in the Abberalty bush and her grandfather grows in abundance within the walls of ancient tombs, which given يتداوى the Sabra on what he sees in front of him from exploiting the internal and global hwan Ksber the people of the graves.
    This is the secret of its inside the plant cemeteries .. In this store at least a long list of plants, which, as explained Uncle Hassan sung about prevention and treatment .. The frequency is sufficient for the problem of the private clinics and public .. And hospitals .. If God has guided us and we went to this store .. Even though we stood for hours or days or months at a subsequent seen long to get these drugs, it would be better for us than anything behind us .. Why not expand the mind and wait in line until we buy this medicine? We have come a tree farms and Holnaha to buildings .. We slaughtered our animals .. And will slaughter the rest of Eid al-Adha .. And society teaches our children on his account ..And audio-visual radio broadcasts us free, we only have to watch and hear and criticize according to our mood .. And keep up with us they bought tapes animation distracted our children from us, it does not matter if these tapes harmful or Western or even made what is the idea behind the manufacture, it is important that we do not work does not produce nor bother behind our children, everything is done by the community .. And who does not work does not produce .. And eats. Even the defense seems that it is not our responsibility, although we lied to ourselves and we said: homeland defense the responsibility of every citizen ..
    We are working hard on the repudiation of this sacred duty, we are advocates of peace and love .. Our motto (peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings) For Israelis us the peace, mercy and blessings .. As well as Almirkan .. And NATO and NATO David. And we have to respond the same greeting or best of them فننتظر out every day of the Israelis and their allies to say: Peace Association, Tajora and Ras Lanuf, Jerusalem and Baghdad. And actually we are what we need manufacturer of drugs in association Ras Lanuf as long as the Hajj Hassan collect us all herbs that cures all diseases, even the mind and heart disease and to consider ..
    And Alkromh or the dignity of the interview had been confused when he was Hajj Hassan explains the effect of the herb task .. I heard that he said: against Alkromh disease or dignity and perhaps even disease of aging because it by auditory said: herb against arrogance or pride Ohye of this has to do with aging generally, it seems. So we are happy .. I got rid of everything ..
    Poor people who are not like us, are defending their home lives and bleeding for it .. And يتصببون the race for production and digging the earth Bozvarhm the .. And cultivate trees and FOMA and cucumber .. Poor Israelis who live and their fingers on the trigger to keep the occupation of Palestine. Poor Noriega and Ortega .. poor even Almirkan who spend billions to the weaponization of space in defense of America. As for us, we need to Ashabh Alkhlah .. And artichoke .. And must move forward without hesitation .. Nor ترهبنا cries of indignation nor too in عضدنا something ..
    Go ahead and all the strong determination and coolness .. In cutting fruit trees the globe expensive company popularly import canning, even from heaven, Come after Thrrtm .. And become a power to the people .. No authority to others .. Come for the eradication of Agriculture and eradicate its roots and to accelerate the transformation is not revolutionary transformation .. I mean, even transformation. To dealers .. And Snvazh ..
    And street vendors, learned your children Alhvaah and the brokerage .. And brushing in the sun and Zmehrar, they continued, O Liberal pot the night and the parties to the day in the logging and erase the greenness of the earth proud, Hhmo a Psoaadkm twisted forest green mountain and palm trees from farms and build on the ruins of a shop or place of decorating or confectioner clip or lime. Palm value as long as the world makes us candy!!?
    We prefer Tamra without forks .. And برتقالا without husks .. The olive tree without .. Cut off the trees and a private tree cursed olive and palm. So we will stand on an equal footing with the United strong Almottagbrh and we will be safe from nuclear-tipped missiles .. For this Sngahr backwardness of the long-range and progress سنصنع ….. Cry homeland.
    احدى الروايات للاديب والزعيم الاممي القائد معمر القذافي عشبه الخلعة والشجرة الملعونةبشرى للمخلوعين والمخلوعات..! لقد وجدت عشبة في سهل بنغازي وهي الآن تباع في دكان الحاج حسن.. وحسب المقابلة التي أجريت معه شخصيا وشهدها أكثر من ثلاثة ملايين مشاهد، فإن العشبة دواء شاف للمخلوعين.. أما الذين لم يتم خلعهم بعد، فلم يذكر الحاج حسن شيئا عنهم. ولكن بمجرد خلعهم تكون العشبة المذكورة بلسما ودواء لهم. هذا عن عشبة الخلعة.. أما بقية الأمراض، فالدواء متوفر لها أيضا في دكان الحاج حسن ولكن ليس بعشبة الخلعة….. بل بأعشاب أخرى.. ثمة عشبة للعقم بكل أنواعه حسب تأكيده بنفسه.. العقم الإنجابي.. والعقم الإنتاجي.. وربما الفكري أيضا وكذلك دواء الدوخة.. إذا داخ رأسك وأصابك الدوار لأي سبب حتى ولو دخت وأنت تبحث عن قميص لابنك كان بدينار واحد في السوق العام المملوك للشعب.. ثم وجدته الآن بعشرين دينارا في متجر خاص ورجعت الى السوق ولم تجد القميص هناك.. ثم رجعت الى المتجر الخاص ووجدته قد ارتفع ثمنه إلى(25) دينارا خلال غيابك خمس دقائق، فإن الحاج حسن يؤكد أن لديه عشبة دواء لمثل هذا الدوار التقطها من نباتات المراعى.. ناهيك عن الدواء الناجع الذي اكتشفه نفس الحاج حسن في شجيرة الصبيرالتى وجدها تنبت بكثرة داخل أسوار المقابر القديمة، وهي تعطى من يتداوى بها صبرا على ما يراه أمام عينيه من استغلال داخلي وهوان عالمي كصبر أهل القبور. وهذا هو سر نباتها داخل المقابر.. وفي هذا المتجر على الأقل قائمة طويلة من النباتات التي حسبما شرحها العم حسن تغنى عن الوقاية وعن العلاج.. وتكفيك مشكلة التردد على العيادات الخاصة والعامة.. والمستشفيات.. ولو هدانا الله واتجهنا الى هذا المتجر.. حتى ولو وقفنا ساعات أو أياما أو شهورا في أر تال طويلة للحصول على هذه الأدوية، لكان خيرا لنا من أي شئ وراءنا.. لم لا نوسع بالنا وننتظر في الصف حتى نشترى هذا الدواء؟ نحن قطعنا أشجار مزارعنا وحولناها إلى مبان.. ونحن ذبحنا حيواناتنا.. وسنذبح بقيتها في عيد الأضحى المبارك.. والمجتمع يعلم أولادنا على حسابه.. والإذاعة المرئية والمسموعة تبث لنا مجانا، وما علينا إلا أن نتفرج ونسمع وننتقد حسب مزاجنا.. ومجاراة لنا فهي تشترى أشرطة للرسوم المتحركة لتلهية أطفالنا عنا، ولا يهم إن كانت هذه الأشرطة ضارة أو غربية أو حتى من صنعها وما هي الفكرة من وراء صنعها، المهم أننا لا نعمل ولا ننتج ولا نتعب وراء أطفالنا، كل شئ يقوم به المجتمع.. والذي لا يعمل لا ينتج.. وياكل. وحتى الدفاع يبدو أنه ليس من مسؤوليتنا برغم أننا كذبنا على أنفسنا وقلنا: الدفاع عن الوطن مسؤولية كل مواطن ومواطنة.. فنحن نعمل جاهدين على التنصل من هذا الواجب المقدس، نحن دعاة سلام ومحبة.. وشعارنا(السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته)فعلى الإسرائيليين منا ا لسلام والرحمة والبركة.. وكذلك الميركان.. وحلف شمال الأطلسي وحلف داود. وعليهم أن يردوا علينا بنفس التحية أو بأحسن منها فننتظر كل يوم من الإسرائيليين وحلفائهم أن يقولوا:السلام على الرابطة وتاجوراء ورأس لانوف والقدس وبغداد. وفعلا نحن ما حاجتنا بمصنع الأدوية في الرابطة أو رأس لانوف ما دام الحاج حسن جمع لنا كل الأعشاب التي تشفي من كل الأمراض حتى مرض العقل والقلب والنظر.. والكرومة أو الكرامة فإن المقابلة كانت قد شوشت عندما كان الحاج حسن يشرح مفعول عشبة مهمة.. وسمعت أنه قال: ضد داء الكرومة أو الكرامة وربما حتى داء الشيخوخة لأنه حسب سمعي قال: عشبة ضد الكبر أو الكبرياء أوشىء من هذا عموما له علاقة بالشيخوخة على ما يبدو.نحن إذن سعداء.. لقد تخلصنا من كل شيء.. مساكين الذين ليسوا مثلنا يدافعون عن أوطانهم بأرواحهم وينزفون دما من أجلها.. ويتصببون عرقا من أجل الإنتاج ويحفرون الأرض بأظفارهم.. ويزرعونها شجرا وفوما وقثاء.. مساكين الإسرائيليون الذين يعيشون وأصابعهم على الزناد ليحتفظوا باحتلال فلسطين. مسكين نورييجا وأورتيجا ..مساكين حتى الميركان الذين ينفقون المليارات لتسليح الفضاء دفاعا عن أمريكا.أما نحن، فعلينا وعلى عشعبة الخلعة.. والخرشوف.. ويجب المضي قدما وبدون تردد.. ولا ترهبنا صيحات الاستنكار ولا يفت في عضدنا شئ.. المضي قدما وبكل عزيمة قوية ورباطة جاش.. في قطع الأشجار المثمرة فإن شركة المعمورة مكلفة شعبيا باستيراد المعلبات ولو من السماء، هلموا بعد أن تحررتم.. وأصبحت السلطة للشعب.. ولا سلطة لسواه.. هلموا لقطع دابر الزراعة واجتثاث جذورها والإسراع في التحول ليس التحول الثوري.. بل أقصد التحول.إلى تجار.. وسنفازة.. وباعة متجولين، علموا أولادكم الحفاية والسمسرة.. والتفريش في الشمس والزمهرير، استمروا أيها الأحرار اناء الليل وأطراف النهار في قطع الأشجار ومحو الاخضرار من على وجه الأرض الأبية، هشمو ا بسواعدكم المفتولة غابات الجبل الأخضر وأشجار النخيل من مزارعكم وابنوا على أنقاضها متجرا أو محل تزيين أو حلواني أو مقطع جير. ما قيمة النخلة ما دام العالم يصنع لنا الحلوى!!؟ نحن نفضل تمرا بلا شوك.. وبرتقالا بلا قشور.. وزيتونا بلا شجرة.. اقطعوا الأشجار وخاصة الشجرة الملعونة الزيتونة والنخلة.هكذا سنقف على قدم المساواة مع الأمم القوية المتجبرة وسنكون في مأمن من الصواريخ ذات الرؤوس النووية.. ولهذا سنقهر التخلف الذي طال مداه وسنصنع التقدم…..صرخة وطن
    Remarks (Susan Lindauer) revealed (((thunderbolt)),) on the heads of American officials: – –
    Libya’s secret underground bases no one knows, but the soldiers of the former regime – Former U.S. intelligence officer (Susan Lindauer) confirms that the Lockerbie case is designed by the CIA and Libya’s nothing to do with ONLY BEING  a scapegoat for the payment of compensation. –
    Susan says:  Lockerbie bombing Come issue in order to lock file an investigation into corruption within the U.S. intelligence establishment and this team was on board Pan Am America, and Libya is no involved in this.
    5 – to reach nuclear Gaddafi secretary in 2002 when he announced that he would extradite the full nuclear arsenal. -*1
    Bill Clinton is suffering from epilepsy-
    Susan says: intelligence that tried Amartikih imprisoned and refused to judge in the Supreme Court’s decision and the sentence of imprisonment has the first statement in front of the Supreme Court in the U.S. state of Washington DC DC “” سأنتقم of the fact that actors have tried to kill me for it “” ” –
    Egyptian President rejected the overthrow of Gaddafi in 2006 and declined again in 2008.
    Libya is a war to seize Libyan assets abroad only.- Those with Muammar al-Qathafi keep the secrets of the Great Jamahiriya state; therefore, they cannot stay alive or be in prison: so they are deliberately killed.- Arab state is now the Israeli Mossad operation on U.S. terms and auspices of the U.S., Americans are trying to exploit the Arab crises. – Libya’s oil will be carried out during the period from 15 to 20 years maximum, and will be implemented from Arab countries, much earlier.
    خطيــــــــــــــر !!!!!!!!تصريحات (سوزان لينداور) نزلت (((كالصاعقة )))على رؤوس المسؤلين الأمريكيين :- -لدى ليبيا قواعد سرية تحت الأرض لا يعلمها احد الا جنود للنظام السابق -ضابطة الأستخبارات الأمريكية السابقة (سوزان لينداور) تؤكد أن قضية لوكربي هي من تصميم الأستخبارات الأمريكية وليست لليبيا علاقة بها سواء كبش فداء لدفع التعويضات . -سوزان تفجير لوكربي هيا قضية من أجل قفل ملف تحقيق في فساد داخل مؤسسة الأستخبارات الأمريكية وهذا الفريق كان على متن الطائرة الأمريكية بانام ، وليس لليبيا اي ضلع في هذا . 5-توصل القذافي للسر النووي في سنة 2002 عندما اعلن انه سيقوم بالتسليم الكامل لترسانته النووية . -بيل كلينتون مصاب بمرض الصرع-سوزان التي حاولت الأستخبارات المريكية سجنها ورفض القاضي في المحكمة العليا قرار وحكم السجن قامت بالتصريح الأول امام القضاء العالي في أمريكيا ولاية واشنطن دي سي العاصمة “” سأنتقم من الفاعلين بالحقيقة التي حاولوا قتلي من اجلها “”” -الرئيس المصري رفض عملية الأطاحة بالقذافي في سنة 2006 ورفض مرة اخرى في سنة 2008 .-حرب ليبيا هي لمصادرة الأموال الليبية في الخارج فقط .-الموكب الذي تم تصفيته مع القذافي هم من معهم اسرار الدولة الليبية وليسوا من بقوا احياء او في السجون وقتلوا عن عمد .-دولة عربية الأن عملية للموساد الاسرائيلي بشروط امريكية ورعاية امريكية ، امريكيا تحاول استغلال الأزمات العربية . -نفط ليبيا سينفذ في فترة خلال 15 الي 20 سنة كحد أقصى ، وسينفذ من دول عربية قبل ذلك بكثير
    21 NOVEMBER 2007
    “The world is concerned about the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.So far all attempts have failed to do something about it.This leaves weapons of mass destruction is a threat to humanity. Some rely on a Abschrekungspolitik by upgrading with similar weapons.This policy is the reason for the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.Other doctrines are distancing themselves from this destructive cycle. They advocate the observance of non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Convention to contribute to the reduction of weapons of mass destruction.This should have Dieje Nige such weapons to move the peace wishes to respect the humanity.Worth mentioning is also the Ottawa Convention, which ignored the dangers of nuclear weapons and missile offensive and defensive weapons instead on simple, such as land mines, limited.I support all conventional arms for self defense.
    However, I am strongly against offensive weapons, especially weapons of mass destruction.In addition, I am for the abolition of certain conventional weapons which can be used both defensively and offensively, namely, machine guns.You will be able to remember that since the advent of such weapons, there were calls for its abolition, in particular because of the dangers they pose to all mankind.Machine guns should be abolished from the human and humanitarian reasons.Despite the fact that machine guns are smaller than missiles, they are deadly for humans.In the course of time they have evolved and they now become more deadly. The use of such weapons leads to mass destruction.Human and humanitarian reasons and pure reason demand the abolition of machine guns.”
    God bless you, O hero Abdulsalam Zadamh: (The main الادمن)
    7 addicted writes in: Mercenaries or strongly mercenaries Yamtalim the Aaptua schools??
    The EVIL are addicted drinking the bodily juices of the dead!!! (Booze made from Corpses)
    دمي حر ودمي خضر …… رأني من ننشد عالخطر أدمان ( حرس الزعيم
    Urgent ……. Ten cases of alcohol poisoning are now in the Tripoli Medical Center ..
    Picture of Muammar al-Qathafi with traitor Musa Kusa in the background:
    MUSA KUSA, the traitor from the Depths of Hell
    Qatar granted citizenship to former Foreign Minister Musa Kusa
    By News on Friday, 19 أبريل, 2013 | 18:13

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Qatar.

    News of Qatar grants citizenship to former Foreign Minister Musa Kusa.
    Bernard Lewis plan to break up the Islamic world =====================
    Interview and media agency with “Lewis” in 05/20/2005 said the following text:
    “The Arab and Muslim people who are corrupt مفسدون Anarchists, can not تحضرهم, and if left to themselves will be surprised of the civilized world waves human terrorist destroy civilizations, and undermine communities, and therefore the solution proper to deal with them is to re-occupation and colonization, and the destruction of their culture and religious applications social, and in the case that America this role,
    it has to benefit from the experience British and French colonization of the region; to avoid errors and negative attitudes committed by the two countries, it is necessary to re-divide the Arab countries and the Islamic units tribal and sectarian lines, there is no need to take into account خواطرهم or vulnerable Panevaalathm and the reactions they have, and should have the slogan America in it, either to put them under our sovereignty, or let them to destroy our civilization, I do not mind when re-occupation to be our mission declared is to train people in the region to democratic life,
    During this neo-colonialism do not mind to make America clicking on the leadership of Islamic – without a courtesy nor Lin and uncompromising – to be saved their people from Islamic beliefs are corrupt, and therefore must clamp down on these people and besiege, invest contradictions ethnicity, partisanship tribal and sectarian them, before they invade America and Europe to destroy civilization. “
    مخطط برنارد لويس لتفتيت العالم الاسلامى ===================== مقابلة أجرتها وكالة الإعلام مع “لويس” في 20/5/2005م قال الآتي بالنص: “إن العرب والمسلمين قوم فاسدون مفسدون فوضويون، لا يمكن تحضرهم، وإذا تُرِكوا لأنفسهم فسوف يفاجئون العالم المتحضر بموجات بشرية إرهابية تدمِّر الحضارات، وتقوِّض المجتمعات، ولذلك فإن الحلَّ السليم للتعامل معهم هو إعادة احتلالهم واستعمارهم، وتدمير ثقافتهم الدينية وتطبيقاتها الاجتماعية، وفي حال قيام أمريكا بهذا الدور فإن عليها أن تستفيد من التجربة البريطانية والفرنسية في استعمار المنطقة؛ لتجنُّب الأخطاء والمواقف السلبية التي اقترفتها الدولتان، إنه من الضروري إعادة تقسيم الأقطار العربية والإسلامية إلي وحدات عشائرية وطائفية، ولا داعي لمراعاة خواطرهم أو التأثر بانفعالاتهم وردود الأفعال عندهم، ويجب أن يكون شعار أمريكا في ذلك، إما أن نضعهم تحت سيادتنا، أو ندعهم ليدمروا حضارتنا، ولا مانع عند إعادة احتلالهم أن تكون مهمتنا المعلنة هي تدريب شعوب المنطقة علي الحياة الديمقراطية، وخلال هذا الاستعمار الجديد لا مانع أن تقدم أمريكا بالضغط علي قيادتهم الإسلامية- دون مجاملة ولا لين ولا هوادة- ليخلصوا شعوبهم من المعتقدات الإسلامية الفاسدة، ولذلك يجب تضييق الخناق علي هذه الشعوب ومحاصرتها، واستثمار التناقضات العرقية، والعصبيات القبلية والطائفية فيها، قبل أن تغزو أمريكا وأوروبا لتدمر الحضارة فيها”.

    In the name of God the Merciful (Say will not happen to us only God ماكتب us) great truth of God, For the month Aiit still Libyan citizen and grandfather hyperbolic Hidden and there is no Maumat about his whereabouts after he was kidnapped in front of his farm market Thursday Achristl from an unknown destination and was reported in all the security agencies and the Attorney General and human rights organizations, the Arab world and the Red Cross, but so far there is no information … Knowing that a civilian working grabber Islamic Call Society God and yes in the proxy brought Libya to this case and RBI released all prisoners and captives ….
    Warplanes combing the coastal road from Misurata to Tajura and Sheba ..
    From the green channel: Media spokesman told the border guards and battalions vital and strategic goals ((submitted Omar Hamza key)) .. 18/04/2013
    Freedom and democratic state ….. To the extent that each one governs his spirit … Hazelt ..
    Hamid الحاسي with Bouchmadeh and a number of army officers and tenderly Army militia to shut down the valley Rouge demanding the removal of ornately. Bouazizi appears in the corner today, a young man burning spirit Libyan visa to Germany after he was expelled from Greece red seal of the Office of Travel and Tourism Trade Ihsab his soul Abadl the he Maqrif, كلاها in the old rat.

    Alamadhok they mesh without understanding Shi .. Naive wish the goodness of the traitors who Baau country, since the time; Maqrief understanding was good in 1983 Chenb a $ 83 million, and fled, and said, “I am against Libya.” Lotto Im goodness of his blindness Bernard-Henri Levy and John McCain and sold his country for Qatar and NATO .
    المضحوك عليهم مش فاهميــــــن شي .. ســــــذج يتمنون الخير من لخونة الذين باعو بلادهم منذ زمـــــن ؛ المقريف كان فه خير في 1983 ما خنب 83 دولار مليون وهرب وقال انا ضد الجماهيرية . وتو يجيكم الخير من على العمى صاحب برنارد هنري ليفي و جون ماكين وباع بلاده لقطر وللناتو ..
    President Ali Zaidan rats: 
    “The government will form a new security apparatus in the name of national security, this device does not follow the army or the police and military but it would be a device obeys the matter and implemented by the government.”
    In your opinion, who follow Bisclh??
    رئيس الجرذان علي زيدان:“الحكومة ستشكّل جهازا أمنيا جديدا باسم الأمن الوطني، وهذا الجهاز لا يتبع للجيش أو للشرطة ولكن سيكون جهازا عسكريا تأتمر بالأمر الحكومي وينفذهبرأيكم لمن يتبع ومن بيشكله ؟؟
    “I hope the immediate publication and reporting on all pages and sites and human rights organizations in the world (A prison cell or what is known Znin engine refrigerators in the corner) Yesterday, he said one was in this prison and was able to escape it miraculously That there is a prison in the city angle near the Alsmavro of the last turn in the city This prison has an underground room and there is a very large refrigerators and refrigerators function it is to save and poultry meat But today become ضيفتها is to put you Fame in these rooms without lighting and the sound of these refrigerators for a week and follows يخرجوك and was head of the interior boil like an egg in water You do not know who you are and where I came from and do not know what I did and become your actions are unnatural and becomes a case like that man does not have the mind and the fact that God testifies to this, I hope the publication of all Liberal. Prison officials for this group of former criminals and debt متسترين.”



    جردان from Misrata forces stormed the office of the fight against crime in Alfornaj by force of arms and arrested p all employees including Albrahmat and اخلا for detainees __

    Due to catch the fight against crime p person city of Mzrath in current sugar. Azrael he may exalt Aajerdan all of you on one another wholesale.  

    Abubakar Meitik the commander of the militia leaders Misrata, which occupies the ego is to coordinate with durable Salah Badi and Hakim Belhaj. Of course, this is accused of murder and torture against innocent people and it was the most enthusiastic people to storm Bani Walid, of course racism and regional معششة within the same patient

    Urgent :::: injury lousy shot of النواصي battalion is now online with a large group from inside a hospital Battalion street corner.
    Jaaaakm goodness from all directions Burglary large coral Tripoli port end of stealing 350 thousand dinars from the treasury of revenue dawn on Thursday:
    Burglary of treasury Ali Port coral in the capital Tripoli is estimated at about 350 thousand Libyan dinars on Thursday morning.
    Urgent Tripoli Moments before Tqrabie voices heard in Tripoli (bombing) clearly around Motaiqh and Airport Road, Abu Salim, Gharghour.
    Hear the sound of explosions Airport Road and hear the exchange of small arms and Shooting Baiji land next to the palace and through the bridge Sawani.
    (Admowona 1)
    Shortly before Clashes arms in the area Sabriyah specifically (People) After rat ماقامت area of headed Boguendh and bring in rats and steady gangs of criminals to break into Mnasal residents of the area but was defeated And forcing them to move out of the area (Admowona 1)
    Aaaaaajl ……Now Helicopter flying low over the capital Tripoli after a group of detainees managed to escape.
    Cause of the problem in Gharghour Yesterday, the one جردان Misrata Brigades of Gharghour attacked the fight against crime and has Bokhadd arms of the so-called anti-crime device And what is happening now is that the so-called forces of deterrence and also camp or scorpions and confidential bonds surround all battalions Jerdanih within Gharghour. All heavy machinery Misrata for جردان battalions stationed in the area Gharghour encircled the area and the so-called joint security force preparing for the storm and it seems that things are in a very large worsening.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel Now armed militias Mzratha above the roofs of the city Gharghour And Mlishat Conference Alotine now en route to the ego to face Mlishat Mzrath Hahah to this launch Aasmoh you and told you salad Libya dat sovereign state ** (Admowona 1)
    Urgent ..Joint Forces identified six o’clock in the morning deadline for the exit of the Misurata militia of Gharghour bloodshed and Misrata militias are firing over the heads of the members of the Joint Committee that many of its members fled tonight.
    Salah Badi said in a statement before the hour channel Misratah that Gharghour region red line and as you were in the past fear accessed when the battalions were Altagah Flakm today that afraid to enter it more because Misrata rebels Brigades.
    Ivory (inventory Almqml Salah Badi said in a statement by the hour) for proxy.
    Salah Badi issued ordered to Melcaat of Misratah Balbdo in the bombing of the forces that caught in Gharghour and assures them that arrived to support Tajora (posted by: The main الادمن)
    Urgent ..Misrata security committee accuses النواصي battalion of treason and participate in the process storm Gharghour and the disappearance of Abdul Rauf and phone lock hater.
    Urgent .. Misrata militias ask residents of the condominium Gharghour leaving and a squad of snipers from the Egyptian nationality ascend the roofs of these buildings.
     today fly trolled flies whole Gharghour and Allowachoch weigh in the daytime in night in Gharghour, unknown reason ..
     Aladdin’s uncle battling thieves thieves in Gharghour,,, it’s God’s will, O Sinbad.
    Win strap up to Gharghour.
    Haaaaaaaam …. Ballaha to noticed Aalepien and Aajerdan the their Aamgrr …..
    All pages Jerdanih the talking and talking on events Gharghour day and night, but page channel Misratah on Elvis ….
    Do you known him Aajerdan is how ye Amadhak for masters Almsarit
    (The main الادمن)
    تيبة black day
    Major news Misrata security committee accuses النواصي battalion of treason and participate in the process storm Gharghour and the disappearance of Abdul Rauf and phone lock hater. ********************
    Burglary large coral Tripoli port end of stealing 350 thousand dinars from the treasury of revenue dawn on Thursday. *********************
    In these moments clashes between armed gangs from the houses of citizens take refuge among government forces Jerdanih. *************************
    A convoy of militias Mzrath the heading to Tripoli city exceeded five now. *************************
    An armed group stormed the compound courts and prosecutors in the Libyan capital Tripoli area door bin Gasheer and kill a prisoner named Anas Mliqith the inside Courts Complex.
    ÚÇÇÇÇĚá An Germanah armed militia stormed the Courts Complex door Ben Gasheer today and kill citizens detained once Mliqith. Suffice God and yes, the agent ….. Libya already safety and security
    (Admowona 1)
    ************************* Now armed militias Mzrath above the roofs of the city Gharghour The conference Mlishat Alotine now in the way to Gharghour area to face Mlishat Mzrath.
    (Addicted 3)
    Ali HSS away area Gharghour ...
    even if it does not happen any clash .. in order to preserve your safety from rat Hjerdan Lord avenged them .. spoilers in the ground From their pages …. this topic liberty counterfeit (Admowona 1)
    T launched a Halar ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ ……
    It their day Alteixeidh pages you Aajerman ups and p your pages of last resort Band bonds Altanih ten (door Tajora) :/
    Reasons for the existence machines Altqilh and pinned down in the way of Shat is waiting for the rest of the members of the Force ………………..
    Ahmad (mean costume what Qllkm .. night red حتكون in Gharghour ..
    Please of Gharghour residents not to approach the النوافد .. to avoid any stray bullets .. intensity and disappear my people Gharghour ..
    and Tftko of the bands which you have) …. ..
    And Ras mother * ^
    (Admowona 1)
    Their pages and tell them Guys and gals Libya
    ÚÇÇÇĚá / ÎÇÇÇŐ In contact now with one of the members of the national power access ..
    Stationed in janzour .. Said that preparations Ali, gave Alosaq ..
    And all national strength متجهزين the youth and prepared to raid any Walker in Tripoli gangs ..
    And for Azalo waiting for orders to move towards Gharghour to expel the gangs and militias stationed in residential neighborhoods ..
    And not Evsaho for any movements and will not Aato any information when and how they will move to crack down on these gangs And he said, and I quote: “We practice the psychological war on the gangs ..
    and is the one who forced them to throw out Bolyatem and bullets in the air ..
    and we are aware of all their movements and their equipment” Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ Hssona It’s to Holyowood the film at night live and Chowoa ^ *
    [Admowona 1]
    Clashes in Tripoli and almost completely shut down by Shat 04/19/2013
    Ivory (Tripoli) for :::: Almost completely shut down for the by Shat beginning of the equestrian front of Bo six headquarters battalion النواصي which follow Abdul Latif Misrati pots and even market Althelaúa and military vehicles exit awesome numbers from النواصي headquarters الجرداني toward the same place.
    By News on Friday, 19 أبريل, 2013 | 01:10
    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.
    Almost completely shut down for the by Shat beginning of the front of equestrian Person Above النواصي battalion headquarters that follow Abdul Latif Misrati pots and even market Althelaúa and exit numbers are terrible military vehicles from النواصي headquarters toward the same place.It also heard the sound of explosions Airport Road and the exchange of small arms and Shooting Baiji land next to the palace and the bridge by Soane.
    A powerful explosion rocked the city of Tripoli.
    This is what happened on Thursday in the capital Tripoli :: /
    The large group from associate Jardan to the so-called Qaqaa Brigade ((they are from Zintan)) attacked the family home of “murdered” the first at the hands of the inventory which was said to have been killed yesterday in prosecutors Lance Mliqth and متسبب in their killing the Lance Miqth inventory ..
    And let us know Bermaah home with 14.5 weapons and RPG launchers .. And then Jelbo the “Kachik” .. And هدمو home. Home of the object in the draft agricultural plateau Behind SAFAT Mosque … The house was empty of residents. All these events received on Thursday 04/18/2013.
    Tripoli / cooker Spol Tqrabie Leh Leh / Alderhat liver Agto the Bloab firearms T Sanatorium and God Zumtkm the Aajerdan.
    I’m currently valid in the Green Square and hear in Boom Trbag album supernatant (Sboul cooker) nor claim Agulw in potatoes??? Khkhkhkhkh
    (7 addicted)
    May and Tqrabie in Tripoli Ring the Bloagd Hahaha Valehin Bloab firearms Ttiyah Saadkm enemy Akzbo in the island Taraaabuls Tqrabie rung Shin And Aajermano if Ptcol that this whole following Sayer weddings Twasalo the Edjlo p link WWW. Ahelmo and Okzbo. Com
    (posted by: Admin 5)
    Killed Anas Mliqth the Alzentani after the failure of a group of armed smuggled out of the public prosecutor and killed inside the car that are moving and accused of killing a member of the Supreme Security Committee angle Dahmani.
    Tripoli Mesh welcomed the cool: Fire seemed Taatqguah and thankfully forward Aashab to Libya زيدو the Khco in some who bent bent Hahah. Astjaddaouat inventory of Gerdanhm officials.
    A weak المستكين voice .. Like a Aelkezon voice .. Appealed to the so-called People’s Minister of Justice to intervene to stop the militia after militia attack on a car revolutionary movement of prisoners in Tripoli that killed one of the prisoners. The mouthpiece Marghany we say There is no power to us He says Anas must stop pleasantries .. Hola rebels must stop and surrender their arms ..
    Merghany carry all the responsibility rebels in the ministry is unable to perform its work.
    BOUND FOR TUNISIA: Libya chaos ….
    Authorized him to burst into the Tripoli International Airport as a result return plane Buraq Airport Abraq after media captain said the plane as it landed inside the airport Abraq: “You can not take off again”; and cause interruption Alkahraaba on the runway take-off at the airport, making the captain returned the plane with passengers to Tripoli International Airport and upon landing refused passengers down permanently, causing chaos, because the same plane bound for Tunisia and االان the Tlat trips to Tunisia to Azalo the waiting at the airport and passengers may Asro on the lack of the plane landing.
     Are strong explosions rock the market Friday in Tripoli with heavy fire.
    Tripoli now Sounds very powerful explosions in the number of areas in the capital Tripoli And Tripoli Khsth, each. P channel neighborhood Zenata neighborhood / T Walk told you Admontha Alhblh / she contacted her friend and Qallha pages publisher algae that need road to the airport ČÓ Praise Okdtla The Wedding 4 Khot with some T Walk ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ /
    WWW. Overthrew Saadkm. Com
    (Admin 5)
    Aahlna  launched in the The Friday Market.  You have you are free to Jana news that sounded in the Friday Market.
    Urgent ..Rthel of Misurata militia heading to Tripoli and bypass the city of five now.
    Urgent ..Suspicious movement carried out by militias in prison in the city of Tripoli and the prisoners are being moved to the headquarters of the Military College for Girls.
    Killed the nephew of the Qaqaa Amlaith the battalion command on his way from the prison to the new Supreme Court and was killed because of revenge taken it Hussam, who was killed on his hands. Murdered Hossam Friday market and has done now Abdul Razzaq Amlaith, the bomb blew up the house of Hossam RPG  Friday Maqrket. Mottagol from Jardan page.
    Urgent :::: Killed Anas Mliqth the Alzentani after the failure of a group of armed smuggled out of the public prosecutor and killed inside the car that are moving and accused of killing a member of the Supreme Security Committee Dahmani angle ..
    This person is the brother of Abdul Majid Mliqth and Osman Mliqth and that he killed one of his neighbors a few months ago, one of the “rebels” Tripoli. FLASH The now by Mordmjmuah the Gerdanih of the Friday Market purely on some Liberal after they escape any Haddaaraf former prisoner Faragoa the it tell him because Jardan is the Bedouin يلقطوا you and one and Ahdwi end was in the P Trbuls battalions trying Agarmkana because Jardan will Bhmmelt large inspection.
     Please Alammerkhtiromukd publishing ..
    (Admowona 1)
    (P of rats pages) for ………
    after magrib azan and prayer group immediately was the announcement now started to move out armored vehicles (poll) as a prelude to the rest of the processing mechanisms. Temporary meeting point island market Tuesday …
    Allahu Akbar (strength Almottagrkh / janzour)
    (Admowona 1)
    Zintan became costume Emiratis Trichm tell you long your age Yashik, Nsawinhm you say God of neighborhood committees difference between them and the Emiratis in حاجتين to arrow sitting Amsch the and Alchenbh the Maandhmh her ​​spirit.
    Militias of Zintan stationed in Gargour Blaslhh the heavy equipment, and seems they claimed afraid each night and Lee Mesh certified brief overland shows.
    (Admowona 1)
    Libya new good Almentdhar .. A state of alert for the collapse of a dam to sewage – Zliten
    ÚÇÇÇĚá Been targeted anti-crime center in the city of Surman, Bakadeg Arbjee before the purity and prayer unknown actor ..
    (posted by: Admowona 1]
    Surman city is witnessing clashes between the Islamic criminal gangs under the name of the fight against crime and criminal gangs addicted to Almkhmarat of .. Aware that he was yesterday hit headquarters Bakazv the Arbjee and still ongoing clashes side Alarahpin headquarters الاسلامين
    Office of the fight against crime in the city of Surman exposed to armed attack
    By News on Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 01:08

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Surman.

    Office of exposure of the so-called anti-crime Surman to an armed attack different types of 
    weapons causing damage to the building and its contents, and some cars of the Committee and was 
    Wadhwa fled.
    BENGHAZI: Bnghazastan …

    Internet outages from time to time and the other with the withdrawal of the balance without having browse
    Today saw the city of Benghazi blackouts on many areas lasted for long hours.
    Stop the study today in all schools in Benghazi because of the sit-in demanding their salaries teachers: Ha ha …
    Long live Libya protests, demands and shame :/ Now for teachers gathered in front of the so-called Benghazi office of the Ministry of Education and the Quiche region are demanding the dismissal of the minister, On Altsrahiat that he made the right teachers in the city of Benghazi..
    Lighting Lake Benghazi tonight!!! There is no doubt that the Magi, Jews and Christians, Buddhists, and many nations candles used in religious rituals, and not that of the religion of Islam in something.:
    FALSE Shiek Gharaiani Taliani:
    Battalion Black day:
    Customized Fattaowoy ^ ^
    The most important points in an interview Sheikh false Taliani 1 Local Benghazi Council is asked Mona prohibition of rescue F Benghazi 2 federal not Kharijites But they are few!!!! 3 request by the State Tatin Tawergha by building homes for them in the Tripoli and Benghazi 4 Alliance Party deceived the people until they were voting for him 5 insulation political demand rally!!!! 6 is against Dar Fattae with the survival of Mofty even Alastqalth the, 7 of the ruling Justice and construction is not ÇÎćÇäě Aaina p Hiowouch last time
    (Admowona 1)
    The street to the right behind the Industrial Exhibition Omar Ibn Al-Aas!!4 tires extraction from the sewage tank! And it is said by an actor from neighbors.
    بنغازي : الشارع الذي علي يمين المعرض الصناعي خلف شارع عمر ابن العاص !!استخراج 4 اطارات سيارات من خزان مجارى !ويقال انها بفعل فاعل من الجيران
    Goodness alleged Lee Jae;; Benghazi, which suffer kidnapping, murder and terrorism.
    And Idhwn they Thrro and they are free .. What about the kidnapping, which does not stop??
    Fu Addma this figure over a thousand of missing and abducted:
    Country full of and Hania things and Manaqs Tobruk is a fountain, said a gift from the Italians, how do you grandchildren returned and FIG Knaderhm (Liberal forbid) .. Is everything Aalbarakh important and that Hallah is the fountain who inform them Mieh Mesh alcohol ..
    Yesterday was armed clashes between Jardan the to Gate Qoert money northern entrance Sabha.
    Displays some members of the Toubou tribe who are in Sebha airport today and heading to the city of Tripoli to severe beatings and even kidnappings by rats. And injured two other brothers (I want Mohammed مكني) and (Abraham and Reque) delegation includes a flyer to Tripoli number 12 people of Tabu wise .. Currently, the airport and has been locked entrances, by the battalion بوحليقة ..
    Low warplanes, and breaking the sound turnpike over the south of Libya … Hahah remains a Maretwa Shi Aajerdan Tiroa how Mayajpkm (Admowona 1)
    A very important …
    “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” Based on a communication professor lawyer Bashir fishing head of the Movement stationed in Tunisia – will be organized popular gathering by the movement stationed in Tunisia and crowds of NGOs in Tunisia, movements and political parties in solidarity and support of the brothers Displacement and Aalamadthdan Libyans at home and abroad as well as the support of the people of the brotherly Syrian campaign in the face of Western media channels that incite Arab depend lying and falsification of the facts of Western agendas service and ————– Zionism and in Tunis – Tunisia — please attendance and participation by all honorable Liberal Arabs in Tunisia.
    And on Saturday, 20-4 – 2013 AM
     SALAFIST Mufti of Tunisia: Tunisia, Syria girls “to the marriage Jihad”
    By News on Friday, 19 أبريل, 2013 | 22:35

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tunisia.

    The Grand Mufti of Tunisia Osman Watermelon Friday that Tunisian women Savrn girls to Syria to participate in the “Jihad marriage” with “Islamist dissidents” are fighting government forces in Syria.

    This is the first official confirmation of the relevance of Tunisian Tunisian girls Baslamyin in Syria known as the “jihad marriage”, and is intended to establish relationships between girls and Islamist fighters in Syria without any legal contract, in the context of what is known as customary marriages.
    In recent weeks, told local media that there are girls went to Syria to participate in the “Jihad marriage”, but Tunisian officials and Islamic groups denied it and said it aims to distort the Syrian Revolution.

    The news agency quoted the official in Tunisia Osman Watermelon Tunisian Mufti as saying: “There are 16 Girl Tunisian been lured them and sending them to fight in Syria within Jihad marriage .. This is a moral corruption and prostitution.”
    “The Tunisian girl conscious chaste maintain the honor and self struggling to gain knowledge and science.”
    The Mufti called Tunisian youths not to go to Syria, saying there is exploiting the difficult circumstances for young people to recruit them and put them in the fight against other Muslims.
    Tunisian Interior: Belaid killers fled to Libya
    By News on Friday, 19 أبريل, 2013 | 18:57

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tunisia.

    He favored the new Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddo participants in the assassination of escape 

    Leftist opposition my Belaïd thanks to outside the country, declaring “there is coordination with Libya 

    And Algeria, “neighbors to arrest them.

    Tunisian minister did not rule out, in an interview published by the newspaper “Morocco” Tunisian 

    The possibility of “leave some of those involved in the assassination of the homeland, stressing the search for them at home and abroad, and coordination in this regard with the Libyans and Algerians. “

    He added that “the police had arrested so far 3 suspected of involvement in the assassination of Shukri 

    Belaid, and prosecute 5 Harbin others, including the main suspect Kamal Alqdkadhi “.

    The minister replied to a question about the killers belong to the stream or a particular organization, saying, “This is what 

    Your, you said the assassination is an act of an individual or behind the entire organization? Could be behind the assassination case a group of the same neighborhood belong to a particular stream, and may be 

    And also behind the entire organization, and to some extent time we do not have an obvious fact about this 
    Matter. ” 
    He pointed out that “there is no doubt about that the killer is Kemal Alqdkadhi, by a body 

    Defense, and even the Salafis do not doubt the fact that Alqdkadhi is the killer, but say it 

    Salafist movement broke. “

    It is noteworthy that the former interior minister Ali broad announced on February 26 last year that 

    “Suspects who were arrested belong to the hardline religious stream.”

    It also announced a weekly “latest news” Tunisian “2 of the killers of Shukri Belaid Mtwajaddan the in Libya.” 
    and explained that one “has already participated in the plight of February 17, the Libyan” has “relations

    Strong with the leaders of NATO Libyan rebels, and was close to a hard-line religious currents. “

    The media reported opponents because they “do not rule out that the Ministry of Interior 

    Facilitated the escape of the suspects, while the broad assume the ministry. “
    A patient psychological and Abdulrahman Jewish orchid commander signatory signatory Akdb now through the channel of Libya villains with palm leaves Nabil Hajj and Akdb, and says that you have to challenge Gaddafi since the month of 1 in 1976 Anrdoa you Aajerbua to picking Lin saturation as long as the harvest Balblash …
    Assurances uncertain Teenager insane Abuscna the announce his participation in the F Libya for all:
    CAIRO MEETING of grand traitors: Held last term several meetings in Cairo in the presence of Embarak tall and Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Abdullah Osman and Barrani forms and aims of these meetings to establish a party headed by Mustafa Abdul Jalil called centrist party will be made next year’s elections in Libya and see the supporters of the party that they will Athsalon on the votes of Libyan supporters of the former regime Sawa at homeor abroad, as well as the large group of people who called Bnadmon and see Embarak tall One of the main reasons for the success of this party, the absence of a political body of supporters of the former regime to Thmtlhm in while they’re overwhelming majority ..
    Secretary General of the People’s Congress free Elvis Bucky put before you this brazen conspiracy of a group of traitors, they responded in the thousands you’d supporters of Muammar Gaddafi.
    (E remarks clients) or An hour before the meeting on Channel Egypt (Cairo and people) Libya’s ambassador territories in Egypt Rat: Mohammed Fayez Jibril“We are allies and friends of NATO and the West, with evidence that NATO and west أعاننا in our revolution and fought Gaddafi and كتائبه of!!” Oh God smite evil-doers بالظالمين ..
    Mahmoud Shammam inventory mount an attack on the inventory Mahmoud Jibril. And praised Qatar on his Review and an hour later the Bhdf Alsti but been filmed Aajrd .. I asked God Is there labor and betrayal, loyalty and dependency of the infidels against Muslims since the beginning of Islam until now more than these traitors Obaid infidels, you accept honest for Libya and Ahrarha, that ruled these الأنجاس?
    (E remarks clients) or An hour before the meeting on Channel Egypt (Cairo and people) Libya’s ambassador territories in Egypt
    I asked God Is there labor and betrayal, loyalty and dependency of the infidels against Muslims since the beginning of Islam until now more than these traitors Obaid infidels, you accept honest for Libya and Ahrarha, that ruled these الأنجاس?
    Egypt expects to receive the first shipment of Libyan oil within two weeks / / /
    Reuters Arab ….CAIRO (Reuters) – An official source at the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation said on Thursday that his country expects to receive the first shipment of Libyan oil within two weeks.
    The source, who declined to be named during a telephone conversation with Reuters, “we are negotiating now with Libya to choose quality raw commensurate with the Egyptian refineries. Expect to receive 600 thousand barrels within two weeks …She lived to Libya a kitten and the Radi العوج people Li Sayer …Claim Nlqo the demonstrations in particular …. But Mafi Libyan limit its share of oil and only Horrukm before Aaokhaddo Halaqrar …. **
    (Admowona 1)

    The Boston Bombings in Context: How the

    FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American


    Global Research, April 17, 2013
    Url of this article:
    The Boston Marathon bombing has provoked shock, grief and outrage from around the world. After decades of conditioning, the public automatically equates such terrorism with Muslim radicals. But the evidence shows that every major terror plot on American soil in the past 10 years has been fostered, funded and equipped by one organization: the FBI.
    People around the world watched in horror this week as explosions rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon, turning a day of sportsmanship and celebration into one of shock, grief and outrage. As with all such events, the desire to discover who was behind this cowardly act has driven many into a speculative frenzy. And, in a sad reminder of the indoctrination that the Western world has been under for over a decade now in the mythical “war of terror,” it did not take long at all before the collective finger of the mob was pointed squarely in the direction of Muslim terrorists.
    Visit our YouTube channel and click the “Subscribe” link to get the latest videos from Global Research! Within hours of the blast, fear spread throughout the international Muslim community that the bombing would be connected to an Islamist extremist. A Libyan Twitter user touched a nerve—and received thousands of retweets and worldwide media coverage—by tweeting “Please don’t be a ‘Muslim.’”
    The backlash began shortly thereafter, with the New York Post falsely implying that a Saudi national was being questioned for his possible role in the attack. The next day, a plane departing Boston Logan Airport returned to the gate and two passengers were forcibly removed because they had been overheard speaking Arabic before takeoff. As data continues to pour in regarding the bombing and who may be behind it, it is instructive to take a moment to step back and consider this knee-jerk tendency to conclude that this is the work of Islamic radicals. In the minds of millions of Americans, bombs targeting innocents on US soil are inextricably linked with the image of the bearded, turban-wearing boogeyman that has become the shorthand for evil in this age of terror.
    This association is not only incorrect, it is dangerously incorrect because it signally fails to identify the one unifying thread between all of the recent terror plots in the US. Lurking behind the shadowy armies of would-be jihadis in the popular imagination is the sober reality that every single major terror bust in the United States since 9/11 has sourced back to the same group, a single entity that has in every single case funded, equipped and even incited the would-be terrorists into action: the FBI.
    In 2005, federal prosecutors charged Michael Reynolds, a 47 year old drifter living with his elderly mother, of attempting to wage jihad on the US by blowing up fuel facilities. In reality, his plan for jihad was little more than a series of conversations he had on a Yahoo! Chat room with a US judge posing as a militant.
    He was arrested after agreeing to meet with an FBI informant who had promised him $40,000 for his cause, and two months later the FBI quietly announced he was likely mentally ill. He was eventually convicted and is curently serving 25 years in jail. In 2007 the so-called “Fort Dix Six” were nabbed in a much-hyped FBI terror bust after allegedly hatching a plan to attack a US military base and kill the soldiers there.
    At the time, a 26-page indictment revealedthat the group had “no rigorous military training” and “did not appear close to being able to pull off an attack.” The next year it was revealed that the FBI informant who had infiltrated the group had in fact offered to organize the members and lead the plot itself. In 2009 the Newburgh Four were arrested for an alleged plot to blow up synagogues and shoot down military airplanes in Newburgh, New York. The group was a ragtag bunch of poor black men, at least one of whom was mentally unstable and stored his own urine in jars around his apartment.
    The group’s fifth member, Shahad Hussein, turned out to be an FBI informant who had promised the members hundreds of thousands of dollars to carry out the plot. In sentencing the defendants, Federal Judge Colleen McMahon said: “[The government] created acts of terrorism out of [the defendant’s] fantasies of bravado and bigotry, and then made those fantasies come true.
    The government did not have to infiltrate and foil some nefarious plot – there was no nefarious plot to foil.” In November 2010 the FBI busted the so-called Portland Christmas Tree Bomber, who was allegedly attempting to bomb the lighting ceremony at Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square. “The threat was very real,” the FBI intoned at the time. “Our investigation shows that Mohamud was absolutely committed to carrying out an attack on a very grand scale.” The alleged bomber, Arthur Balizan, turned out to be a teenager who bragged to undercover agents that he could get a gun because he was a “rapper” and wrote an article on workout tips for jihadis.
    In 2011 the FBI arrested a man that they themselves had supplied with a remote controlled plane and C4 explosives in a harebrained attempt to bomb the Pentagon. In 2012 they busted another would-be jihadi that they again had supplied with a fake gun and suicide vest.
    Also in 2012 the FBI busted a group of five “anarchists” who were allegedly going to bomb a bridge in the Cleveland area, although it was quietly admitted that the FBI informant who had infiltrated the group had in fact initiated the contact with them and been present at the meetings where they developed the plan to blow up the bridge. One of the most ridiculous examples of this pattern dates back to 2006, when the DOJ attempted to make it seem as if they had just nabbed a group of dangerous jihadis who were preparing a full ground war against the United States.
    The picture that is painted by these facts is as overwhelming as it is difficult for much of the public to comprehend. The conclusion, nevertheless, is incontrovertible: that without the FBI, many of the so-called “terrorist cells” that have been hatching their inept, bumbling schemes against the United States for decades might never have existed at all. Despite what many would believe, this conclusion is not even controversial.
    Rather, it has been backed up time and again by evidence in the official record and multiplyattested to by FBI insiders and whistleblowers themselves. Given all of this damning history and insider whistleblowing, it is vital that the Western public break out of their media-induced programming and question the core assumptions of the war on terror paradigm that we have been programmed with for decades now.
    If there is to be speculation at all over events like these, and if there is any group that has to present a thoroughgoing case for why it is NOT responsible for this atrocity, surely it is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Having been at the heart of so many terror plots in the past, both the hilariously inept and the chillingly successful, how could the public refuse to even interrogate the organization that has the most to answer for?
    The simple fact of the matter is that the history of the modern age of terrorism has proven time and again that the FBI is the prime suspect in any terrorist atrocity that takes place on American soil. Let us all keep this in mind as the details of the investigations into this (and all other) American terrorist incidents begins to emerge.

    America's War on Terrorism

    Obama’s sinister new agenda is unfolding. 

    There’s a reason why he’s disarming millions while hoarding enough ammo for a 30 year land war. 

    Sandy Hook’s got nothing to do with it. It’s way darker than that… 

    The White House Watch, 42104 N Venture Drive Suite B-122, Anthem, AZ 85086

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