Rentrer à la maison colonialistes / We are Taking Our Country Back!

Mu at the Sistine Chapel

(picture of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi at Vatican’s “Sistine Chapel”)

Mu removes his specs

Victory evening Aaguala great conqueror:

Destroyed burned Adboa of, whatever you like you will not have received us coward .. Post Narkm, حقدكم and your strength and Dbapetkm in every street and rue and in front of every house .. Kill our children in all the villages Nikla the bodies of the martyrs .. Do what you like .. فهدا will only increases our determination and resolve to continue our resistance .. And strengthen our ranks .. Whenever Down Drop martyr .. Or tear prisoner .. Or tear or deceased .. Are getting the strength and determination to follow ..

And God Stendmon and عروشكم corrupt Mqlon the .. And Svhaúkm and Hakraúkm and Gerdankm for Accounting .. Yes Stendmon the Stendmon .. Ye are facing a fearless people .. People knelt down and subjected Italy .. You are facing generations of heroes who are making their stationed Muammar Kadhafi .. And before Omar Mukhtar and all the mujahideen .. We will continue the resistance in every town and village and the home of the countryside and Mount .. Will not give up our one goal victory and victory was not to surrender victory .. Resistance to death .. To that تنزاح the thrones of injustice Dear damned traitors ye masters the Freemasons and the Crusaders haters ..

Hacen Madjede writes to me:

Commander Muammar al-Qathafi alive for the dissemination of information definite and Mcdh and al-Qathafi in good health.

al-Qathafi still retains his weapons and papers for, and what you saw on the stations is a lie in order to laugh at the people.

al-Qathafi is now determined to remain king of kings. Evriviao is sending orders Pantdham by means primitive (such as conservation and encryption messages).

His paper  does not use any electronic device or digital or اااااي of sophisticated devices.

That he lives like any Toariqa in a tent amid Arabia, and even the Saudi authorities did not know his presence.

This information is from a reliable source source: al-Qathafi himself  has handwritten a letter to Djiniral, commander of war. I read it and torn ………… know


“This topic land who you are by now this topic holy ground Matkhaloa legged Crusaders trample upon the capacity of it was covered with the blood of the martyrs “..
(Muammar al-Qathafi)


“PM victories PM splendor and dignity evening withstand how if we are free of the Libyan one generation anger we challenge and steadfastness: We are the sons of leader Muammar al-Qathafi …”
The main الادمن

Baghdadi Mahmudi: the first war steals against Libya is France.
France اكتوت the fire Milan missiles sent by true revolutionaries in Libya
And the true rebels blew up the day the French embassy in Tripoli French bombs,
And this Macalth the Libyan government during the French invasion of the Atlantic on Libya:

21 JAN.2013

Nhna lords home Madinaa … hawks in Samana Aatior of the Azena.

And Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaak eat Swabiei break the device …. Lynch and Enait ..
Shufu Hamufkr, a political analyst Rumble ÇáÝáĘĺ the Film Li we have
Oh Megrahi forward and ااكرم Alzelitni not high mountains and T rope Benchenq the spiritual:

Is happening in Libya occupied only: to protest a new meat eaters and national stuffed dead

Students inner section بصبراتة enter into open-ended sit because of the deteriorating services catering department procedure and came against the backdrop of the discovery of a bullet in a piece of meat in one of the meals what led to the protest of students and sit for it and, following that, the students open Minutes Oha not the only problem only, but there are several points including rot and Triaat in vegetables stored unhealthy way inside the stores Almtikh department internal expiration of some foodstuffs and rot and be fungi cans tomatoes, garlic and a صداء inside the cooking pots, tea kettle also found that the kitchen is sterile and multiply the harmful insects such as cockroaches as well as the emission of odors due to the presence the drainage tube that is pumped directly through the kitchen do not cover well allocated to drinking water means due to the occurrence of rodents …

Registered General Naji corner League Yahyaoui heard the news and went for the students at the headquarters of the Municipal Guard and according to what students said he told them that these services 5 stars ĘĚĎćäĺÇ not even in your homes.
He demanded that students numbering about 350 students dismissal of the internal management section and public apology to the Registrar-General on his word to them and interested in the University of the requirements of the corner section because the internal section suffers from a shortage of possibilities for many students, according to the department.
Aware that students who are are from different regions of the eastern and western Libya and South America.

And sweeter for Aaaaaaaaak Iaahbabi eyes Page الجحفل 219 and ăäćŃíä all your efforts ….. Muammar al-ups
(Admowona 1)


FAKE MUFTI GHARIANI Mu pondering all the Madness and stupidity

“Battalion Black day”

“Admoowona 1” writes us of the very false “piety”:

The newspaper “Le Figaro” French essay is very serious about is created revolution Algaharir for the same officer in the country called the massive had previously written articles newspaper Lamond expose the rebels Alnatwa, and this is a literal translation of an article in the newspaper Le Figaro ((sincere Ghiryani In Bmaah our intervention we Qataris to help the rebels asked him to help speech religion call the street of the uprising and to support the Libyan eastern Libya has been delayed response from Ghariani for three days,

then contact us by telephone and spoke on condition against doing so give him a million dollars and actually approved his request and sent to Doha, people from the tip named Abdul Rauf hater been Taslima amount quoted by private jet country to Benghazi after we opened a line between the channel Jazeera and Ghariani during which mobilizes the street and actually succeeded in that role and then he Ghiryani visit Doha where he met with a number of senators, businessmen and knew Hola that this person has nothing to do with religion and led article took advantage of some businessmen this case and asked the Ghiryani Find them for girls or women from Libya to work by Qatari companies.
did not miss Sheikh Alhzv principal of this request but decided to exploit he asked the businessman to provide housing him in Doha comes to him from time to time to rest so the entrepreneur book Pavilion him Hilton Doha for two years paid Account then became Ahlgrean, in turn, the other is the provision of the fairer sex to the elders, businessmen and was the first trip is his knowledge includes thirty girl from Tajura and Friday market attended the مثن a private plane from Benghazi to Doha and continued this Alhvea kind revive the old and young Qatari Vtharh Ahoudrhen person named Khalid Sharif and revenge someone called Haitham Tagouris and one point Ahoudrhen Hakim Belhaj was with them.

Allvedh Hana al-Habashi, Ghada Beauty and the number of Stone girl and woman from Misratah and Ifrane and Friday market and since the this trip has become a blissful Habashi and Ghada Beauty and the names sound and Huda الصراري their network to bring girls Libyan to Doha as well as transferred also to Bahrain building applications preloaded with sheikhs from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have been awarded Hana Abyssinian apartment in central Doha and Ghada Beauty and the names properly by the Ministry of Defense’s country, became Ghariani personal greed and the large number of requests, making businessmen loath him angry with them to marginalize him and commissioning (Turki Al Dosari) Qatari owner Nafud:
strong between the men of money and power with the task of bringing women and send them to them in Sharm El Sheikh hotels, and so as not to continue the anger Ghariani decided businessmen given the amount of one million six hundred thousand dinars, compared to withdraw without Zaal or narrated in the past and actually responded Ghiryani Therefore him a check sum and became Dosari and Hana Abyssinian Network nights red Maruyt Sharm el-Sheikh, Hilton Doha, Dubai, Manama,,,,
I felt throughout the last few days shortness of myself and my concern and I was in desperate need of frankness reality I lived the Libyan revolution and all the stages have been a revolution greed of the chieftains of religion and prostitutes, not morality them all hum collecting money and Almtjarh in honor with those who give money, you do not اخلاصهن for Qatar but for those who Ivf was Qatari or Saudi or United Arab Emirates or French or American All these nationalities have won them and others and all that was the knowledge of the “Transitional Council”, but council members like cantaloupe and others were willing to leave their jobs and to do Hana, Ghada and others, this is the reality of the dire situation of the Libyan revolution and Post articles will show the role of each successive Girl Revolutionary prostitution and degrading moral leaders in the spring of Libya. Wali close encounter ((massive))

الجحفل 219
Page of the  Resistance:  media specializes in exposing the crimes, practices Jerdan and armed militias and their imported government against the defenseless Libyan people.

صفحة إعلامية مقاومة تختص بفضح جرائم وممارسات الجردان والمليشيات المسلحة وحكومتهم المستوردة ضد الشعب الليبي الأعزل .

Page : 789 personnes aiment

Garden Mu brown series

Mu salutes women's military

Planted in the public good and Arefh what Aigsr, Maanda the beautiful nor did bemoan, if betrayed apostates, which are free to Tuchr, Anar Aahdoa united and even Mount Ateixr, juicer Amajchin religion بصمودهم world and coast ايفسر, p principles Be steadfast Jay todaywho the enemy lose
(Admowona 1)
زرعت في شعبي الخير وعارفه ما ايقصر ،، ماعندي فيه جميل ولا علي فعلته نتحسر،، لو خانوا المرتدين فيه احرار ما توخر ،، عالنار ايهدوا متحدين وحتى للجبل اتكسر ،، عصارة امخلصين الدين بصمودهم العالم واحل ايفسر ،، ع مبداي كونوا صامدين جاي اليوم اللي فيه العدو نخسر
ادمووونة 1


Statements began bisexual Almenbtahin, O rats Farrukh Grand Wayne kill Libyans under the planes of the cross is not an embarrassing position and مزري. But so you will not be always men. France won recompense to enter Libya.

I Mesh Michmt.

URGENT :: France

French plane on its way to Tripoli loaded with a range of experts Alaskaran and Illaz Askaran There is also omitted and French Foreign Minister.

France sent a plane to Tripoli loaded with soldiers and French experts.

* Girl Zliten


Rain Water & Sewer Drainage holes in Andulus, Tripoli were blocked, BUT ARE NOW OPEN AFTER THE EMBASSY BLAST! 

Building after the bombing of the Embassy of the French mandate in Tripoli backed Jardan forces of the French are now open all drainage holes in the Andalus district and its surroundings and the reasons are unknown until now!!

Perhaps the French blocked the sewage openings because they thought spies and insurgents were able to crawl through them and have access into their villa….

Atfzei Aavrence اتخف Aahowland rejoice Aasarkoza اتبكي oh Amgariv it a good campaign, it’s the Arab Spring breezes blew on the Paris embassy in Tripoli!!!

“Car bomb” attack aimed at the French embassy in Tripoli
The French embassy in Tripoli for a car bomb attack, according to Agence France Presse quoted security sources. For its part, Reuters reported, citing sources embassy being attacked and injured two guards.

Who can trust REUTERS??? This could have been done to specifically bring FRENCH & NATO troops into Libya….or,as the evidence suggests, caused by the French blocking the sewers.

Damage to buildings and cars from the intensity of explosion shook the French embassy in Tripoli – Libya.

More than 70% of the French Embassy building in Tripoli have been destroyed … with exposure buildings and the street where the embassy is located to physical damage. (Girl Zliten)


I was born the next excuse to justify
By / / Knight

“The other important question is whether there is a sovereign state to I move a finger in front of the French statements commando squad move to enter Libya without taking Laden or even give this flag and only customer follow-up government statements on the satellite channels and justified and the willingness to receive .. Then why were evacuated embassy before the explosion a week and here to Ananaj to the intelligence of the supernatural to get to the result that the embassy had a hand in the blast, and this leads us to search for the purpose of the planning for this explosion and at first glance, according to تابعناه of a swift move of the commandos French to enter Libya, the goal seems clear and obvious It is a pretext for intervention with the consent of international and non objection of any party who top the scene in Libya, both secular customers or brothers penniless or extremists heretics or even criminals and gangs have weapons and money and not in front of them, but blessed intervention and occupation, clapping him even to Ivkaddon interests and positions and Setsabakon to provide the required assistance of foreign forces and protection to the request of satisfaction, especially after brandishing the West placing some of the leaders of criminal gangs on the international wanted lists and bring them to the International Criminal Court ..
This seems clear from the rush of all parties in Libya client territories to condemn the bombing and condemnation from the data in the media and even in the personal pages on Facebook and Twitter .. But some of them faster pace to be the first to arrive to place the bombing as an expression of his commitment to the French while never seen and did not hear a sound when a lot of bombings, murder, extermination, deportation, which affected his countrymen ..

All of the above more than obvious conspiracy scene no longer a from Alfberaarien justification to continue to advocate for this calamity .. The matter became clear and the West completes the final chapter, a control of the country and plunder its resources to be a military base appeared divided the Arab nation and the starting point for the heart of the continent as it was before the Great Revolution ..

We are supporters of the legitimacy of the Libyan NYSE hero Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, we know all the chapters of the plot well for this was our position clear which accept confrontation at all costs to prevent the return of colonialism in our country did not fooled by news of the Arab channels despicable that runs agenda West and pave the way for control of the country’s Arabs and Islam ..

To but you خدعتم the team still of you يكابر to recognize a grave mistake to the right of the nation and history .. Vkvakm falsely falsely and in search of a justification no longer believe her until the children .. We are continuing battle did not end and we will continue to fight to restore our country and even did not succeed Vikvana we have the duty imposed by God we deserved home and acceptable to date ..”


(Admowona 1)

French diplomat, former deputy in the French parliament
Says through a site on Twitter
The bombing of the embassy has today Baltkhtaib between the French government and a battalion in the city of Misratah for formal entry of security forces to the city of Tripoli to Misratah able to implement its strategy in Libya
He says.

(Admowona 1)

see they already evacuated the premises last week! 

Advice to all diplomatic Bathat in Libya Snfroa the Bjeeatkm!!
Andalus neighborhood is considered one of the finest neighborhoods of Tripoli and most secure before Alzheimer’s, Lou Al-Andalus who in the heart of Tripoli is safe Mapalk Balzarh and neighborhood Damascus and Janzur and Friday market ….

They say they have a sovereign state … In the absence of safety and security and the absence of the so-called pseudo-state agencies .. It is clear to us they were agents of the NATO … Here elements of French commandos surrounding the perimeter of the French embassy in Tripoli in the absence of full sovereignty of the state ..
Long live Libya occupied:

Two guards wounded in a car bombing in front of the French embassy in Tripoli
By News on Tuesday, 23 أبريل, 2013 | 11:53

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Allegedly, a “car bomb attack” Tuesday on the French embassy in Tripoli, injuring two guards were injured, one in serious condition and damaging material damage the building, according to the French source.

Urgent now

France sent a plane full of experts Alaskaran to achieve from behind the blast and prosecute where Makanwa ..

was a Libyan source said that the explosion was caused by a car bomb. 

correspondent for Agence France Presse in place The building that houses the offices of the embassy suffered major damage and destroyed a section of the wall fence surrounding it, while charred cars were Markontin front of the embassy as a result of abuse. 

said French source that the “attack” targeted the embassy and explained that one of the guards was seriously injured while injured goalkeeper second minor injuries. 

signed explosion at 07,00 (05,00 GMT). 

embassy and the headquarters inside the two-storey villa is located on a street corner in residential district Gargaresh

said a neighbor who rushed to the scene, “I heard the sound of a loud strong at 07.00. was a serious error to be the headquarters of the French Embassy in our neighborhood. ”


Powerful explosions such as NATO,  in Airport.

Explosion in Sarkozy Embassy in Tripoli:

Image of the Embassy of Sarkozy:

Panic felt by rats now in front of the French embassy ..


URGENT / fighter jets on board the battleship freely off the coast of Tripoli is preparing for a military strike within hours, and the French foreign minister arrives Libya now, meeting in Brussels an emergency for the presidency of Staff of NATO forces, and said it was a secret meeting and has nothing to do file-Libi, and Chief of Staff British descendin an emergency visit to the region Jufrah Libyan and Englishmen officials deny the news and say that someone from the police in a visit to the matters relating to training for the new Libyan students, and aircraft Tirindwa now at the airport in the southern Tmanhend.

The rats government Propaganda statement on the attack on the French Embassy:

Allegedly this good Lee Jae ….?
Congratulations occupation O جردان, and downright Juatkm Areho, Ihtdhano and Asouro Aontm Tkbro:


The first video from the front of the French Embassy after the bombing
The first video from the front of the French embassy targeted in an alleged  “car bomb attack”.


عاجـــــــــل ::/ الفيديو الاول من امام السفاره الفرنسيه بعد استهدافها في هجوم سيارة مفخخه .

Durée : 0:10

The first video from the front of the French Embassy after the bombing

The first video from the front of the French embassy targeted in a car bomb attack.

“We will not go down without a Fight”…

so-called FRENCH EMBASSY in LIBYA bombed:

Another picture of the explosion of the Embassy of Sarkozy:

the leadership of the Resistance:

Adoption of owners of beards Almqji [‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD/ al-QAEDA/ SALAFISTS] the to the bombing of the Embassy of Sarkozy [FRANCE] ….. To thwart the Liberal agreement between the West and the between beards “owners”..

the leadership of the Resistance:

Resistance is the bombing of the Embassy of Sarkozy …… And the presence of the leaders of a large military and intelligence among the dead and wounded.

Rats are searched cars now in the streets of Tripoli.

Severe security alert in Tripoli and are now remove Asalafr from cars as usual when a disaster occurs first in the country, and there is a security gate, and an unidentified security agents surrounded the perimeter of the French Embassy,,,

in Gurji:
Hear the voice of magnification in Gurji mosques and Andalus neighborhood now.

Rats are the arrest of foreign and beards owners in the gates now deployed in Tripoli.

Low traffic in the streets of Tripoli significantly.

Farhana people to blow up the embassy ……. And sad, some of them on the damage done to their cars after the blast.

at the beach

Wedding permeated the beach Sarkozy Embassy bombing in Tripoli.

The spread of rats and dense 6 armed Cars Front Girls College.

There are disguised Aknha things will not be absent from our eyes ((Alkarzabih the the steadfastness))
The nights last spent population southwest of Tripoli the night under the sound of explosions and bullets neighborhood where battle took place between the garrison of forces Jermanah animation which is formed mostly from the battalion النواصي and with them some Almzarat to bring out the militias of the mountain west of the dens and guest houses in Tripoli, where the battle took place accidentally gypsum one breaks between Almilisheh animation and belonging to the militia Rajaban killed 9 Mzarat of the moving forces 3 Rajaban and dozens wounded.

(Girl Tripoli)

(Admowona 1)

Mukdh news:

Aaaaaaaaagel ……. Tripoli, the capital
Hit the Central Bank of Libya Bakazv RPG shortly before …….. She lived to Libya Alkhashh each.
Tjoowol gangs armed بتخفي in Tripoli aimed at stealing money .. the Libyan people’s money from the Libyan banks and believed to be followed for jihadist organizations ((Lord preserves Liberal and silks and children)).
(Admowona 1)


Zintan militia attack on the Interior Ministry in Tripoli and the occurrence of injuries 4/22/2013

By News on Monday, 22 أبريل, 2013 | 23:41

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.
‘s Qaqaa when storm Mpelichiyat the Interior Ministry rats ((Ministry of Qatar)) Day

Calculated on armed militias Zintan stormed the building of the so-called Interior Ministry in Tripoli and attacked the guards and some of them rushed to hospital due to injuries in their ranks. 
act came against the backdrop of accusations of the Interior and its involvement in the killing of Anas Mliqth the while being transferred from prison.

The attack on the Interior Ministry by gang members of the Zintan congestion effect on offender Lance Amliqth the killed, who was buffeted by revenge after converted from prosecutors to Tajora and displays on the track to be killed in the way

The storm resulted in the Ministry of Interior of police personnel injured in the foot by a bullet and another was beaten باخمص Alklashen has disengaged after the intervention of the so-called internal elements and the army.

Zintan militia camped inside the airport in Tripoli grief over Lance Mliqth who was killed yesterday.

Mesh they said Zintan Salmo Tripoli airport …….!

Today Tripoli airport gate Musl by the Zintan militia at Khater fils fils, and Fish any enters extent of airport ordered them and this was at 10 am, which led to congestion at the Gateway Arch ……..

Poor Siamese CAT!
(lost her owner?)
Unfortunate and funny ::: never tramp among the passengers every morning Airport Tripoli International in a cafe lounge and the inability of security for his expulsion or catch him and a few days ago I got the same episode when the income of some stray dogs to the airport lounge and they tamper with bin bags special cafes hall flooring,,,, dogs and Qtatis and mice and rats!!! This is not a zoo Airport …




Gharyan … The situation is very tense between the Alklipe and Ngrnh .. after what the family retaliated living in Alklipe to the her victim Afqatlo son person who killed their son, one of the Boufayed Bngrnh the family.
(Admowona 1)



Fireworks fire in Sirte joy Sarkozy Embassy bombing …. And people between the joy and the arrival of the colonizer’s pessimism.

Memories of our dead Martyrs, as Gibran al-Warfalli ( MARCH 2011):

Sirte with calm atmosphere Agag.

Sit down with say, all rats were killed Altagah …. All of them have entered all fronts Talat …….. 15 All Talat in the fall of Tripoli

And sit with algae say we all fought with Muammar ….. We all fought with Mu’tasim T ……. all in the military fronts ……. This is the case Libyans championships in their homes behind appliances and the master of the fate of the country and overseas.




Against the backdrop of the bombing of the Embassy of the French occupation in Tripoli, Benghazi rats mourning among the people that Libyan citizens died in that explosion to get people’s sympathy and condemnation of the bombing…

Before an hour from now, a powerful explosion of an explosive device at the Institute of Ibn Khaldun the Tablino area of Benghazi led to smashing the windows of some of the neighboring housing:

Carnival Benghazi

1 – Akram al-Obeidi killed an officer in the so-called “Air Defense”

The assassination of morning “Bova-Obeidi” kill him in his car near their home Behind الداتسون House earlier in Benghazi,

and head room was in the Air Defense and the driver of the car.
(Admowona 1)

2-2 strong point explosion Laithi
3 – RATS Capture Egyptians and Msawmthm, [GNC BLACKMAIL]: either pay 500 dinars, or get deported.

Powerful explosions rocked Benghazi and the Friday night market.



Torturing a man–we see only 04:24 minutes of this…
M’Hamed Makrif St. battalion a partagé la vidéo de M’Hamed Makrif St. battalion.
Taadib Libyan citizen
تعديب مواطن ليبي

The killing of three drivers of vehicles transporting “trucks” from the city of Misrata after shooting them from unknown …
They are …
Ahmdalblazi and Hossam Albulazi and unidentified Aiit.
(Admowona 1)

Misratah rats has one tank at his home in the picture is clean it is ready for a tour of the downtown Misurata ^ ^
((Source channel Misratah on Facebook))
(Admowona 1)



The situation is very shameful people almost got used to the situation and become adapted to swim with the current

and sometimes in front of the full Ambills current …… The reason is convinced people that there is no resistance understanding of ايشعرون of them.
Water and sewer smell ….. Zliten made ​​to swim in a swamp of sewage ….

Urgent Zliten: sewage started seeping to the streets near the market camp Tuesday threatened disaster other Kallta environmental occurred Bsabha.



Hear the sound of a heavy lead in Al Brega Bojaddabaa the Street



Confessions Germanah of ……… For the people of the beach:

Recognition of the right virtue whole Libya ousted O جردان of the
Supreme National Committee mercenaries from the pursuit of market Misratah after came Ghazaan to BARAK CHAT’AI ( Barak the beach) and,

honor بأعتى of the heavy and medium weapons and defeat after defeat.


Exchange of gunfire downtown anonymous.



Now armed clashes in popularity Sabha between Suleiman Sons militias and militias بوحليقة ..

فالشارع armed cars broad Bsabha and close to shops and cafes.



Confrontations on the Libyan-Tunisian border 23/04/2013
By News on Tuesday, 23 أبريل, 2013 | 01:32

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tunisia.

Region has witnessed a “sight Mind” south of the border Ben Guerdane noon today Monday fire between a group of Tunisian citizens and Libyan militias believed to be army Allaotunai. And witnesses said the militias Libyan penetrated the Tunisian territory to roll Vieh westward nearly ten of kilometers and in the hunt for a group of Tunisian launched from the depth of the soil Libya and said the same sources said the militias Libyan was chasing Tunisians suspected of being smugglers and ended by firing them into Tunisian territory before returning inserted.



Quoting Alsaya the despicable media, which he claims he Recep bin Gazans and famous as July Pferh,

Reliable sources and unconfirmed reports that the Qatari chief of staff and deputy defense minister, had entered into Libyan territory since last Thursday through Egypt imported without the knowledge of the government has lived in Mr. Mostafa Alsaqzle the house in Benghazi!!
“They say Libya sovereign”

Belgian newspaper: Emir of Qatar wants to become a frog bull
By News on Tuesday, 23 أبريل, 2013 | 01:13

The Gaddafi International News Agency Agencies.

Belgian newspaper launched “Lipper” her article which Anonth as the “Emir of Qatar fox” بتساؤلات: Why do you want to Qatar? What happens behind the scenes this small rich emirate? Why decide this emirate, which has become the main switch in the Middle East? What are the strategies being pursued towards Europe from buying clubs and major stores and luxury buildings?. And said Cristea Chassno journalist and researcher and the author of a book on Qatar as “, and the secrets of its strength,” Qatar is like the frog who wants to become an ox, Qatar exploit the richness financial presents itself on the international map ..

The Emir of Qatar Hamad second plays on all parties even if they were enemies, Vengda supports Islamic groups in Mali, although it shows its support for the French military, Vengda a strong ally of the United States of America, and has relations with the Taliban. saw Chassnoa that the Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa second assesses relations with all parties so presents itself in international issues, as it supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia, in addition to that Doha has become the capital of the Syrian opposition.

Drew the newspaper that this tiny emirate has become sit side-by-side with the world powers, فإسم Qatar became known everywhere. opinion of the newspaper Belgian that Qatar has become a hero at all in the use of one type of soft power, namely money, this tiny emirate is trying to extend its influence in the Middle East and Africa, trying to play with maps Jawssayash. noted expert and researcher French politician, Nabil Nasrid author book “mystery country”, that Qatar pursuing a policy of publishing disturbance to control. said “Nasrid” that “Qatar are helping to spread chaos in the communities, as we see in Libya and Egypt, and then trying to control the political situation and the intervention itself in the affairs of other countries by extending these countries money. ” On the other hand, saw “Nasrid” Qatar is playing to support the Syrian opposition in order to implement its plan to transfer gas to Europe through pipelines pass through Syrian territory and the Mediterranean Sea, and the mining of natural gas discovered in the Syrian territory Lebanese and Mediterranean saliva flowing Emir of Qatar


After a long silence … a bomb Raghad Saddam Hussein
By News on Monday أبريل 22, 2013 | 11:56 p.m.

The International Agency Gaddafi News – statements.

After a long silence said Raghad Saddam Hussein, daughter of Iraqi President “Saddam Hussein,” the newspaper “El Pais Spanish:” What is happening in Syria is just a plot to overthrow the Syrian regime a manner different from that used in Iraq, forces always renewed colonial methods of occupation and worn at all times dress new name for the search for weapons of mass destruction was the occupation of Iraq and destroy all infrastructure and killed thousands of Iraqis and the name of human rights violated Libya and Hahm Aksmunha States and now target Syria in the same way, but human rights would destroy Syria and divided hit still nationalist عروبي.

, and the connection between all these tragedies and events that take place in our country is the “Al Jazeera” The Arabic satellite channel but its agenda and the Western and Israeli background!.

island entered the different corridors and tunnels current resistance and interviews with several leaders of the resistance, but what we see is that whenever a Aalamiha conducted in response to a reporter with the leaders signed But is filtered and captured directly or after a period of several examples of this when the Americans killed Uday and Qusay, the island was present and visualize Aalambeshr the .. The same during the arrest and the Iraqi defense minister Sultan Hashim. . Recall also how you try to follow the impact of Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri .. Can not be a coincidence Valsdfah not be repeated several times and be objective island Aalambeshr capital mobility event.

All this confirms that the island اعلاميي practice of active intelligence for convincing the United States was closed office oh exotic shell repeated after the end of their mission on the journalists themselves chameleon island of the possibility of lying and camouflage fallacy Arab viewer and martyrs brought them in Iraq during the U.S. invasion, as the end of Tariq Ayoub, but to penetrate further into the thought and the Arab mind even noticed in Libya have sacrificed one of the photographers to convince the Arab viewer and dispel any doubt about them.

island is not neutral and is not channel the opinions of other claims that it works under a colonial tide specific support and it is encouraging channel and the channel of sedition is to fragment the Arab world under the guise of “transfer of the event is” sometimes argue in favor of minorities and sometimes as ethnicities to come back and stick a real بخطابها Shiite conflict Sunni-

and here fell قناعها and exposed when we heard Qaradawi Lefty Jihad in Syria, as we have not heard his voice, and the U.S. Air Force launched from bases country bombed the Iraqis have not announced a jihad against the Americans invaded illegally Arab-Islamic state!.

said the daughter of Iraqi President that his father had refused to speak to the channel after he was told that the Russians if its creation as an intelligence mission fragmentation Arab channel! Revealed Raghad that one Iraqi said that the Tunisian journalist Mohammed Krishan feet in Baghdad and stayed three months after the accident and said that his mission was purely intelligence on capturing Taha Yassin Ramadan, for example, was dressed in one of the houses in the city of Mosul, and the date that the island of journalists named Youssef Sharif, who gave him a group of men they claimed to occupy an island and Atsah channel they are CIA and special forces came to arrest Taha Yassin Ramadan.


Underwater Internet Cable Cutting in Cyber Warfare

Source: INN

In recent years there has been considerable discussion of the new phenomenon of
cyber warfare, its methods, and its ramifications.

In essence there are three objectives that can be achieved by cyber-offensive
activities: espionage (infiltrating the target’s information storage systems
and stealing information), denial of service attacks (preventing Internet
usage), and sabotage (infiltrating systems reliant on Internet connections and
causing functional damage via malevolent programs).

The media largely focuses on the use of computer programs as weapons in the
cyber domain, but an attack on Internet infrastructure is no less an option for
terrorists, and often more devastating and effective. It doesn’t require a
great deal of computer programming skill to implement, and its effect is
widespread and immediate. Even partial success has extensive consequences
because of the resultant jamming of traffic on the limited remaining

For example, on 27 March 2013, an Egyptian Navy patrol discovered and arrested
three men engaged in cutting an underwater cable connecting Egypt to
international internet service. Seacom, the cable operator, said that while the
attack was interrupted before the cable had been completely cut, network speed
was significantly reduced in Egypt. This was just one of many instances from
over the past decade in which cables off the coast of Egypt were cut.


Resource Wars: The Coming Global Explosion

Source: TomDispatch
Brace yourself. You may not be able to tell yet, but according to global experts
and the U.S. intelligence community, the earth is already shifting under you. 
Whether you know it or not, you’re on a new planet, a resource-shock world of
a sort humanity has never before experienced.

Two nightmare scenarios -- a global scarcity of vital resources and the onset of
extreme climate change -- are already beginning to converge and in the coming
decades are likely to produce a tidal wave of unrest, rebellion, competition,
and conflict.  Just what this tsunami of disaster will look like may, as yet,
be hard to discern, but experts warn of “water wars” over contested river
systems, global food riots sparked by soaring prices for life’s basics, mass
migrations of climate refugees (with resulting anti-migrant violence), and the
breakdown of social order or the collapse of states.  At first, such mayhem is
likely to arise largely in Africa, Central Asia, and other areas of the
underdeveloped South, but in timeall regions of the planet will be affected.

To appreciate the power of this encroaching catastrophe, it’s necessary to
examine each of the forces that are combining to produce this future cataclysm.

Resource Shortages and Resource Wars

Start with one simple given: the prospect of future scarcities of vital
natural resources, including energy, water, land, food, and critical minerals. 
This in itself would guarantee social unrest, geopolitical friction, and war....

JSOC M.E.K. operatives in Iran OPERATIVES in Iran
Source: New Yorker
Post image for JSOC M.E.K. operatives in Iran?
JSOC M.E.K. operatives in Iran? — Phantom Report

JSOC M.E.K. operatives in Iran?

22 APRIL 2013

Source: New Yorker

From the air, the terrain of the Department of Energy’s Nevada National Security Site, with its arid high plains and remote mountain peaks, has the look of northwest Iran. The site, some sixty-five miles northwest of Las Vegas, was once used for nuclear testing, and now includes a counterintelligence training facility and a private airport capable of handling Boeing 737 aircraft. It’s a restricted area, and inhospitable—in certain sections, the curious are warned that the site’s security personnel are authorized to use deadly force, if necessary, against intruders.

It was here that the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) conducted training, beginning in 2005, for members of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, a dissident Iranian opposition group known in the West as the M.E.K. The M.E.K. had its beginnings as a Marxist-Islamist student-led group and, in the nineteen-seventies, it was linked to the assassination of six American citizens. It was initially part of the broad-based revolution that led to the 1979 overthrow of the Shah of Iran. But, within a few years, the group was waging a bloody internal war with the ruling clerics, and, in 1997, it was listed as a foreign terrorist organization by the State Department. In 2002, the M.E.K. earned some international credibility by publicly revealing—accurately—that Iran had begun enriching uranium at a secret underground location. Mohamed ElBaradei, who at the time was the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations’ nuclear monitoring agency, told me later that he had been informed that the information was supplied by the Mossad. The M.E.K.’s ties with Western intelligence deepened after the fall of the Iraqi regime in 2003, and JSOC began operating inside Iran in an effort to substantiate the Bush Administration’s fears that Iran was building the bomb at one or more secret underground locations. Funds were covertly passed to a number of dissident organizations, for intelligence collection and, ultimately, for anti-regime terrorist activities. Directly, or indirectly, the M.E.K. ended up with resources like arms and intelligence. Some American-supported covert operations continue in Iran today, according to past and present intelligence officials and military consultants.

Despite the growing ties, and a much-intensified lobbying effort organized by its advocates, M.E.K. has remained on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations—which meant that secrecy was essential in the Nevada training. “We did train them here, and washed them through the Energy Department because the D.O.E. owns all this land in southern Nevada,” a former senior American intelligence official told me. “We were deploying them over long distances in the desert and mountains, and building their capacity in communications—coördinating commo is a big deal.” (A spokesman for J.S.O.C. said that “U.S. Special Operations Forces were neither aware of nor involved in the training of M.E.K. members.”)

The training ended sometime before President Obama took office, the former official said. In a separate interview, a retired four-star general, who has advised the Bush and Obama Administrations on national-security issues, said that he had been privately briefed in 2005 about the training of Iranians associated with the M.E.K. in Nevada by an American involved in the program. They got “the standard training,” he said, “in commo, crypto [cryptography], small-unit tactics, and weaponry—that went on for six months,” the retired general said. “They were kept in little pods.” He also was told, he said, that the men doing the training were from JSOC, which, by 2005, had become a major instrument in the Bush Administration’s global war on terror. “The JSOC trainers were not front-line guys who had been in the field, but second- and third-tier guys—trainers and the like—and they started going off the reservation. ‘If we’re going to teach you tactics, let me show you some really sexy stuff…’ ”

It was the ad-hoc training that provoked the worried telephone calls to him, the former general said. “I told one of the guys who called me that they were all in over their heads, and all of them could end up trouble unless they got something in writing. The Iranians are very, very good at counterintelligence, and stuff like this is just too hard to contain.” The site in Nevada was being utilized at the same time, he said, for advanced training of élite Iraqi combat units. (The retired general said he only knew of the one M.E.K.-affiliated group that went though the training course; the former senior intelligence official said that he was aware of training that went on through 2007.)

Allan Gerson, a Washington attorney for the M.E.K., notes that the M.E.K. has publicly and repeatedly renounced terror. Gerson said he would not comment on the alleged training in Nevada. But such training, if true, he said, would be “especially incongruent with the State Department’s decision to continue to maintain the M.E.K. on the terrorist list. How can the U.S. train those on State’s foreign terrorist list, when others face criminal penalties for providing a nickel to the same organization?”

Robert Baer, a retired C.I.A. agent who is fluent in Arabic and had worked under cover in Kurdistan and throughout the Middle East in his career, initially had told me in early 2004 of being recruited by a private American company—working, so he believed, on behalf of the Bush Administration—to return to Iraq. “They wanted me to help the M.E.K. collect intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program,” Baer recalled. “They thought I knew Farsi, which I did not. I said I’d get back to them, but never did.” Baer, now living in California, recalled that it was made clear to him at the time that the operation was “a long-term thing—not just a one-shot deal.”

Massoud Khodabandeh, an I.T. expert now living in England who consults for the Iraqi government, was an official with the M.E.K. before defecting in 1996. In a telephone interview, he acknowledged that he is an avowed enemy of the M.E.K., and has advocated against the group. Khodabandeh said that he had been with the group since before the fall of the Shah and, as a computer expert, was deeply involved in intelligence activities as well as providing security for the M.E.K. leadership. For the past decade, he and his English wife have run a support program for other defectors. Khodabandeh told me that he had heard from more recent defectors about the training in Nevada. He was told that the communications training in Nevada involved more than teaching how to keep in contact during attacks—it also involved communication intercepts. The United States, he said, at one point found a way to penetrate some major Iranian communications systems. At the time, he said, the U.S. provided M.E.K. operatives with the ability to intercept telephone calls and text messages inside Iran—which M.E.K. operatives translated and shared with American signals intelligence experts. He does not know whether this activity is ongoing.

Five Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated since 2007. M.E.K. spokesmen have denied any involvement in the killings, but early last month NBC News quoted two senior Obama Administration officials as confirming that the attacks were carried out by M.E.K. units that were financed and trained by Mossad, the Israeli secret service. NBC further quoted the Administration officials as denying any American involvement in the M.E.K. activities. The former senior intelligence official I spoke with seconded the NBC report that the Israelis were working with the M.E.K., adding that the operations benefitted from American intelligence. He said that the targets were not “Einsteins”; “The goal is to affect Iranian psychology and morale,” he said, and to “demoralize the whole system—nuclear delivery vehicles, nuclear enrichment facilities, power plants.” Attacks have also been carried out on pipelines. He added that the operations are “primarily being done by M.E.K. through liaison with the Israelis, but the United States is now providing the intelligence.” An adviser to the special-operations community told me that the links between the United States and M.E.K. activities inside Iran had been long-standing. “Everything being done inside Iran now is being done with surrogates,” he said.

The sources I spoke to were unable to say whether the people trained in Nevada were now involved in operations in Iran or elsewhere. But they pointed to the general benefit of American support. “The M.E.K. was a total joke,” the senior Pentagon consultant said, “and now it’s a real network inside Iran. How did the M.E.K. get so much more efficient?” he asked rhetorically. “Part of it is the training in Nevada. Part of it is logistical support in Kurdistan, and part of it is inside Iran. M.E.K. now has a capacity for efficient operations that it never had before.”

In mid-January, a few days after an assassination by car bomb of an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, at a town-hall meeting of soldiers at Fort Bliss, Texas, acknowledged that the U.S. government has “some ideas as to who might be involved, but we don’t know exactly who was involved.” He added, “But I can tell you one thing: the United States was not involved in that kind of effort. That’s not what the United States does.”


The Tower of Basel: Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency

Global Research, April 17, 2013

This carefully research article by Ellen Brown was first published in April 2009. It sheds light on the current crisis of the World monetary system. (GR ed. M. Ch.)

In an April 7 [2009] article in The London Telegraph titled “The G20 Moves the World a Step Closer to

a Global Currency,” Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote:

“A single clause in Point 19 of the communiqué issued by the G20 leaders amounts to revolution in the global financial order.

“‘We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn (£170bn) into the world economy and increase global liquidity,’ it said. SDRs are Special Drawing Rights, a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund that has lain dormant for half a century.

“In effect, the G20 leaders have activated the IMF’s power to create money and begin global ‘quantitative easing’. In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.”

Indeed they will. The article is subtitled, “The world is a step closer to a global currency, backed by a global central bank, running monetary policy for all humanity.” Which naturally raises the question, who or what will serve as this global central bank, cloaked with the power to issue the global currency and police monetary policy for all humanity? When the world’s central bankers met in Washington last September, they discussed what body might be in a position to serve in that awesome and fearful role. A former governor of the Bank of England stated:

“[T]he answer might already be staring us in the face, in the form of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). . . . The IMF tends to couch its warnings about economic problems in very diplomatic language, but the BIS is more independent and much better placed to deal with this if it is given the power to do so.”1

And if the vision of a global currency outside government control does not set off conspiracy theorists, putting the BIS in charge of it surely will. The BIS has been scandal-ridden ever since it was branded with pro-Nazi leanings in the 1930s. Founded in Basel, Switzerland, in 1930, the BIS has been called “the most exclusive, secretive, and powerful supranational club in the world.” Charles Higham wrote in his book Trading with the Enemy that by the late 1930s, the BIS had assumed an openly pro-Nazi bias, a theme that was expanded on in a BBC Timewatch film titled “Banking with Hitler” broadcast in 1998.2 In 1944, the American government backed a resolution at the Bretton-Woods Conference calling for the liquidation of the BIS, following Czech accusations that it was laundering gold stolen by the Nazis from occupied Europe; but the central bankers succeeded in quietly snuffing out the American resolution.3

Modest beginnings, BIS Office, Hotel Savoy-Univers, Basel

First Annual General Meeting, 1931

In Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time (1966), Dr. Carroll Quigley revealed the key role played in global finance by the BIS behind the scenes. Dr. Quigley was Professor of History at Georgetown University, where he was President Bill Clinton’s mentor. He was also an insider, groomed by the powerful clique he called “the international bankers.” His credibility is heightened by the fact that he actually espoused their goals. He wrote:

“I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960′s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. . . . [I]n general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

Quigley wrote of this international banking network:

“[T]he powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.”

The key to their success, said Quigley, was that the international bankers would control and manipulate the money system of a nation while letting it appear to be controlled by the government. The statement echoed one made in the eighteenth century by the patriarch of what would become the most powerful banking dynasty in the world. Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild famously said in 1791:

“Allow me to issue and control a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”

Mayer’s five sons were sent to the major capitals of Europe – London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Naples – with the mission of establishing a banking system that would be outside government control. The economic and political systems of nations would be controlled not by citizens but by bankers, for the benefit of bankers. Eventually, a privately-owned “central bank” was established in nearly every country; and this central banking system has now gained control over the economies of the world. Central banks have the authority to print money in their respective countries, and it is from these banks that governments must borrow money to pay their debts and fund their operations. The result is a global economy in which not only industry but government itself runs on “credit” (or debt) created by a banking monopoly headed by a network of private central banks; and at the top of this network is the BIS, the “central bank of central banks” in Basel.

Behind the Curtain

For many years the BIS kept a very low profile, operating behind the scenes in an abandoned hotel. It was here that decisions were reached to devalue or defend currencies, fix the price of gold, regulate offshore banking, and raise or lower short-term interest rates. In 1977, however, the BIS gave up its anonymity in exchange for more efficient headquarters. The new building has been described as “an eighteen story-high circular skyscraper that rises above the medieval city like some misplaced nuclear reactor.” It quickly became known as the “Tower of Basel.” Today the BIS has governmental immunity, pays no taxes, and has its own private police force.4 It is, as Mayer Rothschild envisioned, above the law.

The BIS is now composed of 55 member nations, but the club that meets regularly in Basel is a much smaller group; and even within it, there is a hierarchy. In a 1983 article in Harper’s Magazine called “Ruling the World of Money,” Edward Jay Epstein wrote that where the real business gets done is in “a sort of inner club made up of the half dozen or so powerful central bankers who find themselves more or less in the same monetary boat” – those from Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and England. Epstein said:

“The prime value, which also seems to demarcate the inner club from the rest of the BIS members, is the firm belief that central banks should act independently of their home governments. . . . A second and closely related belief of the inner club is that politicians should not be trusted to decide the fate of the international monetary system.”

In 1974, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision was created by the central bank Governors of the Group of Ten nations (now expanded to twenty). The BIS provides the twelve-member Secretariat for the Committee. The Committee, in turn, sets the rules for banking globally, including capital requirements and reserve controls. In a 2003 article titled “The Bank for International Settlements Calls for Global Currency,” Joan Veon wrote:

“The BIS is where all of the world’s central banks meet to analyze the global economy and determine what course of action they will take next to put more money in their pockets, since they control the amount of money in circulation and how much interest they are going to charge governments and banks for borrowing from them. . . .

“When you understand that the BIS pulls the strings of the world’s monetary system, you then understand that they have the ability to create a financial boom or bust in a country. If that country is not doing what the money lenders want, then all they have to do is sell its currency.”5

The Controversial Basel Accords

The power of the BIS to make or break economies was demonstrated in 1988, when it issued a Basel Accord raising bank capital requirements from 6% to 8%. By then, Japan had emerged as the world’s largest creditor; but Japan’s banks were less well capitalized than other major international banks. Raising the capital requirement forced them to cut back on lending, creating a recession in Japan like that suffered in the U.S. today. Property prices fell and loans went into default as the security for them shriveled up. A downward spiral followed, ending with the total bankruptcy of the banks. The banks had to be nationalized, although that word was not used in order to avoid criticism.6

Among other collateral damage produced by the Basel Accords was a spate of suicides among Indian farmers unable to get loans. The BIS capital adequacy standards required loans to private borrowers to be “risk-weighted,” with the degree of risk determined by private rating agencies; and farmers and small business owners could not afford the agencies’ fees. Banks therefore assigned 100 percent risk to the loans, and then resisted extending credit to these “high-risk” borrowers because more capital was required to cover the loans. When the conscience of the nation was aroused by the Indian suicides, the government, lamenting the neglect of farmers by commercial banks, established a policy of ending the “financial exclusion” of the weak; but this step had little real effect on lending practices, due largely to the strictures imposed by the BIS from abroad.7

Similar complaints have come from Korea. An article in the December 12, 2008 Korea Times titled “BIS Calls Trigger Vicious Cycle” described how Korean entrepreneurs with good collateral cannot get operational loans from Korean banks, at a time when the economic downturn requires increased investment and easier credit:

“‘The Bank of Korea has provided more than 35 trillion won to banks since September when the global financial crisis went full throttle,’ said a Seoul analyst, who declined to be named. ‘But the effect is not seen at all with the banks keeping the liquidity in their safes. They simply don’t lend and one of the biggest reasons is to keep the BIS ratio high enough to survive,’ he said. . . .

“Chang Ha-joon, an economics professor at Cambridge University, concurs with the analyst. ‘What banks do for their own interests, or to improve the BIS ratio, is against the interests of the whole society. This is a bad idea,’ Chang said in a recent telephone interview with Korea Times.”

In a May 2002 article in The Asia Times titled “Global Economy: The BIS vs. National Banks,” economist Henry C K Liu observed that the Basel Accords have forced national banking systems “to march to the same tune, designed to serve the needs of highly sophisticated global financial markets, regardless of the developmental needs of their national economies.” He wrote:

“[N]ational banking systems are suddenly thrown into the rigid arms of the Basel Capital Accord sponsored by the Bank of International Settlement (BIS), or to face the penalty of usurious risk premium in securing international interbank loans. . . . National policies suddenly are subjected to profit incentives of private financial institutions, all members of a hierarchical system controlled and directed from the money center banks in New York. The result is to force national banking systems to privatize . . . .

“BIS regulations serve only the single purpose of strengthening the international private banking system, even at the peril of national economies. . . . The IMF and the international banks regulated by the BIS are a team: the international banks lend recklessly to borrowers in emerging economies to create a foreign currency debt crisis, the IMF arrives as a carrier of monetary virus in the name of sound monetary policy, then the international banks come as vulture investors in the name of financial rescue to acquire national banks deemed capital inadequate and insolvent by the BIS.”

Ironically, noted Liu, developing countries with their own natural resources did not actually need the foreign investment that trapped them in debt to outsiders:

“Applying the State Theory of Money [which assumes that a sovereign nation has the power to issue its own money], any government can fund with its own currency all its domestic developmental needs to maintain full employment without inflation.”

When governments fall into the trap of accepting loans in foreign currencies, however, they become “debtor nations” subject to IMF and BIS regulation. They are forced to divert their production to exports, just to earn the foreign currency necessary to pay the interest on their loans. National banks deemed “capital inadequate” have to deal with strictures comparable to the “conditionalities” imposed by the IMF on debtor nations: “escalating capital requirement, loan writeoffs and liquidation, and restructuring through selloffs, layoffs, downsizing, cost-cutting and freeze on capital spending.” Liu wrote:

“Reversing the logic that a sound banking system should lead to full employment and developmental growth, BIS regulations demand high unemployment and developmental degradation in national economies as the fair price for a sound global private banking system.”

The Last Domino to Fall

While banks in developing nations were being penalized for falling short of the BIS capital requirements, large international banks managed to escape the rules, although they actually carried enormous risk because of their derivative exposure. The mega-banks succeeded in avoiding the Basel rules by separating the “risk” of default out from the loans and selling it off to investors, using a form of derivative known as “credit default swaps.”

However, it was not in the game plan that U.S. banks should escape the BIS net. When they managed to sidestep the first Basel Accord, a second set of rules was imposed known as Basel II. The new rules were established in 2004, but they were not levied on U.S. banks until November 2007, the month after the Dow passed 14,000 to reach its all-time high. It has been all downhill from there. Basel II had the same effect on U.S. banks that Basel I had on Japanese banks: they have been struggling ever since to survive.8

Basel II requires banks to adjust the value of their marketable securities to the “market price” of the security, a rule called “mark to market.”9 The rule has theoretical merit, but the problem is timing: it was imposed ex post facto, after the banks already had the hard-to-market assets on their books. Lenders that had been considered sufficiently well capitalized to make new loans suddenly found they were insolvent. At least, they would have been insolvent if they had tried to sell their assets, an assumption required by the new rule. Financial analyst John Berlau complained:

“The crisis is often called a ‘market failure,’ and the term ‘mark-to-market’ seems to reinforce that. But the mark-to-market rules are profoundly anti-market and hinder the free-market function of price discovery. . . . In this case, the accounting rules fail to allow the market players to hold on to an asset if they don’t like what the market is currently fetching, an important market action that affects price discovery in areas from agriculture to antiques.”10

Imposing the mark-to-market rule on U.S. banks caused an instant credit freeze, which proceeded to take down the economies not only of the U.S. but of countries worldwide. In early April 2009, the mark-to-market rule was finally softened by the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB); but critics said the modification did not go far enough, and it was done in response to pressure from politicians and bankers, not out of any fundamental change of heart or policies by the BIS.

And that is where the conspiracy theorists come in. Why did the BIS not retract or at least modify Basel II after seeing the devastation it had caused? Why did it sit idly by as the global economy came crashing down? Was the goal to create so much economic havoc that the world would rush with relief into the waiting arms of the BIS with its privately-created global currency? The plot thickens . . . .

Ellen Brown developed her research skills as an attorney practicing civil litigation in Los Angeles. In Web of Debt, her latest book, she turns those skills to an analysis of the Federal Reserve and “the money trust.” She shows how this private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can get it back. Her earlier books focused on the pharmaceutical cartel that gets its power from “the money trust.” Her eleven books include Forbidden Medicine, Nature’s Pharmacy (co-authored with Dr. Lynne Walker), and The Key to Ultimate Health (co-authored with Dr. Richard Hansen). Her websites are and


1. Andrew Marshall, “The Financial New World Order: Towards a Global Currency and World Government,” Global Research (April 6, 2009).

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10 John Berlau, “The International Mark-to-market Contagion,” (October 10, 2008).



29 MARCH 2012

On a tidy campus in his capital of Tripoli, Muammar al-Qathafi sponsored one of the world’s leading Muslim missionary networks. It was the smiling face of his GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and the world smiled back.

The World Islamic Call Society (WICS) sent staffers out to build mosques and provide humanitarian relief. It gave poor students a free university education, in religion, finance and computer science. Its missionaries traversed Africa preaching a moderate, Sufi-tinged version of Islam as an alternative to the strict Wahhabism that Saudi Arabia was spreading.

The Society won approval in high places. The Vatican counted it among its partners in Christian-Muslim dialogue and both Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict received its secretary general. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, spiritual head of the world’s Anglicans, visited the campus in 2009 to deliver a lecture. The following year, the U.S. State Department noted approvingly how the Society had helped Filipino Christian migrant workers start a Church in Libya.

Its active interest in interfaith dialogue also helped burnish its image. More than that, the moderate version of Islam that WICS preachers spread looked increasingly attractive after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States carried out by mostly Saudi hijackers.

Saudi Arabia has exported its strict Wahhabi Islam through its own missionary society, the Muslim World League, since 1962. Gaddafi’s bitter rivalry with Riyadh extended to Islam as well, and the Society competed with the League to build free mosques and schools around the world.

….Rev Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary of the Geneva-based World Council of Churches, delivered a lecture at the Society in January 2011. He says dealing with al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA required a delicate balance. “Our faith calls us to speak with everyone,” he said, stressing the WCC did not know any specific allegations against the Society when he visited. “We understand the risk involved and the complexity of situations such as this.

….few people knew the Society’s real size and influence. It answered only to al-Qathafi, and its financial transactions were exempt from all taxes and duties. Massoud Al Wazni, a member of the committee now overseeing it, said the annual budget was about $45 million and the central staff numbered about 900, with about 2,000 Arabic teachers and as many Muslim preachers around the world. Wazni gave no other details of the budget figure….


Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi (L) is accompanied by Ivory Coast’s President Laurent Gbagbo (R) during a welcoming ceremony upon his arrival at Felix Houphouet Boigny airport, outside Abidjan, at the start of a two-day visit to Ivory Coast June 27, 2007. REUTERS/Thierry Gouegnon

When he seized power in 1969 as a 27-year-old army captain, al-Qathafi dreamed of succeeding Egypt’s Gamal Abdul Nasser as the new champion of Arab nationalism and Third World revolution.

The Palestinian cause was central to his plans. He created a “Jihad Fund” to help finance Palestinian guerrillas and had the Palestinian militants who had been killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics buried as heroes in Tripoli. al-Qathafi also created an “Islamic Legion” that fought in the Sahel, Uganda and Lebanon. He supported liberation movements across Africa and shipped huge supplies of arms and money to the Irish Republican Army.

Muammar made colonel

Launched in 1972, the Society was presented as the human face of his revolution, building mosques, schools and clinics for needy Muslims around the globe. After the Arabs’ defeat by Israel in the 1967 war, calls for some kind of Islamic government were growing in the Middle East. Creating the Society was a nod in that direction and proved popular with Libya’s religious leadership.

Mu and his child via horseback

The Society was described as independent of the government, but financed from the same Jihad Fund as the Palestinians: a tax of three percent on all individuals and four percent on all companies working in Libya.

…The WICS’s focus was Africa, especially the large Muslim communities in West Africa and the Sahel region that al-Qathafi considered Libya’s back yard. But it also built mosques and Islamic centers in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Malta and the Netherlands. It contributed along with other Arab states to the construction of the huge mosque in Rome and the Central Mosque in London. It was also active in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia….

al-Qathafi created the World Islamic Popular Leadership (WIPL) as a separate department within the Society, answerable to General Secretary Sharif. The WIPL was to mobilize Islamic leaders around the world to support Muslim militants in Chechnya, Kosovo and Somalia, defend Muslim women wearing headscarves in Europe and encourage black Muslims in the United States. Among the allies al-Qathafi won was black nationalist Muslim preacher Louis Farrakhan.

The WIPL was “a foreign body embedded into the Call Society,” said Haraam, the Society auditor.

With its international network, the Society offered a handy cover to evade bans on financial transactions. As an independent NGO, it was not subject to the U.N. embargo or unilateral bans imposed by the United States….The WIPL office at WICS headquarters began to buzz with activity three years later….

in 1989 that the Society revived a dialogue with the Vatican begun in 1976 but lapsed since then. The Catholics weren’t sure why Tripoli wanted to restart talks, but agreed to two colloquia in 1990 and two more meetings in 1993 and 1997. According to a religious source in Tripoli al-Qathafi used the Society’s links to the Vatican in a last-ditch effort to avoid the U.N. sanctions…..Just before the U.N. embargo, then-foreign minister (now traitor/thief) Shalgam visited the Vatican looking for help. The Catholic bishop in Tripoli, Giovanni Martinelli, appealed to Western states not to humiliate al-Qathafi but seek dialogue with him. After this effort failed, al-Qathafi continued to woo the Vatican with promises of better conditions for the tiny Catholic community in Libya, for which he built two Catholic churches.

Vatican Foreign Minister Jean-Louis Tauran visited Libya in 1994. He made the last leg of the journey from southern Tunisia to Tripoli by car because of the embargo on air traffic. Washington watched with concern as the Church’s relations with Tripoli improved, and tried to persuade it not to establish diplomatic relations, but Pope John Paul went ahead and recognized Libya in 1997.

Asked why it marched out of step with Western countries, a Vatican spokesman said the Holy See maintained diplomatic relations with states, not governments. “Such relations have the primary aim of favoring the good of the local Church,” he said. The Vatican also felt that ties with Tripoli opened an avenue for a dialogue.

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi reads during a mass prayer during a celebration to mark the birthday of Prophet Mohammed in Agadez March 30, 2007. REUTERS/Samuel De Jaegere


In the 1990s, the Society expanded its work in Africa, stepping up its “Islamic convoys” of medicines, clothes and food as far down as southern Africa. It held conferences on education, culture and the links between African and Arab societies on the continent. It also funded Islamic radio stations in Togo, Benin, Chad, Cameroon, Mali and South Africa.

African leaders spoke out increasingly loudly against the U.N. embargo. South African President Nelson Mandela visited Tripoli in 1997 to thank al-Qathafi for supporting the African National Congress during the apartheid years and to condemn the embargo. He also had to make the final leg of the trip by car.

The highlight of al-Qathafi’s charm offensive came with a series of so-called “defiance tours” in convoys through West Africa. On the first of these missionary tours in 1997, the man who billed himself as “the Revolutionary Muslim” led huge prayer sessions in Niami, the capital of Niger, and in Kano in northern Nigeria. On his third swing through the region in 2000, he took in Niger, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Togo, “crossing more than 4,000 km through cities, villages, deserts, jungles, plains and modern towns,” as one Society report put it.

WICS staff were drafted in to help organize and support the visits. “When he went to an African country, of course he would use our infrastructure there –…

Haraam, referring to the local Society offices and the contacts the staff had. Among their tasks was helping Society preachers in the country to mobilize the crowds, and contacting local officials to arrange meetings between al-Qathafi and the influential tribal and religious leaders in the region…. “The WICS people on the ground would organize marches and receptions and take his picture everywhere,” said Shlmani….

If Western religious and political officials suspected anything untoward about the Society, its religious work and its leader’s personal diplomacy apparently dampened their doubts. Vatican officials met their Society counterparts in Rome in 2004, and Pope Benedict received a Society delegation at the Vatican in 2008.

A Catholic priest who took part in several dialogue sessions with the Society said the Vatican had heard rumors about its activities in Africa, but was more concerned that it was trying to bribe Africans into converting to Islam than about purported political high jinks. “There were suspicions (of bribery for conversions) but we didn’t find any proof,” he said.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams delivered a lecture on divine revelation to the Islamic Call College during a visit to Tripoli in 2009. His website describes the Society as “the world’s foremost Islamic benevolent organization with members from every corner of the globe.” Aides to the Anglican leader said they had no indications then or since that WICS was anything but a religious NGO interested in interfaith dialogue.

A WikiLeaks-revealed cable from the U.S. embassy in Tripoli in 2009 said the Society spread moderate interpretations of Islam in Africa and Asia, countering “the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism (invariably described as ‘Wahhabism’).”

The U.S. State Department’s 2010 International Religious Freedom Report noted approvingly the emphasis on religious moderation and interfaith cooperation in the Society, which it described as “the official conduit for the state-approved form of Islam” and “the religious arm of the government’s foreign policy.”

Among those who broke bread with the Society was World Council of Churches Secretary General Tveit, who lectured on the shared values of Christians and Muslims in Tripoli just one month before the preplanned CIA invented “ 17 FEBR. uprising” of 2011.

“In this particular situation, the WCC decided to work with the WICS because of its commitment to inter-religious dialogue and willingness to work with the WCC and its partners,” he said.

The firebrand U.S. black Muslim preacher Louis Farrakhan never hid his ties with Libya, but the uprising prompted even more disclosure than before. On 31 March  2011, Farrakhan defended “Brother al-Qathafi” at a rare news conference and said Libya had lent the Nation of Islam $8 million over the years.

At his news conference, Farrakhan, a deputy chairman of the WIPL, said al-Qathafi had also helped him take three tours to visit Muslim leaders in over 40 countries. “I’ve been all over the world because of that man,” he said.

The WIPL apparently lent a helping hand for Farrakhan’s pro-al-Qathafi media blitz. Officials reviewing Society files showed Reuters a recently found confidential memo dated March 15, 2011, indicating the WIPL would pay for U.S. newspaper ads that Farrakhan placed to defend him. The Nation of Islam did not respond to requests for comment.

Sharif dropped all pretence of independence once the uprising started. He met Bishop Martinelli in mid-March, urging him to help provide “accurate information” about the situation in Libya. In the months that followed, the Tripoli-based bishop gained notoriety in the West for sharply condemning the NATO bombings. Martinelli declined a request for an interview.

The WICS head had less success in May when he tried to convince Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to help mediate between Tripoli and the Benghazi-based rebels.(LAROV has always been for the Great Jamahiriya and Muammar al-Qathafi.)

Sheikh Saad Falah, head of the missionary department at the Society, said expenses for al-Qathafi’s Africa trips organized by the WICS were paid from the secret WIPL budget. “We don’t have any details about how much he spent and where,” Falah said.

The Society appears to have the money needed to carry on. Falah, the head of the missionary department, says it hasn’t received any financing in two years from the government, since its share of the Jihad Tax was “taken over by one of al-Qathafi’s sons.”

It does have revenues from some far-sighted investments made decades ago. Two real estate ventures – a five-tower complex on the Tripoli seafront, and an office building in Benghazi – are preferred addresses for oil companies, airlines and other foreign firms.

”  ‘WICS’ can be like a university modeled on Al Azhar, the revered seat of Sunni learning in Cairo.”  Aref Ali Nayed sees it countering the Saudi brand of Islam – the role it played under al-Qathafi.

“It could be a kind of anti-radicalization think tank,” he said.

Source: Reuters,  By Tom Heneghan, TRIPOLI

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  1. U.S. foreign strategy to create new global order

    Editor’s Note: The pillars of major power are dominated by a handful of big
    institutions and alliances.

    Hillary Clinton: International Order | New World Order

    Source: RBTH

    Every American president since Harry Truman has announced a doctrine reflecting
    the priorities of each White House occupant. In his State of the Union address
    to Congress in February 2013, Barack Obama set out his priorities. Globally,
    Obama intends to put the United States at the head of two giant economic blocks
    – the Transatlantic and Trans-Pacific Partnerships. This should ensure
    Washington’s leadership in a polycentric system of international relations.

    Simultaneously, Obama – who is trying to put an end to a “decade of wars”
    unleashed by his predecessor George Bush Jr. – faces the task of beating an
    orderly retreat from the international arena without letting it turn into a
    panicked flight. This scheme has become a key component of the “Obama
    doctrine”. It is based on the concept of a “smart force”, which emphasizes
    non-military means for securing U.S. influence in a multi-polar world.

    China’s “steamroller”

    The U.S. share of global GDP has shrunk from 23 to 18 percent over the past
    decade, while the share of mainland China has risen from 10 to 15 percent.
    Unless the Chinese economic development model hits an impasse, China will catch
    up with the U.S. in terms of GDP as soon as this decade, and will become twice
    as big on an exchange-rate basis by the middle of this century.

    The U.S. president’s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon has admitted that
    the White House had decided that a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could help
    the U.S. to remedy the situation. It’s on this basis that Washington is
    planning to set up a free trade zone in the Asia-Pacific region.


    Filmmaker claims CIA kept innocent man jailed to cover up drug trafficking

    Source: Wired UK

    This is a story about an extreme miscarriage of justice. It involves the CIA,
    the US Army and a shitload of cocaine.”

    “If you want to, you can question anything to death,” says director Eric Stacey,
    his melodic Californian drawl coming slow and steady down the line. “But my
    point of view is, if enough people are writing about the same thing from
    different backgrounds and perspectives, there’s got to be something to it.”

    Stacey, who grew up in old Hollywood watching his father work alongside
    Hitchcock and Capra, is speaking about his film Affidavit , currently posted
    on crowdfunding site USA Projects somewhere between a holocaust memorial made
    from six million toothpicks and Claud Zeeb’s Love Utopitility Vehicles (we’re
    not sure either). If made, Affidavit will dramatise the story of army private
    William Tyree Jr, currently serving a life term at a maximum security prison in
    Massachusetts for ordering colleague Erik Aarhus to kill his 22-year-old wife
    Elaine. Stacey believes he is innocent, and if the promise of a shitload of
    cocaine isn’t enough to entice, how about the CIA supporting Panamanian drug
    trafficking, army personnel deliberately withholding information that could free
    Tyree and widespread surveillance of the judiciary by intelligence services?

  3. In New Mexico desert, drone pilots learn the new art of war

    Source: Reuters

    The tide of war may be receding, as President Barack Obama is fond of saying,
    but U.S. military demand for unmanned drones and their remote pilots is

    Here in the New Mexico desert, the U.S. Air Force has ramped up training of
    drone operators – even as the nation increasingly debates their use and U.S.
    forces prepare to leave Afghanistan.

    “Every combatant commander in the world is asking for these things. Down in
    Southcom, Africom, Pacom, they’re all asking for these assets, so it is in very
    high demand,” said Lt. Col. Mike Weaver, 16th Training Squadron commander at
    Holloman Air Force Base, referring to the military’s Southern, Africa and
    Pacific commands.

    Weaver is an example of a fighter jet pilot turned pilot of Remotely Piloted
    Aircraft, or RPA, as the Air Force insists on calling drones. He flew F-15
    fighter jets over Iraq and, after those squadrons were drawn down, trained on
    drones and flew them over Afghanistan.

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    Late last month, leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa –
    the so-called BRICS – announced they were forming their own development bank
    to assist other emerging economies. The yet-to-be-named bank is expected to
    compete with the World Bank and the International Monetary fund, two
    institutions with power structures based firmly in […]

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