Soyez au courant, Satan rôde / Be weary, Satan is Lurking

أن بالضجر، الشيطان يكمن

More than two months ago, the Great Jamahiriya (the sole legitimate force within LIBYA) declared war on FRANCE, USA and QATAR.

From BATALLION BLACK DAY (via  Admowona 1):

Via Page Document and swear allegiance to the era of the enemy to surrender to the Supreme Commander Sir Colonel Mujahid Muammar Bomenaar, the Gaddafi:

What Vienna Tanagal …. Betray my high Testament Ajabina Seem a bridge and you walk us …. Lin longer our goal and our intention You are the master and you bowed Safina …. Injustice Yakaad the doors rejection Justice Yakaad the palaces built …. Maak and Beck Aabona and سندنا Above humans Yakaad the us …. Apfkr unique p people Onfredna the Tmrt century in Asrk of a fetus ….

Valvrdos in your Custom Qadna the Maak Maak Uday Sir Pena …. Is eras Mapalk and back Lake and Lake owe our hands …. AFP Locker me and Valgarh the صمدنا Beck and Beck to the top of us …. To date our past Jbdna the And Vic and Vic Aamuammr the cursory …. A great person Pfkarh نجدنا Black Black what hour Gfena …. Years tyranny Dnitna the Nbdna ÍÇááĺ who Mai sold sir horsehair “Mathun we ياوطنى From What I heard the most beautiful green ..

Aaaaash home live in us forever, Shoumoukh and immortality of the armed people and Supreme Commander and all the young people to Libya and شاباتها, who did not Ahonowa or betray.” And Lord brighter Clear Clear / Atakin of victory for us and we have a large derivative Bnasnaaaa and Trisna / our patience Talmana, Angerhana and I intercostal See p my vulva and victory is very close to Golo ČÓ Lord, and I call on our people.

وربي معانا واضح واضح/واتقين من نصرته للنا وعندنا تقه كبيره بناسناااا وتريسنا/صبرنا تألمنا انجرحنا ولاكن وربي شاهد ع كلامي ان الفرج والنصر قريب جدا قولو بس يارب وادعو لناسنا ادمن5 (Admin 5)

Muammar made colonel

((In the name of God the Merciful)). Important Notice and very, very urgent …….. I hope publication and dissemination to all Facebook pages to teach the Libyan people, especially employees of the armed people and all the security services in Libya at home and abroad that there are rumors will be issued by the Jardan belong to take down the morale of the Libyan people and the armed people and Almquaomyin Liberal therefore hope you be معنوياتكم high nor Tabho these rumors are false because they are intended landing Bmanotm. Valielm all Jardan we them and inside them, and we know what they are planning. It please discernible caution all the false rumors. And light and never revolutionary struggle continues.

((بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم )). بيان هام وعاجل جداً جداً …….. ارجو النشر والتعميم علي جميع صفحات الفيس بوك ليعلم الشعب الليبي وخاصة منتسبي الشعب المسلح وكافة الأجهزة الأمنية بليبيا في الداخل والخارج بان هناك إشاعات سوف تصدر عن الجردان تخص إنزال معنويات الشعب الليبي والشعب المسلح والمقاوميين الاحرار ولهذا نرجو منكم ان تكون معنوياتكم عالية ولا تابهو بهذه الإشاعات الزائفة لانها المقصود منها هو الهبوط بمعنوياتكم. فاليعلم جميع الجردان اننا بينهم وبداخلهم ونعلم ما يخططون به . عليه ارجو أخد الحيطة والحذر من كل الإشاعات الكاذبة . والفاتح أبدا والكفاح الثورى مستمر

Mustafa Quartereboh speaks with Muammar al-Qathafi, Supreme Commander of the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya:

Since the media occur fighter hours Mostafa Qdereboh in Muammar Bomenaar the radio, which he addressed to talk about international relations and the fact that the plot external and internal disease implemented now, he said, also addressed the problems that the Libyan people, flops.


Mu elegant

(E of Mujibur!!!!???)

Why???? … A question I have in mind all that is happening today from the devastation and bloodshed on the land of their parents and grandparents .. Land pride and pride … Great Jamahiriya … Why??? ….. Why??? ….

People, relatives and members of our families have become in our lives just names we eat and Ntdolha among us as if they were not days with us were in minutes and moments of our past .. people got lost among us unlawful and unjustified Xi only because they were honest and did not liked humiliated and humiliating we are strangers in our home … We became displaced from place to place inside or outside and demanding from their government alleged … We became we intruders and customers for them because we did not ally ourselves with them and with their clients الأنجاس …. We became companions have …. Because we defended the right and we said our last word .. Um victory or martyrdom
Why????? … I want all of the this fabricated Revolution can answer me ….. Why????? … Are your demands deserve to be lost all those lives of brothers and Tgtsaboa the sisters and displaced families and open the doors to the invader and colonizer simply and without warning … Only for Zhi Oskn the salary or managerial position …. Why???? Are of Mujibur!!!!! .. Aloikvakm what you did all these pure blood shed …. Aloikvakm screaming and crying mothers losing their loved Okpadhn and children’s fear of Lahaul everything that is going on today … Why???? …. By God, Why????
I discussed many interlocutors with some of these revolutionaries, but I did not find the answer to all of this and I did not find what heals my chest and extinguish the bullet and burned my heart!!!! ….. But all what I found sarcasm and ridicule everything that has happened and is happening with us and joy to مصائبنا and if people’s lives are not worth anything it is already worthless for them …

And after all that we come and flaunt term Western freedom and democracy, which was their first that Ieihoha are and يمارسوها in their country with members of their sex …. why???? … Do of Mujibur Eattoar 17 February????? … And you Yamen Adaeetm Islam and Sharia and Ti_ddon religion do you call yourselves the Muslim Brotherhood …. Any Islam and any other religion!!!!!! …… Are Islam and the Quran urges you all this destruction and killing humans and indecent assault and displacement of slaves and owners of the land and theft of property other than you …..

Is this the Islamic principles and values!!!!!! … If you have a lesson and sermon in the scheme of Iraq and Afghanistan earlier this same names and faces and false allegations under the banner of freedom and live in dignity … And any dignity!!!!!! … Seen Amstm the bitter reality in front of your eyes, and with all this رضيتم do … And even Saratm to his presence among you honest with your parents and on the land of glory … Why???? …. Why all this hatred and violence and criminality???? ….

Why all this terrible thirst for treason and villainy and employment???? … Why all this sudden absence and distance from religion and Sharia and Islamic morality??? .. Where are these people’s minds??? … Where is the conscience of all those heinous acts that are committed every day against the Liberals and the masters of the earth???? …. Where are they from the wrath of God Almighty??? …. I do not understand what purpose or even to where would be the end of each it??? ….

Are these really are Libyans like us??? … Do you have lived with us on this good earth, and they ate of its resources and drank from its water pure Tahir … even begging them themselves by doing what they’re doing today displacement, murder and pillage and rape of symptoms in the right people supervision and Liberal??? … Why??? (Will of Mujibur!!!!!!) If ….????? … Regards هـــــــــ( مــــــن مجيــــب !!!!؟؟؟ )ـــــــــــل

لماذا ؟؟؟؟…سؤال يدور في ذهني لكل ما يحدث اليوم من دمار وسفك للدماء على أرض الآباء والأجداد .. أرض العزة والكبرياء …الجماهيرية العظمى … لماذا ؟؟؟…..لماذا ؟؟؟….أشخاص وأقارب وأفراد من عائلاتنا صاروا في حياتنا مجرد أسماء نتناولها ونتداولها فيما بيننا وكأنهم لم يكونوا يوما معنا صاروا في دقائق ولحظات ماضي لنا ….أشخاص ضاعوا من بيننا دون وجه حق ومبرر لا لشي الا لأنهم كانوا شرفاء ولم يرضوا بالمهانة والمذلة صرنا أغراب في وطننا … صرنا مشردين من مكان الى مكان داخله أو خارجه ومطالبين من حكومتهم المزعومة … صرنا نحن الدخلاء والعملاء بالنسبة لهم لأننا لم نتحالف معهم ومع عملائهم الأنجاس …. صرنا الأزلام لديهم …. لأننا دافعنا عن الحق وقلنا كلمتنا الأخيرة ..أم النصر أو الاستشهاد
لماذا ؟؟؟؟؟…أريد كل من قام بهذه الثورة المفبركة أن يجيبني ….. لماذا ؟؟؟؟؟… هل مطالبكم تستحق أن تزهق كل تلك الأرواح من إخوانكم وأن تغتصبوا أخواتكم وتشردوا عائلاتكم وفتح الأبواب أمام الغازي والمستعمر بكل بساطة ودون سابق انذار … فقط من أجل راتب زهي أوسكن أو منصب أداري …. لماذا ؟؟؟؟ هل من مجيب !!!!!.. الأيكفيكم ما فعلتموه وكل هذه الدماء الطاهرة التي سفكت …. الأيكفيكم صراخ وبكاء الأمهات على فقدان فلذات أكبادهن وخوف الأطفال من أهول كل ما يجري اليوم …لماذا ؟؟؟؟…. بالله عليكم لماذا ؟؟؟؟
ناقشت العديد وتحاورت مع البعض من هؤلاء الثوار لكنني لم أجد الإجابة على كل هذا ولم أجد ما يشفي صدري ويطفئ ناري وحرقت قلبي !!!!….. بل كل ما وجدته التهكم والسخرية لكل ما حدث ويحدث معنا والفرح لمصائبنا وكأن أرواح الناس لا تساوي شيئا وهي بالفعل لا قيمة لها بالنسبة لهم … وبعد كل ذلك يأتون ويتشدقون علينا بمصطلح الحرية والديمقراطية الغربية التي كان الأولى بهم أن يعيشوها هم ويمارسوها في بلادهم مع أبناء جنسهم ….لماذا ؟؟؟؟… هل من مجيب ياثوار 17 فبراير ؟؟؟؟؟ …وأنتم يامن أدعيتم الإسلام والشريعة وتتشددون بالدين وتسمون أنفسكم بالإخوان المسلمين ….أي إسلام وأي دين !!!!!!…… هل الإسلام والقرآن الكريم يطالبكم بكل هذا الدمار وقتل البشر وهتك الاعراض وتهجير العباد وأصحاب الأرض وسرقة ممتلكات غيركم ….. هل هذا من مبادئنا وقيمنا الإسلامية !!!!!!… كان لكم العبرة والموعظة في مخطط العراق ومن قبلها أفغانستان بنفس هذه الأسماء والوجوه والادعاءات المزيفة تحت شعار التحرر والعيش بكرامة … وأي كرامة !!!!!!…رأيتم ولامستم الواقع المرير وأمام أعينكم ومع كل هذا رضيتم به … بل وسارعتم لوجوده بينكم ومع أهلكم الشرفاء وعلى أرض الأمجاد … لماذا؟؟؟؟….لماذا كل هذا الحقد والعنف والأجرام ؟؟؟؟…. لماذا كل هذا العطش الرهيب للخيانة والنذالة والعمالة ؟؟؟؟… لماذا كل هذا الغياب والبعد المفاجئ عن الدين والشريعة والأخلاق الإسلامية ؟؟؟ ..أين هي عقول هؤلاء البشر ؟؟؟… أين هي ضمائرهم من كل تلك الأفعال الشنيعة التي ترتكب كل يوم في حق الأحرار وأسياد الأرض ؟؟؟؟….أين هم من غضب الله عزوجل ؟؟؟….لست أفهم ما الغاية أو حتى الى أين ستكون النهاية من كل ذلك ؟؟؟….فهل هؤلاء هم ليبيين حقا مثلنا ؟؟؟… هل عاشوا معنا على هذه الأرض الطيبة وأكلوا من خيراتها وشربوا من مائها النقي الطاهر …حتى تسول لهم نفسهم بفعل ما يفعلونه اليوم من تشريد وقتل ونهب وهتك للأعراض في حق أهلها الأشراف والاحرار؟؟؟…لماذا ؟؟؟ لمــــــــــــــ(فهل من مجيب !!!!!! ) ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــاذا ….؟؟؟؟؟…
مع تحياتي
قوتي تكمن في صمتي …… ادمووووونة 1
My strength lies in silence …… Admowoowona 1

Be aware!: SATAN WILL TWIST THE MINDS AND SOULS OF MEN!! He will discourage you and make you dispondant.

Be of godd cheer. God is with the Green Resistance; not with NATO or her allies.


Shown above:  leader and Jana Gana . Their minds Champions history … And honored ..

Bomb at the French embassy in Tripoli ~ Bombardear la embajada francesa en

Trípoli ~ Bombardée l’ambassade française à Tripoli ~ Bomba all’ambasciata

francese a Tripoli


Libya, bomb at the French embassy in Tripoli
Libia, bombardear la embajada francesa en Trípoli
Libye bombardée l’ambassade française à Tripoli
Libia, bomba all’ambasciata francese a Tripoli



Libya voice writes:  what Dr. Hamza in his intervention on 04/23/2013:

– Not for the Resistance related to the bombings, nothing to do with Resistance to what is happening in the home of their calamity, neither broke nor Resistance terrorize people, resistance is not a style car bombing, publicly facing resistance

– Of using the bombings are known: the military wing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Salafists, secularists .………, defined who want to ruin defined agendas owners, faced Resistance in broad daylight and resistance when you are able to work announcement nor afraid than done

– What he is doing now is to attract customers colonization by any means more than it is now, which is aware of their presence in Libya is impossible without the protection of colonialism

– There are tribes and the interests of the owners want to interfere any direct colonial occupation

– France did not intervene to darkening of the eyes of rats or Liberal, but intervened for the interests and economic forces are driving the world right now, all these countries are interested in the future of her children and not care our blood and our fathers It is true that the West like good the Arabs minus mind

– He said he was following Tweets thinkers and decision-makers in the West, and all of them claim explicitly to Western intervention direct in Libya and say has to be absolute control over the Arabs and when (with emphasis on the word when the meaning of a statement (metaphor) not out) ask us to Libyan government out we will come out

– Headline this international game is to control Libya no control over the oil wells near Europe, and Libya in the event of survival outside the control of the West will become a force for Islam and Muslims also wanted the leader, everyone knows that the commander had wanted to hit the dollar بالاورو currency monetary gold and economists know the importance of The seriousness of this and its impact on the world and the future of America and Europe, push back the game is to secure the future of Europe and cure its financial problems and the presence of a permanent source of funding Europe and dominate the capabilities of world economic development through their puppets (the inauguration of the governments puppet), as happened in the Gulf, is the world’s dictatorships of the hardest of the dictatorships of the Gulf? Scott West from them because these governments to service their

– Sanitary West and clear intervention in order to impose security and the main tool is the use of the base, the base appeared the first time in Sudan, attracted America and formed his camps Fajrb Sudan and then moved to Iraq and Afghanistan, wherever there hashish no basis for that source of funding, this research minutes and now Libya will be divided Libya Britain supports the Middle and France supports Tabu in the south

– Customer came Palmgariv, ask who is Maqrief! Maqrief try in the CIA and no document out to the public that the Maqrief receive a monthly grant of this agency. Nutria  (SWAMP HUGE RAT-type) is not Libby, but it is German, Zidane graduated from the French and German intelligence and Israeli by Bernard Levy

– When the customer fails in the success of the scheme are resorting to the West chaos, look at Misrata arm now? Israel, of course, and this to اغبار him and Qatar, which is the most hostile of Israel then تليهم France in armaments, Misurata was chosen to ease labor

Jews and the West are now looking in any way to create tension in Libya to intervene, now supply Tabu with weapons and military advisers, Britain supports the Middle to the federal separatism

– Where jihad operations base in Israel? Leader despite disagreeing ideological with the Amal movement, which is close to Hezbollah, although this when Kafr El Arab Hezbollah and conspired against him, the commander said soldiers from Hezbollah broadcasts terror in Israel, Unfortunately for Hezbollah was among those who support the Afattnafa Libya has changed the Liberals and the Libyans look at him

– Rats are stupid and naive and Amadhok them and their مغرر no sane person supports colonialism in his country and this is the inevitable result of those يستنجد West to hit children and the elderly

– We our faith does not accept to occupy our country and shed the blood of a Libyan one, my poor people could not be retrieved Libya, but the will and the fight against customers

– In the latter aspects of a message to our fellow Tunisians: Sealer which talked about the Tunisian media outside bin Walid does not control for the people of Bin Walid them, who believe they are behind the assassination of Shukri Belaid Wahl bin Walid nothing to do them this and the stopper under the control rats, which is located about 13 kilometers south of Bin Walid accused of unauthorized works cooker in the stopper and named Ahmed Rouissi, our fellow Tunisians them aware of the details mentioned these details at the invitation of the people of Bin Walid. in the latter drew his call to the lawyer Bashir fishing and are free to Tunisia to deliver information memory above (site stopper and the control rats them and Tbra folks bin Walid of no one shed blood and information on the accused) to the Tunisian media channels.

تعليق علي التفجيرات -23-4-2013
صوت ليبيا ما قاله الدكتور حمزة في مداخلته يوم 23-4-2013

-ليس للمقاومة علاقة بالتفجيرات,لا علاقة للمقاومة بما يجري في الوطن من هم وبلاء,المقاومة لا تفجر ولا تروع الناس,المقاومة ليس اسلوبها التفجير بالسيارات,المقاومة تواجه علانية

-من يستعمل التفجيرات معروفون:الجناح العسكري للاخوان,القاعدة ,العلمانيون……….,معرفون من يريدون الخراب ومعرفون اصحاب الاجندات,المقاومة تواجه جهارا نهارا والمقاومة عندما تقوم بعمل قادرة على الاعلان ولا تخاف مما قامت به

-ما يقوم به العملاء الان هو جذب الاستعمار باي وسيلة كانت اكثر مما هو عليه الان وهو يعلمون ان وجودهم في ليبيا مستحيل دون حماية الاستعمار

-هناك قبائل واصحاب مصالح تريد التدخل الاستعماري المباشر اي الاحتلال

-فرنسا لم تتدخل لسواد عيون الجرذان او الاحرار وانما تدخلت من اجل مصالحها والقوى الاقتصادية هي التي تقود العالم الان,كل هذه الدول يهمها مستقبل اولادها ولايهمهم دماءنا واباءنا ومن يصدق ان الغرب يحبون الخير على العرب ناقص عقل

-قال انه يتابع تغريدات المفكرين وصناع القرار في الغرب وكلهم يدعون صراحة الى التدخل الغربي المباشر في ليبيا ويقولون لابد من السيطرة المطلقة على والعرب وعندما (مع التركيز على كلمة عندما ومعناها تصريح(كناية) على عدم الخروج) تطلب منا الحكومة الليبية الخروج سنخرج

-العنوان الرئيسي لهذه اللعبة الدولية هي السيطرة على ليبيا اي السيطرة على منابع النفط القريبة من اوروبا,وليبيا في حال بقاءها خارج سيطرة الغرب ستصبح قوة للاسلام والمسلمين كما ارادها القائد,الكل يعلم ان القائد كان يريد ضرب الدولار بالاورو بالعملة النقدية الذهبية وخبراء الاقتصاد يعرفون اهمية وخطورة هذا وتاثيرها على العالم ومستقبل امريكا واوروبا,ابعاد اللعبة هو تامين مستقبل اوروبا وعلاج مشاكلها المالية ووجود مصدر دائم لتمويل اوروبا والهيمنة على مقدرات العالم الاقتصادية عن طريق عملاؤهم(تنصيب حكومات عميلة) مثلما حدث في الخليج,فهل في العالم دكتاتوريات اعتى من دكتاتوريات الخليج؟سكوت الغرب عنهم بسبب خدمة هذه الحكومات لمصالحهم

-ادوات الغرب واضحة التدخل من اجل فرض الامن والاداة الرئيسية هي استعمال القاعدة,القاعدة ظهرت اول مرة في السودان,جذبته امريكا وشكلت له معسكرات فخرب السودان ثم انتقلت الى العراق وافغانستان,اينما يوجد الحشيش توجد القاعدة لانه مصدر تمويلها وهذه ابحاث دقيقة والان ليبيا وستقسم ليبيا فبريطانيا تدعم الشرق وفرنسا تدعم التبو في الجنوب

-العملاء جاءوا بالمقريف,اسالوا من هو المقريف! المقريف جرب في وكالة الاستخبارات الامريكية وتوجد وثيقة خرجت الى العلن مفادها ان المقريف يتقاضى منحة شهرية من هذه الوكالة.الكيب ليس ليبي وانما هو الماني,زيدان تخرج من المخابرات الفرنسية والالمانية والاسرائيلية عن طريق برنار ليفي

-عندما يفشل العملاء في انجاح مخطط الغرب يتم اللجوء الى الفوضى,انظروا من يسلح الان مصراتة؟اسرائيل طبعا وهذا لاغبار عليه وقطر التي هي اشد عداوة من اسرائيل ثم تليهم فرنسا في التسليح,تم اختيار مصراتة لسهولة العمالة فيها

-اليهود والغرب الان يبحثون باي وسيلة خلق التوتر في ليبيا من اجل التدخل,الان يمدون التبو بالسلاح والمستشارين العسكريين,بريطانيا تدعم الشرق لقيام الفيديرالية الانفصالية

-اين العمليات الجهادية للقاعدة في اسرائيل؟القائد رغم اختلافه الايديولوجي مع حركة امل المقربة من حزب الله ورغم هذا عندما كفر العرب حزب الله وتامروا عليه ,القائد قال جندي من حزب الله يبث الرعب في اسرائيل,لللاسف حزب الله كان من بين الذين يدعمون الفتنةفي ليبيا وقد تغيرت نظرة الاحرار والليبيين تجاهه

-الجرذان اغبياء وسذج ومضحوك عليهم ومغرر بهم ولا عاقل يدعم الاستعمار في بلده وهذه نتيجة حتمية لمن يستنجد بالغرب لضرب الاطفال والشيوخ

-نحن عقيدتنا لا ترضى ان يحتل بلدنا ويراق دم ليبي واحد,يا شعبنا المسكين لا يمكن استرجاع ليبيا الا بالارادة ومحاربة العملاء

-في الاخير اوجه رسالة لاخواننا التونسيين:السدادة التي تحدث عنها الاعلام التونسي تقع خارج بن وليد ولا سيطرة لاهل بن وليد عليها,من يعتقد انهم وراء اغتيال شكري بلعيد فاهل بن وليد لاعلاقة لهم بهذا والسدادة تحت سيطرة الجرذان وهي تقع حوالي 13 كلم جنوب بن وليد والمتهم المصرح به يعمل طباخ في السدادة واسمه احمد الرويسي,اخوتنا التونسيين لهم علم بالتفاصيل وذكر هذه التفاصيل بدعوة من اهل بن وليد.في الاخير وجه دعوته الى المحامي بشير الصيد واحرار تونس لايصال المعلومات الذاكرة انفا(موقع السدادة وسيطرة الجرذان عليها وتبراء اهل بن وليد من اي احد يسفك الدماء ومعلومات عن المتهم) الى القنوات الاعلامية التونسية
‏د. حمزه التهامي -23-4-2013 . تعليق علي التفجيرات الاخيرة _ واستعراض للوضع العام . – مـن غـرفـة الـفـاتـح فـور ايـفـر _ عـروبي . . قناة الفاتـــح أبـــد .

Illegal Occupation Embassy of France in Tripoli Attacked by Jamahiriya Resistance

Posted: 2013/04/23
From: Mathaba
France is considered an enemy of the Libyan people since its involvement in a war against freedom, democracy, unity and socialism and its role in bombing the country, killing an estimated hundred thousand, and forcing one million into exile to overthrow the democratic socialist Jamahiriya system in the North African stateTRIPOLI (Mathaba) – the illegal occupation French embassy in Libya’s capital city Tripoli came under car bomb attack today Tuesday 24th, wounding at least two guards.Residents living near the embassy compound in the neighborhood of Andalus Tripoli said they heard two explosions at around seven o’clock in the morning (0500 GMT.).The French official told Reuters, “there was an attack on the embassy, we believe it’s a car bomb.”Damage occurred and many guards were injured.”In Paris, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius condemned what he described as a terrible attack and he will do all the necessary to (punish) offenders. He said in a statement, “We send our solidarity and deep sympathy with the French guards injured and our best wishes for them to heal.”France is considered an enemy colonialist power due to its renewed attempts to occupy Africa and steal African resources, started with the massive conspiracy against the Libyan Jamahiriya hatched between France, Britain, Israel, the USA and the EU which resulted in up to one hundred thousand Libyan deaths, and one million displaced persons as well as a country plunged into chaos with Al-Qaida allied islamist heretics and other criminal elements now attempting to rule the country. #

Admowona 1 writes in BLACK DAY REBELLION:
شوفو القائد شن يقول عليكم ياعرب الشرق مع انكم تخونو فيه ولا زال يمدح فيكم ولو بيمسحكم كان قدر ب5 سكود يخليها بنغازي عالطوب ليش يرسل فرتل طوله 6 كيلو وياريته دارها ومسحكم اقل شي انتم ممسوحين توا سوا من التاريخ المشرف او من خارطة ليبيا صرتو ولا حاجه قتل وسرقه وقلة امن وامان بالله عليكم شن فايدة وجودكم عالحياه مش كنتو تقولو احنا رجاله طيحنا معمر واعياله باهي وينكم توا تره نوضو ضد هالكلاب اللي جبتوهم وقاعدين تورو ف عضلاتكم عالقنوات وتنتقدو بس تره نوضو عليهم كانكم رجاله حقا وكانكم ابطال ودرتو ثورة هههه لكن خنوعكم توا دليل صارخ علي انكم لا درتو ثورة لا شي اللي اتضح انكم ولا شي وانضحك عليكم وتوا قاعدين عايشين بين اصحاب الحبوب والخمور اخس عليكم اخس بس اخس وخلاص اخس باحترامي لشرفائها المهم التاريخ سجل بس
( الثائر معمر القذافي )
تعرفون قبائل برقه التي قاتلتكم ؟ تعرفون شجاعة هذه القبائل تلحقون الاهانه اليوم ببنغازي عندما تزورونها بوزرائكم الوسخين تبغو تفطسو خشوم اهل بنغازي تبغو اتهينو بنغازي ؟ تبغو اتهينو قبايلنا العظيمه ؟ ولكن هذه القبائل ستمحو العار ستمحو العار
عدو الاستسلام
ادمووونة 1

But this tribes ستمحو the shame ستمحو shame
Enemy to surrender!

Muammar is trying to force FRANCE & NATO to surrender and leave Libya.  In Libya  there are many cowards who will not defend their country (out of fear!).

Martyr Boubacar Younis Jaber.


L’échec de l’OTAN en Libye

Le 17 mars 2011, le Conseil de sécurité a autorisé, par sa résolution 1973, l’OTAN à intervenir « pour protéger les populations et les zones civiles menacées d’attaque en Jamahiriya arabe libyenne ».

On mesure le succès de la mission de l’OTAN en consultant les chiffres suivants :

En 2010, sous le « régime de Mouammar el-Kadhafi », il y avait en Libye
- 3,8 millions de Libyens
- 2,5 millions de travailleurs étrangers
soit 6,3 millions d’habitants.

- 1,6 million de Libyens sont en exil,
- tandis que 2,5 millions d’immigrés ont fuit le pays pour échapper aux agressions racistes.
Il reste environ 2,2 millions d’habitants.

Ces chiffres ne tiennent pas compte du nombre de victimes durant l’intervention, leur évaluation restant sujette à caution.

Les personnalités et médias qui évoquent un « succès » de l’OTAN en Libye ne font donc pas référence à sa mission légale assignée par le Conseil de sécurité, mais revendiquent sa mission cachée de renverser le régime.



NATO’s Failure in Libya ~ L’échec de l’OTAN en Libye ~ Fracaso de la OTAN en Libia

~ Il fallimento della NATO in Libia



NATO’s Failure in Libya

On 17 March 2011, by resolution 1973, the Security Council authorized NATO to intervene “civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.”

We measure the success of the NATO mission by examining the following figures:

In Libya in 2010, under the “regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi,” there were
- 3.8 million Libyans
- 2.5 million foreign workers
for a total of 6.3 million inhabitants.

Today, there are 1.6 million Libyans in exile while 2.5 million migrants have fled the country to escape racist attacks.
There remain approximately 2.2 million people.

These figures do not take into account the number of casualties during the operation as estimates remain questionable.

Media personalities evoking NATO “success” in Libya are therefore not referring to its legal mandate assigned by the Security Council, but rather acknowledging it’s hidden mission to overthrow the regime.



Well there are 250,000 Jihadists, and 1.2 million Qatari who were given citizenship and lots of Yankees…so that means there are less than 1 million real Libyans in the country..of which 700,000 are either in prisons or hosptals and mamed for life…HOW MANY PEOPLE DOES THAT MAKE LEFT? (THAT IS LESS THAN THE POPULATION OF JUST ONE WESTERN CITY!!) that they have to bring in 300,00 NATO TROOPS TO SUPERVISE????

WASHINGTON – While the White House debates whether to arm rebels battling Moammar Gadhafi’s troops, U.S. officials have acknowledged that the CIA has sent small teams of operatives into Libya and helped rescue a crew member of a U.S. fighter jet that crashed. Battlefield setbacks are hardening the U.S. view that the poorly equipped opposition probably is incapable of prevailing without decisive Western intervention, a senior U.S. intelligence official told The Associated Press.
Still, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday: “No decision has been made about providing arms to the opposition or to any… more
واشنطن – على الرغم من أن المناقشات البيت الأبيض ما إذا كان للمتمردين الذين يقاتلون القوات ذراع معمر القذافي، واعترف مسؤولون أمريكيون بأن وكالة المخابرات المركزية قد ارسلت فرقا صغيرة من نشطاء في ليبيا وساعدت في انقاذ أفراد طاقم طائرة مقاتلة الامريكية التي تحطمت. وقال مسؤول كبير في الاستخبارات الأميركية وكالة أسوشيتد برس النكسات ساحة المعركة هي تصلب وجهة النظر الامريكية ان المعارضة ضعيفة التجهيز على الأرجح غير قادر على السائدة دون التدخل الغربي الحاسم. ومع ذلك، قال السكرتير الصحفي للبيت الابيض جاي كارني الاربعاء: “لم يحرز أي قرار بشأن تقديم الأسلحة إلى المعارضة أو إلى أي … المزيد

Trumpet stray dogs opposition ” Libya Libya future murder and devastation “Libya’s future and which Hua Hadharkm, today Aajerdan NATO and France ” Atnschermancherth swine French newspapers after the embassy bombing .. says “there are no state in Libya”!! …….

After it was vandalized and looted and burned its people lies and deceit, temptation and became hell When I got fired for their own their homes “Aatervo the explicitly” and they said ~ there is no longer a state in Libya!! ..

SEE, the French are now blaming SAADI for the Embassy “bombing”!!! This was certainly a “false Flag” to get at (and blame) the Green Resistance! French Fifth channel yesterday aired a program on Saadi Gaddafi Resistance Leader ………...

It tried to stick the charge of theft of money and embassy bombing: Major General al-SAADI al-Qathafi


URGENT / fighter jets on board the battleship freely off the coast of Tripoli is preparing for a military strike within hours, and the French foreign minister arrives Libya now, meeting in Brussels an emergency for the presidency of Staff of NATO forces, and said it was a secret meeting and has nothing to do file-Libi, and Chief of Staff British descendin an emergency visit to the region Jufrah Libyan and Englishmen officials deny the news and say that someone from the police in a visit to the matters relating to training for the new Libyan students, and aircraft Tirindwa now at the airport in the southern Tmanhend.

Tonight reach the Libyan coast French الطائرت carrier Charles Dicol and 600 on board and 40 armored aircraft Mqathlh and 4,000 soldiers from the special forces. The first chief of staff yesterday entered the country Tobruk by Amsaad port was sealed his visa Any illegal entry .. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl Now militias Almzarat the sink to the capital Tripoli full promised assets and stationed on the outskirts of Tripoli, as well as Alzftan descended in full force and stationed at Tripoli International Airport Tripoli case Totercberh within and Mzelna in waiting for any information from the spot …..

you entered a group with the legitimacy of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood brought him to the head of the National Security Ismail Salaabi and Alsaqzely …

Consent and to note the period and the time of entry Qatari prince was after a meeting of the Libyan army officers pagan in Brega directly …

oh beautiful fortunate coincidence on the same day course is to dismiss carved French embassy explosion occurs ..

Glorified my Lord Mahzh that chance exotic curiosities.

President of the French Foreign Ministry, “Laurent Fabius,” describes the attack on the French embassy in Tripoli as an act of “cowardly and despicable.” Fabius said he was sent a set of special intervention forces “GIGN” to Tripoli to investigate the attack. Le Figaro newspaper Plateau green

| _ Tripoli, _ | France sent a barge (alone Marranz) to the Libyan beaches ..

There are reports it’s coming is preparing to direct a military strike against any terrorist cells, especially after the bombing of its embassy ..

Elly is one of their hands Bish Atkhc Li Libya .. This has arrived and Minister of staff to City Jufrah Britain ..

This is what he meant Tawfiq Okasha in his program tonight that the Egyptian army sponsor hit Libyan Middle and NATO Any France and Britaana, beating West Libyan …

Tonight reach the Libyan coast French الطائرت carrier Charles Dicol and 600 on board and 40 armored aircraft Mqathlh and 4,000 soldiers from the special forces. Now militias Almzarat the sink to the capital Tripoli full promised assets and stationed on the outskirts of Tripoli, as well as Alzftan descended in full force and stationed at Tripoli International Airport Tripoli case Totercberh within and Mzelna in waiting for any information from the spot …..

Quds Al-Arabi newspaper: France commando squad sent to Libya Mohammed Hmakh from Libya: France, Qatar and NATO laughed on the Libyan people and today ينهبوا us our program people people wealth on the red people. Do you have this weapon Oh rats or owned by Libya Ibhto French weapons Alkmondoz, there will shortly military purposes:

MAQRIEF the CIA plant:

Mohammed Maqrief RESIGNES: Ornately submitted his resignation shortly before…

This leaves MISURATA WIDE-open to assume FALSE governorship over LIBYA!!!

MISURATA is leading NATO/FRANCE/ USA /U.K. forces now in Libya.
The GNC just handed-over their “authority” to MISURATA and their Militias.

Plateau green | _ Tripoli, _ |:

The first chief of staff yesterday entered the country Tobruk by Amsaad port was sealed his visa Any illegal entry .. you entered a group with the legitimacy of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood brought him to the head of the National Security Ismail Salaabi and Alsaqzely …

Consent and to note the period and the time of entry Qatari prince was after a meeting of the Libyan army officers pagan in Brega directly …

oh beautiful fortunate coincidence on the same day course is to dismiss carved French embassy explosion occurs ..

Glorified my Lord Mahzh that chance exotic curiosities…

الهضبة الخـــضـرآء ـ|_ طرابلس _|ـ أول أمس رئيس الاركان القطري دخل الى طبرق عن طريق منفذ امساعد ولم يختم تأشيرة دخوله اى ان دخوله غير شرعي ..ادخلته مجموعة ذات شرعية اخوانية واوصلته لرئيس الامن الوطنى اسماعيل الصلابى والساقزلى … للعلم وللملاحظة فترة و زمن دخول الامير القطرى كانت بعد اجتماع ضباط الجيش الليبى الوثني فى البريقة مباشرة …ويا محاسن الصدف الجميلة فى نفس اليوم المقرر فيه اقالة المنقوش يحدث انفجار السفارة الفرنسية ..سبحانك ربى ماهذه الصدفة العجيبة الغريبة

See. As I told you over and over: MISURATA is taking over full supremacy in LIBYA…This was their plan now for many years. The French are working with MISURATA as the legit governing body in Libya via Bernard Henri-Levy:

Voice of Resistance:

Le Figaro newspaper, Le Figaro, French famous – Bernard Levy, the first national conference, entitled “Tomorrow, the Jews of France”, dated 20/11/2011 à 21:40

Bernard-Henri Levy has declared bluntly ” At the annual conference of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France, which was attended by many intellectuals and political scientists, sociologists and researchers. Nearly 900 people attended the open discussions about the new challenges of the Jews “I have participated in the Libyan revolution motivated” Ahodety “,

I’ve thus increasing the a banner and Wafaay” to my name and Zionism and Israel. ”

Participated in this adventure and contributed to the political select fighting fronts ”

It also helped in the development of national strategies and tactics for my country and another country …

I would not do it if I did not “Jew.” What I am saying to you now, you said in Benghazi before the Arab crowds. I said during the intervention on 13 April last major square of Benghazi, and the presence of 30,000 young fighter, representing all the tribes of Libya. ”

The original link to the newspaper.

French diplomat, former deputy in the French parliament Says through a site on Twitter

The bombing of the embassy has today Baltkhtaib between the French government and a battalion in the city of Misratah for formal entry of security forces to the city of Tripoli to Misratah able to implement its strategy in Libya. He says.

دبلوماسي فرنسي نائب سابق في البرلمان الفرنسي يقول عبر موقع في Twitter ان عملية تفجير السفارة تمت اليوم بالتخطيب بين الحكومة الفرنسية وكتيبة في مدينة مصراته من اجل دخول قوات امنية رسمية الى مدينة طرابلس لتمكن مصراته من تنفيذ استراتيجية لها في ليبيا حسب قوله . Is the state aware of the aircraft that penetrate the atmosphere …..

This site is to follow the aircraft flying >> Type of aircraft and its journey!!


French troops out of base Motaiqh and of Brega to Sarkozy Embassy headquarters.

Our correspondent in the Leadership of the Resistance: Adoption of owners of beards Almqji the to the bombing of the Embassy of Sarkozy …. To thwart the Liberal agreement between the West and the between beards owners .

محمد شماكة من ليبيا : فرنسا و قطر و الناتو ضحكوا على الشعب اللّيبي و اليوم ينهبوا لنا ثرواتنا برنامج ناس نسمة على نسمة الحمراء 23/04/2013 L’intégralité de l’…
Urgent … Directed by one of the wounded from the French embassy in Andalus District Libya Video presents for the first time the bombing of the Embassy of France in Tripoli, Libya during Directed by one of the wounded from the embassy
Do Ahztwa the speed reached by the French military forces cordoned off the embassy in Tripoli. And what shows!!? They were already inside Libya, but in secret places unannounced, closer to the base الويغ that we thought it only under their control.
and do NOT tellme France and USA did not have a hand in this:Dangerously very jihadist 200,000 in Libya ..
Why? And those mentors? United Nations envoy to Libya: There are 200,000 armed (jihad) in Libya .. which is equivalent to the entire British army .. there are strong links between the Islamic factions in the region this …
the new free Libya ..
Governed by Jardan of traitors and agents On the lips of inventory ordered the squadron Amoudi built air base, Colonel Nasser called Bo Sneineh I’ve threatened me and Sam bin Ahmid ordered, carved shield No. 1 Li said any helicopter out of the base will be shot down. This comes after threw leaflets by Holkpetr and was Almncher calls for جروج before last Friday to demand the army and police:
Been filtering Jerdafassd {Fadi} area Aleneuvlin the judge and this one Jerdan who Charcot in war against Rafla the Sirte and also participated in the recent despicable war against Khotna in Bani Walid / a population of Aleneuvlin region and native Ghariani.
European companies decide to leave the gallery Libya for oil and gas, and not to attend the exhibition to Bild Libya after the bombing of the French Embassy yesterday ..
URGENT :: / Kidnapping inventory Youssef Kerkom .. Spokesman interests of the Civil Status …

Dr. Hamza Abasm the Liberal attributed Alqmazfah the death of the late him Abazn God Haj Khalifa Mohammed Da’ama the
I am God and to Him we return

Condolences to Alqmazvh tribe -22-4-2013
Condolences to tribe Alqmazvh of room light Forever – delivered by Dr.. Hamza Thami. Chapeau to the spirit – Sheikh Haji Khalifa Mohammad. – Chamber of light Forever _ Arob ..

Even to forget us ………….
People’s Armed Forces defying aircraft bombed
:1 – Shahid Hamid Abdul Muttalib
2 – Shaheed Ali Mohamed Ali Abdullah
القطاوي, 3 – Khaled and Ettiti believer Tariqa, Shahid Hamid, Abdul Muttalib, and the heroes of the armed people defy NATO.
Based on the request of the Member protector light re-download the video clip to the brave heroes of the armed people who defy NATO‘s barbaric
and brutal video shows the hero martyr Hamid Abdul Muttalib in the third minute:
بناءاً على طلب العضو حامي الفاتح إعادة تنزيل مقطع الفيديو لأبطال الشعب المسلح البواسل وهم يتحدون حلف الناتو البربري الغاشم ويظهر في الفيديو الشهيد البطل حميد عبد المطلب في الدقيقة الثالثة

الشهيد حميد عبد المطلب وأبطال الشعب المسلح يتحدون الناتو
De ‎شهداء قبيلة القـــــذاذفة المجـــــــاهدة‎
Dr.Yusef Shakir asks: Channel Al Khaimah show my voice ČÓ and does not have a picture ………… What’s the reason????????????????????
Sheikh descendants will not play your list ……………… As long as you leave the weapon So you became the goal each سفيه.
These morals …. tenderly x Misratah??????
 Dop holiday in State Mzrath …

(For MISRATANS, It has been a day o joy!!!)
Commemoration of the liberation Misratah and address your shoulder shoulders of the crowds.
More than 100,000 people of Misrata fled to now ….. And live in the east and corner.
Killed truck drivers from Misrata by unknown 23/04/2013
By News on Tuesday, 23 أبريل, 2013 | 15:51

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Misrata.

News confirmed the deaths of two of the city of Misrata and the third injured and in serious condition in the hospital informed that the incident occurred in the area and Rishvana. 

reports indicate that young people are working on large cars, “trucks”, and استوقفتهم armed group and the throwing bullets on young people young people are: Ahmed Salama Albulazi and Hossam Albulazi.
عاااااااااجل ….. from Gharyan … and our response now ……….. clashes occurred battle between جردان the Gharyan while some were on the track lock road to Tripoli and severe congestion now prevails area of the people
and all the people in Gharyan and things take a curved bad too and all the people say and speak loudly this revolution dogs and traitors, and God of God in the days of Muammar and the salvation of our delegations from Haalfoda, lying and murder,
false promises and Nbwa second revolution and grew to Uige saves us and God with him than just and Oatien and ready and death alone and we just die in Time
Mieh death
Words very uncertain عاااااااااجل …..من غريان …وردنا الان ………..حدثت اشتباكات ومعركه بين جردان غريان فيما بعضهم وتم علي اثرها قفل الطريق المؤدي الي طرابلس واحتقان شديد الان يسود المنطقه من الاهالي وكل الشعب في غريان والامور تاخذ منحني سئ جدا وكل الناس تقول وتتكلم بصوت عالي هذه ثورة الكلاب والخونه والله الله علي ايام معمر وخلاص فدينا من هاالفوضي والكذب والقتل والوعود الزائفه ونبوا ثوره ثانيه ومنوا الي يجي يخلصنا نحن والله معاه من توا وواتيين وجاهزين والموت وحده واحنا توا نموت في الساعه مية موته كلام مؤكد جدا
For You, O … {‘Sirte} … Sorry Paris … {‘Sirte} became the capital of perfume Fraúhh Dmaa martyrs {purer} Perfume whole world. Sorry Rome All roads lead to … {‘Sirte} Every world knows Hmokh of men. Sorry Venice … {‘Sirte} is a sunken city blood on it for it cited a lot. Sorry Plato … {‘Sirte} is a utopia. Sorry Egypt … {‘Sirte} is the Mother of the World. Sorry Withagurt … {‘Sirte} is a difficult equation. Sorry for the whole world … {‘Sirte} is the heart of the world
Rain falling on Sirte.
Word to us now Explosion in the city of Sirte withstand targeted the shop in a residential area No. 1, followed by another explosion Lord saves Helena in Sirte Lord
(Admin 5)
The bombing of the Institute of Computer Technologies in Benghazi Tablino area and burned last night and stopped the study.
Bnghazstan and serials Jerdanih that does not end :: / Injury Deputy Hamid good (Moroccan Salah) shot in the leg and another in his finger on the entrance the Garyounis Based بحراسته camp to the presence of staff cars inside …. Where he was shooting a car (Salah Moroccan) Feat by soldiers of his first pedestrian after prodding from a person claiming (demons) of the Special Forces …. Moroccan Salah receiving first aid فالمستشفي and returned to the spot and he threw a hand grenade at security guards belonging to him …
Company strike public services confer on Benghazi gorgeous landscape aesthetic truth:
Cars without license plates you Random Bermaah the houses and shops. Rats who burned the car of a young man and beat him near the Arab Medical University in Benghazi …….. he writes Ali his Elly Miarafna car seeks his sister. Rats attack on imams in Benghazi ! Benghazi now Agag and white vision is clear.
Clashes between rats within Garyounis camp in Benghazi.
Pitfalls in the streets of Tobruk .. To prevent traffic … This خازوق not bump!!!
Down the road link between Sabratha and العجيلات of the because of the clashes that broke out today. After cutting the fingers of Abdel Moneim normal and son killed family Alstaoa the hands of ring جردان Sabrata …
Confrontations between Sabratha militias and Alzeramqh العجيلات
04/23/2013 By News on Tuesday,
23 أبريل,
2013 | 15:55
The Gaddafi International News Agency – west of Tripoli.
Three injuries and deaths in clashes between militias of Sabratha and Alzeramqh in العجيلات, where the murder of a young from family Shtiwi and wounding Abdel-Moneim normal, which led to cut off the fingers of his hands.
France 24 channel broadcast a video clip after the bombing of its embassy Andalus district of Tripoli, and the item appears alien weapon Amichq, And where denied inventories falling pimp and Interior Minister plaintiff Ashour Hoael of France not to send troops to Libya intervention and stated that a sovereign spend. Bahi O harlot born this Henw? Nor followed Ministry of Interior Mtaekm???
Taste of freedom at the University of Tripoli (Conqueror Barre them and Amqlbh the forms) Rave morals:
Hear the voices of police cars and ambulances in Tripoli. Ajaj Halba atmosphere in Tripoli
News … 3 women were killed from Libya, France, Italy, on car collision with a truck accident in the area of ​​Bir sheep, in the southwest of the capital Tripoli is not the reasons which brought the 5 women of different nationalities in the same place.
Republic Bank branch exposure ileus of a failed burglary in the absence of security and safety..
Tripoli today: After Germany, Britain and Canada here is the Embassy of Switzerland in the area of (collector Alsqa) suspended its services in Libya today after targeting the French Embassy, and now there is no embassy, but escorts from rats Vqz. Germany and Britain after the Canadian embassy suspended its work in Tripoli.
And the weakness of the net in the south.

Now rains p city of Tripoli after two days of Ajaj and the wind /
And also hear the voice of ash on cars by rail bridge.

Word to us from by Liberal Tripoli /
Now Nsamao Vsearat ambulance on the street corner.
Lord saves Liberal Lord.

from Gurji: Heavy presence of rats in the first Omar Mukhtar Street:
Hear Rzmtin voice in Tripoli.
German Embassy in Tripoli temporarily suspend their work starting from Wednesday ..
French delegation in a hospital corner …
New day – the British Embassy in Libya temporarily suspend its activities after the attack on the “French” British Embassy in Libya temporarily suspend its activities after the attack on the “French”
… And shut down surrounding streets الادمن And Bicoloa the embassy did not have one. British Embassy in Libya temporarily suspend its activities after the attack on the “French” Suspended British embassy in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, activity temporarily today, against the backdrop of the attack, which was subjected to the French Embassy.
British Embassy suspended operations in Libya for an unknown .. Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l) Swiss Embassy closed its office today and emphasizes the guard outside the embassy located Mosque Alsqa, and assigned to guard either embassy are جردان the Almraosh Hashim humans Canadian Embassy announces the suspension of its services in Libya starting Wednesday. حركة المقاومة الليبية(ح م ل)

Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l) Swiss Embassy closed its office today and emphasizes the guard outside the embassy located Mosque Alsqa, and assigned to guard either embassy are جردان the Almraosh Hashim humans

Libyan blood ((Mesh said Hoael the the the Mesh Antatr relations Aho appeared Vic)).

And Western diplomatic sources in Tripoli, the British Embassy has suspended the activities of the embassy temporarily, did not begin its work after the granting most embassy staff leave open, which may continue to several days before resuming their work.
The sources added that there are fears of the car bomb attack, which has become a state of fear and anxiety in most of the diplomatic missions operating in Libya, including the British Embassy.
(BULL: they prepare to leave because soon NATO catpet-bombs Libya again by fore-made and formulated agreement.) NATO promotes foreign channels that al-Qaeda-controlled.
 Corinthia Hotel was selected كمحل stay for families whose homes have been affected by the assault on winning the French Embassy until the completion of the maintenance of their homes

Lake God wounded Latorghae the
Q Asham home ………. Why broadcast the Qatari channel sedition News Ajdabiya more interest in news of the Embassy of Sarkozy?
News exclusive, Motoq, too Home | and filter جردين belonging Qatar phantom Committee, next to the Al-Fateh University shortly before Of g you Toagafo the patrols
(Admin 5)
Since the hours and the voices you hear heavy weapons in the vicinity of the airport road and Saleem are sporadic and do not know why, nor the type of engagement, nor with the ….
Transfers of heavy weapons from Misrata to Tripoli.
Accident in Zuwarah …………. 4 killed:
العميل البائد ادريس وملكة بريطانيا ……… لقد كان الملك المخلوع موظفا بدرجة ملك اجنبى عند بريطانيا ….
Prince Philip and Queen Elisabeth has their Honeymoon in Tripoli under IDRESS:
TUNISIA waters:
On 17 -4-2013 found the body of a girl about 20 miles from the port of Zarzis, bearing signs of torture and burning and the effects of a bullet in the head .. Any between them and the Libyan territorial waters less than 10 miles; Today it became clear that the body of a Libyan girl Tardth of torture, arson and shooting in the head in her hand Alesrh ((police Klabashh Jamahiriya)) and throw her body into the sea; and it turns out that the body has approximately 18 days at sea. The Libyan embassy in Tunisia denied that the body back to Libya girl ..

visit by so-called Libyan “Prime Minister”?

Illegal Libyan Prime Minister, Ali Zaidane, to Algeria at the head of a high-level delegation to visit unannounced before. Following his arrival and his accompanying delegation, held a Libyan official session of talks with Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, said by the official media that it dealt with issues of common interest at the bilateral, regional and ways to strengthen security cooperation on the common border to stop the smuggling of weapons and combat terrorism. The Libyan “Prime Minister” laid a wreath at the tomb of former President of the Supreme Council in Algeria, Ali Kafi, and have mercy on his soul.

Muammar Al-page
Daytime Online

Ahmed Sharif Mahmoud URGENT / Egyptian army will strike Libya after 45 days if the government did not respond in the establishment of Libyan army with the help of the Egyptian army and comes within the framework cleanse Libya of federal and terrorist gangs.
The World's Most Powerful Mercenary Armies

Editor's Note: Political destruction of nations by means of propaganda and
military coups carried out by mercenary forces

Mercenaries Next Payday: Commando Logistics for Africa Shadow Wars

Former CEO reveals Blackwater worked as ‘virtual extension of the CIA’

Dyncorp Mercs contracted to hunt down MANPADS


British Private Mercenary Navy to Wage War on Somali Pirates

Prince of Blackwater heads to Africa

G4S eyes Africa as resources sector booms

Arms, diamonds, and mercenaries

Mercenary fleet worth 30m set to fight Somali pirates

UK Mercenaries tackle Somalia

The US Government Sent Blackwater Veteran To Fight With Rebels In Libya And

Somalis want Saracen South Africa linked mercenary group out

The Global Mercenary Network

U.S. Hires Shady Mercenary for Somali Proxy War

Source: BI
Its been a banner decade for modern military fighting. In 2010 alone there were
more than 70 armed conflicts across the globe from Sangin to Ingushetia.As
different as each of them were, they all had one thing in common, at some point
one side wanted more troops.Most battles eventually come down to boots on the
ground and rifles in the field. So when commanders are building their ranks it's
often with professional soldiers who know how to fight, and get paid well to do
it.The idea of a mercenary may seem a bit quaint in the 21st century, but those
forces make a difference and are often all that stands between a leader and his

Security giant G4S is the second-largest private employer on earth


With more than 625,000 employees, this listed security giant is
the second-largest private employer in the world (behind Wal-Mart). While some
of its business is focused on routine bank, prison and airport security, G4S
also plays an important role in crisis-zones right around the world.

In 2008, G4S swallowed up Armorgroup, whose 9,000-strong army of guards has
protected about one third of all non-military supply convoys in Iraq (it's
also notorious for its wild parties and for having Afghan warlords on its

But the combined group has a security presence in more than 125 countries,
including some of the most dangerous parts of Africa and Latin America, where it
offers government agencies and private companies heavily-armed security forces,
land-mine clearance, military intelligence and training.
Rand Paul Thinks It’s OK To Kill U.S. Citizens With Drones On American Soil
if someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and cash I don’t care if a drone kills him .

Post image for France extends its mission in Mali

France extends its mission in Mali

23 APRIL  2013

Source: New Europe

According to the Euronews, France’s parliament decided to extend its military mission in Mali. Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said that French operation in Mali had been a success. However, the Islamist rebels continue the attacks in the north of the country.

On 6 April the French government announced its intention to keep 1,000 troops to support a future UN peacekeeping mission of African forces. In addition, this year France plans to begin withdrawal of 3,000 soldiers. 2,000 soldiers will be withdrawn this summer and one thousand by the end of the year. Instead of a speedy pull out there will be a gradual withdrawal.  A prominent French colonel told the newspaper Le Monde that Malian military is unable to wipe out the Islamist rebels. In concrete terms he said that despite a European Union backed training mission, the Malian troops remain poor and ill equipped and has received little of promised donor money.

Furthermore, despite the situation in the country, Paris is pressing Mali’s interim government to conduct national elections. The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has called for the deployment of a UN mission of 11,200 troops and 1,440 police in Mali once major combat ends. Moreover, he said that a second force must be created in order to fight the Islamist rebels.

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