Mûr pour la victoire / Ripe for VICTORY

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*** From Muammar al-Salam Ahmad Kadhafi ***
Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, he Hafez the Book of Allah (THE HOLY QURAN), and is Islamic preacher (IMAM) by pure decent from Prophet Mohammed (PBUH):1- Muammar al-Qathafi keeps the book of God, the Holy Quaran, as sole law.
2- Muammar al-Qathafi produced film “The Message”.
3- According to statistics the number who converted to Islam after watching a movie “The Message”, at 11 million.
4- founded the World Islamic Call Society in 1972.
5- first Leader of all Muslim Arab countries that called for the boycott of countries that offended the Messenger of Allah, particularly: Denmark and Switzerland.
6- Muammar al-Qathafi’s first act as an Arab Muslim, was for the cost the Libyan People’s Bureau in France to pay any fine imposed on any Muslim woman.
7- on behalf of the Libyan people built 521 Mosque around the world.
8- on behalf of the Libyan people established the first international competition in the world to “save the Holy Quran”.
9- on behalf of the Libyan people printed 10 million copies of the Holy Quarn, and ran Sharif telling Qaaloon.
10- Colonel al-Qathafi, as IMAM, is the First Arab Muslim Leader to lead number of 300 thousand worshipers at Friday prayers and make its embrace Islam.*** من يكون معمر عبدالسلام أحميد القدافى ***
العقيد معمر القذافي حافظ لكتاب الله و داعية إسلاميّ1 ـ العقيد القذافي حافظ لكتاب الله .
2 ـ العقيد القذافي أنتج فيلم الرسالة .
3 ـ حسب الإحصائيات بلغ عدد الّذين أسلموا إثر مشاهدة فيلم الرسالة 11 مليون.
4 ـ على مدى 42 سنة لم يدخل أيّ يهودي إلى ليبيا ؟
5 ـ أسّس جمعية الدّعوة الإسلامية سنة 1972.
6 ـ أول رئيس عربي مسلم قاطع الدّول الّتي أساءت للرّسول الدنمرك وسويسرا.
7 ـ العقيد القذافي أول رئيس عربي مسلم يكلف المكتب الشعبي الليبي بفرنسا بدفع أي غرامة تفرض على أي امرأة مسلمة .
8 ـ باسم الشعب الليبي بنى 521 مسجد حول العالم .
9 ـ باسم الشعب الليبي أنشأ أول مسابقة دولية في العالم لحفظ القران الكريم .
10 ـ باسم الشعب الليبي طبع 10 مليون نسخه من المصحف الشريف برواية قالون .
11 ـ العقيد القذافي أول رئيس عربي مسلم يؤمّ بعدد 300 ألف مصلي في صلاة الجمعة وجعل دوله تعتنق الإسلام .

~ ~ You rust hesitate to the hearts Hmokh Isdh in the souls and shake in the mountains prestige fluttering in the sky ~ ~
~ ~ Light girl ~ ~

Mu is loved by all

Mu draped

God ruing oh Muammar …

Why do you want to say a word to me now the الليبيي leader
Addiction (guards Leader)


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Mu’ammar & SAFYA:

hl as possible to Lake Iaahrar and thank you for complements
His Excellency leader Bomenaar

( جيش غلاك تراصف عندي …. لاغايب ضابظ لا جندي …. يهتف أناأمريإف يافندي )

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In the name of God the Merciful …
O great Libyan people free to implement your will To Amanicm, precious and honest response to your frequent my father Attalib the appeal of change and cleansing and eroded work, Alambardh and incites Altorh and regularity ….
Behold, I have sounded the hours of glory and hours pride and approached promise right Baden-O God of proclaim freedom and emancipation oh proclaim the era of the masses, O sons of great conqueror oh Samadtm the Covenant and the promise of you who stood in the face of injustice and tyranny ye Liberal that hour victory that come only hours and days A few Be Kmma the Ahdnakm Be the Covenant Who you gave her has sounded the hour working hour of victory sounded the hour crawl forward …
You are entitled to be proud of yourselves and Besmodkm may Strtm epics victory was Adhrtm world steadfastness and ثباتكم on the principle and the Covenant ثباتكم on the right and stand against tyranny against the worst of the power of the world, life and pause Ezz and the voice of right and anger at injustice and falsehood and slander Here is today Illerf our voice either die under the soil of the homeland martyrs or we win and we click, territorial integrity and raise the banner of pride and dignity banner of jihad banner to uphold the right word banner stability of the Covenant and the promise that we made to ourselves sacrifice of the blood of our ancestors and the blood shed on the soil of this country and ارتوت the ground and adorned with pride in blood and نسطر finest Almmlahm in patience on the scourge to be a history and a lesson and a lesson to the whole world and our grandchildren after us that we are sons of great conqueror sons martyred-alive leader Baden God Muammar Kadhafi …..
Enough of pride and pride CVA magnanimity to carry his name ….
Yes Come hours a glorious Tachiha Jmaheratna beloved, O sons of Libya beloved, O Liberal Be the covenant and promise, and we do not say words haphazardly in vain and you will see Pam eyes how to go back home raped and dignity wounded go back right to the owners go back and tons him proud and Nalo and Nzdada honor ….
Commander Sir We are the sons of light and light wings drank, Arthuina and now all our blood, the blood of the martyrs blood in us pride and honor and gallantry …
O sons of great conqueror, O sons of Libya beloved, O sons of the tribes honorable Ya promised Povicm promise live today hours pride and hours of glory and hours Nasr Hato hands and forget Ahakadkm and open your hearts and stood united against the enemy of the Islamic nation an enemy of the Arab nation, which burned our holy places, and so we will build glory and brushed heritage and avenge for the dignity of injured and really raped oh شاركتم Omar Mukhtar jihad holy for Arabism and Islam Ya شاركتم قائدكم steadfastness and challenge against an enemy that humanity enemy of Islam are entitled to you today that proud of yourselves and Bakaúdkm and steadfastness of the sons of light and we are on the promise and the covenant that we have made and will return mass raise the banner of pride and dignity banner of Islam and to Forward to forward ….
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

Stainless …

Message to all free to Libya ..

Ba brother in the East, in all housing .. My brother in the West in every home

I call you .. Will you still know me?

Oh brother, I know, despite adversity .. I am torn darkness shrouds

I am knocking down the walls of weakness .. I no longer tells the wear and tear Cemetery

I no longer legs crying Waldman .. I no longer Abdul my bonds

I no longer Abdul pyramid past .. I no longer Abdul idol

I Khalid District though death the .. I am free, although time bars

Listen to me .. Listen to me

If we walked on thorns Snina .. And قينا from أذاه what قينا

If we Patna naked Jaúaana the .. Or we lived barefoot Baúsina the

If we had not أوهت ax our strength .. Foagafna challenge Alsakotaina the

The not Skharena a Jladena .. فبنينا aspiration prisons .. And رفعناه on our necks

But a feet Khasaina the price .. And filled his glass of blood .. Vtsacana surgeons and Ioannina

Oh brother .. Liberation from the exponential coffins .. ‘m Not Aajuptha or a Momciaha

Scurry up overnight and Msaha .. My brother had become a god people

Here and Irit grandparents .. Here .. They chose Theraha كفنا

I will spend I am after my father and will spend the after us

And will remain the land of Libya to us .. It would not have been changed folk

We Ahirguena them as long as we .. And مزجنا Butraha bones

And Hqguenaha sailors and raised .. And planted swords and Qena

We focused green above us .. And our challenge outdated

And will decide to grandchildren .. And will protect علاها like us

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم …
ايها الشعب الليبي العظيم تنفيذا لارادتكم الحرة وتحقيقا لامانيكم الغالية واستجابة صادقة لندائكم المتكرر الدي يططالب بالتغيير والتطهير ويحت على العمل والمباردة ويحرض على التورة والانتظام ….
ها قد دقت ساعات المجد وساعات الفخر واقترب الوعد الحق بادن الله يا من تنادون بالحرية والانعتاق يا من تنادون بعصر الجماهير يا ابناء الفاتح العظيم يا من صمدتم على العهد والوعد يا من وقفت في وجه الظلم والطغيان انتم ايها الاحرار ان ساعات النصر ما هيا الا ساعة وايام قليلة كونوا كمما عهدناكم كونوا على العهد اللذي اعطيتموه ها قد دقت ساعة العمل دقت ساعة الانتصار دقت ساعة الزحف والى الامام …
يحق لكم ان تفخروا بانفسكم وبصمودكم قد سطرتم ملاحم النصر وقد اضهرتم للعالم صمودكم وثباتكم على المبدا والعهد ثباتكم على الحق والصمود ضد الطغيان ضد اعتى قوة العالم فالحياة وقفة عز وصوت حق وغضب على الظلم والزيف والبهتان ها هو اليوم ييرتفع صوتنا عاليا اما نموت تحت تراب الوطن شهداء او ننتصر ونحن فوق اراضيه ونرفع راية العز والكرامة راية الجهاد راية لاعلاء كلمة الحق راية الثبات على العهد والوعد الذي قطعناه على انفسنا تضحية لدماء الاباء والاجداد ولدماء سالت على تراب هذا الوطن وارتوت الارض وازدانت فخرا بدمائه ونسطر اروع المملاحم في الصبر على البلاء ليكون تاريخا ودرسا وعبرة للعالم اجمع ولاحفادنا من بعدنا باأننا ابناء الفاتح العظيم ابنأء القائد الشهيد بادن الله معمر القدافي …..
كفانا فخرا به وكفا الفخر شهامة بحمل اسمه ….
نعم هيا ساعات مجيدة تعشيها جماهيرتنا الحبيبة يا ابناء ليبيا الحبيبة ايها الاحرار كونوا على العهد والوعد واننا لا نقول كلاما جزافا وعبثا وسترون بام اعينكم كيف نرجع وطن اغتصب وكرامة جرحت نرجع الحق لاصحابه نرجع وطنا به نفخر ونعلوا ونزدادا شرفا ….
سيدي القائد نحن ابناء الفاتح وسواعد الفاتح شربنا وارتوينا وباتت دمائنا كلها دماء الشهداء في داخلنا دماء الفخر والعزة والشهامة …
يا ابناء الفاتح العظيم يا ابناء ليبيا الحبيبة يا ابناء القبائل الشريفة يا من وعدتم فوفيتم بالوعد نعيش اليوم ساعات فخر وساعات مجد وساعات نصر هاتو ايديكم وانسوا احقادكم وافتحوا قلوبكم وقفوا صفا واحدا ضد عدو الامة الاسلامية عدو الامة العربية الذي احرق مقدساتنا وهكذا سنبني مجدا ونحي تراثا ونثأر لكرامة جرحت وحقا اغتصب يا من شاركتم عمر المختار جهادا مقدسا لاجل العروبة والاسلام يا من شاركتم قائدكم الصمود والتحدي ضد عدو الانسانية عدو الاسلام يحق لكم اليوم ان تفخروا بانفسكم وبقائدكم وبصمود ابناء الفاتح واننا على الوعد والعهد الذي قطعناه وسترجع جماهيرية ترفع راية العزة والكرامة راية الاسلام والى الامام الى الامام الى الامام ….
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
الادمن الرئيسي
المقاوم …

رسالة الى كل احرار ليبيا ..

با أخى فى الشرق , فى كل سكن .. يا أخى فى الغرب فى كل الوطن

أنا ادعوك .. فهل لا زلت تعرفنى ؟

يا أخاً أعرفه رغم المحن .. إننى مزقت أكفان الدجى

إننى هدمت جدران الوهن .. لم أعد مقبرة تحكى البلى

لم أعد ساقية تبكى الدمن .. لم أعد عبد قيودى

لم أعد عبد ماض هرم .. لم أعد عبد وثن

أنا حى خالد رغم الردى .. أنا حر رغم قضبان الزمن

فأستمع لى .. أستمع لى

إن نكن سرنا على الشوك سنيناً .. ولقينا من أذاه ما لقينا

إن نكن بتنا عراة جائعينا .. أو نكن عشنا حفاة بائسينا

إن نكن قد أوهت الفأس قوانا .. فوقفنا نتحدى الساقطينا

إن يكن سخرنا جلادنا .. فبنينا لآمانينا سجونا .. ورفعناه على أعناقنا

ولثمنا قدميه خاشعينا .. وملآنا كأسه من دمنا .. فتساقانا جراحاً وانينا

يا أخى .. قم تحرر من توابيت الآسى .. لست اعجوبتها أو مومياها

إنطلق فوق ضحاها ومساها .. يا أخى قد اصبح الشعب إلها

ها هنا واريت أجدادى .. هنا .. وهم أختاروا ثراها كفنا

وسأقضى أنا من بعد أبى وسيقضى ولدى من بعدنا

وستبقى ارض ليبيا لنا .. فهى ما كانت لقوم غيرنا

نحن اهرقنا عليها دمنا .. ومزجنا بثراها عظامنا

وشققناها بحاراً وربى .. وزرعناها سيوفاً وقنا

وركزنا فوقها اعلامنا الخضراء .. وتحدينا عليها الزمن

وسنهديها إلى أحفادنا .. وسيحمون علاها مثلنا
الادمن الرئيسي

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Of media sister Rehab drowsiness

Dear الثابتون the Covenant has fallen masks and ended the story and wrote the end of it, be on time victory nor Trddo in upholding رايتكم that Aangtm the glory and victories that you are now, you became a legend generations and Strtm glories and Tsdrtm history book, and now Esbero on what Aptulleetm and the words of God and Muammar and Libya ups Mcoltkm which you Trddunha always said that we see victory in mind just now prevail and do not look back and meet soon in that arena in which you and we rejoice and have fun, sing and prepare so Astt I and you and the story world and fulfillment…


Good morning Aahrar
Mnsourin God’s help
Muammar (al-ups) has not given his last breath

Number of displaced Libyans outside the country who reject the reality of the pension in Libya today, the fact that statistics from official sources:
Egypt 1300000 million and three hundred thousand.
Tunisia 500000 five hundred thousand.
Algeria 180000 hundred and eighty thousand.
Morocco Mauritania 50000 fifty thousand.
Niger, Chad, Mali, Sudan 20000 twenty thousand.
Almost the rest of the world a hundred thousand 100,000.
20000 Twenty thousand detainees.
Gross outside the homeland 2170000 million and two hundred and seventy thousand Libyan citizen outside the walls of the home.
Not to mention all the sons of cities and tribes who are at home and the naysayers are also realities, not to mention the families and the people displaced inside the country and referred to the above number.
For these pens will not vibrant and our words will not exuding and عزائمنا will not relent and our determination to tell the truth as a victory for the right and the nation, psychology and history.

Aaaaaaaajl and very Haaaaaaam …………
This is the mouthpiece of all Libyans simpletons, the weak and the great Liberal honorable they are stakeholders in the homeland of the Middle Great to the south steadfast to the west Almentvd to the north patient, who are not Atkhazloa or sell their home Bbtunhm did not betray their past and the sacrifices of their ancestors and their parents in all the battles of honor and dignity that fought against all kinds and forms of colonialism and cooperate with him in the twentieth century Aoqublh or now in the present century Vaaltarich repeats itself came the Italians to invade Libya in 1911 and now after a full century, in 2011 came NATO and collaborated with him  of traitors and agents and Ahmua some young people as ox and Owoalkh But now detect hidden and demonstrated the truth of these young Commando and who Centvadwa and rise up gift of one man and liberate their country from traitors and agents of the West and the Qataris and their followers and their associates, they say to you today ..
We will win …. Yes, we will win despite the pain … Will prevail despite the challenges and intrigues …. Will prevail despite the noses of customers and wage earners and owners of Western agendas …. We will win back the sun to shine again on the soil of this nation tall …. We will win and we are confident in it …. will not be wasted really behind demands …. Will not get lost blood of our martyrs down the drain …. we will win .. We are the owners of the issue .. Owners right .. This is our duty to religious, moral, and historical … We will win and cleanse this dirt that unclean villains …. Vauellah will not destroy the truth and the falsehood even though the Pagans hate … We will win … God Molina sire you, not cowards customers … We will win and we are confident and faith.

(The main Aladdinm)
عاااااااجل وهااااااام جدا …………
هذا لسان حال كل الليبيين البسطاء والضعفاء والعظماء الاحرار الشرفاء وهم اصحاب المصلحه الحقيقيه في الوطن من الشرق العظيم الي الجنوب الصامد الي الغرب المنتفض الي الشمال الصابر وهم الذين لم يتخاذلوا او يبيعوا وطنهم ببطنهم ولم يخونوا ماضيهم وتضحيات اجدادهم واباءهم في كل معارك الشرف والكرامه التي خاضوها ضد كل انواع واشكال الاستعمار ومن تعاون معه في القرن العشرين اوقبله او الان في القرن الحالي فاالتاريخ يعيد نفسه جاء الطليان لغزو ليبيا في 1911 والان بعد قرن كامل اي في 2011 جاء الناتو وتعاونوا معه شله من الخونه والعملاء واهموا بعض الشباب بانها ثوره ووووالخ ولكن الان كشف المستور وتجلت الحقيقه لهؤلاء الشباب المغوار والذين سينتفضوا ويهبوا هبه رجل واحد ويحرروا بلادهم من الخونه والعملاء من الغرب والقطريين واتباعهم واعوانهم وهم يقولون لكم اليوم ..
سننتصر …. نعم سننتصر رغم الألم … سننتصر رغم التحديات والدسائس …. سننتصر رغما عن أنوف العملاء والمأجورين وأصحاب الأجندات الغربيه …. سننتصر وتعود الشمس لتشرق من جديد على تراب هذا الوطن الشامخ …. سننتصر وكلنا ثقه في ذلك ….لن يضيع حقا ورأئه مطالب …. ولن تضيع دماء شهدائنا هباء منثورا ….سننتصر .. نحن اصحاب قضيه .. اصحاب حق .. وهذا واجبنا الديني والاخلاقي والتاريخي … سننتصر ونطهر هذا التراب الذي دنسه الاوغاد …. فاولله لن يهدم الحق ويقوم الباطل ولو كره الكارهون … سننتصر … الله مولنا ولا مولى لكم ايها الجبناء العملاء … سننتصر وكلنا ثقه وإيمان
الاددمن الرئيسي

(Admona 4)


Letter to Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi:

The notice poet Libya and the Arab hamlet companion … Arab and نداه millions .. He recommends Saif al-Islam …… Every Liberal in Libya, you know, a new movable him directly …

((Machwakec of injustice prisons .. Leszek light in the darkness .. The word Be recently Noon and Noon light Yasif Islam ..
Biting patience and اكظم the Balsnon .. And the imposition of values and down Achiam .. Mataklish heart lost Alkhot the stock يابال thumbs ..
Lost splendor and compassionate chest .. Free bird Svay Alkamam .. Ghali and missed but Mihon of a in the grave Natoh the cosine ..
After considering what a good eye and a good living from lasted .. And Matbalgch in mobilizing misgivings of some conjecture where iniquity, and haram ..
Look far Machbh to without my Lord individuals to bring down the system ..

Khalk Khadr Mangar even color had death Qalolk ..
Default Maybeh Lord of the universe and the were rad Mainqs the Aqram .. Vmah sight and shelving eyelids neutralizes coffins and wearing Ihram ..
Faster Malbriq the salvation of debt re-bar Kayna dreams .. Default of fire creates madness is Spirit collects in the bones ..
Aazam answers to the customer’s bass and build the house of and beats Alrmam the .. He is Leszek aid of his own agent thing for taking was عاطي the Jamam ..
Reproduceth Gah, money and sons pull back Aakectalk Ahzam ..

And is capable of how Macon universe and sat Aaerh in seven days ..
Walking Wind and make help neutralizes feet and prove feet .. هللي became p Adakkon but laugh was ماينفع words ..
Certainly where X and N. Alkhian and only arrows. Few origin and Alkhaan of betraying Maémash attic uncles ..
Km from Tess Scanner centuries Dar headband Darola $ shrine .. Paris and Doha, Bonn and greedy dogs media ..
Bernard and Clinton and John was home theater gram .. Mana and Nhna perished Khanon Hlha Wayne Masar Aellatam ..
Price Ashahur and we are steadfast under fire Ndhana are Malrkam ..

Attiyna livers Mana regret Ross tresses of the toughest figures ..
They are former and we Successors and How Guevara Macal and Sam .. Barakna Brooke Mana Haidun Judging pyramids and Nmotoa Pyramids ..
In Asdorena of appeals and in our hearts appeals هللي the Aahlna partitions .. cut the Russians Mahm Goldfinch Re revenge them g ..
Ladd originally promised maintain Makmlosh of Jawad valued .. Cordon recently Noon them back and squeeze Azam ..
Zintan recently Noon rad God give her bridle .. Rahman recently Noon and acetic Ken is keeping conclusion ..
Nur Noon Yasif Islam and acetic Ken is keeping conclusion.

[The main الادمن]رسالة إلى الدكتور سيف الاسلام معمر القذافي :من اشعار شاعر ليبيا والوطن العربي رفيق النجع … ونداه الملايين العربية.. وهو يوصي سيف الاسلام …… كل الاحرار في ليبيا تعرفه وهى منقوله منه مباشرة جديدة …(( ماتشفقش من ظلم السجون .. يجيك النور في وسط الظلام .. وكلمة كن آخرها النون والنون النور ياسيف الاسلام ..
عض الصبر واكظم بالسنون .. وقيم الفرض وانزل عالصيام .. ماتخليش في القلب مخزون فقدت الخوت يابال الابهام ..
فقدت العز والصدر الحنون .. الطير الحر سفاي الكمام .. غالي وغاب لكن مايهون وهو في القبر نعطوه التمام ..
وبعد النظر ماهو بالعيون وطيب العيش من طيب ليدام .. وماتبالغش في حشد الظنون بعض الظن فيه اثم وحرام ..
وشوف بعيد ماتشبح لدون ربي راد باسقاط النظام .. خلك خضر ماتغير اللون حتى كان قالولك اعدام ..
اللي مايبيه ربي مايكون وكانا راد ماينقص قرام .. فلمح البصر ورفيف الجفون يحيد اكفان ويلبس احرام ..
اسرع مالبرق خلاص الديون يعيد شريط كاينا احلام .. اللي من النار يخلق في الجنون يرد الروح يجمع في العظام ..
يجيب اعظام لباس الزبون ويبني بيت ويدق الرمام .. وهو اللي يجيك من عنده العون وتاخد كيل كان عاطي جمام ..
يعيده جاه وأموال وبنون يشد الظهر يقشطلك احزام .. وقادر كيف ماكون الكون وجلس عالعرش في سبعة ايام ..
يسير ريح ويبذل العون يحيد اقدام ويثبت اقدام .. هللي صار ضحكة ع الدقون لكن تم ماينفع كلام ..
وبالتأكيد فيها خاء ونون من الخيان والا من الازلام . قليل الأصل والخاين يخون مايهماش علية لاعمام ..
كم من تيس ماسح بالقرون دار عقال دارولا مقام .. من باريس والدوحة وبون والطماع وكلاب الاعلام ..
من برنار وكلنتون وجون تم الوطن مسرح للجرام .. ونحنا هلك مانا خانعون هلها وين ماصار اللطام ..
ثمن اشهور وأحنا صامدون تحت القصف نضنا مالركام .. عطينا اكباد مانا نادمون روس تريس من اصعب ارقام ..
هم سابقون واحنا لاحقون وكيف ماقال جيفارا وسام .. بركنا بروك مانا حايدون حكمنا أهرام ونموتوا أهرام ..
في اصدورنا طعون وفي قلوبنا طعون وهللي اقسام ياهلنا اقسام ..قطع الروس ماهم الحسون رد الثار تم لهم غرام ..
ولاد الأصل للعاهد تصون ماكملوش لجواد الكرام .. والكردون آخرها النون منها نعود ونشد العزام ..
والزنتان آخرها النون إن راد الله يعطوك اللجام ..والرحمن آخرها النون وخلي كن هي مسك الختام ..
والنون النور ياسيف الاسلام وخلي كن هي مسك الختام
الادمن الرئيسي
A large convoy of good Zintan heading to the Black City {العجيلات} please discernible caution O Khotna, the…

Close to victory
(The main الادمن)

See Towoowol /
Allah is the greatest click Kid aggressor /

Greeting Trisna in the field and Jihad also Nnso not role Hraúrna in editorial policy plan

Greetings to all Ahrar Plumquaoma, electronic greeting to all pages Khadra, it also is a large and important part in the approach of steadfastness and editing /

Hlha and very close to the sun light will emerge and shine again

And التريس serve Aaawaadna Aahlna withstand so Macal Patna Amoworh.

(Admin 5)

Has Oh Germano / people overwhelmingly outnumbered and knew that Hadi Mesh Torre Arafo that Hadi {Ttiyah, Saad ČÓ}
Vddt states you salvation Khaddo the frozen فلوسنا following Bforeig the Mso and oil Hvto / Khaddo following يبوه /

Just Nhna and you 0 Hnchofo and best Shi that you Tkzbo us with you sure that collapsed Black dusty click Orskm the Aajraabie Hbd

Muammar ups ups ups

A tribute to the young people wherever they are resistance and patience the key to victory.

Private greeting to the media and Diane .. And the Mustafa Qdereboh media .. and to every honorable Aalamiyna the God bless you .. رعاكم …:

Campaign raise flags green over public institutions and government campaign begins at dawn Saturday and will be through writing on the walls of schools, universities and institutions slogans against the government of customers and will raise flags green on all public institutions to prove to جردان we are and God is above the KDE aggressor.
Campaign raised green flags in all throughout the Libyan.

Mu Italian resist

This new email you are free ………. E-mail is locked Previous ………. From victory to victory. He lives great conqueror…

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on 27/04/2013 In conclusion, a wonderful prayer:

What came in a speech by Dr. Hamza since few (27-4-2013)

Talked about the video published by Channel Libyan war days, which is a word registered for Mgariv requesting cremation martyrs of the armed people, and here urged Dr. Liberal published in the pages and in particular sent to foreign media addresses meaningful example Hluxt Libya or the freedom of the new rulers in Libya … …. And said to ايعقل, even to order a simple function in Libya to Aatalb the burned bodies of his sons not to mention who came to be judged ()

Then he moved to talk about the impact of some of the words in rats, such as Muammar ups and other logos (on the whole Haaratna) he spoke of emergency in their militias and leave them do not sleep urged strongly typed on ships and walls, airports and stick the paper in cars rats and said that this affects them and يستفزهم and re-request do such acts which are in fact the word jihad

He then moved to the phenomenon of Cars Alqtreyen, stopped in front of the homes of some Libyans and the penalty of Khan and his homeland

And then moved to the phenomenon of rats which their pages are all Iman al-Obeidi are rare, said last era to find a prostitute inspiring people and deny also talking about page rats which we are all brothers raped, and even said the international press Ttendr them reported that they have in front of issued girls to Qatar

He returned to talk about the war, recalled the hero martyr Mu’tasim He said that the martyr remained a lump in the ring and his words remained Rackh in your mind, even the world forgot your actions and Astnejadkm NATO remained remember the words of the martyr heroic He said that most of those who danced on the bodies of the lions have been liquidated and the rest is their day data

And B_khasossalsaal commander commander cite Fanh cited his weapon and said they put a hundred question mark and refused to answer the commander neighborhood or Cited and hinted at something he knows Liberals in the room and said, Let the days to answer this question and days between us and the Libyan people are great people and led by only a great leader

Returned to talk about writing Muammar ups and its impact on rats and said it was اتترك enemy sleeps and Alnzal that اتترك enemy sleep, and called shook thrones Jertan they built on the skulls of the finest young Libyans and their blood reminding that the traitors do not reign them Kalmgariv, who met with the people of Bin Walid then led a campaign goodness them and Boshna them who swear on the Koran and Khan

Regarding the current international relations, said that the West despaired of rats and are looking for alternative and the international community agree on this

With regard to the criticism of one rat that Liberals have 170 tanks in the Niger and Dr. Hamza, who are free mode as a political analyst and are looking for editorial said Dr. Lu have 70 tanks including out of your home

Before that concludes Dr. words I swear to God three times that Libya retrieved and this is not the wish urged Ahrar Balnzal, in various ways and graffiti

He concluded beautiful prayer

Note Dr. Taban healthy these days ask God has healing

ما جاء في كلمة الدكتور حمزة منذ قليل(27-4-2013)تحدث عن الفيديو الذي نشرته قناة الليبية ايام الحرب وهو عبارة عن كلمة مسجلة للمقريف يطلب فيها حرق جثث شهداء الشعب المسلح,وهنا حث الدكتور الاحرار بنشره في الصفحات وبالاخص ارساله الى الاعلام الاجنبي بعناوين هادفة مثلا هلوكست ليبيا او هذه حرية الحكام الجدد في ليبيا……. وقال لايعقل حتى من اجل من اجل وظيفة بسيطة في ليبيا لايطلب ان تحرق جثث ابناء بلده ناهيك عن من جاء ان يحكم()بعدها انتقل الى الحديث عن تاثير بعض الكلمات في الجرذان مثل معمر وبس والشعارات الاخرى(على العموم شعارتنا) وقال انه تحدث طواريئ في مليشياتهم وتتركهم لا ينامون وحث بقوة على كتابتها على السفن والجدران والمطارات والصاق ورقة في سيارات الجرذان وقال ان هذا يؤثر فيهم ويستفزهم واعاد طلب القيام بمثل هذه الاعمال والتي هي جهاد في الحقيقة بالكلمةثم انتقل الى ظاهرة توقف سيارات القطرييين امام منازل بعض الليبيين وهذا جزاء من خان وطنهوبعدها انتقل الى ظاهرة الجرذان وهي صفحاتهم هي كلنا ايمان العبيدي وتندر وقال اخر العصر ان تجد عاهرة ملهمة الناس وتنكر ايضا عن الحديث عن صفحة الجرذان وهي كلنا اخوة المغتصبات,وقال حتى الصحافة العالمية تتندر عليهم وذكرت ان لديهم امام يصدر البنات الى قطروعاد الحديث عن الحرب فذكر الشهيد البطل المعتصم وقال ان الشهيد بقي غصة في حلقة وكلماته بقيت راصخة في اذهانكم حتى العالم نسي افعالكم واستنجادكم بالناتو وبقي يتذكر في كلمات الشهيد البطولية وقال ان معظم الذين رقصوا على جثث الاسود تم تصفيتهم والباقي يومهم اتوبخصوصالسؤال عن القائد القائد ان استشهد فاءنه استشهد بسلاحه وقال ضعوا مئة علامة استفهام ورفض الجواب ان القائد حي او مستشهد ولمح الى شيء يعرفه الاحرار في الغرفة وقال اتركوا الايام تجيب عن هذا السؤال والايام بيننا والشعب الليبي شعب عظيم ولا يقوده الا قائد عظيمعاد الحديث عن كتابة معمر وبس وتاثيرها على الجرذان وقال انها لاتترك العدو ينام والنظال ان لاتترك عدوك ينام,ودعى الى هز عروش الجرطان التي بنوها على جماجم خيرة شباب الليبيين ودماءهم مذكرا ان الخونة لا عهد لهم كالمقريف الذي اجتمع مع اهل بن وليد ثم قاد حملة الخير عليهم وبوشنة الذي اقسم على المصحف وخانوبخصوص العلاقات الدولية الراهنة قال ان الغرب يئس من الجرذان ويبحثون عن البديل والمجتمع الدولي متفقون على هذاوفيما يخص انتقاد احد الجرذان ان الاحرار يملكون 170 دبابة في ال نيجر والدكتور حمزة الذي وضع للاحرار كمحلل سياسي ويبحثون عن التحرير قال الدكتور لو نملك 70 دبابة بما خرجت من منزلكقبل ان يختم الدكتور كلامه اقسم بالله ثلاث مرات ان ليبيا مسترجعة وهذا ليس تمني وحث الاحرار بالنظال بمختلف الطرق والكتابة على الجدرانختم كلامه بدعاء جميلملاحظة الدكتور تعبان صحيا هذه الايام نسال الله له الشفاء


Softest O our leader We all Bagowon p Covenant and Samdwon the
We ar right and is now becoming clear to all

God Save the Liberals inside and outside Libya
God have mercy on our faithful martyrs
Oh strong determination of our prisoners and ÇäÔÇááĺ all our prisoners are freed

O blind slaves of the Cross and insight Hbd Farroukh Jardan the Mqaomina Lord, Lord

(Admin 5)
انعم يا قائدنا نحن جميعا باقووون ع العهد وصامدوون
فنحن ع حق والصورة الان اصبحت واضحه للجميع

اللهم احفظ الاحرار داخل وخارج الجماهيرية
اللهم ارحم شهدائنا الابرار
اللهم قوى عزم اسرانا وانشالله يتم تحرير اسرانا جميعا

اللهم اعمي بصيرة عبيد الصليب وهبد فروخ الجردان عن مقاومينا يارب يارب


His Excellency leader Bomenaar:

Will not care Bagayooowood is ….
But we will go to Khalowoowod ….
Lord íÓáăß Oh dear آدمنا “Long live state Alhakraaaa”
On February prisons word martyr kindest of detainee word ..

Very urgent news and rapid and successive:

The first news ….. Libya … Brigades stormed the corner office of the Minister of Interior and messing with its contents and steal mobile device to the minister Ashour Hoael the ….

The second news ….. Libya … Misratah Tajora gunmen stormed the national channel and declare fully control them ….

The third news …. Libya .. Gunmen kidnap Al Mahmoud Hebrew reporter Gheriani after describe foreign Mguethmoua today armed militias …

News fourth …… Libya … Zintan gunmen surrounding the Rixos Hotel and demanding to topple the Libyan army chief of staff, ornately Aosag ….

V news ….. Libya … The bombing of a military battalion in the Libyan city of Benghazi morning ticking time bomb planted behind the wall of the camp …

The latest news for this topic difficult evening ….. Libya … Protesters in Tobruk gunmen blocking the oil port of Harika …
Long live free Libya DAT absolute sovereignty ^ ^

Late awakening and goodness Jay admitted Hadaalmqal You may Tstikdon from سباتكم deep and discover that you just pawns of colonialism and Western clients

Naaaaaasht Libyan political conspiracy .. wake up from Libya … too late .. He says: In an article titled Mala knew Libyans!!
Did you know that his fifty-Libyan dinars with a picture of Gaddafi would have been a global currency in Africa and the Arab countries.

The Libyan oil حيكون sole source Alaktermbie in the Arab world.

And was حيكون for now shows projects in the state Aktar any means average citizen حيكون the Mstmitr outside Libya Kay global businessman ..

This global المثابه said by the leader … and to they lost Libyans.

Did you know that Libya was حتكون the biggest tourist Coast in the world and was حتكون country profited from tourism just money تربحه any country in the Arab world and she was حتكون competing Aktar tourism countries in the world ..

Did you know that Qatar contributed war Ddlibia Come and Dubai, so they do not excel in Libya towers to was Annebeny in Libya ..

Did you know that Saif al-Islam draw a global plan for Libyan Youth any be student ČÓ take in grant Touselh to America ..

Did you know that Gaddafi was in Africa contributes to Libya produces Aktar Aktar Libyan state ..

Did you know that Italy will build self-باموالها was devastated in Libya in 1911

. Did you know that Gaddafi was funded Iraq and Palestine in the construction of a state ravaged occupation.

Did you know that the Libyans they would be masters of the world .. And did you know that they are sponsored by the world.

(Admowoowona 1)


Libyan activist reveal for "freedom": we hold files and videos about Qatar and militias سننشرها in websites

Launched activist Libyan campaign – Cry homeland –

through social networking sites – Facebook and Twitter – since the 25th of this month and will continue until 15 May next, in order to detect violations committed against detainees Libyans at the hands of militias Misratah armed and the other working for al-Qaeda, as well as the massacres that claimed the lives of many Libyans insulation in various areas due to the repeated attacks of the armed battalions.
joined the campaign several associations from Arab countries as well as well-known personalities, including Tunisian lawyer Bashir fishing. She activist that the campaign does not belong area concerned, as the massacres committed in all regions Libya without exception.
confirmed activist Libyan Her initiative, said in a statement exclusive, summed up by the “freedom” that the campaign had received echo great, where joined by many associations, including the Libyan League for Human Rights in Cairo and Libyans displaced in neighboring countries and a coalition of young Arab tribes in Egypt and the lawyers and defenders of Libyans abroad, led by Tunisian lawyer known Bashir fishing as well as the movement stationed in Tunisia, as well as journalists from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and activists Human rights activists.
adding that this campaign, launched on 25th of this month and will continue until May next, and considered, the date of 25 \ \ 4 \ 2013 is on – a cry from the depths of Libya wounded – in the face of militia death, she said: “Together for blood flowed and the land was raped and children murdered innocence “to make this day a cry comes from the depths of national wounded, Cry renounce all forms of violence and the spread of mafia gun and kill minds.
confirmed activist Libya in the same context, that on April 25, is to unify the pages of social networking to spread All images of torture and videos in its possession and possession of human rights organizations, as well as to publish all information regarding the Libyans who have been subjected to torture at the hands of militias inside the secret prisons owned by without the knowledge of the current government and expose the methods of torture carried out in the right of these and the names of people who practiced against acts of torture, Even the international community stands on the size of Vdhaah what is happening inside Libya.
has vowed activist Libyan itself, that the campaign this launched, will be published in which all the crimes of armed militias in Libya and all violations of human rights has also pledged that it will be during this campaign also revealed each filament conspiracy and the role of Qatar in the destruction of the Arab nation with the support of Israel.
confirmed activist, launched the campaign of calculated profile and published, that “the campaign cry homeland” is for the delivery of voice of all the suffering and oppressed people in the prisons of armed militias, and said: “What we are seeing from the terrible silence of human rights organizations Omrgrayb “and added that all the participants in the campaign, they will work together to push also for organizing vigils in all the countries where there are displaced Libyans fled from armed militias. .. and rebels besieging the building Libyan foreign news agency reported Libyan that a number of “rebels besieged yesterday morning building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation weapons of light, medium and blocked all the streets leading to it and prevented staff from entering or approaching the building. ” The agency said the rebels demanded the application of the law of political isolation and disinfection of the Foreign Ministry who اعتبروهم “ousted the former regime and those who still occupy positions of leadership and the ambassadors of Libya abroad . ” There were no reports of clashes.

Mary Dloomy the


Now Tarhuna glory and access (23) Jth by Musrth were killed by torture in prisons Musrth was the arrival of (29) Jth to Sirte glory and do not know Tarhuna my Haad news please publishing and circular Aahrar on all the pages I Publishing Aaahrar we do not know what you will do Tarhuna when you hear me Haad News source of Tarhuna clinic and specifically in the city
(The bone Aljmaherh system)


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel جردان Misratah recognize follows …
RAT Misrata ‘rebels’ Sirte
Special anti-climbers. Shield Libya’s western region was in a raid in العجيلات me one of the criminals after the arrival of شكوة from one of the citizens, but it seems that he was ambushed and Taradw me heavy fire by some outlaws Alqnon and wounding four young people, two Sabratha and two from Zintan and the shield is preparing to respond to this no news about the attack and the death of that one young Althaar (Mohammed Abdul Salam al-Badawi of Zintan and another in critical condition and two in stable condition Leicester God and alert in the western region.
(The main الادمن)

Slot to honest the M Jersan tribe western mountain region, which survived until the end of June 2011 and that most of the population in favor of, and still the exception of some evil Adam whose numbers do not exceed the fingers and who Atoa where corrupt than the burning and looting homes Liberal….

Muammar al-Qathafi warned us in 2011 of the al-Qaeda terrorists who live in caves wild in the Green Nafusa Mountains and elsewhere…NOW PROOF—and they have come out of hiding and are reeking havoc upon the nation of Libya!:عاااااااااجل and Haaaaaaaaam … I swear by God Almighty now in France 24 Jayben report on a tribe of China number more than one million live in caves and under stones, caves and called (((Paljrdan))) because they live under stones and in caves and in drilling …. Episode Title روبورتاج aired at 2 and five twenty minutes from the early hours of Sunday morning, 28 \ 4 \ 2013 for credibility and can refer to the channel location to make sure تعليقنا … commander when he said جردان is intended to terrorists Islamist militants from al-Qaeda and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which live in caves and stones and had previously been encountered in years Eights and nineties and they hid in the caves of green Mountain and Owoowalkh …. they who now assassinate Libyan blow up in embassies and attack security men and police stations and have their own agendas and with the support and orders from al-Qaeda
The main الادمنعاااااااااجل وهااااااااام … اقسم بالله العلي العظيم الان في قناة فرانس 24 جايبين تقرير علي قبيله من الصين عددها يفوق المليون تسكن في الكهوف وتحت الاحجار والكهوف وتسمي (((بالجردان))) لانها تعيش تحت الحجاره وفي الكهوف وفي الحفر ….عنوان الحلقه روبورتاج بثت الساعه 2وخمسه وعشرون دقيقه من الساعات الاولي من صباح الاحد 28\4\2013 للمصدقيه ويمكن الرجوع لموقع القناة للتأكد تعليقنا …القائد عندما قال جردان فهو يقصد الارهابيين الاسلاميين المتشددين من تنظيم القاعده والجماعه الاسلاميه المقاتله التي تعيش في الكهوف والاحجار وسبق وان تم مواجهتها في سنوات الثمانيات والتسعينات وكانت تختبي في كهوف الجبل الاخضر ووووووالخ….وهم الذين الان يغتالوا في الليبيين ويفجروا في السفارات ويهاجموا في رجال الامن ومراكز الشرطه ولهم اجنداتهم الخاصه وبدعم واوامر من تنظيم القاعده
الادمن الرئيسي

Almnarhllaalam Home
Still devouring fire the مسلاتة Nature Reserve and no one interested in the subject. What of the many green spaces in Libya!
(The main الادمن)

A huge fire broke out in the natural protected مسلاتة the 04/29/2013

Broke out last night a large fire in the protected natural found Bmslath and containing dense forest, has appealed to residents illegal government that bring planes to extinguish the fire but did not respond to them, and still fire devoured the rest of the protected until now..

By News on Monday, 29 أبريل, 2013 | 06:19

Gaddafi news agency World – مسلاتة.



Who remembers lie World

Mizdah airport was bombed by aircraft Gaddafi ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ the / (Admin 5)



Chkchka O Bengazio, may in Benghazi Aashenk the country and the Lord only salad.
(Admin 5)

Suicide of a young man in Buhedama after the rats abducting his wife ….

And found the body builders of tribe العجيلات in Belarus after it has been amputated legs and hands .
as reported a few days ago, in a picture shown with his little grandson, was missing:We apologize for the ugliness of the image +18Murder Terrible in the White City … Dissemination of his family since the days of the news
The disappearance of their son after Otabhm the search for him. Ezzedine بوعجيلة white residents of the neighborhood “the new white.”
Disappeared days ago, where they found his car and stretcher inside the car, and the amount of 4000 dinars almost … After two days of publishing the news and found four limbs without the rest of his body and head, and found his own net in the valley of garbage on the outskirts of Casablanca, is also found in the same place cleaning tools stained with blood, was found next to these things a machine that is used to cut the body into small parts, also stained clothes blood, suggesting that the offender wanted to get rid of all the instruments of crime, including his clothes(Admona 4)

نعتذر على بشاعة الصورة +18جريمة قتل مروعة في مدينة البيضاء… نشر أهله منذُ أيام خبر
اختفاء أبنهم بعد أن أتعبهم البحث عنه . عزالدين بوعجيلة من سكان مدينة البيضاء حي ” البيضاء الجديدة “.
اختفى منذ أيام حيث وجدت سيارته و نقاله بداخل السيارة ،،ومبلغ وقدره 4000 دينار تقريباً … بعد يومان من نشر الخبر وجدت أطرافه الأربعة دون باقي جسمه والرأس ، وجدت مرماه في وادي القمامة على أطراف مدينة البيضاء ، أيضا وجد في ذات المكان أدوات تنظيف ملطخة بالدماء ، ووجد بجانب هذه الأشياء الآلة التي استعملت في تقطيع الجثة إلى أجزاء صغيرة ، أيضا ملابس ملطخة بالدماء مما يوحى بان الجاني أراد التخلص من جميع أدوات الجريمة بما فيها ملابسه

The bombing of the headquarters of (Maj. Gen. 319) belonging to the National Chicken at dawn today in milkfish, …… And resulted in material damage and human ….. The powerful explosions shake the housing and Buatunai.

A number of powerful explosions rocked Benghazi night

1 – burning car by a police officer by the employees of the same center and Hua Garden Centre
2 – severe congestion of people toward Ansar al-Sharia.
3 – Become presence of the families of means after midnight kidnapping and Ashe is Malk

Benghazi: the bombing of the headquarters of the 319 Brigade area milkfish
By News on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 | 15:54

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

The bombing of the headquarters of (Maj. Gen. 319) of the Allaotunai army at about four o’clock in the morning Sunday in Alsalmanie area Benghazi, next to the condominium of 602, which scared citizens who are near him.



Saaaaaaaaaaaaaal clear ………… Misratah today
From Come Misurata to talk about the sacrifices and martyrs of them where their balance from the slaughter of the Libyan army hero and abuse Bjthmanam Tahir Sharif and their actions heinous in all our areas noble, especially in Tawergha steadfastness and its people, who until this moment Mharidan from one place to another until you are satisfied Misratah Jews them in Bani Walid steadfastness and the slaughter of her sons and torture gruesome Wu … And where are they from rape Silks الشريفات all to pause and engaged them (Halhi I Admoowona 1 witness it and take responsibility of my words and the testimony of witnesses Mai and lie any one Aicola reverse Halkalam) and where are they from the torture of prisoners and prisoners of war and to this day suffer inside prisons Misratah unjustly or even Mqdhah of Justice of you even decide the fate of an entire people and spoke in what happened yesterday and accepted here in Tripoli and Aoowom of raids Melcaat Jewish nests of their clients and are free to Gharghour and other suburbs of the capital when given the chance and MAZDA to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (agency of non-doorman) already Misratah embodied a long history and unforgettable In wantonness and shame and hatred, employment and Zionism, selfishness and the employment did not ashamed then do Macit and shame taller than the old Aaehud Libya and stuffed Ahrarha the, Charfaúha and Aamasrath vacated your country will not forget and will not sailors slacken Vontzerohna the …. Muammar al-ups
(Admowona 1)

Rhythm Btonceat in the city of Misrata and employed in prostitution
By News on Monday, 29 أبريل, 2013 | 09:43

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Agencies.

affected in the case looked like any other young people to jobs guarantee them a decent life and on one occasion found the display served had been posted on one of the columns of daily newspapers expressed the intention of the Contracting Office recruit people to work in Libya and in all disciplines. I have contacted the affected manager office alleged a Tunisian nationality and agreed to be interviewed on purpose. 

during the deadline has been deluding affected by enabling them to contract work for the person Libby has several Mishari p was agreed to travel to Libya accompanied by the owner of a taxi «for duty» the second defendant in the case. Then delivered them a sum of money of 150 dinars Kedzbakh the employment contract to commit themselves in writing to pay the remaining amount when they arrive to Libya and work there. 

surprise . 

Upon arrival affected to Libya and specifically to the city of Misrata noticed that the facilities Libyan peace commission financially to the third accused, raising doubts . Two days later I was surprised the existence of other girls Tunisians and others. And Bastvsarhn for it learned that he had signed their pace of work in the field of vice and illegal relations. With reference to it, and upon arrival were افتكاك passport and other official papers. And I realized then that it has signed its role in the fraud trap. 

refused and threatened

to reject the merger affected in a prostitution and Alkhina the world, and its insistence on the return to Tunisia confronted with its threat and extortion demand which was reflected in their mental health and necessitated it transferred to a hospital in Misrata. In its way it had found her passport inside the car Vaanfezt the tags until they leave the hospital and was able to return to Tunisia. Following that made penal بشكاية in purpose and demanded that keeps track of the defendants for what was attributed to them by the actions and compel them to make reparation for material and moral damage happening to them.



Mujahid word Muawiya Alsoiei, to the people Chiaan today ::

To our people Chiaan and Alhawwamd ..
That what is happening has nothing to do with the big event going on in Libya, and this is not a battle Avenue,, which Stkhalsna from the clutches of the invasion and client Adaute.
The goal is distracted honorable side battles, and the depletion of our abilities, and causing a rift between brother and brother, neighbor and neighbor, an attempt to change the point of attention of the public opinion in the Libyan street.
فالحدث most important and which sequencing all eyes of the world what is happening now in the city of Tripoli .. Of the looting of the Libyan capital, and the occupation of the ministries and siege, and domination by those who believe he was the heir to the rule of the people in Libya.
And worthiest us console our people in Bani Walid and Tarhuna, العجيلات and others, and prepare for what is to come:

Now directed Arthal of Zintan and have lost and Kapaau and Alrajaban and Ifrane and Gharyan to Tripoli

and that the occupation of public buildings and control the banks and buildings vital, and will likely get a fight large in Tripoli,

ask the Liberal caution and not to approach places charged.

Concentration rats Mahasrien the for Jeelat in a desert road near area soft Sioux and Joseph and head west even logic الطو night.

Abu Salim:

Powerful explosion shakes the night ………… And the brightest future exactly where.


The continued closure of streets around the Foreign Ministry and Interior Jermanah …… The violent clashes between rats at night.

Welcome lovers Torre light /

Been stepping shortly before p patrol next to the General People’s Committee by rail and filter 3 جردان the follow p {band basis as a pedestrian 18}

Tersha base Hlha Khalasin and resolve {God is greatest above the aggressor Kid}
(Admin 5)

Aaaaaaaaaaagel now ….. Unconfirmed news that Misrata mobilize its forces for an attack on Tripoli and trapping National Congress on Tuesday, a day that is supposed to officially wool insulation / / reputation يعلوا the above voice ::: force this what he said is troops – Faraj Asswehly.


Committee for the Defense General National Congress formally propose the appointment of Abu Nice Khmadh chief of staff to replace Joseph ornately.

arabulso Aspul cooker may aim of including and after the Games firearms, Akzbo and Belato, Svenso and Zelzo and say Wedding in Tripoli

Hearing voices keep lead in several areas in Tripoli grabbed /
(Admin 5)

Lord of the Mighty Throne section shortly before / rat in one of the headquarters of the Andalus district was discernible 9 cars belonging to me one Spread Infantry Jermanah each car has a range of light weapons /
Lord saves Liberal Lord / (Admin 5)

OBAMA’s drones over Tripoli:

Parachutists landing in the skies of Tripoli in many areas and wide!!!

In Tripoli today in different areas and in large numbers and witnesses reached for military paratroopers landing did not allow for a knowledge or identify them until the moment for those who follow and whether they are Libyan or foreign

  •  To Anda end in Mazran near the popular security battalion Aischof and Traffic Bevdil the soldiers Tigers Tripoli.
     Urgent: They are entering Libya without VISAs or permission:

A powerful explosion rocked Tripoli.

Word to us now

Of telephone voice now because Rmi Balaslahi Tkiel and الخفيفي Jaht neighborhood Salami دريبي of Tripoli.


Very dangerous :::: and urgent Jma ::: now ::: arrival of two drops, one of the band Fight and other transport aircraft work to Motaigah and confirmed information indicates that he will be transferred back to Libya of gold and hard currency from the Central Bank of Libya to Qatar fear of theft…. This is your money and your sons, O money for Libyans

Pulling your belly laugh of Araour rats / the
Channels Jermanah /
Tripoli airport has become outside the control of the State (Airport controlled by Zintan Security).
P basis that in its ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ Aashenk States shame and salvation Hazelh the / Admin 5

Word to us now / Ham
Germana convoy Adhb to العجيلات City to catch the Liberals lose the liquidation of debt Table d Alzentani the shield of the Libya ….
I hope alert free العجيلات the the because

Clients NATO welcome Bashradm of the West:

Unidentified gunmen attacked the headquarters of a battalion stationed Uqba Ministry of Defense Jermanah
In dirt which led to the death of one of the elements of a battalion “Faisal Omar Okroch”.
According to the commander of the battalion obstacle ibn Nafi Bdrnh that after the attack and found a car bomb carrying
More than fifty kilograms of explosives type (TNT).

(6 addicted)

Libyan Foreign gunmen besiege Tripoli 04/28/2013
By News on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 | 13:38

Clashes strong perimeter and the Ministry of the Interior, through the airport,

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

An armed group surrounded the headquarters of the so-called Libyan Foreign Ministry in Tripoli on Sunday, ministry officials barred from entering the building.

The sources reported that the armed group demanded the application of the law of political isolation, and said that the ministry has a lot of followers of leader Muammar Gaddafi.
The military official said Essam drowsiness that 38 truck, each provider with machine guns, surrounded the ministry building.
It is alleged that many of the insurgents regime supporters still occupy high positions in the ministry and its diplomatic missions abroad.
Drowsiness added that negotiations were under way with the protesters, pointing out that he is not storming the ministry building.
The Libyan citizens and some activists belonging to civil society organizations have surrounded the members of the national conference at the vote on the political isolation in March, refusing to leave the place until the adoption of the law.
The car was head of the Libyan General National Congress Mohammed Maqrif of gunfire that evening, as he left the meeting hall amid the chaos of the demonstrators.


Confident of victory
News of the militias of Misrata and Tajura and Friday market coup
Military against importers government.

God willing, God is guile in نحرهم

Inventory corrupt German Ali Zaidan on Libya wicked channel: Libya collapsing ..

(Admona 4)

Rat commander killed Shield العجيلات on the hands of one rats in العجيلات of the

Series of extortion, kidnapping continues today has been kidnapped least two of the Ahrar Rkdalin by

جردان angle belonging to the so-called shield Libya (called Hussein doom \ and with someone else did not

اتحصل the name of science that Hussein perdition one Straighten Battalion Security Alash of the units of the

security and lose contact me Akhut kidnappedTalbo them ransom until it is released I hope publishing and God is witness to what I say.
(The main الادمن)

Shen story of the fire in the Tajora ya Hlha / Jana news that seven حيشان the Anhrguen / íÇŃíĘ limit Aokdna or deny the news.

A convoy of 20 vehicles for the armed rats heading to college girls or Gargash rushed frantically ……..

Urgent ……
A powerful explosion shakes the headquarters of rats fry supporters in the 602 area in popularity Ptghaza the news a little while ago and for the region’s youth attack on the headquarters of the negative phenomena and there are a large number of murderers ..
God does not miss them scourge
Word to us now /
Shortly before hearing the sound of an explosion in Abu Saleem area / (Admin 5)

  •  Tripoli radar picks up a number of armed drones Baldkhirh now over Tripoli at high altitudes.
    Armed militias from Misratah and Tajora surrounding Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Rule in TRIPOLI:

    Kidnapping Mahmoud Ferjani Arabiya correspondent in Tripoli
    By News on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 | 15:49

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.
    Called Mahmoud was kidnapped Ferjani Arabiya correspondent in the center of the capital Tripoli by armed militia when he was covering the events surrounded the building of the so-called Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    This comes in the complete absence of security in Libya for more than two years on the plight of February 17.

    The disappearance of Colonel Tawfiq Al-Sharif Idriss commander limits Language Center in mysterious circumstances and to conceal the incident.
    Last Monday was enrolled in a workshop at the invitation of the United Nations in Tripoli, and during the rest period gave him two and disappeared with them, mentioned known Besramth in the work and the fight against the smugglers, who has any information relating to the speed of reporting.

    اختفاء العقيد توفيق الشريف ادريس آمر مركز حدود غات في ظروف غامضة والتكتم على الواقعة .
    يوم الاثنين الماضي كان ملتحقا بورشة عمل بدعوة من الامم المتحدة في طرابلس واثناء فترة الراحة قدم اليه شخصين واختفى معهم، المذكور اشتهر بصرامته في العمل ومكافحة المهربين ،من لديه اى معلومة تتعلق به سرعة الابلاغ
    الادمن الرئيسي

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl and our response to the following ….
    Warning of xanthan youth leaders and Rishvana

    Announce joining with العجيلات Khot seriously Pkml strength and Atadana and Rishvana will send 5000 Khmshalav fighter tomorrow morning to Jeelat in the event that Zintan not Anshabha announced the of the land battle in العجيلات and the present knows absent.

    Friday Market

    Through the writings of on rats Mahasrien the cars of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of rats ………. They Msarit …….
    And they changed direction to walk to the corner Dahmati.

    God grants Tawfiq we Tricha for by to Abal ring the Drum.
    (The main الادمن)

    Warning me xanthan of youth and led Rishvana

    We declare our joining with العجيلات Khot my grandfather fulfilled our strength and hardware and Rishvana will send 5,000 thousand fighters tomorrow morning for the wheels in the case of xanthan not announces Anshabha from the battlefield in the wheels and present knows absent

    God grants Tawfiq bent Tricha by Iabl the drum sounded

    Mesh and I Rishvana sell Khutea

    (Admin team Corner)

    •  Urgent العجيلات: killing is beautiful Libya Jrdsenthana of inventory before’m Abu Mlash and hearing voices lead intermittently a convoy of Jardan the the vector to City العجيلات, please inform the honorable City العجيلات, honest God Save Libya from each Hralrjae publication and dissemination as soon as possible
      (The main الادمن)
      عاجل العجيلات: مقتل امر دلع ليبيا جردزنتاني من قبل الجرد ابن ابو ملاسه وسماع اصوات رصاص متقطع رتل من الجردان متجه الى مدينه العجيلات الرجاء تبلغ الشرفاء فى مدينه العجيلات اللهم احفظ شرفاء ليبيا من كل شرالرجاء النشر والتعميم فى اسرع وقت ممكن
      (الادمن الرئيسي)

      A tribute to audience Tripoli Flisch the private Umrah stood Ezz.


      Shooting in front of the Ukrainian embassy in the capital Tripoli
      By News on Monday, 29 أبريل, 2013 | 06:04The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.Incident of fire in the vicinity of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli in the neighborhood of Ben Achour launch a number of bullets, which يجاورها a number of other foreign embassies, including the Iranian embassy .. And decided the Ukrainian Embassy to stop issuing visas to citizens Libyans to travel to Ukraine indefinitely because of the situation unsafe around the embassy. Diplomatic sources said the embassy Ukrainian Tripoli – in remarks releases today in Tripoli – that the shooting was the purpose of terrorism crowd around the embassy of the Libyans and issued by a homes adjacent to the Ukrainian embassy building because of the anger of one of the region’s population of noise and the bickering because of the influx of tens of citizens and Tgmehrhm front of the Ukrainian Embassy to apply for visas to travel to the Ukraine, and one of the police cars stationed place did not intervene in the incident, and left the place.

    And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath the
    And the arrival of the bodies of the martyrs who Bani Walid Hospital

    “Think not of those who were killed for the sake of God dead, but alive with their Lord provision” great truth of God

    Zgrda O Mother of the martyr, it died without his land, his honor and his property is a martyr has been chosen by God to him,,, congratulations to them Paradise and promise them that avenge them, and we know very well that revenge is not murder and abuse it offers his soul to the nation wishes to return home as عهدناه safer assured independent dat rule ,,, it is gone in this process has paradise he who will complete the trail remained until we come to Libya to safety.

    The arrival of the bodies of the martyrs of and Rafla to a hospital Bani Walid
    The arrival of the bodies of the martyrs of and Rafla to Bani Walid hospital and finds religion and saw and Les يابال religion and saw men

    The arrival of the bodies of the sons of Bani Walid .. To a hospital in Bani Walid .. And receive them from all the people of the city
    God have mercyThe arrival of the bodies of the sons of Bani Walid .. To a hospital in Bani Walid .. And receive them from all the people of the city:

    God have mercy!
    Alkarzabih withstand Council calls upon the social tribes and Rafla that the funeral service for our martyrs heroes will be next Wednesday after the Asr prayer and receive condolences tent Aezzah next to the mosque, “village” and in honor of our martyrs and for this event solemn request all the people of Bani Walid cooperation and restraint instructions committees youth supervisor organizing this great event ceremony .. Glory and eternity to our faithful martyrs.

    Deeb Barghouti
    Gift to and Rafla Ezz



    Shortly before the explosion in the Tobruk area and specifically the camp (20) June have been killed around 7 people and dozens of critical blast
    It was starting to locate the rocket that blew the place and away from the camp about 32 kilometers and type missile DAC which made ​​Russia and Haddat the style and we do not know so far from my father missile launch Haad.

    (Admona 4)

    Urgent _ sit Modfa public Alndhavh company in front of the so-called local council Btabriq and knead in

    order to improve their conditions and exchange their salary arrears since the two and كدلك fusion of their colleagues in Benghazi.

    Urgent Tobruk _ chicken importer written on the cover _ the Islamic way while Ahoudo the neck of a chicken is Mudbouhh _

    Libyan currently on the market currently in Tobruk:


    Tawergha Tawergha living live on Mpadah of the:


    Flash floods washed away a road Home village Alchuirv a south-west ..

    Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ / bounties on people goodness blessed Rahman ”

    Alkhearerrrrrr Jay

    Cut the only road that connects between the north and south-west of Libya because of the rain.


    National assembly descendants of Abu Minyar Gaddafi
    Two people and the collapse of dozens of homes in Akharheselh to Seoul Murzuq and a complete absence of the role of government illegal

    قتيلين وانهيار عشرات المنازل في اخرحصيلة لسيول مرزق وغياب تام لدور الحكومة الغير شرعية



    Torrential rains and floods in most areas of the south.


    The main الادمن writes:

    Will begin the suffering people of Jendouba in the summer with a thirst which is strange because Jendouba غزان drinking water and irrigation has drawn many questions in the year 2012 to the Minister of Agriculture to take notice of the government to this dilemma in the year 2013 and proposed drafting a paper for water policy and the events of the Ministry or writing a state for the purpose of control on this file but he did not Watch a convincing answer and at my suggestion in the national Constituent Assembly neglect.




    Anniversary of the famous battle of Alkarzabih
    Passing us these days, the memory of a great, but a battle Alkarzabih famous 29 April 1915, which took place on the territory of the city of Sirte proud. Considered battle Alkarzabih Armageddon in jihad Libya against the Italians, they are known as the battle of national unity as the participation of all the people of Libya, as they formed Beginning to defeat Alaataliaan, Following this battle Italian garrisons fell one after the other and by mid-August of the same year in which they occurred battle Alkarzabih the left, however, the Italians, but the cities of Tripoli and five.

    In the era of Revolution we celebrate such occasions mirrors and ears of the media …
    Event On this day ..

    On this day 29 \ 4 \ 1915 Libyans defeated the Italian forces in battle Alkarzabih.

    What moves us notified?
    Man Amkiq the girl on the screen channels Alfberaria or Vtaat Ikmn exercises on a coast road ..
    Lived February Avarha the

    «Between Libyan epic sagas of victory and freedom Tgellna them Alkarzabih»
    (posted by: The main الادمن)

    The annual الدكرى day battle Alkarzabih the Sirte
    Thursday 15 of June Hereafter year 1333, corresponding to 29 April 1915
    Armageddon in the jihad Libya against the Italians, they are known as the battle of national unity as the participation of all the people of Libya, as they formed the beginning of the defeat of Alaataliaan, Following this battle fell garrisons Italian one after the other and by mid-August of the same year in which they occurred battle Alkarzabih did not stay, however, Italians only five cities of Tripoli and.

    Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)

    Anniversary of the famous battle of Alkarzabih
    Passing us these days, the memory of a great, but a battle Alkarzabih famous 29 April 1915, which took place on the territory of the city of Sirte proud. Considered battle Alkarzabih Armageddon in jihad Libya against the Italians, they are known as the battle of national unity as the participation of all the people of Libya, as they formed Beginning to defeat Alaataliaan, Following this battle Italian garrisons fell one after the other and by mid-August of the same year in which they occurred battle Alkarzabih the left, however, the Italians, but the cities of Tripoli and five.

    «Between Libyan epic sagas of victory and freedom Tgellna them Alkarzabih»


    Death of a young man of Ma’daan at the hands of and Rafla Sirte.
    Violent clashes between and Rafla Sirte and rats Almsarit the district No. 1.

    Currently there are a group of tribes Tabu Iqmon close by Tripoli next (petrol station near the Equestrian Club), where they are prevented cars from drivers in or out of the city of Sabha.
    (Admowona 1)
    Killed gunman inventory in Sabha after trying to steal an SUV of the desert Knight Battalion Jerdanih.
    News about the kidnapping one Alqmazfah sons at the hands of Solomon rats Girls ….. And violent clashes around headquarters of security Bsabha the Commission now.


    Gangland-style execution:

    A little while ago in the hunt by Shat led to the driver’s execution by firing squad .. Did not know the circumstances of the subject so far


Libyan head of the organization to combat corruption, “inventory Mohamed Boukaiqis” on Libya first channel:
According to the International Energy Agency of America said that Libya has lost 75% of
Crude oil reserves, equivalent to $ 7.5 trillion were monitored only 175 billion and declared him the time of issuance of the decision to freeze Libyan assets before the war and even this amount has been manipulated, and Mr. Ali Dbebh, explain where the money went.
And the people that know the decision issued by the Maqrif commissioned someone to return the value of $ 126 billion from Swiss banks, compared to 10% of any amount of 12 billion from the Libyan people’s money

(Admona 4)

خوتي I stay away p any periodically Aumajma the Germany all of them targeted sites
Oh God, I reached testified O
(Admin 5)

Zaidane announce and declare wicked in Libya seems that the state fell !
(The main الادمن)

Via Page

Uncertain and urgent news ….!!!!!!!!!

Zaidane yelling now the Libyan street
And admits to kill me and many wound preparation yesterday in العجيلات the
And the entry called Atrash head Muslj military الجرداني العجيلات to the intensive care unit and killed Senthana person and one Rajabana two people from جردان العجيلات and a number of injured enriched attack from Liberal Youth in العجيلات .. He also says that the German Embassy closed its doors today and in the state of collapse!!

And Aaaalan العجيلات from outside the city encircled by جردان Misrata, Alrajaban and the Zintan and some militias Alagafagafh the hope that Adkhalo tomorrow morning to hunt down those who fought them ..

I hope discernible caution for free and the brave inside العجيلات
(Admowona 1)

(as written above, under Tripoli News):

  •  Misrata mobilize its forces for an attack on Tripoli and trapping National Congress on Tuesday, a day that is supposed to officially wool insulation / / reputation يعلوا the above voice ::: force this what he said is troops – Faraj Asswehly. 

  • Security is strong now around Zaidane!

A tight security cordon around the RAT prime minister, ALI ZAIDANE, by the forces of Staff of the National Army.
Rat Zaidane :: Foreign important facility should not be besieged, and will not succumb to blackmail, and the Embassy of Germany and France left unlocked …
Created God Tngelt and Adjaanh embassies.

(Admona 4)

Britain closed its embassy in Tripoli, and stopped their work and ask their nationals to leave Libya immediately because of the deteriorating security situation….

Reported closure of the German embassy and Ukrainian in Tripoli.

Confident of victory
News of the militias of Misrata and Tajura and Friday market coup
Military against importers government.

Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)

The Desperate RAT Jerdan is now distributing leaflets which threaten RAT-yankee-puppet-government Jerdan:

Urgent .. From Misratah militia stormed the Ministry of Finance and messing documents which include treasury management mandates salaries and development projects.

God willing, God is guile in نحرهم


Battalion Black day


Libyan cities in the chaos and uncontrollable, mostly security now
Vote Lead in the streets of unknown persons and people
Families in horror, especially in the streets of Benghazi now ..
And everyone is upset by the situation has reached the country and insecurity
The great God if seen someone raises Image Commander or Green Flag.

Hattalaa people and marches in the streets and in all the cities of Libya to express
Their anger against criminal gangs February ..

Admona 4

Battalion Black day WRITES TO US:

Very urgent and very important and serious now and through the channel of Misratah rats Mmakhalh over the phone from the false Taliani program Hvet night in which he said literally (((armed manifestations that occurred today in Tripoli is the phenomena of democratic indicate that the Libyan people have known the way of freedom and that this government is unsuccessful in achieving the aspirations of the Libyan people, it is the Government of rogue for the law of God, and an extension of the government system collapsed system tyrant, am I, and this platform free say should receive the leaders of the rebels DVT conduct of the state and must be Misratah is leading the country in accordance with the merger with the tribes of the East and the corner and have lost and Zintan and regions rebels Tripoli, a market Friday and Tajura in order to achieve security and safety and the wise leadership of the state, and ask from Misratah that you are Bzven Aljtt that Vea, who were killed because they went out for Shara and non-delivery of Hola Aljtt tribes from which Hola dead so as not to become sedition and give the tribes justification for gossip as happened with Jtt dead and Rafla during the last term Vhola in Albmaah be their applications and their hope to receive their dead and after showing the ugly face of hatred and Terbsm Misurata Alnzal, and I Athzt you now over the phone felt بنسائم Islam come to me from Misratah and emergency souls Hhmae Misratah hugging heaven with the angels, you must the continuation of the demise of this government claim they are no longer a guardian, but is a threat to stability in Libya and all the rebels not to hand over their weapons because the end is from our predators and peace, mercy and blessings of God and to the people of Misratah salami))
[The main Aladdinm]
عاجل جداً وهام للغايه وخطير الان وعبر قناة مصراته الجرذان مذاخله عبر الهاتف من الكاذب الطلياني لبرنامج حذيث الليل قال فيه حرفياً ((( المظاهر المسلحة التي حصلت اليوم بمدينة طرابلس هي ظواهر ديمقراطيه تدل على ان الشعب الليبي قد عرف طريقه للحريه وان هذه الحكومة فاشله في تحقيق طموحات الشعب الليبي بل هي حكومة مارقه عن شرع الله وامتداد لحكومة النظام المنهار نظام الطاغيه ،، انا ومن هذا المنبر الحر اقول يجب ان تستلم قيادات الثوار دفت تسيير الدوله ويجب ان تكون مصراته هي من تقود البلاد وفق اندماج مع قبائل الشرق والزاوية وجادوا والزنتان ومناطق الثوار بطرابلس وهي سوق الجمعة وتاجوراء كي يتحقق الامن والامان والقيادة الحكيمة للدوله ،، واطلب من مصراته ان تقوم هي بذفن الجتث التي لذيها والذين تم قتلهم لانهم خرجوا عن الشرع وعدم تسليم هولاء الجتث للقبائل التي منها هولاء الموتى حتى لا تصبح فتنه ونعطي للقبائل مبرر لقيل والقال كما حصل مع جتث موتى ورفله خلال المدة الماضيه فهولاء في البذاية تكون طلباتهم ورجائهم استلام موتاهم ومن بعد يظهرون الوجه القبيح لحقدهم وتربصهم بمصراته النظال ،، وانا اتحذث لكم الان عبر الهاتف احس بنسائم الاسلام تأتي لي من مصراته وارئ ارواح شهذاء مصراته تعانق السماء مع الملائكه ، يجب استمرار المطالبه بزوال هذه الحكومة فهي لم تعد ولي امر وانما هي تهديد لاستقرار ليبيا وعلى جميع الثوار عدم تسليم اسلحتهم لان في ذلك نهايتهم من المتربصين بنا والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته وسلامي الي اهل مصراته ))
الاددمن الرئيسي

This is a new Libya gentlemen and the assassination plots the people الليبيى!!! Very dangerous —- very important —– ((Lamond newspaper, French investigative report published cases of alcohol poisoning in Libya came in ((the world has not seen since the years case death of a collective or mass murder Balkhmu … t also saw Libya, specifically Tripoli, the capital and according to information available to the French intelligence from the reality of contacts took place between leaders of the militias and the Director of the religious establishment in Libya sincere Ghariani the Hola leaders are who was behind this crime against humanity and summarized information documented sound in the following :: There are Islamic extremist leads the largest militias Tripoli known as Abdul Rauf hater Call a friend,


he named Belhadj told him about the campaign waged against him by some secularists and wine drinkers asked him Belhadj contact the religious establishment Almthmtlh in Ghiryani and tell him so and actually contact hater Bahlgreana which He said it to deal with the campaign strongly according to the Platform Islamist set him permits to get rid of the enemies of Islam and fortify the home, contact hater Bhadj and told him about Macalth his religious establishment, and asked him about the way the Implementation of fatwa Ghiryani, said Belhadj, the need to provide the amount of alcohol the hater and later added her any solution Sam to create confusion after distribution as a result the death or illness of alcohol and directing the public to the NYPD liquor dealers, already been done and through the connection was between a person called satisfaction Shuwaikh and hater request hating him grab substance

Almithelon airport is located inside Tripoli and Tell hours after Shuwaikh hater end of the operation asked him to add to the amounts of liquor are reserved for they have in several places and the use of dr called Faraj Aboukhcam in determining the percentage that is added contact Shuwaikh Dr. my father Ducker him that hater understood and said to him, you can add gain of liter or liter and a half of each thirty liters wine and left two hours After affixed and after the distribution is and actually happened and told Ghiryani this and his answer was that this act of Aakhalv Islam at Shea it is a just punishment for Hola, and began the process of extermination between the layer of young Libyans in this way, has been spotted Libyan intelligence those contacts and the instructions of the Deputy Director has been left exhausted

and follow-up and not prevented Kmuagah intelligence them, intelligence English and Italian as well as French obtained the recording of those calls and notified by the Libyan government, which asked for silence on the pretext that the state is not in the mood to such Alhzt to appear, took advantage of Italian intelligence Alhazth to pass an agreement on gas Libi was deferred from the period of the former prime minister, that is the case of mass murder against civilians by official institutions, religious, intelligence and armed militias.)))
هذة هى ليبيا الجديدة أيها السادة مؤامرات وأغتيال للشعب الليبيى!!!خطير للغاية —- هام جداً —– (( صحيفة لاموند الفرنسيه نشرت تحقيق صحفي عن حالات التسمم بالخمر في ليبيا جاء فيه (( لم يشهد العالم مند سنوات حالة موت جماعي او قتل جماعي بالخمو…ر كما شهدت ليبيا وتحديداً طرابلس الغرب العاصمه ووفق معلومات توفرت لدى المخابرات الفرنسيه من واقع اتصالات تمت بين قادة ميلشيات ومدير المؤسسه الدينيه في ليبيا الصادق الغرياني فأن هولاء القاده هم من كان وراء هذه الجريمة في حق الانسانيه وتتلخص المعلومات الموثقه بالصوت في الاتي :: هناك متطرف اسلامي يقود اكبر ميلشيات طرابلس يعرف باسم عبدالرؤوف كاره اتصل بصديق له يدعى بلحاج اخبره عن حملة تشن ضده من قبل بعض العلمانيين وشاربي الخمر فطلب منه بلحاج الاتصال بالمؤسسه الدينيه المثمتله في الغرياني واخباره بذلك وفعلاً اتصل كاره بالغرياني والذي اشار عليه بالتعامل مع تلك الحمله بقوة وفق منهاج اسلامي حدده له يبيح التخلص من اعداء الاسلام وتحصين الوطن ، فاتصل كاره ببلحاج واخبره عن ماقالته له المؤسسه الدينيه وسأله عن طريقة تنفيد فتوى الغرياني ، اشار بلحاج الي ضرورة توفر كمية من الخمر لدى كاره ومن بعد يضاف لها اي محلول سام لخلق بلبله بعد توزيعها نتيجة موت او مرض من تناول الخمور وتوجيه الراي العام الي نبد الخمور وتجارها وفعلاً تم ذلك وعن طريق اتصال تم بين شخص يسمى رضاء الشويخ وكاره طلب كاره منه الاستيلاء عن مادة الميثلون من مطار يقع داخل طرابلس واخبر بعد ساعات الشويخ كاره بانتهاء العمليه فطلب منه اضافتها الي كميات من الخمور محجوزه لديهم في عدة اماكن والاستعانه بدكتور يسمى فرج ابوخشيم في تحديد النسبه التي تضاف فاتصل الشويخ بالدكتور والدي دكر له ان كاره فهمه وقال له عليك ان تضيف مانسبته لتر او لتر ونصف لكل ثلاثون لتر خمر وتركه ساعتين بعد اضافته ومن بعد يتم التوزيع وفعلاً حدث ذلك واخبر الغرياني بذلك وكان جوابه ان هذا الفعل لايخالف الاسلام في شي بل هو العقاب العادل لهولاء ، وبدأت عملية الابادة بين طبقة الشباب الليبيين بهذه الطريقه ، وقد رصدت المخابرات الليبيه تلك الاتصالات وبتعليمات نائب مديرها تم تركها تنفد ومتابعتها وعدم منعها كموافقه من المخابرات عليها ،، المخابرات الانجليزيه والايطاليه وكذلك الفرنسيه تحصلت على تسجيل لتلك المكالمات واعلمت بها الحكومة الليبيه والتي طلبت السكوت بحجة ان الدوله ليست في حاله تسمح لها بمثل هذا الحذث للظهور ، استغلت المخابرات الايطاليه الحاذثه في تمرير عقد اتفاق بشأن الغاز الليبي كان مؤجل من فترة رئيس الوزراء السابق ،، تلك هي حالة قتل جماعي في حق مدنيين من قبل مؤسسات رسميه دينيه ومخابراتيه وميلشيات مسلحه . )))




Word to us now

Spokesman for the Libyan tribes loyal to Gaddafi, reveals for “freedom”: Ali Zaidane’s surprise visit
Revealed a spokesman for the Libyan tribes loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Prime Minister Ali Zaidane,

during his recent visit to Algeria, a student handed over personally to …
، الحرية، يومية، الجزائر، تونس، الأخبار، الإرهاب، القاعدة، ليبيا، سوريا، العراق، فلسطين، مصر، السعودية، جريدة الحرية الجزائر

A draft law for the benefit of artists at the government table


Spokesman for the Libyan tribes loyal to Gaddafi, reveals for "freedom": Ali Zaidan's surprise visit to Algeria was purpose تسليمي to Libya, the government rejected the request

Revealed a spokesman for Libyan tribes loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Prime Minister Ali Zaidan, during his recent visit to Algeria, a student handed over personally to the Libyan authorities, and stressed that Algeria rejected the request Libyan official, based on their positions humanitarian fixed, and stressed that the Algerian government has not and will not recognize Anyone supporters of Gaddafi. 
revealed Libyan behalf of al-Hashemi assets, told the “freedom” to the request made ​​by Ali Zaidan during his recent visit to Algeria, on handed over to the Libyan authorities, was rejected by Algeria, and considered this request to try to Libyan second of its kind on the delivery, spokesman for Libyan tribes loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to the Libyan authorities.
and the price of assets positions Algerian on this issue, and stressed that the Algerian government has not and will not extradite a person of supporters of Gaddafi in Libya, and considered this matter stems from the positions of Algeria humanitarian and fixed, and added: ” Libyan authorities want me and Algeria rejects completely تسليمي, “noting that the visit of Libyan Prime Minister last of Algeria, was sudden and unexpected.
was Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, called on African nations that harbor a number of followers of the former regime in Libya and wanted to have, to cooperate with Libya and handed over according to legal procedures as well as the repatriation of funds looted from the Libyan people.
stressed Zaidane in a meeting with a number of ambassadors of African countries accredited to Tripoli that “Libya will build its relations with all countries on the basis of reciprocity and non-interference in the internal affairs of those countries.”
stressed assets, that The Libyan government, which he described as “client” does not want to up his voice to the world to defend the truth and reveal “all conspiracies despicable that are not accepted by the mind,” referring to the statements made ​​by the person to many of the national media and foreign on battalions Libyan armed forces, The play of the attacks on areas of a Libyan, especially those inhabited by supporters of Gaddafi. 
and blasting the latter, which targeted the French embassy in Tripoli and wounding two guards, it was considered a spokesman for Libyan tribes loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, it is not the legitimacy of the Libyan government current , and argued that the bombing, which occurred near the French Embassy in Tripoli, and stressed that it was not the time anyone inside the embassy, ​​and considered this process a visa to enter the French troops to Libya openly.
adding that Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane moving and touring orders country, and the ills that his contacts that come out of Tripoli to Doha. He said there were media blackout great what is going on inside Libya violation of symptoms and stole public money in public, in addition to the torture of detainees on a daily basis and the displacement of families from their homes and steal their property by armed militias sponsored by the “government of Zaidane, which he said them that Qatar is headed.”
and referred to the The city of Tawergha are now deserted of the population because of the attacks carried out by armed militias, and explained that cities Libyan-style Bani Walid and the Palais Rullish and Riyaana and Sirte is still devastating, and most areas are still marginalized, in front of the inability of the current government, which did not move a muscle.

posted by:
Mary Dloomy


Algerian army in a clash and hunt جردان on board the four-wheel-drive car Haulo sequence to dust Algeria near Tinlcolm crossing of the border and use Gantt Algerian army helicopters and a weapon dismiss relied on the Algerian Air Force Suva and we will bring you the latest news

Note two days ago or Aktar it was the same attack from the south-eastern


Mu and Bouteflika in Algeria

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika transferred to Paris for tests after “clot trans – call for his recovery Iaahrar:
Urgent.Health status President Abotvliqh’s medically stable and left Paris shortly before.

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika arrives in Paris for treatment after suffering a stroke
By News on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 | 14:25

Per bulletin of the National Channel confirms that President thousand good and that he would return to the homeland and that his doctors contend that …. respite, ‘Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds Mutua Bgadkm the O Aaadaoualdzaúr,

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Algeria.

Transfer of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Saturday evening to Paris to complete فحوصاته medical after “Nuba cerebral cross” that sustained noon, as reported official news agency APS. 

agency said, quoting a medical source said the president, “the transfer on Saturday evening to Paris for tests complement based on recommendations of his doctors treated. “In the French capital, said sources close to the file that Bouteflika arrived at Le Bourget Airport in Paris at 18.00 GMT and immediately transferred under military escort to the hospital in Val – de – Grass military, a hospital often receives French figures and high-level foreign. The source said the medical agency APS that he and despite the fact that the case of public health of the President “not worrying”, the doctors asked him to conduct tests complement and eternity to rest for days. 
was the same agency announced on Saturday evening, quoting the director of the National Center for Sports Medicine Professor Rashid Bogharbal that “President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika presented Saturday in 1230 of a heart stroke transient did not leave marks.” 
She Bogharbal that “tests the primary has been initiated and should be subject to the President for comfort to continue فحوصاته,” explaining that the health status of the President “does not inspire concern. “and assured the Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal who did not interrupt his visit to Bejaia (250 km east of Algiers) that” the president’s health is not a matter of concern, “as quoted by state radio. 
According to Professor desert specialist in neurosurgery, such does not clot normally be dangerous. “The stroke cross is a blockage in a blood vessel in the brain resulting usually rise in blood pressure.” 

and added that “the transfer of the president to the center of sports medicine specialist more in heart surgery shows that the stroke may be the result of pressure in the heart.” 

and underwent Bouteflika end of 2005 for surgery to treat “led to a bleeding ulcer in the stomach,” in Val Dograc military hospital in Paris. And a year later confirmed that he was actually “very ill” but fully recovered.


عاجل . الوضع الصحى للرئيس ابوتفليقة مستقر طبيا وغادر الى باريس قبل قليل.

“I ask God the Holy Lord of the Mighty Throne, to heal and Aaaver.”

SEE! Bouteflika is NOT DEAD!!! Pray for his speedy recovery; we need him…

الرئيس الجزائري عبدالعزيز بوتفليقة ينقل إلى باريس لإجراء فحوصات بعد “الجلطة العابرة — ادعو له بالشفاء يااحرارأسأل الله الكريم رب العرش العظيم أن يشفيه ويعافيه
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel,,,, President Bouteflika in good health and will leave the hospital tomorrow … Source bulletin Arabiya now now.



The main الادمن of BLACK DAY BATALLION on Talt Laila Abdel Latif :Libya: Libyan ………..- Explosions, assassinations
– T Gaddafi modern international newspapers
NATO will return to support Saif al-Islam Gaddafi !!!
Expectations Laila Abdel Latif for Libya on 01/27/2013:
– The return to power tribes
– Ahmad Gadaffi blood out of prison…Egypt:– The military’s rise to power.
– The case of boiling in Alexandria….
– Pictures of Muammar Gaddafi in Egypt.
– The release of former President Hosni Mubarak and then his two sons Alaa and Gamal.

Real fighter Libya WRITES:

Qaadin the Hdenha on Almhaudin eluted seer of the country Janas Rah sin and the greatest sins trapped in God, fear of God in you and just hearing them do not accept your prayers forty days.


Shen Rkdtwooowo?
ĘÝÖáć brighter Shahi Green p how Kevkm the-O Khalasin and resolved

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Cairo NEWSPAPAR Libyan headliners:

GMT 10:05 2013 Sunday, April 28GMT 13:55 2013 Sunday, April 28 : Last Update

His lawyer asserts for Elaf his innocence and close the file and choosing to stay in Egypt

Ramahi: Gadaffi blood is free … Will not be handed over to Libya

Egyptian Attorney General decides to evacuate the blood Sabeel Ahmed Gaddafi and close the file handed

over to government Jardan with no possibility of appeal against the decision …

Sabri Abdel Hafiz Hassanein

Ramahi: Gadaffi blood is free … Will not be handed over to Libya
By News on Sunday, 28 April, 2013 | 13:33

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Egypt.

Egypt decided to release Ahmad Gadaffi blood, a cousin of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi, said his lawyer close the file handed over to Libya the final with the charges against him of trying to kill an Egyptian officer, and said that his spirits high and he decided to stay in Egypt after his release.
Sabri Abdel Hafiz from Cairo: Alaa said Ramahi, lawyer Ahmad Gadaffi blood, a cousin of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Egyptian authorities decided to release blood howitzer in the case handed over to Libya.
Ramahi explained in a statement that the case file delivery general coordinator of the Egyptian-Libyan relations closed permanently, noting that the administrative court ruling preventing blood howitzer delivery been implemented Bmsodth.
He pointed out that a team of lawyers defenders Gadaffi blood met with Assistant Attorney General in Egypt, and asked him to implement the ruling, especially that challenged the Libyan embassy on cases Nos. 35900 and 35901 for the year 67 BC, issued two rule preventing delivery Ahmed howitzer blood, is illegal.
High morale
Ramahi added that the case file howitzer blood delivery to Libya permanently closed, and will not open again. He stressed that the howitzer blood, live in good spirits, pointing out that he is happy by virtue of the administrative court refused to extradite him to Libya, and added that the howitzer blood celebrated in prison this provision.
Proof of nationality nearby
and explained that the Libyan embassy do not have the right to appeal the ruling, noting that the Court is now considering court papers, filed by the howitzer blood in order to prove his nationality Egyptian, and expected to issue a ruling in his favor in less than a month, especially that all the documents submitted in the case, issued by the Egyptian official views.
In regard to the charges against him to resist the authorities, and the attempted murder of a police officer Masri, said Ramahi, said that forensic reports proved injured Captain Mustafa Abdul Muttalib, an officer in the Special Operations in the index finger in his left hand, after being shot him during his arrest on a howitzer blood .
Did not kill
explained that the reports proved that the injury resulting from a bullet Mary, during an exchange of fire with the police force in charge of protecting howitzer blood, and pointed out that the incidence of Statistics and surface stresses patent howitzer blood of the attempted murder of an officer, especially that the process of the exchange of fire has inside the apartment closed, and the lights were turned off, is supposed to be more and more injuries from an injury in the index finger officer, as reported in the forensic report.
He pointed out that the patent is guaranteed in the accusations against Gadaffi blood to resist the authorities and the attempted murder of an officer, especially since the authorities did not announce itself during the process of arrest, but attacked the strength of masked his apartment in the neighborhood of Zamalek, and exchanged fire with the force appointed by the Ministry of the Interior to guard , which refers to two things, the first is that pecking howitzer blood in the beginning were not the Egyptian police, and the second the lack of coordination between the sectors of the Ministry of Interior, and the proof of non-reporting of force Almtalfah protection howitzer blood resolution was arrested, and charged with the reservation it, what led to the exchange of gunfire with the power that came to arrest him.
He predicted Rumhy release howitzer blood at the disposal of those charges as well, pointing out that the blood howitzer decided not to leave Egypt after the release of any other State.

– See more at: http://www.elaph.com/Web/news/2013/4/808589.html?entry=Libya#sthash.lv09OHNO.3LNCtH7n.dpuf

MOHAMED MAQRIEF’s Battallion has a GREEN SITE?????

Battalion M’Hamed Makrif St.

Green channel :: Urgent

… Egyptian Attorney General issued a decision to evacuate Sabeel Ahmed howitzer blood and that decision was a statement released by his lawyer private and will not be handed over to the Government of Libya imported ..

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The release of Ahmed Gadaf-a-dam (Howitzer blood) in a deal between him and the Rat (‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) Khairat Al-Shater.



Muammar al-Qathafi did not kill al-Sadr and the killer in Qatar!!!

Asaad Ambah Aboqilh

Said Asaad Ambah Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independently in a press statement still follow every nook and cranny from the scene Libyan new scene in the Libyan Back file the disappearance of Imam Moussa al-Sadr after the big surprise unleashed by Ahmad Jibril, Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, who revealed through the channel fields space program in the fields provided by fellow media Ghassan Ben Jeddo revealed Ahmed Jibril that Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi did not kill al-Sadr did not give orders so revealing Ahmed Jibril, a close friend of al-Qathafi that al-Qathafi had asked several times about the fate of the chest and the answers al-Qathafi that he did not know about destiny thing revealed Jibril in another surprise that the killer Musa Sadr is Musa Kusa head of external security Libyan formerly located in the State of Qatar after a brawl personal between him and Musa al-Sadr and make sure this confidential information by asking Prime Libyan intelligence previously Abdullah Sanusi and a cousin of al-Qathafi, Ahmed howitzer blood Gadaf-a-dam and added Asaad Aboqilh citing private sources that Musa Kusa recently obtained Qatari citizenship and refused to Qatar handed over to Libya or to an international destination and seal Asaad Abu قيله saying is worth mentioning that Musa Kusa , pre-planned as CIA agent, defected during the war led by NATO in support of the 17 february uprising to overthrow the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Colonel  Muammar al-Qathafi Musa Kusa, a proven CIA planted agent, is now in the State of Qatar.  

Asaad said Ambah Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent
In press statements continue to follow every nook and cranny from the scene.

Libya’s new in the Libyan scene file the return of the disappearance of Imam Moussa al-Sadr after the big surprise sparked by Ahmad Jibril, Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command 
Which revealed cross-channel satellite fields in the program in the fields.

Information provided by fellow Ghassan Ben Jeddo detect the Ahmed Jibril that Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi did not kill al-Sadr did not give orders so revealing Ahmed Jibril, a close friend of al-Qathafii, that al-Qathafi asked several times about the fate of the chest….

The answers al-Qathafi that he did not know about his fate thing revealed Jibril in another surprise that the killer Musa Sadr is Musa Kusa head of external security Libyan formerly located in the State of Qatar after a brawl personal between him and Musa al-Sadr and make sure this confidential information by asking the President of Libyan intelligence previously Abdullah Sanusi and son al-Qathafi’s cousin Ahmed howitzer blood Gadaf-a-dam Asaad said Aboqilh.

Quoting private sources that Musa Kusa recently obtained Qatari citizenship and refused to Qatar handed over to Libya or to an international destination and seal Asaad Abu قيله saying is worth mentioning that Musa Kusa defected during the war led by NATO in support of the 17 February  CIA -led uprising to overthrow the regime of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and Moussa Koussa is now in Qatar.




from North Africa!
Marines after 6 hours from North Africa!
By News on Saturday, 27 April  2013 | 17:13

The Gaddafi International news agency.

Announced that the U.S. Defense Department that the Vanguards of the Marine Corps (Marines) that make up the strength of the band rapid intervention in North Africa have begun to reach Spain in an effort the U.S. government “to protect its citizens and facilities in the region.”

According to the network, “CNN” of America, will take the power of base “Moron” air south of Spain-based, allowing them to quickly access to North Africa on the grounds that the security risks are increasing since the attack that led to the killing of U.S. Ambassador in Libya Chris Stevens last September. expected to be such a force ready to move air through six hours from the moment of receiving the command, giving the Pentagon “a chance possess the ability to respond quickly to security risks,” and include tasks such forces to protect diplomatic missions and American citizens and rescue pilots who dropped their planes and the evacuation of American nationals when needed. was awarded the Spanish government final approval last Friday to deploy 500 Marines specializing in intervention and eight aircraft for a period of one year. Is expected to be completed and access all of the items within 30 days. The unit is composed of 225 troops specialist along with 225 soldiers run aircraft designed disposal unit, which could include “orders to carry out operations on the territory of countries without obtaining their consent.”

The U.S. Department of Defense has approved the formation of the unit early April this month and will be provided with six aircraft “In – 22” to move fast and light weapons and mortar in addition to equipment other individual will support the operations of clashes Ltd. and security functions. and put U.S. move several questions about the speed dial made by Washington and react very fast to the Government of Madrid, and this means that there is a real concern for the United States developments in North Africa, especially security ones, without specifying the center of this threat to American national security in the Maghreb, but the Spanish government’s recognition that the goal is “to respond to crises that may arise as a result of the Arab Spring” (..), gives half answer, especially since the issue geographically, confirming that the presence of the Marines at the base of Moron de la Frontera matter both from Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania because of geographical proximity, while the U.S. forces stationed in Italy and Greece covering Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

living area of North Africa, and regions of the Sahara and the Sahel, disorders security and unprecedented political, to the point opened the way for a number of questions about the Afghanization area and converted to “Ssahelstan”, re scenario of Afghanistan in the region, and the role of conflict, the American French about sharing “spoils of war” and riches that abound in the area at that. Returning to attack the French on Libya , and the war led by Holland Mali, and the U.S. military base in Niger, and repeated attempts to America establishment of AFRICOM” base “in one of the countries of the field, well-illustrated, according to experts, the path which placed the deployment of U.S. Marines in southern Spain.



Battalion Black day

Warning for Dr. Yusuf Shakir ... we received information that there is an ambush is to catch you in Turkey .. do not go to Turkey, no matter what happens and does not deal with the Turks, even in your … this is what we dictated duty and Ovaoua to months

I spent with us and we alerted the world. Yours Regards

(Admona 4)


Hazir … Warning …Warning

If Baghtk a thief and force you to spend his money from your bank account
Do not enter him in the controversy ……… Do not resist, you do not know what you would do, or what’s in store for you!!
All you need is to respond to him, but enter your PIN (upside down) For example: If your PIN number is 1254 enter that the machine is reversed, thus: 4521
At the moment they enter your number partially reversed emerge money
And get stuck in the machine
And more importantly, the Machine
Will be sent a distress message and ask for help to the police, the without Note thief to it.
I know that all ATM teller machines equipped with this feature
{Did you know this information … Publish it for the benefit of all} (girl Zliten)

حذير … تحذير … تحذير

إذا باغتك لص وأجبرك علي أن تصرف له نقودا من حسابك المصرفي
لا تدخل معه في جدال ……… ولا تقاومه ، فإنك لا تعرف ما الذي سيفعله بك ، أو ما الذي يخبئه لك !!
كل ما عليك هو أن تستجيب له ولكن أدخل رقمك السري (بالمقلوب) فمثلا : إذا كان رقمك السري هو 1254 فأدخله للماكينة معكوسا ، هكذا: 4521
في اللحظة التي تدخل فيها رقمك معكوسا ستخرج النقود جزئيا
وتنحشر في الماكينة
والأهم من ذلك أن الماكينة
سترسل رسالة استغاثة وطلب المساعدة إلي البوليس ، دون ملاحظة اللص لذلك .
واعلم أن كل آلات الصرف ATM مزودة بهذه الخاصية
{ هل كنت تعلم هذه المعلومة… انشرها ليستفيد الجميع } (بنت زليتن)


Oasis staff will stop production
By News on Saturday, April 27, 2013 | 15:23

The Gaddafi International news agency – the economy.

Contract Square Oasis meeting between staff and members of the union workers elected company Waha Oil has been discussing the most important outstanding issues such as taxes and building the headquarters of the company and the differences and consider the salaries that do not compare Party foreign and they decided that he will be setting a deadline for the NOC and the state does not exceed a month to you بتنفيد the
demands of users or oil will be stopped.

mentioned that Oasis is one of the participating companies and includes the National Oil Corporation and U.S. companies are ConocoPhillips, Marathon and Amerada Hess and an output of 300 thousand barrels per day.

Close the oil port of Harika Btabriq.




I had one of the heroes of steadfastness in the leadership of one of the tribes that refused treason and great Todh “Muammar”
Commander told me personally Miley has decided to write it:
He said that the commander at the crossroads of his teachers after revolutionaries that صافحنا all ​​sat down and talked a lot about death and train ways to confront it and that part is no doubt our e stop.
And said almost 1988 I was on a visit to China and the distance of time between the airport and the hostel almost within 20 minutes, during which I saw scenes show Bús the economic situation of the Chinese people
I saw people carrying pots of water on Dhorha, Dhour donkeys … etc. etc. views.
I asked the Chinese president said:
How to be China made ​​the atomic bomb, Alheidrojana and its people still suffer misery?
The Chinese president said meaning: Kpsona of belts on our stomachs and our own weapon to deter greedy in that war becomes ours field forces الطامعة.
He went to attend Commander: Where are we from it?
Now our brothers in the Gulf, riding and most luxurious cars and their heads in the ground and the Chinese riding donkeys and hugging their heads sky …….

2 Years ago, NATO killed Saf al-Arab and his 2 nieces and a nephew and neighbors too and destroyed his home, and pets, and we can go on & on non-stop describing the terrors of just one evening at meal-time 6PM…Lest we forget:

2 thoughts on “Mûr pour la victoire / Ripe for VICTORY

  1. Libya terrorized by more than 200 thousand invader mercenaries working for NATO and U.S. colonialist

    by alfatah69
    Libya terrorized by more than 200 thousand invader mercenaries working for NATO and U.S. colonialist The UN envoy to Libya denounces what everyone already knew: 200,000 mercenaries and international terrorists under the protection of NATO and the U.S. have taken over Libya ..equivalent to the entire British army .. Why? And who sent them there? Two years […]


    This video is suspended due to terms of service violation

    “dictator” again, really–Hah, hah! Al-Qaeda is their allie…Even AlZawari thanked USA today for her support!!! The West supplies them and works with them…They are the cause of the insecurity!! By placing NATO and France and USA, UK in these countries, all that is happening is a supply and support conway for the terrorists…

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