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Write to us goodness and happier our hearts,
Lord if you devotees waiting فرجا the soon Vbasharham,
And servants ask you heal Faffhm and devotees hope for mercy … Verhmanm,
And devotees hope on you to achieve the aspirations of not تخذلهم .. !

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Muammar is censored in FRANCE!


Mu exposes NATO's plan to destroy ISLAM

05 mai 2013 13:27
Peace be upon you, O great free Conqueror

Courtesy of Al Khaimah to channel all Liberal


music of Mohammad Hassan


الـسلام عــلــيـكــــــم يــــا أحــــرار الـفـاتــح الــعــظــيـــمأهداء من قناة الخيمة الى كل الاحرارMAXIM LIBYA

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Videos & PDF – Muammar Al Qaddafi – True People Power – Muammar Al Qaddafi: The Green Book – Gaddafi Green Book Part 1 to Part 3

Fri, 10/14/2011 – 08:31 — Arthur Cristian

The Cristian Family November 2006Watching these videos and reading Qaddafi’s Green Book demonstrate clearly how the world media is just a propaganda machine to push the agendas of the greedy masters of “The System”. The lies that we have been fed about the “cruel dictator”, Qaddafi, and the “hard lives” of the poor Libyans, or maybe “those hardened terrorists”, are staggering. Qaddafi removed himself from power around 1977 and since then, the people have had full control of affairs in Libya. Are they unhappy? Well, on the 1st July 2011, 95% of the population of Tripoli (1.7 million people) came out in protest at the NATO bombings of Libya. This represented about one third of the entire population of Libya.

It is interesting that one of the first acts of the monarchist-flag-waving “rebels” was to replace the state owned and controlled Libyan bank with a Rothschild controlled Central Bank. Now why would they want to replace a bank that charges 0% interest on loans, provides money for newly weds to buy a home, pays 50% of the cost of cars for Libyans, provides land, tools, livestock, seeds and financial assistance to those wishing to become farmers and pays for Libyans to go oversees if they need medical treatment that cannot be accessed in Libya, with a bank that creates money out of thin air, charges interest and provides none of the benefits described in the previous sentence?

The Libyans are still using a system and still living in ways that do harm to life but, with the power to choose how they live, they are in the perfect position to go back to nature and reclaim Libya to be the paradise it once was. As the first video says, ” If you have need, then you cannot be free.” The Libyans do not have need and they are probably living under the “free-est” system in the world. All they need to do to return to paradise is to let go of the harm doing.

It is no wonder that the powers-that-be (The Satanists/Freemasons led by the Levite High Priests) have decided that the time has come to destroy Libya. Pass these videos & PDF’s around. The more people see them, the more people will start to wake up to the fact that the media is just a lie spinning machine for those who want to keep us enslaved, poor and miserable.

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

~ ~ That InshaAllah, intention Bomenaar the for … Atqlbhm behind the Dar al ~ ~

Admona 6 …


Muammar al-Qathafi  showing his Lion’s Ring:

Mu 1980
Proceeding from the commandment of Our Living martyr, Muammar al-Qathafi, responded to them,,, “tomorrow The time Aiith is the Libyan us a new episode of the fall of the masks at the hands of the sons of the tent to disclose you the truth today who are sitting on the skulls of Libyans,,,”.

Be with us with the publication please.

Victory morning

And blessed Jmatkm O Great free!

al-Kamia 1

Why Quran singled green in several verses mentioning to you saying scientists about it?
Dear Brothers, which draws attention in the Koran, that the green color mentioned in several verses, green in particular is the color that gives pleasure within the human psyche, and raises joy which is green, so God made vegetation green color, this green space in the ground send a self-delight, so chosen clothes surgeons green, because the patient is about to undergo the process, this green dress, sends a cheerful.
Dear Brothers, which draws attention, that God Almighty, said the people of Paradise, and stated that the paradise of bliss, and reportedly green color in these verses, the believer when he chooses some colors, must be chosen in suggesting joy and happiness, this is a matter of self- , as the psychologists said: Glamour emitters.
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.


Mathieu (Authorized): One of the soldiers from foreign companies

Which entered into the land of Libya for the purpose of media and are in fact
Soldiers are trained well trained to fight with ranks Thoarhm “Thiar NATO” on the ground

The truth is that this name is fitting for this idiot, “the return of U.S. bull from Libya,,!

Back Thaer Americans from Libya
عودة ثائر أميركي من ليبيا American who joined Libyan fighters returns to US An American writer who went missing in Libya for months returned to the United


Salute to Youth Ben Guerdane:

Mu rustic 

Courtesy of the new song leader Muammar Gaddafi” how mountain constant and Les Principles” ‘- YouTube
Greeting to all Liberal Libyan Arab Jamahiriya bone Alachtrkih new musical work from the

artist Libyan Qadeer Seif El-Nasr to the brother of the hero and leader Umayyad commander thinker …



04 MAY 2013:

https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=340839719371383Dr. Yusuf Shakir intervention with the Voice of Russia on the Law of insulation 05/06/2013
مداخلة الدكتور يوسف شاكير مع صوت روسيا حول قانون العزل6.5.2013

05 MAY 2013:

Dr. Shakir writes:
“Liberals must be active ………….. The more positive
God blessed us with a channel Al Khaimah ………. It is a simple channel potential …… and this should help them financially – and the media

That should be prepared to publish videos on Channel
1 – Videos lies Jazeera and Al-Arabiya channel
2 – Videos of the People’s Armed Forces championships
3 – Videos for the actions of rats
4 – Videos of the most important programs that were broadcast on the channel and the Libyan Jamahiriya and youth

I’m doing now to prepare video for the martyrs of the People’s Armed Forces …. This is why counting on page constantly publishing ……….. Be the resistive and remove the cloak of laziness and watch the net ………….. And connect the voice.”

Proceeding from the Commandment of Our Living martyr, Muammar al-Qathafi, responded to them,,,

“tomorrow The time Aiith is the Libyan us a new episode of the fall of the masks at the hands of the sons of the tent

to disclose you the truth today who are sitting on the skulls of Libyans,,,”.

Be with us with the publication please.Victory morningAnd blessed Jmatkm O Great free!

His Excellency leader Bomenaar (FB Site):

Urgent and important please publishing ::

” all of the following battalions to listen to the voice of the moon and its completion:
Sirte battalion (300).
Battalion Bani Walid
Rishvana battalion
Battalion Sabha
Battalion العجيلات
Battalion Rkdalin
Western mountain battalion
Battalion Chiaan
Barrak battalion
Battalion Heathens
Battalion Tarhuna
Middle battalion
Battalion Tagora
Battalion المشاشية
Battalion Gheryan
Gemayel battalion
Battalion desert (bird Alababil)
Secret battalion Tigers
Battalion Moatasem (the son of Mujahid) 01.
Elite battalion (hand b)
Free and all battalions in all Libyan cities without exception … Wait for the voice of the moon to prepare for completion.
From Khokm General Saqr free Libya …. 01 And Khokm Saqr Niger

06 MAY 2013

on SATURDAY the 4th,  THIS CAME:

We received (NEW INSTRUCTIONS TODAY from Muammar al-Qathafi, Our Supreme Commander)….

1. All were approved military plans for the Liberation of Tripoli by Resistance Leader and the Supreme Commander of the Libyan army true: MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI, today.


Libya several and materiel strong men Ohaws of all the tribes of Libya honorable to the heart of one man and are determined to victory may begin the liberation of a city, but an army uniform stainless powerful of all free and honorable people of Libya and from all spectrums of the Libyan people and all the tribes are not entitled to any tribe that … achievement editing Libya on every other tribes are equal Resistance and the honor of editing.

3. News on the presence of Colonel (Abyssinian Abujeelh) in Germany for medical treatment after he suffered torture at the hands of militias and rumors that the Resistance in Tarhuna are plotted to kidnap (Abyssinian): We totally deny any relationship of the Resistance to the kidnapped Abyssinian.

4. Did not specify the zero hour after waiting the signal from some Resistance in some cities that still operates silently on the liberalization of their cities.

5. We ask all Libyans move away from a policy of revenge and reunification and unity and we have a complete and integrated lists all those who have committed crimes against Libyans will be arrested and they are under the eyes of the Resistance in each city.

6. All rats were threatened by Tarhuna today by telephone so as not to stand in front of green stream in order to preserve their lives and the lives of their sons and bloodshed just nothing else.

Dauatcm victory
Allah is the greatest !

posted by: “NATIONAL strange”


Dear viewers, today The time Aiith is the Libya episode shows us the massacre committed against the descendants of Nabi Mujahid well at the hands of criminal gangs Misrata in front of each of silence holds humanity, I hope until you reach publishing photographs of both blinded Altkhadl:

A word to the Libyan people at home …Speech to the Libyan people at home
كـلـمـة الـى الـشـعـب اللـيـبـي فـي الـداخل


Gunmen attack on what is called the Veterans Affairs Commission in Tripoli

Sabotage and cracking offices

And threats to the body’s headquarters in Benghazi;
Qatar lived! I mean the new Libya break the siege and the threat of cracking.

Peeping ČÓ ..
O God, the (“so-called”) “government” and the salvation of hibiscus:

Subtly threaten Tripoli, Long live free Libya:


Aptly named “tick”
Libya’s ambassador to Denmark, “Ibrahim Musa tick”:


Inventory corrupt Jamal al-Hajji:
Head of the puppet government exemption on Zaidane now and duty to losing a civil responsibility and trust:

Continued inventory Osama Kaabar, his position “Deputy Prime Almnschw the top NATO rebels Libya”

Note that Prime Almnschw the inventory is Sam Bin Humaid battalion commander of Libya Shield 1 of مغرر country ornately:


4 Minister’s resignation from the German government rats Abdul Girls sound Zaidane.

Urgent Hebrew through the channel

Almzraty Jewish ornately submit his resignation:

News reporter now:
Libyan Interior Minister / inventory Hoael offers his resignation.

Inventory despicable Maram Albuaiche ::

Shouted the news van ornately stipulated that the resignation of Defense Minister before him.,,,,,.
We are now in front of the name of homeland disaster actually deserve The Following even talk about them!!! ..

Hamid Naili
The Ministry of Defense is the largest force in the country
The defense minister resigned …. He said that the blockade distortion of democracy
The first time in the world that becomes the Ministry of Defense besieged by gangs
The meaning of this speech that he does not the army and do not defend originally.

Oh God smite Aldhalim Baldhalim.

URGENT / / / / Courts Complex and prosecutors Tripoli now …

Disorders and heated protests currently taking place in the courts and prosecutors Complex by workers and the staff because delayed descent of salaries and this was witnessed by the Ministry of Justice revolution Algahaar. Reason for the delay in salaries attributed to the continued sit-so-demagoguery by the militias “signatory signatory” siege of the headquarters of the ministry, which prevent the entry and exit of staff. And get frictions and clashes between the workers and the battalion in charge of guarding the seat of the Court of their desire to end the sit-in by force in the state of freedom and justice Alltalh .. Loss Aalibia.

URGENT / / / /

Dismissal of ornately officially …

80 out of 130 member member of Congress voted on the dismissal of Joseph chiselled and will be receiving applications for candidates for the job within one month from today …

Abdulwahab Ali مليطان, Channel correspondent Libya wicked.

Bisexual British F القماطي:
The resignation of the country’s government will go to chaos …

On the basis of back bent Aychen in committee:


Of Alamadag pages :: ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ :: /
After the implementation of the Law on Political insulation and isolation inventory Maqrif and Aotaigah inventory Bo will be funny (Saleh Almkhozom) is the head of the highest authority in Libya, and only then will discover many people they Amadag.

Insulation greet you … Ladder you defenseless … And tells the prophet tells prophet.
يسلم عليك العـــــــزل … سلم عليك العزل … ويقولك نبيك ويقولك نبيك .

Oh God, make guile to نحورهم … Will oust the government of Abu Amish.

Justice Minister the Salah Marghany inventory on the MTV channel in Libya in:

::. Ask the Prime Minister to change the ministry’s headquarters to any other city safe, because the situation is not pleased by a ministry is at a standstill and mortars and arms exists within the ministry of armed groups who stormed ministries.

Now in an interview on Channel Free Libya:

Mr. Jamal Shaban / member of the political insulation coordination:

“We can not conduct a referendum on the political isolation because if we had a referendum on the revolution of February 17, we find that most of the Libyan people reject them. The proof is what we saw Mleoniat the pro-Lqz AVI in the green arena.”

(His Excellency Leader)


Now it is in front of the meeting room Rixos Hotels for asylum Jermana ….. Conference Aalaotunai
And put some of the coffins of the Jtt rats and hanging on every Thabot image الجيفة Hchakm to try them and despair to remember the members of the Conference Allaotunai of the main reason p own words for their arrival on what they are now and not betray their blood and not allow the ousted (Hahah we ÇÍäÇ course Aaajabunh Hellbe Halfberarin ^ ^) b refer to the judgment p end their dreams and their hopes …… Anicolkm need unit ČÓ Muammar last breath
(Admowona 1)

Chairman of the Committee Defence Conference Allaotunai: 80% of the members agree to the sacking of the chief of staff Joseph carved …


Under siege and the threat of the General National Congress recognizes the law of political isolation from 09/01/1969 until 22/10/2011 tailored to specific people:

Attendance 163 out of 200

Abstention rate of 18%

Percentage of the vote on the law of the total attendance of 93%
Percentage of the vote on the law of the total members of 76%

And بهدا isolate the Libyan people, the entire body will run out by the law they will rule the country.
Admowoowona 1


Jews Mzrath and Qatar renew control over the state to Libya pussy through the law of the so-called political isolation

which the exclusion of all those who do not want diameter of rats.


The text of the law of political isolation:

Article (1)
Means the standards of public office controls to be committed to equal access to positions and functions year covered by the provisions of this law from the date of 01.09.1969 till date editorial 23/10/2011 AD and includes all of: – Category I: both took jobs in the former regime, from the following functions:
1. Members of the so-called Revolutionary Command Council in a coup in 1969 and the so-called Liberal Unionists and all the officers who was a member of the so-called Association of guys commander.
2. Social People’s Leadership Coordinators popularities level or at the state level.
3. Secretary of the General People’s Congress or his or Assistant Secretary of was a member of the secretariat, or took over the post of the Secretary of the municipal or popular.
4. Presidents and secretaries of organs or bodies or institutions of the so-called General People’s Congress or the General People’s Committee, the Council of Ministers, or the Revolutionary Command Council.
5. Prime Minister or the Secretary of the General People’s Committee or the Secretary as his assistant or a minister or secretary of the Popular Committee public sectors qualitative or Assistant Secretary them or writer in the GPC or the General People’s Committees quality, or the Secretary of the Popular Committee for the municipality or popular or faithful to one of the committees People for the popular sectors.
6. Both served as ambassador or secretary for public office or permanent representative of Libya to the one international or regional bodies in all competencies or inherent existed chores or consul years.
7. Both took over the function of the Secretary of the popular committee or dean of the University or his or Assistant Secretary-year-old writer.
8. Both took over the post of Chief of the Internal Security Agency, external security or military intelligence or security battalions or was a director of one of their departments or head to one of the squares or security was the head of a political offices or military security devices.
9. Heads of student unions at home or abroad that fall under the General Union of Libyan students.

10. Both took a leadership position relevant institutions Muammar Gaddafi beds or was a partner in any business for them.
11. Members and staff of the Liaison Office committees and revolutionary coordinators Almthabat revolutionary or members of teams revolutionary work or convoys revolutionary or extraordinary courts and members of the so-called بالراهبات Raat, presidents and members of the Revolutionary Guards and the heads and members of committees cleansing and leaders Guard popular in senior management, branches and all who participated in the management of forums revolutionary.
12. Both took a job manager or general manager or researcher at the research centers and the Green Book studies and lecturers runway green or a leading role in one of the media organizations.
13. Both presided over the corner of the armed forces or was commanding the defensive zone or president or commander to body or institution or military device.
14. Both belong to international organizations threatening the territorial integrity of Libya or take violence alone approach her. The second category includes his behavior is contained in the following points:
1. Civilians who collaborated with the security services and collaborating proven violation of human right.
2. All of it reiterates the glorification of Gaddafi regime, or call the Green Book, whether in different media or talking direct to the public.
3. Both took a position hostile to the revolution 17 Fberar already, incitement or material support.

4. Both have committed or contributed in any way in the murder or imprisonment or torture of Libyan citizens at home and abroad for the benefit of the system.
5. Both the act of seizure or damage to public property أوالخاصة during the previous government for political reasons.
6. Each of involvement in the looting of the Libyan people’s money or enriched on its own account or get wealth and assets at home and abroad unlawfully.
7. Both had an activity or product of scientific, artistic or intellectual, religious or cultural or social order to glorify Muammar Gaddafi or his regime or promoting the alleged reform project (what is known in Libya of tomorrow).
8. Each of religious discourse used to support or legitimize the rule of Gaddafi, his actions, or considered revolution of February 17 out of obedience to the ruler and Gahr so.

Article (2) –
Jobs that may not covered in the previous article attached:
1. Chairmanship and membership of the legislative or regulatory bodies or foundation at the state level or the local level.
2. Sovereign functions of the state.
3. Executive functions from the post of head of state or head of government and even the position of Director of Management at the national level or local level.
4. Chairmanship and membership of boards of directors and executive or administrative functions or control of the position of Director and above in management bodies and institutions, banks and public companies and investment wholly or partly owned Libyan state or one of its institutions, whether exercised its activity inside or outside the country.
5. The membership of one of the judicial bodies.
6. Leadership positions in security and military institutions.
7. Ambassadors and delegates to international and regional organizations and other diplomatic functions and technical protocols.
8. Chairmanship and membership of the governing bodies of the parties or institutions or organizations of a political nature.
9. Presidency universities and academies, colleges and higher education institutions.
10. Financial observers.
11. Leadership positions in various media and publishing.

Article (3)
Established under the provisions of this law enforcement agency called the body standards of public office enjoys legal personality and independent financial disclosure be based in the city of Tripoli and have to establish branches or offices in other cities depending on the circumstances.
Article (4)
Chairman and members of the Commission are and responded in a decision the National Transitional Council No. 16 of 2012 on the nomination of the President and members of the Supreme Council for the Elimination of the application of the criteria set forth in Article I and conditions set forth in Article V that the Council’s nomination of fallen membership and supports the decision of the National Congress year. Article (5)
Whoever called for the membership of the Commission:
1. To be of Libyan nationality.
2. To be known for his integrity.
3. Not below the age of thirty-five calendar years.
4. Not be sentenced to a court of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
5. Should not have been issued against the decision of dismissal from a job unless it is for political reasons.
6. Not belong to any political party or entity.
7. Be receipts a degree in law and above.

Article (6)
Swear by the President and members of the Commission directly by their oath of office in front of the General National Congress, as determined by the Conference.
Article (7)
Choose the members of the Commission in first meeting يعقدونه the vice-president of the body, including, as shall issue decrees and regulations concerning organization of the administrative and financial functioning body is the special budget adopted by the General National Congress upon the submission of the President of the Commission.

Article (8)
In case the positions of Chairman of the replace his deputy misplaced and proceed with all powers conferred by the head of the law until the appointment of a new president.

Article (9)
Subject Chairman and members of the Commission to subject his members of judicial bodies in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 6 of 2006, on the justice system in terms of the disciplinary investigation and raise the criminal case, and enjoy judicial immunity granted to the judiciary so that it is not permissible to raise the criminal case against them or interrogated only by a decision of General National Congress granted permission to do so, and in the case of conviction, a member of virtue or a final decision or vacancy of office for any other reason the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies to nominate alternative adopted by the General National Congress resolution

Article 10
For the right to investigate متقلد office or employment or nominee and request information or data as it deems necessary and it should require the person concerned to hear his words and check his defense provided in writing or orally and have to use all necessary means to investigate the validity of the information and the decisions referred to in the first article as well as her the use of those who deem appropriate in the performance of its functions.

Article 11
The Authority referred to in Article III application of the criteria set forth in Article I of incumbents and positions, as well as the candidates have in accordance with the provisions of this law and the authority to issue a reasoned decision and take the decisions of the half of its members plus one application of these standards or not during the period of up to twenty-one days from the date of receipt of the Commission for the financial disclosure form and CV Mstofin data and documents provided to them.

Article 12
May stakeholders to challenge the decisions of the Authority before the Department of Administrative Judiciary Court of Appeals, which is located in her office or employment issue a decision within ten days from the date of announcing them from the affiliates and separates the Judicial Department administrative appeal within twenty-one days from the date the appeal without going through the procedures to prepare should be included vocabulary decision and the basis upon which before deciding the appeal and may foes appeal the ruling issued by the Department of Administrative Justice to the Supreme Court within ten days from the date of announcing them to be on the Supreme Court broadcast on the appeal within one month from the date of filing the appeal and the litigants filing their stories through Mead described above.

Article 13
The Authority shall issue its decisions concerning the application of standards positions and public functions according to the rules and procedures contained in the Regulations issued by the organization of its work.

Article 14
Prohibits the Chairman of the Commission and members of the Commission and its staff divulging any secrets, information or data and reached them on the occasion of their work or to the body for any reason to be a public decisions and their causes and punishable by dismissal violates it.

Article 15
Must متقلد the position or function or the advanced filtration to provide the questionnaire prepared by the Commission after completed by including the self-recognition of a detailed biography and discharged by the financial pledge to bear all legal responsibilities for the validity of such data ممهورا signature and fingerprint.

Article 16
Exception to what is stated in the third Supreme Council for the Elimination of the application of the criteria mentioned in Article first members of the judiciary.

Article 17
Without prejudice to any more severe penalty provided by law shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one year each of the Palace declined or neglected or given incorrect information within the questionnaire prepared by the Commission who are covered by the provisions of this Act and shall be punished with the same punishment any employee or person declined to provide the Board or enable them to see any evidence or documents or documents in his possession or under his disposal or reject the assistance or has destroyed or withheld and shall be punished with the same penalty both continued in his work or his position despite the applicability of the criteria set out in advance in this law it

Article 18
This law shall be for a period of ten years from the date of entry into force.

Article 19 This law after one month from the date of issuance and shall be canceled every rule is contrary to him and published in the Official Gazette. 05/05/2013 National Congress. M. Tripoli


(Inventory Bisexual Touati life:

Back armed militias to lay siege to the Ministry of Foreign # Libya after withdrawing its mechanisms for hours before the adoption of the law of political isolation #)


(THIS CREATES an “ELITE” CLASS who rule and Run LIBYA. It excludes 80% of all Libyans, and the 20% left are either mamed-for-life, hospitalised, incarcerated, or traitors and thieves working for  the Yankees/NATO with duel nationism…)

Escape inventory Makhlouf Shawarma after being targeted on Wednesday, three times in succession on the same day ((targeted in the morning in front of Shell gasoline and shot sniper pierced stretcher and escaped from Alcan and Hua afraid … On the same day when he discovered a bomb-making manual ((mean Ka riding Lin inspects car)), and the third time chasing and chasing and shooting at his car from the thirtieth to the center of the country and is now out of Sirte and reported presence in Mzrath and there are those who say he was out of the country ..

Rat Makhlouf Shawarma went to Turkey for a training course in security.

Inventory member national conference, but for the city of Tobruk (Tawfiq الشهيبي) said via telephone to channel جردان to Libya first says: –

– What happened today inside the conference hall national Baamtiaz policy.

– If prolonged God in my life after these statements I will direct you to meet with the media to uncover a lot of facts ..

– Surprise us quickly Rating and an F Aotaigah attempt to pass a very serious things in haste and speed … And try to put pressure on members to vote indirectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Sam bin Ahmid and now Boktef in Tripoli his own agenda and I am responsible for my words Blcaml ready to face

– Chief of Staff of Qatar Hua stir the military leadership in Libya and ornately just a fantasy has no powers.

– There are serious Sakhvha things to you on Tuesday,
Qatar lived click رؤسكم the O جردان,.


Dinner bill, Minister of Economy Jermany up to 458.500 Libyan dinars!!

Libya free Oh rats,,,






Aaaaaaaaaaagel Jaddaaaaa

Contemptible inventory in Libya Allacanuto of Faraj Aboukhcam declares channel Misrata Jews (Gardens of Misratah) now now
Fell banner of disbelief fell banner arrows today, the law of political isolation cut way back to the era of defunct law of political isolation hostel sex to follow the defunct law political isolation law Cyan sent angels to Rescue the Libyan people from predators and climbers law of political isolation select those who are most entitled Libya actually a word, , what would you say Aahamzh Thami today yesterday ماقلته will not find it today, you will not find a place to تقبر your body dirty, you and people like you, O ugly despicable clown, what would you say are coming!!!??? Coming Jttt the fire and Garbage dumps!! Will be in Libya soon Asham devil in paradise, your children and destroy will نطردهم or make them Atbroon you and your tribe will abandon to the origin of understanding of the Kurds and not Libyan O dwarf funny, Dart you circle O followers buried ye arrivals and your Almkhnth taking place in hormones immorality and prostitution, today was killed last Amanicm Dear dreamers tykes to return ………..

(Admoowona 1)



م Tawfiq الشهيبي
Mohammed Sawan was president of the Chamber of Commerce
The Brotherhood refused to be covered by insulation
(The main الادمن)


Libya’s new democracy …
Inventory exposure corrupt Mohammed Aujali presenter of an exclamation mark on Libya Pussy radio this morning beaten and insulted in his car by two unidentified was a threat with a weapon and his tongue cut out.
Long live Libya threatened, kidnapped and killed.

. All capabilities under NATO planes or on women in Libya that are assaulted every day by NATO gangs:


the owner of the conspiracy theory client Bisexual abnormal sexually Musa Kusa, who became the country and became drawn to Qatar and their tails how to sow discord and disunity and division within Libya, yes Musa Kusa, which lifted its name from the Interpol intervention diagonal is the mastermind of Maihzt now, it Tkhala his honor and manners will not care Ptzmir his homeland, Did you know ضالتكم O Libyans now.

From Qatar isolate? What you see Pawn which is nearing expiration in the field of employment and betrayal … which was سيستغنى in banana state planned to continue the work ….. Who’s next?????? ……………. In Libya is a Almelcaat to
(Admowona 1)

Enemy surrender

(Kingdom of treason)

How you Hakra O princes Alandalh, how unbearable your body, this disease my father inhabited kilometers suffering minds of the tumor’s parents penetration where, Do you think that your Kingdom can live where the man of God has given reason and our honor and dignity, dear الواهمون state mean the Kingdom of the palaces of paper, Aazaame Kingdom dark you تسبحون in the Sea does not have the water, and build towers refuses to wise up to enter because the fate of collapse and it’s built in order to organize the so-called rule my father actuation by some princes Alandalh and Ribaldries, how much you are sick, and how much you are crazy, God created every disease medication,

but Dakm You are not a cure, Zain you Hitankm you Stgmon human beings make sure the Christians and the Jews, they are difficult to قهرهم and defeat them, but stressed knead history parents سطره this people’s blood, Do you think that you are Jews and Christians are able to Tsagto man nomad reared on the authenticity of the Arabs brought him the desert to criticize the people of bandits and you you Iaamra impurity, how dreams stupid and show Jhlkm but emphasizes ye are not of this people, this people, his weapon is not bombs, tanks and aircraft, weapons theism, his weapon steadfastness and patience, his weapon challenge, his weapon victory for upholding the word of God, his weapon victory for the religion of God , his weapon Koran parents do not تحفظونه, his weapon blood parents irrigated soil of his country, disarmed their leader’s parents Ttohmon he leads the people only, he leads the peoples and nations of the Atarafo even their language,

I felt oppressed nations in this man’s deliverance from the injustice of salvation from slavery victory for the religion of God, you did not Anspkm one kings or princes of this people, but Nspkm infidels and Jews, either this leader has installed by the nations and peoples it called a king and a leader and a leader and prime But I As a citizen of the Kingdom of this commander, Vansbh and nominal (winner of the religion of God), O princes boobies, I did not see a play longer of Msarhatkm, theatrical laugh dumb, but I heard that the director decided to terminate, because he felt that this topic kingdom inhabited by these princes only gone all its citizens and unwilling one that is inhabited, because it is a prison dark does not have the elements of a normal life, but is more like a forest inhabited by creatures unidentified, non- natural ……….. bring you good tidings of Iaamra infidelity,,,, your Kingdom and collapsed walls and crashed there are crowds coming to congratulate its fall Fastt the to receive them.


(Admoowona 1)

Urgent agency Akhbarbrgah, 

Urgent agency Akhbarbrgah, tenderly says it will burn Capital Tripoli the financial end the succession and the siege of ministries .. hope circular….

Burka says it will burn capital Tripoli that did not end the succession and the siege of ministries ..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel … غوقه now on the so-called channel Libya’s international say … that the conference Allaotunai lost its legitimacy because it buried the people’s will and Talat members, unfortunately, are not men, because they were afraid of the handful Mlishat and exported the law of political isolation as you like militias and they also want the Muslim Brotherhood and also want to Qatar .. . and I no longer believe Balmutmr nor resolutions nor legitimacy ... and call on the Libyan people to go out and revolution to take up arms….
(The main الادمن)
(| الادمن office)

OCCUPIED Defence Minister


Today Khaatrin Ali.. My word is their judgment today Khaatrin Ali..

Sirte and Rafla the Trbuls Tarhuna Gemayel العجيلات, honorable Rishvana angle Misratah Sabha infidels janzour and the Rishvana.

All the tribes of Libya, I’m sure if نطقوا they said we missed me calm and security and safety …!

Spokesman for the Libyan tribes loyal to Gaddafi for “liberty”: battalion “Men of the current situation & qu
Revealed a spokesman for the Libyan tribes loyal to Libyan Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, name Hashemi assets,

that a Libyan battalion dubbed “Men circumstance prese …




A Admnah page الجيفة Zeeuw returned to his mind and returned to the legitimacy and this

was written by the Post, so he الإدمن main delete it and delete the Post. Schenk Damouktria.

أحد أدمنية صفحة الجيفة زيو رجع لعقله ورجع للشرعية وقام بكتابة هذا البوست، فقام الإدمن الرئيسي بحذفه وحذف البوست. شينك ديموقطرية.




Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi:

“You can imprison my body, but not my soul. Therefore, I remain free. I remain fighting. I remain a live. And one day, as sure as the sun sets on our foreheads, I will march through the streets of Tripoli, holding the flag of the mighty free Libya in my right hand, singing the national anthem of my people! And we will all scream out in unison: we a are free!!! we a are free!!! we are freeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!”


Electricity 2

URGENT / / /

Will be separate power supply in all aspects of the Libyan tomorrow
From 6 am to 6 pm by the staff of the public electricity company who were beaten by criminal militias.

First images of militias signatory signatory is attacked and hit the electricity company staff because they want accountability Muslim Brotherhood Awad Barasi former minister and want Accounting Muslim Brotherhood Ali Amehariv and current Minister of Electricity:

Unemployment in Libya more than rabbits reproduce due to suspension of all projects and interests of the people ….. due to the instability and lack of security.

Last night Maatouk Msterh were abducted by armed militias, self-styled battalion May 28.



Special: the so-called battalion deployed air defense forces around the water tank which feeds the tourist Sir Tripoli water after a failed attempt to blow it up by unknown assailants.

9 was liberated from Tris light last night from inside a prison in the city of five.
Tribute to Black light /

Now, on-going:  The decisive battle between Zintan and Misrata rats in Tripoli!

Convoy continued to بوحليقة forces up to the beach now…


The clashes that occurred when Zahra bridge between Salah Badi rats and Zintan.

URGENT …… God on what Shahid say ….
Now in Zahraa bridge between security committees and Zahra with the military junta was Demir two transport vehicles for the Army National ……

Aaaaaaaaaaagel …
Quoting a gateway to Libya Libya Gate

Did we tell you that the role of Jay to remove Zintan!

What happened today when Zahra Bridge …

Ornately move the group Fourth Brigade camp Azizia and Daru gate under the bridge Zahra on Whitaigo traffic and Bichdo xanthan bash provokes Zintan in skirmishes Arefaan that Zintan not tolerate injustice and so the situation is like a war between Zintan and tribe and Rishvana canceled meeting tomorrow to vote on the dismissal of carved at the National Conference but the plan was revealed this topic has been burning all cars who ornately follow in the Dalk place after تعديهم the passing of the city of Zintan …

جردان Zintan now and with them Atadinm arms P island الدريبي and are arrested each of is Rishvana the hope الحدر the Aahl and Rishvana….

(The main الادمن)

Violent armed clashes and bloody between Qaqaa Brigade and brigade Rishvanah in the and Rishvana the region led to the deaths of two people and wounding others.

FLASH hope circular off …

جردان Alzenthavil in island الدريبي and are arrested everyone is cautious and Rishvana hope my parents, Rishvana and young people especially hope circular off.


Urgent Jaddaaaaaaaaaa
Death Kkly person at the gate and Rishvana and wounding Rajabana in his foot and was captured from the corner 2.

Clashes between جردان of Zintan Qaqaa battalion and the Black and Rishvana city and Rishvana
Hlha O, Rishvana and I ask one Liberal increases Aokdna of the p News.

Was liquidated inventory /
{Amjad Gate} Bjant the Tadjourah Bridge shortly before a one جردان the booklet النواصي

Our response: one battalion جردان killed النواصي country named Amjad Al Ghaith near the bridge Tajora by unknown assailants.

Mail page

Violent clashes between Qaqaa xanthan rats and between brigade Rishvana in
City and Rishvana now
Colonel Suleiman Alcadekke the exposure for deliberate Maholhguetl after trying to login to the camp of him … and Dalk because of the delay in salaries has been shooting it heavily to اكنه survived scarcely …. note of that Suleiman Alcadekke of the Hua brother collected Alcadekke the father was blown up months ago, Gamal Abdel Street Nasser.

Greeting Hlha /

Crime of Libya There is no power except God Almighty
Manar Abdul Salam girl Kezimh hijacked since the four days was found dead and her head is separated on Jtaatha after been raped Aljtah to found on Sea Jaddaam and found her brother and her cousins ​​news Mer in the water.

Entered into a new area, lattice and other western regions from the city العجيلات in civil disobedience since Thursday, where shops were closed and that a rejection of the existence of the so-called Libya Shield in their note that most of its members from outside the city and are causing problems and harm to the population.

Killing the young Mahmoud Alcor in front of his home at the hands of extremist Mlisheh called Knights janzour evening at seven and a half, and the people of the region surrounded the headquarters of Almlishh required to deliver the killer.

Militias still controls a prison Jendouba Pegrean, which led to the judicial police will not return to their

previous work and suspension of the court and prosecutors for fear of armed militias and the fate of the detainees at the mercy of these criminals.

Central surrounded an angle Tripoli Street by militias.

Urgent ::: Tripoli shooting sporadically in random street corner now.

Before a few self-styled front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs …

Almuammh Zaidane in the valley and who before the ministry group in the valley last Iltkm Lance Aaturablsé:

This is what has become today in the General Electric Company / / / /

Event in front of the Ministry of Electricity P by Soane ..

Staff sit-peacefully bash Aanho back, they call them بالازلام headed inventory Musrati the company P suddenly Jtahm the battalion armed and seemed aimed at them!! Default Anktaf Anktaf, and who bruised bruised, and who the most suitable most suitable, and who انضرب انضرب!!

A little while ago,,, in Habib Abu Arguibh Avenue very large demonstration against Asiraail and waving pictures Nazlin Champions Saddam Hussein al-Majid, Bashar al-Assad and Muammar Gaddafi … a tribute to the revolutionary forces Almnazlh Arab nation in order to-

Too far Ashbakat in Venus Bridge and reached us information, saying that there are citizens lose burn Gate and 4 cars for Army Alaotunai.



Surveying trees in the complete absence of organs February phantom … Not considered but forest land is not a king but the state is surveyed and subdivided and sold under the pretext that it inherited family .. Happened in the Qara bule, Alqoaah, pomegranate pressures, especially the recent operation which got in forests Alqoaah before the gate on the right Btgah Tripoli was through antique uprooting Srol trees in an area of more than seven hectares approx. Were surveyed and sold
عمليات مسح الاشجار في غياب تام لاجهز فبراير الوهمية … لا تعتبر غابات لكنها اراضي ليس ملك الا للدولة يتم مسحها وتقسيمها وبيعها بحجة انها ورث عائلي .. حدث في القره بولي والقويعة وغوط الرمان وخاصة العملية الأخيرة والتي حصلت فى غابات القويعة قبل البوابة على اليمين بتجاه طرابلس وتم من خلالها اقتلاع اشجار السرول العتيقة فى مساحة تتجاوز السبع هكتارات تقريباً . تم مسحها وبيعها





Car bombing of the so-called ordered to shield Libya Brigade city of Derna submitted Adnan Alnobar, by unknown people.



Are, facilities ينهم, who is resigned whom PS / / / /

ÚÇÇÇĚá ((resignation of Prime Utilities Commission and member of the National Congress of Tobruk ((exiled Mohammed))

The news agency – Tripoli – reporter
Inventory member national conference, but for the city of Tobruk (Tawfiq الشهيبي) said via telephone to channel جردان to Libya first says: –

– What happened today inside the conference hall national Baamtiaz policy.

– If prolonged God in my life after these statements I will direct you to meet with the media to uncover a lot of facts ..

– Surprise us quickly Rating and an F Aotaigah attempt to pass a very serious things in haste and speed … And try to put pressure on members to vote indirectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Sam bin Ahmid and now Boktef in Tripoli his own agenda and I am responsible for my words Blcaml ready to face

– Chief of Staff of Qatar Hua stir the military leadership in Libya and ornately just a fantasy has no powers.

– There are serious Sakhvha things to you on Tuesday,
Qatar lived click رؤسكم the O جردان,



A Kberjadda convoy of armed vehicles up to Bright Star University Brega now.

Colonel Mohammad Bogfer, ordering all Burqa Brigades to move Brega on Monday, 07/05/2013

Forces and convoys of military vehicles, armored vehicles and tanks gather now in Brega

and still the crowds of Libya rebels clump of Cyrenaica, South and Central Libya and the clear direction of these convoys to the capital…



Who entered the frame for Barak with is the beach from Misratah and Lipo national reconciliation?

Where were you day march Aashidad reunion prospects
Disclaimer convoy who entered Barak with is the beach from Misratah and Lipo national reconciliation?
Where were you day march Aashidad reunion prospects

According to sources, the initial and our response now that the convoy who entered Barak with is the beach from Misratah and National Reconciliation Day Lipo.



Parents and Elders Tawerghae declare in a STATEMENT




Shell landed on one of the mosques in the city of Surman in the past two days fall on the shell house in Rabaian and thankfully there were no injuries ….


The fall of the shell on one of the of mosques in the the city of Sorman in the the past two days fall of shell Ali a house in the Rabaian and Praise be to God the lack the occurrence of any injuries mankind ….



Abduction of young Ahmed Diab in front of his college ..



100% certain news ..
Three killed last night of tribe Alforjan ((family Alsoadeg)) after the launch of Apple machine gun bullets and Klashen of a white Toyota Hilux car flying the flag of Al Qaeda
It is likely perpetrators of the Al Qaeda group process: the Beards Almqmlh..

Colonel inventory / Saleh Mubarak Partridge
Red shut down the valley and the road leading to Sirte, and it demands federalism because الموتمر is the National no longer represents the Libyans ..

.Shahid Siddiq Ali Abdullah Marzouq Almaadana, .. One of the martyrs of the city of Sirte:

Sirte tile martyrs … No. 2 Ezz

The picture shows condominium residential area .. No. 2 famous:




Federation of Arab # Benghazi what to say:
Tariq البرغثى
Urgent ..
Cyrenaica where his men were they to go to seal the border of the valley Rouge or they wearing Qonat of non Kilutat and stay in their homes and wait for the Turks Rouge [Misratah] Insaf men ..
End ..



Benghazi SLUTS:

Rat Tariq Aekroch who on the right of the picture
Is one of the members of the Committee in charge under the auspices of NATO rebels (Benghazi injuries) in “Rome” hanging around in bars is the rest of the rats.
Win this cattle Wloskm the Libyan O ….

What happens customs management .. News about militias took control of it based on instructions from the Fawzi Abu shoulder,
Based surrounded the mechanisms and storm Per offices.

Now over the city of Benghazi:

Benghazi Depot fire

Three killed after a fire broke out oil depot in Benghazi

Three people were killed on Monday evening, following the exposure of the oil depot Arabian Gulf area Alkwyfah to fire.

Fire broke out as a result of the fusion of some of the company’s fuel tankers, killing him this fire because try Althamhen with high temperature.

Solidarity News Agency

Urgent …….. Benghazi and back-stricken New clashes of tribal battles.


  •  Urgent:
    Talk about the news of explosions in # Benghazi this news coincided with the witnesses saw the lights like lightning associated with the passage of an aircraft flying high
    We hope to have any information let us know….
    Benghazi news we received just stating that the explosion happened Sabri area near the bank.


Violent clashes two hours ago to now in Buhedama area near a school Tabuk between two families, the family of mouse and Buhmaid family with light and medium weapons and proceeds to now two cases of parties ÇŃĚćÇ all live near the area and did not return to his home to take caution.
The assassination of the first lieutenant (Fadl Alkkly) is called a whole discipline of the Marines shortly before the front of his house.

URGENT :: been killed preferred Alkkla Ammersria discipline Jerdanih the Emceh naval special forces in Benghazi.

Rebel inventory called Belkacem cabled
The random بالرماية Hospital in 1200
Cause the death of his brother at the hands of someone فاخري

As a result, most of the doctors out of the hospital and objected to working conditions, demanding Benghazi Security Directorate to provide security for them ..
Long live Libya safety and security.

Killed Lieutenant Rat “preferred Alkkla” commander of the secret discipline b subsidiary of Marine special forces and knead when he came out of his house
B Hospital neighborhood Republic … When the car unknown
Send a hail of bullets killed him …

A picture of a place assassinate Lt. inventory “preferred Alkkla” commander of the secret discipline Affiliated Marines Special Forces men’s northern axis under aircraft Alinto …
Oh God, make guile in نحورهم




For publication and dissemination on all pages and sites where it was

God, you and impotence impotence of God on anyone who follows Aaamal أسرئيل

Politics a dirty game and ماتحت the table above.

To Ataatnagulwa the news you see now a happy joyful ongoing media war:

the Arabs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf and Atkonowa feather floats in a sea of flags of the sons of Zion.

O us wonders commanded the
Insipidus were referred Taliani Antichrist just Hospital heart بتاجوراء to Tripoli Medical Center.

Rat Ghariani traveled to Tunisia:


GHARIANI fake Mufti

Urgent ..
Benghazi and explosions love story end hear Anfjarkberjadda of Jeht by Searbalqrb from the neighborhood Sabri
(Admoowona 1)

Urgent …….. Benghazi and back-stricken New clashes of tribal battles

Violent clashes two hours ago to now in Buhedama area near a school Tabuk between two families,

the family of mouse and Buhmaid family with light and medium weapons and proceeds to now

two cases of parties ÇŃĚćÇ all live near the area and did not return to his home to take caution.


URGENT: – A Libyan official: Chadians incursion and news of a kidnapping.

Libyan official said Monday that the strength of the Chadian army moved into the south of the country about 150 kilometers to the city Murzuq, referring to the news of her abduction one of the princes of the Libyan armed battalions.

Tabu in Kufra

URGENT / / /

The clashes today between the Chadian army and the forces of Tabu.

Reported clashes in the southern regions between Chadian forces and armed groups.

This has been clashes in the area of ​​Mount Klnjh which is more than 380 km southwest of Kufra, according to preliminary information that there are dozens of dead and wounded and prisoners brought three of them to kill me this evening for the Rbeana 170 km west of Kufra and there is information unconfirmed reports the occurrence of a large number of prisoners during the battle and during the failed coup suffered by Idriss Deby in the past few days and these prisoners of Chadian opposition has Zbtt them identity cards Libyan forged cards rebels seal and logo of the Ministry of Defense and the Chadian government in connection with the publication of reports to prove it, which will put Libyan government in an embarrassing situation because they denied the existence of elements and exercises Chadian opposition on the territory of the south Libyan They do not know Boukfalla things that occur at the border because they are short of اوجود in the south Libyan not aware of the situation they had reached the ports wild South.
(Admowona 1)
Urgent ….. Heathens

Event from now, two hours before the clashes powerful between the army الجرداني the total of the Chadian and gang described in which heavy weapons used at the point of Market Street clash reason that the army had arrested a member of these groups accusing him of بخروقات security and murder …. Chadian Vaardt the rest of the group ridding and fought the tale … And now there very alert … was stepping on 3 جردااااااااااااااااااااااااااان

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel very ……… Source .. Sabha now | Sebha Now:

Spokesman for the military governor of the South customary Mr. Saad told Anatolia sustenance Chadian penetrated 150 kilometers on the border Murzuq.



A fire broke out at Manshia in Sabha has caused serious damage to the shops for stretchers and human damage:


Shave now warplanes and a low level on the City Jufrah …




A picture of a traffic accident in Tel Aviv Libya Mzrath and specifically Hamad Palace today morning, this good Elly Tderoa the the Jews, brutally honest of you.

A message to all those who say Misratah all traitors and جردان the love we say Look Pictures tanks in the streets of our city prisoner’s militias and judge for yourself if this occupation الجرداني the at how Medintm was your attitude that Misratah Mtlha metal Palestine ruled by force of arms and love Nicololkm the Lada was Misratah all جردان the Lechcity ​​streets full of tanks and weapons Jerdanih Lada was We all جردان the Fleche Jardan Ikhafo people of the city???
I hope the answer.
Khokm God spring Masrati.
(Admoowona 1)

Bilal Libyan military forces belonging to the People’s Armed men Aahdo
Soldier Libby is Agrger in the last moments Mtkhana wounds within the city of Misrata unites God Besbapth the gang says it February اتقول (Muammar)?? And Acefonh is on his deathbed, but dates back more than once raised his index finger with fade standardization of words on his lips and lasts perpetrators بسبه the and curses him and slapped a last throes united.

جندي ليبي وهو يغرغر في اخر لحظاته مثخنا بجراحه داخل مدينة مصراتة يوحد الله بسبابته فتقول له عصابات فبراير اتقول (معمر) ؟؟ ويصفعونه وهو على فراش الموت لكنه يعود اكثر من مرة يرفع سبابته بالتوحيد فيما تتلاشى الكلمات من على شفتيه ويستمر الجناة بسبه ويشتمه وصفعه وهو يلفظ انفاسه الاخيرة موحدا



Green Channel :: News

Tunisian citizen killed by a live gunshot in the Libyan city of Zuwarah by one of the members of the armed militias and Tunisian media is a strong accent on his death

Libyan blood ((اشبعوا Bayhoum O Tunisians Mesh stood with them with regards to free Tunisia stood with right)).




Cut the road between Tripoli and Gharyan Alamadhok the them, “Jerhh” to protest the lack of interest by the puppet government to improve their situation as they say,




Ivory (Bani Walid) :: Social Council of the City of Bani Walid Condemns Israeli Alaadaon on Syria and calls

for 12 hour demonstration tomorrow in front of the center of Bani Walid.

MUAMMAR al_QATHAFI’s Message to USA & ISRAEL in 1982:

Muammar al-Qathafi’s message to America and Israel

Complete speech, 13:31 minutes

A mercenary يبيي the new are trampling upon in the land of honorable (Assad’s Syria) …

“Mohammad Wali” from the Rishvana of Libya … Then stepping on it this morning in Deir ez-Zor … He also stepped with his cousin (Abdulhafeez) …

USA ordered the Israeli air bombing of Demascus!!!

What is Israel’s role at this stage?
The answer:
Israel bombed Syria on the orders of the White House, because the United Nations or the League of Nations failed to pass a resolution to ban and aerial bombardment of the Syrian Arab Army .. And Israel do so now as a result of fear the U.S. from the near collapse of the terrorists in Syria, “rats” and Israel is doing the same role played by France during the war on Libya and Israel soon to ensure passage of the resolution in the United Nations or taken on the part of one party by the U.S. side arguing arming the opposition or the like, they will be bombed Syria even before the announcement of the decision in the media.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and thankfully

Israel’s Channel Ten acknowledged the fall of two Israeli air strikes

Israel’s Channel Ten has admitted the fall of two Israeli air strikes one of them unmanned fighter and the second type (F-16), during the approaching aircraft on the Syrian border after and Ajhthma the Syrian air defenses, or any information about the missing pilot Colonel pilot in the army of occupation “Benjamin Sonkaiel”

Fall imperialism and reactionary Zionism and its agents Aerbjeeh.


Syria now,

Statement of the Syrian armed forces .. Expectations by declaring “war on Israel”: the destruction of the entire brigade and the Lebanese Al-Manar confirm wounding an Israeli aircraft .. Photo and Video

In addition to the flight flying MiG-intensive in Lattakia and Tartous.

Syrian media sources expected to be declaring war on Israel, in a statement to the Syrian armed forces will be issued shortly after the “at 5 in the morning.”

He said Syrian state television reports that talked about targeting 3 headquarters in Damascus and its environs, according to sources in the Syrian opposition, said a full brigade of Assad’s private guards had also been destroyed destruction of the Syrian Centre for Research in addition to the destruction of the Syrian weapons stores.

According to Al-Manar from its own sources that the Israeli aircraft were trying to raid Damascus was hit but did not confirm downed.

Zionist entity starts pounding in Damascus and its countryside with the help of Bedouins traitors ..
God save our people and our brothers in Syria proud.

Military sources: all the scenarios that have been planned to topple the Damascus failed and the situation is under control.


Arab League, which suspended the membership of the “Libya” and asked NATO intervention to destroy them under the pretext of protecting civilians, which suspended the membership of “Syria” also gave up her seat to a coalition of Qatar, Istanbul and Washington, so that this university in harmony with itself, it has to bless the Israeli aggression against Syria ..
Is not it??

Ali Chendeb Ali Handb:



Unconfirmed news about storming the Jordanian police and citizens wounded Libyans houses who Ahdoa their country of NATO …
This is the case who betray dullness Aajerdan the



Tunisian prostitution using Libyan



Important | | Urgent …… Iranian Chief of Staff

Resistance would respond to aggression Alasraúla on Syria and Iran will not allow Tel Aviv to tamper with the security of the region ..

Syrian people at full readiness to meet national duty
(Admowona 1)



Nasser Qandil p, Sama TV channel
Syria was launched ten missiles
Israel today, but Russia
Asked for calm and prudence and Syria gave
6 hours to just calm down and I take
Responsibility for my words …
The Hezbollah Brigades waiting for a signal finger
Only Bashar al-Assad
The Russian ships and battleships and Syrian
Iran in full alert
(Admowona 1)

Muammar and Putin


Rat Mohamed Boiasir on Libya wicked say:

– Of dreaming up arms now and claim that they are shot down Gaddafi to be aware that it is not disarmed toppled Gaddafi, but we need to 27 thousand air strike until our revolution succeeded.

– Libya through history is an arena for conflicts of Foreign Affairs of the great powers and what has happened now is the planning of these powers and no one can deny this.

– The day after he told the UN that the Syrian opposition is armed is used chemical weapon we are now in the Indictment Chamber International extended the Syrian opposition this weapon because the Zionist entity and follower of stores Syrian arms did not say at all that the Syrian arms had arrived in the opposition if no others in the circle charge

– There is a certain point in Libya operate according to the agenda and foreign orders to implicate Libya Affairs, we do not have the camel nor sentences and send arms and young people to fight within the armed opposition in Syria.

– We do not want to replace the historical relationship with Algeria Baadaouat the imposed on us by foreign countries, especially that Algeria threatened by the Arab Spring and the Algerians are afraid much n associated with armed groups abroad.

– All the neighboring countries are now afraid of Libya, Algeria, Niger, Chad and even Egypt wary of weapons accumulated in Tobruk and flee into Egypt.



MAN of Qatar

The problem O جردان of ye Tarafo that Qatar Manltkm … What Tbosh Tatervo ..
The latter end of the inventory and Sam bin Ahmid defense minister after minister resigned!!!!

Arhaaaab base controlled Libya …

And Sam bin Laden’s driver previously one of the most prominent aides.

Our penalty distinctive to gloat in Qatar for interfering filthy in Libya and its actions despicable Fajtsas our News Great Jamahiriya ..; but we will publish news and we are happy and Chamton in Jardan customers NATO in Libya and donkeys Qatar because their blood mixing and the testimony of the huge country, who wrote in a column Mondz French girl Alfberaria ترتميcountry in the arms of the man. Quote you this news :/

Killed the country’s intelligence chief Ahmed bin Nasser bin Jassim Al-Thani of his wounds after his convoy to detonate explosives in Somalia
Advice …. Arslo Maqrif Almedfol it يواسيهم Bdmuah.





◙ ◙ Theny of the O Omar Mukhtar ♫ ♫ ♫ Take your right Bu Minyar ◙ ◙
(picture showing Berlusconi kissing the hand of Omar Mucktar’s son.)



Love For Life

The Green Book
By Muammar Al Qaddafi


The instrument of government is the prime political problem confronting human communities (The problem of the instrument of government entails questions of the following kind. What form should the exercise of authority assume? How ought societies to organize themselves politically in the modern world?)

Even conflict within the family is often the result of the failure to resolve this problem of authority. It has clearly become more serious with the emergence of modern societies.

People today face this persistent question in new and pressing ways. Communities are exposed to the risks of uncertainty, and suffer the grave consequences of wrong answers.Yet none has succeeded in answering it conclusively and democratically. THE GREEN BOOK presents the ultimate solution to the problem of the proper instrument of government.

All political systems in the world today are a product of the struggle for power between alternative instruments of government. This struggle may be peaceful or armed, as is evidenced among classes, sects, tribes, parties or individuals. The outcome is always the victory of a particular governing structure – be it that of an individual, group, party or class- and the defeat of the people; the defeat of genuine democracy.

Political struggle that results in the victory of a candidate with, for example, 51 per cent of the votes leads to a dictatorial governing body in the guise of a false democracy, since 49per cent of the electorate is ruled by an instrument of government they did not vote for,but which has been imposed upon them. Such is dictatorship. Besides, this political conflict may produce a governing body that represents only a minority. For when votes are distributed among several candidates, though one polls more than any other, the sum of the votes received by those who received fewer votes might well constitute an overwhelming majority. However, the candidate with fewer votes wins and his success is regarded as legitimate and democratic! In actual fact, dictatorship is established under the cover of false democracy. This is the reality of the political systems prevailing in the world today. They are dictatorial systems and it is evident that they falsify genuine democracy.

continued below the embedded videos


Video: al-Qathafi’s  Great Jamahiriya:

– The State Of The Masses, The Green Book – 13 Minutes –

Muammar Al Qaddafi: The Green Book – Jamahiriya: The State of The Masses – ‘Power in the hands of the People’ = ‘Resources in the hands of the People’ – “If the instrument of government is dictatorial, as is the case in the world’s political systems today, society’s awareness of deviation from its laws is expressed only through violence to redirect its course, i.e., revolution against the instrument of government. Violence and revolution, even though they reflect the sentiments of society regarding deviation, do not constitute an exercise in which the whole of society takes part. Rather, violence and revolution are carried out by those who have the capability and courage to take the initiative and proclaim the will of society. However, this unilateral approach is dictatorial because the revolutionary initiative in itself provides the opportunity for a new instrument of government representing the people to arise. This means that the governing structure remains dictatorial. In addition, violence and effecting change by force are both undemocratic, even though they take place as a reaction against an undemocratic prior condition. The society that revolves around this concept is backward. What, then, is the solution?” – Comment taken from here:


What I Learnt about Libya – 9 Minutes 22 Seconds – What you should know about Libya – With music allowing the viewer to concentrate on the text rather than being distracted by whatever. The Green Book is basically 3 small quick and easy to read leaflets showing the true character of Libya’s leader.

It shows his actions and treatment of his fellow people. Contrary to the hypocrisy and lies published every minute of every day in the media, which turned into a propaganda machine worse than the 1939 to 1944 period in Germany, just judge for yourself and as usual QUI BONO. Ask yourself, who is the bad guy in this NATO invasion story of Libya. The world is on the verge of changing profoundly and it seems all the restrictions and oppression in the so called free countries like the US, UK, Europe and others are just the last fight of a dying system to survive. A struggle which is useless, but tell a drowning man not to clamp on you when you try to save him —- wasted time.

Video: Mahdi Nazemroaya in Malta After Libya – 16 Minutes 48 Seconds

Video: Truth Behind The Freemasonic-Satanic NATO Invasion Of Libya – 9 Minutes 3 Seconds

Video: What I Learnt about Libya – 9 Minutes 22 Seconds

Video: HUGE PRO GADDAFI RALLY in Tripoli – Raw Footage – 1 Minute 47 Seconds

Video: Libya: NATO hit the Libyan Great Man Made River BREGA 22nd July 2011 – 2 Minutes 23 Seconds

Video:Vladimir Putin Asks: Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi? – 4 minute 10 Seconds

Video: Media Lies About Libya and Gaddafi!- 6 Minutes 22 Seconds

Video: The terrible truth about Libya’s rebels – 6 Minutes 49 Seconds

Video: The Real Reason for NATO Attacking Libya EXPOSED – 3 Minutes 31 Seconds

Video: The Truth About Libya: NATO Crimes & Mass Media Lies Exposed! – 8 Minutes 56 Seconds

Video: Libya Truth (DnB Soundtrack) – 9 Minutes 23 Seconds

Muammar Al Qaddafi: The Green Book – Gaddafi Green Book Part One to Part Three

Muammar Al Qaddafi: The Green Book Jamahiriya: Part One – The State of The Masses


The Cristian Family November 2006

Control The Land
And You Control MAN On The Land
Displace MAN From Land
And You Turn MAN Into Slaves
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

(Compiled by Artur & Fiona Cristian on April 2011)

Control the land and you control MAN on the land

Displace MAN from land and you turn MAN into slaves

All men, women and children have a natural inheritance to a piece of land (a hectare is sufficient) to care for and co-create life with, land with access to clean water and shelter where they can grow food and raise their families in peace and freedom, doing no harm to the land, to their lives and all of life, and passing on the land and its abundance to their descendants and tribes/villages/communitie​s.

Is there any man, woman or child who will come forward and say we do not have that natural inheritance?

For what are we without land?

Our natural inheritance comes without the threat of being stolen or sold, and is unencumbered by debt or any other man-made restriction BUT comes with full responsibility for nurturing that land and doing no harm. Once we give up our responsibility, we need masters and, once we need masters, we become slaves. We lose our freedom and we lose our uniqueness.

We were never meant to be in the image/likeness of another MAN’S thought but, once we have masters, we are forced to mould the men, women and children we are into the likeness of the thoughts of our masters. When we are displaced from land, we have to rely on our masters for everything, thus acquiescing our freedom, uniqueness and responsibility as we accept the handouts and “The Systems” of our masters.

We become the cogs of “The System”, drones turning on our brothers and sisters of life, once all MAN on the land, in the name of “The System” which only benefits the tiny few who control “The System”. The local councils, etc, have become the Land Barons of “The System”, at the beck and call of the Priests who control everything. Brainwashed into accepting the hierarchies of the “after-life”, the heavens, hells and paradises full of vestal virgins, from archangels to cherubs, we accept the hierarchies of power and control in “The System”. The Freemasonic/Satanic tactics of “as above, so below” are endemic throughout their recorded history and systems.

Free on the land, able to provide our families with all they need, we are free to be the unique men, women and children we are meant to be, thinking thoughts that are unique to each of us as we contemplate on and interact with nature all around us.

All our problems stem from the lie that some men and women have the right to have power and control over others and, when we accept this lie, we support and maintain it.

No MAN is master of another MAN

All men are equal

Displacing MAN from land is slavery

MAN on the land is where true peace and freedom for all begins

The statutes of Council rules, etc, are all part of the scam to keep MAN from being free on the land. Common Law, Democracy and Constitutional Rights, etc, do nothing to solve this problem as they also support the displacement of MAN from land because most people cannot compete in “The System” of commerce as their natural skills lie elsewhere and they are not good at making money out of other men and women; they don’t like it. Those who cannot compete are discriminated against; they have lost their uniqueness and their freedom on the land and they become the garbage collectors, the sewerage workers and all the other cogs through the rank and file of the blue and white collar workers. The dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest-and-smartest “System” keep the few in control of all the land so that they can control all the men and women residing on that land.

The Church, The Bar, The Courts, The Aristocracy, The Governments and Councils are the means by which the few maintain control of the land and maintain the lie of some having power and control over others. They are not to be found anywhere in nature and anywhere there are tribes still living peacefully in pristine forests. Where they exist is where all the tribes were displaced from the land and where the remnants of the tribes and those sent in to live amongst them, live under the control of the Church and its systems. Operating out of this lie, those who work for “The System” can only do harm. If they want to go with truth, they can only stop working for “The System” and do all they can to get it out of our lives.

The cogs of “The System” can come and do harm to anyone on the land at any time without having to take responsibility for it, although all harm is a curse and curses always return to the makers and holders of the curses.

The key to our freedom is in removing the power & control of the few over the land. Once we do that, they have nothing.

Who are they to think they can tell us we are not free?

All Man-Made “Systems” Require Slaves And Rulers

All man-made systems require slaves and rulers. It is impossible to avoid this fact, this circumstance. Being forced to live under the rules, regulations, rituals, procedures, conditions and contracts of any man-made system causes a loss of uniqueness to everyone exposed to them. No man, woman or child is answerable to anyone or anything re-presenting a man-made system. We were never meant to give up FULL-responsibility for our lives, which is what we do when we acquiesce to any man-made system, be it cashless or not, gold standard or not, religious, political, legal, social, environmental, spiritual, philosophical, commercial, esoteric, international or domestic or not, and fall under the standing of its authorities, representatives and enforcers. All man-made systems are a scam as will be the coming New World Order system with its cosmic, galactic, Christianised, feel good/feel god, “Oneness” glue remedy to cure the present earth-wide chaos engineered by the tiny few who still want all the power and glory. This cashless “one-world” remedy will be overseen by an earth-wide power structure no different to the Federation overseeing the non-sense cashless world of Star Trek.

Tools used by those behind man-made systems to indoctrinate the masses include all religions, holy books, history books, science, the New Age and all forms of education stemming from any of the many universities presently offering “system career” courses across Earth. Placed on the conveyor belt running through factory planet earth, brainwashed men and woman are being manufactured in sameness moulds to produce individuals (in-divide-u-all-s). We are already unique, not one the same as the next, but all man-made systems trick us through propaganda and manipulation into giving up our uniqueness so we can become the willing slaves and rulers in “The System”. All man-made systems (all beliefs, faiths & associated opinions) cause loss of uniqueness. As already mentioned we were never meant to be in the image/likeness of another mans thought.

Broken up into individuals, we no longer feel the bonds between us which is why we think we need an artificial system to co-exist. All Freemasonic/Satanic holy books, and belief systems exist to keep us in an individualised state so that we accept “The Systems” that control us therefore giving our power and life-force-energy away to those hiding behind “The Systems” to rule us with. There is no other reason or purpose for their existence. They are all designed to con us into being ruled by man-made systems, to con us into accepting third party figures, whether saviours or “leaders” so that we give up the responsibility for our lives here and now to them. Even to the point where we no longer think that what is happening on Earth is important because we believe in “life after death” or the ascended masters of the Galactic Federation or some “other world” out there where we will have peace from the pressures of life under “The System”. They all come packaged as fairytales with fairytale props and characters for us to give up our responsibility for our lives to here and now so that we can be ruled by those Freemasons/Satanists hiding behind “The System” of those fairytales.

This is why the Freemasonic/Satanic world always operates in the shadows. They are the master puppeteers pulling at the strings of the belief, faith and associated opinion of their marionettes. Just as little Mary is unable to bring forward the Alice in Wonderland characters and settings she is playing to prove they exist neither are those who believe in “The System” fairytales able to bring forward 1st party to 1st party proof/substance of their existence. All they can do is re-present them but they are the only ones present; the characters are not. No matter how intense and for how long they believe in their fairytales and how much they argue for them and protect them, the believers only have their belief, faith and associated opinion. The brainwashing is extensive.

Individualism is as if we go to the ants and say, “Hey ants! We are changing your values and giving you a new program called individualism. You are now free to be in-divide-u-all-s; you can each have your own truths and no one has the right to take them away from you.” And so the ants go off to become materialists, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, atheists, republicans, democrats, New Agers, conservatives, punk rockers, journalists, psychologists, politicians, priests, banksters, judges, lawyers, etc, etc. Meanwhile back in the ant world colony, who is taking care of the babies and the elderly and maintaining the nest? Inevitably, the ant-world perishes and all individualised ants go with it! This is what is happening to MAN and MANS Earth. Is this the consequence we all want? We each need to take full-responsibility for our lives so that together the responsibility for taking care of Life is taken care of. Passing the buck to a 3rd party God, man, woman, fiction, law, political party, piece of paper, electronic/digital recording device, etc, stops each of us from taking full-responsibility for life.


An extract taken from this post: Video: Satanic Ritual Child Sacrifices Exposed – 26 Minutes 16 Seconds – 12th October 2011 – Arthur & Fiona Cristian – Love For Life: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8232

We are all connected through the thread of nature that is impossible to sever unless we destroy everything including our lives and the lives of our ancestors and descendants. As much as we may wish it to be different, everything we think, feel and do affects all of life because we are ALL part of the wholeness of life. The threads that are nature/earth, our ancestors and descendants get affected by what we do to our bodies, to the bodies of others, to everything of life and all our descendants and children. We may think we are separated by our labels of Jew, Christian, Greek, French, Atheist or Agnostic but we can never sever the bonds that make us life. We are just unconscious of the effect we have on all of life because we are so distracted by all the thoughts of “The System” that keep us locked in and fallen.

When we go to war and fight and kill, the energy of that war permeates nature. When a child is sacrificed, the energy of that trauma and fear experienced by the child is projected so that it permeates through all the web of life. That trauma and fear causes disconnection between us and between hearts and brains, creating cold intellects that consist of thoughts without consciousness/life embodied in them, and causing us to distrust and turn our backs on each other.

We are not supposed to be in the image of another MAN’s thought but Satanism is all about projecting thoughts for others to live their lives out of so that we continue to destroy the life that we are. Our true freedom comes when we are no longer doing harm to each other by what we are thinking and feeling and by how we are acting when our thoughts are all for the wholeness of life. When we are doing this, we will have remembered who we really are, what we are really part of and our true purpose and Satanists and their rituals will lose all their power. Satanists perform all kinds of rituals to instill a wedge between us so that we can’t come together in wholeness again. They have to keep us feeling that sense of hopelessness, weakness, powerlessness and disconnection.

Satanism is found all across Earth. Traditionally, Satanists are Aryan bloodlines who have invaded all the lands, decimated the tribes of MAN and re-educated the remains of the tribes into Satanic systems. Satanists are behind all the invading armies and all the religions and systems that have evolved. They are Levite priests – Judeo/Judaic warlocks and witches of Sion/Zion, masters of black-magic. They are not Jews and never have been, although this does not mean that some Jews are not Satanists as there are Satanists in all religions. The Jews are conquered tribes/babies who are brought up to believe they are Jews. They have been set up to be the scapegoats for the shadowy Aryan bloodlines who control the Roman Cult, the Jesuits, the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the British Crown, The Crown and all financial centres. Freemasonry is a religion headed by the Levite high priests. Freemasonry protects this Satanic world, providing the camouflage for them to hide behind as master puppeteers as they pull the strings of their marionettes. This is not a “Jewish” problem; it is MAN’S problem.

Ritual Sacrifice started in Ancient Egypt & spread from there. Today, it is everywhere. All involved in the fall were once innocent babies and all have been brainwashed into belief systems that encourage harm and chaos.

It is through allowing our children to contemplate on nature that they learn to re-connect with all of life without invalidating the uniqueness of each of us and without the need for leaders and followers.

Most Satanists don’t know the real significance of what they are doing. If they did, they wouldn’t do it because the harm they do to others is harm to them and their loved ones. We are all connected and we are all responsible for all of life and for all the harm being done to life.

We are determined to co-create Kindoms/Do No Harm Communities to be the living-remedy that provides an everlasting peace, freedom, truth, joy, abundance and do no harm for all of life without the need for having slaves and rulers or causing loss of uniqueness.




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