Awaiting the Caravan to Tripoli

Great forgiveness of God from every grave sin
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Mu regale

God willing you return Aaazmy /
And rats Tgém the shock /

ماحال p event lasts Aajerdano

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Mu reteurns
Tsubhowowon p Nasr …… Muammar al-ups
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Mu in Italy 3D

“American policy is extremely dangerous to both America and the world. It is a policy of bringing down the temple on everyone’s head, including its own. Enacting American laws with the purpose of harming others will harm America as well. It is a double-edged sword for obscure American courts to hand down sentences in absentia. Those sentences, passed in the presence of corrupt lawyers, aim only at confiscating the money of others. The lawyers are accomplices whose goal is to share the spoils. This sword could turn against America.”

Muammar al-Qathafi, International Investments and Oil Supplies are in Danger,

15 MARCH 2008 speech

Victory evening Aaguala great conquer; and

“how are you ? ” the leader asks and inquires about your news Aaahak Battalion!! ……

Muammar al-ups!

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“Dear steadfast soon … soon O Alrazn, anchoring majestic mountains … Soon Staanicon the glory … Soon Staidon the date to normal hands and sleeves and ثباتكم the O Liberal honorable …. Soon Stalo joy joy joy re-entry home .. Soon Sti_apk the problem of the nicest hands Nasr panel in the heart of Green Square .. Square pride and dignity and pride throughout the forty-two-year-old …. Soon all the confidence I say … All I say pride and pride in you and with you that we are winning and very soon hugging morale sky .. And the stability of do not wind تزعزعه … Determined unrelenting iron in front of him … Cheer Cheer any Ahrar Bnasra, from God and very close to glory”

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Mu rides  white horse of Peace


Mu HorsemanMu on White Horse 3

Mu true horseman

Rider of the WHITE HORSE…

The Only solution for our ailing planet is “The Third Universal Theory”...There is no other means or way. God inspired Mu’ammar (after years of meditating in the desert and pondering upon life) to write down this extremely truthful [and very relevent for modern man] text. He even outrightly told Oriana Fallaci, an athiest, that this was a new Gospel for MANKIND. SHE ONLY RIDICULED MUAMMAR, AS SHE, LIKE THE REST OF THE WESTERN “LEADERS”, DENY (DENIES) GOD AND HIS LOVE FOR ALL MANNER OF THINGS. The world is Satanic, Carnal and Wicked. The Green Book is just the opposite of this and shows love for what God has created.

Islam is the whole basis of the Great Jamahiriya...without Islam, this wonder would never have occurred. Allah blesses and inspires and directs Muammar al-Qathafi. Muammar is more than a marabout; he is The Holy IMAM spoken of throughout the ages. He made the desert bloom and gave mankind a means to live in harmony with his fellow creatures and have a life as envisioned by the Almighty when He created man.

The model of the Great Jamahiriya was not meant for Libya alone; but is a pattern, template and doorway for the whole world to follow … and one therefore must acknowledge and learn to LOVE GOD who gave us all this, as well.

the size of the plot on Libya and Islam !

George Stubbs White Horse Frightened by a Lion 1770

Lion of Libya w the Lamb

King of Africa is Coming
THE KING OF AFRICA is APPROACHING: Muammar Yakaúd the revolution on the Green Toala. .

The great Revolution is coming
Severe persecution is bringing the revolution!
The Lion of Libya is coming
In a fury….see Him riding on a white horse,
With the armies of Heaven!

The fire of God is burning in your belly
Pouring rivers of living water….feel
The fire of Allah burning in your hands and feet
You will never be the same…..
For the great Revolution is coming!

The Lion of  Libya
Is setting Allah’s house in order
Yes, the great Revolution is coming
Severe persecution is bringing the Revolution!
The Lion of Libya  is coming
In a fury….see Him riding on a white horse,
With the armies of Heaven!

[written by: Margaret C Mullings ]

Kona ousted ousted,,, loyal to the Muammar and the Mannkero system,,,, Mannkero our principle loyal to Muammar ÇÍäÇ, and Znana we see our Lord Almighty even if Qadna the Heca Mieh
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SALEM FARS writes:

“The is the leader, not the president, but embody his personality Gel roles is the father and brother and first Fateh-president… God bless Sir commander”:

Libya: the announcement of the birth battalion ‘men of the current situation’ and the call to hand over the reins of military power to Saif al-Islam!
Algeria ‘Quds Al-Arabi’: announced on behalf of al-Hashemi assets spokesman for the so-called tribes loyal to Muammar al-Qathafi for the establishment of a battalion ‘men of the current situation’, which aims, will suffice, to ‘solve problems that haunt Libyan citizens’, and paint the steps to be taken in order to’ get out of the crisis in which wandering Libya since the fall of the Great Jamahiriya ‘.

Libya: the announcement of the birth battalion ‘men of the current situation’ and the call to hand over the reins of  “military power” to Saif al-Islam
Kamal زايت,
06MAY 2013

Algeria ‘ Jerusalem Arab ‘: announced on behalf of al-Hashemi assets spokesman for the so-called tribes loyal to Gaddafi for the establishment of a battalion’ men of the current situation ‘, which aims, will suffice, to’ solve problems that haunt Libyan citizens ‘, and paint the steps to be taken in order to’ get out from the crisis that wandering where Libya since the fall of the Great Jamahiriya. ‘ 
said the media committee for the initiative in a statement obtained ‘Quds Al-Arabi’, a copy of the target from behind, is to reach a comprehensive solution and definitively to all problems and crises that wandering where Libya, calling on citizens to rally around this initiative. 
called on entrepreneurs to ‘release of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and handed over the helm of Libya legitimacy, and supported by all the tribes combatant and noble and pledge allegiance as commander of the Libyan Great Jamahiriya’, and ‘immediate start structuring and the work of General People’s Congress of the Libyan, a meeting place for conferences and people’s committees, unions and professional associations. ‘ 
They also demanded the ‘release of all prisoners and detainees in all prisons, armed militias, especially in prisons in Misrata and Zintan, which subjected the prisoners to the worst kinds of torture and ill-treatment, and delivery of all militias armed by the spread in all parts of Libya’s state-Libyan represented in Dr. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and to all organs of state security and military ‘, and’ work on the return of all displaced persons who have paid forced to leave their country to escape arrest the long-more than a million Libyan citizen or physical liquidation ‘. 
called assets and those with him in the latter to follow all directives issued by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to mend fences and heal the wounds of the nation, and to return to the sovereignty and dignity of the nation, and stressing that this initiative is just the heads of pens to the issue of long, could expand the glossary or dictionary reads citizens who burn their hearts because of what we have reached Libya, and take the initiative seriously morally, politically, and work on the expulsion of the Libyan government, which Athmunha as’ in the service of Qatar and Israel. ‘ 
and offers the SOL who fled to Algeria and live between them and Tunisia himself as a spokesman for the Libyan tribes loyal to Muammar al-Qathafi, and earlier presented himself as a spokesman for the family of Colonel Libyan , an observer of everything going on inside Libya, and stresses on every occasion that majority of all the people rejecting the new puppet  regime which was based on the ruins of the Great Jamahiriya, and as loyal to accuse foreign governments, and that is allied with al- Qaeda .

Algeria ‘Quds Al-Arabi’: as announced Hashemi assets spokesman for the so-called pro-Gaddafi tribes for the establishment of a battalion ‘men of the current situation’, which aims, will suffice to ‘solve problems that haunt Libyan citizens’, and paint the steps….

The Military Batallion created for Saif, to be under his authority…(Not The Great Jamahiriya “rule of the Masses”—just the authority of the newly created Batallion).
A new Batallion (the birth of a battalion ‘men of the current situation’) was created, and they want Saif to lead this new Batallion for them, (as soley Saif’s very own batallion).

Muammar al-Qathafi remains still ” ‘Supreme’ Commander”…
Like Khamis and Saadi, they want Saif also to assume his command.

Libya: the announcement of the birth battalion ‘men of the current situation’ and the

call to hand over the reins of military-power to Saif al-Islam!

Kamal زايت,

06 MAY 2013
Libya: the announcement of the birth battalion ‘men of
the current situation’ and the call to hand over the reins of military power 

Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (01 to 07/05/2013: Total anarchy and fall, the

defacto government of NATO in Libya does not have the support of 10% of the Libyan 


Total anarchy and fall, the de facto government of NATO inLibya does not have the support of 10% of the Libyan people.

– Tripoli: nominees and criminals who exercised defacto government ministers resigned in Libya: Ashour Shoail ratverment Interior Minister, Mohammed Abdul Aziz, a ratverment Foreign Minister, Salah Mirghani reatverment Minister of Justice Mustafa Abufanas ratverment Ministry of economy, these traitors go to the dustbin of history, the invaders used and discarded as useless today puppets.

Clashes at the center of the so-called Foreign Ministry in Tripoli.

* Traitors and mercenaries Protest Against National Congress headquarters in Tripoli.

– Civil Libyans take the law into their hands, killing  between Libyans after the of NATO invasion colonialist and the U.S.

Isolation Law

– Civil Libyans take the law into their hands, killing between Libyans after the of NATO invasion colonialist and the U.S.
Nominees and criminals who exercised defacto government ministers resigned in Libya: Ashour Shoail ratverment Interior Minister, Mohammed Abdul Aziz, a ratverment Foreign Minister, Salah Mirghani reatverment Minister of Justice Mustafa Abufanas ratverment Ministry of economy, these traitors go to the dustbin of history, the invaders used and discarded as useless today puppets.

Insulation and resignations, and now it was the turn of Elsafhaaaaaat …..

Inventory Khaled Orabi page chattel

lock 17 Gahaar Sabha on Facebook ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ in!!

^ _________ ^ Launched in!!!!
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(D. Khaled Kaaam), Доктор Халид Каим resignation of Ali Zaidan head of the Libyan government brokered by Qatari Crown Prince Tamim bin Hmdtsoah ​​crisis between the militias and Ali Zaidan after several secret meetings in the Qatari Embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli, under the auspices of the personality of Qatari Crown Prince Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl ….. Zaidane will change several ministers in Dubl blade government and traitors and agents …..

source Arabiya __ (((Zaidane خلوني the Prime Minister and ساتنازل on anything else ……………….

change in several and Zarae the response of the Mlishat Almusratih Brotherhood the new Wazzrara are of the Muslim Brotherhood and came to death Aashab the _)))
(The main الادمن)

the resignation of President Mohammed Maqrief traitor General Libyan National Congress, said to have been forced by the adoption of the Law of isolation driven by mercenaries and dictated by the invading powers.

The so-called Libyan Defense Minister confirms the news of his resignation after being asked to Zaidane undone …!! Government flop and conflicts of news every hour where you run Libya Dear rabble!!??
And Prophet Hdolkm the one Doxtona line Maakm @ @
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Libyan government announces retreat and defense minister resign
Libya – the decline and Libyan Defense Minister Mohammed البرغثي his resignation hours after announcing after the intervention of Prime Minister Ali …

Decline in the Libyan Defense Minister Mohammed البرغثي his resignation hours after announcing after the intervention of Prime Minister Ali Zaidan, according to the government said in a statement.

France 24  (Video) France 24 / AFP (text)

defense minister resignالحكومة-الليبية-الإعلان-تراجع-وزير-الدفاع-استقالة-البرغثي-زيدان

Libyan government announces retreat and defense minister resign
Decline in the Libyan Defense Minister Mohammed البرغثي his resignation hours after announcing after the intervention of Prime Minister Ali Zaidan, according to the government said in a statement.
France 24 (Video) France 24 / AFP (text)

Gunmen continue to besiege and ministries in Tripoli, demanding the ouster of Prime Minister

Decline in Libyan Defense Minister Mohamed البرغثي Tuesday for his resignation a few hours after the announcement, at the request of Prime Minister Ali Zaidan, according to what the government said in a statement.

The government explained that the request of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister undo his resignation while the minister expressed his understanding given the circumstances experienced by the country and stressed continuity in the performance of his duties.

The Libyan Defense Minister Mohammad البرغثي announced earlier on Tuesday his resignation in protest against the armed siege of the ministries which he described as an assault on democracy.

And البرغثي first minister announced his resignation because of the crisis of the siege, where armed groups refused to lift its blockade even after the Libyan parliament endorsed on Sunday the law of political isolation in favor of the main demand of the militants to prevent any senior official held a position in the regime of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi from holding government positions.

The البرغثي said he would never accept that the policy practiced by force of arms, describing this as an attack on democracy, which vowed to protect her.

A spokesman for the Libyan Defense Ministry said Defence Minister Mohammad Bargta announced Tuesday his resignation as part of the crisis caused by the blockade imposed by the gunmen on the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs over a week ago.

The spokesman, who preferred anonymity, said the minister submitted his resignation “in protest against the siege imposed on the institutions of the state.”

France 24 – AFP

Traitors and mercenaries Protest Against National Congress headquarters in Tripoli.

A journalist was kidnapped, Mahmoud Ferjani Arabiya correspondent in the center of the capital Tripoli by armed militia while covering the events surrounding the building of the Foreign Ministry called.

Mercenaries have taken by assault the Ministries of Interior, Justice, Economy and Foreign Affairs, and require approval of the political isolation law, which prohibits former members of the Gaddafi regime in exercising public institutions, the robbers blocked the roads surrounding the aforementioned departments.

An imminent attack on the Ministry had been widely expected after the militia blocking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday morning and the Interior Ministry later the same day. Social networks indicated that it was a potential target.

The militants say they will not leave the premises until the Gaddafi-era officials that they believe are working in there are removed.

Yesterday, the militants said they have taken over all branches of ministries across the country in which there have been thefts and destruction of materials and equipment, as well as the theft of secret documents ….

– Mizdha: Clashes in Mizdah and Tighe and the center of the Foreign Ministry in Tripoli

* Constant complaints to the violation of privacy in different ways, wiretapping phones is widespread views of known and unknown and not controlled by the Ministry of Interior or blind eye grabbing. The Libyans denounce the violation of individual freedom, harassment and intimidation.

Hahah returned to complements Hzaaaaat Bhalkhbrin ^ ^
Urgent ….
United States of America to teach the Libyan government on how to target 65 locations in Libya in the coming months .….. From their pages.
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(WHAT “GOVERNMENT” ?!! There is no more GNC.)

Qatar wants Belhadj as Minister for Defence ….…… And Wissam Ben Hamida as the chief of staff!!!!!



Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue Libyan political dialogue ::: Archiviacabdasameeans!! this message is sent by the leaders of the Libyan Fighting Group, Abdulhakim Belhaj and Sami al-Saadi,  to Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi (Ihniouna) the month of Ramadan 27 AUGUST 2009 and apologize for their past and ask for forgiveness page ………….. memories!!

Aadel blade ^ ^


* Declaration of the Tribes:

In the name of God the Merciful, we make an energetic profane infidels warning to the Libyan land, all foreign mercenaries and traitors to cause panic and destruction in cities should leave the cities and stop its crimes .

We announce that we have given a period of three days ending on Sunday night, and if not removed these militias, tribes and youth Libyan mujahideen all methods will have to expel all invaders ….

Alazmi speaks:

Henia those who survived and never cheated tribute to those who were loyal to the homeland and the commander did not compromise on principles tribute and reverence for those who have to fulfill the title of the day.

It became clear the price of treason Both Khan today punished and punished those of Mdelhm his hand and helped them to ruin the nation today Eachona reap Mazratm this is what you deserve them either our punishment . We are your strongest and ordered the wrong, but they wronged themselves….

* Libyan Women abducted by mercenaries of NATO and the U.S., are subjected to rape and prostitution, those who refuse are killed.

* The Security Council of the UN held an emergency meeting to discuss the critical situation of crisis in Libya, Libya is still under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and Libya can interfere at any time and without reference to members of the Security Council, hoping that at the meeting as observers, the ability to send a peacekeeping force to Libyan territory and delegate to NATO to provide air cover and protect the UN mission from any threat.

* NATO has deprived Libyan natural resources: In the past five months the Libyan government has lost about 1,000 million dollars in the oil industry. The social movement activist, Alex Corrons, NATO believes that what has been achieved with the war in Libya is appropriating natural resources that are vital to the population.

The battalion “Uqbah” first division air defense force led BHK, was transferred from the defense after the Nakba in Benghazi on February 17.

Libyan Media Network – LNM

British Chief of Staff cancels his visit to Libya.

British Prime Minister in the United States

The Libyan authorities have asked us some clarifications regarding armed groups outside the law, we have a growing feeling, that poorly Astkhmamha democracy has been exploited in Libya, and we now have a feeling that a number of members of the Interim Conference headed by these armed groups.

We sent the request clarification from the authorities in Libya, you really have these groups belong to the Libyan police and the Libyan army and adopted institution legitimacy in Libya, If the answer is yes meaning the Libyan authorities to adopt the chaos and infringe on the citizen and these are جماعاتها and wings arbitrary, and we will have to move again to Msaah civilians and enable them to to live a dignified life, but if replied that they do not follow the state institutions Here, we have to help the authorities and the uprooting of these armed groups and their disposal, but will not allow us a free society and purses on Human Rights that the terrorist groups Balaatmae on Libyan citizen under the flag of the state and visual and hearing of institutions and apparatus, and one of its members come and tell us We Positions defense or interior this is unacceptable and will not continue and will not allow that to happen!!!

Will be all the options we have open before the next meeting of countries friendly to Libya at the beginning of Aonioa, but the thing is certain that we will move already to help the people who suffered a lot of injustice system despot and now repeated with the scene of the militias outside the law and infringe on citizens and claims belonging to state institutions.
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Look at the immediate liquidation wound Libyan armed army green on the part of NATO traitors clients.. God bless the martyrs of the Great Jamahiriya:


* The state television station Al Wataniya, was attacked on Sunday, but again the militants did not stay.


Mercenaries dangerous, 200,000 in Libya .. Why? And those mentors?

An armed robbery at the Bank of the branch Tragn the Republic .. المتهجمين the bank were on board the car bearing the logo of the Libyan National Army .. They were able to steal significant financial value has not yet been counted .. Note that the robbery occurred after the car arrived at the bank transfer the money, half an hour ..!!
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Dr. Shakir contribution to Al-Khaimah-TV:

The completion of the video, which was designed by to channel Al Khaimah ….. I ask them to broadcast by as soon ……. I think it will achieve the highest views in the Arab world, God willing, …….. It Greeting to (the martyrs of the armed people) ….
The work took a full week – and a 45-minute – and size of approximately 1 GB – and contains images of nearly 100 martyrs
And length of display ……… Even commensurate with the show on channel Al Khaimah
God bless ………….. Note (which tracks the net on mobile or الفلاشة for video Aafath because its size too big and costs too much).



Middle battalions will begin in arming the people of Tawergha .……. If Misrata did not allow their return.

Elders and Rafla request from the people of Tawergha camps in Benghazi and Tripoli and Jufrah and Sabha approach to it first and then starting to assembly Tawergha protect tribes and Rafla and Tarhuna and Zliten …
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For the first time there has been a rally in support of Syria and Arabism from the false revolution of NATO in Libya …… tribute to the people of Bani Walid.

* Bani Walid welcomes martyrs who died under torture in the prisons of the Jews from Misurata.



A very large explosion inside the city Azizia Rishvana.

inside corner Street Hospital
Now the arrival of 3 ambulances each car carrying 2 injured rats were Guensm Ahrarna honorable shortly before the street corner and Hospital in critical condition ……..

God is above the aggressors Kid.

Out a large convoy of the heavily Blaslhh city of Tobruk Altqilh and medium heading to Benghazi التحاما the برتل Benghazi and then go to Tripoli

Best distance / (Admin 5)

Channel fields – Al Mayadeen Tv fields sources Libya: the kidnapping of one of the most prominent leaders of the rebels in the corner Osama Kaabar, the head of the Supreme Council for the rebels corner.

Clashes with Libya Shield Forces militia from Misrata and to xanthan beyond the law now in Tripoli now.

First images from Tripoli

Angry demonstrators attack on the headquarters of the ruling Justice and construction of the Brothers in

Tripoli diplomatic Bmntqhalehi and completely burned and injured from inside:

Allahu Akbar click KDE aggressor /
Alator p of Jeff جردان Hills inside the police car next to the tomb of Sidi country Mnedr Tripoli / The cause of death was a gunshot / God and p is my witness.

(Receipt by التريس / Admin 5)

Tripoli Aahverh the blood /

Middle …? And the West ….?

Now, above the voices zooming in some mosques in Tripoli

Has Aajerdan / (Admin 5)

* Forty-six Tawergha man arrested in the streets of Tripoli and were killed without any charge or trial.

* A powerful explosion rocks the city of Tripoli.

Now strong explosion in Tripoli.

* A journalist was kidnapped, Mahmoud Ferjani Arabiya correspondent in the center of the capital Tripoli (by armed militia while covering the events surrounding the building of the so-called “Foreign Ministry”).

Our correspondent from Gurji:

Pencil hearing voices and powerful explosions at night.
Strong explosions and heavy lead voice in the Friday Market ……

RAT Battalions Germanah of Misrata heading to Tripoli …… With the expectations of clashes between them and the security of Zintan.

Reported clashes between Rat-militias from Misrata and the Zintan militias ongoing now in Tripoli.

  • Successive explosions in the neighborhood of Andalus Tripoli.
    Khotna in the end knows launched in Abu Saleem withstand Gana news that the bullets hit pretty Aokdlna.

    Lead playing in the Friday Market.

    Hearing voices lead Friday Market.

    From the center of Tripoli
    The spread of the gates with armed Arbatash cars and 23 bearing the slogan written on it
    (Force protection Tripoli)
    Specifically Market Bridge Tuesday
    Entrance of Al-Andalus (Hall of the People)
    Market Tuesday compound
    Four streets Boumhmach,
    Using Shat
    Airport Road
    Gateway gypsum
    For science with an inspection for cars Please attention and caution.

    ئمه names Jardan the Abu Mhmach area Conference on Green Square in Tripoli
    Shaaban USTA. Head of sedition. Working light بجامة and now caged
    Khaled Shaaban USTA. Fighter. Works passports Alsreem street
    Sam on the USTA. Fighter
    Hossam USTA. Fighter
    … Mohamed Abdel Basset Fathallah. Fighter
    Fatima Abdul Baset Fathallah. Working in CID
    Fawzia Shaaban USTA. Works School
    Mohammed Abdul Qadir Capricorn
    Happy Asswehly. Fighter
    And the sons of his brothers, Mohammed Nasser and Naaman Messaoudi, Hisham and Mohammed and Ahmed. Fighters
    Sons Aljtala Aaa and Mohamed and Ahmad Aljtala. Fighters. They have private school Bkerkarc the
    Abdel Moneim Cherkaoui. Fighter
    Secretary Abdul Quddus Jaafari. Fighter
    Hisham Zgne,
    Abdulsalam Zgne. Fighter
    Family fully Alokhi. Fighters
    Friday بحير. Secretariat of Agriculture
    Hatem بحير. Fighter
    Sons Hacan age and ÚŇÇáĎíä and Murad and Tawfik Hafez., And Muhammad Hacan. Fighters. Working with propaganda and media
    Sons of Hinhiri Ali and Akram and the Secretary Hinhiri. Fighters
    Good Alqrigueni. Former officer of the armed forces. Fighter
    Walid bin Hamza and his brother’s lawyer. Fighters
    Tahar المسلاتي., Head of Bank of unity Branch Avenue
    Sons of Badri Imad. Fighter and Hakim al-Badri
    Tayeb Mohammed Badri
    D. Mohammed Hosni. Works honestly agriculture
    Fadel Mahmoud Zqlam, the
    Mohammed Mahdi Shakshak. Fighter
    Mahmoud Mahdi Shakshak. Fighter. Works public relations for General Security
    Solomon Alkkla aka Balrabash
    Just Alchouda. Frequented the area. Bully fighter
    Mohammed Abubakar Fazzani. Fighter
    Abubakar Fazzani
    Miloud البركي. Frequented the area. Works Waqfs
    Jamal Bashir. Fighter. Businessman who return from abroad
    Just Tagouris. Frequented the area
    On Tagouris. Aka Balteta. Atrddaly area drug dealer
    Ahmed Abdel Basset Tagouris. Fighter. Frequented the area
    Lotfi Belhaj


    Airport Road may lead voices keep Xin Wajid.

    Tripoli safe O Hlha of the Hahah.

    Tripoli center

    Lock a street light victory Mazran of armor forces Libya Jermanah after the death of the young Mohamed Farid

    vegetables before an hour from now the situation is very tense now ..

    Quarrel between young people in the street now near victory of the Secretariat of Higher Education of Universities (formerly) end with the death of a young, fired two shots it is called (Mohamed Farid vegetables).

    Hearing voices shootings in several areas in Tripoli.


    Thread very important
    This topic message from Ahrarna of the Ministry of Health

    Leaking Adoyer Mntheih validity was leaked to the public and private Shehadagliat

    And great God Gulwna the perhaps work yesterday in and clinic Dell is me we knew them the news
    In clinic Qoukat in problems me reason Hmalnadl and تفيت Azzouzh and 5-year-old girl and a young man has just been treated in Tunisia

    And reached payload Nyhaah the 4
    I arrived Tripoli ČÓ the Manaraf leaked in to Ibiaklha or not.


    Victory Street area youth they assemble themselves tonight weapons to attack rats Street Mazran on the backdrop of the killing of a young Al Nasr Street tonight and Atoteke بالتأر the killing of this young man….



News about the arrest of a large number of rats النواصي and transferred to Misratah!!

 Grave complaint of mass murder to 70-120 Tarhuna bodies of people who were cruelly tortured in Misurata.

Appeals Court of Tel Aviv Libya Misurata hold a hearing to try honorable “Khaled Tntosh,” and “Ahmed Ibrahim,” and “Faraj Ali Ibrahim,” and “Saadi Ibrahim,” and “Dou Abraham,” and “Key Aouhadh,” and “Muhammad Aouhadh”

O Faraj their Lord and facilitated their heads and dismantling their families and gather us and them victory íÇááĺ … Hahm home honorable men …

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Inventory was liquidated despicable {Ibrahim Dazh} This person has tortured and raped حرائر inside prisons Jews.

God is above the aggressor Kid.

Very important please Alnscherali to the widest ….. Jerdalhakeralbrani forms in his testimony

Said Barrany forms in testimony that when he entered the enhanced 32 to Misrata and ravaged and spread in the vegetable market and Tripoli Street as a whole I was afraid to quell the revolution in Misrata and the battalion Emhemed Maqrif that you hurry stationed on the outskirts of Misrata and its backing for an enhanced 32 and secure the supply of the military, and Gabann what you leave weapons in the surrounding farms Misurata in order to benefit from the rebels, but unfortunately remain intact without taking anything of them and contacted Major General Abdel-Fattah and told him that Misrata on the verge of collapse and I targeted the convoy of elders Misrata vector for Gaddafi to hand over the city Toaita told me Fattah he sent reinforcements from the sea and two days later intensified battle and entered the medium and heavy weapons and learned that the weapons scattered in the bush may take فايقنت to the Middle reinforcements have arrived
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Ezza O Mahlaha Look Dhanha of Mato phrase in Spaha.

Sirte, dream-city of Mu Conference at Sirte 2009

SIRTE: JULY 2009 at World Summit



 Clashes in Mizdah and Tighe



Flag burning statelet of Qatar in the city of Tobruk, but after what my Gran?
Stendmon Day whereon neither remorse

حرق علم دويلة قطر في مدينة طبرق, ولكن بعد ماذا يا جران؟
ستندمون يوم لا ينفع الندم



 An armed group attacked the battalion headquarters’ Uqbah “in the city of Derna on Wednesday, killing a security guard at the headquarters of the battalion.

Director of the Information Office of the local board of Derna called Salem Al Hamad to Thursday, April 25, said the group consisted of 4 to 7 people “accidentally fired on the headquarters of the battalion.”



– Ajaylat : Follow besieged by NATO mercenaries at all entrances to the city




Special and urgent …… Ornately Conk today and was taken to hospital
Today in Benghazi met carved hall Garyounis.  The youth gently attacked the place and clashing with guards and managed to enter the hall and I was unfortunately able to follow the ornately of smuggled before entering It is worth mentioning that carved when he heard voice Shooting Lead ((14.5)) outside the hall injury scare and conk – this is one of the pictures from the inside:
(Admowona 1)

news of another attack on the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Benghazi Alcaaún the Airport Road. 

Benghazi: the burning of tires and spare the road at the Dome Square to protest the arrest of one of the region’s young people by criminal militias armed forces.
(Admowona 1)

3 gates targeting rats between Benghazi and Qmnas of the hands of the Liberal …. News and injuring 4 of them.

Powerful explosions rocked Benghazi night.

– Benghazi: A Marine lieutenant Alklid Fadi, was killed as he entered his house.

* Three people died after a fire broke out in an oil depot in Benghazi.

* We have heard a large explosion rocked the pool area in Benghazi on promptly at 4:24 am on Thursday, after being the target of the police station which turned heavily destroyed, it is unknown whether there were casualties. Remember that this building was attacked and makes a couple of weeks.

* A bomb exploded outside a police station in Benghazi Birkah district yesterday morning, Saturday, causing extensive damage. No one died, but three officers who were at that time suffered minor injuries.As George Bush Jr., who said he did not regret having invaded Iraq, Sarkozy and BHL-Botul no doubt rejoice in what is happening in Libya.

* The bombing of the headquarters of (Maj. Gen. 319) Allaotunai army at four o’clock in the morning of Sunday Alsalmanie Benghazi area, next to the condo of 602, which frightened the citizens who were near.



a loud explosion in the downtown area, where several mercenaries were stationed.



Violent clashes in Kufra Libyan between the insurgents and the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya ….

* Last night’s clashes between the Chadian army and Chadian opposition forces, President Idriss Deby mercenaries complaint that train and arm Libyan “opposition” to give a Chadian coup.

Chad returns to denounce to the world that Libya mercenaries tried to give a coup in Chad today, but could not, result 25 dead and dozens injured.

Rat traitor a CIA Khalifa Hfter of client declares:

“Chad countries over Libya military now .. Force soldiers and materiel .. and also the chance of gold ..
South border without protection and without a sergeant ..
After a simple examination of the latest events that took place in the south of Libya between Chad and Libya in 1987 compared to the last of what happened from entering the Chadian troops and massacres that occurred during the war Achtlst to the following:
* Chad able to mobilize 30 thousand troops equipped with weapons and gear to the three axes in the south of Libya (Faya, Fida, Abashh) to the territory of Ozo
* Chadian Aviation can hit airports Alsarah and Kufra and Sabha in 3 hours ..
* Libya can not assemble 4,000 fighters and send them to the south Libyan until after at least 4 days of knowledge of the attack .. This means that the south can be done in occupation after the first attack Chadian 6 hours .. and can Chadian forces penetrate to a depth of 200 km in the border Libyan no real resistance ..
* Libyan south does not have any launchers surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft .. (inoperable)
* Communications system in Libya is slow and will affect in providing assistance to South .. In addition to the differences between the military and refused military orders and instructions.
* You can hostile forces to withdraw before the arrival of assistance and this means that they can loot whatever you want ..
I hope that these things are taken seriously .. insignificant or not is pure fantasy
We tried south war and our report example discount and sources weakness.”




 Nigerian Intelligence found a container full of weapons from Libyan Salafists which were smuggled into Nigeria. Their intelligence claims they found a large quantity of arms and ammunition smuggled from Libya in May Belo, Adamawa State, on the north-east.



It is the heart of France announced GOING STRONG,, Vontsrna,,,

Afternoon, Muammar al-Qathafi Bashmukh and prestige,

Anecdotes Photos of Sidi leader Muammar al-Qathafi in France..
Commander Sir car in France and image thumbnails on the left of the picture indicate the presence Sir car is commander. .

Muammar al-Qathafi at Paris Louvre (seen with cousin Ahmed Gadaf a-Dam Blood Horowitzer):




* The disappearance of Fathi Idris commander of a border port between Libya and Algeria, the family lost touch with him for 10 days.



Ahmad Gadaf-a-Dam Horowtitzer-Blood did not announce his defection and leaving the leadership of al-Fateh Revolution, and this does not ignore the basis for psychological purposes and to Malk. .
Ahmad Gadaf-a-Dam Horowitzer-Blood in his speech last but not least a serious statement said a fire under a barrage of Egyptian intelligence said:

“I’m with the Revolution Leader Muammar al-Qathafi ..”

I do not think anyone in his place and his place dares to say this at this time.



Mise à jour : mercredi 8 mai 2013 19:08 | Par AFP

Mediaset: un an de prison confirmée en appel contre Berlusconi pour fraude fiscale

La Cour d’appel de Milan a confirmé mercredi une peine d’un an de prison pour fraude fiscale contre Silvio Berlusconi dans le procès Mediaset et une interdiction d’exercer toute fonction publique pendant cinq ans.

Silvio Berlusconi, le 1er mars 2013 au tribunal de Milan


La Cour “déclare inadmissible le recours en appel” des accusés dont l’ex-Premier ministre et “confirme la peine prononcée le 26 octobre 2012” en première instance, a indiqué la présidente. A l’automne dernier, le tribunal avait alors prononcé une peine de quatre ans réduite immédiatement à un an en vertu d’une amnistie et interdit au Cavaliere d’exercer une fonction publique pendant cinq ans.

L’un de ses avocats Niccolo Ghedini a aussitôt critiqué une sentence dictée par des “préjugés” des magistrats de Milan à l’encontre de l’ex-chef de gouvernement. “Nous avions conscience que cela allait être probablement leur décision: la force des préjugés l’a emporté sur la force des faits”.

L’application de la sentence est toutefois suspendue à un probable recours en Cassation des avocats du Cavaliere, âgé de 76 ans.

Elle dépend aussi d’un verdict attendu de la Cour constitutionnelle concernant un conflit entre la présidence du Conseil et le tribunal de Milan : ce dernier avait refusé en mars 2010 d’excuser l’absence de M. Berlusconi justifiée alors par un conseil des ministres alors que ce dernier était Premier ministre. La Cour devrait prendre sa décision en juin et au cas où elle donnerait raison au Cavaliere, la procédure serait annulée.

En outre, les accusations de fraude fiscale seront prescrites entre la fin 2013 et début 2014, selon les médias italiens.

Tout cela rend donc hautement improbable l’exécution de la peine prononcée contre M. Berlusconi.

Dans ce procès, Silvio Berlusconi était accusé d’avoir artificiellement “gonflé” le prix des droits de diffusion de films, achetés via des sociétés écrans lui appartenant, au moment de leur revente à son empire audiovisuel Mediaset.

Le groupe aurait ainsi constitué des caisses noires à l’étranger et réduit ses bénéfices en Italie pour payer moins d’impôts.

Dans son réquisitoire en juin 2012, le procureur Fabio De Pasquale avait déclaré que les prix d’achat des films par Mediaset avaient été “gonflés” d’un montant total de 368 millions de dollars entre 1994 et 1998, tandis que pour la période 2001-2003, ils l’avaient été de 40 millions d’euros.

Silvio Berlusconi, fondateur et propriétaire de Mediaset, était “au sommet de la chaîne de commandement dans le secteur des droits télévisés jusqu’en 1998”, avait en outre estimé le procureur.

THE WEST IS GOING AFTER BERLUSCONI the same way they did to Chriac of France- –anyone who vows for the right of Muammar and goes against their ways…gets the same boot!
Mediaset: un an de prison confirmée en appel contre Berlusconi pour fraude fiscale
La Cour d’appel de Milan a confirmé mercredi une peine d’un an de prison pour fraude fiscale contre Silvio Berlusconi dans le procès.
Updated: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 7:08 p.m. | By AFP

Mediaset: one year in prison upheld on appeal against Berlusconi for tax evasion

The Court of Appeal of Milan on Wednesday confirmed a sentence of one year in prison for tax evasion against Silvio Berlusconi in Mediaset trial and disqualification from public office for five years.
Silvio Berlusconi, le 1er mars 2013 au tribunal de Milan

Hmokh personal prestige steadfastness fought struggle…
The God of many wonderful pictures in my commander Sir Lin احترت in publishing first and Allarroa because all the coolest picture than the other. . Glory be to Him Who created you and your photos and treats creation:

The Court, “said the appeal inadmissible” the accused including former Prime Minister and “confirms the sentence October 26, 2012” in the first instance, said the President. Last fall, the court then imposed a sentence of four years immediately reduced to one year under an amnesty and allowed to Cavaliere hold public office for five years.

One of his lawyers Niccolo Ghedini immediately criticized dictation by “prejudices” of Milan magistrates to sentence against the former head of government. “We knew that this would probably be their decision: the force of prejudice outweighed the strength of facts.”

The application of the sentence is suspended from a likely appeal to the Supreme Court lawyers Cavaliere, aged 76.

It also depends on expected the Constitutional Court concerning a dispute between the Council Presidency and the Milan court verdict: he had refused in March 2010 to excuse the absence of Mr. Berlusconi then justified by a Cabinet whereas the latter was prime minister. The Court should make its decision in June and if it would support Berlusconi, the procedure is canceled.

In addition, tax evasion charges will be laid between late 2013 and early 2014, according to Italian media.

All this therefore makes it highly improbable that the sentence against Mr. Berlusconi.

In this case, Silvio Berlusconi was accused of artificially “inflated” the price of broadcasting rights for films purchased through shell companies belonging to him at the time of its sale to Mediaset broadcasting empire.

The group would then consist of slush funds abroad and reduced profits in Italy to pay less taxes.

In his indictment in June 2012, the prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale stated that the purchase price Mediaset films were “inflated” a total of $ 368 million between 1994 and 1998, while for 2001 -2003, they had been € 40 million.

Silvio Berlusconi, founder and owner of Mediaset, was “at the top of the chain of command in the field of television rights until 1998”, had also considered the prosecutor.


The New Qatar?

Qatari Embassy in Libya issued a press release in anticipation of tomorrow’s demonstrations in Tripoli and Benghazi against Qatar interference in the sovereignty of Libya.

Shen named this:



Re: NATO criminals killed a wounded Gaddafi

Message srećkica 22.10.2011. 12:32

Interesting analysis!

If you have created a set of Tripoli, then create a movie about “killing Gaddafi” this is not their problem.
But this movie can not be trusted, it is a product of information warfare. First rule: Never believe anything until it received an official denial. ! to begin a session of exposure …. In Hollywood there are a few companies in the production of silicone masks
The cost of order $ 5,000 – $ 15,000, date of production – from 2 weeks ago. ………………… They wrote that Gaddafi was wounded in the leg, but in this movie traces of blood on His pants were found: …………………… Gaddafi in the morgue frame from the video is likely to cut off his ear However, in this same video , “the morgue” ear on the ground … Disorder, with …
 …………….. …. Moreover, Qaddafi himself and another surgery to reduce the jaw did.
In this photo (and any issues that Google) in the Colonel’s quite a powerful jaw, and face in the area of the castle is much broader than the forehead and cheeks.
But the doll as a much thinner in this area … The face is almost oval ……. ………………
Top photo 3 years ago. Even then, the beard was a rare and streaked with gray. On the “corpse” is black and uniform. Disorder-sssss … …………………….
Another proof of a silicone mask: 12:26 ………… ……………….
Clearly visible boundary mask. : The color mask is very different from the color of the body. : The body of a man at the age of 35 and maximum of -40 years. Famous Libyan journalist Yusuf Shakir said that the information about the death of the leader Jamahiriya untrue (Message is about 6 hours ago).
Confirmation of the death of al-Gaddafi on behalf of Ibrahim Moussa – a fake. Algerian news site was hacked and used within 3 hours by third parties for the publication of false information.
………………….. For completeness, I will give more information to ponder:
Picture a young boy, allegedly involved in the death Kadaffi of:
1) is clearly not from the phone.
2) all the “actors” (in the foreground), sufficient to have the form
3) drew attention to the hands, quite well maintained, although it would be good to see the original pictures.
4) the young – he is considered a top performer????? any case in the military career of an athlete and he does not shine (If not in the movie)
5) in the shirt, “wiser” ( horizontal pictures) ironed, just out of the closet, although the right leg, “artist” on the horizontal traces of dirt has pictures
6) cap on the “killer” that peaked forward and backward … Why so? (Judging by myself)
7) tried on the same site to find more pictures of this author (PHILIPPE DESMAZES), but nothing like not found (In terms of pictures found, but no pictures of Libya).
Well, the golden gun – it’s all ….. Masterpiece of the Day.the real Muammar looks nothing like the man in the pre-fabricated Videos:Real Mu

  • The real Muammar looks nothing like the man in the fake videos that were prefabricated in las Vegas 2 days earlier.

     and as I always said, SIRTE was flooded to the gills on 20 OCTOBER 2011; but the drainage colverts are void of any water and the sun is shining.
  • Andalusi was taken to Misrata for two days of interrogation before Hillary gave the order to kill him and have a body for their dirty false-Hollywood work.

    REMEMBER:  the night after Muammar was supposed to have been killed, Muammar phone-called and asked “Where is the body”…He had no idea that they were going to use Andalusi’s body for him.

    brief 32 second telephone message given by Muammar al-Qathafi on 21 OCTOBER 2011, after the announcement of his so-called “death”!
  • “I want to say to the world that they are saying this lie in order to attack the city of Sirte with rockets. That is why it is a lie and its relationship to me.

  • Do you want to occupy the oil ?
    And that man comes with a corpus, to satisfy Clinton on her so-called last visit to Libya—from what country is this man, O Clinton!

    You butted yourself in front of the whole world and lost your confidence.
    May God forgive you!
    Do you want Clinton gloating over the whole world for Muammar al-Qathafi?
    But you traitors, are rats, said to have the body, where is it?

  • The Libyan people will rise on Friday with the brave.”


We challenge each person that shows the image of what is afraid of the power of personal and Nthaddakm all of you that you are what اديروا admired the picture and even Jardan suggested يدروا admired because they already knew that the leader Muammar al-Qathafi is the commander of UN and the symbol of the State of the sovereignty and dignity and today has become a total Alanha after an absence of a guardian.. Vrahmk God sir Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Colonel hero fighter King of kings of Africa and the Secretary of Arab nationalism and the date Africa and Kinsha the precious Muammar al-Qathafi….

Hmokh personal prestige steadfastness fought struggle…
The God of many wonderful pictures in my commander Sir Lin احترت in publishing first and Allarroa because all the coolest picture than the other. . Glory be to Him Who created you and your photos and treats creation. . (by: SALEM FARS)

Remember Libya: How US-NATO Destroyed an Entire Country Under a Humanitarian Mandate

Global Research, March 09, 2013
Libye: le drapeau vert ne flottera plus sur Tripoli

Libya was a self-sufficient, prosperous state which collapsed two years ago. It makes remember the dramatic events and what it resulted in. First of all, it was a new type of war, a «virtual revolution» and the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions were based on…editing the stages of a TV movie.

After the United Nations Security Council’s resolution N 1970 was adopted, the UN Human Rights Council sent the Independent Investigation Commission to Libya. The Libyan government allowed seeing all the places where public protesters were allegedly shot at. The Commission members were permitted to go anywhere they wanted to and they…hastily left the country. Gaddafi invited them for a meeting, but they didn’t even wait for it! No other investigation by «international community» followed. Vladimir Chamov, former Russian Ambassador to Libya (2008-2011), wrote, «The lie used by NATO to justify its war against Libya made pale even the one concocted as a pretext for invading Iraq». He knows what he is talking about, he’s was Russian Ambassador to Iraq too.

The UN Security Council’s resolution envisaged the possibility of «any actions» against Libya. It is said Russia committed a major mistake when it abstained while the Security Council voted for the resolution N 1973. And Russian diplomats, including Oleg Peresypkin, former Russian Ambassador to Libya (1984-1986), say it was quite possible to oppose the text before the vote. Indeed, for the first time in the history of international law any statescould take any measures against Libya. The wording was defying, it needed polishing, and making it more precise, altered, but…it never happened.

It was also for the first time ever, a country’s case was transferred to the International Criminal Court, though Libya is not even a party to it.

After the events in Libya, election results and adherence to internal law stopped being yardsticks for judging the legitimacy of state power. It was the statements by foreign leaders (the President of the United States, for instance) that mattered now. 

The so-called Arab revolutions brought a lot of harm to Russia’s interests. No doubt, the cooperation with Arab world was beneficial, multiple contacts are lost now. Pavel Akopov, president of the Association of Russian diplomats, former Russian Ambassador to Libya, recalls, «The Soviet economists worked out a system of granting credits to the Arab States. A loan for ten years was granted with 2.5% interest rate. It was allowed to pay with the commodities produced by a country’s industry or by the enterprises built with the help rendered by the Soviet Union at the expense of the loans. That’s how we exported engineering industry products». The model of developing bilateral mutually beneficial relations was so attractive that they started to copy it in the West.

For Russia Libya was the biggest loss in the Middle East. Former Russian Ambassador to Libya (1991-1992) Veniamin Popov says that while redeeming loans Libya paid to Russia more than any other country in the history of economic cooperation between the USSR and other states. The Libyans always paid in cash, if not, they exported oil supplies. The Libyan crude is a high-quality product, it has almost no sulfur. According to Alexey Podzerob, Russian ex Ambassador to Libya (1992-1996), even writing off a part of the debt was beneficial because the money was used for placing orders for Russian industry!

The elimination of Libya is a crime against this state, but also an attempt to arbitrarily decree a new international law. The events in Mali are a direct aftermath of what took place in Libya. The case is already transferred to the International Criminal Court and it was done after the legally elected President had been toppled. On February 19 2013 the UN International Independent Investigation Commission offered a report to the UN Security Council strongly recommending to transfer the situation in Syria to the Court too. The Commission acknowledged that «Anti-government armed groups have committed war crimes, including murder, torture, hostage-taking and attacking protected objects. They continue to endanger the civilian population by positioning military objectives inside civilian areas». Still, according to the Commission «The violations and abuses committed by anti-Government armed groups did not, however, reach the intensity and scale of those committed by government forces and affiliated militia». (1) By the way, Carla Del Ponte, a former Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations international criminal law tribunals, is a member of the Commission. Considering civil war cases, she made a one-sided persecution a norm of international «justice».

The lessons of Libya are to be drawn to rectify mistakes. Speaking at the press-conference by the end of December 2012, President Putin said Russia would not repeat the mistake. According to him, «We’ll not support any armed groups that try to solve internal problems by use of force». He also made a statement that just couldn’t go unnoticed. Speaking at the press-conference in Copenhagen in 2011 he said nobody has the right of interference into others internal conflicts. Today this stance acquires specific significance. The international intervention in other countries is not considered to be interference into internal affairs anymore. The position made public by Putin calls for leaving behind fictitious arbitrary decisions presented as legal acts and getting back to the real international law. It’s something to be remembered by all advocates of «new» parallel international legal system.

* * *

The elimination of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya was the end of a large-scale world project, an alternative pattern of society… 


No, Alexander Mezyaev, IT WAS NOT THE END! The Great Jamahiriya is still the legitimate system within Libya; and not only BANI WALID practices it, but most other towns and villages. And, now that the GNC has fallen, it will soon be reinstated throughout the whole of Libya.



4 thoughts on “Awaiting the Caravan to Tripoli

  1. The Military Batallion created for Saif, to be under his authority…(Not The Great Jamahiriya “rule of the Masses”—just the authority of the newly created Batallion).
    A new Batallion (the birth of a battalion ‘men of the current situation’) was created, and they want Saif to lead this new Batallion for them, (as soley Saif’s very own batallion).

    Muammar remains still ” ‘Supreme’ Commander”…
    Like Khamis and Saadi, they want Saif also to assume his command.

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