Le temps est venu / The Time has Come

“I’ve revolution; and handed power to the people, I do not have any other need; and my country will not let her, and ببندقيتي fight for my country, and my country will not let her, but one force me to leave my country, and no one can say that I do not defend your country. .My gun there and I will defend it, this is not the position nor the resignation them or leave them.

I’m staying with the remains of my ancestors who fought Italy in 1911, the first martyr fell in the battle of the five serious “Abdel Salam Hamid Ibomenaar”, how to leave his grave and walk with him, I quote next to it.

And grandfather the “T Bomenaar” quote on this day in Alkarzabih; does not leave his remains, and my grandfather “Hamad Bomenaar,” executed Italians in Jufrah between the Dan and between Hun; is with a group of martyrs Alaftaúm “.-

From an interview Leader of the Revolution Martyr Muammar al-Qathafi on the occasion of the 96 anniversary of the battle Alkarzabih.

King of Kings

You just my free Great and great conqueror .. greeting bending love and pride, O of Turabton for day and night live wildlife hikers all the pleasures of this world of Ajlnaaaaaaaa greeting of love and reverence you just ……. Muammar al-ups
(Admoowona 1)

Forward until you are free to victory..:


(Mu’ammar’s Italian lecture)

“We challenge each person that shows the image of what is afraid of the power of personal and Nthaddakm all of you that you are what اديروا admired the picture and even Jardan suggested يدروا admired because they already knew that the leader Muammar al-Qathafi is the commander of UN and the symbol of the State of the sovereignty and dignity and today has become a total Alanha after an absence of a guardian.. Vrahmk God sir Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Colonel hero fighter King of kings of Africa and the Secretary of Arab nationalism and the date Africa and Kinsha the precious Muammar al-Qathafi….”

نتحدى كل شخص أنه يشوف لصورة وما يخاف من قوة الشخصية ونتحداكم كلكم أنكم ما اديروا اعجاب للصورة وحتى من الجردان رح يدروا اعجاب لأنهم بالفعل عرفوا أن القائد معمر القذافي كان قائد أممي ورمز لدولة كانت بسيادتها وكرامتها واليوم اصبحت الكل يلعنها بعد غياب ولي أمرها . . فرحمك الله سيدي القائد الأعلى للقوات المسلحه العقيد البطل المناضل ملك ملوك افريقيا وأمين القوميه العربية وتاريخ أفريقيا وكنزها الثمين معمر القذافي . .

“Hmokh personal prestige steadfastness fought struggle…
The God of many wonderful pictures in my commander Sir Lin احترت in publishing first and Allarroa because all the coolest picture than the other. . Glory be to Him Who created you and your photos and treats creation. .”


Willie Fear of victory gives us Allaak the O supporters of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi legend:

Akbal Mieh year. . You are as you are lofty above the heads of the clouds. . Akbal-Mer:

1_9_1969 light Forever
Dr. Hamza Thami w rifle
Since 10/5/2013 few ended Speech of Dr. Hamza and most important what he said:

The presence of more than 90% of the Liberal between rats and on their heads in meetings and know all the details and gave the example of a meeting yesterday to rat very, very large and very this rat is the head of rats and old, met a number of young people and told them that 17 february revolution is nonsense and the draft colonization of Western countries Libya.

said Dr. Vlakzb of lying even from those closest to this rat, I’ve got important details time and the names of young people and what happened from an interview

Talked about the great leader Muammar Gaddafi said that the commander reductase nation in a man and soon will Libyan green Brightha and strong and will lead Africa and the world…

Said very close سيخطب the person Libya Sazelzel the entireHe said that the commander of the boat exists and reaffirmed that the commander of the boat is and resisters present and soon Saztr the rats to change their photos and dates of birth and crying in the streets in order to escape from the Liberals and the Resistance, and said no One guard ستمنعه that is protected because of Resistance exist, including…

Talked about external security at the time of the leader and their strength in the protection of Libya and urges all COUNT.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=344529105668988&set=a.230712463717320.48705.227902520664981&type=1&relevant_count=11_9_1969 الفاتح للأبد
منذ قليل 10-5-2013 انتهت كلمة الدكتور حمزة واهم ما قاله :وجود اكثر من 90% من الاحرار بين الجرذان وعلى رؤوسهم في الاجتماعات ويعرفون كل التفاصيل واعطى مثالا عن اجتماع البارحة لجرذ كبير جدا جدا جدا وهذا الجرذ هو راس الجرذان وكبيرهم,اجتمع بعدد من الشباب وقال لهم ان ثورة 17 فبراير هو كلام فارغ ومشروع استعمار البلدان الغربية لليبيا.قال الدكتور فليكذب من يكذب حتى من اقرب المقربين لهذا الجرذ,المهم انا عندي التفاصيل الساعة واسماء الشباب وما جرى من حديثتحدث عن القائد العظيم معمر القذافي وقال ان القائد امة مختزلة في رجل وقريبا ستعود الجماهيرية برايتها الخضراء وقوية وستقود افريقيا والعالمقال قريبا جدا سيخطب شخص وسيزلزل ليبيا باكملهاقال ان قائد المركب موجود واعاد التاكيد ان قائد المركب موجود و المقاومين موجودين وقريبا سيظطر الجرذان الى تغيير صورهم وتاريخ ميلادهم والبكاء في الشوارع من اجل الافلات من الاحرار والمقاومة,وقال لا احد ستمنعه الحراسة التي تحميه لان المقاومة موجودة بينهمتحدث عن الامن الخارجي في وقت القائد وقوتهم في حماية ليبيا وتحث عن اهميتهم
منذ قليل 10-5-2013 انتهت كلمة الدكتور حمزة واهم ما قاله :وجود اكثر من 90% من الاحرار بين الجرذان وعلى رؤوسهم في الاجتماعات ويعرفون كل التفاصيل واعطى مثالا عن اجتماع البارحة لجرذ كبير جدا جدا جدا وهذا الجرذ هو راس الجرذان وكبيرهم,اجتمع بعدد من الشباب وقال لهم ان ثورة 17 فبراير هو كلام فارغ ومشروع استعمار البلدان الغربية لليبيا.قال الدكتور فليكذب من يكذب حتى من اقرب المقربين لهذا الجرذ,المهم انا عندي التفاصيل الساعة واسماء الشباب وما جرى من حديثتحدث عن القائد العظيم معمر القذافي وقال ان القائد امة مختزلة في رجل وقريبا ستعود الجماهيرية برايتها الخضراء وقوية وستقود افريقيا والعالمقال قريبا جدا سيخطب شخص وسيزلزل ليبيا باكملهاقال ان قائد المركب موجود واعاد التاكيد ان قائد المركب موجود و المقاومين موجودين وقريبا سيظطر الجرذان الى تغيير صورهم وتاريخ ميلادهم والبكاء في الشوارع من اجل الافلات من الاحرار والمقاومة,وقال لا احد ستمنعه الحراسة التي تحميه لان المقاومة موجودة بينهمتحدث عن الامن الخارجي في وقت القائد وقوتهم في حماية ليبيا وتحث عن اهميتهم

Do not return my heroes from the liberalization of the Great Jamahiriya steadfastness and resistance always and never Alqath a revolutionary never Alkqah the continuous.

The destruction of the Libyan defense capability under the supervision of military experts of Western countries in the Jufrah under the cover of the United Nations ..
This is what you will infidel West Aajerman is to destroy the military arsenal of the State belong to Arabism and Islam, and you ride pawns and fools Bzqonkm the stinking Tnakon rabid dogs dream freely painted false you the enemies of religion .. God’s curse on all of Khan’s home and Khan real Arabism and Islam and dived in the arms of the Crusaders.
(Admoowona 1)

Close to coming to coming to the salvation of resolving the matter
Close to coming to and brighter Almlaan resolve the matter
Millions creeps and an estimated Aaoagafha of the extent of Asahrh to Asahrh ..

Tarhuna Youth Resistance
Ezz men’s sister:

SALEM FARS writes:

” I think that the time has come because make the Ogesdna to call. . NATO clients. “

Voice Libya
60 thousand displaced people inside Libya.

He said the UNHCR office in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, in a report, that 60 thousand people Libby are still displaced and are tribes ((Tawergha, Rullish, المشاشيه, Riaineh, Tuaregs and other rest some other tribes) internally, after almost two years on the fall of the regime.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel and Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam to all the sons of the Libyan people, great ….. supporter or shows that follow channel Al Khaimah on Nilesat frequency 11257 \ 27500 where it’s been in the sights and videos and news and important facts Jaddaaaaa Jaddaaaa Jaddaaaaa for the first time exposure is in the interest of Libyans all of them and all of them and I repeat allLibyans, Haaaaaaaaam, very, very Vaerjoa Continue present knows absent.

(The main الادمن)
Abdul Hakim Belhaj asked Qatari soldiers to leave base Ameitikh immediately and return to the hotel Aaron in Aldahara fear of the prevailing state of tension in the Libyan street against Qatar.

Day of Justice on the most unjust of injustice on the day the oppressed.. This topic you, Belhadj..
Hakim Belhadj is Enawq the stronghold and يماري in the religion of Allah in front of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi:

The Glory of God is afraid of Saif al-Islam not afraid of creative God!!!:

Dr. Hamza Thami now on the room light Forever tuk Aokd that the hero Saif al-Islam is in good health and his morale is high, and this from a source close to us with Saif al-Islam Valzentan, do not believe rumors tendentious that serve the agenda of a particular broadcast news Kadba for Saif al-Islam and his health.
(02 MAY 2013)
مهم / بخصوص البطل المجاهد الأسير سيف الإسلام القذافي :
الدكتور حمزة التهامي الآن على غرفة الفاتح فور ايفر بالتوك يأكد أن البطل سيف الإسلام يتمتع بصحة جيدة ومعنوياته عالية ، وهذا من مصدر مقرب لنا لدى سيف الإسلام فالزنتان ، فلا تصدقوا الإشاعات المغرضه التي تخدم أجندة معينة ببث أخبار كادبه عن سيف الإسلام وحالته الصحية . .

Libya p about to burst salvation كبود the Libyans Drht and Drhtolena Qaibdna Aakmhh Akkakh Aajerdan

Antzerowona and very, very soon and Kono p ready for great joy and everyone has been aware of the fact this trick trick Gahaar the
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Report International Ganaúat Court Bertkab war crimes

Report of the International Court of the criminal on the militias February of committing war crimes against Great JAMAHIRIYA supporters.

Duration: 1:31

||~أعلام ~أخر الاخبار~|| أخر اخبار الشأن الليبي …. LIBYABOOK صوت الليبين الأحرار ضد شرادم ثوار الناتو

| | ~ ~ Flags Latest News ~ | | latest regard Libyan news …. LIBYABOOK the Libyans Liberals voted against Hradm NATO rebels

Libya miracle withstand
Watch this video. Libya miracle resilience to ensure business continuity and not to close the channel, please put Lake on the video and subscribe to the channel Follow us always on Page Libya Bo …


Channel fields – Al Mayadeen Tv
Britain: London withdraw a number of its non-essential staff in Libya because of the security situation.


Brits leave most



Source: U.S. force in Spain is preparing for the possibility of being sent to Libya

For Ibiaaleom: CNN: military sources confirmed Informed told CNN that the U.S. force has readiness combat found in the south of Spain put on alert in anticipation of the possibility of being sent to Libya during the next few days to assist in the evacuation of U.S. citizens in that country in the event of continued deterioration of the security situation.

The source said that the force, which is part of a unit of U.S. Marines deployed in southern Spain in order to respond to emergencies and rapid intervention in North Africa, is still in the rules, but may be required to move to a point closer to Libya in preparation for the intervention and the evacuation of nationals, if required position.

And surround groups of protesters several basic facilities in the Libyan capital to demand the resignation of people who were linked to the regime of  Muammar al-Qathafi, despite the passage of a law political isolation against them, have been strained situation for hours with out counter-demonstrations demanding break the siege of the ministries and activating the role of the army and police in the country in which still suffers volatile security situations since the fall of the Great Jamahiriya.

According to the source, who asked CNN on condition of anonymity, the strength of other special operations units developed in the case of Germany qualified for assistance under any circumstances required.

The source pointed out that the United States had been postponed a number of staff at its embassy in Tripoli, but you may have to resort to the military option for the evacuation of other employees in the event of deterioration of the situation and their inability to get to the airport due to the closure of parts of the gunmen city.

U.S. State Department warns its citizens from traveling to Libya and said it has ordered a number of staff U.S. government Bmgardh the Tripoli for security reasons.

US occupation troops received order to be ready to occupy Tripoli and to fight with Libyan people, who will riot against occupation regime of Libyan Jamahiriya.Quote from media:”WASHINGTON, May 10. / Itar-Tass Kirsanov /. United States led to a state of high alert two of its military units in Europe in case you need to transferring them to the Libyan capital. The move is due to the worsening situation in Tripoli. This was announced today, the Associated Press news agency representative of Pentagon. As he said, the order to be ready for shipment in Tripoli likely received a special forces unit, based in Stuttgart (Germany), and part of the Marine Corps, who is stationed at Moron (Spain).”http://anti-global.ru/liviya/smi-pentagon-privel-v-povy-shennuyu-boegotovnost-2-podrazdeleniya-dlya-vozmozhnoj-perebroski-v-liviyu/#We want to remind, that occupation troops of NATO, especially from US took destroyed Libyan army and volunteers. They took part in rapes, tortures and execution of Libyan people, in order to scare them.
Rapes and tortures are the weapon of the U.S. Army against the civilian population, we know that the Iraq and Afghanistan.
We know from interviews of people who had escaped from prison regime that gang rape was also attended by U.S. soldiers.
Tortures, which are applied to the Libyan regime gangs resemble tortures used by U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.
U.S. soldiers are killers and occupiers who were tortured and killed together with armed gangs and again prepared to kill civilians under the pretext of protecting them.

Join the rest of the U.S. embassy, which closed its doors embassies in Libya until further notice …..
The Spanish Embassy also taught the subject to leave.

Greetings and respect for all Liberal remaining steadfast p era commander.


Mu Libyabook 24 APRIL 2011

Your time today at ten o’clock pm with a new episode and directly from the program and a wounded national media struggle …

 M. Qderbough


Hello Aahrar,
Anhdhirkm of diffuse Halayam virus However regret اتسبب in three deaths, a contagious and symptoms high temperature and headaches, Takiio and Ahala T. Atsahbha cold, cough, and hospitals pension Amlhakh from the large number of patients ………. Juzu precautions Once Mathassoa the Bhalaarad Aegwa length …….. unfortunately I units of المصابيين and God willing, my Lord p exempts everyone and saves all



Has last night after midnight bombing of Hamid ELHOUDERI shrine city of Sabha:

New clashes in Sebha, 1 man killed

Angry protests by residents of the new area Bsabha condemned the demolition of the shrine Syed Hamid Alahoudera,
and kill the new sons at the hands of outsiders Lake God Aalibia keeping God Libya.

Martyrdom of two sons الحضيري they Abdullah Ahmad green الحضيري and second Saleh Mohammed Hamza الحضيري after infringement naked on the sanctity of neighborhoods by the dead and entry to a safe area and after Maholthm for the second time to demolish the tomb of Sir Hamdalhoudera car heavily armed with heavy weapons ask God to accept them mercy that the sons of الحضيري good people did not يعتدوا one on before and they were always tolerant and experiencing them to the region so.

By Hadi Fornaji.

Tripoli, 11 May 2013:

There has been heavy fighting in Sebha during the night between those who attacked the tomb of Hamid Hudairi

on Thursday and the family and followers of the marabout (holy man). One man is reported to have been killed.

A Sebha reporter who lives in the Jadid area of the town where the tomb is situated phoned the Libya Herald shortly

after midnight to tell about the fighting. The sound of explosions could be heard in the background.

The reporter said that he could not stay on the phone because he had to take his family to safety.

Urgent Sabha

Been expressly fire one Champions and Rafla in the city of Sabha now a hero
(Mohammed Gmad) and my dad was throwing to catch it from the inventory (Sea of religion)

Thank God for your safety Iabtal.

Believed to be fighters for the Libyan air force bombed the evening gathering of the so-called secret sparkling Martyr Fathi milk stationed near the southern border area of over, away from the east city Zuwaila 60 km
(Admowona 1)

Report Almzarat visit to South
1 – Valiant .. Tuareg languages ​​refuse to sit Almzarat with the altogether ..
2 – Sabha. The Alqmazfah tribe refuse to sit with them altogether …
. Tribe and Rafla refuse to sit too ….
. The Almgarhh tribe Sabha also refuses to sit ..
. Awlad Suleiman kiss …. family Alharidat refuse to open their own corner to receive Almzarat .. group that Tleht and behind them (Afaf Omar Sharidi. Saifuddin Mohammed Hassan Sharidi. Abdulsalam beneficial Sharidi. Suleiman Isa Alaftyma)
Family Altmama: welcomes Palmzarat and seeking to waterless tribes have
And to the secretariat most honorable of the Awlad Suleiman tribe and especially folks Epehroh the refuse Almzarat the
3 – Tribe Al_husaona the …. refuses Almzarat
4 – new folks .. refuses Almzarat exception (family ELHOUDERI and who made dinner for them)
(Admoowona 1)

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV
News: Office of the United Nations provide 350 tents to house the number of people affected by the floods southern Libya.

CONCERNING THE EARTHQUAKE: I think that the USA is trying to fish out or destroy The Green Army (if they are in underground facilities near the Nafusa Green Western mountains.—-where Khamis is usually stationed).

Sabratha earthquake – tremors felt in Tripoli

Earthquake hits Sabratha west of the Libyan capital Tripoli

By News on Saturday, 11 May 2013 | 13:43

The Gaddafi International news agency – Sabratha.

Hit the western region of Libyan territory, on Saturday morning, an earthquake hit areas stretching from Tripoli to a very worthy head. The Web site of the international earthquakes quake struck the western region at only a quarter of the seventh on Saturday morning and was on a scale of 4.7 on the Richter scale. He added that the city of Sabratha site is the center of the earthquake and extended to the city of Surman.

Tripoli, 11 May 2013:

Residents in the north-west of the country were woken this morning by a series of tremors, as an earthquake hit just off the coast of Sabratha.

Residents in the town say there was no damage and no injuries as a result of the tremors at 6.40 am.

“It lasted for about six to seven minutes, and the buildings shook” said Sabratha resident Salah Greinidah.

The tremors were felt in Sorman and Zawia and shook buildings across the capital.

The earthquake was classed as moderate, with a recorded magnitude of 4.7 and a depth of 14 kilometres.

The case of the missing 8.4 Libyan earthquake » Van’s Hardware 



20 mai 2011 – Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 14:57:19 +0000 UTC Antelope Auto – Event 7699

NEAR COAST OF LIBYA Date Time Err RMS Latitude  But it does look like a Libyan quake did occur. ….. note that this page is a new feature on usgs ..

Earthquake in Libya 19th May 8.4 – YouTube

20 mai 2011 – Ajouté par immortalmanuk

Uploaded on May 19, 2011. There was an earthquake yesterday in Libya of 8.4 mag confirmed here: http 

BREAKING: LIBYA Large 8.4 Magnitude Earthquake – YouTube

20 mai 2011 – Ajouté par ChristiannaGarrett1


19TH OF MAY 2011, 14:49:02


  1. 8.4 earthquake in Libya!!! Was all over all the siesmic sites Now 

    20 mai 2011 – At 9:08 8.4 registered in Libya, was on all the sites, now it’s all gone, didn’t see anything on the news so i got on here to see what you  Submitted by Fed-up_with the Fed on Fri, 05/20/2011 – 19:01. …. the New Madrid fault?

  2. 8.4 Earthquake Near Libya? | Earthquakes – Before It’s News


    Traduire cette page

    Thursday, May 19, 2011 16:47  reported an earthquake of 8.4 degrees in LibyaNEAR COAST OF 19.05.2011…. Isn’t he the one that keeps saying the sky is falling and that a huge quake is going to happen on the New Madrid fault line in the 

  3. Earthquake (8.4) in Libya? – Godlike Productions

    31 messages – 6 auteurs

    All the news were talking about the ‘devastating earthquake in Libya that happened just now’. Then as it di.  Post New Thread · Reply  05/19/2011 11:33 AM 

  4. Was there an 8.4 magnitude earthquake in Libya? | The Total Collapse

     there an 8.4 magnitude earthquake in Libya? by TheTotalCollapse.com on May 20,2011  Tweet. Tagged as: 8.4, coverup, earthquakeLibya, news, quake 

    1. 8.4 mag Earthquake Reported off the coast of Libya, 6.0 mag Turkey 

      Subscribe to this Thread… 05-19-2011 09:21 PM #1  anything to do with what Barry did to Israel today. http://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/…ate=2011-05-19  5.9-magnitude quake hits northwest Turkey: one dead (AFP) – 7 hours ago 

    2. Why is the USGS suppressing a mag 8.4 earthquake in Libya at 14:49 

      05-19-2011 10:42 PM #1 · libertyjam  05-19-2011 11:00 PM #2 · tpreitzel  5.9-magnitude quake hits northwest Turkey: one dead (AFP) – 7 hours ago 

    3. 8.4 Earthquake Reoported off of Libya Coast line 5 – 19 – 2011 – Topix

      May 19, 2011. The National Institute for Earth Physics has reported an earthquake of 8.4 degrees in Libya NEAR COAST OF 19.05.2011, 14:49:02 (UTC) 

Annonce relative à May 2011 quake in NW Libya

5 hours ago4.7 magnitude, 14 km depth
SabratahAn Nuqat al Khams,Libya
Aaaaaaaaagel of the western mountain …… Called .. Inventory Ahmed Fnaire Alzentani adviser to the inventory Kabarmokhtar Fernana Alzentani was captured today Mlishh armed Amazigh after the event brawl gunman between Mlishat armed Zintan and Amazigh injured on the impact of two of the Amazigh seriously injured … on the track was captured Alzentani mentioned previously in retaliation for the Zintan and air now is very charged and is subject to escalation of .. hope circular ..
(Admowona 1)

Urgent ….. Quoting for Gado channel page rats …..

Was one of the gates in the soles of the mountain to an armed attack from a group outside the law belongs to the city of Zintan injuring the 3 elements of national power access mandated by the presidency of Staff rats to secure the area and the separation of the parties to the conflict within the existing problem between Tighe and Alhawwamd .. This group also seized a number “4” Cars belonging to the armed power of animation. It is noteworthy that power mobile elements who were belong to Misrata and Jadu …

The goal is to break a thorn the mujahid Chiaan tribe.



Downright English Ttahlbo the ..
Britain’s Financial Times newspaper: Misratah Brigades threaten the State in Libya.

A detailed report has been published on the newspaper ..
http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/41fac4f2-b013-11e2-8d07-00144feabdc0.html # axzz2Smv41Odr

PLEASE BE FORE-WARNED: THIS IS NOT A GREEN REPORT. IT CALLS MUAMMAR A TYRANT and a DICTATOR and praises the city of MISRATA in their role in bringing down the Great Jamahiriya.

Misurata’s armed brigades exert pressure on Libya – FT.com
At Misurata’s sombre war museum where walls are lined with hundreds of pictures of “martyrs”, Faraj al-Derelli, whose nephew was killed in the fighting, asserted that “much of the credit” for Libya’s RAT AUTHORITY belongs to the city.

Summit (()) farce and shame late awakening customers

Abdulsalam cuneiform on Libya’s international CSF

I tell the Libyan people in this historic moment that the blood of your children will be in vain, steal, and will come a tyrant and a new dictatorship, I tell the Libyan people that want to sell Brotherhood Libya to the Egyptian leader …
I say that the Brotherhood kidnappers city of Misratah of its people honest and where honest men and Misratah who Charcot in the revolution from the beginning, where the head of a military junta Misratah Salem Joha, where Mr. Hassan secretary, unfortunately, the leaders of Misratah now mostly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and protect the militias in Misratah implemented in national agendas and Ajuanjah


Bernard-Henri Levy BHL
Jewish Zionist identity
Born in Algeria French origin and affiliation
Severe hatred for Arabs and Muslims
Extreme loyalty to Zionism and Israel
given Misratan/Libyan citizenship in 2011

Bernard Levy, with his allies and his friends and colleagues: Ehud Barak – Shimon Peres – Yitzhak Shamir – Menachem Begin – Ehud Olmert – Mustafa Abdul Jalil (Chairman of the Board Alantaala in Libya) – Ahmed El-Sayed Al-Najjar (Journalists Syndicate Foundation Ahram – Egypt) – Samira Mansour (Cairo – Egypt) – Saad Husseini Brotherhood (Cairo – Egypt).

Misrata to the Covenant O commander of victory and challenge for Libya
Misrata Asswehly the Covenant on whatever Libya Benghazi demonstrations Sirte Tripoli Bani Walid فشلوم the Friday Market London, Berlin massacre every government mercenaries Khadaffy Sharkawy white tuber battalion

مصراتة السويحلي على العهد مهما كان ليبيا مظاهرات بنغازى سرت طرابلس بنى وليد فشلوم سوق الجمعة لندن برلين مجزرة مرتزقة كل حكومة قذافى شرقاوى درنة البيضاء كتيبة

Revealed the names of the missing and who was arrested from the mercenaries Mzrath the Brigades were not locate them so far
1 Abdelkader Saad Alaakima, the
2 Omar Mohammed Abdul Salam Azkir
3 Fathi Ahmid
4 Shoaib Mohammad Khamis
5 Ali Mukhtar hyena
6 Ahmed al-Sanusi hyena
7 Naji Mohammed Alsrsaa,
8 Saad Faraj Solomon الحويج,
9 lamp Mustafa Saleh Younis
10 Osama Ibrahim حوسين’s favor
11 Mohamed Salem Fino
12 carp carp Mohammed Salem
13 Ayub Fathi Abdel Salam Anueja,
Riyad Mansour, 14 Faitouri Arnin
15 Khaled Abdulsalam new
16 Mustafa Mohamed Salem Shahat
17 Khaled Saleh Qrifah,
18 Salim Ahmed Ashour
19 Ali Salem Dbnon,
20 melodic Hussein Salem Mhammed
21 birthday Faraj Owl
22 Ahmed Hashmi Mahmoud Ragab
23 Shibani Ahmed Shibani رويص
24-key Muhammad Ali wind
25 Hadi Abdullah Ahmad Jubran
26 key Mohammed Ali Omar Karim
27 Mohamed Hassan Allowaar
28 Osama Ibrahim Hussein Alaciod, the
29 Ahmed Mostafa Altaorga
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31 Abdulkadir Omar Akedorh
32 Key tolerant Mohammed Makhlouf
33 Mokhtar Mohamed Makhlouf tolerant
34 Egyptian Mohamed Salem Arashwdh
35 Saleh Ali Jibril
36 Ali Sassi Mohamed al-Alwani
37 Salim Sassi Ali Alwani
38 Mohammed Faraj Samea
39 Samea Embarak
40 Marwan Abdullah Al-Salem Abu Bakr
41 Haitham Abdullah Al-Salem Abu Bakr
42 Kamal safety
43 Said Shaaban Desert
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46 Omar Saleh Lzimairla
47 Mufta h Mohamed Milad Alajabu
48 Saif al-Islam key Alajabu the
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51 Abdullah Salem Abu Bakr
52 Mohammed key Alajabu the
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54 Abdel Raouf Ali Alajabu
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57 Abdalhfat Mohamed Saad
58 Nuri al-Din Muhammad Saad
59 Mohamed Abdel Fattah Mansour
60 Emhemed Salem Mhammed
61 Hamad Ahmed
62 Ibrahim Mohamed Ali
63 Ahmed Omar F
64 Osama Mohammed Faraj
65 Hassan Juma Ramadan
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67 Salim Ahmed Zayed
68 Salim Sassi Mohamed
69 Salim Ahmed Zayed
70 Saleh Ahmed Zayed
71 Tarek key Salem
72 Farag Abdel-Hakim Naji
73 Abdul Salam Ramadan Embarak
74, wife of Mohammed Saad
75 Ali Ahmed Zayed
76 Ali Ahmed Obaid
77 Imran good good
78 Kamal Abdulsalam Akedorh,
79 Congratulations Ali Abdullah
80 Mabrouk Mohamed Saad
81 Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed
82 Mohammed Ali Abdullah
83 Mohammed Faraj Naji
84 Mohamed Mousa Alajabu the
85 Muammar Saleh Abdullah
86 Mansourabdafattah Mansour
87 Mounir Key Mohamed
88 Mousa Mohammed Ibrahim
89 Naji Khamis Omar
90 Youssef good Youssef
91 Abdullah Mohammed Anueja,
92 Ali Abdullah Abu Bakr Abaudoih,
93 Nice Ali Saleh Faitouri
94 key Jaballah
95 Saleh Mohammed Khamis
96 Mahmoud Mohamed Saleh Hawally
97 Haitham Ahmed Osman Hawally
98 Ahmed Osman Hawally
99 Mahdi Saeed Mahdi Abotash of the
100 Suleiman Abdullah Fitness

Schadenfreude in stray dogs shortly before Naaman Atrash said an armed gang stormed the office collected Belhadj, head of the security committee Misurata and تقتاده to hand Garmarovh Hadalhakerho of traitors sheds p all honorable ask God to destroy him day before Algdnerjo the circular.



Car showroom benghazi

Car Showroom bombing in Benghazi near the Shell Ferjani His exhibition (Salem الورفلي) and full damage occurred in 10 cars with smashed the front of the house opposite the gallery and wounded women inside the house as a result of falling glass?

Car Showroom bombing near the Shell Ferjani
His exhibition (Salem الورفلي)
Full damage to the 10 cars with smashed the front of the house opposite the gallery and wounded women inside the house as a result of falling glass:

Armed brawl inside the campus Benghazi and the flight of students.
Car was the robbery vice consul Morocco (Sufyani of Mohammed) in the city of Benghazi in front of his home in the الفويهات versus Mandarin Mustafa house slave.

FILE Center bombings in the city of Benghazi now:
Ras servants Center bombing and the city center in Benghazi now.

Two explosions rock stillness the Jardan stronghold of Benghazi ..
And news from Center bombing top Aobeidh .. Currently based in Sidi Hussein ..

Bombings in the city of Benghazi targeting two police stations and two center Ras Obeida headquarters Sidi Hussein vs. Hall cartel former center city police headquarters Avenue Gamal Abdel Nasser against the School of the martyrs of January and damage to the exterior walls of the building and vehicles of citizens in the street Gamal Abdel Nasser and glass houses and buildings nearby and damagethis is for spirits to blow up the city center either Ras Obeida there are injuries have been transported to the hospital,,,

Tarhuna Mujahid – Youth loyal Tarhuna  writes:

For Barahh in the city of Benghazi and specifically in the pond next to the Open University and in the home Abdulsalam cuneiform there was a meeting of all the so-called civil society organizations and sheikhs and notables eastern region was the substance of the meeting regarding the consequences experienced by Libya and difficult circumstances and slider dangerous which could lead the country into money dire consequences on fairly described.
It was agreed at this meeting to form a higher council of Libyan tribes and Cdo on the role of the tribe in the tribal dispute settlement and reunification to build Libya and for national reconciliation!!!!!!! And touched to the return of the people of Tawergha in the next month.

As well as civil society organizations lose condemnation and denunciation and condemnation of what is under his delusional state institutions of the attacks faced by the State by the armed militias and a violation of human rights and torture in secret prisons.

Vہarsہh Tہrha ہaہh Hہamہkhہh


Lord now battalions Middle will start in arming the people Torghae Lada Misratah did not allow their return …..

let not Masmhouc Returning Returning and by force of arms with the help of God, what robbed by force recovers force.

After the arrest of inventory called (Mari Suhaibi) financial official in the so-called Liberation Brigade battalion by the prosecution on charges of corruption issue Mali ..;
The dogs and his followers surrounded the prison Alkwyfah of the imprisoned after the completion of the investigation with him in an attempt to take him out by force, creating some confusion among the guests and a failed attempt to revolt inside the prison.



Tobruk prevented rebel Sudanese aircraft leased from the Chiefs of Staff while landing at the airport Tobruk Mtnha the whole battalion has been tasked carved Joseph to take control of the port of Tobruk and port Amsaad and the air base and was prevented from disembarking and now the plane in the direction to return to base Ameitikh.




What is happening in Libya today is a national awakening
But you will end effect the end of Friday?
Is its impact will be limited to only squares?
Do bear these result defiance or Sinadon external intervention after the first bullet shot from the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in defense of their authority?
Here Qatar will be against this movement and Stqmah, Is there a new ally?
What are the results of the intervention and what conditions and Mahjm of Booty which will demand after the elimination of interference country

who paid dearly Hmedktr its price will not abandon him.
Is Libya still tolerate more bloodshed?
Is there a really strong will to remove the Qatar and Piedgaha or it is currently only a simple reaction?
What awaits Libya or where to Libya going?
As Ann Libyans to stand as one for a free country Sharif actually do?

We wish contribution has your assessment of the current situation.
(Admowona 1)

Qatari ambassador in Libya warns .. “prejudice to the ruling family is a red line”

Khaled dog Tozeur hyena الورفلي, the one from the announcer Almckan Brotherhood in Libya channel “infidels” in Qatar
says: burning doll Thmtl the-Sheikh Hamad banana (haram) because the faithful do not permissible Altemtal it.
This is another doll is burned embody Khrti Qatar was commenting on a column in the first statement as a kind of contempt for apparently Khrti:

By News on Saturday, 11 May 2013 | 15:48

Qatari ambassador in Libya warns ..

“prejudice to the ruling family is a red line” |

News Agency Gaddafi International

Qatari ambassador in Libya warns .. “prejudice to the ruling family is a red line” | News Agency Gaddafi International

Qatari ambassador in Libya warns .. “prejudice to the ruling family is a red line”

By News on Saturday, May 11, 2013 | 15:48

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Face Qatari Ambassador prote in the Libyan capital Tripoli a strongly Alljhh to each of the Libyan government temporary and the National Congress of Libyan year, describing them Ibnachri beautiful and after the demonstrations in most Libyan cities condemning intervene country in the internal affairs of the country. 

where some demonstrators in Benghazi yesterday burned doll-like Emir of Qatar after hit with shoes, as flag-burning country in the city of Tobruk. 

and warned Ambassralqatri Libyan officials that such actions could lead to the discomfort of the ruling family in Qatar and therefore will be reflected on the relations between the two countries, has praised the latter to the role of the country during the the war in Libya in 2011 and said, “not for Sheikh Hamad for the Revolution triumphed in Libya,” he described. 

mention that Qatar has contributed to a significant role in the destruction of Libya, where has sent thousands of officers Qatari and also mercenaries from Afghanistan and other countries, even to fight against the Libyan army nor Forget it was among the countries that bombed the Libyan people warplanes with NATO, “NATO”

From their pages
Number of rats Tripoli, vows to burn the Qatari Embassy tomorrow and chase bankrupt Brotherhood Hahah, commodity and God Atrdhm the pottery Eixr the partly.

Salem Fars writes:

This donkey barrel diameter Born Mozah days was presenting loyalty and disavowal to his master leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi .. The picture is clear and the difference between the master and slave:


Donkey Qatar Atrjae in the master and Elly Aavs Ali Zaman neck Lotto Knight Muammar  al-Qathafi:


Urgent and very dangerous
Entered a large amount of switching injection (ie head Bra front)) is poisoned and leak inside Chidayat and private clinics and some hospitals, a small type size and glaucoma Alon Acesp in a high degree of movement and swelling of the body and more Sthaddamh Li children in Alttamyat reached this behemoth the end of the month 4 by Qatar learned that he caused the death of his command and 5-year-old girl and this news are free within the Ministry of Health and I hope publication and dissemination
Hspay God and yes, the agent in them
(Admoowona 1)

Gathered today a number of young people and Mazloa exist in a number of areas in Tripoli and in particular the tourism and mobilization campaign and extensive burning of the Qatari Embassy on Friday, and they insist on attacking the Qatari embassy and burning and closure and the arrest of those inside, and this vows that the battalions backed by Qatar will appear tomorrow to protect the embassy and Atuadonhm armed confrontation and observers contend that Hzt this.

So go ahead and set a dangerous precedent in the history of Libya, and young bears Qatar chaos mercenaries within the Conference on the extent described and expression, and that all the chaos in Libya due to the intervention of Qatar and vows to clean places of military ousted Qatar on the extent described.

Do you know what is the difference between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates?
Grappling Qatar and United Arab Emirates about who simplify its influence in the Middle East under the umbrella of America, and some Libyans naive think that Qatar only are you want to control Libya, and the truth is that Qatar style, is a quirky, such as Emirates, Qatar act openly and directly perhaps the lack of wisdom or for other very known to God alone, while the United Arab Emirates prefer to play under the table, not to say that Qatar is the best, but tell it explained

And this is what makes the Libyans only think that Qatar is in the picture, do not know that the United Arab Emirates also penetrated in the state by Gabriel, do not know that the UAE is funded by Qaqaa battalion that obeys orders Jibril. I’m not defending Qatar and does not attack the United Arab Emirates In my view, the blame does not fall on them but on than they were allowed to control the fate of Libya against personal ambitions.

If the Libyans from the first they said: We Nhlo the problems between some Brohana what fear Baynetna extent Raho what Salnash the divisive who we are today
(Admowona 1)

Arab daily track – Prime Minister State of Qatar accuses Altdt of the name of the Libyan tribes loyal to leader Muammar acces
Prime Minister State of Qatar accuses Altdt of the name of tribes loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Kadhafi inciting Media.

After Athanh of Doha broadcasts chaos in Libya
Prime Minister State of Qatar accuses Altdt of the name of tribes loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Kadhafi inciting Media

Track Arab / 04/24/2013 16:00:00
Accused the Prime Minister of the State of Qatar stadium name assets Altdt name tribes loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi because it is causing chaos in Libya and the instability of security in the newspapers and Algerian Aladaat .. And Qatari Prime Minister on that there Adaat supports assets in bits discord between Libya and Qatar.

Our sources in Doha confirmed that the current ruler of the chiefdom has to offer – in return – to normalize its relationship with Israel …. And open the pipeline Qatari gas مصاريعها the lighting of Europe … and transform the U.S. military presence in Qatar to a permanent presence beyond numbering and capabilities of the U.S. presence in the American bases in Bahrain, especially many American air base in Qatar …. According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal recently, the runway of this airport is the longest in all airports in the Middle East if a length of 4500 meters and hangars which rises high mountains The cost of the construction of this airport more than a billion dollars, despite the fact that Qatar has no more than 12 warplane .

Qaeda but teeming with three thousand American military, they have over the last eight months to send air fighters, and airborne tanks, spy planes, from this place to Afghanistan. They are, in this rule, are able to watch movies like the movie ‘Star Wars’ in its new version, inside the open-air theater, Mansob temporarily, or they dip in the pools and Frhma them to the military establishment. The newspaper quoted Qatari officials, saying that what is happening is exactly what it should be, since they have built a half-Qaeda, to attract Americans. Among the tasks that take precedence, how that Qataris officials can keep U.S. forces there, or even, if possible, increase their number, at the end of the war in Afghanistan. In this context, says Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani, Qatar’s foreign minister: ‘We can not defend Qatar, if a large force attacked us. We need the presence of U.S. troops and the United States need us. In addition to the long runway take-off at the base, constructed of Qatar, has 27 warehouse complex where American soldiers live and tanks and armored vehicles that may be used in any war against Iraq.

The Wall Street Journal that every country in the Gulf reasons to welcome the American presence. In Oman, which is a poor country in accordance with the standards Gulf States has assisted at least $ 50 million annually. In Bahrain, where scarce oil resources are depleted, lies precedence in attracting foreign investors to Bahrain with the growing banking services. As part of this campaign, the king to end censorship on the media and the initiative to hold free elections. He always stresses that his relationship with the United States military is to guarantee the stability and security of Bahrain. Qatar and features from its neighbor Bahrain richness of its oil resources, which experts believe it will be thanks to the oil with the highest national income for the population.

Qatar began three years ago creating its territory to receive the American troops sized. Told the emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa guests Americans never visited بقصره and, his desire to receive 10 thousand U.S. military to permanently reside at the base of «many» Air, which was at the time still under construction. He renewed the offer when he visited William Cohen and former U.S. Secretary of Defense and General Zinni. To prove that Americans can rely on them in times of distress, open Qataris filled the air in front of cessation U.S. aircraft to perform the functions of military action against Iraq in the nineties after Saudi Arabia refused to allow them from its territory. Then came the attacks of 11 September, the World Trade Center in New York and the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) in Washington, to open the way for three thousand U.S. military in order to reside in the base «many» air where they built Giant City covered by a huge tent and supported by wooden poles giant,

In this site was set up to manage the military commander of military operations. U.S. officials say the Qataris they are close to the day he will become the U.S. military presence is always in Qatar. Because you think the United States to maintain in Qatar and permanently, on 50 warplane and several thousand of its soldiers, and offered to Qatar to spend $ 400 million for the development of the air base, through the construction of houses fixed and warehouses for the storage of aviation fuel by one million gallons with construction sites management and leadership. For its part, Qatar want written U.S. guarantees that the U.S. military presence will always be.

The burning question remains is: How long will U.S. support for the rulers of Qatar chiefdom existed especially in light of the violation of human rights which is practiced daily in the chiefdom … In the presence of suspicious relations between the rulers of the chiefdom and extremist views the United States considers a “terrorist . ”

And how long the chiefdom will maintain internal stability especially that Prince is suffering from kidney failure … and the sudden absence in the presence of his father in Saudi Arabia will lead to shuffle the cards again !!

Alkaabar Li Mesh ousted … Which cursing جردان the corner and said their love licking shoes …
He licks in Qatar shoes ..

NATO! And the silence of shame on the forehead of each of the barking of February .. and calibration and insulting term for each of Wade their NATO blessed revolution ..
It is worth mentioning despicable cantaloupe Atenbih, employment and orders Qatar and the sharing of positions ..

Statelet of Qatar has accused the so-called National Alliance Party headed by Mahmoud Jibril rat distorting role in Libya, fueling Alra, General.

Did you forget … Libyan mixed with blood and country for the sake of freedom. Attribute ourselves and the people of Qatar and Al Jazeera. …!
Alan تذكرتم the honor and dignity.
Traitors and agents is not surprising you and labor coup:

Started جردان Qatar defending Ali Hamad master and banana and cursing Nadmon.

Nadmon of the people of Benghazi burn anthropomorphic Hamad Khrti Qatar.

Libya channel wicked movement of the news from Qatar because of the time difference Pena and including:


Mu’ammar signs-in Canaan nation:



Last night tuber
Targeting a car citizens in dirt improvised explosive device led destroyed without damage to mankind.

The assassination of a former employee of the Office of Homeland Security in the tuber

By News on Saturday, 11 May 2013 | 14:07

The Gaddafi International News Agency – tuber.

Succeeded by unknown last night in the assassination of the citizen impasse on the impasse Alumblyti city of Derna, was Alumblyti works in the former employee’s office of Homeland Security in the city, and function of recording information and monitoring data for commercial companies. 
Sources in the city that the victim was killed by a pistol provider with silencers, and found his body in his car While he was returning to his home, and it seems that the fatal shot came from a car that was adjacent to his car, where his car collided with the wall of the house near the road, people rushed home and faces soaked in his blood..



Tarhuna Mujahid – Youth loyal Tarhuna
Life without green flags of no value
Soon you will prevail in Libya green and embracing the full sun, where its light arrived ..
Greetings to everyone free and mass حرائر the
Tarhuna Youth Resistance
Ezz men’s sister

Mrbuah the Alkhary writes:

“morning we are waiting for the green signal from the father of the nation and the kink of kings, to clean the sacred land from the viscose rat race, major bel from Tripoli!!”
Tarhuna Resistance:
Urgent ______________ ————————— ________________

We, the sons of the Liberal Tarhuna owners الرية green that we we will isolate Jardan the life of in

Tarhuna the land of jihad and crawl soon towards the capital Tripoli.



Betrayed the title for employment proof
Uncertain news from the corridors of General Alaotuny Congress that the Committee on Local Governance National Congress abolished the local council of Bani Walid has formation of Tsiera Council of the city comprises eleven people headed by Judge Ibrahim Zarouk Abouhmrh and membership of: –
1 – Hady الزوام El
2 – Mohammed Khalil Alaftmany
3 – Idriss Aboguenidh,
4 – carp قريرة the Amran
5 – Hussein Taboly,
6 – on Eshteiwi bin safety
7 – F Mohamed Milad Gmad
8 – Abdulrahman lamp Alhmal
9 – Ahmed Abubakar key International
10 – Embarak Eshteiwi


The BEAUTIFUL CITY Park near Racdalin:



Poetry of Ibn Mujahid … Aasert Gina Nqta Yalak
Aasert Gina Nqta Ballack words always Ibn Mujahid creative and editing lioness green gift this work to Mujahid Sirte and to the souls of the martyrs who have fallen from Sirte in Sirte …



Smashing a police car (rats) of the security committee in Tripoli, the night before armed militias surrounded the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Very powerful blast now in Almajory of about half an hour.

Cheers جردان Tripoli chant at a rally: –
Malishe Malishe,,, Mufti Nbouche the

No, no, no and no Brotherhood ..

Nebo and Nebo army, police,,, Libya Rahe in trouble.

Nboha a civil state,, what Tkzbash the senior debt

Committed home committed home,,,, on front what Hakatk;
To become of you:

Hearing voices zoom in Tripoli
In Wajid Misfortunes Jet click Orskm the Aajerdan.

Dawn today .. An attack on a security gate Allaotunai Alco area and killed in the process one of the militia members and the number of wounded and steal their cars and weapons.

Documents (1,440,000,000) billion ربعمائة and forty million dinars Aden in the belly of the security committee Allowatih Alakhunjah differences rewards In the latter Azloc the Iaochuaal spirit perished in Tripoli Almajora not longer each Libyans.

Memoranda of home. . Green Square celebration to raise larger picture of  leader Muammar al-Qathafi

Green Square:



Rusaifa News:
Video armed militias to prevent members of the National Congress by force of arms from entering to Zkzaw in the soles of the mountain.

.. Omar Mukhtar Street residents expelled security committee patrols and police cars and burning tires and garbage bins.

Hearing voices shootings Fshara of Omar al-Mukhtar in Tripoli

Aah Aatarabuls Aahfrh blood Grgueta the blood.

جديد .نوينا الشهادة .فنان المقاومة .طريق النصر34
عمل غنائي جديد بصوت الاستاذ الفنان .فنان المقاومة بعنوان نوينا الشهادة يا بو عبى . اهداء الى احرار العضمى ولكل عشاق ثورة الفاتح العضيم وترقبوا اعمال جديدة له…

Keep shooting hand Ben Achour and field Qadisiya with hearing voices ambulances.
Tripoli will witness the powerful explosions shortly after, ………. Liberal فأنتظروا

VOICE of Resistance writes:

Embassy collapse ……
Sorry building collapse :: /

On at 6 am and until now has an open mind any reaction from the government or government agencies did not attend any person from the so-called Tripoli Local Council nor from any official center congestion of people .. And neighbors and residents of the region;

This building is not the French Embassy nor even come U.S. puppet government, inventory and Zidane and tears of the son of a bitch Maqrif in order to stand situation p ..”

Omar Mukhtar Street locks Tripoli congestion of the region’s population to fall and bridge architecture 7 victims after they were taken out dead.

We have created an emergency plan for any future building collapses:

Sadat Badri –Tripoli Local Council

By Sami Zaptia.

Housing and Utlities Minister Ali Sherief (left) and Tripoli Local Council leader Sadat Badri (photo:Sami Zaptia).

Tripoli, 11 May 2013:

Speaking at yesterday’s press conference after the collapse of a building in Tripoli that killed five people, Sadat Badri, head of Tripoli Local Council (TLC), revealed that an emergency plan was put in place to deal with any future collapses of buildings.

Badri, was speaking after a building constructed during the Italian colonial period of the 1920-30’s collapsed in the Belkhair district in central Tripoli. The building had been vacated by the state, but Libya’s acute housing crisis meant that tenants reoccupied it illegally.

“We created an operation room which is in permanent meeting”, the TLC leader revealed, “to put in place a plan to help those affected by the collapse.”

Badri reported that “the Prime Minister was in constant contact with him as well as a number of other Ministers”.

However, residents of the area had complained, burnt tyres and blockaded at least one road yesterday in anger at the lack of government help. They were also upset by the fact that the Prime Minister had not visited the scene personally. Other Ministers and GNC members were reportedly seen at the site.

Housing Minister Ali Sherief, on the otherhand, had reported at yesterday evening’s press conference that a number of Ministers, the Deputy GNC head and GNC members had visited the site.

Good Jaykm the :: /
The fall of the building of 3 floors Boulkheir Street area in Tripoli According to preliminary information, recovered the number 7 knelt from the rubble ..

Among the victims of the citizen “Keep Buhlol Alkkla” and his wife the “Sheikh names” in a school employee “martyrs Boumnijel” that carry Jniniaa the who did not Abesro the light and did not Ikhrjo life even.

The fall of the building of 3 floors Boulkheir Street area in Tripoli!

Libyan news | image of the building collapsed in the street “well” in the capital Tripoli


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl Jaddaaaaaaaaaaaaa confirmed a number of architects in a report sent this morning to the office of Prime Minister Ali Zaidan said the collapse of Architecture Street Boulkheir got a result explosions taking place in the capital Tripoli every night and stated in the report that the blasts caused as a result vibration Ground cracks in buildings and breaks the rules of concrete flooringand will continue to collapse dramatically for buildings, especially the old are successively,,, they also said they filed a report since the two months to head الموتمر national Maqrif, but he did not care about it and asked them not to interfere in the affairs of state and Maicolouna sedition Alhzv including agitating the street. For science and Abrim on a wider scope.

A number of architects in a report sent this morning to the office of inventory Prime Minister Ali Zaidan German that the collapse of Architecture Street Boulkheir got a result explosions taking place in the capital Tripoli every night and stated in the report that the blasts caused as a result vibration Ground cracks in buildings and breaks the rules of concrete flooringand will continue to collapse dramatically for buildings, especially the old are successively,,, they also said they filed a report since the two months for the President of the Conference, but national Maqrif, but he did not care about it and asked them not to interfere in the affairs of state and Maicolouna sedition aimed at agitating the street..

Fall Bldg Blcaml, the morning p inhabitants Blmedinh the {} Tripoli led to the death of 5 people and the entry of members of Care /

architecture are no between Shawqi street and Omar Al-Mukhtar.

Suffering and turn Alabllah.

According to preliminary information, there are 3 victims and the number of wounded.

Lotto Tameer was is Jarapk me.
Note the number of victims is on the rise.

Names of deaths and injuries fall accident residential architecture Boulkheir Street: –

The first family inhabiting the second floor
Ayyad Altarhuni, head of the family wounded sheltering Abu Salim Hospital
Mohammed Sayeh success. His wife is dead a 48-year-old
Randa Ayyad Altarhuni, of his daughter. Dead a 25-year-old
Radwan Ayyad Altarhuni, son. Deceased 14 years

Second family lived on the ground floor
Hafiz Ali Saleh, head of a family. Deceased 42-year-old
Nuri skies his wife dead 33 years.

Omar Mukhtar Street locks Tripoli congestion of the region’s population to fall and bridge architecture 7 victims after they were taken out dead
Among the victims of the citizen “Keep Buhlol Alkkla” and his wife the “Sheikh names” in a school employee “martyrs Boumnijel” that carry Jniniaa the who did not Abesro the light and not Ikhrjo for life, even.

When the French embassy bombing every customer came from large to small scene and Qacqua visit الفرنسيس who Ngerhawwa in the bombing at the hospital
Today residential building fall and die 6 victims and not the dog of customers visited them and not even sympathy to matter in their plight
This topic the fact that customers and dependence of their masters oh shows.
(Admowoowona 1)

Exposed battalion guarding a wild Amsaad port to attack from gunmen, wounding some of the members of the battalion are now in Medical Center Btabriq.


Cancellation of flights at the airport Taraals.

The Office of the United Nations in Libya, said he had received confirmed information about shipping large quantities of sarin from the base of Mitiga to mercenaries, the FSA and the Office reported that the information confirms the involvement of deputy director of the Libyan intelligence Mustafa Noah in sending these shipments in coordination with the princes of some factions militant base Mitiga stronghold these factions.

Were deported 41 of كتبية appeal who have been imprisoned on Feb. 17 to Tripoli in the strictest confidence that when you hear the people deported children crowd airport built international families which suffered its sons and once Otsalhm Minister of Justice through some of the organizations assured them that to know his subject that has been mentioned a momsa blind eye to her son in the first three months of his arrest was tortured electrocution and that one of the princes of the battalion was punish him and يهينه says his son blind and reported that her son aged 22 years and entered the battalion for the purpose of obtaining a salary and nothing to do with what happened he may join her 8 days and then Eventintrusion has confirmed that her son that he was accused of receiving training in Russia with the knowledge that he has never in his life the need for travel appeals to human rights and legal committees to stand with them in raising the injustice that occurred to her son!



Libby arrest with explosives in southern Tunisia.

90% of the Tunisian groups weapons from Libya

By News on Saturday, 11 May 2013 | 14:04

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tunisia.

Got hundreds of jihadi extremists from Tunisia to form a military combat and sophisticated weapons during the Libyan war.
Reliable sources indicated that the investigations confirmed that armed groups in Tunisia get more than 90 percent of their weapons from inside Libya. As confirmed by the El Khabar newspaper.
The security reports confirmed that dozens of activists armed power in Tunisia, including princes for groups, they are located inside the Libyan cities and receive support and protection from armed battalions close to the base. Although the existing coordination between the armed Salafist jihadists in Tunisia and al-Qaeda in the Maghreb and its leadership in the east of Algiers, the source of funding and support for jihadists main activists in Tunisia come from within Libya.
The findings of investigations carried out by the interests of the Joint Security between Algeria and Tunisia on networks that feed the armed groups, the Salafist Tunisian, that veterans LIFG who led mostly Brigades, armed against the Gaddafi regime two years ago, were involved in supporting the Jihadist Salafist movement in Tunisia as a direct order to help him control Tunisia.
And allowed the Libyan war the Salafis jihadists in Tunisia, access to training combat high-level camps Brigades Thoaralnato in Libya holders of Salafi ideology jihadist, controlled Jihadists Salafists Michbon ideology of al Qaeda in Tunisia and them returning from Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and elements of the LIFG, on dozens of mosques and chapels in Tunisia, and are preparing to announce themselves, after consultations with the leadership of al Qaeda in Pakistan, and the most prominent returning to Libya Tunisian Abu Khaled, whose real name Naji Lahlou who believes security reports that he returned from Iraq offside to Tunisia.
She said reliable sources that jihadists like Abu Khaled control the militant groups estimated the number of its members dozens reside in the mountains of Alhaanbe In the desert of Tozeur in southern Tunisia, where it is contact with extremist elements of Libya purpose of receiving weapons, and emphasizes our sources that the jihadists in Tunisia took already on dozens of mosques in various cities, particularly in eastern Tunisia.
Sleeper cells
And detect security source said the new branch’s secret base in Tunisia includes a large number of secret cells dormant, who participated some in the Libyan war in the storming of Libyan cities and occupation, has been able to Jihadists Salafists Tunisians to obtain sophisticated weapons medium and heavy looted stores of the Libyan army. Our sources revealed that the security interests of the intercepted electronic communications between the leaders at the front of the victory and jihadists from Tunisia, and members of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb. Mail and talk about the role of Salafi jihadists in the establishment of a training base and call in Tunisia.
Our sources indicate that the jihadists close to Al Qaeda in control of the armed groups active even in some cities in Tunisia, and outnumber the insurgents in each battalion element 300.
Followers believe the security situation in Tunisia that can not be separated from what is happening in Libya that the Salafi jihadists prefer to wait for the establishment of a large force can achieve balance with the interests of security and the Tunisian army, which gets underway on U.S. logistical support and west.



NATO bombing people going into Libya from Egypt. This is the way democracy works:

المروحيات الليبية تقصف المهاجرين على الحدود المصرية #مصر #ليبيا
المروحيات الليبية تقصف المهاجرين على الحدود المصرية لقي 50 مصريا مصرعهم علي الحدود المصريه الليبية حيث شنت المروحيات الليبية الغارة عليهم وذلك اثناء محاولتهم…


Raid on Egypt



al-Fateh 1969:

With Hifitz ASSAD:

an early passport of Muammar al-Qathafi:

Mu relaxes:

SALEM FARS writes:

6 mai 2013

“Sometimes I can not write something for such pictures to the severity of magnificence and a fortuitous meeting this man and his mixed his powerful personality with a reputation and prestige. . God protect you, sir leader and bless decoder that you are alive and God kisses his mercy and Aghafrlk that you are a LIVING martyr….”

Mu verile

Muammar and Safya:

Muammar al-Qathafi makes Statement APRIL 1986:

Mu statement 1986


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