King of Kings of All Africa

“I defended the price of staying here [ in Libya].”

The commander of you .. Two years later, the mouthpiece of all Libyans say ye!
Not be knows Halaúa that this unprecedented question with another question, we went out of the Libyan people in the marches

millions of answers the question we are a generation built by Muammar and following Ieddin the destroyed.

Muammar al-Qathaf is in the hearts of millions.

Contrary to what his enemies thought that “killing him” would end his legend and missile Classy star, still each day increases the number of his lovers and supporters!


Man of Vision

Hero & Leader Mu

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Iamsa News following costume Alasssl and the evening victory is certain certain, Blakid and the uncertain Baden God
Jardan They said that Our Say decreased activity Manoyatna
Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ is Tabo Aajerdan ČÓ Because Nkhaddmo ar ground Mesh Kevkm Vsfos Trajo in Santa Neto

Section will sun of mass p nearby
And morale on the wind /


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Country, our country and the sky *** skies
Pride and Shoumoukh Cherbnah in Anaúna
Address like you one of the most important goals
Manufactured in our factories dignity
Gaddafi Redanah the love of our mothers’ breasts
And Rowena dust home Bdinma and sweat
(The main الادمن)

Hallelujah and praise the great Hallelujah
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MUAMMAR! DR. HAMZA THAMI gives praise!!
  • Praise be to Allah alone and to his servant Muammar al-Qathafi

Two words trimming
{Muammar ups}
Crown Mesh Aa meal of the door too dinosaur
And Mnsourin Baden-Rahman…

Iamsa News following costume Alasssl and the evening victory is certain certain, Blakid and the uncertain Baden God
Jardan They said that Our Say decreased activity Manoyatna
Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ is Tabo Aajerdan ČÓ Because Nkhaddmo ar ground Mesh Kevkm Vsfos Trajo in Santa Neto

Section will sun of mass p nearby.
And morale on the wind /

ICAO O were free Conqueror
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Moments and communicate ĎăĘă in God’s care ………. Muammar al-ups
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Salami on Dhana to Ajwad owners intense moments .. Blahm Mayamr deadline and Miedhm happy hour .. ينشدوا and I increased Nchad .. مرايف them a definite .. And خوال the owners and masters of the homeland known newspaper .. Join owners and the glories of scheming and Matgiu them What يخلفوا day deadline and a definite Noatk come .. Lord God worshipers make Akhtahm the sound ……… morning victory:

Admowona 1

Maglak Oehun if humans … Livno of every race and color on Rani Testament …. If Oaasir the destruction … Livni universe and the sky collapse ….. Nien all need versa Tendar … Tears of blood takes color …. Nin ruin Oaasir the Amar … and apply world يعمها the stillness ….. And forks in غصنه Eder nuts … The remains of the tribal winds help ….Nin generosity remains a shame … and lying and stealing not be … And night displeased of Zia day … and the star remains in the hypothalamus buried …. Even hyena Aykhovh donkey … And the lion in the jungle servile Akon … Nin happiness Hays in attention … Admua the eyelids and financial misery …. Nin Ghazala of monkeys أتغار … And Wolf lays off sheep and service …. And the sea remains the falcon and Wily … and go to heaven tyrant Pharaoh …. And become the world who Mossar … And leave her son every mother affectionate …. The snow becomes a of Zid fire … and God Maandy the ŰáĂß Aehun ř …. And even had disappeared from sight … غلاك I Aaasd all Halkon ……. Muammar al-ups

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Oh my forearm and awareness of the country lying Falcon and Han
Fish and to Thar nor where fairly say that’s a shame
Hein them blood Bomenaar Elly his home Aatiha life
Ncioa Akhawanin who launched and became Nkeroa Jamilk O Muammar guardian
I asked God oh my forearm and عيهااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا


(The main الادمن)

Mu righteous indignation



Urgent connect together one of the elders and members of the Social Council of tribes and Rafla in Southern Province said:


“Now Social Council to tribes and Rafla and Almmtl only tribes and Rafla in southern region Adhb the to Aaza tribe children Ahouder in their children killed by criminal gangs beyond the authority of the state and the law

We built the Crown offer solace to them and looked at the hands of members and elders of the Social Council of tribes and Rafla in the southern region.”


(Admona 4)


Newsflash.Misratah now
Clash between three Mzarat and one Liberal
From the city of Sabha average for the murder weapons Almsarit one of his friends are going to the city of Sirte. The clashes Air Force Academy meters away. very few


Tqqad Libyan citizen on an anti-aircraft gun and tortured with hot bleed his blood and his eyes on including him in amazement as he tries to decipher the causes of the first acts of ignorance
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Client splitter disgusting :: /

“We found threatening messages on the seats the day of the vote on isolation”
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

A member of a national conference, but Alaa Makrif St.

The members of the conference and found seats on the day of the vote on the law of political isolation include messages in the event of threat not to vote on the law.

He said in a statement to the atmosphere to the country on Sunday that the messages were general “was not directed at certain persons and that he keeps a copy of it.”

Today denied Maqrif the quoted statements about receiving some members of Congress threatening messages such as the vote on the law of political isolation.

The political parties have said that segregation law passed at gunpoint and that members of Congress voted on the law under pressure:

Jawad chubby authorized / / /

There are leaders of al-revolutionaries who came out of the city of Benghazi to Tripoli in recent days

to demand the removal of political, has returned to the city they are loaded with bags containing sums

of money estimated at 63 thousand euros and 50 thousand euros and other amounts that get them match their participation in the siege of ministries!! !

Fear of Jay Hahah

Insurgents Libyans يفكون the siege from the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs in Tripoli.

5 people were injured in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when the Misrata militias opened fire on them and kidnapped director

of the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and taken to Gharghour.

Today /
A organizers and Mazahreinn of in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today ..

In front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not power over the power of the militias “ideological” even if the “police”

“Signatory signatory” smashing one of the police cars that had hoped to receive the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of these militias

to penetrate flagrant prestige and sovereignty of the state ..
(Admowona 1)

URGENT ………….. From their pages
Gunmen النواصي and insulation and coordination of the Ministry of trapped Justice يتهجمون on beating demonstrators ..

And reports of arrests of demonstrators for by a battalion النوآصي ..

There is no power but from God Libya will be lost at the hands of these criminals .. Libya Libya suffer scream ..

Mshlon military uniforms kidnapped a number of Mtdahiran.

Abductions long more than 30 young demonstrators today at the hands of Mlisheh النواصى and thugs extremists, were taken forcibly to

the headquarters battalion النواصي was beaten and tortured some of them released because of his mediation him one way or another,

and some of them are still under kidnapping ..

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The Libyan government granted Jordanian client access to the Libyan ground without a visa.

USA put pressure on Zaidane; so “PM” Zaidane retracted his “resignation”! ZAIDANE IS BACK!

Called Salah Marghany and Libyan Minister of Justice take part in today’s demonstrations in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs besieged by armed militias ..
ZOA by elephant:

Transfer of prisoners belonging to the formation of appeal from Benghazi to Tripoli yesterday first ….

Threats were sent after the bombing of Arabism Center today at dawn and was followed by violent explosions in the neighborhood.

Peace and السرتي … And the evacuation of all the centers in Benghazi …. Benghazi is a police.
(Admowona 1)

killed today called inventory Mostafa Omujahd who tortured Liberal of Alosabah and and Rafla of Gharyan and Sabha and Tawergha.
Suffice God and yes, the agent in the rest.

Economy Minister Mustafa Abu Vas: will the removal of subsidies on goods and fuel ration at the end of the month of Ramadan

By News on Sunday, May 12, 2013 | 02:35

The Gaddafi International news agency – the economy.

The so-caled “Minister of Economy” named Mostafa Ibovas in an interview with the national channel Libya: … the decision to lift subsidies on goods and fuel ration will be immediately after the month of Ramadan.

This will not ever come to pass..Chin-up people’s of the Great Jamahiriya-–your food costs will not rise as this puppet-government is already NILL (NULL & VOID)…



Two explosions in Tarhuna at about 10 pm and Gary blasts make sure you are shrines or other and sorry for the delay, but the net we have a very weak.


The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.
Targeting two police stations Rulrhh and Louhichi in the city of Benghazi shortly before by unknown assailants did not know the damage to now, and then heard heavy gunfire.

Series of violent explosions targeting police stations in Benghazi.

Police are blowing up police stations in Benghazi …… Fear of al-Qaeda.

The effects of the bombing of the police station in Benghazi by some militants morning: 
Center was bombed Arabism and Rulrhh in Benghazi and heavy fire blasts followed .. with the horror of the population of the intensity of the blasts ..
Explosion rocks city of Benghazi Noureddine Bouchiha.
As usual ………….. Powerful explosions rocked Benghazi.

From our sources inside the city of Benghazi entry Aktar than 2,000 people from al-Qaeda for the Eastern District
And lying p young kids who دخلو in their ranks that every person killed 7 members of the police officers will enter Paradise!!

Two this launch Ghababer black / Admin 5

Jack night Abnghaza the
Alanfjart who Sarna in the bin Ghazi:


The names of some prisoners who are in the prisons of Benghazi.

The Gaddafi International News Agency – exclusive. Here you will find the names of some prisoners who are in the prisons of Benghazi …. 


By News on Sunday, May 12, 2013 | 06:33

The Gaddafi International News Agency – exclusive.

Here you will find the names of some prisoners who are in the prisons of Benghazi ….

1 Youssef Ibrahim of the Secretary-Mahmoudi
. 2 Ahmed Youssef Ibrahim Moussa.
3 Ismail Hamed Abdullah al-Rubaie vogue.
4 Bubacar Osman Hko, the … Issa (Tbawi)
5 Boubekeur Mohammed Ali Mohamed.
6 Taher Boubacar Jabr
7 Abdallah Abdel Karim
8 Issa Hassan Mohamed cabled
9 Issa Moussa Hussein Osman.
10 Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan strange التارقي.
11 Moses, Muhammad Ali.
12 Mohamed Hassan Musa Suleiman
.13 Mohamed Hamdan Sanusi Boubacar Mahmoudi.
14 Mohammad Sulaiman Isa
15 Mohamed Osman Omar Mohamed Altbawi.
Mahmoud Ali, 16 Taher Massoud Alqtrona,,
17 Mohammed Omar Hassan Saleh.
18 Mahmoud Omar Ali Boubacar
19 Mustafa Mohamed Adam, Mr..
20 key friend Mohammed Almaadana (Sirte)
21 Ahmed Masood Khalifa Hamed (Sirte).
22 Hussein Bey Almaadana (Sabha)
23 key Eshteiwi Mohammed Eshteiwi (Sirte).
24 Ali Aghannaa bin fire (Fares Battalion)
.25 معيوف Ali Godbalh (Knight Battalion).
26 Mohammed Guenio Ali Abdullah.
27 Jacob Mohammad Ahmad
28 Mohammed Abdulaziz Ali Samad (battalion Knight)
29 Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ali (battalion Knight).
30 Hmida favor Buaosh (Fares Battalion)
31 Adam Hussein Isa (Sabha)
32 Ahmad Abdul Rahman (Sabha)
33 Hussein Ammar Mohammed Rashidi (Friday Market)
. 34 Key friend Mohammed Almaadana. (Sirte)
35 Rifai Abdullah Ali Mohamed (Misurata)
36 امراجع Ahmad Guest God الرماش (Sirte)
37 Masoud Othman Recep birthday (Ubari)
.38 Sanusi Ali Mohamed Fujairah (Sabha)
. 39 Muhammad Ali Mohammed Aglas (Ubari
.40 Moussa Ibrahim Capricorn Mohamed (Sabha)
. 41 Waleed Mohammed Bakkar Bakora (Misurata).
42 Kdav the blood Abdulsalam Saleh (Misurata)
. 43 Mahmoud Ismail Saleh (Misurata)
44 Ahmed birth of Mohammed Albrani (Ubari)
.45 Nasser Birthday Abu skill (Bani Walid)
46 T drowsiness Dahmani (Sirte)
47 Ali Masoud Ali birthday Amudall (Sabha)
48 Ayman Mansour Ali Khalifa (Barak beach).
49 Abdulaziz Khalifa Khairi Saad (Sabha)
.50 Turkish Hussein Abu Bakr Muhammad (Sabha)
51 Solomon Fathi Mahfouz Zintan)
52 Mohamed key goodness Ahmed Rubaie
If you’re looking for missing please log named missing inventory system so that we can look it up in prisons around the country.
To enter from here
:المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية:

Anfjaaaar very large in area milkfish …………… possibility Corporate Center was bombed military.
A series of explosions targeting Mrakr the police …. yesterday, today and tomorrow .. Can you hear the explosions, but …. City Asubhpt the semi-ghost town. Day of luck Center Rulrhh and the Arabism Vgayn Center Msrahen Ali grenade at dawn today ….
Ashour Hoael as it continued to blow up police stations in Benghazi will resort to restore security popular local volunteers and even be safe responsibility of everyone and spoke Hoael at its meeting today the Directorate of Benghazi with the Director of the Directorate and security committees on several difficulties facing the knowledge of the identity of the armed groups that attack police stations and said each monitor the security authorities called Abu Musa account on the international information network online.




(Reported from ASHAM al-WANTON):

Family its just Azzouzhm inventory Taat Guetlto Muammar Qltoa, joy, but the country is ruined and lost God to Aterbgm íÇŃíĘ Muammar base and Taat Owok.


Fighting between policemen garden center and some police officers belonging to the other hand gun in the garden area.

Gullible and believe
Qaradawi of atonement rulers holiday murder .. To Jihad of marriage .. To the legalization of alcoholic beverages .. The rest comes:

under the occupation:

Sale of all kinds of alcohol and drugs openly in Benghazi …


soon to be all closed again under the revived GREAT JAMAHIRIYA! 

Omar Salim writes:

“Yes, He is an inspiring leader! God’s mercy is upon him…”

King of Kings  

MARY and Modern Muslim women:

Mary and modern Muslim women

Muammar and Safya flee Tripoli in August 2011

one rainy cool evening upon fleeing Bab Azaziya in August 2011


Only one wife, only one woman in my life:

Only One wife, one woman in my life

Moved /
Benghazi / rape Hills girls Tuesday night in Benghazi and the slaughter of their brother, who was driving the car

To God and to Him we return / Hadi Nasayem, liberty / Admin 5

# Libya
Page News Libyan resistance Play
ÚÇÇÇÇĚá Benghazi …

The rape of three girls in Benghazi …
And the slaughter of their brother, who was driving Bayhoum car to return to their home yesterday at about ninth pm …
I am God and to him we shall return
Rave incident was heard by all the inhabitants of the region this morning …
And hope that the people of Benghazi to give us more details …

(Admona 4)

An explosion in Benghazi gardens and surroundings Madrih security in Hawwari.


Garyounis police station explosion by a homemade bomb (Julatinh).

Image blast that shook Benghazi shortly before:




With Zintan Alrajaban the but …!!

Will remain Zintan and Alrajaban (the nomadic Arab tribes), Khot row of old.
These tribes won the respect of many tribes to their positions in the Libyan war Italian in 1911, and we all mention (Nakua) in Sabha continent, and the martyrs of severe cordon and languages ​​and Mrsat ….
We recall in contrast Mujahid (Vkina) and its historical role with the martyrs in Hamada mountain.
We disagree with these tribes in each other’s involvement in the (Brotherhood), Trapped in a trap and trap (Qatar), and its tool (Misurata).,
And science have left all sensible people and intellectuals of these tribes, and seized control of a simple set on the leadership of the tribe, (it is important we are all victims, and we all Amadhok us) by (groups Almtfgnnh, some Circassian activists, part of the families Alqriteleyh and Jewish support), and those who hate (Bedouins) in the blood, in addition to foreign bases group (Ben Halim and his clique, Maqrif and the rest importers (Almazkry)) associated with foreign agendas, were able to plunder the country’s wealth and shred.
This talk will not help ….!!
We are with (Zintan Alrajaban the) If you come to the painful truth, and spread awareness among them.
We are with them in the coming battles if they are with the truth against falsehood.
Therefore, as a prelude to goodwill call on honorable young Bedouin tribes in Tripoli and west of the fusion of peaceful demonstrations is suspended.
And all the awareness and caution keep up with events, and we await the coming days.

Moved by (initiated Muhairi) Page Chiaan of the Aalvespock.

(Admin challenge)


TRIPOLI at Night


Word now :: News from targeting the so-called Committee headquarters the Abu Salim Bakadf security and RPG hit by heavy pencil جردان battalion Saadawi free up some Gerdanhm..

Urgent from the heart of the place ….
Targeted the headquarters of the phantom AboSaleem Committee (المثابة headquarters revolution) Bakadf the RBJ and hit the lead keeps. Before a quarter of an hour from now.

from Ben Gasheer palace

Nautical lowered expectations for U.S. forces in Tripoli in the coming days.
News of the death one sons and Rishvana of the fighters at the hands of the family of rat Abouhlalh.

Happens in the capital Tripoli, specifically in the area of ​​Abu Saleem skirmishes between the national army and security committee, Saleem The reason is the headquarters inside the area devoted to a charity and was the national army there to take over the headquarters, but security committee zone Saleem Hasro members of the national army and took them to headquarters for questioning and are now at the headquarters of the security committee Saleem…

Reported a powerful explosion in the popularity of the five …..

from Gurji

Air Germana now low in the sky of Tripoli.

Our correspondent from the beach

Power outages from the morning until now.

Hearing voices lead off the plateau and Salim.

Voice thick pencil in the corner.

A powerful explosion and smoke in the direction of Gurji and Andalus neighborhood.

Mi Mazzzal Center of the Security Bngare and safety.??


Explosion in the city of Tripoli, specifically hand through the fence.

Now now hear with 2 powerful explosions in Ammi hand ……

A powerful explosion Salim hand or through the airport in Tripoli.

Sit Libyan Airlines staff 5 days ago and is currently parked lines were converted all flights to African lines.

URGENT: armed battalions belonging to the NATO rebels opened fire on protesters in front of the Foreign Ministry building in Tripoli and kidnapped a number of them for refusing to political isolation law.

What happens in Tripoli …

Omar Mukhtar Street residents expelled patrols and national security committee, burning tires and garbage bins and demanding to dissolve the criminal militias.

Kidnapping inventory called Ashraf Othman yesterday in front of the State of before Fiday Market جردان.

Kidnapping called Saleh Shammakhi, an employee of the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs when he came out of demonstration,

Astaagafh the skill front of the hotel by car double cabins, and taken to an unknown destination.

Egyptian girl raped at the age of 17 years by force of arms in Tripoli

Police Dahmani angle:
)) Abductions and forced intercourse ((
09.05.2013 at 18:30 the
The accused (h) Employee center point of Tripoli
Required medical accompanied by three people
Others unknown to board a car
Unknown number and type and color drapes
Glass SUV managed to kidnap
Complainant)), p. M.. R. 17 ((Egyptian Year
Nationality and turned to one of the places
They threatening weapons and they
Bmoaqatha force and photographed naked and then
Her release.
Taken the necessary measures and research is still
Gary set the first defendant and figure out the rest
And adjust the perpetrators.

God hired Aalepien the :: /
From the pages of the traitors and NATO customers جردان the heinous deeds :: /

Police Dahmani angle …

((Abduction and forced intercourse))

09.05.2013 at 18:30 the accused (h) Employee point Tripoli Medical Center is required accompanied by three other persons unknown on board a car unknown number, type and color opaque glass SUV managed to kidnap the complainant ((r… T )) 17 years old Egyptian nationality and turned to one of the places they threatening with weapons and they forcibly Bmoaqatha and photographed naked and then release.
Taken the necessary measures and research is still underway to adjust the first defendant and see the rest of and adjust the perpetrators.

Tripoli to Sboul cooker Nin Anhriq and Atbashmt
Hearing voices lead in several areas in Tripoli.

A large explosion nearby of Althelata market caused panic people are present in the market Althelata.


Chkchka /
Hear voices launchers and hand bombings Qasr Bin Ghashir area

Of course the media and discernible Bakuat of sleeping pills was in Ayamtna until Tolieh سبسبي down urgent / (Admin 5)

Clashes in Azizia now. . ..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel happening now

Tension and alert and طواري the reigns of the security committee Saleem and regions south of Tripoli and why. Attacking Security Committee AboSaleem Gneoh the – Battalion attacked the headquarters of follow-Saadawi near the farmer and the arrest of ten of them – and the apparent reason Headquarters is illegal and we do not know other causes –
Means that لجنة security Gneoh the legitimacy and Saadawi headquarters in illegal Falah
(Admoowona 1)



Imagine naive and الحقارة to the Wayne reached Sirte military council.

The issuance of lists concerning compensation for those affected, but forbidden for some compensation on the grounds that they ousted, but the real reason they penniless Maandhm the money God and yes, the agent in them.


Go to God’s mercy (Salem for HREIK) a Legion Ma’daan heroes after a traffic accident in the area of ​​Sultan –

Sirte was to resuscitate him to Ibn Sina Hospital and has stepped up his soul to Rahman.

Behalf of the Department extend our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased …
I am God, and to Him we return.

(Admona 4)


Reported the theft of 18 million ………… The reported stolen on Wade rat fugitive Makhlouf Shawarma.



News confirmed from Gheryan killed large rat a battalion gang member named Mustafa Mujahid eighth from the village Akoshalfah and the cause is unknown because it happened within the battalion in question.



Reported a powerful explosion shakes Misrata.  News about a very powerful explosion in center of Misratah Astaheddf the booklet tracking fuel Osod valley ..

There Aktar dead victim of the blast.

Misrata local council issued a statement in which warns the National Congress of trying to return the people of Tawergha to their city on 25. 5. 2013:

Battalion Black day
Of Jardan pages
Insolence summit Al Jazeera

A little while ago I spoke island on Libya and spoke on Misrata and said that the Libyan government reached by commands from at Misratah and Misratah her ​​hand to Libya because it is the strongest area in Libya in terms of arms and added the channel to any agreement or compact is happening in Libya must be approved by Misrata!!!! .. ..(AS I SAID, MISURATA THINKS THAEY RULE ALL LIBYA)

And God channel sedition Libya is above all and Misrata part not my fragmentation them
Aarvenk O Qatar What do you want Khvink
(Admowona 1)



New after the clash last night with heretics killed Atnan the of children Ahouder and now close roads Baltabaat and scrap

and mountains of sand and gunmen deployed in the area of the new armed patrols ..

The news says that fingered destined to Battalion (fire fire) of the جردان of Solomon Sons ..

Libya – Akakus

by dloren


Was arrested on a young Almgarhh from Accomplish neighborhood in the city of Sabha

and his name on humans by a group of rats while he was in the city of Tripoli and no one knows his fate until now ..
O decoder captivity and the families of all our children.

Urgent … clashes Sabha region new taking place between the new folks and Kharijites Jardan the yield wounding two from
each of the parties and there are significant cases of abortion in the new Hospital located near the source of the clashes from the heart of the event.
The armed group throwing bullets p Apartment no Mzarat in Street Dahab Sabha /
Qatar thought they ruled Libya!!
Mazzika Knader Mozah طالعين-demonstrations against the country’s domination of Libya!!!Tu Mataathhmoh and faces Tedo condemns masters who Anmdtlkm well??Ncio hopes daughters who Rfohn princes of Qatar in the events for hotels Doha, Sknuhen, at their expense خايفين them from attacks by Gaddafi Ktaib??This is Jamilkm response Heca??? Hacmtona before men * _ ^

قالك كنادر موزة طالعين مظاهرات ضد الهيمنة القطرية على ليبيا !!!تو ماتتحشموش على وجوهكم تعضو يدين اسيادكم اللي انمدتلكم بالخير ؟؟



Now the Algerian channel Sunrise program on the events of occupied Libya Echorouk hesitantly on a horizontal

ÇáäÇíáÓÇĘ 12398 brother and one of the guests on behalf of the SOL
(Admowona 1)



My ummah will not die

On the occasion of the NATO rebels traitors and mercenaries in Libya killed 50 Egyptian’s deal, .. Come Nchov over [Mask Libya current Army] ..
* Image de “Khalifa Hfter”:  the commander of the so-called  “Libyan army” now ..
Knowing Vin was before what remains commander of the Army of Libya Glorious Revolution?
Ayesh was in America 20 years as a political refugee!
After the faked-assassination of Muammar al-Qathafi, the CIA appointed Hifter as commander of the so-called “Libyan army”.
1988 was the commander of the the Warring armed militias Libya, was based in Chad ..

And in 1990 after the failure, U.S. aircraft began to specific military has transferred from Chad to America, where he fled to.

Khalifa Hfter the house is huge and alarming monthly salary.

* Knowing stayed first Tbarh after what his job was keeping eh?
Hfter said that demonized enemies of Libya are Egypt and Algeria!!

The dirty history of the Libyan army chief:

Hfter announce that Egypt and Algeria are the enemies of Libya:


In this video someone from ranks of FSA show to anothers how to extract and eat heart from recently murdered a civilian…
This video is some kind of instruction for thugs from FSA
Then Syrian army captured some gangs they found this video instruction in mobile of some thug.
Nazi regimes of countries of NATO, Israel and their allies from Gulf who supplied have responsibility for crimes of their wards.
In Syria these and another crimes commited same people who were in Libya at 2011 year.
Our eyewitness from Libya told to us from first days of so called revolution, that rats(rebels), members of local and international gangs eat victims and drink their blood even. Especially often they doing these in secret prisons and concetration camps. These thugs able to rape victim and in same time eat part of his/her body or drink blood, they doing this with any victim, despite their age and gender. By reports of people who were between ranks of these rats, thugs of present occupation regime of Libya found satisfaction in these unhuman actions. These reports now got evidence, we couldn’t to share such reports before without photo or video evidences. In Syria and Libya commited war crimes same terrorists supplied by NATO, in ranks of FSA very many thugs from Libya too. Members of FSA, as present armed gangs of puppet occupation regime against the Libyan Great Jamahiriya are hiding evidences about crimes, which they commited. So, every such video cost very much, activists in Libya or Syria risk their lifes for this.
In order to give a partial picture of the war crimes of armed gangs, supported by NATO, as in Libya and Syria, it is necessary to use the videos and photos of crimes committed by them since 2011.
We want to remind you that the rape and torture of civilians use troops of NATO and its allies, it is their weapon to terrorize civilians. The Wahhabis and the Salafists, the nature of crimes resemble NATO armies of soldiers, they are Arab’s mercenaries, who have chosen Islam as a false flag. Cannibalism is a product of the so-called civilized countries, and the two hosts leading TV channel of one of the countries of Western Europe, who have eaten a piece of each other’s bodies on the air prove this fact. Moral degradation which came in the Muslim world, has its roots in Western Europe.
The peoples of the countries where NATO has chosen to be a victim again become human beings and resource. Returned days of the colonies and the Nazi attitude towards other nations. Not surprisingly, the engines of such returns have become the country sheltering Nazis.
Share this video and show whom supported regimes of NATO under false flag of democracy and freedom.
Par : Brigade 32 Internet army
Another war crime of FSA: cannibalism. very horrible scene + 18
A few months back we reported to you the making of wine out of dead cadaevers by MISRATA and NATO mercenaries in Libya–-much of which contributed to the kidney failure and death of innumerable unsuspecting Libyans (who have discarded their Muslim heritage)….Musa Kusa (THE HANNIBAL LECTOR OF LIBYA) has also been implemented in this crime. Amongst murders and assasinations since Sunni IMAM Mussa Sadr, Musa Kusa has worked undercover as a spy for the American CIA and was a fully disguised traitor of the Great Jamahiriya, while he was falsely working within the vision of the great Libyan people’s direct-democracy system. Presently Musa Kusa enjoys political refugee status in Qatar!
This is what Musa Kusa looked like in 1980:

(do you see what demon infestation has done to him?)
Musa Kusa pictured in 1980 prior to being expelled from Britain, outside the Libyan People's Bureau in London


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Washington’s Presumption. Obama: “In Satan We Follow”

Global Research, May 08, 2013

The new president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is cast in Chavez’s mold.

On May 4, he called US president Obama the “grand chief of devils.”

Obama, who has betrayed democracy in America, unleashing execution on American citizens without due process of law and war without the consent of Congress, provoked Maduro’s response by suggesting that Maduro’s newly elected government might be fraudulent. Obviously, Obama is piqued that the millions of dollars his administration spent trying to elect an American puppet instead of Maduro failed to do the job.

If anyone has accurately summed up Washington, it is the Venezuelans.

Who can forget Chevez standing at the podium of the UN General Assembly in New York City speaking of George W. Bush?  Quoting from memory: “Right here, yesterday, at this very podium stood Satan himself, speaking as if he owned the world. You can still smell the sulphur.”

Hegemonic Washington threw countless amounts of money into the last Venezuelan election, doing its best to deliver the governance of that country to a Washington puppet called Henrique Capriles, in my opinion a traitor to Venezuela.  Why isn’t this American puppet arrested for treason?  Why are not the Washington operatives against an independent country–the US ambassador, the counsels, the USAID/CIA personnel, the Washington funded NGOs–ordered to leave Venezuela immediately or arrested and tried for spying and high treason?  Why allow any presence of Washington in Venezuela when it is clear that Washington’s intention is to make Venezuela a puppet state like the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Japan, and on and on.

There was a time, such as in the Allende-Pinochet era, when the American left-wing and a no longer extant liberal media would have been all over Washington for its illegal interference in the internal affairs of an independent country.  But no more. As CounterPunch’s Jeffrey St. Clair has recently made clear, the American left-wing remains “insensate to the moral and constitutional transgressions being committed by their champion”–the first black, or half-black, US president–leaving “Rand Paul to offer official denunciations against [Washington’s] malignant operations” against independent countries.

Against the Obama regime’s acts of international and domestic violence, “the professional Left, from the progressive caucus to the robotic minions of, lodge no objections and launch no protests.”

St. Clair has written a powerful article. Read it for yourself:

I think the American left-wing lost its confidence when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Chinese communists and Indian socialists turned capitalist. Everyone misread the situation, especially the “end of history” idiots.  The consequence is a world without strong protests of Washington’s and its puppet states’ war criminal military aggressions, murder, destruction of civil liberty and human rights, and transparent propaganda: “Last night Polish forces crossed the frontier and attacked Germany,” or so declared Adolf Hitler.  Washington’s charges of “weapons of mass destruction” are even more transparent lies.

But hardly any care. The Western governments and Japan are all paid off and bought, and those that are not bought are begging to be bought because they want the money too. Truth, integrity, these are all dead-letter words.  No one any longer knows what they mean.

The moronic George W. Bush said, in Orwellian double-speak, they hate us for our freedom and democracy. They don’t hate us because we bomb them, invade them, kill them, destroy their way of life, culture, and infrastructure. They hate us because we are so good.  How stupid does a person have to be to believe this BS?

Washington and Israel present the world with unmistakable evil.  I don’t need to stand at the UN podium after Bush or Obama.  I can smell Washington’s evil as far away as Florida. Jeffrey St. Clair can smell it in Oregon.  Nicolas Maduro can smell it in Venezuela.  Evo Morales can smell it in Bolivia from where he cast out CIA-infiltrated USAID. Putin can smell it in Russia, although he still permits the treasonous “Russian opposition” funded by US money to operate against Russia’s government. The Iranians can smell it in the Persian Gulf. The Chinese can smell it as far away as Beijing.

Homeland Security, a gestapo institution, has “crisis actors” to help it deceive the public in its false flag operations.

The Obama regime has drones with which to silence American citizens without due process of law.

Homeland Security has more than a billion rounds of ammunition, tanks, a para-military force. Detention camps have been built.

Are Americans so completely stupid that they believe this is all for  “terrorists” whose sparse numbers require the FBI to manufacture “terrorists” in so-called “sting operations” in order to justify the FBI’s $3 billion special fund from Congress to combat domestic terrorism?

Congress has taxpayers paying the FBI to frame up innocents and send them to prison.

This is the kind of country American has become. This is the kind of “security” agencies it has, filling their pockets by destroying the lives of the innocent and downtrodden.

“In God we trust,” reads the coinage. It should read: “In Satan we follow.”


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