Voici maintenant en Libye, bien vivante / Here now in Libya, very much alive

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Resistance and steadfastness evening..And greet protection device’s Resistance king of kings of Africa
Device protecting King of the kings of Africa:

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Who has the mouth join it
The nation’s leader Muammar al-Qathafi
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Mu loving and good

One nation, one people, one goal:

Mu playing  patient and doctor w his granddaughter

This is a response to those who were astonished by the solidarity of the Dardanelles with our people in Benghazi: This, if anything demonstrates the genes authentic rooted in blood and Rafla, this blood authentic feel all Libyan original and not naturalized, such as genes imported from Turkey or Jews or Tunisia or Egypt or linked genes Italian, these Rafla the heart of Libya’s spring, the thermometer real reality and the future of the Libyans, look at them is hatred Look at them Kapanorama and you will find all the positions and Rafla real stemming from maturity and awareness, and believe me not love in person or in search of authority but are their morals and their origin Tayeb and history Majeed is the one who motivated and guide them and give them the correct compass direction.
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The reasons for the public are those relating to the interests of the religion and the nation flying the will and kept Hariatha, either for the law was the Quran law society in the mass of it derived all the rules and provisions of the applicable laws and the wine taboo and nightclubs and brothels and the practice of adultery at a time when the laws Kingdom derived from the French and British laws and Atharim for its vintage and teeming night Palmracs and brothels, adultery is permissible for the citizen and the foreign occupier …

As for the interest of the nation has been the foreign infidel and dhimmi who governs the country from their embassies and their missions in the form of blatant state infidel for a Muslim who rejects Islam was not the King only Avatar given legitimacy to the decisions of the Crusaders with respect to Lakeat Muslims daily and legal justification for its implementation Moreover presence west against them on the land of Islam, its rules John McCain represents a threat to the interests of the nation and an example of the bombing of sisterly Egypt in the 1967 war from scratch Btabriq base any that King had hyperthyroidism in the interests of the nation and religion, what makes out it justified in the interest of the nation ..

The commander was in his policies elevation to the affair of the nation and thus Islamic religion and pride for the believers and lift hand against them west of the capabilities and the lives of the Libyan citizen Muslim no longer the infidel state for a Muslim in Libya but returned the mandate for Muslims alone in their affairs and the expulsion of the rules of Western crusaders of them no longer hurt Muslims but became powerless in the face of and liberated the capabilities of the Crusade and Arzak Muslims in its monopoly of the unbelievers and raised the proportion of education and health to build a strong Islamic country saves his religion of the amount.
Thus clear difference between Kherugen the exit called him the benefit of the nation and religion and Sharia out called his personal interest and desire in the world and money with the help of Western Crusader enemy of the religion of Allah and His Messenger enemy secretary .. فشتان between Kherugen ..

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اما الاسباب العامة فهى تلك التى تتعلق بمصلحة الدين والامة التى ترفع من شأنها وتحفظ شريعتها ، فاما عن الشريعة فقد كان القرآن شريعة للمجتمع فى الجماهيرية منه تستنبط كل القواعد والنصوص للقوانين المعمول بها وكانت الخمر محرمة والمراقص الليلية وبيوت الدعارة وممارسة الزنى فى الوقت الذى كانت فيه قوانين المملكة مستنبطة من القوانين الفرنسية والبريطانية ولاتحريم للخمر فيها وتعج بالمراقص الليلية وبيوت الدعارة والزنى مباح للمواطن والاجنبى المحتل … واما عن مصلحة الامة فقد كان الاجنبى الكافر والذمى من يحكم البلاد من سفاراتهم وبعثاتهم فى شكل سافر لولاية الكافر على المسلم التى يرفضها الاسلام ولم يكن الملك سوى صورة رمزية تعطى الشرعية لقرارات الصليبيين فيما يتعلق بحيات المسلمين اليومية والمبرر القانونى لتنفيذها زد على ذلك التواجد الغربى الصليبى على ارض الاسلام بقواعده ماكان يمثل خطر على مصلحة الامة وكمثال عليها قصف الشقيقة مصر فى حرب 1967 من قاعدة العدم بطبرق اى ان الملك كان قد فرط فى مصالح الامة والدين مايجعل الخروج عليه مبررا لمصلحة الامة .. اما القائد فقد كان فى سياساته رفعة لشأن الامة وبالتالى الدين الاسلامى وعزة للمؤمنين ورفع يد الصليبى الغربى عن مقدرات وحياة المواطن الليبى المسلم فلم تعد للكافر ولاية على المسلم فى ليبيا بل عادت الولاية للمسلمين وحدهم فى شئونهم وطرد قواعد الغربيين الصليبيين منها فلم تعد تؤذى المسلمين بل اصبحت قوة لهم فى مواجهة الصليبية وتحررت مقدرات وارزاق المسلمين فيها من احتكار الكافرين لها ورفعت نسبة التعليم والصحة لبناء بلد اسلامى قوى يحفظ لدينه قدره ومقداره .
وبذلك يتضح الفرق بين الخروجين خروج دعت له مصلحة الامة والشريعة والدين وخروج دعت له المصلحة الشخصية والرغبة فى الدنيا والمال بعون الغربى الصليبى عدو دين الله وعدو رسوله الامين .. فشتان بين الخروجين ..

(فرأشــــة الفاتـــــح)

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al-Qathafi battles with Alzenazqh

By News on Wednesday, 15 مايو, 2013 | 23:34

The Gaddafi International News Agency – articles.

According to testimony all guys Muammar al-Qathafi, in all the times you can draw one conclusion that Muammar al-Qathafi since his young age he was keen on religion and firm with those who are trying to cover it, since the experience of Nasser with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Manshiet al-Bakri, Muammar al-Qathafi taught all the Islamic movements and goals after he Revolution knew that the most important what should that arises upon are servants of religion who interpret the world for paving way to the seat of government, the farthest Muammar al-Qathafi religious movements suspicious in the seventies of the last century,

and in the eighties forced Muammar al-qathafi to the use of weapons against them after they have stepped up their presence in order to overthrow the government by force in that Time Golden Revolution great the weapon hunts thought takfirist There was men have faith that their enemies do not belong to the religion of any link to impose arms of victory and fled Alzenazqh and Altcfhirien from Libya and Libya was on another date in the nineties in the bloody confrontations in the tuber with the LIFG and defeated arms also in this era so that Muammar al-Qathafi was heard once from a Allaski that a group of Alzenazqh moving from Misratah to stopper

and he was sitting in his tent in the stopper Vamichq his gun and went down alone to the coastal road between Misurata and the stopper and احتارت battalion Emhemed Maqrief  to act with its leader Top who knows everything in This world is nothing but fear, moving day armed people from all camps in Libya to close the road from Misrata to the stopper only to prevent the leader of the fighting alone a war against Alzenazqh this doctrine commander.

They pushed him to take to the front it will face with his rifle, the day he can not احرض Safe The armed people against Alzenazqh not go into them I am the face of a quirk of fate to come to where I exist, will not write history I assumed to face long been keen on them. Forces shelled the armed people Balqoazv cars Alzenazqh before reaching the road adjacent to the tent commander who was waiting for is a gun there God you Is there a man in Libya can say this act brave today Alzenazqh everywhere and everyone is afraid and silent and Benghazi die every day, and Tripoli scream, anyone who knows the positions of Muammar al-Qathafi feel a burning sensation because the big man’s temprary absence from Libya is beyond the limits of the disaster and kills more than the image of the man exceeded all specifications of men to turn into a phenomenon and phenomena always recur after hundreds of years, the tragedy of the temporary absence of Muammar al-Qathafi (he, who knows more than the whole Libyan tragedy).



For deception:

Blow up the headquarters of the police, embassies and even the gates of hospitals in Libya?

Everyone in Libya knows who are the perpetrators but the fear of the fate of any victims pushes everyone to silence, because the latter does not solve the problem and اينفع in cases where the event Raya years, it is inevitable to resort to public relations firms capable of making Media media prankster and successful methods of these companies in deceiving the public depends on the level of culture and education audiences through deception, major companies specialized in this field did not find it difficult in the Arab world because all the studies confirm that the Arabs do not read and the proportion of ignorance have large, in Libya first brought public relations firms Qatar was at the beginning of events and asked the National Transitional Council then signed her and started this company in the art of the practice of deception filmed scenes inside the studios and presented to it in فشلوم and Friday market, Benghazi and the corner and everyone was incredibly

The company draws Trick and Al Jazeera marketed, these days, noted public relations firm, which holds the file Libyan according to the vision tiles Amiri country on the Libyan government that attributed the recent explosion of a car Fisherman carrying explosives to catch fish Fshaet coincidence that explode his car in a crowded place populated in Benghazi.

This is the narrator official for deception who wants to believe, let him do it did not believe it becomes between two fires fire disbelief and fire certification so they did in Iraq when Tdwalt channels Photos sea birds drowning in oil, said that day that Saddam Hussein spoil the marine life in the Gulf and intentionally turned out years later that the picture was on the coast of Britain during the leakage of oil from the tanker English and appeared nurse Filbnah which was screaming in the maternity hospital in Kuwait says: The three hundred births in nurseries have died to say she filmed this scene in a studio in Indonesia against a thousand and five hundred dollars obtained them from the public relations firm contracting with the Government of Kuwait in exile,

Deception in Libya continues as long as the goal, which is seeking his Libyan government steal as much of the money As long as a lot of dupes are still say it is important to Altagah died !

All this ignorance will end when he presents everything for what this ماقاله leader Muammar al-Qathafi and he did not say anything so far and stood on his sincerity and truth, as if the man was of those men who spoke them the Holy Quran and let God and alone know شخوصهم and periods of their presence in the universe. No longer in front of the Libyan people only see the letters of Muammar al-Qathafi word for word so that it can put points on the characters and come out of this maze.

(( written by: Musician))


“The press is a means of expression of the society and is not a means of expression of a natural or corporate person. Logically and democratically, the press, therefore, cannot be owned by either of these.”

Mu tea

Yours, O free and حرائر the bone drink Gahotkm with the horsehair sir
(The main الادمن)



OUR COMMANDER HAS RETURNED and will reinstall the Legitimacy of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA:

Tribute and reverence to all are free and Aharaar steadfast and the rest at the time of the legitimacy and the leader Hero Muammar al-Qathafi greeting to each of the output منذو the beginning of the crisis and said God and Muammar and the Libyan ups to the last breath and even not the same as not Naqbloh Alkhaan nor Pena Winds greeting to each family of martyr Rua Badme Taher pure soil of the homeland dear greeting to all or a martyr father martyr brother and sister and a son and daughter and the wife of a martyr greeting to all the Mujahideen to Champions, led by Mujahid Saif Islam and Baghdadi Mahmudi, Abdullah al-Senussi and Abu Zaid Dorda and all the mujahideen in prisons DARK Ba government customers and traitors and Jews Mzrath greeting to all are free

and Aharaar displaced from their homes in at home and abroad because they they said God and Muammar and the Libyan ups a tribute to all the tribes Harra honest, which is still steadfast Kasamud mountains greeting to all the officers are free to all members of the armed people who Mzalo steadfast and staying the Covenant greeting to all the comrades and friends and Ahbab commander who Mzalo steadfast to the Covenant and continue on the path of the commander salute to all the members of the movement elves Revolutionary Guards Guard

and popular all legions and battalions fighter who eluted the Covenant and the principle greeting to all المقومين Mujahideen on home soil rapist occupier and who Istron to the glories and victories in order to refer bunting Alkhzera high Whisk in the homeland tribute to the All members Mqhumicna honest and say you Esbero and Sabero and Rabotto and you بااذن God victors and to the public we return Brightkm and عزتكم and your glory and قائدكم because you Tsthako this glory and honor and victory and you have chosen the right path and that you have chosen through the Freedom Road thinker fighter directory قائدكم Muammar al-Qathafi Vahnin you, are free and supporters of legitimacy and leader Commander بهدا and Baadn God victors …. Son of the Libyan

(Admoowona 1)

O victory O Oschhaddena, in Libya or green … Soon-hour victory, God willing

There is no power but from God:

Ain Zara memorial. Moments before. Shooting keep out Msljh group wearing civilian and closed the road.

Now opening channel Al Khaimah satellite Nilesat
Frequency 11257
Hertz 27500
” Addiction” ‘3”””” leader Guard’

Bushra Saaaarh

And the praise of God re broadcast channel Al Khaimah from New p the same frequency and the moon and

greet for honorable Ahrarna …. The struggle continues until victory.

Back broadcast channel Al Khaimah on the satellite Nilesat

By News on Wednesday, 15 مايو, 2013 | 22:00

The Gaddafi International news agency. 

was the help and praise of God re-broadcast channel Al Khaimah over the satellite Nilesat after the customer has caused the government shut down day yesterday and ordered from the company that hosted prevent the broadcast, but by the good people returned today and strongly.

Frequency channel Al Khaimah on Nasl Sat 



Benghazi ..Baiqtllona .. Bihrkona
Allegedly heard Bernardleafa and Uige .. The Arab League allegedly meet quickly and remove the legitimacy of the Government Zidane and stopped broadcasting 40 channels Tracking Libyan state .. Allegedly Security Council issued Resolution 70 and 73 to protect civilians .. And allegedly Shalgam just cry The disgusting Íaakh says, Zidane Libyan Leave them alone .. And allegedly Jazeera and Al-Arabiya say disgusting Brigades, kill Libyans .. The planes bombed neighborhoods and parks milkfish dead and thousands .. And allegedly Invision authorize says 8000 muslim thousands in Benghazi raped Zidane battalions and mercenaries disgusting??
World where everything
(Admowona 1)

Zidane and Hoael the Oato orders to shoot anyone who vandalized government offices in all Libyan cities and Benghazi in particular.

Very dangerous and very important …… In an article in Maariv Alasraúlah, wrote editor-in-chief of the Jewish newspaper unrelenting Yadlin:

(((I picked up U.S. ships at anchor in the Mediterranean Sea since the day a phone call to Libyan Prime Minister Dr. Ali Zaidan via phone sophisticated supplied by the German intelligence between him and the person residing in Germany named Aqeel its content follows ((How are you my brother and if stabled who called Libya laughed at Zidane told God I laughed my heart despite Maanda Nie in laughter ratified Stable pigs Mlyn rot, eluted Ndaq with you pigs ČÓ rid budget and who sit with them remains a pig uniforms, Re Aqeel Re mind of your soul Hola dogs and Jews Take on your need quickly and Khalha Tnhrk, launched rotate in who كلمك him uncle rural Alaagmh large Raho,

Re Zidane cattle things Jewish dog who at the Central Bank was hurt when Asswehly and subject Lippi service under under!! ČÓ cattle things behind the backs of the Jews of Misratah!! said Akil fully board matter Are the Jews dogs handful bones Elhoa where and you’re walking your affairs!! Zidane said O footmen people corrupt his men and Nswanh عايشين uniforms donkeys!!! Re Aqeel tell me!! I was among them, and Arefhm dogs حشاك يهزوا Delhm who draws Alasa and beating and Aemca with them respecting the اتقدير!! Zidane ratified and God Yeboah one costume Gaddafi Are dogs يربيهم!! imagine Almafn Asswehly incites higher in Are gangs and Libby runs Maybee, a Maisawi onions!! but I Nghazl Leh in the slave Ihsab Italy and the Italian Ambassador Anfoh!!!

God Are the Jews Nkhalém heal the water and drink them and Mani See Lin evacuate the matter of Libya Chan in Alkhbzh!!! Re Aqeel launched matters Middle with you?? Post Zidane Middle Bbachrp rice Tharihm متعين eat and Rgis God Mandhm need Wenta ambassador to Qatar they tassel milk and agencies, rice and not one of them fear!!! ČÓ who Mdokhne Khoi Aqeel How do you deal with them?? Post Aqeel laughingly give them a car and a thousand dollars for the biggest official have anointed Kndrta and Mustafa Abdul Jalil when he was Minister of Justice issued in his instructions to the Judges operative referee who Nabih from my office and Meiji See degenerated Les Fen dollars eyes weep from joy!!! laughed Zidane this Default صائر God بالفلوس raised Nswanhm for Qataris to judge for Ashraf!!

these mesh country and this people is haram them peace hand and said Leah Dr Fatima Hamroush than two days خليهم Doctor briefed Aids يكملهم,,,!!! Re Aqeel It Hamroush to Htt Xue individual Zidane Khalha Tlht base better than you dogs Jewish people Aarajl whole divorced Beard says in Afghanistan and at night Skarh and Chenbh and rebels, Re Aqeel case ياخوي interested in the subject and Mntolsh you and Ntkalm later and the exchange of peace)) commented unrelenting Yadlin said Israel upset of repeating the word Jews which has been associated definitions hateful He hopes to be Dr. Ali Zaidan This refers to a special term for a particular class and not a comprehensive Jews)))

خطير للغايــــــــة وهــــــــــام جداً …… في مقال بصحيفة معاريف الاسرائلية كتب رئيس تحرير الصحيفة اليهودي يلين يدلين

((( التقطت سفن امريكية راسيه في البحر المتوسط مند يومين مكالمة هاتفية لرئيس الوزراء الليبي الدكتور علي زيدان عبر هاتف متطور زودته به المخابرات الالمانيه بينه وبين شخص مقيم في المانيا يدعى عقيل فحواها الاتي (( كيف حالك اخي علي وحال الاسطبل اللي سماه ليبيا ضحك علي زيدان وقال والله ضحكت من قلبي رغم ماعندي نيه في الضحك صدقت اسطبل خنازير مليان بالعفن ، مزال نداق مع هل الخنازير بس تخلص الميزانيه واللي يقعد عندهم يبقى خنزير زيهم ،، رد عقيل رد بالك من روحك هولاء كلاب ويهود خود حاجتك بسرعة وخلها تنحرق ،، وشن درت في اللي كلمك عليه عمك الريفي الياغمه كبيرة راهو ،، رد زيدان ماشيه الامور اليهودي الكلب اللي في المصرف المركزي يصب عند السويحلي والموضوع يبي خدمة تحت تحت !! بس ماشيه الامور من وراء ظهر يهود مصراته !! قال عقيل تمام لوح ليهم هل اليهود الكلاب كمشة عظام يلهوا فيها وانت مشي امورك !! قال زيدان يا راجل شعب فاسد برجاله ونسوانه عايشين زي الحمير !!! رد عقيل تقولي انا !! انا كنت وسطهم وعارفهم كلاب حشاك يهزوا ديلهم لمن يشد العصاء ويضربهم ولايمشي معاهم احترام ولاتقدير !! زيدان صدقت والله يبوا واحد زي القذافي هل الكلاب يربيهم !! تصور المعفن السويحلي يحرض عليا في هل العصابات ويبي يدير مايبي وهو مايساوي راس بصل !! بس انا نغزل ليه في الرقيق ويحساب ايطاليا والسفير الايطالي ينفعوه !!! والله هل اليهود نخليهم يشفوا الميه وما يشربوا منها وماني طالع لين نخلي ليهم ليبيا تشحت في الخبزه !!! رد عقيل شن امور الشرق معاك ؟؟ رد زيدان الشرق بباخرة رز تشريهم متعين اكل ورقيص والله معندهم حاجة وقالي سفير قطر انهم شرابة حليب ووكالت رز وليس منهم خوف !!! بس اللي مدوخني خوي عقيل كيف كنت تتعامل معاهم ؟؟ رد عقيل ضاحكاً نعطيهم سيارة والف دولار لاكبر مسئول عندهم يمسحوا كندرتي ومصطفى عبدالجليل لما كان وزير عدل يصدر في تعليماته للقضات بمنطوق الحكم اللي نبيه من مكتبي ولمايجي طالع نحط ليه الفين دولار عيونه يبكوا من الفرحة !!! ضحك زيدان هذا اللي صائر والله بالفلوس رفعوا نسوانهم للقطريين لادين لاشرف !! هذه مش بلاد ولا هذا شعب حرام فيهم السلام باليد وقالت ليا الدكتوره فاطمه حمروش من يومين خليهم يادكتور واطلع الايدز يكملهم ،،،!!! رد عقيل وهي حمروش لهطت شويه فرد زيدان خلها تلهط قاعده خير من هل الكلاب اليهود شعب ياراجل كله طلق اللحيه تقول في افغانستان وفي الليل سكاره وخنبه وثوار ،، رد عقيل حاله ياخوي اهتم بالموضوع ومنطولش عليك ونتكالم في وقت لاحق وتبادل السلام )) علق يلين يدلين ان اسرائيل متضايقة من تكرار لفظ اليهود الذي ارتبط بتعريفات حاقده ويتمنى ان يكون الدكتور علي زيدان يقصد بذلك مصطلح خاص لفئة معينه وليس شامل لليهود )))
انتهى المقال وترجم حرفياً
ادمووونة 1
Finished article and translated literally.
(Admowona 1)


Gaddafi International News Agency – Rome.

Regarding the announcement of the transfer unit Marines for rapid intervention from Spain to the naval base air Island (Sagunella) Italian small in the heart of Mediterranean said that the operation aimed at securing the U.S. embassy in Libya and fall within the bilateral agreements. indicated Bonino to that the total power to be transferred is 200 members of the elite U.S. Marines in two installments the first 75 soldiers and the second 125 soldiers with two of the landing. explained that the transfer of this power to the island Italian purpose of enhancing the security of U.S. personnel in Libya or evacuation if needed asserting that it was according to the procedures established in the agreements signed with the United States on its military bases in Italy. ,

and in turn, the defense minister said Mario Mauro said “the situation in Libya threatened to deteriorate at every moment and that the main concern is what was expressed by the U.S. administration about the attempts to carry out terrorist acts against the embassy,” saying he and Secretary of State will offer a broader data about the situation in Libya and other military missions involving Italian soldiers to the Italian parliament on May 29 next year.


Congratulations Congratulations to you good arrived Aajerdan ..
United States navigate special security unit to Libyan territory.

(Conqueror butterfly)

Italian Foreign: The arrival of 200 Marines to Sicily to meet the “potential security problems might

be exposed to American diplomats in Libya goodness Jay O rats”. (really? COUGH!!)

The British government ask each Libyans Altsalin to British citizenship not to go to Libya as I heard that

the government ask the British out of Libya as soon as the, Sham need I, Chmidto need?

Bp oil company evacuates some staff from Libya

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – pulled oil tycoon, “BP” bp, temporarily, a number of non-essential staff from Libya, on the recommendation of the British embassy there.

She said, “BP” operations will not be affected by the decision to evacuate some workers, which comes after three days of warning the British Foreign Ministry of the deteriorating security situation in the capital Tripoli.

And Friday, stressed the Foreign Affairs Office in London that the UK Embassy in Libya intends to evacuate a number of crew members, in Tripoli: “Because of the raised security inherent in the existing political uncertainty.”


Bo Khmadh:

We will be forced to abandon its military positions and protect the city As revolutionary ..

Commands that comes from the conflicting legitimacy and we no longer understand anything ..

We will protect the city.
WAKE Aajrd

(Admowona 1)


A number of students studying for qualitative training center on the oil industry by the corner on Friday, 05/10/2013
For an armed attack by the guard oil installations located b Institute
Resulting in injury to some varying injuries, and did not hit him
Lead subjected to severe beatings by these guards, and the vulnerability of
Shooting for someone to lead from the city Rkdalin and another of Ajdabiya and
Tobruk and Benghazi

And the problem erupted after the students and is one of the city of Benghazi
At the age of six ten-year-old, where Taradw him cursing Guard
And insulting b Nabi words, P has to defend himself, then calls and the rest of the students for the defense of it, but they were insulted and شتمهم by guards
Installations, and when someone utter the words of the builder and insulting Majesty, in response
Students them with stones, and the response was harsh by those Guard
And live bullets.


Interruption Great Manmade River water for the entire civilian Tripoli

By News on Wednesday, 15 مايو, 2013 | 22:58

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Been cut water Great Manmade River from the Libyan capital Tripoli on Wednesday, without knowing the real reasons

and Rak, the department said the system said in a statement on Wednesday that the repeated attacks on transmission lines,

water had caused the leak can not control it, but to stop the flow of water in the area between the tourist and the tank Ain Zara stations and the airport road.

They stressed that this is consequent cessation of water , noting that the river water is the main source of drinking water for residents of the capital.

People’s Congress ELVIS BUCKY  publishes today the following:

Feelings of sadness and concern Saúdt between the families of the rebels in Tripoli after the announcement of the lock system Jabal Al_husaona Water in the Great Manmade River, which created Altagah to become Libya is all green.
المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر
مشاعر الحزن والقلق سائدت بين عائلات الثوار في طرابلس عقب الاعلان عن قفل منظومة مياه جبل الحساونة في النهر الصناعي العظيم الذي انشائه التاغية لتصبح ليبيا كلها خضراء .

واحـــــــــــــــــــ شباب ليبياــــــــــــــــة غصبا عنهم الكلاب اعترفوا بمشروع النهر
و آخر محاولة منهم لمسح اسم المشروع من ذاكرة الناس يبو يسموه اسم جديد
قالوا اسمه : مشروع مياه الصجراء
و تناسوا هولاء الأوباش أنهم ضحكوا علينا لأننا صدقنا القذاي بأن النهر الصناعي حقيقة و ليس كذبة
كل قطرة ماء تسبح بالرحمة عليك يا والدي معمر

Uah Youth Ibiah says:

“forcibly their dogs admitted to the river project
And last attempt to clear the name of the project from the memory of people call it a new name Lipo
They said his name: Alsgrae Water Project
And forgetting Hola bastards they laughed us to we believed the Alqmaa that fact and Man-Made River is not a lie
Every drop of water to swim mercy be upon you, O my father Muammar

  • WATER & ELECTRIC HAVE BEEN CUT for all day in the Tripoli area.
    News on the Q temperature will be 41° C tomorrow in the Libyan capital Tripoli, with the knowledge that the water was cut off completely for them.
  • Muammar also said, if one section of the system goes, then all the system will likewise follow…This is purposely done. They claim there is contaminents dangereous in the system (not only depleted uranium); and that it is draining the UBARI oasis (BIG LIE).
  • Do not you understand?: Muammar must be totally forgotten (according to RAT philosophy)…
    The templates for the colvert build and repairs were all destroyed when they Bombed the repair and control station in Brega in June 2011.

  • For the past two years, Muammar has had a team of scientists monitor the River Water system and give out warnings if it was unsafe for consumption…In places where it was not safe, the Green Army, under Muammar’s orders, gave out bottled water.

    Many foreign nationals worked in Libya on the Great Man-Made River Project for decades. But after the start of NATO’s so-called humanitarian bombing of the North-African country in March 2011, most foreign workers have returned home. In July 2011, NATO not only bombed the Great Man-Made River water supply pipeline near Brega, but also destroyed the factory that produces the pipes to repair it, claiming in justification that it was used as “a military storage facility” and that “rockets were launched from there”. Six of the facility’s security guards were killed in the NATO attack, and the water supply for the 70% of the population who depend on the piped supply for personal use and for irrigation has been compromised with this damage to Libya’s vital infrastructure.

    The construction on the last two phases of the Great Man-Made River Project were scheduled to continue over the next two decades, but NATO’s war on Libya has thrown the project’s future – and the wellbeing of the Libyan people – into great jeopardy.
  • عشت ايها القائد المقدام الذي قمت بروي الملايين من الناااس عشت لنا ابا ومعلما ^^
  • theorbo1.wordpress.com

     the GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER PROJECT of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi Great Man Made River –
  • Also the Western Colonialist OCCUPIERS are claiming that “terrorists” dumpted the large quantities of METHANOL” (stolen last month from the airport) into the River System. The Brits and Yankees warned their citizens to not partake of the water and to leave Libya.
  •  This is the real reason behind sending all the Western citizens and personal back home to Europe, Australia and USA.
    Also: in these past 2 years, the Western occupiers have wasted 70% of all Libya’s resources!!! That is how quick!!! (and they did the same to Afghanistan…where now their country is worthless except for heroin production which the CIA-MALFIA supports and is behind)…
  •  In 1996, during the opening of Phase II of the Great Man-Made River Project, Muammar al-Qathafi said:

    “…This is the biggest answer to America and all the evil forces who accuse us of being concerned with terrorism.

    We are only concerned with peace and progress. America is against life and progress; it pushes the world toward darkness…..”
     In the light of the current world developments, there is more to the NATO destruction of the Great Man-Made River Project than being an isolated war crime. The United Nations Environment Program 2007 describes a so-called “water for profit scheme”, which actively promotes the privatization and monopolization for the world’s water supplies by multinational corporations. Meanwhile the World Bank recently adopted a policy of water privatization and full-cost water pricing, with one of its former directors, Ismail Serageldin, stating: “The wars of the 21st century will be fought over water”.
  • In practice this means that the United Nations in collaboration with the World Bank plans to secure water resources to use at their disposal, and that once they totally control these resources, the resources become assets to be reallocated back to the enslaved nations for a price. Those prices will rise while the quality of the water will decrease, and fresh water sources will become less accessible to those who desperately need it. Simply put, one of the most effective ways to enslave the people is to take control of their basic daily needs and to take away their self-sufficiency.

    How this relates to the NATO destruction of al-Qathafi’s Great Man-Made River Project in July 2011 can be best illustrated by the Hegelian Dialectic, popularly known as the concept of Problem -> Reaction -> Solution. In this case, by bombing the water supply and the pipes factory, a Problem was created with an ulterior motive, namely to gain control over the most precious part of Libya’s infrastructure. Subsequently a Reaction in the form of an immediate widespread need was provoked as a result of the Problem, since as much as 70% of the Libyans depend on the Great Man-Made River for personal use as well as for the watering of the land. A month after the destruction of the Great Man-Made River, more than half of Libya was without running water. Ultimately a predetermined Solution was implemented: in order to have access to fresh water, the inhabitants of the war-torn country had no choice but to fully depend on – and thus to be enslaved to – the NATO-installed government.
    -as the West could care in the least what happens to Libyans…as long as their Western citizens are safe and out-of THEIR harms way….Now the West/NATO/USA/QATAR/Israel can freely and openly destroy Libya.
  • Tripoli, 15 May 2013 

    “The system Al_husaona River device that it will stop the flow of water to the city of Tripoli as of Wednesday evening “15/5/2013”, in order to carry out maintenance of water transmission lines. System explained in a statement received by the Libyan news agency said on Wednesday a copy of it to the repeated attacks on pipelines have caused water leakage can not control it, but to stop the flow of water in the reservoir area between the tourist and Ain Zara stations and the airport road. They stressed that this is consequent cessation of water, and carry out urgent maintenance, and will re-flow of water immediately after the completion of maintenance work.

منظومة الحساونة بجهاز النهر الصناعي تعلن عن إيقاف تدفق المياه إلى مدينة طرابلس إعتباراً من مساء اليوم الأربعاء .الأربعاء، 15 مايو 2013 (17:1:0)


طرابلس 15 مايو 2013 ( وال ) – أعلنت منظومة الحساونة بجهاز النهر الصناعي بأنها ستقوم بإيقاف تدفق المياه إلى مدينة طرابلس إعتباراً من مساء اليوم الأربعاء الموافق ” 15 /5/2013 ” ، وذلك للقيام بعمليات صيانة خطوط نقل المياه . وأوضحت المنظومة في بيان لها تلقت وكالة الأنباء الليبية اليوم الأربعاء نسخة منه أن الإعتداءات المتكررة على خطوط نقل المياه قد تسببت في حدوث تسريب لا يمكن السيطرة عليه إلا بوقف تدفق المياه في المنطقة الواقعة بين خزان السائح ومحطات عين زارة وطريق المطار . وأكدت أن هذا الأمر يترتب عليها وقف المياه ، والقيام بعمليات الصيانة العاجلة ، وسيتم إعادة تدفق المياه فور الإنتهاء من أعمال الصيانة . ( وال )

Voices of various weapons clashes heard in the vicinity of al-Salam neighborhood, milkfish east and center

of the gardens and twenty Street News received confirms that one of the followers of the stun firing on one

المتهجمين yesterday and was killed … Cuneiform young man and his family had to burn a little while ago …. Center.


Unfortunately. . Nagat Ali Zaidan client from a traffic accident shortly before and Oaalq on this incident,

saying Mgrda: “A painful accident happened in front of me a little while ago in the highway,

Praise be to God for the existence of the separation between concrete roads.”
Lol and the will of God first, and then the separation, which was the reason and this reason is a great achievement

of the achievements of the Revolution project road link between the capital Tripoli and the Libyan cities. .
Deny your tongues to mention the virtues of al-Fateh Revolution and its leader, and refuse your hearts this and

pronounce the right: “Praise be to God for the existence of the separation between concrete ways”:

A powerful explosion in Aziziyah area shortly before ..

Militias Gneoh the Alkkla kidnaps couple of and Rafla in Tripoli

Abduction couple of the tribe and Rafla two young Mohamed Ali Rizk Rizk‘s successor in Tripoli by Agneoh militias Alkkly Moved news channel Dardanelles now.

By News on Thursday, 16 مايو, 2013 | 02:21

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Abduction couple of tribe and Rafla and two Muhammad Ali Rizk Rizk’s successor in Tripoli by militias Gneoh the Alkkla Chairman of the Military Council of Abu Salim ..

Scandals Market العاشورى – Friday Market

By News on Thursday, 16 مايو, 2013 | 02:12

News Agency Gaddafi International – Tripoli. 

when storming stores of goods Altamonah owned market العاشوري famous Tripoli to verify communication arrived to them, then they are found in these stores foodstuffs expired and found also the workers inside are changing powers ended a valid and has admitted workers this shameful act When a blood test they found four of them infected with AIDS. Suffice agent of God, yes There is no power but from God and you have pictures:

Kadifah fire RPG on the General Staff headquarters in Tripoli by unknown ..

Congestion in front of the General Staff of yesterday .. And fired bullets in the air:

Firing rocket-propelled grenade at the headquarters of the General Staff Jermanah capital Tripoli ….
Urgent ..A huge explosion in the city of mil no details yet..

A picture of one of the cars rebels .. Taken from the island of head Hasan position with .. Antinat WiMAX .. And their hair cream pail with brioche Tarifat .. With phrases do not ousted in foreign revolutionary complete the picture.
These models charge a thousand dinars per month .. Against this adverse vigil and girls. Of course the car combing.

The so-called security committee not to Tripoli – Ras good use in one of their patrols WiMAX counterfeit:

Girl found slaughtered in a car in the area of seven in Tripoli

By News on Tuesday, 14 مايو, 2013 | 15:35

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Was this afternoon found the body of a slaughtered girl inside a car parked near a traffic light in the area of seven in Tripoli, did not know the causes of

Voice thick pencil in janzour night.

FLASH from one device to wireless Jardan “room capital,” car fired randomly on patrol in the eastern plateau – Tripoli and fled.



“Do you want your country, like Somalia; like Iraq?!. The same group that had devastated these countries, are entered to Libya now; is that you want to catch Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia, and become a tuber like Fallujah; or become white or Benghazi like Fallujah, the samegang, because they are the same group “

(Leader Muammar al-Qathafi’s: Speech to the city of Benghazi Revolution)

Defiance O Benghazi Vanity stronger, Resist and harder and will able to thwart their goals and agendas….

Helicopter to stun forces flying in the atmosphere of the gardens now
With the proliferation of me-sufficient weapons Altqilh in around Benghazi.

Via Page:

Message to my family in the city of Benghazi precious Heed, Tikadwa, Aaftnoa, ruled your minds!!!
You day pass by the largest plots hatched against you traitors Kteron among the Atgrkm bombings and stories that hatched them, Abhtwa for the beneficiary guess in the actor Atdauhm يخدعونكم to Atgtroa statements worshipers of money and eat commanded God Almighty has been to the people and national and Aaftnoa and Atgrkm statements here and there of characters called national and called it Tban for the security and the interests of Benghazi and there Qatar in Jabty for I am sure you then you will say I am crazy.

God save our Muslim people in Benghazi and in every spot on the face of the earth.

I hope to reach my voice to my family in Benghazi.

(Admoowona 1)

Benghazi explosion caused by an anti-tank mine and not the result of Gelatinh.

“government” also claimed that rats failed:

war spin streets now in different areas in Benghazi.

Lock the street from before my father Mtdahiran it has been the explosion in Benghazi was set up tents

and they said the protesters they will not يغادرو the place until they are dismissed ornately.

Urgent Benghazi Shooting is very dense at the crossroads of prefabricated housing.

Violent clashes medium weapons and القواذف in the streets of Benghazi now.

New explosion shakes Benghazi did not specify the place yet.

Shooting a dense area parks…

at MAZDA parks Center…

Attack on a police station in Benghazi parks:

Now confirmed information from the street junction 14 Almajora … Car has بالرماية on Stun members and wounding one of the individuals ..

Video clashes Gardening Benghazi 15/05/2013
(Conqueror butterfly)

Interface cracking and burning garden center in Benghazi entirely by the family of the young Fouad cuneiform who was killed by one جردان yesterday by firing 23 Thunderbolt … Now taking place some skirmishes between them and the arms some stun forces.
4 cars attack on a Thunderbolt Jermanah the patrol in District Almajora Street 14 and wounded following the attack, a member of the rats Thunderbolt forces ..:

Ansjab rats Thunderbolt forces far from the vicinity of the center of the gardens.

Mdamh called cuneiform Fouad who was killed last night It attacks the Garden Centre Talaatoh Thaer Mujahid and Shahid .. Laden forces Bouchmadh and the Center policemen are criminals and murderers and outlaws and mercenaries must arrest brought to trial and the announcement of the revolution against them .. And raising the slogan of Benghazi want to overthrow the regime and bring NATO to bomb the headquarters of the bolt and police stations and security and the blood of the martyrs Maemcich vain ..
(Admoowona 1)

The clashes between members carried out the attack on the center of gardens … And جردان bolt trying to establish security …

target center gardens in Benghazi:

Benghazi want to bring down the ornately
Close Galaa Hospital street by protesters, have been installed
Tents scene specifically, and demands are the dismissal of the Chief of Staff
“Ornately Joseph”, and activate the army and the police, and refused to
Shields and security room and demanding that Special Forces
Believes in the city of Benghazi, and does not respond any armed formations.

(Conqueror butterfly)

Street shut Galaa Hospital by the residents of Benghazi and set up tents at the scene, demanding the dismissal of the Rat carved defeated:




Burn Bugger images carved in Bani Walid splendor today.

Market for the sale of weapons and liquor openly in Benghazi

A copy of the Vespers market Benghazi (Wines and weapons at the height of the day) and a weapon for both HP and bear and Aicolk سنؤمن

 The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi

By News on Thursday, 16 مايو, 2013 | 02:44



Thunderbolt militia and infantry stormed the market Vespers in Benghazi clashing with arms dealers and drugs.



Voice messaging resistance especially from one Liberal from within the Board of Directors :: /

Oh news today بفلوس ….;;;; … Reel freebee ..

Ras Lanuf company to manufacture oil and gas .. The completion of the achievements of the Great Revolution … 42 years of giving … And generosity ..
We report on 09 \ 05 \ 2013 Chairman of the Committee issued a decision to say the simplest that decision and approve the bankruptcy of the company
Stop all the tasks and orders, purchases, hotel reservations and other
Will be suspended from employment outside Alodafa Level;
The news is likely to be rumors ((selling both from polycarbonate Athleean factory ethylene and to a Dow Alammerakihohnak the company says will be annexed to the Libyan company Alamartyh such as Musfa Ras Lanuf)) by the National Oil Corporation. 


Protesters again stopping oil exports from the port of Zueitina in Libya

By News on Thursday, 16 مايو, 2013 | 00:07

The Gaddafi International news agency – the economy.

Oil industry sources said on Wednesday that the protesters stormed the port of Zueitina and stopped oil exports from the port in eastern Libya after workers were forced to leave their positions.
The protests led in the past to disrupt oil exports from Zueitina In the past month stopped crude flows due to the explosion in the pipeline.
The export capacity of the port 60 thousand to 70 thousand barrels of oil per day.



News of the death of Adnan mentioned in the middle of Tobruk three bullets, one of Qatar flag burning past few days in Tobruk.



In the absence of law and spread Alfodyy and lack of safety and security, which was prevail Libya over 42 years .. This Majelbh NATO and the cries of treason and claim freedom of false freedom of dawn and traitors;; freedom of the crime and the law of the jungle; in Misrata Tel Aviv Libya ritual New surpassed imagination which inventory groom slaughtered or killed prisoners prisoners of troops armed people and volunteers for the wedding night, both challenge and shooting or slaughtering and apologize p ugliness of the image but the right must show Aalowoowoo
God and yes Suffice agent.
(Admowona 1)



The discovery of more than 15 bodies in a mass grave in Tawergha

News of the existence of a new mass grave in city of Tawergha!!! Pages and the media Fberaúaria the Anaseeboa this topic massacre of the Libyan army forces Sharif and free Tawergha and are now published stories Mikdoppe on the members of the Libyan army and are free Tawergha they are they digging Dell graves!!! Verjaa caution Posted realities of this cemetery is behind all these graves are Misratah militias while Tawergha tribe abandoned their city. .
Image No. (1) – In this topic images obvious truth on those who were digging mass graves. . NATO rebels digging mass graves for members of the Libyan army and Almttoaa which Talthm bombed NATO aircraft. . Some of them were liquidated at the hands of Misrata militias. .
Dell truth. . And God bless the righteous Hhadana…

By News on Thursday, 16 مايو, 2013 | 00:13

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tawergha.

Discovered at least 15 bodies in several graves in the town of Tawergha abandoned in Libya believed to be residents died during the Nakba February 17, 2011.

At the same context, the people of the city of Tawergha forbearing issuing a statement confirming that the mass grave was found in the marsh Ptorghae are the remains of her sons who died under torture and argue that the city of Misratah Series, the cemetery has at this time to increase hatred and hatred between the two cities.

Rights groups say that the residents of Misratah looted and destroyed houses Taoraa and villages close to them after the fall of Libya. The Human Rights Watch that about 1,300 people of the people of the town are detained or missing or were killed.
Many are still from Tawergha groping families no information about the missing. A man from nearby townspeople him missing after finding the bodies Tawergha residents victims of a great injustice in the current era.
Tawergha was inhabited by approximately 30 thousand people before the setback.


 2:18À regarder plus tard

Torga witness to the cemetery marsh Tawergha lies in trading channels Misratah

Torga citizen witness to what united in a swampy grave Tawergha and that he had buried his son there and what lies dealt Almsarit and their channels.

The people of the city of Tawergha forbearing issuing a statement confirming that the mass grave found in the Sabkha Ptorghae area are the remains of her sons who died under torture and argue that the city of Misratah Series, the cemetery has at this time to increase hatred and hatred between the two cities..

The fact that the tomb and its owner …!!

The truth to the image of the tomb published on page ES Libya Misratah the battalions توار site on Facebook.
This image is the tomb of a woman from the city of Tawergha name need (Mariam Abdul Karim Abdullah) or both:
1 – Bashir Mohammed Abdullah
2 – Aisha Mohammed Abdullah
3 – irreversible Mohammed Abdullah
4 – Fatima Mohammed Abdullah
Those alive is possible to inquire of them need Mary died on 04/12/2010 at night and the burial date 05/12/2010 Aisha cemetery in Tawergha in the presence of witnesses and a large gathering of people of Tawergha saluting been dropping off the body in the grave by both: –
1 – Haj Ali Ammar
2 – Hajj Moussa carp on
They are alive as well as that there is surprise about the deployment of this image on the page mentioned above on the basis that it is within the mass graves that have been exhumed Hence, there is evidence that this is not a mass grave and the proof is that the need for Mary was suffering from curvature in the column spine if it has been to expand the tomb and picture shows the directory and deliberation is a number (3) wooden boards have been supporting the tomb out as he had become widespread and there was a wood-based panels shown in the photo section Khcpie been after him wood high known as (Kmpsath) and after the cement .
Hence the calls for the people of Tawergha as follows: –
1 – open an investigation raking in this tomb.
2 – the formation of a fact-finding committee to get to the truth of what is promoted a lot of liars.
3 – the formation of a committee of the Libyan tribes to stand on destruction Hdtt by Aisha cemetery in Tawergha.

Quoting the Tawergha eye newspaper

Arrows Alvatj Masrati :: /

The fact cemetery Sboukh Tawergha which claimed Jews Misrata she Cemetery for Gerdanhm broadcasting grandchildren on the street and attacking the people of Tawergha who Ergbo return ….
The fact that the cemetery and the graves which they Nbashh of the people of Tawergha is available with the families of documents that confirm this.

According to a statement the families and the people of Tawergha the fact is the alleged mass grave; family Salem Bashir Rewainy, “his wife, and his three sons” ..
And the family of: Farag Ramadan Faraj of Ramadan Faragalla “They are husband and wife, in addition to their two sons,”
And a host of other buried en masse members of the armed forces of the people they are; Salah Ahmed Gaddafi, Mohammed Moses Alhmaly, and Abdul Salam favor of milk,
And another person from the city of Ben Jawad, a military family and the title of Baba Amr and buried individually wrapped in a red blanket his family were contacted and informed.



Brother robbery on Hajj al-Megrahi was beaten and is now in critical condition, please call for his recovery is on 02 March.

Since the hour …. Gathering of a group of al-Qaeda house inventory / Ali Bu شعيفة Alaqta adequate .. accidentally agricultural القرضة …



Prime Minister of Libya Ali Zaidane rat in Egypt to discuss border crisis with “Mercy” and “jellyfish”



Libyan citizen killed Belkacem Hamad Belkacem Gaddafi in Tunisia

By News on Wednesday, 15 مايو, 2013 | 23:11

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tunisia.

Assassination of a young man in Tunisia and the Libyan authorities arrested dozens and perhaps hundreds of Libyans during the hours of detention will be in the background of this crime and other crimes, and a number of assistants Tunisians.

Tunisian authorities are attacking sites for Libyans and Libyan gatherings and closed the Libyan border now against the backdrop of assassination of a young Libyan named (the interface Gaddafi Hamad to the interface).

This time, the Tunisian police and anti-crime squads hit the Libyan strongholds and arresting dozens strongly against the backdrop of the killing of the young Libyan, lock the Libyan border crossings with inspection of all Libyan and forced out of a number of residences for Mchtbahen them.

And oversees the operations of Interpol police arrest itself in Tunisia .. and vows to prosecute others inside Libya.

A نتقل to God’s mercy young Belkacem Hamad Belkacem and knead after killed by Gaderan the NATO rebels and Tunisians in Tunis when he was in a spa, a tribe Akaddadfh of residents of the city of Sirte Mujahid (deaf)

I am God and to Him we return



This is their situation;;; But Qatar wants .. Dupes they want.

Qatari chief of staff in his parish



Muammar al-Qathafi against biological weaponry 21 AUGUST 2008:

Mu against bio weaponry 2008

Biological Weapons 
Muammar al-Qathafi 

“Thanks to the information revolution, the monopoly on knowledge has been broken. Science knows no limits in its fast spread. The capabilities of computers have increased ten billion fold in half a century. Those capabilities are doubling every year and a half.

Genetic engineering made it possible to control the genes of viruses and to manufacture new germs that do not respond to any treatment as was the case of the creation of the AIDS virus. This is a double-edged sword. It enables humanity to find new ways to combat germs and viruses. It could also be used for sinister purposes. The matter needs a serious pause to reflect upon it deeply.

Germ and biological weapons are the most horrendous, dastardly and destructive type of weapons. Their use by a state would be a catastrophe. The consequences of such weapons falling in the hands of irresponsible individuals would be unthinkable. Those weapons are particularly lethal because they are invisible, inaudible and odorless. Their means of delivery are practically every thing on Earth; animals, insects, plants, people, air, liquids and all the tools and implements that are used, touched and worn by people in their daily life.

In view of the extreme gravity of this matter, it must be dealt with in a dispassionate and objective way free from political agendas and ulterior motives. Therefore, the world must agree on entrusting this task to the World Health Organization. WHO must be empowered to supervise and inspect all facilities devoted to this vital industry. In this way alone, people will be reassured that this scientific knowledge is not being used against their interests and safety by irresponsible parties. There is a need to ensure that this vitally important industry does not deviate from its worthy objectives. There must not be any exceptions from the inspection and supervision regime. Exceptions, discrimination and selectivity will lead to angry and furious reactions.”


“Biological Weapons”21 AUGUST 2002 – ARAB LEAGUE SUMMIT SPEECHhttp://www.german.algaddafi.org/muammar-al-gaddafi–biologische-waffen&usg=ALkJrhiGZL71RauHl6zMnUtyhe6w_Wuw5w“Thanks to the information revolution, the monopoly of knowledge is broken.Of science are now no limits to its rapid spread. The power of computers has increased ten billion trade in half a century.This power is doubling every eighteen months.Genetic engineering allows the control of the genes of viruses and the production of new organisms that respond to any treatment, as it was in the creation of the AIDS virus is the case.This is a double-edged sword.It allows mankind to develop the one hand, new methods of combating bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of abuse.This fact requires serious reflection and Profound. Germ and biological weapons are the worst, most insidious and destructive types of weapons that exist.The use of such weapons by any state, would be a disaster.Would drop such weapons in the hands of irresponsible people, the consequences would be unimaginable. These weapons are particularly deadly because they are invisible, inaudible, and odorless.Your means of delivery are almost unlimited:Animals, insects, plants, people, air, liquids, and all tools and equipment that we use in daily contact area, or bears.The seriousness of the facts requires a sober and objective approach, free of political interests and ulterior motives.Therefore, all countries must unite and to entrust this task to the World Health Organization. The WHO needs to have that mandate to oversee appropriate production and control.Only in this way, mankind would be protected against the misuse of this scientific knowledge through irresponsible.You can ensure that this important sector of the industry does not deviate from its guidelines.It may also be made by the supervising institution, no exceptions.

Exceptions, discrimination and selectivity would only lead to frustration boycott.”


Muammar al-Qathafi in ROME:


Muammar al-Qathafi in Paris, o5 DEC. 2007:

Muammar  al Qathafi in Paris 05 DEC 2007

Muammar al-Qathafi awarded in Venezuela:

Mu awarded in Venezuela


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