Supreme Commander:


The commander of the Great Revolution Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi in his speech to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet, peace be upon him:

“Jihad is obligatory and self-defense, defense of religion, the struggle for the sake of God defend defend the Holy Prophet defend the mosque from the houses of God, defend the mosque shear defending Asaglna.
As we all reject terrorism and also reject mixing between Jihad and terrorism.
Must be clear, terrorism practiced by the so-called: Al-Qaeda “and the death squads that claims to be driven called” Ayman al-Zawahiri “This is haram, this bed of criminality, this mental illness and Tgerer youth, there are young people think that this work is jihad!.
This terrorism and not jihad, not jihad and kill Muslims to kill between your home country and who kill Dink from Mmeltk and this Hamlet, this heresy and this is not jihad. “

Muammar al-Qathafi in his own words

Libya leader’s Green Book of Universal Muslim-Humanitarian philosophy is known as The Third Universal Theory.

  • published in The Guardian, Thursday 20 October 2011 21.49 BST
Muammar Gaddafi vowed not to surrender after Nato airstrikes began     Muammar Kadhafi
Muammar al-Qathafi vowed not to surrender after NATO airstrikes began. Photograph: Franco Origlia/Getty Images


Muammar Gaddafi‘s Green Book of political philosophy: “If a community of people wears white on a mournful occasion and another black, then one community would like white and dislike black and the other would like black and dislike white … this attitude leaves a physical effect on the cells as well as on the genes in the body.”


(the transition from huts to modern homes.. So you do not forget.. Shanty neighborhood..):


12 September 2001:

“Irrespective of the conflict with America, it is a human duty to show sympathy with the American people and be with them at these horrifying and awesome events, which are bound to awaken human conscience. When I was five, my brother was shot by an Israeli soldier – since then, I have been dedicated to uniting the Arab countries throughout the Middle East and retain a trade flow with the west.”

27 March 2007, interview with al-Jazeera:

“I am convinced that the [Israel-Palestine] solution is to establish a democratic state for the Jews and the Palestinians, a state that will be called Palestine, Isratine, or whatever they want. This is the fundamental solution, or else the Jews will be annihilated in the future, because the Palestinians have [strategic] depth.”

30 March 2009:

Gaddafi storms out of an Arab summit in Qatar, saying: “I am an international leader, the dean of the Arab rulers, the king of kings ofAfrica and the imam of Muslims. My international status does not allow me to descend to a lower level.”

21 February 2011:

Denying reports he had fled Libya: “I want to show that I’m in Tripoli and not in Venezuela. Do not believe the channels belonging to stray dogs.”

22 February: “I am not going to leave this land. I will die as a martyr … I shall remain, defiant. Muammar is leader of the revolution until the end of time …” Damning the “rats” opposing him, he said: “You men and women who love Gaddafi … get out of your homes and fill the streets. Leave your homes; attack them in their lairs.”

28 February: “All my people love me. They would die to protect me.”

23 March: In his first speech after UN-backed air strikes began, he said: “We will not surrender. We will defeat them by any means. We are ready for the fight, whether it will be a short or a long one … We will be victorious in the end. This assault … is by  a bunch of fascists who will end up in the dustbin of history.”

30 April: In an address to NATO, he said: “The door to peace is open. You are the aggressors. Come France, Italy, UK, America, come, we will negotiate with you. Why are you attacking us?”

21 August: As rebel forces approached Tripoli, he said: “We will fight to the last drop of blood. We will never give up.”

8 September: Denying claims he had fled to Niger, he said Libyans working with Nato were “scumbags”.

The Libyan satellite channel Al Khaimah
Dear viewers from the commandment of the martyr fasting ŃĎć them ŃĎć on customers and liars.
Family channel Al Khaimah respond to customers, traitors and say we are here and on the trail leader moving and always steadfast and will not give in to the pygmies waving the banner of challenge.
Vlhma to all participants in the page and each valued viewers hope that you will publish this page in order to increase the number of fans to help us in a channel on satellite Nilesat … your role Vhan oh free to Trdoa them and circulating the page on a large scale.
As long as the Conqueror never Revolutionary Struggle continues
Family channel Al Khaimah

Tent against about Almichmtin will claim that they are special media first
And especially  City Star and Li Alcasco yesterday Icolo best Skeroha the
Arefanha Pescrōha .. I Mmnonlha Skeroha … They are what Aarafosh يتصرفو .. Dgo them ..
And Jardan …….. ((Rkazho)) Second Jardan Li They said “the loss of algae Channel Secret” and Achmtosh ..
And a tribute to the our people in Caldakhl and abroad me supported us pray and mothers Li Salt Dmathm on lock channel and Zrgtun the the return of Al Khaimah …
Thankfully May God help us and usually Khaimah on Nilesat …
We promise you … Tent will be in every home are free .. And vigorously and new evidence ..
Weah Michmtin or Balahrh .. O Hakra and liars … Each trip learning الحدابة.
All credit goes fighter Li Li made ​​himself a media real and masterfully struggle and win free Libya to مجهودهم the good young Li did not sleep yesterday.
Dauatcm O honorable us luck and ask for prayer mothers الشريفات births Liberal honest, God help us ..
Are free and honorable Chamber of God, Muammar and Libya ups
Large blood

Mu loving and good

Mu expresses himself

قناة الخيمة الفضائية الليبية
مشاهدينا الكرام انطلاقا من وصية الشهيد الصائم ردو عليهم ردو على العملاء والكذابين .
اسرة قناة الخيمة ترد على العملاء والخونة وتقول نحن هنا وعلى درب القائد سائرون ودائما صامدون ولن نستسلم للاقزام رافعين راية التحدي .
فلهذا على جميع المشتركين في الصفحة ولكل مشاهدين الكرام نامل منكم نشر هذه الصفحة لكي يزداد عدد المعجبين لمساعدتنا في فرض القناة على قمر النايل سات …فحان دوركم يا احرار لتردوا عليهم وتعميم الصفحة على نطاق واسع .
دام الفاتح ابدا والكفاح الثوري مستمر
اسرة قناة الخيمة

See, Al Khaimah  too are behind Muammar al-Qathafi and know he lives and Commands the Green Resistance.

Accredited to the official currency of free mass.



Mu gives sign of Victory

This is Mu

In the name of God the Merciful
((That benefit anniversary of believers))
Pass us these days, the second anniversary of the General Discussion to the tribes of Libya and held on. Thursday and Friday .6.5. Than in May 2011 in a forest victory in Tripoli, attended and participated in this event more than two thousand tribal elder Imitlon thousand tribe, and examine the forum in meetings and on the air what happened and is happening in Libya with full transparency, credibility and responsibility unaware Maimer the homeland of the major events and major strife between parents and brothers, and appealed to all parties and Forum without Esttina to listen to the voice of reason,
And miss the opportunity to aspirants in the wealth of the Libyan people and destinies,
The Forum stressed that leaves it to the Libyan people to decide their own destiny freely, confirmed the forum to listen to the voice of reason and the interests of the country, and everyone come together. Mstdelan, saying the Almighty in many Quranic verses that sit under the rope of Allah and do not disperse, and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and avoid sedition. And follow for saying peace be upon him ((see believers in Todahm and mercy and compassion كالجسد one if complained him crumbled member him other members ensuring and fever)). From this standpoint Forum issued several appeals and decisions in order to reach the word either, and was one of the most important this Miley decisions.
(1) not to divide Libya.
(2) No foreign intervention.
(3) maintain the blood of the Libyan people.
(4) Maintaining the wealth of the Libyan people.
(5) to agree on a political solution chosen by the Libyans without the intervention of any other.
That the forum configured not behind held any party, but Aware of the tribes of the Libyan people, who saw size Alkarth and the absence of wisdom, Vtnadt the tribes in the reunion process, which aborted after it reached the outskirts of the eastern region.
Then held five meetings involving all the tribes of western Libya in Mmeltgaha area Azizia, and tribes east of Tripoli, held a meeting in the city of Zliten, and the tribes of Tripoli and Cyrenaica held Mmeltkietha in the city of Tripoli, and meeting the tribes of the south, which was held Mmeltqaha in the city of Sabha, and confirmed these forums hold forum year to study and evaluate the events, and issued decisions in public Mmeltqaha.
The question arises what if everyone listened to the voice of reason and not تشبت each party as he sees fit.?? And provided an opportunity for the wise and the sound of the wisdom and foresight and thinking about the consequences of things.?? Was not the case is the case. And when we lost thousands of lives and property and the time and effort.
Now you can Ngtm opportunity and Nlmlm surgery homeland and the citizen and take advantage of past events so that deepen the pros and overcome the negatives all Almsoulih, and not المغالبه, tolerance and the application of justice and law to everyone, without Esttina, you can change what ourselves to God change Mapna .. and Mazlk on God loved one. ((No harm to be justice thousand criminals outside prison, and but Birha be acquitted and one inside))
It’s anniversary, and the anniversary in vain believers and alarm beats anniversary in limbo …
(God of the intent behind)
First gathering of the tribes of Libya,

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
((ان الذكرى تنفع المؤمنين))
تمر علينا هذه الايام الذكرى الثانية لأنعقاد الملتقى العام لقبائل ليبيا والذي عقد يومي .الخميس والجمعة .6.5.من شهر مايو 2011ف بغابة النصر بمدينة طرابلس , وحضر وشارك في هذا الملتقى مايزيد عن ألفي شيخ قبيلة يمتلون ألفي قبيله , وتدارس الملتقى في اجتماعاته وعلى الهواء مباشرة ماجرى ويجري في ليبيا بكل شفافية ومصداقية ومسئولية مدركين مايمر بالوطن من احداث جسام وفتنه كبرى بين الاهل والاشقاء , وناشد الملتقى جميع الاطراف وبدون اسثتناء للاستماع لصوت العقل ,
وتفويت الفرصة علي الطامعين في ثروات الشعب الليبي ومقدراته ,
وأكد الملتقى على أن يترك الامر للشعب الليبي ليقرر مصيره بكل حرية , وأكد الملتقى على الاستماع الى صوت العقل ومصلحة الوطن , وأن يتكاتف الجميع . مستدلين بقوله تعالى في كثير من الايات القرآنيه التي تحت على الاعتصام بحبل الله وعدم التفرق , والامر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر وتلافي الفتنه . واتباع لقوله صلى الله عليه وسلم ((ترى المؤمنين في توداهم وتراحمهم وتعاطفهم كالجسد الواحد اذا اشتكى منه عضو تداعت له سائر الاعضاء بالسهر والحمى )) . ومن هذا المنطلق أصدر الملتقى العديد من المناشدات والقرارات من اجل الوصول الى كلمة سواء , وكان من أهم هذا القرارات مايلي .
(1) لا لتقسيم ليبيا .
(2) لا للتدخل الاجنبي .
(3) المحافظه على دماء الشعب الليبي .
(4) المحافظه على ثروة الشعب الليبي .
(5) الاتفاق على حل سياسي يختاره الليبيون بدون تدخل من أي جهة اخرى .
ان الملتقى بتكوينه لم يكن وراء انعقاده أي جهة , ولكنه استشعارا من قبائل الشعب الليبي الذي رأى حجم الكارته وغياب الحكمه ,فتنادت القبائل في مسيرة لم الشمل التي اجهضت بعد أن وصلت الى مشارف المنطقة الشرقية .
ثم عقدت خمس اجتماعات ضمت جميع قبائل غرب ليبيا في ملتقها بمنطقة العزيزية , وقبائل شرق طرابلس التي عقدت اجتماعها في مدينة زليتن , وقبائل طرابلس وبرقه التي عقدت ملتقياتها في مدينة طرابلس , وملتقى قبائل الجنوب التي عقدت ملتقاها في مدينة سبها , وأكدت هذه الملتقيات على عقد الملتقى العام لدراسة وتقييم الاحداث , واصدرت قراراتها في ملتقاها العام .
والسؤال الذي يطرح نفسه ماذا لو استمع الجميع لصوت العقل وعدم تشبت كل طرف بما يراه .؟؟ واتاحت الفرصة للعقلاء ولدوي الحكمة وبعد النظر والتفكير في عواقب الامور .؟؟الم يكن الحال غير الحال . ولما فقدنا آلاف الارواح والممتلكات والجهد والوقت .
والان هل يمكن أن نغتم الفرصة ونلملم جراحات الوطن والمواطن ولنستفيد من الاحداث الماضية بحيث نعمق الايجابيات ونتجاوز السلبيات بكل المسولية , وعدم المغالبه والتسامح وتطبيق العدل والقانون على الجميع وبدون اسثتناء , هل يمكن أن نغير ما بأنفسنا حتى يغير الله مابنا ..وماذلك على الله بعزيز . (( ولا يضير العدالة أن يكون ألف مجرم خارج السجن , ولكن يضيرها أن يكون برئ واحد داخله ))
انها للذكرى ,, والذكرى تنفع المؤمنين والذكرى ناقوس يدق في عالم النسيان …
(والله من وراء القصد)
الملتقى الأول لقبائل ليبيا ،،

Please note times are general's statement on behalf of his golden untrue at all Felict the his Aasloppe words do not issue statements 
and publications Akhtabat nor and مانشر is the penetration of the rats to divert attention from their crimes and frustration and تخبطهم the failures.
Please beware of such publications please.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=523589037676236&set=a.267363996632076.54295.267151173320025&type=1&theater PUBLISHED IN: "His Excellency leader Bomenaar" (URGENT) After a few will be issued an important statement to tribals Allepieh from before Ganiral the Golden ................. Will be lowered by the bone Aljmaherh system and Haad news still has not been introduced by Facebook pages Ontdharo surprises (((Great Jamahiriya system))) M.H.K

 from Muammar–see the initials: MHK

(That is Muammar Kaddafi)

apparently Muammar al-Qathafi will have Khamis make the announcement.


Muammar with Kasmicalov rifle

Image of commemorate the first anniversary of the U.S. raid barbaric savagery Tripoli on April 15, 1986. .

 Mu glad

WITH THE USA AND NATO BACK-in LIBYA, Will aircraft bombed Benghazi now ... And the people of Tripoli will Ekprowoowoowoon .....?

Inventory Alboudra customary Magdi
A spokesman for the so-called Ministry of the Interior

Libyan Interior Minister asked me to tell the media that he had made his resignation to Prime Minister Ali Zaidan.

He said Hoael Egypt to resign.

Lausanne Jewish wandering in the streets of Tripoli and Benghazi after the catastrophe of February and invite Rat Asswehly

their return and compensation .. Enlarge Aajerman by:


The death of Libya's FALSE Mufti Sadiq Ghiryani

By News on Thursday, 16 مايو, 2013 | 21:55

The Gaddafi International News Agency - London.

We received news of the death of called sincere Ghiryani who fancied himself كمفتي the Libyans, where Decker source that 
he had died in Britain after he fell on his face in the bathroom, and did not allow us to confirm this information yet.

We became the kingdom to God, thank God, there is no god but Allah alone with no partner, to Him belongs all sovereignty and praise,

and He over all things, I ask You for the good of this day and the best thing after him, and I seek refuge in You from the evil of this day

evil that follows, I take refuge from laziness and senility, I take refuge from the torment of the fire and torment in the grave.
God says in the morning, and your live WABC die and you Resurrection.
O Allah, you created me and I am your servant, I am covenant وعدك as you can, I take refuge in You from the evil of what I have done,

I acknowledge Your favor upon me and I acknowledge my sin, so forgive me, it does not forgive sins except You.
Oh God, I becoming أشهدك, and I bear witness campaign throne, angels, and all the creatures that You are God, there is no god except You,

alone, without partner, that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.
Laziness and senility be to Allah, O Allah, I ask You for the good of the day, open it, and the victory, and light and blessing, and guided him,

and I seek refuge in You from the evil and the evil of what follows it.
O Allah, grant physical, O Allah, grant in my hearing, O Allah, grant in sight, there is no god but You. (Three times)

O Allah, I take refuge in You from disbelief and poverty, and take refuge from the torment of the grave, there is no god except You. (Three times)



Salafists demolish a shrine shortly before in the city of Ghadames ... 
Lord guides of creating Maayosh of God demolition Aahd tricks Amin ...
والله عيني بكت لما شفت هالفيديو .. تحية اجلال واكبار لكم يا ابطال .

16 mai 2013 08:41 FB VIDEO
والله عيني بكت لما شفت هالفيديو .. تحية اجلال واكبار لكم يا ابطال .
God's eyes cried the shaft Halvedao .. Tribute and reverence you, heroes.



Break into what is called a loyal battalion of the national army, but was capturing hardware and light and heavy weapons and twenty mechanism including the five flies غادرو to in the direction of Tripoli ..
The actor militias Jerdalmqml the hardline the Libyan Abdel-Alim (Ahmed Saadi Conference decision only national) support personnel belonging to the terrorist inventory militants Salah البركي, and Salah Marghany.

News for U.S. forces in the coastal road بتاجوراء.

Shut down the coastal road at the gate 27

By News on Friday, 17 مايو, 2013 | 03:19

The Gaddafi International News Agency - west of Tripoli.

Coastal road
was closed at the gate 27 between the hunter and the mil for the existence of an clash 

between the militias and the unknown elements. powerful explosions rocked Tripoli and Janzour night. A car bomb explosion at night in janzour .......... And reported to kill.  This achievement of the achievements of the Revolution Oh rats imposed political isolation of the Great Man-Made River,,,, actually not ashamed that I do what you want: After قطعهم water all of the capital Tripoli, now they cut off the electricity grid over large areas without any justification.


Murder occurred within the so-called battalion “lightning” in Tripoli killed, “Mohammad Hussein Shaker Black” last Sunday corresponding to the fifth of the month of May, and mentions that the history of murder agrees birthday victim, so when called his colleague called “Khaled latency Alzentani” two shotsin the chest during the official working hours of the battalion at about ten o’clock in the morning .. !!

Heavy shooting in Friday night market.

, Jardan broke into a green hospital after the death of a prisoner in Mitiga and the insistence of doctors to identify

the real cause of death in the report secret, prompting the rebels to break into the hospital and force a change report.

Doctors out of the Green Hospital in protest at what happened transgresses the doctors and shoot them by جردان of terrorist النواصى band,
The accidents Abu Salim Hospital still closed due to a similar situation.

Scandal, members of the Libyan National Congress in a brothel villa in Tripoli:

By News on Friday, 17 مايو, 2013 | 04:26

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Two members of the scandal Conference Allaotunai Libyan who found them in the retreat Alzerariqh Zenata great Tripoli street drunk with them Girls night. , Anzero of governing Libya for Libyans!!


One arrested drunks is the Vice Chairman of the Legal and Constitutional Conference Alaotunai:

Image called a vineyard on the fetus is one of the members of Allatounai Congress who have been arrested today Bsarh the breach for Literature In the case of sugar

Through the airport in the capital Tripoli, heavy fire weapons medium.

Tension in the pressures Alshall and Gargash:
pressures Alshall.
Heavy presence of weapons in rats pressures Alshall ....... like they Antziron in something .............. 
And intense movement of rats.

 the so-called Libya Shield Forces band sixth Jerdanah the Mayan area attacked by an armed group injuring 
four members of the elements Jerdan two of them in serious condition, and and قع this attack nine o'clock last night.



“Do you want your country, like Somalia; like Iraq?!. The same group that had devastated these countries, are entered to Libya now; is that you want to catch Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia, and become a tuber like Fallujah; or become white or Benghazi like Fallujah, the samegang, because they are the same group “

(Leader Muammar al-Qathafi‘s: Speech to the city of Benghazi Revolution)

” هل تريدون بلادكم ، مثل الصومال ؛ مثل العراق؟!. نفس المجموعة التي خرّبت هذه البلدان، هي التي دخلت إلى ليبيا الآن ؛ هي التي تريد أن تُلحق ليبيا بأفغانستان وبالصومال، وتصبح درنة مثل الفلوجة ؛ أو تصبح البيضاء أو بنغازي مثل الفلوجة، نفس العصابة، لأنهم نفس المجموعة ”
من خطاب الأخ القائد الثورة لمدينة بنغازي

Defiance O Benghazi Vanity stronger, Resist and harder and will able to thwart their goals and agendas.



Fourteen people were poisoned due to the absence of health monitoring for restaurants

By News on Thursday, 16 مايو, 2013 | 23:13

The Gaddafi International News Agency
- A number of citizens, on Thursday evening, an incident poisoning after eating food from a restaurant in the city of Benghazi. officer said investigations police station الفويهات Imad Almsheeti "" The police arrested 8 people, including a Syrian and 7 Egyptians were working at the restaurant, pointing out that do not have any health certificates or any other action establishing the exception of just one. " and added that "there is us fourteen case of poisoning from the same restaurant in the Cast, although investigations revealed the person supplier of meat and chicken to the restaurant that does not have any health certificates or residence or procedures for doing business." "It is still under investigation in this matter and the development of reports and evidence to find out why we took a sample of poisoning restaurant and Holnah to food control."

Benghazi: burning Restaurant Miami in Almajora after the emergence of cases of poisoning

By News on Friday, 17 مايو, 2013 | 03:23

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

Angry residents burned a Miami restaurant in neighborhood Almajora, making firefighters rushing to the place because of the poisoning incident,

which affected dozens of neglect of this restaurant.

Miami restaurant burned in now Almajora – firefighters rushing to the place and because of the poisoning incident.

the sound of a big explosion heard in various parts of Benghazi.


Increasing the area of the clashes in milkfish and 20th Street.

Benghazi: the bombing of a car belonging to stun at the crossroads of milkfish mail.

By News on Friday, 17 مايو, 2013 | 04:21

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

Stun targeting tent dogs who at the crossroads of milkfish.

The attack on the patrol to stun forces deployed in the streets Benghazi Bjnab the eastern milkfish

were besieging the armed group that threw explosive materials “Gelatinh” on the patrol in the school revolution stones and schools Ibn Abi Talib.

Are you naive to such a degree,?? ........ Stupid Jermany.!!

The arrest of one of the suspects Benghazi shortly before the bombings and inside the school!!.; U.S. aircraft coming to Benghazi to arrest suspects in the attack on the U.S. embassy that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens who died of smoke inihilation!

And on by ابواقهم: The suspect supporters of the system: possession of a green banner
MOQ MOQ ĺÚ ĺÚ ^ ________________ ^

Oh God, make guile in نحرهم.

هل انتم سذج الى هذه الدرجــــة ,,؟؟……..الغباء الجـــرذانى.!!القبض على احد المشتبهين بتفجيرات بنغازي قبل قليل وبداخل مدرسة!!.؛وعلى حسب ابواقهم: ان المشتبه به من انصار النظام:بحوزته راية خضراء
موق موق هع هع ^________________^
اللهم اجعل كيدهم فى نحرهم .


Shi best in Jeradn .... Mesh Maatin in some of them .. Follow Sowaihili criminalize pages traitor Bo Khmadeh ..... 
In fact, all of them traitors:

Waited resounding fall in Benghazi this Rat client called and Nice Bouchmadh and which customers 
propaganda made ​​him a hero of the heroes of February, which was hiding in the family of the ferryman's 
house on Champions entering the armed people to Benghazi .. History Aarahm Aabouchmadh If the rats did 
not know your truth, O traitor, we know who you are:

Demonstration very large front Mekdrmderih made ​​security Balhuara and Almtahirin 
غاصبين very white and with them a weapon to Andalan its Htola form today.

A preliminary picture of the attack on the police station gardens Benghazi ..
, And set it on fire, which led to the death of a person. There was no more information yet.

Flight Aviation Germana in the skies of Benghazi.

Center gardens Benghazi - Reuters:


The commander said: Benghazi baby,,,
هذول to Digg folks Benghazi,,, are you??
Do ye Sdj to this degree.???!!!

Benghazi is still and Benghazi Arabs live freedom, security and safety,,,,,
((And if they were told not to make mischief in the land, they say we are peacemakers, but they are spoilers, but do not feel)),,,,

Naba for escape Bouchmadh forces front of parents uprising in Benghazi.

About 5,000 soldiers deployed in Benghazi Thunderbolt fear of new explosions:

The so-called first infantry battalion for rapid intervention in Benghazi raid two pounds market for the sale of weapons 
in Benghazi and militia vows to retaliate.
Deployment of special forces in the streets of Benghazi for fear of bombings, the horror.

O Bouchmadh ((Security Night creamed butter)):
Do weapons Altqilh and medium armored vehicles and anti-aviation place residential neighborhoods, Are Tqmon the protection of yourselves or the protection of civilians????



Liberals are remove flags shame from Tarhuna ……. And a number of rats, say it to renew the media.

Reported clashes.



A powerful explosion shake the city of Derna.



News of the escape rats corner and Zintan Mahasrien the for Jeelat since the killing of one Zintan Security Official out…


Moto O rebels Loya amputees Loya oppressed Loya Vqrien …
This Abdel Gawad fat .. 100 thousand dinars;

On Srvathm O Abdel Gawad??
And Qatar Tacdo in the subject.

What Kdrtoa was Adigaj oh rats,,,,, Win NATO:





School for speaking and learning English:

Zintan combing with his limitless / / / /

Cambridge Institute Zintan Hiaahia the downright for Alzentanih language intent …




Violent clashes in hospital 02 March  now



Still picketing for the release of Ahmed Gadaf-a-Dam Horowitzer Blood:



Algerian challenged Libya and يرديه the dead after a fight in a nightclub

By News on Thursday, 16 مايو, 2013 | 22:51

The Gaddafi International News Agency - Tunisia.

Been a Libyan citizen was killed after a brawl at a nightclub in one of the northern suburbs of the Tunisian capital. And press sources said that the battle broke out between a number of Libyans and Algerians during Sohrhm one of the clubs before moving events outside the nightclub where deliberately Algeria to challenge the Libyan knife hitting serious injuries in his side, which led to his death after a short time, despite being transferred to one of the clinics for treatment. The 
Tunisian security sources denied what Raj on the social pages of the Libyan had been killed on the back of his opposition to the Gaddafi regime, and stressed that 
the crime settling of accounts have nothing to do with political attitudes.


Source: Defense News

US senators blasted senior Pentagon legal officials Thursday for suggesting the
2001-passed measure authorizing the war on al-Qaida would justify American
ground operations anywhere in the world.

The Obama administration’s armed drone program, which [...]

US Instructors [Special Operation Forces] to Train African Troops for Mali in

Source: TDL

U.S. military instructors in Niger will train African forces participating in a
U.N.-backed offensive against al Qaeda-linked Islamist militants in neighbouring
Mali, senior military officers said on Thursday.

The United States and several European nations have backed a French-led military
intervention which since January 11 has driven militant insurgents out of the
towns of northern [...]



550 US MARINES arriving in Libya: Marine rapid reaction unit moved to Italy amid escalating crisis in Libya 

http://www.phantomreport.com/marine-rapid-reaction-unit-moved-to-italy-amid-escalating-crisis-in-libya Source: Stars and Stripes Just weeks after arriving in Spain, a “small element” from a new 550-Marine-strong rapid reaction force has repositioned to southern Italy amid deteriorating security conditions in nearby Libya, where there have been a series of recent evacuations by western diplomats, defense officials said Wednesday. US smuggling weapons to Syrian rebels: The real Benghazi story 


Source: Asia Tribune There is a 'side story' going on in the American media - both the electronic and print about the Islamist jihadists lethal attack on the American 'post' in Benghazi, Libya last September 11 which killed American spy "ambassador" Christopher Steven and three others (by smoke anihilation); The emphasis and the debate is on why the event was twisted by the Obama administration to conceal a terrorist attack on eve of the presidential election. With the killing of Osama bin Larden on May 2 last year the administration, which was approaching the re-election of Mr. Obama in November, wants to convince the American people that the al Qaeda was now annihilated for good. 

When the Islamist jihadist group affiliated to al Qaeda lethally attacked the American 'post' in Benghazi the Obama administration twisted the events to convince that a anti-Islamic video produced by someone in California was the cause of the attack. These days the highlights and debate is about why the 'talking points' were changed twelve times to give that different picture. As Obama rightfully said a couple of days ago about this debate, mostly spearheaded by the Republicans, was a 'side show.' 

The 'real show' is in fact buried. And the 'real show' is that the United States, Ambassador Steven playing a major role, was in the process of shipping arms to 
Syrian rebels to topple Basher el-Assad's regime. It was on October 25 last year that FoxNews.com broke the story that a mysterious Libyan ship was reportedly carrying weapons and bound for Syrian rebels would have had some link to the September 11 terror attack on the U.S. 'post' in Benghazi. Why do we use the term 'post' in this report? Because when changes were made to the Benghazi attack story by the Obama administration it changed from 'American Consulate' to 'American Post'. The reason: Benghazi operation was entirely a CIA operation.


WHY OBAMA LIES: Exploring what’s behind the president’s glaring and unprecedented dishonesty

Get special discounts on quantity purchases of your favorite Whistleblower issues. For more information or to order at quantity discounts, please call WND Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-496-3266 (1-800-4WND-COM) or email support@wnd.com.

Barack Obama’s America is eerily reminiscent of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” where almost everybody sees the truth about their leader but is afraid to say it out loud.

The truth, in this case, is that the current occupant of the White House lies about virtually everything of importance to Americans. Barack Obama has lied about his birth, his childhood, his education, his influences and associations, his religion, his accomplishments, his policies, his true beliefs and his plans for America’s future. In fact, after more than three years as president, Obama’s lying has become so embarrassing and undeniable that the only defense his supporters have is to change the subject or to claim “Republicans do it too.”

But as documented in the scorching July issue of WND’s monthly Whistleblower magazine – titled “WHY OBAMA LIES” – America has never seen a chief executive misrepresent the truth as deliberately, recklessly and effortlessly as this one.

“WHY OBAMA LIES” features eye-opening and sometimes startling analysis from several different psychiatrists as to what has led to the president’s extraordinary dishonesty – which Pulitzer prize-winning columnist George Will recently referred to as “Barack Obama’s intellectual sociopathy – his often breezy and sometimes loutish indifference to truth.” The issue examines in depth some of his most explosive and consequential deceptions. And, just in time for the summer election campaign season, Whistleblower features a comprehensive and mind-boggling listing – running throughout the entire magazine – of Obama lies, each followed by proof of the statement’s falsehood.

“Regardless of one’s political affiliation or worldview,” says Whistleblower editor David Kupelian, “it will be nearly impossible to read Whistleblower’s July issue on ‘WHY OBAMA LIES’ and not conclude that the current president has virtually no regard for honesty and truth.”

Highlights of “WHY OBAMA LIES” include:

“Understanding why Obama lies” by David Kupelian, exposing what’s really behind the president’s obvious and unprecedented dishonesty
“CAUGHT RED-HANDED: OBAMA’S PROVEN LIES” – a comprehensive listing of Obama’s most egregious whoppers, including proof of their falseness
“Meet the original ‘birther’” by Joseph Farah, who reveals the surprising answer to this question: Which world-famous leader has claimed for years that Obama was born in Kenya?
“Obama just caught in really big lie” by Aaron Klein, on just-uncovered documents confirming that Obama was a member of a socialist party – something he explicitly denied during the 2008 campaign
“Thoughts on lying and President Obama” by Lyle H. Rossiter Jr., M.D., in which the veteran forensic psychiatrist explains why he believes Obama has developed into such a disturbingly dishonest person
“4 lies about the economy Obama needs voters to believe” by Larry Elder, who lays out the key truth hurdles Obama must jump over to win re-election.
“Obama’s lies about American oil” by David Limbaugh, on why we are always kept in an “energy crisis” mentality, despite the fact that energy experts affirm the U.S. has five times as much recoverable oil as Saudi Arabia
“Falsifier-in-chief” by Ben Shapiro, who explains the implications of Obama’s disturbing boast in his memoir “The Audacity of Hope”: “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their views”
“When a terrorist ghost-writes your ‘autobiography,’ you lie about it” by Art Moore, on the now-overwhelming evidence that Pentagon-bombing communist Bill Ayers worked closely with Obama on his celebrated autobiography, “Dreams From My Father”
“So who wrote Obama’s love letters?” by Jack Cashill, highlighting the very latest instance in which the press, despite all evidence to the contrary, keeps alive the absurd myth of Obama’s literary genius
“The best politicians are shameless liars” by Thomas Sowell, on why it’s so easy for elected officials to hoodwink voters with promises
“The president’s Obamacare lies” by Dr. James Dobson, in which the evangelical leader and clinical psychologist vows civil disobedience rather than personally funding abortions under Obamacare: “Come and get me if you must, Mr. President. I will not bow before your wicked regulation”
“Why we believe ‘big lies’” by David Kupelian, identifying the magic ingredient that makes outrageous falsehoods so believable.
WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah, says: “All those who read ‘WHY OBAMA LIES’ will – whether they like it or not – be forced to admit he’s basically a really big liar.”

The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America’s Wars
By John Tirman

A question few seem to consider when the US wages war afar

  • In 2007, students read aloud at a rehabilitation center in Kabul, Afghanistan, for youths who have experienced trauma and violence. (CWS/Chris Herlinger)
Chris Herlinger  | 15 May 2013

Why is it that Americans tend to be so indifferent to the deaths of those in whose lands the United States wages war? That is a question rarely expressed, but still troubling.

It has long intrigued me partly because of personal experience. I have a cousin who served periodic tours with U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and my heart and prayers went out to him. But my travels there through the years on humanitarian assignments mean my heart has also gone out to civilians in Afghanistan, and in neighboring Pakistan.


I visited both countries before the events of 9/11 (and have returned since). Because of those pre-war experiences — where I saw realities of both countries without the lens of a U.S.-led war — I have never been able to shake concern over the fate of ordinary Afghans and Pakistanis who are just trying to live their lives.

Perhaps that is not the norm. The apparent lack of concern about “the victims who are not Americans” underlies John Tirman’s The Deaths of Others, recently released in a new paperback edition following its 2011 hardback release. Tirman, executive director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for International Studies, writes: “The costs of war to the populations and common soldiers of the ‘enemy’ are rarely found in the narratives and dissections of conflict, and this habit is a durable feature of how we remember war.” (I know there is at least one notable exception to this rule: a wonderful 1998 collection of poetry of the Vietnam War, From Both Sides Now, that features verse from both American and Vietnamese poets.)

By John Tirman
Published by Oxford University Press, $21.95

Tirman adds: “As a nation that has long thought of itself as built on Christian ethics, even as an exceptionally compassionate people, this coldness is a puzzle. It is in fact more than a puzzle, for ignorance or indifference has consequences for the victims of American wars and for America itself.” In his search for answers, Tirman acknowledges that the “squeamishness Americans feel about addressing the very raw questions” is normal. He notes neither the onetime great colonizers, France and Great Britain, nor the former Soviet Union for that matter, “have been more forthright” than the United States about their wartime behavior.

Yet as someone addressing the question through the lens of American experience, Tirman finds at least some of the answers (not surprisingly) in the notion of American exceptionalism and the “frontier myth.” Those notions, Tirman argues, are a constant in U.S. history, from the early wars of continental conquest down to Iraq and Afghanistan today. “Americans essentialize those we invade as savages in a wilderness to be tamed, and the taming itself is rewarded with a material bounty,” the author argues.

That may sound raw. But the history Tirman lays out is not pretty. In a memorable chapter on the Korean War titled “The Hegemony of Forgetting,” Tirman takes particular pains to point out that when it came to civilian deaths, the Korean conflict was a notably bloody and shameful affair.

“Naming the enemy as subhuman, as a mortal and insidious threat, as a denier of American destiny,” he argues, “resulted in a slaughter of the innocents in numbers — hundreds of thousands? — which even then was too easy to ignore and thereby forget.”

Tirman’s is a tough read — essential in many ways, though also daunting and demanding. And as a piece of nonfiction, it probably cannot jar a reader’s sensibilities in the same way as a war novel like Kevin Powers’ widely acclaimed The Yellow Birds. However, Tirman’s work can inform a reading of Powers’ powerful book — a beautifully written (though occasionally overstylized) debut novel about one young American soldier’s sobering experiences in Iraq.

al-Qathafi battles with Alzenazqh

By News on Wednesday, 15 مايو, 2013 | 23:34

The Gaddafi International News Agency – articles.

According to testimony all guys Muammar al-Qathafi, in all the times you can draw one conclusion that Muammar al-Qathafi since his young age he was keen on religion and firm with those who are trying to cover it, since the experience of Nasser with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Manshiet al-BakriMuammar al-Qathafi taught all the Islamic movements and goals after he Revolution knew that the most important what should that arises upon are servants of religion who interpret the world for paving way to the seat of government, the farthest Muammar al-Qathafi religious movements suspicious in the seventies of the last century,

and in the eighties forced Muammar al-qathafi to the use of weapons against them after they have stepped up their presence in order to overthrow the government by force in that Time Golden Revolution great the weapon hunts thought takfirist There was men have faith that their enemies do not belong to the religion of any link to impose arms of victory and fled Alzenazqh and Altcfhirien from Libya and Libya was on another date in the nineties in the bloody confrontationsin the tuber with the LIFG and defeated arms also in this era so that Muammar al-Qathafi was heard once from a Allaski that a group of Alzenazqh moving from Misratah to stopper

and he was sitting in his tent in the stopper Vamichq his gun and went down alone to the coastal road between Misurata and the stopper and احتارت battalion Emhemed Maqrief  to act with its leader Top who knows everything in This world is nothing but fear, moving day armed people from all camps in Libya to close the road from Misrata to the stopper only to prevent the leader of the fighting alone a war against Alzenazqh this doctrine commander.

They pushed him to take to the front it will face with his rifle, the day he can not احرض Safe The armed people against Alzenazqh not go into them I am the face of a quirk of fate to come to where I exist, will not write history I assumed to face long been keen on them. Forces shelled the armed people Balqoazv cars Alzenazqh before reaching the road adjacent to the tent commander who was waiting for is a gun there God you Is there a man in Libya can say this act brave today Alzenazqh everywhere and everyone is afraid and silent and Benghazi die every day, and Tripoli scream, anyone who knows the positions of Muammar al-Qathafi feel a burning sensation because the big man’s temprary absence from Libya is beyond the limits of the disaster and kills more than the image of the man exceeded all specifications of men to turn into a phenomenon and phenomena always recur after hundreds of years, the tragedy of the temporary absence of Muammar al-Qathafi (he, who knows more than the whole Libyan tragedy).


  Mu purple robes

Life In Pictures: Muammar al-Qathafi

By Vincent Hugeux, published 20/03/2011 at 14:00 , Updated on 21/10/2011 at 09:17

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi initiated the Great al-Fateh Revolution  on 01 SEPTEMBER 1969. He currently he faces an unprecedented challenge to his vision of the Great Jamahiriya (instituted 02 MARCH 1977) .

Muammar Gaddafi 

1971: A young Muammar al-Qathfi in army fatigues

Muammar Gaddafi

July 1973: al-Qathafi waves to demonstrators gathered in Benghazi to show support

for his return to office after he resigned as leader of the Revolutionary Command Council.

The council refused to accept his resignation.

Muammar Gaddafi

August 1973: al-Qathafi prays in the Libyan desert near Sirte.

Muammar Gaddafi

November 1973: al-Qathafi is jostled by press and TV reporters outside the Élysée palace in Paris

after talks with President Georges Pompidou.

Muammar Gaddafi

1977: al-Qathafi with Cuban leader Fidel Castro
Muammar Kadhafi et Abdessalem Jalloud, alors Premier ministre, en 1977.

Muammar al-Qathafi and Abdessalem Jalloud, then Prime Minister in 1977. © Sipa

Muammar Gaddafi

November 1978: Muammar al-Qathafi arrives at the 1978 Arab summit in Baghdad for Arab

countries opposed to Egyptian president Anwar Sadat’s decision to sign the Camp David

agreement with Israel. The summit resulted in Egypt’s suspension from the Arab League.

Muammar Gaddafi

August 1981: al-Qathafi attends a graduation at the women’s military academy in Tripoli.

The academy opened in 1979 during al-Qathafi’s push to include women in Libya’s armed forces

Muammar Gaddafi

1986: Posters of al-Qathafi and Uncle Sam on a wall in Libya.

Tensions culminated in a US air and sea bombing raid on Libya in March 1986

Muammar Gaddafi

THE OPENING of the Communal Subsidized grocery store for Native made and grown Products:



September 1987, al-Qathafi appears at a parade in Tripoli to commemorate the

18th anniversary of the glorious Libyan revolution of Light.

Muammar Gaddafi  Mu khaki uniform

September 1987: al-Qathafi speaking in Tripoli at a parade to commemorate

the 18th anniversary of the Glorious Libyan revolution of Light

Muammar Gaddafi

September 1990: al-Qathafi attends a summit in Djanet, Algeria

Muammar Gaddafi

1992: al-Qathafi visits Palestine Liberation Organisation leader Yasser Arafat in hospital after Arafat was injured in an air crash

Muammar Gaddafi

February 2001: al-Qathafi with Lamen Khalifa Fhimah. Fhimah was tried at a special Scottish court in the Netherlands

with Abdelbaset al-Megrahi on murder charges relating to the 1988 CIA-false flag bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie.

The scapegoat, innocentAl-Megrahi, was sentenced to life in jail, while Fhimah was acquitted….

Born according to legend in a tent made of goatskin, Muammar was yet brought up the hard and true faith. Not only son of a shepherd of the tribe of al-Kaddafat dam – “Those who gush blood” – has denied the values ​​of a turbulent childhood. He broke the kid who slept in the mosque, the rebellious schoolboy battered by the stories of colonial servitude, fired the college activism, admirer of Congolese Patrice Lumumba and the Egyptian Gamal Abdel Nasser, whom he listened reverently Pan-Arab sermons on the radio.

Until the end, the Qaid seem inhabited by nostalgia for a natural, timeless and mythical order. Hence his distrust of the urban jungle and bureaucrats. Escapade in hell, story collection published in 1996, the Green Guide invites readers to flee the city, “the nightmare, cemetery social ties.” In Rome, Brussels and Paris, al-Qathafi sulking palaces and palaces in favor of its air-conditioned tent.

Thus: nomadic unrepentant old camper hate walls and roofs “that surround the souls and keep us from thinking”, preferring to plant his tent, flanked by a cohort of heavily armed body guards and his squad of Amazons strapped in their navy blue jean. Aversion reinforced by the destruction of his Tripoli residence of Bab el-Azizia , target of a deadly raid in 1986 the U.S. Air Force.

In 1998, the seasoned rider – and annoyed – then mounts a new hobby: African Unity. In fact, a horse back. For decades ago that the Libyan plowing the continent, leaving the silver wake of the Islamic Call Society mosques, Holy Quranic schools, cultural centers or clinics, minting necessary conversions. Including the ephemeral, the future emperor Central Jean Bedel Bokassa . Again, Kadhafi dream of abolishing borders, poisoned legacy of colonialism.

UNO 23 SEPT. 2009:

Muammar Gaddafi

March 2004: al-Qathafi with Tony Blair. The prime minister’s visit to Libya followed

al-Qathafi’s agreement to dismantle Libya’s arms programme….

Muammar Gaddafi

June 2009: al-Qathafi with Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi at Ciampino airport in Rome.

Muammar Gaddafi 

June 2009: al-Qathafi waves to photographers as he signs autographs after giving a

speech in Rome to women from the business, political and cultural industries.

Muammar Gaddafi

July 2009: al-Qathafi gives a thumbs up before a round table session at the G8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy

Muammar Gaddafi 

September 2009: al-Qathafi arrives for a parade in Tripoli’s Green Square to

celebrate the 40th anniversary of the glorious al-Fateh Revolution of  01 SEPT. 1969.

Muammar Gaddafi 

Total listen and مترقب for the سيملية thinker and leader Muammar al-Qathafi..

February 2011: al-Qathafi attends a ceremony in Tripoli to mark the birth of the prophet Muhammad.

The Commander of the Great Revolution Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi in his speech to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet, peace be upon him:

“Jihad is obligatory and self-defense, defense of religion, the struggle for the sake of God defend defend the Holy Prophet defend the mosque from the houses of God, defend the mosque shear defending Asaglna.
As we all reject terrorism and also reject mixing between Jihad and terrorism.
Must be clear, terrorism practiced by the so-called: Al-Qaeda “and the death squads that claims to be driven called” Ayman al-Zawahiri “This is haram, this bed of criminality, this mental illness and Tgerer youth, there are young people think that this work is jihad!.
This terrorism and not jihad, not jihad and kill Muslims to kill between your home country and who kill Dink from Mmeltk and this Hamlet, this heresy and this is not jihad. “


Muammar Gaddafi 

February 22, 2011: al-Qathafi addresses the Libyan nation on state television, vowing to fight protesters and die a martyr…
Steadfastness’s inadequate response to NATO aircraft and artillery:


The Martyr, Dr. Billah of Sirte, Muammar’s brave son Moutassem al-Qathafi (PBUH):

Camel milk, his favorite drink, turned sour. It is time that the mad without the Bedouin camel cape silting.

Survival is an art desert, Libya, Allah agrees, survive well Muammar al-Qathafi.


This stunning documentary claims the site of the holiest place on Earth is not where most people presume it stood, indeed is not where the Muslim Dome of the Rock sits on the Temple Mount in Israel’s capital.

“It’s not hard to understand why there’s a corporate amnesia with the Jewish people concerning their histories,” says Ken Klein, a former NFL player turned author and filmmaker, “because when the Romans came in in [A.D.] 70 and destroyed this city, they tore down the walls, they destroyed the temple, they destroyed the city. There was nothing left.”

“The emperor Hadrian changed the name of Israel to Palestine, and he changed the name of Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina, and banished Jews from ever living in this land again. And for a thousand years, there was no Jewish presence in Israel or in Jerusalem.

“So it’s not hard to understand why there’s been a lapse of memory and why there were no record-keepers to remember where the walls were, where the city was, and most importantly, where the temple was.”

Klein takes viewers on an in-depth probe of Jerusalem, beginning at the famous Western Wall, where countless numbers of people have placed written prayers, thinking the location is a remnant of the wall surrounding the courtyard of God’s temple before Roman forces destroyed it in the first century.

“The question I’m about to ask is almost unthinkable. In fact, in some circles, it might even be considered blasphemy,” Klein says. “And that question is: Is this really the site where the Jewish temple was?'”

The Islamic Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem may not be sitting
on the site where God’s temple originally stoodHe continued: “Is it remotely possible that the Jewish temple does not belong up on top where the Dome of the Rock defiantly sits? The crushing weight of Jewish tradition refuses to allow such an inflammatory and repugnant question.
‘Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews’ examines New Testament statements from Jesus concerning the temple, statements that may or may not have been fulfilled when the Romans leveled Jerusalem some 40 years after Jesus was executed there.

“After all the archaeological digs that have taken place in Jerusalem, not even one has unearthed any remnant of any foundation of any building from the first century. It was gone. It became just as Jesus said it would become, not one stone left standing upon another.

“But there’s a problem with the words of Jesus’ prophecy, because there are many stones left in the walls … that date back to the time of Herod. They are still standing one upon another, in fact close to 10,000 of them. So, either Jesus in His prediction wasn’t being precise in His facts, or there is something else we just do not or cannot understand.”

Here are two promotional videos for Klein’s video documentary:

“The Wrong Place”



The Gaddafi International News Agency – Agencies.

Publish a “WikiLeaks” famous new documents related to the cooperation of the network administrator channel “Al Jazeera” Wadah Khanfar with intelligence U.S. military regards Bmaheh News published by the Qatari channel, as she was sending him telegrams monthly carrying observations on some of the news published by the channel and concern Alhanb U.S.,

The documents also revealed an interview between Wadah Khanfar and public affairs officer at the U.S. military intelligence and the headquarters of the U.S. embassy in Doha on October 19 / October 2005. And showed documents that Wadah Khanfar discussed with the official military intelligence “DIA” threads disturbing published in the channel location and Khanfar brought a written response to the items mentioned in the reports sent to him in the months of July, August and September of 2005, and he pledged written responses other in response to concerns Alamarki administrator confirming that the latest topics of concern to Washington in the channel has been trimmed and calm tone, and he will can remove during the two or three days.

The documents that the U.S. official complained to Khanfar of the channel in the month of September of that year, news disturbing considering that there are still problems with regard to dual sources in Iraq and the use of tapes that talk which figures the United States considers a terrorist in addition to the publication of photographs showing the bloodshed. Khanfar justified so that the channel “Al Jazeera” .

You can not suspend or budget position issued by one person against the United States immediately, but will compensate that later in the same program or during the same period. He also stressed that he does not allow any employee in the channel using charged language against the United States.

The Web site WikiLeaks “in the documents that the U.S. official cross as well as discomfort his country from some of the news coverage on Iraq, saying,” We see on the site image sheets stained with blood and perforated by bullets, and presses the viewer to bullet holes to reach the witnesses assuming describe recent military operations Balbhah in Iraq.

“Lord Khtafr on this, saying:” It is based on a promise earlier than the public affairs officer, was briefed on the subject and removed the two “belonged to two patients on hospital beds and a woman who in her face serious injury. also pledged to remove certified doctor in coverage refers to the use U.S. forces poison gas against the population in the city of Tal Afar, Iraq due to be considered the official “form of topic refers to the press instigator and questionable.” According to the documents that Khanfar request of supervisors on the island to send drafts of materials they intend to publish him before publication. stressed Khanfar to the official U.S. security “I do not say that such things will not be repeated on the site, but the process of continuous learning.” The documents to request Khanfar agree on a specific way to send telegrams Office of U.S. intelligence to him because he (Khanfar) found one in the fax machine making it easier to inform others in the channel them.


Photos of Sidi commander rare and private Allbovernm and Muammar ups:

Mu inhis fields 


Mu gives a lectures on floor of tent


(A rare picture of my mother dear descriptive فركاش Lord protect her and returned by the safety and true Lord..)

Mu driving his auto

with his young sons:

Mu with his sons


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