Résistance et de la Victoire Matin / Resistance and victory morning

Mu Free

Victory morning and health for Mu

Victory Morning free to Great Jamahiriya!

We are what we assume no Nslmoa our freedom … our land Nmotoa the land without dignity … our laurels lost due and Petrdja the pride … Bona leader and majority of our country and our flag green …… Msaaa victory
(Admowona 1)

the victory over the forces of darkness and corruption …. Bbagm O Liberal victories!




Mu in streets of Rome at night

Can not find in the books of psychology nor in social beliefs and a description of the state of grief felt by the neighborhoods in the absence of Muammar, do not cry enough nor tears able to scan the case grief continued in the hearts of neighborhoods who يعتصر sadness hearts every day, sadness great tragedy always covered living space after an absence, Muammar, do you actually cited the master of men? Is Muammar die?
What do we do after the master of men? All of these questions posed by the case tragedy of the whole people become seen in that life without Mr. men are worthless, you will not find many of the Libyan people who believe in the martyrdom of Muammar because they see him every day and hear speeches and boasted a few days splendor in his time, it is impossible to convince Hola that Muammar  died because he still lives with them and like to ايموتون only flesh, what happened after an absence of master men depth of the need for answers to all these questions, Venama oblivion does not work in the absence of Muammar and the nation is bleeding every day in his absence, and remorse is growing every day on his absence ,
this feeling was born when all Libyans need to return Muammar flesh was or spirit, life without him is unbearable and can not humans live at the mercy of the wolves, now we know why she cried Khansa many years on her brother Sakhr and we knew why he spent المهلهل forty years of war to avenge the clip, great leave behind a legacy burden on their supporters after غيبتهم because they lived bones and died as well, who wants to return our Muammar al-Qathafi to Libya: for him to forget the sadness and crying a little bit and seeks to return all Maimlk for life returns again and there is no Shi can not be called up after that, including the joy itself. …………………………………..
And still continuing to play ….. 

Soon on the screen of the green channel and channel Al Khaimah documentary titled
War on Libya, the first part titled uncover the truth … the production of green satellite channel ..



We live hours .dہ the ۄsaaہ victory was near my Tripoli Aaarۄs the sea Sۄv the new coating Alakhڞr
الادمن 13

نّحْنّ نّعَيْشٌ سُآعَآتْ مـَجَيْدِﮩ ۄسُآعَﮩ آلَنّصَرَ قِدِ آقِتْرَبِتْ يْآ طٌرَآبِلَسُ يْآعَرَۄسُ آلَبِحْرَ سُۄفْ تْلَبِيْسُ آلَآخِڞرَ مـَنّ جَدِيْدِ
الادمن 1


Peace to all of you /
Greetings me all free, free was Ejno the time, Sir commander
Greetings to all displaced only {follows Mtmahan and homeless in the Diaspora:} and not following Asohrola in Star City, Crown, Crown, Crown / greetings to all our prisoners steadfast
God, that victory is very close to very very very very \ Baden-Rahman

Lord preserves all the Liberals and Sorry p Tgosaira ČÓ to You Adeolna the ياهلها /( Admin 5)

Until he was stopped the .. Onmot sense Oenaih Muammar ČÓ,


Conduct Libyan semicircular. After the recent events in Libya knew Libyans facts and stories of the greatest of those who knew her biographical semicircular old, gave birth to a Libyan hero of this biography is Abu Zeid Dorda, a man I love Libya to the bone and cry on Libya every day, the hero biography semicircular Libya does not know fear only God and death Ashraf for him a thousand times to leave Libya suffered this tragedy, Samad Abu Zeid Dorda until the end, which is to defend his country and the revolution is safe since the beginning, treason and cheese all احتارت with Abu Zeid Dorda how to hold this man in the most adversity? Until the day of his arrest he was sitting inside his house, a man lost his authority but he did not lose his faith in God Almighty did not atone بالآقدار that she wants to get what happened to him, did not stand Abu Zeid Dorda to rebels NATO, which sent them to arrest the man does not stand in his prayers only to God not given salute.

However, the leader Muammar Gaddafi and this has encountered a scene captured all wrong and statesmanship he knows very well that the history of the time records and men believer that all the principles that he believes firmly in his faith firmly to Eyzaza it faced NATO eight months is not afraid hour attend servants NATO him, this Zeid Dorda a figure that is difficult when you want to express it in words you will not know where to start and where will expire can not only say that virtue is Abu Zeid Dorda and Manfalouty himself will be confused in the description of the man, scientists said the Arabic language that more words reflect all principles magnificent in the world is a word virility and this سنكتفى saying that Abu Zeid Dorda is virility themselves and future generations in Libya on a date with stories of Abu Zeid Dorda, rather than stories Zeid Hilali this Rebekah Muammar Gaddafi, which was built on principle and not on the interest and History records always Men’s principles are not men of interest that ends their role the end of their interests and their entry to the graves is a last resort,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but still play continues.”



: المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية:

Morning challenge and Alsamuwood of the Guala great conqueror and greet esteem each Mnazl and stainless cleats p and legitimacy Testament truth Green Libya … And Astsmgm sorry because I will not continuous Okwon you continuously for a Aspuua time because I am out of my circumstances Mermaid Muammar ups … (Admowona 1)

Challenge and evening news following gone Khater /

Edit 6 of Youth Liberal Youth light this morning from a dark prison in the city of five

And greetings my friend Mustafa capable Poh and Anstna in our Aataib and May you honor be increase addicted brighter in our
(Admin 5)



Soon officers and soldiers of Brigade 32 in the streets of Tripoli.


Good morning, morning glory and steadfastness,, Triomphe morning near

Valiant greet me eastern region Gahezwn the liberation of Libya from Conception customers and Qatar

A picture of a member of the Brigades, the eastern region:



Ansar al-Sharia in Libya, just like their mother-Qaeda, they are preparing magnet attracting Western forces, so that became mere presence anywhere sufficient to demonstrate the existence Activity intelligence Western – to say the least – or military presence, and they reminded me of بعشبة private grow in Libya known to manyLibyans to يستدلوا by the presence of truffles, it is important,,,,, to return to the subject of Ansar al-Sharia in Libya, it is noted in the last period – since approximately a month or more – increased their numbers in the city of Sirte, since flocked to it from the eastern region in particular, but they beganto visit some of the institutions in the city, whether educational or other, and to highlight that they are the most powerful in the region, with the continuation of this history, it will evolve to intervene in the functioning of all institutions, in addition to Maimthelh presence of risk to the population in the event of being targeted byWest, pain and preceded If we say that there is a basic rule in this area, and they are, wherever they are found Western intervention rule.


Morning victory and Shoumoukh and challenges of each fighters right and the right of each of the charge of the case and tons Libya wounded welcome my media Mr. fighter Professor Mustafa Qrderbouh because he joined us Admin to the way of the battalion and we are members of delirious Battalion welcome Beah warmly because he media Fadel, Hua resistant to the right and on the right and everyone who loves voice this media Fadil that Hua us today,

and joined the battalion day black as Admin and as a member ŃÍČć my Pklamat revolutionary because he actually fighter right and on the right and Aaaaaash light Nora each free revolutionaries honorable light of God and Muammar and Libya and Bsss and morning Glory Per حرائر Libya Azizzat الشريفات and mothers of Libya and the widow of the nation and we are all crieshome wounded and never will return to the light that shines light sun and greetings to you my brothers sisters.

(Admona the 12)


Continued power outages and water in most areas by weak electricity

Good for Jay O Sdj sought quantity ČÓ the

Libyan National Congress of the year. The appointment of Mohammed Sheikh as Minister of the Interior

By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 22 مايو, 2013 | 00:39

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

And approved the so-called National Congress Libyan General Assembly (parliament) on Tuesday, the message from Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, mandated by Colonel Mohamed Khalifa Sheikh post of interior minister, replacing resigned Ashour Hoael.
Parliament adopted unanimously at its meeting today, asked Zaidane commissioned colonel Police Mohammed Khalifa Al-Sheikh, minister of the interior.
It is expected that the new minister was sworn in in front of Parliament, in the coming days. The Ministry of the Interior Libyan confirmed last Friday, that the minister Ashour Hoael, he asked to be excused from his post in the government of Zaidane, after falling for the resignation submitted by two weeks ago.
noteworthy that Sheikh is one of the rebels NATO from the Friday market, a suburb of the capital Tripoli.


U.S. media confirms the completion of the preparation of the plan to attack Libya … And the start of the distribution of the Marines in North Africa.

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 23 مايو, 2013 | 12:29

The Gaddafi International News Agency New York.

According to a U.S. official who asked not to be named, said the U.S. military discussed the plans at the highest level before the days after you make updates to it, and owns the U.S. armed forces list of targets potential inside Benghazi or in its vicinity, as well as a list of people who Washington suspects of involvement in the attack, or want to arrest .
And adopt plans, which come after the publication of the FBI, “FBI” set of pictures of people who were positioned attack, on the premise of the arrest of wanted or kill them, which is awaiting approval by U.S. President Barack Obama on them, also include strikes against what is believed to be training camps for groups of militant in Libya.
According to the “CNN” that groups of U.S. special forces already exist in parts of North Africa with the aim of collecting information in preparation to carry out the attack in the issuance of orders condition.


It was agreed between the U.S. military “Almarranz” who will intervene in Libya and the so-called “elders and notables Cyrenaica” This agreement provides for the formation of a joint task force of the U.S. military and the so-called
“Libyan National Army” that the “Libyan puppet army with U.S. Special Forces” stormed camps and houses and the whereabouts of the armed militias, specifically “Ansar al-Sharia, Al-Qaeda”

Is there an occupation and complicity of labor more?!!

Knowing that they were all in one trench and fight against the Libyan people ..
God dissipated respondents and assembled teams do not raise them and let them flag for those behind them a lesson and state O افضح their families and instructing them on the country and the people, God will make them against each other, God, Amen.
News about the success of the secret negotiations between the United States and the elders and notables of the Eastern Region

By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 22 مايو, 2013 | 02:45

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.


According to private sources that secret negotiations too has recently launched two weeks or more between Mndhuben by the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) and the elders and notables and wise eastern region around the U.S. Marines, which will enter Benghazi pretext arrested accused of killing the U.S. ambassador in September of this and assured us sources that the Senate has agreed to the entry of U.S. forces provided that the more than 500 people and that there is cooperation with the so-called “national army” (RATS), according to the same sources that those who call themselves elders tribes of the eastern region have given assurances to the American enemy that does not affect members of their forces bad this will be the process a kind of camouflage and military plan Court as Ohmanm the American enemy strongly that the process will be shared between the Marines and the so-called national army (RATS) and to break into houses and will be inspected by the competence of the national army forces and the rest of the tasks of the jurisdiction of the Marines.

Dr. Hamza Thami 21/05/2013

rats, are not interested in this speech:

  • Summary word Dr. Hamza Thami 21/05/2013
    Remind the last word Dr. Hamza Thami is an important word

    Dr. Hamza since few 05/21/2013

    He said that his prompt Liberals and invited them to see the restraint he had to Aigsd these words no one, he said, and as they say sometimes the truth hurt

    Surprised about the disappearance of former officials and disappeared in some countries and not showing up under the pretext of bargaining them by rats and handed over, surprised at the presence of some in the country where there are he did not know them only by the people of Libya and the people of this country, he said, if you are, I know where they are, how can intelligence Foreign that do not know their place!

    Said Wayne owners praises the large allowance silk? Asked them to appear and no one takes advantage of their money and talking to them from the coveted in mone broke his mouth Hodeidah, then gave an example of rats and backs up day crisis every day after they fled their money and Msawmathm providing information and places of officials and even in the era of Revolution throughout 42 years old opposition was Foreign Affairs (Hfter, القماطي, Maqrif ….) many appearing everywhere

    Returned and focused on this category and said the states do not know Hamza Thami can not deal with it, these countries know politicians can deal with them, came back and talking to them and addressed the Libyan people and said the words Hamza Thami not edited for Libya nor the words of rooms Paltalk nor by dreams, nor after sleeping and waking and then inquire about the events and then re-written in Paltalk to appear knight, and put photos in profile after all its flight new and do not sit in cafes, but Libya edited men at home and a lot of Bnaoualqubaúl abroad who have faith in liberation and strayed into Libya and then said, claiming some resistance to emerge and they turned up safety

    He said the only family that are entitled to order and terminated is a master horsehair family because it provided everything you own, you do not receive, did not تخنع, not تخنع despite the circumstances and despite the pressure and despite the temptations, too, do not Sapte Libyan people and not abandoned

    Saif al-Islam said that the decoding of God captured he will not abandons you taking away will not leave you and actually stayed in Libya and defended, this man deserves appreciation and respect for the Libyan people deserve to lead the young people of Libya in the future stage

    I swear you said God, and perhaps now heard, struggling captive Saif al-Islam, I told him that we are in the bin Walid at the headquarters of the martyr Gebran, when the leaves began falling: How to Libya to stand for 42 years? Supposed to not hold more than 42 days, officials in this form!! Aohna answered the commander of the master sword put all in one place and no one speaks

    He is reasonable to يملاء the these minimum banging officials, O Lama Harbin and either traitors!!

    He said the militants committees of the revolutionary movement, although they are responsible, we do not look at them as officials, but members of the movement, these really are doing according to their best in every country of the Diaspora, urging them to work meetings, meetings and planning and thinking about how to communicate with some and how to communicate with our people at home and how to appear to the world and how to give back to the country and how to tighten massacres of young people in Abu Issa and the Muslim Quarter and Abu Salim, and how to grab the determination of the slums and how to pay young people to work and then talking to them you politicians and well-known than he should do this, either young Vmanmtm fighting

    He said that the real work in Libya, either abroad they are all trying to T. individual does not listen to their words and then said angrily not one of them work on the representation of political office for legitimacy abroad and both suggested to him representation answer he afraid of burning his children, who are working really are individuals people armed officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers and the sons of the leader and the guys most of the younger people among the rats in their offices and بوابتهم

    He said the facades fell, meetings tuk and communication and contact third all appeared just talk because when you ask them to appear say God does not afraid of confrontation and impressions, but I tell them without hesitation that Libya where its men and its people issuance naked and with malice Devin requests in death

    He still Egypt’s young people inside, shot down from Hsapetkm both did not prohibit your battle because it required heads and Tawergha like a lesson in one of the world move a muscle, you must carry the gun you live man oh Lama killings and displacement, rape and displacement, and no one says I’m Minay on this because this of their plans

    Neighborhood youth at home and said the young man who holds the gun the best of me more than a million times and Tris Libya known and sycophants known and Libya does not need to be a traitor and Libya have tribes urged the youth to unite and protect each other and the waiver is no difference that leads Tarhuni or رفلي issue is one issue

    Said sun ستشرق O our people O Mujahid تركتكم of men, Qatar and NATO customers and traders of religion will not have a place in Libya and you will see Libya will be clean

    Addressing some officials said that Libya was and positions Stra you when you go out in the lionesses were Ndhankm big thing and appeared Hakiktkm When did you go out to other countries Dkhalthm in wool, sitting in the milieu background with the group, which buys chicken Pharaonic, said Libya do not wait like these, which fell from Libya ends and the time did not recognize the weak

    He said I swear to God I know well the young people in Libya are able to liberate Palestine and not only for Libya

    In the latter said to Atzhbwa, Bkhialkm away because I do not mean my words one, and our country is able to retrieved Otz in America and NATO and rats and Amricthm, from here to Afghanistan.
  •  تذكير باخر كلمة الدكتور حمزة وهي كلمة مهمة

    الدكتور حمزة منذ قليل 21-5-2013

    قال ان كلامه موجه للاحرار ودعاهم الى مراجعة النفس وقال انه لايقصد بهذا الكلام اي احد,قال كما يقال احيانا الحقيقة تضر

    استغرب عن اختفاء المسؤولين السابقين واختفاءهم في بعض البلدان وعدم ظهورهم بحجة المساومة بهم من طرف الجرذان وتسليمهم,استغرب عن وجود البعض في الدولة التي يتواجد بها ولم يعلم بهم الا من خلال اهل ليبيا واهل هذا البلد,قال اذا كنت انا اعلم مكانك تواجدهم فكيف يمكن للمخابرات الاجنبية ان لا تعرف مكانهم!

    قال اين اصحاب التسابيح الغليضة والبذل الحريرية؟طالبهم بالظهور ولا احد يطمع في اموالهم وخاطبهم من يطمع في اموالكم كسروا فمه بالحديدة,ثم اعطى مثالا عن الجرذان وظهورهم حتى ايام الازمة كل يوم بعد ان هربوا اموالهم واموالهم ومساوماتهم بتقديم المعلومات واماكن المسؤولين وحتى في عهد ثورة الفاتح طيلة 42 سنة كانت المعارضة الخارجية(حفتر,القماطي,المقريف….) كثيرة الظهور وفي كل مكان

    عاد وركز على هذه الفئة وقال ان الدول لا تعرف حمزة التهامي ولا تستطيع التعامل معه,هذه الدول تعرف السياسيين وتستطيع التعامل معهم,عاد وخاطبهم وخاطب الشعب الليبي وقال ان كلام حمزة التهامي لا يحرر ليبيا ولا كلام غرف البالتوك ولا بالاحلام ولا بعد النوم والاستيقاظ ثم الاستفسار عن الاحداث ثم اعادة كتابتها في البالتوك للظهور كفارس,ولا بوضع الصور في البروفايل بعد كل تحليقة جديدة ولا بالجلوس في المقاهي وانما ليبيا يحررها رجالها في الداخل وكثيرا من ابناءالقبائل في الخارج الذين لهم النية في التحرير ودخلوا الى ليبيا ثم وقال ادعوا بعض المقاومين الى الظهور وان ظهروا عليهم الامان

    قال ان العائلة الوحيدة التي يحق لها ان تامر وتنهى هي عائلة سيد السبيب لانها قدمت كل تملك,لم تستلم,لم تخنع,لم تخنع رغم الظروف رغم الضغوط و رغم المغريات ايضا,لا سيدت الشعب الليبي ولا تخلت عنه

    قال ان سيف الاسلام فك الله اسره قال انه لن يخذلكم ولن نترككم وفعلا بقي في ليبيا ودافع,هذا رجل يستحق التقدير واحترام الشعب الليبي ويستحق ان يقود شباب ليبيا في مرحلة المستقبل

    قال اقسم لكم بالله ولعله الان يسمع,المجاهد الاسير سيف الاسلام,قلت له ونحن في بن وليد في مقر الشهيد جبران,عندما بدات الاوراق تتساقط:كيف لليبيا ان تصمد طيلة 42 سنة؟ من المفروض ان لا تصمد اكثر من 42 يوما بمسؤولين بهذا الشكل!!اوهنا اجابه سيف ان قائد الربان وضع كل واحد في مكانه ولا احد يتحدث

    قال من غير المعقول ان يملاء هؤلاء المسؤولين الدنيا ضجيجا,يا اما هاربين ويا اما خائنين!!

    قال فيه مناضلين من لجان الحركة الثورية,رغم انهم مسؤلين,نخن لا ننظر اليهم على انهم مسؤولين وانما اعضاء في الحركة,هؤلاء فعلا يقومون بعمل حسب جهدهم في كل بلد من بلدان المهجر,حثهم على عمل لقاءات واجتماعات والتخطيط والتفكير في كيفية التواصل مع بعض وكيفية التواصل مع اهلنا في الداخل وكيفية الظهور للعالم وكيف رد الجميل للبلد وكيفية شد ازر الشباب في ابو عيسى والحي الاسلامي وابو سليم وكيفية مسك عزم الاحياء الفقيرة وكيفية دفع الشباب للعمل ثم خاطبهم انتم السياسيين والمعروفين من يجب عليه القيام بهذا,اما الشباب فمهمتم القتال

    قال ان العمل الحقيقي في ليبيا اما في فالخارج فكلها محاولا ت فردية ولا تسمعوا الى كلامهم ثم قال غاضبا لا احد منهم على تمثيل مكتب سياسي للشرعية في الخارج وكل من اقترح عليه التمثيل يجيب على انه خائف من حرق اولاده,الذين يعملون حقا هم افراد الشعب المسلح ضباط وضف ضباط وجنود ورفاق ابناء القائد ومعظم الشباب الموجودين بين الجرذان في مكاتبهم وبوابتهم

    قال ان الواجهات سقطت,اجتماعات بالتوك واتصالات واتصل بجهات كلها ظهرت مجرد كلام لانه عندما تطلب منهم الظهور يقولون لا والله خائف من المواجهة والظهور,لكن اقول لهم بلا تردد ان ليبيا فيها رجالها وناسها صدورها عارية زبها حقد دفين تطلب في الموت

    قال مازلت مصر على شباب الداخل,اسقطوا من حسابتكم كل من لم يحظر معركتكم لانه المطلوب رؤوسكم وتاورغاء مثل وعبرة ولا احد من العالم حرك ساكنا,يجب حمل البندقية يا تعيش رجل يا اما القتل والتشريد والاغتصاب والتهجير ولا احد يقول انا على مناءى على هذا لان هذا من مخططاتهم

    حي الشباب في الداخل وقال الشاب الذي يحمل البندقية احسن مني اكثر من مليون مرة وتريس ليبيا معروفين والمتملقين معروفين وليبيا لا تحتاج الى خائن وليبيا لها قبائلها وحث الشباب على الاتحاد وحماية بعضهم البعض والتنازل ولا فرق ان يقود ترهوني او ورفلي فالقضية قضية واحدة

    قال ستشرق الشمش يا شعبنا يا مجاهد وقد تركتم رجال,قطر وعملاء الناتو وتجار الدين لن يكون لهم مكان في ليبيا وسترون وستكون ليبيا نظيفة

    خاطب بعض المسؤولين وقال انت كانت ليبيا والمناصب سترا لك وعندما تخرجون في اللبوات كنا نضنكم شيء كبير وظهرت حقيقتكم عندما خرجتم الى دول اخرى دخلتهم في صوف,جالس في الحواري الخلفية مع الجماعة التي تشتري الدجاج الفرعوني ,قال ان ليبيا لا تنتظر مثل هؤلاء والذي سقط من ليبيا ينتهي والزمن لا يعترف بالضعفاء

    قال اقسم بالله اعرف جيدا فيه شباب في ليبيا قادرين على تحرير فلسطين وليس ليبيا فقط

    في الاخير قال لاتذهبوا بخيالكم بعيدا لاني لا اقصد بكلامي احد وبلادنا قادرين على استرجاعها وطز في امريكا وحلف الناتو والجرذان وامريكتهم من هنا الى افغانستان
THE RATS SAID HE DIED IN BRITAIN? So, what is this?The Grand Mufti of ruin and,, Taliani false …. Wayne homes???? (GHARIANI)
Sheikh Salah Eddin Ibrahim: “licentious Qaradawi and Sayyid Qutb insulting companions of the Prophet of Allah” (2) 21. May 2013 – 10:22 Sheikh Salah Eddin Ibrahim Imam Al-Aqsa Mosque. | H. M

Sheikh Salah al-Din accused Imam Al-Aqsa Mosque, Yusuf al-Qaradawi President of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars Baltgera the God and the prophets, and he describes as “wicked man”. He said that the poles of interpretation wrong and wrong concepts of Islam founder of Think Brotherhood jihadist Sayyid Qutb and governors and who collected the hyperbole with the interpretation of falsehood and divided society into a Muslim and an infidel and believer and ignorant, and considered that they want arbitration Book of God and are his enemies, and that Ghannouchi took power in Tunisia and Morsi in Egypt But nothing has changed.

Appeared in the Arab and Islamic worlds intrigued varied walks of life and different sects and groups have emerged, including calls to take up arms in the name of jihad in the way of Allah against those who do not walk on their religion nor يخنع to جبروتهم. To what you shall return this erroneous interpretation of the concept of “jihad”? First, until we get to this interpretation wrong shall have to recognize what we have said before that the call should be seeking to acquire the state and the king of the Muslims what they were really, because the first of them to this that interpretation first falsehood it came like Sayyid Qutb and what came before it is safe, saying فتقبلوا them this say falsehood nor offense to the likes of Mr. (pole) said you are a Muslim and others infidel and you are a believer and others jaahili says Qutb and others, this interpretation wrong as he said he prayers and peace has Nbona for their ilk as what happened with Osman and Ali to what we became to him, he said:

read Koran Ihsponh them which they claim to the Book of Allah and not him in something. Any arbitration want the book of God who are his enemies, now Ghannouchi took over Tunisia, what has changed? Morsi brothers took over Egypt What has changed? Nothing. Nothing. What has changed everything except what was worse than it was, if people read We have Múla is revealed to the prophets not offense Sadilon, the first astray, the brother kills his brother, this is not libel in the book of God and in the words of the prophet of Allah, it is where they came from? Of the claim that “we must respond to God dominion rapist,” says Sayyid Qutb, even skulls Muslims, this is to say all is vanity, what brought him the so-called Islamic movements, especially the Muslim Brotherhood and Ghannouchi, this Ghannouchi and Sayyid Qutb not Atan to be thinkers like thinker Christian , a crusader, a socialist, but one day prayed and fasted and look at the Koran, but he said the idea of ​​the hand and whim, the man that has undergone not follow the order senders at all, as we told you read in the Quran increased twenty prophet, from Noah Finally Prophet peace be upon him, Noah broadcast a thousand years, but fifty years ago, Selwa Ghannouchi, Selwa Brotherhood, what endures Prophet كنوح, the thousand years less fifty years and provokes in pursuit of the Sultan and the King?

The former after fifty, a hundred, two hundred years to say man كنوح that this does not solve not only good that I become king over them, ordered them .. A thousand years less fifty years, increasing only saying: “I am helpless فانتصر,” he reads Qaradawi and his ilk, the Quran is full of stories of Pharaoh and others, we do not know أطغى or the mother of Pharaoh, increasing God that Moses commanded, “Over thy patience and prayer,”

When God wanted to separate them said to Moses, “Prisoners بعبادي,” What he said to them: Achtrawa parties and organizations, and states shade, as does the Brotherhood in all Muslim countries and do in the West, the Muslim Brotherhood Kalmdjnat الوادعة in the country’s western, give them visas and they shall be safe in, If it came to a Muslim country almost her and made under the shadow of the earth religion and organized and the scourge, if he read the Koran does not find this work of Noah and HUD does not favor nor Abraham (Did you see to the Haj Ibrahim in the Lord that came to God, the king) must be read in the wisdom of God that the collection of a prophet The head of the religion with the king, these denominations know the Kings did not come to compete with the Kings, these denominations to impose on owned and King God commanded the pre-owned and by the King That would otherwise spent what God wants, while seal this the Prophet peace be upon him, ordered him to his Lord after enabling the Prophet, but the Prophet himself is sought for the king never, what came out of Mecca, only because his people exited, the Prophet himself what he sought to machine, his Lord, “sent to the Kings”, all his wars with the unbelievers, but wars are they are all with the Muslims, if they were able and claimed the disbelievers, and peace with the unbelievers:

As you can see and feel. You mentioned Qaradawi few .. Dominated the religious strife in our country right religion and misrepresented the word of Allah and the Sunnah Muslim His Messenger Fastbah the blood of a Muslim. Not permissible in Yusuf al-Qaradawi – for example – have instigated the murder, convicted and condemned? Why is not too one administration to reduce it with a fatwa by the shedding of the blood of Muslims in Syria and before that in Algeria? Security door restraint in order to avoid the expansion of sedition?

Is this Qaradawi, Taking takes specifically Gaddafi when he said: Kill him, then the command to kill up thing to retribution, the science that the killer took command of this man, killing him, said that taking بالقرضاوي takes this but do not be held fairly in the interpretation, because the man Sataol say to people that He wanted to raise the injustice for the oppressed, but ordered to fight the oppressors, but less judgment on this man that rejects and forbidden it, and thrown into the den is far from the Muslims, but in any case does not live by the end only authority of the sultans of Muslims and I know that some of the Sultans Muslims now Atuadh what aware of some of the sultans from the evil charm and charm الإخوانيين him. But this bold man to God, the prophets bold, ask Allah, the Lord of the Sacred House Lord of the Holy House, the Lord of the prophets to show the people of this man is immoral and revenge for this religion and this religion safe from this man.

Muammar Al-page

(Algeria national)

الشيخ صلاح الدين إبراهيم: “القرضاوي فاجر وسيد قطب شتم أصحاب نبي الله” (2) 21. مايو 2013 – 10:22 الشيخ صلاح الدين إبراهيم الإمام بالمسجد الأقصى. |ح. م يتهم الشيخ صلاح الدين الإمام بالمسجد الأقصى، يوسف القرضاوي رئيس الإتحاد العالمي للعلماء المسلمين بالتجرؤ على الله وعلى الأنبياء، ويصفه بـ”الرجل الفاجر”. وقال إن من أقطاب التأويل الخاطئ والباطل لمفاهيم الإسلام مؤسس فكر الإخوان الجهادي سيد قطب ومن ولاه والذين جمعوا الغلو مع التأويل الباطل وقسموا المجتمع إلى مسلم وكافر ومؤمن وجاهل، واعتبر أنهم يريدون تحكيم كتاب الله وهم أعداءه، وأن الغنوشي تولى الحكم في تونس و مرسي في مصر لكن لا شيء تغير. ظهر في العالمين العربي والإسلامي مُفتون تعدّدت مشاربهم واختلفت مذاهبهم، وبرزت من بينهم جماعات تدعو إلى حمل السلاح باسم الجهاد في سبيل الله ضدّ من لا يسير على ملّتهم ولا يخنع لجبروتهم. إلى ماذا تُرجعون هذا التأويل الخاطئ لمفهوم “الجهاد”؟ أولا، حتى نصل إلى هذا التأويل الخاطئ وجب أن نسلّم بما قلنا من قبل إن الدعوة بوجوب السعي لاستملاك الولاية والملك للمسلمين ما كانت حقا، لأن ما أولهم إلى هذا ذلك التأويل الأول الباطل أنه جاء أمثال سيد قطب وما جاء قبله ومن آمن بقوله فتقبلوا منهم هذا القول الباطل ولا جرم أن أمثال سيد (قطب) قالوا أنت المسلم وغيرك كافر وأنت مؤمن وغيرك جاهلي كما يقول قطب وغيره، هذا التأويل الباطل كما قال عليه الصلوات والسلام وقد نبأنا عن أمثالهم ابتداء ما جرى مع عثمان وعلي إلى ما صرنا إليه، قال: يقرأون القرآن يحسبونه لهم وهو عليهم يدعون إلى كتاب الله وليسوا منه في شيء. أي يريدون تحكيم كتاب الله وهم أعداءه، الآن الغنوشي تولى تونس فما تغيّر؟ مرسي إخواني تولى مصر ماذا تغيّر؟ لا شيء. لا شيء. ما تغيّر شيء إلا ما كان أسوأ مما كان، إذا قرأ الناس دينا مؤولا غير الذي أنزل على الأنبياء لا جرم سيضلون، أول الضالين، فأن يقتل الأخ أخاه، هذه فرية ليست في كتاب الله ولا في كلام نبي الله، فمن أين أتوا بها؟ من زعمهم أن “وجب علينا أن نرد لله سلطانه المغتصب” كما يقول سيد قطب، ولو بجماجم المسلمين، فهذا القول كله باطل، فما جاءت به ما تسمى الحركات الإسلامية وعلى رأسها الإخوان والغنوشي، هذا الغنوشي وسيد قطب لا يعدوان أن يكونا مفكرين كأي مفكر نصراني، صليبي، اشتراكي، لكنه في يوم من الأيام صلى وصام ونظر في القرآن، ولكن قوله وفكره عمل يده وهواه، الرجل ما خضع ولا اتبع أمر المرسلين البتة، كما قلنا لكم نقرأ في القرآن زيادة على عشرين نبيا، ابتداء من نوح عليه السلام وختاما بالنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم، نوح لبث ألف سنة إلا خمسين عاما، سلوا الغنوشي وسلوا الإخوان، لما يصبر نبي كنوح ألف سنة إلا خمسين عاما ولا يفتعل سعيا للسلطان والملك؟ فالأولى بعد خمسين، مئة، مئتي عام أن يقول رجل كنوح أن هذه لا تحل ولا تصلح إلا أن أصير ملكا عليهم، آمرهم بها.. ألف سنة إلا خمسين عاما، ما زاد إلا قوله: “إني مغلوب فانتصر”، كما يقرأ القرضاوي وأمثاله فإن القرآن مليء بقصص فرعون وغيره، ولا نعلم أطغى ولا ألأم من فرعون، ما زاد الله على أن أمر موسى “مر قومك بالصبر والصلاة”، فلما أراد الله أن يفصل بينهم قال لموسى “اسري بعبادي”، ما قال لهم: اشترعوا الأحزاب والتنظيمات، والدول الظل، كما يفعل الإخوان في كل بلاد المسلمين ولا يفعلون في دول الغرب، الإخوان كالمدجنات الوادعة في بلاد الغربيين، يعطونهم التأشيرة فيكونون آمنين فيها، فإذا جاء لبلاد المسلمين كاد لها وصنع تحت ظلال الأرض ملة وتنظيما وبلاء، فإذا قرأ القرآن لا نجد هذا عمل نوح ولا هود ولا صالح ولا إبراهيم (الم ترى إلى الذي حاج إبراهيم في ربه أن أتاه الله الملك) وجب أن تُقرأ حكمة الله أن جمع نبيا كان رأس الملة مع ملك، فهذه الملة تعرف الملوك ولم تأت لتنافس الملوك، هذه الملة لتفرض على المملوك والملك أمر الله فإن قبل المملوك وقبل الملك فذلك شأنه وإلا قضى الله ما يشاء، حين ختم بهذا النبي عليه الصلاة والسلام، أمره ربه بعد تمكين النبي، إنما النبي نفسه ما سعى للملك أبدا، ما خرج من مكة إلا لأن قومه أخرجوه، النبي نفسه ما سعى إلى مكنة، أمره ربه “أرسل إلى الملوك”، فكل حروبه مع الكافرين، أما حروبهم هم فكلها مع المسلمين، فإذا تمكنوا وادعوا الكافرين وسالموا الكافرين كما ترى ونرى. ذكرتم القرضاوي من قليل.. سادت الفتنة في بلادنا المتديّنة بدين الحق وحُرّفت كلمة الله وسنة رسوله فاستباح المسلم دم المسلم. ألا يجوز في يوسف القرضاوي – مثلا – وقد حرّض على القتل، أن يُدان كما أدان؟ لماذا لم يُفْتِ أحد بإقامة الحدّ عليه مع أنه أفتى بسفك دم المسلمين في سوريا وقبل ذلك في الجزائر؟ أمن باب كظم الغيظ تفاديا لتوسيع الفتنة؟ هو هذا القرضاوي، إن أُخذ يُأخذ تحديدا بالقذافي عندما قال: اقتلوه، فهذا الأمر بالقتل يصل بالأمر إلى القصاص، فإن عُلم أن القاتل أخذ أمر هذا الرجل فقتله، إن أُخذ بالقرضاوي يُأخذ بهذا ولكن لا يقام حد في تأويل، لأن الرجل سيتأول ويقول للناس أنه أراد أن يرفع الظلم عن المظلومين، وإنما أمرت بقتال الظالمين، ولكن في أقل الأحكام على هذا الرجل أن يُنبذ وأن يحجر عليه، وأن يُلقى في جُب بعيد عن المسلمين ولكن في كل حال لا يقيم عليه حدا إلا سلطانا من سلاطين المسلمين وأنا أعلم أن بعض سلاطين المسلمين الآن يتوعده على ما علم بعض السلاطين من شر فتنته وفتنة الإخوانيين معه. إنما هذا الرجل جريء على الله، جريء على الأنبياء، نسأل الله رب البيت الحرام ورب البيت المقدس ورب الأنبياء أن يبين للناس من هو هذا الرجل الفاجر وأن يقتص لهذا الدين ومن آمن بهذا الدين من هذا الرجل.صفحة معمر حي الجزائر الوطنية


Over 42 years ago I defy any Libby says he prays fear in Libya.

Now, prayers began to spread fear throughout the Libyan usurped.

Remind you of the verse (() and hit God, for example, the village was safe reassuring approach her livelihood Raghda of everywhere Vkfr the بأنعم God Vomagaha God bass hunger and from the fear of what they make ()).

Urgent … White

High magnification voices with hearing voices clashes!

Enlarge reason in the Bilal Mosque is directed by the family that was living in the Bilal Mosque by force by the people
This is the reason Zoom Audio

There are currently reported clashes against Bilal Mosque and Security Directorate white control the situation.


SCAPEGOAT & FALSELY ACCUSED -He fought until his end!

Today the first anniversary of the death of one of the heroes of the nation, the son of the Great Jamahiriya, a man is all men

He is the son dear homeland, “Abdel Basset al-Megrahi”

Who among us has not been respected and glorifies this hero fighter, who knew the fighter closely learned from him the meaning of patriotism and the commander of the homeland, learned from him the meaning of sacrifice and commitment to the principles and ethics Fawares, not to fear, and to tell the truth

Sacrificed his age, بشبابه and dimension from home, and all his family and companions trained to live the homeland and removes it from the machinations and greed of the West

“My pen is unable to describe this giant fighter”

Nm Report of my eye Tdhatk champion will not be understood by traitors to Libya today

But Naahidk in front of God and in front of your family and loved ones to take you to your right of these traitors:



Laith Arab :: /
Aaaaaaaajl,,,, now in the channel Libya first, and in a meeting with Abdel Basset Haroun Committee member التاسيسه Investigation Libyan …. exposes in Ali Zaidane and Maqrief Minister Alladvaa Minister Alladakhlah and carved on the air and says they all implement the instructions of Qatar and has met all of them in Qatar the last term and the proof is my image and sound and ornately reason scourge of Libya and Qatar buys in ذمهم and buy them Mozah Pflosha and curse them and demanding the Libyan people’s uprising and revolution they Foraaaa and warns incites and calls for highest voice in all Libyans to the uprising and the revolution and the country lost and began the pressures falsehood.


الحريق الذى نشب بمنطقة الوسيطه فى الجبل الأخضر>>
تكررت هذه الحرائق وبشكل ملفت للنظر, فهل هذه صدفة وشيئ طبيعي أم أن وراءه أمر لا نعلمه
Conflagration intermediate area in the city of al-Bayda devoured tens of hectares.

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 23 مايو, 2013 | 00:54

The Gaddafi International News Agency – white.

The so-called white local council appeals to the government and the neighboring areas of the city to provide assistance to put out the fires the intermediate region (10 km) north of the city of Casablanca.
Brigade 32 Internet army

In May 2013 the Americans began new phase of the occupation of Libya under the guise of fighting al-Qaeda. Somewhere in the Green Mountains according to available information, they started the construction of a military base back in spring of 2012. . Most likely it will be a base using drones. In summer 2012 was unconfirmed information that Israel is building a military base in the Green Mountains also.

Americans cooperate with al-Qaeda, create its network in different countries, and then occupy countries under the pretext of combating it. The Americans were never fighting a war against al-Qaeda and will not fight their own creation. American relations with Al-Qaeda are identical to the relations of nationalistic gangs with the Nazi-regime in occupied territories during the Second World War. In both cases these gangs are used to terrorize the local population and suppress Resistance (guerilla). Americans have sheltered Nazis in their territory and adopted their methods.




Jardan launched Shamin Amtalaaan even tanks in Benghazi specifically in Island Asameento near the factory.

Now Air looped Baaloy helicopter low over the sky city Bnghazstan in this time …. Subh Aafattah the Iaquebh Abu Musa Haha ^ *

Strong explosions heard in Benghazi unknown source.

The first blast in Benghazi targeted a patrol on the industrial island of the river and the second bombing targeting the headquarters of the so-called headed against the pillars of Bosco.

Urgent # Benghazi
Gunmen kidnap reporter and the French news agency called Ibrahim gift inside one of the side streets # Sabri area.

Benghazi and drunken army :: /
Each of the injury, Muhammad Gamal Abdel Kader firing a bullet in a stable situation and man named Hossam Gamal Abdel Kader
A serious thigh injury and is in intensive care and are residents of the village
Encounter they passed in front of the checkpoint, housing almost two hours ago
During a brawl between members of the so-called national army are drunk.

Libya after Gaddafi after the country of a million Hafez Koran ..
Bisexual inventory, Muhammad Abd al-Hawari from Farah Bthsalh Benghazi, respectively the first فالرقص on the level of Hakra Libya Mkhnthe the new Free ..
This is reached by the situation in Libya and goodness Jay and the next greatest:

Benina airport staff in Benghazi entering in an open strike in order to provide security and an increase in salaries.
The names of persons who were arrested in Benghazi night Thunderbolt

By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 22 مايو, 2013 | 02:41

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

This is Thunderbolt Btamn the Benghazi … Talaat is spirit shows Aomnha and protects patrols.

Forces stun adjusted terrorist cell made ​​up of 12 people in possession of explosives in the resort Nowruz since a few.

Thunderbolt raid Chalet in Nowruz and had arrested:

Ahmed Saleh Altaorga + Nazim الورفلي in possession of more than 50 bag of explosives!!

and the names of those arrested and who are now in the camp of Thunderbolt: –

Thunderbolt in Benghazi announces buy weapons for a certified check,,, prices have been developed for weapons…

Do not be surprised blasts in Benghazi, and this is the case under the Libyan Thunderbolt setback February 17, we notice the big difference in military uniforms among the soldiers in the unit itself and hair Almhvhv and abdomen following text Horoscope Metro:

And God Tistahluwa the Aaarb Benghazi just ÔćÝćÇ who Qltoa Bihamokm launched Bderoa you and just بتعرفوا of was Hamikm and your security and was Amancm but Khntoh and just Lord Beachd right Achchechrbwa ….


Now sit in the region specifically Altanih residential buildings due to non-payment of compensation me the affected owners of apartments
(Admowona 1)

Military Council in Sirte subjected to armed attack

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 23 مايو, 2013 | 14:33

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sirte.

Exposed the military council of the city of Sirte, on Thursday afternoon, attack بقاذفة the Lord Ji by unidentified gunmen.
The spokesman of the military council of the city Amer tall The headquarters of the military council of the city of Sirte was attacked بقاذفة the RPG by an armed group suspected of being linked to another group was arrested by the Council by a few days ago.
The tall The attack resulted in material damage only, without human damage, noting that the group fled after the attack.




Explosion in Al-Andalus –
From Tripoli

Gathered a convoy of approximately 70 car loaded with 14.5 front of heart بتاجوراء the hospital, last gathered in front Fanar Tajora.

Voice Tqrabie Shin in the market Friday and fond Srinh cars on the Ain Zara.

Libya: murder and rape in the intensive care rooms

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 23 مايو, 2013 | 12:08

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

After the occurrence of a number of crimes within the capital’s hospitals, organized medical staff and vigils to express their rejection of the deteriorating security situation under which languished.

Libyan doctors fear for their patients .. And on themselves.
The deteriorating security situation inside the city of Tripoli hospitals has become an obsession irks workers and hinders their work, and after repeated cases of infringement on the medical staff and patients alike, prompting the medical sector workers and trade union organizations to organize vigils in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Health.
This move union received reactions exceeded government data, Vamahtjon who demanded the Minister of Health, the need for urgent action with the Ministries of Interior and Justice to provide the necessary protection for health institutions and prevent the entry of militants it, Hzawa visit of Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry Omar Alkhdhirawi, a precedent unusual. And after that they issued a statement to summarized the demands to “create a safe environment to help in the performance of work,” Law Review medical liability, including “guarantees the rights of the patient and the doctor both commensurate with the level of the possibilities available in the country,” according to the statement issued them.
Doctors working in a hospital street corner in Tripoli carried out are also a protest to demand better “poor security” within the hospitals and health facilities in Tripoli, and to express their disapproval of a murder that occurred in a hospital in Abu Salim of accidents in Tripoli, when the oldest gunmen to kill a guest at the recovery room revenge the death of a relative.
Government promises
Head of Public Relations of the union doctors d Tripoli. And Wael Gaddafi said in a statement the “Reporters” The and Agaftin been organized during the month of April / May, the two doctors keen not to disrupt the mobility of hospitals, so continue to provide daily services to the Libyan citizen.
While he said media coordinator in charge of the follow-up vigil Mohsen Abawaroa that the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior age Alkhdhirawi the doctors met in the twenty-second of April / May, and promised to provide seven solutions within a period not exceeding two weeks, but he did not in his promises.
And Abizaid Abawaroa that seven solutions is to withdraw armed elements from within health facilities and hospitals, and activate the police and security points within the hospital, and the introduction of a new device to protect health facilities, and the provision of technical advice in the processing of surveillance equipment to hospitals.
Also pledged Alkhdhirawi prosecute offenders with antecedents of those who were involved in the storming of hospitals and assault on patients, doctors and staff health facilities in both Benghazi and Tripoli and other Libyan cities, and follow-up cases of murder and sexual assault, which has recently revealed another conclusion reached by the investigation and to provide the actor to justice.
Rape sick
Alarm accuracy of doctors after the feet of a security guard belongs to form armed protection tasks expensive Tripoli Medical Center a second mid-December / January, the rape of a girl infected with severe brain hemorrhage on her bed in the intensive care room, which led to her death.
Offender not only that, but the expulsion by force of arms Filipino nurse entered the room during the care of the incident, what was the only pathogen that wrote a report which reached about the incident, and helped in the capture of the actor who has been in custody today pending further investigation.
Denounce and condemn
This assault, and before other incidents, had not received from the Ministry of Health in response only to issue a statement calling for “official institutions and organizations, NGOs and civil society organizations to take responsibility for the phenomenon of storming hospitals growing, and put an end to it,” according to a ministry statement.
As well as condemnation contained in the statement, the ministry asked young people to “arbitration language of reason” in such crises, and stay away from “further bloodshed that the country needs at this critical stage,” as she put it.
The Minister of Health, Dr. Noureddine دغمان he said during a press conference held Aovernmhon “attacks outright on the medical staff and patients in hospitals negatively affect the functioning of health services,” and that “the medical institutions are civic institutions purely humanitarian and even in wars without prejudice.”
The minister described the situation in the hospitals as “thorny and very bad,” and stressed the importance of the role of the Ministry of Interior in securing and protecting hospitals.
However that Alborawi talked about certain remarks quoted Prime Minister Ali Zaidane stating that a cabinet reshuffle will be released soon under which the exemption will be the Minister of Health from his duties, is responsible for this sector is very complex and thorny new minister may achieve better achievement than its predecessors.
Still occur
Director of the Department of Public Information, awareness and health education at the Ministry of Health Ammar Ammar Mohammed said in a statement for “Reporters” that the ministry is represented by its minister met several times with the doctors unions and managers of hospitals and doctors to discuss the situation in terms of security hospitals.
Ammar added, “we addressed the Ministry of Interior through informal notes for the use of elements of the security to protect hospitals, but merely promises only, while on the ground, there is no progress and attacks still occur.”
Says Alborawi “battalion النواصي were protecting Tripoli hospital central but pulled out and do not know why,” and denounces in his speech that you do not internal commissioned by any other party to do the job after being pulled النواصي, especially because – according to his own account – things are relatively better with the presence of protection.

Warplanes penetrate the sound barrier over the capital Tripoli and its environs.

A huge fire in nearby Abelknh area Shahat, from Sousse and flames eat everything and everybody there.
What’s the cause of these fires that are repeated every period?!!!!

Fire in youth channel building in the capital Tripoli.

Combustion youth channel building in Tripoli 05/23/2013

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 23 مايو, 2013 | 01:16

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Director of youth channel Ibtisam Abdel Mawla say that the channel headquarters is still burning until this time, the civil defense said he can not enter the place without protection .. Please note that I entered the place without the woman and found protection neighbors and supported me and saddled my hand.


Arms dealers in the market Vespers / (Admin} 2)

Hashim inventory humans: Gelatinh thrown in the tunnel opposite the Grand Hotel Tripoli does not damage:

Missing or abducted … One of the two :: /

Ali Abdel Bary Shanab (observer Misratah Financial Services) …
Was the work of mission in Tripoli ….
And is missing on Saturday, 18.05.2013 and until this clock does not have any news with the knowledge that all the security agencies and the public then this flag :

An armed group attacks on the 103 field and surround workers and clashing with guards Almnchaet field and intends to finish.

Close by Tripoli Gheryan the protesters passing through Azizia them protest against the deterioration of health center services Azizia after the death of 6 people in the region accident delayed transported to large hospitals.

Now logic Gharghour voice explosion Kadiqtin of caliber, which led to spread terror among the population who استيقظو to sleep with the sound of the shooting ..

Cafes in Libya after the catastrophe of February “guidance of coffee in Street Tripoli Ejrabh”:

And the exchange of gunfire inside the Higher Institute of Qara Bolle between students and the Misurata militia and there are injuries and people in the case of Dar.

Tripoli Mottagrbah the above Ross rats in Hellbe Hellbe center of Tripoli Packages
Hadi come Dauana, oh rats.

Issawi diplomat was kidnapped in favor Zubaydah الورفلي Tripoli airport of before militias النواصي the day yesterday at 12 noon saluting was Dahpa to Berlin (Germany)

in the task of….

Another explosion rocked the Airport Road.

I heard a sense of just package in Tripoli.

Civil Registry Tripoli exposed today to a shooting inside the building, sparking chaos among citizens, employees, and after a time enables staff to capture the shooter (and Atwa ماكتب God) turned out that it was (and Ladd Street and Libby serves Zart) and the effect that has been closing the civil registry to Tripoli while the provision of a building befitting the civil register Tripoli (the capital) and this incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back and Aktar Heca the Maadsh Bnthmiloa and Go to the presidency of staff and interest demanded a building (Maeskin of the Bhaddah a Vkona extent of our street atmosphere).

What is happening in the Tripoli area Qariqarc.   

Gargaresh in Morocco:

World Mottagrbah the in Gargaresh inspired Andalus.
Powerful explosion Gargaresh in the capital Taraals.

The wrath of the peoples in the region Gargarash, torching after the death of a young man in front of his home by fire brigades NATO rebels.

A powerful explosion rocked area Gargaresh now
Since few failed attempts to control rats is called to enter some Gargaresh areas in Tripoli and the arrest of dealers are prohibited …


Hear the sound of explosions heard in the area Gargaresh with the launch of lead in all regions of the (Gargaresh – pressures Alshall – Collector Alsqa) Matcolosh does not statement Aajerdan the wedding because the beatings forces. The death of a member of the anti-crime Jermanah and two others were injured in clashes Gargaresh. Killed young Gargaresh named Akram Al-Sharif as a result of the clashes there. Just contacted me صاحبتي live in Gargaresh and good Indian قالتلي Hrbuo chicks fight against youth crime Gargaresh Talaaolhm all ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ Quarter neighborhood Vzaih.

Shortly before police Qatari capital Tripoli Balthdidtriv railway they searched the bus “Alavicoat” Wi-end Black skin they searched and by the words of the people said that a group of Africans stature of stealing 147 000 dinars from one private clinics force of arms and ركبو one bus Alavico.
Advice to clients Bank of the Republic west of Tripoli .. major street march ……
Theft of customers of the Bank are conducted through the checkbook …… where the employee Almsaal the version of the books which instruments (((Mohammed Saleh Al Mansouri))) …
The theft of the fifth .. or .. the sixth paper of the book after issuance and before handing it to the customer value and fills forging customer’s signature and the withdrawal of the instrument …….
When the customer finds out that my father in his account balance minus telling him the fault of Almnozawma
The Malish Omh h repeated Tani and your right to us ..
In other ATM is the parents to pay the amount without any دنب …

Advice to bank customers Almkhanb counting checkbook before signing Balastailam the …

Together to detect Hola thieves and please publication and dissemination.



A huge explosion shakes the town of Bin Jawad sleep a little while ago …

The story of the bombing of Bin Jawad, which occurred an hour before :: /
Fight between invitee Moneisi Abdul Rahim Bo Saqr tribal, who was a teacher of political awareness and mass society and at the same time collaborator in the working group Revolutionary and then became head of the social security and now Thaer champion followed battalion backing security ^ __ ^ and inventory head of the local council Mohammed flowers Moroccan pimp and Elzimzak who was not die Mrbuah Zen Gaddafi family and became the head of the local council after tangles with hands and severe beatings in the Gateway East bin Jawad ..
And later became a tribal problem between the Moroccans and the tribes ..
And explosion was Jtaina that of the tribe tribes and the sense of a warning to the Moroccan ..
Were shooting at battalion headquarters Allam Sons in Nasiriyah Sabha and ambulances coming in on the headquarters. Now the fire rising from the booklet Devils.



Deaths of dozens of cows in Ajdabiya, for reasons mysterious
Gaddafi news agency World – Jaddabaa.

Found the people of the city of Ajdabiya, on Tuesday, the number of dead cows aspect east of the city, specifically behind the cattle market. Reporter for the agency cattle breeders did not reach any of them for the mortality of these cases to the competent authorities in order to determine the reasons نفوقها. This phenomenon is the first to discover the city has reached the number of dead cows in the last period mysterious circumstances about 30 cows.



The resignation of the Director of Misrata Polyclinic “the only hospital in the city,” and the workers decide to stop work and leave after repeated assault on the compound and medical crews inside.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl …..Misratah

Thrust masked armed group clinics complex next to Goz teak hotel was the attack on the existing medical staff .. And the expulsion of patients who are inside the compound was cracking Mahtwayate … Now a group of army national, but not surrounded the building and prevent the entry or exit of the complex and a low flight since this morning over Misrata and ماتفهم something the
(Admowona 1)



One of the cars that participated in the destruction of Bin Walid in the final battle, and demonstrates this revolting sight that they are gangs of thugs have nothing to do with humanity.




Sabha last night approved 21.05.2013 and after dawn prayers mortar Kadifah hit 120 on the house of Mohammed Doma Gaddafi object Mounhih and the fall of the roof of the house, “hall” Thank God no one sleeps under my father’s roof was destroyed Akaddifah ..

And our response now / Sabha
Kidnapping one جردان the Awlad Suleiman by Tabu after the attack on the 17 km through the gate Ubari and now a large gathering of جردان Soliman Valmncheh Sons …

Shut down banks in Sabha ………. Fear of theft.

Karth new calamity after all and one manages his head ..

I swear by Almighty God Manzid you, but the appetite is ..
After the incident yesterday and the theft of the Republic Bank branch Dop located 60 km south of the city of Sabha today .. initiated by the Director of the Commercial Bank of Sabha to send the request to the military governor of the southern region and asked him to send the protection of the bank because it increased bank robberies
He replied saying, “How much you give me” ….!!!!!
I swear to God speak this from an employee at the bank this employee Dyer his Tire even Matcolo the spirit rumors ousted ..

Republic Bank robbery Dop area south and robbed and injured employee and a customer as a result of a random shooting has been within the bank.

Republic Bank robbery Dop area south and robbed and injured employee and a customer as a result of a random shooting has been within the bank.

Armed group Tstually the Bank of the Republic the Dop Bsabha branch

By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 22 مايو, 2013 | 15:49

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sabha.

Republic Bank branch exposure Dop area Sabha on morning for armed robbery by a group of unidentified armed men, Correspondent agency Bsabha that a group of gunmen who on Wednesday morning raided the Republic Bank branch Dop Sabha area and stealing an unspecified amount of money .. The correspondent added that the armed robbery resulted in the injury of two customers encountered Bank and present it with the attackers fled ..

Closure of most banks in Sabha with the exception of the Bank of North Africa in protest at what happened in the Republic Bank branch Dop of armed robberies by gangs NATO. rats ….

And the closure of most of the banks in Sabha with the exception of the Bank of North Africa, due to insecurity.


Muammar with Dad, Family & Friends:



at the border:


Kuwait’s Kharafi group wins $930 million from Libya – media

KUWAIT | Mon May 20, 2013 8:46am BST

(Reuters) – Libya will have to pay Kuwait’s Kharafi group $930 million (611 million pounds) in damages for former leader Muammar al-Qathafi’s cancelling of the construction of a vacation resort, Kuwaiti newspapers reported on Monday (because all al-Jamahiriya contracts were broken upon the NATO replacement of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA).

M. A. Kharafi and Sons, a company owned by one of Gulf state’s biggest merchant families, won the award in arbitration proceedings via the Arab League, al-Rai newspaper said, without giving its source.

Officials at Kharafi, which owns National Industries Group (NIND.KW) (NIG), National Investments Co. (NINV.KW), Al Mal Investment Co. (MALK.KW) and a stake in telecoms (ZAIN.KW), were not immediately available for comment on the report, which was also in al-Qabas and al-Jarida newspapers.

The Kuwaiti group signed a contract in 2006 with late leader Gaddafi’s government to build the resort in Tripoli, which would have included hotel accommodation, villas and a shopping mall, the reports said.

The company spent money on feasibility studies, design and management contracts up until 2010, until Libya cancelled the deal, the newspapers said. An uprising in 2011 eventually led to Gaddaffi’s death and his government’s fall late that year.

The Kharafi group claimed it had lost 90 years worth of revenue in the deal and used a joint investment protection agreement from the Arab League for the case, the newspapers said.

(Reporting by Sylvia Westall; editing by Patrick Graham)

Kuwaiti company to force the Libyan government to pay $ 930 million

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 24 مايو, 2013 | 00:32

The Gaddafi International news agency – the economy.

According to Al-Rai Kuwaiti that Mohammed A. Al Kharafi won on Monday the decision of the arbitration against the Libyan government, you will get whereby compensation of $ 930 million Prince Kyi. was Kharafi filed arbitration against the Libyan government on the ground in Tripoli, an area of 240 thousand square meters located directly on the sea had been contracted by the year 2006 for the establishment of a tourism project truly benefit from a 90-year-old system of “B or T”. did not take over the company until the year 2010 the earth despite having regardless sums for studies and equipment needed for the project, prompting the company to resort to arbitration through the League of Arab States. consists tourism project which was supposed to be created on the disputed land from a shopping mall and a five-star hotel and serviced apartments villas and chalets. The company was considered that the delay in delivery of the land damaged its own interests, and missed the profit opportunities for 90 years. Company is Mohammed Mohsen Al-Kharafi & Sons, known as a “Kharafi”, the largest Kuwaiti company private is the largest family businesses in the Arab world with revenues totaling $ 4.3 billion years old 2004, in addition to being one of the major shareholders in several companies on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. , and the group began as a Contracting, but soon diversified its activities with the oil boom to include general trade, agriculture and food industries, restaurants and steel industry, real estate, recreation and tourism, and the expansion of the Group’s activities to include several countries such as Egypt Lebanon, Syria, Albania, Ethiopia, Brazil and South Africa. , and the company has about 100 thousand employees in more than 70 companies belonging to the group, which serves the regions of the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Kazakhstan, Maldives and Indonesia.


After accusing them of being al-Qathafi snipers,  finally a release of 5 from Serbia |

The release of 5 citizens of Serbia after 21 months in detention by the Libyan rebels and after long negotiations, was suspected of joining al-Qathafi.

Pimp and inventory Egyptian liar Nasser Houari!!!!


► Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Soon ◄

BREAKING NEWS,  10 May 2013:
►Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Soon◄
The shocking minutes relating to President Putin’s meeting this past week with US Secretary of State John Kerry reveal the Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war.According to these minutes, released in the Kremlin today by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (MNRE),
Putin was so incensed over the Obama regimes refusal to discuss this grave matter that he refused for three hours to even meet with Kerry, who had traveled to Moscow on a scheduled diplomatic mission, but then relented so as to not cause an even greater rift between these two nations.At the center of this dispute between Russia and the US, this MNRE report says, is the “undisputed evidence” that a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically related to nicotine, known as neonicotinoids, are destroying our planets bee population, and which if left unchecked could destroy our world’s ability to grow enough food to feed its population.
So grave has this situation become, the MNRE reports, the full European Commission (EC) this past week instituted a two-year precautionary ban (set to begin on 1 December 2013) on these “bee killing” pesticides following the lead of Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine, all of whom had previously banned these most dangerous of genetically altered organisms from being used on the continent.Two of the most feared neonicotinoids being banned are Actara and Cruiser made by the Swiss global bio-tech seed and pesticide giant Syngenta AG which employs over 26,000 people in over 90 countries and ranks third in total global sales in the commercial agricultural seeds market.Important to note, this report says, is that Syngenta, along with bio-tech giants Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and DuPont, now control nearly 100% of the global market for genetically modified pesticides, plants and seeds.Also to note about Syngenta, this report continues, is that in 2012 it was criminally charged in Germany for concealing the fact that its genetically modified corn killed cattle, and settled a class-action lawsuit in the US for $105 million after it was discovered they had contaminated the drinking supply of some 52 million Americans in more than 2,000 water districts with its “gender-bending” herbicide Atrazine.To how staggeringly frightful this situation is, the MNRE says, can be seen in the report issued this past March by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) wherein they warned our whole planet is in danger, and as we can, in part, read:“As part of a study on impacts from the world’s most widely used class of insecticides, nicotine-like chemicals called neonicotinoids, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has called for a ban on their use as seed treatments and for the suspension of all applications pending an independent review of the products’ effects on birds, terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, and other wildlife.“It is clear that these chemicals have the potential to affect entire food chains. The environmental persistence of the neonicotinoids, their propensity for runoff and for groundwater infiltration, and their cumulative and largely irreversible mode of action in invertebrates raise significant environmental concerns,” said Cynthia Palmer, co-author of the report and Pesticides Program Manager for ABC, one of the nation’s leading bird conservation organizations.ABC commissioned world renowned environmental toxicologist Dr. Pierre Mineau to conduct the research. The 100-page report, “The Impact of the Nation’s Most Widely Used Insecticides on Birds,” reviews 200 studies on neonicotinoids including industry research obtained through the US Freedom of Information Act. The report evaluates the toxicological risk to birds and aquatic systems and includes extensive comparisons with the older pesticides that the neonicotinoids have replaced. The assessment concludes that the neonicotinoids are lethal to birds and to the aquatic systems on which they depend.“A single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird,” Palmer said. “Even a tiny grain of wheat or canola treated with the oldest neonicotinoid — called imidacloprid — can fatally poison a bird. And as little as 1/10th of a neonicotinoid-coated corn seed per day during egg-laying season is all that is needed to affect reproduction.”The new report concludes that neonicotinoid contamination levels in both surface- and ground water in the United States and around the world are already beyond the threshold found to kill many aquatic invertebrates.”Quickly following this damning report, the MRNE says, a large group of group of American beekeepers and environmentalists sued the Obama regime over the continued use of these neonicotinoids stating: “We are taking the EPA to court for its failure to protect bees from pesticides. Despite our best efforts to warn the agency about the problems posed by neonicotinoids, the EPA continued to ignore the clear warning signs of an agricultural system in trouble.”And to how bad the world’s agricultural system has really become due to these genetically modified plants, pesticides and seeds, this report continues, can be seen by the EC’s proposal this past week, following their ban on neonicotinoids, in which they plan to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with the European Union, and as we can, in part, read:“Europe is rushing towards the good ol days circa 1939, 40… A new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to “grow, reproduce or trade” any vegetable seeds that have not been “tested, approved and accepted” by a new EU bureaucracy named the “EU Plant Variety Agency.”It’s called the Plant Reproductive Material Law, and it attempts to put the government in charge of virtually all plants and seeds. Home gardeners who grow their own plants from non-regulated seeds would be considered criminals under this law.”This MRNE report points out that even though this EC action may appear draconian, it is nevertheless necessary in order to purge the continent from continued contamination of these genetically bred “seed monstrosities.”Most perplexing in all of this, the MRNE says, and which led to Putin’s anger at the US, has been the Obama regimes efforts to protect pesticide-producer profits over the catastrophic damaging being done to the environment, and as the Guardian News Service detailed in their 2 May article titled “US rejects EU claim of insecticide as prime reason for bee colony collapse” and which, in part, says:“The European Union voted this week for a two-year ban on a class of pesticides, known as neonicotinoids, that has been associated with the bees’ collapse. The US government report, in contrast, found multiple causes for the collapse of the honeybees.”To the “truer” reason for the Obama regimes protection of these bio-tech giants destroying our world, the MRNE says, can be viewed in the report titled “How did Barack Obama become Monsanto’s man in Washington?” and which, in part, says:“After his victory in the 2008 election, Obama filled key posts with Monsanto people, in federal agencies that wield tremendous force in food issues, the USDA and the FDA: At the USDA, as the director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto Danforth Center. As deputy commissioner of the FDA, the new food-safety-issues czar, the infamous Michael Taylor, former vice-president for public policy for Monsanto. Taylor had been instrumental in getting approval for Monsanto’s genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.”

Even worse, after Russia suspended the import and use of an Monsanto genetically modified corn following a study suggesting a link to breast cancer and organ damage this past September, the Russia Today News Service reported on the Obama regimes response:

“The US House of Representatives quietly passed a last-minute addition to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill for 2013 last week – including a provision protecting genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks.

The rider, which is officially known as the Farmer Assurance Provision, has been derided by opponents of biotech lobbying as the “Monsanto Protection Act,” as it would strip federal courts of the authority to immediately halt the planting and sale of genetically modified (GMO) seed crop regardless of any consumer health concerns.

The provision, also decried as a “biotech rider,” should have gone through the Agricultural or Judiciary Committees for review. Instead, no hearings were held, and the piece was evidently unknown to most Democrats (who hold the majority in the Senate) prior to its approval as part of HR 993, the short-term funding bill that was approved to avoid a federal government shutdown.”

On 26 March, Obama quietly signed this “Monsanto Protection Act” into law thus ensuring the American people have no recourse against this bio-tech giant as they fall ill by the tens of millions, and many millions will surely end up dying in what this MRNE report calls the greatest agricultural apocalypse in human history as over 90% of feral (wild) bee population in the US has already died out, and up to 80% of domestic bees have died out too.


1998 Hip joint surgery:

OF THE FOLLOWING by HANS CANY, I do not agree with it all; but for beginners, it is a start. For a better read, see:

(READ ALL 9 PAGES on the Ron Paul Forum)

La voix du

Qui suis-je ?

Publiciste (journalisme d’opinion, auteur indépendant), rédigeant principalement sur Internet ainsi que dans la presse libre. Né le 11 septembre 1972. Electron libre, sans affiliation à quelque structure organisationnelle que ce soit.

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La mort de Kadhafi : une intox sans précédent ?…

La prétendue mort annoncée de Mouammar Kadhafi, proclamée le 20 octobre 2011, relèverait-elle en fait d’une machination diabolique, et ne constituerait-elle en réalité qu’une entreprise de manipulation énorme, d’une ampleur sans précédent ?…
Outre les multiples versions  plus ou moins officielles de cette mort qui ont été avancées dans un premier temps, et qui démontrent de façon incontestable que la plupart de ces versions, sinon toutes, sont mensongères, il n’est nul besoin d’être un fin limier pour relever de trop nombreuses zones d’ombre qui ouvrent la voie au doute et aux spéculations les plus diverses.
Ces zones d’ombre et de ces détails plus que douteux ont pour la plupart déjà été pointés ici ou là, via divers documents en toutes langues circulant sur internet. Néanmoins, à ma connaissance, il n’existe à ce jour aucun article de synthèse francophone  récapitulant, sous la forme d’un seul texte -documents photographiques et vidéos à l’appui-, l’ensemble des éléments alimentant le doute.
Je me propose donc, en toute humilité, de remédier ici à cette regrettable carence. Les trois quarts des gens se trompent -en toute sincérité- en prenant pour argent comptant ce qui n’est, à mon humble avis, qu’une formidable opération d’intox. Je me trompe peut-être moi-même, car il se peut qu’il soit réellement mort, hélas… Mais ce dont je suis maintenant à peu près certain, c’est que toutes les images et les “preuves” que l’on nous a servies jusqu’à présent sont mensongères. L’avenir plus ou moins proche donnera peut-être finalement raison à toutes celles et tous ceux qui, comme moi, doutent très fortement… Du moins, je l’espère !

En premier lieu, j’aimerais attirer votre attention sur cette fameuse photographie, abondamment reprise par les médias du monde entier, et qui a toutes les apparences d’un grossier montage, à l’instar de celui qui avait circulé au moment de l’annonce de la mort de Ben Laden (la supercherie avait été très vite démasquée). Cette illustration montre clairement les étapes du processus :


La photo ayant servi de base à ce montage, la voici :


L’autre photographie de Mouammar Kadhafi prétendument décédé qui circule, tirée d’une sordide vidéo montrant des rats pro-CNT jubiler autour de la dépouille, est la suivante. Trouvez-vous le visage réellement ressemblant ?
Où sont donc passées les rides caractéristiques du visage de Mouammar Kadhafi ?
Se serait-il fait faire un “lifting”, juste avant sa mort ?…
De qui se moque-t-on ?
De surcroit, ce visage n’offre qu’une ressemblance très lointaine avec celui qui apparait dans l’effroyable vidéo de lynchage, filmée parait-il au moyen d’un téléphone portable, que tout le monde ou presque a eu l’occasion de visionner. Est-il nécessaire de rappeler qu’il existe au moins une douzaine de sosies de Mouammar Kadhafi, reconnus comme tels ? Aux dernières nouvelles, il semblerait que ce visage ait été identifié. Il s’agirait en réalité d’un dénommé Ali Majid Al-Andalus, résident de Syrte (tiens tiens…), précisément connu en Libye pour sa ressemblance avec le Guide. Notez bien les différences, parfaitement visibles. Même la bouche est différente. Même la pilosité faciale ne présente pas une implantation rigoureusement identique ! :


Ce cadavre, si c’en est bien un, est donc de toute évidence celui d’Ali Majid Al-Andalus, et non celui de Mouammar Kadhafi. Pourquoi dis-je “si c’en est bien un” ? Parce que même ça, ce n’est même pas sûr !!! Sur la macabre video dont cette photo est tirée, le corps exhibé, dont la tête est relevée face à la caméra, présente un aspect troublant, qui a quelque chose de faux, comme si on avait en réalité affaire à un mannequin de cire, ou à quelque chose de cet ordre…  Savez-vous qu’il est aujourd’hui possible de fabriquer de faux cadavres d’un réalisme stupéfiant ? Pour votre information à ce sujet, je vous invite à visionner cette hallucinante vidéo, qui témoigne bien de ce qu’il est à présent possible de faire :

Kadhafi. mort , sans blague… par General_resistant

Il y a cette horrible vidéo de lynchage, m’objecterez-vous. Certes, oui. Mais l’authenticité de ladite vidéo, justement, est elle aussi extrêmement douteuse !!! En premier lieu, sachez que l’encodage de cette fameuse vidéo est daté du 19 octobre 2011, soit la veille du prétendu évènement. A lui seul, cet élément fait peser de forts doutes sur l’authenticité du document. Mais ce n’est pas tout, très loin s’en faut. La victime du lynchage, sur ce film, laisse apparaître une calvitie avancée, répartie du sommet à l’arrière du crâne, que l’on peut distinguer très nettement lorsqu’elle apparait de dos. Cette calvitie à la répartition spécifique ne correspond pas à ce que l’on sait de Mouammar Kadhafi.  Quelques autres détails pour le moins troublants -et c’est un euphémisme- sont mis en lumière par la vidéo anglophone suivante. On y pointe entre autres le fait que la présumée victime, présentant une blessure lui ensanglantant tout le côté gauche du visage, porte une chemise abondamment tâchée de sang, réparti de façon égale des deux côtés gauche et droit de la poitrine. Ce qui est pour le moins surprenant, puisque le sang dégoulinant de la partie gauche de la tête aurait dû marquer beaucoup plus abondamment le côté gauche de la chemise, en toute logique. Du reste, ce sang très abondant et éclatant fait irrésistiblement songer à du faux sang, tel qu’on en utilise dans les films et au théâtre.  La vidéo ci-dessous relève aussi deux détails fondamentaux : lorsqu’il est à terre, présumé mort et recroquevillé sur le côté, l’homme tâche le sol d’une importante flaque de sang, censé s’écouler de sa blessure sur le côté gauche du visage. On le retourne, la caméra change de plan puis revient sur lui. Et là, que constate-t-on ? Le sang a totalement disparu de cette moitié gauche de la tête !!! Comment une telle chose est-elle physiquement possible ? La photo présentée par Al Jazeera comme étant Kadhafi mort, censée avoir été prise au même moment, nous montre elle aussi un visage “propre”, sans traces sanguinolentes. Où est donc passé tout ce sang ? Comment a-t-il pu disparaitre ainsi, comme par magie, alors qu’il était visible en quantités très importantes pendant le lynchage, et qu’il a même fortement marqué le sol sous la tête ???   Voyez plutôt :

Avec cette douteuse vidéo de lynchage, ne serions-nous donc pas en présence d’une odieuse mise en scène, au cours de laquelle un sosie approximatif (sans doute un autre que celui qui est mentionné plus haut, car la ressemblance entre les deux est loin d’être flagrante) a endossé un rôle d’acteur ???
A cela, je souhaiterais aussi ajouter deux observations personnelles, qui m’ont interpellé : il y a beaucoup de bruitage, c’est très chaotique, on dit qu’il est sans cesse roué de coups…. Mais même en regardant bien, on ne voit à aucun moment de coups portés. En outre, à 2 ou 3 reprises, on voit des rats pro-CNT pointer une arme vers le sol et tirer en rafale (on entend le bruitage), vers l’homme à terre, mais apparemment, ça ne le touche pas , alors que ça devrait le tuer sur le coup. Ou au moins lui infliger de nouvelles blessures sanglantes très visibles. Bref ce sont là deux autres “détails” étranges…
En outre, dans cette fameuse vidéo, l’objectif s’attarde un moment sur un jeune à la physionomie très caractéristique, en proie à une véritable crise d’hystérie. Or, sur une autre vidéo montrant Mouatassim Kadhafi dans une pièce, tombé aux mains des “rebelles” et assassiné soi-disant au même moment que son père, on peut voir le même individu, qui s’exprime là aussi face à l’objectif !!!  Comment cela est-il donc possible ? Comment a-t-il pu se trouver au même moment sur le lieu du lynchage présumé de Mouammar Kadhafi, et dans la pièce dans lequel était détenu Mouatassim Kadhafi, juste avant sa mort ???  Cet individu est-il donc doué du pouvoir de bilocation ???…

libye,géopolitique et politique internationale

Regardez bien cette photo ci-dessus : où est donc passé tout le sang visible quelques instants avant cette scène sur la partie gauche du visage, durant le lynchage ? Et puis, cela ressemble-t-il vraiment à Mouammar Kadhafi ?…

Ah, mais il y a aussi les corps exposés à Misrata, et que des centaines voire des milliers de personnes ont pu voir, me direz-vous. Justement, parlons-en, de ces corps de Misrata. Savez-vous que les Libyens venus les voir n’ont pu le faire qu’à une distance respectable, avec interdiction de s’en approcher de trop près ? Et pour cause… Car la encore, la ressemblance s’avère pour le moins discutable. Ci-dessous, vous trouverez une photographie du corps exposé à Misrata, et, pour comparaison, une photographie du Guide bien vivant. Observez bien les deux profils, notamment le nez. Vous voyez la différence ? N’est-il pas flagrant que les deux nez n’ont rien à voir l’un avec l’autre ?…


Le (soi-disant) corps de Mouammar Kadhafi a fait l’objet d’une autopsie, allez-vous me dire. Et… ? Qu’est-ce qui permet d’avoir la certitude que les résultats officiels d’une autopsie commanditée par l’OTAN/CNT sont fiables, au juste ?…
D’ailleurs, dans un premier temps, le CNT a tout bonnement décidé de ne pas procéder à une autopsie…avant de se raviser sous la pression de ceux qui s’indignaient d’un refus aussi suspect. Que cherche -ou cherchait- donc à cacher le CNT ?

Dans la nuit du 24 au 25 octobre, ou plutôt au premières heures du 25 octobre, si l’on en croit les médias officiels, les corps ont été enterrés en catimini en plein désert. Comble de l’ignominie. Ils auraient été inhumés dans un lieu tenu secret… Bah voyons. Tant qu’à faire…  Bien entendu, aucun membre de la famille proche n’a pu les voir et les reconnaître. Pourquoi, à votre avis ?
J’ai pour ma part l’intime conviction qu’ils ont soit enterré le corps d’un malheureux sosie (Ali Majid Al-Andalus ?) , soit qu’ils n’ont en fait rien enterré du tout, si le prétendu corps n’était qu’un “fake”, un leurre confectionné pour la “bonne” cause…

Vous en voulez encore ? Eh bien soit ! Voici un autre détail pour le moins troublant : le fameux “pistolet d’or”. Cette arme de collection, qui avait été offerte à Mouammar Kadhafi, a déjà été prise le 27 août 2011 dans les ruines de Bab EL Aziziya, lors de la chute de ce QG de Kadhafi à Tripoli. A cette occasion, les rats pro-CNT n’ont pas manqué de l’exhiber tel un trophée, devant les caméras de télévision du monde entier. Or, qu’a-t-on pu voir sur les écrans de TV, le 20 octobre 2011 ? Les “rebelles” ayant soi-disant capturé Kadhafi, exhibant ce même pistolet doré qu’ils auraient, parait-il, trouvé sur le Guide !!!
Bizarre autant qu’étrange, non ???


A présent, posons nous juste quelques questions de bon sens :

-Imagine-t-on sérieusement  Mouammar Kadhafi partir au combat avec une arme légère de prestige et de collection ?…

-Pourquoi le Guide aurait-il commis l’imprudence folle de se mettre en danger dans le guêpier de Syrte, dont la stuation était désespérée et la chute inévitable, au lieu de rester à l’abri dans le sud du pays, là où la Résistance verte restait forte, et là où les frontières des Etats voisins étaient proches, pour s’y réfugier en cas de coup dur ? Comment peut-on l’imaginer se fourvoyer dans une impasse aussi évidente ?…

-Comment a-t-il donc fait pour se rendre à Syrte à partir de Tripoli, après la chute de cette dernière, alors que pour ce faire, il lui aurait fallu passer par Misrata, déjà occupée par les pro-CNT ? Et le tout en échappant à la vigilance de l’OTAN ?!?…

-Est-ce un hasard si l’annonce de la prétendue mort de Kadhafi est survenue, comme par “miracle”, juste deux jours après la visite d’Hillary Clinton à Tripoli, où elle a précisément déclaré qu’elle espérait que Kadhafi serait “arrêté ou tué bientôt” ?…

-N’est-il pas évident que l’OTAN avait justement besoin de ce prétexte salutaire de la mort de Kadhafi pour arrêter les frais d’une guerre interminable et très coûteuse, et pour annoncer que le gros de ses troupes allait plier bagages à compter du 31 octobre 2011 ?… N’est-il pas évident que le CNT, lui aussi, avait tout intérêt à donner ce gage à ses protecteurs de l’OTAN, pour pouvoir proclamer au plus vite une prétendue “libération totale” du pays ?…

-Si cette prétendue mort du Guide Mouammar Kadhafi n’est qu’un gigantesque mensonge, ne peut-il avoir pour but de forcer Kadhafi à se montrer pour démentir, ce qui permettrait de le localiser ? Tout simplement parce que l’OTAN/CNT a en fait perdu toute trace de lui depuis longtemps ?…

-Est-il nécessairement dans l’intérêt de Kadhafi de démentir le mensonge dès maintenant, alors qu’il serait sans doute plus judicieux d’attendre quelque temps avant de le faire ?… Du reste, est-il même forcément dans l’intérêt des deux parties de procéder dès maintenant à un si spectaculaire démenti ?… Ne pensez-vous pas qu’il est très possible que celui-ci survienne  plus tard, quand le temps sera venu, dans plusieurs jours, semaines voire mois ?…

Etc etc.

Voila quelques-unes des questions qu’il convient à présent de se poser, au lieu de pleurnicher et de se lamenter en prenant pour argent comptant ce qu’ont bien voulu nous conter les services de propagande du CNT et de l’OTAN. Ceux-ci sont devenus experts ès médiamensonges et sont capables d’absolument tout en la matière, comme ils nous l’ont déjà démontré à moultes reprises au cours de cette guerre infâme, dès son début.

Espérez et attendez.


AJOUT du 30 octobre 2011 :
lire également ceci : http://etoilenoire.hautetfort.com/archive/2011/10/30/mort…



Gaddafi’s death: an unprecedented disinformation? …

Announced the alleged death of Muammar Gaddafi proclaimed on 20 October 2011, fall it makes a diabolical plot, and it would actually be a huge company handling an unprecedented scale? …
In addition to the multiple versions of more or less official death that have been put forward at first, and demonstrate conclusively that most of these versions, if not all, are false, there is no need to be an end Bloodhound to meet too many gray areas that open the door to doubt and the most diverse speculations.
These shadows and the more doubtful details have mostly been pointing here and there, through various documents in all languages ​​circulating on the internet. However, to my knowledge, there is currently no article summarizing French summary in the form of a single text, photographic and video material to the rest, all the elements fueling the doubt.
I propose, in all humility, to remedy this unfortunate deficiency here. Three quarters of people are wrong-in all sincerity-taking for granted what is not, in my humble opinion, a great operation of intox. Maybe I myself am wrong, because it may be really dead, alas … But what I am now almost certain is that all the images and the “evidence” that we have served us so far are false.Perhaps ultimately due to all those and all those who, like me, strongly doubt the more or less near future will … At least I hope so!

Firstly, I would like to draw your attention to the famous photograph widely repeated in the media worldwide, and has all the appearance of a rough assembly, like the one that had circulated at the time of the announcement of the death of Bin Laden (the deception was quickly unmasked).This illustration clearly shows the steps of the process:


The picture used as the basis for this arrangement, the following:


Another photograph of Muammar Gaddafi allegedly died flowing, pulled a sleazy video showing pro-CNT gloat around the remains rats, is as follows. Do you like the really face?
Where are placed features facial wrinkles Muammar Gaddafi?
Would he actually do a “facelift” just before his death? …
A joke do you?
In addition, this face has a very distant resemblance to that which appears in the video appalling lynching, it seems filmed using a cell phone, everyone or almost had the opportunity to view. Is it necessary to recall that there are at least a dozen lookalikes Muammar Gaddafi, recognized as such? At last, it seems that the face has been identified. It would be really a man named Ali Majid Al Andalus, a resident of Sirte (like yours …) precisely known in Libya for its resemblance to the Guide. Note the differences clearly visible. Even the mouth is different. Even the facial hair does not have precisely the same location! :


This body, if it is one, is obviously that of Ali Majid Al-Andalus, and not that of Muammar Gaddafi. Why do I say “if it is indeed a”? Because even that is not even sure! The macabre video which this picture is taken, the body exhibited, whose head is up to the camera, presents a troubling aspect that has something wrong, as if they were actually dealing with a wax dummy or something of this kind … Do you know it is now possible to manufacture a fake dead staggering realism? For information about this, I invite you to watch this incredible video, which clearly demonstrates that it is now possible to:

Gaddafi. death, no joke … by General_resistant

There is this horrible lynching video, you will object to me. Certainly, yes. But the authenticity of said video, in fact, is also highly questionable! First, know that the encoding of this famous video is dated October 19, 2011, the day before the alleged event. By itself, this element poses serious doubts on the authenticity of the document. But that’s not all, far from it. The victim of lynching, this film reveals an advanced baldness, split from top to the back of the skull, which can be distinguished very clearly when it appears back. This baldness specific distribution does not match what we know of Muammar Gaddafi. Some other details to the least disturbing-and that’s an understatement-are highlighted by the following English video. It points including the fact that the alleged victim with a wound bloodying her entire left side of the face, wears a heavily bloodstained, evenly distributed on both left and right sides of the chest. This is somewhat surprising, since the blood dripping from the left side of the head should have scored much more abundantly the left side of the shirt, logically. Moreover, the most abundant and brilliant blood irresistibly think of fake blood, such as is used in films and theater. The video below also notes two key details: when it is down, presumed dead and curled up on the side, the man work the floor of a large pool of blood, which is supposed to flow from the wound on the side left face. On the back, the camera then zooms back on him. And then, as we see happening? The blood has completely disappeared from the left side of the head! How is it physically possible such a thing?Photo by Al Jazeera as Gaddafi death, believed to have been taken at the same time, it also shows us a “clean” face without bloody traces. Where did all the blood? How could he disappear and magically, while visible in large quantities during the lynching, and he even strongly influenced the soil under the head?? Consider this:

With this dubious video lynching, would not we say in the presence of an odious staging, in which an approximate lookalike (probably other than that mentioned above, because the resemblance between the two is far from clear) endorsed a role player??
To this I would also add two personal observations, which have challenged me: there are plenty of sound effects, it’s very chaotic, is said to be constantly beaten …. But even looking good, we do not see any point of blows. In addition, two or three times, we see pro-CNT rats pointing a gun to the ground and burst fire (you can hear the sound effects), to the man on the ground, but apparently it does not touch, then it should kill him on the spot. Or at least impose new bloody wounds clearly visible. Anyway these are two other “details” strange …
In addition, in this famous video, the lens focuses on a time a young person to the very characteristic appearance, facing a real crisis of hysteria. But on another video showing Mouatassim Gaddafi in a room, fell to the “rebels” and murdered allegedly at the same time as his father, we can see the same individual, who speaks again facing the camera ! How is it possible then? How could he be at the same time the place of the alleged lynching of Muammar Gaddafi, and the room in which was held Muatassim Gaddafi before his death?? This individual is he gifted with the power of bilocation?? …

libye,géopolitique et politique internationale

Look at this picture above: where did all visible blood moments before this scene on the left side of the face during the lynching? And it looks like he really Muammar Gaddafi? …

Ah, but there is also the body exposed to Misrata, and hundreds if not thousands of people were able to see, you say. Exactly, let’s talk about these body Misrata. Did you know that the Libyans came to see them were unable to do a respectable distance and prohibited from approaching too closely? And for good reason … Because again, the similarity appears to say the least. Below you will find a photograph of the body exposed to Misrata, and, for comparison, a photograph of alive Guide. Observe the two profiles, including the nose. You see the difference? Is it not obvious that the two nose has nothing to do with each other? …


The (alleged) body of Muammar Gaddafi has been an autopsy, will you tell me. And .. ? What used to be certain that the official results of an autopsy commissioned by NATO / CNT are reliable, exactly? …
Moreover, as a first step, the NTC has simply decided not to perform an autopsy … before changing his mind under pressure from those who were indignant refusal as a suspect. Is looking for-or-so trying to conceal the NTC?

On the night of 24 to 25 October, or rather early hours of October 25, if you believe the official media, the bodies were buried in secret in the desert. Height of ignominy. They were buried in a secret location … Well see. For that matter … Of course, no member of the immediate family could see and recognize. Why, in your opinion?
I myself have the intimate conviction that they be buried the body of an unfortunate lookalike (Ali Majid Al-Andalus?) Or they have not done anything buried at all, if the alleged body was a “fake”, a made ​​lure for “good cause” …

Want more? Well either! Here’s another detail to the least disturbing: the famous “Golden Gun”.This weapon collection, which was offered to Muammar Gaddafi, has already taken on 27 August 2011 in the ruins of Bab Aziziya EL, at the fall of the headquarters of Gaddafi in Tripoli. On this occasion, the pro-CNT rats did not fail to exhibit such a trophy in front of television cameras from around the world. But what did we could see on the TV screens on October 20, 2011? The “rebels” who supposedly captured Gaddafi, showing the same golden pistol they would, it seems, found on the Guide!
Bizarre as strange, no?


Now, let us just a few common sense questions:

-Imagine Does anyone seriously Muammar Gaddafi going into battle with a light weapon and prestige collection? …

Guide Why would he committed the imprudence crazy to endanger the nest in Sirte, which stuation was desperate and inevitable fall, instead of staying safe in the south, where green strength remained strong, and where the borders of neighboring states were close, to take refuge in case of blow? How can we imagine stray into an obvious impasse? …

-How has he done to get to Sirte from Tripoli after the fall of the latter, as to do so, he would have had to go through Misrata, already occupied by pro-NTC? And while escaping the vigilance of NATO?? …

-Is it a coincidence that the announcement of the alleged death of Gaddafi has occurred, such as “miracle”, just two days after Hillary Clinton’s visit to Tripoli, where she specifically said she hoped Gaddafi would “arrested or killed soon”? …

-Is it not clear that NATO needed exactly this salutary pretext of the death of Gaddafi to stop spending a long and costly war, and to announce the bulk of his troops would pack up to As of October 31, 2011? … Is it not clear that the NTC, too, had any interest in giving this pledge to his patrons of NATO, in order to proclaim the faster an alleged “total liberation” of the country? …

-If the alleged death of leader Muammar Gaddafi is a huge lie, it may not have been intended to force Gaddafi to show to deny, which would locate it for? Just because NATO / CNT actually lost track of him for a long time? …

-Is it necessary in the interest of Gaddafi deny lying now, then it would probably be better to wait some time before doing so? … Besides, is it even necessarily in interest of both parties to proceed immediately to a denial so spectacular? … Do not you think it is very possible that it occurs later, when the time comes in a few days, weeks or even months? …

Etc etc..

These are some questions that should now be asked, instead of whining and moaning taking for granted what has been kind enough to tell us the propaganda services of the NTC and NATO.They have become experts Bachelor medialies and are capable of absolutely everything in this area, as they have already shown us in moultes times during this infamous war from the beginning.


Hope and wait.

Hans Cany 

ADD October 30, 2011:
also read this: http://etoilenoire.hautetfort.com/archive/2011/10/30/mort …


One thought on “Résistance et de la Victoire Matin / Resistance and victory morning

  1. Steve PIECZENIK: Absolutely convinced that the whole thing is a LIE and that al-Qathafi is ALIVE.

    On October 20, 2011 in an interview with Alex Jones, Pieczenik claimed that Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi is alive and said “There’s no way they killed Muammar al-Qathafi, that’s not our operating mode and I’ve been involved in 30 years with the takeouts and regime changes.” He also slammed President Barack Obama by calling him an “obsessional pathological liar”.



    Steve PIECZENIK: Former State Department, Black Ops, Overthrew Governments, talked about the FAKE Bin Laden story before it rolled out. He says he smells a Rat in the Gaddafi Story…Obama is an obsessive Liar…Absolutely convinced that the whole thing is a LIE and that Gaddafi is ALIVE.

    Muammar Gaddafi Is Alive by 234Ent(m): 5:19pm On Oct 24, 2011
    (InformAfrica) — Gaddafi is safe, sound and alive, Al Libya web channel says warning that his “post mortem” photos had been fabricated.

    Some days ago, Sky News TV channel had aired a photo of the mortally-wounded Colonel but his identity is doubted as the picture is of a low quality. (TASS: Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union).

    The Mujahid Muammar Gaddafi is in excellent health and has an excellent moral. The information in the capture of the Libyan leader is simply a lie spewed by the nth CNT / NATO is broadcast through the media lies that have sold their objective to become a real journalist NATO soldiers and members of The Qaeda.

    This lie was among others charged the CNT / NATO just to demoralize the troops of the Libyan resistance bravely defending the city of Sirte and in other cities are fighting to free them from the clutches of members of the Qaeda and the nato.

    This lie was announced few days ago, to break the second day of the uprising.

    Listen for more deceptive messages from CNT and their sponsors. The Libyan leader is still alive and still determined to cleanse the country of these traitors and mercenaries West.

    Earlier we reported about the rumours that are circulating with once again European and American leaders misinforming the public, and the usual media culprits Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia broadcasting the occupation NTC (National Terrorist Council) claim of the capture or death of Muammar Qaddafi.

    Green Committees have confirmed that the leader is alive, and that the enemy is seeking to take advantage of his being currently out of communications. The aim is to please Hillary Clinton who barked at her Arab slaves that she wants Muammar Qaddafi “dead or alive.”

    The analysts who are close to the Libyan leader have told Mathaba that the aim of the rumours is several fold. On the one hand, they wish to demoralize the Libyan resistance which has held out for over 7 months against the strongest terrorists and invading armies in the world. On the other hand, they wish to thus lure the Leader out to make a call in order to attempt to get a fix on his location.

    The Secretary-General of the International People’s Conference Organization told Mathaba that there is also another aim in this strategy of Clinton and her minions, which is to attempt to perpetuate the myth that the NTC controls all of Libya and that the Jamahiriya is no more, because the NTC has made it clear they cannot declare a government unless they control the entire country.

    NATO, the American-European armed forces, primarily cowardly Air Forces which have been bombing Libya non-stop since March this year, and special ground forces and foreign terrorists, have killed an estimated 60,000 Libyans thus far, but the Libyan Jamahiriya remains the only legitimate government because it rests squarely upon the Libyan people.

    Source: http://www.informafrica.com/breaking-news-africa/muammar-gaddafi-is-alive-qaddafi-is-not-dead/

    Let truth be told, all those big media houses such as CNN, BBC, AP, AFP, Reuters, Al Jazeera are all controlled by the western power. Do not fall for their deceptions, they are all liars.

    We can still see what he said to Alex Jones that night:


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