NATO/USA/FRANCE/ ISRAEL/ BRITAIN/ITALY/SPAIN all break the LINE OF DEMARCATION of once Defined Sovereign Libyan Territorial Waters

Muammar one and only



Mu raisinghis eyeglasses

Evening of hope and freedom / morale launched today ياهلها /
Muammar Gaddafi code and the date Mapadh date / legend epitomized / in person this man / pride to us that we have lived the era of Muammar Gaddafi / The pride of all pride that we are staying on the era of Muammar Gaddafi / and die and we are at the time of Muammar Gaddafi / all the love and loyalty you Aasana glory /

(Admona 5)

Every word uttered by the leader Talaat true
God, God, Lord horsehair:


The Complete Holy Quran chanted on 1 YOU-TUBE VIDEO.
28 hours non-stop. Holy Qur’an full voice intoned Sheikh Minshawi God’s mercy.

God save the Liberal Libya and its people wherever they are honorable, “Oh God, keep them with your aid” O plant Tmininh and Nirvana in their hearts

Admonh 8

“…Here, man free and Gallant proud ..
Here O mujahideen Wesal and toured in all fields,, stormed the odds and Hap ..
You, O pride of the nation, I send my words and I know they are small in front of greatness your personality, Anvwank and pride.
And a few in the right, did not and will not describe even a fraction of the HH أخلاقك and Sjayak cream ..

You, O drivers and teachers ((Muammar Abu Minyar Kadhafi))

God loved you in love than Shidah the creativity meanings,

فراسين Testament helmets…”


Radio Muammar Bomenaar, the Liberal platform for each
Been the praise of God retrieval Radio forum Muammar Bomenaar and awaited all-in-ten days, the next network Muammar Bomenaar media and the entire components and this response to Jerdan and thank all of t اسلنا inquired and Abe, but communicates with members of his family in the radio and tribulations Ebanoa people thankfully we know who they are our brothers and sisters interested hurry and we knew do not Ictrt but tell everyone we’re here
(Albdora 01)

FRENCH GOVERNMENT using Libya as their airbase for attacks on African Nations:

Occupied Libya exported terrorism…
President of Niger confirms France 24 —— bombers attacking Niger last Thursday came from Libyan French airbases.

Reminicent of the LEO TANGUMA Masonic-Murals found at the Denver International Airport (Colorado, USA):

 COLORADO's New World Airport cornerstone



عاااااااااجل” ‘fired Gaoi Aalepien”””’ Jaykm Alghazi and occupied and colonized would be in your country officially as of 1 \ 6 \ 2013 and today the Prime Minister of Libya stricken Ali Zaidane traveled to Brussels for a meeting with the leaders of NATO and finalize and pay billionsthe initial hiring of a new pay hundreds of billions to occupy Libya and understanding on the oil and gas division between the Allies ….. and you Aalepien the fired Gaoi and بخروا ČÓ … for the credibility of the news published in the capital on the channel strip news.
(The main الادمن)

Are now jamming channel satellite channel Al Khaimah truth by NATO mercenaries /

(Admona 5)


Beyond Zaidane Lee’s visit NATO headquarters:

Obama’s Bombs on the Green Mountain:
Fire artificially devour more than half of the city’s natural protected Amslath —– guidance of the results of the Arab Rabiekm ——

THIS IS NOT A NATURAL FIRE: SEE WHAT OBAMA’s bombs have been doing to the Green Western NAFUSA Mountains!
حريق هائل آخر في محمية مسلاتة فجر الأحد 26.5.2013
REMEMBER! Under the Great Jamahiriya, ABORTION was illegal unless it was a natural occurance.Page …. Boucif Lamama
I say it and I mean literally (where A woman rights in Libya)There is a girl born in 99 in a hospital in the Republic
Suffer from abortions It Mtjozh of almost anyone born in the 89
This girl did not know about her pregnancy anything, whether sexual or life
Is the child passport at the age of 14 legal and humanitarian
Are we in Yemen or what
I appeal to A woman rights organizations to intervene urgently and immediately to save this little girl
A woman rights here in these things because it is here to be powerless and a victim
Effecting girl in the Department of Gynecology, room number three
Wayne Wayne Wayne Wayne and Wayne A woman Mndmat rights of this case and already the whole hospital situation -.
(The main الادمن)
What is actually happening in these areas in Libya:*) Scalp Island city of Zuwarah …!!
*) Area (well Alkhmash) Asahraormelah south of the city of Nalut …!!
*) Camp (Aljuibih the) in Nalout …!!
*) Wade (first) in Ghadames …!!
*) Area (Almrahal) south of Zintan area …!!
* (Area) Harouge Black Mountains) and the oases surrounding cities (Jufrah, Hon, Sukna, Dan) …!!
*) Area (Beer Atshan), desert and located in the south-west of Libya …!!
*) Area (Rbeana, and Wau Law) Asahraogblah in the south Libyan …!!
*) Mountainous region and the surrounding bush region (Amslath) …!!
*) Mountains and jungles (Green Mountain) …!!
*) Valleys and areas surrounding the city of Sirte reef …!!Where is the map of local news …?!
It is they who are strangers in. ..? And what they do …? What are the reasons for their presence …?!Libyan citizen questions jealous.?

(Admin challenge)

ماذا يحدث بالفعل فى هذه المناطق فى ليبيا :*) جزيرة فروة بمدينة زوارة …!!
*) منطقة ( بئر الخماسة ) الصحراورملية جنوب مدينة نالوت …!!
*) معسكر ( الجويبية ) بمدينة نالوت …!!
*) واد ( أوال ) بمدينة غدامس …!!
*) منطقة ( المرحال ) جنوب منطقة الزنتان …!!
*) منطقة ( جبال الهروج السود ) والواحات المحيطة بمدن ( الجفرة ، هون ، سوكنة ، ودان ) …!!
*) منطقة ( بئر العطشان ) الصحراوية والواقعة فى الجنوب الغربي لليبيا …!!
*) منطقة ( ربيانة ، وواو الناموس ) الصحراوجبلية فى الجنوب الليبى …!!
*) المنطقة الجبلية والأحراش المحيطة بمنطقة ( إمسلاتة ) …!!
*) جبال وأحراش ( الجبل الأخضر ) …!!
*) مناطق الأودية والشعاب المحيطة بمدينة سرت …!!وأين هى فى خارطة الاخبار المحلية …؟!
ومن هم الغرباء المتواجدين فيها ..؟ وماذا يفعلون …؟ وماهى أسباب تواجدهم …؟!تساؤلات مواطن ليبى غيور .؟


Mu Mural 3

Mu Mural 4

Mu Mural 5

Your time today at 10 at night with your brother Mustafa Qdereboh through raised Radio Muammar Bomenaar, the Fighter. Be on time!
(Albdora 01)


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Aaaaaaaaaaaajl and important

Serious talk on Libya first command of naval operations says during a round in the territorial waters at

Ras Lanuf and found U.S. naval battleship and with it dives, and the carrier pilots,,,
Ali Libya dangerous I. ..

Finally, after a pride of 42 years the Gulf of challenge and territorial waters profane,,,,!
Blessings O 17
Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l):
Aircraft carrier, along with 6 barges American found now in Libyan territorial waters near Ras Lanuf.

From the blessings of the Arab Spring: U.S. warships territorial waters of Libya
Colonel Hamid good: U.S. naval piece length of 250 meters located north of the city of Ras Lanuf 25 mi
A witness from GermanhaFB VIDEO:

العقيد حامد بالخير:قطعة بحرية أمريكية بطول 250 متر تتواجد شمال مدينة رأس لانوف بـ25 ميل وشهد شاهد من جرذانها

Durée : 1:22
·Commander of the so-called clandestine operations to catch and marine survey says through the channel of Libya first:There is an aircraft carrier, along with 6 barges American found now in Libyan territorial waters near Ras Lanuf.



Now violent explosions and Shooting Kthiebh when turnover Island neighborhood peace eastern entrance to the city of Benghazi.


What harvest planting the February :: /
Missing (child Mohamed Adel Tagouris)
Out since Friday morning no longer so far
They say Libya’s security and safety … Benghazi is safe .. And good Jay Dhanahm the Dhaau


DIRTY ZIONIST MISURATA:We publish this and repeat over and over again to teach the Jews Misratah What Kdbh of selling their daughters’ honor and accuse honest Tawergha falsely / / / /(O ye who believe that there comes news, verify that the punk تصيبوا folk in ignorance and repent for what ye have done) great truth of God
Announce .. We حرائر Tmana city of Misrata innocence of the charge of false paste Us revolutionaries February 17 Misurata which اغتصابنا by battalions tyrant and who are certain that he does not hide from doing so is كتائبه and deny that he has rapes and violation of supply for حرائر Tmana and is only a lie by the rebels for men city of Misrata When they saw columns of battalions tyrant attacking the city of Misrata on 2011.03.16 not force them to confront armed men tried their leaders convince the imams and preachers and voices speaking on behalf of 17 february revolution across the ether Radio Misrata local audible words liar, and the stories of fictional اغتصابنا rushed Knights Misrata بمدهم money to buy arms and teaming them a large number of young people and the world sympathized with them but that led to the distortion of our offer and our reputation of lying and history log that all حرائر Tmana Misurata someday raped.
We call .. We حرائر Tmana of the Attorney General and the National Transitional Council denied that a formal statement and joint Ottkadim evidence name and image will not find something and reject the word social customs Oalehia and other hangers to cover up the crime tossed chaste and lying on the symptoms of people for political victories and also call for the President of the International Criminal Court not to bargain بأعراضنا and prove a rape charge حرائر Tmana falsely and slanderously if Seif al-Islam was handed over to the International Criminal Court.
We .. The legitimacy of the revolution of February 17 rebels have been from 2011.02.17 to 2011.03.15 and fell legitimacy when maimed أعراضنا and honored methods used
Illegal and made our parents and our brothers and our husbands Menksa headers and God and yes Suffice agent.
حرائر Tmana city of Misrata
Misurata on Tuesday released 2012.05.01
ننشر هدا ونكرر مرارا وتكرارا ليعلم يهود مصراته ماهي كدبة بيع شرف بناتهن واتهام شرفاء تاورغاء زورا وبهتانا ////( يا أيها الذين آمنوا إن جاءكم فاسق بنبأ فتبينوا أن تصيبوا قوما بجهالة فتصبحوا على ما فعلتم نادمين) صدق الله العظيم
نعلن .. نحن حرائر طمينة بمدينة مصراتة براءتنا من التهمة الكاذبة التي ألصقها بنا ثوار 17 فبراير بمصراتة وهي اغتصابنا من قبل كتائب الطاغية والذي نجزم انه لا يتوارى عن فعل ذلك هو وكتائبه وننفي انه تمت عمليات اغتصاب وانتهاك العرض لحرائر طمينة وما هي إلا كذبة قدمها الثوار لرجال مدينة مصراتة عندما شاهدوا أرتال كتائب الطاغية تهاجم مدينة مصراتة يوم 2011.03.16 ولا قوة لهم لمجابهتها بالسلاح والرجال فحاولت قياداتهم إقناع أئمة المساجد والخطباء والأصوات الناطقة باسم ثورة 17 فبراير عبر أثير إذاعة مصراتة المحلية المسموعة بكلام كاذب وقصص خيالية عن اغتصابنا فسارع فرسان مصراتة بمدهم بالمال لشراء السلاح وانظم إليهم عدد كبير من الشباب وتعاطف معهم العالم إلا أن ذلك أدى إلي تشويه عرضنا وسمعتنا بالكذب وسجل التاريخ أن كل حرائر طمينة بمصراتة يوما ما اغتصبن .
ونطالب .. نحن حرائر طمينة من النائب العام والمجلس الوطني الانتقالي نفي ذلك ببيان رسمي ومشترك أوتقديم الأدلة بالاسم والصورة ولن تجدوا شيئا ونرفض كلمة العادات الاجتماعية أوالحياء وغير ذلك من الشماعات للتستر على جريمة قذف المحصنات والكذب على أعراض الناس من أجل انتصارات سياسية وكما نطالب رئيس المحكمة الجنائية الدولية بعدم المساومة بأعراضنا وإثبات تهمة الاغتصاب لحرائر طمينة كذبا وبهتانا إذا تم تسليم سيف الإسلام للمحكمة الجنائية الدولية.
ونؤكد .. أن شرعية ثوار ثورة 17 فبراير لدينا كانت من 2011.02.17 وحتى 2011.03.15 وسقطت شرعيتهم عندما شوهوا أعراضنا وشرفنا واستخدموا وسائل
غير شرعية وجعلوا أبائنا وأخوتنا وأزواجنا منكسي الرؤوس وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل.
حرائر طمينة بمدينة مصراتة
صدر بمصراتة يوم الثلاثاء 2012.05.01
Occurred on yesterday’s armed attack on a police station Mahgoub angle in the city of Misratah,
governed by gangs Jews and Circassians and led the attack as Male rats he killed two Almhadjiyn after a clash with them



عاااااااااجل / group is reported to secret Mzrath to city of Sirte withstand to you filter Liberals,

Please all the Liberals in the city of Sirte withstand and care should be taken.

Sirte withstand
(The main الادمن)

Poetry of Ibn Mujahid … Aasert Gina Nqta Yalak
Aasert Gina Nqta Ballack words always Ibn Mujahid creative and editing lioness green gift this work to

Mujahid Sirte and to the souls of the martyrs who have fallen from Sirte in Sirte …



Hypocrites, traitors Affairs Commission in Sabha today.



Zahra is now: one of the stores fire General Electric Company … Firefighters قائمون the turn in firefighting operations and citizens present in the site .. Most of the citizens in case of boiling acts of sabotage carried out by the Outlaws recently … The total is likely that this fire artificially by vandals .



Zintan / first Khan in mountain Alachm /
Zintan Dar safety / Zintan Khot seriously / Zintan cycle and are /
Because forgive Aasenthan the / otherwise Aazaama to assume Zintan revolution Shield /
Aaasir him / Shen behind you Aeshrfa / Anslmhawwa and Nafoa and returns Zintan costume Makant and the only Hnowoowoowoowo /
Each Sharif given purports to he just wanted /

(Admona 5)



Very Important
To all Liberals at home and abroad, especially to the officers and officials of the Libyan intelligence services and we hope pages publication and dissemination of the seriousness of this rat ….

Name: Colonel Khaled Abu Fares (which is in the picture with a foreign client)

Occupation: intelligence officer in the management of investigation and surveillance branch
Assistant order (Abdullah Sanusi Office) to investigate, arrest and surveillance protection
The last position he assumed office is Green Square …. Previously

New position after 17 Fberaúr command investigation, surveillance and intelligence in the management of technical (place Faraj Iboogalih)
The second position is the Center for Science and strategic security area Gharghour …

(Admin} 2)

URGENT / / security men in Tripoli execute someone after he refused to stop in front of the public /

The Metropolitan Police shortly before the arrest of a car without plates Water campaign arrested on offending cars. /

The driver refused to stop and started firing randomly at the policemen began firing on the public and the police fired on his car Vlad escaped /

The driver of the car continued firing boob to the public and passers-by on the road while drunk and Istadm coral, flame retardants and aspects of the cars parked on the sides of the road, and began the process of stalking to force him to stop and turned into a quick and began to chase the armed clash either everyone. /

And refused to stop even after the bombing of his car tires of a Kia Optima type leaden color without plates, was stopped at half way and come out of the machine and began to throw at passing cars and wounding several policemen shot in the head and killed instantly chest /

Showing that the car stolen and cans of alcohol are still by his side and know his or her identity and follows the militias النواصي and has 2 pistol and submachine least two diagonal and Klashen weapon Cove Chinese, a former prisoner drug charges.

Admona 5

Yesterday became the lead in the hit Boucetta street (Dahmani corner) Wayne Aabieo in meat and poultry has become a problem monsters Alnapoli the killers one and slain Hrkolhm family shops and Fjro a car was Tseker the street in full ..

Middle of the night at the airport in Tripoli.

Landing planes with Italian troops of the elite are going to Mellita oil field

Source: News Libyan resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence).

Hearing 3 loud explosions flout Tripoli now in the vicinity of Victory Street and street Mazran and near Green Square.

Gargaresh has now been declared completely Green and flags have been flying on all shops and houses in the neighborhood.

Fire in the repair shop tires “Qomiste” Bkerkarc today.

3 explosions shake now Aasmatarabuls in the vicinity of Victory Street and street Mazran and near Green Square /.

The so-called congestion this morning criminal police in front of the Bank of deserts in the city,

specifically in the street (early September) and overcrowding after killing two guards bank and two

small Valsn not know the details after the incident was robbery, theft or non-knead .

news about the murder of Tripoli city is … I found and Jth found the front of Architecture Libya to secure and God … Cheapest thing in Libya is life …

Bulletin of communications for on 25-26-0-2013 / / / /:

Friday Market police station ….

On 23/05/2013 at 13:00 reportedly expressed communication came to the place called (…) Was born in 1985 resident Tajora and informed about the kidnapping of her sister called (. A..) Was born in 1986 by three people identity unknown masked men dressed in camouflage military uniforms and accompanied by a woman wearing a veil were on board the type of car Hyundai Verna car and white color sec Marchids Type color Green and accidentally Shat and turned them to an unknown location.

Police station the Dahmani …. angle

On 23/05/2013 at 14:08 reportedly expressed communication brought to a hospital in central Tripoli called (m. N.) 27-year-old resident Dahmani angle wounded by a live bullet in the chest also brought invitee (h. N.) 23-year-old resident of an infected angle Dahmani a live bullet to the abdomen (died) the impact of a brawl and shooting angle Dahmani area.

Pressures Alshall police station ….

On 23/05/2013 at 23:05 reportedly expressed communication brought to a hospital in central Tripoli called (m.) 23-year-old resident of pressures Alshall wounded by a live bullet to the abdomen area pressures Alshall by unidentified person (been infected ambulance and save the hospital).
On 05/24/2013 at 15:50 received a communication from the help section that displays a patrol of the Libyan Army Chiefs of Staff and expensive to guard the rear gate of the U.S. Embassy Airport Road to launch shots by an unidentified vehicle.

Police Station and Spring Valley ….

On 05/24/2013 at 23:00 reportedly expressed communication bring to the Tripoli Medical Center called (p., A.) 30-year-old resident of Ain Zara injured by a bullet right-footed near drug stores by unidentified person (been infected ambulance) .

Ain Zara police station …

On 05/25/2013 at 15:15 reportedly expressed communication brought to the Tripoli Medical Center called (p. O. C) a 28-year-old resident Zenata infected by a bullet from an unknown source inside her home been Asaaffha and saved the hospital.

Airport Road police station ….

On 05/25/2013 at 17:00 reportedly expressed communication brought to a hospital in Abu Salim called accidents (t. M.), Born in 1984 resident الحرشة the profession continued military transport battalion to the presidency of the General Staff and technical secondary-based Airport Road (intersections of life) the impact of being hit by a live bullet in the chest by a fellow named (h. p) 30-year-old …

On 05/26/2013 at 00:15 reportedly expressed communication brought to a hospital in Abu Salim called accidents (p.. B) متعرض for hit and run over by car by his brother called (m. A. B) and his sons because of family problems (ambulance was injured Remember, the hospital) …
On 05/26/2013 at 04:12 Musharraf received a tip-off from rescue patrols n -8 expressed by a group people on board the type of car Kia Optima color Gray بالرماية the random security patrols in Martyrs Square/Green Square has security patrols بمطاردته and shooting on the car of Independence Street and when at 04:35 received a tip-off from Tripoli Central Hospital alternate view brought to the hospital called (m.) 30-year-old (intersections of life) the impact of a bullet to the head and Independence Street legal action has been taken, in particular by achieving police station Aloawst and at 06:15 reported communication from the department for help that the armed group snapped a rotating n -72 costly work front of Ambassador Faransawy house and rescue patrol n -28 in charge of work in front of the embassy of Chad by force of arms to the inside of the base of Mitiga.

Abu Salim police station …

On 05/25/2013 reportedly expressed communication to the Centre attended the invitee (c. P. B) born in 1983 Tunisian career project plateau cafe worker complained against three unidentified persons identity, where gunmen stormed his office inside the cafe and took him to an amount of (160) d.’s mobile device and fled on board the type of car Chevrolet Optra Black color without license plates opaque glass.

On 05/25/2013 at 20:24 reportedly expressed communication and there is a fire in a house near the Abu Salim market commercial and immediately was directed to achieve the center as well as civil defense vehicle to the scene and at 01:38 and received a phone signal to achieve the center that the fire was extinguished, a respect the citizen’s house (x. x.) and the cause of the fire to seek an electrician.

On 05/26/2013 at 00:24 received a communication expressed no fire house Bmahlh Salahuddin and Ali Alfortm guide investigative center, as well as civil defense vehicle to the scene and at 04:20 and received a phone signal to achieve the center that the fire was put out a house for the citizen ( M. S..) and material damage estimated value of 8000 d.’s …

Center the Tajura …. Police

On 05/25/2013 at 20:20 reportedly expressed communication to the Centre attended the citizen (p. A.). Born in 1971 resident Tajora and being told to steal a sum of money of $ 35,000 d.’s From inside his car type Toyota Carola brown bear No. 5-1015922 forced by Theliih people masked and armed with Kalashnikov rifles were on board the type of car Hyundai cyan color without license plates and fled.


An attempt to target a police station Riyaana Bakazv RBG last night.



Gharyan Rebel-RATS are seeking Zintan blood.
Indicate called local Gheryan Council on demand extradition between the number 8 of Zintan:

Admona 5 writes:

Zintan / first Khan in mountain Alachm /
Zintan Dar safety / Zintan Khot seriously / Zintan cycle and are /
Because forgive Aasenthan the / otherwise Aazaama to assume Zintan revolution Shield /
Aaasir him / Shen behind you Aeshrfa / Anslmhawwa and Nafoa and returns Zintan costume Makant and the only Hnowoowoowoowo /
Each Sharif given purports to he just wanted /


Look what Rats did!! Horror–poor innocent cat:


Haddad .. The pure souls of the martyrs

What you do not know for Moatasem (Circular No. 1)
When all Libyans known that Dr. Billah may get a Military Staff’s degree in military science and Bmtiaz knowing that not only do you get them in the Libyan army officers. Some of them get the above-degrees but who (For Atarafouna on Al Moatasem)
Exalted by the Libyan army officers is …….. Kiedt the battles without air cover less hardware lobby promise and without Aljawae to uphold the rank contrary to dialogue and boost morale me Adana rank …. This was the secret of the steadfastness of the front Brega ……. (and here I tell you Anything narrated by me Ahaddalillat the may Alguetaliyn in one of the axles at the front of Brega was Edna Edna P and tell me the following …>
This officer was required of him at the center of the coast presence that mediates combat axes in front Brega any North Sea and south axis axis of the river …..
While he was in the battlefield and he tells me in one of the positions from which ….
I knew money we know about (commander fighter Moatasem)
. Which this story turns from the Chief of Staff of the spears to a fierce fighter fluent in the art of fighting strictly يجيده and courage .. and here stopped Emtemann مايقال about this (commander fighter Moatasem)
They did not get in military history, but took place in the history of the war on Libya, 2011 in front of Brega …
Specifically, while the enemy was threatening me to reach this city from one appointment to another and was the

commander of the war on Libya Nicolas Sarkozy has given more than a date for entry to Brega ………
And Makant Moauqat wonder???
Lula and parking (Commander fighter Mu’tasim) between Moukatlih … that on 11 September 2011 was the enemy lunged all Maaota of Guo from the sea, land and air to enter Brega pursuant to the instructions Alaalartbh Guo and Edna dogma and faith Mtanasean God Alaala in the attack brutal. Pressure the enemy and his aides on the axis Parallel Sea me axis coast …
. Request here from the axis of the support axis of the sea coast, where the officers axis in the development of a suitable tactical plan to back force defending this city, which witnessed the resilience of the enemy himself ……… (and here the combatant commander income) on the axle officers in headquarters Oikamthm.

They are discussing the quantity and type of force supporting the axis of which is witnessing a kind of pressure, and sat (Commander fighter Almansam) without commenting on their words even understand them Maitard fun axis sea of ​​pressure frequently from the enemy. heard of them type mechanisms by which they would like to shoring it … and then put ( combatant commander) made his mark unless officers expect .. and told them I’m going to force backing to the axis of the sea is not the only opinion and Development fighting and insisted Ali ذالك …

He said Nhano will Ndharab pleurisy at the lowest Guo a … Malataatoukauh of
(Combatant commander) 3 general purpose machine guns 2 launcher Larbi LG F rifles that and Klashen Cove dispersed across (11 +5 +1) soldier _____11 5 Zbat (1 combatant commander).
He insisted on reducing the number of individuals here became a dispute between the combatant commander and the rest of the 5 officers belonging to the axis of the post Coast (Dr. Billah Muammar Gaddafi) or not and arrived in dispute, including to Ad Mratih and Abi (combatant commander), but may ……

and they said to him you want us to N_khasrk said to them, I am tomorrow morning Agdkm in waiting and Talmo one Tani other than you and we meet at 7 am in the place is well known and has a meal suhoor with officers ….

and actually 7am is Aigdahm and Zhbo all force identified (11 +5 +1) to the desired location by the presence to complete the maneuver from the right flank and beat and actually Dharbo the pleura was (for the combatant commander) the largest share in defeating the enemy ..

He was carrying a rifle types F that and describe the exact force was shoring to hit the side centering between Tptin in Tdharas Brega between the sea and the coast and what you described Altptin that call one (Tepe broom) and Aatzkr officer narrator name of the afterlife, but I explained to you how scored (commander of the fighter), the largest share in defeating the bastards while bustles Smaúhm noise of the planes.

including F-16 and الرافال fighters that did not kill Ahdinm (11 +5 +1) at the time was (Commander Fighter) hasten to kill out between Tptin death <Tepe broom and Tabba corresponding> The officers The 5 asking him to wait until the gathering the largest number of bastards to be defeated with machine guns and launchers onshore Ji neighborhood was commander of the fighter fighter sense of the word and the extent of his rifle superimposed and Rite Center for اوباش and death was Yabalash ……

until Mathaddd place of strength (11 +5 +1) between Tptin death The bastards Haulo that Enhoha mortar and artillery intensified on Musdrneran (11 +5 +1) here returned (Alqaúdalmqatl) taking advantage of the degree of Staff of the war when he applied for wirelessly مدفعيتنا a deal with the source of enemy fire of unknown new place by the enemy and actually Jaoppe Artillery me the speed of the new place my fire again and dense Bagtt the enemy and forced him to withdraw <escape> and return to Aolm.

On this day really felt the joy of fasting Firstly to me that we have benefited studied the lessons of fighting a second Nana promised Palmatsam God unscathed غأنمآ three to Nanna did not lose any one of (11 +5 +1).
(IV Ontdharo .….

us money know about Billah) (combatant commander)
In the publication’s No. 2 Mutasim was with us

Martyr Billah
ما لا تعرفونه عن المعتصم (منشور رقم 1)
المعروف عند كل الليبين أن الدكتور المعتصم بالله قد تحصل علي درجة أركان الحرب في العلوم العسكرية وبمتياز مع العلم أنه ليس الوحيد الذي تحصل عليها في ضباط الجيش الليبي.فمنهم من تحصل علي درجات أعلا ولكن الذي (لاتعرفونه عن المعتصم)
الذي تعالى به علي كل ضباط الجيش الليبي هو……..قيادت المعارك بلأ غطاء جوي وبي أقل عتاد وعده وبدون اللجواء الي أعلاء رتبه بل العكس الي الحوار ورفع المعنويات لي ادنه رتبه ….وكان هذا سر صمود جبهة البريقة …….(وهنا أروي لكم ماقد رواه لي احدالضباط القتاليين في أحد المحاور في جبهة البريقة وكان ادنا وادنا الرتبه وسرد لي الاتي…>
وكان هذا الضابط مطلوب منه التواجد في محور الساحل الذي يتوسط المحاور القتالية في جبهه البريقة اي شمال محور البحر وجنوب محور النهر…..
في حين تواجده في ارض المعركة وكان يروي لي في احد المواقف التي منها ….
عرفت مالا نعرفه عن (القائد المقاتل المعتصم)
.وهو بهذه القصه يتحول من قائد أركان حراب الي مقاتل شرس يجيد فن القتال ويجيده بدقه وشجاعه..وهنا أستوقفت متمعنن مايقال عن هذا (القائد المقاتل المعتصم)
وهي لم تحصل في التاريخ العسكري بل حصلت في تاريخ الحرب علي ليبيا 2011 في جبهة البريقة …
تحديدآ حين كان العدو يتوعد بي الوصول الي هذه المدينة من موعد الي اخر وكان قائد الحرب علي ليبيا نيكولا سركوزي وقد اعطي اكثر من موعد لدخول الي البريقة ………
وماكانت الموعوقات ياترى ؟؟؟
لولا وقوف (القائد المقاتل المعتصم)بين موقاتليه…ان في يوم11رمضان 2011 كان العدو مندفع بكل مااوتي من قوه من البحر والبر والجو لدخول البريقة تنفيذآ الي تعليمات الاعلاءرتبه وقوه وادنا عقيده وأيمان متناسيين الله الاعلا فى هذا الهجوم الغاشم .ضغط العدو واعوانه على محور البحر الموازي لي محور الساحل …
.هنا طلب من محور الساحل مساندة محور البحر حيث قام ضباط المحور في وضع خطه تكتيكيه مناسبه لمسانده القوة المدافعة عن هذه المدينة التي شهدا لصمودها العدو نفسه………(وهنا دخل القائد المقاتل )علي ضباط المحور في مقر أيقامتهم وهم يناقشون الكم والنوع للقوة المساندة للمحور الذي يشهد نوع من الضغط وجلس(القائد المقاتل المعنصم) بدون ان يعقب علي كلامهم حتي فهم منهم مايتعرض لهو المحور البحر من ضغط متكرر من العدو.وسمع منهم نوع الأليات التي يودون المسانده به …وبعدها وضع (القائد المقاتل ) بصمته مالم يتوقعه الضباط ..وقال لهم سأشارك في القوه المسانده لمحور البحر ليس بالراي فقط وانماء بالقتال وأصرا علي ذالك…وقال نحنو سوف نضراب الجنب بأقل قوه وهي…مالاتتوقعوه من
(القائد المقاتل) عدد 3 رشاشات اغراض عامه 2قاذف اربي جي وبنادق أف أن وكلاشن كوف متوزعه على(11+5+1)_____11جندي 5ظباط (1القائد المقاتل)
واصر علي تقليل عدد الافراد هنا صار الخلاف بين(القائد المقاتل ) وباقي الضباط الـــ5 التابعين الي محور الساحل علي مشاركة(الدكتور المعتصم بالله معمر القذافي)من عدمها ووصل الخلاف بينهم الي اعلا مراتيه وابئ (القائد المقاتل) الا المشاركة……وقالو له هل تريدنا ان نخصرك فقال لهم انا غدآ صباحآ اجدكم فى انتظاري ولا تعلمو احد تاني غيركم ونلتقي الساعة 7صباحآ في المكان المعلوم وقام بتناول وجبه السحور مع الضباط ….وفعلآ 7 صباحآ هو من ايقضهم وذهبو جميعآ بالقوه التي حددها (11+5+1) الي المكان المطلوب التواجد به لانجاز المناوره من الجنب الايمن وضربه وفعلآ ضربو الجنب وكان (للقائد المقاتل) النصيب الاكبر في دحر العدو.. وكان يحمل بندقيه نواع أف ان وللوصف الدقيق كانت القوة المسانده لضرب الجنب متمركزه بين تبتين في تضريس البريقة بين البحر والساحل وما وصفت لكم التبتين التي تسمي احدهما (تبة الرتم) ولايتذكر الضابط الراوي اسم الاخره الا لي اوضح لكم كيف احرز(القائد المقاتل) النصيب الاكبر في دحر الاوباش في حين تضج سمائهم بضجيج الطائرات.منها أف 16 والرافال المقاتلات التى لم تقتل احدمن(11+5+1) في حينها كان(القائد المقاتل) يسارع في قتل من يخرج بين تبتين الموت<تبة الرتم والتبه المقابلة لها>وكان الضباط الـــــــ5 يطلبون منه الانتظار الي غايه تجمع اكبر عدد من الاوباش لكي يتم دحرهم بالرشاشات وقواذف الربي جي حينا كان القائد المقاتل مقاتل بمعني الكلمه وعلى مدى بندقيته فرضه وشعيره ومركز لاوباش والموت كانت يابلاش ……الي غاية ماتحدد مكان القوه (11+5+1) بين تبتين الموت وحاولو الاوباش ان ينهوها بقذائف الهاون وتكثيف المدفعية على مصدرنيران(11+5+1) هنا رجع(القائدالمقاتل) مستفيدآ من درجة اركان الحرب حين قام بطلب لاسلكيآ من مدفعيتنا ان تتعامل مع مصدر نيران العدو من مكان جديد غير معروف من قبل العدو وفعلآ جاوبه المدفعيه بي سرعه من مكان جديد بي نار جديد وكثيفه باغثت العدو واجبرته علي الانسحاب <الفرار> والرجوع الي اوكرهم وفي هذا اليوم فعلآ احسسنا بفرحة الصائم أولآ لي اننا أستفدنا درس في دروس القتال ثانيآ لننا عدنا بالمعتصم بالله سالمآ غأنمآ ثلاثآ لننا لم نخسر اي احد من(11+5+1)
(رابعآ أنتضرو…..منا مالا تعرفونه عن المعتصم بالله)(القائد المقاتل)
في المنشـــــــــــــور رقم 2 فى المعتصم كان معنـــــــا

It was the March, the second millionth and crawl Bible .. March millions first witnessed in Green Square were not residents of the city of Tripoli, only has crawled the masses of all the cities and rural areas and villages in the direction of Green Square and was a peaceful march express anger over the NATO bombing of military sites and civilian in Libya and support for the legitimacy of the existing system at the time and a strong message to customers that millions of of the Libyan people aware of the plot threads, the Muammar Alqma the commander refused to …


March, the second millionth and crawl Bible ..
By \ musician:

March millions first witnessed in Green Square were not residents of the city of Tripoli, only has crawled the masses of all the cities and rural areas and villages in the direction of Green Square and was a peaceful march express anger over the NATO bombing of military sites and civilian in Libya and support for the legitimacy of the existing system at the time and a strong message to customers that millions of of the Libyan people aware of the filament plot, refused to leader Muammar Gaddafi convert this march millions to creep sacred gunman on the areas that were the scene of the chapters of the plot, but the march millionth second will be the same crawl Holy armed all the cities of Libya to overthrow the government vulnerable treacherous,

and in this process will watch the world coming from urban and rural areas and villages, crawling on the capital in a scene historic resembles creep Mao Zedong Bible on Beijing to liberate China from the Tsars corruption and crawled General Franco for the Liberation of Spain, as it was in this historical facts fifth column waiting for the moment to crawl فالعاصمة Tripoli by a fifth column waiting for an hour crawl more than الزاحفين themselves, the sons of the revival of Tripoli killed every day and is abducted and tortured by al-Qaeda in the silence of the government subservient, as well as all the cities of Libya suffer the absence of security and safety,

this crawl Bible which appeared heralds to grant known and well-read the situation in Libya will depend the doctrine of the former regime only it includes supporters of the former regime and Nadmon and want to restore the lives of the past safe, decisiveness or crawl Bible became commanding a foregone conclusion for this you see that customers are not interested only steal money and life insurance diaspora there remains one question and difficult to answer, where you will stop revenge Next is the other with crawling Bible? No one knows and no one can stop the flood of feelings of revenge in the hearts of Zahvon who have suffered oppression and injustice, God alone knows if he wanted the Libyan people with good will stems Zahvon of the principle of non-extravagant in retaliation so as not to go back to square one and sit in the place of demons who play havoc Libya today.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and still continues playing.

Major-General SAADI al-Qathafi (above):
and Captain Hannibal (below):

Yes, apparently over 1 man–whom EVIL so desperately fears..because Muammar’s truth and utterances and works come all from the only source of GOOD (from God). THIS IS WHY THEY DESIRE TO KILL and destroy all that Muammar al-Qathafi does.
How the Libyan regime fell secrets and subtleties and the whole truth speech is very important and dangerous:



    THE LADY OF AL -AZIZIA:“She was called Slema Bent Maghawess سليمة بنت مقوس . A woman from the tribe of A Nnawael النوايل . She became famous in February, 1912 for participating in all the battles against the Italians in Tripoli region since the invasion. She was injured when a bullet hit her chest. She was transported to her home for treatment and rest. After two weeks she was back to take her position between the Mujahedeen. Paul Tristan, correspondent of the French newspaper ‘Le Petit Marseillais’ of the city of Marseille became fond of her and gave her a present: A Sword. Georges Remond, correspondent of the Parisian ‘L’Illustration’ took a picture of her holding her sword as you see below. Georges Remond wrote also that twelve fighting women joined her, in the Al Azizia Mujahedeen camp, later on arriving from Fezzan.”
    Now we know why Muammar named his living quarters subdivision: BAB AZAZIYA !

    • ———————

      Media Disinformation and the Conspiracy Panic Phenomenon

      Global Research, May 24, 2013

      To posit that one’s government may be partially composed of unaccountable criminal elements is cause for serious censure in polite circles. Labeled “conspiracy theories” by a corporate media that prompt and channel emotionally-laden mass consent, such perspectives are quickly dispatched to the memory hole lest they prompt meaningful discussion of the political prerogatives and designs held by a global power elite coordinating governments and broader geopolitical configurations.

      Cultural historian Jack Bratich terms such phenomena “conspiracy panics.” Potentially fostered by the coordinated actions of government officials or agencies and major news organs to generate public suspicion and uncertainty, a conspiracy panic is a demonstrable immediate or long-term reactive thrust against rational queries toward unusual and poorly understood events. To be sure, they are also intertwined with how the given society acknowledges and preserves its own identity—through “the management and expulsion of deviance.”[1]

      In the American mass mind, government intelligence and military operations are largely seen as being directed almost solely toward manipulation or coercion of unfortunate souls in foreign lands. To suggest otherwise, as independent researchers and commentators have done with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA-Contra-crack cocaine connection, and 9/11, has been cause for sustained conspiracy panics that act to suppress inquiry into such events by professional and credentialed opinion leaders, particularly journalists and academics.

      At the same time a conspiracy panic serves a subtle yet important doctrinal function of manifesting and reproducing the apt ideational status quo of the post-Cold War, “War on Terror” era. “The scapegoating of conspiracy theories provides the conditions for social integration and political rationality,” Bratich observes. “Conspiracy panics help to define the normal modes of dissent. Politically it is predicated on a consensus of ‘us’ over against a subversive and threatening ‘them.’”[2] These days especially the suggestion that an official narrative may be amiss almost invariably puts one in the enemy camp.

      Popular Credence in Government Conspiracy Narratives

      The time for a conspiracy panic to develop has decreased commensurately with the heightened spread and availability of information and communication technology that allows for the dissemination of news and research formerly suppressed by the perpetual data overload of corporate media. Before the wide access to information technology and the internet, independent investigations into events including the JFK assassination took place over the course of many years, materializing in book-length treatments that could be dismissed by intelligence assets in news media and academe as the collective activity of “conspiracy buffs”—amateurish researchers who lack a government or privately-funded sinecure to overlook or obscure inquiry into deep events.

      Not until Oliver Stone’s 1991 blockbuster film JFK, essentially an adoption of works by author Jim Marrs, Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, did a substantial conspiracy panic take shape as a response to such analysis thrust upon the public in popular narrative form. This panic arose from and centered around Hollywood’s apt challenge to traditional journalism’s turf alongside commercial news outlets’ typically deceptive interpretation of the event and almost wholly uncritical treatment of the Warren Commission Report.

      Shortly thereafter investigative journalist Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” series for the San Jose Mercury News demonstrated the internet’s capacity to explain and document a government conspiracy. With Webb’s painstaking examination of the CIA’s role in the illicit drug trade hyperlinked to a bevy of documentation and freely distributed online, the professional journalistic community and its intelligence penumbra fell silent for months.

      In the interim the story picked up steam in the non-traditional outlets of talk radio and tabloid television, with African Americans especially intrigued by the potential government role in the crack cocaine epidemic. Then suddenly major news outlets spewed forth a vitriolic attack on Webb and the Mercury News that amazingly resulted in the Mercury‘s retraction of the story and Webb’s eventual departure from the paper and probable murder by the US government.[3]

      Criticism of Webb’s work predictably focused on petty misgivings toward his alleged poor judgment—specifically his intimation that the CIA intentionally caused the crack epidemic in African American communities, an observation that many blacks found logical and compelling. So not only did Webb find himself at the center of a conspiracy panic because of his assessment of the CIA’s role in the drug trade; he was also causing mass “paranoia” within African American communities allegedly predisposed toward such thinking.

      Since the mid-1990s conspiracy panics have increasingly revolved around an effort by mainstream news media to link unorthodox political ideas and inquiry with violent acts. This dynamic was crystallized in Timothy McVeigh, the principal suspect in the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing, who through the propaganda-like efforts of government and major news media was constructed to symbolize the dangers of “extremist” conspiratorial thought (his purported fascination with white supremacism and The Turner Diaries) and violent terrorist action (the bombing itself). Conveniently overlooked is the fact that McVeigh was trained as a black ops technician and still in US Army employ at the time of his 2001 execution.[4]

      Through a broad array of media coverage and subsequent book-length treatments by the left intelligentsia on the “radical right,” the alleged lone wolf McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing became forever coupled in the national memory. The image and event seemingly attested to how certain modes of thought can bring about violence–even though McVeigh’s role in what took place on April 19 was without question one part of an intricate web painstakingly examined by the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee [5] and in the 2011 documentary A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995.

      The Quickening Pace of Conspiracy Panics

      Independent researchers and alternative media utilizing the internet have necessitated the rapid deployment of conspiracy panic-like reactions that appear far less natural and spontaneous to neutralize inquiry and bolster the official narratives of momentous and unusual events. For example, wide-scale skepticism surrounding the May 1, 2011 assault on Osama bin Laden’s alleged lair in Pakistan was met with efforts to cultivate a conspiracy panic evident in editorials appearing across mainstream print, broadcast, and online news platforms. The untenable event supported only by President Obama’s pronouncement of the operation was unquestioningly accepted by corporate media that shouted down calls for further evidence and alternative explanations of bin Laden’s demise as “conspiracy theories.”

      Indeed, a LexisNexis search for “bin Laden” and “conspiracy theories” yields over five hundred such stories and opinion pieces appearing across Western print and broadcast media outlets for the week of May 2, 2011.[6]

      “While much of America celebrated the dramatic killing of Osama bin Laden,” the Washington Post opined, “the Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists still had questions. For them and a growing number of skeptics, the plot only thickened.”[7]

      Along these lines retired General Mark Kimmitt remarked on CNN, “Well, I’m sure the conspiracy theorists will have a field day with this, about why it was done? Was it done? Is he still alive?”[8]

      “The conspiracy theorists are not going to be satisfied,” Glenn Beck asserted. “Next thing you know, Trump is going to ask for the death certificate, and is it the real death certificate? And then all hell breaks loose.”[9]

      Like 9/11 or the Gulf of Tonkin, the narrative has since become a part of official history, disingenuously repeated in subsequent news accounts and elementary school history books—a history handed down from on high and accepted by compromised, unintelligent, or simply lazy journalists perpetuating nightmare fictions to a poorly informed and intellectually idle public.

      This psycho-symbolic template is simultaneously evident in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and Boston Marathon bombing (BMB) events and their aftermaths. Indeed, the brief yet intense Sandy Hook conspiracy panic, and to a lesser degree that of the BMB, revolved at least partially around the “conspiracy theory professor,” who, as a credentialed member of the intellectual class, overstepped his bounds by suggesting how there are many unanswered questions related to the tragedies that might lead one to conclude—as social theorist Jean Baudrillard observed concerning the 1991 Gulf War—that the events did not take place, at least in the way official pronouncements and major media have represented them. It is perhaps telling that critical assessments of domestic events and their relatedness to a corrupt media and governing apparatus are so vigorously assailed.

      Yet to suggest that the news and information Americans accept as sound and factual on a routine basis is in fact a central means for manipulating their worldviews is not a matter for debate. Rather, it is an empirically verifiable assertion substantiated in a century of public relations and psychological warfare research and practice. Such propaganda efforts once reserved for foreign locales are now freely practiced in the US to keep the population increasingly on edge.

      Still, a significant portion of the population cannot believe their government would lie to or mislead them, especially about a traumatic and emotional event involving young children or running enthusiasts. To suggest this to be the case is not unlike informing a devoted sports fan that her team lost a decisive game after she’s been convinced of an overwhelming win. Such an allegation goes against not only what they often unconsciously accept to be true, but also challenges their substantial emotional investment in the given mediated event.

      In a revealing yet characteristic move the reaction by corporate media outlets such as the New York Times, FoxNews, CNN, and in the case of the BMB the New York Times-owned Boston Globe, has been not to revisit and critique their own slipshod coverage of the Newtown massacre or BMB that often bordered on blatant disinformation, but rather to divert attention from any responsible self-evaluation by vilifying the messenger in what have been acute conspiracy panics of unusual proportion.

      As a disciplinary mechanism against unsettling observations and questions directed toward political leaders and the status quo, conspiracy panics serve to reinforce ideas and thought processes sustained by the fleeting yet pervasive stimuli of infotainment, government pronouncements, and, yes, the staged events that have been part and parcel of US news media and government collaboration dating at least to the Spanish-American war. Despite (or perhaps because of) the immense technological sophistication at the dawn of the twenty-first century a majority of the population remains bound and shackled in the bowels of the cave, forever doomed to watch the shadows projected before them.

      [1] Jack Z. Bratich, Conspiracy Panics: Political Rationality and Popular Culture, Albany NY: State University of New York Press, 2008.
      [2] Bratich, Conspiracy Panics, 11.
      [3] Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, “Evidence Begins to Indicate Gary Webb Was Murdered,”, December 15, 2004; Charlene Fassa, “Gary Webb: More Pieces in the Suicided Puzzle, Pt. 1,”, December 11, 2005.
      [4] Death Certificate of Timothy James McVeigh, June 11, 2001,,%20timothy.pdf
      [5] Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee, Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, April 19, 1995, 2001. See also Oklahoma City: What Really Happened? Chuck Allen, dir., 1995.
      [6] See James F. Tracy, “State Propaganda, Historical Revisionism, and Perpetuation of the 911 Myth,” and, May 6, 2012.
      [7] Emily Wax, “Report of bin Laden’s Death Spurs Questions From Conspiracy Theorists,” Washington Post, May 2, 20111.
      [8] Gen. Mark Kimmitt on CNN Breaking News, “Osama bin Laden is Dead,” CNN, May 2, 2011.
      [9] Glenn Beck, “Beck for May 2, 2011,” Fox News Network, May 2, 2011.
      _____________When Muammar went to Versailles in DEC 2007:
      Mu Versailes 17 in DEC 2007
      Mu unforgettable

      Yaklb Aamili, move it to Khater great regard
      One of the finest poems by and composed by the poet Ali al-Kilani, may God protect him of his comrades Omar series, or O Mlyn Update artery vein ايصب in or O milli …
      ياقلب يامليان , انقلها علي خاطر كبير الشان
      من اروع القصائد التي كتبها ولحنها الشاعر علي الكيلاني حفظه الله من سلسلة رفاقه عمر , او يــــــا مــلــيــان ابديت الوريد ايصب في الشريان او يــــــا مــلــي…

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