Knight Mujahid Muammar al-Qathafi

Flower of the mountain springs good and ÇäÔÇááĺ the green flag covering every inch of the Great Lord soon.
زهرة الجبل ينابيع الخير وانشالله الرايه الخضراء تغطي كل شبر في العظمى قريبا يارب

O Ras crown glory, O our leader:


MUAMMAR al-Qathafi:

Free intervention on the current regional situation, and emphasizes that federalism is the solution.

22 MAY 2013

The Great Jamahiriya is Returning!

Dokki Aasaah heroes • • delayed long • • haram majority of the Aalonmal
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And is still a novel Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar realized we see day after day defied.

Sheikh Mr. Abdulsalam Al Asmar, the Libyan people
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Knight Mujahid Muammar al-Qathafi

His Excellency leader Bomenaar# Libya
People gather on home ground
And add to the dreams of young people hope
Condyle and swear in the harshest of adversity
Multiply injustice edit necks
Calculate the liberation of the span of time
So we are .. We learned arithmetic,,,,,
Morning near victory
Mu umbrella
جمع الشعب على أرض الوطن
و أضف أملاً لأحلام الشباب
واقسم اللقمة في أقسى المـِحـن
واضرب الظلم بتـحرير الرقاب
واحسب التحرير من عمر الزمن
هكذا نحن .. تعلمنا الحـســـاب,,,,,
صبـــــــــــــــاح النـــــــــصر القــــــــــــريــــــب
(غريبه وطني)
LIBYA national strange

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and the leader Muammar al-Qathafi, please support and participation.

Green thought
To Alndharah goers Third World

And this little bit of what has been prepared from the picture saws ..

Libyan Youth Association is an association purely civilian purpose social functions organized things after editing

and make life easier for individuals and public notification in the event of irregularities during the crawl, it also

functions to protect public utilities (radio stations, hospitals …..)

Citizen appeal to the Libyan tribes

Please secrecy and confidentiality in the formation of cells (cell consists of 3 to a few individuals)

اخبار المقاومة الليبية(كتيبة اللواء الاخضر الاكتروني )
News Libyan resistance (Green Brigade battalion-mail)

وهدا القليل من ماتم اعداده من صور ومناشير ..

Which came in a letter from Dr. Hamza Thami  on 27/05/2013, for young rats

“Rats you judge yourselves, we do not judge you, we have a case and we have a homeland, our youth in income exist among you, for those who say Wayne Zahvon Wayne arrivals, Watton on Vkronh (turtle) and other speech naive to say: I say I swear by God and Allah is what I say , I swear to God we are more you in Ktaúpkm, in Bwabatkm, in your offices, in Astbaratkm, everywhere we are more of you, but leave the Libyan citizen and wipe convinced you to the ground….

Misrata Incidentally Misrata where a very large number of Liberal and in their own house Misrata and this خذوها official from me, and a lot of them speaking to me, it was Abamkan accessed in a period not exceeding three days, but they have put their children and their wives screens and they know well well not for fear of the armed people and volunteers on their wives and their children entered in 3 days, the people Alenclh and battalions volunteer does not disappear symptoms like them, but symptoms disappear behind them, you know that the commander was Abamkana to erase Misrata whole, I swear to God it was Abamkana that using 5 or 6 missiles and Amahaha from the face of the Earth and Commander prevent the use of missiles in Misrata and asked fighting with small arms, this all Zbat people and armed brigade 32 brave officers know.

Must fight fate, oh retrace Libya Loya either die without it and leave million controls the necks of the people, we have to wipe tears Jaúzna and tears Alitmamy and bereaved who bombed NATO, we are determined to restore Libya Oh rats nor Issaurkm any doubt.
Who write Wayne arrivals, where Zahvon, tell them we’re not coming, we are in the midst of, in Soeriakm, in Bwabatkm, in the army, in شرطتكم, in your security, in Astbaratkm, we are located For your information we are more of you, we offer you the chance to Tguetnawa ‘In the last Libyan blood is not cheap, in the last one who dies from here or there is the blood of Libby, we’re not like you, we are sure on the blood of Libyans more of you a thousand times, so we know our leader.
You know that our leader were Abamkana to use force that erased entire regions and you know O Ajerman, chemical and missile force.

That you have the dignity return to the Liberal Turn to the right, the Liberal determined to restore Libya you or without you, Battle Re revenge and honor to come and will not leave Libyans Istrozkon in Africa, Europe and Car Wash in the Gulf, has emerged and chose the right.

They say to you Taghi, God you thought quietly, do you if overwhelming for the Ghiryani and sculpted and Belhadj and owners beards alive now? Told you that Muammar stole your money, and see all the investments in Africa, Asia and in the world registered Abasmkm all revenue coming into the treasury of the Libyan people, where palaces Sons ? where their companies? where their money? Does it make sense states that have dealt with you two years in the bombardment could not detect his money? pain think about all this? pain think of revenge on the bastards who were the cause of the corruption of you and destroy your country and underestimated you and steal your money? Jaopponi frankly Where is your conscience? Do Stesficon when you will not find a homeland? arrows now Mksomin between overseas prisons and the rest watching and even farms Akhztamoha, where you run the country? even Atharkm sold in Europe and the graves of ancestors detonated.

God said you, O sons of Libya seducer them and Alamadhok of them and let your supporters and opponents, is not your honor? Do not you have dignity? Do not you have a sense? Wallis Libya your country and your people? But Tafrkron in which brought the country to this case? Why Jneetm? Poverty, lack of respect and good things preying eyes of your eye, say to you, Do not talk about oil, the oil minister said, Do not talk about oil, oil matter government does not matter Allepiean the. was commander instruct every day to detect the amount of oil exported and you hear every day at the end of the newsletter for the amount of oil source.

Alice your mind? Laughed you, Aghtsoa sisters and Ahnohn for Qatar and you know this well Altalam he words مسؤوليكم and Qataris, stole Amulkm, killed your children, is the beneficiary?
Was benefiting from projects that were built, hundreds of thousands of residential projects where is it now? Are all ruined, the good of your country and your oil took him from you, they bombed brothers Vdftm the to them and Awwadtm them about Bncodkm bombs.

Said what you said the emir of Qatar when Tzhardm against him? Told you mouth Rumours and you heard: God opens you, means Achtrakm the money through customers who now Agmonakm and all Mphatham when Qatar, you know, any official appointed only on the orders of Qatar.

You dream that become Dubai Catheria and wealthy Dubai are hated and outcasts in the world and you know that the world is perceived on the basis that they dogs

Thertm and died to your children in order to control Misratah Here now Misrata control is Sbaanha, Thertm in order to Tawwadoa Jews and Altalian here they are taking from Petrolkm after he was commander demanding compensate, Thertm for controlled base on Libya, here now dominant, Thertm in order to return to Fezzan and control the desert, now in control and Hadhm exist and all the boredom revels in Libya, Thertm in order to Thinwa tribes one another and the theft of their homes and burned, is here Nhpettm and Sergtm and Ahrguetm and slain, and by any other name? the name of freedom, where is the freedom now? at least before you before you say that Muammar was Asjnna and, far from speaking cut off his head, you now تقسمون and your meal on two.

You know very well that world Ihtermkm to positions قائدكم with disadvantaged and oppressed countries, if not him, but a good one They knees invaders and make them accept the hand son of Omar Mukhtar, kofta this good.
You were in your security and Amanatkm and Boukaratkm, so some families were take into pensions illegally and the state did not intervene as a matter of leaving the Libyan citizen doubles incomes, ye lords above the ground, even without money, you Tchehron Pkramtkm and Bashrvkm and Bajaddadkm and Qubaúlkm not Fkhroa days money (in the era of our leader and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ).

مما جاء في رسالة الدكتور حمزة يوم 27-5-2013 للجرذان الصغارانتم تعلمون جيدا ان العالم يحترمكم لمواقف قائدكم مع الدول المغبونة والمقهورة,لو لم تكن له الا حسنة واحدة وهي تركيع الغزاة وجعلتهم يقبلون يد ابن عمر المختار,لكفته هذه الحسنة.
كنتم في امنكم وامناتكم وبخيراتكم,حتى بعض العائلات كانت تاخذ في معاشات بطريقة غير شرعية والدولة لم تتدخل من باب ترك المواطن الليبي يضاعف من مداخيله,كنتم اسياد فوق الارض حتى بدون مال,كنتم تشهرون بكرامتكم وبشرفكم وباجدادكم وقبائلكم ولم تفتخروا يوما بالمال(في عهد القائد)
انتم تحلمون ان تصبحوا كاثرياء دبي واثرياء دبي مكروهون ومنبوذون في العالم وانتم تعلمون ان العالم ينظر اليهم على اساس انهم كلابثرتم ومات اولادكم من اجل ان تحكم مصراتة هاهي الان مصراتة تحكم هي وصبيانها,ثرتم من اجل ان تعوضوا اليهود والطاليان هاهم ياخذون من بترولكم بعدما كان القائد يطالب بتعويضهم,ثرتم من اجل تسيطر القاعدة على ليبيا ,هاهي الان مسيطرة,ثرتم من اجل ان يعودوا الى فزان ويسيطروا على الصحراء, الان مسيطرين وقاعدهم موجودة وكل الملل ترتع في ليبيا,ثرتم من اجل ان تهينوا قبائل بعضكم وسرقة منازلهم واحراقها,هاقد نهبتم وسرقتم واحرقتم وقتلتم وباي اسم؟باسم الحرية,اين هي الحرية الان؟على الاقل من قبل كنتم من قبل تقولون ان معمر كان يسجننا والان من يتكلم تقطع راسه,انتم الان تقسمون وجبتكم على اثنان
اليس لديكم عقل؟ضحكوا عليكم,اغتصوا اخواتكم وشحنوهن لقطر وانتم تعرفون هذا الطلام جيدا انه كلام مسؤوليكم والقطريين,سرقوا امولكم,قتلوا اولادكم,من هو المستفيد؟
من كان يستفيد من المشاريع التي كانت تبنى,مئات الالاف من المشاريع السكنية اين هي الان؟كلها خربت,خير بلادكم ونفطكم اخذوه منكم,قصفوا اخوانكم فدفعتم لهم وعوضتم لهم عن القنابل بنقودكمقال ماذا قال لكم امير قطر عندما تظاهرتم ضده؟قال لكم بالفم المليان وانتم سمعتموه:يفتح الله عليكم,يعني اشتراكم بالنقود عن طريق عملائه الذين يحكمونكم الان وكلهم مفاتحهم عند قطر ,انتم تعلمون اي مسؤول لا يعين الا بامر من قطر
قال بالله عليكم يا ابناء ليبيا المغرر بهم والمضحوك عليهم واتركوا كلمة مؤيد ومعارض,اليس لديكم شرف؟ اليس لديكم كرامة؟ اليس لديكم احساس؟اليس ليبيا بلدكم وبلد اهلكم؟الا تفركرون في الذي اوصل البلد الى هذا الحال؟ماذا جنيتم؟الفقر ,قلة الاحترام والخيرات تنهب عيني عينك,قالوا لكم لا تتكلموا عن النفط,وزير النفط قال لا تتكلموا عن النفط,النفط يهم الحكومة ولا يهم الليبييين.القائد كان كل يوم يصدر تعليماته لكشف كمية النفط المصدرة وكنتم كل يوم تسمعون في نهاية النشرة عن كمية النفط المصدر.
قالوا لكم طاغي,بالله عليكم فكروا بهدوء,هل لو كان طاغيا لكان الغرياني والمنقوش وبلحاج واصحاب اللحى احياء الان؟قالوا لكم ان معمر سرق مالكم,فانظروا كل الاستثمارات في افريقيا واسيا وفي العالم مسجلة باءسمكم وكل العائدات تدخل الى خزينة الشعب الليبي,اين قصور اولاده؟اين شركاتهم؟اين نقودهم؟هل من المعقول الدول التي تعاملت معكم سنتين في القصف لا تستطيع الكشف عن نقوده؟الم تفكروا في كل هذا؟الم تفكروا في الانتقام من الاوباش الذين كانوا سبب في التغرير بكم وتدمير بلدكم والاستهانة بكم وسرقة مالكم؟جاوبوني بصراحة اين ضمائركم؟هل ستسفيقون عندما لن تجدوا وطن؟الازلام الان مقسومين بين الخارج والسجون والباقي يتفرج وحتى المزارع اخذتموها,فاين تسيرون بالبلد؟حتى اثاركم تباع في اوروبا وقبور اجدادكم فجروها
ان كانت لديكم كرامة ارجعوا الى الاحرار ارجعوا الى الحق,الاحرار مصممين على استرجاع ليبيا بكم او بدونكم ,معركة رد الثار والشرف قادمة ولن يتركوا الليبيين يسترزقون في افريقيا واوروبا وغسل السيارات في الخليج,لقد ظهر الحق واختاروا.
لابد من خوض معركة المصير,يا نسترجع ليبيا ويا اما نموت دونها ونترك مليون تتحكم في رقاب الناس,لابد من مسح دموع عجائزنا ودموع اليتمامى والثكالى الذين قصفهم الناتو,نحن مصممين على استرجاع ليبيا يا جرذان ولا يصاوركم اي شك.
الذين يكتبون اين القادمون,اين الزاحفون,نقول لهم نحن لسنا قادمون,نحن في وسطكم,في سراياكم,في بواباتكم,في جيشكم,في شرطتكم,في امنكم,في استخباراتكم,نحن موجودون ولعلمكم نحن موجودون اكثر منكم,نحن نقدم لكم فرصة حتى تقتنعوا’في الاخير الدم الليبي ليس رخيص,في الاخير الذي يموت من هنا او من هناك هو دم ليبي,نحن لسنا مثلكم,نحن احرص على دماء الليبيين اكثر منكم الف مرة,هكذا علمنا قائدنا.
انتم تعرفون ان قائدنا كان باءمكانه ان يستعمل القوة التي تمحي مناطق باكملها وانتم تعرفون يا اجرذان قوة الصواريخ والكيماوي
مصراتة وبالمناسبة مصراتة فيها عدد كبير جدا من الاحرار وفي عقر دار مصراتة وهذه خذوها رسمي من عندي والكثير منهم يكلمني,كان باءمكان الدخول اليها في مدة لا تزيد عن ثلاثة ايام الا انهم وضعوا اولادهم ونساءهم سواتر وهم يعرفون جيدا جيدا لولا خوف الشعب المسلح والمتطوعين على نساءهم واولادهم لدخلوها في 3 ايام,الشعب النسلح والكتائب المتطوعة لا تختفي بالاعراض مثلهم وانما الاعراض تختفي وراءهم,انتم تعرفون ان القائد كان باءمكانه ان يمحي مصراتة باكملها,اقسم بالله كان باءمكانه ان يستعمل 5 او 6 صواريخ ويمحيها من على وجه الكرة الارضية والقائد منع استعمال الصواريخ في مصراتة وطلب القتال بالاسلحة الخفيفة,هذا كل ظباط الشعب المسلح وضباط اللواء 32 الاشاوس يعرفوه.
بالامس كانوا ينادونكم بالثوار والان ينادونكم بالمجرمين والمليشيات,اين الشرق الان؟لا احد يحترمهم ولا احد يحكي عنها,الم تكن مركز اهتمام العالم؟بن غازي الان شانها شان اي قرية في ليبيا
الجرذان انتم احكموا على انفسكم,نحن لا نحكم عليكم,نحن لدينا قضية ولدينا وطن,شبابنا في الدخل موجودة بينكم,للذين يقولون اين الزاحفون اين القادمون,واتون على فكرونة(سلحفاة) وغيره من الكلام الساذج اقول:اقول اقسم بالله والله شهيد على ما اقول ,اقسم بالله نحن اكثر منكم في كتائبكم,في بواباتكم,في مكاتبكم,في استخباراتكم,في كل مكان نحن اكثر منكم,لكن نترك المواطن الليبي يقتنع ويمسح بكم الارض
Aaaaaaaajl … now on channel (so-called) ‘Free Libya‘ in the program arrived your voice now Mbacrrrr the ………….. Citizens from the east of Benghazi and Derna and white call and shout and say that security in the Middle collapsed, assassinations and chaos and Lisbon in the Congress and the government.
29 MAY 2013
Brother reveals the falsity of free resignation of Muhammed Maqrief the






اعلان عن مفقود:
الإسم: وسيم سالم عمر الهليب
مواليد: 1991
السكن: بني وليد
تم فقدانه يوم الأمس عند خروجه من بيتهم ولم يرجع لهذه اللحظة

فنتمنى على من يتعرف على المفقود أن يتصل بأهله على رقم الهاتف
Advertising is missing:
Name: handsome Salem Omar Alhlib
Born: 1991
Accommodation: Bani Walid
Was lost yesterday when he came out of their house and did not return for this moment

We hope to recognize lost to communicate with his family on the phone number




Appeal is important and necessary and urgent to honest city of Sabratha

The dark gangs and militias rats now campaigning catch is posted in front Brega Ohaws

the armed people and volunteers have been arrested so far 3 honest

To him fairly say change knows his place.



Khobar – Misratah – reporter

For the delivery of news, Major General “Yusuf Bouhger”, commander of the defensive zone
Zliten formerly affiliated with the former regime, for the city of Misrata
On Tuesday, after being called for by the Misurata City Zliten.

And note b that “Bouhger”, is leading the attack on the city
Misratah during the War of Liberation of the western front axle Aldavnih
Zliten, and as the Misratah demanded security source to “Bouhger”
After the news and Rhode information that will be smuggled in a few days
Coming, and Zliten has delivered for Misrata on Tuesday.


A new episode of the series for the carpenter is broken.

The morning attack on the headquarters of the Veterans Affairs Branch Misratah
It was taken it all files assigned to them on the Rapporteur’s mission travel and study abroad. Were also destroyed all devices located there.



Of operating room بتاجوراء the
Sadat Badri, head of the local council of Tripoli poses an initiative to resolve the crisis and deliver the two positions of the Ministry of Interior
Local and Tajora Council rejects the idea and considers it an insult to the rebels Tajora
And Misratah Council wants also handed over to the interior and also wanted more time to resolve the crisis amicably and the final response

from Misrata will be on tomorrow, God willing.

MISRATA ZIONIST RATS CAUSING horrible disturbances and terror:

Armed clashes between militias Tajura and Misratah militias stationed in an بتاجوراء camp near the Victory project.

If congestion and boiling بتاجوراء in any moment, perhaps things get out of hand and spoke of the disaster
Of operating room بتاجوراء the
Negotiations between Misrata and Tajura and deadlocked on leave Misurata militia belonging to the Al Rahba located بتاجوراء the camp and release from Misurata positions and it met to escalate at any moment
The next few hours are al-Faisal to this topic the moment the final answer did not arrive from Misrata as promised last night
Channel Tajora


Channel Alqtron

جردان Tajora spacious encircling the camp with heavy weapons and medium-controlled Misrata Brigades in the center of Tajura and give them warning final بإخلاءه before dawn.

The honeymoon ended Jermana
Urgent. Heavily convoy with heavy weapons and medium Etjhz in Misratah out toward Tajora and blew operations room Tajora send a call to all young Tajora to join immediately Bactaúbhm.

Violent confrontations a spacious بتاجوراء camp 30/05/2013

Confrontations in the spacious بتاجوراء camp between militias Misurata Tajaware.
On the back of Misrata’s occupation of the camp and emptied of all the weapons that were in it and kidnapped two young.

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 30 مايو, 2013 | 01:59

The Gaddafi International news agency – Tajora.

Confrontations in the camp spacious بتاجوراء between militias Misrata and Tajaware. 
on the back of the occupation of Misrata to the camp and emptied of all the weapons that were in it and the kidnapping of a young couple from him. 
Misrata on its way to a loss last and most important allies in Libya, “Tajora” ….. 
for the second time respectively infringe on two from rats Tajora and kissed her on battalion command 101 infantry بتاجوراء (lamp Hrna).

: المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية:

Armed militias holding Allashi Mahdi in Tripoli

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 30 مايو, 2013 | 04:04

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Kidnapping unit is known as the 320 martyrs battalion Alqtron called Allashi, Mehdi at a hotel in the capital Tripoli.

ÚÇÇÇÇĚá … Tajora ..

Deputy head of the local council Tajora .. On Tajura FM radio or

Calls for all residents of Tajura out as خرجو days of the revolution that يكونو in the deadline next Friday ..

For a peaceful march to the spacious camp .. To expel what he described militia stationed there.

Voice of heavy weapons in Tajura coastal road.
Tajora factory near the bridge direction of the vote.

(Naima Misrati)


Special – from the heart of the event
Available information that people have been arrested from Misratah and honorable people of Misratah innocent of them and the reason is because The Following persons were arrested two people suspected of murdering of Tajora.
And still shoot continuous and heavy inside the headquarters of an infantry battalion 101 and within the engineering Tajora camp.

It seems that Azwaiat are behind kidnapping Alhei the Mahdi .. Or at least been encouraged by some to do so!

Trading as unconfirmed reports the probability that Mr. Allashi, kidnapped by the so-called Office of Intelligence and Security Affairs states Ring! Which is headed by One Zhoyat and claims Bouhlom the cabled and news draws elements from the Ministry of Defence to his office in Tadjourah to convey the message his government to evacuate the immediate release of the Alahi fighter before things worsen.

Tajoura & Misratah

From Hamidiya بتاجوراء area Sadat al-Badri, head of the local council مايعرف Tripoli will travel to Misrata tomorrow to resolve the crisis of the abduction of three young Tajora.
Default Sayer said of the three-day Jet armed gang from Misrata and attacked on spacious بتاجوراء camp and Vrgath of arms and kidnapped three young and Rfthm to an unknown location

Almost certain news about the release of rebels Tajora the Misurata day tomorrow positions
Of operating room بتاجوراء the little while ago
To this topic moment and negotiations are underway in full swing
And declaring a state of security alert and raise the degree of danger بتاجوراء to the maximum degree
Latest News confirms that the negotiations are still going peacefully and almost certain news release Tajora rebel positions Misurata day tomorrow, God willing,
And we bring you the latest news of the moment they arrive.

(Maram Albuaiche)

An armed group belonging to Tajora in 101 and gate in front of the hospital cardiac arrest warrant for anyone of the population of Misrata, and news about the movement of armed force from Misrata and Gharghour decode the family, at the same time by some sheikhs and dignitaries of trying to solve the problem amicably.
These events after the battalion from Misratah kidnapping young Tajora and transferred to Misratah.

Tripoli – Tajora the 05/29/2013

Sharp terrible in the Heart Hospital Tadjourah saluting Qama inventory of Jardan working in the pharmacy at the hospital raping Ahaddalmamrdhat colleague Ba Hospital and Kdqama raped her brutally and نزفة including blood so much and was attended by security hospital and Astdau folks Amotsby There discreetly on the subject O Mahvd daughters Suffice God and yes, the agent

(The main الادمن)

The fall of the three-storey building in the city of five

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 30 مايو, 2013 | 03:58

The Gaddafi International News Agency – five.

A powerful explosion rocked the popular five last night, specifically in the neighborhood Alharatne and

resulted in the fall of the entire building and human damage according to the source.

The unidentified armed group in the early hours of yesterday morning, specifically at 3.13 blew up a house under

construction of three floors, the building back to invited Muhammad nonself.
damaged homes and المحالات the neighboring business, including even the mosque next door.

Kidnapping citizen Fahd Akkari in Tripoli

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 30 مايو, 2013 | 03:55

The Gaddafi International News Agency – abductions.

Fahd citizen were kidnapped Akkari from the front of their house in the neighborhood of Andalus Tripoli by the Camry without plates.





Member for Congress Party alliance tuber strong Fariha Khalifa Barkkawi of her husband, a former political prisoner claims July Hinad, the former member of the supporters gathered in great conqueror and Fixed documents.










A group of army officers in Benghazi stormed the headquarters staff in Benghazi because of the killings soldiers Subordinationist for and demand the dismissal of Army Chief of Staff Joseph carved and there Sovh be a statement of officers from inside the headquarters for heuristic:




Defense Minister illusion Mohammed البرغثي: the armor Libya revolutionary formations belonging to the Ministry of Defense, and Health for their loyalty neither the Brotherhood nor the other,- Libya very stable ~ We do not have militias ~ but formations revolutionary ”
– No truth of the charges against frequented employment to the Libyan army chief of staff, Joseph carved ”
– Resignation came in protest against the siege of people, mostly civilians, sovereign ministries and institutions ~ and the use of uniforms and some military vehicles in those events .. and I do not think that they were revolutionaries .. and military uniforms and weapons sold by shops “Defense Minister Mohammed البرغثي
Defense Minister Libyan Mohammed البرغثي that revolutionary formations affiliated to his ministry had a big role in calming the situation and impose security and border control, denying rumors about the loyalty of some of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya or other parties and political forces.

The البرغثي in an interview with German news agency (d. B. A) by telephone from Cairo: “Now the situation in Libya very stable and have militias, but formations revolutionary belonging to the Ministry of Defense, but did not incorporate all still in the Libyan army .. where incorporated some of them and the rest needs to integrate them more time until it receives these revolutionaries programs and educational courses and military educational institutions of the army. ”

With regard to the number of members of these formations and the size and quality of weapons in their possession, said: “The numbers are very large up to nearly 130 thousand of young revolutionaries .. has been integrated into 50 thousand of them army Libyan effectively, and the rest are still in front of them a chance to catch بنظائرهم in the military After rehabilitation course, or the police, or any other civilian agencies. ”

On the accusation elements of the shield Libya employment group Brothers to Libya or parking some elements of the shield behind the siege of the ministries and institutions of sovereign recently to pass a law political isolation, answered the minister: “This talk untrue .. there are interactions between the parties and political forces, but the armor Libya formations revolutionary subsidiary Ministry of Defense and have had Kperfi role to calm the situation, especially in the problems between the tribes and the imposition of security and control over our southern border, and without it to Libya was more chaos now. ”
He continued: “There is no truth to the loyalty of armor Libya is not for the Brotherhood nor the other political forces, are the formations will be reintegrated Qriya in the army after Tahlehm .. Similarly no truth to hesitate of charges against employment of the chief of staff of the Libyan army Joseph carved .. IFC military whole has not and will not interfere in political affairs. ”

And about what is being said about the possibility of turning the armies in the countries of the Arab Spring, particularly ascended the stream of political Islam to power of the armies of systems not national armies, he said: “the Libyan army mission to protect the homeland and its people can not be a follower of any forces or party or protector of her or helps them to take power, the latter in Libya, the only way the ballot box only. ”

And the resignation made by earlier this month after the siege of some of the ministries and institutions of a sovereign to compel the National Congress to pass a law political isolation, he said: “my resignation came in protest against the siege of people, mostly civilians, to the ministries and institutions, sovereign and the use of uniforms and some military vehicles in those events .. I do not think that they were revolutionaries .. and military uniforms sold by shops and arms, as I said all over the place. ”

He continued: “We have achieved in the case of some of our military vehicles in these events are said to be responsible for that elements of the shield to Libya, but the final results of the investigation did not reach us after .. But whatever the charge will undoubtedly be held accountable.”

He warned البرغثي of a repeat of the scenario of pressure to approve any decisions, hinting that he would use the time to use force, explained: “It was among the causes of my resignation is my desire to avoid the use of force against the people of Libya, but in the future may ننذر first and then may use force.”

And about the reasons for delay in the arrest of the perpetrators of accident attack on the U.S. embassy so far, despite confirming the ability of the security services and Libyan military individual to accomplish, despite the steady drumbeat of news about military cooperation U.S. in this regard, he said: “There is no interference Ottaaon U.S. military in this matter, and to my knowledge have been arrested or two is required in this case, is being prosecuted others according to the investigations undertaken by more of the Ministry of Justice. ”

The البرغثي that the law of insulation will not covered, unlikely to affect this law on the restructuring of the army across the comprehensiveness of some military leaders, explained: “I did not Atul any leadership position with the former regime as alleged by some media .. and military leaders to be covered by the law no longer exist Army of the foundation to understand the run out of the country. ”

He continued: “There are some officers law may apply to them because they have already worked in the security battalions and the revolutionary committees of the former regime, but this will not lead to a restructuring of the army.”

The minister denied the rumors about that fires the Green Mountain recently came mainly as a result of military strikes directed to Qaeda strongholds in Libya, and stressed: “This is not real, what caused the fire error individually and wind tribal characterized by strongly heat, and helped the spread of fire being in the season of harvest Wheat .. and yesterday we had fires in northern white people trapped were rescued by helicopters and asked the Italian side to provide us with aircraft fire. ”

And on the Declaration of Niger that Islamist militants are coming from the south Desert Libyan attacked the camps have recently fearing neighbors again be the area a haven for extremists and through the smuggling of arms, said البرغثي: “propaganda too many but we are in the last term we are watching the situation and controlled on our southern border and what happened Mali nothing to do with us. ”

He continued: “Islamic extremism exists in the countries of the Maghreb and others in the region, but not in Libya at all .. may be weapons were smuggled from Libya illegally كتهريب drugs and illegal immigration, but there are no elements or strongholds of al Qaeda in Libya.”

As for the border file and the complaint number of neighboring countries to smuggle large quantities of weapons from Libya to the inside, including a statement of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir that the weapons that leaks from Libya pose a threat to all countries in the region, said: “This talk will be a true one hundred percent if we are unable to control on it .. even if we did not we have taken several measures to prevent it. ”

He continued: “Libyan leadership may be her right to respond to formal charges that draws us about the smuggling of arms .. but with regard to the military establishment assure that there is no smuggling of arms as raised .. I remember we appointed military governor of the southern region and the launch reconnaissance planes in There patrol the unspoken warning that those planes will bomb any objects inside or outside across the border without any warning .. There is tuned shipments through the joint cooperation between the Libyan and Egyptian side or any of the neighboring countries. ”


Now meeting tribe Alawakir in Benghazi on the sense of saying to put an end to the death squads that wreaked

in the ground and, unfortunately, corruption these battalions calculated on Benghazi and loyalty Plaid Brotherhood
Two aspirations death Brigades, the O Awakir????
Wayne Kano Akalkm and Kabarkm Wayne Libya Khclha the country and NATO??
Wayne Rahu Testament documents and allegiance Li Tbtohm, the blood??

Tank and armored Emtemrkzatan in coastal pomegranate pressures and the presence of more than a checkpoint on the road.

Good Jay .. Good Guy
Libya security Aumann Allahu Akbar NATO O God is greatest O Qatar
Libya: the arrest of a foreign cell in possession of heavy weapons
Benghazi – Anatolia

Libyan army threw in Benghazi (east of the country), the arrest of a foreign cell in a farm on the outskirts of the city after an ambush by a CID of the Ministry of Interior.
In exclusive statements to the Anatolia correspondent, said an official with the arrest of Ahmed al-Obeidi cell: The operation resulted in the arrest of a foreign network of different nationalities and number about 7, who are from Egypt, Chad, Sudan and Syria.
He was found with them on missiles and anti-tank missiles and ammunition to heat some of the weapons used in the overthrow of the Great Jamahiriya in 2011.
The al-Obeidi, that were also found inside food containers, equipment and devices, and a container in which a group of Africans in the same farm were handed over to the competent authorities for investigation and find out who is behind them.
And witnessing Benghazi, which is the spark of the revolution against the Great Jamahiriya, several security breaches over the past months, including attacks on police stations and assassinations of people who were working on the device claims to internal security in the Great Jamahiriya.

Explosion in one of patrolling Thunderbolt Benghazi, resulting in the death of one soldier and wounding three others.

Rat Salem al-Obeidi: Benghazi
Anyone who wants to document the event heading for Galaa now two dead and four wounded in an explosion hawks Island

area of ​​al-Salam neighborhood atmosphere elements battalion of the trench and the situation is very bad!
There were body parts according Maurdna now!!

= Burning car and Sam bin Humaid, and the withdrawal of young blood of parents
The presence of women’s home after speaking with neighbors.
= Mchaek and the Elders of the tribe Alawakir absorb the anger of young people, and there
Several themes will announce it themselves.

RAT Salem al-Obeidi


Almost certain news from reliable sources talk about that tonight will split a group of officers of the Eastern Region for the command Chiefs of Staff because of the policies of Joseph carved, ongoing مماطلته and delay in the construction of the Libyan army.
It is noteworthy that this process comes ahead of the first of next June which will be announced and officially naming the eastern province of Cyrenaica.






Channel Sirte on Facebook

Channel Sirte on Facebook
Campaign raising green flags over public institutions and government campaign begins in the morning, which will be writing on the walls of schools, universities and institutions slogans against the government of customers and green flags will be raised on all public institutions to prove to جردان we are and God is above KDE aggressor:






سوريا #الجزائر #تونس #اليمن #العراق #الاردن #موريتانيا #الصومال

قصة اسير
الاسم: حسين على القمودى بلقاسم الحر ..
مواليد 1948..براك الشاطى ..
المهنه رفيق من رفاق القائد ..
اثناء الاحدات لعب دورا فعالا وهو التنسيق بين القبائل وذلك لما له من علاقات اجتماعية على مستوى العظمى
الاسير المجاهد رفض ان ينشق على ثورة الفاتح العظيم بالرغم من كافه الاغراءات المادية …والتهديدات ..وذلك لارغامه على الانشقاق …وصلت هذه التهديدات الى تعرض ابناءه لمحاولة اغتيال ..حافظ الاسير على قيمة الرفقة ومعنى كلمة الرفقة قيمة مقدسة ..الاسير تم اسره فى مدينة طرابلس يوم 25_8_2011 وتم اسره فى مطار معيتيقة لمدة يومين وتم نقله الى سجن الزاوية المعروف جودايم وهو الان لايزال اسير وتعرض للتعذيب الجسدي والنفسي وتم تشريد اسرته وتدمير كافه ممتلكاته وسرقة ماتبقي منها,,,, تعرض الاسير منذ يومين الى جلطة على القلب ودخل العناية الفائقة وهو فى حالة صحية حرجة جدا, وبالرغم من هذا تم اخراجه من العناية الفائقه بدون اذن خروج من المستشفى وتم نقله الى السجن وهو الان لايزال في السجن وحالته حــــــــــرجة نسال الله له الشفاء العاجل وانا لله وانا اليه راجعون فداء للوطن وتقديرا لمعنى الرفقة المقدسة


Name: Hussein ali algamoodi, Belkacem free ..
Born in 1948 .. brak al Shatty ..
Occupation of guys companion commander ..
During the problem he plays an active role in coordinating between the tribes and that because of its social relations at the level of the Great jamahirya
Mujahid prisoner refused to bolt on the Great Revolution in spite of all temptations … and physical threats .. so as to force him to split … and reached these threats to expose his children to the assassination attempt .. kept captive on the value of companionship and the meaning of the word sacred value companionship captured .. he was captured in the city of Tripoli on 25_8_2011 at the air port of Mitiga for two days and was transferred to a prison of zawia known judaim now he is still in prison and subjected to physical and psychological torture have been displaced his family and destroy all his property and stealing Endowment of them,,,, he was captured two days ago to clot on the heart and entered the intensive care unit in a Critical condition
too, in spite of this has been to take it out of the intensive care unit without permission out of the hospital and was transferred to prison and he is now still in prison and in critical condition, we ask Godfor him a speedy recovery and we are to God and to Him we return a scape goat for the country and in recognition of the meaning of Holy companionship

صرخة وطن





Barak General Hospital …

Steal an ambulance from Barak Shati General Hospital this morning 29/05/2013 Type of car Hyundai H 1 color white



Picture of the Green Mountain after the great fire my father Feb فهاهو of the turns from green to try my,, اسقوه
Tu Aait Gahaar mind Aanept again … You Gahaar:



From inside the sit-in in the field of elephant


Decided to tribes Tabu send a special force to Tripoli after the kidnapping of their son’s freedom fighter /

Alhei Mahdi after the failure of the government to release him … and learned that this force mission research

and investigation for the kidnapped has this force information about who hijacked a point of illegal nor Taata

state and that this party dealing with foreign authorities.

Boxed Elephant oil field far from the by Tabu Brigades and production stopped it completely ..


Holiday celebration Fateh in Tripoli in 1976

<iframe src=”; width=”640″ height=”480″

إحتفال عيد الفاتح بطرابلس عام 1976 إفرنجي — à ‎طرابلس‎.


PAST TRUTH concerning NATO/Rebels:

Captain Arab Lawyers offered by the Leader Muammar al-Qathafi all the terms of mediation in resolving the Libyan crisis in order to stop the bombing, but the so-called Retaliatory Council” (RATS) rejected all the conditions

al-Qathafi before all the terms of mediation to resolve the Libya crisis and the cease-fire and the opposition refused orders from Qatar and NATO
Important and exposes the clip order customers NATO and refusing all solutions that will satisfy everyone, injected into the blood and rise in Libya Lavdil the rejected all mediation, Tantua and scorn and risked the fate of Libya …

All revolutions happen where the differences between the mujahideens during or after editing this video sample and it Aaaaaaaaaaaada to and does not require interpretation, it is published to put the Liberals on image
This video was published in good faith


 1:07:26À regarder plus tard



Video: Israeli Embassy in Libya under the guidance of Qatar


By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 30 مايو, 2013 | 02:30



Assad announced his country’s access to the first batch of the missile system “S-300 arriving from Russia.



Aaaaaajl / / /

Clashes between shows and insisting on the Libyan border Egyptian and injuring three Egyptians firing a bullet from Mlishat armed Lybia in the area Salloum and taken immediately to the hospital and the situation is very engorged and accumulation of many trucks borders Libyan This Masrah by Maj. Gen. Aghannaa Hamouda Director of Security Matrouh فالقناة first Egyptian news bulletin five o’clock today evening 05/30/2013

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