Alors que nous approchons des dernières heures / As we approach the Final Hours

Smiling Mu waves to us

Msaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa withstand withstand O are free, how you’re doing O Samdat and Kevkm O steadfast victories

evening evening steadfastness and challenge O mass superpower !

Peace be with you “in free حرائر the Jamahiriya beloved”
Asaad God All اوقاتكم the hope and optimism and evening victory near one ear Sunday “afternoon, Green”

(Edmond 8 e)


Mu Poster 5

Vosalk, O Lord, to keep us resistance commander Maj. Gen. al-Saadi and protect us Gen. Golden from all hurt …….

India and all aspirants and conspirators  against the Great Al-Jamahiriya  (away from us)
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Asel Alwrfli | writes:

“tomorrow tenderly commemorates its independence, and infidels is one of the cities of their territory occupied placebo and green جبلهم burned and al-Qaeda control the rest, we will hear and celebrate the liberation and independence and tournaments gone into the men, would understand where to they are involved Bohmanm.”

The Libyan resistance has not surrendered, and despite the difficulties and the serious losses is alive, still with a lot of resources in men and weapons in areas in the south.

Allah Muammar Libya wa bas !!!

.No choice ut Victory
“al-Fateh 2” for home

Keep up the Resistance until ( But even if ye will not hear my voice, hold out until) victory, as there  is no choice but victory….

خوتنا الاحرار دعم احد صفحات الاحرار

Victory 2

استمروا في المقاومه حتي وان لم تسمعوا صوتي الصمــــــود حتي النصر ولا خيار غــــيــــر النصـــر



Mu makes an address

Number of displaced Libyans outside the country who reject the reality of retirement in Libya today

Number of displaced Libyans outside the country who reject the reality of the pension in Libya today, the fact that statistics from official sources:
Egypt 1300000 million and three hundred thousand.
Tunisia 500000 five hundred thousand.
Algeria 180000 hundred and eighty thousand.
Morocco Mauritania 50000 fifty thousand.
Niger, Chad, Mali, Sudan 20000 twenty thousand.
Almost the rest of the world a hundred thousand 100,000.
20000 Twenty thousand detainees.
Gross outside the homeland 2170000 million and two hundred and seventy thousand Libyan citizen outside the walls of the home.
Not to mention all the sons of cities and tribes who are at home and the naysayers are also realities, not to mention the families and the people displaced inside the country and referred to the above number.
For these pens will not vibrant and our words will not exuding and عزائمنا will not relent and our determination to tell the truth as a victory for the right and the nation, psychology and history.

Of the existing non-tribal persons

Vg is settled and Return settled Baden God.


D. Moses Qrifah writes:

Atsalon for elders where they went???? /
Any Qaradawi chieftains, but Arifi, but dermatosis, but liar Tilyani / and only Senate Almqji the Almnkezin May Talat اعلينا it at another time /
Ballaha p Male Senate Almnkezin / week ago occurred and the state of fulfillment / went out one of the sons of the family, which has Mtofa said / should not sit on the seats and sessions Arab F. until mattresses acnes in funerals / acetic all people Aigamzoa p Mat p ground Qallahm Ihram /
Maalina Look rats waging Yeboah of elders /
Where imams and Senate in this difficult phase?

Blame all the blame on the imams and the Senate … Unfortunately, have no role in education and guidance … Unfortunately that seems mostly dragged party affiliation and ideology, and sided with intellectual tendencies … to be assured that without religious faith dwells in the hearts of the Libyan people to eat them … Thank God for that …

But where are you? Why not تقودون community and tribes and .. and .. and to wisdom and reason and Almaaad National … to the moment of truth, justice and reconciliation transitional .. did you leave the domain of men political … and became doubt that perhaps Gelkm Men political and not clerics and advice … . you does not exist in the social scene, cultural and political policy, but as men … it will not help to solve the crisis of people and society and the nation ….

Please Otaloa people do not تتأخروا .. and Khatbohem wisdom and mind … Let F Tomorrow’s the beginning of a national campaign lasting to enlighten minds, extracting grudges and hatred, and the laying of the role of goodness, tolerance and forgiveness when the estimated ….. F advocate of truth and wisdom, reason and justice and reconciliation.

من صفحات الجرذان/
يتسألون عن المشايخ أين ذهبوا ؟؟؟؟/
اى مشايخ القرضاوى والا العريفي والا القرنى والا الكذاب الطليانى/ والا الشيوخ المقملين المنقزين هلى طلعوا اعلينا في اخر وقت/
باللهي ع ذكر الشيوخ المنقزين /قبل اسبوع حدثت وحالة وفاء /فخرج احد ابناء العائلة التى لديها متوفاء وقال /لا يجب الجلوس على المقاعد والجلسات العربية واو حتى الفرشات العدية فى الماتم /خلى الناس كلهم ايقعمزوا ع بساط وع الارض قاللهم احرام /
ماعلينا شوف الجرذان شن يبوا من المشايخ /
أين الائمة والشيوخ في هذه المرحلة الصعبة؟

اللوم كل اللوم على الائمة والشيوخ… للاسف لا دور لهم في التوعية والارشاد… يبدو للاسف إن جلهم جرته الانتماءات الحزبية والايدولوجية، وأنحازوا لتوجهاتهم الفكرية…لتتأكدوا أنه لولا الوازع الديني الساكن في قلوب الليبيين لاكل الناس بعضهم…الحمد لله على ذلك…

لكن أين أنتم ؟ لماذا لا تقودون المجتمع والقبائل و..و..و الى الحكمة والعقل والمعياد الوطني…الى لحظة الحقيقة والعدالة والمصالحة الانتقالية ..تركتم المجال لرجال السياسية…وأصبحت أشك إن ربما جُلكم رجال سياسية و ليس رجال دين ونصيحة….لا وجود لكم في المشهد الاجتماعي والثقافي والسياسي الا كرجال سياسة …ذلك لن يساعد في حل أزمة الناس والمجتمع والوطن….

الرجاء أطلوا على الناس ولا تتأخروا ..وخاطبوهم بالحكمة والعقل…ولتكن جمعة الغد بداية حملة وطنية دائمة لتنوير العقول، إنتزاع الاحقاد والكراهية، وزرع بدور الخير والتسامح والعفو عند المقدرة…..جمعة الدعوة للحقيقة و الحكمة والعقل والعدالة والمصالحة.

د.موسى قريفة


Aaagel honorable abduction of Dr. Abdul Rahman Bo Tota two weeks ago in front of his house at 8 am by armed militias no news of him so far.


20 MAY 2013
Radioactive invent ways of torture and revenge on supporters of the Great Jamahiriya:

Radioactive invent ways of torture and revenge on supporters of the former regime

(Hammouda), one of Libyan supporters of the Great Jamahiriya to be arrested by the rebels and gangs in the east of Libya and suspended from his hands Almekpltan on the edge of one of the doors and the exercise by the physical and psychological torture of humiliation and insult collectively in stock less what can be said of him that he grotesque .. This has been featured many of the videos, pictures and reports are included in the observer a  lot of videos that show reprisals from supporters of the Great Jamahiriya in violation of all human rights …..

see video at:

God FAFSA acirc Yasif and the families of all our families, “the right to a good heart” O Push oppressors بالظالمين and directed Saif al-Islam and all the prisoners of their hands safely “O Ahmanm as protect our Prophet in Laurel and is preserved Abraham from the fire and removed Yunus from the belly of the whale and is preserved Moses from Pharaoh, peace be upon them” Oh that Saif oppressed and all our families and turn the force them Elapk the Ongdam Aarbah ”

(Edmond 8 e)


Libyan News | World News l arrest of a French businessman of Lebanese origin Ziad Taqi al-Din

after he said that he has conclusive evidence that the Libya funded Sarkozy‘s campaign..


Spokesman for the Libyan Ministry of Defence, Colonel Adel Barasi:
Ready to fully cooperate with France in its efforts to combat terrorism and us French advisers on the ground and not the troops!!:

Libyan news | France want to chase jihadists in southwestern Libya.

Newspaper “Le Parisien” French for Paris is willing to chase the jihadists in the southern desert region west of Libya
The newspaper said Friday that “the Chiefs of Staff French is currently focusing on the area in southwest Libya,” pointing out that the vast desert region on the verge of becoming a new haven for jihadists, noting that “the terrorist leaders and their deputies” are located in the area where they are reorganizing their ranks and recruiting.

She stated that some of these “terrorists” left the financial lands before the fighting before the French military intervention in January and others took advantage of the chaos taking place in Libya to enter and exit as they please.

She explained that it was a nearly hundreds of activists “jihadists” who may be responsible for the attack on the French embassy in Libya, which occurred at the twenty-third of April last year and also offensive Niger in the twenty-third of May.
The newspaper pointed out that Paris had decided to “control” the area while needs the support of its allies in the American surveillance missions unmanned aircraft.

She said that “Paris, which intervened in January against armed Islamist groups in Mali is willing to hand over the task of international forces to achieve stability in the country in July, where he is scheduled elections at the end of the same month, but In spite of this, a number of French soldiers will stay Mounzqh If necessary to provide support to the United Nations Mission to achieve stability in the financial and continue to conduct counter-terrorism operations. ”


Ali ZAIDANE allocates (from Libyan Funds) 25 fully equipped ambulances for Syrian “rebels” …

Libya provided 25 ambulances carrying medical aid medicines for Soren:

25 crossed Libyan ambulance today, loaded with tools and medical supplies, to the Syrian territory, passing through Turkey.
Ambulances accompanied 14 people, including three doctors, and crossed the Syrian-Turkish border from border crossing Gelovaguzo the “Gate of fancy”, in Rihaniyya area city Turkish Hataa.
The coordinator of the Red Crescent in Libya, “Nasser Mohammed Dou,” the Anatolia reporter, that Libya provided so far 235 ambulance to Syria since the start of the crisis, and to support the Libyan humanitarian aid will continue on an ongoing basis to the Syrians.
He explained, “Dou” that three doctors came with the delegation, in order to provide medical services to the Syrian refugees who were forced to leave their homes and stay in tents and camps inside Syrian territory.



Lowliness client |
Is this Zidane or decrease the mind and knowledgeable and aware of the policy states, Alivriq Zidane between warning neighbors of the danger of terrorist groups that fled from Mali to the south Libya, Ventvd outrage demanding extradition companions who practice terrorism as a pressure on them and not stain on his forehead and the brow of the state-led ,,, and the statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of France must intervene to eliminate terrorism in the south of Libya and this intervention will not be a picnic and a session in his honor Alrksus to talk his way eliminate terrorist groups extremist, but would be an act militarily protected by Western nations interests in Africa and secured coasts of D flood Islamic extremist Alsodoy ..
Or is it the obvious truth that stated by the French that Tripoli satisfied …
Or is proverb that says Madayr the Wolf Macarh dog ….



Arab Press |

Once I left Tripoli International Airport to the hotel after arriving in Libya, I did not know that the hotel where I would stay, is the same hotel in which you reside government Zaidane and Vice President of the National Conference of Parliament.

Many people do not know that the Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane and his ministers, parliament speaker and his deputies live in a five-star hotel the center of Tripoli, and surround themselves guarded by tight security.

Muhammad and Asoma

The Moroccan Hesberas newspaper
Abdulwahab Ali مليطان,:

From reliable sources and informed
Prime Minister officially nominate Mahmoud Circassian as information minister in waiting for the vote of the General National Congress Libyan #

Comedy of the “17 February” |

National Party (Muslim’ Brotherhood‘s Abdul Hakim Belhadj) who did not win a single chair in the elections of conference calls for members of the conference, which covered the insulation to resign and praises Palmgariv the the outgoing.


Filter free small antique Mansour in front of his house last night in front of Rabat in front of his home in the Alsoaoh Kalashnikov rifle and sprayed with thirty rounds /
To God and to Him to ارجعون /

News confirmed from reliable sources talk about that tonight will split a group of officers of the Eastern Region for the command of the General Staff because of the policies of the client Youssef ornately مماطلته the Carved
Continuous delay in the construction of the RAT Libyan army /
It is noteworthy that this process comes ahead of the first of next June which will be announced and officially naming the eastern province of Cyrenaica /

God Atbnalhm the Dallah not Tqimlhm Qaama O Aaaaaamin /

Names Jardan Kklh Russians \ Colonel \ Muhammad lamp aka Pei Alampeh = Air ordered operations to Libya in the era of Jardan Hospab entry Jardan to Gharyan = displacement Alqolish = strike Asabah = ordered entry of Tripoli = entry into Bani Walid = formation of paradise security perches in Tripoli and two solutions Amralamilit Libya.
(The main الادمن)


Stop oil production from Elephant final field /
Today stopped production of oil from the Elephant oil field of the company Mellitah Oil and Gas BV. In, and move comes as a result of employees of the unit sit guard oil installations field because they have some of the demands /
And The Elephant oil field production of 74 thousand barrels per day /
Yesterday, the arrival of the ITALIAN Chairman of the Management Committee Mellita company for oil and gas to the field shortly before the elephant. He planned to discuss with the rebels of the protesters in the field since Wednesday morning on their demands. We bring you new developments. (Italy thinks they own the facility and the Land and they are the ones to lead in the decsisions..) This is Libyan Zintani land. It does not belong to Italy who were permitted to OPERATE it only for their Italian pipeline to Sicily.  Zintan initially were hired for Melita’s workers and security guards.  With the RAT 17 FEBR. Uprising, Italy took over as if they owned it all. The Zintani rejected this….



Arboretum area of Ras Al Hilal …
Green mountain .. lens: Nasrturk.

What it was:

Side of the city fire Shahat (Cyrene)
As God and ăÇÔÇÁ do ..
Lens: Nasrturk-.. 28/05/2013:

The rest of the Green Mountain after the fire:

Green Mountain |

Clashes took place at dawn today between the Preventive Security Service and the formation of independence in Qnfodh area in the Green Mountain.

Cyrenaica news …

Demonstrations in the city of white bride mountain evening today, to condemn the weakness of the

government on successive fires that have occurred, with the knowledge that he was first address them from the fire to provide only two.
But commemorated those calling Aajplna,,,

Forest land in Ghot pomegranate ÔćÝćÇ, the space that was where the loggers and divided ..



Book تلاته car before Gradn the Tajura Savalbive followers me booklet Asswehly Misratah and was I Asahabha beaten, assault and Lat, including stray dogs. Hope circular.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel … Tabu threatening Misurata ..
Now now Yankee Khalifa Hifter, online in Tarhuna, accompanied by almost 800 people from the state of Cyrenaica ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ I mean from the Middle
They were present in the house called “Emaar Hariby the Ferjani” says Festival Mdayrinh …

But because the brightest future What happens after this public meeting
As a reminder reconstruction Hariby he is in detention Misrata nearly a month ago was decoder family or his release from Misrata after the agreement on the amount

and when he came out he “Abdel Salam Faki” ensure his release but fled reconstruction Hariby when I came back Misratah to Tarhuna to receive the amount Faqamo arrest Abdulsalam Faki.
Yesterday was directed by Abdul Faki toxic and Landry after what happened in Misrata and what Atfqo.

Soma Abdelkader.

Cyrenaica news …

Tribes Tabu in the south Manguenin and Mthmyin city Misratah certain it behind the kidnapping of one sheikhs Tabu “Sheikh Mahdi,” according to Mazar of the video clip Allde spread on the Internet and Azarfait members of the battalions of Misratah and they are abducting Sheikh has mentioned the Toubou by the speaker on their behalf city Misratah a certain period and then Saassadoa Responses to this city and its inhabitants,


Assault on Brega staff citizens during the month of Ramadan

Assault on Brega staff citizens during the month of Ramadan

Torture and insult staff Sirte Oil Company industrial city of Brega during the month of Ramadan and insulted verbally abusive they are fasting we have received information According Abasameen from the victims, and Gaddafi Walid Bou Hnav, residents of Benghazi and Mohammad Omar Makhlouf Almaadana from residents of Sirte and wait name of the third victim …

Please from site visitors who have more details about the incident or the victims and the perpetrators, let us know by e of the page

Or on our Facebook page

see video at:





Libyan news
Closed due to high prices |

Haagen more than 100 bakery doors in the city of Tripoli on Sunday, and because of the high prices of flour and bakery owners are forced to buy from the black market at exorbitant prices after it was this bakery receive full support from the state in the era of the Libyan Arab Great Jamahiriya.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel .. Alqtron channel ..

RAT Prime Minister Ali Zidane related Bmhaúkh the Toubou and ask them to prove that the papers Allashi Mahdi Libby in order to search for him.

Tabu sons of the desert …

Ornithological STEADFASTNESS:
From our sources from inside the city of Tripoli in a telephone call with Taúrna Member of the rebels of Libya from the south Ahmad Ibamosa was an hour before the release and delivery of our hero Rebel fighter Olhei Mahdi to one of the official bodies of the state after what was in the hands of Melcaat treacherous and cowardly, a body of the General Intelligence, where received by Brother Mustafa Noah Deputy of the State intelligence Jamahiriya Taúrna in good health as expressly final will be released after some Routines official investigations about who was behind the abduction and causes with an emphasis right to sue those Almelcaat when courts and Madaa the right and behind the demands of

The local council, the military and the Shura and Tajura meet with the rebels delegation from Maysmoa of Misrata rebels!!!

Libya news … Met after dawn prayers on Thursday at the headquarters of the local council chairman and members of the local council and the Shura Council, the military and the rebels Tajora with a delegation from the city of Misrata rebels who came from Misratah to resolve dilemmas developments regarding the abductees and spacious camp and armor through the Chairman of the Board in charge of Mr. Abdul Razak Al-Zayani dismay from some affiliated with the city of Misratah in kidnapped ثائرين the of Tajourah and also not to get out a big marina battalion from camp spacious and requested the President of the Council transfer resentment of the people Tajourah and Thoarha to the local council and the wise, SC, and Misratah military of what he is doing these hotheads

And President of the Council stressed that the people of Tajourah come out in a peaceful march Friday to bring out this battalion of the camp so that the Council to be handed over to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to build a sports city it.

Network Libya …

Dawn Mermaid

If congestion and boiling بتاجوراء in any moment, perhaps things get out of hand and spoke of the disaster
Of operating room بتاجوراء the
Negotiations between Misrata and Tajura and deadlocked on leave Misurata militia belonging to the Al Rahba located بتاجوراء the camp and the release of rebels Tajora positions Misurata
And it’s subject to escalate at any moment
The next few hours are al-Faisal to this topic the moment the final answer did not arrive from Misrata as promised last night.

101 Light Infantry Battalion

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings:
Other conditions within the City Tajora and what is happening about what’s going on spreads News correct and incorrect:
Thread is happening in the city of Tajura is that there is a group of rebels Misurata stationed inside the camp spacious, located in the city of Tajura and that the people of the area they get complaints Constant about what is happening to intimidate and terrorize the families of the shooting and Kdaúv 106 in the late hours of the night and after repeating this topic Complaints has been sent a message directed rebels Tajourah to the group stationed inside the camp to abide by the sanctity of the region and the non-recurrence ذالك, but are not met and has address them several times but to no avail the Board decided the military and civil بتاجوراء format march peaceful civilian stems from the field of Martyrs Tajourah protection battalion 101 pedestrians in order to exit from the camp was later march this topic
On Aljmahmoavq, 31/05/2013 after Friday prayers, and after hours of broadcast this news among the people of the area up news from the presidency of the General Staff of the army that this topic Group under the legitimacy of the state!!!!
Any legitimacy of these terrorizing residents in the late hours of the night or is it that the so-called legitimacy of the state are protecting these abusive behaviors of the City and Ahalha note that this topic group kidnapped the two young Tajourah to night Wednesday, 05/29/2013 to this topic heroes march because he is at the exit locals in demanding بخروجهم march from the city does not remain for the legitimacy of the state to protect them because it is popular demands.
With the knowledge that this camp was approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports establishing a football stadium with a capacity of 65 thousand spectators to prepare to host the Africa Cup of Nations and the advancement of the state for the better step by step, but this topic actions shameful that are protected by the General Staff under the pretext of legitimacy of the state hinder the construction of Libya the better.
* This is a summary of what is happening in the city of Tajourah.

Security Tajora room

Very Aaaaaaaaagel

Local Council announced Tajourah state of emergency and alert on all revolutionaries preparedness

and activate the gates and secure entrances Tajourah any emergency from six o’clock pm.

Crisis Altajoria the Almusratih |

Battalion Tajourah Knights closed the coastal road at the entrance to Tripoli and book any car coming from Misrata

and the fifth battalion backing prevents exit of any mechanism to Misrata outside Tripoli and has custody of the inside.

Akram al-Atrash

Tajourah youth now faces terrorist battalions that imprisoned and scared many young people in prisons …

Now in these young Tajourah moments preparing for a confrontation with the terrorist gangs must support them and stand behind them.

Tajourah hamidieh


Dawn Mermaid …

Aaaaaajl … Of eye the column of توار place Tajourah now gather in front of a camp T earlier in Tajourah..

عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل Tajourah K. 101

Security alert and declare a state of emergency and a full spread of Tajourah rebels on the length and width of around geographical patch Tajourah
Has besieged battalion 101 for about a quarter of an hour before militia stationed Bmeksr the the spacious and fired some shots into the Battalion 101 and left the place
Battalion 101 did not respond Bay shots in order to avoid casualties of the parties Victabh 101 respect the legitimacy of the state has not issued her instructions after the chief of staff to respond to the source of shooters
And the Tajourah await Bhdr of rebels severe and my father give him time rebels Tajourah for negotiations and diplomacy with the existing militia camp on the boat end and seems to now اوجود to a solution satisfactory to both parties
Ask the safety of the country and the people
And we bring you the latest news the moment they are received to us.


32 people were arrested from the city of Misratah inside Tajourah since the night yesterday.
Now, 5 people were detained belong to the area of ​​Tajura in Gharghour by Misrata rebels.

Tajourah now

Calm الحدر is master of the situation inside the Tajourah and rebels يترقبوا the hope for them to be delivered

to the camp without resorting to the use of weapons and more blood hemorrhage Immaculate
We ask God for the safety of all.

Military Council and the local council and Tajourah rebels on their way now to the headquarters of the National Conference
Chiselled line enters deliberate and challenging Tajourah and it seems that he forget the decision of the Ministry of Youth and

Sports to establish a composite athlete on the floor of the camp
After the General Staff issued a statement this morning confirming that the existing legitimacy Almlepeshaa the the

Rahba بتاجوراء camp is under the legitimacy of the state and specifically under the chairmanship of Staff.
Network Libya …

URGENT: – ornately lying p Tajourah yesterday, and this paper prove that he has commissioned

an infantry battalion 101 in Tajourah securing the camp and took him from the battalion Morsi Misratah …

Room security Tajourah (operations room Dawn Tajourah).


To all revolutionaries Tajourah each of carrying arms to go to the secret headquarters.

Very important and urgent: – Re battalion of 101 ornately: –

Surprised by the presidency of the General Staff and on رئسها Mr. ornately
In his capacity as Chief of the General Staff of the Libyan army to come to us the decision
Last night was presented to tape news channel Libya national
That the marina battalion to protect expensive Camp shields Tajourah (spacious)
Surprising here is that there is
A letter dated on 11.22.2012 to the battalion is 101 Batkhad actions
Receipt spacious shields first بتاجوراء and the guard securing of Battalion 101
This book signing for Major General Yusuf Ahmed ornately

So why is this conflict and contradiction in the presidency of the General Staff.

Security alert and declare a state of emergency and a full spread of Tajora rebels on the length and width of around geographical patch Tajora
Has besieged battalion 101 for about a quarter of an hour before militia stationed Bmeksr the the spacious and fired some shots into the Battalion 101 and left the place
Battalion 101 did not respond Bay shots in order to avoid casualties of the parties Victabh 101 respect the legitimacy of the state has not issued her instructions after the chief of staff to respond to the source of shooters
And the Tajura await Bhdr of rebels severe and my father give him time rebels Tajura for negotiations and diplomacy with the existing militia camp on the boat end and seems to now اوجود to a solution satisfactory to both parties.

From the operations room Tajourah shortly before
The door to negotiations and eluted open consultations and the entry of a group of intermediaries Tahedih.
And still is the master of the situation escalation to this topic moment
Tajora rebels are to establish a buffer zone on the full limits of Tajourah almost completely shut down all entrances and exits fully Tajourah
Tajora looking for a safe way out of the problem and knead to preserve the blood pure and not out of fear of confrontation
The decision to discount peace or war has not yet come from Misrata.

Hearing voices consecutive explosions in city Tajourah

Tajourah hamidieh ….

Exclusive to the dawn of Mermaid

The issue has been resolved definitively spacious camp was handed over National Army Tajourah Battalion 101

was delivered kidnapped young and Mursi battalion returned to Misrata..

From the operating room a Matiqih base shortly before
Positions were delivered 4 of Tajourah.
2 positions were delivered from Misrata.
During delivery turned out to be a very injuries Bulgah the caused Bthoar to Tajourah and one case of rebels Tajourah very deteriorating health, where the leg came to the fire and led to Jdot of bleeding and a broken leg and still level since the bleeding 3 days.
The rest of the rebels Tajourah has Taradw severely beaten and cruelty and the appearance of bruises on the level of the face as a result of severe beatings my father Taradw him during the period of their detention have a secret Mursi Misurata.

Tripoli shortly before
An armed group occupies air defense camp Industrial Research and the expulsion of military officers who are graduated military equipment to an unknown destination .

Negotiations between the states of the Tajura and Misratah |

The local council, the military and the Shura and Tajora rebels meet with a delegation from the Misrata rebels!!!

Met after dawn prayers on Thursday at the headquarters of the local council chairman and members of the local council and the Shura Council, the military and the rebels Tajourah with a delegation from the city of Misrata rebels who came from Misratah to resolve dilemmas developments regarding the abductees and spacious camp and armor through the Chairman of the Board in charge of Mr. Abdul Razak Al-Zayani dismay from some affiliated with the city of Misrata in the abduction of ثائرين of Tajura and also not come battalion marina major camp spacious and requested the President of the transfer of resentment people Tajourah and Thoarha to the local council and the wise men and the SC and the military Misratah of what he is doing these hotheads and said Chairman of the Board that the people of Tajourah come out in a peaceful march Friday to bring out this battalion of the camp so that the Council to be handed over to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to build a sports city it.

And over the head of the military council Mr. spring Alsukna also deplored full of what was reckless of these warning that Taojurah committed wisdom and do not want to lose the friendly and brotherly relationship because of these reckless, while Mr. Abdul Hadi noted Trich Shura Council of the need to accelerate out of this Battalion today before tomorrow because Tajourah ready on Friday to go out on her father’s reel for the future of Libya and demanded to hand over the abductees who are in Misratah of the sons Tajourah.

It also threw some of the rebels Tajourah words expressing their resentment for some of the movements of others decent kidnapping and intimidation, which does not reflect the metal inherent to the people of Misratah, but the rebels Tajourah ready to stop them in their own way that did not interfere with those legal in Misratah as soon as Colém, as went on Misrata rebels are advised that the demands of the people and revolutionaries Tajourah will be transferred to the local council, the military and the wise and Misratah Shura day until the solve the dilemmas developments.

Report & Imaging / Haitham Al-Amari
3 explosions are strong too and signed minutes before the center of the Libyan capital Tripoli

Likely they Gharghour

Aaaaaaagel …
Battalion Tajora Knights closed the coastal road at the entrance to Tripoli and book any car coming from Misrata and the fifth battalion backing prevents exit of any mechanism to Misrata outside Tripoli and has custody of the inside!!

Now clashes in Tripoli Gharghour area /

Current time in Shooting inside Tripoli Balslhh the dense, medium and heavy Albin in fighting between the Jerdan.

Square battle between Altoager and Almsarit now in Tripoli .. militias Tajourah the the Arrests some Almsarit in Albive …

Misratah and Jewish militias arrest some Altoager, in Gharghour.

Marina battalion of Misrata rats had surrounded the 101 battalion of Tajourah rats for a quarter of an hour during which fire on the camp,

did not reply from rats Tajourah until now.

A powerful explosion Tripoli now.

Torture kidnapped from the area of ​​Tajourah and brutal manner p hand militias Misratah / kidnapped one in critical condition / and another suffered a gunshot wound /

URGENT :: fierce between Misrata and Tripoli in the Tajourah and arrest all of Hua Musrati on the identity of the by Tripoli Kthiebh 101

URGENT :: battalion Tajourah Knights closed the coastal road at the entrance to Tripoli and book any car coming from Misrata and the fifth battalion backing prevents out any mechanism to Misrata outside Tripoli and has custody of the inside.

Orders of “sincere” (false) Ghariani February Mufti government undertakes Mohammed البرغثي and defense minister delivered a spacious camp for the local council Tajora also undertakes to hand over any camp requested by the local council to set up any project he wants.


Commentary, while providing security |

Scholarship Management announces the suspension of work in the administration as a result of repeated attacks

by the auditors on staff and administration manager while providing security.

Against the backdrop of the threat of the Federation of University Students Tripoli shut down the university the impact of the deteriorating security situation within the university met today members of the Union represented by the boss, “Mohammed Akecot” and a group of members of the Union, the President of the Ministry of Interior, “Colonel Mohamed Khalifa Sheikh” and the Committee of the Ministry of Interior Bmoatmr They are: “Nizar Kawan” and “Abdel-Hamid gerbil” House meeting hall meetings hospitality failure.

The meeting began by asking the student union officials all the security problems and the latest developments of the attacks on students and the intervention of the security authorities in the decision-making and functioning of the educational process and the student union demanded the following:

1 – pull out all the formations university security guard and keep the university and the National Directorate of Security.
2 – the formation of a joint security room with university guards and the National Directorate of Security and the security apparatus, which will be released tomorrow decision بتكليفه on the University Students’ Union and the inspection of the police.
3 – Work on the conclusion of an agreement between the Ministries of Higher Education and the Ministry of the Interior on the training of members of the university guards and rehabilitation.
This meeting came after the threat of student unions at the University of Tripoli, the closure of the university after he was assaulted on many of the students and the continued violation of the sanctity of the university …

Said President of the Federation of University Students Tripoli (Mohammed Akecot), said Thursday that the European Union will resort to locking the university in the event of failure to provide security within no later than next Monday. He explained (Akecot) told (Solidarity) that recently met the heads of student unions university for the purpose of discussing the security situation following the harassment of one of the students of the Faculty of Engineering, publicly and in full view of everyone by what he described as Palmtskaaan on campus who beat beat a student after trying to defend itself in the complete absence of the university Guard.

The President of the Federation of University Students Tripoli that in one day the incident met with the Minister of Higher Education interim government (Mohammed Abubakar) and President of the University of Tripoli (civil intruder) as well as elements of the fight against crime and that he had contacted direct agent of the Ministry of the Interior (age الخضراوي) about securing the university, which tirelessly commissioned a secret cross-tenth of the Interior Ministry and members of the anti-crime secured.


Injuries in Tripoli

Seven people injured by gunshots in the area
Plateau when he was firing bullets in the air as one of the habits
Celebration that we see after the February one of the social events,
Hand set, calculated on the State and the legitimate charges
Gunfire in the air.

Reports of bombing in the area Aldahara.

Disappeared yesterday night two young two patrols room Libya rebels, who were stationed in a routine patrol in front of the farmer-mail, I have found the car in place, with no trace them, the last contact between them and the room at two o’clock in the morning.



Rape and achieve the implementation of the rule of all that is in the Desert
23 MAY 2013
Heinous crime of armed gangsA gang of Tobruk made up of two, stoped Libyan familyat the gate called sixty , shot the father in the leg and he fall down andthey put him in the back of the car, then they raped the women and shot in the daughter in the shoulder in order to get rid of them and then put everyone back in the car …
Here expires a crime and another one beginsArmed militias arrest one of the perpetrators and check with him and they were implement the judgment after undress on the shell (RPG) all that is in the desert .. thus became law in Libya Formulated and implemented by those who has the weapon
watch video at:
Heinous crime of armed gangsA gang of Tobruk made up of two, stoped Libyan familyat the gate called sixty , shot the father in the leg and he fall down andthey put him in the back of the car, then they raped the women and shot in the daughter in the shoulder in order to get rid of them and then put everyone back in the car …
Here expires a crime and another one beginsArmed militias arrest one of the perpetrators and check with him and they were implement the judgment after undress on the shell (RPG) all that is in the desert .. thus became law in Libya Formulated and implemented by those who has the weapon
جريمة اغتصاب وتحقيق وتنفيذ حكم كل ذلك يتم في الصحراء
Fire broke out in Forest City Byar eastern Libya …..
Reassured Iaatba Italy and NATO planes exist in the Middle Libyan .

A series of fires |

Another fire breaks out day in Abyar area southeast of the city of Benghazi.


Libyan news l assault on the headquarters of the Veterans Affairs (6 photos)
A group of supporters of February (who Vkaddo the limbs during the war with NATO forces against the Libyan army) attacking the headquarters of the Veterans Affairs Benghazi and they smashed office furniture.

The wounded during the attack one of the supporters of February who was seriously injured audit which required him to hospital for treatment, also displays the number of employees for assault by beating and cursing.

Chjpt body such acts that would disrupt business carried out in order to serve what it called “the real revolutionaries.”

The leads assault is called “Mohammed Sati” which is the same person who with a group of amputees sit inside the headquarters of the National Congress and was succeeded by disruption to the work of the conference in addition to destroy parts of the main hall.

Distribution of money by Libya Shield militia such as the Conference of 1/6 |

Fathi Moroccan shields purchase receivables:

Blams when traffic near the headquarters of shield Libya in the Budzirh noticed overcrowding of cars at the headquarters of the shield and today in the morning I saw the scene itself to civilian cars at the headquarters of the shield approached Salt One youth – شنو in – Wenta distribute portfolio salaries (checks) each check worth 6 thousands dinars – I asked Henw these six thousands Wenta late salaries before – and science gives value for each shield employees of Benghazi – but sitting stuck night Balsubh distribute the – launched the meaning in particular Hza time – Wenta before 1-6 – Zerora of saved the entire members of the shield??

Today’s demonstration in Benghazi against armed militias and Hmilo banners express anger at the series of kidnappings in Benghazi.

Sami al-Saadi in his Friday “sermon” today:

(Must be considered in Thunderbolt and trained forces again because they eat dead).

Libyan news media l Iman Saad

For: hankering crazy, untangled Belts Atzana a choking my words in the empty houses released from the poems of joy, and to authorize the thinness rhymes Bamttae authoritarian nostalgia end الصفاقة!!
J: It is on the outskirts of exile, implants Hushaym pain between the pulse and quivering, Viary fear unashamed, obscenity, and cloud of tear do not know when Ajtahana Htolha without introductions!
B: cold, cold does not respond to every fire of the universe, which failed to تضرم us spirit, hide our faces and blue illuminate the paths departing us pretty Choke!
O: Mavhm longing for lead tone, no panic in broad lessons estrangement, Iaochuq the still drag us from the edges of the wounds torn towards home, despite all the news of slaughter and death, fire, trees and suicide early التفخيخ hope veins!
Oh you’re hiding a clear distinction between my words:

Starting on 06.02.2013 will be closed Eat travelers in the face of internal and external trips at the Benghazi airport
built by the protesters belonging to the interests of airports have built International Airport.

Libyan channel vision

Stun forces withdrew from the streets of Benghazi after meeting members of the National Congress for the city of Benghazi today with the joint security room, and the reasons are still unknown, yet!!!

Conflicts in the news |

Untrue to stun news of the withdrawal of troops from the streets of Benghazi.

Clashes between the Preventive Security Service and the formation of Independence in the Qnfozh, the proceeds of a 3 dead from the Preventive Security,

Source: the operating room, the radio

Slaughter and spare heads pro-system Alsaig in Benghazi by rebels at the beginning of the Libyan war

Slaughter and spare heads pro-system Alsaig in Benghazi by rebels at the beginning of the Libyan war

Despite the fact that this video was published in the early events of the Libyan war, but he did not take the media attention, despite the ugliness of Mafany. Well this is not the video only shows the torture and abuse of citizens whether they were civilians or members of the Libyan army by the rebels in the absence of media coverage of Arab and Western. Despite the large amount of violations in eastern Libya of the ugliest what can only be described forced violations of the great human rights in eastern Libya, but that the media and the Arab world, unfortunately, his only concern was to shed Alda only on the rebels and the NATO military sorties on Libya.

Today we try to inventory and document all violations since the beginning of the war and until this moment, and we offer now video of a Libyan citizen from Benghazi supporters of the former regime attached in front of large crowds of his feet and tortured and then slaughtered and cut his head amid joy overwhelming and acclaim for insurgents and Islamic extremists who were growing up an expression of victory in view loath and grotesque does not accept it mind ..

If you have more details about the victim, for example, such as name, Anon Arjumraseltna Next
E-mail: or mail our Platform Home: Libyan observer or in the Contact Us section of this site observer Libyan this link

see video at:



France and the dream of return |

French ambassador went to the city of Murzuq order to meet the leaders of Tabu as the striking force in the

south-east region and asked them not to hand over their weapons and maintain a secure border and fields ..

Political dialogue!

South conflict |

Solidarity news agency says that the Chadian opposition forces are from the siege of the national army at the base of good.

And our response far from unpleasant military base
In a telephone conversation via satellite with one of the individuals stationed at the base of unpleasant military

sure kidnapping 5 of the forces of the RAT Libyan army, and there are a number of injuries left them in a big truck

was disabled as a result exposure to the fire where it was loaded with تموينة base unpleasant and after re-entry

of the military base, a distance of 20 kilometers was ambushed by Chadian opposition forces and in the

village Rbeana and which are outside the control of the Libyan state.

Kufra now …

(Osamaohna) radio program
Military base area unpleasant
Clashes over control of the base unpleasant between Toubou militias and Azwaip.

_ Kufra under siege now Brigades military is well known and it seems from outside Libya, violent clashes

and military personnel resist with all our strength and Zguet getting them and news of deaths and injuries

and of course the chief of staff bedrooms and a RAT Department of Defense snore and reel brief RAT Prime Minister denies

Quoting “a single cabled a member of the Martyrs Battalion corner .. Lech

Kufra newspaper …

Soon, the number of rebels and infidels citizens at one of the city’s military headquarters in their desire Joined forces heading to a good port to lift the siege on the border of Solomon Boumtara battalion stationed there.

One of the soldiers trapped by unknown forces at Camp Good News (350 kilometers south of the infidels) Media: Hamid Birch

Channel correspondent for a free Libya.

Mayday of Azwaip |

If you do not interfere with the RAT Air Force from Benghazi, Misurata and Ajdabiya forces lift the siege on army الليبيي and the rebels and rescue the wounded from the dead. I will call on the rebels in the region close Massadrabar industrial river water reservoir  infidels and students even rise up to protect them!!

(Faraj Bouhvol cabled)

Newsflash (Libyan army is being subjected to an armed attack at the base of the good)

Exposure Libyan army patrol attacked Chadian armed gangs beyond the control of Chad and near the base of the law good

And news about the wounded and the martyrs among the ranks of the army.

Infidels …

And our response is now out large numbers of the Libyan army and rebels infidels Aatgah the good base to rescue the wounded and lifting the siege.

Rebels dig graves |

Fathi Ben Issa,  journalist
Shrines battles
Still tense situation around the shrine Hamid Houderi, between his supporters and Salafi groups.
Salafis seek to remove of like the بأضرحة mausoleum removed in almost all other areas of Libya being the “manifestation Hrkiya” according to the Salafi fatwas ..
The armed clash Khalalhma month revolved around the shrine, killing two young men.
God save Libya and its people.


Mu 671



Why has Russia demanded to work with the RATS AGAIN…after they already gave the rats WAR-Helicopters too?

Libyan News | Local News l President “Ross Tknulogia”: Libya has asked to buy Russian arms.

Sergei Chemezov, head company “Ross Tknulogia” specialized Russian export of military products to the Libyan authorities asked the Russian leadership to buy Russian weapons.

Chemezov said in a press statement on May 30 that a Libyan official went to this request during the opening ceremony of a factory for the production of Russian bombers “t b c – 32” in Jordan.

He added that the Libyan official who did not give his name handed him a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and likely to send Tripoli soon a delegation to Moscow to discuss the details of the potential deal.

Chemezov pointed out that it is not the first time that heads the Libyan party of Russia such a request, it has already Tripoli and called on Russia to resume implementation of previously signed contracts made with THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA which have been frozen.
How become, February Mesh This government of Russia was supporting in Altagah ?? The TPU Tqatauha are China!! Omh Come itself to scrap Datha and Altagah only to was Eachd them in this world Lech and Agafo with him.

M. Curious asks:

Comedy NATO rebels |

Did you know that the government sometimes buy in Aldkhirh the some armed formations??
Did you know that all existing and Aldkhaúr the weapons now in the army are a lot of concessions honest about their weapons and booty which get them in time of war ..
Did you know that without a lot of national revolutionaries of what was originally there armor which are always asked to intervene to solve regional conflicts and tribal and not for the armor because the government was able to before or after moving up two cars
Did you know that the government does not look beautiful on Saraya attribution and shields but only salaries ..
To each Alntaúh the know that impede the construction of the army are those states that still impose on Libya arms embargo on Libya remains easy to hack and obey ..
For your information if there was a fighter and national government was able to bypass the ban ..


Normalization with Israel!!|

Jordanian newspaper reveals a meeting between a Libyan official and leaders of the Zionists in the Davos conference, which was held in Jordan a few days ago

“News of the Country” reveal first Ttabiei meeting between a Libyan official and Israeli.

News of the country – particularly:

I learned, “News of the country,” an official in the Libyan National Congress met with Israeli soldiers on the sidelines of the Davos conference – the Dead Sea last week.

Political sources informed that a member of the Libyan National Congress, powered by an American, met with senior Israeli official and other members of the Israeli delegation, at the first sign of normalization between the representative of the new authority in Libya and Israel.

And left the meeting impression between the parties, also reassured the Israeli official from his Libyan counterpart on the ongoing political process in Libya, and ways to develop relations between the two parties, and thanked the member of Congress Libyan Israeli position goal with the support of UN resolutions that led eventually to topple the Great 

Jamahiriya, and stressed Booster position to pay compensation to Libyan Jews. According to sources.

The Israeli official reassured his Libyan counterpart’s position of supporting the return of the Jews to Libya and especially to Misratah.

Noteworthy that this is the second time that involved a member of the conference in Davos.



Threshold Valley
An armed attack on one of the Egyptians Aluminum shop owner with a firearm and first aid for treatment
This is his car beside the road.


Agreement between the Republic of Egypt and the State of Misratah |

A cultural advisor Egyptian in Libya, Dr Hilali-Sherbini, meeting today at the headquarters of the Egyptian Cultural Center in Tripoli with a delegation from the University of Misratah include all of Mukhtar Pacific Long, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at the University of Misratah and Dr. Khalid Abdullah, registered in the Faculty of medical technology. Said Dr. Helaly – in a statement to the Middle East News Agency on Thursday – that the meeting discussed activating cooperation between the Egyptian universities and the University of Misratah in the scientific and cultural fields, including meeting the needs of Misratah University faculty members by Egyptian universities. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Mukhtar an invitation from the President of the University of Misratah to the Egyptian Cultural Counsel to visit the university and understanding on how to open the door to cooperation with the Egyptian universities at various levels.



Aaaaaaaaagel ….. clashes between shows and insisting on the border Libyan-Egyptian injury three Egyptians Baatalaq bullet Mlishat armed Lybia in the area Salloum and taken immediately to the hospital and the situation is very engorged and accumulation of many trucks in the Libyan border this Masrah by Maj. Gen. singing Hamouda Director of Security Matrouh in Egyptian channel One news bulletin fifth evening, minutes before the

Urgent …..
Clashes between shows and insisting on the border Libyan-Egyptian injury three Egyptians Baatalaq bullet Mlishat armed Lybia in the area Salloum and taken immediately to the hospital and the situation is very engorged and accumulation of many trucks in the Libyan border this Masrah by Maj. Gen. singing Hamouda Director of Security Matrouh in Channel One Egyptian news bulletin the fifth evening, minutes before the

(Admin} 2)

A Timeline of CIA AtrocitiesBy Steve KangasThe following timeline describes just a few of the hundreds of atrocities and crimes committed by the CIA. (1)CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment.
So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal: “We’ll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us.” The Agency then hires, trains and works with them to overthrow the existing government (usually a democracy). It uses every trick in the book: propaganda, stuffed ballot boxes, purchased elections, extortion, blackmail, sexual intrigue, false stories about opponents in the local media, infiltration and disruption of opposing political parties, kidnapping, beating, torture, intimidation, economic sabotage, death squads and even assassination. These efforts culminate in a military coup, which installs a right-wing dictator.
The CIA trains the dictator’s security apparatus to crack down on the traditional enemies of big business, using interrogation, torture and murder. The victims are said to be “communists,” but almost always they are just peasants, liberals, moderates, labor union leaders, political opponents and advocates of free speech and democracy. Widespread human rights abuses follow.
This scenario has been repeated so many times that the CIA actually teaches it in a special school, the notorious “School of the Americas.” (It opened in Panama but later moved to Fort Benning, Georgia.) Critics have nicknamed it the “School of the Dictators” and “School of the Assassins.” Here, the CIA trains Latin American military officers how to conduct coups, including the use of interrogation, torture and murder.The Association for Responsible Dissent estimates that by 1987, 6 million people had died as a result of CIA covert operations. (2) Former State Department official William Blum correctly calls this an “American Holocaust.”The CIA justifies these actions as part of its war against communism. But most coups do not involve a communist threat. Unlucky nations are targeted for a wide variety of reasons: not only threats to American business interests abroad, but also liberal or even moderate social reforms, political instability, the unwillingness of a leader to carry out Washington’s dictates, and declarations of neutrality in the Cold War. Indeed, nothing has infuriated CIA Directors quite like a nation’s desire to stay out of the Cold War.The ironic thing about all this intervention is that it frequently fails to achieve American objectives. Often the newly installed dictator grows comfortable with the security apparatus the CIA has built for him. He becomes an expert at running a police state. And because the dictator knows he cannot be overthrown, he becomes independent and defiant of Washington’s will. The CIA then finds it cannot overthrow him, because the police and military are under the dictator’s control, afraid to cooperate with American spies for fear of torture and execution. The only two options for the U.S at this point are impotence or war. Examples of this “boomerang effect” include the Shah of Iran, General Noriega and Saddam Hussein. The boomerang effect also explains why the CIA has proven highly successful at overthrowing democracies, but a wretched failure at overthrowing dictatorships.The following timeline should confirm that the CIA as we know it should be abolished and replaced by a true information-gathering and analysis organization. The CIA cannot be reformed — it is institutionally and culturally corrupt.1929The culture we lost — Secretary of State Henry Stimson refuses to endorse a code-breaking operation, saying, “Gentlemen do not read each other’s mail.”1941COI created — In preparation for World War II, President Roosevelt creates the Office of Coordinator of Information (COI). General William “Wild Bill” Donovan heads the new intelligence service.1942

OSS created — Roosevelt restructures COI into something more suitable for covert action, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Donovan recruits so many of the nation’s rich and powerful that eventually people joke that “OSS” stands for “Oh, so social!” or “Oh, such snobs!”


Italy — Donovan recruits the Catholic Church in Rome to be the center of Anglo-American spy operations in Fascist Italy. This would prove to be one of America’s most enduring intelligence alliances in the Cold War.


OSS is abolished — The remaining American information agencies cease covert actions and return to harmless information gathering and analysis.

Operation PAPERCLIP – While other American agencies are hunting down Nazi war criminals for arrest, the U.S. intelligence community is smuggling them into America, unpunished, for their use against the Soviets. The most important of these is Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s master spy who had built up an intelligence network in the Soviet Union. With full U.S. blessing, he creates the “Gehlen Organization,” a band of refugee Nazi spies who reactivate their networks in Russia. These include SS intelligence officers Alfred Six and Emil Augsburg (who massacred Jews in the Holocaust), Klaus Barbie (the “Butcher of Lyon”), Otto von Bolschwing (the Holocaust mastermind who worked with Eichmann) and SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny (a personal friend of Hitler’s). The Gehlen Organization supplies the U.S. with its only intelligence on the Soviet Union for the next ten years, serving as a bridge between the abolishment of the OSS and the creation of the CIA. However, much of the “intelligence” the former Nazis provide is bogus. Gehlen inflates Soviet military capabilities at a time when Russia is still rebuilding its devastated society, in order to inflate his own importance to the Americans (who might otherwise punish him). In 1948, Gehlen almost convinces the Americans that war is imminent, and the West should make a preemptive strike. In the 50s he produces a fictitious “missile gap.” To make matters worse, the Russians have thoroughly penetrated the Gehlen Organization with double agents, undermining the very American security that Gehlen was supposed to protect.


Greece — President Truman requests military aid to Greece to support right-wing forces fighting communist rebels. For the rest of the Cold War, Washington and the CIA will back notorious Greek leaders with deplorable human rights records.

CIA created — President Truman signs the National Security Act of 1947, creating the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Council. The CIA is accountable to the president through the NSC — there is no democratic or congressional oversight. Its charter allows the CIA to “perform such other functions and duties… as the National Security Council may from time to time direct.” This loophole opens the door to covert action and dirty tricks.


Covert-action wing created — The CIA recreates a covert action wing, innocuously called the Office of Policy Coordination, led by Wall Street lawyer Frank Wisner. According to its secret charter, its responsibilities include “propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, including sabotage, antisabotage, demolition and evacuation procedures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.”

Italy — The CIA corrupts democratic elections in Italy, where Italian communists threaten to win the elections. The CIA buys votes, broadcasts propaganda, threatens and beats up opposition leaders, and infiltrates and disrupts their organizations. It works — the communists are defeated.


Radio Free Europe — The CIA creates its first major propaganda outlet, Radio Free Europe. Over the next several decades, its broadcasts are so blatantly false that for a time it is considered illegal to publish transcripts of them in the U.S.

Late 40s

Operation MOCKINGBIRD — The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham is publisher of The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA’s media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA’s own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists will become CIA assets.


Iran – CIA overthrows the democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh in a military coup, after he threatened to nationalize British oil. The CIA replaces him with a dictator, the Shah of Iran, whose secret police, SAVAK, is as brutal as the Gestapo.

Operation MK-ULTRA — Inspired by North Korea’s brainwashing program, the CIA begins experiments on mind control. The most notorious part of this project involves giving LSD and other drugs to American subjects without their knowledge or against their will, causing several to commit suicide. However, the operation involves far more than this. Funded in part by the Rockefeller and Ford foundations, research includes propaganda, brainwashing, public relations, advertising, hypnosis, and other forms of suggestion.


Guatemala — CIA overthrows the democratically elected Jacob Arbenz in a military coup. Arbenz has threatened to nationalize the Rockefeller-owned United Fruit Company, in which CIA Director Allen Dulles also owns stock. Arbenz is replaced with a series of right-wing dictators whose bloodthirsty policies will kill over 100,000 Guatemalans in the next 40 years.


North Vietnam — CIA officer Edward Lansdale spends four years trying to overthrow the communist government of North Vietnam, using all the usual dirty tricks. The CIA also attempts to legitimize a tyrannical puppet regime in South Vietnam, headed by Ngo Dinh Diem. These efforts fail to win the hearts and minds of the South Vietnamese because the Diem government is opposed to true democracy, land reform and poverty reduction measures. The CIA’s continuing failure results in escalating American intervention, culminating in the Vietnam War.


Hungary — Radio Free Europe incites Hungary to revolt by broadcasting Khruschev’s Secret Speech, in which he denounced Stalin. It also hints that American aid will help the Hungarians fight. This aid fails to materialize as Hungarians launch a doomed armed revolt, which only invites a major Soviet invasion. The conflict kills 7,000 Soviets and 30,000 Hungarians.


Laos — The CIA carries out approximately one coup per year trying to nullify Laos’ democratic elections. The problem is the Pathet Lao, a leftist group with enough popular support to be a member of any coalition government. In the late 50s, the CIA even creates an “Armee Clandestine” of Asian mercenaries to attack the Pathet Lao. After the CIA’s army suffers numerous defeats, the U.S. starts bombing, dropping more bombs on Laos than all the U.S. bombs dropped in World War II. A quarter of all Laotians will eventually become refugees, many living in caves.


Haiti — The U.S. military helps “Papa Doc” Duvalier become dictator of Haiti. He creates his own private police force, the “Tonton Macoutes,” who terrorize the population with machetes. They will kill over 100,000 during the Duvalier family reign. The U.S. does not protest their dismal human rights record.


The Bay of Pigs — The CIA sends 1,500 Cuban exiles to invade Castro’s Cuba. But “Operation Mongoose” fails, due to poor planning, security and backing. The planners had imagined that the invasion will spark a popular uprising against Castro -– which never happens. A promised American air strike also never occurs. This is the CIA’s first public setback, causing President Kennedy to fire CIA Director Allen Dulles.

Dominican Republic — The CIA assassinates Rafael Trujillo, a murderous dictator Washington has supported since 1930. Trujillo’s business interests have grown so large (about 60 percent of the economy) that they have begun competing with American business interests.

Ecuador — The CIA-backed military forces the democratically elected President Jose Velasco to resign. Vice President Carlos Arosemana replaces him; the CIA fills the now vacant vice presidency with its own man.

Congo (Zaire) — The CIA assassinates the democratically elected Patrice Lumumba. However, public support for Lumumba’s politics runs so high that the CIA cannot clearly install his opponents in power. Four years of political turmoil follow.


Dominican Republic — The CIA overthrows the democratically elected Juan Bosch in a military coup. The CIA installs a repressive, right-wing junta.

Ecuador — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows President Arosemana, whose independent (not socialist) policies have become unacceptable to Washington. A military junta assumes command, cancels the 1964 elections, and begins abusing human rights.


Brazil — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows the democratically elected government of Joao Goulart. The junta that replaces it will, in the next two decades, become one of the most bloodthirsty in history. General Castelo Branco will create Latin America’s first death squads, or bands of secret police who hunt down “communists” for torture, interrogation and murder. Often these “communists” are no more than Branco’s political opponents. Later it is revealed that the CIA trains the death squads.


Indonesia — The CIA overthrows the democratically elected Sukarno with a military coup. The CIA has been trying to eliminate Sukarno since 1957, using everything from attempted assassination to sexual intrigue, for nothing more than his declaring neutrality in the Cold War. His successor, General Suharto, will massacre between 500,000 to 1 million civilians accused of being “communist.” The CIA supplies the names of countless suspects.

Dominican Republic — A popular rebellion breaks out, promising to reinstall Juan Bosch as the country’s elected leader. The revolution is crushed when U.S. Marines land to uphold the military regime by force. The CIA directs everything behind the scenes.

Greece — With the CIA’s backing, the king removes George Papandreous as prime minister. Papandreous has failed to vigorously support U.S. interests in Greece.

Congo (Zaire) — A CIA-backed military coup installs Mobutu Sese Seko as dictator. The hated and repressive Mobutu exploits his desperately poor country for billions.


The Ramparts Affair — The radical magazine Ramparts begins a series of unprecedented anti-CIA articles. Among their scoops: the CIA has paid the University of Michigan $25 million dollars to hire “professors” to train South Vietnamese students in covert police methods. MIT and other universities have received similar payments. Ramparts also reveals that the National Students’ Association is a CIA front. Students are sometimes recruited through blackmail and bribery, including draft deferments.


Greece — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows the government two days before the elections. The favorite to win was George Papandreous, the liberal candidate. During the next six years, the “reign of the colonels” — backed by the CIA — will usher in the widespread use of torture and murder against political opponents. When a Greek ambassador objects to President Johnson about U.S. plans for Cypress, Johnson tells him: “Fuck your parliament and your constitution.”

Operation PHEONIX — The CIA helps South Vietnamese agents identify and then murder alleged Viet Cong leaders operating in South Vietnamese villages. According to a 1971 congressional report, this operation killed about 20,000 “Viet Cong.”


Operation CHAOS — The CIA has been illegally spying on American citizens since 1959, but with Operation CHAOS, President Johnson dramatically boosts the effort. CIA agents go undercover as student radicals to spy on and disrupt campus organizations protesting the Vietnam War. They are searching for Russian instigators, which they never find. CHAOS will eventually spy on 7,000 individuals and 1,000 organizations.

Bolivia — A CIA-organized military operation captures legendary guerilla Che Guevara. The CIA wants to keep him alive for interrogation, but the Bolivian government executes him to prevent worldwide calls for clemency.


Uruguay — The notorious CIA torturer Dan Mitrione arrives in Uruguay, a country torn with political strife. Whereas right-wing forces previously used torture only as a last resort, Mitrione convinces them to use it as a routine, widespread practice. “The precise pain, in the precise place, in the precise amount, for the desired effect,” is his motto. The torture techniques he teaches to the death squads rival the Nazis’. He eventually becomes so feared that revolutionaries will kidnap and murder him a year later.


Cambodia — The CIA overthrows Prince Sahounek, who is highly popular among Cambodians for keeping them out of the Vietnam War. He is replaced by CIA puppet Lon Nol, who immediately throws Cambodian troops into battle. This unpopular move strengthens once minor opposition parties like the Khmer Rouge, which achieves power in 1975 and massacres millions of its own people.


Bolivia — After half a decade of CIA-inspired political turmoil, a CIA-backed military coup overthrows the leftist President Juan Torres. In the next two years, dictator Hugo Banzer will have over 2,000 political opponents arrested without trial, then tortured, raped and executed.

Haiti — “Papa Doc” Duvalier dies, leaving his 19-year old son “Baby Doc” Duvalier the dictator of Haiti. His son continues his bloody reign with full knowledge of the CIA.


The Case-Zablocki Act — Congress passes an act requiring congressional review of executive agreements. In theory, this should make CIA operations more accountable. In fact, it is only marginally effective.

Cambodia — Congress votes to cut off CIA funds for its secret war in Cambodia.

Wagergate Break-in — President Nixon sends in a team of burglars to wiretap Democratic offices at Watergate. The team members have extensive CIA histories, including James McCord, E. Howard Hunt and five of the Cuban burglars. They work for the Committee to Reelect the President (CREEP), which does dirty work like disrupting Democratic campaigns and laundering Nixon’s illegal campaign contributions. CREEP’s activities are funded and organized by another CIA front, the Mullen Company.


Chile — The CIA overthrows and assassinates Salvador Allende, Latin America’s first democratically elected socialist leader. The problems begin when Allende nationalizes American-owned firms in Chile. ITT offers the CIA $1 million for a coup (reportedly refused). The CIA replaces Allende with General Augusto Pinochet, who will torture and murder thousands of his own countrymen in a crackdown on labor leaders and the political left.

CIA begins internal investigations — William Colby, the Deputy Director for Operations, orders all CIA personnel to report any and all illegal activities they know about. This information is later reported to Congress.

Watergate Scandal — The CIA’s main collaborating newspaper in America, The Washington Post, reports Nixon’s crimes long before any other newspaper takes up the subject. The two reporters, Woodward and Bernstein, make almost no mention of the CIA’s many fingerprints all over the scandal. It is later revealed that Woodward was a Naval intelligence briefer to the White House, and knows many important intelligence figures, including General Alexander Haig. His main source, “Deep Throat,” is probably one of those.

CIA Director Helms Fired — President Nixon fires CIA Director Richard Helms for failing to help cover up the Watergate scandal. Helms and Nixon have always disliked each other. The new CIA director is William Colby, who is relatively more open to CIA reform.


CHAOS exposed — Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh publishes a story about Operation CHAOS, the domestic surveillance and infiltration of anti-war and civil rights groups in the U.S. The story sparks national outrage.

Angleton fired — Congress holds hearings on the illegal domestic spying efforts of James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s chief of counterintelligence. His efforts included mail-opening campaigns and secret surveillance of war protesters. The hearings result in his dismissal from the CIA.

House clears CIA in Watergate — The House of Representatives clears the CIA of any complicity in Nixon’s Watergate break-in.

The Hughes Ryan Act — Congress passes an amendment requiring the president to report nonintelligence CIA operations to the relevant congressional committees in a timely fashion.


Australia — The CIA helps topple the democratically elected, left-leaning government of Prime Minister Edward Whitlam. The CIA does this by giving an ultimatum to its Governor-General, John Kerr. Kerr, a longtime CIA collaborator, exercises his constitutional right to dissolve the Whitlam government. The Governor-General is a largely ceremonial position appointed by the Queen; the Prime Minister is democratically elected. The use of this archaic and never-used law stuns the nation.

Angola — Eager to demonstrate American military resolve after its defeat in Vietnam, Henry Kissinger launches a CIA-backed war in Angola. Contrary to Kissinger’s assertions, Angola is a country of little strategic importance and not seriously threatened by communism. The CIA backs the brutal leader of UNITAS, Jonas Savimbi. This polarizes Angolan politics and drives his opponents into the arms of Cuba and the Soviet Union for survival. Congress will cut off funds in 1976, but the CIA is able to run the war off the books until 1984, when funding is legalized again. This entirely pointless war kills over 300,000 Angolans.

“The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence” — Victor Marchetti and John Marks publish this whistle-blowing history of CIA crimes and abuses. Marchetti has spent 14 years in the CIA, eventually becoming an executive assistant to the Deputy Director of Intelligence. Marks has spent five years as an intelligence official in the State Department.

“Inside the Company” — Philip Agee publishes a diary of his life inside the CIA. Agee has worked in covert operations in Latin America during the 60s, and details the crimes in which he took part.

Congress investigates CIA wrong-doing — Public outrage compels Congress to hold hearings on CIA crimes. Senator Frank Church heads the Senate investigation (“The Church Committee”), and Representative Otis Pike heads the House investigation. (Despite a 98 percent incumbency reelection rate, both Church and Pike are defeated in the next elections.) The investigations lead to a number of reforms intended to increase the CIA’s accountability to Congress, including the creation of a standing Senate committee on intelligence. However, the reforms prove ineffective, as the Iran/Contra scandal will show. It turns out the CIA can control, deal with or sidestep Congress with ease.

The Rockefeller Commission — In an attempt to reduce the damage done by the Church Committee, President Ford creates the “Rockefeller Commission” to whitewash CIA history and propose toothless reforms. The commission’s namesake, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, is himself a major CIA figure. Five of the commission’s eight members are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a CIA-dominated organization.


Iran — The CIA fails to predict the fall of the Shah of Iran, a longtime CIA puppet, and the rise of Muslim fundamentalists who are furious at the CIA’s backing of SAVAK, the Shah’s bloodthirsty secret police. In revenge, the Muslims take 52 Americans hostage in the U.S. embassy in Tehran.

Afghanistan — The Soviets invade Afghanistan. The CIA immediately begins supplying arms to any faction willing to fight the occupying Soviets. Such indiscriminate arming means that when the Soviets leave Afghanistan, civil war will erupt. Also, fanatical Muslim extremists now possess state-of-the-art weaponry. One of these is Sheik Abdel Rahman, who will become involved in the World Trade Center bombing in New York.

El Salvador — An idealistic group of young military officers, repulsed by the massacre of the poor, overthrows the right-wing government. However, the U.S. compels the inexperienced officers to include many of the old guard in key positions in their new government. Soon, things are back to “normal” — the military government is repressing and killing poor civilian protesters. Many of the young military and civilian reformers, finding themselves powerless, resign in disgust.

Nicaragua — Anastasios Samoza II, the CIA-backed dictator, falls. The Marxist Sandinistas take over government, and they are initially popular because of their commitment to land and anti-poverty reform. Samoza had a murderous and hated personal army called the National Guard. Remnants of the Guard will become the Contras, who fight a CIA-backed guerilla war against the Sandinista government throughout the 1980s.


El Salvador — The Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero, pleads with President Carter “Christian to Christian” to stop aiding the military government slaughtering his people. Carter refuses. Shortly afterwards, right-wing leader Roberto D’Aubuisson has Romero shot through the heart while saying Mass. The country soon dissolves into civil war, with the peasants in the hills fighting against the military government. The CIA and U.S. Armed Forces supply the government with overwhelming military and intelligence superiority. CIA-trained death squads roam the countryside, committing atrocities like that of El Mazote in 1982, where they massacre between 700 and 1000 men, women and children. By 1992, some 63,000 Salvadorans will be killed.


Iran/Contra Begins — The CIA begins selling arms to Iran at high prices, using the profits to arm the Contras fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. President Reagan vows that the Sandinistas will be “pressured” until “they say ‘uncle.’” The CIA’s Freedom Fighter’s Manual disbursed to the Contras includes instruction on economic sabotage, propaganda, extortion, bribery, blackmail, interrogation, torture, murder and political assassination.


Honduras — The CIA gives Honduran military officers the Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual – 1983, which teaches how to torture people. Honduras’ notorious “Battalion 316” then uses these techniques, with the CIA’s full knowledge, on thousands of leftist dissidents. At least 184 are murdered.


The Boland Amendment — The last of a series of Boland Amendments is passed. These amendments have reduced CIA aid to the Contras; the last one cuts it off completely. However, CIA Director William Casey is already prepared to “hand off” the operation to Colonel Oliver North, who illegally continues supplying the Contras through the CIA’s informal, secret, and self-financing network. This includes “humanitarian aid” donated by Adolph Coors and William Simon, and military aid funded by Iranian arms sales.


Eugene Hasenfus — Nicaragua shoots down a C-123 transport plane carrying military supplies to the Contras. The lone survivor, Eugene Hasenfus, turns out to be a CIA employee, as are the two dead pilots. The airplane belongs to Southern Air Transport, a CIA front. The incident makes a mockery of President Reagan’s claims that the CIA is not illegally arming the Contras.

Iran/Contra Scandal — Although the details have long been known, the Iran/Contra scandal finally captures the media’s attention in 1986. Congress holds hearings, and several key figures (like Oliver North) lie under oath to protect the intelligence community. CIA Director William Casey dies of brain cancer before Congress can question him. All reforms enacted by Congress after the scandal are purely cosmetic.

Haiti — Rising popular revolt in Haiti means that “Baby Doc” Duvalier will remain “President for Life” only if he has a short one. The U.S., which hates instability in a puppet country, flies the despotic Duvalier to the South of France for a comfortable retirement. The CIA then rigs the upcoming elections in favor of another right-wing military strongman. However, violence keeps the country in political turmoil for another four years. The CIA tries to strengthen the military by creating the National Intelligence Service (SIN), which suppresses popular revolt through torture and assassination.


Panama — The U.S. invades Panama to overthrow a dictator of its own making, General Manuel Noriega. Noriega has been on the CIA’s payroll since 1966, and has been transporting drugs with the CIA’s knowledge since 1972. By the late 80s, Noriega’s growing independence and intransigence have angered Washington… so out he goes.


Haiti — Competing against 10 comparatively wealthy candidates, leftist priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide captures 68 percent of the vote. After only eight months in power, however, the CIA-backed military deposes him. More military dictators brutalize the country, as thousands of Haitian refugees escape the turmoil in barely seaworthy boats. As popular opinion calls for Aristide’s return, the CIA begins a disinformation campaign painting the courageous priest as mentally unstable.


The Gulf War — The U.S. liberates Kuwait from Iraq. But Iraq’s dictator, Saddam Hussein, is another creature of the CIA. With U.S. encouragement, Hussein invaded Iran in 1980. During this costly eight-year war, the CIA built up Hussein’s forces with sophisticated arms, intelligence, training and financial backing. This cemented Hussein’s power at home, allowing him to crush the many internal rebellions that erupted from time to time, sometimes with poison gas. It also gave him all the military might he needed to conduct further adventurism — in Kuwait, for example.

The Fall of the Soviet Union — The CIA fails to predict this most important event of the Cold War. This suggests that it has been so busy undermining governments that it hasn’t been doing its primary job: gathering and analyzing information. The fall of the Soviet Union also robs the CIA of its reason for existence: fighting communism. This leads some to accuse the CIA of intentionally failing to predict the downfall of the Soviet Union. Curiously, the intelligence community’s budget is not significantly reduced after the demise of communism.


Economic Espionage — In the years following the end of the Cold War, the CIA is increasingly used for economic espionage. This involves stealing the technological secrets of competing foreign companies and giving them to American ones. Given the CIA’s clear preference for dirty tricks over mere information gathering, the possibility of serious criminal behavior is very great indeed.


Haiti — The chaos in Haiti grows so bad that President Clinton has no choice but to remove the Haitian military dictator, Raoul Cedras, on threat of U.S. invasion. The U.S. occupiers do not arrest Haiti’s military leaders for crimes against humanity, but instead ensure their safety and rich retirements. Aristide is returned to power only after being forced to accept an agenda favorable to the country’s ruling class.


In a speech before the CIA celebrating its 50th anniversary, President Clinton said: “By necessity, the American people will never know the full story of your courage.”

Clinton’s is a common defense of the CIA: namely, the American people should stop criticizing the CIA because they don’t know what it really does. This, of course, is the heart of the problem in the first place. An agency that is above criticism is also above moral behavior and reform. Its secrecy and lack of accountability allows its corruption to grow unchecked.

Furthermore, Clinton’s statement is simply untrue. The history of the agency is growing painfully clear, especially with the declassification of historical CIA documents. We may not know the details of specific operations, but we do know, quite well, the general behavior of the CIA. These facts began emerging nearly two decades ago at an ever-quickening pace. Today we have a remarkably accurate and consistent picture, repeated in country after country, and verified from countless different directions.

The CIA’s response to this growing knowledge and criticism follows a typical historical pattern. (Indeed, there are remarkable parallels to the Medieval Church’s fight against the Scientific Revolution.) The first journalists and writers to reveal the CIA’s criminal behavior were harassed and censored if they were American writers, and tortured and murdered if they were foreigners. (See Philip Agee’s On the Run for an example of early harassment.) However, over the last two decades the tide of evidence has become overwhelming, and the CIA has found that it does not have enough fingers to plug every hole in the dike. This is especially true in the age of the Internet, where information flows freely among millions of people. Since censorship is impossible, the Agency must now defend itself with apologetics. Clinton’s “Americans will never know” defense is a prime example.

Another common apologetic is that “the world is filled with unsavory characters, and we must deal with them if we are to protect American interests at all.” There are two things wrong with this. First, it ignores the fact that the CIA has regularly spurned alliances with defenders of democracy, free speech and human rights, preferring the company of military dictators and tyrants. The CIA had moral options available to them, but did not take them.

Second, this argument begs several questions. The first is: “Which American interests?” The CIA has courted right-wing dictators because they allow wealthy Americans to exploit the country’s cheap labor and resources. But poor and middle-class Americans pay the price whenever they fight the wars that stem from CIA actions, from Vietnam to the Gulf War to Panama. The second begged question is: “Why should American interests come at the expense of other peoples’ human rights?”

The CIA should be abolished, its leadership dismissed and its relevant members tried for crimes against humanity. Our intelligence community should be rebuilt from the ground up, with the goal of collecting and analyzing information. As for covert action, there are two moral options. The first one is to eliminate covert action completely. But this gives jitters to people worried about the Adolf Hitlers of the world. So a second option is that we can place covert action under extensive and true democratic oversight. For example, a bipartisan Congressional Committee of 40 members could review and veto all aspects of CIA operations upon a majority or super-majority vote. Which of these two options is best may be the subject of debate, but one thing is clear: like dictatorship, like monarchy, unaccountable covert operations should die like the dinosaurs they are.


1. All history concerning CIA intervention in foreign countries is summarized from William Blum’s encyclopedic work, Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II (Monroe, Maine: Common Courage Press, 1995). Sources for domestic CIA operations come from Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen’s The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time (Secaucus, N.J.: Citadel Press, 1997).

2. Coleman McCarthy, “The Consequences of Covert Tactics” Washington Post, December 13, 1987.

Many years ago, but the Yankee-CIA script NEVER CHANGES.
It is believed that Kangas was working on a book about CIA covert activities when on 8th February, 1999, he was found dead in the bathroom of the offices of Richard Mellon Scaife, the owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune. He had been shot in the head. Officially he had committed suicide but some people believe he was murdered. In an article in Salon Magazine, (19th March, 1999) Andrew Leonard asked: “Why did the police report say the gun wound was to the left of his head, while the autopsy reported a wound on the roof of his mouth? Why had the hard drive on his computer been erased shortly after his death? Why had Scaife assigned his No. 1 private detective, Rex Armistead, to look into Kangas’ past?”
OUTLINE OF THE YANKEE PLAN AGAINST MUSLIM NATIONS since 2005 by American-(Zionist and Yankee) Secretary Bernard Lewis:To the supporters of the “Arab Spring” …Read the One new المحافظيين and new Middle East project and its relationship to what is happening in Libya first,
Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Lebanon Talia and Masmth Condoleezza Rice in the 2006 creative chaos.In an interview with the media agency, “Bernard Lewis,” 2005.5.20 said the following text:”The Arab and Muslim people who are corrupt مفسدون Anarchists, can not تحضرهم, and if left to themselves will be surprised of the civilized world waves human terrorist destroy civilizations, and undermine communities, and therefore the right solution to deal with them is to re-occupation and colonization, and the destruction of their culture and religious applications social, and in the case that America this role, they must benefit from the experience British and French colonization of the region; to avoid errors and negative attitudes committed by the two countries, it is necessary to re-divide the Arab countries and the Islamic units tribal and sectarian lines, there is no need to take into account خواطرهم or vulnerable Panevaalathm and the reactions they have, and should have the slogan America at it, either to put them under our sovereignty, or let them to destroy our civilization, I do not mind when re-occupation to be our mission declared is to train people in the region to democratic life, and through this new colonialism do not mind to make America clicking on the leadership of Islamic – without a courtesy nor Lin The relentless – saved their people from corrupt Islamic beliefs, but it must clamp down on these people and besiege, invest contradictions ethnic, sectarian and tribal partisanship, before they invade America and Europe to destroy civilization, “he said.Criticized the “Louis” attempts a peaceful solution, and criticized the defeat of the Zionist entity in southern Lebanon, describing the withdrawal as an act of hasty and unwarranted, entity Zionist represents the front lines of Western civilization, which stands in front of hatred Islamic pseudo towards Western Europe and the U.S., and therefore the Western nations to stand in the face of this barbaric danger without delay or failure, there is no need for considerations of world public opinion, and when called upon America in 2007 to “Annapolis” peace Lewis wrote in “Wall Street,” says:- Should not look to this conference and its results, but as a mere tactic Timed, than strengthen the alliance against the Iranian threat, and to facilitate the dismantling of Arab and Islamic countries, and push the Turks and the Kurds, Arabs and Palestinians and Iranians to fight each other, as did America with the Indians before. ”

(Bernard Lewis, architect of the Sykes-Picot 2 or the new Middle East) philosopher Zionist U.S. assets of British, brought in a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense and became a consultant to the heads of the Americans is the author of maps of the so-called new Middle East, to implement the scheme in the fragmentation of the nation, and adopted the project of the U.S. Congress to become one of the basics American foreign policy regardless of the president and orientations.

– Map of North Africa division

The dismantling of Libya, Algeria and Morocco in order to establish:

1 – Berbers state: along the statelet Nubia, Egypt and Sudan.

2 – statelet Polisario

3 – the rest states Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya

الإخبارية الليبية | مقالات l إهداء الى انصار “الربيع العربي” ومن دخلوا على عالم السياسة حديثاً .اقرؤوا احد المحافظيين الجدد ومشروع الشرق الاوسط الجديد وعلاقته بما يحدث فى ليبيا اولا ومصر وتونس وسوريا ولبنان تاليا وماسمته كوندليزا رايس فى الـ 2006 بالفوضى الخلاقه.في مقابلة أجرتها وكالة الإعلام مع “بيرنارد لويس” في 2005.5.20 م قال الآتي بالنص :”إن العرب والمسلمين قوم فاسدون مفسدون فوضويون ، لا يمكن تحضرهم ، وإذا تُرِكوا لأنفسهم فسوف يفاجئون العالم المتحضر بموجات بشرية إرهابية تدمِّر الحضارات ، وتقوِّض المجتمعات ، ولذلك فإن الحلَّ السليم للتعامل معهم هو إعادة احتلالهم واستعمارهم ، وتدمير ثقافتهم الدينية وتطبيقاتها الاجتماعية ، وفي حال قيام أمريكا بهذا الدور فإن عليها أن تستفيد من التجربة البريطانية والفرنسية في استعمار المنطقة ؛ لتجنُّب الأخطاء والمواقف السلبية التي اقترفتها الدولتان ، إنه من الضروري إعادة تقسيم الأقطار العربية والإسلامية إلي وحدات عشائرية وطائفية ، ولا داعي لمراعاة خواطرهم أو التأثر بانفعالاتهم وردود الأفعال عندهم ، ويجب أن يكون شعار أمريكا في ذلك ، إما أن نضعهم تحت سيادتنا ، أو ندعهم ليدمروا حضارتنا ، ولا مانع عند إعادة احتلالهم أن تكون مهمتنا المعلنة هي تدريب شعوب المنطقة علي الحياة الديمقراطية ، وخلال هذا الاستعمار الجديد لا مانع أن تقدم أمريكا بالضغط علي قيادتهم الإسلامية – دون مجاملة ولا لين ولا هوادة – ليخلصوا شعوبهم من المعتقدات الإسلامية الفاسدة ، ولذلك يجب تضييق الخناق علي هذه الشعوب ومحاصرتها ، واستثمار التناقضات العرقية ، والعصبيات القبلية والطائفية فيها ، قبل أن تغزو أمريكا وأوروبا لتدمر الحضارة فيه “.انتقد “لويس” محاولات الحل السلمي ، وانتقد هزيمة الكيان الصهيوني في جنوب لبنان ، واصفًا هذا الانسحاب بأنه عمل متسرِّع ولا مبرر له ، فالكيان الصهيوني يمثل الخطوط الأمامية للحضارة الغربية ، وهي تقف أمام الحقد الإسلامي الزائف نحو الغرب الأوروبي والأمريكي ، ولذلك فإن علي الأمم الغربية أن تقف في وجه هذا الخطر البربري دون تلكُّؤ أو قصور، ولا داعي لاعتبارات الرأي العام العالمي، وعندما دعت أمريكا عام 2007م إلي مؤتمر “أنابوليس” للسلام كتب لويس في صحيفة “وول ستريت” يقول :

– يجب ألا ننظر إلي هذا المؤتمر ونتائجه إلا باعتباره مجرد تكتيك موقوت ، غايته تعزيز التحالف ضد الخطر الإيراني ، وتسهيل تفكيك الدول العربية والإسلامية ، ودفع الأتراك والأكراد والعرب والفلسطينيين والإيرانيين ليقاتل بعضهم بعضًا ، كما فعلت أمريكا مع الهنود الحمر من قبل”.

(برنارد لويس مهندس سايكس بيكو2 او الشرق الأوسط الجديد ) فيلسوف صهيوني أمريكي من أصول بريطانية ، استقدم مستشارا لوزارة الدفاع الأمريكية وأصبح مستشارا للرؤساء الأمريكيين وهو واضع خرائط ما يسمى بالشرق الأوسط الجديد ، لتنفيذ مخططه في تفتيت الأمة ، واعتمد مشروعه من الكونجرس الأمريكي ليصبح من أساسيات السياسة الخارجية الأمريكية بغض النظر عن الرئيس وتوجهاته.

– خريطة تقسيم شمال افريقيا

تفكيك ليبيا والجزائر والمغرب بهدف إقامة:

1- دولة البربر: على امتداد دويلة النوبة بمصر والسودان.

2- دويلة البوليساريو

3- الباقي دويلات المغرب والجزائر وتونس وليبيا


Qatar has spent more than $ 3 billion in the recruitment of terrorists, said the Syrian ambassador

Source: New Republic

Qatar has spent more than $ 3 billion in the recruitment of terrorists, said the Syrian ambassador

Speaking at the meeting of the Council for Human Rights in Geneva, the Syrian ambassador said that Qatar has so far spent more than $ 3 billionfor recruiting “jihadists” and prostitutes to fight in Syria.

At the request of Qatar, Turkey and the United States, members of the Council for Human Rights in Geneva met urgently to pass a resolution condemning the intervention of foreign fighters in Syria.

The three countries directly target combatants “Hezbollah” who fight alongside the Syrian armed particular area Qousseir forces. The text calls on Syrian authorities to allow free and unimpeded access to UN and humanitarian agencies that they can rescue the civilians.

Speaking, the representative of Syria in Geneva denounced the interference of the three countries that have introduced this resolution before drawing a red ball of Qatar. ”Did you ladies and gentlemen that Qatar today condemned the intervention of foreign fighters in Syria has so far spent more than $ 3 billion in recruiting” jihadists. “ The leaders of Qatar fetched thousands of “mercenaries” in nearly 40 countries, said the representative of Syria.

This fact is not a surprise since terrorism experts said that the Syrians have left the country leaving room for thousands of “jihadists” coming mainly from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bosnia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, etc..

These “fighters” were recruited by Qatar and Saudi Arabia according to the same experts. According to Mr. Aron Zilin, a researcher at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the number of young Islamists indoctrinated and sent to Syria exceeds 20,000 Tunisians.

These young people mainly members of Ennahda movement and Salafists in Tunisia. The irony is that 80% of foreigners who joined the opposition in Syria chose to fight under the banner of Al-Nosra Front, an ally of the nebula terrorist organization “Al Qaeda.”Tunisian media have not only confirmed the presence of thousands of “jihadists” Tunisian Syria but also young Tunisian women, some of which did not exceed 17 years.

According to several TV channels and private Tunisian newspapers, dozens of girls were also sent to Syria for another “jihad” namely the “nikah” or sex.

Hundreds of Tunisian families mourned by demonstrating outside the Tunisian institutions demanding the authorities to find a solution to their son and daughters who are in Syria. “Our offspring was misled and sent to hell in Syria,” said a mother of a micro television station.

In the absence of a Tunisian representative in Syria, some Tunisian families have even asked the humanitarian intervention of the Algerian state to help repatriate their son and daughters surrounded several fronts fighting in Syria. In sum, the urgent meeting of the Council of Human Rights at the request of Qatar, Turkey and the United States has puzzled international opinion and especially politicians who question the double standards of the thing. ”Why the Council of Human Rights in Geneva has not he met when thousands of mercenaries and” jihadists “invaded Syria,they concluded.

Moncef Rédha


Post image for French Directorate of Intelligence (DRM) describes how the Qatar finance terrorists’ of AQIM, the MUJAO and Jihad in West Africa

French Directorate of Intelligence (DRM) describes how the Qatar finance terrorists’

of AQIM, the MUJAO and Jihad in West Africa

30 MAY  2013

Source: CRIDEM

 Qatar’s activities war in West/North Africa

Source: The French weekly Le Canard Chained , in its edition yesterday, threw a real bombshell. The paper quoted the French Directorate of Intelligence(DRM) describes how the Qatar finance terrorists’ of AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) and the Movement for the uniqueness and Jihad in West Africa (Mujao, author of removal on April 5 this year of seven Algerian diplomats in Gao , a town in northern Mali ) and Ansar Dine . “S ccording to the information gathered by DRM , Tuareg insurgents MNLA(independence and lay ) movement Ansar Dine, AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) and Mujao (Jihad in West Africa) received aid dollars Qatar . “ “ The hostage-taking, drug trafficking or cigarettes can not be sufficient for these big spenders Islamists ”says The Chained Duck . “

The new defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian , knows no bad news arrived ‘of sub-Saharan Africa . And no involvement of “our friend from Qatar ”formula of an officer of Staff in the “capture” Northern Mali by several jihadist movements , “writes the weekly which had on March 26, cited accusations made ​​by the Directorate-General for External Security (French secret services) against” the rich oil emirate . “ In its edition yesterday, The Chained Duck raises the confirmation of charges by the DRM that describes theSahel , vast territory, as “ a new terrorist sanctuary ”because of the Qatari business, among others. “ Nobody should be surprised , “said The Chained Duck , who recalls that France , “ for three years, political and military are aware of the danger .

“ L “ friend and ally ”Qatari Sarkozy ” At the beginning of This year, several notes of the DGSE alerted the Elysee on international activities, if one may say so, the emirate of Qatar , “added weekly. Notes unheeded, according to the newspaper. “ And without really insist, requires diplomacy, the boss of this tiny state, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani , that Sarko has always treated as a friend and ally , “wrote The Chained Duck . Qatar seems to invest where it A few years ago, we did not expect. Investments sadly not made ​​for the sake of stability. “Officers of the DRM affirm them, the generosity of Qatar is second to none and he was not content to help financially, sometimes in their delivering weapons, revolutionary Tunisia ’s Egypt or Libya , “said the weekly. “ Only the Algerian army … ”

Referring to the current situation in northern Mali and the establishment of an Islamic state as conceived by Ansar Dine , the newspaper writes that “ their little Taliban State has its first discord between Tuareg more or less religious fanatics and the Sharia . “ “ But these groups are now active in several towns on the borders of Niger , from Burkina Faso and of Algeria , “says French newspaper. “ Other armed tourists whose presence is noticed in northern Mali : Nigerians of the sect Boko Haram and Pakistani instructors arrived from Somaliawith good experience of guerrilla warfare , “notes the weekly which casts doubt on the military capacity of the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West Africa) to overcome the terrorist organizations raging in northern Mali . “

And everyone, including the French who only monitor the area, as they say, to turn to the Algeriawhose army is the only way to cross the 1300 km border northern Mali and then do a mouthful of these Islamists , “according to The Chained Duck . MA.


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