La fin de la semaine sainte / THE HOLY WEEKEND

Mu salutes us

Mu in Navy uniform 

Good morning free and O حرائر, the
Coming to national Oh, God willing,

Jmatkm blessing O free and mass حرائر the bone
And íÇŃíĘ invites victory, hoping that encounter Tdaotkm the hour response

We Ride Again

Carlos Ramírez Sánchez:

Absent from you but when he said they even hear my voice
It is located in a place chosen by the district for himself alone no one can access it
He did not build Libya but Libya short-lived human beings but hearts by faith
The toughest of human construction stone
Throughout his reign, which recognized all the period between 1969-1977, where the official announcement board leadership and voluntary renunciation of power and chose the masses rather than public governance and Declaration of the birth of the people sentenced in Libya
1977-2011 rule of the people
Are you turned on?
The Commander choose legitimacy before the people exercise the functions of honour and not driving
Titles of honor by many I am not going to talk about
With respect for his enemies by his friends and brothers
Libya through my perspective when he said all the people arose and we lead the world revolution
Why, how come that the world fights and talk about world revolution
And the answer we hear news that both Libya fought the scourge becomes unknown and most recently Turkey
I understand that the world revolution leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and Libya truly great love for the leader and his support for the liberation movements of the world.
Man, how come that size to end 42 years thought all these contracts with all the possibilities of the Haub aughazo etc.
I believe that the Commander can restore Libya to its predecessor in a not too long and gives opportunities and deadlines to Ilam
Rejoice and have fun and dance and be prepared to present NATO officers were told
Jocelyn umaguing and they had lots of understanding and danced and brace
And what estimate end stop creep millions save yourself before giving a sacred crawl
From leader Muammar al-Qathafi.
My personal do not claim to belong to anyone.
Allah, Islam and Mohammad my messenger and Muammar Gaddafi my Imam
Your brother. Carlos

Mu 1980 speech

 and tell me to crawl Bible and the last day of liberation ….
The wedding began each محتفلة area in its own way and unaffordable come from everywhere and the bride and
enabling non-lipo guests Aouseloa the guests of the bride and their hands busy great wedding and the bride deserve.

To All Liberal astronauts Page battalion black day to all those who wish to deal directly

with the Director-page sends the Aydafah to email your reset … or correspondence on this email and thank you

News Libyan Resistance (Green Brigade battalion-mail)

حدثوني for steadfastness and dignity to tell you about حرائر and free light ¤ حدثوني for courage and patience to tell you about our prisoners ¤ حدثوني for pride and pride to tell you about our martyrs ¤ حدثوني of victory to tell you about us ¤ ¤ ¤ and حدثوني all Mazkrth to tell you about Muammar al-Qathafi maker glories ¤ ¤ ¤,

(lawyer leader)


Photo : ‎معمر وبس√‎

How ICAO me. Habib. Millions Aalepien the
Admancm {main}
Of course, the following inventory Mesh needed he Ivkhal between sovereignty and speak:

O Supreme Commander

Morning morning to withstand high morale victory sons morning leader Muammar Gaddafi, O sons of generation of anger … So ask Allah of His bounty;

Gorgeous I hasten victory resilience to withstand.

God willing, victory.

(Admin Sniper)

Aladdin’s uncle swore you God that the whole Libyan people became pro-al-Qathafi except traitors,,,, it’s God’s will, O Sinbad:
Alladin and Sinbad

Greetings Brigade 32 enhanced did not hide did not waive did leans not God, and we are waiting all over the mass you in every house

and every ŇäŢĺ every street will find us in front of you and behind you and beside you to recover our legitimate in Islamic law and

that God is with us and God willing, we will raise the meaning of public green and willyou and the history free and حرائر in all corners of the globe
(His Excellency Leader)

Brigade 32 Coming!

Morning, O our great challenge
Magnanimity and morning glory and dignity
Nharkm happy and blessed and good .. **

Devoid معنوياتكم high now our ally victory inevitable ….

Coming and Nasr laying.

Libya will not only be a green O the whatever Ketbtamoha Rats:


Day 1 – June 2013 – corresponding on al-Qathafi Award for Universal Human Rights


Came the Antichrist Hahahahahahahah hard certify that cartoon character revolting and funny
(National strange)

What came in a speech by Dr. Hamza THAMI on 31/05/2013
He respects brother and friend Azzedine distinctive feathers on his poem and said that this hair came at the right time and included all the tribes and Daly poets to suit suit through the glories said people and their history and focus on the enthusiasm and moraleHe walked to the African Union amid the feast of the 25 and the first form of the founders is the image of the leader, and pictures of the leader and the name of the commander is present even in the streets and mosques African, any Africans do not accept the existence of an exhibition of the commander in front of him and declares that he shows in front of them perhaps Asebouh bad, newspaper Ugandan published yesterday that the recent summit of the African Union knot at the base of Gaddafi’s flights. commander exists in the hearts of Africans, in clothes, tapes, CDs …
is everywhere in AfricaSaid our young people inside Libya: Do not be afraid of rats and الاعيبهم, they Ohn of a spider’s web, trying to prove themselves through the fire and they do not something just vacuum, lift up your pictures commander, Raise saws, تغنوا in Aaraskm, and the great God can not do anything , they are the people who have lost everything and do not have anything.
Called free to pages that do not leave anyone exposed to the family of the leader, family history must be respected Mujahid struggling a model family Jamahiriya, said that descend naive image of the commander, for example, with the rat and tell compare between the two men, this is an insult to the chiefWith regard Admin Page Sabha now who went too far in spreading sedition, he said, I remember the day his first name is Mustafa, a Amuri residents of Sabha, his whereabouts unknown, and then warned him of playing with fire and said it was published sedition among tribes place (destiny) is known, still tell you Respect yourself, I’ve Policies for young people and girls in Sabha.
He concluded by prayerما جاء في كلمة الدكتور حمزة يوم 31-5-2013قال احي الاخ والصديق عز الدين ريش على قصيدته المميزة وقال ان هذا الشعر جاء في الوقت المناسب وشمل كل القبائل ودعلى الشعراء الى الحذو حذوه من خلال ذكر امجاد الناس وتاريخهم والتركيز على الحماسة ورفع المعنوياتقال انه مشى الى الاتحاد الافريقي وسط العيد ال 25 واول صورة من صور المؤسسين هي صورة القائد,وصور القائد واسم القائد موجود حتى في الشوارع والمساجد الافريقية,اي افريقي لا يتقبل وجود معرض للقائد امامه ومن يعلن انه معارض امامهم ربما يصيبوه بسوء,صحيفة اوغندية نشرت البارحة ان القمة الاخيرة للاتحاد الافريقي عقدة في قاعدة القذافي الجوية.القائد موجود في قلوب الافارقة,في الملابس,في الاشرطة,في السيديات…موجود في كل مكان في افريقياقال شبابنا في داخل ليبيا:لا تخافوا من الجرذان ومن الاعيبهم,انهم اوهن من بيت العنكبوت,يحاولون اثبات انفسهم من خلال اطلاق النار وهم لا شيء مجرد فراغ,ارفعوا صور القائد,ارفعوا المناشير,تغنوا به في اعراسكم,والله العظيم لا يستطيعون عمل شيء,هم اناس فقدوا كل شيء ولا يملكون اي شيء.
دعى احرار الصفحات ان لا يتركوا اي احد يتعرض لاسرة القائد,يجب احترام تاريخ الاسرة المجاهدة المناضلة وهي نموذج العائلة الليبية,قال من السذاجة ان تنزل صورة القائد مثلا مع جرذ وتقول قارن بين الرجلين,هذا يعتبر اهانة للقائدفيما يخص ادمن صفحة سبها الان الذي تمادى في نشر الفتنة,قال اذكر اليوم اسمه الاول وهو مصطفى وهو عموري من سكان سبها,مكان تواجده معروف,ثم حذره من اللعب بالنار وقال ان من ينشر الفتنة بين القبائل مكانه(مصيره) معروف,مازلت اقول لك احترم نفسك,لقد اسات لناس ولشباب والبنات في سبهاختم كلمته بدعاء
Darkness and Injustice

… Jmatkm the blessing ……………

Matnsuc prayers, دعائكم and Astgfarcm and Zbegm …….
And downright Matnsuc prayer Ali Avdilhkhalq Allah Muhammad (r) …

Blessings and peace Ali Ashraf Athar God created our Prophet Muhammad and beloved thousand prayers it ……


NATO Wayne!!
Word will Akhaldha history as a symbol of betrayal:

Revolution blessing and ناصرها of God .. May be freed and liberated homeland .. Enlarge:They call this ‘Freedom’ !:

Warning is very important for all Libyans in Libya
We all know that many of our fellow Syrians had come to Libya to live there because of the events in their country. Some of them have the oldest to fetch and install plants for simple jobs to live. But it’s some of the factories, or rather machines which employed them for the manufacture of Facial Tissue ((Kleenex)) and sold also by their children, especially in the optical signals and Ptatefna

We Libyans makes offer to buy incest in terms of emotional and humane, above all, without regard to any other aspects. Therefore Ahdr all Libyans to buy napkins because they are made ​​of leaf litter and sterilization without causing allergies and other diseases. And can be who bought consider the quality of the paper and smell.
Information from one Drs Libyans and specialists in chemistry, which was conducted a laboratory examination of the tissue.
As a full circular informing the people.

Yesterday was attacking the Archive of the intelligence in the era of mass largest archive in Libya, which is among the secrets of the entire system and its relations with internal and external with other countries and this happened in the headquarters of the brigade Bashir al-Saadawi secret mug and the operation took place yesterday night, and the defendants in this process now … They are members of the intelligence service, current and past … and some intelligence Illaz and inspection.
(His Excellency Leader)

Stop all domestic flights and foreign airlines because of the Libyan cabin crew strike tomorrow.



Saif white shiek 

Plan Germanah to kidnap Dr. (Saif al-Islam) from Zintan. Hope Publishing

According to our own sources that a strong plan and a court by rats Misratah and behind of rats tails aims for grabs Dr. ((Saif al-Islam)) from Zintan through the band Germanah especially present on the land of Zintan since the manner camouflaged collaborators with the members of the Zintan return for huge sums of money and the operations room of the plan found in Gharyan commanded by a person Ghariani and reported our sources that the plan was planned last night but it was canceled for tactical reasons and comes in the context of the pursuit of Misurata for the acquisition of Dr hero and the exclusion of Zintan from the political scene and the military by the hope of everyone posting this the news as much as possible to avoid the occurrence of that as we hold Zintan any misuse or damage which may be suffered by captive kidnapped Dr. ((Saif al-Islam)) also call Zintan changing the place where the prisoner and change his bodyguards because of the guards close to the captive hero involved in this plan cemetery
Dream and interpret God’s help Saif much claimed Aanoloa the hair of it

(His Excellency Leader)

Sources of Gharyan denies delivery accused of killing Heetm the Rajab and his younger brother.
And so far does not have any confirmation on extradition from the Zintan area to any destination.


Jendouba prison were burnt in the western mountain place among Asabah and Gharyan …

It was smuggling large group of Liberal honorable religion Kano imprisoned inside.

Burning fire helps Doctor to escape from Green Western Mountain’s Jendouba Prison, in Gharyan:
Enables Dr. Hamouda chosen Asabaa the the escape from prison Jendouba

By Gaddafi news agency on Sunday, June 2, 2013 | 00:41

The Gaddafi International news agency – Gheryan.

Jendouba prison were burnt in the western mountain place among Asabah and Gharyan …

It was smuggling large group of Liberal honorable religion Kano imprisoned inside.
Dr. Hamouda chosen from honest Alosabah the day managed to escape from the prison of Jendouba fact in popularity Gharyan.
was Dr. heads the University of the Western Mountain former coordinator of activities in Alosabah .

Jendouba prison were burnt in the western mountain place among Asabah and Gharyan …

It was smuggling large group of Liberal honorable religion Kano imprisoned inside.

One of the prisoners escape from prison Jendouba against 250,000 dinars

By Gaddafi news agency on Saturday June 1st, 2013 | 9:06 p.m.

The International Agency Gaddafi News – Arabic mountain.

The director of the Western Mountain police colonel Mohamed Abul Qasim Diab Saturday escape of a prisoner says “Hamouda Mokhtar Salem Kluch” Jendouba mountain prison west .. And Colonel Diab told the Libyan news is that there are people in prison staff are helped prisoner escape yesterday morning referring to the recognition of someone to facilitate peer evasion receive a sum of money and $ 250,000 Libyan dinars.

: المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية:

The Transfomation of The Green NAFUSA WESTERN MOUNTAINS:

thanks to the efforts of OBAMA, the rats, and to Montenegro
And Mizal good Jay!!!



Violent clashes in the village of Shakshouk between Amazigh Gado and news about Georgi situation is very critical with the exodus of families Shakshouk /

Violent clashes in the village of Shakshouk between Amazigh Gado and news about Georgi and the situation is very wrong with the displacement of families Shakshouk




البلطجي backward Recep Ben shame Libby obscure FB for two years Rakpth the jerk:

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free

Very, very urgent Please Iaahrar the Support Page Baaltaliq

and participate Page is exposed to fierce campaign of by clients NATO, the Jerdan are reported now,

please support all the power .. ŃĎć them Iaahrar
Muammar ups √
Each comment on a page eliminates 3 ​​notifications Jardan
All Lake eliminates 4 Notifications
Each post cancels 5 Notifications
Contributed to the support and aware of your friends ..

To all the Liberals and green thread addictive …

Given the importance of the information that is trading on Elvis and pages related to the quality of operations carried out by resistance within the Great Jamahiriya and the most important with regard to release of prisoners and where the publication of such information has had a negative impact on the prisoners in the prisons of and detention camps Jerdan ..
It hope all the pages and sites Liberals not to publish such information and conceal it altogether, even if found published in Pages Jerdan …
Especially since some of the information is misleading or does not correspond with the reality of the importance of hope everyone taking this Altantbah the account ..

Forward and resistance will continue until victory and that, God willing to close


 I reprinted this article to show that Muammar al-Qathafi was preparing (hopefull) the people’s of the Great Jamahiriya to defend themselves in the awake of NATO coming to invade LIBYA…WHICH HAS HAPPENED…in the disguise of “humanitarian intervention” (HAH)…
28  APRIL 2011 by  – Reuters
libya rebels 
Libyan soldiers loyal to leader Muammar Gaddafi react during a visit by the foreign media at weapon training session in a military camp outside Tarhouna. – Photo by ReutersTARHOUNAH: The man squats down and fires. A rocket-propelled grenade shoots into the desert to calls of “Allahu Akbar”, God is Greatest.

Allahu Akbar …………………….. Allahu Akbar
……… I bear witness that there is no god but Allah ………
….. I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God ……
No god but You Glorified be oppressors …………. no god but You forgiveness and repent thee …………….

Lord … you praise should also majesty and your face and your power ………….. Lord.

Another man takes his place.

These are members of the volunteer army being trained by Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi in the name of fighting any NATO ground invasion.

Libyan officials have said in recent weeks that they had begun arming and training civilians across government-controlled western Libya, in an effort to put the country’s tribes at the forefront of the fight against NATO attacks.

In a government-organised trip on Wednesday, journalists were taken to Tarhounah, 85 km (53 miles) southeast of Tripoli, to meet the volunteers who are being armed and trained there.

In the garden of an abandoned medical centre, a rag tag group of about 80 men, from youths to old tribal leaders, sat in circles on the grass, watching listlessly as soldiers demonstrated how machine guns and grenade launchers work.

“We have trained 400 people so far and given them arms. We started with the NATO strikes,” said Jamal Ibrahim Abu Ghrara, an agricultural engineer and head of the local people’s committee who was supervising the training.

Another 14 committees have also trained volunteers to fight what they see as a possible NATO invasion.

But the United Nations Security Council resolution under which Nato is carrying out air strikes in Libya does not provide for troops on the ground. (BULL)

And while Britain and France have sent military advisors to the rebels, NATO members show no inclination to send large numbers of soldiers. (BULL)

All around the training site, among orange earth and shrubs, squat the remains of hangars bombed by NATO in recent weeks.

Some seem empty, their roofs crumpled and only the metal frames standing. In others, the remains of burnt out military vehicles and what appeared from a distance to be anti-aircraft guns are visible.

Firing in the air

Nato air strikes have driven back Qadhafi’s troops and forced them to withdraw to the outskirts of Misrata.

In the tribal area of Tarhounah, which borders on the province of Misrata, volunteers fired in the air and said they supported the leader. Yet, there was no indication that they would be going to back the army in fighting for the port city.

Sitting on the grass, cradling his Kalashnikov rifle, 22-year-old Mohammed Jumaa, said he volunteered with his two brothers and two sisters, to protect their family in any war.

“We are all volunteers. Even the girls,” Jumaa said softly.

“We’re not expecting a rebellion here or the rebels to reach here. It is about NATO. They are planning to come by land and they want to come here and take our oil.”

Government minders hovered nearby as the volunteers were asked whether they had been given any choice in taking up arms.

They all emphasised it was their decision to come forward.

Even long before the air strikes began, Libyan teenagers wishing so received volunatry military training at school, mostly on light weapons.


On Wednesday, journalists were taken to two schools where pupils stood in line chanting

“the people want Colonel Muammar”. (ONLY ALLAH & MUAMMAR  FOR LIBYA!)

The head of Al Saqiah wal Wadi School, which educates children aged between 6 and 12, said pupils were spending a day a week on non-combat military training. That would rise to two or three days a week during the holidays.

“We give them exercises and training without guns in grades 7 to 9,” Abdelrazzak Mabrouk al-Mahmoudi told reporters.

In the school yard, a boy of no more than 5 years old was taking apart and putting together a Kalashnikov, but al-Mahmoudi said this was not school training:

“That’s his father’s gun.”

Leaving the schools, journalists drove back past the area where the men were being trained earlier but the garden was empty. At another location, over a stretch of rocky desert, a busload of men had taken their places for target practice.

Lying on their bellies, they fired machine guns at barrels across the desert before taking up the rocket-propelled grenade launchers. In a parting shot, a trainer perched atop a truck mounted with an anti-aircraft gun fired into the air, spinning the battery and showering fleeing bystanders with the shells.

As journalists left, the volunteers packed up their practice and headed for their own bus, the training apparently over.

Libyan soldiers loyal to leader Muammar al-Qathafi teach new volunteer fighters during a weapon
training session at a military camp outside Tarhounah, 85 km (53 miles) south of Tripoli 27 April 2011.

Tarhuna Mujahid – Youth loyal Tarhuna
And our response now secret stealth as follows:

“Information confirmed the existence of a quantity of arms Jermana in the following places within the area Alanaajh family Arahimp and Pharaonic and Salem Abdul-Karim of Attaah and Nasser Al-Atia of Attaah and family Hadi Alaoshir and Mohammed Khcom and Ashour Al-Nouri and Ali Nouri and Ibrahim al-Arab and Hatem Ahawaaba and sons of Dou Mustafa and just قريره Ahawaaba and Murad sweet and Abdul Bari Zarqaani and Yosef Fergany and Bari Bozzoadh and Ali Ahmed Aldaimi and Amer iron and Khalid bin Issa and safety Chribish and Abdulaziz gift, which handles education now and the safety of Sayeh and family lamp Aldha and family key Ffinek and was Aahrb with rats Misratah and Sami Khalifa Ammar who stole cars and state Boven family homes in tribe Attaah.”

(His Excellency Leader)

Appeal of the room for the youth media Tarhuna to all the children of Tarhuna and to Each youth:

Other tribes need to start racing in coordination to immediately go out and lead the people in marches popular peaceful demand the immediate release of all prisoners and detainees of the sons of these tribes, which include all the sons of Libya, as well as stop the flagrant violations carried out by armed groups against the sons of the Libyan people in prisons, public and Secret and basements of terrorism and full support for the return of all displaced persons and demanding an end to the state of security chaos and tampering with the political, security and social and economic make Libya was on the verge of total collapse and make it only in the case of the state.

Please the widest deployment time has come salvation is not Scott after today.

(Brothers media room for the youth of the tribes of Tarhounah.)



URGENT: an armed group attacked the Interior Ministry on the airport road. Firing light and heavy weapons in the Ministry of the Interior Boutrbak airport.
Strong Jerdanih movement and Jerdanih chaos at the Ministry of the Interior Airport Road .
Helicopter gunship took off from Mitiga.

Statement |

An Interior Ministry statement on the attack on 02 June 2013

Combines a number of members of the General Administration of police operations demanding regardless of financial dues.The specialists from the Department of Finance to provide justification for non-payment of those dues, but they did not convince huddled who surrounded the building, financial management, and escalating it by them using guns on the headquarters of the ministry and the threat of using grenades, which were in possession of some of them to force it to give in to their demands, even if not met at the moment.
Based on these data dealt expeditionary force of police in charge of securing and protecting the ministry’s headquarters with these outlaws after injuring a number of employees of the ministry stab by weapons of white and gunshot forced intervention force to use force to the extent necessary, but this group gone too far in the offensive, forcing the ministry to call special teams attribution forces and security battalions backing discipline and inspection of the Commission on Higher Security and Saraya backing of the Ministry of Interior to intervene where contributed to imposing security and order.
Has been control of the situation and arrested most of the elements involved in the attack on the headquarters of the ministry and refer them for investigation, has formed Anaala interior minister a commission of inquiry to determine the reasons and goals of this criminal act and reveal who is behind this incident, which impede the Ministry of Interior to move forward to achieve its objectives for building security unable to provide security and enforce public order.

Groups that had attacked the Interior Ministry are not members of the Supreme Security Committee temporary but are members of the police operations.
(Formerly Central Support). News about trapping Foreign زرات and interior and finance by armed militias:

Word Up | Shooting in front of the Ministry of Interior of February at the Tripoli Airport Road.

Associates of the security committee, who did not join the training sessions of the Interior. The Hoael issued a decision to stop the salaries of the month of February until formally joining the interior. They now attack on the Ministries of Interior and Finance.

The attack on the Ministries of Interior and Finance by the so-called Supreme Security Committee in the capital Tripoli. Has been secured and the Ministry of the Interior by the power of the security committee west of  Tripoli and confidential backing-eighth (النواصي) and rapid intervention of the Ministry of Interior /
No God Amntua and became so they can be liars shame rats /
and more from the RATS’  ” ‘Revolution’ news page”:  :After Hoael change Minister Ali Hui rebel militias |We have lived and Vena bonds protect the security force and the Ministry of the Interior
God Wayne were the strength of bonds who approached census Army of China in the defense ministries of political isolation thugs nor the ministry has become of them and them
T-Spirit of God Aasamg Aaabd Galilee!!

Wael Idris

Newsflash |

Muhammad asset exposure, which was accompanied by American journalist to kidnapping battalion of the dam and that the task of guarding the interior ministry February of government in front of the headquarters of the ministry in the airport road.

Source | Media Taha الكريوي the

Permit |

Ali Zaidan |

“Interior Ministry came under attack from some members of the support troops with heavy weapons and vehicles security forces were able to stop them and arrested some of them, and this confirms readiness and they will not allow anyone to violate the sanctity of the ministries and government departments.”

Bread strike |

Income morning mauve Tripoli on strike and that lock Bakeries city in the face of customers and as a result of increasing prices of flour and the government’s inability Alfberaria for finding solutions to this dilemma while trading news torque system in February removal of subsidies on goods supply from the Eid al-Fitr.

From Mavi baking day in the capital Tripoli indefinitely
“Bakery began a strike for not providing them with flour at subsidized prices”:

Close Clinic Pharmacy fraternity in Aleneuvliyn because of the expired Pharmaceuticals

By Gaddafi news agency on Sunday, June 2, 2013 | 02:49

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Closing the clinic Brothers Pharmacy located in area Aleneuvlin the capital Tripoli because of the presence of expired medications and are being interrogated as reported by the BBC.

: المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية:

Gharghour the

Vote now shooting and unknown reasons.

Louder voices of lead in Gharghour in these moments.

Deliberation huge explosion shook the area pressures Alshall now
Louder voices of lead in Gharghour in these moments.

Ivory (quality processes _ Tripoli Algrarat) for
(So for those who fight because they did wrong and God for the victory of things)
The praise of God and thanks to the efforts of the sons of the resistance
A group of Tigers battalion Libya fighter targeting two militia تتبعان cars Alnoay working to intimidate and arrest citizens have been injuries a direct hit and temper of their heretics and Altcfhirien in the Algrarat area in the Friday market and this the fate of all traitors who sold the soil of the homeland and conspired against him
Hence we say to customers (either surrender or lead and copper)
Media Committee of the men of the current situation battalion
(posted by: National strange)
Ostguenalk O Commander:
O Commander

Good arrived, told you Muammar our ignorance and Makhlnash of the Ntalmo and every year in Ivadat to study abroad and just Shufu rats screw mission management in order to provide safety and security .. To really let people just ignorant!!!
Libyan homeland: The Department of scholarships … For the stoppage of work as a result of some reviewers assault on staff and director of administration, management decided to scholarship of the Ministry of Higher Education work to comment while providing security for key management personnel.

Three robbed armed operations on the staff of the power company in the corner and steal the company’s cars!!
A huge explosion shook the area pressures Alshall now,,,,,,,, lived Libya Panevjaratha the Jermanah to Imam Ya rats.

News of the plateau green … Tripoli ….

Preparing rats Alrajaban the in Tripoli and groups coming from Alrajaban of the attack on the Rat “Gneoh Alkkla”,

after the Tahjmt rats Gneoh a dawn today called “Arafat Alrajabana and his friend,” and they shoot them ..

Alrajaban preparing respond to the attack on the arms militias Gneoh.

Urgent Guo Zintan Alrajaban the surrounding area my selection near Abu Salim the Gnjoh Council Alhakarchklha Temtlh hope circular.

Alert each Ahrarna within the Great Jamahiriya:

We learned from our reliable sources that rat Ignjoh/Gneoh the Alkkla wants to running out houses Liberals who have been raided

in the past under the pretext of them from the new reservation has already begun in the campaign of a three-day ..

Please Report all those who were imprisoned in the past period.
The importance of hope circular and Publishing
Lord bless you and keep all of the Liberal
(His Excellency Leader)

Vote now shooting in Plateau.

Aloowo pilgrims .. Which launched at the Tripoli International Airport …. Haj …

Oh, and I hear in the ring pass Shin mind the Zintan Beachdoh the new, oh pilgrim ….

Is for anyone who has just … Haj … Mali a Elly Biggie Beachdh extent


Urgent ..Tajourah militia closed the coastal road to the capital Tripoli and arrest a number of people affiliated for militia Sowaihili.

Gateway Aldavnih Mzrath
Happening now ..
A gathering of princes Brigades Mzrath Balyatem orientation to Tajourah only that the city notables prevent them ..

جردان Tajourah spacious encircling the camp with heavy weapons and medium-controlled Misrata Brigades in the center of Tajourah and give them warning final بإخلاءه before dawn.

From Matiqih base shortly before … Positions were delivered 4 of Tajourah:
2 positions were delivered from Misrata … During delivery turned out to be a very injuries Bulgah the caused Bjrdan to Tajourah.

Urgent ..Anti-air voices heard now near Camp spacious shields in Tajourah.

Urgent. Heavily convoy with heavy weapons and medium Etjhz in Misratah out toward Tajourah and blew operations room

Tajourah send a call to all young Tajora to join immediately Bactaúbhm.

Urgent ..Tajura militias are distributing arms to all young people of the city in preparation for war with the Misurata militia at Camp spacious shields in Tajourah.

Rats Khco in each :::::::

What happens in Tajourah now by جردان the battalion Mursi Almusratih which Astubban 80 hectares of Lands Tajourah and

hijacked inventory ordered a battalion 101, Tajourah Mchae and which has also abducted two of the Tajourah today ….

All of this and still Altoager silent for اوباش who Kifam brutally honest….

and deteriorating health status of one of them too, where the leg came to the fire and led to bleeding and a broken leg and still level since the bleeding 3 days
The rest of the جردان Tajourah has Taradw severely beaten and cruelty and the appearance of bruises

on the level of the face as a result of severe beatings my father Taradw him during the period of their detention have a secret Mursi Misurata …

Aaaaaaaaaaagel ::
Now in Tajourah louder voices in mosques and zoom votes clashes and hit the lead.

Urgent Jaddaaaa / / /
Clashes strong in Tajourah and the heavy sound for lead in the Friday Market …. After killing 3 of Misrata rats at the hands of rats Tajourah.

Declares local council جردان the Tajourah, state of emergency and alert on all revolutionaries preparedness

and activate the gates and secure entrances Tajourah any emergency from six o’clock pm

(And Rona guts just Hahahahahahah.)


Sincere (FAKE/NATO) Ghiryani and defense minister after Friday prayers The defense minister said the youth Tajourah that Misurata Brigades

in the ventral WordPress Ghiryani and I’ll tell you they’re in my heart. Fear thank it.

Altoager Lipo fatwa of sincere Ghiryani to fight Almsarit the pollen them this picture and said them Kdah time I spoke on this veil:

Abduction and Walid August brother الجيفة, Omran Shaaban, was kidnapped with six o’clock in the morning in Tripoli Street after the traffic light next to the vegetable market
There Oujda his car keys and mobile and found Uttar brakes strong and the car sound.

Closure of seven after an attempt Institute kidnapped girl and the attack on the administration with medium weapons.

Urgent … Now two car explosion in front of Wahda Bank Street electrons, Aldahara – Dahmani angle … She lived to Libya Khashh each.

Sound of explosions and bullets in Gurji in Acd one of us News.

Mager detainee
In a follow-up on the inside quote you, unfortunately, the news is certain did not Aalno it follow that NATO and

then the discovery of 11 cases infected with AIDS detainee and There ćáÇŢćÉ but God.
And why apparently so far is to put Africa infected with the disease in prison on the grounds that he is accused of stealing WAM order for us to make sure that put him in prison deliberately or accidently, because the detainee is used in some Hgrath prison for crimes public.
I am God and to Him we return and May God keep us beware and keep other saved detainees and pardon and well-being.



Council of Elders of Sirte that it did not declare Fezzan on the same mandate administratively and financially independent within two days in lost federal system, similar to Cyrenaica, the Sirte will be organized to Cyrenaica, and be gently western border is the administrative borders of the city of Sirte.

‘s Of Sirte resilience, Bay Club Challenge, so Libya became a hotbed of Mqji التافهين المتسترين religion.

Shame on the traitors and agents who came under the aircraft cross and flaunt the day religion

and they want as they said the Islamization of the street Libyan peace without war!!!!!!!

For as long as she danced on the bodies of black dogs
Image in Sirte!



Misratah, who is visiting delegation of Tobruk tell me notables Tobruk Misratah that gave birth to Ramadan Asswehly

and Tobruk gave birth to Omar Mukhtar jihad unites Re notables Tobruk drawback that تقارنوا between drunkard Arbid with the Italians sheikh martyrs Omar Mukhtar.
(His Excellency Leader)

(PICTURE from film,”Lion of the Desert” produed by Muammar al-Qathafi):



Jerdan assert through their pages that includes dozens of military convoy left tonight mechanisms Misratah heading to Tripoli …
Urgent Tel Aviv .. Mzrath: –

Abduction of inventory and Walid Shaaban brother, الجيفه Omran Shaaban. We ask God to be in hell.

Was kidnapped with six o’clock in the morning in Tripoli Street after the traffic light next to the vegetable market.
There Oujda his car keys and mobile and found Uttar brakes strong and the car sound.

Urgent Misrata |

Walid disappearance Shaaban Omran brother Shaaban in mysterious circumstances.

Abduction and Walid Shaaban brother, Madauamran Shaaban from the center of Misrata

By Gaddafi news agency on Saturday, June 1, 2013 | 20:58

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Misrata.

Walid was kidnapped August with six o’clock in the morning in Tripoli Street after the traffic light next to the vegetable market 
and found his car there with the keys and cell phone and found provoked strong brakes and the car sound. 
comes some of the tension in the relations between Tajura and Misratah.


URGENT :: Red Canyon. Central;
The Almedfol tribe it Moroccans Alnovljeh and Ras Lanuf trying to be concentrated in the Red Gate valley gently limits the number of 15 armed car ..
Was expelled from the people of the valley red, ضواحيه and now Mrtkzen in gate Alnovljeh sight of God like dogs ..



Wedding tenderly ^ __ ^
The fire at the University of turf .. and fire trucks trying to extinguish the fire …
Fineness. Prairie City | massive fire breaks out at the university and cars rushing to place children.

Army parade State (Cyrenaica majority) Akbal south of the

Long live the rice and meat
Rice yolk and you Tqra Imagine yourself Cherkaoui monastery along the sound BBs
The division of Libya in the name of rice and meat
Rice and meat sold symptoms, honor, dignity, and even home:

Meeting a military emergency in Misurata commissioned by the so-called under the chairmanship of staff and officers of the army Allaotunai and Command Council rats and in coordination with the forces of Thunderbolt in Benghazi and commissioned task force to go to the city of Prairie and arrested the named Zubair al-Sanusi is alive or dead for Apartment row of national unity and betrayal majority of the blood of the martyrs NATO.

Makhal alert camps جردان the Misratah and processing mechanisms, tanks and anti-tank missiles to go to the Red Valley

and control of the oil fields after the announcement of the division of Libya by Zubair ازلامه,,

By few Melcaat the army tenderly viewing in the yard of Quiche in Benghazi.

URGENT :: / ((Cyrenaica celebrations))

So-called army forces tenderly Led (Bogheib) clashing with the so-called shield (1) …

In terms of criminality led (Bogheib) attack on the port to looting and Alstoa of some cars Quartet at the port of Benghazi and the exchange of fire took place between them and the so-called National Security

And eluted good in the way ^ ^


Arab Press |

Kuwait Neewooz a territory of Cyrenaica, Libya declares himself a federal territory

President of the Council of Cyrenaica province Zubair Ahmed on Saturday transform the region into a federal province manages its own affairs within the framework of the Libyan state.
Zubair said during a ceremony in the turf near Libya’s second largest city of Benghazi, “The legitimacy derived from the people of Cyrenaica and the tribes, and we use this legitimacy for the benefit of the country and not to our advantage.”

The division of Libya |

Sheikh Ahmed Zubair, head of the Council of Cyrenaica: –

Declared a federal territory of Cyrenaica federally within the framework of the Libyan state as of this day 1-6,,, runs its own affairs …

Activation of the Constitution of 1951, non-rate in province of Cyrenaica with freezing work associated with the provision of materials even Istvta the Libyan people.

Created Senate and the Congress in Parliament Cyrenaica elections to take place in the region …

4 – Created tenderly government in the region, in cooperation with all political parties without division.

5 – Created defense force for the region are doing their job to protect the province of Cyrenaica.

6 – my commitment declined any decision and the law was taken at gunpoint a political isolation law, which was taken at gunpoint were vaccinated from the judiciary.

7 – assure the United Nations that we will respect the rights of women and children.

8 – assure the United Nations that we will collect weapons and we will judge control of the territory of Cyrenaica.

9 – We demand the General National Congress to put the budget of the province of Cyrenaica account in the Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi.

10 – call for the allocation of a budget for the people of Cyrenaica youth will not Antzero the erosion ending armed conflicts in the provinces of Tripolitania and Fezzan.

11 – Libyan women should have a role in the region are striving which has had a great role in the history of Libya ..

He added that the Burqa “deserve to have a freedom in her will” .. Pointing out that he had already called his country’s parliament and government to hold a referendum for the region, but said that all correspondence met with negligence and attack.
On the other hand prov issued a statement in which it stressed that “Burqa is a federal territory of this day, relying on the constitution, which was released in 1951.”
According to the statement decided the region “a parliament tenderly composed of two chambers of the Senate and House of Representatives consisted of all components gently without exclusion until elections are held in this region and the establishment of the government of the territory in cooperation with all the parties and the defense force belonging to the region are doing their job OPC army and public security.”
The rejection of the region in his statement to comply with any “law impose an arms threat as a political isolation law,” calling the parliament and the government to allocate a budget for the territory in the central bank’s branch in Benghazi.
And pledged to the region in his cooperation with regional neighbors in the correct security and the fight against illegal immigration and the fight against drugs and to respect all agreements with the countries of the world.
It is noteworthy that Libya at the beginning of its founding by King Idris al-Sanusi was comprises three regions: Tripoli and Cyrenaica and Fezzan, but King and several years later abolished the federal system and announced a unified Libya.

Mahdi Al-Senussi dies in Benghazi

Mahdi Al-Senussi dies in Benghazi Screen grab of Prince Mahdi Al-Senussi on Fox Business TV in 2011 Benghazi, 29 May 2013:

Ex Prince Mahdi Al-Senussi, son of the late Prince Abdullah Abed Al-Senussi, died in Benghazi today. He was aged 57. His father, widely known as the Black Prince, was a prominent member of the […]

Makhal alert camps جردان the Misratah and processing mechanisms, tanks and anti-tank missiles to go to the Red Valley

and control of the oil fields after the announcement of the division of Libya by Zubair ازلامه,,

Middle Libyan, “tenderly” announce today a federal

After what was for 42 years a unified state governed by the decisions of one family and one under مضلة one

Today inseparable Middle and tomorrow is no doubt in the south

And still Alsdj they believe the revolution holds good for the country

God damn you, God’s curse on all those who contributed in parting brothers and ruin the country.

Congratulations Akulaimk O tenderly ….. Shaklak divisible by Hanita
Mbrokhlkm third rag …. Yama for Anzerata third
Bdioha fire teams …. Ropes division Nhia
Lol was Baldrgah …. Homeland and has a large Nadety
ريتي Malinar and Mahargah …. Oyama Mazlta to launch ريتي
Inspection and killing and stealing …. Marginalizing your children Tmita any
Next drink east …. Bat Aktovk to Oily
Thsabi the Tingi Malgrgah …. Wayne Nhita and Stqoata
درتي Chocank Bashmrgah …. Wayne Dbanah and Smitty
كنتو Rkapan blue ….. مكسوب to Mozah and witty
Shaykh bright Trgah the said ….. Without fire infidel Dvia
We hope it complete Aergah the …. Aden two and Adety years:

Progressive division .. Zubair called eastern Libya announced a federal territories ..

Hack media covers the activities of the division of Libya (Cyrenaica):

His Excellency leader Bomenaar
Paragraph of the “declaration of Cyrenaica”

(My commitment declined any decision and the law was taken at gunpoint a political isolation law, which was taken at gunpoint were vaccinated from the judiciary)
(National strange)

Asel Alwrfli | writes:”tomorrow tenderly commemorates its independence, and infidels is one of the cities of their territory occupied placebo
and green جبلهم burned and al-Qaeda control the rest, we will hear and celebrate the liberation and independence and
tournaments gone into the men, would understand where to they are involved Bohmanm.”
تعليقات الاعضاء المميزة |Asel Alwrfli | غداً تحتفل برقة بذكرى استقلالها ، وتعتبر الكفرة إحدى مدن إقليمهم الوهمي محتلة وجبلهم الأخضر احترق والقاعدة سيطرة على الباقي ،، سنسمع أهازيج التحرير والاستقلال والبطولات الغابرة من زمن الرجال ، فهل يعقلون إلى اين هم ماضون بوهمهم .

فخامة الزعيم بومنيار
فقرة من “اعلان برقة”

(رفـــض الالتــــزام بي اى قـــرار وقــانون تم أتخاذه تحت تهديـــد الســـلاح وهو قانون العزل السياسي الذي تم اتخاذه تحت تهديد السلاح وتم تحصينه من القــضـــاء) 
غريبه وطني

Hnobna steadfast …. oil and water … possessed all the good things and the optionsLibyan south of Ghadames preparing me after the province Advertising province of Cyrenaica things seem very serious and outside the scope of the rule of importers.

Alsnonci officially announced that he rejects any interference from my West especially the province of Cyrenaica set by the people of Cyrenaica’s parents also threatens my government not to intervene in any decision in Cyrenaica Cyrenaica became a state.

Sanusi declared Cyrenaica federal territories as of today …
As he will not abide by the law of political isolation Wi Libby from the West fear my passport Sfarhada Cyrenaica province.

(National strange)


TPU Tarafo fact the true revolutionaries in Benghazi;

Hit the Pooh and smashed his car …. Unfortunately assault on his mother.
Long live free Libya …

Awoowo Benghazi … Aowoo Iabrqh

The sixth day in a row, there is a flight by 3 Vertical pilots on Benghazi before NATO .……. 2 color blue and one white.

Self-styled bolt forces in the face of the cannon became …….
Yesterday sites were evacuated protection and land ports in the city of Benghazi, for fear of being targeted by groups Almqmlh …
There are gates and Adoureat but in only 3 main ways .… in the Laithi and gardens only الفويهات.

Him at nine in the morning …..
What happened in the Ibn Sina hospital in the area Tablino ………..
Has been the main door lock and enter the ambulance cars and did not know inside …….
But I was curious that the main door is locked and has massive Alfodah …
Unconfirmed reports say there is in one of these cars armed Almelcaat leaders ……..

Criminal and Sam Ben Hamida escaped from tribe Alawakir in Misratah to Benghazi and left his family of women

screaming last night fear of attack deceased compatriots in Benghazi.

Colonel Hamid الحاسى, the cleats after the costume will not tell him about the problem give him money which has just briefed Aderlk Hjbat.

Abdulsalam inauguration Jadallah al-Obeidi, chief of general staff of the RAT Libyan army instead of Joseph carved-sculpted and will be announced officially next Sunday # #

On Tuesday, the bombing of a police patrol affiliated to the entire camp Thunderbolt ……. which led to the bombing of two cars was killed two soldiers and wounding 4 others …………

Now the situation is fraught between security battalions that expensive Benghazi protection ……… The question is between ….

Why Thunderbolt?  Thunderbolt is targeted only among the battalions and Almelcaat?
The answer is at the base O Thunderbolt …....

Benghazi …… freedom and I??
These Benghazi now in chaos area الفويهات … and high lead voices in the Quiche region and الفويهات …
Bnghazastan my pillow ..


Sami al-Saadi in his Friday “sermon” today:
In his Friday sermon at a mosque Moulay Mohammed Sheikh Sami al-Saadi in Tripoli bolt forces accused of blasphemy because it abrasion الجيفة As said by eating chicken and rabbits alive. Who kills humans militias bin Qmo and the hardness is not the Kfar because they are Aigthelon the chickens and rabbits. Zjalan last time.(Must be considered in Thunderbolt and trained forces again because they eat dead).Libyan news media l Iman Saad
For: hankering crazy, untangled Belts Atzana a choking my words in the empty houses released from the poems of joy, and to authorize the thinness rhymes Bamttae authoritarian nostalgia end الصفاقة!!
J: It is on the outskirts of exile, implants Hushaym pain between the pulse and quivering, Viary fear unashamed, obscenity, and cloud of tear do not know when Ajtahana Htolha without introductions!
B: cold, cold does not respond to every fire of the universe, which failed to تضرم us spirit, hide our faces and blue illuminate the paths departing us pretty Choke!
O: Mavhm longing for lead tone, no panic in broad lessons estrangement, Iaochuq the still drag us from the edges of the wounds torn towards home, despite all the news of slaughter and death, fire, trees and suicide early التفخيخ hope veins!
Oh you’re hiding a clear distinction between my words:
Back!—-Today on the radio Benghazi local event fight between one young Alawakir which attack the people of Misratah residents in Benghazi swearing and cursing, and they Jelbo shame for the city, and these militias, which came out last night will not frighten the people of Benghazi, a trace Misratah followed by the outside, and entered it online last from Misratah threatened Middle liberalization strong sons of Misratah and we are of taking control of the joints of the state, and all Libyans that Aredju to the judge.
*) Attack on a house (and Sam Bin Humaid) Musraty Main by young the tribe Alawakir, did not find him, and news from the burning car in front of his house.
(His Excellency Leader)
Reported a large fire Jasper in Benghazi Alhaddaig area. 

Benghazi: a fire broke out in a forest Benina.

By Gaddafi news agency on Sunday, June 2, 2013 | 00:24

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

Fire broke out next to the bridge specifically and did not know reason نشوبه 
even now, a speeding car came out to extinguish the headquarters of the Special Forces 
“Thunderbolt”, before a quarter of an hour from now, and has been Abag defense 
, and note that the fire is far from Benina forest, but the 
first call had reached the from Benina forest.
Benina Forest almost totally destroyed now… (BLAME OBAMA and his drones)
SURMAN:Some liquor and hashish and pills ….
Smuggled from the head of Igdir to the city of Surman,,,,,

This is all thanks to the rats and achievements revolution Algahrh,
Problem in just كشلاف
Murder case .. And burning Haash in كشلافAnd lived Libya Mottagrbah the
Do not forget the people of  Tawergha, are also Libyans.


Implicitly chained kidnappings carried out by militias in Tripoli on Dz identity of the people of the south have been kidnapped brother Ali preached intruder

Employee of the Bank of the Republic Branch Sabha since the 23 days after returning from treatment in Egypt from his home in Sbaah Tripoli and was stealing his car type Azerh Plate Number 5 Libya 834 964 and News Preliminary says that from the raided house vehicles belonging to the security committee Supreme Tripoli and after purely his family with him security Committee denied its existence has.

The people of the South denounced what Almelcaat doing the arrest of her sons unjustly.
Is this a state law that Libyans dreams!!!!!!?
I ask anyone who recognizes the brother …. or any information about who detained the unreported:

This day in the city of Sabha at a petrol station ياسادة!! These Libya ياسادة the small chick in a lifetime!! Farhan evacuated beh-shirt Look way:

In the apparent absence of strong security and found Dell Aldkhaúr the one of the boxes next to

the medical center Sabha WHDH incident is not the first and a Khada vital place the place,?
Here we put big Astvha mark who is behind this topic stuff and put it in the garbage bins??
Wayne ماشيين Bulbulad, rats ČÓ????????

Spokesman of the General Staff confirms that Libya Shield forces infidels are going to crush Chadian troops at the airport unpleasant.

Kufra where Raad some the just Khashh giant .. Chadian armed groups besieging the rats within a good base south of Libya.

Urgent .. Unknown military forces surrounded the airport unpleasant and cut the road between him and the infidels

and news of dead members of the so-called Libyan National Army.

Jibwa Zawahiri Btobth the good Aajerdan … Shen Tstnoa Aassadj:

Image to zero before turning to minus one in the prisons of the militias, Tabu are looking for Allahy.

Killing one of the sons of the Awlad Suleiman tribe .. of Almpaysh family criminals shot dead in the way of plant feed at night ..

and with one tribe Al-husaona sons.


A car carrying the commercial bank liquidity branch Ubari to an armed robbery and Alasitlae on the car and the amount of money that afford at gunpoint ….

This is strange that the operation took place before the eyes of the so-called the police, the military and the police did not lift a finger
, Protector حراميها the
(National strange)


When we will announce the province of Fezzan
I mean the downtown area of ​​Libya, south of Tripoli
And acetic Bnskeroa until we border and Bnderoa visas.
We have Sea Petroleum our water we have our desert.


By: Nasser Ibn Nasser

Almttliynyn new and stateless obsession and put them in Alastkhanabat and their “party”, (REMEMBER that under a Jamahiriya there are no factions or “parties”)
(Package Alkrnav to prevent circumvent by Alajtiav)

Often heard the word of this grandfather Mttalan and Hdhum Agdadeh Mttalanin This expression where clarity than the Aidao to reflect on its meaning, it means that the owner of the tails and supporters of the colonial Italian who occupied our country and kill half the population have been displaced and abandoned forced most of the half, but another …

This expression means employment and treason, whether fighting alongside the enemy against the Mujahideen Libyans or to provide support to the enemy and includes reporting on the Mujahideen and whereabouts and their weapons and arming them and their movements and we read and heard about هؤلا Kthiraongrfm name but that the records of Italian army special rewards filled with their names, but some of them still shall receive grants and awards sent to the accounts of their descendants to this day ….

Here, do not mean that all Libyans who remained in Libya and Ngo of death or displacement may indulge in a quagmire of treason and employment but including a lot of honest people who forced them hardship of living and lack of hand and perhaps Living situation Other harder to survive and endure all persecution and contempt, but remained conservative at home, even in the their hearts Mujahideen pray in the writings of some of them and make them feel inherited plenty of evidence and the evidence of that and the whole Jihad where communicated with the separated them from their families, neighbors and comrades Jihad through poems, poems, and was where the expressions of grief over the separation and the complaint of ill fate and had come upon them responses from the other side of the border has famous in this a lot of poets … even Aneptad much about our topic ..

What’s bothering me and perhaps Ktlleren others recompense of sorrow and grief to all the pain what the right Bojaddadna ..

It is very terrible and perplexing ..

Grandsons Mujahideen …

Mujahideen who fought to the end until forced by circumstances to flee to neighboring other countries to survive including the remainder of their children and their wives, Jaúzhm and fled under the bombardment of the aircraft in the deserts of Libya wide Tordoa of hordes of Italians tribes and their followers (Almttliynyn) …

That some or many of them see them today and stood in a row NATO, which is a new image of the old colonialism in the guise of freedom and support human rights and democracy …

Where the minds of these Wayne novels grandparents and their parents that talk about the bitterness of the colonial past where they are from reality that a lot of them can be known through the site of residence and how it came to this region, one of the other area originally even asked how come to this region سيحكى tale of a bitter and suffer in the narrative events and stuttering has sobbed to talk to the grandfather of the Mujahideen and forced him chase the invaders Italians to migrate to the outside of Libya with a lot of people from his tribe and his fellow mujahideen and then returned from exile and settled here and will tell you stories and poems, poems and brags that the past …

Where the minds of these people and what are their base, which they gather them, Alice system that حاربوه and stood in a row NATO against him is the expulsion of the colonists Italians and all the rules and foreign forces and concluded that the country’s dependency and worked hard for the return of many Libyans displaced during the era of occupation but has supported many did not allow conditions to return and set up fund Mujahideen and rewarded their children and grandchildren, support and اعفاهم of a lot of fees and work to provide all the facilities for them in recognition of their efforts, which for Atkdr …

Where are they ado that circulates today about a lie Alastkhanabat (elections), a theft where is the agreement between the thief and the stolen any Khanb and Almkhnob Khanb (candidate) begging voice Almkhnob (voter) propaganda and promises of reform and Wu … and when it reaches this Khanb to his target works for the purpose paramount and that is the interest of the party or the power to which it belongs, which سيسلك way that prolongs his stay in power even if abandoned all principles agreed with Almkhnob here to Egged Almkhnob any road in front of him only protest demonstrations or sit-in that needs to permission from Khanb to play …

Where are the regulations and laws that regulated …

It Allmoz which prepares and control by the country, which may make them موطنين second-class because they are Oaabahm no right to them that they and their fault that their parents or grandparents fought against the Italians and forcibly displaced from their country because they Reject injustice Woldoa in the Diaspora فحرموا the right to be …

and the day nor gloating abandoned by their comrades in treason and sale of home and I refer here to the partial specific Tdorvi south Libyan behind the scenes Alastkhanabat which occupy a lot of Alanaamyin I mean who joined the team sedition and treason, as they lied to themselves lie freedom and democracy and believe Kzpthm and planted their heads in the sand until Aaroa or heard Maidhoud convictions counterfeit Today the Apes, Fezzan conflict between two team people of Fezzan and includes leaders from the area of ​​the new القرضة and other neighborhoods of Sabha and Alibwanas and the Valley of the beach and the valley of life does not mean all the inhabitants of those areas because most of the inhabitants of those areas against this temptation and a farce so-called Balastkhanabat has these leaders, which has consistently reared its members to dependency Girkl by his approach,

whether an Islamic Aoulibraly or secular اوغيره constructing relations with the parties and the masses of clusters in western Libya, eastern and came with all these different ideas and when you view them and began marketing it collided with each other others and found themselves dispersed and their adherence to the principles of those currents which they belong may make them Mfirqan and weak and distracted and does not serve their political future in their competition with their opponent’s arch returnees Vodtro to hide all those المبادى and ideas narrow partisan any abandoned on المبادى

and postponed and agreed to the so-called National Rally Pfzan and Bdobonchae alliances and contacts with cities and other areas have allied themselves with the Almsarit and others united by the two blocs any leadership the people of Fezzan (Aelovesazna) for returnees and the specter of Alberhoah and the return of Albi and authority to enslave again and hating Almsarit of the Bedouins, as well as share a control group of students guide the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Almnglghlin in the components of the two faces convincing will be removed convinced her after the success of هؤلا in the running to see the people of Fezzan had been playing with them like what they played returnees and they were not only ride for the stage has come ..

I say to them here (which throw and Rak received before thee) that (Aelovesazna) and after that they felt the presence of supportive protect them and provide them with what they may need him protection and Christauloa included materials Telmozhm (Constitution) (In the Great Jamahiriya, the HOLY QURAN was the only “Constitution”, nothing man-made!) all narrows the opponent Alldhuz if not their enemy returning everything يقيدهم to become their rights stateless full after that they were comrades in the strife has made the leaders of the people of Fezzan (Aelovesazna) change the name of their gathering of (pool Fezzan National) to the (Fezzan gathered Libi National) that Libyan add a word to him to suggest to you like a shrine in the other state, but here is intended that foreclosed on returning to join him …

Here did not find the returnees seemed to remedy the situation and begin to create alliances and Aúitlav under the name (package Alkrnav to prevent circumventing before Alajtiav) and Hosidm some of the sons of the tribes of returnees who are convinced Balastkhanabat because many are free of these tribes was not convinced and enters this Alastkhanabat and see where it acts as a recognition system is illegal and that they betrayal blood comrades who A_i_hduaa war against NATO and its stooges and who have been displaced and fled from the oppression of criminal gangs and see where the support of the gangs, which received the country from NATO after the destroyed army and kill their children and women and destroyed built ..

In another corner of the corners scenes Alastkhanab visited the President of the Congress Amazigh in the last term Some of the tribes of the south and focused on returning and holding public meetings, especially some of the secret to be with them alliance will support the rights to Allmoz (Constitution) even ايكونوا in the category of stateless In contrast, supports returning the rights of the Amazigh in to be their language the second official language in the country and some of the other rights that aims which Amazigh to form the nucleus of State Amazigstan …

Did not see you this party members to Wayne reached a point where you? …

Did not see that it is time, O Alanaameon that graduated رؤسكم from Medfnha it will not delivereth the allies in sedition Astamlokm and Ntfoa your body, and even feathers Makharckm blades when you depart Roskm and return to your minds and Astrua Auratkm.

بقلم. ناصر ابن الناصرالمتطليينين الجدد وهاجس البدون ووضعهم في الاستخنابات وحزبهم ،،
(حزمة الكرناف لمنع الالتفاف قبل الاجتياف)كثيرا ما سمعنا كلمة هذا جده متطلين وهذوم اجدودهم متطلينين وهذا التعبير فيه من الوضوح مما لايدعو للتفكير في معناه فهو يعني ان صاحبه من ذيول وانصار المستعمر الايطالي الذي احتل بلادنا وقتل نصف سكانها وشرد وهجر قسرا اغلب النصف الآ خر … ان هذا التعبير يعني العمالة والخيانة سواء بالقتال الى جانب العدو ضد المجاهدين الليبيين او بتقديم الدعم للعدو ويشمل الابلاغ عن المجاهدين واماكن تواجدهم وقدراتهم القتالية وتسليحهم وتحركاتهم وقرأنا وسمعنا عن هؤلا كثيراونعرفعم بألاسم بل ان سجلات الجيش الايطالي الخاصة بالمكافآت مليئة بأسمائهم بل ان بعضهم لازال يتقاضي منحا ومكافآت ترسل الى حسابات احفادهم الى اليوم …. وهنا لا نقصد ان كل الليبيين الذي بقوا في ليبيا ونجو من الموت او التهجير قد انغمسوا في مستنقع الخيانة والعمالة بل فيهم الكثير من الشرفاء الذين اضطرهم ضنك العيش وقلة ذات اليد وربما ضروف اخرى اصعب الى البقاء وتحمل كل الاضطهاد والاحتقار ولكن بقوا محافظين على الوطن ولو في قلوبهم مجاهدين بالدعاء وفي كتابات بعضهم واشعارهم المتوارثة ادلة كثيرة وشواهد على ذلك وكله جهاد حيث تواصلوا مع من افترق عنهم من اهلهم وجيرانهم ورفاق الجهاد عبر القصائد والاشعار وكان فيها من التعابير عن الحزن على الفراق والشكوى من سوء المآل وكان تأتيهم الردود من الجانب الآخر من الحدود وقد اشتهر في هذا الكثير من الشعراء …حتى لانبتعد كثيرا عن موضوعنا .. ما يؤرقنى وربما كثييرين غيري ادهى وامر من الأسى والحزن على آلام كل ما لحق بأجدادنا .. الأمر جد فضيع ومحير .. احفاد المجاهدين…المجاهدين الذين قاتلوا الى النهاية حت اضطرتهم الظروف الى النزوح الى اقطار اخرى مجاورة للنجاة بمن تبقى من اطفالهم ونساءهم وعجائزهم وفروا تحت قصف الطائرات في صحاري ليبيا الواسعة وطوردوا من قبائل جحافل الطليان واتباعهم ( المتطليينين ) … أن بعضهم أو كثير منهم نراهم اليوم قد وقفوا في صف الناتو الذي هو صورة جديدة للاستعمار القديم في ثوب دعم الحرية وحقوق الانسان والديمقراطية … أين عقول هؤلاء اين روايات اجدادهم واباءهم التي تتحدث عن مرارة الماضي الاستعماري اين هم من واقعهم ان الكثير منهم يستطيع ان يعرف من خلال موقع سكناه وكيف وصل الى هذا المنطقة وهو من منطقة اخرى اصلا ولو سأل كيف اتيتم الى هذه المنطقة سيحكى حكاية مريرة ويتألم في سرد احداثها ويتلعثم وقد يجهش بالبكاء ليتحدث ان جده من المجاهدين واضطرته مطاردة الغزاة الطليان ليهاجر ألى خارج ليبيا مع كثيرأ من ابناء قبيلته ورفاقه من المجاهدين ثم عادوا من المهجر واستقروا هنا وسيروي لك قصص وقصائد واشعار ويتفاخر بذلك الماضي … اين عقول هؤلاء وماهي قاعدتهم التى يجتمعون عليها ,, اليس النظام الذي حاربوه ووقفوا في صف الناتو ضده هو من طرد المستعمرين الطليان وكل القواعد والقوات الاجنبية وخلص البلاد من التبعية وعمل جاهدا على عودة الكثير من الليبيين المهجرين اثناء حقبة الاحتلال بل قام بدعم الكثير من لم تسمح ظروفه بالعودة وانشأ صندوق المجاهدين وكافأ ابنائهم واحفادهم ودعمهم واعفاهم من الكثير من الرسوم وعمل على تقديم كل التسهيلات لهم تقديرا لجهودهم التى لاتقدر …أين هم من اللغط الذي يدور اليوم حول كذبة الاستخنابات ( الانتخابات) وهي سرقة يتم فيها يتم فيها الاتفاق بين السارق والمسروق أى الخانب والمخنوب الخانب ( المترشح) يستجدى صوت المخنوب(الناخب) بالدعاية والوعود بألاصلاح وووو…وعندما يصل هذا الخانب الى هدفه يعمل لصالح هدفه الاسمى والذي هو مصلحة الحزب او التيار الذي ينتمى اليه والذي سيسلك الطريق الذي يطيل من بقاءه في السلطة حتى لو تخلى عن كل مبادئه الذي اتفق عليه مع المخنوب وهنا لايجد المخنوب اى طريق امامه لا أحتجاجه الا بالتظاهر او الاعتصام الذي يحتاج لأذن من الخانب ليقوم به … أين هم من لوائحها وقوانينها التى تنظمها …ومن التلموذ الذي ستكتبه وتحكم به البلاد والتى قد تجعلهم موطنين من الدرجة الثانية لأنهم هم أواباءهم لايحق لهم ان يكونوا وذنبهم ان اباْءهم او اجدادهم جاهدوا ضد الطليان وهجروا قسرا من بلادهم لأنهم رفضو الظلم فولدوا في بلدان المهجر فحرموا من حق ان يكونوا …و اليوم ولا شماتة تخلى عنهم رفاقهم في الخيانة وبيع الوطن وأود الاشارة هنا الى جزئية معينة تدورفي الجنوب الليبي في كواليس الاستخنابات التى تشغل الكثير من النعاميين واقصد من انضم الى فريق الفتنة والخيانة حيث انهم كذبوا على انفسهم كذبة الحرية والديمقراطية وصدقوا كذبتهم وغرسوا رؤسهم في التراب حتى لايروا او يسمعوا مايدحض قناعاتهم المزيفة اليوم مايدور في فزان صراع بين فريقين فريق اهالي فزان و يضم قيادات من منطقة الجديد والقرضة واحياء اخرى من سبها والبوانيس ووادي الشاطىء ووادي الحياة ولا اقصد كل سكان تلك المناطق لأن اغلب سكان تلك المناطق ضد هذه الفتنة ومهزلة مايسمى بالاستخنابات وقد قامت هذه القيادات التى دأب وتربى اعضائها على التبعية للغيركل حسب منهجه سواء كان اسلامى اوليبرالى او علماني اوغيره بأنشاء علاقات مع احزاب وكتل تجمعات في غرب ليبيا وشرقها وجاءت بكل تلك الافكار المختلفة وعند عرضها وبدأ التسويق لها تصادم بعضها مع البعض الآخر ووجدوا انفسهم مشتتين وان تمسكهم بمباديء تلك التيارات التى يتبعونها قد يجعلهم مفرقين وضعفاء ومشتتين ولايخدم مستقبلهم السياسي في منافستهم مع خصمهم اللدود العائدون فأضطرو الى اخفاء كل تلك المبادى والافكار الحزبية الضيقة أي التخلي على المبادى وتأجيلها واتفقوا على مايسمى التجمع الوطنى بفزان وبدأوبأنشاء تحالفات واتصالات مع مدن ومناطق اخرى وقد تحالفوا مع المصاريت وغيرهم ويجمعهم الكتلتين أي قيادات اهالي فزان (الفزازنة) للعائدون وشبح الباهوية وعودة البى وسلطانه الى استعبادهم من جديد وكره المصاريت للبدو وكذلك يجمعهم سيطرة مجموعة من تلاميذ مرشد الاخوان في مصر المتغلغلين في مكونات المنطقتين بوجوه مقنعة ستزال اقنعتها بعد نجاح هؤلا في الترشح ليرى اهالي فزان انه تم اللعب بهم مثل ما لعبوا بالعائدين وانهم لم يكونوا الا مطية لمرحلة قد ازفت ..فأقول لهم هنا ( اللي ترميها وراك تلقاها قدامك) أن (الفزازنة)وبعد ان احسوا بوجود الداعم الذي يحميهم ويقدم لهم ما قد يحتاجون اليه من حماية وسيحاولوا تضمين مواد تلموذهم (الدستور) كل ما يضيق على خصمهم اللذوذ ان لم نقل عدوهم العائدين وكل ما يقيدهم ليصبح لهم حقوق البدون الكاملة بعد ان كانوا رفاقهم في الفتنة لقد قامت قيادات اهالي فزان (الفزازنة) بتغيير اسم تجمعهم من ( تجمع فزان الوطنى ) الى (تجمع فزان الليبي الوطنى) ان اضافة كلمة الليبي اليه توحي اليك وكأنه مقام في دولة اأخري ولكن هنا يقصد انه ممنوع على العائدون الانضمام اليه … هنا لم يجد العائدون بدا من تدارك الموقف والبدء في انشاء تحالفات وائئتلاف تحت اسم (حزمة الكرناف لمنع الالتفاف قبل الاجتياف) وهوسيضم بعض ابناء قبائل العائدون المقتنعين بالاستخنابات لأن الكثير من احرار هذه القبائل لم تقتنع ويدخل هذا الاستخنابات ويروا فيها انها بمثابة الاعتراف بنظام غير شرعي وأنها خيانة لدم رفاقهم الذين استشهدوافي الحرب ضد الناتو وعملاءه والذين هجروا وفروا من بطش العصابات الاجرامية ويروا فيها دعم للعصابات التى استلمت البلاد من الناتو بعد أن دمر جيشها وقتل اطفالها ونسائها ودمر بناها ..وفي زاوية اخرى من زوايا كواليس الاستخناب زار رئيس الكونغرس الامازيغي في المدة الماضية بعض قبائل الجنوب وركز على العائدون وعقد لقاءات عامة وخاصة وبعضها سرية ليكون معهم تحالف سيدعم فيه حقوقهم في التلموذ(الدستور) حتى لايكونوا في خانة البدون وفي المقابل يدعم العائدون حقوق الامازيغ في ان تكون لغتهم لغة رسمية ثانية في البلاد وبعض الحقوق الاخرى التى يهدف من خلالها الامازيغ لتكوين نواة دولة امازيغستان …. الم تروا يا اعضاء هذا الحزب الى اين وصل بكم الحال … الم تروا انه آن الاوان ايها النعاميون ان تخرجوا رؤسكم من مدفنها فهذا لن ينجيكم فأن حلفاءكم في الفتنة استعملوكم ونتفوا ريش اجسادكم بل حتى ريش مؤخراتكم فأخرجوا رأوسكم وارجعوا الى عقولكم واستروا عوراتكم



Client Fawzi Abu shoulder, Libya’s new ambassador in Uganda

Client Zaidane revealed on Friday for Libya’s new ambassador in Uganda to be a leader Fawzi Abu shoulder

Commander of Saraya customers gathered in the eastern region and a battalion February 17 and served as

deputy defense minister during the reign of the Transitional Council, which is calculated on the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.



NUTTY THINGS from Hacen Madjede:

I’m Gaddafi I live I’m here I am now Dtkhal Libya have returned from Saudi Arabia and انتظروني in a video cameraman shake the whole world Gaddafi stainless Gaddafi fixed Gaddafi King of Kings does not kill easily Gaddafi performs Gaddafi planned Gaddafi will once again return Gaddafi alive Hnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa directory Do you see the old, which was in another broadcast news channels Libyan old she rounded the commander itself حلقنا the hair and wig and put our process on cosmetic her body and خاصتا the sensitive areas such as the breasts and sexual appliances, represented the role of the leader and the leader is alive Living Dead salute you

phone number Muammar al-Qathafi
انا القذافي انا حي انا هنا انا الان دتخل ليبيا لقد عدت من السعودية و انتظروني في فيديو مصور سيهز العالم باسره القذافي صامد القذافي ثابت القذافي ملك الملوك لا يقتل بسهولة القذافي ينفذ القذافي يخطط القذافي سيعود مرة اخرى سيعود القذافي حي يرزق هنااااااااااااااااااا الدليل ارايتم العجوز التي كانت في اخر ما بثته القنوات الاخبارية الليبية انها العجوز التي فدت القائد بنفسها حلقنا شعرها و و ضع باروكة قمنا بعملية تجميلية على جسمها و خاصتا الاماكن الحساسة بها مثل الاثداء و الاجهزة الجنسية و مثلت دور القائد و القائد حي يرزق الحي الميت يسلم عليكم
رقم الهاتف الخاص بالقذافي



Post one of the great conqueror’s sons on Qatari rat in France:

I want you to publish this story, the truth, and without mentioning my name, I got this story in a French hospital. When he was sitting Libby free Born Pooh came diagonal moldy vile and sat down beside him, and the exchange of the country with free talk and two minutes later asked the country free of his nationality and was free wants to affront the country, in any way, generally free Lippi said, Vosaleh Qatari its remained يتهكم Ali free and told him we Saadnakm with money and weapons, food and our cover your news channels (intended Aganzarh and the direct subsidiaries and English) against Altagah and Olana what succeeded ثورتكم.

Free replied and said: Yes, but you will respond Oh that’s nice, and when you are doing a revolution against hampered parents Khckm the, will not support you with money and weapons, but men. Climate face of the country and rat escaped from his place and was afraid, and sat down in a remote location, and became a free brother Abhlq until it left the whole place. Oh rats: the proponents of Living-martyr al-Qathafi fasting in everywhere.
(His Excellency Leader)



A businessman close to Sarkozy: I have evidence of al-Qathafi funding for Sarkozy’s campaign

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 31 مايو, 2013 | 09:41

The Gaddafi International News Agency – statements.

Said Ziad Taqi al-Din, a French businessman of Lebanese descent, a close associate of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy that the latter has already received funding for his campaign in 2007 by Muammar al-Qathafi. The newspaper “Le Parisien” French, in its issue dated on Wednesday, January 2 / January for the businessman as saying he had “evidence of campaign finance Nicolas Sarkozy” by the Great Jamamhiriya.

The newspaper said Taqi al-Din has revealed that a few days ago to the judge Renault van Rambek, who is being investigated with Taqi al-Din in the case of illegal financing of the election campaign of Edouard Balladur former French prime minister who ran for the French presidency in 1995. And Taqi al-Din suspected of involvement in the case. Taqi al-Din said that the Libyan funding for Sarkozy’s campaign exceeds the amount of 50 million euros, which is the same amount that talked about Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the leader, after the start of the Libyan events. He Taqi al-Din that the funding process took place in the period between December / December 2006, and January 2007, during the meetings between Bashir Saleh, former director of the Office of Muammar al-Qathafi, between the Minister of the Interior, former French Claude Gueant, who was then the position Sarkozy’s office manager when he was the minister of the interior. He added Taqi al-Din as saying: “I have also evidence that 3 French companies in Libya got fake services contracts worth more than 100 million euros, under the pretext of preparing for the fortieth anniversary of the Libyan revolution” (01 September al-Fateh Revolution led by al-Qathafi). It should be noted that the confessions Ziad Taqi al-Din is the first offering to the representative of the French judiciary.
: المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية:

Hillary Clinton: “We Created Al Qaeda”. The Protagonists of the “Global War

on Terrorism” are the Terrorists

Global Research, 01 June 2013

The following video features Hillary Clinton candidly acknowledging that America created and funded Al Qaeda as a terrorist organization in the heyday of the Soviet-Afghan war.

What she does not mention is that at no time in the course of the last 30 years has the US ceased to support and finance Al Qaeda as a means to destabilizing sovereign countries.

The Global War on Terror (GWOT) is led by the United States. It is not directed against Al Qaeda.

Quite the opposite: The “Global War on Terrorism” uses Al Qaeda terrorist operatives as their foot soldiers.

“Political Islam” and the imposition of an “Islamic State” (modeled on Qatar or Saudi Arabia) is an integral part of US foreign policy.

America is the Terror State.

The GWOT is a diabolical instrument of Worldwide conquest.

It is a means to destabilizing sovereign countries and imposing “regime change”.

Clinton’s successor at the State Department, John Kerry is in direct liaison with Al Nusra, an Al Qaeda affiliated organization in Syria, integrated by terrorists and funded by the US and its allies.

In a bitter irony, John Kerry is not only complicit in the killings committed by Al Nusra, he is also in blatant violation of US anti-terrorist legislation. If the latter were to be applied to politicians in high office, John Kerry would be considered as a “Terror Suspect”.

New Normal? Al Nusra is on the State Department blacklist of terrorist organizations and the US Secretary of State is channeling money and weapons to Al Nusra.

Support to Al Qaeda operatives in different countries by the US government is known and documented.

In this upside down World, the Lie prevails: The Protagonists of the “Global War on Terrorism” and the “Responsibility to Protect” are the Terrorists.

Its a circular relationship, a vicious circle: Those who lead the “Global War on Terrorism” in the name of “Democracy” are those who are supporting and financing terrorist organizations, which they themselves created.

C’est le monde à l’envers.

Post image for US Senator John McCain wants to send Yemeni Jihadists to Syria

US Senator John McCain wants to send Yemeni Jihadists to Syria

31 MAY 2013

Source: Yemen Post

According to several Yemeni-based local newspapers, US Senator John McCain, who briefly visited Yemen earlier this week to offer his support to the coalition government and discuss political and security developments is rumored to have directly urged President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi to facilitate the transfer of Jihadists to Syria.
As the Free Syrian Army is struggling to secure its advances against Syrian President Bashar al-Assas, whose lists of supporters while thin remains mighty in military might, Washington and its allies in the region are said to be looking at ways to swell the ranks of the opposition by allowing foreign fighters to enroll against Assad regime.
In a move which analysts have already qualified as dangerous given the repercussions a similar policy led to in the 1980s, when Jihadists where send to fight off Russian troops in Afghanistan, security experts are worry al-Qaeda will use this opportunity to increase its recruitment pool while offering precious ground experience to its militants, which experience would be use later on against Yemen central government.
A source told several newspapers, “Senator McCain’s visit was to drum up support for Jihadist groups fighting Bashar al-Assad regime.”
While the government has so far refused to comment on the issues, quite understandably since its military is still locked in an on-going military struggle against Islamic operatives in its southern provinces, all the while preparing for the return of some Gitmo terror prisoners. Yemeni officials would have a difficult time reconciling the idea of Jihad in one place while fighting off the same rhetoric in its own backyard.

Realted Article: United States Senator John McCain Visits Yemen


This should read “SALAFIST TERRORISM” (not Islamic)!

EDITING was needed on this one, as Mishin really has no clue as to what he writes about. SALAFISTS are not true Muslims…They have nothing to do with Shi-ite or Sunni or N.African Melokite Islam…They are al-Qaeda/’Muslim’ Brotherhood terrorists brought-up on a soup created by Europe for Saudi Arabia:

War on terror over, war for SALAFIST terrorism just begun

By Stanislav Mishin

The American regime’s strongman, Sheikh Obama has declared that the war on terror has ended. Yup, all over, the ill-begotten war on a tactic is done.

However, the American Jihad for the enlargement of the Caliphate, through SALAFISM genocide and enslavement of humanity has only just begun.

Obama and his lackeys, Cameron the Clown and François Hollande, have declared it their mission to arm the Syrian Free Army, that is fighting (and losing) to make Syria Free of all minorities, wisdom and any future. Be they into murdering their war prisoners, having 8-year-olds beheading surrendered enemies, frying the heads of the enemy dead, sending suicide bombers to butcher women and children or as is now being reported (and to the glee of such Obama enablers as Manchurian McCain or Gay Rights Graham) the murder of a whole Christian village.

US backed Syrian Rebels Reportedly Massacre Christian Village

That last one will definitely earn them a few million more from the pockets of the dumbed down and unemployed American dummies. What’s the going rate on Christian scalps for Uncle Jihad and his American terror enablers? REAL MUSLIMS would not do this.

The West, while enslaving their own people at an unprecedented rate in the post-Hitler era (and the tyrants came to power with about as much resistance as Hitler: none) are falling all over themselves to arm every radical they can find, be they Egypt, Bosnia, Albania, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq or now Syria’s would be new owners.

The future will be interesting times and Obama and his international gaggle of criminals are out to make sure it’s a SALAFIST (PHONY) Islamic Caliphate.

Congratulations, Americans, you really did it this time.

Stanislav Mishin




Image for smuggling operations to the capabilities of the Libyan people and property by boat on the maritime border with Egypt.
And Khalokm Aychen in monthly O rats.


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