Fizzle and waiting for the “Pop”!

Mu 673
On Friday, 07 JUNE 2013, MUAMMAR al-Qathafi will be 71 years old.

Bless you, dear IMAM Mu’ammar (proven greater than Ayoub)…

May you be triumphant and your VISION return very quickly again.


Africa to Avriqin the Libya top of the pyramid of Africa.. There is no traitors after today and Sttehr the country abomination and الأنجاس.. Libya will be the summit and lead the world.. Muammar al-ups (SALEM FARS)

pride  &

glory. .

Mu’ammar, Safya and AISCHA:


Who represents a missed homelands ?…. Who breaks the discounted Jerdan?
How impressive to Habib millions??

Mu 674

ستشرق the sun no matter how long the west ..

Mu Blue light

Arrived on cried longing to see us ..! Gaddafi Blessings and peace !

Steadfastness and victories morning ……….. Pride on the morning of our forefathers:


Erdogen made a deal with the EU…That if he was accepted into the EU, he would fight against The Great Jamahiriya (and Syria)…even though the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA awarded Erdogen their “al-Qathafi Humanitarian Award” in 2010!!! Great Shame on Turkey and Erdogen who have been a major contrubutor to the ruin of Libya and murder of countless numbers and supporting the RATS against BANI WALID...and more recently, permitting the Mountain Forests to burn in Libya (feigning ‘help’).

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Russian TV today:

“… also you have to respect your people.”


From  “Abdul Wahab media مليطان “  we read:

“…Libya is only a piece of land large filled with riches overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, home to a number of citizens who love too without any doubt…”



Gasoline smuggling by NATO rats;


Said Jbnaha the zoom .. And allegedly even Halmertzkh the Germans Jabhm the magnification of the Eastern Region!!! Tkberkm mentioned Palmbbah the magic:


Omar media Touati writes:

Between Sheikh security and system security |

Sheikh says: “to control the security situation must retain some devices formed by the so-called ‘rebels’,” [or, as he said, may God protect him]!
I say: “To adjust, the security must be maintained on foot; and police street patrols (as was formerly formed by the the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ) were for the citizen and the directory. That has been since dissolved to form the front in the hit-and-fort in the run, not all of it was combines Zlam “.



Milk is unknown manufacture in commercial markets,,,, sold as Condensed milk Brownies, but it is only a poster to change the form of the enclosure from the outside,,,,,,,,,, and the disaster he Anz remove the label box as if it expired and the steel,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, and goodness Jay as long as rats يعبثوا in the country.

Tribe of slaves declares innocence of uninvited Iman al-Obeidi says notables that these uninvited and her family do not belong to the tribe of slaves Libya but it is similar to the names with one of the families returning from exile and native city of Ameria Republic of Egypt and of the same name Obeidi like Maeugd the same name of the Republic of Iraq and the family of faith exploited the similarity Name and كاتبت themselves with the tribe of slaves:



picture shows Hifter next to Joseph Carved.

The heavily guarded by rats in hospital due to the transfer of green rat Joseph carved in serious condition and was placed in the fifth round. /

He Khalifa Belgacem Hfter, ..

Khalifa Belgacem Hfter, a senior Libyan military defector from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA since the late eighties and returned to Libya after exile in the United States as long as 20 years …
That Hfter the frequency associated with the political community and supported by Western intelligence – especially the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Prominent sovereign ….

Before bolting

Was Hfter of the military leaders who have contributed with Muammar al-Qathafi in the 1969 revolution. He was a member of the Revolutionary Command Council, which emerged from the Al-Fateh September Revolution led by al-Qathafi. And was بميوله known Nasiriyah… Like most group officers, Liberal Unionists formed by al-Qathafi in 1964 (when al-Qathafi was just 21 years of age).
Chad and families War

The American CIA was backing the terrorist government who was ruthless and tortured his peoples. Muammar wished to free them of the terror.

Led Hfter the Libyan armed forces during the Libyan war Chad. And families with hundreds of Libyan soldiers at the Battle Dome Valley on March 22, 1987. SPLIT .. And accused some members of the Libyan army that he had been recruited by the Battle Dome which caused the loss of Valley Dom strategic and soldiers and gear loss, estimated at 5 billion dinars in that battle .. Where one battle fighters affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards that Hfter showed unwillingly to break-open a prison that Muammar al-Qathafi wanted opened to free those incarcerated. Being a traitor, Hfter revealed Muammar’s plan to the CIA and caused the capturing a large group of Libyan army to pass his agenda and the agenda of the CIA, led by William Casey ..

After this incident in CHAD, the American CIA airlifted Hfter and other traitors away from the Great Jamahiriya… Hfter decided late 1987, to form a group of former (but traitor) officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers and recruits to join his ranks of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya opposition to The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA . And after direct contact with the head of two populations (this one of Hfter’s), and another group by Mohammed Maqrief, William Casey declared on 21 June 1988 for the establishment of the seditionist Libyan National Army military wing (under the leadership Hfter) to continue their fight to destroy The Great Jamahiriya and Muammar al-Qathafi.

Ended quickly ordered the Libyan National Army, and its members deported U.S. helicopters into the United States, where he stayed and continued opposition to the Great Jamahiriya there for 20 years (under the employment of the American CIA).

Ended quickly ordered the Libyan National Army, and its members deported U.S. helicopters into the United States, where he stayed and continued opposition to the Great Jamahiriya there for 20 years (under the employment of the American CIA).

Returned from exile in March 2011 after taking NATO tasks smashing the Libyan army and the leadership of September to become Hfter of the pillars of February and took over shortly leadership (RAT) «Liberation Army Libyan» which was established by the 17 February Group, after the failure of the army which was formed mostly of volunteers and young people without military experience, has been assigning the army command to former Interior Minister Abdul Fattah Younis al-Obeidi.

During the restructuring of the national army Libya in November 2011, agree about 150 officers and non-commissioned officers on the label Khalifa Hfter Chief of Staff of the (RAT) army, considering that more entitled to the job due to «seniority, experience and recognition of his efforts» while exiled official bodies in Tripoli, where he was Hfter the same time.

Very briefly touched to Khalifa Hfter, and I firmly believe that did not occur Asttnat front Sitalh the political isolation will not become chief of staff .. And occurred Aalasttina the solemn Vadzm that Libya will become a major U.S. base FHWA one of the most important customers CIA .. Not be brave and Adhih the day to tell him that he unrivaled her personal .. In fact, without any introductions classified as traitors regardless of the system September .. It allowed himself sold his soldiers and himself will not fit to serve his country ..

(Farouk dictator)

Report from 14 SEPT 2011:

…The man who spoke to the eager former officers was Gen. Khalifa Hifter, who defected from The Great Jamahiriya  army in 1987 and moved to the United States, where he lived in the Washington suburbs for decades before returning to Libya earlier this year.

Officers crowded into the auditorium to hear Hifter’s presentation, many sitting in the aisles or standing wherever space was available. One of the officers, annoyed by a speaker who preceded Hifter, encouraged the speaker to hurry up.

“We came to hear Gen. Hifter!” the man shouted, to loud applause.

In an interview after the meeting, Hifter said he’d never met Belhaj : the leader of rebel forces in Tripoli and a former member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group), and there was an immediate tension between Hifter’s warm welcome and Belhaj’s followers that recalled the tension that also pervaded the rebel military before their sudden string of victories that led to the fall of Tripoli three weeks ago. Then it was Hifter pitted against former Great Jamahiriya Interior Minister Abdul-Fattah Younis, the rebel commander killed by Musa Kusa and Judge Jalil ordered through his own Command in late July (2011).

It was unclear how Hifter would reconcile his force with the thousands of Libyans who picked up weapons to depose the Great Jamahiriya.

“The Tripoli Military Council is responsible for security here until a national army is set up,” said Anis al Sharif, Belhaj’s spokesman.

Sharif said Belhaj’s position had been confirmed on Tuesday during a meeting with Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of the rebel National Transitional Council and the country’s de facto head of state.

But Hifter said his appointment supersedes Belhaj’s position.

“Now we will rebuild the army,” Hifter said. “We are responsible for the entire country. Belhaj is in charge of the revolutionaries in Tripoli.”

Hifter said his forces were working with revolutionary forces across the country. Both groups have sent fighters to the front lines, where revolutionary forces are still fighting in cities that remain loyal to Gadhafi. It’s unclear how many fighters are under either man’s control.

An even further disconnect is evident all over western Libya. Many revolutionary commands remain local, independent of Belhaj’s command. Brigades of fighters from other cities were still present in Tripoli on Wednesday, though in lesser numbers than in past weeks.

Sharif said that a formal announcement regarding the withdrawal from Tripoli of fighters from other cities was “being negotiated” and would be made in the next week.

Despite having never met him, Hifter was complimentary of Belhaj.

“I think he’s a good guy,” said Hifter. “He’s Libyan.”

There has been widespread speculation that Hifter, who spent his exile in Fairfax, Va., had worked with the CIA. He did not deny having had contact with the U.S. intelligence agency but said he had never worked for it.

Hifter said his warm welcome was the result of more than a decade of working with Libyan dissidents and exiles, some of the same men he had led in battle in various Arab and African countries where al-Qathafi sent his military in the 1980s and 1990s. Hifter was the commander of al-Qathafi’s disastrous intervention in Chad in the 1980s.

“They know me, and in some cases I worked with their fathers,” he said.

Hifter said there was no hurry in pressing the offensives against the last urban areas controlled by al-Qathafi’s Great Jamahiriya.

“We can be patient. The enemy will get tired. Bani Walid will take one more week,” he said, referring to the city of 70,000 about 80 miles southeast of Tripoli that remains under control of Great Jamahiriya‘s forces. “Maximum.”

(Enders is a McClatchy special correspondent.)


And permit comment |

Saleh Jaudh member of the General Conference, and Hamad bin Khalifa adviser says that the conference will deal with the announcement of Cyrenaica rationally like what you deal with the rest of the things that you encountered.

I do not know the definition of rationality that Jaudh talking about! Healy is a rational resolution number seven and the attack on Bani Walid or mental ornately refused to dismiss Yusuf met by all Libyans or rational cook Constitution promised or rational War Coalition and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood or rational political isolation?! MM Um …

الادمن | Gamal Abdel Nasser

In-line news |

The names of tax calls for the General Conference to study and address the root causes that led to the announcement of Cyrenaica territories federally federally.


In-line news |

Allaotunai Conference gives confidence for governor and minister of agriculture within the ministerial amendments of Zaidane.

Newsflash |

Zaidane said:

“We have agreed to assign the rebels and the army battalions to the south and border security, and will be given 1,500 dinars instead of Mali add Ali salaries and agreed with the European Union on the localization of an advisory group for help in Zbt border.”


Assigned commander of the battalion to protect Libya heretic aka (Abu Azzam) LIFG member management software function Libya’s official channel (channel Jamahiriya previously) after the resignation of former director and rejection is received and pressures put on him by armor and security committees and signatory signatory ..



Read in Misrata alliance with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood |

Who does not know the coalition Maslahi interim between one party ideological and between a city Enduring say and to clarify the picture may be absent from that city struggling she put her hand does not know the covenants and conventions nor alliances word has deceived and falsified and conspired and Tmalsoa and betrayed by put his hand their hand will turn against you when you are finished their interests with you, but will turn against you and Abaonkm as sold by you, they have an agenda and ambitions of the largest of the nation’s foreign and their orders, ye today Allegiance Charcnhm and treason and history will not return back.

(Essam Jehani)

Newsflash |

The series continues falling and cracking
Jerzh Zeinab Abaao member Allaotunai Congress Party for the so-called justice and Misurata construction of the officially resign today the General Allaotunai Congress:

Zainab بعيو member of   Allaotunai Congress from the ruling Justice and construction Misrata resign Conference

Source | member of success Salouh the Congress.

Comments Members Featured |

Reem Elwady | More importantly Brotherhood Misrata against him and Misrata strongly disarm the Htafrd

who come they Lipo rule Horn full comprehensive Libya Mesh Haradwa the Middle inseparable and walk with him Brega “hen that bleaching Dhba”.

Human Rights |

Nasser El Hawary:
“Elly Nchovo of it just days Muammar Mcanc, it tortured”

Phrase heard Mona a journalists ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood called “Hisham Shalawi” at the conference tonnage of human rights in Belarus, flew out as if he Sidon valuable, and تلقفتها him some pages belong to the city of Misrata and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the world, even if this media has been emboldened by the argument as he could confront me to do, but I wish I moved as they are but crafts and increased her some spices, generally repeat the share of the power of torture by the Brigades of shame, which distorted and contaminated CIA_UPRISING of February 17,


She said that the city is facing the spread of epidemics because of dead bodies, a Libyan activist reveal:

10 killed thousands of prisoners Misrata prisons in Libya out of 18 A.

Track Arab / Nazir Karimi 06/02/2013 13:36:00
Oamatt activist Libyan for the crime of high-caliber, as revealed in the death of 10 thousand prisoners prisons Misrata believed to be supporters of Muammar Gaddafi, and that out of 18 thousand prisoners , and explained that the prisoners were killed , either executed or under torture, and confirmed that the militia asked the elders the city to come to the city for its support to hide the impact of the crime, but that request was rejected before Almchaaikh, and confirmed that Misrata is currently facing a real problem because of the emergence of epidemics as a result of the spread of the large number of dead bodies and aromas.

Revealed activist “to the path of the Arab” Libyan killed 10,000 prisoners Libby out of 18,000 prisoners prisons Misrata, and confirmed that the dead were either executed or under torture, noting that prisons Misrata, are more prisons offense, to commit a lot of crimes out.

And confirmed that there is a severe discreetly by the Libyan authorities on the execution of Libyan prisoners Misrata prisons unjustly, especially in front of their inability to tighten its grip and impose its control over the armed militias.

She added activist Libyan itself, that the militia asked the elders city to come to the region to support them in concealing the impact of the crime, but that request was rejected by the Almchaaikh, and confirmed that Misrata is currently facing a real problem because of the emergence of epidemics result of the spread of the large number of dead bodies and aromas.

And activist pointed out, to spread the smell of death and bodies in all prisons, which threatens the city Misrata بتعرضها to the real problem is the emergence of epidemics, because of the spread of diseases resulting from the bodies of prisoners who were executed or died under torture.

And activist questioned the role of the state and international law, which is happening today from genocide Wendy her forehead, “and was amazed at the same time do not move and the Ministry of Health, in order to take action that would limit the spread of epidemics.

And confirmed that most of the prisoners who are languishing in prisons in Misrata , not directed against any charges, and pointed out that the arrest was due to their identity.

It also appealed to the activist Libyan media and all international organizations, human rights, in order to put an end to these massacres heinous committed by “militia death,” especially militias Misrata, and called to the output of the rest of the prisoners secret prisons controlled by the militias and their transfer to prisons a subsidiary of the state and a fair trial.




Castle and Ifrane Ataarqua of the heavy weapons in the capital Tripoli..

Rockets found buried with sand south الجغبوب City
Two Phalangist Bicolo buried them …. What arrows and battalions they arrived الجغبوب,:

Reported receiving Abdel Raouf hater important security-Fateh University.

New incident of harassment in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of light ..

Uncertain news today about the harassment and sexual assault on girl this morning at around 7 in the bathroom of women civil department, was the aggressor near the bathroom and when I entered the bathroom behind her and entered the door lock.
There is no power to God
How long???? Possible Dop not be your sister, your daughter, your wife or fiancee ..
Enough is enough has reached nor Scott anymore .. Our violates before our eyes must act!

Quoting Tnsagah the closure of the Faculty of Engineering – Al-Fateh University.

Tripoli: heavy fire in front of the Ministry of Internal Finance and Airport Road

Sound of a powerful explosion shake the vicinity of the airport road.

By Gaddafi news agency on Sunday, June 2, 2013 | 13:48

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

URGENT: heavy fire in front of the Ministry of the Interior Airport Road in the capital Tripoli.

A group of Illaz police operations (support previously) has attacked at the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior to stop the salaries and let us know بالرماية random and Lázaro a mess in place which require it of illegal government to intervene and publishes teams and Saraya backing security to catch on what it called the “perpetrators” and actors, and now are the prosecution who have fled. 
teams and Saraya father, uncle and backing of the security committee to protect the headquarters of the ministry now.

: المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية:


Criminality militias |

Today I learned that the visit was prevented detainees from Bani Walid elders in the prisons of the corner, as infringement of visitors word and threatened بالرماية, in the air ….
This work is absolutely unacceptable, prison and before the elders of the elderly someone exceeded eighty!
Disagree with them or agree with them, but there is a reality:
First: the elders of the prison in the elderly this is contrary to our traditions and Aaruffina and accepted to the way of religion.
Second: over these elders more than seven months without referral to the public prosecution or extradition to a prison official authorities.
Third: The Promise “revolutionaries corner” more than once Bardhm the public prosecutor did not happen yet.
Fourth: Some these appellant Senate in age and suffering from diseases or, God forbid, to die in prison would be a shame corner socially Nrbo بأهلنا in the corner to take overalls.
All that we ask our people valued in the corner, as well as officials of the need to intervene to solve this problem, in order to achieve harmony and national peace and my family all-inclusive, and appeal to all free Sharif to adopt this humanitarian issue, regardless of political positions and regardless of agreement or disagreement with these detainees.

Voice of Resistance:

Today .. Event in commodity Matfl in the corner ..

During a visit families and relatives of the elders and Rafla detainees in the city have been barred corner of the visit and interview detainees ..

Also has been shooting in the air for the purpose of dispersing the audience ..

These actions deny the authority of the state to the prison and also denies that in the corner wise and wise فتصرفات fools can persists more, especially if we have opened the way for Svhaúna also .. We are not God’s chosen people but the people of our great and respected and can not be for Svhaúna that mastered us .. And speak to complement the O People of the corner ..

If you do not have authority over the prison and on the security guard.

Vcoloha explicit so that you excuse .. But frequent silence on these violations is considered participation in the sin ..

With this we know that what happened was pre masterminding some of the persons belonging to the city of the corner, but their loyalty to Misratah

They wanted to bring strife and chaos .. We will not achieve them what they want.

Fathallah Capricorn
RAT Libyan diplomat supporters of February


The issue of home |

Residents of Kantonathm تحرسهم militias parked in Bwabathm,,, and the originators of the Dwylathm, and occupiers of the wings Our Mahgayn wings illusion in the space of power alleged, and donors statelet Qatar Great base in the heart of our capital compensation her shame many, Saliyah, and informants degree of senior officials The Positions young foreign embassies, and the owners of Prisons participatory and jails privacy, and rejectionists alleged debt to the idea of ​​national,,, and the followers of fundamentalisms takfirist criminal, and Alkhademon المطيعون to referents Almrushdih Almoktmah, and الواهمون return yesterday caught the reins today and killed tomorrow, and who seek Htala and خطلا to settle feuds past swords hatred present … All of them all of them all of them do not concern them at all the Libyan state, and national unity, and the federal, only Vqdathm that does not punish as Ojermoh, and not to lose what they stole and looted and Genoa, and to defend the legitimacy but not for illegal acquisitions … Home our We majority المغلوبة the case, which is just meaningless numbers and numbers of worthless, and the day reminiscing meaning and regain value does not return to Libya to us, because the country does not leave to come back, but Tstaidna Libya we did not Ngdr ..

(Journalist Mohammed بعيو)

Akram brow release and arrival at five

By Gaddafi News Agency on Monday, 3 يونيو, 2013 | 03:31

The Gaddafi International News Agency – five.

Photos Akram access to the city of Jenin and five people received him in the city of five.
He is a member of the so-called General National Congress for this city. adviser Mohamed Ahmed confirmed he made a complaint to the Attorney General about the process orchestrated the kidnapping of the fetus…

Five |

Was yesterday evening, the release of Akram Jenin Vice conference Rixos five by the Department, noted that the fetus had been charged in the case of wine and prostitution, which became known later Zenata issue.

A group of individuals responsible for the protection of secure private passenger lounge at Tripoli International Airport (ceremony) camped in front of the airport and shut its gates in protest against the delayed payment of financial dues.

(Libyan Page Airlines)

Hassle between Melcaat of the Misrata in deterrence بجنزور the camp with a battalion Knights janzour delivery Riad السويح.



Renewed clashes in the generation Nefusa this morning ::

Now with heavy weapons clashes between the people of the castle and the village Alboukhaboukh Ifrane

after the killing of a young man and the other in the care of residents of the castle.

Industry control officers split green mountain from the central government in Tripoli and joining the Regional Government

tenderly hoping to organize them all Watchers region to form a government of the province prospective:


Western Mountain :::

جردان Amazigh are fighting now in some

Violent clashes spin now and heavy weapons between جردان castle and جردان Ifrane and the number of dead and wounded and learned that he was killed a young man from the castle after the beginning of the problem resulting in Bjrdan castle attack on جردان Ifrane in their homes and arms Althaglah and still clashes continued until this moment and panic among residents and horror fully and escape many of the women and children to the mountains and displacement of Tripoli.

Mountain West | news about the presence of armed clashes between militias from the city of Jadu and other Shakshouk.
Tunisian Air Force participates in extinguishing fires Green Mountain

By Gaddafi News Agency on Monday, 3 يونيو, 2013 | 03:33

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Green Mountain.

Severe affect between visitors and Zintan
A total of جردان visitors assaulted Aaylh of Zintan consisting of 4 people two men

and two women in Sabratha heard some جردان Zintan this topic Alhadth فاتجهوا to Sabratha …

Fajtafo the group of visitors, including named … Omar Saleh Al Mansouri …

and Icomo not firing explicitly to this topic moment and the story a بيناتهم confused …. Guile in نحرهم



Bani Walid in the Arab press |

Egyptian newspaper Al-seventh day | launch of a new satellite channel in Libya before the end of this year

Plans to the local council of the city of Bani Walid, Libya, the launch of a satellite channel by the end of this year to cover various city news and events and happenings across Libya.

According to Libyan media, on Saturday, that work is continuing on the study of the three bids submitted by companies specialized in the field of satellite broadcasting services to choose the best offer.

The satellite channel will broadcast sent from the city of Bani Walid and programs include political, economic and diversified and direct dialogue to ensure freedom of opinion and highlight the cultural diversity of Libya, explaining that space policy is based on a speech pushing for national reconciliation and the rejection of hatred and strengthen the unity of the national and building the new Libya.

Leah almost 10 days WiMAX am going to contract me .. Omh unable Nobei the balance because I not Aref Albasword and Contract Number: | It is, of course, Mesh my name Omh of Aref name .. Azatrit in duration delirious I watch on the Libyan channels respectable .. Ashan take their news and know Henw the Sayer in the country .. Of course commended Lord need her name and Facebook Internet .. Ashan know شنو .. And Ashan Manconc victim of disinformation who is creating the most channels who less Mangdr it Nocefha “disgusting” .. Almost more Channel Hasitha Channel Libyan without any agenda or mislead is Dardanelles channel .. Especially as it Maandhah the red and Matraih lines end in and Matkdsc in the revolution the hysterical hypocritical way who are omitted most hypocritical channels .. And the idea of ​​I Mesh Tahlob the

Admin | logged in Alfberaria the page



In moments of Sirte was pounded from outside the city with rockets and missiles.. You سلمتم! And Nsawinkm Ataibo in جبزة the oven for جردان!!! Naseem and yogurt, pizza, who Mavi extent you dream omitted be between Hdak of Ramla and Kiffan Jtkm car Jardan.. ČÓ Jay account until he died in Rana our children what Inso Akmilo after us.. ČÓ you to your children, Bacon launched their position and time???
God bless you Mutassim and all the heroes who Maak and all the martyrs of Libya. .

Patient Hey Sirte.. Aaziedk God above Masamadta Aza.. The dignity not stay on Aasert..

No Mathnni No Arhpk U.S. and Zionist Khalk Aalndhal Lane Atsona.. And say to the Arabs God Matazona the blood of the martyr Max honor and pride..



The new Emir of Cyrenaica Zubair al-Sanusi
Reception in the queue fascist موسليني

Kaabar threatens and diabetes Iabrqh mouth ..

Osama Kaabar the call to prepare is preparing to cram Federalists at Guantanamo Eqaila, as he did Italians الفاشيست with the ancestors at a time when Tripoli announced the establishment of the Republic of Tripoli

Kaabar I of Cyrenaica invite you to Bandh leadership to put us in detention and assure you that the doomed fate will be Bandh Akef which still Cyrenaica and the town of duck in particular kept them in a cemetery dedicated to them, or will be doomed fate Bandh Gibran, which still forms fill online:

Of correspondence Liberal ((Free exiled))
General grandsons shame
Especially جحوش the Burqa

And more particularly to the honorable who Alambda after greetings and respect them
History records …… No mercy
This gently Royal Decree-mail in the era of rotten Shayeb Idris al-Sanusi ..
It does justice to the right … But honest people who dedicated their greetings They are Alambda and the owners of the right leader Muammar Gaddafi’s supporters;

Of the grandsons of Omar al-Mukhtar son exiled brother exile tribe free:

This is not a snapshot of the film .. This is the case even Libyans are accepted by the client creature of Englishmen Idris al-Sanusi:

Of history.. And ruthless history..
Under the rule of Idriss Senussi Hecda, family entrance of the exhibition was the first to trade in Tripoli! Look at the cross. .:



From Benghazi wooded cases daily in the streets … The cases of beatings and killings in the family arrived last month to 7 cases of a brother killed his brother:

Inventory Mohamed Ghiryani:

Did not see a statement about African what happened Bttiyarh the lines yesterday ”
Almost fall “and the captain of the passengers” Lester of God “and after half hours of Almanah and crying and fainting landed the plane
Question here مالسبب, what happened, especially since a short trip, from Tripoli, Benghazi.

Now grab inventory Pimp Noureddine Bouchiha in Benghazi.

Still good Jaykm the j Jrdaaaaaaaaaaan ”
Feb channel (the city of Tobruk) up on Facebook (RATS)
Do you know Benghazi المرقدين the Arabs who became adventures yesterday at night starting “from 12:00 at night!”!! Of course not in the little people heard the shooting at the island through Tripoli .. This shooting was between two cars of Ansar al-Sharia and periodic military intelligence when it was immobilization cars and Fchehema and found with them weapons and a little doodle but استنجدوا بانصارهم, air and here was shooting and took their group of the periodic but the puzzle here they fled and left the cars and Mavi nor footmen by Halsearat having yet …

Mesh disaster here!!!! Have been reported more than 35 cars of supporters of sharia come from Derna and with them 4 cars armored personnel carriers Milinat youth مغرر Bayhoum actually يتقاضوا in thousands of dinars for each process and feared Benghazi and when they came to a bridge, Mr. Khalifa divided into two section many of them Khc by way of Bohadi and other air before Camp Shield Qatar on the road to the coast and the rest promised when the court is important they are, according to an analytical profile they air Bish protect farmer who deployed them in Sidi Fredj and Altalhah and Rulrhh and Hawari and Almentolh weapon Jay from Qatar, France and other country-day revolution and Allli handed him over to Boktef and hardness and Alsaqzle and one another with them and this weapon sophisticated not used yet …

Because the program who was yesterday at night supposed to be special forces and stun equip to raid a farm or Balasah a farmer and two said Ntalaaolhm overland good Mikhcoa on farms and familiarize themselves with Madsus especially after the strike who had acquired in a container rockets thermal who Meskuha Thunderbolt and the farm who Khcolha and Talat weapons from the underground deep in the basement .. Dangerous Jaykm Aaarb Benghazi .. but I’m a prophet speak mysteries just ..

where some hospitals in Benghazi or Balasah hospital is not a visit patients are stored weapons by supporters of Sharia Akabat night and animate in their lives Ihrsoa it and who denying walks and show was cured fear Matatmduc Ali special forces because they are considered a vulnerable group compared with weapons, equipment and gear and pain and who these groups are supported ..

Repercussions Advertise Alaualah |

The local council of the city of Benghazi on Sunday discusses the announcement tenderly federal territories and federal issued a formal statement on the position of the Declaration.

Eastern Region |
Federal bloc announced his intention to declare the province of Cyrenaica celebration on Thursday in front of the Tibesti hotel in the city of the first statement of Benghazi.

Administrative chaos experienced by the eastern region these days, after the Declaration of independence of the federal administrative region of Cyrenaica the local council of Benghazi appointed Mohammed Saaiti Ali head of the committee of competence put forward 10 names for the position of mayor!

The dawn burning shame platform in the city of Benghazi before the North Mahmke which always danced and cheered for NATO and grown-crosses,,,,, with the help of your fate will be like your booth


Enabled members of the military police west of the city to adjust the Libyan truck carrying 230 a bag filled with explosives and that the line of duty daily routine inspection. Police said the commander of the military in Tobruk leading “Hani references” Libyan news agency that the seizures were on their way to the city of Tobruk, where the defendants were arrested and a means of transport was brought to the official authorities to take legal action against them.


Kandahar …..! Sorry .. Islamic Emirate of Derna ::
Dirt ignite a senior security and loose .. yesterday there was the district’s assassination peace process / tuber, which claimed the lives invitee (Omar Haddad), a member of the former internal security,
The Sunday evening unknown assailants detonated a car type Mazda Street band tuber Folk Art owned invited Fazzani Gazoa,

Was also shortly before the assassination attempt called Zuhair Al Mansouri from البمبا area, where they were shot in Derna Corniche Road when the victim was driving a car Intra Taxi transfer on the track to the hospital.



I hope the widest deployment:

And brother were arrested Walid Chaouch one free Libya in the city of Sfax by a police security center national Bamaharzh. It was fabricated false charges to the brother Walid by the head of the Center of National Security Bamaharzh payee price of criminal elements present in the city of Sfax belong to rats Libya is meant by all of this scheme is to deliver brother Walid Chaouch to the State of Libya Jermanah and specifically to the militias, Abdel Raouf hater.
The all Libyans Liberal leave November 7th Street in Sfax.



Inventory corrupt Touati Hamad Alaadh – the only member of the conference and national – on channel Libya tv Jerdanih the
Chadian forces, Niger and French occupies 65% of the south of Libya.

Armed gangs of Azwaip returned to the city of Kufra and who came out to search for Abnahm of smugglers who Tahoe in the desert between Sudan and Libya, and they are smuggling and lack of knowledge of the desert and ignorance did not find their children the five Mufkaddoan and returned empty-handed in the desert Sea:

Clashes between Toubou people and Azwailh result in the death of 4 people Tabu’s share of which 3 and the reasons for the dispute is still unknown.

The arrival of the Prime Minister on February Zaidane and Minister of Finance and Minister of Communications and Chief of Staff Joseph carved and some and ministries agents for infidels little while ago.

Urgent ..Notables of Tabu carrying Ali Zaidan blood of their sons killed by Libya armor battalion in Kufra.

Urgent .. Ali Zaidane job fails in Kufra Prime Minister and I reject all the proposals and Senate sheikhs in the city.

Commissioned Brigadier Mhammed sectarian military ruler mission to the south, and is the third person assigned this task after Bouchmadh and Barasi and in less than a year, and sectarian descended from Origins Sberatih and is a graduate of batch 17 / tank.


Urgent Zuwaila
Killed least two tribe Altba of by one of the sons of the tribe balcony Bzuelh and very سئى situation.

Recent developments of Zuwaila

Allowed the power of the Toubou tribes that surround the entrances to the city to enter the number of 4 cars belonging to the army Aotunai

Latest Statistics
2 deaths from Tabu
The number of wounded 1 of Tabu and 3 wounded from the balcony including a girl infected by a live bullet in the shoulder, the daughter of the offender-free
The number of prisoners 2 of Tabu
4 houses burning
One car burning
Regarding the mediation
Contact Number of Elders بأعيان parties insist Tabu families of the deceased to hand over the culprit to Jermany Murzuq military junta and the people of the offender of Zuwaila asked handed over to the military governor Jermany for the South
– According to the latest testimonies from the city Zuwaila four houses were burned by some of the Toubou tribes, to the other party to the dispute .. From the balcony tribe .. And besiege the city also refused to fully enter the next reconciliation delegation from the city of Sabha were arrested a large number of relatives of the killer and continue beating on his home until this moment ..

Zuwaila the
The death of a child Mhammed cost-Emhemed and of 5-year-old wounds sustained as a result of the impact indiscriminate shelling fragments of the city and the city strapped sharply فالأدوية and cadres Taybeh

Source – Page Zuwaila The
The number of deaths in the ranks of supervising 5 and not much on God and they are:
1 – Haj Mhammed the Mohammed bin Hamad al-Sharif.
2 – Mohamed Emhemed Mohamed bin Hamad al-Sharif.
3 – Bashir Bashir al-Sharif.
4 – Faisal Hassan Mohamed Sharif.
5 – Adel Magdy M’Hamed, child-Sharif.

And injury daughter of the late Haj Mhammed seriously injured after Kadifah the Larbi Jl. Also found Mr. Ismail Emhemed Mohamed Sharif beside the road leading to the bunny or a in hospital Tragn and in serious condition of التعديب but still a number of missing people in the region are:
1 Abdulrahman Al-Sharif.
2 – Tarek Mohammed Hassan Sharif.
3 – Hatem Hussein Sharif.


Continued stopped production Elephant oil field for the third day in a row:

Still dependent upon oil production from western Ubari elephant field to this day, where the field has been turned off because of some protests from local residents and some employees of the guard oil installations, and learned that the elephant field with a capacity of about 130 thousand barrels per day ..


Hussein المسلاتي,

General Izzat_Ibrahim_al_Duri_

Captured? Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri.Of Tani Mstahac commander me and Aaaaaagd and you –


The size of the plot on a very large home (LIBYA) to some extent perceived, which is difficult like in scattered parts let us try together

assembling its parts scattered (UNITING Cyranaica, Fezzan & Tripoli) to clear before us this picture and avoid what can be avoided until victory is achieved, God willing.

The godfather of the Arab revolutions autumn,,,,

National Voice of Youth.:

Wedding Liberal tolerant Balria green … Offspring good Lord .. and pride, Shoumoukh and Alafa and boys Walloon green color life symbol Fairy ..
Harra Li attended the throne said :: wedding algae liver scans ^ ____ ^
And Moto O جردان of the mesh weddings planned and Mrtzh the plot and John McCain and Bernard Livni and Sarkozy and donkeys Qatar .. Pure ČÓ
Safaa world.

The entire nation solve crossword puzzles and sports relay or Evening representative and Israeli guns pointed to her forehead and land, dignity and its oil:


Revolutionary forces in Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey is preparing for an uprising against the International ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood organization on 30 June 2013.

History |

.. .. {Nigerien Chadian-Libyan relations throughout history} .. ..

(Episode VI)

Exploded the Algerian revolution in 1954 in early November, and continued to grow and grow, has been unable to France in spite of all methods of oppression and abuse, torture, arson and genocide to suppress this revolution, came Gen. (de Gaulle) to rule, and think out of France this mess that took place where the rest of the from the face of France.
France, which has been able to deviate from Tunisia revolution and granted independence internally pleased with him Bourguiba, and deviate Morocco return of Sultan Mohammed V from exile.
Saw (de Gaulle) to hold a referendum in countries that fall under the control of France yes or no .. Any Yes for independence from France, or No to independence, Niger and Chad voted yes to independence in 1960 and be in the Chad Parliament and Council met to decide the constitution and decide the system of government, science, language, and religion.
France has been behind the scenes manages events, especially when she occupied Chad and Niger cared Paljnobien Negroes, and introduced thousands of them in the Christian religion, and taught them the French language, and enabled them to governance, unlike northerners Arabs, who Nasaboha hostility and Qatloha, and considered access to schools Muharram.
In the House of Parliament .. Southerners saw that French be the language of the country, but the North refused to do so, and Rooa be the language of the country is Arabic, especially since those who speak English are more numerous than who do not يتكلمونها, also called Banzmam Chad to the Arab League.
Stepped in France, and imposed the French language on the colonies, including Chad, and left northerners from the Council and قاطعوه, and Amichqgua arms and formed Liberation Front (Varawlina), and took refuge in the father (Cockney and Dai) to Libya, as he was governor (Dai) Vohanh French, went immigrants to Libya and settled in the corner, where he studied his son (cockney) in Libyan schools, and took refuge in a lot of northerners to Libya, and began working in a lot of business, and infiltrating their areas, to support the revolution that was raging sometimes and dim other times.
Libya was condescend to northerners, as of Libyan assets, and all of them follow the way Senussi, whose King Idriss patron after the migration Mujahid Ahmed Sharif, and handed over leadership to him, not northern Chad alone, follows this way, but it was northern Nigeria comes his superiors to Libya , to consult King Idris and taking the opinion of it, and يتبركون visit as Sheikh way, and it was (Ahmedou Aobilo) leaders of northern Nigeria comes to Libya between now and then for this reason, too, and Libya was turning a blind eye to enter the citizens of northern Chad into its territory, and out of them to provide Baltmwen, and work in Libya and to provide supporting their families and their movement was not in my knowledge that Libya had supported the movement (Varawlina) arms in the days of the kingdom, unlike the position of the revolution Algeria, which was backed with money and weapons, and even training, as well as the Tunisian revolution, which did not take long by the time as agreed Habib Bourguiba, the internal granted independence instead of supporting the continuity of the revolution for Algeria revolution and thus detect the back of the Algerian revolution, the French, with the support of the Tunisian people stay for the Algerian revolution.
In the meantime .. Was the revolution of northern Chad piety and fade as conditions in the region, has been unable to Alhsolaly support which makes it Tzhfly capital, especially that France supports the central government, which erected in (N’Djamena), Arab countries all is not interested in the Arabs, and not the Arab identity of Chad and Niger or Mali, but the ones with Governments in whatever form or orientation, and it is known that the financial or rather the north of Mali, was in contact with Libya, and the relationship with the Mujahideen Libyans in Chad and Niger, and fought the French in coordination with the Libyans, and he (Abdeen Alkinte), one of the leaders of Jihad in northern Mali, visited الجغبوب and coordinated with the leadership of the Senussi movement.
Fighting continued in the north of Mali with continued fighting in northern Chad and Niger, and when weakened the resistance in these two countries, weakened in northern Mali, and took the French on them, and they made the Arabs and the Touareg and Toubou, in the north of Niger, Chad, Mali, military zones, are treated cruelly and oppression and murder, torture and displacement, and even when I resigned Mali, in a referendum yes or no, in 1960, and chaired (Modibo Keita) continued to northern Mali military zone, measured where the population is all forms of torture, murder and displacement, railed northern Mali in 1963, led by Prince (Zaid Ibn Tahir ) and Prince (Mohammad Ali Ansari) the injustice which is located on their fellow citizens, and the revolution when Algeria’s independence that they support it and there was a group from the leadership of the Liberation Front of Algeria, residing in northern Mali, where supported by the Touareg and Arabs, of whom (Ahmed familiar (f) Abdulaziz Bouteflika), who was named the kinetic (Kader financial).

.. .. … Follow

(D. Mohammed Alakecat)

Do you recall how much Mu’ammar admired Charles deGaulle?
deGaulle as president [1958-69 during the Fifth Republic], revised the constitution to provide for presidential control of foreign and military policy, granted independence to Algeria and the African colonies, and restored the nation’s economic health.QUOTE: “The truth is that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi decided to repeat the attempts by French General de Gaulle to abandon the use of U.S. junk paper money called “dollars” and return to gold, i.e. he attempts to attack the chief power of modern parasitic Zio Democracy – the banking system….”Herein is an excerpt from Jim Fetzer:
” It began in 2005, when Iran announced it would form its own International Oil Bourse (IOB), the first phase of which opened in 2008. The IOB is an international exchange that allows international oil, gas, and petroleum products to be traded using a basket of currencies other than the U.S. dollar. Then in November 2007 at a major OPEC meeting,Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for a “credible and good currency to take over U.S. dollar’s role and to serve oil trades”. He also called the dollar “a worthless piece of paper.”
The following month, Iran—consistently ranked as either the third or fourth biggest oil producer in the world—announced that it had requested all payments for its oil be made in currencies other than dollars.The latest round of U.S. sanctions targets countries that do business with Iran’s Central Bank, which, combined with the U.S. and EU oil embargoes, should in theory shut down Iran’s ability to export oil and thus force it to abandon its nuclear program by crippling its economy.
But instead, Iran is successfully negotiating oil sales via accepting gold, individual national currencies like China’s renmimbi, and direct bartering.Other countries that have abandoned the petro-dollar have also not fared well in their relations with the United States, including Iraq in late 2000 and Libya introduced the gold dinar in 2011. It isn’t rocket science to infer that our invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the bombing of Libya have followed in their wake:Since gold yuan coinage was announced by China, talks about the gold standard had been brought up in the Middle East.
The main initiator of non-payment in dollars and euros is the Leader and Guide of the Revolution in Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. He called on Arab and African world to adopt a single current – the gold dinar.On this financial basis, Colonel al-Qathafi offered to create a single African state with Arab and Black African population numbering 200 million people. The idea of creating a single gold currency and uniting the countries of Africa into one powerful federal system has been actively supported during the last year by a number of Arabic and almost all African states. Democracy-infested South Africa and the Arab League were opposed to the idea.
The US and the EU reacted very negatively to such a initiative. According to a French Zio “president” Sarkozy, “the Libyans have set on the financial security of mankind.” Repeated calls by the Leader of the Libyan Revolution yields some results: Gaddafi has made more and more steps aimed at creating a United Africa.Two false arguments have been invented to cover up the true reason for the present Zio-Christian Crusade against Libya: officially – “to defend human rights” and unofficially – an attempt to steal oil from the Libyan people. Both of these arguments do not hold up to scrutiny.
The truth is that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi decided to repeat the attempts by French General de Gaulle to abandon the use of U.S. junk paper money called “dollars” and return to gold, i.e. he attempts to attack the chief power of modern parasitic Zio Democracy – the banking system….
Just as al-Qathafi was benefitting the people of Libya and promoting the best interests of the African continent, Iran has the potential to benefit the people of the world–but at immense cost to the profit margin of the gas and oil industry, which suggests the real reasons why the US is targeting Iran.”_________Page Management | loop task describes the reasons for war Chad:.. .. {Nigerien Chadian-Libyan relations throughout history} .. ..

(The eighth)

Erupted revolution in Libya in 1969, and was one of the first concerns stand with the liberation movements in the world, and to support Islam and Muslims and support the Arabs and the Arabic language, and in this framework has supported the movement (Varawlina) and the Chadian President (Tumblbaa) visited Tripoli in part to improve relations between the two countries, and to mediate Libyan between the movement of Varawlina in the north and between the Chadian government and recognition of entitlement to Libya in the bar ouzo, the Chadian president to waive him, and returning the border to its original capital Mountains Tibesti and withdraw his administration of ouzo and have been delivered to Libya, and convinced of the Chadian President Islam decided announcement is Islam,

and the settlement of the situation with the Arabs and Muslims in the north, and the Allepieon support (Tumblbaa) for $ 60 million in aid for the country’s economy in Chad, is that France does not يرضيها convergence Libyan Chadian what that returned Tumblbaa to Chad even orchestrated a coup against him and returned things in Libyan relations Chadian to Mrbaha first, and after another coups in Chad and stood with France coups and against convergence Libyan Chadian, and stood Libya with Liberation Front (Varawlina), and the supporting financially and logistically, France has supported the Chadian government which came into office and ejaculated military forces backed by aviation in Chad, and saw Allepieon support Liberation Front Varawlina support larger,

and moving Libyan forces to support the front and to enter Chad to advocate for Arabs, Muslims, and this was one of the mistakes that occurred in which the Libyan leadership, as it was supposed to support the movement and lack of access directly in the war, and was able to Libyan forces to reach the capital of Chad (N’Djamena) and focus Cockney and Dai, president of Chad and seashell history that the commander of Libyan forces which seized control of Chad led by General Abdkabar Sharif, who killed his grandfather in معكرة appointed Kalka in 1907 against the French defense Chad, as there are hundreds of soldiers and officers of the grandsons of the Mujahideen Libyans against France in Chad ..

However, France summoned Cockney to visit and there are said to ask the Libyan forces withdraw from Chad, after announcing that the union with Libya before that and in front of the reaction forces withdrew Libyan withdrawal is the first of its kind in history in terms of speed, who had managed forces, including ownership of heavy equipment to cut Saharan due to Libya in the sea a week, and it was Hussein Habre rival Cockney and dissident movement lurks in the Sudanese border with Chad came with his forces backed by France and Sudan, he was able to seize on the Chadian capital and expelled Cockney and Dai from power, and Hussein Habre Goran, who have feuds with Alqmazvh, and is now the president of Chad.

.. .. .. Follow

(D. Mohammed Alakecat)

18 – 05 – 1971, was a memorable day.. The agreement was signed establishing the “Federation of Arab Republics,”

The meeting was attended by both: Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, the historic leader of the revolution, and the leader Hafez al-Assad and President Anwar Sadat 1971.


. Libya is Africa’s largest exporter of oil, 1.7 million tons a day,
which quickly was reduced to 300-400,000 ton due to US-NATO bombing.
Libya exports 80% of its oil: 80% of that to several EU lands (32%
Italy, 14% Germany, 10% France); 10% China; 5% USA.

2. Gaddafi has been preparing to launch a gold dinar for oil trade with
all of Africa’s 200 million people and other countries interested.
French President Nickola Sarkozi called this, “a threat for financial
security of mankind”. Much of France’s wealth—more than any other
colonial-imperialist power—comes from exploiting Africa.

3. Central Bank of Libya is 100% owned by state (since 1956) and is thus outside of multinational corporation control (BIS-Banking International Settlement rules for private interests). The state can finance its own projects and do so without interest rates

4. Gaddafi-Central Bank used $33 billion, without interest rates, to
build the Great Man-Made River of 3,750 kilometers with three parallel pipelines running oil, gas and water supplying 70% of the people (4.5 of its 6 million) with clean drinking and irrigation water.

5. The Central Bank also financed Africa’s first communication satellite with $300 million of the $377 cost. It started up for all Africa, December 26, 2007, thus saving the 45-African nations an annual fee of $500 million pocketed by Europe for use of its satellites and this means much less cost for telephones and other communication systems.

Some of the numbers above vary a bit from web site to web site but all are relatively close.


Top Israeli, US generals draw up Iran strike plan
Israeli or U.S. Action Against Iran: Who Will Do It If It Must Be Done? INSS Insight No. 432, 29 May 2013
Cartwright, James and Yadlin, Amos

The case study presented below outlines one possible scenario for future U.S.-Israeli decisionmaking on Iran’s nuclear program. Given the spectrum of other available options, military force should only be employed against the program as a last resort. Yet the military option must still be credible, and ready to use if necessary. This case study is intended solely to stimulate and inform further discussion on the potential repercussions of different strike options.

It is late 2013 and the prime minister of Israel has just received a phone call from the White House relaying the findings of a recent U.S. intelligence assessment: international sanctions and negotia­tions with Iran have yet to persuade the regime to halt its nuclear drive. Tehran previously rejected a generous U.S. offer that would have allowed it to enrich uranium in exchange for strong nuclear safeguards, and the program continues to advance unabated. After agreeing to convene in Washing­ton in one week to discuss strategy going forward, the prime minister and president each call a meeting with their national security advisors.

The president’s team acknowledges that the United States is war weary, debt laden, and politi­cally gridlocked. With U.S. forces having just withdrawn from Iraq and on a path to end combat operations in Afghanistan by late 2014, many hope that the attendant diversion of resources will spring the country from its financial woes and accelerate its economic recovery.

Nevertheless, the president, the prime minister, and their advisers reaffirm that a nuclear Iran is an unacceptable threat to U.S. and Israeli national security, with the president reiterating his strong and repeated 2012 commitment to prevention. Each leader then reviews the redlines that the regime has already crossed since 2004 regarding enrichment of nuclear material, as well as the UN Security Council resolutions it has violated in its pursuit of nuclear weapons. They also consider the fact that five rounds of diplomatic negotiations (in Geneva, Istanbul, Baghdad, Moscow, and Kazakh­stan) have failed.

In light of these concerns, both leaders agree that the time has come to ready their contingency options for a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. But if such action does indeed become necessary, they ask, which country should launch the attack—the United States or Israel? To address that and other key issues, the president and prime minister pose ten questions to their close advisers regarding military action. Below are the most prob­able answers.

Which approach would give the West more room to exhaust peaceful options: leaving the timing of a potential attack to Israel or the United States?
Israel’s military capability to strike Iran’s prolif­erating nuclear sites—especially those bunkered deep within a mountain, such as Fordow—is more limited than that of the United States. Israel’s win­dow for military action is therefore closing, while Washington’s more advanced capabilities mean that it can wait, affording the West a final attempt to exhaust all other options.

Which attack option would have more interna­tional legitimacy?
The international community is unlikely to support military action if diplomacy or sanctions still have a chance of succeeding. Again, America’s superior military capabilities provide more time to exhaust these options. From this perspective, a last-resort U.S. strike would enjoy greater legitimacy, while a unilateral Israeli strike amid Western efforts to find a diplomatic solution would not be received well internationally.
Yet the Iranian nuclear program does not pose an existential threat to the United States as it does to Israel, so only an Israeli attack could legitimately claim self-defense. Numerous U.S. officials, includ­ing President Obama, have therefore qualified their warnings against a unilateral attack by recognizing Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself.

Which option would cause greater damage to Iran’s nuclear facilities?
The U.S. military’s superior capabilities—including B-2 stealth bombers, air refueling craft, advanced drones, and 30,000-pound massive ordnance pen­etrators—are more likely to severely damage Iranian targets. Yet the United States has no operational experience in strikes against such facilities, unlike Israel, which successfully conducted similar opera­tions against the Osiraq nuclear reactor near Bagh­dad in 1981 and, according to foreign reports, against a Syrian reactor in 2007.

Which option would avoid violating the sover­eign airspace of third countries?
Any Israeli operation would have to cross the air­space of at least one other country (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or Syria). Yet a U.S. attack could be launched directly toward Iran from bases or aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere.

Which country could better carry out a focused military campaign that causes the least collateral damage or potential for escalation?
Without the advanced military capabilities to carry out a sustained bombing campaign against Iran’s nuclear sites, any Israeli attack would necessarily be quick and surgical, with less collateral damage. This is a significant advantage. After such an attack, the Iranian regime would still have a lot to lose, and its retaliation would likely be much more measured, diminishing the potential for escalation.
The United States has one of the best air forces in the world, and its superior capabilities and mas­sive ordnance penetrators leave it well poised to carry out an efficient surgical operation. Although there is no guarantee that these heavier bombs would be effective against all targets, they are none­theless more powerful than their Israeli counter­parts. If Washington wants to avoid getting bogged down in another war in a Muslim country, however, such a strike must be geared solely toward stopping Iran’s nuclear efforts, not regime change or con­quest. Toward this end, a surgical strike would be highly preferable to putting boots on the ground.

If poststrike escalation leads to war, which country has more efficient mechanisms in place to end the conflict?
Assessments of the day after an Israeli or U.S. strike range from limited Iranian retaliation that could be checked within days to full-scale regional war. If the United States attacked, however, it would have less moral authority than if Israel attacked— as mentioned above, Israel could legitimately claim that it was acting in self-defense. Moreover, Wash­ington’s ability to serve as an honest broker in nego­tiating a ceasefire would be diminished if it ordered the strike. For their part, China and Russia would be less incensed by an Israeli strike than a U.S. attack, and perhaps more willing to play a role in poststrike de-escalation.

Which option would have the least potential for producing an Iranian nationalist backlash that could strengthen the regime?
The more the Iranian people understand that the attack is targeting the regime’s nuclear program, not the country or its people, the less likely they are to rally behind Tehran out of indignation and fear. A short, surgical strike that minimizes civil­ian casualties is therefore preferable in this regard as well, since a prolonged attack might lead the public to fear for its safety and look to the regime for protection. A message to the people explaining the purpose and target of the attack could also help assuage their concerns, perhaps even turning pub­lic opinion against the regime. Yet such a message would necessarily stymie any attempt at a deniable, low-signature attack, which could also prove use­ful. If the origin of the attack were unclear, rumors would fly, making it more difficult for the regime to rally the public behind a single convincing narrative.
A quick, clandestine strike that results in fewer civilian casualties plays to the strengths of Israel’s military. As for the “hearts and minds” issue, nei­ther country has proven adept at this sort of public messaging.

What effect would an Israeli strike have on public opinion in the Middle East compared to a U.S. strike?
An attack by either country is unlikely to provoke widespread anger or sympathy for the Iranian regime among Arabs in the region, especially given widespread Sunni hostility toward Tehran for its ongoing support of the embattled Syrian regime. Many analysts also believe that Gulf leaders would applaud an attack in private, however harshly they condemn it publicly. Yet given the historical ten­sions between Israel and the Arab world, an Israeli attack would probably draw greater criticism than a U.S.-led attack. In fact, a U.S. strike might even help America repair its tarnished image in the Sunni world (though it would likely incense the masses in Afghanistan and Pakistan given U.S. mil­itary involvement in those countries).

Politically speaking, which option would be more beneficial for the U.S. president, and which would be better for the Israeli prime minister?
The outbreak of another war with a Muslim state would not bode well politically for any U.S. adminis­tration, and Washington would therefore prefer that its ally take action. For Israel’s part, no prime minister has ever asked another country to fight Israel’s battles, and breaking this mold would be difficult. From that perspective, an Israeli strike would be preferable. Yet if Israel believes a U.S. strike is less likely to invite Iranian retaliation against Israeli civilians, then it would prefer that Washington take the lead.

In the event that repeated military attacks are required, which country is better poised to carry them out?
The United States is a global superpower with highly developed capabilities to project power from various locations and bases all over the world. If further military action became necessary, it would have the advantage of launching a second attack from a different location than the first. Israel’s abil­ity to repeat an attack while varying its approach is more limited.

After discussing these issues, the president and prime minister’s advisers suggest that a U.S.-led strike is preferable from a military perspective, since it would produce affirmative answers to more of the above questions than would an Israeli attack. Yet determining which country should strike extends far beyond military capabilities. Attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities is but a tactical step toward the strategic goal of permanently halting the regime’s drive toward nuclear weapons. Mechanically dam­aging the program is not an end goal in itself, since no amount of bombs can destroy Iran’s nuclear knowhow. Any strike must necessarily be followed by negotiations and a self-enforcing diplomatic deal that prevents Tehran from reconstituting the pro­gram or achieving breakout capability in the future.

Accordingly, the advisors point out that the operational benefits of a U.S.-led attack must be weighed against the poststrike political and mili­tary implications. In particular, a U.S. strike could limit Washington’s ability to negotiate with Iran’s leaders, who would not want to be seen as having been coerced by the “Great Satan.” Preserving the U.S. negotiating role is crucial. An Israeli attack may have a better chance of meeting that goal, but it would almost certainly not enjoy the same international support as a U.S. strike. Israeli mili­tary action could therefore topple the international regime of export controls and sanctions that Presi­dent Obama has so carefully cobbled together. And without strict sanctions in place to prevent Iran from reimporting nuclear material, it may be a mat­ter of years before the regime reconstitutes the pro­gram—this time entirely bunkered underground to protect against future strikes.

Lastly, the advisors caution, Israel cannot and will not ask the United States to fight on its behalf, nor does Washington wish to be seen as having entered another costly and unpopular war in a Muslim country at Israel’s behest.

In adjourning their respective security meetings, the prime minister and president call for future consultations with a mind toward reconciling their principal goals: (1) delaying the Iranian nuclear program as much as possible, (2) preserving the international export controls and sanctions regime, and (3) creating favorable diplomatic conditions for denying Iran a nuclear weapon.

This article is published simultaneously by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy as Policy Note 14, and by the Institute for National Security Studies as INSS Insight No. 432.
Gen. James Cartwright, USMC (ret.), is the Harold Brown chair in defense policy studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, IDF (ret.), is Director of Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies, former chief of Defense Intelligence, and one of the eight Israeli fighter pilots to strike the Osiraq nuclear reactor near Baghdad in 1981.

Post image for Top Israeli, US generals draw up Iran strike plan
Top Israeli, US generals draw up Iran strike plan — 
Source: IT:  “Two top retired Israeli and American generals last week published an unofficial theoretical sequence of events that is likely to precede an all out attack of IRAN”_


Mahmoud Jibril | Qatar, weapons and equipment introduced to a certain area in Libya and a specific port. Mahmoud Jibril seeks to become a reference for the National Alliance Party after dismissal of his presidency….aaah parties and parties and more parties! (Remember what Muammar said about PARTIES!)
Urgent ..Arrived in Doha based on coordination with Abdul Hakim Belhadj, a committee of ten people mission interpretation and translation of what exists in tapping discs that belonged to former intelligence archive and then moved to Doha for exorbitant amounts of money._______________________

Them unpack captured ..
Oh Amin:

Norway officially announced not to give visas to any Libyan citizen.

“Sudan warns its citizens against traveling to Libya”

Sudanese Ministry of the Interior
02 – 6 – 2013

EU puts Libya in the red list for a visa Hnguen.

Gomaa blessing Lord..:


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