Confusion and the Finality of Zionism in North Africa

A short speech, regarding gift, Our Leader on his birthday; and will be downloaded shortly after that, God willing, there Tfotoh.
Mu eagle
God reached and love Ramadan and Hanna Mansorien and splendor green flag fluttering high in the sky the Great Jamahiriya.
Mu godly fierce
Mu & Billah in uniform
Muammar al-Qathafi and his martyred son, Dr. Billah.
Great Day in world history:
(Par Natali Zhelnova et Gulnara Salimgareeva translated from the original Arabic):
 Visionary of the Great Libyan Jamahiriya – As the anniversary of the Birth of the person (who has become history’s most outstanding revolutionary colonel) approaches  on Friday…

“07 June 1942 Born in a Bedouin tent, the man who made my people and country. His name will remain forever in the hearts of millions, Muammar Abu Minyar Muhammad, son of Abdul Salam bin Hamed al-Qathafi.”
Innovative and showed wisdom and very holy inclined, Muammar al-Qathafi, from an early age struggled for the safety and the future of Libya.
Really, Muammar Gaddafi, loves and cares for his people: the citizens of the countries in which compliance with the prohibition of alcohol and tobacco and does not need to go to steal for a piece of bread and water droplets. Love for the leader of the Libyan people and almost all the peoples of the world, and the support of the general public, who became famous in the country, where only 6 million people. On Libya began to talk in all the media. Even those who previously did not have the slightest idea about life in this country, became interested in the welfare laws.
Libya is an example of the state where he was the exotic marabout leader, layer, who left the working-leadership of the country in the hands of ordinary people. «Democracy throughout the world, there is only one country, and Libya.” Libya, the country where power and resources really belong to the people. Muammar al-Qathafi said:
“We want to encourage people to make sure it is themselves who exercise all its authority, and be a people who protect themselves.”

The name chosen is “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” : Women and children would rather die than death for those who offer them free of colonial slavery.
You have millions of children around the world. Your kids will never die!
The Jamahiriya will never die. Remember: your name will go down in history forever! You will bewriten about as long as people will inhabit the earth.

But they will not remember the names of your oppressors (all “dust-bin”). They are called only by the common name – RATS.

Yes, in fact, in the history books of tomorrow, when students will open the chapter on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Western countries and the United States,  this chapter will be called “rats”.

No one knows what they will do in the next second. We must be prepared for anything. Today, no one can say:” next target “or” Not exactly I’m going to the next goal. As long as you keep quiet, they would kill the children of the great leader of Libya….
The destruction of Libya has not changed the glory and prestige of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi. «Muammar al-Qathafi -is greater than  the size of the world. ‘In tomorrow’s history books, the only reason you may not remember this will be because the tale would be so huge that it would require more than 100 encyclopedias!
Happy Birthday, the great leader of all the Libyan people, great! Happy Birthday visionary of the Great Libyan Jamahiriya.

(Encourage people from all over the world to join this event to prepare  gifts, and promotions on the Great Leader!)


Great Day in world history:  Visionary of the Great Libyan Jamahiriya – As the anniversary of the Birth of the person (who has become history’s most outstanding revolutionary colonel) approaches  on Friday…

On June 07, 1942 in Bedouin tent the person who made the people and the country free was born. His name forever “remains in the hearts of millions” – to Muammar Ben Mahomed Abu Menyar Abdel Salam Ben Hamid al Gaddafi.
Extraordinary, wise and very unpredictable Muammar Gaddafi showed to the whole world firmness and inflexibility in fight for integrity and the future of Libya.

Truly Muammar Gaddafi loved and cared of the people: citizens of its country observed the Prohibition, didn’t need tobacco and didn’t go on theft for the sake of a piece of bread and a water drop. Love to the leader of the Libyan people, practically all people of the world, and support from simple people, made well-known the country, where only 6 million inhabitants. About Libya started talking in all mass media. Even those who had no concept about life in this country earlier, began to be interested in his welfare and laws.

Libya — is a state example where the leader for whom are alien love of power, officials, gave the management of the country in a charge to simple people. “On all planet the democracy is only in one state, and it is Libya”. Libya the country where the power and resources really belong to the people. Muammar Gaddafi spoke: “And I want to push the people to that he carried out the power”. The people of the Libyan Jamahiriya a live board up to the end protect Muammar Gaddafi’s name and his families. Women and children prefer own death, than death of the one who made them free from colonial slavery.

Dear Leader! You lost nothing! You didn’t “lose” the uniform child! You have million children on all planet. Your children never will be lost!

And you never will die. You remember: Your name will become history of mankind on all eternity! About you will write so long while people will occupy Earth. But names of your oppressors won’t be known to anybody. They will be called as only their general name – Rats. Yes, it is valid, in books of history of tomorrow when students will open head to the devoted NATO, to the western countries and the USA – this head will be called “Rats”. “Nobody knows that they will make in the next second. We have to be ready to everything. Today nobody can tell: “Its following purpose — it I” or “I precisely won’t be its following purpose”. While you will be silent, they will kill children of the great Leader of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Destruction of Libya didn’t change the glory and the status of the Colonel of Gaddafi. “Muammar Gaddafi – world size”. In books on stories of tomorrow the only reason on which it can be not mentioned is because its role will be considered so huge that will demand drawing up more than hundred encyclopedias!

Happy birthday, great leader of the Great Libyan people! Happy birthday Great Libyan Jamahiriya.

(We urge people to join from all over the world action, having prepared the gifts, the actions devoted to the Great Leader.)

7 يونيو 1942 ولد في خيمة بدوية، الرجل الذي جعل بلدي الشعب والبلد. اسمه سيظل إلى الأبد في قلوب الملايين، “” القذافي “معمر أبو منيار محمد بن عبد السلام بن حامد”.
وأظهرت مبتكرة والحكمة ولا يمكن التنبؤ بها جداً معمر القذافي العالم بالقوة وعدم المرونة في النضال من أجل سلامة ومستقبل ليبيا.
حقاً، معمر القذافي يحب ويهتم لقومه: مواطني البلدان فيه الامتثال لحظر الكحول والتبغ ولا حاجة لا تذهب في سرقة من أجل قطعة من الخبز وقطرات الماء. الحب لزعيم الشعب الليبي وشعوب العالم كلها تقريبا، والدعم من عامة الشعب، الذي اشتهر بالبلد حيث فقط 6 مليون نسمة. حول ليبيا بدأ الحديث في جميع وسائل الإعلام. حتى أولئك الذين سابقا لم يكن لدى أدنى فكرة عن الحياة في هذا البلد، أصبحت مهتمة في الرعاية الاجتماعية والقوانين.
ليبيا هي مثال للدولة حيث ألقي الزعيم فلاستوليوبي الغريبة، طبقة، قيادة البلد في أيدي الناس العاديين. «الديمقراطية في جميع أنحاء العالم، وهناك دولة واحدة فقط، وأن ليبيا “. ليبيا البلد حيث السلطة والموارد تنتمي حقاً إلى الشعب. معمر القذافي قال: “نريد تشجيع الناس على التأكد من أنه هو نفسه تمارس سلطتها. ويحمي درع بشري “الجماهيرية الليبية” قبل النهاية اسم معمر القذافي وأسرته. النساء والأطفال يفضلون الموت الخاصة من الموت للذين تقدم لهم مجاناً من العبودية الاستعمارية.
عزيزي الزعيم! لديك شيئا ليخسره! كنت قد لا طفل واحد! لديك ملايين أطفال حول العالم. أطفالك سوف يموت ابدأ!
وسوف يموت ابدأ. تذكر: اسمك سيسجل في التاريخ إلى الأبد! سوف تقوم بكتابة ما دام الناس سوف تسكن الأرض. ولكن لن يعرف أسماء الظالمين الخاص بك إلى أي شخص. ودعوا فقط من قبل الاسم المشترك-الفئران. نعم، في الواقع، في كتب التاريخ للغد، متى سيتم فتح طلاب الفصل المتعلق بمنظمة حلف شمال الأطلسي، أن البلدان الغربية والولايات المتحدة، وهذا الفصل سوف يطلق “الفئران”. “لا أحد يعرف ماذا سيفعلون في الثاني المقبل. يجب أن نكون مستعدين لأي شيء. اليوم لا أحد يستطيع القول: “الهدف التالي” أو “ليس بالضبط أنا ذاهب إلى هدفه المقبل. طالما واصلتم هادئة، أنهم سيقتلون الأطفال القائد العظيم من ليبيا.
تدمير ليبيا لم تتغير قوتها ومكانتها من العقيد القذافي. «معمر القذافي – حجم العالم.» في كتب التاريخ في الغد، السبب الوحيد الذي قد لا تذكر هذا لأنها ستكون ضخمة جداً أن الأمر سيتطلب أكثر من 100 الموسوعات!
عيد ميلاد سعيد، الزعيم الأكبر للشعب الليبي العظيم! عيد ميلاد سعيد الجماهيرية الليبية العظمى.
تشجيع الناس من جميع أنحاء العالم للانضمام إلى هذا الحدث بإعداد تلك الهدايا، والترقيات على القائد العظيم!
De ‎الجيش الليبي لحماية القائد Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi‎
واشنطن بوست: عبدالله ذو البجادين -خبير الاسلحة بالقاعدة- يقول: ان سفير امريكا في ليبيا قتلناه بحقنة مسمومة بعد ان فشلت محاولة اختطافه.
(غريبه وطني)

The Washington Post:

Abdullah Bel-Hadj is Albjadin – al Qaeda weapons expert – says: America’s ambassador in Libya killed him poisoned by injection after a failed attempt to kidnap him.
(National strange)


 la vidéo de ‎رمز الصمود‎.

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    Hallelujah and praise the great Hallelujah!
    Mu does the salute '86

Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev writes:

“victory from God and opening soon!”

What the media came in a speech the Mustafa Qdereboh fighter in his speech
Mustafa Qdereboh
MEDIA 06/05/2013
F magic decoder05/06/2013
Spoke about the intention of rats do black magic decoder prayer for Liberal supporters because the مسحورين commander حسبهم, after the struggling media talked about the provisions of magicTalked about المنجمة Leila Abdul Latif, which has become the source of a source of hope for some people (the weak, of course), regarding these المنجمة ask the speaker if these المنجمة know the Libyan people the best of the Libyan people? Abizaid she did not thing for taking an instrument of forgiveness from Allah and to say that victory in her hands.
Talked about the squalid conditions, where he spoke: all smells of sewage everywhere, squalid conditions in hospitals, the deterioration of education and teaching the history of false, the deteriorating economic situation and manipulation Hamad and his sons oil-Libi, the destruction of Libyan investments in full, sell half of the project Great Man-made River and the payment of an invoice NATO.
Neighborhood of the historic leadership of the Resistance inspired leader and his sons and noble tribes.He said since a few scenes of the so-called National Council has been talk about the call to protest on Saturday against the manifestations of arms, kidnapping, commented in this regard (protector حراميها, God’s curse upon you to the Day of Judgment, the dead were killed and walkers at his funeral)Almighty God said would linger Libya سنستعيد to, we’ll see Lima Setsly the sons and Champions Muammar Gaddafi, you Ttzlon of Turkish goods and country French, Malaysian and American, we shot Sntzly soon, God willing,In the latter, said Cheer:   The return to the country was close.
ما جاء في كلمة الاعلامي المناضل مصطفى قادربوه في كلمته يوم5-6-2013تحدث عن نية الجرذان القيام بصلاة فك السحر الاسود عن الاحرار لان انصار القائد مسحورين حسبهم,بعدها تحدث الاعلامي المناضل عن احكام السحرتحدث عن المنجمة ليلى عبد اللطيف التي اصبحت مصدر مبعث امل لبعض الناس(الضعفاء طبعا),بخصوص هذه المنجمة تسال المتحدث ان كانت هذه المنجمة تعرف الشعب الليبي احسن من الشعب الليبي؟واردف انها لم تاخد صك الغفران من الله جل وعلى لتقول ان النصر بين يديهاتحدث عن الاوضاع المزرية حيث تحدث :عن روائح مياه الصرف الصحي في كل مكان,الاوضاع المزرية في المستشفيات,تدهور التعليم وتدريس تاريخ مزور ,تدهور الحالة الاقتصادية وتلاعب حمد وابناءه بالنفط الليبي,تدمير الاستثمارات الليبية بشكل كامل,بيع نصف مشروع النهر الصناعي العظيم وتسديد فاتورة الناتوحي القيادة التاريخية للمقاومة وحي القائد وابناءه والقبائل الشريفةقال انه منذ قليل في كواليس ما يسمى المجلس الوطني جرى حديث عن الدعوة الى التظاهر يوم السبت المقبل ضد مظاهر التسلح والخطف ,علق في هذا الخصوص(حاميها حراميها,لعنة الله عليكم الى يوم الدين,قتلوا القتيل ومشوا في جنازته)

قال والله العظيم لن نطيل وسنستعيد ليبيا,سنرى يما سيتسلى ابناء وابطال معمر القذافي,انتم تتسلون بالبضاعة التركية والقطرية والفرنسية والماليزية والامريكية,نحن سنتسلى بالرصاص قريبا ان شاء الله

في الاخير قال ابشروا فالعودة الى البلاد باتت قريبة



Dr. Hamza now:

Dead neighborhood affairs okay, these days, his birthday may God grant him long life and will lead to Libya, God willing,

What came in a speech by Dr. Hamza on 06/05/2013

Liberal neighborhood

Singled out a large part of his speech, about 6 minutes to wash rats Alamadag the and give them Maysthakon (sale honor of their daughters, and their wives, to destroy the country, debasing the value of the Libyans, the looting of oil ………)

The face of his security outside of the rats and said that there is of them recorded in the room and called on them to Althacm and return to the confines of the nation because they know everything, he also called to reflect on themselves and the search for dignity and honor, and then answered them, he was Asamsrh their Almsarit Chtmthm كالابل It speaks tends him seal.

Talk about what happened in the scenes of the Council of Ministers, said Muammar talked with him and arrived before you came out of your offices, in this regard, said Dr. that occur by rats in the Council of Ministers: Middle Easy silenced their purchase, we will transfer Oil Corporation to Benghazi to prevent them from Generation federal and after 6 months or, We will institution to place a sufficient period in order to be the most powerful of them, I swear to God said to delete what happened and they look to the east they brazenly and their purchase and easy to laugh them.

South in these two days will announce federal and them right they represent one-third of Libya and have all the wealth of oil and water and they can arrest you.

Libya where men and you will see Stakelm Grinder you and your heads, dirty, and God you dogs NATO and the God you dogs NATO and the God you dogs NATO, the gateway we are without number, in the offices of your government collapsed, too, in the offices of your parties, we are with you in every movement in the confession and I swear by Allah the Great حديثكم Profile we receive, the owners of Chana frequently between the owners of the ruler, every person known to anyone he or doing a photographer and documented, soon and closer than Tdhanon you will see how to take revenge on the men and God will not تنفعكم not Qatar nor heaven nor earth, and God with us and your time with nearby willing, and God, and between us and you Bari.

Page invited the current situation and said it was a respectable page not to treason and get away from the sensitivities and sedition.

With regard to Living Dead Dr, reel holiday birthday commander and every year and you are good, O dear, O our leader, O our leader, O hero of the nation and then said hair Mohammed Faitouri, and then he said, Lord Ihvdk at the head of Libya, may God prolong your age and returns to Libya is great, dear, fortified you because you are a descendant of supervision and you Sharif and you raise the word of God and God Almighty must ينصرك because you told me God, will not be able to pray to this speech is guaranteed and present, every year and you’re good ćÚŢČÇá for a hundred years and you are lofty and dear God willing, dating back to Great Britain and led Abazn God, that we know and leadership circumvents all the people around you, all will revert Grace of God.
ما جاء في كلمة الدكتور حمزة يوم 5-6-2013

حي الاحرار

خص جزء كبير من كلمته ,حوالي 6 دقائق في غسل الجرذان المضاحك واعطاءهم مايستحقون(بيع شرف بناتهم ونساءهم,تدمير البلاد,الحط من قيمة الليبيين,نهب النفط………)

وجه كلامه للامن الخارجي للجرذان وقال انه يوجد منهم من يسجل في الغرفة ودعاهم الى التحشم والعودة لكنف الوطن لانهم يعلمون كل شيء,دعاهم ايضا الى التمعن في انفسهم والبحث عن الكرامة والشرف,ثم اجابهم انه تم الصمصرة بهم والمصاريت ختمتهم كالابل ومن يتحدث ينزع منه ختمه

تحدث عما جرى في كواليس مجلس الوزراء وقال ما تحدثتم به وصلنا قبل خروجكم من مكاتبكم,في هذا الشان قال الدكتور ان ما تحدث به الجرذان في مجلس الوزراء:الشرق سهل اسكاتهم شراءهم,سنقوم بنقل مؤسسة النفط الى بنغازي لمنعهم من انشاء الفيديرالية وبعد 6 اشهر او عام سنعيد المؤسسة الى مكانها وهي الفترة الكافية لكي نكون اقوى منهم,قال اقسم بالله حذف ما حدث وانهم ينظرون الى الشرق انهم صفاقة وسهل شراءهم وسهل الضحك عليهم

الجنوب في هذين اليومين سيعلنون فيديرالية ومعهم حق هم يمثلون ثلث ليبيا ويملكون كل الثروات النفط والماء ويستطيعون توقيفه عنكم

ليبيا فيها رجال وسترون ستاكلم المطحنة انتم ورؤوسكم الوسخة,والله يا كلاب الناتو والله يا كلاب الناتو والله يا كلاب الناتو,في بوابتكم نحن بلا عدد,في مكاتب حكومتكم المنهارة ايضا,في مكاتب احزابكم,نحن معكم في كل حركة وفي وكل قول ووالله العظيم حديثكم الشخصي يصلنا,اصحاب لحانا بكثرة بين اصحاب لحاكم,كل شخص معروف واي شخص قام او يقوم بعمل مصور وموثق,قريبا واقرب مما تضنون سترون كيف ينتقم الرجال والله لن تنفعكم لا قطر ولا السماء ولا الارض والله تعالى معنا وموعدكم قريب ان شاء والله وبيننا وبينكم الباري

دعى صفحة الظرف الحالي وقال انها صفحة محترمة الى عدم التخوين والابتعاد عن الحساسيات والفتنة

فيما يخص الميت الحي قال الدكتور,بكرة عيد ميلاد القائد وكل عام وانت طيب يا عزيزنا يا قائدنا يا زعيمنا يا بطل الامة ثم قال شعر محمد الفيتوري,وبعدها قال,ربي يحفضك على راس ليبيا,اطال الله في عمرك وترجع ليبيا عظيمة,عزيزة,محصنة بك لانك سليل الاشراف ولانك شريف ولانك ترفع في كلمة الله والله سبحانه وتعالى لابد ان ينصرك لانك قلت معي الله,لن تستطيعوا ان تصلوا الي وهذا الكلام موثق وموجود,كل سنة وانت طيب وعقبال لمئة سنة وانت شامخ وعزيز وان شاء الله تعود الى العظمى وتقودها باءذن الله,القيادة التي نعرفها وتلتف كل الناس حولك ,كلها ستعود بحول الله

After the word Dr. Hamza  Thami, fireworks in some neighborhoods of Libya, including the Abu Salim, Tripoli.

Listen and learn from this man who tells us why he loves Muammar al-Qathafi:


A decision of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education to purchase the 4 stretchers Equipment (JD 4640)

Any one that the value of 1160 dinars:


Central Bank of Libya:

Noticeable lack of new dinar Jermana the category and the Libyan Dinar is still prevailing in the market.
The reason is that there are a lot of Liberal any dinars Germana Aaitih he has معش seen.
Required of everyone application process Omh Ankhosr Shi counting God Dyer Hqaqh (the piggy bank) and Mtakafsh after that, God willing, Liberation currency forced Angarlk the state who have now important must kill two birds with one stone
First: to provide a sum of money received in one day
Second: The state’s economy rats fatigue, survival Danarena, who with a picture of the leader as long as possible trading markets that are liberation, God willing,

By: Channel broke (the city of Benghazi first statement) up on Facebook

Declares the Central Bank of Libya, the withdrawal of the banknote category (20 – twenty dinars) from circulation, as of Thursday, 05/30/2013, to continue its acceptance at commercial banks to Thursday corresponding to 06/30/2013, and be the last The deadline for acceptance of the Central Bank of Libya is on 31.07.2013, and nullifies the effect of this class of paper money after this date.


Start of the new currency of 50 dinars category, trading in all banks and their branches on Thursday, 13 June, according to the Declaration of the Central Bank of Libya:


On the idea of ​​Lech armored cars to Jaboha of rats painted with rat Is it a sign of a trading company nor a coincidence nor a view to:

Land for sale in the middle of the sea king without conflicts and real estate ownership and proper procedures … This is what is happening in Libya:

Minister of Social Affairs announces the that filial addition will be disbursed before the end of the 6 month and the month of Ramadan

Tripoli, “said Minister of Social Affairs Dr.” complete Mozainy “that filial Moreover will be disbursed to the beneficiaries in two phases, the first phase covers the first half of the year and acted before the end of 6 months of this year, or before the holy month of Ramadan
The bonus will be awarded in the second phase during the month of October of this year.

She explained Madame Secretary at the press conference held today at the headquarters of the prime minister, the Ministry of Social Affairs has issued Resolution No. 156 the judge to form a committee to prepare the necessary procedures and documentary course for drainage work as well as the children held several meetings with the Department of Civil Status to determine the appropriate mechanism for granting this allowance.

The Minister of Social Affairs, the number of children under the age of 18 who are entitled to the premium amounted to more than 2 million while the total number of females number of a million and a half by the year 2006 census.

And Madame Secretary pointed out that the financial estimates for the group of children under the age of 18, amounted to about $ 285 million dinars, almost a month to be paid as a bonus, and a billion and 700 million to pay half of the year, ie, in the first six months,
As for the administrative and financial procedures, holds the Civil Status Department responsible for providing data for this category per month, and updates Anipma called in the interest of personal status novelty in terms of neonatal mortality and exceeded the year of 18 years through the system grant monthly previously implemented by paying out the 1000 and 2000 JD formerly the family booklet.
Libyan news agency .. (and)


Municipalities, amounting to 99 municipalities and may our response with all of the configuration request for his district municipality,

although we believe that the fragmentation of some areas everything is fine.


Coverning yesterday kidnapping of Noureddine Bouchiha (former aid to Ali Zaidane):
Noureddine  Bouchiha  seeks release…

Noureddine’s cousin Bouchiha Mohammed warming The launch expressly the Nur al-Din hour

before now and unknown kidnapped and apparently they Zobh gangs of Adera...

The resignation of a number of honest officers and members of the armed people who have not liked working with traitors who were يقاتلونهم the yesterday..

Please publication and dissemination
Saddle determination
Total mass awaiting the birth of a new second complementary to the first stage and the people of invincible and unwavering determination and my determination to remove what our country commented of strange phenomena to society Aaqublha and the first of treason and employment.
We urge you to تستعدوا and Tktvo your efforts to lead the stage media and that preserve the edifice, and that you will be the lead media for editing stage and to stand your presence and with pride, and pride, and it prepared to follow the wedding mass, which سيذهل the world and will be the Libyan people, an example to the world’s oppressed under occupation and the Libyan people will be free to school in the world and a tough lesson for Arab customers who contributed to the destruction of public and when editing our country Stbda the stage of settling accounts with the traitors, the Arabs and the West after them vindictive.
We Libyans and seems to have forgotten it and must be reminded of the past and to know far and wide that we are ready and waiting for the Liberation reference only and we have and our readiness than the liberation of Libya, but our strength sufficient to liberate the Arab countries fall.

نرجوا النشر والتعميم
شــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــدوا الهمم
الكل يترقب ولادة جماهيرية ثانية جديده مكملة للمرحلة الاولي و بشعب لايقهر و عزيمة لا تلين و بي اصرار على ازالة ما علق ببلادنا من ظواهر غريبة لايقبلها المجتمع و اولها الخيانة و العمالة .
نناشدكم ان تستعدوا و تكثفوا جهودكم لقيادة المرحلة الاعلامية و ان تحافظوا على هذا الصرح و ان تكونوا السبق الاعلامي لمرحلة التحرير و ان تثبتوا وجودكم و بكل فخر و اعتزاز و عليه استعدوا لمتابعة العرس الجماهيري الذي سيذهل العالم و سيكون الشعب الليبي قدوة لدول العالم المقهورة تحت الاحتلال و سيكون الشعب الليبي مدرسة للاحرار فى العالم و درس قاسي للعملاء العرب الذين ساهموا فى تدمير الجماهيرية و عند تحرير بلادنا ستبداء مرحلة تصفية الحسابات مع الخونة العرب و من بعدهم الغرب الحاقد .
نحن ليبيون و يبدوا انهم نسوا ذلك ووجب تذكيرهم بالماضي و ليعلم القاصي و الداني اننا جاهزون و فى انتظار اشارة التحرير فقط و نحن لها و استعدادنا يفوق تحرير ليبيا بل قوتنا كافية لتحرير دول الخريف العربي

This publication is distributed in Tripoli … They said no to foreign interference … Hahahahah:


Network correspondents E.W.A

God is above the aggressor Kid

Sources our network نبشركم the O are free
Escape many
Liberal from Jendouba mountain prison west
Including personal symbols of light apologize for the mention, of course, and now they are in a safe place.
God willing, Akbal rest of our prisoners Lord.


Aaaaaaaajl .. Hyena appearance since few during مرورنا the unit in front of the Bank of Cyrene was killed by one of the sons of the city.

From the city of Shahat Green Mountain hyenas sweeping central city of Cyrene scare the people
The reason for the emergence of this fierce animals in broad daylight .. Are the result of fires gutted hares, hunger and lack of game ..



Brega define the rules of the game

The form of the General National Congress (INC), the highest legislative body in Libya for a special committee to deal with the issue of autonomy that the self-proclaimed Brega in the east of the country. This decision of the Conference was the first reaction from the authorities to the statement issued by the Chairman of the Board of Brega Ahmed al-Sanusi on “independence and autonomy in the region,” a few days ago.

Where he announced Sanusi last Saturday in a mass rally held in the city of Prairie near Benghazi “that, based on the decision of tribal elders and leaders of local tribes in Benghazi and Ajdabiya and other cities in the east of the country, was announced Brega autonomous region within the framework of the Libyan state federalism.” He added: “will be formed parliament particular province and consists of two chambers, and will form a security force independent” as the head of the Council of the region for entry into force of the Constitution of 1951 in Brega, under which has been divided Libya into three administrative regions: Brega in the east and Tripoli in the west and Fezzan in the south.

At the same time, the central government seems clearly they are not in a hurry to deal with this kind of manifestations of separatism. It is worth mentioning that the formation of a committee to study the situation in Brega is, of course, an important step, but it is far from practical application. However, in Tripoli, apparently, this is enough. He says the Libyan political activist (one of the former members of the National Transitional Council) Khalid Torgoman this regard:

However, there are many experts do not share these arguments. This is not the first time that the leaders announced Brega intention announcement of autonomy. So that in the month of March / March of last year, a student of local tribal elders, politicians and leaders of the war, the establishment of self-rule. Ie these separatist tendencies here is not as weak as it is trying to provide Tripoli can not be here sufficiency issuing mere words the situation has reached to end the threat to cut off oil supplies from the east of the country and carry out attacks on government institutions.

At the same time, it does not seem that Tripoli is ready to take effective measures to prevent the outbreak of separatism, and that would go beyond the formation of a special committee. Here we mention that the gunmen had surrounded a short time ago a number of ministry buildings in the Libyan capital, at the time did not remain on the authorities, but was monitoring the situation silently. What about the other remote areas, will not be able to adjust the sentence situation there and thus unlikely to become an exception to this rule.

He says the former Russian ambassador to Libya Alexei Bodtsierop, that the situation in the east of the country is not limited to the desire to have autonomy, but they are also aware of the inability of Tripoli to face this situation formed and added:

Brega was always always dreamed of secession, and this is the reason why Muammar Gaddafi does not trust that the local tribes. Now, what happens should have happened. The central government is so weak that it is absent in many places, and armed groups are in control of the situation. Of course, the separatist feelings will grow, especially as Brega very poorly represented in the government in spite of the fact that the bulk of Libya’s oil is produced here. Of course, this flaw does not satisfy representatives of the local tribes. Who claim in favor of autonomy. As for future prospects, the trend is growing. One can not rule out the option of Brega on independence.

On the other hand, the same Brega not currently calling this independence. This, according to some experts, a sign that the eastern part of the country would prefer at this stage to play on the nerves of Tripoli, hoping to get a number of preferences. And somehow the Eastern Region will be resolved on their goal because of the central government clearly is not in a position to dictate terms.
(Voice of Russia)
البريقة تحدد قواعد اللعبة

شكل المؤتمر الوطني العام (INC ) وهو أعلى هيئة تشريعية في ليبيا لجنة خاصة للتعامل مع قضية الحكم الذاتي التي نصبت البريقة نفسها بنفسها في شرق البلاد. وقرار المؤتمر هذا جاء كأول رد فعل من السلطات على البيان الذي أصدره رئيس مجلس البريقة أحمد السنوسي حول “الاستقلال والحكم الذاتي في المنطقة”، منذ بضعة أيام.

حيث أعلن السنوسي يوم السبت الماضي في مسيرة حاشدة أقيمت في مدينة المرج بالقرب من بنغازي “أنه بناء على قرار من شيوخ القبائل وقادة العشائر المحلية في بنغازي واجدابيا ومدن أخرى في شرق البلاد، تم الاعلان عن البريقة منطقة حكم ذاتي في إطار الدولة الليبية الفيدرالية” . وأضاف قائلاً: “سيتم تشكيل برلمان خاص بالاقليم ويتألف من مجلسين، وسيتم تشكيل قوة أمنية مستقلة” كما أعلن رئيس مجلس المنطقة عن بدء نفاذ دستور عام 1951 في البريقة والذي بموجبه تم تقسيم ليبيا إلى ثلاث مناطق إدارية هي: البريقة في الشرق وطرابلس في الغرب وفزان في الجنوب.

وفي الوقت نفسه، فإن الحكومة المركزية تبدو بشكل واضح أنها ليست في عجلة من امرها للتعامل مع هذه النوع من مظاهر النزعة الانفصالية. جدير بالذكر أن تشكيل لجنة لدراسة الوضع في البريقة هو، بطبيعة الحال، خطوة مهمة، لكنها أبعد ما يكون عن التطبيق العملي. ومع ذلك، في طرابلس، على ما يبدو، يعتبر هذا كافيا. ويقول الناشط السياسي الليبي (واحد من الأعضاء السابقين في المجلس الوطني الانتقالي) خالد الترجمان بهذا الشأن:
ومع ذلك، هناك العديد من الخبراء لا يشاطرون هذه الحجج. فهذه ليست المرة الأولى التي يعلن فيها قادة البريقة عن نيتهم الإعلان عن الحكم الذاتي. حتى أنه في شهر آذار/ مارس من العام الماضي، طالب شيوخ القبائل المحليين والسياسيين وقادة الحرب بإقامة الحكم الذاتي. أي أن هذه الميول الانفصالية هنا ليست ضعيفة كما تحاول أن تقدمها طرابلس ولا يمكن الاكتفاء هنا باصدار مجرد كلمات فقد وصل الوضع إلى حد التهديد بقطع إمدادات النفط من شرق البلاد والقيام بهجمات على المؤسسات الحكومية.

في نفس الوقت، لا يبدو أن طرابلس مستعدة لاتخاذ تدابير فعالة لمنع اندلاع الانفصالية، والتي من شأنها أن تذهب أبعد من تشكيل لجنة خاصة. وهنا نذكر ان مسلحين كانوا قد حاصروا منذ فترة وجيزة عددا من مباني الوزارات في العاصمة الليبية، وقتها لم يبقى على السلطات إلا أن تراقب الوضع بصمت. فما بال المناطق البعيدة الأخرى، لن يتمكنوا حكماً من ضبط الوضع هناك وبالتالي من المستبعد أن تصبح استثناءً عن هذه القاعدة.

ويقول السفير الروسي السابق لدى ليبيا أليكسي بودتسيروب أن الوضع في شرق البلاد لا يقتصر على الرغبة في الحصول على الحكم الذاتي، ولكن هم أيضا يدركون عجز طرابلس لمواجهة هذا الوضع المتشكل وأضاف قائلاً:

كانت البريقة تحلم دائماً دائما بالانفصال، وهذا هو السبب الذي جعل من معمر القذافي لا يثق بتلك القبائل المحلية. والآن يحدث ما ينبغي أن يكون قد حدث. فالحكومة المركزية ضعيفة حتى أنها تغيب في كثير من الأماكن، والجماعات المسلحة هي التي تسيطر على الوضع. بطبيعة الحال، سوف تنمو مشاعر الانفصالية خاصة وأن البريقة ممثلة تمثيلا ضعيفا جدا في الحكومة على الرغم من حقيقة أن الجزء الأكبر من النفط الليبي يتم انتاجه هنا. بالطبع هذا الخلل لا يرضي ممثلي القبائل المحلية. الذين يدعون لصالح الحكم الذاتي. أما بالنسبة لتوقعات المستقبل، فإن الاتجاه آخذ في الازدياد. واحد لا يمكن استبعاد خيار حصول البريقة على استقلالها.

من ناحية أخرى، فإن البريقة نفسها لا تطالب حالياً بهذا الاستقلال. وهذا، وفقا لبعض الخبراء، إشارة إلى أن الجزء الشرقي من البلاد يفضل في هذه المرحلة أن يلعب على أعصاب طرابلس آملاً الحصول على عدد من الأفضليات. وبطريقة ما سوف تحل المنطقة الشرقية على مرادها لأن الحكومة المركزية من واضح ليست في وضع يمكنها من إملاء الشروط.
صوت روسيا

Voice Cyrenaica

Aazeidan tenderly she said

And will not retreat for her Bchwic institutions

I Cyrenaica not Benghazi but

Cyrenaica is Tobruk, Derna Shahat white turf Benghazi, Ajdabiya and Brega

And Ras Lanuf, Bin Jawad and infidels, Gallo and Awjila.
(National strange)

Alqtron channel ….

The new administrative division according to the new decentralization law or the so-called self-governing.:

Essam Jehani:

Confirmation of the news from the city of Casablanca Barquaouih has been suspended for the Committee of Wise Men, which was in the process pitting Street Oval v. Board of Cyrenaica and also stop the local council white and composition of the steering trace the province of Cyrenaica and also receive Parliament white historical to be a center for the province of Cyrenaica federal and News sequence of some cities , and Sarah Other news on the way.

News Libya directly:

White Day was closed the local council of the city of Casablanca by demonstrators demanding.
– Babagaf to the wise and pull stamped and not recognized until
Modify the track counter always for mobility within the city.
– The suspension of the local council, and select a steering committee of all fixtures
And social forces within the region and stop the work of the local council to
While municipal council election.
– Rejection of the Commission selected by the local council because they represent a nice
One politician does not represent the majority of the city.

Storm the headquarters of the chamber in white by the protesters this morning and was expelled from the installation tally the highest seat of parliament ((tenderly Council))

In front of the local council in white and closing by protesters:

White residents expelled the local council

The people of Belarus on Tuesday raided the headquarters of the local council
They expel members of the council and closed amid slogans in favor of a federal
He told the people of Belarus for their unwillingness to this Council
Which follows the Muslim Brotherhood, according to their statements.

Khobar – Benghazi – reporter – Exclusive

There will be collected immediately after the Maghrib prayer, to the field of tree
B Benghazi, and will launch a barrage of fireworks and a simple display
‘s Fireworks, celebration and popular gesture of Benghazi, the capital of conglomerate
National and economic mobility for the central fragment.

(Valley girl)

Sit in front of a court south of Benghazi to demand the cleansing of the judiciary.

Voice Cyrenaica
Urgent ….

Libya telephone company communications will stop after two days unless cleared battalions their owners.

Blagraa white ….



Tobruk celebrates federalism ..



Sit-ins in front of the prison Goddaúm corner to demand the prosecution of Liberal
Prisoners in the prison officers and members of the armed people
And to prevent parents to check out their children and prevent the entry of any prisoner Shi.

Today morning in “Dahmani angle” specifically muslim Anktaft the name (hawkish Hezar) 12-year-old abducted and cattle Come waxing answer to the bread …

This number Khoo daughter to me has any information: Taher Abdel Fattah hawkish 0913231778 related
اليوم الصبح في “زاوية الدهماني” تحديدا انخطفت بنت اسمها ( هزار الصقري ) عمرها 12 سنة خطفوها الصبح وهيا ماشية تجيب في خبزة… هذا رقم خو البنت للي عنده اي معلومة : الطاهر عبدالفتاح الصقري 0913231778 يتصل به ولكم جزيل الشكر
Confessions customers NATO ….
Rat client Mustafa Abdul Jalil recognized:
(# Tripoli entry plan developed in Doha, Qatar supported us more than two billion dollars ..)


Hostage eyewitness Thierry Meyssan about”taking” of Tripoli,>the Real Truth (English sub) > so you understand ZIONATO TERROR everywhere (by the book(!) >>

you can do subtitles lower right left box > put french subtitles & then > choose translate french captions > from french to english >

they killed everyone on sight with helicopter gunships & landed the Qatar army> so poor & inefficient that Isreali & zio-NATO special forces were landed to finish off & thoroughly destroy infrastructure & the libyan society in a genocide manner not seen since 18th century colonial ventures>> what a “glorious” “revolution” !


    Mise en ligne le 4 sept. 2011

    Radio Speaker : “Mr. Thierry Meyssan, you are french journalist and writer, founding President of the Voltaire Network, (Réseau Voltaire), let me thank you immensely to accept to grant this interview to the french speaking iranian radio.

    Mr. Meyssan, Voltaire’s Network President, french journalist, you was in Tripoli during libyan capital’ storming.

    Would you be so kind to explain us what happened about Tripoli’ storming : did rebels made the job, or was it NATO ?”

    Thierry Meyssan : “First of all, I would like to set some facts back in context, as far as it had been shown everywhere that NATO’s intervention was going inside the application of the Security Council’s Resolution in order to protect civilian populations from libyan power’s atrocities.

    It’s necessary to add that at the moment we are talking, all charges submited to the Security’s Council about acts of violence committed by Libyan’s Government against civilian populations, all those charges appears without basis, they are completely falses.

    Secondly, it appears also that the NATO’s intervention had another goal that the one they presented : this aim is related to the major strategy of United States and Israel in this region.

    To straight answer to your question, NATO did the Tripoli’ storming, and NATO did ot on it’s own.

    The plan of action when they launched the Siren operation … Why Siren ? Because they used loudspeaker of the mosques, of some fundamentalist mosques to launch the call of the capital’ storming.

    Some asleep cell units were there, maybe made up of rebels, maybe not, and, in any case made up of opponents to the libyan government.

    Several asleep cell units were in the capital, who awoken, so some people, some fighters crossed the capital shooting a little bit in the streets, but without any specific target : they didn’t try to catch any buildings, and even less to occupy them, this was only to spread the panic.

    In the same time, NATO was bombing all check points of the city, that means the main crossroads.

    That first evening, there were around 350 dead people and thousands of injured people.

    During the following day, the authorities took over control of the city, absolutely fully, even if we could hear outside rumors of Army’s muting, of airport’s catch by rebels : all of that was totally false, fights were very restricted.

    However, the next day, NATO put everything into it, as they say, so they made massive bombings on all check points and on all targets they have already bombed during the last five monthes … and, when complete confusion had been fully established, gunship helicopters took action : they entered in the steets in order to strafe everybody in the streets.

    At that moment, it occurs a reflex, (the government had distributed two millions of Kalachnikov to all population, almost everybody had a Kalachnikov), so people, above all teenagers, went out into the streets to try to do something, but you can be sure they all have been shooted.

    Then ground units entered in Tripoli. Those ground units wasn’t rebels, they belong to Qatar’s army, and it appears to be a cheesy army, since the Qatar’s army had been fully destroyed from the beginning by Libyan’s army.

    But keeping massive bombings and using those gunship helicopters, of course, NATO took control under the city.

    It’s only when all this had been finished that so-called rebels entered : they entered without fighting, they entered to take possesion of a widely destroyed city.”

    Radio Speaker : “In other words, Mr. Meyssan, you want to explain that Qatar’s army made the NATO’s job ?”

    Thierry Meyssan : “Qatar’s army took part of this Coalition’s job, among the ranks of NATO, and disployed itself on the ground inside Tripoli, in violation of the Security Council’s resolutions.”

    Radio Speaker : “Mr. Meyssan, when you was in Tripoli, you closely noticed what was going on in this country : did the NATO’s Forces pointed civilian people or not, did they make barbaric acts against civilian people ?”

    Thierry Meyssan : “Yes, they did, but we have to put it back in chronology, because several stages occured with the action of the Atlantic Alliance.

    Part 1 :

    At the beginning, they tried to be very careful, to aim only military targets, but, take care : this wasn’t legitimate, they hadn’t autorization to destruct Libyan’s army, but they made an automatic destruction of the barracks, of all military facilities as far as they could, trying to not infringe on the civilians, provided that even with very sophisticated weapons such as laser guidance, and so on, a certain percentage of those guided missiles are lost …

  • Part 2 :

    … and when it happens, they explode at anyplace in the city and kill civilians, but, at the beginning, it wasn’t the aim to kill them.

    Then, begun a second stage, when NATO had the idea to provoke the partition of the country into two different countries … and even if they still had some control on what they were doing, they started to try to punish the libyan’s leaders.

  • Part 3 :

    So, they used the targeted killing of the libyan leaders’ families, in the same way Israeli are doing in Palestine : this is exactly the same.

    It consisted to send spies in the leaders’ houses in order to put markers in those houses, even often in the children’s rooms, and then, to bomb the families, while they wasn’t able to kill the libyan’s leaders.

  • Part 4 :

    Then happened again a new stage, when they tried to punish all the population, in order to push it to rebel against the Government that the population was still supporting.

    That’s the moment when bombings begun to reach collective facilities such as electricity, water, and so on …, in order to make people’s life unbearable, and, of course, as those collective facilities are located in very very built up areas, a tremendous number of civilian deaths occured.

    Part 5 :

    Then at the end … well, at the end, they decided another thing.

    At the end, they decided to do the maximum crime : they took as target during Tripoli’s storming, not to destroy libyan state, but to destroy libyan society …, and, in order to do that, they needed to make the maximum of civilian deaths as possible.

    Part 6 :

    So it had been a colonial massacre : a very conventional one, but something that didn’t happen for a very long time … so that was hard to imagine that the West countries should go back to the colonial violence we came to know two centuries ago.”

    Part 7 :

    Radio Speaker : “Mr. Meyssan, regarding Tripoli’ storming, you are talking about the entrance of the Qatar’s army.

    Other sources talk also about the Special Forces’ victory of the Coalition’s countries, and other ones talk about the involvement even of Israeli Special Forces to this operation : do you confirm that ?”

    Part 8 :

    Thierry Meyssan : “Listen, from my part, I hadn’t be eyewitness of that, but a lot of fighters reported to me the presence of Special Forces from various sides : of course, Israeli, that’s for sure, but also French, British, United States, Italians … that’s for sure.

    They had ground troops. I have no idea regarding the quantity, but those troops didn’t only supervise some fighters that have been brought there : several units of the different countries really fighted on the ground.

    Part 9 :

    Furthermore, Israeli had a very specific function, in addition to the military matters on the battlefield : the Israeli were in charge of the massive international intoxication, and, more particularly, of the manipulation of the Human Rights’ Council in Geneva.

    There are those who led all this process which allowed the vote of the Security Council’s resolutions.

    They are of course personally responsible of the war, and of all the crimes committed during this war.


Echo political isolation ..

Income members of the judicial bodies Libyan capital Tripoli in an open labor strike in front of the court complex to

protest against the issuance of the law of political isolation, which includes hundreds of them (who are fearful of losing their jobs)….

Exposure director of the National Security Directorate five last night for the assassination and was struck his home with a weapon RPG.

Special five National Security Directorate:

Cheer O university students

الاتنين the first days of the receipt of a group Abdel Raouf hater campus security …
Moved from the University of Tripoli page:

Strong explosions heard in Tripoli “plateau and AbuSaleem” and did not know the reason yet.

4 explosions in Tajura, followed by shooting.

Hearing voices shortly before the bombings in # Janzur the.

Evacuate the aircraft company Buraq Tripoli airport because of “security breach”
Country ambiance – Faraj Garah:

The security personnel at Tripoli International Airport to evacuate a passenger plane belonging to the airline Buraq because of what they called the security breach.

Charge company blew Odessa, cooperating with the airline Buraq Salah Alrabotta, said the atmosphere of the country said the plane stopped for take-off after the rise of people on board, such as closing their doors without any tickets or benefit Bmrorh on the checkpoint security, which called for the crew to stop the boot process and call intelligence at the airport to evacuate all the passengers recreating the process of inspection and inspection of new passengers.

Alrabotta also said that the “suspect” was arrested and booked intelligence office at the airport and is being investigated, stressing that such action is a precaution to verify the safety and safety procedures on the plane.

Buraq aircraft type Boeing 737-800, which can accommodate more than 160 passengers, arrived shortly before the Benghazi airport

after a delay time lasted for more than an hour.

African defect Jet Airways coming from Benghazi to Tripoli 05/31/2013

(ibrahim alsertawi)

ibrahim alsertawi Like: –

Today morning in “Dahmani angle of” muslim Anktaft the name (hawkish Hezar) 12-year-old abducted and waxing.

Come answer cattle in the bread,, Mandich image currently
No. Khoo daughter to me has any information: Taher Abdel Fattah hawkish 0913231778
Please Albeyea the Alnscherrrrrr


Transfer four institutions to Benghazi, in one decision:

The Ministry of Oil and Gas

Urgent short while ago: the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (247) 2013 on to be the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation in Benghazi ….

And the transfer of the following companies to Benghazi:
Thanked Libyan Airlines
– Domestic investment company
– Libya Insurance


The control of militias and armed gangs on the city of Sirte, like any other Libyan cities and the proliferation of arms in abundance in the absence of law and security hit the victim, etc. It is the child Amani Hussein Salem, aged 16 years and brought to the intensive care unit on 02.04.2013 infected injured seriously in the abdomen by a bullet

But the actor conflicting news around as usual, some say it was hit by a bullet Taichh mistake which is still on the respirator.

04 June  2013 17:16
Amani Hussein Salem girl, amounting to a 16-year-old
Amani Hussein Salem girl, amounting to a 16-year-old

The control of militias and armed gangs on the city of Sirte, like any other Libyan cities and the proliferation of arms in abundance in the absence of law and security was hit by another victim a child Amani Hussein Salem, aged 16 years and brought to the intensive care unit on 02.04.2013 infected injured seriously in the abdomen by a bullet

But the actor conflicting news around as usual, some say it was hit by a bullet Taichh mistake which is still on the respirator:

Amani Hussein Salem girl, amounting to a 16-year-old
The control of militias and armed gangs on the city of Sirte, like any other Libyan cities and the proliferation of arms in abundance in the absence of law and security hit the victim, etc. It is the child Amani Hussein Salem, aged 16 years and brought to the intensive care unit on 02.04.2013 infected injured seriously in the abdomen by a bullet


Attack on Suleiman Khalifa Mohamed 50 years oldSuleiman Khalifa Mohamed 50 years working janitor or night watchman at the insurance company exposure on 08/05/2013 attacked by gunmen which has been guarding the building has been severely beaten and injuries and fractures and bruises in all the body with a live bullet in the back .. were looting the place and the theft of computers and etc. by these armed militiasvictim Sudanese citizen Abdullah VezanaSudanese citizen, “Abdullah Vezana” 38 years pastor of sheep in a farm town of Sirte was assaulted, beatings and robbery by a group Mjholhoedjl on 01-05 – 2013 to intensive care as a result of his injuries eloquent in the head.

victim charitable Boulkheirbeginning of the story took place Mlasna of words between the invited “skilled Hamad” and the employee bank agricultural and victim “charitable good” employee association of the Common Agricultural ((agriculture)), a working cafe . As a result of argument verbal out uninvited “skilled” Altaat operate bank also headquarters and has to inform her husband called Emhemed key Altarhuni of the population of the city of Sirte, and brought “skilled”Yusuf Abubakar Aldalbh who was assassinated at the hands of militia (Makhlouf Shawarma)Yusuf Abubakar Aldalbh who was assassinated at the hands of militias (Makhlouf Shawarma) inside the Ibn Sina hospital on Thursday, 04/04/2013.

Attack on Suleiman Khalifa Mohamed 50 years old:

Suleiman Khalifa Mohamed 50 years working janitor or night watchman at the insurance company exposure on 08/05/2013 attacked by gunmen which has been guarding the building has been severely beaten and injuries and fractures and bruises in all the body with a live bullet in the back .. the place was looted and stolen computers and etc. by these armed militias



News عااااااااااااااااااااااااجل and uncertain and I hope circular.
The Sabratha {Aldbabashah Rats} Mdayrin the gate in the intersection of the hospital and Mhdeden stressing inspection and abnormal movement.
Please Liberal attention.



Deans of Colleges of Bani Walid hold the (so-called) Prime Minister and the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research full responsibility for the deteriorating situation in the colleges of the city.

Bani Walid, 04 June 2013 :

Deans said the city of Bani Walid, that he did not spend a single AED at all colleges in the city, since the declaration of liberation in October 2011. Deans asked at a meeting held on Saturday at the Faculty of Medical Technology, the reasons behind this deliberate disregard by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research … Noting that a number of sections on their way to colleges closures; due to the lack of the necessary possibilities for the continuation of the study. Deans pointed out that the decision to admit colleges the city to Zaytoonah University was not deliberate according to scientific standards take into account the number of colleges and faculty, teaching assistants and students, in addition to the elements of the infrastructure of schools in the city. Tote Deans, the Prime Minister, and Minister of Higher Education, the entire responsibility for the deterioration of the situation of the educational process in the colleges, which reflects negatively on the level of educational attainment for students. The new deans of Bani Walid, demanding an urgent meeting with the Minister of Higher Education to clarify a number of problems that suffer, including colleges, and submit a project proposal University administratively and financially independent of the city.



Abdulrahman Sowaihili inventory on Radio Misrata
Describes the declaration Cyrenaica to declare war and we will cut
Hands Hola Alraa retarded

This latter end of O Benghazi Asswehly inventory controls in you farce.

Official admitted they are Jews – Jews Misrata



Hanan Alnobar, lawyer broke Ear Abe …. swallowed my tongue …!!!

Although there my desire Balbouh in this gloomy morning free taste of home … but the concern of my friends, love and solidarity of many of those who know me and those who do not know me .. the imposition of the duty to summarize the reality on the assault and kidnapping of my father, Dr. Mustafa LED Alnueasiri (head of the supporters Libyan Rights of the Child) and tortured by a bunch of bastards yesterday morning, the city of Misratah.

Where he was yesterday, in Misratah and specifically to the Court of Zarouk (Court Mareis) and after attending a Norwegian entrusted suit filed against of طليقها to topple Jdana her about injustice and slanderously …. and after that deprived him and see him for almost a year … . came uninvited and me موكلتى the crystal and the other witness was with us and my father, Dr. Mustafa, who has been with us for the purpose of translation to the court … and Bmhard she sat behind the wheel until my opponent attacked me called Faraj Mohammed Turkish Bo in an attempt to Gerry him toward another car behind my car, and where the latter had previously been threatened with rape and abuse Hmsh months ago and had informed the competent authorities and did not move a finger and on her head, the Attorney General and captain lawyers … So immediately he predicted here to carry out its threat … and in those Meanwhile, my father hurried to prevent pecking between me and … that was taken into Agent powerful punches to the face of my father with the help of four traveling with him and has someone Besak to Abe stun stick to Atwalua it kicked and dosa snowshoeing military …. and dragged him in his blood to car اوقفوها in the street my profile.

And Ram passers-by gathered and Astagatty them, but everybody taking a spectator or transit except Mr. Mohammed بوعجيلة of the judicial police who tried me افتكاك Abe criminals and received me and some lynching punches and kicks. Mention the threat or use of a firearm against him … !!!
And ended up being transferred Abe place in Zarouk area where it has been practiced all forms and forms of torture and humiliation … with a clear message to him the need to stop the practice of law and abandonment is the Association for the Rights of the Child Libyan supporters.

After strenuous attempts by the Misrata local council, as well as his council military and the police, judicial and military rebels Union was to know where my father and has four kidnappers handed over to the military police who in turn shift to Dar Al Hekma Hospital for treatment of injuries later.

We later after my father out of the hospital opening report on the incident and that he heard the first defendant in the incident Mr. Faraj Bo Turkish custody pending case and search is still underway on the rest of the defendants until time!!

And Icolo to Libya forced labor
Today was beaten before the court in Mzrath lawyer inventory Hanan Alnobar, is her father, Dr. inventory Mustafa Alnobar, a Spaana-year-old, and did not intercede for his old age of beatings and kidnappings in Mzrath, and yet does not know the fate of the lawyer nor her father ..


Court of Appeals Jews Misrata postpones trial “Khaled Tntosh” to the twenty-sixth of June and that the absence of his lawyer “Abdul Baset Abumaziriv of,”

where the attorney has given 10 days to bring a note indicating the reasons for his absence, and find a way of communication between the accused and his lawyer:

More concerning the postponed trial of AHMED IBRAHIM:
Court of Appeals Jews Misrata postpones trial, “Ahmed Ibrahim” to the twelfth of June and that the absence of his lawyer, was fined one hundred dinars.

Message from the family of the prisoner Ahmed Ibrahim hero unjustly detained in the dark Jerdanih prisons Bmzrath:
We are a family captive, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim detained in the prisons of the armed militias lawless city of Misrata, send our letter to you of this at the time which passes captive difficult conditions inside the prison.
Make it clear to you that Libya today, which sits where thousands of detainees in prisons run by armed groups, without formal charges and without hope in the legal review but found they do not exceed skit, exposed where detainees arbitrarily by armed groups are continuously subjected to torture and cruel inhuman.
The prisoner, Ahmed Ibrahim, one of the detainees in the prisons that do not fall under the official bodies and to protect and where there is no basic humanitarian services to prisoners, in the absence of full and complete to the role of the so-called Ministry of Justice.

We have adopted the General Assembly of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948, and for the first time in human history, which states in its drafting, “as a common standard that should be of achievement for all peoples and all nations”, on civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights, which should be enjoyed by all human beings, but what is happening in the new Libya is a violation of all these rules Semitism, noble and humanity no longer value where human sacrifice is treated in secret detention ÇÓćí transactions in violation of his humanity in the chapter of tyranny and dictatorship.
The announcement received over time on a wide-ranging acceptance as a fundamental criterion for human rights that each person should be respected and protected.
As you add a series of international treaties on human rights and other instruments adopted since 1945 legal form on the inherent human rights and established international human rights group. The other instruments were adopted at the regional level reflect specific concerns about human rights in the region and provides specific protection mechanisms. Most states also adopted constitutions and other laws protecting basic human rights official.
Here, put your hands in breach of each international treaties on human rights and the consolidation of the authority of the jungle instead of consolidating the authority of the rule of law at the Libyan, where stop us We are a family, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim of his visit and trust him, and brightest future today about anything not for his health and humanitarian, We have been threatened many times by armed militias beyond the authority of the state and the law, which manages the prison prisoner Ahmed Ibrahim, we go to you and putting your hands facts and evidence that show the extent of the injustice done to the prisoner, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, required to provide all the guarantees humanity and give lawyers the right to visit his family for Atmannan to put it health, psychological and humanitarian law.
Family captive Dr Ahmad Ibrahim

Court of Appeals Misrata Jews controller death Gaaaba, “retribution and تعزيرا” for three of the accused in a murder case “Sons Elsafrona” Sirte.

Dardanelles channel NEWS..

News: Misrata Court controller to death by firing squad of two army officers accused of killing demonstrators Street Tripoli Misurata Year 2011.

Misrata court sentences to life imprisonment on 7 officers on charges of establishing inspection gates around the city during the War of 2011.

Such trials occur in the absence of fully eliminate al-Libi, and repeated incursions of the courts and the Ministry of Justice and the infringement of their employees.

Misrata court sentences to death by firing squad of two Jamahiriya army officers accused of killing demonstrators in Tripoli Street Misurata-

Military Court of Misrata Jews control the day to death by firing squad two members of the Libyan Jamahiriya army detainees in the prisons of Misrata fired randomly fire in Tripoli Street War period 2011 at جردان.

Media activist Hala Misrati:

Zdwa Ariqdoa O my people Racdon today ruled on two officers forces armed people to death shot 7 sentenced them to life imprisonment and freedom fighter Khaled Ttnoh trial month of this and Lord Lester and Mujahid Ahmed Ibrahim same thing and others Gorham of our youth to the sitting judge them injustice in God demolition launched their sense of what sitting يتحاكموا because National attitudes and out of prisons Mtanasean these blood of the martyrs .. Tomorrow We all سنحاسب the front of Allah Almighty in our shortcomings and most comprehensive myself with you so you do not understand my words on being a laparoscopy Faspocka .. God Fikoa and Deroa solution Yasser sleep ..



Protests in South gloss # Jerdan and calls for civil disobedience and the continued closure of shops for the second day.


Open the road between Sabha and Zuwaila by the battalion Martyrs corner after it was unlocked and let the families who live outside the city to enter it and the advent of sheikhs and notables of supervision and Dan and Sabha activity and sheikhs of other tribes:


Zuwaila &

Findings of the Committee of Wise Men, and the elders Murzuq Wednesday to reconcile between disputants Bzuelh brothers and install a truce between them.

Commission sources said that the agreement includes a truce between the conflicting parties and to comply with state authority and cooperation with the military governor of the region in the implementation of all the items.

(Ali Zaidane):

The sit-ins taking place in a number of oil fields cause disruption of oil production, which in turn leads to inability to pay salaries that are picketing for it, stressing that the sit-ins and attacks on oil fields and the disruption of production will contribute to achieving the demands of doing the works, but hampered, adding that he the government may be forced to Tak resolute action on them.



Mu Interview 2 w cousin Ahmed a-Gadaf.a-Dam

(Ahamed Gadaf a-Dam (Horowitzer Blood) is here seen to the left arm of  Muammar al-Qathafi.)

. On Saturday, 06/08/2013 at nine am, “a public trial for the brother Ahmad howitzer blood on the charge of shooting at troops Egyptian Interior and with it of rats Libyan intelligence who stormed his house to arrest him and transferred to Libya, and the same court also” control the issue of immunityand resorting to the displaced Libyans in general and in the absence of media
That decides to prevent them from attending,
All Liberals in Egypt from the Libyans and Egyptians are invited to attend at nine in the morning “in the fifth district,” the court’s new “near the Ring Road, where it will be allowed” access to the general public to attend the trial, which will speak the brother Ahmed on behalf of himself and all the free displaced people at home and abroad, ,
Your presence is important to deliver a message of displaced Libyans to eliminate the Egyptian and so as not to repeat our blood trading in these suspicious transactions, we are all one and we are all displaced and our country مستباحة, and Allah is the greatest above the aggressor Kid
Please from both the Liberal and silks publication of this announcement,


Libyans in Egypt and Tunisia to escape of criminal gangs NATO,
In Egypt 823 000.

Tunisia 425000.



NATO will train Libyan (RAT) forces:

AFP – Brussels – A senior U.S. official confirmed on Monday that the defense ministers of NATO countries will discuss Tuesday and Wednesday in Brussels, the possibility of doing the task of training Libyan forces to help the country establish security on its borders.
He said that a senior official in the Ministry of Defence that “the American president, and secretary-general of NATO talked long in this matter, and in the way that could allow NATO play a greater role in the training of Libyan forces,” during the meeting, which was held Friday at the White House between the Secretary-General of the Atlantic Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Barack Obama.
This added the official, who asked to conceal the identity, that if he is too early to talk about a training mission for NATO, like the training of the Afghan army, the issue will be discussed on the sidelines of the meeting of the defense ministers of the countries of NATO’s twenty-eight, especially during a meeting between Minister American, French, British and Canadian.
The U.S. president expressed support Friday this option, saying that “NATO a big role to play, in order to assist the Libyan government to acquire the means to control their borders, prevent the border areas become sanctuaries for terrorists.”
She France also expressed its readiness to assist Libya, the defense minister said Janiv if دريان on the sidelines of an annual forum on security in Asia was held Sunday in Singapore, said that “France is ready to make its contribution to the consolidation of the rule of the Libyan state, particularly through controlling its borders.”
Meanwhile, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan Sunday and the arrival of the European Union mission “in the coming days,” to help Libya to control its borders better. The Heads of State and Government, the Europeans agreed in May 22 on this mission which requires training elements who will control the land and sea borders and air.
And floated the idea of ​​this mission since the fall of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, because the Libyan authorities are having difficulty in securing the border control, especially in the south, which has become a source of concern for neighboring countries, particularly Chad and Niger.


Amid talk of possible air strikes .. Do you turned the eyes of France to the south of Libya?

Al Jazeera _ Khaled Almher – Tripoli

Abounded in recent statements by French officials about the presence of jihadist groups or as terrorist call it in the south of Libya, coincided with talk of a French military strikes may be directed to the strongholds of these groups. However, observers and analysts believe that the Libyan Paris looking for any pretext to interfere in their country, while some carrying the responsibility of the Libyan government to leave the south of marginalization.

It was considered French President Francois Hollande – in an interview with France 24 channel aired last Friday – that the jihadist groups in southern Libya are behind the recent Niger attacks, but ruled out any military intervention outside the framework of the United Nations resolutions.

He also said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius during a visit to Niger on May 28 / last May that the desert south of Libya has turned into a safe haven for what he described as militant jihadi groups.
France charges the presence of “terrorists” in areas south of Libya said it official file of national security at the National Conference favor Jaudh it greatly exaggerated, stressing that there are parties – defined refused – trying to comment on the peg internal problems south of the country.

And expose Jaudh to the island revealed about contacts taking place between Libyan intelligence chief intelligence Salim الحاسي, Niger and Chad, without disclosing the information in their possession, especially in these times.

And strikes forecast for jihadist groups strongholds in the south, refused strongly Jaudh any military strikes Libyan anyone under any slogan, and confirmed that the state will not agree to any foreign interference.

In the opinion of the tribal leader Altbawi Isa Abdul Majid, who inhabit his tribe in the south, to the modern French repeated for the south him later, and talked Abdul Majeed about what he considered أطماعا French and clear, stressing that France is looking for an excuse to intervene in Libya, and accused parties to Arab and foreign involvement in the chaos Libya.

And returned Abdul Majeed – in his statement to the island – talking to the date of 19 March / March 2011, when the forces tried to Muammar Gaddafi storming the city of Benghazi and hastened France to the bombing, and emphasized in this regard that move the French at the time was to ensure a share of the cake Libyan future.

While the observers that any intervention French in the affairs of Libya is “folly and political suicide and treason for accomplices,” says political analyst Izz al-Din Aqeel island revealed that the target site منجمي northern Niger on May 23 / May last touched the National Security French as it produces 70% of the French electrical energy.

Aqil stressed that the responsibility lies with the Libyan government, which left the south in the case of negligence “terrifying”, as the South has become a Libyan – Aqeel continues – a threat to neighboring countries, adding that “our weapons jumps from one country to another.”

He explained that the South turned into a safe haven for those who wish to liquidate their accounts political relations with their countries, saying “if you are involved politically rebels to choose the south of Libya to collect money and arms before the start of the attack,” describing the place as a chaotic world’s only now, after Iraq and Afghanistan.

And expectations on the conduct of the French military, Aqeel said that the Western countries generally do not wish to embarrass the current Libyan government led by Ali Zaidan – bound together by close relationships – through air raids, but he said that it was possible to carry out military operations in secret.

“Failed state”
Vary remarks political analysts Azzedine Alloaj and Safwan Almsora of the island, has ruled out the first military intervention directly in Libya at the current stage similar operations French in northern Mali, while likely Almsora escalating accusations of French and western south of Libya in the coming days ahead of strikes against strongholds of he called jihadists in those areas.

And devised Almsora hung from a report published by the newspaper Upreezaan French two days ago, saying that the Chiefs of Staff French bent on chasing jihadists in the south of Libya, pointing out that the newspaper reported that France has asked the United States granted permission to control the area and aircraft without a pilot.

As Almsora predicted a French secret agreement for Libya to hit the strongholds, but likely to be the official Libyan public attitudes rejecting and condemning the strikes. But analyst Alloaj said that the strike had come with an international mandate from the UN Security Council “If you put Libya in the category of a failed state”


The French Omend issued today

Judges in charge of the investigation in the case finance Sarkozra campaign requesting interrogation (certificate) 4 former officials in the public system and it comes with:

– Bashir Saleh (former director of the Office of the Commander), is in South Africa

– Abdullah Mansour (former adviser to the commander) is in Niger

– Brigadier General Abdul Hafiz Masood (a senior official in the Libyan army) is in Algeria

– Sabri Shady (former official of the Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) stationed in Lebanon)

Mu and Sarkozy 1



Putin says:
“In front of the international press I hope not to attend the conference opponents eat human flesh because the arrival of such elements to Geneva, we will be difficult to guarantee the security of the Russian delegation.”
أنشر أنشر أنشر أنشر أنشر أنشر قوية ياسر
بوتين: أمام الصّحافة العالمية آمل ألا يحضر المؤتمر معارضون يأكلون لحوم البشر لأن وصول مثل هذه العناصر الى جنيف، سيصعب علينا ضمان امن الوفد الروسي المشارك
هعهعهعهعإنضمو : ___l i k e ✔ s h a r e____صوت تونس


Mu VISIT portrait

Muammar al-Qathafi’s tent at  B’nai Khaimah in Rome:


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