My Sabha boy at Mosque school

Did you know that saying famous ((We Anastaslm, win or die!!))? And mentioned by actor Anthony Quinn in the famous movie

(“Lion of the Desert: Omar Mukhtar“), was a text Submitted by Muammar al-Qathafi to add into the dialogue (which is not issued

for Omar al-Mukhtar in the originally script, and was not mentioned either in the main reference notes).

Qrcany concerning this conversation that took place between him and the chosen…

FIRST–Qatar and MISURATA are the MAIN Problems, as the Qatari (with Israel) are the basis of MISURATA whose desire it is to rule all of Libya. Working with them, ofcourse are the SALAFISTS (which include the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood—which are behind most of the bombings of Libyan Mosques and shrines—  , the LFIG and al-Sharia–all partially manipulated by the USA as the al-Qaeda are in reality a wing of the American CIA).

As Dr. Hamza Thami pointed out–and referred to here partially by Shakir, is the fact that arms from QATAR and USA via Turkey (and now Saudi Arabia too) are shipped daily to the airports of MISURATA and the Metiguea in Tripoli which are used by the terrorist SALAFISTS (Controlled by QATARI) and the newly Libyan “citizenised” Qatari militants who infest Derna and the Tuber in the East, and Misurata in the West. Zintan has been wrongly accused , and is a scapegoat in all this…because the Zintani are fiercely independent; and Israel not only wants to retain their airbase in the Nafusa Green Western Mountains; but plans on making the whole area a 2nd Zionist Homeland for what they call their Libyan-Jew diaspora. Zintan is a very small sity of 45 000, but widely dispersed. They are kin to the BANI WALID Warfalla and Sirte Gadafa clans. They reject this completely… and (As I wrote about this before, the name which the MISURATANS have chosen, under their “KHAN” Bernard-Henri Levy, is KALZENTANSTAN).

Meanwhile, Obama’s drones are targeting areas all over which they think are pockets of “Green RESISTANCE”…which in fact is causing all the unnatural fires occurring in Libya.
BUT, unlike SHAKIR, LIBYA IS NOT TOTALLY LOST. It still can, and will be reunited under THE GREEN FLAG. General KHAMIS is NOT DEAD and has a sizable strong army under his 32nd Command. Many declarations have been sent out even by MUAMMAR al-Qathafi warning the alien populations to get out of Libya and for the traitors to surrendor and give up their weapons….A surprise is yet to the Yankee puppet-GNC government is too weak to sustain itself. Again, this weeks “elections” are a farce, and mean nothing!

This is how it really is..despite what the “expert”-men in many video reports are saying.

GOD ALSO HAS HIS SERVANTS on Earth who are instructed by his angels as to what needs to be done…EVIL does not control everything..

and as the Libyan saying goes “GOD IS ABOVE THE AGGRESSOR”..and this is what all good people must believe.
WE AWAIT THE FULL RETURN of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA which was never disolved by the Libyan peoples…NEVER!


Will remain our leader forever .. if Aadina the whole world ….

For our leader to abandon:

Forward, never backward:

Forward never backward
Steadfastness and challenge:

Steadfstness and challenge  

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is In the hearts of millions!

Saif faithful

STRANGE how the West judges people…SAIF is wanted as a “criminal ” by the ICC/WEST…!!
Saif al-Islam, who Fights corruption and fired freedoms and fought the fat cats and Awad affected and freed prisoners and to attract investments

and Return of displaced and care of young people and build 900 thousand residential units and gave the loans and the deployment of vehicles on the youth and land .. …



The agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley News Agency Dinar :

Mu announcement 11 June 1970


He recalled .. The right word in the face of all the ungrateful:

Trying in vain traitors Al February blur the historical achievements of the great Revolution, forgetting that history has been written in letters of light the achievements of those great authentic Libyan revolution decades ago and can not be any hateful or ungrateful to detract one iota from the glories created by the Glorious Revolution.
What prompted me to write these lines is Matj by the Facebook pages of writings and comments trivial issued by some Al February Algehodan, I am not writing to defend the achievements of the Revolution great that history has saved and can not be any messed about untouched bad, and honest Libya Aaibhon what Atcolh those traitors Vcolhm to Abir al-Fateh Revolution and bone men in anything.
Promises to start, did not shy away some Al February Altcol the vanities on the unfinished revolution of the great conqueror, who replaced his memory fragrant Yesterday 11 June (in recall of 1970) goal of Holiday evacuation of U.S. bases from the territory of Libya in 1970. Fbedm tried hard to deny this done National great men of Revolution bones and trying lineage vanities of the Government Menm Idris al-Sanusi, and Asctahed that some people entitled to clip newspaper belonging to the 67 states inform the Secretary of State for the ambassadors of Britain and America the desire of the Government of Idris consider the possibility of ending the treaty rules on foreign soil Libyan !.
To those I say: Any Yes, under pressure from nationalist forces of the Libyan National has called for members of the House Government Senussi should be considered to terminate treaties foreign bases, often called the forces of mobility Libyan national so only those puppet governments were ignoring their demand, however, and given the breadth of the grassroots Mobility pan-Arab nationalist supporter of Arab causes and in front of the insistence of the nationalist movement of the Libyan National at the time and did not find the House of Representatives must bow to these pressures, not to the Government of Idris exit only get off at the demand of the House of Representatives, but they were not at all willing not serious in the liquidation of the British bases and U.S. but were bluffing the Libyan people and seeking to ease the mobility of the Libyan national forces that were lying in wait for the Senussi client governments. That’s not saying I have but convey all honesty the all who witnessed that period participated making events, but unfortunately does not allow him his circumstances by saying so publicly because of the political and security climate Albis experienced by Libya today.
Bottom line: The hard truth is that the Libyan people witnessed and recorded by history in letters of light is that the great Revolution are actually responded to the demands of the Libyan National nationalist forces and achieved the Libyan people’s desire to get rid of foreign bases that was Jatmh on the soil of the homeland. How are authentic and great-Fateh Revolution, and how much they are bones of men Prior to think in laying the foundations of the rule of the republic’s fledgling asked the full force governments of Britain and America need to get off at the desire of the Libyan people and the evacuation of their rules of military without procrastination, and demanded that the Government of Italy should be deported settlers Italians and deliver the entire property of the Government of revolution light, which handed over to the beneficiaries of Libyan citizens, most of whom were employed by those settlers the Italians.
This was a reminder you Dear Gahdon of the children of February, and that ye may be among you regained his senses and benefit that benefit anniversary of the faithful. To Ivotine here to remind you Bbeda achievements governments Kingdom Senussi, which is no doubt that most Libyans know her right to know, but some of each February are still in their transgression distraction to some extent make them يتناسوا that foreign bases are trying ratios honor evacuated from the dust of Libya to the governments Kingdom Senussi, are the Governments of the Kingdom Senussi that Cherant the presence of these foreign bases on the soil of Libya!!!. And that those governments did not record a single position against degrading treatment, which was dealing with soldiers and civilians, the British and the Americans with Libyan citizens, not to mention the loss of the rights of Libyan citizens who were killed as a result of accidents caused by those military bases. And Saziedkm of hair house, as they say: under the rule of Mlikkm beloved (holder Book of Allah and not to the owner of the Green Book) was mufflers, nightclubs and brothels legislator rule of law and foreign Jews and Crusaders throwing Libyan citizens are cans and bottles of beer and whiskey empty, unfortunately Almamsat some brown Jldtkm Al February Atracsn, and يزنين with those of the Jews and the Crusaders under the banner of the false flag of independence and under the protection of police Governments Mlikkm the beloved!!! That was part of the image and reality of Libya, and so was the case with the Libyans before the dawn of the Great Revolution in surprise early September 1969, thanks to God revenge for the country and the Libyan citizen and cleared Libya Hradm Jews and the Crusaders, who romp and having fun under the governments of Saudi Senussi by trying some of each February glorification of vanities the belief that maybe they could falsify history, forgetting that history has been written and pens dried and folded newspapers .. It airs including ايدع of room for doubt that the great Revolution is authentic and that the Libyan revolution Maaadaha mirage and that it deviated from its principles and has remained disappointed.
Finally .. Not God’s curse on the descendants of the Jews, Turks, Italians and the British and the Americans of every February .. The history of your ancestors all uncleanness and shame, and you are of them and like them Qubatm under Jewish Zionist Bernard shoes .. But to Atafrhawwa including Crusader NATO has come today .. Vahvad martyrs and fighters from the Libyan tribes authentic noble ستهب on the day promised and cleanse the soil of Libya of filthiness, again just like great Revolution cleared the dust of Libya from foreign bases. And every tomorrow a nearby headmistress and see who wronged any swerved turning.

Signature / neonatal grandson of honorable martyrs of Libya



11 June  “The Feast forty-third to evacuate troops and American bases” pass in the atheist tenth month of summer «June» the third anniversary of the forty to evacuate troops and American bases from the territory of Libya,

who was usher in a series of victories great Walt me was the most beautiful and most precious gift offered by the Great Revolution Per Libyans and the Libyans who have suffered long from injustice and oppression.

said Fateh Revolution of September and from the first moment to انبلاج exploded and the spread of radiation and its light and across the breadth of its history was marked and characterized the context of rising of tasks, each task is leading a task followed by the ladder of priorities, and each step paves the following of the steps on the path glory and victories, and has been at the top of evacuation those priorities with distinction. before the conqueror of September 1969 Christian was incomplete sovereignty of the country and the will of the people مستباحة shared by U.S. military bases and British were then تجثم above the Libyan Arab lands ..

As well as other power in civilian dress with an army of the remnants of colonialism Italian .. Possess everything of value on the ground Jamahiriya, also sharing this Trinity wicked sovereignty and power in the country have shared also wealth and profaned sacred limits as part of the spoils of World War II that carry our people a lot of tragedies and come to an end without having the camel and camel .. The alliance of these with dictatorial Testament authority in the face of the Libyan Arab people, who have consolidated around the ring and tried to يسدوا the front ports future .. It was the decision has rules .. And protects the customer’s order from the fury of the masses and contrast ..Then ruling regime devoted his efforts to justify the existence of rules without Wendy him because of fading and those falsehoods forehead.

Because Fateh Revolution of September was a legitimate lawmakers for freedom .. Debut on Libyan soil and generally to humans anywhere .. The rebels awareness not only reveals the falsity of the justifications and arguments that were dictatorial Testament to justify the presence of foreign forces and bases .. But awareness of the revolution was also aware of the fact that the role was played by those foreign forces and bases in the life of the community and the fact colliding with the fundamental interests of the popular masses.foreign forces and bases used to represent the direct occupation of expensive parts of the homeland dear .. The obstacle without achieving hoping rights to liberty above ground Arab Jamahiriya .. It also prevented the Arab human continues in Libya with his brothers in other Arab arenas ..

It was always a direct threat to the Arab nation in its struggle against colonialism. those rules has been embody the blatant alliance between imperialism and reactionary in the face of the masses of the people .. In an attempt to prevent them from achieving their legitimate goals of freedom and happiness, and even be possible Freedom Project had to be editing the will to be free choice .. Which led to the editing capabilities .. As a prelude to good employment in the construction battles. evacuation so it was at the top of the priorities of Fateh Revolution of September glorious ..

The first task, which topped the agenda was preceded by other functions. that in the history of nations and peoples of the historic moments and attitudes do not forget and take us memory as we celebrate the anniversary of the thirty-ninth of the festival evacuation to that evening acclaimed – Monday, the eighth month of the stove «December» 1969 when they heard the masses to vote Leader of the Revolution ..

Young Rebel Muammar al-Qathafi .. It was not after the revolution only months three which opens talks evacuation of troops and foreign bases from the homeland, and he directs his speech to negotiators in the tone of a confident and clear and conclusive:

«The Libyan revolution is not the United Kingdom and Libya revolution reject alliances and rules and conditions .. The Libyan revolution insist on freedom and refuses to replace the colonial colonization .. The Libyan revolution defined objectives and know maneuvers enemies .. Libya says to you, Revolution negotiators to Atadhaawa time with Avid please stay you nor safety .. The Constitution, which guaranteed the treaty is in the trash, which is signed in prison .. And adopted these treaties is in exile and already negotiators did not waste time ..

Englishmen not wasted the time nor the Americans … And also suffered remnants of colonists Italians .. All أذعنوا them to order and deported Vantsrt revolution in three battles at once, Fathqguet full sovereignty and freed on Libyan soil will as it did not take long until spring saw «March» 1970 Christian end of the last British military presence on Libyan territory … The eleventh record date of June of the same year departure of the last U.S. troops home ..

And disappeared forever U.S. military bases five that were knees above the ground Libyan and open a new page in Libya’s relations with the countries of the world strong equality and mutual respect and interests equal. that the masses of the Libyan people is celebrating today’s anniversary of the forty-third of the evacuation forces and bases of foreign soil of the homeland to Aivkron date of these rules okay .. Has denied them their sovereignty and peasant and invest their land and making their own food and even swimming in the waters of their shores warm just as deprived them of roaming freely and with dignity in the streets of their cities without exposure to criminality and arrogance and disregard for the pawns of these rules.

We are in this memorable occasion we are entitled to reciprocated and aware of the value of celebration of this memorable occasion in order to remain present In and Jaddanat successive generations .. Historical and draw lessons for evacuation and must on this occasion to go back to his family credited .. What was this achievement to be completed without the revolution seeking the will of freedom that pay half of our people in the process of his sons and liberation of the will ..

This will people that كبلتها the rules and treaties for decades .. Behooves us today to exchange congratulations and better inspirations in Hmokh and

*********************************** pride and raise the commander Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi ..Evacuation maker ..

On this occasion, dear .. Congratulations recognition beholden and in recognition of his family and Nstmatar Habeb compassion for those who have spent their lives for freedom .. And from victory to victory.

Yankees out 11 June 1970


The GLORY OF 28 MARCH 1970 when Foreign Troops disappered from LIBYAN SOIL....

Ali Salem DLF writes:

“Memory and through it: –
In the name of God the Merciful
And prayer is the light and guidance to the peoples and on his home and his family and walked to a gift to the Day of Judgement and after
In this great day of days God Trassah date Libya honor Medal of countless honors in the history of Libya Majeed
In such date of this day 28 spring pass us Dkry whiter than white in the page history of my country grabbed the Great Jamahiriya and the honor that I belong her and for that era honorable of the history of Libya al-Majid and studded trophies and glory led maker glory and spiritual father of each are free world, Mr. Supreme Commander Muammar Mohammed Eboumnyar Gaddafi which Ruba us the spirit of resistance, Altdhabh and resilience for our country and our values …
We pass Dkry evacuate British Empire forces for homeland raw and oppress and submission to is death unleashed by Sir commander when he told them that you get out of our country, but will fight you from street to street and from ŇäŢĺ ŇäŢĺ …
Great Britain, which were dubbed it the sun never sets in like this was where the day dark black night is long and its sun extinguished its light to light the sun shines and shines on the world,
Pass us this الدكري for this year and celebrate and have returned invasion force British and French and U.S. and multinational it and became many who celebrate and take pride in them yesterday near ashamed that Anohua her up on their screens or on their pages and Itbran them so as not to get angry masters and wounded dignity Bahiaúha or speak out in order to stay on their side and so Athsaloa for their understanding of Aanohm and Mteke birds Ababil to Athsaloa their freedom stolen and may go up to Astfeta Djalhm Lefty them Bvetoh prohibition celebrated or even mentioned or acknowledged them or they infidels and must fight them …
Despite all this tell Marjfah hearts and curved heads and decadent morals and sold the nation and honor and display بقروش numbered pleasing to desires that this anniversary and are passing us increase our design and the power to liberate Libya from Bratmk and will remain of 28 spring and 11 summer and 7 dates and April 7 and 2 spring and 1 light and a badge of honor in the history of Libya and dates will be similar to it soon ….
That the man who had shouted at the rapists and their response to the backs Khaúbon still in the hearts of millions of Libyans honorable and free to the world hungry for God knows the true freedom to go out on injustice to restore the glory of Libya المسلوب and the usual Hmokhhaa,,
And will keep this anniversary and many others that I can not restrict it immortal in the history of Libya nerve in rats and traitors and make himself a ride to the hands of treachery,,,
Glory and eternity to Libya and to the martyrs of the righteous and salute the steadfast to the Covenant and forward and as long as the Conqueror Nora who guided and fire upon assaulted.”

In year 2011, on 11 June, Muammar al-Qathafi, Leader of the Revolution, said:

“if power like America came in one day to Libya or want to return to this rule … Must be clear We will not Nquaomha the not بالدبابة the nor بالمدفع nor even by plane …

Snquaomha armed people … In order to become ground Libyan tough on who wants to occupy … Become a fire … Jamra under the feet come to occupy Libya.”

Together to realize the size of the plot on Libya and Islam

was named base Hoiles,,, Muammar al-Qathafi, he called Ameitikh,,, غيروه name Aaknader NATO!
Highness Iman al-Obeidi!!! those who do not know,

Mitiga is a child Libyan residents of the Friday market Tripoli out of Zletunai, dead child as a result of disregard for the soldiers of the U.S. occupation lives of Libyans as usual, was the reason shell fell from a U.S. plane near the U.S. base, passed the incident and then also pass other incidents 00 The Revolution were evacuated U.S. bases and was named the U.S. base earlier as Mitiga girl to respond, considering both Libby slighted during the period of U.S. occupation and remain a testament to the era of customer tries to obliterate the achievements.



Libya is preparing to announce officially and Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani death Mufti

Libya is preparing to announce officially and Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani death Mufti
Date Posted: 09/06/2013

Ramallah – Donia home – Asaad Aboqilh
According to sources, the Libyan center for Eminence Sheikh Dr. entry Mufti Sadiq Ghiryani in the Gaobh death since last Thursday 6 June 2013 informed sources also revealed that the medical reports indicate that sincere Ghiryani situation is very critical and live on breathing apparatus industrial after fell into a coma death of the other side is not the first time that the leaked news of the death sincere Ghiryani it is the fifth time almost in every time she denies Fatwa Libyan What is the news about the death of Sheikh Dr. Mufti Sadiq Ghiryani but the news has spread on Thursday did not issue a formal statement by Dar Al Ifta denies news  Sadiq Abdul Rahman Ali Ghiryani Date of Birth 1942, graduated from the University of Mohammed bin Ali al-Sanusi – the College of Sharia in 1969, white Libya appointed a lecturer at the university in 1970. received a master’s degree from the College of Sharia The law at Al-Azhar University in 1972 mentions that the Libyan authorities are preparing to announce officially the death of Dr Mufti Sadiq Ghiryani or as some call Mufti of Libya rebels perhaps in the coming days,

Libya is preparing to announce officially andFAKE Sheikh Sadiq Gharyani death Mufti.

صحيفة الكترونية مهتمة بالشأن الفلسطيني والعربي ، تضم عدة أقسام متنوعة تتناول الشؤون العربية والدولية والشأن الفلسطيني وأخبار الاقتصاد والرياضة والثقافة والفن والعلوم.تواكب دنيا الوطن الأخبار العاجلة والأحداث المتلاحقة حيث يتم تحرير دنيا الوطن بشكل آني على مدار الساعة

Logic … One Marjaoa the Wenta day in the meadow 3 fires destroy the beautiful nature there ..
Prairie Bedouin Arabs complain that the subject mastermind by an actor .. Mesh just fires chance .
For the second time in less than a week, the city of Prairie and specifically the Alaualah area of ​​fire succession contrived which devour farms.
FLASH # turf
fire in the east permeated … Today the outbreak of many fires the Alaualah area on Old Meadow Road.
Cyrenaica channel …. Najib Taha Zaidane .. Alarm / present absentee know if proved the involvement of any political party
or religious bloc in the closing pages tenderly and Federalists Aomaholh silence their voices on Facebook will result in the closure
of all offices and headquarters and expelled from Cyrenaica and prevent them from entering strictly prohibited .. And Badi Adilm of ..!!!

Judicial bodies shall be elected by the Supreme Judicial Council in Libya
atmosphere of the country – Indian Ashaba elected judicial bodies in the courts, advisors to the courts of appeal and the Department of attorneys and law departments judicial selection of new members of the Supreme Judicial Council in Libya except for the Attorney General and an inspection of the judicial system. secretary Evacuee Supreme Judicial ” Abdel Tawab happier, “said the atmosphere of the country Sunday, the new Board members will vote next Wednesday President of the Council, in accordance with the recent amendment No. 14 of 2013, on the amendment of some provisions of the law of the justice system.

added happiest that according to the law, “the election” of all the members of the Council, except for the Attorney General and the head of the Judicial Inspection, the membership of thirteen members, of all the Courts of Appeal in Libya, in Misrata and Green Mountain, Benghazi and five Tripoli and Zawiya and Sabha, in addition to a representative of the management issues and another for the administration of law and the law. pointed secretary of the Supreme Judicial Council that the Council is considering requests concerning Bhaoh application criteria for public office in Libya.


Khobar – Jufrah – reporter announced judges and court and agents on behalf of primary Jufrah, suspended from the Court on Monday. According to court sources, that this review comes in protest against the law of political isolation, and in solidarity with their colleagues by the judicial system.



By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 10 يونيو, 2013 | 16:14

Modify municipal decision to annex Aldawon Tarhuna atmosphere for the country – Abdul Salam Riani prime minister issued on Monday its decision to annex municipality Aldawon to Tarhuna after it has been separated according to former Cabinet decision on municipalities, which provides for the division of Libya into 99 municipalities

. said the spokesman of the Local Council Tarhuna Mohammed Allowaar Tuesday for the ambiance of the country that the annexation decision came because of fears of the demarcation of administrative boundaries between the two towns, adding that Libya currently need to unite. pointed out that the resolution was amended after the meeting of the Prime Minister and members of the National Congress More Tarhuna, and the local council Tarhuna. while student President of the Council Aeltsiara Baldawon Khalifa Imran Abdullah to be them separate municipality, referring to the injustice of fact and failure of the local council Tarhuna area Aldawon he said. complained Abdullah that the budget did not give councils facilitation of the local council Tarhuna , as there is no have a special headquarters, which pushed for the student to be a separate municipality. referred to that Aldawon area is located east of the city of Tarhuna and three councils managerial and a population of over 42 thousand people.



You Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar told you Biderio government Aktronah, God willing, is Makhco information on families in the record ..
has been a breakthrough system company LTT and published accounts online Wimax own records Civil wait Company’s Reply
in particular and Jhezw yourself a virgin Mafish Net in the Civil Registry Li Anda WiMAX. 
Administration Information Technology and Documentation – Department of Civil Status


Youth “Albrki” demanding the return of phone calls to their area languages ​​”Germa” systems area youth morning Albrki Bhagat vigil in front of the post office,
where they demanded a re-communication for the area. …

Now close the Channel Vision Libyan!! Page guys and gals Libya and page logic has been hiding from Facebook

and this after the words Ghaida Touati yesterday that her group “beauty Zoubih” and those with him took control of the system in ltt to identify the owners thread ..


Libyan Arab Airlines 
more than 6 airlines in Libya, the number of 50 aircraft operating deficit ratio exceeds 70 percent the proportion of losses exceeding 67 Aalmih the deficit ratio in the breech Capacity available for passengers on flights father Akhlah reached 150 percent, and the proportion of international trips deficit amounted to 80 percent ….
foreign companies benefit from the international operation of the weakness of the national companies in terms of capacity breech few available on the aircraft to the small size of the European ban and the deterioration of services provided and flight delays ..
At the domestic level the deficit in the breech capacity and access very difficult phase due to the small size of the planes march-priced breech and the lack of capacity and lack of available internal flights between stations and the large number of flight cancellation due to weather conditions, security, and administrative delays sleepless hours … in the aviation sector Libya live worst فتراته the deterioration days worse than the on winning confusion did not happen before there is a state of loss experienced by the airline industry officials in Libya at the level of airlines and air services and the interests of airports and civil aviation ..


American Tqrierllkongrus included Sam Bin Humaid accused of the massacre of Black Saturday in Benghazi within al-Qaeda in Libya 
2 – with Othman Elbargati and Othman Busba.

Al-Qaeda in Libya .. Federal Research Division report Congress  (EXCUSE ME!!)
prepared by the “U.S. anti-terrorism agency in the United States of America” ..(EXCUSE ME AGAIN!!)

Sam Bin Humaid .. rebel leaders and has already participate in military operations against the coalition forces

during the war Iraq under the leadership of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, as it leads the armed militia in Libya linked to al Qaeda .. ”
On page 16 of the report referred to on the link below the U.S. Library of Congress ..

(HAH! HAH!…o how USA covers things with double-talk!)

Front victory is an essential component of the armed opposition and is included in the “list of terrorism-American” ????????????

This is double play /talk. The USA /CIA created al-Qaeda for their own interests…It is their excuse to get into countries,

devastate and take for themselves the occupied nations’  wealth and resources. Meanwhile they supply and feed the terrorists…It is all part of their game.

هذا هو اللعب المزدوج / الحديث. الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية / وكالة المخابرات المركزية خلقت تنظيم القاعدة من أجل مصالحهم الشخصية … هو عذرهم للوصول الى البلدان، تدمر وتأخذ لنفسها ثروة الأمم المحتلة والموارد. في هذه الأثناء وهم يزودون وتغذية الإرهابيين … كل ذلك هو جزء من لعبتهم.

the West is supposedly fighting in Mali the same forces they are supporting in Syria, and Libya …

There are suggestions from Western leaders to activate the role of the Security Council on the Syrian crisis ….

please stop the charade!! …and so also same (as I say)  says PUTIN!


news battalion Omar Mukhtar Brigades cleats one shield Libya 7 decide to leave the infidels and refer them to leave behind a free zone without an army nor the police!!

loyalty to the son of Hamid Mesh for Libya!


Khaled Khuwaildi, condolences to families of victims of Benghazi

By Gaddafi news agency on Sunday,  09 June  2013 | 19:49

The Gaddafi International News Agency – statements.

“God said (the number of months with Allah is twelve months in the book of God on creation of the heavens and the earth, of which four are sacred that debt values do not oppress yourselves therein))

to extend my sincere condolences and sympathy to the mothers and fathers and families of the victims who were killed treacherously shot treason and sedition that befell a curse on Everyone in Libya, began to inform the dirty under the auspices of Prince hampered and fatwas cheap elders allowed anyone blood that Allah has forbidden except to the right, and led to the deaths of thousands بالجبهات in battles between brothers and cousins, followed by the NATO bombing of the members of the armed people and volunteers brave and did not deliver them are women and No innocent children sleeping their homes, to arrest campaigns mood and indiscriminate and torture

and murder of prisoners and detainees supporters of the homeland and legitimacy, which is still ongoing affect any free voice rejects subservience to those gangs takfirist serving agendas and outside interests and refuses to obey thieves home customers NATO attended the board launchers NATO to steal home and A_hawwa dignity Libyan condolences and sincere prayer for those with brothers from all tribes national Mujahid of Alawakir and slaves and Aribat and البراعصه and Almnfe and الدرسه and Ma’dan and families residing in the region of Central and Western Benghazi beloved who have fallen in this sacred months. and ask God to stop the bloodbath which has become, unfortunately, cheap at the other and making for some very a descendant of the ancestral blood Ajahidin heroes sacrificed their blood and Ontsaboa martyrs of their minds history …. God save my country and my family the father of martyrs.”

قال الله تعالى (إِنَّ عِدَّةَ الشُّهُورِ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ اثْنَا عَشَرَ شَهْرًا فِي كِتَابِ اللَّهِ يَوْمَ خَلَقَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالأَرْضَ مِنْهَا أَرْبَعَةٌ حُرُمٌ ذَلِكَ الدِّينُ الْقَيِّمُ فَلا تَظْلِمُوا فِيهِنَّ أَنْفُسَكُمْ))أتقدم بخالص العزاء والمواساة لأمهات وآباء و أهالي الضحايا الذين سقطوا غدراً برصاص الخيانة والفتنه التي حلت لعنتها على الجميع في ليبيا ، بدأت بإعلام قذر برعاية أمير عاق وفتاوي رخيصه من شيوخ أباحوا الدم الذي حرم الله الا بالحق، و أدت إلى مقتل الآلاف بالجبهات في معارك بين الأخوة وأبناء العمومة، تلاه قصف الناتو لأفراد الشعب المسلح والمتطوعين الشجعان و لم يسلم منها لا النساء و لا الأطفال الأبرياء النائمين ببيوتهم ، إلى حملات الإعتقال المزاجي و العشوائي و تعذيب وقتل الأسرى و المعتقلين من أنصار الوطن والشرعية ، والتي مازالت مستمرة تطال أي صوت حُر يرفض التبعيه لتلك العصابات التكفيرية والتي تخدم أجندات ومصالح خارجية و يرفض الإنصياع لسُراق الوطن عملاء الناتو من حضروا على متن قاذفات الحلف ليسرقوا الوطن ويستبيحوا الكرامة الليبيةالعزاء وخالص الدعاء لذوي إخوتي من كل القبائل الوطنية المجاهدة من العواقير والعبيدات والعريبات والبراعصه والمنفه والدرسه والمعدان و للعائلات المقيمة من المنطقة الوسطى والغربية ببنغازي الحبيبة الذين سقطوا بهذه الأشهر الحرم .وأسأل الله أن يتوقف حمام الدم الذي أصبح للأسف رخيصاً عند البعض ومفرحاً عند البعض وهو سليل دم أجداد اجاهدين أبطال ضحوا بدمائهم وأنتصبوا شهداء خلدهم التاريخ ….اللهم أحفظ بلدي وأهليأب الشهداء

Picture of Khalid Kawaldy with 2 of his martyred children from 20 JUNE 2011 when NATO bombed his home and 19 Kawaldy family members (which included SAADI‘s wife: sister to Khalid,  & their son, plus Khalid‘s wife who was carrying an unborn in her womb)

were murdered in their sleep after a birthday party for Khalid‘s oldest son:


news battalion Omar Mukhtar Brigades cleats one shield Libya 7 decide to leave the infidels and refer them to leave behind a free zone

without an army nor the police!! loyalty to the son of Hamid Mesh for Libya!

Firas Bosalum / / special summary press conference for the Chief of Staff-designate, Major General Salem Aguenida .. 

1: – “armor was supposed to divide each region shield one, and have an officer de facto, but unfortunately occurred compliments in some areas” 

2: – “I tell each not have the legitimacy it is better to get out of the cities, and there are factions are still present within cities without coordination with the army,” 

3: – “We can not afford the rebels more than that, and I’m sure that not all of them had fought at the front during the Libyan revolution, and, unfortunately, has now become a competition between battalions revolutionaries after the revolution, ” 

4: – “we will decide the date for the delivery of arms in coordination with the government and Congress, and I will issue a decision to cancel any permit to carry a weapon has been issued in the past” 

5: – “We welcome any faction wants to organize an army and we are willing to pay motivate or reward for each battalion received weapons and regulates its members of the army, ” The Dean “Mohammed Sharif,” President of the Chamber joint security in Benghazi told me :: 

1: – “forces the security room in the next couple of days descend again to the street to secure the city, we will inspect the places where it was stationed where our troops in the past to make sure they are free of any explosives or explosive devices ” 

2: – “the most prominent difficulties that we face, lack of equipment and vehicles, armor and even our lack of communications equipment that are very important in our work , and, unfortunately, did not arrive to our bank account, but half of the budget allocated to us “

3: – “We are ready to adjust the security of the city of Benghazi, without the need to armor or battalions rebels”.

Libya Shield headquarters this morning:

Ghada الورفلى, vous a identifiée dans photo
“The people want to bring down the shields”We did not hear of purely their  voices and they are calling for soul and blood we will redeem Abnghaza people want to topple the regime in 2011, chanting, Baali voice and hear the world people want Asaqt the soul and blood we will redeem shields Abnghaza
Where are the NATO rebels “Knights of sprays,” Where Heye tears  Benghazi Friday market crying Baldmah Wayne is the angle Wayne Wayne Wayne Wayne are tears Shalgam and sow horns and Hebrew Proverbs القماطي the dizziness ……… Where are the tears of the Zionist Obama where he is Bernard Levy and Cameron from the Sea of blood Where is the international community ……….. And the list goes on. Are dried crocodile tears??????Are the people of Benghazi today they are not a people of Benghazi yesterday???????
God bless all the civilian victims of religion Sokoto shot “shield Qtraúal
“الشعب يريد اسقاط الدروع “لم نسمع من بحت اصواتهم وهم ينادون بالروح بالدم نفديك يابنغازي الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام في 2011 يرددون وباعلي صوتهم ويسمعون العالم الشعب يريد اساقط الدروع بالروح بالدم نفديك يابنغازي.
اين هم ثوار ا الناتو “فرسان البخاخات ” اين هيى دموع الزنتان وسوق الجمعة بنغازي تبكي بالدمعة اين هي الزاوية اين اين واين اين هي دموع شلقم وابواق الخنزيرة والعبرية امثال القماطي ودوخه
………اين هي دموع اوباما اين هو الصهيوني برنارد ليفي و كامرون من بحر الدماء اين هو المجتمع الدولي ……….. والقائمة تطول. هل جفت دموع التماسيح ؟؟؟؟؟؟هل اهل بنغازى اليوم هم ليسو اهل بنغازي بالأمس ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟رحم الله كل الضحايا المدنيين الدين سقطو برصاص” درع قطرائيل”After combing the holy battalion already!! found the Persian Mr. Hassan Saad, who is age of 60 .. Mr. Saad was in the prisons of Libya Shield!!
Reason for the abduction was a dispute over the issue of land with a militia named Libya Shield 1 led (fugitive bin Ahmid)!!
A picture of the Air Defense Forces, a legitimate receive the militia headquarters February 17 Garyounis illegal!!
Army units receive the headquarters of armor in Benghaziatmosphere of the country – Indian Ashaba began the units of the Army Libyan receipt of the headquarters of armor, including content of the warehouses of weapons of heavy, medium, and after the withdrawal of forces, shields from their headquarters since Sunday evening.Spokesman for the presidency of the General Staff, “Ali الشيخي” said the atmosphere for the country that the units Thunderbolt and air defense battalion of tanks, two hundred and four, and the Marine Corps, in coordination with the Chamber of common security began in the inventory of the headquarters of armor in the city.
“We الشيخي that” the forces of the armor will not give up their places outside the city or on the border only after coordination with commanders regions and the Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the General Staff, to ensure a smooth delivery and receipt. and denied commander shield seven Colonel “أمراجع Almsheeti” to be forces Shield has requested exemption from duties, based on the statement addressed some media flags, stressing that the forces shield power backup affiliated to the ministry.
Relative calm his part, said a spokesman for the security room shared Benghazi Abdullah الشعافي The Benghazi witness quieter and relatively stable after the tragedy that occurred yesterday. added الشعافي
it did not register cases of breach of security Remember, stressing that the room security shall secure all units of the Shield Libya, which has been delivered to units of the national army by infantry units naval and air defense, and the bolt Battalion 204 tanks. referred to the decision to deliver headquarters came against the backdrop of events in the headquarters of the Shield Libya and one, which claimed the lives of Forty-one dead in the city of Benghazi on Saturday.Word now … 
Essam Alqreis is to shield Libya militias formerly the crew will organize the new Embassy of Belarus:
Families of victims of the massacre of June 8, 2013 m: prosecute leaders shield Libya internationally and domestically and customary. dated June 10, 2013 at 11:00 pm | MermaidMonday, June 9, 2013 AD reporter said the agency in Benghazi: holding the people of the massacre of June 8, 2013 AD “Alkwyfa” press conference called in
E “and Sam bin Ahmid” surrendered to justice and accused him of VPL parents blood that is shot at the demonstrators. And demanding an investigation with Major General Joseph carved chief of staff of the Libyan army resigned as is the support of armed militias and the protection of warlords armor. Claim to disband all militias Almusharana and non- Musharana and the rejection of the so-called National Guard. condemnation of the General National Congress to the weak position of what happened. prosecute the leaders of the so-called shields internationally and domestically and customary. portray Essam Faitouri. Edit: Mamedalhaafa:
a picture of the victims of Benghazi on Saturday in Benghazi killed by the so-called Libya Shield, led by rat and Sam Bin Humaid.
First Infantry Brigade and the police Istlman Cimafro October 7, a Benghazi hospital shortly before:
FB VIDEO 10:05Speech to the City of Benghazi
Sabha newspaper
Member of the General National Congress for the city of Benghazi / Halima الورفلي,
announces suspend its participation in the meetings of the General National Congress in order to achieve their demands is received and mentioned in this statement:

God you ÔćÝćÇ How charged in each Aakpada the Shani her case
Remarks | mutual accusations between February …This time Khalifa al-Sanusi accused Hamid الحاسي, of —–
Colonel Hamid الحاسي
abounded اتهاماتك and Tkhuynk for some men to Libya without little evidence now will open files belong to you …
summons also محاكمتك You are also the first ماسبب Kzpetk that there was a convoy coming to Benghazi?!
mm resulted in the deaths of more than 125 people
Secondly, what your relationship Palmthabat revolutionary days era tyrant Fazavitk found
III are taking the drug until now is also summoned محاكمتك
IV Are militias hole and luxury cars, which Thrsk of the heirs of grandparents, for example?
What is the position occupied by you to speak on behalf of the state?
IV, where did you get the money that you had been distributed to fighters streets in recent recent and has given you the right to receipt of Tripoli?!
My advice to you do not speak and accuse honorable haphazardly and you busy your history


Sam Bin Humaid: Mechanic earlier fought under the banner of Natwoo Aotmr orders Qatar foundations militia illegal Arketb massacres in the project Elsafsfah and killed yesterday, more than 31 Libyan citizen and more than 120 wounded in Alkwyfah in Benghazi …. It is free and racing channels Li hold a meeting with him !!!!!
God Dhirk glorious Aafberaar

FB VIDEO: 10:13

Statement shield the families of victims of the events in Benghazi demanding and Sam Bin Humaid surrender.

  • Statement shield the families of victims of the events in Benghazi demanding and Sam Bin Humaid surrendered
    the attack occurred one of the victims’ families on the person of the Elders of Benghazi (m

    A group of people of Benghazi prisoners attacking a military police camp in Buhedama try to bring out the prisoners who are languishing in jails without trial ..
    بيان أسر ضحايا أحداث الدرع ببنغازي يطالب وسام بن حميد بتسليم نفسه وحدث فيه اعتداء من احد اسر الضحايا علي شخص من حكماء بنغازي ( م )

    Durée : 10:12
    News Benghazi targeting police for two country at dawn today at the crossroads Hawari shot dead by unidentified hospital without loss of life despite injuring two cars.
    Two car bombs targeting police in Benghazi at dawn today by unknown thankfully injuries were recorded in the journals that were stationed at the crossroads Hawari Hospital:
    Benghazi shortly before the 
    bombing of the Bank of instituting a small family near .. fire insurance resound from the bank:
    White after hearing a loud explosion that shook the white stillness city. Gunshots near the banks heavily management.
    White …. powerful explosion shakes white now.
    Threshold Valley
    – (Germa) .. The death of nine people, the conduct of the Valley of the threshold incident nine people died, including four brothers shortly before in a terrible car accident on the road Sbitat the threshold Valley area.


Tripoli shortly before about the strong sound of the explosion in the capital Hour 1 back … on the island of Abohradh person who threw RBG launcher in the air ..

and when he was arrested .. He said the reason undescended salary!!!!!!!

Note .. Called to follow the Supreme Security Committee Mermaid

a powerful explosion in the capital at 1 pm (13:00) precisely on Abohradh Island after someone threw RBG launcher in the air .. NOTE ..

Qatari police services in the Moroccan prostitutes ..
snapshot of one Gahoa Janzur


Quoting inventory Hashim humans … explosion angle Dahmani car suspected of being a bomb has been observed the car before

it exploded and surrounded the area and evacuated and exploded before the arrival of the technical staff on combating explosives

and human damage and wounded by the first information note that the car plate metal political body 15 – 10. Thanks for the eyes of

the Guardian which has surrounded the area and evacuated youth angle Dahmani who told us directly hour observation of the car.

Tripoli – Aaaaaajl | Dahmani angle so as not to be interpreted and amplified news …. now been bomb “pomegranate” in the corner of

Dahmani next to the shop where I am and this incident resulted from a quarrel between two people, forcing one to throw the other Broummana. Zakk4eva.

Combing the angle Dahmani for some booty .. Moez Bannon course in multiples of bombing enjoyable angle Dahmani,,,, youth tried Emctoa car explosive in the crowds, and also Arkh between Thaer of the security committee and police resulted from cracking a police car and shooting in the air and threatening cop death,,,,

Agency Mermaid … a car with diplomatic plates at an angle Dahmani Tripoli. day Monday, June 11, 2013 m: said correspondent agency in Tripoli, a car with diplomatic plates had exploded, causing no casualties. At the novel by witnesses that the car he was traveling in two and got out to the store to sell ice cream in Dahmani angle., and after returning to the car stopped again and got out of the car to explode after that.


Quoting inventory Isa bin Godr … What happens at the airport Ameitikh O Libyans?? to every honorable in Libya to both the rebels and to the citizen, who is looking forward to building a state of Libyan civil sovereign national Do not limit you the slightest idea what is happening at the airport Ameitikh ( base هويلس previously بقضها and قضيضها)

and controlled? What is the identity of the aircraft following them and out of them every day? What bear? And from and to anywhere in particular? !!
Did you hear someday anyone Officer or Media spoke on the airport (Ameitikh) and on the happening of its violations of state sovereignty of the meetings and the content of the weapons filled out (Hinagher) and what are the plots hatched to sell the home to a clique and  corrupt not care, but control on Libya, play Bmekdradtha and wealth as they wish and also instruct them to their masters?
doubt be to have Healing answer!!! It controls the media and directs the helm of public opinion Libyan wants it to stay away from the eyes and questions Libyans!!!
but remind you of what happened in the past in this regard.
having been editing the airport in Tripoli by city of Zintan, which pushed it this city Mujahid heavy price from martyrs who think them well Andallah. After he was locked and the operationalization of a high degree of efficiency certificate far and wide.
came out we all channels of the state’s political, media, and even religious and the majority of the pioneers of Facebook demanding the rebels to leave the protection of  Tripoli International Airport and hand over to the sovereignty of the state Vtm delivery airport in the presence of the President of the National Council at the time, despite the realization that those Claims were not for love in Libya, as they are to gain control of the forces have its agenda on this facility Allliba bio!!
but return to this today, after almost a full two years of the Declaration of liberation – and landing of aircraft carrying weapons and bags filled with, and the rise of planes loaded with different types of archive Libyan General military, intelligence and national generally going to the patrons of the control of the Libyan this rule!!!! – And now we did not hear or see or Nqra single word about the base Mitiga Everybody knows what those large base despite the strategic importance!!!?
and ماكنا expect from the previous government and the current is to work on the control of the state represented in the national army on the airport Ameitikh as happened with the Tripoli airport World but never happened unless we expect and did not speak a on Ameitikh airport to the present day. Even virtue Sheik Sadeq Ghiryani (FALSE-NATO MUFTI) who wish to be in good health (ehh?) has never speaks from Ameitikh Airport and what happens in it!!!
even We rest Libyans and most of the pioneers of FB not aware of the game and keep it away and did not speak to surrender airport Ameitikh to state sovereignty. Thus paving the way for the traitors and the worshipers of the dollar in order to Ieithoa amok and delivery to Libya for grabs to the foreigner. All this because the rebels الحقيقين stood proudly against the conspiracies being hatched to control Libya by customers and told them the unity of Libya and its sovereignty is a red line to relinquish him and Agdal it.
and Libyans today and the so-called “government” and the (RAT) National Congress as well as the Grand Mufti and the media channels and Almichekh Khaled country, but in front of the challenge that pay This is the biggest topic of interest and put the Libyan citizen aware of what is happening at the airport Ameitikh and who are responsible for him and his administration and his movement. But I do not want to be the hardest them question or request and tell them how many times you came and defense minister the country and members of the intelligence Qatar Airport Ameitikh without the knowledge of the government and without talking about in the media as a minister or a visiting delegation, but the militias financed from abroad have linkages and projects which unfortunately dominate this rule strategy. 
we must have brothers that are aware of the game very well what is happening is dangerous and very dangerous to our security and our sovereignty and our country, Libya, which seems to be the customers and traitors have sold them to others, and we should not stand one hand against those wage earners and shamed and foil their plans, and even bring them to justice.
every Liberal on Facebook and national newspapers ask this issue in their pages for Alra to see public officials and would have been required to explain what is happening and why did not demand present at the airport Ameitikh out of it and handed over to the (so-called) “Libyan National Army”, or is it that the Prince did not want it!!!!

(muslim )
and talk the rest of the valley

Voice Cyrenaica

Urgent …. Zahra Tripoli convulsed … Claim to legitimacy, the army and the police …

The right words and hungry Oh Libyans … Aaaaaaagel the: Hassan secretary now on the international Libya says: – Conference’s position on a crime that occurred in Benghazi is not in a very weak level,,, members of the National Congress, too weak and fearful .. And how they say members want dismantling Ketaab and some members of the General National Congress have armed militias, and has a stream and a military wing militias. 

Hassan said the secretary: – This Ketaab illegal, how do you say Ktaib legitimacy, you battalion supporters of the law, which does not believe in the state and Sufian bin Qmo Ktibhcheraah? 
Are Saraya Asswehly which controls Tripoli legitimate? 
Are Saraya hater in Friday market is legitimate? 
Are battalion Ismail hardness legitimacy ? 
Are battalion Ruff God Alshaty legitimate? 
Are Shield Libya and the Order of bin Humaid, who wanders Bactepth legitimate? 
Are battalion Majeed Mliqth Qaqaa legitimate? people is Mtrihan is assured people Tabo of threats, kidnappings, torture and murder, Valtzhb this Ketaab to the south and the securing the south, Libya will not progressing in existence of these Ketaab and must be solved.

University of Tripoli urgent … Student Media Center:

Libyan government in an emergency situation …. and now Interior Minister society with a group of student leaders .. .

and the ongoing talks about the need to sit comment tomorrow.

University of Tripoli results today ::: now sit in the office of the presidency of the University of Tripoli, a meeting of the President of the Federation of University Students and the President of the University of Tripoli and agent and bright interior and is Saraya backing …To search for solutions to the problem of security and search requirements based upon the protest,,, note that the sit-in continues until achieving only requirement and legitimate protest which is to provide security,,,tribute and appreciation to everyone who contributed to this protest, even the word of a good girl valley

Under the Great Jamahiriya, we were seeing this:

Al-FATEH University (of TRIPOLI) closes Tomorrow and starts the process of closing of all LIBYAN UNIVERSITIES and HIGHER EDUCATION FACILITIES throughout LIBYA!

University Students Union announced Tripoli year and its subsidiary unions from the closure of the University of Tripoli in full tomorrow morning Tuesday 06/11/2013 …. protest Trdi the security situation and the flagrant abuses that violated the sanctity of the campus and سيتسمر closure until the deal presidency of the university and the Ministry of seriously about this internal security vacuum and provide security protection for the University of Tripoli:

Universities and new Campus’s were sprouting all over Libya…and education was FREE! THE RATS have changed the name

of  “al-Fateh University” to simply the “University of Tripoli”, WHICH NOW IS TOTALLY CLOSED DOWN & ALL PROJECTS HAVE CEASED and TERMINATED!

Al Fateh University / Libya

The Al Fateh University in Tripoli is Libya’s largest academic institution. It provides free education to 25,000 students. Working with Mott MacDonald, Hamiltons have produced designs for a new National Library and a separate auditorium.

The complex features highly sustainable strategies for the conservation of energy and water. The project has reached Stage 1 Feasibility.

The project included construction of the Faculty of Agriculture Building, Faculty of Veterinary Building and the Faculty of Science Building on the main campus of Al Fateh University, which is one of the largest universities in Libya, whereas, the Faculty of Science accomodates the Geophysics, Geology, Zoology and Meteorology department buildings. The scope of works also includes utility connections to the campus mains while the project’s total construction area is 66,300 m2.

Status: Built
Location: Tripoli Libya


Media Center Student 
Union Human Medicine students announce the closure of the college Trdi security situation ….
note that the closure includes administrative offices, with the exception of the tent and office sections exams for Urals exam .. The exams will be held on schedule:
Urgent Media Center Student
tomorrow Tripoli University will be closed completely and most colleges will not conduct examinations
throughout the closing period with the exception of the Faculty of Human Medicine will be exams on time.
Tripoli University be closed because of the sit-in students as a result of the deteriorating security situation.
Antichrist at the university .. supported the sit-ha glamorous further bloodshed
So, how is supposed-to-be “dead” ????
University students protest Tripoli .. “and” .. called upon the Ministry of Interior students protesters at the University of Tripoli restraint and calm and not to obstruct the functioning of the educational process in this scientific edifice. The ministry said in a statement received by the Libyan news agency a copy of it that at the time estimated the protesters demands of university students, they invite them to open the entrances and exits of the university and not to lock it in front of students, faculty and staff. The ministry said in a statement that it will form a committee be university students union is a party to find an agreed upon mechanism to ensure the provision of security and safety on campus.


A powerful explosion shakes the Qatari Embassy in Tripoli:

By Gaddafi news agency on Sunday,  09 June  2013 | 19:39

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Libyan sources said that the explosion rocked the headquarters of the Qatari Embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli,

where he is expected to be caused by an explosive device was thrown at the building 
Smoke was seen rising from within the country Saffar The blast coincided with statements to the media through various

channels Libyan accused the State of Qatar to destabilize security in Benghazi in the wake of the deaths of about 70 in the

ongoing conflict between government militias and residents of Benghazi.



Zahraw channel .
… one electrical and policemen involved in most of the thefts that have occurred in the stores of the electricity company,

is trying to form a security force to protect the company’s plant and warehouses in the region and approved by the General Electric Company.

Zahraw channel … and staff sit-Zahraa Hospital medical staff in front of the hospital and expel the director of the hospital which caused the
collapse of the hospital and make it a hotbed of criminal gangs addition Li Alfadh, the market.
Zahraw channel …. last night after the completion of the meeting at the headquarters of the military council Zahraw Summary الاحتماع
no avail suddenly important and people together in the yard of the building aimed at building a mortar Kadiftin number of heavily armed
with weapons and car soon Mahrepett the has not been arrested .
Matgrk World ego :: / urgent and important hope that the Liberals and the silks
and honorable in Rishvana areas remain home and not go down to the streets and please discernible caution in Alzahra mil Azizia hunter and neighboring regions.
Tribal fighting between “Zahraw” and “world” in the area and Rishvana and heavy weapons.



Salem al-ObeidiUrgent and dangerous: Ahmed المجبري, “Zintan Martyrs’ Brigade” wants his weapon smuggling! Gallo from Benghazi to, but Ahaws the national army prevented him from going out to arms! And the competent authorities and the men of the national army know Ahmdalmghebre that wants put his battalion Force.
سالم العبيديعاجل وخطير : آحمد المجبري ” كتيبة شهداء الزنتان ” يريد تهريب سلاحه ! من بنغازي إلى جالو ، ولكن آشاوس الجيش الوطني منعوه من الخروج بـ السلاح ! وعلى الجهات المختصة و رجال الجيش الوطني معرفة آحمدالمجبري آن يريد وضع سلاح كتيبته .بنت الوادي

Obeidi is wanted by The Zintan Martyr Batallion on charges of weapon smuggling,,,as the kids say: “THIS IS ONE real BAD DUDE!



Company Sirte statement about the rape incident

Brega | rape English in the city of Brega:

confirmed initial investigations into the rape, which suffered one of the female, foreign, a etymology of Algerian origin working in the company of Sirte for the production of oil and gas in the city of Brega that the suspect, a resident of the city of Brega and have enough information about the offender without give any information indicating the identity of the actor … as the victim contacted the English embassy in Tripoli and they are waiting for the arrival of the English consul to the city of Brega to stand on the investigation process … and the British Embassy confirmed that in the event of the failure of the Libyan authorities in the investigation process will take crisis measures are a particular
Girl by foreign Lippi site:



Exchange 1455 instrument complement to compensate for damaged houses Sirte
atmosphere of the country – Aynur Sabri dismissed the Finance Committee of the Local Council of Sirte yesterday Sunday, in 1455 counted as financial compensation for houses damaged in the city by the war???, said Director of the Information Office of the Local Council of Sirte Mohammed amyl for the ambiance of the country on Monday that the Board Exchange So far 5000 financial compensation to the affected homes, of the total 10,000 house in the city. added that it has been the formation of a higher committee for inventory

SIRTE 2012

Residents affected, and put the value of the compensation in accordance with Resolution No. 271 of 2012 on compensation, pointing out that this compensation has been approved and issued two lists of the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, after ascertaining the extent of damage to homes. spoke amyl that the Council awaiting authorization disclose the third by the ministry. referred that the amounts that were paid compensation in the city of Sirte in excess of 140 million dinars, and has been distributed to 5,000 houses damaged homes in the city.
Correspondence Liberal; balel ::
Urgent :: | offender “and Sam Bin Humaid” butcher massacre of Benghazi, is in Sirte now,

part God exists in Sirte, sitting in the area back, all extremists Gadi, and Nusseibeh and discernible sister Medal of Sirte called “Ali kiwi الورفلي. ”


News tuber | Close protesters Monday morning, the Office of the Ministry of Health in the city of Derna,

and after that he told them that the ministry office in Tripoli has been postponed to conclude contracts with pharmacy graduates and technical good for next year.

Car loaded with 94 bag landmines counter for mechanisms and
a pistol and a hand grenade Mtahjh towards the city of Derna, were thrown
capture from led and escort and they are from the city of dirt, and
have been arrested in Gateway Valley easy to Tobruk and are
heading towards the dirt, God’s Army Men neighborhood national b Tobruk. Salem al-Obeidi.


The TUBER, is now considered the “LAND of Porno” since 17 FEBR. has taken over.

The whole area is infested with “Peep” shows and alcohol and a number of brothels have opened up along the

roadside routes to Tobruk and Derna. (These are not “Inns” in any respectable manner…)



Security forces in Sabratha stumbled on statues stolen from the museum classic event Libyan newspaper … Force raided the attribution Second Special Branch Sabratha and infantry battalion shield Libya Brigade Bank, at dawn on Monday, places located where the statues that were stolen from the museum classic city’s archaeological forces arrested during the raid on three Libyans and three Tunisians, pointing out that Mamoran judicial Christalon this issue of the Attorney General . It is worth mentioning that the statues disappeared, in the last period, from classical museum in the ancient city are both due to the Roman era:

Found on the heads of ancient statues in the city of Sabratha # was stolen from “Sabratha Archaeological Museum” several months ago and ستستلمها interest effects # Libya.



Ajdabiya news this morning: oil installations forces and Ajdabiya compatriots receive oil from the headquarters shield fugitive and Sam bin Humaid!!

RAT Check-point

Pics from 25 FEBR 2011:

Ville en Libye
Ajdabiya ou Ajdabiyah est la capitale du district de Al Wahat, situé dans le nord-est de la Libye. Elle est située à environ 160 km au sud de Benghazi, sur l’autoroute côtière menant à Tripoli dans le Golfe de Syrte.
Citing the so-called agency Mermaid :: |
arrested more than 30 cars belonging to the armor on its way to an unknown destination and the flight of another group. day Sunday, June 10th, 2013 AD reporter said the agency in Benghazi: a more than 100 k. meters from the city of Benghazi west At the direction of the city of Ajdabiya and at the gate, “Sir Aaty” was arrested more than 30 car belonging to shield Libya by Battalion 146 Infantry, says Idris Persian a member of this battalion that another group of cars managed to escape. and the direction that was going to him cars said Idriss Persian that the investigation is not our specialty and we handed over the cars to the common security room.



And our response to Alan “Benghazi” :: |

blow up the house of a street in Misrata families in Benghazi and do not know the reasons ..

Conflicting News said the bombing targeted a shop Aktronat under the house and other sources say the blast targeted the house because of a quarrel.


D family. Ahmed Ibrahim to send a letter to the United Nations and human rights organizations Human Friday, 07 June 2013 18:00

Assad prisoner Ahmad Ibrahim in the prisons of customers Natouget the detainee’s family, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim in the prisons of customers in Misratah message to the United Nations and human rights organizations show where torture and Aladhad which exposed him inside the prison and deprivation from the confluence of his lawyer and his family .. and Jsal “alternative”, a copy of the message in which he said.

We are a family captive, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim detained in the prisons of armed militias lawless city of Misratah, we send you our mission this time that passes in which the captive difficult conditions inside the prison.
explain to you that Libya today, which sits where thousands of detainees in prisons run by armed groups , without formal charges and without hope in the legal review but found they do not exceed skit, exposed where detainees arbitrarily by armed groups are continuously subjected to torture and cruel inhuman.
said the prisoner, Ahmed Ibrahim, one of the detainees in the prisons that do not fall under the official bodies and to protect and without access to all basic services and humanitarian prisoners, in the absence of full and complete to the role of the so-called Ministry of Justice.
adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948, and for the first time in human history, which states in its drafting, “as a common standard which should achievement for all peoples and all nations “, on civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights which should be enjoyed by all human beings.
, but what is happening in the new Libya is a violation of all these rules Semitism and noble and humanitarian no longer human
value where sacrifice is treated in secret detention أسوي transactions violation of his humanity in the chapter of tyranny and dictatorship. I’ve had a declaration in time to accept the wide-ranging as the basic criterion for human rights, which should each person will be respected and protected.
while I added a series of international treaties on human rights and other instruments adopted since 1945 legal form of human rights inherent and established a group of international human rights. The other instruments were adopted at the regional level reflect specific concerns about human rights in the region and provides specific protection mechanisms. As adopted by most states constitutions and other laws protecting basic human rights officially.
Here are put between your hands violation per international treaties on human rights and the consolidation of the authority of the jungle instead of consolidating the authority of the rule of law at the Libyan, where stop us We are a family, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim of his visit and trust him, and the brightest future Today Anhoa something not for his health and humanitarian, We have been threatened many times by armed militias beyond Sulthath law and which manages prison prisoner Ahmed Ibrahim, we go to you and putting your hands facts and evidence that show Mdiazlm fact the prisoner Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim, required to provide all humanity and the granting of guarantees the right of his lawyers and his family to Atmannan on his health, psychological and humanitarian law.
(captive family, Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim)





سبها . فزان . ليبيا



Muammar al-Qaddafi billboard. Sabha, Fezzan. Libya

Newspaper Sabha …. Aaaaaaaaagel the: – the death of the young man Ahmed Ajeely a place of work exists in the Turkish shops for household materials Sabha after the one person shot in the head, directly inside the store.
The reason was a problem occurred in the shop yesterday, and I think the victim had been resolved amicably
to God and to Him we shall return.

Informed a senior oil industry source told Reuters by telephone on Tuesday, 11June 2013 that the disruptions

caused decline in the production of Libya’s oil production to 1.16 million barrels per day compared with 1.6 million bpd before the war.

Source ::: (Reuters)


Protesters carrying gunmen to evacuate the oil port of Zueitina, stopping production

By Gaddafi news agency on Sunday, June 9, 2013 | 23:43

The Gaddafi International news agency – the economy.

Discontinued Zueitina oil port Libyan demonstrators by gunmen on Saturday.

A spokesman from the port of Zueitina oil that has been storming the port and evacuate the entire firing in the air without damage to human and that at six in the evening.
added that the last Naqltan port and one used to provide cargo has been disbanded and the other in wait, and foreigners in the port were transported by plane and the port is now completely empty .

According to experts, the 20 percent of the exports of Libyan oil is through this port to be issued (60) thousand barrels per day from two oilfields.

referred to the National Oil Corporation has issued three months before the decision to appoint (340) people at the harbor but it took more time than you should in terms of the classification of applicants and counted and the creation of appropriate professions qualifications.

Minister of Oil and Gas announce the establishment of two oil facilities to Ebian in the south of Libya. Monday, June 10, 2013 (15:41:0) Minister of Oil and Gas “Abdul Bari Arousi” on Monday in Tripoli for the establishment of two oil facilities to Ebian refining and exploration and production of oil and repel.
Stop the spark field of the company Acacus ((Repsol)), for pumping since the day yesterday, note that this field daily production capacity 37 thousand barrels away from the city of Ubari about 70 kilometers Water sit locals of Tabu.

Seen crude oil in the south of Libya. He explained, “Laroussi” at a press conference held at the Ministry of Oil and Gas in Tripoli that one of the companies will be in the Ubari oil refinery will be a capacity of (30,000) to (50,000) barrels will cover the needs of the South full and open job opportunities in that region, and the company The second will be in the city of Sabha for the exploration and drilling, production and export of oil and gas, this company will be given to some of the fields in the western region to Ttoreha. stressed “Laroussi” that the Libyan these companies and wholly owned by the National Oil Corporation. The minister pointed out that the production of Libya affected in the past because of the sit-ins to stop production and the lack of production (250,000) thousand barrels per day a sit-in port Harika Btabriq and the port of Zueitina and the field of elephant Boubare. cautioned “Laroussi” This sit-ins affect on the economy of Libya to its dependence on oil and gas resources any negative impact to this sector will delay the development programs in Libya. :: source … (and) …

The  “NATIONAL OIL COMPANY” now ONLY BENEFITS FROM THESE WELLS! No longer will the libyan people again

have a share in the propfits as they had during the Great Jamahiriya (where the people received a monthly stipend)!

Achievements of February in the field of oil … the list oilfields Amoqlh because of the protests and sit-ins in front of the fields:* field spark oil locked from noon yesterday and field produces about 330 thousand barrels per day, including approximately 120 thousand barrels intervention refinery corner for refining for the domestic market * field elephant is locked 11 days and produced 130 thousand barrels per day * locked Azwaitna Port of yesterday’s * Abu child field the Alayna company’s locked this morning.

Agency Mermaid … sit-workers stop production field Abu child. Monday,  10 June 2013 m: sources said the agency from the field Abu child

that workers field would stop production from the field until the implementation of the demands of exempt from income tax, Jihad and

consider the hours of work during the holidays weekly and Msautem rest companies.


Ziad macrophage Battalion (Omar Mukhtar) shield seventh withdraw and recognizes its headquarters from the city of Kufra.

Oasi al-Kufra:


South Libyan Hassan Secretary … The cause of the security problem in Libya, which hinder nation-building were: militia Sufian bin Qmo (Ansar al-Sharia),

Faraj Swehli (Saraya Asswehly), Gneoh in Abu Salim, a hater in the market Friday, Ismail hardness (Alshata), Sam Bin Hamid and his brother Qais and

Alhqaabi (shield Libya), Abdul Majeed Mliqth (Qaqaa), Imed Trabelsi (lightning), Hashim humans (Security Committee).
Libya protests;;
people of the South .. Ubari in the open-ended sit …The news about their willingness to close company Acacus Oil Operations, which is one of the leading companies in the production of crude oil through Haklleha Basin Murzuq southwestern Libya Mahavean the mountain range Acacus famous city of Ubari old
company is one of the largest production companies in Libya, where more than daily production (300,000) thousand barrels per day are produced from the field and spark an oil pumped through the tube with a length of 700 km to the reservoirs the corner cabinets station assembly next corner refinery to oil refining

Forward O Fezzan


Egyptian Ieit اعيط … Weapon holder along with a platoon NATO Branch February 17, looted Libya

Monitoring | injuring 7 people, including 3 police officers, fire Libyan forces in Salloum. report and follow-up: Ahmed Mo’tassem injured 7 people Egyptians, including 3 police officers from power lockout Salloum land, on Sunday evening; after the Libyan security forces port Assistant wild firing bullets cartridge west toward the ambush at the border area of the bow.

He was the director of security Matrouh, Major Anani Hamouda, has received notification from the police Salloum; benefit injured both from the author of Prince Ahmed Abuscqh officer port Salloum Land and Major Sharif Fouda officer port Salloum Land and Capt. Zaghloul Tawfik mourning officer port Salloum Land and Hashim Abdul Rahman Idris 30 years old and preferred Wahid Isa 35 years and Ahmed Abdel Ghaffar Abou El Hassan 25 six and Secretary Abdul Aziz Taha, 46 years old. , all infected by spraying cartridges in different parts of the body and were taken to a hospital Salloum Central for treatment, and all injuries were superficial and their health is good

Matrouh Egypt within the framework of the follow-up of the security situation Department Directorate spotted up today launch some bullets cartridge from the Libyan side result combines a number of the people of the city of Salloum area arc boundary between the Libyan and Egyptian border in protest at the Libyan side torched a private car one of the people of the town of Salloum.

Once the port officers Salloum land Besrvhm and the prevent them from Alqturab the Libyan side has p

Nasser from the Libyan side fired some shots cartouche resulted in the injury of both the
1 – author / Amir Ahmed Abuscqh .. The officer Salloum land port
2 – Raed / Fouda Sharif .. The officer Salloum land port
3 – Captain / Zaghloul Tawfik mourning .. The officer Salloum land port
4 – invitee / Hashim Abdul Rahman Idris age 30 workers resident Salloum
5 – called / Abdul Wahid preferred Issa age 35 worker resident Salloum.
6 – called / Ahmed Abdul Ghaffar Abu Hassan age 25 Brani resident.
7 – called / Secretary Abdul Aziz Taha age 46 a resident of Minya and all infected sprayed cartridges in different parts of the body.
injured were rushed to a hospital in Salloum Central for treatment was the work necessary for them medically and their health is stable.
moved immediately leadership directorate was activating the role of mayors and sheikhs and Awaql tribes in the region was to contain the situation … Gary editing the record required.
Clashes stopped traveling through the Salloum border crossing between Egypt and Libya

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 10 يونيو, 2013 | 01:53

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Salloum.

A source Salloum land crossing between Egypt and Libya, Sunday, transit traffic stops and travel between the two sides through this port after clashes between the number of people Salloum and others from the Libyan side.
The source pointed out in the report quoted by Egyptian TV news agency for the Middle East and three injuries among police officers and four civilians.
The report indicated that these clashes come against the backdrop of the Libyan forces intercepted a car packed with fabrics belong to the people of Salloum and lit the fire, and during the Egyptian police forces intervened to break up the clashes were to launch shots “cartouche” from the Libyan side.
The injured were transferred to the central Salloum Hospital for treatment, and all injuries were superficial and their good health, according to the report.

Egypt sent ambulances and aircraft capital watching the Anatolia news agency – said Mohammed Abu Bakr Egypt’s ambassador to Libya, that the Egyptian army sent a military plane yesterday afternoon Sunday to the city of Benghazi, to transport wounded Libyans injured in recent events in the city for treatment in Cairo.Luca

N 31 people were killed and more than 120 injured in clashes between Libya armor battalion and demonstrators in Alkwyfah area city of Benghazi, according to a statement, the hospital director Galaa Benghazi Mohamed Belaïd. The ambassador said Abu Bakr said that “Egypt is sparing no effort to provide support and assistance to the immediate and rapid brothers in Libya.” Abu Bakr added that people who did not give number Salaqon all necessary medical care …




Postpone the trial of Mubarak and the release of Gamal and Alaa Monday, June 10, 2013 13:19 AlternativeCairo – (UBI): postponed the criminal court north of Cairo Monday, the day July 6 Next, consider the cases of killing of protesters of the Egyptian revolution and damage to public money, the defendant where former President Hosni Mubarak and others, while I decided to release the two sons of Mubarak to تجاوزهما the duration of remand.And decided the Second Circuit in criminal court north of Cairo, headed by Judge Mahmoud Kamel Al-Rashidi, the end of the third sessions retrial, the release of Alaa and Gamal two sons of the former president to ensure replace residence and were not wanted at the disposal of other cases, and that “in light of the request submitted them to the court pursuant the provisions of Article 143 of the Criminal Procedure Act تجاوزهما for remand. ”
also decided the continued imprisonment of former Interior Minister Habib al-Adli, allowing the defendants or their agents to carry on the leaves of the two cases (killing of demonstrators, and damage to public money), and “re-تحريز” evidence case, which has been unseal Today, with the mandate of Forensic Medical Authority detects a firearm within that evidence and issue a report on whether it was within the quality of weapons that belong to the Ministry of Interior or not, and to address the latter to see the amount of ammunition that has been spent to Arms “in the case show that within the weapons of the ministry.”
It was Court began, a time earlier in the day, the third sessions re-trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and others on charges of killing protesters Egyptian revolution and willful damage of public money.
and the like inside the dock both Mubarak and his two sons Alaa and Gamal, Minister of former Interior Habib el-Adli, and 6 of his top aides, The trial businessman fugitive Hussein Salem in absentia.
imposed formations of the elements of the central security backed mechanisms armored أطواقا security around the building, the police academy in New Cairo, where the place of the trial, fearing clashes between people dead revolution and between supporters of Mubarak.
, the court looked at the first session of a re-trial, known media to “trial of the century”, in the atheist th of May / last May, and continued its consideration on Saturday, where decided adviser Rashidi “not to accept the claim of civil (lawsuits financial compensation brought by the families of the dead and Victims of the Revolution) before the Court, and converted to the competent court.
The sessions take place retrial based on the decision of the Court of Cassation (the highest body litigation in the country) to cancel the provisions of the earlier issued by the Fifth Circuit in the Cairo Criminal Court on June 2, 2012 to life imprisonment on Mubarak and Adli and the acquittal aide to the latter.
also acquitted the Fifth Circuit Mubarak and his two sons Alaa and Gamal and a man Hussein Salem business from charges of influence peddling and profiteering the expiration of the period required for litigation which is ten years, and the acquittal of Mubarak from a felony to harm the interests of the party that works out, with the refer Civil invitation to the competent civil court


arrived and Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman yesterday Monday to the capital Tripoli. , and was received by airport Tripoli International, Director of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ramadan Rahim, Assistant Undersecretary for Political Affairs ministry and the fulfillment Iboukaiqis, the U.S. charge d’affaires in Libya, William Rubik, the number of members of the American Embassy in Tripoli.

Horse soldiers

USA LIVES on it Global Military MIGHT and Industrial Complex–without WARS, USA would fail to exist

Permanent Military Footprint:  Pentagon’s ‘Bridging Force’ for Afghanistan
10 JUNE 2013
Editor’s Note: A permanent Pentagon Bridging Force will conduct military operations to secure opium/heroin production and distribution to fund covert operations not funded by the American taxpayers , secure rare earth element mining facilities for military weapons systems (compete against Russia/Chinese interests in the Afghanistan/Pakistan region), divert all future gas and LNG pipeline routes away from Russia and China. And add uranium into the mix. The Taliban and Al Qaeda are a minimal concern to the Pentagon when it comes to competing against Russia and China in the Region, especially when it comes down to strategic raw materials needed to blow the shit out of each other.

Related Article Via: Blacklisted News

Post image for Permanent Military Footprint:Pentagon’s ‘Bridging Force’ for Afghanistan

Surprise | America officially declared 30 \ 6 last days, “Marina” in governance will not help him

By Gaddafi news agency on Sunday, June 9, 2013 | 23:52

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Egypt.

Asked U.S. Senator John McCain, the Egyptian leadership implement democracy and ensuring freedom of civil action, stressing that his country does not support a particular faction, but supports democracy in general.

He said, in his speech to the Institute of Studies “Brokinkz” in Washington, “after the sentencing of 43 people in the case of foreign funding, we have to rethink our assistance to Egypt.”

and added: “We do not support the faction appointed in Egypt, but we support the basic principles, such as democracy and freedom of civil work, and on the leadership in Egypt to work on the application of the principles of democracy. ”

and stressed: “We must not only replace the policy of Mubarak’s policy of Mercy, but there must be a policy permanently to Egypt.”

stressed McCain on the need to have his country’s role in the Middle East in order to preserve the interests of the United States, and warned of the danger of extremism in the region.

said: “If you move the Middle East to the state of extremism, such a threat would burn everyone, we will not allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons.”

On the situation in Syria, said McCain Iran and Hezbollah Imdan Assad thousands of fighters.

considered that the crisis in “the Middle East began to tend to split sectarian, and the lion on the equation of the war on the ground, and Iran provide him with support, and militias in Iraq and Lebanon entered Syria to support Assad.”

He added: “Recent reports about United Nations suggest reasons to believe that Assad’s forces used chemical weapons. Syria has become infested with al Qaeda-linked extremists who enjoy بالتسليح and funding. ”


U.S. Hegemony : America Secretly Approves $1.3 Billion Worth of Military Aid to

Source: Trumpet

In a May 9 memo publicized last week, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry wrote
that the American government will continue to provide its annual $1.3 billion
military aid package to the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohamed Morsi in

The aid package has been in place since 1979 under former President Anwar Sadat.
Back then, Egypt was a close U.S. ally in the Middle East. In fact, Sadat’s
Egypt was the first Arab nation to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1978.
Egypt provided stability in a volatile region dominated by avowed anti-Israel
and anti-American forces. Egypt somewhat continued in that path under Sadat’s
successor, Hosni Mubarak.

But today, Egypt is vastly different. Under Mohamed Morsi Egypt is no longer a
U.S. ally, admitted President Barack Obama in a September 2012 interview with
American Spanish-language TV network Telemundo. While Mr. Obama also said the
U.S. doesn’t consider Egypt an enemy, the fact of the matter is that the
relationship between the two countries has changed.

Remarkably, the military aid package remains the same, even though relations are
now greatly strained. “[W]hat we’ve seen is that in some cases, they’ve
said the right things and taken the right steps,” said President Obama in the
interview. “In others, how they’ve responded to various events may not be
aligned with our interests.”

MADNESS by the Yanks!

Iran’s nuclear facilities are for DOMESTIC power and health related services ONLY—not as weapons (but the USA’s nuclear output is predominently for nuclear weaponry). Also, as a fail-safe, IRAN’s facilities are sub-terranian.

US Tests Iran Nuclear ‘Bunker Buster’
09 JUNE 2013
Source: IBT
American made Bunker-busters

The United States has successfully tested missiles designed to destroy Iran’s underground nuclear laboratories.

In information passed to Israel, the US government said that tests last year of the GBU-57B had gone well.

The massive ordnance penetrator, as the weapon is called, has cost $500 million to develop, and can be dropped from B-2 stealth bombers.

The 13-ton weapon travels at twice the speed of sound and can puncture up to 200 feet of concrete. The report states that it is accurate to within 16 feet.

Experts believe that the US communicated the test results in order to convince Israel of their resolve to prevent Iran developing nuclear weapons, and to dissuade Israel from launching a pre-emptive strike.

Michael Gilmore, Pentagon director of operational testing, told Congress in January that the weapon was ready to go into service, after permission was given to develop it three years ago.

THESE SAME BUNKER-BUSTERS were tested and used during NATO‘s war on LIBYA in 2011…



Senator John McCain Meets Leaders of Terror Brigade in Syria. The NGOs that Made it


Global Research, June 09, 2013

The recent furore surrounding US senator John McCain’s illegal trip inside Syria, and the supposed ‘rebels’ he was seen posing with alongside Supreme Military Council (SMC) Chief Salim Idriss, have shed further light on what appears to be another corrupt ‘NGO’ enterprise.

After the worldwide publication of the photographs, McCain was quick to try to dispel rumours that the Syrian ‘rebels’ were the very people responsible for the kidnapping of 11 Lebanese pilgrims inside Syria, who still remain in captivity to this day. Contrary to McCain’s – and his media apologists – desperate attempts to refute the claims; many reports suggested it was indeed the kidnappers he was seen posing with. Furthermore, in one report in Lebanon’s Al Akhbar, it is claimed McCain even went so far as to ask the kidnappers to hold some of the captive pilgrims, as they are suspected members of Hezbollah. According to a source who had previously been in contact with the kidnappers, McCain was allegedly there “to obstruct the efforts… to secure the release of the hostages.” Lebanon’s the Daily Star also reported on the “crossing of paths” between McCain, Mohammad Nour and Ammar Al-Dadikhi (a.k.a. Abu Ibrahim), who are members of ‘rebel’ group the Northern Storm; alleged to be holding the 11 Lebanese pilgrims.


In a report by Josh Rogin of the Daily Beast, it is claimed the ‘rebels’ McCain was seen posing with were not those responsible for the kidnapping, stating: (my emphasis)

The man said to be Nour by the Lebanese press never identified himself to McCain or to anyone else and that man was not inside McCain’s meeting with the rebels, two American NGO workers who were there on the scene told The Daily Beast on Thursday.

The first of these American ‘NGO’ workers responsible for setting up the McCain meeting and illegal trip into Syria is one Mouaz Moustafa, who is named as the Executive Director of ‘non-profit’ organisation the ‘Syrian Emergency Task Force.’ (SETF). Moustafa has previously worked as a staffer at the US House of Congress and Senate. He was also an ‘activist’ during the US/NATO- led illegal war in Libya and overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. Moustafa is listed as an ‘expert’ at the Wasington Institute for Near East Policy, (WINEP), the sub-branch of the huge Israeli lobby: the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee AIPAC; which regularly lobbies for US militarism and ‘intervention’ in the Middle East to uphold Israeli ‘interests’.

Moustafa, in his ‘expert’ role, has also recently addressed a WINEP conference on the Syrian conflict. (since these suspicious links were highlighted by an investigative reporter they have been removed from WINEP’s website.) Anyone with a passing knowledge of Israeli/Syrian relations and the power and influence these lobbying groups hold in Washington and within corporate US media, knows these affiliations are dubious to say the least. In a report by investigative journalist Maidhc Ó Cathail on the Passionate Attachment blog, it is also revealed:

Even more intriguingly, one of the web addresses for Moustafa’s nonprofit is “” The “” URL belongs to the Torah Academy of Boca Raton, Florida whose academic goals notably include “inspiring a love and commitment to Eretz Yisroel.”

The second ‘NGO’ worker quoted in the Daily Beast is one Elizabeth Obagy, named as Political Director of the same ‘NGO’ the SETF. The name Elizabeth Obagy immediately rang alarm bell’s. Obagy is also a “Syria analyst” at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). The ISW in its mission statement describes itself as: (my emphasis)

The Institute for the Study of War advances an informed understanding of military affairs through reliable research, trusted analysis, and innovative education. We are committed to improving the nation’s [the US] ability to execute military operations and respond to emerging threats in order to achieve U.S. strategic objectives. ISW is a non-partisan, non-profit, public policy research organization.

Upon reading ISW’s Board of Directors and donors from their 2011 annual report, it becomes rather obvious as to what the ISW is designed for and whose ‘objectives’ it is designed to propagate. A quick glance of the ISW’s main donors for 2011 is telling; the list of military (defense) contractor’s donors include:

General Dynamics, (General Dynamics is a market leader in business aviation; land and expeditionary combat vehicles and systems, armaments, and munitions; shipbuilding and marine systems; and mission-critical information systems and technology.) CACI, (CACI provides information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for Intelligence, Defense, and Federal Civilian clients. A member of the Fortune 1000 Largest Companies and the Russell 2000 Index, CACI provides dynamic careers for approximately 15,000 employees working in over 120 offices worldwide.)

DynCorp International, (DynCorp International is a global government services provider in support of U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives, delivering support solutions for defense, diplomacy, and international development.)

Palantir,(Our products are built for real analysis with a focus on security, scalability, ease of use and collaboration. They are broadly deployed in the intelligence, defense, law enforcement and financial communities.)

Northrop Grumman, (Northrop Grumman is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems, cybersecurity, C4ISR, and logistics and modernization to government and commercial customers worldwide.)

These companies represent just a few of the huge US corporate military contractors, ranging from hardware and logistics, to telecommunications and intelligence software that are primary donors of the ISW. The ISW describes its Corporate affiliations as a “Corporate Council”: (my emphasis)

Many of America’s top corporations are members of ISW’s Corporate Council. Corporate Council members believe that an advanced understanding of military issues results in significantly better national security policy. They recognize the relevance, accuracy, and impact of ISW’s research and analysis. Corporate Council members receive a number of benefits, including exclusive briefings with ISW’s leadership, advance publications, access to our network, tailored analysis, increased corporate visibility, and invitations to exclusive events and discussions with national security leaders.

So the ISW is providing “tailored analysis” for its Corporate clients, and also provides “exclusive briefings with ISW leadership”. Does this sound like a ‘non-profit’ organisation? Does providing “tailored analysis” for military contractors include raising the ‘need’ for such equipment and contracts? And do military contractors make money in any other way than profiting from war? One would find it difficult to put these things together and not see a conflict of interest from this alleged ‘objective’ research NGO.

The board of Directors at the ISW is also somewhat telling as to its political and corporate affiliations, some of the distinguished board members include such humanitarian adherents as founder of ISW Kimberly Kagan (Supported US ‘surge in Iraq, husband is resident scholar at Neo-Con ‘think-tank’ the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), brother is the husband to State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland) Liz Cheney, (daughter of war-criminal Dick) and leading Neo-Con mouthpiece and US militarist William Krystol, who all sit alongside many fellow US-militarism proponents, retired US Army Generals, and policy planners.

It seems that at least one of the organisers for McCains trip: Elizabeth Obagy, named as a “Political Director” of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, is also a “Syria specialist” at what appears to be a Neo-Con led US ‘NGO’ that propagates US militarism on behalf of huge military contractors and ‘defense’ corporations. So why would Liz Obagy be organising illegal trips for US Senator John McCain into Syria in her role as “political director” at the SETF, whilst also claiming to offer ‘balanced’, ‘neutral’ and ‘objective analysis’ on the Syrian conflict? One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise there is a massive conflict of interest here. When approached on Twitter, Moustafa of the SETF, which is based in Washington DC, claimed their funding comes from American Syrian doctors and expatriate donors. The mission statement of the SETF is as follows: (my emphasis)

To organize, mobilize and empower the Syrian American community, and our partners in order to play a positive role in public policy regarding Syria and the Middle East, supporting the democratic aspirations of the Syrian people, improving the lives of average Syrian people, strengthening the rule of law, and helping in transitioning Syria into a viable, inclusive, diverse, democratic state.

Without delving too far into Moustafa’s ties to the US Government through his previous work experience and former ‘activist’ work; it becomes clear that his current duties are at the behest of the US State Department. In a recent press release the SETF personally thanked the State Department: (my emphasis)

Washington, DC–The Syrian Emergency Task Force would like to thank all those involved in making Senator McCain’s trip to Gaziantep and to Syria a success, particularly the U.S. Department of State….It was a pleasure working with the Department of State in ensuring that the Senator’s visit went safely and flawlessly,” said SETF Executive Director Mouaz Moustafa.

Employing “political Directors”, that are affiliated with Neo-Con, and military contractor funded ‘NGO’ the Institute for the Study of War, seems somewhat contradictory to “improving the lives of average Syrian people”, and “supporting democratic aspirations” in the Middle East. Has it occurred to Moustafa and Obagy, that the vast majority of Syrian people want nothing to do with war criminals and pushers of all things US/Israeli militarism under the guise of “freedom and democracy”? One thinks this is out of the equation, and Moustafa’s ‘Syrian Emergency Task Force’ outfit is nothing more than a State Department/Neo-Con/Israel lobby initiated, propaganda outfit.

Phil Greaves is a UK based writer/analyst, focusing on UK/US Foreign Policy and conflict analysis in the Middle East post WWII.

National Highway Safety Admin and a Think Tank (UN NGO ?) asking for blood and DNA

samples at AL Road Blocks

Why were roadblocks in St. Clair and Bibb counties asking for blood and DNA samples this weekend?

PELL CITY, Alabama — St. Clair and Bibb county authorities are confirming there were roadblocks at several locations in their counties Friday and Saturday asking for blood and DNA samples. However, the samples were voluntary and motorists were paid for them as part of a study, they said.

According to Lt. Freddie Turrentine of the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department, it isn’t the first time such roadblocks have occurred in the area.

“They were here in 2007,” said Turrentine, the supervisor in charge of the roadblocks, which took place in several locations in St. Clair County Friday night, early Saturday morning and Saturday night and early Sunday morning. “It’s just with social media and Facebook now, word of it has just exploded.”

Turrentine said the roadblocks were part of a study conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, working with the National Highway Safety Administration. St. Clair County was asked to participate by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs because it had worked with the group six years ago.

more @


PIRE was founded in the early 1970s when a group of allied scientists were among the first to recognize the dangers inherent in the emergence of widespread drug use. The Institute developed and disseminated some of the earliest prevention strategies. Since then, PIRE has broadened its scope to encompass many of the most serious threats to human health and safety.

From Facebook via

Have you seen/heard anything about this in AL? “NATO forces holding road blocks and asking people take saliva, and give them blood samples for money!
They are also taking a survey and asking people …how much alcohol you drink, how much prescription medicine you take and what,how much over the counter meds you have taken in the past year
These people are in blue jump suits and if you refuse their deal they will simply try to detain you there till you do! ”

ME: No way… Really?
about an hour ago via mobile · Like

Author: A friend in MISS was asking if it’s true. Pell City and St. Clair Co. AL
I can’t find anything except “free republic” with a report. MSM obviously will be silent
about an hour ago · Edited · Unlike · 1

FB Friend #1: ABC 33/40 will be making a press release. It happened – in what context and who was.involved is the question. Seems that DOT is possibly testing new BAC swab test. News says story has been exaggerated. We’ll see.
20 minutes ago via mobile · Like

FB Friend #2: The longer they wait the less believable it will be.


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