The Resistance, It continues and will not stop until VICTORY

Mu announcement & interview, 2

Pray to be standing .. at the end of the path at the gate of Paradise sees you put your foot on the first path is calling you, saying: O Lord, him .. Peace, O Lord, “O Allah, bless and peace upon our beloved .. The best of humanity”:

عن جابر – رضي الله عنه -: أن رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وسلم – قال: «اتقوا الظلم؛ فإن الظلم ظلمات يوم القيامة. واتقوا الشح؛ فإن الشح أهلك من كان قبلكم. حملهم على أن سفكوا دماءهم، واستحلوا محارمهم» . رواه مسلم.
الشح: البخل مع الحرص على طلب المال من غير وجهه المأذون فيه، كما في الحديث الآخر: «إن الله حرم عليكم عقوق الأمهات، ووأد البنات، ومنعا، وهات» .
Jabir – may Allah be pleased with him -: that the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – said: «Fear injustice; the injustice darkness on the Day of Resurrection. And fear of scarcity; the scarcity family who came before you. Get them to shed their blood, and Asthaloua Mharmanm ». Narrated by Muslim.

Mu wish for a good night
Scarcity: stinginess with care to ask for money from non-authorized face when, as in the other talk: «God has forbidden you disobeying mothers, female infanticide, and strictly, Hat».



Libya first in death statistics and arms.!


: Philanthropist

Precision confidential information … I want to report that there are a total of cars belonging to the national army, are being smuggled today and tomorrow from several desert outlets.
After he was yesterday arrested a group of them, and I had shields and these vehicles on board, medium and light weapons and ammunition of all kinds.

The ways in which it is possible that the pathways of these cars armed way Bodrish and the way Hawari Sellouk and by Benina Biar then entry was Asahroa, which connects to Ajdabiya and beyond Ajdabiya to Brega.

If exceeded area Ajdabiya they be have succeeded in their mission and driving this process Ahmad المجبري and Slim Nbus and Ahmad Alzelitni and coracoid, hardness and Ziad macrophage سيته directly with troops and weapons to Misrata by slip and oases.
Their goal Benghazi dump of the army and security I hope to take my words seriously and God bearing witness to what I have to say is important that they want transfer all Maimlkon to Misratah.



Exclusive: Abdullah Belhadj thankless displays five million to buy the Free Libya TV ..!! And describes its director _ Melon _ Balajoani!!?

(Arish Saeed)

Explosion targeting the headquarters of the channel Free Libya in Benghazi 06/14/2013

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 14 يونيو, 2013 | 01:10

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

Rats channel presented a free Libya in Benghazi by an explosive device explosion and tenderly Army adopts the process.

Libya Telecom & Technology.

15 MAY 2013:

Company is pleased to Libya Telecom and Technology announced the resumption of sales to Libya ADSL service in places where the service already available in addition to new cities:
Kufra, Nalut, Bnjuad the, Abyar, Alkwyfah, Qmins, Qasralokhiar, Jallow, Awjila the, Ajkrh.

Disclaimer of 06 JUNE 2013

The company is well aware that her previous was tinged بالعثرات, institution to operate without a strategic planning or mechanisms to ensure the implementation and monitoring to achieve the purpose of and behind the foundation: to provide optimal service to subscribers.

The company does not deny that Alarkal in its work continued after the liberation, مستنزفا time and technical resources, financial and human, reflected negatively on the subscriber’s relationship, which has been drown him with promises not been إيفاؤها, Mrtakih him to an unprecedented peak of distrust and righteous indignation.

Now, with the support exceptionally official state institutions, which the company is part of the components, are for the first time a real chance to re-correct track, which would apply to all components of the physical and moral integrity, both in terms of vision, strategies, functions, performance, in order to remove them from the circle of confusion to the path of systematic scientific work, to achieve the objectives of the two parties have always wished for: the joint, and the company.

What is the new vision for the company?
What are the guarantees to achieve?
Is it possible that the common touch her ​​application on both the level of service and support in order to close?

This is what will be announced, soon, God willing.

13 JUNE 2013:

1 – notes the company reiterated that it did not resume selling its services to individuals to date, and that the rumors about the resumption of the sale rumors unfounded.

2 – the company is not only head of the one-page official, and other alerts, no secret to subscribers particularly interested in online services generally ease the development of sites and pages false for the purpose of fraud and tampering by the company SIMs.

3 – As part of the ongoing movement within the company in order to correct its course and improve its services, the company is working with the relevant authorities in order to develop the means and mechanisms to ensure the security and safety of company equipment and subscriber data (hardware and data).


Mediterranean News Agency
Special: what happened in the battalion February 17, after the massacre of bin Humaid fugitive:

Met Colonel امراجع, the Almsheety all members of the battalion and said to them, “either join or’ll go on the radio and say that you are not under امرتى and let people say his speech .. with some preaching and reminding them the revolution and bloodshed”

What was the only battalion of young people to join the Air Defense Forces awaiting training .. Except invitee “Mokhtar Burzizh” who withdrew with group of Altcfhirien “confidential protection” and joined the militia Ansar al-Sharia!!!!!

It is noteworthy that both members of the battalion joined Colonel Almsheety had received death threats and the bombing!!

(Valley girl)

As stated ..
Directed Libya Shield Forces Western Brigade area Tighe to impose “security”.
We bring you new developments?

Libya Shield – Western Brigade

Aaaaaaaajl / / 13.06.2013
Arrest was issued called Mohammed زعبية by Deputy band Adnan al-Shibani, and for his work against the “revolution of February 17, and the rebels”.

Word to us now :::: Tripoli

Announce some residents of the area فشلوم peacefully refusing to return The Mohammed زعبية player to play in Libya and in the ranks of the Union Club.

Second Special Task attribution:

They said that God commanded this, and he was satisfied with them fully and satisfaction of them die for the sake of this has won بجنات the mole and Hur eye!!

And that the country asked them to do this Pasir Insulate

They said that the people entrusted to these tasks!

The picture is not from Israel
Lasserre Libyan rebels, however Bernard Levy Mujahideen!

(Admin 1)


Zaidane calls “displaced” Libyans in Tunisia to return to their country

Agence France-Presse (AFP)

The head of the interim RAT government Ali Zaidane, who is visiting Tunisia on Wednesday “displaced” Libyans in Tunisia to return to Libya, vowing to “settle their own affairs.”

Zaidane said in a joint press conference with his Tunisian counterpart Ali broadband, “I thank Tunisia for hosting the displaced Libyans, who were forced by circumstances to stay in Tunisia, and I would like to express to them from here, about the intention of the Libyan government sincere in settling their affairs and treatment because the home is cuddling warm for all” .

In 2012 media said the Tunisian non-governmental organizations, said that about 560 thousand Libyan preferred to stay in Tunisia, which came to them during the revolution, Feb. 17.

The media says, if they chose to remain in Tunisia because of the continuing deterioration of the security situation in their country or for fear of reprisals in Libya against the background of their association with the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Ali Zaidane added that “the new Libyan state will absorb all her children. No doubt that the benefits of the revolution and new constraints but the citizen will remain the capital of the country.”

“I assure those Libyan citizens in Tunisia, the Libyan government’s keenness to settle their affairs, has visited the Head Office of internally displaced Libyans Tunisia in the past few days and ستتوالى visits to address this issue.”

News directed Parliament to dismiss Zaidane as RAT prime minister:

He said members of the National Congress, which is the highest constitutional authority in Libya that demands the dismissal of Zaidane is growing, especially after the bloody events in the eastern city of Benghazi last week and claimed the lives of dozens of dead and wounded in an attack by protesters on the battalion headquarters of the Libyan army.

He said a member of the National Conference asked not to be identified: «now talk about being really accelerate the dismissal of Zaidane, other sees reeling from office after all that has happened, despite the provision of appropriate conditions for the work of the government.

The high-level source told the National Conference: «wait conduct Zaidane cabinet reshuffle his cabinet consisting of 29 ministers, will be the dismissal of six ministers, including at least the current defense minister Mohammed Barosa». He continued: «It’s a matter of time, there is growing anger against the prime minister, it went months on his election and taking office, but did not touch the average citizen no progress at all.

The F tourist Chairman of the Committee for the Defense Conference is the leading candidate so far and the most likely to take this position, but he apparently faces strong competition from teammate adequate Sharif independent member of the National Conference from Prairie City.

On العسبلي | |

The new municipal system division and strife!

Prairie City in the new municipal system divided to three Bledat, mayor of Prairie (Arafa) and Jrds municipality slaves (slaves), and the municipality Coast Mountain (الدرسة) ..
Even days popularities escalations and Muammar turf was full geographical area popular Per tribes that inhabited, today came Zaidane to complete Mabdah

the despicable Setif “Boshna” Btafrikh turf and the idea of ​​the boards (CEN-SAD), divides the city of Prairie forever this time ..

(IT WILL NEVER WORK! As Muammar said, cannot break the people into FACTIONS & PARTIES and HAVE REPRESENTATIVES! It is all political nonsense and power/greed controls them…and they all must be paid! Only the people themselves should control their lives through People’s Congresses & People’s Committees as before under the Great Jamahiriya, which really never has been dissolved by the people. It is still the only Legitimate system in Libya.)



Member Almzrati Conference Zubia …. effect Altremadol!!!!!!!


Sadiq Ghiryani Mufti “Diar Libyan” after that disappeared nearly week did not comment on the killing of 42 young men and injured more than a hundred others by militias armor led by “Ben Hamida,” and we thought that harm may have infected eminence came out today commentator on the subject sit university students demanding security and opined:
“We must prevent the mixing at the University of Tripoli to anti-harassment and pests


This is the subject of a page-Hawari General Hospital Benghazi

This unidentified young man was found Wednesday morning 12/06/2013 by members of the border guards in the discipline project Elsafsfah and was transferred to Hawary General Hospital and is currently in the care of heart Hawary General Hospital.

Ali recognize him contact
Ground 0612224555
0926374372 Mobile السيدمحمد-Fakhri ….. or mobile 09282553376 Mr. Walid Ben Halim, head of medical procedures and designate Census.
We ask everyone to participate in this thread so that his family can access it.

(Hani Al Oraibi)
A hospital Information Office official
Hawari year – Benghazi

News about finding someone tortured to death and shot in the head in the draft Elsafsfah. Not identified the victim yet.

Salem al-Obeidi – Benghazi, | |

Project (project Elsafsfah the Benghazi), which has become a special place for the playoffs, an unidentified man do not still Baraa the death,

he found to his underwear and in the head by live bullets, and tortured and did not recognize him until now, Elsafcefh and qualifying series did not end.

Salem al-Obeidi | |

Youth Special Forces Marine Corps, having been assigned to the main port and port جليانه, now tell me b they ردتهم calls from doctors and workers to conditions in the Hawari if deteriorated will be suspended work there, P volunteered a number of them to protect the hospital as a humanitarian service and free of charge, and will start tonight in protect Hawwari and dividing each other,

Message on the Salem DLF 9 JUNE 2013

Conqueror Never

Channel free Burqa / URGENT

Consultations secret place of last night 12 June between the arms of the political affiliate of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood various entities institutional presence of an observer in the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood  Bashir Kabty in order to work on closing a file massacre Alkwyfah last Saturday and to also organize a

demonstration of hypnosis public opinion again after that start to unfold the game linking between the Brotherhood and the city of Misratah, these shields and some social dignitaries.

And noted that the above-mentioned meeting, which was held in the home of Fawzy Bozekok, city of Benghazi came against the backdrop of the massacre Saturday black Balkwyfah and the suspension of flights Qatar. Among attend a meeting yesterday, a representative of Awqaf office in Benghazi and Radio Lighthouse for the adaptation of his speeches mosques on Friday. The source said work is underway now on print publications and pictures and write banners and work on the other hand to mobilize citizens in Benghazi pour out tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.


DC Office of Benghazi channel:

Photo sit-in for the injured injured in the events of Libya shield in front of 1,200 bed hospital and out patients بأسرتهم to the outside and closed the main road now!


Families of martyrs refuse to permit Alguenida #

Spokesman for the families of the martyrs of the massacre of Libya Shield militia ..

Our children sacrificed in order to build a unified army for the country .. In order to end any presence of militias over the land of Libya .. And not in order get us Mr. Alguenida of the 1000 Kilwa meters in order to complete the march and carved all the brazen talk about armor is not resolved .. B sacrificed 40 Shahid sacrifice 400 or 4000 .. The message I think it’s reached Mr. Alguenida.


Demolition of building foundations and rules of the Muslim Brotherhood
((Party of Justice and Development)) city of Tobruk

[Free channel Cyrenaica]



Clashes at the University of Sirte and so many injuries among girls and news on the presence of dead:

Mkmadas FM.
News unfortunate killing two people and injuring 3 seriously injured and many were wounded in the battle today at the University of Sirte ask God for safety.

The news agency – Sirte – reporter – Urgent

Colonel “Salah بوحليقة” for the news agency, that the situation in Sirte under control after clashes and random shooting inside the campus, killing a student and a student from the University of Sirte, and wound
Nearly all eleven students..

Video clashes University of Sirte and the moment of the death of the student Abdul Hakim Boukhcm

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 14 يونيو, 2013 | 01:17

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sirte.

Two killed and 12 wounded in the shooting inside the University of the challenge in Sirte

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 13 يونيو, 2013 | 18:29

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sirte.

Clashes at the University of challenge Sirte and fall of many of the injured, including girls and News confirmed the presence of dead. 

Dr. Ismail hospital director Sirte: Log In 12 cases the result clashes and the number of deaths 2 to now. 

Dr. Suad from inside the hospital, Ben-Sinai Sirte: 2 deaths and two cases in the care of a girl and a young man and 4 cases in the processes and the latest information from inside the hospital.

Network Libya ….

The death of the student, “Iman Lafi” at the University of Sirte because of the events of the day.
The outcome of the events of the day at the University of Sirte
Least two dead, did not we get the names
Girl infected thigh fracture
Girl and a young man in intensive care
Least two operations under
Many of varying injuries, including girl was hit by a bullet in the hand:

The news agency – Sirte – reporter

After fleeing from Benghazi “and Sam bin Humaid,” in Sirte
Now to host a person named “Ali Alstaoa”, a jihadist
And militants, b Sirte and famous b kiwi “.

Out “bin Humaid” Day massacre Libya Shield 1, and Black Sabbath
Killed “42” dead and nearly 150 wounded, destined to
The city of Ajdabiya, “Zueitina,” when a person named “Kabylie Bovgerh” the
And then returned to Benghazi at night to gather a number of his men, and princes
Shields b Sabri area, and then degrades the traveler in the city of Sirte
Last night.

And note that parents of the blood of the victims’ families and the injured, contend
To solve the armor, and the dimensions of the “bin Humaid Al” and his trial and held accountable
Accountability and Chief of Staff Major General “ornately Joseph”, and carry them
Full responsibility for what happens to Benghazi:



dates of sale of gas cylinders:




The Al_husaona system announces stop the flow of
Water to the city of Tripoli

(Maram Albuaiche)

now …

The sudden spread of gates and checkpoints in most parts of the city .

Quoting page .. LIBYA NOW …

Salim butcher: Abdul Ghani “Gneoh”

Gneoh returned to Libya after the liberation of Tripoli. Belhadj and commissioned by the Council was set up miniature military his arrest Elmejrmyin job responsible for the massacre of highway
Appointed head of the military council with some Salafist youth in the region, has been teamed for the region’s youth of graduates jails, Elmejrmyin and the owners of the gates and precedents أطلقو the beards were seized camp Altjeic the reality behind the market Abu Salim and Atkhadd as the headquarters of the Council
And quickly turned the Abu Ghraib Gneoh to the Council of Libya. As practiced in this Council are all kinds of torture … “Electricity, dogs, cotyledon, leather, assaulted and killed”
Many people lost their lives in this Council as a result of torture ..

In order to secret Gneoh the crimes center was inaugurated by Sri beside the fountain market, led by the offender Sheikh “Nasser Marghany” aka Pei Nasser Alhichery,

Where lies within the prison Sheikh Nasser lot of people .. Bazhm a Reserve Liberation of days … and some lost their lives and others have gone mad from the horror of torture.

Sheikh Nasser prison is located behind the gold market. Next to the school and follow Gneoh .. The right دراعه

نقلا عن صفحة .. LIBYA NOW …جــزار بــوسليم : عبد الغنــى ” غنيــوة “رجع غنيوة لليبيا بعد تحرير طرابلس .و بتكليف من بلحاج تم انشاء مجلس عسكرى مصغر وظيفته القبض على المجرميين المسؤولين عن مذبحـة طريق السريع
عين رئيس المجلس العسكرى مع بعض الشباب السلفى فى المنطقة , تم إنظم للمجلس شباب المنطقة من خرجـى السجون والمجرميين واصحاب البوابات والسوابق و أطلقو اللحى وتم الاستيلاء على معسكر التجيش الواقع خلف سوق بوسليم واتخد كمقر للمجلس
وبسرعة تحول مجلس غنيــوة إلى أبوغريب ليبيا . حيث يمارس فى هدا المجلس كل انواع التعذيب …”كهرباء,كلاب , فلقة ,جلد , اعتداء وقتل ”
فقد الكثيرين حياتهم داخل هدا المجلس جراء التعذيب ..ولكى يخفى غنيــوة جرائمه قام بإفتتاح مركز سرى بجانب سوق النافورة يقوده المجرم الشيخ ” ناصر المرغنــى ” الملقب بى ناصر الشيشرىحيث يقبع داخل سجن الشيخ ناصــر الكثير من الناس ..بعظهم موقوف من ايام التحرير …والبعض فقد حياته والبعض الاخر جن جنونه من هول التعذيبسجن الشيخ ناصــر يقع خلفــ سوق الذهب . بجانب المدرسة ويتبع غنيوة ..ويعتبر دراعه الايمنبنت الوادي

TRIPOLI Newsflash
Before about an hour from now two Mjholtan cars first car type identity Camry and other vehicle type Hyundai Elantra carrying out the bombing Shop for tapes and CDs in the Friday Market arsenal Tripoli.
Mediterranean News Agency:
Led to the dismay of the region’s population and led to material damage in the shop next door and the top of the place which required civil defense تطفئة the fire, which broke out in the place and there was no damage to human never, thank God,

A car accident shortly before the Ring Road and Spring Valley:


An expanded meeting at the headquarters of the presidency of the University of Tripoli includes

the ministers of Interior and Education and Scientific Research and President of the University

to examine and discuss the deteriorating security situation, which the university is currently undergoing:

Dear Students

No date has been set Preparatory School certificate results after

For the management of Mr. bin Saud exams.

مواعيد تهمك
لاهتمام كافة الطلاب والمعلمين وأولياء الأمور
مرة أخرى يضع مكتب الإعلام بوزارة التربية والتعليم أمام جميع المعلمين والطلاب الأعزاء..هذه المواعيد الدراسية:-
بالنسبة لسنوات النقل لمرحلتي التعليم الأساسي والثانوي للعام الدراسي 2012م – 2013م
امتحان نهاية الفصل الدراسي الثاني لجميع المراحل من 12/5/2013م إلى 23/5/2013م
امتحان الدور الثاني لسنوات النقل من 30/6/2013م إلى 7/7/2013م.
أما بالنسبة للشهادات العامة بمرحلتي التعليم الأساسي والثانوي للعام الدراسي 2012م – 2013م
امتحان نهاية العام الدراسي لشهادة إتمام مرحلة التعليم الأساسي الدور الأول من 26/ 5/2013م إلى 6/6/2013م.
امتحان الدور الثاني لشهادة إتمام مرحلة التعليم الأساسي من 18/8/2013م إلى 25/8/2013م امتحان نهاية العام الدراسي لشهادة إتمام مرحلة التعليم الثانوي الدور الأول من 9/6/2013م إلى 20/6/2013م. امتحان الدور الثاني لشهادة إتمام مرحلة التعليم الثانوي 18/8/2013م إلى 25/8/2013م
المعلمون المكلفون بأعمال الامتحانات لا ينطبق بشأنهم عطلة المعلمين إلا بعد الانتهاء منها.
عطلة المعلمين 9/7/2013م.
عودة المعلمين 8/8/2013م.
الاكتتاب للعام الدراسي 2013- 2014م لتلاميذ الصف الأول من 9/يونيو/2013م إلى 9/يوليو/2013م
بداية العام الدراسي 2013- 2014م 1/9/2013م

Important dates
To the attention of all the students, teachers and parents
Once again puts the Information Office of the Ministry of Education, in front of all the teachers and students dear .. this school appointments: –
For years transportation for primary and secondary education for the academic year 2012 AD – 2013 AD
Exam the end of the second semester for all stages from 12/05/2013 to 23/05/2013
Exam the second round for years to transport from 30/06/2013 to 07/07/2013.
As for the public certificates phases of primary and secondary education for the academic year 2012 AD – 2013 AD
The end of the school year exam for the certificate of completion stage of basic education the first round of the 26/5/2013 to 06/06/2013.
Exam the second round of the certificate of completion of basic education from 18/08/2013 to 08/25/2013 the end of the school year exam for the certificate of completion of secondary education the first round of 09/06/2013 to 06/20/2013. Exam the second round of the certificate of completion of secondary education 08/18/2013 to 25/08/2013
Teachers in charge of the work of exams does not apply with respect to whom teachers holiday only after it is finished.
07/09/2013 teachers holiday.
Back 08.08.2013 teachers.
IPO for the academic year 2013 – 2014 for students in the first row of 9 / June / 2013 to 9 / July / 2013
The beginning of the academic year 2013 – 2014 09/01/2013

Tripoli University Students’ Union:

Meeting was held today Thursday, 6.13.2013 hall meetings chaired by the university in the presence of both the Minister of Interior and Minister of Higher Education and the university president and Deputy Minister ordered the X band and student unions university has discussed the security situation within the university and the reasons for the protest, which clarified the President of the Federation of University Students (Muhammad Akecot ) in his speech to attend which followed the words of the university president and the two ministers and has to provide all the demands in this word are discussed and the discussion was positive and results in the interest of the university are as follows:

1 – Advertising Interior Minister to form a committee only two weeks duration problem of all parties within the university, including the Federation of University Students to study the security situation in full and submit it to the ministry.

2 – Agreement on the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Interior and Higher Education for the training and rehabilitation of the university Guard and commissioned the university administration screened process and submit lists of names targeted to the Interior Ministry.

3 – Interior Minister stressed the need to take out the security formations or انطوائها under the X band mandated by him, or the use of force to get them out.

4 – to issue a ministerial decision to form a joint operations room with all stakeholders, including all well University Students’ Union to monitor and evaluate the daily submission to the Conference of the Interior Ministry and Higher Education.

5 – Agreement between the two ministries to provide cars and radios to the X band in charge of the interior.

The meeting was good and the perception of the seriousness shown by the interior minister and education to students and union students and تثمينهم to the efforts being made to ensure a stable environment conducive atmosphere on campus and that his Mansay we as a union. We ask God that this will be a breakthrough for the better, God willing …



The people of the city of Ajeelat denounce government neglect of their city


By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 12  2013 | 18:54



Kidnapping Salem Salem Shaaban human rights activist and a Tawergha notables residence between Tripoli and Sabha, was kidnapped on Thursday 13/6 of the airport in Tripoli, where he was heading to the city of Sabha. His mobile is still locked and news of his presence at the headquarters of one of the battalions Street Mazran.

Word Us Now
After hearing about the presence of a military convoy arrived to Jufrah Air Base heading to the beach there is a large force of Mgarha Alchuirv Sabha 
and is preparing to move toward the beach in case of any emergency circumstance may be located there..

Ambush arbitrator for the sixth brigade, area Barak beach 14/06/2013

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 14 يونيو, 2013 | 02:29<
The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sabha.
Members of the so-called exposure Sixth Infantry Brigade, was ambushed near the village of Qira beach by unidentified gunmen, as they returned from the city of Tripoli, after they receive military vehicles from the so-called “Ministry of Public Defense” ..And wounding three of them, and still trapped until this moment, amid fully alert to the sixth Infantry Brigade members, and militia battalions city of Sabha.
Free newspaper Sabha:
Elements of the Sixth Brigade stationed after Qoirh money by 3 Kailua and communicate with the elders and sages Barak beach to remove the wounded from the brigade elements to them.
Sabha today
News about the clash in the Qira happened between the power of 9 Brigade and battalion martyrs the battalion بوحليقة corner
There is a wound of the martyrs are far corner inside the hospital Barak and cause of the shooting is unknown and is said to be an attempt Martyrs auto disarm corner of Ninth Brigade force evolved into a clash at
Libya Gate ·
About who came near the Qira the beach and in the 25-gate specifically:
When the convoy of cars followed one Brigades Sabha recipients cars from Tripoli and Marwahine how they got to the gate where they were members of the mobile power has become an altercation between them and evolved to shoot between the parties died three people and one belonging to the power of animation and two followed the battalion who Jaybh cars and the wounded from both sides
This story briefly
Colonel Salah Abu permit curl corner Martyrs Brigade commander
Special free newspaper Sabha
In an exclusive statement to Colonel Salah Abu curl said the Martyrs Brigade the Nfnz corner accusations against it regarding the ambush near Qira.
He said that the car of the Sixth Brigade has passed the point of a battalion in gate Agheilanah and after the passage of which they were ambushed and
wounded when four members of the brigade and all of them are alive and thankfully.
He claimed that all parties to Tani and start pulling the wounded was the formation of a commission of inquiry to establish the facts.

Free newspaper Sabha:

Free newspaper Sabha:
The protest carried out by civil society organizations Murzuq and its environs in front of the local council Murzuq ..
to condemn the sabotage carried out by gangs. Armed robberies on banks and citizens.


Murzuq Oil wants to see Francois Hollande on Petroplus

Source: Reuters
07/03/2013 at 12:52 / Updated on 07/03/2013 at 12:53

The Inter the Petroplus refinery and Libyan society Murzuq Oil,
candidate recovery site Petit-Couronne (Seine-Maritime), ask to meet rapidly Hollande to move forward.
/ File Photo / REUTERS / Philippe Wojazer

The Inter the Petroplus refinery and Libyan society Murzuq Oil, candidate recovery site Petit-Couronne (Seine-Maritime), ask to meet rapidly Hollande to move forward.

A joint venture agreement was concluded between the Swiss and Murzuq Terrae International Oil, who want to create a named Murzuq France to preserve 470 jobs at the refinery threatened with closure society.

According to Yvon Scornet, spokesman of the Inter CGT / CFDT / CFE-CGC, these two companies are part of the four cases of recovery “serious” with Net Oil (Dubai) and the Egyptian investment firm Arabiyya lel Istithmaraat.

The Tribunal de Commerce de Rouen will meet April 16 to choose a buyer or reject bids.

“Murzuq Oil needs to be received by President Francois Hollande to show a strong gesture to save the jobs of Petit-Couronne,” said in a statement Thursday the company Mabrouk Jomode Elie Getty, who presents himself as former Chairman the revolution in the south of Libya.

The company hopes that this meeting be held before next Saturday and Inter-request to participate because “time is running out for us.”

Yvon Scornet said in a statement that the government should show its support for various projects, including availability to unlock a contribution from the Strategic Investment Fund (FSI) for restarting the site.

“France must show that defense industry today is not an idea but needs to be a reality,” he wrote.”The Murzuq project is important for the future of both countries and for exchanges with the new Republic of Libya.”

The Inter emits its doubts on the supply of Egyptian society, “which does not give a lot of desire to move forward for now except through intermediaries in Paris”, when she was officially supported by the Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg.

Netoil according to Yvon Scornet administrative approvals and is currently completing his record.

According to the CFDT delegate site, Laurent Patinier, letters of dismissal of staff will be sent at the beginning of April when the nominations for the resumption received before that date do not seem credible.

The provisional directors had dampened hopes of 470 employees on 6 February stating that five bids were submitted at this stage that the expressions of interest and postponed a decision.

Yves Clarisse, edited by Patrick Vignal

Reuters © 2013 – All rights reserved by Reuters.

Are free Murzuq

TPOC-Turkish-Petroleum-Overseas-Company-in Muzruq, Libya

Libya’s Sharara Field Reaches Output of 300,000 Barrels/Day

Posted on 13 February 2012. Tags: 

Libya’s Sharara Field Reaches Output of 300,000 Barrels/DayLibya’s Sharara oilfield has reached a production level of 300,000 barrels a day, state-owned National Oil Corp. said on its website.Sharara, which has a maximum production capacity of 340,000 barrels a day, is operated by Repsol YPF SA’s joint venture Akakus Oil Operations. The field is located in the Murzuq basin in southwestern Libya, about 730 kilometers (450 miles) south of Tripoli, the capital, according to NOC.(Source: Bloomberg)



Live in the woods … that’s how it has become to live in Fezzan
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::

Frankly and unfortunately we say that living in the south became as if you live in the jungle .. and from my point of view as if he has become a struggle between black and preached ‘.. and intent of the word black denote that in people Aisha on its spirit meaning’ law of the jungle ”…
By God, this Mesh haram!!! If Chowoa the Maad >> thefts and all violations every day in Zayed Xie reasonable .. steal a car and dropped off entire family بصغارها in the road and Zidha the throw them with a weapon … This launched We Win dwell!!!
And the story of the banks closed in small and Adzua the areas including Sabha Bish’s Asrvo check … And Aaratha and stood at here, after pulling pain and the ‘mafia’ Terje them the righteousness the bank and Ihnoa to the whole amount withdrawn .. is attributable owner of the check ‘by Anonymous nostalgia’ Colt Arab proverb ..
This launched my people, somewhat understand us We Win Aychen??? Reasonable Mafish not an army and no police!!! And the problem everything gets at the height of the day openly and before the people!!! And Mafish extent speak!!!
Suffice God and yes, the agent

This علاش I asked السوال
If Jerk living in the city or the forest .. Where you choose
If this situation continues to launch is the difference between a residential place and the forest???!!!



TABU of Kufra

Libya’s Tabu tribe hopes for lasting peace

AljazeeraBy Rebecca Murray | Aljazeera – Mon, 03 Dec. 2012

Kufra, Libya – The drive across Libya’s Sahara from Murzuq to Kufra is arduous. Without a road, the desert’s residents, subsistence smugglers, and border guards navigate massive sand dunes and old mine fields guided by small piles of stones and ubiquitous fuel canisters.

Once at the isolated Kufra oasis, a large wall built by the local majority Arab Zwai tribe encircles the small town, funnelling desert traffic into one guarded entrance. The Zwai are also in charge of Kufra’s local councils, military council, commercial downtown and airport.  The south’s Arab communities  include the Zwai, Awlad Suleiman and Warfalla tribes.

Tabu 2 

Tabu trade is crucial to the tribe’s way of life

Kufra’s other residents, the minority Tabu tribe, are segregated into the impoverished ghettoes of Gadarfai and Shura. Cordoned off by checkpoints now monitored by the Libyan army, they live in damaged shacks surrounded by rubbish heaps and scorched earth, leftovers from this year’s fighting.

The balance of power between local tribes in places such as Kufra has shifted, and tribal battles between the indigenous Tabu and Arab tribes over power and control of lucrative trade routes have exacerbated instability along the country’s vast southern border.

The Libyan region in which the Tabu live – from the shabby outskirts of Sabha and Murzuq to Kufra about 900km to the east – is rich in oil, rare minerals, and the precious underground water of “the GREAT MAN-made RIVER” that is funneled to the coast, where an estimated 90 per cent of Libya’s population, which formerly was more than six million, live. It is also prime territory for illicit trade, with government-subsidised fuel and food smuggled out of the country, and weapons, drugs, alcohol and migrants ferried in.

Discrimination stemmed from Libya’s 1954 citizenship law, traditionally semi-nomadic tribes – such as the Tabu- lacked identification, denying them access to higher education, skilled jobs, housing and health care.

The Tabu activate, under the name of “Sons of Solomon”,  their tribal ties across Libya’s border with Sudan, Chad and Niger.

During that time, the country’s yankee-puppet RAT “National Transitional Council (NTC)” assigned Tabu’s military leader Issa Abdel Majid Mansour and his armed border guard from Kufra a key role in monitoring the south’s porous frontier.   (SONS OF SOLOMON)    

The south’s deadly turf wars kicked off. “The causes were a mix of economics and racism, and political prestige…”explained RAT Fathi Baja, a political science professor at Benghazi University and a founding member of the NTC.

Recurrent violent clashes in Kufra between the Pro-Puppet Rat Government forces  and the Pro Green Jamahiriya peoples over the past year have left more than 150 dead, and a fierce battle in March between the Tebu, Arab Awlad Sulieman and Abu Seif tribes in Sebha claimed an estimated 200 lives.

Polarised by hate

With hundreds more injured and neighbourhoods devastated by intense mortar fire, these small communities are now polarised by hate.

“We have Chadians coming and stealing and living with Tabu families,” said Colonel Suleiman Hamed Hassan, the Zwai military council head, during a lull in Kufra’s conflict. “The Tabu think that Chad can protect them !- Chadians have no principles, and cannot tell the truth.”

The Zwai’s monopoly over Kufra’s hospital and transport routes – which prevented most humanitarian aid from reaching Tabu neighbourhoods – and the so-called “ministry of defense“‘s decision to send their auxiliary Shield of Libya brigades from the coastal northeast” to Kufra  has only exacerbated the violence.

“I was in Benghazi when I heard that Chadians were invading Libya,” said Rami Al Shabeibi, one of the few journalists in Kufra. “When I got there, there were no Chadians – only Tabu.”

Al Shabeibi said the Zwai’s satellite equipment and media savvy played a pivotal role in convincing Shield of Libya militias to drive down. But the undisciplined force soon turned their weapons on the Tebu, and fighters from as far as Misrata came to fight the “Tabu”, with little idea about the terrain or whom they were shooting at.

Returning residents say the battle against supporters of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA has not ended in town of Bani Walid. ( 26-Oct-2012 )

The NTC, pushed by increasingly critical media reports and the international community, finally brokered (HAH) a ceasefire between the Tabu in June, and between Kufra’s fatigued original waring parties a month later.

“There is peace right now because everyone is waiting to see what is going to happen with the  new RAT puppet council, the General National Congress,” said Baja. “This is a ceasefire for the status quo – no peace, no war – for now.”

What next?

Since Libya’s so-valled July 2012 “elections” this summer bade farewell to the NTC, Mansour has been waiting for an official assignment from German NATO puppet-RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane‘s new “government”.

Kufra’s Zwai leadership is convinced Mansour would like to establish a Tabu homeland across borders in Libya, Sudan, Chad and Niger.

In turn, Mansour is suspicious, like many in the Tabu community, about the intentions of the so-called ” religious” militia within the Shield of Libya brigade (al-Sharia and ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood/SALAFISTS).

Voicing his concern of “terrorists” seizing control of Libyan borders, Mansour said: “Since the CIA/NATO-sponsored uprising, we are focused on preventing the smuggling of weapons, food and fuel to supply SALAFIST groups in the area.”

In addition to the formidable task of disarming militias inside its borders, southern Libya is vulnerable to the instability in parts of northern Mali, where Ansar Dine, the heavily armed Salafist militia group, has seized power. Libya is party to talks around the pending armed intervention led by the Economic Community of West African States (all puppets of FRANCE).

The US military’s Africa Command (AFRICOM) and the European Union are also concerned that groups associated with (their created terrorists) Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) could spread, funnelling personnel and weapons across Libya’s Saharan borders.

Tebu leader Issa Abdel Majid Mansour waits for an assignment from Libya’s new leaders

Mansour said the Tabu are a valuable asset to the puppet-Libyan government and AFRICOM in the regional war against AQIM. (HAH, in fact they are supplying them with American and Qaatri weaonry.)  While he underlines his preference for Libyan Tabu to gain full citizenship rights within the state, Mansour warned the tribe could be forced to prove its power if dropped from the government’s agenda.

“We can put pressure on the government. We can warn them about having a separate state,” said Mansour, “But we cannot say whether this is realistic or not – the time has not come.” (IN FACT This has become a reality with the creation of FEZZAN STATE.)

When asked about the widespread disillusionment within the Tabu community, Saleh Arzai, a former aide to a Tabu NTC representative, sighed. “[NTC head] Mustafa Abdul Jalil promised us many things, but we didn’t get anything,” he said. ” Power in Libya is no longer with the people.”

Back in Tripoli, Taher Mohammed Makni is one of two newly “elected” Tabu representatives to the RAT General National Congress. He shoulders the challenging task of inserting Tabu rights into a new “constitution” which sofar has not been “created”.

(Under the Great Jamahiriya, only the Holy Quran was the law, replacing any MAN-MADE “Constitution”.)

But when asked about the future, Taher does not have high hopes. “I’m not optimistic about getting what we dream for.”


Sabha Times ….

Place … Sabha Mansheya
Time …. Today 13 JUNE 2013
Hadath …. interruption of water two weeks ago for one Mansheya areas …. where one Moatinin complained of the water was cut off two weeks ago, no life those who Tnave .

Disaster Althelot the environment in the city of Sabha …..
In the absence of local council zero …. Is it Mujibur!!!


Wadi Dinar NEWS

  Netherlands deports Libyan citizen Ahmad Ayad Saleh farewell 27 years and cancel his visa after he Baloatmae a man traffic on the road Bnchh of his arm when he was stopped driving a car without plates have been purchased and the leadership to the shipping agency Hua Rfiqih and followed them police patrol to the shipping agency, The debate turned into a sharp altercation led Libyan citizen bite Dutch policeman, has Atrha Dutch police arrest and deport him and prevented him from entering the Netherlands again.



IAI instructor controls drone

Israel is the Largest drone exporter in the world
Israel is the largest exporter of drones in the world, a leading industry consultancy firm announced Sunday.
In the past eight years, sales of Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles have totaled 4.62 billion dollars, according to figures.

The company said it included in its calculations products, services and licenses sold to other countries that enable them to produce their own drones. Those type of transactions made up almost 10 percent of Israel’s defense exports, it added.
The main reason for the growth in Israeli exports is the decrease of global importers on the US Department of Defense, the company estimated.

Between 2005 and 2012, Israel’s defense exports reached about 6.1 billion dollars a years, of which drones made up some 578 million dollars annually.

Meanwhile, France is in talks with the United States and Israel to buy intelligence-gathering drones to build up a modern fleet, Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Sunday.

France’s existing hardware is outdated and its military intervention in Mali this year has exposed its shortage of surveillance drones suitable for modern warfare. The United States provided French commanders with intelligence from its drones based in Niger.

“We need this capacity in the short term. There are currently two countries in the world that build drones, the United States and Israel,” Le Drian said on TV channel iTele.

“We are in discussions with each to buy some straight away,” he said.


PAKISTAN Lahore. Islamic Summit. 1974 Badshahi mosque. Heads of State and Ministers attending a Friday prayer. Among them are Pakistani Prime Minister Ali BHUTTO, Libyan leader Muammar QADDAFI (center with hands raised in prayer), Saudi Arabian King FAYSAL (3rd from right).

Mu at PAKISTAN. Lahore. Islamic Summit. 1974. Badshahi mosque.



Qatar: a military coup attempt and violent clashes inside the palace Amiri

By Gaddafi News Agency on Thursday, 13 يونيو, 2013 | 02:43

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Doha.

Media sources indicate specific country for a large military coup against the Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani and violent armed clashes broke out inside one of the palaces in the Qatari capital Doha last Friday midnight GMT Doha addition split number of Zbat, the national army the same sources confirmed that the military coup is likely to be on the instructions of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, has prompted the Qatari security forces reinforcements.

Intensive security in front of all deficiencies in the Qatari capital Doha and the other hand raised the waiver Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani for governance of the country to his son, “Tamim” reactions and wide, and open the appetite of the media, which saw some of what happened in the Gulf emirate was not a concession involuntarily, but a coup soft on “Father”, as did Prince Hamad with his father by the newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”.

That the British personalities significant in Qatar saw that the time has come to receive the young prince, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al – aged 33 years – power in the Gulf emirate and quoting witnesses and civil society activists and human rights in the mini-state of Qatar Territory The Qatari people uttered frankly many times:

We want to overthrow the regime in Qatar reasons Many, especially the presence of the largest U.S. military base in Qatar and control of the House of Tignes on oil and gas in Qatar.

Poor citizens do not find the price for a living or the price of medicine in spite of the state oil and gas. Occur Qatari citizen in Doha who preferred not to be named for the high incidence of poverty among Qatari nationals but became some local newspapers highlighting the cases of poverty belonging to citizens and there are thousands of thousands of Qatari families sleep without dinner because of lack of money…

and that their children do not go out on holidays for fear of being seen one in the clothes worn and old and there are a lot of Qatari families that live without housing tenants.

We find in Qatar their situation has become like narrowed them including land still welcomed the issue of skyrocketing rents in the Qatari market react and hundreds of families threatened with expulsion from housing and there are hundreds of detainees in the country prisons.


Military coup in Qatar and clashes within the princely palaces
Long-Presse | lasted Press: conflict era spies in the chiefdom Qatar arrest 27 of military officials and Alamnie, ..
Military coup in Qatar and clashes within the princely palaces


Conflict era spies in the chiefdom Qatar arrest of 27 military officials and security!! The media sources revealed specific country from within Doha, a large military coup against the Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, and violent armed clashes broke out inside one of the palaces in the Qatari capital Doha, in the middle of the night are in addition to Doha split number of Zbat, the Qatari army.

The same sources confirmed that a military coup is likely to be on the instructions of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, has prompted the Qatari security forces intensive security reinforcements in front of all deficiencies in the Qatari capital Doha.

He said Asaad Aboqilh part of the last vestiges of a waiver Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani Angm the country to his son, “Tamim” reactions and wide, and open the appetite of the media, which saw some of what happened in the Gulf emirate was not a concession involuntarily, but a coup soft on “Father “, as did Prince Hamad with his father before.

The newspaper “Daily Telegraph” that the British personalities significant in Qatar Ratan time to receive the young prince, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al – aged 33 years – power in the Gulf emirate and seal Asaad Aboqilh said, quoting witnesses and civil society activists and human rights in the State of Qatar The Qatari people uttered frankly many times we want to overthrow the regime in Qatar many reasons, especially the presence of the largest U.S. military base in Qatar and control of the House of Tignes on oil and gas in Qatar poor citizens do not find the price for a living or the price Doabalrgm of state oil and gas

He spoke a Qatari citizen in Doha preferred not to be named for the high incidence of poverty among Qatari nationals but became some local newspapers highlighting the cases of poverty belonging to citizens and there are thousands of thousands of Qatari families sleep without dinner because of lack of money and that their children do not go out on holidays for fear of being seen one in tattered clothes and old

A lot of Qatari families living without housing tenants, we find in Qatar their situation has become like narrowed them including land still welcomed the issue of skyrocketing rents in the Qatari market react and hundreds of families threatened with expulsion from housing and there are hundreds of detainees in the country prisons.

The witness chiefdom Qatar acceleration in the process of transfer of power from Hamad small ruler Almsheekhhaly his son Tamim, after thwarting a coup attempt in the quarter last hour, and reveal sources that during this campaign countermeasures that foiled coup attempt were detained 27 military officials and security, and part of the operations of these arrests, is Ajraqaúa witnessed the last week of the month of May last year.

In the framework of a state of alert in the chiefdom and operations of exclusion and the exclusion of some officials summoned the governor of the chiefdom Hamad small Prime Minister Hamad younger, inquire Menhan some of the questions raised by the information that enables the Special Security charged with the protection of governor of the chiefdom of extracted implicated key in the coup attempt that benefit the involvement Hamad junior This attempt, through a contract for meetings with some of those involved on several occasions for unknown reasons, sources said that the Prime Minister of the chiefdom offer to harsh words from Hamad small, which required protection team your governor chiefdom and orders him to accompany the Prime Minister after the meeting, which lasted half an hour to outside the governor’s mansion. The sources pointed out that the orders were issued to withdraw security guard accompanying Hamad younger, and sources expected to choose Hamad bin Jassim leave Qatar for stability in one of the European countries, and is chosen on the British capital, which has the interests of huge business, in addition to many of his aides who run interests business based in London, the center of their business.

The Hamad younger have tried in recent years, marketing itself in the decision-making circles in America, Israel and Europe as an alternative and possible option Anhakm chiefdom who is suffering from several diseases, in an attempt to grab international support, directly or indirectly through a silent coup against Prince and his crew in circles narrow and the people his house, and on top of the Crown Prince Tamim, referred here that the Aaalad finish his studies at British universities, which is close to the circles of political Islam, “Muslim Brotherhood” and the subject for years to rehabilitate intensely at the hands of a group of experts in politics and diplomacy to qualify well for the receipt rule chiefdom, has ended This rehabilitation process late last year. And set dates to announce the movements and changes in the hierarchy of important positions in the chiefdom, and the exclusion of the Prime Minister, but that did not happen, for several reasons, both internal and external, from between these dates that have been identified has not been introduced, the beginning of last March, where he was expected Ontsdr decisions and decrees to cause movements required in preparation for the road Omamoli Testament, but the acceleration of events in the Syrian file أشغلت chiefdom, preventing Taatniv process and procedures for the transfer of power, preferring the concerned authorities in the chiefdom Alantzarbad time, but the moves suspicious of Prime Minister Hamad younger pushed Hmdalsgar governor chiefdom to resolve the situation as soon as possible, and expected Almassadralqtria not be younger exclusion Hamad fully from the scene, but Bashkltdriga order to complete the process of clearing various official circles in the chiefdom of the followers of the Prime Minister.

Follow …. Soon stunning detail from young conflict in the chiefdom of Qatar

(Statoil Center)

SEE  Yesterday’s POST here on LIVE SPACE/ WORDPRESS: “Awaiting the end of Western and Qatari/Israeli Intervention “



“INNOCENT” QATAR still BLAMING LIBYA’s troubles on Muammar al-Qathafi and the 
unique GREAT JAMAHIRIYA direct democracy System”:


“…What do you want from Libya shield when attacking criminal gangs backed by the ousted Gaddafi to steal arms?? Do you want to receive them with flowers and flowers?? It must be addressed for this category rogue by the Shield Libya with full force Valthaon in the security of Libya carelessness in the security of all democratic countries GENERAL ((and the security of Qatar private)) the blood of soldiers Qatar Salt on the dirt Libyan Akhtalt him and that is enough to be dirt Libyan such as dirt country in the hearts of Qataris, we will not allow this farce to continue and we are in contact with our brothers the rulers of Libya ((Alahoan)) to eliminate these dirty Acharazm that want to steal the Libyan revolution….”

Pull the numbers of Egyptian newspaper because of “Mama Qatar

Libyan newspaper event … Pulled the newspaper “News” Egyptian government its first edition issued Tuesday morning after changing the headline, who said: “Mama Qatar provides gas to Egypt,” in reference to the shipment of gas decided Qatar sent to Cairo to ease the fuel crisis.

And changed the paper issued by the Foundation “News Today” in Cairo, the address in the second and third editions to the “Permanent diameter gas to Egypt.”

The reason for the first address in the journalistic community outrage, especially workers in the “News” is the second largest national newspaper in the country, where they saw as “an insult to Egypt.”

The newspaper also became the subject of ridicule opposition activists on social networking sites, considered that “Egypt is a country with leadership in the region.”

Since taking Mohamed Morsi belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt presidency last year, it is believed that there is a convergence between the two systems in Cairo and Doha.



Now been storming the Libyan Embassy in Egypt by the wounded Events Alkwyfah and their companions. . Where they broke the ambassador’s office and the rest of the contents of the embassy .. They terrorize the embassy staff and threatened ..

Now, Mr. Ambassador Fayez Jibril shall inform the Egyptian security authorities should be arrested and deported in the case .. And hold them accountable in Libya ..



Channel corner ….

Czech companies strike a deal to sell 350 armored amphibious to Libya

According to sources within the Czech Foreign Ministry that there are deals to sell hundreds of armored amphibious military to Libya.

The information revealed that the Czech companies compete to sell these armored vehicles to Libya, but the State Department refused to allow the export of ammunition because they are afraid of munitions could end up in the wrong hands.

Commented one cooperatively that the Aldkhaúr could Takhadd from another country, there is no problem in finding this kind of Aldkhaúr.

The deal is to buy the types of armor that contains the wheels and other chains.



Euthanasia for children nears approval by Belgian Parliament; doctors to mass-euthanize

children and Alzheimer’s patients!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles…)
Tags: euthanasiachildrenmercy killings

Learn more:

(NaturalNews) A proposed law on the verge of approval by the Belgium parliament would allow children to decide for themselves whether they should be euthanized (“killed”) by medical personnel. Currently, Belgian law limits euthanasia to persons 18 and older, but with the rise of autistic children thanks to biopesticides, GMOs and vaccines, nations are increasingly trying to figure out what to do with all these children who have been permanently damaged by the medical and biotech industries.

The answer, of course, is to simply kill them. It’s difficult to kill children off under current law without being charged with murder, however. So this proposed new law would allow doctors to decide whether children of any age (yes, even a five-year-old) can, themselves, “consent” to being euthanized without parental consent.

The mercy killing of autistic children has already begun in the UK, by the way. As the Daily Mail reports: “Desperate mother and godmother ‘killed severely autistic boy, 14, by stabbing him multiple times in the chest’ when they became overwhelmed caring for him 24/7 after demanding he be removed from the hospital and in put in their care.”

Not surprisingly, this “mercy killing” bill was introduced by the socialist party, since socialists tend to hate humanity no matter what country they live in. The proposed legislation calls for, “the law to be extended to minors if they are capable of discernment or affected by an incurable illness or suffering that we cannot alleviate,” reports AFP.

That story goes on to report, “Socialist Senator Philippe Mahoux, who helped draft the proposed changes, said there had been cases of adolescents who ‘had the capacity to decide’ their future.”

Because, of course, a six-year-old isn’t old enough to drive a car or buy a beer, but they can certainly consent to being killed by the state… especially if they’re already a burden on health care costs.

As the law proponents claim, it “marks a turning point in the nation’s approach to the rights of young people, some of whom would be able to choose to die if the law were to pass, even while still being legally barred from driving, marrying, voting or drinking liquor until they turned 18,” reports

(Story continues below…)

Alzheimer’s patients to also face euthanization under proposed law

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just children who will be euthanized under this new law, it’s also scores of Alzheimer’s patients.

“Parliamentarians would also consider extended mercy-killing to people suffering from Alzheimer’s-type illnesses,” said the socialist senator.

Euthanasia is, of course, the most convenient way for any government to get rid of people it doesn’t want to care for. Instead of teaching the public how to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease, the government simply passes a new law to murder them all while calling it “compassionate medicine.”

The age of mass murder by government is upon us. It won’t be long before such laws spread to other nations and are expanded to people with “mental health problems” or even cancer. While in theory the idea of euthanasia may have merit in a strictly limited scope, the truth is that governments are now jumping on the euthanasia bandwagon to provide attempted legal justification for the mass murder of children and senior citizens whom they no longer wish to support with health care expenditures. Save the government from bankruptcy! Have grandma euthanized! (Right alongside little autistic Johnny, too…)

Governments, after all, are ultimately political machines of death and destruction, which explains why all the wars fought in the 20th century were started by governments, not the People. War is simply another way to accomplish the mass killing that the twisted, demented people at the top of every government truly enjoy.

And there’s nothing more delicious to these power freaks than killing little children. If you can take a five-year-old into a doctor’s office and pump his veins full of deadly chemicals while calling it a “mercy killing,” it’s almost erotic to these power-hungry control freaks. Too bad the BBC’s Jimmy Savile isn’t still around, or he might even find something else to do with the children’s corpses afterward.

Sick? You bet it is. We’re talking about the state-sponsored murder of children here. There’s nothing polite about it. You can also bet this will become the new way that governments dispose of autistic children and then claim rates of autism are “going down” because not as many children have it anymore. (Yeah, after they’ve all been euthanized.)

Governments, you see, will even resort to the mass murder of children to protect the vaccine industry. And what is the vaccine industry other than a child-killing monstrosity to begin with? That’s why the industry loves to run dangerous vaccine experiments on little children, too. There’s nothing quite as rewarding to these vaccine pushers as seeing a high-IQ child turned into a drooling, screaming, zombified autism case in the hours after receiving a vaccine injection.

God help us all. We are all being mass murdered by the fascist global state, and most of the population is too dumbed-down to realize what’s happening.

Learn more:


HERE is another SMILE photo:

Apparently Yankees in Reading , PA. USA think they can drive to Benghazi or Murzuk (South Libya /FEZZAN):



or to Zawiah or Zintan:



One thought on “The Resistance, It continues and will not stop until VICTORY

  1. The Qatari are feigning like “The Good GUYS who gave you the 17 FEBR. ‘Revolution’ ” and that it is Muammar and the Resistance who are causing all the trouble;…and to get rid of Muammar and the Resistance they are working with the RAT GNC ZAIDANE/NATO puppet government.

    We all know the truth that the Qatari, Yanks and French are transporting arms daily and equipment to their terrorists in Libya and other areas of N. Africa and into Syria…They are no longer fooling anyone;…even Kerry outright admitted to be working beside al-Qaeda.

    Every day there are plane-loads to MISURATA airbase and Metigua airfield in Tripoli full of Qatari arms and equipment via Turkey.
    US supplies Turkey and Qatar to airlift them to Libya.
    Hamza Thami Abushner has exposed this; but all Libyans know this as well. That is why airport security (who are basicly from Zintan) in Benina and Tripoli International Airports, refuse Qatari planes to land.
    They are therefore now landing freely at Metigua Airbase of Tripoli which under Qatar’s control, and go also to their allies at MISUARTA Airbase.
    The Benghazi people are protesting QATARI interference in Libya and want Zaidane removed who works solely for NATO and is backed by NATO (whom the people KNOW destroyed their Libya)…They do not want ZAIDANE!
    USA and Qatar will do anything in their power to stop the Libyan people from interfering with their designs, plans and desires.

    OBAMA is probably now the greatest evil on earth. –

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